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fir m t- 


Post Office Department: P»Ee 

Office of the Postmaster General 7 

Office of the First Assistant Postmaster General 7 

Office of the Second Assistant Postmaster General 7 

Office of the Third Assistant Postmaster General 7 

Office of the Fourth Assistant Postmaster General 7 

Directory of employees in the Post Office Department 9 

Postal Service, by states 19 

Foreign Mail Service — 

Sea-post Service between New York and Europe 569 

United States Postal Agency, Shanghai, China 569 

Railway Mail Service 571 

Mail Messenger Service 647 

Special Mail Service 668 

Mail Contractors: 

Railroad Service, 676 

Electric and Cable Car Service 699 

Steamboat Service 703 

Regulation, Screen, and other Wagon Service 706 

Foreign Mail Transfer Service 708 

Pneumatic Tube Service 708 

Star Service 709 






Compensation, $12,000 per annum. 

Theodore I.. Weed.. 

Arthur L. Davis 

Georne W. Reik 

Georges. Paull 

William M. Mooney. 

R ussell P. Goodwin 

Paul V. Kevser 

Edwin A. Niess 

Division of Purchasing Agini 

John A. Holmes 

William h. K. Barrett 

Oivision of PostrO/Tice 


Roberts. Sharp 

John W. Johnston 

George M. Sutton 

Charles B. .\nderson 

Lawrence Letherman 

William B.Smith 

James E. Stuart 

Elijah M. Norris 

William E. Cochran 

Joe P. Johnston 

Warren P. Dickson 

James T. Cortelj'ou 

George Daniel 

Rush D. Simmons 

Harry B. Hall 

James OTonnell 

Carter 13. Keene 

Charles P. Grandfleld 

Eliphalet T. Bushnell 

Division of Postmasters' 

Bayard Wyman 

Edgar W. Ford 

Division of Salaries and 

Ervin H. Thorp 

Charles F. Trotter 

Division of City Delivery. 

William R. Spilman 

D. Wallace Duncan 

Office of the Second Assist- 
ant Postmaster General. 

Joseph Stewart 

John W. Hoilyday 

Division of Railway Mail 

Theodore Ingalls 

George F. Stone 

A. A. Fisher 

Edward J. Ryan 

Victor J. Bradley 

Norman Perkins 

George W. Pepper 

Clyde M. Reed 

Eokhardt L. West 

StillP. Taft , 

Alexander H. Stephens 

John C. Koons 

Alexander Grant 

Chief clerk 

,\ssistant chief clerk.. 

Private secretary 

Appointment clerk... 
Disbursing clerk. ... 

-^ssistant .M.torney General 

.Assistant attorney 

Assistant attorney 

Purch.ising agent 

Chief clerk... 

Chief inspector 

Chief clerk 

Inspector in charge at .\ tlanta 

Inspector in charge at Austin 

Inspector in charge at Boston 

Inspector in charge at Chattanooga. 

Inspector in charge at Chicago. i 

Inspector in charge at Cincinnati. . . 

Inspector in charge at Denver 

Inspector in charge at Kansas City . 
Inspector in charge at New York. . . 
Inspector in charge at Philadelphia. 

Inspector in charge at St. Louis 

Inspector in charge at St. Paul 

Inspector in charge at San Francisco 

Inspector in charge at Spokane 

Inspector in charge at Wa.'^hington . 




Assistant superintendent 


Assistant superintendent 

Second .\ssistant Postmaster General 

Chief clerk 

General superintendent 

Assistant general superintendent 

Chief clerk 

Superintendent, first division, Railway 

Mail Service, at Boston. 
Superintendent, second division. Railway 

Mail Service, at New York. 
Superintendent, third division. Railway 

Mail Service, at Washington. 
Superintendent, fourth division. Railway 

Mail Service, at .Mlanta. 
Superintendent, fifth division. Railway 

Mail Service, at Cincinnati. 
Superintendent, sixth division. Railway 

Mail Service, at Chicago. 
Superintendent, seventh division, Rail- 
way Mail Service, at St. Louis. 
Superintendent, eighth division. Railway 

Mail Service, at San Francisco. 
Superintendent, ninth division. Railway 

Mail Service, at Cleveland. 
Superintendent, tenth division. Railway 

Mail Service, at St. Paul. 

2.000. W 


3, OIK). 00 











Office of the Second Assist- 
ant Postmaster General — 


Samuel M. Gaines.. 
Henry M. Robinson 
Frank W. Vaille.... 

Division of Foreign Mails. 

Basil Miles 

Edwin Sands 

Robert L. Maddox 

Charles H. McBride. 
George E. Bandel 

Division of Miscellaneous 

Frank A. Hornaday 

Division of Equipment. 
Thomas P. Graham 

Division of Finance. 
Charles H. Fullaway 

Division of Stamps. 

Division of Money Orders. 

Edward F. Kimball 

F. H. Rainey 

Division of Registered Mails. 

C. Howard Buckler 

Division of Classificalion. 

William C. Wood 

Division of Redemption. 
Edward McCauley 


George L. Wood 

Division of Rural Mails. 

George G. Thomson 

E. P. Rhoderick 

Robert H. Prender 

Division of Supplies. 

James B. Cook 

Bliss N. Davis 

Division of Dead Letters. 

James R. Young 

Charles N. Dalzell 

Division of Topography. 

A. VonHaake 

Wm. B.Todd 

Superintendent, eleventh division. Rail- 
way Mail Service, at Fort Worth. 

Superintendent, twelfth division, Railway 
Mail Service, at New Orleans. 

Superintendent, thirteenth division, Rail- 
way Mali Service, at Seattle. 


Assistant superintendent at New York. 
Assistant superintendent 


Assistant superintendent.. 

Superintendent . 


Assistant superintendent.. 


Stamped envelope agent, Dayton, Ohio. 

Superintendent . 
Superintendent . 


I Vacancy. 

Fourth Assistant Postmaster General 
Chief clerk 


Assistant superintendent 

Chief clerk 


.\ssistant superintendent 


Chief clerk 


.Assistant topographer 












Asst Attv 








AsstStampedEnvAgt. . . 

Asst Supt 


AsstSuptDivKuralMls . . 






AsstSuptSalsit AUowns . 




Bkkpr Accnt 


Capt \Vatch 



















First Assistant Postmaster General. 

Second Assistant Postmaster General. 

Third Assistant Postmaster General. 

Fourth Assistant Postmaster General. 


Appointment clerk. 


- attorney. 

- chief clerk. 

- Division of Postmaster Appointments. 

- Division of Superintendentof Railway|Mail Service. 

- electrician. 

- engineer. 

- general superintendent, Railway Mail Service. 

- messenger. 

- stamped envelope agent. 

- City Delivery, 

- Division of Rural Mails. 

- Division of Supplies. 

- Foreign Mails. 

Mail Bag Repair Shop. 

■ Railway Mail Service. 

• Railway Adjustments. 

- Salaries and Allowances. 

- telegraph operator. 

- topographer. 
Awning maker. 
Bookkeeper accountant. 
Bobbin winder. 
Captain of the watcb. 

Chief clerk. 

and superintendent. 

Division of Dead Letters. 

Railway Mail Service. 

C.hief of Redemption Division. 



Copyist maps. 

Curator of museum. 

Disbursing clerk. 

Division of Superintendent of R.ailway Mail Service, 

Dynamo tender. 


Elevator conductor. 

Fireman and blacksmith. 


— - laborers. 











MapExamm-. . . 













StampedEnv Agt 






SuptDivClassfctn. - 








SuptMlEquip . . 





Foreman Mail Bag Repair Shop. 



General superintendent, Railway Mail Service, 

Head pressman. 


in charge. 

Lock Inspector. 
Lieutenant of watch. 
Machine operator. 
Map examiner. 
Map mounter. 


bag inspector,. 

bag repairer. 


Postmaster General. 

Post office inspector. 


Private secretary. 

Purchasing agent. 

Registry envelope agent. 

Sewing machine repairer. 

Shipping clerk. 

Skilled draftsman. 

Stamped envelope agent. 




City Delivery. 

Contract Division. 

Division of Classification. 

Division of Dead Letters. 

Division of Registered Mail. 

Division of Rural Mails. 

Division of Railway Adjustments. 

Division of Supplies. 

Finance Division. 

Foreign Mails. 


Mail Equipment. 

Postmaster Appointments. 

Salaries and Allowances. 

Telegraph operator. 




NOTE.— Tlie Information snown regarding eacli person is presented In abbreviated rorni, and the sequence observed Is as 
follows: Name r^' Office n OIDctal title ij Compensation I i State, territory, or country of blrtn D Number of Congressional 
district and state and county from wnicli appointed d Place of present employment. 

For Key to abbreviations, see opposite page. 

DasUes Indicate tbat data could not bo secured for Information omitted. 

Abert Charles, Off4AsstPMGen CUc $1000 DC 6MdMontgomery DC 
Acheson Archibald A, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Pa IKyCaldwell Fid 
Adams FranU, OffPMGen Labr $C60 Md 6MdSlMarys DC 

Henrv. OIT2AsstPMCon Clk $1000 Ky ONCNcwlIanovor D(. 

^ Mrs Lillian B, OffPMGm Charwmn $240 NV DC DC 

Mrs Mary C, OflP-MGcn Cliarwmn $240 Md DC DC 

Mrs Mary P, Off4AsstPMGon Cllc $1000 SC 2MdBaUimore DC 

Miss Mattie P, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 La DC DC 

Miss Rosa E, 0(I2AsstPMGra MachOpr $2.2opd Va DC DC 

Albeitie Vernon E, OffPMGen Inspr ?1S00 Wis IWisRock Kid 
Albertson Ryall G, Off4AsstPMGcn Clk $1200 la SVaFairfax DC 
Aldous Robert H, OffPMGen Inspr $1000 N.I ONJPassaic Fid 
Alexander Abraham L, OffPMGen Labr IfOOO Va DC DC 

-Francis D, Off3AsstPMGcn Clk $1000 DC DC DC 

-Samuel 11. OffPMGen Clk $1200 NC lONCBuncombc DC 

Allen Edward I. OffPMGen Inspr $1000 Md 4WVa\Vood Fid 

James W. OffPMGen Labr $fl(i0 DC DC DC 

Russell P. OffPMGen Inspr $2100 NY 34NYNiagara Fid 

-William II, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1800 Mass 2PaPhiIadcIphia DC 

Allison Douglass L, Off4AsstPMGen Cllt $1200 Pa IConnHartford DC 
Alhnon William F, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Ohio 7KansSedg%vick Fid 
Altmann Louis, OffPMGen Clk $900 Gor SWisMilwaukce DC 
Anderson Albert. Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC DC DC 

-Charles B, OffPMGen InsprChg $3000 La ILaOrleans Fid 

Charles F, Off2AsstPMGen HdPressman $4pd Va DC DC 

Herbert W, Off4AsstPMGen Clls $1000 Md SVaAlexandria DC 

-John !I, 0ff4AsslPM0in Clk $1800 Mo llndVanderburg DC 

■ Mrs Laura U. Off.'iAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Va INevEureka DC 

Lvbrun. OffPMGen AsstEngr $1000 Va DC DC 

Robert F, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $900 NC 4NCWake DC 

Andres Miss Bernice, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Iowa SIowaDubuquc DC 

Andrews William V. OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Ala 2AInMontgomery DC 

Andnis Burton L, OffSAsstPMGen SuptLockShop $1800 Com\ 4ConnLitehnold DC 

Angier Dana F. OifPMGen Inspr $1,100 111 2IIlCook Fid 

Angle Miss Sar.i H. OfflAs.stPMGcn Clk $1200 Md GMdWashinglon DC 

Apple Anthony .1, Ofl'PMGen Labr $600 Tenn 4TennSniith DC 

Archibald Caleb P. OffPMGen Clk $1400 NS 2Colol,asAnimas DC 

Argent Samuel J. Off2AsstPMGen MlBInspr $7.')pni NY 6MdMontgomerv DC 

Armor Mrs M.-ir-garet M, Off4As8tPMGen Clk $1000 Pa 31PaAlleghcny DC 

Armstrong Wini;un J. Off2AsstPMGen MlBRpr $3.50pd XF DC DC 

William P. Off4A.sstPMCcn RegstrKnvAgt $2000 Md IMdKent Fid 

Arnold Edwin S. OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Pa ITPaSnyder DC 
Ash James li M, OffPMGen Clk $1400 Pa TPaChester DC 
Ashe John E, onPMGen ln.spr $2000 Ire S.INYMontgomery Fid 
Ashton Fred B, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Ky IKyMcCracken Fid 
Asquith Mrs Bertha W, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $900 NC SNCCartcret DC 
Atkins Miss Cornelia L, OffSA.sstPMGen Clk $1000 Pa r.C DC 

Miss Eleanor C S, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 Pa GNYKings DC 

Lewis S, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 NC ONCHartnett DC 

Atkinson Edwin D. Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ind 5IndVigo DC: 

Robert B, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $900 Md SMdBaltimore DC 

Austin Frederick H. OffPMGen Clk $1800 NY SMoDekalb DC 

George H. OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Kng INevWashoe Fid 

Aveilhe Miss Eleanor C, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 Tex 5TcxDalIas Dt; 
Bailev Mrs Lucy A. OffPMGen Labr $480 Va DC DC 

Milward W, OffPMGen Watch $720 NY 24NYOtsego DC 

Miss Minnie M A, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 DC DC DC 

Bailie David, Off4A,sstPMG(n Clk $1000 In- SlowaPlackllawk DC 
Baine Tom, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Ala OAIa.Tefferson Fid 
Bains Robert L. Off4AsstPMGen Clk flOOO Miss OMdMontgomery DC 
Baker Arthur G, 0ff3As.stPM0cn Clk $1400 Mass 2MassHampden DC 

- - ■■ '■ n Clk $1000 Va SVallenrico DC 

Clk $1800 Md 4MdBaltimore DC 
n MachOpr $2.25p.I Md DC DC 
MIBlnspr $"5pm Va 8 Va Alexandria DC 
Ballard Henry E, OffPMGen Inspr $1500 Mich VMichStClair Fid 

Oryille L, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC 4PaPhiIadeIphia DC 

Bandel George E, Off2AsstPMGen AsstSuptRyAdjusts $2250 Md 4MdBaIti- 

morcCitV DC 
Bannon Michael, OffPMGen AsstEngr $1000 Md SMdBaltimore DC 
Barber Earl F, OffPMGen Clk $1100 NY 34NYGene.see Fid 

• Mrs Elizabeth S. Off4AsstPMGcn Clk $1400 Pa 24PaBeaver DC 

■ Frank D, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 NY S4NYGenesee DC 

Han-y A, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 NY 25NYFuIton Fid 

Joseph P B, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Md 2FlaStJohn DC 

Barbour Frank A, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Mo llMoStLouis DC 

Fred E, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Me lOMoStLouisCity DC 

Barclay Frank R, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 NJ lOPaBlair Fid 

Robert H, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 NJ MontLewis&Clark Fid 

Bardsley John J, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Pa OPaPhiladelphia Fid 
Barger Harry S, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 III lONCBuncombc DC 
Barker Charles W, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Md OCalFrcsno DC 

Harrison, OffPMGen Clk $1000 RI IRINewport DC 

William W, Off2AsstPMGen AsstDivSuptRMS $2000 NY ISNYNcwYork Fid 

Barlow Mrs May, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $900 NY 2LaOrIeans DC 

Barnes Harry S, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 NY 29NYMadi8on DC 

Bamette Miss Edna M, OffPMGen Clk $900 Pa DC DC 

B.arnhart William H. OfflAsstPMGen Clk $900 Pa OPaLancaster DC 

Bamum Walter L, OffPMGen Clk $1800 Vt lVtR\itland DC 

Barr Albert E, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 WVa 2WVaJefferson DC 

Hugh W, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Pa IPaPliiladelphia DC 

William A, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Va 2I110ook DC 

Mrs Bettie C, OffSAsstPMGc 

William W, Off2AsstPMGe 

Ball Mrs Esther V, Off2AsstPMGe 
- William M, Off2AsstPMGei 

Barre William W, OffSAsstPMGen StampedEnvAgt $2500 NY SNebrNance Fid 
Barrett Joseph, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Minn ."iMoJackson Fid 

William LK. OffPMGen PurchasgAgt $2000 Md 2MdBaltimoreCity DC 

Harrington John S. OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Ohio SlUCook DC 

Barry Tliomas J . OffPMGen PI $900 DC DC DC 

Barteaux Miss Ella, OffPMGen Clk $1400 Kans 2KansDouglas Fid 

Hartscher John G W, Off:!A.sstPMGen Clk $14U0 Md SMdBaltimoreCity DC 

Baskin Miss Susan P, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Ala OGaBibb DC 

Bass James W, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Ala llTexMcLennan Fid 

Bassr-tt George S. OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Mich 7MichStClair Fid 

Bastianelli Miss Katherine W. OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC OPaPhiladelphia DC 

Bates Rollin M. OffPMGen Inspr $1900 AVis 2WisJefferson Fid 

Hatie Vernon C. OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Iowa 2NebrDouglas Fid 

Battell Frederic L, OffPMGen Inspr $1500 Wis lIowaDesMoines Fid 

Battle Jesse N, OffPMGen Fireman $720 Ca llGaFulton DC 

Baumgardner William 0. OSPJIGcn Inspr $1500 Md 2WVaTaylor Fid 

Baxter George W, OffPMGen Fircman&Blksmth $900 Md DC DC 

Gideon H, Off.'iAsstPMGen Clk $1400 111 7WisJackson DC 

Beall Francis II G, 0fl2AsstPMGen Page $480 DC SMdPrinceGeorges DC 

Miss Laura C, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Md OMdMontgomery DC 

Bean Barton A jr, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $900 DC 9PaLancaster DC 

Heard Rutland D, Off2As.'itPM(;en MetalWrkr $2.75pd Md f.Minn Hennepin DC 

Beatty Elijah D, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 Ohio 70hioFayette Fid 

Bebermeyer Rov E, PSS Clk $900 Mo SMoCaldwell DC 

Heck William C, 0ff2AsstPM0en Clk $1800 Pa 25PaCrawford DC 

Heckliam .lolm. 0ff2AsstPMGen Labr $55pm Va SVaAlexandria DC 

Heelistein William II. OfflAsstPMGen AsstMes $720 DC DC DC 

liiiiiht S;uiiu(l, OffSAsstP.MGen Clk $1200 Ohio 12IndSteuben DC 

Bell Janu-s li, Off2AsstPMGen Mes $720 Md 5MdCharIes DC 

-Theron II, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Ind PRSanJuan Fid 

Benerman Mrs Anna M, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC DC DC 
Benkcrt Mis Melitta V, Off4AsstPMGen SkDrftsum $1400 DC DC DC 
Beimitt Atlas J, OffPMGen In'spr $1600 Nehr ONebrlloward Fid 
Berry Mrs Maggie C. OffPMGen Labr $.140 Pa 28PaPhiladelphia DC 
Best Johnston V. Off4AsslPMGen Clk $1000 NY ISNYNewYork IK' 
Belts Asa F, Off.SAsstPMGen Clk $900 Ark 7ArkUnion DC 
Biegler Philip A, Off4AsslPMGen Page $300 DC DC DC: 
Bigelow Mrs Helen B. Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC DC DC 
Biggs John G. OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 DC DC DC 

liichard J jr. Off2As.-itl'MG.n Clk $1200 Md PRSanJuan PV 

Billard Jules F, Off2AsstPMf;en Clk $1000 Switz DC DC 

Billings William P, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ind 4IndJackson DC 

Bingham .Miss Florence L, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC 2MicbJaekson Dc: 

liirchfiild Mrs Mary A, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 A,-k 2LaOrlcans DC 

Bird Ralph, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Wis 5WisMilwaukeo Fid 

Birdseyc George F H, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 NY 140Lorain Fid 

Birthright Frank V, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 NC 4NCWake DC 

Black Herbert II, OffPMGrn ln.spr $1500 Pa 20klaOklahoma Fid 

lilackley Robert B, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Va 7TexGalvcston UV, 

Blackinar Charles P, Off2A.sstPMGen Clk $1001) RI SConnWindham DC 

Blair Harvey 0, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Mo 2NebrDouglas Fhi 

Blasingham Stewart E, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 Ohio llndJeffersou DC 

Block Villiam E, PSS Clk $1800 Mass 26NYFranklin DC 

Bloebamn Charles A A. OffPMGi-n Inspr $1600 Mo 9MoStCharle 

Blood M 

E, OffSAsstP.MGen Clk $1400 Me 4McPenobscot 
John S. OffPMG(n In-^ju- $1000 O 5MoJackson Fid 

Off2A.5stl'MG.n (Ik $1000 Hi::< .'SCalAlameda DC 
h H. Off4\sstPMGen Clk $1000 Md DC DC 
OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Ger BArkPulaski D(! 
S, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $]li00 DC DC DC 
\V. OffPMGen t Ik $1200 Ml llllCook Fid 


l>,li.r-.tfin(- II 
Boblilz .Mrs .Sar 
Boelter Emil H, 
Began Joseph A 
Bolden Ja 

$1000 Iowa 7IowaPoIk 
$1200 Ind lllowaWoodbury 
$720 Pa 18PaLebanon DC 
n Clk SI 000 III 5InwaLinn 
$1900 Tex STexHa 

Bolton Mrs lone W, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Iowa 7IowaPoIk D(^ 

-James M, Off2AsstPMGen Clk 

Boltz Joseph W, OffPMGen Watch 
Hon Durant Edgar H, Off2A.sstPMGr 
Booth Charles K. OffPMGen Inspr 

Orlando A, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Ind llndPosey DC 

Booze Walter H, OffSAsstPMG.-n Clk $1200 Md SMdBaltimnreCity Dt: 
Borland Paul R, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Pa 23PaFayette DC 
Boss Charles F, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC DC DC 

Charles F Jr, Off4AsstPMGen CopyMaps $1000 DC DC DC 

Samuel I), OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC DC DC 

Bostroem Eric, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Rus ISNYNewYork DC 
Boswell Francis G, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $900 DC DC DC 

Robert L, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Md INYKings DC 

Botteese Shearman. OffPMGen ElevCond $720 Tex STexHarris DC 
Bonknight Talley J, OffPMGen Clk $1400 Fla 9Ala Jefferson DC 
Bourie Miss Annie O, Offl A.sstPMG.-'n Clk $1000 Ind 12IndAnen DC 
Bourne Miss Addle E, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Mass S2NYMonroe DC 
Boushee Franklin P, OffPMGen Inspr $1S00 NO SMoJackson Fid 
Boutelle Edward P, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Me 4MePenobscot Fid 
Bouton Raj-mond T, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1100 Mich IMiehWayne DC 
V.( wen Lawyer W. OffSAsstPMGen Labr $000 DC IColoDenver DC 
Bowling Cliarles L jr, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $900 Ky 5KyJefferson DC 
Boylan John T. OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Iowa Slowallardin Fid 
Bovlo Michael II. OflPMGen lu'ipr $2250 NY ISNYNewYork NY 
— — Walter F, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Ga 5GaFulton DC 
Braeher Charles A. OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 Ind IConnHartford Fid 
Bradlev Victor J. Off2AsslPMGen Di\SMptRMS $3000 NY 17NyNewYork 

Mrs Sarah W. OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 NY 21NYColumbia DC 

Henry M, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 SC SSCAbbeville DC 

Ashbel J, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Mich IMichWajme Fid 




Bradshaw Edward, OffPMGen C!k $1400 DC DC DO 

Lewis E, OtfPMGen Inspr $1600 Mo ISIUAdams Fid 

Brannon AVilliam B, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Ala ZGaQuitman Fid 
Brauer Rudolph S, OffPMGen inspr $1600 Iowa TlllCook Fid 
Braxton Mrs Carrie, 0S4AsstPMGen Labr $ 

Brazier Lero^' W 
Breaden Richard 
Briggs Oliver 1 
Brigham Williati 
Bright Mills A, 
Brill George E, 

OfI4AsstPMGen Labr $600 
OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 

OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 
C, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 
OffPMGen Labr $660 NO 
OffPMGen Inspr $1700 

SGaFulton DC 
ILaOrleans DO 
llGaDodge DC 
NJ 4NJMercer Fid 
INCPasquitank DC 



Brimer Joseph h, OffPMGen Carp $900 Tenn 2TennRoane 
Briscoe Arthur, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Mo SMoMorgan DC 
Bristow Benjamin H, OflPMGen Clk $1000 Ky 6KyCampbell Fid 

Pierson H, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Iowa 7IowaPolk DC 

Britt James J, OflSAsstPMGen SAsstPMGen $5000 Tenn lONOBuncombc DO 
Britten Azell B, OflPMGen Inspr $1500 Mich STennHamilton Fid 
Brogdon Claude E, OffPMGen Inspr $1500 Ala IWashKing Fid 
Bronson Lloyd T, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 Ohio lOhioHamilton DO 
Brooke Miss Mary M, Off4AEStPMGen Clk $1000 Va ISOhioErie DC 
Brooks Mrs Nannie, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 DC DC DC 

■ Newton M, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1800 Pa DC DC 

Broomhead John, OflPMGen Fireman $720 Ga SGaFulton DC 
Brown Anderson, OffPMGen Fireman $720 Ga SGaFulton DC 

Boston, OffPMGen Fireman $720 Md DC DC 

Charles, OffSAsstPMGen Mes $840 111 12MoStLouis Fid 

George M, OflPMGen Inspr $1800 NY 4NyKings Fid 

• Helen M, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 NY loNYNewYork DC 

-Hiram L, OffPMGen Labr $660 SC DC DC 

Mrs Ida B, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 Va SVallenrico DC 

Miss Nellie A, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Vt IVtRutland DC 

Robert B, Off4AsstPMGen Labr $660 Md DC DC 

^Mrs Virgie Q, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 DC DC DC 

Bro\me William H, Ofl2AsstPMac-n Labr $60pm Pa DC DC 

Mrs Lillian E, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC lOMoStLouisCity DC 

Browning William S. Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC DC DC 

Brownlow William G, OffPMGen Inspr $1500 Tenn ITennWash Fid 

Brummelkamp Harold J, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 NY 29NYOnondaga DC 

Brundage Charles S, Ofl4AsstPMGen 01k $900 NJ INebrJohnson DO 

Brunner James H, Ofl2AsstPMGen Polisher $2.50pd DC 8VaFairfax DO 

Bryan William H, Ofl2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm DC TNYKings DC 

Bryson Charles S, OflPMGen Inspr $1500 Pa llMoStLouisOity Fid 

Buckingham John H, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Conn 2ConnMiddlesex DC 

Buck Sangar H, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Mo 4NCWake Fid 

Buckler Clarence H, OffSAsstPMGen SuptDivRegMl $2500 Md 2MdBaltimore DC 

Buckley Mrs Louisa E, Ofl2AsstPMGen MachOpr $2.25pd DC DO DO 

Buehler Lafayette G, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 DO DC DO 

Buell Miss Julia L, OflPMGen Clk $1400 Mich 20hioHamilton Fid 

Buffington William E, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Pa ISPaDauphin DC 

Bullough George V N, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 NY 6NYKing3 DC 

Bunn Marcus Henry, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Ga 9AlaJeflerson Fid 

Bunsen Adolph D, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 111 21IllClair Fid 

Burg Carl O, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Gcr 2SPaAlleghcny DC 

Burhen Archer G, OffPMGen Clk $1400 Ohio 20hioHamilton DO 

Bulla John W, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 NO 7NCRandolph Fid 

Burnham Charles H, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 NY 28NYJefferson DC 

Bums Harry E, OffPMGen Fireman $720 DC DC DO 

Matthew, OffPMGen Clk $1000 Miss SMissRankin Fid 

Burr Albert R, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 III 25IllJackson Fid 

Frederick M. OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Ohio lOhioHamilton Fid 

Burroughs Joseph, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 NJ INJSalem DC 

Burst Frank M, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 NJ 2FIaDuval DC 

Burton Ethel W jr, Off4AsstPMGen Mes $840 NO INCChowan DO 

Burwell Henry D, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $900 DC DC DO 

Bushby Frank H, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 DC DC DO 

Bushnell Albert B, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Ohio ISOhioSandusky DO 

Eliphalet T, OfflAsstPMGen ChClk $2500 Conn 2ConnMiddlesex DO 

Bushlowitz Louis G, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 Rus 8NYNew York DC 
Butler Alva R, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Ivans 20regMuItnomah Fid 

Francis A, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 NY 15NYNewYork Fid 

Henry W, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $900 NO SNCSampson DO 

Henson, Off4AsstPMGen AsstMes $720 Md SMdPrinoeGeorges DC 

Thomas, OflPMGen Labr $660 DC DC DC 

Byrne Thomas W, Ofl4AsstPMGen Carp $1000 

William F, OffPMGen Clk $1000 Mass 

Cady John B, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Va 

Mrs Sophia, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 ] 

Caemmerer Hans P. Off2AsstPMGen Clk $120' 
Caine Charles E, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 Mic 
(!allaghan John T, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 

Michael J, OfflAsstPMGen Page $S60 DC DC DC 

Callahan Alvin S, OflPMGen Clk $1200 Tenn STennMonroe DC 
Callan Joseph H, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 DO SMdPrinceGeorges DC 
Calvert William C, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Pa 2KansAnderson DC 

William M, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 Pa 6VaRoanoke Fid 

Calvin Claude W, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1800 Mo ISMoJasper DO 
Campbell Arthur H, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 111 lOMoStLouisCity DC 

James, OffPMGen LtOfWatch $840 Pa DC DC 

Michael K, Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 lU 15IllFulton DO 

Ralph E, OflPMGen ElevCond $720 Tex 7TexGalveston DC 

Cannady Mrs Lottie, OflPMGen Charivmn $240 DC DC DC 
Carbauh Earl, Off2AsstPM0en Cllc $1200 Iowa 40hioDarke DC 
Card George F, Off4AsBtPMGen O.'k $1000 Mo 2CalButte DO 
Carlton Ralph B, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ind 2IndLawrence DO 
Carpenter Essex P, OffPMGen AsstElecn $1200 Cal 2CalSacramento DC 

Frank A, 0ff4AsstPM0en Clk $1400 Ohio 17NYNewYork DC 

William Ransom, OffPMGen Clk $1800 Mich SElCook DO 

Carr Mrs Alice R, OflPMGen Charwmn $240 Ga DO DO 

George W, Ofl2AEstPMGen AsstSuptRMS $2200 Ohio HawaiiOahu Fid 

William J, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Ind SKansSedgwick Fid 

Oarraher Miss Ellen, Ofl2AsstPMGen MachOpr $2.25pd DC DC DC 
Carroll Mrs Fannie, OflPMGen Charwmn $240 Va DC DO 

Mrs Winifred F, Ofl4ABstPMGen Clk $1200 Oal SCalSolano DC 

Cate William L, Off2AsgtPMGen AsstDivSuptEMS $2000 Tenn 12TexTarrant 

Catlett Mrs Louisa, Off2AsstPMGen Sewer $2pd Md DC DC 
Caton Leon, OfflAsstPMGen AsstMes $720 DC 28NYOntario DO 
Carter Bushrod, OffPMGen Labr 

111 SWisGrant DC 
8MichTuscola Fid 
)C lOTexTravis DC 

-Charles T, Off2AsstPMG 

Mrs EllaF, Off2AsstPMGen E 

Case Montaigne Harold, OflPMGen 
Casey James F, OflPMGen Inspr 
Cassiday Harry I, Off2AsstPMGi 


Clk $1600 Oreg 20regMultnomah 
iwer $2pd Md DC DC 
Inspr $1700 
$1600 Mass 
MlBRpr $S.50pd Md DO 

NY OMichSaginaw Fid 

CeUar George R, OflPMGen Inspr $160'0 Ohio "lOklaNoble Fid 
Chadsey George E, OffPMGen Clk $1400 MiTin SMiehBenzie DO 
Chamberhn Edwin A, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 NH ISPaLycomlng Fid 

Chambers Wrightson, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Md 2MdBaltimoreOity Fid 

Chance Levi O, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Term ITennClaiborne Fid 

— —William W, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 111 23niJeflerEon DO 

Chapman Mrs Clara K, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 NH INHRockingham DC 

Chappell Mrs Agnes H, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 WVa NY DO 

Charles Alexander, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Scot 5IowaLinn Fid 

Chase George H, OflPMGen Inspr $1600 Minn ISDakCodington Fid 

Chatfleld Horace F, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 NY ONYBergen DO 

Chatterton Edward W, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 NY' SlNYCayuga Fid 

Chester William F, OflPMGen Inspr $1600 Ind 9IowaPottawattamie Fid 

Chestnut Ollin, Off4AsstPMGen Labr $660 NO INCWayne DC 

Chewning Alexander C, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Va IVaElizabethCity DO 

Chidester Orpha A, OffPMGen Clk $1000 WVa IWVaHarrison DO 

Childs Miss Caroline, Off4AsstPMGen 01k $1200 Nebr 2NebrDouglas DC 

Chiles Charles R, Off4AsstPMGen Oik $1000 Va SVaHenrico DC 

Chisholm Joseph L B, OffSAsstPMGen 01k $1000 Mass 8MassMiddlesex DO 

(ihristian John, OflPMGen Fireman $720 Vu oGaFulton DC 

Chunn Mrs Ella M, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 WVa 2WVaHardy DC 

Thomas M, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1000 NO lONCBuucombe DO 

Cilley Mrs Marianne G, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Me llNYNewYork DO 
Cisler Stephen A, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 Ohio IColoDenver Fid 
Clagett Henry, Ofl4AsstPMGen Labr $660 Va 8VaPrinceWiIliam Fid 
Clam.pitt John W, Off2AsstPMGen Polisher $Spd DC DC DC 
Clapp Pleasant 0, OflPMGen Inspr $1600 Tenn 2TennKnox Fid 
Clarahan Charles H, OflPMGen Inspr $2250 111 14IllRockIsland Fid 
Clarl; Albert B, Ofl2AsstPMGen AsstSuptLockShop $4.75pd Conn 4ConnLitch- 
fleld DO 

Caleb M, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Md SMdPrinceGeorges DC 

-Charles R, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 NY 14TexBexar Fid 

Daniel, OffPMGen Fireman $720 Md DC DO 

Harry F, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 DO - DC DC 

Miss Margaret, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ky 2TennShelby DO 

Thomas J, Ofl2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm DC DC DC 

Clarke Kenneth P, OffSAsstPMGen Cll; $1200 DC DC DC 

Louis R, Ofl2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm SC 6NCMccklenburg DC 

Owen J, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Ky 12MoStLouis Fid 

Clarkson George R, Ofl2AsstPMGen Lockfltter $2.26pd Pa DC DC 
Claude ElwooJ, Off2AsstPMGen MlBInspr $75pm Md DC DC 
Clay Mrs Alice M, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Va ISNYNewYork DC 
Cleary William F, OflPMGen Inspr $1800 Ind 7IndMarion Fid 
Clement Ediand 0, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 Me 20regMultnomah Fid 
Clemmons Ballard H, OffPMGen Clk $1400 Tenn OTennDavidson Fid 
Cleveland Caleb, OffSAsstPMGen Labr $660 Va SVaFairtax DC 
Coble William M, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Iowa ISIUAdams Fid 
Ooburn Miss Molly, OfflAsstPMGen 01k $1200 Ind SIndParke DC 
Cochran Joseph, Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $1800 Mass 2NHCheshire DC 

William E, OffPMGen InsprOhg $3000 Pa IColoDenver Fid 

Cochrane Huston K, OflPMGen Inspr $2100 Pa 36NYErie Fid 

Coe Waller G, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 WVa 8WVaJeflerson DC 

Coffa Miss Mildred, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Mich IMichWajme DC 

Cohen David, Ofl4AsstPMGen Labr $660 NY ISNYNewYork DC 

Cole Mrs Emma K, Off4As3tPMGen Clk $1000 NY S4NYNiagara DC 

Coleman Mrs Jennie W, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $900 NY DC DC 

CoUamer Miss H Lenore, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC IVtChittenden DO 

Collar Miss Lora E, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $900 Mich SMichBranch DC 

Collier Darsie A, OflPMGen Inspr $1800 111 7IowaPolk Fid 

Collins Albert D, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Oal 4CalSanFrancisoo DC 

Edward J, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Ire 2MinnBrown DC 

MiUard, Off4AsBtPMGen Clk $1600 Ky llKyLetcher DC 

Mrs Pattie L, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Ala 4MissHoxubee DC 

Colson Gilmer P, OffPMGen Fireman $720 Va lOVaNelson DC 

Colvin Park D, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 NY SSNYSteuben Fid 

Como Edward F, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Conn 2ConnMiddlesex ni : 

Comstock Anthony, OffPMGen Inspr $1500 Conn lONJUnion Fid 

Conger Miss Florence W, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Mich 7MiehStClair DC 

Conner Harry Lawrence, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 DO SVaAlexandria Fid 

Connolly Jeremiah, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 NY 29NYOnondaga DC 

Connor Miss Nellie L, Off3AsstPMGen Clk $1000 DO DO DC 

Constant Mrs Mary A, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Ohio SMoClinton DC 

Conway George P, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Pa 22PaButler Fid 

Cook George H, OflPMGen Fireman $900 Va DC DO 

^ James B, Ofl4AsstPMGen SuptDivSups $2500 Mich OMdMontgomery DC 

Cooke Miss Carrie Roberta, OfflAsstPMGen Mes $840 DC 2Mich Washtenaw DC 
Cookson Walter M, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 Me IMeOumberland Fid 
Coon Byron C, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1800 NY SMdPrinceGeorges DC 
Cooper Benjamin F, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Tenn OTennCrockett DC 

Miss Lulu G, OflPMGen Charwmn $240 DC DC DO 

-William L, Off2AsstPMGen MlBRpr $S.60pd Va 2VaNorfolk DO 

Corbett Edgar P, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Conn IComiHartford Fid 
Corbin William E, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1800 NY SlNYWayne DC 
Corey Edgar O, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 NY llNYNewYork DC 

George B, OfflAsstPMGen 01k $1800 DC SlNYYatea DO 

Corridon James J, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 DO SVaHenrico DC 
Cortelyou James T, OffPMGen InsprChg $3000 NY 4NYKings Fid 
Cost William S, Off2AsstPMGen MlBRpr $3.50pd Md OMdWashington DO 
Ooulon Eugene E, OffPMGen Clk $1400 La SLaLatourche DC 
Cover Charles R, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Md 7VaWarren DC 
Cowgill Myron Garfield, OflPMGen ElevCond $720 WVa 6PaAllegheny DO 
Cowles Burton G, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1400 NY 21NYGreene DC 
Cox Miss Elizabeth, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $900 DC DC DC 

Mrs Famiie, Off4AsstPMGen 01k $1000 Ohio 20hioHamiIton DC 

^J Robert, OffPMGen 01k $1600 NO SNCWayne DC 

Miss Lulu, Off4AsstPMGen 011c $1200 DC DC DC 

Coyle Mrs Mary A, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 WVa IWVaOhio DC 

Craig Benjamin A, Off2AsstPMGen MlBRpr $S.50pd Md SMdBaltimoreOity DC 

Edwin P, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Me 8MassMiddlesex DC 

Craighead George V, OflPMGen Inspr $2250 Pa lOOhioSummit Fid 

Cramer Miss Nannie, Off2AsstPMGen MachOpr $2.2opd WVa 2WVaJefferson DO 

Crandall Milton R, OffSAsstPMGen Mes $840 Md DC DC 

Crane Mrs Alice M, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Vt NMexBemalillo DC 

Cranford Edward B, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Va DC DC 

Cranston Miss Claudia, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Tex STexWood DC 

Crawford Albert Bickley, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Pa ISPaCumberland Fid 

Charles Irving, OffPMGen Labr $660 Md SMdPrinceGeorges DO 

Creager Charles F, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Md 2MdBaltimore DC 
Cressey George G, Off2AsstPMGen MetalWrkr $3pd Pa IPaPhiladelphia DC 
Crissey Claude I, OffPMGen Clk $1400 Mich lOMichMidland DO 
Cromwell Harry E, Off2AsstPMGen MlBInspr $76pm Md SMdBaltimoreOity DC 

Lawrence, Off2AsstPMGen FormnSew $1100 Md DC DC 

Crook Alexander 0, Ofl2AsstPMGen 01k $1400 Va 8VaAlexandria DO 
Cross Miss Ada E, Ofl2AsstPMGen MachOpr $2.25pd DC DC DC 
Crouch Seymour N, Off2A3stPMGen Labr $60pm Vt IVa Westmoreland DC 
Grouse George V, Ofl2AsstPMGeu MlBRpr $S.50pd Md 6MdMontgomery DC 
Crowe Thomas D, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Tenn 7TennMaury DO 
Orowell Charles E, OflPMGen Inspr $2250 Me INYQueens Fid 
Oroxdale James H, OflSAsstPMGen Oik $900 Tenn SArkBenton DO 
Oruso James H, Off4As6tPMGen AsstMes $720 DC DC DC 
Cueman William A jr, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 NJ eNJPassalc Fid 



Cumming Robert McC, Off4As6tPMGen Clk $900 NY 6NJBergen DC 

Oimmins Harry A, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 DC DC DC 

Cunningham Mrs Ursule 0, OffSABStPMGen Clk $900 Ind 25IllJackson DC 

Cuppett Charles C, Off2AsstPMGpn Clk ?140n Pa 20klaOklahoma DC 

Curry Jacob C, Off4AsstPMGen Mes $840 Va 210Cuyahoga DC 

r;ushinberry Mrs Carrie, OffPMGen Cliarwmn $240 DC DC DC 

Cushingberry Mrs Emmii, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 Va DC DC 

Dabney Mrs Harriet L. Off4AsstPMGen Lahr $660 Va DC DC 

Daily George W. OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Pa loPaLvcoming Fid 

Dalzcll Charles N, Off4As3tPMGen ChCIkDivDL $180o" NY 26NYStLawrenee DC 

Danforth Sherman E, 0£f3AsstPMGcn Clk $1200 Cal oCalSanFrancisco DC 

Daniel George, OffPMGen InsprChg $3000 Ark NYNewYork Fid 

Darby Miss Anna, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Md DC DC 

DashieH George B, OfliAsstPMGcn Labr $720 Md liMdHoward DC 

Davern William, 0ff2AsstPM0en MlBInspr $75pm Ire 20hioHamilton DC 

Davidson Charles M, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 NY 7NYKings DC 

Joseph C, Off2AsstPMGcn MlBRpr $3.50pd Md SMdPrinceGeorges DC 

Roscce B, Off4As5tPMGen Clk $900 111 INebrLancaster DC 

Davis Arthur LlewelljTi, OftPMGen AsstChClk $2000 111 llIllKane DC 

Bliss N, Off4AsstPMGen AsstSuptDivSups $2000 Vt 36NYErie DC 

Edward C, Oii4AsstPMGen AsstMea $720 Md SKyShelby DC 

Mrs Ethel M, Off4As3tPMGen Labr $480 NY 13NYNewYork DC 

Frank E, OfTPMGen Clk $1600 Ohio MoStLouisCity Fid 

Frank N, OffPMGen Inspr $2000 NH IVtRutland Fid 

Henry W, OffPMGen Clk $1600 NY IColoDenvcr Fid 

Herman C, OflSAsstPMOen Clk $1200 DC 8VaAlexandria DC 

Isaiah Tboiiias. OffPMGen Watch $720 NC 7NCCraven DC 

James N jr, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1000 DC DC DC 

John E, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Md 2NebrDouglas DC 

Thomas W, OffPMGen Clk $1400 Pa 120hioFranklin DC 

William Preston, OffPMGen Clk $900 Ala 2LaOrleans DC 

Davison Charles L, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1800 Iowa 7IowaPolk DC 
Davoren Mrs Mary, Off2AsstPMGen Darner $2pd Ire DC DC 
Dawes James K, Ofr4AsstPMGen Clk $900 Pa 26PaNorthanipton DC 
Dawkins Thomas D, OffPMGen Clk $1000 Tex 2LaOrleans Fid 
Dawson Samuel H. OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Md IMdTalbot Fid 
Day Allie E, Off4AsstPMGen Labr $660 Md SMdPrinceGeorges DC 

John, Off2AsstPMGcn AsstDivSuptRMS $2000 Conn ILaOrleans Fid 

Deacon Ralph D, OffPMGen Clk $1400 SDak AtL^Dak Fid 
Deans Charles H, OflPMGen Clk $1200 Va 2VaNorfolk DC 
Deardoff William S, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ohio 13IllMorgan DC 
Decker Benjamin F. OffPMGen Clk $1400 NJ UNJPassaic Fid 

Miss Cora E, Off4As5tPMGen Clk $1000 NY 6IllCook DC 

Degnan Thomas L, OffPMGen Clk $1600 Pa 26PaNorthampton DC 

-William I, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Pa 26PaNorthampton DC 

De Graw Peter V, Off4AsstPMGen 4AsstPMGen $5000 NJ 4PaPhiIadelphia DC 
Delano Louis A, OffPMGen Clk $1400 Mass 13MassBristol DC 
De Lay Miss Elizabeth F, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 NY 25NYSaratoga DC 
Delevingne Arthur J. OffPJIGcn Clk $1200 DC DC DC 

Mrs Kate K, Off4AsstPMGen Labr $600 Md AtLgUtah DC 

Dellett Robert A, OffPMGen Watch $720 Pa ITPaMifflin DC 

De Long William, 0ff4AsstPM0en Clk $1000 SC INJCamden DC 

Dement Henrv ;3. OfiPMGcn Insnr !(ir,l)0 111 2IllCook Fid 

Denman Mrs Jessie M, OffiiAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Mich 2111Cook DC 

Donning Willie I, Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $120r. <;a oGaFulton DC 

Dennis Miss Minnie F, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 111 IKansShawnee DC 

Denny Henry C, Off4AsstPMGen Labr $660 Tenn ONCCatawba DC 

Dent Warren. (.iff4AsstPMG«i AsstMrs $720 Md IMiehWavne DC 

De Riemer Arthur H, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Iowa lll'llKane DC 

De Ronceray Miss Marie L, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Md 2MdBaltimore 

Citv DC 
Derrick Jacob B. OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 SC' 6MdMontgomery DC 
Desmond Miss Margaret A, Off2AsstPMGen Forwmn $60pm DC SPaPhiladelphia 

Detlie Martin 0, Oft'PMGen Inspr $1,500 SDak AtLgMinnehaha Fid 
Detmer Charles E. Off:!AsstPMGen Clk $1400 NY 4NYKings DC 
Dick Alexander M, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Va 2MdBaltimoreCity DC 
Dickcrson Miss Ada G, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ohio llWisBayfleld DC 
Dickey Christian B, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Ohio ISOhioColumbiana DC 
Dickson Warren W, OffPMGen InsprChg $3000 NY 6PaPhiladelphia Fid 
Dictz George T, OffPMGen Clk $1200 WVa 2WVaTucker DC 
Diggs Mrs Susie A, OffPMGen Charwiim $240 DC DC DC 
Dillenback Mrs Edith E, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Md DC DC 
Dilts Benjamin F, OflPMGen Inspr $1800 Pa 2NJMorri8 Fid 
Dirnfeld Sigmund, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Hung IWashKitsap DC 
Dix John E, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Md 7PaDcIaware DC 
Dixson Miss Marva F, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Mich 3MichKalamazoo DC 
Dodge Wilbur A, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $18'-0 DC DC DC 
Dodson James D, OffPMGen CU; $1200 DC DC DC 
Dohertv Francis J, OffSAsstPMGen Page $360 DC DC DC 
Dolan Henrv F, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 WVa 4WVaWond DC 
Dole Carl G. OfllAsstPMGen Clk $]fiOO Vt 2VtCaledonia DC 
Donahoe William A. OfflAsstPMGen Slen $1200 NY 23NYAlbanv DC 
Donahue William, OffSAsstPMGen f^Ik $1200 Mich 2MichWavne ' DC 
Donehoo Mrs Elizabeth B McC, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $900 Pa SOPaAlleghenv DC 
Donnelly Horace J, OffPMGen Clk $1200 DC DC DC 
Dony Francis A, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Pa DC DC 
Dougherty Salvador A, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1800 Pa ISPaDauphln DC 
Douglass Harry C, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 SDak SIowaLinn DC 
Dow Lansing M, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1600 NH INHHillsboro DC 
Dowling Edward J, OffPMGen Eleen $1400 DC DC DC 
Domiing Miss Pauline, OffPMGen Clk $1000 Ohio IHlCook Fid 
Downs Watson H, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 WVa SKansSedgwick Fid 
Doyle John H, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 DC DC DC 
Drake George H, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Wis SMinnHennepin Fid 
Drury Henry A, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Md SMdAnneArundel DC 
Duck Miss Martha C, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Mo 7MoLafavette DC 
Due Jackson A, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Ala 9AlaJefferson DC 
Dulany James E, OffPMGen Labr $660 Va SVaAlexandria DC: 
Dumaine Andrew V, Off2AsstPMGen SewMachRpr $3pd Fr DC DC 
Dunbar Charles E, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $900 Conn 4ConnLitchfleld DC 
Duncan David W, OfflAsstPMGen AgstSuptCityDel $2000 Pa lePaNorthumber- 

land DC 

Edwin Leland, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 Kans SNJEssex Fid 

Dunn Miss Catherine M, Off2AsstPMGen MachOpr $2.25pd Md DC DC 

Cyrus Merrill. OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Me 2MeAndroscoggin Fid 

Miss Mary H, Off4A8atPMGen Clk $1200 Ind DC DC 

Du Paul Frank E, Off4As3tPMGen Clk $1400 Mich SMdPrinceGeorges DC 

Durand Harry G, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 111 20regMultnomah Fid 

Durley Houston D, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $.';spm Tenn STennWarren DC 

Duryea Moses C, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 NY 20NYSullivan Fid 

Dutton Charles F, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Va 4LaBossier Fid 

Duvall Mrs Estella, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Mo SlndRandolph DC 

Eakle Etta B, Off4AsstPMGen SkDrftsmn $1400 DC 2WVaJefferson DC 

Eamshaw Arthur C, OffPMGen Inspr $2250 Mich lOWisDouglas Fid 

Eckbert Miss Anna M, Off2As9t PMGen Clk $1200 Pa 17PaSnvder DC 

Eckert MisB Elizabeth K, OffPMGen Clk $1400 111 2IllCook 'DC 

Edear Miss Harriette R, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Mass eMassEssex DC 

Edmonds Howard, Off2AsBtPMGen Clk $1600 Eng 12PaSchuylkill DC 

■ Nathan F, OffPMGen Watch $720 Md DC DC 

Edmunds Percy S, Off4A6StPMGen Clk $1000 Miss 4MissAtt-ala DC 

Robert W, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $900 Miss 4Mis3Attala DC 

Edson Alfred J, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 NY SMichSaginaw DC 

Egge Carl, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Nebr 2NebrDouglas Fid 

Eidsresii Michael L jr, OffSAsstPMGen Labr $660 Iowa lOIowaPaloAlto DC 

Ela William C, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Ohio 71ndMarion Fid 

Elbring Hugo OffPMGen Clk $1200 HI 22IIlMadison Fid 

Eldridge Dan P, OffPMGen Clk $1200 NY 27NYOneida DC 

Elliott Miss Annie H, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 SC 17PaPhiladelphia DC 

;-John L, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Del IDelNewcastle DC 

Ellison Everett M, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Tenn ITennCocke DC 
Elston Jesse F, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 111 SKansSaline Fid 
Elvin John A, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 111 8KansSedg\vick Fid 
Elwell Elmer G, Off4AsstPMGen Mes $840 Ind 9IndFountain DC 
Emch George H, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Ohio ISOhioSandusky DC 
Emery Miss Mary G, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ga 6GaDeKalb DC 
Fmge Joseph E, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Md 4CalSanFrancisco DC 
Emmons George H, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm NY DC DC 
Ensor Mrs Mary L, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 Mass DC DC 
Enteni.ann Charles E, OflPMGen Inspr $2250 Ohio 90hioLucas Fid 
Lrskine William J. OffPMGen Mes $900 NY 20NYOrange DC 
Ervvin Mrs Lucia M, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ala 6AlaTuscaloosa DC 
hsch William F, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Wis 2WisColumbia Fid 

John, Off2AsstPMGcn MlBRpr $3.S0pd Eng SllllCook Chicagolll 

MachOpr $2.25pd DC OMdMontgomery 

Fairnian Mrs Lillian M, Off2AsstPMGei 





Ernest S. Off2Ass(PMGen LocUfitter $3pd DC DC DC 
Earner .lolin, OffPMGen Clk $900 Pa ISPaDauphin DC 
Farnsworth Frank B, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Ind SlllCuok 
Farrell .Joseph D, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 HI lOIllCook Fid 
Fateher John A jr, OffPMGen Clk $900 Pa SPaPhiladelphia Fid 
Fay John H, OffPMGen Clk $1000 Md OMdGarrett DC 
Fiastcr ills .Mice \, Off2AsstPMGen Darner $2pd Va DC DC 
I'Vnderson Jaeuti E, Off4AsstPMGen Labr $660 NC INCCarteret DC 
Fenton Arnold I', Off4AsstPMGen Clk $900 Vt IVtRutland DC 

• Arthur P, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $900 Vt IVtRutland DC 

Fenwick Joseph Arthur, OffPMGen Labr $660 Md SMdStMary DC 

Ferguson Walter, OffSAsstPMGen Cllc $900 DC DC DC 

Ferry Miss Ella M, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Ind llndVanderburg DC 

Fettis Charles S, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 NY 2LaOrleans Fid 

I'ickling Mrs Cora, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 Vt DC DC 

Finch Eugene C, Off2AsstPMGen AsstDivSuptRMS $2000 Va DC Fid 

Finn Daniel J, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 111 SKySimpson DC 

Firoved William O, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Md DC DC 

Fischer George D, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Md AtLgSDak DC 

Fisher Alejnc A, Off2AsstPMGen ChClkRMS $2000 \t 2VtCaledonia DC 

Irving R, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 Pa STexGravson Fid 

■ John H, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $900 Md DC DC 

■ Mrs Lucy M. Off4AsstPMGen Labr $180 ^'a DC DC 

Fitch Thomas, OffPMGen Clk $1100 Wis IColoDenver Fid 

• William C, OffSAsstPMGen SuptStampDiv $2750 NY 27NYHerkimer 

Filhian Don C, PSS Clk $1400 Pa SMdPrinceGeorges DC 
Fitzhugh Samuel M, Off2AsstPMGen MlBInspr $75pm Ky SVaFairfax D 
I'itz'.villiam Denis J, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Tex 7TexGaiveston DC 
Flannery Miss Madge M, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $900 Tenn SKyJefferson DC: 
Flavin Thomas J, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Ire SWashSpokane Fid 
Fletcher William T, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 RI 7IndMarion Fid 
Flood John T. Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Wyo ONebrCheyenne DC 
Flower Miss Mabel C, Off2AsstPMGen Darner $2pd Md DC DC 
Floyd George W, OffPMGen Watch $720 Va 210hioCuyahoga DC 
For.l Daniel A, OffPMGen Labr $660 Va SVaFairfax DC 

Edgar W, OfflAsstPMGen AsstDivPMAppts $2000 NY 24NY DC 

Ives M, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 DC ISNYNewYork DC 

Miss Juliette, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Va DC DC 

Thomas H, OffPMGen Labr $660 DC DC DC 

Forman Max J. OffPMGen Inspr $1600 

Forinvald Allen M, PSS Clk $900 Pa 

Fountain David C. OffSAsstPMGen Clk 

Fowler Miss H Z, Off2AsstPMGcn Clk $1400 DC DC 

Foster Alfred B, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1090 Mo SCalAlameda DC 

George A, OffPMGen Labr $660 Md SMdPrinceGeorges DC 

Lilly W, Off4AsstPMGen SkDrftsmn $1200 Va lOTennShelbv DC 

William J, OffPMGen Clk $1000 Ohio lOhioHamilton Fid' 

Fox Ernest B, OffPMGen Clk $900 Aus 17N"YNewYork lid 

George E, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Mich SMichKent Fid 

Frame Alfonso T, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $900 Ohio 4WVaWood DC 

Franzoni .Joseph D jr, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC DC DC 

Eraser Elijah R. OffPMGen Inspr $2000 NY 7WisLaCrosse Fid 

Frawley Frank T, OffPMGen Inspr $1500 Mo 2ColoElPaso Fid 

Frnvser Frank, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Va SVaHenrico Fid 

Frazier Frank E. OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Wis 7WisMonroe Fid 

Freeman Paul, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Ohio 190hioPortage DC 

Freliughuysru Mrs Frances, Off2AsstrMGen Darner *2pd Va DC DC 

French Harold L. OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Pa 40hioAllen Fid 

Frick Mrs Mary E. Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Pa SPaPhiladelphia DC 

Froment Mrs Harriet M H, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Pa ISPaBurke DC 

FuIIaway Charles H, OffSAsstPMCJen SuptFinDiv $2250 Pa IPaPhiladelphia 

Rus 4WisMilwaukee Fid 

lOPaCoIumbia DC 

$1800 NY 29NYOnondaga 


Fuller 11, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Conn SConnWindham 
Fullinwider John R, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Ind SWashSpokane Fid 
Fultz Miss Jennie M, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $000 Md 2M.IBaItimore I 
Funkhouser Perry, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $900 Va 2WVaRandolph DC 


Fuqua Mrs ,\li( 
Furbershaw Thom 
Furniss Albert E, 
Gable CIlallesL, PSS 
iley Miss Glad; 

OffPMGen Charwmn »240 
L, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC SNYKi 
OffPMGen Inspr $2100 Pa 2ConnNewH.iven 
Clk $D:00 Pa SPaPhiladelphia DC 
OffPMGen TelOpr Pa SCcnnNewLondon 

Gaines Samuel M, Off2AsstPMGen DivSuptRMS $3000 Tenn 1 STexTa 


ah DC 


Pa lOregMultno- 

Gambell Herbert F, OfflAsistPMGen Clk $1200 la llallenrv DC 
Games John I, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Kan? 2KansDonglas ' Fid 
Gardiner John I, Off2AsstPMGcn Labr $60pm Md OMdPrinceGeorges 
Gardner Carleton F, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Mass IfllllCook Fid 

Frank D, OffPMGen Clk $1400 lOMoStLouisCitv DC 

Leonard C. OffPMGen Clk $000 Tex STexEllis Fid 

Off2A8StPMCen MlBRpr $3.50pd Ohio 
i'eleine A, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1100 

OffPMGen Fireman $720 \a DC DC 
OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Ind OIndHoward Fid 
Off2AsstPMGen AsstSuptMlBRS $1400 Kans 1 
nee DC 
Gavagan Edward F, OffPMGen Clk $1000 Ire 17NY'NewYork DC 

— w 










s Alia 

a C 






George F Ray, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 Ohio 150MoGuernsey Fid 
Gerard Frank, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ind 120Franklin DC 
Gerbert Miss Gertrude I, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Va 2VaNorfolk DC 
Germer Albert E, OffPMGen Inspr $2250 III lOIllCook Fid 
Gibbens Robert G, OilPMGen Inspr $1700 Va TVaFrederick Fid 
Gibbon Percy W. OffiSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Pa YPaDelaware DC 
Gibson William A, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Vt 2VtWindsor Fid 
Gilbert Benjamin F, OflPMGen Inspr $1500 Pa 15IUCcok Fid 

Miss Margaret A, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1400 DC SMdMontgomery DC 

Gilligan Michael, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Eng SPaPhiladelphia DC 

Gilmore Fred, OflPMGen Labr $660 Va DC DC 

Gilmour Miss Madge B, OfllAsstPMGen Cllc $1200 Pa 4PaPhiladelphia DC 

Girouard Alphonse, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Fr VIndMarion DC 

Graff Anthony Casper, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Wis IWashKing Fid 

Griffith Raymond A, OflPMGen Inspr $1600 Iowa 2IowaMuscatine Fid 

Glazier Myron L, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Conn IConnHartford Fid 

Glenn Claude H, OflPMGen Inspr $1600 Idaho IWyoLaramie Fid 

Goldsby Joseph H, OffPMGen Labr $660 Ala 4AlaDallas DC 

Gott James D, OffPMGen AsstMes $720 Tenn ITenn Washington DC 

Louis H, OfllAsstPMGen CopyMaps $900 Va SVaAlexandria DC 

Gould Densil M, OffPMGen Watch $720 NY SlNYOntario DC 

Frank J, OffPMGen Inspr $1500 111 12IirBoone Fid 

Gove Chase C, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Nebr INebrLancaster DC 
Graesle Albert B, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Iowa 2IowaClinton DC 
Graham Herbert N, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 NY 9NJHudson Fid 

John J, OffPMGen Inspr $1500 Tenn 2TennKnox Fid 

■ Thomas P, Ofl2AsstPMGen SuptMlEquip $2000 NY 22NYRensselaer DO 

Giandfleld Charles P, OfllAsstPMGen lAsstPMGen $5000 Mo OMoLincoln DC 
Granger Lewis G, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Mass IConnHartiord Fid 
Granholm Charles F, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Ger ONJBergen DO 
Grant Alexander, Off2Asst PMGen DivSuptRMS $3000 Mich 2MichMonroe Fid 
Graves Joseph E, Ofl4AsstPMGen AsstMes $720 NC 5NCCaswell DO 

Lyman N, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Wis SlNYOntario DC 

Gray John P, PSS Clk $900 Ohio 25PaErie DC 

Raymond, OffPMOeu Inspr $2000 NY 29NY'Onondaga Fid 

Grayson George H, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 NC lONCMcDowell DC 
Green Charles B, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Ala 2AlaPike DC 

Charles J, Off2AsstPMGen MlBRpr $S.50pd Md TKansSedgwick DC 

Greenaway William E, OflPMGen Inspr $2100 Ky SKyJeflerson Fid 

Gregory Hardy T, OflPMGen Inspr $2100 NC SNGGuilford Fid 

Gretzer John S jr. OffPMGen Clk $1200 Iowa 9IowaPottawattamie Fid 

Orice John W, Off2AsstPMGen AsstMes $720 WVa 2VaJeflerson DC 

Griesheimer Miss Helena E, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Ohio llOhioRoss DC 

GrifBn Miss Kate, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ire DC DC 

Griggs Robert S, OflPMGen Inspr $2000 Minn 9MinnPolk Fid 

Griswold Morgan, OflPMGen Inspr S2000 Iowa 6IowaWapello Fid 

Gross Mrs Elnora, OflPMGen Charwmn $240 Va IVaGIoucester DC 

Grubbs George, Oft'SAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ky 1 OMoStLouisCity DC 

"— Clk $1000 Minn SMinnHennepin DO 

Guimont Nicholas S, Ofl4AsstPMGe:. _... .,„_ „ „„.,„„„.„,„ 

Gunn Miss Cora M, OflPMGen Clk $1100 Mich 90hioLucas Fid 
Gunsalus Miss Lillian E, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1400 NY IPaPhiladelphi: 
-" '"- SMassMiddlesex DC 


Guy Frederick, OfllAsstPMGen Clk 

- — Mrs Isabelle P OflSAsstPMGen 'cik $1200 Md "TiidBaTtimo'^riJity DC 

Haas John E, Oft2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Pa llPaLuzerne DC 

-— -Wilham G, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 Wyo IWyoLaramie Fid 

Hackley Mrs Lena, OflPMGen Cliar\vmn $240 NC 9NCCleveland DC 

Hadsel Harry, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 la SlaLinn Fid 

Hagan Michael T, Ofl2AsstPMGrn Pressman $2.76pd Pa DC 

Uagernian l),'hiiago D OflPMGen ElevCond $720 Ga 5GaFuIton DC 

Hagy John G, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Va 9Va Washington Fid 

Haines Charles T, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Va SVaHenrico DC 

Hall l-ranU C, Oft'SAsstPMGen Clk $1000 DC DC DC 

• Harry B, OflPMGen JnsprChg $S000 Ohio 7CaILosAngeles Fid 

Clk $1200 Tenn BTennDavidson DC 

;.75pd Conn IConnFairfleld 

Halley Charles A, OffSAsstPMGe 

Uallock ifrederick B, Ofl2AsstPMGen LockfiTter 

Halverstadt Maurice O, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 Ohio 140h 
Hamilton Frank M, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Ind 4IndRipIey'" Fid' 


Samuel G, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $900 Mass IMeYork'DC 

Washington H, OfllAsstPMGen Labr $060 Va DC DC 

Hanimelman Henry C E, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $1000 NY S6NYErie DC 
Hammond Edward, Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Pa 20PaYork DC 
Hanna Edward, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $900 Pa IPaPhiladelphia DO 
Hansbrough William, ■ OflPMGen Watch $720 Va DC DC 
Hardaway Albert G, OflPMGen Watch $720 Ala 2AlaMontgomery DO 
Hardy George M, OffPMGen Clk $1400 Md DC DC 
Hare Frank J, OffPMGen Inspr $2250 Ohio 4CalSanFrancisco Fid 
largett John A H, Off4AsstPMGen AsstMes $720 Md SMdFrederick DC 
Haring John W, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Pa 16PaMontour DC 
Harmon Guy F, OflPMGen CIlc $1000 NY 23NYSchenectady DC 
Harper Daniel J. OffPMGen AsstEngr $1000 Va SVaLoudoun DC 

William, OflPMGen Inspr $1000 NJ 210hioCuyahoga Fid 

\ ance B, OffPMGen FormnLabrs $800 DC SVaAlexandria DC 

llarrell Harrison S, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ohio TIndMarion DO 
Harrington George F, OflPMGen Inspr $1500 Miss OAlaJeflerson Fid 
Harris Benjamin H, OflPMGen Labr $660 SC SSCNewberry DC 

Christopher, OfllAsstPMGen Mes $810 Va DC DC 

George G, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Va SVaPrinceWilliam DC 

Harrison George W, Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 NY SNYKings DC 

John R, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 Kans SKansSaline Fid 

;-- William S, Ofl-2AsstPMGen FonnnMlBRS $1200 111 — IllCook OhicagoHl 

Harrod Esquire, OffPMGen Labr $660 Va DC DO 

Hart Miss Agnes T, OffPMGen AsstTelOpr $600 Pa lOPaLackawanna DC 
Hartwell Frank F, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Mass 12Mas8Worcester DO 
Harvey Miss Annie E, Off2AsstPMGen MachOpr $2.25pd Md 22Pa Westmore- 
land DC 
Hasselbach Clifton Emil, OffPMGen Labr $660 DC DC DC 
Hassell Calvin W, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $900 NC 4NCWake DC 

Charles, OffPMGen Clk $1000 NC INCMartin DC 

Hassenberg William B, Off4A8stPMGen AsstMes $720 Ger 14MassBam5table DC 
Hastings Alonzo. Off2AsstPMGen MlBInspr $75pm Del SMdAnneArundel DC 
Hathaway Eugene H, OflPMGen Inspr $1800 Mass 12MassNortolk Fid 

Harold B, Off2AsstPMGcn Clk $1400 NY 8VaFauquier DC 

Hauser Gustavo H, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 NJ 7NJEssex DC 
Haussencr John B, Off2AsstPMGen FormnLabrs $1100 Pa 16PaClinton DC 
Hawkins Mrs Anna L, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 Va DC DC 
Hawks\vorth Alfred T, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 Mass 2NHHilIsboro Fid 
Hawxhurst Henry, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $900 Va SVaFairfax DC 
Hayden Miss Estclle, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Md SMdStMarys DC 

Henry J, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ohio 2PIaDuval DC 

Hayes Harry L, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Me lldahoAda DC 
Ilaynes Glenn C, OflPMGen Inspr $1600 Iowa 8IowaAppanoose Fid 
Haynie Mrs Liila D, OffPMGen Labr $480 Md DC DC 
Hazard Elmont B, OflPMGen LawClk $1800 DC DC DC 
Healy John H, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $900 NY 23NYErie DC 
HeartsiII Francis P, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Tex 2TexHarrison DC 
Heisley George E, OflPMGen Clk $1000 DO DC DC 
Heizer Roy M, Off4As6tPMGen Clk $1000 Va ZVaNorfoIk DC 

Helmer Arthur C. OffPMGen Inspr $1900 Iowa 2IcwaScott Fid 

Helmick Mrs Emma M. OfllAsstPMGen Clk $1000 DO lOPaLackawanna DC 

Helms Miss Elizabeth M, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Md DC DC 

Hemelt Anthony H, OffPMGen Clk $1100 Md SMdBaltimoreCity Fid 

Henderson George A, OffPMGen LtWatch $810 Md DC DC 

James E, OffPMGen Labr $660 Va DC DO 

Hennessey Charles T, OffSAsstPMGen AsstMes $720 NT SlNYNiagara DC 

John F, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1100 Mass 2ConnNewHaven DC 

Henry Edwin B. OfllAsstPMGen Oik $900 NY 12NYNewYork DC 

Miss Harriet E, Ofl2AsstPMGen Cll; $1000 SC SSCChester DC 

Hensey Robert E, OffPMGen ElevCond $720 NY llNYKings DC 
Herbert Thomas F, OflPMGen Watch $720 Md DC DC 
Herndon Neal N, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Ala SAlaJefferson DC 
Hester William B, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 DO SVaAlexandria DO 
HetBeld Charles K, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 NY SSNYChemung DC 
Hiatt Harry M, OffPMGen Clk $1600 Ind oNebrHarlan Fid 
Hibsham Frsnk P, OflPMGen Clk $1400 Pa ISPaLebanon Fid 
Hickman Miss Marian, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 La ILaRapides DC 

William J, OffPMGen Insor $1800 Minn 9MinnAnoka Fid 

Hill F L, OflPMGen Fireman $720 NC DC DC 

WiUiam John, OflPMGen Clk $1600 Wales IMinnRamsey DC 

Hilton Miss Manima, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 NY 32NYMonroc DC 
Hinrichs Frank S, Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 NY DC DC 
Hiortdahl Axel H, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 lU lOIllCook DO 
Hitchcock Frank M, OflPMGen PMDen $12,000 Ohio 12MassMiddlesex DC 
Hitz Mrs Mary B, Ofl4AsstPMGen SkDrftsmn $1200 Eng DC DC 
Hobart James 0, OflPMGen Clk $1200 Minn ISNYNewYork Fid 
Hodes Albert F, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 NY 21NYColumbia DC 
Hodge Edwin, OflPMGen Watch $720 Eng DC DC 

Mrs Flora F, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 III 210hioCuyahoga DC 

Lincoln H, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 Ohio 6IllCook Fid 

Hodges Charles H, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Ga 7TexGaIveston DC 
Hodgin Robert W, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 NO 5NCGuiItord Fid 
Hogan Anderson, OflPMGen AsstMes $720 Va DC DC 
Hohoff Carl V, OfllAsstPMGen SkDrftsmn $1400 Ger DC DO 
Holbrook Charles M, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $000 Ga lArkMiller DC 
Holden Arthur C, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Vt 7MassMiddlesex DC 
Holderman Marion F, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ohio lOIUChampaign DC 
HoUiday Herbert P, OflPMGen Inspr S1600 111 lllUWarren Fid 
Hollin John W, OflPMGen Watch $720 Md DC DC 
HoUoway George W jr, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 111 ISIUVermilion Fid 
Hollvday John W, Ofl2AsstPMGen ChCIk $2500 Ohio SOhioHancock DC 
Holman" George S, Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Me 2MeOxford DC 
Holmes Miss Alice M, OffPMGen Labr $660 Md 6NJ DC 

John A, OffPMGen PurchasgAgt $1000 DO DC 

Holtby John V, OflPMGen Inspr $2100 NY 27NYOneida Fid 

Honan John J, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $900 Mass 1 SMassBristol DC 

Honvery Edmond, OflPMGen Clk $1600 Aus DC DC 

Hooton Samuel T, OflPMGen Inspr $2100 WVa 2MdBaltimoreCity Fid 

Horriaday Francis A, OffSAsstPMGen Suptlnspr $2000 Ohio 12TexTarrant DO 

llosford Raleigh M C, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 NY ISIUVermilion Fid 

Houchen Stanley T, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1100 Ind 6IndHancock DC 

Housel Firman, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1100 Wis 2WisDane DC 

Howard Mrs Bessie B, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $900 NY 20NYOrange DC 

Howe Emery D, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Mich OOhioLucas Fid 

Howell Thomas J, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Mass TMassEssex DC 

Howland William, OflPMGen Watch $720 NY SlNYCayuga DC 

Howley John J, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Pa ONYKings DC 

Hudlow Mrs Abbie, OffSAsstPMGen Darner $Spd Ire DC DC 

Hudnell John H H, OflPMGen AsstMes $720 DC DC DC 

Hugdal Ralph M, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Minn 7WisEauClaire Fid 

Hughes Wirt M, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 Kans SMoJackson Fid 

Hull Miss Effle B, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Wis 7WisJackson DC 

HuUfish Wilson S, OffPMGen Clk $900 DO DC Fid 

Hulse Alexander Beath, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Tenn STennllamilton Fid 

Humbert Lloyd H, OffPMGen Inspr $1500 Pa 2SPaFavette Fid 

Humphries John E, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Va SMdHoward DC 

Hunt John W, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Mass SMassMiddlesex DC 

Hunter John N, OflPMGen Inspr $1800 Ind llndJohnson Fid 

Joseph H, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Pa ISOhioStark DC 

Raymond O G, OfllAsstPMGen Labr $660 Va 5MdPrinceGeorge3 DO 

Robert E, OfllAsstPMGen Labr $660 Va 7VaRappahannock DO 

Hurley Mrs Carrie L, Off2AsstPMGen MachOpr $2.25pd Va DC DC 

William E, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 Mass lOMassSufloIk Fid 

liurrey Clarence B, OflSAsstPMGen ChClk $2500 Mieh lONJHudson DO 
Hutches Edward F, OffPMGen Inspr $1S00 Tex SOhioChampaign Fid 
Hutchison Miss Jessie E, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Mich SWisRichland DO 
Hyland Daniel, OfllAsstPMGen Mes $840 Ire DO DC 

Katherine, OflPMGen Labr $500 Ire DC DC 

William, OflPMGen Watch $720 Ire DC DO 

Ingalls Theodore, Ofl2AsstPMGen GenSuptRMS $1000 Ky SKyJeflerson DO 
Irey Elmer L, OflPMGen Clk $1600 Mo 5MoJackson DO 

Walter 0, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Kans 5MoJackson DC 

Irving John H, OflPMGen Inspr $1600 Va lOVaOumberland Fid 
Irwin James, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Pa SPaPhiladelphia DC 
Isherwood Dixie H, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Md 6MdMontgomery DO 
Israel Mrs Annie W, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Del SMich DO 
Ivy Walter T, OffPMGen Clk $1100 Tenn STennKnox Fid 
Jackson Evan L, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Pa 24PaBeaver DO 

• Miss Mary E, OflSAsstPMGen 01k $1200 Me 2MeKnox DO 

Samuel Henry, OflPMGen Labr $660 Md DC DC 

William Henry, OflPMGen Labr $600 Md DC DO 

Jacobs Joseph E, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 NY lONYWestchester Fid 
James Christopher O, OflPMGen Inspr $1800 NY 21NYUlster Fid 

Frank 0, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $900 Mo IMoMarion DC 

Jandron Henry J, OflPMGen Clk $1S00 Mass llMassSuffolk Fid 

Janes Miss Emma, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $900 Ohio IGOhioAshtabula DO 

Jarvis Frederick E, OflPMGen Inspr $1500 Iowa lOalSanFranoisco Fid 

Jasper James L, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Va DC DC 

Jeffers Lyndon B, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Mass OMassEssex DC 

Jennings Charles E, OflPMGen Inspr $1900 Pa ISMassNorfolk Fid 

Jester John M. OfllAsstPMGen Clk $1600 NY SSNYErie DC 

Jinkins Edward P, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Mo SlUCook DO 

Joehum William I, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $1100 DC lOIowaEnimet DO 

JoUiffe James W, OflSAsstPMGen 01k $900 Va DC DC 

Johnson Clarence P, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 Iowa 21IllSangamon PId 

Gilmer B, OffPMGen Inspr $1500 Ala 2ArkPulaski Fid 

Gustave A, OfflAsstPMGen SkDrftsmn $1200 111 llllCook DO 

^ Miss Kate P, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ohio eindFayette DC 

Louis A, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 NY 87NYCattaraugus Fid 

Mrs Martha A, OffPMGen Charwmn $210 Va DC DO 

^ Thomas P, Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 DC 7NCScotland DO 

Johnston Miss Charlotte, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 WVa IWVaOhio DO 

Joe P, OflPMGen InsprChg $S000 Mo SMoOlinton Fid 

John W, OffPMGen POInspr $2000 NY SONYErie DO 

Jonas Charles II jr, OflPMGen Clk $1600 La 2LaOrlean3 DO 
Jones Charles E, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $900 WVa IWVaWood DO 
Charles M, OffSAsstPMGen. Clk $1200 NO BNCForsyth DO 



Jones Miss Clara H, OfflAsstPMOen Cll{ $1400 Ohio lOlslaLogan DC 
-^^ Clarence 0, OffPMGen Clk $900 Mich IMichWayne DC 

Ernest, OffPMGen Labr SfOrtO NO 5VaPittsylvania DC 

George W, OfflAsstPMGen Ok $U00 Iowa 25IllAlexander DC 

Hiram B, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Pa 14PaSusquehanna DC 

Leonard G, Off4AsstPMGen Page ?360 Pa SVaAlexandria DC 

Lucien, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Pa 2PaPluIaddphia DC 

Mrs Maria E, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 La DC DC 

• Richard F, 0(I2AsstPMGen AsstMes $720 111 llllCook DC 

Jordon Walter J, OffPMGen Labr $600 Oa SGaStewart DC 

Jost John, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pin NY DC DC 

Joy Mrs Emma, Off2AsstPMGen Darner $2pd DC DC DC 

Judson Mrs Augusta S. OffGAsstPMGen Clk $1000 DC SNYKings DC 

Claude C, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Ark 2ArkPrairie DC 

Just Frank C, Off2AsstPMGen Lockfltter $3.25pd Conn IConnHartford 
Kahn William D, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Va IVaElizabethCity Fid 
Kalhfus Charles H, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 DC SMdPrineeGeorges I 
Kalk Mrs Flora S, Off-lAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Va 2NebrDouglas DC 
Kaufman George L. OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Md OMdFrederick Fid 
Kause Arthur J, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ohio SOhioMontgon 
Kearney Leonard W, OffSAsstPMGen Labr $60pm " ' - — • - 
Kcene Carter B, OffPMGen InsprChg $3000 Me 

Miss Ella, Off4AsstPMGen CopyMaps $1000 

Keini Alfred H, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Va 

De Benneville R, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Pa 13PaBerks DC 

Kellingcr Thomas M, Off3AsstPMGen Clk $1400 NY 12NYNewYork D 
Kelly Charles E, OfiPMGen Inspr $1600 Pa STNYCattaraugus Fid 

-Henry A, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Nil SKansMontgomery DC 

John M, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $GOpni Pa 2CoIoElPaso DC 

Walter E, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Ohio lOhioHamilton DC 

Kelsey Richard M, PSS Clk $lliOO NY PR DC 
Kendriek Elmer E, Off2AsstPMGen Locltfitter $2.25pd DC DC DC 
Keneiop Edgar P, Off2AsstPMGcn CIK 11600 111 23IinVabash DC 
Kennedy Miss Mary A, Ofi'2AsstPMGen MachOpr $2.25pd NJ DC DC 
Kennon" W\'att S. OfflAsstPMOer i_ ik $l(.no Va 2Va'\l"avwick DC 
Kent Fav T, OffPMGen Inspr $2000 NY 27NYOneida NY 
Kenyon William A, OflPMGen Injpr $1000 SC ISCCharleston 
Keogh James, OffSAsstPMGen AsstMes $720 Pa SVaAlexandria 
Kepler Porteous S, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Pa lOOhioAshtabula 

"■' $1800 NJ 2NJBurlington 

■ $1000 Ind OlndWavni: 

SMeWaldo Fid 


Kerlin Malcolm, OffSAsstPMGc 



irsey Miss Virgi 

Keslcr Merle C, ' PSS Clk $900 HI ISIlIAdams 
Kessler William S, OffPMGen Clk $1600 Pa gWashOkanogan DC 
Keys William R, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 Tenn 3TennBradley Fid 
Keyser Paul V, OffPMGen AsstAtty $2750 Pa OlowaCass DC 
Kiesecker Mrs Katherine M, Off4 AsstPMGen CopyMaps $1000 Va DC 
Kilbv Clarence C, OffSAsstPMGen Lockfltter $2.50pd Me DC DC 
Kimball Charles O, OffSAsstPMGen Oik $1400 NH 2NHSuIlivan DC 
-Edward F, OffSAsstPMGen SuptMoneyOrderDiv $3500 Me 13 

2400 Me 4MinnRamfey Fid 
or $1800 Pa 26PaErie Pld 
AsstDivSiiptRMS $2000 SC SGaFuIton 
"1000 Va SVaNansemond DC 

tol DC 

George G, OffPMGen Inspr $: 

Kincaid Elmer L, OffPMGen In^ 
King Edward P, OffSAsstPMGen 

Miss Juliet, Off4AsstPMGen 

— Roberto, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ind lllndWabash 
Kingsbury Thomas P, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 DC 6GaBibb DC 
Kintz Homer M, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 NY SSNYMonroe Fid 
Kinzel Charles G, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Tenn STennKnox Fid 
Kirk Mrs Francis R, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Ind AtLgSDak DC 
Kirlin Mrs Mary L, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Pa llPaLaekawanna 
Kirseh Herman, OffPMGen Fireman $720 NY SOhioButler DC 
Ivirtland Miss Florence J. OfflAsstPMGen Oik $1200 NY 23NYAlbany 
Kitterman Charles W, OftPMCen CHi $1600 Va (iVaCampbell DC 
Kittredge Theodore A, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Mass SMassMiddlesex 
Klaas Albert R, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 Pa SlPaAlIegheny DC 
Klug William M, OffSAsstPMGen MIBRpr $3,60pd Md SMdBaltimoreCity 
Kluge Miss Anna A, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Wis UlowaCherokee Di 
Knight Arthur J, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 SC OSCMarlboro Fid 
lights Miss Alice F, OffSAsstPMGen C;Ik $1000 Minn 6MinnMeek 





Clk $1400 DC DC DC 

DivSuptRMS $3000 Md SMdBaltimoreCity 

Knott Mrs Mary L. OffSAsstPMGen Sewer $2pd 
Knox Roseoe C, OffPMGen Insi 
Kondrup Johan C, OffSAsstPMGe 
Koons John C, Off3AsstPMG< 


Kom Louis L, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Ger SNJEssex DC 
Kraft Meyer R, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $900 NJ INJSalem DC 

Norman A, OffSAsstPMGen MetalWrkr $3pd Pa SVaAlexandria DC 

Kreitzer Charles W, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Pa ISPaBerks DC 

Kreuser Joseph R, OffPMGen Clk $1200 III lOIlICook Fid 

Kubach William F jr, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 Ohio ISOhioEric DC 

Kuhnel Paul, Off4ABstPMGen SkDrftsmn $1800 Ger lONYWestchester DC 

Kummer Miss Louise, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Md SMdBaltimoreCity DC 

Kuns Frederick A, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Pa SConnWindham DC 

Kupfer Emil L, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Switz SKansGeary DC 

Kupfercr Edward J, OffPMGen Clk $900 Mo lOMoStLouisCity Fid 

Kyle Samuel P, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Ohio 20NYOnondag3 Fid 

Labbe Clarence M, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $000 Ohio SOhioHamilton DC 

LaFetra George H, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Ohio 7KansSedgwick DC 

Lancaster Henry C, OfflAsstPMGen Labr $660 Pa OPaPhiladelphia DC 

Landick George jr, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1100 Ind ISIndStJoseph DC 

Lang Mrs Mary E, OffSAsstPMGen MachOpr $2.S5pd Va SMdPrinceGeorges DC 

William G, OffSAsstPMGen DieiPatternmkr $4pd NY 4ConnLitehficId DC 

La Place Carroll B, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1S00 Conn SConnMiddlesex DC 

Larcombe Howard, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 DC SPaPhiladelphia DC 

Larmour James J, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 NY SMichCalhoun Fid 

Latta Albert E, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Tex lOMoStLouisCity DC 

Lawrenson Richard S, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC DC DC 

Laws Miss Katherine J, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 HI SlowaPage DC 

Lawshe H D, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1S00 Ind llIndMiami DC 

Lawton Mrs Emilie S, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 NY SIowaDubuque DC 

Leahy Richard V, OffPMGen ln*pr $1Sih) DC lAiizYavapai Fid 

Leamy Albert James, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 NY SONY'Cortland Fid 

Lcatherock Benjamin W, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Ind SKansMontgomery Fid 

Leavitt Miss Amy C, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Mass DC DC 

Leavj' Albert A, OfflAsstPMGen Mes $840 Va DC DC 

Lcbo Emory L, OffPMGen Clk $1600 Pa SWashSpokanc Fid 

Le Due Henry M, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1100 Ohio SMinnDakota DC 

Lee Benjamin P, OfflAsstPMGen Labr $660 Va DC DC 

Cicero A, OffSAsstPMGen AsstMes $720 La ILaBassier DO 

Mrs Lena, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 DC DC DC 

Lees, Frank, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Kans OKansOsbome DC 
Leftv/ich Mrs Emma, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 Va DC DC 
Lehman Mrs Abbie E, OffPMGen Labr $660 Del DC DC 

Charles A, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Ky OKyKenton DC 

Lemen John S, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 WVa 4MdBaItimoreCitv Fid 
Lcmmon William H, OfflAsstPMGen Labr $660 DC DC DC- 
Leonard George, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1S00 Ohio eKyCampbeU DC 
Fred J, OffPMGen Clk $1600 Mich 5MlehKent DC 

Leonard George A, OffPMGen Inspr $2250 Pa TKansReno Fid 

William Eugene, OffPMGen ElevCond $7S0 111 SPaPhiladelphia DC 

Lesieur Louis J, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1100 Wis IMinn Ramsey DC 
Lethurman Lawrence, OffPMGen InsprChg $3000 Ind 7Ma8sMiddIcscx Fid 
Levy Miss Rosalie, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $900 La 7LaI!apides DC 
Lewis Charles W, OffPMGen Fireman $720 Ala SGaFuIton DC 

Fredeliek !■', Off2AsstPiMGen Lockfltter $2pd DC DC D<; 

George E, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 Mich SMoJackson Fid 

Harold L, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 DC DC Fid 

Mrs Margaret F. OfflAsstPMGen Clk $900 NY SConnNewLondon DC 

William H, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Ariz lOMoStLouis Fid 

Luifott Cliflon R, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Ky 6KvKenton DC 
Lind Andrew K, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Iowa 7l"owaMarion DC 
Lindland Julius C, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 Mich AtLgNDak Fid 
Lmdquist Philip N, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Wash SKansMcPherson DC 
Lin.lsey Merritt E, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 NY SSNYAlhany DC 
Lmgamfelter Charles B, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 WVa 2WVaMonongaIia DC 
Lippincott Miss Mary L. Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ohio lOOhioBelmont DC 
Lipscomb Issae J D, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $900 SC SNCCabarrus DC 
Little Frank E, OffPMGen Inspr $S400 Conn SFlaDuval Fid 

John D, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $900 Md BMdMontgomery DC 

Littlejolin William 11, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ohio lOOhioScioto DC 
Livingston Miss Mary II, OffPMGen Clk $1400 NY llWisBavfleld DC 
Locke Charles D, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Mass llMassSuffoIk Fid 
Loeb Aaron S, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 NY 9AlaJefferson DC 
Loftus Patrick, ' Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Ire SSNYRensselaer DC 
Loges George Edward, OffPMGen Clk $1100 Mo 7MoPettis DC 
Long Charles W B, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Pa STexDallas Fid 

Mrs Lena M, OfflAsstPMGen Labr $600 NY' 36NYErie DC 

Lorenz George E, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Pa 2TexNacogdoches DC 
Lorimer John, OffPMGen Clk $1400 Kans OKansTrego Fid 
Loring Madison R, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1SOO Ariz ArizYavapai DC 
Love Harold R, OfflAsstPMGen Labr $660 Tenn lOTennShelby DC 
Lovejoy Harvey, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Mo ISMoStLouisC'ity DC 

Miss Mary A, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 DC DC DC 

Mrs Mildred F, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Miss SMissHinds DC 

Lovett Robert II, OffPMGen BkkprAccnt $1800 Ala OAIaJefferson DC 
Loving Ehuer W, OffSAsstPMGen AsstMes $7S0 Va lOVaBath DC 
Lowd William Q, Off4AsstPMGen AsstMes $730 NU SMissHinds DC 
Lowe CSimille D, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Cal OCalFresno Fid 
Lucas Mrs Amanda. OffPMGen Cliar«mn $240 Md DC DC 

Mrs Annie M, OffSAsstPMGen MachOpr $2.35pd Md DC DC 

Herbert E, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Ind OlndFountain Fid 

James H, OffPMGen AsstEIecn $1S00 Wis SWisDane DC 

Joseph Nathan, OffPMGen Labr $660 Va IVa Westmoreland DC 

Luce Herbert W, PSS Clk $1000 Wis SWisWaupaca DC 
Lueey John H, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Mass 4MassMiddlesex Fid 
Luchtenberg Julius R, OffPMGen Clk $1600 Ohio 120hioFranklin Fid 
Luckett John J. OfflAsstPMGen Mes $840 Va SVaAlexandria DC 
Luebkert Miss Clara, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 DC 19NYWestchester DC 
Lunney Michael B, OffPMGen Clk $1S00 Kans lOMoStLouisCity Fid 
Lusk Miss Laura, OffPMGen Clk $1S00 HI lOMoStLouisCity Fid 
Luttrell Mrs Elizabeth E, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 DC DC DC 

Samuel S, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Tenn SVaFairfax DC 

Liiz Edward, OffPMGen Clk $1000 NY 15NYNewYork Fid 

Lyies Leslie A, OfflAsstPMGen Labr $060 Va DC DC 

Lynch Frank A, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Mass SMassHampden DC 

ilrs Mary E, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Tenn OlndWayne DC 

Lyndall Mrs Clara G, OflPMGen Clk $1SOO Del DelKent DC 
Lyon George W, PSS Clk $1800 NY 6NYKings DC 
Lyons Mrs Eliza, OffPMGen Charwmn $S40 SC DC DC 

Lester H, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 La 7LaAcadia DC 

^ .James W, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ohio ISTndElkhart DC 

McAIear George V, Off4A5stPMCen Clk $1200 RI IRIProvidence DC 
McAllister Joseph H, Oft4AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Md SMdBaltimoreCit 
McBridc Charles II, OffSAsstPMGen SuptDivRyAdjust $3000 NY ISNYNe 

Y'ork DC 
McCabc James E, Off4AsstPMGen 




H. OffPMc 

$1400 Pa 24PaWashington DC 

»tl 2 \ssl P.XtC, 

r $1600 NY SlNYDutchess Pld 
ien AsstEngr $1000 Ohio SSHlAlcvander DC 
II Clk $1200 Me SMeAndroseoggin DC 
PMGen SkDrftsmn $1800 DC DC DC 
•.•■n ChKcdempDiv $2000 DC DC DC 
MIBRpr SS.SOjid Md .IMdHowiird DC 

McCkllan Marion M. OffPMGen Inspr $1500 Ca SAlaMontgomery Fid 
Me', lure Aribur E, OffSAsstPMGen Labr $60pft Ind SlUCook DO 
.MeConahay. Miss Stella B, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Kv SKansDickinson D 
MeConiiellv Miss M.ay, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Ind lllndCass Fid 
MeCord Miss Ella B. Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ohio SOhioPreble DC 
MeConu.ick .l.,lin F, OfflAsstPMGen Mes $720 DC llMoStLouis DC 
McCosh David H, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Pa 29PaAIIegheny DC 
McCourt John P. OffPMGen Clk $1200 Pa SPaPhiladelphia Fid 
McCrca Wilson F, PSS Clk $900 NH SMassHampshire DC 
McDonald John Arthur. OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Iowa TKansBarton Fid 

Miss Mary E, OfflAsstPMGen Labr $480 Wis llWisStCloix DC 

McFarlane, Charles J. Off2AsstPMGen Carp $75pm Scot DC DC 
McGaha George W. OffSAsstPMGen Labr $610 Miss SMissAIeom DC 
McGhcc William E, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Ga STennltamilton Fid 
McGovcrn Frank J, OffPMGen Watch $720 Mich 42NYMonroe DC 
McGrath Edward, Off2AsstPMGen AsstDivSuptRMS $2000 Cal 5CaISanFrai 

Cisco Fid 
McGraw John M, OffSAsstPMGen Labr $660 Wis llWisStCroix DC 
McHenry William. OffPMGen Clk $1600 Tenn STennRutherford Fid 
Mcintosh William E, OffSAsstPMO-n MetalWrkr SSpd DC DC DC 
Melntyre Ambrose N J, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Pa 5PaPhil.adelphia Fid 
McKaig Miss Rosa B. Off4 AsstPMGen Clk $1000 NY ISNYNewYork DC 
McKay James, OffSAsstPMGen Labr $660 Miss 7MissClaiborne DC 
McKernon Thomas, OfflAsstPMGen Labr $660 Ire SSNYMontgomery DC 
McKcw Newton A, OffPMGen Inspr $1500 Ind OAlaJeffcrson Fid 
MeKinlcy Burchard S. OfflAs.stPMGen Clk $1S00 Ohio 60hioBrown DC 
McKenncy Charles M, OffPMGen Watch $730 Va DC DC 
McKorkle William D, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Ind OTndHoward Fid 
McLaughlin Frank E. OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Ohio DC DC 
McMillan Ira C, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1S00 Pa OKansRocks DC 

Samuel M. OfflAsstPMGen (Ik $1400 Pa 6IowaMonroe DC 

McMorris Watson L, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC 4NYKings DC 
McMurray William F, 0ff2AsstPM0en MIBTnspr $1400 Pa 4NYKings DC 
McNitt John jr, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Mich OMichMuskegon DC 
McQuillan Hugh. OffPMGen Inspr $2000 NJ ONJPassaic Fid 
McReynolds William H, OffPMGen Clk $1800 Kans SMichCalhoun DC 
McTarnaghan John A, OffPMGen Inspr $1500 NY IMontSilverBow Fid 
McVickar Matthew jr, OffPMGen Clk $1300 Pa IPaPhiladelphia Fid 
MacBride Earl A, OffPMGen Clk $1600 Iowa ISIndElkhart Fid 
Maclnnis Albert G, PSS Clk $900 Mass OMassEssex DC 
MaeKenzie Alonzo B, OffSAsstPMGen SkLabr $1000 Pa SSPaBeaver DC 
MacSwain Swain A, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 111 IWisKenosha Fid 
Macarty Mrs Mary K, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 NH INHRockingham DC 
Machen Charles A, Off4A8stPMGen Clk $1300 Ohio SMdPrinceGeoreca DC 



Mack Mrs Catherine B, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 Md DO DC 
Mackey Edwin A, OflPMGen Inspr $1500 Iowa SMiohKalamazoo Fid 
Maddox Robert L, 022As8tPMGen AsstSuptForMla $2000 Ky 5KyJeflerson DC 

Miss Mildred E, 0£f2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Va DC DC 

Maddux Miss Hattie L, 0£f2AsstPMGen Strngr $1.75pd Va DC DC 

Madeira William 1, OffPMGen Inspr $2400 Cal 4ArkSebastian Fid 

Magee Hugh, Off2A3StPMGen Labr $60pm Pa 4PaPhiladelpliia DC 

Main William H, Off2AsstPMGen FormnMlBRS $1100 Md DC DC 

Major Richard D, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm SC DC DC 

Malcolm' Horace G, Of[4AsstPMGen 01k $900 NJ 2NY0cean DC 

Mall Arthur, OffPMGen Clk $900 Ohio lOhioHamilton Fid 

MaUalieu Thomas G, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Nebr ONebrButfalo DC 

MaUory John H jr, OflfSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 NY SSNYChemung DC 

Malloy Mathew, OffPMGen Labr $660 Ire DC DC 

Malone James A, OffPMGen Inspr $1500 Pa ISPaDauphin Fid 

Maney Miss Nolie, Off4AsstPMGen Labr $480 DC DC DC 

Manning Miss Catherine E, OfflAsstPMGcn Clk $1000 Va IVtRutland DO 

■ Charles L, OflPMGen Clk $1400 111 llUCook Fid 

• Miss Helen, OffBAsstPMGen AsstMea $720 DC DO DO 

Miss May F, PSS Labr $660 DC DO DC 

Mansfield William Burt, OflPMGen ElevOond $720 Va SWVaOabell DC 
Mapes Vernon A, OflPMGen Inspr $1500 NY 2TexJeffer6on Fid 
Maries William J, OflPMGen Inspr $2100 Eng 4MinnRamsey Fid 
Marschalk Leighton V B, Ofl2A3StPMGen Clk $1400 Fla OKyGreenup DC 
Marshall George, OffPMGen Fireman $720 Miss DC DC 

George K, OflPMGen Inspr $1500 Me 3WashSpokane Fid 

Henry S, Off2A3stPMGen MlBRpr $3.50pd Md SMdBaltimoreClty DO 

WiUiam W, OflPMGen Inspr $1500 Ala 2NebrDouglas Fid 

Martin ManUs A, OflPMGen Inspr $1600 Ky ArizPima Fid 

William E. OflPMGen Inspr $1800 Ohio llMichGrandTraverse Fid 

Mason Charles W, Ofl4AastPMGen AsstMes $720 DO DC DO 

Maaten John M, Ofl2AsstPMGen AastSuptRMS $2200 Ind 5NYKing3 Fid 

Mathews Henry, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Md 6MdMontgomery Fid 

Matthews Charles E, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Kans 20klaCanadian DC 

Mattison Samuel S, PSS Clk $1600 NJ 6NJMorris DC 

Mattox Porter L, Ofl4As3tPMGen CopyMaps $1000 Ohio SOhioHancock DO 

May Mrs Mary C, Off2AsstPMGen Darner $2pd Md DO DC 

Mayhew Howard B, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 NJ 2NJCumberland Fid 

Meade Miss Estella H, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 DC 4AlaCalhoun DC 

Means William G, OflPMGen Inspr $1800 Iowa 2KansWyandotte Fid 

Meek Miss Charlotte £, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Pa 21PaCenter DC 

Melius Louis, Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Va 4TexGrayson DC 

Melville Mrs Elizabeth F, Ofl4AsstPMGen 01k $1200 NY 33NYOhemung DC 

Mensoh Clark McK, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Pa IDelKent Fid 

Merillat John H, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm DO DC DO 

Merrick Mrs Georgia C, Off4AsstPMGen SkDrftsmn $1200 Ohio lOOhioScioto DC 

Merrill James A, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Md IPaPhiladelphia DC 

Messick Roy M, Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Md lOMoStLouisCity DC 

Michael Miss Clara B, Off2AsstPMGen MachOpr $2.25pd Pa ISPaLycoming DC 

Mickel Mrs Anna, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 Ohio DC DC 

Middlekauff Walter D, Ofl2AsstPMGen Lockfltter $2.50pd DO DC DC 

Milboume William E, Off2As3tPMGen Labr $60pm Md SMdBaltimoreCity DC 

Miles Basil, Off2AsstPMGen SuptForMls $3000 Pa 2PaPhiladelphia DC 

■ Raymond T, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Vt 2VtCaledonia DC 

Miller Mrs Charlotte J, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Ohio lOTennShelby DO 

Grant B, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 Ohio 140hloHuron Fid 

Jesse C, 0fl4AsstPMGen CopyMaps $900 Va DC DC 

John L, 0ff4AsstPMGen SkDrftsmn $1600 DC DC DC 

Neilson T, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Pa 2IowaJohnston DC 

-Mrs Villa, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ind IMichWayne DC 

Mills Charles A, OflPMGen Inspr $1800 Del IKansShawnee Fid 

Minnis John W, OffPMGen AsstEngr $1000 Md DC DC 

Mitchell Frederick A, OffSAsstPMGen Mes $840 Conn IConnHartford Fid 

Lennard H, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Ind 6IndHenry Fid 

Samuel C, OffPMGen AwnMkr $900 Md 4MdBaltimoreCity DC 

Monaghan John, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Pa 18PaDauphin DO 
Moneyway James L Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Fla lAlaMobile DC 
Monroe Miss Annie F, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ky 5KyJeflerson DC 
Montgomery Benjamin T, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $eOpm Ark DC DC 
Moodie Miss Mary F, OfflAsstPMGen Oik $900 Pa 4PaPhiladelphia DO 
Moon Miss Mary B, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $900 Va STennHamilton DC 
Mooney WUIiam M, OflPMGen DisbOlk $2250 Ohio 160hlo Jefferson DO 
Moore Miss Barbara, Off2AsstPMGen MachOpr $2.25pd Md DC DO 

Charles N, OflPMGen Inspr $2250 Wis lOIllCook Fid 

^ Julian G, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Va 2NCNorthampton DC 

William L, OffPMGen Ins0r $2100 Ohio OOhioLucas Fid 

Moosbrugger Matthew A, OffPMGen Clk $900 NY 26PaNorthampton DC 

Mooty Albert Emerson, OffPMGen Labr $660 Ga DO DC 

Moran John S, Off2As6tPMGcn Clk $1600 DC SMdPrinceGeorges DC 

Patrick J, OflPMGen Inspr $1500 Ind NMexGrant Fid 

Moreland Samuel A, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Ga 4GaCoweta DC 
Morgan John C, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 NY STennBradley DO 

John W, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 DC DC DC 

^Lorel N, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1800 WVa SWVaUpshur DC 

Morganroth Harry G, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Pa 14PaBradford Fid 
Moricle Roscoe, OfflAsstPMGen AsstMes $720 Va ONOLincoln DC 
Moroney Matthew P, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Ire 4MinnEamsey Fid 
Morris Charles L, OflPMGen Inspr $2000 NY 20NYSuIlivan Fid 
Morse Robert H, OflPMGen Clk $1200 Cal SCalSanFranciseo Fid 

Stephen H, OflPMGen Inspr $1900 Mass OPaPhiladelphia Fid 

Mortimer Lee S, OfflAsstPMGen Clk .'S1400 NY 4NYKings DC 
Morton Robert T, OffPMGen Labr $660 Va DC: DC 
Mosby Hal B, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 Va 6VaBedford Fid 
Moses Miss Elizabeth, Off4AsstPMGen Labr $660 DC DC DC 
Mosher Allen A, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1100 NY IConnHartford Fid 
Moton Solomon S, Off2As3lPMGen Labr $60pm SC SSCAbbeville DO 
Moulden Aquilla F, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Md DC DC 
Moulton John B, OflPMGen Clk $1200 Mass SMassWorcester DC 

Raymond W, Ofl4A^stPMGen Clk $1300 DC DC DC 

Mourning Anderson J, Off2AsstPMGen 01k $1600 Ind OOhioLucas DC 

Miss Bessie P, Ofl3AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Ind 90hioLucas DC 

Mower Charles E, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1800 Tex SConnNewLondon DO 
Moxon Miss Jeanie H, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Va DC DO 
Moyer John A, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1800 Mich 2MichMonroe DC 
Mulladv Patrick F, OffPMGen Mes $840 NY ONYKings DC 
Mullen Isaac T, OffPMGen Inspr $2250 NY 34NYGenesoe Fid 

-Walter II, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Nebr 5NehrPhelps Fkl 

Mullett Richard M, Off4As3tPMGen MapExamnr $1200 DC 4MdBaltimoreCity DC 
Mulvaney Peter J, Off2A3stPMGen Pressman $3pd Eng 2ConnNewHaven DC 
Mundelle Robert B, OflPMGen Inspr $2000 Ind 7IndMarion Fid 
Munro William J, OflPMGen Inspr $1800 Can 4MinnRamsey Fid 
Murdock Richard E, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Md SMdCharles DC 
Murphj- Miss Alice G, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 Wis SWisGrant DC 

Benjamin F, Off4AsstPMGen MapMtr $720 Md SMdHoward DO 

John H, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Ire AtLgldaho DO 

Thomas F, OflPMGen Watch $720 Ind SIndClark DC 

Murray Charles W, OffPMGen Watch $720 Del DelNewcaatle DO 
Myera Charles 3, Off2AsstPMQen 01k $1400 Ohio ISOhioStaik DC 

Myers Walter E, OflPMGen Labr $660 Ohio 20klaCu8ter DC 

Nalle Robert M, Ofl2AS3tPMGen Clk $1400 Va 6CalSanBernardlno DC 

Naylor Thomas W, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Tenn STennRutherford Fid 

Neff William E, Ofl2AsstPMGen 01k $1200 Ohio SOhioPreble DC 

Neely Joseph H, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Ohio SlndDelaware Fid 

Neil Pryor L, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Ga . IdahoAda Fid 

Nell J Edwin, Oif2AsstPMGen Clk $1800 Pa ISPaDauphin DO 

Nelson Miss Clara R A. Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Mich IMichWayne DC 

Leo, OffPMGen 01k $1400 Rus NYNewYork DC 

Roy E, OffPMGen Inspr S1700 Kans IColoDenver Fid 

Mrs Sarah M C, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 NH 2CalSonoma DO 

Nenninger Frank A, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Ger SNYNewYork DC 
Neuman Charles, Off2AsstPMGen MlBRpr $3.50pd NJ DC DC 
Newhard Robert M, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Pa 7PaDelaware Fid 
Newlin Edgar 0, OffPMGen 01k $1400 Ky 20hioHamilton Fid 
Newlon Guy E, OffPMGen Inspr $1500 Ohio ISOhioMuskingum Fid 
Newman William J, Off2AsstPMGen TooIMkr $3pd RI 2RIPrOTidence DC 
Nichol Harvey R, Off2A8stPMGen Clk $1400 Mich 2MichJackson DO 
Nichols Arthur A, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 Ohio 19NYNewYork Fid 

Franc S, Ofl4AsstPMGen AsstMes $720 Tex 7TexGalveston DC 

Harry H, OffSAsstPMGen 01k $1600 NY SlNYTates DO 

Louis jr, Ofl2AsstPMGen Lockfltter $1.50pd 111 5IllCook DO 

Nicholson John F, OflPMGen Inspr $1500 Pa 24PaWashington Fid 

Miss SaUie J, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Pa 6MdMontgomery DO 

Niditch Abraham L, OflSAastPMGen Clk $1000 Mass OMassSuffolk DC 
Niess Edwin A, OflPMGen AsstAtty $2000 Pa ISPaDauphin DC 

John E, Off2AsstPMQen Clk $1200 Pa llPaDauphin DC 

Niland Miss Cecelia, Off4AsstPMGen 01k $1200 Md 6MdAlIegany DC 

Noggle Charles W, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 111 SOhioMontgoraery DO 

Nolle Nathan, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Md OMdWashington Fid 

Noone Miss Margaret T, Ofl4A3stPMGen Clk $1000 DC DC DC 

Norman Thomas H, OflPMGen ElevCond $720 Va SWVaFayette DC 

Norris Elijah M, OffPMGen InsprChg $3000 NJ SNJUnion Fid 

North Gustarus B, Ofl2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Md DO DO 

Norton Frank D, Ofl2AsstPMGen AsstDivSuptRMS $2000 Ohio SMoWorth Fid 

Hannibal D, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Me ISNYNewYork DO 

Miss Lillian A, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Mass lOTexTravis DC 

NowUn Miss Chloe W, Ofl4As8tPMGen CIlc $1000 Va 6VaCampbelI DO 
Nugent Lyman D, Off2AsstPMGen MlBRpr $S.50pd Ind DO DO 
Nutter Ira B, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 WVa 4WVaGilmer DC 
Nutting Hugh, OfllAsstPMGen Clk $1400 NY 28NYOswego DC 
Nye William E, OffPMGen Clk $1200 NY SVaHenrico DC 
O'Brien Edmund V, PSS Clk $1200 Md DC DC 

Frank A, OffPMGen Inspr $2250 Mass 17NYNewYork Fid 

Thomas, Off2AsstPMGen Pressman $2.25pd Pa DC DO 

O'Connell James, OffPMGen InsprChg $3000 Nev 5CalSanFrancisco Fid 

O'Donnell James, OffPMGen Engr $1400 Ire DC DC 

Okum Abner R, OffPMGen Clk $1600 Pa 4PaPhiIadelphia Fid 

Oldfield John F, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 Md 5MdHoward Fid 

Oldham Milton P, OffSAsstPMGen Mes $840 Mo 12MoStLouis Fid 

Oliphant Harry L, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Mo SMoJaekson DC 

Oliver Mrs Mary F, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 DC DC DC 

Olmsted Harry J, Off2AsstPMGen ShipgClk $80pm Ind SOhioDelaware DO 

O'Neill Miss Alice J, OffSAsstPMGen Labr $660 Wis 2WisJeflerson DC 

Orr Charles S, OflPMGen Clk $1200 Me OMassSuflolk Fid 

Osborne Ernest B, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 NY 29NYOnondaga Fid 

O'SuUivan Mrs Bridget, Off2AsstPMGen Darner $2pd Ire DO DC 

Otterback William H, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 DC DC DC 

Otto Adam E, OffPMGen Inspr $1500 Wis 9MinnBeltrami Fid 

Mrs Anna, Off2AsstPMGen MachOpr $2.25pd Md DC DC 

Overaeker Mrs Lillian A, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 NY 26NYStLawrence DC 
Owen Alonzo P, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 Ohio ISOhioStark Fid 
Owings David C, OflPMGen Inspr $1600 Md 12MassMiddlesex Fid 
Page Miss Agnes L, Off4AastPMGen Clk $1000 Va 5VaClarke DC 
Pair James D, Ofl4AastPMGen AsstMes $720 NO 4NCWake DC 
Paisley Albert A, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 Iowa 2IowaMuscatine Fid 
Palmer Mrs Eugenia E, Ofl2As3tPMGen MachOpr $2.25pd Md DC DC 
Pate George, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Scot ISOhioMahoning Fid 
Patterson Clayton L, OflPMGen Inspr $1500 111 17IllMcLean Fid 

Edward H, OffPMGen Clk $1600 Mass DO DO 

Finley, OffSAsstPMGen Labr $660 Tenn 2TennJeflerson DC 

Parker Charles H, Off2AsstPMGcn Labr $60pm Va 32PaAllegheny DC 

Joseph S, Ofl4AsstPMGen 01k $1200 DC DO DO 

Mrs Marv M. Off2AsstPMGen Bob Winder $3opm Md DO DO 

Parks Franklin 0, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Wis 7MichSt01air DO 
Parsons George W, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Mich IMichWayne DC 

John N, OffPMGen Inspr $2000 NY IQNYWestchester Fid 

Partello Dwight J, Off2AsstPMGen 01k $1400 DC 32PaAnegheny DC 
Partridge Everett, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 Nebr 5NebrHall Fid 
Paul Walter E, OffPMGen Cllc $1000 111 SlUWashington DC 
PauU George S, OffPMGen ApptClk $2000 Pa ISOhioNoble DC 
Payne James E, Ofl4AB3tPMGen Labr $660 Va llowaJefleraon DC 

James W, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Pa 2PaPhiladeIphia DO 

Peabody Mrs Mida C, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Vt IVtRutland DO 

Peachy Miss Eliza R, Ofl4A3StPMGen Clk $900 Va DO DO 

Peacock Solomon F, OffPMGen Labr $660 NO 6NCCumberland DC 

Pearce James L, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Pa lOPaBlair Fid 

Pearson Wiliam H, PSS Clk $1600 Wis SWisGrant DC 

Pease Charles E, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Mass IConnHartford DC 

Peffall George S, PSS Clk $900 Pa OPaPhiladelphia DC 

Peirce William N, OfliAsstPMGen Clk $900 Minn IMdTalbot DC 

Pemberton James L, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Tenn ITennGrainger Fid 

Pender Marion H, OffSAsstPMGen Labr $660 Tex 7TexHouston DO 

Pendleton Charles H, OflPMGen Inspr $1600 RI 2EIWaBhington Fid 

Robert A, OffSAsstPMGen AsstStampedEnvAgt $2000 Conn SConnNew 

London Fid 
Pepper George W, Ofl2ABstPMGen DivSuptRMS $3000 Ire 210hioCuyahoga Fid 
Peters Conrad, Ofl2AsstPMGen MlBRpr $3.50pd Ger DC DC 
Peterson Miss Antoinette F, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 NY NYNewYork DC 
Petingale Miss Fannie E, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 NY SNYNewYork DC 
Perkins Adam 0, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Tenn OGaBibb DC 

Charles M, OflPMGen Inspr $2400 Tex 12MassNorfolk Fid 

Miss Eddicc M, Ofl4AsstPMG<n 01k $900 Kans SAlaMadison DC 

Josiah W, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Mass SNYKings Fid 

Norman, Ofl2AsstPMGen DivSuptRMS $3000 NY 4MinnRamsey Fid 

Perrin Robert H, OffPMGen AsstMes $720 SC 7SCRlchland DO 
Perry Andrew T, OffPMGen DynTndr $900 Conn 4ConnFairfleld DC 

Romeo T, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 NO SOklaMuskogee DO 

Walter S, OffPMGen 01k $1600 NY 24NYOswego DC 

Pheil Charles G, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 Ohio ISOhioErie Fid 
Piatt Walter B, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 Inrt ISIndElkhart Fid 
Pickett John K, Ofl2AsstPMGen 01k $1600 Ga 2GaTerrell DC 
Piedlow Fred J, OffPMGen Clk $1000 111 llIUKane Fid 
Pierce Oscar C, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 111 16IllPeoria Fid 

William P, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Ky SGaLee DC 

Pilcher Walter H, OflPMGen Clk $900 Ohio SOhioHancock DC 
Pilson Frank K, PSS Cllc $1600 DC 5PaPhiladelphia DO 
Pinkham Star T, OffPMGen Inapr $1500 Wash IWaahKinp Fid 




Plummer Mordecai S, OITPMGen Inspr $1700 Md eHdPrinceOeorges Fid 

Stephen, Off4A3StPMC!en Labr $600 DC DC DC 

Poc William h, OfF2A8atPMGcn AsstOivSiiptRMS $2000 Obiu lOhioHamlltOD nd 

Poley Miss Grace S, OffSAsstl'MGeii Cll; $900 I'a rCaII..isAni;<'lea DC 

I'ollitt llobcTt J, OffPMGcn Inspr *loOO NJ eNJPassaic Fid 

I'ollock Mrs Lucy D, OflSAsstPMCon Clk $900 I)t: 8\aKingGeorge DC 

Pond Corndiua V K, OlIPMGfn Inspr $1500 NY llMiihlnghan] I' M 

Pool Miss Sarah. OtHAsstPMOin Clk $1000 DC DC DC 

Poole Mrs Elizabeth, 0IT2AsstPMGcn MachOpr $2.25pd Va DC DC 

Porter Charles It, Off:iAsstPMGen Clk $900 Pa 24Pa Washington DC 

• Henry K, 0114 AsstPMOen Clk $1200 DC I4NyNewYork DC 

Joseph I. OUSAastPMCcn AsstSiiptUMS $22(10 Va SPaPhiladelphia 

Postle F Vernon, OlfPMOen Inspr $1700 111 (illlCook Fid 
Potter Cyrus M, OfFlAsstPMCii Clk $1400 Pa ISPaDauphin DC 
Powell David . I, OtTI \ ,,l I'MI^, ri Labr $CBO Va DC DC 

William J, (III \ il>\l(H„ Clk $1400 Ohio 7NYKing8 DC 

Power John A. i1t: i \ IMii elk $1200 Md 4MdBaltimoreCity DC 
Prcnder Miss Sarali \. oi i \„il'MGen Labr $600 DC DC DC 

-Robert 11. 0II4AsslPM(;i n AsstSuptDivUuralMls $2000 DC DC DC 

Prentiss Albert N, Off2A9StPM(ien Clk $1000 DC IVtAddison DC 
Preston Fred A, Off4As3tPMOen Clk $140U Wis (IMdPrinceGeorges DC 

• George 0. Off4AsstPM(ien Clk $1200 Nil IConnHartford DC 

Miss Katharine L, Ofr4A8stPMGin Clk $1200 Va IVtFranklin DC 

Price J F.rnest. OfflAsstPMOen Clk $1600 Va 7VaRockingham DC 
— —Frederick M, 01f4AsstP.M(;en SkDrftsmn $1800 DC DC DC 

George 13, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Va SVaKingGeorge DO 

Thomas E, Off2AsstPMGeii Mes $900 SC 4SCGreenville DC 

Priest James M. 0ff4AsstPM0en Clk $1400 Wis 2 Kans Wyandotte DC 

Pringle Harry P. OflPMGen Clk $1100 III 8IllCook Fid 

Pritchnrd Stephen M. 0(I4AsstPMGen Clk $1800 DC DC DC 

Proctor Frank E. OlT2AsstPMGen Lockfllter $2.25pd DC DC DC 

I'rofe Paul. Off4As3tPM(!en SkDrftsmn $1000 Ger lONYNewYork DC 

I'ryor John H. Off2A9stPMGen Clk $1800 Md IMdCeeil DC 

Pulsipher Frank J G. OffPMGcn Inspr $2000 Ohio 4SC0reenTille Fid 

I'liiuplu, V Mrs Annie- M. ()llL'A>sll'Mc:un llarncr $2pd DC DC DO 

I'urcell llarrv G, OtT:iAs.stl'MGen Clk S1400 Md 7NJK3Se.x DC 

Purdum Sniitli W. OIlI'Mi:. ri Irjspr $17110 Md 2MdBaltimoreCity Fid 

Purman Louis 0, OffSAsstPMGcn Clk $1600 Pa IFlaLeon DC 

Pyne Margaret. 0II4A»stl'.M(:tn Clk .$900 Pa JPnPhiladelphia DC 

Quackenbush Mrs Mary A, OfI4AsstPMGen Clk $10(10 India DC DC 

Quarlcs Walter C, OB2A8stPMGen Labr $60pm DC DO DC 

Quinn William, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Mich ZMicbJacksoD DO 

Race Howard E, OffPMGen Clk $1000 NY SOaFulton Fid 

Rainey Francis H, Off3Ass(PMGen ChClkMoneyOrderDiv $2250 DC DC DC 

Raison Mrs Georgiana W, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Kv OKyCamphclI DC 

Ralph Charies P., Oft.lAsslPMG.u Clk $1200 111 21 IllSangamon DC. 

Randall Mi».i Fmma J. OfflAsstPMOen Clk $900 Pa 28PaWarren DC 

llenrv K, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 NY .'iONYChenango Fid 

Iolm"W. Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Ohio lOlndNewton DC 

Randolph Oliver M, Off.'!AsstPM(ien Clk $900 Mis3 OMissHarrison DC 

Ranger Charies S. OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Ma.3s 12MassMiddle9e.\ Fid 

Rankin Miss Flora E. On3.\sstPMGen Clk $1400 Mich IMichWayne DC 

Uapp Don J, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 111 ]5IIIAdani3 Fid 

Raup J Seidel, OffPMGen Clk $1400 Pa IGPaNorthumberland DC 

Rawlings Benjamin, 0IT4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Va SVaOrange DC 

Raymond Norman T, PSS Clk $900 Pa 2NJ Burlington DC 

Rea Thomas F, OfflAsstPMOen Clk $1200 Md DC DC 

Ready James, Off2AsstPMGen Labr «60pm Ire DC DC 

Rcckard Edward L, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 

Reddy Thomas M, OffPMGen Inspr $2230 Mass 

Redman Mrs Martha J, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $9 

Keeil Clvde M, on2As.sll'MGrn liivSuptHMS 

Philip C, Off.'SAsstPMG™ Labr $600 

Mrs Sarah A, Off2AsstPMGe 

Reeder George L, OffP.MCcn Ins 
Reese Henry P, OffPMGen Inspr 

Horace G, 

Reeve James II, 
Hegar Robert S 
Reid Nonnan .\ 
■ William 

NY SNV.VewYork DC 
SMassWorcester Fid 
$900 Ind 90hioLuca9 DC 
$:iU00 III .fKansLabette Fid 

STexIIarris DC 

r 40hioDarke DC 
26PaCarbon DC 

Darner $2pd 

$1500 Pa ISPaLvcoming Fid 
$1600 NY 27NY0neida Fid 
OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Md 2MdCarroll Fid 
OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1800 NY 20NYOrange DC 
OffPMGen Clk $1000 Pa 9PaLancaster DC 
Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 La DC DC 
OffPMGen inspr $1800 Ohio 2MoMonroe Fid 
Reidcnbach George P, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 Pa OWisBrown hid 
Reik George W, OffPMGen PrivSec $2500 Md 2M.lBaltimoreCitv 
Rcilly Robert R, Off4A9sfPMGen Clk $900 
Reinhiirdt F, OffPMC.n Waleh $720 
Rcmaley cnayton E, OffPMGen Clk $1000 

Reuter Frederick W, OffPMGen Inspr $2000 111 22lllWashington Fid 
Reynolds Ilarrah B, OffP.MCen Inspr $1700 NY 29NYOnondaga Fid 
Rhoads William L, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Pa ISPaBcrks DC 
Hhoderick Elbridgc P. OfTiAsstPMCen SuptContrtDiv $2000 Md ISIllCarroll DC 
Rhodes Mrs Carrie T, OITt AsstPMGen Clk $900 DO SMdPrinceOeorges DO 

Frank R, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm SC flSCDarlington DC 

Rice Alfred L. OffPMGen Inspr $1000 Iowa INebrLancaster Fid 

-Frank II. OffPMGen Inspr $1000 Mass lOMassSuffolk Fid 

Richards James H, OfflAsstPMOen Clk $1200 Ga 5GaNewton DC 
Richardson Almyne H G, Off2A8stPMGen Clk $1400 Mass llMassSuffoIk DC 

Mrs Anna B, Off4A8stPMGen Clk $1200 Mass 4Ma8sMlddlcscx DC 

Mrs Sarah, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 Va DC DC 

Thornton L, Off2AsstPMGen LockMkr $4pd Pa IConnHartford DC 

Richmond Harrv E, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1400 DC DC DC 
Hiddiford Charles, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Eng SWashSpokane Fid 
Riddle Albert S, OflPMGen DynTndr $900 Mich SMichTuscoIa DC 
Rider Charies Whitelock, OffPMGen Clk $1800 Md IMdWicomico DC 
Ridgely William A jr, Off2AsatPMGen Lockfltter $2.25pd DC DC DC 
Uiker Robert N' C, Off4AsstPMGen MapMlr $1200 NJ SNJMorris DC 
1000 DC DC DC 

Clk $1200 Ind 5IndVigo DC 
Clk $1800 Wis 3WisGrant DC 
$1800 Va lOTexTravis Fid 
Jesse S, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Iowa 2CalAIamcda Fid 
Miss Louise E, Off4 AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ohio lOhioHamilton DC 
k $1200 Pa lOPaMnntnur Fid 
Inspr $2100 Ind lOIndTippec 

1 Clk $1400 ■•• 

Inspr $1700 

--- SkDrftsnm $1800 

William A, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Mass SCalAlameda Fid 

„-— William B OffMIGen Inspr $2100 Ohio UOhioKnox Fid 
Rodes William R, OffPMGen Inspr $1000 Va 7VaAlbemarle Fid 
Rogers Miss Anna C, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 NY 33NYScnec» DC 

George C F, Off2AsslPMGcn Clk $1000 Md DO DC 

Rohde August C, Off2AsstPMGen MlBRpr $3.50pd Ger DC DC 
Rolfe Emmons. OffPMGen Inspr $2100 Nebr INehrOtoe Fid 
Rollin3 Richard, OffPMGen Labr $060 Md SMdHoward DO 

William T S, Off4A9stPMGen Clk $1200 NC SMdPrlnceOeorgM 

OffPMGcn Clk $1000 Md 2MdBaltlmor« DO 
Clk $1000 Md SMdBaltimore DO 

Ritter George T, OffPMGcn Carp 
Rivot Mrs Anna II L, OfflAsstPMGei 
Bobbins Thomas A, OffSAsstPMGen 
HoberU Albert S. OffPMGen Inspr 

William II. OffPMfle 

Robcrtson James B, OffPMGen 

Miss Marv, OffSAsstPMGel 

Robinson Harry W, OffPMGen 

Henry M, Off2A8SlPMGen 


111 21 IllSangamon DC 
Mass SMassEsscx Fid 
$S000 Ga 5GaFulton 

Rooney John R, OSPMGeD Clk $1600 Wis SlUCook Fid 
Roop Charles 3, 0ff2As«tPM0en AsstMes $720 Ohio 4MdBaItimore DC 
Rose William A, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Ohio 5MoJack»on Fid 
Rosenblum Edward, OfflAsstPMOen Page $360 NJ 9NJHudson DC 
Rosenthal Miss Gertnide E, Off4As8tPMGen Clk $1400 Ind UlndCass DC 
Ross Mrs Eliza, Off2.\sslPMGcn Labr $20pm Md DC DC 

James, Off4As8tPMGen AsstMes $720 Va IVaFairlax DC 

Mrs Lillle C, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 DC DC DC 

Miss ()(ta M, Off3\sstPMGen Clk $1000 Ohio WOhioLicking DC 

Rossiter James F, Off2AsstPM(;en Lockfltter $1.60pd DC DC DC 
Rothrock Henry C. OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 SC 7NCDavid80n DO 
U..wari A. OffPMGen AwtEngr $1000 NY DC DC 

-Thomas G, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 III 2111Cook Fid 

Rowc Artemus A, OflPMGen Inspr $1500 Mo llMoStLouis Fid 

George A, Off4As.stPMGen AsstMes $720 NY SMdPrinceGeorges DC 

Howies Mrs Mathilda, Off2As8tPMOen Labr $20pm Va DC DC 

Rucker Mrs Ida, OflPMGen Labr $600 Va DC DC 

Rudd Emmet L, OffPMGen AsstEngr $1000 Ky IKyMcCrackcn DC 

Ruding Walter Giveur, OffPMGen ElcvCond $720 La SVaAlexandria DO 

Ruff Albert 0, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 DC DC DC 

Ruppert William, OffPMGen Carp $900 DC DC DC 

Russell Edward 0, Ofl2A88tPMGen Clk $1400 Ga »GaJackson DC 

Miss Helen G, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 DC IPaPhiladelphia DC 

Kirk L, OflPMGen Slen $1600 Ohio 190hioSummit DC 

-William G, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Pa IPaPhiladelphia DC 

Ryan Edgar R, Off4AsstPMGen Sten $1600 Pa 2PaPhiladelphia DC 

Edward J, Off2A8stPMGen DivSuptRMS $3000 Mass SMassWorcester 

George S, Off2AsstPUGcn Clk $1000 Mass 8MassMiddlesel DC 

John P. Ofl4A8atPMGen Clk $1200 Mass 12MasBMiddle8ex DC 

William, 092AsstPMaen Clk $1600 Pa 2MdBaltlmore DC 

William S. OffPMGen Inspr $2100 NY S4NYGenesee Fid 

Ryder Frederick, OffPMGen Fireman $720 NY 19NYWestchcster DC 
Rycr Henry S. OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1100 DC SVaAlexandria DC 
Sadler Robert Henry jr, OffPMOen Clk $1000 Md SMdPrinccGeorges DC 
Saffell Charies H, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 DC DC Fid 
St George Archibald, 0ff2A»stPM0en LockHtter $3pd It DC DC 
Samuel Philip T, OffPMGen Clk $1600 Tcnn 6TennDavidson Fid 
Sanborn Mrs Lenora F, OfflAsstPMOen Clk $1000 Vt 2VtCaledonia DC 
Sandblast Lawritz B. Off4AsstPMGen Labr $000 SDak lOregLane DC 
Sanders Charles, OffPMGen Fireman $720 Sw 9llICook DC 

Charies II, Off4AsstP.MGen Clk $900 Tex SOklaCreek DC 

Lucien H. Off2AsstPMGen Lockfltter $2.50pd NC INCBeaufort DC 

Sands Edwin, Off2AsstPMGen AsstSuptForMIs $2500 NY SNYKings DC 
Sanford James E, OffSAsstPMGen AsstMes $720 NC 2 Va Warwick DC 

-William E L. OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 NC 4NCWake DC 

Sanger M^a Alice B. OffPMCJin Sten $1600 Mass "IndMarion DC 
c— .-_. > , . ., OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Pa SKJCapeMav DC 

Sannino \ incent P, 

Sapp Albert H, OflSAsstPMOen Clk 
Satterfleld William J. Off4AsstPMGen 
Saul B Kelsey, OffSAsstPMGen Clk 
Saunders Clarence A, Off4.\sstPMGen 
Sauvestre Edmund E, OffSAsstPMGen 
Sawyer Warren W, OflPMGen Inspr 
Schaeffer Oliver M, OffPMGi-n Inspr 
Schindler Mrs Mary L Off4AsstPMG 
Schmaltz Oscar J 
Schneider -August. 

$1000 Md 4MdBaltii 
Clk $1800 WVa 4WVaWood 
$1200 EnK 2VaNorfolk DC 
Clk $1200 NY IVtChittenden 
Clk $1000 Pa INebrLancaster 
$1700 Vt IVtFranklin Fid 
$1800 Md 2MdCarroU Fid 
1 Clk $1000 DC DC DC 
Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Pa llPaLuzeme DC 
OffPMGen Watch $720 Ger lOIULake DO 


Schoeneinan George J. OfflAsstPMOen Clk $900 RI IKINewport DC 
Schofleld William. Ofl4AsstPM(;en Clk $1200 Miss OMissAdams DC 
Schriver Harry E. OffPMGen Inspr $1500 Kans glowaPage Fid 
Schuler Marcus A, OffSAsstPMGen Labr $660 Pa ISPaLehigh DC 
Schultz Paul II, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Tenn DC DC 
Schwab Edward A. OffP.MGen Clk $1100 NY 9NJHudson Fid 
Schwartz Miss Katherine E. Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ohio ISOhioSeneca DC 
Schvi-inger Charles I, OfflAsstPMOen Page $360 Md 6MdWashingtou DC 
Scott Henry C, OffPMGen AsstMes $720 Va 2VaWarwick DC 

-Mrs Rosa J, Off2As3tPMGen MachOpr $2.25pd Pa 19PaBlair DC 

Scrannage J Martin. OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 WVa 2WVaTaylor D C 
Seribner Allen L. OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Pa SMeKennebec DC 
Searle Mrs Sarah M. Off! \sstP.MGen Labr $660 Va 4VaDinwiddie DO 
Sebaslian Miss Margaret S. Off2AsstPMGen MachOpr $2.25pd Md 6HdMont' 

$2pd DC DC DC 
$1100 Pa DC DC 
3C SNCMecklenburg Fid 
ITennSiillivan DC 
5Mo Jackson 

go.nery DC 
Selby Mrs Mary A, Off2ABStPMGen Darne 
Semines Miss Grace H, OffSAsstPMGen CI 
Setzer I'harh-s M. OffPMGen Inspr $1000 S 
Sexton Paul L. OfflAs.stPMGen Clk $1000 
Sharon Elmer R, OffPMGcn Clk $1100 Oh; 

Frank F, OffPMGen Inspr $2250 Ohio SMoJackson Fid 

Sharp Ernest F, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 NY 22NYRen88claer Fid 

Robert S. OffPMGen Chlnspr $1000 Tenn STennHamilton DC 

Sharp* Miss Virginia S, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 SConnWindham DC 
Shaw George F. OffPMGen Clk $1800 DC DC DO 

William B. OffPMGen Clk $900 Pa DC DC 

Shawen Mrs Lena P. OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Mo 7MoGreene DO 
Shea Mrs Mary M, Off4A6StPMGen Labr $480 DC DC DC 
Sheads Miss Lizzie A. Off4A8stPMGen Clk $900 Pa 20PaAdam8 DO 
Shepardson Spencer W. Off2As8tPMGen Asst DivSuptRMS $2000 Mass 

Middlesex Fid 
Shepherd Robert S. Off4Asstl>MGen Labr $060 Va OMdMontgomcry I 
Sheppard J Howard. OffPMGen Clk $1000 Pa AtLgPa DC 
S'-ieridan Charles J. Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1600 NY 4NYKing? DC 
Sherman Cyrus W, OffPMGen Watch $720 Mass JMassHiimpJen DC 

Sherwood Henry. OffSAsstPMGen Clk " " 

Shields Mrs Elise T, OffSAsstPMGel 

Louis D, OffPMGen Clk $1100 

Shipman Mrs Emily R. OffSAsstPMGen 

Shoenberger Valentine, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 

Sholcs George 0, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1100 

Shook Edgar H, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 NY IMichWayne Fid 

Daniel S. OffPMGen Clk $1600 Iowa IKansShawnee DO 

Shore Henrv A, Off2AsstPMGr-n Clk $1800 NC 5NCForsyth DC 

Shoit Thomas W. OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Md DC DC 

Shrevc Grafton L, OfflAsstPMGen AsstMes $720 Md OMdMontgomcry DO 

Prentiss A, Off2AsstPMGen Pressman $3pd Va SVaFairfax DC 

Shuman Rov L, OffPMGen f'.k $1100 Pa lN.ICamden DC 
Siegelwitz Edward I, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 NY ONYNew York DC 
Sileott Mrs Lillie B, OfflAsstPMCen Clk $1000 Va SVaLoudoun DC 
Silverman Harrv B, OffPMGen Clk $1200 Iowa 7IowaPolk Fid 
Simmons Mrs Mary C. OffPMGen Chaiwmn $210 DC DC DC 

Rush D, OffPMGen InsprChg $300 Wis IMinnRamsey Fid 

Simpson Charles J, Off2 AsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC IConnFairfleld DC 
Sinclair George T, Off2A88tPMGen Labr $60pm DC OMdMontgomcry DO 
Skinner Albert F, OffiAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Va SVaFairfai DC 
Slack John W, OfflAsstPMOen Clk $1800 Mass 4NYKing8 DC 

Stanley I, OffPMGen CuratorMusm $1000 Pa SVaFairfax DC 

Slagle Robert L, OflSAsatPMGen Clk $1200 Tenn lOTennShelby DC 
Slater James T, Off2As3tPMGen Labr $60pm DC 6MdCharlc8 DO 
Smith Miss Ansa B, OfflAsatPMOen 01k $900 DO DO DO 

$1400 NY IMichVanBur 
Clk $900 La 4LaB088ier DC 
Ind 8IndDelaware Fid 
Clk $1200 Tenn STcnnHardin I 
12PaSchuylkill Fid 



Smith Bert F, OffPMGoi Clk $1000 lU MoStLouisCity Fid 

Earl P, OflPMGen Inspr $2250 Ohio ISIUVermilion Fkl 

Miss Florence E, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Pa SNJPassaic DC 

Frank W, OlYPMCien Inspr $1000 Pa dPaPhiladelphia Fid 

George F, Ofl'PMQen Clk $1200 Conn 2ConnNewHaven Fid 

George M, OffPMGen Clk $1800 AVVa 2WVaMorgan DC 

George W, OlUAsstPMGen Clk $1400 NY 2NebrDouglas DC 

George W, Oli'4AsEtPMGen Clk $1400 Va 40klaMoIntosh DC 

Halbert O, OHPMGeu Inspr $1800 Mass YWisMonvoc Fid 

Harry B, OffPMGen AsstMes $720 Va SVaHenrico DC 

James, OffPMGen Watch $720 Pa lOPaCambria DO 

James L, OtflAsstPMGen AsstMes $720 Ga 'Tennlinox DC 

John S, OfF2AsstPMGen AsstDivSuptRMS $2000 NH 4MinnRamsey Fid 

Joseph E, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Ala GTennDavidson Fid 

Mrs Kate A, Ott4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Va SVaHenrico DC 

Miss Martha H. Of[4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 NY SMinnHennopin DO 

Miss Mary F, Ofl'4AsstPMGen CopyMaps $1000 WVa 2WVaBerkelcy DC 

Miss Nellie G, OtflAsstPMGen Cllc $1000 Pa 17PaUnion DC 

Patrick H, 0(I4AsstPMGen Labr $660 Va DC DO 

Ralph, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 111 IColoDenver Fid 

Whitlield Brooks, OffPMGen Inspr $1900 NY 24PaWashinglon Fid 

William B, OflPMGen InsprChg $3000 Pa IMdCecil Fid 

William E, OftSAsstPMGen Labr $660 Ind VIndMarion DC 

William W, 0£E2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 ' " " " 

Z Montford, OffSAsstPMGen CUc $1400 

Smithson Joseph A, OiI4AsstPMGen Labr $66 
Smothers Miss Josephine 11, OffPMGen Charwr 
Snyder Miss Adele, Off4AsstPMGen CopyMaps 

STemiHamilton DC 
a 14PaWyoming DO 
Tenn ITennSullivan DC 
$240 NY DO DO 
1000 Pa 4PaPliiladelphia 

-James W, OffPMGen Fireman $720 Va SVaLoudoun DC 
Somers Miss Addle E, Ofl2AsstPMGen Cllt $1000 Mich SMinnRioe DO 
Sommers Walter A, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Ohio GNY'Kings Fid 
Soule Miss Helen F, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 NH 13NYNewYork DC 
Southerland James J, OffPMGen Clk $1400 NO 6NCNewHanover DC 
Southwick Mrs Nora 0, 0H4AsstPMGen Clk $900 Mass 2AlaMontgomery DC 
Sparks Jared JE, Off4AsstPMGen SkDrftsmn $1200 DC DC DC 
Spates Miss Emma S, 0ff4AsstPMGen Clk $900 NO SNCMcDowell DC 
Spear Miss Mary G, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Mo ISMoBarton DO 

Henry A, Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Mich SMiohHillsdale DC 

Speer Charles B, OflPMGen Inspr $1800 Ohio ISIUVermilion Fid 
Spencer Miss Annie P, Off2AsstPMGen MaohOpr $2.25pd Md DO DO 

Mrs Margaret L, 0U4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 NJ 6NJPassaic DC 

Spilman William R, OfflAsstPMGen SuptCityDel $3000 Kans 5KansRiley DC 
Spoflord John S, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Mass 7MoGreene Fid 
Springniann Joseph M, OffSAsstPMGen 01k $1000 Va SVaFairfax DC 
Sproul Oliver J, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Pa 6PaPhiladelphia DC 
Squires George B, PSS Clk $1200 NY 2MdBaltimore DC « 

Stack John B, OffSAsstPMGen 01k $1200 NY ISNYNewYork DC 
Stailey Charles B P, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Pa SWVaJefferson DO 
Stambaugh George, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Ohio SVaFairfax DC 
Stauter Harry E, Off2AsstPMGen 01k $900 Pa OPaLancaster DC 
Stearns Charles P, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Va SVaCulpeper DC 
Stedman Arthur M, OflPMGen Inspr $1600 Minn 6MinnHennepin Fid 
Steele Herbert B, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 DC DO DC 
Steinmiller Adolph G, OffSAsstPMGen Mes $340 Mich QOhioLucas Fid 
Stephens Alexander H, Off2AsstPMGen DivSuptKMS $3000 Mo SCalAlameda Fid 
Stephenson Charles H, Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Iowa 7IowaPolk DC 
Stepp William F, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Pa ISPaSnyder DC 
Stevens Miss Charlotte B, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 NH INHRockingham DC 

Mrs Helen M, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 NC 2NCBertie DO 

Mrs Mary, Off2As3tPMGen MachOpr $2.25pd Md SMdPrinceGeorges DC 

Stevenson James J, OflPMGen Clk $1000 NY 20NYRockland Fid 

William A, Off2AsstPMGen AsstDivSuptRMS $2000 Mich 210hioCuyahoga Fid 

WilUam R, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Ga DO DO ' 

Stewart Charles E, OflPMGen Inspr $1600 Iowa 2IowaJohnson Fid 

Henry, Off2AsstPMGen FormnLabrs $1100 Ire INYQueens NY 

Joe M, Off4AsstPMGen dk $000 Tenn 2TexJeflerson Del 

John, OflPMGen Watch $720 Mich 2MichJaekson DC 

Joseph, 2AsstPMGen $5000 Kans SMoJackson DC 

■ William A, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $aOpm DC DC DO 

William H, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 DO DO DC 

Stice James Lincoln, OflPMGen Inspr $1900 111 SKansOherokee Fid 
Stinta Mrs Mary E, Off2As3tPMGen Darner $2pd Md 5MdHoward DC 
Stockmyer Robert J, OffPMGen Inspr $1000 Kans 6MoJaekson Fid 
Stone George F, Off2AsstPMGen AsstGenSuptRMS $3600 NY SONYTompkins DC 

George S, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Va AtLgSDak DC 

WiUiam W, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 NH 2NHMerrimack Fid 

Stuner Miss Lillian, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Md SIndVigo DC 
Stonerook Ira 0, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Pa 19PaBlair Fid 
Storch Adolph, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 Ohio 20h'oHamilton Fid 
Storm Miss Margaret T, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $120t MJ SWisGrant DC 
Stoulil Edgar J, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $900 SDak AtLgNDak DC 
Straining Predcri^jU A, Off2AEStPMGen Lockfltter $2.50pd DC DC DC 
Strattan Samuel R, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Pa 27PaClarion DO 
Strobel Carl A, OflPMGen Watch $720 Ohio OMichWayne DO 
Strohm Harry Arthur, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 Ind lOIndNewton Fid 
Strothers Mrs Louise M, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 DC DC DO 
Stuart James E, OflPMGen InsprChg $3000 Scot OlUOook Fid 
Stuchell Mrs Josephine, Off4AsstPMGcn Clk $1000 Pa SOPaAlleghenv DC 
Stutzman Sohell H, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Pa 22PaSomerset DC 
SulUvan Charles B, Ofl2AsstPMGen 01k $1600 111 4IllCook DC 

John D, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Mo llMoStLouisOity Fid 

Simon E, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Mass 6MdMontgomery DC 

Stephen A, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1000 NY 15NYNewYork DC 

Terence C, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Pa lOPaTioga DC 

William D. OfflAsstPMGen Clk $900 Mich 2Mieh Wayne DC 

Sulloway Miss Cleora B, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 NH 2NHGrafton DO 
Susong Samuel A, OflPMGen Inspr $1900 Tenn ITennGreene Fid 
Suter Jesse L, OfflAsstPMGcii Clk $1800 Pa 22Pa Westmoreland DO 
Sutherin John W, Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Ohio ISOhioColumbiana DC 
Sutton Ernest Russell, OflPMGen Clk $1400 Ind SlndJay DC 

George M, OffPMGen InsprChg $3000 Pa SMoJackson Fid 

Swain Charles G, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Ohio eindWayne Fid 

William C, ORPMGen Inspr $1800 Ind fIndAVayne Fid 

Swenson Jolni S. OffPMGen Inspr $2000 Sw 2NebrDouglas Fid 

Swift Theodore W, OffPMGen Inspr $1600 Mass 9MassSuflolk Fid 

Swiuk Grover L. OffSAsstPMGen Clk $900 Pa SONYBroome DC 

Sydenham Mrs Helen G, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Pa SPaPliiladelphia DC 

Sydnor Baldwin R, OffSAsstPMGen AsstMes $720 Va DC DC 

Sykes Mrs Imogene H, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Md 2MdBaltimore DC 

Taft Stillman P, Ofl2AsstPMGen DivSuptRMS $3000 Vt lOMoStLouisCity Fid 

Taggart George R, .OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 DC DO DC 

Tait Mrs Agatha V, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 DO DO DO 

Taliaferro WiUiam E, OffPMGen Clk $1000 Ga SGaFulton Fid 

Tanner Ilatley W, OffPMGen AsstMes $720 Pa 24PaBeaver DC 

Taylor Charles W, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Ohio ISOhioStark DO ' 

Joseph 0, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Ohio 2PaPhiladelphia DO 

-Robert, OflPMGen Labr $600 Va DC DC 

■ Robert S, OffPMGen Clk $1600 NY IColoDenver DC 

Taylor Miss Rosa L, Off4AsstPMGeu Clk $1200 DC 14NYNewYork DC 
Teepe William H, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Md 6MdMontgomery DO 
Temple Henry D, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 Iowa IWashKing Fid 
Templeton Earl F, Ofl4AsstPMGeu Clk $1000 Ind llndPosey DO 

• Frederick L, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ind llndPosey DC 

Tenly Mrs Annie, Ofl2A6stPMGen MachOpr $2.25pd WVa DO DO 
Thiele Herman E, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Wis 7IndMarion Fid 
Thomaides George T, OflPMGen Clk $1600 AsiaMinor ONYKings DC 
Thomas Mrs Bertie M, OffPMGen Cliarwran $240 DC DO DC 

^ Charles H, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 NY 22NYRensselaer Fid 

■ Robert McC, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Mo SMoClinton Fid 

-Walter J, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Belg OWisBrown DC 

■ William H, Off4AsstPMGen Labr $720 Md 6MdOharles DC 

^ William P, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm Md DC DC 

Thompson Mrs Carrie, OflPMGen Charwmn $240 DC DO DO 

Frank B, Off4AsstPMGen Labr $000 DO DO DO 

Harry H, PSS Accnt $2500 DO INJSalera DC 

Lbrin A, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 Ohio IColoWeld Fid 

Miss Mary B, Off4AsstPMGen 01k $1200 DO DC DC 

Thomson George G, Off4AsstPMGen SuptDivRuralMls $3000 Can IMichWayne 

Thornburgh Samuel H, Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Tenn SVaFairfax DO 
Thorne Jacob S, Ofl2AsstPMGen InsprLocks $3.50pd Va SVaFairfax DC 
Thorp Ervin H, OtflAsstPMGen SuplSals&Allowns $4000 Vt IVtAddison DC 
Tibbetts Miss Florence W, Off4AsstPMGen 01k $1400 DC OMichOakland DO 
Tiedeman William, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm NJ ONYKings DO 
Tilghman Richard, OflPMGen Labr $660 Md DC DC 

William, OflPMGen Labr $660 Md DO DO 

Tippin William A, OflPMGen Inspr $1600 Ala SFlaEscambia Fid 
Todd Ashton, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1400 Va 6MdCharles DO 

David B, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 DC DO DC 

Seth Jewett, OffPMGen Clk $1000 DC DC DC 

WiUiam B, Off4AsstPMGen AsstTopogr $2000 DC DO DC 

Torbert John J, Ofl4AsstPMGen Cllc $1200 Pa DC DC 

Towers James C, OfflAsstPMGen Oik $1600 DO INY'Queens DC 

Towles Miss Alice G, Off4As5tPMGen Clk $1200 DC IWashKing DC 

Trabold John F, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 NJ 7NJEssex DC 

Tracewell William N, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ind SKansOherokee DC 

Trail Ernest M, Off4AsstPMGen Mech $1000 WVa 2WVaJefferson DC 

Trask Samuel A, OffSAsstPMGen AsstMes $720 Mo lOMoStLouis Fid 

Travers Walter I, OflPMGen Clk $1000 NY SONY'Erie DO 

Treat Willard H, OflPMGen Inspr $1600 Ohio 7IndMarion Fid 

Treiber Miss Alice L, Oft'SAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Md lOTennShelby DC 

Triem WiUiam E, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1600 Ohio ISOhioColumbiana DC 

Trotter Charles F, OfllAsstPMGen AsstSuptSals&AUowns $2250 Ohio 2WVa 

Preston DC 
Trout Frank Marshall, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 111 7CalLosAngeles Fid 
Trusel John B, OflPMGen Inspr $1500 Pa 24PaLawrence Fid 
Tubman George AV, OflPMGen Clk $900 DC SMdPrineeGeorges DC 
Tucker John S, OflSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Va DO DC 

■ Rucilious A, PSS AsstMes $720 Va 23NYAlbany DC 

Tuley Rowan B, Ofl2AsstPMGen Clk $1800 Ind SIndFloyd DC 

Seth W, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Ind lOTexTravis DC 

Tullis Harry S, OffPMGen Clk $1600 Ind 4MinnRamsey Fid 

John R, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ohio SOhioHanoock DC 

Joseph T, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Ohio SOhioHancock DO 

Tune Miss Edna II, Off4AsstPMGcn Clk $900 Va IVaNorthumberland DC 
Turner Cornelius J, OflPMGen Labr $660 Va DC DC 

Edward AV, OflPMGen Watch $720 DC DC DO 

Isaac M, OffSAsstPMGen Labr $660 111 12MoStLouis DC 

James M, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $00pm DC DO DC 

William W, OffPMGen Labr $660 Va 2WVaRandolph DC 

Tyndall Mark A, Off2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Va SDakDay DC 
Tyree James L, Off2AsstPMGen C'lk $1000 Va lONJHudson DC . 
Ulke Julius jr, Ofl4AsstPMGen SkDrftsmn $1600 DC DO DO 
Upson Russell G, OffPMGen AVatch $720 AVash lAVash Whatcom DC 
Underwood Mrs Marsalina, OffPMGen Charwmn $240 DO DC DO 

Richard T, OffSAsstPMGen AsstMes $720 DC IPaPhiladelphia DO 

\'aille Frank AV, Off2AsstPMGen DivSuptRMS $3000 Mass 20regMultnomah Fid 
Van Amburgh Howard C, OffSAsstPMGen 01k $1800 Mich IMichWayne Fid 
\'an Antwerp Mrs Carrie N, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1000 NY SNYNewYork DC 
N'andegrift George P, OffPMGen AsstEngr $1000 Del DelNewcastle DC 
Vanderlip Charles A, OfflAsstPMGen 01k $1600 Ohio lOOhioAshtabula DO 
Van Dervoort AVarrcn C, Off2AsstPMGen AsstDivSuptRMS $20Q0 111 llUCook Fid 
Van Dyke George L, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 Iowa 7IowaPolk Fid 
Van Fosscn Gilmore, OflSAsstPMGen MlBRpr $3.60pd Md OMdMontgomery DO 
Van Metre Elijah AV, Off2AsstPMGen 01k $1600 WVa 2AVVaBerkeley DC 
Vansciver Mrs Annie M. OffPMGen Charwmn $240 DC DO DC 
Van Vleck James W, Ofl4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 NY 4NYKings DC 
Vasser Paschal AV, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Miss IMissMonroe DO 
Vaughn Merrill, Off4AsstPMGen CopyMaps $1000 Del DO DC 
Villepigue AValter I, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1600 SO SSCKershaw DO 
A'on Haake Adolph, Off4AsstPMGen Topogr $2750 Prus ISNYNewYork DC 
Von Restorff Alexander, Off2AsstPMQen MlBRpr $3.50pd Pa SMdPrinceGeorges DC 
AVacksmuth Louis, OffPMGen Fireman $720 DO 2NCEdgecombe DC 
AVade AVilliam AV, OflPMGen ElevCond $720 Tex 7TexGalveston DO 
Walker E D, Ofl4AsstPMGen Labr $660 KC ONCMecklenburg DC 

John, Off4AsstPMGen AsstMes $720 Va DO DO 

Judson P, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 AVis SWisGrant Fid 

Mrs Maria, OflPMGen Charwum $240 DC DO DO 

Thaeker V, OflSAsstPMGen 01k $1400 Ala SAlaBuUock DC 

Thomas A, Ofl4AsstPMGon Labr $660 DO " DC DC 

AVall Thomas E, OffPMGen Inspr $1700 Mich 2MichAVashtenaw Fid 
AVallaee Miss Amelia D, OffPMGen Clk $1000 Ga STennllamilton Fid 
AValler Isidor, Ofl2 VsslPMGen Labr $00pm Aus lONYNewYork DO 
Walsh Maurice P, OffPMGen Carp $1200 NY 23NYAlbany DO 
Walton David J, Off2AsstPMGen 01k $1000 NC llGaLaurens DC 
Walter James W, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Ohio 210hioCuyahoga DO 

Robison S, Off2AsstPMGen 01k $1400 Pa ISPaLebanon DC 

Ward Lawrence J, OffSAsstPMGen CUc $1200 NY 34NYNiagara DC 

Lloyd G, Off2AsstPMGen Labr $00pm Va DC DC 

AVardle James H, OflPMGen Inspr $1700 NY INtSuffoUc Fid 
Warfield Andrew, Off2As5tPMGen Labr $60pm Md 6MdMontgomery DC 
AA'aring Frank E, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $1800 Minn SlNYAVayne DC 
Warner Everett F, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1000 Mass 6GaFulton DC 

George H, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1600 Conn 21NYDutchess DC 

John, OffSAsstPMGen Clk $1800 Eng DC DC 

Warren Charles E, OfflAsstPMGen Clk $1200 DO DC DC 

Edward F, OffPMGen CaptAVatch $1000 DC DC DO 

Mays McC, OffPMGen Inspr $1800 Tenn 7TennHickraan Fid 

AVashington John, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $900 Va DO DC 

AVaterbury George N, Off2AsstPMGen ToolMkr $S.50pd Conn 4ConnFairfield DC 

Waters Charles M, OflPMGen Inspr $2400 NY IColoDenver Fid 

Mrs Mary E, Off2AsstPMGen Darner $2pd Ire DC DO 

Watkins George AV, OffPMGen AA'atch $720 Md SSNYOntario DO 
Watson Archibald F, OflPMGen 01k $1600 Kans SAVashSpokane Fid 

^ AVilliam 0, OflPMGen Inspr $1900 Miss IMissLowndes Fid 

Wayland Confucius L, OffPMGen Inspr $2100 Ind lAVashKing Fid 



Wayland Waverly 3. Off4As3tPMCen Labr % 
Weaver Walter, OfTPMGen Labr ?600 Va 

William H, 0(T4 Asstl'MGon Clk $1000 

Weber Frank J, Off4AsstPMGen Clk $900 

Stewart M. OIT2A8stPMncn Clk $1400 

Webster Clark E, OflPMOen Inspr $1900 


!0 Va SVaFauquier DC 
Valoirfax DC 
111 2I.aJeffer8on DC 
Va aWVaJcfferson DC 
Pa loPaClinton DC 
34NYOrlean3 Kid 

WedJing Mia Kate M, Off2AsstPM(;en MachOpr $2.2jpd 

Weed Theodore L, OITPMOeli ChClkSSupt $4000 Conn DC DC 

Weincrth Arthur P, OffPJKJun Clk $1000 NY 20NYOncndaga DC 

Welborn John W, OfTPMGen Inspr $1800 NC Olndllainilton Fid 

Welch Kichard M, OfT4AsstrMGcn Clk $000 Mass 12NYNcwYork DC 

Welter Charles H. OffPMGin Inspr $1700 NJ OMinnPolk Kid 

Wells Mrs Mary, OffPMOin Iharwinn $240 Ml DC DC 

Weltmer Abner, OfTPMCen Clk $1200 Pa 2PaPhiladelphia DC 

Wentzel Nelson B, OffSAsstPMCen Clk $1200 Pa INYQueens DC 

Werner Mrs Bertha C, OffPMGrn Labr $480 Pa DC DC 

Wescolt l-liarles E, OITPMGon Clk $1000 Mass llMassSuffoIk Kid 

West Eckhart L. Ofr2Asstl"MGen DivSuptUMS $,'i000 Pa- 1 IllCook Fid 

Whalley GeorRC W, OfT2Asstl'MGon MlBKpr $3.."0pd Mil .'iMilPrinceGeorges DC 

Wheeler William D, OfrSAsstPMOen Clk $1000 DC INCllartford DC 

White Alexander L. OfI2As3tPMGen AsstMos $720 Va 8VaKauquier DC 

Eugene li. Ort2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Va ONCMecklenburg DC 

Henry J, OdSAsstPMGcn Mes $840 NY IConnllarlford Fid 

James K, Ofr4 AsstPMCen SkDrftsmn $1000 Pa SOPaAllcgheny DC 

Joseph M, OITl'MGen Inspr $1800 Mass 14Ma?sBristol Kid 

Luther A. Off2AsstPMGen CTk $1400 NC SNCGuiltord DC 

Goto, OMAsstPMGen Clk $000 Ky 7KvFavette DC 

Walter Broneh. OfTPMGen Clk $1000 NJ ISPaBerks DC 

William W, Ofr2AsslPMGen Clk $1400 Md OMdMontgomery DC 

Wbitebread Charles, OfTPMGen Clk $1200 Can lOWisAshland DC 
Whiteford Mrs Catherine, Ofr2A9stPMGen MachOpr $2.2ripd DC DC DC 
Whitman Jolm, OtfSAsstPMGen Clk $120(1 In.l llndPike DC 
Whiting Itobert A, OfI2AsstPMGcn AsstDivSuptKMS $2000 Wis IWashKing Kid 
Whitnev Frank Eaton, OfTPMGen Inspr $lsnu Micl. 20repMultnomah Kid 
Whiting E Evcleth, OfT2 AsstI'MGen Clk $lf?00 DC 7MdMontgomery DC 
Whittemore Miss Sarah A, 0114 AsstPMOen Clk $900 Va 2VaNorfolk DC 
Whittelsey Mahlon II, OfTSAsstI'MGen Clk $1200 Conn IConnllartford Fid 
Whittington Thomas A, OfT2AsstPMGen Clk $1400 NC .SNcbrCIav DC 
Wickware Miss Margaret E. OfT2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Mich IMichWayne DC 
Widdoes Will II, OfTPMGen Clk $900 Kans IKansJackson DC 
Wiggins Ernest, OfT3 AsstPMCen Clk $1200 SC ISCBerkelev DC 
Wilbur Charles L, OfTPMGen Clk $1200 111 filllCook Fid' 
Wiley John W, OfTPMGen Clk $1200 Mo SMoIIarrison Fid 
Wilgus Albert, 0fI3AsstPM0en Clk $1200 Ind SWash Yakima DC 
Wilhelm George W, OfT4AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Pa SPaPhlladelphia DC 
Wilkina Darius Willett, OfTPMGen Clk $1000 DC DC DC 

Wilkina Frank, OffSAsatPMOen Clk $1400 NY 2MinnBIueEarth DC 
Willamette John A, 01T2AsstPMGcn Clk $1400 Can oTennDavidson DC 
Williams Henry A, OfTPMGen Inspr $1800 Mo SMoJackson Fid 

• -Henry II. OITPMGen Inspr $1700 Ohio SOhioChampaign Fid 

Miss Julia 0, OfT2AsatPMGen Darner $2pd DC DC DC 

Williamson Oliver B, OfTPMGen Inspr $1700 WVa 4WVaWood Fid 
Wilson Ashur E, OfTSAsstPMGen Clk $1400 NJ 4NJMircer DC 

Charles F, 0II4AsslPMGen Clk $12110 WVa OM.lGarrett DC 

Miss Edith 8, OfT4AsstPMGen Labr $600 NY 21llCook DC 

-James II C, Ofri'M<;en Inspr $2000 Pa 2 Iowa Johnson Fid 

John F, Ofl2AsstPMGen Labr $60pm NC SNCBurk DC 

Miss Laura A, OfT4AsstPMGen Clk $1000 Mex 2TexJclTerson DC 

Miss Lizzie L, Ofll AsstPMGen Clk $1400 Iowa llowaVanBuren DC 

Sherman, 0(I4AsstPMGen Labr $800 Md SM.IAnneArundel DC 

William W, OfI3AsstPMGen Clk $900 Iowa SlowaClarke DC 

Wixon Irving Foster, OfTPMGen Clk $1400 Mass OMassSuflolk DC 
Woll Moses, OfT2As8tPMGen Labr $nOpm I!us NYNewVork DC 
Woltz James M, OITPMGen Inspr $1800 Ohio llOhioRoss Fid 
Wood Alfred Eddington. OlISAsatPMGcn Clk $10011 Eng AtLgNDak DC 

Miss Carrie H, OfT4 AsstPMGen Clk $1000 NJ 4PaPhiladelphia DC 

Delbert E, OfTPMGen Inspr $1500 Minn 2MinnPipestc,ne Fhl 

George L, Ofl4A6stPMGcn ChClk $2500 DC 2MdHaltimoreCity DC 

Nathaniel C, OfTPMGen Labr $600 Md 5MdPrinccGeorge8 DC 

William C, OfTSAsstPMGen SuptDivClassfcln $2750 Ind SKansElk DC 

Woodruff Irving S, OfTPMGen Clk $1200 Vt 2VtCaledonia DC 

William M, Ofr2As8tPMGen MetalWrkr $3pd DC SVaFairtax DC 

Woods William M, OHlAsstPMGcn Clk $900 Nil SMassMiddlcsex DC 

Woodville Cadwaladcr, OfT4AsstPMGen SkDrftsmn $1400 Md DC DC 

Wooley George C, OITPMGen Watch $720 NY 11 WisChippewa DC 

Woolt William Ilenrv jr. OfTPMGen Clk $1000 WVa SWVallampshirc DC 

Worlcy Daniel W. 0IT2AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Pa SMdPrinceGcorges DC 

Woskolf Michael, OfT4Asstl'MGen Clk $900 NJ 4PaPhiIadelphia DC 

Wunder Mrs Laura B, OfTSAsstPMGen Clk $1200 Va DC DC 

WvckoU James S, OfT4A8stPMGen Clk $1400 NY llMichAntrim DC 

Wyman Bayard, OfflAsstPMGen SuptPMAppts $3000 Ncbr 8MichSaginaw DC 

Wynne Samuel 0, OITPMGin Inspr $1500 Pa 7PaChester Fid 

Yates William J, OITPMGen Labr $060 Md DC DC 

Yingling William D, Ofr2AsstI'MGcn Locklnspr $1200 Md DC DC 

Vocum Israel D, OfT2AsstPMGcn Clk $1200 Pa SMilBaltimoreCitv DC 

Yost Robert M, 0IT4 AsstPMGen Clk $1200 Pa ITPaKranklin DC 

Young James R, OfTlAsstPMGen SuptDivDL $2750 Pa 4PaPliiladclphia DC 

lolm M, Ofr2AsstPMGen Clk $1800 NJ IMichWayne DC 

Zantzinger W P, OITPMGen Inspr $2400 DC DC Kid 
Ziller Conrad, OITPMGen DvnTndr $900 DC DC DC 
Zeph Walter P, OfT3AsstPMGen Clk $1200 111 lOWIsMarnlhon DC 

8621— o R— VOL 2- 




NOTE. -The lnform;itlon shown reg^irdlni; eucb person Is prcsenteil In iibbrevlated (orm, and the sequence observed Is as follows: Postofflce County n 
Name of employeeaUmclal tItleaState, territory, or country of blrthaNumber of couKresslonul district, state, and county from which appointed a Com- 

Dashes indicate that data could not be secured for Information omitteu. 

In the case of postmasters, the congressloaal district, state, and county from which appointed have been omitted. 


Abanda, Chambers: Koottan, Jolin L, Ala S22I 
Donuoy, JasL, HD Ala Chambers SIOOO 

Abbeville. Henry: Marsh, Henry L, Mass $i:i(K) 
Marsh, Mrs Amanila, AsstPM Ala SAlallenry $3a) 
lihilork, Julian, RD Ala 3AlaHenry tlOOO 
lilalock, Jas P, RD Ala :tAlalienry $900 
Orillin, Jos I-, RD Ala 3AlaUenry JIOOO 
Helton, John VVm. RD Ala SAlallenry JIOOO 
Hutto,Jasr!, RD Ala SAlaHenry »90fl 
Lindsey, Wm II, RD Ala SAlallenry 1900 

Abernant, Tuscaloosa: DilworUi, John E, NJ $462 

Aclcervllle, Wilcox: I*alnier, Leonidas P, Ala $188 

Acmar, St Clair; Haser, ('has J, Sw $21 

Acton, Shelby: Carter, Richd H, Va $470 
Ilanisly, Chas Monroe, RD Ala 4AlaShelby $468 

Ada. Montgomery: Bell. Willis Vincent, — $51 

AdamsvUle, Jefferson: .Shcdd, Mrs Annie L, NY $967 
Clover, Ceo A, RD Ala 9AliiJclTerson $900 
Tilson, Spencer, C, RD NC BAlaJetlerson $1000 

Addison, Winston: McPherson, Richd H, Ala $280 
Mcl'herson, Otnar, Clerk Ala 7AlaWlnston $108 

Adger, Jellerson: livars, H M, Ala $420 
Parsons. E L, RD Ala 7AlaWinston $900 

Advllle, Blouni: Self, G P, — $84 

AlmweU, JlarenRo: Mavton, Rolit, Ala $138 

Ajax, Conecuh: Burl, Geo T, Ala $60 

Akron. Hale: Ramey, D R, Ala $458 
Stephenson, Jas W, RD Ala OAlallale 81000 

Alabama City Etowah: Franklin, Joo S, Ala $1400 
Hallowav, EarlD, AsstPM Tenn TAlaEtowah $480 
('l;uion,' Audison C, RD Ala 7.\laEtowah $1000 

Alabama Port, Mobile: Delchamps, Edwin A, .\la $107 

Alaga, Houston: Crapps, J W, Oa $122 

Alameda, Clarke: Dansey, W B, Ala $57 

Alberta, Wilcox: Pearce, J H, Ala $244 
Pearce, Mrs J H, Clerk Ala 2AlaWilcox $48 

Albertvllle, Marshall: McNaron, Thos B, Tenn $1000 
Williams, Edd O, AsstPM Tenn 8AlaMarshall $600 
McNaron, Cooper, Clerk Ala SAlaMarshall $000 
Adamson, Homer L, RD Oa 8AlaMarshall $1000 
Brown, Coleman J, RD Ala 8Ala.\Iarshall $1000 
Casey, Asa B, RD Ala SAlaMarshall $1000 
Floyd, WmW, RD Ga 8AlaMarshall $1(HK) 
neam,ChasL, RD Ala 8AlaMarshall $1000 
Robinson, Chas B, RD Ala SAlaMarshall $1000 

Aldrlch. Shelby: Kuhrman, Geo J, Ala $362 

Alexander City, Tallapoosa: WillLs, Henry C, Ala $1700 
Willis, Miss P V, AsstPM Ala SAlaTallapoosa $:i60 
Carlisle, Robt H, RD Ala SAIaTallapoosa $1000 
Dark. Oliver C, RD ,\la SAIaTallapoosa $1000 
Farmer, J:is T, RD Ala SAIaTallapoosa $1000 
Grimslev, John L, RD Ala SAIaTallapoosa $900 
Harris, Chas B, RD Ala SAIaTallapoosa $!K10 
KillKore, Jas W, RD Ala SAIaTallapoosa $1000 
Spm(;sins,ThosO, RD Ala SAIaTallapoosa $1000 

Alexandria, Calhoun: WoodmIT, Jas G, Ala $289 
Green, Horace T, RD Ala 4AlaCallioun $900 

AUcevlUe, Pickens: Gardner, Thos W, Ala $848 
Gardner, Miss Eunice C, AsstPM Ala OAlaPickens 

AUen, Clarke: Walker. Mrs Marv A, Ala $323 
Walker, M S, AsstPM Ala " lAlaClarke $240 
Bumpus, UL, RD Ala lAlaClarke $1000 

Allenton, Wilcox: Fitwerald, Miss Alice, Ala $164 

AUenvllle. .MarenRo: Collins, Allen M, .\la $170 

AUsboro, Colbert: Ross, Geo H, Miss $82 

Alma, Clarke: Tavler, Sidney L, Ala $236 

Almond, Randolph; Harris, Miss Alice L, Ala $158 
ClecR, Geo W, RD Ala SAlaRandolph $900 

Alplia, Choctaw: Rutledge, Wm M, Ala $43 

Alpine, Talladet'a: Riser, Mrs B W, Ala $419 
Russell, J B, RD Ala 4AlaTalladega $900 
Cook, NB, RD Ala 4AlaTallade!;a $900 

Alto, Jackson: Dolberry,G W, Ala $24 

Alton, Jefferson: Walters, John D, Ala $243 
Walters, Mrs Mae, AsstPM .Ma OAIaJeflerson $120 

Altoona, F.towah: Silvey, Jas D. — $1000 
Copeland, JosH, RD — 7AlaEtowah $1000 
Phillips, Levi B, RD — 7AlaEtowah $700 
Reld,WmE, RD — 7AlaEtowah $1000 
Thrasher. Elias, RD — 7AlaEtowah $1000 

America, Walker: Godfrey, Mrs Timie E, — $2(3 
Sherer, John M. Clerk ' — 6Ala Walker $50 

Andalusia. Covincton: O'Neal, CvnisR. Ala $2000 
Dillard, Clarence E, AsstPNf Ala 2AlaCovington ?S0O 
Carr. Edgar A, Clerk Ala 2AlaCovinKton $100 
Cottle. Wm.\, RD .\la 2AlaCovineton $9(» 
Dillard, Simeon T, RD Ala 2AlaCovincton $1000 
Graves, Bamev I-, RD Ala 2AlaCovington $1000 
HavK'ood, Allen F, RD Ala 2AlaCovvn(;ton $1000 
Hicjks. John F, RD Oa 2AIaCovini:ton $960 
Houston, Walter n, RD Ala 2AlaCovlnEton $1000 
Poimcev, WraJ, RD Ala 2AlaCovington $900 
Robblns, Hiram P, RD Ala 2AlaCovinRton $900 
Splcer, Emory R, BD Ala 2AIaCovlngton $960 

Annemanle, Wilcox: Prltchett, Sam, Ala $249 
Annlston, Calhoun: Barker, Chas R, Va $2800 
Smith, D Houston, AsstPM Ala 4AlaCalhoun $1400 
Box, Jas J A, Clerk Ala 4AlaCalhoun $900 
Cason, ThosJ, Clerk Ga 4AlaCalhoun $400 
Coleman, Jas T, Clerk Ala 4AlaCallioun $1000 
Draper, E Brown, Clerk Ala 4AlaCalhoun $1000 
Fite, Henry G, Clerk, Ala 4AlaCalhoim $000 
Grace, Wm T, jr, Clerk Oa 4AlaCalhoun $1000 
Johnson, Jas A, Clerk Ga 4AlaCalhoun $1100 
Martin, Chas N. Clerk Ala 4AlaCallioun $1100 
Powell, Harrv C, Clerk Ala 4AlaCalhoun $900 
Reid, Clarence E, Clerk Ala 4AlaCalhoun $1000 
Smith, Thos L, Clerk Ala 4AlaCalhoun $1100 
Todd, Robt II, Clerk Ga 4AlaCalhoun $50 
Bush, Jas E, Carrier Ala 4AlaCalhoun $1000 
Crawley, Jellerson L, Carrier Va 4AlaCalhoim$1100 
Fitzgerald, John H B, Carrier SC 4AlaCalhoun $1100 
Hudson, Wm H, Carrier Ga 4AlaCaUioun $1100 
Moore, John II, Carrier SC 4AlaCalhoun $1000 
Rains, Wllbon 0. Carrier Ga 4AlaCalhoun $1100 
Rivers, Jas B, Carrier Ala 4AlaCalhoun $1100 
Snow, Frank II, Carrier Conn 4AlaCalhoun $1100 
Whelchel, John M, Carrier Ga 4AlaCalhoun $1100 
Harrison, John E, RD Ala 4AlaCalhoun $1000 
Horn, Floyd W, RD Ala 4AlaCalhoun $1000 
Horn, Jake R, RD Ala 4AlaCalhoun $1000 
Jobson, Jos D, RD Ala 4AlaCalhoun $1000 
New, Raymond, A, RD Ohio 4AlaCalhoun $1000 
Ansley, Pike: Parsons, Saml A, Ala $254 

Weldon, Willie W, RD Ala 2AlaPiko $1000 
AqulUa, Washington: liritton, Wm J, Ala $157 
Arab, Marshall: Rice, Russell, Ala $4:i0 
Cox, Richd L. RD Ala 7AlaC.ullman $000 
Haider, Winston, RD Ala 7AlaCullman $900 
Swords, David C, RD Ala 7AlaMarshall $900 
Ararat, Choctaw: Callis, Thos H, Ala $110 
Archer, Pickens: Lofton, John M, Ala $101 
Arcus, Coflee: Maddox, Oscar T, Ala $49 
Ardell, Cullman; Smith, Peggie, Ala $32 
Ardlla, Houston: Ritch,. Mrs Lizzie, Ga $42 
Argo, JeiTerson: Micklewright, Thos A. $129 
Arlton, Dale; Strain, Mrs Clara, Ga $611 
Strain, Miss Rilla, Clerk Tex 3AlaDale $900 
Delong, Charlie N, RD Ala 3AIaDale $960 
Weed, Jos O, RD Ala SAlaDale $1000 
Arkadelphla. Cullman: Roberson, Alex H, Ala $329 
Johnson, Jas, RD Ala 7AlaC;ullman $1000 
King, Ira E, RD Ala 7AlaCullra3n $900 
Arkwrlght, Shelbv; Carr, Thos W, Ala $225 
Crowson. Cha-s, RD Ala 7AlaShelby 8600 
Arley, Winston: .\aron. Martin L, Ala $99 
Arlington, Wilcox; Delger, Mrs B C, Ala $247 

Dc Van. J O. AsstPM Ala 2AlaWiloox $108 
Armstrong. Macon: Wade, Geo .\, .Ma $134 
Arno. Choi-tuw: Scott, Eliza S, — $24 
Arnold, Wilcox: Dees. Mrs Emma I, Ala $39 
Asahel, Wilcox; Newell. Mrs Georgie F, Ala $82 
Ashby, Bibb; Oaklev, Miss Lillic S, Ala 8289 

Dav, Avington W,' RD Ala 4AlaBibb $900 
Ashfbrd, Hou-ston: Rigoll, Mrs Eliza A, Ga $866 

Manlev, Miss Nola, Clerk .^.la SAlallouston $84 
Ashland, Clav: Carwile, Jas L, Ala 81100 
Carwile, Mrs Bobie D, AsstPM Ala SAIaCIay $144 
Blackstocks, Jas F, RD Ala SAlaClav $1000 
Dean, Wm T, RD Ala SAlaClav 81000 
Dunson, Jos H, RD Ala SAlaClav $1000 
Ray, Wm R, RD Ala SAlaClav $1000 
Satterfield, Willis O, RD Ala S.MaTallapoosa $1000 
AshvlUe, St. Clair: Jones, Green T, Ala 8.S02 
Casey, Mias Willie, As,stPM Ala 7AlaStClair $200 
Heald, Thos B, RD Ala 7AlaStClair 81(XX) 
Hood, Oscar A, RD Ala 7AlaStClair $1000 
Jones, Jas O, RD Ala 7Al3StClair SIOOO 
Aapel, Jack.son; Smith, Mrs H F. Ark S6S 
Athens. Limestone: Simmons. Walter W, Ala $1800 
Ma,ssenberg, Henry C, .\sstPM Ala 8AlaLime,stone 

$420, Richd W, Clerk .Ma SAIal.imestone $210 
Hatchett, Chas E. RD Ala SAIal.imestone tWOO 
Hollan.l, Asa. RD Tenn 8Alal,imeiitone 81000 
McCullv. Paul, RD Ark SAlal.iniestonc SIOOO 
Moreland. Angus C. RD Ala SAIal.imestone $1000 
Park, Donald L, RD Ind SAlaLime-stone $1000 
Rogers, Geo M. RD Ala SAIal.imestone $1000 
Atkelson. Clarke: Finley, Robt N, Ala $.57 
Atmore, Escambia: Wagner. Wm. Ger $1500 
Wagner. Geo E. AsstPM 111 2AlaEscambia $780 
Beattv, Frank J, Clerk SC 2AlaEscambia $540 
Attalla', Etowah; Stephens. John J. Ala $1500 
Stephens. Mrs Maggie E, .\sstPM .\la 7.\laEtowah 

Smith. Stephen P. Clerk Ala 7AlaStClair $480 
Stephens. Miss Maggie E. Clerk Ala 7AlaStClair $180 
Gray. Fines E. RD Ala 7AlaEtow,ah $864 
Nicholson, Jiia M, RD Ala 7AlaStClair $864 
Atwood, Franklin; Barksdale, Rufus W, Ala $117 
Anbrey, Jefferson: Khkpatrick, Wm A, Ga $73 

Anbnrn, Lee: Hudson, Felix T, Ala $1800 
Knapp, Levi A, AsstPM NY $500 
Hudson, Miss Ruth, Clerk Ala 3AlaI,ee $480 
Blasingaine, Benj T, RD .Ma 3AlaI.eo $1000 
Wise, John L, RD Oa SAlaLee $1000 
Angustin, Perry: Driver, Mrs L A, — $96 
AutaugavUle, ,\iitauga: Dicks. Lewis D, Ala $435 
Axis, Mobile: Wigfleld, J M. Pa $200 
Axle, Monroe: Hixon, Chas R, .Via $135 
Balleyton, Cullman; Burks, John B, Ga $181 

Tipton, Ernest W, RD Ala 7AlaCullman $1000 
Bakerhiil, Barbour: Chesnutt, .Mpheus R, Ala $247 
Howell, D D, RD Ala 3AliiBarbour $1000 
McOee, I, L, RD Ala 3AlaBarbour $1000 
Ball Flat, Cherokee: Estes, N J. Ala $14 
Baltzell. Green: Ballzell, Wm B, Ala $42 
Bamford, Shelby: Sturdivant, C A, — $38 
Bangor, Blount: Jett, Mrs Dala, Ala $429 
Creel. Jesse E, RD Ala 9AlaBlount $1000 
Grigslev, Eugene L, RD Ala OAlaBIount $960 
Musgrave, Tom U, RD Ala 9AlaBlount $520 
Bankbead, Dekalb: Smith, John W, Ala $41 
Banks, Pike: McLendon, I E, Ala $533 
Brantley, Edwd M, RD Ala 2AlaPike $900 
Hudson, Jas, RD Ala 2AlaPike $1000 
Banlcston, Favette; Traweek, Jas M, Ala $429 
Awtry, JohnI, RD Ala OAlaFayette $960 
l.awley, Harrison L, RD Ala 6AiaFayette $1000 
Barachlas, Montgomery: Jones, A M, Ala $56 
Barlow Bend, Clarke: Myers, A B, — $188 
Barnwell, Baldwin: Slocum. Jas P, Ala $94 
Barrytown, Choctjiw; Campbell, Julius A, Ala $99 
Barton, Colbert: Bryan, Andw J, Ala $212 

Bryan, Miss Ora M, Clerk Ala 8AlaColbert $48 
Basbi, Clarke: Carleton, A B, Ala $SS 
Bass Station, Jackson: Walker, Jacob T, Ala $142 
BatesTllle, Barbour; Margart. S D, SC $182 
Battelle, Dekalb; Hawkins, Wm J, Ala $70 
Battles Wharf. Baldwhi; Morg, .\aron, Fr $290 
Bay Mlnette, Baldwin: Dinwiddie, Mrs Florence I, — 
Dinwiddie, Geo T, .\sstPM — 2.MaBaldwin $600 
Jones, Miss Minnie Lee, Clerk — 2.41aBaldwin $540 
Byrne. Jas D, RD — 2AIaBaldwln $700 
Bayou Labatre, Mobile: Crenshaw, I F, Ala $478 
Bean Rock, Marshall: Boganshott, John, — $29 
Bear Creek. Marion: Logan, J P. — $321 

Johnson. Obie D, RD Ga 6AlaMarion — 
Beatrice, Monroe; Stallworth, John M. Ala $533 
Stallworth, Mrs Elizabeth B, AsstPM Ala lAIaMon 
roe $96 
Beaverton, Lamar; Dennis, Robt B, Ala $261 
Gann, Miss Hattie, AsstPM Ala 6AlaMarlon $96 
Collier, Wm R. Clerk Ala 6AlaLamar $91 
Bedford, Lamar: Hollis, Mrs Lou E, Miss $170 

Young. C A, RD Ala 6AlaLamar $1000 
Belcher, Barbour: Bush, Jas A, Ala $29 
Belgreen, Franklin: Guin, Mrs Ida E, Ala $263 
Rickard, Nello, RD Ala 7AlaFranklln $1000 
Belk, Fayette: Taylor, Andrew J, Ala $139 
Belknap, Dallas; Simmons, Thos A, Ala $121 
Bellamy, Sumter: Rogers, Mrs Lena A, Ala $572 
Belle EUen, Bibb; Hutchison, W 0, Tenn $334 
Belle Mlna, Lime-stone; Nethery, Sydney J, Tenn 
Nethcrv, Mrs Stella, AsstPM Ala — $40 
Belle Sumter, Jefferson: Dickev, T J, Ala $247 
Belleville, Conecuh: Newton, W M. Ala $189 
Bell Mills. Clebiune: Spruill, Miss Janet, Ala $192 

Bell. Walter J, RD Ala 4AlaCleburne $960 
Bells Landing, Monroe; Miller, Saml F, Va $91 
BellTlew, Wilcox; Sessions. Jefferson B, Miss $122 
Bellwood, Geneva: Stephens. Jacob, Ger $210 
Belmont, Sumter: Tutt. Jas B, Ala $107 
Belolt, Dallas; Curtis, Mrs Harriett P, Ohio $299 
Benson. Tallapoosa: Benson, Wm E. Ala $240 
Benton, Lowndes: Carlisle, Walter E. Ala $518 

I.ochlin. Dudley, Clerk — SAIaLowndes $180 
Bergamot. Choctaw; Barefield, Ethel O, — $90 
Berlin, Dallas: Hunter, Saml J, — $161 
Bermuda. Conecuh; Rvland, Jas K. .Ma $77 
Berry. Favette: Miller, John L, Ala $671 
Barmuth, Mrs M L, Clerk Ala 6AlaFayette $60 
Slodd;iril. Wm T, RD Ala OAlaFayette $1000 
Evans, Joshura M, RD Ala OAlaFayette $900 
Bessemer, Jefferson; Lewis, Geo R, Tenn $2500 
McEnirv, John H, AsstPM Ala 9AlaJeffer3on $1200 
Ackenhausen, Miss Carrie, Clerk -Ma 9AlaJefler3on 

Bush, John H, Clerk Ala 9AlaJeflerson $1100 
Glosson, Herbt A, Clerk Ga 9AlaJeBerson $600 
Grigsby, Mrs Clayton P, Clerk Ala 9AlaJefferson 

McCorkle, Edwd H, Clerk Miss 9AlaJeflerson $1000 
Milton, David L, Clerk Ala 9AlaJeflerson $1000 
Murphy, Ray T, Clerk Iowa 9AlaJeflerson $900 
Price, Howe, Clerk Ala 9AlaJeflerson $1000 
Bamett, Frank R, Carrier Ala 9AlaJeflerson $1100 



Bessemer— Continued. . , , „ 

Baraett, Jeremiah G, Carrier Ala 9AlaJeBerson 

Brown, Edwd W, Carrier Ala 9AlaJe£[erson SIOOO 
Brown, Wm D, Carrier Ala QAlaJeflerson SHOO 
Jolinson, John B, Carrier SO OAlaJeflerson $1000 
Kretschmar, Albert E, Carrier III 9AlaJeflerson SHOO 
Robinson, W P, Carrier Ala 9A!aJe£Eerson 81000 
Houston, Willis D, RD Ala 9AlaJefferson S960 
Riley, Newbern M, RD Ala gAlaJeflerson S960 
Scott, Francis T, RD Miss 9AlaJeflerson SIOOD 
Sheehan, John A, RD Miss QAlaJefferson 31000 
Waldrop, Lucius C, RD Miss OAIaJefferson S960 
Griffin, Silas, Fireman-labr Ala 9AlaJeiIerson S600 
Towers, Mrs Hattie, Charwoman Ala OAlaJeflersou 
Bethany, Pickens: Summerville, Hugh S, Ala S3C 
Be-rill, Choctaw: Woolf, C E, — $214 
Woolf, Wilton P, RD Ala — $900 
Bexar, Marion: Goggans, Pearce, Ala $248 
CoHeld, Jas h, RD Ala OAlaMarion $1000 
Cofield, John L, RD Ala OAlaMarion $1000 
Blgbee, Washington: Rogers, W S, — $146 
BUlingsIey, Autauga: Gaudy, Wm A, Ala $525 
Patrick, Thos L, RD Ala SAlaAutauga $1000 
Pattillo, Westey P, RD Ala SAlaAutauga $1000 
BlnBham, Elmore: Fain, J B, Ala $44 
Birmingham, Jefferson : Oliver, Geo C, ActingPM Ga 
Smith, Albert D, AsstPM Ga OAlaJefferson $1900 

Bailey, J S, Ala eAla Walker $1200 
Benson, A B, 111 OAlaJefferson $1100 
Best, Frank F, Fla 9AlaJeffer6on $600 
Brown, John, Scot 9AlaJefferson $1100 
B^o^vn, R W, Ala 9AlaJefferson $1100 
Brown, W M, Ala 9AlaJefferson $1500 
Brown, Wm, Scot QAlaJefferson $1100 
Bruner, A A, Ohio 9AlaJeffcrson $1100 
Byrd, Herman, Ala OAlaGreene $1200 
Chambers, W R, Ala OAlaJetferson $1100 
Cunningham, Claude, Ala QAlaJefferson $1200 
Datfron, J I, Ala 9AlaJefferson $1100 
Davidson, Wm E, Ala 9AlaBloimt $1100 
Davis, W W, Ala 9AIaBibb $1200 
Dean, Louis R, Ala QAlaJefferson $60 
Delancv, Rufus C, Ala QAlaJefferson $1200 
Dial, J B, Ala QAlaJeflerson $1100 
Duncan, Geo F, Ala QAlaJefferson $50 
Embry, Joe E, Ala QAlaJefferson $1100 
Findley, Wilson, Ala 9AlaBlount $1000 
Franklin, A K, Fla 9AlaJefferson $800 
Franklin, Miss May, Mo 9AlaJeflerson $900 
Galbreath, C M, Ala QAlaJefferson $1100 
Gilmore, Archer R, Ala OAIaLamar $1000 
Goodwin, U F, Ala QAlaJefferson $1200 
Gould, J J, NY QAlaJefferson $1000 
Grayson, N B, Ala QAlaBlount $Q00 
Grayson, W J, Ala QAlaBlount $1100 
Green, E P, Tenn QAlaJeflerson $1100 
Gunn, Wm R, Tenn QAlaJefferson $700 
Harris, S D, Ohio QAlaJefferson $1600 
Hawle, L G, Ala SAlaElmore $1200 
Heam, P E, Ala TAlaMarshall $1000 
' Hogan, J D, Ala QAlaJefferson $60 

Hogan, Roscoe B, Ala QAlaJefferson $1200 
Hortenstein, B F, Va OAlaJeflerson $1100 
Hough, H S, SO QAlaJefferson $200 
James, F M, Ala QAlaJeflerson $1200 
James, M P. Ala TAlaOullman $1200 
Jones, Josiah F, Ga QAlaJefferson $800 
Jones, O 0, Ala QAlaJeflerson $1100 
Joseph, Avery S, La QAlaJefferson $100 
Kemp, Wilson T, Ala QAlaJeflerson $1200 
Kile, J A, Ind QAlaJefferson $800 
Kreh, Wm E, NY QAlaJefferson $1000 
Lackey, Eugene, Ala 7AlaDekalb $800 
Lackey, Victor L, Tex 7AlaDekalb $1100 
Laird, B F, Ala QAlaJefferson $1100 
Lawrence, Toombs, Ga QAlaJeflerson $1200 
McCallister, J H, Ohio 7AlaJefferson $1100 
McCarroU, E F, Ala 4AlaShelby $1200 
McKinley, Robt N, Ala QAlaJefferson $1200 
Mackey, Augustus, Ala 4AlaShelby $1000 
Minderhout, W J, Ala QAlaJefferson $50 
Mize, P B, Ala 7AlaStClair $1200 
Moseley, Tarp, Ala 7AIaEtowah $1100 
Moss, Elmer L, Ala OAlaJefferson $1200 
Murphree, E C, Ala OAlaJefferson $1200 
Murphree, J E, Ala OAlaJeflerson $1100 
Neil, H C, Tenn OAlaJefferson $1200 
Osborne, F D, Ohio 2IllCook $1200 
Pearson, M L, Ala SAlaTallapoosa $1100 
Richards, D G, Pa OAlaJefferson $1100 
Scott, W S, Miss OAlaJefferson $1100 
Searcv, J W, Ala QAlaJefferson $1000 
Seweil, L R, Ala QAlaJefferson $1200 
Smith, G H, Ala QAlaJefferson $50 
Smith, H P, Ala QAlaJeflerson $1100 
Smith, L P, Ohio QAlaJefferson $1200 
Smith, R W, Ala QAlaJeflerson $1100 
Smith, T J, Ala QAlaJefferson $1200 
Spradley, T D, Ala 7AlaStClair $1200 
Stapleton, C L, Ohio QAlaJeflerson $1200 
Stapleton, J C Ohio QAlaJefferson $1200 
Taul, C O, Ala QAlaJefferson $1100 
Thomas, Henry H, Ala QAlaJefferson $60 
Trout, J C, Ga QAlaJefferson $1200 
Tucker, Edmund V, Ala OAlaJefferson $1100 
Vann, S D, Ala QAlaJefferson $1100 
Walters, John D, Ala OAlaFayette $900 
Walthall, Hugh P, Ala OAlaJefferson $1100 
Ward, F F, Ala OAlaJefferson $800 
Whorton, I N, Ala OAlaJefferson $1100 
Wood, M F, Ala QAlaJefferson $1200 
Work, W R, Pa OAlaJefferson $1200 

City carriers. 
Aberorombie, Wm 0, Ala 7AlaStClair $1100 
Alhnan, D P, Ala 7AlaStClair $1200 
Baggett, John W, Ala QAlaBlount $1200 
Batson, S E, Ala OAlaJeflerson $1200 
Bell, Jas D, Ga OAlaJefferson $1200 
Berrv, Wm A, Ga OAlaJefferson $1000 
Blount, J M, Ala QAlaJefferson $1100 
Brewer, A L, Ala OAlaJefferson $1000 
Buff, C A, Ger OAlaJefferson $1200 
Byrd, Jas, Ala OAlaJefferson $1100 
Campbell, Pressly, Ala QAlaJefferson $800 
Carlisle, W M, Ala QAlaJefferson $1100 
Clarkson, A R, Mass OAlaJeflerson $900 
Chfton, C C, Miss QAlaJeflerson $1200 
Curry, John C L, Ala OAlaJefferson $1200 
Davidson, M L, Ala QAlaJeflerson $1200 
Davis, Albert J, SO OAlaJeflerson $1100 
Dreghorn, John, Ire 2I!lCook $1200 
Dudley, C A, Ala OAlaJeflerson $1200 
Edwards, Thos M L, Ala OAlaJefferson $1200 
Force, Peter, Ala 9AlaJeflerson $800 
Frew, Andw W, Md QAlaJefferson $1200 
Gaudlook, John W, Ga QAlaJeflerson $1200 
Gibbs, T C, Ala QAlaJeflerson $1000 
Greer, B L, Ala QAlaJeflerson $800 
Giithrie, S D, Ky QAlaJeflerson $1200 
Helms, W H, Ala 7AlaStClair $1200 
Hughes, P H, Ala OAIaTuscaloosa $1100 
Irving, C W, Ala QAlaJeflerson $1100 
Jackson, Alfred B, Ga QAlaJefferson $1200 
Jones, H E, Ala 7AlaStClair $1200 
Jones, Hampton S, Ga QAlaJefferson $1200 
Jordan, Thos D, Ala OAlaJefferson $1000 
Kemp, Algy, Ala OAlaJefferson $1200 
Kilgo, I H, Ala OAlaJeflerson $800 
Lokey, Jefferson D, Ga OAlaJeflerson $1100 
McAlpine, F P, Ala QAlaJeflerson $1200 
McDonald, C W, Ala OAlaJefferson $1200 
McDonald, John, 111 2IllCook $1200 
McGinnis, Basil W, Ala OAlaTuscaloosa $1100 
McLaughlin, Jas S, Ala 7AlaStClair $1200 
Merritt, C A, Ohio QAlaJefferson $1200 
Middleton, Homer V, Ohio QAlaJefferson $1200 
Miller, Jas C, Ala QAlaJefferson $1100 
Mims, C B, Ga QAlaJefferson $1100 
Moore, Wm P, Ala QAlaJefferson $1100 
Moxwell, R F, Tenn QAlaJefferson $1000 
Nasman, John jr, Eng QAlaJefferson $1000 
Nixan, Henry G, Ala QAlaJefferson $1000 
Palmer, Geo A, Ohio QAlaJefferson $1000 
Parsons, J D, Ala QAlaJefferson $1200 
Perrin, H W, Ala OAlaJefferson $1200 
Peterson, Paul P, Iowa QAlaJefferson $1000 
Prince, A S, Ala QAlaJefferson $1200 
Kobinett, Spurgeon L, Ala QAlaJefferson $1100 
Sims, Robt E, Ala 7AlaHale $1200 
Smith, J A, Ohio QAlaJeflerson $1200 
Smith, R C, Miss QAlaJeflerson $1100 
Thompkins, O M, Ala QAlaJeflerson $800 
Timmerman, Geo, SC QAlaJefferson $600 
Urguehart, Luther H, Ala QAlaJefferson $1100 
Vildibill, Chas A, La OAlaJeflerson $1200 
Wallace, Lovell B, Ala OAlaJeflerson $1000 
Walsh, P J, Pa OAlaJeflerson $1000 
Ward, Dennis H, Ala OAlaJefferson $1100 
Warren, S L, Ala OAlaJefferson $1000 
Wilhite, Wm H, Ky QAlaJefferson $1100 
Wood, E G, Tenn OAlaJefferson $1200 
Worrell, W, Ala QAlaJefferson $800 
Young, Walter B, Miss QAlaJefferson $800 

/iurul carriers. 
Bailey, S H, Ala OAlaJefferson $1000 
Beckley, Wm G, Ala OAlaJefferson $960 
Carrol, Wm D, Ala QAlaJefferson $1000 
Dismuke, Jas B, Ala QAlaJefferson $1000 
Johnson, Sam F, Ala QAlaJeflerson $1000 
Killough, Wm M, Ala QAlaJeflerson $1000 
Russey, Henry C, Ind OAlaJeflerson $1000 

Johnston, S B W, WVa OAlaJefferson $600 

Bishop, Colbert: Bishop, Luther O, — $56 

Bissell, Cherokee: Woods, FredkD, Tenn $142 

Black, Geneva: Blount, Thos, Ala $406 
Kieth, S T, RD Fla BAlaGeneva $1000 
Sasser, J S, RD Ala BAlaGeneva $1000 

Blacksand, Hale: Sledge, Miss Octavia L, Ala $71 

Blacksher, Baldwin: Earle, John W, Ala $196 

Bladon Springs, Choctaw: Conner, Mrs Sarah F, Ala 

Blalock, Dallas: Blalock, L F, Ga $103 

Blanche, Clierokee: Hill, Jos H, — $81 

Blanton, Lee: Dorough, JosT, Ga $325 
Blackman, Sam K, RD Ga 4GaHarris $960 
Hargett, John W, RD Ga SGaHarris $1000 
Jones, John W, RD Ala SAlaChambers $960 

Blocton, Bibb: Wilson, Newton L, Ala $1400 
Bass, Miss Willis C, AsstPM Ala QAlaBibb $400 
Cundiffl, Miss Pearl D, Clerk Ala 9AlaBibb 8144 
Bearden, RupertmM, RD Ala 9AlaBibb $1000 
Lowrey, Henry W, RD Ala OAlaBibb $960 
Mcintosh, Danl, RD NC OAlaBibb $900 
Stanley, Bennie O, RD — OAlaBibb $960 

Bloomfield, Madison: Cloud, C A, Ala $82 

Blossburg, Jefferson: Love, J R, Ala $641 
Doud, Miss Alice, Clerk Ala OAlaJefferson $360 

Blount Springs, Blount: Gassett, John H, Ala $533 
Robins, Stephen G, RD Ala QAlaBlount $1000 

Blonntsville, Blount: Bynum, S B, Ala $652 
Bvnum, Mrs Ida, Clerk Ga QAlaBlount $120 
Graves, Monroe, RD Ala 9AlaBlount $900 
Graves, Otto L, RD Ala QAlaBlount $1000 
Tidwell, W S, RD Ala OAlaBlount $1000 

Blowhorn, Lamar: Smith, Isham J, — $56 

Blue Pond, Cherokee: Coker, John W jr Ala $32 

Blue Springs, Barbour: Bordens, Janie R, Ark $232 

Scarborough, S W, RD Ala BAlaBarbour $060 
Bluflton, Cherokee: Emerson, J F, Ala $134 
Boaz, Marshall: McCloskey, Jos D, Ala $1500 
Thompson, John M, Clerk Ala 7AlaMarshall $24 
Beaver, Rolus C, RD Ala 7AlaMarshall SIOOO 
Dewson, Dee, RD Ala 7AlaMarshall $1000 
Hunt, Belton V, RD Ala TAlaMarshall $1000 
Law, Robt L, JBD Ala 7AlaMarshaIl $1000 
Martm, John F, RD Ala 7AlaMarshall $1000 
Murphree, Charlie L, RD Ala 7AlaMarshaU $1000 
Whitley, Allen F, RD Ga 7AlaMarshall $1000 
Bodka, Sumter: Winston, Chas H, Ala $73 
Boguechitto, Dallas: Alley, Virgie K, Ala $90 
BoUgee, Greene: Johnston, S H, Ala $594 

Johnston, Miss Mary H, Clerk Ala OAlaGreene $50 
Boiling, Butler: Boggan, Soloman D, Ala $232 

Boggan, Miss Annie, AsstPM Ala 2AlaCovington $96 
Bon Air, Talladega: Wahman,CE, SC $175 
Bond, Sumter; Bond, Edwin C, — $32 
Bon Secour, Baldwui: Swift, C A, Fla $240 
Patterson, B F, AsstPM Ky 2AlaBaldwIn $60 
Swift, Mrs Susie P, Clerk Ala 2AlaBaldwLn $12 
Boonevllle, Escambia: Boone, Sallle C, Ala $63 
Booth, Autauga: Wilson, Jos J, — $272 

Wilson, Mrs M J, AsstPM Miss — $36 
Borden Springs, Cleburne: Ranlcin, Mrs Eliza, Ga $326 

Pallard, Joel M, RD Ala 4AlaCleburne $500 
Borom, Macon: Livingston, Wm A, — $43 
Bradley, Escambia: Stephenson, G W, Ala $123 
Bradleyton, Crenshaw; Baggett, Geo S, Ala $296 
Dormon, Jos E, RD Ala 2AIaCrenshaw $1000 
Braggs, Lovmdes: Twombly, Robt F, Ala $206 
Braggville, Greene: Knott, Wm D, Ala $24 
Branch, Choctaw: Howard, C B, Ala $138 
Branchvllle, St Clair: Vandigrift, Wm F, Ala $169 
Brantley, Crenshaw: Johnson, John S, — $1000 
Capps, Jimmie L, AsstPM — 2AlaCrenshaw $300 
Davis, John C, RD — 2AlaCrenshaw $960 
Hudson, Jos D, RD — 2AlaCrenshaw SIOOO 
Sasser, John D, RD — 2AlaCrenshaw $960 
Bremen, Cullman: Parker, Perry B, Ala $203 

Stricklin, Elmer R, RD Ala 7AlaCullman $1000 
Brent, Bibb: Spinks, Mrs Adella, Ala $379 
Brewton, Escambia: Schad, Geo F, Ala $1900 
Schad John E, AsstPM Ala 2AlaEscambia $444 
McLellan, Malcolm Rjr, Clerk Ala 2AlaEscambia $200 
Coker, Robt O, RD Ala 2AIaEscambia $1000 
Pittman, Martm C, RD Ala 2AlaEscambia $1000 
Robertson, Calloway M, RD Ala 2AIaEscambla $800 
Tippto, Walter A, RD Ala 2AlaEscambIa $1000 
Brickyard, Russell: Bickerstaft, Wm J, — $43 
Bridgeport, Jackson: Freeman, J Percy, Ky $1700 
Procter, Thos H, AsstPM Ky SAlaJackson $508 
Tinker, Scott, RD Ala SAlaJackson $1000 
Brlerfleld, Bibb: Merchant, W F, Ala $233 

Merchant, Mrs W F, AsstPM Ala OAlaBibb $120 
Brlghtwater, Choctaw: Skinners, Geo jr, — $62 
Brilliant, Marion: Buck, Chas A, Pa $B72 

Nelson, W W, RD Ala OAlaMarion $1000 
Bromley, Baldwin: Durant, Mrs Laura D, Ala $63 

Sibley, Norman L, Carrier Ala 2AlaBaldwin $425 
Brooklyn, Coneculi: Amos, E N, Fla $257 
Brooks, Covington: Hobble, R K, — $95 
Brookside, Jefferson: Love, Isaac T, Ala $533 
Brooksvllle, Blount: Shelton, Lon, Ala $180 

Mardis, Isick G, RD Ala OAlaBlount $1000 
Brookwood, Tuscaloosa: Lawrence, J M, — $590 
Browns, Dallas: Coates, A C, Ala $291 

Parnell, W D, RD Ala 4AlaDallas $864 
Brownsboro, Madison: Hunt, John S, — $431 
Lacy, Chas T, Clerk Ala SAIaMadison $60 
Webster, Robt H, RD Ala SAIaMadison $1000 
Browns Creek, Wmston: Rice, Thos P. Ala $41 
Brundidge, Pike: Colher, Miss SalUe W, Ala $1000 
Andress, Jas M, RD Ala 2AlaPike $800 
Keimedy, Jos T, RD Ala 2AlaPike $1000 
Buena Vista, Monroe: Flnklea, B, Ala $336 
Baflalo, Chambers: Hunter, W D, Ala S380 
Hunter, Sarah F, Clerk Ala SAlaChambers $100 
Frazer, Eley C, RD Ala SAlaChambers SIOOO 
Thompson, Henry M, RD Ala 5AIaChambers $1000 
Buhl, Tuscaloosa: Hughes, Harvey B, Ala $277 

Belcher Alfred B, RD Ala OAlaTuscaloosa $800 
Bull, Marion: McNair, Henry N, Ala $39 
Buncombe, Hale: Stewart, AbnerR, Ala $47 
Burbank, Washington: Soelman, Carl W, Ohio $107 
Burkville, Lowndes: Rampy, Jacob A, Ala $56 
Burnsvllle, Dallas: Thompson, Addison, Ohio $313 
Burnt Corn, Monroe: Kyser, Jas K, — $257 
Burnwell Mines, Walker; Lewis, Geo C, — $130 
Butler, Choctaw: Ross, Mrs Martha G, Ala $694 

Ross, Jas D, AsstPM La lAlaChoctaw $60 
Butler Springs, Butler: Owen, Little D, Ala $238 
Carter, Jas A, RD Ala 2AIaButler $1000 
Presley, Albert C, RD Ala 2AlaButler $1000 
Cahaba, Dallas: Garrett, Mrs H F, Ala $106 
Calcls, Shelby: Embry, Lee J, Ala $168 
CtildweU, St Clair; Countryman, Francies M, Ala $S5 
Caledonia, Wilcox; Lewis) Ransom, Ala $207 

Lewis, Lee, RD Ala 2Ala Wilcox $960 
Calera, Shelby: Pilgreen, Jas W, Ala SHOO 

Blevhis, Miss Annie, AsstPM Ala 4AlaShelby $336 
Calhoun, Lowndes: Bell, jr, N J, Ala $536 
Smith, RAP, AsstPM NC SAlaLowndes $25 
Bowen, E H, Clerk SC SAlaLowndes $26 
Gray, Clinton C, RD Ala SAlaLowndes $1000 
Calvert, Washington: Turner, Mrs Daisy McR, Ala $434 
Camden, Wilcox: Boltz, Geo C, Ala $1500 
Jackson, Miss Zada, AsstPM Ala 2AlaWiIcox $240 
Alford, Geo C, Clerk Ala 2AlaWUcox $84 
Tait, F F, RD Ala 2Ala— $1000 
Tail, Felix, RD Ala 2Ala— $1000 
Campbell, Clarke: Seals, Jesse, — $187 
Camphlll, Tallapoosa: Jenkins, Wm C, SC $1000 
JeDkms,MlssFerle, AsstPM Ala SAlaTallapoosa $420 



Camphlll— CoDtlnued. 
Meadows. Henry C, RD Ala SAIaTslIapooea SIOOO 
Smith, Miles A. KD Ala SAlaTnllapoosa SIOOO 
Canoe Station, ?:scanibi»: Stanton, PbUip E, Ala 1302 
Capell, Wiliox: Capell, R S, Ala »78 
Capps, llnnrv: Capps, John T, Ala JI93 

Alexander, J W, RD Ala 3AlaDole »1()00 
CarbonhUI. Walker: Stovall. Jas M, Ala (1500 
Stovall, (ieo I-, Clerk Ala fiAlaFayctto S'.MO 
Johnson. }:v< F, UD Ala OAlaWalker $520 
Cardiff. JclTerson: Steed, Mrs L H, Ga $295 
Carlton, ('l;irke: Thompson, J E, — J212 
Carney. H^Uilwin: Carnev, Mrs Fannie H, TeK $145 
Carrollton. I'ukcn.s: Williams, Walter W, Ala t983 
l.onRniiie, John T, KI) Ala OAlaPickens JIOOO 
Nolan.l, Wni P, RD Ala OAlaPickcns JIOOO 
Scott, Wni A, RD Ala BAlaPickens »1000 
Carson, Washington: Powell, S E, Ala 1221 

Powell, jr. 1) D, AsstPM — lAlaWashington tl20 
CartwrlgSt, Limestone; Carter, John W, Ala tliU 
Castleberry, Conecuh: Kennedy, Augustus B, Ala S8S1 
liullinKlon, Kobt E, UD Ala 2AlaConccuh $900 
White. Jas W, RD NY 2AlaConecuh $1(X)0 
Caswell, liiililwin: Walker, Mrs Fanny Ala $33 
Catherine, Wilcox: Aldridge, A B, — $394 
Cecil. Montgomery: Barganier, J W, .\la $208 
Cedar BluB, Cherokee: Slone, Jas F, Ala $005 
I.anev. Zaeh D, RD Ala TAIaCherokee $1000 
McElVath. Itichd N. RD Ala TAlaCherokee $1000 
Cedarlake, Morgan: Tate, jr. Uilliard, — $78 
CedarrtUe, Hale: Oervin, Alonzo B, Ala $150 
Center, Cherokee: Watts Wm M, Ala $813 
Johnson, Miss Allic, Clerk Ala 7AlaCherokcc $125 
Shropshire, Chas S, RD Ala 7AlaCherokee $1000 
Webb, John E, RD Ala 7AlaCherokee $1000 
CenterfUle, Bibb: Fuller, Nelson C, Ala $1400 
Gardner, Mrs Nellie R, AsstPM Ala OAlaBibb $300 
Caddell, BenJ A, KD Ala 9AlaBibb $1000 
Dailev, OIlie P, RD Ala OAlaBibb $1000 
Mugs; Jas R, RD Ala OAlaBibb $1000 
Mugs, Wm W. RD Ala OAlaBibb $1000 
Woollev. Jewel V, RD Ala OAlaBibb $1000 
Central, Elmore: Widcman, Ewell B, Ala $117 
CentraJ Mills. Dallas: Tipton, Thos H, Ala $140 
Chalk Bluff, Miirion: Frederick, Peter, .\la $140 
Chance, Clurke: Dozier Mrs I.ucv J, Ala $142 
Chancellor, Geneva: Oliver, Wm' H, Ala $302 
Ciiiii. Jesse C, RD Ala 4AlaGcneva $1000 
Cliesliire, Fletcher F, KD Ala 4AlaGeneva $1000 
Chandler Springs, Talladega: Chandler, Miss Henry C, 
Ala »2(a 
Chandler, Millard F, Clerk Ala 4AlaTalladega $36 
Parrish, Clarence S, RD Ga — $1000 
Chapman, Butler: Stallworth, Miss Stella M, Tex $593 
Charity, l.owndes: Lee, John O, — $49 
Chase, Madison: Naugher. Wm S, Tenn $308 
Naugher, Thos W, AsstPM Ala SAIaMadison $48 
Trotter, John T, RD Ala SAIaMadison $1000 
Chatom, Washington: Jordan, Fred J, Ala $542 
Chavles, Dek.ilb: Gilbreath, Wm B, — $346 
McCurdv, Miss Maml? A, AsstPM — 7AluDekalb $96 
Corbin, las E, Carrier — 7AlaDekalb $1000 
Everett, Benj F, Carrier — TAIaDekalb $1000 
Chelsea, Shelby: Weldon, Geo W, Ala $245 
Chepultepec, I'ilotmt: Burnum, Jas P, Ala $259 
Buruum, Thos S, Clerk Ala OAlaBlount $10 
Cherokee, (Jolbert: Hall, Mrs Jaque, — $715 
Turner, Arthur P, Clerk — — $48 
Benson, Fred W, KD — — $inoo 
Benson, John C, RD — — $700 
Carter. Win W, RD — — $1000 
Chesson. Macon: O'Donnell, Thos, Va $102 
Chestnut. Monroe: llcstlc. Mrs Mattie E. Ala $97 
Chickasaw, \\ alker: King, Edwd W, Ky $230 
Chlldersburg, Talladega: Stewart, Jas U, — $827 
Stewart. .Mrs Akic, AsstPM — 4.\laTalladcga $72 
Edwards. Oscar W. RD — 4AlaTalladega $1000 
Moss. Holing Y, RD — 4AlaTalladeKa $1000 
Chilton. Clarke: Harrison, Mrs Ida L, Ala $54 
China, Conet-uh: Witlierington, J E, Ala $205 

Somendl. F W, KD Ala — $1000 
Choccolocco, Calhoun: Hughes, Jolin W, — $417 

lionlers, Hobl i,, RD — 4AlaCalhoun $1000 
Choctaw Bluff, Clarke: Fleming, Annie J, Conn $148 
Chunchula, Mobile: Buck, Mrs Anno F, Tenn $297 
Cltronelle, .Mobile: Ellyson, Albert W, Iowa $1400 
Ellvson. Mrs Marv B. AsstPM Iowa lAlaMobile $180 
Robinson, Miss A'Bello, Clerk NY lALiMobile $180 
Clark, Wm 11 H, RD Ind lAlaMobile $1000 
Robinson. Eiiwd W, RD NY lAlaMobile $000 
Claiborne. .Monroe: Tuthill. Geo A, Ala $168 
Clairmont Springs, Clay: Buchanan, Wm R, Ala $99 
Clanton. Cliilton: Dudley, Felix O, Ala $1500 
WilliiiiTis, Nettie I„ AsstPM Ala 4AlaChilton $300 
Armstrong. John D, RD Ala 4AlaChilton $900 
Armstrong, Wm J, RD Ala 4AlaChiltOB $900 
EasterliDg, David D, RD Ala 4AlaChilton $960 
Harris, Orover C, KD Ala .'JAlaChilton $1000 
MeKce. Polo M. RD Ala 4AlnChilton $960 
Miller, Edwd W, RD Ala 5AlaChilton $1(XX) 
Swint. ChasC, KD Ala SAIaChilton $1000 
Clare, Baldwin: Doran, Mrs Sarah, Ala $70 
Clarksvllle, Cliirke: Coate, Mrs J E, Ala $42 
Claud, Elmore: Langley, Amos J, — $80 
ClayhUl, Marengo: Jackson, Emory F, Ala $104 
Clayton, Barbour: Valentine, Chas, Ala $1300 
Richards, Miss Vela H, Clerk Ala 3AlaBarbour $240 
Coles, John P, KD Ala SAlaBarbour $960 
Cox, Aubrey, RD Ala 3AlaBarbour $1000 
Cox, Victor RD Ala SAlaBarboiu $1000 
Kennedv, Guy P, RD Ala 3AlaBarbour $900 
Cleaver, Oolhert: Loonev, .\ndw J. .\la $110 
Cleveland. Blount: DavicLson. Miss Dora L, Ala $399 Rov E. RD Ala OAlaBlount $1000 
Rogers, Vim B, KD Ala OAlaBlount $480 
CUnton, Greene: Eatman, Miss Marv J, Ala $287 
Eatman, Miss Kate, Clerk Ala 'OAiaOreene $48 
Bunnelle, F M, RD Ala GAlaOreene SIOOO 

CUstonvUlt, Coffee: Snider, J L, Ala S221 
Peacock, A W, RD Ala 3AlaCofTee $900 
i CUo, Barbour: Strickland, J N, Ala $811 

Lavinder, T J, Clerk Ala SAIaBarbour $480 
McKlnnan, D !,, KD Ala SAIaBarbour $1000 
Payne, Chas O, RD Ala 3AlaBarbour $1000 
Pickett, J n, RD Ala 3AlaBarbour $960 
Clopton, Dale: Freeman, Robt J, — $264 
' Seolt, Angus A, RD — SAlaDale $1000 
' Stovall. (ieo D, RD — 3AlaDalo $1000 

Clongh, Walker: Bnislleld, Henry, Ala $136 
. Oloverdale, l.audenlale: Lawson. Saml 11. Tenn $285 

Cooper. Jos M. RD Ala SAlal.auderdale $1000 
} Fcnn. Edgar 1,, RD Ala 8Alal,audcrdale $960 
Coal City. St Clair: Fav, Chas R, Pa $440 
Coal Creek, JelTerson: Skelton, I.snac N, — $1.56 
Coaling, Tuscaloosa: Black, Sainl M, Ala $23t 
Coalmont, Shelby: Clayton, E Clifton, Ala $213 
Barlley, Wilev. A.^stPM Ala 4AlaShelbv $60 
Coal Valley, Walker: Jones, Matthew L, Afa $246 
Coatopa, .Sumter: Lark n, Wm, \\a $291 
Cobbvllle, ('larke: Wiggins, John 0, Ala $50 
Cochrane, Pickens: Windham, John E, Ala $355 
Coden. Mobile: Bridges, W G, Kv $316 

Bridges, .Mrs Virginia M, AsstP.M Mo lAlaMobile $36 
CoSee Springs, Geneva: Ward, Wm W, Ala $532 
Klrkpatrlck, Miss Winnie M, Clerk Ala 3AlaGe- 

neva $l8i) 
Cain, John T, RD Ala SAIaGcneva $804 
CoffeevlUe, Clarke: York, II E, Ala $444 

Cox, Rudolph B, RD Ala OAlaClarke $1000 
Cohasset, Conecuh: Barrow, Geo M, Ala S67 
Cohort, Jefferson: Aaron, John E, — $.35 
Coker, Tuscaloosa: Pool, Murk P, Ala $216 
Pool, Mrs Bell, AsstP.M Ala OAlaTuscaloosa S60 
Findley.EM, Clerk Ala 6AlaTu,scaloosa $60 
Cole, Lawrence: McCav, Mrs Beatrice, Ala $12 
Coleanor, Bibl): Sherfod, BenJ E, Ala $.'!81 
Collbran, Dekalb: Franklin, Wallace M, — $258 
Thompson, Geo W, RD — 7AlaDekalb $960 
Collins, Cherokee: Collhis, Jas B, Ga $.32 
CoUlnsvllle, Dekalb: Jordan, Henry R, Ala $1100 
Cain, Wall, Clerk Ga 7AlaDekalb $300 
Cimningham, Jonathan P, RD Ala 7AIaDekalb 

Nicholson. Chas R. RD Ala 7AlaDekalb $960 
Keed, Walter S, RD Ala 7AlaDekalb $1000 
Smith, Porter O, RD Ala 7AlaDekalb $960 
Colllreno, Lowndes: Dunklin, Mrs Clauilia R, Ala $154 
CoUum, Jackson: Parks, Thos B, Ala $32 
Columbia, Houston: McGriff, Marcus T, Ala $1300 
Bryan, Jliss Marlah, AsstPM Ala SAlaHouston 

Ethridge, Wm A, RD Ala 3AlalIenry $1000 
McGrin, Henry L, RD Ala SAlaHenry $960 
.Skipper, Arthur M, RD Ala 3AlaHenry $960 
Whalen, Jas R, RD NY SAlalloustoD $1000 
Columbiana, Shelby: .^bercrombie, Jas I, Ala $1200 
Moson,Jasn, AsstPM Ala 4AlaShelby $108 
McOibonev, John W, RD Ga 4AlaShelby $900 
Parker, Willie A, RD Ala 4AlaShelby $1000 
Spearman, Solomon J, RD Ala 4AlaShelby $700 
Columbus City, Marshall: Stearnes, Chas A, — $202 
Comer, Barbour: Vaughn, Moses L, Ga $380 
Dismnke, Jas N, RD Ala SAIaBarbour $996 
Grantham, John F, RD Ala SAIaBarbour $996 
Consul, Marengo: Coats, Edwd C, — $206 
Cooks Springs, St Clair: Cooke, Lafayette, -Via $147 
Cooper, Chilton: Eiland CJ, Ala $219 
Coosada Station, Elmore: Vlncentelli, Jerome, Fr 

Copeland, Washington: Copcland, Geo C, Ala $184 
Cordova. Walker: Jones. Itenrv L, Ala $1100 
Key, Miss Mollie, AsstPM Ala OAla Walker $264 
Lantrip, Paul A, RD Ala OAlaWalker $700 
Corley, Marengo: Floyd, C A. Ala $51 
Corona, Walker: Hamner, Clement C, Ala $1000 
Hamner, Mrs Daisy, AsstPM Ala OAlaWalker $84 
Flke, Fred W, Clerk Ala OAlaWalker $60 
Flke. Richmond L V, RD Ala 6AlaWalker $1000 
Honevcutt, Kanson C. KD Ala OAIaFavette $1000 
Stanford, Davis M, RD Ala OAlaWalker $1000 
Cortelyou, Washington: Lewis, W P, NC $212 
Cottage Grove, Coosa: Savage, Urlyne P, — $60 
Cottondale, Tuscaloosa: Allen, Callie, Ala $501 
Mcrryman, Jas G, RD Ala OAlaTuscaloosa $960 
Riley, T A, RD Ala OAlaTuscaloosa $1000 
Cotton HIU, Barbour: Watson, D Z, Ala $133 

Hawkins, W A, RD Ala SAIaBarbour $1000 
Cottonton, Russell: Corcoran. Ernest M, Ala $209 

Wade, Thornton Clyatt, RD Ala 4AlaRussell $700 
Cottonwood, Houston: Calhoun, UP, — $458 
Kirkland,Jos.M, RD Ala SAlallouston $900 
Sellers, Norton M, RD Ala 3Alallouslon $1000 
Courtland. Lawrence: Harris, John H, Ala $932 
Hall, H Hemic, Clerk Ala SAlaLawrence $420 
Marlon, Johnnie C, RD Ala SAlaLawrence $700 
Covin, Favette: Dodson. John W, Ala $175 
Hankins, Wilson A, RD Ala OAlaFayctte $1000 
Ilankins, Benton M, RD Ala OAlaFayctte $1000 
Covington, Jefferson: McBride, Robt A, Ala $167 
Cowarts, Houston: Forrester, Oliver A, Ala $156 
Coy. Wilcox: McLeo.l. Wm A, Ala $146 
Cragford. ('lav: Childs, Wilburn S, Ala $104 
Cranal. Winstxin: Mizc, Jolin D, Ala $14 
Crane HIU, Cullman; WiUilord, Wm J, Ga $108 
Crawford, Russell: Arrant, Wm D, Ala $1.37 
Creek Stand, .Macon: Ellison, Walty Key, Ala $67 
Creel, Walker: Sloan, J B, — $70 
Creola, Mobile: Powers, Mrs LulaO, Ala $256 
Crews Depot, Lamar: Stanford, W T, Ala $231 
Stanford, Miss Lillie N, AsstP.M Ala 6AlaL8mar 

Aldridge, J L, RD Ala 6AlaLamar $1000 
Crloh ton. Mobile: Stallworth, Jas A, Ala $742 
Shreve, Geo L, RD WU lAlaMobile $1000 
Cromwell, Choctaw: Sbearon, W R, Ala $52 

Ciopwell, St Clair: Turner, Jas P Ala S386 
Jones, A R Cleric Ala 7AlaSt Clair $48 
Alexander, John .M, RD Ala 7AlaSt Clair $800 
Rowland, John B, RD Ala 7AlaSt Clair $900 
Crosby, Houston: Ivcy, Albert P, Ala $2.58 
Granger, J E, RD Ala SAlallouston $900 
Simmons, D M, RD Ala SFlaJackson $1000 
CrossTllle, Dekalb: Clayton, Mrs M B, Ala $511 
Copeland, A B, RD Ala 7AlaDekalb $1000 
Kirby, BenjF RD Ala 7AlaDekalb $1000 
Crodup, Ktowah: Sawls, Jesse D, Ala $294 
Cuba, Sumter; Andrews, llenr\' H, NC $797 
Martin, Mack P, AsstPM Sfiss OAlaSiimter $300 
Honeywell, Wm M, RD Miss OAlaSuniter $960 
Corn, Jesse F, RD Ga OAlaSiuntcr $1000 
Cubahatchle, Macon: Kaviuiaugh.BoIing Ala $40 
CuUman, Cullinun: Heck, Wm A, NY $2200 
tirayot, iMigcne A, AsstPM Ky 7AlaCulIman $900 
Heck, Win H, Clerk Ala 7AlaCiillman $900 
Werdt, Herman W, Clerk Ala 7AlaCulIman S800 
Brooks, Allen D, RD Ala 7AlaCulUnan $1000 
Cook, Henry T, RD Ga 7A!aCullman $1000 
Dorrough, C'hos W, RD Ala 7AlaCullman $1000 
Dorroiigh, John IT, RD Ala 7AlaCulIman $1000 
Kilgoe, Geo, D RD Ala 7AlaCiillman $1000 
7 Kilgoe. John W, RD Ala 7AlaCullman $1000 
Ragland, Henry A, RD Ala 7AlaCulhnan $1000 
Smith, Jesse H, RD Ala 7AlaCiillman $1000 
Sutton, Oiian, RD Oa 7AlaCulIman $1000 
Culpepper, Wilcox: Rodgcrs, S E, — $119 
Cunningham, Clarke: Cunningham,, Ala $185 
Curls Station, Sumter: Ridgdill, Thos O, Ga $110 
Curry. Pike: Mallett, Chas N. Ala $49 

Reiser, .Stephen P, Carrier Ga 2AlaPike $230 
Cnsseta, Chambers: .Meadors.TolincrT, Ala $321 

Culpepper, Chas C, RD Ala 5AlaChambers $1000 
Cypress, Hale: Strudwick, Jas W, Ala $1.55 
Cyril, Choctaw: Douglass. Luther M, Ala $.52 
DadevUIe. Tallapoosa: Berkstresscr, Harvey E, Ala 
Rowe. Miss Emma, AsstPM Ala SAIaTallapoosa 

Jackson, Lonnle, Clerk Ala SAIaTallapoosa $200 
Clark, Albert A, RD Ala .SAIaTallapoosa $1000 
Clark, J Holley. RD Ala SAIaTallapoosa $1000 
Parkman. Thos J, RD Ala SAIaTallapoosa $1000 
Thomos. Chilton W, RD Ala SAIaTallapoosa $960 
Yancey, Henrj- F, RD Ala SAIaTallapoosa $1000 
DalevlUe, Dale: Brunson, Mrs Alberta 0, Ala $408 
Templeton, Miss Marv. AsstPM Ala SAlaDale $200 
Terry, Win H, RD Ala SAlaDale $1000 
Wells, John W, RD Ala SAlaDale $1000 
Damon, Clarke: Wilson, Mrs Louise C. .\la $124 
Dancy, Pickens: Dancv, Mrs 11 N. Ala $23S 
Danville, Morgan: Dutton, Geo W. Ala $459 
Lindsev, Geo W, RD Ala SAlaMorgan $960 
Roberts, Prentis W, RD Ala SAlaMorgan $900 
Sharnley, Jas D, RD Ala SAlaMorgan $900 
Speake, Dennis M, RD Ala SAlaMorgan $1000 
Daphne, Baldwin: Dryer. Wm. Ohio $510 
Holland. Mrs Amelia. Clerk Ohio 2AlaBaldwin $180 
Randall. Bert L, RD Ohio 2AlaBaldwin $1000 
Darlington. Wilcox: Lambert, Mrs A H. Ala $124 
Dauphin Island, Mobile: Vaughan.Mrsf)raN E, Iowa 

Daviston. Tallapoosa: Camp. Jas M. — $212 
Crolev. Chas T. RD — SAIaTallapoosa $1000 
Dunn, Harry H, RD — SAIaTallapoosa $1000 
Dawklns, Macon: Reid. F R, — $2S 
Dawson, Dekalb: Fincher, Jeptha N. .■Ma $346 
Lackey, I-evi B. RD Ala 7AlaDekalb $1000 
Wright, Bascom C, RD Ala 7AlaDekalh $9(iO 
Dayton, Marengo: Lockhart. S R, Ala $269 
Dean. Clay: Dean. J B. — $32 
De Annanvllle. Calhoun: Wat-son. John C, Ga $214 

Borders, Ram J, RD Ala 4AlaCaIhoun $1000 
Deatsville, Elmore: Ivcv, Norflet. .\la $645 
Ivev.Geo. AsstPM Ala SAIaElmore $S00 
.Tackson, Harvey H. RD Ala SAIaElmore $1000 
Nix. Inge R jr. RD Ala SAIaElmore $960 
Robinson. John A. RD Ala SAIaElmore $960 
Decatnr. Morcan: Moselev. Wm. Ala $2200 
Robertson. Felix M. AsstPM Ala SAlaMorgan $1100 
Gentry, WmG. Clerk Ala SAlaMorgan $900 
Hendi-rson. Geo Clifford, Clerk Tenn S.\laMorgan 

Jolly. Alvin L, Clerk Ala SAlaMorgan $1000 
Moseley, Wm, jr. Clerk Ala SAlaMorgan $1000 
Smith, Almns Mahlon, Clerk Tenn SAlaMorgan 

Garrison, Simon R. Carrier Ala SAlaMorgan $1100 
Jones. Gorman. Carrier Ala SAlaMorgan $900 
Mangum. Clarence M, Carrier Tenn SAlaMorgan 

Mover. John B. Carrier Ala 6AlaJofferson $800 
Sinis. Bemice O, Carrier Tenn SAlaMorgan $900 
Baleh. Robt K. RD Tenn SAlaMorgan $1000 
Hamilton. WD, RD Tenn SAlaMorgan $1000 
.Tollv, Elbert L. RD Tenn SAl;iMorgan $1000 
Williams. Claude W. RD Ala SAlaMorgan $960 
Deerhurst. .Sheltiv: Oldham. W E. — SIO 
Deer Park. Washington: Lynch, Richd W. Ill $.307 
Delchamps. Mobile: Seyfric^d, HE.— $2S4 
Delmar. Winston: Weaver. Henrv. Ga $202 
Weaver, Thos P, AsstPM Ala 7AlaWlnston $180 
Kirkwood, Miss Christina, Clerk Pa 7AlaWInston 

Mnsgrove. RIIcv A. RD Ala 7AlaWlnston $660 
Delmaville, Pickens: Gravton, Laura R. Ala $71 
Delta. Clav: Jenkins. John F. Ala $.346 
Dulin. Thos J. RD Ala SAIaClav $1000 
Reagan. Wm E. RD Ala .5AlaClav $1000 
Willinghnm, Henrv C. RD Ala .5AlaClay $1000 
DemopoUs. Marengo: Woodniff, Lea, Ohio $2000 
Holt, Luther F. AsstPM Ala lAlaMarengo $900 
Holt, Mrs Edith D, Clerk Ohio lAlaMatango $600 



Deposit, Madison: McCaleb, J E, — $145 
Detroit, Lamar; Jaclcson, S H, Ala S311 
Hamiiton, A J, ED Ala OAlaMariou 8560 
Lewis, Sam, BD Ala 6AJaMarion $1000 
Dewdiop, Tuscaloosa: Johnson, Voi J, Ala $40 
Diadem, Conecuh: Hightower, John F, Ala $42 
Dial, Sumter: Peel, Miss Kate W, Ala $101 
Dlckert, Randolph: Gray, John M, Ala $52 
Dickinson, Clarke: McLeod, Pugh L, — $242 

McLeod, Mrs Corine R, Clerk Ala lAlaClarke $96 
Dickson, Colbert: Duncan, R A, Ala $66 
Dlllburg, Pickens: McKee, Jas H, — $90 
Dlzons Mills, Marengo: Dunning, John A, Ala $214 
Dizonville, Escambia: Jemigan, Mrs Alabama, — $115 
Dollar, Coosa: Perkins, R I, Ala $51 
Dolomite, JefEerson: Wilson, J R, Ala $274 
Dora, Walker: Daniel Noah S, Ala $1200 
Daniel, Miss Mae, Clerk Ala 6AlaWalker $120 
Benton, Jas M, RD Ala 6AlaWalker $960 
Dothan, Houston: Trammell, Byron, Ala $2500 
Norris, Thos W, AsstPM Ala 3AlaHouston $1200 
Lisenby, Seaborn, Clerk Ala 3AlaHouston $1000 
McCarty, Hemy F, Clerk Ga SAlaHouston $1000 
McCarty, Jefl K, Clerk Ala SAlaHouston $1100 
Parish, Miss Eddie M, Clerk Ala SAlaHouston $1000 
Roland, Howard A, Clerk Ala SAlaHouston $800 
Domingus, John L, Carrier Ala SAlaHouston $900 
Hardy, Chas A, Carrier Ala SAlaHouston $900 
Harrison, John A, Carrier Ala SAlaHouston $1000 
Bruce, Edmund N, RD Ala SAlaHouston $1000 
Burdeshaw, Arthur, RD Ala SAlaHouston $1000 
Hooten, Angus C, RD Ala SAlaHouston $960 
Merritt, Julius, RD Ala SAlaHouston $1000 
Parramore, Jas R, RD Ga SAlaHouston $1000 
Taylor, Hannibal C, RD Ga SAlaHouston $1000 
Vamer, Early, ED Ga SAlaHouston $1000 
Double Springs, Winston: Curtis, Wm C, Ala $634 
Curtis, Arthur B, Clerk Ala 7Ala Winston $84 
Corbin, Jas L, RD Ga 7AlaWinston $480 
McColium, Joel H, RD Ala 7AlaWinston $1000 
Douglas, Dale: Reeder, Carl E, Ala $203 

Marks, Silas D, RD Ala SAlaDale $900 
Downing, Montgomery: Pugh, Almond M, Ala $143 
Harnett, Rufus, RD Ala SAlaMontgomery $900 
Downs, Macon: Hall, Thos H, Ala $180 
Dozier, Crenshaw: Clark, Wm P, Ala $633 

Turner, John H, RD Ala 4AlaCrenshaw $1000 
Drane, Lowndes: Favor, Myrtle, — $20 
Dravo, Tuscaloosa: Favor, Myrtle, — $27 
Drewry, Momoe: McMillan, Jolm B jr, Ala $183 
Drifton, Walker, Bruce, F K, — S295 
Duke, Calhoun: Webster, Jones S, Ala $93 
Dunbor, Washington: Wood, J S, Ala $1 
Duncanville, Tuscaloosa: Fair, Monrowe, Ala $S29 
Fair, Miss Margret E, Clerk Ala 9AlaBibb $36 
Fair, Walter C, RD Ala OAlaTuscaloosa $1000 
Farmer, Wm C, ED Ala OAlaTuscaloosa $1000 
Dunnavant, Shelby: King, Wm G, Ohio $107 
Dutton, Jackson: Thomas, Mrs Luvinia, Ala $250 
Dyas, Baldwin: Larkins, L G, Ala $171 
Eagle, Winston: Hamrick, Gilliam A, Ga $22 
Easonviile, St Clair: Coker, Pearl F, — $209 
East Tallassee, Tallapoosa: Jackson, Mrs Almyra M, 
Ala $305 
Ashurst, Bobt T, RD Ala 5AlaTallapoosa $1000 
Reeves, Hurd L, ED Ala SAlaTallapoosa $1000 
Eclectic, Elmore: Edwards, J N, — $668 
Edwards, Mrs T O, Clerk — 5AlaElmore $S6 
Colley, Wm A, ED — SAlaElmore $1000 
Jackson, Augustus M, RD — 5AlaElmore $1000 
Jackson, Bruce A, RD — SAlaElmore $1000 
Eden, St Clair: Robertson, Wm B. Ala $330 

Lovell, Jas W, ED Ala 7AlaStClair $1000 
Edna, Choctaw: Eoblnson, Miss M L, Ala $125 
Edson, Lowndes: Eowell, O W, Ala $66 
EdwardsvlUe, Cleburne: Tyler, Jas M, Ala $445 

Tyler, Mrs M A, AsstPM Ala 4AlaCiebume $36 
Eiamville, Barbour: Middlebrooks, Zere E, Ala $248 
Middlebrooks, John A, RD Ala SAlaHenry $900 
Elba, Coffee: MuUins, W S, Ala $1400 
Mnllins, Helen, AsstPM Ala SAlaCoffee $S00 
Bleeder, Jesser, RD Ala 3AlaCoflee $1000 
Bullard, Frank, RD Ala SAlaCoffee $1000 
BuUard, W J, RD Ala SAlaCoffee $1000 
Bryan, Raymond V, RD Ala SAlaCoffee $800 
Collier, Geo, ED Ala SAlaCoifee $1000 
Wise, Macon M, RD Ala SAlaCoffee $800 
Elbert, Tuscaloosa: Mayfield, Golden D, Ala $35 
Eidridge, Walker: Williams, R M, — $330 
Williams, Mrs Edna E, Clerk Ga 6AlaWalker $36 
Harbin, Green B, RD Ala OAlaWalker $900 
Eleanor, Dallas: King, John McM, Ala $206 

Bryant, Claibe Whitt, ED Ala 4AlaDalIas $900 
Eliska, Monroe: Cole, David D, La S23S 

English, M H, Clerk — — S36 
Elkmont, Limestone: Evans, Robt B, Tenn $627 
Bates. David G, ED Ala SAlaLimestone $900 
Dawson, Henry, RD Ala SAlaLimestone $900 
Warren, Wm H, RD Tenn SAlaLimestone $1000 
Elkwood, Madison: Norwood, Delos M, NY $293 
Ready, Elvin I, RD Ala SAlaMadison $1000 
Ready, Freddie E, RD Ala SAlaMadison $1000 
Ellaville, Winston: Morgan, Benj F, Ala $60 
EUawhite, Perry: Taylor, Mrs Mary T, Ala $93 
EIUs, Dallas: Dunn, M C. — S74 
Elmoie, Elmore: James, Robt B, Ala $57S 
Cooper, H W, jr, AsstPM Ala SAlaElmore $420 
Chapman, John D, RD Ala SAlaElmore $900 
James, Geo M. RD Ala SAlaElmore $900 
Elon, Madison: Watson, Chas H, Ala $68 
Elrod, Tuscaloosa: Berry, Keener V, Ala $205 

Berry, Saml L, Clerk Ala — $5 
Emory, Choctaw: Fagan, J, — $67 
Emplie, Walker: MoFarland, Mrs Ada Lee, Ala $475 

Dill, Jas L, ED Ala 6AlaWalker $1000 
Enoch, Sumter: Speed, J C, Ala $36 

Ensley, Jefferson ; Thomas, John X, Wales $2600 
Fairley, Robt P, AsatPM Eng OAIaJeflerson $1300 
Cowart, Fletcher J jr. Clerk NM lAlaPike $1000 
Eberly, John J, Clerk Ala OAlaJefferson $900 
Mays, Archie K, Clerk Ala OAlaJefferson $1100 
Meehan, Eugene, Clerk Ire OAlaJefferson $000 
Schurdak, Jacob M, Clerk Pa OAlaJefferson $1100 
Spiegel, Alonza D, Clerk Ala OAlaJefferson $600 
Murphy, Miss Bridge, Clerk Eng OAlaJefferson 

Young, Miss Nola, Clerk Ala OAlaJefferson $900 
Denton, Carl C, Clerk Tenn 16TexElPaso $1000 
Davis, Shelby M, Carrier Miss OAlaJefferson $800 
Ford, Griggaby, Carrier Ala OAlaJefferson $800 
HoUoway, Soloman L, Carrier Ala OAlaJefferson 

Lawson, Josef L, Carrier Ala OAlaJefferson $900 
Means, John T, Carrier Ala SAlaMorgan $1000 
Penny, Joim B, Carrier La OAlaJefferson $800 
Scruggs. Frank, Carrier, Tenn OAlaJefferson $800 
Thomas, Ira T, Carrier Ala OAlaJefferson $600 
Miller, Robt W, Carrier Ga OAlaJefferson $1000 
Wheeler, Frank C, RD Ala OAlaJefferson $1000 
Woodman, Wm E, RD Wales OAlaJefferson $060 
Enterprise, CoBee: Chambl iss,J A, Ala $1600 
Henderson, Miss Mollie P, AsstPM Ala SAlaCoffee 

Bruner, Dade M, RD Ala SAlaCoffee $1000 
Edwards, C B, RD Ala SAlaCoffee $1000 
Manning, O T, RD Ala SAlaCoffee $1000 
Sawyer, John C, RD Ala SAlaCoffee 81000 
Eoline, Bibb: Steele, J F, Ala $255 
Epes, Sumter: Patterson, Mrs E, Ala $724 
Equality, Coosa: Jones, Chas T, Ala $396 
Kilgore, Wm H jr, ED Ala SAlaCoosa $1000 
Law, Sam E, ED Ala SAlaCoosa $900 
Escatawpa, Washington: Morris, Mrs I B, Ala $196 
Brown, Miss Eebecca, AsstPM Ala lAlaWashington 
Est, Walker: Coalbum, Greef C, Ala $26 
Estillfork, Jackson: Hinshaw, Jas T, Ala $60 
Ethelsville, Pickens: Rickman, Saml F, Ala $447 
Hudson, Jackson C. Clerk Miss (iAlaPiokens $S4 
Halbert, Erman E, RD Ala 6AlaPickens $1000 
Whitten, John W, ED Ala 6AlaPickens $1000 
Eufaula, Barbour: Russell, G W, Ala $2300 
Eussell, D L, AsstPM Ala SAlaBarbour $1000 
McCormick, Wm E, jr. Clerk Ala SAlaBarbour 8900 
Rose, R T, Clerk Tenn SAlaBarbour 81000 
Russell, I W, Clerk Ala SAlaBarbour $1000 
Banfield, Emory H, Carrier Ala SAlaBarbour $800 
Blackmon, Wm F, RD Ala SAlaBarbour $1000 
Doughtie, Chas P, RD Ala SAlaBarbour $1000 
Jones, Egbert J, ED Ala SAlaBarbour 81000 
Kitehum, Jesse L, Carrier Ala SAlaBarbour $900 
Sheehan, Wm E, Carrier Ala SAlaBarbour $800 
Euphronia, Montgomery: Williams, C E, — $34 
Eutaw, Greene: Hays, Miss Mary H, Ala $1600 

Carpenter, John P, ED Ala OAlaGreene $1000 
Eva, Morgan: Stewart, Clifton: Ala $229 
Evans, Hale: Evans, Mrs Bettie S, Va 8120 
Evergreen, Conecuh: Dean, General C, Ala $1800 
Barnes. Edwm C, AsstPM Ala 2AIaConecuh 8444 
Cunningham, Miss Mary E, Clerk Ala 2 AlaConecuh 

Herbert, Boiling A, ED Ala 2AlaConecuh $1000 
Herbert, Jas D, RD Ala 2AlaConecuh $1000 
Sampey, Wm B, RD Ala 2AlaConecuh $900 
Excel, Monroe: Griffin, John E, Ala $338 
Exsho, Washington: Davis, Jas A, — $45 
Fabius, Jackson: Glover, Miss Eula C, Ala $282 
Hawes, John A, RD Ala OAlaJacksou 81000 
Fackler, Jackson: McCrary, Sam, Ala 83V5 

McCrary, Mrs Delia M, Clerk III SAlaJackson $108 
Fail, Choctaw: Williamson, J H, Ala $106 
Fairford, Washington: Schwarzauer, Max M, Ger $321 
Fairhope, Baldwin: Oswalt, H C, Ala $1000 

Atherton, Arthur, Clerk Ky 2AlaBaldwin $312 
Faico, Covington: Miles, Dennie D, Ala 8474 
FalkvUle, Morgan: Stimson, Andw J, Ala $698 
Spiegel, Robt O, Clerk Ala SAlaMorgan $360 
Liles, Jas G, RD Ala SAlaMorgan $1000 
Tedford, Jas P, ED Ala SAlaMorgan 81000 
Falls City, Winston: Snow, Wm E, Ala $131 

Porterfleld, J J, RD Ala 4AlaWinston 8528 
Fanelle, Tuscaloosa: Stokes, John T, Ga $88 
Fannie, Escambia: Blount, Mrs Constance G, Ala $51 
Farm, Cherokee: Wright, Augustus E, Ala $100 
Farley, Madison: Trotman. Henry P, Ala 8221 

Prince, S C, Clerk Miss SAlaMadison S40 
FarmersviUe, Lowndes: Moorer, D G, — $191 
Fatama, Wilcox: Curry, J. W, Ala $54 
Fauusdale, Marengo: Season, Edwd B, Ala $801 
Fayette, Fayette: Harkins Walter W, Ala $1400 
Edney, Miss Julia, Clerk Ala OAlaFayette $264 
Ayres, John A, RD Ala 6AlaFayette $900 
Caine, Joe E, RD Ala OAlaFayette $1000 
Campbell, Homer, ED Ala 6AlaFayette 81000 
Chandler, Roy L, ED Ala OAlaFayette $1000 
Humber, Wm H, RD Ala OAlaFayette $1000 
Roberts, Wm U, RD Ala OAlaFayette $800 
FayettevUIe,Talladega: Phillips, Lula C. Ala $340 

Boykin, Jos E, RD Ala 4AlaTalladega $1000 
Felix. Perry: Suttle, Jas F, Ala $210 

Suther, John M, RD Ala 9AlaPerry $1000 
Fernando, Marion: Rabum, R O, Ala $1 
Fernbank, Lamar: Seay, Mrs Kittie, Ala $260 

Cunningham, David W, RD Ala 6AlaLamar 81000 
Flnchburg, Monroe: Finch, J C. Va 8192 
Finklea, Monroe: Stacey, Mrs Bettie S, Ala $50 
Fitzpatrick, Bullock: Baldwin, Benj J, Ala $.535 
Baldwin. Mrs India, AsstPM Ga SAlaBullock $72 
Campbell. Richd C, RD Ala SAlaBullock $1000 
McLaurril, Lewis P, RD Ala SAlaBullock S5G0 
Flvemile, Hale: Davis, John S, — 836 

Fivepolnts, Chambers: Trammell.LeP, Ala $378 

Fuller, Edmond S, RD Ala SAlaChambers $1000 
Flat Creek, Jefferson: Quinn, Mrs Lena E, — $250 

Quinn, C E, AsstPM — OAlaJefferson $20 
Flatwood, Wilcox: Slade, Wm, Ala $2S6 
Fleta, Montgomery: Norman, W 0, Ala $46 
Flint, Morgan: Baidwm, Mrs Elisabeth J, Va $170 
Baldwin, Wm E, AsstPM Va SAlaMorgan $60 
Flomaton, Escamtjia: Abernethy, Miss Mary K, Ala 
Abernethy, E C, Clerk Ala — $216 
Florala, Covington: Ewing, Danl A, NC $1600 
Clements, Miss Emma, Clerk Ga 2AlaC0Tington 

Clements, H A, Clerk Ala 2AlaCovington $300 
Florence, Lauderdale: Moore, Chas W, Tenn $2500 
Farrar, Lewis T, AsstPM Tenn SAlaLauderdale 

Golden, Elmer F, Clerk Ohio SAlaLauderdale $900 
McPeters, John T, Clerk Ala SAlaLauderdale $1000 
Mitchell, Logan, Clerk Ala SAlaLauderdale $1100 
Pool, Robt J, Clerk Ala SAlaLauderdale $1000 
Summers, Wm L, Clerk Ala SAlaLauderdale $600 
Hughston, Dial, Carrier Ala SAlaLauderdale $900 
Jones, Wm E, Carrier Tenn SAlaLauderdale $600 
Pamplin, John M, Carrier Tenn SAlaLauderdale 

Sims, Rufus W, Carrier Ala SAlaLauderdale $1100 
Broadloot, Robt B, ED Ala SAlaLauderdale $1000 
Kirkland, Jos S, ED Ala SAlaLauderdale $1000 
Kirkland, SamlJ, ED Ala SAlaLauderdale $1000 
Quigley, John, ED Ire SAlaLauderdale $1000 
Quigley, John, jr, RD Ala SAlaLauderdale $1000 
Foley, Baldwin: Monteith, Wm H, Iowa $804 
Richards, Mrs Laura E, AsstPM Iowa 2AlaBald- 

win $180 
Monteith, Mrs Alice A, Clerk Iowa 2AlaBaIdwin 
Forestdale, Clarke: Bonier, Newell C, Ala $40 
Forest Home, Butler: Benson, Jos P, Ala $288 
Watt, Frank L, RD Ala 2AlaButler $1000 
Forkland, Greene: Legare, J K, SC $199 
Forney, Cherokee: Scroggin, Jefferson H, Ala $176 

Scott, Saml M, RD Ga 7AlaCherokee $900 
Ft Davis, Macon: Eich, W F, Ala $260 
Ft Deposit, Lowndes: Smith, Wm S, Ala $1100 
Smith, Mrs Annie H, AsstPM Ala SAlaLowndes 

Lee, Miss Virginia B, Clerk Ala SAlaLowndes $180 
Crum, Saml E, RD Ala SAlaLowndes $1000 
Tompkins, Geo S, RD Ala SAlaLowndes $620 
Williamson, Henry W. RD Ala 2AlaButler $1000 
Ft MltcheU, Russell: Sallas, Geo L, Ala $330 

Kile, Henry T, RD Ala SAlaRussell $1000 
Ft Morgan, Baldwin: Bogle, Mrs Lelia B, Miss $819 
Ft Payne, Dekalb: Malone, Geo L, Ala $1600 
Brock, Albert F, AsstPM Ala 7AlaDekalb $600 
Brock, Mrs ZoeD, Clerk Ala 7AlaDekalb $420 
Frazier, Jack S, RD Ala 7AlaDekalb $900 
Guest, Griffin G, RD Ala 7AlaDekalb $960 
Lowrey, Arthur A, RD Ala 7AlaDekalb $1000 
Lowrey, Jas N, RD Ala YAlaDekaib $1000 
Slone, Jas T, RD Ala 7AlaDekalb $1000 
Fosters, Tuscaloosa: Hill, Mrs Lucy E, Ala $8S 
Fostoria, Lowndes: Foster J A, Ala $151 
Fowl River, Mobile: Howard, Robt A, Ga $169 

Howard, Mrs Eva, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $160 
Fox, Tuscaloosa: White, John P, Ala $29 
Francisco, Jackson: Green, W H, Tenn $75 
Franklin, Monroe: Kearley, John L, Ala $270 
Frankville, Washington; Wood, Mrs Minnie G, Ala 

FreemanviUe, Escambia: Jones, R L, Ala $200 
Fremont, Autauga: Wyatt, Malcolm D, Ala $294 
Frnltdalc, Washington: Gilmer, W S, Iowa $589 
Frulthurst, Cleburne: Blacke, S L B, Otiio $407 
Wager, Miss Mary B, Clerk Ala 4AlaClebume $120 
Parker, Wm J, RD Ala 4AlaCleburne $1000 
Fulton, Clarke: Harrigan, WD,— $786 
Funston, Dallas: Carson, Jolm A, Ala $96 
Furman, Wilcox: Purefoy, J T, Ala $381 

Watson, J F, Clerk Ala 2AlaWilcox 8360 
Fyfle, Dekalb: Graves, Wilbur V, Ala $272 
Baker, Martin W, RD Ala 7AlaDekalb 8900 
Graves, Walter H, RD Ala TAlaDekalb $1000 
Gabbett, Macon: Gibson, A C, Ga $53 
Gadsden, Etowah: Stephens, Thos H, Ala $2600 
Moore, Jos J, AsstPM Ala VAlaEtowah $1300 
Aiken, Robt S, Clerk Ala 7AlaEtowah $1100 
Bailey, Guy G, Clerk Ga 7AlaEtowah $1000 
Griffin, Thos O, Clerk Ga 7AlaEtowah $1100 
Manning, Miss Lois E. Clerk Ala VAlaEtowah $900 
Smith, Clyde E. Clerk Ala TAlaEtowah $1000 
SpringGeld, Dozeir C, Clerk Ga TAlaEtowah $1000 
Adams, Chas D. RD Ala TAlaEtowah 81000 
Irvin, Jos h, RD Ga TAlaEtowah $1000 
Smith, Wm W, RD Ohio TAlaEtowah $1000 
Turner, Vasser B. ED Ala TAlaEtowah $1000 
Henley, Tom P, Carrier Ala TAlaEtowah $800 
Norris, Chas F, Carrier Ala TAlaEtowah $1100 
Richardson. John G. Carrier Ala TAlaEtowah $800 
Westcott, Danl A, Carrier Ala TAlaEtowah $800 
Wilson, Wm T, Carrier Ala TAlaEtowah $1000 
Galnestown, Clarke: Davis, Henry G. Ala $248 

Davis, Mrs K S, Clerk Ala lAlaClarke $12 
Gainesville, Sumter: Monette, W J, Ala $62S 

Monette, Mrs W J, AsstPM Ala 6AlaSumter $84 
Gallant, Etowah: Brothers, I S, Ala $1T0 

Brothers, John E, ED Ala — $1000 
GaUlon, Halo: Collins, Ernest W, Ala $303 
McCoUum, J W, Clerk Japan «AlaHale $48 
McCormick, Thos J, ED Ala 4AlaHale $1000 
Galloway, Walker: Kropp, Arvid, Sw $191 
Gamble Mines, Walker: Deweese, Thoa P, Ala $145 



Ganer, Geneva: Welch, Jas K, Ala $213 

iiolmon, Jas S, RD Ala SAlaOcnera (1000 
Gantt, Covington; Ounler, J L, SC $327 

I.iviusston, 11 A, RU SC 2AlaCovington $'JUI 
Gautts Quarry. I'lvlladoKa: Veazcy, Linion M, Ma S4'.)0 
Garden City, Ciillnmn: Krotzschiiiar. Hugo, Ger $254 
Kri'tzschnmr.Mary, Asstl'M Alii TAhiCullinan $240 
Garland, Butler: Darby, Jas W, Ala $450 
Houston, Wm 1', Asstl'M Ala 2AlaButler $960 
Fletcher, Frank, RD Ala 2AlaButler $900 
lianas, John J, RD Ala 2AlaIJutIer $960 
Garnsey, Bibb: Richards, W M, SC $447 
Qasque, Baldwin: Champagne, M C, Ala $110 

(Iraham, Wm II, RD Ala 2AlaBald\vm $523 
Gaston, Sumter: Bennett, W E, Ala $203 
I'ralt, Darius K, Ala OAlaSumter $1000 
Gastonborg, Wilcox: Fluker, Miss Annie L, Ala $412 
Gate City, JelTerson: Wilbanks, Pint! B, Ala $242 
Gateswood, Baldwin: Halladay, Chas L, Vt $160 
GaylesvUle, Cherokee: Shearer, A V, NC $507 
ilriililhs. C 11, RD Ala 7AlaCherokee $1000 
Miller, SR, RD Ala TAlaCherokco $1000 
Gayoso, Walker: Sumner, Robt L, Ala $100 

Sumner, Thos Y, Clerk Ala 6AlaWalker $180 
Geesbend, Wilcox: Cammack, J K, Ala $02 
Gelger, Sumter: I'inson, J H, Ala $514 
Geneva, Geneva: Tillman, Mrs Ida O, Ala $1400 
Cumbaa, LJ, Clerk Ala 3AlaGeneva $360 
Latimer, Miss Juanita, Clerk Ala SAlaGeneva $120 
Howell, Jas D, RD Fla 3AlaGeneva $960 
McLeoil, W L, RD Ala 3AlaGeneva $960 
I'ledRer, Bascom L, RD Ala 3AlaGenevB $960 
Oeorglana, Butler: Majors, Madison D, Ala $1400 
Wesley, Mrs Lova O, AsstHM Ala 2AlaBuller $432 
Black, Jas E, Carrier Ala 2AlaButler $560 
Majors, Columbus O, Carrier Ala SAIaButler $S0O 
Mixon,OeoW, Carrier Ala 2AlaButler $1(X)0 
Sellers, Lewis O, Carrier Ala 2AlaButler $10(X) 
Skipper, Frank B, Carrier Ala 2AlaButler $1000 
Tliik'pen. Wm J, Carrier Ala 2AlaButler $1000 
Gipsy, Limestone: Seamans, E D, Ala $39 
Olrard. Russell: Carlisle, Mrs Josephine, Ala $605 

Jones. J Lambert RD Ga TGaDade $1000 
Gladstone. Madison: Bell, Wm U, Eng $42 
Glasgow. Butler: Searcy, Geo W, — $37 
Glass. Chambers: Collev, Mrs Mary J, Ala $67 
Glen Allen, Fayette: .\'kins, Jesse C, Ala $357 
Whitehead, \Vm II, AsstPM Ala 6AlaFayette $30 
Akins, Mrs Mary C, Clerk Ala OAlaFayette $30 
Patterson. Chas V, RD Ala OAlaMarion $900 
Patterson. Jas A, RD Ala OAlaMarion 5900 
Glen Carbon, Shelby: Kellum, Wm, Ga $172 
GlenvlUe, Russell: Perry, E C, Ga $133 
Olenwood, Crenshaw: Urvan, John J, Ala $492 
Hrown,JohnD, RD Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $960 
Curtis, Paul B, RD Ala 2AlaCrcnshaw $960 
Glover, Clarke: Williams, Lieu V, — $260 

Williams, Miss Lillie O, AsstPM Ala lAlaClarke $7 
Goddard, Marion: McCullough, E L, Ala $64 
Goethlte. Tuscaloosa: Edwards, J O, Ala $87 
Gold Hill, Lee: EllinRton, Jas E, Ala $188 
Good Water, Coosa: Ross, Cicero A, Ga $1300 
Ross, Miss DaLsv M. AsstPM Ala 5AlaCoosa $120 
Dunn, John J, RD Ga 5AlaCoosa $1000 
Holmes, Thos J, RD Ala SAIaClay $1000 
Stewart, Wm A, RD Ala oAlaCoosa $1000 
Whitehead, Waller M, RD Ala 5AlaTallapoosa $1000 
Gordo, Pickens: Williams, II B, Ala $1100 
Sluckey. Chas W, AsstPM Ala OAlal'ickens $180 
Hailev.'Reavis, RD Ala OAlaPickens $1000 
Unwell. W A. RD Ala ilAlaPickens $1000 
Miiy. K L, RD Ala BAlaPickens $1000 
Gordon. Houston: Lone, Mrs Kate, Ga $460 
Tuttle. Du Rose S, Clerk SC 3AlaHouston $80 
Odom. Houston II. RD Ala 3AlaUouston $900 
GordonsvUle, Lowndes: Gardiner, Pauline, — $180 
Goshen, Pike: Nixon, John II, Ala $670 
Bozenian, Alto, Clerk Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $30 
Golden, Jas S, RD Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $1000 
Lawson, WmH, RD Ala 2AlaPik-e $1000 
Nixon, Lockran C, RD Ala 2AlaPike $100r 
Gosport, Clarke: Bush, Preston R, Ala $156 
Grady, Montgomery: llavnes, Wilson A. Ala $384 
Ilavnes, Mrs Alice M, AsstPM Ala 2AlaMontgomery 

Harris, Geo L, RD Ala 2AlaMontgomery $1000 
Sullivant, Marion F, RD Ala 2AlaMontgomery $1000 
Graham, Randolph: Coker.Jno G, — $109 

Coker. Miss Annie B, Clerk Ga 5AlaRandolph $48 
Grand Bay, Mobile: Spink, Mrs Therese, Ala $663 

Hoof. Oscar W, RD III lAlaMobile $1000 
Grandfleld, Washington: PrinRle, Cliflord, Ala $78 
Grandview. Elmore: Fay. J Dunham. Ala $S1 
Grant. Marshall: WalLs. 'David L, Ala $213 
Robinson, M L, Clerk Ala 7AlaMarshall $108 
Bryan, John A, RD Ala 7AlaMarshall $1000 
Grays Chapel, Jackson: Reid, John 11, — $65 
Greeley. Tuscaloosa: Bupg, JosR, Miss $237 
Green Bay. Covington: Cravev, Mrs IT, Ala $32 
Green Pond, Bibb: Philhps, AfonzoC, — $147 
Greensboro, Hale: Lawson, L J, Ala $1700 
Ward. J M, AsstPM Ala oAlaHale $480 
Smith, Chas E, Clerk Ala OAlaHale $360 
Hall, M C, RD Ala OAlallale $900 
Martin, P P, RD Ala OAlallale $1000 
Vaughn, Jas A, RD Ala OAlaHale $1000 
Greenville, Butler: Perdue. B S. Ala $2000 
Penlue, Miss Mary Lee, AsstPM Ala 2AlaButler $700 
\"ann, Fred L, (Merk Ala 2AlaButler $600 
Brown, Thos B, RD Ala 2AlaBntler $1000 
Jones, Chas H, RD Ala 2AlaButler $1000 
Perry, Charlie L. RD Ala 2AlaButler $1000 
Perry, John B, RD Ala 2AlaButler $960 
Rutherford. SamI A, RD Ala 2AlaButler $1000 
Talmadge, JosT, RD Ala 2AlaButler $1000 
QreevUle, Conecuh: Ethridge, W R, Ala $73 

Grenada, Lawrence: Smith. John, — 142 
Grove HUl, Clarke: Pugh, Walter S, Ala $879 
Carter, Thos A, AsstPM Ala lAlaClarke $400 
Waite, Wm y, RD Ala lAlaClarke $1000 
Groveoak, Dekalb: Ryan, Wm T, Ga $289 
Hope, Joe U. RD Ala 9AlaDekalb $10(X) 
Light, Wm A, RD Ala 9AlaDekalb $7(10 
Norris, John II, RD Ga OAlaDekalb $7(X) 
Guerryton, Bullock: Smith, Geo W, Ala $129 
Guln, Marion: McWliLster, Lemuel B, Ala $709 
McWhister, .Minnie, Clerk Ala OAlaMarion $116 
Williams, Sim M, RD Ala OAlaMarion $1000 
Wright, Leon, RD Ala OAlaMarion $1IHI0 
GoUciest, Mobile: Vigor, Walter, Kng $178 
Gumpond, Winston: West, Mrs Mattie A, Ala $65 
GuntersvUle, Marshall: Walls, Jas V, Ala $1400 
Walls, John II, AsstPM Ala 7AliiMarshall $600 
Kennamer, Saml R, Clerk Ala 7Ala.Marshall $540 
Copeland, Steven E, RD Ala 7AlaMarshall $960 
Cox, Boyd, RD Ala 7AlaMarshall $960 
Uuckaby, JasC, RD Ala TAIaMarshall $1000 
Garley, Madison: Smith, II A, Tenn $813 
Smith, Mrs Amelia, Clerk Ala SAIaMadison $00 
Hall.TR, RD Ala SAIaMadison $1000 
Gurnee. Shelby: Lisle, T G, Ohio $211 
Hackleburg. Marion: Fredrick, Wm W, Ala $419 
Frederick, Robt L, Clerk Ala SAIaMarion $.36 
Ganu, Wm L, RD Ala S.VIaMarion $1(KH) 
Hacoda, Geneva: Lowcry, Robt II A, .Ma $.304 

Simmons, John H, RD Ala — $9W1 
Hagler, Tuscaloosa: Ward, Henry J, Ala $104 
Halls, Montgomery: Edwards, Miss Cornelia, Ala $1.28 
Halrston, Greene: Cross, Flem L. Ala $70 
Haleburp, Henry: Glover, Benj F, Ala $18.5 

McKissack, Geo F, RD Ala SAIallenry $800 
HaleyvlUe, Winston: Freeman, Newman 11, .Ma $1300 
Wood, Miss Annie C, Clerk Ala 7AlaWinston $192 
Barker, John J, RD Ala 7AlaWinslon Sloou 
Cavey.JohnT, RD Ala 7AlaWinston $1000 
Nation, Clint L, RD Ala TAIaWinston $1000 
Owens, Esley, UD Ala TAIaWinston $1000 
Tedder, GB, RD Ala TAIaWinston $1000 
Hamburg, Perry: Jones, Mrs M F, Ala $257 
Hamilton, Marion: Mays, John A, Ala $843 
Owen, .Mrs Nettie, AsstPM Ala OAlaMarion $120 
BishOT), Wjn A, RD Ala OAlaMarion $1000 
Hall, Joe A, RD Ala OAlaMarion $800 
Holley. Francis M, RD Ala OAlaMarion $1000 
Mills,' Clifl, RD Ala OAlaMarion $900 
Hammac, Escambia: Glover, Geo E, Mich $388 

McNiel, EwdN, AsstPM Ala 2AlaEscambia $180 
Hamner, Sumter: Richardson, Thos K, Ala $110 
Hampden, Marengo: Morton, Danl P, Fla $96 
Hancevllle, Cullman: Greer, Robt A, Ga $891 
Hellauch, Miss Mary, Clerk Ala 7AlaCullman $60 
Chaiuller, Geo W, RD Ga "AlaCullman $1000 
Dewda,.Jas W, RD Ala 7AlaCullman $1000 
Gray, Milton A, RD SC 7AlaCullman $960 
Johnson. Jas R, RD Ala TAIaCullman $1000 
Hannon, Macon: Foote, Alex M, Ala $142 
Hardaway, Macon: Carr, Wm S, Ala $220 
Hargrove. Bibb: Archer. Geo, Eng $274 
Haipersvllle, Shelby: Lane, Miss Rhoda A, — $225 

Davis, Thos II, Rd — — $900 
Harrell, Dallas: Chisolm. John Jackson, Ala $59 
Hartford. Geneva: Daughtery. John B, Ala $1400 
Davis, Clarence B, Clerk "Ala SAlaGcncva $200 
Campbell, Wm C, RD Ala 3AlaGeneva $1000 
Lassiter, Wm F. RD Ala 3AlaGeneva $UX)0 
Pate, Alto L, RD Ala 3AlaGeneva $1110 
Pate, Wm D, RD Ala SAIaGeneva $1000 
Riley, Jesse M, RD Ala S.MaOencva $1000 
Hartsells, Morgan: Sberrill. S L, -- SIOlio 
Simpson, Miss EUzabethM, AsstPM — SAluMor- 

gan S.iS 
Travis, LydiaN, Clerk — SAIaMorgan $160 
Gibson, Simeon E, RD — SAIaMorgan SIOOO 
Specgic, Hardy R. RD — SAIaMorgan $1000 
Speegle, Walter n. RD — SAIaMorgan $960 
Harvest. Madison: Spence. John B. Ohio $235 
BulTaloe, John P, RD Ala SAIaMadison $960 
Tuck.JolmW, RD Ala SAIaMadison $960 
Hatchechubbee. Russell: O'Neal, MrsMaggie, Ala $319 
McMakin.JB. AsstPM Ala 3AlaRussell $12 
Smith, CL, RD Ala 3AlaRussell $20 
Havana. Hale: Martin. Wm T, Ala $2.33 
Hawthorn. Washington: Ilenson, Jas W, Ala $95 
Hayes. Tuscaloosa: Gwin, Jerrv M, Ala $49 
Haynes, Auhiiiga: Wriclil. Wm E, Ala $64 
HaynevUle. Lowndes: Sallev, John M, Ala $7&5 

Grav. Goo, RD Ala SAIaLomides $1000 
Hazen. Dallas: Kirkpatrick, W L, Ala $117 
Headland, llenrv: Shromb. Frank W. XC $12(XI 
Carlisle, Kobt J, AsstPM Ala SAlaTIenrv $120 
Arnold. Lin\is I, RD Ala SAlallenry $900 
Baker, Ivdwin W, RD Ala SAlallcn'rv $1000 
Grissett, Win Y. RD Ala SAlaHenry $1000 
McNeill. Archie B. RD Ala 3AlaHehrv $1000 
Redding. Danl R. RD Ala SAlallenry $900 
Renfroe. Peter F. RD Ala SAlaHonry $1000 
Healing Springs. Washington: Swahn. Leonard J, Minn 

Heflln, Cleburne: Kitchens, John W. Ala $1100 
Baker, John W, Clerk Ala 4AliiCleliurne ?10S 
Hooper, C A, Clerk Ala 4AlaClebume $108 
Campbell. J B, RD Ala 4AlaCleburnc $96fi 
Campbell, W II, RD Ala 4AlaCleburne S960 
Chase, B D. RD Ga 4Al3Cleburne $10fln 
Green, John, RD Ala 4AlaCleburne $1000 
Groover, C E, RD Ala 4AlaCleburne $.560 
Tolleson.JO. RD Ala 4AlaClcburne $.560 
Helberger, Perrv: Moore, Wm F, .Ma $216 
Moore, A Clifton, RD Ala 9AlaPerrv SIOOO 
Moore, Ira A, RD Ala 9AlaPerrv $1000 
Helena, Shelby: RuffiB, N L, Ala $517 
Helicon, Winston: Seymore.VD, Ala $70 

Henagar, Dekalb: Hicks, Geo L, Ga $340 
Jlicks, MrsMollieC, Clerk Ala 7AlaDekalb $36 
Mason, Noah 1), RD 111 7AlaDekalb $9.50 
Tolbert, JosJ, RD Ala TAIaDekalb $950 
Henryellen, Jetterson: Jones, Amie, Ala $193 
Herbert, Conecuh: Shaver, W B, ■ $177 
Hestle, Wilcox: Cook, Thos A, SC $108 
Hickory. Pickens: Monow, J N, Ala $35 
Hlco, Favette: Savage, Mrs Eflle, Ark $72 
Higdon, Dekalb: Lancaster, Kthel D, Tenn $78 
Highland Home. Crenshaw: King. W E. Ala $300 
Hlgbtowor. I liburne: snow Benj F. Ala $184 

Fowler. \V:ili.r W, RD Ala 4AlaCleburne $1000 
HUlsboro. Law rinoe: Porter. Cnllie, -- $409 
odonn. Miss Mvrtle, Clerk Ala KAIaLawrence $240 
Porter, Jas T. RD Ala SAlal.awrence $1000 
Stewart, Wakenian J, RD Ind llIndAdams $960 
Hlnes, Lauderilale: Patterson, Jas A, Ala $19S 

nines, Jos K. RD Ala xAlaLauderdale $1000 
HInton, Choctaw: Cooixr, W P, Ala $122 
HIssop, Coosa: llollev, E B, Ala $116 
Hlxon, Monroe: Hixo'n, Alfred C, Ala $130 
Hodges. FriUiklin: Bailey, Lawrence M, Ala $30K 
Jiir.lai., I.lli.rt !■:. RD' Ala sAIaFranklin $1000 
HogglesvUle. ILiie: Hoggle. Wm, Ala $23 
Hokes Bluff, Ktowab: Barnes. Wni C, Ala $222 

Pen ircosl, Robt L, RD Ga TAIaEtoivali $960 
HoUlns, (lav: Laiimer, Wm F, Pa $000 
Fonl, Miss Mvrtle, AsstPM Ala 5AlaClay $300 
House. W F, RD Ala SAlaClay $900 
Holly Pond, Cullman: Gill, Wm E, Ala $241 
Taylor. Jas L, RD Ala 7AlaCullman $960 
HoUytree. Jackson: Cunningham John P, Ala $120 
Hollywood, Jackson: Campbell. Pleas P, Ala $458 
Holman, Tuscaloosa: Ilolman, Thos L, Ala $108 
Holt. Tuscaloosa: Beaird, J B, Ala $.598 
Homewood, Monroe: Marriott, C M, Ohio $25 
HonoravUle, Crenshaw: Sims, Thos J, Ala $300 
Coker, Wm L. RD Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $900 
Duncan, Fost l>, RD Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $900 
Hooks, Russell: Hooks, Wm T, Ga $% 
Hope HiUL Monlgomcrv: Fowler, Thos A, Ala $.309 
Callawav, John B, RD Ala 2AlaMontgomerv $1000 
Pruitt, Alien P. RD Ala 2AlaMontgonierv ' $960 
Hopewell. Cleburne: Groover, Wm F, Ga $198 

Alinvine, Danl P, RD Ala TAlaClelnime SlOO 
Horton, .Marshall: Harris, Jas A, Ga $311 
liradberv, John J, RD Ala "AlaMarshall $I0(KI 
Nixon, Win J, RD Ala 7AlaMarshall $UM)0 
Houston, Winston: Tidwell, Wm C, Ala $107 
Howels Crossroads, Cherokee: Howel, Geo W. Ala $49 
Hughes. Dekalb: Hughes, Wallace W, Ala $24 
Hugo, Marengo: Moss, Jas R, .Ma $71 
Hull, Tuscaloosa: Auxford, L R, Ala $.326 
Hunter. Colbi'rt: I.igon. Patrick 11, Ala $22 
Huntsville. Madison: Iluli-heiis. W T, Ala $2700 
Murphy, Stephen H, AssIP.M Ala SAIaMadison $1300 
Allen, i) F, Clerk NC SAIaMadison $1I(X) 
Bradley, .Mrs L H, Clerk Ala SAIaMadison $1100 
(Jollins, G G, Clerk Tenn SAIaMadison $1100 
Orgain, RM, Clerk Ala SAIaMailison $1000 
Slone, JII, Clerk Kans SAIaMadi.son $1000 
Chaney, MG, staClerk Ala SAIaMadison $100 
Caldwell, F F, Carrier Pa SAIaMadison $1000 
Cramer, Carl, Carrier Ala SAIaMadison $1000 
Danvin. W P, Carrier Ala SAIaMailison $1100 
Dawson, Robt D, Carrier Ala SAIa.Madison $1100 
Moore, (;C. Carrier Ala SAIaMadi.son $1UMI 
Poe. John II, Carrier Ala SAIaMadison $I01N) 
Swcinharl, S F, Carrier Ohio SAIaMadison $1100 
Bean, A P, RD III SAIa.Madison $IOOii 
Jolmson, Hugh A, RD Ala SAIa.Madison ?s(K) 
McLain, Robt M, RD Ala SAIaMailison $UKK) 
Nicholson, L F, RD Ala SAIaMadison $l(X¥l 
Voekel, E A, RD Kans SAIaMadison $1(X)0 
Hurricane, Baldwin: King, L D, Ala $217 
Hurtsboro, Russell: Borom, T H, Ala $9.59 
Hymer. J.aokson: Thornton Ira, .\la $.52 

Johnson, John Tjr, Carrier Ala 9AlaJackson $99 
Hytop. Jackson: Mashbum, Wm A, Ala $.54 
Inland. Blount: Woolbeit. S A, — $36 
Intercourse. Sumter: Walker. Wm H, Miss $77 
Inverness, Bullock: Bates, C C, Ala $433 
McNair, Win E, Clerk Ala 3AlaBullock $60 
Beverlv. John A, RD Ala 3AlaBullock $1000 
McKin'non, John n, RD Ala 3AlaBnllock $900 
Ironaton, Talladega: Boles, S W, — $455 
Ironclty, Calhoun: Hendon, J M, Ala $128 
Irondale, Jeflerson: Sims, Julius F, Ga $408 
Irvlngton, Mobile: Maxwell, Thos G, Ky $307 
Isney, Choctaw: Watkins, W M, Ala $141 
Ivy, Sumter: Rainsev, Mosef F, Ala $70 
Jachln, Choctaw: Cliristopher, Miss Lula F, Ala $217 
Chri.stopher, Mrs Annie E, Clerk Ala lAlaChoctaw 
Jackson, Clarke: Loranz, Clyde P, Iowa $1400 

Lorauz, .Mrs Winnie G, Clerk Ala lAlaClarke $240 
Jacksonburg, Lauderdale: Zahnd, John, .Ma $2 
Jacksons Gap, Tallapoosa: Nickerson, Richd M, Ala 
McKinnon, D;inl W, RD Ala SAIaTallapoosa $I(X)0 
Jacksonville, Calhoun: Crook, Miss Dora, Ala $1600 
Filz. Lawson A, RD Ala 4AlaCalhoim $1000 
Nunnallv, John L, RD Ala 4Al3Calhoun $1000 
Nunnallv. Millard A, RD Ala 4AlaCalhoun $1000 
Treailaw'av, John P, RD Ala 4AlaCalhoun $900 
Wilson. Frank, RD Ala 4Al3Calhoun $960 
West. Ernest 11, Mes Ala 4AlaCalhoun $300 
James, Bullock: Cartlidge. D N. Ala $.539 
Carllidge. Mrs D N, Clerk Ala SAIaBnIlock $96 
Brown, T J, RD Ala 3AlaBullock $960 
Parham, JR, RD Ala 3AlaBullock $960 
Jamestown, Cherokee: McCoy, Claude L, .Ma $234 
Mo.selev. Ellas J, RD .Ma' TAIaCherokec $1000 
Jasper, Walker: Coleman, Mrs Nannie S, Tenn $2000 
Gunter, P B, AsstPM Ala BAlaWalker $500 



Jasper— Continued. 

Coleman, John S, Clprk Ala 6AlaWalker $240 
Hamilton, J C F, RD Ala 6AlaWallcer SIOOO 
Rosser, Cliarlie L, RD Ala OAlaWalker S900 
Sanders, Saml M, RD Ala GAlaWaiker SIOIO 
Standi, Willie P, RD Ala OAlaWallcer SIOOO 
Jeddo, Monroe: Owens, John T, Ala S102 
Jefl, Madison: ICelly, David E, Ala S196 
Jefferson, Marengo: Simniona, L Ljr, Ala $207 
Jemlson, Chilton: CoUum, Bui'ton E, Ala $761 
Collum, Miss Leila M, Clerk Ala 4AlaChilton $10 
Collum, Geo M, RD Ala 4AlaChilton $964 
Glasscock, Archie H, RD Ala 4AlaChilton $964 
Glasscock, Elijah I>, RD Ala 4AIaChilton $900 
Thomas, Jas L, RD Ala 4AlaChllton $1000 
Jena, Tuscaloosa: HufEman, Jane H, Ala $43 
Jenifer, Talladega: Wilson, Jas C, — $127 
Jett, Pickens: Clark, Saml, Ala $77 
Johns, Jefferson: I^evy, Miss Annie, — $523 
Jones, Autauga: IClng, Jas C, Ala $362 

Kmg, Claud K, RD Ala SAlaAutauga $900 
Jones Mills, Monroe: Tucker, W H, — $321 
Sims, Wm A, RD Ala lAlaMonroe $100 
Joppa, Cullman: Winn, Chas W, Ga $340 
Biggers, Robt M, RD Ga 7AlaCullman $1000 
Hodge, Thos B, RD SC 7AIaCullman $960 
Josephine, Baldwin: McPherson, Leon O, Iowa $90 
Jude, Dekalb: Hamman, Wm J, Ala $103 

Bailey, Wm A, Carrier — $900 
Kalmla, Autauga: Curtis, H S, Ala $335 
Kansas, Walker: Goode, Jas P, Ala $240 
Kaolin, Dekalb: Young, W H, — $41 
Keener, Etowah: Tiiley, John R, Ala $440 
Belcher, Ed, AsstPM Ala 7AlaEtowah $300 
Gray, Geo J, RD Ala 7AlaEtowah $864 
Stephens, Luke H, RD Ala 7AIaEtowah S810 
Waldrop, Robt L, RD Ala 7AlaEtowah $864 
Eellerman, Tuscaloosa: Crandall, Edwin I, Ala $426 
Howell, G Hayes, Clerk Ala 6AlaTuscaloosa $60 
Kellyton, Coosa: Whetstone, Jacob, Ala $465 
Hester, Wm A, AsstPM Ala 5Ala $216 
Barnett, Jas E, RD Ala SAla $1000 
Brice, Robt J, RD Ala SAla $1000 
Kennedy, Lamar: Shepherd. Wm A, Ala $736 
Blakney, Wm T, RD Ala OAlaLamar $1000 
Boho, Nash, RD Ala 6AlaLamar $1000 
Foster, Edman B, RD Ala OAlaLamar $1000 
Key, Cherokee: Snead, Thos W, Ga $106 

West, Saml P, RD Ga 7AlaCherokee $900 
Keystone, Shelby: Bowdon, R E, Ala $292 
KUlen, Lauderdale: Harrison, Emmet. Aia $455 
Smith, Blewy, RD Ala SAlaLauderdale $1000 
Stutts, Wm D, RD Ala SAlaLauderdale $1000 
Elmberly, Jefferson: Launius, Miles G, Ga .5333 
Klmbrough, Wilco.\: Carlton, Jas T, Ala $142 
Klmo, Lawrence: Shelton, Miss Eva, Ala $37 
Kingman, Lauderdale: Cox, D O, Ala $192 
Kings Landing, Dallas: Alison, W T, Ala SUS 
Kirk, Colbert: Brown, Lucy, — $51 
Kirkland, Escambia: MassingiU, Caleb W, Ala $109 
Knoxville, Greene: Miller, Victor C, SC $310 
Henderson, W D, jr, RD Ala 6Ala $1000 
Knoxwood, Marengo: Atkeison, Chas A, Ala $229 
Koenton, Washington: McDowell, Milton, Ala $209 
Kora, Madison: Salmon, Dora, Ala $14 
Kosh, Jackson: Hogue, Miss Maria M, Ala $51 
Kushla, Mobile: Sturtevant, Julian M, HI $118 
Kyles, Jaolcson: Willmon, Pm'ley M, Ala $38 
Kymulga, Talladega: Baker, Jas W, Ala $92 
Laceys Spring, Morgan: Atkinson. R A. Ala $309 
Luker, Doctor G, RD Ala SAlaMorgan $1000 
Lacon, Morgan: Patterson, J B, Ala $217 

King, Rufus, RD Ala SAla SIOOO 
Lafayette, Chambers: Davis, Mrs Cassie L, Ala $1500 
Davis, Gordon, AsstPM Ala SAlaChambers $500 
Jones, John L, Clerk Ala 5AlaChambers $420 
Askew, Wilburn A, RD Ala S.'ViaChambers $1000 
Holstun, Ben F, RD Ala SAlaChambers $1000 
Holstun, John D, RD Ga SAlaChambers SIOOO 
Messer, Jethro B, RD Ga SAlaChambers $1000 
Thomas, Robt C, RD Ala SAlaChambers $1000 
Lagarde, Etowah: Flint, G B, Conn $158 
Lamar, Randolph: Whitten, Joel H, Ga $246 
Smith, John W, RD Ala 5AlaRandolph SIOOO 
Smith, Teeumseh N, RD Ga SAlaRandolph 31000 
Lambert, Mobile: Brook, Serapliiuo, Aus $50 
Lamlson, Wilcox: Agee, Eugene D, Ala $443 
Lamont, Marshall: Manley, Richd A, NC S69 

Powell, Arthur, Carrier Ala 7AlaMarshall $300 
Landersvllle, Lawrence: Sanderson, Cliesley L, Ala $186 

Martin, Arthiu- F, RD Ala SAlaLawrence $864 
Lanett, Chambers: Gav, Henry M, Ala $874 

Williams, Marcus J, Clerk Ala SAlaChambers $144 
LanevlUe, Hale: Garbor, J B, Ala $100 
Langdale, Chambers: Johnson, Lee R, Ala $440 
Langston, Jackson: Johnson, Mrs Larena, — $343 

Cai'ter, A L, RD — 7AlaMarshaIl SIOOO 
Laplne, Crenshaw: Odiarne, Mrs Virla A, Ala $539 
McRee, Remington, AsstPM Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $300 
Spear, Wm F, RD Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $1000 
Larkln, Jackson: Erwin, HI, — $90 
Larkinsville, Jackson: Cowart, Pleasant F, Ala $361 
Lasca, Marengo: Corley, Mrs Virginia, Ala $122 
Latham, Baldwin: Ferguson, Miss Vh-ginia, Ala $111 
Lathrop, Pickens: Wyly, J H, — $4S 
Lavaca, Choctaw: Tillman, W C, Ala $117 
Lawley, Bibb: Jefferson, Thos W, Ga $356 

Latham, Arthur D, RD Ala OAlaBibb $900 
Lawrence, Cherokee: McCoy, Miss M Exie, Ala $102 
Leeds, Jefferson: Abererombie, A J, Ala $753 

Williamson, C A, RD Ala OAlaJefferson $1000 
Leesburg, Cherokee: Palmer, Geo Vf, Ala $403 
Palmer. Miss Maggie, Clerk Ala 7.\IaCherokee $120 
Lowe, Hemy W, RD Ala 7AlaCherokee $960 
Legrand, Montgomery: Underwood, W M, Ala $44 
Lehigh, Blount: Toulmin, Priestley, Pa $213 

Lelghton, Colbert: Summers, M M, Ala $862 
Summers, E M AsstPM Ala SAlaColbert $140 
Masterson, Eugene, RD Ala 8AlaColbert $900 
Lenox, Conecuh: Pierce, Jas P, Ala $136 
Leola, Lawrence: Armstrong, Emitt, Ala $21 
Leroy, Washington: Gordy, Mrs Lena, Ala $222 
Letcher, Jackson: James, Mrs Bettie, Tenn $32 
Letohatchee, Lowndes: Moncrief, R M, Ala $634 
Reese, Eugene G, RD Ala SAlaLowndes $900 
Lewlsburg, Jefferson: Hogan, Andw T, Ga $367 
Lexington, Lauderdale: Norwood, Geo T, Ind $222 
Liberty, Blount: Leach, Robt P, Ga $247 

Nation, Lecil, RD Ala OAIaBIount $1000 
Llllta, Sumter: Larkln, C A, — $151 
Lillian, Baldwin: Kee, Miss Mary E, Fla $194 
Llm Sock, Jackson: McCarmack, A, — $237 

Milton, Gentle, Clerk Ala SAlaJaokson $36 
Lincoln, Talladega: Kirksey, Walter A, Ala $798 
Carpenter, Thos A, RD Ala 4AlaTalladega $1000 
Cox, John, RD Ala 4AIaTalIadega $900 
Grillin, Alvah H, RD Ala 4AlaTaIIadega $960 
Linden, Marengo: Glass, Preston B, Ala $937 

Glass, Mrs Rosa A, AsstPM Ala lAlaMarengo $100 
Llneville, Clay: KiUgore, Jos C, — $1300 
Smith, Alex C, AsstPM — SiVIaCiay $120 
Bell, Jas A, RD — SAIaClay $1000 
Bishop, Lindsey M, RD — 5jVlaClay $1000 
Burkliead, John S, RD — SAIaClay SIOOO 
Garrison, John L, RD — SAIaClay $1000 
Linwood, Pike: Williams, H O, Ala $327 
SeUers, Geo L, RD Ala 2AlaPike $800 
Turner, Clint, RD Ala 2AlaPike $900 
Little River, Baldwin: Gantt, C C, — $181 
Littleton, Jefferson: Lawson, Thos W, Ala $525 

Lawson, Miss Blanche F, Clerk Ala QAlaJeflerson $72 
LlttlevUle, Colbert: Murray, Mrs Sallie, Ala $123 
Livingston, Sumter: Lawrence. Mrs Emily R, Ala $1600 
Lawrence, Miss Julia, AsstPM Ala OAlaSumter $600 
Holt, J Hamilton, RD Ala OAlaSumtor $1000 
Lizzieville, Greene: McLemore, J T, Ala $36 
Loachapoka, Lee: Atkins, Mrs Minnie L, Ala $471 

Mahone, Thos M, RD Ala 3AlaLee SIOOO 
Local, Escambia: Wiiite, Geo W, Ala $363 
White, Mrs Lola D, Clerk Ala 2AlaEscambia $72 
Wright, Loumas C, RD- Ala 2AIaEscambia SHOO 
Lockhart, Covmgton: Trammell, R H, Ga $1S00 
Brown, W A, Clerk Ala 2AIaCovington $420 
Loflin, Russell: Willis, G W, — $17 
Logan, Cullman: Nesmith, Oliver M, Ala 8196 
Sanders, Arthur, Clerk Ala 7AlaCulIman $48 
Jaggars, Jas W, RD Ala 7AlaCullman SIOOO 
Lomax, Chilton: Robinson, J P, Ala $92 
London, Montgomery: Thornton, J M, — $80 
Long Island, Jackson: James, Chas L, Ala $334 
Glover, Robt C, RD Ala — $1000 
Sims, Willie T, RD Ala — $560 
Longvlew, Shelby:. Scott, G L, Ala $127 
Loop, Cherokee: Kennedy, Mrs Loula, Ala $47 
Loper, Washington: Loper, G T, — $134 
Losscreek, Walker: Myers, Patty, — $62 
Lottie, Baldwin: Chambless, Robt M, Ala $96 
Lou, Choctaw: Carney, DM, — S41 
Louisville, Barbour: Stephens, Mrs Anna B, Ala $771 
McRae, Geo T, RD Ala SAlaBarbour $1000 
Richard, Jas A, RD Ala SAlaBarbour $1000 
Seay, Henry N, RD Ala SAlaBarbour SIOOO 
Lovlok, Jefferson; Stephenson, Lovick L, Ga $91 
Lowell, Choctaw: Allen, Guv L, Ala $113 
Lower Peach Tree, Wilcox: Siablor, Saml P, Ala .S5U1 

Hare, Crosland C, RD Ala 2AlaWilcox SSOO 
Lowery, Geneva: Bedsolc, J B. Ala $49 
Lowndesboro, Lowndes: Holly, Thos B, Ala $3S2 
Loxley, Baldwin: Saner, Miss Octavia, III $390 
Lum, Lowndes: McCain, Robt E, Ala $96 
Lusk, Choctaw: Land. Wm G, Ala S2S 
Lnverne, Crenshaw: McNeill, Jas W, Ala $1400 
Brown, Randolph C, Clerk Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $228 
Crenshaw, R A, RD Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $1000 
Mathews, L G, RD Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $1000 
Mitchell. N S, RD Ala 2.\laCrenshaw $900 
Spivey. I J, RD Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $1000 
Lynn, Winston: Bauglm, Wm A, Ala $227 
Holt, Wm M, Clerk Ala 7AIaWinston $36 
Dupree, Henry W, RD Aia 7AlaWinston S4S0 
McCalla, Jefferson: Reeves, Jas K P, Ala $235 

Letson, T J, RD Ala 9AlaJeflerson SIOOO 
McConnells, Tuscaloosa: Boswell, John A, Ala $128 

Hamby, B L, RD Ala 6AlaTuscaloosa $900 
McDowell, Sumter: Flowers, Murray C, Ala $182 
Flowers, John R, Clerk Ala OA'laSumter $48 
MoElderry, Talladega: McKibbou. J J. .Ala $122 
McFaU, Calhoun: Thweatt, Wm M, Ala $402 
Pitts, Oslar, RD Ala S.VIaClav SIOOO 
Wilbanks. Arthur T, RD .Ma '4AlaCalhoun SIOOO 
McGill, Monroe: McGill, Jas I, Aia $97 
Mcintosh, Washington: Steadbam, Mrs L R, Ark $246 
McKenzie, Butler: Parker, Laborn G, Ala $511 
Travis. Wm J, RD Ala 2AlaButier $900 
Vicln-ey, Chas D, RD Ala 2AlaButIer $900 
McKinley, Marengo: Mcintosh, T P, Ala S113 
McLendon, Russell: MeLendon, J L, — S60 
McRae, Covmgton: Roberts. Thos R, Ala $47 
McShan, Pickens: Gore, Ellis B, Ala $211 
McVay, Clark: McVay, AiTette, Ala $56 
McWiUlams, Wilcox: Pettie. Thos E, Ala $460 
Hines, Jas T, RD Ala lAlaMonroe $960 
Pettie, Robt C, RD Ala 2AlaWilcox SSOO 
Maben, Jefferson: Kemp, J Miles, Ala S61S 
Macedonia, Lowndes: Bruner, Mrs Cud C, Ala $85 
Mackey, Cherokee: Mackey, Benj F, Ala $63 
Madison, Madison: Gervin, Miss M Alabama, Ala $892 
Baleh, Jos A, RD Ala SAlaMadison $196 
Balch, Saml W, RD Ala SAlaMadison $1000 
Farley, Robt E, RD Ala SAlaMadison $1000 
Madrid, Houston: Watford, Eddie O, Aia $184 

Magazine, Mobile: Blacksher, John J, Ala $290 
Magnolia, Marengo: Agee, Charlie W, Ala $165 
Magnolia Springs, Baldwin: Thomas, WmB, Eng $438 
Malcolm, Washington: Cater, Jas B, Ala $214 
Frantz, Miss LiiiioM, AsstPM Pa lAlaWashington $60 
Cater, Mrs M F, Clerk Pa lAlaWashington $60 
Malone, Randolph: Stone, Alfred M, Ala $361 
ICnight, Walter, RD Ala SAlaRandolph $1000 
Thompson, Claud B, RD Ala SAlaRandolph $1000 
Malvern, Geneva: Gamer, Oscar, Ala $286 

Ward, Wm O, RD Ala 3AlaGeneva S960 
Manchester, Walker: Atwood, Geo A, Ala $434 
Manila, Clarke: Marshall, John E, Ala $157 
Manistee, Monroe: Parvin, Eugene. Ala $317 

Parvin, Mrs Minnie L, AsstPM Ala lAlaMonroe $4S 
Mannlngham, Butler: Simmons, J A, Ga $93 
Mantua, Greene: Eatman, F I, Ala $86 
Map, Winston: Henderson, Chas P, SC $25 
MaplesvUle, Chilton: Callaway, Ralph, Ala SIOOO 
Callaway, Mrs Policy G, AsstPM Ala 4AlaChilton $84 
Hayes, Jessie J, RD Ala 4AIaChilton $900 
Vines, David W, RD Ala 4AlaChiIton $1000 
Marble Valley, Coosa: Morris, Jessie W, Ala S127 
Marbury, Autauga: Marbury, D H P, Tenn $855 
Mullens, C H, AsstPM Ala SAlaAutauga $240 
Margaret, St Clair; Delany, I C, Ala $581 
Margerum, Colbert: Wallace, Matthew D, Ala $111 
Marietta, Walker: Cooke, John E, Ala $38 
Marlon, Perry: Dennis, J D, Ind $1800 
Pope, A L, AsstPM Ala 9AlaPerry $600 
Dennis, Chas J, Clerk Ind QAlaPerry $120 
Davis, Thad J. RD Ala GAlaPerry SIOOO 
Griffln, Jefferson D, sr, RD Ala OAIaPerry $1000 
Griffin, Jefferson D, jr, RD Ala 9AlaPerry $960 
Hudson, Wm R, RD Ala OAlaPerry SIOOO 
Pope, Irby, RD Ala OAlaPerry $1000 
Marlon Junction, Dallas: Alexander, Jas, Tenn SS47 
Ball, Wm D, RD Ala 4AlaDallas $1000 
Bell, Chas B, RD Ala 4AlaDalias $1000 
Marquis, Pickens: Marquis, M, Ala $24 
Martin Station. Dallas; Martin, E B, Ala $93 
Marvel, Bibb; Ellis. Geo E. Ala $601 

Johnson, Miss Bulah F, Clerk Ala OAlaBibb $410 
Marvyn. Russell: Ingram, R J, Ala $114 
Mason, Escambia: Moore, Ransom D, Ala $135 
MassUlon, Dallas; Kendrick. T F, — $142 
Mathews, Montgomery: Dillard, Wm D, Ga $290 
Diilard, Andw B, RD Ala 2AIaMontgomery $700 
Barnett, Rufus, RD Ala 2AlaMontgomery $900 
Maud, Colbert: Burns, T R, — $65 
Maxwell, Jackson; Devers, Johnson E, Ala $70 
May, Tuscaloosa: Price, Jas H, Ala $93 
Mayfleld, Pickens; Cotton, Mrs Lela C, Ala $47 
Maylene, Shelby: Hunter, Miss Carrie F, Ala $365 
Maysvllle, Madison: Newman, Will D, Ala $140 
Mehama, La\\Tence: Counts, Mrs Lulu A, Ala $175 

Smith, Wm C, RD Ala 7AlaLawrence $900 
Melborne, Lamar: Wilson, Alex S, Ala $224 
Seav, Jeptha, RD Ala 6AlaLamar $1000 
Mellville, Winston; Lay, Jas A, — $45 
Melrose, Conecuh: Tm'ner, Frank, Ala — $62 
Meltonsvllle, Marshall; Matheny, Mrs M H, Ala $85 
Melvln, Choctaw; Land, K, Ala $223 
Mentone, Dekalb: Huron, Jas, Ohio $223 
Meridianville, Madison: Thompson, C R, Ala $238 

Smith, Harry, RD Pa SAlaMadison SSOO 
MerreUton, Calhoun: Nixon, WD, — $47 
Mertz, Bibb; Mayfleld, Andw J, Ala $27 
Mexia, Monroe: Lloyd, Calvin S, — $353 
Midland City, Dale: Floyd, John W, Ala $717 
Gill. Aros A, RD Ala SAlaDale $1000 
Godwin, John W, RD Ga SAlaDale $1000 
Pope, Bryant, RD Ala SAlaDale $1000 
Staugh, Benj H, RD Ala SAlaDale $1000 
Midway, Bullock: Burch, Mrs Mattie F, Ala $370 

Morton, Wm T, Ala SAIaBuilock $1000 
Miflln, Baldwin: Martin, Listen F, Ala S134 
Milan, Jackson; Swaim, H T, Ala $121 
Miller, Marengo: Miller, Chas H, — S69 
Millers Ferry, Wilcox: Henderson, Wm, Scot $250 
MiUerville, Clay: Sellers, Thos F, Ala $205 
Lumpkin, Alonza L, RD Ala SAIaClay $1000 
Lowry, JasW, RD Ala SAIaClay $1000 
Millport, Lamar: Black, Albert G, Ala $SS7 
Black, Elmer Q, Clerk Ala OAlaLamar $300 
Canner, Cleveland P, RD Ala 6AlaPiekens $1000 
Prater, Jas B, RD Ala 6AlaLamar $1000 
Vasser, Wm, RD Ala OAlaPickens SIOOO 
Wharton, Walter B, RD Ala OAIaPickens SSOO 
MiUey, Washmgton: Carpenter, Chas F, — $293 
Copeland, Miss May, AsstPM — lAlaWashington 
Milltown, Chambers: Gaines, Mrs KH, Fla $140 
MUstead, Macon: McWhorter, E S, Ala $360 
Hayes, J L, Clerk, Ala 5AlaMacon $36 
Carr, P H, RD Ala SAlaMacon $1000 
Minter, Dallas: Alison, Benj R, Ala $522 
Lide, Thos E, Clerk Ala 4AlaDallas SSO 
Reynolds, Saml A, RD Ala 4AlaDallas $900 
Mitchell Station, Bullock: Rutland, Frank L, Ala $216 
Mobile, Mobile: Barker, Prelate D, NY $3500 

Wilkins, Jolin D, AsstPM La lAlaMobile $1700 
Peterson, Jas T, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1600 
Riley, Mrs Kate T, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1400 
Turner, W W, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1300 
Alston, J M, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Alston, J 0, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Alston, D P, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Austin, N tl. Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1200 
Braziel, Walter, Clerk Ga lAlaMobile $1200 
Ealtz, Miss Camille, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Cooper, Osceola, Clerk Ky lAlaMobile $1100 
Davis, F E, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1200 
Ellis, H I?. Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Fairley, W P, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1000 



MobUa— Continued. 

Uatewood, Viyutt, Clerk Ala lAlallobile $800 
Oriffln, Geo B jr. Clerk Ala lAlaMobile »1200 
Goubil. 11 L, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Henry. Jos W, Ckrk La lAlaMobile lfl200 
Ilickev, W .1, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile ?900 
Hubbard, D S, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1200 
Koppersmith. E F, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1200 
Kruiter, Miss Clara C, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile 

Nicholaa, Chas H, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1200 
Peavy, Chas C, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $000 
Pettit, Miss Grace S, Clerk Mich lAlaMobile 

Sherry, Miss Kvn T, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $900 
Scott, W T, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1100. 
Stam, D J, Clerk NY lAlaMobile $800 
Tobin, T W, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1200 
Thomas, Geo, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Turner, J I, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $1200 
Welch, Miss CInra B, Clerk Iowa lAlaMobile 

Williams, Miss Lillian L, Clerk Oreg lAlaMobile 

Elliott. Miss Mary R, Clerk Ala lAlaMobile $100 
Alexander, D W, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Alexander, W S, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Broadus, R H, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Bell, O B, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Brown, U A, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Byrd, Aaron, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Bradley, David Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Beck, P W, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Davis. Warner, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Hall, Geo A jr. Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Hall, Henry G, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Hall, Leander, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $000 
Hill, Geo L, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $000 
Je-isie, Nathan, Carrier Miss lAlaMobile $1100 
Johnson, L S, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Jenkins, Thos II, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $800 
Larkin, W H, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Lang, L, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Lewis, Chas, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Lewis, Ho H, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Mandervillc, A G, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Mason, L, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $800 
Smith, A S, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Steele, C S, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Tavlor, Troy S, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1000 
Tobin, T W jr. Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1000 
Tavlor, Raphael, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $000 
Valentine, D G, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Vanghan, G M, Currier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Williams, C H, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Woods, W T, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
Walker, V J, Carrier Ala lAlaMobile $1100 
AI.iTizo, Thos jr, l!l) Ala lAlaMobile $100(1 
lUr.l. Augustus, Laborer Ala lAlaMobile $600 
S..iHrM.rville. Wm, l>al)orer Ala lAlaMobile $fiO0 

Mod Loals, Mobile: Lalanil, Emile, — $30 

Monroe, Monroe: Tiiekcr, S II, — $U7 
lln\nlley. J II, Clerk Ala lAlaMonroe $30 

Monroovllle, Monroe: Stallworth, N J, — $1100 
Varbroiinh. .Saml J, Asstl'M Ala lAlaMonroc $1000 
.'^evniour. Miss Mav. Clerk Ala lAlaMonroe $102 
nilbniy, Lcrov, I'tn Ala lAlaMonroe $,W0 

Monterey, Butler: Donald, Mrs Marv E, Ala $'.'11 
Kcndrick, Jo.s n, Ala 2AlaButlbr $1)00 

Montevallo, Shclbv: Crowe, l'"raak V. Ala %l:m 
Strong, Win li," sr, AsstPM Ala 4AlaSlielbv $210 
l.oe, I'ercy, Kl) Ala 4AlaShelbv $1000 
.Shivers, David \V, Rfl Ala 4AlaSlielby JIOOO 

Montgomery, Montgomery : Dimmick, Jos P, Ala $3500 
Irwin, Henry F, AsstPM 111 2AlaMontgomcry 

Abercronibie, Nicholis E, Clerk Ala 2AlaMont- 

gomerv $1200 
Blue, Neil W, Ocrk Ala 2AlaMontgomery $1100 
Bruce, Wm H. Clerk Ala 2AlaMontgomery $1200 
Caldwell, Henry C, Clerk Ala 2AlaMontgomcrv 

Cannichael, Miss Orlicn, Clerk Ala 2AlaMont- 

gomery $1100 
Churchwell, John L, Clerk Ala 2AlaCrenshaw 

Croxton, Eugene L, Clerk Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $600 
Daniel, Wm R, Clerk Ala 2AlaMontgomery $1200 
Dandridgc, Robt, Clerk Ala SAlaLowndcs $1100 
Edwards, John T, Clerk Ala SAlaElmorc $900 
Goodc, Douglas, Clerk Ala 2AlaMontgomery $1200 
Gooden, David, Clerk Ala 2AlaMontgomery $1200 
Graham, Robt L, Clerk .\la 2AlaMontgomery 

Harris, Chas 0, Clerk Ala 2AlaMonlgoinerv 

Harrison, Josiah P, Clerk Ala 2.\laMontgomery 

Ilaynil, Eza L, Clerk Ala SAlaCoosa $600 
Irwin, Misa Maggie L, Clerk HI 2AIaMontgomcrv 

Lindscy, Jos R, Clerk Ala 2AlaMontgomery $1000 
Ltmimus, Henry H, Clerk .\la 2AIaMontgomery 

Ala 2AlaMontgnmcry 

Clerk Ala 2AlaMontgomery 

Ala 2.\TaMontgomer 

Marks, Geo M 


SalTold, Oscar E, Clerk Ala 2AlaMontgomcry $900 
Shaver, Yancey, Clerk Ala 2AlaPike $1100 
Sankoy, Hal L, Clerk Ala 2AlaMontgomery $900 
Warner, Anthony, Clerk 

Wilson, Albert N, Clerk 


Ala 2AlaMontgoniery $1200 
Carrier Ala 2AlaMontgomery 






Woodruff, Edwd 

Clerk Ala 2AlaMon(gomery 

HontEomery— Continued. 
Wvman, Henry R, Clerk 


llughson, Dettor, Clerk Va 2AIaMontgomcry $100 
Abercrombie, I'rank E, Carrier Ala 2AlaMont- 

gomery $1100 
Bcverv, John A, Carrier Ala 2AlaMontgotnery 

Brown, Nathan, Carrier Ala 2AlaMontgomcry 

Cash, Wm H, Carrier Ca 2AhiMontgomery $1000 
Carlton, Allen G, Carrier Ala 2AlaMontgomery 

Davis, Morris, Carrier Ala 2AlaMontgomcry $1200 
Ellington, Clayton E, Carrier Ala 2AlaMont- 

gonicrv $1200 
Harris, Edwd J, Carrier Ala 2AlaMontgomery 

Ivory, Jos W, Carrier Ala 2AhiMontgomcry $120u 

Jones, Benj M, Carrier Ala 2AlaMc-— — '""" 

Lee, Wm R, Carr; 
Lowe, Edwd C, 

Mavberry, Thos, 

Murdock, Wm H, 

Miles, David Y, 

Murphy, Woodie A, 

Parker, John II, 

Prior, Danl B, Ca 
Sheppard, Stcpliin 

gomery $12<'0 
Simpson, Saml W, 

Young,Isham, Carrier Ala 2AlaMontgomery $1100 
Young, Walter, Carrier Ala 2AlaMontgomery $1200 
Wallace Kobt K, Carrier Ala 2.\laMontgomery 

Dale, i:dwd M, RD Ala "AlaMontgoniery $900 
Jackson, Robt L, UD Ala 2AlaMontgomcry $1000 
Hutchinson, I-ouis C, RD Ala 2AlaMontgomery $900 
Minor, Wm 1), RD Ala 2AlaMontgompry $900 
Todil, Frank L, RD Ala 2AlaMontgomery $1000 
Stewart, Eugene F, Laborer Ala 6AlaMontgomery 
Montrose, Baldwin: Marshall, Mrs Ida M, Pa $180 
Moores Bridge: Tuscaloosa: Moore, Duncan T, Ala S4C 
MooresvlUe. Limestone: Bibb, Benajab A, Ala $222 
limit. Jcrre C. Carrier Ala SAlaLimestone $180 
Moreland. Winston: Smith, Wm II, Ga $44 
Morgan Spring, Perrv: Gray, J S, Ala $108 
MorganvUle. Lowndes: McPherson, B 11, — $142 

A.liims, Wm L, Clerk Ala SAlaLowndes $3 
Moro, Dallas: Reedv, Wm A, Ala $104 

Wright, JasO, KD Ala 4AlaDallas $900 
Monls, Jefferson: Thornton, Hugh P. .\la $517 
Little, Josle, Clerk Ala gAlaJellerson $ISO 
Jenkins, J It, UD NC OAlaJefferson $10IK) 
Rogers. Geo E, RD Ala 9AlaJelTerson $000 
Morrlston, lialdwln; Leftwich, J li, - S'-Wi 
Mortimer, Escambia: Eurle, Wm li. Ala $192 
Morvtn, Clarke: Hettls, Thos J, Ala $210 
Motes, Winslon: Colleld. Hen T. - $44 
Moulton. Lawrence: Downlnp. Mrs Mollie. Ala $9:i9 
Downing, Mis,s l.uev. Clerk Ala SAIaLawrence $300 
Aldridge, Jas A, R'D Ala SAIaLawrence $1000 
Aldridgo, Jas L, UD Ala SAIaLawrence $900 
Qiiimi, Jones, UD Ala SAIaLawrence $1IXHI 
Uoberson, Jas A , RD Ala SAIaLawrence $900 
MoimdvlUe, Hale: Pickens, Geo B, Ala $738 
Picken.5, Mrs Geo B, .\sstPM Ala GAhiHale $9C 
Davis, Virgil. UD Ala OAIaHale $1000 
Tidmore, Archie II, RD Ala OAIaHale $1000 
Mountain Creek, Chilton: Grav, J li. Ala' $1502 
Culver, E F. RD Ala 4Alarhillon $1000 
Henderson. T J, RD Ala 4AlaChillon $10IX) 
Mt Andrew, Rarljour: UolliiiKsworih. Geo. W, Ala 125 
.shephard, Miss Nancv, Clerk .\la 3AlaBarbour $90 
Mt Hebron, Greene: Ualas, U S, — $128 
Mt Hope, Lawrence: Whitman, Louis M, Ala $379 
Siiec.l. K W M, RD Ala SAIaLawrence $1000 
Wear. H !■', UD — SAIaLawrence $1000 
Mt Meigs, M(mtgomery: Hill, Mrs I li, Ala $275 
Mt Pleasant, Monroe: Ferrell, S E, — $1.57 
Mt Roszell. Limestone: Todd, A W, Ala $238 
('order. J R, UD .\la SAlaLimestone $960 
Mt Sterling, Choctaw: DoHosc. Robt W, Ala $281 

Turner, li L. Clerk Ala lAhiClioclaw $40 
MtTJnlon, Coneculi: Smith. Mrs W M. — $105 
Mt Vernon. Mobile: Cannon. Mi-ss Addie M, Ala $573 
Mt Willing, Lowndes: Cantcrberrv, J L, Ala $233 

Wliittlc, HA, Clerk Ala .5AlaLowndes $15 
Mudcreek, Jack.son: Selby, Jim O, Ma $47 
Mulberry. Autauga: Jones, .\ndie li, Ala $i:i5 
Mulga. Jcllcrson: Tutwiler, B S, \'a $290 
Mullenlx, I'ickens: Mullcnix, Jas F, Ala $18 
Munlord, Tall.idega: Garden, Thos J, Ala $538 
Mulliiiiiore, Otis L, RD Ala 4AlaTalladega ISOO 
Ncwm:ui, Fenton F, UD Ala 4AlaTalladega $1000 
Stewart, Oliver J, RD Ala 4AlaTalladega $1000 
Murrycross, Etowah: Penney, J:\s A, .\la $290 
Croft, Paul C. RD Ala 7AlaEtowah $900 
Richardson, Jos, RD Ga 7AlaEtowah $1000 
Muscadine, Cleburne: Brown, Obediali U, Ala $291 
Dingier, John W. RD Ala 4AlaCleburne $1000 
Hicks, Alex S, RD Ala 4AlaCleburue $1000 
Mussel, liutlcr: Waller, John V, Ala $47 
Myrtle, Montgomerv: Thompson, Thos V, Ala $42 
Myrtlewood, .Marengo: Mcador.Dan'l J, SC $368 
Williams, Mrs Anne, Clerk Ala lAIaSumptcr $240 
Carter, Wlckam R, RD Ala lAIaMarengo $700 

Badawab, Monroe: Dall, Julius A, Ala $308 

Borroughs, A R, AsstPM Ala 2AlaMonroe $60 
Kaftel, Montgomery: Naftel,.Tas A, Ala $131 

Nartcl.WmC, RD Ala 2AlaMontgoniery $900 
Naheola. Choctaw: Christopher, Wm R, Ala $69 
Nanafalla, .Marengo: Darr,W W, Ala $292 
Narrows. Jackson: Haddon, Miss Mary E, Ala $.36 
Nat, Jackson: riiclps, Mrs Mary E, Miss $44 
Natchez, Moiiruc: Jones, Wm E, — $92 
Nathan, Winslon: I.angley, Nathan B, Ga $53 
Natural Bridge, Winston: Johnson, Mrs Sarah E, — 

NauTOO, Walke: Hyde, Alford M, Ca $(>37 
Ilvde, Miss ^;aruh I, AsstPM Ala OAlaWalke $180 
Martin, Jas M, RD Ala CAlaWalke $10(X) 
Perce, E Mack, RD Ala GAlaWaIke $900 
Needham, Choctaw: Klrksv, Elyslia J, Ala $57 
Neenah, Wilcox: Watson, il L, — $123 
Nellie, Wilcox: Farish, Thos B, Ala $154 
Nero, M(>nroe: Ilowden, W S, — $64 
Nettleboro, Clarke: Walker, Mrs Marv A, Ala $84 
Newala, .Slielbv: Hardy, E S Ala $113 
Newbern. Hale: Hennetf, U L, Ala $596 

lienncti, Miss Mabel R, Clerk Ala OAIaHale $48 
New Brockton, Collce: Ilrock, John L, Ala $549 
Hnlchison, Curlls S, UD Ala 3AlaColIec $1000 
Wright, Julian A, UD Ala SAlaColIee $1000 
Newburg, Franklin: Montgomery, Mrs Annie B, Ala 
Cheek, Miss Lillian, Clerk Ala 7AlaFranklin $288 
Clcere, Geo L, RD — 7AlaFranklin $1000 
New Castle, JelTcrson: Moore. G P, Ala $240 
Newell, Uandolnh: Lovvorn, Thos J, Ala $267 
Landers, Geo V, RD Ala SAlaUandolph $1000 
Traylor, Uobt W, UD Ala 5AlaUandolpb $1000 
New Hope, Madison: Dickey, Miss Sarah J, Ala $496 

Keel, Sebe, jr, UD Ala SAlaMadison $S0O 
New Lexington, Tuscaloosa: Doughty, W U, Ala $219 
New Market, .Madison: I'avne, JM, Tenn $716 
Strong, Miss Allie .M, AsstPM Ala SAlaMadison 

Payne, Phil II, Clerk Ala SAlaMadison $2"> 
McCason, A C, Clerk Tenn SAlaMadison $2S 
Hudson, Aaron F, RD Ala SAlaMadison $900 
Laxson, Wm F, RD Ala SAlaMadison $900 
Parkinson, Hugh 11, RD Tenn SAlaMadison $900 
Newrtver, Fayette: McCaleb, J T, — $20 
Newton, Dale: Balkcom,J T, Ala $867 
Balkcom, Miss Pauline, AsstI'.M .\la 3AlaDalc $.10 
Balkcom, Wm S, RD Ala 3AlaDale $1000 
Cannichael, Emniett, RD Ala 3AlaDale $900 
NewtonvUle, Favclte: Sullivan, John H, Ala $190 

Gibson, Jacob li, RD Ala 6A la Fayette $960 
NewTlUe, Henry: Harrison, Miss Roberta, — $483 
Hicks, (' I', UD — 3AlaHenry $900 
Jones, L'G, UD — 3AlalIcnry $1000 
Nlchburg, C"on«'uh: NiclioLson, Banner L V, Ala $58 
NlcbolsvUle, Marengo: Nichols, T S, — $209 
Nixburf, Coosa: Newell, Henry G, .\la $100 
Nokomls, Escambia: Camp, David C, Ala $127 
Noland, Pickens: Walker, Green T, — $32 
Normal, Madison: Smith, Proctor, Ala $497 
North, Marshall: Stearnes, Harvey, — $130 
Northport, Tuscaloosa: llamner, Sam'l M, Ala $806 
llamner, Miss Ella J, Clerk Ala OAlaTuscaloosa 

White, Lewis A, RD Ala OAlaTuscaloosa $960 
White, Wm W, RD Ala 6AlaTiiscaloosa $1001 
Notasulga, Macon: Stevenson, Annie .\ltt $9;i5 
Boles, Frank D, RD Ala SAIaMacon $11XKI 
lioles, Lester M , RD Ma, SAIaMacon $9iin 
Waller, John P, RD Ala 5AlaMacon $10(KI 
Nottingham, Talladega: Reynolds, Walker, Ala S39 
Nymph, Conecuh: Ferguson, jr, Richd, .\la $39 
Fereuson, .Miss Marric, AsstP.M Ala 2AlaConecuh 


Oak, Baldwin: Childress, Gordon B, Ala $143 
Oakctala, Choctaw: Evington, Wm ll, Ind $198 
Oak Grove, Mobile: Davis, B C, jr, Fla $.391 
Oakblll, Wilcox: Jones, Wm C, Ala $303 

Jones, Archie F, Clerk Ala 2AlaWilcox $36 
Oakman, Walker: SartaUi, Chas M, Ala tVMM 
Sarlin,.Miss Virgic, AsstPM Ala 6Ala Walker $144 
Dunn, Tullie M, RD Ala OAlaTuscaloosa $900 
Jones, Wilbum, RD Ala OAlaWalker $9(M) 
Uutledce, JasM, RD Ala OAlaWalker $960 
Oakmulgee, Perrv: GrilTin, Benj F, Ala $39 
Oaky Streak, Butler: Crittcn.lcn, Uobt G, Ala $103 

lliiRhcs, Laban A, UD Ala 2AlaButler $4S0 
Octagon, MareuRo: llinson, .\bram A, — $127 
OdeDTlUe, St Clair: Fowler, Sam'l O, Ala $594 
Hess, Jas A, UD Ala 7AlaSt Clair $UKX) 
Newton, John T,jr, UD Ala 7AlaSt Clair $11X10 
Ohatchee, Calhoun: Grillin, John W, Ga $514 
I Griinn, Mrs Susie, AsstPM Ala 4AlaCallioun $10 
Gridln, Miss Ovelle, Clerk Ala 4Al3Calhoiin $25 
Acker, Emorv Z, RD Ala 4AlaCalboun J9IX) 
Gilbert, Je.sse" L, RD Ala 4AlaCalhoun $9(X) 
Gulledt'c, Cooper, RD Ala 4AlaCalhoun $810 
Okatuppa, Choctaw: Foster, CO, - $38 
Olalee, lac kson: Wynn, J L, Ala $29 
Oldfleld. Talladoca: Hickman, Louis P, — $37 
Old Spring Hill, Marengo: Peacock, Miss Daisy I, Ala 

O'Lea, Wilcox: Bigger, A J, — $35 
Ollle, Monroe: Griggers, Mrs .Marv Ann, Ala $57 
Griggers, Miss Francis, AsstP.M Ala 2AlaMonroe 
Olmsted Station, Tuscaloosa: Olmsted, Chas B, Conn 

Olney, Pickens: Kinc, J B, Ala $50 
Ometa, Bullock: McLendan.CW A, — $1.53 
O'Neal, Limestone: Holmes, Bessie, Ala $55 
Oneonta, Blount: Brice, M Wesley, Ala $1100 
Brico, Wm F, Clerk Ala OAlaBlount $30 
AUgood, Stephen B, RD Ala 9AlaBlount $1000 



Oneonta — Continued. 
Griffith, John D, RD Ala SAIaBlount $1000 
Hendricks, Sam'l M, RD Ala 9AlaBlount $1000 
Maynor, Thos A, RD Ala 9AlaBlount $1000 
Opellka, Lee; Smith, D B. Ala $2400 
Smith, Arthur G, AsstPM Ala 3AlaLee $1200 
Smith, D B, jr. Clerk Ala SAlaLee $1100 
Fallard, Thos U, Clerk Ala 3AlaLee $1000 
Eduards, W E, Clerk Ala 3AlaLee $600 
Mitchell, A H, Clerk Ala SAlaLee $1000 
Bass, E P, Carrier Ala SAlaLee $900 
Pearson, E F, Carrier Ala SAlaTallapoosa $900 
Stowe, C P, Carrier Ala SAlaLee S900 
Williamson, n T, Carrier Ala SAlaLee $900 
Allen, J D, RD Ala SAlaLee $1000 
Crawley, W L, RD Ala SAlaLee SIOOO 
Lockhart, Jli RD Ala SllaLce $960 
Morris, W O, RD Ala SAlaLee $1000 
Rice, R J, RD Ala SAlaLee $960 
Simms, J A RD Ala SAlaLee SIOOO 
Wilson. A L, RD Ala SAlaLee SIOOO 
Opine, Clarke: Reid, IT, — $215 
Oplee, Wmston: Tanksley, S P, — $21 
Opp, Covington: McFerrlu, Edgar A, Ala $1100 
Shanks, Miss Flossie L, Clerk Ala 2AlaCovington 

Carter, Alford A, RD Ala 2AlaCoyington SIOOO 
Powell, John W, RD Ala 2AlaCovington $900 
Wallace, Andw S, RD Ala 2;\.laCovington $1000 
Orange Beach, Baldwin: Diehl, Mrs Elsie E, Pa S129 
OrrvUle, Dallas: Burt, G W, Ala $759 
Burt, G W, jr. Clerk Ala 4AlaDaUas $200 
Collms, W fcf, RD Ala 4AlaDallas $900 
Maseley, W L, RD Ala 4AlaDallas $1000 
Walker, Willie, RD Ala 4AlaDallas S900 
Oslerfield, Conecuh: Halloway, Chas J, Ala $48 
Owassa, Conecuh: Brown, W D, — $S36 
Owens Cross Roads, Madison: EUett, T E, Ala $266 

Hughes, J M, RD Ala SAlaMadison $960 
Oxmoor, JeSerson: Harper, Mrs Annie L, Ala S180 
Ozark, Dale: Cox, Clifford M, Ala $1700 
Cox, Willis S, AsstPM Ga SAIaDale S012 
Carroll, David L, RD Ala SAIaDale SIOOO 
Dowling, Hart E, ED Ala SAIaDale $960 
Edwards, Hham F, RD Ala SAIaDale $1000 
Martin, Argus B, RD Ala SAIaDale SIOOO 
Parker, Shelly D, RD Ala SAIaDale $1000 
Pippin, Martin F, RD Ala SAIaDale SIOOO 
Riley, Alex, RD Ala SAIaDale S900 
Thomas, Geo H, RD Ala SAIaDale 31000 
Ozella, Tallapoosa: Pace, M A, — $45 
Painter, Dekalb: Kerr, Jas, Ga $87 
Faint Rock, Jackson: Keel, Christopher C, Ala $548 

Keel, Shelby E, AsstPM Ala SAlaJackson $300 
Palestine, Cleburne; Mercer, Anderson, Ala $85 
Palmetto Beach, Baldwin: Nelson, Mrs LillieN, — $89 
Palmyra, Lowndes; Waller, Wm A, Ala $44 
Palos, JeSerson: Drennen, Felix W. Ala S529 
Setehell, Mrs N M, Clerk Ala 9AlaJeflerson S300 
Setchell, Will R, RD Ind 9AlaJefferson S398 
Spradling, Ed W, RD Ala 9AlaJe£Eerson S175 
Trice, Tom J, RD Ala 9AlaJeflerson S600 
Panola, Siunter: Collins, Glover D, Ala $434 
Pansey, Houston; Dansey, Jas R, Ala S206 

Barwey, Adam H, RD Ala SAlaHouston S864 
Paragon, Choctaw: Doggette, A J, — $82 
Parrish, Walker: Jones, W R, Ala $202 

Jones, W L, RD Ala OAlaWalker SIOOO 
Patsburg, Crenshaw: Norton, D M, Ala $273 

Bozenian, Thos J, RD Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $900 
Patton, Walker: Thackcr, Wm R, Ala S31S 
Paul, Conecuh: Jones, John L, Ala $45 
Payne, MarshaU; Hodges, Willis H, Ala $29 
Peace, Autauga; Whetstone, H M, Ala S52 
PeaehbniB, Bullock; Barksdale, Beverly R, Ala S178 
Peacock, Clarke: Williamson, Mrs Nellie S, Ala $82 
Peadro, Baldwin: Peadro, Mrs Samantha J, Ohio $65 
Peaks Mill, Winston: Walker, Mrs Mary J, Ala $57 
Pearces Mills, Marion: Clark, Francis M, — $1S0 
Pearson, Tuscaloosa: Boyd, John S, Ala $42 
Pelham, Shelby; O'Ban-, Mrs Laura C, Ala $256 

O'Barr, Miss Constance, Clerk Ala 4AlaShelby $S6 
Pell City, St Clair; Spears, Miss Florence Y, Tenn SIOOO 
Spears,Miss Adeline P, AsstPM Ala 7AlaStClair $156 
Miller, John F, RD Ga TAlaStClair $1000 
Stewart, Osmond E, RD Ala TAlaStClair SIOOO 
Pennington, Choctaw: Shamburger, Jas F, Ala $324 
Perdido Beach, Baldwin: Randolph, Robt C, Ala $216 
Perdldo Station, Baldwin: Havard, Miss Mary F, — 
Ilavard, JA, AsstPM Ala 2AlaBaIdwin $15 
Ilavard, Mrs Pearl, Clerk 2AlaBaldwin $900 
Perdue Hffl, Monroe: Agee, Mrs Mattie D, Ala $434 

Vaught, Geo R, RD Ala lAIaMonroe $1000 
Perote, Bullock: Main, John G, Ala $377 
Blue, Clarence M, RD Ala SAlaBullock $960 
Creswell, John H, RD Ala SAlaBullock $1000 
Matthews, Harry W, RD Ala SAIaDale S960 
PerryviUe, Perrv; Suttle, Jas B, Ala $123 
Pryor, Jas M, ' RD Ala 9AlaPerry $960 
Peterman, Monroe: Rikard, Lawrence W, Ala $322 
Petrey, Crenshaw: Daniel, Jesse L, — $192 
Petronia, Lowndes: Pierce, Wm H jr, Ala $85 
Phifer, Tuscaloosa: Phifer, SamI E, Ala $62 
Phil Campbell, Franklin; Duke, Marshall M, Ga $542 
Coleman, Arthur M, RD Ala 7AlaFranklin $900 
Dunkin, Barney B, RD Ala "AlaFranklin $900 
Franks, Greg S, RD Ala "AlaFranklin $468 
Wood, Pharies M, RD Ala 7AlaFranklin $720 
Phipps, Hale: Terry, Wm P, — $44 
Phoenix, Lee: Hogan, Wm T, Ala S1200 
Booker, Miss Anah, AsstPM Ala S.MaLee S120 
Wilder, Wm W, RD Ala SAlaLee $960 
PlckenSTllle, Pickens: Moorehead. Jas S, Ala .$209 
Piedmont, Calhoim: Thompson, CN, Ga $1500 
Thompson, Arthur P, Clerk Ala 4AIa Calhoun $600 

Piedmont— Continued . 
Howell, Oscar W, RD Ala 4AIaCalhoun $800 
Howell, Thos A, RD Ala 4AlaCalhoun $1000 
Lusk, Hugh F, RD Ala 4AlaCalhoun $960 
Stuart, Gus E, RD Ala 4AlaCalhoun $1000 
Pierce, Mobile: Brown, Michl M, Ala $102 
Pigeon Creek, Butler: Shell, R D, Ga $327 
Shell, Miss Pearl, Clerk Ala 2AlaButler $60 
Wood, Aaron H, RD Ala 2AlaButler $1000 
Pike Road, Montgomery: Belser, A R, Ala $208 
Pinckard, Dale: Campbell, Wm A, Ala SS92 

Adams, Miss Norma, AsstPM Ala SAIaDale $35 

Pine Apple, Wilcox: Compton, Mrs Minnie V, Ala $756 

Compton, Miss Clara M, AsstPM Ala 2AlaWilcox 

Chappell, Oren D, RD Ala 2AIaWilcox $1000 
Pine Hill, Wilcox; Wills, T J, — SIOOO 

Wills, Wm A E, Clerk NC 2AlaWilcox $100 
Pine Level, Montgomery; Stevens, John J, Ala $196 

Jones, Jas M, RD Ala 2AlaMontgomery $800 
Pinetucky, Perry; Ballmg, S J, — $10 
Plneville, Monroe; TaUey, Genevieve, Ala $84 

Boroughs, Wm, Carrier Ala lAlaMonroe $129 
Pink, Coffee: Dean, Jesse T, Ala $474 
Freeman, Jas 0, RD Ga SAlaCoflee $1000 
Sinmis, Robt L, RD Ala SAlaCoflee $1000 
Plnson, Jeflerson: Partam, R H, Ala $464 
Lane, H A, RD Ga OAlaJeflerson $1000 
Taylor, H A, RD Ala OAlaJefferson $900 
Piper, Bibb; Melvin, John P, Tenn $807 

Parneli, Chas E, AsstPM Ala OAlaBibb $20 
Pisgah, Jackson: Wann, Matthew L, — $267 

Browder, Jas F, RD — 8AlaJackson $1000 
Pitt, Lawrence; Bayne, Adolph G, Ala S40 
Pittsview, Russell: Pitts, Frank P sr, Ala S461 
Lewis, Geo W, RD Ala SAlaRussell $960 
Pitts, Wm H jr, RD Ala SAlaRussell $960 
Piano, Cherokee; Stinson, Solomon G, — $56 
Plantersville, Dallas: Driskell, Wm S, Ala $609 
Lewis, Robt H, Clerk Ala 4AlaDallas $120 
Jlerrod, Walter C, RD Ala SAlaAutauga $1000 
Jones, John, RD Ala 5Ala.Vutauga $1000 
Plateau, Mobile: Cawthon, Mrs AdeUe W, Ala $364 
Pleasant Gap, Cherokee: Braswell, Mayer L, Ga S55 
Pleasant Hill, Dallas: Simonton,Mrs Nettie M, Ga $279 
Pleasant Ridge, Greene; Norton, M B, Ala $118 
Pleasant Site, Franklin; Petree, A P, — $97 
Pletcher, Chilton: Anderson, J T, — $107 
Plevna, Madison; Walker, E A, Tenn S94 

Walker, Mrs Mary, Clerk Tenn SAlaMadison S40 
Poarch, Escambia: Sliirer, W J, Ala $145 
Pocahontas, Walker; Nix, A C, — $233 

Beasley, Wm, RD Ala OAlaWalker S960 
Point Clear, Baldwin: Zundel, Otto E, Ala $357 
Zundel, Miss Emilie M C, AsstPM Ala SAlaBaldwin 

Zundel, Louis T, Clerk Ala SAlaBaldwin $24 
Foley, Covington: Miller, Mark, Ala $S44 
Pollard, Escambia: McLellan, W J, Ala $798 
Edwards, Miss Louise, Clerk Ala 2AlaEscambia $144 
Manning, Miss Amy, Clerk Ala 2AlaEscambia S228 
Porter, Jeflerson: Cahoon, Will H, Ala $260 
Portersville, Dekalb; Hughes, Bailey B, Ala $318 

McKleroy, Albert N, RD Ala 7AlaDekalb $900 
Portland, Dallas: Branford, J T, — $128 
Powers, Hale: Findlav, West, Ala $65 
Prairie, Wilcox: Wiltsie, Geo T, Ala $207 
PrairlevlUe, Hale; Davies, E D, Va $156 
Pratt City, Jefferson; Thomas, John X, Wales $2600 
Meehan, Eugene, Supt Ire OAlaJefferson $900 
Spiegel, Alonzo D, Clerk Ala 9AlaJefferson $600 
Young, Nola, Clerk Ala OAlaJefferson $900 
Ford, Grigsby, Carrier Ala OAlaJefferson $800 
Lawson, Jos F, Carrier Ala OAlaJefferson $900 
Penny, J B, Carrier La OAlaJefferson $800 
Woodman, Wm E, RD Wales 9.^.1aJeflerson $960 
PrattvUle, Autauga: Booth, Chas, Ala $1700 
Booth, Douglas, Clerk Ala SAlaAutauga $360 
Haskell, Wm W, RD Mass 5AlaAutauga $1000 
Powell, Jas L, RD Ala 5.\laAutauga SIOOO 
White, Thos L, RD Ala 5AlaAutauga SIOOO 
Prentice, Marengo: Cain, Edwd E, Ind S2S4 
Prestwick, Washington: Conerly, W L, Ala $216 
Prichard, Mobile; Hosea, Mrs Minnie M, Ala $476 
Pride, Colbert: Pride, L T, Ala $75 
Princeton, Jackson; Walker, Mrs SID, Ala $142 
Pronto, Pike: Goolsljy, John J, Ga $69 
Prospect, Walker: Anderson, S A, Pa $72 
Pruitton, Lauderdale; Townsley, J T, — $30 
Pugh, Clarke: Pugh, A A, Ala $39 
Rivers, Miss M L. Clerk Ala lAlaClarke $10 
Olds, L M, AsstPM Ala lAlaClarke $12 
Purves, Macon: Phillips, Ernest Z, Ala $31 
Pushmataha, Choctaw: Horn, J G, Ala $252 
Putnam, Marengo: White, W H, Ala $221 
Pyriton, Clay: Roberts, Wm W, Ala $317 
Pettus, Adolphus A, RD Ala SAlaClay $1000 
Birchfleld, John D, RD Ala SAlaClay $1000 
Quenelda, Clay; Wesley, MA,— $59 
Quidnunc, Lunestone: Ragsdale, J H, Tenn $49 
Quinsey, Coosa: Adams, Saml G, — $26 
Quinton, Walker; Reed, Doke, Ala $578 

Hood, Gary B, RD Ala 9AlaWalker $1000 
Quito, Shelby: Allan, Wm M, Ala $53 
Rabb, Conecuh: Kelley, Jas R, — S74 
Ragland, St Clair: Adams, Geo C, Ala $948 
Box, Andw S. RD Ala TAlaStClair $960 
Montgomery, Waiter V, RD Ga 7AIaStClair SIOOO 
Ralph, Tuscaloosa; A P Patton, Ala $304 

Ray, B E, RD Ala O.MaTuscaloosa SIOOO 
Ramer, Montgomery: Rushton, Moses B, Ala $518 
Eushton, Mrs N L, Clerk Ala 2AlaMontgomery $00 
Brooks, Luke S, RD Ala 2AlaMontgomery $1000 
Eiland, Marion D, RD Ala 2AlaMontgomery $1000 
Jones, Albert C, RD Ala 2AlaMontgomery $1000 

Ramsey, Sumter: Simms, J T, Ala $198 
Randolph, Bibb: Mahan, Henry C, Ala $574 
Langston, Marshal M, RD Ala 9AlaBibb $960 
Perry, Terry B, RD Ala 9AlaBibb SIOOO 
Range, Conecuh: Kimberi, John J, — S197 
Rash, Jackson: Senteii, I M, — $91 
Reads, Calhoun: Vowell, E E, Ala $35 
Red Bay, Franklin; Harris, Henry E, Ala $845 
Harris, Mary E, AsstPM Miss 7AlaFranklm S72 
Davis, Geo W, RD Miss 7AlaFrauklm SIOOO 
Howell, Emmett P, RD Ala 7AlaFranklin $1000 
Redemption, Choctaw; Stanley, Wm G, — $188 
Red Level, Covington: Mott, J R, — SS26 
Mills, Rufus N, RD Ala 2AlaCovington $960 
Mitchell, Wm T, RD Ala 2AlaCovington SIOOO 
Red Star, Walker: Fletcher, Chas S, Ga $128 
Reform, Pickens: Dodson, Walter L, Ala $1000 
Dodson, Mrs W L, Clerk Ala OAlaPickens $180 
Harper, Howard G, RD Ala OAlaPickens $1000 
Pearson, John R, RD Ala 6AlaPickens $960 
Price, John M, RD Ala OAlaPickens $960 
Rehoboth, Wilcox; Sigman, Mrs Augusta, Miss $93 
Reiking, Mobile: King, Miss C H M, Mass $62 
Rembert, Marengo: Thomas, A C, Ala $157 
Remlap, Blount; Latham, Wm M, Ala $89 
Rendalia, Talladega: Reynolds, O M, Ala $138 
Renfroe, Talladega; Sims, Claude B, Ala $267 
Allen, Walker B, RD Ala 4AlaTalladega $600 
Eston, Louie R, RD Ala 4AlaTaUadega $1000 
Repton, Conecuh: Dreaden, Wm S, Ala $646 
Republic, Jeflerson: Scarlett, William, Pa $515 
Richburg, Coflee: Boyd, Lem A, Ga $S60 
Richmond, Dallas: Powe, Miss Hattie L, — $167 
Rickey, Tuscaloosa; Moscley, L W, — $180 
RldervUle, Chilton: McArthur, Miss Annie J, Ala $678 
Ripley, Limestone: Hamilton, Robt J, Ala S2S1 
River Falls, Covington: Wilson, Miss Julia S, Ala $528 
River Ridge, Monroe: McKinlev, John F, Ala $121 
Riverside, St Clair: Bukacek, J S. Bohemia $347 
Riverton. Colbert: Grissom, Ola F, — S328 

Barnett, Geo M, Clerk Miss 7AlaColbert $50 
River View, Chambers: Hunt, Manly M, Ala $195 
Roanoke, Randolph: Swann. Tvler M, Ala $1700 
Chase, Wm E, AsstPM Ala SAlaRandolph .$360 
Still, Thos J, Clerk Ala SAlaRandoiph $240 
Bass, Jolm H, RD Ala SAlaRandolph $1000 
Howell, Wm T, RD Ala SAlaRandolph $1000 
Orr, W Talmage, RD Ala SAlaRandolph SIOOO 
Sledge, John S, RD Ala SAlaRandolph $1000 
Wadsworth, Robt A, RD Ala SAlaRandolph $1000 
Roba, Macon; Slaughter, H J. Ga $161 
Roberts, Escambia: Parker, Dan M, — $94 
Robertsdale, Baldwin; Hammond, W A, NY $845 

O.sthind, M E, RD Minn 2AlaBaldwin $900 
Robinsonville, Escambia; Gullev, Carlie J, — $81 
Robjohu, Choctaw: Edwards, Wm R, Ala $131 
Rockford, Coosa: Pond, Wm D, Ala $688 
Pond, Henry W jr, Clerk Ala SAlaCoosa .$70 
Bentley, Willis H, RD Ala SAlaCoosa SIOOO 
Shurett, Wm P, RD Ala SAlaCoosa $1000 
Waldrop, Cleon O, RD Ala SAlaCoosa $600 
Rock Mills, Randolph; Keeble, J M, — $232 
Rock Run, Cherokee: Garvin, John M, Conn $327 
Rock Run Station, Cherokee; Davis, Edmond R, Ala 
Brittain, AVm J, Clerk Ala 7AlaCherokee $00 
Rock Springs, Etowah: East, Chas A, Temi $256 
Kellev, Robt M, RD Ala 6AlaCalhoun SIOOO 
Rookviile, Clarke: Howell, Estclla, — $78 
Rogersvllle, Lauderdale: Whitehead, W H, Ala $637 
Grisham, Wm A, RD Miss SAlaLauderdale $1000 
Haraway, Clyde E, RD Ala SAlaLauderdale $1000 
Haraway, Robt C, RD Ala SAlaLauderdale $1000 
Romulus, Tuscaloosa: Robertson, W E, Ala $67 
Rosa, Blount: Horton, P H, Ala S57 
Roscoe, Baldwin; Sebastian, Mrs Emma, III $199 
Rosemary, Hale: Neville, J A, — $77 
Rosser, Sumter: Culpepper, Tandy K, Ala $105 
Round Mountain, Cherokee: Porter, WE, — $461 
Rowland, Limestone: Dowd. Edwd P, Ala $25 
Hull, Wilbur, RD Ala SAlaLimestone $860 
Rue, Tuscaloosa: Malone, Marvin M, — $34 
Rural, Clarke; Williams. J E, Ala $74 
RussellvUle, Franklin: Chenault, Wm L, Ala $1600 
Bond, Miss Henrietta M, AsstPM Ala TAlaFranklin 

Leigh, Paschal H, Clerk Ala SAlaLawrence $128 
Carter, Robt L, RD Ala 7AlaFranklin $800 
Hester, John F, RD Ala 7AlaFranklm $1000 
Norris, Wm B, RD Ala 7AlaFranklin SIOOO 
Plaxco, Jos W. RD Ala 7AlaFranklm $1000 
Rollins, Wm R, RD Ala 7AlaFranklin SIOOO 
Rutan, Washington; Onderdonk, B H, Va $122 
Rutherford, Russell; Mathis. MM, Ala $275 
Rutledge, Crenshaw; King, Ulys D, Ala $328 
Talley, Geo W, RD Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $800 
Wright, Earnest T, RD Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $900 
Ryland, Madison: Lacv, John M, Tenn $142 
Saco, Pike: Kindred, Geo A, — $20S 
Saflord, Dallas: Jones, John E, Ala $256 

Frsher, Claud A, RD La 4AlaDallas $900 
Saginaw, Shelby; Fulton, Geo T, Ala $328 
St Bernard. Cullman: Fries, Chas n. Pa $391 
St Clair Springs, St Clair: Jones, U R, Ala $174 
St Elmo, Mobile; Bouchard, Arthur E, La $293 
St Joseph, Montgomery; St Laurent, Jos A, Can $345 
St Stephens, Washington: Rawls, Miss Ellen H, Ala 

Salem, Lee: Tavlor, Mrs Ella A, Ala S539 
Dunn, John W, RD Ala SAlaLee $1000 
Oliver, John L, RD Ala SAlaLee SIOOO 
Plott, WmH, RD Ala SAlaLee SIOOO 
Salltpa, Clarke: Guy, E R, Ala $345 

Guy, Miss NE, Clerk Ala lAlaClarke $48 
Salter, Coosa: Crew, Jas I, — $40 



Samantba, Tuscaloosa: Lesueur, Des Stang, — t252 
IIiikUt, Bobble O, RD — OAlaTuscaloosa $1000 
Samosot, Walker: Thompson, F M, — $152 
Samson, Geneva: Howke. Acey W, Ga SUno 
Sinpos, Mrs Kniu, Clerk Ala — $48 
Sinpi's. Jfts W, Clerk Ala — $0flO 
Samuel, Choctaw: Rocers, N K, Ala $110 
Sandrock, Dekalb: Austin, J H, Ala $.'19 
Sandy, Uibb: Ross, T li, — $.'■4 
Sandford, Covington: I'owell, John C, Ala $517 
Saragossa. Walker: Ferimson, C S, Ala $108 
Saraland, Mobile: Sko^'luml, Nicholas K, Swe $t>5 
Sardine, Kscanibia: Jordan, K M. Fla $.17 
Sardls. Dallas: Statinil, Normau S, Ala $213 

1 1 :ililier, Willie V, UD Ala 4Alanallas $480 
Sawyervllle, Hale: Wilson, J r, — $330 
May. John T, RD - 2Alal(ale $800 
Sayre, JelTerson: MontRomery. Roy R, Ala $.146 
Sayreton, JelTorson: llea'l, Albert 'R. Oa $295 
Schley, C(«.s;>: Hull, Jiis K, M, Ala $17 
Scotia. Morn LI. iinTv: Kmilll, T F, — $121 
Scotland. Moiiroi': liuuii, Mrs Josephine A, Ala $81 
Scottsboro. Jiiiksoii: llollmiil, Allen N, Ala $1000 
Center, Win I', Asstl'M Go TtiaWaker $000 
Kyle, WniA. RD Ala SAlaJackson $10(H) 
Gross, Rolit F, RD Ala SAlaJackson $900 
Gricc. Christopher F. RD Ala SAlaJackson $900 
Kechle. RobI M, RD Ala SAlaJackson $1000 
Walsh. Chiis F, RD Ala SAlaJackson $<>00 
Scotts Station, I'errv: Howell, John V, — $182 
Soranage, Italdwiii: "Deaux, Mrs Adelle D, Ala $41 

Gil>son, Jos G, Carrier Fla 2AlaFscainbia $15 
Scyiene. Clarke: Oarrick, Mannel S, Ala $105 
Seabord. WnshinRton: Hyatt, Mrs Kate, Ala $S'J 
Sealo, Uussell: Ferry, .Miss Tomtnie, Ala $751 
Arrant, W C. RD Ala 3AlaRussell $1000 
Hurih.TG, RD Ala .fAlaRussell $1000 
Vann, J Carey, RD Ala .iAlaRussell $900 
Searcy, liiitler: Ward, Isaac Krnest, Ala $48 
Soarlght, Crenshaw: White, John C, Ala $320 
Cooper. Fodie, RD Ala 2AlaCovinpton $320 
White, Lovick V, RD Ala 2AlaCrenshaw $1000 
Soarles, Tuscaloosa: Rilev, Miss Ella, — $009 
Section. Jackson: McCord, Wm W, Ala $432 
Green, Walter I,, RD Ala SAlaJackson $900 
Jonea. WmJ, RD 111 SAlaJackson $1000 
Nichols, John C, UD Ala SAlaJackson $1000 
Seddon, St Clair: Carpenter, DanI II, Ala $130 
SeltvlUo, lilouni: Self, U V, Ala $140 
Sellers, Montpimery: Sellers. Wm W, Ala $315 

Mathi-ws, Albert il, KD Ala - $800 
SeUersvllle, Geneva: Hilev, John, Ala $70 
Selma, Dallas: Scott. David M, Ala $3000 
Miller, Tho3 U, AsstPM Ala SAIaJefferson Jl.ino 
Child, Jos H, Clerk Ala 4AlaDallas $1200 
Day, Wm C, Clerk Ala 4AlaDallas $1000 
Dmnard. Jacob W jr. Clerk Ala 4AlaUallas $1000 
Graham. Misa Mary M, Clerk Ala 4AlaDall;i8 

Kahle. Mrs Famiic M, Clerk Ala 4AlaUaIlas $1000 
Keebic, Miss Ada C. Clerk Ala 4Alar)nllas $800 
Kceble, Miss Jennie M. Clerk Ala 4AIaDalIas $000 
Reid, Houston C, Clerk Ala 4AlaDallas $1000 
Sadler, Albert J, Clerk Ala 4AlaDana9 $1100 
Sims, Flenner B, Clerk 111 ISIIlVermillion $1100 
Voltz. Clias F. Clerk Ala 4AlaDalIa9 $1200 
Anderson. Winston A, C " 

Ballard, Chas II, Carrier Ala 4AlaI)allas 
Benner, JosJ. Carrier NY 4AlaDalla9 $800 
Burdin. Jas W. Carrier Ala 4Alal)allas $1100 
Camp, Cason V, Carrier Miss OAla.Ieflersoii $900 
Reagin, Arthur H, Carrier Ala 4AlaDalla9 $1000 
Russell, Benj M, Carrier Ala 4AlaDalla3 $1200 
Turner. Flavins J, Carrier Ala 4AlaDalla3 $1200 
Govle. Thos O, RD Ala 4AlaDalla3 $1000 
Hackett, Fredk W, UD N'Y $1000 
Rntledge, Geo B, UD Ala 4AIaDolla8 $D60 
West. J Kent. RD Ala 4AlaDalla8 $900 
Seloca. Jefferson: DeShazo, Albert C, Ala $134 
Seman. F.lmore: Brill. Davi.l O, — $83 
Seminole. Baldwin: Pollock, John C, Mo $209 
Semmes, Mobile: JarvLs, II Al, 111 $199 
Sbadlx. Winston: Wilborn, Elisha B, Ala $12 
Shady Grove, IMke: Kilpatrick, Thos J, Ala $220 
Sbawmut, chambers: Whitehead, Jas, Eue $445 
Sheffield. Culberl. McFall, Geo W, Tenn $1900 
Williams, ICarle A, AsstPM Ky SAIaColbert $')nO 
McFall, Geo \V, jr. Clerk Ala SAlaColbert $.100 
MoKelvev, Ilultcl E, Ala SAlaColbert $1000 
Shelby. Sh'elbv: Jones, Malcolm L, Ky $034 
Curlee, usie, RD Ala 4AlaShelbv $1000 
Shelby Springs, Shelby: l.oyd. W J, - $41 
Shellhorn, I'ike: Kilpatrick, J W, Ala $111 
Shlloh, Murenco: Dismnkes, Walter Buss. Ala $80 
Shoal Creek, Cleburne: Johnson, Wm W, Ga $17 
Short Creek, JelTerson: Salter, I V, — $340 
Shorter, .Miu'on: Howard, Chas G, Ala $403 

WUliiiMis, Uobt O, RD — 5AlaMacon $800 
Shortervllle, Henrv: Mills, Miss Fannie, Ala $240 
Calcium;, Joe, UD Ala 2AlaHenry $900 
Woolf, fidwd W, RD Ala 2AliiHenry $900 
Shortleaf, Marengo: Kiryen, Clarence, Ala $215 
Schreve, Conecuh: Peeny, BA, Ala $02 
SIddonsvUle, Marenco: CraiKhead, Preston A, Ala $74 
Silas, Choctaw: Edgar, Miss M E, Fla $352 
SUarla. Shelbv: Nickerson, Miss Vclma P. Ark $120 

Hcnton.WrnC, RD Ala 7AlaShelby $1000 
SUverhlll. Baldwin: Norden, Axel A, Swe $311 
Sllverrun, Talladepa: Gannawav, T A, — $32 
Slstrunk. Elmore: Smith. Mrs Fannie C, Ala $113 
Slzemore, l-amar: Sizemore, Thos, Ala $11 
Sklnnerton. Conecuh: Brown, John n. Ala $187 

Brown. SterllnR W. RD Ala 2AlaConecuh $800 
Sklppervllle, Dale: Searcy, Wm H, — — 
SklTum, Dekalb: Bentley, Wm J, Ala $97 
Slackland, Cherokee: Cox, Wm S, A's $62 

Ala 4Alal)alla8 

Sllgo, Elowah: Smilh, Jos M. Ohio $66 
Slocomb, Geneva: Carroll, Lenuiel A, Ala $1000 
Jordan, John R, AsstPM Ala 3Alaaeneva $96 
Foster, Jos S, UD Ala lAlatleneva $960 
Hardwick, Jas A, UD Ala lAlaGeneva $960 
Wise, Morgan I,, UD Ala 3AlaOeneva $1000 
SmllaT.J:>ckson: Sells, Wm II, Tenn $■<: 
Smlthsonla. Lauderdale: Reeder, J T, — $130 
Smiths Station. Lee slalTord, Miss Kmma II. Ala $413 

Sturkle, WmT, RD Ala 4AlaLee $1000 * 
Snowdoun, .MontKomerv: Walter, Jesse U, Ala $1.57 
Cuirv, John P, UD Ala 2AlaMonli;omerv $1000 
Snow HUl. Wilcox: Fitcli, Lewis 11, Va $h73 

Filch, Harold L. Clerk Ala 2AhlWilcox $93 
Society Hill, Macon: Myhand, John II, Ala $S4 
SomervUle, Morgan: Harlan, Emma, Ala $G17 
Harlan, Mary, Clerk Ala SAIaMorgan $1.50 
Gnver, I'lvscal A,' UD Ala SAIaMorgan $900 
lligilon, Solomon F, RD Ala SAIaMorgan $1000 
Wintoji. Jos W, UD Ala SAIaMorgan $1000 
Waikins. Wm S, UD Ala SAIaMorgan $1000 
Souwllpa, Choctaw: Doggelt, J W, — $134 
Spears, Geneva: Spears, D II, .Ma $32 
Spelgner, I'lmorc: Culverhouse, V M, — $424 
Sprague, Montgonu'rv: Walter. Duncan C, Ala $123 
Woodward, Jacob 4i, As-stPM NC 2AlaMontgomery 
Spring Garden. Cherokee: Webb. Norris C, Ala $390 
Howell. Is Milam, UD Ala 7AlaCherokee $1000 
Howell, Kobt A, UD Ala 7AlaChcrokce $1000 
Spring Hill, .Mobile: Gordon, Mrs Agnes U, NV $698 
NeUon, Miss Frances, Clerk Wis lAlaMobile $313 
Spring Valley, Colbert: l.igon, T L, Ala $T3 
SprlngvlUe, St Clair: Fowler, Arthur B, Ala $825 
C:inshaw. A, UD Ala 7AlaStClair $.S0O 
Jones, Benj I,, UD Ala 7AlaStClair $1000 
Stone, Thos A, UD Ala 7AlaStClair $960 
Sprott. Perry: Sprolt.T W, Ala $3S1 
Boiling, G"F, UD Ala uAlaPerry $1000 
Ilughev. Dee, RD Ala 9AlaPcrry $1000 
Pack, , It, KD Ala 9AlaPerrv $1000 
Spruce Pine, Franklin: Wade, Wm II, Ala S380 

lihukli'.li.'... W:iMer W, UD Ala 7AlaFranklin $1000 
Spur. Aniau;:u: ■I'lionipson, D E, — $196 
SquawShoals. Tusc iloosa: WiUiams.MissMary, Va — 
Stafford. I'ii-kins: storey, Uobt N, Ala $.55 
Standing Rock. I'luunbers: nines. CorneliusE, Ala $2.56 
Stanton. Ciiillon: l.ilclur, S 1!, Ala $376 

Wo.illev, i; .\1, HI) Ala 4AlaCliilton $1000 
Stapleton. Ilaldwin:, Mrs .Matlie J, Ala $146 
StatesvUle. Aiit;uiL'a: llolnu's, Wm II, Ala $79 
Steadham, K<ciunl.i;i; llixou, llyron L, Ala $148 
Steele. SI Cl;ur: SMiiili, Fred, (!a $384 
llnlUnmon, Li.k.ll, lil) Ala 7AlaStClair $1000 
Turner .Soiiii.iii I, KP \la 7AlaStClair $480 
Sterrett. Slulli\ . w ill.. I Mary Etta, — $3.13 
Stevenson. JaiL. Ill w ii n, Uobt L, Ala $1300 

Wympcrly M '.i ihini, \ .vi I'M Ala SAlaJackson $300 
Stewart. Hale: ,\l ussengole, W G, Ala $382 
Stockton, lialdwin: llryars, Lucy A, — $388 
Stouts Mountain, Ciilhhan: Moore, Sam D, Ala $321 
Strange. Limestone; Holland. Mrs Mollic, Ala $38 


Straven, slielh\ ; 

Stroud. CIkuoIiit 
l.u .Millon, C, 
Slnilh, W 111 II, 

SuggsvUle. Cliirki 

Sulllgent, Lam: 
lliHikhea.l. M 
Norton. V. K, UD 
Thomas, J K, UD 
Thomp.son, W .\, 

ill, John, Ala $10 
lop. L I!, Wis $I.5.S 
hiiMjii. W illis S, Ala S.1C7 
\\.\ .•.AliiCliailibers SIOOO 
Ala ,-,Alai;iiamliers $11K)0 
as. Miss .Martha M, Ala $343 
■: liaiikhead, G E, Ala $999 
V. v.. Clerk Ala BAlaLamar $133 
OAlaLamar $900 
I OAlaLamar $UKIi) 
Ala OAlaLamar $1000 
Woods. II B, UD Ala OAlaLamar $900 
Sulphur Springs, Dekalb: Harris, Lemuel A, Ala $141 
Sumatra. Hal. Iwin: Hilly, Joe, Hclg — 
Summerdale. Ilnlilwin: Shanetts, Harlow S, Wis $934 
sliarretls, .Miss Kose, A.sstPM Tenn 2AlaUaldwin 

I'.ugstroiii.Chas II, UD III 3AlaBaldwin $900 
Summerfleld. Dallas: McCory. Saml 11, Ala $311 
Summit, Blount: Uerrv, Leroy B, Ala $1.50 
SumtervUle, Sumter: SVrenn, Virginia Adelaide, — $248 
Sunflower, Washington: Williams, Thos D, Ala $274 
Sunny South, Wilcox: Grantham, Mrs Fatlie I, Ala 

Wea'liierlv.C P, Clerk Ali> 2AlaWilcox $90 
Sunset. .Iiii-'ksoii: Uol.erl-, Isaac L, — $47 
Sunshine, I Lil.: Nel^.iii. Mrs Sallie, NC $70 
Superior, shell, v: Giliiioie, A J. Ire $101 
Suspension. Ilulloik: Nix. Benj It, Ala $78 
Swalm, Jackson: Swaim, Jas L, Ala $39 
Sweet Water, Maiiiigo: Lewis, Geo J, Ala $245 
Swift. Itiddwin: Schroeder, Ilennan, Ger $310 
Sycamore. I'iillailega: II andley, John O, Ala $337 

F.ihvarils Will J, UD Ala' 4AlaTalladega $1000 
Sylacauga. Stewart, Walker T, Ala $1600 

llelison, Miss Maude L, AsstPM Ala 4AlaTalladega 

Stewart, Jas W, Clerk Ala 4AlaTalladcga $168 
Bright, Klbert T, UD Ala 4AlaTalladega $1000 
Bush Jos T, UD Ala 4AlaTalladega $1000 
Williams, Henrv N, UD Ga 4AIaTalladega $1000 
Sylvan. Tuscaloosa: Itoberlson, John C, Ala $94 
Sylvanla, Hekalb: Nappier, Mrs Sarah N, Ala $114 
Taff. Cherokee: TalT. John W, Ala $94 
Tafton. Shelbv: HodKeiis, Mrs Sarah E, Ga $109 
Talladega. T.illinlega: Hingliam. John A, Ala $3400 
Clianihers Jos S. AsstPM Ala 4 AlaTalladcga $1200 
Henilerson, Herbert C, Clerk Tenn 4AlaTalladcga 

Hollingsworth, Andw J, Clerk Ala 4AlaTalladega 

Porter, Geo J. Clerk Ala 4AlBTalladega $600 
Uiddlc, Niinis F, Clerk Ala 5AlaClay $1000 
Puckett,JaeC, Carrier Ala 4AlaTaU8dega $1000 

Talladesa— Continued. 
Riddle, C Wayne, Carrier Ala SAIaClay $1000 
Stockdale, (; Lee, Carrier Ala 4AlaTalladega $1000 
Stone, A W, Carrier Ala 5AlaClav SUHm 
Beavers, Major D, UD Ala 4Ala'rallailega $1000 
Bowie. Lerov W, UD Ala 4AliiTalladega SliKHi 
Hall, Alonzo. UD Oa 4AliiTolladega $1(KXI 
Mal5on,JasA, UD Ala 4AhiTalladega $1000 
Gray, Alf, Labr Ala 4AlaTalladcga $73 
Talladega Springs, Talladega: Boaz. Nellie E, Ala 
Boaz.Mls^ Laura U, Clerk Ala 4AlaTalladcga $48 
Tallahatta Springs. Clarke: Harrison, Jesse l\ — $31 
Tallahassee, Elmore: Wendel, Miss Dora G, Tenn $1300 
Hollow iiv, J Henry, Clerk Ala .5AlaElmore $130 
BiUlngsley, Ocle, RD Ala SAlaElmore $100ii 
I'owell, Absalom M, UD Ala SAIaKlmore $UXX) 
Ueneaii. Stephen II, UD Ala 5AlaEhnore $1000 
Talucah, Morgan: Hogcbooni, Chas F, 111 $70 
TattUaba, Clarke: Pettis, John, Ala $37 
Taylor, Houston: Grice, Mrs Minnie U, Ala $300 

McKay. JnoM, Carrier .\la 3AlaIIouslun $1(X)0 
Tayloravllle, Madison: Thomas, J U, Ala $334 

Cobb, C 1), Clerk Ala 4Ala.Madison $40 
Tecumseh, Cherokee: Allison, W D, Ala $131 
Teddy, Escambia: Williams, A U, Ala $76 
Tenant, Uandulph: Mostellar, Mrs Emily, Ala $30 
Tennllle, Pik..; .Miinn. Tahiiage, Ala $3:8 

Kagerton, Will U , UD Ala 3AlaCoflee $1000 
Fleming. Kdiiic, UD Ala 3AlaPike $.530 
Jackson, Henrv 1), UD Ala 3AlaPike $800 
Wilson. J Cleveland, UD Ala 3AlaColIee i:,m 
Tensaw. Baldwin: Feist, Mrs Sarah M, Ala $:i04 
Texas, Marion: I'earce, Clovis Marvin, Ala $71 
Tharln, Moiit^:oiiierv: Ueyiiolds, Bryant U, Ala $63 
Theodore, .Mill, lie: Viucher, Jas W, Ala $401 

B.iTv. Cliisi.r I), UD Pa lAlaMobile $900 
Thomas, Jetlerson: Gamble, FraJik D, Ala $383 
Thomaston, .Marengo: Buck, O W, Ala $041 
DiiO, V. li, Clerk Ala lAlaMarcngo $300 
ThomasvUle, Clarke: Tabb, Mrs Hatlie N. Ala $1500 
FoisliT. Mrs BettioT, Asstl'M Tex lAlaClarke $4S0 
Thompson, Bullock: Wylie, Wm P, Ala $37o 

Pal tvrson, Willie E, UD Ala 3AlaUullock $900 
Thorsby, Cliilton: Bice, Jonathan. SC $S2S 

Franklin, lieiij r. UD Ala 4AlaChllt«n $1000 
Three Notch, llullock: Johnston, .Morgan B, Ala $3.50 
Thornton, Geo M, UD Ala 3AlaBiillock $800 
Thornton, Heuhcn E, UD Ala 3Alallnllock $900 
Tibbie. Washington: Sullivan, John S, Turk $40 
Tidewater, Tuscaloosa: Shepherd, Thos V, Ala $51 
Tildes, Dallas: Rllcv, J B, Ala $413 

Riley. Howard, Asstl'M Ala 3AlaDallas $12 
Tlncle, Monroe: Dennis, Mrs Mary C, Ala $77 
Tlnela. Monroe: MiCanU>, John A, Ala $1(>2 
Tlshabee, Greene: David, Geo II, SC $170 
Titus, Elmore: Edwards, Geo D, Ala $352 

Edwards, Saml C, UD Ala 5AlaElnioro $900 
Tolnette, Washington: Harris, Miss Mary A, Ala $240 
Tolbut, Uamlolph: May, Wm T Ala $37 
Toledo, Fiiyelle: Amorson, II O, — $33 
Tomblgbee. Marriigo: McKcrall, Herbert, .\la $50 

Ton.v. il II Kelly. U O, Ala $254 

H.ii., , I., \ -tl'M Ala SAlaMadLsou $30 
III, nil iiiiiii, UD Tenn sAla.Madison $900 

Spin,,. II psun 1), UD Ohio SAlaMadl.son $Hr<) 

Town Creek, Lawnmce: Elheredge, Elihu, Ala $7,53 
Allison, C E, RD Ala SAlaLawreneo $1000 
Etherodgc, E E, RD Ala SAlaLawreneo $1000 
Sanderson, M. UD Ala SAlaLawreneo $1000 
Townly, Walker: King. Marlon D. Ala $384 

Tidwcll, Thos S, UD Ala OAlaWalker $520 
Trade, Cullman: Hyatt, Jas R, Ala $77 
Tredegar. Calhoun: Kennedy, Michael S, SC $54 
Trenton, Jackson: Wilboiirn, Jas T, Ala $175 
Trinity, Morgan: E mens, J W, NY $474 

Poole. Ell F. RD Ala SAIaMorgan $1000 
Troy. Pike: Starke, Wm C, Ala $3300 
Greene, Stephen II, AsstPM Ga 2AlaPlke $1100 
Ballard, Jas E, Clerk Ala 2Alal'ike StiOO 
BoutwcU, Mrs Clara E, Clerk Ala 3AlaPikc $36 
Harmon, John F, Clerk Ala 2AlaPike $1100 
Starke, Mrs Marv. Clerk Ala 2AlaPike $1000 
Glllls, Claude J," Carrier Ala 2Al8l'lke $1000 
Jenkins, Cullcn L, Carrier Ala 2AlaPlke $llMifl 
Rolling, David E, Carrier Ala 2Alal'ike $1000 
Boutwell. Dannie J. RD Ala 2AlaPikc $1000 
Hamilton. Wm J, UD Ga 2Al3l'ike $101X1 
Harper, Wm S, RD Ala 3Alal'ikn $.500 
Lattmill. Jos. RD La 3AlaPike STiKi 
Reddiwk, Homer A, RD Ala 2AlaPike $1000 
Russell, Homer D. RD Ala 2Alal'ike $IIH10 
Taylor, Clarence E, RD Ala 3AlaPlkc $1000 
Whelslone, David C, RD Ala 3Alariko $1000 
Wllkerson, Walter R, RD Ala 2AlaPikc $1000 
Trussvllle, Jefferson: Talley, D N, Ala $539 

Franklin. Wm T, UD Ala 9AlaJefferson $900 
TulUs, Choctaw: Carney. John W, Ala $54 
Tunnel Springs, Monroe: Falkcnburv, J 0, — $353 

Talbert. Lizzie. Clerk Ala lAlaMonroe $120 
Turkestan, Monroe: Turk, Laban, Ala $.53 
Turk. Mrs Sarah F. A.sstPM Ala lAlaMonroe $20 
Dunam, Frank, RD Ala lAlaMonroe $100 
Tuscaloosa, Tnscaloosa: Dugeer, Robt B, Ala $2000 
Morton. Ned. AsstPM Ala OAlaTuscaloosa $i:«)0 
Chatflold. Ilnrdv N, Clerk, OAlaTuscaloosa $1100 
Morton. John F". Clerk Ala 9AlaJelIerson $1100 
Smallwood, Mi,ss Fannie, Clerk Ala OAlaTuscaloosa 

Townscnd, Ernest A, Clerk Ala OAlaTuscaloosa $1100 
Townsend, Wm J, Clerk Ala OAlaTuscaloosa $1000 
Williamson, R II. Clerk Ala liAla Tuscaloosa $1100 
Herren, Grover, Carrier Ala OAlaTu.scaloosa $800 
Logan, Wm D, Carrier Ala OAlaTuscaloosa $900 
Slayton, Geo C, Carrier Ala OAlaTuscaloosa $1000 



Tuscaloosa— Continued . 

Stuokey, S R, Carrier Ala 6AlaTusoaloosa $1000 
Slayton, Wm A, RD Ala BAlaTuscaloosa SIOOO 
Williams, Frank B, RD Ala liAlaTusealoosa S900 

Tuscumbia, Colbert: Steele, Andw M, Ala S1700 
Goodloe, Mrs Judith S, AsstPM Ala SAlaColbert S600 
Kircher, Miss Elauora, Clerk Colo SAlaColbert S300 
Myham, Wm M, RD Ala SAlaColbert SIOOO 
Steele, Tlios W, RD Ala SAlaColbert SIOOO 

Tuskegee, Macon: Thompson, Grover C, Ala S1600 
Lane, Miss Mattie M, AsstHM Ala 5AlaMacon $360 
Sergrest, Miss Gertrude E, Clerk Ala SAlaMacon 

DuBose, Clarence E, RD Ala 5AlaMacon SIOOO 
Du Bose, Walter L, RD Ala SAlaMacon SIOOO 
Lane, Henry A, RD Ala SAlaMacon 31000 

Tuskegee Institute, Macon: Washington, Jas B, WVa 
Dean, Jolin M, AsstPM Term OTennDavidson SMO 
Blaudon, Herman V, Clerk Ala SAlaLee $1S0 

Tyler, Dallas: Minter, J A, Ala $307 

TysonviUe, Macon: Martin, G P, — S49 

Uchee, Russell: Johnson, Robt A, Ala Sill 
German, Willie, RD Ala SAlaRussell $200 

Union, Greene: Starey, Jas M, Ala S1S4 

Union Grove, Marshall: Williams, Wm H, Ala $423 
Williams, Mrs Martha G, AsstPM Ala OAlaMarshall 

Hipp, Frank M, RD Ala OAlaMarshall SIOOO 
Hipp, Jas B, RD Ala OAlaMarshall SIOOO 
York, Saml M, RD Qa OAlaMarshall SIOOO 

Union Springs, Bullock: Baskln, Thos U, Ala $1900 
McGowen, Miss Johnie E, AsstPM Ala 3AlaBullock 


Cherry, Miss Mildred L, Clerk Ga SAlaBullock $300 
Smith. Neal R, RD Ala 3AlaBulloek SIOOO 
Stroud, Charlie C, RD Ala SAlaBullock S900 
Vaughan, Robt L, RD Ala SAlaBullock $960 
Uniontown, Perry: Fowler, Miss May T, Ala $1500 
Lapsley, W W, AsstPM Ala OAlaPerry $746' 
Bondurant, Morgan S, RD Ala 9AlaPerry $1000 
Flood, Jimmie, Porter Ala 9AlaPerry SIS 
University, Tuscaloosa: Anderson, Jas A, Tenn $1000 
Burnett, Mrs Lulu B, Clerk Ala OAlaTuscaloosa $270 
Upton, Marshall: Morrow, V W, — $52 
Valegrande, Dallas: Gilmer, Miss L F, Ala S98 

Gillis, D H, RD Ala 4AlaDallas $520 
VaUey Head, Dekalb: Ellis, Mrs Pallie M, Ala $624 
White, Miss Nina M, AsstPM Ala 7AlaDekalb $S00 
White, W Collins, Clerk Ala 7AlaDekalb $300 
Dean, Geo W, RD Ga "AlaDekalb SIOOO 
Hammons, Burlington G, RD Ga 7AlaDekalb $900 
Vance, Tuscaloosa: Lewis, J A, — $355 

Vanoy, W N, RD — OAlaTuscaloosa SIOOO 
Vandiver, Shelby: Brasher, Mary J, — Sill 
Vandorn, Marengo: Riggs, Albert S, Ala $83 
Vaughanvllle, Geneva: Castellow, Benj J, Ga S24 
Verbena, Chilton: Gillespie, J Hunter, Ala $565 
Gillespie, Walter H, Clerk Ala 4AlaChilton $48 
Coffey, Guy H, RD Ala 4AlaChiiton SIOOO 
Sorrell, Rufus M, RD Ala 4AlaChilton $960 
Vernon, Lamar: Pennington, Obe D, Ala S859 
Livingston, Van, RD Ala OAlaLamar S960 
Pennington, Joe R, RD Ala BAlaLamar $1000 
Pennington, Role G, RD Ala OAlaLamar SIOOO 
Redus, DanI D, RD Ala OAlaLamar SIOOO 
Veto, Limestone: CoQman, Lawrence D, Ala S225 

Pettus, Iverson C, RD Ala SAlaLimestone SSOO 
Vick, Bibb: Ricks, Crawford L, Ala S194 
Victoria, Coffee: Brooks, Susan R, Ala $205 

Patterson, Jarrett F, RD Ala SAlaCofFee SIOOO 
Vida, Autauga: Cherry, Geo W, Ala $206 

Vinzant, Clement, RD Ala SAlaAutauga $900 
Vieima, Pickens: Boone, Armstead L, Miss $62 
Village Springs, Blount: Wells, Rufus H, Ga $369 
Wells, H G, Clerk Ala 9AlaBlount $120 
Cowden, Olin H, RD Ala OAlaBlount $864 
Vina, Franklin: Jones, John W, Ala $509 
Bohannon, Thos J, RD Ala 7AlaFranklin $1000 
Reid, Julius C, RD Ala 7Alarranklln $560 
Vincent, Shelby: Williams, Eugene, Miss $670 
Lackey, Jas f, RD Ala 4AlaShelby $810 
Self, David G, RD Ala 4AlaShelbv $900 
Vinegar Bend, Washington: Turner, A R, Ala $883 
Busby, Mrs Inez, AsstPM Miss lAlaWashington $600 
DeVolt. EF, RD Wis lAlaWashington $1000 
Vineland, Marengo: Strickland, S L, Ga S14S 
Vlnemont, Cullman: Powell, Miss Annie P, Ala $556 
Huie, Thos L, RD Ga 7AlaCullman $1000 
Powell, Alvev L, RD Ala 7AlaCullman $960 
Shettlesworth, Wm M. RD Ga 7AlaCullman SIOOO 
Volanta, Baldwin: Parker, Mrs Grace E, Mass $58 
Vredenburgh, Monroe: Hoskins, Thos S jr. 111 — 
Wadley, Randolph: Clardy. Andw J, Alu $833 
Harris, John R, Clerk Ala SAlaRandolph $24 
Adamson, Wm M. RD Ala SAlaRandolph SIOOO 
Killgare, Luther H, RD Ala SAlaRandolph SIOOO 
Satterfield, Elzer Z. RD Ala SAlaRandolph $1000 
Shiners, Wm H, RD Ala SAlaRandolph $960 
Weldon, Curtis A, RD Ala SAlaRandolph SIOOO 
Wadsworth, Autauga: Wadsworth, W W, Ala $138 
Wagar, Washington: Knobles, J T, — $326 
Walnvsrriglrt, Monroe: Johnson, C L ir, Ala S151 
Wait, Monroe: Catter, Marion F, Ala S64 
Walker. Colbert: Trotter. DanI, — $12 
WaUter Springs, Clarke: Simpkins. F R, Ala .5336 

Bradley. G J. Clerk Ala lAlaClarke $200 
Wallace, Escambia: Owens. J B, Ala S30S 
Walnut Grove, Etowah: Temples, Calverston V. Ga $366 
Garlington. Larcns W. RD Ala 7AlaEtowah SIOOO 
Hopper. Jas W. RD Ala 7AlaEtowah $900 
Walthalls, Perry: Hardie. John A. — $51 
Wannville, Jackson: Wann. C A, Ala $96 
Ware, Elmore: Dozier. Wood T, Ala $6S 
Warrior. Jefferson: Bibb. Carter R, Ala $1000 
Whisonant, Miss Myrtle L, Clerk Ala OAlaJefEer- 
son $360 

Warrior— Continued. 

Shores, Chas G, RD Ala 9AlaJeflerson $1000 
Trammell, Wm R, RD Ga 9AlaJeflerson SIOOO 
Trotter, Wilbur B, RD Ala OAlaJefferson .S960 
Warriorstand, Macon: Reese, Thos M, Ala $107 
Watch, Lamar: Miller, Wra, Ala $28 
Waterloo, Lauderdale Moore, Thos N, Term S372 

McCorkle, Jas H, RD Ala SAlaLauderdale $1000 
Wateroak, Hale: Davis, A R, Ala S62 
Water Valley, Choctaw: Boney, Jas M, Ala S86 
Watson, Jeflerson: Custeed, R R, Pa S3S6 
Waugh, Montgomery: Wiglesworth, Mrs Lizzie S, Ala 

Waverly, Lee: Dent, Heiu-y T, Ala $745 
James, Wm H, RD Ga SAlaTallapoosa SIOOO 
McKinney, Frank G, RD Ala SAlaChambers SOOO 
Moreman, John A, RD Ala SAlaLee SIOOO 
Pinkston, John E, RD Ala SAlaChambers $1000 
Webb, Ernest L, RD Tex SAlaLee $960 
Wawbeek, Escambia: Horn, Peter A, Ala $86 
Etheridge, Miss Ha, AsstPM $96 Ala 2AlaCon- 
ecuh $96 
Wayne, Marengo: Compton Pierce K, — $75 
Weaver, Calhoun: File, J H, — S113 
Webb, Houston: Webb, Vander L, Ala $299 
Smith, Geo L, RD Ala SAlaHenry $1000 
Wedgworth, Hale: Wedg"\vorth, W M, Ala $140 
Wedowee, Randolph: Nix, Benj F, — $796 
Nix, W P, AsstPM Ala SAlaRandolph $1S0 
Nix, Mrs Cora, Clerk Ala SAlaRandolph $72 
Taylor, Reed, Clerk Ala SAlaRandolph $150 
Bailey, T P, RD Ala SAlaRandolph SIOOO 
Wright, W S, RD Ala SAlaRandolph SIOOO 
Wehadkee, Randolph: Pittman, Andrew J, — $142 

Stitt, Luther M, RD — SAlaRandolph SIOOO 
Wellington, Calhoun: Usry, Oliver E, Ala $332 
Usry, Miss Florence E, Clerk Ala 4AlaCallioun $60 
Ariail, John C, RD SC 4AlaCalhoun SIOOO 
Bryant, Lawrence D,- RD Ala 4AlaCalhoun S960 
Welona, Coosa: Raines, Jas S, — $52 
Welch, Chambers: Barber. Wm T, Ala $71 
Weogufka, Coosa: Green, Mrs Amanda M, Ala $242 
West Bend, Clarke: Howell, J C, — $195 
West Blocton, Bibb: Young, WmR, Iowa SIOOO 
Young, Geo W, AsstPM Pa OAlaBibb $600 
Pritchett, Miss Mattie, Clerk Ala OAIaBibb $240 
Westbrook, Dallas: Westbrook, John I, Ala S29 
West Greene, Greene: Leavell, John R, Ala S141 

WilUams, Miss Alva, Clerk Ala OAlaGreene $60 
Westover, Shelby: Archer, H E, Ala $73 
Wetumpka, Elmore: McMorris, S J, — $1600 
Whatley, Clarke: Taylor, S C, Ala $517 

Bettis, Miss Mae, AsstPM Ala lAlaClarke $360 
Wheeler, Lawrence: Wheeler, Miss Lucy L, Ala $144 
Alexander, Wm F, RD Ala 4AlaLawrence $480 
Whistler, Mobile: Welch, Miss Belle, Ala $840 

Welch, Mrs Alice, AsstPM Eng lAlaMobile $60 
White HaU, Lowndes: Gihner, Edwd D, Ala S1S4 
White Oak Springs, Barbour: Perkins, Wra J, AlaS163 

Wise, Geo M, RD Ala SAlaBarbour $960 
Whitfield, Sumter: Campbell, Robt M, Ala $138 
Whitney, St Clair: Beason, John L, — $138 
WUmer, Mobile: Snow, FM, — $476 
WilsonvUle. Shelby: Weaver, Geo W, Ala $664 
Gwin, Wm S, AsstPM Ala 4AlaSheiby $120 
McHwen, Henry G, RD Ala 4AIaShelbv SIOOO 
Spearman, Jas A, RD Ala 4AlaShelby $900 
WUton, Shelby: Jackson, H, Ohio S255 
Wimberley, Choctaw: Wimberley, Thos E, Ala $89 
Winfield, Marion: Whitehead, Newton S, Ala $891 
Aston, Miss Willie, Clerk Ala OAlaMarion SSOO 
Canterbury, Jeflerson D, RD Miss 6AlaMarion $1000 
McCIesky, Thos C, RD Ga OAlaMarion SIOOO 
McDonald, Alex W, RD Ala OAlaMarion SIOOO 
Rose, Wm R, RD Ala OAlaMarion $960 
Winn, Clarke: Brimpeer, Wm J, Ala $129 
Winslow, Autauga: Bishop, J C, Ala $91 
Womack Hill, Choctaw: Cox, Mrs Mamie E, Ala $255 
Wood, Winston: Shaddix, Rausy C, Ala S67 
Woodbine, Coosa: Hendrix, Percy, Ala $252 
Woodblufl, Clarke: Robmton, Mrs Bettie L, Ala $51 
Andenson,Walter, RD $176 Ala lAlaClarke $175 
Woodstock, Bibb: Ray, Jacob U, Ala SS29 
Walton, Miss Mary G', Clerk Ala 9AlaBibb $180 
Carroll, DanI Z, iRD Ala OAIaBibb S900 
Woodville, Jackson: ICennamer, John R, Ala $382 

ICennamer,WalterJ, AsstPM Ala SAlaJackson S96 
Woodward, Jeflerson: Leonard, J H, Ala $5.53 
Wright, Lauderdale: Emerson, Saml H, — $66 
Wyatt, Walker: Wyatt, Robt F, Ga $101 
Wylam, Jeflerson: Reaves, Mrs Alice, Pa SIOOO 

Fournier, Miss Flora, AsstPM Irid OAlaJeflerson $96 
Wynette, Talladega: Conn. John T. Ala $63 
Yantley, Choctaw: Phillips, W II, jr, Ala $209 

Garrison. Earl: C, RD Ala lAlaCiioctaw SIOOO 
Yellow Bluff, Wilcox: Shamburger, Joel P, Ala S73 
Yellow Pine, Washington: Burlingame, J T, — $515 
Yolande, Tuscaloosa: Keeton Joe E, Ala $S08 
York, Sumter Harris: Mrs Ella M, Ala $878 

Alvis, Miss Sarah, AsstPM Ala 6AlaSumter $S0 
Youngblood, Pike: Spradley, Miss Carrie M, Ala $45 
Yucca, Jackson: Blancett, Hugh, Ala $35 


Afognak: Tichon, Sheratine, — $70 
Amalga: Whipple, James R, — S40 
Anvik: Chapman, John W, Md $100 
Baranofl: Wing, G C, Ind $20 
Barrow: Hawkesworm, Charles W, — Sl.SO 
Beluga : Finch, Durell, — $40 
Berry: Ridge, Elizabeth, — $50 
Bethel; Butzm, Arthur F, Wis $40 
Bettles: Grimm, Charles F, — $70 
Calder: McCallum, John, Ire $10 
Candle; Dimmick, Rodney S, NY S440 
Caro: Newton, Arthur L, — $10 
Chatham: Myers, Geo T, Oreg $200 

Chena: Davis, Mrs Evelyn A, Cal $160 
Chichagof: Froeburn, JasL, Iowa $140 
Chicken: Lewis, Mrs Viola V, Oreg $120 
Chlgnik: Hume, Jos W, Wash $190 
Chttina: Foulkes, John W, — $310 
Chomly: Douglas, John, — $90 
Circle; Dodson, RM, — S280 

Jewett, F L Clerk Me AlaskaE $900 
Cleary; Waiilgren, John O, Sw $140 
Coal Harbor: Tibbey, Henry S, — SIO 
Coldfoot: Howard, Jessie M, — $10 
Copper Center: Blix, R, Norw $80 
Cordova: Diggs, Jos F, Cal $1700 

Foulkes, John W, AsstPM NY $1500 

Park, Wm U, Clerk NJ $1200 
Council; Morrison RM, Eng $200 
Dahl;White, John A, Eng $90 
Deadwood: Fischer, Jolm D, Ger $100 
Deering: Gurry, Bhdie L, — $10 
Dempsey: Dempsey, Melvin, Okla $40 

Stattle, Carl, AsstPM Tex $100 
Dillingham: Sorby,Nels, Norw — 
Dolomi: Raymond, Peverly, — $60 
Dome: Voss, Wm Fred, Ger S180 
Douglas; Hubbard, RR, Wash $1300 

Johnson, Miss Bessie C, AsstPM Iowa Alaska SS20 

Lewis, W F, Clerk Pa Alaska $600 
Eagle: Thompson, Clyde A, Cal $430 

Myers, U G, AsstPM Pa SAlaskaE $800 

Maddocks, Mrs R T, Clerk Ohio 3AlaskaE $200 
Ellamar: Middelkamp, Leroy L, Mo SlOO 
Engineer: Wendling, Harry H, NY $4 
Eureka: Rahmstorf, Julius, Ger $80 
Fairbanks: Bayer, Edward Howard, Ohio $2200 

Kenyon, W E, AsstPM Conn Alaska $2000 

Goodman, M, Clerk Ohio Alaska $2000 

Jonas, D H, Clerk NY Alaska $2000 

Truxton, Miss Aima L, Clerk Colo Alaska $2000 

Wilson, Miss Nellie K, Clerk NY Alaska $2000 
Fort Liscum: Hale, Chas L, Tenn S270 

East, Harry H, NDak $120 
Fort Yukon: Woods, Miss Lizzie J W, NS $230 

Burke, Grafton B, Clerk Tex $200 
Fox: McGmre, PhilUp R, — $280 
Franklin: Tomlinson, F W, Me $90 
Funter; Barron, Jas T, Ohio $160 
Golovln: Chester, A S, NY $20 
Gulkana; Hoyt, Chas L, NY $180 
Gypsum; Nichols, W R, — $50 
Haines; Vogel, George, Pa SIOOO 

Vogel, Mrs Madeline, Clerk Oreg Alaska SSOO 
Hollis: Althouse, Mrs Helen, NY $20 
Homer: McAlpan, WUbur W, NY $20 
Hoonah : Kme, Mrs Louise, Wash $90 
Hope: Roll, Geo, Ger $70 
Hot Springs: Manley, Frank G, — $190 
Howkan: Ross, WmE, Me $80 
Iditarod: Thurston, Thos L, Ohio $1320 

Fowler, Chas O, Clerk Kans S2000 

Paris, Hugh P. Clerk Muin $2000 

Thurston, Mrs T L, Clerk Can $2400 
Iliamna: Foss, Sam, NDak $10 
Innoko; Bam, Ashby, — $40 
Jack Wade: Cole, Chas EM, Iowa $80 
Juneau; Speckitt, Jno T, Eng $1800 

Powell, E J. Clerk Eng $1000 

Reck, Miss Dorothy, Clerk Wash $600 

Morgan, Miss Ora P, Clerk Mo $600 

Speckitt, Mrs J C, Clerk Cal $1200 
Kake; Kirberger, Ernest, Pa $80 
Kaltag: Oswald, Wm R, NY $80 
Easaan ; Gorman, Peter J, — S200 
Eatalla: Williams, AC, Cal $430 

Williams, Mrs I M, Clerk Cal $500 
Kenal: Bogart, R Eugene, La $180 
Kennecott: Birch, Stephen, NY $270 
Ketchikan: Figgms, DanI W, Ohio $1600 

Williams, Walter J, AsstPM Iowa $1100 
Killlsnoo; Spuhn, Carl, Ger $230 
Klawock: SwUt, Harry F, Pa $170 
Kulk: Palmer, G W, Pa SISO 
Kodlak; Cope, Henry P, Eng $310 
Kokrines; Thrall, Wm P, — $100 
Koserefsky; Perron, Jos, It $150 

Sigouin, Leo, Clerk Can $300 
Kotsina; Neagle, JohnM, Mass $40 
Kotzebue; Geary J V, — $70 

Cox, Mrs Lucy W, Clerk Ind $240 
Latouche; Barrack, George, — $270 
Loring: Giebel, Cornelius E, Cal $190 
Meehan: Wilson, Geo A, 111 — 
Metlakatla: Leask, Jas C, BC $130 
Midknight: Carter. William H, — $10 
Miller House; Grifflth, Elizabeth, Eng $70 
Mltkof ; Mason, Julius A, Pa $90 
Nation; Noyes, WmE, Me $30 
Nelson: Cooper, Arthiu' B Pa, - 
Nenana: Duke, Jos, Eng $200 
Nizina: Kernan, Frank, — $110 
liolan: Wood, WUliam A, — $80 
Nome ; Kolash, F J, Iowa Alaeku $2100 

McCumber, M D, AsstPM NY Alaska $2000 
Smith, Mrs Hattie M, Clerk Iowa Alaska $1800 
Smith, J F, Clerk Iowa Alaska $1800 
Bursik, J A, Clerk Ohio Alaska $1800 
Johnson, A W, Clerk 111 Alaska $1800 
Schnsman, B E, Clerk Wis Alaska $1800 
Ross, Job, Janitor NY Alaska $400 
Nulato; Strangman, H W, Mass $140 
Nushagak: Mittendorfl, August H, — $470 
Ophlr; Vinal, Hattie J, — $190 
Petersburg; Megaarden, Phil T, Iowa $710 
Pirate Cove; Hoelke, Rudolph, Ger $10 
Porcupine; Smith, Leonard P, — $20 
Quinhagak; Schoechert, Lydia A, — $110 
Rampart: Fleischman, MP, Cal $390 

Fleischman, Elizabeth, Clerk Minn $500 
Elchardson: GrUan, AJ, Wis $70 



Saint Michael: Zipf, Albert F, Idaho $1000 

Jones, Maxwell G, Clerk Jll J900 

Juues, Mrs lilaache. Clerk Mich t900 
Salcbaket: Munson, Win F, Mass $(iO 
Sanak: Uolmberg, Svante A O, Sw $10 
Sand Point: Grosvold, Andrew, Norvr $70 
Sanitarium: Goddard, Mrs Mary C, Scot $70 
Seldovla: Bloch, Adam, V'a $240 
Seward: Gordon, Lillie N, — $1100 

Greenwood, Mrs Maude, AsstPM — $fiO 

lederson, Fred h. Clerk — $48 
Sbakan: Coughlan, Thos M, N'Dak $120 
Shelton: Gravem, Mrs Carrie G, Minn $70 

<;raveni, KL, Clerk Norw $120 
Staun^ak: Moran, Martin F, — $10 
Sitka: Ue Armond, Robert \V, — $1000 

Duvidsuu, Miss Harriet, Clerk Minn —Wash— $240 
Skagway: Kindell, A E, III $1500 

Kmdill, Mrs Geo, AsstPM Wis $iaiO 

I'ullen.CC, Clerk Wash $4oU 
Snettlsham: llcins, Haniey, Ger $10 
Solomon: Kenney, Miss Charlotte E, NY $220 
Steel Creek: Kemp, John A, Cal $60 
Sulzer: Sulzcr, Clias A, NJ $290 
Somdom: Koberts, Owen, NY $30 
Sunrise: McNally, EdwdT, — $40 
Snsltna: NaRley, Horace Willard Wash $200 
Tanana: Tillany, Geo II, Can $940 

Tillany, Nancy, AsstI'M Colo $1400 
Taylor: Johnston, David W, Ire $70 
TeUer: Gehmiaun, Emil J, Ger $170 

Gelirinuuu.Mrs Uertha, Clerk Ger $1S0 
Tenakee: Snyder, Edwd, Ger $190 
Tlgara: Hoar, Augustus K, — $10 
Tofty: Anderson, L E, 111 $270 
Tokeen: Laviue, John, Vt $120 
Tolovana: Vachon, Mrs Louise, Can $fi0 
Tonslna: Nalsted, Knutc M, Norw $90 
TreadweU: Webster, Danl, NY $1000 

Carpenter, Miss Edna, AsstPM Kans $480 

Mackie, Miss Pearl, Clerk Cal $480 
Tyee: Uuebel, W U, — $20 
Unalakleet: Stcinhauser, Charles L, Aus $00 

l';ineok, Aron, AsstPM Alaska $250 
Unalaska: Strauss, Louis, Ger $70 
TJnga: Drillleld, Fredk Cams, Aus $100 
Uyak: Davidson, F A, — $210 
Valdez: Jeilerson, Jesse D, Tenn $1700 

Florence, Albert L. ( lerk Oreg $1200 
Wales: Pidgcon, Mary S, — $20 
Washburn; Thurman, Uuford, — $00 
Windham: Kintrel, J n, Mich $30 
WrangeU: Worden, John E, — $1000 

Worden, Mrs Nina S, Mich $240 
Yakutat: Rasmuson. E A. Sw $120 


Adamana, Apache: Stevenson, K A, Oen tiltO 
Agua Callente, Maricopa: Pancrezi, Andrew, Fr $130 
Agulla, Maricopa: Sperger^ Frank, Wis $100 
Alamo, Yuma: Devme, Vmcent M, NY $40 
Alpine, Apache: Burk, Mrs Eliza J, Ariz $110 
AmadovUle, Santa Cruz: Auiado, Manuel U, Ariz 890 
Apache, Cochise: Richhart, John W, — $230 
Aiavalpa, Graham, Firth, Mrs Rosa F, Ger tSO 
Arlvaca, Pima: Uernard, N C, Ariz $2:10 
Arlington, Maricopa: Peterson, CW, — $115 
Asbfork, Yavapai: Galusba, Reuben S, Minn $1200 
Avondale, Maricopa: Weaver, Henry E, Cal $110 
Aztec, Yuma: Stice. Lewis, Mo $30 

Stice, Mrs Sarah E, AsstPM Ky Ariz $36 
Bagdad, Yavapai: Geisendorfer, Ilcnrv A, Cal — 
BeUemont, Coconino: Walker, Merrill C, Pa $490 
Bellevne, Gila: Meyer, Chas. — $190 
Benson, Cochise: Redfleld. L D, NY $1400 

M;irt Inez, Miss Laura, Clerk Ariz Ariz $6.S0 
BIsbee, Cochise: Cassidy, Michael E, Ire Ariz $2700 
Uagan, Michl J, AsstPM Iowa Ariz $1300 
Abies, Hermia, Clerk Kans Ariz $900 
Baker, Katherme, Clerk Ariz Ariz $800 
Bass, viola, Clerk NMex Ariz $900 
Brown, Florence, Clerk Mont Ariz $800 
Callow, Katherine, Clerk Eng Ariz $1000 
Chrilcliley, Lizzie, Clerk Ariz Ariz $itOO 
Douglas, Ida I, Clerk NMex Ariz $S00 
Itzweire, Josephine, Clerk Mont Ariz $000 
Lathanco, Alice M, Clerk Tenn Ariz $1100 
l>ouis, Vcniia K, Clerk ('al Ariz $S00 
McCall, Margaret, Clerk NJ Ariz $>«0 
OLeary, Ne lie. Clerk Mich Ariz $000 
Marshall, Leona, Clerk NMex Ariz $000 
Kundle. Dorothy, Clerk Ariz Ariz SiiOO 
Kvan, Oeraldine, Clerk Mich Ariz $SUO 
Si'innicrs. Mabel, Clerk Colo Ariz $000 
Wisliart, Nellie, Clerk Scot Ariz $S00 
Estrada, Alberta, Labr Mex Ariz $600 
BlackWsuTlor.Gila: Goodspeed,SeymourH, Iowa $100 
Blackwater, Pinal: Pinkley, Saml, Iowa $135 
Blue, Graham: Jones, Mrs Marv A, Tex $40 
Bonlta. Graham: Moyer, Albert E, Ohio $210 
Bouse, Yuma: Hamlin, H C, Kans $430 

Short, E L, AsstPM 111 ArizYuma $15 
Bowie, Cochise: Henrich, Henry, Iowa $990 
Brownell, Pima: Brownell, Frsink. NY' $40 
Bryce, Graham: Nelson, T B, 111 $60 
Buckeye, Maricopa: Kell. Herbert E. Eng $530 
Bumble Bee, Yavapai: Marion, Mrs Edna K, Ariz $140 
Calabasas, Santa Cniz: Wise. Jos E, Pa $160 
Camp Verde. Yavapai: Wingfleld, R W, Cal $460 

Rogers, o II, Clerk SC $.50 
Canllle. Santa Cruz: Parker, Mrs Addie, Tex $140 

Wilson. H K, RD WVa ArizSantaCriiz $954 
Canon Diablo. Coconino: Brown, Edgar W, Ky $S0 
Casa Orande, Pinal: Bennett, Chas F, Ark $5.30 

French, Mrs Helen T, Clerk Ariz ArizPinal $27 
Catoctin, Yavapai: Truman, Mrs Helen 3, Mich $30 

Cavecreek, Maricopa: Uouck, Dulcy M, — $80 
Cedar, Mohave: Merrey, \Vm C, — — 
Cedar Springs, Navajo: Hubbell, Chas, NMex $40 
Central, Graham: Jenkins, Silas P, — $200 
Cerbat, .Mohave: Tatum, Hughel E, Ga $250 
Chambers, Ap^iche: Woods, Geo S, Pa $110 
Chaparal. Yavapai: Jones, Jesse T, Wales $120 
Cherry, Yavapai: Allen, Mrs. Kate III $340 
Cbln Lee, -Vpuche: Ostermann, Leopold, Ohio $90 
Chlrlcahua. Cochise: Rodman, H M, Ind $130 
Chloride, .Mohave; Gates, Jay M, .Mich $490 
Christmas, Gila; Whipple, Frank L, Oreg $100 
Clbecne. Gila; (Miambcrs. Mrs Agnes .M Can $20 
Cibola, Yuma; Bishop, Louis W. Mo $45 
Cliffs, Coconino; Williams, John T, — $150 
Clifton, Greenlee: Weiss, William F J, 111 $'2«flfl 
Robinson, Roberto AsstPM Tex NMexCurrv $1000 
Munguia. Francisco -M, Clerk Ariz ArizGraham $8(X) 
Young. Miss Ettie, Clerk Tex ArizGraham $600 
CUne, Gila: Martin, Mrs Ora, Tex $210 
Cochise, Cochise: Melts, Jas E, Mo $070 

Metts, Dashia E, Clerk Mo — $12 
Cochran, Pinal: Clark. Chas M, III $S0 
Columbia. Yavap:ii; Nolan, M Jos, Mich $S0 
Concho. Apmlic; l)a(:>, Benito, — $2:10 
Congress. Vavap;ii: Uandull, Chas A. Conn H.30 
Congress Junction. Yavapai: Oeer, Oliver L, Ky $250 

Zinck, Itoljt !■:. AsstPM Pa $120 
Constellation. V;iv;i|.:ii: Miller, John, Den $115 
Copper Creek. Gr.iliini: Sibley, Mrs Belle, Pa $103 
Copper HUl, Gila: Mvers, Mrs Charlotte R, Ariz $390 
Cordes, Yavapai; Cordes, Chas H, Ga $60 
Cornfields, Apache: Karigan, Jim C, Tenn $10 
Comvllle, Yavapai; Chick, Chas S, — $190 
Cottonla, Mohave; Lincoln, Edmund, Me $90 
Cottonwood, Yavapai: Mason, .\lonzo, Mo $110 
Courtland. Cochise: I/ocke. Harrv, III $880 

Locke, Mrs Nell C, AsstPM Tenn ArizCochise $108 
Craig, Apache; Wiltbank, J E W, Ariz $50 
Crown King. Yavapai: Perkins, H H, Kv $400 

Perkins, Mrs .Marv II, AsstPM (!a ArizYavapai $4S 
Dewey, \ avapai; Miller, C C, Ohio $5S0 

Miller. G D. Clerk Nebr ArizYavapai $240 
Dome, Yuma: McDaniel, E W, .Mo $140 
Don Luis, Cochise: Bent, Miss Gardie, Can $240 
Dos Cabezos, Cochise; White, Mrs Lucinda Wis $450 
Douglas. Cochise; Cadwell, Fred E, Wis $2600 
Klekischmidt, Albert T, AsstPM .Mo ArizCoehise 

Cadwell, Mrs Margaret, Clerk Ind ArizCwhise $1100 
Francis, Miss Vivie I, Clerk Tenn .\rizCochise $S00 
Greathouse, Mrs Jennie, Clerk Mo ArizCoehise $1000 
Jennings, James E, Clerk Tex 5TexRockwall $1100 
Kelly, Miss Margaret M, Clerk Ariz ArizCoehise $800 
Wilson, .Miss O May, Clerk Mich ArizCoehise $000 
Willson, Miss Alice, Clerk Wis ArizCoehise $1000 
Allison, Salathiel W, Carrier Ohio 15MoJasper $1100 
Browne, Ralph C, Carrier Nev ArizPima $1100 
Essex, James E, Carrier III MoJackson $1000 
Pichard, Geo L, Carrier NY NYKings $1000 
Laster, Jesse F, Labr Pa ArizCoehise $(i00 
Dragoon, Cochise; Cusliman. R E, Wis $200 
DudleyvlUe, Pinal; Acton, F E, Ariz $130 
Duncan, Greenlee: Walters, James L T, Eng $'«0 
Watters, Mrs Jane L, AsstPM Eng ArizOreenlee 

Hail, Mrs Lciina E. Clerk — ArizGreenlee $300 
Duquesne, Santa Cruz: Bankerd, Chas .V, Pa $i:ifl 
Eagar, .\pache; Burgess, Mrs Melisa J Utah $220 

Burgess, Miss Delila, Clerk Ariz — $60 
Eden, Graham: Blair. Corolin, — $1.30 
Ehrenberg, Yuma; Wilson. S M, Tenn $30 
Elgin, Santa Cruz: Collie, Reuben B, Ky $150 
Escuela, Pima; Robe, John M, Kans $70 
Falrbank, Cochise: Etency, Arthur L, Cal $280 
Falrrlew. Graham: Larson, Ephraim, Ariz $120 
Flagstaff. Coconino: Marshall, Mrs Eva M, NY $2100 
Marshall, Geo E, AsstPM NY — $600 
Paxton, Miss Paxton, Clerk Mo — $700 
Florence, Pinal; Clarke, .Mrs Ella G, Mich $1200 
Clarke, Wm, AsstPM Md — $480 
Wolven, Miss Ramona, Clerk — — $240 
Forepangh. Maricopa; Gennng. Chas B, NY $80 
Fort Apache. Navajo; Olbbins, John, Pa RiiiO 
Fort Defiance, .\pache: Manning, C U, WVa $240 

I!l;ick, A, t^lerk Ohio ArizApache $144 
Fort Huachuca, Cochise: Carty, E Ida, Pa $1000 
Fort Thomas, Graham; Stephens, C D, Wis $;iOO 
Franklin, lirwiilee: .McGralh, J A, Oa $120 
Fredonla. Coioiiino; Brown. .Mrs Emma S, Eng $S0 
Ganado. Apiichc: .Vi-ubcrt, Kathleen .M. Wash $200 
Gorces. Cochise: Julmsoii. Itichd .M, 111 $120 
Geronimo. Gr.iiiain: .Vturse. Fred n. Vt $180 
GUa Bend. Maricopa: .M.-lrUvre, Mrs Mamie, Nev $590 
Glsela, Gila: Nc;il. .Mrs E J. Tex $10 
Gloeson, Cochise: Lannon, Mrs Mattie J. Iowa $390 
Olendale, Maricopa: Messinger, V E III $9.30 

Woodward, Fred, AsstPM 111 Ariz — $430 
Globe, Gila; Burnett, F P. Ill $2600 
Mater, C F, AsstPM, Colo $1,300 
Bruce, Mrs Matilda, Clerk La $600 
Caballero. Miss Rose, Clerk Mex $S0O 
Duncan, Douglas K, Clerk Mass $600 
Herndon, Miss Sarah, Clerk Mo $1000 
Holt. Mrs Birdie U, Clerk Ohio $SflO 
Piiinkett. Mrs Mav. Clerk Ariz $1000 
SaUaday. June, Clerk 111 $600 
Starke, Miss Bertha, Clerk Mo $800 
Robinson, J J, Jan Tex $300 
Golconda, Mohave: Pound, William, NY $'280 
Goldroad. Mohave: Welsh. Wm H. Pa $570 

Bcaioii. Miss Anna, AsstPM Colo ArizMohave $50 
Goodwin. Yavapai; Johnson. Wm H, Den $20 
Grand Canyon, Coconino: Ferrall, .Mrs Louisa, Mo , 


Ferrall, LannesL, .\sstPM Ohio ArizCoconino $180 
Greatervllle, Pima: Johnson, Daniel, Scot $110 , 

Greer, Apache; Butler, HoUie, Utah $170 
Groom Creek, Yavapai: Shaler, John C, Ger $80 
Guthrie, Greenlee: Brown, J H, Iowa $190 
Hackberry, Mohave: Kayser, Wm L Cal $250 

Gordon, Richard, RD NY ArizMohave $180 
Hamburg. Cochise; Hamburg, Mrs L de Ver«, Tex 


Harqua Hala. Yuma; Martin, John B, Iowa $50 
Harrington, Yavapai; Scherer, Robt G, 111 $350 
Hayden. Gila: .\dams, Harry C, III $1000 
Haynes, Yavapai: Kuns, Mrs Addie, Ind $80 
Heber, Navajo: Porter, Alva, Utah $S0 
Helvetia, Pima; Thompson, Mrs Georgia R, Ariz $240 
Rogers, Mrs Cynthia A, AsstPM Iowa ArizPima 
Hereford, Cochise; Welch, Guy C, Colo $290 
Hlgley, .M;iricopa; Sorey, L H, III $220 
HUlslde, Yavapai: Marum, Mrs Frances E, Minn $20 
Holbrook, Navajo: Crouse, M A, Ind $1000 
Crouse, Mrs M .\ , .\sstPM Wis ArizNavajo $720 
Crouse, Ruth N, Clerk Tex ArizNavajo $324 
Hooper, Yavapai; Roach. James, NY $20 
Hot Springs, Yavapai; Morgan, Richard H, — $80 

Smith, E C, Clerk Ariz — $30 
Houck. .\pache; Bennett, James W, Wis $170 
Hubbard, Graham: Alien, J A, Ky $20 
Humboldt, Yavapai: Knight, Webster H, — $1000 

KiiiEht. .Mrs Nellie, Clerk Wales Ariz $S4 
Hunt, .\pache: Sherwood. W W , Utah $80 
Huron. Yavapai: Wingfleld, Chas P, Ark $90 
Indian Oasis, Pima: Menager, Joseph \riz $40 
Indian Wells, Navajo: Richardson, Hubert, Tex $40 
Iron King, Yavapai: Trengove, Samuel R, — $30 
Ironsprlngs, Yavapai: James, William K, — $^ 
Jerome, Yavapai: Smith, Frank E, Cal $1900 
Smith, Mrs SH, AsstPM Cal ArizYavapai $500 
Cavanaugh, Miss Uattie, Clerk Ariz ArizYavapai 
Johnson, Cochise; Lemons, Mrs Nellie, Tex $240 
Junction. Yavapai: Todd, Mrs Agnes C, SC $540 
Kayenta, Navajo; U etherill, John, Kans $50 
Eeams Canon, Navajo: Hubbell, Lorenzo, Ariz $200 
Thai ker, Thos E, AsstPM NMex yVrizNavajo $48 
Kelvin, Pinal; Beebc J W, NY $1000 
Kingman, Mohave; Cohenour, J N, 111 $1700 

UoUman, .Miss Leona, Clerk Kans ArizMohave $420 
Klrkland. Yavapai: Haselfeld, Louis J, — $410 

Myers. CW. AsstPM NY Ariz $300 
KJondyke. Graham: Greenwood, John F, Tex $170 
Laguna. 'Viima: Weatherstone, R G, NY $10 
Lakeside, Navajo; Fish, John L, Utah $140 
Langhorne, Pima: Langhome, Mrs Catharine E, NY 

La Norla, Santa Cniz: Corey, Clotilde B, — $50 
Lees Ferry, Coconino; Johnson, Frank T, Ariz $50 
Leupp, Coconino: Ma.xwell, J E, Ohio $70 
Lewis Springs, Cochise; Uasselgren, Harry W'm, Ariz 

Liberty. Maricopa; Schweikart, Jacob G, — $170 
Light, Cochise: Waters, Geo W, NY $270 
Llttlefleld, .Mohave: Frehner, Mrs Hulda R, Utah $30 
McAllster, Cochise: McAlister, Mrs Mary F, Tex $30 
McCabe. Yavapai; Hammer, Geo H, Mich $130 
McNeal. Cochise: Lane, Mrs J E, Tex, $142 
Maine. Coconino; Mavnard, Mrs Ella Tan, NMex $230 
Mammoth, Pinal, Putnam, E E, Can $220 

I'utnam, Mrs Emma, Clerk Cal $36 
Maricopa, Pinal: WilliamSj^ Perry M, Wis $300 

Anderson. B A, Clerk Fla — $00 
Maiton, Yavapai, Twiggs, John A, Ark $200 
Mayer, Yavapai; Mayer, SB, — $490 
Mesa, Maricopa, Newell, Wm M, Iowa $2000 
Pomeroy, .Miss Francelle A, AsstPM Ariz ArizMari- 

copa $750 
Pomerov. Miss Jetta, Clerk Ariz ArizMaricopa $375 
Newell. T Stanley, Clerk Ariz ArizMaricopa $375 
Blakeiv. Chas M, RD Iowa ArizMaricopa $1000 
Metcalf, Greenlee; Dermont, Chas E, Mich $1100 
Guerrero, Miss Augustina, Clerk Mex ArizOreenlee 
Meteor, Coconino; Halsinger, Saml J, — $90 
Miami, Gila; Prochaska, Joe V. Nebr $1500 

Krouse, Miss Norma, AsstPM Nebr ArizOila $720 
MIddlemarch, Cochise; Kelley, Edwd J, Mass $30 
Mineral Park, Mohave: Tarr, Wm J, Wis $(XI 

Seclcv, Clias S, AsstPM Mich ArizMohave $25 
Moccasin. Mohave: Heaton, Chas C, Utah $40 
Mohave City, Mohave; Powell, Dver J, Ind $80 
Mohawk. \'uma; Moores, Judson," Tex $170 

Moorcs. Hurry, Clerk Ariz ArizYuma $10 
Morencl, Greenlee: Keistcr, J L, Ind $1900 

Ruclius. Florentino, Clerk Tex .\rizGrecnlcc $<100 
Morristown, Maricopa: Cox, H N, III $180 

Norton, W C, AsstPM III — $60 
Mowry, S;inta Cruz; Phelps, Orton, — $115 
Naco, Cochise: Folsom, Edwd A, NY $1000 

Felger, Saml A, tnerk Rus — $600 
Navajo. Apache; Frazer, Mrs Clara 8, Mo $100 
Nelson, Yavapai: Barandon, Ernest, NY $230 
Nogales. Santa Cruz: Bohall, Milton, Cal $1SOO 
Glover, Miss Ada, AsstP.M Ark ArlzSantaCruz $072 
Glover. Edwin, Clerk Ark .\rlzSantaCruz $672 
Nutrioso, .\pache: Wilkins, Mrs Lucinda, Utah $70 
Oatman, .Monave: Hughes, John B, SC $490 
Octave. Yavapai; Yrigoveu, .\dolfo C, Mex $90 
Oljato. Navajo: Wethcrill, John, Kans $20 
Old Glory, Santa Cruz; O'Neill, Chas H, Mich $30 
Oracle, linal: Lawson, John \V. Eng $500 
Oralbl. Navajo: Stanley, Miss Elizabeth C, Ohio $150 
Oro Blanco, Santa Cruz: Foltz, CO, Wis $170 
Owens, Mohave: Cornwall, Adarason, Oreg $80 
Palomas. Yuma: Nottbusch, John F, Ger $60 
Palo Verde. Maricopa: Walton, Wm, Can $220 
Pantano, Pima; Purifoy, John W, Ala $160 
Paradise, Cochise: Hancock, JasC, Ind $210 
Parker, Yuma; Roberts, John, .\us $600 
Roberts, Miss Clara, AsstPM Ariz ArizYuma $600 



Patagonia, Santa Cruz: Bamett, W H, Fa $670 
Barnett, W F, AsstPM Ariz ArizSantaCruz $108 

Payson, Gila: Hilligars, W H, Wash $240 
Randall, Geo A, AsstPM Mass ArizGila $72 

Pearce, Cochise: Muddy, Miss Viola, Ariz $550 
Huddy, Miss Etliel, AsstPM Ariz ArizCochise $180 

Peoria, Maricopa: Schaefer, Rudolt F, Mich — 

Plioenix, Maricopa: McClintocIt, Jaa H, Cal $3200 
Golden, Wm A, AsstPM Iowa 7IowaPollc $1600 
Anderson, Ernest E, Clerii NJ SCalLosAngeles 

Brooks, Miss Lucy M, Clerk Ga ArizMaricopa 

Dill Martin H, Clerk Ky SKyJefferson $1200 
Fallon, Miss Sydney C, Clerk DO ArizMaricopa 

Foglesong, Chas H, Clerk Mo ArizMaricopa $900 
Herrett, Miss Zona B, Clerk Cal ArizMaricopa 

Jefferson, Frank A, Clerk Del SCalRlverside $1200 
Lathlean, Henry W, Clerk Eng SKyJeflerson $1200 
Mason, Victor P, Clerk Ind ArizMaricopa $800 
Nolan, Martin J, Clerk Pa 32PaAUegheny $1100 
Smith, Arnold T, Clerk Ky SKyJefferson $1200 
Smith, Alfred N, Clerk Ky ArizMaricopa $600 
"Whitson, John H, Clerk 111 2IndMonroe $1200 
Balyeat, Burton B, Carrier Ohio SOhioVanWert 

Bush, Henry H, Carrier NY ArizMaricopa $600 
Dubin, Henry J, Carrier Rus ArizMaricopa $800 
Hanson, Roster L, Carrier Ind — WashSpokane 

Hoover, Fred A, Carrier lU ArizMaricopa $1100 
Jones, Geo W, Carrier 111 12NYNewYork $1100 
Lindstrom, Carl H, Carrier Minn ArizMaricopa 

Mollett, Paul S, Carrier Ohio ArizMaricopa $800 
Sloane, RoUin C, Carrier Ohio ArizMaricopa $1100 
Smith, Tom M, Carrier Ohio 60hioVanWert $1200 
Wurth, Felix M, Carrier Ky ArizMaricopa $600 
Mathers, Marion L, IID Ariz ArizMaricopa $1000 
Moore, Chas M, RD Ohio ArizMaricopa $1000 
Peterson, Geo W, RD Cal ArizMaricopa $1000 
Smith, Aubrey V, RD Ind ArizMaricopa $1000 
Wiggins, Jack C, Laborer Tex ArizMaricopa $600 
Pima, Graham: Welch, D H, Utah $600 

Norton, Miss Mahala, AsstPM ArizGraham $240 
Pine, Gila: Patterson, Jas L, Mass $240 
Pinedale, Navajo: Brewer, Mrs Susan A, Utah $200 
Piuetop, Navajo: McCoy, Sylvester, Pa $170 
Pinto, Apache: Henning, Mrs Celia F, RI $100 
Pirtleville, Cochise: Soto, Miss Sofia, Ariz $290 
Polacca, Navajo: Drummond, John W, Ohio $60 
Poland, Yavapai: Lechlider, Frank, Ohio $130 
Polaris, Yuma: Anderson, Charles E, Sw $330 
Pool, Cochise: Pool, John J, Cal $90 
Portal, Cochise: HaiTison, Jane E, Ohio $120 
Prescott, Yavapai: Smith, A L, Ind $2000 
Piper, J N, AsstPM Cal ArizYavapai $1300 
Day, Warren F, Clerk Cal ArizYavapai $1100 
Lackland, W E, Clerk Va ArizYavapai $1000 
Lyons, C M, Clerk Ohio ArizYavapai $900 
Mathewson, Ernesto, Clerk Nebr ArizYavapai $1100 
Oliver, A G, Clerk Soot ArizYavapai $400 
Slevin, W E, Clerk 111 ArizYavapai $1000 
Wellwood, Albert M, Clerk Iowa ArizYavapai $1100 
Born, Chas, jr. Carrier NY ArizYavapai $1100 
McMahon, J L, Carrier Wis ArizYavapai $1000 
Travis, WB, Carrier Tenn ArizYavapai $1000 
Wood, W M, Carrier Ky ArizYavapai $900 
Price, Pinal: Zenner, Henry, Ger $50 
Puntenney, Y^avapai: Sheffield, John T, Ark $180 
Quartzsite, Y'uma: Scott, Wm E, — $120 
Quijotoa, Pima: Day, William T, Va $50 
Eay, Pinal: Nolan, Geo O, Oreg $1700 
Moorman, Mrs Grayce, AsstPM Kans ArizPinal $600 
Cook, Laura Belle, Clerk Tex ArizPinal $300 
Redington, Pima: Bayless, Chas H, Kans $50 
Redrock, Pinal: Guild, Roy, Cal $210 
Rice, Gila: Pritchard, Arthur, Eng $100 
Richinbar, Yavapai: McDonald, Angus C, — — 
Roosevelt, Gila: Burtis, Geo D, 111 $360 
Sacaton, Pinal: Lay, Dirk, Nebr S300 
Saflord, Graham: lilashbir, Mrs Frieda F, Ger $1700 
PerkinSjNellie E, Clerk Ariz ArizGraham $360 
Melzer, Helen Lina, Clerk Ger ArizGraham $108 
St David, Cochise: Merrill, Mrs Elizabeth, Ariz $210 

Lofgreen, Paul, RD Ariz ArizCochise $700 
St Johns, Apache: Schuster, B, Ger $620 
St Joseph, Navajo: Larson, Hugh M, Ariz $200 
St Dillchaels, Apache: Haile, Berard, Ohio $210 
Boehler, Ewald, Clerk 111 ArizApache $216 
Salome, Yuma: Jones, E S, Eng $190 
San Bernardino, Cochise: Stowe, Miss Edith M, Utah 

San Carlos, Gila: Rupkey, Robt L, Ind $340 
San Simon, Cochise: Paugh, Henry H, Ohio $350 
Sasabe, Puna: Aros, TeoflloE, Cal $40 
Sasco, Pinal: St Louis, L P, Can $60 
Sayers, Yavapai: Conrad, Alexis, Mo $130 
Scottsdale, Maricopa: Thomas, Sarah E, 111 $230 
Sedona, Coconino: Thompson, John J, Ire $30 
Seligman, Yavapai: McBride, Michl, Ire $660 
Sentinel, Maricopa: Altig, Chas U, Mo $160 

Ragland, Ulyssis S, AsstPM 111 ArizMaricopa $36 
Sheldon, Greenlee: Holder, Willis W, Miss $00 
Shovr Low, Navajo: Woolford, Geo, NJ $230 
Shumway, Navajo: Rhoton, Mrs Ida E, Swit $110 
Signal, Mohave: McCright, W D, Pa $80 
SUverbeU, Pima: Holbrook, E D, Mass $220 
Silver Creek, Navajo: Bazan, Ygnacio, NMex 8170 
Silver King, Pinal: Lampker, W H, Ger $40 
Simmons, Yavapai; Simmons, Wm F, Eng $115 
Skull Valley, Y'avapai: Gray, J B, Iowa $270 
Snowflake, Navajo: Fish, Mrs Adelaide S, Utah $440 
Solomonsvllle, Graham: Clark, MrsNormaM, Iowa $880 

Somerton, Yuma: Schutz, Geo W, Md $160 
Spiingerville, Apache: Becker, Gustav, Ger $420 
Stanley, Graham: Blake, John, Scot $180 
Stoddard, Yavapai: Brazle, Robt M, Kans $80 
Supai, Coconino: Symons, Alfred H, Ind $40 

Yunrthska, Geo, RD Ariz ArizCoconino $780 
Superior, Pinal: Kellner, Ernest F, jr, Ariz $200 
Swansea, Arizona: Wilson, Saml G, Mich $480 
Taylor, Navajo: Wakefield, Miss Myrtle, Ariz $230 
Tempe, Maricopa: Mullen, John O, Cal $1800 
Dunagan, Ada L, Clerk Tex ArizMaricopa $400 
Griffen, Horace B, RD NY ArizMaricopa $1000 
Daniels, Joseph H, RD Mo ArizMaricopa $900 
Thatcher, Graham: Layton, Mrs Elizabeth W, Utah 

Tolchaco, Coconino: Johnston, Wm R, — $260 
Tombstone, Cochise: Crable, Francis D, Ariz $1700 
Bernard, Mrs Aura G, AsstPM Cal ArizCochise 8600 
Ivey, Ernest E, Clerk Mont ArizCochise $300 
Toreva, Navajo: Moran, Fred R, Mich S120 
Tuba, Coconino: Stanton, Mrs Phoebe J, Ohio 8200 
Tubac, Santa Cruz: Lowe, Wm, Ariz 8150 
Tucson, Pima: Corbett, J Knox, SO $3000 
Zimmerly, C K, AsstPM 111 — $1600 
Fox, A T, Clerk Ky — $1200 
Courcier, Frank J, Clerk Tex — $1200 
Tliomas, Chas R, Clerk Mich — $800 
Etchells, Don C, Clerk Ariz — $600 
McFetridge, AVm J, Clerk Pa — $600 
Machormich, Mrs Maude A, Clerk Cal — $800 
Kane, Miss Louise, Clerk Ariz — $800 
Allen, Mrs Frances R, Clerk Ariz — $800 
Oliver, Mrs Sadie L, Clerk Ohio — $600 
Glover, Miss Lillian, Clerk Ariz — $600 
Kell, Jas II, Carrier DC — $1200 
Moreno, J, Carrier Ariz — $900 
Haywood, Wiley, Carrier Ariz — $1000 
Dedman, N A, Carrier Tex — $900 
Shaw, E 0, Carrier Ariz — $600 
Neilsen, J W, Carrier Ariz — $600 
Lvnn, Mrs Ellen D, RD lU — $1000 
Turkey, Yavapai: Nellis, L P, NY $110 
Turner, Cochise: Black, Frank B, — $180 

Larrieu, Mrs Nina, Clerk Utah ArizCochise 872 
Twin Buttes, Pima: Baxter, J G, Wis $190 
VaU, Pima: Dully, Andrew C, Ohio $315 

Dufly, Mabel, Clerk Ariz ArizPima 8108 
Valentine, Mojave: Shell, Chas E, Ohio $110 
Vernon, Apache: Northi'up, Mrs Fanny N, Utah $80 
Vlcksburg, Yuma: Fuller, E C, Ind $280 

Fuller, R L, AsstPM Ind ArizYuma $60 
Wagoner, Y'avapai: Cole, Horace W, — $105 
Walker, Yavapai: Stukey, C C, Ind $210 
Walnut Grove, Yavapai: Cox, T J, Tex $80 
Warren, Cochise: Greer, Jas A, NY $1000 
Webb, Cochise: Tyler, Robt M, Tex $80 

Tyler, Mrs Charlotte, AsstPM Utah ArizCochise $9 
Weldon, Pima: Winch, H A, Mich $2 
WeUton, Yuma: Gael, Robt, Eng $210 
Wenden, Yuma: Josephi, Mark E, NY $270 
Whipple, Yavapai (IndSta. See Prescott) 
WhitehiUs, Mohave: Mouat, Isaac W, Scot $90 
Whiteriver, Navajo: Freeman, Jas C, NY 8260 
Whitewater, Cochise: Dillman, Peter A, Pa 850 
Wickenburg, Maricopa: Witherlay, John, Pa $1100 
Witherlay, Mrs Bessie J, Clerk ArizMaricopa Wis 
Wlllcox, Cochise: Hauser, Kasper, Switz $1600 

Higgins, Miss Marie, Clerk Kans — 8480 
Williams, Coconino: Smith, Fredk W, Ind $1800 

Stark, Miss Dorothy, AsstPM Mich — $480 
Winkelman, Gila: Snider, Mrs Esther A, Ky 81200 

Ruple, Wm E, AsstPM Mo ArizGila $120 
Wlnslow, Navajo: Mahoney, Miss Julia, Ohio $1900 
Wilson, Miss Flora, Clerk Tex ArizNavajo 8360 
Dye, Miss Anna, Clerk NMex ArizNavajo 8360 
Woodruff, Navajo: DeWitt, Mrs Maude J, Ariz $200 
Young, Gila: Young, Miss Ola, Mo $120 
Yucca, Mohave: Jane, Louis, — 8260 
Yuma, Yuma: Chandler, Russell H, 111 82300 
Molina, Jos A, AsstPM Ariz ArizYuma $1100 
Ward, Laura A, Clerk Ariz ArizYuma $600 
Barney, Cecelia E, Clerk Ariz ArizYuma $600 


Abbott, Scott: Lewis, Chas C, Ark $260 

Jones, Walter, RD Ark 4ArkScott $600 
Acorn, Polk: Brooks, Hu-am L, Ky $80 
Ada, Conway: Haminons, Mrs Willie A, Mo 890 
Adine, Calhoun: Abies, Arch C, -r $80 
Adona, Perrv: Jones, Wade D, Ark 870 

Martin, Geo Otto, Clerk Ark lOArkPerry $48 
Advance, Baxter: Fualey, W B, Ark 8100 
Afton, Fulton: Wright, Wm, Ark 890 
Agnos, Fulton: Burton, D T, — 8110 
Aln, Grant: Carr, Wm S, Ark 850 
Alabam, Madison: Hatfield, Hugh M, Tenn $100 
Alamo, Montgomery: Hitchcock, Jos B, Ga $30 
Albert, Montgomery: Lowery, Louisa E, Ark 820 
Albion, White: Spain, Arthur L, Ark $30 
Alco, Stone: Richardson, F M, — $100 
Alder, Montgomery: Roberts, Victor A, Ark $40 
Alexander, Pulaski: Holland, Henry, Ky 8490 
Greer, Geo T, RD Tenn SArkPulaski 81000 
Mathews, Mone A, RD Ark SArkPulaski $1000 
Algoa, Jackson: Riggs, C N, 111 $80 
Alicia, I,awrence: Campbell, Clyde C, Ind 8500 

Ruffner, Leonard H, Clerk Ark 2ArkLawrenoe $36 
Alix, Franklin: Sehi-iver, H L, Md $430 
AUbrook, Howard: Hawkins, Mrs Eunice, Ark $50 
Allcene, Little River: Sikes, John T, Ark $250 
Alma, Crawford: Murphy, Thos Benton, Tenn 81300 
Fontaine, Chas B, AsstPM Ky 4ArkCrawford $540 
Murphy, Wni H, Clerk Tenn 4ArkCrawford $540 
Bolding, Mack C, RD Ark 4ArkCrawIord $960 

Alma— Continued . 
Bushnuaer, Wm A, RD Ark 4ArkCrawford $1000 
Ford, Jos R, RD Ark 4ArkCrawford 8960 
Savage, Wm S, RD Ark lArkCrawlord $1000 
Scales, Marion C, RD Ark 4ArkCrawford $900 
Wells, Jas M, RD Ark 4ArkCrawford 8900 
Almond, Cleburne: Peel, Alexander G, — 850 
Almyra, Arkansas: Hillman, Mrs Laura, Mich 8920 
Moss, Asa, RD 111 OArkArkansas 81000 
Vickery, J D, RD Eng OArkArkansas 81000 
Alonzo, independence: Bonner, Albert R, Ark 830 
Alpena Pass, Boone: Estes, Jesse, Ark 8400 
Alpha, Yell: Baxter, Mrs M L, Ark 860 
Alpine, Clark: Elms, John W, Ark 8100 
Alston, Franklin: Campbell, A G, Miss $40 
Altheimer, Jefferson: Morgan, Mrs Nancy C, Ark $930 
Alto, Poinsett: Clem, L Robt, 111 8190 
Altus, Franklin: Swift, O H, Ark 8660 

Burgertt, L F, RD Ark 5ArkFranklin $700 
Alum, Saline: Melton, John W, Ark $60 
Aly, Yell: Robertson, Wm B, Mo 840 
Amity, Arkansas: Richardson, S E, Ark $870 
Amos, Baxter: Trimble, Allen C, — $40 
Anderson, Izard: Craig, Jas H, Ky $110 
Andrews, White: Ray, Will T, Ark 836 
Angora, Stone: Lee, Arthur T, Minn $40 
Anice, Franklin: Jones, Miss Lattie, Ark $80 
AnnievUle, Lawrence: Dent, Geo G, Tenn $160 
Annover, Cleveland: GilUiam, Winton, Ark $30 
Antimony, Howard: Mon-ison, Gibson W, — $60 
Antioch, White: Kannon, R H, Tenn 870 
Antoine, Pike: Dunn, J P, Ala 8416 
Anvil, Stone: Elliott, Jas, Ark 860 
Aplin, Perry: Falls, Jas A, — $160 
Appleton, Pope: Voss, Philander M, Ark $300 
Burns, Ernest A, RD Ark 6ArkPope 81000 
Spears, Jessie B, RD Ark SArkConway 81000 
Archey, Van Buren: Patton, Mrs Maggie, Ark $60 

Bell, Geo, RD Ark SArkVanBuren 8168 
Archlllion, Mississippi: Stevens, Edmond E, Miss 8130 
Arden, Little River: Bradshaw, Oden N, Ark 8270 
Argenta, Pulaski: Townsend, Albert E, Supt Iowa 
5ArkPulaski 81200 
Byrd, Jas L, Clerk Ark SArkPulaski 8600 
Hoover, Geo G, Clerk Pa SArkPulaski $1200 
Horton, Jonathan A, Clerk Ark SArkPulaski $800 
Smith, Forrest G, Clerk Tenn lOTennShelby $1200 
Johnston, Wm P, Carrier Ala SArkPulaski $1000 
McMurray, Richd A, Carrier Ark 6ArkPulaski $800 
Moore, Arden W, Carrier Tenn 6Arl!:Pulaski 8900 
Rowan, Chas M, Carrier La SArkPulaski $1100 
Wilson, Houston C, Carrier Ark SArkPulaski $1000 
Worlds, Lemuel L, Carrier Ala SArkPulaski $1100 
Jaynes, Jas L, RD Ark SArkPulaski $1000 
Arkadelphla, Clark: Tennyson, Thos A, Ark 82300 
Holloway, Jos C, AsstPM Ark 7ArkClark 8900 
Berryman, CC, Clerk 111 7ArkClark $600 
Arkana, Baxter: Drennon, Bias V, Ark $70 
Arkansas City, Desha: WUliams, Elbert A, Ark $1300 
Williams, Mrs Mettie, AsstPM Ark OArkDesha $300 
Johnson, Miss Hattie, Clerk Ark OArkDesha $300 
Arkansas Post, Arkansas: Jones, Lewis C, — 890 
Arkinda, Little River: Key, Andrew J, Ky $240 
Arlberg, Stone: May, Geo W, 111 $210 
Armada, Crawford: Land, Jas O, — $130 
Armorel, Mississippi: Sheppard. E E, Mo $330 
Armstrong, Sharp: Ladd, Mrs MoUie L, Mo 880 
Arnett, Washington: Thompson, Lewis W, Ark $40 
Arp, Pike: Willett, Edgar S, Ga $40 
Artesian, Calhoun: Hagler, Mrs M F, Ark $130 
Aither, Conway: Campbell, Mrs Saby B, Tenn 850 
Ashdown, Little River: Dickinson, C H, Ind $1700 
Dickinson, Mrs Nelle, AsstPM Mich 4ArkLittle 

River $600 
Walker, Miss Jamye, Clerk Ark 4ArkLittleRiver 
Asher, Madison: Dram, Wesley N, Ark $50 
Ash Flat, Sharp: Wade, Jesse W, Tenn $360 
Ashton, Chicot: Tilton, Fred D, HI 8100 
Askew, Lee: Hanks, Frank I, La 8110 
Athelstan, Mississippi: Woodruff, Mrs L C, Term $70 
Athens, Howard: Perry, Eugene M, — $140 
Atkins, Pope: Burris, J F, Ark $1300 
Burris, J F jr. Clerk Ark BArkPope $348 
Bowden, Wm J, RD Ark SArkPope $1000 
Kinney, Lawrence M, RD Ohio SArkPope $900 
Prior, Orlando, ED Ark SArkPope $960 
Atlanta, Columbia; Jean, Joe L, Ga $150 

Mixon, John S, RD Miss 7ArkColumbia $900 
Atlee, Clark: McMillan, Anderson A, Ark $50 
Attica, Randolph: Tipton, Carl W, — $60 
Aubrey, Lee: Shackelford, Walter S, Ark $250 
Augusta, Woodruff: Lippmann, Allen B, Kans 81600 
Berkeimer, Mrs Pearl, Clerk Ark lArkWoodrufl 8240 
Aurelle, Union: Beimett, Wm E, NC $90 
Aurora, Madison: Boatright, Mrs Delia L, Ark $190 
Austin, Lonoke: Heise, Fred H, La $620 
Bizzell, Jas M, RD Ark 17ArkLonoke $1000 
Reed, Odes E, RD Ark 17ArkLonoke $1000 
Anvergne, Jackson: Handel, Jas G, 111 8380 

Dander, D S, RD Tenn 2ArkJackson $700 
Ava, Perry: Jones, Nancy E, — 880 
Avant, Montgomery: Meek, Wm H, Ark 830 
Ayenne, Phillips: Singleton, J P, Ark 850 
Avery, Lincoln: Harvey, Wm H, Ga $130 
Avoca, Benton: Allen, Robt J, NC 8160 
Azor, Nevada: Jones, Wm F, — $70 
Bailey, Independence; Pennington, John M, Tenn $50 
Baker, Searcy: Treece, Mrs Cinda, Ark $110 
Balaytown, Lafayette: Brown, Wm H, Tex $60 
Balboa, Sharp; Nichols, Dora, Ky $40 
Batch, Jackson: Johnston, Andrew J, Ark $100 
Bald Knob, White: Cleveland, Jos C, Ark $860 

Webb, Miss Cecile, AsstPM Ala 2ArkWhite $300 
Baldvrtn, Washington: Moore, Jesse F, Ark $370 
Ballard, Sharp: Ferguson, Mrs MoUie, Ark $20 



Banks, Bradley: McFarland, J D, Ark 1430 
Baauer, Cluburoo; Baker, liobt N, Ark $70 
Barber, Logan: flormby, Win \V, Ark $130 
Bard, (ircone: Netllus, Eugoae J, Tenn $150 
Bardstowu, Mississippi: Ashburn, J D, Miss SUO 
Barfleld, Mississippi: Slociinib, U O, Miss $2CU 
Barbam, Ouauhita; C.iayson, A S, Ark $-10 
Barkada, Drew: Klunlcs, H L, Ark $00 

Sallold, \V !•', i:arri.T Oa OArkUrew $195 
Barling, Sul)astian: llayos, John C, Tenn $140 
Barues, l''rauklia: I'lyiimie, Jas H, Ky $70 
Harnett, Montgomoi-y: I'ettv, Mrs Missouri W, Ark $10 
Barren Fork, Uard: Chaprwll, \Vm O, Ark $230 
Barton, I'liillips: West, J B, Ga $270 
Bass, i\.;wloii: Taylor, General A, Ark $50 
Bassett, Missis ippi: Adams, Jas W, III $250 
BatavU. H'wui.: .Stoddard, Ueiiry W, Vt $210 

Tenn $2200 

Wade, Earl, Asstl'M Ark 2ArkIndependiiuce $000 
llfindui'son, W T, Clerk Ark 2Arkludepondonce $000 
Bickers, Uay V, Rl) 111 2ArkIndepeQdonce $1000 
Davis, (Jhas L, KD NC 2Arklndependence $1000 
Batsou, Johnson: St Clair, Mary, — $40 
Battles, Izard; Battles, Franklin M, Ark $00 
Bauilte, Saline: Nieklavis, Wm, Mo $500 

Nieklaus, Arthur W, UD lud O.VrkSalino $000 
Baxter, Drew: Driukuth, C E, Aik $210 
Bay, Cr.iigbead, Crawford, J E, 111 $470 
Bayou Meto. Arkansas: Webster, Louis, Ark $80 
Bear, Moiitgoniery: Uuber, I'eter, Oer $120 
Bear Creek, Scarey: Hensley, Wayne A, — $40 
Bearden, Oiiicliiia: McL<!od. Job A, Mich $1000 
Troutiuan. Miss Edna M, Clerk Mich 7ArkOuachita 


Beaton, Hot Spring: Dilloe, Jonathan T, Ark $30 
Beaty, Hentou: Hume, I'erry V, Ivans $00 
Beauchamp, Scott: Hughes, Mrs Nancy, — $50 
Beaudry, Garland: Green, J M, Ark $40 
Beaver, Carroll: Swope, M W, Ky $130 
Becton, Woodruff: Calvin, Richard, Ala $20 
Beebe, White: Camp, Thos J, Tenn $1300 
l'resl.'y,MrsUopeC, AsstI'M Kans 2ArkWhito $180 
liurtuii, Mrs Doe, Clerk Ark 2ArkWhite $144 
Bee Branch, \'an Buren: I'ajiie, W B, Ga 5ArkVan 
Uureli $290 
I'ayni'. t'lorauce. Clerk Ark uArkVanliureu $00 
Freuih, Jas K, UD Tenn S.UkVanBuren $4S0 
Jones, Ueubou L, KD Ark SArkVanUuren $500 
Beech Grove, Greene: Breckenridge, J H, Ark $150 
BeedevlUe, Jackson: Beede, Fletcher 11, Ark $140 
Beirne, Clark: Biggadike, Uobert C, NY $270 
Belcher, White: Barlow, John U, Tenn $100 
Belfast, Grant: Busick, Avon, Miss $210 
Bellefleld, Craighead: Wright, U F, Mo $210 
Bellefonte, Boone: Voung. Mrs Vada, Ark $440 

AlUirighl, Charles M, KD Ark 3ArkBoona $1000 
Belleville, Yell: Fledges, Jas A, Ark $500 
KussoU, Saml H, KD Tenn SArkYell $1000 
Walkins, J Ernest, RD Ark SArkYell $1000 
BeUmore, Stone: Shaw, Leland H, Vt $50 
Belton, llcuipstead: Leslie, Sainl F, Ark $130 
Ben, Stone: Davis, Thos R, Ark $40 
Bengay, Sharp: Brightwell, Benj O, Ark $20 
Ben Hur, I'ope: Johnson, Columbus W, NC $60 
Ben Lomond, Sevier: Khyne, Mrs Aliie, Miss $210 
Bennetts, Baxter: Hughes. Chas, Ohio $30 
Benton, Saline: \ance, Robt C, Ark $1000 
liuklridge, Wm. Clerk Ark OArkSaline $240 
\auce. I'erly, Clerk Ark OArkSaline $220 
SentonvUle, Benton: Lefors, Elijah O, Ark $1900 
Dickson. Bennett D, AsstI'M Ark SArkBenton $600 
Jacobs. Kdwd II. KD Mich 3ArkBenton $1000 
Maxwell, Sam B, KD Ark SArkBenton $900 
Rickelts, Jas M, KD Ark 3ArkBenton $1000 
Rodgers, Wm A, RD Ark 3ArkBenton $900 
Seamster. Lee A, KD Ark 3ArkBenton $900 
Clark, Miss Kate P, Clerk Ark 3ArkBenton $240 
BenvUIe, Baxter: Shearer, Calvin F, Iowa $40 
Bergman, Boone: McAfee, Spencer A, — $250 
BerryvUle, Carroll: Frei-man, Carl O, Ark $1300 
Davis, Wm C^ AsstI'M Ark SArkCarroll $480 
Hailey, Earl B, RD Ark 3ArkCaiToll $1000 
McLoud, Uobt E, RD Ark SArkCarroll $1000 
Bertha, I'ope: Shain, Stephen E, — $10 
Bertlg, Greene: Ross, Eddie M, 111 $140 
Best, Henton: Cooiier, Louis D, Tenn SArkBenton $30 
Bethel, Greene: Edwards, J C, Ga $00 
Bethesda, Independence: Calaway, Wm L, Ark $100 
Beulah, I'rairie: Washington, Jas, Ala $*>0 
Beverly, Sebastian: Nixon, Francis M, Ark $00 
Bexar, Fulton: Sherman, Andrew J, — $60 
Bldvllle. Crawford: Rucks, John M, — $30 
Blgby, Miller: Evers, J E, Ark $70 
Blgelow, I'errv: Stuckert. Harry S, Del $14(K), Miss Myrtle, AsstFM Ark OArkl'crry $420 
Dickens, Calvin C, RD Ark SArkl'erry $1000 
BIgflat, Baxter: Kellcy, Ananias S, Avk $lJ>n 
Big Fork, I'olk: Abcrnathy. Wm L. Ark $200 
Blggers. Randolph: Whittinpon. Emerv C. Ill $5t'0 
Wbittington. Mrs Allie, AsstI'M 111 i'ArkRandolph 

M.(r:irv. MissVista. Clerk Ark 2ArkRandolph $1S0 
Blglakc. ilisM.vsippi: Dean, Orin F, Ohio $100 
Bills, like: Mitton, Lewis T. Ark $70 
Blngen. Hempstead: Gosnell. Chas E, Ark $140 
Blrdell. Randolph: Barden. Horace M, Ark $00 
Blrdeye. Cross: .Smith. W M. Ark $00 
Blrta. Veil: Goodson. M J. Ark $230 
Blscoe. I'rairie: Hardy, Wright A, Ark $400 
Bismarck, Hot Spring: Goodman, John, Ark $90 
Blackburn. Washington: Monnon. John H, Ark $100 
Black Fork. Seott: Day. Lawrence O. SO $110 
Blackjack, Greene: Martin, Guv C. Ark $50 
BlackOak, Craighead: Mellon. "Henry C, Tenn $250 
Blackriver, Independence: McDaniel, Jesse L, Ark $50 

8621— o R— VOL 2-12 3 

Black Rock, Lawrence: Isaminger, Sol W, Ohio $1200 

Roe, Edna E, AsstPM Ark 2ArkLawTence $252 

Black Springs, Montgomery: Coulter, Albert W, Ind 

Blackton. .Monroe: Graham, T L, Ark $370 
BlackweU. Conway: V'enis, Mrs Lydia, Ark $170 
Blaine, Logan: Brown, \\'m, — $110 
Blakeraore, Lonoke: Ludi, I'eter, Switz $100 
Blalock, Calhoun: King, John F, Tox $40 
Blanchard, Sevier: Brewer, P .\, Term $200 
Blanchard Springs, Union: Hall, C R, Ark $40 
Blanco, Searcy: MeCasland. V T. Ark $40 
Bland, Saline: Robinson,*Mrs Nancy J Ark $140 
Blansett, Scott: Garner, Wm T, — $100 

Brown, Mrs Mary A, AsstPM Ark $38 
Bleaker, Cleveland: Garllngton, John, Ark $20 
Blevlns, Hempstead: Woodson, B 11, Tenn $310 
Bliss, White: McCauley, A W, Ark $10 
BUssvllIe, Drew: Clark, J E. — $000 
Blocher. Saline: Roberts, Mary L, — $00 
Bloomer, Sebastian: Barrick, Wm II, III $50 
Blue BaU, Scott: Hall, Henry M, Ark $70 
Blue Mountain, Logan: Morris, Geo A, Tenn $330 
Morris, Walter C, AsstPM Ark 4ArkLogan $00 
Robbins, John T, RD Ark 4ArkLogan $900 
Walker, Will C, RD Ark 4ArkLogan $900 
Blue Springs, BradNiv: Sims, Jas A, SC $20 
BluH City, N(^vnil:i: Alack, Robt W, Ark $170 
Bluftton. Veil: Coinpto. Robt S. Ark $180 
BlvtLevUle. .Mississijjpi: Sanborn, O D, Iowa $1900 

BIythe. Miss Leia. Clerk Tenn I ArkMississlppi $500 
Board Camp, Polk: Sauford, Chas P, Ala $UiO 
Bodcaw, Nevada: Warraack, Saml II, Ark $210 

Wannack, Robt L. RD Ark 7ArkNevada $900 
Bog Springs, Polk: Davis. Mrs Margaret A, Tenn $210 
Boldlng, Union: Nelson, Thos S, Ark $110 
Boles, Soott: Freeman, Wm L, .\rk $140 

Freeman. Mrs Ida B. Clerk Ind 3ArkScott $96 
Bonanza, Sebastian: Hamilton. Ulysses G, Mo $490 
Bono, Craighead: Coleman, Joshua'j, — $410 
Coleman, Mrs Margarett E. Clerk — lArkCraighcad 

Schisler. Estcs L, RD — l.VrkCraighead $800 
Booker, Pulaski: Van Pelt, P J, Ark $120 
Boonevllle, Logan: Roberts, Jno P. Ark $1500 
Bottoms, C L, AsstPM — 4ArkLogan $000 
Roberts, C V, Clerk Ark 4.\rkLogan $300 
niacknell. Earl L. RD Ark 4ArkLogan $1000 
Hamilton, J J, RD Ala 4ArkLogan $1000 
Shelton, Walter C, RD Ark 4ArkLogan $900 
Shipley, 3 L, RD Ark 4ArkLogan $900 
Boothe, Scott: Farmer, Ja.s V, Ark $120 

Goble, Mrs E S, Clerk Ark SArkScott $40 
Booty, Kansas: Best, Mrs Mattie S, Ga $100 
Boston, Madison: Smith, Sherman, Ark $140 

Smith, Mrs Estella, Clerk Va SArkMadison $00 
Boswell, Clark: Grier, P B, Ark $60 
Boueff, Chicot: Anderson, O K, Miss $40 
Boughton, Nevada: Delaughter, Elijah, Ark $150 
Bowen, Pike: Nolen, Milt O, — $90 
Boxley, Newton: Wells, liobt A, Ohio $100 
BoydsvlUe. Clav: Bowers. Giles, NC $150 

Harris. Jesse f<, KD Ark lArkClay $700 
Boyle, Stone: liovle, Alfred H, Mich $20 
Boynton. Mississippi: Bovnton. Chas D, III $320 
Bradford, White: Hickmon, Ulvsses L, Ark $010 
Bradley, Lafayette: Price, Andrew J, Tenn $290 
Branch, Franklin: Coiner, Jos S, Ark $300 

Horn. Geo L. RD SArkFranklin $1IXK) 
Brasfleld. Prairie: Aydelott, Wm L, Tenn $200 
Bratton, Pulaski: Brown, Lsau, Ark $40 
Bra wley, Seott: Chandler, Geo A, Go $70 
Brazils, Saline: Roberts, Wayland D. Mo $70 
Brentwood. Wivshington: May, John W, NC $2.s0 
Brewer, Cleburne: Tvler. I.ongus P. Ark $.50 
BrIggsvUle. Yell: Hunt, Ira, — $140 
Brighton. Greene: Verser, W W. Ark $130 
Brink, Johnson: Dickerson, Cvrus A, Ark $30 
Brlnkley, Monroe: Stimson, Milton R, Mich $lSOn 
McCreight. Edgar T. AsstPM Ark 2ArkMonroe $100 
Sapp. Fred E. Clerk III 2ArkMonroe $120 
Brister, Columbia: Starling, John W, Ark $130 
•I'nrker. Charley. RD Ark 7ArkColumbia — 
Brockett. I!:uid6lph: Weisenbach. Jos. Ind $8U 
BrocktowD. Pike: Henderson, A N, Ala $00 
Brodle, Marion: Melton, Jas B, — $70 
Brookings, Clav: Brown, Wallace J. NY S1.30 
Brookland. Ciaighead: Price. Mrs Hattie A, Tenn $400 

Knrnette. EE. RD III 1 ArkCraighe;id — 
Brooks, Gi 

Broom, Lawn' 
Brown, T.oB;ni 
Brownsville, t 


;. Miss $110 

J, Ark $.10 

•. Wm. Ark $130 

Mrs Margaret A, 

Brundldge, White: Benton, Henry V, Ark $10 
Bruno, Marion: Fullbright, H A, Ark $120 
Bryant, Saline: Reagan, B B, La $290 

Couch, L T, RD Mo OArkSaline $S00 
Bubble, Webb, Nathaniel W, Miss $180 

Boyd, David, RD Tex — — 
Buckner, Lafavetle: Garland, Jos A. SC $530 

Allison, Jas L, RD Ark 7ArkLafavetle $900 

Snider. Lawrence A. RD Ark 7ArkLafavettc $10011 
Buckrange. liowaril: Cowling. Mrs Robt W. Ark $80 
Buckville. Montgonierv: Hatmaker, Silas, Tenn $170 
Buena Vista, Ouachita: Adrtv, R L, SC $190 
BuSalo, Marion: Stookey, Menard O, III $120 
Buford, Baxter: Nel-son, Geo, Miss $210 
Bunn, Dallas: Crowder, Saml M, Ark $100 
Burdette. Mississippi: Robinson, John N. — $430 
Burg, Howard: Burgess, Thos E, Ark $70 
Burlington. Boone: Edwards, John F, — $90 
BurnvUle, Sebastian: Seamans, W'm J, — $70 
Buscb, Carroll: Mahan, Phil S. Mo $40 
Bussey, Columbia: Bussey, Jodie H, Ark $200 

Butler, Mississippi: Tomlinson, Hugh 0,sr Tenn $150 
ButlervlUe, Lonoke: McKinney, J M, Ark $70 
Butterfleld, Hot Spring: Womble, Wm Luther, Tenn 
Womble, Mrs Eliza Jane, Clerk Ark 3.^rkHot 
Spring $30 
Byler, Izard: Clem, Robt L, — $30 
Byron, Fulton: Welch, John L, Tenu $70 
Cabanal, Carroll: Villines, Robt E, Ark $40 
Cabool, Cleveland: Asheraft, Elison L, — $190 
Cabot, Lonoke: Beck, Saml P, Ohio $1000 
Brewer, Jellerson J, RD Ark OArkl.onoke $1000 
Campbell, Alex J, RD Mo OArkLonoke $1000 
Caddo Gap, Montgomery: Tweedle, Isaac W, Ark 
Hopper, Wm E, Clerk Ark 4ArkMontgoinery $60 
CadestOD, Lincoln: Cades, Aaron S, Hung $80 
CaglesvlUe, Pope: Clark, Thos U, Tenn $.'iO 
Cairo, Union: Warren, J 11, Ark $50 
Calamine, Sharp: McCabe, Mrs Nauie J, Ark $90 
Caldwell, St Francis: Devazcr, F U, Ark $190 
Gale, Nevada: Westmoreland, Ramsey O, Ga $100 

White, Chas A, RD Ark 3.\rkNevada $960 
Caledonia, Union: Jones, Charlie C, .\la $5U 
Calico Bock, Izard: Patterson, John W, III $920 

Patterson, Mrs Ella M, Clerk III 2ArkIzard $110 
Gallon, Union: Ward, Clyde A, .\rk $270 

Ward, Oscar G, Clerk Ark SArkUnion $60 
Camden, Ouachita: Russell, J C, Ark $2300 
Burnsidc, Birdie T, A.sstPM Ark 7ArkOuachila $1000 
Kennedy, Elmer, Ark TArkOuachita $S00 
Lockharl, Otis W, Clerk Ark TArkOuaehita $1000 
Quarterman, Alton B, Clerk Ark lArkOuaehita $1000 
Tewmey, Malcohn F, Clerk Mo 7ArkOuachita $600 
Butler, John R, KD Ark 7ArkOuaehita $1000 
Hale, Ourtha L, RD Ark 7ArkOuachita $1000 
Camp, Fulton: Gwin, Martin V, Iowa $210 
Campbell, Searcy: Kuykendall, Henry, .Vrk $40 
CanetaUl, Washington: Reed, J J, Ark $330 
Cane Island, Craighead: Bvler. Wm L B, Tenn $.50 
Canfleld, Lafayette: Cantield, Colbert, La $300 
Canton, Sh;irp: Hall, Robt W, Kv $40 
Canuck, .Madison: Stafford, Jasper N, Mo $20 
Capps. lioone: Duyle, John H, 111 $80 
Garden Bottom, Veil: Lynch, Luther M, Tenn $12U 
Cardiff. Seott: Wheeler, Mrs Alice. -Via $60 
CargUe, Union: Hudson, Ira M, Mo $180 
Carlisle, Lonoke: Muzzy, U D, Ohio $141X1 
Muzzy, Miss Clara G, AsstI'M Ark 6.\rkLonoke $1S0 
Hutsou, Chas A, RD Ark OArkLonoke $1000 
Smith, Andrew J, KD Ark O.VrkLonoke $1000 
Williamson. Chas R, RD Ark OArkLonoke $1000 
Carolan, Logan: Carolan, S T, Ala $00 
Carroll, Hot Spring: Neighbours, Thos C, Miss $100 
CarroUton, Carroll: Foster, Mrs Mav A, Ind $160 
CarryvlUe, Clay: Potts. C E, Ky '$100 
Carson. Mississippi: Goble, John, Ark $110 
Carter. \\ ash.ngton: Lewis, Albert W, .\rk $70 
Carthage, Dallas: McGraw. Matthew L, Ark $480 

McGraw, Rily B, AsstPM Ark OArkDallas $108 
Casa, Perry: Horn, V 0, Ark $560 
Cash, Craighead: Oldham, Henry V, — $240 
Cass, Franklin: Jackson, Elisha A, — $90 
Casscoe, Arkansas: Trice, Clarence P, Ark $130 
Casteel, Baxter: Cale. R A, Ark $.30 
Catalpa, Johnson: Patton, John, — $110 
Cato. Faulkner: Proctor, Thos B, Ala $100 

H oaks, David C, RD Ark 5ArkFaulkner $960 
Cauthron, Scott: Crablree, W A, Tenn $180 
Cave City, Sharp: Jones, John T, Ky $300 

Jones, WniH, Clerk Ark 2.\rkSharp $1.')6 
Cavecreek, Newton: Fralley, Denton M G. Kv $100 
Frailey. Mrs A M. Clerk Ark 4ArkNe»to'n $84 
Cave Springs, lienlon: Stroud, Hugh C, Mo SMU 
Cecil, Franklin: Atchison, Harvey C, Ala Sl.Vi 
Cedar. Perry: Link. Archltrous W, Mo $10 
Cedarcreek, Scott: Warren, Mrs Anna, ,\rk $70 
Cedar Glades, Montgomery: Llljenberg, Ehrenlrld M, 
Sw $190 
Llljenberg, Mrs Lintoil, Clerk Ark 4ArkMontgoinerv 
Cedar Grove. Randolph: Maxwell, Jas L, 111 $20 
CedarvUle, Crawford: Ncal, William E, — $90 
Center, Sharp: I'adeu, Alexander, Ala $80 
Center Hill, \\hite: Welch, Walter D, — $130 
Center Point, Howard: Stevens, Edwd 1, Ark ;4.30 
Knox. Jas R, RD Ark 4ArkHoward $800 
Stevens, Ella, Clerk Ark 4.\rkHoward $60 
Center Ridge, Conway: Mason, Jas H, Ark $300 
Richardson. Jake A, RD Ark 5ArkConway $1000 
Williams, Chas A. RD Ark 5ArkConway $1000 
Centerton, Benton: Bates, Miss Virginia, Ark $400 

McCuniber, Mrs E A, RD Ul SArkBenton $1000 
CentervlIIe, Yell: Cook, L E. Ark $160 
Central, Sebastian: Morris, Miss Llllie M, Ark $90 
Cerrogordo, Little River; Goddard, Mrs Mary E, Ark 

ChambersvUle, Calhoun: Gray, Mrs Laura J, Ark $40 
Champagnolle, Union; Staples^no D, Ala $300 
Chance. Garland: Bailey, Wm H, Ark $20 
Chancel. Newton; Garrison. Marlon J, Mo $20 
Chandler, Garland: McDowell, Jas D, Ark $40 
Chant, Scott; Bag^vell, J L, — $50 
Chaplin, Madison: Hawkins, Archie J, — $20 
Charleston, Franklin: Hedges, Alonzo, Ohio $940 
Hedges, Mary C, AsstPM Ohio 5ArkFranklin $72 
Darr. Verna, Clerk Ark 5ArkFranklin $120 
Fry, Dock, RD Ark 4ArkSebastlan $1000 
Nix, Jeff P, RD Ky 5ArkFranklln $960 
Spears, V'ictor W, RD Ark SArkFranklin $1000 
Charlotte, Independence; Yates, Mrs Avonia, Tenn 

Chase. Hot Spring: Walker, Geo W, Tenn $10 
Cheatham, Sevier; Davis, J H, Tenn $110 
Cherokee City. Benton: Wllklns, Saml E, Ohio $170 
Cberrygrove, Grant: Hamilton, Harvey, Ark $100 



Cherry Valley, Cross: Jones, Isaac L, Ark S470 

Beard, Thos E, ED Ark 2ArkCross $960 
Chester, Crawford: Smith, G C, Term S320 
Chickalah, Yell: Dacus, G W, Ark S270 

Sugg, Priest, ED Ark SArkYell $1000 
Chickasawba, Mississippi: Henley, Wyatt D, Term 

Chicot, Chicot: MUls, M A, Pol S250 
Chidester, Ouachita: Umstead, Miss Maggie, Ark S4S0 

Bradley, Wm A, ED Ark — S480 
Chismville, Logan: Bartley, Eobt M, Ark S220 

Hutchens, Arch E, ED Ark 4ArkLogan S800 
Choctaw, Van Buren: Eogers, Jno F, Ark S180 

Stobaugh, Eichd J, ED Ark SArkVanBuren $900 
Chula, Yell: WUlard, F L, Ark S40 
Cinelimati, Washington: Pasley, Miss Dolo D, Ark 

Cisco, Carroll: Buell, Thos M, Ark $80 
Clagett, Montgomery: Cox, Hugh, Ark $40 
Clarendon, Monroe: Jefleries, Wm L, Miss S1700 
Timmeman, Edwd E, AsstPM Ark 2ArkMonroe 

Hooper, Miss Florence M, Clerk Ga 2ArkMonroe 

Spears, Bruce W, ED Ark 2ArkMonroe SIOOO 
Clarkedale, Crittenden: Woollard, Drury B, Miss $330 
ClarksTille, Johnson: Sarber, John N, jr. Ark $1700 
Logan, Bettis B, AsstPM Ark SArkJohuson $720 
Sarber, Mrs Anna, Clerk Mo 5Aj:kJohnson $300 
Houston, Fred L, ED Ark SArkJohnson $1000 
Miller, Hugh, ED Ark SArkJohnson S960 
Stone, Nelson L, ED Tenn SArkJohnson $900 
Claunch, Craighead: Holer, Mrs Hattie, Ohio $140 
Clay, White: Sherer, Mrs Emma, Ark $110 
Sherer, C A, Clerk Ark 2ArkWhite $36 
Clements, Lawrence: Clements, M C, Tenn $20 
Cleveland, Conway: Parker, John J, Ark $230 
Clifton, Lee: Felton, J E, Ark $90 
Clifty, Madison: Bone, Clarence W, Ark $260 

Evans, Jas W, ED Ark 3ArkMadison $960 
Climax, Fulton: Wiles, Isaac K, Ark $50 
Clinton, Van Buren: West, Oscar L, Ga $490 

Griggs, Alford M, AsstPM Ark SArkVanBuren $264 
Clio, Cleveland: Dodd, Andrew J, Ark $500 
Cloar, Crittenden: Clear, Chas W, Ark S150 
Clover Bend, Lawrence: Mitchell, Albert F, III $130 
Clow, Hempstead: Gamble, Oscar O, SC $90 
Clyde, Washington: Yates, Lewis H, Ark $50 
Coaldale, Scott: Beler, Saml M, Miss $190 

Beler, Miss Eachel, AsstPM Ark — $48 
Coal Hill, Johnson: Shrigley, Miss Harriet M, Ark $590 
Shrigley, Guy P, AsstPM Ark SArkJohnson $48 
Cobbs, Lonoke: Witberspoon, Chas C, Ark $50 
Coin, Carroll: Hardesty, Otto, Ind $40 
Coleboro, Little Elver: Nelson, Mrs Elizabeth M, Ark 

Coleman, Drew: Scott, John E, — $40 
Collegehill, Columbia: Gunter, Wiley E, Ark $50 
CoUlns, Drew: McShan, W H, Ark $260 
Colt, St Francis: Fitzpatrick, Leonadas G, — $380 

Eankin, Fletcher W, ED — lArkCross $900 
Columbus, Hempstead: Stuart, Mrs Eliza J, Ark $260 
Comal, Marion: Brooksher, Leonidas B, — $90 
Combs, Madison: Barron, Gustavus A, Ark $2S0 
Cominto. Drew: Dickey, S A, Ark $140 
Como, Cleveland: Johnson, Sarah J, — $20 
Compton, Newton: Compton, Mrs. Eugenia F, NC $90 
Concord, Izard: Finley, Pleas, Ark SOc. 
Congo, Saline: Storch, Loura, Ger $120 
Connor, Carroll: Eoberts, John P, Tenn $40 
Conrad, Bradley: Brazzel, Eussell D, — $60 
Conway, Faulkner: Owen, Owen J, Ind $2200 
Setzler, Jos A, AsstPM Ark SArkFauilmer $900 
Cox, C Herbert, Clerk Ark SArkFaulkner $600 
Hinkle, Chas V, Clerk Ark SArkFaulkner $900 
Piercey, Mrs Clara Owen, Clerk Ark 6ArkFaulkner 

Powers, Wm, Janitor Ark 6ArkFaulkner $144 
Henderson, John M, ED Ark SArkFaulkner SIOOO 
Leiblaug, Eobt L, ED Ark SArkFaulkner $1000 
Moore, Herbert O, ED Al-k SArkFaulkner $1000 
Pearson, Wm A, ED Ark SArkFaulkner $1000 
Sevier, Arch H, ED Ark SArkFaulkner $960 
Tucker, Danl F, ED Ark SArkFaulkner $960 
Cook, Izard: Hare, Wm M, — $220 
Cooper, Pike: Williams, Jas S, Ala $4 
Copeland, Van Buren: Heater, Mrs Eva, Iowa $140 

Heater, Pearl W, Clerk Iowa — $70 
Cord, Independence: Nuckalls, Isaiah C, Ark $220 
Corinth, Howard: Young, Mrs Victoria, Ark $70 
Corley, Logan: Melton, Eichd, Tenn $120 
Cornerstone, Jefferson: Sennett, Jno F, Ark $210 
Cornerville, Lincoln: Boyd, William, — $120 
Cornhill, Sevier: Corbell, Mrs Emma, Ga $20 
Cornle, Union: Britt, Wm G. Ark $30 
Corning, Clay: Bloodworth, Chas T, Ky S1400 
Jones, Chas S, AsstPM Kans lArkClay $600 
Jones, Mark A, Clerk Ark lArkClay $240 
Smelser, Henry, ED Mo lArkClay $960 
Corwln, Saline: Eowland, Saml A, Ark $15 
Cotter, Baxter: Eaton, Chas B, Ind $1000 

Coffee, Miss Stella, AsstPM Ark SArkBaxter $120 

Cotton Plant, Woodruff: Kennedy, Frank H, Ark $1300 

Van Dusen, Miss Esther, Clerk Ohio lArkWoodrufl 

Humphries, Bemore S, ED Miss lArkWoodrufl S800 
Mathis, Ross P, ED Arl^ lArkWoodruff S960 
Council, Lee: Halley, John S, Miss $260 
Countlss, Phillips: Countiss, J Marvin, Miss $400 
County Line, Fulton: Carnett, Wm W, Ark $50 
Cove, Polk: Woodell, Miss Archie I, — $500 
Cowell, Newton: Snow, C H, Ark $50 
Crabtree, Van Buren: Middleton, Thomas J, — $50 
Craig Mill, Saline: White, Woodard W. — $30 
Crawfordville, Crittenden; Smith, Chas F, Ark $970 
Creswell, Izard: Talburt, W L, Ark $140 

Crittenden, Crittenden: Holmes, Geo E jr, — $220 
Oritton Kidge, Little Eiver: Brown, Jesse D, Ark $110 
Croak, Cleveland: Burford, John T, Ala $30 
Crooketts Blnfl, Arkansas: Prange, C Henry, Ger $140 
Crosby, White: Lowell, W B, Ark SllO 
Crosses, Madison: Eno, J H, Can $200 
Crossett, Ashley: Finch, Edgar H, Ark $20 
Cross Roads, Izard: Dockins, Jas T, Ark $20 
Crystal Springs, Montgomery: Smith, Joe S, Tenn $120 
Gulp, Baxter: Emmitt, Jos W, Ky $50 
Culpeper, Van Buren: Smith, Mrs Sarah E, Ind $30 
Cuml, Baxter: Talburt, Eobt C, — $30 
Cummins, Lmcoln: New, Mrs Dorothy A, — $220 
Curia, Independence: Ford, Mrs Tabitha, Ark $20 
Curtis, Clark: Mohnkern, J A, III $190 
Cushman, Independence: Wren, Wm H, — $300 
Custer, Baxter: Amett, J Allen, — $80 
Cyclone, Johnson: Cowan, Wm T, — $20 
Cypert, Phillips: Cooke, V E, Miss $100 
Dabney, Van Buren: Eeed, Mrs Eugenie, Ark $80 
Dague, Poinsett: Adams, Eichd E, El $70 
Daisy, Pike: Lawless, Wm M, Ala $100 
Dalark, Dallas: Dunn, Mrs Sue, Ark $410 
Dale, Johson: Palms, Jas S, Ark $40 
Dalton, Eandolph: Kirkpatrick, Albert N, Ark $140 
Damascus, Faulkner: Privett, Mrs Sadie D, Ark $250 
Brown, Wm A, ED Miss OArkVanBuren $900 
Scroggm, Wm C, ED Ark 6ArkVanBuren $1000 
Damon, Lincoln: Atkinson, Edwin J, — — 
Dansby, Lee: Dansby, Jack H, — $70 
Danville, Yell: Dowell, Jas N, Ark $880 

Herring, Lee, AsstPM Ark SArkYell $480 
Daroy, Cleburne: Scruggs, John E, Ala $30 
Dardanelle, Yell: Sugg, Henry M, Tenn $1700 
Sugg, VirgU E, AsstPM Ark SArkYell $400 
Sugg, Vhgil E, Clerk Ark SArkYell $36 
Dodd, Geo M, ED Tenn SArkYell SIOOO 
Dunn, Wm D, ED Tenn SArkYell SIOOO 
Eutledge, Alfred H, ED Miss SArkYell $1000 
Darysaw, Grant: Davis, John H, Ala $20 
Datto, Clay: Amick, Chas G, Ind $320 
Davenport, White: Wood, Mrs Eetta E, Ark $50 
Davidson, Crawford: Davidson, Felix G, Ky $40 
Day, Izard: Adams, Sylvanus, Ark 840 
Deane, Drew: Kizer, Nick, 111 $140 
Deans Island, Mississippi: Cissna, Waiter A, Ohio $60 
Deberrie, Perry: Brown, Jas M, — — 
Debow, Eandolph: Debow. Isaac, — $40 
Decatur, Benton: Trammell, Thos W, Ark $790 
Amos, Chas E, ED Kans SArkBenton — 
Davenport, Jas H, ED Term SArkBenton — 
Deckerville, Poinsett: Hooten, Jas C, Ala $240 
Dee, Craighead: Stotts, Wm L, — $40 
Deer, Newton: Faught, Mrs Martha, Term $70 
Defiance, White: Essig, C, Ind $60 
Delaney, Madison: Brashears, Kelly H, Ky $120 
Delaplaine, Greene: Thomas, Wm E, El $280 
Delaware, Logan: Johnson, H B, Ark $60 
Delight, Pike: Purtell, Peter O, La S6C0 
Dell, Mississippi: Eichardson, J B, Ark $390 
Delmar, Carroll: Sisco, Vona, Ark $30 
Delta, Nevada: Bolin, Miss Posye, La $30 
Democrat, St Francis: Thomas, Wm S, Ala $180 
Denmark, White: Fraser, Wm H Ark $160 
Dennard, Van Buren: Dickens, U G M, Tenn $100 
Denning, Franklm: Burrow, Mrs Hattie G, Term $450 

Jones, Miss Ethel, Miss SArkFranklln $300 
Denton, Lawrence: Field, Berry W, Tenn $200 
Denver, Carroll: Grifftn, Jas P, Ky $130 

Cox, Andie, ED Ala — $1000 
Departee, Independence: Pasley, John S, III $20 
De Queen, Sevier: Mallary, F L, Can $1800 
Callahan, Miss Ethel L, AsstPM Term 4ArkSevier 

Ogletree, W E, Clerk La 4ArkSevier $480 
Campbell, J A, ED El 4ArkSevier SIOOO 
Eobinson, WW, ED Ark 4ArkSevier $800 
Shmerker, F C. ED El 4ArkSevier $1000 
Dermott, Chicot: Jones, Mrs Eubv M, Ind S1500 

Maulding, Miss Vema AsstPM 'Ark 7ArkChicot $216 
De Roche, Hot Spring: Williams, Eeed E, Ala $70 
Des Arc, Prairie: Witter, Wm E, El $1200 
Hill, Eobt, AsstPM Tenn 2ArkPrairie $600 
Witter, Mrs Zerah B, Clerk Ark 2ArkPrairie S120 
Moseley, Wm F, ED Ala 2ArkPrairie $1000 
Desdemona, Cleburne: Wright, Jonas E, Iowa $20 
Desha, Independence: Bell, J M, Ark $110 
Detontl, Saline: Carson, J H, Ga $30 
Devall Blufl, Prairie: Wells, Julius E, Mich $1200 
Gay, Thos N, AsstPM Tenn 2AxkPrairie $120 
Brouse, Jas E, ED 111 2ArkPrairie $1000 
De View, Woodruff: Thompson, A S, Ark $100 
Dewey, White: Fields, Lelia V, Ark $20 
De Witt, Arkansas: Bowers, Edwd, Ind $1400 
Bowers, Miss Sara, AsstPM Ark OArkArkansas $420 
Bowers, Miss Aletha, Clerk Ark OArkArkansas S324 
Dexter, Jefferson: Campbell, Mrs Eachel M, Ark S80 
Dial, Howard: Dagenhart, Taylor C, NC SIO 
Dierks, Howard: Westbrook, Eobt W, Ark $330 
Dilce, Montgomery: Miller, Jas L, Mo S40 
Dinsmore, Newton: Bunch, C B, Ark $30 
Divide, Conway: Ashcraft, Calvin M, — $40 
Dixon, Hempstead: Martin, John H M Tenn $60 
Dobyvllle, Clark: Capps, W J, SC $50 
Dodd City, Marion: Dodd, David H N, — $150 
Doddridge, Miller: Field, Henry, Ark $240 
Doebranch, Pulaski: Richards, Mrs Mary H, Ark $30 
Dogwood, Grant: Posey, Izara F, Ark S20 
Dolph, Izard: Eegelman, Earnest, Mo $20 
Don, Drew: Nichols, A M, Ark $30 
Donaldson, Hot Spring: Sparks, John, Ky $210 
Dongola, Searcy: Owen, Wm G, Term SSO 
Dora, Crawford: Dipbaye, R V, Mo $130 
Dota, Independence: Pickens, Chas P, Term $60 
Dotson, Hempstead: Wardlaw, Jas P, Ark $90 
Double Wells, Jefferson; Gray, Nelson A, Ark $60 

Douglas, Lincoln: Lee, John M, Ark $190 
Dover, Pope: Bakes, Wm D, Term $540 
Willis, Kinney M, ED Ark SArkPope SIOOO 
Parker, Wm E, ED Ark SArkPope $900 
Doyle, Hempstead: Norwood, Wm H, Ark $120 
Drab, Hempstead: Austm, Wm E, Ark $40 
Drakes Creek, Madison: Neal, Zephro W, — $190 
Draper, Bradley: McKinney, Mrs Allie SC $60 

Howard, Saml, ED Ark 7ArkBradley SIOOO 
Draughon, Cleveland: Saeler, EH, — $320 
Driftwood, Lawrence: Goodwin, S P, Ark $80 
Drlggs, Logan: Shelton, Augustus A, — $90 
Driver, Mississippi: Craig, Owen T, Tenn $90 
Dry Fork, Carroll: Deweese, David S, Ark SSO 
Dublin, Logan: Baker, Jas D, — $lio 
Duckett, Howard: Eoss, Mrs Allie T, Ark $20 
Duffie, Hot Spring: Montgomery, Alex, Ark $40 
Dugger, Marion: Brannou, Mrs Mary E, Ark $40 
Dughill, Cleburne: Endsley, La Fayette, — $40 
Dumas, Desha: Smith, P J, Ark $890 
Duncan, Monroe: Graves, Jos T, Miss $50 
Dunnlngton, Independence: Pelley, Asa B, — $140 
Durham, Washington: Pool, Benj P, Ark $190 
Dutch Mills, Washington: Johnson, Austin, — $130 
Dutton, Madison: Kelly, Albert M, Ark S190 
Dyer, Crawford: Rhodes, M J T, Ark $300 
£agle Mills, Ouachita: Shaw, J E, — $670 
Eagleton, Polk: Hauert, Henry L, Ark $130 
Eaglette, Dallas: Steelman, Nathan, Ark $50 
Eago, Newton: Dickey, Alford E, — $20 
Earl, Crittenden: Moss, Mrs Eva V, Term $1400 
Eaton, Lawrence: Stewart, J F, Ark $80 
Ebb, Grant: Atchley, AC, — $10 
Ebony, Crittenden, Drane, Hiram D, Miss S240 
Echo, Logan: Brewer, David T, Term $60 
Edgar, Hernpstead: Gilbert, J F, Ark $100 
Edgemont, Cleburne: Morgan, Wm W, NC $360 

Sherlock, Emery L, AsstPM Hi 2ArkCleburne $240 
Edlil, Lincoln: Lilly, Edmond D, NC $60 
Edmonston, Crittenden: Wedlock, G B, Ala $650 
Edna, Johnson; Ingram, Mrs Thedosia, Ala $50 
Efla, Franklin: Hill, Geo W, Tenn $30 
Egbert, White: Pence, Geo L, Ark $70 
Egger, Polk; Loftis, Chas L, — $210 
Eglantine, Van Buren: Gadbury, John C, Ark $70 
Egypt, Craighead: Lambie, Govin W, NY SISO 
Eight Mile, Jackson: Nance, Wm N, Ark SllO 
Ekron, Mississippi: Brisendine, Ealph E, Ark $60 
Elaine, Phillips: Allen, Edwd M, Minn S360 
Elba, Van Bm-en: Isaacs, Jefferson N, Mo $130 
Elberta, Searcy: Mabrey, Saml E, Ark $30 
El Dorado, Union: Floyd, Robt L, La $2200 
Walker, Miss Mabel, AsstPM Ark 7ArkUnion S800 
Beebe, Miss Mildred, Clerk Nebr 7ArkUnion $600 
Matthews, Miss Fannie, Clerk La 7ArkUnion $800 
Eldridge, Howard; Logan, John A, — $''10 
Elerson, Jefferson; Miller, Wm E, Tenn $140 
Elizabeth, Fulton; Harris, Miss Alma H, Ark $140 
Elkins, Washington: Moore, Mark W, Ark $250 
Elk Ranch, Carroll: Holliday, R S, Mo $70 
Ella, Pope: Cassey, John L, Tenn $30 
Ellen, White: Brown, Eugene D, Ark $10 
Elliott, Ouachita: McAnulty, Leona, — $210 
ElUs, Clark: Ellis, Matilda J, NC S60 
Ellisville, Calhoun: Horton, Wm E, Term S220 
Ellsworth, Logan: Hixon, Eufus, Tenn $60 
Elm, Clark: Lambert, Eeuben, Ark $60 
Elmo, Independence; Lacy, Byron, Ire $200 
Elmore, Hot Spring; Hamilton, Alfred G, Pa $190 
Elm Springs, Washington: Clayton, Eobt H, Ky $260 
Anderson, John P, RD Mo SArkWashington $100 
Elm Store, Eandolph; Mitchell, Bedford F, Ark $50 
Elnora, Eandolph: Mathile, Mrs Elsie, Ohio $40 
El Paso, White: Anderson, Thos W, — $260 

Malone, Charlie L, ED Miss 2ArkWhite $1000 
Emerson, Columbia: Hammack, Christopher C, — $40 

Cochran, Jas E, ED Ark — SIOOO 
Emery, Sharp; Holiey, Lorenzo D, — $30 
Emmet, Nevada: Moore, Wm C, Tenn $610 
McGough, Miss Dell, Clerk Ark 7ArkNevada $240 
Chamblis, Edwd L, ED Ark 7ArkNevada $1000 
Galloway, Alonzo, ED Ark 7ArkNevada $1000 
Y'oumans, Jos B, ED Ind 7ArkNevada $1000 
Empire, Chicot; Beseau, Mrs Wm, Kans $60 
Enders, Faulkner: Clark, Wm I, Tenn $60 
England, Lonoke: Schooley, Fidelles B, El SISOO 
Schooley, Miss June N, AsstPM El OArkLonoke $600 
Schooley, Octavious C, Clerk El 6ArkLonoke $360 
Poe, Harris F, ED Ark 6ArkLonoke SIOOO 
English, Jefferson: Clement, Lafayette W, Va $160 
EnnestvUle, Clay; Ennest, Isaac E, Ky $60 
Enola, Faulkner; Setzler, Luther B, Ark $270 

Setzler, Belton, RD SC 6ArkFaulkner $960 
Enon, Carroll: Blevins, Luke H, Ark $60 
Erin, Grant; Shackleford, Wm A, Ark S210 
Eros, Marion; Stonecipher, Benj F, — $120 
Essex, White: Price, Wm J, — $50 
Estes, Dallas: Estes. John H, Ark $60 
Ethel, Arkansas; Nicholson, J H, Ala $170 
Etowah, Mississippi; Mattix, Miss Carrie L, Miss $120 
EucUd, Howard; Bedwell, W S B, Ark $30 
Eudora, Chicot; Irwin, Jas G, Mo $1200 

Jackson, Miss Lena, Clerk 111 7ArkChicot $240 
Eula, Searcy: Hendrix, Thos L, Ark $60 
Eureka Springs, Carroll; Miller, Clio W, Mo $2300 
Ingersoli, Wm H, AsstPM Ark SArkCarroli $1100 
Hudson, Robt D, Clerk Ark SArkCarroli SIOOO 
Mattox, Edwd B, Clerk Ark SArkCarroli SIOOO 
Lowry, Robt S, Carrier Wis SArkCarroli SIOOO 
Nichoalds. Geo W, Carrier El SArkCarroli SIOOO 
Puckett, Fredk C, Carrier Iowa SArkCarroli $1000 
Wickham. Harry F, RD Kans SArkCarroli $1000- 
Evadale, Mississippi; Portis, D F, Tenn S200 
Evangel, Washington: Nordlind, Mrs A Elizabeth, El 


Evansvllle, Washington: Mount, Robt T, Tenn $230 



Evening Shade, tibarp: Kerr, Calvin F, Ark S470 
Evert, White: Quatlleburn, Gilbert, Ala S40 
Everton, Uoone: Shults, Win M, Ark $300 
Excelsior, Sebastian: flocott, Jas R, — $140 
Faber, Hot Spring: Mann, Mrs Oneelie, Ark $04 
Fair, I'hillips: Stanley, liurwell li, — $40 
Fairbanks, Van Buren: Kendrick, Wm T, Ark $120 
Fairfield, Jefferson: Moore, Clias F, Ark $100 
Falroaks, Cross: McCuirc, Mrs Ida, 111 $130 

McOiiire, A C, Asstl'M Tenn 2ArkCross $30 
Fairplay, Saline: Bowen, J A, Miss $00 
Fairvlew, Dallas: ilorton. Mrs Elizalicth S, Ala $140 
Ilorton, Miss Angle S, Clerk Ark t;ArkDallas $84 
Faith, Jellerson: Uelvie, Henry E, Ind $130 
Fallsville, Newton: Kyker, Winlield C, Mo $160 

Kvki^r, Mrs Mary K, Asstl'M Ark 4ArkNcwton $00 

Fan'cyhUI, Montgomery; Waggoner, Coo E, Oa $60 

Fargo. Monroe: Bricgs, K D, Miss $80 

Farmiagton, Washington: Sidwell, Jesse L, Ark $350 

Ihirris. Mirel J, KD Ark SArkWashington $800 

I'hillips. Jas O RI) Ohio 3ArkWashington $900 

FayettejlUe, Washington: Campbell. Bcnj !•', Ark $S(.0(1 

Gilbreath, Cyrus H, Asstl'M Ark 3.-VrkWashinglon 

SI 300 
Anderson, John C, Clerk Ark 3Ark\Vashington $10(10 
Campbell, WmG, Clerk Ark 3ArkWashington $000 
Parker, Jas K, Clerk Ark 3Ark Washington $11100 
Rogers, Geo S, Clerk Tex 3ArkWashinKton $1100 
Davidson, Jas S, Carrier Ky 3Ark\Vashington $1000 
Roes, Wm B. Carrier Pa 3ArkWashington $100(1 
Koberts, John C, Carrier Ind 3ArkWashing1on J900 
Wilkinson, Harvey D, Carrier Ark 3Ark\Vashinglon 

Ambrose, Edwd C, KD Kans 3.\rkWashington SOnn 
Paul, Danl F, RD Ark SArkWashington 5900 
Ponds, Hugh J, RD Ark 3ArkWashinRlon Sinoo 
Snmmers. Wm H jr, UD Ark SArkWashington $900 
Fears, Marion: Lantz. Mrs Mary E, — $20 
Feenyville, Lincoln: Davis, \\ ni E, — $30 
Felsentbal, Union: Beck, A J, Ala $440 
Fendley, Clark: Paweli, Felix T, Ala $50 
Fenter. Grant: Ballard, T N, Ark $.M 
Ferda, lolIiTsim: Craven, Ulysses L, Iowa $110 
Ferguson, I'liillips: Carter, Miss Rosa. — $240 
Fern, I'riinkliii: Brewer, Levi B, NC $20 
Ferrell, liradloy: Ferrell, Edwd M. Ark $30 
Figure Five, Crawford: <3owin. Wm A, Ark $70 
Fir, Montgomery: Chilwood, Anderson B. Afk $70 
Fisher, Poinsett: Sanders, Jas A, — $350 
Fltihttgh, Woodrutl: Kitzhiigh, R K, Va $150 
Flvemlle, Cleburne: Davis. Robt M, Ark $20 
Flag, Stone: Ramsey. Wm P, Ark $00 
Fleming, Hot Spring: Fleming, Wm A, — $10 
Flint, Sharp: Tayi, Jas M, Va $60 
FUppln, Marion: Messiek, Jas J, Ark $330 
Floral, Independence: Gilbert, Luther W, HI $150 
Florence, Drew: James, Miss Marv, Miss $110 

James. J G, AsstPM Fla —"$30 
Floyd, White: Hutchison, Luke D, — 590 
Fogleman, Arkansas: Barlon, P A, Ark $130 
Fordyce, Dallas: Jordan, R M, Ark $2100 
Robinson, G C, Asstl'M Ark OArkDallas $800 
Porter, R E, Clerk Ark OArkDallas $'.W0 
Foreman. Little River: Collins, Dan .S, III $1200 

Forehand, Otto, Clerk Ark — — — $120 
Formosa, Van Buren: Bowman, O M, 111 $110 
Forrest City, St Francis: Fitzpatriek, TO, Tenn $2100 
Prewette, Mrs Garnett F, AsstPM Ark lArkSt 

Francis $700 
Mason, Miss Lyda M, Clerk Tenn lArkStFrancis 

Myers, Lovd N, Clerk Miss lArkStFrancis $000 
Ankrum, E C, RD Ark lArkStFrancis $900 
Bezley. J W. RD Ark lArkStFrancis iWO 
SmitK, Wm A, RD Tex lArkStFrancis $1000 
Ft Douglas, Johnson: Allen, Geo F, Ark S.W 

Allen, Mrs Vinia, AsstPM Ark SArkJohnson $20 
Fort Smith, Sebastian: Bumgardner, Frank B, WVa 

Mapes, Wm H, AsstPM HI 4ArkSebastIan $1000 
Kennedy, John P, Clerk Ark 4ArkSeba8tian $1200 
Morris, Emmi-tt B. Clerk Ark 4 ArkSobastian S120(l 
Casev, Wm J. Clerk Ark 4ArkSebastian $1200 
Dell, Gus A, Clerk Ark 4ArkSebastian $1200 
Dell, Phil Clerk Ark 4ArkSeba8tian $1100 
Devlin, Leo V, Clerk Ark 4ArkSebastian $1200 
Devlin, Raymond, Clerk .\rk 4ArkSeba8tian $60« 
Esheltnan, Ray G, Clerk Iowa 4ArkSebastian 

Johnston, Roacoe H, Clerk III 4ArkSebastian 

Kupcr, Henrv G, Clerk Ark 4ArkSebastlan $1200 
Kiiper. Martin A. Clerk Ark 4ArkSebastian $1100 
McV'ay, Geo. A, Clerk Ark 4ArkLogan $1200 
Modlin. Itobt C, Clerk Tenn 4ArkScbastian $1200 
Orbaugh, Frank, Clerk Ark 4ArkSeba8tian $1100 
Pickering, John W, Clerk Ark 4ArkSebastian 

Seelev, Miss Julia H, Clerk Pa 4ArkSeba8tian 

Sloat. Don H, Clerk Mo 4Ark3ebastIan $1000 
Spradling. Geo B. Clerk Ark 4Ark9ebastian $1200 
Stoner. Orpha E. Clerk Ind 4ArkSeba8tian $900 
Wyman, Henrv C, Clerk Ark 4ArkSeba3tinn $1100 
McAtecr, Jas E. Clerk Tenn 4ArkSeba8tian $100 
Ney. Rudolph, Clerk Ger 4ArkSebastian $300 
Stroud, Thus C. (.Icrk. Ark 4ArUS.-l>ilstian *ino 
Bain, Chas F. Carrier III 4ArkSebastian $1200 
Bolin, Lewis jr. Carrier Ark 4ArkSeba8tian $1100 
Botto. David. Carrier Tenn 4ArkSeliastiim $12uO 
Buskamp, Henry P, Carrier Ark 4ArkSeba8tian 

Chaffln, Roger G, Carrier La 4Ark3ebastian $1100 
Dean, Geo J, Carrier Ark 4ArkSeba8tian $1200 
Harrison, Henry S, Carrier Ark 4ArkSeba8tian 


Fort Smith— Continued. 

Johnson, Paul, Carrier Ark 4ArkSebaatian $1100 
Jones, Thos \V, Carrier Miss 4ArkSebastian $1200 
Mdd, Wni J, Carrier Ark 4ArkSeba8tian $1100 
Limsford, Itobt W, Carrier Ark 4ArkSeba8tian 

May, Hoy A. Currier Ark 4ArkSebastian $liii]ii 
.Morris, Wm B, Carrier Ark 4ArkScba8tian $800 
Olive, Robt H, Carrier Ark 4ArkSebaatian $600 
Pettigrew, Geo A, Carrier Ark 4ArkSebastian 

Rewell, Flavlus J, Carrier Fla 4ArkSeba8tian 

Spradlin, Geo M, Carrier Ind 4ArkSeba8tian $1000 
Walker, Ethan, Carrier Ark 4ArkSebafltian $800 
Jones, Arthur J, KD Miss 4ArkSeba9tian $1000 
Kaufman, Geo A, ItD 111 4ArkSeba9tian $1000 
Miles, Uee, 1!U Miss 4ArkSeba8tian $1000 
Pegues, Clem, Laborer Miss 4.\rkSebastian $000 
Foss, Nevada: Epperson, Eugene E, Ark $20 
Foster, Randolph: Augustus, B Thos, Ark $20 
Fouke. Miller: Gluver, Nathl W, .\la $480 
tioodson, Albert W, RD Ark 4ArkMiller $000 
tioodsou.Thos W, RD Ala 4ArkMiller $900 
Fountain Hill. Ashley: Molloy, Danl J, Miss $100 
Fowler, Yell: Hamlet, Chas II, .\rk $120 
Fox, Stone: Bransciim, John II, Ark $100 
Frank, Pulaski: Johu.son, Jas II, Ark $50 
Franklin, Izard: Trett, Laura D, Ark $210 
Freck. .Marion: Harris, Wm T, — $30 
Freeman, Pope: Bandy, Silvester E, 111 $40 
French, Fultun: French, Ernst B, — $00 
Frenchmans Bayou, Mississippi: Speck, John M, .\rk 

Friendship, Hot Spring: Fowler, Mrs Hattie C, Ark $1.50 
Frlley, Juhiison: Osgood, Mrs Florence A, Kans $50 
Frlsbee, Lawrence: Frisbee, Robt L, — *$20 
Frisco, Crawford: Schabcrg, John W, Mo $100 
Fritz, Crittenden: Singer, Lee O, Ind $230 

Mebane, G D, Clerk Tenn — $140 
Fryatt, Fulton: Bryan, Fines M, Ark $70 
Fulton, Hempstead: Roberts, Everette U, Mich $050 

Stebbius, Miss Marie A E, Clerk Pa — $300 
Gabriel, Pope: Saunders, Jas W, — $10 
Gaines Landing, Chicot: Saunders, Percy, Ark $100 
Gainesville, (ireene: Stevens, Chas W, Ky $320 
Galena, Howard: Ryker, J A, Ind $70 
Gamaliel, Baxter: Myers, Everett, Mo $110 
Garber, Johnson: Grillith, Merel K, Ga $40 
Garfield, Benton: Gramnier, Miss Miimie, Mo $030 
Edwards, Mrs Ola, AsstPM Mo 3ArkBenlon $48 
Humphry, Wm, RD III SArkBenton $900 
Wilson, Albert li, RD Ky SArkBenton $1000 
Wilson, Jas R, KD Ark 3ArkBenton $1000 
Garland, Miller: Green, Pat, 111 5590 
Gamer, White: Ciuillen, Wm T, Ind $180 

liuilien, H L, Clerk — — $30 
Garnett, Lincoln: Fish, S J, Ark $00 
Garrettson, Jeflerson: Bryan, Wm L, NC $50 
GassYiUe, Baxter: Barnett, John W, Tenn $330 
Walker, John G, AsstPM 111 3ArkBaxter $120 
Owen, Elijah W, RD Mo SArkBaxter $1000 
Gaston, Montgomery: Gaston, Charley A, .\rk $70 
Gate, Scott: Pitman, Mrs Lue E, Ark $20 
Gavin, Crittenden: Bassett, SamI C, Ark $40 
Geneva, Sevier: Middleton, Alfred L, Ark $40 
Genoa, Miller: Meek, Oscar, Ark $160 
Gentry, Benton: Lefors, Martin S, Ark $1200 
Lefors,MissEUieM, AsstPM Ark 3ArkBenton $240 
Rairdon, Miss O May. Clerk Mo 3.\rkBenton $240 
Compton, David jr. RD Iowa SArkBenton $700 
Griflith, Saml P, RD Mo SArkBenton $900 
Miller, Harry B, RD Kans SArkBenton $900 
Rankin, Robt J, RD Ark 3ArkBenton $1000 
George, Newton: Newberry, John F, Tex $'-'0 
Georgetown, White: Bradley, S B, Ark $100 
Geren, Logan: Walker, Henry J, Ky $30 
Germania, Saline: Kerr, Theodore La R, NJ $130 

Kerr, Mrs Julia D, Clerk Ark OArkPulaski $30 
Gethsemane, Jefferson: Robinson, W M, Ala $100 
Ghent, Montgomery: Thomas, Jas L T, Ala $50 
Gibbs. Montgomerv: Wesh, S H, .\rk $30 
Old, Izard: Sipe, Sobt R, Ark $20 
Glflord. Hot Spring: Osborn, W B, — $110 
Gilbert, Searey: Barnett, Jas D, Ark $220 
Gilkeson, Craighead: Barber, John S, — $60 
Gilkey, Yell: Kennon, Wm A, — $30 
GUI, Lee: Vail, I N, Tenn $80 
GlUett, Arkansas: Martin, John n, HI $630 

Walker, RW, RD 111 — $1000 
Gillham, Sevier: Johnson, W S, Mo $510 
GUmore. Crittenden: Dudley, Wm A, Ark $320 
Glrard, Scott: Butler, JO, — $30 
Glade. Benton: McC.innis, Simon L, Tenn $50 
Gladstone. Garland: I'lummer, Wni B, Tex $10 
Gladys. Van Buren: McAlister, David J, — $20 
Glasgow. Lafayette: Glasgow, John H, Ala $20 
Gleason. Conwav: McClure, F J, Iowa $85 
Glendale, Lincoln: Martin, Richd, NC $40 
OlenvUle. Nevada: Boswell, Mrs Ella, Ark $120 
Glenwood. Pike: Roberts, D P, Ire $870 
Golden City, Logan: Green. Bevly C, .\la $50 
Golden Lake. Mississippi: Smither, ST, — $180 
Goldman, .\rkansas: Rosencrantz, Jos L, Iowa $110 
Goodwin, St Francis: Reedy, Elmer E, Tenn $250 
Goshen, Washington: Mayes, Thos, Ark $170 
Gosnell, Mississippi: Crawford, Jno T, Ark $80 
Gould, Lincoln: Joslvn, Max A. — $400 
Gourd. Lincoln: Williams, Y W, Ark $80 
Grady. Lincoln: Hall, R E, Ark $10.0 
Grandfield. Pike: Mizzles, Wm C, Ala $40 
Grandglalse, Jackson: Sanders, Mrs Louisa M, — $200 
Grand Lake, Chicot: Williams, Miss Ida F, Miss $.360 
Grandview. Carroll: Wright, Wm B, Ala $200 
Grange, Sharp: McGirmess, M, Mo $40 
Orannls. Polk: Mathls, Augustus C, Miss $520 

Orape, Saline: Wilson. Joe L, Tenn $40 
GrapsTlne, Grant: McPbail, K N. NC $130 
Grassy Lake, Crittenden: Arnold, Wm S, Miss $80 
Graveirldge, Bradley: .McClendon Alfred, — $90 
Gravelly, Veil: Price, John F, Miss $230 
Gravette, Benton: Foster, Wm D, Ark $1400 
Allen, Luther H, RD Tex 3ArkBenton $1000 
Austin, John li, RD Ark SArkBcnton $1000 
Keeler, Chas M, RD III 3ArkBenton $1000 
LoBhry,John, RD Ark 3ArkBenton $1000 
Grays, Woodruff: Perkins, Henry D, Ark $33C 
Cllflon, John L, RD Atk l.\rk Woodruff $1000 
Podgctl, WmJ, RD Ark lArkWoodrufI $700 
Graysonla, Clark: Peters, Nicholas .V, — $430 
Greenbrier, Faulkner: Lyon, Wm M, Ark $370 
Dunn. Jas M, RD Mo 5MoLlvingston $975 
Montgomery, Henrv W, ItD Ark 5ArkF'aulkner 


Tucker, Anthonv H, UD Ark SArkFaulkner $900 
Greenfield, Poiiiiiott: Jone-s, F P. Ind SliX) 
Green Forest, Carroll: Tabor, .\ndrew J, Mo $1000 
Backus, .\ssa A, RD Kv a.VrkCarroll $1000 
Cox, Andv. RD Ala 3ArkCarroll $1000 
Howard, Wm H. RU Mo 3ArkCarroll $1000 
Patton, John M, RD Tenn 3ArkCarroll $1000 
Greenland, W ashingtou: Yaes, Jacob C, Ark $240 
Greenrldge, Scott: Bottoms, Frances M, — 500 
Greenway, Clay: Stone, MeCrillis R, Ind $400 

Hendrick, Jerry, RD 111 lArkClay $804 
Greenwood, Sebastian: Bell, John W Ark $1400 
Bassett, Jos C, RD Ark 4ArkSebastian $960 
Oliver, John J, RD Ark 4ArkSebastian $1000 
Williams, Jason J, RD Ark 4ArkSebastian $1000 
Gregory, Woodruff: Rooks, Benj i\ — $000 
Grlder, Mississippi: Dower, W' W, Ark $'220 
Orldley, Van Buren: Driver, Andrew A, — $20 
Griffin, Union: Reed, J C, Ark $300 
GrlfflthvUle, White; Miller, Wilbur J, Ohio $33C 
Grubbs, Jackson: Grizzle, John, Tenn $340 
Guernsey, Hempstead: Itobarta, Milford P, Ark $.50 
Gulon, Izard: Landers, Chas E, Ark $420 
Gulledge, Ashley: Degges, Frances A, — $30 
Gum, Garland: Scott, Mrs Rosa, Ark $10 
Guniog, Pope: Gideon, Robt M, Ark $210 
Hamilton, Henry (1, RD Ark SArkPope $1000 
West, Warren A. RD Ark SArkPope $900 
Gum Springs, Claik: Burrow. Robt W, Tenn $200 
Gordon. Clark: Edwards, John, Scot $1100 

Agee, Miss Elma, AsstPM Ark 7ArkClark $300 
Guy, Faulkner: Gentry, Carl E, — $90 
Habberton, Washington: Trammel, Geo O, Ark $110 
Hackett, Sebastian: Swisher, Christian D, Ohio $680 
Basinger. Jos A, RD Tenn 4ArkSebastian $900 
Malone. Julian M, UD Ark 4ArkSebastian $1000 
Hagarvllle, Johnson: Johnson, Frank, Ark $140 

Potuh, Lon, Clerk Ark SArkJohnson $36 
Hagler, Arkansas; Scott, John D, Ark $210 
Halfway, Clark; Meeks, Henry C, Ark $70 
Halley, Desha; Ualley, Warren D, Ark $220 

Ualley, Mrs Ina, Clerk Miss — $36 
HalUday, Greene: Malin, Robt B, Tenn $130 
Halstead, Pulaski: Lemaster, Geo W, Ark $80 
Hamburg, Ashley: Allen, Ben W, Ark $1700 
Baird, Robt H, AsstPM Ark SArkAshlev $M0 
Gardner, Dudley D. RD Ark SArkAshle'y $1CIXI 
Knight, Chas, RD Ark 5ArkAshley $1000 
Ranev. Elijah P, RD Ala 5ArkAshley $1000 
Hamll, Randolph; Tiner, Jessie, Ark $30 
Hamlin, Cross: Gailev, Mrs .\nna P. Tenn $120 
HammonsTllle, While; Parrott. Glem G, Kans $80 
Hampton, Calhoun: Bass, Doctor W, Ark $510 

Campbell. C C. AsstPM Ark 7ArkCalhoun $72 
Hancock. Craighead; Itiddle, Geo T. Mo $40 

Mills. G H. UD Kv lArkCraighead — 
Hand. Baxter: Hand. Maud, — $40 
Hannaberry, Jefferson; Murdaugh, Frank G, — $110 
Hanover. Stone: McCallister, Jas M, Miss $40 
Happy, Crittenden: Wilson, Oliver, Tenn $150 
Hardy, Sharp; Green, Geo L, Ohio 5840 

Green. Mrs Alice, AsstPM SIo 2ArkSharp $300 
Harlow, Calhoun: Garland. Anthony. Ark $140 
Harmony, Johnson: Powell, Mrs Avo F. Ark 5110 
Harrell, Calhoun; Jones, Flovd, — $350 
Harriet, Searcy: Clement. Mrs Chas W, III $490 
Harris. W;ishington: Williams. Clarence, Ark .?110 
Harrisburg, Poinsett: French, Chas R, III $1400 
Moore, Chas E, .VsstPM Miss lArkPoin.selt $480 
Hurt. Mis.s Mary, Clerk .\rk 1 ArkPoin.sett S2J0 
Holmes. Uobt I., UD Miss lArkPolnsett $1000 
Vanbeber. Jas E. UD Mo lArkPolnsett $9i» 
Harrison, Boone; Slover, Jas W, Ark $1700 
Attebeirv, MissAdella. AsstPM III 3ArkBoone $400 
Slover. Edgar W, Clerk Ark 3ArkBoone $300 
Greene, Cli:is M. Jr UD Ark 3ArkBoone $900 
Hudson. Halcomb H, RD Ark 3ArkBoone $wio 
Moore, Wm J. UD Ark 3ArkBoone $900 
Uowland, Wm H. UD Ark 3ArkBoone $900 
Hartford, .Sebastian: Hill, Oliver .\. — $1400 

Wright, Miss IstarG, AsstPM — 4ArkScbaslian $180 
Hartley, Polk; Carter. Benj U, Miss $30 
Hartman, Johnson: Maikell. P F. Ill $4:iO 

Maskell, John W, UD 111 4IIIHartman $800 
HartweU. Madison: Hart. J S, Ky $80 
Harvey, Scott: Monroe. Wilber F, — $90 
Harwood, Chicot: Oriffln. J W, Ala $70 
HaskeU, Saline: Gate, W ni D. Ark $'200 
Hasty, Newton: Morrison, Josephine, — $70 
Hatfield. Polk: Davis. A. Ark $560 
Hattievllle, Conwav; King. Chas, Ga $240 
Bradlev. S L. UD Ala 5ArkConway $520 
McRev'nolds, G B. UD Ark SArkConwav $700 
Hatton', Polk: Harkev, Jas A, NC $230 
Havana, Yell: Walkihs, J. Marion, .\rk S.»u 
Hawes, Gartand: Diivis. U E, Mich $100 
Haynes. 1 ee: Hughes. J J. — $31*1 
Hayney. Baxter: Hainrick, Wm V, WVa fliO 



Haywood, Jefferson: Lowe, Geo K, Term $70 
Hazel Valley, Washington: Dawn, Lauriston B, Tenn $80 
Hazen, Prairie: Tisdale, Chas H, Ark $1400 
Hazen, Robt H, AsstPM Ark 2ArkPralrie SISO 
Bowman, Walter P, KD Ark 2ArkPrairie SIOOO 
Crowly, Jas A, ED Ala 2ArkPralrie $960 
Eiloud, Clilton C, RD Ark 2ArkPrairie $1000 
Hardin, John W, KD Iowa 2ArkPrahi6 $960 
Hendricks, Leroy F, RD Ark 2ArkPrairie $1000 
Heater, Crittenden: Heater, K N, 111 $270 
HealingSprings, Benton: Smith, Mrs Frowa J, Ark S70 
Health, Madison: Creelcaiore, C F, Ark $40 
Heart, Fulton: Weaver, John W, Ark S30 
Heber Springs, Cleburne; Hutson, John H, Ark $1500 
Collard, Ahred R, AsstPM Ark 2ArkCleburne $600 
Hutson, Mrs Ara, Clerk Ark 2ArkCleburne $360 
Hebron, Clark: Forcht, Mrs Mary M, 111 $40 
Hector, Pope: Burris, Mrs Susan, Ala S120 > 
Hedges, Stone: Hedges, Mrs Sarah E, 111 SSO 
Heine, Dallas; Overman, Mrs Ella E,, Ark $30 
Helen, Montgomery: Buerge, Mrs Eflie V, Mo $60 
Helena, Philhps: Campbell, Arthur W, Kans $2700 
Clark, Frank H, AsstPM NH lArkPhUlips $1300 
Barron, Armond J, Clerk NY lArkPhillins $600 

McGrew, Commodore F, Clerk Ind ISTexWebb $1000 
Menelee, Harry W, Clerk Ind lArkPhillips $800 
Norris, John C. Clerk Ga 4GaMuscogee $1100 
Roberts, Thos O, Clerk Tex 20klaOklahoma $1100 
Alexauder.Roscoe C, Carrier Ark lArkPhillips $600 
Ankrum, Danl, Carrier Ark lArkPhillips $1100 
Simmons, Murray C, Carrier Miss lArkPhillips $1100 
Williams, Charles S, Carrier Miss lArkPhillips SHOO 
WUson, Troy D, Carrier Mo lArkPhillips $1100 
Begley, Cabe B, RD Tenn lArkPhillips $520 
Henderson, Baxter; Hui'st, Robt S, — $70 
Heiurico, Desha; Martin, Mortimer A, Tenn $70 
Henry, Howard: Pate, Hem'y A, Ark $40 
Hensley, Saline; Farrell, Luoien E, Mich $340 
Herbine, Cleveland: Harper, Jas P, Ark $50 
Hermitage, Bradley: Creed, John W, Ark $490 
Creed, Robt J, Clerk Ark 7ArkBradley $60 
Herpel, Stone: Williams, Chas F, Ark $30 
Heth, St Francis: Attley, Philip J, 111 $390 
Hickman, Mississippi: Buckner, Oscar G, — $110 
Hickory Plains, Prairie; Bulks, David J, Ky S190 

Scroggs, Vance C, RD NC OArkPrairie $1000 
Hickory ilidge. Cross: Greenwood, Benj F, Ark $450 
Hickory Valley, Independence: Gray, Julius B, Ark $50 
Higden, Cleburne; Ingram, John A, Ark $390 
Higginson, White: Pratt, C L, NY $280 
High, Carroll; High, Fredk G, Ark $50 
Highflll, Benton: Duncan, Marthi h, Tenn $10 
Highland, Pike: Thompson, Barnet L, Ark $210 
Highrock, Independence: TwiUey, Marcus L, — $20 
HiUemann, Woodruff; Cole, Frank H, 111 $120 
Hillsboro, Union; Newton, R D, Ark $110 
Hill Top, Boone; Scott, Henry M, Tenn $50 
HindsvUle, Madison: Johnson, John R, — $320 
Hiram, Cleburne; Bm'ton, Harry, Ark $100 
Hlwasse, Benton; Oaks, Theodore E, Ark $330 
Hobart, Logan: Utley, George W, — $50 
Hobbs, Crawford; Hobbs, John H, Eng $90 
Holland, FauUmer; Grisham,lkIrsNE, Ark $230 

Hinkle, WmE, RD Ark — $1000 
Hollls, Perry; Magie, Mrs Lee, Ark $70 
Holly Grove, Momoe; Mull, Thos, Miss $1100 
Bobo, Wm, RD Ark 2ArkMouroe $960 
Cox, E D L, RD Ark 2ArkMonroe $800 
Davis, Austin, RD Ark 2ArkMom'oe $700 
Holly Springs, Dallas; Rogers, Miss Johnie L, Ark $170 
Hollywood, Clark; Hudgens, Saml R, Miss $140 
Holmes, Randolph; Fender, D W, SC $60 
Homan, Miller: Anderson, Edwd G, Ark $350 
Hon, Scott: Presley, Robt J, Ark $200 
Hoop Spur, PhiUip; Joyner, Bob, Miss $80 
Hope, Hempstead; Woodson, Jos E, Tenn $2400 
Fitzsimmons, John, AsstPM Ind 7ArkHempstead 

Ames, John H, Clerk Ark 7ArkHempstead $1000 
Bright, Jolm S, Clerk Ark 7ArkHempstea4 $1000 
Caulder, Bruce B, Clerk Ark 7ArkHempstead $600 
Davis, Jolm A, Clerk Ark 7ArkHempstead $1000 
Browning, John E, RD Ark 7ArkHempstead $1000 
Deason, Chris C, RD Ark TArkHempstead $900 
Jones, Elmer S, RD Ark TArkHempstead $600 
Jones, WiUard E, RD Ark 7ArkHempstead $900 
Miller, Xavier B, RD Ai'k 7ArkHempstead $900 
Powell, Lawrence W, RD Ark 7ArkHempstead $960 
Hopewell, Baxter: Clark, A M, 111 $90 
Horatio, Sevier: Shanklm, Mrs Bertha, 111 $980 
James, Claude M, RD Ark 4ArkSevier $900 
Horton, St. Francis: EUis, W T, — $40 
Hot Springs, Garland ; Johnson, Fred E, Ohio $3200 
Ueinby, Jas R, AsstPM Ark OArkGarland $160o' 
Smiley, Robt II, Clerk Ind OArkGarland $300 
Crockett, Jno V, Clerk Ark 6ArkGarland $100 
Harris, C R, Clerk Ark 6ArkGarland $50 
Brady, Jas R, Clerk Ark 6ArkGarland $1200 
Blevins, A M, Clerk Ark OArkGarland $600 
Duvall, Geo C, Clerk Ark OArkGarland $600 
Henry, Percy L, Clerk 111 SArkGarland $1100 
Johnson, Benj, Clerk Ark 6ArkGarland $1100 
Morris, Geo S, Clerk Wis OArkGarland $1200 
Pemberton, W S, Clerk Ohio 6ArkGarland $1100 
Reeves, B A, Clerk Tenn OArkGarland $1200 
Rigsby, Oscar L, Clerk Ark OArkGarland $1100 
Ross, Ira, Clerk Ark OArkGarland $1100 
Schaer, Miss Lucymay, Clerk Ark OArkGarland 

Schaer, Miss Julia C, Clerk Ark OArkGarland 

Searcy, W M, Clerk Ark OArkGarland $1000 
Williaiijson, H H, Cloii: Ark OArkGarland $S0O 
Winne, Misa Portia B, Clerk Colo 6ArkGarland 

Hot Springs— Continued. 

Martin, Otis A, Clerk Ark OArkGarland $600 
Bennefleld, J J, Carrier Ga OArkGarland $1200 
Graham, Hosmer C, Carrier Tenn OArkGarland 

Hilliard, Wm G, Carrier Pa OArkGarland $1200 
Henderson, Robt C, Carrier Ark OArkGarland 

Holland, H H, Carrier Ark OArkGarland $600 
Jackson, John W, Carrier Ga OArkGarland $900 
Johnson, Gary, Carrier Ohio 6ArkGarland $1200 
KirUland, Jas R, Carrier Miss OArkGarland $1100 
Koehler, Robt, Carrier Ohio 6ArkGarland $1100 
Olmstead, Wm H, Carrier Kans OArkGarland 

Ross, Wm T, Carrier Ark OArkGarland $1100 
Taylor, Jesse, Carrier Tenn OArkGarland $1200 
Wacaster, Thos C, Carrier Ark OArkGarland $1200 
Kincannon, Walter J, ED Ark OArkGarland $1001) 
Smith, Eddie L, RD Ohio OArkGarland $900 
Houston, Perry: Senir, E G, Tenn $400 

Senh, Jos, RD Ark SArkPerry $1000 
Howell, Woodruff: Keath, Dan T, Miss $290 
Hoxie, Lawrence: Jackson, Alex, Tenn $1400 
Jackson, Mrs Mary F, AsstPM Ark SArkLawrence 
J Simmons, George T, Clerk Mo SArkLawrence $420 
Hudspeth, Chicot: Hart, H S, NC $80 
Huff, Independence; Rutledge, John D, Ark $20 
Huffman, Mississippi; Loflin, Wm B, Ky $220 
Hulbert, Crittenden; McDaniel, Walter R, Tenn $270 
Humphrey, Arkansas; Ehoads, Chas H, Kans $000 
Hunt, Johnson; Wamock, Miss Bertie, — $80 
Hunter, Woodrufl; Brirmeman, Elmer, — $470 
Huntington, Sebastian: Ferguson, Claude R, Ark $1400 
Jack, Miss Jessie, Clerk Mo 4ArkSebastian $252 
Bayer, Ferdinand, RD Aus 4ArkSebastian $1000 
Huntsville, Madison; Jay, W R Ark $630 
Huron, Izard; McKenzie, Miss Anna E, Pa $30 
Hutchinson, Independence; Grady, W F, Ark $40 
Hutson, Independence; Shipp, Alex J, Ark $30 
Huttig, Union: Berry, Chas A, Nebr $1200 

Berry, Mrs Leona C, Clerk Ark 7ArkUnion $480 
Hydrick, Cross: Smith, Jas A, Ala $90 
loo. Grant; Stacks, Saml W, Miss $50 
Ida, Cleburne: Vance, Mrs Mary E, 111 $40 
Imboden, Lawrence; Wells, G W, Ark $1000 
Indax, Conway: Rice, Danl S, Pa $40 
Indlon Bay, Monroe: Jackson, B P, — $160 
IngaUs, Bradley; Clanton, D W, Ark $150 
I Ingleside, Jackson; Keel, Mrs Gertrude, Ark $40 
Ingram, Randolph; Morris, Thos J, Ark $70 
Ink, Polk; Harris, G L, Ky $100 
lone, Logan; Smith, WmE, Ga $100 
Island, Sebastian; Harrison, Malichi B, Term $20 
Ison, Stone; Hall, Lockie I, Ark $10 
luka, Izard: Colson, Mrs Lou A, Ark $80 
Ivan, Dallas; Smith, Jos N, Ark $160 
Ivesville, Pulaski: Addis, Mrs Vallie V, Miss $40 
Ivy, Dallas; Crowder, R A, Ark $30 
Jacinto, Dallas; Green, Mrs Aima, Ark $30 
Jacksonport, Jackson: Anderson, Robt W, Ohio $310 
Jacksonville, Pulaski; Sweitzer, Lewis, Md $660 
NLxon, Walter W, RD Ark 5ArkPulaski $900 
Sweeney, Raymond L, RD 111 oArkPulaski $1000 
Jacobs, Johnson; Odom, Jacob K, Ark $50 
Jamestown, Independence: Whitlow, John T, Ark 

Japton, Madison; Spurlock, Wm E, Ark $00 
Jasper, Newton; Brasel, Jas, Ark $550 
Jeannette, Crittenden; Van Zant, Mary E, Miss $60 
Jebb, Lonoke; Thome, David C, Ind $150 
Jefferson, Jefferson: Teer, Robt W, Ky $170 
Jennie, Chicot: Harden, John A, Ark $100 
Jennings Falls, Yell: Kolb, Walter V, Miss $00 
Jenny Llnd, Sebastian; Bonner, Miss Aimie, Ark $470 
Jericho, Crittenden; Usher, J H, Ga $250 
Jersey, Bradley; Smith Lormie L, Ark $140 
JessieviUe, Garland; Coleman, Henry F, Ger $70 
Jesup, Lawrence: Taylor, Benj D, Ark $40 
Jethro, Franklm; Nixon, B F, Ark $70 
Jett, Izard; Jett, Miss Annie C, Ark $20 
Jewel, Little River; Tate, H H, Ark $80 
Johnson, Washington; Hanks, Green P, Ark S370 
Smith, Arthur, RD ' Mo SArkWashmgton $864 
JohusTille, Bradley; McPagan, John, — $80 
Joiner, Mississippi; Joiner, Rufus L, — $410 
Pike, J W, RD Ga lArkMississippi $274 
Sheppard, Lee, RD Ai-k lArkMississippi $339.90 
Jo Jack, Fulton; Smith, Jacob, 111 $10 
Jonesboro, Craighead: Houghton, Jeffrey Atherton, 
Ai-k $2000 
Crunk, Jas Otis, AsstPM 111 lArkCraighead $1300 
Castleberry, Tony S, Clerk Ark lArkCraighead $1100 
Elliott, David F, Clerk Ark lArkCraighead $1000 
Mitchell, Alex D, Clerk Ark lArkCraighead $1100 
Neill, Jas A, Clerk Ark lArkCraighead $800 
Roleson, Jas B, Clerk Ark lArkCraighead $1000 
Spencer, Miss MattieB, Clerk Tenn lArkCraighead 

Burk, Octavius C, Carrier Ark lArkCraighead $100 
Ferguson, Saml K, Carrier Ark lArkCraighead 

Haynes, Waitman W, Carrier Ky lArkCraighead 

White, Wm J, Carrier Ark lArkCraighead $1100 
Berry, Joel T. RD Ga lArkCraighead $1000 
Halford, Jas W, RD Tenn lArkCraighead $1000 
McCarroll, Chas C,- RD Ark lArkCraighead $1000 
TuU, Chas E, RD 111 lArkCraighead $1000 
Willey, Houston R, RD Ark lArkCraighead $1000 
JonesvUle, Sharp; Norton, Jas Y, Miss $30 
Jordan, Madison: Jordan, Geo W, — $60 
Joy, White; Wallace, Chas H. Mass $60 
Judea, Madison: Carpenter, John B, Ark $40 
Judsonla, White: Briggs, F G, Mich $1400 
Jameson, John K, AsstPM Ky 2ArkWhite $600 

vjiccii, 11 o, xvjL' J.UU .ijiiii. vvniie dlUUt 
Reynolds, Eber, RD Ark 2Ark White ..,_ 
Julious, Crittenden; Oglesby, John Anderson, Ky $40 
Jumbo, Izard; Cook, Jacltsou B, — $60 
Junction City, Union: Jones, C L, Ark S1300 
Junet, Grant: Young, Claud, — $30 
Juno, Union; Pyson, Henry M, NC $40 
Kahoka, Stone; Walls, John W, Ind $50 ' 

Kate, Crittenden: Fields, Eben B, — $116 
Kearney, Jefferson; Scull, Miss Blanche, Ark J170 
Kedron, Cleveland; McLeod, P M, Ga $110 
Keener, Boone: Faidley, Wm E, Pa $90 
Keevil, Monroe: Vick, Wm J, — $160 
Keller, Randolph: Liebhaber, Ger $10 
Kelso, Desha; Cook, Jas E, — $190 
Kemp, Ouachita; Dunlap, Albert F, — $30 
Kensett, White: Plackard, B F, Ohio $770 
Kenyon, Jackson; Lmdley, James W, — J220 
Keo, Lonoke; Harper, Jesse P, Ark $410 
Kerlln, Columbia; Wofer, Elijah, La $50 
Kerrs, Lonoke; Adams, E B, Ark $360 

Eogle, L L, RD Ark 7ArkLonoke $800 
Key, Benton: Trotter, Mrs Mumie B, Ark $30 
Keystone, Marion: Wheeler, Thos J, Ark $10 
Keytou, Clark: Carter, J E, Ark $50 
Klblah, Miller: Smith, Briton G, Miss $70 
King, Sevier; Stewart, Chas U, NY $150 
Kingdon Springs, Marion; Penn, Wm T, — $140 
King Mills, Sharp: Locke, J T, Tenn $90 
Kingsland, Cleveland: Tisdale, N R, Ark $740 
Kingsley, Boone; Heaston, Nathaniel P, Ind $30 
Kingston, Madison; Mashburn, K J, Ark $200 
Kirby, Pike; Stinnett, R, Ark $150 
Kirk, Saline; Wise, Chas C, Kans $10 
Kirkland, Ouachita: Wells, Albert J, Tenn $30 
Knobel, Clay: Clark, David N, Ind $670 
Knowlton, Desha; Percelull, Mrs RiUa W, Ark $190 
Knoxville, Johnson; Stilley, Calvin L, 111 $310 
Lacey, Drew: Wynn, Blender Katie, — $180 
Lacouia, Desha: Owen, Ben, Tenn $290 
La Crosse, Izard; Jacobs, Thos L, Ark $100 
Lafe, Greene; Toelken, Hermen, Ger $180 
La Grange, Lee; Howe, Wm H, Ark $290 
Lake City, Craighead; Duncan, Mrs Viola, HI $600 
Lake Dick, Jefferson; McDaniel, Jos P, Ark $120 
Lake Farm, Jefferson; Spellman, Guy L, Ark $100 
Lakehall, Chicot: Danes, Walter, Ark $90 
Lakeport, Chicot: Clouston, W G, Tenn $30 
Lacey, Herny, RD Ark TArkChicot $840 
Lakeside, St Francis: Robinson, Harvey W, Ind $90 

Clopton, Charlie, RD Miss — — 
Lakeview, Phillips; Keesee, J W, Ark $140 
Lake Village, Chicot; Kevil, J E, Ky $1000 

Bunker, Lamar, Clerk Ark 7Ark"Chicot $276 
Lamar, Johnson; Willis, John T, Ark $760 
Lambert, Hot Spring: Lambert, B H, Ark $20 
Lambethvllle, Crittenden; Daniels, G W, — $170 
Lamont, Grant: Jones, Coleman, Ark $40 
Lanark, Bradley: Harcrow, G W, — $60 
Lancaster, Crawford; Peters, Geo W, — $90 
Landls, Searcy: Branscum, Macager, Ky $(,0 
Langford, Jefferson; Goodwin, J A, Ark $70 
Langley, Pikej White Jonathan B^ Ark $80 
Lansing, Crittenden; Lewis, Wm E , Tenn $180 
Lanson, Newton: Hodge, Jesse J, Ky $40 
Lanty, Conway: Adams, Columbus C, Ark $90 
Lapeer, Union; Houser, Mrs Ada, La $20 
Lapile, Union: Burnside, Mrs BernieB, La $240 
Larkln, Izard: Wilson, Saml L, Ala $50 
Larue, Benton: Webb, John T, 111 $60 
Latham, Van Buren: Dodson, Sue E, Mo $15 
Latour, Phillips; Harden, Jas A, Ark $40 
Lauratown, Lawrence: Cochran, Walter W, Ark $70 
Laurel, Pope: Hickev, Mrs Nancv A, Ark $40 
Lavaca, Sebastian: Little, John F, Ark $280 
Lawrence, Garland; Henderson, Junius P, Tenn $130 
Lawson, Union; Smith, Mary B, — $200 
Layne, Sharp; Smith, Lewis, Ala $20 
Leachvllle, Mississippi; Witham, J L, Tenn $270 
Lead Hill, Boone: Pumphrey, Wm W, Mo $390 

Coker, Miss Selma, Clerk Ark SArkBoone $48 
Leard, Clark: Thomas, Mrs Eetter, Ark $160 
Lebanon, Sevier: Smith, Jabez J, Ark $70 
Ledwidge, Perry: Cai'ter, Chas W, — $50 
Lee, Lee: Langston, Lawrence, Ark $50 
Leeoreek, Crawford: Ross, John, Ark $80 
Lehigh, Cleveland: Williams, Pies D, Ark $30 
Leland, Chicot; Hyatt, Jas F, Ind $80 
Lena, Garland; KeUey, John A, Ala $30 
Lenox, Clark: Francis, Jas W, Ark $10 
Leola, Grant; Lea, L D Ark $470 
Leonard, Clay: Davis, Robt E, Ky $190 
Lepanto, Poinsett: Forehand, Marion L, Tenn $610 
LesUe, Seai'cy: Moore, Wm T, Mo $1500 
Keeling, Miss OUie, AsstPM Ark SArkSearcy $300 
Ashley, Wm, Clerk Ark SArkSeai'cy $480 
Lester, Ouachita; Powell, Mrs Claudia I, Tex $310 
Letona, White: Hall, Wm F, Ark $320 
Levesque, Cross: BurforcL R M, Ark $90 
Levy, Pulaski: Stanley, Ernest L, Tenn $260 

Isau, Robt L, RD Ark 6ArkPulaski $1000 
Lewisvllle, Lafayette: Steele, John A, Ark $1400 
Steele, Miss Addie, AsstPM Ark 7ArkLaf3yette $420 
Montgomery, B S, Clerk Ark 7ArkLafayette $180 
Hunter, Chas A, RD Mich 7ArkLafayette $1000 
Lexa, Phillips: Warfleld, C M, Ark $510 
Brown, Felix, Clerk Ark — $36 
Banner, Thos E, RD Ark — $1000 
Perkins, Madison H, ED Ark — $1000 
Lexington, Stone; Reeves, John D, Ark $130 
Liberty, Montgomery; Wilson, John I, Ark $30 
Light, Greene; Creel, Jas M, Ark $40 
Limestone, Newton; Ham, U G, — $120 
Lincoln, Washington; King, Eugene, — $570 
Rauch, Clifford. ED — — $804 
Rauch, John W, RD — — $900 



LInder, Faulkner: Hester, SamI D, — Sm 
LIndsey, Crawford: Payne, Jas F, NC tBO 
Line, Drew: Oammel, Wm L, Ark J90 
LlnvUle, Johnson: Wyers, Geo \V, Ark S50 
Llppton, Little River: Dowd, KImor \V, Mich Jon 
Lisbon, Union; Graham, IJenj F, Ark $120 
Llasle, rike: Krwin, Ben, NC i2a 
Little Haumelle, Pulaski: Nothwang, Mrs Anmndu, 

Ind t70 
Little Red, White: Barnes, Mrs Mellisey J, Ark Hn 
Little Bock, Pulaski: Bratton, Ulysaes S, Ark $3S0n 
Hratton, Ocier S. AsstPM Ark GArkPulaski $1800 

Arnn, Sam J, Ark OArkPulaski $900 
Bowman, Joshua G, Mo 5ArkPulaski ?1200 
Buckelew, Ira L, Ark 6ArkSaline $600 
Byrd, .las L, Ark 2Ark\Vhite $600 
Cribbs, Miss Hattie L, Ark OArk White $1200 
Eiland, Clifton C, Ark fiArkWhite $000 
Ellis, Wm F, Ark SArkSearcy $600 
F.vans, Perry P, Ark 2ArkWhite $600 
Foster, Wm R, Ark SArkPulaski $1100 
Foster, Robt C. Ark SArkPulaski $1100 
Gamer, Henry H, Ark 6ArkPula8ki $1300 
Gemmill, Wm W, Pa SArkPulaski $1000 
Gibbs, Miss Ethel M, Nebr SArkPuIaski $1200 
Grimmott, Wm N, Ark SArkPulaski $1200 
Gulley, Louis C, Ark SArkPulaski $1200 
Iladfleld, Harry P, Ark SArkl'ulaski $1200 
Hawkins, Koht T, Ark 2ArkShiirp $80(1 
Henderson, Marion H, Ark SArkSharp $1100 
Horton, Jas A, Ark SArkSharp $800 
Hoover, Geo O, Pa SArkMontgomery $1200 
Jordan, Mrs Mary F, Mich OArkPulaski $1100 
liams, Miss Lillie A, Ark BArkPulaski $1200 
Kniifht, Albert C, Ark fiArkPulaski $1200 
Knight, Edgar B, Wis BArkPulaski $1200 
Martin, Ancal F, Ark SArkSearcy $000 
McDaniel, Wm C, Ind 2ArkWhite $1200 
McHenry, Paul L, Ark SArkPulaski $1200 
McMillan, Verne, Ivans 3ArkBenton $1100 
McNair, Wm E, Ark SArkPulaski $800 
Miller, J A. Ark 6ArkSaline $600 
Munn, Jos O, Ark TArkNevada $600 
N'fwth, Claude \V, Ark "ArkNevada $800 
Nowton, Ernest C, Mich BArkPulaski $1300 
Noiman, Arthur L, Tenn fiArkDrew $1000 
Pearse, Miss Katie, NY BArkPulaski $1200 
Perkins, Fred W, Ark BArkPulaski $800 
Porter, Louis N, Ark BArkPulaski $1200 
Pottcbaum. Harrv G, Ind BArkPulaski $1200 
Royer, Clio C. Ark BArkPulaski $1100 
Schwarz, Walter A, Ark BArkPulaski $800 
Shearer, Alvin. Iowa OArkArkansas $1200 
Skinner, Harold J, Mich BArkPulaski $1000 
Smith, Forrest O, Tenn lOArkShelby $1200 
Smith, Herbert, Ind 2Ark\Vhite $1100 
Smith, Walter R, Ark BArkPulaski $1300 
Stair. John I, 111 lArkWoodniff $800 
Sugg, Vernon V, Ark BArkPulaski $1100 
Townsend, Albert E, Iowa BArkPulaski $1200 
Wallin, Clifford W C, Okla SArkBenton $1100 
Walton, Lee W, Ark lArkLee $1000 
CIrrl.s ;„ ihanii ■■/ slalinii.s. 
Adams, Beni Q. Ark BArkPulaski $100 
Arthur, R Stover, Iowa BArkPulaski $200 
Harrison, Chas U, Ark BArkPulaski $260, Millard F, Tex BArkPulaski $60 
Kavanaugb. Mrs Julia A, Ark BArkPulaski $100 
Miller, Chas N, Tenn BArkPulaski $400 
Miller, J W, Ark BArkPulaski $50 
Wnl. C R. Tenn BArkPulaski $100 
Shank. Fred, Ger .BArkPulaski $50 

Citu carriers. 
Mexander, Wm E, Ark BArkPulaski $1200 
Banks, Jas C, Tex BArkPulaski $1200 
Barnes. Louis H, Miss BArkPulaski $600 
Itnrecky, Jas G, Wis BArkPulaski $1200 
Bi.wen, Chas M, La BArkPulaski $1200 
Bowers, Morris A, Ind BArkPulaski $1200 
Bramblette, Jas G, SC TArkNevada $1100 
Bright. Ernest E. Tenn BArkPulaski $800 
Bronson, Louis N, Miss SArkPulaski $900 
Brown, Geo E, SC BArkPulaski $1000 
Bunting, Sam W, Tenn BArkPulaski $1100 
Chittenden, Harry A, Ky BArkPulaski $1200 
Chitwood, Orestes M, Ark BArkPulaski $1200 
Ponnellv. Albert B, Ark BArkPulaski $900 
Powell,' Martin L, Ark SArkPulaski $1200 
Fortenberry, David E, Ohio BArkPulaski $1000 
Foster, Geo Q, Ark BArkPulaski $1100 
Garrett, Geo A, Ark BArkPulaski $1100 
IIulTman, Marshall, Miss BArkPulaski $1100 
Jamison, Andw J, SC SArkPulaski $1200 
.lohnston, W P. Ala BArkPulaski $1000 
.Tones, Wilson S. Ark 2ArkPrairie $800 
Jordan. Scipio A. Ark BArkPulaski $1200 
Kauffman, Addison, Ark SArkPulaski $1200 
King, John S, La BlUCook $1200 
McMurrav. Riehd A, La BlllCook $800 
Millar, .Tohn A, Ark SlllCook $1200 
Moore, Arden W, Tenn VHlCook $900 
Mullins, Wm A, Ark BlllCook $600 
Savior, Wm J. Ark 31IlFaulkner $1200 
Pankey, Saml H, SC BArkPulaski $1100 
Parrish, Robt, Ark BArkPulaski $1100 
Peake, J Edwd, Ark SArkPulaski $1200 
Prase, Dana C. Iowa — Colo — $800 
Pinkett. David H. Ark BArkPulaski $1200 
Rav, Jas E, SC OArkLonoke $1100 
Rhodes, Thos F, Ark BArkPulaski $1100 
Rivers, Wm C, Ala SArkPulaski $1200 
Roundtree, Peter 0, Oa SArkPulaski $1100 
Sanders, Cha» C, Ark SArkPulaski $900 

Little Rock -Continued. 

Clls rarrifrj— rV)ntlnue<I. 
Scott, liHjgcne S, Ark BArkPulaski $1200 
.■^niith. Wm H, Ark BArkPulaski $1200 
Taylor, Jas 11. Ark BArkPulaski $900 
Vaughn, Sidney, Ark BArkPulaski $800 
Waller, John L, Ark BArkPulaski $900 
Washington, McQueen G, Ark BArkPulaski $1200 
Williams, Joel M. Ark VArkPulaski $800 
Wilson, Houston C, Ark BArkPulaski $1000 
Worlds, Lemuel L, Ark SArkPulaski $1100 

tiitrat carriers. 
Fells, Chas E, Ark BArkLlncoln $1000 
llawes, Chas D, Miss SArkPulaski $1000 
Jones, Grilfln E, Ark BArkPulaski $960 
Jaynes, Jas L, Ark BArkPulaski $1000 
Smith, Neal, Ark BArkPulaski $960 

Williams, Kichd, Ark SArkPulaski $600 
Mvers, Dan, Ark SArkPulaski $600 
Locke, ('rn«fiml: Jeunincs, Mrs Marv II. Ind SK!" 
Lockesburg, Sevier: Locke, John T, Ark »900 
lox.JoelJ. Clerk Ark 4ArkScvler $240 
Ciix.JnlmF. It I) Ark 4Ark8evier 1900 
Locast Bayou. Calhiiiui: Furr, Panl U, Ark $140 
Locust Cottage. JorV.Ts^m: Ilaniilton, Marlon .M, — $-1u 
Locust Grove. IU(U'|icndence: Elms, Thos n. Ark $10 
Lodl, 1 'ike: Lii« leys. Jos Z, Ala $10 
Lofton. (Jarland: .Mann, Miss Ella E, Ark $:ifl 
Lollle, Faulkner: Little, J K, Miss $iiO 
London, Pope: Price. Archie. Ark %xnt 

Neiinycr, \V F, RP Mo — $1000 
Lonelm, Franklin: Ilaniui, Garland 1>, Ark $1IKI 
Loneplne, Arkansas: Reed, C W, Ark $ii0 
Lone Rock. Baxter: Cockrnm. Miss Pearl. Ark $."iO 
Long, Little Uiver: HiRdon, David A, Tenn $90 
Lono, Hot Sprinps: Heard, Jos H, — $1K) 
Lonoke, Lonoke: Curtis, Arthur C, Wis $1700 
Brousc. Miss Lucv C. AsstPM Iowa OArkLonoke 

Grev, Jos. G, RP Ark OArkLonoke $1000 
Johnson, Rob N, RP III OArkLonoke $1000 
.Mcintosh, Jos W, HP .NC OArkLonoke $1IH)I1 
WiicKoner, Wm J ItP Ark OArkLonoke fsi«i 
Lonsdale, Garland: Tucker, .Mex, Ohio Sfd 
Lorado, Greene: Cathey, 11 W, Ark $80 
Loretta, Searcv: Watts, Hiram A L, — $'< 
Lorlno. Hamiolpli: Mondv, James C, — $90 
Louann. Ouachita: Latirbne. Robt J, Ark $210 

Muriihv. Wuincv C, UP Ark TArkOuachita $210 
Love, Izard: Pavidson, Wcstal K, Ky $40 
Lowell, Benton: Bishop, V, J, Conn $4:w 
Lewis. S F, Miss, AsstPM Ark 3Ark Denton $90 
Maves, A C, RD Ark 3ArkHenton $900 
Cowiui, W II, KD Ark SArkBenton *UXX1 
Lowgap, Newton: Villincs, Jas A, Mo $40 
Lowry, Boone: Grumpier, T N, Ark $100 
Loy, Madison: Wharton, Jas L, — $40 
Luber, .^tone: Korp. Chas L, Ind $10 
Lucas, Locan: Doss, Martin, Ark $30 
Luclan, Grant: FitzhuRh, Mrs, La $100 
Lucky, Montpomery: Short, Jas .\, — $80 
Ludwlg, Johnson: Gamer. Jas W, Ark $.'» 
Luella. Drew: Jenkins. llenrvT, Ga $.W 
Luna Landing, Cliicot: McMurray, Jas. WI $2(lii 
( lark. AbraiM II. llcrk Ark 7ArkChif<)t $10 
Lunenburg, l?.ard: Horton. , Mrs Lncv K. Ark $00 
Lunsford, CraiRlicad: Renton, Fred H, — $j:iO 
Luthervllle, Johnson: Bonnert, Mrs Helen. Or $130 
Luxora, Mississippi: Forbes, U N. Ill $9.-.0 
Lyle, Lincoln: Lyle, Wm II, Ark $10 
Lynn, Lawrence: Goodwin. Mrs .Martha B, Ark $170 
HcArtbar, Pe.sha: Warrinclon. I'.dpir H. -- S.SO 
McCrory, WoodrufT: Fakes. I'liristophcr II. Ky SHOO 
Fakes, Alice. AsstPM Kv lArkWoodrun $r.'0 
H:irber, Abraham B. KP'Ark 1 ArkWcimlruit SM»1 
Slaflord, Almond P. UP Ky 1 Ark« iindniiT 51iiH(i 
McDaniel, St Francis: Emmons. .Monroe. Incl 
McGehee, Pesha: Tucker, iliuor A, Ohio iSlBOfl 
Knowlton, Miss Pearle, AsstPM Ark fi.\rkl)eslia 
McGrew, Jefferson: McGrew, Wash, jr. Ark $70 
McHue, Independence: Purcellev, Geo W, Ark $100 
McKamle, Lafayette: Cornelius, R R, Ark $300 

l.i'i., Hobt E. HP Ark 7ArkLafayette $90(1 
McKlnney. Cleveland: Morcan. Julius B, .«C S:)0 
McNab, Hempstead: Barnes, John M, — $240 
McNeU, Columbia: Roberts. C A, Ohio $0.80 
licMKan. Ralph R. Clerk Ark TArkColumbia $2.'.2 
.•Smith. Clyde. RD Ark 7ArkColiunl)ia $1000 
McPhearson. Baxter: Cvpert. A T, Ark $1.'.0 
McRao. White: Goodrich, Geo. — $360 
l,;iu>. Pn .\l, HP — SArkWhile — 
Mabelvale. Pulaski: Cochrane, Vircil L. HI $300 

KowliUKi. Claude. RP Ark BArkPulaski $1(K)0 
Macon Lake. Bradley: Daniels, W P, — $110 
Madding, Jefferson: Robertson, F S, — $40 
Maddox. Garland: Maddox, Leonard E, III $20 
Madella, Cleburne: Flowers, Mrs Marcaret, — $Jfl 
Madison, St Francis: Thompson. Walter L, Miss $6.'>0 
Magazine, Lnnan: Chitwood, R P, Ark $1100 
Chitwood, H M, AsstPM Ark 4ArkLoKan $96 
Chitwood, C C, Clerk Ark 4ArkLoKiin $240 
Tracv. Walter, UP Ark 4ArkLoc:m $1000 
Magness, Independence: Jones, H T, Ark $210 
Magnet, Hot Springs: Chamberlain, Geo .\, — $170 
Magnolia, Columbia: .'ihuTnaker, C E, Ind $1700 
stovins, Anna E. AsstPM Iowa 7ArkColunibia $360 
.Satterwhite, Cliff, Clerk Ark TArkColumbia $240 
Malvern, Hot Sprincs: Vance, E H,jr, Miss $1S00 
Jemigan, Albert W, AsstPM Ark OArkHotSprinps 

Hardin, Loo P, Owk Ark aiArkflot.9vrings leeo 

Mammoth Spring, Fulton: Ford. Bryant W, Tenn lunoo 
Dutton, Albert B, AsstPM Ohio 2ArkFulton $2>i0 
Mandevlllo. Miller: Conrad, Mrs Alice, Md $1'« 
Mangrum, Craik-lii\id: Pavne, P C, 111 $100 
ManUa, iMississipii: CowiLn, BenJ W, Va $7.'<0 
Mansfield, .s:ob:istian: Harper, Jas W, Teini $1200 
Wilder, Jessie O, jCsstPM Ark 4 Ark Sebastian 

Laryton, Louis IC, UD Ark 4ArkSehastian $4.80 
Mansbn, Randolph: McKinler, Jas W. Mo $70 
Mante, .Madison: Wat,son, Fred D, — $00 
Maple, Carroll: Humliard, Calvin C, Mo $10 
Marble, .Madi.son: P.ivis, Robt M, — $140 
Marcella, .Stone: Gavle, Francis K, Mo $170 
Harche, Pulaski: Malachowski, Max, — $100 
Marlanna, Lee: Shane, Jawb, Ger $2000 
Katienslein, Isidor B, AsstPM La lArkLcc $7(» 
.Spain, Edwd M, Clerk Ark lArkLee $600 
Gav, JohnR, RD Ala lArkLee $1000 
Gn'ie, Boston H. RD Ala lArkLee $1000 
Woodall. Thos P. UP Tenn lArkLec $1000 
Marie, Mississippi: Hill, Oscar M, — $210 
Marlon, Crittenden: Lewis, Miss Lena C. Ark SOW 
Marked Tree, Poinsett: Daw.son. Clarence A, Mo Sl.'.iiO 
Itrit'ance, T C, A.sstPM -Miss lArkPoinsrn JMii 
Wollis, ..ViiRusta, Clerk. Tenn 1 Ark Poinsett $,!<HI 
Marmaduko, Greene: Hall, Adilison M, Tenn $1000 
Walker, Chester R, A.sstPM Tenn lArkC.Piiie $:tOO 
(■raic, Cecil C. RD Tenn lArkGreene $1000 
Merideth. GeoC, RD Ark lArkGro-ne $1000 
Marsden. liradlev: McCaulcv, Mrs Jennie. Ark $D0 
MarshaU. Searcv": Fendlev, \V W, — $880 
Marthat llo\var<i: Crisp, \Vm R, Kv $.',0 
MartlnvUle. Faidkner: Martin, Cecil C, Ark 1100 
MardeU. Phillips: Terrv. John W. loWa $1400 
Beck. Miss Mvrlle Clerk Ind lArkPhilllps $300 
Brooks, Jas M, liP Ala lArkl'hiUips $900 
Bvrd, Fellow, RP Va lArkPhillips $960 
Pawson, Newton L, RD Ark lArkPhillips $900 
Mason, Cleveland: .MeCidloch. Robt, Ark $J0 
MasonvUle, Desha: YoimR, V.t.. Tenn $40 
Matoka. A.sblev: .McLeod. Stephen W, — $20 
Matthews. Sharp; Dotson. Mrs Susan E, - $30 
Maumee. Searcv: Rainliolt. Isaac L. — $190 
Maumollo, Pulaski; Fitzhnch. .Mrs Ophelia, Ark $sn 
Maivllle. Sharp: Horn, .Tobn 1), Ark $.%0 
May, SInnc: Lee. Isajic R, Tenn $30 
Mayfleld, Nash: Donaldson, Mrs Clara .M, Kv $80 
Mayflower. Faulkner; Sloan, Mrs. Kale T. Kans $200 

.Martin. HuRh L. RD .Miss BArkFaulkner $1000 
Haynard, Randolph: Pond, J Q, Ark S;tflO 
MaysvUle, Bent^m: Moore, Robt L. Kv $4.'fl 
Moore, Miss Flov E, A.sstrM Ark SArkBenton $.10 
Moore, Miss Uolha.M. Clerk Ark 3Arkl)enton $2B 
Haley, W J. RD 111 3ArkBenton $900 
Mazarii, MontKonu'rv: Henelou, Geo II, Ala $.'tO 
Meg. Franklin: Smith, Henry A, Ala $.10 
Melbourne, Izard: Hill. T> A, Ark S-190 
Mellwood. Phillips: liodwell, B H, Tenn $420 
Melrose. Stone: MeCumber, Moses M, Mich $60 
Mena, Polk: Wimberlv, Levi, Ark S2100 
Limunis, Mrs Kate, ■ AsstPM La 4ArkPolk $1000 
Dean, Mrs Pearl M, Clerk Ark 4ArkPolk SKKK) 
Reeves, Francis M, Clerk Ark 4ArkPolk $,S0O 
Bates, Rav T, RD Tex 4ArkPolk $900 
Beavers. Cruv G. RD Ark 4ArkPolk $1000 
Menifee, Conw'ay: Jloore, Wilton L, Tenn $100 

Winston. OmcRa, UD Tenn .lArkConway $700 
Meronoy. I^incoln: Meronev. Lena. .\rk $70 
Metalton. Carroll; Perrv, liock. Ark $70. 
Meyers, Garland: Kelto'n, Saml 11, — K>0 
Mlddlebrook, R:indolph; Si.cnce. Jas A, Tenn $00 
Midland, Sebiistian: Burnett. Hvram B, Tenn $010 
Burnett. John W. A.sstPM Tenn 4ArkSel)aslian 

Wanl. John W J, UP Kv 4ArkSebaslian $800 
Midway, Drew: TIaistv. John W, Ark $120 
Mllford. Sevier: Johnson. W E. Tenn $00 
Millard. Logan: Barnes, T A. Ala $60 
Miller. Clehnme: Com, Jesse C. Ind $100 
Mills. Lincoln; Williams, Chas C. Ark $40 
Mllltown, Sebastian: KImore, Thos H. Ark $4U 
MUlvUle, Ouachita: Valentine, W Jas, Ark $7<iO 
Millwood. Little River; nicks. Thos, Oa $120 , 
Mllner, Columbia: CraiE,. las W, Mo $60 
Mllo, Ashlev; Moore, Geo D, La $130 
MUton, Pike: Ashcroft, Andw J, — $00 
Mimosa, ^rontI;omerv: Warren, Miss Phenie, Ark $20 
Mlneola, Howard: \Vatkins, Dock F., — $<10 

Watkins. Mrs Hettle, Clerk Ark 4ArkHoward $30 
Mineral, Sevier: RidinKS, Henrv H, Tenn $120 
Mineral Springs, Howard: Hendrick, Mrs Fannie, Ark 
Hendrick, MLss Fannie, AsstPM Ark 4ArkHowBrd 

Johnson, Claud .M, RD Ark 4ArkIIow«rd $900 
Minorca. Randolph: Vister, Henry, Ark $00 
Mlntum, LawTencc: Williams, Frank IC, Inil $.^^0 

Montcomerv, Thos J, Clerk Ark 2ArkLawreucc $40 
Mlrsman, Cross: BiKliam, Lawrence, Ohio $00 
Mist, Ashlev: Fox, Cora B, Ohio S'290 
Fox. Minnie F, Clerk Ark TArkAshley $100 
Johnson. O.scar W, RP La TArkAshley $1000 
Mitchell, Fulton: Scoll, G W, Ark $10 
Mlzon, I.onan: Bryant, FraticLs M, — $20 
Moark. Clav: Casto, Thos, Ind $200 
Mobley. Sharp: Pinkston. Wm E, III $«0 
Mock, Uandolph: Mock, WelliuRlon L, Ark $20 
Modoc. Phillips: Cox, Win, III $160 
Mohawk. Columbia: WinRfleld, W D, Ark $200 
Moko. Fulton: Ba.s.sham, Jefcrson W, Tenn i3(l 
Monarch, Marion: Sims, Julius D, Ohio $40 
Monette, Craighead: Smith, J A, Mo $730 
Monroe, Monroe; Hill, Jas T, Oa $220 
Montana, Johnson: Quinlev, Sarah, Mo $240 
Monte Ne, Benton; Huminol, Mis Frank A, NY $290 



Montloollo, Drew: Savage, Mrs N H, Miss S1800 

Incram, Miss Freddie M, AsstPM Ark 6ArkDrewS27 

Tool, C Elmore, Clerk Ark 6ArkDrew S20 

Owen, .las E, feD Ark 6ArkDrew SIOOO 

Montonfo, Drew: Yoimt, M, — S20 

Montrose, Ashley: Kiley, Hunter P, Ark S600 

Eichardson, Geo H, AsstPM Ark 7ArkAshley S150 
Moody, Drew: Baker, Jos P, Ga S50 
Moose, Newton: Fountain, Jeff D, Ark S50 
Moorefield, Independence: Conine, B B, Ala S200 
Moorhead, Cleburne: Southerland, John R, Ark SIO 
Moreland, Pope: Chronister, W J, Ark $200 

Bell, G W, RD Ark SArkPope SIOOO 
Morganton, Van Buren: Griggs, Saml C, — S60 
More, Lee: Miller, Jonas, NC 8420 
Morobay, Bradley: Smith, Leon A, Ark S70 
Morrell, Ashley: Johnson Miss Francis L, Ark S360 
Morrillton, Conway: Taylor, Geo H, Ark S1800 
Grooms, Lona M, AsstPM Ark SArkConway S480 
Evans, Edith, Clerk Ark SArkConway 8300 
Reid, Tom, Clerk Ark 5ArkConway $300 
Beers, Wm R, ED Ark SArkConway 81000 
Wells, Arthur H, RD Ark SArkConway SIOOO 
Morris Ferry, Little River: Ogden, Frank Ark S70 
Morrison Bluff, Logan: Fredrioh, Alphons, Ger $130 
Morriston, Fulton: Coggin, J M, Ark 870 
Morrow, Washington: Evins, Hugh C, Ark 8100 
Morton, WoodruiiE: Ellis, Geo M, Ey 880 
Moscow, JefEerson: Ware, Marshal W, Ark $280 
Mossville, Newton: Moss, Mrs Dorcas J, NC $10 
Motz, Miller: Chambers, Chas, Eng $60 
Mounds, Crittenden: Thompson, Isaac Collier, Ind $190 
Mt Adams, Arkansas: Gunnell, John N, Ark $120 
Mountalnburg, Crawford: Creekmore, CC, Tenn $370 
Mountalnfork, Polk: King, Wm, Ala SCO 
Mountain Home, Baxter: Morris, Isaac J, Tenn S830 
Morris, Thos E, AsstPM Tenn SArkBaxter S600 
Mountain Top, Franklin: Bateman, W T. Tex $50 
Mountain Valley, Garland: Keller, Evelyn F, Ark $210 
Mountain View, Stone: Webb, John W, Ark SS90 
Sanson, A, L, AsstPM Mo BMoStottard 861 
Webb, Mrs Viola, Clerk Ark 2ArkStone $180 
Mt Elba, Miller: Hunter, B F, Ark 870 
Mt Hersey, Newton: Aydelott, Mrs Mitra, Ark $30 
Mt Holly, Union: Freeman, Thos C, Ark 8150 
Mt Ida, Montgomery: Wacaster, Jas W, Ark 8460 
Wacaster, Elmer W, AsstPM Ark 4ArkMontgomery 
Mt Judea, Newton: Nichols, G W, Ala $180 
Mt Levi, Johnson: Poteet, A J, Tenn $50 
Mt Morlah, Nevada: Edwards, Mrs Lillie G, Ark $110 

Gentry, Robt L, ED Ark 7ArkNevada 81000 
MtNebo, Yell: Church, Mrs Mary, Minn 8310 
Mt Olive, Izard: Brooks, Mrs Mollie, Ark $210 
Mt Pisgah, White: Hughes, Geo E H, Ark $50 
Mt Vernon, Faulkner: Adkisson, Geo W, Ark $320 
Taylor, B H, AsstPM Va SArkFaulkner $150 
Adkisson, E B, RD Ark SArkFaulkner 81000 
Kemper, WO, RD Ark SArkFaulkner 8960 
Muddyfork, Howard: White, Mrs Annie D, Ark 830 
Mulberry, Crawford: Jackson, S P, Ark $910 
Hayle, Wm T, ED Ala 4ArkCrawford 8800 
Reny, Cyrus R, RD Ark 4ArkCrawford $700 
Mundell, Carroll: Schintzer, J W, Mo S60 
Murfreesboro, Pike: Parker, Henry A, Ark $760 
Murillo, Searcy; Cassell, G A, Ark S90 
Murray, Newton: Jones, Arthur R, — $50 
Muse, Garland: Echols, Mrs Sallle, Ark $20 
Myron, Izard: Jackson, Wm A, Ark $40 
Myrtle, Boone: Flud, J B, Ark 870 
Nady, Arkansas: Sweeny, Oliver P, Ark $40 
Nashville, Howard: Hudspeth, Edgar E, Ga S700 
Isom, Clark, AsstPM Ark 4ArkHoward $420 
Hudspeth, Eula, Clerk Ark 4ArkHoward $360 
Martindale, Adolphus, RD Ark 4ArkHoward 8900 
Rowe, Jas C, ED Ark 4ArkHoward $900 
Thompson, Chas S, ED Tenn 4ArkHoward $700 
Nathan, Pike: Floyd, Anthony, Ark $110 
Natural Dam, Crawford: Graham, Jas A, Ark $100 
Natural Steps, Pulaski: Nawlin, Walter A, Ark 880 
Needham, Craighead: Needham, A W, Ark $20 
Nella, Scott: Eay, Jas H, Ark $40 
NelsonvUle, Sharp: Nelson, WE, — $60 
Nettleton, Craighead: Trimble, Wm Henry, 111 $1000 
Trimble, John M, AsstPM 111 lArkCraighead $300 
Newark, Independence: Harrelson, T M, Ark $810 

Mayhan,CephosL, RD Ark 2ArkIndepeudence $800 
Newburg, Izard: Forrest, Jas H, Ark 8150 
NewEdlnburg, Cleveland: Harrison, John R, Ark $580 

Harrison, Edith, Clerk Ark 6ArkCleveland 872 
New Gascony, Jefferson; Gracie, John M, Ark 8140 
Newhope, Pike: Wilson, Wm E, Ark $160 
New London, Union: Nabors, Richd T, Tenn $130 
Newman, Scott: Martin, Danl W, Ark $40 
Newnata, Stone: Anderson, Geo H, — $80 
Newport, Jackson; Grubbs, Jas W, Ark $2400 
Armour, Miss Belle, AsstPM Tenn 2ArkJackson 

Beard, Miss Emma D, Clerk Mo 2ArkJackson SIOOO 
Davidson, Gary F, Clerk Ky 2ArkJackson $1100 
Ford, Jos L, Clerk Ark 2ArkJackson $900 
Deaton, Jas M, RD Tenn 2ArkJackson $900 
Jurney, Mrs Hattie E, RD Ark 2ArkJackson $960 
JtcLain, Wm C, RD Ark 2ArkJackson $1000 
Bryant, Elisha D, Carrier Ark 2ArkJackson 8800 
Clingman, Thos J, Carrier Ark 2ArkJackson SIOOO 
Fox, Geo F, Carrier Tenn 2ArkJackson 81000 
Patterson, Thos H, Janitor Ark 2ArkJackson $60 
Nimmons, Clay; Cross, Jasper N, — $220 
Nimrod, Perry: Phillips, Abbie A, Miss $220 
Nix, Dallas: Eldridge, D, Ark $240 
Noble Lake, Jefferson: Crawford, John T, — $170 
Nodena, Mississippi: Pope, H M, Ark $130 
Nogo, Pope: Grimstead, Henry, — 860 
Nola, Scott: Harris, Dan W, Ark 860 
Noland, Randolph; Pyland, Novella F, — $110 
Norfolk, Baxter: Cockrum, A T, Ark $300 
WoU, Ulsa Lois» C^fk Atk SAckBaxIm; «Tii 

Norphlet, Union: Wells, Wm W, Ga $200 
North Creek, Phillips: Scott, Arthur M, Ala 820 
NorthPoint, Pulaski; Nowlin, Frank P, Ark 840 
Northwood, Pope: Napier, Geo D, Ark 820 
Norvelle, Pike: McCall, William G, — $90 
Nuna, Saline: Ball, Jas W, Ark $10 
Nunley, Polk; Peninger, Munsy K, Ark $100 
Oakdale, Pulaski: Dickie, Wm P, — 850 
Oak Flat, Van Buren: Thomas, Basdil B, Tenn $120 
Oakgrove, Carroll: Littrell, Jasper N, Ark $100 
OakhUl, Carroll: Skelton, Mrs Lockie, Ark $60 
Oakland, Marion: Evans, Lewis E, 111 SISO 
Oakwood, Montgomery: Outler, Mrs Sibbia N, Ark 830 
Oark, Johnson: Dickinson, Nathaniel E, Ark $130 
Obear, Craighead: Griffin, Saml J, — $70 
Obin, Grant: Jackson, Wm T, Ark $10 
Oconee, Randolph: Eice, Wm C, — SlOO 
OdeU, Crawford: Cuzick, Wm E, — $60 
Oden, Montgomery: Goodner, Guilford D, Ark $240 
Ogamaw, Ouachita: Harbison, Mrs Emma Ark $80 
Ogden, Little Eiver: Budd, Roy, Kans 8270 
OU Trough, Independence: Outlaw, Joe W, Tenn 8220 
Ellison, Lawrence L, Clerk Ind OArklndependence 
Okay, Pope: KUpatrick, Miss Laura A, Ark $90 
Okean, Eandolph: Connelly, John E, 111 $230 
Okolona, Clark: Hughes, Fred T, Ark 8760 
Walker, Miss Ethel. AsstPM Ark TArkCIark 8300 
Eiggan, Lindsey E, RD Ark 7ArkClark $600 
Shackelford, Jason D, RD Ark 7ArkClark 8600 
Ola, Yell: Horkey, O J, Ark 81000 

Ford, Jas R, ED Ark SArkYell 8900 
Oldtown, Phillips: Martin, Jas H, Miss S140 
Olena, Hot Sprmg: Henderson, A M, Ark $80 
Olio, Scott: Parker, Jacob M, Ark S50 
Oliver, Scott: Sands, John M, Ohio $70 
Olvey, Boone: Roberts, Wm C, Ark $190 

Roberts, Mrs Nettie, Clerk Ark SArkBoone 860 
Olyphant, Jackson: Massev, J J, Ark 8190 
Omaha, Boone; Matlock, Willis M, Ark $380 
Omega, Carroll; Howard, Maggie, Ark $10 
Oneal, Independence; Compton, M J, Mo SlOO 
Oneida, Phillips: King, Thos J, Ga $380 
Onia, Stone; Wilson, E A, Ark $20 
Onset, Marion; Reynolds, Mrs Ida E, Ind $20 
Onyx, Yell: Nichols, G H, Ark 860 
Opal, Polk: Roberts, Mrs Argonia, Ark $60 
Oppelo, Conway: GrifEin, Richd M, Ark $120 
Ops, Hot Spring: Hendrix, Danl I, SC $30 
Optimus, Stone; Rhodes, Robt L, Ark S30 
Oreb, Howard; PhilMps, Geo D, Ark $20 
Orlando, Cleveland; Goodman, J S, NC $90 
Osage, Carroll; Stamps, E K, Ark $160 
Osburn, Washington; Osbum, Henry C, Ark $20 
Osceola, Mississippi: Taylor, David F, Tenn $1700 
Davis, ChesleyX AsstPM Tenn lArkMississippi $600 
Green, Miss India P, Clerk Tenn lArkMississippi $300 
Otis, Sevier: Baxter, John W. — $70 
OwensviUe, Saline; Burgess, Fred J, Ark $70 
Oxford, Izard; Ford, W M, Tenn $185 
Ozan, Hempstead: King, Geo L, Mo $510 
Ozark, Franklin: Mullen, Sam, Ark 81600 
Self, Harley, AsstPM Ark SArkFrahklin $600 
Mullen, Mrs Ivee H, Clerk Ark SArkFranklin $180 
Forrest, Mon B, RD Ark SArkFranklin $1000 
Foster, Henry C, RD 111 SArkFranklin SIOOO 
Johnson, Robt, RD 111 SArkFranklin SIOOO 
MoLane, Saml S, RD Ark SArkFranklin $900 
Ozone, Johnson: Bradley, Ed. Ark 8150 
Palatka, Clay: Magee, Jolm H, Ark 8150 
Palestine, St Francis; Sulcer, Saml F, Ala $490 
Palmer, Monroe; Williamson, Henry K, Ind $60 
Palmyra, Lincoln: Owen, J H, Ark S80 
Pangburn, White: Pangbum, Mrs Sarah J, Ark $370 
Paradise, Drew: Langston, John T, Ark $70 
Faragould, Green; McPherson, John H, Mo $2300 
Neely, Milton H, AsstPM Tenn lArkGreen $1100 
Baine, Albert, Clerk HI lArkGreen $900 
Carpenter, Robt L, Clerk Ai'k lArkGreen SIOOO 
Crawford, Stonewall J, Clerk NC lArkGreen 81000 
Maddox, Lawrence, Clerk Ky lArkGreen 81000 
Walker, Finis P, Clerk Ark lArkGreen 81000 
Brewer, John C, Carrier Ark lArkGreen $900 
McDonald, Geo L, Carrier 111 lArkGreen 8900 
Thomas, Phineas A, Carrier Ark lArkGreen 8600 
Bryant, Wm J, RD Tenn lArkGreen $1000 
Milam, Eugene C, RD 111 lArkGreen $960 
Phillips, Vester A, RD Ark lArkGreen $1000 
Schwamb, Louis H, RD Mo lArkGreen SIOOO 
Whelchel, Levi D, RD Ind lArkGreen $900 
Faialoma, Sevier: Ellis, Ransom H, Ohio 8270 
Paris, Logan; Howard, W M, Ark 81400 

Hall, Buford N, Clerk Ark 4ArkLogan $118 
Parkdale, Ashley; Finch, Oscar, Miss $670 
Parkin,' Cross; Irwin, Miss Ora, Ind $1000 
Park Place, Lee; Wall, Enoch D, — $230 
Parks, Scott; Swain, Geo W, Ky $220 
Parkwells, Chicot: Richardson, Ruben, Ark $70 
Parma, Stone: Farthing, Jas B, Ky 830 
Paron, Saline: Fowler, Wm A, Ark 880 
Parthenon, Newton; Casey, Wm, Ark $120 
Pastoria, Jeflerson: Pennington, Wm T, Ark $130 
Patmos, Hempstead: Johnson, Wm M, Ga $400 
Middlebrook, Louis L, RD Ark 7ArkHempstead 

Stanley, Levi A, RD Ark 7ArkHempstead S800 
Patrick, Madison; Boyd, Jas M, — $90 
Patterson, Clay; Patterson, John H, Mo $60 
Paul, Howard; Bennett, Mrs Mary, Ga $20 
Payne, Johnson; Graves, Stephen M, Term $20 
Peach Orchard, Clay: Morris, T J, Ky $380 
Peak, Garland: Vandevier, Mrs Pellie B, — $40 
Pearcy, Garland: Compton, Geo S, — $80 
Pea Eldge, Benton: Estle, Danl L, Pa $340 

Ricketts, Ezra E, ED Ark SArkBentoU SIOOO 
Pearson, Cleburne; Baldridge, Elias T, Ky $150 
Swaffar, JToa L, BX> Ark SArKaebume $560 

Pecan Point, Mississippi; Biggs, D M, Tenn $220 
Pedro, Benton: Eoberts, John V, Ark $20 
Peel, Marion; Bramn, Austin, Mo $110 
Pekin, Craighead: Weidman, E G, Mo SlOO 
Pendleton, Desha; Cross, J C, Ky 8210 
Pennington, Jackson: Johnson, John H, Ark SSO 
Penrose, Woodruff: Teimes, Ben, Ind $150 
Peoria, Sebastian: Vaughn, Wm R, Ga $30 
Perla, Hot Spring: Ellis, Jay T, 111 $260 
Perry, Perry: Cragar, Bryant E, — $290 
Perryville, Perry: Murray, Larkin J, — $390 
Peru, Randolph': Riley, Robt F, Miss $10 
Peterpender, Franklin: Pendergrass, Jerome, Ala $50 
Pettlgrew, Madison: Lewis, John W, Ark $630 
Lewis, Mrs Hattie M, AsstPM Ark SArkMadison 
Pettus, Lonoke: Oldham, Wm K, Ky 8160 
Pfeiffler, Independence: Hollandsworth, W A, Ark $230 
Phenlx, Lincoln: Sneed, C S, — $60 
Phlox, Pope: McCuin, Mrs, Ark 810 
Pigeon Hill, Union: Frisby, Neal N, Ark $10 
Piggott, Clay: Weldin, Frank, III $1500 
Holcomb, Sliss Dola, Clerk Ark lArkClay $240 
Ailman, Lonnie D, RD Ark lArkClay $900 
Lewis, Jas W, RD 111 lArkClay $1000 
Seal, Ollie T, RD Ark lArkClay SIOOO 
Wright, Victor C, RD Ohio lArkClay $960 
Pike, Pike: Coale, John V, — $290 
Pilot, Fulton: Walker, J W, Ark $50 
Pinckney, Crittenden; McConnell, W P, Ark $190 
Pindall, Searcy; Slone, Elonzo C, Tenn $200 
Pine Bluff, Jefferson: Furth, Fred C, Ger $3100 
Duvall, Chas E, AsstPM Ark 6ArkGarland |1600 
Harrison, Ernest 0, Clerk Ark GArkJefferson $1100 
Joseph, Miss Hennie, Clerk Ark 6ArkJefferson $600 
McNeil, Wm H, Clerk Ark ■ 6ArkJefferson $1100 
Moore, Gerson H, Clerk Ark 6ArkJefferson $1100 
Morgan, Harvey Z, Clerk Ind OArkJefferson $1200 
Nail, Rosea E, Clerk Ark GArkJefferson $900 
Rambo, Wm H, Clerk Ark GArkJefferson $1200 
Reynolds Wm H, Clerk Ark GArkJefferson $1000 
Schrantz, Claude L, Clerk 111 GArkJefferson $1100 
Smith, Mrs Lehna B, Clerk Ky GArkJefferson $800 
Wallace, Brimcie C, Clerk Ark SArkJeflerson, $1200 
Washington, Abrara T, Clerk Miss GMissLauderdale 

Bedell, A G, Clerk Mo GArkJefferson $100 
McCarra, S J, Clerk Ark GArkJefferson $200 
Arrant, Adam, Carrier Ark GArkJefferson $1200 
Cloman, W B, Carrier Tex GArkJefferson $1100 
Frazier, Miles H, Carrier Ark GArkJefferson $800 
Holland, Jas M, Carrier Ark GArkJefferson $1000 
Johnson, John H, Carrier Ark GArkJefferson $600 
McMurray, F C A, Carrier Miss GArkJefferson 

Means, Lewis H, Carrier Miss GArkJefferson $800 
Moon, Isaac A, Carrier Ark GArkJefferson $1000 
Potts, Z, Carrier La GArkSebastin $900 
Talbot, Victor E, Carrier Miss GArkJefferson $1200 
Webb, M W, Carrier Miss GArkJefferson $1200 
Bolden, David B jr, RD La GArkJefferson $1000 
Nelson, Robt, RD Ark GArkJefferson $1000 
Porter, John B, RD Ark GArkJefferson $1000 
Taylor, Arthur J, RD Ark GArkJefferson $960 
Pine Grove, Dallas; Taylor, John T, Ark 8120 
Pinehill, Independence; Herzig, Jas C, Ark $20 
Pinepralrie, Little Eiver; Hooks, Warren S H, Ark $50 
Pinetree, St Francis Jackson, Miss Mamie, 111 $20 
Pinevllle, Izard; Matthews, S E, Ark $70 
Piney, Johnson: Holt, Geo A, Ger $80 
Pinnacle, Pulaski: Eaker, W Beadles, Ky $180 
Pirtle, Bradley: Neal, Mrs Ada, Ark 830 
Pitkin, Washington: Schooler, Manoah B, Iowa $180 
Pitman, Randolph: Rahm, Adolph: Switz $70 
Pitts, Poinsett; Gregory, W B, Tenn $150 
Pittston, Franklin: Davis, John E , Pa $10 
Plainview, Yell: Norman, Wm H, Ark $920 
Plant, Van Buren: Eow, W R, Ky $40 
Plantersville, Drew: Groce, W F, Ark $70 
Pleasant Plains, Independence: Vick, Robt B , — 8260 
Pleasant Ridge, Boone: Johnson, J W, Tenn $40 
Pliny, Faulkner; Hamilton, Robt, Tenn SCO 
Plum Bayou, Jefferson: Core, Jesse R, — $1,30 

Dardon, JW, RD — —Ark— — , 

Plumerville, Conway: Stobaugh, John F, Ark 8870 
Reed, John W, Clerk Ark SArkConway $420 
Burrows, Wm C, RD Ark SArkConway $1000 
Khrkland, Wm D, RD Ark SArkConway $960 
Moore, Lucius W, RD Ark SArkConway $1000 
Pocahontas, Randolph: Throgmorton, Hiram L, 111 
Downing, Andw J, AsstPM Ark 2ArkRandolph $288 
Downing, Mrs Ruth, Clerk Ark 2ArkRandolph S240 
Point Cedar, Hot Spring: Campbell, Wm T, Ark SlOO 
Point Peter, Searcy: Fowler, Lucien E, — $70 
Polk, Sharp: Martin, Mrs M E, Tenn .540 
Pollard, Clay: Settleman, Richard B, Ky $120 

Pillow, Homer J, ED Ark lArkClay — 
Ponca, Newton: Young, Lester G, Ark $30 
Pontoon, Conway: Hundly, G W, Ark $50 
Poole, Cleveland: Sims, J H, — 830 
Poplar Grove, Phillips: Turner, John C, Ark $380 

ToUeson, Jas C, ED Ark lArkPhillips SIOOO 
Poplar Kidge, Craighead: Maddy, Chas F, Ohio $60 
Portia, LawTcnce: Brumitt, Jas 1, Ark 8410 
Portland, Ashley: Herren, Jos E, Ark 81300 

Mahearg, Oliver, Clerk Ala 7ArkAshley $120 
Postelle, Phillips: Patrick, Van G, Miss $240 
Potter, Polk: Hunsaker, Travis M, Ind $210 
PottsvUle, Pone: Martin, Chas E, Ark $450 
Blake, Chas H, RD Tenn SArkPope 81000 
Pryor, Jolm P, RD Miss SArkPope $960 
Thompson, Chas, RD Ark SArkPope $1000 
Poughkeepsie, Sharp: Smith, Geo W, Ark $140 
Powers, Johnson: Scars, Franklin O, Mo $40 
Powhatan, Lawrence: Stuart, C A, Ark $270 
FeyoBt Oranti Buifow^ Bdlwin Ittj Ark $230 



Pralile Grove, Washington: Cole, ClintOD E, Mich S1200 
Delap, Jos A, RD Ark SArkWashlngton Siono 
(;raham, Wm M, RD Miss SArkWashington $1000 
Maddox, Wm H, RD 111 3ArkWashiiigton 1900 
Prairie View, Logan: I'cnnington, John W, Tenn 1210 
PrattSTllle, Orant: Allen, Geo W, Ca $150 
Prescott, Nevada: Gravson, Jack, Ark 11900 
Kizcr, Miss Ida, Ass'tPM Ark 7ArkNevada S4S0 
Gravson, Frank, Clerk Ark 7ArkNcvada USD 
niiclianan, Wm D, RD Ark 7ArkNevada $1100 
Burns, John T, KD La TArkNevada $1)00 
Daniell, Renj J, RD Ark 7ArkXevada $1000 
McCuUer, Clinton U, RD Ark 7ArkNcvada $1000 
McGiiire, Abner. RD Ark 7ArkNovada SWiO 
Mitchell, John W, RD Tenn 7ArkNevada $900 
Prim, clcbMrne: Cox, Winfield, Ind $(i0 
Princeton, Dallas: Lea, Mrs Sue H, Ark $240 
Proctor, (."rittcndcn: Massev, Kmniett, Tenn $300 
Prosperity, Boone: Price, J'as W, Tex $110 
Provo, Sevier: Kennedy, Zelkirk, Tenn $S0 
Purlfoy, Ouachita: Purilov, Robt K, Ark $30 
Purdy, Madison: Spradlin'g, Marcus K, — $tiO 
Push. Searcv: Baker, Jas R. Ark $30 
Pyatt, Marion: Ledbetter.Jas O, Tex $250 
Qulno, Union: Davis, B, Ark $70 
Qulnton, White: Salterlee, Clayton, — $230 
Quitman, Cleburne: Ward, Jas II, Tenn $.^0 

l.auder, John S, RD Ky 2ArkCleburne $1000 
Quito, I'olk: Edwards, R S, Ark $30 
Ralford, Calhoun: Dunn, Jerrv M, — $20 
Ralph, Marion: Sims, Mrs Naiicv A, Mo Sno 
Ramsey, Dallas: Hawkins, Wm'E, Ala $110 
Randall, Cleveland: Orav, Wm T, — $1110 
Ranger, Veil: Rogers, Mrs Lula B. Ark $30 
Raspberry. Pope: Ifenslev, John W, Ky $10 
Ratcllff, Logan: Parker, Clarence O, Mo' $340 

Morrison Joe W, RU Iowa 7ArkLogan $1000 
Raum, Carroll: Winkle, Abraham. — $30 
Havana. Miller: Wedgworth, Mrs Martha i;, Ark $220 
Ravenden. Lawrence: Ball. Geo H. Tenn $420 
Ravenden Springs, Randolph: Hawkins, Philip C, Mo 


Miller, Eva, Clerk Ark lArkRandolph $240 
Rawllngs, Independence: Rawlings, Harrison A, Ark 

Rawlison. St Francis: Ashworth A, Tenn $110 
Rawls. Ashley: Rawls, Thos J, — $170 
Readland, Chicot: WarfieUl. Carneal jr. Tenn $430 
Rector, Clav: Harper, Joel A, Tenn JlfiOfl 
Harper, Luther A. AsstPM Tenn lArkClay $600 
Gogue. Monroe J. Clerk 111 lArkClay $W,0 
Cudd.VirdO. RD SC — ArkClav $1000 
Hampton, Sylvester. RD 111 1 ArkClav $960 
Wilev, Wmte. RD Ark lArkClav $1000 
Redbarn, Fulton: Harris, Jas C, 111 "$.30 
Redblrd, Montgomery: Black. Miss Mary E, Ark $10 
Redding, Franklin: Welton, Bartley M,' — $100 
Redfleld, JetTerson: Holiman, Marcus T,, Ark $280 
lloliman, Mrs Emma, AsstPM Ark OArkJelTcrson 
Red Fork, Desha: Mavs, Robt L, — $100 
Redleaf, Chicot: Oweiis, C D. — $160 
Redrock, Newton: Jones, W R, — $100 
Redstar, Madison: Newkirk, Leslie, NY $150 
Reed. Sharn: Stinnett. J P. — $100 
Reeds Creek. Sharp: McLeod, Jasper N. — $50 
ReedTllle. Dosha: Bowles, G G, Ark $170 
Reese. Lee: Porter, Thos R. Miss $200 
Reform. Saline: Major. Jos M H. Tenn $30 
Relfs BluB. Lincoln: Bland. S J. Mo $60 
Remmel. Jackson: Bridges. Ben] F. Ark $100 
Republican. F.aulkner: Lyons, Wm C, — $70 
Rest. Lincoln: Owen. Silas B. Ark $50 
Retreat. Van Buren: Jenkins. David L, Tenn $50 
Retta. Pope: Church. Francis M. Ark $110 
Rex. Van Buren: Cross. John IT. Ark $60 
Reybum, Hot Spring: Ott.s, Phillip A. Ala $100 
Reyno. Randolph: Glasco. Jos P. Ark $4,30 
Rhea, Washington: Barnes. Robt A. Ark $260 
Allen. Saml F, RD Ark SArkAVashington $960 
Edmiston, Jas T, RD Ark 3ArkWashington $900 
Richland. Desha: Tedder. Jos W, Miss $50 
Richmond, Little River: Gardner. Wm W, La $320 
Rich Mountain. Polk: Mackev. Jas A. Mo $220 
Rlchwoods. Lawrence: McKinley, David R, Mo $130 
Riddle. Sevier: Hull. Geo W, — $20 
Ridge. Washington: Woods, Jos W, Ark $30 
RUda. Fulton: Hammond. Mrs Daisy M, III $10 
Riley. Yell: Frost. John J. Miss $50 
Ring. Randolph: James. Isaac F. Ark $20 
Ripley, Cleveland: Gardner. Albert H, Ark $40 
Rlsher, Craighead: Buchanan. Wm M. Pa $70 
Rlson. Cleveland: Miller. John W, Ohio $930 

Miller. Miss Fannie. Clerk Ark CArkCleveland $2.50 
Riverside, Woodruff: Jones. F B. Ala $150 
Roane. Dallas: House, Mrs J C. Ark $20 
Roberts, Miller: Jones, Elkin R. Ark $40 
Robinson. Benton: Harper. Robt L. NO $80 
Robroy. Jefferson: Gracie, John P. Ark $130 
Rock. Madison: C<)ok, Miss Vita, Ark $30 
Rockhouse. Madison: Holland. Saml. — $60 
Rock Spring. Searcy: Blackwood, Miss Bessie B, Ark 

Rodman, Saline: Hubanks. Jas F. — $30 
Rodney. Izard: Jones, Mrs Mattie. .\rk $60 
Roe, Monroe: Fridell. P A. Ala $4,30 
Rogers. Benton: Roberts. Wm C, Ark $2460 
Wilson, Jas L, AsstPM Nebr 3ArkBenton $1100 
Bamett. Fred W, Clerk Ind 3ArkBenton $600 
Owens. Lewis F. Clerk Mo SArkBenton $1100 
Roberts. Ethel, Clerk Ark SArkBenton $1000 
Bums, AlgieE, Carrier Ark SArkBenton $600 
KU-kwood, Chas T, Carrier N\' 3ArkBenton $1200 
Baker, Llndsey A, RD HI 3ArkBenton $1000 
Huflman. Emmet T. RD Ark 3ArkBenton $l<Xin 
t-«e.JubeT. RD Ark SArkBenton $1000 

Koeers -Continued. 
Rhoads. John H, RD Ark 3ArkBenton $1000 
Stanton, Enos E, RD Mo SArkBenton $1000 
Rohwer, Desha: Morton, Jas G, Kv $140 
Roland, Pulaski: Davis, Caleb L, Ark $2."iO 
Rolfe, Ashley: Holland, Wm R. Tenn $:tO 
Romance, White: Davis. Esker E, — $80 
Rondo, Lee: Grimes, J M. Ark $230 
Roosevelt. White: Collins, .Mrs Susan P, Ark $on 
Rosa, Mississippi: Davis, U P., Ark $90 
Rosboro. Pike: Davis, De Witt, — $430 
Rose Bud. White: Davis, J C K, Ala $290 
Hosedale. Cra« ford: Hickman. W E, WVa $40 
Rosle. Indepen'lence: Nichols. Jas M, Tenn $110 
Rosston. Nevada: Hilton. Mrs Pearl S, Ark $350 
Bull, Wmll, UD Ark 7ArkNevada $1000 
llallowav, Jas W, Kl> Oa 7Ark.Nevada $1000 
OKeefe.JasT. UD Ark 7ArkNcvada $1000 
Rotan, Desha: Ganlt. Wm H, Tenn $90 
Rover. Yell: lluTil. John II. Ark $140 
RoweU, Cleveliind: Bov.l. Hobt, — $110 

wAvm, Herbert C. - $20 

Roxton, Mad 

Roy, Pike: Si 

Royal. Gail , 

Ruble. Muni 

Rubicon, Sjii 

Rudd. Carroll: Hu'M. A M 

Ark $30 
I- noch E, Ark SsO 
h, George F, — 
uhn C, Ky $9C 

Ark $.W 


Ruddells. Uard: Case, J H. Ark $120 
Rudy, Crawford: Cooper, J W. Fla $.300 
Rule. Carroll: Griflith, Henrv J, Mo $40 
Rumley, Searcv: Riindev, llenrv N, — $100 
Rupert. Van Buren: Grilhn, Win H, — $80 
Rush, Marion: Taylor. W I, Tex $220 
Rushing, Stone: Stevens. Mrs Ella E, Kv $130 
Russell, White: McDaniel, S A, Ind $:i00 
RussellvUle, Pope: Burris. Geo W. Ark $1800 
Burris, Homer. AsstPM Ark SArkPopo $fiOO 
Burris, ott is. Clerk Ark SArkPope SItflO 
Burris, Wash, Clerk Ark SArkPojie $420 
Bowden, John S. UD Ark oArkPope $1000 
Smith, Alsev, UD Ark 5ArkPope $1000 
Thompson, l.onnie D, RD Ark SArkPope $1000 
Wilson, Chas E, Rl> Ark SArkPope $1000 
Wilson. Saml .M, RD Ark SArkPope $1000 
Ruth, Fulton: Gerkin, A B C, -• $10 
Rutherford. Independence: Browning. Geo W, — 
Rye. Cleyelauii: \Voolridgc. Ilu^h, Ark $50 


Ryker. Newton: Hvker. John W, Mo $110 
Sage, Izanl: Puckett, Petus J. — $,V) 
Saginaw, Hot Spring: \an Houten, V M, Nebr $260 
St Charles, Arkansas: Jansen, Sue H, Ind $270 
St Francis, Clav: Anrep. Herman, Sw $580 
St James, Stone: Goodwin. Albert F, Va $90 
St Joe. Searcv: Garrison. Isaac D. Ark $390 
St Paul. Madison: Barron. Walter O, Ark $600 
St Thomas, Mississippi: Oullin, Chas W, SC $110 
St Vincent, Conway: Noll, Frank J, Pa $100 
Salado, Independence: Scott, Jas W, Ark $200 
Salem, Fulton: Hall, John T, — $640 
SaUne, Dallas: Talbert. Chas A, Miss $30 
Sanders. Hot Spring: Collie, Jos L, Ark $.'i0 
Sandlff, Cleburne: Pierce, Chas M, Mo $50 
Sandtown, Independence: Milligan, W M, Tenn i^l 
Sandy Bend, Union: Saunders, S L. Ark $100 
Sans Soucl, Mississippi: Edrington, Geo, — $40 
Sarassa, Lincoln: Ross, Virgil, — $40 
Saratoga, Howard: Boan, Jas B, Ark $220 
Satuma, Pcrr\-: Henry, Hugh D. Ark $70 
Sayre. Oiiacliita: Hes'terlv, Saml H, Ga. $220 
Scalfe. Chicot: Browder, Caleb F, Ark $180 
Scanlan, Crittenden: Ward, Mary H, — $40 
Schaal, Howard: Schaal, Henrv, — $80 
Schooley, Howard: Schooley, Wm S. SC $40 
Sclpio, Drew: Rial, Saml P, Ark $50 
Scobey, Cleveland: Harrelson, Asa E. Ark $20 
Scotland. Van Buren: Simpson. Noth. .\rk $1.'>0 

Emmons, .\aron, AsstPM 111 SArkVanBuren $3G 
Scott, Pulaski; Scott, Conowav, Ark $470 

Russell, Isaac, RD Ark SArkPulaski $900 
Scottsvllle, Pope: Miller, Laura. .\rk $140 
Scranton, Logan: Borgerding. Henry B. Mo $290 

Borgerding. Mrs Mary. Clerk Ohio 4ArkLogan $72 
Searcy, White; Coffman, Ransel S, Ark $2000 

ColTman, Miss Ethel G, AsstPM Ark 2ArkWhite 


Newton, John W, Clerk Ark 2ArkWhite $800 
Sellers. Andw V Clerk Ark 2ArkWhite $900 
Slavton. Leonard F. RD Ark 2ArkWhite $900 
Sedalla, Benton: Evans. John C. Ark $20 
Sedgwick, Lawrence: Aldriilge, Chas E. — $220 
SeeUg. Lee: Brown. M L. Ark $50 
Self. Boone: Thorpe. G M. Ill $70 
Selma. Drew: Dishough, Walter R. — $130 
Settlement, Van Buren: Privitt, O K L, Ark $180 
Privilt. H D. AsstPM Ark SArkVanBuren $72 
Seyppel.Crittcnden: SevpP^'. Otto. Ger $2(X1 
Shady, Polk: Hatfield, Johnathan M, .\rk $70 
Shannon. Randolph: Langston, .\ G. Ark $70 
Shark. Veil: Tate, Henry E, Ark $IIX) 
Sharp. Independence: Ivceney, Thos B, Ark $80 
Sharum. U.andolph: Sanders, Robt, Ark $120 
Shaver. Boone: Patterson. Jas J, Pa $40 
Shaw. Saline: O'Kellev, Henrv \V, .\rk $50 
Shawmut. Pike: Tyler, Mrs Artaine F, — $270 
Shelbyvllle, Sharp: Shaver, S L. Ark $70 
Sheppard, Hempstead: Thompson, Chattin P, Tenn 

Sheridan, Grant: Ashcroft, Virgil A, Ark $700 

Rushing, Gertie, Clerk Ark GArkGrant $204 
SherrUl, Jefferson: Hockenhull, Miss Malinda B, Ark 

Sblbley, Crawford: Neal, Grover C, Ark $60 
ShUoh, Cleburne: Brewer, J E, Ark $130 
Shlpp, Baxter: Deal, Mrs Mattie E, Ga $20 
Shirley. Van Buren: Arnold, Jas R, Tenn $360 
Sboal Creek. lyOgan: White, Mrs Rehecca, Ark $150 

Shoflner, Jackson: Shoflner, Edwd P, Ark 1130 
Short, White: Walls, Jos S, — $80 
Shuler, Union: Powledge, Walter E, Oa $60 
Sidney, Sharp: Uinson. John A, Ark $240 
SIdon, White: Sutton, Jas W, Ala $120 
Sllei, Pope: Strong, E O, III $200 
( aldwell, Jas J, RD Ind 5.\rkPope $9r,0 
McGuire. Robt A. RD Ark SArkPope $1000 
SlUca. Saline: Lewis, Chas W, — $120 
Slloam Springs, Benton: Vanhooser, Miss Mattie, \rk 
Vanhooser, Marvin, A.sstPM Ark SArkBenton $480 
llardcastle, ChasM, Clerk Ark SArkBenton $.300 
Bailey, Nannie, Clerk Idaho SArkBenton $168 
Rakestraw, Leda. Clerk Ark SArkBenton $168 
McFarland, Edwin S. RD Tex SArkBenton $980 
Vounker, Frank J. RD Pa SArkBenton $1000 
Younker. John P, RD Iowa SArkBenton $1000 
Silver, Montgomery; Fisher, Wm P, Ark $90 
Sims. Montgomery: Stephenson, Etga D, Miss $90 
Sitka. .Sharp: Higginbottora, Robt, Ark $.50 
Sixmlle. Franklin: Cole, Jas, Ark $40 
Skinner. Jefferson: Bellincer, Mav, SC $30 
Skylight, Washington: White, B' A, Ark $40 
Slate. Saline; Shelton, Mrs A J. — $20 
Slatlngton, Montgomery: McWilliam, Peter, Can $20 
Slocomb, Saline: Burks. John T, Ark $200 
Hill. Lacy A, AsstPM Ark CArkSaline $12 
Daniel, Willie F, Clerk Ark 6Ark.Saline $240 
Addv, Jas L, RD Ark BArkSaline $960 
Smackover. Union: McDonald. Fred V, Ark $310 
Smead. Calhdun: Calaway, Martin K, — $40 
Smeadley. Johnson; Hardgrave, Miss Ala, Ark $40 
Smithdale, Cross: Banks, Wm L, Miss $140 
Smlthton. Clark: Young, Mrs L E. Ark $180 

Idimt'. W A. Clerk Ark 7ArkClark $48 
Smlthvllle. Lawrence: Norris, Thos L, Kans $290 
Smyrna. Pope: Stith, Burd. WVa $70 
Sneed. Cleveland: Rodgers. Mrs Mamie. Ark $40 
SneU. Cleburne: Snell, Jos II, — $110 
Snow. Montgomery: Matthews. Mont V, — $40 
Snowball. Searcy: Drcwry. LeanderC, Ark $160 
Snow Lake, Des^ia: Stevens, C M, Miss t320 
Snyder, Ashley: Cone. John J, Ark $230 
Social HUl, Ilot Spring; Hardy, Mrs Martha E, Tenn 

Sodom, Clark; Shepherd, Lorenzo D, Ark $10 
Solgohachia. Conway: Bearden, Mrs Barbara A, .\rk 

Solo, Pope: Ballard. Saml M, Tenn $.30 
Sonora. Washington: Vanzant, John H. V'a $.80 
South Bend. Lincoln: Crockett. John I). Ark $140 
Southern Home. Yell: Nunn, Mrs Florence L, Ark $40 
South Fork, Fulton; Benton, John, — $90 
South Fort Smith, Sebastian: Dooley, Elmer P, .\rk 

Southland, Phillips; Russell, Mrs Ruth S, Ind $190 
Spadra, Johnson; Faucett. Obadiah, — $530 
Sparkman, Dallas: Dclaughter, J T. Ark $200 
SplelervUle. Logan; Gallaher. Thos J, Tenn $100 
Sprlngcreek. Lee: Evans, Saml A. Ala $40 
Sprlngdale. Washington: Mayes, Robt C, Ark $1700 
Mayes, Mrs Lettie, AsstPM Ark SArkWashlngton 

Sturdivant, Wm 8, Clerk Iowa SArkWashlngton 

Conlev. Edwd C, RD Ark SArkWashlngton $1000 
Reed, Robt B, RD Ark SArkWashlngton $900 
Sweeny, Walter M, RD Md SArkWashlngton $1000 
Springfield, Conwav: Moore, Millard F, — $270 

Williams, Herbert. RD Ark SArkConwav $1000 
Sprlngtown, Benton: Edwards. W n. Kv $.S.'>n 
OttinRor, Arthur, RD Ark SArkBenton $800 
Ottinger. Chas O. RD Ark SArkBenton $1000 
Spring Valley, Washington; Sanders, Lawrence A, Ark 
Welch, Levi S, RD Ohio SArkWashlngton $800 
Stafford, Yell; Boling, Robt E. Ind $40 
Stamns. Lafayette: Greenwood. John R. Ky $1,500 
Ncill. Ona I,. Clerk Ark 7ArkLafavettc $240 
Peiry, Hiram R, RD Ala 7ArkLaravette $800 
Staple. Lincoln: Kirbv. W R, Kv $30 
Star CItv. Lincoln: Wiley, Alfred, III $570 
Stark. Cleburne: Stark, ,7ohn B, Kv $40 
Stattler. Crawford; Cox, Saml A, ."irk $50 
Staves, Cleveland: Flvnn, John W. .\rk $fiO 
Stella. Izard: Davidson. W L, Tenn $40 
Stephens. Ouachita: Grayson, Powell C. Ark $900 
PafTord. Miss Lizzie. Clerk Ark 7ArkOuachita $234 
Burris. Harris M. RD Ark 7ArkOuachIta $1000 
Douthit. ThosN, RD Ga 7ArkOuachita $1000 
Yarbroueh, John N. RD Miss 7ArkOuBchita $1000 
Steprock. White: Hartseli. Morris. Tenn $80 

Capps, J. Clerk Mo 2ArkWhite $4S 
SterUng. Chicot: Graves. H W, Vt $200 
Steve, Yell: West. Jas H. Ala $.30 
StUlwater, Yell: Cunibie. Lizzie. Oa $30 
Stone. Marion: Dutton. Miss Lillian H, Ind $50 
Stonewall. Green: Vanover. J H, Ky $100 
Story. Montgomery; Stachev, AlvadusM, Ga $80 
Strawberry. Lawrence: Cathev, John A, — $180 
Strlckler. Washington: Hodges. Albert B, Ark $90 
Strong, Union: Dugal, W M, Ark $690 
Stroud, Hot Sprins: Avars, Wm B, Md $240 
Sturkle, Fulton: Hargrove, Saml D, Tenn $30 
Stnttgart, Arkansas: Hall, Edwd, Ire $2300 
Perry, Chas L, AsstPM Iowa CArkArkansas $800 
Buerkle. J H Wm, Clerk Ohio 6ArkArk8nsas $800 
Smith. Miss Marv, Clerk Ind 6ArkArkansas $600 
Vcrhoff, Ed A, Clerk Mo fiArkArkansas $600 
Buerkle, Adam F, RD Mich OArkArkansas $1000 
Jones, Jas E. RD Kv 6ArkArkansas $1000 
Sampson, Gideon G, RD Eng 6ArkArkansas tlOOO 
Sublaco, Louan: Elsken, Conrad, Ger $220 
Snb Rosa. Franklin: McOee, J W, Tenn $40 
Sncoeu. CInv: Redwine, W C, Ky $510 



Sugar Grove, LoRan: Matlock, John H, Tenn $110 
Sullivan, Scott: Shults, Geo W, Ala $60 
Sulphur City, Washington: McConnell, J L, NC S170 
Sulphur Rock, Independence: Tuggle, Sam, Ark S«0 
Sulphur Springs, Benton: Hutton, Miss Laura C, Iowa 
Abercrombie, Miss Stella, AsstPM Ark SArkBenton 
Summers, Washington: Burton, Jas H, Tenn $390 
Stanley, John C, RD Mo 3ArkWashinKlon $1000 
Vermillion, Chas I, RD Mo SArkWashington S800 
Summeivllle, Calhoun: Wilson, C A, Ark $60 
Summit, Marion: Toliver, Joshua F, — $1G0 
Sumpter, Bradley: Mann,'Milly C. Ark $110 
Sunnyslde, Chicot: Elledge, Wm 6, Kans $180 
Sunset, Washington: Lougue, John D, Scott 8110 
Sunshine, Ashley: King, Glasgow C, — $70 
Supply, Randolph: Allen, W R, Ark $40 
Swain, Newton: Thomas, M N, Ark $170 

Thomas. Mrs Alberta, Clerk Ark 3ArkNewton $60 
Swan Lake, Jefferson: McPeak, Ned H, — $130 
Swarts, Randolph: Tiner, Thos L, Ark $20 
Sweden, Jefferson: Fergusson, J W, Ga $130 
Sweet Home, Pulaski: Freeman, Mrs Nancy, Ark $270 
Swlfton, Jackson: Shell, A J, — $780 
Sydenham, Washington: Wood, Miss Fannie S, Ivans 

Sylamore, Stone: Hcrdman, Peler P, Eng $110 
Sylvanla, Lonoke: Forsyth, Jane B, — $70 
Taft, Franklin; Vandergriil, Mrs Nan Ky $40 
Tag, Pope: Weatherman, Wm J, Ark $30 
Talley, Greene: Waters, Theoria A, Ga $40 
Tamo, Jefferson: Counce, Geo C, Tenn $190 

Cxjunce, Chas L, Clerk Tenn 6ArkJefferson $70 
Taral, Pope: Sims, John M, — $10 
Tarlton, Newton: Jackson, Francis M, Ohio $70 
Tarry, Lincoln: Thomas, Robt L, Ark $180 
Tate, Logan: Brigance, Jas M, Tex $20 
Taylor, Columbia: Horn, W H, Miss $200 
Texarkana, Miller: Roach, Lyman S, Ohio $3200 
Thompson, Melville 0, AsstPM NY ITexBowie 

Chauney, Danl F, Clerk Tenn 4ArkMiller $1200 
Burnett, Jas T, Clerk Tex ITexBowie $1200 
Chilcote, Farris, Clerk Ark ITexBowie $1200 
Choate, Miss Mary E, Clerk Ark 4ArkMiller $1100 
Fortune, Mrs Lulu R, Clerk Mo ITexBowie $1000 
Ohio, Anthony L jr. Clerk Tex ITexBowie $1200 
Mathews, Frank F, Clerk Tex ITexBowie $1200 
Monroe, Edwd J, Clerk 111 4ArkMiller $600 
Moon, Walter J, Clerk Ark 4ArkMiller $1100 
Oats, Eugene C, Clerk Ark ITexBowie $1100 
Raney, Frank T, Clerk NC ITexBowie $1100 
Raylord, Brooks B, Clerk Tex ITexBowie $1000 
Shaw, Miss Ella, Clerk La ITexBowie $1000 
Watts, Wm R, Clerk Tex ITexBowie $1200 
White, Chester L, Clerk Tex ITexBowie $1000 
Creekmore, Jerome J, Clerk Tex ITexBowie $100 
Burke, Edmond F, Clerk Ark 4ArkMiller $100 
Brooks, Wm A, Carrier Tex 4ArkMiller $600 
Bryant, Alzendorf A, Carrier Miss 4ArkMiller 

Chance, Willie E, Carrier La ITexBowie $1200 
Dorser, Chas A, Carrier Mo ITexBowie $1200 
Endsley, Wm F, Carrier Tex ITexBowie $1200 
Unbanks, Wm E, Carrier Ga ITexBowie $1200 
Harrison, Wm T, Carrier Tex ITexBowie $900 
Keith, Robt L, Carrier Ark 4ArkMiller $1000 
McMickle, Wm D, Carrier Miss ITexBowie $1100 
Marlar, Eugane A, Carrier Ark 7ArkOuachita $600 
Mathews, Wm H, Carrier Tex ITexBowie $1100 
Stringer, Chas A, Carrier Ark 4ArkMiller $1100 
Vaughan, Louis P, Carrier Ark 4ArkMiller $120(1 
Barker, John L, RD Mo 4ArkMiller $900 
Floyd, Jesse M, RD Ark 4ArkMiller $900 
Oats, .John M, RD Ala 4ArkMiller $900 
Maddox, Danl B, RD Ga 4ArkMiller $960 
Simmons, Thos R, RD Ark ITexBowie $960 
Shipp, Jas W, RD Tex 4ArkMiller $900 
Williams, Robt S, RD Ala ITexBowie $1000 
Jarrett, Peter, Laborer Ga 4ArkMiner $600 
Thebes, Ashley: Firestone, Oliver R, Kans $50 
Theo, Nevada: Gnlley, Mrs Mary C, — $40 
Thompson, Madison: Pool, Mrs "Bertha M, Ark $110 
Thorburn, Garland: Thorjjurn, Miss M P, Ohio $30 
Thorney, Madison: Lucas, Geo W, Ark $fiO 
Thornton, Calhoun: Shaddock, Saml E, Ark $930 

Shaddock, Joe J, AsstPM Ark 7ArkCalhoiin $240 
Three Creeks, Union: Williams, Mrs Sallie, Ga SUIO 
Tichnor, Arkansas: Hibbard, Gaines, Ark S90 
Tie Plant, Pulaski: Holcomb, Bertrand E. NY $120 
Tillar, Drew: Siemens, Howard T, — $750 
Tilton, Cross: Slocnm, Gardner A, Ark $130 
Tlmbo, Stone: Taylor, Sigel A, Ark $1S0 
Tina, Cleburne: Bell, John W, Ark $40 
Tinsman, Calhoun: McKnight, J B, Ark $240 
Tip, Woodrufli: Winfree, F B, — $50 
Tipton, Cleveland: Jefflress, Chas H, Ky $30 
Todd, Lincoln; Lyle, Jas M, Ark $40 
Togo, Cross: Wood, Joel G, Ark $30 
Toklo, Hempstead: Holt, H R, Ark $190 
Toledo, Cleveland: Lain, Lee, Ark $80 
Toilette, Howard: Toilette, Mrs Caledonia C, Miss $130 
Toltec, Lonoke: McLaughlin, W H, Tenn $70 
Tomahawk, Searcy: Lay, Shelly A, Tenn S80 
Tomato, Mississippi: Goshorn, Lw, Ark $110 
Tomberllns, Lonoke: Whitley, Danl R, Ark $320 
Tontltown, Washington: Pozza, John, — $200 
Tracy, Baxter: Wilson, Thos, Mo $20 
Trafalgar, Ashley: Dingier, Miss Flossy E, Ark $30 
Traskwood, Saline: Sanders, Joe S, — $240 
Treat, Pope; Hull, Richd, Ark $20 
Trenton, Phillips: Kendall, J L, Ky S250 
Trigg, Cleveland: Nutt, Walter P, Ark $40 
Trull, Union: Mason, Wm E, Ark $40 
Trumamn, Poinsett: Campbell ,6eo O, Tenn $740 

Truth, Madison: Garrison, Elzey B, Ohio $20 
Tubal, Union: Bailev, John P, — $40 
Tucker, Jefferson; Tucker, D E, Ark $260 
Tuckerman, Jackson: Hout, Judson N, 111 $960 
Blacknell, Miss Camille, Clerk Tenn 2ArkJackson 
Tulip, Dallas; Matthews, Herbert, — $140 
TuU, Grant: Crowson, Lon W, Ark $50 
Tupelo, Jackson: Morgan, W S, Tenn $460 
Turin, Grant: McEIroy, L F, Ark $50 
Turner, Phillips: Cooler, Jas M, Tenn $2.30 
Turnip, White: Norton, Nathan H, Mich $40 
Turrell, Crittenden; Gary, Fred E, Ohio $570 
Melvin, Jeff, AsstPM Ky lArkCrittenden $10 
Edmiston, J E List, Clerk Tenn lArkCrittenden $16 
Newcomb, Chas, Clerk Ky lArkCrittenden $10 
Tuttle, Washington: Shofner, Wm N, — $70 
Tuttleton, St Francis: Pipkin, Felix M, Tenn $00 
Twin Creek, Izard: Owens, Jas L, Ark $80 
Tyler, Cleburne: Decker, Isaac, Ky $30 
Tyro, Lincoln: Collins, John, Ark $140 
Tyronza, Poinsett: Ritler, Louis, Iowa $560 
Ulm, Prairie: Kerkrieck, F C, 111 $280 
Umpire, Howard: Lacefield, John W, Tenn $140 
Una, Van Buren: Hensley, John F, Tenn $60 
Union, Fulton: Cochran, Saml M, Ark $60 
Unionhill, Independence: Pallard, Miss Martha E P, — 

Unlonsville, Cleveland: Birks, Louis G, — $50 
Unlontown, Crawford: Parker, T G, Ark .S;240 
Upland, Union; MayHeld, Hugh A, Ark $110 
Urbana, Union: Simmons, Garland G, La .$90 
Urbanette, Carroll: Jones, Isaac N, Ark $130 
Ursula, Sebastian: Harris, John D, Ga $110 
Harris, Miss Amanda, AsstPM Ga 4ArkSebastian 
Ussery, Garland: Buck, John A, Ark $110 
Utley, Logan; Rollans, John F, Ark $40 
Vaden, Clark; Avery, Mrs Mattie E, Ark $70 
Vale, Washington: Root, Martin L, NY $80 
Valley Springs, Boone: Ledbetter, Isaac J, Tenn $225 
Valuer, Arkansas: Caltner, Miss Maudie, Mo $20 
Van, Arkansas: Jarrell, W L, Tenn $60 
Van Buren, Crawford: Smith, John L, Tenn $2000 
Smith, Wm A, AsstPM Ark 4ArkCrawford $700 
Doerr, IWiss Monetta F, Clerk Nebr 4ArkCrawford 

Dyer, Joel H, Clerk Ark 4ArkCrawford $800 
Matlock, Albert S, RD Ark 4ArkCrawford $1000 
Cordingley, Agnes B, RD La 4ArkCrawford $900 
Brown, Josiah W, RD Ark 4ArkCrawrord $1000 
Vandervoort, Polk: Cecil, F M, Ak S520 
Van Duzer, Ouachita; Varble, T L, ui $140 
Vanndale, Cross: Jordan, Chas R, 111 $520 
Varner, Lincoln: Rice, R R, — $310 

Vick, K F, Clerk — OArkLincoln $168 
Vaucluse, Chicot: Lowrie, Jas, — $170 
Vendor, Newton: Smith, David C, — $80 
Venus, Madison: Robinson, Oren H, Kans $30 
Vero, Baxter: Roberts, Mrs S L, Ark $50 
Verona, Marion; Gonce, ArtherD, Tenn $20 
Vesta, Franklin: Hiatt, H C, Ark $80 
Viburnum, Carroll: Garver, Mrs Little, Ark $40 
Vick, Bradley: Sharp, T J, Miss $260 

.Sharp, II U, Clerk Ark 7ArkBradIey $36 
Vldette, Fulton: Ferryman, Saml D, Ark $50 
Village, Columbia: Rogers, Geo W, Ark $190 

Hendricks, Thos N, RD Ark 7ArkColimibia $800 
Vilonla, Faulkner: Graham, Wm A, Ga $570 
Gray, Luther T, UD Ark 5ArkFaulkner $1000 
Hodges, EUjah E, RD Ark SArkFaulkner $1000 
McHenry, Frank, RD Ark SArkFaulkner $1000 
Simpson, Willie H, RD Ark SArkFaulkner $1000 
Vln, Baxter: Deatherage, Abner J E, Ark $50 
Vincent, Crittenden: Jelks, AVm R, Tenn $340 
Vineyard, Lee: Hartley, Robt L, Miss $70 
Viola, Fulton; Cain, Jas W, — $210 
Violet Hill, Izard: Billingslev, John A, Ark $80 
Wabash, Phillips: Howe, Otis D, — $360 
Wabbaseka, Jefferson : Holly, John T, Miss $420 

Holly, Jas A, Clerk Ohio" 6ArkJefferson $36 
Wake, Baxter: Bell, Maggie, — $10 
Walcott, Greene: Crowley, Wm T, Ark $320 
Barrow, Cyrus E, RD Ky 2ArkGreene $960 
Dennis, Walter A, RD Ark 2ArkGreene $800 
Waldenburg, Poinsett: Millahn, Chas, Ger $220 
Waldo, Columbia: De Vaughan, Mrs Mattie C, Ga $1100 
Puska, G Frank, AsstPM Ark 7ArkColumbia $96 
De Vaughan, Geo W, Clerk Ala 7ArkColirmbia $48 
Dempsey, Wm E, RD Ark 7ArkColumbia $1000 
Jarvis, Wm J J, RD Miss 7ArkColuinbia $1000 
Waldron, Scott: Leming, Mason B, Ark $1500 

Smith, TN, Clerk Ark 4ArkScott $540 
Waldrop, Monroe: Waldrop, J H, Miss — 
Walker, White: Walden, J M, Ala $90 
WaUs Ferry, Independence: Watts, Thos A, Ark $40 
Walnut, Newton: Jones, Mrs Eveline, Ark $50 
Walnut Hill, Lafayette: MarjTiian, C N jr. Ark $300 
Walnut Lake, Desha; Pennington M, Miss $410 

Roberson.MissMoihe Clerk Ark 6ArkDesha $72 
Walnut Ridge, Lawrence: Benningfleld, Sam T. Kv 
$1700 o 1 .J 

Andrews, S W, Clerk 111 2ArkLawrence $900 
Montgomery, Miss Nell, Clerk Ark 2ArkLawrence 

Moton, Morris, Porter Va 2ArkLawrenoe $48 
Bugg, Wm L, RD Ark 2ArkLawrence $1000 ' 
Walnut Tree, Yell; Lucas, Edgar M, Ark $80 
Wampoo, Pulaski: Leach, M L, Ark $130 
Ward, Lonoke: Soott, J T, Term $290 
Wardell, Mississippi: Ashburn, Appleton F, Ark $110 
Wareagle, Benton: Ledbetter, Hughie L, Ark SISO 
Warm Springs, Randolph: Keimer, Jas, Mo $180 
Warren, Bradley: Butler, Hiram F, Ind $2000 
Butler, Selvin T, AsstPM Ark 7ArkBradley $700 

Warren— Continued. 
Neal, Miss Geneva, Clerk Ark 7ArkBradley $800 
Owens, Jos B, Clerk Ark 7ArkBradley $800 
Howard, Saml L, RD Ark "ArkBradley $1000 
Smith, Thos R G, RD Ark 7ArkBradley $1000 
Veazey, Jos F, RD NC 7ArkBradley $960 
Warrenton, Lincoln: Jones, Jas W, Ark $40 
Washburn, Sebastian: Campbell. Cressie L, Ark $60 
Washington, Hempstead: Wallace, Miss Rosa, Ark 

Timberlake, Ev R, RD Ark (ArkHempstead $1000 
Washita, Montgomery: McLane, Jas G, — $150 
Watalula, Franklin : Callahan, John , Ark $80 
Waters, Montgomery: Risenhoover, A J Ark $90 
Watervalley, Randolph; Smith, John M, Mo $160 
Watson, Desha: Sullivan, Luther H, — $.590 
Wattensaw, Lonoke: Hemphill, W C, 111 $120 

Deal, Howard S, RD Ark OArkLonoke $960 
Watts, Searcy: Treat, Jas C, Ark $40 
Waveland, Yell: Hall, Mrs Lillie F, Ark $210 
Waverly, Crittenden: Womack, Wm Oscar, Tex $170 
Wayside, Hot Springs: McCuen, Thos, Ark $20 
Wayton, Newton: Henderson, Jos, Ark $20 
Weathers, Madison; Weathers, Wm T, Ala S30 
Weaver, Nevada; Westmoreland, Geo L, Tenn $40 
Webb City, Franklin: Casev, Jessie C, — $160 
Weber, Arkansas; Simpkins, Danl R, Va $70 
Weeks, Scott: Blair, Frank L, Ark $90 
Welner, Pouisett: Housman, Frank, 111 $570 
Welch, Montgomery: Louton, Nearada A, Ark $60 
Welcome, Columbia: Rogers, Mrs Mary J, Ala $90 
Weldon, Jackson: Bickers, Lee J, 111 $420 
Wesley, Madison: Sulhvan, J A, Ark $70 
Wesson, Union: Trull, Lattus C, NC $8,50 

Trull, Mrs Mattie E. AsstPM Ark 7ArkUnion $84 
West, Conway: Webb, Mrs Sarah E, Tenn. $40 
Westbrook, Hempstead: Reese, Henry W, Ark $40 
Western Grove, Newton: Price, Jesse 'B, Ark $230 
West Fork, Washington: Sample, Ed C, Ark $.520 

Sample, Rosa, Clerk Ark SArkWashington $72 

Little, Mark, RD Ark SArkWashington $900 
West Hartford, Sebastian: Spradling. John D, Ala 

West Point, White; Leavitt, Wm E, 111 $450 

Swann, Hal E, RD Ark 2ArkWhite $900 
Wharton, Madison: Dotson, Wm A, — $90 
Wheeler, Washington: Richardson, Hiram P, Ky $230, 

Rankin, John H, RD Ark — $900 
Wheeling, Fulton: Forester, John L, Ga $70 
Wheetley, St Francis: Hemenway, Chas F, NH $680 
Whelen Springs, Clark: Nunn, Jas B, Ark $430 

Reed, Willie P, RD Ark — $900 
White, Ashley: Thompson, M, Mich $350 
Whltecllffs, Little River: Schirmer, Mrs Nannie O, La 

Whitehall, Pomsett: GUbert, Edwd A, Mo $160 
Whltener, Madison: Vaughan, Isaac T, Ark $170 

Proctor, Jas O, RD NC SArkMadison $900 
Whlteriver, Desha: Metts, Simon, NC $40 
Whlterock, Franklm: Shores, Henry E, Ark $70 
Whitlow, Ashley: Neves, Mrs Jennie, Ark $100 
Whlttlngton, Garland: Burgess, G D, — $40 
Whitton, Mississippi: Moore, Paley Doak, Tenn $140 
Wickes, Polk: Lebow, D L, Ark $440 
Wideman, Izard: Shaver, Jas M, Ark $90 
Wldeners, St Francis: Houston, Jas A, Ark $500 
Wiggs, Garland: Lyman, Miss Elizabeth R, NY $150 
Wllburn, Cleburne: Brown, Mrs Mar.garet A, Ark $120 
Wild Cherry, Fulton; Peck, Frank T, Iowa $160 
Wilkins, Logan: Corley, Henry E, Ark $30 
Willcockson, Newton: Dale, Sanford F, Ark $110 
Williford, Sharp; Wilkunson, Henry T, 111 .$450 
Willis, Boone: Foresee, Mrs Frantic, Mo $20 
Willow, Dallas: Mathews, Albert E, Ark $80 
Wilmar, Drew: Hurst, Miss Nellie, Mo $790 

Hittst, Miss Theresa, AsstPM Ky BArkDrew $80 

Bennett, Chas D, RD Mo OArkDrew $1000 
Wilmington, Union: Nabors, Mrs Mollie S, La $40 
Wilmot, Ashley; Keller, Albert M, Ind $1000 

Thompson, Miss Lillie, AsstPM I^a 7ArkAshlev $480 

Perkins. David R, RD Miss 7ArkAshley $900 
Wilson, Mississippi: Blackwell, Juue, — SSOO 
Wilton, Little River: Piplrin, J W, Ark $440 

Kitley, Miss Balm, Clerk Ark 4ArkLittleRiver $120 
Winchester, Drew: Campbell. Jas S, Ala $460 
Wlnfleld, Scott: Crutchfleld, Robt L, — $70 
Winfrey, Crawford: Sumner, Mark D, WVa $50 
Wing, Yell: Turner, John R, Ark $140 
Winnerva, Baxter: Guinther, Christian II, Prus $40 
Wlnslow, Washington: Winn, Jas A, — $1000 
Winsted, Sharp: Armstrong, Robt, WVa $20 
Wlnthrop, Little River: Simpson, John T, Ark $740 

Morgan, Miss Julia, Clerk Ark 4ArkLittleRiver $140 
Wirth, Sharp: Dase, Henry, Ger $120 
Wiseman, Izard: Oldfield, Pmk, Tenn $70 
Witcherville. Sebastian: Coplin, Wm L, — $70 
Wltherspoon, Hot Sprmg: Howard, Geo W, III. $50 
Witter, Madison: Shepard, Geo L, Tenn $60 
Witts Springs, Searcy: Seaton, Mrs Sarah, Ark $170 
Wlville, Woodruff: Cook, Mrs Cora L, Ala $180 
Wolf Bayou, Cleburne: Sullivan, John, ill $90 
Wolfpen, Carroll: Hambay, Lillie J, — $30 
Womble, Montgomery: Womble, Walter E, Miss $S,SO 
Gillaspie, Bertie, Clerk Ark 4ArkMontgomery $240 
Woodberry, Calhoim: Cobb, John W, La $70 
Woods, Sharp: Byrd, Baker, Ark $10 
Woodson, SaUne: Curtis, Wm B, Ark $320 
Woolum, Van Buren: Beckham, Walter 11 , — $30 
Wooster, Faulkner: Cantrell, John W, Ga $160 
Worden, White: Green, Wm D, Mich $00 
Wrightsvllle, Pulaski: Cook, Mrs Mollie, Ark 8230 
Wyanoka, Crittenden: McClure, T H, — $70 
Wyatt, Izard: Wyatt, Jas H, Ark $4 
Wye; Parryt Undemrood, Clhas H, Ina $170 



Wjrman, WashlnRton: Phillips, Uubert G, Ark 170 
Wynne, Cross: Davis, Geo E, Pa JlSno 
Cobbs, RocerT, AsstPM Ark lArkCross $000 
Johnson, Miss Mattio Lee, Clerk Ark lArkCross $.■«)() 
(Ireathouse, Clement, RD III lArkCross $900 
Head, Geo W, RD Ark lArkCross »inoo 
Yadkin, Randolph: Davis, .S F, Ark %H0 
Yale. Johnson: Harden, B \V M, Ohio $50 
Yancopln, Desha: Seidenschwari, Velma, Ark $200 
Yancy, Hempstead; Reed, John C, Ark $70 
Yarbro, Mississippi: Thompson, Sara H, Tcnn $ 
Yardelle. Newton: Shinn, Ernest C, Ark $40 
YellvUle, Marion: Thompson, J H, Tenn $900 
Yorktown, Lincoln: Wilson. Lafayette A, Ark $00 
Youngtown, Lincoln: Younc Edwd, Ark $90 
Zebulun, Pike: Adams, Mrs Emma L, Ala $30 
Zent. Monroe: Anderson, Powlialon K, Ark $11(1 
Zinc, lloone: Taylor, Geo W, Ark $270 
ZIon, Izard: HlRhtower, Martin V, — $90 


Abertlne, Butte: Smith. Mrs Elizabeth G, Me $1 
Academy, Fresno: .Simpson, Mrs Ilelle, ("al $90 
Acampo, .San Joaquin: Needliam. Perrin O. Vt SO-"*! 
Costello. Miss Ethel B, Clerk Cal 6CalSanJoaquin 

llnwiev. Rav IT. RD 111 OCal.SanJoaquin $1000 
Welch! Chas, RD Cal 6Cal.SnnJoaquin $1000 
Acton, Los Anseles: Nichols, Andw C. — S330 
Adams, Lake: I'rathor, W R, Cal S:i-10 
Adelalda, .San Lnls Ohlsim: McKeon. Wm M, Cal $70 
Adin, Modoc: Pickard, Ivdwin .s. Cal $637 

PIckard. Alice M, AsstPM Pa ICalModoe $00 
Acer, Si.skivou: ARer, J A, Cal $243 

Foster. J ll, Clerk Cal — $48 
Agnew, .Santa Clara: Lowe. Sam B, Cal $.'.70 
Agna Callente, Sonoma: Richards, Theo, Gcr $610 
Aguanga, Riverside: Smith, Geo F. Mich $70 
Alameda, Alameda : Lcydecker, Theodore W, Gcr $3000 
llnmrnond. Ilfnry M. AsstPM Pa 3CalAlameda $1500 
Andorson. Edwd W, Clerk Cal 3CalAlameda $1200 
Clinchard. Fred B, Clerk Nebr 3Cal Alameda $1200 
Ktnncy, Elmer M, Clerk Cal 3CalAhinieda $1100 
I.evdeeker, Theodore O, Clerk Cal SCalAIameda 

Miicanlay. Edwd A. Clerk Cal SCalAIameda $1000 
Norton. Mrs Augusta Clerk Cal SCalAIameda $1200 
I'orep. Geo H. Clerk Cal 3CalAlameda $1200 
Richter, Clarence L. Clerk Cal 3CalA!amcda $1000 
Tiiggy, Henry D, Clerk Colo SCalAIameda $1100 
Copeiand, Miss Edith M, Clerk NY SCalAIameda 

Foster, llnrrv. Clerk Eng SCalAIameda $100 
.lacobsen, Walter F, Clerk Cal SCalAIameda $100 
Mehrtens. Herman G, Clerk Ger SCalAIameda $250 
Morris, Geo T, Clerk SSI SCalAIameda $100 
O'Connell, DanI, Clerk Ire SCalAIameda $200 
Sutherland, Geo M, Clerk Cal 3C.iIAI.imeda $100 
Boehmer. Wni M. Carrier Cal SCalAIameda $1200 
Boyson, Simon E, Carrier Ger SCalAIameda $900 
Hnms, Richd F C, Carrier Cal SCalAIameda $800 
Calvin, Clyde H, Carrier Cal SCalAIameda $1000 
Chard, Wm H, Carrier Cal SCalAIameda $1100 
Chrisman, Harold H, Carrier Tex SCalAIameda 

FInvd, John H, Carrier Cal 3CaIAI,imeda $1200 
lor'ster, Charley n. Carrier Can SCalAIameda $1100 
IV.x, Percy K. Carrier Cnl SCalAIameda $1200 
Pritchard. Walter R, Carrier Cal SCalAIameda 

Rollins, Fitzhiigh S, Carrier Mass SCal.Mameda 

Schulte, Fred W, Carrier Cal SCalAIameda $1100 
Tennant, .las W. Carrier Cal SCalAIameda $1200 
Toy. Chas O. Carrier Cal .ICalSanKrancisco $1200 
Todd. Andw W. Carrier Colo SCalAIameda $900 
Weinberger. Paul, Carrier Aus SCalAIameda ?10oo 
Wood, SamI E, Carrier Ala SCalAIameda $1000 
Alamo, Contra Cflsta: Bell. David C, Ohio $260 
Alamorlo, Imperial: Onylord, Geo A. Iowa S2.W 
Alberta. Imperial: Rallev. Wm. Ohio $110 
Albion. Mendocino: llopin. Albert C. Cal $770 

llocan. Mrs Blanche. AsstPM Mo 2CalMendocino ?."0 
Alcatraz. .-^an Francisco: Sorenscn. Geo P. Nebr $;{10 
Alderpolnt. Humboldt: Adrian. Robt P. Ger $00 
Alleghany. Sierra: Cla>'ton. W A. Iowa $4.V1 
AUensworth. Tnlare: sinRleton, Joshua W, Miss $260 
Alliance, Humboldt: Green, Uichd A, Cal $90 
Alma, Santa Clara: Osmer, Geo. — $460 
Almond. San Diego: Foster, C II. Col $20 
Alpaugh. Tulare: McNeely. Chas. Mo $610 
lirown. Miss Nellie. Clerk Kans — $120 
Downing. WM. Clerk Pa — $4S0 
Alpine, San Diego: Snow, Edwin W, Me $ 
Alta, Placer: McCormack, Mrs A Marv, Cal J640 
Altadena, Los.Xngeles: Tavlor. Miss ftosa I. AVis SS.'iO 
Altahoe, Eldorado: Snragiie. A R, Wis $310 
AJtamont, Alameda: Free. H D. — $1S0 
Altaville. Calaveras: Mathews. .Miss Hattie. Cnl $.300 
Kuhn, Mrs Anna. AsstPJI Cal 2CalCalaveras $60 
Alton, llimiboldt: Luther. Frank W. Cal $220 

Luther, Miss Nina. Clerk Cal ICalHumhoIdt $10 
Alturas. Modoc: Neglev. Jas T. Nev $1600 
Neglev. Nora E. As-stPM Cal ICalModoc $300 
Leonard. Joe E. Clerk Cal ICalModoc $660 
Alvarado. Alameda: Ralph, II J. Cal $.<i40 
Alvlso. Santa Clara: Hollister. Miles. NY $380 
Alvord. Inyo: Hale. Mrs M N. — $290 
Amador City. Amador: Connors. Wm T. Cal $8.10 
TImiiia'!. Wm R. AsstPM Cal ICalAraador $240 
Nicl.ols. John J. Clerk Cal ICalAmador $120 
Amboy. San Bernardino: Walker. Chas M. NC $320 
Amedee, Lassen: Clayton. Geo L. Ark $410 
Clayton, Mrs Grace M, AsstPM Iowa — $130 

Anaheim, Orange: Duckworth, John W, Iowa $2200 
Imus, Luther L, AsstPM Iowa 7CaIOrange $800 
Gales, Howard E. Clerk Cal 7CalOranEe $600 
Robison. Miss Alice V, Clerk Ohio 7CalOrance $M>0 
Whitaker, MissMadline, Clerk Cal 7CalOran(;e S600 
Bogue. Geo.M. RD Mich 7CalOranee $!KM 
Eastman, Frank L, RD Nil 7CalOranKe $'.|fiO 
Hedges, Chas W, RD 111 7CalOrance t'jm 
llollinpvorth, Thos H, RD Nebr rCalOranee $900 
Tidrick, Geo M, RD Ohio "CalOrange $9(K) 
Monlcnyohl, Frank, Carrier Ohio 7CalOranqe $6<I0 
l'billi|,s. Nelson R. Carrier Wis 7CalOraiige SfiiK) 
Slachuke. Fred 1", C. Carrier Ger 7CalOrangc »Oijo 
Anderson. Shasta: Anden;on, Wm S. Cat ?1:'(M) 

Anderson. MissEthell. AsstPM Cal ICalShasla $l.'ii 
Angellsland, .Marin: Otten, BenJ. Ohio $1000 
Angels Camp, Calaveras: GriUo. F J. Cal $JWH1 

Keefer. Alice R, AsstPM Cal Knllalaveras 5.iC 
Anglola. Tulare: Monoch, J C, HI $420 

Fisher. R R. AsstPM Cal — $72 
Annaoolls. .Sonoma: Fisous, Mrs Marv E, Iowa i\'M 
Annette, Koni: Stile, A A, Kans $140 
Antelope. S:icr:uiiento: Lauppe, John D, Cal $220 
Antloch. Coriira Costa: Baker, Josiah R. Utah $ISII0 

\\ all. Miss Alic>'M. Clerk Cal 3CalContraCosta $300 
Antler. slKLsta: Gregorv. Jas F, Cal $90 
Applegate, Placer: Hepburn, G 0, Can $1000 
Aptos, Santa Cruz: Van Tienen Jansse, PC A, Iloll $430 

Cox.CP. RD 111 .iCalSantaCruz $900 
Arabella, Lake: Garner, Fred, Cal $40 
Arbuckle, Colusa: Stinson, Chas G, Kv .$900 

Stinson, Miss Marcia, Clerk Cal 2CalColusa $240 
Arcadia. Los Angeles: Unruh. Jos A, Cal $4.'in 
Areata, Humboldt: Smith, Frank A, NB $1000 
Smith. Meta M, AsstPM Cal ICalllumboldt $310 
Diirdan. Juanita M, Clerk NB ICalllumboldt $420 
l.ok'au. Myrtle M, RD Cal ICalllumboldt $^160 
Armada, Riverside: Starbuck, Thos. Ohio $140 
Armona, Kings: Coggin, Geo C, Nil $930 
Arno, Sacramento: Valensin, Mrs Alice Marv, Mo $100 
Aromas, San Benito: Kortright. Mrs Rosa E, Ind $420 
Coats. F S. RD Ohio eCalijan Benito $600 
Iversoii. Henry. Carrier Tm\ OCalSanBenito $f.'il 
Arrowhead Springs, San Bernardino: Marshall. Seth, 



Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo: Idc, Geo P, Wis 
Kvte, Cleon, AsstPM Cal SCalSanLuisObispo $600 
Fouch, Harley U, RD Minn SCalSanLuisObispo 
Artesia, Los Angeles: Lewis, Herman C, HI $070 

Ashbv. Edw. RD Nebr — $960 
Asbola'dc— : Pfelfler, Mrs Zulema T, Ky $140 
AstI, Sonoma: Starboro, A, It CilSonoma $280 

Bacchinl. U, KD It 2CalSonoma $5 
Atchison. Contra Costa: Blake. Mrs Lillian M, Cal $160 
Atlas, Napa: Wilson. Amo II, Ohio $110 
Atolla, San Bernardino: Tavlor, C A, Tenn $1.10 
Atwater. .Merci'd: Oshort), John B, Cal $680 
Greene, Miss Alta, Clerk Cal 6Cal.Merced $.160 
Greene. Elmer E, RD Iowa 6CalMerccd $960 
Anberry, Fresno: Witham, Frank F, Me $200 
Auburn, Placer: Fleming, Arthurs, Oal $1700 
Fleming, Mrs Marv D, AsstPM Nev ICalPlacer $360 
Fergu.son, Chas, YtD Kans ICalPlacer $900 
Auckland. Tulare: Dodge. Herbert W. Wis $90 
Aukum, Eldorado: Wrigglesworth, Mrs Lydia A. Mich 

Auld. Riverside: Auld, Miss Eliza F, Can $60 
Avalon, Los Angeles: Stanton. Edwin. Pa $2000 
Janson. Wm, AsstPM La 7CalLosAngeIes $1000 
Kitt, Mrs Leota. Clerk Te.x 7CalLosAngeles $281 
Avory. Calaveras: A very, M P. Cal $240 
Avila. San Luis Obispo: Hanson, Grant I, Cal $280 
Azusa, Los Angeles; Bouldin. T C. Ind $1600 
Meading. Ernest. Clerk Tex 7CalLosAngeles $.160 
Garrison, W C, RD Wash 7CalLosAngeles $800 
Bachelor, Lake: .Martens, John, Gcr $180 
Badger, Tulare: Cookscv, Lillie, Ark $170 
Bagby, Mariposa: Bagb'v, Ben) A Va $180 
Bagdad, San Bernardino: Coapman, W J, Wis, $280 
Baird, Shasta; Barr, Jos L Tenn, $180 
Balrdstown, Los Angeles: Meusehke, Edwd H. — $420 
Bakersfleld, Kern: Edmonds. Reuben A. Oreg $3200 
Olterman, Geo H. AsstPM, Ind SCalKem $1600 
llrck. Chas E. Clerk Ind SCalKem $1200 
Benson, Miss Helen E, Clerk Pa SCalKern $900 
Brown, Lee S, Clerk Ind SCalKern $1000 
Gallant. Chas E. Clork Kans SCalKern $1200 
Grant. Edwd P. Clerk Kans SCalKem $000 
Hendrickson, Edwd H. Clerk Cal SCalKem $900 
.lenkins, Robt G. Clerk Va SCalKem $600 
Kellogg. Miss Edna L, Clerk Iowa SCalKern $800 
I« Blanc, Mrs Viola. Clerk Cal SCalKem $1100 
Murphy, Miss Anna E, Clerk Cal SCalKem $1100 
Sears, .las A, Clerk Ind SCalKem $1100 
Smith. Elmer. Clerk III SCalKem $1200 
Sprever, Walter 0, Clerk NY SColoFremont $1100 
I Tavlor. Miss Maude I. Clerk Mo SCalFremont $600 

Thomburg. Otto, Clerk Kans SCalFremont $800 
I Austin, Finis E, Carrier Tex SCalFremont $1000 
Barber, Harry A, Carrier NY SCalFremont .«S00 
Bamett. Leroy R, Carrier Kans SCalFremont $1100 
Gehring, John C, Carrier Minn SWashSpokane $1100 
Kent, Edwd 3, Carrier 111 SCalKem $1200 
Mathews, Chas O, Carrier Kans SCalKem $900 
Owens, Walter J, Carrier Cal SCalKem $800 
: Stevenson, Laurel O, Carrier Ind SWashSpokane 
I $1200 

i Ilealev. Eagerlv H, RD Me SCalKem $1000 
Replogle, Wm H, RD Iowa SCalKem $1000 
Rosendahl, Frank T. ED Sw SCalKem $1000 
Shurhan, Chas H, RD Me SCalKem $1000 
Thompson, Jas A, RD Te.T SCalKem $900 
Balboa. Orange: Beckwith, Fred \V, Mich $1000 

Baldwin Park, Los Angeles: Johnson, Gustaf, Sw $350 
Ballarat, Invo: Robinson, H L S, Va $90 
BaUard, S:irita Barbara: Smith, Mrs Eliza D, NY $130 
Balls Ferry, Shasta: Goodman, Timothy D, Eng $470 

Hall, Wm, AsstPM Cal ICalShasta $.110 
Bangor, iiutle: Allen, John E, Ohio $240 
Banning, Riverside: Ahiacough, John, — $1400 
Banta, San Joaquin: Brichetto, Jos, It $,100 
Bard, Imperiul: lleyl. Bene S, Oreg $290 
Barnwell, San Bernardino: Sawyer, Thos U, Af $110 
Barstow, San Bernardino: Kendrick, Clarence E. Ind 
Henderson, Miss Madge B, AsstPM Scot SCalSan 
Bernardino $324 
Bartlett Springs, Lake: Otto, Geo A, — $820 
Batavla, Solano: Coulter .Mrs Evelyn, Cal $90 
Bay. Sonoma: Candelol, Firmin, Fr $90 
Bay City, Orange: Ord.JnoC. Vt $270 
Bayles, Sli.isia: Beard, Jas P, — H90 
Baypolnt. Contra Costa: South, Wm R, Cal $1200 
Bayslde, Humboldt: Griswold, Mrs Lueile, Cal $160 
Bear Valley, Mariposa: Bertken, Mrs Dellah, Cal $170 
Beatrice, Humboldt: Cloney, Jacob O, Cal $180 
Beaumont, Riverside: Kelly, Jas A, III $1500 

( umpbell, Mrsllettic, Clerk III SCalRiverside $180 
Beckwith, Plumas: James, Russell P, Cal $030 
Beegum, Tehama; Linton, W D, Scot $50 
Belden, Plumas: Belden, Robt, — $200 
Bell, Los Angeles: Culver, Chas M, NY $250 
Bella Vista, ShusU: Roycroft, Robt 8, Cal $320 
Bellflower, Los Angeles; Whipple, Carl H, NY $200 
Bellota, Sin Joaquin: Cody, Jas I, Cal $80 
Bells Station, Santa Clara: Maze^ Mrs Lucy, — $10 
Bellvale, San Mateo: Bell, Lllla E, — $140 
Belmont, San Mateo: Emmett, Walter A, — $S80 
Belvedere. .Marin: Liverey, Miss Sophia C, Cal $710 
Bend. I'ehama: Pope, John J, NC $(W 
Ben Hur, .Mariposa: Kelly, John, NY $00 

Kellv, MrsOlga, AsstPM Cal 2CalMariposa $50 
Benlela, Solano: 8tcven.s, Jas 8, Cal $1700 
Malnne, Miss Nellie F .M, AsstPM Cal .ICalSolano $50 
Foley. Miss Lillie I, Clerk Cal SCalSolano $10 
Ben Lomond. Santa Cruz: Nicholson, Wm U. ("al $87ii 
Niihi>lson. Elsie I. As.stP.M Cal OCalSantaCruz $lsu 
Benton. Mono: Remmington, F B, Mass $170 
Berdan, Butte: Berdan, Myron 0, NY $180 
Berendo. .Madera: Wood. Andw J. Cal $310 

Wood. Lillian L, Clerk Cal CCalMadera $130 
Berkeley, Alameda; Merrill, Clarence 3, Cal $3400 
Phillips, Welton .1, AsstPM NY SCalAIameda $1700 
Barcklav, Horatio, Clerk Mich SCalSanFrancisco 
[ Beaiichamp. Geo C, Clerk SC SCalAIameda $900 
Boyer, Paul, Clerk Cal SCalAIameda $900 
Bruns, Geo L, Clerk Cal SCalAIameda $1200 
Delaney, Miss Annie M, Clerk Cal SCalAIameda 
I Dunlap, Luther A, Clerk Cal SCalAIameda $1100 
' 1 Mster, Wm K G, Clerk Miss SCalAIameda $1000 
Irost. Walter C. Clerk Cal SCalAIameda $1100 
CallaKlier, Frank J, Clerk Mass SCalAIameda $1100 
Hall, Miss Muriel A, Clerk Cal SCalAIameda $1200 
llwlnian. Miss Helen, Clerk Sw SCalAIameda $1100 
Herrod, Wm M, Clerk Cal SCalAIameda $900 
Hiney, Chas II. Clerk Wash SCalAIameda $600 
.lewctt. Thos M. Clerk Cal SCalSanFrancisco $S00 
Krause, Lewis B, Clerk Tex SCalAbmeda $900 
Larson, Alex R, Clerk Cal SCalAUmeda $1200 
Lueders, Miss Hilda Clerk Ger SCalAIameda $1000 
Mav, Erie U, Clerk Cal SCalAIameda $1000 
Mifler, Miss Elsie M, Clerk Mo SCalAIameda $1000 
Moran, Wm C, Clerk Vt SCalAIameda $1100 
Mullen, Ralph A, Clerk Cal ICalSanFrancisco $600 
Randall, Miss Marv E, Clerk Cal SCalAIameda 

Ricliens, Miss Helen H, Clerk Aus SCalAIameda 

Rogers, Francis L, Clerk Ho SCalAIameda $1100 
Wagner, 1-ewis A, Clerk Ind SCalSanFrancisco 

Ware, Harry H, Clerk Pa SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Wilson, Clare W, Clerk Wash SCalAIameda $900 
Wilson, Walter E, Clerk Cal 2CalMarin $1000 
Wrede, Miss Elizabeth, Clerk Cal 4CalSanFrancisco 

Farley, Walter H, Clerk NY SCalAIameda $300 
Davis, Jas R, Clerk III SCalAIameda $200 
Courant, Frank B, aerk Cal SCalAUmeda $100 
Brahrook, Walter R, Clerk 111 SCalAIameda $200 
Calilecott. Thos E, Clerk Eng SCalAIameda $200 
Borden, Miss Cora L, Clerk Cal SCalAIameda $100 
McDuffle, Lewis W, Clerk Iowa SCalAIameda $200 
Fuller, Rolla D, Clerk Cal SCalAIameda $100 
Anderson, Nick, Carrier Den SCalAIameda $1000 
Avres, Vincent, Carrier NJ SCalAIameda $1000 
Batten, Clyde H, Carrier Oreg SCalAIameda $800 
Merger. Wm 0, Carrier Cal SCalAIameda $900 
Bigelow, Robt B, Carrier Cal SCalAIameda $1000 
Itonkofsky, Fred E, Carrier Cal SCalAIameda $1100 
Concannon, Patrick J, Carrier Ire SCalSanFran- 
cisco $900 
Cowan, Chas C, Carrier Minn SCalAIameda $1100 
Curran, Edwd J, Carrier Cal SCalAIameda $1200 
Daly, Denis A, Carrier Ire 2CalMarin $1100 
Evans, Trevor, Carrier Colo SCalAIameda $900 
Gaston, Allen M, Carrier Colo SCalAIameda $800 
Gilbert, Chas L, Carrier NY SCalAIameda $900 
Green, R.iymond G, Carrier Iowa IWashKing $900 
Hamilton, Benj, Carrier Ohio SCalAIameda $1200 
Hegarty, Thos, Carrier Ire SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Hickok, Jas C, Carrier Ohio SCalAIameda $1200 
Honer, Walter J, Carrier Cal SCalAIameda $1200 
.lordan, Chas T, Carrier Cal SCalAIameda $1000 
Lar Rieu, Archie L, Carrier Cal SCalAIameda $1000 
Love, Ju, Carrier Cal SCaUlameda $1000 



Berkeley— Continued. 

Marsh, Leon F, Carrier Tex SCalAlameda $1000 
Martin, Wm A, Carrier Conn SCalAlameda $1200 
Miller, Albert P, Carrier Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Miller, Julius W, Carrier Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Morton, Robt L, Carrier Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Mouser, Webster B, Carrier Cal SCalAlameda $900 
Murphy, Henry P, Carrier Cal SCalAlameda $1000 
Peterson, Eddy, Carrier Wis SCalAlameda $1000 
Preston, Otis J, Carrier Cal SCalAlameda $900 
Randolph, Ernest G, Carrier Svvitz SCalAlameda 

Rewcastle, Chas H, Carrier Cal 4CalSanFranciBC0 

Scott, Albert M, Carrier Conn SCalAlameda $1100 
Sunter, Arthur W, Carrier Hawaii 4CalSanFran- 

eisco $1200 
Tillmann, Ernest J H, Carrier Cal SCalAlameda 

Welch, Robt T, Carrier Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Wendell, Thos, Carrier Cal SCalSolano $800 
Wilson, Henry H, Carrier Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Young, Chas M. Carrier Cal SCalSanPrancisco $900 
Zelt, John H, Carrier HI SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Griffin, Thos F, Laborer Md SCalAlameda $600 
BerUn, Colusa: Weaver, C M, Md S60 
Bern, San Luis Obispo: McDonald, Michl, NS SllO 
Bernardo, San Diego: Smith, Carder S, Iowa SllO 
Beiros, San Luis Obispo: Nosser, Jas B, Iowa S170 
Berry Creek, Butte: McCallan, Mrs Ida B, Cal S180 
Beswick, Siskiyou: Edson, Mrs B D, Pa $220 
Bethany, San Joaquin: Schlichtmau, Claus, Pa $250 
Betteravla, Santa Barbara: Binola, Israel M, Cal S760 
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles: Bruso, Geo P, NY S420 
Bicknell, Santa Barbara: Stain, J N, Wis S290 
Bieber, Lassen: Paulk, S H, Ohio Ss500 
Big Bar, Trinity: Tinsley, Geo W, Cal 870 
Biggs, Butte; Walker, Wm Edwin, Cal SHOD 
Big Oak Flat, Tuolumne: Repetto, Victor J, Cal S3S0 
Blgpine, Inyo: Casler, Matilda, — S8S0 
Bigtrees, Calaveras: Whiteside, Mrs Elizabeth, 111 

Bijou, Eldorado: Young, M W, Cal S230 
Birds Landing, Solano; Bird, Elmer G, Cal S240 
Bishop, Inyo: Clark^ John W, Iowa S1700 
Miller. Mrs Jessie C, Clerk Minn — S900 
Trimble, H W, ED 111 — SSOO . 

Blackbear, Siskiyou; Daggett, John, NY S70 I 

Black Diamond, Contra Costa: Buchanan, Mrs Nora, 
Oreg S1400 
Boyce, Miss Mame, Clerk Cal SCalContraCosta S144 
Blacks Station, Yolo: Cutler, S P, NH 3300 
Blake, San Bernardino: Ware, Henry P, Eng S330 

Brooke, Marion, Clerk Cal — S120 
Blanchard, Tuolumne; Blancbard, Mrs Rosie M, Cal 

Blanco, Monterey: Breschim, John, SwMtz $100 
Blocksburg, Humboldt: Asbill, Wm J, Cal $490 

Madden, Mrs Lula M, Clerk Cal ICalHumboldt S80 
Bloomfield, Sonoma: Minek, Wm, Ger $260 
Bloomlngton, San Bernardino: Pickett, Alson G, NC 
Pickett, Miss Lena M, AsstPM Cal SCalSanBer- 
nardino S54S 
Blue Canyon, Placer: Knapp, Jas B, NH $450 
Blue Lake, Humboldt: Bai'ber, Herbert A, Ohio $660 
BIythe, Riverside: Mclntyre, P D, Can $510 
Blythe Junction, Bernardino; Wilson, Mrs Elsie M, Ariz 

Boca, Nevada: Garrison, Chas C, Va S5S0 

Wagner, Saml E, A^tPM Pa ICalNevada $288 
Bodega, Sonoma: McCaughe\' Howai'd C, Cal $260 

Kimble Edwd W, Clerk Cal 2CalSonoma S36 
Bodflsh, Kern; Brown, Elon G, Mich $240 
Bodie, Mono: Reading, Wm E, NS SIOOO 
Bogus, Siskiyou; Bloomingcamp, John F, — $100 
Bolinas, Marin; Petar, Jos G, Cal $540 
Bonanza^ Merced; Sepulveda, F C, — $20 
Bonita, San Diego; Allen, Russell C, Mass $230 
Bonny Doon, Santa Cruz: Bray, Mrs Emma B, Mass 

Bonsall, San Diego: Stevens, G D, Me $210 
BoonviUe, Mendocino: Farrer, John T sr, Eng $410 
Farrer, Louis C, Clerk Utah 4CalMendocino $60 
Bootjack, Marisposa: McNally, Mrs Susan, Tenn $150 
Bostonia, San Diego: Hoffburd, Raymond W, 111 $190 
Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz: Trout, Danl R, Cal $1000 

Trout, Mrs Precilia M B, Clerk Mich — $30 
Bouldin Island, San Joaquin: Ziegler, Mrs Anna NY $90 
Boulevard, San Diego: Ruby, W H, Ind $50 
Bowles, Fresno; Elliott, Fred, Can $320 

Nielsen, Carl G, RD Den 6CalFresno S900 
Bowman, Placer: Burtscher, Geo, Wis $390 
Boyes Springs, — : Graham, AD, — $380 
Bradley, Monterey: Hackett, Rose A M, Cal $510 
Brady City, Sierra: Hayes, Mrs Minnie, Cal $120 
Branscomb, Mendocino: Branscomb, B F, 111 $210 
Brawley, Imperial; Pellet, Miss Nellie, Wis $1800 
Anderson, Miss EveljTi, AsstPM Mo SCallmperial 
Bray, Siskiyou: Pile, Otis E, Term $480 
Brentwood, Contra Costa: Morgans, W P, Wales $620 

Barkley, Miss Annie, Clerk — — S30 
Brlcebuig, Mariposa: Brice, Wm M, 111 $30 
Briceland, Humboldt: Smalley, Mrs Delia E, Cal $20 
Brldgehouse, Sacramento; Warren, R L, Cal $S0 
Bridgeport, Mono; Ptmentel, Minnie, Cal $800 
Armstrong, L, Clerk Iowa ICalMono $60 
BrIdgevlUe, Humboldt: Cox, Mrs Ml, Cal $210 
Brockway, El Dorado; La^vrence, M, Me $210 
Broderlck, Yolo: Hinman, D L, Cal $650 
Brookdale, Santa Cruz: Logan, Jas H, Ind S830 

Turcot.Herbert, AsstPM Cal 6CalSantaCruz $480 
Brooks, Yolo: Smith, Mrs Emeline, Mich $120 
Winter, Jacob C, Carrier Cal 2CalYolo $103 
BrrtWDi Kern: TTaels's. Gustave A, Kans $610 

Brownell, Siskiyou: Luckett, W L, Mo $90 
Browns Valley, Yuba: Hendricks, W B, Iowa $240 
Brownsville, Yuba: Gordon, Mrs Qeorgie R, Cal $170 
Bruoevllle, Sacramento: Kunsting, Harry H, Ger $160 
Brush Creek, Butte: Simpson, Geo W, Can $110 
Brynmawr, San Bernardino: Boone, C J, Iowa $370 
Bryson, Monterey: Bidwell, Mrs Lyda, Cal $120 
Buck, Plumas: Darby, Benj F, Cal $80 
Buckeye, Shasta: Landis, Mrs Annie, Cal $190 

Jones, Leonidas F, Carrier III ICalShasta $600 
Buena Park, Orange; Perry, John S, Tenn $620 

Ritter, Clyde E, RD Kans — $960 
BuUards Bar, Yuba: Mix, Geo A, Cal $70 
Bullion, Placer: Power, Harold M, — $5 
Bulwlnkle, Humboldt; Sharp, Craigie S, Cal $300 
Burbank, Los Angeles; Fischer, Charles B, — $1100 
Fischer, Mrs. Estella E, AsstPM Cal 7CalLosAn- 

geles $100 
Beal, Mrs. Tillie F, RD NJ 7CalLosAngeles $1000 
Hallett, Miss Bessie, RD Pa 7CalLosAngeles $1000 
Burke, Sonoma; Burke, W P, Mo $230 
Burlingame, San Mateo; Gates, Geo W, Eng $1700 
Bissett, Miss Norma N, AsstPM Cal — $600 
Ramsey, Miss Ora S, Clerk Cal — $600 
Burnett, Los Angeles; Wilson, Camp W, III S320 
Burney, Shasta; Brewster, Saml, Cal $270 
Gale, A W, Clerk NY ICalShasta $48 
Burnt Ranch, Trinity: Hennessy, M, Cal $150 
Burrough, Fresno: Spence, Mrs Lutie, Cal $80 
Burson, Calaveras: Hops, John, Ger $230 
Butcher Ranch, Placer: Reiner. Eugene, Ger $30 
Butte City, Glenn; Barham, Ed, — $430 

Jessup, Miss M, Clerk — 2CalGlenn $30 
Butte Meadows, Butte: Roper, John W, PrinceEd- 

wardl $230 
Butte Valley, Plumas: Savercool, Carrie, 111 $80 
Buttonwillow, Kern: Smith, Sydney W, Eng $390 
Byron, Contra Costa: Copland, Alex J, Cal $660 

SUver, Miss Mazie, AsstPM Cal 3CalContraCosta $35 
Byron Hot Springs, Contra Costa: Mead, Louis R, Mich 
Krumland, Edwd, Carrier Cal SCalContraCosta $720 
Cahuilla, Riverside: Swayne, Nellie. Nebr $30 
Cajon, San Bernardmo: McCleary, L M, 111 $180 
Calabasas, Los Angeles; Carberry, W L, Cal $210 
Calexico, Imperial: Griswold, Harry H, Tex $1700 
Cockley, Chas C, AsstPM Ind SCallmperial $900 
Lee, Paul A, Clerk Minn SCallmperial $720 
Simmons, Chas P, RD Ala SCallmperial $560 
Caliente, Kern: Ripley, John, Wis $360 
Calistoga, Napa: Grauss, Felix L, Cal $1600 
Grauss, Chas H, AsstPM Cal SCalNapa $360 
Mc Arthur, Arthur E, RD Cal SCalNapa $950 
Callahan, Siskiyou: Thompson, Saml R, Tex $360 
Calpella, Mendocino: Strong, Francis O, III $390 
Calzona, San Bernardino: Dachj Arthur, Ger SllO 
Camanche, Calaveras: Duffy, Miss Mary, Cal $1S0 
Camarillo, Ventura: Adams, Alpheus, — $590 

Fulton, Harry C, RD — — $1000 
Cambria, San Luis Obispo; Van Gorden, Earl, Cal $710 
Cameron, Kern; Monroe, Mrs Eliza D M, La $60 
Monroe, Duncan F, Carrier Cal 4CalKern $7 
Camino, Eldorado: Milligan, Wm A, — $160 
Campbell, Santa Clara: Waite, Mrs Meda L, Ohio $1500 
Putnam, Mrs Onie A, AsstPM Cal SCalSantaClara 

Dowton, Walter L, RD Can 5CalSantaClara $960 
Townsend, Chas, RD 111 5CalSantaClara $900 
Young, Henry S, RD Cal 5CalSantaClara $900 
Camp Curry, Mariposa: Curry, David A, Ind $850 
Ervin, Marie, Clerk Ohio 2CalMariposa $600 
Hollmann, Emil F, Clerk Mo 2CalMariposa $300 
Camp Meeker, Sonoma; Hovey, Arthur L, 111 $1000 
Holly, Miss Wanda, Clerk Cal 2CalSonoma $190 
Mabry, Robt, Clerk 111 2CalSonoma $290 
Wooster, Miss Janette. Clerk Cal 2CalSonoma $190 
Campo, San Diego: Johnson, Murry S, Vt $360 
Campo Seco, Calaveras: Zana, Antone, — $480 
Camp Taylor, Marin: Hickey, Monica R, — $10 
Camptonville, Yuba: Groves, Miss M M, Cal $650 
Camulos, Ventura: Del Valle, Juventino, Cal $80 
Cana, Butte: Jamison, Millie M, — $90 
Canby, Modoc: Kane, Mrs Farmy B, Cal $100 
, Coulter, Sidney D, AsstPM Cal — CalModoe $150 
Cantara, Siskiyou: Branstetter, Fred O, Cal $410 
Capay, Yolo: Schwab, Saml, Ger $340 
Capell, Napa: Pare, Miss Edna M, Cal $60 
Capetown, Humboldt: Saunders, Miss Maude, Cal $170 
Capitola, Santa Cruz: Ryder, Mrs Nellie M, Cal $760 
Boyle, Miss Gladys, Clerk Cal OCalSanta Cruz $45 
Sloan, Miss Violet, Clerk Cal OCalSantaCruz $45 
Carbon, Shasta; Smith, Nora B, Ohio $70 
Carlotta, Humboldt; Light, E A, Cal $140 

Hornbrook, N A, Clerk Cal — $60 
Carlsbad, San Diego: Hays, Mrs Margarite W, Cal $200 
Carmel, Monterey: Slevin, Louis S, Cal $1000 
CarneUan Bay, Placer: Delano, L P, Vt $130 
Carplnteria, Santa Barbara; Tobey, Mary S, Mass $910 
Carrville, Trinity: Carr, Mrs Mary A, Cal $360 
Carson Hill, Calaveras: Oneto, Jas J, Cal $130 
Caratbers, Fresno: Clevenger, Abraham, Kans $320 
Casa Verdugo, Los Angeles: Land, Faimie B, NJ $360 
Casmalla, Santa Barbara: Davis, Edom N, Ind $230 
Caspar, Mendocino: Stickney, Fred W, Cal $420 
Cassel, Shasta: Williams, HE, Conn $100 
Castella, Shasta: Bell, Jesse A, Cal $650 
Castle Crags, Shasta: Foster, Jas B, — $340 
Castrovllle, Monterey: Whitcher, Chas R, Can $640 

Whitcher, Mrs Nellie, AsstPM Can — $72 
Cathay, Jtariposa: Redman, J H, Cal $60 
Caution, Truiity: Willburn, Mary L, — $100 
Cayton, Shasta: Bidwell, John N, Cal $90 
Cayucos, San Luis Obispo: Hardee, A M, Scot $580 
Cazadero, Sonoma: Elliott, Caleb C, NO $540 
Cecllvllle, Siskiyou: Roll, Mrs Euphemia, Cal $50 
CedarviUe, Modoc: Wilson, J R, Cal $1000 
Wilson, Miss Vera, ARstPM C«l 4CaIModoc «84 

Cement, Solano: Kind, Morris, Pa $900 

Battersby, Miss Joyce, Clerk Cal SCalSolano $420 
Ceuterville, Alameda: Hawes, Frank T, Cal $920 
Ceres, Stanislaus: Warner, Myron, Cal $1300 
Mobley, Karl, AsstPM Iowa fiCal Stanislaus $120 
James, John C, RD Cal 6CalStanislaus $900 
Owen. Sidney, RD Mo 6CalStanislaus $960 
Williams, Clarence M. RD Cal 6Cal Stanislaus $700 
Challenge, Yuba: Willey, Miss Aileen M, Cal $210 
Charter Oak, Los Angeles; Evey, Saml T, Ohio 8320 
Chatsworth, Los Angeles; Nelson, Jas C, Den $340 
Cherokee, Butte; Thomas, May L, Cal $160 
Chester, Plumas: Gay, Mrs Maude R, Minn $300 
Chicago Park, Nevada: Meyer, Mrs Helen, 111 $170 
Chico, Butte: Moir, Harry S, Va S2700 
Allen, Archie J. AsstPM Cal 2CalButte $1300 
Bennett. Wm F, Clerk Cal 2CalButte $1000 
Clark, Chas L, Clerk Cal 2CalButte $1000 
Coon. Chas E, Clerk Cal 2CalButte $900 
Deering. Wm C, Clerk Cal 2CalButte $1000 
Johnston, Fred B, Clerk Cal 2CalButte $1100 
Lund, E, Clerk Nor 2CalButte $1000 
Meixner. Chas R, Clerk Minn 2CalButte $600 
Baling. Earl W, Clerk Cal 2CalButte $900 
Scott. Alba N, Clerk Mass 2CalButte SHOO 
Clark, FredkW, Carrier Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1100 
Kellom, Arthur S, Carrier Minn 2CalButte $1100 
Lightfoot, Homer F. Carrier Cal 2CalButte S600 
Bailey, Horace P, RD Cal 2CalButte SIOOO 
De Long, Wm E, RD Cal 2CalButte $960 
Hieks, Henderson A, RD Mo 2CalButte $800 
Sayers, Wm H, Jan Fa 2CalButte $240 
Hintz, Henry A, Station No. 1 Cal 2CalButte $100 
Chilcoot, Lassen; Riordan, Aeneas P, — $70 
Chiles, Napa; Whittle. Mrs Margaret F, NS $130 
China Flat, Humboldt: McNeill, J R, Ky S260 
Chinese Camp, Tuolumne: Morris, Saul, Cal $320 
Br\]gh, A W, AsstPM Va ICalTuolumne $96 
Chino, San Bernardino: Simmons. Morton E, III $1600 
Simmons. Mrs H Lucille, AsstPM Mich SCalSan 

Bernardino $360 
Tiberg, Miss Svea F, Clerk NY SCalSanBemardino 
Chittenden, Santa Cruz; Chittenden, Talman, NY $250 
Cholame, San Luis Obispo: Gaines. J P, 111 $90 
Christine, Mendocino: Gschnend, Walter, Cal S90 
Chualar, Monterey: Enevoldsen. E J, Den $350 
Chula Vista. San Diego; Farrow, W B, Can $1000 

Austin. Clarence E, RD Minn SCalSanDiego $800 
Cima, San Bernardino: Burroughs, Mrs M B, Ohio $210 
Cisco, Placer: Freeman. H M, Me $490 
Claremont, Los Angeles; Duvall. O H. Ind $1800 
Ryan, Miss Edna, AsstPM Cal 7CalLosAngeles $720 
Richmond, Miss Anna, Clerk Vt 7CalLosAngeles 
SI 20 
Clarksburg, Yolo; Goulard, Mrs C R, Cal $400 
Clarksvllle, Eldorado: Beger. Eugene L, Cal $50 
Clay, Sacramento: Bolton, Curtis A. — $240 
Clayton, Contra Costa: Santina, Bottini, It $240 
Clearwater, Los Angeles: Williams. Jas M, Mo $200 
Clements, San Joaquin: Gillies, CCA, Cal $510 
Cleveland, Merced: Jones. J Lee, Cal $10 
Clinton, Lassen: Wright, Mrs Laura S. Cal $80 
Clio, Plumas: Brake, Mrs Petrine C. Ger $720 
CUppergap, Placer: Fitzsimmons, T W. Pa $190 
Clipper MUls, Butte: Schultz, W J. Cal $120 
Cloverdale, Sonoma: Wilson, Thos B. NZ S1500 
Browne, Geo M, AsstPM Can 2CalSonoma $360 
Hulbert. Hiram A, RD Cal 2CaISonoma $900 
Clovis, Fresno: Bell, Mrs Kate. Eng $1600 
Bell, Miss Helen. AsstPM Cal — SISO 
Coachella, Riverside: Smythe, John L. Cal $550 
Coallnga, Fresno: Hefton. Miss Nettie L. HI $2700 
Bolster. John W. AsstPM NY OCalFresno $1400 
Abel, Theodore H, Clerk Wis IWisKenosha $12011 
Cook. Miss Bemice L, Clerk Miss OCalFresno 81200 
Goodwin. Miss Shirley M, Clerk Cal 6CalFresno $1000 
Kinney. Robt H. Clerk Cal 6CalFresno $1000 
Mason. Miss Clara, Clerk Iowa eCalFresno $1000 
Mooney, Bernard. Clerk Pa eCalFresno $600 
Sanborn. Miss Alice B, Clerk Cal 6CalFresno $1000 
Mason. Wm A, Carrier — 90hioLuca9 $1200 
Nay, Orvis W, Carrier Nev 6CalFresno $1000 
Coarsegoia, Madera; Krohn, H A, Cal $210 
Coffee, Trinity: Pinkham. B D. — $160 
Cohasset, Butte: Hartt. Edelpha E, Mo $210 
Cold Brook, Los Angeles: Spencer. Allan H, Cal 8170 
Colevllle. Mono: Watkins. R G, Md $150 
Colfax, Placer; Butler. John L, Cal $1500 
Dumin. Miss Alice T. AsstPM Cal ICal— $240 
Cross, Mrs Alberta, Clerk Cal ICal— $120 
Horin, Eduard H. RD Cal ICal— 8900 
College City, Colusa: White. Henry A, Cal $370 
CoUinsvllle, Solano: Emmington. Emil. Sw $260 
Colma, San Mateo; Taylor, GeoW, Ohio $560 
Bonning, Nelson T, AsstPM Iowa 5CalSanMateo 

Wight. Geo. RD Cal 5CalSanMateo $440 
Coloma, Eldorado: Heikens. B R. Ger $150 
Colton, San Bernardino; Hays, Wilson. Pa .$2300 
Frazer. Fred, AsstPM Cal 8CalSanBemardino $900 
Cosgrove. Miss Minta, Clerk Iowa SCalSanBemar- 
dino SIOOO 
Davenport. Miss Daisy F, Clerk Cal SCalSanBemar- 
dino $1000 
Hetherington, Geo F, Clerk HI SCalSanBemardino 

Rutherford, Bobt L, RD III SCalSanBemardino 
Columbia, Tuolumne; Pitts, John W, Cal $560 

Tibbits. L C AsstPM Pa — $180 
Colusa, Colusa: Beckwith, Byron D, Cal $2000 
Dempsey, Miss Mary, AsstPM Cal 2CalColusa $420 
Dempsey, Miss Ruth, Clerk Cal 2CalColusa $600 
FauRhnan^ Miss Genevieve, Clerk C«l 2CalColusa 



Colusa Junction, Colusa: Arvedson, Henry J, 111 $240 

Arvedson, Miss Martha L, AsstI'M 111 — $48 
Comptctae, Mendocino: Battey, Mrs Ada E, Cal S2m 
ComptOD, Los Angeles: Williams. Justus H, Mich $l3nn 

Williams, Miss Ethel C, AsstPM Cal TCalLosAngelcs 

flrout, I-omont J, UD Iowa TCalLosAngelcs $900 

Moaley, Cornelius, RD Ind TCalLosAngelcs $9tio 
COQcepcton, Santa Barbara: Cary, Uolit L. Oreg $190 
CoucoTd, Contra Costa: Soto, Presentation M, Cal $1600 

Soto. Miss Florence E, Clerk Cal SCalContraCosta 

Berwick, Uolit H. RD NY 3CalContraCosta $900 
Coae}o, I'^resno: Stevenson, Clyde R. Iowa $2*20 
Confidence, Tuolumne: Booth. Junius B, III $2$0 
Cook, Sun Benito: Hain, Arthur T, Mich $T0 
Cool, Eldorado: Routt, Willis, Mo $190 
Cooperstown. Stanislaus: Marston, P W, Me $ITO 

Marston. MathaE. AsstI'M Cal tiCalStanislaus $30 
Copley, Shasta: Maltby, Jennie M, Cal S-SO 
Copperopolls, Calaveras: Honey, Milton. Cal $400 
Coppervale, Lassen: Brown, Alliert S. — $120 
Coram. .Shasta: Brown. H W. Ariz $1100 
Corcoran. Kings: Mitchell. Lurian I". NY $1.'«)0 

Maver. Miss Jessie. Clerk Minn — $3110 
Cordelia, Solano: Mason. Jas. Eng $4;!n 
Cornlue, Tehama: Chittenden, Mrs Miriam U, Mich 

Ilotohkiss, Miss H Mertie, Clerk Wis ICalTeharaa 

Home, Wm H, RD Colo ICalTehama $1000 
Corona, Riverside: Brown. Coorco, Can $2200 
I'rizer. Henry A, AsstI'M Iowa sCalKiverside $1000 
Bierma. Grace J. Clerk Minn SCalRiversido $I100 
Sweet. Mrs .\da C, Clerk Cal SCalRiversido $800 
Thompson. John, RD RI SCalRivorside $1000 
Coronado, San Diego: Bailhacho, Miss Adalino, NY 
O'Harra. Miss Mary E. AsstI'M Ohio — $liOO 
Oavileer. Walter J. Clerk NJ — S420 
Hagenow. Chas. Clerk Iowa — J300 
Corralltos. .Santa Cruz: Fritz. Geo L. Ill tlM 
Corte Madera, Marin: Mahood. Dell. Ncv $030 
Cosumne. Sacramento: Molonev, Lawrence F, Ire $220 
CotatI, Sonoma: Ross, RobtC," — $430 
Cottonwood, Shasta: McCabe. Thos J. - $800 
Coulterrllle. Mariposa: Orenfell. Edwd, Cal $4S0 

Grenfell. Mrs Amelia. AsstPM Cal - S4>i 
County Farm, Los Angeles: Manning. C C. Ill $120 
Conrtland, Sacramento: Bauer, Chas E, Cal $1000 

Simpson, D E, Clerk Cal — $840 
Coutolenc, Butte: Musselman. A C. Cal $210 
Covelo. Mendocino: Dunlap. Jas L, Cal $090 
Covlna, Los .\ngeles: Matthews. Jas L. Eng $2000 
Shipway. Leslie S. AsstPM Cal TCal I-os Angeles $T00 
Hibsch," Mrs Martha. RD Mo TCalLosAngelcs $1000 
Blackman. Chas E. RD Minn "Call>isAngeles$520 
Coyote, Santa Clara: Fisher. Chest<'r F. Cal $.fOO 
Craftonvtlle. San Bernardino: Golden. John. NY $300 
Cranmore. Sntfcr: Harrison. Salina A. — $110 
Crater. Mono; Miiltbv. Mrs Alto I, Iowa $r,o 
Crescent City, Del vorte: Howe, W A, Cal $1400 
Hamilton, J M, Clerk Cal ICalDelNorle $240 
Crescent Mills, Plumas: Bachor, Mrs Delia A, Conn 

Cressy. Merced: McCa\ighev. W 0. Ohio $100 
Creston, San Luis Obispo: Oriienhagen. C A, Wis 240 
Crockett. Contra Costa: Edwards, Thos. Cal $I.Wfl 

Brooks, Miss Eva J. Clerk Cal 12CalContraCosta $240 
Cromberg. Plnmas: Langhorst. Gerhard A. Ger $300 
Crows Landing, Stanislaus: Ellis, Henrv S, Eng $^810 
Croy. Siskiyou: Croy. .Teflerson P. — $130 
Crucero. San Bernardino: Hewetson, ChasC. Ohio $.'i0 
Cucamonga, San Bernardino: Rupp, John H, Iowa 

Cnddeback, Humboldt: Felt, John H, Wis $170 
Cummlngs, Mendocino: Cumminps. Frank A, — $220 
Cupertino, Santa Clara: Wilson. Archibald, Eng $9S0 
, Carpenter. Andw, RD RI .'SCalSanfnClara $800 
Johnson, Morgan RD NY .iCalSanlaClara $800 
Parrlsh. Claud J, RD Kv .iCalSanlaClara $800 
Cutler. Tulare: Fuller, F F," NY $210 
Daggett, San Bernardino: White. Mrs Lucy E, Mich 
White. Ella. AsstPM Cal — S9(i 
Dale. San Bernardino: Reed. Isaac B, Mo $120 
Dana, Shasta: Brewster. Lewis. Ohio $1.30 
Danby. San Bernardino: Pinkeft, Walter O, Eng $90 
Danville, Contra Costa: Clark, A E. Can $T70 
Darwin. Invo: Reynolds. Mamie K. — $90 
DavenportI Santa Cniz: Morelli. Dorillo. Switz $G20 
Davis, Yolo: Gallagher, Jos J. Ire $1400 
Sherrill, Miss Sarah J. AsstPM Tenn 2CalYolo $120 
Heule. Miss Iva M. Clerk Cal 2CalYolo $180 
Davis Creek, Modoc: Watkins, C T, Cal $510 
Day. Mofloe: Lorenzen. Peter. Ger $20 
Deadwood. Trinitv: Kesler, Wm. Cal $110 
Death VaUey. Inyo: Tubb, Robt M. Te.x tV,o 
Declez. San Bernardino: Ros-sen, Jesse n, Ger $160 
Decoto, M.ameda: Olson. John L. Cal $.i90 
Dedrlck. Trinity: Thomscn. Thos S. — $60 
Deerpark, Placer: Chandler. Miss Katherine. Cal $114 
Defender. Amador: McKenzie. Edna M. Cal $100 
Dehesa, San Diego: W'ilkins, Walter G, Minn $100 
Delano, Kern: Turner. Guv S, SDak $1200 

Turner Mrs Kittie, AsiStPM Mo SCalKem $120 
Delevan, Colusa: Garoutte, S A, Iowa $180 
Del Mar, San Diego: Weed, S K, Cal $600 
Del Monte, Monterev: Warner, Holdnn R, Vt $1400 
Del Rev. Fresno: Smith. Winfield S, W'Va $550 

Wood, W W, RD Cal eCalFresno $1000 
Del Rosa, San Bernardino: Cushing, David J, 111 $130 
Del SuT, Los Angeles: Johnson, Mrs E A, Eng $170 

Johnson, Jos E Clerk Cal — $60 
De Lni, San Diego: Regan, Mrs Kate S, Pa $80 
Denalr, StanJslausr Crouch, Roy A, Nebr $600 

Denny, Trinity: Ladd, Ellen E, — S70 
Denirerton, Solano: Barnes, Henry C, — $120 
Descanso, San Diego: Cunningham, Geo M, — $280 
Desert, San Bcrniu-dino: Bright. T L. Ind $140 
Devore, San Bernardino: Davis, Mrs Jennie C, Mich 

Dewltt. Sassen: Dewitt, Walter B, Cal $S0 
Diamond Spring, Eldorado: llsohm, Eroil, Cal $.'iOO 
Dlnuba, Tulare: Cochran, Manson M, Ky $1700 

Cochran, Elb.rt H, Clerk Ky SCalTulare $400 

Brubaker, Henrv, l!l) Ohio 8CalTidare $1000 

McCulloch, Jas 1) HI) NY SCalTulare $1000 

Millsap, Marion, |{I) .Mo SCalTulare $1000 
Dixie, La.ssen: Clarke, Mrs Belle, Cal $10 
DIzon, Solano: Newbv, Benj F, Cal $1700 

F'itzpatrick, Miss Daisy, AsstPM Cal SCalSolano 

Newby, Miss Madeline A, Clerk Cal 3CalSolano 

Parker, Mrs Pearl M, Clerk Cal SCalSolano $60 
Dobbins, Yuba: Merriam, J C, Cal $340 
Donner, Placer: Moulden, J, Can $440 
Dorleska, Trinity: MacIlwaine,M H, Ire $130 
Dorrlngton, Calaveras: Whittle. Jos, — $120 
Dorrls, Siskivou; Wilkins, Otha A, Mo $930 

Evans, Ralph, Clerk Cal ICalSiskivou $flO 

Wilkins, Mrs Enuna Clerk Cal ICalSiskiyou $60 
Dos Falos, Merced: Mitchell, Jas, Cal $1100 

Ni.sewani;er. J:icob F, RD Iowa OCalMcrced $1000 
Douglas City. Trinity: Thaver. Stephen I, — $200 
Douglas Flat, Calaveras: Williams, Miss Sarah, Cal 

Dove, San Luis Obispo: .\ranjo,Timothv A, Cal $90 

Sexton, Myron C, Carrier Cal SCalSanLuisObispo 
Downey, Los Angeles: Smith, Jos, 111 $1200 

Smith, Mrs Annie, AsstPM Ark 7CalLos.\ngeIes 

Purcell, Miles N, Clerk Kv 7CalLosAnReles $.-i64 

Jewell, Phillips, RD Pa " TCalLosAngelcs $1000 
DownlevUle, .Sierra: Tavlor, Ross L, Cal $1000 
Doyle, Lassen: Neep, Wm M, Oreg tM*) 
Drytown, Amador: McWavne, Allen, Ohio $3fi0 

Carlev, Miss Alpha, AsstP.M Cal 2Cal Amador $120 
Duarte, Los Angeles: Fowler, Jos, Cal $580 
Dudley, Kern: Barker, Albert M, — $300 
Dufley, Mendocino: DuBev, Albert E, — $190 
Ducor, Tulare: Bnilv, Sha'ileW, Cal $460 

Gregory. SethT. AsstPM Tenn ,8CalTulare $12 

Hatch, Ed P, Clerk 111 SCalTulare $12 
Dulzura. San Diego: Clark, Elam, Cal $100 
Duncans Mills, Sonoma: Fraser, Wm, Can $430 
Dunlap, Fresno: Mitchell, Jay E, Cal $250 
Dunnlgan, Yolo: Nason, Kate, — $360 
Dunsmulr, Siskivou: TurkwelLWniT. $1800 

Clarke, Miss Ella, AsstI'M Tex ICalSiskiyou $600 

Anson, Miss Eva, Clerk Mich ICalSiskiyou $360 
Durham, Butte: Epperson E A, Mo $.')30 
Dutch Flat, Placer: Jameson, Jas W, Nev $690 
Duttons Landing, .Solano: Dutton, J Warren, Cal $70 
DyervlUe, Humboldt: Morton, R E, Cal $.>I0 
EaglevUle, Modoc: Powers, Mrs SabraE, Ind $560 
Earllmart, Tulare: Boone, Wm T, Ind $240 

Woodcock. Miss Mvrtle. AsstPM Me SCalTulare $300 
East Auburn, Placer: Watts, Sainl O, Eng $1800 

Corbin, Miss Esther A, AsstPM Cal ICalPlacer $480 

Coibin. Miss Alma, Clerk Cal ICalPlacer $300 
East Highlands, San Bernardino: Richardson, David H, 

111 $540 
Easton, San Mateo: Dunbar, Ehner D, Cal $490 
East San Pedro, Los .Vngelcs: Shutt, Howard F, Ind 

Eccles, Santa Cruz: Forde, W'm C, Pa $210 
Echo, Eldorado: Martin, Wm, — $20 
Eclipse, I'hunos: Mullen, Marv E. — — 
Eden Vale, Santa Clara: Thornton, John H, 111 $340 

I i ulnar. Alex B. RI) Cal .ICalSantaClara $1000 
Edgewood, Siskivou: Cavanaugh, E B, Cal $440 
Edison, Kern; Clarke, Jas E, Eng $230 
Edna, San Luis Obispo: Bunds, Herbert H, — $300 
ElCajon, San Diego: Stcll,Wm, NY $960 

Bridgman, Chas, RD Kans sCalSanDiego — 
EI Casco, Riverside: Goetting. A A, Ohio $130 
El Centro, Imperial: Miller, Ora R, Mo $2200 

.Miller, Mrs Alice, AsstPM Cal 3Ca!Imperial $900 

Meadows, John D, Clerk Tex 3CalImperial $600 

Calhoun, Cav H, RD Tex SCallmperial $800 

ILartzlcr, Eiirl F, RD Iowa 3Callmperial $1000 
Elder, Humboldt: Tomlinson, KiopM, NS $30 
El Dorado, ICUlorado: Ninnis, Mrs Louisa D, Cal $380 
Eldrldge, Sonoma: Dawson, \\'m J G, Can $4T0 
Electra, Amador: Wilcoxon, Benton H, Cal $2To 
El Granada, San JIatco: Croydon, Geo, — $ITO 
Elinor, Humboldt: Kerr, Chas E, Iowa $100 
Elizabeth Lake, Los .Vngeles: Ilelher, Edw R, Cal $80 
Elk, Mendocino: Thompson, Albert I). Cal $5T0 
Elk Creek, Glenn: Bickford, A R. Cal $280 

Lucas. Rov. Clerk Cal 2CalGlenn $36 
Elk Grove, Sacramento: Welch, Mrs Vivian, Cal $1000 

I'earl, Mrs Ernestine, .VsstI'M Cal 2CalSacramento 
EUlswortb, San Joaquin: Holm, Fritr, J, Den $120 
Elmbnrst, Alameda: Van Arsdale, Miss Cecilia G, 111 

Becver, Miss Marguerite J, AsstPM Cal 3CalAlameda 

Burrows, Richd J, KD Cal SCalAlamcda $1000 
Elmlra, Solano: Clark, F H, Cal $580 

Borges, Eddie, Clerk Cal SCalSolano $300 
El Modeno, Orange: Talcott,JoslahSjr, SDak $190 

Ixjntz, Miss Grace Z, AsstPM III SCalOrange $480 
£1 Monte, Los. \ngeles: Mayes, Lula. Cal $1200 

Rolston, Miss Esther, Clerk Cal TCalLos.^ngcles 

Rolston, Wm O, RD Cal 7CalLosAngcIes $900 
SI Portal, Maripo«a: Young, Bertrejn K, Cal $950 

El Hlo, Ventura: Holmold, Henry T, Ger $230 

Maer, Charlie, rd — — — 
Elslaoie, Kiversido: Clayton, Jas T, Mo $1,300 
Chamlwrlin. Miss Jessie. Clerk — SCalRiverside $.360 
Stewart. I/C-sslie D, RD Cal SCalRiverside $900 
El Toro, Orange: .\verv. Arthur A, Mich $390 
El Verano, Sonoma: Mullen, MichI F, Ire $970 
Emerald Bay, Eldorado: Graves. Russell C, NY $360 
Emigrant Gap. Placer: Hyatt, Jas W, Cal $410 
Emmaton. Sacramento: upham. J E, — $220 
Empire, Stanislaus: Sanger. Saml F. Va $160 
Encanto, San Diego: Hagenbuck. Chas H. Nebr $290 
Enclnltas. Son Diego: Coziins. C B. Cal $470 

Ingersoll. Donald C. RD Cal .SCalSanDiego $.800 
Enterprise, Butte: Ahrens, Henrv FC. Ger $90 
Escalon, San Joaquin: McPhersoh. Harry L. Ill $570 

Franks, Ilarrv S. RD — OCalSanJoaquin $900 
Escondldo. San Diego: .MeCorVle. Wm B. Ind $1900 
McCorkle. Paul C. AsstPM Ind SCal.SanDiego $.500 
Bassett. Edwin D. Clerk Iowa SCal San Diego $.500 
iMwe, Mildred, Clerk NMex SCalSanDiego $400 
McCorkle, Miss Laura I, Clerk Ind SCalSan Diego 

Cornell, M F, RD NY SCalSanDiego $1000 
Dailey, John E, RD Wis SCalSanDiego $lfl(K) 
Esmeralda, Calaveras: Deniartini. Agostino It $30 
Esparto, Yolo: Anplcbv, Augustin, NJ $.360 

Appleby. Miss Tena." AsstPM Cal .5CalYolo $120 
Estrella, San Luis Obisno: Simpson. Mrs Kale. Ill $90 
Ethanac. Riverside: Hanylili, Otto J. Cal $319 
Etiwanda. San Bemardiiio: Frost. Wm H. Can $400 
Etna Mills, Siskivou: Lsaacs, Marcus J, Cal $1,500 

Willard. C L jr. AsstPM Cal ICalSiskivou $372 
Eubanks, Shasta: Tomson. P B. Iowa $160 
Eugene, Stanislaus: Kelliher, Katie, — $00 
Eureka, Humboldt: Speegle. Wm N. Cal $2800 
Moore. Miss Charlotte P, AsstPM Cal ICalHumboldt 

Carbray. Jas W, Clerk Ncv ICalHumboldt $1100 
Carr, I,cwis T, Clerk Cal ICalHumboldt $110fi 
Christie. Miss Alice O. Clerk Cal ICalHumluiIdt $1000 
Hill. Weslev A. Clerk Cal ICalHumboldt sioiKi 
Monroe. Eugene C. Clerk Cal ICalHumboldt $oon 
Noyes. Guv M, Clerk Mass ICalHumboldt $1100 
Vreeland. Thos C, Clerk Cal ICalHumboldt $1000 
Crowell, Russell H, Carrier Ohio 7CalLosAngeles 

Crowley, \\H\ A. Carrier Cal 7Cal Los Angeles $1100 
Devlin. Archibald. Carrier Cal 7CalI,osAngeles $900 
McDonald, Will A, Carrier Cal 7CalLosAngeles $800 
McLellan, Harry A, Carrier Mich 7CalLosAngelos 
Evergreen, Santa Clara: Smith, Frank J. Ger $130 
Exchequer, Marijjosa: Rice. Mrs L H. Cal $50 
Exeter, Tulare: Davis. Horace. Mo $1,500 
Davis, Mrs Jessie, AsstPM Cal SCalTulare $360 
Perkins, Forest C, RD Cal SCalTulare $1000 
Fairfax, Marin: Blagg. J J, Eng $.350 
Fairfield, Solano: Sheldon, Winifred C, Cal $1400 

Carpenter, Mrs Lexv, AsstPM Can SCalSolano $300 

Fairmont, l.os Angeles: Cram, Rupert, III $1.00 

Falroaks, Sacramento: Shelton, Leonard M, Wis $1100 

Smart, WmW, AsstPM Iowa 2Cal .Sacramento $600 

Shelton, Miss Adah B, Clerk Minn iCalSaeramento 

Jones, Jas P, RD NY 2Cal Sacramento $9WI 
Header, Clarence E, RD Minn 2Cal Sacramento $900 
Fairplay, Eldorado: Allen, Mrs .Minnie E, Cal $240 
Falk, Humboldt: Minahan, Mrs Ora, Cal $200 
FaUbrook, San Diego: Woodbury, Bert, Minn $800 

Campbell. Miss Elhe, Clerk Cal SCalSanDiego $2(iO 
Fallen Leaf, Eldorado: Price. Wm W, — $460 
Fallon, Marin: Comctt. Wm H, Can $150 
Fall River Mills, Shasta: Summers, Robt, Cal $330 

Summers. .Mrs -Mabel I. AsstI'M Cal ICalShasta $80 
Famoso, Ivern: De Wolf, Ruth E. — $170 
Farallone, .San Mateo: Hamlin, Frank E, Pa $240 
FarmersvUle, Tulare: Shoemaker, Edwin E, Ky $.320 
Farmtngton, San Joaquin: Boldsworth, Mrs Jessamine, 
Utah $350 
Holdsworth, Miss Dorothv, Clerk Cal OCalSanJoaquin 
Felix, Calaveras: Tower, Willard H, — $170 
Fellows, Kern: Lawton, Harry J, Cal $1000 
Krepp, Miss Pearl S, AsstPM Pa — $600 
Holland, W J, Clerk Eng — $360 
Hughes, Miss Wilda, Clerk Ohio — $480 
Felton, Santa Cruz: Ley, Geo N, Cal $430 
Fenner, San Bernardino: Sidney, Dennis, Pa $100 
Fern, Shasta: Seagren, Anna, — $120 
Femdale, Humboldt: Miner, Ix^ander U. Wis $11.00 
Neuhaus. Miss Irma, .\sstPM Cal 3CalIIiimboldt $.540 
Sutter. Miss Sabina. Clerk Cal 3CalHuniboldt $480 
Fernley, Nevada: Robinson, G V. Cal $80 
Fieldbrook. Humboldt: Johnson. MichI, Nor«' $220 
Fields Landing, Humboldt: Insklp, Herbert R. Cal $430 
FUlmore, \ entura: Stephens. Richd. Scot $1400 
Irench. Ernest A. Clerk Cal SCalVentura $180 
Opsahl, .lolm, RD Norw SCalVentura $800 
Flnley. Lake: Utting. Alfred W. Cal $150 
Flrebaugh, Fresno: Ogle. E F. Oreg $600 
Fltchburg, Alameda: Ely, Chas L, — $660 
Florence, Los Angeles: Andrews, Wm O, Iowa $530 
Florin, Sacramento: Davies, Mrs P D, Cal $S00 
Floriston, Nevada: Kroh. Frank I. Cal $610 
Floumoy, Tehama: Shelling, Miss Kate M, Cal $110 
FolsomClty, Sacramento: Murphy, Richd J, Cal $1500 
Fricke, Miss Belle, Clerk Cal 2Cal Sacramento $240 
Miller. Hattie, Clerk Cal 2Cal Sacramento $240 
JeHs, Wm F. RD Eng 2CalSacramtoto $1000 
Forbestown, Butte: Mullin. Mrs Agnes J M, Can $240 
Forest, Sierra: Morris. Patrick S, — $350 
ForesthlU, Placer: Bowers, Miss Lydia M, Cal $530 

Jones. Oscar H, Clerk Cal ICalPlacer $84 
Forest Home, San Beroairdino:, Franklin J, $310 



ForestRanch, Butte: Dorrett, Fred, Eng $210 
Forestville, Sonoma: Silk, Thos, Eng S460 
Forks of Salmon, Siskiyou: Bennett, Melissa L, Mo SlfiO 
Fort Bidwell, Modoc: Decious, Mrs Marguerite J, Cal 
Decious, Chas R, AsstPM Cal ICalModoc SS4 
Fort Bragg, Mendocino: Huggins, Eri, Mass SlSflO 
Huggins, Mrs Harriet R, AsstPM NY 2CalMendocino 

Dolan, Wm D, Clerk Cal 2CalMendocino S720 
Fort Jones, Siskiyou: Mahan. Mrs Arme C, Cal S1200 
Beem, Martin C, AsstPM Cal ICalSiskiyon S240 
Bailey, Miss Margarets, Clerk Cal ICal Siskiyou $240 
Bills, Albert A, RD Cal ICalSiskiyou $960 
Fort Ross, Sonoma: Call, Carlos A, Cal $200 
Fortuna, Humboldt: Tucker, Chas B, Me $1500 

Blair, Miss Ida M, AsstPM Cal ICalHumboldt $030 
Foster, San Diego: Veall, Geo J, Eng $240 
Foster, Arthur M, AsstPM Cal — $108 
Fosteria, Calaveras: Folsom, Daisy M, Ohio $200 
Fourth Crossing, Calaveras: Wells, J H, Ohio $so 
Fonts Springs, Colusa: Burgi, Alfonso J, Cal S140 
Fowler, Fresno; Priest, Miss Josephine E, Kans $1000 
Weseman, Geo J, AsstPM Cal OCalFresno $600 
Fullerton, John M, RD Iowa OCalFresno $1000 
Ochs, Roland. RD Cal OCalFresno $960 
Stacy. Geo S. RD 111 OCalFresno $1000 
Foxen, Santa Barbara: Muscio, Mrs Susan M. Cal $40 
Franklin, Sacramento: Luttig, H J, Cal .$200 
Fredalba, San Bernardino: Smiley, Fred A, Iowa $340 
Freeport, Sacramento: Hack, Blanche M, Cal $400 
Freestone, Sonoma: McKay, Robt J, Cal $250 
French Camp, San Joaquin: Salini, Mrs Marie P, Ger 

French Corral, Nevada: Moulton, W E, Cal $210 
French Gulch, Shasta: Smith, Danl L, Mo SO.IO 
Freshwater, Humboldt: Coeur, Alex, — $80 
Fresno, Fresno: Short, John W, Mo $3400 

Turner, Geo W, AsstPM Cal OCalFresno $1700 
Baldwin, John W, Clerk RI 13MassBristol $1200 
Cardwell, Frank W, Clerk N^br OCalFresno $1300 
Bowen, Mrs Eva M, Clerk Nebr OCalFresno $900 
Crawford, Earl W, Clerk Ark BOalFresno $600 
Gamy, Leon H, Clerk Cal OCalFresno $1000 
nonohoo, Wm M, Clerk Ohio 4IllCook $1200 
Ford, Scott. Clerk Kans OCalFresno $1000 
Gross, Leo O. Clerk Mo OCalFresno $800 
Hall, Chas H, Clerk NY OCalFresno $1000 
Huebner, Ralph D, Clerk Ohio OCalFresno $1000 
Hurford. Maud R, Clerk Iowa OCalFresno $900 
Koch, Adolph A, Clerk 111 ISIUAdama $1200 
Long, Frank B, Clerk Va OCalFresno $1200 
Patterson, Miss Mattie, Clerk 111 OCalFresno $900 
Rutledge, Guy V, Clerk Tex STexSmith $1100 
Bobbins, Geo A, Clerk Iowa OCalFresno $900 
"" Clerk Nebr OCalFresno $800 
Clerk Cal OCalFresno $300 
Clerk Cal OCalFresno $1200 
Clerk 111 25IllRandolph $1100 
Clerk Ind OCalFresno $1100 
r, Mrs Grace, Clerk Nebr OCalFresno $1000 
Walker, Robt F, Clerk Tex OCalFresno $1000 
Ashton, H B, Carrier Ky OCalFresno $1100 

~ "" ~ ■ Ark ISTexPotter $1000 

r NY OCalFresno $1200 

OCalFresno * 

Ross, Harry W, 
Scheid, John J, 
Schuler, Chas C, 
Sproul, Ralph J, 
Sparks, Jasper T, 

Bryan, Felix A, Carrier 
Dorland, Byron A, Carri 
Carter, Paul R, Carrier 
Davis, Scott L, Carrier 111 OCalFresno $1100 
Fortune, S H, Carrier Mo OCalFresno $1100 
Gibbens, H R, Carrier Pa OCalFresno $1100 
Hopkins, H L, Carrier Cal OCalFresno $800 
Kearns, Ira A, Carrier Iowa OCalFresno $000 
Morton. Chas, Carrier Cal OCalFresno $800 
Reed, Philemon P, Carrier Me OMinnllcnncpln 

Robbins, A F, Carrier Iowa OCalFresno $1100 
Scrivens. L A, Carrier Kans OCalFresno $1200 
Shanklin, Clarence E, Carrier Cal OCalFresno $600 
Whittemore, E L, Carrier Mass OCalFresno $800 
Chaffln, John L. RD Nebr OCalFresno $1000 
Gray, Luther, RD 111 OCalFresno $1000 
Hodge, J C, RD 111 OCalFresno $1000 
Keyes, Chester, RD Mo OCalFresno $1000 
Lewis, Chas E, RD Tex OCalFresno $1000 
Pearson, Nils, RD Sw OCalFresno $1000 
Peterson, Marvin A, RD Mo OCalFresno $1000 
Reiss, Wm A, RD Ky OCalFresno $1000 
Waughtal, Jas C, RD Iowa OCalFresno $1000 
York, Robt L, RD Wash OCalFresno $1000 
Fresno Flats, Madera: Nelson. Preten C, Cal $180 
Frlant, Fresno: Davies, EdwdW. Cal S3S0 

Davies, Maud E, AsstPM Cal OCalFresno 815 
Frodsham, Sacramento: Frodsham, John, Eng $140 
Fruitland, Hirmboldt: Schmidt, Albert, Ger '$220 
Fruto, Glenn: Zumwalt. Mrs Alice I, Cal $200 

Zumwalt, Mrs Dan E,' AsstPM — $bO 
Fulda, Placer: Peck, Wm E, Micli 8130 
FnUerton, Orange: Edwards, Lucien C, Cal $2100 
McKelvey, Sidney D, AsstPM RI .SCalOrange $700 
Salveson, John T, Clerk Cal 8CalOraupe 8S00 
DyclcmaJi, Henrv R, RD Mo SCalOrange $960 
Dyckman, Otto J, RD Mo SCalOrange S960 
Fallert, Leo E, RD Nebr SCalOrange $960 
MoEachran, Wm. RD Can SCalOrange 8900 
Fulton, Sonoma: Miller, Mrs Minnie K, Kans S.WO 

Miller, Miss Beulah G, Clerk Kans 2CalSonoma $48 
Fyffe, Eldorado: Baumhofl, Alex, Mo 880 
Gait, Sacramento: Campbell, John J, — $1300 
Carty, Miss Mary, AsstPM Cal 2CalSacramento $4.^iO 
Ferguson, Maude, Clerk Cal 2CalSacramento $4.50 
Brown, Benj B, RD RI 2CalSacramento $1000 
McEnemey, John L, RD Cal 2CalSacramento $1000 
Garbervtlle, Humboldt: Atwil), Mrs Dora, Cal $260 

Atwill, Miss Florence, Clerk Cal ICalHumboldt 8120 
Gardena, Los Angeles: Harm, Alonzo F, Ind $1400 
Jeflers, Gladys C, Clerk Cal TCalLosAngeles $120 
Vosburgh, Frank E, RD Pa TCalLosAngeles $960 
Wannschaff, Bess A, RD Mo TCalLosAngeles $1000 

Garden Grove, Orange: Junkin, W D, Del S840 

Head, Miss Mabel A, AsstPM Eng TCalOrange $360 
Garden Valley, Eldorado: Filippinl, Pauline S, Cal $220 
Gas Point, Shasta: Poute, J H, Mass 890 
Gaston, Nevada: Egan, Geo V, Tex $270 
Gavlota, Santa Barbara: Wilson, Geo R, Cal $490 

Short, Glen R, AsstPM Pa SCalSantaBarbara $90 
Gazelle, Siskivou: Berry, John Jj, Cal $660 

Berry, Rae C, Clerk Cal ICalSiskiyou $60 
General Grant National Park, Tulare: Cooksey, Mrs M, 

Kans $100 
Genesee, Plumas: Hossekus, F B, Cal $150 
Georgetown, Eldorado: Hotchkiss, Clarence D, Cal $010 
Germantown, Glenn: Golden, E J, Mich S360 
Geyserville, Sonoma: Bosworth, Geo M, Me $890 
Moody, Miss Clara, AsstPM Cal 2CalSonoma $35 
Bosworth, Obed, Clerk Cal 2CalSonoma 860 
Petray, Cyrus, RD Cal 2CalSonoma $1000 
Giant, Contra Costa: Van Prooyen, Jolm, Cal $200 
Gibbs, Santa Cruz: Gillie, Jolm A, III $50 
Gilroy, Santa Clara: Ryan, Mrs Catherine T, Cal .$2,000 
Suter, Fred W, AsstPM 111 SCalSantaClara $1000 
Eustis, Willis W, Clerk Cal .5CalSantaClara 81000 
Sohell, Robt A, Clerk DC SCalSantaClara $800 
Berger, Albert C, RD Cal SCalSantaClara $1000 
Holmes, Harry, RD Iowa SCalSantaClara $1000 
Holmes, Wm S, RD Iowa SCalSantaClara $500 
Stone, Albert E, RD SDak SCalSantaClara 81000 
Gilroy Hot Springs, Santa Clara: McDonald, Wm J, 

Cal $280 
Gllta, Siskiyou: Dannenbrink, Cal $40 
Glade, Lassen: Home, Will R, Cal $50 
Glenblalr, Mendocino: Sinclair, Ernest A, Cal $100 
Glenbrook, Lake: Tredway, Mrs Sadie, Ariz $110 
Glenburn, Shasta: Creighton, J H, Cal $230 
Glencoe, Calaveras: Juri, Mrs Filomena, It 8100 
Glendora, Los Angeles: Suydam, Keith M, 111 $1600 
Cartwright, Fern L, AsstPM Cal TCalLosAngeles $400 
Carnpbell, Sanford P, RD Ind TCalLosAngeles $800 
Glen Ellen, Sonoma: Poppe, Chas J, — $T10 

Bonbright, Walter S, RD Pa 2Cal8onoma $1000 
Glen Frazer, Contra Costa: Lowd, Wesley H, Minn $240 
Glenn, Glenn: Bondurant, W F. Cal $380 
Glennville, Kern: Maddux, Arthur H, — 8240 
Glenwood, Santa Cruz: Draper, C E, Cal $450 
Globe, Tulare: Miller, Mrs Nora E, Iowa $160 
Gold Run, Placer: Stewart, Jas D, Cal $240 
Goleta. Santa Barbara: Blakeway, Edgar C, Pa $3.50 
Gonzales, ilonterey: Elliott, Wni T, Ind 81000 

Patton, Miss Ethyl A, AsstPM Cal OCaUHonterev $96 
Goodyear, Solano: McCoy, Enoch A, Mo $200 
Goodyears Bar, Sierra: King, Mrs Aimie C, — $120 
Bachels, Miss Emma K, AsstPM — ICalSierra $30 
Gorda, Monterey: Mansfield, Jasper A, Cal $30 
Goshen, Tulare: Rivers, Miss Alice, HI 8330 

Rivers, Miss Mollie, Clerk 111 OCalTulare $S0 
GottvUle, Siskiyou: Gott, Wm N, Me 890 
Gralton, Yolo: Knox, W T, NH $720 
Grand Island, Colusa: Cole, Amos W, NJ $220 
GrandTlew, Marrn : Brixen, Christian, Den .$290 
Grandvllle, Sonoma: Lrmger, Mary A R, Cal $390 
Grangeville, Kings: Anderson. Ida M, — $310 
GranlteyUle, Nevada: Robbins, Miss Delight I, Cal $270 
Grass Valley, Nevada: Tyrrell, Jas C, Cal $2300 
Calkins. Mrs Mary A, AsstPM Eng ICalNevada $1100 
Crase, Milton, Clerk Cal ICalNevada $600 
Hawkins, Ehner A, Clerk Cal ICalNevada .$000 
Whiting, Edwd F. Clerk Cal ICalNevada $1000 
Cunningham, Robt L, RD Cal ICalNevada 81000 
Gary, John F, RD NY ICalNevada .5960 
Graton, Sonoma: Hallet, Chas E, Cal $400 
Greenfield, Monterey: Morgan, M A, Nebr 8330 
Green Valley, Eldorado: Zentgral, Geo F, — $90 
Greenview, Siskiyou: Eglo, A W, Cal $300 

Wilson, Miss Pearle, AsstPM Cal ICalSiskiyou $1:'. 
Greenville, Plumas: Mclntyre, L P, Cal $670 ' 
Greenwood, Eldorado: De'Leat. Frances B, — S150 
Gridley, Butte: HoUis, Jos N, 111 $1600 
Simpson, Miss M Diana, AsstPM Ind 2CalButte 8300 
Moreland, Arthur L, RD Wash 2CalButte 8900 
Grimes, Colusa: McLean, Frank G, NS $400 
Grizzly BluS, Humboldt: Matheson, Mrs Martha V, 

Cal $150 
Grizzly Flats, Eldorado: Oraham, Mrs Mary E, NY 

Grossmont, San Diego: Clegg, Geo R, — $110 
Groveland, Tuolumne: Cobden, Ed T, NJ $550 
Grubgulch, Madera: Ramsden, D, Ca! $3.50 
Guadaloupe, Santa Barbara: Grisingher, A R, Cal 81000 
Gualala, Mendocino: Tarwater, Albert R, Mo $430 
Guastl, San Bernardino: Mahan, Newton A, 111 $340 
GuernevlUe, Sonoma: Duncan, T F, Pa $1000 
Guernsey, Kings; Hoskins, Chas W, Iowa 8210 
Guinda, Yolo: Harley, HuldaM, C;al $430 
Gustlne, Merced: Gerow, Mrs Henrietta A, Cal 8970 
Keaton, Miss Edna L, AsstPM Cal eCaUIerced $240 
Pettitt, Fred, RD Cal OCalMerced $600 
Haiwee, Inyo: Carleton, Fred W, Eng $650 
Halcyon, San Luis Obispo: Kent, Wm W, Pa $270 
Hall Moon Bay, San Mateo: Nelson, Wm, III $1000 
Nelson, Harry L, RD Cal SCalSanMateo 81000 
Silva, Wm, RD Cal SCalSanMateo $960 
Hallsck, San Bernardino: Potts, Wm A, Eng $440 
Hamburg, Siskiyou: Caldwell, Mrs Kate M, Pa $240 
Hames, Monterey: Hunter, B P. Mo $70 
Hamilton City, Glenn: Applecate, W J, III $820 
Livmgston, D, AsstPM Cal 2CalGlenn $400 
Hammond, Tulare: Hunter, John S, Term $100 
Hammonton, Yuba: Kimball, Walter B, — $700 
Hanford, Kings: Long, W A, Pa $2600 
Weislier, Geo A, AsstPM Cal 6CalKtags $1300 
Childs, A W, Clerk Ohio OCalKings $1100 
Heath, B M:, Clerk Cal eCalKings SHOO 
Moore, H S, Clerk Ind OCalKings 81100 
Ayers, E G, Carrier Cal 6CalKings 51100 
Hand, W S, Carrier Kans eCalKings SHOO 
Norenton, H V, Carrier Cal OCalKings SHOO 

Hanford— Continued. 

Haydon, F B, KD Tex OCalKings $1000 
Haydon, W C, RD Tex eCalKings SIOOO 
Heathcott, R J, RD Eng OCalKings $1000 
Tomer, A F, RD Cal OCalKings $1000 
Grimshaw, R L, Mes Ohio OCalKings $300 
Nichols. R J, Lab 111 OCalKings $180 
Happy Camp, Siskiyou: Humphreys, GE, Cal $219 
Hardwlck, Kings: Hewitt, Geo S, — $320 
Hardy, Mendocmo: Wyeth, Nathaniel J, Md $340 
Harper, Orange: Ozmeut, Walter R, NC $90 
Harris, Humboldt: Gratto, Geo McD, — .5200 
Harrison, San Mateo: Weeks, W P, Mass $200 
Hart, San Bernardino: Mundy, Milton, NJ $290 
Hat Creek, Shasta: Rieger, Frank, Ger $200 
Havilah, Kern: Miller, Gustav, Ger $150 
Hawkinsville, Siskiyou: O'Donnell, Mrs Annie, — $360 
Hawthorne, Los Angeles: Garton, Wm A, Ky $310 
Haydenhill, Lassen: Chittock, Mrs Ruth G, Cal $110 
Hayfork, Trinity; Vanderhofl, John H, — $440 
Haywards, Alameda: Bradford, Alonzo, Ohio $2200 
Bradford, Harry A, AsstPM Cal 3CalAlaraeda $1000 
Jacobsen, MissOlgaE, Clerk Cal 3CalAlameda $800 
Rundle, MissJeneterL, Clerk Eng SCalAlameda $1000 
Bro\vne, Gustave, RD Ger 3CalAlameda $960 
Jorgensen. Hans C, RD Cal 3CalAlameda $1000 
Sawyer, Jesse L, RD 111 3CalAlameda $900 
Hazlewood, Imperial: Stephen, Jos H, Mo $30 
Healdsbnrg, Sonoma: Ingalls, John C. Cal 82100 
Ingalls, Mary F, AsstPM Cal 2Cal Sonoma $1000 
Ferguson, Mrs Ida, Clerk Oreg 2CalSonoma $600 
MeCord, Geo R, RD Wis 2CalSonoma $1000 
Poe, Edgar A, ED Cal 2CalSonoma $1000 
Upson, Wm A, ED Wis 2CalSonoma 81000 
Hearst, Mendocmo: Simon, Mrs Helen G. Ger $110 
Heber, Imperial: Haynes,JolTnW, NC $480 
Helena, Trmity: Knowles, Henry L, Cal $90 
Hemet, Riverside: Gillett, C O, Ind SISOO 
Whiteman, Miss L O, AsstPM Cal SCalRivcrside 

Van Winkle, Miss Carrie, Clerk Mo SCalRiverside 

Newton. Leon L, RD Me SCalRiverside $1000 
White, S I, ED Me SCalRiverside $1000 
Hemlock. Mendocino: Bowen, Mrs Clara D L, Cal $40 
Henderson, Shasta: Henderson. Thos J, Pa $200 
Henley, Siskiyou: Clawson. Saml H, Tenn $110 
Cuthbert. AW, ED Scot ICalSiskiyon $160 
Henlcyville, Tehama: Todd. W Q. Ill $170 
Hermon, Los Angeles: Howard, Owen M, Iowa $310 
Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles: Beane, Mrs Sarah A, NY 

Hernandez, San Benito: Tucker, Mrs Ethel H, Cal $60 
Herndon, Fresno: Allen, Chas D, Pa $200 
Heroult, Shasta: Nelson, L E, Nor S220 
Hesperla, San Bernardino: Walters, G F, Wis $200 
Hickman, Stanislaus: Haldeman, Mrs Ella, Ind $260 
Highgrove, Riverside: Ayers. WilburW, Kans $580 
Highland, San Bernardino: True, Alfred A, Mass $1500 
Leuschen. Miss Grace M, AsstPM Kans SCalSan 

Bernardino 8480 
Hidden, Lloyd. Clerk Cal SCalSanBemardino $120 
McHenry, Arthur N, RD Ind SCalSanBemardino- 

Seely, Edwin H, ED Utah SCalSanBemardino 
Highland Springs, Lake: Marshall, WmH, — $100 

Hill, San Diego: Leach. Edmund F, Mo $100 
Hilton, Sonoma: Brown, Mrs Emily, Cal $500 
Hilts. Siskiyou: Grover, M H. NY $590 
Hinkley, San Bernardino: Eaftery, Chas D. Mo $200 
HoagUn, Trinity: Holtorf, Elsie D, — $110 
Hobart Mills, Nevada: Martin. Mrs Gertrude E, Nov 
Thompson, Miss Emma A, Clerk Nev — $300 
HoUlster, San Benito: Stephenson, EobtP, Cal $2200 
Hagadom, Eichd S, AsstPM Cal OCal San Benito $900 
Roclrwood, Miss Josie L, Clerk Cal OCalSanBcnito 

$S00 , 

Pence, Omar M, RD III OCalSanBenito $900 
Holmes, Humboldt: Smith, Wm H, Oreg $90 
Holt, San Joaquin: McAdams David J, Cal $550 
HoltvUle, Imperial: Bridenstine, Jas S, Iowa $1700 
Harder, Armln, Clerk Ger SCallmperial $900 
Harlin, Alex G, RD Ky spallmperial $1000 
Johnson, Geo W, RD Ky SCallmperial $960 
Homewood, Placer: Jost, John D, NS $400 
Honont, Butte: Thompson, Ervin. Va $370 
Hooker, Tehama: Woodrum. Mrs Willie H, WVa $110 
Hoopa, Humboldt: White, Henry N, Cal $190 

Vandervoort, Theo, Clerk Cal ICalHumboldt $120 
Hopland, Mendocino: Harris, Jos W, — $,S50 
Hornbrook, Siskiyou: Earhart, D C, Iowa $720 

Smith, Walter D, Clerk Mich ICalSiskiyou $120 
Hornitos, Mariposa: Olcese, Emelia. — S410 
Horsecreek, Siskiyou: Everill, Eichd. Cal $30 
Hot Springs. Tulare: Wingrove, Lilburn S. WVa $580 

Pullen, Irving N, Clerk NJ SCalTulare $180 
Huasna, San Luis Obispo: Harloe. Wm G, Cal $50 
Hueneme, Ventura: Gorchakofl, Maurice, Ens $470 
Hughson, Stanislaus: Lutz. Miss Delia C, Kans $S00 
HnUvUle, I,ake: Betterton, Thos H, Cal $T0 
Hume, Fresno: Walton, W Albert, Cal $720 
Hunters, Tehama: Hamel, Mrs Josephine. Can $70 
Hunters Valley , Mariposa: Maschio, Stella I — $120 
Huntington Beach, Orange: Clippinger, Isaac M, Ohio 
Clippinger, Frances, AsstPM Ohio SCalOrange 

Hallicy, Dennis F, ED Kans SCalOrange $1000 
Huntington Park, Los Angeles: Bowler, J E, Ohio 
Garman, Miss Alice, AsstPM Mo OCalLosAngeles 

Leonard, Wm, Carrier Me OCalLosAngeles $84 
Gannan, Miss Alice Clerk Mo 6CalLosA;igeles $108 
Eapp, Butte: Adams, Isaac B, Eng $180 



Hurleton, Butte: Cook, Mrs Annie U, Cal $120 
Hoion, Fresno: Claverie, Michel, Fr $400 
Hutton, Siskiyou: EUwards, Frank, Eng $50 
Hyampom, Trinity: Grillitli, Jioward 11, — lUO 
Hydepark, Los Angeles: Uaxicr, Edwin U, III $ll)u 
HydesvUle, Uuiiiboldt: Beaber, John T, Ind i3UI 
Hynes, Los Angeles: Thompson, Claire S, 111 $5i>U 

Lewis, A J, HI) Cal TCalLosAngeles $1000 
laqua, Uuraboldt: Sibley, Luther, Mich $llu 
Iceland, Nevada: McKay, A, Can Kil 
Idrla, San Benito: Finch, JasG, Eng i'ioO 
Idyllwlld. Uiverside: Powers, F E, Ohio $43U 
Igerua. Siskiyou: Lovojoy, I'ercy, Iowa $270 
Ignacio, Marin: Silvers, Joel, Fa $19(1 
Igo, Shasta: Stevens, Mrs Belle, Cal $1&U 
Imperial, Imperial: Allatt, Uorace E, F'r $2000 

riiync, Mrs Zoe E, Assll'M Idaho SCallniperial 


Uedrick, Miss Mary, Clerk NY bCallmperial $i'rU0 
Cox, John C, liD Tex SCallmiierial $1000 
Imperial Beach, San Diego: Di.singer, David, III $200 
Imperial Junction, Imperial: Uobgood, Mrs Claire At 

Mo $270 
Independence, luyo: F'ausel, Mrs Nettie, Cal $900 
Indian Dlgglns, Eldorado: Jinkerson, Augustus 11, Mo 

Indian Falls, I'lumas: Goodhue, Gilbert 11, 111 $200 
Indian Gulch, Mariposa: Solari, Nick, It $40 
Indlanola, Ilumboldt; Verheui, Wui H, Iowa $50 
Indlo, Uiverside: Gard, Howard E, Kans $550 

Elgin, A F, Asstl'M Nev gCalRiverside $S4 
Inglenook, Mendocino: Cowcn, John \V, Va $140 
Inglewood, Los Angeles: Leftwieh, Jerry T, Iowa $1400 
Leatherman, Miss Alice, AsstPM Minn TCalLosAn- 
geles $420 
Spauldiug, Miss Flo, Clerk N Dak TCalLosAngeles $420 
Spauldiug, Warren E, UD N Dak TCalLosAngeles $100u 
Ingomar, Merced: Uradley, \Vm T, Oreg $390 
Ingot, Shasta: Quirk, II C, Cal $S0 
Insklp, Uutte: Stokes, Miss Mary E, Cal $120 
Inyohern, Kern: Shanks, Edgar I, NDak $330 
Inverness, Marin: Martinelll, AttllioC, Switz $T0O 
Inwood, Shasta: Martin, Edwd A, Cal $1U0 
loamosa, San Bernardino: Koth, Franklin Ohio $2(iO 
lone, Amador: Scott, Jas F, \Vis $1200 
Scott, Mrs Mary Jane, AsstPM Cal ICalAniador $240 
Campbell, Miss Isabel, Clerk Cal ICal Amador $120 
Iowa Hill, Placer: Schwab T L, Cal $250 
Irma, Trinity: Robertson, Mrs Caroline M, Mo $250 
IXTlngton, Alameda: Babb, Mrs Edna C, Cal $T90 
Irwin, Merced: Armstrong, J R, Can $110 
Irwindale, Los Angeles: Brown, Miss Phebe L, Cal $300 
Isabella, Kem: Rowcll, Melvin S. — $220 
Isleton, Sacramento: de Back, Paul G, Doll $770 
Uutten, Miss E Pearl, Clerk Cal 2CalSacraniento 
l7y, Modoc: Sweeney, A E, — $50 
Jackson, Amador: Duden, Frank D, Cal $1700 
Scapucci, Miss Mamie, Clerk Cal ICalAmador $300 
Vigna, Miss Dena, Clerk Cal ICalAmador $120 
Jacksonville. Tuolumne: Sheafe, Lemuel B, Mass $210 
Jamacha, San Diego: Peters, Noah A, Ind $T0 
Jamesburg, Monterey: Chew, Mrs Eleanor B, Cal $2S0 
Jamestown, Tuolumne; Preston, Howard A, Cal $120(1 
liristol, Miss Amelia, AsstPM Cal ICalTuolunine 
Jamison, Fresno: Williams, Wade J, Cal $140 
Jamul, San Diego: Stelnmeyer. TJieodore M, Ger $loo 
JanesvlUe, Lassen: Weuiple, Frank O, Cal tXXU 
Jasper Point, Mariposa: Severance, Clarence W. Iowa 

Jelly. Tehama: Bacon, Albert S, Mitm. $50 

llimacus, Walter, RD Fin ICalTehama — 
Jenner, Sonoma: Green, John, Sw $50 
Jenny Llsd, Calaveras: Sinclair, W F, Cal $310 
Jersey, Contra Costa: Hutchison, Mrs B A, Eng $350 
Jerseydale, Mariposa: Brinham, Mrs Annie, Cal $T0 
Johannesburg, Kem: Teagle, C J, Ind $240 

Tcagle, Mrs C J, Clerk Cal SCalKem $120 
John Adams, Butte: Adams, Mrs Estella B, Wis $110 
JobnstonvlUe. Lassen: Ramsey, Chas L, Iowa $210 
JohnsvUle, Plumas: Carter, Marj' A. Can $540 
Pauley, H R, Carrier Cal ICalPhimas $399 
Jolon, Monterey: Ganoung. Edwin, Cal $330 

liaiioung, MrsS A, AsstPM Wis fiCalMontcrey $3i. 
Josephine, Eldorado: Ogle, E C. Ohio $40 

Ogle, Wm O, Carrier Ind ICalEldorado $310 
Judson, San Bernardino: Cline, Mrs Beulah B, Mass 

Julian, San Diego: Potter, Frank O, Cal $,520 
Junction City, Trinity: Meckel, Fredk C, Cal $210 
Spratt, Stephen T, Clerk Cal ICalTrinity SKK 
Jupiter, Fuolumne: Klein, Jos J, — $50 
Jurgens, Eldorado: Jurgens, Miss Dora W, Cal $40 
Eanawyer, Fresno: Kanawver, T I. Cal $S0 
Kaweah, Tulare: Keller, C F. Pa $510 
Kearney Park, Fresno: Frisselle, Ralph. Mass SL^O 
Keddle. Plumas: Koontcr. R F, Ger $440 
Keeler. Invo: Boland. Blanche F, — $400 
Eeenbrook, San Bernardino: Nally, Mrs Mary S, III 

Keen Camp, Riverside: Walker, Percy, Eng $11)0 
Keene, Kem: Mallachowitz, Clyde, Cal $220 
Kellogg, Sonoma: Holmes. W F, Cal $170 
KelseyrUIe, Lake: Irwin. Mrs Jessie O, Cal tSOO 

Giinn, Mrs Viola, Clerk Mo — $120 
Kelso, San Bernardino: Ricketts, Fred O, III $240 
Kennett, Shasta: Merrill, Alva L, Mich $1800 

Jay, Jas A, AsstPM Ark — $500 
Kenny. Mendocino: Breen, Jos, Ire $S0 
Kentfield. Marin: Atwater, Hiram M, NY $5.50 
Kenwood, .Sonoma; Wilson. Frank R, Cal $080 
Kerman, Fresno: Randall, Chas B, III $1300 
Stroctcr, Frank L. Clerk SDak 4CalFresno $144 
-Vdolfson, August S. RD Minn 4CalF"resno $1000 
Clark, Henry T, RD III 4CalFresno $1000 


KeniTlUe, Kem: Taylor, Chas 0, Me $340 
Keswick, Shasta: Lamus, Nelson E, Minn $470 
Keystone, Tuolumne: Brunson, Horatio N, Can $K) 
Kimberly, Shasta: McGarry, P L, Mich $130 
King City, .Uonlerey: Allen, Robt R, Cal $1400 
BischoU, Miss Annie, Clerk Cal OCalMonlerey $:iiiii 
Long, Miss Mabel E, Clerk Cal (iCalMonterey $4-(i 
Klngrlver, Fresno: Coleman, H, Eng $250 
Kingsburg, Fresno: Loomis, Salmon H , Ohio $1500 
Dean, Roy A, Clerk Cal OCalFresno $24o 
Cowcn, John A, KD Cal OCalFresno $1000 
Morrison, Harold K, RlJ Cal liCalFresno $900 
Nordstrom, Uiehd M, liD Minn oCalFresno $'jnu 
Kinsley, Mariposa: Patterson, Wm J, Can $130 
Klrkwood, Tihania: Lyon, Mrs Sarah E, Mo $120 
Klamath, Humboldt: Stevens, C J, — $30 
Klamathon. Siskiyou: Small, Isaac H, Me $140 
Klau. San Luis Obispo: Wyss, Otto, Switi $so 
KUnk, Tulare: Pritchard, W F, Tex $«^ 
Kneeland, Humboldt: Shaw, Mrs Mary A, NY $5(J 
Knlgbtsen, Contra Costa: Paradine, Mrs Mary, Can $250 
Paradine, Miss Grace, AsstPM Cal 3CalContraCosta 
Knights Ferry, Stanislaus: Collins, E S, Cal $240 
Knob, Shasta: Packard, Mrs E O, Colo tSC*} 
Knowles, Madera: Rac, Wm, Scot $410 
KnoxvUle, Napa: Penyar, Tony, Cal $4111 
Korbel, Humboldt: Everding. Louis. Cal $75(i 
Kramer. San Bernardino: Blake. John, Ire $lo(t 
King, Mrs Jessey, AsstPAI Tex hCal San Bernard mo 
KuDtz, Trinity: Cobb, Mrs Alta E, Cal $50 
Kyburz, Eldorado: Kyburz, A B, Cal $15i< 
La Canada, Los Angeles: Guderian, Mrs I,ena S, ^^ is 

La Ciescenta, Los Angeles: Wetberbee, Daniel E, Mass 

La Fayette, Contra Cosla: Van Meter, Mrs Carrie M, 

Cal $230 
La Grange. Stanislaus: Hammond, Jas .\, Iowa 
Laguna Beach, Orange: Isch, John N, 111 $390 
Lagunltas, Marin: Elliott, Chas B. Cal $380 
La Honda, San Mateo: Cavalli, Chas A. — $140 
La JoUa, San Diego: Salem, Conrad, Norw $1000 
Solem, Mrs Florence P. AsstPM RI sCalSanDiego 
Lake City, .Modoc: Odbert, W A, Can $290 
Lake Mountain, Trinity: Meyer, Mrs Frances A, .\ri7. 

Lakeport, Lake: Spurr. Allen H, Cal $130 
Spiirr, HarlieC, AsstPM Cal 2CalLake SM 
Gardner, Mrs W H, Clerk Cal 2CalLake $40 
Lakeside, S;m Diego: Ross, Clifton W, Mass $040 

Koss,MrsMarv A. AsstPM Mass ,sCalSanDiego $.W 
Lakeview, HiviVsidc: Stalilcr, Edwd R, — $180 
LakevlUe. Sonoimi: liodwi'll, (■ A, Conn $80 
La Manda Park. Los AiikcU's; Jordan, L E, Me $810 
La Mesa, San Diuijo: Paliiiatcer, Lome J, Oreg $1000 
La Mliada, Los -Vngeles: Drtssell, Mrs Mary B, Ohio 

La Koine, Shasta: Davies, Mrs Edythe B, Cal S510 
Lancaster, Los Angeles: Dunsmoor, Jas F, Me $990 
Benedict. Mrs Emma I), AsstPM Cal — $490 
Dunsmoor, Mrs HattieM, Clerk Pa — $120 
Lancha Plana, .\mador: Crail, Mrs Ella E, Cal $220 
Lang, Los Angeles: Slayton, Howard A. NY $180 
Lankershlm, Los .\ngeles: Weddington, Wilson C, Ind 
Sherivin, Fred B, RI) Wis — $800 
La Panza. San Luis Obispo: Still. Thos C, Va $90 

Garcia, Vidal, RD Cal SSanLuisObispo — 
Laparra, Imperial: Thompson, J C, Cal $20 
La Porte, I'lumas: Caya, Mrs EUzabeth, Cal $4,')0 

Caya, Arthur F, Clerk Cal ICalPhimas $108 
Larkln, Shasta: Larkin, Melissa J, — $90 
Larkspur, Marin: Foley, iliss Sarah F, Cal $710 
Las Palmas. Fresno: Rogers, Jas Blame, Utah $111 
Last Chance, Placer: Smith, Geo H, Cal S290 
Lathxop, San Joa(iiiin: Anderson, Mrs Sarah ,\, Cal $010 
Cargile, Chesley B, RU Cal OCalSanJoaquin $1000 
Cole, Carroll, Mes Cal OCalSanJoaquin $240 
Laton, Fresno: Bostwick, Fnmk L, Ohio $1,500 
Prather, Miss Bessie, Clerk Cal OCalFresno $240 
Hodge, Wily J, RD Kans OCalFresno $700 
Huntington, Geo F", RD Mass OCalFresno $1000 
Whitnev. Geo S, RD Nebr OCalFresno $1000 
Latrobe, KMonido: McCarty, JH, Cal $280 
Laurel, Siuila Cruz: Napier, Mrs U B, Cal $230 
Laurel Dell. Lake: Perry, Ellen, — $70 
Laverne, Marin: Ezekiel, Miss Florence, Cal $200 
Lawndale, Los Angeles: Enz, Wm D, — $290 
Lawrence, Santa Clara; Rusconi, Vincent, Switz $210 
Laws, Inyo: Welch, Miss Julia, Cal $430 
LaytonvUle, Mendocino: Wemple, L A, Cal $002 
Leastalk, San Uemardino: Woods, Pennea, Nev $190 
Lebec, Kem: Taylor, U A, Mich $190 
LeesvlUe, Colusa: Clark, Edwd F, Cal $290 
Le Grand, Merced; Kroh.Wra C, — $TTO 
Lellter, Kern: Paxton, Mrs Matilda J, Ind $40 
Lemoncove, Tulare: Moflett. Win H, — $530 
LemongTove. San Diego; Sonka, .\nthony F, Tex $480 
Lemoore, Kings: Powell, Frank L, Cal $IT00 
Sanborn, Miss Flora, Clerk Cal flCal Kings $300 
Ammemian. Clay B, RD Mo CCalKings $1000 
Jennings. Herbert L. RD Minn OCalKings $960 
Taylor, Chas E, RD Tenn OCalKings $900 
Letcher. Fresno; Phillips, Newton, Cal $180 
Lewis, Mariposa: Harless, Paiilena A. Cal $100 
Lewlston, Trinitv; Paulsen, Chas, Cal $310 
LIdeU, Napa: Miller. Saral H, SDak $260 
Likely. Slodoc: I'iorce. iirs Anna C, Cal $320 
LUac, San Diego: Willard, John A. Wis $110 
Lincoln, Placer: Ingram, W D, Cal $1600 
Noves, Miss Dorothy G, Clerk Cal ICalPlacer $390 
Allen, Robt O, RD Kans ICalPlacer $1000 
Linden, San Joaquin; Guernsey, Fred A, NH $350 

Undsay, Tulare: Grace, Matthew W, Mo S2000 
Kitchen, Mrs. Allie, AsstPM Ind SCalTulare $T00 
(^uick. Miss Minnie, Clerk Ky SCalTulare $000 
Llnne, S;m I.uis Obispo: Malmbcrg, Anders O. Sw $65 
Little Lake, Invo: Barrv, Edward R, — $30 
Little Elver. Mendocino; Clark, Scott, Cal $160 
LIttlerock, I.os Angeles; Shotts, M, Pa $1.50 
Little Shasta, Siskiyou: Souk'.. S H, NY $150 
Live Oak, smtcr: Ilouck, Geo M, Iowa $690 
Livermoie, Alamedu: Knox, Thomas E, — $1900 
Livingston, -Morcid: Crowell, Franklin E, Cal $620 
Llagas. Santa Clara: Poucelcl, Viclorine, — $10 
Llanada. San Brnilo: Langtord, Stephen II, Cal Sllii 
Lockeford, San Joaquin: Ambrose. W B. — $500 
Lockwood, Monterey; Fruddin, Ingwer H, Ger $170 
LodI, San Joaquin: Olark. Ilarvev s, Jr, Wis $2300 
lllakely, John F, -Vsstl'M Cal OCalSanJoaquin $1000 
Edwards, Mrs Iva H. Clerk Cal OCaLSanJoaquin $900 
Gregg, Clyde H, Clerk Cal OCalSanJoaquin $1000 
Gross, Chas C, Clerk Ohio OCalSanJoaquin $800 
Harmon, Rosco, Carrier Ohio OCalSanJoatiiiin $W)0 
Murray, Carle W, Carrier III OCalSanJoaquin $8(XI 
.\therton, Alonzo A, RD Wis (iCalSanJoaiiuiir $IU0(I 
Beardsley, David, RD Pa OCalSanJoaqum $10(HI 
Lattin,LeonC, RD Mich 0(;alSanJouquiii $1000 
McCann, Miles, RD Iowa OCalSanJoaquin $1000 
Lodoga, Colusa: Lovelady, John A, Cal $140 
Loleta, Ihimboldt: Dickson, R U, Can $700 

Hull, iMalissaM. Clerk Me ICalllumboldt $300 
Loma Linda. San Bernardino: Mirrill, Stcijlien S, Ky 

Lomlta, Los Angeles: Jones, Thos O -M, 111 $1T0 
Lompoc, Santa Barbara: Talbott, John L, — $1800 
Bland, Miss Estclle, AsstPM Cal SCalSantaBarbara 

Sweeney, Miss Lena M, Clerk Cal SCalSantaBarbara 
Lone Pine, Inyo: Harvey, Fredk Guy, Cal $800 
Lonetree, San Benito: Ley, 11 D, Iowa $3 
Longbeach, Los Angeles: Hirsch, Geo F, Uo $3200 
McCullah, Fred W, AsstPM Mo 7Callx)bAnKelc6 

Arnold, Park, Clerk Kans 7CalLo8Angeles $600 
Chaffee, John S, Clerk Pa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Cook, Earl L, Clerk Pa "CalLosAng.-li a :il(i(Mi 
Hess, .Miss Agnes B, Clerk Iowa 7CalLo>Aiig.l(!> 

Elliott, E W, Clerk Mich 7CalLosAn({elea $100 
Howe, L E, Clerk Iowa 7CalLosAni;eles $800 
Irelanil, A C, Clerk Ohio VCalLosAiigelcs .$100 
Kinman, Miss Lucy L, Clerk Cal TCalLosAngeles 

Libby, Miss Gertrude, Clerk Cal TCalIx>3Angelcs 

Macdonald, Harry B, Clerk Can TCalLosAngeles 

McCabe, Geo W, Clerk Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Needham, Oscar, Clerk III TCalLosAngeles $50 
O'Connor, John, Clerk Ire TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Phillips, Miss Harriet L, Clerk Ind TCalLos 

Angeles $1100 
Reid, Miss Julia M, Clerk Cal TCalLosAngeles 

Rollier, Anton E, Clerk Switz TCalLos.\ngeles 

Shufllebotham, John, Clerk Wis TCallyOsAngehs 

story, Archie E, Clerk Oreg TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Thorpe, C I, Clerk 111 TCalLosAngeli-.t »J00 
Wall, Francis J, Clerk Eng TCalLosAngeles $10liO 
Carpenter, W L, Carrier Ivans TCall^s.Angeles 

Chilen. Geo W, Carrier Kans TCalLosAngeles $600 
Hanlon, Edwd L, Carrier Ohio Tt.'alLosAngcIes 

Hardy, Lew, Carrier Kans TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Harris, E D, Carrier NJ TC'alIx)sAngelis $1200 
Mohncs. Oliver F, Carrier Ind TCalLosAngeles 

Hulburt, Martin E, Carrier Iowa TCalLos.\ngelcs 

Kibler, Harry F, Carrier Iowa TCalLosAngeles 

Klaproth, Henry L, Carrier 111 TCalIx)sAngeles 

$1200 • 

McNeill, Harold S, Carrier Iowa TCalLosAngeles 

Osborne, J Chris, Carrier 111 TCalLosAngeles $000 
Petrie. Edniond S, Carrier Pa TCalLosAngeles 

liidenour, Lawrence R, Carrier Mo TCaILos.^ngeles 

Van Buskirk, Warren B, Carrier NY TCalLos 

Angeles $900 
Whittlesey, Wm N, Carrier Ark TCalLosAngeles 

Williams, All, Carrier Pa TCallxisAngclcs $900 
Williamson, Jos M, Carrier Mass TCalLosAngeles 

Dodsworth, Chas W, Carrier Cal TCalLosAngeles 

\'an Fossen, Francis K, RD Iowa TCalLosAngeles 

Jewell, Chas A, Laborer Mass TCalLos.\ngeles 


Long Valley. Lassen: Burrus, Thos O, Oreg $210 
LongvlUe. Plumas: Sharkcv, Geo P, Cal $110 
Lonoak. .Monterey: Rist, John, Vt $220 
Lookout, Modoc: Walker, Mrs Elsie, Cal $260 
Loomis. Placer: Turner, F W, Mass $1200 
Gilniore. .Miss Jessie, Clerk Cal ICalPlacer $120 
Jensen, Geo E, RD Cal ICalPlacer $1000 
Lordsburg, Los Angeles: Williams. Hobart M, III $1300 

Mills, Hubert T, RD Tenn TCalLosAngeles $900 
Los Alamltos, Orange: Watts, Geo N, Kans $500 
Los Alamos, Santa Barbara; Zeigler, Chas E, Iowa $5T0 



I.OS Altos, Santa Clara: Eschenbruecher, Wm, Ger 
Los Angeles, Los Angeles: Harrison, Wm H, Wis 
Dishman, Edwd F, AsstPM Ind TCalLosAngeles 

Superintendenls. etc. 
Anderson. Chas S, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $2100 
Burns, Thos E, Cal TCalLosAngeles $2400 
Griltith, Martin L, Ky TCalLosAngeles WWU 
Janssen, JuUus, Okla TCalLosAngeles $2T00 
Shelton, Harry A, Cal TCalLosAngeles $2000 

Abbott, Jaek L, 111 SmCook $1200 
Aldrich, Jaa M, 111 TCalLosAngeles $900 
Allen, Clias O, Eng TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Anion. Harry, Mo TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Anderson, Chas J, Sw TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Anderson, Doris. Pa TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Andrews, Clarence C, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Ashcroft, Norman, HI TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Ashcroft, Roy E, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $600 
Baker. Mrs Mary 0, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Baldwin Wm C, NC TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Ball Oscar G, Ind TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Ballenger, John L. Mo TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Banflll, Miss Ida A, Kans TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Barrett, Lawrence E. Ill TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Barrow, Tlios U. Ill TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Bartol, August D, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Bedford, Robt T, Wis TCalLosAngeles $S00 
Benson, Miss Mabel, Cal TCalLosAngeles $800 
Bishop, Chas W, 111 IMontYdlowstone $1100 
Black, Kobt J, Tex TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Blair, Grant U, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1000 

Blavney, Horace E, Ind SlUCook $1200 

Boettner, John, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Bothwell, Walter J, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $900 
Boulger, John J. Mo TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Bourne, John F, NY TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Bowdoin, Lorenzo, Ga TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Bowles, Frank A, Eng 3NYKings $1200 
Boyd, John N, WVa IColoDenver $1200 
Br,adlord, Raymond H, Ind TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Brantley, Le6 L Tex 3IllCook $1200 
Branch. John W, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Brannick, Laurence T, Iowa i CalLosAngeles $1100 
Brinknian, Laurence L, Wis TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Brock, Leo 111 TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Brockway, Eugene H, Mo TCalLosAngeles $600 
Brogden, Edwd L, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Broudy, Maurice, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $000 
Brown, Eddv L. Kans TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Brown, Wm"C, Kans TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Brown, Walter M, Cal TCalLos^ingeles $1000 
Brownton, Edgar P, Greg TCalLosAngeles SpllOO 
Buo-bee, Geo L, Pa TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Burgovne, Miss Mary M, Kans TCalLosAngeles 

Burr, Wm H. Tex TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Burt, Miss Susan M. Kans TCalLosAngeles $900 
Butts, Paul N, Ga TCalI-os.-\Tigeles $1200 
Byrkit Arthur H. Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Calvert, Merrill Q. Kans TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Cameron Robt L, Tenn TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Carlstone, Wm C, lU 12MoStLouis $900 
Casey, Lamar, Tenn TCalLosAngeles $S00 
Chapman, Elden L, Cal TCalLosAngeles $800 
Chapman, Thos R, Tex TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Chase, Walter M, Mass TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Chobe Frank M, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Clymore, Arthur, 111 TCalLosAngeles $600 
Cohen, Albraham L, Rus TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Cohn, Alfred. Colo TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Colbv. Wm W, Mass TMassSuflolk $1100 
Cole, Miss Grace H, Kans TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Collins, Hazen E, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Cooke, Cadwallader T, NY TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Cook, Chas A, Mass TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Coony, David V, Mo TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Cooper, Geo H, 111 IColoDenver $1200 
Cordier, Geo H, NY TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Cowlev, Grant, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1000 
• Crane; Clarence A, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Cuddv, Jas S, Pa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Cunningham, Miss Mamie V, Miss TCalLosAngeles 

Curlev, Edwd J, NY TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Dando, Benj F, Mass TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Dane, Wm A. Wis TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Daney, Robt. Colo TCalLosAngeles $800 
Daniels, Albert J, Mich TCalLosAngdes $1200 
Daniels, Geo R, Minn TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Davis Guv L, DC lOTexElPaso $1100 
Dawson. John S. Eng TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Dempster, Don A, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1000 
De Mott, Edwd W, Wis TCalLosAngeles $1000 
De Nick, John A, Ger TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Denison, Wm. Conn TCalLosAngeles $000 
Detert Geo B. Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Dimock, Alfred E, Cal TCalLosAngeles $600 
Donaldson, John R. Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Doran Wm H, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Douglas. Bailev S. Tex TCalLosAngeles $600 
Douglas. John R, Kans TCalLosAngeles $600 
Dunn, Chas E. Ill TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Dyer, Ralph H. Me OMassSufltolk $1200 
Eaton. Lester A, NY TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Eatough, Jas E, Nebr TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Eccleston, Washington G, Md 4MdBaltimore $1200 
Eckelberrv. Wm F, Mont AtLgMontFlathead $1100 
Edmonds,' Wm D, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Eeeleston, Miss Elsie M, NY TCalLosAngeles $900 
Eichhorn, Chas A, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Eikcnbarv, Sidney J. Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Elliott, Matthew, Pa TCalLosAngeles $1300 

Los Angeles— Continued. 

Cicrl-s— Continued. 
Emerv, Lee R, Kans TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Engle", Otto A, Ind TCalLosAngeles $800 
Enri-ht, Stratford N, Ire TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Epling. Allen J, 111 TCalLosAngeles $800 
Erhardt, Ernest, Ger TCalLosAngeles $800 
Estes, Irving E, Wis 4Wi3Milwaukee $1200 
Evans, Roscoe C, 111 TCalLosAngeles $600 
Ewmg, Miss Mary, Kv SKyJefferson $1100 
Fanset, Miss May, NDak TCalLosAngeles $900 
Farrar, Dee, Oreg lOregMarion $1000 
Farrington, Howard P, NY TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Fmk, John H, 111 TCalLosAngeles $600 
Fisher, Walter W, Can TCalLosAngeles $1500 
Fuller, Chas H, 111 TCalLosAngeles $600 
Frankston, John, Mass TCalLosAngeles $000 
Fredgren, Arthur, Minn TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Gale, Edmund W, Ky TCalLosAngeles $1200 
George, Miss Clare A. Kans TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Gomes, Llovd A, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Gonzales, August A, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Gould, Robt D B, Pa TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Greene, Earl W, NY TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Gresswell, Herbert K, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1200 
GrifBn, Walter P, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Gronow, Tracy D, lov^a TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Hackney, Fredk W, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Haizlip, John P, Kans TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Hallett, Geo, K.ans TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Hamilton, Chas H, Kans 2NehrDouglas $1200 
Hammond, Ernest L, 'NH TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Harrington, Everett S, Mass TCalLosAngeles $600 
Hawkins, John R, Ky TCalLosAngeles $800 
Hearn, John W, Mass TCalLosAngeles $1100 
High Geo L, Mo TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Hill, Anthony S, Oreg TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Hofiman, Fredk 0, NY TCalLosAngeles $800 
Horton, Geo W, NJ — NYNewYork $1200 
Horine, Felix B, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $600 ■ 
Huck, Alex M. Wis SCalKcrn $1200 
Hudson, Miss Grace R, Colo TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Hyer Leo D, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Johnston, Alvan S, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Jones, Marxin E, Oreg TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Kaestner, Robt C, Mo TCalLosAngeles $600 
Keefe, Edwin N, Wis TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Kegg, Jessie M, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $120i) 
Kelch. Mabel G 111 TCall^sAneeles SISO" 
Koenig, Alois J, Aus TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Korinek, Jos K, 111 TCalLosAngeles $9oa 
Kunz, Albert W, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Lagro, Knute, Norw TCalLosAngeles $1200 
La Mont, Victor W, NY TCalLosAngeles $900 
Leahy, Harry J, Ind IWashKlng $1100 
Ledford, Marvin G, NC TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Lee Edwd W, Ga TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Lee. Franklin E, Mass TCalLosAngeles $600 
Lerrigo, Francis R, Eng TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Lobenstein, Walter H, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Long, Geo A, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Lynd, Miss Lillie M, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1100 
McClain, Caleb C, Va TCalLosAngeles $900 
McClean, Geo E, Wis TCalLosAngeles $900 
McClellan, Robt W, Pa TCalLosAngeles $1100 
McDonald, Jos H, Mo TCalLosAngeles $1100 
MacDonald, Jas W, NMex NMcxBernahllo ¥11110 
McDonald, Mrs Mary A, NY 4KansOsage $900 
McGeorge, Dawn, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1100 
McLoughlin, Jos, Eng TCalLosAngeles $1300 
McPherson, John M, Ind TCalLosAngeles $1100 
McLaughlin, Thos F, Pa TCalLosAngeles $900 
McVicar, Jas W, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Mackin, Jas, Ire TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Manile, Peter C, La TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Manley, Fredk B, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Martin, Gordon. NY TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Martyn, Lewis C, Wash 5CalSantaClara $1100 
Marvin, Lowell Lee, Ky TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Mason, Edwin H, Nev TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Mason, John W, Eng TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Mason, Riehd L, NY TCalLosAngeles $900 
Maurice, Jas H, Ark TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Maynard, Alaric L, Mich TCalLosAngeles $800 
MaTOard, Leo A, Wis TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Messick, Gurtha R, Md TCalLosAngeles $800 
Meusel, Chas H, Cal TCalLosAngeles $900 
Mever Fredk J, NewZealand TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Mevers. Rov E. Nebr TCalLosAngeles $1200 ^,„„^ 
MUderbrandt, Julien K, Pa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Miller, Archie R, Wis TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Millar. Chas A, Nebr TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Miller, Chas O, Ky TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Miller, Wm A, Ky TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Mitchell, Chester A, Mo TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Mitchell, Frank L, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Moore, Grover C, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Moore, Otis A, Ky TCalLosAngeles $600 
Morrow, Willet T. Ill TCalLosAngeles $900 
Muhleman, Randall G, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Muhleman, Alfred J, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Mulkey, Frank C, Miss TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Murphy, Esther, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1100 
iilTOatt, Condo. Tenn TTennKnox $1100 
Ne^mith. Llovd, Colo ICoIoArapahoe $1100 
Nightingale, 'Robt, 111 lOIllCook $1200 
Nutt, Edmund B, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Olson, Edwin, Mass TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Olson, Eric A, Sw TCalLosAngeles $600 
O'Neil Mrs Elva R, Kans TCalLosAngeles $800 
Orlijan, Saml, NY TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Ostrom, Paul, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Paekwood, Wm L, Eng TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Palen. Danl R. Cal TCalLosAngeles $600 
Paskett, Miss Adah, Eng 25PaErie $1200 

Los Angeles— Continued. 

Cicrts— Continued. 
Pease Edmund J, NY TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Pelch, Jolm F, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $800 
Perry, Mrs Luella S, NJ 2ColoElPaso $1200 
Pcttit, John D, NY 14NYNewYork $1200 
Piquette, Louis S, Md TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Plumpton, Earl F. Mass 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Pollard, Elliott, Tenn TCalLosAngeles $600 
Porter, Wm, Eng TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Potts, Jefferson R, Cal TCalLosAngeles $600 
Preder, Wm E, Oreg TCalLosAngeles $800 
Puck, Chas, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Radabaugh, Roy R, Minn TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Rankin, Robt R, Minn TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Ray, Willis II, Mo TCalLosAngeles $900 
Ready, Miss Ellen, NY TCalLosAngeles $600 
Rehnie, Bernard L, NY TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Reid, Miss Frances L, Va SVaFairtax 8900 
Rice, Benj M. Cal TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Richards. Ellsworth F, Minn TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Richart. Fabin F, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $600 
Riley, Luther H, Ky TCalLosAngeles $600 
Riley, John T, Mo TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Robertson, Wm C, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Robinson, Edwin S, Mich TCalLosAngeles $800 
Romero, Thos, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Ryle, Miss Hortense E, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1200 
St John, Walter L, Nebr TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Sanchez, Albert B, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Sandoval, Raymond, Colo TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Sayles, Leon A, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Scales. Walter B. Ill TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Schlinger, John A. Kans TCalLosAngeles $600 
Schofield, Miss Fannie E, Mo TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Schwab, Jos, Aus TCalLosAngeles $900 
Schwartzenberg, Antone F, 111 TCalLosAngeles $600 
Sennett, Walter R, NY TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Shackelford, Miss Emma L, Miss TCalLosAngeles 

Shea, Willard W, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Sheehan, Wm J, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Sheets, Luther 0, Tex TCalLosAngeles $1400 
Shellhorn. Edmund G, Nebr TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Shelton, Mrs Bird G, Mo 9MoLincoln $1500 
Sheppard, Arthur L, Tex TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Shepperd, Conrad E, Pa TCalLosAngeles $600 
Shrivcr. Clarence P, Kans 20vegMuli;nomah $1100 
Simmons, Rolla 0, NY TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Simpson, Leon, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Simpson, Stanley R, Tenn TCalLos.\ngeles $1200 
Skanks. Harris B, Me TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Skiff. Nathan W, Ind TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Smith, Dennis E, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Smith, Wm P, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Sotolo, Ralph, Cal TCalLosAngeles $600 
Snence, John 1). Cal TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Springer, Clarence E, Ind TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Springer, Eobt E, Ind TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Squire, Guy 0, Nebr TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Stcsch, Edwd, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $800 
Stephens, Eoy B, Nebr TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Stott, Wm B. NH TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Streshlv, Riehd C, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1500 
Suchv,"Adolf, Wis TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Sullivan. Luke J, Can 4IllCook $1100 
Svenson, Alfred H, Norw TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Swain, Geo M, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Sweeney, Claude N, Pa TCalLosAngeles $600 
Switzer, Wm H, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Taft. Elmer C, Mass TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Tandrow, Wm M, Cal SCaUvern $1200 
Teitsworth. Kimher B. Pa TCalLosAngeles $800 
Termath. AVni H. Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Thomas. Ernest S. Mo TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Thompson. John G. Minn TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Thompson. Roy L. Nebr TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Thornton, Mrs Ethel M, Can TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Tomlinson, Wm G, Iowa lOIowaBoone $1200 
Townsend, Geo E, Iowa OlowaJasper $1100 
Troxel, Enoch A, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Truitt. Burton H. Kans TCalLosAngeles $900 
Traan, Edwd. Ire TCalLosAngeles $1300 
tfmsted. Leon W. Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Vandegrift. Malcolm R. Ind TCalLosAngeles $1300 
Van Dingstee, Cornelius, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Van Dingstee, Hiram, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Varley, Eugene 0. Cal TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Veail Elmei- B, Ohio TOhio Fayette $1100 
Vena,' Jas M. Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Vincent, Geo J, Can TCalLosAngeles $600 
Vint, Robt, Scot AtLgUtahSaltLake $1200 
Vore Frank H, Wvo TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Wagstaff, Alfred H, Can TCalLosAngeles $800 
Walker, Fredk B, Mass TMassSuflolk $1200 
Walberg. John D, Conn TCalLosAngeles $600 
Wall, Frank P, Kans TCalLosAngeles $600 
Ward. Leslie C, Me TCalLosAngeles $600 
Ward. Eavmond E, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Waters. Frank J, HI 4IlICook $1200 
Watkins. Chas C, lU TCalLos.\ngeles $1100 
Welch Geo C, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Welch, Wm J, Mass llMassSuflolk $1100 
Wellman. Ernest L, Me TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Whalen, Kerr A, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $800 
WTieaton. F Horace. Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1100 
White. Mark W. Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Williams, Alfred E, Kans TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Williams, Frank H, Iowa 5MinnHennepin $1200 
Williams. Julius J, 111 15IIlAdams $1200 
Wilson, Chas A. Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Winans Alonzo C, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1400 
Winogura, Sam, Rus TCalLosAngeles $800 
Wolff, Albert J, Cal TCalLosAngeles $600 
Woodcock, Frank, Eng TCalLosAngeles $800 



Loa AnEsltt— Continued . 

C!frlt»— Continued. 
Wooldridgf, Marion M, Iowa "CalLosAngeles $1(00 
Wright, Jas E, Miss -Call^sAngclcs $1200 
Yocam, Geo K, Nebr, TCalLosAngeles $900 
Zink, Otto C, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Zipscr, Henry N, NY TCalLosAngeles $1200 

rlrrks ii, rlmnj,: «/ iliilion.i. 
Anderson, Wm W, NY TCalLosAngeles $100 
Bailey, Gallaudet 0, 111 TCalLosAngeles $200 
Banks, Walter C, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $250 
Brown, Ira E, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $600 
Bullock, John G, Can TCalLosAngeles $300 
Burt, Lyman, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $300 
Caldwell, Geo W, 111 TCalLosAngeles $5U0 
i;annc, Ja9 1), Hull TCalLosAngeles $100 
Christensen, Albert, Den TCalLosAngeles $100 
Coffin, Chaa M, Ind TCalLosAngeles $100 
Cohn, Arthur, Ger TCalLosAngeles $200 
Dutour, Ivouis A, La TCalLosAngeles $250 
Dutton, Harry A, Kans TCalLosAngeles $250 
Foster. Miss Carolyn I'a TCalLosAngck-s $100 
Foutz. fhfstir L. Mo TCalLosAnKilcs $100 
Gale, Albert S, Wi« TCalLosAngeles $100 
Gara, Willis A, Pa TCalLosAngeles $100 
Gilbert, Miss Jennie M, NY TCalLosAngeles $500 
Oottleber, Henry T E W, Ger TCallx)sAngele8 $600 
Gray, Isadore, Ger TCalLosAngeles $3:10 
Hamburger, Moses A, Cal TCalLosAngeles $300 
Hart, Wm H. NY TCalLosAngeles $100 
Healton, Mrs Ida C, 111 TCalLosAngeles $250 
Henderson, Howard C, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $200 
Herscy, Chas F, Me TCalLosAngeles $100 
Hughes, John E, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $200 
Imbcrt, Felix, Fr TCalLosAngeles $200 
Jacobs, David E, NY TCallxisAngeles $400 
Johnson, Frank W, Mass TCallxisAngcles $200 
Keim, Wilbur W, Cal TCalLosAngeles $200 
Kennedy, Geo W, 111 TCalLosAngeles $300 
Klui|.|.,-r. Mrs F I.. Cir 7C:ilLos AiiK'-lcs $250 
Laiiglord. Edwin 0, lowii TCalLosAngeles $100 
Lewis, Jos C, Pa TCalLosAngeles $300 
Littleton, Wm E, Ark TCalLosAngeles $100 
Maize. Chas F, Pa TCalLosAngeles $100 
Margiiilies, Louis .S. Aus TCalLosAngeles $300 
Morris, Kredk I, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1 
Moronev. Patrick M, Cal TCalLosAngeles $100 
Murlev, Stephen O, Ala TCalLosAngeles $100 
Park, Frank L. Wis TCalLosAngeles $300 
Piette, Napoleon J, Mass TCalLosAngeles $200 
Reed, Geo E, Cal TCalLosAngeles $200 
Ridg\vay, Mrs Anna M, Can TCall^sAngeles $500 
Riggs, Chas A, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $200 
Siemer, Henry, Ger TCalLosAngeles $300 
Swift. Horace L, 111 TCalLosAngeles $250 
Terry. Geo, Can TCalLosAngeles $300 
Thomas, John W, Kans TCalLosAngeles $100 
Thornton. Mrs Frances E. Colo TCalLosAngeles $150 
Wilson, Wilton W, 111 TCalLosAngeles $100 
Wollan, John M, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $100 

City carriers. 
Alexander, Danl P, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $900 
Allen, Wm S, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Anderson. Jacob I, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Arnold, Harold M. Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Augustine, Edwd 0, Ind TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Bailiff, Alva B, Ind TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Baker, Clarence C, NY TCalLosAngeles $600 
Baldwin. Judson D, Wis TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Bangerter, John. NY TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Barr, John C, 111 TCall^sAngeles $1200 
Barratt, Jos F, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Baxter. Earl H, Minn TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Beal, Selah R, Mich TCalLosAngeles $600 
Bean, Reo F, Me TCalLosAngeles $800 
Beder, Edwin E, 111 2niCook $1200 
Bennett, Ralph E, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $C00 
Bissonette. Alex .1. Can SMinnllennepin $1200 
Blackburn, Jas F, Ind TCalLosAngeles $900 
Bledsoe, Robt. Mo TCalLosAngeles $100 
Blodgett. Fred E. Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Bloomfleld. Wm E, Nebr TCalLosAngeles $800 
Bogan, Herbert, Oreg SCalAlameda $1100 
Boegs, Leonaril G. Mo TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Bolin, John W, Mo TCalLosAngeles $(500 
Boner, Frank S, Ind SCalSantaBarbara $1200 
Boner, Thos J, Tenn OTcnnDavidson $1200 
Boucher, Napoleon, Can TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Brinkman, Milton H, Wis TCalLosAngeles $900 
Brobst. Earl A. Nebr TCalLosAngeles $800 
lir..i-ksi,|„.r, f E. Conn TCalLosAngeles S12o" 
Brown, Fred O, Vt TCalLosAngeles $800 
Brown. Jas L, NC TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Brown, John A, Va TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Buckley, Jas E. Mass TCalI>osAngeles $1200 
Busch, Fredk W, Mont TCalLoa.\ngele3 $1000 
Byron, Alfred M, III TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Calbghan. Edmond. Ire TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Cammack. Fred Do M, NY TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Campbell. John W, Mo TCalLosAngeles $800 
Carroll. Henry P, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Carter, Wm R, Oreg TCall^sAngeles J1.200 
Case, Chas W, NY TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Cate, Albert H, Pa TCall^sAngclcs $600 
Chaffee. Ira. Iowa IColoArapahoe $1200 
Clementc. Chas C A, It TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Comport, Sidney J, Eng TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Cook. Edwd W. Minn TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Copeland, Matthew A. Colo TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Corson, Asa G, NY TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Cortvriend, August A, Bclg TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Crowell, Russell H, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Curtis, Frank W, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1200 

Los Angeles— Continued. 

Cilj/ cam>r»— Continued. 
Cutler, Linwood P, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Cutter, Geo B, Nil TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Dalton, Harold T, Eng TCalLosAngeles $1000 
De Hay, Geo W, Tex TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Denman, Wm G, Cal TCalLosAngeles $600 
Dickerson, Edgar A, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Dillon, Robt E, Mo TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Dittman Arthur B. Mass TCall-.jsAngeles $800 
Dixon, Chas K, Nebr TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Dobbins, Irwin W, Md TCulL)sAngele3 *12U0 
Doherty, Michl J, Ire 2IllCook $1200 
Doherty, Patrick F, Ire TCalLosAngeles $600 
DonkiT, Cornelius Neth TCalLiisAngeles $1100 
Donnelly, Jas J, Ire 13NYNewYork $1200 
Dorand, Jared R, III TCalLosAngeles $800 
Doty. Jcase H. Ky TCalLosAngeles $800 
Drenberg, John H, 111 SlllCook $1200 
Duerkel, Henry P, Wis TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Duehring, John W, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Dukes, Presley, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Dyer, Eddy J, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Eade, Rufus S, III TCalLosAngeles $800 
Earll, Jas C, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Eastman, Reuben W, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $900 
Ebey, Albert K, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Enders, Frank A, 111 4111Cook $1200 
Engle, Stedman J, Kans TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Englishman, Benj, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Farrell, Jos, Tenn TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Fechtler, Hermann L, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Frackelton. John. SDak TCall^sAngeles $G0U 
France, Oliver M, NY TCalLosAngeles $600 
Fredericks, Frithjof E, Norw TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Froman, Solomon, 111 TCallxis Angeles $1200 
Gamble, Wm S, Pa 6PaPhiladelphia $1200 
Gcrvais, Horace, III TCalLosAngeles $600 
Gibson, Jas M, Nebr SWashSpokane $1100 
Gies, Albert J, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Gill, Rollo O, Pa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Gillenwaters. Fred B. Iowa TCalLosAngeles $800 
Gillett, Merle S, Ind TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Goldsmith, Jacob L, Mass lOMassSuffolk $1200 
Good, Geo II, Mo 8CalSanDiego $900 
Gordon, Walter L, Miss TCalLosAngeles $600 
Gossow, Otto A, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $900 
Craflous, Walter J, Ohio 14TexBexar $1000 
Orahm, Norman M, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Grifilth, Chas E, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Griggs, John A, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Gutting, Edwd D, Ind TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Hall, Chas T, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Hall. Perry .S, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $800 
Hammel, John A, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Hancock, Harry A, Wis TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Haymaker. Roy A, Kans TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Havnes, Elmer E. Minn 5MinnHennepin $1200 
Healy, Reginald K. Ill TCalLosAngeles $900 
Hed. John F G. Sw TCalLosAngeles $800 
Heidenreich, Julius J, Ger TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Henley. Wm P, NC TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Hickman, Frank H, Mo TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Hickox, Wesley D. Ill TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Hilgenstock, Hugh H, Ger TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Holcomb. Alvah C, Cal TCalLosAngeles $600 
Holden, Wm J, NY TCalLosAngeles $800 
Horan, Patrick T, Ire TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Houchins. Lewis H, Kans TCalLosAngeles $900 
House. Wm G. NY SNYKings $1200 
Housekeeper. Thos J, Kans TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Houser. Martin L. Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Hubbard. Philip W, Me TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Huffman, Chas W, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Hughes, Henry L, Ga SKyJefferson $1000 
Hughes, Albert P, Ind TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Hutchinson, Chas E, NC TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Iverson, Emil L B, Norw OlllCook $1200 
Jensen, George H, Iowa TCalLos.\ngeles $900 
Jocknick. Clifton M, DC TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Johnson, Allen H, NY TCalLos.\ngeles $1200 
Johnson, Ernest W, Conn TCalLosAngeles $800 
Johnson, Fredk E. Va TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Joiner. Lawrence B, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $600 
Jones, Buell H. Cal TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Jones, [.eslie W, Kans TCalLosAngeles $600 
Judd, Theodore P, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Kane, M Francis, Mass TCalLos.\ngele8 $1200 
Kendall. Chas L, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Kincaid, Freeman M. Nev TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Kinaler, Edwd W, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Klages, Eugene T, Pa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Knapper, Fredk T, III TCallxisAngeles $1000 
Knowles, Ralph D, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Kretschmer. Wm C. Wis TCalt-osAngeles $800 
Kropf. Louis L, 111 TCalLosAngeles $600 
Lain. Dwight P, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $800 
Lamp. Harry F. Ind TCalLosAngeles $800 
Landis, B Edwd, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $600 
l^ank, Elmer G, Ohio 20hioHamilton $1100 
Laplante, Earl I, III TCalLosAngeles $800 
Larkin, Albert H, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Lawhon, Edwd O, Ind SAlaMadison $1200 
Lee, Virgil W, Ca TCalLosAngeles SOdii 
Lehmann, Jos A, Iowa TCall^sAngeles $1200 
Lewis, Elbert D. Cal TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Lovering. Chaa H, Mass 6PaPhiladelphia $1200 
Lucas, Chas F, Minn TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Lueken, Herman O, Mo TCall.osAngeles $1200 
L.iTich, Geo N. Kans TCalLosAngeles $900 
Lynn, Clarence M, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Mabbitt, Arthur. Ind TCalLosAngeles $600 
.Manuel, Thos M, Mo TCalLosAngeles $1200 
McClure, Chas D, Wyo TCalLosAngeles $1000 
McClure, Claude D, Wis TCalLosAngeles $1200 

Loa Angeles— Continued. 

Ciig carriers— Continued. 
McLaughlin, Chas L, Ind TCalLosAngeles $800 
McMahon, Jos C, Pa IColoArapahoe $1200 
Metcalf, Chas V, Ky TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Meybohm, John H, Ger TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Middleton, Thos T, Tex TCalLosAngeles $800 
Millar, Clifford D, SDak TCalLosAngeles $800 
Miller, Ellis M, Ohio TCalLonAngeles $1200 
Miller, Frank, Ind TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Miller, Jos 11, Ohio TCalLos.\ngele8 $600 
Mills, Louis N, SDak TCalLosAngeles $800 
Millsap, Delos, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Milton, Elmore Y, Wis TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Monnct, KoUo P, Ind TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Moore, Clyde S, Tex TCalLosAngeles $600 
Moore, Walter A, Kans TCalLosAngeles $800 
Morgan, Harry H, NV TCalLosAngeles $900 
Morrill, Luther E, Mass TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Murdock, Alphonso, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $900 
Murray, Earnest A, Nebr TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Myers, Philip F, Mo TCalLosAngeles $900 
Myers, Wm D, Kans TCalLosAngeles $900 
Ncttleton, Basil J, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Neumann, Emil, Aus TCalLosAngeles $600 
Neumann, Wm, Aus TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Newton, Wm R, Nebr TCalLosAngeles $800 
Nielson, Niel C, Den TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Niquette, Norman E, Wis TCalLosAngeles $900 
Norman, Alfred E, Eng TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Norman, Herbert H. Eng TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Hara, Hoy M, WVa 29PaAllegheny $1100 
O'Laverty, David, Ire TCalLosAng.lis «12no 
Opdale, Harry H, Iowa 7i ,11. ' i ii 

Pace, Chas A, Iowa TCall 
Patton, Edmond E, 111 ;i i 
Payne, Jos L, Eng TCall, \' 
Pcarse, Arthur R. Pa TCalLosAng. lis .^l-'OO 
Peirce, Ben H, 111 TCall^sAngelea $1200 
Peterson, Andw, Sw 4MinnRamsey $1200 
Puck, Phillip. Cal TCalLosAngeles $600 
Rcece, Walter L, Mo TCalLosAngeles $900 
Rhodin, Oscar A, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Richter, Jos, Mich TCallxjs Angeles $800 
Richter, Marmaduke A, Wis TCalLosAngeles $800 
Roach, Arthur A, HI TCalLosAngeles $800 
Roberds. Fred 0, III TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Robertson, Orville L. Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Roeck, Albert E, NY TCalLosAngeles $900 
Rogers, Chas D, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Rollins, Fred A. Me 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Rosenauer, Frank C, Mo TCalLosAngeles $900 
Rusthoi, Peter P, Ger OlllCook $1200 
Rutter, Wm T, Del TCalLosAngeles $600 
Sach, Chas H, Mich TCalLosAngeles $900 
Saint Martin, Chas H, NY AtLgUtahSaltLake $1100 
Sanberg. Oscar G. Ill TCaUx.sAngeles $900 
Saunders. Chas A, Eng TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Savage. Wm F, NY TCalLosAngeles $600 
Schaeffer, Jcre M, Pa TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Sears, George M, III TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Sedg^vick, Orin G, Wis "Call^sAngeles $1200 
Secfred, J Chas, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Shaw, Edgar M, Ohio 20hioHamilton $1200 
Simmons, Benj C. NY TCall/)s.\ngeles $800 
Simmons, Edwd E. Ill TCalljOsAngeles $1200 
Simmons, Jos, Can TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Singleton, Jas F. Mo TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Smart, Geo A. Eng TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Smith. Elmer E, Iowa OCalSantaBarbara $1100 
Stewart, Geo E, Pa TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Stickler, Walter C. Ill TCalLosAngeles $600 
Stoltz, Henry C, Ind TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Stoltz. Otto A, Ind TCalLosAngeles $900 
Stover. Herbert E. Ill TCalLosAngeles $900 
Streshley, Harry H, Cal TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Stuart, Wm H. Ire TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Sturgeon, Phineas B. Ind TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Sweeten, Glen A, NY TCalLosAngeles $800 
Talbot, Presley, Kans TCalLosAngeles $600 
Teele, Herbert H, Mass TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Thometz, Jos, 111 2niCook $1200 
Tillotson. Frank C. Mo TCalLosAngeles $900 
Titus, Wm H. Wis TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Troxell, Wm S. Ill TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Turner, Leonard S, Ohio TCallxisAngeles $800 
Turner, Wm, Ga TCalLosAngeles $600 
Upleger, Henry E. Mich TCalLosAngeles $1100 
VanDemark, Arthur H. Ohio TCalLosAngeles $800 
Vandiver. John E, Mo TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Vellines. Marsville, Va TCallxisAngeles $900 
Walsh. Patrick W. Ire TCalI.03Angolea $1200 
Ward, .\nthonv. Ire TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Warren, Edwd J. Tex TCalIx)sAngeles $000 
Wells. Nicholas S, Kans TCalIx)8AngcIe3 $900 
Weston, Julian T. Me TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Wetmore, Jesse W, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1100 
WTiims. Jasper C. Kan? TCalLosAngeles $1200 
W'iedemin. Rudolph C. Ill TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Wilcox. Kearney L. Mo TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Wilkinson. Chas H, III TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Wilson, Herbert H. NY TCalLosAngeles $800 
Wilson, Robt J. Minn TCalI,osAngeles $1000 
Winans. Geo W. NY INYQueens $1200 
Winchester, John S. Ind TCallxisAngeles $900 
Wittliff. Lewis A, Mich TMichStClair $1200 
Wollner. Richd. Aus TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Wright, Frank E, III TCalIx)sAngelea $1200 
Wright, Oscar W, Ind TCalLosAngeles $1200 

Rural carriera. 
Beck, John E, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Bctts, Ernest E, Eng TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Carpenter. Wm T, Mich TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Daniel, Mania, Mo TCalLosAngeles $1000 



Los Angeles— Continued. 

Eural carriers— Continued. 
Doddsworth, Clias W, Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1000 
George, Mrs Sarah E, Mo TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Jones. John E, Ohio TCalLosAngeles $960 
Johnson, Walter A, Mass TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Morse, Chas S, Conn TCalLosAngeles $960 
Ostrom, L \V, NY TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Owen, Geo L, Me TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Waldschmidt, John J, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Ziegler, Thos M, 111 TCalLosAngeles $1000 

Ilammett, Michl, Ire TCalLosAngeles $900 

Brown, Wm, NY TCalLosAngeles $600 
Home, John R, 111 TCalLosAngeles $600 

Booker, Edwd F, Va TCalLosAngeles $600 
Garrison, Uichd A, NO TCalLosAngeles $600 
Cinder, Fredl; E, NY TCalLosAngeles $600 
Ivrebs, Roy Kans TCalLosAngeles $600 
Montgomery, Sherman, Ga TCalLosAngeles $600 
Osborn, Oliver D, Colo TCalLosAngeles $600 
Howell, Melvin P, Mass TCalLosAngeles $600 
White, Homer H, Mo TCalLosAngeles $600 
Winter, Geo L, 111 TCalLosAngeles $600 
Los Banos, Merced: Genelly, Angelo, Switz S1500 
Freeman, Florence, AsstPM Gal TCalMerced S600 
W ilson, Marguerite, Clerk Cal TCalMerced S540 
Los Gatos, Santa Clara: Campbell, W C, Cal S2300 
Bassett. A W, AsstPM Idaiio SCalSantaClara $1000 
Comden, Miss Margaret H, Cleric Micli oCalSanta 

Clara S900 
Paine, G G, Clerli Iowa 5CalSantaClara S900 
Foster, Arta, RD Iowa SCalSantaClara $1000 
Torrey, Lewis B, RD 111 SCalSantaClara SIOOO 
Vodden, C H, RD Eng SCalSantaClara SIOOO 
Los Mollnos, Tehama: Davis, W J, Tex S620 
Los Ollvos, Santa Barbara; Whitcher, Chas L, Cal S4Sn 
Lotus, Eldorado: Harris, Jacob A^ Rus SISO 
Lovelock, Butte: Campbell, Mrs Lydia R, Cal S170 
Lowell Hill, Nevada: Drynan, Alex, Can $60 
Lower Lake, Lake: Goldsmith, W C, Ind S5S0 
Lowrey, Tehama: Lowrey, Benj, Cal S90 
Loyalton, Sierra: Collins, Wm S, Vt S1400 
Lucia, Monterey: Harlan, Ada A, Utah S20 
Lumpkin, Butte: Burroughs, F C, Cal S90 
Lundy, Mono: Butterflel, Alonzo L, Me $190 
Lynch, San Luis Obispo: Watson, Henry B, Greg SNO 
Lyon Springs, Ventura: Lyon, Miss Belle G, Nev S200 
Lyonsville, Tehama: Hillhouse, Mrs Susan C, Greg S330 
Lytton, Sonoma: Baker, Wm, Cal $590 
MoArthur, Shasta: Duniap, R E, Cal $200 
McCloud, Siskiyou: Nichols, Fredk B, Mass SITOO 

Nichols, Miss Marion H, Cierk III ICal Siskiyou SOuO 
McFarland, Kern: Kern, Ralph, Ind $390 
McKlnleyville, Humboldt: Graeter, Luther D, Vt $120 
McKinney, Placer: Murphy, Jas A, Cal ST70 
McKlttrick, Kern: Tetzlaff, G H, Wis S1300 
Macdoel, Siskiyou: Maust, Joseph W, Pa $430 
Madeline, Lassen: Brasher, Robt W, — $450 
K[adera, Madera: Williams, W L, Wales — 
Slater, W H, RD Mich OCalMadera — 
Madison, Yolo: Plaimstiehl, Louis, Wis S3S0 
Madrone, Santa Clara: ICirty, Miss Nellie, Cal $250 
Magalla, Butte: Goodday, Max, Ger SSOO 
Maine Prairie, Solano: Luttges, Adolphus J, — $40 
Malaga, Fresno; Bagley, F S, — $2S0 
Maltermoio, Fresno: Ijeugger, John J, Switr, $142 
Mammoth, Shasta: Hanley, Robt E, Cal $490 
Manchester, Mendocino: Bishop, H E, NS $220 
Manhattan, Los Angeles: Webster, John, Eng $520 
Manteca, San Joaquin: Wiggin, James C, Mass $400 
Manton, Tehama: Dines, Alice, Cal $480 
Manzanar, Inyo; Hatfleld, Ira L, Mich $230 
Maple Creek, Humboldt; Bah, Fred S, Cal $60 
Marcuse, Sutter; Corkin, Edwd J, Mich $50 
Maricopa, Kern: Beatty, C H, Cal $2000 
Nesbit, H S, AsstPM Ga — S900 
Campbell, Miss Myrtle, Clerk NMex — $600 
Marigold, Yuba: Mott, Geo S, NY $290 
Mariposa, Mariposa: Paine, Mrs Miriam I, Cal $S10 
MarkleevUle, Alpine: Musser, W C, Cal $220 
Mark West, Sonoma: Ford, Mrs Martha A, Tenn 890 
Marshall, Marin: Salmina, Chas R, Switz S240 
Martell, Amador: McPherson, J A, Can $390 
Martinez, Contra Costa: Glass, Franklin L, Cal $2100 
Hunt, Eugene W, AsstPM Cal SCalContraCosta 

McCaim, Mrs Josephine, Clerk Cal SCalContraCosta 

Hoesley, Henry G, RD Cal SCalContraCosta $900 
Marysvllle, Yuba: Meek, O L, Ohio $2700 
Murphy, E H, AsstPM Cal 2CalYuba $1300 
Dunning, Miss lola T, Clerk Cal 2CalY'uba $1000 
Hotlert, H H, Clerk Cal* 2CalYuba $1100 
Mock, T N, Clerk Kans 2CalYuba $800 
Ocheltree, H L, Clerk Mo 2CalYul)a $1000 
Zumwalt, F R, Clerk Mo 2CalYuba $1100 
Dennis, A C, Carrier Cal 2CalYuba SIOOO 
Frohn, G, C Carrier Cal 2CalYuba $S00 
Samson, J O, Carrier Kans 2CalYuba SHOO 
Masonic, Mono: Boone, Harvey, Pa $80 
Matilija, Ventura: Myers, Tim, 111 $300 
Maxwell, Colusa; Sutton, Mrs LA, — $780 
May, Amador: Nichols. Mrs Stella, Ind S190 
Mayfleld, Santa Clara; Wright. Chas F. Mo $960 
Mayhews, Sacramento: Humphrey, Anthony B, Ohio 

Uayten, Siskiyou: Stallcup, Edwd, — $80 
Meadow Valley, Plumas: Stratton, Leslie J, Wis $150 

Mecca, Riverside: Hill, Eugene L, Conn $280 
Melbume, Mendocino: Skifflngton, John H, Mich $210 
Meloland, Imperial: MeClure, W L, Kans $151 

McClure. Miss Bessie, .VsstPM III SCallniperial $30 
Melones, Calaveras: Cecconello, Luis A, It S250 
Mendocino, Mendocino; Mullen, Wm, Cal $1300 

Mullen, L E, AsstPM Cal 2CalMendocino $204 
Mendota, Fresno; Arnaudon, A J, Fr SCOO 
Menlo Park, San Mateo; Mason, Jas G, Utah $1500 
Clark, Miss Bernadette, AsstPM Wis SCalSanMateo 
Mentone, San Bernardmo: Flum, Jas H, NY $380 
Merced, Merced: Neumann, C F, Cal $2400 
Phillips, Miss Vinnie, AsstPM Cal eCalMerced $1100 
Daneri, Ambrose, Clerk Cal OCalMerced $900 
Landess, Miss Carrie, Clerk Cal GCalMerced $1000 
Salazar, Osbaldo, Clerk Cal OCalMerced SIOOO 
Hawkins, Marion P, RD Ky GCalMerced SIOOO 
Peterson, Peter R, RD Wis OCalMerced $900 
Merced Palls, Merced: Woodroffe, Mrs Katherine F, 
Nev $280 
Woodroffe, Morris Leonard, AsstPM Eng OCalMerced 
Meridian, Sutter: Taylor, T J, Iowa $450 

Balis, Mrs M L, AsstPM Mich 3CalSutter $360 
Merrlllville, Lassen; Williams, Claranee A, Cal $100 
Mesa Grande, San Diego; Ambler, Cleason, III $258 
Metropolitan, Humboldt; Clearv, J T, Tenn $240 
ajetz, Monterey; Tanner, C T, Nebr S210 
Meyers, Eldorado; Cello, Chas G jr, Cal $20 
Miami, Mariposa; Harris, Jas M, — $00 
Michigan Bar, Sacramento: Heath, John W, Ind $150 
Michigan Bluff, Placer; Van Eman, Hugh Lee, Pa S410 
Middietown, Lake: Read, Jos L, Ky SIOOO 
Midlake, Lake: Kemp, H W, Ohio $230 
Midland, Kern; A twood, W J, NY SIOOO 
Midway, Alameda; Clarke, Mrs Ottilie Ger $132 
Milford, Lassen: Doyle, Jas M, Cal $315 
MiUbrae, San Mateo; Lauer, L R, Pa S250 
Mills. Sacramento; Studarus, John, Va $290 
Millsaps, Glenn: Millsaps, G W. — $30 
Mills College, Alameda; Mills, Mrs Susan Lincoln, Vt 

Mill Valley, Marin; Reynolds, Mrs Flora B, Cal $1S00 
Reynolds, Miss Ruth M, AsstPM Cal 3CalMarm S444 
•MillviUe, Shasta: Webb, Herman T, Cal $300 
Milo, Tulare: Amsworth, F M, Mo $100 
Mllpitas, Santa Clara: Giacomazzi, Edwd P, Cal S59(l 
MUton, Calaveras: Brown, Frank, — S430 
Mineral, Tehama; Hampton, Bert L, Mich $240 
Mineralklng, Tulare: Crowley, Arthur, Cal $180 
Mlnersville, Trinity: Van M;itre, John C, — $140 
Minturn, Madera; Sogin, G M, Cal S180 
Miramar, San Diego; Burgess, Wm C, Tex $160 
Miramoute, Fresno: Taylor, Mrs Josephme L, Mo $50 
Miranda, Humboldt; Ambrose. Reuben, Eng $100 
Mission San Jose, Alameda; Rogers, J E, Cal $600 
Mobile, Imperial: Champein, Gustavus, Ind $140 
Modesto, Stanislaus: Morris, David W, Wales S2T00 
Whitmore, Edwd, AsstPM Cal OCalStanislaus $1200 
Brady, Ralph H, Clerk Kans OCalStanislaus $1000 
Davis, Jefferson G, Clerk Cal OCalStanislaus SWO 
Higbee, Robt O, Clerk Ind OCalStanislaus $101)0 
Van Deusen, Miss Maude E, Clerk 111 OCalStanislaus 

De La Mater, John H, Carrier Cal GCalStanislaus Ssno 
Hughes, Uriel, Carrier Mo OCalStanislaus $(ii10 
Swegles, Wm, Carrier Mich OCalStanislaus SSoo 
Bishop, Frank I, RD III OCalStanislaus SIOOO 
Grifflth, Wilson G, RD 111 6Cal Stanislaus SIOOO 
Harbaugh, Saml R, RD Ohio OCalStanislaus SIOOO 
Kephart. Roy C, RD Wash GCal Stanislaus SIOOO 
Moody, Zina A, RD Cal OCalStanislaus SIOOO 
Mohawk, Plumas: Pauly, Mrs Grace L, Cal S335 
Mojave, Kern: Demsey, C F, Ohio S1400 

Cutwater, Miss Ruth, Clerk Mich SCalKern $20 
Mokelumne Hill, Calaveras: Peek, Frank W, — S630 
Moneta, Los Angeles: Pitman, Thos C, Iowa $540 
Monmouth, Fresno; Clements, Geo D, Kans S90 
Mono Lake, Mono: Mattly, John, Switz S250 
Monolith, Kern; Marx, Harry A, NY'' $530 
Monroe, Mendocino'; Heagnev, Wm D, Mo SGO 
Monrovia, Los Angeles; Anson, Chas H, Iowa S2400 
Zimmerman, Frank. AsstPM Ohio TCalLosAngeles 

Baker, Geo L. Clerk Nebr TCalLosAngeles $1000 
Davis, Chas F, Clerk Iowa TCalLosAngeles SSOO 
Harvey, Miss Eva, Clerk Cal TCalLosAngeles $900 
Monson, Tulare; Simpson, Stephen Q, Mo S112 
Montague, Siskiyou; Sullivan. E .A, Me $820 

Cook, Miss Mary E, Clerk Mich ICalSiskiyou $300 
Montalvo, Ventura; Morrill, Mrs Emma, Ohio $240 
Montara, San Mateo; Kent. Jacob Laurence, III S240 

Erskine. Thos. Carrier Wis 4CalSanMateo $96 
Montecito, Santa Barbara; Buell, Percy O, Vt $360 
Monterey, Monterey; James. W AA', Mo $2400 
Kenney, Mrs M M, AsstPM Iowa GCalSantaCruz 

Cox, Miss Edith. Clerk Cal GCalMonterey $1000 
FoUett, W J, Clerk Ind eCalMonterev $900 
Smith. Miss Murdee, Clerk Cal GCalStonterey $800 
Tibbetts, WW, Clerk Cal GCalMonterey $1000 
Colwell, Arthur C, Carrier Cal GCalMonterey $900 
Dougherty, A B, Carrier Cal GCalMonterey $900 
Montgomery Greek, Shasta: Bass, Herbert, Cal $200 
Monticello, Napa: McKenzie. Wm D, NS $270 
Montpellier, Stanislaus: \''ancey, Abner J. Ga $210 
Montrio, Sonoma: Carr, Chas F, — $1000 
I Monumental, Del Norte: Morgan. Geo F, Cal $100 
\ Moody, Mendocino: Moody, Myrtle M, Cal $120 
Moores Flat, Nevada: Carter. John B, NY $90 
Mooretown, Butte: Brooks, Eliza J, — SllO 
Moorland, San Joaquin; Durbln, Russell M, Cal $270 
Moorpark, Ventura; L Roy, A B, Can $550 
Barrett, Jos H, RDe Mo SCalVentura $G00 

Moosa, San Diego: Frazee, Isaac J, Ind $60 
Moreno, Riverside: Schlador, Saml, Tex $150 
Laborde, Jas, RD Cal SCalRiverside S5G0 
Morgan Hill, Santa Clara: Duer, Chas S, Dl $1440 
Duer, Mrs Leona M, AsstPM Cal SCalSantaClara $144 
Bronner, Clarence F, RD Mich SCalSantaClara $960 
Dickinson, Harry L, RD Minn SCalSantaClara $1000 
Weichert, David P, RD Pa SCalSantaClara SGOO 
Morro, San Luis Obispo: Sewall, Gilbert F, III $360 
Moss, Monterey: Day, Asa E, Nev $140 
Moss Beach, San Mateo: Smith, C B, — S3G0 
Mossdale, San Joaquui; Nelson, Buell C, Mich $20 
Mountain House, Sierra: Costa, Mrs Nettie, Cal $70 
Mountain King, Mariposa: Austin, Henry C, Ala SIGO 
Mountain Ranch, Calaveras: Devote, Miss Jennie, Cal 

Mountain View, Santa Clara: Griffin, Wellington A, 
Me $2200 
Hare, Miss Margaret C, AsstPM Cal SCalSantaClara 

Fellows, Otis M, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara $1000 
Neuroth, Miss Frances, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara 

Barney, John W, RD 111 SCalSantaClara $900 
Frazer, GuyH, RD Cal SCalSantaClara $960 
j Mt Bullion, Mariposa; Trabucco, Frank T, — $270 
Mt Dome, Siskiyou: Sleezer, Allen D, NY' $60 
Mt Eden, Alameda; Robinson, John A, Cal $420 
I MtHamilton, Santa Clara: Merrill, Paul W, Minn S430 
I Mt Hebron, Siskiyou; Maguire, Jas F, — $320 
MtHermon, Santa Cruz: Gray, Robt B, Cal SIOOO 
Mt Lowe, Los Angeles: Brown, Howard B, Ky $600 
Mt Wilson, Los Angeles: Ross, F B. Ind $450 
Mulberry, San Benito; Lawton, Mrs E V, Cal $90 
Murphy, Calaveras: Fisk, Frank W, Me SGOO 

Fisk, Effle M, AsstPM Cal 2CalCalaveras $00 
Murrietta, Riverside: Miller, Oliver W, Ind $770 

Miller, Miss Evelyn W, AsstPM Cal SCalRiverside $180 
Muroc, Kern; Corum, Cliflord C, Cal SGO 
Musick, San Luis Obispo: Hasbrouck, A B, NY' $40 

Petker, Geo, Carrier Ger SCalSanLuisGbispo $500 
Myford, Orange: Irvine, Jas, Cal $240 
Napa, Napa: Smith, Camillus R, Cal $2700 
Shepard, Arthur H, AsstPM Cal 2CalNapa $1300 
Buckley, Miss Elizabeth, Clerk Cal 2CalNapa $1100 
Dwyer, Miss Florence M, Clerk Cal 2CalNapa $G00 
Graham, Wra A, Clerk Eng 2CalNapa $1000 
McNeill, Albert E, Clerk Cal 2CalNapa $600 
Sweet, Wm A, Clerk Cal 2CalNapa SHOO 
Duhig, Geo E, Carrier Cal 2CalNapa 81000 
Flanagan. Louis A, Carrier Cal 2CalNapa $800 
Head, Martin, Carrier Cal 2CalNapa SHOO 
Wilson, Frank, Carrier Cal 2CalNapa $1100 
Collier, Geo W, RD Mo 2CalNapa $800 
Hoover, Clarence E, RD Cal 2CalNapa $560 
Robinson, Jos D, RD Cal 2CalNapa $960 
Napa Junction, Napa: Eby, L G, Cal S610 
Napa Soda Springs, Napa:. Jackson, Andw, Ky $1,56 
Naples, Santa Barbara: Williams, Mrs Alice P, Ohio 

Naranjo, .Tulare: Hein, Henry A jr, Cal S170 
Narka, Inyo: Richards, Chas H, 111 $350 
National City, San Diego; Johnston, Saml S, Iowa 

Natoma, Sacramento; Derby, C M, Cal $470 
Needles, San Bernardino: Kelly, Fred M, Pa $2100 
Potts, Miss Frances, AsstPM Ariz sCalSauBemar- 

dino SIOOO 
Clifford, Mrs May H, Clerk Ky SCalSanBernardino 

McNeill, Miss Nellie, Clerk Tex SCalSanBernardino 
Neenach, Los Angeles: Gorkins, B L, Iowa $150 
Neighbours, Riverside: White, Fredk A, NY $110 
Nellie, San Diego; Bailey, Theo O. Ill $120 
Nelson, Butte: Washburn, O A, 111 S2ie 
Nelson Point, Plumas: Pauly, Benj, Cal $70 
Nestor, San Diego; Bascom, D S, III S440 

Sinclair. Edwin B, RD NY' GCalSanDiego SIOOO 
Nevada City, Nevada; Colley, Jas F, Cal $2200 
Colley, Mrs Ida E. AsstPM Cal ICalNevada $1000 
Meservey. Miss Mary E, Clerk Cal ICalNevada $900 
Porter, Eugene G, Clerk Cal ICalNevada $800 
New Almaden, Santa Clara: Tatham, Jefferson F, — 

Newark, Alameda; Bole. Mrs Matie E, NY $920 
Wales, Miss Emma, AsstPM Cal SCalAlameda $240 
Spencer. Jas Albert, RD Ky SCalAlameda $900 
Newbury Park, Ventura; Knowlton, Miss S E, Ark 

Newcastle, Placer; Howell, Francis H, Minn $1900 
Howell, Miss Alice J. AsstPM Cal ICalPlacer $240 
Cannon, Lester E, Clerk Cal ICalPlacer S720 
White, Edwd G, RD Cal ICalPlacer $1000 
Newhall, Los Angeles; Landell, Francis H, Pa $680 
Newman, Stanislaus; Thompson, Nels A, III $1700 
Brauer, Miss Ella C, AsstPM Cal OCalStanislaus S300 
Packard. Judson L, RD Cal OCalStanislaus $600 
Newport Beach, Orange: McMillan, John, Scot $680 
Newtown, Eldorado; Ferretta, Mrs Angellne, It $40 
NewvUle, Glenn: Flood, J M, Cal $100 
Nicasio, Marin: Rodgers, Frank E, Cal $170 
Nicolans, Sutter; Wessing. F W, Wis $430 
Niles, Alameda: Chalmers, Mrs Mirmie E, Cal $1600 
Kell, Miss Carolyn, Clerk Cal SCalAlameda $240 
Snvder. Mrs Clara, Clerk 111 SCalAlameda $108 
Crane. Marcus N, RD Cal SCalAlameda $1000 
Nimshew, Butte: Walker. Fred E, — $190 
Nipomo, San Luis Obispo: Garrigues, Mrs Cleora, Ohio 

Nolton, Siskiyou: Wood, John C, — $192 
Nord, Butte; Nugent. Harry E, Cal S210 
Noidhoff, Ventura; Smith, S L, Greg $1500 
Rose, Miss Mabelle, Clerk Cal SCalVentura $300 
Bailey, Miss Nellie, Clerk Mo SCalVentura $144 



Norman, Glean: Oreenleaf, John O, Cal tl40 

North Bloomfleld, Nevada: Landsburg, Miss Betb, 

Cal $244 
North Columbia, Nevada: Nicholas, Mrs Martha M, 

Eng SUO 
North Cucamonga, San Bernardino: Jamison, Mrs Alice 

S, I'a $;;jO 
North Fork, Madera: Franklin, L K, Mo t(a)0 
North San Diego, San Diego: I'arkinson, Jas W, — 

North San Juan, Nevada: Trood, Miss Edilb E, Cal 

Northspur, Mendocino: Holmes, Harry, Eng t-TU 
Northwestern. Mendocino: ScKridge, E A Jr, Cal Sl'W 
Norwalk, Los Angeles: J>e Witt, Miss Bessie 1, Ohio 

llradbeer, Andw I), RD Can 7CalLosAngeles JDOO 
Michaelis, Milton, KD Cal 7CalLosAngelcs »9tio 
Novate, Marin: Scott, Alex U, Can $710 
Noyo, Mendocino: Jyord, Mrs Margaret S, Cal $110 
Oak, IShasta: Uaker, Jolin C, Ind $70 
Oakbar, Siskijou: Barton, U J, — $150 
Oakdale, Stanislaus: Benson, K O, Mo $1700 
Benson, Miss LucUe T, Asstl'M Cal GCalStanislaus 

Benson. Itobt, Clerk Cal GCalStanislaiis $108 
Oakland, Alameda : Scbafer, Paul, Cal $3800 

Hobson, Wm W, AsstPM NY SCalAlameda $1900 


iilciiclcnis, lie. 

Faneur, Ralph J, Cal SCalAlameda $1600 
Gould, Guy T, Scot SlllCook $1600 
Martin, Arthur L, Mo SCalAlameda $1500 
Schafer, Moltke A, Cal SCalAlameda $1600 
Stephens, Miss Edna h, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Warner, Simon P, Kans SCalAlameda $1700 
White, Genevieve T, Mo SCalAlameda $1400 

Adams, Jas E, III 4CalSanFranci8co $1200 
Asnmssen. Albert T, Cal SCalAlameda $800 
Bacher, Chrilles P J, Den SCalAlameda $1000 
Ball. Miss Margaret T, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Barry, Edwd L, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Baxley, Miss Fannie A, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Behrns, Otto H. Iowa SCalAlameda $1000 
Bishop. Miss Retta, Mich SCalAlameda $1100 
Bakewdl, Edwin T, SCalAlameda $100 
Blaisdell. Robt M. Cal SCalAlameda $1000 
Blaustein, Stanley, Ger SCalAlameda $50 
Bohan. Walter D, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Boland, Miss Stella M, Cal SCalAlameda $1000 
Bolton, Miss Marie M, Mass SCalAlameda $1000 
Bond, Hewitt, NM SCalAlameda $1000 
Bovenizer, Herbert E, IB SCalAlameda $1200 
Bremer, Miss Maude C, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Britt, Walter S, SCalAlameda $500 
Bridge, Mrs Edith, SCalAlameda $50 
Brown, Herbert C, Mass SCalAlameda $1000 
Buck, E Todd, Iowa SCalAlameda $900 
Burke, Laurence E, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Calberg, Herbert F, Cal SCalAlameda $1000 
Cantwell. Herbert C, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Chatlev, Robt J. Pa SCalAlameda $1200 
Cheatham. Jos H, Ky SCalAlameda $100 
Cheney. John E, Utah SCalAlameda $600 
Coe. Edwd H. Colo SCalAlameda $1100 
Cohen, Hazel R. Cal SCalAlameda $1000 
Cohen, Marion A. SCalAlameda $100 
Colby, Eugene, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Collins. Wm E. Wis SCalAlameda $900 
Colquhoun. Jos A, Eng SCalAlameda $1200 
Cook, Andw W, La SCalAlameda $1000 
Cook, Geo C. Ill SCaUlameda $1100 
Cooley, Herbert A S, Cal SCalAlameda $1000 
Craker, Robt J, Cal SCalAlameda $250 
Crewe, Miss Amy E, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
D'Askquith, Milton E J, Can SCalAlameda $800 
Deggenborf. John T, Iowa SCalAlameda $800 
Downey, Harry R, Cal SCalAlameda $600 
Delainey, Jeremiuh B, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Elliott, Lyman L. NY SCalAlameda $1000 
Eschbach. Frank G. Cal ICalShasta $1100 
Field. Miss Ella M. Cal 5CaISantaClara $1100 
Ford. Albert R, Iowa SCaL^lameda $1000 
Freeland, Miss Bertha, Mich SCalAlameda $1100 
Frescoln. Jas E, Iowa SCalAlameda $900 
Geary, Miss Luella K, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Gerrity, Miss Margaret A, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Glines. Herbert A. NY SCalAlameda $250 
Gobeil, Jas J, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Gom.s. E S, Azoro,lsl;mds SCal.SanFrancisco $1100 
Goodfellow, Miss Bessie, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
CrutchBeld, Geo E. Eng SCalAlameda $1100 
Haas, John W, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Hahn, John A, Cat SCalAlameda $900 
Hall. Lyman B. Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Higgins. Miss Louisa M. Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Higson. Geo, Atsea SCalAlameda $1000 
Hill. Geo B. Cal SCalAlameda $1000 
Hoist. Mrs Auguste E. Ger SCalAlameda $S00 
Jackson. Kurt, 111 SCalAlameda $1000 
Jefferis, Elmer B, Cat SCalAlameda $600 
Johnston. Wm II, Cal SCalAlameda $400 
Keeley, John M, Mo SCalAlameda $1000 
Kenworthv. Harold F, Mo SCalAlameda $900 
Kiefer, Edwd P. Tex SCalAlameda $1100 
Killian, Jas T, Ohio SCalAlameda $1200 
Klinkner. Fredk S. Cal SCalAlameda $200 
Koscinski. Gustave Rus SCalAlameda $1100 
Klein, Ernest Wm, Den SCalAlameda $800 
Lane, Miss Grace L, Ky SCalAlameda $1200 
Leber, Albert L, HI SCalAlameda $250 
Littler, Mrs Bessie, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Logan. Uisa Jessie E, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Louder, Arthur L, NM AtLgUtah — $1200 

8621—0 R— VOL 2—12 4 

Oakland— Continaed. 

Lord, Jas W, Me SCalAIame'la $100 
Lowe, Romie S, Wis $900 
Magennis, Casper H, Cal SC^alAlameda $1100 
Mallett, Mrs Huldah, Ohio SCalAkmeda »1U0 
Melville, Doughis, NDak SCalAlameda $1100 
Mitchell, Cha^ H, Iowa SCalAlameda $1100 
Mofflt, Miss Helen W, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Monroe, Chas G, Mass SCalAlameda $100 
Mounts, Mrs Cora E, Cal SCalAlameda $100 
Mueller, Robt E, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
McCard, Geo S, Va SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
McCarty, Thos E, Iowa SCalAlameda $1000 
Netland, There A, Nor SCalAlameda $1200 
Niilwn. A M E M. Uen SCalAlameda $1100 
Noble, Harry E, Minn SCalAlameda $1100 
Perigo, Oliver E, Mass SCalAlameda $1100 
Penfleld, Miss Dorothy F, 111 SCalAlameda $900 
Petit, Miss Peruana, Peru SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Powell, Chester E, Vt SCalAlameda $1200 
Powell, Elbert W, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Pownall. Marion E, Ind SCalAlameda $1000 
Quinn, Francis G, Cal SCalAlameda $1000 
Rash, Oscar, Mo SCalAlameda $200 
Ray, Mrs Mary E, Ind SCalAlameda $50 
Roache, Frank J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Rodriquea, Earl, III SCalAlameda $1000 
Selzer, MaxM, Cal SCalSantaClara $1200 
Smith, Arthur A, Cal 6CalMonterey $1100 
Smith. Irving B. Cal SCalAlameda $600 
Spinney. Robt E. NS SCalAlameda $100 
Stephens. Wm S J, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Stephenson, Wm R, Cal SCalAlameda $600 
Stromberg, Richd F, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Sullivan, Geo T, HI SCalAlameda $600 
Teass, Frank M, Mo SCalAlameda $100 
Tucker, Mrs Carrie, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Van Linschotcn. C J S, Holl SCalAlameda $1100 
Voland. Chas J. Cal SCalAlameda $900 
Warford, Jas W D. NY SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
West, Chester F, Cal SCalAlameda $1000 
Wheeler, Warren P, Wis SCalAlameda $250 
Woemer, Louis E, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Wolf. Jos R. HI SCalAlameda $100 
Wright. Edwd C. Ohio SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Yore. Geo M, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Zimmermann, Miss Bessie B, Iowa SCalAlameda 

City carriers. 

Adriance. Saml B. NT SCalAlameda $1200 
AUen, Chas H, Idaho SCalAlameda $1200 
Alton, Wm H, Del SCalAlameda $1000 
Anderson. Edwd F. Den SCalAlameda $800 
Archer. Austin E, Eng llllCook $1200 
Arnold. Baxter. RI SCalAlameda $1200 
Bankson Reinhold H.. Pa SCaL41ameda,$800 
Barnett, Geo A. Mass SCalAlameda $1100 
Barnett. John Z, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Barr. Eugene B. Oreg SCalMameda $1000 
Barre, Lyman P, Ohio SCalAlameda $1200 
Bayley, Frank L, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Beddig, Wm jr. Pa SCalAlameda $1000 
Belden. Frank, Cal SCaUlameda $1200 
Blois, Milton L, Cal SCalAlameda S800 
Bourquin, Paul A, Switz SCalAlameda $900 
Brown, Albert N, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Burger. Frank E. Va SCalAlameda $1200 
Campbell. Edwd M. Cal SCaUlameda $1200 
Chivree, Jos H. Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Cohen. Isaac. Cal SCaUlameda $1200 
Collyer, Geo F, NJ SCalAlameda $1200 
Colson, Alphonse M, Beig SCalAlameda $1200 
Cushman. Chas H. Iowa 5CalSanFrancisco $1100 
Edgecomb. DanI A. Cal SCaUlameda $1100 
Fagerstrom, Ernest F, Iowa SCaLMameda $800 
Feige, Richd. Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Formoe, Axel S. Nor SCaL\lameda $1100 
Gallagher, Thos J F. Ohio SCalAlameda $1200 
Gelbke, Bruno H, Ger SCaUlameda $1100 
Gilbert, Benj W, Colo SCalAlameda $800 
Glatin. John E. Channel Islands SCalAlameda $900 
Goodwin, Wm D, Cal SCaUlameda $1200 
Gross, Ralph F, Cal SCaUlameda $1200 
Hallahan, Danl J. Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Hand, Geo D, NY SCaUlameda $1000 
Hanley. Wm J. Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Harmon. Lewis C, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Harvev. Edwd B. Mo SCalAlameda $1100 
Hassafd. Reginald V, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Hassard. Henry H jr. Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Healy. John J. Cal SCaUlameda $1200 
Hennessev. John A, Ire 2NYKing3 $1000 
Hersey. Ezra H, Conn SCalAlameda $1000 
Hearst, John W. Mo SCalAlameda $1200 
Herkenham, Chas M. Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Hernandez. Alonzo L. Cal SCalAlameda $900 
Hiles, Elton W, Ohio SCalAlameda $1100 
Hiles, Park B, Ohio SCalAlameda $1100 
Hitchcock, Frank, Nev SCalAlameda $600 
Hoagland, Chas, Pa SCalAlameda $900 
Holt, Arthur E, Mass SCaUlameda $1200 
Hunter, Bert E. Minn SCaUlameda $1100 
Johnson. Augiist. Sw SCalAlameda $1100 
Johnson, Francis W, Nebr SCalAlameda $1100 
■ Jordan, Herbert G, Me SCaUlameda $1100 
Kennev. JosF. Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
King, Manuel J, Nev SCalAlameda $1200 
Lantear. Geo C, Til SCaUlameda $1200 
Leaves, Wm E, Mich SCalAlameda $1000 
Leber, Henrv, 111 SCaUlameda $1200 
Leonard, John F, Cal SCaUlameda $1100 
I.ewi8. CThas F. Mass SCaUlameda $1100 
l...g;,n. Frank P. liv IColoDcnver $1200 

Oakland— Con tinaed. 

City carrltrt— Continued. 
Mahar. Stephen F. NY SONYEric $1200 
Mangin, Auguste E C, Cal SCaUlameda $110( 
Meyer, Eugene E, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Meily, Albion S, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Miller, Edwd G, Wis SCalAlameda $1200 
Miller, Warry W, Cal SCaUlameda $1200 
Murphy, Bernard P, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
McMillan, Peter D, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
McNamara, Wm H, Cal SCaUlameda $1200 
McPhail, Arthur R, Cal SCalAlameda $800 
Nash, Harry L, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Neil, Frank, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Nelson, Peter, Wis SCalAlameda $1200 
Ncthken, Howard, Md SCaUlameda $800 
Nielsen, Francis J, Ger SCalAlameda $1200 
Noel, Ben Frank, Mo SCaUlameda $1100 
Orgelman, Harry F, Conn SCalAlameda $800 
Pauter, Irvin 0, NY .SCalAlameda $1000 
Pence, Eugene, III SCalAlameda $800 
Pedersen, Christian P, Den SCalAlameda $1100 
Petty, Arthur, Eng SCalAlameda $1200 
Poston, Evan A, Cal SCalAlameda $800 
Ranlett, Will L, Cal SCalAl.imeda $1200 
Heinle, Gustav F, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Reseigh, David S jr, Cal SCalAlameda $800 
Robbins, Wm A, Ind SCalAlameda $1100 
Rohl, Oscar G, Sw SCalAlameda $1200 
Roseborough, Ralph R, Colo SCalAlameda $1100 
Rule, Wm H, Cal SCaUlameda $600 
Santos, Richd J, Cal SCalAlameda $1000 
Scoggins, Chas H, Kans IColoDcnver $1200 
Scott, Jos D, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Smith, Frank, La SCaUlameda $900 
Smith, Jos J, Cal SCalAlameda $600 
Smith, Wilbert F, Wis 2CalSanJoaquin $1200 
Rpaulding, Chas L, Cal SCaUlameda $1100 
Stahl. Frank L, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
Sterling, Geo E, NY SCaUlameda $1200 
Story, Chas E, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
Story, Jefferson, Ohio SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Sullivan, David, Ire SCalAlameda $800 
Tatman, Wm R, Ohio SCalAlameda SHOO 
Taylor, Birchard H, Mich SCalAIamedl $1100 
Thelin. Albert R, Cal SCalAlame-la $1100 
Van Vranken, Manly, NY SCalAlameda $1100 
West, Edward L, Cal SCalAlameda $1100 
White, Edwd D, Cal SCalAlameda $1000 
Whitehouse, Herbert C, Wash SCalAlameda $1100 
Wille, Fredk, Cal SCalAlameda $1200 
York, Albert M, Cal SCalAlameda $800 

Rural carrier. 
England, Geo L, BD Minn SCaUlameda $900 

Merrill, Stewart, Janitor Wis SCaUlameda $700 
Oakley, Contra Costa: Marsh, U C, Ohio $670 

Broderick, Wm T, RD Cal SCalContraCosta $800 

Oak Park, Sacramento: Rivett, Edigar H, Eng $1200 

McCiirdy, Miss Clara M, Clerk Cal SCalSacramento 

BarteU, Otis W, Carrier Cal 2CalSacr3mento $1200 
Sieke, Fred L, Carrier Ger 2CalSacramento $1200 
Woodworth.IraD, Carrier Cal 2CalSacrainento $1200 
Oak Ran. Shasta: Colby. Chas E, Cal $100 
Oakville. Napa: Berriman, Mae, — $730 
Oasis. Mono: Ford, Claude R. Cal JlOO 
Occidental, Sonoma: Bartholomew, Mrs Helen S, Conn 

Ocean Beach. San Diego: Cole. Herrick S, Pa $410 
Oceano, San Luis Obispo: Beckett, J A. Cal $.190 
Oceanpark, Los .Vngeles: Stilson, Chas A, Ohio $2500 
Judv, Miss Edith V, AsstPM Mo 7CalLosAngeles 

Clark, Miss Minnie B, Clerk Ohio SCalRiverside 

Decg. Miss Nina R, Clerk Ohio 7CaILos Angeles JIOOO 
Howard. Miss Clara, Clerk Cal 7CalLos.\ngeles $800 
Hovt, Miss Bessie, Clerk Colo 7CalLosAngeles $900 
Hovt, Geo C. Clerk Colo 7CalLosAnceles $900 
Oceanslde, San Diego: Jolley, John M Ohio $1500 

Love, Miss Dora A, Clerk Cal SCalSanDiego $416 
Ockenden. Fresno: Ockenden, Thos J, — $400 
OgUby, Imperial: Weight, Orlando n. Pa 5224 
OUcenter, Kcim: Rees, J S, Oreg $1600 

Preston, Miss Marie F. Clerk Pa — $960 
Oilfields, Fresno: Tumbull, Prid S, 11200 
Moffltt, H P, AsstPM Ind — $400 
Petrea, L L, Clerk Cal — $300 
Olancha, Inyo: Walker, Webster H, HI $330 
Oleander, Fresno: Taylor, Ralph O, Minn $670 
Akin, Frank, RD Pa — CalFresno $1000 
Peterson, Manme, RD Cal OCalFresno $1000 
Olema, Marin: Martinelh. Santino, Switi $240 
Oleum, Contra Costa: Brown, Edwd J, Cal $.'.10 
OUnda. Shasta: Ulberg, Ole O, Norw $1K0 
OUve, Orange: Lorenzen, Andrew M, Oer $1.S0 
Omo Ranch, Eldorado: Perrj', Mrs Mar)- E, Ind $70 
O'Neals, Madera: Cummings, U J, Ohio $320 
Ono, Shasta: Wheelock, Fredk J, Cal $310 
Ontario, San Bemardmo: Berger, Sheridan G, Ohio 
Kiler, Warren L, AsstPM Mo SCalSanBemardino 

Berger, P E, Clerk Ohio SCalSanBemardino $1000 
Fetch, Harry N, Clerk Can SCalSanBemardino $1000 
Bowers, LP, Carrier Nebr SCalSanBemardino $900 
Skillman. A D, Carrier NY SCalSanBemardino $900 
Graber, Chas W, RD Ind SCalSanBemardino $900 
Haasis, Frank, RD Iowa SCalSanBemardino $1000 
Onyx, Kem: Wirth, Henry A, Cal $60 
Orange, Orange: Edwards, Nelson T, 111 $2200 
Femald.MissLelahM, AsstPM Can SCalOrange $800 



Oranee— Continued. 

Braim, Miss Edna H, Clerk Ind SCalOrange S800 
Crane, Walter V, Clerk Cal SCalOrange S900 
Bird, Pearl I, RD Iowa SCalOrange S800 
Kobbins, Nathan, KD Ariz SCalOrange S960 
"Witt, Henry D, BD Wis SCalOrange S960 
Orange Heights, Tulare: Price, Jas S, Kans S28 
Orangehnist, Tulare: Hale, Wm C, Ala SllO 
Orby, Santa Barbara: Hobson, C J, Cal S120 
Orcutt, Santa Barbara: Forbes, Jas F, Can SHOO 
Lathrop, Miss Mary J, AsstPM Cal SCalSantaBar- 
bara $120 
Oregon House, Yuba: Baxter, E S, Cal $140 
Orick, Humboldt: Swan, Eobt, Can $116 
Oriental, Glenn: Hartman, E, W, Iowa $100 
Orland, Glenn: DeAraond, Clyde R, Mo $1500 

DeAmond, Marguerite, AsstPM Mo 2CalGleim $384 
Orleans, Humboldt: Hale, F T, NY $200 
Oiloff, Butte: Day, Frances J, — — 
Ornbaun, Mendocino: Ogle, Byron B, Cal $110 
Orosi, Tulare: Furtney, Henry, Iowa $765 
Dean, Geo E, ED Iowa — $960 
Montague, Wm A, ED Cal — $800 
Orovllle, Butte: Leonard, W L, Cal $2600 
Mansfield, E L, AsstPM Cal 2CalButte $1200 
Andrews, H B, Clerk Cal 2CalButte $900 
Blaolanore, E S, Clerk Tex 2CalButte $1000 
Cbase, Miss Sara E, Clerk Kans 2CalButte $900 
Tatu, Frank C, Clerk NJ 2CalButte $1100 
Weaver, O C, Clerk Pa SPaPbiladelphia $1200 
Carr, Jobn W, Carrier Cal 2CalButte $800 
Hefner, Bay G, Carrier Cal 2CalButte $900 
Aldrich, G W, BD Iowa 2CalButte $960 
Eicher, M H, ED Pa 2CalButte $1000 
Hefner, R H, ED Cal 2CalButte $1000 
Orrs, Mendocino: Orr, Jobn Lewis, Cal $170 
Otay, San Diego: Clark, W S, Scot $310 
Oxnard, Ventura: Bagnall, Saml B, Wis $2400 
Carter, Floumoy, AsstPM Kans SCalVentura $1000 
Penland, Louis L, Clerk NC SCalVentura $1000 
Stlmpson, Killian A, Clerk 111 SCalVentura $800 
Ozena, Ventura: Scheideck, Martin, Ger $40 
Pacheco, Contra Costa: Pitts, Warren M, Cal $170 
Pacific, Eldorado: Porle, Bufus, SC $160. 
Pacific Beach, San Diego: Parmenter, Wm P, Mo $500 
Pacific Grove, Monterey: Harper, Jas, Scot $2200 
Fritz, Leslie W, AsstPM Iowa 6CalMonterey $1100 
Leek, Mrs Nellie, Clerk 111 OCalMonterey $1000 
Maloney, John F, Clerk Cal eCalMonterey $1100 
Stansbury, Harry L, Clerk 111 OCaLMonterey $1000 
Brisbln, Boy F, Carrier NH 6CalMonterey $1000 
Douglass, B L, Carrier Oreg OCalMonterey $800 
Orchard, Jobn D, Carrier Iowa 6CaIMonterey $1000 
Paicines, San Benito: Kile, Elmer A, Cal $290 
Paige, Tulare; Kneen, W T, Iowa $100 
Pala, San Diego: Batcheldes, E C, Mass $220 
Palermo, Butte: Peters, Clarence H, Cal $490 
Palmdale, Los Angeles: Moore, A G, Minn $290 
Palms, Los Angeles: Lowe, Arthur H, Cal $650 
Soder, Herman, ED Miim 7CalLosAngeles $900 
Swift, P F, Messenger Scot 7CalLosAngeles $200 
Pabn Springs, Eiverside: Blancbard, D M, Me SISO 
Palo Alto, Santa Clara: Dobbel, Chas H, Cal $2600 
Werry,WmC, AsstPM Eng SCalSantaCiara $1300 
Cook, Gordon Irving, Clerk Mo SCalSantaCiara $1000 
Hopkins, Lester P, Clerk Ark SCalOrange $1100 
Jacob, Geo, jr. Clerk Pa SCalSantaCiara $900 
Waterhouse, Frank, Clerk Mich 131ndStJoseph $1000 
WiUiams, Geo, Clerk Cal SCalSantaCiara $1100 
Boyd, Wm Wallace, Carrier Cal SCalSantaCiara $1000 
Egr, John Jos, Carrier Mich 2WashChehalis SIOOO 
Hayes, Geo Victor, Carrier Pa SCalSantaCiara $800 
Hobden, Geo, Carrier Eng SCalSantaCiara $1100 
Lewis, Jos Hinds, Carrier Cal SCalSantaCiara $1100 
Palo Cedro, Shasta: Lilly, Saml E, Kans $120 
Palo Verde, Imperial: Wiley, Albert P, Mich SllO 
Panoche, San Benito: Berg, Geo, Ger $140 
Paradise, Butte: Day, Frances J, 111 $490 

Clark, Edwin A, RD Mo 2CalButte $900 
Paraiso Springs, Monterey: McGowan, H H, Cal $330 
Paris, Kern: Mobray, A D, NS $192 
Park, Eldorado: Brown, Gust, Swed $60 
Parkfleld, Monterey: Skinner, Mrs Walrade A, Iowa 

Parller, Fresno: Parher, J F, Cal $800 

Stoker, Warren B, RD $1000 

Venter, Fremont L, ED — — $900 
Pasadena, Los Angeles : Wood, John W, Del $3400 
Eamel, Henry, AsstPM 111 7CalLosAngeles $1700 
Jones, Walter E, Clerk Mich TCalLosAngelea 

Hamilton, Miss Mary G, Clerk Pa TCalLosAngeles 

Mendenhall, Miss Laura V, Clerk Cal TCalLosAn- 

geles $1000 
Laurie, Will S, Clerk Cal 2ColoElPaso $1200 
Chambers, Walter R, Clerk Iowa TCalLosAngeles 

Haney, Jas W, Clerk Iowa TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Robinson, Frank C, Clerk Ind TCalLosAngeles 

Covey, Clarence C, Clerk Mich 70alLosAngeles 

Parmele, Porter L, Clerk NY —NY— $1200 
Beals, Leon E, Clerk Mich 7CalLosAngeles $1100 
Brewster, Clarence W, Clerk Ohio ICalLosAngeles 

Otterman, Jos L, Clerk Mo 2NebrDouglas $1100 
Thompson, Mies Ethel J, Clerk Del 70alLosAn- 

geles $1100 
Young, Mias Carrie E, Clerk Iowa 7CalLosAngeles 

Yeo, Miss Keturah E, Clerk Md 7CaILosAngeles 

Chambers, E L, Clerk Ind SCalRiverside $1100 
Fleming, Mrss Bertha P, Clerk Ind 7CalRiverside 


Pasadena— Continued. 

Peck, Wm G, Clerk Conn — NY — $1200 

Vail, Mias Theresa, Clerk Iowa 7CalLoaAngele8 

Hayes, Harvey J, Clerk Tenn ITermSuUivan $900 
McCord, Misa Emma L, Clerk Ohio 7CalLosAn- 

geles $1100 
Elliott, Archie H, Clerk Ohio 7CalLoaAngele3 

VaUette, Henry A jr, Clerk 111 7IllCook $1100 
Tuthill, Geo B, Clerk Iowa 7CalLosAngele3 $800 
Estes, Geo M, Clerk Nebr 7CalLosAngeles $800 
Bagby, Warren W, Clerk Mo 7CalLosAngele3 

Gibbings, Mias Bessie H, Clerk Ohio 7CalLoaAn- 

geles $1100 
Bennett, Misa Harriet E, Clerk Wis 7CalLosAngeIes 

Woodward, Fred J, Clerk 111 7CalLosAngeles $1000 
Matter, John W, Carrier III 7CalLo3Angeles $800 
Petrie, Alex L, Carrier Scot 7CalLosAngelea $1200 
Shepp, Edwin B, Carrier Md 7CaILosAngele3 $1200 
Mcllvain, Jas W, Carrier Ind 7CalLo8Angelea 

Slocum, Henry E, Carrier NY 7CalLo3Angele3 $1100 
Vinall, Orville N, Carrier Iowa 7CalL03Angelea 

Patchett, Henry W, Carrier Eng 7CalLosAngeies 

Lewis, Wm L, Carrier Iowa 7CalLosAngele3 $900 
Dalton, Jas I, Carrier Ohio 7CalLo3Angelea $1000 
Babb, Edwin J, Carrier HI 7CalLosAngeles $1200 
Jeffs, Wm R, Carrier Mass 7CalLosAngeles $1100 
Dilworth, Albert E, Carrier Pa 7CalLoaAngeles 

Nuhn, Henry G, Carrier Ohio 7CalLoaAngeles 

Chase, Henry A, Carrier Kans 7CalLosAngeles 

Bufkin, Montford T, Carrier Iowa 7CalLo3Angeles 

Larson, Lars P, Carrier Den 7CalLosAngeles $900 
Smith, Willis H, Carrier Pa TCalLosAngeles $1100 
Wood, Harry B, Carrier Can 7CalLosAngeIes 

Lewis, Milton, Carrier Minn 7CalLoaAngeles $600 
Wheaton, Eobt L, Carrier NJ 7CalLosAngeles 

Tyler, Leon P, Carrier Ohio SColoFremont $1100 
Stevens, Fredk I, Carrier Kans 7CalLosAngeles 

Eyder, Herbert E, Carrier Me 7CalLo3Angeles 

Lincoln, Loyal T, Carrier Vt 7CalLosAngele3 $1200 
Gay, Howard M, Carrier Ohio 7CalLosAngeles 

Dillmann, Chas R, Carrier Mich 7CalLosAngeles 

InkersoU, Fred, Carrier 111 2NebrDougla3 $1200 
Longfellow, Chaa E, RD Me 7CalLo3Angelea $1000 
Collins, Emmet W, RD Va 7CalLosAngele3 $1000 
Kelsey, J D, Watchman Cal 7CalLosAngele3 $600 
Anderson, W H, Messenger Ohio 7CalLoBAngele3 
Paskenta, Tehama: Warmoth, L W, Oreg $260 
Paso Kobles, San Luis Obispo: Henry, T W, Ind S1900 
Doty, Miss Blanch M, AsstPM Minn SCalSanLuis 

Obispo $420 
Kenney, Miss Edythe, Clerk Cal 8CalSanLuisObispo 
Patchin, Santa Clara: Dufour, Chas E, Switz $200 

Davis, Wm, RD Cal DC 837S 
Patterson, Stanislaus: Cainp, Jas G. Ohio $970 
Pattiway, Kern: Hudson, J B, Cal $30 
Patton, San Bernardino: Adams. Asa, NY $690 
Paynes Creek, Tehama: Bums, Wm F, Mo -5250 

Canarel, Mary, Clerk Cal ICalTehama $36 
Peanut, Trinity: Cuff, Eichd W, Ire $60 
Pebble Beach, Monterey: Fahl, Chas, Ger $80 
Penngrove, Sonoma: Bonsheimer, A J, Cal $520 
Pennington, Sutter: Hauck, Geo M, Iowa SllO 
Penryn, Placer: Manley, John M E, Eng $840 

Logan, Chas L, RD Cal ICalPlaoer $900 
Pentz, Butte: Mortensen, Mrs Jermie, Norw $80 

Graves, John W, BD Iowa 2CalButte $300 
Pepperwood, Himiboldt: Young, Geo B, 111 $260 
Perkins, Sacramento: Best, Chas M, 111 $370 
Perris, Eiverside: Morrison, Mrs Ella E, Mo $1300 
Morrison, Wm A, AsstPM 111 4CalBiverside $108 
Donovan, Jas W, ED NY 4CalRiverside $1000 
Perry, Los Angeles: Hirsch, Elizabeth, — $90 
Pescadero, San Mateo: Leighton, EUsha, NY $570 
Petalmna, Sonoma: Obnsted, Jas E, Ohio $2700 
Wilder, Wm E, AsstPM Cal 2CalSonoma $1300 
Dinwiddle, Miss Nellie, Clerk Cal 2CalSonoma $1000 
Linoberg, Mrs Estelle. Clerk Cal 2CalSonoma $900 
Murphy, John W, Clerk Cal 2CalSonoma $1000 
Stone, Ira J, Clerk Pa 2CalSonoma $1000 
Stone, Wm S, Clerk Nev 2CalSonoma $1100 
Waddell, Wm C H, Clerk Cal 2CalSonoma $1100 
Bach, Ferdinand H, Carrier Cal 2CalSonoma $600 
Hopkins, Willett, Carrier Cal 2CalSonoma $1100 
Mallet, Geo W, Carrier Eng 2CalSonoma $800 
O'Neill, WmT, Carrier Cal 2CalSonoma $900 
O'Bourke, Jas A, Carrier Cal 2CalSonoma $900 
Brady, Howard, BD Cal 2Cal Sonoma $1000 
Freeman, Merrick L, BD Cal 2CalSonoma $1000 
Holmes, Frank A, RD 111 2CalSonoma $1000 
lessen, Julius T, RD Ohio 2CalSonoma $1000 
Goodloe, Robt P, MMer Ala 2CaI Sonoma $300 
Mason, Geo B, StrBte contractor Kans 2CalSo- 

noma $790 
Volkerts, Robt E, BD Cal 2CaISonoma $1000 
Peters, San Joaqum: Dalton, Thos G, Wales $120 
Petrolia, Humboldt: Hart, Jas, NY $290 
PhUllpsvllle, Humboldt: Sallady. Mrs Clara, Mich $40 

Philo, Mendocino: Prather, John L, Cal $360 
Picacho, Imperial: Eagin, Jas H, Tex $50 
Pike, Sierra: Wheelock, Mrs Katharine, Pa $230 
PUot Hill, Eldorado: Diehl, Sanford D, Pa $100 
Plneflat, Sonoma: Nunn, John. Pa $20 
Pine Grove, Amador: Berry, Miss Alice J, Cal $160 
Pineridge, Fresno: Armstrong, John W, — $130 
Pinerock, San Benito: Malona, J F, — $5 
Pinole, Contra Costa; Downer, E M, Cal $1000 
Mayer, Miss Ethel L, AsstPM Cal SCalContraCosta 
Piru, Ventura: Warring, Edwin Cy Cal $670 
Pismo, San Luis Obispo: Carroll, Marguerite M, — $570 
Pittville, Shasta: Brown, John, Cal $230 
Piute, Kern: Kersey, Mrs Lizzie, Cal $120 
Pixley, Tulare: Freeman, Mrs Jessie A, Mo $340 
Placentia, Orange; Payne, Jesse B, Kans S24S 
Placerville, Eldorado; Inch, Shelley, Eng $1900 
Potter, Geo W, AsstPM NY ICalEldorado $900 
Varozza, Miss Zaidee, Clerk Cal ICalEldorado $300 
McCum5ey,IN, ED Ind ICalEldorado $1000 
Planada, Merced: Holt, Michl L, Tenn $70 
Piano, Tulare; Gibbons, O E, 111 $180 
Plantation, Sonoma: McKenna, Jas E, — $90 
PlayadelKey, Los Angeles: Benedict, John C, — $630 
Pleasant Grove, Sutter: Chilson, D W, Minn $230 
Pleasanton, Alameda: Graharn, Chas S, Cal $1600 
Neal J H, AsstPM Mass SCalAlameda $600 
Sylvia, Miss Isabel, Clerk Cal 3CalAlameda $240 
Pleasant Valley, Eldorado: Hughes, Mrs Alice A, Cal 

Pleyto, Monterey: Harris, Geo W, Cal $220 
Plymouth, Amador: Thorns, Freak H, — $740 
Point Arena, Mendocino; Howe, Mrs L, Wis $900 

Howe, N P, AsstPM Mo 2CalMendocino $72 
Point Loma, San Diego: Dixon, Albert E, Wis $1600 
Charpiot, Saml A, AsstPM Fr SCalSanDiego $144 
PointHeyes, Marin: Eeinhold, Mrs Johanna, Sw $160 
Point Reyes Station, Marin: Grandi, R L, Cal $370 
Point Richmond, Contra Costa: Jenkins, S F, NY 
Greenslade, Mrs Myrtle, Clerk Mich 3CalContra 

Costa $780 
Buchanan, Miss Viola, Clerk Cal SCaiContraCosta 
Polaris, Nevada: Koepke, Eobt, Ger $50 
Poleta, Inyo; Hampton, Othwell, Ohio $60 
Porno, Mendocino: Hopkins, C L, Cal $70 
Pomona, Los Angeles: Avis, Walter M, NJ $2700 
Scbwan, Chas F, AsstPM Ohio 7CalLosAngeles 

Brenner, John H, Clerk Iowa 7CalLosAngeles $800 
Clark, Miss Ethel M, Clerk Ohio 7CalLosAngeies 

HUls, Ashbel F, Clerk Ohio 7CalLosAngeles $1000 
Thayer, Alpha R, Clerk Ohio 20OhioLake $1100 
Whipp, MissAIda, Clerk Mo 7CaILosAngeles $1100 
Whipp, Miss Flora B, Clerk 111 7CalLos.^ngeles $1100 
Niedermeyer, Fredk W, Carrier Ind 7CalLosAngeles 

Nutt, Chas E, Carrier Ind 7CalLos.^.ngeIes $600 
Beid, Geo W, Carrier Ind 7IndMarion $1100 
Scott, Walter T, Carrier Nev 7CalLosAngeles $1000 
Shewman, Bismarck H, Carrier Can 7CalI/0sAngeles 


Snow.AlbtF, Carrier Minn 7CalLosAngeles $900 
Wysong, John W, Carrier Ky SKyJetferson $1100 
Rudolph, Chas W F, ED Mo 7CalLosAngeles $1000 
Taylor, Geo W, RD NDak 7CalLosAngeles $1000 
PopeValley, Napa: Schaefler, Mrs Liliie, Cal $270 

Rhoda, Frank, RD Cal 2CalNapa $420 
Port Costa, Contra Costa: Hurley, Mrs Kate, Ire $690 
Portersville, Tulare: Loyd, Edgar W. Cal $2400 
Berglofl, Karl, AsstPM Colo SCalTulare $1100 
Lovd, Carl, Clerk Cal SCalTulare $1000 
Moore, John C, Clerk Ohio SCalTulare $900 
Piimeli, Lunsford S, Clerk Mo SCalTulare $800 
Baker, Wm A, Carrier Ohio SCalTulare $600 
Owens, Jas J, Carrier Mo SCalTulare $600 
Ekman, Gustaf -V, RD Sw SCalTulare $1000 
Hill, Newton C, ED Mo SCalTulare $1000 
Williams, Arthur, RD Ind SCalTulare $800 
Port Kenyon, Humboldt: Flint, B F, NH $70 
Portola, Plumas: Lear, W H, Cal $1000 
Port San Luis, San Luis Obispo: Marshall, J E, Cal 

Port Wine, Sierra: La Libertie, Mrs Eugenie, Cal $30 
Potrero, San Diego: Bergren, C A, Sw $170 
Potter Valley, Mendooimo: Bowers, Henry O, Iowa 

Poway, San Diego; Bocky, Walt, 111 $90 
Pozo, San Luis Obispo: McNeil, FW, Cal $240 
Prado, Eiverside; Cota, G J, Cal $240 
PrattvUle, Plumas: Costar, E A, Cal $310 
Preston, Sonoma: Mowbray, Mrs Mary S, — $190 
Priest Valley, Monterey: Clayton, Mrs Mary Wis $60 
Princeton, Colusa: Butler, Nelson, Mass $660 
Prize, Colusa: Ohrt, Fred, — $100 
Proberta, Tehama: Burris, Mrs Florence M, Kans $200 
Puente, Los Angeles: Cross, Geo E, NY $710 
Gillenwaters, Eiley W, ED Tenn 7CalIiOSAngeles 
Pulga, Butte: King, Wm H, NJ $150 
Punta Gorda, Ventura: Gaynor, Mrs Nettie, 111 $60 
Purser, Lassen: James, Mrs Gail H V, Ind $340 
Quarries, Sonoma: Daguin, Francis H, Cal $30 
Quartz, Tuolumne: Hopland, Mrs Liti H, Eng $290 
Quicksilver, Sonoma: Parsons, Mrs Mamie, Mo $30 
Quinby, Trinity; Muior, H H, Cal $60 
Qulncy, Plumas: Ford, W J, Cal $1400 

Lee, H S, AsstPM Cal ICalPlumas $240 
Quintette, Eldorado: Stanton Edwd W, — $90 
Rackerby, Yuba: Lemmon, Andrew J, Cal $160 
Rail Road Plat, Calaveras: Taylor, Edwd, Eng $180 

Woodcock, T C, RD Cal 2CalCalaveras $900 
Rainbow, San Diego: Dodge, C W, Vt $30 



Raisin, Fresno: Livingston, N C, NH »280 j 

Ramona, S;in Diego: Jcrman, Thos Norw $760 
Randsburg, Kern: Montgomery, Mrs Josephine, NY 

Ranger. Tulare: Keller, Mrs Cora M, Oreg $20 
Rannells, KiversUle: Hall, Leonard O, Eng 1210 
Ravendale, Lassen: Edwards, W. B, Wis $110 
Raymond. Madera: I'hilp, Albert E. — JMO 
Rector, Napa: Hundt. Christopher A U, Cier S70 
Red Bank, Tehama: Hoall, Chas .S, 111 f.'lil 
Red Bluff, Tehama: Cheatham, Marion }. Cal $-'4iKi 
Martin, Henry A, AsstPM Cal ICalTehama »1200 
Baylos, David A, Clerk Cal ICalTehama SIWI 
Bigelow, Miss Edith M, Clerk Cal ICalTehama 

Trarv, Edwd E, Clerk Cal ICalTehama $1000 
Vance. J as V, Clerk Cal ICan'ehama $(100 
Clirion, Norman O, Carrier M'is ICalTehama $800 
Turner, Stanley E, Carrier Mich ICalTehama $800 
Redding, Shasta: Drynan, An^iis J, Can S2500 
Melvin, Miss Bertha A, AsstPM Cal ICalShasta $120(1 
Boyd, Miss Edna. Clerk Cal ICalShasta $1000 
Evans, Fredk, Clerk Cal — $1000 
Gibson, Marshall S, Clork Cal lCalSha,sta $1000 
Smith, Chester O, Clerk Nebr ICalShasta $(100 
Messenger. Chas E. Carrier Eng ICalShasta SHOO 
Mvors, \Vm H. Carrier Cal ICJalShasta $1100 
ShuHloton, Ed H, Carrier Cal ICalShasta $1000 
Redlands, San Bernardino: Tisdale, Wm M. NY $290(1 
Wood.Walter T, AsstPM Ohio SCalSanBeniardino 

Cochran, Miss Blanche A, Clerk Ohio SCalSanBer- 

nardino $000 
Daniclson, Ernest L, Clerk Kans SCalSanBemardino 

Gregory, Miss Mabel L, Clerk Iowa SCalSanBer- 

nardino $S0O 
Maccubbin, Chas A, Clerk Mo SCalSanBemardino 

Reeder, Eugene E, Clerk Kans SCalSanBemardino 

Sturtevant, Erwin N, Clerk Ohio SCalSanBer- 

nardino $1100 
Warner, Mrs L M 11, Clork Cal SCalSanBemar- 
dino $1100 
White, Kandall U, Clerk NJ SCalSannornardino 

Beat, Chas A, Carrier Cal SCalSanBemardino $1000 
Chadwick, I'orley C, Carrier Cal .SCalSanBemar- 
dino SHOO 
FreoLEIiG, Carrier Iowa SCalSanBemardino $90(1 
Hotchell, Jas A, Carrier III 2CalPueblo $1100 
Iligbov. Guy W, Carrier Iowa S CalSanBernardinii 

nudmann. Archer W, Carrier Ind SCalSanBemar- 
dino $1100 
Potts, Geo W, Carrier Nebr SCalSanBemardino $(J0() 
Tolbert. Elwood E, Carrier Ind SCalSanBernar(3in(i 

Uockwell.ChasF, UD 111 SCalSanBemardino Sinoo 
Thorpe, Jas N. KD III SCalSanBemardino SIOIX) 
Redman, I.os .\ngeles: Jarrett. I'oarlo H, — $20 
RedoQdo Beach, Los Angeles: Barklov, Saml D, Ctil 
Barkley. Mrs Lizzie L, AsstPM Cal TCalLosAngeles 

Murray, Miss Rose .\, Clerk RI 7CalLosAngcles Ssnii 
Harvey, MissEraeline A, Clerk Colo 7CalLosAngele!i 

Meadows. Wm F, RD Mo 7CalLosAngelcs $900 
Red Rock. Lassen: Spaldmg. Wilber F. Cal $100 
Redwtne. .Mendocino: Siramerley, Fredk, Cal $70 
Redwood City, San Mateo: Price, Wm A, Cal SJ20(I 

Cook, Miss E May, AsstPM Cal .ICal^inM <v:iii 

Hanson, Harry M. Clerk Cal 5Cals,,ii': 
Sahlbcrg, Oscar A, Clerk Cal oCiil - -i -n 

Arp, Jo-sse M. RD NC 5CalSanM;iii " -Iib" 
RedwoodPark, SantaCruz: Kambo. Saiiil H. — SlTii 
Reedley, Frt^sno: Knauor, Mrs Flora S, Kans $1S00 
Rasmussen, Miss Elsie, Clerk Iowa CCalFresno ?:iO 
Uergthold. Edmund, RD .\ust UCalFresno $100(1 
Ilolfman S E, RD Pa CCalFresno JSiin 
ICnight. Jas. RD Ind CCalFresno $1000 
Relfl. Lake: Bond, Jos H, Cal $30 
Relief, Nevada: Jorgensen. Christian, Ger $40 
Represa, Sacramento: Arbuekle, Mrs Teresa, Cal S5,S0 
Reqna, Del Norte: Bailey, W T, Greg $2.W 
Rescue. Eldorado: Carpenter, Wm H, Mich $150 
Retreat, Siskiyou: Brown, De Witt C, Cal SCIO 
Reward, Kern: Scott, Matthew P, Va $490 
RIalto, San Bernardino: Wood. S S, Pa $1400 
Wood, Oeo M, AsstPM Cal SCalSanBemardino S51« 
Wood, Mrs Lena S, Clerk Cal SCalSanBemardino 

Stewart, Miss Leota M, Clerk Cal SCalSanBemardino 

Hansen, Wm J C, RD Ger SCalSanBemardino $1000 
Ricaido, Kern: Hagen, Rudolf, Ger $110 
Rlchgrove, Tulare: Miller, Howard S, Ohio $120 
Richmond, Contra Costa: McGann, Miss Lizzie T, Cal 
SI 9(10 
Robert.son. Miss Ivy, Clerk Cal ICalHumboldt S3C(1 
RIchvale, Hutte: Robinson, Sherman A, Mich $100 
Rldgewood, Mendocino: Lane, Geo W, Cal $70 
Rlego. Plnier: Strauch, Victor, Cal $100 
Rio Bonlto, Butte: Harvey. Geo W, Mo $90 
Rio DeU, Uumboldt: Ogle, Edwin G, Ind $200 
Rlonldo. Sonoma: Mellerh, Thos C. Ohio $000 
Rio Vista. Solano: Jensen. Otto, Cal $1400 

Oflermann. Miss Mary D, Clerk Cal — $120 
Rlpon, San Joa(]iiin: Moulton, Jas S. Me $1000 
Proudfit, Mrs Ethel V, Clerk Cal OCalSanJoaquin 

Bodeson, F L, RD Ger CCalSanJoaquin $1000 
Proudfit, Chas A, RD Iowa CCalSanJoaquin $1000 
Rltchey, .\mador: Norris, Mrs Purmelia J, US $90 

Rlveia, Los Angeles: Reddick, Mrs Achsah E, Cal $690 
Sasscen, Robt W, RD Kans 4CalLo3Angeles $900 
Rtverbank, Stanislaus: Ross, Ilenrv F, Cal $300 
Rlverdale, Fresno: llenson, Wm. Ill $410 
Riverside, Riverside : Cunningham, Geo D, NS $3100 
Shields, Jos E, AsstPM Cal SCalRiverside $1600 
Benford, Miss Tamar A, Clerk Mo SCalRiverside 

Blaney, Oeo N, Clerk Col 6CalSanJoaquin $1000 
Chapman. Ward C, Clerk Ohio SCalRiverside $1(1(10 
Cooper, Arthur, Clerk Can SCalRiverside $1200 
Dunbar, Miss Ethel C, Clerk Cal SCalRiverside 

Galbraith, Jas S, Clerk Tenn SCalRiverside $900 
Gurley, Paul S. Clerk Iowa SCalRiverside $000 
Partlow, Ernest E, Clerk Mo SCalRiverside $1000 
Pomcroy, Floyd A, Clerk Mo SCalRiverside $900 
Reilly, Miss Mary B, Clerk Pa SCalRiverside $900 
Wherry, John. Clerk Wis SCalRiverside $1000 
Alexander, Albert P, Carrier Mich SCalRiverside 

Allow, Ed L, Carrier Mich SCalRiverside $1200 
Ashcraft, Edwd F, Carrier Mich SCalRiverside $1100 
Davis, Frank C, Carrier Mass SCalRiverside $1100 
Freeman, (^has T, Carrier 111 .IMoJackson ?SO0 
Freeman, Isaac N, Carrier III OMoJackson $1200 
Howe, Ralph M. Carrier Ohio SCalRiverside $1100 
McMahan, Irvin E, Carrier Ind SCalRiverside 

Mumma, Hiram P, Carrier Ohio SOhioIIancock 

Cochran, David 0, RD Ind SCalRiverside $900 
Gwinnup, John L, RD Ind SCalRiverside $900 
Milan, Danl C jr, RD Ind SCalRiverside $960 
Redwine, Cambridge C, RD Ind SCalRiverside 

Clarke, Chas P. Laborer Me SCalRiverside $600 
Rockaway Beach, San Mateo: Berry, Henry, N, Iowa 

Rocklln, Placer: Gregory, Lena O, — — 
Rodeo, Contra Costa: Chirke, Luna B, Cal $480 
RohnervUle, Humboldt: Gallup, Curtis E, — $420 
Rollln, Siskiyou: Ball, Albert J, Ind $30 
Roosevelt, Los .\ngeles: Munz, John, Switz $190 

Ritter, Gottlob F, MC Ger 4Cal Los Angeles $iOO 
Rosamond, Kern: Budd, Mrs Ida A, NY $240 
Rosedale, Kern: Weller, .\mos, Mich $270 
Weller, W W, AsstPM Ohio SCalKern $264 
Klingenbcrg. .\ug. Clerk Kans SCalKern $720 
Roselawn, Siskiyou: Beaudroit, Jennie L, — $130 
RosevlUe, I'lacer: Trippctt, Homer C, Iowa $1800 
Johnson, Miss Georgia E, .VsstPM Cal — $000 
Trippett. Miss Mildred L, Clerk Cal — $480 
Ross, Marin: Field, H B, Cal $1000 

Farrell, MissJo.scphine. As.stPM Cal 2CalMarin $360 
Rough and Ready, Nevada: Bennett, Mrs Alice Cal 

Round Mountain, Shasta: Michaelson, .\lvin J, Ger 

Roundtop, Amador: Kirkwood, Mrs E. Mo — 
Round Valley. Invo: Jones, Miss Irene, Cal SSO 
Rubicon, Eldorado: Cuthbert. Noble W. Can SIO 
Ruby, Siskiyou: Madden, R E, III $20 
Ramsey, Yolo: Morrin, J M. Ohio $250 
Rust, Contra Costa: Rust, Wni, Ger $460 
Ruth, Trinity: McKnight, Jos F, — 8230 
Rutherford, "Napa: Frye, Joshua D, Me $020 
Ryan, Inyo: Sraitheram, Wm, Ene $190 
Ryde, Sacramento: Brown, Frank E, Cal $.580 
Sacramento, Sacramento: Richardson, R M, Cal 
Treichler, G M, AsstPM Cal 2CalSacramento $1800 


Adkins, Benj, Cal 2CalSacraniento $900 
Beede, J K, NY 2CalSacramento $300 
Bcnedix, H C. Cal 2CalSacramento $1200 
Bird, Wilbur M, Utah 2CalSacramento $800 
Botemlv, Miss Eva, GB 2CalSacrameuto $300 
Bittanc'ourt, Thos M, Cal 2CalSacramcnto $800 
Brown, Miss Velma F, Cal 2CalSacramento $800 
Browne, W F, Eng 2CalSacramento $1200 
Budworth, Miss Bertha M, Cal 2CalSacramento 

Campbell. Mrs Alice, III 2CaISacramento $1100 

' Carroll, Miss Frances Cal 2CalSacramcnto $100 
Chandler, A B, Ind 2CalSacramento $100 
Chenoweth, C E. Cal 2CalSacramento $800 

' Considine, Jerome A, Cal 2CaISacramento $1100 
Cottle, Price, Cal 2CaISacramento $1100 

1 Dougherty, Wm A, Cal 2CalSacramento $1200 
Doyle, .r F, Cal 2CaISacramento $900 
Eichner, Clarence D, SDak 2CalSacramento $1100 
Emes, Ralph W, Ohio 2CalSacraraento $900 
Fingado, A E, Colo 2CalSacramento $900 
Frank. Jos, Oreg 2CaISacramento $100 

j Gilbert, Edwin R, Cal 2CalSacramento $1000 
Hakcn, John J, Cal 2CalSacramcnto $900 

j Ilawtrey, Ray E, Cal 2CalSacramento $600 

I Hocrner, John A, Cal 2CalSacramento $000 
Ilaynie, M F, Md 2CalSacramento $1200 
Jackson, Wm E, Oreg 2CalSacramento $900 
Jenkins, Thos J, Cal 2CalSacramento $1000 
Keating, J P. Cal 2CaISocramento $100 
Kcil, C H, Cal 2CalSacramento $100 
Kelly, Joy C, Cal 2CalSacramento $600 
Leavitt, Elmer F, Cal 2CalSacramcnto $1000 
Lewis, J T, Cal 2CaISacramcnto $200 
Lynn, J E, HI 2CalSacramento $100 
McDowell. S B, Mo 2CalSacramcnto $200 
Manley, Wm S, Cal 2CalSacramento $1000 
Meyer, John G, Ger 2CalSacramento $1200 
Miller, Miss Mamie C, Cal 2CalSacramento $600 
McCurdy, Miss Clara H, NDak 2CalSacramento 

Sacramento— Continued. 

ClfrU*— Continued. 

Preston, Fred H, Colo 2CalSacramento $900 
(Juirin, F J, NY 2CalSacramcnto $200 
Rider, Wm, Cal 2CalSacramento $1600 
Rivett, Edgar H, Eng 2CalSacramcnto $1200 
Rogers, Paul C, Cal 2CalSacramento $600 
Rolanil, Chester L, Cal 2CalSacramcnto $900 
Richards, Thos B. Cal 2CalSacramento $900 
Rodcn, O A, Cal 2CalSacramento $1000 
Saunders, Staunton G, Cal 2CalSacramento $000 
Schcdalke, H W Max, Wis 2CalSacramento $800 
Scrmonet, F J, Cal 2CalSacramento $100 
Solomon, Geo A. Mo 2CalSacramento $1100 
Speich, Fredk W, Wis 2CalSacramento $800 
Spurgeon, Lucius B, Cal 2CaISacramento $800 
Steffenson, Peter J, Cal 2CalSacramento $800 
Strickland, Jerome M, Tex 2CalSacramento $600 
Spanton, Arthur W, Eng 2CalSacramento $800 
Taafle, Clinton, Cal 2CalSacramento $600 
Taylor, Wm P, Wvo 2CalSacramento $1200 
Tong, Homer O, Cal 2CalSacramento $800 
Tubbs, Henry O, Cal 2CaISacramento $1200 
Webb. Alfred F, Mass 2CalSacramento $1300 
Woemer. B F, 111 2CalSacramento $1200 

Citi/ curriers. 
Bandy, C P, Cal 2CalSacramento $1100 
Bartell, Otis W, Cal 2CalSacramento $1200 
Bone, Chas, Nev 2CalSacramcnto $800 
Butler, M, Ire 2CalSacramento $1100 
Chase, E R, NY 2CalSacraniento $1200 
Comstock, Wm E, Mich 2CalSacramcnto $900 
Day, Warren C, Iowa 2CalSacramcnto $1100 
Dufour, Chas A, 111 2CalSacramento $1200 
Eldrcd, Geo B, Mich 2CalSacramento $1200 
Gibson, F E, 111 2CalSacramento $1200 
Gorbutt, Arthur W, Kng 2CalSacramcnto $1200 
Haines, Chas E, Cal 2CalSacramcnto $600 
Hayes, W A, III 2C3lSacramento $900 
Hill, Chas E, Cal 2CalSacramcnto $1200 
Hoppe, R A, Ind 2CalSacramento $1200 
Jaeger, Geo W, RI 2CalSacramcnto $900 
Johnson, Edwin D, NMex 2CalSacramento $1100 
Low, Jas L, Iowa 2CaISacramento $900 
McGuirc, Jas T, Cal 2CalSacramento $1100 
Mclntvre, B P, Cal 2CalSacramento $1100 
Measure, T W, HI 2CalSacramcnto $1200 
Munger, A D, Colo 2CalSacramento $600 
Miller, L F, Cal 2CalSacramento $1200 
Naehcr, Otto, Ohio 2CalSacramento $600 
Pearson, Chas F J. Cal 2CalSacramento $1200 
Raynsford, C H, Cal 2CalSacramento $1100 
Raynsford, M H, Mich 2CalSacramento $1200 
Rogers. G W, NY 2CulSacramento $1200 
Sked, Chas W, Ohio 2CalSacramento $800 
Stockton, M Q, Orrg 2CaKSacramcnto $900 
Sieke, Fred L, Ger 2CalSacramento $1200 
Sawyer, Lafayette A, Mo 2CalSacramento $600 
Tade, W H, Wyo 2CalSacramento $1200 
Thompson. Jas M, Ohio 2CalSacramento $1100 
Toomey, John W, Cal 2CaISacramcnto $1200 
Toomev, F H, Cal 2CalSacramento $1200 
Trov, M J, Ire 2C3lSacramento $1200 
Ward, C E, Iowa 2CalSacramento $1100 
Walthcr. W R, Cal 2CaISacrameDto $1200 
White, T W, Cal 2CalSacramento $1100 
Woodworth, Ira D, Cal 2CalSacramento $1200 

Rural carriers. 
CascUi, Frank, Cal 2CalSacramento $1000 
Hayward, Geo B, Mo 2CalSacramento $1000 
Witherspoon, John B, WVa 2CalSacramento $1000 

Clavton, Lyle G, Cul 2CalSacramento $600 
Guth, Oeo H, Cal 2CalSacraniento $000 
Hogan, Wm J, Mass 2CalSacramento $600 
St Helena, Napa: Mackinder. Fnuik B. Wis $1900 
Mi.xon, Miss Anna U. A-sstPM Cal 2CalNapa $0(10 
Decker. Ileatlev K. Clerk Kans 2CalNapa $4S0 
l.ann. llcnrv. 'RD Ger SCalNapa $700 
Simonsen, theodor, RD Ger 2CalNapa $900 
St John. Glenn: Conle. E U, Cal $1(M1 
St Louis. Sierra: Conlan, Rose, Cal $:tO 
St Vincent, Marin: Stenson. Matthew F. Ire $270 
Salada Beach, San Mateo: Winter, Winfield S, Ohio 

Sallda, Stanislaus: Capps. Saml H, III $440 
Salinas. Monterey: Hill. Wm J. Can $2.")00 
Bennett. John ii, AsstPM Eng eCalMonterey $1250 
Hill, WmC. Clerk Idaho CCalMontcrey $1100 
Jorgensen. Carl O. Clerk Den CCalMonlerev $000 
Wallace. Miss Kathrvn, Clerk Cal GCalMonterey $000 
Bailey, Pierre, Carrier Cal OCalMonterey $1000 
Collnirn, Frank, Carrier Cal OCalMonterey $0(10 
Peiree. ,\rthur J, Carrier Cal OCalMonterey $900 
Adcock, Kobt J, UD 111 OCalMonterey $1000 
Caliuon. Chas S. RD Ohio OCalMonterey $1000 
Salmon Falls, Eldorado: Miller, Mrs Mary L, Cal $70 
Salslg, Mendocino: Gilkison, Melville A, Ind $190 
Samoa, Humboldt: King, Warren C, 111 $690 
Hogan, Miss Annie E, AsstPM Cal ICalHumboldt 


San Andreas, Calaveras: Floyd, Enos ¥, Me SHOO 
Floyd, Miss Evalvn F, AsstPM Cal ICalCalaveras 
San Anselmo, Marin: Burrows, F D, Cal $1500 

FarreU, MissN, Clerk Cal 2CalMarin $180 
San Ardo, Monterey: Smith, Frank C, — $.300 
San Benito, San Benito: Finch, Madison F, Cal $220 
San Bernardino, San Bernardino: Kellev, Stephen F, 
Cal $2900 
Jones, Robinson J, AsstPM Ohio SCalSanBemardino 

Bell, Jos L, Clerk Miss ,3CalAIameda $1000 



San BeTnaidlno— Continued. 

Harmon, Chas E, Clerk Utah SCalSanBemardino 

Holdzlcom, Miss Hazel B, Cleric 111 SCalSanBemar- 
dino 31100 

lUingswortli, Harry C, Clerk Iowa SCalSan Bernar- 
dino 3900 

Keller, Miss Rachel L, Clerk Cal SCalSanBemardino 

Kiplinger, Mrs Martha L, Clerk Cal SCalSanBemar- 
dino $1100 

Sargeant, Miss Lola M, Clerk Iowa SCalSanBemar- 
dino SIOOO 

Weist, Frank E, Clerk NMex SCalSanBemardino 

Whitham, Wm, Clerk Can SCalSanBemardino 

Bates, Edward J, Carrier NY SCalSanBemardino 

Borland, Wm J, Carrier Can SCalSanBemardino 

Healey, E K, Carrier Cal 3CalAlameda SHOO 

Meyers, Henry A, Carrier Tenn SCalSanBemardino 

Palmer, Lewis D, Carrier Kans SCalSanBemardino 

Pease, Harry C, Carrier Nebr SCalSanBemardino 

Stancer, Wm J, Carrier 111 SCalSanBemardino SIOOO 

Thomas, Leon C, Carrier Me SCalSanBemardino 

Wilson, Newton, Carrier Can SCalSanBemardino 

Clark, Martin W, RD 111 SCalSanBemardmo $960 

Dodge, Fred H, RD Wis SCalSanBemardino SIOOO 

San Bruno, San Mateo: Lombarde, Sebastian Switz $650 

San Carlos, San Mateo: Brittan, Nathaniel J, NY $230 

San Diego, San Diego: Bartholemew, Chas H, US 


Parker, Geo, AsatPM Eng 16TexElPaso $1700 

Ailing, Miss Florence, Clerk Wis SOalSanDiego 

Hockman, Burnett H, Clerk 111 SCalSanDiego 

Harrison Geo H, Clerk Mich SCalSanDiego $1200 

Telson, Prank C, Clerk Ind SCalSanDiego $1200 

Abbey, Miss Eunice A, Clerk Nebr SCalSanDiego 

Ball, Percy E, Clerk 111 SWashSpokane $1200 
Bennett, Fredk O, Clerk Mass SCalSanDiego 

Bowe, Miss Kate L, Clerk Cal 2CalOroviIle $1000 
Brabazon, Cecil G N, Clerk Cal SCalSanDiego 

Clapp, Ralph, Clerk Mass 16TexElPaso $1100 
Clark, Byron S, Clerk NJ SPaPhila $1100 
Coulthurst, Sherwin, Clerk Eng SCalSanDiego 

Daily, Miss Alice, Clerk Wis SCalSanDiego $600 
Dunne, Lester M, Clerk NY SCalSanDiego $600 
Edwards, Mrs Leona A, Clerk Iowa SCalSanDiego 

Ferris, Carlisle I, Clerk 111 SOalSanDiego $400 
Fuller, Geo S, Clerk NY SCalSanDiego $900 
Green, Fred E, Clerk Cal SMichBattleCreek $1100 
Harris, Fred Z, Clerk 111 2SlllMtCarmel $900 
Hawley, Miss Emma, Clerk Kans SCalSanDiego 

Hill, Thos G, Clerk 111 23IllMtCarmel $600 
Johnson, Walter B, Clerk 111 SCalSanDiego $100 
Marston, Arthur H, Clerk Cal SCalSanDiego $600 
Metz, Winford E, Clerk Nebr SCalSanDiego $600 
Moran, Dennis E, Clerk Mass 9MassBoston $1100 
Newcomb, Richd L, Clerk Hawaii SCalSanDiego 

Oakley, Edwd W, Clerk NY SCalSanDiego $1200 
Place, Wm C, Clerk 111 Tlndlndianapolis $1000 
Reynolds, Raymond R, Clerk Kans SCalSanDiego 

Robbins, Robt S, Clerk 111 2ColoColoSprings 

Rulon, Jesse 0, Clerk 111 4I110elwein $1100 
Schmfdes, Ernest W, Clerk Iowa SCalSanDiego 

Stanley, Clio S, Clerk Ind SCalSanDiego $S00 
Stuart, Jas L, Clerk Va SCalSanDiego $900 
Tulloch, Miss Ethel E, Clerk Md SCalSanDiego 

Weston, Wm B, Clerk Ky llMoSanDiego $600 
Bellis, Harry S, Carrier Mo llMoStLouis $1200 
Blakeney, Heberden B, Carrier Tex SCalSanDiego 

Colton, Harry W, Carrier Nev SCalSanDiego $1200 
Eason, Chas J, Carrier Mo SCalSanDiego $600 
Eastin, John W, Carrier lU SCalSanDiego $600 
Elder, Orton N, Carrier Ind SCalSanDiego $1100 
Geroy, Francis H, Carrier Mass SCalSanDiego 

Gossow, Chas E, Carrier Mich SCalSanDiego $600 
Gnpp, Chas W, Carrier Sw SCalSanDiego $1100 
Junker, Paul, Carrier Ger SCalSanDiego $1100 
Kates, Harry F, Carrier Ohio SCalSanDiego $800 
Ludwick, Eber D, Carrier Mich SCalSanDiego $1000 
McBam, Wm D, Carrier Mass SCalSanDiego $1100 
Pflster, Chas, Carrier Tenn SCalSanDiego $1200 
Bobyn, Edgar A, Carrier Mo SCalSanDiego $600 
Selvia, Roy A, Carrier Mo SCanSanDiego $1000 
Stacy, Earl, Carrier Nebr SCalSanDiego $1000 
btrode, Homer E, Carrier Ind SCalSanDiego $800 
Sturmer, Wm A, Carrier Ger SCalSanDiego $1000 
Sulhyan, Irving L, Carrier Me SCalSanDiego $1200 
Tabelmg, Fred, Carrier Ger eiUChicago $1200 
Thomas, Evan D, Carrier Nebr SCalSanDiego $1000 
Wall, Harry, Carrier Mo SCalSanDiego $1000 
Werner, Edgar A, Carrier NY SCalSanDiego $1000 
Wildt, G Victor, Carrier Cal SCalSanDiego $800 

San Diego— Continued. 

Wright, Alvin E, Carrier Kans SCalSanDiego 

Yates, Emmett, Carrier Ky Tlndlndianapolis, $1000 
Young, Harry Carrier Pa SCalSanDiego $1000 
Boyington, Henry E, RD Pa SCalSanDiego $900 
Boyington, Mrs Katie C, RD Kans SCalSanDiego 

Seely, Theodore, RD NB SCalSanDiego $900 
Brown, Jesse C, Laborer Mo SCalSanDiego $600 
San Dimas, Los Angeles: Macy Wm, H, Mo $1500 
Maey, Mrs Amanda G, AsstPM Mo TCalLosAnseles 

Mumford, Robt E, ED Cal TCalLosAngeles $800 
San Fernando, Los -\ngeles: Frankhouse, Jos P, Kans 
Anderson, Miss Edna, Clerk Iowa 7CalLosAiiBeles 

Keimedy, Mrs Addie, RD Cal 7CalLosAngeIes $960 
San Francisco, San Francisco: Fisk, Arthur G, Cal 
Burke, Wm F, AsstPM Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $3000 

Superintendents, financial clerks, foremen, etc. 
Adams, A L, Vt 2CalSanFraneisco $2100 
Aldrich, Stuart, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $2400 
Apple, Robt L, Nev SOalSanFrancisco $1600 
Barton, E J, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1400 
Beatty, Saml, Ire SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Brown, Chas N, NY SOalSanFrancisco $1400 
Carroll, Jeremiah M, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1700 
Cone, Jos F, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1300 
Cooper, Wm A, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1700 
OorneUus, Arthur, HI SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Cox, A M, Va SOalSanFrancisco $1400 
Coyne, Dennis, Ire SOalSanFrancisco $2700 
Dean, W E, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1300 
Pealy, Jos A, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1300 
Fitzgerald, Danl M, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1400 
Gafrey, Philip N, Ire SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Gallagher, John J, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1300 
Glover, Geo A, Oal 40alSanFrancisco $1300 
Gray, Jos, Eng SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Gray, W 0, Nev SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Haase, Fred, NY SOalSanFrancisco $1400 
Handley, J J, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1300 
Hearst, Arthur J, NY SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Jackson, Andw, Ohio SOalSanFrancisco $1400 
Jackson, Chas E, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1400 
Josephi, Wm M, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1400 
Kaulfuss, Eeinhold, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1300 
King, Warren, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1500 
Lewald, Miss Belle C, Cal 4CalSanFranciseo $1300 
Long, Chas H, Md 40alSanFrancisco $1200 
Madden, R W, 111 SOalSanFrancisco $2700 
Mahoney, Bart, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1400 
McGettigan, Louis P, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1700 
McStocker, Frank B, Cal 40alSanrrancisco $1200 
Mecredy, Fred A, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1400 
Moran, Geo P, Cal 40alSanFrancisco $1200 
Morris, C R, NY SOalSanFrancisco $1300 
Mosebach, Henry, Ohio SOalSanFrancisco $1300 
Nelson, Louis W, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1300 
Onyon, Rich T, Cal 40alSanFrancisco $1300 
Paynter, W S, Mich SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Perkins, C N, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1400 
Perkins Geo N, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1S00 
Reynolds, Roger, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1S00 
Rutter, Chas F, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1700 
Schuler, Ansehno F, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1300 
Seely, Carlton W, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1400 
Smith, D C jr, Oal SOalSanFrancisco S1400 
Smith, Frank E, NY SOalSanFrancisco $1400 
Somers, Wm, NY 4CalSanFranci5CO $1200 
Springer, A, NY SOalSanFrancisco $1300 
Sullivan, F B, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Sulhvan, F H, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
SulUvan, J L E, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1400 
Torrey, Stanley, NS SOalSanFrancisco $1S00 
Troy, D Q, Cal 4CalSanFranclsco $1700 
Vining, A J, Mass 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Wahlhelm, Geo P, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1300 
Wands, W S, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1400 
Waters, W W, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1300 
Welch, Thos M, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Wertheimer, I, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $2600 
Wilhams, Eugene F, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1300 
Zirkle, Douglass, Va SOalSanFrancisco $1400 

Alters, Edwin W, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
AUder, Clarence 0, Mo 4CalSanPrancisco $1200 
Allen, Mrs Ellen S, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1000 
AUen, Walter M, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Altfleld, Danl, Cal 40alSanFrancisco $1200 
Anms, Henry E, Vt 40alSanFrancisco $1200 
Archer, Edwd J, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $800 
Asmussen, Geo J, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
■A-t^inson, Mrs Abbie M, Mass SOalSanFrancisco 

Attridge, Miss Anne Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Attndge, Arthur, Can SOalSanFrancisco $1100 
Barber, Chas E, Conn SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Barnes, Jas A W, NY SOalSanFrancisco $900 
Barrett, Wm N, Nev SOalSanFrancisco $1100 
Bateman, Hastings J, Eng 40alSanFrancisco $1000 
Beach, Mrs Helen M, Wis SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Behrens, Hy O, NO SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Bell, Gilbert D, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Bellman, J, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Bensen, Chris O, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Berkhout, Harry L, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $600 
Berry, Alien D, Mo SOalSanFrancisco $1100 
Berry, Miss Mabel, in SOalSanFrancisco $1000 
Bianchi, Angelo J, It SOalSanFrancisco $1000 
Bishop Jas D, NY SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Blair, Mrs Alice J, NH SOalSanFrancisco $1200 I 

San Francisco— Continued. 

CTo-is— Continued. 
Blanchard, Edwd J, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1100 
Bohm, Geo H, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $800 
Boiling, Die, Norw SOalSanFrancisco $1000 
Bollinger, Wm F, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1100 
Bond, Francis 0, Iowa 4CalSanFrancisco $1000 
Bradley, Henry J, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1100 
Branch, Geo W, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Brandon, Basil, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $800 
Bromley, E R, Conn SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Brown, Otes E, Tenn SOalSanFrancisco $600 
Bruckerman, Gustavo A, Cal 40alSanFrancisco $1100 
Bruns, August A F, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Buettner, Chas F, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Burnham, Chas A, Oal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Burns, Jos A, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Cacciari, Paris J, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Caesar, Geo M, Cal 4CalSanFrancisoo $1000 
Caesar, Jos S, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1000 
Oallundan, Wm T, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1000 
Campana, P S, Switz SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Campbell, Othel, Ohio SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Carew, Miss Rose B, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $600 
Carty, Stephen F, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Cashman, M E, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Clark, Miss Anna J, NH 40aiSanFrancisco $1200 
Coakley, Jas F, Mass SOalSanFrancisco $800 
Coffey, John J J, Oal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Cofley, Robt E, Cal 40alSanPranci6Co $600 
Cohen, Max, Pol SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Cole, Tyler E, DC 4CalSanFrancisco $1000 
Coleman, Mathew P, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $600 
Collins, Geo, Oal 40alSanFrancisco $800 
Connors, Wm, NY SOalSanFrancisco $1000 
Conroy, Geo S, Eng 4CalSanPranciseo $1000 
Cosper, Earl E, Ohio SOalSanFrancisco $1000 
Cunningham, Jas M, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Curley, Harry, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Curno, Frank L, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $800 
Guthbertson, Frederic 0, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $600 
Czinger, Jos, Hung SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Danahy, Miss JuUa M, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Darby, M E, Oal 40alSanFrancisco $1200 
De Bow, Louis, Pol 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Delehanty, Wm P, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Derre, Louis E, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Doherty, Harry J, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1000 
Donohue, Jas H, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Donohue, WmT, Oal 40alSanFrancisco $1100 
Donovan, Cornelius A, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1000 
Donovan, Jeremiah, Ire 4CalSanFrancisco $800 
Donovan, Miss Jewell, Cal 40alSanFrancisco $1200 
Donovan, Wm F, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Douglass, W F, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Dnscoll, John I, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Drysdale, Alf L, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Dudley, Edgar T, NY SOalSanFrancisco $1000 
Dunham, Orley W jr, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1000 
Dunmgan, JD, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Edmans, Walter J jr, NY SOalSanFrancisco $1000 
Edwards, John L, Mo SOalSanFrancisco $1100 
Elder, Louis E, Mo SOalSanFrancisco $1100 
Estes, Wm E, NY SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Evans, Geo R, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1100 
Evans, Jas V, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $800 
Falk, Harry, Ohio SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Fay, Peter J, NY 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Feely, Geo P, NJ 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Ferner, David B, Mich SOalSanFrancisco $1000 
1' leger, Geo W, Md SMdBaltimore $1200 
Fields, Thaddeus D, Mo 4CalSanFrancisco $1100 
Fisher, Edmund, Mich 40alSan[i'rancisco $1000 
Fitzgerald, John E, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Flaherty, Thos F, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Flanagan, Richd A, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1000 
Fogarty, John P, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1000 
Foley, David F, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Ford, Fredk J, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Frankhn, Chas B, Oreg 40regMultnomah $1200 
Freeohtle, Jos G, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Freed, Seamon, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Frisvold, Carl T, Minn 40alSanFrancisco $800 
Fuchs, Miss Henrietta T, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Galleher, John H, Oal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Gassman, Geo R, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Geddes, Wm J, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Gibney, Michl, Ire SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Gibson, Ernest J, Oal 4CaISanFrancisco $1000 
Gilhooly, John F, III SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Gillespie, Miss Effie, Cal 4CaISanFrancisco $600 
Gihuour, John A, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $900 
Gordon, Edwd J, Idaho SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Graff, Hans, Ger SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
erases. Miss Kate J, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1100 
Green, Simon, . Cal 4CaISanFrancisco $1200 
Greenwell, John, Eng SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Grellman, Robt M, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $800 
Griffin, Jas J, Nev SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Gross, Isadore 0, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Guilfoyle, Wm J, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Gutman, David S, Cal 4CalSanPrancisco $1200 
Haase, Frank A, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Hagglund, John G, Sw SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Hall, Fred W, Cal SOalSanFrancisco $1100 
Hall, OUverJ, Iowa SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Hamilton, Miss Lena B, Mass 40aISanFrancisco $600 
Hancock, Walter G, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Hanke, Ernst, Aus SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Hannigan, Wm J, Oal SOalSanFrancisco $1200 
Hanson, Jos, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1100 
Hardy, Frank, Cal 2CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Hardenbergh, Jas R, NJ 40alSanFrancisco $1100 
Harlow, D I, Vt 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Harris, Louis, Oal 40alSanFrancisco $1100 



San Francisco — Continued , 

C/frJ:»— Continued. 
Hart, DanI D, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Hart, Fred C, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Harvey, Jos M, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Hayden. Chas W, NY ICalSanFrancisco $1000 
Ilazell, Rodney 1), Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1100 
Hennessv. Wm J, Nebr SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Henry. Alfred, Cal GCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Henry, Edwd L, NY 4CalSanFranci8CO $800 
Hesseltine, B L, Mass 4CalSanFranci8CO $1200 
Hessmann, Mrs Clara T Cal 3CalSan Francisco $1200 
Hill, Miss Mary, Scot 4CalSanFrancisco $1100 
Hodnett. John J, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Hollis, Thos W, Kng 4CalSanFranci8C0 $1200 
Holse, Geo, Cat 5CaISanFrancisco $1200 
Holse, Wm, Tex 4CaISanFranci6CO $1100 
Hopkins, John P, Cal 4CalSanFranci8CO $1100 
Huling. Thos H, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Ilurst, Clarence H, 111 4CalSanFrancisco $900 
Isaacs, Frank, Cal OCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Jackson, FrC. Mich, 3CalSan Francisco $1200 
Jackson, Mrs Sadie L, Cal 4CaISanFrancisco $1200 
Jackson, Thos M, Ala SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Johnson, Miss Blanche T, Nebr SNebrDouglas $1200 
Johnson, Frank, Sw SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Johnson, Reuben A. Nebr SNebrDouglas $1200 
Kane, Jos L, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $800 
Keller, Augustine, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Kelley, Buron D, Cal 4CalSan Francisco $1100 
Kellum, Herman A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Kelly, Mrs Ccvlon B, Me SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Kelly, Jas L, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Kelly, John F, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Kelton, Lorenzo 0, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Kettner, Mrs Olive C, Can DO $1200 
Kielmann, F L, Mo SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
King, Frank E, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
King, Wm M, Cal 4CalSanFranci8co $1000 
King, Walter J H, Ohio 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Kinrade, Chas W, Wis SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Kirk, Mrs Margaret D NY SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Kleinhaupt, Moses, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Knopp, John W, Tenn 4CaISanFranci8CO $1200 
Komfield, Nathan. Ohio SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
hrolin. Theo V, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Kruhming, John, Rus 4CalSanFrancisco $1000 
Kuenstle, Martin W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $12nn 
Lagercrantz, C Th, Sw SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Laird, Danl, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Landon. Evelj-n, Iowa SCalSanFrancisco $900 
Lane, Chas A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Lane, Francis W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Lane, Jas F, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Lanthier, Leo J, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1100 
Lanthicr, Wm E, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Larsen. Malcum J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Lawton, D K, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Leisncr, Martin, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Levy. Chas S, Fla SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Libbing. H H, Ger SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Liebscher, Arthur, Wis SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Lindberg, Edwd C, III SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Littlefield. Luther F, Me SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Lobban, Wm, Scot 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Locke, N S, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Logemann. Hy W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Lothrop, Chas E, Ky SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
LTOch, Miss Alice C, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1000 
MacKenzie. Chas F, Nev SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Madden, Alice T, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Madden, John L. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Madonna, Miss Adelia N. Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1000 
Maloney, Fr 11, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Marks, Isaac, Oreg SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Martell, Frank D, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Martell, Edwd J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Martin, Harry M, Mass 40alSanFrancisco $1200 
Mayer, John F, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Mayer, Wm, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
McCarty. Ceo B, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
McCormack, Horatio A. Cal 4CaISanFrancisco $1200 
McGee, John R, Cal 4CnISanFrancisco $1200 
McGrew, J M, Ohio SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Mclntyre, Thos A, NV SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
McKennev, WmA, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
McKinlev, B F, Ohio 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
McLeod,'Miss Lulu. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $900 
McLeod, Wm. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
McManus. John T. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
McNaughton, John J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
McNish, Wm J, Oa SGaChatham $1100 
McSorlcy, Edwd J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
McSweeney, Timothy J. Ire .SCalSanFrancisco $110n 
McTamnev, J, Cnl SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Merrill, Otis E, Iowa SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Merz, Henrv, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Meuscr, Wm L jr, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Michael, Chas W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Michael. Geo W. Ill SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Miller, Louis, Ohio SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Miller, Wm. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Montell. John H M. NY 4CalSanFrancisco $1000 
Moore. Shirley, Nebr 4CaISanFrancisco $800 
Miill.WmP.' NC SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
MuUer. John B. La SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Mullins. Harry H, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Mundt, Miss Mary C, Iowa SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Munro. .Tos A. SC 4CaISanFrancisco $1200 
Mtirphy, D C B, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Murphv. Miss Margaret F, Cal 4CaISanFrancisco 

Murphv, WmE, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Nelson. Floyd O, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Nestor, Patrick, Ire GOalSanFTanctsoo $800 

San Francisco— Continued. 

C/crts— Continued . 
Newhouse, Milton H, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
O'Brien, Chas M, Mass 4CalSanFrancisco $1000 
O'Brien. Geo T. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $800 
O'Connell, John H, Can SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
O'Connor, Miss Mary Z, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $800 
O'Connor, Terence C, Conn SCalSanFrancisco $900 
O'Donnell, Martin J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
O'Keeffe, Michl, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
O'Leary, Thos C, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
O'Leary, Wm, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
OlwcII, Wm C, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
O'Neil, Jas W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
O'Neil, John T, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
O'Neil, Wm H, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $900 
Onsley, Geo W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $000 
O'Shaugbnessy. Jos M, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Pease, Bronson E, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Perry, J W, Tenn SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Peterson, Albert A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Phippa, JosA, III SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Pierce, Michl W, Cal 4CalSanFranci8co $1000 
Poggetto, Rocco D, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $900 
Prunty, Francis P, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Pruntv, Jas P, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Pvle. thos W, Ga SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Quedens, Chas P M, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Quinn, Chas J, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
(Juinn, Frank R, NY SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Rahilly, John, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Raymond, Albert C, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $900 
Raymond. Jos II E. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Read, W E, Mo SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Reardon, Dennis F, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Redmond, John M, Minn SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Regli, Ale.x S, Cal SCalSanFr.ancisco $1200 
Reilly, Bernard, Ire 4CalSanFrancisco $000 
Reitermiin, Wm A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Rice, Freed M. Cal 4CalTulare $1100 
Richart, Roland T, Iowa SOhioFranklin $1000 
Rissman, Paul E, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Ritchie, Danl M, Cal 4CalSanFranci8co $1200 
Rivers, Mrs Louise, Ind SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Rivolta, John F P. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Roberts, Jos F, III SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Rodney, Harry C, Va SCalSanFrancisco $900 
Roethe, Edwd J, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Rudop, Jos, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Savage, Warren L, Cal 4CalSanFranci3C0 $1100 
SanTcr, Edwd L, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Saxe, Robt E, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Schmitt, Geo J, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $800 
Schulz, Gustav W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Seagrave, E F, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Sears, Albert N, Colo 4ColoPueblo $1200 
Seeheck, Pitt, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Seely, Frank H, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Shoaf, Prentice M, Ind .5CalS.inFranci3co $1200 
Shorev, JasM, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Silk, J W, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
.Simelton, Dove E, Miss SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Simon, Isidore. Pnis SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Sinclair, Wm J, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $900 
Sivers, John H, Can SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Slatterv, Danl C, Cal 4CalSanFranciseo $1200 
Smith, Fred C, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Smith, Frederic E, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Smith, Edwd L A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Smith, LonW, Iowa SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Snyder. Wm H, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Spaulding, David C, Mich SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Spencer, Frank W, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $900 
St. .\mant. Wm L, Cal 2CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Stable, Roland C, Cal 4CalAlameda $900 
Stalder, Robt B, Switz SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Stalder, Walter J, Nebr 4CalSanFrancisco $600 
Stamer, Arthur B, Cal 4CalSanFranci8CO $600 
Stock, Alfonso C, Cal 4CalSanFranci8CO $1200 
Strasser, Leopold. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Strohmeier, Otto, Cal 4CalSanFranciBC0 $1200 
Strominger. G W. Pa SCalLosAngeles $1200 
Sutherlin. Robt M. Mo SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Tavlor, Miss Ginsev F, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Thompson. Walter J. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Toomev. HCJ, Cal SCalSanFrancisco S1200 
Torre, Giove M, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Trost, Ernest, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1100 
Turner, Morris R, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Turner, Waldo E, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Tvm, Miss Hester I, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Tyson, Harry T, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Van der Kaav. Mary G. Mo SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Vamev, Waldo J. Me SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Wagner, Frank P. Cal 4CaISanFrancisco $1200 
Waechter, Madeline E, Cal 4CaISanFrancisco $1200 
Wallace, Thoa, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Wapple, Albert M, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Washington, Mrs Mary V. Ga DC $1000 
Waters, Miss Helen E, Minn SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Watson, Chris, Tenn SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Watson. Mrs Jennie D. Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $800 
Welch, Austin S, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Welsh, John, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Werthcimer, Miss Sophie, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Wessa, Henry, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Wheeler, Miss Gertrude F, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
White, Asa E, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
White, Mrs Cornelia P, Mo SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
WTiite, Geo M, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Whitney, Jas P. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Wienholz, Arthur R. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $900 
Williams, Fredk L. Sin SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Williams. Wcslev T, NC PIManila $1100 
Wjndele. Miss Alice, Cal SCalSunFrancisoo $1000 

San TranclKO— Continued. 

Cteflt»— Continued. 

Wise, Weston V, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
AVong, Kin. Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1400 
Woodin, Miss Inez M, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Worcs, Miss Gertrude, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Wyhs, John E, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Zearbaugh, Jas E, Ind SCalAlameda $900 
Zerga, Ernest S, Cal 4CaISanFrancisco $1200 
Zimmerman, Miss Bertha, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Zowasky, Jos W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 

Clirks in charac of stations. 
Adams, Adolph, Ger SCalSanFrancisco $300 
Adamson, Richd jr, Cal 4CalSanFranciBco $200 
Anderson, Chas E, Sw SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Burns, Mrs, Matilda W, Ind SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Bendixon, Miss Anna E, Den 4CalSanFranciaco $200 
Brenner, Jules E, Wii SCalSanFrancisco $200 
Bonnheim, Edwd, Ger 4CalSanFranci8co $300 
Cereghino, Jos, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Calegaris, Arnold, It 4CalSanFrancisco $100 
Doran, Wm R, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Dillon, Wm R, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $300 
Ephraim, J A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $200 
Oaffncy, Geo, Pa 4CalSanFrancisco $200 
Grant, Mrs Sarah, Eng 4CalSanFrancisco $300 
Goldsmith, Hugo B, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $200 
Gosselk, Martin, Ccr SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Goodman, Mrs Philomena. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $300 
Hunt, D D, NY SCalSanFrancisco $2S0 
Hale, Marshal, Mich 4CalSanFrancisco $300 
Hamilton, Mrs Mary B Cal SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Jackson, Mrs Louisa, Eng 4CalSanFrancisco $400 
Jennings, Jaa J, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Kimball, John. Mass SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Kane, Francis B, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $100 
Lomelino, A C, III 4CalSanFrancisco $100 
Lyons, Alex J, Tenn 4CalSanFranci8Co $300 
Mvers. Mrs llanna. — SCalSanFrancisco $300 
Michaelis, E W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $250 
Miller. T Loon, NY SCalSanFrancisco $S00 
Martin, Albert 11, Ohio 4CalSanFranci6C0 $1 
Mundav. Mrs Harriet, NY SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Nathan. Mrs Hannah. Cal 4CaISanFranci8CO $250 
Potter, Stanley, Eng SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Parker, Mrs Jeanie, Scot SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Paulsen. Ernst D, Ger 4CaISanFrancisco $100 
Redmond, Geo J, Nev SCalSanFrancisco $300 
Richards, David, Wales 4CalSanFrancisco $300 
Rich. Obadiah, Mass 4CaISanFrancisco $100 
Roff. Mrs Clara, Wis SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Robbins, Stanley H, Kans 4CalSanFrancisco $100 
Sevmour, Jas II, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $300 
Sullivan. J F. Austr SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Simmons, Hayden M. NY SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Schmerker, Alex A B. Pa SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Sutton. Frederic R. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $100 
Von Tillow. Mrs Alma F, NY SCalSanFrancisco $300 
Wise, Thos F, Eng SCalSanFrancisco $300 
Winter, Jas H. Eng SCalSanFrancisco $300 
Williamson, Chester, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $300 
Wulzen, Dietrich H. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $200 
Young, Jas A, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $100 

City carriers. 
Ahems, Geo N. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Abrens. Wm W. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Ames, B H, Cal 4Cal3anFrancisco $1200 
Andruss. Merrill E, Minn SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Athanasiade, Alex M. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Bar, Jos C, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1000 
Barelkosky, Stanislaus, Ger SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Barry, Edwd F, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Barry, Wm H, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Bascom, Horatio N. Ohio 4MoMissouri $1200 
Belasco, Sollie. Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Belling, Alfred E, Ger SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Bell, Conrad M. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Bennett, John W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Benning, Chas V. Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1100 
Bevan. Chas. Nev 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Bieler, Theodore A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Binning. Henry H, NY SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Bittel. Henrv, Sivitz SCalSanFrancisco $900 
Bishop. II II, NY SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Black, .lohn Ger SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Blass. Albert, .Japan 4CaISanFrancisco $1200 
Bloom, Chas, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Bowen. L E. Conn 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Boise, Danl H. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Booth, A E. Mo SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Booth. Wm J, Cal 4CaISanFrancisco $1200 
Bottomlev, L H, Wis 4CalSanFranci8co $1200 
Bradley, Geo E. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Brogan, John J. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Brownrigg. Henry .1, Cal 4CaISanFranciaeo $1000 
Buckingham, Geo A, Ind SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Buckley, Pat J, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Burk, Jas J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Burk, Jas W, 111 4CalSanFrancisco $900 
Burke, .lohn C, NY 4CaISanFrancisco 
Burke, Thos R, Cal SCalSanFrancisco 
Bumham, Geo E, Vt 4CaISanFrancisco 
Burns, Austin P, Ire 4CalSanFranci8co 
Butler, Fred J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco 
Buttle, C F. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Cameron. Dudley A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Capel, Wm, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Casaman. Jeremiah. Ind SCalSanFrancisco $900 
Chamberlain, W B. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Christiansen, Theodore. Ger SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Church. O S. Vt SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Clasby. W J. Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Claussen, Geo. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Cleland, Frank S, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $800 
dishorn, Jas E, HI SOalSanPrarcisco $1200 




San Fianclsoo— Continued. 

City cmT'icrs — Continued. 
Cooliran, Wm E, Oliio SOalSanFranoisoo $1000 
Code, Jo3 P, Cal SCalSanFranoisco $1200 
Cole, Roy H, Cal 4CalSanFi-ancisco $600 
Colen, Louis H, Cal SCalSanFi'ancisco $1200 
Colter, E J, Mass 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Conroy, Jas A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Cosby, Wni A, NC SCalSanFrancisoo $1200 
(lourtetnanche. Prentice, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Cronin, John, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Cunningham, Robt E, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Cuzens, Hy L, Belg 6CalSanFrancisco $1100 
Daly, John P, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Daniel, John T, Mich 4CalSanFrancisco $800 
Daniell, Wm, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Deady, John M, Cal SCalSanFranciseo $1200 
De La Fontaine, Chas, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Delillo, Jas, It SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Demartin, Wm G, Cal 6CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Deminick, Edwin F, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Derrick, Wm J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Donahue, Jas I, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Donohue, Jos M, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $600 
Donovan, Uobt T, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Dooley, Jas 111 SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Dougherty, D F, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Du Common, Wm A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Dudley, Chas E, Wis SCalLosAngeles $1200 
Dunn, Chas W, WVa SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Dunshee, Willis, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
During, Herman, Rus SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Easterling, Wm H, Tex SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Eberling, Geo, Ger SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Edwards, Guy, Iowa 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Eiselin, Alf J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Erickson, Chas A, Sw SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Evans, Thos, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Evarts, Theron A, Mich SCalSanFrancisco $900 
Fahrenholz, Fred W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco 1200 
Fairclough, Freeman, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Fairgrieve, Wm, Soot 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Fargo, Fred J, NY 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Farrell, A, Cal SCalLosAngeles $1200 
Farrell, Andw J, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Farrell, Wm, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Feeney, J E, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Ferguson, John J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Fields, Ambrose J, Ky 4CalSanFrancisco $800 
. Finley, Ed D, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Finn, Thos J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Fitzgerald, Edwd, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Flaherty, Geo S, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Flanagan, John J, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Flanders, E 0, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Fleischer, Ernst P, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Fletcher, J Burton, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Foley, J Emmet, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Ford, Andw J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Fomer, Fred A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
France, Chas E, NY SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Eraser, Jas H, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Friermuth, Henry H, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Galvin, Arthur L, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Gaskins, Walter T, Ohio 4CalSanFrancisco $900 
Gertz, Wm F, Ind SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Gerber, H H, NY 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Gibson, Jas H, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Gill, Thos, Ire SNTNewYork $1200 
Gillespie, Thos J, Cal 4CalSanPrancisco $1200 
GiUer, Chas L, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Gillogly, Wm P, Mo SCalSanFrancisco $900 
Glover, John T, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Gossman, Chas, Iowa SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Gould, Chas A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
GralT, Edwd, Ger SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Green, Isaac A, NY 4CalSanFrancisco $900 
Green, Eobt W, Mo SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Gronosky, Isaac, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Ilackett, Thos, Nev SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Ilaedrick, Jas H, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Hanekamp, Wm J, 111 SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Hanley, Alfred W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Harney, John J, NT SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Harris, Myles L, Kans SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Hemenwav, Chester E, 111 SCalSanFr.ancisco $1200 
Henry, Elmer S G, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Heran, Francis T, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Hcran, John J D, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Herring, Chas, Ger SCalSanFrancisco $900 
Hewelcke, Edwin J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Hickey, Jas, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Hicks, Wm D, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Iloare, Michl H, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Hoffman, Hy R, Wash 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
HoUoway, A E, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Holz, Manuel, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Houlihan, Wm H, NY SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Howell, Wesley W, Oreg ICalSanFrancisco $1200 
Hov. Wm H, Kans SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Hughes, John J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Hunter, Oliver P, Pa 4CalSanFrancisoo $900 
Hutchinson, Albert, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Jeans, Thos J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Johnson, Vincent N, Sw SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Jones, Jas J, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
.Toseph, Chas A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Katz, Maurice, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Kays, Alfred A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Keating, Cornelius L, Nev SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Kchoe, Chas E, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Kehoe, Francis W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Kelly, Jos, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Kenney, Frank A, Mass 4CalSanFrancisco $1000 
Kcnnev, Walter P A, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1000 
King, Wm J, NY 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 

San Fianclsco— Continued. 

Ciltj carriers — Continued. 
Krausgrill, Geo W, Cal 4CalSanFranoisco $800 
Kronberg, Phillip, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Lacy, Michl, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Lacy, Redmond, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Lane, John J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Larkey, John J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Law, Martin W, Tenn SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Lawler, Martin J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Lee, Jas G, Can SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Leibreich, Louis, NY SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Leider, Albert 0, Ger SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Lemmon, Byron S, Ind SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Lcmmon, Harry D, Cal SOalSantaBarbara $1200 
Levin, Louis, NY SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Lewis, Maynard B, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Lildns, Wm J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Lippincott, J N, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1100 
Locke, Raymond M, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Logan, Harry F, Ohio SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Logan, Robt S, Ohio 4CalSanFranoisco $1200 
Lohman, Theodore H, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Long, Ed D, Md 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Lougan, M C, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Loskot, Jos J, Kans 4CalSanFrancisco $600 
Lowenfelds, Otto F von, Ohio 4CalSanFrancIsco $1200 
Luck. Stephen T, Iowa SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
LTOCh, Thos J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Macdonald, Master S, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
MacDonald, Fred W, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Mackey, Harry G, Gal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Maguire, John, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Maher, John J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Mahoney, Thos B, Cal 4CalSanFraneisco $1200 
Marks, Lincoln I, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Marreck, Baptiste W N, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Martin, Harry S, NY SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Mar.x, Geo F A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Mathews, Geo M, Iowa 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Mayer, Fredk H, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
MoAulifle, Tim C, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
McCarthy, Harry R, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
McCarthy, John F, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
McCarthy, Theobald M, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
McGill, Jos, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
McGrew, Walter H, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $800 
Mclntyre, Thos F, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
McKeever, Thos L, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
McMuUin, Howard A, — SCalSanFrancisco $800 
McNulty, Danl A, Mass 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
McNultv, Geo H, Eng SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Meer, Geo L, Ind 4CaISanFrancisco $900 
Meier, Jacob F, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Merrill, Eugene, Me SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Meyer, Herman F, 111 SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Miller, Edwd, NY SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Miller, Fredk, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Mills, Ross H, Orcg SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Moore, Geo P, Cal 4CalSanBemardino $1200 
Moore, Geo W, Mo 4CalSanFraneisco $1200 
Morgan, John J, Cal 4CalS.anFrancisco $1200 
Mulhern, Jas P, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Mulhern, John P, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Mullins, T J, Eng 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Munroe, Theodore F, Oreg SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Murphy, Geo H, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $600 
Murphy, J P, NY 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Murphy, Wm H, WI SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Murray, Thos F, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $800 
Newlon, Fr B, Pa SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Nixon, Thos, Md 4C3lSanFrancisco $1200 
Noon, Jas G, Pa SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Noonan, Peter W, Mass SCalSanFVancisco $1200 
Norstrom, Lewis C, Cal 4CalSanFranciseo $1200 
Nunan, Louis F, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Nyklicek, John A, Aus SCalSanFrancisco $120li 
O'Brien, Chas W, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
O'Connell, John A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
O'Connor, Danl, Ire 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
O'Connor, John F, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
O'Connor, Lewis J, NY SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
O'Connor, Wm A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
O'Connor, Wm P, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
O'Learv, Jas J, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1000 
O'Neil,' Wm, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Olson, Hy L, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Olscn, -las T, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
O'Neill, Arthur D, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Pakenham, Wm M, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Piitterson. W J, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Pendergast, H M, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Perrv, H 0, 111 SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Phclan, Wm J, NY SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Piepcr, Wm, Ger SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Pyne, Augustus T. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Quast, Wm H, Pa SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Ramm, Adolph H, Cal ' SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Reed, A B, Me SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Reich, Fred W, Ger SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Reilly, Jos E. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Reilly, Wm W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Reimers, Herman A, Wis 4CalSanFrancisco $1000 
ReTOolds, John A, Ky SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Rich, Hy J, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Richards, Geo H, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Roach, John T, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Roche, R M R, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Rogers, Edwin F, NY SNYNewYork $1200 
Rosebro, Walter E, Ind SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Robrecht, Geo .\, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Rosenquist, Geo A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Rouard, A P. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Roux, Ernest E, Fr SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Sahl, Martin W, NY SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Sanders, Sol, Cal 4CanSanFranci8C0 $1200 

San Francisco— Continued. 

City carriers — Continued. 
Sawyer, D W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Schafer, Herman, Ger SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Schatzle, Henry E, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Schmeider, Ewald J, Saxony 4CalSanFranciflco 

Schnepple, Geo, Pa SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Schnetz, Jos, Cal 4CalSanFraneisco $1000 
Schoenlight. Chas W, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1000 
Schulte, Gustavus, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Scudder, Wm F, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Seeburt, C M, Sw SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Shea, John J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Silver, Jos M, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Sink, Fred W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Skov, Chas P, Den 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Smith, Irving E, Nebr SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Smith, J M, Me SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Spaulding, Danl W, Ind SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Spencer, Albert W, Cal SCalSanJoaquin $1200 
Spencer, Warren P, Me 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Spiller, Geo, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Spiller, JosA, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Sprague, Frank I, Mich SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Spunger, Isaac, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Stevens, Saml F, Mo SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Stewart, Tho H, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Stockwitz. David E, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Stone, Abbott, Mo 4CalSanFrancisco $600 
Sullivan, Danl, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Sullivan, Geo Leo, Cal 4C!ilSanPrancisco $1200 
Sullivan, John, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Sullivan, John S, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Sullivan, J S, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Taynlon, Broderick W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Thai, Herbert, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Thai, Leon I, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Thomas, Henry J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Thompson, Francis J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Thompson, John C, Den SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Thomsen, Chris, Den SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Thur, Alfred E F, Ger SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Tierney, Jos J, NY SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Tierney, T P, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Timm, Carl, Ger SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Tittel, Jos C, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Tompkins, Chas E, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Trask, Harry E, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1000 
Travers, Wm B, NY SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Trieber, Conrad, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Tsikoores, Geo P. Gr SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
TuUy, Chas F, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Tvndall, John E, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Tyrrell, Frank, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Urenn, Albert S, Mich SMichWayne $1200 
Van Oorschot, John S W, Mich SCalSanFrancisco 

Van Praag, E D, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Voss, Harry D, Ger SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Walker, Courtland L, Wis SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Ward, Bernard J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Waring, Albert E, Pa SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Weir, Andw K, Cal oCalAlameda $1200 
Weisel, Geo G H, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 
Welch, Jas F, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Welch, John E, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Welch, Wm J. Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Weldon, Arthur V, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Wells, Monroe, Pa SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Wert, Thos B. Iowa SCalSanFrancisco $1100 
Whelan, Michl J, Nev SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Whelan, Peter J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Wilburt, Augustine F, Mass SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Willis, H J, Tex SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Williams, Delmer H, Oreg SCalSanFrancisco $800 
Wilson, Robt J, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Wisewell, C A, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Wood, Edwd S, Ohio SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Woolsey, Robt W, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 
Young, Tully T, Ind 4CalSanFrancisco $1200 

Niblett, Francis J, Ind SCalSanFrancisco $900 


Akriraovich, Vincent Rus SCalSanFrancisco $700 
Beasley, MUes, Va 4CalSanFrancisco $700 
Cooper, Michl, Ire SCalSanFrancisco $700 
Da-i-ieg, Chas H, NT 4CalSanFrancisco $700 
Ellison, Jas, Eng SCalSanFrancisco $700 
Flynn, Jos M, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $600 
Fritz, Frank J, Port SCalSanFrancisco $700 
Hamilton, Wm A, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $600 
Hossfeld, August E, Ger 4CalSanFrancisco $600 
Hossfeld, Harry, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $600 
Jackson, Chas S, Va 4CalSanFrancisco $600 
Johnson, Wm, Md 4CalSanFrancisco $600 
.Tust, Paul D, Ger 4CalSanFranoisco $600 
Kornegay, Jas H, NO 4CalSanFrancisco $700 
Langley, Wirt L, Va SCalSanFrancisco $700 
Little, Jos B, Me 4CalSanFranci8C0 $700 
Murray, Jcs L, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $700 
Nixon, John A, Cal 4CalSanFrancisco $700 
O'Donnoll, Wm, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $700 
Plath, Adolph, Ger 4CalSanFrancisco $700 
Reitz, Jacob, Ger SCalSanFrancisco $700 
Swinney, Troy W, SC SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Tamplin, Chas jr, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $600 
Warren, Chns H, NY 4CalSanFrancisco $700 
Woodward, Jas H, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $700 



San Gabriel. Los Angeles: Roe, JasW, lows tllOO 
Stewart. AM, Clerk Ohio 7CalLosAngeles t720 
KinR, J O, KD Tex 7Cal Los Angeles $1000 
Sanger, Fresno: Manlev, Geo F, Vt SI700 
McLaughlin, W L, Clerk Cal 6CalFresno 1660 
Manley.Mary F, Clerk Ohio BCalFresno »300 
Carter, Felix D, KD Cal 6CalFresno JIOOO 
Carter, Flavins J, UD Cal GCalFresno $1000 
Uanke, Chas 11, Kl> Cal 6CalFresno $1000 
San Gregorio, San Mateo: Montevaldo, E J, Cal $2.'iO 
Sanltarliun, Napa: Dowen, L M, Iowa $1000 

Hose. Mi^s June, Clerk Mich — $420 
San Jacinto, Riverside: Hannalis, Geo P, Mich $1 .VM) 

Dunluun, Jolin E, RD Mo — $800 
San Jose, Santa Clara: Hawley, Win O, Eng $3400 
Ball, Irvin A, AsstPU Wis SCalSanUClara, $170U 
Worden, Stephen L, Clerk Cal 5CalSantaClara 

Salisbury, Saml H, Clerk Kans SCalSantaClara 

Smith, Clinton C, Clerk 111 SCalSantaClara $1200 
Tripp, Herbert R, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara $1200 
Hlnes, Geo C, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara $1200 
Montgomery, Miss Fanny 3, Clerk Cal SCalSanta 

Clara $1200 
Wuhrmann, Ernest H, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara 

Austin, Reuben H, Clerk Conn SCalSantaClara 

Blakeslee, Geo H, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara $1200 
Brownell, Chas W, Clerk NY SCalSantaClara $1100 
Caldwell, Miss Caroline, Clerk Mo SCalSantaClara 

Castro, August M, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara $1200 
Cooper, Wm, Clerk 111 SCalSantaClara $000 
Durgin, Henry J, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara $1200 
Hughs, Frank L, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara $1200 
Jams, Isador, Clerk Rus SCalSantaClara $600 
Johnson, Clarence F, Clerk Ohio SCalSantaClara 

Jones, Wm 0, Clerk NY SCalSanUaara $1200 
Keesling, Archie Clerk Ind SCalSantaClara $900 
Miller, Geo 1, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara $600 
Murphy, Geo J, Clerk Iowa SCalSantaClara $800 
Nerell, David N, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara $1100 
NercU, Paul T, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara $1000 
Pellicr, Louis A, Clerk Fr SCalSantaClara $1100 
Plent, Theophilus J, Clerk Bohemia SCalSanta 

Clara $1100 
Smith, Miss Georgia A, Clerk Nebr SCalSantaClara 

Tennvson, Julius B, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara 

Trone, Fred L, Clerk Mich SCalSanUClara $1200 
Webster, Herbert W, Clerk Wis SCalSantaClara 

Winans, Claude 0, Clerk 111 SCalSantaClara $000 
Amidon, Chas H, Carrier Cal SCalSantaClara 

Bonney, Wm T, Carrier Me SCalSantaClara $1000 
Brauns, Walter G, Carrier Cal SCalSantaClara $000 
Brown, Frank, Carrier Cal SCalSanUClara $1200 
Burr, John R, Carrier Cal SCalSantaClara $1100 
Clark, Ulvsses S. Carrier Vt SCalSantaClara $1200 
Cline, John W, Carrier Ohio SCalSantaClara $1200 
Cockbum, Geo J, Carrier NY SCalSantaClara $1200 
Derby, Frank C, Carrier NY 34NYChautauqna $1200 
de Wit, Gerhardus Carrier HoU SCalSantaClara 

$1200 I 

Estabrook, Edwd C, Carrier Ohio 190hioTrumbul] 

Ford, Chas C, Carrier 111 SCalSantaClara $1200 
Foss, Elmer E, Carrier Me SCalSantaClara $1000 
Graves, Wilmer L, Carrier Vt SCalSantaClara $900 
Halliday, Jos E, Carrier Iowa SCalSantaClara $1100 
Lake, Wm H, Carrier Cal SCalSantaClara $1200 
Le Clerc, Rene, Carrier Fr SCalSantaClara $1200 
Lenzen, Albert F, Carrier Cal SCalSanUClara $1000 
Lewis, Wm A, Carrier Mo SCalSantaClara $1000 
Lorquin, Wm H, Carrier Cal SCalSantaClara $800 
McClelland, Arthur C, Carrier Nev SCalSantaClara 

Moore, Munroe M, Carrier Cal SCalSantaClara 

Nelson, Sophus 0, Carrier Den SCalSanUClara 

Owsley, Jesse R, Carrier Mo SCalSantaClara $1100 
Richmond Chas T, Carrier Cal SCalSanUClara 

Diner, Gilberts, Carrier 111 SCalSantaClara $600 
Scoiigall Jas B, Carrier 111 SCalSantaClara $1000 
Stolling, Carl M, Carrier Cal SCalSantaClara $1000 
Toor.o, Jas II, Carrier Oreg .'iCalSantaClara $800 
Tuttle, Fred E, Carrier Minn SCalSantaClara $1100 
Brainard, Lucius E. RD NY SCalSantaClara $960 
Hall, Melvel M, RD Cal SCalSanUClara $1000 
Hanson, Geo W, RD NH SCalSanUClara $900 
Hanson, Euecne A, RD Nil .'SCalSantaClara $1000 
Ilaynes, John W, RD Cal SCalSantaClara $1000 
Hoard, Jas. RD Cal SCalSantaClara f960 
Limbers, Albert. RD Pa SCalSantaClara $1000 
Max, Louis C. I!D 111 SCalSantaClara $1000 
San Juan Bautlsta. San nenito: McMichael, Miss Anna 
Cal $790 
Uecan. Wm. RD Cal BCalSanBenito $.i60 
San Juan Caplstrano, Oranee: Janregin. Peter, Cal 

San Leandro, Alameda: Rideout. Chas I, Oreg $1800 
Rideout, Miss Grace M, AsstPM Oreg 3CalAlameda 

Sylva. Miss Madeline, Clerk Cal .ICalAlameda $4.';0 
McWorthv, Edgar L, KD Cal SCalAlameda $960 

San Lorenio, Alameda: Schliieler. H F, Minn $590 
Correa. Jos n. RD Cal aCalAlameda $1000 

San Lucaa, Monterey: Urown, Miss Enie. Cal $470 

I San Lois Obispo, San Luis Obispo: John, Warren M. 
Kans $2600 
Kirby, Geo E, AsstPM Eng SCalSanLuisObispo 
[ $1200 

Await, Albert, Clerk Cal SCalSanLuisObispo $000 
Oiovanotti, Miss Esther, Clerk SCalSanLulsOblsno 

$900 ' 

Gould. Miss Rachacl E, Clerk Cal SCalSanLnis 
Obispo, $600 
, Mast, Glenn E, Clerk Mich SCalSanLulsOblspo 
Montgomery, Paul S, Carrier Pa SCalSanLuisObispo 

Truesdale, Hany A, Carrier Ohio SCalSanLuisObispo 

Si«ley, Chas I,, Carrier Cal 8Cal.SanLuisObispo $600 
Murray. Wm I). RD Cal SCalSanLuisObispo $600 

San Luis Key, San Diego: Wallace, Win L, Cal $200 

San Marcos, San Diego: Nicholson, E L, — $370 
Gailey, John A, RD Mo SCalSanDiego $960 

San Martin. Santa Clara: Miner, J P. Wis $5.50 
.Moonev. Miss Delia, AsstPM 111 .ICalSantaClara $240 
Stau, n C, RD Ger .ICalSantaClara $800 

San Mateo, San Mateo: Byrnes, Thos E, Cal $2400 
Amphlctt, riorace W, AsstPM Cal SCalSanMateo 

Hockabout, ^ar^'ey B, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara $600 
Springer, Jennie A, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara $600 
Williams, John J, Clerk Cal SCalSanMateo $900 
Cherry, lienj F, Carrier SC SCalSanMateo $900 
Gaunt, Herbert, Carrier F:ng SCalSantaClara $900 
Rhull, Merton L, Carrier Wis SCalSantaClara $800 
Smith, Chas J, Carrier Pa 3CalAlameda $600 

San Miguel, San Luis Obispo: Perry, Robt L, Iowa 
$1000 ' 

Perry, Miss Ruth, Clerk Nebr SCalSanLuisObispo $84 

San Pablo, Contra Costa: Bouquet, Miss Helen A, Fr 

San Pedro, Ix)s Angeles: Storer, Saml M, Me $2400 
Davidson, Miss Anna W, AsstPM NS 7CalLosAn. 

gcles $1100 
Alford, Delis C, Clerk Miss 7CalLos.Vngeles $1000 
Craig. Miss Elta B, Clerk Oreg 7CalLos.\jigeles $1100 
Peterson, Miss Helen, Clerk Oreg 7Cal Los Angeles 

Doon.JasS, Carrier Scot 7CalLos.\ngeles $900 
Moelle, Louis A. Carrier Nebr 7CalLosAngeles $900 
Weaver, Harrj- O, Carrier Ohio 7Cal Los Angeles $900 
San Quentln, Marin: Paine. JIrs Lida L, Me $910 
San Rafael, Marin: Taylor. W P, Cal $2500 
O'Brien, Kay F, AsstPM Cal 2CalMarin $1200 
Corti, Lorenzo T, Clerk Cal 2CalMarin $800 
Howe, .Miss Irene V, Clerk Cal 2CalMarin $1000 
Ryan, Miss Antoinette V, Clerk Cal 2CalMarin $1000 
O'Toole, Fred P, Carrier Cal 2CalMarin $1100 
Quigley, Wm T, Carrier Cal 2CalMarin $1100 
Redmond, Jas T, Carrier Cal 2CalMarin $1100 
Skinner, Fred, Carrier Cal 2CalMarin $1000 
San Ramon, Contra Costa: Hurst, H C, Va $230 
San Simeon, San Luis Obispo: Thorndyke, L V jr, Cal 

Santa Ana, Orange: Shaw, Linn L, Iowa $2S0O 
Stedman, Alvirus R, AsstPM Cal SCalOrange $1300 
Alexander, Ja,<i E, Clerk Ind SCalOrange $1100 
Birt. Mrs Ida C. Clerk Ohio SCalOrange $1100 
Ditchey, Ward C, Clerk Ind SCalOrange $600 
Harris. Mrs Verlinda B. Clerk Mo SCalOrange $1100 
Harvey. Leonard F, Clerk NY SCalOrange $1100 
Vogt, Samuel S, Clerk Oreg SCalOrange $1000 
Warren, Martin, Clerk Kans SCalOrange $tiOO 
Glenn, Earl G, Carrier Iowa SCalOrange $1100 
I.angley, C, Carrier Iowa SCalOrange $1100 
Morrison, Wm J, Carrier Cal SCalOrange $800 
Thompson, Elmer F, Carrier Cal SCalOrange $1000 
Thompson. Jos P, Carrier Cal SCalOrange $1000 
Wilson, Clarence H, Carrier Minn SCalOrange $1100 
Winans, John C, Carrier NY SCalOrange $1100 
Elliott, R Earl, RD Mo .SCalOrange $900 
Ilarvev, W'illis R, RD Cal SCalOrange $960 
Johnson, Chas F, RD NC SCalOrange $1000 
Lindsay, Wm J, RD 111 SCalOrange $1000 
Lofland,Chas E, RD 111 SCalOrange $1000 
Temple. Jos W, RD III SCalOrange $1000 
Thom|>son. John P. RD Ohio .SCalOrange $9<V1 
Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara: Hunt, Danl F, Minn 

Hunt, Le Roy, AsstPM Cal SCalSantaBarbara $1S00 
Ashton, lllss Mabel A, Clerk Pa SCalSantaBarbara 

Barnes, Edwin E, Clerk HI 2CalSonoma $1100 
Chase, Miss Eulalie A, Clerk NM SCalSanUBarbara 

Crother, Wm G, Clerk Nebr SCalSanUBarbara 

Clerk Tex 6CalFrcano $1000 
Clerk Colo lColoDen%'er $1100 

Hoit, Mi 

Kirkpatrick. Mrs Ada 

bara $300 
McCaffrey, Edwd F, Clerk Cal 6CalSanUBarbara 

McNeil, Albert L, Clerk Ind SCalSantaBarbara 

O'Meara, Miss Elizabth, Clerk 

Barbara $1100 
Peterson, Chas H jr. Clerk NY — NYNewYork 

Robhins, Phillip A, Clerk Mo SCalSanUBarbara 

Whited, Leon J, Clerk Pa SCalSantaBarbara $1000 
Andnis, Edwin R, Carrier Mich SCalSanUBarbara 

Bnick. Fredk W, Carrier Ohio SCalSanUBarbara 


Laura M, Clerk \Wn OCalSantaBarbara 
Clerk Mich SCalSanUBar- 

Tez SCalSanU 

Santa Barbara— Continued. 

Clodfelter, Ira A, Carrier HI SCalSanUBarbara 

Gourley, Edwin J, Carrier Cal OCalSanUBarbara 

Hayman, Freaa C, Carrier III 6CalSanUBarbara 

Janssens, Adeline A Carrier Cal SCalSanUBarbara 

Klett, Edwd J, Carrier 111 SCalSantaBarbara $1200 
Leslie, Geo G, Carrier Cal SCalSanUBarbara $1200 
Maxfleld, Tnie H, Carrier Cal SCalSantaBarbara 

Scofleld, Burr L, Carrier Vt SCalSantaBarbara $900 
Smith, Junius A, Carrier Iowa SCalSanUBarbara 

Wright, Fred E, Carrier III TCalLosAngeles $1200 
Ferl, August E. RD Cal SCalSanUBarbara $1000 
Schneider, John L, RD NY SCalSanUBarbara 

Ray Leon A, RD Me SCalSanUBarbara $800 
Espinosa, Henry, Uborcr Cal SCalSanUBarbara 

Chapman, Etna 0, Messenger Cal SCalSantaBar- 
bara $S40 
Santa Clara, Santa Clara: Don, Eugene M, Cal $2300 
Billi'TES, Miss Lilian F, AsstPM Cal SCalSanUClara 

Roll, Frank F, Clerk Wis ,'iCalSantaClara $1000 
Sykes, Will L, Clerk Cal SCalSantaClara $600 
Clevenger. Clarence. Carrier Cal .'SCalSantaClara Pm 
Sanders, Chas H, Carrier Kv 20hioHamilton $1000 
Walsh. Matthew J. Carrier Cal .■iTalSanuriara »iflO 
Slavens, Harold H, RD Cal .ICalSantaClara $1000 
MeVav, Cephus, MM III SCalSantaClara $.175 
Santa Cmz, Santa Cnii: Lincoln, Orlando J, Me $2900 
Hall, Henry D. AsstPM Mo OCalSantaCnii $1400 
Bennett, Charles J. Clerk Ark fiCalSantaCnu $1100 
Bennett, Clarence A, Clerk Mioh OCalSanUCruz 

Ellis, Olencairn C, Clerk Minn r.CalSanlaCnu $1000 
Lincoln, Robt O, Clerk Cal fiCalSnnUCmz $1100 
Mueller, Chas R P. Clerk NY r,CalSantaCnii $1000 
Sadler, Don C, Clerk Ark eCalSnntaCrus $600 
Swank, Carrie E, Clerk Cal eCalSantaCrai $1100 
Taylor, John A, Clerk Eng OCnlSanlaCnir, $1100 
Wightman. Paul B, Clerk Eng nralSantaCniz $1100 
Goodwin, Frank A, RD Ind fiCalSantaCnii! $1000 
Ix)wer, .John, UD Cal nCalSantaCru!! $1000 
.\dams. Everett W, Carrier III f.CalSantaCnii $1100. 
Blaisdell, Edgar F, Carrier Cal fiCalSantaCnu $1100 
Blaisdell. Frank L. Cjirrier Cal fiCalSnntarrui $1000 
Buckman, Victor V, Carrier Nebr 6CalSantaCruz 

Ennor, Frank D. Carrier Nev f.CalSantaCrui $1100 
Peakes. WmS, Carrier Me fiCalSantaCruz $1100 
Place. Thos A. Carrier Mich fiCalSantaCniz $1100 
Richardson. Walter L, Carrier Oreg OCalSantaCruz 

Sprinscr, Raymond W, Carrier Mo SCalSantaCruz 
? 100(1 
Santa Fe Springs, I^s Angeles: KoontJi. Win H. — $1S0 
Santa Margarita, San Luis Obispo: Sellers, Oliver 8. 

Ohio $490 
Santa Maria, Santa Barbara: Ketcham, Edwd T. Wis 
Black Wm V, AsstPM Cal SCalSantaBarbara $900 
Danford. Miss Cora E, Clerk Nebr SCalSantaBar- 
bara $soo 
Higgins. Robt V, Clerk Cal SCalSantaBarbara $S00 
Van Order, Geo, RD NT SCalSanUBarbara $1000 
Santa Monica, Los .Vngeles: Vawter, Wm S, Ind $2400 
Tooker, Miss Grace E, AsstPM Kans 7CalLosAngeles 

Baxter, ifiss Florence M, Clerk Cal 7CalLosAngeles 

Carrillo, Ottie, Clerk Cal 7CalLosAngeles $900 
Henry, Jack, Clerk Cal 7CalLosAngeles $900 
Hoffmann, Miss Tillie, Clerk Cal 7CalLosAngeIes 

Batlerson, Sheridan, Carrier Kans 7CalLosAngeles 

Higgs. Edwd. Carrier Can 7CalLosAnEeles $800 
Mitchell. Geo B, Carrier Kans 7CalLosAngeles $100 
Santa Paula, Ventura: Becklev, Clarence III $2000 
Ba«ctt. Miss Nellie M, Clerk 'Towa SCalVentura $600 
Williams. Edwd B )r, RD NY SCalVentura $1000 
Santa Rita, Santa Barbara: Rice, Frank M, Cal $,S0 
Santa Rosa. Sonoma: Tripp. Hiram L. NY $2800 
Pursell. John. AsstPM Cal 2C3l.Sonoma $1300 
Collins. Wm. Clerk Mich 2CalSonoma $1000 
De Bolt. Ralph A. Clerk Iowa 2raISonoma $1100 
Donahue. Miss Minnie J. Clerk Cal 2CalSonoma $1100 
Gillett. Clifton W. Clerk Cal 2CalSonoma $1100 
Lane. Geo N. Clerk Tex SCalSanDiego $11(10 
Luce. Hughbert S. Clerk Cal 2CalSonoma $1000 
Wheeler. Robt B A. Clerk C«l 2CalSonoma $1000 
Butin. Chas J. Carrier Iowa 2CalSonoma $1100 
Conners. Chas F, Carrier Cal 2CalSonoma $1100 
Ekstrom, Herht E, Carrier Cal 2ralSonoma $1100 
Oodman. Jas W. Carrier Mo 2CalSonoma $1100 
Grav. Woodard M, Carrier Tenn 2CalSonoma $1000 
Maxfleld. Blon W, Carrier Cal SCalSanDiego $1000 
Bathurst, Archie. RD Pa 2CalSonoma $1000 
De Bolt. Perrv F. RD III 2CalSonoma $1000 
Favlor, Orson C. RD Cal 2Cal Sonoma $960 
Jenkins. Jas T. RD Oreg 2C,ilSonoma $960 
Koch. Wm n. RD Cal 2ralSonoma $1000 
Seeman. Hans P O. RD Den 20»ISonoma $1000 
Santa Susana. Ventura: Crinklan. Horace J. NY $290 
Santa Tnez, Santa Barbara: Brant, Danl S, Pa $490 
Santa Tsabel. San Diego: Mcintosh, Alex, Cal $190 
Santee. ?in Diego: Holder. Franklin B. Pa $240 
San Tsldro, San Diego; Hamilton, Herbt W, III $280 



Saratoga, Santa Clara: Haun, Geo J, Cal SIOOO 

Oldham, Geo T, BD Cal SCalSantaClara $960 
Sargent, Santa Clara: Hudson, W W, Ga S140 

Regan, M J, RD — SCalSanBemto — 
Satlcoy, Ventura: Wright, WD, NY S500 
Sattley, Sierra: Swigard, Geo M, Cal $240 
Sausalito, Marin: Elliott, Pierce J, Can S2100 
Loriano, MissMabelleA, AsstPM Cal 2CalMaiin S800 
Santos, Manuel, Clerk Cal 2CalMarin S800 
Sawtelle, Los Angeles: Mundell, Walter, Scot $1600 
Taylor, Mrs Myi'tle, AsstPM Ohio TCalLosAngeles 

Eagles, Albert M, Clerk 111 TCalLosAngeles $360 
Sawyeis Bar, Siskiyou; Bryant, Chas B , Mich $390 
Scales, Sierra: Livermore, L J, Me SllO 
Schad, Sacramento: Johnson, Chas, Cal $70 
Scotia, Humboldt: Guyre, OB, Ind $1300 
Mitchell, Percy L, AsstPM Cal — S1020 
Shaimon, Miss Cora B, Clerk Mass — $600 
Scott Bar, Siskiyou: Brady, A, Cal $210 
Seal Garden, Los Angeles: Mclntyre, Mrs Julia A, Pa 

Searles, Kern: Thomas, Henry C, Ohio $180 
Seaside, Monterey: Roberts, John L D, NY $480 
Sea View, Sonoma: Olin, Silas W, NY $140 
Sebastopol, Sonoma: Howell, Louis V H, Cal $2000 
McNutt, Frank X. AsstPM NS — $800 
Zeller, Arthur, Clerk Cal — $600 
Zeller, Frank, Clerk Cal — $600 
Brown, Mrs Eleanor C, BD Wis — $900 
Luger, Ernest, BD Ger — $900 
Siegle, Wm F, RD Ger — $1000 
Wheeler, Alonzo H, BD Nebr — $800 
Secret, Lassen: Tipton, Mrs Martha M, Iowa $30 
Seeley, Imperial: Ferguson, Allen R, WVa $170 
Seiad Valley, Siskiyou: Lowden, Ariel, Cal $107 
Selby, Conti'a Costa: Laumeister, Earl H, Cal $610 
Selma, Fresno: Holmes, Geo W, Ohio $2200 
Hohnes, Ralph H, AsstPM Nebr 6CalFresno $900 
Nvgren, Geo W, Clerk Iowa eCalFresno $600 
Brown, Albert T, RD Mo OCalFresno SIOOO 
Lewis, Blisha P, RD III OCalFresno SIOOO 
Moulthrop, Wallace E, BD Mich — $960 
Orrison, ChasE, RD Nebr OCalFresno SIOOO 
Semitroplc, Kern: Brakebill, Mrs Mary E, 111 $50 
Seneca, Plumas: Faber, Guide H, Wis $190 
Sequoia, Tuolumne: Murrow, Pearl, — $90 
Sesame, Madera: Correll, John H, Iowa $60 
Sespe, Ventura: Phillips, Lee A, Cal $410 
Shandon, San Luis Obispo: Shaw, Chas J, Can $280 
Sharon, Madera: Smellie, Robt S, Scot $130 
Shasta, Shasta: Litsoh, Chas J, Cal $330 
Shasta Springs, Siskiyou: McKinnon, Archibald, PEI 

Shaver, Fresno: Swift, H W, Mich $740 
Shawmut, Tuolumne: RuotE, Fred A, Cal $200 
Sheepranch, Calaveras: Poe, Jas T, Cal $180 
Sheldon, Sacramento: Casey, Arthur B, NY $110 
Shellville, Sonoma: Akers, M P, Mo $220 
Shelter Cove, Humboldt: Notley, Carrie A, NY S60 
Sheridan, Placer: Click, H L, Cal $220 
Sherman, Los Angeles: Bitts, Francis M, Ind SIOOO 
Sherwood, Mendocino: Tolkmeton, Grace, Can $760 
Shingle, Eldorado: Harvey, Will H, Cal $250 
Shingletown, Shasta: Smith, Jas E, Cal $240 
Rhively, Humboldt: Morgan, Bertram F, Cal $430 
Shumway, Lassen: Long, John C, Cal S30 
Sierra City, Sierra: Champion, Joel, Eng $580 
Champion, Miss Eveline, AsstPM Eng ICalSierra 

Champion, John, AsstPM Cal ICalSierra $50 
Sierra Madre, Los Angeles: Yerxa, Cabot A, NDak 
Olsen, Miss Elida, Clerk Mass 7CalLosAngeles $325 
SlerravUle, Sierra: Cunningham, Mrs Hattie E, Me 
Cunnuigham, Miss Gladys L, Clerk Cal ICalSierra 
Sllsbee, Imperial: Campbell, Geo L, Oreg $210 
Silver Lake, San Bernardino: Brauer, Gustaye, Ger 

Siml, Ventura: Printz, Mrs R A, Ohio $550 
Simmler, San Luis Obispo: King, J B, Cal $90 
Simons, Los Angeles: Malone, Walter F, Pa $300 
Sisson, Siskiyou: Metcalf, Saml W, Ohio S1600 

Metcalf, Claude C. AsstPM Cal ICalSiskiyou $900 
Sites, Colusa: Woodard, Wm W, Cal $230 
Skaggs, Sonoma: Curtis, Peter J , Cal $370 
Skidoo, Inyo: Davis, Albert L, Idaho $430 
Skyland Height, San Bernardino: Newton, Mrs Louise, 

Ohio $380 
Slatlngton, Eldorado: McGraw, Jas, Cal $180 
Smartville, Yuba: Beatty, Robt, Cal $510 
Smlthflat, Eldorado: Fossati, Nicola, It SI50 
Smith River, Del Norte: Vincent, Frank V, — $460 
SneUlng. Merced: Sampson, Scott M, Cal $430 
Snowden, Siskiyou: Grant, Emma, — $180 
Soboyame, San Diego: Spalsbury, Ross L, — $30 
Soldiers Home, Los Angeles: Dills, Geo A, 111 $1300 
Bowerman, Nelson, AsstPM Can — $480 
Hurlbut, Henry A, Clerk Wis — $280 
Soledad, Monterey: Schumann, Hugo J, Minn $1000 
Schumann, Mrs Sada D, AsstPM Vt 6CalMonterey 

Boswell, Wm G, RD Mo OCalMonterey $1000 
Somesbar, Siskiyou: Frame, Saml R, Ariz $110 
Somls, Ventura: Bell, Bobt, Ohio $340 
Sonoma, Sonoma: Cheney, John M, 111 $1600 
Revie, Miss Arvilla, AsstPM Cal 2CaI Sonoma $540 
Revie, Archie, Clerk Cal 2CalSonoma $480 
Guyot, Edwd G, RD 111 2CalSonoma $960 
Wade, Albert F, BD Cal 2CalSonoma $960 
Sonora, Tuolumne: Ortega, Crispin C, Cal $2000 
Ortega, Miss Catherine Emily, AsstPM Cal ICal 

Tuolumne $600 
Young, Miss Eunice L, Clerk Utah ICalTuolumne 

Soquel, Santa Cruz: Sohellenger, Mary L, Cal $790 
Soulsbyvllle, Tuolumne: Jones, Mrs. Bessie S, Cal $400 
South Dos Palos, Merced: Saling, Henry, Cal S390 
South San Francisco, San Mateo: Cunningham, E E, 
Mo $1500 
Curmingham, F A, AsstPM Nebr 5CalSanMateo $240 
Spa, Tulare: Travis, Beverly E, 111 SlOO 
Spadra, Los Angeles: Shumate, Frank, Mo $170 
Spanish Ranch, Plumas: Komadi, Wm, Ger $80 
SpencevUle, Nevada: Anderson, August, Sw $180 
Spoonville, Lassen: Miller, Mrs M A, Vt $80 
Spreckels, Monterey: Belmour, Louis P, NY SIOOO 
Spring Garden, Plumas: Pratt, Melvin L, 111 $220 
Springs, Ventura: White, W P, NY $240 
Spring Valley, San Diego: Gillespie, Mrs Nellie B, Wis 

Springville, Tulare: Grays, Walter S, Minn $510 
Squawvalley, Fresno: Ockenden, Wm, Eng S130 
Stagg, San Bernardino: Reed, Mrs Lena E, Me $480 
Standard, Tuolumne: Dowe, Clark S, Wis $440 
Standlsh, Lassen: Perry, Mrs Elizabeth E, Cal S350 
Stanford University, Santa Clara: Thompson, Miss 
Helen C, Cal $2000 „ ,„ ^ 

Thompson, Miss Belle H, AsstPM Cal 5CalSanta 

Clara $800 
Wooster, Miss Margaret H, Clerk Cal SCalSanta 
Clara $800 
Stanwood, Butte: Thompson, Glenfield, Cal $60 
State Une, Eldorado: Hill, Arthur M, Cal S290 
Staufler, Ventura: Russell, Geo G jr, Cal $80 
Steeleswamp, Modoc: Spicer, Albert F, Cal $5 
Stege, Contra Costa: Johnston, Wm H, Cal $510 

Petersen, P C, Clerk Cal 3CalContraCosta $900 
Stent, Tuolumne: Jacobs, Adolph A, — $330 
Stevenson, Merced: Joy, Wm H, Cal $560 
Stewarts Point, Sonoma: Richardson, A H, Cal S^OO 
Stirling City, Butte: Nash, Henry W, Cal $1100 
Storey, Alfred J, AsstPM Cal 2CalButte $120 
Stobie, Modoc: Howell, Lewis C, — — 
Stockton, San Joaquin: Ellis, Frank E, Cal $330 
Bricker, Lorin H, AsstPM Ohio eCalSanJoaqui: 

$1600 „ ,„ r 

Davidson, Hewit A, Clerk Kans 6 CalSanJoaqui: 

Eaton, Revilla S, Clerk Minn eCalSanJoaqum 

Ellsworth, Miss Myra A, Clerk Cal aCalSanJoaqu: 

Farnsworth, John E, Clerk Cal 6CalSanJoaquin 

$1200 „ ,„ , 

Farnsworth, Junius F, Clerk Cal OCalSanJoaqum 

Foster, Edwin M, Clerk Me 6CalSanJoaquin $1000 
Hawley, Earle B, Clerk Cal OCalSanJoaquin $900 
Kennedy, John B Clerk Cal OCalSanJoaquin $800 
Kynaston, Robt K, Clerk Eng eCalSanJoaquin 

Langan, Andw S, Clerk NDak OCalSanJoaqum $100 
Leeke, Fred L, Clerk Cal 6CalSanJoaquin $800 
McGourty, Francis T, Clerk Cal OCalSanJoaquin 

Morgan, Miss Ruth E, Clerk Cal 6CalSanJoaqum 

Olsen, Miss Eleanora C, Clerk Cal GCalSanJoaqum 

Peri, Jos M, Clerk Cal 6CalSanJoaquin $1200 
Pilger, Geo A, Clerk 111 GCalSanJoaquln $1100 
Schofleld, Francis H, Clerk Mich OCalSanJoaqum 

$1000 . „ 

Williams, Cecil A, Clerk Cal eCalSanJoaqum $600 
Williamson, J Emory, Clerk Wis eCalSanJoaquin 

Wyman, Bernice A, Clerk NY GCalSanJoaqum 

Blain, Alonzo W, Carrier Cal eCalSanJoaqum 

Belknap, Chester W, Carrier Cal eCalSanJoaqum 

Broderick, Fredk, Carrier Ga eCalSanJoaqmn 

Burgess, Philip H, Carrier Mass eCalSanJoaqum 

Buthenuth, Albert L, Carrier Cal eCalSanJoaqum 

Camp, Clarence E, Carrier Vt eCalSanJoaqum 

Dodds, Chas F, Carrier Mo eCalSanJoaquin $1100 
Earl, John, Carrier Mich eCalSanJoaquin $1200 
Elder, Jefferson D, Carrier Tenn eCalSanJoaquin 

Griffiths, Morgan, Carrier Wales eCalSanJoaqum 

Hall, Henry M, Carrier Cal eCalSanJoaqum $1000 
Hampton, Argyle J, Carrier Cal eCalSanJoaquin 

Jackson, Walter T, Carrier 111 eCalSanJoaquin $800 
McAlmond, Chas P, Carrier Cal eCalSanJoaquin 

Miller, Arthur B, Carrier Cal eCalSanJoaquin 

Pease, Chas H, Carrier Wis GCalSanJoaqum $1100 
Richards, Alfred G, Carrier Ohio eCalSanJoaquin 

Thomas, Wm A, Carrier Ky GCalSanJoaquln $1000 
Weber, Albert J, Carrier Cal GCalSanJoaquln $600 
Bearce, Isaac, RD Me eCalSanJoaquin $1000 
Darrow, Leslie L, RD Cal GCalSanJoaquln $1000 
Davidson, Chas H, RD Cal GCalSanJoaquln $1000 
Fairchild, Chas C, RD Cal eCalSanJoaquin $1000 
Fairohlld, Mrs Mamie J, RD Cal GCalSanJoaquln 

Thorp, John B, RD Tex eCalSanJoaquin $1000 
Stone Canon, Monterey: Horswill, F A, Cal $180 
Stonyford, Colusa: Burrows, Orlando A, Oreg $280 
Stratford, Kings: Merrill, Mjs Jennie, Iowa $450 
Strathmore, Tulare: Browning, W D, Ky $360 

Straw, Modoc: Loveless, J V, Ind $20 
Strawberry Valley, Yuba: Prindle, Chas T, NY $110 
Success, Tulare: Wilson, Mrs Adelaide M, Pa $110 
Sudden, Santa Barbara: Benamati, Frank, It $50 
Sugar Pine, Madera: Smith, Jos W, Ky $720 
Suisun City, Solano: Woods, Warren A, Cal $1800 
Mackey, Miss Leatha W, Clerk Cal — $300 
Mason, Miss Virginia, Clerk Mo — $300 
Barlow, Oscar E, RD Kans — $1000 
Mayfleld, Wm A, SR Cal — $1800 
Sulphur Creek, Colusa: Jones, Tilden, Iowa $130 
Sultana, Tulare: Hooper, T R, 111 $340 
Summerland, Santa Barbara: Snow, Mrs Nettie Baker, 

Iowa S310 
Sunland, Los Angeles: Nance, Wm H, Cal $340 
Sunnyside, San Diego: Darnall, Geo M, 111 $140 
Sunnyvale, Santa Clara: Cornell, Fred E, Wis $1500 
Magiimis, Mae, Clerk Wis SCalSantaClara $550 
Hooper, Wm K, RD Cal SCalSantaClara $960 
Sunolglen, Alameda: Freeman, Mrs Kate A, Cal $530 
Sunset Beach, Orange: Armitage, Jessie A, — $90 
Sunset City, Sutter: Barker, Chas E, Mass $80 
Sur, Monterey: Hoge, Horace M, Ark $130 
Surf, Santa Barbara: Danneburg, Robt, NJ $360 
Surrey, Los Angeles: Bercaw, Ora W, Ohio $840 
SusanvlUe, Lassen: Baugham, Frank H, Cal $1500 
Baugham, Mrs E Lilian, AsstPM Cal ICalLassen $180 
Baugham, Miss Camilla, Clerk Cal ICalLassen $60 
Clark, Ivor B, Clerk Cal ICalLassen $600 
Sutter, Sutter: McLean, Duncan J, PEI $430 
Sutter Creek, Amador: Payne, Frank J, Cal $1300 

Daneri, Miss Edith, AsstPM Cal iCalAmador $120 
Swanton, Santa Cruz: Mattel, Mrs Theresa, Switz $290 
Sycamore, Colusa: Spect, Minnie, Cal $130 
Sylvana, San Diego: Belshe, Wm G, Cal $260 
Sylvandale, Mendocino: Weirick, Miss Nellie G, Ohio 

Table Rock, Sierra: Walls, John K, Vt $250 
Taft, Kern: Seybolt, Geo E, Nebr $2300 
Robinson, Miss Mabel V, AsstPM Tex SCalKern $800 
Landwehr, Miss Lottie, Clerk 111 SCalKern $600 
Pratt, Miss Emily R, Clerk Cal SCalKern $600 
Tahoe, Placer: Rother, A J, Ger $1000 

Fogarty, Mrs M, AsstPM Iowa ICalPlacer $50 
Tallac, Eldorado: Comstock, Harry O, Nev $640 
Tall House, Fresno: Yancey, Max H, — $2S0 
Talmage, Mendocino: Milne, Mrs Mary J, Cal $420 
Tamalpais, Marin: Gilliland, Jos D, Mo $500 
Tancred, Yolo: Kingsbury, Airs Alice M, Cal $130 
Tarpey, Fresno: Taxpey, A B, Cal $90 
Tassajara, Contra Costa: Souza, Miss Addie, Cal $100 
Taylor, Shasta: Baker, John E, Iowa $130 
Taylorsville, Plumas: Young, M C, Cal $390 
Tecnor, Siskiyou: Lyons, Mrs Margaret, Mo $130 
Tecopa, Inyo: Murphy, Thos C, — $150 
Tehachapi, Kern: McFarlane, Peter J, Can $1100 
Tehama, Tehama: Huson, Kate, Cal S590 
Temecula, Riverside: Welty, Miss Hatty A, Cal $400 
Templeton, San Luis Obispo: Carr, Mrs Maria, NY $640 
Teralta, San Diego: Ferris, Thos B, Miss $420 
Terminal, Los Angeles: Kiff, Frank O, Pa $740 
Termtnous, San Joaquin: Stabell, Louis, — $80 
Termo, Lassen: Welch, Edmund F, Ohio $200 
Terra Bella, Tulare: LaBee, W H, — $470 
Tesla, Alameda: Linden, Otto S, Sw $250 
Thalhelm, Stanislaus: Volkmann, F D, Ger $200 
Thebe, Inyo: Smith, James P, — $210 
The Geysers, Sonoma: Curry, R H, Cal S230 
Thermal, Riverside: Nichols, Saml D, Utah $390 

Groce, J B, RD Miim 6CalRiverside $1000 
Thermalito, Butte: Burgess, G W, Mass $230 
Thomasson, Solano: Tuttle, C W, Ohio $140 
Thom, Humboldt: Cruickshanks, W T, NS $40 
Thornton, San Joaquin: Thornton, Arthur, — $240 
ThraU, Siskiyou: Newton, C P, — $260 
Threerivers, Tulare: Britten, Noel, Wis $330 
Britten, Mrs Nellie, Clerk Iowa SCalTulare $60 
Blossom, Ira, Carrier NY SCalTulare $350 
Hawkins, Ira, Carrier Cal SCalTulare S720 
Street, Thos A, Carrier Nev SCalTulare $900 
Throop, Sonoma: Smith, Mrs Viola C, Cal $30 
Tiburon, Marin: Carpenter, J L, NJ — 
Tilben, Butte: Swayne, Warren H, Cal $300 
Tipton, Tulare: Evans, H N, Cal $340 
Tobin, San Mateo: Donahoo, F L, Iowa $190 
Tocaloma, Marin: Bertrand, Jos F, Fr $160 
Tomales, Marin: Dickinson, Mrs Zilla L, Cal $580 
Topanga, Los Angeles: Taylor, Geo, Eng $180 
Topaz, Mono: Rickey, C W, Cal $190 
Torquay, San Mateo: Bowen, Fred C, NY — 
Towle, Placer: Thomas, John, Wales $500 i 

Tracy, San Joaquin: Frerichs, Geo L, Cal $1600 
Frerichs, Miss Adella B, Clerk Cal eCalSanJoaquin 
Tranquillity, Fresno: Woodhouse, Arche G, Cal $290 
Traver, Tulare: Buchanan, A M, Rl $230 
Trenton, Sonoma: Entzminger, Mrs Sophie A, Cal 

TresPinos, San Benito: Black, Geo W, Cal $460 
Trimmer, Fresno: Maxson, Mrs Mary S, Pa $160 
Trinidad, Humboldt: Scott, Mrs Emma, Mo $340 
Trinlti, Sonoma: Frazier, Mrs Lida, Pa $50 
Trinity Center, Trmity: Crocker, Mrs Carrie P, Cal 

Troplco, Los Angeles: Bullls, Luella M, Minn $850 
Truckee, Nevada: Rutherford, Mrs Mary S, Conn $1600 
Rutherford, F M, AsstPM Cal ICalNevada $60 
Oeker, Miss Lois, Clerk Cal ICalNevada $480 
Tudor,' Sutter: Bruce, Edward, — $240 
Tulare, Tulare: Ratliil, Wm P, Iowa $2400 
Ratlifl, Mrs Alice, AsstPM Cal SCalTulare $900 
Ganse,EricV, Clerk Rl SCalTulare $600 
Hopkins, Fred M, Clerk Nebr SCalTulare $800 
Swyers, Monroe L, Clerk Mo SCalTulare $900 
Carpenter, Chas, RD Cal SCalTulare $1000 
Hodges, Carl F, BD Nev SCalTulare $1000 



Tumco, Imperial: Curtis, JnoN, — tS20 
Tuolnmne, Tuolumne: Ouraey.WT, Cal IISOO 

Ourney, Mrs Belio, Clerk Can ICalToulumno t240 
Turlock, Stanislaus: Brown, Jno L, NY $2200 
Wall, Lestor F, AsstPM Kans fiCalStanislaus $700 
Ilrown, Walter M, Clerk Cal fiCal Stanislaus »6no 
Freeman, Miss Bprtha, Clerk Cal (iCal Stanislaus J300 
Doty, Clois E, RD Ohio f.CalStanislaus $1000 
Erickson, Knoch T, KD Minn r.Cal Stanislaus llmo 
Strother, \Vm C, RD NC liCalSlanislaus $1000 
Tuscan, Tehama: Wallridge, E B, Wis $200 
Tustln, Orange: Turner, A D, Mo $840 
Tuttletown, Tuolumne: Gross, Miss Mary, Cal $100 
Twain, Plumas: Porter, H G, Ohio $140 
Tyler, Nevada: Morean, Jas L, Cal $80 
Uklab, Mendocino: CauRhey, F L, Can $2200 
Handy, P W. AsstPM Cal 2CalMendocino $900 
Packer, Mrs Ilazel H, Clerk Cal 2Cal Mendocino 

IIlEhtower, Jno O, RD III 2CalMendocino $1000 
TTnlon, San Luis Oliispo: Kelly, Mrs Mary, NY $90 
ITno, Eldorado: Famsworth, Mrs S E, III $80 
Upland, San Bernardino: Haydon, Geo B, Ohio $2200 
Morlcy, Miss Flora, AsstPM Eng SCalSan Bernar- 
dino $800 
Williams, Glenn R, Clerk Iowa SCalSan Bernar- 
dino $900 
Perkin.ChasJ, RD Cal SCalSan Bernardino $1000 
Upper Lake, Lake; Robinson. Jessie H, Cal $770 
Upper Mattole, Humboldt: Koscoe, L H, Cal $140 
Urban, Eldorado: Urban, Fred G L. Cal $140 
Vacation, Sonoma: Onopius Lewis C. HoU $330 
Vacartlle, Solano: Wooderson, Geo F, Me $2000 
Winter, Robt R, AsstPM Mass 3CalSolano $900 
Foutz, Mrs Olive, Clerk Mo SCalSolano $000 
Robinson, Grant T, RD Cal 3CalSolano $1000 
Vallejo. Solano: Ponnvoook, W D, Cal $2800 
Cassady, RL, AsstPM Cal 3CalSolano $1400 
CavanaRh, Leol. Clerk Cal 3CalSolano $1000 
Drury, F\V, Clerk Cal 3CalSolano $800 
Holmes, H H, Clerk 111 3CalSolano $1100 
McGill,A, Clerk Cal SCalSolano $1100 
Murphy, Miss Irene I, Clerk Cal 3CalSolano $900 
Peterson, A G, Clerk Tex SCalSolano JOOO 
Spencer, P L, Clerk III 3CalSolano $1100 
Alvord, H D, Carrier 111 SCalSolano $1100 
Ashivell, C I, Carrier Cal 3CalSolano $Hno 
Cassady, CK, Carrier Cal 3CalSolano $1100 
Mallett, LC, Carrier Cal SCalSolano $1100 
Phelan.JP, Carrier Wis 3CalSolano $1000 
Spencer, EE, Carrier 111 SCalSolano $1100 
\Vard, A, Carrier Ind SCalSolano $800 
Yeoman, W B. Carrier 111 SCalSolano $S00 
Valleton, Monterey: Jessup, Mrs S J, Iowa $170 
Valley Center, San Diego: Shelby, Mrs Clara M, 111 

$2 SO 
Valley Ford, Sonoma: LeBaron, C A, Cal $380 
Valley Springs, Calaveras: Lillie, Miss Louisa J, Cal 

Valllclta, Calaveras: Brockway, Mrs Hattie E, NY 

Valyermo, Los Angeles: Brubaker, SamI J, Iowa $1S0 
Vantrent, Placer: Stull, Wm A, Pa $20 
Varaln, Mariposa: Varain, John B, Cal $190 
Venado, Colusa: Schuckman, Frank J, Cal $70 
Venice, Los Angeles: Westfall, Mrs Calla J, Ohio $2(1(10 
Yamell, Miss Lennie, AsstPM Kans 7Ca!LosAn- 
gelos $700 
Ventura, Ventura: Reese, David Jno. Nev $2400 
Reese, Geo L, AsstPM Nev SCalVentura $1100 
Ramirez. Miss Theresa. Clerk Cal SCalVentura $1000 
Rodriguez, Miss Eva Clerk Cal SCalVentura $800 
Elwell, Frank R, KD Cal SCalVentura $900 
King, Oliver P, RD Ind SCalVentura $1000 
Vemalis, San Joaquin: Walter, Jno 11, Cal $270 
Verona, Sutter: Bums, Jno. NY $150 
Veterans Home, Napa; Brown. Albert Pa $900 

Hinckley. Mrs Carrie P, Clerk Cal — $180 
Vichy Springs, Mendocino; Redemevcr, Jno, Cal $50 
VlctorvUle, San Bernardino: Talmadge, Frank L, Cal 

Vidal, San Bernardino: Brownell H A R, NY $80 
Vina, Tehama: Tarter, Robt L, Cal $070 
Vlneburg, Sonoma: Rubke, Grover C, Cal $330 
Vineyard, San Diego: O'Kelly, Frank C, Mo $40 
Vinton, Plumas; Canonica, Robt N, — $100 
Viola, Shasta: Loomis, Mrs Estella M. Nev $100 
Virner, Eldorado; Balderston, Jno, Eng $,S0 
VIsalla, Tulare: Lamberson. Elbert S, Wis $2700 
Dinelev, Harry 0, AsstPM Cal SCalTulare $1300 
Beal, frank C, Clerk Ohio SCalTulare $1000 
Rcid. William E. Clerk Kans SCalTulare $1100 
Spalding, Harry M. Clerk Mich SCalTulare $1000 
Brown. Robt R, Carrier Cal SCalTulare $1000 
Downing, Edmund K. Carrier Cal SCalTulare $000 
Wright, Jas E, Carrier 111 2NebrDouglas $1100 
Demaree, Jno H, RD Ind SCalTulare $960 
Grimn, AsaT, RD Mo SCalTulare $1000 
Malloch, Donald, RD Scot SCalTulare $1000 
Visltadon, San Mateo: Allemard, Elie, Fr $40 
Vista, San Diego; Hindle. Norman W, Eng $380 
Vista Grande, San Mateo; Johnson. Ellis C. Pa $580 
Volcano, Amador: Delucchi. Miss Mary, Cal $290 
Volta, Merced: Menjoulet, Mrs Mary T, Cal $280 
Vontrigger, San Bernardino: Cotter, Wm. Ire $120 
Vorden, Sacramento: de Back, Paul G, Holl $520 
Waddlngton, Humboldt: Waddington, Martin T, — 

Wahtoke, Fresno: Kern, Chas B, Pa $80 
Wakefield, Del Norte: Wakefield, Wm I-, — $130 
Waldo, Yuba: Ross. Mrs Maude O, NY $120 
Walker, Siskiyou; Uegler, Thos C, Ohio $140 
Wallace, Calaveras; Dixon. R S, Eng $240 
Walnut, Los Angeles; Carrey, Justin, Fr $270 
Walnut Creek, Contra Costa: Ford, Mrs Ellen, Can 

Walnnt Grove, Sacramento: Lord, Mrs Clara B, Cal 

Walsh Station, Sacramento: Jones, Geo F, Cal $240 
Wlnamlna, Shasta: Woodard, Marvin W, Wis $10 
Warmsprlngs, Alameda: Steinraetr., Jacob, Oer $2.'i0 
Warner Springs, San Diego: Sandford, Frederic S, NJ 

$2! Id 
Wasco, Kern: Green, John T, Cal $1000 

lleikwilh, Ward li. Clerk Cal SCalKern $40 
Washington. Nevada: Rogers. Wm H, Cal $370 
Wasloja. Santa Barbara: Richardson, Mrs Margaret. 

Mu $10 
Waterford, Stanislaus: Hennemulh, John L, Pa $4.'j*i 
Waterman, Amador: Marchant, John, Eng $500 
WatsonvlUe, Santa Cruz: Wright, Thos M, Cal $2600 
Buckhart, Wm A, AsstPM Kans 6CalSanlaCr(]z 

Brandon, Frank, Clerk Cal OCalSanlaCruz $1100 
Judd, Hugh W, Clerk Cal OCalSantaCruz $1000 
Osborn, MissEva B, Clerk Cal (ICalSantaCruz $ll(i(> 
Brldgewater, Harry, Carrier Cal oCalSantaCruz 

Perry, Orrin H, Carrier Cal OCalSantaCruz $tW0 
Schuchard,Otto A, Carrier 111 OCalSantaCruz $l(H«i 
Wilson, Saml P, Carrier Mo OCalSantaCruz SHOO 
Bradley, Eugene L, RD Cal GCalSantaCruz $l(i(i() 
Cox, Jas E, RD Mich OCalSantaCruz $1000 
Mansfield, T Llewellyn, RD Cal GCalSantaCruz 

Peckham, Chas E, RD Cal OCalSantaCruz $1000 
Tralton.ChasU, RD Cal OCalSantaCruz $1000 
Watts, Los Angeles: Kellogg, Wm M, Pa $950 
Waukena, Tulare: Elliott, Miss Hattie, Tex $270 
Wawena, Mariposa: Washburn, John S, Vt i.iOfl 
Weavervllle. Trinitv: Paulsen, Albt L, Cal $1400 
Young, Van B, AsstPM Cal ICalTrinilv $240 
Goodyear, Miss Irma, Clerk Cal ICalTrinity $240 
Weed, Siskivou: Wentner. Geo W, Cal $1700 

Petersen. Selma A. Clerk Wis ICnlSiskiyou $540 
Weimar. Placer: Toler, John H, Eng $120 
Weitcbpec, TlumboUit: Nix, ThosJ, III $120 
Weldon, Kern: Lieb, E P. Cal $101 
Wendling. Mendocino: Sherman,. \ugustusB, Me $410 
Wengler, Shasta: Vaughn, Mrs Minnie W, Cal $150 
West Butte, Sutter: Tarke, Louis, — $1.30 
Westgate, Los Angeles; Hill, John M, Ohio $750 
Westley, Stanislaus: Carev, W G, Cal $310 
Westminster, (^irange; Abbott. Geo C, Iowa $320 
Westmoreland. Imperial: Wellcome, Geo T, Wis $50 
Westpolnt. Calaveras: Wilson. T A, Pa $410 
Westport, Mendocino: Bates, Merrick M, Mass $440 
West Satlcoy, Ventura: Snell, W E, NH $140 
WestvlUe, Placer: Dodds, Jas G, Cal $150 
Wheatland. Yuba; Johnson, John M, Tex SHOO 

Johnson. Mrs Hattie S, AsstPM Cal 2CalYuba .?lv() 
WheatvlUe. Fresno; Francis, Geo A, Cal $100 
Whltehouse, Shasta: Johnson, Jesse S, Minn $120 
White River, Tulare: Barnard, John E, Ind $200 
Whitmore. Shasta: Sheridan, Mary, Mo $260 
Whlttier, Los Angeles; Baldwin, Civde F, Iowa S24(HI 
Lester, Karl, A.sstPM Ind 7CalLosAngeles $1200 
Chaney, Melvin L, Clerk Ind 7CalLosAngeles $11(M) 
Jessup', Miss Ada, Clerk Iowa 7CalLosAngeles S10()(t 
Malott, Arthur B, Clerk Ind 7CalLosAngeles »l(Ki(i 
Moore, Clarence E, RD Iowa 7CalLosAngele3 SKXMI 
Willard, Harry A, RD Wis 7CalLosAngeles $9(<l 
Braucht, Wm, Carrier Nebr VCalLosAngeles $900 
Richards, Alva, Carrier Ohio "CalLosAngeles S9(Ki 
Semans, John L. Carrier Ind 7CalLos.\ngeles S9(H( 
WUbur Springs, Colusa: Cuthbert. J W. Austr $2'<0 
Wlldomar, Riverside; Matthews. Abraham, NY $150 
Williams, Colusa: Anthony, Mrs Sarah B, Iowa $10(10 
Coals, Mrs Glenora A, .\sstPM Cal 2CalColusa $30 
Schaad, C L. Clerk Cal 2CalColusn $.30 
Wmits, Mendocino; Wells, E H, III $1700 
Leak, Mrs Lillie D, AsstPM 111 2CalMendocino $.3m 
Wilkie, Mrs Olive B, Clerk Cal 2Cal Mendocino S240 
WiUow, Glenn: West. John J. Cal $2,300 
West. Miss Ella. AsstPM Mo 2CaI0lenn $700 
Wren. Mrs Esther. Clerk Cal 2CalGlenn $600 
I'iige, KH, Clerk Vt 2CalOlenn $fO0 
Wlllowbrook. LosAngeles: Brownstein. Wm.Russ $310 
Wlllowranch. Modoc; Stribling. Clara D. Cal $170 
Willow Springs. Kern; Ilamillon. Ezra M. Ill $120 
Wilmington, l.os Angeles: Hannawav. Harry E, Cal 


Winchester. Riverside: Blackmorc. Chas, HI $.300 
Windsor. Sonoma; Simmons. C E. Ind $5S0 

BjTn, Geo M, RD Cal 2CalSonoma $900 
Winehaven, Contra Costa: Loop, Frank B, Mich $320 
WinevlUe, Riverside: Nettle, R C, Mo $270 
Wlnslow, Glenn: Sale. Jas S. Mo $100 
Winters. Yolo: Hemenway, F C, III $1600 
WvatI , Miss Lulu M, AsstPM Cal — $550 
Marshall, A L. RD Cal DC $1000 
Winthrop, Shasta: Ha.sselherger, John H, Md ?2.'iU 
Witch Creek, San Diego: Wood, Jas. Scot $120 
Witter, Lake: Matheson. Wm A, Can $110 
Wolf, Nevada: Sweet. John. — $110 
Woodbrldge, San Joaquin: Rutledge, Robt C, Cal 

Woodfords. Alpine: Merrill. Mrs Mary, Oreg $140 
Woodlake, Tulare: Smith, R F, Cal $220 
Woodland, Yolo: Dungnn. Jesse XI. — $2400 
Coil, Herbert B, Asst PM Cal 2C:ilYolo $1000 
Armstrong, Dean, Clerk Mo 2CalYolo $1( (X) 
Draeger, Miss Eugenia E, Clerk Cal 2CalVolo 

Armstrong, Joseph, Carrier Mo 2CalYoIo $1200 
Dawson, Ernest L, Carrier NC 2CalYolo $1000 
Longrus, James. Carrier Cal 2CalYolo $1000 
Eddy, Fmnk, RD Minn 2CalYolo $1000 
Lewis. Henry J RD Ind aCalVolo $1000 
Rledelbauch. Philip RD III 2CaIYoIo $1000 
Woodleaf, Yuba; Falek. Chas L. Cal $240 
Woodslde. San Mateo: Jenkins, Henry, Eng $310 

Woodward, San Joaquin: Woodward, Orvllle Y, 111 

Woody, Kern; Lewis, Mrs Mary H, Cal $130 
Wrights, Santa Clara; Squire, Chas H, NY $780 
Hannaford, Geo E, RD Cal SCalSantaClara $960 
Ingraham, Hiram D, Clerk. Mo 5CalSantaClara $48 
Wyandotte, Butte; Mansfield, Mrs H F, Cal $100 
Wynola, San Diego; Ford, Chas Y, III $130 
Yager, Humboldt: Hinckley, Rodolphus, NY $40 
Yam, Merced: Logiie. Harry A, Mo $110 
Yankee Hill. Butte: Lunt, "Miss Edwina M, Cal $150 
Yankee Jims, Placer: McColIam, Mrs Flora A, Cal $90 
Ydalpom, Shasta: Miles, Mrs E, Iowa $150 
Yermo, San Bernardino: McCormick, Bruce, Ind $.390 
Yettem, Tulare: Hamalian, Jacob H, Turk $150 
Yolo, Yolo: Borach, Bernard, Fr $490 
YorkTllle, Mendocino; Hiatt, C M, Cal $220 
Yosemite, Mariposa; Salter. Nelson L, Cal $1000 
Falla, Miss Estella, AsstPM Cal 2CalMariposa $60 
Allen, Miss Daisy, Clerk Cal 2CalMariposa $480 
Tountyllle, Napa: Ferguson, Walter, Tenn $640 

Johnson, C \V, RD Cal 2CalNapa $1000 
Yreka, Siskiyou: Nixon, Robt J, Cal $1900 
Hawkins, Miss Nellie, AsstPM Cal ICalSiskiyou 
Yuba City, Sutter: Meyers, Harry E, Ind $1000 
Hook, Henry D, Clerk Cal 2CalSutter $540 
Burch, Frank B, RD Cal 2CalSutter $1000 
Knight, Geo W, RD 111 2CalSutter $1000 
Yucaipa, San Bernardino: Boyd, Edwd McF', Pa $390 
Zabriskle, Inyo; Fraser, Hugh, Scot r30 
Zenia, Trinity: Ledgewood, Saml E, Ind $1.30 


Abbey. Pueblo: Moyer, Edwd D, Kans $30 
Abbott, Washington: Whilaker, Herbert, Mo $80 
Adena, Morgan: Hawthorne, W Car!, Mo $80 
Agate, Elbert: Ginger, Mrs Edna M, Pa $.360 
Agullar, Las Animas; Pearl, Mrs Fannie, Can $1200 

Pearl. Miss Anita, AsstPM Cal 2ColoLasAnlmas 
Akron, Washington: Clark, Mrs Mary A, Ind $1600 

Ball, Eugene E, AsstPM Kans ICoIoWashington 

Deck, Frank N, Clerk Colo ICoIoWashington $240 
Alamosa, Conejos: McDonald, Jas A, Mass $2,300 

Webster, Mrs Mary A, AsstPM Mo 2ColoConejos 

Jones, Miss Cora L, Clerk Iowa 2Colo Conejos $800 

Doughty, Chas H. Clerk Kans 2ColoConeios $600 

McNair, Geo R RD Tex 2ColoConejos $1000 

Seaberg. Oscar .\, RD Colo 2ColoConejos $1000 
Albano, El Paso: Weissenflat, Carl K, Mo $90 
Alder, Saguache: Drott, John H, Kv $70 
Alfalfa, Las Animas: Gonzales, Edwd, NMcx $30 
Alice, Clear Creek: Harper, Mrs Emma J, Wis $380 
Allenspark, Boulder: Pheifcr, Geo, Pa $1000 
Allison, La Plata: Peerman, Wm D, Ind $40 
Alma, Park; Mowahan, Jas, Mich $,5'S0 

Lindell, Oscar'M, Clerk Colo ICoIoPark $480 
Almont, Gunnison: McClanahan, Theo, Mo $150 
Altona, Boulder: Haldi, Peter, Switz $10 
AlTln, Yuma; Currence, Albert A, WVa $10 
Ames, San Miguel: Heath, Frank F, Nebr $.320 
Amherst, Phillips: Kimmel, Edwd F, Aus $200 
Amity, Prowers: Davy, Mrs Lillian M, Can $80 
Amo, El Paso; Miller, Mrs Mary, III $70 
Amy, Lincoln: Dryden, Miss Alethea F, Mo $110 
Anaconda. Teller: Lamphere, Mrs Ellen, III $200 
Angora, Rio Blanco: Lewes. John D, Nebr $110 
Animas Forks, Colorado: Lockwood, Walter P, Ohio 

Antelope Springs, Morgan: Mitchell, Sylvester A, Ind 

Antlers, Garfield: Nason, Ross A, Wis $100 
Antonlto, Conejos: Frazey, J D, Iowa $1000 

Joyce, Miss Elizabeth P, Cleric NMex 2ColoConeJos 
Apache, Huerfano: Russell, Jos, Ohio $.300 
Apex, Gilpin; Reid, Mrs Frances H, Iowa $170 
Aplshapa, Las Animas: Ball, Warner, Va $2G0 
Arapahoe, Cheyenne; Howard, Wm W, III $440 

Colson.WA, RD Me 2ColoCheyenne $1000 
Arboles, Archulita: Smack. Lemuel E, — $190 
Arena, Cheyenne: Priess, Otto L, III — 
Argo, Denver; Findlay, Alex, Scot $240 
Arlckaree, Washington: Stucky, Miss Minnie, Kans 

Arlington, Kiowa: Clark, Chas W, Eng $.500 
Arloa, Montezuma: Greene, Bamett F, Ind $350 
Armel, Yuma: Breninger. Armel S, Ohio $160 
Aroya, Chcvenne: Crisp, Clinton S, Iowa $380 
Arriba. Lincoln: Cole, Fredk E, III $2.30 

Emerson. Wm E, RD Kans 4ColoLincoln $1000 

Emery. W H, RD Colo 4ColoLincoln $1000 

Grant, Lcland R, RD Iowa 4ColoLincoln $1000 
Arrlola, Montezuma: Morgan. Jane ,\, Colo $240 
Arrow, Grand: Warren, Mary L, Ohio $210 
Arvada, Jefferson; Miller, John L, III $1200 

Tukev, Wm D, RD NY ICoIoJellerson $1000 
Ashcroft, Pitkin: McArthur, DanI, Can $50 
Aspen, Pitkin: Rohrbough, Geo E, WVa $1800 

Bradshaw, Moses, AsstPM NJ 2ColoPitkin $720 

Burns, Lucille M, Clerk Colo 2ColoPitkin $.360 
Atchee. Garfield: Grimes, Mary E, Pa $210 
Atwood, Logan: Riordan. M Clias. Nebr $340 

Riordan, Wmjr, RD Nebr IColoLogan $1000 
Ault, Weld: Pence, R Lincoln, III $1300 

Pence, Mrs Genevieve A, AsstPM III 2ColoWeld 

Oesterle, Max F, RD Iowa 2ColoWcld $1000 
Aurora, Adams: Klee, Mrs. Eva H, Mich $470 
Austin, Delta: Landreth. Elmer E, 111 $652 
Avalo, Weld: Northrop, Stuard E, Pa. $60 
Avon, Eagle: Owings, J F, Pa $280 



AvondaJe, Pueblo: Taylor Saml, Eng $280 
Axial, Moffit: Wolcott, Mary Florence. Ohio $180 
Bailey, Pai'k: Morris, Mrs Blanche, Can S524 
Bald Mountain, Gilpiu; Chappel, Mrs E A, Eng S320 
Baldwin, Gunnison: Shacltieford, John J, Ky S160 
Barela, Las Animas: Newcomb, Clarence P, Tex SllO 
Barnesvllle, Wold: Collins, J Hale, Ohio S130 
Barr, Adams: Williamson, Jos. A, Ohio $200 
Barton, Prowers: Bassett, Owen B, 111 S40 
Basalt, Eagle: Strong, Roaldo D, Ohio .?590 
Bashor, Adams: Baslior, Mrs Hannah, Va S50 
Battle Crook, Routt: Leas, H M, Ind SlOO 
Bayfield, La Plata: Springer, Jesso N, 111 $670 
Beacon, Las Animas: Bartlett, Perry, — S190 
Boaverton, Kit Carson: Higgon, Mrs Elizabeth M, Wis 

Bearcreek, Montezuma: Virdcn, C W, Iowa $40 
Bellvue, Larimer: Cox, David T, Iowa S220 
Bennett, Adams: Spohr, Riohd L, Nebr $560 

Fallor.son, Irving C, KD Iowa IColoAdams $1000 
Berry, Kit Carson: Kalisch, August, Wis $50 
Berthoud, Larimer: Shull, John C, Ohio S1600 

Brinklcy, Mrs Jessie L, AsstPM Ohio IColoLarimer 

Bartlev, Mrs Adela, Clerl>: Eng IColoLai-unor $300 

Altig, Jerome B, RD Iowa IColoLai-imer $1000 

Chapp, Frank J, RD Iowa IColoLarimer $1000 
Berwind, Las Animas; Young, F J, Tenn $500 
Bethune, Kit Cai'son: Yersin, Wm H, Mo $'260 

McFarland, Jesse H, RD Iowa 2ColoKitCarson 
Boulah, Pueblo: Keithley, M L, Mo $540 

McKibben, H C, AsstPM 111 2ColoPueblo $60 

Keithley, Eunice, Clerk Mo 2ColoPueblo $30 
Blackhawk, Gilpin: Holbrook, Preston, Mass $760 
Black Mountain, Park: Beeler, Anna V, Pa $140 
Blaine, Baca: Wilkins, Mrs Nora N, Ky $100 
Blanca, Costilla: Grifllth. Frank E, Iowa $1200 

Prather, Tbos J, AsstPM 111 2ColoCostiIla $720 
Bland, Elbert: Bland, Jas, Eng $180 
Bonanza, Saguache: Smith, Geo W, Ind $300 
Boone, Pueblo: Hensley, Horace H, 111 $340 
Boulder, Boulder: Moorhead, Jas L, Ohio $3000 

Cowle, Miss Mary H, AsstPM Scot IColoBoulder 

Clerk Kans IColoBoulder 

Cartwright, John G, 

Core, Edwin H, Clerk 
Gruwell, Francis W, 

Hill, Lloyd E, Clerk 
Layton. Miss Ella L, 


Noves, Walter C, Clerk Cal 2NebrDouglas $1200 
Ohvyn, Harrv C, Clerk 111 IColoBoulder $1000 
Stone, Chas C, Clerk Mo BMoJackson $1100 
Swaisgood, Wilson K, Clerk Ohio IColoBoulder 

Roof, Don, Clerk 111 IColoBoulder $60 
Ardourel, Theophilus C, Carrier Fr IColoBoulder 

Cartwright, Wm 0, Carrier HI IColoBoulder 

Moon, Willard D, Carrier Kans IColoBoulder $600 
Morris, John C, Carrier Eng IColoBoulder $1100 
Royce, Edwin M, Carrier Ohio IColoBoulder 

Spaulding, Wm A, Carrier Mich IColoBoulder 

Stewardson, Homer, Carrier 111 IColoBoulder 

Tavis, Edwd 0, Carrier 111 IColoBoulder $1200 
Thurston, Junius F, Carrier Minn IColoDenver 

Campbell, Asa C, RD Iowa IColoBoulder $900 
Dickson, Ezra M, RD Iowa IColoBoulder $960 
Farmer, Clifford B, RD 111 IColoBoulder $960 
Simons, Hartford, Fireman-laborer 111 IColoBoul- 
der $660 
Steck, Jas C, Laborer Pa IColoBoulder $600 
Bovlna, Lincoln: Bussey, Pliuner F, Iowa $320 
Bowen, Las Animas: Stream, E C, Mo $330 
Bowie, Delta: Bowie, Alex, Scot $200 
Boxelder, Larimer: Brodie. John D, Scot $80 
Boyeio, Lincoln: Davis, Harry F, Minn $480 
Horton, Miss Marguerite L, Clerk Minn IColoLin- 
coln $364 
Brandon, Kiowa: Reed, Danl E, Ohio $440 
Brazil, Las Animas: Laub, C F, Kans $40 
Breckenrldgo, Summit: McLean, MrsMaudeE, — $1500 
Broon, La Plata: Aspaas, Mrs Annette, Norw $120 
Brlggsdalo, Wild: Bird, Mrs Arnetta I, 111 $410 
Brighton, Adams: Campbell, Robt W, Tenn $1600 
Alexander, Robt C, AsstPM Ind IColoAdams $4S0 
Gotmer, John, RD Iowa IColoAdams $1000 
Kleinmeyer, Edwd F, RD Iowa IColoAdams $1000 
Bristol, Prowers: Fowler, Chas A, la $590 
Brodhead, Las Animas: Rick, C E, jr, Mo $110 
Brookvale, Clear Creek: Mason, Mrs Emma L, Mo $290 
Broomfield, Boulder: Jones, Edgar J, 111 $550 
Burgess, Wm P, RD Mo IColoAdams $1000 
Smith, Oliver P, RD Colo IColoArapahoe $1000 
Brunkor, Washington: Brunker, Jas, Ire $80 
Brush, Morgan: Knearl, Wm, NJ $1700 
Sylvester, Harrv A, AsstPM Va IColoMorgan $600 
linearl, Mrs Einma, Clerk Ohio IColoMorgan $228 
Sylvester, Mrs Fnmcis, Clerk 111 IColoMorgan $360 
Johnson, Carl J, RD Nebr IColoMorgan $1000 
Bryant, Yuma: Nordholm, Peter, Sw $160 
Buckingham, Weld: McKee, Miss Edna A, Pa $240 
Buena Vista, Chaffee: Wade, Chas T, Kans S1600 

Wade, Harrv O, AsstPM Kans 2ColoChafiee $240 
Buffalo Creek, Jeflerson: Green, J W, Va $840 
Buffalo Springs, Park: DeYarman, Mrs Mary M, Pa 

Bnford, Rio Blanco: Bartlett, Mrs Alice, Iowa S210 
Bulger, Larimer: Kimpel, Edwd J, Wis $70 

Burdett, Washington: Harvey, Mrs Dorcas, Ind $190 
Burlington, Kit Carson: Creglow, Chas, Iowa $1500 
• Creglow, Mrs Minnie E, AsstPM Ohio 2ColoKitCar- 
son 3600 
Creglow, Fred D, Clerk Minn 2ColoKitCarson $240 
Burns, Eagle: ICnappenberg,? Mrs H A, Eng $180 
Burt, El Paso: Burt, Dnl H, 111 $20 
Butler, Jackson: Baker, John N, Pa $80 
Buttos, El Paso: Shaw, W D, Ohio $100 
Byers, Arapahoe: Burton, R W, NY $670 
Caddoa, Bent: Davis, B J, Mo $280 
Calclte, Fremont: Feldhauser, Fredk W, Colo $290 
Calhan, El Paso: Sparkman, Augusta W, Kans $920 
Putnam, Miss Abbv S, AsstPM 111 2ColoElPaso $360 
Cameo, Mesa: McNeil, Geo W, Colo $230 

Patten, Ray, AsstPM Iowa 6ColoMesa $120 
Camfleld, Weld: Dunn, Mrs Miimie, Iowa $70 
Camp Bird, Ouray: Orendorf, Marshall, — $310 
Canon city, Fremont: Lewis, Robt S, Conn $2700 
Emmcrson, John W AsstPM 111 2ColoFremont 

Thomas, Everett W, Cierk Iowa 2ColoFremont $1100 
Backus, Robt F, Clerk Minn 2ColoFremont $1000 
Ballou, Allen L, Clerk Mass 2ColoFremont 8600 
Pennington, Fred J, Clerk Eng 2ColoFremont 81100 
Richards, Walter G, Clerk Colo 2ColoFremont $1000 
Turner, Harley A, Clerk Kans 2ColoFremont $900 
Bower, Ehner J, Carrier Iowa 2ColoFremont 8600 
Earl, Arthur L, Carrier Ind 2ColoFremont $1000 
Jenkins, Jesse AV, Carrier 111 2ColoFremont $800 
Shank, Albert, Carrier Ohio 2ColoFremont $1000 
Smith, Ernest E, Carrier Ohio 2ColoFremont SHOO 
Bruton, D L, Lbr Mo 2ColoFremont 8600 
Lawrence, John C, RD Ind 2ColoFremont $1000 
Capitol City, Hinsdale: Witherite, Margaret R, Pa $1S0 
CapuUn, Conejos: Gomez, Jose L, Colo $200 
Carbondalo, Garfield: Thurston, Jessie L, — — 
Cardiff, Garfield: Walson, Emmet, — , $400 

King, H T, AsstPM — 2ColoGarfleld $60 
Carey, Kit Carson: Carey, Alphonso L, Kans $90 
Caribou, Boulder: Groves, Virgil P, Colo $200 
Carlton, Prowers: Frybarger, Mrs L H Ohio $110 
Carnoro, Saguache: Powell, Harry C, Vt $40 
Carr, Weld: Stevenson, Fredk B, 111 $400 
Carrlzo, Baca: Cole, Willard. Ill $30 
Cascade, El Paso: Gardner, Mrs Nettie, NY $990 
Case, Dou.glas: Whittier, Washington I, — $40 
CassoUs, Park: Cassell, David N, Ky $330 
Castolar, La Plata: Miller, Jas S, Kans $50 
Castle Rock, Douglas: Potter, Mrs Ellen E, Pa SIOOO 
Cathedral, Hinsdale: Doermg, Guy M, Minn $40 
Cebolla, Gunnison: Carpenter, Jacob J, — $160 
Cedar, San Miguel: Rlhnehart, Susie, Mo $130 
Cedar Creek, Montrose: Maid, Mrs Anna, Tex $190 
Cedaredge, Delta: Cobbett, Harry A, Eng $1100 
Overhuls, Oscar W, AsstPM Ky BKyOhio $10S 
Townsend, Dwight C, RD Iowa 2ColoDelta S900 
Cedarhurst, Las Animas: Robertson, Mrs Alma, Ky 

Center, Saguache: Icker, Theo E, Ohio $1200 
Rockfellow, Fred G, AsstPM NY 2ColoSaguaohe 

Bowers, Peter A, RD Mo 2ColoSaguaohe $1000 
Oentorvllle, Chaflee: Ehrhart, Margaret, — $50 
Central City, Gilpin: Sullivan, Michael K, NY $1600 
Stahl, Henry J, AsstPM Ger 2ColoGilpin $720 
Parsons, Miss Stella, Clerk Colo 2ColoGilpin $180 
Chama, Costilla: DeSanohez, Ehza S, — $90 
Chandler, Fremont: Mayhall, Geo O, Ind $280 
Chase, Park: Miller, Benj A, — $50 
Cheraw, Otero: Glase, Albert F, 111 $270 
Cherrelyn, Arapahoe: Dnnn, Mrs Anne, Ire $210 
Cherry, Douglas: Gray, David D, Colo $100 
Cheyenne Wells, Cheyenne: Ross, Mrs Jennie E, Mich 
Robinson, Mrs Mary J, Clerk Eng 2ColoCheyenne 

Ross, Guy E, RD Ohio 2ColoCheveime $1000 
Chlvlngton, Kiowa: Abrams, John, 111 8290 
Chromo, Archuleta: Lewis, Chas W, NH $70 
Cimarron, Montrose: Wright, Emma L, Kans 8310 
Clark, Routt: Norman, Mark, — $270 
Cliff, Jeflerson: King, Mrs Minnie L, Ind $90 
Clifford, Lincoln: Beavers, John K, — $170 
Clifton, Mesa: Meyers, Fredk H, RI $680 
Coalby, Delta: Fickes, Frank M, Colo $40 
Coalcreok, Fremont: Evans.MrsMellieE, Wales $400 
Coaldale, Fremont: Fleming, John D, Pa 8180 
Cochetopa, Saguache: Hack, Albert J, Kans — 
Cokedalo, Las Animas: Gottleib, Leo R, Colo $600 
Cole, Kit Carson: McCraoken, Wm, — 890 
CoUbran, Mesa: Bloss, Fred A, HI $940 
Campbell, Miss Ethal, Clerk Colo 2ColoMesa $35 
Hiskey, Jehu M, RD — — $960 
Colona, Ouray: Ritchey, John H, — $260 
Colorado City, El Paso: Morgan, John F, Wales $2200 
Faulloier, Miss Nelle A, AsstPM Colo 2ColoElPaso 

Corporon.MissGraoeA, Clerk Colo 2ColoElPaso $900 
LjTin, Miss Jennie, Clerk Kans 2ColoElPaso $900 
Reid, Miss Mary, Clerk Scot 2ColoElPaso $900 
Buell, Frank C, Carrier Mich 2ColoElPaso $900 
Dickey, Harrv S, Carrier 111 2ColoElPaso $900 
Smith", Forrest A, Carrier Ark 2ColoElPaso $900 
Colorado Springs, El Paso: Strachan, Alex J, Scot 
Allen, Edmund, AsstPM Mo 2ColoElPaso $1700 
Thomas, Clare E, Clerk 111 2ColoElPaso $1300 
Stanley, Tilmon L, Clerk Ohio 2ColoElPaso $1200 
Bandel, Albert H, Clerk Mo 4MoBuchanan $1200 
Bowersox, Winfleld E, Clerk Ohio 2ColoElPaso 

Brown. Ben W, Clerk Mo 2ColoFremont $1200 
Corlett, R.ilph B, Clerk Nebr 2ColoElPaso $900 
Curtis, Justin W, Clerk Wis IColoWeld $1200 
Gamble, Shesh B, Clerk Pa 2ColoElPaso $1200 
Harold, Aubrey, Olerk Mo 4MoBuchanan $1200 

Colorado Springs— Continued. 

Hart, Wm F, Clerk Can 2ColoElPaso $1200 
Jarvis, John J, Clerk 111 20oloElPaso $600 
Manchester, F Channing, Clerk Me 2ColoElPaBO 

Marshall, Erwin W, Clerk Iowa — lUCook $1200 
McLean, Jas J, Clerk Ky 2ColoElPaso $1200 
Foley, Horace S, Clerk Pa 2ColoElPaso $1200 
Pollen, Mrs Helen C, Clerk Ire 2ColoElPaso $800 
Smith, Justus h. Clerk Can 7CalLosAngeles $900 
Smith, Truby A, Clerk Mo 2ColoElPaBO $1200 
Snyder, Homer B, Clerk Ohio 2ColoElPaso $1100 
Thompson, John S, Clerk Mo 2ColoElPa50 $1100 
Thornton, Jas E, Clerk III 2CoIoElPaso $1200 
Vest, Ralph L, Clerk Iowa 2ColoElPaso $1100 
Weaver, Miss Lena E, Clerk Kans 2ColoElPaso 

Wharton, John A, Clerk Mo 2ColoElPaso $800 
Whitehead, Forrest, Clerk 111 2ColoElPaso $1000 
Wilson, Alex, Clerk Colo 2ColoElPaso $1000 
Wilson, Wm T, Clerk Colo 2ColoEIPaso $1200 
Young, John I, Clerk Ind 2ColoElPaso $1200 
Olney, Frank L, Clerk Kans 6KansJewell $1200 
Ingvoldstad, Carl 0, Clerk Iowa 2ColoElPaso $200 
Murray, Mrs Elizabeth, Clerk Colo 2ColoElPaso 

Murray, John W, Clerk Kans 2ColoElPaso $100 
Murray, Jos P, Clerk Cal 2ColoElPaso $250 
Mustek, Ura 0, Clerk Mo 2ColoElPaso $100 
Albee, Drane J, Carrier Iowa 2CoIoElPaso $1200 
Boicourt, Arthur, Carrier 111 2ColoElPaso $800 
Brice, Wm B, Carrier Tex 2ColoElPaso $1200 
Brimhall, Norman E, Carrier Kans 2KansBourbon 

Britton, Stanley J, Carrier Ohio 2ColoElPaso 

Butts, Milan E, Carrier Kans 2ColoElPaso $900 
Cope, Jas E, Carrier Ohio 2ColoElPaso $1200 
Everett, John C, Carrier Mo 2ColoElPaso $1200 
Funk, Harry B, Carrier Iowa 2ColoElPaso $1200 
Gardner, Chas P, Carrier Md — MdBaltimoreCity 

Hascall, Orpheus W, Carrier Iowa 2ColoElPaso 

Hegener. Jos, Carrier 111 2ColoElPaso $1100 
Irione, Brooks, Carrier Ohio 2ColoEIPaso $1200 
Jencks, Philip H, Carrier Jap 2ColoElPaso $1100 
Jencks, Horace E, Carrier Colo 2ColoElPaso $600 
Kelsey, Edwd J, Carrier Pa 2ColoElPaso $1200 
Koons, Saml R, Carrier Ohio 2ColoElPaso $1000 
Koons, Virgil C, Carrier Ohio 2ColoElPaso $1200 
Kroupa, Frank E. Carrier NY IColoDenver $1200 
Levden, Emmeft M, Carrier 111 2ColoElPaso SfiOfl 
Miirtin, Clifford H, Carrier Mich 2CoIoElPaBO 

Matlin, Chas, Carrier Rus 2ColoElPaso $600 
Olmsted, Jas E, Carrier 111 2ColoElPaso $1100 
Rivard, Arthur M, Carrier 111 2ColoElPaso $1100 
Shibley, Fredk D, Carrier 111 — lUCook $1200 
Spencer, Sherman A, Carrier Ohio 2ColoElPaso 

Stuart, Ray 0, Carrier Iowa 2ColoElPaso $900 
Wilson, Roy, Carrier Mo 2ColoElPaso $600 
Young, Jas H, Carrier Mo 2ColoElPaBO $1100 
Martin, Henry, Laborer Mo 2ColoElPaso $700 
Columbine, Routt: Caron, Jas R, Can $2.50 
Como, Park: Lord, Mrs Stella M, Colo $460 
Concrete, Fremont: Warner, E S, Iowa S4.S0 
Conejos, Conejos: McClure, Wm B, Tenn .$630 
Conifer, Jeflerson: Robinson, E P, 111 $150 
Content, La Plata: Crawford, Mrs Dara U, Ky $30 
Copo. Washington: Christopher, Mrs Dora M, Iowa $350 
Cortez, Montezuma: Sayler, Davis H, Md $1400 
Sayler, Alice M, AsstPM 111 2ColoMontezuma $50 
Rowe, Louise I, Clerk Colo 2ColoMontezuma $30 
Sayler, Ohve A, Clerk Colo 2ColoMontezuma $15 
Cory, Delta: MoCarrier, Eugene L, WVa $220 
Cotopaxl, Fremont: Hendricks, Miss Orilee, Colo $290 
Coventry, Montrose: Smith, Chas H, Conn — 
Crags, Boulder: Keller, lola E, — $230 
Craig, Moffat: Spencer, Walter, Kans $1200 

Jackson, Floyd T, AsstPM Colo 2ColoMoffat $600 
Crawford, Delta: Gould. Willard D, NY $550 
Creede, Mineral: Sloan, Wm C, Pa $1400 

Streams, Miss Marv, Clerk Colo 2ColoMineral $180 
Crescent, Boulder: Bates, Elijah G, Ohio $200 
Crest, Weld: Seflens, R L, 111 $1.30 
Crested Butte, Gunnison: Curren. Mrs Mabel F. Colo — 
Crestone. Saguache: MeCormac, Chas, Ala $430 
Cripple Creek, Teller: Lewis, Griffith R, Pa $2500 
Yambart, Miss Florence D, AsstPM 111 2ColoTeller 

Connor. Harry D, Clerk Colo 2ColoTcIler $1000 
Reese. Mrs Kate M, Clerk Colo 2ColoTelIer $900 
Severs, Grover L. Clerk Ky 2ColoTeller $600 
Wright, Rollin H, Clerk Ind 2ColoTeller $1000 
Barnum, Raymond, Carrier Kans 2ColoTellor $900 
Breakey. J Abner. Carrier NY 2ColoTeller $1000 
Sahl. Moody L. Carrier Mich 2WashPierce $1000 
Wood, Harry S, Carrier Kans 2ColoTeller $900 
Crlsman, Boulder: Farnsworth. Welcome A, Mich $150 
Critchell, Jeflerson: Critchell, Chas R. Eng $100 
Crook, Logan: Buckley. Edgar A. Pa $420 
Cucharas, Huerfano: Stevens, Jas B. Colo $330 
Cumbres, Conejos: Lively, Chas Russell. Utah $110 
Curtis, El Paso: Dawson. Arthur E. Eng $120 

Greenmg. Albert. Clerk — 2ColoElPaso $300 
Dacono, Weld: Wilson. Orion L. Ohio $410 
Dayton, Gunnison: Addington. Mrs Mabel. Colo $60 
Dean, Las Animas: Drury. Geo. Ohio $20 
Do Bequo, Mesa: Heflin, Edwin R. Iowa $1000 
Deckers, Douglas: Decker, Henry S, NY $150 
Deepcreek, Routt: Helvey, Mrs Carrie, Kans $80 
Deertrall, Arapahoe: SchroU, Emery W, Mo $900 
Delagua, Las Animas: Warren, Geiger, Pa $788 
Delhi, Las Animas: West, Harry E, Colo $110 



Del Norte, Colorado: Hall. Robt C. ni J1600 
St«vi:Qson, Miss Jessie O, AsstPM NMex 2ColoRio 
Orande J300 

Delta, Delta: New, Miss Ella, III $2300 
Van De Venter, K H F, AsstI'M Pa 2CoIoDelta $1000 
Barger, Arthur S, Clerk Ul 2ColoDelta $800 
Drolshaugh, Miss Maud L, Clerk Iowa 2ColoDelta JUOO 
Mocller, Carl A, Carrier 111 2ColoDelta 1600 
Niles, Jas Irving, Carrier Ncbr 2ColoDelta »(iOO 
Molbrook, Henry B. RI) III 2ColoDelta tOOO 
Neir, Harrison, Itl) Mo 2Colol)ella »ti«0 

Denver, Denver: Sours, Paul J, Ohio $8000 
"»300o' """" *^' *"""" °"'' IColoDeoTer 

Si:,'<rintn„l.„l,, ric. 

Alexander, Arr.old N, Pa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Azpell, Thos F. Mo ICoIoDenver $2000 
Bagg8, Mrs Edith P, Me ICoIoDenver $1800 
Baker, Chaa O, Pa ICoIoDenver $1300 
Boingardner, Frank E, Ind ICoIoDenver $1200 
Bro.lcrick, .lohii 1', 111 icoloDrnvcr *240,j 
Carney, Frank R, III ICoIoDenver $1300 
Corcoran, Jos F, Wis ICoIoDenver $1200 
Fcrgiison. John M, Md ICoIoDenver $1200 
Fitzgerald, Maurice S, Mass ICoIoDenver $1200 
Hanier Harry T. Ohio ICoIoDenver $1400 
Havlick, Jos P, 111 ICoIoDenver $2100 
Henderson, Jod, III ICoIoDenver $1200 
Hickman, Ernest E, Ncbr ICoIoDenver $1200 
Kelley, Isaac I>, RI ICoIoDenver $1300 
Le Fever, Jos W, Kans ICi.luDenver $1200 
Lewis, Frank I, 111 ICoIoDenver $1500 
Parnsh, Richd II, NY ICoIoDenver $1200 
Sanderson. Wrn, 111 ICoIoDenver $2100 


Adams, Alfred, Wis ICoIoDenver $600 
Aemmer, John li, Colo ICoIoDenver $600 
Allen, Wm E, Pa 2CoIoTeller $1200 
Alley, David R, Ind ICoIoDenver $800 
A ley, Thos E, Iowa ICoIoDenver $1000 
Allison, Earl W, Ind ICoIoDenver $1100 
Anderson, Fredk G, Colo ICoIoDenver $900 
Azpell, Miss Sara W, NJ ICoIoDenver $600 
Barker, Merle L, Colo ICoIoDenver $900 
Bauder, Karl W, III ICoIoDenver $1100 
Beaver, Meredith D, Pa ICoIoDenver $600 
Berper, Ausfust K, 111 ICoIoDenver $1200 
BickncU, John II, Eng 2ColoPucbIo $1200 
Bathcrwick Norman K, 111 ICoIoDenver $1200 
niore, Wm H, Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Bntton, Charlie A, III ICoIoDenver $900 
irowning. Wm C. Kans ICoIoDenver $800 
llnino, Clarence L, Colo ICoIoDenver $1100 
Buckley, Thos J. Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
liullcnc, Frank J, NY ICoIoDenver $900 
liurdine, Chaa, Va ICoIoDenver $1000 
Rums, Jas A, E.ig 2CoIoTeller $1100 
Burr, Carlos B, Ncbr ICoIoDenver $1200 
Campbell, Chas J, Wis ICoIoDenver $900 
Cann, Ircd W, Colo ICoIoDenver $1100 
Cannon. Michl F, Pa ICoIoDenver $900 
Casey, Wm J, NY ICoIoDenver $1000 
Caskey, Howard C, Ohio ICoIoDenver $1200 
Chapman, Job L jr. M.. IColoUcnvfr Soon 
Chapman, Walter R, Minn ICoIoDenver $1200 
C arK, .las jr, Scot ICdoDcnver .fl200 * 
Clark, Percy J, Scot ICoIoDenver $1200 
Collins, Edgar, Wyo IColoLarimer $1200 
Conklin, Mrs Mary J, 111 ICoIoDenver $1200 
Conniff, Jos A, Minn ICoIoDenver $1200 
Coovrcy, Fred J, Kans ICoIoDenver $1000 
Costello, Jas J. Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Cox, Geo W, 111 ICoIoDenver $800 
Dague, Rudolph D, Ohio ICoIoDenver $1100 
Davis, Ralph L. Ill ICoIoDenver $900 
Dergance, Ralph B, Aus ICoIoDenver $1200 
Devaney, Martin L, Colo ICoIoDenver $1000 
Dexheimer, Wm J, Pa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Dibert, Walter S, Ind ICoIoDenver $1100 
Dillenback Henry K, Colo ICoIoDenver $1100 
Dumars, Henry W, Colo ICoIoDenver $1100 
Dunkle, Wm E, Ind ICoIoDenver $1100 
Edwards, John W, WVa ICoIoDenver $1000 
Khret, Florentin, Ma.« lCol.,li,nv,r $l"nn 
Ellsworth, Louis L, Kans ICoIoDenver "$1200 
Eppich, Chas J, III ICoIoDenver $1200 
[l^al ings AUen G, La ICoIoDenver $1100 
Fallis, Miss Belle S. Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Prench, Alex B, Colo ICoIoDenver $600 
Fry, Leslie E, Ncbr ICoIoDenver $1100 
Gatewood, Wm A, Tex ICoIoDenver $000 
Gerard, Fred, NY ICoIoDenver $1000 
Clbbs, John B, DC 11 'i)l..I Itnvpr .iir'illl 
Gooeh, Earle T, Mo ICoIoDenver $000 
Gotchey, Wm. Wis ICoIoDenver $900 
Gray. Austin W. NV IColnlJ.-nvir $1200 
Grimm, Harry A, Pa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Grubcr, Geo F, Mo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Guard, Chas, NJ ICoIoDenver $900 
Hamilton, Richd B, Ind ICoIoDenver $1000 
Hammer, Louis J, 111 — IllCook $1200 
Ilancy, Fredk D. Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
eitzman, Carl II, III llMoStLouis $1100 
enderson, Jas S, Scot ICoIoDenver $1200 
Henry, Alex, India ICoIoDenver $1100 
nrndon. Wm R, Mo ICoIoDenver $000 
!i'.f,''\y"^'"'"' Ky ICoIoDenver $1200 
IIill, John T, Iowa ICoIoDenver «]200 
lodgins, Peter N, Wis ICoIoDenver $1100 
llolTman, Earl C, Iowa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Howard, Jos L, NY SCalSantaBarbara $900 
Ilowell. Jas E, NY ICoIoDenver $600 
Ilukill, RoIIa C, Iowa ICoIoDenver $000 
Hyder, Biyan M, Tenn ICoIoDenver $1200 
llyder. Miss Mary R, Kans ICoIoDenver $800 
Ingersoll, Henry C, Colo ICoIoDenver $1000 

Newman, Abraham J, 
Noetzli, Henry, Tex 
NoU, Earl W, Nebr 
O'Connell, Eugene J, 

Denver— Continued. 

Clo'tj— Continued. 
Johnson, Chaa J, Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Johnson, Harry U, Ky ICoIoDenver $11(10 
Johnson, Victor C, Kans ICoIoDenver $900 
Jones, Chas W, Ohio ICoIoDenver $900 
Jones, Mrs Lizzie W. Ind ICoIoDenver $1100 
Jones, Newton J, Tenn lOTennShclby $1200 
henealy, Louis, Wash ICoIoDenver $900 
Kimlin, Walter II, Mo ICoIoDenver $1000 
Umont Robt B. NY ICoIoDenver $1200 
La Shell. Kennel hW, Colo IColoDenv.r $1100 
Leach, Harry J, Ind ICoIoDenver $1100 
Leedham, Wm H, Ohio ICoIoDenver $1200 
Leese, Leo I, Nebr ICoIoDenver $1200 
Lehman, Robt H, Ind ICoIoDenver $600 
Lieuranec, Roy E, Fla ICoIoDenver $1100 
Lievens, Camillus A, IIoII ICoIoDenver $900 
Lynch, DanI J, Mass ICoIoDenver $1200 
McGovem. Edwd, Colo ICoIoDenver $600 
McOraw. John A, Minn lCol,jl)tnvi r -!1200 
Macy, Chas T, Ohio IColoUcnver $1200 
Mann, Roy E, Wis ICoIoDenver $1200 
Manning, J Randolph, Mo ICoIoDenver $800 
Markus, Edwd H, Minn ICoIoDenver $800 
Marron. John A. Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Miles, Wm L, 111 ICoIoDenver $1200 
Miller, Chaa W, NY ICoIoDenver $1100 
Mohr, Chaa E, Colo ICoIoDenver $900 
Montfort, Miss Mary A. Ky ICoIoDenver $1100 
Murphy, David V, Colo ICoIoDenver $800 
C°?,, "; Abram, Eng ICoIoDenver $1100 
Neill, Wm H, Mo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Nelson, Geo T, Mich ICoIoDenver $1000 

NY ICoIoDenver $1200 
ICoIoDenver $1200 
ICoIoDenver $900 

/, r — „".^ ., Mo ICoIoDenver $1000 

Ksbome. Harry M, Iowa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Overton. Arbel D. Tex ICoIoDenver $1100 
Pearce, Wm II, Mich ICoIoDenver $800 
Peter, David O, Ind ICoIoDenver $1100 
Peterson, Henry A, Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Philhps. Harry G, Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Pope, Wm S, Ind ICoIoDenver $1200 
Potter, Edwin A, Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Powell, Thos J, Md ICoIoDenver $1200 
Riedle, Chas F, NY ICoIoDenver $1200 
Riggs, John B, Pa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Roche. Geo C, Md ICoIoDenver $1200 
Rogers, Arthur H, Colo ICoIoDenver $600 
Kossnian. Louis I, Aus ICoIoDenver ?90U 
Rudd, Miss Edith I, Colo ICoIoDenver $800 
liue, Ervin A, Minn ICoIoDenver $1100 
Ruthven, Alfred E, Wis ICoIoDenver $600 
Schuffler. Herman H, NY ICoIoDenver $900 
Schumacher, Louis W, Mich ICoIoDenver $1200 
Sceman, Chas A C, NY ICoIoDenver $1200 
Seller, Otto G, Colo ICoIoDenver $800 
.Snerrard, Robt, Ohio ICoIoDenver $800 
Sherrill, Ucl D, Mo ICoIoDenver $900 
.Showman, Harry D. Pa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Simmons, Wm H, Pa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Simpson, Elmer, HI ICoIoDenver 800 
Simpson, Guy, III ICoIoDenver $600 
Slem, Conrad II, Ky ICoIoDenver $1100 
Smale, Arthur T, Ohio ICoIoDenver $1200 
Smwles, Chas W, La 4NCWaUe $900 
Smith, Geo A, Kans ICoIoDenver $(i00 
.Smith, Hugh jr, NJ ICoIoDenver $1200 
Smith, Wilbert O, Ind ICoIoDenver $900 
Sobol. Henry, 111 ICoIoDenver $1200 
Springer, Clifford G, Nebr ICoIoDenver $1200 
Starke, Walter E, Iowa ICoIoDenver $1000 
Starr, Mrs Mary J, Ind ICoIoDenver $1200 
Steel, Frank, Md ICoIoDenver $600 
Straup, Wm T, Pa 12PaLuzeme $1200 
Sutherland, Wm H. Md ICoIoDenver $1100 
Trowbridge. Louis O. Mich IColoMorgan $1000 
Vautrain. Wm A. Ill ICoIoDenver $1000 
Vemell. Walter H, NY ICoIoDenver $600 
Vine, Wm II, Ohio ICoIoDenver $1200 
Warder, Wm W, Kans ."iKansJackson $1200 
Watkins, Clarence li. Mo 2ColoFrcmont $1200 
Weaver, Geo G, III ICoIoDenver $1.S00 
Webber, Don J, Mich ICoIoDenver $1200 
Webster, Robt E, Mo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Wehming Albert, Ky lOhioIIamilton $1200 
White, Chas L, III ICoIoDenver $1200 
Wibel, Clarence S, Colo ICoIoDenver $900 
Wickline, Silas 0, 111 ICoIoDenver $1000 
Willson. Kdd B. Ill ICoIoDenver $900 
Uolowsky. Francis J, Prus ICoIoDenver $1200 
Wyatt, Wm, Ind ICoIoDenver $1100 
Clcrkt in charge of staliims. 
Angell, Frank B, Mo ICoIoDenver $300 
Austin, Frank A, Minn ICoIoDenver $300 
Bond, Veal D, Tenn ICoIoDenver $100 
Boyd, Leo W, Colo ICoIoDenver $200 
Comils, John, Ger ICoIoDenver $100 
KLcrhardt, Edwd. Mich ICoIoDenver $1.50 
Gallagher. Miss Maggie E, Colo ICoIoDenver $jO 
Hcaly, Edgar C, NY ICoIoDenver $400 
Honeycutt, Jas V, Nebr ICoIoDenver $100 
Jeancon, Louis A, Ind ICoIoDenver $200 
Johnson. Jos 8. Pa ICoIoDenver $700 
Levings, Sanford R, NY ICoIoDenver $100 
Maddox. Wm B. Ill ICoIoDenver $200 
Mechling. David L, Pa ICoIoDenver $.'.00 
Parker, Chas A. Ind ICoIoDenver $200 
SeCheverell. Hugh B, Ohio ICoIoDenver $200 
Setchel, Chas F, Conn ICoIoDenver $250 
Smith, Chas G, Cal ICoIoDenver $300 
Steadman. Preseott L. Me ICoIoDenver $200 
Swoboda, Adolph, Aus ICoIoDenver $100 

Denver— Continued. 

City earner*. 

Adclmann, Fredk J, NY ICoIoDenver $1200 
Alderman, John C. Pa 3IIICook $1200 
Anderson, Arthur E, Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 

i!;^'rr"«''''?^'' '■I- ^''='' ICoIoDenver $ 2o6 
Angell, Wm 0, Mo ICoIoDenver $1000 
Archer, Antonio Z, Ind ICoIoDenver $1200 
Av!.".!, "u^^- S^'"",?' 0'''° ICoIoDenver $1100 
Ayers, W ni R. I,| ICoIoDenver $1200 

aker, Marion O, III ICoIoDenver $1200 
nlT'l^^"}"" 9. "'. °" ICoIoDenver $1200 
nrnh^'i.J^in S' , '"^^ IColoDenver $900 
1^1 ?i, • i^""";' ^' ■*"« ICoIoDenver $800 
'''^": Chas O, Iowa ICoIoDenver $1200 

radley. Thos F, III ICoIoDenver $1200 
Brasee John L, NY ICoIoDenver $1200 
Brevick, Baard A, Norw ICoIoDenver $1200 
Brown, Edwd E, Mo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Butler, Matthew J, Mass ICoIoDenver $800 
I Byrd, Jas H. Mo ICoIoDenver $1200 

Caemmercr. Hugo F Ind ICoIoDenver $1200 
Carlin, trancis J, Mass ICoIoDenver $1100 
Clapp, Harry M, Pa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Condon Edwd J, NY ICoIoDenver $1200 
Connell, Owen, 111 ICoIoDenver $900 
f onsUnce John G, Ky ICoIoDenver $1200 
towan, Wm L, NY ICoIoDenver $800 
I Craig, Alex R, ICoIoDenver $1200 

Cramer, Clarence T, Pa ICoIoDenver $1200 

I Cypher, Frank B, Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 

D Amour, !• red. Mo ICoIoDenver $1200 

avis, Robt L, Kans ICoIoDenver $1000 

^,"*?,"' »""''' "• •*» ICoIoDenver $1000 

elzell. Sanil R, 111 ICoIoDenver $1200 

Demling, John A, NY ICoIoDenver $800 

ertioa, .lerry, NY ICoIoDenver $600 
Dickson, Wm A, Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Disbnian, Octave, Mo ICoIoDenver $1200 
I»obbin3, Geo S, III ICoIoDenver $1000 
Dorman. ^rank J, Colo ICoIoDenver $600 
Dougherty, Jas E, Ohio ICoIoDenver $1200 
»«"' S''w"i,°- «?'^'"" ICoIoDenver $600 
Duffy, Robt F, Ohio ICoIoDenver $1100 
Dunham, Geo D, Mass ICoIoDenver $1200 
Eddy, Earl Dawes. HI INcbrLancaster $1000 
gvans, Danl J. Ill ICoIoDenver $900 
Fahey, Mich E, Md SMdBaltimorc $1200 
tarns. Edwd, Ind ICoIoDenver $1200 
■leld, SamI, Ohio ICoIoDenver $1200 
•.!?■>«■■, Lyman P, Pa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Mieger Sterling N, Can ICoIoDenver $1200 
■ord Geo A. Cal ICoIoDenver $600 
triederich, Frank X, III ICoIoDenver $800 
OesscII Eugene W, Nebr ICoIoDenver $600 
Oinn, Roscoe L, Colo TCalLosAngelca $1200 
Golden, Elias, Rus TlllCook $1200 
Gotchey, Edmund, Wis ICoIoDenver $800 
Gotchey, Emmett E, Wis ICoIoDenver $1000 
Graichcn, Albert II, Ohio ICoIoDenver $1100 
Greenwald, Louis, Ger ICoIoDenver $1200 
Guion, Wm, Ire ICoIoDenver $1200 
Gutbner. Louis F L, Ger ICoIoDenver $1200 
Hacfliger, Danl, Colo ICoIoDenver $600 
Hall. Carl W, Iowa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Ilaviland Levi D, NY 4ConnFairflcld $1200 
Hayden, Walter, Ire ICoIoDenver $1200 
Ilegwer, Harry II, Kans ICoIoDenver $1200 
Henderson, Chas T, Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Henry. Ira B, Ind ICoIoDenver $900 
Hcrsey, L Ray, Vt ICoIoDenver $900 
(liggins, Wm A, NY lONYNewYork $1200 
Hoflman, Edmund B, Wis ICoIoDenver $800 
Hoskins, Clarence T, Iowa ICoIoDenver $1100 
Houkc, Jas M, Mo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Hurley, Danl, Wis 23NYSchcnectady $1200 
Jackson. Wm T, OnUrio ICoIoDenver $1200 
Jaeger, Augii.stus F, Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Jenkins, Howard, Mo lOMoStLouis $1200 
Johnson, Wm K, Tex ICoIoDenver $800 
Johnston, Edwin S. Iowa ICoIoDenver $1100 
Ivaltenbacher. Henry W, Pa 2IllCook $1200 
Kelly. Ambrose J. Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Kimball, Frank E, NY 22NYWashington $1200 
Kimball. Robt M, Me ICoIoDenver $1100 
hing. Lauren E. Iowa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Kingston, Robt W W, Eng IMichWavne $1200 
Kmtncr, Edwin J, Nebr ICoIoDenver $800 
Knight, Aaron E. Iowa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Kochler, Albert W. Ohio ICoIoDenver $1000 
I,ampe. Wm C, 111 ICoIoDenver $1200 
Larson, Ernest W, Sw ICoIoDenver $600 
Laws, Louis V, Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Lowery, Henry P, Sw ICoIoDenver $1200 
Lutz. Lawrence B, Ohio ICoIoDenver $800 
McConnell, Jas P, 111 ICoIoDenver $1200 
McDcrmut, Geo M K, NY ICoIoDenver $1200 
McMurtry, David T, 111 lOMoStLouis $1200 
Manning, Henry J. Nebr ICoIoDenver $1200 
Marshall. Geo S. Colo ICoIoDenver $600 
Mason. Albert P. NY S2NYErie $1200 
Miller. Guy E. Iowa ICoIoDenver $800 
Milligan, W"m B, Pa ICoIoDenver $1100 
Monroe, Frank, Colo ICoIoDenver $1200 
Monroe. Fred H, Colo ICoIoDenver $1000 
Montgomery, Arthur, Eng ICoIoDenver $120n 
Jlontier, Jos A, Pa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Morsch. Edwd S. HI ICoIoDenver $1200 
Morsrh. Oscar A, 111 ICoIoDenver $1200 
Murphy, Geo T, HI ICoIoDenver $600 
Newell, Benj F, Iowa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Newell, SamI P, Iowa ICoIoDenver $1100 
Newman, Frank M, Iowa ICoIoDenver $1200 
Norlin, Nils F, Sw ICoIoDenver $1200 



Denver— Continued. 

at!/ carriers— Continued. 
Odell, Oscar, SDak IColoDenver $1100 
Oliver, Eobt E, Pa IColoDenver $1200 
Olson, Simon, Mo IColoDenver $1200 
Page, Harvey E, Wyo IColoDenver $1200 
Peirce, Israel L, Iowa 5MinnHennepin $1100 
Petersen, Julius, Den IColoDenver $1200 
Porter, John 0, lU IColoDenver $1200 
Powen, Geo S, "Wales IColoDenver $1200 
Powers, Lifee B, Nebr IColoDenver $1200 
Prentice, Chas E, Mass IColoDenver $1200 
Prewitt, Willis D, Mo IColoDenver $1200 
Purdy, Sheldon R, 111 IColoDenver $1200 
Reid, Chas E, NY IColoDenver $1200 
Reynolds, Alton, 111 6IowaJasper $1200 
Reynolds, Geo W, 111 IColoDenver $1200 
Rhinehart, John H, 111 IColoDenver $1200 
Riddell, Ira 0, Va MdDistofCol $1200 
Roche, Wm T, Mass 12MassWorcester $600 
Rochford, Wm P, Mo IColoDenver $1200 
Royce, Arthur D, NY IColoDenver $1200 
Rudolph, Geo W, Colo IColoDenver $600 
Sargent, Frank A, Mass IColoDenver $1200 
Sohaarschmidt, Theodore G, Ger IColoDenver 

Schafer, Fred P, Mich 36NYErie $1200 
Schechter, Chas W, Rus IColoDenver $900 
Schetfer, Wm, 111 IColoDenver $900 
Schumacher, Fred L, Mich IColoDenver $1000 
Scott, Harley E, 111 IColoDenver $1200 
Scovill, Seth B, Kans IColoDenver $1000 
Sedlack, Chas, Aus 29PaAllegheny $1200 
Seller, Henry A, Ger IColoDenver $1200 
Shafer, Chancy K, Ind IColoDenver $800 
Shclton, Wm L, Va IColoDenver $1200 
Shimpfky, Harry A, Colo IColoDenver $600 
Smith, John E, Cuba IColoDenver $1200 
Sobol, Leon, Rub IColoDenver $1200 
Spillane, John H, Mass IColoDenver $1200 
Steffan, Fredk H, Colo IColoDenver $1000 
Steves, Jay W, Iowa IColoDenver $1200 
Strope, Andw M, Pa IColoDenver $1200 
Sullivan, Wm D, 111 IColoDenver $1200 
Swanland, John B, Aust IColoDenver $1200 
Sweet, Chas E, Kans IColoDenver $900 
Tufford, Walter H, NY IColoDenver $1200 
Venable, Albert, Kans IColoDenver $900 
Venable, Geo E, Kans IColoDenver $800 
Wagner, Wm H, Ohio IColoDenver $1200 
Waller, Henrv A, Mo 2MoJack50n $1200 
Warehime, Geo A, Ohio IColoDenver $600 
Welch, Michl J, Mass IColoDenver $1200 
Weldy, Burton E, Pa SPaLackawanna $1200 
Weybrew, Arthur, Eng IKansShawnee $1200 
Weyna, Andw, Pa 6IlICook $1200 
Wheeler, Jas E, Ohio IColoDenver $1200 
Williams, John B, Wales IColoDenver $1200 
Williams, Nathl H, ,111 2ColoLake $1100 
Williamson, Frederic T, NY IColoDenver $1100 
Wilson, Walter C, NY IColoDenver $1200 
Wilson, Wm A, Ohio IColoDenver $1200 
Wood, Jesse B, Mo IColoDenver $1200 

Rural carriers. 
Bledsoe, Emmet A, "Va IColoDenver $1000 
Henderson, Maxwell, Eng IColoDenver $1000 
Hoflman, Rudolph F, Mo IColoDenver $1000 

Anderson, Wm, Ire IColoDenver $700 
Cummings, Frank, Ind IColoDenver $700 
Dunham, Frank, NY IColoDenver $600 
Denver Mills, Denver: McCracken, KamyB, Ohio SllO 
Derby, Adams: Irwin, Cynthia J, 111 S60 
Dillingham, Washington: Dillingham, W'm E, NY S50 
Dillon, Summit: Heatherly, Mrs Mary D, 111 S570 
Divide, Teller: Gibbons, Wm H, Mich S270 
Dolores, Montezuma: Ordway, Wm F, Me S1200 
Brumley, Lula J, AsstPM Ind 2ColoMontezuma SSO 
Gardner, Geo S, RD Tenn 2ColoMontezuma S900 
Dominguez, Delta: Leonard, Alden, NY SSO 
Dorchester, Gunnison: Folsom, Geo B, — $40 
Dover, Weld: Merritt, Elmer E, Me $190 
Downer, Boulder: Phelps, Geo H, Mass S240 
DoylevUle, Gunnison: Gibbons, Bessie, Colo S230 
Drake, Larimer: Mills, Enoch J, Kans S160 
Dumont, Clear Creek: Hunt, Mrs Stella M, Me SISO 
Duncan, Las Animas: Groomer, Benj F, — SIO 
DunMey, Routt: Dunkley, Geo W, Can S120 
Dunton, Dolores: Alestone, Mrs Sarah E, — S170 
Doiango, La Plata: Parshall, Wesley W, Pa $2500 
Hill, Ed F, AsstPM Ohio 2ColoLaPlata $1200 
Lake, Frank R jr, Clerk NY 2ColoLaPlata .SHOO 
Stemegger, Miss Lena, Clerk NMex 2ColoLaPlata 

Wion, Jas F, Clerk Mo 2ColoLaPIata SIOOO 
Bartlett, Ira G, Carrier NJ 2NJAtlantic SIOOO 
Pickering, Jas W, Carrier Ky 2ColoLaPlata SHOO 
Richardson, Norman E, Carrier Ark 2ColoLaPlata 

Gibbs, Albert J, BD 111 2ColoLaPlata SIOOO 
Eads, Kiowa: Kerr, Mrs Mattie A, Ohio SS60 

Kerr, Miss J Bessie, AsstPM Nebr 2ColoKiowa S320 
Eagle, Eagle: Glenn, Edwin E, Ohio S770 
Earl, Las Animas: Decker, Jas W, III $230 
EastonvUle, El Paso: Whitmore, Walter, Ohio $350 
Eaton, W^eld: Denio, G H, NY $1700 
McCoy, Miss Minnie, Clerk Va IColoWeld S400 
Edwards, F A, RD NY ICoIoWeld SIOOO 
Stuart, T W, RD Mo IColoWeld $1000 
Eckert, Delta: Wenger, Elias, Ohio — 
Eokley, Yuma: Catchpole, Mark M, Nebr $410 
Eddy, Routt: Van Dorn, P A, Iowa $10 
Eden, Pueblo: Seville, Leonard J, 111 $40 

Edgewater, Jefferson: Miller, Frank H, Ind S1600 
Miller, Charlotte H, Clerk Ind IColoJefferson $240 
Pierce, Chas E, RD Iowa IColoJefferson SIOOO 
Prince, Jas L, BD WVa IColoJefferson SIOOO 
Edith, Archuleta: Amick, Thos E, Mo S230 
Ed-wards, Eagle: Bumison, Mrs Nora E, Kans S220 
Elba, Washington: Massek, Anton A, Nebr S70 
Elbert, Elbert: Eisner, Richd J, Colo S720 
Jewell, Miss Nellie B, AsstPM Mo 2ColoElbert 54S0 
Eisner, Mrs Ethel C, Clerk Colo 2ColoElberfc $40 
Elco, La Plata: Frazier, Mrs Emma, 111 S70 
Eldora, Boulder: Davis, Timothy J, Ohio S830 
Elizabeth, Elbert: Hart, Miss Ruth, Clerk 111 $770 
Elk Head, Routt: Adair, John, Tenn S20 
Elkhorn, Larimer: MUler, Willis S, — S170 
Elkton, Teller: Michael, Frank, Iowa S510 
EUicott, El Paso: Andrews, Mrs Alice A, 111 S130 
El More, Las Animas: Cook, Thos, Can S220 
Emma, Pitkin: Powell, Edwin J, NY S140 
Empire, Clear Creek: Jones, W H, Mass $460 
Engle, Las Animas: Chambers, Chas C, Mo SSO 
Englewood, Arapahoe: Williams, Mrs Mary E, 111 S1500 
Ball. Miss Blanche M, Clerk Hi IColoArapahoe S180 
Erie, Weld: Hershey, Benj H, Iowa S670 

Wilson, Francis A H, RD Colo IColoWeld $1000 
Esplnoza, Conejos: Espinoza, Mrs Amanda G, Colo 

Estabrook, Park: Boegel, Fred, 111 $200 
Estelene, Baca: Collins, Mrs Agnes R, NMex SlOO 
Estes Park, Larimer: Hupp, Mrs Josephine H, Mich 


Eureka, San Juan: Heath, Chas C, NY $310 

Evans, Weld: Herriott, P H, Ohio S600 

Evergreen, Jefferson: Sheridan, Mrs Iva M, Kans S700 

Hergman, Carl E, RD Colo IColoJefferson S700 
Fair Play, Park: Carter, Mrs Florence, Iowa, S830 

Bergstrand, Herman, Carrier — — $300 
Fairview, Custer: Gody, Henry J, 111 S40 
Falcon, El Paso: Sweatman, H C, NJ S220 
Farr, Huerfano: Skinner, V L, Ind S210 
Firestone, Weld: Buchanan, Clarence S, Ohio $140 
Firstview, Cheyenne, Melton. Mrs Clara E, Can S320 
Flagler, Kit Carson: White. J A, Mo SIOOO 

Wamberg, Mrs Bertha, Clerk Nebr — SISO 
Fleming, Logan: Detamore, Miss Margaret C, — S340 
Florence. Fremont: Lewis, Moses E, HI S1900 
White. Jas O, AsstPM Colo 2ColoFremont S600 
Hannah, Miss Maud, Clerk Iowa 2ColoFremont S420 
Floresta, Gunnison: Mo"n'"illiams, C C, Iowa S230 
Florissant, Teller: Allen, Wm C, NJ S420 

Dodge, J E, AsstPM Mo 2ColoTeller 8400 
Fondis, Elbert: Cox, Mrs Ella, Ohio S210 
Forbes, Las Animas: Morasky, Joe, Pa S190 
Ford. Yuma: Ford, Mrs C J. Ind S40 
Forder, Lincoln: Schreiber, Mrs Ola P, Mo $50 
Forkscreek, Jefferson: Westerberg, Chas, Sw S290 
Ft Collins, Larimer: Moore, Marshall, Iowa $2800 
Nightingale, John L, AsstPM Nebr IColoLarimer 

Bailey, I L, Clerk Colo IColoLarimer $1000 
Collins, E, Clerk Ohio IColoLarimer $1000 
Insman, Geo L, Clerk Colo IColoLarimer SIOOO 
Pegg, Edith H, Clerk Colo IColoLarimer SIOOO 
Slayton, Frank A, Clerk Wyo IColoLarimer SHOO 
Tenney, Fanny A, Clerk Colo IColoLarimer SIOOO 
Van Sickle, C L, Clerk Tenn IColoLarimer S8C0 
Alexander, Geo U, Carrier Ind IColoLarimer SIOOO 
Fox E E, Carrier Mo IColoLarimer SIOCO 
Hall, R B, Carrier Colo IColoLarimer SIOOO 
Hoffman, M H, Carrier Iowa IColoLarimer SHOO 
Ward Wm M, Carrier Ind IColoLarimer SIOOO 
Zentmyer, L C, Carrier Iowa IColoLarimer S800 
Briggs, Walter G, RD Iowa IColoLarimer SIOOO 
Fox W H, BD Ky IColoLarimer S960 
Kemper, Chas W, BD Ohio IColoLarimer SIOOO 
Marsh, Fred E, RD Colo IColoLarimer $1000 
Oldfleld, S, BD Ohio IColoLaruner $1000 
Ft Garland, Costilla: Peters, Mrs Helen G, NY $370 

Breen, Miss Kate, AsstPM NMex 2ColoCostilla $204 
Ft Logan, Arapahoe: Bichards, Mrs E B, 111 $900 
Ft Lupton, Weld: Moore, Dan C, Iowa $1400 
Smith, Miss Margaret May, AsstPM Nebr IColoWeld 

Reynolds, Will D, RD 111 IColoWeld SIOOO 
Twombly, Harry L, RD NH IColoWeld $900 
Ft Morgan, Morgan: Baker, Frank E, Ind $2400 
Getchell, Mark H, AsstPM Wis ICoIoMorgan SHOO 
Brawley, Henry T, Clerk Mo IColoMorgan S900 
Clayton, Maurice L, Clerk Iowa IColoMorgan $1000 
Witt, Fred, Clerk 111 2KansAllen SIOOO 
Kunsey, Chas L, Carrier Mo IColoMorgan $800 
Scott, Henry F, Carrier Iowa IColoMorgan S600 
Sutor, Frank L, Carrier Wis IColoLarimer $1000 
McDill, Ellis L, RD Ind IColoMorgan $1000 
McDill, Harry J, Carrier Ind IColoMorgan SIOOO 
Brawley, T L, Janitor Mo IColoMorgan S90 
Fosston, Weld: Foss, Mrs Lena, Colo $140 
Fountain, El Paso: Hutchins, Miss Grace A, Colo $860 
Fowler, Otero: Williams, Wm L, Kans S1600 
Williams, Arthur L, AsstPM Kans 2ColoOtero $660 
Gemmill, Wm H, BD Iowa 2ColoOtero SIOOO 
Fox, Yuma: Colpitts, Julius O, 111 SISO 
Foxton, Jefferson: Boach, John O, Ohio $110 
Franktown, Douglas: White, Mrs Jessie H, Iowa $137 
Fraser, Grand: Lemmon, Evan D, Colo S730 
Frederick, Weld: Luce, Mrs Alice V, Colo S300 
Fremont, Washington: Miller, Wm Byron, NY $160 
Frisco, Summit: Vanatta, Wm, Iowa $260 
Fruita, Mesa: Brumbaugh, Wm T, Pa S1600 
Mahanv, Miss Lena S, AsstPM Colo 2ColoMesa $300 
Swan, Fred O, RD 111 2ColoMesa $1000 
Galatea, Kiowa: Glaspie, Mrs Annie L, NJ $310 
Galeton, Weld: Mason, J Earl, WVa $70 
Gardner, Huerfano: Wyatt, Mrs Nora B, 111 $320 
Garnett, Costilla: Speiser, Chas, Nebr $30 
Garo, Park: Turner, Mrs M A, NY $210 

Gary, Morgan: McDowell, Thos H, Term $250 

Gateway, Mesa: Hall, Mrs Minnie M, 111 $170 

Gault, Weld: Aioher, V, Ger $40 

Gem, Bent: Verhoeff, G L, Iowa $90 

Genoa, Lincoln: Echtemaoht. Carrie B, Ohio $630 

Jones, W P, BD Mirm 2ColoLincoln SIOOO 
Georgetown, Clear Creek: Hamill, Hockley T, Colo 
Lacey, Mrs Josephine G, AsstPM Colo 2ColoClear 
Creek $360 
Gllorest, Weld: Hlnes, Wm F, Ohio $270 
Gill, Weld: Harrison, Mrs Mary B, Mo $230 
GiUett, Teller: Mitchell, Millie L, 111 $80 
Gilman, Eagle: Buell, Emily, Eng $230 
GUpin, Gilpin: Daugherty, Saml, Pa $80 
Glade Park, Mesa: France, Mrs Jennie M, Iowa $80 
Gladstone, San Juan: Graves, J S F, Mich $120 
Glen, Washington: Callaway, J C, Nebr $200 
Glendevey, Larimer: Graves, Mrs Bose B, 111 $30 
Gleneath, El Paso: Cooley, Chas A, NC $20 
Gleneyre, Larimer: Bums, Leslie F, Mo SHO 
Glenwood Springs, Garfield: Thorson, Olie, Colo S2200 
Thorson, Mrs Wicona C, AsstPM Mo 2ColoGarfleld 

Hannnond, Miss Laura, Clerk Colo 2ColoGarfield $600 
McMillan, Harry B, Clerk Colo 2CoIoGarfleld $600 
Schutto, John B, Clerk Colo 2CoIoGarfield $800 
Griffith, Oliver G, Carrier Ohio 2ColoGarfleld $800 
Eowe, Earnest N, Carrier Mich 2ColoGarfleld $1000 
Golden, Jefferson: Quaintanee, B P, Ohio $2100 
Pteiffer, C A, AsstPM 111 IColoJefferson $900 
Quaintanee, D H, Clerk Colo IColoJefferson $900 
Brady, Chas E, BD Colo IColoJefferson SIOOO 
McKinnies, Hugh. BD Ind IColoJefferson SIOOO 
Goldfleld, Teller: Flanigan, Alfred W, Mo $1000 
Goldhlll, Boulder: Thomas, John B. Eng $190 
Goodpasture, Pueblo: Boper, Lee B, Mo $130 
Goodrich, Morgan: Coontz, Warner, Ohio $290 
Gorham, Boulder: McGaughey, Danl S, Kans $240 
Gothic, Gunnison: Thomas, Mrs Eliza V, Can $60 
Graceland, Elbert: Young, Grace L, Iowa $80 
Graham, Weld: Thormann, Miss Clara B, Iowa $36 
Granada, Prowers: Keaims, Frank, Ohio $740 
Keaims, Mrs A Gertrude, Clerk Mo 2ColoProwers $96 
Scriven, ChasM, BD Iowa 2ColoProwers $900 
Granby, Grand: Lessley, Eugene, Me $370 
Grand Junction, Mesa: Price, Edwin, 111 S2S00 
Wilson, Edwd B, AsstPM Iowa 2ColoMcsa S1400 
Barnes, Balph A, Clerk Ohio 2ColoMesa $1000 
Daniell, Howard W, Clerk Pa 2ColoMesa SHOO 
Heald,ChasD, Clerk Iowa 2ColoMesa SHOO 
Higbee, Harold A, Clerk NJ 2NJAtlantic SHOO 
Jones, Walter G, Clerk Nebr 2ColoMesa SSOO 
Rider, Edgar A, Clerk Iowa 2ColoMesa SHOO 
Shubert, Otis O, Clerk Iowa 2ColoMe5a $900 
Wilson, Lov J, Clerk Nebr 2ColoMesa SIOOO 
Beatty, Ellsworth A, Carrier Can 2ColoMesa SHOO 
Bliss, Archie D, Carrier Colo 2ColoMesa $900 
Bullock, Chauncey A, Carrier Nebr 2ColoMesa $800 
Chalmers, John H, Carrier Iowa 2ColoMesa $1000 
Daniell, Victor C, Carrier Pa 2ColoMesa $800 
Davis, John F, Carrier Iowa 2ColoMesa S900 
Sparer, Albert E, Carrier Kans 2ColoMesa $800 
Turner, Ralph N, Carrier Iowa 2ColoMesa $1100 
Click, Danl M, RD Va 2ColoMesa S960 
Click, Geo W, ED Colo 2ColoMesa $900 
Bundle, Chas W, RD Ky 2CoIoMesa SIOOO 
Stevens, Jesse W, RD Pa 2ColoMesa SIOOO 
Brown, CliasH, Labr Mo 2ColoMesa S600 
Grandlake, Grand: Harbison, Henry M, Pa $310 
Grand Valley, Garfield: Sipprelle, J E, Me SHOO 
Sippreile, Mrs Helen F, AsstPM Mo 2ColoGarfield 

Barthel, E G, RD Can 2ColoGarfleld SIOOO 
Graneros, Pueblo: Good. Preston R, Kans $310 
Granite, Chaffee: Hoffman, Julius, Mo S370 . 

Grant, Park: Lamping, Jas A, NY — 
Graycreek, Las Animas: Mathis, J L, Mo $350 
Graylin, Logan: Martin, Sadie A, — $70 
Greeley, Weld: Gray, David E, Ohio S2900 
Fitzpatriok, Mrs May H, AsstPM Ohio IColoWeld 

SI 400 
Brewer, John C, Clerk NY IColoWeld SHOO 
Gibson, Frank B, Clerk Nebr IColoWeld $900 
Hanna, Hobert S, Clerk Colo IColoWeld S1200 
Harbottle, John, Clerk Kans IColoWeld SIOOO 
Hunter, Miss LeomaD, Clerk Mo IColoWeld SIOOO 
Johnson, Harry L, Clerk NY IColoWeld $800 
Haskil, Chas B, Carrier Ind — lUCook $1200 
Howarth, Walter T, Carrier Pa IColoWeld $800 
Kunbal, Louis F, Carrier Iowa IColoWeld SHOO 
Price, Chas G, Carrier NY 22NYRensselaer SHOO 
Scott, Danl H, Carrier Colo IColoWeld $1000 
Crabb, John A, RD Ohio IColoWeld $1000 
Crall, GeoW, RD Mich IColoWeld SIOOO 
Meek, Newton F, RD Ind IColoWeld SIOOO 
Miller, Clementine S, RD NJ IColoWeld SIOOO 
Teas, Jos C, BD lU IColoWeld S960 
Greenhorn, Pueblo: Sears, Bobt W, Colo — 
Greenland, Douglas: Riggs, Miss Mary C, Ohio $240 
Green Mountain Falls, El Paso: Hart, Margaret G, 
Conn $450 
Brown, Mrs Hazel, Clerk 111 — $360 
Greenwood, Custer: Hill, Jos L, Ind SIO 
Gresham, Boulder: Merrill, C F, 111 $40 
Griffith, La Plata: Laughren, Mrs Hattie Ohio $140 
Grover, Weld: Parker, GeoW, 111 S720 

Bamett, Miss Irma, Clerk Iowa — $300 
Gufley, Park: Cohen, Gus, Pol $140 
Gulch, Pitkin: Hudson, Chester L, Mo $300 
Gulnare, Las Animas: Jones, Jeff S, Pa $190 
Gunnison, Gunnison: Summers, Mrs NeUie R, Iowa 
Ebersol, Miss Annie L, Clerk Colo 2ColoGunnison 

Qurney, Yuma: Klic, Geo F, EI $60 



Gypsum, Eagle: Stromme, TUeo, 111 tsa) 
Hahns Peak, Koutt: Blackburn. ChasE, — J420 
Hale, Yuma: Westfall, (ieo D, Ohio $120 
Halfway, El Paso: Harris, W H, Iiid $60 
Hamilton, Koutt; Pitclitord, Geo, Mo $90 
Happyvllle, Yiuna: Gilmore, UiolidJ, Wis $50 
Hardin, Weld: Myers, Warden E, I'a $240 

Odell, Kennatli C, AsstPM Mich IColoWeld $2-!0 
Harslsvllle, Elbert: Hargis, Paris, Mo $90 
Harrlsburg, Washington: Gibbons, Mrs Anna H, Iowa 

Hartman, Prowers: Moore, Jas F, Miss $440 
Hartsel, Park: Davids, Wm li, Ohio $3X0 
Hastings, Las Animas: Holt, Hobt U, WVa — 
Haswell, Kiowa: Manlovc, Mrs Lura, Iowa $S70 
Hasty, llent: Ilill, Geo S, Mass $200 
Hawthorne, Boulder: McGrew, Mrs K A, Ind $240 
Haitum, I'hillips: Johnson, Mrs Franees M, 111 $1200 

Hawkins, T A, KD Ind IColoPhillips $1000 
Hayden, Koutt: Whiteman, Clayton, NY $1000 
Hayman, Park: Van Dyke, Mrs Blanche U, Mich 
Hebron, Jackson: Case, C C, Cal $250 
Helberger, Mesa: Linn, Mrs Caroline, Sw $50 
Henderson, Adams: Wilier, Mrs Marv L, NJ $350 

Fuller, W E, Carrier Pa IColoAdams $1000 
Henry, Washington: Henrv.Chas It, 111 $210 
Henson, Hinsdale: Meyers", Mrs Lena, Sw $40 
Herard, Saguache: Uerard, Mrs Mary F, III $10 
Hereford, Weld: Piper, Uichd 0, Ger $240 
Hermes, Yuma: Andrews, Mrs Edna M, Iowa $ltiO 
Hermit, Hinsdale: Mason Chas C, Wis $20 
Hesperus, La Plata: Bailly, DanI B, Wis $520 
Hester, Otero: Hester, John T, Tenn $20 
Hezron, Huerfano: Cook, Chas M, — $150 
Hicks, Las Animas: Ilarlsoe, Mrs Melissa C, III $100 
Hlgbee, Olero: Wilsiin, Dora, — $1S0 
Highland Lake. Weld: (';innon, W I), NY $130 
Hlghmore, liiirlield: Hutrheon, Mrs Do.sheti, Iowa $30 
Hlgho, Jackson: Bcrquisl, Esther, Sw $120 
Hlghpark. Teller: Wilson. Mrs Emma A. Colo $80 
Hlllrose. Morgan: Coirm, Clarke A, Minn $.iOO 

IIii>;kr, Cyrenius E, RD III IColoMorgan $900 
Hillside, Fremont: Squire Mrs Hhoda A, Eng $170 
HIU Top, Douglas: King, F L, Kans $70 
Hoebne, Las Animas: Geiirge, Jas D, Colo $70 
Holly, Prowers: McCreery, Hardin C, III $1700 
Clay, Miss Louise U, Clerk Ind 2Colol'rowers $490 
Viirner, Jules V, RD Mo 2ColoProwers $1000 
Holtwold, El Paso: Culler. Kiihd B, III $X0 
Holyoke, Phillips: Smith Frank M, Pa S1500 
Smith. Myron, Clerk Colo IColoPhillips $300 
Troutman, Verne P, UD Colo IColoPhillips $1000 
Home, Larimer: Zinmicnnan, John, Switz $320 
Hooper, Cast ilia: Chapman, Chas F Ind $5:10 
Hotohklss, Delta: Field, Mrs Jessie li, III $liax) 
Hall, Miss Agnes, AsstPM Tenn 2ColoDeUa $240 
Kelly, Geo A, KD Pa 2ColoDelta SIOOO 
Gerry, WmE, RD 111 2ColoDella $1000 
Howard, Tremont: Freeman, Lewis L, Ohio $200 
HowardsTlUe, San Juan: Grabowsky, Theodore C, Colo 

Sl.JO ' 

Howbert, Park: Rogers, Henrj- E, Colo $170 
Hoyt, Morgan: Davis, Rhodes, Mo $170 
Hudson, Weld: Kearns, Grover C, III $5S0 
Huerfano, Huerfano: Bailey, T C, NC $260 
Hugo, Lincoln: Sauer. Geo H, Pa $1400 
Schroeder. Matilda, Clerk SDak 2ColoLini'oln $120 
Sanford.Danl. RD Mo 2Colol,incoln $1000 
Sanders. J:is C, RD Ind 2Colol,incoln $1000 
Husted, El Paso: Honnold, J M, Ohio $1S0 
Hygiene, Boulder: Moodv, John. Md $200 
Idaho Springs, Clear Creek: Trathor. John, Eng $1900 
Leach, Fredk H, Clerk Corm 2ColoClearCreck $536 
Idalla, Yuma: Conrad, Geo F, Nebr $240 
Ideal, Huerfano: Stracv, Geo W, Colo $210 
Ignaclo, La Plata: Hafi, Wm R Mo $610 

Walters, Wm H, AsstPM Minn 4ColoLaPlata $i;o 
ma, Logan: Mathews, Edith L, Mo $480 
nium, San Miguel: Stone, Guy, Kans $60 
Ilse, Cusler: Hay, Thos L, Scot $60 
Independence, teller: Rogers, Lester W, Pa $ri40 
Insmont, Park: Connell, Jas W, Wis $1.80 
lola. Gunnison: Wilt, Otis A, Ind $230 
Ironton, Ouray: Butcher, Mrs Nellie, Mich $140 
Ivanhoe, Pitkin: Thomas. A F, Colo $tX) 
Jacks Cabin, Gunnison: Spann, Mrs Olive, Colo $120 
Jamestown, Boulder: Wasson, j A, Iowa $1.30 
Jaroso, Costilla: Ramsey. Robt B, III $100 
Jefferson, Park: Lilley, W H. Wis $380 
Johnstown, Weld: Bfunner, Fleming R. Iowa $630 
Juanlta, Archuleta: Galbreath, W H, Tenn $200 
Julesburg, Sedgwick: White, C W. Ill $1600 

Shepard, Mrslda B, AsstP.M III — $300 
Juniper, Routt: Failing, Mrs Catherine M, Iowa $30 
Eanza. Elbert: Miller, Jas, Mo $110 
Karval. Lincohi: Kraarig, Gilbert K, EI $90 
Keenesburg, Weld: Taylor, Emnictt, La $350 
Kelly, Logan: Vanscoy, Anna, Iowa $100 
Kendrlck, Lincoln: Mortimer, John M, Pa $150 
Keota, Weld: Murphy. Chas W. Ill $.(10 
Kersey, Weld: Racer, Gordon W WVa $.500 
Keysor, Elbert: LawTence. Jonathan .M. NY $320 

Milhoan, Wm T, RD WVa 2ColoElbert $1000 
Klnkel, Pueblo: Kinkel. Wm E. Ill $.10 
Kiowa, Elbert: Miller. Wm E, Mass $620 
Kirk. Yuma: Pratt, Jas A. Iowa $.)no 
McLean, John Y, RD Mo — $1000 
Kit Carson, Cheyenne: Waggoner, Jas B, Ind $650 
KUne. La Plata: Miller. Roy M, Kans $1.50 
Kokomo, Summit: Carlson, Miss Eva, NS $.3.30 
Konantz. Baca: McOorvem. Mrs Clementine. Kans 
Kremmllng. Grand: Thompson. J H, NY $780 
Kuhns Crossing, Elbert: Iloler, Albert E, Kans $110 
Kuner, Weld: Moiss, D F, Ind $180 
Kutch, Lincoln: Park, Mrs Margaret M, Kans $220 
La Boca, La Plata: Hatcher, Elmer E, Mo $70 

Ladore, Routt: Chew, John N, Eng $70 
Lafayette, Boulder: Simpson, Jas E, Eng $1500 
Simpson, Jos. Clerk Colo IColoBoulder $300 
Wiseman, John S, RD NC IColoBoulder $960 
La Oarlta, Saguache: McCarthy, Harry E, 111 $70 
Laird, Yuma: Dowlin, Edwin J, Pa $230 
La Jara, Conejos: Mosier, Mrs MahalaK, Mo $1200 
Hall, Horace C, AsstPM lU 2ColoConejos $400 
Seyfer. Iva L.(Miss), Clerk Colo 2ColoConeios $250 
Watson, Jas A, RD Mo 2ColoConejos $1000 
La Junta, Otero: Dalton, R O, Wis $2500 
Dalton. M J, AsstPM Wis 2ColoOtero $1200 
Amtien, Vernon D, Clerk NMex 2ColoOtero $1000 
Bosley, Roy, Clerk III 2ColoOtero $600 
.Mann, Vemll, Clerk Kans 2ColoOtero $900 
Rourkc, Miss Nellie, Clerk Colo 2ColoOtero $1000 
Shrum, Miss Edith, Clerk Colo 2ColoOtero $600 
Waldron, Arch E, Clerk NJ 2ColoOtero $1000 
Bosley, Jas M, Carrier III 2ColoOetro $1000 
Eddy, Leon E, Carrier Kans 2ColoOtero $1000 
Winship, Frank D„ Carrier Nebr 2ColoOtero 1100 
Brooker. Alfred, RD Ky 2ColoOtero $1000 
Cornwell, Henry T, RD III 2ColoradoOtero $1000 
Simonton, John U, RD Pa 2ColoOtero $1000 
Suiclair, Clyde, Labr Colo 2ColoOetro $000 
Lake City, Hmsdale; Harvison, Alex, Ohio $950 
Lake George, Park: Wymorc, Jas, Ind $190 
Lamar, Prowers: Mears, Edwd M, Pa $2300 
Hagennan, Albert A, AsstPM Colo 2ColoProwers 

Billingsley, Saml E, Clerk Iowa 2ColoProwers $900 
Householder, Ernest D, Clerk Iowa 2ColoProwers 

Householder, Ralph C, Clerk Iowa 2 ColoProwers 

Smith, Henly K, Clerk Mo 2ColoProwcrs $000 
Leigh, Edwd C, Carrier 111 2ColoProwers $000 
O'lvane, Harry F, Carrier 111 2ColoProwers $900 
Blosser, Green S, RD Ohio 2ColoProwers $1000 
E wing, Elmer K, RD Okia 2ColoProwers $1000 
Wright, Le Roy B, RD 111 2ColoProwers $1000 
Lamport, Baco: Lamport, Frances E, 111 $40 
Landsman, Yuma: Younl, Mrs Elizabeth, Ger $20 
Langdon, Teller: Cartwright, Miss Eva P, Iowa $.300 
Laplata, La Plata: Beach, Mrs Julia E, Pa $340 
Laporte, Larimer: McNutt, Richd J, ir. Mo $330 
Larimer, Huerfano: Petty, Alfred C. Ill $150 
Larkspur, Doughvs: Dobberteen, J llenry, Mich $410 
LaSaUe, Weld: McKcnny, E W, Ind $400 
Bentlcy, Mrs Edith, AsstPM Colo IColoVVeld $240 
Blackwood, Thomas R, RD Ohio IColoWeld $700 
Edie, Hugh A, KD Iowa IColoWeld $1000 
Las Animas, Bent: Tague, Francis M, Ind $2100 
Kessler, Jos C, AsstPM Mo 2ColoBent $800 
Huflard, Ralph, Clerk Ohio 2ColoBent $800 
Cronkhite, Miss Alma, Clerk Colo 2ColoBent $900 
Gillespie, Bert, RD Nebr 2CoIoBent $900 
Warthley, Ray E, RD Mo 2ColoBent $1000 
Lasauses, Conejos: Martinez, Jose A, NMe.\ $70 
Laura, Logan: McKibbin, Lee R, Pa $110 
La Veta, Huorfano: Woodruff, W H, Ohio $12(K1 
McFarland, Miss Lela Etola, AsstPM Colo 2Colo 
Huerfano $300 
Laveta Pass, Costilla: Slagic, John A, — $320 
Lawson, Clear Creek: Donnellv, Dennis J. Can $230 
Lay, Moffat: Wallihan, .\llcn G, Wis $170 
Leader, Adams: Woolsey, Mrs Matilda L, NY $100 
LeadTille, Lake: Bohn, Akiman V, Ohio $2600 
Thomson, Alex G, AsstPM Scot IColoLake $1300 
Bennett, Geo M, Clerk Colo IColoLake $000 
Brennen, Michael J, Clerk Scot IColoLake $1200 
Chase, Geo T, Clerk Colo IColoLake $1000 
Forrest. Edwd R, Clerk Colo IColoLake $1100 
Wall, Timothy ¥ Clerk Kans IColoLake $1100 
Weller.GeoF, Clerk Kans IColoLake $1100 
Humphrev, GeoW, Carrier Mass IColoLake $1000 
Johnson, Thos J, Carrier Mo IColoLake $1000 
Monberg, Luther, Carrier Den IColoLake $800 
Sellers, Saml H, Carrier 111 IColoLake $1100 
Leal, Grand: Prueitt, Jos M, — $100 
Lebanon, Montezuma: Perdue, Mrs Maude, Kans $140 
Lehman, Grand: Schoonover, John A, — $1S0 
Leonard, San Miguel: Wahurter, Geo, Ohio $170 
Leroy, Logan: Sonnenberg. Henry P, Ger $370 
Lester, Huerfano: Delano, B A, Me $330 
Liberty, Saguache: Mayer. Noah Z C, Kans $00 
Lily, Routt: Barnes. Frank C. Mo $00 
Lime, Pueblo: Quinn, Timothy J, Ire $220 
Llmon, Lincoln: Bloom, Wm H, Ohio $1,500 

Knox, Henry Ray, Clerk Iowa 2ColoLincoln $204 
Llndon, Washington: Slusser, Mrs Jessie E NY $11(1 
Link, Las Animas: Link, .\dam R. Ind $41) 
Llttell, Fremont: Seavarda, Battista. It $30 
Littleton, Arapahoe: Cozens. Miss Jessie L. Colo $1800 
Cross. Miss Sue O. Clerk Iowa iColoArapahoe $.300 
Getschow, Wm C, RD NY IColoArapohoc $900 
Johnson. Alex B, RD NJ IColoArapahoe $1000 
Llvermore, Larimer: Bellairs, Malcolm, Scot $300 
Lobatos, Conejos: Lohato, Danl F, — $30 
Loco, Kit Carson: Frisbie, John M, Mo $.50 
Lodge, Gunnison: Spain, Wm S, Iowa $60 
Logcabln, Larimer: StClair. Mrs Elizabeth. Ohio $190 
Loma, Mesa: Brumbaugh, David M, Pa $480 
Longmont, Boulder: Herron, Ira L. NY $2700 
Herron.Aniy. AsstPM Colo IColoBoulder $1300 
Porter, Edmund F, Clerk Iowa IColoBoulder $1000 
Stewart, Homer C, Clerk Kans IColoBoulder $1000 
Stoddard, Chauncey D, Clerk Colo IColoBoulder 

Hoolid, Johannes M, Carrier Norw IColoBoulder 

Hubbard. John E, Carrier Colo IColoBoulder $1000 
Smith, Walters. Carrier Colo IColoBoulder $1000 
Bennett, Katie T, RD NY IColoBoulder $1000 
Boze, Jas C, RD Colo IColoBoulder $1000 

Zionsmont— Continued. 

I Clotworthy, Jas C, RD Ire IColoBoulder $1000 

Lane, Albert D. ko Ohio IColoBoulder $1000 

; Lindale, Chas A, RD Del IColoBoulder $iooo 

Longs Peak, Larimer: Schwartz, Julius F, Ohio $170 
I Longvlew, Jetlerson: Hynes, Mrs Rosa. Ohio $15(1 

LorettcAriii.ahoe: Nooning, Miss Catherine, Mass $->5n 

Los Cerrltos. Cuncjos: Trujillo, Jaun D — $.50 

LoulsylUe, liouMcr: Allert, Mrs Anna, 111 $i:ioo 
Wofer. Miss Winnie, Clerk Colo IColoBoulder $180 
I Lonvlers Douglas: Ball, Addison LC, Va$500 ° 

Loveland, Larimer: James, Mrs Carrie, Pa $2300 
Workman Wm J. AsstPM Iowa IColoLarimer^tlloo 
Hilton. Wm A Clerk Colo IColoLarlnTcr $soo 
Schoflner.FredD. Clock Mo IColoLarlnier $1000 
Vandevenler OwcnJ, Clerk III IColoLarime? $900 
r™ Jhrn "^ *^'.- ^^'"" ■ ^"'A'" IColoLarimer $900 
Coughim, Jas E, Carrier Coo IColoLarimer Jwn 
.Scott, R chd T, Carrier Iowa lCo°olfarTmer Vmx) 
pavis,WmA RD Iowa IColoLarimer $\too "^ 
Lowe, Fred, RD NY IColoLarimer $10(*l 
Palmer, JasH, RD Wis IColoLarimer $I000 

Lucerne, Weld: Diivall, Geo E. Ohio r>90 
.Shaw. Wm B, RD Mo IColoWeld "$1000 
itn -^'""""'- Hollcarin, Mrs Susan F D, Colo 

Lyons, Boulder: Thorne, Wm M, Ohio $1100 

T JJ'i'f '^^ p""'"r- 'P '"^ IColoBoulder $900 
Lytle, El Paso: Conloguo, Jas P, Can $80 
McClave, Bent: Strain. Oscar O, Ind $3''0 
McCoy, Eagle: Willett, Peter E, NY $210 
McGulre, Huerfano: Boyd. C H. Colo $170 
Mack. Mesa: Baird. Fred B. Mo $360 
Madrid, Las Animas: Madrid. Mrs lienor NMex $40 
Magnolia, B„ulder: .stow,,ll. Mrs S Carrie. Mass $90 
Maher, Muutriw: Fosi.t, Will M, 111 $200 
Maltland,,: .Mi-Gjil. Ernest C, _ $>60 
Majestic, L;is AninjiLs: Cowdory, K E, Kans 1160 
Majors. El Pis,,: Major. B F, La $40 
Malachite, Hiicrliino: Smith, Robt L, NC $230 
Malta. Lake: Johnston, David. WVa $140 
Manassa. Conejos: Dalton, Mrs H D, Utah $(r'0 
Mancos, Montezuma: Sam.son, Newton W, Iowa $1400 
Halllort, Mlss Rel)ccca M Clerk Colo 2ColoMont™ 

Freeman. John R, RD Tex 2ColoMontczuma $1(H)0 
Manltou, El Pii,so: Grafton, Homer H, Ohio $2100 
Noble. Jesse W AsstPM Iowa 2IowaClayton $1(KI0 
Hitt. B(!rtram U, Clerk Kans 2C0I0EI Piso $1000 
Manzanola, Otero: Stanley, Thos J, Tenn $1300 

?,.• ''iS,^'''^''' Augusta, AsstPM Colo 2Colo 
( Otero $384 

Stanley, S Parker, Clerk III 2ColoOtero $120 
Thomas, Winslow W, RD Me 2ColoOtcro $1000 
Marble, Gunnison: Williams, John A, NY $15(Ki 
I Marlon, Garfield: Graham, J H, Scot $20 
I Martin, Grand: Constantino, Nick, — $10 
Masonvllle, Larimer: Kitchen, Grant, III $140 
Masters, Weld: Callihan. Mrs Mary, Ohio $80 
( Mattlson, Elbert: Mathi.son, Duncan. Scot $430 
Maxey, B;ica: .\mmann, Herman, Iowa $50 
Maybell. Mollat: Wagner. Mrs Emma E, Iowa r'50 
.Mead, Weld: Adams. Marion S, Ind $270 
Medill, Cheyenne: Medill, Mrs Sarah, III $70 
Meeker, Rio Blanco: Fisk, W S, Mich $1500 
Meekton, Washington: Hunker. Jos, Mo $80 
Mercier. Pueblo: Saunders, .Mrs Susan E. Ky $70 
Meredith, Pitkin: Dearhamer. Mrs Edith, Wis $50 
Merino, Logan: Pinney. Earl T, 111 $820 
Mesa, Mesa: Prewett, Lee L: Kans $550 
Meslta, Costilla: Stow. Mrs Luretta G, Iowa $3''0 
Messex, Washmgton: Hambarger, Solomon M, Kans 

Mlcanlte, Fremont: Jack.son, Miss L B, 111 $90 
Mildred, Yuma: Stanbrough. Nelson Mo $40 
MUllken, Weld: Riker. Edwd D, NY $520 
Mineral Hot Springs, Saguache: Dunshee, Kobt G 

Iowa $90 
Mlnturn, Eagle: Cox, .Mrs Mae Thos, Wis $080 
Mirage, Saguache: Snyder, Clinton B, Kv $90 
Moffat, Saguache: Coleman. J N. Pa $770 
Albert. W A. AsstPM Colo 2ColoSaKUacho $4.80 
Solomon, Miss Ethel, Clerk Kans 2(?olo Saguache 
Mogote, Conejos: Jarauiillo, Luis, Colo $130 
Molina, Mesa: Skinner, Henry H. Nebr $170 
.Monon, Baca: Johnston, Loucinda B, Ky $180 
Montclalr, Denver: Hammond, Mrs E. ill $1300 
Hammond. Helen, Clerk Colo iColoDenver 

Bcrgundthal, Carl J, RD Colo IColoDenver $1000 
Monte Vista. Rio Grande: Boutwell. Geo B, Iowa$2.3oo 
Johnson. Roy C, AsstPM Kans 2ColoKioGrande 

Boutwell, Harold, Clerk Colo 2ColoRioGrandc $300 
Erickson, Carl .\, Clerk Colo 2ColoRioGrande $800 
Downing. Ralph, RD Iowa 2ColoRioGrandi' $1000 
Johnson. Elmer. RD III 2ColoRioGrande $1000 
May. Jas G. RD Oreg 2ColoRioOrande $1000 
Montezuma, Summit: Allen, H F. Ind $400 
Montrose. Montrose: llorrington. Geo A. NY $2500 
Baily, Miss.Malwl, As.stPM III 2ColoMontrose $1200 
Corey, Glenn D. Clerk Mich 2ColoMontrose iUM) 
Crouch, Raymond .\, Clerk 111 2ColoMontrosc $S(X) 
Palmer. Delia. Clerk Colo 2ColoMontrose $900 
Thompson, Mrs Nellie D, ('Icrk Colo 2ColoMontrose 

Gordon, Wm M, Carrier Kans 2ColoMontrose $000 
Jones, Albert E, Carrier Nebr 2ColoMontrose $800 
Champion. W V', RD Mo 2ColoMontrose $1000 
McNay. Mark R. RD Ind 2IndPortcr $1,000 
Stryker, W W. RD Kans 2ColoMontrose $1000 
Turner. Frank P. RD Ohio 2ColoMontrosc $1000 
Monument, El Paso: Watts, Mrs .\ima L, Colo $500 
Moqnl, Montezuma: Tozet, Alex J, Can $50 



Moiaine Park, Larimer: Chapman, Mrs Arah Iowa 

Morley, Las Animas: Boyle, Wm W, Iowa S540 
Morris, Kit Carson: Clark, Ellis L, NY $40 
Mosby, El Paso: Lvons, John F, Eng S70 
Mosca, Costilla: Saely, Edwd M, Colo S320 
Mount Morrison, Jefferson: Babcock, Jasper D, NY 

Babcock, Mrs Lizzie C, AsstPM Ohio IColoJeSer- 
son $72 

Johnson, Andrew H, RD 111 IColoJeffcrson S900 
Myrtle, Pueblo: Fmke, Edwd H, 111 $30 
Mystic, Routt; Hix, Thos C, Ga SllO 
Nasi, Pitkin: Hawthorn, Arthur, — $20 
Nathrop, Chaflee: Williams, Mrs Louisa E, Iowa $130 
Naturita, Montrose: Crabtree, Miss Moss. Ind $340 
Navaho Springs, Montezuma: Clardy, U L, Ky $20 
Nederland, Boulder: Binder, Wm E, Pa $710 
Nepesta, Pueblo: Sexton, Geo, Colo $250 
New Castle, Garfield: Weller, Ellsworth A, Ohio $890 
Newett, Chaflee: McConnell, Robt H, Iowa, $210 
New Haven, Logan: Probasco, Mrs Julia, Iowa $80 
Newjnixe, San Miguel: Blackwell, C P, NMex $350 
New Raymer, Weld: Vik, Ingebregt N, NDak $400 
Newton, Yuma: Bailey, Wm P, Pa $60 
New Wattenbeig, Weld: Rand, Miss Carrie E, Kans $70 
New Windsor, Weld: Haima, Robt E, Colo $1500 

Blakeman, Curtis C, RD 111 IColoWeld $960 

Corain, John H, RD Iowa IColoWeld $1000 
Niwot, Boulder: Stockley, Mrs Julia C, NY $450 

Blanton, Caleb K, RD NC IColoBoulder $900 
Noel, San Miguel: Batchelder, Franklin P, NH $160 
Norrie, Pitkm: Teas, Chas H, Ohio $300 
North Creede, Mineral: Gates, Mrs Mary N, Eng $180 
Norton, Elbert: Olson, Olofl, Sw $40 
Norwood, San Miguel: Royer, Mrs Cornelia J, Mich $800 
Nucla, Montrose: Riehl, Mrs Mary E, Pa $460 
Nunn, Weld: Hobart, Sylvester E, Kans $6S0 
Nyburg, Pueblo: Peek, L R, Nebr $320 
Oak Creek, Routt: Van Dorn, Carl D, Nebr $1000 

Coupon, Miss Anna, Clerk Kans 2ColoRoutt $200 
Oakview, Huerfano: Moss, Fred P, Iowa $330 
Ohio, Gunnison: Caufman, Ambrose, Pa $490 
Olathe, Montrose: Burns, Thos, Can $1300 

Burns, Robt M, AsstPM Colo 2ColoMontrose $120 

Henderson, John F, RD Ohio 2ColoMontrose $1000 

McWmiams,ChasR, RD Ohio 2ColoMontrobe $1000 
Olney Springs, Otero: Hanen, Miss Opal, Colo $570 

Summerhalter, Jos M, RD Wis 2ColoOtero $1000 
Ophii, San Miguel: Yates, A H, 111 $300 
Orchard, Morgan: Richeson, Mrs Stasia, Wis $600 
Ordway, Crowley: Bashon, Melton E, Tenn $1500 

Basher, Jessie L, AsstPM ni 2ColoCrowley $180 

Fenton, Myron L, RD Mich 2CoIoCrowley $900 
Oriska, Kit Carson: Marten, T A, Iowa $60 
Ortiz, Conejos: Ortiz, Antonio J, Colo $250 
Osgood, Weld: Butters, Wm M, Me $140 
Osier, Conejos: Deary, Mrs Mary A, Ohio $70 
Otis, Washington: Clare, Jacob T, Va $620 
Ouray, Ourav: Bradley, Lafayette E, Iowa $1800 

Richardo, Anna B, AsstPM Pa 2ColoOuray $500 

Duff, Witmlfred M, Clerk Colo 2ColoOuray $300 
Overland, Denver: Dietz, John, Ger $200 
Ovid, Sedgwick: Bennett, Corbit N, Ind $310 
Owen, Lincoln: Owen, Miss Anna, NY $40 
Owl, Jackson: Speak, August, Ger $60 
Oxford, La Plata: Brockenauer, Fritz, Ger $220 
Pactolus, GUpm: Hall, Lester H, Colo $30 
Padroni, Logan: Harris, Jolm A, Colo $220 
Pagoda, Routt: Bennett, Jas A, Pa $180 
Pagosa Junction, Archuleta: Zabriskie, Walter, Kans 

Pagosa Springs, Archuleta: Todd, Mrs Eleanor, Iowa 

Todd, Mark. AsstPM Iowa 2ColoArohuleta $180 
Paisaje, Conejos: Lopez, J G, Colo $50 
PaUsades, Mesa: Strain, David F, Ohio — 

Hulburt, Dan S RD Wis 2ColoMesa — 
Palmer, El Paso: Wilson, Fred, 111 $800 

Aldridge, JaneE, Clerk — 2CoIoElPaso $400 
Pando, Eagle: Yoder, Eli S, — $140 
Paoli, PhUlips: Berg, Chas. Iowa $160 
Paonia, Delta: Bunker, J A, Iowa $1800 

Murray, Miss Rya, Clerk Scot 2ColoDelta $360 
Paradox, Montrose: Hamilton, MollieE, Ohio $240 
Paikdale, Fremont: Murray, John F, Mich $100 
Parker, Douglas: Herzog, Albert F, 111 $450 
Parlin, Gunnison: Lobdell, Roy S, 111 $210 
Parshall, Grand: Dow, G W, 111 $300 
Pawnee, Morgan: Seney, Jos B, Nebr $80 
Pearl, Jackson: WiUford, Mrs Ollie J S, Colo $80 
Pearmont, Grand: Atmore, M E, Cal $30 
Peetz, Logan: Van Valkenbtu-g, Horatio, NY $350 
Penrose, Fremont: Cogan, J J, Ire $630 
Peoria, Arapahoe: Goodale, Mrs Hildur L, Sw $100 
Perins, La Plata: Meston, John, Scot $160 
Peyton, El Paso: Dickinson, Junius W, NY $370 
Phippsburg, Routt: Parfltt, Mrs Agnes K, — $290 
Piceance, Rio Blanco: Reigan, Mrs Minnie. Ire $60 
Pictou, Huerfano: Reeder, W C H, Kans $320 
Piedra, Archuleta: Cooper, Mrs Annie C, Den $50 
Pierce, Weld: Myers, Christopher F, Ind $590 

Christopher, Joe, RD Colo IColoWeld $1000 
Pikeview, El Paso: Kelly, Andw J, Pa $270 
Pine. Jefferson: Dake, Albert H, Iowa $700 

Galland, Able C. RD Iowa ICoioJeflerson $900 
PinecUfle, Boulder: Pierce. ArthurE, Mich $240 
Pinewood, Larimer: Stevens, Allen H, Mo $30 
Pinneo, Washington: Wilkins, Mrs Cora D, 111 $90 
Pinon, Pueblo: Sutherland, Mrs Amelia E, 111 $100 
Pitkin. Guimison: Williams, JIrs ..xelissa M, Kans $720 
Placerville, San Miguel: Bradley, Dora, NC $450 
Plainvlew, Jefferson: Jeffreys. Wm, NJ $60 
Plateau City, Mesa: Bann, Frances A, Nebr $330 
Platner, Washington: Moore, Walter, Ind $40 
Platoro, Conejos: Mix, Mrs Mary K, NY $100 

Plattevllle, Weld: Solomon, Siegfried, Ger $1000 

Brown, Arthur C, RD Iowa IColoWeld $1000 

Bruce, Columbus E, RD Iowa IColoWeld $1000 

Plum Bush, Washington; Stone, Wesley E, Mo $70 

Poncho Springs, Chaffee: Appleby, Mrs Antonia N Tex 

Pool, Routt: Hitehens, Jas H, Eng $80 
Portland, Fremont: Morse, Reuben J, — $690 
Powderhorn, Gunnison: Nichols, Mrs Sadie M, 111 $130 
Phelps, Jesse R, RD 111 2ColoGunnison $1300 
Wilson. Floyd M, RD Colo 2CoioGunnison $312 
Prairie, Washington: McKie, R W, Mo $70 
Primero, Las Animas: Phillips, David J, Mo $420 
Primes, Boulder: Johnson, Seymour, — $110 
Proctor, Logan: Tedder, Fred W, Ger $170 
Prowers, Bent: Deem, Lawrence E, Kans $310 

Best, Wm E, RD Ind 2ColoBent $1000 
Pryor, Huerfano: Foster, Lemuel R, Tex $240 
Pueblo, Pueblo : Walpole, N S, Ohio $3400 
Osgood, E H, AsstPM Me 2ColoPueblo $1700 
Ames, E H, Clerk lU 20oloPueblo $1200 
Ashford, H W, Clerk Kans 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Baker, J C, Clerk Colo 2ColoPueblo $900 
Brill, H, Clerk Ky 20oloPueblo $1000 
Burr, W E, Clerk Minn 2ColoPueblo $1000 
Canfield, A J, Clerk Mo 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Davies, J R, Clerk Kans 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Donnelly, J C, Clerk Ohio 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Donnellv, J M, Clerk Ohio 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Fagan, T J, Clerk Kans 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Garrett, J H, Clerk Ark 2ColoPueblo $600 
Gaines, C C, Clerk Ohio 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Glover, E R, Clerk Pa 2ColoPueblo $300 
Haverstock, W T, Clerk Otdo 2ColoPueblo $1500 
Jones, R B, Clerk Nebr 2ColoPueblo $1100 
Kennerley, J W, Clerk Kana 2ColoPueblo $300 
King, H A, Clerk Mass 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Meeth, J P, Clerk Hi 2ColoPueblo $1000 
Mortenson, F E, Clerk Den 2ColoPueblo $100 
Nickerson, U G, Clerk Mich 2ColoPueblo $1100 
Paddock, M E, Clerk 111 2ColoPueblo $1100 
Palmer, W C, Clerk Ind 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Pfeflerle, Mrs L R, Clerk Mo 2ColoPiieblo $100 
Reed, J A, Clerk Mo 2ColoPueblo $1100 
Reger, J W, Clerk WVa 2ColoPueblo $100 
Rettberg, T, Clerk Colo 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Snapp, W, Clerk Kans 2ColoPueblo $900 
Stewart, Miss Annie, Clerk Pa 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Whitman, Geo R, Clerk Mo 2ColoPueblo $100 
WiUiams, Gomer, Clerk Ohio 2ColoPueblo $1300 
Work. H E, Clerk Mich 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Wright, Miss Anna K, Clerk Tex 2ColoPueblo $800 
Allen, W H, Carrier Ind 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Beening, D C, Carrier Mich 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Bruce, J T, Carrier Minn 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Carey, Jerrie, Carrier NY 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Cheney, C H, Carrier Wis 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Cramer, Theo C, Carrier Mo 2ColoPueblo $1100 
Ellsworth, I B. Carrier Mich — lUCook $1200 
Foreman, Theo P, Carrier Ohio 2ColoPueblo 

Gerrish, H H, Carrier Me 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Gipson. P H, Carrier WVa 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Goodrich, W C, Carrier 111 2ColoElPaso $1100 
Green, Geo, Carrier Eng IColoDenver $1100 
Harries, Eobt, Carrier Ohio 2ColoPueblo $1100 
Henderson, R N, Carrier WVa 2\VVaTaylor $1100 
Hasty, J J, Carrier La 2ColoPueblo $1000 
Holden, Geo 0, Carrier Iowa — NYKings $1200 
Jones, A W, Carrier Kans 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Palmer, H E, Carrier Ind ZColoPueblo $1200 
Rages, Albert W, Carrier Mo 2ColoPueblo $800 
Schwaekenberg, B, Carrier Pros 2ColoPueblo $110Q 
Settle, J M, Carrier Mo 2ColoPueblo $1000 
Smith, H M, Carrier Colo 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Smith, N C, Carrier Ind 2ColoPueblo $1100 
Sperry, W S, Carrier lU 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Suter, Colmer, J, Carrier Mo 2ColoPueblo $600 
VonGundv, Geo H, Carrier Ohio 2ColoPueblo $1200 
Walbv, H S. Carrier Mo 2ColoPueblo $1000 
Flemming, Wm A, RD 111 2ColoPueblo $1000 
Shurtz, John M, ED Colo 2ColoPueblo $960 
Pyramid, Rio Blanco: Egny, Chas F, Ohio 390 
Quarry, Montezuma: Bartlett, T R, 111 $40 
Queen Beach, Kiowa: Stokesberry, Saml G, — $70 
Radiant, Fremont: Klingner, Chas E, — $140 
Radium, Grand: Mugrage, Ohio C, Ohio $140 
Ramah, El Paso: Wood. Harry L, — $640 
Rand, Jackson: Ish, Mrs Alice V. Mo $220 
Rangely, Rio Blanco: McGuhe, Jas H, Ark $240 
Rapson, Las Animas: Price, A G, Tex $60 
Raven. Garfield: Collins, Mrs Margarette, Ga $160 
Ravenwood, Huerfano: Bishop, Allen B, 111 $230 
Read, Delta; Davis, Philander D, Ohio $140 
Redchff, Eagle: Da Lee, Mrs Elizabeth, Ohio $830 
Red Lion, Logan; Bell, Howard F, Nebr $40 
Redmesa, La Plata: Greer, Mrs Haimah J, Eng $140 
Red Mountain, Ouray: Mount, Geo E, Mo $130 
Redstone. Pitkin: Powell, Wm R, — $100 
Redvale, Montrose: McNasser, Andw J, — $310 
Regnier, Baca; Regnier, Miss Carrie, 111 $50 
Resohs, Elbert: Moninger, J H, Pa $80 
Rico, Dolores: Engel, Chas, Ger $570 
Ridgway, Ouray; Johnston Mrs WillaE, Mo $1000 
Rifle. Garfield: Todd, Chas L, Me $1700 
Todd, Miss Gertrude, AsstPM Colo 2ColoGarfield 

Hartley, Mrs Ava, Clerk WVa 2ColoGarfield 8300 
Wiggiiigton, Clarence E, ED Nebr 2ColoGarfleld 

Babcock, Hautiville, Mess Ohio 2ColoGarfleld $240 
Rioblanco, Rio Blanco: Alley, J A, Mo $160 
Riverbend, Elbert: Kesler, B'enj E, — $110 
Rock Creek, Pueblo; Fehr, Mrs Kate M, Mo $10 
Rockvale, Fremont: Powell. Joe H, Eng $8S0 

Rockwood, La Plata: Deputy, Frank, 111 $320 
Rocky Ford, Otero: Lance, Henry W, Vt $2500 
Elser, Leroy B, AsstPM Iowa 2CoIoOtero $1200 
Cook, Miss Edith M, Clerk Mass 2ColoOtero $900 
Dunkleberger, Miss Florence E, Clerk Kans 2Colo 

Otero $1100 
Green, Frank L, Clerk Nebr 2ColoOtero $1000 
Newby, Lester E, Clerk Kans 2ColoOtero $1000 
Heckman, John M, Carrier Hi 2ColoOtero $900 
Johnson, Wm O, Carrier Md 2ColoOtero $900 
Warren, Burt E, Carrier 111 2ColoOtero $800 
Archibald, Wm J, RD Pa 2ColoOtero $1000 
Ritter, John B, RD Ind 2ColoOtero $1000 
Walker, Melville C, RD Mo 2ColoOtero $1000 
Rodley, Baca: Isleib, Mrs Jennie F, Iowa $40 
Roggen, Weld; Knox, Mrs S M, Ohio $470 
Rollinsville, Gilpin: Eider, Edwd H, Mich $400 
Romeo, Conejos: Haynie, Jos P jr, Colo $340 
Rosemont, Teller: Reed, Earnest B, Vt $160 
Rosita, Custer: Cowan, Mrs Margret, Scot $120 
Dieckman, John C, RD Colo — $600 
Mohoney, John D, RD Colo — $500 
Roubldeau, Delta: Edwards, Raymond C, SC $50 
Rouse, Huerfano; Wilson, Jos H, Mo $690 
Ruedi, Eagle: Smith, WmM, Iowa $160 
Rugby, Las Animas: Sheeley, John J, Colo $200 
Rule, Bent: Thomas, Albert M, Mo $60 
Rush, El Paso: Edgington, Robt N, 111 $260 
Russell, Costilla; Davis, Clarence J, III $120 
Russell Gulch, Gilpin; Wagner, C A, Wis $360 
Rye, Pueblo: Weed, Jos F, Iowa $470 
Saguache, Saguache: WiUiams, John H, Ohio $1100 
St Cloud, Larimer: Campton, Wm, Iowa $240 
St Elmo, Chaflee: Mougam, Geo P, Mass $350 
Salem, Arapahoe; Johnson, Nils, Sw $20 
Salida, Chaflee; Guerin, M J, Vt $2500 
Densmore, W A, AsstPM 111 2ColoChaflee $1200 
Davis, W M, Clerk Colo 2ColoChaflee $1100 
Devoe, W A, Clerk Can 2ColoChaflee $1100 
Eltson, Chas F, Clerk Colo 2ColoChaffee $1000 
Gallagher, P S, Clerk Kans 2ColoChaflee $1000 
Johnson, Mrs Minnie O, Clerk 111 2ColoChaflee $1000 
Benham, Wm G. Carrier Ind 2ColoChaffee $900 
Camp, Otis H, Carrier Nebr 2ColoChaflee $800 
Phillips, Harold G, Carrier Mich 2ColoChaflee $900 
Eifson, Harry W, Labr Colo 2ColoChaflee $120 
Sallna, Boulder: Miller, John O, Mo 8350 
Sams. San Miguel: Impson. Jacob C, NY $110 
San Acacio, Costilla: Matthews, Jos R, Iowa $520 
Sanlord. Conejos; Reed, Miss Alice J, Colo $340 
San Isabel, Saguache: Travis. Dewitt C, NY $20 
San Luis, Costilla; Valde/,, Mrs Elvira, Colo $840 
San Pablo. Costilla; Pacheco, Jose M, NMex 8160 
Sapinero, Gunnison; MoVean, Mrs Sarah, Ire $280 
Sargents. Saguache: Hicks, John R, Kans $240 
Saugus, Lincoln: Leeper, Mrs Mary E, 111 $60 
Sawpit, San Miguel: Imes, Mrs Permelia V, Iowa $200 
Schley, Elbert: Baird, Newton H, lU $20 
Schlueter, Washington: Schluter, Mrs Anna S. Iowa 

Scholl, Grand; Langholen, Ole, Norw $100 
Sedaha, Douglas: Manhart, Geo, Pa 3530 
Sedgwick, Sedgwick: Kimball, Jay, Iowa 3700 
Segundo, Las Animas: Nordgren, E O, Iowa $610 
Seibert, Kit Carson: Wrenn, Robt W, Term $1100 

BeU, Clarance L, RD 111 2ColoKitCarson $1000 
Sellar. Pitkin; Leary, John E, Iowa $75 
Severance, Weld: ^owlton, Ozias L, Ind $270 
Sharpsdale, Huerfano: Coan, Chas H, Vt $40 
Shaw, Lincoln; Hockenberry, Miss Elizabeth A, — 3100 
Shawnee, Park: Price, Wm H, Eng $420 
Sheephorn, Eagle: Rundell, Clarence B, Wis $90 
Sheridan Lake, Kiowa: Gamble, Howard, 111 $430 

Sharpe, R B, Clerk Iowa 2ColoKiowa 3840 
Sidney, Routt; Lyon, E J, NY 8180 
Slloam, Pueblo; Rice, Miss Jeimette, Wis $50 
Silt, Garfield: Barnes, Louis A, Ohio $430 
SUver CUfl, Custer; PhiUips, Mrs M E, Mich $730 
Silver Plume. Clear Creek: Downes, Mrs Selena, Colo $670 
SUverton, San Juan: Kiimey.WZ, NY $1900 
Leshe, Lee, Clerk NC 2ColoSanJuan $600 
Simla, Elbert: Housh, Mrs Margaret, Can $340 
Simpson, Adams; Bowman, Henry H, Ind $100 
Sitton, Pueblo; Diamond, Mrs Mary M B, NY 
Slater, Routt: Mcintosh, Eobt, Can $200 
SUgo, Weld: Harkins, Byron E, Ind $250 
Sloss, Eagle: Sloss, Sterlmg P, Mo $60 
Smuggler, San Miguel: Thome, B W, Kans $580 
Sneflels, Ouray; Reynolds, Chas A, NY 3280 
Snowmass, Pitkin: Stewart, John H, Can $80 
Snyder, Morgan: Beery Wm L, Ohio $380 
Somerset, Guimison: McDennaid. Geo, Scot $530 
Sopris, Las Animas: Huflud, Lyle P, Ohio $750 
Sorrento, Cheyeime; Jahrens, Mrs Dena, Minn $170 
South Canon, Garfield; Wogaman, Danl M, Ohio 3170 
South Fork. Rio Grande: Seely. R L. Wyo 8200 
South Platte, Jefferson: Wallbrecht. Mrs Mata, Ger $300 
Spence, Washington; Awmiller, Miss Dora, Iowa $70 
Splcer, Jackson; Murphy, Jos A, PEI $90 
Springdale, Boulder: Sybrandt, John V, — $10 
Springfield, Baca; Speckmann, Silas E, Ind $500 
Squirrel Creek, El Paso; Hunziker, Mrs Bertha, III 

Stamford, Las Animas: Riley, Edwin. Tex $30 
Starkville, Las 2\.nimas: Lamme, Henry G, Iowa $560 
State Bridge, Eagle: Metehnaim, Herman C, Ger $60 
Steamboat Springs, Routt; Baer, Chas E, Ohio 31800 
Colman. S M, AsstPM Kans 2ColoRoutt $660 
Shipp, Orrie T, RD Ind SColoRoutt $1000 
SterUng, Logan; Burke, Mrs Emma C, Mo $2400 
Jefleries, Miss Helen E, AsstPM Nebr 2ColoLogan 

Lacey, Miss Marie E, Clerk Colo 2ColoLogan $800 
Warner, Miss Grace, Clerk Nebr 2ColoLogan $800 
Krakel, Clarence, Clerk Iowa 2ColoLogan $800 



StorUng— Continued. 
Warner, Arthur Q, Clerk Nebr 2CololK>gan tSOO 
Blair, Adolphe R, Carrier Vt 2ColoLogan $600 
Williams, Alfred W, Carrier Mich 2ColoLogan $000 
Lilcli, Manasses, KD Ohio 2ColoI,ogun $1000 
Warner, Arthur, Jau Nebr "iCoIoLogau $9G 
Stoneham, Weld; Olson, Ole M, Wis 4490 
Stonewall. Las Animas: Slorj, Adoll C, Colo $230 
Stonington, Baca: Waldron, Christopher B, Ohio $.120 
Strasbure. .\rapalioe: Weaver, 1) 11, Iowa $2(i0 
Stratton, Kit Cfarson: Smith, Jos. \, Ohio $12UU 
McFariand, Miss Winnie, Clerl: Iowa 2ColoKitCar- 

soD $420 
Van Ilook, Thos U, KD III 2ColoKitCarson $1000 
linidsliaw Noble L. KD 111 2ColoKitCarson $1000 
Strong. Huerfano: Strong, Adelbert K, Iowa $:i.W 
Stuart, Kiswa: Jackman, Mrs Olive L, Ohio $40 
Sugar City, Crawley: Cravens, Jos .M, Ohio $1000 
Sugar Loaf, Boulder: Washburn, Win B, III $220 
Sulphur, Kio Blanco: Parkes, Albert K, I'a $40 
Sulphur Springs. Cirand: Kenncdv, L W, I'a $7S0 

Janssen, L«wis, Clerk I'a 2Co"loC.rand $000 
SummltvlUe, Kio Grande: Colman, Jno K, La $10 
Sunlight, liarfleld: Cummins, J H, Kaiis $140 
Sunset, Boulder: Barrett. Walter J, Ohio $130 
Sunshine, liuulder: Girard, L E, Ind $200 
Superior. Boulder: Antrey, Wm F, Colo $320 
Surber. F.I I'iiso: Havworth, Mrs Marv II, 111 $00 
SwaUows. I'ueblo; -Vikeu, F W, Ohio $200 
Sweetwater, Kiowa: Mvers, Elmer H, Iowa $S0 
Swift, Lincohi: Galpin, ^Vm O, — $90 
Swink, Otero: Morns, F 1', Iowa $750 
.Morris, Mrs Ethel S, .\sstPM Iowa 2ColoOtero $600 
.\nderson. Miss Lottie, Clerk Wis 2ColoOtcro $400 
Tabasco. Las .\nimas: Ferguson, M 1', Iowa $410 
Tabernash. Grand: Troutt, Mrs Mary 1), Nebr $300 
Tacoma. La Plata: Young, Adelbert E, NY $50 
Talpa, Huerfano: Faris, Mrs Louise S. Syria $70 
Teller, Mineral: Moore, Frank J, Kans $90 
TelluTide, San Miguel: Loma.x, Louis C, Kng $2100 
.Malin. Mrs Bertha B, AsstPM Ohio 2ColoSanMiguel 

MacDonald, Miss Kate, Clerk Can 2ColoSanMiguel 

Wengcr, MartinG, Clerk Kans 2ColoSanMiguel $000 
Terclo. Las Animas: Corv, J F, Ind $470 
Texas Creek, Fremont: J'arsons, C F. Ill $190 
Theisen. Routt: Johainibroer, Amanda R, — $50 
ThomasvUle, Pitkin: Swineford, Mrs Salma, Ohio $200 
Thornburg. Rio Blanco; (iraham, Nina K, Mass S;!0 
Thurman. Washington: Clement, M J, NY $;U0 
Tlflany. l.d Plata: Lincbarger, LI N, 111 $200 
Tlmnath. Larimer: Springer, 11 C, NJ $340 
TImpas. Otero; Lanee, Jas Frank, III S240 
Tincup. tUinnison: Bauer, .V H, Ohio $210 
Tioga. Huerfano: McGowan. Edwd F, NY S3o0 
Tobe. Las Vuiraas; Custer, .Mrs .\ugusta, Mo $20 
Tolland, tiiliiin: Clifton, Mrs Elizabeth .M, Eng $.130 
ToUerburg, Las Animas: Toller, Giacomo, Aus StlO 
Toltec, Huerfano: Hill. Chas M, Eng $180 
Toponas. Koutt; Noble, Wm P, — $140 
Torres, Llis .Vnimas: Gale, Ira B, 111 $70 
Towner. Kiowa: Swigart, Paul J, Pa $580 
Trlnchera. Las Animas: Dohertv, John L, NMex $2.'iO 
Trinidad. Las .\nimas: Fimli, Dunne D, Wis $2800 
Bull. Chirence C, AsstP.M NY 2ColoLasAninias 

Ackennan, Harry A, Clerk, Mo 2ColoLasAnimas 


Allen, Geo B, Clerk Colo 2ColoLasAnima3 $1000 
Armstrong, Fred S, Clerk Mo 2ColoLas.\nimas $IIXX) 
Eckhart, Wra, Clerk Kans 2ColoLas Animas $1100 
Glahn, Leo B, Clerk Mo 2ColoLasAnin\as $1100 
Uobson, Guy E, Clerk Nebr 2ColoLas.\nimas $900 
Jacobs, Will F, Clerk Ilf 2ColoLasAnimas $.800 
Smith, Geo C, Clerk Colo 2ColoLasAnimas $1000 
Hower, I'orter H, Carrier 111 2CotoLas.\nimas $1100 
Heap, Roy W, Carrier Pa 2ColoLas.\nimas $1100 
JamisoQ, Ralph M, Carrier Colo 2ColoLas.\nimas 

Lochard,ThosB, Carrier Ind 2ColoLas.\nimas $1000 
Ryan, J Paul, Carrier Colo 2ColoLasAnimas $000 
Torino, Miehl P, Carrier Colo 2ColoLas.Vnimas $900 
Wood, Everett A., Carrier Mo 2ColoLas.\nimas $900 
Tipton, Fred II, RD III 2ColoLas\nimas $1000 
TroutvUle, Eivgle: Engelbrecht, Peter J, III $170 
Troy, Las .\nimas: Trujillo, Louis M, Colo $110 
Trull. Routt: Trull. Geo E, Me $140 
Turret, Challee: Robinson, -Vlba H, NY $40 
Tuttle, Kit Carson: Rout, G .\, Mo $210 
Twin Lakes. Lake: McDonald, Mrs Mary, Ohio $3S0 
Two Buttes, Baca: Savler, Jav V, Ind $510 
TJndercllfle, Pueblo: Mayer, O F. Ger SISO 
University Park, Denver: Sh;muck, JosC. NH $1000 
Norfolk, .Miss Grace. Clerk NY IColoDenver $350 
Uranium. Montrose: Rittenhousc. Geo. NJ $.tO 
Valdez, Las Animas: Taylor, W B, Ohio $320 
VaUeclto, La Plata; Root. Mrs Candace, III $70 
Vallery, Morgan: Edwards, Tarvin E. Iowa $150 
Vega. Mesa: Rathbone, Fred L. Iowa $10 
Verde, Pueblo: Bliesner. Arthur R, Wis $.50 
Vernon, Yuma: Mussclman, Henrv M. Ohio $420 
Stevens, Jessie C, RD Iowa iColoYunia $1000 
Victor, Teller: Reardon. Eugene. Colo $2300 
Swett. Dona, .'isstPM Me 2ColoTcller $1100 
Bovnton, C E, Clerk Mass 2ColoTellcr $1000 
Ed'dy, Don L, Clerk Tex 2ColoTeller $90() 
Fryberger, HH. Clerk Iowa 2ColoTclIer $1000 
George, A L, Carrier Mo 2ColoTeller $1000 
Hetlron, Thos, Carrier Colo 2ColoTeller $600 
Ogeltree, Claud, Clerk Ark — $800 
Caldwell, Roy W, Carrier Kans SColoTeller $000 
VlgU, Las Animas: Trujillo, Lauriano. N Mex $70 
VUas, Baca: Yokum. Lillie M. Iowa $140 
VUlagroTe, Saguache: King. Mrs Clara H. Vt $430 
VlrglnlaDale, Larimer: .^Idrich, Mrs Mary C. Iowa $S0 
Voilmar. Weld: Sherman. Edwd T. Wis $10 
Vona, Kit Carson: Dawson. Wm U. Tenn $530 

Volcan, Gunnison: Gray, DwigbtL, Pa $20 
Wagon Wheel Gap, Mineral: Bergey, Ellwood, Ohio 

Waldan, Jackson: Mosiuun, Clarunco E, — $1000 
Waldorf, Clear Creek: Sprouse, Don Fernando, — $30 
Walsen, Huerfano: Buckland, Chas S, 111 $135 
WaUstreet, Boulder; Cpton, Wm A. Ill $150 
Walaenborg, Uuerfano; Trounstine, Edwd L, Colo $2000 
Wright, Harry .\. .Vsstl'M Colo 2ColoHuerfano $7oo 
.\tenceo, Pete, Clerk Colo 2ColoHuerfano $MH) 
Ward, Boulder: Gibbon, Mrs Louella S, Iowa $550 
Waterrale, Las Animas; Bell. .Mrs L M, Pa $7o 
Watkins, Adams; Traut, ilrs B M, Ohio, $270 
Watonga, Saguache; Solomon, Petor D, III $20 
Watson, Pitkm; Ashby, Jas N, Me $90 
Waunlta Hot Springs, Gunnison: Stitcer, ClUIord C, 

Colo $40 
Waverly, Larimer: Widmaun, Miss Elizabeth, Minn 

Wayne, El Paso: Oroll, Elias, Ohio, $90 
Webb, Prowers: Moore, Chas U Ohio $80 
Weltzer, Otero: Zimmerman, Bcnj F, Kans $160 
Welcome, Delta; Eavcnson, Geo, Pa $130 
Weldona, Morgan: Day, Wm L, Minn $t)00 
Wellington, Larimer: Baxter, Adam, Ire $}<40 
Blanehard, W C, RD III IColoLariraer $1000 
Pnlcston, John S, RD III IColoLarimer $1000 
Wellons. Lincoln: Ilulse, Ernest C, Iowa $70 
WestcUfle. Custer: Merriam, Mrs Kate, Kans $1000 
Westcreek, Douglas: White, Sarah J. Ind $60 
Westminster, Adams: Hurlburt, Rufus H. Ohio tMHi 
Westplalns, Logan: Youmans, Frank J, Ohio $4S 
Weston, Las .\nimas: Merhlinj.C R, Fa $290 
Wetmore, Custer: Bowers, J W , Tenn $170 
Wezel. Lincoln: Wezel, Louis, Ger $:i0 
Whltecross, Hinsdale: Sloan, Jas U, Ohio $1.92 
Whltehorn, Fremont: Angell, Horatio, NY $50 
Whlteplne, Gunnison: Macy, Chas E. Ind $140 
White Rock, I'ueblo: Burson, Jas, Ohio $50 
Whitewater, Mesa; Page, Jas Ohio $330 
Wiggins, .Morgan; Harshman, Merrill D, Iowa $010 
Wigwam, El l";iso: Robinson. Kay G, Colo $90 
Wilbur, Fremont: Roberts, Edwin A, Iowa $70 
Wild Horse, Cheyenne: .\lm, August, Sw $570 
Wiley, Prowers; Blaner.Wm H. Kans $380 
WUlard, Logan; Killerlain. Jos D, Iowa $390 
Williamsburg. Fremont: Mellor, A E, Wis $310 
Wlnfleld, Chaltoe: Benell, Jas F. Ill $90 
Winston, Logan: Pearson, Fred H. Iowa $70 
Wolcott, Eagle: Ridgewav, John S, Mo $2S0 
Wolfcreek, Elbert: Elliott, Chas J, Pa $80 
Woodland Park, Teller: Carrington, Leonard J, Conn 

Wootton, Las Animas: Bailev, J C, Va $280 
Wray, Yuma: Pickett, Chas D, Minn $UMO 
Pickett, Mrs Nellie M, AsstPM Wis IColoYuma 

Nicholson, Miss Pearl. Clerk Kans IColoYuma $3(X) 
Pickett, Frank W, Clerk Minn IColoYuma $180 
Yampa, Routt: Godfrey, E H, Mina $1000 
Yeiser, Las .\nimas: Goodrich, Chas, Ind $20 
Yoder, El Paso: Vorhies. Leroy; Iowa $130 
Yuma, Yuma: Frantz, Miss Katherine B, III $1400 
Zlrkel, Jackson; Hargreaves. Thos, — — 


Ablngton, Windham: Summer, Geo, Conn $340 
Addison, Hartford: Llewellyn, Ernest V, Eng $37ii 
AUyns, New London; Norman, Mrs PhebeL, Conn $14.') 

Main, Averv, Clerk Conn — $00 
Andover, Tolland; Yeoraans. Ravmond S, Conn $722 
Bass, Kalph W, KD Conn IConnTolland $900 
Ladd, Walter F, RD Conn IConnTolland $S«4 
Ansonia, New Haven; Gavlord. F L, Conn $2700 
Walsh, Irving T, .Vsstf'.M Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Berger, Otto, Clerk Ger 2ConnNewnaven $1200 
Caide, Lester L, Clerk Can 2ConnNewHaven $100 
Hamilton, Miss Kale, Clerk Mass 2ConnNewHaven 

Johns, David R, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven $()00 
Meade, Jas J, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven $100 
Sculley, Michael H Clerk Conn 2ConnNew Haven 

Vaughn, Miss Mary L, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 
Ashford, Windham: Grant, Edwin M, Conn $113 
Bates, Miss Flora, AsstPM Conn SConnWindham 

Avon, Hartford: Bishop, Oliver T, Conn $683 
Reed, Luther, RD Conn IConnHartford $900 

BallonvUle, Windham; Prav, Jos L, Conn $106 

Baltic, New London: Fontaine, Louis J. Conn $1200 
Fontaine, Mrs Rose Anna, AsstPM Comi 3ConnNew 

London $144 
Ladd, Allison B, RD Conn SConnNewLondon S8(«i 

Bantam, Litchneld: Fairgrieve, Geo Wm, Me $12iX) 

Barkhamsted, LitchOeld: Case, Mrs Alzaria R, Conn 

Beach Park, Middlese.\: Blake, Henry S, Conn $810 
Edwards, .Miss Laura E, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddle- 
se.x $70 

BeaconFalls, New Haven: Cook, John W, Coim $1100 
Gruber, Edwd, AsstPM Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Beckley, Hartford; Perry, John B, Eng $90 

Berlin, Hartford; Porter, Henry L, Conn $1000 
Woodrufl, Julius E. RD Coim Connllartford $960 

Bethel. Fairfield; Bailev, Chas K, Conn $1900 
Hickok.Wmll, AsstPM Conn 4ConnFairfield $9;!G 
Bailey, Carroll P, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld tlK 
Stone, Eugene P. KD Coim 4ConnFairfleld $960 
Stone, Herman S, RD Conn 4C«nnFairfleld $900 
Ward, Chas H, RD NJ 4ConnFairfleld $800 

Bethlehem, LitchOeld: Flynn, Jas W, Conn $390 
Craue Edwd N, RD Conn IConnLitchfleld $960 

Black Hall, New London: De WoU, Winthrop R, Conn 

Haynes, Harry B, RD Conn 3ConnNcwLondon $000 
BloomSeld, Hartford: Wakefield, Jas, Eng $850 
Hall. Frank I), KD Conn IConnHartford $960 
.\le.\iur, Carl I). KD Conn IConnHartford $960 
Boardman, l.itthlield: Northrop, Thomas F, Conn 

Bolton, Tolland: White, W'm C, Conn $210 
Bolton Notch, Tolland: Shaw, JE, A, NY $160 
Botsford. Fairfield: Taylor, Laurence, NY $300 
Bozrahvllle, New London: Nathan, Gilman, Kuss $215 
BranchvUle, Fairlicid; Mead, Mrs Edith C, DC $520 
Branford, New Haven: Linsley, H Guy, Conn $2200 
Hugins, Mcrritt A, AsstPM Mass 2ConnNewIIavcn 

Bush, Clarence E, Clerk Tenn 2ConnNewHaveu$800 
Fritz, Charlotte A, Clerk NY 2ConnNewUavcn SSOU 
.Morton, Irwin W, KD Conn 2ConnNew Haven $900 
Shcpard, Burton Eugene, RD Conn 2ConnNew 

Haven $SiOO 
Taylor, Geo U, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 
Bridgeport, Fairfield: Marigold, Wm H, Conn $3700 
Lyon, Henry W. AsstPM Conn 4ConnFairfleId $1800 

Supcrinlcndtnis, etc. 
Belden, Miss Ella F, Mass 4ConnFairfield $1100 
BrickblU, Fred J, Ohio 4ConnFairfleld $1600 
Christie, Jas L, Scot 4ConnFairlield $1400 
Dietrich, Wm C, Conn 4ConnFairfleId $1200 
Gormley. John C, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1300 
. Grady, Jas D, Conn 4ConnFairfield $1400 
Heine, Chas F, NY 4ConnFairfield $1100 
Meyer, Wm T, NY 4ConnFairfleld $2000 
Meyer. Winfleld C, NY 4ConnFairfield $1200 
Noren, Chas F, Sw 4ConnFaIrfleld $1400 
Paul, Wm, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 

Bee, Miss Mary E, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $110(1 
Bibbias, Harry H, Conn 4ConnFairflcld $1000 
Carroll, Phillip R, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Chase, Frank W, Conn 4ConnFairflcId $1200 
Conlen, John F, Conn 4ConnFairfleId $800 
Coyne, John H, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1000 
Coj-ne, Peter J, Conn 4ConnFairtleId $1000 
Craddock, Chas N, lU 4ConnFairfleld $900 
Fitz Roy, Harry L, Conn 4ConnFalrfleId $1200 
Fh-nn, Jos A, Conn 4ConnFairfleId $1100 
Gilhuley, Frank V, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Glenn, Alfred It, Conn 4ConnFairfield $1200 
Haggcrty, Gordon B, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Healey, Stephen L, Conn 4ConnFairflcld $900 
Heam, Thos P, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Heil, Robt, NY 4ConnFairfleId $1100 
Heuss, Henry C, Ger 4ConnFairflcld $1100 
Johnson, Mrs Addie M. Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Keams, Wm J, Conn 4CoimFairfleld $1200 
Kelly, John F, Conn 4ConnFalrfleld $1200 
Knight, Jas W, Eng 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Langcnhan, Frank T, Conn 4ConnFairfleW $1100 
Lucas, Andw, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $000 
Lush, Harrv R, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $900 
McDonald, Thos P, NY 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
MiUigan, Miss Sarah L, Conn 4ConnFairficld $1100 
Morrissey, Mrs Sarah, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Noren, Chas W, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Norton, Chas J, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $900 
O'Reilly, Miss Agnes, Conn 4ConnFairfleId $1100 
O'Reilly, Miss Elizabeth L, Conn 4ConnFairflcld 

O'Shea, Thos J, Conn 4ConnFairflfld $900 
Plumb, Alfred J, Pa 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Quinlan, John J. Conn 4ConnFairfield $1000 
Heed, Reginald B, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $900 
lU'illv, Chas W, Conn 4ConnKairlul<l $1200 
Reiithe, Wm A, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Root. Benj, Pa 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Sanborn, Ceo P, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Seerv, Wm J, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Seitzingcr, Henry C, Pa 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Stenson, Wm F, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $900 
Sterms, Fredk A, Conn 4ConnFairficI.l $1200 
Strumbcck. Miss .\melia C, Sw 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Vreeland, Chas U, Conn 4ConnFairflcld $1300 
Ward, Geo V, Conn 4ConnFairllr-l,l $1200 
Watson, Wm J, NY 4ConnFairfield $900 

Clerks in charge of $l,iti.ins. 
Ballard, Frank E, Conn 4ConnFaIr«eId $200 
Barker, Geo W. Conn 4ConnFairflcId $100 
Challenger, Henrv S, Conn 4ConnFairfleId $100 
Cipolla, Chas P, It 4ConnFairfltld $50 
Colegrove, Wm L, Conn 4ConnFairflcld $50 
De Vorkcn, Albert L, Pa 4ConnFairfleld $50 
Duka. Amiw, Hung 4ConnFairH( Id i!200 
Hamilton, Wm C, Conn 4ConnFairfieId $100 
Hartigan, Jos D, Conn 4ConnFairHeld $200 
Kaesmann, John J, Conn 4ConnFairflcld $200 
Leverty, John A, Conn 4ConnFalrfleld $200 
Lozier, Miner, N'Y 4ConnFairfleld $200 
McNamara, Thos J, Conn 4Connl"airfleld $150 
Murberg, Sven E, Sw 4ConnFairfleld $100 
Neikind, Jacob S, Rus 4ConnFairfleld $50 
Nichols, Wm I. Pa 4ConnFairflold $250 
Pickard, Chas E, NY 4ConnFairflcId $250 
Swinnerton. John J H, Eng 4ConnFalrfleld $50 
Tesiny, Nicholas, Hung 4ConnFairflcld $50 
Toothill, Frank R. Conn 4ConnFairfleld $50 

Citi/ carriers. 
Audley, Ernest, Eng 4ConnFairfleId $1100 
Banker, Walter M. NY 4ConnF3irfleld $1200 
Barratt, Arthur E, Eng 4ConnFairfleId $1200 
Barratt, Jos, Eng 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Bolinder, Herbert C, Coim 2ConnNe\vHaven $900 
Bonton, John D, Conn IConnFairfleld $1200 



Bridgeport— Continued . 

City carrifrs— Continued. 
Bray, Geo W, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Canfield, Burton G, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $900 
Casey, John, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Connor, John H, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Cook, Jos H, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Dallwig, Arthur, Ger 4ConnFairfleld $600 
Davis, Rudolph C, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $900 
Emery, Chas A, NY 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Emmons, Jas H, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Ervin, Robt S, Fla 4ConnFairfleld $600 
Fagan, Edwd jr, NY 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Finn, Fredk A, Conn 4ConnFairfield $1100 
Finn, Thos F, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Finney, Frank G, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Flynn, Phillip H, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Foley, Jas, Ire 4ConnFalrfleld $1200 
French, Arthur W, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $800 
Garrity, Wm J, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $900 
Goodfellow, Chas T, NY 4ConnFairfield $1200 
Goodwin, Edwd N, Conn 4ConnFairaeld $1200 
Goulding, Paul G, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Grandfleld, Robt \V, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Haggerty, Geo H, NY 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Heade, Fredk B, NY 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Heavey, John J, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Hirsehfeld, Jos, Ger 12NYNewYork $1200 
Hogg, Andw, Eng 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Howard, Patrick H, Mass 4ConnFairiield $1200 
Jackson, Lorenzo S, Conn 4ConnFairaeld $1200 
Judd, Clinton L, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Kelly, Eugene, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Kelly, Thos M, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Kimmerlin, Edwd J jr, Conn 4ConnFairfield $1000 
Laidlaw, Walter A, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Lynch, Miclil H, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
MoCabe, Harry J, Conn 4ConnFairfield $800 
McCarron, WiUiam F, Mass 4ConnFairfleld $900 
McCuIlough, Jos A, Conn 4ComiFairfleld $1200 
McElroy, John F, Conn 4ConnFairfleId $1200 
McElroy, Wm J, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Morgan, Lewis R, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Morris, Geo W, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Munson, Hiram, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Nolan, Michl H, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $600 
O'Shea, Geo W, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Peterson, Andw W, NJ 4ConnFairfleld $800 
Pratt, OUver T, Conn 4ConnFairfield $1200 
Quinlan, Wm J, Conn 4ConnFairfield $1000 
Rawson, Wm R, Can 4ConnFairfield $1100 
Raymond, Geo L, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Reickel, Herman, Conn 4ConnFairfield $1200 
Russell, Arnold, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Scheibel, Frank E, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $800 
Sheedy, Thos, Conn 4ConnFairfield $1100 
Shepard, Henry L, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Smith, Saml E, Conn 4CoimFairfield $1200 
Steenberg, Ira H, NY 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Sterms, John E, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Sullivan, Frank J, Conn 4ConnFairfleId $800 
Sullivan, Laurence A, Conn 4ConnFairfield $1100 
Tickey, Chas A, Mass 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Vermily, Geo E, NY 4ConnFairfleld $900 
Zumstag, Geo H jr, NY 4ConnFairfield $1200 

Rural carrieTs. 
Brotherton, Willis 0, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1000 
Crane, Theodore F, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1000 
Rugg, Harlan P, Mass 4ConnFairfleld $1000 
Wlxsom, Chas W, NY 4ConnFalrfleld $960 
Zeller, Saml S, Md 4ConnFairfleId $1000 

Golden, Terrence, Conn 4ConnFairfleld $600 
St George, Fredk L, NY 4ConnFairfleld $600 
Bridgewater, Litchfield-. Hatcli, Chas N, Conn $2100 
McEslin, Miss Edith M, AsstPM Conn 4ConnLitch- 

fleld S800 
Buckingham, Hubert A, Clerk Conn 4ConnLitch- 
field S600 

Bristol, Hartford: Warner, Geo A, Conn S2900 
GoodseU, GeoL, AsstPM Conn IConnHarttord $1400 
Blair, Arthur D, Clerk Mass IConnHarttord $1000 
Burpee, Gerald H, Clerk Conn IConnHarttord S200 
Fitzpatrick, Geo L, Clerk Conn IConnHarttord $900 
Gage, Chas F, Clerk Mass IConnHarttord .51100 
Hare, Edwd M, Clerk Conn IConnHarttord $1000 
Hawley , Dwight F, Clerk, Conn IConnHarttord $800 
Lundahl, Gustave T, Clerk Sw IConnHarttord $600 
Roberts, John E, Clerk Conn IConnHarttord SHOO 
Benoit, Wm F jr, Carrier NY IConnHarttord $900 
Dresser, Allan F, Carrier NY IConnHarttord 81100 
Farmer, Wm B, Carrier Vt IgNYKings $1000 
Ingram, Arthur E, Carrier Vt IConnHarttord $1100 
Merrill, Wm W, Carrier Coim IConnHarttord SHOO 
Parsons, Jas C, Carrier Conn ICoimHarttord $600 
Ryan, Robt F, Carrier Conn IConnHarttord SHOO 
Greeno, Thos W, RD NS IConnHarttord 51000 
Reed, Seymour W, RD Conn ICormHarttord $900 
Stewart, Herbert A, RD 111 IConnHarttord SIOOO 

Broad Brook, Harttord: O'Connell, Edwd M, Eng S920 
O'Connell, Miss Jane E, AsstPM Conn IConnHart- 
tord S300 
Cotton, Howard W, RD Conn IConnHarttord SIOOO 

Brookfleld, Fairfield; Smith, Mrs Emma J, Conn S590 
Peck, Geo E, RD Conn ConnFairfield SIOOO 

Brook&eld Center, Fairfield: Somers, Altred, Conn 
Graeter, Geo, RD NY $600 

Brooklyn, Windham: Frink, S Irving, Coim $990 
Young, Frank A, RD Conn SConnWindham SIOOO 

Brooksvale, New Haven: Thomson, Edwd A, Mass $410 

Buckland, Harttord: Clark, Frederick G, — $460 

Bnrnside, Hartford: Forbes, Leonard H, Coim $1000 
Caverly, Miss Florence M, Clerk Conn IConnHart- 
tord $312 
Feck, Arthur N, RD Conn IConnHarttord S900 
Burrrtlle, Litchfield: Miner, Edwd Stiles, jr. Conn $210 
Campville, Litchfield: Barber, Mrs Julie A, Conn $140 
Canaan, Litchfield: Holt, Harry A, Conn $1700 
Jerguson, Miss Sarah C, AsstPM Conn 4ConnLitch- 

field $360 
Davis, Wm F, KD Mass 4ConnLitohfleld $1000 
Cannon Station, Fairfield: Gregory, Chas T, — $430 
Canterbury, Windham: Hoxsie, Mrs Eva M, RI $120 
Canton, Harttord: Belden, Francis J, Conn $330 
Canton Center, Harttord: Case, Walter S, Conn $270 

Cowles, G Franklin, Clerk Conn — $36 
Centerbrook, Middlesex: Prann, Winthrop J, Conn 
Prann, Harry V, AsstPM Conn — $200 
Prann, Miss Marjorie W, Clerk Conn — $200 
CenterhiU, Harttord: Snow, Elnora M, Conn $00 
Central Village, Windham: Byles, Charles A, Conn 

Chaplnville, Litchfield: Gordon, Fred A, Conn S470 
Chaplin, Windham: Wilson, Miss Flora A, Conn S300 
Cheshire, New Haven: Steele, Geo A, NY $930 

Haller, Matthias, RD — 2ConnNewHaven SIOOO 

Chester, Middlesex: Tyler, R Clifflord, Conn S1500 

Tyler, Fred C, AsstPM Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $408 

Mazzochi, Frank, KD NY 2ConnMiddlesex $600 

Chestnut Hill, New London: Dimon, Mrs Eva A, Ind 


Wachtel, Saul, RD Aus CoimNewLondon S560 

Clarks Comer, Windham: Jewett, Alien, Coim $130 

Clarks FaUs, New London: Chapman, Ernest D, Conn 

Clinton, Middlesex: Kelsey, Wm H, Conn S1900 
Eliot, John L, AsstPM Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $700 
Swain, ElmaE, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $300 
Kelsey, Chauncey H, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddlesex 

Kelsey, Wm H, RD Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $960 
Peck, Brennerd D. RD Conn 2ConnMiddlesex 81000 
CUntonvlIle, New Haven: Clinton, David L, — $1600 
Todd, Oliver S, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven $960 
Cobalt, Middlesex: WaU, Timothy M, Conn $290 
Colchester, New London: Kellogg, Saml H, Conn $1600 
Carver, Florence S, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon 
Colebrook, Litchfield: Cooper, Wilbur W, Conn $420 
CollinsviUe, Harttord: Edwards, Geo P, Mass $1700 
Moses, DanlR, AsstPM Conn IConnHarttord $480 
Anderson, Miss Alma R, Clerk Conn IConnHart- 
tord $180 
Snay, Miss Rose M, Clerk Conn IConnHarttord 

Jenkins, Miss Hazel M, Clerk Conn IConnHarttoid 

Hinman, Zerah J, RD Conn IConnHarttord $900 
Columbia, Tolland: Porter, Horace W, Conn $470 

Ljnnan, Edwd P, RD Conn IConnToUand $900 
Cornwall, Litchfield: Wilcox, Mrs Mary E, Pa SoOO 
Cornwall Bridge, Litchfield: Everett, CW, — $700 
Smith, G R, Clerk — 4ConnLitchfield $100 
Beeler, Chas, RD — 4ConnLitchfleld $864 
Coscob, Fairfield: Munsinger, Chas W, NY $1700 
Munsinger, Mrs Mary E, AsstPM Conn 4Conn 

Fail-field 5360 
Hunter, C V, RD Conn 4ConnFairfleld $900 
Mead, Herbert W, RD Conn 4ConnFairfield $960 
Crescent Beach, New London: Gates, Danl L, Conn 
Howard, Fred J, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon 
Cromwell, Middlesex: Beaumont, Thos W, Conn 31400 
Binks, Miss Eleanor, AsstPM Eng 2ConnMiddle- 

sex $360 
Bulkley, Wilburt S, RD Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $900 
Danbury, Faiifield: Ising, Augustus G, NY $3100 
Cowperthwait, Benj E, AsstPM NY 4ConnFairfleld 

Rice, Harry S, Clerk NJ 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Mason, Chas E, Clerk Conn 4ConnPairfield $1200 
Banks, Thos E, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $800 
Day, Wm E, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Dunham, Clifford C, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Ellis, John Q, Clerk NY 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Lacey, Dwight A, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Rogers, Ralph R, Clerk NY 4ConnFairfleld $800 
Theurer, Louis, Clerk NY 4ConnFairaeld $1100 
Doran, Jas P, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfield $100 
Stevens, David F, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $100 
Austin, Major C, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $100 
Bernd, Richd F, Carrier Pa 4ConnFairfield $1200 
BrimhaU, Chas D, Carrier NY 4ConnFairfield $900 
Fuller, Jas W, Carrier NY 4ConnFairfield $1200 
Hambidge, Wm I, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfield 

Hopkins, Chas W, Carrier NY 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Jar-vis, Alfred, Carrier Conn 4CoimFairfield $1100 
Lacey, Russell D, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
McCloskey, Thos E, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

McPhelemy, Jas J, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfield 

Oakley, Geo E, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfield $800 
Owen, Philip H, Carrier NY 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Silvernall, Grant, Carrier NY iConnFairfield $1100 
Stuckey, Ernest A, Carrier Eng 4ConnFairfleld 

Voegele, Chas H, Carrier Can 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Wixted, Sylvester T, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Bailey, Frank H, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfleld $960 
Barnum, Leroy, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfield $800 
Beckett, John jr, Carrier Eng 4ConnFairfleld $960 

Danbnry— Continued. 

Day, Josiah L, Carrier NT 4ConnFairfleld $900 
Fowler, Frank T, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfield $900 
Hamilton, Wm J, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfleld $900 
Murphy, Jas H, Carrier NY 4ConnFairfleId $960 

Danlelson, Windham: Potter, Chas A, Conn $2200 
Allen, Raymond E, AsstPM Conn SConnWindham 

Anderson, Edith H, Clerk Conn SConnWindham 

Winslow, Earl F, Clerk Conn SConnWindham $900 
Logee, Arthur W, RD Conn SConnWindham SIOOO 

Darien, Fall-field: Schlueter, Geo T, NY $1500 
Haines, Mrs Maria L, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $330 
Connolly, Miss Margaret, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfield 

Raymond, Benj H, RD NY 4ConnFairfield S800 

Deep River, Middlesex: Hefflon, Frank A, Conn 31200 
L'Hommedieu, Miss Mary E, AsstPM Conn 2Conn 

Middlesex $600 
Harris, Miss Hazel G, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddlesex 

Lee, Edgar C, RD Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $900 
Derby, New Haven: Chaffee, Santord E, Conn $2700 
Stuart, Lee Ross, AsstPM NY 2ConnNewHaven 

De Forest, Walter H, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Dean, Miss Elsie J, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Frcethy, Miss Lilian A, Clerk Eng 2ConnNewHaven 

Bergin, JosE, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven $600 
Duggan, Thos F, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHayen 


Fielding, John N, Carrier Wis 2CoimNewHaven $1100 

Lenihan, Wm C, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 

Rolteek, Chas A, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 

Durham, Middlesex: Atwell, J B, Conn $600 

Durham Center, Middlesex: Main, Mrs Nellie H, 

Conn — 
Eagleville, Tolland: Vinton, Mrs Annie E, Conn SIOOO 
East Berlin, Harttord: Mildrum, WW, Conn $600 
Mildrum, Miss H A, AsstPM Conn IConnHarttord 
East Canaan, Litchfield: Dunning, Geo S, Conn $540 
Eastford, Windham: Bowen, Fred A, Conn $380 
East Glastonbury, Harttord: Weir, L A, Conn $360 
East Granby, Hartford: Viets, Hiram C, Conn $490 

Stone, J A, RD Conn IConnHarttord $900 
East Haddam, Middlesex Emmons, Marshall, Conn 
Hotchkiss, Mrs Hattie S, AsstPM Conn 2ConnMid- 

dlesex $420 
Smith, Albert F, RD Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $1000 
East Hampton, Middlesex: White, Geo K, Conn $1700 
Worthington, Miss Amy C, AsstPM Conn 2ConniIid- 

dlesex $480 
White, Miss Bertha, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $320 
Hyde, Thos A, RD Conn 2CormMiddlesex $960 
Cahili, Danl J, ED Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $1000 
East Hartford, Harttord: Hewey, Miss Mary Evelyn, 
Clerk Me IConnHarttord $900 
Merriman, Eugene H, ClerkSup 111 IConnHarttord 


Wadstrom, Justus, Carrier Sw IConnHarttord SIOOO 

Elwin, Wm C, Carrier Conn IConnHarttord $1200 

Strong, Walter F, Carrier Conn IConnHarttord $1200 

East Hartland, Hartford: Gaines, David N, Conn $190 

East Haven, New Haven: Andrews, Mrs Florence R, 


Andrev,'s, Lincoln H, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven — 

East Killingly, Windham: Reynolds, Nelson M, RI 

East Litchfield, Litchfield: Kilboum, Sarah M, Conn 

East Lyme, New London: Gardiner, Henry C, RI $380 
East Morris, Litchfield: Johnson, Geo H, Conn $270 
East River, New Haven: Scranton, Wallace L, Conn 
Stone, Elmer, RD NY 2ConnNewHaven $900 
East Thompson, Windham: Robbins, Chester L, Conn 

East Windsor, Hartford: English, John, Turk $80 
East Woodstock, Windham: Robbins, Geo O, Mass 

Ellington, Tolland: Charter, Francis M, Conn $559 

Leach, Leon C, RD Conn IConnToUand $960 
Elliott, Windham: Clapp, Theron S, Conn $270 
Elmwood, Harttord: Lord, Charles E, Conn $810 
Enfield, Harttord: Hunt, Mrs Mary A, Mass $360 
Essex, Middlesex: Goddard, Mrs Grace W, Conn $1700 
Deming, Niles 0, AsstPM Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $400 
Babcock, Mrs Adelaide S, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddle- 

sex $400 
Coulter, Edwd S, RD NY 2ConnMiddlesex $900 
Fairfield, Fairfield: Smith, Geo H, Conn $1800 
Jennings, Oliver C, AsstPM Conn 4ConnFairfieId $700 
Drew, Miss Annie L, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfield $450 
Lynch, John, RD Conn 4ConnFairfield $725 
Smith, Wm H, RD Conn 4ConnFairfield $960 
Wells, Christopher C, RD Conn 4ConnFairfield $960 
Wells, Emogene, RD Conn 4ConnFairfield $560 
FaUs Village, Litchfield: Smith, Richd P, Conn $1000 
Capron, Geo W, AsstPM Conn 4ConnLitohfield $480 
Jenks, Emily L, Clerk NY 4ConnLitchfield $240 
Hanchett, Frank H, RD Conn 4ConnLitchfield $900 
Morse, Leonard J, RD Conn 4ConnLitchfleld $900 
Farmington, Hartford: Scott, Fredk L, RI $1600 
Griswold, Miss Vera, AsstPM Conn 5CoimHartford 

Mason, Geo D, Clerk Conn SConnHaitford $300 
Ericson, Mrs Harriet H, Clerk Conn 5ConnHarttord 

Nelson, Otto, RD Sw SConnHartford $1000 
Fitchvllle, New London: Lewis, Henry; Conn $400 



ForestvUle, Hartford: HoldeD, Jas F, Conn SISOO 
Holden.Miss JeannetteC, AsstPM Conn IConn 

Uarttord t520 

Bunnell, Wm C, Clerk Conn IConnllartford 1200 

Camell, Robl S, KU Conn IConnllarltord 11000 

Galea Ferry, New London; Brown, Saml F, Conn $4.10 

Hurlbutt, Rutus W, KU Conn liConnNewLondon 


Qarlordnllle, Litchfield: Barlow, Alex H, Litchfield 


Georgetown, Fairfield: Taylor, ChasH, Conn J1200 
Bennett, F.lsie D, Asstl'M Conn 4ConnFairfleld »025 
Smith, Arttiur A, KD Conn 4ConnFairfield »900 
GUdeiBleeve, Middelscx: Cildersleevc, Ferdinand, Conn 
Gildcrslecve, Wm, AsstPU Conn 2ConnUiddlesex 
OUead, Tolland: Wood, Agnes, Conn J120 
Glasgo, New London: Dugas, Oscar, Can $270 
Olaitonbury, Hartford: Gates, Wm E, Conn $1900 
Gates, Mrs Isabella R, AsstPM Conn IConnUartford 

Nolan, Mrs Winifred W, Clerk Conn IConnUartford 

Randall, Luther H, RD Conn IConnUartford $960 
Watrous, Robt P, RD Conn IConnUartford $960 
Glenbrook. Fairfield: Slanson, Levi W, NY $S90 
GlenvUle, Fairfield: Uaight, \\ ebster. Conn $650 
Goshen, Litchfield: Porter, ChasW, Conn $190 
Oranby, Hartford: Loomis, Chester I, Mass $700 
Shattuck, Edwin U, Clerk Conn ICoimHartford $96 
Jackson, Monroe J, RD — IConnUartford $900 
Greens Farms, Fairfield: Crossman, Melville M, Conn 

Greenwich, Fairfield: Merritt, Geo W, NY $3000 
Scofleld, Geo E, AsstPM Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1600 
Boom, Olin S, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $600 
Crawford, Freeman J, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Crawford, Joa L, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Dclaney, Jos W, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Holly, Fred E, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Haff, John J, Clerk NY 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Kingsley, Chas W, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $900 
Mead, Miss Emma A, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Walters, Henrv B, Clerk NY 4ConnFairfleld $900 
Hackett, Thos'E, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Hawthorne, Irving, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfield 

Lockhart, John W, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Merritt, Alfred, Carrier NY 4ConnFairfield $1100 
Ritch, Geo M, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Uea, Kobt, Carrier Ire UNYNewYork $900 
Sargeant, John W, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Sutherland, Silas 3, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfleId 

White, Francis J, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Clark, Tho3 E, RD Conn 4ConnFairfleld $900 
Monahan, Geo A, RD Conn 4ConnFairfieId $900 
Reynolds. Chas. KD NY 4ConnFairfleld $960 
Stubbs. Jas, RD NY 4ConnFairfleld $940 
Griswold, N'ew Loudon: Morgan, Chas F, Conn $W 
Grosrenor Dale, Windham: Austin, Chancy IJ, Conn 

Groton, New London: Edgcomb, R S, Conn $1600 
Edgcomb, Gertrude L, AsstPM Conn SConnNew 

London $200 

Grcgorry, Elizabeth, Clerk Pa 3ConnNcwLondon $304 

Denison, Alice, Clerk Conn .IConnNewLondon $312 

Hewitt, Geo, RD Conn SConnNcw London $1000 

Grove Beach, Middlesex: Wheeler, Arthur S, Conn 

Guilford, New Haven: Chittenden, Levi O, Conn $1800 
Chittenden, Mrs Elizabeths, AsstPM Conn 2Conn 

New Haven $000 
Demorest, Miss Martha I, Clerk Conn 2ConnNew 

Haven $312 
Benton, Miss Jessie H, Clerk Conn 2ConnXewHaven 

Bristol, Robt DeF, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven $960 
Wall, Mortimer, RD Conn 2ConnNewUaven $1000 
Haddam, Middlesex: Shailer, Andy R, Conn $5S0 
Arnold, H W, AsstPM Conn SConnMiddlescx $261 
Tyler, Walter 11, RD Conn 3Conn Middlesex $800 
Hadlyme. New London: Thompson, R M, NY $860 
Brockway, Miss Lillian P, AsstPM Conn 3ConnNew 

London $240 
Thompson, Ramon K, RD Conn SConnNewLondon 
Hamburg, New London: Reynolds, Hayden L, — $200 
Hamden, New Haven: Mann, Fannie R, Conn $7'20 

llavles, Leslie C, RD Conn IConnNcwUaven $900 
Hampsted, Litchfield: Buttles, Hayden, Conn $10 
Hampton, Windham: Roberts. Thos J, Vt $730 
Roberts, Arthur B, AsstPM Conn 3ConnWindham 
Hanover. New London: Webster. Standish, Conn $.340 
Hartford, Hartford : Hagarty, Frank A, Conn $5000 
Babcock, Henry E, AsstPM Conn IConnHartford 

SuperintendentSf etc. 
Bogue, Arthur T, Conn IConnUartford $1500 
Dickinson, Sidnev O. Mass IConnHartford $1500 
Dillon, Edwd J, 'Conn IConnHartford $1600 
Keane, Matthew P, Conn IConnHartford $1300 
Lennox. Albert E, Conn IConnHartford $1400 
Sferriman. Eugene H, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Morgan, Wm A, Conn IConnHartford $1400 
Munger, Frank D, Conn IConnHartford $1500 

Wmya. Philip, Rus IConnHartford $1100 
Ailing, Morton D, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Atchison, Everrett B, Conn IConnHartford $1200 

8621—0 a— VOL 2—12 B 

Hartford— Continued. 

Cffrl:»— Continued . 
Barrett, F J, Conn IConnHartford $900 
Bassctt, F. E C, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Baumstein, Solomon, Rus IConnHartford $1100 
Benedict, Everrett R, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Birden, John S, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Buckley, Frank J, Conn IConnHartford $900 
Clapp, Frank D, Conn IConnHartford $1100 
Collins. Frank E, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Collins, Seward C, Conn IConnllartford $1200 
Connolly. Frank A, Mass IConnHartford $1200 
Connor, John F, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Cosker, Wm J, Conn IConnHartford $600 
Costain, Miss Catherine E, Mass IConnHartford 

Crocker, Howard Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Davis, Chas T, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Deanc. Harry S, Mass IConnHartford $1200 
Dunchue, Jas P, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Dooli'v, Miss Annie G, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Dorga'n, Chas P jr Conn IConnllartford $1200 
Driscoll, DanI F, Conn IConnHartford $1100 
Edwards. Herbert C, Conn IConnllartford $1100 
Freeman, Milton L, NY IConnHartford $1200 
Gates. Julian H, Conn IConnllartford $1200 
Goodalc. Edwd W, Conn IConnllartford $1200 
Goodrich, Wm S, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Griffin, John F, Coim IConnllartford $000 
Gunn. Geo C. Conn IConnllartford $600 
Hiimcsscy, Wm J. Conn IConnllartford $1100 
lleslin, Jas W. Conn ICoiuiHartford $600 
Horan, Francis P, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Hewey, Miss M E, Mass IConnHartford $900 
Kobcr, Edwd G, Conn ICoimHartford $1200 
Lavelle, Thos E, Conn IConnHartford $800 
Lawton, Bart C, Mass IConnHartford $1100 
Leonard. Edwd H, NY IConnllartford $1200 
Lundin, Carl E, Conn IConnHartford $1000 
Magulre, Wm T, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
McNamar, J Burton, Conn IConnHartford $1100 
Marcham. Henry E, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Moriartv, Thos J, Conn IConnHartford $900 
Norton, Harry A, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
O'Brien, Jas P, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Parker. Harry V, Conn ICornHartford S1200 
Pierson. D Baldwin, NJ IConnHartford $1200 
Pratt, Enmiett A, Conn IConnHartford $1100 
Purccll. Frank J, Conn IConnllartford $1100 
Purple. Wm R, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Rohan, Chas F, Conn IConnHartford $800 
Ryan, Chas W, Conn IConnllartford $900 
Schirm. Chas, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Scott, Everrett R, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Smith, Fred A, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Smith, Frank B, Conn IConnllartford $1200 
Spencer. R Donald. Conn IConnHartford $1100 
Steele, Chas J, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Sullivan, Miss Marv F, Conn IConnllartford $900 
Sweet, Lewis F, Conn IConnHartford $1100 
Taylor, Huriburt R, Conn IConnllartford $1200 
Thomas. Roscoe C, NY IConnHartford $1200 
Woltersdort, Fred A, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Young, Wm E, Conn lt:onnllartford $1200 

Clrrls in rhari/c oj stations. 
Andretta, Antonio, It IConnHartford $250 
Bicnstoek. Saml. Rus IConnHartford $150 
Buck, P C. S, Conn IConnHartford $150 
Coleman. Wm H. Conn IConnHartford $200 
D'Esopo. P M, It IConnHartford $100 
Galvin. W J, Conn IConnHartford $150 
Goldfleld. L H, Rus IConnHartford $50 
Griswold, C R, Conn IConnHartford $100 
Karp. Rose, Rus IConnHartford $50 
Lennox, Arthur, Conn IConnHartford $100 
Mack. John F, Conn IConnHartford $300 
Madsen, L J, Conn IConnHartford $100 
Nelson, S S, Conn IConnHartford $100 
Noble, Chas S, Conn IConnHartford $100 
Palmer, Frank L, Conn IConnHartford $300 
Parker. E L. Conn IConnHartford $150 
Ragatskv. I S. Rus IConnHartford $100 
Reed, C J, Conn IConnHartford $50 
Stoughton, Mrs M A, Conn IConnHartford $250 
Tracy, L H, Conn IConnHartford $200 
Weinstein. Leo, Rus IConnllartford $100 
Wise, Isidore, Conn IConnllartford $1 

City carricn. 
Brown, D. Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Clearv. Jas V, Conn IConnHartford $10uO 
Coleinan. John P, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Colton. L F, Conn IConnHartford $1100 
Connor, W A. Conn IConnHartford $1100 
Cook. A D. Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Curtin. Thos F, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Dalv John J. Conn IConnHartford $900 
DalV. Thos F, Conn IConnllartford $1200 
Davie. A W. Conn IConnHartford $1100 
Degnan, John P, Conn IConnHartford $1100 
Douthwaite, Geo S, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Dunne, Matthew J. NF IConnllartford $900 
Ebert. Geo F, NY IConnHartford $1200 
Sdgerlv. Chas H. NY IConnHartford $1200 
F.dgerlV. J F, NY IConnHartford $1200 
F.kman. H E. Sw IConnHartford $900 
Elwin. W C, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Cauthier, V A E, Can IConnHartford $900 
Goldstein, H H. Bus IConnHartford $600 
C.ossnian. John B, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Gough. Arthur C. Eng IConnllartford $1200 
Graves. D W C. Mass IConnllartford $1200 
Halliday, H. Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Hartigan, Luke, Ire IConnHartford $900 
Hawkins, Claude B, Conn IConnHartford $1200 

Hartford— Continued. 

Cjfy carriCTj— Continued. 
Hayes. Thos F, Conn IConnllartford $1200 
Herzfeld. Julius, Ger IConnHartford $1200 
Holden, M S. Conn IConnHartford $1000 
Jackson, Chas, Eng IConnHartforil $1200 
Jackson, Chas L, Conn IConnllartford $1200 
Kenaston, C A, RI IConnHartford $1200 
Kingsbury, A N. Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Kenney, P E, NJ IConnHartford $1200 
Kreimendahl, Fred \V, Mass IConnHartford $1200 
Lankton, Wm H. Conn IConnllartford $1200 
Leahy, Wm F, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaTen $1300 
McGovem, Thos J. NY IConnllartford $800 
McMichael. Robt W, Mass IConnHartford $900 
MiU'hcU. Walter H jr. Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Moran, W J, Ire IConnHartford $800 
Mulligan. C J, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Nielsen, L C, Den IConnHartford $1200 
O'Brien, Jos F, NY IConnHartford $1100 
O'Connor, Edwd M, Conn 17NYNewYork $800 
Preston, Jas J, Conn IConnHartford $1100 
Preston, Wm C. Conn IConnllartford $1200 
Rhein, Saml, Pnis IConnHartford $1200 
Rich. A T, Me IConnHartford $1100 
Rochm, E W, Ger IConnHartford $1100 
Roomer, Geo A, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Rosenblatt, Barney, Cal IConnHartford $1000 
Schau, Martin, Ger IConnHartford $1200 
Sehlag, Fred A, Mass IConnHartford $1200 
Seymour, E M, Conn IConnHartford $900 
Seymour, Fred W, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Shaffer, Wm H, Pa IConnHartford $1200 
Sharp, A J, Ohio 140hioLorain $1200 
Shcchan, P E. Mass IConnHartford $1200 
Smith, John F, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Smith, Lewis W, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Spector, Abel B, Bus IConnHartford $600 
Strong. Walter F, Conn IConnUartford $1200 
Sullivan, Wm A, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Taylor, Geo B, Conn IConnHartford $1200 
Thompson, W W, Conn IConnHartford $1100 
Towne, L M, Conn IConnHartford $800 
Wadstrom, Justus, Sw IConnHartford $1000 
Wadstrom, Linus, Sw IConnHartford $1200 
Waters, S E, Conn IConnllartford $1200 
Whitney, F B, Mass IConnHartford $900 
Wilson, J H, Va IConnHartford $900 
Woodbury, Francis II, Me IConnHartford $1200 


Burton, John, Va IConnHartford $700 

Cherry, Jas, NC IConnHartford $700 
Hartland, Hartford: Miller, Mrs Edith M, Conn $60 
HawleyvlUe, Fairfield: Piatt, Edmund C, Conn $523 

Peek, Miss Edythe M, Asstl'M Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Jackson, Chas L, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $150 

Ruffles, Frank U, RD Conn 4ConnFairfield $960 
Hazardvllle, Hartford: Smith, Wm A, Can $1200 

Wilson, RajTnond A, Cleric Conn IConnUartford 

I'rickett, Ashmun P, RD Conn IConnHartford $900 
Hebron. Tolland: Tennant, Jared B, Conn $280 
Hlgganum. Middlesex: Gilbert, Edwd D, Conn $1200 

Lee, Miss Annabelle, AsstPM. Conn 2ConiiMiddlesex 

Engslrom, O Emil, RD Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $960 
Highland Park, Hartford: Carrier, Byron 8, Conn $410 
Hockaniun, Hartford: Brewer, Mrs Nellie E, Conn $250 
Hopewell. Hartford: Daily, John W, C^nn $140 

Dailv, Miss Amy F, Clerk Conn IConnHartford 


Hop River. Tolland: Slater. Winford E, Conn $190 
HotchklssvUle, Litchfield: Crowcll. Wm, NS $440 

Knox. Frank E, RD Conn 4ConnLitchfiel<J $900 
Ivoryton. Middlesex: French, Geo B, — $1200 

Miller, Fred W, Clerk — 2ConnMiddlescx $468 

Hamilton, Miss Ruby A, Clerk — 2ConnMlddlesex 
Jewett City, New London: Brown, WmH, Conn $1600 

Cnimb, Wm T, AsstPM Conn SCoanNewLoDdon 

Ayer, Geo A, RD Conn 3ConnNewLondon $1000 

Kensington, Hartford: Moore, Miss Marjorie, Conn 
IConnHartford $1600 
Ryan, Miss Julia, Clerk Conn IConnHartford $300 
W'illiams, Chas W, RD Conn IConnHartford $900 

Kent, Litchfield: Eaton, C A, Conn $930 
Barton, John RD Conn 4ConnLitchfield — 

KiUlngly, Windham: Bidwell, Wm F, Conn $1400 
Miller, Fred E, Clerk Conn SConnWindham $144 
Greene, Hosea E, RD Conn 3ConnWindham $1000 
Burnett. Wm N. RD Conn .3ConnWindhara $9C0 

Lakeside, Litchfield: Case, Mrs Marv G D, Conn $460 

Lakeville, Litchfield: Stuart, Edwd J, Conn $1800 
E(;an, John F. AsstPM NY' 4Conn Litchfield $600 
Cullen. Cliflord I, RD Conn 4ConnLitchfield $900 

Lebanon, New London: Fowler, Frank P, — $440 
Loomis. Nathaniels. RD — 3C<mnNewLondon $600 

Leete Island, New Haven: Beattie, Caroline I, Conn 

Leonard Bridge, New London: Leonard, Harry C, 
Conn $370 

Cummines, Bumette W, RD Conn SConnNewLon- 
don $1000 

Lime Bock, Litchfield: Boardman, Walter R Mass $700 

Litchfield, Litchfield: Karl. Rudolph, NY $2100 
Ariel, Miss Edith, AsstPM Conn 4ConnLitchfleld 

Hausmann, Albert J, Clerk Conn 4ConnLitchfield 

Tucker, Robt W, Clerk Conn 4ConnLitchficld $.'!60 
Cahill, Danl A, RD Conn 4ConnLitchfleld $1000 
Web?ter, AlmonB, RD Conn 4ConnLitchfleId $960 

Little Klver, Middlesex: Keefc, John, Ire $250 



Long Hill, Fairfield: Downs, Chas G, Conn S720 
Jennings, Chas, RD Conn 4ConnFairfleld $900 

Lyme, New London: Clark, Clai'ence L, Conn SIOOO 
Clark, Miss Helen II, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon 


MUller, Henry, RD ■ NY SConnNewLondon SOOO 
Madison, New Haven: Meigs, J K, Conn $1600 
Wilcox, Miss Ruth D, AsstPM Conn 2ConnNew 

Haven S520 
Austin, Luva A, Clerk Conn 2ConnNevvHaven S420 
Scrantou, Hart L, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven SIOOO 
Wilcox, Walter A, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 
Manohesior, Hartford: Rose, Mrs Jessie S, 111 $1900 
Hall, Miss Miu-garet, Clerk Scot — $410 
Grant, Miss Maude, Clerk Conn — $416 
Manchester Green, Hartford: Alvord, John A, — $310 
Mansfield, Tolland: Fish, Geo L, Conn $140 
Mansfield Center, Tolland: Oden, Alfred, Sw $490 
Lai-kham, Miss Josie, AsstPM — IConuTolland $390 
Dunston, Jos L. RD — IConnTolland $800 
Olin, Alliston W, RD — IConnTolland $900 
Mansfield Depot, Tolland: Hansen, Maitin M, Conn 
Hansen, Mrs Jenney M, Clerk Conn IConnTolland 
Marble Dale, Litchfield: Tomlinson, Geo A, Conn $260 
Marlon, Hartford: Ncal, Hubert W, Conn $200 
Mechanicsvllle, Windham: Kenney, Michl J, Conn 

Melrose, Hartford; Foley, Richd J, Ire $190 
Meriden, New Haven:" Dryhurst, Henry, Eng $3300 
Spencer, Elmer E, AsstPM Conn 2ConnNewUaven 

Leahy, Wm F, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaTen $1300 
Cartwright, T J Oliver, Clerk Pa ZConnNewHaven 

Conklin, Edwd A, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewIIaven 

Dryhurst, Harry, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Fagan, Lawrence P, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Garvey, John J, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewnaven 

Goedecke, Chas, Clerk NY 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Graham, Alfred M, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Hopkins, Jas B, Clerk Coim 2ConnNewHaven 

Keeney, Herman L, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Leahy, Maurice J, Olerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Maronn, Frank K C, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

McKenzie, Thos E, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaTen 

MiUer, Miss Ida L, Clerk Mass 2ConnNewHaven 

Mitchell, Raymond A, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Mix, Walter B, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Neveu, Arthur, Clerk Can 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
O'Malley, Geo, Clerk Eng 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Proudman, Geo E, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHavel) 

Sage, Burton L, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Shortelle, Wm F, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Stcwell, Wm jr. Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Wadsworth, Chas F, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaTeu 

Graeber, H Theodore, Clerk Conn 2ConnNew 

Haven $200 
Mills, Fred, Clerk Eng 2ConnNewHaven $50 
Pallett, John H, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Pigeon, Hormedas F, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Pinks, Clias H, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven $300 
Potter, LeRol C, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaveu 

Eoyce, Henry J, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Smith, Mrs Emma G, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Tomasetli, Henry, Clerk It 2ConnNewHaven $100 
Brandenberger, Herbert B, Carrier Conn 2Conn 

NewHaven $900 
Bristol, Dawd R, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Busch, Walter A, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Camp, Wm P, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Chalker, Walter H, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Fitzpatrick. Patrick T, Carrier Va 2ConnNew 

Haven $1200 
Fleischer, Henry H, Carrier Conn 2ConnNew 

Haven $1100 
Graves, Jas M, Carrier Mass 2ConnNewHaven 

Greiner, Fred J, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Hall, Geo P, Carrier Eng 2ConnNewnaven $1200 
Jeffrey, John L, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Jones. Wm P, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 
L'Hommedieu. Wm A, Carrier Conn 2ConnNew 

Haven $1100 
Lorenz. Fredk W, Carrier Ger 2ConnNewHaven 


Meriden— Continued. 

Murphy, Jerome P, Carrier NY 2ConnNewHaven 

McEvoy, Christopher, Carrier Conn 2ConnNew 

Haven $1200 
Parkin, Ernest E, Carrier Mass 2ConnNewHaven 

Reardon, Patrick J, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Root, Eugene L, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Rudolph, Geo H, Carrier Ger 2CoimNewHaven 

Ryan, Wm J, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 
Seymour, Wm, Carrier NY 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Shorten. Patrick J, Carrier Ire 2ConnNewHaven 

Merrow, Tolland: Squire, Roland L, Conn $160 
Middlebury, New Haven: Waters, Frank A, Conn $970 
Bronson, Wheaton A, AsstPM Conn 2ConnNew 

Haven $200 
Dutton, Ra-iTiiond, Clerk Vt 2ConnNewHaven $100 
Ii-eleose, llichd B, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven $700 
Mlddlefield, Middlesex: Tucker, Mrs Maria W, Conn 

Middle Haddam, Middlesex: Thompson, John W, Conn 

Mlddletown, Middlesex : Calef, Arthur B, Conn $3100 
Thompson, T Howard, AsstPM Conn 2ConnMiddle- 

sex $1500 
Berggren, J Phillip, Clerk Sw 2ConnMiddlesex 

Biclby, Miss Adah M, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddIeBex 

Clark, Arthur L, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $1200 
Dolan, JohnL, Clerk Scot 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Jones, Rufus A, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $1200 
Kieft, Sidney C, Clerk Eng 2ConnMiddlesex $1200 
Kelsey, Chas A, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $1100 
Leonard, Geo A, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddlesex 

Lull, Robt S, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $1100 
Murphy, Edmund C, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddlesex 

Schauh, August, Clerk Pa 2ConnMiddlesex $900 
Welch, John D, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $1100 
Wilcox, Clarence T, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddlesex 

Bengston, John C, Carrier Sw 2ConnMiddle5ex 

Dunn, Adrian R, Carrier Conn 2ConnMiddlesex 

Dunn, Miehl S, Carrier Conn 2ConnMiddlesex 

Deming, Jas A, Carrier Conn 2ConnMiddlesex 

Dorflinger, J Cleveland, Carrier Conn 2ConnMid- 

dlesex $900 
Drennan, John H, Carrier Conn 2ConnMiddlesex 

Hull, Edwd H, Carrier Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $1200 
Kincaid, Shelburne M, Carrier Conn 2ConnMiddle- 

sex, $100 
McConochie, Andw A, Carrier Conn 2ConnMiddle- 

sex $100 
Slavin, John, Carrier Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $1200 
De Mars, Thos A, RD Conn 2ConnMiddlesex $960 
O'Keefe, Jas T, RD Conn 2ConnMiddlesei $900 
Wilson, Wm F, RD NY 2ConnMiddlesex $960 
Parmelee. Frank C, ■ Laborer Conn 2ConnMiddle- 

sex $600 
Mllfora, New Haven: Gardner, Alex B, Mass $2300 
Heywood, Carl B, AsstPM Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Si 100 
Farley, Miss Saiah M, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Kelly, Richd J, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 
Parmelee, Edwd L, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaveD 

Hungerford, Fredk R, Carrier Conn 2ConnNew 

Haven $900 
Proctor, Chas T, Can-ier NJ 2C<)imNewHaven $900 
Abbott, Wilbur M, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven $960 
Merwin, Wm L, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 
Tibbals, Rutherford W, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven 
MUldale, Hartford: Wallace, Chas B, Mass $610 . 
MUlington, Middlesex: Cone, Mrs Annie G, Conn $80 
MUl Plain, Fairfield: Senior, John, Conn $150 
Senior, Miss Sadie, AsstPM Conn 4ConnFairfleld 
Millstone, New London: Gardiner, Henry, Conn $240 
Montowese, New Haven: Foote, JudsonD, Conn $1400 
Montville, New London; Hurlbut, Lewis B, Conn $680 
Moodus, Middlesex; Lecrenier, Giles P, — $360 
Moosnp, Windham: Kenyon, Wm H, RI S1500 
Latieniere, Miss Y'vonne, Clerk Conn 3Conn Wind- 
ham $240 
Wilson, Ernest Y, RD Conn SConnWindham $1000 
Morris, Litchfield: Bissell. A W, Conn $630 
Mount Carmel, New Haven; Cannon, Miss Margaret, 
Conn $880 
O'ConneU, Mrs M Agnes, Clerk Conn 2CoimNew 

Haven $75 
Fiteh, Bernard J, RD Ohio 2ConnNewHaven $900 
Mystic, New London: Potter, Courtland C, RI $2300 
Hill, Harry F, AsstPM Conn SConnNewLondon 

Gleason, Wm T, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon 

Stott, Geo C, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $1000 
Keigwin, Willai'd W, Carrier Conn SConnNewLon- 
don $600 
Griswold,GeoH, Carrier 111 SCoimNewLondon $600 
Dougherty, John F, CaiTier RI SConnNewLondon 

Mystic— Continued. 

Crandall, Louis E, RD Conn SConnNewLondon $960 
Haugatuck, New Haven: Trowbridge, I L, Conn $2600 

McKellan, Jas M, AsstPM Scot 2ConnNewHaven 

Hall, Edwd C, Supt Conn 2ConnNewHaven SHOO 
Brennan, Miss Miimie A, Clerk Conn 2ConnNew 

Haven $1000 
Hall, Mrs Anna E, Clerk Conn ZConnNewHayen 

Hitchcock, Chas R, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Hubbell, Fredk W, Clerk Conn 2CoimNewHaven 

Fairbank, Wm E, Carrier Md 2ConnNewHaven 

Finnan, John J, Carrier Ire 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Gisslander, John G, Carrier Sw 2ConnNewHaven 

Jones, J Frank, Carrier Conn 2CormNewHaven 

Kissane, John, Carrier Ire 2CoimNewHaven $1100 
Maher, Matthew, Carrier Corm 2ConnNewHaven 

Walsh, Danl F, Carrier Ire 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Wooster, F Floyd, Carrier Pa 2ConnNewHaven 

Benson, John L, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 
Leary, Danl F, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven $700 
New Britain, Hartford: Hicks, Ira E, Mass $8300 
Munson, Edwd J, AsstPM Conn IConnHartford 

Barrows, Claude S, Clerk Conn IConnHartford 

Boardman, Clarence J, Clerk Conn IConnHartford 

Brotherton, Leslie F, Clerk Conn IConnHartford 

Brown, Henry C, Clerk Conn IConnHartford 

Cadwell, Frank S, Clerk Conn IConnHartford 

Egan, Matthew C, Clerk Conn IConnHartford 

Gibney, Morton H, Clerk Conn IConnHartford 

Grace, Jas B, Clerk Conn IConnHartford $1100 
Grace, Jos E, Clerk Conn IConnHartford $1100 
Hitchcock, Chas E, Clerk Conn IConnHartford 

Hultberg, Conrad H N, Clerk Conn IConnHartford 

Lawrence, Fred C, Clerk Conn IConnHartford 

Meehan, John E, Clerk Conn IConnHartford 

Norton. Chas W, Clerk Conn IConnHartford 

Sheehan, John J, Clerk Conn IConnHartford $1100 
Sheehan, Miss Margaret F, Clerk Conn IConnHart- 
ford $1200 
Ladd, Geo M, Clerk Conn IConnHartford $100 
Malinowsky, Matthew R, Clerk Pa IConnHartford 

McBriarty, John J, Clerk Conn IConnHartford $100 
Russell, Wm H, Clerk Conn IConnHartford $100 
Anderson, John, Carrier Sw IConnHartford $1200 
Bigge, Adolf O, Carrier Conn IConnHartford 

Clark, Geo C, Carrier Conn IConnHartford $1000 
Coleman, Frank E, Carrier Eng IConnHartford 

Darrow, Danl C, Carrier Conn IConnHartford 

English, Kerin J, Carrier Conn IConnHartford 

Haley, Wallace L, Carrier RI IConnHartford 

Hartnng, Quincy A, Carrier Pa IConnHartford 

Hartson, Monroe J, Carrier Vt IConnHartford 

Heller, Paul W, Carrier Conn IConnHartford 

Juengst, Henry G, Carrier Conn IConnHartford 

Lynch, Bernard, Carrier Conn IConnHartford 

McAvay, Peter, Carrier Pa IConnHartford $1200 
O'Brien, Jas V, Carrier Conn IConnHartford 

Parker, Geo D, Carrier Mass IConnHartford 

Pittsinger, Geo W, Carrier Conn IConnHartford 

Prelle, Walter V, Carrier Conn IConnHartford 

Smith, Harry E, Carrier Conn IConnHartford 

New Canaan, Fairfield: Sutton, L B, NY' $2300 
Cloove, Miss Annie L, AsstPM NY 4ConnFairfield 

Corry, Fletcher, Clerk NY 4ConnFairfield $800 
Smith, Miss Grace A, Clerk NY 4ConnFairfield $000 
Schofield, Albert W, RD NY 4ConnFairfield $1000 
Schofield, Harold C, RD Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Stevens, Geo H, RD Corm 4Connrairfield $960 
New Hartford, Litchfield: Mnnn, Mrs Marie W, Conn 
Scanlon, John, RD Ire 4ConnLitclifield $1000 
New Haven, New Haven: Howarth, Jaa A, Conn 

Tuttle, Wm P, AsstPM Conn 2ConnNewHaven. 




New Haven— CoDtinued. 

Superintendents, etc. 
Clark, Th08 F, Conn 2ConnNewHaTen $1300 
Doolittle, Walter G, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1400 
Hayes, Wm T, Conn 2ConnNewllavcn $1400 
Hull, John A, Conn 2ConnNewUaven $2000 
Jaeoba, Jacob, Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1200 
Mahcr, Pierce M, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1800 
McGuire, Jas, Conn 2ConnNcwHavcn $1400 
Monson, David C, Conn 2ConnNcwHaven $1200 
Mulvey, Bernard B, Conn 2ConnXewHaven $1300 
Shay, Frank L, Conn 2ConnNcwHaven $1400 
Spencer, Wm 11, Conn 2Conn.N<wllav(n $121111 
Warren, Miss Anne, NB 2ConnNcwHavcn $1300 
Wood, Wm H, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 

Beccher, Frank E, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Bochart, Walter A, Conn 2ConnNewUaven $1200 
Brady, Philip J, Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1200 
Breen, Francis J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $800 
Brinley, Wm D, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Burns, John W, jr, Conn 2ConnNcwHavcn $1200 
Burr, Carlton H, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1000 
Carlson, Bror C, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $600 
Collins, Thos J, Conn 2ConnNewUaven $900 
Connell, Jas F, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Crane, John J, Mass 2ConnNewHaven $800 
Culver, Arthur E, Vt 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Donnarummo, Antonio, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $600 
Edwards, Harry 0, NJ 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Ewing, Chester W, NH 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Farrell, Bemaril B, Conn 2ConnNewUaven $1200 
Flanagan, Matthew E, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Fowler, Miss Elizabeth A, Conn 2ConnNewllaven 

Fryer, John P, Conn 2ConnNcwHaven $1200 
Gargiulo, Giovanni R, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $800 
Gibson, Robt G, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1000 
Hamerman, Louis, Conn 2ConnXewlIaven $1100 
Harrison, Chas G, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Hickman, Wm H, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Mine, Wm S, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Hopkins, Edwd S, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Hughes, Stephen F, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Kelley, Jas J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1000 
Kennedy, Wm J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Leonhardt. Geo A, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Madden, John C, Conn 2ConnKewHaven $1200 
Martin, Paul C F, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Mealia, Thos L, Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1200 
Moakley, Wm H, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Mooney, Francis 1), Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1000 
Moore, Wm H, KY 2ConnNewHavcn $1000 
Murphy, John T, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Murphy, Michl J, Ire 2ConnNcwHaven $1200 
McAllin, Danl L, Conn 2ConnN™llaven SfSVO 
McGuigan, Geo M J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $000 
McGuigan, Wm A, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
McKeon, Wm J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
McLoughlin, John A, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
McManus, Wm P, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Nolan, Jas F, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Perrie, Archibald M, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Reilly, Frank P, Conn 2ConnNewHaveo $1200 
Reilly, Robt M, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Rennicke, Wm J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $600 
Robbins. Harold C, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $800 
Ryan, John F, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $600 
Kvan, John M, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Schmitt, Frank M, Ger 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Schmitt, Jos E. Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Simpson, Chas O, NY 2ConnNcwnaven $1100 
Stephens, Euccphas, NY 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Sullivan, John F, Conn 2ConnNewHaTen $1100 
Sullivan, Lawrence W, Mass 2ConnNewHaven $120o 
Taylor, Winfleld S, NY 2ConnNewHaven $600 
Thomcr, Emanuel, NY 2ConnNewHaven $1000 
Tuttle. Miss Madclicne E, Conn 2CuunNLWIIavcn 

Wade, Francis T, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Weil, Edwd R, Va 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Wilhelm, Chas A, Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1200 
Wrinn, Frank P, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 

CttrLs in chartjc of stations. 
Beck, Theodore J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $300 
Beckwith. Wm H, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $50 
Bonney, Mrs Eva H, Conn 2ConnNewUaven $300 
Colbum, Sylvester O, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $300 
Hall, Alonzo B, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $100 
Hodgson, Jos A, RI 2ConnNcwHaven $200 
Lehr, Henry A, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $100 
Levy, Isaac H, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $100 
Mason, Thos E, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $100 
Metcalf, Arthur H, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $200 
Meyer, Fredk H. NY 2ConnNewHaven $100 
Morris, Nathan L, Rus 2ConnNewHaven $60 
Pepe, Antonio, It 2ConnNewHaven $100 
McGuire, Edwd J, Conn 2ConnNcwHaven $100 
Romberg, Carl, Sw 2ConnNewHaven $50 
Sheridan, Richd M, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $400 
Simpkin. A B, Conn 2ConnNfwllaven $100 
Sperry, E N, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $100 
Spcrry, H J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $200 
Sullivan, Mark N, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $200 
Way, Henry W. Conn 2ConnNewHaven $50 
Williams, Saml H, NH 2ConnNewHaven $200 

City eanicTS. 
Bowen, Andw J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Bretzfelder, David L, Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1200 
Bright, Chas A, Conn 2ConnSewHaven $1200 
Cahill, Geo E, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $800 
Cain, Jas J, Conn 2ConnNcwHaven $800 
Cain, Maurice J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 

New Haven— Continued. 

City carriers— Continued. 
Cannon, Nicholas J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Carney, Edwd F, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Clark, Thos F, Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1200 
Clyne, Peter B, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Cobane, John F, Conn 2ConnNewIIaven $1100 
Cox, Jas F, jr. Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $900 
Daly, Francis P, Conn 2ConnNcwUaven $1200 
Doherty, Frank T, Conn 2ConnNcwHaven $800 
Donohue, Bernard R, Conn 2ConnNewlIaven $900 
Donohue, Jaa F, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Dore, John J, Ire 2ConnNcwHaven $1200 
Downs, Walter E, Conn 2ConnNewIIaven $1200 
Dugan, Henry A, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Farron, Edwd P, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Fenderson, Louis A, Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1200 
Fisher, Jos B, NC 2ConnNcwHaven $1000 
Flanagan. Thos E. Conn 2ConnNewIIaven $1100 
Flynn, Wm H, Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1100 
Flynn, Wm J, Ire 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Foote, Wallace I, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Franey, Philip K, Conn 2ConnNewnaven $1200 
Fryer, Edwd P, Conn 2ConnNewlIaven $1000 
Gallagher, Jas II, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Gilligan, Jas M. Conn 2ConnNewIlaven $1200 
Graham. John H, Scot 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Granfleld, Thos P, Conn 2ConnNcwHavcn $1200 
Halligan, Jiis J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Hart, Jas F. Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Hermance, Jas II, Conn 2ConnNewnaven $1200 
Hickman, Wm H, Va 2ConnNewHaven $800 
Hill, Thos, Ire 2ConnNcwHaven $1100 
Hoffman, Wm H, Conn 2C'onnNewHaven $1200 
Hyde, Wm M, jr. Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
James, Edwd P, Conn 2ConnScwHaven $1200 
Kane, Jas P, NJ 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Kennedy, Edwd J, Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1100 
Kennedy, John F, Mich 2ConnNcwHaven $1200 
Kinnerc, Martin F, Mass 2Conn.NcwHavcn $1200 
Knollmc-yer. KrcdU W, Conn 2ConnN<wH;iv,n snon 
Lawrence, Frank R, Conn 2ConnNewUaven $1200 
Ludington, Alex E, Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1200 
Lutz, Wm L, Conn 2ConnNcwlIaven $1200 
Lyons, Patrick H, Conn 2ConnNcwHaven $1100 
Miller, Jos A, jr. Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Moakley, Jas J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Moran, Michl B, Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1200 
Murphv, Jas E, Conn 2ConnNewlIaven $1200 
MurphV, John P, Ire 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
McCarthy, Wm J, Conn 2ConnNcwHaven $800 
McCartin, Patrick, Ire 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
McGuire, Wm T, Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1200 
JIcKcon. Jaa F. Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 
McLoughlin, Jas E, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
McLoughlin, Jas F, Eng 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
McMahon, Jos D, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1000 
McNemey, David G, Conn 2ConnXcwHaven $1200 
O'Donnell, Jas I, Conn 2ConnNewHavon $1200 
O'Neil, Patrick J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Peaker, Fredk M, Mass 2ConnNcwHavcn $800 
Porter, Lucas C, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Purcell, Edwd J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Reilly, John H, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Rich, Asbury V, Me 2ConnNewHavcn $1200 
Sarr, Pearl B. Mich 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Saunders, David C, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Shanley, John J, Conn 2ConnNcwHaven $1100 
Shaw, Francis L, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Smith, Francis J, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Smith, Walter J, Ire 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Snow, Albert 0, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Spillane, Chas A, Conn 2ConnNcwHaven $1200 
Stanford. Thos J. Conn 2ConnNcwHaven $1000 
Stodel, Meyer, Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1200 
Sunburn, Fredk L, NT IConnllarttord $1200 
Upson, Fredk C, Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1100 
Wagner, W'm O, NY' IConnHartford $1200 
Weidig, Fredk C, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Wright, John E, Conn IConnHartford $1000 

Rural carriers. 
Baldwin, Newton J, Conn 2ConnNcwHavcn $864 
Barbour, Chas W, Conn IConnHartford $1000 
Cotter, John T, Conn 2ConnNcwHaven $804 
Mix, Henrv Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 
Peterson, Chas M, Sw IConnHartford $1000 
Rockefeller, Benj F, Conn 2ConnNowHaven $864 
Smith, Wm S, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $810 

Andrus, .\rthur D, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $700 
Bloch, Markus, Conn 2ConnNewHaven $700 
Newlngton, Hartford; Crawford, K O, .Mass $290 
Newington Junction, Hartford: Camp, Jos W, Conn 



New London, New London: McGinley, John, 

Dow, Franklin W, AsstPM Conn SConnNewLondon 

Jones, Walter M, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $1200 
Prince, Edwd, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $1200 
Kelley, Robt J, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $1200 
Cook, Terence M. Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $1200 
Noyes, Leo R, Clerk Conn SConnNewI^ndon $1200 
Dewihe, Philip K, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon 

Barker, Roy C, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $1200 
Corcoran, Edwd T, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon 

Fenwick, Orlo H, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon 

Holmes, Harry M, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon 

Spehnan, Robt A, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon 


Sew London— Continued. 

Wilbur, Chas P, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $110« 
Corcoran, Jos F. Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $1100 
Dobson Arthur V, Clerk Eng SConnNewLondon $600 
Smith, Wm W, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $60 
Rice, Chas E, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $100 
Moon, Jesse A, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $100 
Miner, Alton T, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $100 
Blake John A, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon $1200 
Winthrop, Henry C, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 

Kennedy, Jos F, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 

Holmes, Cornelius S, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 

Collins, Jos S, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon $1200 
Staab, Herman F, Carrier Ger SConnNewLondon 

Collins. Christopher J, Carrier Wis SConnNewLondon 

Gibson, Robt C, Carrier NY SConnNewLondon $1200 
Farrell, John J, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 

Pendleton, Lyman B, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 

Cadman, Wm H, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 

Cody, Edwd jr. Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon $1100 
Monroe, Louis E, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 

Montreuil, Homer 0, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 

Spelman, Jag H, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 
New Mllford, Litchneld: Jackson, Geo H. Conn 12400 
Spencer, Katie M, AsstP.M Conn 4ConnLitchfleld 

Holies, Gertude E, Clerk Conn 4ConnLilchncld $600 
Campbell Laura I, Clerk Conn 4ConnLitchneld JIOOO 
Clark, Sidney V, Clerk Conn 4Conn Litchneld $800 
Berry, Fred M, Kl> Conn 4Conn Litchfield $900 
Bristol, Gideon C, KI) Nebr 4ConnLitchneld $960 
Johnson, Seymour J, KD Conn 4ConnLitohlield $480 
Northrop, Wesley C, HI) Conn 4ConnLitchfleld »1000 
New Preston, Litihfield: ilosford Frank J, Pa $1000 
Cogswell, Miss Etta L, AsstPM Conn 4ConnLileh- 

fleld $4(« 

Morey, NeUon S, RD Conn 4ConnLitchfield l!WO 

(iranniss, Diirward E, HD Conn 4ConnLilchfleld $siiO 

Newtown, Fairfield: Reynolds, Wilson M, Conn $1400 

Shepard, Rodney P, AsstPM Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Blackman, Frank A, RD Conn 4ConnFairfleld $900 
Nichols, Jas B, RD Conn 4ConnFairfield $900 
Nlantlc, New London: Bush, .\ E S, Conn $1400 
Bush, .MD, .\sstPM Conn SConnNewLondon $276 
Morgan, Jas P, RD Conn SConnNewLondon $1000 
Noank, New London: .\ndrews, Geo Ej — $1200 
.\ndrews, Mrs A L, AsstPM — SConnNewLondon 

Rathbun, Miss C A, Clerk, Leopold — SConnNew 
London $240 
Norfolk, Litchlield: Curtis, Leopold J, Conn $900 
Johnson, Edwd U, AsstPM Conn 4ConnLitc'hfleld 

Johnson, Ellen E, Clerk Conn 4Conn Litchfield $320 
Thompson, Jas II, RD Ire 4ConnLitchfield $1000 
Noroton, Fairfield: Webb, Frederick — $770 
Noroton Heights, FairDeld: Gaines, Jos S, NY $1200 
Gaines, Wilbur, A.istP-M Conn 4ConnFairfleld $96 
North Ashford, Windham: Upham, Geo O, Conn $120 
North Canton, Hartford: .\dams, Henry, Conn $140 
Northfleld, l.itclifield: Catlin. Jas P, Conn $330 
Northford, New Haven: Linde, Alfred, Ger $380 

Harrison, Amos Le Rov, RD Conn — $1000 
North Franklin, New London: Race, A R, Conn $390 
Race, Mrs Grace M, .\sstPM Conn SConnNewLon- 
don $l-!0 
Race. Miss RenaM, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon 

Simpson, Jas D, RD RI SConnNewLondon $1000 
North Granby, Ilartlord: Thoren, John .iv. Pa $330 

Grillcn, Frank, RD Conn IConnHartford $900 
North Grosvenor Dale, Windham: Chandler, Wm B, 

Conn Sluoo 
North Hartland, Uactford: Dutton, Mrs Minnie II, 

Conn $30 
North Haven, New Haven: Leete, Wm P, Conn $1000 
niakeslee, John II, Clerk Conn 2ConnN"ew Haven $(iOO 
Mansfield. Waller L, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 
North Kent. Litchfield; I'age, Geo M, Conn $200 
North Plain. Middlesex; Sisson, W M, Conn $130 
North Sterling, Windham: Wood, Nchcmiah J, Conn 


North Stonlngton, New London: Tryon, Geo Wyman, 

Ohio $010 

Maine, Leonard R, RD Conn .IConnNewLondon $700 

Palmer, Chas A. RD Conn SConnNewLondon $1000 

Northville, Lilchlleld: Pavne, Mrs Minnie, Conn $140 

North Westchester, New London: Clark, Guy B, Conn 

Clark, Mrs Leula J, AsstPM Conn — $50 

While, Alfred, Clerk Conn — $25 
North Windham, Windham: King, Wm H, — $430 

King, >trs Klla, Clerk — 2ConnWindbam $72 
North Woodbury, Liuhfield; Canfield, Henry H, Conn 


North Woodstock, Windham: Brett, Chas W, Conn 

Norwalk, Fairfield: Adams, Elbert S, Conn $2600 
Wing, Chas L, AsstP.M Iowa 4ConnFairneld $130 
Bitts, ChasJ, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfield $1100 
Bray, Stephen R, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairlield $1000 
Miller, Fredk M, Clerk Conn 4CoimFairfleld $600 
Glendening, Percy H, City carrier Conn 4ConnFair- 
field $1100 



NorwaUt— Continued. 

Greenwood, Jolin W, City carrier Conn 4Connrair- 
fleld $1000 
SHealey, John F, City carrier Ire 4CoiniFairfleld SllOJ 
St Hubbell, Wilbur F, City carrier Conn 4ConnFair- 
tt field SHOO 

Murray, Thos S, City oai-rier Conn 4ConnFairfield 

?10™ ^ ■ « ,j 

Nickerson, Geo K, City carrier Conn 4CoimFau-fleld 

Perry, Hemy M, City carrier Conn 4CoimFau-fleld 

Brown, Herbert S, RD Conn 4ConnFalrfleld S900 
London, Jos, ED Conn 4ConnFairfleld S900 
Norwich, New London: Caruthers, Wm, Eng $3200 
Peale, Arthur L, AsstPM Conn SConnNewLondon 

Buckley, Maurice J, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon 

Burns, Jos E, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $1200 
Denison, Wm R, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $1100 
Donnelly, Jos A I, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon 

Fletcher, Wm L, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $1200 
Hinckley, Edwd S, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon 

Kelly, Maurice F, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $1200 
McCord, Wm R, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $1200 
McDougald, Harry L, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon 

McVeigh, Thos J, Clerk Soot SConnNewLondon $1200 
Wells, Wm A, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $1200 
Gilmour, Currie, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $1100 
Young, Herbert S, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $600 
Richardson, John F, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon 

Fairclough, Chas S, Clerk NT SConnNewLondon $50 
Lerou, Herbert M, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $100 
King, Frank J, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $600 
Rathbone, Geo M, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $150 
Sevin, Clarence D, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $50 
Treat, Chas C, Clerk Conn SConnNewLondon $100 
Allen, Fred L, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon $1200 
Browne, Wm T, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 

Case, Herman S, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 

Counihan, John L, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 

Guile, Albert A, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 

Haselden, John W, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 

Hinchey, Patrick S, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 

Jahn, Emil A, Carrier NY SConnNewLondon $1200 
Kingsley, Jas L, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon $1200 
Linton, Thos B, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon $1200 
McCormick, Danl G, Carrier Conn SConnNewLondon 

Conn SConnNewLondon 
Conn SConnNewLondon 

Conn SConnNewLondon 
Conn SConnNewLondon 

Murphy, Micbl J, Carrier 

Murtha, Francis J, Carrier 

O'Neil. Jos S, Carrier Conn 
O'SuUivan, Myles E, Carrier 

Shea, Patrick F, Carrier 

Sterry, Frank E, Carrier 

Bennett, Chas H, RD Conn 
Burlingame, Walter J, RD 


Frazier, Jos T, RD Conn SConnNewLondon $960 
Higgins, Wm A, RD Conn SConnNewLondon $1000 
Holden, Louis E, RD Conn SConnNewLondon $1000 
Lefflngwell, Alfred W, RD Conn SConnNewLondon 


Palmer, Jas B jr, RD Conn SConnNewLondon $960 

Rose, Frank R, RD Conn SConnNewLondon $1000 

Sweetser, Chas N, RD Mass SConnNewLondon $1000 

Norwlchtown, New London: Youn?, Herbert S, Clerk 

Conn SConnNewLondon S600 " 
Oakdale, New London: Scholfleld, Frank C, Corm S7S4 
Anwood, Harry W, RD Opnn SConnNewLondon 
Oakville, Litchfield: Hungertord, Wm C, Conn S1500 
Anderson, Miss Frances G, Clerk Conn 4ConnLitch- 
fleld SISO 
Old Mystic, New London: Hoxie, Miss Elizabeth H, 

Conn S5S0 
Oneco, Windham; Kenyon, Edgar L, Conn S360 
Orange, New Haven: Scobie. Wm J, Conn S530 

Clark, Albert M, ED Conn 4— SSOO 
Ore Hill, Litcttfleld: Sanford, Elias F, Conn $170 
Oronoque, Fairfield: Blakeman, Mrs Nellie E, Conn 

Packer, Windham: Brown, Thos J, Conn $210 
Pequabnck, Litchfield: Granniss, Andrew W, — $530 
Pine Meadow, Litchfield: Thompson, Wilbur F, Conn 
Pine Orchard, New Haven: McLean, Chas W, Conn 


McLeau, Mrs Chas W, AsstPM Va IConnNewHaven 

Plalnfleld, Windham: Ashley, Edwd E, Conn SIOOO 
Ashley, Miss Edna L, AsstPM Conn IConnWmd- 
ham 3150 

Plainville, Hartford: Tomlinson, Edwin F, NY S2100 
Morse, Clinton J, AsstPM Conn IConnHartford $700 
Ellis, Miss Edith A, Clerk Conn IConnHartford SSOO 
Morey, Rupert L, RD Conn IConnHartford S960 

Plantsville. Hartford: Walker, Thos, NY S1400 
Walker, Grace L, AsstPM Corm — SISO 
Nolan, Wm J, RD Coim IConnHartford $900 

Pleasant Valley, Litchfield: Manchester, Mrs Annie M, 

Mass S260 
Plymouth, Litchfield: Atwood, Cassius J, ' Conn S480 
Taylor, Miss Fannie H, AsstPM Conn 4ConnLitch- 
field $110 
Pomfret, Windham: Byi-nes, Mrs Nellie A, Conn Sfi40 
Pomfret Center, Windliam: Averill, Warren W, Conn 
Danielson, Arthur J, ED ConnSConnWindham SIOOO 
Ryan, Lawrence F RD Conn SConn Windham SIOOO 
Pomfret Landing, Windham: Covell, Horace D, Conn 

Poquonock, Hartford: Nicholson, Miss C B, Conn SG60 
Poquonock Bridge, New London: Weeks, A C, Conn 

Portland, Middlesex: Pitkin, Jas A, Conn $1500 
Bransfield, Julia N, AsstPM Conn — Sf.00 
Marsh, Geo H jr, Clerk Conn — $240 
Sanstrom, John K, RD Sw — S900 
Gallagher, Thos, RD Ire — S700 
Putnam, Windham: Letters, Frank G, Mass $2400 
Ltters, Chas M, AsstPM Conn SConnWindham S1200 
Burgess, Everett A, Clerk Conn SConnWindham 

Chapdelaine, Wilfred V, Clerk Mass SConnWindham 

Johnson, Hrbt A, Clerk Conn SConnWindham SIOOO 
Eeid, Miss Eliza A, Clerk Corm SConnWindham 

Benoit, Henry N, Carrier Conn SConnWindham 

Clark, Geo D, Carrier Conn SConnWindham $1000 
Converse, Henry L, Carrier Conn SConnWindham 

Eichardson, Louis E, Carrier Mass SConnWindham 

Andrews, Bertrand N, RD Mass SConnWindham 

Johnson, Herman E, RD Conn SConnWindham SIOOO 
Maynard, Hrbt H, ED Conn SConnWindham SIOOO 
Tewgood, Wilson A, ED EI SConnWindham SIOOO 
Quaker Hill, New London: Eogers, Miss Ella G, — $190 
Quinebaug, Windham: Dai-tt.MT, NS $520 
Kainbow, Hartford: Bassett, Mrs Alice E, Conn S260 
Redding, Fairfield: Gregory, Jas T, Ala $260 
Redding Ridge, Fairfield: Sanford, Miss J I, Conn $430 
Ridgefleld, Fairfield: Seymour, Rufus H, Corm S2200 
Ficken, Julius G, AsstPM NY 4ConnFairfleld S900 
Valden, David H, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1000 
Thomas, Arthur H, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfield S900 
Herury, L Bouton, RD Conn 4ConnFaii'field $700 
Russell, R Lester, RD Conn 4ConnFairfield SIOOO 
Walker, Chas W, RD NY 4Connrau-field $900 
Wilson, Robt, RD Conn 4CormFairfleld S900 
Wixsom, Ii-a C, ED Conn 4ConnFairfleld S700 
Riverside, Fairfield: Louden, Saml E, NY S1500 
Louden, Mrs Charlotte L, Clerk Conn 4CormFaii-fleld 

Jones, Jas R, RD Conn 4ConnFaii-fleld $777.33 
Riverton, Litchfield: Eowley, Alcott C. Conn S290 
Robertsville, Litchfield: Deining, Mrs Harriet M, Conn 

Rockfall, Middlesex: Ames, Fredk R, Conn $570 
Miller, Mrs Helen B, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddleses 


RockviUe, Tolland: Randall, Geo W, Conn $2500 
McChristie, Eobt, AsstPM Conn ICormTolland 

Dickinson Geo E, Clerk Conn IConnTolland $1100 
Byrnes, Thos J, Clerk Corm IConnTolland SHOO 
Murphy, Walter J, Clerk Conn IConnTolland $1000 
Alden, Fred O, Carrier Conn IConnTolland $1000 
Ballantyne, Hugh, Carrier Scot ICormTolland SHOO 
Cosgrove, Michl J, Carrier Conn IConnTolland $900 
Foley, Edwd M, Carrier Conn IConnTolland SSOO 
Preusse, Otto E, Carrier Ger IConnTolland $800 
Charter, LeverettN, RD Conn ICormTolland S960 
Haun, Richd F, ED Ger IConnTolland SIOOO 
Kloter, Albert, ED Conn IConnTolland SIOOO 
Moss, Jos, RD Eng IConnTolland SIOOO 
Rockyhill, Hartford: Pratt, Wm E, Conn $710 
Romford, Litchfield: Gillette, Daniel, — $100 
Rowayton, Fairfield: Ackart, Harvey, NY SIOOO 
Roxbury, Litchfield: Hurlburt, Geo W, Conn S530 

Smith, Lincoln C, ED Conn 4ConnLitchfield SIOOO 
Roxbury Station, Litchfield: Joyce, Allen, Corm $370 

McKey, Wm, Clerk Conn 4ConnLitehfield $600 

SachemHead, New Haven: Norton, Geo B, Conn $870 

Norton, Miss Elizabeth M, AsstPM Conn 2CormNew 

Haven S50 
Neil, Peter, Clerk It — S50 
Salisbury, Litclifleld: Everts, Wm P, Conn SHOO 
Sandy Hook, Fairfield: Page, Edgar C, NY $1000 
Tucker, Mrs Anna C, AsstPM Conn 4ConnFairfield 

S3 12 
Canfleld, Wm A, ED Conn 4ConnFahfield S900 
Terrill, Wm B, ED Conn 4CounFairQeld S900 
Saugatuck, Fairfield: Morton, Jos, Conn $1200 
Jelliffe, Miss Mary E, AsstPM NY 4CoimFairfield 
SaybTook. Middlesex: Aver, John A, NY $1400 
Thompson, Miss Anna" E, AsstPM Conn 2Conn 

Middlesex S480 
Howland, Miss Armie B, Clerk Conn 2ConnMiddle- 

sex $300 
Sheffield, Miss Anna D, Clerk Corm 2CormMiddle- 

sex $300 
Miller, Herman C, ED Coim 2ConiLMiddlesex $600 
Saybrook Point, Middlesex: Chapman, Howard T, 
Conn $1000 
Thompson, Arthur AsstPM Conn 2ConnMiddlesex 
Scitlco, Hartford: Stowe, Miss Bessie N, Corm $510 
Scotland, Windham: Johnson, Jas H, Conn $210 
Seymour, New Haven: Halligan, Harvey S, Mass $2300 
Smith, Miss Jennie W, AsstPM Conn 2ConnNew 
Haven $1000 

Seymour— Continued. 
Day, Geo B, Clerk Ohio 2ConnNewHaven $1000 
Chatfield, Paul, Clerk Corm 2CoimNewHaven $800 
Chatfield, Alfred, RD Corm 2ConnNewHaven $800 
Hahies, Arthur, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven SIOOO 
Thompson, Lester, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven $960 
Shaker Station, Hartford: Triers, John F, — S40 
Sharon, Litchfield: Baker, WUlard, NY S1500 
Baker, Mrs Nellie A, AsstPM NY — $60 
Vosburgh, Chas M, Clerk Conn — S500 
Hotalmg, Miss Nina, Clerk Conn — $100 
Whitford, Chas, RD Coim — $1000 
Meier, John, RD Switz — $960 
FairchUd, Chas J, RD Conn — $960 
Sharon VaUey, Litchfield: Klebes, Geo B, NY' $320 
Shelton, Fairfield: Holmes, Wm, Wis $2200 
Spear, Jas H, AsstPM Mass 4ConnFairfield $1100 
Kruer, Miss Josephine, Clerk Coim 4ConnFairfield 

Fisher, Miss Charlotte E, Clerk Eng 4CoimFair- 

fleld $1000 
Lenihan, John F, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfield $900 
Reilly, John F, Carrier Conn 4CoimFau:field $900 
Rose, Frank C, Carrier Mass 4ConnFairfield $900 
Smith, Oscar, ED Den 4ConnFaurfleld SIOOO 
Smith, Anson S, RD Conn 4ConnFairfield $1000 
Sherman, Fairfield: Hawley, Wm B, Conn $120 
Short Beach, New Haven: Nesbit, Mrs Etta I K, Conn 

Silver Lane, Hartford: Bogue, Lmcoln H, Kans $370 
Simsbury, Hartford: Fletcher, Geo W, Conn $1600 
Fletcher, Geo A, Clerk Conn ICormHartford $420 
McDonald, Matnew E, RD Conn IConnHartford 
Somers, Tolland: Pease, Chas W W, Pa $580 

Slkes, Horace A, ED Conn IConnTolland SIOOO 
Somerville, Tolland: Wood, Miss Ella F, Conn $520 
Sound Beach, Fairfield: Carey, Geo D, Conn $1600 
Carey, Mrs Clara A, AsstPM Conn 4ConnFairfield 
Soundview, New London: Case, Dexter S, Conn SIOOO 
South Britain, New Haven: Mitchell, Geo W, — $400 
Southbnry, New Haven: Graet, Chas L, Ger $890 
Hicock, Walter, ED Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 
Piatt, Alfred, ED Conn 2CoimNewHaven $960 
Wentsch, Isaac, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 
South Canterbury, Windham: Morgan, Jas W, Ky 
Wheeler, Geo I, RD Conn SConnWindliam $960 
South Coventry, Tolland: Phillips, Louis M, Conn 

South Glastonbury, Hartford: Crane, Adelbert W, 
Conn $1300 
Shipman, Miss Mary L, AsstPM Conn IConnHart- 
ford $313 
Ferry, Harry W, RD Conn IConnHartford $960 
Southlngton, Hartford: Keyes, Chas A, Conn S2000 
Erbe, Jos D, AsstPM Conn IConnHartford $800 
Wallace, Harry A, Clerk Me IConnHartford $600 
Coleman, Dorr O, ED Conn. IConnHartford $960 
Williams, Thos H, RD Me IConnHartford $600 
South Kent, Litchfield: Chase, Fred, Conn $330 

Boyd, Robt D, RD Conn 4ConnLitchfleld $960 
South KUlingly. Windham: Tillinghast, Aden A, Conn 

SonthLyme, New London: Carter, Chas E, NY $330 
South Manchester, Hartford: Cheney, Walter B, Conn 

West, Geo G, AsstPM Conn IConnHartford $1200 
McCann, Wm S, Clerk Conn IConnHartford SHOO 
Doughertv, Miss Mary G, Clerk Conn IConnHart- 
ford SIOOO 
Agard, Harold, Clerk Conn IConnHartford $800 
Smith, Geo E, Carrier NY IConnHartford SHOO 
Allen, Richd, Carrier Eng IConnHartford SHOO 
Simonsen, Aug H, Carrier Ger ICormHartford 

McNeigh,JosF, Carrier Conn IConnHartford $1000 
Rogers, Jas L, Carrier Conn IConnHartford $1000 
McCann, Edwin F, RD Conn IConnHartford $1000 
Bulla, John F, ED Conn IConnHartford $960 
South Ueriden, New Haven: Clark, Lewis E, Conn 
$811 30 
Bradley, Miss Nellie E, AsstPM Conn 2ConnNew 

Haven $200 
Schourock, Frank, Clerk Conn 2ComiNewHaven 
South Norwalk, Fairfield: Crowe, Edmund E, Conn 
Prescott, Chas J, AsstPM Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1500 
Bertrum, John F, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Burkett, Louis L, Clerk Conn 4ComiFairfleld $900 
Conley, Fredk E, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfield $1100 
Dake, Herbert W, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Field, Frank B, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $800 
Keyworth, Arthur D, Clerk NJ 4ConnFairfield $900 
Wing, Miss Henrietta A, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfield 

Gorham, Edwd E, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfield $50 
Mead, Harry E, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $50 
Bailey, Henry O, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfield $1200 
Clark, Elbert W, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfield $1200 
Crofoot, Clarence E, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfield 

Hantord, Edwin L, Carrier NY 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Hanford, Jas H, Carrier NY 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Keating, Fredk, Carrier Ire 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Main, JuUan H, Carrier Vt 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Merritt, Wm 0, Carrier NT 4CormFairfleld $1100 
Seaman, Jesse 0, Carrier Conn 4ComiFairfield $1100 
Tammany, Jos, Carrier Ire 4ConnFairfield $1200 
Tristram, Wm H, RD Conn 4ComiFairfield $1000 
Southport, Fairfield: Jennings, Walter H, Corm $1500 
Kerrigan, Maurice S jr. Clerk NY 4ConnFalrfleld 

Brotherton, Clifford J, RD Conn 4Connrairfield 



South Wetbersfleld, Hartford: Sanford, Urs Uyrtie L, 

— tiw 
Sooth WUllngton, Tolland: Service, Jasjr, Conn »400 
South Windham, Windham: Avery, Edward W, Conn 

South Windsor, Hartford: Bossen, Peter E, Den 1310 
BraKK, Geo S, AsstPM Conn IConnHartford »50 
Dossen Jens, Clerk Den IConnHartford J50 
Sooth Woodstock, Windham: Phillips, Gertude H, — 

Sprlngdale, Fairfield: WyckofI, Danl II, NY t750 
Werdann, Albert, RD NY 4ConnFairflcld $1000 
Stafford. Tolland: I^asburv, Frank A, Conn J570 
Stafford Springs, Tolland: Abel, Harvey S, Conn $2000 
MoCUiskey, Miss Grayce M, AsstPM Me IConn 

Tolland $900 
DagKett, Miss Lulu C, Clerk Me IConnTolland $600 
Williams, Wm J, Clerk Conn IConnTolland $800 
Pownall, Harry A, RD Conn ICoimTolland $1000 
Charter, Eugene S, RD Conn IConnTolland $li«jfl 
Jarobsen Edwd A, RD Conn IConnTolland $luiiu 
Staffordvllle, Tolland: Lyon, Theodore M, — $:«(! 
Stamford, Fairfield: Jessup, Nelson R, Conn $3200 
Knapp. Jos H, AsstPM Conn 4ConnFairfleId $1600 
Murphy, Geo W, Clerk NY 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Black, Geo W, Clerk NY 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Brodorick, Miss Elizabeth F, Clerk Conn 4Conn 

Fairfield $1200 
Bouton, Louis C, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleId $1100 
Code, Miss Catherine, Clerk Eng 4ConnFairfleld 

Finley, Francis P, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Hogan, Thos F, Clerk Conn 4ConnFa!rflcld $1100 
Hogan, Wm M, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Kecler, Geo H, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairflcld $1200 
Kiley, Wm L, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairBcld $1200 
McGin, Wm H, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairflcld $1100 
Plunkett, Ricbd A, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Prendergast, Jas L, Clerk Conn 4ComiFairfieId 

Scoficld, Linus W, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Stuart. Miss Marion E, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Borg, Henry L. Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $100 
Ehlers, Gustav A, Clerk Ger 4ConnFairfield $100 
Atherton, Clarence I, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Cavanagh, John F, Carrier 

Condon. John F, Carrier 

Dougherty, John J, Carrier 

Flemniing, Edwd J, Carrier 

Hall, Albert E, Carrier Mass 
Haves. Ferdinand A, Carrier 

Kemp, John H, Carrier Conn 
K linger, John W, Carrier 

McGill, Chas F, Carrier 

McGuinness, Jas H, Carrier 

Morrcll, Saml W, Carrier 

Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Conn 4GonnFalrfleld 

Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Conn 4ConnFairfield 

Conn 4ConnFairfleId 
Conn 4ConnFairaeld 
Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Morris, Andw J, Carrier Ire 4ConnFairfleId $1200 
Mott, Edgar S. Carrier NY SNYKings $1100 
Murray, Jas H. Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfleld $1100 
Potter. Stanley A, Carrier Mich 4ConnFairfleld 

Reynolds. Ambrose, Carrier NT 4ConnFairfleld 

Scoficld. Harry W, Carrier Conn 4ConnFairfleld 

Scott. John S. Carrier Tcnn 4ConnFairfleld $1200 
Toner. Jos R, Carrier Conn 4ConnFalrfleld $1100 
Palmer. Ira S. RD NY 4ConnFairfleld $1000 
Williams. Fletcher G, RD NY 4ConnFalrfleld $900 
Toner, John W, Janitor Conn 4ConnFairfleld $600 
Stepney Depot. Fairfield: Penfleld, Wm L, Conn $910 
Lyon, Edinond F, RD Conn 4ConnFairfleld $960 
Burr, Nistor W, RD Conn 4ConnFairfleld $960 
Sterling. Windham: Parkliurst, Ben], Conn $800 
Kenvon, Allison H, AsstPM Conn 3ConnWindham 
Stevenson. Fairfield: Goulett. Mrs Ella E, Conn $250 
Stonlngton, New London: Noves, Nathaniel P, Conn 
Noycs, Harry Pendleton, AsstPM Conn SConnNew 

London $400 
Wheeler, C Raymond, Clerk Conn 3ConnNew 

London $444 
Famell, Edgar P, RD Conn 3ConnNewLondon $960 
Stony Creek. New Haven: Paine. RoUin S, — $1(X)0 
Paine, Maria L, AsstPM — 2C'onnNewIIaven $422 
Mattson, Anna J, Clerk — 2ConnNewHaven $156 
Stratford, Fairfield: Bristol, Wm B, Conn $1800 
Bristol, Mrs Alice P, AsstPM Conn 4ConnFairfieId 

Wheeler, Mi;s Julia, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $700 
Wilkes, Miss Bertha, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfleld $600 
Bunnell. Jas E. RD Conn 4ConnFairaeld $1000 
Snffleld. Hartford: Halladav, Edmund. Conn $875 
Halladav. Marjorie E, AsstPM Conn IConnHart- 
ford $270 
Allen, Louis G, Clerk Conn IConnHartford $540 
Halladay, Helen K, Clerk Conn IConnHartford $270 
Phelps, Morris A, RD Conn IConnHartford $900 
Clark, WilUe L, RD Conn IConnHartford $900 
TaftvUle, New London: Graham. Jas. Scot $1300 
Weller, OeoW, AsstPM — SConnNewLondon $900 

TalcottrUle, Tolland: Talcott, John O, Conn $330 

Prentice, Wm H, AsstPM Ire IConnTolland $150 
TarlSvUle. Hartford: Pease, Wm H, Conn $840 

Pease, Mrs Wm H, AsstPM Conn — $96 

Spellman, Jas, Clerk Conn — $75 
Terryvllle, Litchfield: HiReins, Thos F, Conn $2200 

Baldwin, Saml T, AsstPM Conn 4ConnLitchfield 

Blum, Miss Elizabeth A, Clerk Conn 4CoiiDLItchfleld 

Kinne, Abram I, RD NY 4ConnLitchfleld $900 
Duff, Geo It, UD Scot 4ConnLitchfleld $800 
Fenn, Aaron W KI) Conn 4ConnLltchfleld *S00 
Thomaston. Litchfield: Curtiss, Chas A, — $1900 
Sanford, Miss Helen D, AsstPM — 4ConnLitch- 

field $.500 
Sparks, Mrs Annie W, Clerk — 4ConnLitchfleld 

Thompson. Windham: Munyan. Fred A, Conn $.560 
Thompsonvllle, Hartford: Gowdy, Tudor, Mass $2400 
<iourlic. Wm 1'. AsstPM Scot IConnfiartford $1200 
Stinson.LJ, Clerk Conn IConnHartford $1000 
Kcilhc, Mrs Mabel M. Clerk Conn IConnHartford $900 
Tolland. Tolland: Sterry, Chas H Conn $5.30 
Stern, Mrs Elizabeth. AsstPM Conn — $100 
Place, Miss Bertha, Clerk Conn — ISO 
Torrington, Litclifield: Hague, Jas W. Conn $2900 
Rcindcrs. John. AsstPM Conn 4t^nnl,itchficld $1400 
Biuizingcr. Jas N, Clerk Conn 4("onnLit(lirield $200 
Goodale, Chas D, Clerk Conn 4Conn Litchfield $200 
Lawson, John I), Clerk Conn 4CoimLitchfield $1200 
Merwin, Edwd E, Clerk Conn 4ConiiLitchfleld $S00 
Risley, Hollis P jr. Clerk Conn 4Conu Litchfield $900 
Sebas, Geo J jr. Clerk Conn 4C<innLitchfleld $1100 
Smith, Jas C. Clerk Conn 4Conn Litchfield $1100 
Wellinan, Albert E, Clerk Conn 4C«[mLitcbfield 

Copley, Wm N, Carrier Conn 4ConnLitchficld $1100 
Knight, Sheridan H, Carrier Mass 4ConnLitcb&eld 

McDermott, Cornelius J, Carrier Conn 4ConnLitch- 

field $1100 
McElhone, Wm C, Carrier Conn 4ConnLitchfield 

Newton, Chas. Carrier Conn 4Conn Litchfield $100 
O'Meara, Andw G, Carrier Conn 4ConnLitchfield 

O'Neil, John M, Carrier Conn 4ConnLitchfleId $1100 
Riselv, Clarence E, Carrier Conn 4ConnLitchfleld 

Wall, Edmund Pjr, Carrier NJ 4ConnLltchfleld $1100 
Bowman. Uarrv W, RD Conn 4ConnLitchfleld $100 
Parsons. Evans" O, RD Conn 4ConnLitchfield $900 
Von Tobcl, Jos H, KD NY 4ConnLitchfield $960 
^btoket. New Haven: Merrick. John K, Conn $70 

Hale, Geo H, Clerk Conn 2ConnNcwHavcn $100 
Tracy, New Haven: Roberts, Burton D, Conn $320 

Daly, Peter, Clerk Conn — $420 
TrumbuU. Fairfield: Parks, Stephen J, NY $290 
Turnenrtlle, Tolland: Brown, Danl. Rus $530 
Kiscnstein, Harry A, AsstPM NJ 2ConnTolland $300 
Uathbone.LewisA, RD Conn 2ConnToUand $1000 
Twin Lakes, Litchfield: Lind, Geo R. NY $670 
Tyler City, New Haven: Wells. Chas B, NY $90 
Tylervllle, Middlesex: Tyler. Miss Jennie R. Conn $300 
ITncasvllle, New London: Tooker, Merritt E, Conn 
Tooker, Frederic B, RD Corm SConnNewLondon 
TTnionvllle, Hartford: Georgia, Chas C, Coim $1800 
Blakeslee. Miss Aima R. AsstPM Conn — $480 
Clark, Miss Nora J, Clerk Mass — $360 
Hart, Edbert E, RD Conn — $960 
Hart, Frank J, RD Conn — $900 
Vernon. Tolland: Tillinghast. Gideon O, Conn $.300 
Versailles. New London: Quinn, John, — $370 
Voluntown. New London: Herbert. Edmund, Vt $400 
Walllnglord. New Haven: Hall. Chas S, Conn $2700 
Roach. Jas C, AsstPM Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1,300 
Bartholomew, H L, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Cook, Elmer W, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Hill, Linus A, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 
Smith, Albert M, Clerk Conn 2ConnNcwHavcn $1000 
Bailey, J Oscar, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Brennan, Thos M, Carrier Ire — $1100 
Burns, Wm J, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1000 
Newton, John W, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

White, Chas H, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewnaven $800 
Zetterholm, Chas E, Carrier Sw — $1100 
Clayton, Geo H, RD Eng — $9110 
Pring, ThosJ, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 
Williams,ChasL, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1000 
Wapplng. Hartford: Stoughton, John C, Conn $190 
Warehouse Point. Hartford; Sp <■ onn $1100 

Dunham. Miss Olive P, AsstPM Conn IConnHart- 
ford $336 
Newberrv, Edgar. RD Conn IConnHartford $900 
WarrenvUie. Windham: Balch. Geo O, Conn $220 
Balch, Mrs AbbieM, AsstPM Conn SConnWind- 
ham $.50 
Washington, Litchfield: Wersibe, Frederic W, NY 
Lake. Miss Edna M, AsstPM Conn 4ConnLitchfleld 


Hollistcr, Saml L, RD Conn 4ConnLitchfield $900 

Washington Depot, Litchfield: Seeley, S Ford, Conn 


Carlson, WaUred;C, RD Conn 4ConnLitchfield $900 

Waterbury, New Haven: Pilling. Jas H, Conn $3500 

Bovlan, John T, AsstPM Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Doherly. Geo S. Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Ford, Geo H, Clerk Com 2ConnNewHaven $1300 

Waterbury— Continued. 

Tomlinson, Chas H, Clerk Conn 2ConiiNewHaven 

Woolworth. Frank K, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Barry, Patrick, Clerk Ire 2ConnNcwHavcn $1200 
Blewitt, Arthur E, Clerk Vt 2ConnNewlIaven 

Bowen, Howard E, Clerk Vt 2ConnNewHayen 

Burke. Morgan T, Clerk Ire 2ConnNcwHaven $1100 
Ford, Walter D. Clerk Conn 2ConnNewllayen $800 
Fuller, Wm L, Clerk Conn 2ConnNcwllaven $1200 
Gardner, J Wm, Clerk Mass SConnNewlIaven $1200 
Gearing, Geo W, Clerk Conn 2ConiiNewUaven 

Groves, Edwd F, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Hill, John W, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewIIayen $1100 
Hotkoski, Marion, Clerk Pol 2ConnNewnaven 

Lawlor, Miss Mary A, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaTen 

Lccncy, Fredk J, Clerk Conn 2ConnKewHavcn 

McWeeney, Miss Lucy, Clerk Conn 2ConnNcwnaven 

Miller, Albert J, Clerk Conn ZConnNewHaven 

Morgan, Edwd J, Clerk Wales 2ConnNewIIavcn 

O'Reillv, Thos, Clerk Ire 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Piatt, Chas H, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1200 
Quilter, John J, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Quinn, Henry B, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewIIaven 

Savers, Thos J, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Schwenk, Paul P, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Slack, Leonard W, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Streeter, Robt E, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHavcn 

Tracy, Jos, Clerk Conn 2CoimNewHaven $1200 
White, Jas C, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $1000 
Brickley, John 11, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHavcn 

Colwell. Jaa F. Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHavcn $200 
Higgins. Geo T, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewllaven $100 
Morgan, Wm J, Clerk Conn 2ConnNewHaven $200 
Pickett, Wm H, Clerk Pa 2ConnNewHaven $300 
Walker. Robt C, Clerk Scot 2ConnNewHaven $300 
Wood, Wm H, Clerk Conn 2ConnNcwHaven $100 
Brown, Thos F, Carrier NY 2ConnNewHaven $600 
Campbell, John J, Carrier Mass 2ConnNewHaven 

Dalton. Walter J, Carrier Conn 2CoimNewHaven 

Deeley, Thos J, Carrier Mass 2ConnNewHaTen 

Doran, Jas J, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven $900 
Fowler, Chas C, Carrier Md 2ConnNewHavcn 

Fox, Peter, Carrier Conn 2ConnNcwnaven $1200 
Hallenbeck, Roswell J, Carrier NY ISNYUlster 

Hallenborg, Carl L, Carrier Sw 2ConnNewHaTcn 

Hebert, Jas P, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaTen $800 
Ilotchkiss, Chas W, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Kelly, Jas T. Carrier Conn ZConnNewHaven $1200 
Kieratead, Walter S, Carrier Mass 2ConnNew 

Haven $1200 
Kildufl, Bernard F, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Kunkel. John J, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Lanouette. Alex J, Carrier Can 2ConnNewHaven 

Lawrence, Elrin B, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

LeRov, Wm C, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHavcn 

McCann. Thos F, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewIIaven 

McLean, Wm, Carrier Scot 2ConnNcwHaven $1100 
Meara, Roger, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Mitchell, Harry A, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewIIaven 

Nichols, Arthur W, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Nichols, Wm F, Carrier Conn 2ConnNciTHaven 

Nugent. Augustus, Carrier Va 2ConnNewHaven 

Precht, Wm H, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaTen 

Reed, Francis T, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaTen 

Reichenbach, Otto, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaTen 

Riley, Bernard V, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaTen 

Rvan, Wm J, Carrier Mass 2ConnNewHaven $1100 
Schwenk, Geo H, Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Shannahan, Timothy J, Carrier Conn 2ConnNew 

Haven $1200 

Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 

Spooner, Wn 

Stephens, Geo A, 


Carrier Conn 2ConnNewHaven 



Ziegler, Oscar J, Carrier Ger 2ConnNewHaven 

Holman, John, RD Eng 2ConnNewHaven $960 
Rowland, Frank, RD Eng 2ConnNewHaven $1000 
Townsend, Geo E, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven $1000 
Wood, Adelbert M, RD Conn 2ConnNewHaven 
Waterford, New London: Saunders, Wm C, RI SIOOO 
Beebe, Hayward E, RD Conn 3ConnNe\vLoudon 

Hogan, Clyde J, RD Can 3ConnNewLondon SIOOO 
Wateitown, Litchfield: Atwood, B C, Conn 81700 
Skilton, Miss Edna, AsstPM Conn 4ConnLitchfleld 

Peck, Fredk L, RD Conn 4ConnLitchfleld S900 
Hard, Myron R, RD Conn 4ConnLitchiield S900 
Wauregan, Windham: Tracy, Mrs Gertrude W, Conn 

Weatogue, Hartford: Clement, Duane H, — $380 
West Ashford, Windham: Knowlton, Jas E A, Conn 

Westbrook, Middlesex: Bushnell, Mrs Alvina J, Conn 
&emsler, Hrbt H, RD Ger 2ConnMiddlesex $900 
West Cheshire, New Haven: Alger, Wm R, Vt SSIO 

Logan, Thos, RD Ire — ConnNewHaven $1000 
Westchester, New London: Bigelow, Mrs Lina C, Conn 


West Cornwall, Litchfield: Nickerson, L J, Conn $900 
Kern, Miss Bertie F, AsstPM NY 4ConnLitchfield 

Oliver, Olive M, Clerk Conn 4ConnLitchfield $156 
Hart, Wallace M, RD Conn 4ConnLitchfleld $900 
Westford, Windham: Barlow, Henry C, Conn $240 
Eastman, Henry A, AsstPM Conn IConnWindham 
West Goshen, Litchfield: Green, Chas F, Conn $280 
West Granby, Hartford: Holcombe, Leon M, Conn $240 
West Hartford, Hartford: Buckland, Frank Merton, 
Conn $1500 
Buckland, Mrs Addie Elizabeth, AsstPM Conn 

IConnHartford $300. 
Miller, Jas jr, RD Ire IConnHartford $1000 
West Hartland, Hartford: Osborn, Carlton E, Conn 

West Morris, Litclifleld: Emmons, Clark H, — $230 
West Mystic, New London: Bradley, Robt D, Conn 

West Norfolk, Litchfield: Cobb, Carl, Conn $160 
Westport, Fairfield: Harris, Chas, Conn $2100 
Thorpe, Miss Jennie S, AsstPM Conn 4ConnFair- 

fleld $900 

Northrop, WmL, Clerk Conn 4ConnFairfield $900 

Fairchild, Harry B, RD Conn 4ConnFairfield SIOOO 

Huenerberg, Henry F, RD NY 4ConnFairfleld $1000 

Keene,ChasA, RD Conn 4ConnFairfield $1000 

West Redding, Fairfield: Jennings, John H, NY $430 

West Simsbuiy, Hartford: Rowley, Leon R, Conn $200 

West Suffleld, Hartford: Bugbee, Orrin C, Conn $420 

Fahey,Michl, RD Mass IConnHartford $900 
West WUlington, Tolland: De Wolf, Edwd A, Conn 

Dvorak, Chas, RD NY 2ConnTolland $1000 
Korner, Chas, RD Conn 2ConnTolland $1000 
West Woodstock, Windham: Walker, Franklin P, 

Mass $210 
Wethersfleld, Hartford: Crane, Harry W, Conn S1300 
Stevenson, MissJennieL, AsstPM Conn IConnHart- 
ford $240 
Hills, Chas E, RD Conn IConnHartford $800 
WUllmantic, Windham: Dimmick, Chas H, NJ $2700 
Spencer, Geo H, AsstPM Conn 3Conn Windham $1300 
Eagan, Edwd J, Clerk Conn 3ConnWindham $1100 
Gurley, Geo H, Clerk Conn 3Conn Windham $600 
King, Walter R, Clerk Mass 3ConnWindliam $1100 
Parent, Edmtmd A, Clerk Conn SConnWindham 

Smith, Orlando P, Clerk Pa 3ConnWindliam $1100 
Sullivan, Danl A, Clerk Conn 3Conn Windham $1100 
AUen, Geo K, Carrier Conn 3Conn Windham $900 
Ide, DwightW, Carrier Conn 3ConnWindham SHOO 
Olds, Anson J, Carrier Mass 3Conn Windham SIOOO 
Pahner. Clarence C, Carrier Conn 3Conn Windham 

Paulhus, Jos F, Carrier Conn SConnWindham $1100 
Smith, John N, Carrier Conn SConnWindham $1100 
Swift, Fred L. Carrier Conn SConnWindham SHOO 
Cummlngs, Wm M, RD Conn SConnWindham SIOOO 
Ellsworth, Arthur P, RD Mass SConnWindham SIOOO 
Wilson, Hartford: Kitchen, Miss Elizabeth E, Conn 

Wilsonvllle, Windham: Adams, Saml, Mass $140 
Wilton, Fairfield: Davis, John L, Conn $980 
Middlebrook, Jas L, RD Conn 4ConnFairfleld $900 
Van Hoosear, Clinton Q, RD Conn 4ConnFairfleld 
Winchester Center, Litchfield: Johnson, Andw L, Conn 

Windham, Windham: Johnson, Isaac H, Conn $410 
Potter, John M, AsstPM Kans SConnWindham S150 
Potter, Wm R, Clerk Conn SConnWindham $85.89 
Windsor, Hartford: Welch, Chas T, Conn $1600 
Buckley, Ellen A, AsstPM Conn 4ConnLitchfleld 

Jacobs, Lena G, Clerk Conn IConnHartford $312 
Dodd,HenryA, RD Conn IConnHartford S960 
Windsor Locks, Hartford: Converse, Alfred W, Conn 
WUcox,CLcon, AsstPM Conn IConnHartford SIOOO 
Koehler, Fredk T, Clerk Conn IConnHartford $600 
O'Brien, Wm J, Clerk Conn IConnHartford $900 
Wlndsorvllle, Hartford: Saunders, A R, Conn $140 
Winsted .Litehfletd: Glynn, Jas P, — — 

Woodbury, Litchfield: Judson, Wm L, 111 SHOO 
Woodmont, New Haven: Phillips, Wm J, Pa $1000 

Hubbard, Bertha M, Clerk Conn 4ConnNewHaven 
Woodstock, Windham, May, MrsLottieH, Conn $530 
Woodstock Valley, Windliam: Eldredge, Arthur H, 

Conn S200 
Yalesville, New Haven: McKenzie, Wm T, Conn $910 

May, Miss Ethel D, Clerk Conn — S300 
Yantic, New London: Manning, Wm E, Conn $710 

Hanna, JohnW, AsstPM Conn SConnNewLondon 

Bailey, Jabez H, RD Conn SConnNewLondon $1000 
McHale, John R, RD Conn SConnNewLondon $960 


Angola, Sussex: Burton, Dagworthy D, Del $70 
Ashland, Newcastle,: Pusey, Geo W, Pa $70 
Bacons, Sussex: Thompson, Thos J, Del $90 
Bayville, Sussex: Calhoon, Mrs Emma J, Del $60 
Bear, Newcastle: Burris, W S, Del $160 
Bellevue, Newcastle: Kirk, Alfred C, Md $200 
Bethany Beach, Sussex: Henderson, Mrs Almira I, Del 

Bethel, Sussex: Spicer, R T, Del S260 
Blackbird, Newcastle; Watson, Wm A, Del $140 
Blades, Sussex: Clifton, Luther H, Del SISO 
Bowers, Kent: Williams, Enos R, Del S790 
Brandywine Springs, Newcastle: McCool, Wm W, Pa 

Brentord, Kent: Wright, Geo D, — $110 
BrldgevUle, Sussex: Ruos, Geo B, — S1500 
Harris, Miss Bessie, AsstPM Del AtLgDelSussex 

Coverdale, Harvey, RD Del AtLgDel— SIOOO 
Knowles, WmW, RD Dei AtLgDel— $960 
McCauley, Wm E. RD Del AtLgDel— $1000 
Short, Leslie B, RD Del AtLgDel— $960 
Bunting, Sussex: Stephens, Chas L, Del S40 
Camden, Kent: Hinsley, Jolm H, Del $770 
Cannon, Sussex: Brown, Robt L. Del $230 
Carpenter, Newcastle: Hanbv, Alfred D, Del SllO 
Cheswold, Kent: Moore, Geo B, Del S89D 
Casson, Mvers D. RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Creadick, JBvronL, RD Del AtLgDel SIOOO 
Christiana, Newcastle: Appleby, Jas B, Del $210 
Clarksvllle, Sussex: Betts, John P, — $180 
Claymont, Newcastle: Baldwin, Elen N, Md S480 
Clayton, Kent: Skinner, Alfred H, Eng $1400 
Skmner, Miss Jane A, AsstPM Del — $300 
Tweddle, Miss M Ethel, Clerk Can AtLgDel $220 
Ford, Walter, RD Md AtLgDel $1000 
Porter, Jolm T, RD Md AtLgDel $1000 
Coochs Bridge, Newcastle: Dagett, MrsME, — $90 
Cool Spring, Sussex: Perry, John F, Del $130 
Dagsboro, Sussex: Short, Mrs FavettaB, Del $500 
Long.JolinH, RD Md AtLgDel .$900 
Hudson, Isaac A, RD Del AtLgDel $900 
Delaware City, Newcastle: Reybold, J Frank, Del 
Reybold, Ethel M, AsstPM Del AtLgDel $250 
Reybold, Alice T, Clerk Del AtLgDel $250 
BelniaT, Sussex: Tomlinson, Chas C, Del '$1400 
German, Miss Lulu F, Clerk Del AtLgDel SISO 
Bacon, Oscar, RD Del AtLgDel $960 
Hayman, Norman L, RD Md AtLgDel $960 
Hayman, Wm J RD Md AtLgDel $1000 
Dover, Kent: Hirons, Jas A, Del $2500 
Casson, JohnW, AsstPM Del AtLgDelKent $1200 
Casson, Danl H, Clerk Del AtLgDelKent $1100 
Harper, Miss Margaret P, Clerk Del AtLgDelKent 

Maag, Wm, Clerk Del AtLgDelKent SHOO 
Simmons, Robt D, Clerk Del AtLgDelKent $1100 
Boyer, Murrav H, Carrier Md AtLgDelKent S600 
Palmatary, JohnE, Carrier Del AtLgDelKent $1100 
Richard, Jacob A, Carrier Pa AtLgDelKent SIOOO 
Cole, Wm E RD Vt AtLgDelKent $1000 
Hancock, David H RD NJ AtLgDelKent SIOOO 
McKee, Frank L, RD Del AtLgDelKent $1000 
Moore, Enoch, RD Del AtLgDelKent $1000 
Ware, Edgar Y. RD Del AtLgDelKent SIOOO 
Wright, Frank D, RD Del AtLgDel SIOOO 
Edgemoor, Newcastle: Wingate, B, Del $1400 
Donohoe, Mrs Lulu, RD Md AtLgDel $1000 
Shaw, Wm, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Ellendale, Sussex: Whitney, Erlis F, Conn $400 

Reed, Otis B, RD Del" AtLgDel $1000 
Elsmere, Newcastle: Lynam, Delaware S, Del S680 
Fairmount, Sussex: Anderson, Harry J, Del $60 
Farmington, Kent: Simmons, Jason B, NY $570 
Callawav, Henrv H, RD Del AtLgDel $960 
Hill, J Wallace," RD Del AtLgDel S960 
Farmhurst, Newcastle: Appleby, Abner, Del $280 
Faulkland, Newcastle: McDonald, Jolm F, Pa $80 
Felton, Kent: Harrington, Jos M, Del SHOO 
Cooper, Miss Pearl, AsstPM Del AtLgDel $416 
Hammond, Wm M, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Godwin, jr, JohnW, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Jackson. Chas B, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Kelley, Wilbur B, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Forest, Newcastle: Smith, Franklin L, Md $130 
Franktord, Sussex: Long, John T„ Del $700 
Collins, Asher E, RD Del AtLgDel SIOOO 
Ishum, Andrew I, RD • Del AtLgDel $1000 
Jones, BeniB, RD Del Atl-gDel $1000 
Frederica, Kent: George, John C, Del S7S0 
Patterson, Willis M, RD Del AtLgDel SIOOO 
Hudson, Edwd D, SRCarrier Del AtLgDel $499 
Georgetown, Sussex: Walls, Winfleld S, Del $1800 
Walls, Chester W, AsstPM Del AtLgDel S780 
Koach, Miss Jennie H, Clerk Del AtLgDel S260 
Joseph, LeanderFR, RD Del AtLgDel $960 
Pepper, Bvron, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Stunples, Wm M P, RD Pa AtLgDel SIOOO 

Georgetown— Continued. 

Warrington, Frederic T, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
White, Saml M, RD Md AtLgDel SIOOO 
Wilson, Wm H, RD Del AtLgDel $960 
Workman, Ebenezer A, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Glasgow, Newcastle: Alrichs, Saml Del $90 
Granogue, Newcastle: Carroll, Geo H, Eng $70 
Greenville, Newcastle: Green, W, Del $320 
Greenwood, Sussex: Houseman, Jacob L, Pa $790 
Hollis, Edwin F, RD Del AtLgDel SIOOO 
Sharp, Thos E, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Grubbs, Newcastle: Lodge, Howard E, Del $70 
Guyenconrt, Newcastle: Wilson, Wm Atwood, Del $80 
Harbeson, Sussex: Warrington, Silas J, Del $420 
Hunter, Jos W, RD Del AtLgDel $960 
Redhefter, Augustus T, RD Pa AtLgDel $960 
Harmony, Newcastle: Smalley, Walter F, Del $30 
Harrington, Kent: Shaw, Benj I, Del $1600 
Harrington, Harry S, AsstPM Del AtLgDel $240 
Faulkner, Wm J, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Lane, Chas H, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Moore, Warren T, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Satterfleld, Fred, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Wroten, Jacob T, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Hartly, Kent: Rodwav, Geo S, Pa $510 
Clark, Wilbur E, RD Del AtLgDel $700 
Davis, John F, RD Del AtLgDel $960 
Henry Clay Factory, Newcastle: Kellv.Robt, Del $240 
Hickman, Kent: Peters, Jas W, Del $250 
Hockessln, Newcastle: Chandler, Kennard S, Del $620 
Highfield, Harlan S, RD Del AtLgDel $900 
McVaugb, Herman, RD Del AtLgDel $960 
HoUyoak, Newcastle: Rice, Courtiand, Del $240 
Hollyville, Sussex: Prettyman, Mrs Nora Md $140 
Houston Station, Kent: Wilson, Benj, Del $360 

Johnson, Wm J, RD Del AtLgDel $700 
Kenton, Kent: Clark, Jos F, — $470 

Remley, Edgar R, RD — AtLgDel $1000 
Kirkwood, Newcastle: Mahoney, J B, Del $290 
Laurel, Sussex: Davis, Frank F, Del $1800 
Heam, Miss Bessie E, AsstPM Del AtLgDel $300 
Holt, Miss Minnie A, Clerk Del AtLgDel $240 
Adams, John A, RD Del AtLgDel SIOOO 
Collins, Roland R, RD Del AtLgDel SIOOO 
Hastings, Clarence W, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Prettyman, Jos A, RD Del AtLgDel $960 
Short, Frank S, RD Del AtLgDel $900 
Workman, Chas S, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Lewes, Sussex: Hickman, Chas C, Del $1700 
Carter, Wm P^ RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Howard, Chas H, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Lincoln, Sussex: Clendaniel, Geo B, Del $600 
Deputy, John J, RD Del AtLgDel SIOOO 
Warren, Geo H, RD Del AtLgDel SIOOO 
Little Creek, Kent: McGonigal, Howard, Del $220 
McDonough, Newcastle: Donovan, A H, Del $150 
Magnolia, Kent: Grace, Wm M, Del $310 

Joseph, Thos H, RD Del AtLgDel $520 
Marshallton, Newcastle: Mullin, Wm A, Pa SISOO 
Crouch, John A, RD Del AtLgDel $960 
Williams, Rchd H, RD Del AtLgDel $960 
Middletown, Newcastle: Jolis, John A, , Dei S1800 
Leonhart, Mrs Sarah J, AsstPM Del AtLgDel $444 
Vinyard, J Harry, Clerk Del AtLgDel SS64 
Buctworth, Saml H, RD Md AtLgDel SIOOO 
Kates, Wm B, RD Md AtLgDel $1000 
Midway, Sussex: Warrington, Mrs Mary E, Del $50 
Milford, Sussex: Davis, Frank W, Del $2200 
Joseph, Wilbert M. AsstPM Del AtLgDel $800 
Abbott, Imly S, Clerk Del AtLgDel $900 
RusseU, Geo G, Clerk Del AtLgDel $1000 
Bennett, Geo R, Carrier Del AtLgDel SSOO 
Kespert, Chas W, jr. Carrier NY AtLgDel SSOO 
Foulk, Jay J, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Lynch, J Harry, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Manlove, Geo, RD Del AtLgDel SIOOO 
Wynkoop, Robt C, RD NY AtLgDel $1000 
MlUsboro, Sussex: Burton, Fred H, Pa $1100 
Dodd, Asahel R, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Ellis, Gardiner L, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
King, J Parron, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Lawson, Danl W, RD Del AtLgDel SIOOO 
Lawson, Henry J, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
MUlvllle, Sussex: Evans, H D, Del $240 
Milton, Sussex: Biaclc, John R, Del $1100 

Gray, Joshua B, RD Del AtLgDel SIOOO 
Montchanin, Newcastle: Wood, Robt S, Dei $360 

Kelly, Walter J, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Mt Cuba, Newcastle: Hartman, Eugene, Del $150 
Mt Pleasant, Newcastle: Eliason, J Frank, Del $270 
Nassau, Sussex: Marsh, Theo W, Del $250 
Newark, Newcastle: Clark, Cantwell, Del $2000 
Lynam, Wm R, AsstPM Del AtLgDel $700 
Perry, Miss M Eva, Clerk Del AtLgDel $800 
Coverdale, W Morris, RD Pa AtLgDel $1000 
Crow, Robt, RD Md IMdCecU $1000 
Guthrie, Ellsworth, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
A\Tiiteman, Lawrence, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
New Castle, Newcastle: Vantine. Geo W, Pa $1600 
Vantine, Robt S, AsstPM Del AtLgDel $384 
Gordon, Miss Margaret W, Clerk Del AtLgDel $240 
Vallett, Rudolph A, RD Pa AtLgDel $960 
Vining, Weldin, RD Del AtLgDel $900 
Newport, Newcastle: Hilyard, Wm J, Del $710 
Oak Grove, Sussex: Le Gates, Levin H, Del $330 
Oakley, Sussex: Short, Chas W, Del $30 
Ocean View, Sussex: Betts, John I, Del $380 
Odessa, Newcastle: Eccles, Wm H, Del $710 
Omar, Sussex: Daisey, Ferdinand S, Del $140 
Overbrook, Sussex: Short, G L, Del $160 
Porters, Newcastle: Crompton, Jas H, Del $270 
Deputy, John L, RD JDel AtLgDel $1000 
Johnson, Wm H, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Port Penn, Newcastle: Carpenter, Robt T, Del $480 
Eedden, Sussex: Pritchett, jr, Thos J, Md $70 
Eedllon, Newcastle: Silver, Wm E, Del $50 



Rebobotb, Sussex: Mole, Mrs Florence E, Can $1000 
Klcbardsoa Park, Newcastle: Terrell, BanyO, Md S120 
RobblDS, Sussex: Lynch, Gore S, Del $60 
Rockland, Newcastle: Harris, John J, Ire $250 
Roxana, Sussex: Wilgus, Robt, Del $U0 
St Georges, Newcastle: Jones, Theo, Del $510 
Seaford, Sussex: Chipman, Irwin M. Del $1900 
Ui-ed, Miss Maude M, AsstPM Md AtLgDel $400 
WiUey, Miss Alice, Clerk Del AtLgDel $300 
Brown, W Harry, RD Del AtLgDel $11X10 
Oraham, Phillip H, RD Del AtLgDel $960 
Lank, Allwrt G, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Trice, Robt C, RD Md AtLgDel $1000 
Whoatloy, Frank W, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
SelbyrUle, Suss<jx: Stevens, Leo. Del $430 
Long, Levin W, RD Del AtLgDel tXiiO 
MeCabe. Elisha B, RD Del AtLgDel $S00 
Smyroa, Kent: Jellerson, Thos, Del $1700 
Kutledge. Miss Hester C, AsstPM Del AtLgDel $3S2 
Collins, Miss Etta R, Clerk Del AtLgDel $282 
Stanton, Newcastle: Dickey. B L, Del $350 
State Road, Newcastle: McCallister, Jas, Pa $110 
Stockley, Sussex: Oosell, Ida E, Del $190 
Summit Bridge, Newcastle: Alrichs, Miss R A, De 

Taylors Bridge, Newcastle: Staats, Abram. Del $50 
Townsend, Newcastle: Lattomus, Thos, Del $870 
Hutchison, Benedict. RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Lynam, Albt J, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Townsend, Howard, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Trinity, Sussex: Lingo, Archie B, Del $50 

Lawson, Henry J, RD Del AtLgDel $1000 
Viola, Kent: Kersey, Geo B, Del «80 
Whltesvllle, Sussex: White, Benj 8, Del $.30 
WUllamsTllle, Sussex: Lynch, Mrs Martha E, Del $70 
Wilmington, Newcastle: Jester, M H, Del $3600 
Hickman, LoRoy W, AsstPM Del Del $1800 

Camperson, Jos W S, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1800 
Young. Walter J, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 

Bennett, Edmund K. Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1000 
Bell, Lewis A, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Borden, Roland G, NJ AtLgDelNewCastle $600 
Croney, John W, DC AtLgDelNewCastle $1000 
Downs, Wm C, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
Garrett, Mark L, Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Gould, Harrison, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
Hackett, Robt M, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $600 
Hollis. Geo H, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
Jefferis, Warren H. Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
Jones, Isaac S, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Johnston, Harry T, Del 20IllGrecn $1200 
Handle, Richd, NJ AtLgDelNewCastle $900 
Middleton, Jos N jr. Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
McDaniel. Theodore F, Md AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Morgan, Chas S, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
McMulIin, Noble B, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Moreland, Wm J, Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
McCann, Saml A, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $900 
Plummer, Geo E, NJ AtLgDelNewCastle $600 
Phalen. Frank P, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Rash, Nelson, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
SlyhofT, John C, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $600 
Stevenson, Chas M, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
Smith, Garrett S, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Scully, Jas M, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $800 
Trotter, West A, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Van Horn, Jas H, Md AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
White, Clarence, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $600 
Watson, Wm H, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1000 
Whitehead, Wm R. Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Young, Cliflord, Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $800 

Clerks in ehartje of stations. 
Boehm, Frank, Del Atl4!DeINewCastle $50 
Bradley, Horace, Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $100 
Cartmell, Thos B, Del AtLgLelNewCastle $100 
Cappeau, Thos H, Md AtLgDelNewCastle $200 
Chadwick, Saml H, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $200 
Draper, Oscar C, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $100 
Gradwohl, Mrs R B. Del AtLgDelNewCastle $100 
Gnibb. Chas M, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $100 
Hoffman, Erdman, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $200 
McKeever, Saml 0, Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $100 
Ross, Howard D, Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $200 
Serson, Geo W, Ire AtLgDelNewCastle $100 

City carriers 
Abcle, Chas F, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1000 
Austin, Arthur, Eng AtLgDelNewCastle $800 
Bowers. Milton J, Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Brown, Geo F, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
Coyle, Geo W, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Duffy, Jos H, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
David, Jas C, Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $1000 
Donaldson, Thos H, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $800 
Edwards, Wm T, NC AtLgDelNewCastle $1000 
Foulk, Harry T, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
Glasgow, Walter 8, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Goslin, Edwd S, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Gannon, Jas, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Glynn, Jos A, Ire AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Oabke. Danl L. Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Gee, Edmund J, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Hindorcr, E W jr, Del AtLgriflNowCistle $1200 
Hopkins, Theodore, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Hubert, Benj F, Ohio AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
Hubert. John L, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
Hammond. Albert B, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1000 
Haraer, Mahlon C, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $900 
Hirzel, Wm, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $900 
Kirbv, Chas 0, NT AtLgDelNewCastls $1100 
Lloyd, Geojr, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Lutz, John M, Md, AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Mason, John, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 

WUmlneton— Continued. 

Citt/ comer*— Continued. 
McLean. Harry O, Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Oliver, Jas A, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Poinsett, Chas W, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Price, Fred C, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Piters, Geo C, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $800 
Peters, Herbert D, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $600 
Reed, Saml H, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $8U0 
Rittenhouse, John R, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Rickards, Fredk H, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $12U0 
Raymond,Clarence M, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
Redding, Lewis A, Md AtLgDelNewCastle $1000 
Salfner, Ira C, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $600 
Schl, Chas M, Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Sterling, Asbury C, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Speakman, Edwd M. Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Sylvanus, John E, Wales AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Sidwcll, Richd, Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Sasse, Geo W. Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Smedley. Jas N, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
Stewart, David C, Del AtLstDclNewCastle $1000 
Turner, Jas, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
Taylor, Francis jr. Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
Tipka, Chas F, Aus AtLgDelNewCastle $1100 
Wilcox, iMviis L, Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
White, Alfred L, Pa AtLgDelNewCastle $1200 
Willis, Walter L, Del AtLgDelNewCastle $800 

Reed, John G, Porter Del AtLgDelNewCastle $700 
Wlnterthuj, Newcastle: Roupke, Mrs Marv, Md $120 
Woodslde, Kent: Hoch, Chas M, Pa $300 
Wyoming. Kent: Johnson, Harry U, Del $1200 
Downham. Henry D, AsstPM Del AtLgDel $240 
Burke, WmC, RD Del AtLgDel $10()<l 
Evans, Edwd W, RD NY AtLgDol $1000 
Hairgrove, Thos K, RD Del AtLgDel $900 
Torklyn, Newcastle: Dennison, Edwd H, Del $660 


Superintendents, cte. 
Haycock, Wm H. DC DO $2700 
Hunt. Granville M, DO DC $2400 
Johnson. Henry L. NH 2NHSulIivan $2400 
Robinson. I^ouis J. Wis SWisWinncbago $2600 
Springer. Horace P, Me ONCNewHanover $2700 

A'Bccket. Thos H, Pa 4PaPhiladelphia $1200 
Adams. Harry T. Va SVaLoudoun $1100 
Affleck. Philip G jr. Va DC $300 
Alexander, Clarence W, Va 8VaFauquier $900 
Baker, Lyttleton A, Va DC $900 
Ball Lawrence R. Va SVaAIexandria $1100 
Barclay, Will M, Md DC $1400 
Barnard, Jas M, DO DO $1300 
Barnard. Louis E, DC DC $17<I0 
Barnes, Mrs Alice 0. NJ SPaPhiladelphia $1200 
Bartlett, Miss Ada M, WVa IWVaHarrison $1000 
Bartlett, Edwin 0. DO DC $1800 
Bashtord, Mrs Augusta K, RI IRIProvidence $900 
Baum. Leo. NY DC $100 
Baxter, Frank H, DC DO $1100 
Beach, Henry L, Va DC $1100 
Beall, Howard, DO DC $2000 
Bean, Windsor L, Md 6MdMontgomcry $1200 
Beane, Dorsev R, Md 6MdMontgomery $1100 
Beason, Jas T, DC DC $1200 
Becker, Edwd, DC DO $1200 
Becker. John L. DO DO $1200 
Belfleld. Julian F, Va IVa Westmoreland $1100 
Berkeley, Chas F, DO DC $100 
Biddle. John, Pa 7PaMontgomery $1200 
Biondi, Chas P, DO DO $1200 
Birch, Edwd J, NY DO $1200 
Bishop, Harrison S, DO DO $1200 
Bitting, Howard R, Pa DC $600 
Blackwood, Wm R, Pa DO $1100 
Blumer, Jos W, DO DC $1200 
Bock. Fredk M. DC DO $1800 
Boiseau, Fred J. DO DC $1200 
Bond. R Bvron, DC DC $1200 
Booker. Albert 0, DO DC $1200 
Booker. Chas A. Va 4VaAmelia $1200 
Booker. Henrv J. DC DC $1000 
Boss, Robt L jr. DO DC $1000 
Boston, Chase S, Va DC $400 
Botts. .John M, Va SVaFairfax $1100 
Bovd, Benj D, NC IPaPhiladelphia $1100 
Boyd, Wm G, DC DC $1200 
Boyd, Wm S. Ohio DC $1200 
Braddock. E Reeves, Md OMdMontgomery $1200 
Bradlcv. Jennie M, NY 22NY\Vashington $1200 
Brent. Arthur L, Va DO $800 
Brooks, Chas L, DC DC $1300 
Brooks. Jas E. DC DO $1300 
Brooks, L. Griflin, Va 8VaAlcxandria $1200 
Brooks, Wm D, DC DO $1100 
Brown. Arthur S. Eng DC $1200 
Brown. Chas L, Pa ISPaClinton $800 
Brown. David H. DC DO $1400 
Browne. Saml A, DO DO $600 
Browne, Ulvsses R, Va DC $1000 
Brvan. Richd I! jr. Md SVnStafford $1200 
Burns, Dudley D, DC lOIllCook $1000 
Burrows, Arthur B, NT DO $100 
Burrows, Franklin C. DC DC $1800 
Bursley. Sidnev G, Me DC $1600 
Burtt, Ellery J, NH DC $3110 
Buscher. Henrv A, DC DC $200 
BuBb, Milton S, Ud DC $800 

Washington— Continued. 

CZerJcs— Continued. 

Butln-. Cbai M, QO DO <O0O 

Byram. Frank. DO DC $1200 

Campbell. Chas B. Pa DO $200 

Campbell. Edwin. DC DO $1200 

Campbell, Fred B, Va DO $150 

Carpenter, Everett R. DO DC $300 

Carter, Miss Irene, Md DC $1200 

Carter, Wm J, DC DC $600 

Case, Chas S, Md OMdMontgomery $900 

Chamberlain, Claude A, Miss 4Mis8Cla7 $1000 

Chamberlain, Oliver H, NT 28NYOntario $1200 

Chapman, Mrs Johnanna P, DO SNYKinga $1700 

Childs, Franklin W, Ala DO $1000 

Chinn, Wm T, Va DC $1000 

Church, Edgar, Iowa .'iMdPrinceGcorgcs $1400 

Clarke, J Brent, DO DO $1800 

Clarke, Mortimer. Md l>r S12un 

Clarke, Staley M, DC 29PaAlliKhenv $1200 

Clarke, Wm E, DC DC $1000 

Clements, Edwd W, DC DO $1200 

Clokey, Chas C, DO DC $1100 

Cohen, Isadore B, DC DO $1200 

Cohen, Sydney S, DC DC $1200 

Cole, John McC, DC DC $1200 

Colen, Geo O, Va DC $1100 

Collier. John H. DC DC $1300 

Collins. O Fenton, Md DO $200 

Conner, Albert N, Va DO $500 

Connor, Augustus W, Pa DO $800 

Conroy, Jas 0. Md 6MdMontgomery $900 

Corridon, Jas B, DC DC $2000 

Cotter, John W, Ohio DC $1800 

Criswell, Francis, Md DO $400 

Croft, Clayton 1. NY INDakRichland $1200 

Cropp, Lorena D. Va DC $100 

Cross, Jas S, Md DO $900 

Cross, Thos C, Md DC $1200 

Crowley, Wm G. DO DC $1200 

Cruikshank, Thos A, DO DC $1209 

Culley, Robt S, Md SMdPrinceGeorgcs $1100 

Curry, Chas E, DC DC $1200 

Curry, Melville G, DO DO $1200 

Curry, Wm H, DO DC $800 

Daumer. Oscar O, Ger 15NVNewYork $800 

Davidson. Geo A. DC DC $1200 

Davis, Herman W, DC DO $1200 

Davis, Madison, DC DC $2000 

Day. Wm W. Md 6MdMontgomery $1200 

Dean. Arthur E, DO DO $1200 

Dean. Geo. DC DC $1200 

Dement. Jas B, Md 5MdPrinceOeorges $900 

Dennison, Anthony L. DO DO $1200 

Dennison. John E, DC DO $1200 

Denny, Saml W, Del IDelNewCastle $1400 

Dent, Wm B, Md DO $1200 

Dickel, Edwin W, Ohio DC $1100 

Dieudonne, Jules L, Md 2MdPrinceGeorgea $900 

Dobyns, Thos A, Va DO $250 

Dohoney, Ludorph A, Md 33NYChemung $900 

Donovan. Jos, DC DC $1400 

Downs, Ella T. DC 5PaPhiladclphia $1200 

Downey. John J. DC DC $1200 

Drennan, Milton W, DC DC $900 

Duvall, J Walter, DC DC $1800 

Easterday, Herbert C, Va DC $400 

Edelin, Chas W. DC DC $1200 

Edwards. Thos W, DO DO $1200 

Eibel. Wm H. DC 4MinnRamsev $1100 

Elam, Robt E L. DC DC $1000 

Elliot, Randolph L, DC DC $100 

Eppley. Wilson M. DC DC $1100 

Eppi, Harry, Va DO $400 

Esch, Victor H, DC DC $300 

Evans. Rudolph R, La SMdPrinceGeorges $1100 

Ferrier, Jas. DO DC $1200 

Ferry. Chas L. DO DC $1100 

Fischer, Max, DC DC $600 

Fisher. Albert E, DO DC $1500 

Fitzsimmons. Wm H, NY SNYNewYork $1100 

Flagg. Chas H. NC DO $800 

Flanagan. John J. Mo DC $1100 

Flemer. Lewis. NJ DC $250 

Fletcher. Wm K, DO DC $1200 

Flynn. Louis E. NY DC $1200 

Forster. Leopold H, Md DC $300 

Fort. Sewell T, Md DO $1200 

Fowler, Robt W, Md 4MdBaltimore $1200 

Franzoni, Jos D, DO DO $700 

Freeman, Lems B. DO DO $1200 

Friend, John E, Md IMdTalbot $900 

Furley, Katherine E, Va SVaHenrico $000 

Furr. W Calhoun, Va DC $100 

Gamett, Geo W, DO DC $1000 

Garrett. Paul Y, Va SVaFairfax $1100 

Garrison, Wm L, DO DC $1200 

Garvey, Jas J, DC DO $1100 

Gath, Geo. jr. NY 34NYWyoming $900 

Gentner, Wm G, DC DO $700 

Gideon. Joshua, NC DC $900 

Gilbert. Curtis I, Va 8VaFairfax $1400 

Gilbert. Minnie B, Pa DO $1200 

Gilbert, Wm C. Md DC $900 

Gillenwater, Jas J, Va DC $1200 

Click, Lola E. Va ArizPima $900 

Goetzinger. Chas 3. DO DC $1200 

Goodrich, Morrison A. DO DC $1000 

Gosnell. Edwd W, DC DO $800 

Goss. Arden J. Mich 2MicbLenawee $1200 

Graham. Mrs Emma A. Mo DC $1200 

Grav. Mrs Amanda V, Mo DC $100 

Gray, Jas. DC DC $1200 

Greenfield. Grant. Md DO $1100 

Gregory. Jos W, Md 5MdPrinceGeorge» $1100 

Griffin. Wm J. Mass SMassWorceittr $800 

Griffith. Jot A, DC DC $900 



Washington— Continued. 

C!ctI,-s— Cont iuuod. 

Gunning, John W, Mass 12MnssNorfolU $1200 

Haas, Edwin C, Pa DO $1300 

Haines, Fnml; C, DO DO ?100 

Hamilton, Miss Fannie L, NY 25NYHerlcimer $1400 

Hamilton, Kobt B, Md DC $1100 

Hammond. Wm C. DC DC $1200 

Harlan, ■\Villis, DC DC $1000 

Harper, Robt M, Va DC $1200 

Harris, Louis N, Va DC $S00 

Harris, Wm T, Md 6MdMontgomery $1200 

Harve.v, Jas F, DC DC $1200 

Haskell, John J. Pa DC $1200 

Havenner Miss Elizabeth J, DC DO $1100 

Haj-cock, Susan B, DC 12MassMiddlesex $1000 

Haywood, Mrs Grace S, Cal SCalSanFrancisco $1200 

Heath, Harry G, DC DC $900 

Heatwole, Clifford G, Va DC $1200 

Heilig, Edwin A, Pa 9VaWythe $1700 

Helmick. Wm J, Eng DO $900 

Helmsen. Edwd A, DC DO $250 

Henry, Fred D, Ga DO $1200 

Herbst. Wm P, Pa DC $200 

Bering, Chas. DC DO $1200 

Hill, Chas S, DC DO $900 

Hill, John J, Eng DO $1000 

Hill, Winston- B, Va DC $1000 

Hilton, Chas V. Md 6MdMontgomery $900 

Hoffman, John, DC ISCCharleston $1200 

Holden, Chas D. Va DC $1200 

Holford, Frank N. Wis SVaFairtiVS $1000 

Holland. John, Md PMdHoward $1200 

HoUaiul. Pearl. Md OMdMontgomery $1200 

Holim-^. Miss E\o!\n C, DC IVaSpotsylvania $1200 

Holmes. Jas. Pa DC $1100 

Homiller, Maurice, Colo DC $1100 

Hood. Henrv, Va IMichBerrien $1100 

Horstkamp. John B, Md DC $1100 

Houston, ThcopHlus J, Ind llndKandolph $600 

Howard. Cecil A, Tex STe.-cDallas $800 

Howell. Geo F, Md DO $1100 

Hurley, Wm A. Md DO $1200 

Hurt," Walter E, DC DC $1100 

Hutchins, Wm A. DO DC $1200 

Hutchinson, Wm T. DC DC $1200 

Indermauer. Perciyal, DC DC $1100 

Ingram. John C, DC DC $1100 

Isaac, Miss Emma, Md DC $1100 

Jackson, Chester, Md DC $1200 

Jackson, Clarence W. Ohio 160hioMontgomery $1200 

Jenkins, Chas P, DO DC $1100 

Jo-achim, Paul L, DO DC $300 

Johnson, Henry O, DC DC $1200 

Johnson, Henrr W, Md DC $1100 

Johnson, Jas F, DC DC $1000 

Johnson, MarshaU M. Va DO $1200 

Johnson, Robt H, DO DO $1200 

Johnson, Saml T. DC DC $1200 

Jones, Abraham L, DC DO $1200 

Jones, Clarence M, DC DC $900 

Jones, Howard M, Tenn DC $600 

Jones, Jos W, Va YVaMadison $1200 

Jones. Solomon H, DC DC $900 

Kann, Simon, Md DC $300 

Kelse.y, Haryey A, SO SNCChester $1200 

Kenealy, Wm P. DC DO $400 
Kennedy, Wm M, Va DO $1100 

Kenncr," Harry W, Mo DC $300 

Kerfoot. Wm"T jr, Va DO $300 

Kerr, Jas S. DC ISOhioColumbia $1100 

Kines. Edwd. Va DC $1200 

Klemroth, Wm S, Pa DO $1200 

Klotz. Harry W. DO DO $1200 

Knabe, Gustay A, Ger DO $900 

Knockey, Chas P, DC DO $900 

Koenig." Gustaye A, DC DC $1200 

Koss, Fred, DO 9IUCook $1000 

Lackey, Wm S. DC DO $1300 

Laddon. Mrs Jennie, Euro pe DO $150 

Lanion. Robt. W^'a 2WVaBerkeley $1200 

Larcombe, Wm M. DO DO $1200 

Lawrence, Geo. Tex TTexGah-eston $800 

Lehman. Iryins; A, Md 6MdMontgomery $1000 

Lemon, Harry'M. Md DC $1200 

Lerch, John J B, Ger DC $900 

Lester, Robt T, Ga SVaAlexandria $1100 

Lewis, Chas E, Va S%"aAlexandria $1100 

L'Honimedieu, A Warren. NT SONTOrleans $1200 

Littleford. Howard C, Md DO $1000 

Lockley. Robt D, Va 2NJAtlantic $900 

Logan." Harry H, Ind DC $1000 

Lord. Edwd, Del 2WashPierce $1000 

Lowen. Robt C, Kv DC $1200 

Lucas. Malchiah M, Va DC $1000 

Lumpkins, Jas W, Va SVaAlexandria $1200 

McCaffrey, Chas. Md DO $1200 

McCanley. Claude. DC DC $800 

McChesney, J WiUard, DC DC $100 

McComas. Ernest R, Md 6MdMontgomery $1200 

McCormiek. Chas C, Vt DC $1200 

MeCurdy. Chas P, Pa IWVaOhio $1700 

McDona"ld, Frank J, Md DC $1200 

McDonald, John, Ire DC $1100 

McDonald, John W, Md DC $200 

McGowan. Jas S. NT 8NTNewTork $1200 

Mclntyre. Miss Edith M, NH DC $1200 

McKenney. Chas H jr. Va SVaFairfax $1200 

McPherson, Mrs Grace W, Mass lOPaLackawanna 

Mace, Clarence M, Pa DO $900 
Mack. Thos B. DC DC $1000 
Mackall, Laidler. Md DC $500 
Madden, Willis A, Va SVaAlexandria $1200 
Marean, Miss Mary L, Pa 6MdAlIegany $1200 

Washington— Continued. 

C/crts— Continued. 
Marks. Louis, DC DC $800 
Marsllall, Percival, Ohio TTennMaury $1200 
Marye, Mrs Ann M, Md DC $1000 
Mastin. Mrs Mary, DC DC $900 
Mattern, Adolph, DC DC $400 
Matthews, Chas B, Ohio llOhioMeigs $1700 
Max-ivell, Chas L, DC DO $1200 
Mayor, Wm G, DC DO $1100 
Mercer, Mrs Bessie B, Va 2FlaDuyal $900 
Merrill. Chas M. Me IMeCumberland $1200 
Miller, Chas C Va SVaPittsylyania $1100 
Miller, Clifton I, Tenn ITennSulliyan $1200 
Miller, Douglas G, Va IVaSpotsylyania $1300 
Miller, Francis De Sales, DO DO $1000 
Miller, Frank D, Va SMdPrinceGeorges $1000 
Miller, Henry C, Md DC $1000 
Miller, Jas A, DC DC $1000 
Miller, Lemuel B, DO DO $1100 
Miller, Saml K, NY 4MdPrinceGeorges $1200 
Mills, Mansell F, Md IMdWicomico $1100 
Mills, Wm W, DC DC $1200 
Minor, Henry A, Va DC $1200 
Minor. Jos, DC DC $600 
Mitchell. John N, Md DC $1200 
Mitchell, Robt E, DO DO $1200 
Moody, Jas A, WVa 2WVaMineral $1200 
Moore, Saml H, DO DC $1000 
Morgan, Dan L, Pa DC $1100 
Morris, Roy T, Ohio DO $1200 
Mount, Howard A, NT 34NTNiagari $1400 
Mouzon, Fredk S, SO 4SCSpartanburg $1100 
Mueller, Emil R, DO DC $1100 
Muirhead, John H, DO DO $1200 
Murphey, John J, Va SVaStafford $1600 
Murphy, Edmund, Ire DO $1200 
Murpiry, John W, DC DO $1200 
Murphy. Mrs Margaret, DC DC $400 
Murray. Frank E, Pa 17PaMi£ain $1200 
Myers, Frank W, DO DC $1100 
Neely, Guy M, Pa DC $200 
Nelson, John A, Nebr DC $300 
Nelson, Roger E, Va DO $1200 
Newcomb. Edwd J, NY DO $500 
Newton, Miss Sallie F, DO DO $1200 
Nohe, Clarence W, DO DO $1200 
Nolan, John L, DC DC $1200 
Nottingham, Wm W, Md DC $1200 
Nye, Edwin B, DC DO $1200 
O'Brien, Mary A, DO DO $1200 
Ochsenreiter, John F, DC DC $1400 
O'Donnell, Jas, DO DC $S00 
O'Donnell. Miss NelUe G, DC DO $200 
Offutt, Wilfred. Md DO $1200 

Otterback, PhUip, DO DC $1400 

Page, Frank M, Cal 2SNTWayne $1200 

Page, Wm H, DC DC $1300 

Parks, Noel B, Mass DC $1200 

Parsley, Chas J, Md 5MdPrinceGeorge3 $1200 

Parton, Geo P, Pa DO $500 

Patterson, Robt T, DC DO $1200 

Pattie, Non-ille V, Va DO $100 

Pennington. Caleb, DC DO $1200 

Peniston, Geo H, NTOAlaJefferson $1100 

Peters, Chas S, DO 6MdMontgomery $1200 

Phelps, Geo G, Pa 190hioAshtabula $1100 

PhiUips. Fredk S, DC DC $50 

Pike. Chas A, Eng DO $1200 

Pindell. Chas D, Md DC $600 

Pollard. Robt J, Va SMdHoward $1000 

Potter, Wm R, DC DC $900 

Poulton, Wm E jr, DC DO $1000 

Poynton. Harry L. Pa DC $1200 

Pralle, Wm H", DC DO $1000 

Price, Miss Kate M, Va DO $100 

Price, Lerin B, Md IMdWicomico $1200 

Proctor, Louis A. NT lONTWestchester $1100 

Putnam. Oryille T. Pa 14PaBradford $1000 

P^-well, Wm H, DC DO $1200 

Q'uick, John W, Va DO $1200 

Quigley. Richd L, WVa DC $300 

Quinn," Wm E J. Tex 8VaAlexandria $1000 

Rabbitt, Harrey L, Md 6MdMontgomery $1100 

Rabbitt, Murray L, Md 6M(lMontgomery $1000 

Ramsaur, Zed F, NO 9NCLincoln $900 

Ramspeck. Robt W. Ga DC $100 

Randall. Jos, NT IMichWaj-ne $1200 

Eansdell, Mrs Eva W, Va 7VaAlbemarle $1400 

Ransdell. Harry W, Ind DC $1200 

Rattlev, John E jr, NO 9N0Mecklenburg $900 

Ray. Arthur S K. DC DC $1200 

Read, Chas 0, Pa DC $100 

Reagan. Francis E. DC DO $1000 

Reagan, Jas 0, Ire DO $1300 

Reamer, Frank. Pa DC $1200 

Reeye, Reuben T, NY — $1200 

Reichenbach, Wm F. DC DO $1000 

Renfro. Harry B, DC DO $1300 

Repetti, Albert. DO DC $1200 

Richardson, Frank E, Ohio DO $400 

Richardson, Saml A, Ohio DC $300 

Richmond, Elbert B, NY DO $1200 

Ridgel.y, Augustus Md DC $1100 

Ridgway. Franz H, DC DC $500 

Riellj-. John M. Md DC $1200 

Higgles. Fredk D. Va SVaFairfax $1300 

RileV. Herbert E. DO DC $1100 

Rile"y, Jos H H, Ark OMoJackson $800 

Ritfenhouse, Chas E, DO DO $1100 

RoW.ins. Ernest W. DC DO $1300 

Roberts. Bowie. Md DC $1200 

Roberts. Edwin E, DO DC S1300 

Roberts. Fredk R. DC DC $1200 

Robey, Warren T, Va SVaFairfax $1000 

Washington— Continued . 

Cierlts- Continued. 
Robinson, Jas W, Ohio 140hioLorain $600 
Robinson, Nathl E, DC DC $1100 
Rollins, Edwin 0, Va SVaStafford $1200 
Rose, Chas F, DO DC $1100 
Ross, Henry C, DO 2NJAtlantic $1000 
Rosse, Edwd L, Md OPaLancaster $1400 
Rouser, Edwd DC DC $1200 

Rousseau, Miss Carrie M, Pa 4NJSomerset $1100 
Rouzce, Reuben 0, DC DC $1200 
Rugg, WiUard M, Pa DC $800 
RuUman, Isaac 0, Md DO $1200 
Sacks, Geo DC DC $1200 
Sampson, Mercer S, Va DC $1100 
Sangster, S Lee, Va SVaFairfax $1100 
Schneider, Geo W, DC DC $1300 
Schnopp, John T, DC DO $1200 
Schoolev, Clarence E. Va DC $1200 
Scott, Geo A, DC DO $1200 
Searle, Allan R, NY DC $1100 
Selinger, Monroe M, DC DC $800 
Seville, Chas W, DO DC $1100 
Shank, Chas L, Ind DC $1200 
Shaw, Miss Leila, Md DC $1100 
Sheehev. John T, Va SVaAlexandria $900 
Sheets, Miss Mary R, Ind IPaPhiladelphia $1000 
Sherwood, Harry D, DC 4MichVanBuren $1200 
Sherwood, Wm "T. DO DC $1200 
Shilling. Harry E, DC DO $1100 
Shippen, Philip W, Va DC $1100 
Shrcve. Ernest M, Va DC $200 
Shryock, Theodore F, Ind DC $1000 
Shugrue, Jas B, DO DO $1200 
Siebcrt, Chas, DO DO $1100 
Siegel, Benj Md DC $1100 
Sillers, Basil, DC DC $1200 
Sillers, Fredk, DO DO $1800 
Simmons, John H, DO DC $1400 
Simonds. Benj J, DO DC $1200 
Simons, Warren L, DC 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Slaughter, Jas E, Va DO $1100 
Smith, Miss Augusta L. Va SVaAlexandria $1100 
Smith, Geo E, DC DC $1200 
Smith. Jas A, Ohio DO $200 
Smith, Oliver H, Ind SIndDelaware $1700 
Spies, Edwd E, DC DC $1200 
Spiker, Riley G. Va 7VaShenandoah $1200 
Sprague. Chas F, Md DC $1200 
Spriggs, Danl, DC DC $1100 
Springsguth. Carl A, DC DC $1200 
Stafford. Ollie, Md DC $250 
Steele. Geo M, DC DC $1100 
Steuart, Philip E, Md 5MdTalbot $1100 
Stevenson, Morton W, Ohio 170hioTuscarawas $1406 
Stewart. Waller F, DC DC $1200 
Suite, Wm H jr, Md DO $1200 
Sunwold, Henry. Ger DO $1200 
Swiggard, Frank B, DC DC $1200 
Tait, Geo L, DC DC $1200 
Talbert, Tobias R, DC DC $800 
Talbott. Mrs Ida M, Md DC $100 
Tapp, Julian E. Pa IPaPhiladelphia $1200 
Tauberschmidt, Chas, DC DC $1200 
Tavenner, Cloyd, Va DC $1400 
Tavloe, Lloyd T, Va DO $250 
Taylor. Geo W, Md DC $1100 
Tegeler. Henry G. DO DC $1200 
Tew, Wm E, Eng 21NTChenango $900 
Thill. Wm F, DO DC $1200 
Thomas, Wm E, DC DC $1100 
Thompson, Luke, Va SVaFairfax $1200 
Thompson, Thos S, WVa 7VaClarke $1200 
Thompson, Walter S, Md 6MdMontgomery $1106 
Thompson, Wm H, DC DC $1100 
Thornburg, Claude T, DO DO $1400 
Thorn, Albert W, DC DC $1200 
Tignor, Wm L, DO DC $1200 
Tinney, Wm A, DO DC $1000 
Tiptoii, Frank B, DC DC $500 
Trigg, Jos M, Va 2TennKnox $1200 
Trunnel, Seaton W, DC DC $1200 
Turner, Miss Edith G. Md DC $1200 
Turpin, Miss Nannie A, Md DO $1200 
Uhler, Wm M, Va DC $100 
Van Emon, Carlton G, 111 DC $200 
Van Horn, Thos O, Md OMdMontgomery $800 
Van Horn. Wm R. Pa DC $1100 
Van Reuth. Adolph jr, Md DC $1200 
Veitch, Robt A, Md DO $300 
Vessev, Thos L, DO DO $1100 
Wade", John K, DC DC $1200 
Wagner, Wm M. WVa DC $1200 
Wahler, Carl, DO DC $1000 
Wahler. John F. DO DO $1200 
Walcott, Harry L. Vt 2VtWindsor $1200 
Walker, Arthur L, DO DC $900 
Walker, Francis A. Vt 2VtWindham $1200 
Wallace, Geo W, Va DC $1200 
Wallace, Roland, DC DO $400 
Waltemever. Frank X. DC DO $1200 
Ward, Miss Nora E, WVa 2WVaRandolph $900 
Warren, Wm, Eng DC $1200 
Wasney, Jos S. DC DC $1200 
Weaver. Mortimer G. Va DC $1200 
Webb, Wm H, Va SVaAlexandria $1200 
Webb, Wm T, Ga SGaHart $1100 
Weed, Geo E, Tex 5MdPrinceGeorges $1300 
Weeks. Ernest P, NY 7KansStafford $1300 
Weir, Mrs May F, Pa 2WVaEandolph $1200 
Weller, Franklin P. Md DC $500 
Werle, Chas B. DC DO $1200 
West, Arthur J, DC DC $900 
West. Ashbv C, Va DO $900 
West, Miss Petri, Md DC $1100 



Waihlneton— Continued. 

C<«ri:«— Continued. 
Wrstray, Wm H, NC DC »800 
Whitcomb, Kdwd. DC DC $1200 
White, Franklin L, 111 DC $1200 
White, Henry K, DC DC $1200 
White, Leonard A, Iowa DC $1100 
Whiteside. Edw.l W, Md DC $400 
WiKfin, Saml H. DC DC $1100 
Wilber, Emery A, Pa DC $800 
Wilkinson. Wm I, D. DC DC $1200 
Willet, Howard V, DC DC $1200 
Willey, Geo Ft A. DC DC 81200 
Williams, Chaa R, DC DC $1900 
Williams, Jos C. Md DC $100 
Williams, Itot.l R, DC DC $900 
Williams, Tlios N, Md DC $1200 
Williams, Wm It, Va 2VaNorfollt $1100 
Willis, Rodolph, Md DC $1200 
Wilson, E.lmund, Md SMdPrinccCcorges $1200 
Wise, John L, Va TVaRockinRham $1000 
Witte, Wm. Pa IPaPhiladelphia $1100 
Wolcott. .John M. Ohio SMichKent $1200 
WoKe, Miss Florence S, Md SSNYSchuyler $800 
Wolfe, Frank S. DC DC $1100 
Woltz, Jas E, Md eMdWashington $1200 
Wooden, Lawrence A, DC DC $800 
Wodward, Jos N. Va DC $1100 
Wooldridge. Lawrence J, Tei lONVRoekland $1200 
Wooldridge, MarceUus, DO DC $400 
Work. Wm F, DC DC $100 
Wriffht, John F, DC DC $1200 
Wrifht. Ridgilr D, Md lONJIlndson $1200 
Wvlie. Arlineton P, DC DC $1200 
Wycke, Napoleon L, NC SNCMecklenbnrg $100« 
Xanten, All>ert J, Iowa 2lowaJohnson $1400 
Vorks, nyron C, NY 30NVLiving8ton $1200 
CitJ/ carriert. 

Ashford, Robt S, Va DC $1200 

Averv. Austin T, Conn DC $1200 

Backenhcimer, Solomon. DC DC $1100 

Baden, Geo P, Va DC $1200 

Bain. John S, DC DC $1200 

Baker. Jas B. Va DC $1200 

Barker, Jas F, DC DC $1000 

Barrick. Henry S. DC DC $1200 

Barnes, John, Ky DC $800 

Barry, Jas R, DC DC $1200 

Baura, Geo L W, DC DC $1200 

Bean, Geo L, DC DC $600 

Bell. Harry U, DC DC $1200 

Bell, Walter A, DC DC $1200 

Benjemin, Jos E. DC SMdPrinceGeorges $1200 

Berckmann. Wm E, DC DC $1200 

Berry, Chaa A, Va gVaStafford $1200 

Beverly, Wm H F, DC DC $1000 

Bierler, Altred R, Md DC $1200 

Biondi, Chas P, DC DC $1200 

Bischoff, Leonard F, DC DC $1200 

Biscboff, Paul C, DC DC $1200 

Bishop, Geo B, DC DC $1200 

Black, Fitz H. Va DC $1000 

Bland. Altred S. DC DC $1000 

Blount, Wm W, Va DC $1200 

Blum, Leonard, Ger DC $1200 

Bonnet. Geo A. DC DC $1000 

Botts, Fontaine S, Va SVaFairfax $1000 

Bowles. Henrv N. DC DC $1200 

Bradbum, Robt T. DC DC $1200 

Bradlev. Henry J. DC DC $1200 

Branson. Philip H. Pa DC $1200 

Bredekamp. Herman. DC DC $1200 ' 

Brewer. DanI E. Mass DC $1200 

Bridwell. Kliphalct. DC DC $1200 

Brooks. Everett A, DC DC $1000 

Brooks, Warren R, Va 2NJAtlantic $900 

Brown, Elmer A, Va DC $1100 

Browne, Jas A. DC DC $1200 

Brown. John H. Md DC $600 

Burdine, Eugene, DC DC $1200 

Burga, Andw, DC DC $1200 

Bureen, John M, Ger SGaFulton $1200 

Butler, Henry C. DC DC $1200 

Campbell, Chas E. DC DC $1200 

Campbell, Nicholas. Va SMdPrinceGeorges $1000 

Campbell, Robt L, DC DC $1100 

Carew, Bolton A, DC DC $1000 

Carlisle, Millard F, NY DC $1200 

Carlisle. Richd V, Md DC $1200 

Carraher. Jas J. DC DC $1200 

Carrick, Owen W. Md DO $800 

Cavanaugh, Timothy I, Md OMdMontgomerv $1200 

Chace. Arthur S, Conn DC $900 

Champ, Chaa A. DC DC $1200 

Chase. Howard M, RI DC $1200 

Cheesboro, Weslev E, SC DC $1100 

Chinn, Jas T. Va 6MdStafford $1200 

Cissel. Osborne. DC DC $1200 

Clark. Henry L, Pa DC $1200 

Clark, John F, DC DC $1200 

Clarke, MarceUus J. DO DC $1200 

Clark, Wm M, DC DC $1000 

Clements. Howd A, DC DO $1200 

Clements. Wm A, DC DC $1200 

Clifford, Thos E, DC DO $1100 

Cole. Francis I. DC DC $1200 

Coleman, Edwin C. DC DO $1200 

Coleman. Jas H, DC DC $1200 

Collins, Jeremiah J, DC DC $1200 

rolvnn, Clinton R, Va DC $1200 

fonnor, Jas P, DC DC $600 

Connor, Wm J. DC DO $1000 

Cooke, Benj J, Tex DO $1000 

Cook. John F. DO DC $1200 

Cook, John H. DO DO MOO 

Waitalncton— Continued . 

City corrifTS— Continued. 
Cook. Robt P, DC DC $1200 
Cowan, Wm H, Va DC $1200 
Cox, Edwd M. DC DC $800 
Cox, Thos A. DC DC $1200 
Crawford. Jas A. DC DC $1000 
Crawford, Thos J, DC DC $1200 
Crawford. Wm S, Va DC $1200 
Creel, Walter W, Va 7VaRappahannock $1000 
Crouch. Chas C. Md DC $1200 
Cruit, Wm E, Md DC $1200 
Culliton. John J, Md 4PaPhiladclphia $1200 
Cumberland, Henry A, DC DC $1200 
Dale, Marcus, Miss DC $1200 
Dankmeyer, John F, Md DC $1200 
Davidson. Albert S, Va DC $1200 
Davis, Clarence H, DC DC $1200 
Day, Robt M. Ire DC $1200 
Dennison. Richd L, WVa DC $1200 
Dickson, Henry D, NY 22NYTrov $1200 
Doering, Frrdk J. DC DC $1100 
Donn, Geo K, DC DC $1200 
Donovan, John P, 111 2UllSangamon $1200 
Donovan, Richd T, DC DC $1200 
Douglas, Wm H. DC DC $1200 
Dye, Wm H, DC DC $1200 
Dyer. Edwd T. DC DO $1100 
Edclin, John A, Md DC $800 
Edwards. John C. Md DC $1000 
Edwards. Ulysses 3. DO DC $900 
Eiker, Chas M, Pa DC $1200 
Ellis. Jesse J. DC DC $1100 
Eppley, Marion K, Pa DC $1200 
Ernest, Lucien B, Md DC $1100 
Ernest, Milton J, Md DC $1200 
Fauth. Frank DC DC $1200 
Farquhar, Chas A L, DC DC $1200 
Finagin, Joshua B, Md DC $1200 
Finch, Marion D, Va DC $1200 
Fisher, Barton V, DC DO $1000 
Fisher, Willis W, Pa DC $1000 
Fletcher, Wm E, DC DO $1200 
Flood, Richd J, Md DC $1200 
Flora, Levi S, Va 5VaFranklin $900 
Fogarty. Walter M, DC DO $1200 
Folev, John J, DC DC $1200 
Freeman, Wm H, DO lONYNcwYork $1100 
Friedrichs, August M, DC DC $1200 
Galleher, Geo T. Va DC $1200 
Garrison. John I, Va DO $1100 
George, John S. DC DC $1200 
Gerhardt, Jos W, DC DC $1200 
Gerhauser. Geo M. NY DC $1200 
Gibson. John R. DC DO $1200 
Gibson. Richd A. Va DC $1200 
Gilbert. Marion E, SC DC $600 
Ooforth, Stacy W, NC DC $900 
Gfxidloe, Chas S, Va DC $900 
Gordon. Jas A. DC DC $1200 
Gradv. Edwd V. DC DC $800 
Grant, Wm T. Maas DC $1200 
Green, Christopher C, Miss DC $1000 
Gross. Wm F, DC DC $1200 
Gutshall, Harry E A. DC DC $1200 
Hamacher, Arthur E, DC DC $1200 
Hamacher. Warren J. DC DC $1200 
Harlan. Saxper. Md DC $1200 
Hartsfleld, Geo S, NC DC $600 
Healy, Frank P, DC DC $1200 
Hengesbach. Chas F, Ger DC $1200 
Hennessey. Michl J. Eng DC $1200 
Iloge. John T. Ohio DC $1200 
Holmes, Alex M. Pa DO $1200 
Houchin, Wm R, 111 eindHancock $1200 
Hudson, AlpheiiB W. Va DC $1200 
Hughes, Chas T. DC DC $1200 
Huguely. Oscar M, V» DC $1200 
Hurley, Chas R, DC DC $900 
Hutton, Harry R, DC 3.1NYSteubcn $1200 
Ingram, Thos H, DO DC $600 
Jackson, Ravraond A, NJ DC $1200 
Janifer, John W, DC DC $1000 
Jones, Geo W. Miss 4MissCarroll $1200 
Jones, Moses F, Va DC $1200 
Jones. Richd E, DC DC $1200 
Jones. Seymour M, Md DC $1200 
Jordan, Chas W, Va DC $1200 
Kavser, Louis 3, DO DO $1200 
Keilv. Thos B jr, DC DC $1000 
Kenealy, John T, DC DC $600 
Kenvon, Bvron J, Va SVaFairfax $600 
Kidwell, Willard 0, Va SVaLoudoun $800 
King. Frank D, DO DC $900 
King, John C. Md SMdPrinceGeorges $1200 
King, John J. Md SMdCalvert $1200 
Lane. Denis A, DC DO $1200 
Lee. Alphonso. DC DC $600 
Lehmann, Bernard A, DO DC $1200 
Lehr. Anthonv. Md DC $1200 
Leimbach. Frank E. DO DO $1200 
Lcimbach. Geo M, DO DO $900 
Leman. Elmer S. Md DC $1000 
I^cwis. Wm H, DC DO $1200 
Light. Clinton C. Pa ISPaLebanon $600 
Locker, Forrest E. DC DC $600 
Longley. Edmund E. DC DC $1100 
Lyons, John J. DC DC $1100 
Main. John L K, Md DO $1200 
Marshall. Douglas 0. Va SVaPittsylvania $1200 
Martin. Benj F, Md DC $1200 
Martin. Leon P, NY DO $1200 
Mathers. Wm F, Md DC $1200 
Manrcr, Geo H jr, DC DC $1200 
Heitzler, Chas D, Md SMdPrinceGeorges $1200 
Michael, Darlington F, WVa 2WVaUorgan $600 

Waihlsston— Continued . 

cUy oarri<r«— Continued. 
Middlekauf, Luther H. Md 6MdWashington $1200 
Miller, Chas F, Md DC $1000 
Miller, David, Md 2ConnNewHaven $1200 
Miller, Ernest W, Va TVaRappahannock $1200 
Miller, John P, DC DO $1000 
Miles, Jas R, DC DO $1200 
Miley, Robt L, Va 8VaLoudoun $1000 
Minnick, J Edwin, DO DC $1200 
Mitchell, Frank, NY 2FlaDade tllOO 
Moncure, Alfred H, Md SVaFairfax $1200 
Monroe, Wm E, Md DC $1200 
MonUgue, GratUn W, Va DC $1200 
Morris, Wallace H. DC DO $1200 
Hoses, John B. NY OMdMontgoroery $1200 
Mulligan, Philip, Md DO $1200 
Murphy, Robt C, Md DC $1200 
Muison, Poynton W, Eng DC $1200 
McFadden, Jas B, DC DC $1100 
McGratb, Albert J, NT DC $1000 
HcGrath, Maurice P, NY DC $1200 
McMaster, Tboe, Ohio ISOhloMahoning $600 
HcNerbaney, Edwd T, NY DC $1200 ^ 

Nails, Henry C, Conn SVaAlexandria $1200 ^ 
Norris, Jas E, DC DC $1200 
O'Beimc, Wm F, DO DO $1200 
Oliver, Wm H, DC DC $1200 
O'Neill, John A, DO DC $1200 
Ourand, John B S, DC DC $1200 
Overton, Thos W, DC DC $900 
Parker, Geo A. Md 4MdPrinceGeorges $600 
Parker, John H, Va DC $1200 
Parker, Wm H, DC DC $1200 
Patterson, Louis H, DC DC $1200 
Perrott, Geo, NJ lONJHudson $1200 
Peters, Richd B, DC DC $1100 
Pettit, Arthur J, DC DO $1200 
Pigott, Wm M, DO DO $1200 
Piper, Chas S, DC DC $1200 
Platz, Robt U, Md SMdBaltlmore $600 
Boston, Sumpter S, Va DC $800 
Presgraves, Jas M, Va SVaLoudoun $800 
Presgraves, Walter N, Va SVaLoudoun $800 
Purophrey, Chas B, Md 5Md PrinceGeorges $1200 
Pumphrey, Geo A, DC DC $1200 
Raymond, Earl H, Pa 25PaCrawford $1000 
Ray, Walter P, DC DO $1000 
Rebstock, Frank A, Ohio DO $1200 
Reidy, Jas J, Ire DC $1200 
Rice, Wm I, WVa 2WTaMorgan $600 
Ritchie, Chas, Hd DC $1000 
Richtcr, Henry C, Md OMdGarrett $1000 
Riecka, H Wm. DO DO $1200 
Rielley, Thos S, Md DC $1200 
Roui. John M, Fla DC $1200 
RusseU, John F, NY DC $1200 
Ryerson, John A, NY DC $600 
Sampson, Mercer S, Va DC $1100 
Sanderson, John T, Va DC $1200 
Saunders, .los W, Ohio DC $1200 
Saunders, Thos K. Ohio 160hioJeffer8on $1200 
Savoy. Scvellyn D, DC DC $900 
Schreiner. Raymond, DO DC $1200 
Scott, Chas H, DC DC $1200 
Shaw, Chas P, Md DC $1000 
Shaw, Lemuel J. DC DO $1200 
Shipley, Joshua Q, DC SOPaAllegheny $1200 
Sibley, Wm E. Md DC $1200 
Simonds. Edwd B, Ark DC $600 
Smith, Ernest A, DC DC $800 
Smith, John H, Del DC $1200 
Smoot, Wm E, DC DC $1200 
Soelncr, Geo W H, Pa DO $1200 
Spalding. Thos J, Md DC $900 
Spiker, Riley G, Va TVaShenandoah $120$ 
Stanton, John E, DC DC $1200 
Steele. LouU P, DC DC $1200 
Steidel, Chas L. Md DC $1200 
Stewart, Danl M, Md DC $800 
Svewart. Robt. DC DC $1200 
Stokes. Rufus B. Ind ISIndPuIaski $1200 
Sweeney, Jesse C. Md DC $1000 
Sweeney, John M, Md DC $1200 
Sylvester, Geo E. Minn DC $900 
Tait. Geo, DC DC $600 
Taubersehmidt, John A, DC DC $1200 
Tew, Frank F. DC DC $1000 
Thomas, Chas P, Md DC $1200 
Thompson. Freeman G, DO DC $1200 
Tlndall, Archibald C, DC DC $600 
Trueman. Henrv W, Md SMdPrinceGeorgea $1000 
Tullv. aarence B. DO DC $1000 
Vanderslice. Chas W, Va DC $1200 
Van Doren. Theodore J, Md DC $900 
Vaughan. Wm E, NC DC $1200 
Voegler. Louis C F, DC DC $1200 
Wade, Jog E, Md DC $1000 
Waggener, Wm E, WVa DC $1200 
Wahler, Valentine, DC DC $600 
Walker, Chas K, DC DC $1000 
Washington, Geo R L. DC DC $1000 
Washington. Leonard B. Va DC $1200 
Webel. Chaa. Va DC $1200 
Weber. Carl A. DC DO $1200 
Webster. Geo S. DC DO $600 
Weedon. Chas J. Va DC $1200 
Weeden. Henry 0, Kv DC $900 
Weigle, Jacob A, Pa DC S1200 
Weyand. Nicholas J. NY DC $1200 
Wheat, Edgar N. Mich ISTexNueces $1100 
Wheatley, Wm K, DC DC $1200 
White, Fredk M. Va DC $1200 
Whitworth. Albert. Eng DO $1100 
Wilker, Jas A, Va DC $1200 



Washington— Continued . 

City carriers — Continued. 
Wingfleld, Ijorenzo O, Va DC $1000 
Winkelman, Geo E, DC DO $1200 
Wilkinson, Eichd U, SC DO $1200 
WllUams, Francis P, DC DO $1000 
Wilson, Harrison, DO DC $1200 
Woodfleld, John B, Del DC $1200 
Wohlfarth, Edwd S, DO SMdPrinoeGeorges $80C 
Wolfe, John L, Md DO $800 
Worch, Rudolph 0, DC DC $900 
Wormley, Leon S, DO DO $900 
Worl, Chas B, Va DC $1200 
Wright, Clarence D, Ohio DC $1200 
Yates, Wm F, DC DC $600 
Young, John W K, Pa ISPaLehigh $1200 
Zimmerman, Jos W, DC DC $1200 

Rural carriers 
Crismond, John E, Md DC $900 
Jacobs, Geo M, DO SMdPrinceGeorges $720 
King, Thos P, Md SMdPrinceGeorges $810 
Meitzler, Wm H, Md 5MdPrinceGeorges $900 
Moore, Wm H, Md SMdPrinceGeorges $900 
O'Neill, Jos R, DC DC $432 
Soper, Jas B, Md SMdPrinceGeorges $900 

Rickenbacher, Albert D, DO DO $1200 

Barnes, Wm H, Md SMdPrinceGeorges $700 
Beall, Amos B, Md SMdPrinceGeorges $700 
Bird, Guylott W, Eng S4NYNiagara $700 
Bryan, Wm H, DO 7NYKings $700 
CampbeU, John, Md DO $600 
Colbert, Enoch Z, Md DO $600 
Colbert, Wm, Md SMdPrinceGeorges $700 
Davis, Andw A, Md 6MdMontgomery $700 
Diggs, Wm J, Va DO $600 
Edmonston, John B, Md DC $600 
Fisher, Geo h. Pa DC $700 
Gamer, Geo W, Md SMdStMarys $700 
George, Edwd D, NO DO $600 
Gibson, John Edwd, Mo DC $700 
Gray, Geo, DO DC $700 
Harris, Wm R, Va SVaHanover $700 
Hawkes, Robt P, DC DO $600 
Hickey, John J, NY DO $600 
Hollands, Elijah W, DO DC $600 
Jackson, Chas H, Va DO $600 
Johnson, Howd A, Va. DO $600 
Johnson, John, Va SVaFairfax $700 
Johnson, Walter F, Md SMdPrinceGeorges $700 
Kenney, Edwd 0, Va DC $700 
Lee, Ulvsses, DO DC $600 
Myers, John P, SO SNCWayne $700 
McCuUough, John J, Md DO $700 
Oliver, Wm T, DO DC $700 
Prather, Jos M, DC DO $700 
Rosier, Wm G, Md DC $600 
Scheirer, Alex O, Pa 6MdMontgomery $700 
Vaden, Frank H, NO DC $600 
White, Chas, Md SMdAnneArundel $600 
White, Francis J, Md DO $700 


Aberdeen, Jackson: Sansome, Mrs Ella O, Ga S90 
AcUne, De Soto: Duval, Wm A, Kans S80 
Alachua, Alachua: Dell, Simeon 0, Fla S1300 
Dell, Mrs Leona, Clerk Fla 2FlaAlachua ,S96 
Bell, Geo W, RD Fla 2FlaAlachua SIOOO 
Dell, Rufus E, RD Fla 2Fla.\laehua S960 
Strickland, Malachi, ED Fla 2FlaAIachua SICOO 
Alafla, HiUsboro: Thompson, Mrs J S, Fla S140 
Alamana, Volusia: Waldron, H 0, Ga S40 
Albert, Lake: Westbrook, Mrs Jessie M, Fla S200 

Wren, Thos B, RD Ire IFlaLake $735 
Alford, Jackson: Tharp, J L, Fla S200 
Allanton, Washin.ston: Allan, Andrew, Soot SlOO 
Allen, Lafayette: Barber, Jas A, — SIO 
AUenhuTst, Brevard: Arthur, Jackson, Eng $90 
Alliance, Jackson: Beauchamp. Francis A, Fla .S190 
Altamonte Springs, Orange: Fuller, Arthur H, Conn 

Altha, Calhoun: Richards, Mrs Lula M, Ga $320 
Altman, De Sota: Hough, F M, Fla $60 
Alton, Lafayette: Johnson, Thos W, La $710 
Altoona, Lake: Hinson, T J, Ga S2S0 
Alva, Lee: Clay, B S, Ala $290 

Anastasia, St John: Royston, Mrs Marian H, 111 $120 
Anclote, Hillsboro: Greene, Meyer, Fla $90 
Andrews, Nassau: Philo, Chas, Ohio $80 
Ankona, St Lucie: Aukeny, R V, Iowa .?200 

Aukeny, Paul L, Carrier Iowa 2FlaStLucie $60 
Anna Maria, Manatee: Johnson, Benj J, SC S30 
Anona, Hillsboro: Jefferson, Lowe T, Fla Siao 
Anthony, Marion: Meadows, N W, Mo $490 
Antioch, Hillsboro: Graves, E W, Ga $60 
Apalachlcola, Franklin: Warren, J Farley, Fla .S2000 
Witherspoon, Chas E, AsstPM Fla SFlaFranklin 

Warren, Asa B, Clerk Fla SFlaFranklin $800 
Apopka, Orange: Wilson, Wm T, — $780 
Arbuckle, Polk: Smith, Anderson M, Ga $30 
Arcadia, De Soto: Green, .\ndrcw, Fla S1900 
Lane, Mrs Maude, AsstPM Fla IFlaDeSoto $300 
Green, Herbert, Clerk Fla IFlaDeSoto $300 
McClenithan, Louis, RD Fla IFlaDeSoto $900 
Arch Creek, Dade: Campbell, Archie J, Fla $180 
Archer, Alachua: Snavelly, Minnie, Ind 3800 
Argyle, Walton: McDonald, Miss Margerette A, — $270 

Meritt, Thos S, RD — SFlaWalton $1000 
Ariel, Volusia: Griffiths, Richd, Wales SOO 
Arlpeka, Hernando: McNatt, Mrs David A, Fla $160 

Armstrong, St John: Gauzens, Mrs Louise V, Fr $190 
Airan, Wakulla: Vanse, lessee E, Fla $350 

Laws, John B, RD Ga 3Fla Wakulla $80 
Airedonda, Alachua: Bevill, Wm C, Fla $90 
Artesia, Brevard: Eberwein, Elisabeth B, Ga $50 
Ashmore, Wakulla: Ashmore, Jos R, Fla $150 
Ashton, Osceola: Blackwell, Miss Meta, SC $110 
Ashville, Jefferson; McFarlLn, Brantly D, Ga $150 
Astatula, Lake: English, Newburn T, Fla $140 
Astor, Lake: Vallerchamp, Kirby D, Pa $180 
Astor Park, Lake: Caldwell, Mrs Sallie B, Miss $80 
Athena, Taylor: Johnson Mrs Eiza M, Ga $130 
Atlantic Beach, Duval: Stanford, Arthur S, Eng $450 
Auburndale, Polk: McLain, John H, Ohio $490 
Aucilla, Jefferson; Walker, Alfred D, Fla .S490 
Walker, Lillian, Mrs. Clerk Fla 3FlaJefEerson $109 
Home, Perry P, RD Fla SFlaJefferson $960 
Walker, Jas E, ED Fla 3FlaJefEerson $1000 
Avoca, Hamilton: Madison, L Horton, — $80 
Avon Park, De Soto: Eeeves, Mrs Fannie P, — $450 
Aycock, Jackson; Gilbert, Ovid W, Fla S420 
Ayden, De Soto: Coward, Mike, NO $120 
Bagdad, Santa Eosa: Joyner, Miss Mary, Ala $790 
Bakers Mill, Hamilton: Ratlifl, Eseedro O, Fla $90 
Baldwin, Duval: Parish, D J, Fla $440 
Balm, Hillsboro: Sweat, HarleyD, Fla $160 
Banyan, Brevard; Mathers, Sallie, — $50 
Barberville, Volusia: Lemmon, Saml E, — $240 
Bareah, Polk: Weinrioh, Chas, Ger $140 
Bartow, Polk: Skipper, Enoch E, Fla $2100 
Skipper, Glen B, AsstPM Fla IFlaPolk SIOOO 
Skipper, Milton E, Clerk Fla IFlaPolk $1000 
Wright, Homer A, Clerk Ohio IFlaPolk $600 
Hurn, Percy, Carrier Ga IFlaPolk $600 
Miller, Garrett W, Carrier Ky IFlaPolk $600 
Brown, Howard A, RD Fla IFlaPolk $800 
Clement, Willie B, ED Ala IFlaPolk $960 
Mobley, F Marion, ED Fla IFlaPolk $1000 
Bascom, Jackson: Davis, G E, SC $440 
Davis, Mrs Blanche, AsstPM Fla 3FlaJackson $100 
Grant, F M, AsstPM SC 3PlaJaekson $100 
Grant, E A, Clerk Fla 3FlaJackson $50 
Bevis, Geo 0, ED Fla SFlaJacksou $1000 
OUve, Hosie D, ED Ala SPlaJackson $960 
Smith, Eddie B, ED Ga SFlaJacksou SIOOO 
Bassenger, Osceola: Eedocious, D Holmes, — $200 
Bayard, Duval: Wing, Mrs Juhetta, NY $240 
Bay City, Hernando: Griswold, JosiahN, Ga $60 
Bayhead, Washington: Newman, Mrs Kinie, Fla $90 
Bayhill, Sumter; Spiney, Wm T, Ala .$30 
Bay Lake, Marion: Wilson, Earle F, Wis $60 
Bayport, Hernando: Goethe, Francis V, Fla $200 
Bayridge, Orange: Schopke, Henry, Ger $20 
Beach, Liberty: Smith, Grover C, — $70 
Bearhead, Walton: Blue, Malcom M, NC $150 
Bell, Alachua: Martin, Chas C, Fla S450 
Martin, Albert, ED Fla 2FlaAlachua $960 
Starling, Hiram, ED Fla 2FlaAiachua $800 
Bellealr, Hillsboro; Whitehead, Jas G, Tex $260 
Bellevlew, Marion: Tremere, Chas A, Can $420 
Behnore, Clay; Wall, Jas H, Fla $70 
Benhaden, Wakulla; Pritehard, Mrs Anna, III $240 
Ashmore, Robt E, RD Fla 2Pla Wakulla $1000 
Bennett, Washington: Bennett, Chas T, Ky $100 
Benton, Columbia: Cone, D N, Fla .S90 
Berestord, Volusia: Alexander, F J, Fla $170 
Berlin, Marion: Bardin, G W, Fla $120 
Bermont, De Soto; Gatewood, Geo W, Kv .100 
Berrydale, Santa Eosa: West, Wm A, — " $80 
Biscayne, Dade; Kennedy, Frederick J, Eng 860 
Blackman, Santa Eosa: Baggett, Mrs Martha E, Fla 

Blanton, Pasco: Blocker, Eugene S, — $130 
Blitchton, Marion; Biiteh, Mrs DoUie, Fla $170 
Blounts Ferry, Columbia: Joyner, J C, — $4 
Blountstown, Callioun: Peacock, John R, — $940 
Bloxham, Leon: Williams, Wallace W, Fla $80 
Bluffsprlngs. Escambia: Stanton, Geo R, — $390 
Boardman, Marion: McCarley, Jas A, SC $160 
Bocagrande, Lee; Vaughn, Walton W, Ala $750 
Bocaratone, Palm Beach: Long, Geo A, — $80 
Bokeelia, Lee; Martin, Minta, Ky $70 
Bolton, Walton: Munn, Boyd H, ' SC SlOO 
Bonavsnture, Brevard: Mims, Miss Gertrude E, Ga 

Bonlfay, Holmes; Owens, M M, Fla SHOO 
Bostwick, Putnam; Hancock, David P, Fla $160 
Botts, Santa Eosa: Simmons, O O, Fla $120 
Boulogne, Nassau: Trigg, Jas R, Fla $170 
Bowling Green, De Soto: Bryan, N M, Fla $870 
Boyd, Taylor: Rowell, Aaron L, Fla $220 
Boyett, Hillsboro: Thorpe, D L, Ga $170 
Boynton, Palm Beach: Pierce, Chas W, 111 $430 
Bradentown, Manatee: Lefflngwell, JohnB, Mo $1800 
Lawrence, Lewis, AsstPM NC IFlaManatee $816 
Lawrence, Sadie D, Clerk Ind IFlaManatee $300 
Bradley Junction, Polk: Whidden, Jas O, Fla $250 
Branchton, Hillsboro; Branch, Jas M, Fla $20 
Brandon, Hillsboro: Hughes, Varn, Fla $210 
Branford, Suwanee: McNeil, Geo Wm, Ga $510 
Brantley, BreA'ard: Stewart, Rufus B, — S80 
Brick, Santa Rosa: King, J M, Fla $80 
Bridges, De Soto: Brown, Jos H, — «140 
Bristol, Liberty: Harrell, JabezN, Ga $580 
Bronson, Levy; Darden, Geo C, Va S680 

Faircloth, Chas O, Clerk Fla IFlaLevy $240 
Brooker, Bradford: Collins. Thos R, — SS70 

Pinholster, IraW,jr, ED — 2FlaBradford $900 
Brooklyn, Clav: Wynn, L P, Fla $120 
BrooksvUle, Hernando; Peck, Chas C, Wis $1600 
O'Neal, Miss Lelia, AsstPM Fla IFlaHernando 

Peck, Mrs Lucy, Clerk Tenn IFlaHernando $144 
Broward, Duval; Jones, John B, Fla 870 
Brown, Columbia: Allen, Wm H, Fla $110 
Brownville, De Soto: Brandon, Eobt K, Ark $320 
Bruce, Walton: Ward, Jess* J, Fla $260 

Brycevllle, Nassau; Bryce, Mrs Geo, Fla $170 
Buchanan, De Soto: Grice, Anew H, Fla $160 
Buckhorn, Calhoun: Enzor, Mrs E A, Ga $100 
Buckingham, Lee: Arndt, Gustave, A, — 3150 
Buena Vista, Dade: Courley, Chas Fr $340 
Bulow, Volusia; Knox, Leonard B, — $80 
Bunnell, St John; Johnston, Miss Minnie, Fla $670 
Burbank, Marion: Haney, Jas B, Scot $380 
Burch, Calhoun; GrilBn, Mrs Nancy C, Ga $50 
Bushnell, Sumter; Winslow, Nathan B, Ky $620 
Butler, Jackson: Butler, Chas J, SC $160 
Byid, St John: Hart, Geo D, — $140 
Call, Lafayette: Osteon, Miss Eosa L, Fla 360 
Callahan, Nassau: Jones, Robt L, Fla $720 
Callaway, Washington: Carlisle, Moses N, Ala $70 
Caloosa, Lee: Foster, Chas B, 111 S80 
Calvary, Marion: Wallace, Albert S J, — $30 
Campbell, Osceola; Morrison, John Y, Ala $90 
Campbelltou, Jackson: Renfroe, Mrs I L, Fla 3580 

Powell, John Q, RD Fla SFlaJacksou S900 

Poyner, E E. RD Ala SFlaJacksou 3900 
Cam'pville, Alachua: Dyess, Jas H, Fla $310 
Camp Walton, Santa Rosa: Buck. Erwin S. Ohio $260 
Cana, Jackson: Maddox. Francis M, Fla $30 
Canaveral, Brevard: Wilson, Henry, NY $80 
Candler, Marion; Williams, Abner'R, SC $280 
Cantonment, Escambia: McVoy, Alexander, Fla $370 

Wilder, Henson O, ED Ga SFlaEscambia $1000 
Capltola, Leon: Gotten, Hubert T, NC $220 
Capps, Jefferson: Lovett, Miss Minnie W, SC SlOO 
Captiva, Lee; Brainerd, Mrs Hattie E, Can SllO 
Carleton, Putnam; Monroe, J H, Fla $120 
Carlos, Lee: Sander, Geo B, — $30 
Carr, Calhoun: Cain, Jas L, Ga $160 
Carrabelle, Franklin; Giles, S J, Fla $1000 

Hance, O G, AsstPM Fla SFlaFranklin 336 
Carraway, Putnam: Harden, Jos L, Fla 350 
Carters, Polk; Jackson, P B, SO $270 
CaryvUle, Washington; Snyder, Miss Mattie F, Kans 

McCoy, Eobt A, RD Ala 3Fla Washington $1000 
Cassad'aga, Volusia: McGill, John B, — $160 
Cassia, Lake; Eose, Eobt, Tenn $90 
Catawba, Santa Eosa: Bishop, Mrs Queen V, Fla $70 
Casambas, Lee: Barfield, Jas M, Ga $100 
Cayo Costa. Lee; Shufelt, Jos E, NY $80 
Cedar Keys, Levy: Bachman, Solomon, Pa $920 
Celery City, Volusia: Topp, Wm H, WVa $240 
Center Hill. Sumter: Smith, DanlC, Ala $520 
Centralia, Hernando: Roberts, Edgar A, — $500 
Century, Escambia: Hauss, Edwd A, 111 $968 
Chafln, Calhoun: Ohafln, Wm T, Fla $60 
Chaires, Leon: Patterson, I H, Fla $240 
Champaign, Madison: Palmer, John J, NC $80 
Charlotte, De Soto: Moody, Jas B, NC $220 
Charlotte Harbor, De Soto: Stephens, Thos A, Ala 

Chasevllle, Duvall; Bailey, Geo W, Mass SOO 
Chason, Calhoun: Carmichael, Mrs Dicie E, Fla $30 
Chattahoochee, Gadsden: Scarborough, Edgar W, Fla 

Chester, Nassau; Evatt, Mrs L B, Fla $150 
Chicora, Polk: Crews, Geo L, Fla $290 
Chiefland, Levy; Smith, Jas B, Fla $130 
Chipley, Washington: Schell, Jos P, Iowa $1500 
Tuggle, Miss Irene May, AsstPM Fla SFlaWashing- 

ton S480 
Eatcliff, Edgar, Clerk Ky SFla Washington $450 
Fillingim, Josiah F, ED "Ala SFlaJacksou 31000 
Eedick, Jay L, ED Fla SFlaJackson SIOOO 
Vickers, John B, ED Fla SFlaJackson $1000 
Chlpola, Calhoun: Coxwell, Thos L, Ga $130 
Chokoloskee, Lee; Smallwood, S, Fla $70 
Christina. Polk: English, W H, Fla 3530 
Christmas, Orange: Hatch, Chas L, Fla 3120 
Chuluota, Orange: Nixon, Mrs May S, Iowa $160 
Chumuckla, Santa Rosa: Severson, Edwd 0, NY $175 
Citra, Ifarion: Harrison, Wm H, Ga $560 
CitroneUe, Citrus: Turkette, W^m A, SC $230 
City Point, Brevard: Abney, Mrs AimieM, Ala $200 
Clara, Taylor: Crapps, P C, SC 3120 
Clarcona, Orange: GilUam, Leroy W, Va $200 
Clark, Alachua; Harris, Chas O, Ky $80 
Clarksvllle, Calhoun: Clark, John, Fla 3210 
Clearwater, Hillsboro: Lowrey, Cyrus, Pa $1700 
Hartt, Miss Lena, AsstPM Fla IFlaHillsboro $240 
Shaw, ErastusE, ED Mass IFlaHillsboro $960 
Clermont, Lake: Fesler, S S, Iowa $440 
Cleveland, De Soto: Hoen, Tandy N, Fla $130 
Cobb, Santa Eosa: Morris, Alpheus B, Ala $230 
Cocoa, Brevard: Schoonmaker, C J, Conn $1600 
Fisher, Fred, AsstPM Mich 2FlaBrevard $600 
Bracco, Miss Rose A, Clerk NY 2FlaBrevard $360 
Cocoanut Grove, Dade: Sanford, Wm D, Ohio $610 
Coldwater, Santa Eosa; Smith, Joshua E, Ga $130 
Colee, St John: McLeod, J L, Fla $200 
Coleman, Sumter: Bridges, B H, Fla $620 
Columbia, Columbia: Summers, Preston B, Fla $280 

Niblack, Lee, ED Fla SFlaColumbia $600 
Compass Lake, Jackson: Thomas, Mrs Lavenia L, — 

Conant, Lake: McLean, W K, Can 3100 
Concord, Gadsden: Cook, Chas 0, Fla $170 
Conner, Marion: Eandall, P T, Fla $180 
Cook, Washington: Fowler, Jas J, Ga 370 
Coqulna, Duval: Leek, Peter J, Fla $80 
Cora, Santa Eosa; Diamond, Mrs Mary E, Fla $150 
Corbctt, Santa Eosa: Bass, Chas D, Fla $130 
Corey, Leon: Hamilton, Wm L, Ga S70 
Coronado, Volusia: Longstreet, H C, NY $300 
Cortez, Manatee: Guthrie, Albert M, — $230 
Cottagehill, Escambia: Myers, Mrs Alphia I, Ind S26r 
Cottondale, Jackson: Graves, Wm T, Ala $790 
Watts, Mrs Delle, Clerk Ala SFlaJackson $96 
Bean, Burton B, RD Ala SFlaJackson $1000 
Snyder, Wm J, ED WVa SFlaJackson SIOOO 
Cottonplant, Marion: Veal, Mrs Eosa B, Fla $70 



Coartenay, Brevard: La Roch, R I, SC 180 
Cow Creek, Volusia: Clark, Jas A, NC $160 
Cralnlyn, Monroe: Grain, p;(iwii 11, Fla $100 
Crandall, Nassau: Oxley, Mrs M A, Kla $190 
Crawford, Nassau: Greenwood, Mrs Marv E, Ohio $140 
CrawfordvlUe, \Vakulla: Forbes, Rlihd B, Ga $2«) 
Crescent Beach. St John: Middlcton, J C, Fla $80 
Crescent City. I'utnam: Lounds, Euecne D, NY $1000 
Crestvlew. Wultcm: Nelson, Jos II. Ind $600 
Crewsvtlle. Ill' Soto: Crews, T N, Fla $170 
Crocker. M;iiuiii'e: Crocker Peter. NY $90 
Cromanton. Calhoun: Hoskins. Mrs Nora N. NY $130 
Croom. Hernando: Smith. Rilev S. Ala $380 
Cross City, Lafayette: Copeland. Ishani I-, Fla $290 
Crownpoint, Orange: Minor. Amerious M. Ga $10 
Crows BluS. l.rikc: Bishop. M K, Mo $110 
Crystal River. Ciirus: Miller, Chas A. Pa $960 

Smith, Mrs K.liUl 1', AsstPM Fla IFlaCitrus $480 
Cutler. li;iiU': Foster, Mrs Cecile C, Mass $«) 
Cypress. Jackson: Preston. W C, Wis $1(50 
Dade City, Pasco: Spencer, Miss Ilettie B. Ill $1500 

Hnudlctle, O K. Clerk Mich IFIaPasco $180 
Dady, Holmes: Nelson. Miss Nora. Fla $90 
Daisy. .Marion; Albritton. A J, Fla $90 
Dalkeith. Calhoun: Whitfield. Rosalia E, — $190 
Dallas. .Marion: Smith, Miss Harriet O, — $120 
Danla. Hade: Bellamy. W M, Fla $640 
Darlington, Walton: Green, Angus. Fla $330 
loinmander, G W, RD Fla 3KlaHolmes $1000 
Coiniimnilcr. S F, RD Fla 3FlaHolmes $1000 
Davenport. Polk: Dodge, Chencv C, Mc $010 
Day, Lafayette: Towler, John, t'la $250 
Daytona, Volusia: Smith, W Clarence, Ga $2400 
Cowan. Louis J, AsstPM Scot 2Fla Volusia $1200 
Hitman. Frank, Clerk Fla 2FlaVolusia $1W0 
Messing. Chas J, Clerk NY 2FlaVolusia »9(X) 
Uoxhv.WA. Clerk Eng 2FlaVolusia $1(X>0 
Daytona Beach. Volusia: Wesley, Uerrick, Vt $1000 
Deerfleld. I':ilm lleach: Bracknell, Wm L, SC $390 
Deerland. Wiillon: Jemigan, Wm A, Ala $260 
De Funlak Springs, Walton: Eddy, Wm E, Wis $1800 

MrLfod, Jas 1., AsstPM Fla jFlaWalton $060 
De Land, Volii.sia: Allen, Will A, Wis $25(X) 
Coulter, Miss Marion E, AsstPM Fla 2FlaVolusia 

Davis, Jos U, Clerk Fla 2FlaVolusia SinoO 
Getty, Harry M, Clerk Pa 2FlaVolusia $1000 
Havs. Thos S, Clerk Fla 2Fla Volusia $800 
Miller, Francis M, Clerk Fla 2FlaVolusia $900 
Winters, Mrs Mary L, Clerk Can 2FlaVolusia $800 
Bradley, Geo A, Carrier Fla 2FlaVolusia $800 
Brokaw, Carl M, Carrier Iowa 2FlaVolusia $liOO 
Deleon Springs. Volusia: Mitchell Jones, Fla $230 
Dellwood. Jackson: Messer. John. Ga $80 
Delray. I'nlm Hoach: French, Joel W, Mich $890 
Denaud, McKlnnt-v. It C. Kla $140 
Denver, I'litiiuii: J W, Ga $90 
Destln, W M;irlcr, Wm, Ga $170 
Detroit, Hade: Williams, Marion L, Mo $:!(K) 
Dewey, St John: Knight. Joseph L, NC i.V) 
Deiter, Marion: Webb, Franklin W. — $10 
Dillon, llillsboro: Jones. Wm K, P'la $1(10 
Dills. Jetlerson: Harp, Thos M, Fla $50 
Dinner Island, St John: Deen. W H. Ga $50 
DInsmore, Duval: Watney. Arthur P. Eng $210 
Donnie. \Iachua: Osteon." John (J, Fla $50 
Dorcas. Walton: McCallum. W A, Ala $100 
Doubleslnk. Levy: Highsmith, Miss Ethel, — $100 
Dover, llillsboro: Causey. Jas. Ga $2.50 
Dowllng Park, Suwanee: Higgins, Miss Lois, Ala $600 

Hodge, MF, RD Fla 2FloSuwancc $1000 
Downing, Lafayette: Taylor, Alice V, — $110 
Drayton Island, Putnam: Wcndel. Martin, tier $60 
Drlfton, JctTeison: Bird, Miss Carolina P, Fla $130 
Drlggers, Maker: Driggers, Sherod M, Fla $10 
DubUn, 'lavlor: Williams. John H. Fla $20 
Dukes, Brailford: Hiikcs. Malhew A, — $2,80 
Duncan, Washingtuu: Wilson. John F, Fla $60 
Dunedln, Hillsboro: Hope. Mrs Edna K. NY $.510 
Dunnellon, Marion: Neville, Geo W. Miss «1400 

Hell, Milton D, AsstPM Tenn IFlaMarion $480 
Dupont, St John: Cody, E W, Teim $370 
Durant, Hillsbori: Freeman, Walter H, Fla $210 
Durbin, St John: Ogilvie; E R, Fla $140 
Dutton, Alachua: Wade. Arthur L. Tenn $460 
Dyal. Nassau: Thomas. Lee. Fla $60 
Eagle Lake, Polk: Thompson. Henry Y, Fla $270 
Ealum, Walton: McCollough. N M, Ga $40 
Earleton, Alachua: Morse, Geo, Minn $90 
Early. Calhoun: Whitneld. Mrs Luella W, — $50 
Eastlake. Marion: Hall. Stunner R, Miss $250 
East Palatka, Putnam: Hanna. Mrs Lillv L, Ga $^30 
Eastpolnt, Franklin: Brown, Mrs Rebecca W, Va $100 
Eatonvllle. Orange: Pindar. Mrs S V, Ga $170 
Eau Gallle. Brevard: Whilden, Alvo B, (ia $S90 
Ebb. Madison: Edwards. A W, Ga $340 
Ebro. Washington: Cooper Minna F. Fla $120 
Econfina. Wassington: Gainer, Mrs Sarah A, Fla $90 
Eden. St Lucie: McCormick, Miss Vina, Pa $270 
Eden&eld. .Sumter: Eddins. Marion B. Miss $270 
Edgar. I'utnam: Vause. Francis H, Fla $220 
Edge. Do Soto: Hancock. Johnie. Ga $100 
Edison. Citrus: Rutledge. Reginald R, Fla $70 
Ehren, Pasco: Kingston. .'Mbert S. Tenn $410 
Elarbee, Bradford: Marshbum, Mrs Cora E, Fla $130 
Eldred, St Lucie: Stouder, Mrs Lettio L, Ohio $310 
Eldrldge, Volusia: Bishop, R J, SC $160 
Eleanor, Holmes: Williams. Jas C. Md $2,30 
Electra, Marion: Pillans. Jas C, Fla $120 
Elfers, Pasco: Eiland, Levi D, Fla $80 
Elkton, St John: Masters. J A. Fla $2;i0 
EUavlUe, Madison: Millinon. Robt L, Fla $210 
EUenton, Manatee: Ballinger, Lem M, Tex $480 
EUzey, Levy: Williams, John L, Fla $90 
Elolse, Polk: Clark, Mrs Mattie, Fla $230 
Emeralda, Lake: Porter, Mrs Missouri L, Ga $1£0 

Emerson, Suwanee: Futch, A J, Ga $70 
Emporia, Volusia: Turner, W K, Fla $110 
Englewood, .Manatee: Nichols, H K, I'a $170 
Enid, Polk: Raulerson, Miss Maryilla, Fla $20 
Enterprise, Volusia: Thayn, Wm S, Va $410 
EnvUle, Hernando: Weeks, J M, Ga $240 
Espanola, St John: Kelley, Mrs Florae, Eng $310 
Estero, Bubbett, Jas II, Pa $340 
EstlSanulga. Liberty: .\rmslrong. MLss Jennie, — $120 
Esto. Holnics: Tew.Danl W. Ala $280 

l)L\on, Andrew J, RU Ga 3FlaHolme3 $900 
Eugene, Lafayette: Chavoies, Mrs Jessie T, Fla $210 
Eulalla, Duval: Jones, O L, Fla $100 
Eureka, Marion: Mathews, Henry D, Fla $100 
Eustls. Lake: Bishop, Mis.s Marv B, Mo $1600 

Gol.ling. Miss Stella M, Asstl^M 111 IFlaLake $300 
Evans, l.ibortv: Kviui.s. John J, Ga $60 
Everglade, Lee: Stortcr, Geo, ,\la $120 
Evergreen, Niussau: oweas, Mrs Sophronia E. Fla $110 
Evinston. Alachua: Barron, Jas F, SC $280 
Fairbanks. Alachua: Irwin, Frank D, 111 $1.10 
Fairfield. .Marion: Smoak, John W, SC $-2»0 
Fairvlew. Putnam: Mills. Miron 2d. Ind $.50 
Falmouth. Suwanee: Knight, WmT.jr, Fla $260 
Fanlew, Jclfcrson: Scruggs, Edgar F, Fla $240 
Fargo. Polk: McCall, Wm W. NY 260 
Farmdale. (alboim: Taylor, J B, III $140 
Favoretta, Volusia: Deen, Adolph. Ga $90 
Federal Point, Putnam: Tenney, John F, Vt $140 
Fellsmere. St Lucie: Epley. Mrs" Maxa, Ga $510 
FenhoUoway, Taylor: Wi'gglesworth, MLss Emily L, 
(ia $2.50 
Jackson. GroverC, RD Fla SFlaTaylor $1000 
Fernandlna, Nassau: Oakes, Oliver S, ilass $2100 
Oakes, Mrs Jennie M, AsstPM Me 2FIaNa8sau 

McCarl, F W, Clerk Fla 2FlaNas,sau $1000 
Scott, Miss Mae V, Clerk Fla 2FlaNassau $1000 
Fessenden, Marion: Wiley, Jos L, — $110 
Festus, Jetlerson: TiUmari, Stepney, Fla $60 
Flvay, Pasco: Perkins, Sallie M, (5a $'230 
Flamingo, Monroe: Lowdon, L W, — — 
Fletcher, Lafayette: Fletcher, Mrs Matilda J, Fla $110 
Florahome, Putnam: Charles, Jas J, Tenn $220 
Floral Bluff, Duval: Friesoke, A C, Ger $100 
Floral City, Citrus: Bushnell, Wm A. Conn $810 
Florence Villa. Polk: Hickerson. Henry G, — $390 
FogartyvUle. Manatee: Balis. John R.' NY $1(H) 
Footman, lircvanl: Hamsey. Miltfln M, NC $20 
Forest City, Orange: Van Husklrk, Justin, Pa $70 
Formosa, Orange: Bosse, Frank E, Ger $350 
Ft Barrancas, Escambia: Wheat, Miss Mae O, Fla 

Ft Dade. llillsboro: Woodward, Mrs Annie. Alo $510 
Ft De Soto, llillsboro: Anderson. John L, Sw $40 
Ft Drum. St Lucie: Parker, John F, — $1.50 
Ft George. Duval: WiLson, Louisa, — $i:t0 
Ft Green, 1 lu Soto: Hendry, G L, Fla $320 
Ft Green Springs, De Soto: Pringle, Jos J, Fla $1.50 
Ft Lauderdale, Dade: Brvan, Miss Susie M. Kla $1400 

I'n.lgen, David W, AsstPM Kla 2KlaDade $2110 
Ft McCoy, Marion: Gremtham, John S, Kla $630 
Ft Meade, Polk: Robert-s, Leslie D, Fla $1600 
Booth, S Edwin, AsstPM Fla IFlaPolk $780 
Wingate, America V, RD Fla IFlaPolk $900 
Wingate, Wm L, RD Fla IFlaPolk $1000 
Ft Myers, Lee: Foxworthy, Isaac E, Ky $'2200 
Foxworthy, Boyd C, AsstPM Kv IKlaLee $800 
Hooks, Miss Nellie, Clerk Kla IFIaLee $600 
Lee, Wiley R, Clerk Fla IFlaLee $600 
Ft Ogden, De Soto: Mauck, Geo 14, Va $600 
Ft Pierce, St Lucie: Keefer, Wm L, Pa $1800 
Phillips. J (I, AsstPM Ga 2FlaStLucie $720 
.Moore. .Malcolm K, Clerk Fla 2FlaStLucie $200 
Ft White, Columbia: Moyer, Martin P, Pa $700 
Cook, Jas E, RD Kla 3KlaColumbia $1000 
Wynn, Mills M, RD Kla SKlaColumbia $1000 
Fountain, Washuiglon: Save, Jessie C, Ga $360 
Francis, Putnam: Browning, A T, — $1(X) 
Franklin, Santa Rosa: Franklin, W J, Kla $30 
Freeport, Walton: Stanley, Albert D, Kla $700 
Hatcher, Malilon, RD Kla 3KlaWalton $800 
Frlnk. Calhoun: Pitts, Chas K, Fla $100 
Frostproof. Polk: Overocker, W H, NY $a50 
Fruit Cove. St John: Smith, J E, Fla $50 
Frultland. I'utnam: Causey, .Stephen R, Ga $80 
Frultland Park, Lake: Kenny, Lewis L, Eng $260 
FrultvlUe, .Manatee: Reaves, Geo F, Fla $120 
Fulford. Dade: McLeod, M M, Fla $290 
Fulton. Duval: Hole, Henry F, Ire $30 
Galnesboro. Orange: Gaines, Mrs Mary B, NC $110 
Gainesville, Alachua: Lynch, Louis C, Md $2600 
licll, J I' Hovcy. AsstPM NY 2FlaAlachua $1300 
Ga,ss. John \V. Clerk Fla 2FlaAlachua $1000 
.Sargent. Arthur W. Clerk Mich 2KlaAlachua $1100 
Waters, Mrs Rosalie, Clerk Kla 2FlaAlachua $1100 
Webster, Miss Ethel, Clerk Kla 2KlaAlachua $600 
Zetrouer, Mrs Sallie L, Clerk Fla 2KlaAlachua $10(X) 
Childs, Benj K, Carrier Kla 2KlaAlachua $1100 
Days, Drew S. Carrier Fla 2KlaAlachua $1100 
Perkins, Geo W, Carrier Kla 2KlaAlachua $900 
Rowe, Demosthenes W, Carrier Kla 2KlaAlachua 

Arnow, Binj K, RD Kla 2FlaAlachua $1000 
Holstein, Himm P, RD SC 2KlaAlachua $1000 
Owens, Robt N, RD Ga 2FlaAlachua $1000 
Scriven. Adam D. RD Fla 2FlaAlachua $1000 
Taylor, Norman W, RD Fla 2FIaAlachua $1000 
Waits, Wm H, RD Fla 2FlaAlachua $1000 
Gaiter, Marion: McGilray, Peter S, — $60 
Galloway. Polk: Yotmg, Wm I, Tenn $120 
Garden City, Walton: Keefer, Wm R, Pa $fiO 
Gardner. Dc Sntn: Boggers. Thos C, Fla $310 
Garnlers. Santa Rosa: Mooney, Mrs Julia D S. Ga $100 
Garrett. Hillsboro: .\nnwood, L D, Ga $30 
Gary, Hillsboro: Milam, Louts M, Ind $210 

OaiparUla, De Soto: Osteen, Artbur P, Fla S160 
Qattls, Santa Rosa: Gattis, Thos Z, — $30 
Gay, Washington: Gay, Mrs Florida E, Fla $490 
Geneva, Orange: Pattishall. II H, Ga $200 
Genoa, Hamillou: Hunter, Chas R, Kla $340 
Hillhouse, Jas L, RD Kla 2KlaHamilton $960 
Tavell, Saml, RD Kla 2KlaHamilton $1000 
Georgetown, Putnam: MLxer, Albert, Inii $160 
Georglana, Brevard: Kaber, Chas W, Kla $230 
GlSord, St Lucie: Kennedy, John A, Kla $170 
GUmore, Duval: Haul. V, Sirs Eva M, NY $70 
Glen. Dc Siiti,: ILilirif,, imwi, NC $100 
Glendale. Wiilldii: .Miirjiliv. David E, — $200 
Glen Saint Mary. It;ikir:ii:uss, Saml. Ga $1000 

Towuiend. John H. KD Ky — $1000 
Olenwood. Volusia: Bredow, \lrs K E, NY $260 
Glory, Gadsden: Newberry, Mrs Fannie P, Fla $3 
Godwin, Pasco: Godwin, Abraham L, Fla $30 
Goldsboro, Orange: Boykin, Wm B, NC $160 
Gomez, Pahn Beach: Smith, Kirby, Kla $120 
Gonzalez, Escambia: Wilder, R P, Ga $2.50 
Gordon, Walton: McSwain, Mary It, — $80 
Gotha. Orange: Hartmami. Ludwig F, Ger $290 
Goulds. siarns, Jas W, NC $230 

Hall. Comiiiciu K. KD Kla 2KIaDade $700 
GracevUle. Jackson: Barefoot. Noah, Ala $1100 
Barefoot, Thos E, AsstPM Kla 3FlaJackson $.300 
Barefoot, Bryan, Clerk I"la 3KlaJack.son $60 
Atkinson, Chas T, RD Ala 3KlaJackson $IIKIfl 
Crutchlleld, Eddie, RD Kla SKlaJackson $1000 
Miller, Arch D, RD Fla SFlaJack.son $1000 
Pilcher, John T, RD Ga SKlaJackson $960 
Yawn, Berry. RD Kla SFlaJackson $960 
Orady, Lafayette: Delany, J S, Fla $80 
Graham, Bradford: Krier, John I), — $160 
Grandln, Putnam: Cauthen, Mrs Alary J, Kla $170 
Grand Island, Lake: Little, Nininan A, Tenn $90 
Grand Ridge, Jackson: Porter, Albert L. Ill $.500 
Shelfer. Aildie L, Clerk Kla 2KlaJackson $180 
Bums, S E, RD Ohio 2KlaJack.son $1000 
Porter, Thos L. RD Ala 2KlaJackson $1000 
Grant, Brevard: Jorgensen, Lars, Den $220 
Oreen Cove Springs, Clay Bradley, Horace M, 

Register, Miss Lena B, AsstPM Fla 2KlaClay $180 
Greenbead, Washington: Dykes, John D, Ala $90 
Greenland. Diiv;il: Panic, H Wm, Fla $140 
Green Pond. I'; Gailney. Mrs Olla, Ga $40 
Greensboro, (iulsdcn: Brewer. Jesse C, Ga $370 
Greenville. .Madisou: Philhps, Jas T, Kla $1000 
I>aney, Geo W, RD Kla 3KlaMadison $«00 
Lancy, JasR, RD Kla 3KlaMadison $1000 
Greenwood, Jackson: Applewhite, Thos, Fla $.5,50 
Boone, Willie L. RD Kla 3FlaJackson $560 
Singlctay, .John A, RI) Ala 3KIaJackson $1000 
Greer, Pasco: Greer, Mrs M B, Ga $310 
Gretna, Gadsden: Johnson, S L. Ga $440 

Green, Charlie B, RD Kla 3KlaGadsden $900 
Grlffln, Polk: Lewis, Nathan K, Kla $200 
Grove Park. Alachua: Brown, Roy C, — $220 
Guilford, Bradford: Roberts, J L. Fla $70 
Gulf City, Hillsboro: Denson, Jyconidas G, Ala $40 
Gulf Hammock, Lew: Ellzev. Mrs Mary E. Ga 540 
Gulfport. Hillslioni: Giger. .Mrs Clara B, Til $130 
Gull Point, K.scaniliia: Pouch. Ashton O D, Ga $3flo 
Hague. Alachua: Small, Mrs Lura W, RC $220 
Haines City. Polk: Thralls, Jos L. Ohio $4.50 
HaUandale. Dade: Altman Geo, Moravia $410 
Hall City. De Soto: Comwell. Clarence J, Wis $.50 
Hampton. Bradford: Allen. J .M. Ky $.5.50 
Hampton Springs. Tavlor: Kcmlrick. Jas T, Fla $290 

Hansford. I : Trmvl.'ridgc. Claii.le C, 111 $.50 

Hanson, Miidisoii: Wchh, Dcniiith M, Fla $80 
Harbor View, Dc Sotii: Dc Coster. Mrs Georgia K 




Hardaway. Gadsden: Bradley, Robt I, Fla $110 
Harlem. Putnam: Bohannon.'Ivan, Fla $70 
Harney. Hillsboro: Tufts. C E, NH $80 
Harold, Santa Rosa: Chestnut, Wm, Fla $100 
Harper, Santa Rosa: Harper, Andw J, — $150 
Harris, Santa Rosa: Ward, Asa, Fla $120 
Harwood, Volusia: Curric. C E, Ga $110 
HaskeU, Polk: W'omble, Wm A, NC $100 
Hastings, St Johns: Harris, R C, Vt $1400 
Kettle. Chas E, AsstPM Md 2FlaStJohns $900 
Brinson.Miss Lillie, Clerk Fla 2FlaStJohns $420 
Hatchs Bend, Lafayette: Lee. Geo H, Kla $60 
Havana, Gadsden: jyanders, Otis F. Ala $7.50 
Lewis, Leslie M, RD Ga 3FlaOadsden $800 
Lewis. Henry A. RD Ga 3FlaGadsden $960 
Hawkins. Liberty: Ferrell. Geo W, Fla $30 
HawksPark, Volusia: Wilkinson. Arthur B. Va $1.50 
Hawthorn. Alachua: Berkstresser. W II. Pa $1000 1 
Adkins, Wm B, RD Kla 2KlaAlachua $1000 
Baker, Robt B, RD Ga 2FlaAlachua $1000 
Carehuke. Chas W. RD Ger 2KlaAlachua $800 
Moore, Glen D, RD Kla 2FlaAlachua $1000 
Hays. Franklin: Murdaugh, Nelson P, SC $70 
Haywood, Jackson: Owens. W D, Ga $30 
Heldtvllle. Marion: Dorr, Geo W. Mich $50 
Helen. Leon: Boyd, C H, — $2.S0 
Henderson. Calhoun: Thomas, Jos T, Ga $30 
Hensler. Calhoun: Harrell, Obediah R, Fla $80 
Hernando. Citrus: Slater, J F, Ga $780 
Hemdon, Pasco: Vogt, Edwin M, NY $160 
Hester, Santa Rosa: Cobb. W C, Fla $130 
Hiawatha, Santa Rosa: Wooten. John W, Ala $30 
HIbemla, Clay: Fleming. Mrs Margaret B. NJ $90 
Hickman. Dc Soto: Sauls. John T, SC S40 
Highland, Clay: Wimberly, H C. Fla $210 
High Springs, Alachua: Le Count, J C, Wis $1200 
Le Count, Mrs Kathcrine R, AsstPM Ger 6Fla 
Alachua $120 
Hlgley. Lake: Ervin. J T. Fla $80 
HUdreth, Suwanee: Parrish,T V, Fla $130 
Hllllard, Nassau: Cssin, Wade H, Ga $«90 



Hlnes, Lafayette; Taylor, Lewis L, Fla S170 
Hlnson, Gansdcn: Oiiilforri, r T. CSa 5230 
Hobe Sound. Pnlm I' Co-lfn'v, Geo A, Mass S300 
Holder, Citrus: Lon-. I'lMiiris Marion: SC $370 
HoUey, Santa Dosa: Nols.'ii, An. I«, Sw SICO 
Holllster. Putnam: \\luulKa.l, I'liarlieL, — SX50 
Holly Hill, Volnsia: Wol Ill-roll, Clnis F, Eng $290 
Holt. Santa liosa: Soii:liM,, las M, Ala S370 
Homeland, Polk: I. ansliain, . I 1,, Ala $340 
Homestead. Iiuval. Alfr.Ml T. Miss $430 
Homosassa. Piniis: l.oi-nnorkor, (loo Carl, jr, Fla $340 
Horseshoe, I. aiavoiu- Pullor,, las M, Fla $30 
Hosford, Liboilv: Mor.or, .Mrs lioal rice G, Fla $650 

Forrell.T.uoious II. Kli I'la SFlaLiberty .?5C0 
Houston. Snwanoo: IConallv. Miss Missouri C, Fla $170 
Howell. Santa liosa: Wookiov. Miss Annie, — $100 
Hudson, Pasou: 8inilli.,los 11, Ind $300 
Huntington. Pulnani: Wiso. Miss Madge, Ohio $100 
Hurds. St. loluts: Williams. Frank G, SC $30 
Hypoluxo, Palm Boaoh: Ani;ovino. Geo A, Mich $170 
Immokalee. l.oo: Wliid.lon. Klizaboth Fla $50 

Wilkinson. Ilarrv. UP Fla IFlaLee $436 
Indianola, P.rovard: PioUI. SamI J, Ga $180 
Indian Springs. Volusia: Kemp, Thos J, NC $230 
Inglls. Low: Vidal. I,a\is V, — $360 
Interlachen. Putnam: Brush, Elizabeth A, NY $530 
Inverness, Citrus: Cubberly, Horatio L, Ind $1100 

Cubberlv, Lorena L, AsstPM Fla IFlaCitrus S 
Inwood, Jackson: Scott, CE. WVa $70 
lola. Calhoun: Barksdale, Mrs Mary D, Fla $60 
lona, Lee: Bain. John, Scot $90 
Irvine. Marion: Edwards, Lawrence K, Fla $160 
Islamorada, Monroe: Russell, John A, Fla $200 
Island Grove. Alachua: Evans, Wm, Eng $310 
Istactaatta. Hernando: Towusend, F M, Fla $370 
Jacksonville, Duval: Gerow, Danl T, Pa $3900 

Sawyer, Augustus E, AsstPM Me 2FlaDuval $1900 

Siiperinleiuh'nls, <■(<■. 
Fairdotlt. ,Tos D, Fla SFlaOadsden $1300 
Hanley, Walter E, Del 2WVaRandolph $1700 
Holmes, Saml D, Fla 2FlnDuval $1300 
Phelps, Arthur E, NC 2FlaDuvaI $1200 
Ranson, Geo jr. Mo 2FlaDuval $1600 
Seewlng, Fredk D, NY 7NYNewYork $1400 
Stoddard, Chas M, Mich 2FlaDuval $1300 
Wise, Mrs Grace B, Va 2FlaDuvaI $1300 


Abney, Ernest A, Ala 2FlaDuval $1200 
Adams, Archie H, Fla 2FlaDuval $1000 
Appel, Reuben J, Flu 2FlaDuval $600 
Arnett, John, Fla 2FlaDuval $900 
BeU, Nathl A. Ga 2FlaDuval $S00 
Best, Walter S, Mich ISIndStJoscph $S00 
Blair, Jesse B, Fla 2FlaDuvaI $600 
Brown, Theodore, Fla 2FlaDuval $1200 
Brubaker, Carl M, 111 2FlaPutnam $1000 
Collins, Clark C, Ky 2FlaDuval $800 
Conroy, Chas M, Fla 2FlaDuval $900 
Dicks, David L, Fla 2FlaHamilton $900 
Dowling. Clement E, Ga 2FlaDnval $900 
Du Free. Wm T. Fla 2FIaMarion $S00 
llunlap. Saml. Fla 2FlaDuval — 
Evans. Jas M, Va 2FlaPutnara $600 
Evilns, Morris D, Pa IFlaHillsboro $900 
French, Wm S, Fla 2FlaDuval $1200 
Gibbs, Earl P, Mass 9MassHamden $1100 
Greenleaf. Wm M, Fla 2FlaDuval $600 
Grosser. Harrv J, Fla 2FlaDuval $600 
Hall, Carl C. Fla JFlaHamilton $300 
Hay. Allan S. Ens: SFlaDuval $300 
Hoarn. Wesley E. Fla FlaDuval $1100 
Hoke. Chas H, Fla 2FlaDuval $200 
Hoyrup, Hans P, Den 2FlaDuval $200 
Johann. Miss Julia L, Miss 4MissClav $1100 
Keller, Oliver P, Fla 2FlaDuval $900 
Kilner, Edwd J, NY 2NYUlster $600 
Knight, Elgin 0. Ga 2FlaDuval $1100 
Kulhanek, Chas G. Ohio 2FlaDuval $600 
Loftin, Wm H, Fla 2FlaDuval $200 
Ludwig. Percy P, Fla 2FlaDuval $900 
Mcintosh, Thos. Ga 2FlaDuval $1200 
McKenna. Jos L, Pa 2NJAtIantic $S00 
McKinnoy. Miss Louise E, Fla 2FlaDuval $800 
Macomher, Ross A. Fla 2FlaDnval $1100 
Macomher. Russell G, Fla 2FlaDuval $900 
Mahon. John G, Fla SFlaDuval $t)00 
Mahon, Wm L. Fla 2FlaDiival $800 
Mann. Henry T. Fla 2FlaDuval $1000 
Mathews. Drewrey E. Fla 2FlaMarion $800 
Moore. Francis A. Pa "NJAtlantic $S00 
Moseley. Walter L. Fla 2FlaDuval $1100 
Neal, EdwdC, Fla SFlaSuwanee $1000 
Nickerson, Frank W. Me 2FlaDuval $1100 
Norton, Edw-in M, Fla 2FlaDuval $300 
Pearce, Jliss Ada B. Fla 2FlaAlachua $800 
Pellicor. Arthur. Fla 2FlaStJohns $S00 
Pellioor. Harry F, Fla 2FlaStJohns $600 
Ptcitler. Chas P. NY SFlaDuval $1200 
Pownor. Jas N. Eng 2 Fla Duval $600 
Robinson. Manly B. NC 2FlaDuval $600 
Ross. Herbert E, Ohio 70hioMiami $900 
Powell. Elijah H, SC 2F!aDuval $600 
Recce. Jas A. — 36NYErie $600 
Sapp. Wm J, Ga 2FIaDuval $900 
Sauble, Miss Matilda J. Md 2FlaDuval $800 
Schater, Jos P, NJ 2NJAtlantic $600 
SeiTuour. Geo S, Fla 2FlaDuval $900 
Smith. Arthur E, 111 lOIllCook $1200 
Smith. Louis A. Fla 2FlaDuval $800 
Story, Wilbur G, Ala 2FlaDuval $900 
Thomas. Henry R. South Wales 2FlaDuval $500 
White. Jas Y, Fla 2FlaDuval $900 
White. Monroe C, NC IFlaPolk $1000 
Wiggin, Wm T, Fla 2FIaDural $900 

Jaoksonvllle— Continued . 

C/rrA'«— Continued. 
Wells, Sylvan A, Fin SFlaDuval $600 
Willeford, Thayer S, SO 2PlaDuva] $900 
Williams, Gearry W. Ga SFlaFlorida $900 
Williams, Clarence S, Fla 2FlaDuval $800 
Williams, Willis A, Fla 2FlaDuval $1200 
Williams, Willis, Fla 2FlaDuval $1200 
Woods, Wm A, Fla 2FlaDuval $600 

Cittj carriers. 
Avcilhe. Arthur C, SC 2FIaDuv!ll $1100 
Banks, Ezekiel D. Fla 2FlaDuval $600 
Brisbane, Andw T, SC 2FlaAlachua $800 
Burns, Jos. SC 2FlaDuval $1100 
Canty, Harry D, Fla 2FIaDuval $1100 
Cave, Philip G, SO SFlaDuval $1100 
Carter, Dallas, Fla 2FlaDuval $800 
Craft, Alfred G, Ga 2FlaDuval ,$1100 
Dawkins, Joel C, Ga 2PlaDuval $800 
Douglas, Chas F, Fla 2FlaDuval $1200 
Gantt, Hevwood, SC 2FlaDuval $600 
Garvin, Chas E, Fla 2FlaDuval $1200 
Hampton, Albert E, SC 2FlaDuvaI $800 
Harsh, Harrison H, Iowa 2TermRoane $1100 
Hayes, Wallace S, Ga 2FlaDuval $600 
Holmes. Arthur, SC 2FlaDuv3l $1100 
Holmes, Frank P, SO 2FlaDuval $900 
Houston. Geo W, Fla 2FlaDuval $1100 
Hughes, Danl E, Fla 2FlaDuval $600 
Jackson. John D, Ga 2FlaDuval $1100 
Jones, Wm R, Ga 2FlaDuval $1000 
Lancaster, Jos H, Ga 2FlaDuval $1200 
Linwood. Wm H, Fla 2FlaDuval $1100 
Lofton, Geo A. Fla 2FlaDuval $1200 
Macomher, Wilber C, Kans 2FlaDuval $1200 
Madison, John B, Fla 2FlaDuvaI $800 
Maxey, Edwd G, Ky 2FIaDuval $1200 
Mays, Geo H, SC 2FlaDuval $1200 
Ponce, Bicardo R, Cuba 2FlaDuval $800 
Rivers, Orrieau B, SC 2FlaDuval $900 
Robinson, Armon 0, Fla 2FlaDuval $900 
Rogers, David A, Ga 2FlaDuval $800 
Ross. Isaac A, Ga 2FIaDuvaI $1200 
Scott, Erastus B, Tenn 2FlaDuval $1200 
Sherman, John H, Fla 2FlaDuval $1100 
Smith, Saml A, Fla 2FlaDuval $600 
Stratz, Wm. Ger 2FlaDuval $1100 
Thomas, John D, SC 2FlaDuval $600 
Vaught, Capers M, Fla 2FlaDuval $1000 
Walden, Ulysses L, Fla "FlaDuval $1100 
White, Frank D, NO 2FlaDuval $800 
Williams, Edwin H, Fla 2FlaDuval $1000 

Rural carriers. 
Gardner, Robt L, Fla 2FlaDuval $1000 
Glover, Henry W, SO 2FlaDuval $900 
Madison, Geo M, Fla 2FlaDuval $800 
Story, Franklin J, Ala 2FIaDuval $1000 

Cody, Israel J, Fla 2FlaDuval $600 
Mann. David E, Fla 2FlaDuval $600 
Jacob, Jackson: Jones. F G, — $170 
Jamieson. Gadsden: Ni.^on, H E, Fla $130 
Janney, Levy: Janney, Edwin L, Fla $160 
Jasper, Hamilton: Duncan, Geo W, Fla $1400 
Duncan. Miss Lottie, AsstPM Fla 2FlaHamilton $144 
Caldwell, Willie C, RD Fla 2FlaHamilton 81000 
McLeod. Nathaniel M, RD Fla 2F!aHamilton 81000 
Tuten, Wm R, RD Fla 2FlaHamilton $960 
Jay, Santa Rosa: Nowling. J T, Fla $320 
Jena, Lafayette: Clark. L G. Fla $S0 
Jennings, Hamilton: Zippern, W W, Fla $7S0 
Lee, Raymond, RD Fla 2FlaHamilton $1000 
Shiver. W, RD Fla 2FlaHamilton $900 
Williams. Winston M, RD Fla 2FlaHamilton $1000 
Jensen, St Lucie: Arnett. J N, Ga $810 
Jewell, Liberty: Meeks, Walter H, — $140 
Johnson, Putnam: Johnson, D W, NC $160 
Johnstown, Bradford: Brasch, Albert M C, Ger $210 
Jonesboro, Lafayette: Buie, M Archie, NC $140 
Judson, Levy: Tucker, R S, Fla 8110 
Juliette, Marion: Hemphill, F E, NC $270 
Juniper, Gadsden: Valandingham, Chas A, Fla $220 
Jupiter, Palm Beach: Bowers. Edwd F, SC $460 
Kathleen, Polk: Keith. Mrs Mattie, Fla $660 
Eendiick, Marion: Seckinger, L J, Fla $200 
Eenney, Pasco; Ford. Mrs Cora B, Mich $30 
Kent, Nassau: Johnson. Vinton K. — $90 
Keoka, Putnam: O'Haver, C J, Ind $140 
Keystone Park, Hillsboro: Brown. Jas P, — SlOO 
Keysville, Hillsboro: Carpenter, Miles J, Fla $200 
Key West, Monroe; Williams. Chas S, Fla $2500 
Michael. Ira B. AsstPM Pa IFlaMonroe $1200 
Albury. Claude, Clerk Fla IFlaMonroe $900 
Anderson, H L, Clerk Ga IGaChatham $1000 
Cappick, Miss Marie L. Clerk Fla IFlaMonroe SHOO 
De Leon, Miss Hazel A. Clerk Fla IFlaMonroe $1000 
Pastorini, Arthur. Clerk NY IFlaMonroe $1100 
Schreiber, Geo, Clerk 111 IFlaMonroe $600 
Watson, Chas M, Clerk Fla IFlaMonroe $600 
Jenks. BenjD. Carrier Fla IFlaMonroe $1100 
Kuckhahn, Wm S, Carrier Bahamas IFlaMonroe 

McGee, Nace. Carrier Fla IFlaMonroe $1000 
Tynes, Victor G R, Carrier Fla IFlaMonroe $800 
Klnaid, Calhoun: OrilTin. Mrs Annie, Ga $S0 
King, Hamilton: Rolph. Jerome. Mich $70 
Kings Ferry, Nassau; Russell, Wm T, Va S300 
Kingston, Volusia: Rich. Mrs CeliaE, Ga $310 
Kinsey, De Soto: Trowick. John T, Ala $11 
Klssimmee, Osceola; Agnew, Frank Vans, Eng $2100 
Simpson, Jas A, AsstPM Ky 2FlaOsceola $700 
Poulk. Walter L. Clerk Ga "2FlaOsceola $600 
Klssimmee Park, Osceola; Enge, Nels 0, Norw $100 
Knights, Hillsboro: Varnes, P A, Fla $180 

Knights Key, Monrot: Whitnall; Eichd Hi Eng JgTO 
Knowles, Hillsboro: Stanford, Walter C, Fla $90 
Komoko, Alachua; Eraser, Jas B, SC $40 
Kuhlman. De Soto: Varn, Wm R, Fla $50 
Labelle. Lee; Harkness, Mrs Nellie R, Wis $620 
Lacoochee, Pasco: Jensen, T A, — $170 
La Crosse, Alachua; Parker, Thaddeus R, Fla $250 
Lady Lake. Lake; Byrd, Beni H, Miss $340 
Lake Bird, Taylor: Blanton, Wm L, Ga $120 

Blanton, Hu.ghey L, RD Fla sFlaTaylor $480 
Lake Butler, Bradford: Brown, Henry S, Fla 81100 
Dukes, Mrs Sarah E, AsstPM Fla 2FlaBradford 

Goodman, Jesse D, RD Fla 2PlaBradford $1000 
Roberts, Hiram K, RD Fla 2FlaBradford $9li0 
Lake City, Columbia; Raulerson, Berry E, Ga $2100 
Raulerson, David B, AsstPM Fla 2FlaColumbia $700 
ITannigan,MissZellaM, Clerk Ohio 2FlaColumbia 

Raulerson, Miss Ida, Clerk Fla 2FlaColumbia $600 
Baker, Wm B, RD Fla 2FIaColumbia $1000 
Bedenbaugh, Amon L, RD Fla 2FlaColumbia $1000 
Caldwell, Wm H, RD Fla 2FlaColumbia SIOOO 
Chambers, Abner A, RD Fla 2FlaColumbia $1000 
Chambers, Virgil S, RD Fla 2FIaColumbia $1000 
Dicks, Norman D, RD Fla 2FlaColumbia $1000 
Jones, Saml L, RD Fla 2FlaColumbia $1000 
Russel, Wm O, RD Fla 2FlaColumbia $1000 
Lake Como, Putnam; Raybon, D B, Ga $150 
Lake Geneva, Clay: Kennedy, E A, Ga $90 
Lake Helen, Volusia; Pelton, Claude H, HI $710 
Lake Jackson, Leon: Clarke, Wm L, Fla $50 
Lake Joe, Taylor: Maxwell, Mrs Mary I, Fla $80 
Lake Kerr, Marion; Hicks. J Y, Ga $40 
Lakeland, Polk; Skipper, Jos L, Fla $2300 
Williams, Miss Kate, AsstPM Tenn IFlaPolk $1000 
Gracy,WmD. Clerk Tenn IFlaPolk $900 
Robertson, Emmet E, Clerk Fla IFlaPolk $1000 
Duke, Clarence D, RD Ga IFlaPolk $1000 
Riles, Lewis B, RD Fla IFlaPolk $1000 
Lake Mary, Orange: Martin, Mrs Bertie C, SC $170 
Lake Weir, Marion; Pasteur, John, NC $220 
Lakewood, Walton: Banister, Mrs Valley L, Ala $330 
Lament. Jeflerson: Smith. S B, Ala $310 
Boazley, Clifford B, RD Fla 3FlaJe£ferson $1000 
AValker, Geo M, RD Fla SFlaJeflerson $820 
Lanark, Frankhn: Beauchamp. Richd K, Ala $270 
Lanepark. Lake: Quarterman, Frank M, Ga $70 
Lanier, Osceola; Eubank, W A, Fla $40 
Lansing, De Soto; Schenck, Floyd R, NY $60 
Lantana, Palm Beach: Lyman, Mrs Mary A, Ger S120 
Largo. Hillsboro: Hendrix. Roan A, Fla $880 
Larklns, Dade: Opsahl, John, Norw $230 
Laurelhlll, Walton: Richbourg, Jas L, Ala $880 
Clary, W P, RD Fla 3Pla Walton $1000 
Hurston, Cavel G, RD Ala 3Fla Walton $900 
Lawtey, Bradford; Fisher, P A, Ohio $640 
Lebanon, Levy; Gaines, Cliristopher C, — $140 
Lecanto, Citrus; Barnes, Geo O, Fla $200 
Lee, Madison: Davis, Hugh J, Ga $620 
McDaniel, Henry B, RD Fla 3FlaMadison $900 
Stroud, Andw P. RD Fla SFlaMadison $1000 
Leesburg, Lake: Stunkel. John P, Ohio $1700 

Anderson. Lee G, AsstPM Ga IFlaLake $360 
Lemon City, Dade; Fans. Oliver H P, Pa $380 
Leno, Clay; Clark, Sallie J. — $240 
Leroy, Jlariou: Newbern, W B, Ga $140 
Lessie, Nassau: Haddock. Miss Ida R, Fla $170 
Levon. Marion: Scru.ggs. Jas D, SC $370 
Levsnrtlle. Levy; Carter, Graham. Fla $140 
Llllibrldge, Hillsboro; Lillibridge. Roger S, Conn $90 
Lily, De Soto: Raulerson, John E, Fla SlOO 
Limestone, De Soto; Stidham, Reece M, Ga $350 
Limona. Hillsboro: Tourtellotte, Lerov E. Conn $190 
Linden, Simiter; Merritt, Mrs Laura F, Fla $260 
Llnnie, Lafayette; Gornto, Quinton M, Fla $230 
Lisbon, Lake; Alsobrook, Jas C, Fla $210 
Litbia. Hillsboro: Alderman, Jessie. Ga $160 
Littleriver, Dade; Huskev, Alfred J, Ala $540 
Live Oak, Suwanee: Hildreth, Chas N, jr. NJ $2200 
Kennedy. Wm T, AsstPM Fla 2FlaSuwanee $1000 
Brown, Yandel O, Clerk Fla SFlaSuwanee $1000 
Hildreth. Miss Eva F, Clerk NY 2PlaSuwanee $1000 
Nunn. JohnC, Clerk Fla 2PlaSuwanee $900 
Lloyd. Jefferson: Dennis, Geo E. Fla $6.50 
Bean. E N, RD Fla SFlaJeflerson $1000 
Walker. M D, RD Fla SFlaJeflerson $960 
Locbloosa. Alachua: Coleman, F M, Ga $220 
Lockhart. Orange: Kirkland. John L. — $310 
Longboat. Manatee; Corey, Byron W C. Ill $40 
Long Key. Monroe; Schuft, Louis P, NY $360 
Longwood. Orange; Niemever, Fredk J, Pa $290 
Loretto. Duval: Foy, Wm E, Fla $120 
Lottieville. Alachua; Barker, O G, NY $50 
Lotus, Brevard: Walker, Chas F. Me $90 
Loughman. Polk: Hogan. Edgar D, Fla $610 
Lovett. Madison; Lovett. Dozier S, — $270 

Wood. DP, RD Fla — $1000 
Lowell, Marion; Hall. Henry T, Fla $220 
Loyce, Pasco; McNatt,Wm"R, Fla $40 
Luanna, Walton; Henderson. Danl P, — $40 
Lukens, Levy; \\'arren, Lee W, Md $4,30 
Lulu, Coliunhia; Rumph, A F, Ga $340 

Smith, S G, RD Fla 2FlaColumbia $1000 
Lynne, Marion: Hicks, Jas A. Ohio $90 
McAlpin, Suwanee: Brock, Jacob C, — $190 
McCaU, De Soto; Buchan. Chas Roy, Fla $130 
McDavid, Escambia; Bowman, John E. Fla $360 
Mcintosh, Marion: Pettevs, Danl H, Ohio $630 
Mclntyre, Franklin: Murray, David A. Ga $250 
MoKlnley, Columbia: Bryan, Mrs Florence B, — $30 
McLellan, SantaRosa; McLellan, J J, Fla $90 
McRae, Clav: Hall, Mrs Arsnla, Fla $.30 
Mabel. Suiriter: Vaughan, Lindsev T. Ga $110 
Macclenny. Baker; Ttu-ner. Walter M. Miss $700 
Garrett. Owen K, ED Fla 2PlaBaker $1000 
Macom. Washington; Pai'ker, Mrs Addie R, HI $50 



Madison, Uadison: Zipperer.Jas A, Fla 11800 
Zliitierer, Miss Hattle, Af'stI'M Fla 2FlaMa(lisoa S3(« 
Christmas, Jesse L, KD Fla 2Flaila<lison JIUOU 
Coirce, Lawrence, RD Fla 2Fla.Mii<lis<jn tliJOO 
DeLaughlcr, Maiiton M, KIJ Flii 2Fla.\ladlson JKKJi) 
iladden, Sanil LI, HV Fla L'FluMiiUisun »IO(XJ 
Lanier, Albert, HI) Flii ^FlaMiidison lUJOO 
Martin, J Walden, KU Fla JFlaMadison tlOOO 
Magnolia Springs, Clay: Seavey, Usborn I), Me $3 
Maltland, Orange: IJuyle, Kddie 11, Ua tsm 
liruing, Henry A, KU Fa 2FlaOrangc J9C0 
Moremen, Upton, KD Ky 2FlaOrange tHUa 
Malabar, Brevard: Farley, John F, Eng $210 
MaUory, Lafayette: Fletcher, Thus A, Oa %30 
Malone, Jackson: Hudson, Luther T, Ga $220 
Manatee, Manatee: Stebbins.C H, HI tlOOO 

Fletcher, W JJ, Asstl'M Va IFlaManatee 1300 
Manavlita, Manatee: ISrown, A II, Mass %M 
Mandarin, Duval: Jones, Waller, Eng tiUl 
Mango, Hillsburu: Kyle, E W, Miss $60 
MansTUle, I'utnain: Mann, 11 T, 111 — 
Marathon, Monroe: Froscher,E A, Fla $1000 

Fros< her, N T, Asstl'M Fla 2FlaMonroe $240 
Marco, Lee: Collier, Mrs Mary E, <;a $190 
Marlanna, Jaikson: Wiselogel, Ixiuis, Ohio $1900 
NuariMK, W Le Roy, Asstl'M I'a 3FlaJackson $720 
Ncaring, Archie, Clerk SDak aFlaJackson $720 
Marietta, Duval: Baggett,Jas A, Ua $130 
Marlon, Hamilton: Sandler, Jolm R, Fla $90 
Martel, Marlon: Clark, Danl A, NO $440 
Martin, Marion: Teuton, Louis F, Fla $220 
Mary Esther, Santa Rosa: I'ryor, Thos J, Ala $110 
MarysvUle, Calhoun; Stanfiel, Mary C, — $'J0 
Mascotte, Lake: McDonald, Wheeler, Ind $280 
Matanzas, St John, I'icketl, Alex S, — $100 
Matthews, Duval: Hradshaw, Wni, NJ $.'J0 
Maud, Dc Soto: Wingate, Wm E VV, Oa $70 
MaxTllle, Duval: Stewart, John Thomas, Ky $310 
Mayo, Lafayette: Taylor, Mrs Lura II, Fla $920 

lluriii'll, I'rcslau 1', RD Fla IFlaLafayette $1000 
Mayport, Duval: McCorniick, Mrs Catherine, Fla $350 
May town, Volusia: Clarke, Mrs Lula A, Fht $230 
Melbourne, Brevard: Uoode, lUclid W, F:ng $090 
Melboame Beacb, Brevard: Uraves, C E, Mc $40 
MeUose, Alachua: Husband, OrvilleC, 111 $:<.% 
Meredith, Levy: McEachin, Thos C, NC $390 
Merrltt, Brevard: Travis, Wm J It, NY $140 
Messina. Lake: Hiuds, Mrs Ella F, Me $S0 
Metts, Santa Rosa: Williams, H L, Ala $40 

Williamson, A CJ, RD NC IFlaSantaRosa — 
Mlakka. Manatee: Crowley, Jas J, Fa $110 
Miami, li;id.: Budge, HO, Ohio $2S0O 
Junes, Morgan E, Asstl'M Ohio — $1300 
Cullcv, A K. Clerk Mass — $1100 
Douglas, F W, Clerk Fla — $1100 
Ensey, Uco F, Clerk Fla — $100 
OordoD, G V, Clerk Ohio — $1000 
Gray, A H, Clerk NY' — $0(X) 
Mitchell, Wra. Clerk NY — $1100 
McKlnnon, Thos O, Clerk Fla — $1100 
Overton, Thos J, Clerk Ga — $1100 
Drown, Claud E, Carrier Oa — $1000 
chectham. Jos M, Carrier — — $900 
Fink,ll,Oeo Carrier Fa — $800 
Fink, HomieK, RD I'a — $1000 
MIcanopy, Alachua: Carlton, Mary A, Fla $1200 
(arlton. Miss Pauline, Clerk Fla 2FlaAlachua $120 
liruton, KlvlD F, RD Fla IFlaMirion $1000 
Bruton, Harvey A, RD Fla IFIaMarion $1000 
Mlcco, lircvard: Bertelsen, Mrs Ida, Sw $t)0 
Mlccosakee, Leon: Averitt, Miss Mamie E, F'la $100 
Mlddleburg, Clay: Chalker, Geo A, Fla $390 
Midway, Gadsden: Holland, Louisa, — $2.'iU 
MUlcreek, St John: Taylor, T W, Miss $230 
MUUgan, Santa Rosa: McCallum, Mrs M U, Fla $430 
Mlllsprlng, Jackson: Wilson, T W, — $40 
MUlTlew, Escambia: Staples, Irving, Ala $200 
MUlville, Washington: (iray, Wm B, Ala $890 
Milton, Santa Rosa: Brown, Lawrence, Kv $1300 
Ml Djniel, Miss Annie, Clerk Fla 3FlaSarila Rosa S4S0 
Ml Daniel, Miss Mattie, Clerk Fla 3FlaSantaRasa $IS0 
Mims, Brevard: Mims, Miss Rebecca N, Oa $200 
Mlnneola, Lake; Pitt, Jas A, Fla $190 
ModeUo, Dade: Fitch, N A, NY $210 
Mofflt, De Soto: Edmundoz, Juan C, .Mex $120 
Mohawk, Lake: Stokes, Chas U, NY $490 
MoUno, Escambia: Orimlor, Mrs J E, Ala $400 
Montague, Marion: McCants, Mrs Susan J, Fla $00 
Montbrook, Li^vy; Sucller, Fettr O, Pa $500 
Montevista, Lake: Jlanimond, John W, Ala $70 
Montezuma, Clay: McBride, John F, NC $50 
Montlcello, Jellorson: Garwood, J W, Ga tUiOO 
(iarwood, J W, ir, Clerk Fla 3FlaJelIerson $300 
Kcicliosl, I C, RD Fla SFlaJellerson $1000 
Montverde, Lake: Lowry, Jas M, NC $90 
Morgan, Calhoun; I'itt^, Josephine M, — $10 
Morrlston, I/evy: Williams, Augustus N, WVa $400 
Moss Bluif, Marion: Perry, Isaac, Can $00 
Mossyhead, Walton: Stephens, SamI E, Ga t2(i0 
Mooltrle, St John: KeiHer, Geo A. Oa $100 
Mount Dora, Lake: Simpson, David S, Fla $510 
Mounteocha, Alachua: Maine^. O M, Ga $30 
Mt Pleasant, Gadsden: Shepard, I F, Fla $220 
Mulat, Santa Rosa: Howell, J A, Fla $l(iO 
Mulberry, Polk; Whit<>, John B, Fla $10(X) 

w hlte W. E, AsstPM Fla 2Fla Brevard $900 
Murfee. Washington; Murfee, Jas G, Ala $80 
Muscogee, Escambia: Patterson, Mrs Bessie L, Fla $570 
Myrtle. Pasco: Whitman. Thos C, Ind $<iO 
Naples. Lee: Stewart, Chas W. Eng $40 
Naranja, Dade; Hunt. Frank E, Tenn $370 

Hall.( ompton R. RD Kans 2FlaDadc $800 
Narcoossee, Osceola: Hill. Fredk W. Eng CIO 
Narrows, St Lucie: Fletcher, Jessie A, Fla $30 
Nash, Jefferson; Colson. Wm T. Fla $*0 
Nashua, Putnam: Bray, BenJ W, — $00 
NassauTllle, Nassau: Gollln, 8 S, Russ $90 

Neals, Alachua: Wbitlock, Mrs Lillian, Fla $190 
New Augustine, St John: Meyer, Miss Amelia, NY 

New Berlin, Duval: McDonald, Mrs £ B, Ga $80 
Newberry, Alachua: Reid, Arthur C, Ind $1300 
Johnson, Lucius A, AsstPM Fla 2FlaAlachua K:ir, 
Holder, Danl W, RD F"la 2FlaAlachua $1000 
Newbum, Suwanfic: Howes, Geo A, — $190 

Howes. Joel B. RD — — — 
Newell, Santa Rosa; Davidson, J G, Ga $20 
Newport, Wakulla; Ladd, Lcvonicr, — $00 
New River, ISradford: Parker, Mrs Oussie E, Fla $1.10 
New Smyrna, Volusia: Dohn, Christian L, Sw $1000 

D.l.y.-r, .Vrnold K. Clerk Fla 2FlaVolusla $380 
Newtown, U,-vy: Hudson, Rollin, Fla $110 
NlcevUle, Walton; Edge, Bricknal P, Fla $270 
Nichols, Polk: Pcarce, Wra O, Fla $510 
Nixon, Washington: WilliaDLs. John 11. Ga $70 
Nocatee, De Soto: Welles, Benj F, Conn $510 
Noles, Washington: Vamum. Miss Mary V, Ala $70 
Noma, Holmes: Jemigan, E U, Fla $55'J 

Cameron, Wiley C, RD Ala 3FlaHolmcs $1000 
Norum, Washington: Palmer, Mrs Clara C, Fla $HJO 
Norwalk, Putnam; Bard, Mrs Winifred W, Eng $100 
Nut, Calhoun: Clark, Will L, Fla $70 
Oak, Marion; Webber, F W, — $200 
Oak Grove, Santa Rosa: King, W F, Fla $00 
Oak HUl. Volucia; Mosby, L L, Ky $550 
Oakland. Or^inge: ULMischen. Josef, Sw $.370 
O'Brien, .Sinv.mce: Miller, Wm A, Va $450 

Daniels. .Sini..on V, RD Fla 2FlaSuwanec $1000 
Ocala, Marion: Huljer, Frank J, Ind $2IXNJ 
Borden, Benj F, AsstPM Ala 2FlaSiimtcr $12(J0 
liooher, Harry L, Clerk Nebr 2FlaMarion $800 
Gllmore. Abner P, Clerk Oa 2Fla.Marion $1000 
Ivohrig, Otto O, Clerk Tenn 2FlaMarion tHm 
Moore, Thos M, Clerk 111 IFlaBradford $1000 
Thomsen. Thos C, Clerk Den 2FlaMarion $1100 
Harold, Horace, Carrier Eng 2FlaMarlon $1100 
LaRoche, Jas S. Carrier SC 2FlaMarion $1100 
Stewart, Chas H, Carrier Fla 2FlaMarion $l(*)0 
Ocbeesee, Calhoun: Johnson, Uriah S, — $40 
Ocklocknee, Leon: Graves. Mrs Mary E, Fla $200 
Ocoee, Orange: Blakely, Wra P, Tenn $290 
Odessa, Pasco: Young, John M. Tenn $340 
OJns, Dade: Eastham. Mrs Mary M. Ill $210 
Okahumpka. Lake: Bardin. Hazard, NC $310 
Oklawaha, Marion: Yongur. Alex W. Fla $230 
Old Town. Lafavotte; Martin. Mrs Allie C. .\la $230 
Olga, Lcc: McDonald. Mrs Fannie. Vt $00 
Olney, Lucie: Padgett, T J, Ga $120 
Olustee, Baker: Veedcr. Jacob C, NY $210 
Ona, De Soto: Coward. R L, — $180 
Oneco, Manatee: .Vzlin. Mrs Clara. Fla $730 
Orange, Lilierty; Wilder. Mrs Mattie \. Ga $00 
Orange City, Volusia: Leavitt, Rufus S, Conn $440 
Orangedale, St John; Rolwrts. Geo W. Fla $.'iO 
Orange Heights, Alachua: Paulsen, Wm C, Ger $340 
Orange Home. Sumter: Baker. Mrs Mary, Ky $:iO 
Orange Lake. Marion: Burrv. D H. SC $210 
Orange Park. Clay; Allen. Ifrs Anna E, I'a $320 
Orange Springs, Marion: Pegrani, J H. Fla $270 
Orchid. St Lucie: Forstcr. Frank, Ger $70 
Orlando, Orange: Oneal. Wm R, Ohio $2600 
Arnold, John E, AsstPM 111 2FlaOrange $1300 
Barton, las H, Clerk Fla 2FlaOrange $000 
DeLaney.MlssClaudeS, Clerk Fla 2FlaOrange $1000 
Padgett, Geo W, Clerk Md 2FlaOrange $900 
Pomeroy, Miss Julia S, Clerk Mass 2FlaOrange $1100 
Pugh, Martin E, Clerk Mo 2FlaOrange $1100 
McLean, W Chas, Clerk Kv 2FlaOrangc $1200 
Gore, EldonH, Carrier Mich 2FlaOranee $11(X) 
Maxey, Woodford J, Carrier Fla 2FlaOrange $1100 
McQuaters, John, jr. Carrier 111 2FlaOrange $1000 
Smith, O Max, Carrier Md 2FlaOrange $1100 
Anderson. John W, RD Pa 2FlaOrange $900 
Eaton, Johns, RD Fla 2FlaOranKe $1000 
Ormond, Volusia: Simrall, Mrs Caroline D, Conn $730 
Ormond Beach, Volusia: Price, Jos D, Ky $150 
Oslo. St Lucie; Helseth, O O. Norw $150 
Osprey, Manatee; Saunders. V A. Fla $210 
Osteen, Volusia; Pattillo, Alfred T, Ga $270 
Otablte, Santa Rosa; Franklin, Peter D, Fla $30 
Otter Creek, Levy: Yeartv, W S, Fla $560 
Oviedo, Orange: Smith, Ben G, Ga $050 
Owanlta, Lee: Raymond, O T, Mass $70 
Owens. De Soto: Lanier, Sirs Sallie L, Oa $80 
Oxford, Sumter: Hooks, Chas A, Ala $490 
OzeUo, Citrus: Hammond, Miss Rosa, Fla $50 
Ozona, Hillsboro: Lipsey, Edwd L, Ga $305 
Pablo Beacb, Duval: Donner, Edwd H, Mass $1000 
Pace, Santa Rosa; Fleming, Horace H, — $3C0 
Paisley, Lake: Perkins, A S, NY $5() 
Palatka, Putnam: Kirbv, Dick M, NY $2400 
Cobum, SamI 0. AsstPM Minn 2FlaPutnam $1200 
Beasley, Wendell, Clerk Oa 2FlaPutnam $800 
Collins, Wm II, Clerk Fla 2FlaPutnam $1000 
Merrill, Miss Mary F, Clerk' Iowa 2FlaPutnam $1.00 
Philips, Ralph H, Clerk Fla 2FlaPutnam $1000 
Andrews, Walter, Carrier Mass 2FlaPutnam $6on 
Stumpe, Nelson A, Carrier Ohio 2FlaPutnam $800 
Rigdon, Robt F, RD Md 2FlaPutnam $800 
Smith, Oscar, RD Fla 2FlaPutnam $900 
Palma Sola. Manatee: Sikes. Jas F, 111 $1.30 
Palm Beach. Palm Beach: Brelsford, E M, Ohio $29(' 
Palmetto, Manatee: Koons, Geo E, Ohio $1500 
Koons, LcviJ, AsstPM Fla 2FlaManatec $240 
Weeks. CC, RD Fla 2FlaManatee $1000 
Palm Valley. Si Johns; Roberts. Nelson W. Fla $50 
Panacea. Wakulla: Hall, Thos H, Wis $100 
Panama City, Washington: Booth, Mrs Belle, Wis 
Strickland, Miss Pearl, AsstPM Ala 3FlaWashing- 

ton $180 
Daniel, Miss Belle. Clerk Fla 3FlaWashington $120 
Panama Park, Duval: Henry, Edwd F, Ga $410 
Panasoflkee, Sumter: Marsb, Moses, — $160 

Paola, Orange; Pearson, C D, Vt $110 
Parish, Manatee; Lundy, J W, Fla $470 

Lundy, Mrs A D, AsstP.M Fla IFlaManatee $48 
Parker, Washington: .Mashburn, C A, Ala '$140 
Pasadena, Pasco; Tomax, V., F'la $.50 
Pasco. Pasco: Bragdon. .Mrs Louise, SC $290 
PassagTille, Hillslxiro: .Merry, Jos E, NS $350 
Pauway, l'*k; Waymer, Frank E, WVa $220 
Paxton, Walton: .McDonald, .Mrs F'annie, Fla $590 
Pedro. .Marion: Proctor. .Mrs Lillian E, Fla $170 
Pembroke, Polk: Anderson, Horace B, Ga $170 
PenBacola, Escambia : Robinson, Rix H, Mich $3300 
Haye«, Francis W, AsstPM Rl SFlaEscambia $1600 
Allen, H Clayton, Clerk Fla SFlaEscambia $1200 
Baker, Robt A, Clerk Fla SFlaEscambia $1000 
Brown, Joe D, Clerk III SFlaEscambia $1100 
Callaway, Ivey 8, CTerk Ala 2AIaConeci>h $800 
Chcrberg, Stephen P, Clerk Fla SFlaEscambia 

Clegg, Benj B, Oerk NC SFlaEscambia $1100 
Edwards, W H. Clerk Ala SFlaEscambia $1100 
Faulkner, Ira T, Clerk Ala SAlaBullock $1200 
Golay, Gamaliel B, Clerk Fla SFlaEscambia $800 
Grant, Warren A. Clerk Nebr SFlaEscambia $1100 
Ouillot, E A, Clerk DC 3PlaE»cambia $1100 
Lipscomb, Wofford N, Clerk 90 SFlaEscambia $600 
McDavid, R L, Clerk Fla SFlaEscambia $1200 
McDulfle, Harry A, Clerk Ga SFlaEscambia $800 
Mever, F C, Clerk NY SFlaEscambia $1100 
Palmer, Mrs Laura V, Clerk Va SFlaEscambia 

Suggs, Clarence D, Clerk Fla SFlaEscambia $600 
Lippin, Miaa Edith, Clerk Ala SFlaEscambia $1100 
Van Matre, Chas G jr. Clerk Ind SFlaEscambia 

Watson, John L, Clerk Fla SFlaEscambia $1000 
Matthews, Frank L, Carrier Fla SFlaEscambia 

McCray, Emmett A, Carrier Ala SFlaEscambia $80€ 
Moores, W H, Carrier Ala SFlaEscambia $900 
Pettiway, A B, Carrier Ala SFlaEscambia $600 
liaiford, Wm, Carrier Fla SFlaEscambia $600 
Smith, Robt S, Carrier Fla SFlaEscambia $90» 
Stearns, Fred, Carrier Fla SFlaEscambia $1100 
Van Matre, Chas G, Carrier Ind SFlaEscambia 

Van Matre, E G, Carrier Ind SFlaEscambia $1101 
Washington, G T, Carrier Ala SFlaEscambia $100t 
Alford, Geo W, RD Ala SAl.lGcneva $1000 
Jones, Edwd jr, RD Fla SFlaEscambia $900 
McN'air. John, HU Fla SFlaEscambia $1000 
Penton, Santa Rosa: Diamond, Mrs M .V. Fla $C0 
Peoria, Clay: Silcox, .Martha A, Fla $i:iO 
Perrlne. Dade: Barlicld, R P, Miss $100 
Perry, Taylor: Lundy. Jas II, Fla $1300 

Adams. Malton L. RD Fla IFlaTaylor $900 
Philips, Duval: Palmer, Paul. Ohio $50 
Picnic, Hillsboro: Lewis, \V II, Fla $80 
Piedmont, Orange: Thollander, John E A, Sw $G0 
Pierce, Polk: Morrow, L S, Miss $500 
Plerson, Volusia: Peterson, John D, Sw $300 
Pine, Marion; Perry, Leon D, Fla $00 
Pine Barren, Escambia: Finlav, Wm .\,jr, Fla $450 
Pine Castle, Orange: Tyner, Jas 0, Fla $220 
Plnehurst. St John; .\nnom. Miss Gertrude, — $40 
Plneland, Lee; Dampier, Miss Minnie, Fla $100 
Plnelevel, De Soto; .Mizcll, D W, Fla $80 
Pinellas Park, Hillsboro: Vogel, Wm R. Pa $210 
PInemount, Suwanec: .-Mlman. Joshua J, Fla $300 
Goff, Wmll, RD Fla 2Fla.Suwanee $1000 
Hamilton, Jas C, RD Fla 2FlaSu»anee $900 
Plnetta, Madison: Allen, Rufus .M, Fla $430 

White, WmM, RD Ohio 2Ganrooks $1000 
PlnevUle, Escambia: Ilalloway, Mrs B, Ala $30 
Pinewood. Santa Rosa: Hosa.sco, I'eler I-, Italy $140 
Plttman. Lake; Thomas, Jos M, Fla Hat 
Placlda, De .Soto: O'Bannon, L R, $110 
Plant City, llillslwro: Barnes, Chas E. WVa $2000 
Grillin, Walter D. AsstPM Mich IFIallilLsboro $700 
Carlton, Jas D, Clerk Fla IFIallilLsboro $IM> 
Lomison, Harry W, Clerk Pa IFbillillsboro $800 
Carlton, Wmll, RD Fla IFlallillsboro $1000 
Carllon,WraS, RD Fla IFlallilLslwro $1000 
Piatt. De Soto; Rabon, Armon, NC $100 
Plummers, Duval: Bowden, Thos S, Fla $70 
Plymouth. Orange; Chapman, S A E, Ga $210 
Point Washington. Washington: McCracken, Mrs Vic- 

t.ifiu, Flu S.'Tll 
Pomona. PuInLim: Knowlton. C A, NU $350 
Ponce De Leon, Ilulmes; Murf)hv,.\ugusta G, Fla $580 
Dixon, Wm R, RD Ala 3FiiIlolmes $S00 
Hardy, Jaa A, RD Fla $1000 
Padgett, Wm, RD Fla 3Flallolines $480 
Ponce Park, Volusia; Stone, Mrs .\nnie E, SC $90 
Port IngUs. Levy: Borland, Mrs Adelaide, Mich $340 
Portland, Walton: Jenugan, II, Ala $290 

Jenugan,LH, RD Fla — $500 
Port Orange, Volusia: Pattillo, Jas L, Ga $490 
Port Rlchey, Pasco; Nicks, Mrs Ruby E, Fla $70 
Port St Joe. Calhoun; Stone. Terrell H, — $.500 
Port Tampa, llillslwro: Desbong, Miss Minnie R, Fla 

Port Tampa City, Hillsboro: Williams, Albert T, Ind 

Princeton. Dade: Quinn, Mrs Mary B, Fla $.'580 
Punta Gorda, De Soto: Dreggors, Ilarry R, Md $1,500 

Hatch. Arlcv M, AsstPM Fla IFlaDeSoto $312 
Punta Rassa, Lee: Shultz. Geo R, NJ $200 
Putnam Hall, Putnam: Weathersbee, Wm J, Fla $140 
Quay, St Lucie: Cox, Danl C. Fla $240 
Qnlncy, Gadsden: Stoker, John, Aas $2000 
Jones, Randolph R, AsstPM Fla 3FlaGads<len $900 
Jones, Cbas B, Jr, Clerk Fla SFlaOadsdcn $600 
Bentlev, SamI S, RD Fla 3FlaGadsden $1000 
Durr, Ralph M, RD Fla SFIaOadsdeo $900 
Qolntette, Escambia: Barrineau, Cbas R, SC $130 



Kaiford, Bradford: Ritch, Louis. Fla S510 
Kaleigh, Levy: Gibson, L W, Fla S280 
Randolph, Lalayette: Langston, Redden E, SC S120 
Katllfl, Nassau: Wesley, Miss Josephine G, Fla S40 
Redbay, Walton: McLeod, N A, Fla S170 
Reddiek, Marion: Bishop, Wm H, Fla S4S0 
Redland, Dade: Bauer, John M, Pa S220 
Redlevel, Citrus: Hough, Henry L, SC S90 
Red Rock, Santa Rosa: Pitts, Ehjah M, Ala S160 
Rehwlnkel, Wakulla: Rehwinkel, Mrs Julia, Fla $70 
Rlalto, Lee: Higginbotham, Mrs S C, Ohio S12S 
Richland, Pasco: Milton, Thos N, Ga S250 
Rideont, Clay: Frlsbee, Mrs Sadie B, Fla $130 
RUey, Manatee: Corbitt, Jas, Ga S70 
Ringgold, Hernando: Marble, Edwd F, Mass S70 
Rio, St Lucie: Rea, Geo M, NJ S150 
Riverdale, St Jolm: Torgeson, Andw, Minn S150 
Riveria, Putnam: Walker, L W, — S50 
River Junction, Gadsden; Morgan, Marcellus Fla 8700 
Morgan, D H, AsstPM Fla 3FlaGadsden 3180 
Arnold, J R, RD Fla SFlaGadsden S960 
Riverland, Hernando; Gay, Miss Viola, Fla S180 
Riverview, Hillsboro: Morrison, Frank S, Ky S160 
Robinson Point, Santa Rosa: Elliott, Anna, Ala SlOO 
Rochelle, Alachua: Jennings, Miss Velma, Fla $270 
Rock Blnfl, Liberty: Jackson, Mrs N, SC S140 
Rockledge, Brevard: Bower, Jos B, Pa $340 
Rock Springs, Marion: Mavnard, Geo G, Vt $40 
Rockwell, Marion: North, Thos K, NC $460 
Rodman, Putnam: Cummlngs, Henry S, SC $440 
Goethe, Wm A, AsstPM Ga — $100 
Schmidt, Franklyn G, Clerk Eng — $100 
Romeo, Marion: Hutchlns, Jefl Thos, SC SISO 
Rosalie, Polk: O'Neal, Mrs Frances S, Fla $160 
Rose, Leon: Chains, Tom G, Fla $90 
Roseland, St Lucie; Stokes, Ehner M, Fla $200 
Rosewood, Levy: Corson, Stratford C, Can $300 
Rosin, Gadsden: Brown, Lee. Fla $2 
Round Lake, Jackson; Strickland, Mrs Clementine S, 
Ala $240 
Jerkins, Geo W, RD Ala SFlaJackson $520 
Rowan, Gadsden: Rowan, J D, Fla S30 
Roy, Liberty: Wiggins, Mrs M H, Fla $90 
Rural, Hernando: Alexander, A T, 111 $30 
Ruskin, Hillsboro: Miller, Mrs AdaUne D, Iowa $390 
RusseU, Clav: Blakely, Ralph W, — $20 
Rutland, Sumter: O'Guin, Mrs AddieM, Fla $20 
Rye, Manatee: Brownmg, Thos D, SC $130 
Sadler, Taylor: Saddler, Wm H, Ga $60 
Safety Harbor, Hillsboro: Thomas, Geo B, Fla $380 
Sagano, Pasco: Brown, Mrs Lorena Amy, Fla $20 
St Andrew, Washington: Rose, Mrs Martha C, 111 $900 
St Augustine, St John: Alba, Geo A, Pa $3000 
Greatorex, Wm W, AsstPM Fla 2FlaStJohn $1500 
Rogero, Clarence R, Clerk Fla 2FlaStJohn $1200 
Dale, Harold B, Clerk Ohio 2FlaStJolm $1100 
Fleming, Maithlun N, Clerk Fla 2FlaStJohn $1100 
Mance, Mervin J, Clerk Fla 2FlaStJohu $1000 
Alba, Fred B, Clerk Pa 2FlaStJohn $900 
Williams, Henry M, Clerk Fla 2FlaStJohn $600 
Jordan, Jacob C, Carrier Fla 2FlaStJohn $1000 
Pinkham, Buel, Carrier Fla 2FlaStJohn $900 
Adger, Leonard, Carrier Fla 2FlaStJohn $900 
Daniels, Everett, Laborer Ga 2FlaStJohn $600 
St Catherine, Sumter: Nobles, Hardy R, Fla $200 
St Cloud, Osceola: Gamer, Wm N, Kv S1600 

Kennev, Fred B, AsstPM Ohio 2FlaOsceola $480 
St James City, Lee: Herd, Mrs NelUe, Fla $120 
St Johns Park, St John: Strockmann, Miss Ursula G, 

Fla $480 
St Joseph, Pasco: Barthle, Andw, Ger $70 
St Leo, Pasco: More, Chas H, Ohio $280 
St Lucie, St Lucie: Curry, John F, WVa $280 
St Marks, Wakulla: Harrell, Vivian C, Fla $234 
St Petersburg, Hillsboro; Hanna, Roy S, Ind $2600 
Wiecking, C W, AsstPM SC IFlaHillsboro $1200 
Edwards, M G, Clerk Mass IFlaHillsboro $1000 
Fortson, R A, Clerk Fla IFlaHUlsboro $800 
Nelson, Jens, Clerk Den IFlaHillsboro $600 
GttEord, G A, Carrier Ohio IFlaHillsboro $600 
Tyler, A W, Carrier Wis IFlaHillsboro 8900 
WUliams, C L, Carrier Ind IFlaHillsboro 3600 
Brinker, W M, RD Pa IFlaHillsboro $800 
Salem, Taylor: Walker, Geo A, Fla $200 
Salerno, Palm Beach; Kishpaugh, John L, Mich $160 
Samville, Lee: Lee, H A, La $90 
San Antonio, Pasco: Carroll, Frank E, Mass $400 
Sanborn, Wakulla: Sanborn, Mrs Ezella M, Fla 3160 
Sanderson, Baker; Wester, Henry L, Fla $430 
Sandy, Manatee: Coker, John, — 370 
Sanford, Orange; Haskins, Chas F, Ohio $2500 
HasktDS, Har-old C, AsstPM Colo 2FlaOrange 31200 
Homrighous, Reber, Clerk III 2FlaOrange $600 
MuUer, Miss M L, Clerk NY 2FlaOrange $1000 
Wright, Mahlon L, Clerk Ga 2FlaOrange $800 
Wright, Wingo H, Clerk Ga 2FlaOrange $900 
Dorsey, Cody, RD Fla 2FlaOrange 31000 
Thomas, Robt A, RD Fla 2FlaOrange $600 
Ward, Eston M, RD Fla 2FlaOrange $900 
Sanibel, Lee: Reed, Wm S, Me $260 

Sharmahan, Webster, RD Fla IFlaLee 3960 
San Mateo, Putnam: Rowley, Jas S, — $350 
Santa Fe, Alachua: Blitch, Edwd L. Fla 3160 
Santa Rosa, Washington: Wilson, Wm D, 111 3340 
Santos, Marion: Liddell, Mrs JuUa M, Fla 3110 
Sapp, Baker: Sapp, John P, Ga 3160 

Scarborough, Silas M, RD Fla 2FlaBaker 3900 
Sarasota, Manatee: Abbe, Mrs Carrie S, Conn $1500 

Register, H S, Clerk Fla 4FIaManatee 3252 
Satsuma Heights, Putnam; Owen, Fredk V, Eng 3240 
Saunders, Washington; Elsberry, J Lewis, Ga $100 
Saxton, Bradford: Rembert, Ahna MoC — $240 
Scotts Ferry, Calhoun: Pope, Mrs Annie, Fla $50 
Seabreeze, Volusia: Britton, E F, SC $340 
Sebastian, St Lucie; Owens, Miss Maude M, SC $640 
Sedalia, Gadsden: Goodson, Mrs Mary, Ala $60 

Seflner, Hillsboro: Taylor, J F, Fla $260 
Sellers Lake, Lake; Tobler, Albert J, Switz $20 
Selman, Calhoun: Shields, Robt F, Ga $40 
Seminole, Hillsboro; Grable, N D, Mo $80 
Seville, Volusia: Poppell, Miss Kate M, Fla $540 
Sewalls Point, Pahn Beach: Sewall, H E, Fla 3120 
Sexton, Washington: Blue, Mrs Mittie S, Fla $50 
Shady, Marion: Perkins, Mrs Martha, Fla $80 
Shady Grove, Taylor; Vaim, Grover C, Fla 3400 
Hendry, Adison E, RD Fla IFlaTaylor $900 
Wentworth, John P, RD Fla IFlaTaylor $1000 
Sharpes, Brevard: Nichols, Chas L, Conn $200 
Shelton, Lafayette: Butler, H S, Fla 322 
ShUoh, Brevard: Grlffls, Hattie M, 111 $70 
SUverspring, Marion: Tydmgs, W E, Fla $370 
Sinclair, De Soto: Sinclair, Mrs MeUssa, Ga $60 
Slsco, Putnam: Ring, Hira A, Mass 390 
Smith Creek, Wakulla: Kyle, Newton, Fla $40 
Sneads, Jackson: Pope, Miss May, Fla $620 
Socrum, Polk: Fletcher, Charlie G, — $140 
Sopohoppy, Wakulla: Harms, W H, Ger $390 
Sorrento, Lake: Allen, Arthur E, Mich $390 
South Booagrande, Lee: Johnson, Willie H, NC 3250 
South JacksonvlUe, Duval: Thomas, David B, Tenn 
Broughton, Chas F, RD 111 2FlaDuval 31,000 
South Lake Weir, Marion: Gates, Julia E, RI 3100 
Southport, Washington: Tiller, TF, Fla $600 
Sparr, Marion; Grantham, Jas L, Fla 3330 
Spray, Madison: Cone, Fountain H, Fla $70 
Spring Garden, Volusia: Lee, Mrs Sallie, Ind $90 
Springhill, Leon: Eubanks, Isaac M, — $160 
Spruce Creek, Volusia: Kohnan, Mrs Christine, Ger $10 
Spuds, St John: Minton, Jos F, Fla 340 
Stafford, Calhoun; Lee, Enoch R. Fla 370 
Standard, Marion: Withers, Benj C, NC $170 
Stanton, Marion: Lytle, Ernest J, Ga $80 
Stanwood, St Lucie: Dodge, Jas E, Miim $40 
Star, Jackson: Gainer, Saml A, — 3130 
Starke, Bradford: Hull. Newell B, 111 $1600 
Reinoehl, Miss Helen M, Clerk — 2FlaBradford 3240 
Driggers, EUsha W, RD Fla 2FlaBradford $960 
Edwards, Balous S, RD Fla 2FlaBradford 31000 
Stelnhatchee, Lafayette: McKinney, S W, — 350 
Stella, Walton; Geoghagan, Danl, Ala $21 
Stemper, Hillsboro; Smith, Emma, Ala 3190 
StepheusvlUe, Taylor: Stephens, Mrs Sarrah Fla $60 
Stuart, Pahn Beach: Kitcning, Broster, Eng 3740 
Sullivan, Santa Rosa: Sullivan, F B, — $50 
Sumatra, Liberty: Crumpton, Homer A, Fla $320 
Summerfleld, Marion: Mayo, N, NC $630 
Summer Haven, St John: Bryant, Jas M, Fla $150 
Sumner, Leary: Dorsett, Alfred M, Ga 8360 
Sumterville, Sumter: Maim, Chas W, Fla $400 
Sunbeam, Duval: Mueller, John, Ger $50 
Sunnyside, Clay: Conway, Jas F, Fla $50 
Survey, Lee: Barnes, Thos J, Ga $80 

Hunt, Geo W, RD — iFlaLee 3924 
Sutherland, Hillsboro: Craven, Jas C, 111 $600 
Sweetwater, De Soto; Hughes, Mrs Minnie L, Fla 3250 
Switzerland, St John: Steele, Wm C, Ind $180 
Sycamore, Gadsden: Johnson, J R, Fla $60 
Sydney, Hillsboro: Rice, Emma J, — 32.^0 
Taft, Orange: Sphaler, Davis B, SC 3430 
TsOlahassee, Leon: McDougall, John, Scot $2600 
McDougaU, Alex. AsstPM Scot 3FIaLeon $1300 
Baker, Jas S, Clerk Fla 3FlaLeon $1000 
Ellott, Jules L, Clerk Fla 3FlaLeon $1000 
Gramlmg, Ralph W, Clerk Fla 3FlaLeon $900 
Warden, Miss E V, Clerk Fla SFlaLeon $800 
Wilkinson, Lawrence, Clerk Fla 3FlaLeon 3800 
Coleman, Saml H, Carrier Fla SFlaLeon $900 
Elliott, Robt P, Carrier Fla SFlaLeon $1000 
Walker, Jefl M, Carrier Fla SFlaLeon $900 
Gramllng, Earle S, RD Fla SFlaLeon $1000 
Quaile, jr, Wm F RD Fla SFlaLeon 31000 ^_ 

Tampa, Hillsboro: Bean, Geo W, Conn $3500 

Stackpole, Elbridge G, AsstPM Pa 36NYErie $1700 
Barnard, Mrs Elizabeth, Clerk Fla IFlaHillsboro 

Cowart, Henry E, Clerk Fla IFlaHillsboro $1300 
Patch, Clarence L, Clerk Mich IFlaHillsboro $1500 
Yonally, Ehner J, Clerk Ohio IFlaHillsboro $1300 
Brown, Jas R, Clerk Tenn STennHamilton $1200 
Bryant, Claude E, Clerk Fla IFlaHiUsboro $1000 
Bush, Perry D, Clerk Fla IFlaHiUsboro $900 
Campbell, Archibald B, Clerk Fla IFlaHillsboro 

Carney, John, Clerk Fla IFlaHiUsboro $1100 
Colmar, Paul B, Clerk Fla IFlaHiUsboro $1100 
Clark, J Lafayette, Clerk Fla IFlaHillsboro $800 
Falkner, Chas P, Clerk Fla IFlaHiUsboro $900 
Center, Louis F, Clerk Fla lOTennShelby $1100 
Hackney, Jas S jr, Clerk Fla IFlaHillsboro $800 
Harrison, Saml G, Clerk Fla IFlaHiUsboro $600 
Hatchell, Jas 0, Clerk Ky IFlaHiUsboro $800 
Heege, Martin R, Clerk Ohio 20OhioCuyahoga 

Heer, Emil, Clerk Switz IFlaHiUsboro $900 
Hitchcock,. Erwin V N, Clerk Vt IFlaHUlsboro 

Hooker, David G, Clerk Fla IFlaHillsboro $900 
Janes, Robt W, Clerk Miss IPIaHUlaboro $1200 
Jefferson, Clarence B, Clerk Pa IFlaHiUsboro 

Johnson, Roy J N, Clerk NY IFlaHiUsboro $900 
Kirton, Fred H, Clerk SO IFlaHillsboro $1100 
McConneU, Milton B, Clerk Ga IFlaHUlsboro $600 
Mitcham, Jas 0, Clerk Ark IFlaHillsboro $800 
Morgan, Peter J, Clerk Fla IFlaHiUsboro $1000 
Mote, LeRoy, Clerk Ohio IFlaHiUsboro $900 
Reina, Salvatore C, Clerk It IFlaHiUsboro $800 
Robertson, Augustus J, Clerk Fla IFlaHiUsboro 

Sanford, Frank, Clerk Ind IFlaHUlsboro $1200 
Sanford, Robt W, Clerk Ind IFlaHiUsboro $1000 

Tampa — Continued. 

Simmons, John R, Clerk Fla IFlaHiUsboro $1200 
Slack, Guy A, Clerk Ala 7AlaEtowah $1200 
Stevens, Wm A, Clerk Tenn STennMadison $1100 
Tyler, Miss Emma, Clerk Fla IFlaHiUsboro $800 
Weed, Edwd H, Clerk Ala IFlaHiUsboro $1200 
Carlton, Jesse A, Carrier Fla IFlaHillsboro $800 
Daniels, Handy W, Carrier Fla IFlaHiUsboro 

Graham, Albert J, Carrier Fla IFlaHUlsboro 

Grimm, Albert S, Carrier Fla IFlaHiUsboro $1200 
Hall, Wilbur L, Carrier Me IFlaHiUsboro $1100 
Holm, A Harry, Carrier Den IFlaHiUsboro $1000 
Jackson, John E, Carrier Fla IFlaHillsboro $900 
Lester, Herbert E, Carrier Ga IFlaHiUsboro 

Middleton, Geo S, Carrier SC IFlaHillsboro $1100 
MoGrew, Alvie E, Carrier Mo IFlaHUlsboro $1200 
Moore, Edwin J, Carrier SO IFlaHillsboro $1100 
Post, Edwd J, Carrier 111 IFlaHUlsboro $1200 
Perrin, Wade, Carrier SC IFlaHillsboro $900 
Robinson, John A, Carrier NO IFlaHUlsboro 

RusseU, Lee F, Carrier Fla 2GaPulton $1000 
Tinny, John, Carrier Fla IFlaHiUsboro $1200 
Vernier, John S, Carrier Ohio 180hioStark $1100 
Walker, William J, Carrier Fla IFlaHiUsboro 

Woolweaver, John L, Carrier Ohio IFlaHillsboro 

Youngblood, Geo S, Carrier Fla IFlaHiUsboro 

Blake, Eichd P, RD Fla IFlaHiUsboro $900 
Ray, Roland L, RD SC IFlaHiUsboro $900 
Wells, J Luther, RD Fla IFlaHiUsboro $1000 
Cason, Phil H, Laborer Fla IFlaHiUsboro $700 
Morris, Joseph C, Laborer Fla IFlaHillsboro $700 
Tangerine, Orange: Stewart, John L, Fla $210 
Tantie, St Lucie: Raulerson, L M, Fla $130 
Tarpon Springs, Hillsboro; Beekman, John C, 111 $1700 
Pmder, Geo T, AsstPM Fla IFlaHillsboro $720 
Peacock, H Blaine, Clerk Ind IFlaHillsboro 3420 
Tavares, Lake: Vanderhaven, J H V, NY 3700 

Vanderhaven, Mrs M AsstPM Switz IFlaLake $240 
Tavernler, Monroe: Riley, Danl W, NY $40 
Taylor, Baker; Taylor, Mrs Sarah J, Fla $80 
TaylorviUe, Lake: Edge, Elliott E, NC S6o0 
Telogia, Liberty: Day, Mrs Maude E, Fla 8280 
Terra Cela, Manatee: Boyett, John G, — 3430 
Terrell, Hernando: Pulans, C P, Fla 3330 
Thelma, Taylor: Brown, WUlis A, Ga SlOO 
Theressa, Bradford: Bristow, H, — $210 
Thonotosassa, Hillsboro: Thomas, A M, Ga $160 
Tigerbay, Polk: Taylor, Geo M, Ga $300 
Tillman, Brevard; Moree, Geo W, WI $60 
Tisonia, Duval: Ogilvie, C H, Fla 8120 
TitusviUe, Brevard: Tull, A B, 111 $1600 
Morgan, AimieB, AsstPM Fla — $480 
Bueford, Coyle, Clerk Ga — 3300 
Toledo, St Lucie: Wigfleld, W H, Pa 830 
Trenton, Alachua; Milton, Thos H — 3610 
TrUby, Pasco: Kuster,Wm S, Md $670 
Pitts, Richd H, AsstPM Miss IFlaPasco 372 
O'Berrv, Edmond B, RD Fla IFlaPasco $1000 
Tropic, Brevard: Ensev Geo F, Md 340 
Tucker, Pasco; Remiss, R A, Fla 3170 
Tura, De Soto; Roberts, John A, Ga $60 
Turkey Creek, Hillsboro; Hooker, Robt C, — $130 
Turnbull, Brevard: Carter A J, Ga 3100 
Turners, Lee: Guyer, Benj F, Pa $70 
Tyler, Alachua: McEhoy, Mrs Susan K, Fla 3400 
TTmatiUa, Lake: Whitcomb, Frank E, Ohio 3480 
Union, Walton: Neel, Miss Emma L, Fla $100 

Wilkerson, W J. Carrier Fla SFlaWalton $700 
TJpcohaU, Lee; Edwards, W C, Fla $130 
Utopia, Pahn Beach: Clements, C J, — $30 
Valkaria, Brevard: SvedeUus, Mrs Ella, Tex $150 
Venice, Manatee; Wrede, Alfred F, Fla $160 ' 
Venus, De Soto: SneU, Jas W, — 350 
Verdle, Nassau: Hicks, Claud C, Fla 380 
Vereen, WapuUa: Shaner, Geo, — SlOO 
Vernon, Washington: McFatter, Lorenzo D, Fla $580 
Swindle, Thos L, AsstPM Fla SFlaWashington $180 
Swindle. Jas E, RD Fla SFlaWashington 3560 
Vero, St Lucie: Knight, Jas L, Fla 8240 
Viking, St Lucie: Hodge, John W, 111 3300 
VUas, Liberty: Roseberry, E H, NJ 3390 
Vista, Levy: Yearty, T J, Fla $70 
Wabasso, St Lucie; Jamison, JO, Pa $200 

Smith, Miss Mildred, Clerk Pa 2FlaStLucie $36 
Wacissa, Jefferson: Story, Ann, Ga $260 

Groom, Wm C, RD Fla SFlaJefferson $1000 
Wade, Alachua: Weil, Edwd M, — $340 
Wadesboro, Leon: Brown, Willie D, Ga 360 
Wakulla, Wakulla: Page, Mrs Jessie S, Fla $210 
Waldo, Alachua: Doane, Leander C, Mass $850 

Doane, Mrs Ora M, Clerk Fla 2FlaAlachua 3100 
Walkill, Clay: Allen, S W, Ga 3170 
Wallace, Santa Rosa: Haynes, Jonathan H, Fla 390 
Waller, Clay: Weeks, Jesse, — $50 
WaU Springs, Hillsboro: Campbell, A M, Fla $140 
Walton, St Lucie: Luce, Mrs Eliza J, Vt 3390 
Ward, Leon: Wood, Jas L, Fla $30 
Warrington, Escambia; Higgins, Cornelia, — $660 
Watertown, Columbia: Paul, Alex G, Wis $S10 
Watson, Liberty: Hall, S H, Fla $40 
Wauohula, De Soto: Rainey, Homer B, Fla $1,500 
Hendry, J N, AsstPM Fla IFlaDeSoto 3600 
Branch, Miss Helen E, Clerk Fla IFlaDeSoto 3240 
Waukeenah, Jefferson: Hayes, Mrs Je,ssieV, Fla $170 
Wausau, Washington: Glen, Mrs Margaret, Scot $200 
Waylonzo, Taylor; Johnson, W P, Fla $130 
Webster, Sumter- Watkins, L M, Ky 3700 
Welrsdale, Marion: Rast, Henry H, Fla $290 
Welaka, Putnam: McLeod, Loderick J, Fla $360 



Welcome, Hillsboro: Jones, ThosQ, Fla JllO 
Wellborn, Siiwanee: Bell, Jolui VV, fia S7S0 
M.Kilcv, Elmer F, AsstPM Fla 2FlaSuwanec StM, Johathan B, RD Fla 2FlaColumbia SHXX) 
ll.imiiiiic, Chus W, RD Fla 2FlaSiiwanee S'JCO 
Silii^, liobt. M, RU Fla 2FlaScuvanee SOCO 
West Apopka. I.akc; Crawley, Saml II, — $40 
Westbay, \\ ashinBton: Rodgcrs, Marian W C, Fla S210 
Westlake. Hamilton: Rowe, A L. Fla S2I0 
West PaUnbeach, I'alm Beach: Clarke, J Raul, NY 


Clarke, Miss Lena MT, AsstPM Vt 2FlaPalm Beach 

Skipper, Gabc, Clerk Fla 2FlaPalmBeach $1000 
West Pompano, Palm Beach: Speir, C E, Fla $420 
West Tocol, Clay: Benson, Ben (1, Iowa $110 
WestvUle, Holmes: Moore. I.onnic R, Ala $470 

Moore, Mrs Marv. AsstPM Fla SFlaHolmes $150 

\\;ir.l. Thos J, Carrier Fla :iFlaHolmes $1000 
Wetappo, Washington: Pver, Mrs Martha, Eng $123 
Wetumpka, (iadsden: Pitlman, Jesse E, Fla $40 
Wewahltchka, ('alhoun; ilollineer, Jas R, — tXM 
White City, St Lucie: Howard, Thos P, — $1S0 
Whitehouse, Diival: Williams, Jas G, Ky $140 
White Springs. Hamilton: Jackson, Anderson W, Fla 

A lexnmler. Miss Jessie V, Clerk Fla SFlallamilton 
Whitney, Lake: Walker, S E, Pa $240 
Whlttler, Osceola: Baisdcn, John II, Fla $l.''iO 
Wilcox, Alachua: Lock, Wm J, Fla $90 
Wildwood, Sumter: Vining, Edwd 8, Oa $040 
Wllleford, Alachua: Thomas, John R, Fla $180 
Willis. Calhoun; Biirk. John S, Fla $G0 
Wllllston. Levy: Harney, John. Ind $970 
Wllma, Liberty: Carr, A 8, NO $3S0 
Wllmarth, Suwanec: Peek, B A, Oa $220 

Hearing. L L. RD — — $9fi0 
Wlmauma. llillsboro: Thorpe, D O, Ga $2.-*0 

Maihcson, M I'. Clerk Oa IFlaHillsboro $72 
Windsor. Alachua: Howells. Miss Ellen M. Conn $140 
Wlnfleld. Colunibia: Roberts, John L, Fla $120 
Winter Garden, Orange: Newton. Miss Lula. Miss $1000 

Raden. U T. Clerk Miss 2FlaOrange $40 
Wlnterhaven, Polk: Collins. Frank L. Ill $1400 

Collins. Fnmi-is J. As,stPM NY IFIaPolk S4Sfl 

Ilasnier. Miss Agnes. Clerk Ohio IFlaPolk S240 
Winter Park. Orange: Chubb. Leland M, Fla $12(H1 

ihuhb. Mrs Barbara M. AsstPM Fla IFlaPolk $300 
Woodstock, Baker: McClellan. John F, Kv $200 
Woodvllle. Leon: Page. Troupe L, — $.120 
Worthlngton, Bradford: Stephens, Saml B, Fla $.1.'i() 
Wright. Santa Rosa: Brooks. John W, — $30 
Wulfert. Lee: Dwight, Mason C, Fla $120 
Yalaha, Lake: Godfrey, Mrs M A, Va $100 
Yamato, Palm Beach: Smith, Geo D, Fla $120 
Yelvlngton, St John; Kennard, Allan W, Eng $170 
Yoakon. Duval: Lon F. Ohio $40 
Youmans. Hillsboro: Ellis, Wm O, Fla $100 
Youngstown, Washington: Sinclair, Alfred M, NO $220 
Yulee, Nassau: Flood, Edgar H, Ga $240 

Flood. Joseph A, Clerk Ga 21FlaNassau $50 
Zellwood. Orange: Williamson. John A, — $340 
Zephyrhllls, Pasco; Ilenninglon, Mrs Josephine B, Ala 

llcnnincton, L F jr. AsstPM Ala 2FlaPasco $900 

Nyic. Miss Olivia E, Clerk Pa — $.15 
Zol<o. De Soto; Langford, E B, Fla $520 

Langford,OD. Clerk Fla IFIaDeSoto $.15 
Znber, Marion; Sumner, Thos N, — $200 


Aaron, Bullocb: Aaron. Chas B. Ga $93 
Abba. Irwin: Ballenger, John W, — $240 
Abbeville, W'ilcox: Wimberlv, Leon P, Ga $1500 
Warren. Miss Pearl. AsstPM Ga 3GaWilcox $300 
Fussell. Miss Martha. Clerk Ga 3GaWilco.x $180 
Barker, John M. RD Ga 3GaWilcox $1000 
Bowen, Enoch Y, RD Ga 3GaWilcox $1000 
Crump, Miss Myrtle O, UD Ga 3GaWilcox $1000 
Goo<iin. Mathew S, RD Ga 3GaWllcox $1000 
Williams, Pitman K, MM Ga 3GaWilcox $150 
Abbottsford, Troup; Edraundson, Gaines S, Ga $110 
Aberdeen, Favette: Kirkland, John W, — $C0 
Acree. lioughertv; Long, Elzie V. Oa $2.S0 

Wilder. TilmonM. RD Ga 2GaDougherty $900 
Acworth. Cobb: Mitchell. Miss Mattie. Ga $1200 
.Mitchell. Miss Hattie, Clerk Ga 7GaCobb $120 
Lewis. John H. RD Oa 7GaCobb $1000 
Raincv, JosB, RD Ga 7GaCobb $900 
Tanner, Will Humphries. RD Oa 70aCobb $1000 
Wolden. Wm P. RD Ga TGaCobb $1000 
Ada. Turner: McNair. W O, Ga $80 
AdalrsvUle. Bartow; Dvar, Clifford 11. Oa $1300 
I )v:ir. Miss Alice M, "AsstPM Ga 70aBartow $20 
Pavlovskv, Miss Mary, Clerk Oa 7GaBartow $35 
Anderson. Jas M. Rt> Ga 7GaBartow $1000 

. Julius S, RD Ga TGaBartow $1000 
Adams. Lee: Scarborough, Chas W. Ga $130 
Adams Park, Twiggs: Allen. John F, Ga $130 
Adel. Berrien: Wakeford. Wm M, AtSea $1600 
Waketord, JH. AsstPM Ala 2GaBerricn $720 
Wakeford. M W, Clerk Ga 20aBerrien $300 
Adams. Jas T. RD Tex 2GaBerrien $1000 
Moblev. Geo M, RD Ga 2GaBerrien $960 
Mobley, Geo C, RD Ga 2GaBerrien $960 
Roberts, Wm L, RD Ga 2GaBcrrien $1000 
Adgatevllle, Jasper: Rigdon, H J, — $70 
Adrian, Emanuel: Youmans, Mrs .\bbie B, Ga $U0O 
Durdcn. Linton Q. AsstPM Ga lOaEmanuel $400 
Trapnell. Miss Florence M, Clerk Oa IGaBulloch $300 
fHirden. l.ongus L, RD Oa llOaJohnson $1000 
Hutchinson, Jas B, RD Ga llGaJohnson $1000 
Hutchinson, Wm O. RD Oa llOaJohnson $800 
Aerial, Habersham: Henderson, Thos B, Oa $80 

Alton, Dawson: Turner, Beryman B, Ga $30 
Agate, Floyd: Montgomery, H L, Oa $30 
Agnes, Lincohi; Uogan, S W, Oa $50 
Agricola, Glascock: Gibson, Wm A, Ga $200 

Harrison, John B, RD Ga lOOaWashington $1000 
Al, Gilmer: Johnson, Wm H, Oa $10 
Alkenton, Jasper: Martin. Miss Minnie. Ga $30 
Alley. Montgomery: Skipper, Mrs Mattie L. Ga $000 
McBride, Miss Belle, AsstPM Ga llGaMontgomcry 

Frizzille, Chas, RD Ga llOaMontgomery $900 
Mclntyre. Anthony P, RD Oa llOaMontgomery $900 
Almar, Liberty; Wall, J,as J, Ire $30 
Alaculsy, Murray: Chable, W:n C, Tonn $40 
Alamo, Montgomery: Swain. Mrs Sarah E, Ga $450 

McDaniel, Wm R, RD Ga llOaMontgomery $1(HI0 
Albany, Doughertv; Brimberry, Mrs Nellie B, t'Ja $27(M1 
Brimberrv, BenjF, AsstPM Oa 203Doughertv $1.)IHI 
A skin, Addison 0, Clerk Ga 20aDoughcrty $11IX) 
Brosnan, Denis W, Clerk Oa 2GaDoughertV $1100 
Harris, Mrs Holly M, Clerk Ga 2GaDoughert"y $1100 
Kearsey, Robt L, Clerk SC 2GaDouglierty $1100 
Munroe, John K. Clerk Ga DC $1200 
Kimbrough, Ira W, Carrier Go 2GaDouglicrlv $1000 
Martin, Jos H, Carrier Ga 2GaDougherty $1000 
Page, Timothy S, Carrier Oa 2Ciar)ougherty $IMO 
Wadkins, Richd W, Carrier Oa 20aDougherty $1100 
Davis, Alex H, RD Ga 2GaDoughertv $1000 
Dempsey, Wm H, RD Ga 2GaDouglierty $960 
Fountain, Henrv L, RD Ga 2GaDoughertv $1000 
Mann, Benj J, RD Ga 2GaDougherty $9Ub 
Alexander, Burke: Blanchard, O P, Oa $80 
Alezandervllle, Echols: Rodgers, Henrv F, Ga $100 
Aline, Emanuel: Collins, R F, Ga $lL'0 
Allapaha, Berrien: Norton, Emra H, US $700 
Chambless, Wilev J, RD US 2GaBcrrien $960 
Luke, John T, UD US 2GaBerrien $900 
Shearer, Oscar F, RD US 2GaBerrien $560 
Shockley, Erastus T, RD US 2GaBerrlen $1000 
Allatoona, Barlow: Grigg, Wm P, Ga $170 

McMichen, Charley L, UD Oa 7GaBartow $960 
Allenhurst, Liberty: Robertson, Wm J, Can $650 
Allentown, Wilkinson: King, John J, Oa $190 

.\dams, Earnest C, RD Oa lOGaWilkinson $900 
Alma, Appling: Douglas. John S, Oa $690 
Brantley. Mrs Rose E. Clerk Wash lOGaWashington $60 
Hesters, Washington C, UD Ga llGa.\ppling $560 
Kiulaw, David L. UD Oa llGaAppling $1000 
Almon, Newton: Rawlins, Lafavctt<- C. Ga $90 
Alpbaretta, Milton; Webb, L K. Ga $1(KI0 
Evans. Orier. Clerk Ga gOaMilton $300 
Strickland, S F, Clerk Ga gOaMilton $(» 
Bogley, J M, RD Ga 9GaMilton $960 
Douglas, R E, RD Ga 90aMilton $9W 
Hook, Geo O, RD Ga 9GaMilton $960 
Teasley, Dodge, RD Ga 9GaMilton $1000 
Upshaw, Geo T, RD Ga OOaMilton $900 
Alston, Montgomery: Dees, J M. — $230 

Dees, Flcranoy, AsstPM Ga llOaMontgomery $11) 
Altamaha, Tattnall: Phillips, J F L, Ga $90 
Alto, Habersham: Grant, J A, Ga $430 
Ivie, Jas M, RD Ga — $1000 
Ivio, Wm T, RD Ga — $10IW 
Alvaton, Meriwether: Higgins, Jas J, Oa $240 

Lofton. Emmett E, RD Ga 4GaMeriwether $900 
Amboy, Turner; Pate, S E, Ga $120 
Ambrose, CoHee; Dav, Jos B. Ga $350 
Foxworth. Anderson J, UD Oa lIGaCoffeo $1000 
Philips, John J, RD Ga UGaColTee $1000 
Americas, Sumter: Mitchell. Frank P. Oa $2600 
Mitchell. Henry C. AsstPM Oa 3GaSumlcr $1200 
Glover, R W, Clerk Oa 3GaSchley $1000 
Howard, Tony, Clerk Ga 3GaSumter $1100 
Robinson, D \V, Clerk Fla SGaSumtcr $1000 
Sullivan, S A, Clerk Ga 3GaSumter $1000 
Butt, John P, Carrier Ga 3GaRumter $1100 
Mavwell, Oscar, Carrier Ga 3GaSumter $1000 
Simmons, E F, Carrier Ga 3GaSumter $1100 
Walker, W R, Carrier Pa 30aSumter $1000 
Warren. B W, Carrier Ga 3GaSumter $1100 
Chappell. Huntington, RD Ga 3GaSumter $1000 
Chappell, W H, RD Ga 3GaSumter JIOOO 

Robinson, A T, RD Ga SGaSumter $1000 
Webb, Rufus G, RD Ga SGaSumter $1000 

Amlcalola, Dawson: Reece, Miles D, — $40 

Amity, Lincoln: Mathews, J H. Ga $190 
Mathews, Mrs Mary E, Clerk Ga lOGaLincoln $60 
Strother. Fred A. RD Ga lOOaLincoln $700 

Amsterdam, Decatur: Race. H C. SC $220 

AndersonvlUe. Sumter: English. Mrs OussieE. Ga $410 
English, Jas W, RD Oa SGaSumter $1000 
Feagin, Jas G, RD Ga 3GaSumt«r $1000 

Antloch, Troup; Freeman, J C, — $30 

Aonla. Wilkes: Ware, Cobcm W, Oa $110 
Strother. Henry J. RD Oa SGaWilkes $800 

Apalacbee, Morgan: Knott, Fannv, Ga $300 
Knott, E W, Clerk Ga SGaMorgan $60 
Few. Joe M, RD Ga SGaMorgan $1000 

Appling. Columbia; Howell. Mrs Lillie. Ga $190 
Howell, Willie H, AsstPM Ga loOaColumbia $48 

ArabI, Crisp: Pate, B S, Ga $600 

Aragon, Polk: Lawson, Jas M, Oa $590 
Randall, Joe O. RD Ga 7GaPolk $1000 

Arbntns, Chattooga: Green, Oscar C, Ga $20 

Arcadia, Libertv: Wav, \\ M, Ga $250 
Perry, B F. AsstPlil Fla IGa— $60 

Areola, Bulloch: McElveen. Paul K. Oa $S0 

Argyle, Clinch: Patterson, Seward C, Ga $290 

Arlington, Calhoun: Roberts, Wellborn J, Ga $1300 
Newbcry, Mrs Vola. AsstPM Ga 2GaCalhoun $180 
Dennis, John W, RD Oa 20aCalhoun $S00 
Pepper, Wm F, RD Ga 20aCalhoun $900 

Armnchee, Flovd: W'ynn, Jas F, Oa $390 
Bnrk. Wm E", RD Ga VOaFlovd $960 
Denton, John L, KD Ga 70aFloyd $1000 
Solman, Sanders, RD Ga TOaFloyd $1000 

ArnoldsTUle, Oglethorpe: Griffith, Joe H, Ga $280 

Shackelford, Hop W, RD Ga SGaOglethorpa $1000 
Arp, Irwin: Pavne, Mrs Maggie M. SC $95 
Asbestos, White: Logan, S B. Ga $20 
Ascalon, Walker: Chambers. Chas .\, — $130 
Ashburn, Turner: Jenkins, John F. Ga $1700 
Whatlev. L R. AsstPM Ga 2GaTumer $600 
Ayies, UobtV. RD SC 2GaTurner $1000 
Hudson, Porter R, RD Ala 2GaTumer $1000 
MoMurrain, Clark. RD Ga 20aTurner $1000 
Roberts, John J, RD Ga 2GaTumer $1000 
Ross, Robt G, RD SC 2GaTumcr $1000 
Ashland, Franklin: Smith, Wm H, SC $2ii0 
Ginn, KieUer. RD Ga SGaFranklin $9«0 
Mize. John H, RD Ga SGaFranklin $1000 
Aska, Fannin: Garland, E C. Ga $20 
Atco. Bartow: Uannon. Lucius, Ga $530 
Athens, Clarke: Fleming. W, Ga $3100 

Smith, Paul L, AsstPM Mo SGaGreene $1500 
Atkisson, Miss Eva, Clerk Ga SGaClarke $1000 
Bishop. J Fred. Clerk Ga SGaClarke $600 
Flanlgan, N I. Clerk Ga SGaClarke $800 
Fowler, Miss Kuby, Clerk Ga 8G:iClarke $500 
Hardeman, L, Clerk Ga SGaClarke $1000 
Holbrook. M J, Clerk Ga SGaClarke $1100 
Jennings, R M, Clerk Ga SGaClarke $1200 
Kelly, Jas H, Clerk Ga SGaClarke $1000 
King, H J, Clerk Ga OGaBanks $800 
Lyle, Miss Annie, Clerk Ga SGaClarke $1000 
Mack, J R, Clerk Ga SGaClarke $1000 
White, E D, Clerk Mass SGaClarke $1100 
Conaw.iy, L D, Carrier Oa SGaClarke $1100 
Davis, J W, Carrier Ga SGaClarke $1200 
Foster, W H, Carrier Ga SGaClarke $900 
Calliher, J T. Carrier Ga SGaClarke $1100 
Hill. W 0, Carrier Ga SGaClarke $600 
Kinyon, W J, Carrier Ga SGaClarke $1100 
Livingston, R, Carrier Ga SGaClarke $1100 
Sapp, E O. Carrier Ga SGaClarke $1000 
Cartlcdge, 3 C. RD Ga SGaClarke $900 
Collins, Elva K. RD Ga SGaClarke $1000 
Hunter. I II, RD Ga SGaClarke $1000 
Smith, John L jr, RD Ga SGaClarke $1000 
Smith, John L, RD Va OGaJackson $1000 
Atkinson, Wayne: .\veritt. Miss Alice, Fla $230 

Averitt, Miss Lillian, AsstPM Ga — $120 
Atlanta, Fulton: McKee, Hugh L, Ala $6000 
Cole, DeWitt C. AsstPM Oa TOaCobb $3000 

Supcrinlcnilinl.i, r(r. 

Barry, Robt E. Ga 5GnDeKaIb $2600 
Bryant, Yancey. Ga 5GaFulton $1800 
Clark, Christopher G, Ga SGaPutnam $1300 
Griffin, Thos M, Ga 5GaFulton $1200 
Hunt, W B. Ga SOaFulton $1500 
Johnston, Mark G, Ga 5GaFulton $1200 
Livingston, L F jr, Ga 5GaNewton $1500 
Sheehan, C J, Ga SGaFuIton $1700 
Shumate, D A, Ga SGaDeKalb $2200 
Strong. W W, Ohio SGaFulton $1600 
Tomlinson. Robt H, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Vignaux, B, NY SGaFulton $1800 
Woodhouse, Thos B, NC SGaFulton $1400 


Adams, Jas M, Ga TGaBartow $600 
Adams, Reuben, Ga SGaFulton 51100 
Amos, Moses, Ga SGaFulton $500 
Anderson, Elisha W, NC SGaCampbell $900 
Andrews, Wm jr, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Anthony, Alvin F, Ga 5GaDeKalb $1100 
Armstrong. Carl L, Ga SGaFulton $600 
Auten. W J, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Baird. Noah W jr, Ga SGaFulton $000 
Beauchamp, Chas C. Ga 6GaPike $1100 
Bell, W L. Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Blodgett, John F jr, Ga SGaFulton $800 
Boswell, W R. Ga SGaFulton $1300 
Bowie, Miss Annie E, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Brewer, John T. Ga 7GaMurray $600 
Briant, Herschcl V, Ga OGaPickens $1000 
Bursey, E J, Ga llGaWare $1200 
Bussey, Frank B, Ga 2GaRnndolph $900 
Cameron. Jas W, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Cannon. Aug C. Ga SGaNewton $1100 
Carter. Mrs E S. Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Carter, Wm T, Ga SGaFulton $600 
Charn.ison, Louis I, Rus SGaFulton $1200 
Christian, P M, Va SGaFulton $100 
Clottelter, Henry L. Ga SGaFulton $S00 
Cochran. F M, SC SGaFulton $1200 
Coflin. W 0. Ind SGaFulton $120cl 
Cole, Oliver C. Ga 7G.iPanl.ling «Sfl0 
Cook. J M, Ga SGaPaulding $1200 
Cooper. Jas L. Ga SGsiP.iuliliiig $1200 
Comclison, Ezell, Ga SGaPaulding $1200 
Courtney. John 0. SC ftGaPnul.ling $1,100 
Cronheim, Solomon, SC SGaPaulding $150 
Crumblev, Scab P. Ga OGallcnry $000 
Davis, Eddie L, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Deckner, F G, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Dickerson, Walter L. Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Drake, Egbert R, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Elkin, Wm S jr, Kv .SGaFulton «600 
Ellis, Frank H. NY .'i(;:iFulton $600 
Ellis. S B. Ga 7GaCol,l> $1000 
Fariow. Alon7.o II. Ala .'.GaFullon $800 
Farrar. B W, Va SGaFulton $1300 
Fleming. Clyde. Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Fleming, Mrs O E, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Galhouse. John II. Ohio SGaFulton $1000 
Gardner. Mrs M J. Ga .IGaFulton $1100 
Glazier. John II. Ga 4GaMerriwether $600 
Grant. Thos, Ga .SGaFulton $1200 
Green. J P, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Greenwood, W H, Oa 60aFulton $1200 



Atlanta— Continued. 

CZcrts— Continued . 
Griffin, Atticus B, Ga SAlaEtowah $1200 
Griffin, Geo K, Ga SGaFulton $800 
Hairston, Mrs Cornelia, Ga SGaFulton $900 
Hale, Dayton, Miss SGaFulton $1200 
Hale, Emory J, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Hall, Imanuel J, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Hammond, Geo H, Ga BGaDekalb $1000 
Hardage, O M, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Hartson, Thos J, 111 SGaFulton $1100 
Hathcock, Edgar M, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Haunson, John P, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Henley, Hunter H, Va SGaFulton $1S0 
Hogan, John jr, Ga SGaFulton $600 
Hogue, Saml K, Ga 7GaPolk $600 
Holcombe, Saml M, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Hood, John H, Ga VGaBartow $1000 
Hughes, Miss M A B, Ga TGaCohb $1100 
Hutcheson, Claude E, Ga SGaFulton $600 
Ingle, De Witt C, Va SGaFulton $1200 
Isham, Mrs M L, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
James, Isaac L, Ala SGaFulton $100 
Jemigan, Armand L, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Johnson, Albert S, Ga OGaHall $900 
Johnson, Thos S, Ga SGaFulton $600 
Jones, Miss Leila K, Ky SGaFulton $1200 
Knox, Roscoe C, SC SGaFulton $1000 
Knox, S E, SO SGaFulton $1200 
Landrum, H P, Ga SGaClayton $1100 
Langenfeldt, Fredk F, Ga SGaFulton $250 
Leas, Julius E, Ohio SGaFulton $1100 
Lockhart, J H, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
McGehee, Edwd W, Ala SGaFulton $1100 
McWimams, Jas S, Ga SGaFulton $300 
Maddox, Jas B. Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Maeoker, Arthur J, Ger SFlaHillaboro $600 
Mayes, Albert E, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Morse, C S, Ga SGaFulton $200 
Ney, Morris, Eus SGaFulton $100 
Nichols, F D. Ga VGaCobb $1200 
Nisbt, John W, Ga VGaClayton $1100 
Parks, Holmes, Fla SGaNewton $1200 
Patterson, Henry E, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Payne, Thos W, Ga SGaFulton $1300 
Pennington, Wm C, Ga SGaNewton $900 
Perry, Wm B, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Poche, Chas P, La SGaWilkes $1300 
Pope, Albert G, Ga VGaHaralson $600 
Price, L J, Ga SGaFulton $900 
Pruden, Wm B, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Ragsdale, A E, Ga TGaPaulding $1200 
Reese, Henry S jr, Ga SGaFulton $600 
Ritchie, Wm F, NO SGaFulton $800 
Robertson, Marshall P, Ga SGaWalton $600 
Rucker, A J, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Sasnett, Rolin S, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Scherer, Fred, Ohio SGaFulton $600 
Scott, Jos W, Ga 6GaPike $1000 
Sewell, F Roy, Ga 4GaOarroll $1000 
Shainlier, Barnett F, Rus SGaFulton $800 
Shumate, Frank H, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Simmons, W H, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Simms, Richd L jr, Ga SGaFulton $600 
Smith, Alex C, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Smith, Lucius E, Ga 4GaCarroll $1200 
Solomon, Morris, Ga SGaFulton $600 
Stamey, Fernando C, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Starr, H Barron, Ga SGaFulton $900 
Stokes, Mrs Mary F, Ga SGaFulton $1S00 
Stone, Robt E, Ga SGaFulton $S0 
Stovall, Frank H, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Stradley, Wm T, NC SGaFulton $1100 
Styron, E W, NC SGaFulton $1200 
Sober, Robt J, Ga SGaDekalb $900 
Swanson, Wm H, Ga SGaCampbell $1100 
Tate, J E, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Taylor, Mrs A F, SC SGaFulton $1100 
Thibadeau, Robt T, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Thomas, Jas C, Ga TGaPaulding $800 
Thomas, Mark A, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Todd, P H, Ga SGaFulton $500 
Toliver, D L, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Tolnas, T J, Ga llGaGlynn $1000 
Trezevant, Wm H, Ga 7GaCobb $1000 
Turner, Jos E, Va SGaFulton $200 
Tutwiler, C V, WVa SGaFulton $1200 
Unger, Jacob, NY SGaFulton $900 
Wallace, Miss Mae, Iowa lOIowaWebster $1100 
Walthall, F Edwd, Ga SGaFulton $100 
Ward, Arthur L, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Watkins, Leonard G, Ga SGaFulton $800 
Webb, Carl O, Ga OGaGwlnnett $900 
Webb, Luther S. Ga SGaFulton $900 
Webb, Wm H, Tenn SGaFulton $800 
Webster, Jas B, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
White, H E, Mass SGaFulton $1300 
White, J E, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Williams, Pliny A, Ga SGaFulton $50 
Wing, Miss Rosa F, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Wright, Jos C, NC SGaFulton $1100 
Wynn, W A, Ga SGaFulton $1100 

City carriers. 
Adair, E L, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Adams, Benj F, Mass 20hioHamilton $1100 
Aiken, Saml, Ga 6GaButta $1000 
Allen, Andw jr, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Ashton, Theodore B, Fla 2FlaStJohns $1100 
Axup, Wm E, Eng 20OhioCuyahoga $1000 
Ball, Chas A, Ga SGaFulton $600 
Bankston, S B, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Barnes, Irvin, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Baugh, Giles P, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Beck, Anderson M, Mo SGaFulton $1000 

Atlanta— Continued 

City carriers — Continued. 
Bedford, Chas A, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Bedford, John H, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Bell, John H, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Bell, Jos, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Borowsky, AHA, Prus SGaFulton $1200 
Briscoe, W H, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Carter, Clarence J, Ga SGaFulton $600 
Carthan, Leonard A, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Chapman, Wm P, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Covington, W R, SC SGaFulton $1200 
Cox, Jas R, Ga OGaStephens $600 
Cox, R S, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Craddock, P A, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Craddock, R L, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Cross, W F, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Crossley, C S, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Crusselle, Jeptha N, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Denton, Jeter R, NC SGaFulton $600 
Donald, J T, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Epperson, J P, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Fagon, J T, Ark SGaFulton $1200 
Fincher, SH, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Flemister, Wm G, Ga SGaFulton $600 
Fowler, Fred R, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Gamer, John L, Ga SGaFulton $900 
Gibson, Eugene L, Ga SGaFulton $600 
Gilbert, W J, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Graves, Richd A, Ga 6GaFayette $900 
Gray, Wm H, Ga SGaFulton $800 
Greene, John H, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Greenwood, J B, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Grimes, C L, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Hafley, John W, Tenn SGaFulton $1200 
Hamilton, D F, Ga SGaClayton $800 
Harris, Chas G, Ga SGaFulton $900 
Harris, Wm, Ga SGaFulton $600 
Heard, R G, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Hogan, Wm C, Ga SGaFulton $600 
Holmes, T W, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Holmes, Wm L, Ga SGaFulton $900 
Jones, Chas L, Ga 6GaBibb $1200 
Jones, J N, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Kellar, Frank, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
King, J C, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
King, Thos C, Ala SGaFulton $1000 
King, Wm, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
King, Wm H, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Koger, Fredk E, 111 SGaFulton $1000 
Leamon, J B, Ky STexDallas $1100 
Lester, S L, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Lowe, Geo, Eng 33NYErie $1200 
Luckie, Henry J, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Luokie, S W, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
McClendon, Annanias, Ga SGaFulton $900 
McCloskey, Robt, Ind 3PaPhiladelphia $1200 
McHenry, Jackson jr, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
McNair, Jas D, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Mann, Wylie T, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Martin, E M, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Meredith, Wm F, Ga SGaFulton $900 
Middlebrook, T J, Ala SGaFulton $1200 
Mitchell, Calvin, Ala SGaFulton $1100 
Nations, Geo W, Ga OGaCherokee $1100 
Peeples, L W, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Perry, Richd B, Mich SGaFulton $1200 
Phillips, Jas K, Ala SGaFulton $1200 
Pickett, G M, Tex SGaFulton $1200 
Powell, J W, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Prince, Roland K, Ala SGaFulton $1000 
Ralls, Frank B, Ga TGaCobb $1100 
Rast, R L, Tex 8TexHarris $1200 
Reece, John ff, Ga SGaFulton $900 
Reeves, Robt H, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Reynolds, Isaiah P jr, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Reynolds, St Elmo, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Richie, Jas A, SC SGaFulton $900 
Ross, Manson, Ga SGaFulton $800 
Russell, F E, Mich — lUCook $1200 
Sasnett, W R, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Simmons, W J, Fla SGaFulton $1200 
Stanley, Jesse B, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Sterchi, P C, Tenn BGaDeKalb $1200 
Tate, Geo W, NC SGaFulton $1200 
Tausig, G D, NJ — NYNewYork $1200 
Taylor, H W, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Thomas, Chas H, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Tompkins, H T, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Ware, S A, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Warner, A B, Pa SGaFulton $1200 
Warwick, W C, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
Watts, W S, Ga 6GaFulton $1200 
Westmoreland, W G, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
White, G W, Ga SGaFulton $1200 
White, Julian St G, Ala SGaFulton $900 
White, R W, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Wiggins, Willie B, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Wilkins, W L, Ga SGaFulton $1100 
Williams, Saml A, Ga SGaFulton $800 
Wood, C I, SO SGaFulton $1200 
Yancey, Arthur H, Ga SGaFulton $600 

Rural carriers. 
Bankston, Henry B, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Gaines, John A, Ky SGaFulton $1000 
Head, Oscar T, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Jackson, Wm B, Minn SGaFulton $960 
Johnson, Ellis 0, Ala SGaFulton $1000 
Walters, Roy 0, Ga SGaFulton $1000 
Williams, John H, NY SGaFulton $1000 

Ford, Moses, Ga TGaDade $700 
Holland, Chas W, Ga SGaFulton $700 

Atlanta— Continued. 

is6orers— Continued . 
Humphrey, S M, Ga SGaFulton $700 
Kennedy, Adolphus, SC SGaFulton $700 
Nash, Oscar, Ga SGaFulton $600 
Whitaker, Colquitt, Ga SGaFulton $700 
Wimbish, C C, Ga SGaFulton $700 
Wimby, L W, Ga SGaFulton $700 

Attapulgus, Decatur: Williams, Miles 0, Fla S3S0 
ArsdorfE, Cecil W, AsstPM Ga 2GaDecatur S180 
Thomas, Aran B, ED Fla 2GaDecatur S900 

Auburn, Gwinnett: Morgan, John W, SC S470 
Cain, E Preston, RD Ga 9GaGwinnett S800 
Wilkins, Jas E, RD Ga OGaGwlnnett $1000 

Augusta, Richmond : Murphy, Thos D, Ga $3400 
Harriss, Jos C, AsstPM Ga lOGaRiohmond $1700 
Kingsmore, S W, Clerk NC lONCBuncombe $1500 
Allen, W T, Clerk Ga lOGaEichmond $1200 
Barnes, Andw C, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond $1100 
Bemers, Wm H, Clerk SC 7S0Richland $1100 
Bond, E W P, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond $1000 
Bryson. Harper C, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond $1200 
Bryan, R A, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond $1100 
Burokhalter, J L, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond $900 
Curley, Patrick, Clerk Mass lOGaRichmond $1200 
Doyle, W A, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond $1100 
Durst, W A, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond $900 
Edwards, J J, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond $1200 
Ellington, Wm T, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond $1200 
Flynn, E C, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond $1200 
Garvin, H B, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond $1200 
Garwood, W B, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond $600 
Greene, Jas 0, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond $1100 
Griffin, Robt T, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond $1200 
Jefferson, Wilson J, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond 

Jordan, A E, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond $1100 
Mayes, John W, Clerk Ga lOGaEichmond $1100 
Mosher, Miss C, Clerk Ky lOGaEichmond 

Potter, Miss AUda K, Clerk Ga lOGaRichmond 

Taliafferro, J E, Clerk Ga lOGaEichmond $1200 
Barnes, E O, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $1200 
Battey, W H, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $1200 
Bignon, H L, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $1200 
Brawner, L W, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $1100 
Brown, W J, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $600 
Bohler, Lewis P, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $600 
Daley, D S, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $1000 
Daley, Robt E, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $1000 
Gamett, Fred M, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $600 
Harrison, B, Carrier SO lOGaEichmond $1100 
Hookey, F F jr. Carrier Ala lOGaRichmond $800 
Jackson, D W, Carrier Ga lOGaEichmond $1000 
Newton, M J, Carrier Ga lOGaEichmond $1200 
Norflett, John A, Carrier Ga lOGaEichmond $1100 
Patterson, J L, Carrier Ga lOGaEichmond $1200 
Prouty, H W, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $1100 
Raley, J M, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $600 
Scott, John H, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $1200 
Tolbert, Thos Z, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $1200 
Trotty, Jerome, Carrier Ga lOGaEichmond $1100 
Walker, W J, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $1200 
Wall, B L, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $600 
Whaley, S W, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $1200 
White, I W, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $1200 
Wilbom, W H, Carrier Ga lOGaRichmond $1100 
Brown, Jas W, RD SO lOGaEichmond $1000 
Campbell, Jas 0, ED Ga lOGaRichmond $1000 
Kilmer, Theodore W, ED Pa lOGaRichmond $960 
Wilkinson, Jos E, ED Ga lOGaEichmond $960 
Snypse, John H, Laborer Ga lOGaEichmond $600 

Auraria, Lumpkin; Higgins, V A, — SllO 
Lemley, Mrs Lizzie, AsstPM — BGaLumpkin S40 

AusteU, Cobb: Strickland, Mrs Celia A E, Ga $1000 
Causey, John M, RD Ga 7GaCobb SIOOO 
Causey, WmH, ED Ga 7GaCobb S960 
Westmoreland, WmB, RD Ga 7GaCobb $1000 

Autney, McDuffie: Harrison, MA, — $30 

Autreyville, Colquitt: Autrey, D L, Ga $210 
Lane, Walter O, ED Ga 12GaColquitt SIOOO 

Avalon, Stephens: Cooper, Jas F, Ga S330 
Dean, Benj R, RD Ga 9GaStephens SIOOO 

Avera, Jefferson: Hadden, Jas E, Ga S510 
Ivey, Thos S, ED Ga lOGaJefferson SIOOO 
Rivers, Paul E, ED Ga lOGaJeflerson $960 

AyersvUle, Stephens: Kytle, Mrs Henerietta, Ga $150 
Kytle, Wm H, RD Ga 9GaStephens S960 

Babcock, Miller: McNair, E O, Ga SS90 
Vann, M B, ED Ga 2GaMiller $1000 

Bachlott, Charlton: Miller, Lemuel E, Ga $60 

Baconton, Mitchell: MoCollum, Alex S, NC $640 
Davis, John B, RD Tenn 2GaMitchell $960 

Bainbrldge, Decatur: Livermari. Geo L, Ga $2400 
Roan, Leonard E, AsstPM Ga 2GaJDecatur $1200 
Botts, Willie W, Clerk Ga 2GaDecatur $1000 
Greene, John C, Clerk Ga 2GaDecatur $1000 
Greene, George W, Clerk Ga 2GaDecatur $800 
Miller, Jas D, Clerk Ga 2GaDecatur $800 
Greenlee, John T, Carrier Ga 2GaDeoatur $1000 
Mclver, Harrison D, Carrier Ga 2GaDecatur SIOOO 
Williams, Wm E H, Carrier Ga 2GaDecatur $1000 
Bates, Ira, RD Ga 2GaDecatUT $560 
Donalson, Jas R, RD Ga 2GaDecatur $1000 

Bairdstown, Green: Crawford, Jas O, Ga $160 
Lunceford, D W, RD Ga 8GaGreen $960 

Baldwin, Habersham: Jackson, John S, Ga $380 
Strange, WmH, RD Ga OGaBanks $1000 

Ball Ground, Cherokee: Spence, Levi L, Ga $1600 
Allen, Miss Effie, Clerk Ga OGaCherokee $300 
Harthcook, Wm A, ED Ga 96aCherokeo $960 
Hensley, John F, ED Ga OGaCherokee $1000 
Purcell, Thos B, ED Ga 9GaCherokee $960 



Ball Ground — Continued. 
Spence. John M, KD Ga 90aCherokee »(KX) 
Wheeler, Jos N, RD Ga 90aCherokee 11000 
Bamboo, Wayne: Crosby, Thos, Ga J70 
Banning, Carroll: Taylor, Henry G, — $250 

Stallings, Chas E, RD Ga 4GaCarroll 11000 
Bannookborn. Berrien: Dowen, Jas B, Ga $40 
Barefoot, Towns: Berrong, Edwd C, Ga t-IO 
Barn, Carroll: Stonier, M D, Ga J130 

Wright, A A, HI) Ga 4GaCarroll 1900 
Bamesvlile, Pike: Letsev, Uoy A, Ga $2000 
Stroud, Young I,. AsstPM Ga OGaPike J800 
Williams, Willie D, Clerk Ga OGaPike $800 
Bush, Albert E, Carrier Ga 6GaPike $1000 
Cole, Jos T, Carrier Ga OGaPike $1000 
Hickman, John R. Carrier Ga (iOaPike $1000 
Barnett. Warren: KieldinE. PC, Ga $300 
Mooney, Bervl C, Asstl'M Ga lOGaWarren $C0 
Tucker, Chas M, RD Ga lOGaWarren $960 
Barney, Brooks: Rozier, T A, — $590 
Alderman, Gordon, Carrier — llGaBrooks $1000 
llall, J B, Carrier — llGaBrooks $700 
Westlierrv, W E, Carrier — llGaBrooks $960 
Barretts, Lowndes: Collins, Mack W, Fla $130 
Barrlngton, Mcintosh; Poppell, S R, Ga $230 
Bartow, Jcllerson: Whighani, Geo P, Ga $1400 
Rhodes, Mrs Eva M, AsstPM Ga lOOaJeflerson $120 
Williams, Mtss Rubv, Clerk Ga lOGaJclterson $420 
Archer, Ansen L, ftD Oa lOGaJeflcrson $1000 
Uedgood, Charlie M, RD Ga lOOaJeflerson $1000 
Bedgood, Furman L, RD Ga lOGaJeflerson $1000 
Coleman, Thos M, RD Oa lOGaJeflerson $1000 
Rhoilcs, Eugene O, RD Ga lOGaJeflerson $1000 
Barwlck, Brooks: Mossey, John, Oa $460 

Miller, JaaB, RD Ga IGaBrooks $1000 
Baxley, Appling: Boone, Wni F, Oa $1600 
Uoonc, Mrs Mary J, AsstPM Oa UOaAppIing $240 
Crosbv, Morgan, RD Ga UOaAppIing $1000 
Edgerloii. RD NO UOaAppIing $1000 
• Maveis, WmP, RD Ga UOaAppIing $1000 

Stone. Horace B, RD Oa UOaAppIing $1000 
Baxter, (inion: Cavender, Miss Mary A, Oa $30 
Beach. Ware: McMillan, Thos .\, Oa $.350 
Beachton, Oradv: Beach, Septimus M, Eng $320 
Anilrcws, l.arrV B, RD Ga 2GaOrady $1000 
Dickey. Arthur C, RD Oa 20aGrady $1000 
Beards Creek, Liberty: Loach, J E, — $50 
Beatum. Chattooga: I'ishcr, Francis M, Ga $10 

Elsberrv, Mrs Laura, AsstPM Oa TOaChattooga $2 
Beecb Hill, Wilkinson: Ivey, Henry J, Ga $70 
Belalr, Richmond: Staflord, Jas R, Oa $100 
Belfast, llrvan: Williams, Miss Sara E, Ga $380 
BeUton. Hall: King, William L, Ga $180 
Bellrllle. Tattnall: Tippins, Bascom 0, Oa $270 
Bemiss, l.owndes: Matnis. Henry O, Ga $170 
Benevolence, Randolph: Knighton, Linda W, Ga $230 
Ben Hill, Fulton: Hardy. Jas O, Oa $170 

Bankston, John A, RD Ga SOaFuIton $1000 
BerUn, Colquitt: May, J, C, — $300 
Bermuda, Decatur: VVilliams, F B, Oa $120 
Bemer, Monroe; Martin, John J, Oa $340 
Lane, John D, Clerk Ga OOaMonroe $40 
Smith. Augustus A. RD Ga OOaMonroc $1000 
Berry, I'olk: Isbell, Columbus M, Ga $20 
Berryton, Chattooga; Lanlr.. C H, NC $170 
Berzella, Columbia; Partridge, W C, Oa $120 
Bethlehem. Walton: Bell, John W, Oa $:!80 

Harrison, Wm 1", RD Oa SOaWalton $1000 
Blggers, Haralson; Riggers, Thos J Jr, Oa $30 
BIngen, Decatur: Smith, Wm E, Oa $i:iO 
Birmingham, Milton: Newton, Thos B, Oa $150 

Cobb. Dlljr, UD Ga 90aMilton $810 
Bishop, Oconee; Fambrough. EG,— $460 

Parrish, Jas K, RD — SOaOconee $1000 
Blacksbear, Pierce: Oden, Thos E, Tenn $1000 
Oden, Mrs Eva O, AsstPM NC UOaPiercc $400 
Bowen, Eldon L, Clerk Oa UGaPierce $660 
Bowen, WmA, RD Ga UGaPierce $1000 
Keller, Hardy F, RD Ohio UGaPierce $1000 
Tuten, WmM. RD Ga UGaPierce $1000 
Youmans, Reppard C, RD Ga UGaPierce $1IK)0 
BlackweUs, Cobb; Shaw, Charley, Oa $170 

White, Archie C, RD Ga TiiaCobb $1000 
Bladen, Glynn: Lang, I J, Ga $105 
Lang, Nat, Clerk Oa UOa— $.30 
Blaine, Pickens: Chastain, T A, — $70 
BlalrsvUle, Union: Foster, Edmund L, Ga $730 
Jarrett, Simpson Y, AsstPM — — S240 
Krwin, Stephen A, RD Ga 90aUnion $1000 
Foster. Wm n, RD Oa OGaUnion $900 
Reid, Norville Y, RD Ga 90aUnion $900 
Rogers, Cicero Y, RD Oa 9GaUnion $1000 
Blakely, Earlv; Smith, Mrs Mayme F, Oa $1700 
I)n Bose. Perrj-man D, Clerk Ga 2GaEarly $300 
Alexander, Wyatt H, RD Ga 2GaEarly $1000 
Buchannon, Hill B, RD Ga 20aEarly $1000 
Camp, John C, RD Oa 20aEarly $1000 
Camp, John L, RD Oa 2GaEarly $1000 
ilobbs, Ralph M, RD Oa 20aEarly $1000 
Martin, Eugene, RD Oa 2GaEarly $1000 
Womack.JosE, RD Ga 20aEarly $1000 
Blalock, Rabun; Forestia, .Vrastus B, — $00 
Blanton, Lowndes: Blanton, D B, Oa $80 
Blltch, Bulloch: Lane, W O, — $200 

Smith, Jas W, RD — IGaBullock $1000 
Blltctaton, Bryan; Blitch, Thos N, Oa $.S0 
Bloomlttgdale, Chatham; Fisher, Mrs LelaE, Ga $100 
Blue Ridge, Fannin: Wilson, Wm M, Oa $1200 
WisT, JohnF, AsstPM Ny 90aFannin $420 
Wilson, Gertrude, Clerk Ga OOaFannin $180 
Bluflton, Clay: Sanders, Chas R, Ga $.570 
Beard. RobtW, RD Oa 2(iaClay $960 
Harris, Jos A. RD Oa 2GaClay $900 
Killingsworth, Clarence L, RD Ga 20aClav $800 
Blun, F.ntanuel: Davis, Jeremiah W, Ga $100' 
Blundale, Emanuel; Smith, Henry R, Ga $1S0 
Blythe, Richmond: Byne, John P, Oa $420 

8621—0 B— VOL 2—12 6 

Blythe — Continued. 
Atkinson. F.rnestL. RD Oa lOOaRlchmond $10(»i 
Black, SamI S, RD Oa lOOaRlchmond $1000 
Hartley, C Leroy, Clerk Oa SOaPIke $120 
Templeton,Miss vera D, Clerk Oa lOOaRlchmond $120 
Bogart, Oconee; Tbomuson, Robt, Oa $4.30 
Daniell, Jesse I,, RD Oa 80aClark $800 
Merck, Wm E, RD Oa SOaOconee $960 
Bohler, Columbia; Eubank, John A, Ga $20 
Bolen, Ware: Brinson, Mills D, Oa $130 
Bollngbroke, Monroe: Cocke, Robt P, Oa $300 
Bolton, Fulton: Jeflries, W M, Ga $1S0 
Bolway, Floyd: Echols. Walter M, Oa $50 
Bonaire, Houston: Walker, Frank F, Oa $260 

Stripling John R, RD Ga SOallouston $960 
Bonerllle, McDuflle; Lavigno, Lawson, Oa $110 
Boston, Thomas: Fcltham, Fred, Pa $1500 
Stanaland. E C. AsstPM Ga 20aTliomas $240 
Barrow, TB. RD Oa 2GaThomas $1000 
Heeth.JT, RD Oa 20aThomas $1000 
Reid, Sam P, RD Ala 20aThomas $700 
Stacy, Howard, RD Oa 20aThoraas $900 
Walton, J L, RD Oa 20aThomas $1000 
Bostwick, Morgan: Bogen, Clement A, Ga $300 
Lill, Andrew L, Carrier Ga 8GaMorgan $390 
Bowdon, Carroll: Walker, Josiah J, SC $990 
Chambers, Miss Nora, AsstPM Ga 4GaCarroll $312 
Downs, Geo L, RD Ga 4GaCarroll $1000 
Lovoorn, Chas L, RD Ala 40aCarroll $1000 
Moore, Merida L, RD Ga 4GaCarroll $900 
Morris, Paul C, RD Ga 40aCarroll $1000 
Howell, Wm U, RD Ga 40aCarroll $1000 
Bowdon Junction, Carroll; McElroj' O S, — $80 
BowensMlU, Ben Hill; Beall, Thos H, Oa $180 

Allen, Jas W, RD Ga 30aBen Hill $1000 
BowersvlUe, Hart: Bowers, Bunyan, Oa $480 ' 

Bowers, Miss l.ula, AsstPM Ga OOaHart $150 
Deane, J F, RD Ga SGaHart $1000 i 

Hilliard. A F, RD Ga SGaHart $1000 I 

Bowman, Elbert: Rice, Aaron, Ga $870 
Hairston, J C, Clerk Oa SOaElbert $160 
Brown, R L, RD Ga 8GaElbert $1000 
Foulkner, W W, RD fla SGaElbert $1000 
Roberts, J W, RD Ga SGaElbert $900 
Boxsprlng, Talbot: King, M K, Ga $320 
Cartledge, W E, RD — — $1000 
Stripling. W H, RD — — $1000 
Boykln, Miller: Parrott, Mrs HattieD, Ga $210 

Dean, Miss Juddie, AsstPM Ga 2GaMiller $36 
Bradley, Jones: Winters, W D, Oa $280 
Winters, A B, AsstPM Oa OOaJones $60 
Winters, W H, Clerk Ga 60aJones $20 
Bradlev, R L. RD Oa OOaJones $1000 
Brandon, Buchanan: Bain, Wilson W, — $460 
Braselton, Jackson; Braselton, John O, Ga $270 

Manly, Davis J, RD Ga 90aJackson $804 
Braswell, Paulding: Camp, Urs Sarah F, Oa $60 
Bremen, Haralson: Trimble, Lovick P, Ga $1100 
Posev, Miss Malittie, AsstPM Ga 7GaHaralson $22K 
Baskin. Matthew T, R D Ga 7GaHaralson $1000 
Cobb, Isaac E, RD Oa 7(iaHaralson $1000 
Goldiu, Wm J, RD Oa TOaHaralson $960 
Brentwood, Wayne; Wilkins. Tlieo S, Va $230 
Brewer, Liberty; Houston, Chas W, Ga $60 
Brewton, Laurens: McCarty, Mrs Callie O, Oa $310 | 
Brlckstone, Mcintosh; Conyers, Arthur C. Oa $100 
Bridgeboro, Worth; Willis, Jas M, Oa $350 
Bright, Dawson; Hendrix, Mrs Jane, Oa $30 
Brinson, Decatur: Ash, Richd P, Oa $840 
Wilson, Mrs Ella M, AsstPM Oa 20aDecatur $180 \ 
Wilson, Miss Nealie, Clerk Ga 20aDecatur $120 
Brorni, Wm R, RD Ga 20aDecatur $960 
Bristol, Pierce: Hunter, Chas G, SC $350 

Deal, Hardy P, RD Ga UGaPierce $1000 
Broadburst. Wavne: Hall, J H, — $130 
Bronwood, Terrell: Ragan, Miss Elizabeth L, Ga $810 
Bryan, Chas N, AsstPM Ga 2GaTerreIl $100 
Bryan, Miss Freddie, Clerk Oa 2GaTerrell $50 
Cawost, A T, RD Ga 2GaTerrell $1000 
Gammage, Geo M, RD Oa 20aTerrell $1000 
Stewart, Lester, RD Ga 20aTerrell $700 
Brookfleld, Tift: Coarsey, Wm U. Ga $480 

Coarsev, N L, RD Ga lOGaTift $1000 
Brooklet, Bulloch: Lee. Andw J, — $780 

Lanier. Carl B, RD — IGaBulloch $1000 
Brooklyn, Stewart: Hollomon, Will, Oa $120 
Brookman, Glynn: Livingston, Taliaferro A, Fla $140 
Brooks, Fayette: .\rnall, Mrs Vara A, Ga $400 

Druny, Earl E, RD Ga 4GaMeriwcther $1000 ! 

Browns Crossing, Baldwin: Brown, Henry L, Oa $180 

Brown, Robt B. RD Ga OGaBaldwin $900 
Broxton, Coffee: Lcggett, BR,— $1000 
Brunswick, Glynn: Smith, Albert M, Ohio $2700 
Elliot, Chester L, AsstPM Me llOaOlynn $1300 
Ammons, Kenneth E, Clerk Ga UGaOlynn $1100 
Gould, Julia W, Clerk Ga UOaOlvnn $300 
Gould, Potter F, Clerk Ga UGaOlynn $600 
Holton, Tracev L, Clerk Oa UOadlynn $600 
Osborne, J:is ll. Clerk Ga UGaGlvnn $1100 
PouLson, Thos E, Clerk Eng UGaOlynn $600 
Smith, Eugene S, Clerk Oa UGaOlynn $1100 
Tavlor, Jas O. Clerk Mich UOaOlvnn $1000 
Thompson, Rufus J, Clerk Ga UGaOlynn $600 
Twomev, John P, Clerk Oa UOaOlvnn $1100 
Gould, Jas D, RD Oa UOaOlynn $900 
Owens, Thos F, RD Conn UOaOlvnn $1000 
Buggs, Oliver M, Carrier Fla UGaOlynn $1100 
Dent, Saml 0, Carrier Ga UGaOlynn $000 
Fuller, Richd S, Carrier Ala UOaOlvnn $000 
Minor, Judson W, Carrier Oa UOaOlvnn $1100 
Molding, Henry. Carrier Ala UGaOlynn $1100 
Robinson. Edw.l T. Carrier BWI UGaGlvnn $1100 
Watts, Rust N. Carrier Tenn UOaOlynn $1100 
Buchanan, Haralson: Pope, Solomon R, Ga $770 
Ooldin, Orlando F, RD Ala 7GaHaral80n $1000 
Griffith, Andw M, RD Oa TOaHaralson $1000 ■ 
Stewart, Callaway B, RD Ga TOaHaralson $900 I 

Bnckbead, Morgan; Ingram, BenJ F, Ga $U3u 
Ingram, Harold P, Clerk Oa SGaMorgan $96 
Paschal, Homer VV, RD Ga SOaMorgan $1000 
White, Fred L, RD Ind 8GaMorgan $1000 
Baena TIsta, Marion: Chapman, Mrs Frances E, Ga 
Cherry, Pon D, Clerk Ga 4GaMarion $280 
Belk, Franklin P, RD Oa 40aMarion $1000 
Belk, Vilos, RD Oa 4GaMarion $1000 
Bullock, Wm D, RD Oa 40aMarian $1000 
McMichael, John Ci, RD Oa 4GaMarion $1000 
Minter, JosT. RD Ga 40aMarion $1000 
Sheppard, John A, RD Ga 4GaMarion $960 
Weaver, WmT, RD Ga 40aMarion $1000 
Wells, Wm S, RD Ga 4GaMarion $900 
Wilson, Jas L, RD (ia 4GaMarion $1000 
Bnford, Gwinnett: Hamilton, Miss Lizzie, SC $1600 
Hamilton, Augustus G, A».stPM SC 90aGwinnett 

Harris, Miss Maggie N, Clerk Oa OGaGwinnett $204 
Brogdon, Kyle W, RD Ga OGaGwinnett $1000 
Brogdon, Rembert E, RD Oa OGaGwinnett $1000 
Hayes, Mordecai II, RD Ga OGaGwinnett $1000 
Hayes, Penlev J, RD Oa 9GaGwinnett $1000 
Bullards, Twiggs; Harrcll, Frank, Ga $210 

Johnston. Wm W, RD Ga 3GaTwigga $1000 
Bullochvllle, Meriwether: Dunn, Runa A, Oa $670 
Buchanan, Miss Birdie L, Clerk Ga 40aMcriwether 

Hill. Raymond, RD Ga 40aMerlwether $1000 
McRae, LonnieC, RD Ga 40aMcriwether $960 
Phillips, Robt O, RD Oa 4GaMeriwether $1000 
Burnett, Gilmer; Ledford, Richd F, Oa $30 
BurntFort, Camden: LittleHeld, Jos C, Ga $70 
Burnt Mountain, Pickens: Cowart, M, — $5 
Burroughs, Chatham: Fountain, H A, Oa $100 
Burton, Rabun: Faster, I N, Oa $110 
Burtsboro, Lumpkin: Mate, Enoch C, Ga $280 
Bushnell, Coffee; Townsend, Mrs Jennie L, Ga $190 
Bussey, Lincoln: Blackwell, Jas W, SC $70 
BuUer, Taylor: Riley, Jas W, Oa $1000 
Riley, H L, A.sstfM Ga 30aTaylor $300 
Bivins, Oeo W', RD Ga 3GaTaylor $700 
Davant, JasE, RD Oa 3GaTaylor $960 
Peed, Fred A, RD Ga 30aTaylor $960 
Taylor. Wm L, RD Ga 3GaTaylor $1000 
Butts, Jenkins: Gay, B S, — $210 
Byrd, Floyd: Mull, Thos 11, — $30 
BjrromvUle, Doolv: Wooilruff, Lammie A, Ga $870 
Johnston, Robt'E, RD Ga 3GaDooly $900 
WoodrufI, Cscar V, RD Oa SOaDooly $960 
Byron, Houston; Vinson, Miss Joanna L, Oa $610 
Vinson, Miss Martha C, AsstPM Oa 3GaHouston $60 
Vinson, John W, Clerk Qa SOaHouston $60 
Bush, Nathaniel A, RD Ga SOaHouston $960 
Lowe, Henry A, RD Oa 30aHouston $960 
Cadwell, Laurens: Bedingfield, Bennett J, Oa $300 
Cairo, Gradv; Crawford, John B, Oa $1800 
Mauldin, .tas L, A.sstPM Oa 20aOrady $600 
Dekle. Miss Jannie B. Clerk Oa 20aOradv $300 
Allbritton, Willie C RD Oa 2GaOrady $1000 
Evans, Hinton M, RD Oa 20aOrady $1000 
Hawthorn, John B, RD Oa 20aOrady $1000 
Merritt, Lucias 0, RD Oa 20aGrady $1000 
Poulk, Augustus, RD Oa 20aGrady $1000 
Skelton, Collie C, RD Ga 2aaGrady $1000 
Calhoun, Gordon: Dvar, Forrest L, Oa $1700 
Addington, Miss Maggie B, Clerk Oa 70aGordon $360 
Dyar, Miss Aileen M, Clerk Ga 70aOordon $240 
Aclam. J V, RD Ga 7GaOordon $960 
Fox, Jas C, RD Ga TOaOordon $1(XX) 
Fox, W H, RD Ga 7GaGordon $1000 
McEntvre, E C, RD Oa 7GaGordon $900 
Ray, John W, RD Ga TOaOordon $1000 
Calvary, Orady: AUen, Mrs Willie T, Oa $280 
Allen, Walter J, RD Oa 20aOrady $1000 
Camak. Warren; Kitchens, C D, Oa $300 
Camden, Camden; Hayes, Henry L, Pa $70 
Cameron, Screven: Evans, J A, Oa $140 
Camilla, Mitchell: Brimberry, Mrs Lena, Oa $1500 
Walker, Ray, Clerk Ga 20aMitchell $28 
Dasher, Dewitt T, RD Oa 2GaMitchell $1000 
Hilliard, Wm C, RD Ga 2Ga.Mitchell $1000 
Wilson, Jas H, RD Oa 20aMilchell $1000 
Camps, Telfair: Ishell, Monroe H, SC $20 
Campton, Walton: Camps, W F, — $340 
Camp Tonab, Habersham: Bryant, W C, Ga $S0 
Canon, Franklin; Duncan, John A, — $.S20 
Agnew, Edgar H, RD — 80aFranklin $1000 
Hilliard, Luther M, RD — SGaFranklin $1000 
Mabrv, Emery S, RD — SOaFranklin $1000 
Osbofn, Dennis C, RD — SOaFranklin $1000 
Canton, Cherokee; Edwards, Wm T, NC $1S00 
Edwards, .Miss Maggie, AsstPM Ga OOaCherokee $.300 
Edwards, Miss Ada, Clerk Ga OOaCherokee $144 
Bailey, Chas E, RD Ga 9GaCherokee $1000 
Hill, Jos B, RD Ga OOaCherokee $1000 
llolcomb, (ieo W, RD Ga OOaCherokee $1000 
Hughes. Ellis M, RD Ga OOaCherokee $1000 
Carl, Gwinnett: Blakey, Herman E, fla $140 
Carlton, Madison; Eberhardt, L H, Ga $500 
Eberhardt, C W, Clerk Ga SOaMadison $96 
Sayer, JA, RD Oa SOaMadison $1000 
Teasley, L A, RD Oa SOaMadison $060 
Carnegie, Randolph: Dawson, John J, Ga $.360 

Swann.JohnH. RD Ga — $900 
CamesvUle, Franklin: Manley, Miss Emma E, Oa $680 
Perteel, Emmie Sue, AsstPM Ga SOaWllkes $150 
Adair, Jas P, RD Ga SOaFranklin $1000 
Crump, John C, RD Ga SGaFranklin $1000 
Holbrook, Job C, RD Ga SOaFranklin $1000 
CarroUton, Carroll: Smith. C E, Oa $2200 
Reese, WE. AsstPM Oa 4GaCarToll $1000 
Cobb. Mrs Mattie. Clerk Oa 40aCarroll $900 
Smith, Geo E, Clerk Ga 40aCarroll $800 
Alexander, Alonza W, KD Ga 4GaCarroll $1000 
Cheney, Chas U, RD Ga 40aCarroll $1000 



CarroUton— Continued. 
Daidea, Heuiy T, BD Ga 4GaCarroU $1000 
Fuller, Emanuel, RD Ga 4GaCarroll $1000 
Grillin, Percy C, RD Ga 4GaCarroll $1000 
Heni'y, Wm T, RD Ga 4GaCarroll $1000 
Meadows, Hugh B, RD Ga 4GaCarroll $1000 
Meadows, JuliousO, RD Ga 4GaCarroll $1000 
Thomasson, Evan W, BD Ga 4GaCan-oll $1000 
Word, Hugb H, RD Ga 4GaCarroll $1000 
Cans Station, Hancock: West, Julien, Ga $200 
West, John K, RD Ga lOGaHancook $1000 
Cartecay, Gilmer: Davis, I,awrence M, Ga $90 
Carters, Munay: Carter, Saml M, Ga $270 

Everett, Wesley E, RD Ga TGaMurray $900 
CartersrlUo, Bartow: Akerman, Walter, Ga $2300 
Harrison, Abb B, AsstPM Ga TGaBai'tow $1100 
Adams, Herman L, Clerk Ga TGaBartow $1100 
HudKins, Miss Mayme, Clerk Ga VGaBartow $1000 
Barron, Jas E, RD Tenu TGaBartow $1000 
Bennett, Jas T, RD Ga TGaBartow $900 
Bishop, Jas V, RD Ga TGaBartow $1000 
Donohoo, Henry M, RD Ga TGaBartow $1000 
Roean, John Patton, RD Tenn TGaBartow $900 
Smith, Christopher E, RD Ga TGaBartow $1000 
Cassandra, Walker: Stephens, Grafton L, Ga $S0 
Cass Station, Bartow; Walton, Francke M, Ga $300 
Walton, Mrs Annie L, Clerk Ga — $(» 
Chunn, WmS, RD Ga TGaBartow $960 
Cassville. Bartow: Bruce, Mrs S L, Ga $210 
Cataula, Harris: Beers, Mrs Josie P, Ga $330 
Cave, Bartow: Gaines, Lewis P, Ga $80 
Cave Spring, Floyd: Tumlin, Albert N, Ga $1100 
Dickerson, Miss K, AsstPM Ga TGaFloyd $228 
Asburv, Miss ICatie, Clerk Ga TGaFloyd $210 
Hunt,'Wm R, RD Ga TGaFloyd $1000 
Whitfield. John, RD Ga TGaFloyd $1000 
Cawthon, Greene: Cawthon, Linton S, Ga $20 
Cecil, Berrien: Blackerby, John W, Ala $360 
Cedar Grove, Walker: Simmons, O T, Ga $T0 
Cedar Springs, Early: Sheffield. Oscar H, Ga $220 
Cedartown, Polk: FuUwood, John I, Ga $2100 
Whitfield, Miss MajnneT, AsstPM Ga TGaPolk $1000 
Enlreken, Miss Lois E, Clerk Ga 4GaCoweta $600 
Hooper, Chesslev F, Clerk Ga TGaPolk $600 
Avers, Geo M, 'RD Ga TGaPolk $1000 
Baldwm, Sam L, RD Ga TGaPolk $1000 
Beasley, Thos J, RD Ga TGaPolk $1000 
Brooks, John E, RD Ga TGaPolk $1000 
Bunn, Chas C, ED Ga TGaPolk $1000 
Bunn, Walter L, RD Ga TGaPolk $960 
Hogg, Fred C, RD Ga TGaPolk $960 
Center, Jackson; Johnson, John P, Ga $230 
Ceylon, Camden: Noyes, E P, Fla — 
Chalker, Waslimgton; Wilson, D Q, Ga $220 
Cason, B M, AsstPM Ga lOGaWashington $60 
May, A S, Clerk Ga lOGaWashmgton $36 
Cobb, B S, BD Ga lOGaWashmgton $1000 
Chalybeate, Meriwether; Grant, Gough B, Ala $220 
Chambers, Floyd: Hopkins, C E, Va $60 
Chamblee, Dekalb: Wallace. Wm D, Ga $550 
Warnock, Chas P, AsslPM Ga 5GaDekalb $60 
Cokes, Paul C. ED Ga SGaFulton $900 
Purcell, Jas W, RD Ga SGaDekalb $1000 
Wallace, John L. ED Ga SGaDekalb $960 
Charing, Taylor: Rogers, Hubert H, Ga $210 
Charles, Stewart; Kent, Walter W, Ga $120 
Charlotte, Montgomery: Moseley, Peter M, Ga $90 
Chatsworth, Murray; Gudger, Robt M, Ga $560 

Bamett, Jesse R. "BD Ga TGaMm'ray $960 
Chattahoochee, Fulton; Lloyd, Wm J, Ga $410 
Chatterton, Coffee: WiUiams, Isaac J, Ga $60 
Chauncey, Dodge: Phillips, Ella C, Ga $640 
Phillips, Danl B, AsstPM NC llGaDodge $36 
Evans, Thos L. RD Ga UGaDodge $900 
Chelsea, Chattooga: Garnci-, Chas I, — $50 
Chennault, Lincoln: Chenuault, Nicholas B, Ga $10 

Leverett, Patrick. ED Ga lOGaLincohi — 
Cherrylog, Gilmer: Berry. T J, — $110 
Chester, Dodge: Butler, Julian M, Ga $560 
Jessup, Ben F, ED Ga UGaDodge $1000 
Jessup, Idno J, ED Ga UGaDodge $960 
Chestlehurst, Fayette: Crook, A L, — $T0 
Chestnut Gap, Fannin: McKinnev, Jas R, — $120 
Chlckamauga, Walker: Wvatt, E H, Ga $810 
Glenn, J. Clerk Ga TGaWalker 8450 
Ireland. W W. RD Ga TGaWalker $1000 
Welch, J D, RD NC TGaWalker $1000 
Chlpeta, Fannin: Long, Mrs Nancy A, Ga — 
Chlpley, HaiTis: Peer, Howard A. Ga $1200 
Smith. Mrs Gem O, Clerk Ga 4GaHarris $420 
Durham, Olin B, RD Ga 4GaHarris $900 
Hai-dv. Bluiord L, ED Ga 4GaHarris $900 
Hopkius, Oliu S, RD Ga 4GaHarris $960 
Jenkins, Hiram 1., RD Ga 4GaHarrLs $1000 
Jenkins, Walter C. ED Ga 4GaHarris $1000 
Jenkins, Wm ),, KD Ga 4GaHarris $1000 
Choestoe, Union; Alexamler, T, Ga $80 
Chula, Tilt: \Ahiddon. A W, — $350 
Cisco, Murray: Douthit, I. M, Ga $290 
Hevdon, Sam, AsstPM Ga 9GaFannin $75 
Duim, Giles, ED Ga "GaMirrray $960 
ClarkesvUle, Habersham: Mauldin, Oscar M, Ga $1100 
Tatum, W;ilterN. AsstPM Ga OGaHabersbam $168 Rufus Y, ED Ga OGaHabersham 81000 
Ed\varas, \\'ni J, RD Ga OGaHabersham $1000 
Clarkston, Dokalb: Warwick, Edwin A, Ga 83T0 
Clarton, Tattnall: Freeman, Wilbur S, Ga $1100 
Avorot, Miss A«nes. Clerk Ga IGaTattnall $108 
Ayciet. Chas if. RD Ga IGaTattnall $1000 
ClayhUl, l.ineoln: Smith, Mrs Susan B, Ga $60 
Clayton. Rabun: Dtmcan, Miss Eliza J, Ga $1000 
Long. Wm S, Clerk Ga 9GaBabun $96 
McC'onnell. Edgar L. BD Ga 9GaRabun $1000 
Clem, Carroll; Rivers. John W, Ga $230 

Davenport. Geo W, ED Ga 4GaCarroll $1000 
Cleola, Harris: Beck, Miss Loula .\, Ga $240 
Milner ,Thos A, ED Ga 4GaHarris $900 

Cleveland, White: Davidson, Alexander, Scot $500 
Davidson, Jas P, AsstPM Ga 9GaWhite $48 
Carroll, Frank, BD Ga 9GaWhite $1000 
Henderson, Wm C, ED Ga OGaWhite $800 
Miller, Jos M, ED Ga OGaWhite $1000 
CUfton, Bryan: Shipman, W C, Ga $60 
CUmax, Decatur: Page, Bobt E, SC $T40 
Page, Mrs Florence P, Clerk SC 2GaDecatur $96 
Evans, John C, BD Ga 2GaDecatur $1000 
Evans, Thos A, RD Ga 2GaDecatur $960 
McLaucblin, Danl J, RD Ga 2GaDecatuT $1000 
Clinton, Jones: Pope, Mrs Margaret E, Ga $80 
Clipper, Pickens: Silver, D S, — $20 
CUto, Bulloch: Talton, Robt E, NC $180 
Clopton, Putnam; Dickens, Calvin A, — $100 
Clyde, Bryan: Wise, Albert, Ga $60 
Clyo, Effingham; Metzger, E, Ga $530 
Exley, J E, RD Ga IGaEfflngham $560 
Metzger, S T, RD Ga IGaEfflngham $960 
Cobb, Sumter: Hill, W J, Ga $230 
Cobbham, McDuffle: Dunn, J C, Ga $70 
Cobbtown, Tattnall: Chambers, J S, Ga $620 
Collins, W H, AsstPM Ga IGaTattnall $420 
CoUms, Ben L, RD Ga IGaTattnaU $1000 
Cowart, W B, ED Ga IGaTattnall $960 
CobbvUle, Telfair: Camp, Mrs Ida E, Ga $150 
Cochran, Pulaski: Dunham, Wm E, Ga $1000 
Ryle, Miss Bertlia, AsstPM Ga 3GaPulaski $360 
Brown, Chas S, RD Ga 3GaPuIaski SIOOO 
Home, Jas W, RD Ga SGaPulaski $800 
Lee, Jesse M, RD Ga SGaPulaski $1000 
MuUls, John H, sr, RD Ga SGaPulaski $960 
Perry, Manning B, RD Ga SGaPulaski $960 
Coffee, Pierce; Herrin, Jos S, Ga $200 
Cofflnton, Stewart; Martm, Walter T, Ala $110 
Cohutta, Whitfield: Parker, Wm H, Ga $430 

Cooper, Thos J, RD Ga TGaWhitfleld $1000 
Colbert, Madison: Burton, Benj J, Ga $580 
Hardman, Seaborn R, BD Ga SGaMadison $1000 
Morris, Wm L, ED Ga 8GaMadison $900 
Sims, Jas B, RD Ga 8GaMadison $960 
Coleman, Randolph; Crozier, Nathan T, Ga S520 
Price, Miss Gussie, AsstPM Ga 2GaRandolph $240 
Crozier, Frank D, RD Ga 2GaRandolph 8900 
Peacock, Washington C, ED Ga 2GaRandolph $960 
Colesburg, Camden: Patterson, Mrs Jessie L, Ga $200 
CoUegepark, Fulton: Johnson, Wm T, Ga 81300 
Johnson, Miss Bertha I, AsstPM Ga 5GaFulton $120 
Allen, Arthur O, RD Ga 5GaClayton $1000 
Cook, Call, RD Ga 5GaCampbell $900 
Collins, Tattnall; Sandifer, Pierce B, SC $1000 
Sandifer, Mrs Eva M, Clerk SC IGaTattnall $180 
Cowart, Lee F, RD Ga IGaTattnall $1000 
Holland, Ward, ED Ga IGaTattnall $1000 
Lynn, Dennis E, ED Ga IGaTattnall $1000 
Colon, Clinch: Young, John M, — $70 
Colquitt, Miller: Miller, Henry M, Ga $1300 
Watson, Willis Q, AsstPM Ga 2GaMiller $240 
Bean, Henry C, ED Ga 2GaMiller $960 
Bud, Jolin C, ED Ga 2GaMUler $1000 
Bolton, Leroy A, BD Ala 2GaMiller $900 
Cleveland, Wm L, RD Ga 2GaMiller $900 
Harrell, John H, ■ RD Ga 2GaMaier $1000 
McDonald, Thos P, RD Ga 2GaMiller $800 
Columbus, Muscogee; Peirce, Chas L, Ind $3200 
Roberts, Frank, AsstPM Ala 4GaMuscogee $1600 
Ellis, Robt C, Clerk Ga 4GaMuscogee $1000 
Frazer, Mrs Carrie B, Clerk Ga 4GaMuscogec 

FuUerton, Miss Annie L, Clerk Ala IGaMuscogee 

GuUatt, Geo A, Clerk Ala 4GaMuscogee $900 
Hines, W C, Clerk Ala 4GaMuscogee $1000 
Johnson, Guy W, Clerk Ga 4GaMuscogee $1200 
Jones, Thos W, Clerk Ala 4GaMuscogee $1200