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Full text of "Directory of graduates, 1864-1910, May, 1911 .."

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MAY, 1911 




In the preparation of this book, the University has been assisted in 
the collection and preparation of data by the officers of the Alumni 
Association. All corrections or changes of address should be sent to the 
Alumni Secretary, 201 California Hall, Berkeley. 


This is the second comprehensive catalogue of graduates of all departments 
of the University of California. It includes the graduates of the Colleges of 
Agriculture, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Commerce, Letters, Mechanics, 
Mining, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences, these being the Academic 
Colleges; of the Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science; of 
the Hastings College of the Law and of the California College of Pharmacy. 
The Mark Hopkins Institute of Art and the Post-graduate Medical Department 
alone are unrepresented in this catalogue; this is because their work does not 
lead to a degree, or to any event corresponding to graduation. Graduates of 
the College of California from 1864 to 1869, inclusive, and graduates of the 
Toland Medical College from 1864 to 1872, inclusive, rank as graduates of the 
University of California under the provisions of its charter, and under Section 
1400 of the Political Code of California. Under the wording of Section 9 of 
the Organic Act, the recipients of honorary degrees from the College of Cali- 
fornia are entitled to similar degrees from the University of California; they 
have therefore been included in this list. 

The catalogue shows' all degrees conferred by the University of California, 
in accordance with the records of the Regents and Faculties. Degrees con- 
ferred by other colleges and universities have been included wherever possible; 
but as the University has no official list of such degrees, a few may have been 
omitted. jil ,,i 

In the arrangement by classes, the rule of the Faculties has been followed 
that, "all graduates of any one calendar year January first to December 
thirty-first shall be ranked as belonging to the so-called class of that year. 

Both an alphabetical and a geographical index of graduates are given. In 
the latter the small letter b after the name indicates a business address, and 
the small letter r a residence address. 



The abbreviations used in the Alphabetical Index are as follows: 

D, College of Dentistry; Hon., Honorary; M, College of Medicine; L, Hast- 
ings College of the Law; P, California College of Pharmacy; V, College of 
Veterinary Science. 

Following this note is a table showing the various degrees that have been 
awarded in the different departments of the University. 

In printing the list, the names of graduates deceased have been marked 
with an asterisk. 

The following abbreviations have been used S F, for San Francisco; 
O, for Oakland; A, for Alameda, and B, for Berkeley. 

The names of Class Secretaries are printed in small capitals in the body of 
the catalogue. 

Information concerning graduates full names, full list of degrees, occupa- 
tions, exact addresses, names of married alumnae, and exact dates of death of 
deceased graduates, should be sent to the Class Secretaries in case of the 
Academic Alumni; to the various College Secretaries in the case of the Affili- 
ated Alumni; and also in any case to the Secretary of the Alumni Association 
of the University of California. 


Summary of Degrees conferred in the College of California, 1864-1869; and 
in the Academic Colleges of the University of California, 1870-1910. 

NOTE. The upper figures on the left of each group refer to men, the lower 
to women; the figures on the right side are totals. Abbreviations: Agr. ? 
Agriculture; C.E., Civil Engineering; Chem., Chemistry; Com., Commerce; 
L., Letters; Mec., Mechanics; Min., Mining; N.S., Natural Science; S.S., Social 


Degrees and 























Agr. _ 

Mec. .. 

Min. ... 

C.E. ... 

Chem. .. 





B.L.-S.S. . . 






Min. .. . 











Totals ... 







Totals _. 










Degrees and 























M.A. .....:: 


















. Q 









C.E ! 

', 0* 

















. ... o, 















M.S. , 





LL.D. - 


Sc.D. .v p.... 


J.D. .. .,-- 




















Degrees and 























































Min. ... 








































































Min. .. 




' 0- 
















J.D '.:... 























Degrees and 










































'.... 2 


C.E " 

















































M.L.-S.S. .. 



















































































Degrees and 

































Ph.B. : 





Chem. . 










































































C.E. .. 


































































Degrees and 



























M.A '.... 




























































































































O 1 











































































LL.D. :'. 




J.D. . 


Totals -- 71 

33 104 

38 116 

53 154 

70 164 


100 242 


100 229 



Degrees and 






















































































































Mec. . 







































Chem ;.. 

































N.S. . 






































Ph.D. ..... 

















Sc.D. ..... 























Degrees and 





















































































































































































































































































Sc.D : 



















Totals 239 

184 423 

134 362 

212 435 

185 426 

284 3585 
196 480 2386 5971 




Summary of Degrees Conferred in the Professional Colleges, 1874-1910. 
Degrees and 








LL.B. Hastings 

o a 



, 10 













M.D. Los Angeles 



.. .... 1 
































Degrees and 








LL.B. Hastings 

























M.D. Los Angeles 










































Degrees and 
LL.B. Hastings .... 




















1 21 





M.D. Los Angeles . 






Pharm B 


D V 8 













2 22 



2 103 




3 31 

1 22 

4 101 


2 35 

2 26 


4 124 



7 51 

5 52 

12 176 

1 99 


2 8 

5 43 
1 18 


8 108 

Degrees and 
LL.B. Hastings .... 





M.D. Los Angeles . 
D D S 







Pharm D 


Pharm. B. 





Course lengthened. 



Degrees and 








LL.B. Hastings 

... 33 













2 34 





























2 24 



M.D. Los Angeles ... 


... 40 

















Ph G 




















5 32 



Ph.C. . . 















































9 137 




Degrees and 

LL.B. Hastings ... 



M.D. Los Angeles 















































2 24 

























1 11 










10 117 

4 110 


7 87 


7 98 

2 62 





Degrees and 



Degrees and 



LL.B. Hastings ... 

... 23 


Total* forward 



LL B -S 8 
















Ph G 

















.. 1 

Ph C 


M.D. Los Angeles 


.. 6 
... 16 



Pharm B 




... 46 






Daly, James Alexander, A.B. : Clergyman 
210 Culver rd, Rochester, N. Y. 

*Emerson, David L., A.B. ; M.A. 1870. 
(Died July 10, 1889.) 

*LyIe, Albert Franklin, A.B.; M.A. 1872. 
(Died November 8, 1910.) 

*Tracy, Charles Turner, A.B. ; LL.B. (Har- 
vard Univ.) 1872. (Died September 
24, 1903.). 


1871; B.L. (Univ. of Virginia) 1868: 
Lawyer 906 Broadway, O. 

Janes, Elijah, A.B. ; M.A. 1872 Camp- 

*Shurman, George E., A.B. ; M.A. 1871. 
(Died September 20, 1881.) 

Williams, Gardner Fred, B.A.; M.A. 1869: 
Mining Engineer, retired 2201 R st., 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 


Garter, Charles Ashley, A.B.; M.A. 1871; 

LL.B. (Albany Law School) 1867: 

Lawyer 650 Pacific Bldg., S. F. 

(Harvard Univ.) 1868: Lawyer 620 

E. Twenty-fourth st., O. 
*Harwood, William D., A.B. ; M.A. 1871. 

(Died April 13, 1883.) 
Townsend, Clarence F., A.B. : Lawyer 

549 Central av., A. 


*Gibbons, William, A.B. ; M.A., 1871. (Died 
February 12, 1903.) 

*Wiggin, Marcus Phillips, A.B. ; M.A. 1871. 
(Died October 18, 1900.) 


*Beard, John Lyman, A.B. ; M.A. 1875. 

(Died November 19, 1903.) 
Day, Clinton, A.B. ; M.A. 1874; LL.D. 

1910: Architect 2747 Bancroft way, 

*Dudley, Charles Holbrook, A.B. (Died 

December 11, 1873.) 
*Poston, Richard E., A.B. (Died April, 


Wetmore, Charles Augustus, A.B.; 
1872: Viticulturist Livermore. 



Arnot, Nathaniel Dubois, A.B. ; M.A. 
1872 : Judge Superior Court Placer- 

FOWLER, DOUGLAS T., B.A. ; A.M. 1872: 
Extension lecturer U. 0. Chamber of 
Commerce Bldg., Los Angeles. 
*Reddick, John Burke, A.B. (Died Sep- 
tember 16, 1895.) 

*Redington, Samuel M., A.B. (Died No- 
vember 18, 1886.) 

Williams, Gardner Fred, M.A. ; B.A. 1865; 
LL.D 1910. v. 1865. 


Anthony, Charles William, A.B.; B.D. 
(Presbyterian Theological Seminary of 
San Francisco) 1873: Clergyman 

Emerson, David L., M.A. ; A.B. 1864. v. 

yer 855 Broadway, O. 

*Tewksbury, Lucio Marinatus, A.B. (Died 
October 26, 1885. 


*Blaney, Edward Wellington. A.B. (Died.) 
*Cobb, George Downes, A.B. (Died.) 
Garter, Charles Ashley, M.A. ; A.B. 1866; 

LL.B (Albany Law School) 1867. v. 

Gibbons, William, M.A. ; A.B. 1867. v. 

Glascock, John Raglan, M.A. ; A.B; 1865; 

B.L. (Univ. of Virginia) 1868. v. 

Harwood, William D., M.A. ; A.B. 1866. 

v. 1866. 

Learned, Charles Burke, A.B. 
*Pomroy, Everett Benedict, A.B.; M.A. 

1874. (Died December, 1895.) 
Shurman, George E., M. A.; A.B. 1865. v. 


A.B.; M.A. 1873: Consulting engineer 

649 New York Block, Seattle, Wash. 
Wiggin, Marcus Phillips, M.A. ; A.B. 1867. 

v. 1867. 


Arnot, Nathaniel Dubois, M.A. ; A.B. 

1869. v. 1869. 
Fowler, Douglas T., M.A. ; B.A. 1869. v. 


Janes, Elijah, M.A. ; A.B., 1865. v. 1865. 
Lyle, Albert Franklin, M.A. ; A.B. 1864. 

v. 1864. 

1875 Union Savings Bank Bldg., O. 
*Rodgers, Arthur, A.B. ; Ph.B. agr. 1873. 

(Died June 24, 1902.) 
Wetmore, Charles Augustus, M.A. ; A.B. 

1868. v. 1868. 
*Whitworth, John M., A.B.; M.A. 187:.. 

(Died April 15, 1901.) 


*Ainsworth, George Jennings, Ph.B. eng. 

(Died October 20, 1895.) 
*Bolton, John M., Ph.B. agr. (Died 

October, 1890.) 
*Budd, James Herbert, Ph.B. agr. (Died 

July 30, 1908.) 
Edwards, George Cunningham, Ph.B. 

eng. : Professor of Mathematics, U. C. 

2546 Dana St., B. 
*Hawkins, Lester Leander, Ph.B. eng.: 

C.E. 1879. (Died March 11, 1 <><><;.) 
Newmark, Nathan, A.B. ; A.M. 1877; 

LL.B. (Harvard Univ.) 1875: Law- 
yer 805 Grant Bldg., S. F. 
OTIS, FRANK, A.B.; M.A. 1876: Law- 
yer 1609 Santa Clara av., A. 
Reinstein, Jacob Bert, A.B.; A.M. 1876: 

Lawyer 906 Ellis st., S. F. 
Rhoda, Franklin, Ph.B. agr.; Clergyman 

Lincoln av., Fruitvale. 
*Rodgers, Arthur, Ph.B.; A.B. 1872. v. 

Scott. Kl.t'iir/t>r, Ph.B. eng.; M.A. 1876 

Room 1210 Flood Bldg., S. F. 
Wetmore, Clarence Jesse, A.B. ; M.A. 

1877: Corporation secretary 814 

Tenth st., O. 
Whitworth, Frederick Harrison, M.A. ; 

A.B. 1871. v. 1871. 
Woodward, Thomas Patterson, Ph.B. agr. 

and eng. 2799 Pine st., S. F. 


Barry, Thomas Francis, A.B.: Lawyer 
1820 Hyde st., S. F. 

Budd, John Eliot, A.B.: Lawyer 
McDougald Bldg., Stockton. 

Carneal, Thomas Davis, Ph.B. eng. : 
Farmer Livermore. 

Christy, Samuel Benedict, Ph.B. chem. ; 
Sc.D. (Columbia Univ.) 1902: 
Professor of Mining and Metallurgy, 
U. C. 2234 Piedmont av., B. 

Collins, David Edward, A.B.; M.A. 1877: 
Banker 1388 Harrison st., O. 

Davis, William Rude, A.B. ; M.A. 1878: 
Lawyer Bacon Block, O. 

Day, Clinton, M.A. ; A.B. 1868; LL.D. 
1910. v. 1868. 

Farrell, John Randolph, Ph.B. eng.: Min- 
ing engineer 473 Vernon st., O. 
*Freud, Isaac, Ph.B. mech. (Died Janu- 
ary 9, 1889.) 

Goss, John, A.B.; M.A. 1878: Lawyer 
916 Phelan Bldg.. S.F. 

Griffiths, David Daniel, Ph.B. eng. 
Care of Wm. Hood, Southern Pacific 
Co., S. F. 

Hook, James Simeon, Ph.B. agr. : 
Farmer Walnut Creek. 

Jackson, Abraham Wendell, Ph.B. chem. 

9 Desbrosses st., New York City. 
*Linforth, Frank Orson, Ph.B. chem. 
(Died January 14, 18*89.) 

Lynch, Leonard J., Ph.B. eng. San 

Parker, Edward Allen, Ph.B. eng.: En- 
gineer City Engineer's Office, S. F. 

Porkins, James Coffin, A.B.; B.L. (Co- 
lumbia Univ.) 1876; B.D. (Princeton 
Univ.) 1885: Kennebunkport, Me. 

I'omn.v. Everett Benedict, M.A.; A.B. 
1871. v. 1871. 

Price, John Randolph, Ph.B. eng. City 
Stn-ft Improvement Co., Merchants Ex- 
change, S. F. 

RONVKI.L. .JOSKIMI ( ' i M M i x < :s. A.B. ; M.A. 
1903: Librarian U. C. 2207 West 
St., O. 

SclH-.-liiic, Simon Cleophis, A.B.; LL.B. 
(Columbia Univ.) 1876: Lawyer 
417 Montgomery st., S. F. 

Scrivnor, Rosa Lititia (Mrs. J. Robinson) 
Ph.B. agr. Lookout, Modoc County. 

Stillman, John Maxson, Ph.B. chem.: 
Ph.D. 1885: Professor of Chemistry 
Stanford Univ. 

Stuart, Charles Duff, Ph.B. chem. : Pub- 
lic accountant 52 Natoma st., S. F. 
k Van Arsdale. William Wilson, Ph.B. eng. 


Alexander, John Fry, Ph.B. agr. (Died 

May 19. 1891.) 
Beard, John Lyman, M.A. ; A.B. 1868. 

v. 1868. 
^Bice, John William, Ph.B. eng. (Died 

June 8, 1883.) 

'Boardman, Charles Towne, A.B. (Died.) 
Bonestell, Chesley Knight, A.B. ; M.A. 

1881 116 First St., S. F. 
Brown, Joseph Gans, A.B. 
''Burchard, Leonidas Soule, Ph.B. agr. : 
M.D. 1882. (Died April 23, 1905.) 


'Dam, Harry Jackson Wells, Ph.B. agr. 

(Died April 26, 1906.) 
D'Ancona, Alexander Dawson, A.B.; 
M.A. 1881; LL.B. 1881: Bank offi- 
cial 2150 Devisadero st., S. F. 

1881; LL.B. 1881: Lawyer 14 
Montgomery st., S. F. 

*Gummer, William Parker, Ph.B. eng. 
(Died September, 1909.) 

Hinton, Isaac Taylor, Ph.B. eng.; A.B. 

Holman, Frederick Van Voorhies, Ph.B. 
chem. : Lawyer 501-506 Chamber of 
Commerce B'ldg., Portland, Ore. 

Huntley, Dwight Brunei, Ph.B. eng. ; 
Mining engineer 31 Bella Vista av., 

Jones, William Carey, A.B. ; M.A. 1879: 
Professor of Jurisprudence, U. C. 
2625 Benvenue av., B. 

Lang, Herbert Oliver, Ph.B. chem. : Min- 
ing engineer 489 Twenty-ninth st., O. 

Low, Arthur Freeman, A.B.; M.A. 1881: 
Lawyer 559 Cedar av., S. F. 

Pierce, George Washington, Ph.B. eng.: 
Farmer Davis, Yolo Conuty. 

Reed, George William, M.A. ; A.B. 1872. 
v. 1872. 

Rhodes, Samuel Riley, A.B. 

Robertson, Robert Henry, Ph.B. eng. 

Royce, Josiah, A.B. ; Ph.B. (Johns Hop- 
kins Univ.) 1878: Professor of Phil- 
osophy Harvard University, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

*Sutton, Frank Sherwood, Ph.B. chem. 
(Died, 1891.) 

Turkington, William, A.B. 

Webb, Harry Howard, Ph.B. eng.: Min- 
ing engineer Queen Anne's Mansions, 
S. W., London. England. 

Whitworth, John M., M.A. ; A.B. 1872. 
v. 1872. 

Windsor, William Russell, Ph.B. eng. 
Spokane Falls, Wash. 

Wyatt, John O'Brien, Ph.B. agr.: Law- 
yer Martinez. 


Bragg, Elizabeth (Mrs. G. M. Cumming), 
Ph.B. eng.; 3653 Sixteenth st., S. F. 
*Brown, Windsor Linn, A.B. (Died, 

Buchanan, Augustus Neander, A.B. 

Button, Fred Lawrence, Ph.B. eng.: Law- 
yer 235 Bacon Bldg., O. 

Chamberlain, William Henry, Ph.B. 
chem. Pacific Bldg., S. F. 

Conroy, Edmund Charles. Ph.B. chem. 

Cumming, David, Ph.B. eng.: Manufac- 
turer 2108 W. Kinzie st., Chicago, 

Fitzpatrick, T. J., Ph. B. eng. 

'Freud, Jacob Richard, A.B. (Died Janu- 
ary 13, 1902.) 

Hardy, William Frank, Ph.B. eng. Box 

H, Stockton. 
"Harmon Roberdeau, Ph.B. chem.; M.D. 

1879. (Died May 20, 1904.) 

Hinton, Isaac Taylor, A.B. ; Ph.B. eng. 

1875. v. 1875. 

Hodgdon, Hattie Josephine (Mrs. D. S. 
Shute), A.B.; M.A. 1903: Teacher 
Hayward, Box 566. 
Hook, Vincent, Ph.B. eng.: Farmer 


Jacobs, Myer, Ph.B. let.; M.A. 1879; 
LL.B. '(Columbia Univ.) 1879763 
Pacific Bldg., S. F. 

Morford, Nathan Albert, Ph.B. let.: 
Broker 121 N. First av., Phoenix, 

Otis, Frank, M.A. ; A.B. 1873. v. 
Palmer, Warren Sherman, Ph.B. 
Manager Northwestern Pacific 
921 Grand st., A. 
Pearce, Webb Nicholson, A.B.: 

keeper 366 Twenty-ninth st., O. 
Poud, Henry May, A.B.; M.D. 1880: 

Physician 1500 Central av., A. 
Redfield, Horace Allen, Ph.B. eng.: Pub- 
lisher's solicitor 3614 Meadow st., 
Reinstein, Jacob Bert, M.A. ; A.B. 1873. 

v. 1873. 

* Sander, Peter Francisco Charles, Ph.B. 
let.; M.A. 1879. (Died November 
21, 1884.) 

MD. 1879: Principal Girls' High 
School 835 Scott st., S. F. 
Searls, Fred, A.B.: Lawyer Nevada 


Shuey, Sarah Isabel, Ph.B. let.; M.D. 
1878 : Physician 952 Fourteenth 
st., O. 

Wall, Benjamin Pitman, Ph.B. let.; M.D. 
(Hahnemann College, Philadelphia) 
1880: Physician 2251 Piedmont 
av.. B. 

Wallace, Ryland Burnett, A.B.; M.A. 
1881; LL.B. 1881: Lawyer Russ 
Bldg., S. F. 
*Washburn, Charles Edward, Ph.B. eng. 

(Died November 21, 1884.) 
Watkins, Delos Sumner, Ph.B. eng. : 
Foreman for Southern Pacific Co. 
1720 Eighteenth st., Sacramento. 
Wilkins, James Hepburn, Ph.B. eng.: 

Contractor San Rafael. 
* Wilson, John Nicholson Emmet, A.B. 

(Died May 27, 1901.) 
Wright, George Thomas, B.A. : Lawyer 
1019 Mills Bldg., S. F. 






Booth, Edward, Ph.B. chem. : Asst. Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry, U. C. 1214 
Harrison blvd., O. 

*Brown, Lewis Washington, Ph.B. let. 

*Clarke, John Bernard, Ph.B. min. 

Collins, David Edward, M.A. ; A.B. 1874. 

v. 1874. 
*Cowles, Edwin Wooster, A.B. (Died.) 

De Golia, George Ellis, Ph.B. eng. : Law- 
yer 613 Oakland Savings Bank 
Bldg., O. 

Denman, Frank Hardenbergh, Ph.B. 

min.: Banker Petaluma. 
*Denslow, Harmon, Ph.B. eng. (Died, 


*Fairbanks, Dolphes Brice, Ph.B. min. 
(Died, 1908.) 

Frank, Nathan Hirsch, Ph.B. let.; LL.B. 
(Columbia Univ.) 1879: Lawyer 
1827 Vallejo st., S. F. 

Gray, Theodore, A.B. ; LL.B. 1881: In- 
surance agent 2540 Benvenue av., B. 

Jaffa, Myer Edward, Ph.B. min.: M.S. 

agr. 1896: Chemist 2637 Virginia 

St., B. 
*Marx, David Breckenridge, Ph.B. let. 

*Meek, Horry Wert, Ph. B. min. (Died 

January 21, 1910.) 
Morison, William Channing, Ph.B. eng.: 

Bookkeeper 111 N. Main st., Athens, 

*Murphv, Kossuth Mazzini, Ph.B. let. 

Murray, George Deuchar. Ph.B. let. ; 

LL.B. 1884: Judge Superior Court 

937 Sixth st., Eureka. 
Newmark, Nathan, A.M.; A.B. 1873; 

LL.B. (Harvard Univ.) 1875. v. 

Reed, George, Jr., Ph.B. agr. 120 N. 

Olive st., Los Angeles. 

LL.B. 1888: Lawyer 717 Pacific 

Bldg., S. F. 

Rix, Edward Austin, Ph.B. mech. : Manu- 
facturer Claremont Country Club, O. 
Robertson, John Wooster, A.B.; M.D. 

1880: Physician Livermore. 
*Shaw, William Richard, Ph.B. chem. 

(Died March 18, 1900.) 
Sherwood, William Robert, Ph.B. min.: 

Merchant 47 Beale st., S. F. 
Solinsky, Frank Joseph, Ph.B. min 

LL.B. 1881: Lawyer 2215 Durant 

av., B. 

Stillman, Howard, Ph.B mech Engi- 
neer 2430 Piedmont av., B.' 

Webster, Reginald Heber, B.A. ; M.A. 
1882- President Metropolitan Busi- 
ness College 1283 Green st,, S. F. 

Welch, Joseph Warren, Ph.B. let.: Law- 
yer Felton. 

Wetmore, Clarence Jesse, M.A. ; A.B. 

1873. v. 1873. 

*Whitcomb, Alice Harriet (Mrs. W. C. 
Jones), Ph.B. let. (Died December 
10, 1882.) 


Bartling, Clara (Mrs. A. R. Bid well), 

A.B. Greenville, Plumas Co. 
Bradford, Abram Clarke, Ph.B. let. 

Burrage, Charles Dana, B.A. Needham, 


Cheney, Warren, Ph.B. min.: LL.B. 
1881: Real estate 2241 College av., 

*Clow, James Bruce, Ph.B. let. (Died De- 
cember 11, 1886.) 
li.-iingerfield, William Raymond, A.B.: 

Lawyer 1251 St. Charles st., A. 
Davis, William Rude, A.M.; A.B. 1874. 

v. 1874. 
Easterby, Frank Gray, Ph.B. mech: Tax 

collector 108 S. Randolph st., Napa. 
*Finnie, Walter Forsythe, A.B. ; M.D. 
(Cooper Medical College) 1885. (Died 
April, 1907.) 
Fogg, George Everett, Ph.B. min.: Civil 

engineer 1463% Broadway, O. 
Goss, John, M.A.; A.B. 1874. v. 1874. 
*Hutchinson, Joseph, Ph.B. min.; LL.B. 

1882. (Died September 8, 1910.) 
Jones, Walter Brewster, Ph.B. chem. : 
Fruit grower Harrison P. O., San 
Mateo Co. 
*Maher, Frank William, Ph.B. eng. (Died, 

Mandelbaum, Fiesco, A.B. : Lawyer 622 

Shreve Bldg., S. F. 

Morrison, Alexander Francis, A.B. ; LL.B. 
1881: Lawyer 2022 California st., 
S. F. 

Morse, Fred Wellington, Ph.B. chem.; 
M.D. 1891: Oculist Oakland Bank 
of Savings Bldg., O. 
*Poyzer William Richard, Ph.B. eng. 

(Died November 29, 1908.) 
Soule, William Fulton, A.B. : Broker 

1232 Sherman st., A. 
Stetson, Charles Morrison, Ph.B. let. 

Ceres, Etainslaus County. 
Sutliffe, Edgar Curtiss, A.B.; M.A. 1881: 

Bank Teller 700 Lake st., S. F. 
Tilden. Charles L., Ph.B. let.; LL.B. 
1881: Lawyer 1031 San Antonio 
av., A. 

Toland, Thomas Orlando, A.B.: Lawyer 


TREAT, MAY BENTON (Mrs. A. P.- Mor- 
rison), Ph.B. let. 2022 California 
St., S. F. 

Van Dyke, William Martin, A.B.; LL.B. 
1881: Clerk Circuit Court 222 
West Adams st., Los Angeles. 

Warren, Clarence Harrison, A.B. : Journ- 
alist 1253 Washington st., S. F. 
*Wertz, Katherine Marshall. Ph.B. let. 
(Died October 13, 1909.) 

Whitcomb, Frank Randolph, A.B.; LL.B. 
1881: Lawyer 820 Foxcroft Bldg., 
S. F. 

*Winans, Joseph William, Jr., A.B. ; M.A. 
1881; LL.B. 1881. (Died.) 

Yager, John Gallimore, A.B.: Teacher 
1419 E. Washington st., Los Angeles. 
*Zeile, Frederick William, Ph.B. let. ; LL.B. 
(Columbia Univ.) 1881. (Died Decem- 
ber 3, 1910.) 


*Batterman, Christopher Stoddard, Ph.B. 
eng. (Died October 7, 1901.) 

Bernard, Henry, Ph.B'. eng.: Manager 
Spokane Stamp Works 518 First av., 
Spokane, Wash. 

Bien, Morris, Ph.B. eng.; LL.B. (George 
Washington Univ.) 1895; LL.M. (Na- 
tional Univ.) 1896: Supervising En- 
gineer with U. S. Reclamation Serv- 
ice Washington, D. C. 

Bockius, Charlotte, Ph.B. let.: Real estate 

332 Third st., Watsonville. 
*Bonney, Franklin Joseph, A.B. (Died.) 

Bovver, Alice Maud (Mrs. E. V. Cowell), 
Ph.B. let. Fairmont Hotel, S. F. 

Brown, John Quincy, Jr., Ph.B. let. ; 
LL.B. 1901: Deputy District Attorney 
1031 H st., Sacramento. 

Butters, Charles, Ph.B. mech. : Metal- 
lurgist Fifty-ninth and College av., 

Campbell, Alexander James, Ph.B. eng. 
Honolulu, T. H. 

Chapman, William Henry, A.B.; M.A. 

1882 : Lawyer 68 Post St., S. F. 
*Charleston, William Scott, Ph.B. eng. 
(Died September 19, 1896.) 

Chase, Martha Rosalind (Mrs. T. A. Mc- 
Mahon), Ph.B. let. Martinez. 

Cole, Marie Delia, Ph.B. let.: Teacher 
Deer Trail, Colo. 

Congdon, Charles Henry, Ph.B. min. : 
Civil engineer 3619 Dimond av., 

Coon, Henry Irving, A.B.: Broker 206 
Merchants Exchange Bldg., S. F. 

Davis, Carroll Melvin, A.B. ; M.A. 1882: 
Clergyman 1210 Locust st., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

De Wolf, Ella H. (Mrs. Frederick Slate), 
Ph.B. let. 2231 College av., B. 

*Dorn, Marcellus Americus, Ph.B. let.; 

M.A. 1882; LL.B. 1882. (Died 

October 18, 1900.) 
Dunshee, Bertram Harvey, Ph.B. min. : 

Mining engineer 1034 Caledonia st.,' 

Butte, Montana. 
Edwards, George S., Ph.B. min.: Banker 

Santa Barbara. 

Everett, John Carlton, Ph.B. eng.: En- 
gineer 920 Filbert st., O. 
Hawkins, Lester Leander, C.E.; Ph.B. 

1873. v. 1873. 
Head, Anna, A.B. 2538 Channing way, 

Henshaw, Frederick William, A.B. : Assoc. 

Justice Supreme Court Redwood 

Irving, Samuel, A.B. : Manufacturer 

1322 Shattuck av., B 
Jacobs, Myer, M.A. ; Ph.B. 1876; LL.B. 

(Columbia Univ.) 1879. v. 1876. 
Jantzen, Herman Frederick, A.B. 1069 

Fell st., S. F. 
Jones, William Carey, M.A. ; A.B. 1875. 

v. 1875. 
Kelsey, George Powers, Ph.B. eng.: Real 

estate 2215 Ellsworth st., B. 

809 National Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Leffingwell, William Rowland, Ph.B. 

mech.: Engineer Bishop, Inyo 


*McGillivray, John Drever, A.B. (Died.)' 
McHenry, Mary B. (Mrs. William Keith), 

A.B.; LL.B. 1882 2207 Atherton st., 


McMahon, Thomas Addis, Ph.B. eng. 

*Martin, Aurelius Freeman, A.B. (Died 

January 17, 1897.) 
Mizner, Lansing, Ph.B. let.; LL.B. 1882 

Pacific Union Club, S. F. 
Morrow, James Alexander, Ph.B. let. : 

Manufacturer 710 Thirty-fourth st., 


Morrow, William Henry, Ph.B. let.: Man- 
ager Metal Works 342 E. Eighth st., 

N., Portland, Ore. 
Morse, Fremont, Ph.B. eng.: Asst, with 

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey 

Box 2512, S. P. 
Musgrave, Robert William, Ph.B. chem. : 

M.D. (California Medical College) 

1884: Physician Bissell Block, 

*Nicholson, Walter Henry, Ph.B. min. 

(Died January 27, 1884.) 
*O'Callaghan, James, Ph.B. min. (Died 

May 27, 1880.) 

O'Melvenv, Henry W., Ph.B. let.: Law- 
yer Wilcox Bldg., Los Angeles. 
O'Neill, Edmond, Ph.B. agr. : Professor 

of Chemistry, U. C. 2522 College av., 



Ospina, Pedro Nel, Ph.B. min.: Farmer 

Medellin, Colombia, So. Am. 
Ospina, . Tulio, Ph.B. min.: President of 
Univ. of Antioquia, Medellin, Colom- 
bia, So. Am. 

Pardee, George Cooper, Ph.B. let. ; M.A. 
1882; M.D. (Leipzig) 1885: Oculist 
and aurist 672 Eleventh st., O. 
Poppe, Robert Albion, Ph.B. let. : Law- 
yer Sonoma. 

Reed, Edward, Ph.B. chem. : Planter and 
American Consular Agent Livings- 
ton, Republic of Guatemala, Central 
*Sander, Henry W., Ph.B. min. (Died 

August 26, 1882.) 
Sander, Peter Francisco Charles, M.A. ; 

Ph.B. 1876. v. 1876. 

Sanderson, Henry Ellis, Ph.B. let.; M.D. 
(Cooper Medical College) 1885: 
Physician State Hospital, Stockton. 
*Savage, Henry Montgomery, Ph.B. let. 


*Sheffield, Charles Monroe, Ph.B. let.; 
LL.B. 1883. (Died September 12, 

Slack, Charles William, Ph.B. mech. ; 
LL.B. 1882: Lawyer Kohl Bldg, 
S. F. 

Stanley, George Arnold, Ph.B. eng. : 
Grand Secretary Young Men's Insti- 
tute 1020 Waverly st, Palo Alto. 
*Tucker, Rhoda Louise (Mrs. Geo. Frick), 

Ph.B. let. (Died July 8, 1902.) 
Wallace, Clarence Holmes, Ph.B. eng.: 

Engineer Box 71, St. Helena. 
Wheeler, John Hoffman, Ph.B. min. 

St. Helena. 

Willcutt, George Beal, Ph.B. chem.: Sec- 
retary and controller United Railroads, 
S. F. 85 Second st., S. F. 


Atherton, George Allen, Ph.B. eng.: 
Civil engineer 319 E. Rose st., Stock- 

Atwater, Frank Hinman, Ph.B. min. : 

Merchant Petaluma. 
Bodwell, Henry Washington, Ph.B. eng. : 

Merchant 210 Washington st., S. F. 
Bolton, Sarah, Ph.B. let. 2119 Addison 

St., B. 

Briggs, Edith (Mrs. Bernard Moses), 
Ph.B. let. 2225 College av., B. 

Carroll, Harry Winans, Ph.B. min.: Pub- 
lic accountant Seattle Stock Ex- 
change, Seattle, Wash. 

Chambers, Samuel Alexander, A.B.; A.M. 
1898: Professor of French, U C - 
2223 Atherton st,, B. 

Colby, George Elden, Ph.B. agr. M S 
1898: Chemist 3131 Claremont av., 

Collins, Edward Lacy, Ph.B. let, : Book- 
keeper 1953 Myrtle st., O. 

Conrad, John George, Ph.B. min. Pa- 
cific Union Club, S. F. 

Cowell, Ernest Victor, Ph.B. agr.: Manu- 
facturer 9 Main st., S. F. 

D'Ancona, Arnold Abraham, A.B.; M.D. 
1884: Physician University of Cali- 
fornia Hospital, S. F. 

Davis, Belle D. (Mrs. A. K. Whitton), 
A.B. Norwood av.. San Jose. 

Dinsmore, Wallace, Ph.B. let.; LL.B. 
1884: Lawyer 617 E st., Marys- 
*Durst, John Haines, Ph.B. let. ; LL.B. 

1883. (Died February 2, 1903.) 
Eisner, Milton Sydney, A.B.; LL.B. 1883 

Russ Bldg., S. F. 
Enslow. Ora Morrison, Ph.B. eng. : Civil 

engineer 2250 Eunice st., B. 
*Fox, Dwight William, Ph.B. let. (Died 

February 22, 1894.) 
*France, Louis Napoleon, Ph.B. let. (Died 

April 29, 1890.) 
Gray, John Plesent, Ph.B. let. 

Harrier, Lewis Garibaldi, Ph.B. let,: Law- 
yer 6457 Benyenue av., O. 
Havens, Harry Roscoe, Ph.B. let. O. 

Hawley, Mary Alice, Ph.B. let. 522 
Twenty-seventh st,, O. 

Hoeck, Jacob, Ph.B. let. : Insurance 
Agent 1512 Lincoln av., A. 

Hughes, George Lovett, Ph.B. let. 412 

First National Bank Bldg., B. 
*La Rue, Jacob Eugene, Ph.B. let. (Died 
January 31, 1906.) 

Long, Louis Heintzleman, Ph.B. min. : 
Engineer Tuscon, Arizona 

McCarty, Charles Chester, A.B. : Clergv- 
man and civil engineer 150 N. Alta 
st,, Los Angeles. 

Medbery, Lulu Bdna (Mrs. W. H. Chap- 
man), A.B. 4327 Twentieth st., S. F. 
*Meyer, Mark Charles, Ph.B. let. (Died 
May 13, 1882.) 

Osborn, William Elnathan, Ph.B. let.: 
Manager for Gas and Electric Com- 
pany 33 Third st., Woodland. 
*Perry, Henry Charles, Ph.B. eng. (Died 
December 1, 1900.) 

Platshek, Mark Julius, A.B.; LL.B. 1883: 
Lawyer Hotel Normandie, S. F. 

Rothchild, Fred Henry, Ph.B. min. : Mer- 
chant 20 N. First st., Portland. 
*Seeligsx>hn, Michael, A.B. (Died October 
29, 1896.) 

Shepard. Edward Henry, Ph.B. chem.: 
Orchardist and editor Hood River, 

Shinn, Milicent Washburn, A.B. PhD 
1898: Author Niles. 


Tenney, Alfred Davison, A.B. : Teacher 

Weber, Adolph H., Ph.B. agr.; M.E. 

(Univ. of Freiberg, Saxony) 1884 

1515 Euclid av., B. 
Whitney, Arthur Leslie, Ph.B. let.: Manu- 

factui'er San Mateo. 
Woolsey, Kate Francese (Mrs. C. W. 

Slack), Ph.B. let. 2224 Sacramento 

St., S. F. 


'Adams, Frank Lemuel, A.B. ; M.D. 

(Cooper Medical College) 1883. (Died 

November 19, 1908.) 
e Barry, Jennie (Mrs. W. G. Klee), Ph.B. 

let. (Died December, 1898.) 
Bonestell, Cheslev Knight, M.A. ; A.B. 

1875. v. 1875. 
Bragg, Adah (Mrs. H. E. Holmes), Ph.B. 

chem. 209 Castro st., S. F. 
Clarke, Russell Ward, Ph.B. mech. : Man- 
ager of Water and Light Co. 513 E 

st., Grant's Pass, Ore. 
^Coon. Charles Mayhew, Ph.B. mech. 

(Died November 13, 1889.) 
Gumming, George Marion, Ph.B. mech.: 

Engineer 3653 Sixteenth st., S. F. 
D'Ancona, Alexander Dawson, M.A. ; 

A.B. 1875; LL.B. 1881. v. 1875. 
Deering, Frank Prentiss, M.A. ; A.B. 

1875; LL.B. 1881. v. 1875. 

Fisher, Leonard Carrington, Ph.B. agr. : 
Merchant 352 Morrison st., Portland, 

Kelsey, Horace Greelev, Ph.B. agr. : 
Farmer Merced Falls. 

Lindley, Douglas A., Ph.B. min. : Mer- 
chant 220 K st., Sacramento. 

Loewenthal, Max, A.B. ; LL.B. 1884: 
Lawyer 1833 So. Flower st., Los 

Low, Arthur Freeman, M.A. ; A.B. 1875. 

v. 1875. 

*McGillivray, James Janes, A.B. (Died 
May 22, 1897.) 

Mann, Seth, A.B.: Lawyer 1203 Mer- 
chants Exchange Bldg., S. F. 

Mastick, Reuben Wood, Ph.B. chem. 
1556 ETerett st., A. 

Moore, Robert Scott, Ph.B. mech. : Man- 
ufacturer Moore & Scott Iron Works, 
Main and Howard st., S. F. 
* Pearsons, Hiram Arthur, Ph.B. mech. 
(Died July 7, 1889.) 

Pratt, Alice Edwards, Ph.B. let,; Ph.M. 

(Univ. of Chicago) 1893; Ph.D. 

(Univ. of Chicago) 1897: Teacher 

State Normal School, San Diego. 
Riley, Peter Thomas, M.A. ; A.B. 1877; 

LL.B. 1888. v. 1877. 

Russell, Harry A., Ph.B. min. : Man- 
ager of Sales Department for Gen. 
Elec. Co. Union Trust Bldg., S. F. 

Sessions, Kate O., Ph.B. chem. : Horticul- 
turist 1428 W. Lewis st., San 

Shainwald, Charles L., Ph.B. let.: Man- 
ager of the Standard Paint Co. 
Imperial Bank Bldg., Montreal, Can- 

Shaw, Joseph Armitage, Ph.B. eng. : 
Civil engineer Ferndale. 

Storey, William Benson, Ph.B. mech. : 
Civil Engineer Calumet Club, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Suter, Daniel, Ph.B. chem.: Lawyer 325 

Bush st., S. F. 
Sutliffe, Edgar Curtiss, M.A. ; A.B. 1878. 

v. 1878. 
Wallace, Ryland Burnett, M.A. ; A.B. 

1876; LL.B. 1881. v. 1876. 
Winans, Joseph William, M.A. ; A.B. 

1878; LL.B. 1881. v. 1878. 


Akerly, James Clark Smith, Ph.B. chem.; 
M'.D. (Cooper Medical College) 1885: 
Physician 1155 Broadway, O. 

Armes, William Dallam, Ph.B. let.; M.L. 
1895: Assoc. Professor English, U. 
C. Faculty Club, B. 

Armstrong, Albert. Man, Ph.B. let.: Prin- 
cipal of Schools S. F. 

Atkinson, John Wesley, Ph.B. chem. : 
Manager Union Sugar Co. Bettera- 

Bailey, Ella Florence (Mrs. F. A. Bruns), 
Ph.B. let. San Anselmo. 

''Barcroft, David, Ph.B. eng. (Died 

August 2, 1894.) 

BERRY, - RUFUS ALBERT, Ph.B. agr. ; 
LL.B. 1897: Real estate 2700 Ben- 
venue av., B. 

Bienenfeld, Bernard, Ph.B. eng. : Con- 
sulting engineer 621 Wells Fargo 
Bldg., S. F. 

Bishop, John Sessions, Ph.B. let.; M.D. 
(Boston Univ.) 1886: Physician 
Forest Grove, Ore. 

Black, Orion, Ph.B. let.- 
S. F. 

-1013 Vallejo st., 

Bowles, Philip Ernest, Ph.B. agr. : 

Banker First National Bank, O. 
Brier, William Wallace, Ph.B. eng.: Civil 

engineer 761 North Broadway, Los 

Chapman, William Henry, M.A. ; A.B. 

1879. v. 1879. 
Clark, Frederick Hiram, A.B.; M.A. 

1886: Teacher Lowell High School, 

S. F. 


Crittenden, Joseph Lambert, Ph.B. chem. ; 

LL.B. 1891: Teacher 247 West Clay 

St., S. F. 
Davis, Carroll Melvin, M.A. ; A.B. 1879. 

v. 1879. 
Fremery, James Leon De, Ph.B. chem.; 

Ph.D. (Heidelberg) 1886: Merchant 

De Fremery Park, O. 

Dorn, Diademus Socrates, Ph.B. let. 502 

Humboldt Savings Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Dorn, Marcellus Americus, M.A. ; Ph.B. 

1879; LL.B. 1882. v. 1879. 
Dwyer, John Joseph, A.B.; LL.B. 1885 

442 Ashbury st., S. F. 
Edmonds, Annie Caroline, Ph.B. let. : 

Real estate 2612 Regent st., B. 

Edmonds, Harry Marcus Weston, A.B. ; 
M.D. (Hahneman Medical College, 
Chicago) 1892: Observer in Depart- 
ment of Terrestial Magnetism for 
Carnegie Institute Care of Dr. L. A. 
Bauer, The Ontario, Washington, D. 

Edwards, Charles Albert, Ph.B. let.: 
Banker Santa Barbara. 

Franklin, Selim Maurice, Ph.B. let.: Law- 
yer Box 508, Tuscon, Ariz. 

Gill, William Watkinson, Ph.B. mech.: 
Auditor Care of W. P. Fuller & Co., 
301 Mission st., S. F. 

Hittell, Catherine Hermanna, A.B. 808 
Turk st., S. F. 

Hooker, Robert Gay, 'Ph.B. mech.: Brok- 
er San Mateo, Cal. 

Jackson, Robert Dyas, Ph.B. min. 

Jaspar, Oscar Wood, Ph.B. agr. : Civil 
and mining engineer 1616 Telegraph 
av., O. 

Levy, Samuel M., Ph.B. eng. 
*Lincoln, Jerome Bates, A.B. ; LL.B. 1887. 
(Died July 4, 1898.) 

Niles, Addison Perkins, Ph.B. mech.: Art- 
ist 13 West Thirtieth st., New York 

Oatman, Charles Henry, Ph.B. let.: Law- 
yer Balboa Bldg., S. F. 

Paige, Cutler, Ph.B. agr. 2516 Pacific 

av., S. F. 
Pardee, George Cooper, M.A. ; Ph.B. 

1879; M.D. (Leipzig) 1885. v. 1879. 
*Pollock, Alexander Fletcher, Ph.B. chem. 

(Died October 25, 1907.) 
Schorr, George Frederick, Ph.B. let.: 

Manager Rex Spray Co. Benicia. 

Senger, Joachim Henry, A.B. ; Ph.D. 

1888: Assoc. Professor German, U. 

C. 1429 Spruce st., B. 
Stoddard, Evelyn Louise, Ph.R. chem. 

1052 Beacon st., Los Angeles. 
Swyney, Caroline Josephine, A.B. : 

Teacher 1506 Lincoln av., A. 

Webster, Reginald Heber, M.A. ; A.B. 

1877. v. 1877. 
Weed, Howard L., Ph.B. min.: Mining 

engineer Box 634, Chico. 


Bartling, Florence (Mrs. E. C. Sanford), 
A.B.; M.A. 1901 96 Woodland st., 
Worcester, Mass. 

Beal, Flora Eleanor, B.L.: A.B. (Stan- 
ford Univ.) 1896: Teacher 123 
Sunol st., San Jose. 

Benfey, Ida (Mrs. G. M. Judd), B.L. 
1 W. Eighty-seventh st., New York 

Bernstein, Fanny (Mrs. H. Flatau), 
Ph.B. 816 Westlake av., Los Ange- 

Bracken, Frances M. (Mrs. W. S. Gould), 
B.L. 2220 Webster st., O. 

Burk, Fred Lester, B.L.; M.A. (Stanford 
Univ.) 1892; Ph.D. (Clark Univ.) 
1898: President State Normal School 
State Normal School, S. F. 
*Carnall, Armor (Mrs. W. W. Deamer), 
A. B. (Died September 6, 1884.) 

Cheney, Mrs. May Lucretia Shepard, 
B.L. : Appointment secretary, U. C. 
2241 College av., B. 

Conner, William Edward, A.B.: Book- 
keeper 2301 Polk st., S. F. . 
*Cope, Walter Burton, A.B. : LL.B. 1886. 
(Died December 3, 1909.) 

*Deamer, William White, A.B. ; LL.B. 
1893. (Died October 16, 1910.) 

Durst, Murray Haines, B.S. agr.: Hop- 
grower 1715 Central av., A. 

Earl, Guy Chaffee, A.B.: Lawyer 10 
McClure st,, O. 

Fife, William Charles, Ph.B.: Asst. 
cashier of Union Trust Co. of S. F. 
2728 Regent st., B. 

Grady, Theodore, B.L. : Teacher and 
Lawyer 2809 Kelsey st., B. 

Hansen, John Henry, B.L. ; LL.B. 1889: 
Lawver 1605 Claus Spreckels Bldg., 
S. F. 

Harmon, Edward Newell, A.B. : Lumber 
Merchant Belvedere, Marin County. 

Hayne, Brewton Alston, A.B.; M.A. 
1884: Lawyer 2421 Piedmont av., 

Hollister, Lottie Minetta (Mrs. G. B. Jac- 
obs), B. L. 278 E. Eleventh st., O. 

Kelsey, Arthur Louis, B.S. agr.; M.D. 
(Jefferson Medical College) 1888: 
Oculist and aurist 503 Wright & 
Callender Bldg., Los Angeles. 

Louisson, Edward B., B.S. civ. eng.: 
Merchant 114 Sansome st,, S. F. 

Medbery, Millie (Mrs. Wm. Reed). B.S. 
civ. 'eng. 243 Forty-first St., O. 


Merrill, Hiram Francis Fontaine, B.S. 
civ. eng. : Manufacturer 420 E. Rose 
st., Stockton. 

Newman, Jerome, B.S. civ. eng.: Engi- 
neer 1271 Twelfth av., S. F. 

Pownall, Joseph Benjamin, B.S. chem. : 
Secretary East Shore Lumber Co. 
1414 Webster st., O. 

Ridge, Nannie Northrup (Mrs. J. E. 
Frick), B.L. Cornelia Hotel, 641 
O'Farrell st., S. F. 

Ruef, Abraham, A.B.; LL.B. 1886 2819 
Pierce st., S. F. 

Sanford, Edmund Clark, A.B.; Ph.D. 
(Johns Hopkins Univ.) 1888; ScD. 
(Hobart College) 1909: President of 
Clark College 96 Woodland st., Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

Schindler, Andrew D., B.S. civ. eng. 
1806 Golden Gate av., S. F. 

Thorne, Andrew, B.L.: LL.B. 1888: Law- 
yer Mills Bldg., S. F. 

Walcott, Earle Ashley, B.L. : Executive 

Secretary of Commonwealth Club of 

California 804 First National Bank 

Bldg., S. F. 

* Walton, Frank John, B.L. (Died, 1883.) 



Beatty, William Adam, B.L. : 
1887: Editor Winchester, 

Bosse, Charles Oscar, B.S. mech. : Manu- 
facturer 1924 Pacific av., Tacoma, 

* Bradford, William Frederick, B.S. civ. 
eng. (Died, 1896.) 

''Chase, John Massurier, B.L. (Died 
January 30, 1894.) 

''Dunn, James P. H., B.S. chem.; M.D. 
1888. (Died August 13, 1908.) 

Edwards, George, B.L. 2530 Dwight 
way, B. 

Gompertz, Helen Marion (Mrs. J. N. Le 
Conte), B.L. 19 Hillside Court, B. 

Graham, Adelaide Elizabeth, B.L.: Teach- 
er St. Helena. 

Hayne, Brewton Alston, M.A. ; A.B. 
1883. v. 1883. 

*Hoefer, Eugene, B.S. mech. and min. 

(Died May 16, 1898.) 
Huggins, Charles Loyal, B.S. civ. 
Civil engineer 2313 Chaning \ 
LeConte, Caroline Eaton, B.L.- 
Bancroft way, B. 
*Lezinsky, David Lesser, A.B. 
July 4, 1895.) 

McAllister, Elliott Ward, A.B. ; M.A. 
(Columbia Univ.) 1887; LL.B. (Co- 
lumbia Univ.) 1888: Lawyer San 

r ay, B. 


Mezes, Sidney Edward, B.S. civ. eng.; 
A.B. 1890; M.A. 1891, and Ph.D. 
1893 (Howard Univ.): President of 
the Univ. of Texas Univ. Station, 
Austin, Texas. 

Miller, Isabelle Judith, B.L. : Teacher of 
Music 1224 Leavenworth st., S. F. 

NeAvell, Blanche Estelle, B.L. : Farmer 

Pond, James Haven, A.B. ; M.D. (Oak- 
land College of Medicine) 1910: 
Physician 32 Bella Vista av., O. 

Powers, Frank H., B.S. civ. eng.: Law- 
yer 2714 Steiner st., S. F. 
Ramm, Charles Adolph, B.S. civ. eng.; 

M.A. 1889 and S.T.B. 1891 (St. 

Mary's Seminary) : Clergyman 1100 

Franklin st., S. F. 
Scobie, Marguerite (Mrs. J. D. Davis), 

B.L. 58 Mercer st., Princeton, N. J. 
Shaw, Harriet Levantia (Mrs. A. B. 

Taynton), B.S. chem. 420 Kittredge 

Bldg., Denver, Colo. 
STEWART, CHARLES, ex-1884: Acting 

Secretary of Class Chronicle Bldg., 

S. F. 

* Walcott, Mabel (Mrs. W. A. Beatty), 

B.L. (Died April 20, 1901.) 

* Walcott, Maude (Mrs. F. A. Butts), 

B.L. (Died November 26, 1888.) 
Wheeler, Charles Stetson, B.L.: Lawyer 
Union Trust Bldg., S. F. 


Barber, Joseph Edwin, A.B.: Judge of 
Superior Court Redding. 

(General Theological Seminary, New 
York). 1888: Rector St. Matthew's 
School, Burlingame. 

Brown, Paul Francis, B.L. Hollister. 
*Bryant, Herman Bradford, B.L. (Died, 

Campbell, Mary Marston, B.L.: Teacher 
1262 Webster st., O. 

Cheney, William Fitch, B.L.; M.D. 
Cooper Medical College) 1889: Phy- 
sician Shreve Bldg., S. F. 

Congdon, Merton Joseph, B.S. agr. ; 
D.D.S. (College of Physicians and 
Surgeons) 1901: Dentist 2527 Pied- 
mont av., B. 

Crittenden, Mary Alice, B.L. : Teacher 

2526 Ocean blvd., S. F. 
Dibble, Wenona Laura (Mrs. Edward 

Ackley), B.S. chem. 481 University 

av., Palo Alto. 

Dikeman, Henry Edward, B.S. civ. eng. 
Dunn, Francis, A.B.: Lawyer 620 Mills 

Bldg., S. F. 
Feusier, Henry Edward Clermont, A.B. : 

Engineer 68 Post st., S. F. 


^Fulton, Adelaide Marguerite, Ph.B. (Died 

May 11, 1904.) 
Gibbons, Alice (Mrs. F. B. Graves), B.L. 

1611 San Antonio av., A. 
Happersberger, Albert Karl, A.B.; M.D. 
1888- Physician 1300 Golden Gate 
av., S. F. 
Hayne, Stephen Duncan, A.B. ; LL.B. 

1888 502 California st,, S. F. 
Heller, Emanuel Siegfried, B. S. chem. ; 
LL.B 1889: Lawyer Union Trust 
Bldg., S. F. 
Heyman, Joseph Arnold, A.B. 1120 

Eighth st., Sacramento. 
McLean, Fannie Williams, B.L.: Teacher 

1829 Bancroft way, B. 
*Meeks, William Vincent, A.B. (Died 

April 18, 1886.) 

Miller, Harry East, B.S. chem.: Ph.D. 
(Strassburg Univ.) 1888: Chemist 
305 Palm av., O. 

Myrick, Charles Marsden, B. S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer 2709 Pine st., S. F. 
Putnam, Edward Williston, A.B.; Ph.D. 
(Chicago Univ.) 1901: Real estate 
519 California st., S. F. 
Ril.-y, George Edward, Ph.B. 964A Mar- 
ket st., S. F. 

Rothganger, George, A.B. ; M.D. (Coop>r 
Medical College) 1888: Surgeon 126 
Stockton st, S. F. 
Russell, Thomas Bartlett, B. S. min.: 

Civil engineer Hayward. 
Shearer, Helen Lawrence (Mrs. M. Craig), 
B.L.: Teacher 1826 Sixteenth st., 
Stillman, John Maxson, Ph.D.; Ph.B. 

1874. v. 1874. 
Stone, Andrew L., B.L. : Contractor 

Sutton, John Grant, B.S. min.: Contrac 

tor 2201 Baker st, S. F. 
Treat, Sarah Bachelder (Mrs. G. R. 

Child), B.L. 3701 Broadway, O. 
Wakefleld, Claude Buchanan, A.B.: Clerk 

2118 K st., Sacramento. 
Warren, Edwin Stafford, B.S. min.: Real 
estate Hayward. 


Austin, Stafford Wallace, Ph.B.: Lawyer 

1266 Broadway, O. 
Barnett, Abraham Thomas, A.B.; LL.B. 

1889: Lawyer 912 Humboldt Bank 

Bldg., S. F. 
Biedenbach. Charles Louis, A.B.; M.A. 

1894: Teacher 2526 College av., B. 
Braverman, Alfred, B.S. chem.: Real 

estate 110 Land Co. Bldg., Fresno. 
Chapman, Alice, B.L. 
Clark, Frederick Hiram, M.A. ; A.B. 1882. 

v. 1882. 

brarian, Stanford Univ. 

Crocker, Gulielma Ruth, A.B. ; M.S. n. s. 
1901 Centerville. 

Easton, Kimball Gushee, A.B.: Secretary 
Summit Construction Co. 2730 Gar- 
ber st, B. 

Eells, Alexander Grimes, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1888: Lawyer Laverne, Marin Co. 

Fischer, Frank, A.B. ; M.D. (Cooper Medi- 
cal College) 1891: Physician 1329 
Jackson st., S. F. 

Greene, Charles Samuel, A.B. : Librarian 
135 Kempton av., O. 

Howard, Edward Averett, Ph.B.: Mer- 
chant 371 Fairmont av., O. 
*Jordan, Leslie Alexander, B.L. (Died 
July 30, 1909.) 

Levy, Harriet Lane, Ph.B. 75 Rue Notre 

Dame des Camps, Paris, France. 
*Miller, Ida Chadeayne, Ph.B. (Died Jan- 
uary 30, 1894.) 

Moffitt, James Kennedy, B.S. min.: Bank 
cashier, Cloyne court, B. 

Sprague, Frances Royal, B.L. ; M.D. 

( Women's Medical College of Pennsyl- 

v.mia) 1891: Physician 2576 Wash 

ington st., S. F. 
Turner, Robert Chester, B.S. min. : Min 

ing engineer 2511 Bancroft way, B. 
*Waterman, Waldo Sprague, B.S. min. 

(Died February 24. 1903.) 


Ashh-y, Arthur Henry, Ph.B.: Lawyer 
1246 North Sutter st., Stockton. 

Bartnett, Walter John, A.B. ; LL.B. 1890: 
Luwy.-r Mill Valh-y. 

Blanchard, Milton Eugene, B.L. ; A.B. 
1898; A.M. 1900 and Ph.D. 1901 
(Harvard Univ.): Teacher 845 Ash- 
bury st., S. F. 

Boyd, George Davis, Ph.B.; LL.B. 1890 
Pacific Union Club, S. F. 

Bush. Robert Edwin, B. S. civ. eng. : 
Editor 1928 Francisco st., S. F. 

Cooper, Fanny, A.B. Santa Barbara. 

Cross, Arthur Dudley, B.S. civ. eng.: En- 
gineer 1301 Alice St., O. 
*Dikeman, Simon George, B. S. civ. eng. 


*Dudley, George Dickson, B.L. ; LL.B. 
1891. (Died October 24, 1904.) 

Elsasser, Meyer, B.S. chem. : Mine owner 
Mutual Bldg., City of Mexico. 

Gamble, Thomas Adam, A.B. : LL.B. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1890 1419 Caro- 
line st., A. 

Gear, Albert Van Clief, A.B. Honolulu, 
T. H. 

Gray, John Hatfield, B.S. chem.: Chemist 
3851 Point Lobos av., S. F. 



LL.B. 1890: Lawyer La Loina Park, 

Grover, Alice (Mrs. J. L. Whitbeck), 
B.L. : Librarian 1912 Sacramento St., 

Hostetter, Etta Nevena (Mrs. T. E. 
Haven), Ph.B. 2400 Vallejo at., S. P. 

Jump, Robert L., Ph.B.; M.D. (Cooper 
Medical College) 1890: Physician 
3412 Fruitvale av., Fruitvale. 

Knapp, Arthur, B. S. min.: Mining en- 
gineer 1382 Webster st., O. 

McCann, Ferdinand, B. S. civ. eng. and 
min. 'Mexico City. 

McNeeley, Ella Caroline, Ph.B. 

Mather, Stephen Tyng, B.L. : Manufac- 
turer 5638 Madison av., Chicago, 111. 

Miller, Adolph Caspar, A.B. : M.A. (Har- 
vard Univ.), 1888: Flood Professor of 
Political Economy and Commerce, U. 
C. 2425 Ridge rd., B. 

Murphy, John Douglass, Ph.B.: Judge 
Superior Court Bridgeport, Mono Co. 
*Oury, Francis William, B.S. min. (Died 
September 19, 1893.) 

Peyton, William Charles, B.S. chem. : 
' Manufacturer Mills Bldg., S. F. 

Prag, Florence (Mrs. Julius Kahn), Ph.B. 
2712 Webster st., S. F. 

Randall, Henry Irwin, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Civil engineer Nation, Lane Co., Ore. 

Rathbone, Henry Bowen, Ph.B.: Manu- 
facturer 2215 California st, S. F. 

Raymond, William James, B.S. mech. : 
Associate Professor of Physics, U. C. 
2622 Piedmont av., B. 

Rickard, Thomas, B.S. min.: Merchant 
2722 Bancroft way, B. 

Rixford, Emmett, B.S. mech.: M.D. 
(Cooper Medical College) 1891: Sur- 
geon 1795 California st., S. F. 

Rogers, Laussat Richter, A.B. 1120 
Chestnut st., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Samuels, Jacob, A.B.; LL.B. 1890 320 
Maple st., S. F. 

Sanderson, William Wilson, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1890: Lawyer 2504 Leavenworth st., 
S. F. 

Sloss, Joseph, B.S. civ. eng.: Capitalist 
310 Sansome st., S. F. 

Taylor, Henry Benedict, B.L. : Manufac- 
turer 704 Eighth st., O. 

Thatcher, Arthur James, B.S. chem.: 
Lawyer 323 H st., Eureka. 

Turner, Frederick Chester, B.S. agr. : 
City engineer 255 Ridgeway av., O. 

Wangenhein, Julius, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Banker 900 Juniper st., San Diego. 

White, Mary (Mrs. C. C. Gibbs), Ph.B. 
Deming, N. M. 

Wilkinson, John Francis, B.S. min. : Min- 
ing engineer Hotel Merritt, O. 

Wilson, Catharine Emma (Mrs. P. H. 
Rudock), A.B. Mill Valley. 


Allardt, Charles Ferdinand, B.S. mech. : 

Mechanical engineer 1117 Linden st., 

Allardt, Frederick Adolph, Ph.B.: Bank 

cashier 1-127 Linden st., O. 
Bachman, Arthur, Ph.B. : Merchant 

2800 Jackson st., S. F. 
Beard, James Edgar, Ph.B.: Merchant 

204 Wilson st., Napa. 

Bloom, Solomon, A.B. ; LL.B. 1891: Law- 
yer 68 Post St., S. F. 

Booth, Franklin, B.S, min.: President 
Pac. Elec. Heating Co. 519 Occiden- 
tal blvd., Los Angeles. 

Booth, James Philip, A.B.: Journalist 
Press Club, S. F. 

Bosqui, Francis Lawrence, Ph.B.; M.D. 
(Columbia Univ.) 1891 Mills Bldg., 
S. F. 

Brown, Isidor Irving, A.B.: Lawyer 20 
Montgomery st., S. F. 

Cook, Finlay, Ph.B.: Lawyer San Mateo. 

Downs, Walter Ephraim, B.S. civ. eng. 
Sutter Creek, Amador Co. 

Drew, Elmer Reginald, B.S. mech.; Ph.D. 
(Cornell Univ.) 1903: Professor of 
Physics Stanford Univ. 1321 Wav- 
erly st., Palo Alto. 

Ellis, Adrian Collier, A.B.; LL.B. 1891 
Box 287, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Ellsworth, Oliver, A.B. ; LL.B. 1891: 
Lawyer 1244 Linden st., O. 

Heftv, Emma (Mrs. A. L. Gibson) B.L. 

Hillegass, George Washington, B.L.; M.D. 
(Univ. of Paris): Physician 877 E. 
Thirty-eighth st., O. 

Holbrook, Henry Morgan, Ph.B.: Mer- 
chant 2520 Pacific av., S. F, 

Johnson, Letitia Eleanor, B.L. : Teacher 

458 Bay View av., O. 
*Kip, William Ingraham, Jr., A.B. ; S.T.B. 
(General Theological Seminary, N. Y.) 
1892. (Died October 2, 1902.) 

Knight, Robert Stuart, Ph.B.: Banker 

1297 Oak st., O. 

"Koshland, Montefiore, B.S. chem. (Died 
September, 1889.) 

Layman, Joseph Dieffenbach, B.L. : Libra- 
rian 255 University terrace, Reno, 

' Director Wilmerding School and prin- 
cipal Cal. School of Mechanical Arts 
Redwood City. 

Monroe, Henry E., B.L. 2623 Devisa- 
dero st., S. F. 

Murphy, Mayella G., Ph.B. 


Palmer, Theodore Sherman, A.B.; M.D. 
(Georgetown Univ.) 1895: Asst. in 
U. S. Dept. of Agriculture 1939 Bilt- 
more st., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Rieber, Charles Henry, A.B. ; A.M. 1899 
and Ph.D. 1900 (Harvard Univ.): 
Assoc. Professor of Logic, U. C. 15 
Canyon rd, B. 

Ritter, William Emerson, B.S. chem.: 
M. A. 1891 and Ph.D. 1893 (Harvard 
Univ.): Professor of Zoology, U. C., 
and Director of Marine Biological Sta- 
tion of San Diego La Jolla. 

Senger, Joachim Henry, Ph.D.; A.B. 
1882. v. 1882. 

Stoney, Gaillard, A.B.; LL.B. 1891: Law- 
yer 3294 Jackson st., S. F. 

Stratton, George Malcolm, A.B.: M.A. 
(Yale Univ.) 1890; M.A. and Ph.D. 
(Leipzig Univ.) 1896: Professor of 
Psychology, U. C. Panoramic way, B. 

Sutton, James, Ph.B., Recorder of the 
Faculties, U. C. 2301 Prospect St., 

Turner, Charles Edward, A.B. ; M.D. 
(Cooper Medical College) 1894: Phy- 
sician Big Pine, Inyo Co. 

Variel, William James, B.S. chem.: Law- 
yer 2009 W. Washington St., Los 

"Wentworth, William Hannaford, A.B.; 
M.D. (Cooper Medical College) 1895. 
(Died September 11, 1901.) 

Woodhams, Maurice Sullivan, A.B.; LL.B. 
1891: Contractor 1270 Sixteenth av., 
S. F. 


Bakewell, Charles Montague, A.B.; M.A. 
1891; A.M. 1892 and Ph.D. 1894 
(Harvard Univ.), Sheldon Clark Pro- 
fessor of Philosophy in Yale Univ. 
305 Lawrence st., New Haven, Conn. 

Bonner, Charles Gore, B.S. agr. : Packer 
and shipper of dried fruits 1534 
Spring st., B. 

Bunker, Minnie, A.B. : Teacher 2715 
Woolsey st., B. 

Clark, Emily Caryl (Mrs. R. M. Welber), 
B.L.; M.L. 1892 Corona. 

Craig, William Talton, Ph.B.: Lawyer 
528 Harvard blvd., Los Angeles. 

Dornin, John Gushing, B.S. min.: 2624 
Haste st., B. 

Dow, William Alonzo, Ph.B.: Lawyer 
1270 Twenty-third av., O. 

Duhring, Frederick Thomas, Ph.B.: Mer- 
chant, Sonoma. 

Edelman, David William, A.B. ; M.D. 
(Univ. of City of New York) 1891: 
Physician 1018 Elden av., Los An- 

Fisher, Grace Merriam, B.L.; M.L. 1892 
904 Filbert st., O. 

Flaherty, John Loftus, A.B.; LL.B. 1892. 
^Hayne, Arthur Peronneau, Ph.B. (Died.) 
Holmes, Charles Edward, B.S. civ. eng. : 

Capitalist Belvedere. 
Hutchinson, Lincoln, Ph.B.; A.B. 1893 

and A.M. 1899 (Harvard Univ.): 

Asst. Professor of Commerce, U. C. 

9 Canyon rd., B. 
Jepson, Willis Linn, Ph.B.; Ph.D. 1898: 

Professor of Botany, U. C. 2704 

Hillegass av., B. 
Jory, Henry James, B.S. min.: Mine 

operator 2743 Raymond av., Los An- 
* Lazarus, Armand, A.B. (Died February, 

Lee, Elsie Bloomfield (Mrs. F. C. Turner), 

B.L. 255 Ridgeway av., O. 
Lermen, John Jacob, A.B. 1638 Haight 

st., S. F. 

1892: Lawyer S.E. cor. Broadway 

and Laguna, S. F. . 

McLean, Mary Elizabeth, Ph.B. 1829 
Bancroft way, B. 

Melvin, Henry Alexander, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1892: Asoc. Justice Supreme Court 
of California 1363 Sixth av., O.^ 

Mendelson, Aaaron Louis, Ph.B. 

Moffitt, Herbert Charles, B.S. chem.; 
M.D. (Harvard Univ.) 1894: Phy- 
sician 1818 Broadway, S. F. 

Moore, Ralph Hepburn, B.S. mech. : En- 
gineer Spreckels, Monterey County. 

Murphy, Francis Daniel, A.B. 

Noble, Charles Albert, B.S. civ. eng.; 
Ph.D. (Univ. of Gottingen) 1901: 
Asst. Professor of Mathematics, U. C. 
2224 Piedmont av., B. 

Nourse, Beverly Stephen, A.B.; M.D. 
(Cooper Medical College) 1896: Phy- 
sician 6729 California st., S. F. 

Proctor, Wilfred Everett, B.S. civ. eng. 

Rowlands, William Edward, B.S. civ. 
eng.: Clerk of U. S. Customs 4097 
Seventeenth st., S. F. 

Sands, John Alonzo, Ph.B. 2031 Prince 
st., O. 

Schutte, John Henry, A.B. : Merchant 
1327 Nineteenth av., S. F. 

Steffens, Joseph Lincoln, Ph.B.: Author 
Riverside, Corn. 

Stone, Luella (Mrs. A. B. Swanger), B.S. 
rh.-m.; M.D. (California Medical Col- 
lege) 1892: Physician 583 Wals- 
worth av., O. 

Sturtevant, George Abram, Ph.B.: Judge 
of Superior Court 710 Grant Bldg., 
S. F. 

Sullivan, Thomas Berry, Ph.B.: Journal- 
ist 1450 Sacramento st., S. F. 

Thornton, Philip Burt, A.B. Kearny av., 



Von Adelung, Edward, B.S. mech. ; M.D. 

1892: Physician 417 Twenty-ninth 

St., O. 
Widber, Augustus Charles, B.S. min. 


Bailey, Henry French, Ph.B. : Merchant 

94 Pacific av., Santa Cruz. 
*Cary, James Hickcox, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1893. (Died.) 

Chapman, Josephine (Mrs. E. V. Law- 
ten), Ph.B. 2225 Pacific av., Ala- 

Chesnut, Victor King, B.S. chem. : 
Chemist Hyattsville, Md. 

Davis, William Henry, B.L. : Lawyer 

2600 Wilshire blvd., Los Angeles. 
*Dean, Richard Frank, A.B. ; LL.B. 1893 
(Died April 20, 1902.) 

Demarest, David Clarence, B.S. mech.: 
Manager mining machinery co. 1710 
Walnut St., B. 

ring st., B. 

Dyer, Hubert Paul, B.S. agr. : Chemist 

Halladay, Daniel Sawyer, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Civil engineer 729 Central Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 
*Harker, Charles Groff, A.B. (Died.) 

Henderson, Andrew Mitchell, A.B. ; M.D. 
(Cooper Medical College) 1893: Phy- 
sician Physicians' Bldg., Sacramento. 

Henderson, Ernest Norton, Ph.B.; A.B. 
1893; M.A. 1894; Ph.D. (Columbia 
Univ.) 1903: Professor of Educa- 
tion and Philosophy, Adelphi College 
391 Lafayette av., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Henderson, Fanny Matilda (Mrs. W. E. 
Beck), B.L. 543 Telegraph av., O. 

Hewitt, Leslie Randall, B.L.: Lawyer 
1212 S. Alvarado st., Los Angeles. 

Hill, Edward Coke, B.L. : Lawyer- 
Nome, Alaska. 

Hobson, Ruth Wales (Mrs. W. S. T. 
Smith), A.B. 155 University Terrace, 
Reno, Nevada. 

Howell, Hugh, B.S. mech.: Engineer 
Nahiku, Maui County, Hawaii. 

Incell, Arthur, B.S. civ. eng.; M.S. 1902: 
Civil engineer 2325 Carlton st., B. 

Jenkins, Jabez Arthur, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Grass Valley. 

Laeknan, Cornelius B., B.S. mech.: Man- 
ager copper co. Ely, Nevada. 

Lang, Norman Russell, Ph.B.: Manufac- 
turer Oregon City, Ore. 

McKisick, Lewis, Ph.B.: Asst. General 
Supt. Western Union Telegraph Co. 
815 Western Union Bldg., Chicago, 

McMurray, Orrin Kip, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1893 : Professor of Law, U. C. 
2327 LeConte av., B. 

McNear, Frederick William, B.L. ; AB 

1891 and LL.B. 1894 (Harvard 
.Univ.): Lawyer 728 Merchants Ex- 
change Bldg., S. F. 

McNeill, Anna, Ph.B. 2411 Oregon st., B. 
Mack, Arthur Fisher, B.S. mech 421 1 A 

N. Hill st., Los Angeles. 
Merrill, Ruth (Mrs. H. E. Cox), BL 

2693 Union st., S. F. 
Morton, Mary E. G., A.B. : Teacher 

1223 Twenty-seventh st., Sacramento. 
* Parker, Henry Gridley, B.S. civ eng 

(Died August 6, 1909.) 
Peck, Samuel Stadole, B.S. chem.; Ph G 

1892 : Chemist Hawaiian Sugar 
Planters' Association Experiment Sta- 
tion Honolulu, T. H. 

Pierce, Archie Burton, B.S. civ. eng.; 
A.M. (Harvard Univ.) 1892; Ph.D. 
(Zurich) 1903: Asst. Professor of 
Civil Engineering, Univ. of Mich 
1339 Washtenaw av., Ann Arbor, 

Ramsdall, Ada Hope, Ph.B. 1027 La 

Salle av., Chicago, 111. 
Rich, Frank Elmer, Ph.B.: Salesman for 

Western Metal Supply Co. 638 Cata- 

lina st., Los Angeles. 
*Rideout, John Dunning, A.B. (Died 

August 29, 1892.) 
Rodgers, William Lafayette, Ph.B.; LL.B 

1893 131 Tzechuan road, Shanghai, 

Samuels, Leon, Ph.B.; LL.B. 1893 1227 

Webster st., S. F. 
Smith, William Sidney Tangier, B.L. ; 

Ph.D. 1896: Professor of Geology 

and Mineralogy, Univ. of Nevada 

155 University Terrace, Reno, Ne- 
Sterns, Edward Heald, A.B.: Lawyer 

717 Railway Exchange, Chicago, 111. 
Stokes, Guy Heoncastle, Ph.B. 1604 

Haight st., S. F. 

Stonev, Donzel, Ph.B. Crocker Bldg., 

S. F. 
Street, Arthur Irwin, A.B. : Journalist 

and publisher Ossining, N. Y. 
Terry, Wallace Irving, B.S. chem.; M.D. 

1892: Surgeon 240 Stockton st., 

S. F. 
Townsend, Charles Edward, Ph.B.; LL.B. 

1903 : Lawyer 4208 Piedmont av., O. 
Wharff, Frederick Leslie, Ph.B.: Teacher 

Weaverville, Trinity County. 
*Wilson, Henry Lord, Ph.B. (Died July 

9, 1897.) 
Wright, Frederick William, B.S. chem.: 

Teacher Box 131, Arcata. 


Ainsworth, Henry Babbitt, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Capitalist Redondo Beach, Cal. 



Ainsworth, John Churchill, B.S. mech. : 
Banker 584 Elizabeth st., Portland, 

Allen, Arthur Fuller, B.S. mech.: Engi- 
neer and contractor Manila, P. I. 

Allen, Walter Cummings, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Electrical engineer District Bldg., 
Washington, D. C. 

Bakewell, Charles Montague, M.A. ; A.B. 
1889; A.M. (Harvard Univ.) 1892; 
Ph.D. (Harvard Univ.) 1894. v. 

Baldwin, Henry Clark, B.S. min. : Min- 
ing engineer Calle Liverpool 119, 
Mexico City, Mexico. 

Beard, Derrel Leonard, Ph.B.: Manufac- 
turer Napa. 

Bentley, Charles Harvey, A.B.: Manufac- 
turer 120 Market st., S. F. 

Blake, Anson Stiles, A.B.: Contractor 
2231 Piedmont av., B. 

Brewer, John Ankeney, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1894: Bank teller 1205 E. Twenty- 
first st., Los Angeles. 

Brown, William Herbert, B.S. mech.: 
Mechanical engineer 1531 Morton st., 

Bunnell, Edwin, A.B.; M.D. 1894: Phy- 
sician 1898 Geary st., S. P. 

Carssow, Felix Hugo, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Structural engineer Hooker & Lent 
Bldg., S. F. 

Chestnut, John Augustus, Jr., B.S. min.: 
Mining cnnim-cr (':in- of Los Aimrli-s 
Mining Co., Pueblo Nuevo, Durango, 

Coleman, George Edward, B.S. chem 
Care of First National Bank, Santa 

ufacturer 2710 Broadway, S. F. 
k Kichbaum, Thomas Eastland, B.S. min. 
(Died July 28, 1892.) 

Elliot, Albert Howell, A.B. : Lawyer 

1305 Telegraph v., O. 
Fisk, Henry Alfred, B.L.; B.D. (Chicago 

Iniv.) ' 1895: Social Settlement 

worker 555 Chestnut st., S. F. 
Fletcher, George Herbert, Ph.B.; LL.B. 

1896: Clerk of U. S. Customs 2042 

Lark in st., S. F. 

Fremery, Grace Hortense de, B.L. : 

Teacher 77 Fairmount av., O. 
Gunnison, Albert Warren, A.B.; M.A. 

1893: Fire insurance inspector 

3571 Twenty-first st,, S. F. 
Hall, Burton Luther, Ph.B.: Playwright 

2018 Parker st,, B. 
Hamilton, Emily Judson, Ph.B.: Teacher 

Box 122, Auburn. 
Head, Horace Caldwell, Ph.B.; LL.B. 

1896: Lawyer 411% N. Main st., 

Santa Ana. 

Hilborn, Edward Payson, Jr., B.S. civ 
eng. : Engineer Sutter Club, Sacra- 

Jacobs, Lester Henry, Ph.B. : LL.B. 
1894: Lawyer 1616 Le Roy av., B. 

Jones, Guernsey, Ph.B.; M.A. ; Ph.D. 
(Univ. of Heidelberg) 1896: Assoc. 
Professor of American History, Univ. 
of Nebraska 1418 L st., Lincoln, 

Juillard, Frederic Augustus, B.L. : Mer- 
chant 70 Worth st., New York City. 

King, Mary Alice, Ph.B.: Teacher 2976 
Clay st., S. F. 

Leavy, Rosetta Lulah (Mrs. F. E. Baume), 
Ph.B. "Berkeley," Symonds St., Auck- 
land, New Zealand. 

LeConte, Joseph Nesbit, B.S. mech.; 
M.M.E. (Cornell Univ.) 1892: Asst. 
Professor Mechanical Engineering, U. 
C. 19 Hillside Court, B. 

McFarlin, Herbert Sampson, B.L. : Secre- 
tary-treasurer Oakland Baseball Ass'n 
1868 Valdez st., O. 
*Meeker, James Denman, A.B. (Died.) 

Merrill, Charles Washington, B.S. min.: 
Metallurgist 2317 Prospect av., B. 

Michener, Charles Gerald, A.B. 1280 
Forty-second av., S. F. 

Miller, William Penn, B.S. min.: Metal- 
lurgist 211 W. First St., Los Angeles. 

Montague, Henry Bradford, B.L. ; LL.B. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1894: Lawyer 250 
Montgomery st., S. F. 

Morgan, Ross, B.S. civ. eng. 2308 Wool- 
st., B. 

Morrow, William Grant, Ph.B.: Mining 

Olney, Warren, Jr., A.B.; A.B. 1892 and 
LL.B. 1894 (Harvard Univ.): Law- 
yer 2702 D wight way, B. 

Palache, Charles, B.S. min.; Ph.D. 1894: 
Professor of Mineralogy, Harvard 
University 106 Appleton st., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Parcells, Frank Mershon, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1895: Lawyer 941 
Monadnock Bldg., S. F. 

Ransom, Tom Wells, B.S. mech.: Consult- 
ing engineer University Club, S. F. . 

Seymour, Arthur McArthur, Ph.B.: Law- 
yer Bryte Bldg., Sacramento. 

Shaw, Addison Eugene, A.B.: Lawyer 

Foxcroft Bldg., S, F. 

*Tay, Charles Fox, Ph.B. (Died February 
8, 1901.) 

Thompson, James Goodwin, Ph.B. ; M.D. 
1894: Physician Union Savings Bank 
Bldg., O. 

Waste, William Harrison, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1894: Judge of Superior Court 2222 
Durant av., B. 

Weaver, Philip Lawrence, Ph.B.: Lawyer 
1313 Makiki st., Honolulu, T. H. 


*Whitbeck, James Logan, A.B. (Died Sep- 
tember 15, 1909.) 

White, John Henry, B.L. : Teacher 2207 
Dwight way, B. 

Willard, Emma, M.A. ; A.B. (Oberlin Col- 
lege) 1888: Teacher Covert, Michi- 

Williams, Cora Lenore, Ph.B. ; M.S. 1898: 
Principal A-to-Zed School 2507 Chan- 
ning way, B. 

Wright, William Abourn, B.S. mech. : 

Farmer Merced. 

*Zeile, Eugene J., A.B. (Died November 
22, 1907.) 


Agnew, Elizabeth Olive, Ph.B. 1434 Val- 
lejo St., S. F. 

AIKEN, ALBERT C., Ph.B.: Lawyer 34 
Ellis St., S. F. 

Allen, Harris Stearns, Ph.B.: Proprietor 
Press Clipping Bureau 88 First St., 
S. F. 

Baldwin, Caroline Willard (Mrs. C. T. 
Morrison), B.S. mech.; D.Sc. (Cornell 
Univ.) 1895951 Hamilton av., Palo 

Beaver, Florence Emily (Mrs. W. Nichol- 
son), B.L. 9 Mt. Vernon av., Brain- 
tree (Boston), Mass. 

Blasdale, Walter Charles, B.S. chem. ; 
M.S. 1896; Ph.D. 1900: Asst. Profes- 
sor of Chemistry, U. C. 2514 College 
av., B. 

Blood, George Deroy, B.S. min. : Mining 
engineer 307 Herald Bldg., Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Bridges, Edith, B.L. : Proprietor School 
for Girls 321 Highland av., Pied- 

* Brier, Martha Annette, B.L. (Died July 
29, 1903.) 

Browne, Frederick Darwin, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Eng. Dept. of Southern Pacific Co. 

Byler, Emmett Addison, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Mining engineer Goldfield, Nevada. 
^Chapman, William Dudley, B.S. min. 

Clark, Emily Caryl (Mrs. R. M. Welber), 
M.L. ; B.L. 1889. v. 1889. 

Clark, Warren Vester, Jr., B.S. civ. eng. 
500 First National Bank Bldg., B. 

Clayes, Mary Bird, A.B.; M.A. 1894: 
Teacher 2420 Dwight way, B. 

Cohn, Robert David, B.L. ; M.D. (Heidel- 
berg Univ.) 1896: Oculist and aurist 
Argonaut Club, S. F. 

Craft Mabel Clare (Mrs. F. P. Deering), 
Ph.B.; LL.B. 18952709 Larkin st., 
S. F. 

Crary, Agnes (Mrs. P. L. Weaver), A.B. 
1313 Makiki st., Honolulu, T. H. 

Gushing, Caroline Morland (Mrs. C. A. 
Duniway), Ph.B. Missoula, Mont. 

*Davis, Edward Walker, B.L. (Died Feb- 
ruary 7, 1903.) 

Fisher, Grace Merriam, M.L. ; B.L. 1889. 
v. 1889. 

Fogg, William Willis, B.S. civ. eng. 770 
Thirteenth st., O. 

Galloway, Ida Gray, Ph.B.; A.M. (Colum- 
bia Univ.) 1907: Teacher 435 W. 
123rd St., New York City. 
*Garber, Joseph Baldwin, Ph.B. (Died 
July 6, 1910.) 

Gentry, William Henry Harrison, Ph.B. ; 
LL.B. (Harvard Univ.) 1895: Lawyer 
1747 Delaware st., B. 
*Goodyear, Everett Farnum, A.B. (Died 
December 13, 1902.) 

Grannis, Ellen Electa, M.A. ; A.B. (Ober- 
lin College) 1878: Teacher Coronado. 

Gray, James Huntington, B.S. mech.: Min- 
ing engineer Room 1605, 71 Broad- 
way, New York City. 

Greene, Carlton Webster, Ph.B.: Lawyer 
and rancher San Miguel. 

Greene, Francis Melbourne, B.L. Univ. 
of Berlin, Berlin, Germany. 

Grover, Harriet Margaret, A.B. : Teacher 
2620 Benvenue av., B. 

Haas, Edward Francis, B.S. civ. eng.; 
C.E. (Columbia School of Mines) 
1894: Civil engineer Merchants Ex- 
change Bldg., S. F. 

Harris, Isidor, Ph.B. ; LL.B. 1895 Claus 
Spreckels Bldg., S. F. 

Heacock, Lulu, B.L. 842 Pine av., Pa- 
cific Grove. 

Hellman, Isaias William, Jr., Ph.B. 
Union Trust Bldg., S. F. 

Hengstler, Louis Theodore, M.A. ; Grad- 
uate (Stuttgart Polytectinicum) 1883; 
Ph.D 1894: Lawyer and Professor of 
Law, Hastings College of the Law 
2630 Warring st., B. 

Hodgkins, Georgiana, Ph.B. : Teacher 
435 W. 123rd st., New York City. 

Humphreys, William Penn, Jr., Ph.B. ; 

A.B. 1893 and LL.B. 1896 (Harvard 

Univ.): Lawyer 110 Sutter st., S. F. 

* Lloyd, Lee White, B.S. civ. eng. (Died 

September 4, 1903.) 

McKisick, Robertson Topp, Ph.B.: Law- 
yer 35 Stoll Bldg.," Sacramento. 

McLean, Francis Herbert, A.B. : Field 
agent with Russell Sage Foundation 
Box 152, South Jacksonville, Fla. 

Matteson, David Maydole, Ph.B.; A.M. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1896: Historical 
searcher 1727 Cambridge st., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Molloy, Thomas Stephen, A.B. ; LL.B. 
1896: Lawyer 1515 Masonic av., S.F. 

Norris, Robert Stewart, B.S. chem.; Ph.D. 
(Johns Hopkins Univ.) 1897: Chemist 
Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Assn. Ex- 
periment Station, Honolulu, T. H. 


O'Brien, Victor Lathrop, Ph.B.; LL.B. 

1895 Pacific Bldg., S. F. 
Pait, Albert Clinton, A.B.: Lawyer 1214 

I st., Sacramento. 
Palmer, John Brooks, Ph.B.; LL.B. 1895: 

Lawyer 2446 Jackson st., S. F. 
Partridge, John Slater, A.B. ; M.A. 1894: 

Lawyer 2804 Hillegass av., B. 
Pringle, Edward J., Jr., Ph.B.: Lawyer 

Menlo Park. 

Rich, Francis Arthur, B.S. min. : En- 
gineer Phoenix Chambers, Queen St., 

Auckland, New Zealand. 
Robinson, George Prentiss, B.S. civ. eng. : 

Engineer 1906 W. Sixth st., Los An- 
Ryan, Rosa Emily, Ph.B.: Teacher 1810 

Gough st., S. F. 
Sanborn, Mary Shackford (Mrs. A. P. 

Noyes), Ph.B. 1020 Napa st., Vallejo. 
Sharpe, Selina, B.S. chem. ; M.S. 1896: 

Teacher 634 S. Tenth st., St. Joseph, 

*Somers, Burbank Gustavo, A.B.; LL.B. 

1895. (Died July 14, 1904.) 
Stone, George Frederick, B.S. min. 
Tompkins, Perry Thomas, B.L. ; A.B. 1902 

and A.M. 1903 (Harvard Univ.): Sec 

r.t.iry for Mason-McDuffie Co., real 

estate 2526 Durant av., B. 
Turner, Charles Louis, A.B. 1606 K-ani\ 

st.. S. F. 
Watson, Jessie Eleanor, Ph.B.; LL.B. 

1898 Wright. 
Webster, Albert Bradford, A.B. ; LL.B. 

1894: Lawyer 2721 Webster st., B. 
Wheeler, Roscoe, Jr., B.S. civ. eng.: Mill 

supt. for gold mining company 3521 

E. Fourteenth st., Fruitvale. 
Winter, De, B.L.; A.M. (Harvard Univ.) 

1894; Ph.D. (Yale Univ.) 1904: Real 

estate dealer 2339 College av., B. 
Young, Clement Calhoun, B.L. : Real 

estate dealer 2729 Derby st., B. 


Whitaker, B.S. chem.; M.D. 
1896: Sur- 

Allen, Lewi 

(Cooper Medical College) 
geon 475 Geary st., S. F. 

Bakewell, John, Jr., A.B. ; Grad. Archi- 
tect (Beaux Arts, Paris) 1902: Archi- 
tect 1219 Telegraph av., O. 

Barker, Eugene Henry, B.L.: Teacher 
1940 Park Grove av., Los Angeles. 

Bartlett, Louis, Ph.B.; LL.B. 1896: Law- 
yer 1700 Call Bldg., S. F. 

Bonner, Ernest Chappell, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1896 : Lawyer Alturas. 

Bradshaw, Ethel Rebekah (Mrs. McCann), 
Ph.B. 2nd Moctozuma 26, City of 
Mexico, Mexico. 

Brann, Walter Scott, Ph.B.; LL.B. 1896: 
Lawyer 1400 E. Fourteenth st., 

Bridgman, Lillie Belle, M.S. agr. ; B.S. 

(Kansas State Agricultural College) 

1886: Teacher 1715 La Loma av., B. 
Bunnell. Adeline (Mrs. A. H. Elliott), 

A.B. 1305 Telegraph av., O. 
Carpenter, William Morris, B.S. min. 

2525 Hearst av., B. 
Comstock, Sophie Pleasants, B.L. : Teacher 

1629 G. st., Sacramento. 
Croudace, Elinor Maude, Ph.B.: Writer 

1863 Vallejo st., S. F. 
Deacon, Frank Clark, B.S. mech. 
Dolman, Annie Lucy (Mrs. L. D. Ins- 
keep), B.L.; M.L. 1896; Ph.D. (Univ. 

of Chicago) 1898 1050 E. Thirtieth 

St., O. 
Drew, John Sheehan, Ph.B. : Teacher 

4076 Seventeenth st., S. F. 
Ellsworth, Jennie (Mrs. R. M. Price), 

Ph.B. Reno, Nevada. 
*Foulks, George Herbert, B.L. (Died June, 

Gates, Egbert James, B.S. chem.: Real 

estate dealer 1120 Buena Vista st., 

So. Pasadena. 
Gates, Howard Baker, Ph.B.; M.D. (New 

York Homeopathic Mrdiral Cul]i'i:r ) : 

Physician 509 Consolidated K.-altv 

Bldg., Los Angeles. 
Gooding, Louis Ebenezer, B.S. min. 

Crafton, British Columbia. 
*Graser, Anna Glave, Ph.B. (Died March 

11, 1901.) 
Greene, Mabel Ellsworth (Mrs. J. B. R. 

Cooper), Ph.B. Tunnel rd., B. 
Gunnison, Albert Warren, M.A. ; A.B. 

1891. v. 1891. 

Hall, Bertha, B.L.: Teacher 1735 Har- 
vard blvd., Los Angeles. 
Hall, Mabel (Mrs. L. H. Jacobs), Ph.B.; 

M.L. 1901 1616 LeRoy av., B. 
Hardy, Sarah McLean (Mrs. Warren 

Gregory), Ph.B. La Loma Park, B. 
Haskins, Samuel Moody, A.B.: Lawyer 

718 Pacific Electric Bldg., Los Angeles. 
Hathorn, Ralph La Forest, Ph.B.; LL.B. 

(Harvard Univ.) 1897: Lawyer 68 

Post st., S. F. 
Henderson, Ernest Norton, A.B. ; Ph.B. 

1890; M.A. 1894; Ph.D. (Columbia 

Univ.) 1903. v. 1890. 
Hennings, John Christian, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Clerk for Southern Pacific R.R. 1727 

Minturn av., Alameda. 
Henry, Walter Hughes, Ph.B.; LL.B. 

1896: Grain broker 630 Vernon st., 


Hinckley, Nathaniel Barnes, Ph.B.: Horti- 
culturist Redlands. 
Holmes, Samuel Jackson, B.S. chem.; M.S. 

1894; Ph.D. (Univ. of Chicago) 1897: 

Asst. Professor of Zoology, Univ. of 

Wisconsin Madison, Wis. 



Houghton, Edward Tompkins, A.B.; A.B. 

(Harvard Univ.) 1894: Lawyer 

2633 Benvenue av., B. 
Ho well, Kate Ruth (Mrs. L. T. Haskell), 

B.S. chem. 1393 Franklin st., O. 

Hunt, Loren Edward, B.S. civ. eng. ; En- 
gineer 38 Sixth av., S. F. 

Knight, Carl Laughlin, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Civil engineering 1710 G St., Sacra- 

Koshland, Jesse, A.B. : Merchant 182 
Bay State rd., Boston, Mass. 

Lachman, Arthur, B.S. chem.; PhD 
(Munich): Merchant 3037 Wheeler 
st.. B. 

Lang, Albert George, Ph.B. 

Latham, Milton Slocumb, Ph.B.: Merchant 

1817 California st., S. F. 
Leach, Clarence Woodbury, Ph.B.; A.M. 

(Harvard Univ.) 1897: Abstract 

writer 2503 Woolsey st., B. 
Low, David, Ph.B. Care of Pratt Low 

Preserving Co., Santa Clara. 

McClaughry, Hull, A.B. ; LL.B. (Harvard 
Univ.) 1896: Capitalist Jonathan 
Club, Los Angeles. 

McCracken, Augusta Miranda, Ph.B. 
1279 Twentieth av., O. 

Manson, Marsden, Ph.D.; B.S. 1876 and 
C.E. 1877 (Virginia Military Insti- 
tute) :Engineer 2010 Gough st., S. F. 

Marsh, John Alfred, A.B.: Lawyer 1640 
Fell st., S. F. 

Mays, Edwin, Ph.B.; B.L. (Univ. of Ore- 
gon) 1896: Farmer 859 Hawthorne 
av., Portland, Ore. 

Morrow, Robert Head, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1896: Lawyer 854 Mills Bldg., S. F. 

Peart, Lloyd Nelson, B.S. mech. : Supt. 
San Joaquin Light and Power Co. 
321 Nielsen av., Fresno. 

Pheby, Frederick Stanton, B.S. min. : Min- 
ing engineer 1301 Alice st., O. 

Posada, Juan de la Cruz, B.S. min. 
Medellin, Colombia. 

Price, Robert Martin, Ph.B.; LL.B. 1896: 
Lawyer Reno, Nevada. 

Ransome, Frederick Leslie, B.S. chem. ; 
Ph.D. 1896: Geologist U. S. Geologi- 
cal Survey, Washington, D. C. 

REED, GEORGIA ELLA (Mrs. Joseph Fife), 
B.L. ; M.L. 1898 3870 Jackson st., 
S. F. 

Rees, William Henry, B.S. chem.: Chemist 
1705 Bonte av., B. 

Rethers, Harry Frederick, A.B.: Captain 
in U. S. Army Care of Adjutant-Gen- 
eral, War Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Robinson, Inez Love (Mrs. W. S Brown), 
B.L. ; M.L. 1903 2224 Chapel st., B. 
r Sayre, Jesse Payne, Ph.B. (Died March 
22, 1897.) 

Schlieman, Harry Frederick, B.S. civ eng 

Sedgwick, Charles Elbert, B.S. mech 
Power salesman with Pacific Gas and 
Electric Co. 2840 Parker st., B. 

Simonds, Arthur Beaman, M.A. ; A B 
(Harvard Univ.) 1891. 

Simonds, Ernest Henry, B.S. min. : Metal- 
lurgical engineer 334 Pagoda av., O. 
* Solomons, Leon Mendez, B.S. chem M S 
1894; Ph.D. (Harvard Univ.), ' 1898.' 
(Died February 2, 1900.) 

Spooner, Mary Ella, B.L. 

Stetson, John Walter, Ph.B.: Lawyer 
353 Lenox av., O. 

Stuart, Henry Waldgrave, Ph.B.; Ph.D. 
(Univ. of Chicago) 1900: Professor of 
Philosophy, Stanford University. 

Van Dyke, Edwin Cooper, B.S. agr. ; M.D. 
(Cooper Medical College) : Physician 
1478A California st., S. F. 

Van Dyke, Henry Seward, A.B.: Lawyer 

222 W. Adams st., Los Angeles. 
*Van Winkle, Lawrence Everett, Ph B 
(Died January 4, 1906.) 

Webb, Susan Holmes (Mrs. W. P. Ing- 
lish), B.L. Vacaville. 

White, Jennie Rosamond (Mrs. John Hun- 
ter), Ph.B. 8820 Carnegie av., Cleve- 
land, O. 

Willis, Henry Montague, Ph.B.: Lawyer 
353 W. Highland av., Redlands. 

Wright, William Hammond, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Astronomer in Lick Observatory Mt. 
Hamilton, Cal. 


Allin, Charles Arthur, Ph.B.: Civil en- 
gineer 109 E. Walnut st., Pasadena. 

Avery, Russ, B.L. ; LL.B. (Harvard 
Univ.) 1897: Lawyer 632 Laughlin 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

Ballard, Ida Helen, Ph.B. 685 So. Union 
av., Los Angeles. 

Bancroft, Frank Watts, B.S. agr.; M.S. 
1896; A.M. 1897 and Ph.D. 1898 
(Harvard Univ.) Rockefeller Inst., 
New York. 

Bangs, Winifred Sutherland, B.L. 2710 
Regent st., B. 

Barker, Georgia Loring, B.L. 2031 
Dwlght way, B. 

Biedenbach, Charles Louis, M.A. ; A.B. 
1886. v. 1886. 

Bioletti, Frederick Theodore, B.S. agr.; 
M.S. 1898: Asst. Professor of Viticul- 
ture, U. C. 1516 Edith st., B. 

Blum, Sanford, A.B.; M.D. 1896; M.S. 
1902 : Physician City of Paris Bldg., 
S. F. 

Boggs, Frances Evans (Mrs. C. E. Wat- 
kinson), Ph.B. 13 N. Seminary St., 


Boggs, Frank Shackelford, B.L.: Banker 
2731 Durant av., B. 

Boke, George Henry, Ph.B.; A.M. 1900 
and LL.B. 1905 (Harvard Univ.): 
Professor of Law, U. C. 

Borchers, Bertha (Mrs. M. W. Franklin), 
B.L. ; M.D. 1891 47 Waverly place, 
Schenectady, N. Y. 

Brewer, Robert Lee ; B.S. civ. eng. 
Knights, Transvaal, South Africa. 

Bromley, Marion, Ph.B.: Teacher 483 
Merrimac st., O. 

Bruce, Janet (Mrs. Clifton Macon), B.L. 
497 Twenty-ninth St., O. 

Burks, Jesse Dismukes, B.L. ; Ph.B. 
(Univ. of Chicago) 1893; Ph.D. 
(Columbia Univ.) 1903: Director Bu- 
reau of Municipal Research 249 Har- 
vey st., Germantown, Pa. 

Bryne, Henrietta Clara, Ph.B. : Teacher 
2727 Filbert st., 8. F. 

Carpenter, Frank Leonard, B.L. : Manager 
Security Warehouses 2038 Lincoln 
St., B. 

Castelhun, Maida (Mrs. C. Darnton), 
B.L. : Student at Columbia Univ. 
Women's University Club, 17 Madison 
Square, North, New York City. 

Clayes, Edith Martin (Mrs. W. I. Clayes). 

B.L. ; M.L. 1896 Twenty-ninth and 

Dolores sts., S. F. 
Clayes, Mary Bird, M.A. ; A.B. 1892. v. 

Clement, Jabish, B.L. : Lawyer 2346 

Washington st., S. F. 
Colemore, Charles Arthur, B.S. agr. : Clerk 

for Southern Pacific Co. 1741 Wal- 
nut st., B. 
Daniel, Laura, Ph.B.: Teacher Ross av., 

San Anselmo. 

Dean, Frances Almira, B.L. ; M.L. 1895. 
Denicke, Frederick August, A.B. : Lawyer 

2527 Virginia St., B. 
Denman, William, B.L. ; LL.B. (Harvard 

Univ.) 1897: Lawyer 3399 Pacific 

av., S. F. 
Dutton, Henry Stevens, B.S. mech. : Civil 

engineer 312 Merchants Exchange 

Bldg., S. F. 

Dyer. Ernest Ingalls, B.S. mech.: Engi- 
neer 1383 Alice st., O. 

Easton, Stanley Alexander, B.S. min. : 
Mining engineer Kellogg, Shoshone 
Co., Idaho. 

Eddy, Herman Hall, Ph. B. : Banker 
Care of Santa Barbara County Bank, 
Santa Barbara. 

Fife, Joseph, B.S. chem. ; M.D. (Cooper 
Medical College) 1896: Physician 
3870 Jackson st., S. F. 

Fisher, Miles Bull, B.L. ; B.D. (Yale 
Univ.) 1897: Clergyman 1529 Wal- 
nut St., B, 

Fitzgerald, McCoy, A.B. ; LL.B. (Harvard 
Univ.) 1897: Farmer P. O. box 86, 

Foltz, Edward Presley, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1897: Lawyer 13 So. Hunter st., 

Gilmore, Jonathan Monroe, B.L. ; B.S. 
(Massachusetts Institute of Tech- 
nology) 1897: Electrical engineer 
General Electric Co., Pittsfield, Mass. 

Gilmore, Mary (Mrs. O. S. Barnum), 
B.L.: Teacher 312 So. Fifth st., 

Gilson, Ray Edson, B.S. mech.; DD.S. 
1897: Dentist Oakland Bank of Sav- 
ings Bldg., O. 

Goslinsky, Samuel, A.B.: Merchant 747 
Sansome st., S. F. 

Gray, Mabel, B.L. 889 St. Nichols av., 
New York City. 

Haehnlen, Annie Cecilia (Mrs. P. F. 
Dunne), Ph.B. 3905 Clay st., S. F. 

Handsaker, John Theodore, A.B. 

Harris, Lalla Fowler A.B.; M.A. 1901 
Care of American Express Co., Lon- 
don, Eng. 

Hay, Henry, B.S. civ. eng.: Mining en- 
'uint''r 8 Old Jewry, London, Eng. 

Henderson, Edward Franklin, B.S. civ. 
eng. : Building contractor 2243 
Stuart st., B. 

Henderson, Ernest Norton, M.A. ; Ph.B. 

1890; A.B. 1893; Ph.D. (Columbia 

Univ.) 1903. v. 1890. 
Hengstler, Louis Theodore, Ph.D.; 

Grad. (Stuttgart Polytechnicum) 

1883; M.A. 1892. v. 1892. 
"Henshaw, Oliver Bridges, M.A. ; A.B. 

(Harvard Univ.) 1893. (Died July, 


Herrman, Frederick Charles, B.S. civ. 
eng. : Irrigation engineer Calexico. 

Holmes, Samuel Jackson, M.S. (Natural 
Sciences); B.S. 1893; Ph.D. (Univ. 
of Chicago) 1897. v. 1893. 

Huntoon, Carolyn Logan (Mrs. E. Pal- 
mer), B.L. 725 N. Garey av., Po- 

Hyde. Henrv Chester. Ph.B. 1600 Waller 
" st., S. F. 

Jackson, Stanley Hooper, B.L.; LL.B. 
1897 310 Sansome st., S. F. 

Jewett, William Dunbar, Ph.B. 

Knight, Cora A., B.L. Downievifle. 

Lane, Sophia Day, Ph.B.: Teacher 68 
Devisadero st., S. F. 

h t >s/.vnskv, Hattie L., Ph.B.; M.L. 1901: 
Teacher 2234 Pacific av., S. F. 

Leventritt, Edgar Milton, A.B. 27 Will- 
iams st., New York City. 

Lloyd, Roberta Tomlin (Mrs. H. T. Dob- 
bins), B.L. Colusa. 



Mann, Robert Levi, A.B. : Lawyer 2222 

Clay St., S. P. 
Meyer, Margarethe Henriette Elizabeth 

(Mrs. C. A. Colemore), Ph.B. 1741 

Walnut St., B. 
Meyerstein, Joseph Charles, A.B. ; LL.B. 

1897: Lawyer 110 Sutter St., S. F. 
Miller, Fred Manning, B.S. civ. eng. : Civil 

and mining engineer Grass Valley. 
Moore, Ariana, B.L. Carpinteria. 
Morgan, Julia, B.S. civ. eng.: Architect 

754 Fourteenth st., O. 
Morse, Blanche, Ph.B. 2033 Bancroft 

way, B. 

Newman, Alfred, A.B.; M.D. 1896: Phy- 
sician 3166 Clay St., S. F. 
Noble, Maud (Mrs. Acton Haven), Ph.B.; 

M.D. (Cooper Medical College) 1900: 

Physician 611 Baker st., S. F. 
Noyes, Arthur Page, B.S. civ. eng.: Civil 

engineer 1020 Napa st., Vallejo. 
Palache, Charles, Ph.D.; B.S. 1891. v. 

Palmer, Elizabeth Day, A.B. ; M.A. 1905: 

Teacher 1741 Harvard blvd., Los 

Partridge, John Slater, M.A. ; A.B. 1892. 

v. 1892. 
Peixotto, Jessica Blanche, Ph.B.; Ph.D. 

1900: Asst. Professor of Sociology, 

U. C. Cloyne Court, B. 
*Porter, David Arthur, B.S. civ. eng. 

(Died April 17, 1903.) 
Redington, Arthur Howard, B.L. ; LL.B. 

1898: Lawyer San Mateo. 
Rhodes, Harry Willet, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Field officer, U. S. Coast and Geodetic 

Purvej 412 Federal Bldg., Seattle, 

Rixford, Loring Pickering, B.S. n. s. : 

Architect 1062 Mills Bldg., S. F. 
Robbins, Reuel Drinkwater, Jr., Ph.B.: 

Banker Suisun. 
Samuels, Maurice Victor, A.B.: Lawyer 

and Playwright 129 W. Forty-seventh 

St., New York City. 
*Sanborn, Sheffield Shumway, A.B. ; LL.B. 

(Harvard Univ.) 1897. (Died.) 
Saph, Augustus Valentine, B.S. civ. eng.; 

M.S. 1896; M.C.E. 1901 and Ph.D. 

1902 (Cornell IJniv.) : Civil engineer 

2330 Durant av., B. 

Selfridge, Edward Augustus, Jr., Ph.B.; 

LL.B. (Columbia Univ.) 1897: Lum- 
ber merchant Willits. 
Sheppard, Evelyn Louise (Mrs. P. Lewis), 

A.B.; M.A. 1896 27 Panoramic way, 

Smith, James Uriel, B.S. mech. ; M.S. 

1899: Draughtsman 2320 Ward st., 

Solomons, Leon Mendez, M.S.; B.S. 1893; 

Ph.D. (Harvard Univ.) 1898. v. 


Spohr, Olive Branch (Mrs. V. K. Ches- 
nut), B.S. nat. sci. Hyattsville, Md. 

Stull, Florence Agnes, B.L. 3377 Pacific 
av., S. F. 

Sutro, Oscar, B.L. ; M.L. 1896: Lawyer 

Kohl Bldg., S. F. 

Symmes, Anita Day (Mrs. A. S. Blake), 

A.B. 2231 Piedmont av., B. 
''Taylor, Oscar Nettleton, A.B.; M.D. 1899. 

(Died May, 1909.) 
Taylor, Thomas Clarence, B.S. civ. eng. 

Seoul", Korea, Chicksan Mines. 
Thayer, Helen Olive, Ph.B.: Teacher 

4446 Sidney av., Chicago, 111. 
*Tindall, Anna Louise, A.B. (Died.) 
Todd, Frank Morton, Ph.B.: Editor 1334 

Arch st., B. 
Uribe, Enrique, B.S. min. Medellin, Co- 

Vail, Hugh Fitz Randolph, B.L. : Bank 

cashier Care of Central Bank, Santa 

Walker, Myrtle (Mrs. W. G. Perrine), 

Ph.B. 2309 Virginia st., B. 
Week, Charles Albert, B.S. min. : Mining 

engineer The Bluestone Mine, Yer- 

ington, Nevada. 
WEED, BENJAMIN, Ph.B.: Private Secre- 

tary 1950 Jones st., S. F. 
Weil, Henry Allan, B.L. : Importer 10 

rue Sainte Cecile, Paris, France. 
Wilder, Edwin Milton, B.L.; M.D. 1900: 

Surgeon 2625 I sjt., Sacramento. 
Wolf, Emanuel Myron, B.L. : Lawyer 

2816 Pierce st., S. F. 
Wright, Harry Manville, A.B.: Lawyer 

Warring and Channing sts., B. 


(Died Decem- 

Allen, Mary Gannett, A.B 

ber 25, 1908.) 

Anthony, Herbert Mills, B.L. : 
374 Monadnock Bldg., S. F. 
Anthony, Marc, B.L. ; LL.B. 1902: Law- 

yer 948 Market st., S. F. 
Armes, William Dallam, M.L. ; Ph.B. 

1882. v. 1882. 
Bachman, David Stern, B.S. chem. ; 

LL.B. 1898 2323 Devisadero st., S. 

Baker, Milo Samuel, B.S. chem.: Farmer 

Kenwood, Sonoma County. 
Bakewell, Thomas Vail, A.B. ; LL.B. 1898 

1219 Telegraph av., O. 
Baldwin, Lida (Mrs. G. C. Thompson), 

B.L. 904 Willow st., Alameda. 
Barrows, David Prescott, M.A. ; A.B. 

(Pomona College) 1894; Ph.D. (Univ. 

of Chicago) 1897: Professor of Edu- 

cation, U. C. 2537 Regent st., B. 
Baxter, Elizabeth Florence (Mrs. George 

Vetterle), B.S. chem. Box 24, Mer- 




Bernheim, Louis Lazarus, Ph.B. ; LL.B. 
1896: Special agent U. S. Land Of- 
fice 501 E. Colfax av., Denver, Colo. 

Blake, Eliza Seely (Mrs. Sherman 
Thacher), B.L. Nordhoff. 

Blumer, Elsie (Mrs. J. W. Hart), B.L. 
469 W. 152nd st., New York City. 

Bradley, Bryan, Ph.B.: Mining engineer 
Kendall, Montana. 

Bradley, Mabel (Mrs. G. A. Legg), B.L. 
Nevada City. 

Brady, George Thomas, B.S. chem.; M.D. 
(Cooper Medical College) 1897: Phy- 
sician 450 Ellis St., S. F. 

Brewer, Anne Willard, B.L. : Teacher 
770 Kingston av., O. 

Brewer, Henrietta Foster, A.B. 770 
Kingston av., O. 

Cashman, Helen Aileen (Mrs. Morrison 
Barclay), Ph.B. 700 N. Main st., 
Greensburg, Pa. 

Cerf, Charlotte, B.L. : Teacher 2821 
St. -in. -r St., S. F. 

Clary, Edward De Witt, A.B. : Lnwyi-r 
137 W. Vine st., Stockton. 

Colt, Samuel, Jr., B.S. min. : Mining en- 
gineer Nevada City. 

Cook, Ella Minerva, M.A. ; A.B. (Univ. 
of Southern California) 1893. 

Corbett, Harvey Wiley, B.S. mech. ; 
Grad. Architect (Ecole des Beaux 
Arts, Paris) 1900: Architect 443 
W. Twenty-first St., New York City. 

Curtis, Helena Whiifred, B.L. : Teacher 
Grass Valley. 

Dean, Frances Almira, M.L. ; B.L. 1894. 
v. 1894. 

Delany, Marion Mary, A.B. 2302 Frank 

lin st., S. F. 

Dempster, Roy Ross, B.S. n. s. : Merchant 
2204 Glen av., B. 

Dinwiddie, James Lochridge, B.L.: Real 
estate dealer Petaluma. 

Duggan, John Francis, A.B.: Clergyman 
224 A st., San Mateo. 

Epler, Blanche Nettleton, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 
Johns Hopkins Univ.) 1899: t'hy 
sician 300 Browne Bldg., Kalamazoo, 

Erlanger, .loseph, B.S.; M.D. (Johns Hop- 
kins Univ.) 1899: Professor of I'liyM 
ology, Univ. of Wisconsin 148 W. 
Gorham st., Madison, Wis. 

Escobar, Mario, B.S. min. 

Felton, Katherine Conway, B.L. 1500 
Jackson st., S. F. 

Fitzgerald, Richard Y M A.B.; LL.B. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1898: Lawyer 
18 Tremont st., Boston, Mass. 

Fox, Charles James, B.S. mech.: Secre- 
tary-treasurer of Los Angeles Mill and 
Lumber Co. 116 N. Union av., Los 

Gibbs, George, B.L. : Manager Scully 
Steel and Iron Co. 212 Stephenson 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Godfrey, Harriet Haskell, B.L. 932 
Twelfth st., San Diego. 

Gorrill, William Henry, A.B.; LL.B. 1899 
and A.M. 1900 (Harvard Univ.): 
Lawyer 2725 Dwight way, B. 

Graves, Walter Huddleston, A.B.; M.A. 
1896: Teacher 1428 Seventh av., 

Gray, DeWitt Halsey, Ph.B. : Broker and 
real estate dealer 2226 San Joaquin 
st., Fresno. 

Green, Luther Herbert, Ph.B. : Broker 
303 Emelita av., Los Angeles. 

Hall, Lilian (Mrs. Rafael Ospina), Ph.B. 

2018 Parker st., B. 

* Hamilton, Florence Nightingale, Ph.B. 
(Died December 6, 1905) 

Hamilton, William Hamilton, Ph.B. : Law- 
yer 312 Russ Bldg., S. F. 

Haskell, Olcott, B.S. mech. 144 Ross St., 
San Rafael. 

Henderson, Gertrude, B.L. : Teacher 
2816 Derby St., B. 

Hewlett, Walter Albian, B.S. chem.: M.D. 
(Johns Hopkins Univ.) 19QO: Pro- 
fessor of Internal Medicine, Univ. of 
Michigan 902 Baldwin av., Ann 
Arbor, Mich. 

Hinton, Guy, Ph.B.; A.B. 1896; LL.B. 
1901; A.M. (Harvard Univ.) 1898: 
Lawyer 651 Folsom st., S. F. 

Hoffmann, George Jacob, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer 228 Perry st. 

Hoffman, Ross Brown, B.S. mech. 
Mining engineer 228 Perry st., O. 

Holmes, Eugene Clarence, Ph.B.: Capi- 
talist Foxcroft Bldg., S. F. 

Honig, Louis, B.L. : Journalist 97 Sixth 
av., S. F. 

Horn, Henry Wells, B.S. nat. sci. ; M.D. 
(Cooper Medical College) 1898; Phy- 
sician 2021 California St., S. F. 

Houston, Albert Joshua, B.L. ; M.D. 
(Cooper Medical College) 1898: Phy- 
sician 350 Post St., S. F. 

Howard, Charles Harold, A.B.; M.A. 
1899: Instructor in French, U. C, 
Laurel st., B. 

Jared, Catherine Mar'y (Mrs. Henry Stir- 
ring), Ph.B.: Teacher 720 Four- 
teenth st., O. 

Jewett, Fidelia, B.L.: Teacher 1355 
Franklin st., S. F. 

Jones, George Louis, Ph.B.; LL.B. 1897: 
Judge of Superior Court Nevada 

Jones, Madison Ralph, A.B.; LL.B. (Co- 
lumbia Univ.) 1897: Lawyer Mar- 

King, Frederic Randolph, A.B. Bel 



Larsen, William Ferdinand, M.A. ; Cand. 
Phil. 1885 and M.A. 1901 (Univ. of 
Copenhagen) : Teacher in Imperial 
University Chengtu, Szechnen pro- 
vince, China. 

Laughlin, Grant Alexander, B.L. ; LL.B. 
1898: Lawyer ^Mark West, Sonoma 

Linney, William Henry, B.S. min. : Min- 
ing engineer 2805 W. Mission st., 
Spokane, Wash. 

Lloyd, Warren Estelle, B.L. and M.L. ; 
Ph.D. (Yale Univ.) 1898: Lawyer 
906 Central Bldg., Los Angeles. 

Lovejoy, Arthur Oncken, A.B. ; M.A. 

(Harvard Univ.) 1897: Professor of 

Philosophy, Johns Hopkins Univ. 

Baltimore, Md. 
McParland, Chauncey Leavenworth, B.L. : 

Lawyer 384 Evans Block, Riverside. 
McGrew, Edwin Stanton, B.L. : Clerk U. 

S. Customs Honolulu, T. H. 

McLean, Mary Matilda (Mrs. Warren 

Olney), A.B. 2702 Dwight way, 'B. 
McNoble, George Francis, B.L. : Lawyer 

Budd House, Stockton. 
McNutt, Maxwell, B.L. ; LL.B. 1898: 

Lawyer 1406 Sacramento st., S. F. 
Magario, Tatsuniro, B.S. civ. eng. 

Dept. of Communication, Tokio, Japan. 
May, Margarita Britton, 

(Smith College) 1893. 
Monser, Harold Edwin. A.B. : 

Cross Reference Bible 

paign, 111. 
Mott, Nellie Crocker (Mrs. G. L. Jones), 

Ph.B. Nevada City. 

Noble, Harry Alonzo, B.S. civ. eng.: Civil 
engineer 2614 Etna st., B. 

O'Brien, Percy Howard, Ph.B.: Lawyer 
3214 Central av., Alameda. 

Oliver, Bertha, B.L. : Teacher 343 S. 
Bunker Hill av., Los Angeles. 

Olney, Marv (Mrs. Louis Bartlett), B.L. 
Mill Valley. 

Parcells, Charles Edmund, B.L. : Manu- 
facturer 774 Kingston av., O. 

Pheby, Thomas Bailey, Jr., Ph.B.: Law- 
yer 1321 Madison st., O. 
''Pitcher, Eugene, A.B.; M.A. 1896. (Died 
December, 1908.) 

Quinton, Margaret Anne, B.L. 

Raymond, Cecelia Leavitt, A.B.: Teacher 
2659 California st., S. F. 

Redington, Vida (Mrs. F. A. Volkhardt). 

B.S. nat, sci.; M.D. 18992927 

Deakin st., B. 
Reynolds, Minnie Beatrice (Mrs. J. A. 

Kinkead), A.B.; M.A. 18978627 

Bay Twenty-fourth st., Brooklyn, N. 

*Rhea, William Thomas, Ph.B. (Died, 

M.L. ; B.L. 

Co. Cham- 

Rickard, Edgar, B.S. mech. : Manager 
"Mining Magazine" 819 Salisbury 
House, London, Eng. 

Roos, George Henry, Ph.B. : Merchant 
798 Market st., S. P. 

Scares, Fred Hanley, B.S. civ. eng.: As- 
tronomer Solar Observatory, Pasa- 

Shaw, Eugenia Louise, A.B.; M.A. 1900 
726 Tenth st,, O. 

Sherer, Albert James, Ph.B.: Lawyer 
523 Wilcox Block, Los Angeles. 

Smith, Walter Otto, Ph.B.: Teacher 2501 
Woolsey st., B. 

Stamper, Alva Walker, B.S. nat. sci.: 
A.M. 1905 and Ph.D. 1906 (Columbia 
Univ.): Teacher 326 Salem st., 

Stevens, James Scott, Ph.B. : Lawyer 

Stevenson, Edith, B.L. : Teacher 1761 
Post St., S. F. 

Strachan, John Ernest, B.S. mech. Care 
of Medvale Steel Co., . Monadnock 
Bldg., S. F. 

yer 2706 Claremont av., B. 

Sullivan, Minnie Isadora, Ph.B. : Nurse 

163 Locksley av., O. 
Sutton, Grace, Ph.B. 2301 Prospect st., 

Sylvester, Albert Hale, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Forest supervisor Leavenworth, 

'Thompson, Willard Dawson, Ph.B. (Died, 

Thurston, Eugene True, Jr., B.S. civ. 

eng. Consulting engineer 2097 Elm 

st., O. 
Torrey, Harry Beal, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 

1898; Ph.D. (Columbia Univ.) 1903: 

Asst. Professor of Zoology, HJ. C. 

Turner, Arthur Cephas, B.S. chem. 

Turner, Robert Haviland, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1898: Lawyer 1929 Broadway, S. 

Vrooman, Rachael (Mrs. W. E. Colby), 
B.L. ; LL.B. 1898 2901 Channing 
way, B. 

Wambold, Katherine Camilla, B.S. n. s. : 
Missionary Seoul, Korea. 

Waterhouse, Seymour W., B.L. : Mer- 
chant 474 N. First st., San Jose. 

Waterman, Douglas, B.S. mech.; B.S. 

min. 1908 : Mining engineer Mina 

Gigante, Jocoro, Salvador, Central 

Wilson, Grace Darling (Mrs. R. C. Hutch- 

inson), B.L. Elmira. 
Woolsey, Chester Howard, B.S. chem. ; 

M.D. 1901: Physician 350 Post st,, 

S. F. 



Woolsey, Edna Blythe (Mrs. E W. Prou- 
ty), A.B.; M.A. 1897 2221 Woolsey 
St., B. 

Woolsey, Philip Sheridan, B.L. : Repre- 
sentative American Book Co. 2230 
Woolsey st., B. 

Wythe, Willson Joseph, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Architect and instructor in drawing, 
U. C. 4231 Terrace st.. O. 

Yeazell, Harry Akin, A.B.; Sales manager 
for Globe Grain and Milling Co. P. 
O. Box 56, Sausalito. 


Agard, Arthur, Ph.B.: Teacher 1331 
Filbert st., O. 

Alexander, Harry Lincoln, B.S. chem. 
1018 S. Alvarado st., Los Angeles. 

Allen, Herbert William, B.S. chem.; M.D. 
(Johns Hopkins Univ.) 1900: Phy- 
sician 240 Stockton st., S. P. 

Allen, James Turney, M.A. ; A.B. (Po- 
mona College) 1895; Ph.D. (Yale 
Univ.) 1898: Asst. Professor of 
Greek, U. C. 2243 College av., B. 

Anderson, Jessie Mabel (Mrs. Burr East- 
wood), B.L. 141 Bonita av., Pied- 

Andros, Helen Milton (Mrs. L. T. Heng- 
stler), B.L. 2620 Warring st., B. 

Arata, Bukio, Ph.B.: Asst. in Imperial 
Chinese Maritime Customs 29 Naga- 
ta-cho, Kagoshima, Japan. 

Argall. Frank, B.L. 

Ash, Rachel Leona, B.S. chem. ; M.D. 
1899: Physician 391 Slitter st., S. 

Baldwin, Alexander Richards, Ph.B.; 

LL.B. 1899: Lawyer 615 Union 

Trust Bldg., S. F. 
Bancroft, Frank Watts, M.S.; B.S. 1894; 

A.M. 1897 and Ph.D. 1898 (Harvard 

Univ.). v. 1894. 
Bartlett, De Etta May (Mrs. Robert Mc- 

Cleave), Ph.B. 2201 Blake st., B. 
Bartlett, Laura Louise (Mrs. Haydn Ar- 

rowsmith), B.L. 6295 Shattuck av., 

Belfrage, William Ferdinand, B.S. n. s. 

2479 Forty-sixth av., S. F. 
Bennett, Eleanor Vanderbilt, B.L. ; M.L. 

1899: Teacher 932 Eighth st., O. 
Bienenfeld, Harriot Erneste, Ph.B. Care 

of Bernard Bienenfeld, Wells Fargo 

Bldg., S. F. 
Blake, Edwin Tyler, B.S. mech. : Quarry 

operator 2233 Piedmont av., B. 
Blanchard, Elizabeth, B.L. Santa Bar- 
Blasdale, Walter Charles, M.S.; B.S. 

1892; Ph.D. 1900. v. 1892. 
Bordwell, Fred Albert, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Civil engineer 7 E. Pennington St., 

Tuscon, Ariz. 

Bradley, Bertha Theresa, B.L. : Teacher 

2639 Durant av., B. 

Bradley, Phillip Reed, B.S. min. : Mining 
engineer Mills Bldg., 35 Wall st., 
New York City. 

Brown, Arthur, Jr., B.S. civ. eng.: Ar- 
chitect University Club, S. F. 
Bruere, Cornelia (Mrs. John Alstrom), 

B.L. St. Helena. 

Byxbee, Edith Sumner (Mrs. C. P. Nott), 
B.S. nat. sci. ; M.S. 1899 R. F. D. 
2, Mountain View. 

Chandler, Albert Edward, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Lecturer in Dept. of Irrigation, U. C. 
1531 Spring st., B. 

Choynski, Milton L., B.L. ; LL.B. 1899: 
L.-i \vyer 1434 Merchants Exchange 
Bldg., S. F. 
Clayes, Edith Martin (Mrs. W. I. Claves), 

M.L.; B.L. 1894. v. 1894. 
Coleman, Silas Ellsworth, B.S. n. s. ; A.B. 
1897 and M.A. 1898 (Harvard Univ.) : 
Teacher 679 Sixteenth st., O. 
Cottrell, Frederick Gardner, B.S. chem.; 
Ph.D. (Leipzig) 1902: Asst. Profes- 
sor of Physical Chemistry, U C. 
2332 Fulton st., B. 
Cox, Edwin Ruthven, B.S. mech. 
Crawford, Edward James, B.S. mech.: 

Engineer 1530 J st., Fresno. 
*Cross, Clyde Algernon Allen, B.L. (Died 

March 8, 1899.) 

*Culin, Edith Florence, B.L. (Died Sep- 
tember 28, 1907.) 
Dam, Francis Herbert, A.B.; LL.B. 1900: 

Lawyer 1800 Shattuck av., B. 
Danforth, Henry Dale, A.B. Care of 
Campbell, Metson and Brown, Tono- 
pah, Nev. 
Davis, James Philip, Ph.B.; M.L. 1902: 

Teacher Hollister. 

Delany, Charles Henry, B.S. mech.; 
M.M.E. (Cornell Univ.) 1902: Me- 
chanical engineer 411 Chilton st., 
Elizabeth, N. J. 

Dinkelspiel, Edgar, Ph.B.; M.D. 1899: 
Physician 102 W. Seventy-fifth st., 
New York City. 

Dozier, Anthony White, B.S. civ. eng.: . 
Engineer 215 W. Ortega st., Santa 

Drew, William Joseph, B.S. mech.: 
Teacher and real estate dealer 67 
Buena Vista Terrace, S. F. 
Duffy, Anna Genevieve, Ph.B.: Teacher 

2807 Washington st., S. F. 
Easton, Robert Eastman, A.B.: Capitalist 

Santa Maria. 

Ehrman, Sidney Myer, B.L.; LL.B. 1898: 

Lawyer 713 Union Trust Bldg., S. F. 

Engelhardt, Catherine B., B.S. n. s. : 

Teacher 647 Eldorado av., O. 
Esberg, Milton Herman, B.L. : Merchant 
3444 Washington st., S. F. 


Fairbanks, Harold Wellman, Ph.D.; B.S. 
(Univ. of Michigan) 1890: Geogra- 
pher and author Tamalpais av., B. 

Parnham, Ethel Ruby, B.L. ; M.L. 1897: 
Teacher 2046 Linden st., O. 

Feusier, Maybelle Louise, B.L. 1027 
Green st,,- S. F. 

Fisher, Arthur Lawrence, B.S. chem. ; 
M.D. (Johns Hopkins Univ.) 1900: 
Surgeon 126 Stockton st., S. F. 

Fisher, Galen Merriam, B.L. ; A.M. (Har- 
vard Univ.) 1905: Y. M. C. A. secre- 
tary Y. M. C. A., Tokio, Japan. 

Fisher, Mabel Anita, Ph.B. : Teacher 
49 Plaza Drive, Claremont Park, B. 

Flaherty, Martin Charles, Ph.B.: Assoc. 
Professor of Forensics, U. C. 325 
Twenty-fourth st., O. 

Friend, William Nathaniel, Ph.B.: 
Clergyman 133 Alpine st., S. F. 

Ginaca, Josephine Pauline, B.L. : Teacher 
1417 Wright st., Los Angeles. 

Gish, John Darwin, B.L. : Lawyer 2322 
California st., S. F. 

Graham, Harrington Bidwell, B.S. n. s. ; 
M.D. 1899: Physician 2419 Chan- 
ning way, B. 

Graves, Walter Huddleston, M.A. ; A.B. 
1895. v. 1895. 

Gray, Arthur Wellington, A.B.; 
(Univ. of Berlin) 1904: 

of Standards, 

physicist Bureau 
Washington, D. C. 

dray. Elizabeth, Florence (Mrs. F. W. 
Potter), Ph.B. 207 Pacific av., 

Green, Sarah Maud, B.L. : Teacher 1510 
Fourteenth st,, Sacramento. 

Griswold, Lee Swaney, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Engineer 3035 Boulevard av., Fruit- 

Hall, Elmer Edgar, M.S. n. s. ; B.S. (Univ. 
of Southern California) 1893; Ph.D. 
(Cornell Univ.) 1902: Asst. Profes- 
sor of Physics, U. C. 1501 LeRoy. 
av, B. 

Hansche, Maude Bingham, Ph.B.; Ph.D. 
(Univ. of Pennsylvania) 1902: Teach- 
er 4811 Springfield av., Philadelphia, 

Hawkins, Louise Josephine (Mrs. E. B. 
Moore), B.L. 1070 W. Edgeware 
rd., Los Angeles. 

Henry, Clara Augusta (Mrs. G. D. Lou- 
derback), A.B. 2713 Derby st., B. 

Hinton, Guy, A.B. ; Ph.B. 1895; LL.B. 
1901: A.M. (Harvard Univ.) 1898. 
v. 1895. 
* Hirst. Harry Herbert, B.S. civ. eng. 

(Died December 23, 1899.) 
*Hollis, William Harrington, B.S chem. 
(Died, 1905.) 

Holton, Charles Roscoe, Ph.B. : Lawyer 
824 Turk st., S. F. 

Hood, Edmund Lyman, M.A. ; B.D. (Yale 
Univ.) 1885; Ph.D. (New York 
Univ.) 1899: President Atlanta 
Theological Seminary Seminary 
Heights, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Howell, John Gilson, Jr., B.S. n. s. : 
Publisher and bookseller Care of 
Paul Elder & Co., 239 Grant av., S. F. 

Hume, Joseph Wadhams, Ph.B. : Salmon 
packer 121 Twenty-second av., S. F. 

Hussey, Nora Ellen, B.L. 10 Steiner st., 
S. F. 

Hutching, John Power, Ph.B. : Mining 
engineer 52 Broadway, New York 

Hyman, William Morris, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Teacher Woodland. 

Inskeep, Mrs. Annie Lucy Dolman, M.L. ; 
B.L. 1893; Ph.D. (Univ. of Chicago) 
1898. v. 1893 under Dolman. 

Jackson, Edwin Rushmore, B.S. chem. : 
Manufacturer 248 Ridgway. av., O. 

Jaffa, Myer Edward, M.S.; Ph.B. 1877. 
v. 1877. 

Jones, Katherine Davies, Ph.B. : Asst. 
in Dept of Agriculture, U. C. 2545 
Piedmont av., B. 

Kalman, Lillie Unna, A.B. ; M.A. 1898 
343 St. Nicholas av., New York City. 

Kellev, Tracy Randall, A.B. : Teacher 
Mill Valley. 

Kierluff, George Dudley, Ph.B.: Capitalist 
2421 Prospect st., B. 

Kincaid. Freeman Mills, Ph.B. : Letter- 
carrier 726 E. Thirty-third st., Los 

Koch, Frederick William, B.S. n. s. : 
Teacher 2043 Berryman st., B. 

Krenz, Amanda (Mrs. F. W. Koch), A.B. 
2043 Berryman st., B. 

Labarraque, Christine Blanche, Ph.B. ; 
LL.B. 1899 1127 Thirty-first av., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Laguna, Theodore de Leo de, A.B. ; M.A. 
1899; Ph.D. (Cornell Univ.) 1901: 
Assoc. Professor of Philosophy, Bryn 
Mawr College Yarrow East, Bryn 
Mawr, Pa. 

Levingston, Miriam (Mrs. J. S. Her- 
mann), Ph.B. 1276 Jones st., S. F. 

Lippitt, Milton Albert, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1899: Partner in firm dealing in 
railroad, mill and mining supplies 
549 Howard st., S. F. 

Little, Ada Gertrude (Mrs. J. C. Mer- 
riam), B.L. 2401 Bowditch st,, B. 


1899: Assoc. Professor of Geology, 
U. C. 2713 Derby st., B. 

McChesney, George Jewett, A.B. ; M.D. 
1900: Physician 2334 Steiner st., 
S. F. 

McCoy, Alva Dutton Stearns, B.S. chem.; 
M.D. (Cooper Medical College) : Phy- 
sician 401 Slavin Bldg., Pasadena. 



McCulloch, Alexander, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1899: Lawyer Hibernia Bank Bldg., 
S. F. 

McDonnell, Anabel (Mrs. H. C. Wyckoff), 
Ph.B. Watson ville. 

Martin, Ina Cameron, Ph.B. : Teacher 
629 Ninth av., S. F. 

Mayberry, Edward Leodore, Jr., B.L. : 
S.B. (Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology) 1906: Architectural en- 
gineer 764 Pacific Electric Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 

Merwin, Louis Tunis, B.S. nat. sci. : 
Electrical engineer Box 1882, Gold- 
field, Nev. 

Michalitschke, Alma, A.B. Thiergarten 
Strasse 46, Dresden, Germany. 

Mitchell, Eula (Mrs. G. W. Wright), B.L. 

Mohr, Paul John, M.A. : A.B. (Oberlin 
College) 1893: Teacher 1941 Stein- 
way .av., O. 

Monges, Richard Fenner, B.S. mech. : 
Klrctrical engineer 455 E. Fourteenth 
st., N. Portland, Ore. 

Moore, Herietta Evangeline, M.L. ; A.B. 
1888 and A.M. 1891 (Univ. of Ore- 
.m); Ph.D. (Columbia Univ.) 1904: 
Teacher Moscow, Idaho. 

Morse, Clinton Ralza, Ph.B.: Musician- - 
2033 Bancroft way, B. 

Moss, Sanford Alexander, B.S. nu-rli. : 
M.S. 1900; Ph.D. (Cornell Univ.) 
1903: Mechanical engineer 36 
Sachem st., Lynn, Mass. 

Noble, George Oscar, B.S. mech. 220 W. 
Tenth av., Los Angeles. 

North, Arthur Walbridge, A.B.: Lawyer 
and writer University Club, Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

Norwood, Clarence Henry, B.S. mech: 
Contracting engineer 4624 Green- 
wood av., Chicago, 111. 

O'Connor, Joseph, B.L. ; LL.B. 1899: 

Lawyer 1434 Merchants Exchange 

Bldg., S. F. 
Pearne, Clara Jeannette, B.L. : Teacher 

414 Merrick Bldg., 357 W. Sixty-third 

St., Chicago, 111. 
Perkins, Thomas Allen, A.B. and LL.B.; 

A.B. 1890 and M.A. 1893 (Dartmouth 

College) : Lawyer 1005 Powell st., 

S. F. 
Perry, Newel Lewis, Ph.B. ; Ph. D. 

(Univ. of Munich) 1901: Teacher 

519 W. 123rd st., New York City. 
Pitcher, Eugene, M.A. ; A. B. 1895. v. 

Plunkett, William Thomas, A.B.: Lawyer 

617 Mills Bldg., S. F. 
"Radelfinger, Frank Gustave, B.S. civ. eng. 

(Died August 29, 1904.) 
'Ramsdell, Benjamin Hatch, Ph.B. (Died 

June 1, 1903.) 

Ransome, Frederick Leslie, Ph.D. ; B S 

1893. v. 1893. 
Rhine, Emily Patricia (Mrs. F. H. Var- 

ney), B.S. nat. sci. 977 Green st., 

S. F. 
Roberts, Leslie, Ph.B. 1710 Fairview 

St., B. 
Ross, Frank Elmore, B.S. civ. eng.; Ph.D. 

1901: Astronomer International Lati- 
tude Observatory, Garthersburg, Md. 
Ruch, Lutie Adele, B.L.: Teacher 4820 

Maple St., O. 
Russ, Raymond John, B.S. chem. ; M.D. 

1900: Surgeon 240 Stockton st., 

S. F. 
Saph, Augustus Valentine, M.S.; B.S. 

1894; M.C.E. 1901 and Ph.D. 1902 

(Cornell Univ.) v. 1894. 
Sawyer, Frank Everett, A.B.; M.D. 

(Cooper Medical College) 1900: Phy- 
sician Puunene, Maui, T. H. 
Sedgwick, Thomas Farrington, B.S. agr. : 

1 1 \drographer Office of Public Works, 

Honolulu, T. H. 
Sliarpo, Selina, M.S.; B.S. 1892. v. 

Sheppard, Evelyn Louise (Mrs. K. 1'. 

Lewis), M.A.; A.B. 1894. v. 1894. 
Smith. Walter Otto, Ph.B.: Teacher 

2501 Woolsey st., B. 
Smith, William Sidney Tangier, Ph.D.; 

B.L. 1890. v. 1890. 
Spii-rs. William Gladstone, Ph.B. Cloyne 

Court, B. 
Studlev, Ruby Willard, Ph.B.: Teacher 

727 Shotwell st., S. F. 
"Sullivan, Mabel Worthington, B.L. (Died 

June 1, 1897.) 
Sutro, Oscar, M.L.; B.L. 1894. v. 1894. 

Sweet, Bertha (Mrs. B. M. Joseph), B.L. 
3877 Jackson st., S. F. 

Swingle, George Kirk, B.S. agr.: Farmer 
. Davis. 

Symmes, Mabel, A.B. 2231 Piedmont av., 

Symonds, Harry Clinton, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1899: Lawyer Mill Valley. 

Taylor, Mildred Mary, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
"2313 Warring st., B. 

Thompson, Mertie R. (Mrs. Eugene Kru- 
ger), B.S. nat. sci. Stanwood. 

Veeder, Howard Potter, B.S. mech.: En- 
gineer 909 Kohl Bldg., S. F. 

Voorsanger, William, B.S. n.s. : Physician 
162 Post St., S. F. 

Walker, Gilbert Stoddard, B.S. mech. 
1707 G st., Washington, D. C. 

Warner, Albert Owen, Ph.B. : Merchant 
1929 Mariposa st., Fresno. 

Wheeler, Roswell Samuel, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1899: Teacher 296 Park View Ter- 
race, O. 



Whipple, Lou Dexter ( Mrs. T. P. Mc- 

Crea), B.L. 390 North Avenue 57, 

Los Angeles. 
White, Caroline A. (Mrs. W. H. Hollis), 

Ph.B. Carmel-by-the-Sea. 
Wilson, Homer Miller, Ph.B. 529 San 

Pablo av., O. 
Wilson, Mary Elizabeth, M.L. ; B.L. 

(Smith College) 1891: Teacher 2538 

Channing way, B. 
Wittenmyer, John Lewis, B.L. : Engineer 


Woodland, Essie Belle, B.L. Mill Val- 

Wyckoff, Hubert Coke, Ph.B.: Lawyer 

Yamamoto, Shinjiro, B.S. civ. eng. : Civil 
engineer Hikata, Wakayama, Japan. 

Young, Estelle May, B.L. 827 Guerrero 
St., S. F. 


Ackerman, Grace Wellington, A.B. : 
Teacher Han ford. 

Box 126, San Rafael. 

Anderson, Frank M., M.S.; A.B. (Wil- 
lamette Univ.) 1889; A.B. (Stanford 
Univ.) 1895: Geologist 2604 Etna 
St., B. 

Aniser, Emilie, Ph.B.: Teacher 631 
Main st., Napa. 

Ashley, Bertha, B.L.: Teacher 417 Hum- 
boldt St., Santa Rosa. 

Augustine, Winifrede Miller (Mrs. E. O. 
Allen), Ph.B. Box 126, San Ra- 

Baldwin, John Finley, Ph.B. Danville. 

Baldwin, Lloyd, A.B. ; LL.B. let. 1905: 
Lawyer 640 Mills Bldg., S. F. 

Barre, Herbert Aubrey, B.S. mech. : En- 
gineer Prescott, Ariz. 

Bartlett, Francis Henry, A.B. ; M.A. 1898: 
Lawyer 376 Tenth st., O. 

Bauer, George William, B.S. chem. : 
Brewer 660 Sacramento st., S. F. 

Baun, Louis Daniel, A.B.: Fruitgrower 
R. F. D. No. 1, Yuba City. 

Blanchard, Marion Sargeant, Ph.B.; 
LL.B. 1900: Lawyer Foxcroft 
Bldg., S. F. 

Brackenbury, Cyril, B.S. min. : E.M. 
(Univ. of Minnesota) 1898: Mining 
engineer 6 Park road, Redruth, Corn- 
wall, Eng. 

Brown, Annie Florence, B.L. : Teacher 
566 Twenty-ninth st., O. 

Brownstone, Louis Horace, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1900: Lawyer Chronicle Bldg., S. 

Bush, Philip Lee, B.S. civ. eng.: With 
Gal. Fruit Canners' Assoc. 3904 
Clay st., S. F. 

Butler, Alice Louis (Mrs. Jesse Pope), 

B.L. 239 Glenwood av., Orange, 

N. J. 
Callender, Caroline Margaret, Ph.B. : 

Teacher 969 Pesnio st., San Luis 

Cartwright, Sanford Warren, B.S. chem.; 

Ph.G. 1900; M.D. 1908: Physician 

2120 Kittredge st., B. 
Carver, Charles Elliot, Ph.B.: Insurance 

agent 1818 Bushnell av., So. Pasa- 
Case, Owen Sumner, B.L. Walden, 

North Park, Colo. 
Cassidv, Arthur, B.S. mech.: Structural 

engineer Ralston Iron Works, S. F. 
Cerf, Marcel E., Ph.B.; LL.B. 1900: 

Lawyer 354 Pine st., S. F. 
Clough, Cora Ina, A.B. : Teacher 1225 

Twenty-third av., O. 
Cole. William Enoch, B.S. civ. eng. 

Care of Nat Cole, Sterling Furniture 

Co., S. F. 
Colman, May (Mrs. H. U. Brandenstein), 

Ph.B. 108 Walnut st., S. F. 
Cope, Grace Pond (Mrs. J. M. Lalor), 

B.S. n. s. 128 Rose av., Toronto, 

Crabbe, Grace Harbison (Mrs. H. B. Tor- 

rey), B.L. 2523 Etna st., B. 

Craig, Charles Francis, B.L. ; LL.B. 1900: 
Lawyer and real estate dealer Mills 
Bldg., S. F. 

Crawford, Russell Tracy, B.S. n. s. ; Ph.D. 
1901: Asst. Professor of Astronomy, 
U.C. 2740 Elm wood av., B. 

Cronise, Cecilia Brownlee, B.L. 2624 
Piedmont av., B. 

Culver, Susie Bell, B.L.: Teacher 2908 
Channing way, B. 

Davis, Norris King, B.S. n. s. ; S.M. (Har- 
vard Univ.) 1901: Manufacturer 400 
Seventh st., S. F. 

Dean, Charles Dudley, Ph.B. 268 Market 
st., S. F. 

Dewell, Jessie Walrath, B.L. : Teacher 
Box 543, Santa Clara. 

Dobbins, Katherine Eloise (Mrs. T. C. 

McCleave), A.B. 2844 Garber st., B. 
Duffy, Edith Jourdan (Mrs. F. G. Mon- 

tealegre), Ph.B. 2520 Etna St., B. 

Elliot, Abbv Phillips (Mrs. G. E. Mur- 
dock), B.L. 763 Humboldt st., Santa 

Elston, Charles Allen, Ph.B.: Orange- 
grower 7 Bow C, Redlands. 

Elston, John Arthur, Ph.B.: Lawyer 
First National Bank Bldg., B. 

English, Norris, B.S. min.: Mining en- 
gineer 821 Mills Bldg., S. F. 

Everett, Wallace Washburn, Ph.B.: 
Journalist 17 Bonita av., Piedmont. 


Farnham, Ethel Ruby, M.L. ; B.L. 1896. 

v. 1896. 
Fernald, Elizabeth Marv, Ph.B. 69 Sum- 

ner st., Medford, Mass. 
Finnegan, George Bernard, A.B. : Lawyer 

Nevada City. 
Fitzpatrick, Laura (Mrs. M. F. Hruban- 

ick), A.B. 2100 Santa Clara av., A. 
Gage, Edward Currier, B.S. min. : Owner 

of stock farm 474 Merrimac st., O. 
Gleason, Katherine Florence, M.A. ; A.B. 

(Wellesley College) 1891: Teacher 

456 So. Second st., San Jose. 
Goldberg, David, Ph.B.; LL.B. (Los An- 
geles College of Law) 123 So. Flower 

st., Los Angeles. 
Gould, Ralph Amos, B.S. chem. : Chemist, 

U. S. Dept. of Agriculture U. S. 

Appraiser's Bldg., S. F. 
Gregory, Eva Lenore (Mrs. F. B. Woot- 

ten), B.L. Care of High School, 

Gross, Emma Virginie, Ph.B. 226 

Grand av., O. 

Groves, Hamilton Shotwell, Ph.B. : Audit- 
ing- clerk for Wells-Fargo Express Co. 

100 Warren st., New York City. 
Hadden, David, B.S. chem.; M.D. (Coop- 
er Medical College) 1899: Physician 

2716 Telegraph av., B. 
Hamilton, Milton Scott, Ph.B. : Lawver 

201 Oakland Bank of Savings Bldg., 

Harris, Nealv, B.S. chem. : Manager 

Fruit packing co. 950 Montgomery 

St., S. F. 
Harwood, Helen Louise, B.L. 1454 W. 

Twenty-fourth st., Los Angeles. 
Hatch. John Davis, B.L. : Architect 805 

Arlington av., O. 
Haven, Lawrence, Ph.B. 61 Stockton 

av., San Jose. 
Helm, Agnes Inez (Mrs. Montgomery 

Thomas), B.L. 1642 L st., Fresno. 
Henderson, Frederick William, B.L. ; 

LL.B. 1898: Lawyer Merced. 
Hilborn, Lewis Allen, Ph.B.; LL.B. 1902 

Crocker Bldg., S. F. 
Hirschf elder, Arthur Douglass, B.S. nat. 

sci. ; M.D. (Johns Hopkins Univ.) 

1903: Associate in Medicine, Johns 

Hopkins Univ. 2245 Linden av., 

Baltimore, Md. 
Hoag, Edward Hammond, B.S. min.: 

Mining engineer 275 Calle Consti- 

tucion, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. 
Hockabout, Erie Gosling, Ph.B. 
Hosmer, Phoebe Lee, B.L. : Teacher 

Stamford, Conn. 
Hull, Mary (Mrs. B. F. Lynip), A.B. ; 

M.A. 1899 Alturas. 
Hupp, William Irving, Ph.B. Weaver- 


Hus, Henri Theodore Antoine. B.S. agr 
M.S. 1899; Ph.D. (Washington 
Univ.) 1908: Instructor in Botany, 
Univ. of Mich. 603 Monroe st., Ann 
Arbor, Mich. 

Johnson, Grjce Agnes, A.B. ; A.B. 
(Univ. of Vermont) 1895: Teacher 
15 Washington st., Beverly, Mass. 

Jones, Cecil Knight, B.L. : Clerk in Lib- 
rary of Congress 241 N. Capitol st., 
Washington, D. C. 

Jurgens, William Charles, Ph.B.: Secre- 
tary Winedale Co. 373 Thirteenth 
St., O. 

Kelly, Mary Ellida, B.L.: Teacher 1424 
Gough st., S. F. 

Kemble, Alys Louisa, B.S. n. s. ; B.L. 
(Ohio Wesleyan Univ.) 1894: Teach- 
er 2239 Central av., Alameda. 

Kennedy, Eugene Patrick, B. S. min. : 
Mining engineer Treadwell, Alaska. 

Kinzie, Robert Allen, B.S. mech. : Min- 
ing engineer Supt. Treadwell Mine, 
Treadwell, Alaska. 

Knall. Ida Amalia (Mrs. Robert Ashton), 
Ph.B. Morrisburg, Ontario, Can. 

Kneiss (Mrs.), Lydia Hebron, M.L. ; B,L. 
(Univ. of Michigan) 1890: Teacher 

Knox, Bertha, Ph.B.: Teacher 958 
Fourteenth st., O. 

Kuno, Yoshisaburo, B.S. civ. eng. ; M.S. 
1900: Asst. in Japanese, U. C. 
1184 Arch st., B. 

Lawson, Austruther Abercombie, B.L. 
n. s. ; M.S. 1898; Ph.D. (Univ. of 
Chicago) 1901; D.Sc. (Univ. of Glas- 
gow): Botanist 16 Derby Crescent, 
Glasgow, Scotland. z 

Love. Grace Abrahams, Ph.B. 2908 
Channing way, B. 

Lynch, Katherine, B.L. Lynch, San 
Luis Obispo County. 

Lynn, William Augustus, B.S. mech.: 
Electrical engineer 118 Marion st., 

*McCIeave, Mary Crooke (Mrs. R. T. 
Crawford), B.L. (Died April 21, 

McCoy, Florence (Mrs. R. C. Hill), B.S. 
n. s. ; M.D. 1901: Diagnostician 660 
Market st., S. F. 

McCue, Etta, A.B.: Teacher 16 Wood- 
land av., S. F. 

McGilvary, Evander Bradley, Ph.D.; A.B. 
(Davidson College) 1884; M.A. 
(Princeton Univ.) 1888: Professor 
of Philosophy, Univ. of Wisconsin 
1902 Arlington Place, Madison, Wis. 

McNutt, William, Fletcher, Jr., B.S. n.s. ; 
M.D. (Harvard Univ.) 1900; M.R.C.S. 
(England) : Surgeon 406 Sutler st., 
S. F. 

*McWade, David Franklyn, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1900. (Died December 28, 1906.) 



Magee, Frederic English, Ph.B.: Real 
estate dealer 97 Vernon St., O. 

Marchebout. Alice (Mrs. J. W. Dickson), 
A. TV Hotel Bonta, New York City. 

Mee, John Hubert, Ph.B.; LL.B. (Har- 
vard Univ.) 1900: Lawyer 111 
Palm av., San Rafael. 

Metcalf, John Brockway, B.S. mech. 
2225 Hearst av., B. 

Miller, Bernard Pacheco, Ph.B.: Real 
estate dealer Spruce and McKinley 
sts., O. 

Moore, Mary E., Ph. B.:' Teacher 1748 
Oxford St., B. 

Morgan, Emma (Mrs. Hart H. North). 
B.L. : LL.B. 1902 2414 Prospect 
St., B. 

Morse, Charles Woodman, B.S. mech. 
2430 Hilgard av., B. 

Moyse, George Ulysses, A.B.: Teacher 
900 Fifth St., Glendale. 

Murdock, Glenn Elbert, Ph.B..: County 
treasurer Santa Rosa. 

Newman, Richard, A.B.: Merchant 3447 
Clay St., S. F. 

Olney, Ethel, B.L. 481 Twenty-ninth 
St., O. 

Olnev. Thomas More, Ph.B. : Contractor 
15 McClure st., O. 

Owen Ernest Almond, B.S. n. s. ; B.S. 
(Pomona College) 1894; M.S. 1898: 
Teacher 1100 Garfield av., Pasadena. 

Owens. James Michael, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Engineer 233 Ashbury St., S. F. 

Parker. Florence Butler (Mrs. E. W. 
Williams), A.B.; A.B. (Carleton Col- 
lege) 1889 Clovis. 

Patton, Charles, Ph.B. 

Peck. Mvron Hall. B.S. civ. eng. Care of 
Professor W. C. Jones, U. C. 

Pen well, Mary Lounsbury (Mrs. R. M. 
Roseburgh) 150 W. Newel st., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

Phelns, Roger Sherman. Ph.B.: A.M. 
( Harvard Univ.) 1900: Teacher 

Pricp. Stella (Mrs. R. Vaile), Ph.B. El 

Putnam, Thomas Milton, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 
1899; Ph.D. (Univ. of Chicago) 1901: 
Asst. Professor of Mathematics, U. C. 
1541 Hawthorne terrace, B. 

Ransome, Arthur Wilfrid, Ph.B: Vice- 
president and manager of the Ransome 
Concrete Machinery Co. 923 Wood- 
land av., Plainfield, N. J. 

Redington, Lena Martha, B.L. 1668 
Tenth st., O. 

Rei^hardt, George Frederick, B.S. agr. ; 
M.D. 1900: Professor of Hvgiene and 
University Physician 2434 Durant 
av., B. 

Rpvnnlds. Louis Embree, B.S. mech. 265 
Sixty-first St., O. 

Reynolds, Minnie Beatrice (Mrs. J. A. 
'Kinkead), M.A. ; A.B. 1895. v. 1895. 

Ritchie, Bell Thompson, Ph.B: Musician 
Box 814, Fresno. 

Robbins, John Llovd McCullough, Ph.B. : 

Lawyer Kohl Bldg., S. F. 
''Robinson, Paul Stephen, B.S. mech. 

Rodgers, Samuel Russell, Ph.B.; LL.B. 

Roeding, Henry Ulrich, B.S. mech 1601 
Taylor st., S. F. 

Rogers, Roy Ravone, B.S. chem. 1843 
Bush st, S. F. 

Rosenstirn. Emilv Olga (Mrs. Sydne^ 
Joseph), Ph.B. Care of Lazard 
Freres, 40 Threadneedle st., London, 

Rowell, Elmer Ingalls, B.L. : Real estate 
dealer 1533 Edith st., B. 

Rush, Lora Gertrude, B.L. : Teacher 

1607 Walnut st., B. 
'Sadler, Erwin Lawrence, B.L. (Died.) 

Sanderson, Elizabeth (Mrs. C. E. Fryer), 
B.L. Care of Dr. C. E. Fryer, Me- 
Gill Univ., Montreal, Canada. 

Saph, Louis Victor, B.L. ; M.D. 1900: 
. Physician Garden City Bank Bldg., 
San Jose. 

Schneider, Emma Venetia, B.L. ; M.L. 
1899: Teacher 1972 West st., O. 

Schwartzchild, Adele (Mrs. J. Fried- 
lander), B.L. 1721 Jackson st., S. F. 

Sherman, Vida Louise, B.L. ; M.L. 1898; 
M.A. 1899 342 Bonita av., Piedmont. 

Silverberg, Melville, A.B. ; M.D. (Johns 
Hopkins Univ.) 1902: Physician 
1018 Addison Head Bldg., S. F. 

Smith, Mae (Mrs. A. H. Middleton), 
Ph.B. Bishop. 

Smith, Philip Benjamin, Ph.B.: Teacher 
Elk Grove. 

Son, Charles Albert, A.B. ; M.A. and 
LL.B. (Columbia Univ.) 1900: Mer- 
chant 837 Mission st., S. F. 

Starr, Walter Augustus, Ph.B.: Grain 
broker 306 E. Twentieth st., O. 

Stull, Grace Theodora (Mrs. C. M. 

Elliot), B.L. 3377 Pacific av., S. F. 
Tade, Frank, A.B.: Teacher 1011 I st., 

Taylor, Eva Martha, B.L.: Teacher 2313 

Warring st., B. 
Taylor, Frank Perley, B.S. n. s. : Real 

estate dealer 1426 Twelfth st., River- 
side, Gal. 
Temple, Fred August, B.S. civ. eng.: Asst. 

City Engineer 1922 Sacramento st., 

S. F. 

Turner, Jessie Gertrude (Mrs. F. O. 

Hurt), A.B. 2917 Regent st., B. 
Tuttle, Orrie Leontina (Mrs. J. J. 

Murphy), Ph.B. 1470 Seventh av., O. 



Van Fleet, Ransom Carey, A.B. ; LL.B. 

1900: Lawyer 1207 Humboldt Bank 

Bldg., S. F. 
Van Gorder, Arthur Grant, B.S. n. s. : 

Clerk State Banking Dept. 3025 

Duncan st., B. 

Waters, Sylvia, B.L. 901 *D st., San Ber- 
Webster, Grace (Mrs. J. M. Williams). 

B.S. n. s.; B.S. (Pomona College) 

1895 Box 816, Pasadena. 
Weil, Adolph Leopold, Ph.B.; LL.B. 1899: 

Lawyer 362 Russ Bldg., S. F. 
Whipple, George Harding, Ph.B.: I.I, I!. 

(Harvard Univ.) 1900: Lawyer 

1232 Merchants Exchange Bldg., S. F. 
White, Howard James, B.S. mech. Care 

of Keeler, White and Co., S. F. 
Whitehead, Rachelle Douglass, Ph.B.: 

Teacher 571 Thirty-third st., O. 
Whitley, Anne, Ph.B. 341 Spruce st., 

S. F. 
Williams, Clara Louise, B.S. n.s. ; M.S. 

1898; M.D. (Johns Hopkins Univ.) 

1902: Physician 2507 Channing way, 


Williams, Lucy Ware (Mrs. Harley Leete), 
Ph.B. 1429 LeRoy av., B. 

Willis, Percival Ward, Ph.B. 

Wilson, Louise Suzanne, Ph.B.: M.A. 
(Stanford Univ.) 1900: Teacher 

Wood, Martha (Mrs. J. H. Caughlan), 
Ph.B. 2050 Hearst av., B. 

Wood, Samuel Austin, Jr., Ph.B.: Real 
estate dealer 3273 Pacific av., S. F. 

Woolsey, Edna Blythe (Mrs. E. W. 
Prouty). M.A.; A.B. 1895. v. 1895. 

Wright, Ben F., Ph.B.: Bank examiner. 
State Banking Dept. 704 Postal Tele- 
graph Bldg., S. F. 

Wythe, Kate Grace, Ph.B.: Teacher and 
missionary Aoyama Jo Gaknin, Tokio, 

Young, Stella Evalyn (Mrs. H. N. Hen- 
derson), Ph.B. Avalon av., B. 



(Harvard Univ.) 1900: Manager of 

the University Press, U. C. 2312 

Rose terrace, B. 
Allen, Irving Cowan, B.S. chem. ; M.S. 

1900: Chemist U. S. Geological Sur- 
vey, Pittsburg, Pa. 
Anderson, Archibald Barren, B.L. : Tcai-hrr 

Box 38, San Rafael. 
Aronts, Curt Albert, B.S. min. : Mining 

engineer 561 Railroad av., A. 
Arkley, William Wallace, B.S. mech.: 

Mechanical engineer 2229 Channing 

way, B. 
Armer, Evelyn Dorothea, B.S. n. s. : 

Teacher 3222 Washington st., S. F. 

Arthur, Ethel May, B.L.: Teacher 1205 

E. Park st., Stockton. 
Atterbury, Ruth (Mrs. A. G. Bailey) 

B.L. 2625 Ridge rd., B. 
Avy, Emilie (Mrs. F. A. Chapins), A.B. 
2697 Union st., S. F. 

Baer, Adolph, B.L. and B.S. n. s. ; D.D.S. 
1901; M.D. 1903: Dentist and oral 
surgeon Liebes Bldg., 171 Post st., 
S. F. 

Baird, Dudley, B.S. mech.: Metallurgical 
engineer *2624 Bancroft way, B. 

Bakewell, Benjamin, B.S. chem.; M.D. 
1902 : Physician 1416 Bath st., Santa 

Barden, Estelle Jane (Mrs. F. R. Wat- 
son), B.S. n.s. 907 California av., 
Urbana, 111. 

Barren, Emma Geraldine, B.L. 

Bartlett, Francis Henry, M.A. ; A.B. 1897. 
v. 1897. 

Barto, Centennia (Mrs. L. C. Mott), A.B. 
4052 Seventeenth st., S. F. 

Bell, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. James Mor- 
wood), Ph.B. Care of Grindley & 
Co., Bankers, 54 Parliament st., Lon- 
don, S.W., Eng. 

Benson, Eugene Huntington, M.A. ; A.B. 
(Pomona College) 1894: Clergyman 
120 Julian av., S. F. 

*Bias, Herbert James, Ph.B. (Died Jan- 
uary 28, 1902.) 

Bioletti, Frederick Theodore, M.S.; B.S. 
1894. v. 1894. 

Bixby, Fred Hathaway, Ph.B.: Farmer 
and banker Rancho Los Alamitos, 
Long Beach. 

Blanchard, Augusta Hunt, B.L. ; A.B. 
(Wellesley College) 1896: Teacher 
2933 Piedmont av., B. 

Blanchard, Milton Eugene, A.B.; B.L. 
1887; A.M. 1900 and Ph.D. 1901 
(Harvard Univ.). v. 1887. 

Blum, Edna (Mrs. L. S. Schwabacher), 
B.L. 902 Seventeenth av., N., Seattle, 

Blumberg, Lulu Jule, B.L. 3131 Jack- 
son st., S. F. 

Bordwell, Walter Percy, B.L. : Professor 
of Law, Univ. of Missouri 203 So. 
Garth av., Columbia, Mo. 

Bovard, Helen Chaffee, A.B.: Asst. in 
Advocate office 366 Page st., S. F. 

Bovard, Leila Glenn (Mrs. E. C. Merry- 
field), A.B. 924 Eighth st., Colton. 

Brown, Everett John, Ph.B.; LL.B. 1901: 
Judge Superior Court Gilbert and 
John sts., O. 

Brown, Louis Frederick, A.B. : Account- 
ant 1517 Devisadero st., S. F. 

Budd, Henry Berkeley, B.S. mech.: En- 
gineer 222 Elks Bldg., Stockton. 

! I 



Bufford, Charles Marcellus, A.B. ; M.A. 
1899; LL.B. 1901: Lawyer 1834 
Sutler st,, S. F. 

k Bush, Camillus, B.S. : M.D. (Johns Hop- 
kins Univ.) 1902. (Died May 28, 

Cahill, Jennie Margaret (Mrs. H. F. Col- 
lier), B.L. 545 Fifth av., S. F. 

Castelhun, Ella, Ph.B. 1078 Valencia st., 
S. F. 

Chamberlain, Selah, A.B.: Real estate 
dealer 374 Russ Bldg., S. F. 

Chambers, Samuel Alexander, M.A. ; A.B. 
1880. v. 1880. 

Chickering, Allen Lawrence, A.B. ; LL.B. 
1901: Lawyer 621 Walsworth av., O. 

Clark, George, B.L. : Lawyer U. S. At- 
torney's Office, S. F. 

Clark, Susan Gardner. A.B.: Teacher 
Oahu College, Honolulu, T. H. 

Clausen, Jacob Centennial, B.S. civ. eng. : 
2063 W. Twenty-eighth st., Los An- 

Cohen, Mae Marian (Mrs. E. S. Scheeline), 
B.L. 3046 Jackson st., S. F. 

Colby, George Elden, M.S.; Ph.B. 1880. 
v. 1880. 

Craig, Volnev Howard, B.L. : Lawyer 
620 So. Grand av., Pasadena. 

Creed, Wigginton Ellis, A.B.: Lawyer 
2601 Hillegass av., B. 

Cross, George Lvon, Ph.B. : Real estate 
dealer Box 424, Spokane, Wash. 

Curtis, Harriet Mildred, B.L. 706 E st., 
San Bernardino. 

Daniel, Emma Fielding, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
San Anselmo. 

Dannenbaum, Arthur Joseph. Ph.B. : Law- 
yer 765 Pacific Bldg., S. F. 
*Dart, Edith Putnam, B.L. (Died Febru- 
ary 20, 1903.) 

Deaderick. Bertha Viola, Ph.B.: Mission- 
ary Needles. 

Dibble, Grace Esther, A.B. : Teacher 216 
So. Second st., San Jose. 

*Dickerson, Clarence Merritt, B.S. mech. 
(Died May 7, 1903.) 

Dickie, Alexander Jack, B.S. mech.: Fruit 
grower and shipper 170 E. San Car- 
los st., San Jose. 

Dickie, Walter Murray, Ph.B.; M.D. 
1901: Physician 308 O. T. Johnson 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

Doane, Clarence Willard, B.S. min.: Man- 
ager Independent Match Co. 244 
California st., S. F. 

Donnell, Birney Hogan, Ph.B.: Lawyer 
436 Citizens National Bank Bldg., Los 

Dufficy, Veronica Anita, A.B.: Teacher 
500 Fourth st., San Rafael. 

Durand, Maude (Mrs. Robert Edgren), 
Ph.B. Care of New York Evening 
World, New York City. 

Eastman, Thomas Freeman, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Civil engineer 551 Chetwood st., O. 

Euphrat, Maurice Louis, B.L. : Sales-man- 
ager Wendling Lumber Co. 1223 
Flood Bldg., S. F. 

Fairchild, Fred Ross, Ph.B.; M.D. (Cooper 
Medical College) 1902: Physician 

''Farish, Linn Markley, Ph.B. (Died May 
6, 1899.) 

Fink, Elizabeth Caroline, A.B. 182 La- 
guna st., S. F. 

Finley, Lulu Belle, B.L. : Teacher 634 
' French st., Santa Ana. 

Force, John Nivison, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 
1901; M.S. 1910; Physician 2952 
College av., B. 

Foster, Robert Arnold, B.S. min.: Mining 
engineer Box 1741, Spokane, Wash. 

Frank, Laura Josephine, A.B.: Teacher 
46 Nace st., O. 

French, Helen Grace (Mrs. L. N. Wheel- 
. er), A.B. 408 Myrtle av., Monrovia. 

Frey, Frank Edward, B.S. civ. eng.: Civil 
engineer and contractor 820 Georgia 
st., Vallejo. 

Friedlander, Howard Joseph, B.S. n. s. : 
1603 Scott St., S. F. 

Fryer, Roy, B. S. n. s. : Teacher 719 H 
st., Sacramento. 

Funk, Laura May (Mrs. J. H. Byerley), 
B.S. n. s. 2913 Dalton av., Los An- 

Gable, Hayes Harvey: Manager Gable 
Agriculture & Live Stock co. Wood- 

Gallagher, John Joseph, M.A. ; Ph.D. 
(Univ. of Rome) 1885: Teacher 
Eighteenth av. and W st., S. F. 

Gammill, John Anderson, Ph.B. : Fruit 
grower R. D., Medford, Ore. 

Garlick, Etha Rebecca (Mrs. P. G. Gar- 
lick), B.L. 202 Clement st., S. F. 

Geis, Silas Wright, B.L.; Ph.D. (Yale 
Univ.) 1901. 

George, Anson Northrup, B.S. mech.: Pur- 
chasing agent for lime and cement com- 
pany 925 Dolores st., S. F. 

Gibbs, Harriet Eliza, Ph.B. 408 Thirty- 
fourth st., O. 

*Gibbs, Ralph Erwin, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 
1900. (Died April 1, 1903.) 

Goodcell, Roscoe Adams, Ph.B.; Ph.M. 
(Syracuse Univ.) 1907: Teacher 360 
Delaware av., San Bernardino. 

Grace, Helen Mary, Ph.B. : Teacher 6504 
Raymond st., O. 

Graham, Alexander Edward, Ph.B. : Chem- 
ist, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture Indian 
Rock av., B. 



Green, Florence Elizabeth (Mrs. F. Bixby), 
B.L. Rancho Los Alamitos, Long 

Griswold, Elizabeth Mabel (Mrs. C. H. 

Rowe) 111 Thirteenth st., O. 
Guppy, Ella Aileen (Mrs. E. B. Gould), 

B.L. Lindsay. 

Haber, Joseph, Jr., Ph.B.; LL.B. (Colum- 
bia Univ.) 1901): Lawyer Flood 

Bldg., S. F. 

Haehnlen, Lena Rosina (Mrs. W. B. Rey- 
nolds), Ph.B. 19 Lynde st., Fruitvale. 
Hall, William, A.B. Sutler Creek. 
Hanna, Florence May, A.B.: Teacher 

812 Nineteenth st., O. 
Harris, Harvey Edgar, Ph.B.: Architect 

815 Balboa (B) st., S. F. 
Harris, Helen, B.L. ; A.B. (Occidental 

College) 1897: Teacher 1136 E. 

Forty-fourth st., Chicago, 111. 
*Haskell, Robert Kelsey, B.S. civ. eng. 

(Died March 15, 1904.) 
Hassard, Elizabeth (Mrs. A. S. Boulware), 

Ph.B. Colusa. 
Hathaway, Chat Louise, B.L. : Teacher 

Hathaway, Rowe Montrose, B.S. n. s. ; 

M.S. 1900: Merchant Sebastopol. 
Hayakawa, Riuhei, B.S. mech. 10 Mishi- 

kata, Hongo, Tokyo, Japan. 

Heise, Carl Edward, B.S. mech. 1045 
Leavenworth st., S. F. 

Hellmuth, Lou, Ph.B.; M.L. 1899: Social 
settlement worker 35 E. Twenty- 
seventh st., New York City. 

Henley, Grace Lewis, Ph.B. 2516 Hille- 
gass ;i\ .. B. 

Henrici, Edith Valerie (Mrs. William 
Stephenson), Ph.B. Fort McKinlev, 
Rizal, P. I. 

Henry, Aufelia Isabel (Mrs. George Rein- 
hardt), B.L.; Ph.D. (Yale Univ.) 1905 
2434 Durant av., B. 

Henry, Ruth, A.B. (Illinois Weslevan) 
1895; A.B., M.A. 1899344 So. 'Sec- 
ond st., Los Angeles. 

Hiraiwa, Tamekichi, B.S. mech. Care of 
General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Hoag, William Burnham, B.L. Real estate 
dealer 636 Market st., S. F. 

Hochheimer, Ira, Ph.B.: Merchant Bak- 

Hohfeld, Edward, Jr., A.B.; LL.B. (Har- 
vard Univ.) 1907: Lawyer 1305 
Weber st., A. 

Hopper, James, Ph.B.: Writer Care of 
American Express Co., Paris, France. 

Howson, James Winfield, A.B. : M.A. 
1899: Chemist and teacher 2915 Re- 
gent St., B. 

Huff, William McMurray, B.S. min.: As- 
sayer Care of Bunker Hill and Sul- 
livan Mining Co., Kellogg, Idaho. 

Hyman, Solomon, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. (Johns 
Hopkins Univ.) 1902: Surgeon 135 
Stockton st., S. F. 

Hynes, Wildric Freeman, B.S. mech.: En- 
gineer Espanola Apartments, A, 3, 
Spokane, Wash. 

*Jarvis, Joseph Russell, B.S. mech. (Died 
June 29, 1906.) 

Jeffreys, Katharine Mary, A.B. : Teacher 
San Diego High School. 

Jeffreys, Winifred Margaret, A.B.: Nurse 
2270 Sutter st., S. F. 

Jepson, Willis Linn, Ph.D.; Ph.B. 1889. 
v. 1889. 

Johnson, Frederick Perley, A.B. ; A B 
1887 and A.M. 1898 (Amherst Col- 
lege): Teacher Boulder Creek. 

Jones, Edna (Mrs. John Hall), B.L. 
Hawi, Kohala, Hawaii, T. H. 

Jones, Florence May (Mrs. G. C. de Gar- 
mo), Ph.B. 823 Catalina st., Los An- 

Jones, Samuel Percy, M.S.; Ph.B. 1890 
and B.L. 1891 (Univ. of Georgia). 

Kalman, Lillie Unna, M.A. ; A.B. 1896. 
v. 1896. 

Kelly, Margaret Zilpha, B.L.: Teacher 

Kilkenny, Lucas Edward, Ph.B.: Teacher 

King, Frank Brown, Ph.B.: Bank cashier 
1898 Broadway, S. F. 

Klenck, Virginia Nason, Ph.B. ; B.L. 1900. 

Landstrom, Anna Maria (Mrs. W. J. V. 
Osterhout), B.S. n. s. : 60 Buckingham 
st., Cambridge, Mass. 

Lawson, Anstruther Abercrombie, M.S. ; 
B.S. 1897; Ph.D. (Univ. of Chicago) 
1901; D.Sc. (Glasgow Univ.). v. 

Lee, Julia Florence Tolman, M.L. ; B.L. 
(Mills College) 1896: Teacher 2019 
Bancroft way, B. 

Leggett, Joseph William, A.B. : Clerk Cus- 
tom House brokers Menlo Park. 

Leslie, George Darby, Ph.B.: Statistician 
State Board of Health, Sacramento. 

Levy, Carnille, B.L. Santa Barbara. 

Linscott, Stella M., M.A. ; A.B. (Univ. of 
Nevada) 18951908 Shattuck av., B. 

Loy. Mary Eugenia (Mrs. W. E. Cham- 
berlain), A.B. 2431 Ellsworth st., B. 

Me Arthur, Viva Barbara (Mrs. W. J. 
Drew). Ph.B.; M.L. 1900 67 Buena 
Vista terrace, S. F. 

McGuire, James Edward, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Mining engineer P. O. Box 178, Ger- 
miston, Transvaal, South Africa. 

McKenney, Floyd Lafayette, Ph.B.: Re- 
porter 226 Third av., S. F. 

McKinley, Marie Josephine, B.L. : Teacher 
1657 Washington st., S. F. 

McKinne, ^Cornelia, B.L. : Teacher 517 
Hill st., S. F. 


McVenn, Gertrude Elizabeth, A.B. Nueva 
Caceras, Luzon, P. I. 

MrVcy, John Lionel, Ph.B.: Lawyer 
1622 Bay st., A. 

Marmon, Howard Carpenter, B.S. mech. : 
Secretary Nordyke & Marmon Co., 
Manufacturers, 970 N. Delaware st., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Mason, Florence Elizabeth (Mrs. Freder- 
ick Palmer), Ph.B. Care of F. Pal- 
mer, Esq., C.I.E., 109 Leadenhall st., 
London, Eng. 

Maxwell, Mary Grace, B.L. : Teacher 
1266 Fourth av., O. 

Mayer, Mathias Joseph, B.S. mech. 1619 
Fulton st., S. F. 

Mead, Lewis Durant, B.S. chem. ; A.M. 
and M.D. 1902 (Columbia Univ.): 
Physician Butler Bldg., S. F. 

Meads, Harold Wilder, B.S. mech.: Mech- 
anical engineer 2068 West st., O. 

Mehlman, Else, Ph.B.: Teacher 45 Mon- 

tecito av., O. 

*Merrill, John Sroufe, Ph.B. (Died March 
2, 1909.) 

Millar, John Walter, B.S. chem.; M.S. 
1899 1318 Tenth st., O. 

Miller, Loye Holmes, B.S. chem.; M.S. 
1904: Teacher 6066 Hays av., Los 

*Miller, Paul Lucien, B.L. (Died August 
10, 1908.) 

Moore, Carmen (Mrs. Walter Starr), 
Ph.B. 206 E. Twentieth st., O. 

Morgan, Avery, B.S. civ. eng. 754 Four- 
teenth st., O. 

Morley, Walter Spangenberg, B.S. min.: 
Asst. Professof of Metallurgy, U. C. 
2745 Parker st., B. 

Miiller, Marie Irene, B.S. chem.: Teacher 
301 C St., Oxnard. 

Munro, Charles Harper, B.S. rain.: Min- 
ing engineer 354 Pine St., S. F. 

Needham, Irving, A.B. 1007 Seventh st., 

Newhall, Percy Melrose, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Consulting engineer P. O. box 485, 
Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Newlands, John Cassell, B.L. Fairmont 

Newton, Jacqueline Montague (Mrs. V. 
De Lamater), Ph.B. 146 Westervelt 
av., Plainfield, N. J. 

Noonan, Emma Laura, Ph.B. : Teacher 
1307 Hayes St., S. F. 

Nott, Charles Palmer, M. S. n. s. ; Ph.B. 
(Brown Univ.) 1896 R. F. D. 2, 
Mountain View. 

Olney, Albert Clyde, B. S. n. s. : Teacher 

High School, Santa Barbara. 
*Osborne, Charles Kimball, A.B. (Died 
October 17, 1898.) 

Owen, Earnest Almond, M.S.; B.S. 1897: 
B.S. (Pomona College) 1894. v. 1897. 

Palmer, Harold King, B.S. n. s. ; Ph.D. 

1903: Junior engineer, U. S. Indian 

Service Fort Duchesne, Utah. 
Palmer, Mabel Cluness. (Mrs. E. K. Du- 

pont), A.B. 1409 E. Lafayette st., 

Parker, Homer Charles, B.S. mech.: With 

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. 1601 

Taylor st., S. F. 
Parker, Lilian Maria (Mrs. A. H. Allen), 

B.L. 2312 Rose terrace, B. 
11 Patch, Marv Lydia (Mrs. Chalmers Gunn). 

Peart, Hartley Fiske, B.L.; LL.B. 1901: 

Lawyer 1534 Larkin st., S. F. 
Powers, George Herman, Jr., A.B. ; M.D. 

1902 : Physician 333 Beacon st,, Bos- 
ton, Mass. 
Procter, John William, Ph.B. : Real estate 

dealer 1545 Euclid av., B. 
Pudan, Herbert Whatmough, B.S. mech. 
Rector, Gilbert James, B.L. : Banker 

Nevada City. 
Reed, Georgia Ella (Mrs. Jos. Fife), M.L. ; 

B.L. 1893. v. 1893. 
Rising, Ruth Lawrence (Mrs. C. Meni- 

canti), B.L. 315 Corso Vittorio Em- 

anuele, Rome, Italy. 
Robb, Flora May (Mrs. R. J. Young), 

Ph.B. 2612 Benvenue av., B. 
Rooertson, Alice, B.S. n.s. ; M.S. 1899; 

Ph.D. 1902: Assoc. Professor of Zool- 
ogy, Welleslev College 206 College 

Hall, Wellesley, Mass. 
Robinson, Beatrice Winifred (Mrs. J. W. 

Farnsworth), Ph.B. Wellesley Park, 

Redwood City. 
Robinson, Mary Edna, Ph.B.: Teacher 

2428 Ellsworth st., B. 
Robinson, Sara Maude (Mrs. E. J. Mott), 

B.L. 412 Ashbury st., S. 'F. 
Roller, Josephine (Mrs. E. L. Hoag), 

Ph.B. Burlingame. 
Roos, Leon Lazare, Ph.B. : Merchant 

Market and Stockton sts., S. F. 
Ross, Minnie Elizabeth, Ph.B.; B.S. 

(Penn College) 1887: Teacher 153 

E. Ave. 56, Los Angeles. 
Russell, William Carroll, B.L. : Mining en- 
gineer Bonanza, Colo. 
Sanders, Nathaniel, A.B. : Teacher 


Sanderson, Charlotte (Mrs. John Gard- 
ner), B.L. Watson ville. 
Sargentich, Spiro, Ph.B.: Physician 822 

Electric Bldg., Portland, Ore. 
Schmit, James John, Ph.B. : Teacher 

2323 Rose terrace, B. 
Scott, Gertrude May (Mrs. Richard 

Ivers), Ph.B. Care of Messrs. C. 

Brewer & Co., Honolulu, T. H. 
Sherer, Rex William, Ph.B. : Insurance 

agent San Rafael. 



Sherman, Vida Louise, M.L. ; B.L. 1897: 
M.A. 1899. v. 1897. 

Shinn, Millicent Washburn, Ph.D.; A.B. 
1880. v. 1880. 

Slawson, George Harrison, B.L. : Farmer 
R. F. D. "I," Box 94, Sacramento. 

Sleeper, Anita May (Mrs. Charles C. 
Cohn), B.L. Box 764, Manila, P. I. 

Smith, Clara Hettie, Ph.B. : Teacher 

Smith, Clarence Arthur, Ph.B.: Lumber 
dealer Boulder Creek. 

Smith, Julia (Mrs. H. B. Leigh), Ph.B. 

Spencer, John Foster, B.S. n. s. ; B.S. 
1897 and M.D. 1904 (Univ. of South- 
ern California) : Physician Gardena. 

Stadtmuller, Edwin William, B.L. : Mer- 
chant 3235 Pacific av., S. F. 

Stark, Clara Marion, A.B. : Teacher 76 
Palm av., S. F. 

Stern, Carrie (Mrs. C. N. Stern), B.L. 

2005 Buchanan St., S. F. 
"'Stetson, Emily Merriam (Mrs. De Forest 
Reichart). (Died November 12, 1908.) 

Stewart, Roderic Sanderson, B.S. mech. 

Stutt, John Henry, B.S. civ. eng. : Engi- 
neer 2510 Warring St., B. 

Sweet, Adolph David, Ph.B.: Merchant 


^Swett, Lucy Field (Mrs. W. R. Bacon), 
B.L. (Died September 20, 1905.) 

Thayer, Philip Rathmall, B.S. mech.: 
Marine surveyor 72 Santa Clara av., 

Thomas, Frank Peard, Ph.B. 1030 Cale- 
donia St., Butte, Mont. 

Tolman, Lucius Moody, M.S. chem. ; B.S. 
(Pomona College) 1896: Chemist, U. 
S. De'pt. of Agriculture 1408 Emer- 
son st., N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Torroy, Harry Beal, M.S.; B.S. 1895; 
Ph.D. (Columbia Univ.) 1903. v. 1895. 

Towle, Clifford Holton, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Searcher of records 907 Third St., 
San Rafael. 

Trowbridge, Jessie June (Mrs. G. O. 
Cobb), B.S. n. s. Glen Ellen. 

Van Ness, Thomas Casey, Jr., Ph.B.: 
Lawyer 607 Kohl Bldg., S. F. 

Van Schaick, Guy, B.L. : Lawyer 5804 
Jackson av., Chicago, 111. 

Wagner, George Julius, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Civil engineer Care of Theodore Wag- 
ner, Glen Ellen. 

Wagner, Lawrence Talcott, A.B. ; LL.B. 
1901: Lawyer Sausalito. 

Waste, Harry Lotis, Ph.B.: Manager gold 
mining company Knog, Shasta. 

Watson, Lucretia Estelle (Mrs. B. G. Tay- 
lor), A.B. Saratoga. 

Waymire, Edna (Mrs. F. E. Tuck), B.L. ; 
M.L. 1900 Willits. 

Wedemeyer, Otto Theodore, Ph.B.: Farmer 
R. F. D. No. 3, Hood River, Ore. 

Wellman, Ernest Pratt, B.L.; A.B 1892 
and LL.B. 1894 (Univ. of Kansas): 
Lawyer 1315 W. Thirty-sixth st., Los 

Wellman, Mary Harriet, Ph.B.; A.B. 1892 
and M.A. 1894 (Univ. of Kansas). 

West, Sidney Vattell, B.S. agr. : M.D. 
1903: Physician San Diego. 

Weymouth, Clarence Raymond, B.S. mech.: 
Mechanical engineer 2325 Blake st., 

Wheeler, Mildred Maude, M.A.; A.B. 
(Univ. of Nevada) 1896 Reno, Ne- 

Whipple, Marion Grins (Mrs. E. A. Gar- 
rettson), B.L. 4604 Ibis st., San 

Whitcomb, Ralston, Ph.B. : Draughtsman 
1009 Shattuck av., B. 

Wickson, Ednah Harmon (Mrs. W. F. 
Kelly), B.L.; M.L. 1899 Grand and 
Sheridan avs., Piedmont. 

Wigmore, Cyril, B.S. min. Box 186, Cliff- 
ton, Ariz. 

Wilder, Francis Alfred, Ph.B. Care of 
Pratt-Low Preserving Co., San Jose. 

Williams, Alpheus Fuller, B.S. min.: Man- 
ager De Beers Consolidated Mines 
1 Park rd, Kimberly, Cape Colony, 
South Africa. 

Williams, Clara Louise, M.S.; B.S. 1897; 
M.D. (Johns Hopkins Univ.) 1902. 
v. 1897. 

Williams, Cora Lenore, M.S.; Ph.B. 1891. 
v. 1891. 

Wilson, Charles Jasper, B.S. mech. Care 
of Pacific Gas and Electric Co., O. 

Yanagisawa, Una Yone (Mrs. Oya), B.L. ; 
M.D. 1901 Tokio, Japan. 

Younglove, Emma, M.A. ; A.B. (Oberlin 
College) 1884 Ventura. 

Zeile, John, B.L. 2298 Broadway, S. F. 

Zellerbach, Rose (Mrs. Alfred Rosenthal), 
B.S. n. s. 2630 Grant st, B. 


Abraham, Ira, A.B.: Manager title com- 
pany 6412 Benvenue av., O. 

Abraham, Josephine, B.L. 844 Fulton st., 
S. F. 

Aiken, Arthur Gates, Ph.B. Care of Na- 
tional Steamship Co., Crocker Bldg., 
S. F. 

Alpin. Donald Graham, B.S. n. s. ; B.S. 
(Pomona College) 1898: Orange grower 
R. D. No. 1, Highland. 

Armstrong, Frederic Julian, A.B.: Teacher 
1926 Bonsallo av., Los Angeles. 

Arnold, Philip Brent, Ph.B.; LL.B. 1901: 
Lawyer Colusa. 

Baugh, Neville Richmond, B.S. mech. 
Iloilo, P. I. 



Beattie, George William, B.S. chem. ; M.S. 
1901 Manila, P. I. 

Bennett, Eleanor Vanderbilt, M.L. ; B.L. 

1896. v. 1896. 

Berg, Gertrude Theresa, B.L. Alameda. 
Bishop, Thomas Porter, Ph.B.; LL.B. 

1901: Lawyer 354 Russ Bldg., S. F. 

Bliss, Wilberforce, B.L.; B.S. (Mt. Union 
College) 1893; M.L. 1909: Teacher 
2031 Meade av., San Diego. 

Boke, Henry John, B.L. : Editor 20 Ran- 
dolph st., Napa. 

Bond, George Alvin, A.B.: Teacher 
Santa Cruz. 

Bonnell. Edith (Mrs. F. H. Dunne), B.L. 
1709 Gough st., S. F. 

Bowden, Belle (Mrs. F. K. Jenks), Ph.B. 

Bowman, Elsie, A.B.: Teacher 2460 
Union st., S. F. 

Bradford, Hugh Barr, B.L. ; LL.B. 1901: 
Lawyer 1414 Seventh st., Sacra- 

Brookman, Thirmuthis Amy, A.B. : Teacher 
. High School, Berkeley. 

Brown, Albert Jacob, Ph.B. 465 Ed- 
wards st., O. 

Browning, Edith Forbes, A.B. : Teacher 
3151 California st., S. F. 

Brownsill, Edith Sara, B.L. ; M.D. 1904: 
Physician 2614 Channing way, B. 

Bryant, Nellie Blanche (Mrs. C. H. Shep- 
ard), Ph.B. Gooding Apts., Eighth 
and Jefferson sts., Wilmington, Del. 

Buffington, Laura May (Mrs. B. E. Janes), 
B.L. Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango, 

Bufford, Charles Marcellus, M.A. ; A.B. 
1898; LL.B. 1901. v. 1898. 

Burd, John Sedgwick, B.S. chem. : Asst. 
Professor of Agricultural Chemistry, 
U. C. Faculty Club. 

Burdick, Allan Corey, B.S. mech. : Con- 
struction engineer Henderson, North 

Byxbee, Edith Sumner (Mrs. C. P. Notf* 
M.S.; B.S. 1896. v. 1896. 

Calkins, Frank Cathcart, B.S. n. s. : Geol- 
ogist U. S. Geological Survey, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Carter, Corinne (Mrs. E. E. Scranton), 
Ph.B. Care of Navy Department, 
Washington, D. C. 

Clark, Charles Weston, B.S. mech.: Man- 
ager Los Angeles Business College 
417 W. Fifth st., Los Angeles. 

Clark, Clarence Doane, B.S. mech.: With 
Pacific Gas and Electric Co. 615 
Franklin st., Napa, Cal. 

Clark. Edward Thomas, Ph.B.: Lawyer 
Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

Clark, William Carter, Ph.B.: Lawyer 
61 Montecito av., O. 

Claussen, Harry, B.L. 922 E. Denny 
way, Seattle, Wash. 

Clayburgh, Herbert Eugene, Ph.B. ; LL.B. 
1901: Merchant 25 Sansome st., S. F. 

Cohen, Helena, Ph.B.: Teacher 2277 
Green st., S. F. 

Cohn, Jacob Edward, Ph.B. : Lawyer 
1265 Ellis St., S. F. 

Colby, Mary Josephine, B.L.: Teacher 
Box 182, Yreka. 

Cole (Mrs.), Jessie Naylor (Mrs. E. K. 
Cole), B.L. 2214 Haste st., B. 

Collier, John Henry, Jr., B.S. min.: Min- 
ing superintendent 405 Nicol av., O. 

Congdon, Edna Ruth, Ph.B. 2218 Ban- 
croft way, B. 

Cooper, Harry Noftel, B.S. chem. 1311 
Addison st., B. 

Craig, John Walker, B.S. min. 

Cross, Harry Jeremiah, B.S. mech. Care 
of C. C. Moore & Co., 619 Mutual Life 
Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Crozier, Herbert William, B.S. mech.: 
Electrical engineer 909 Union Trust 
Bldg., S. F. 

Crusoe, Katharine Matthews, B.S. n. s. ; 
M.S. 1901: Teacher 2606 Bancroft 
way, B. 

Curtiss, David Raymond, A.B. ; M.A. 
1901; Ph.D. (Harvard Univ.) 1903: 
Professor of Mathematics, Northwest- 
ern Univ. 720 Milburn st., Evanston, 

Daniels, Ralph Chandler, B.S. chem.: 
Teacher 3421 Kansas av., Los An- 

Denicke, Ernest Henry, B.S. min. 1300 
Golden Gate av., S. F. 

Dibble, Oliver, Ph.B.; LL.B. 1901: Law- 
yer Mills Bldg., S. F. 

Downing, William Sherman, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
1902: Lawyer 745 Mills Bldg., S. F. 

Dozier, Melville, Jr., B.S. mech.: Manager 
Northern Electric Ry. Chico. 

Dunlap, Knight, Ph.B.; M.L. 1900; A.M. 
1901 and Ph.D. 1903 (Harvard 
Univ.) : Instructor in Psychology, 
Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, Md. 

Durbrow, William, B.S. min.: Engineer 
1308 Arch st., B. 

Eaton, Louis Francis, B.S. min. Mina 3 
Amigos, Puntarenes, Costa Rica. 

Eckart, Nelson Andrew, B.S. mech.: En- 
gineer 3014 Clay st., S. F. 

Ede, William, A.B.; LL.B. 1901: Capi- 
talist 120 Blair av., Piedmont. 

Eliason, Andrew, Jr., B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trician 864c Milton st., O. 

Ellis, Arthur MacDonald, B.L. : Lawyer 
314 B. F. Coulter Bldg., Los An- 

Ellis, Frank Freeman, B.S. agr. : Farmer 
and real estate dealer Ducor, Tulare 



Ellsworth, Caroline Duval, Ph.B. 630 S 
Figueroa St., Los Angeles. 

Elston, Thomas Sidney, B.S. n. s. ; Ph.D. 
(Johns Hopkins Univ.) 1906: In- 
structor in Physics, U. C. Eucalyp- 
tus path, Claremont Park, B. 

Eppinger, Julia C. (Mrs. H. W. Fox) 
B.L. 1503 Indiana av., La Porte, 

Evans, Perry, B.L. ; LL.B. 1901- Law- 
yer 2727 Benvenue av., B. 

."Ewing, Florence Nightingale, B.L. 2221 
Scott St., S. F. 

Fassett, Clare Louise Hitchcock (Mrs. E. 
H. Moses), Ph.B. Box 443, Hilo, 
Hawaii, T. H. 

Fish, Lucia Hester, A.B. ; A.M. (Colum- 
bia Univ.) 1903: Teacher 9 McClure 
St., O. 

Flood, Fred Howard, B.S. min. : Mining 
engineer Black Diamond. 

Fowler, Carroll, B.S. agr. : Farmer Ceres. 

Fremery, William de, B.S. mech. : Mer- 
chant 104 Dracena St., Piedmont. 

Frost, Helen Augusta (Mrs. S. F. Smith), 
A.B.; A.B. (Emporia College) 1895 
2222 Fourth st., San Diego. 

Fryer, Charles Edmund, Ph.B.; M.L. 
1901; A.M. 1902 and Ph.D. 1906 
(Harvard Univ.): Professor of His- 
tory, McGill Univ. McGill Univ., 
Montreal, Canada. 

'Garrison, Earl Wiswall, B.S. n. s. (Died 

January 23, 1905.) 
Geisendorfcr. Tlonry Albert, B.S. min.: 

Mining superintendent Hillside, Ariz. 
Giacomini, Alfred Lewis, Ph.B. Care of 

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, 

W;ishinpton, D. C. 
Gibbons, Henry Walter, B.S. n. s. : M.D. 

(Cooper College) 1902: Physician 

350 Post St., S. F. 
Graber, Ada (Mrs. C. E. Jones), A.B. 

2037 Durant av., B. 
Greisberg, Frederick Johnson, B.S. mech. 

Care of Pacific Gas Co., San Jose. 
Grunsky, Clotilde Adelaide (Mrs. H. A. 

Fisk), B.L. : Social settlement worker 

555 Chestnut St., S. F. 
Guthrie, Elsie Maud, B.L. 1615 Davton 

av., A. 

Haokley, William Arthur, B.L.: Real 
estate dealer 56 Plaza drive, Clare- 
mont Park, B. 

Hahn, Jean Melnotte, B.L. With Fiske 
Teachers' Agency, B. 

Hamlin, Amy (Mrs. Robert Kelly), A.B.: 
Actress 1920 Haste St., B. 

Hanscomb, Sarah de Forrest (Mrs. G. S. 
Embury), B.S. n. s. 152r> Walnut 
St., B. 

Harlan, George Hillary, B.L. ; LL.B. 
1902: Lawyer San Rafael. 

Harris. Elma M., A.B. 

Haworth, May Voorhees, Ph.B.: Teacher 
2115 Clinton av., A. 

Hellmuth, Lou, M.L.; Ph.B. 1898. v 

Helms, Walter Theodore, Ph.B.: Teacher 
1131 Sixth st., Richmond. 

Henderson, Victor Hendricks, B.L. Sec- 
retary of Regents, U. C. Secretary's 
office, University of California. 

Henry, Ruth, M.A. ; A.B. (Illinois Wes- 
leyan Univ.) 1895: Teacher 344 S. 
Second st., San Jose. 

Herriott, Clarence Dillway, A.B. ; B.D. 
(San Francisco Theological Seminary) 
1902: Missionary 518 E. Seventeenth 
st., O. 

Hess, Sigmund, B.S. min.: Bookkeeper 
2871 Clay st., S. F. 

Hess, Teresa, B.L. : Teacher 2871 Clay 

St., S. F. 
Heyman, Olga, Ph.B. 

Hiserman, Elbert, B.L. 50 Abbott st., 


Kobe, Adelaide Mary, B.S. n.s. 
Hobson, Jeannette Frances (Mrs. Mere- 
dith Spencer), B.S. n s. 2225 

Chapel st., B. 
Hoffman, Charlotte Mignon (Mrs. V. L. 

Kellogg), Ph.B. Stanford University. 
Hoffman, Karl Frederick, B.S. min. 

Box 149, Johannesburg, Transvaal, 

South Africa. 
Hohfeld, Lily (Mrs. W. R. Hughes), 

A.B. ; A.M. (Stanford Univ.) 1900: 

1332 Park st., A. 
Hohfeld, Rose (Mrs. Sidney Haslett), 

A.B.; A.M. (Stanford Univ.) 1907 

1305 Weber st., A. 
Holling, Louise Julia (Mrs. A. C. Bach), 

Ph.B. 2642 Green st., S. F. 
Hooper, Burt Everett, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trical engineer Placerville. 
Houston, Charles James, B.L. ; LL.B. 

(Georgetown Univ.) 1905: Lawyer 

421 First National Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Houston, William Hart, A.B.: Secretary 

Commercial News Publishing Co. 

250 Churchill av., Palo Alto. 
Howard, Charles Harold, M.A.; A.B. 

1895. v. 1895. 
Howson, James Winfield, M.A. ; A.B. 

1898. v. 1898. 

Huffman, Fred Harmon, Ph.B. Alturas. 
Hull, Mary (Mrs. B. F. Lynip), M.A.; 

A.B. 1897. v. 1897. 
Hus, Henri, Theodore Antoine, M.S.: B.S. 

1897; Ph.D. (Washington Univ.) 

1908. v. 1897. 
Hyman, Maude (Mrs J. L. Goodday), 

B.S. n. s. 66 Fifth av., S. F. 
Jewett, Agnes Roxbury, A.B. : Teacher 

1700 University av., B. 



* Johnson, Louise Hamlin, B.S. n. s. (Died 

October 19, 1908.) 
^Julien, George Washington, B.S. min. 

(Died August 23, 1901.) 
Julien, Lillian May, B.L. Yreka. 
Kaarsberg, Lawrence, B.S. mech, Vallejo. 
Kelly, Augusta Glynn, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

4115 Twentieth St., S. F. 
Kent, Mamie Maccribin (Mrs. J. M. 

Graham), B.L. Care of Mr. D. M. 

Kent, 2021 Broderick st., S. F. 
Keyes, Clarissa Mary (Mrs. C. M. 

Graham), B.S. n. s. ; B.S. (Kansas 

State Agricultural College) 1887: 

Teacher Box 250, Manila, P. I. 
Kidd, Alexander Marsden, A.B. ; LL.B. 

(Harvard Univ.) 1903: Lawyer and 

Asst. Professor of Law, U. C. 349 

Cherry st., S. F. 
King, Arthur Scott, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 

1901; Ph.D. 1903: Superintendent 

Physical Laboratory, Mt. Wilson Solar 

Laboratory Solar Observatory Office, 

Kingsbury, William Fay, B.L. : Journalist 

Care of "The Record," Fort Worth, 

Knight, Bertha Louise, Ph.B.: Nurse 

2419 Bancroft way, B. 
Krafft, Elsie, Ph.B.: Journalist 2829 

Devisadero st., S. F. 
Kurtz, Texaina Tyler, A.B. Oroville. 
Laguna, Theodore de Leo de, M.A. ; A.B. 

1896; Ph.D. (Cornell Univ.) 1901. 

v. 1896. 

La Motte, Gertrude Dorothy, A.B. : Teach- 
er 281 N. Third st., San Jose. 
Linscott, Harry Arlyn, Ph.B.: With Ginn 

& Co., Publishers 1561 Eighth av., O. 
Logan, Roscoe Lee, B.S. chem. : Physician 

2006 Hyde st., S. F. 
Louderback, George Davis, Ph.D.: A.B. 

1896. v. 1896. 
"McCloud, Wayne, Ph.B. ( Died August 

25, 1903.) 

McClymonds, Ethelynd Harriet (Mrs. Dud- 
ley Kinsell), Ph.B. Claremont 

Manor, O. 
McDill, George Wilbert, A.B.: Lawyer 

2110 W. Thirty-first st., Los Angeles. 
McDonald, Lena Florence (Mrs. F. T. 

Wilkinson), B.L. 1430 Fifth av., O. 
McDuffie, Duncan, B.L. : Real estate dealer 

2434 Durant av., B. 
*McPherson, Thomas William, Ph.B. (Died 

July 29, 1903.) 

Mackenzie, John Alexander, Ph.B.: Teach- 
er Hanford. 
Madden, Maud, B.L. 756 Sixteenth st., 

Mannon, James Milton, Jr., A.B. ; LL.B. 

1902: Lawyer 1272 Clay st., S. F. 
Margeson, Eva Evelyn, B.L. : Teacher 

1374 Eleventh av., O. 

Martenstein, Clarence Edward, B.S. 
mech. : Draughtsman Niles. 

Martin, Mary Nina (Mrs. E. H. Tatum), 
A.B. ; A.B. (Univ. of Southern Cali- 
fornia) 1897 Inglewood. 

Marvin, Harvey Le Fevre, Ph.B. : Mer- 
chant 1230 Geary st., S. F. 

Matthew, Margaret Lilian, A.B.: Y. W. C. 
A. secretary 41 Sanbancho, Koji- 
machi, Tokio, Japan. 

Metkiff, Guenevere, M.L. : B.L. (Pomona 
College) 1894: Teacher 131 W. Cen- 
ter st., Pomona. 

Millar, John Walter, M.S.; B.S. 1898. v. 

Mitchell, Flora Ernestine, B.L.: Teacher 
4827 Maple st., O. 

Mogeau, Isabella (Mrs. H. H. Herdman), 
Ph.B. Summit court and Cornell 
drive, Portland, Oregon. 

Mooney, William Thomas, Ph.B.; LL.B. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1906: Lawyer 645 
Mills Bldg., S. F. 

Myers, Mittie Ursula (Mrs. F. N. Chap- 
lin), B.L. Suisun. 

Nash, Lavonia Ray, Ph.B. 

Newman, Maurice Alfred, B.S. min.: Mine 
superintendent San Jose de Gracia, 
Sinaloa, Mexico. 

*Newman, Walter, Ph.B. (Died January t 

Lawyer 1810 Oxford st 

Xutting, Perley Gilman, M.S 
(Stanford Univ.) 1897; 
nell Univ.) 
Bureau of 
D. 0. 

Victor, B.L. ; M.A. (Cornell 
1900 : Lawyer Fairbanks, 



n. s. ; A.B, 
Ph.D. (Cor 
1903: Assoc. Physicist 
Standards, Washington, 

Nye, Roy 

Osterhout, Winthrop John Van Leuven, 
Ph.D.; A.B. 1893 and A.M. 1894 
(Brown Univ.) : Asst. Professor of 
Botany, Harvard Univ. 60 Bucking- 
ham st., Cambridge, Mass. 

Overstreet, Harry Allen, A.B.; B.Sc. (Ox- 
ford Univ.) 1901: Professor of Philos- 
ophy, Univ. of New York. 

Pache, Frances Charlier, Ph.B. Mina, 

Parker, Ada Howe (Mrs. L. S. Gear), 
B.L. 215 Santa Clara av., O. 

Pidge, William Caius, B.S. civ. eng. : Et- 
gineer 26 Belvedere st., S. F. 

Plaw, Marie Victoria, Ph.B. 1600 E. 
Twenty-seventh st., Fruitvale. 

Porter, Alice Turner (Mrs. S. L. Ware), 
Ph.B. Stanford University. 

Powers, Jennie Louisa, B.S. n. s. : Medical 
student 2714 Steiner st., S. F. 

Premo, Walter Emile, Ph.B.: Real estate 
dealer and grain broker 802 Putnam 
av., Porterville. 


Putnam, Thomas Milton, M.S.; B.S. 1897; 
Ph.D. (Univ. of Chicago) 1901. v. 

Quayle, Bert Leroy, B.S. mech. ; LL.B. 
1902: Lawyer Ely, Nevada. 

Rawlings, Stuart Lamar, B.S. mech.: Min- 
ing superintendent 169 Santa Rosa 
av., O. 

Reed, Minnie. M.S. agr. ; B.S. 1886 and 
M.S. 1893 (Kansas State Agricultural 
College) : Teacher Kamehameha Man- 
ual School, Honolulu, T. H. 

Rennie, Ethel Evelyn, Ph.B. 

Rising, Alice Stuart, B.L. 2203 Chapel 
St., B. 

Robertson, Alice, M.S.; B.S. 1898; Ph.D. 
1902. v. 1898. 

Rosener, Leland Sylvan, B.S. mech.: Con- 
sulting engineer 1129 Merchants Ex- 
change Bldg., S. F. 

Ross, Mary, B.S. n. s. ; B.S. (Penn Col- 
lege) 1885: Teacher 160 E. ave. 57, 
Los Angeles. 

Roth. Nathalie E., Ph.B.: Teacher 3294 
Clay st., 8. F. 

Rothermel. Elizabeth, A.B. 2959 Pied- 
mont av., B. 

Rouleau, Blanche Madeleine, Ph.B. 1410 
Sacramento St., S. F. 

Rubottom, Holland, Ph.B.: Captain Ninth 
U. S. Cavalry 1002 Seventh av., O. 

Sammett, Matthew Alexander, B.S. mech.: 

Consulting engineer 702 Canadian 

Kx press Bldg., Montreal, Canada. 
Schneider, Emma Venetia, M.L. ; B.L. 

1897. v. 1897. 
Scou, Lloyd Nudd ,B.S. min.: Lawyer 

63 Wall st., New York City. 
*Scott. Wesley Bartlett, B.S. min. (Died 

Seyler, Charles, Jr., B.L.: Insurance 

agent 330 I. W. Hellman Bldg., Los 

Sherman, Vida Louise. M.A. ; B.L. 1897; 

M.L. 1898. v. 1897. 
Simpson, Frances Marion, B.S. min. 
Simpson, Lola Jean, Ph.B.: Teacher 720 

College st.. Woodland. 
Skilling, William Thompson, B.S. chem. ; 

M.S. 1901: Teacher 3130 Sixth st., 

San Diego. 
Skimmings (Mrs.) Nannie Fessenden 

(Mrs. R. H. Skinnings), A.B. 1079 

Twelfth st.. O. 
Smith, James Uriel, M.S.; B.S. 1894. v. 

Smith, Thomas Allen, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

1531 Edith st,, B. 
Smoot. Sarah Elizabeth Marquand. A.B. 

47 So. Sixth st., New Bedford, Mass. 
*Sorbier, Josephine Marie, Ph.B. (Died.) 
Spaulding, William Holmes, A.B.: Lawyer 

625 El Dorado av.. O. 

Sprague, Roger, B.S. civ. eng. 

Stack, Katherine, A.B. : Teacher 444 

Ashbury st., S. F. 
Stebbins, Horatio Ward, A.B.: Mechanical 

engineer 64 Pleasanton st., S. F. 
Steinhart, Aimee, A.B. 2521 Fcott st., 

S. F. 

Stone, Earle Almeron, B.L.; M.D. 1903: 
Phvsician and proprietor of drug store 
1400 W. Sixteenth st., Los Angeles. 
Stone (Mrs.), Eva Maud, B.L. : Teacher 

2929 Hillegass av., B. 
Stone, Fanny Cushing (Mrs. W. V. 

Jahant), B.L. Acampo. 
Stone. Florence Wilcox, B.L. : Teacher 

121 So. Palm av., Hollywood. 
Stubenrauch, Arnold Valentine, B.S. agr.; 
M.S. A. (Cornell Univ.) 1901: Pomo- 
logist U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, 
Washington, D. C. 

Sturges, Lorena Alice (Mrs. F. S. Mar- 
key), Ph.B. 305 Pagoda av., O. 
Sullivan, Katherine Editha, B.L. : Teacher 

168 Belvedere st., S. F. 
*Swan, Earle Cook, B.S. n. s. (Died July 

9, 1902.) 
Sweet, Mabel (Mrs. Julius Baer), B.L. 

3701 Clay St., S. F. 

*Svmmes, Harold Shakspear, A.B.; Ph.D. 
' (Univ. of Paris) 1903. (Died Febru- 
ary 7, 1910.) 

Talcott, Seth Roswell, B.S. mech.: Mer- 
chant Boulevard av. and High st., 
Taylor, Maud Marion, M.L. ; B.S. (Wei 

lesley College). 
Thane, Bartlett Lee, B.S. min. Eagle 

River mine, via Juneau, Alaska. 
Thomas, Charles Edward, B.L.: Manager 
Realty Title Co. 2140 University av., 
Thompson, Nelson Wamsley, B.S. mech. 

2976 Folsom St., S. F. 

Trefethen. Eugene Edgar, Ph.B.: Lawyer 

Oakland Bank of Savings Bldg., O. 

Urunuela, Alfonso Elliot de, B.S. agr. 

Acapulco, Mexico. 
Vance, Nellie, B.L. 

Venable, Alice McDowell (Mrs. R. S. East- 
man), B.L. 2847 Fulton st., B. 
Warner. Carl Melvin, Ph.B.: Clergyman 

25 Hamilton av., Palo Alto. 
Wartenweiler, Elise, Ph.B.: Teacher 

High School, Berkeley. 

Watson, Floyd Rowe, B.S. n. s. ; Ph.D. 
(Cornell "Univ.) 1902: Asst. Professor 
of Physics, Univ. of Illinois 907 Cali- 
fornia av., Urbana, Illinois. 
'Webb, Margaret, B.L. : Teacher 2131 

Bancroft way, B. 

Wickson, Ednah Harmon (Mrs. W. F. 
Kelly), M.L.; B.L. 1898. v. 1898. 



Wickson, Katherine Ray, A.B. 2723 Ban- 
croft way, B. 

Wolfenden, Katherine, B.L. : Teacher 
Redwood City. 

Wood, Bessie Mae, Ph.B.: Teacher 159 
S. Highland av., Hollywood. 

Youman, Helen Emilie, Ph.B. 

Young, Edward Livingstone, B.S. min. 

Young, George Joseph, B.S. min. Univ. 
of Nevada, Reno. Nevada. 


997 Monadnock Bldg., S. F. 

Alexander, William Hardy, M.A. ; A.B. 
(Univ. of Toronto) 1899; Ph.D. 1906: 
Professor of Classics, Univ. of Alberta 
Univ. of Alberta, Strathcona, Al- 
berta, Canada. 

Allen, Edith Mary, B.L. : Musician 1234 
Telegraph av., O. 

Allen, Gertrude Eudpra, B.S. n. s. : Teach- 
er 2003 Summit St., O. 

Allen, Irving Cowan, M.S.; B.S. 1898. v. 

Anderson, Albert James. B.S. min. Villa 
Escabeda, Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico. 

Arents, Helen Louise Emilie (Mrs. R. C. 
Harms), B.S. n. s. 561 Lincoln av., 

Armstrong, Ruth Hebron (Mrs. H. L. Tay- 
lor), B.S. n. s. 1144 Twenty-second 
St., San Diego. 

Arnold, Ernest White, A.B. ; A.B. (Har- 
vard Univ.) 1902; M.A. 1905 Care 
of Paris Bank, Ltd., Bartholomew 
Lane, London, Eng. 

Arnstein, Lawrence, B.L. : Merchant 
Aronson Bldg., Third and Mission sts., 
S. F. 

Aronson, Evelyn Kate (Mrs. M. L. Mar- 
golis), B.L. 1519 Diamond St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Athearn, Fred Goodrich, A.B.: Superinten- 
dent Social Engineering and Educa- 
tion for Southern Pacific Co. 2805 
Regent St., B. 

Babson, Arthur Clarence, B.S. mech. : 
Horticulturist, Central Point, Oregon. 

Bailey, Herbert Wilmarth, B.L. ; LL.B. 
1902 : Insurance agent 343 Sansome 
St., S. F. 

Baird, Benjamin Allen, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Civil engineer 1183 Ellis St., S. F. 

Barnes, John William, B.S. min.: Sea- 
bright Station, Santa Cruz. 

Belcher, Robert, B.L. : Capitalist 2811 
Forest av., B. 

Bentz, Otto, B.S. n. s. Care of Mr. John 
Bentz, Pasadena. 

Bingham, Hiram, M.A. ; A.B. (Yale 
Univ.); A.M. 1901 and Ph.D. 1905 
(Harvard Univ.) 2030 Laguna St., 
S. F. 

Bishop, Roy Knight, B.S. agr. : Commis- 
sion merchant Orange. 

Blasdale, Walter Charles, Ph.D.; B.S. 
1892; M.S. 1896. v. 1892. 

Bottomes, Purle Evelyn (Mrs. F. G. Ath- 
earn), A.B. 2805 Regent st., B. 

Boucher, Minnie Elizabeth, B.L. Whit- 

Bowron, William Lee, B.S. min.: Mining 
superintendent Quartzburgh, Idaho. 

Bradley, Harold Cornelius, A.B.; Ph.D. 
(Yale Univ.) 1905: Asst. Professor of 
Chemistry, Univ. of Wisconsin Pros- 
pect av. and Van Hise st., Madison, 

''Brand, Joseph Everett, Ph.B. (Died 
April 12, 1903.) 

Breed, Herbert Lincoln, B.L. ; LL.B. 
1902: Lawyer 1102 Broadway, O. 

Brehm, George Otto, B.L.: Merchant 
806 Western av., Seattle, Wash. 

Brizard, Henry Francis, B.S. min.: Mer- 
chant Arcata. 

Brower, Ross J., B.S. mech.: Computer 
2234 Haste st., B. 

Brown, Joseph Rodney, B.S. min. 

Browne, Ralph Stuart, B.S. min. 61 Fre- 
mont st., S. F. 

Burckhalter, Francis Lucien, B.S. civ. 
eng. : Engineer 692 Valencia st., Los 

Castelhun, Paul, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 1904: 
Physician 1042 Valencia st., S. F. 

Cerf, Adrienne, B.L. : Teacher 2224 De- 
visadero st., S. F. 

Cheminant, Lester Byrd, B.S. min.: En- 
gineer 1813 Baker st., S. F. 

Christensen, Edward Esbern, B.L. : Teach- 
er 655 Washington st., O. 

Christensen, Joseph Corbett, B.S. chem. : 
Teacher 912 Kingston av., Piedmont. 

Clausen, Ernest Augustine, B.L. ; LL.B. 
1902 : Lawyer Humboldt Bank Bldg., 
S. F. 

Cloud, Archibald Jeter, B.L. : Teacher 
Manx Hotel, S. F. 

Cogswell, Asa Horatio, A.B. ; M.A. 1904: 
Teacher of singing and architectural 
designer 1122 Bay st., A. 

Collins, Robert Hilliard, B.S. chem.: Cap- 
italist, San Leandro. 

^Conrad, Ada Emma (Mrs. D. S. Swett), 
B.L. (Died November 8, 1904.) 

Coulter, Annie Deborah (Mrs. A. P. 
Brown), B.L. ; M.L. 1902539 
Buena Vista av., S. F. 

Covert, Morris Hoyt, B.S. n.s. 2228 
Durant av., B. 

Crocker, Arthur James, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer 1052 Fulton st., S. F. 

Croyland, Adeline Belle, B.L. ; M.L. 1901: 
Teacher 1661 Octavia st., S. F. 



Daniel, Hosapher Newell Ewer, B.S. n. s. 
San Anselmo. 

De Bell, William Henry, B.L. ; B.S. 
(Roanoke College): Teacher Corte 

Decoto, Ezra William, B.L. ; LL.B. 1902: 
Lawyer 35 Bacon Bldg., O. 

De Lisle, Godfray, B.S. mech. : Engineer 
Box 240, Salisbury, South Rhodesia. 

Dibert, Jesse Leroy, B.L. ; LL.B. 1902: 
Lawyer 1024 Myrtle st., O. 

Dickerson, Roy Ernest, B.S. n.s. ; M.S. 
1910: Teacher 3015 Benvenue av., 

"Dinkelspiel, Major Walter, B.L.; LL.B. 
1902. (Died February 2, 1906.) 

Dolman, Percival, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. (Cooper 
Medical Institute) 1905: Surgeon 
Care of Anglo-American Medical Asso- 
ciation, 105 Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, 

Donnelly, Laura Lorine, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
La Mesa, Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. 

Dorety, Fred Gerber, B.L. ; LL.B. (Har- 
vard Univ.) 1903: Lawyer 302 King 
st. Station, Seattle, Wash. 

Downing, Joseph Oscar, A.B. : Lawyer 
727 Rampart St., Los Angeles. 

Driver, Benjamin Franklin, B.L. 401 J 
st., Sacramento. 

Duffy, Alice Eugenia, B.L. 2807 Wash- 
ington st,, S. F. 

Dunlap, Knight, M.L.; Ph.B. 1899; A.M. 
1901 and Ph.D. 1903 (Harvard 
Univ.). v. 1899. 

Edson, Grace Belle (Mrs. G. R. Free- 
man), B.S. n. s. 1311 Liese av., 
Fruit vale. 

Eloesser, Leo, B.S. n.s.; M.D. (Heidel- 
berg Univ.) 1907: Physician 738 
Butler Bldg., S. F. 

Epsteen, Saul, B.S. n. s. ; Ph.D. (Zurich 
Univ.) 1902: Asst. Professor of Mathe- 
matics, Univ. of Colorado Boulder, 

Falch, Otto Emil, Jr., B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trical engineer Mill Valley. 

Flores, Manuel Egnatius, B.S. chem. : 
Electrical engineer 1924A Blake St., 

*Freese, Alice Linscott, A.B. (Died Feb- 
ruary 9, 1906.) 

French, Bessie Lea, B.L. 

French, Emma Francis, B.S. chem. 927 
Stuart st., Santa Rosa. 

Garrison, Noel Hunt, A.B. : Teacher 644 
Eighteenth st., Merced. 

Gearhart, Frances Hammel, Ph.B.: Teach- 
er 18 W. California st., Pasadena. 
"Gibbs, Ralph Erwin, M.S.; B.S. 1898. v. 

Gilmour, Rachel Scott (Mrs. Thomas 
Cloney), Ph.B. 1405 B st., Eureka. 

Goodale, David, B.S. min. : Mining super- 
intendent Carrville, Trinity Co. 

Grant, James Percy, B.S. chem.; M.A. 
(Univ. of Colorado) 1908: Teacher 
Provincial College, Foochow, China. 

Green, Bertha, A.B. ; A.B. (Univ. of 
Southern California) 1899: Teacher 
2315 Virginia av., Los Angeles. 

Green, May Everett, B.L. : Teacher 1309 
F st., Sacramento. 

Hammack, Eleanor Stewart (Mrs. R. C. 
Northcross), A.B. R. F. D. 2, Orange. 

Hampton, Gertrude Helen (Mrs. Norman 
Smith), B.S. chem Monrovia. 

Hansen, Carl Sophus, Ph.B. 2907 Ellis 
St., B. 

Harris, Mary Victoria Ernst (Mrs. C. B. 
Smith), A.B. 509 Sycamore st., O. 

Hart, Augustus Loring, Jr., A.B.; LL.B. 
1902: Lawyer Stoll Bldg., Sacra- 

Haseltine, Richard Snell, B.S. min.: Su- 
perintendent Nevada Petroleum Co. 
2717 Russel St., B. 

Haswell, William Clark, B.S. com. 

Hathaway, Rowe Montrose, M.S.; B.S. 
1898. v. 1898. 

Hay, John James Alexander, B.S. mech. 

R. F. D. 1, San Jose. 

* Henley, Charlotte Anna (Mrs. L. S. Ains- 
worth), B.L. (Died June 21, 1905.) 

Henrich, Karl, B.L.: Teacher 2227 
Union st., S. F. 

Herreshoff, James Brown, Jr., B.S. n. s. : 
Mining superintendent 519 Beech st., 
Richmond Hill, X. V. 

Hewlett, Eugene Elbert, B.L. ; LL.B. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1903: Lawyer 305 
Monadnock Bldg., S. F. 

Hicks, Percy Edgar, B.S. civ. eng. : Civil 
engineer Santa Cruz. 

Hill, Herbert Wynford, B.L.; Ph.M. 
(Univ. of Chicago) 1904: Professor 
of English Language and Literature, 
Univ. of Nevada 820 N. Center st., 
Reno, Nevada. 

"Hilton, William Halsted, B.S. min. (Died 
May 27, 1901.) 

Hinckley, Daisy Gilene (Mrs. Paul Aus- 
tin), B.L. 

Hoak, Charlotte Milliken, Ph.B. 2824 
Webster st,, B. 

Hodgkin, Wilfred Reginald Haughton, 
B.L.: Clergyman 2316 Cedar st., B. 

Howell, Ray, Ph.B.: Mining superinten- 
dent Box 36, Georgetown, British 

^umphrevs, Alice, B.L. (Died October, 

Hutchinson, Reno, A.B. (Died.) 

Hutton, Alegra, A.B.; M.A. 1910: Teacher 
Third st. and F av., National City. 

Hyde, Richard Ernest, B.L. Visalia. 


Jackson, Mary Noble, B.L. 2711 Clare- 
mont blvd., B. 

Janes, Byron Everett, B.S. min. : Manager 
Mexico Exploration Syndicate, Ltd. 
Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango, Mex- 

Jewett, Gertrude Maxwell (Mrs. W. B. 
Greeley), B.L. 625 So. Maryland st., 
Missoula, Mont. 

Joseph, Myrtle Jeanette, A.B. : Teacher 

604 W. 115th St., New York City. 
Kelsey, Gertrude Olive (Mrs. C. W. 

Yerxa), B.L. 639 S. Westlake av., 

Los Angeles. 
Kelsey, Mabel Earle (Mrs. C. M. Rugg), 

A.B. West Saticoy. 

Kennedy, Joseph Lorenzo, B.L. : LL.B. 

1902: Lawyer 508 Humboldt Bank 

Bldg., S. P. 
Kerlinger, William Murray, B.S. civ. eng. 

Care of North American Oil Co., 

Consolidated, Taft. 

Kimball. AH*. R.S. n.s. : Medical student 
1279 W. Los Robles av., Pasadena. 

Klenck, Virginia Nason, B.L. ; Ph.B. 
1898. v. 1898. 

Kline, James Joseph, B.S. mech. : Com- 
mercial engineer Care of Fort Wayne 
Electric Works, Fort Wayne, Ind. ' 

Knepper, Margaret, M.A. ; A.B. (Univ. of 
Idaho) 1898: Teacher 657 Bixel st., 
Los Angeles. 

Kuno. Yoshisaburo, M.S.; B.S. 1897. v. 

Kuster, Edward Gerhart, B.L. : Lawyer 
3512 So. Flower st., Los Angeles. 

Lacoste, Eugenie, B.L. : Teacher 2344 
Post st., S. F. 

Lamont, Ellen Cameron, B.L. Hotel Carl- 
ton, B. 

Lavalloe, Eleanor Irene, A.B.: Teacher 
Hay ward. 

Laveaga, Joseph Vincent de, B.L. ; LL.B. 
1902: Lawyer Box 40, Menlo Park. 

Lawhead (Mrs.), Lydia D. (Mrs. H. D. 
Lawhead), B.L. : Teacher Woodland. 

Lehner, Edward Walter, A.B. 1234 Sixth 
av., S. F. 

Linforth, Ivan Mortimer, A.B.; MA. 
1901; Ph.D. 1905: Asst. Professor of 
Greek, U. C. 2742 Derby st., B. 

Linscott, Louise Adra (Mrs. Robert Hec- 
tor), B.L.; M.D. 1904: Physician 
1908 Shattuck av., B. 

Livingston, Florence Bertha, B.L. 562 
Jones st., O. 

Loewy, Walter, B.L. ; LL.B. (Univ of 
Pennsylvania) 1903; J.U.D. (Heidel- 
berg Univ.) 1904: Lawyer 201 San- 
some st., S. F. 

Longmore, Gertrude (Mrs. C. H. Butner), 
B.S. chem. Hilton. Sonoma Co. 

Loring, Conrad, B.S. mech.; B.S. civ. eng. 
1904 : Construction engineer 853 
Flood Bldg., S. F. 

Lundy, Estelle Jane (Mrs. E. C. Price), 
B.L. 610 Virgil av., Los Angeles. 

Me Arthur, Viva Barbara (Mrs. W. J. 
Drew), M.L.; Ph.B. 1898. v. 1898. 

McCabe, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. W. S. Ed- 
wards), B.L. : Teacher El Centre. 

McCollough, Maxwell Latham, B.B.: Cap- 
italist Midland, Kern Co. 

McCowan, Margaret, A.B.; A.B. (Iowa 
College) 1890. 

McCreary, Howard Daniel, B.S. com.; 
LL.B. 1902: Lawyer 529 Hobart st., 

*McCulloch, Matilda Liesette, B.L. (Died 
March 7, 1902.) 

McGlashan, June Laura (Mrs. George 
Kelley), B.L. ; LL.B. 1904 Truckee. 

McGrew, Gifford Horace Greeley, M.A. ; 
A.B. (Harvard Univ.) 1874: Librar- 
ian and instructor, Pacific Unitarian 
School for the Ministry 2647 Hille- 
gass av., B. 

McLeod, Margaret, B.L. 727 Duboce St., 
S. F. 

McMillan, Elizabeth Davidson, B.L.: 
Teacher 586 Twenty-fifth st., O. 

Macauly, Lena May (Mrs. F. C. Hill), 
A.B. Roseville, Placer Co. 

Machado, Dolores Eleuteria (Mrs. J. V. 
Barrow), B.L. 821 Douglas blvd., 
Chicago, 111. 

Mallon, Aloysius Paul, B.S. min.: Mining 
engineer Box 154, Goldfield, Nevada. 

Mansfield, Thomas Drummond, A.B. ; M.D. 
1908: Physician 3210 E. Fourteenth 
st., O. 

Marsh, Eccleston Bowers, B.L.; LL.B. 
(Univ. of Washington) 1905: Sales- 
man Arctic Club, Seattle, Wash. 

Marshall, Pearl, A.B. 

Martin, Dora Louise, A.B.: Teacher 
2700 College av., B. 

Martin, Willsie Manning, A.B.: Clergy- 
man 2259 Central av., A. 

Masters, George Herbert, B.S. mech.: En- 
gineer 1517 Spring st., B. 

Maybach, Samuel Philip, B.S. n.s. : Man- 
ager apartment house 736 Stanyan 
St., S. F. 

Mein, William Wallace, B.S. min.: Con- 
sulting engineer Lake and Jackson 
sts., O. 

Meininger, Dorothy, B.L. 3979 Clay St., 
S. F. 

Melone, Henry Clinton, B.L. : Real estate 
dealer Oak Knoll, Napa. 

Michener, Marion (Mrs. dal Piaz), B.S. 
n. s. 1280 Forty-second av., S. F. 

Miller, Clinton Ellis, B.L. : Real estate 
dealer 608 Grosse Bldg., Los Angeles. 



Holler,- Lillie EveKn (Mrs. T. B. GU- 

breth), B.L.; M.L. 1902 Plainfield, 

N. J. 
Monroe, George Walter, B.S. chem. : 

Teacher 3028 Benvenue av., B. 
Morris, Fred Ludwig, B.S. Min. : Mining 

engineer 2473 Prince st., B. 
Morrison, Francis Robert, A.B.; M.A. 

1901 164 Niles av., O. 
Mortimer, James Daniel, B.S. mech. : 

Capitalist 30 Broad st., New York 

Moss, Sanford Alexander, M.S.; B.S. 

1896; Ph.D. (Cornell Univ.) 1903. 

v. 1896. 
Moulthrop, John Robert, B.L. ; LL.B. 

(Columbia Univ..) 1903: Lawyer 

2536 Etna st., B. 
Munson, Howard Frederick, B.S. mech. : 

Mechanical engineer 5218 Dover st., 

Nathan, Lillian (Mrs. Maurice Ballin), 

B.S. n.s. 2946 Magnolia st., B. 

Care of Chas. P. Nathan Co., Sacra- 
Neale, Anna Josephine (Mrs. J. R. Mc- 

Dill), B.L. 392 Calle Cabanos, 

Manila, P. I. 
Neiman, William Franklin, B.S. mech.: 

With Electric Light and Power Co. 

1231 Oxford st., B. 
Newman, Jeannette, B.L. 3447 Clav St., 

S. F. 
Newmark, Amelia Helen, B.L. : Teacher 

1810 Oxford st., B. 
Nicholls, John Carroll, B.S. min. Care 

of New Modderfontein G. M. Co.. Box 

25, Benoni, Transvaal, South Africa. 
Nutting, Franklin Porter, Ph.B.: Lawyer 

2422 Channing way, B. 
O'Connell, Ella Jane, B.S. n.s.: Teacher 

683 Twenty-fifth st., O. 
Oliver, Edwin Letts, B.S. min.: Metal- 
lurgist Grass Valley. 
Oliver, Ernest Warner, B.L. : Teacher 

343 So. Bunker Hill av., Los Angeles. 
Oliver, Rowland Letts, B.S. min. 120 

Vernon st., O. 
Osmont, Vance Craigmiles, B.S. min. : 

Mining engineer Key Route Inn. O. 
* Parker, Adel Arta (Mrs. Jas. Gibson), 

B.S. n. s. (Died September 28, 1908.) 
Paroni, Clelia Augusta, B.L. : Teacher 

2225 Woolsey st., B. 
*Parsons, Willard Giles, A.B. (Died 

March 4, 1910.) 
Patterson, Henry Hawley, B.S. civ. eng. 

Paulsen, Amandus John Richard, A.B.: 

Teacher Point Arena. 
Paxton, Euphemia Sinclair, B.S. n. s. 

Peck, Clarence Warren, B.L. : Real estate 

dealer 2462 Prince st., B. 

Peixotto, Jessica Blanche, Ph.D.; Ph.B. 
1894. v. 1894. 

Phelps, Frank Warner, B.S. min. : Secre- 
tary for investment company R. F. D. 
1, Box 226, Los Angeles. 

Poheim, Hugo Gustave, B.S. chem. 1482 

Sutter st., S. F. 

*Reid, John Allen, B.S. min. (Died July 4, 

Reith, Charles Edwin, B.L. ; LL.B. 1902: 
Lawyer 1139 Devisadero st., S. F. 

Remmel, Alva Jacob. B.S. chem.: M.D. 
(Cooper Medical College) 1905: Phy- 
sician 1405 Seventh av., S. F. 

Richard, Mathilde S. (Mrs. H. F. Dry- 
den), B.L. 2243 Leavenworth st., 
S. F. 

Robinson, Harrison Sidney, B.L. : Lawyer 
First National Bank Bldg., O. 

Robinson, John Rose, B.L. ; LL.B. (Har- 
vard Univ.) 1904: Lawyer 541 Mon- 
adnock Bldg., S. F. 

Rockhold, Frederick Willson, B.S. n. s. : 
Orchardist Mt. Hood, Ore. 

Rooney, Alice Jane (Mrs. Louis Titus), 
B.L. 467 Chetwood st., O. 

Ruch, Mabel Frances (Mrs. H. S. Robin- 
son), B.L. 556 Thirty -seventh st., O. 

Sanborn, Bertha, A.B. : A.B. (Pomona 
College) 1895: Teacher 164 W. Pearl 
st., Pomona. 

Schluss, Kurt, B.S. mech. : Mechanical 
engineer 318 N: J st., Tacoma, Wash. 

Sellander, May Louise, B.L. : Teacher 
460 E. Twentieth st., O. 

Shaw, Eugenia Louise, M.A. ; A.B. 1895. 

v. 1895. 

*Shibata, Yoneshiro, B.S. mech. (Died 
December 16, 1902.) 

Simonds, Ray Whitman, B.S. mech.: Man- 
ufacturer 1330 Spruce St., B. 

Skaife, Alfred Charles. A.B. ; M.A. 1902: 
Lawyer 1116 Castro st., S. F. 

Smith, Alfred John, B.S. agr. : Farmer 
R. D. 2, Fowler. 

Smith, Dwight Timothy. B.S. min.: Teach- 
er Virginia City, Nevada. 

Smith, Norman Eugene, B.S. chem Mon- 

Sollman, Florence Helen. B.L. : Teacher 
1257 Fifth av., S. F. 

Spencer, MacDonald. B.S. mech.: Engi- 
neer Care of General Electric Co., 
Spokane, Wash. 

Spencer, William Clay. B.L. Calle Mine- 
zas, Mindanao, P. I. 

Sperry, James Clarence, B.S. min.: Field 
manager for oil company Coalinga. 

*Steedman, Agnes (Mrs. A. W. McDonald), 

B.L. (Died February 19, 1908.) 
Stockwell, Alma Emma (Mrs. W. G. Need- 
ham), B.S. n. s. 6088 Moulton st. O. 



Sulliger, Herman Newcomb, B.S. mech..: 

Hydraulic engineer Santa Monica. 
Sullivan, Grace Adelaide, A.B. : Teacher 

168 Belvedere st., S. F. 
Sweeney, May Elizabeth, B.L. 1635 Ful- 
ton st., S. F. 
Talbott, Edward James, B.S. com; LL.B. 

1902 : Lawyer Burlingame. 
Tasheira, Arthur Gould, A.B. ; LL.B. 

(Harvard Univ.) 1903: Lawyer 635 

Walsworth av., O. 
Taylor, Olive Lord, B.L. 
Tracy, Edwin Henry, B.S. min. 
Tracy, Leland Howard, B.L. Care of 

Presbyterian Board, Aguadilla, Puerto 


Tyrrell, Fannie Earl (Mrs. W. J. Mar- 
tinez), B.L. 1830 Hearst av., B. 
Tyrrell, Grace Abbie, B.L. 2324 Stuart 

St., B. 
Yoorsanger, Mamie Cooper (Mrs. E. A. 

Waxelbaum), B.L. 708 Oak st., 

Macon, Georgia. 
Wachs, Gertrude Hazel (Mrs. W. M. Hy- 

man), B.L. 639 First st., Woodland. 
Wagner, Ethel Mary, A.B. 297 Church 

st., S. F. 
Waymire, Edna (Mrs. F. E. Tuck), M.L. ; 

B.L. 1898. v. 1898. 
Weslar, Willard Howard, B.S. chem. : 

Teacher 2201 Blake st., B. 
West, Fern Eva (Mrs. Hartley Shaw), 

A.B. Hermosa Beach. 
Westcott, Clyde Merrill, B.S. chem.: 

Teacher Hollywood. 
White, Henry Mark, B.S. min.: Engineer 

1615 Arch st., B. 
White, William Kennedy, B.L. ; LL.B. 

1902: Lawyer 723 Crocker Bldg., 

S. F. 
Wilder, Anna Ruth, B.L. Dwight way 

and Prospect st., B. 
Williams, Cyril, Jr., B.S. min. 1015 Scott 

st.. S. F. 

Wilson, Flora, A.B. 
Wilson, Minnie Ray (Mrs. William Olney), 

A.B. 2722 Derby st., B. 
Wiltshire, Mary Grace, B.L. : Teacher 

865 W. Twenty-third st., Los Angeles. 
Wise, Alexander, B.S. min.: Mining en- 
gineer Virginia City, Nevada. 
Wolf. Oscar, B.L. : Merchant 906 Ellis 

St., S. F. 
Young, Cora B., B.L. ; B.L. (Ohio Wes- 

leyan Univ.) : Teacher Hotel Fleur- 

de-Lis, Los Angeles. 


Abraham, Hilda, A.B.: Teacher 1722 

Walnut St., B. 
Alexander, Edgar William, B.S. chem.; 

M.D. 1905: Physician San Rafael. 

Alexander, Jewell, B.L. ; LL.B. (Harvard 
Univ.) 1904: Lawyer 1016 Mills 
Bldg., S. F. 

Allen, Annie Harriet, A.B.; M.A. 1903: 
Asst. Secretary to Faculty Richard- 
son House, Tufts College, Medford, 

Allen, Glen Loring, B.S. chem.: Teacher 
119 Division st., Napa. 

B.L. : Teachei 


A.B. 2632 Channing 

Arlett, Elizabeth, 
Linda av., O. 

Bailey, Lucile H. 
way, B. 

Bakewell, Walter Burling, A.B.: Bank 
teller 1219 Telegraph av., O. 

Bangle, Harry Winter, B.S. min.: Metal- 
lurgist 1402 Sixth av., O. 

Bannon, Minnie Beatrice (Mrs. H. B. 
Bradford). B.S. n. s. 1414 Seventh 
st., Sacramento. 

Barnard, Florence Eunice, B.L. : Teacher 
3201 Benvenue av., B. 

Bartlett, George R., B.L. ; LL.B. (Har- 
vard Univ.) 1909: Lawyer 1700 
University av., B. 

Bartling, Florence (Mrs. E C. Sanford), 
M.A. ; A.B. 1883. v. 1883. 

Baruch, Edgar, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 1902: 
Chemical engineer 805 Wright and 
Callender Bldg., Los Angeles. 

Bayer, Theobald Percy, B.L. 151 W. 
'Sixty-fourth st., New York City. 

Beattie, George William, M.S.; B.S. 1899. 
v. 1899. 

Beck, Edwin Lawrence, B.S. min. Ken- 
dall, Mont. 

Bentley, Mary Ingle, B.L. : Y. W. C. A. 
secretary 134 Corporation st., Cal- 
cutta, India. 

Bigelow, Coniah Leigh, B.S. chem.; M.D. 
1905 : Physician 948 Market st., S.F. 

Blair, James Clark, A.B. ; M.D. 190545 
N. First St., San Jose. 

Bodv, Ida, B.L. 809 Ripley st., Santa 

Bohall, Jessie (Mrs. Ray Ferguson), B.L. 
304 N. Church st., Tucson, Ariz. 

Bowcher, May Alice, B.S. n. s. 1323 
Regent st., A. 

Bradley, Walter Wadsworth, B.S. min.: 
Mining engineer 2115A Durant av., 

Bright, J. Shirley, B.S. civ. eng. : Engi- 
neer 1025 E st., San Bernardino. 

Britt, Harley Sargent, B.S. mech. 

Brownell, Brownie (Mrs. W. L. Cooper), 
B.L. 174 Thirteenth st., Portland, 

Brownscombe, Thomas Fairchild, B.L.; 
B.S. (Pomona College) 1898; .M.A. 
(Univ. of Washington) 1899: Teacher 
Santa Rosa. 

Bryan, Vivian Beatrice (Mrs. C. R. Nel- 
'son), A.B. 1268 Grove st., O. 


Bugbee, Franklin Underwood, A.B. : 
Clergyman 2915 So. Figueroa St., 
Los Angeles. 

Bunker, Frank Forest, Ph.B.: Superin- 
tendent of Schools 2416 Ward st., B. 

Bunnell, Ella May, B.L. 212 Mechanics 
st., Ashland, Ore. 

Burnett, Jessie Ellsworth (Mrs. A. L. 
Thurston), A.B.; A.B. (Mills College) 
1900 1001 W. Twentysecond st., Los 

Butler, John Winchel Spencer, B.L. ; 
M.L. 1902: Lawyer Bryte Bldg., 

Callow, Louise Crennell (Mrs. C. A. 
Boege), M.A.; A.B. 1890 and A.M. 
1893 (Western Reserve Univ.) Care 
of Miss Olga Boege, Anaheim. 

Campbell, Cora Belle (Mrs. C. F. McCall), 
B.L. : Missionary Akita, Japan. 

Carlson, Carl Laurence, B.L. 1928 Ev- 
erett st., A. 

Carpenter, Lewis Eugene, B.S. agr. 

Cation. Ethel Beaver, B.L. : Teacher Los 

Chace, Lillian Gertrude, B.L. : Teacher 
1733 Walnut st., B. 

Chevret, Antoinette, Clemence, B.L. : 
Teacher Arcata. 

Childs, Ernest Roy, B.S. min. : Asst. City 
Engineer 2750 J st., San Diego. 

Christy; Madeline Veronica, B.L. : Teacher 
1737 Euclid av., B. 

Clapp, Helen Elizabeth (Mrs. C. A. Jenks), 
B.L. ; B.L. (Pomona College) 1899 
1725 Church av., Los Angeles. 

Clark, Blanche Maple (Mrs. G. F. Cham- 
berlain), A.B. 1732 Central av., A. 

Clay, Philip Tuggle, B.L. 2214 Steiner 
St., S. F. 

Coeke, Amelia Ynez, B.L. ; M.L. 1902: 
Teacher 2331 Stuart st., B. 

Coleman, Charles Matthew, B.L. 2474 
Broadway, S. F. 

Colton, Charles Maxwell, B.L. Care of 

Board of Education, Manila, P. I. 
"Conlin, Walter Everett, A.B.: LL.B. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1904. (Died Janu- 
ary 5, 1909.) 

Cooper, Mary Sara, B.L. : Teacher 1168 
E. Nineteenth st., O. 

Cornish, Harry Louis, B.S. min. 

Cornwall, Ada Maud, B.L. : Teacher 
2230 Chapel st., B. 

Cox, Edith Pearl, B.L.: Post office clerk 

Crawford, Russell Tracy, Ph.D.; B.S. 
1897. v. 1897. 

Crocker, Guliema Ruth, M.S.; A.B. 1886. 
v. 1886. 

Croyland, Adeline Belle, M.L. ; B.L. 1900. 
v. 1900. 

Crusoe, Katherine Matthews, M.S.; B.S. 
1899. v. 1899. 

Cullen, Rene, A.B. : Teacher Hotel 
Robins, 711 Post st., S. F. 

Curtiss, David Raymond, M.A. ; A.B. 
1899; Ph.D. (Harvard Univ.) 1903. 
v. 1899. 

Curtiss, Ralph Hamilton, B.S. n. s. ; Ph.D. 
1904: Asst. Professor of Astronomy, 
Univ. of Michigan 1304 Geddis av., 
Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Dall, Cornelius George, A.B. ; LL.B. (Har- 
vard Univ.) 1904: Lawyer 901 Bal- 
boa Bldg., S. F. 

De Lashmutt, Ivan, B.S. min.: Mining 
engineer Utah Consolidated Mining 
Co., Bingham, Utah. 

Devine, Josephine, B.L. 2901 Regent st., 

De Yo, Lou Irene (Mrs. L. A. Pringle), 

B.L.; M.L. 1902 Lincoln. 
Dickson, Edward Augustus, B.L. : Jour- 
nalist Care of Evening Express, Los 

Didion, George Nelson. A.B. ; LL.B. 1903 : 

Lawyer 952 Pacific Bldg., S. F. 
Doherty, Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs. F. W. 

K.-rns), B.L. 2219 Blake st,, B. 
Dreher, Louis Fred, B.L. ; LL.B. 1904: 

Lawyer 504 Bank of Italv Bldg., 

S. F. 
Dunlap, Boutwell, B.L. ; LL.B. (Catholic 

Univ. of America, Washington, D.C.) 

1905: Lawyer First National Bank 

Bldg., S. F. 
Durkee, Lillian May, B.L. : Teacher 577 

Jean st., O. 
Eastman, Muriel (Mrs. W. M. Martin), 

B.L. 2259 Central av., A. 
Kliy. Elizabeth (Mrs. D. E. Brown), B.L. 

184 Perry st., O. 
Eddy, Guy Watson, B.L. : Lawyer Police 

Bldg., Los Angeles. 
Edwards, Clarence William, B.L. : Teacher 

1837 J st., Fresno. 

Ellison, Jeannette, A.B. ; A.B. (Mills Col- 
lege) 1900: Teacher 2035 Haste st., 

Emerson, Thomas Henry, B.L. Fort 

Mason, S. F. 
Ensign, Claribel (Mrs. W. T. Sadler), 

B.L. 2800 Woolsey St., B. 
Fee, Margaret Maria, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

3001 College av, B. 
Fish, Grace Emily, A.B. Martinez. 
Fisher, Ralph Talcott, A.B. ; M.A. 1903: 

Cashier for Associated Oil Co. 111 

Kempton av., O. 
Ford, Edward Thomas, B.L. Oriental 

Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Forderer, Lilia Gertrude. B.L. : Student 

of Music 1212 Regent St., A. 
Fortier, Margaret, B.S. n.s. : Teacher 

Berkeley Inn, B. 
Fraser, Maud Malcolm (Mrs. C. C. Cham- 

plin), B.L. 1649 Hayes St., S. F. 


Frickstad, Walter Xettleton, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Civil engineer 1212 Twelfth av., O: 

Frisius, Agnes, B.L. : Teacher 434 W. 
Twentieth st., Los Angeles. 

Fryer, Charles Edmund, M.L. ; Ph.B. 
1899; A.M. 1902 and Ph.D. 1906 
(Harvard Univ.). v. 1899. 

Gable, Myrtle, B.L. 659 First St., Wood- 

Gaddis, Edith Edna (Mrs. J. M. Brewer), 

B.L. Inglewood. 
Gale, Leland Isaac, B.L. ; LL.B. 1903: 

Civil engineer 6446 Dana st., O. 
Gallagher, Mary Theresa (Mrs. E. F. 

Carey), A.B. 522 Rollins st., Mis- 

soula, Mont. 
Gautier, Lenora, B.L:: Teacher Santa 

Gearhart, Edna, A.B. : Teacher 18 W. 

California St., Pasadena. 
Gilson, Mabel Emma (Mrs. F. M. Cale), 

B.L. 2320 Hilgard av., B. 
Glazier, Marcella Catherine, B.L.: Teacher 

3367 Seventeenth st., S. F. 
Godin, Isabel Blanchard /Mrs. Leroy An- 
derson), B.L. 2704 Channing way, 

Goldsmith, Joseph LeConte, B.S. n. s. : 

Banker Care of City and County 

Bank, S. F. 
Goodenow, Frank George, A.B. : Teacher 

1570 Gramercy place, Los Angeles. 
Goodfellow, Arthur William, A.B. ; LL.B. 

1903 : Real estate dealer and farmer 

Sequoia Club, Fresno. 
Gordenker, Demetrius Alexander, B.L. : 

Asst. treasurer for U. S. Government 

in Philippine Islands Taclokau, Leyte 

Province, P. I. 
Goyne, Elizabeth (Mrs. Lawrence Kaars- 

berg), B.L. Vallejo. 
Gracier, Ruby Estelle, B.L. Bay av., 

Graff, Ulrich, B.L. ; M.L. 1903: Library 

assistant, U. C. 719 Cypress av., 

San Mateo. 
Graham, May Bess (Mrs. G. O. Brehm), 

B.L. 221 Thirty-sixth av. N., Seattle, 

Granice, Cecelia Celeste (Mrs. W. L. 

Murphy), B.L. 313 Lincoln av., A. 
Grav, May Ellenor A., B.L. 2530 Geary 

St., S. F. 
Greeley, William Buckhout, B.L.; M.F. 

(Yale Univ.) 1904: District Forester 

625 So. Second st., Missoula, Mont. 

Green, Hephzibah Elizabeth (Mrs. R. B. 
Hoag), B.S. n. s. Aldridge, Park Co., 

Oreen, Lawrence Lincoln, B.L. Mer- 
chants Exchange Bldg., S. F. 

Oriffin, Carlos Parker, B.S. min. ; LL.B. 
(National Univ.) 1905: Lawyer 
Corte Madera. 

Griffiths, Melvin Scribner, B.S. min. . 

Grosjean (Mrs.), Eily Mahoney, (Mrs. C. 
E. Grosjean), A.B. 1821 ' Broadway, 
S. F. 

Gunning, Marcella, B.L. 
*Gustafson, John Emanuel, A.B. (Died 
July 18, 1903.) 

Hall, Harvey Monroe, B.S. chem. ; M.S. 
1902; Ph.D. 1906: Asst. Professor of 
Botany, U. C. 1615 La Loma av., B. 

Hall, Mary Sophie, B.L. 1431 Bristol 
St., B. 

Halsey, Richard Lenox, M.A. ; A.B. 
(Princeton Univ.) 1878; LL.B. (Col- 
umbia Univ.) 1880; B.D. (Univ. of 
Chicago) 1883: Inspector of Immigra- 
tion U. S. Immigration Service, 
Honolulu, T. H. 

*Hammond, Benton Alvin, B.S. com. (Died 
October 3, 1907. 

Harris, Elmer Blainey, B.S. n. s. Care 
of Hobson's Theatre, New York City. 

Harris, Lalla Fowler, M.A. ; A.B 1894. 
v. 1894. 

Hart, Fred Beckman, A.B.; LL.B 1903: 
Lawyer Golden Block, Reno, Nevada. 

Harvey, Richard Warren, B.S. chem.; 
M.S. 1910: Asst. in Anatomy, U. C. 
2515 LeConte av., B. 

Hawkins, Georgiana Gladys, B.L. : Teach- 
er 1915 Oak st., S. F. 

Hecht, Elias Marcus, B.S. n. s. : Capitalist 
706 Kohl Bldg., S. F. 

Hill, Margaret Frances, B.L.: Teacher 
1115 Fourteenth av., Seattle, Wash. 

Hirstel, Catherine (Mrs. J. S. Hammer- 
schlag), A.B. 145 Seventh av., S. F. 

Hobe, Sophia Adelaide, B.L. : Teacher 
604 Capp st., S. F. 

Hoffman, Jack Dietrich, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing superintendent Mina la Fe, Gua- 
dalupe, Zacatecas, Mexico. 

Hohfield, Wesley Newcomb, A.B.; LL.B. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1904: Professor of 
Law, Stanford Univ. The Law School, 
Stanford Univ., Cal. 

Holmes, Anne Lucia (Mrs. Loye Miller), 
B.L. 6066 Hays av., Los Angeles. 

Hoose, Helen Lemoyne (Mrs. J. B. Lil- 
lard), B.L.; Ph.B. 1900 and A.M. 1903 
(Univ. of Southern California) 1121 
W. Thirty-first st., Los Angeles. 

Hoppin. Harriet (Mrs. A. J. Kergel), B.L. 

Howard, Frank Evans, B.L. : Teacher 

Howard (Mrs.) Louise Narjot (Mrs. C. 
H. Howard), Ph.B.: Teacher Laurel 
and Eunice sts., B. 

Hoyt, Florence Edna (Mrs. L. P. Larue), 
"A.B. Grass Valley. 

Hubbard. Anita Giles, A.B.: Teacher 
754 Tenth st., O. 


Hunt, Alice Orne, B.L. : Teacher 2166 
* Clinton av., A. 

*Hutton, Corinne, A.B.; M.A. 1902. (Died 

October 21, 1904.) 
Ijams, Martha Adelaide, A.B. 1406 Arch 

St., B. 
Inch, William, M.A. ; A.B. (Univ. of 

Southern California) 1899: Teacher 

Jacobs, Hattie Handal, B.L. Teacher 

3201 Washington st., S. F. 
Jacobs (Mrs.), Mabel Hall, M.L. 1901; 

Ph.B. 1893. v. 1893 under Hall. 
Johnson, May Belle, B.L. Madison, Yolo 

Johnston, Katherine Courtney, A.B. : 

Teacher 246 Ave. 42, Los Angeles. 
Jones, Clare Hilyard (Mrs. James Cone), 

B.L. Box 176, Palo Alto. 
Judell, Adolph, B.S. civ. eng. : Civil en- 
gineer 1003 H st., S. F. 
Keep, Winthrop Leicester, A.B. ; M.A. 

1902; A.M. (Harvard Univ.) 1904; 

Ph.D. 1910: Teacher Mills College. 

Kellogg, Louise, A.B. 1253 Grove st.. O. 
Kelshaw, Almira Jane (Mrs. C. L. Bon- 
ham), B.L. 4203 '/6 Fourteenth av. 
N.E., Seattle, Wash. 

Kendall. Edith Mabel (Mrs. J. L. Din- 
widdie), B.L. 300 West st., Peta- 
Kerfoot, Lee Sylvester, B.S. min.: Asst. 

manager Peoples Water Co., O. 
Kern, Oscar Frederick, B.S. mech. : Elec- 
trical engineer Hammond. 

Kerns, Frank Walter, B.S. mech.: Civil 
engineer 2219 Blake st., B. 

Keys, Katherine Frances (Mrs. W. T. 
Hess), B.L. 1460 Page st., S. F. 

Keyser, Elizabeth, A.B.: Teacher 162 
Thirteenth av., S. F. 

King, Arthur Scott, M.S.; B.S. 1899; 
Ph.D. 1903. v. 1899. 

Klink. Jane Seymour, B.L. : Ph.M. (Univ. 
of Chicago) 1902: Welfare manager 
for Pilgrim Steam Laundry 397 First 
st., Brooklyn. 

Kurlandzik, Rachel, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
1722 Pine st., S. F. 

Kurtz, Benjamin Putnam, A.B. : Ph.D. 
1906: Asst. Professor of English, U. 
C. 61 Santa Clara av., O. 

Kurtz, Edith Rosine, B.L. Santa Maria. 

Lacey, Benjamin Overfield, B.S. n. s. : 
Teacher 3933 University blvd., San 

Laist, Frederick, B.S. chem. : Mining su- 
perintendent 412 W. Fifth *et., Ana- 
conda, Mont. 

Lamberson, Frank, A.B.; LL.B. (Har- 
vard Univ.) 1905: Lawyer Bank of 
Visalia Bldg., Visalia. 

Layne, Katherine Maloy (Mrs. C. W. Mit- 
chell), B.L. 2747 McGee av., B. 

Leach. Edwin Ralph, B.S. min.: Melter 
and refiner, U. S. Mint 541 Hobart 
St., O. 

Lebenbaum, Paul, B.S. mech.: Electrical 
engineer 1107 Wells-Fargo Bldg., 
Portland, Ore. 
Ledgett, Elizabeth Eloise (Mrs. J. M 

Eshleman), B.L. El Centro. 
Leete, Harley Marion, B.L. : Journalist 

1429 LeRoy av., B. 

Lehman, George Robert. B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer Fillmore House, Grass 
Lehr, Elisabeth Henrietta. B.S. n. s. : 

Teacher 2301 Hearst av., B. 
Leszynsky, Hattie L., M.L.; Ph.B. 1894. 

v. 1894. 
Linforth, Ivan Mortimer, M.A. ; A B 

1900; Ph.D. 1905. v. 1900. 
Lockin, Curtis Brockway. B.S. min.: Min- 
ing superintendent Nevada City. 
Love, Hugh McCaskey, B.L. : Real estate 
dealer 305 Koenig Bldg., 101 Post 
st.. S. F. 
Lowell, Lillian Mabel (Mrs. F. C. Paine), 

B.L. Box 131, Okanogan, Wash. 
McDill, Martha Jane, B.L. : Stenographer 
2110 W. Thirty-first st., Los An- 
M. K .-. Kdna May, B.L. : Teacher 1711 

P. st., Sacramento. 
Me K miry, Lucius Dean, B.L. : Teacher 

Angels Camp. 

Magee, Harry Ellis, B.L.: Reporter for 
mercantile agency 1716 Ninth st., O. 
Manchester, George Peabody, B.L. : Pub- 
lisher 1825 Highland av., B. 
Manchester (Mrs.), Genevieve Savage 
(Mrs. G. P. Manchester), B.S. n. s. ; 
M.S. 1904: Teacher 1825 Highland 
place, B. 
Markley, John, Jr., B.S. agr. : Vineyardist 

Yuba City. 
Marshall, Francis Freeman, B.L. ; M.L. 

1903; LL.B. 1903: Lawyer Dixon. 
Marston, Ethel Genevieve (Mrs. C. C. 
Lacy), B.L. 908 Thirty-fourth st., O. 
Martin, Helen Louise, A.B.: Teacher 

1511 Spring st., B. 

Masters, Stuart Galbraith, A.B. : Journal- 
ist 2224 Dana st., B. 

Meek, Nettie, B.L. : Clerk, Civil Engineer- 
ing Dept., U. C. 2128 Hearst av., B. 
Millt-dge, Vincenza Catherine, B.L. : 

Teacher 1119 Brush st., O. 
Miller, Florence, A.B.: Teacher 324 E. 

A'illa st., Pasadena. 

Miller, Mary Grace (Mrs. J. A. Rowell), 
B.L.; M.L. 1903: Teacher 2413 
, Dwight way, B. 
Montgomery, Florence Etta, B.L. : Teacher 

2610% Benvenue av., B. 
Moodey, Ida Cornelia, B.L. : Teacher 
523 Fourth st., Santa Rosa. 



Moore, Herbert Turbitt, A.B. ; D.D.S. 

1904: Dentist 391 Sutter st., S. F. 
Moore, Stanley, B.L. 616 Balboa Bldg., 

S. F. 
Moran, Nathan Montgomery, A.B. ; LL.B. 

1904: Lawyer 609 Wells-Fargo Ne- 
vada Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Morgan, Anna. B.S. chem. : Teacher 

2546 Benvenue av., B. 
Morrison, Francis Robert, M.A. ; A.B. 

1900. v. 1900. 
Morse, Henry Daggett, B.S. min. 1810 

W. Silver st,, Butte, Mont. 
Morse, Ruby Rose, B.L. 2033 Bancroft 

way, B. 
Moulthrop, Horace Lankton, B.S. min.: 

Engineer 1112 Pacific av., A. 

Murdock, Edna, B.L. : Teacher 504 
Beaver st., Santa Rosa. 

Nahl, Arthur Charles, B.S. min.: Mining 
superintendent Progreso Mining Co., 
El Triumpo, Baja California, Mexico. 

Neale, Charlotte Elizabeth. B.L. : Teacher 
392 Calle Real, Malate, Manila. 

Negoro, Motoyuki, B.L. ; LL.B. s. s. 1903; 
J.D. 1908: 1910 Henry st., B. 

Nelson, Minna Helen (Mrs. P. M. New- 
hall), A.B. Box 485, Johannesburg, 
South Africa. 

Xewham, Frances, B.L. San Luis Rey. 

Nicely, Oney McCutchan, B.L. : Book- 
keeper 1826 Ward st., B. 

Orrick. William Horsley. B.L. ; LL.B. 
1903 Balboa Bldg., S. F. 

Osborn, James Orland, B.L. : Representa- 
tive of American Book Co. 252 So. 
Spring st., Los Angeles. 

Owen, Edna Tulloch (Mrs. J. S. Henton), 
B.L. 1944 Baker st., S. F. 

Palmer, Albert Wentworth, B.L.; B.D. 
(Yale Univ.) 1904: Clergyman 4160 
Terrace st., O. 

Parker, Emma Estella. A.B. ; A.B. (Po- 
mona College) 1899: Teacher 476 
So. Los Robles, Pasadena. 

Parsons, Gay Willis, B.L. Care of Atlan- 
tic, Gulf and Pacific Co., Manila, P. I. 

Patek, Robert, B.S. chem. 3040 Jackson 
St., S. F. 

Pearce, Jackson Andrew, B.S. chem.; 
M.S. 1906 Care of Bobbs French 
Syndicate, Barberton, South Africa. 

Pearce, Julia Roselle, B.S. agr. ; B.S. 
(Kansas State Agricultural College) 
1890: Scientist in U. S. Dept, of Agri- 
culture Bureau of Plant Industry, 
Washington, D. C. 

Peckham, Helen Wooster, M.A. ; A.B. 
(Vassar College) 1896: Teacher 2457 
Scott St., S. F. 

Peters, Louise Marie, A.B. 

Piper, Clara Christine (Mrs. G. P. Dil- 
lon). A.B. 1510 Fifteenth st., Sacra- 

Place, Claude Wils9n, B.S. mech. En- 
gineer 4754 Winthrop av., Chicago, 

Powell, Eva, B.L. 921 Myrtle st., O. 
Powell, Maude Harriet, B.L. : Teacher 

1521 Broadway, A. 
Powers, Allan Raymond, B.S. agr.; M.F. 

(Yale Univ.) 1904: Medical student 

2822 Clay st., S. F. 
Powers, Edward Augustus, B.L. : Teacher 

Paso Robles. 
Preble. Florence Mabel (Mrs. B. Baker), 

A.B. Winters. 
Pulcifer, Caroline May (Mrs. Richard 

Timm), B.L. 1013 P St., Sacramento. 
*Ratcliff, Evelyn Marianne, B.S. n. s. 

(Died September 15, 1907.) 
Rathke, Otto Paul, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

1800 Alcatraz av., B. 

Rea, Ellen Kate, B.L. ; M.L. 1905: Teach- 
er Box 12, Anaheim. 
Reid, Gertrude Viola, A.B. loamosa. 
Richardson, Warren Vincent, B.S. min.: 

Capitalist Box 861, Tonopah, Nev. 
Roblin. Estelle Grace (Mrs. W. E. Morris), 

B.L. 1 E. Acacia st., Stockton. 
Roland, Eugene Wellington, B.L. : Lawyer 

1371 Harrison Blvd., O. 
Ross, Frank Elmore, Ph.D.; B.S. 1896. 

v. 1896. 
Rued, Lulu (Mrs. H. McC. Webster), B.S. 

n. s. 670 Vernon st,, O. 
Russell, Eleanor Mary (Mrs. W. O. 

Hughes), B.L. Los Angeles. 
Sale. Evangeline, B.L. 1118 Union st., 

Sanborn, Fannie May (Mrs. J. C. New- 
ton), A.B. 2090 O'Farrell st., S. F. 

Schaw, William Beaumont, B.S. min.: 
Secretary Phoenix Iron Works 1915 
L st., Sacramento. 

Schilling, Carl, B.S. chem.: Merchant 
590 Walsworth av., O. 

Schmitt, Lionel Samuel, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 
1901: Physician Butler Bldg., S. F. 

Schwartz, Milton Harry, B.L. ; LL.B. 
1904: Lawyer 957 Broadway, O. 

Scott, Florence Margaret (Mrs. L. M. Tur- 
ner), B.S. chem. Hayward. 

Scupham, Elizabeth Mitchell (Mrs. B. J. 
Smith), B.L. 671 Vernon st., O. 

Selby, Paul, B.S. min.: Mining superin- 
tendent Box 1024, Johannesburg, 
Transvaal, South Africa. 

Sessions, Charles Robert, B.S. mech.: Con- 
sulting engineer Postal Telegraph 
Bldg., S. F. 

Sessions, Walter Samuel, B.S. mech.: 
Electrical engineer 2896 Roxbury st., 
Los Angeles. 

Shaw, William James, B.L. Care of At- 
lantic, Gulf and Pacific Co., Manila, 
P. I. 



Sheldon, Hiram Franklin, B.S. chem 

Shreve, Mary Southern (Mrs. F. M. Par- 
cells). A.B. 318 Lee st., O. 

Shuey, William Albert, B.L. : Merchant 
2512 Russell st., B. 

Simson, Leslie, B.S. min.: Mining engi- 
neer Box 1167, Johannesburg, Trans- 
vaal, South Africa. 

Sinsheimer, Paul Ainsley, B.L. : Journal- 
ist 1791 Pine St., S. P. 

Skilling, William Thompson, M.S.; BS 
1899. v. 1899. 

Skinner, Elizabeth Jackson (Mrs. G V 
Hicks), A.B. 758 Santa Ray av., O. 

Smith, Howard Dunbar, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer 619 Kohl Bldg., S. F. 

Snell, Fanny Eliza, M.L. : B.L. (Carl<-t<m 
College) 1894: Teacher 1315 Cata- 
lina St., Los Angeles. 

Scares, John Stanislaus, B.S. mech. : Elec- 
trical engineer 615 E st., Marysville. 

Southard, James Bennett, B.L. The 
Lambs, 130 W. Forty-fourth st., New 
York City. 

Southwick, Grace Ruth, A.B.: Teacher 
1221 Bath st., Santa Barbara. 

Specht, Richard Charles, B.S. min. 

Stanley (Mrs.), Marion Cummings (Mrs. 
P.. M. St unify). B.L.: M.L. 1910: 
Instructor in Philosophy Univ. of 
Arizona, Tucson, Ariz. 

Stebbins, Elwyn Wilfred, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer Fifty-ninth st. and Col- 
lege av., O. 

1903 827 -Eddy st., S. F. 

Stoer, Theresa Viola (Mrs. A E 
Schwartz), B.L. 

Strong, Fanny May (Mrs. Rogers), B.L. 
119 Van Dien av., Ridgewood, N. J. 

Tabrett, Amy, B.L.: Teacher 3847 
Twenty-first St., S. F. 

Tanabe, Taichi, B.S. mech. Hiroshima, 


Taylor, Irene (Mrs. A. J. Heineman), 
A.B. ; M.A. 1902 1737 Mission st., 
South Pasadena. 

Thatcher, Edith Grace, A.B. Hopland. 

Thomas, Helena Pearl (Mrs. C. W. De- 
vore), B.L. Drain, Douglas Co., Ore. 

Thomas, Mabel Winifred, B.L.: Asst. City 
Librarian 1502 Seventh av., O. 

Thornton, Margaretta Louise, Ph.B. 
1408 E. Fourteenth st., Fruitvale. 

Thunen, Edward George, B.S. mech.: 
Electrical engineer iammonton. ' 

Titlow, Edward Ingram, B.S. mech.: En- 
gineer 1125 Bush st., S. F. 

Troili, Margaret, B.L. : Teacher Lemoore. 

Tully, Richard Walton, B.L. Alma, Santa 
Cruz Co. 

Tyrrell, Mary Winifred, B.S. n s 
Teacher 961 Kirkham st., O. 

Van Deerlin, Amy Gertrude (Mrs E A 

Irish), B.L. 525 W. Forty-third' st' 

Los Angeles. 
Vaygouny, Mooshegh, B.S. agr MS 

1903; Ph.D. 1905: Asst. in Dept. 'of 

Chemistry, U. C. 
Versalovich, Lilian Claire, A.B. Care of 

American Trading Co., 244 California 

St., S. F. 

Wagor, Elry Jay, B.S. min.: Foreman of 
refinery, U. S. Mint 2304 Fruitvale 
av., O. 

Walker, Shirley Cyrus, B.L. : President 
advertising agency 1201 Call Bldg., 
S. F. 

Walsh, Albert Marion, B.S. chem.: Mining 
engineer 1123 Steiner st., S. F. 

White, Anna Frances (Mrs. P. C. Dibert), 
B.L.; M.L. 1904929 Clayton st., 
S. F. 

White, Howard Collins, B.L.: Real estate 
dealer Portervillc. 

White, Vera (Mrs. C. I. Henning), B.S. 
n. g. 1314 Spruce st.. U. 

Whitehead, Louise Hinckley, A.B.: Teach- 
er 571 Thirty-third st.", O. 

Wilkinson. Ellen (Mrs. Otto Janssen), 
B.L. Box 57, R. D. 8, Los Angeles. 

Wilkinson, Elsie Mabel (Mrs. Frank 
Woodbury), B.L.; M.L. 1906 814 
O St., East Bakersfield. 

Williams, Mabel Lucinda, B.L. San An- 

Wolfenden, Andrew McLellan, B.L. : Busi- 
ness manager, Thacher School, Nord- 
hoff, Cal. 609 Kennedy st., O. 

Wollner, Miriam May, A.B. : Teacher 
3770 Sacramento st., S. F. 

Wright, Alice Bowman, A.B.: Teacher 
1221 Lombard st., S. F. 

Xinns, Otto Charles, B.S. min.: Merchant 
2521 Van Ness av., S. P. 

Zook, Edgar Thomson, A.B. ; LL.B. 1904- 
Lawyer 404 Mission st., San Rafael. 


*Adler, Alexander, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 1906 
(Died August 31, 1907.) 

Albertson, William Burt, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing and civil engineer 608 Newhouse 
Bldg., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Alexander, Archie Addison, A.B. ; M D. 
1907: Physician 1155 Broadway, O. 

Allen, Frederick Madison, A.B.; M.D. 
1907: Physician Care of M. C. Allen 
216 So. Main st., Pomona. 

Ames, Fletcher, B.L.: Fanner Martinez. 

Arnold, Julean Herbert, B.S. com.: Amer- 
ican Consul American Consulate, 
Amoy, China. 

Arnold, Robert Paramore, A.B.: Clerk for 
Chicago Great Western Ry. 2410 
Grant st., B. 

Aspland, Christopher Hatton, B. S. min. 
Knights, Transvaal, South Africa. 



A very, Fanny Haretina (Mrs. F. E. Nel- 
son), B.S. n. s. 3090 Kings st., B. 

c Bacigalupi, Flora A. D., A.B. (Died Jan- 
uary 13, 1905.) 

(Harvard Univ.) 1905: Lawyer 806 
Bank of Italy Bldg., S. F. 

Baird, Frank, B.S. min. : Metallurgist 
Care of Penn Chemical Works, Campo 

Balaam, Rufus Clifford, B.S. n. s. Dal- 

bert, Texas. 
Barham, Courtney L., B.L. : Bank cashier 

949 Apgar st., O. 
Barton, Ellen Vail (Mrs. F. A. Tufts), 

B.L. Soquel, Santa Cruz Co. 
Baruch, Clarence, B.S. com.: Merchant 

945 So. Olive st., Los Angeles. 
Baruch, Edgar, M.S.; B.S. 1901. v. 1901. 

Beatty, Rita Montgomery (Mrs. Ernest 

Clarke), B.L. Care of Bank of 

Hawaii, Honolulu, T. H. 
^Bergson, Edith Florence, A.B. (Died.) 
Bertels, Chancellor Nelson, A.B.: Teacher 

Bidwell, Claude, H. S., B.L. ; M.L. 1905: 

Lawyer Box 315, Sacramento. 
Bishop, Edward Francis, B.L. 
Bishop, Francis Edward, B.L. 363 Russ 

Bldg., S. F. 

Blum, Sanford, M.S. n. s. ; A.B. 1894; 
M.D. 1896. v. 1894. 

Boggs, Grace Josephine (Mrs. R. R. Ser- 
vice), B.L. Care of Y. M. C. A., 
Chengtu. West China. 

Bonifield, Herbert Samuel, B.L. : Real 
estate dealer 157 Butter st., S. F. 

Bowman, Bonfield, B.S. min.: Engineer 
2125 Queen Anne av., Seattle, Wash. 

Bowron, Bernard Roy, B.S. chem. : Chem- 
ist 2620 Hilgard av., B. 

Boyen, Dorothy (Mrs. A. R. Thompson), 

Brainard, Frances Viola, B.S. n. s. ; A.B. 
Middlebury College) 18982308 War- 
ring St., B. 

Brainard, Linus Brooks, A.B.: Engineer, 
U. S. Reclamation Service 134 E. 
Fifty-fourth st., Portland, Ore. 

Braly, Harold Hyde, B.S. civ. eng. : Real 
estate dealer 320 Pacific Electric 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

Bramlet, Bva Laura (Mrs. C. M. Man- 
non), B.L. Ukiah. 

Brenizer, Pearl Lillian, A.B. : Teacher 
2548 W. Eighteenth st., Los Angeles. 

Breslauer, Augusta Ruth (Mrs. Joseph 
Newfield), B.L. Lodi. 

Brewer, John Marks, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

Brown, Agnes Eliza, B.L.: Teacher 2230 
Pacific av., S. F. 

Bryan, John Thomas, M.L.; A.B. 1898 
M.A. 1899 and B.D. 1900 (Kings 
College) : Clergyman Care of Union 
Church, Kobe, Japan. 

Burnett, Mary Louise (Mrs. A. S. King), 
A.B. ; A.B. (Mills College) 1900 
Care of Solar Observatory Office, Pasa- 

Burns, Herbert Alexander, B.S chem. 
802 W. Jefferson st., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Busch, Eva Eleanor, B.L. : Teacher 231 
Frederick st., S. F. 

Butler, John Winchel Spencer, M.L. ; B.L. 
1901. v. 1901. 

Byrnes, Grace Adeline, B.L. : Teacher 
Care of High School, Ukiah. 

Caldwell, Forest Beamer, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Mining superintendent Woodland. 

Carter, Frances Vic (Mrs. A. C. Char- 
ters), B.S. n. s. Eureka. 

Carter, Judson Raymond, A.B. : Teacher 
182 Claremont av., New York City. 

Cerf, Barry, A.B.; M.A. 1903; Ph.D. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1908: Instructor in 
Romance Languages, Univ. of Wiscon- 
sin 2821 Steiner st., S. F. 

Cerf, Rebecca, A.B. : Teacher 2821 
Steiner st., S. F. 

Champlin, Charles Chaffee, B.L.; B.D. 
(Pacific Theological Seminary) 1909: 
Clergyman: 1649 Hayes st., S. F. 

Chandler, Harley Pierce, B.S. n. s.: 
Teacher 5539 Page av., St. Louis, 

Chen, Chin-tao, M.S. n. s. ; Graduate Tien- 
Tsin Univ. 1899. 

Childs, Harold Melville, B.S. min. 

Clayton, Albert Benjamin, A.B. Long 

Clewe, Johann Friedrich Erdman, B.L. 
Sonoma City. 

Coeke, Amelia Ynez, M.L. ; B.L. 1901. v. 

Coffin, Alice Worcester, A.B. 255 Perry 

st., O. 
Coghlan, John Joseph, B.L. : Lawyer 

340 Sansome st., S. F. 
Colbath, James Sollitt, B.S. min.: Mining 

superintendent Apartado 5, Santa 

Barbara, Chihuahua, Mexico. 

Colton, Albert Sanborn, B.S. n. s. r. 
Teacher Etna Mills. 

Cooper, Maria Helen Elizabeth (Mrs. W.. 
W. Douglas), A.B. 2815 Parker st. b 

Cooper, William Hubbard, B.S. chem. 

Corbett, Laurence Jay, B.S. mech. : Con- 
sulting engineer 601 Empire State 
Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 

Coulter, Annie Deborah (Mrs. A. P. 
Brown), M.L. ; B.L. 1900. v. 1900. 



Crawford, William Kay, B.L.; LL.B. (Col- 
umbia Univ.) 1905: Lawyer 710 

Merchant's Trust Bldg., Los Angeles. 
Cummings, Harold Oscar, B.S. com.: 

Bookkeeper 1815 Walnut St., B. ' 
Dakm, Frederick Holroyd, Jr., B.S. min. : 

Mining superintendent 1440 Spring 

St., B. 
*Davidson, Charles Sprecher, B.S. mech. 

(Died June, 1910.) 
Davies, Oma Almona, B.L. 2309 Fulton 

St., B. 
Davis, James Philip, M.L.; Ph.B. 1896. 

v. 1896. 
Decker, Ellen Isabel (Mrs. L. F. Norton), 

B.L. ; B.L. (Pomona College) 1901 

Decoto, Louis Albert, B.S. chem. : Mining 

superintendent Decoto. 
*DeCon, John Allen, M.A. ; A.B. 1894 and 

A.M. 1897 (Haverford College); A.B. 

(Harvard Univ.) 1895. (Died Febru- 
ary 25, 1910.) 
De Lancey, Clinton Charles, B.S. min. : 

Mining engineer-^Moctezuma, Sonora, 

Demaree, Mabel Pearl (Mrs. L. G. Smith), 

B.L. Dinuba. 
Deutsch, Monroe Emanuel, A.B.; M.A. 

1903: Instructor in Latin, U. C. 

2314 Haste St., B. 
Dexter, Sallie Agnes (Mrs. R. L. May), 

B.L. 1331 Bonita av., B. 

De Yo, Lou Irene (Mrs. L. A. Pringle), 
M.L; B.L. 1901. v. 1901. 

Dorn, Winfield, B.L. : Lawyer 211 Thir- 
teenth St., O. 

Dozier, Charles Thomasson, B.S. min.: 
Consulting engineer 1934 Virginia 
St. B. 

Dozier. Lvdia Lee (Mrs. H. M. Payne), 
B.L. San Luis Obispo. 

Drake, Bryant Stillman, B.S. chem. 
Chemical engineer 1121 Eighth av., 

Drucker, Arthur Eilert, B.S. min.: Metal- 
lurgist Care of Oriental Consolidated 
Mining Co., Taracol, Korea. 
^Duncan, Robert Andrew, B.S. chem. (Died 
June 17, 1910.) 

Durbin, William Reese, B.L. : Secretary of 
Cemetery Association 302 Exchange 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

Earle, John Jewett, B.L. ; M.L. 1904; 
LL.B. 1904: Lawyer 1218 Broad- 
way, O. 

Elder, Jefferson Derwoqd, A.B.; A.B. 
1885 and LL.B. 188*7 (Cumberland 
Univ.): Letter-carrier 820 So. Stanis- 
laus St., Stockton. 

Eppinger, Jacob John, B.L. : Restauran- 
teur 32 Geary st., S. F. 

Eshleman, John Morton, A.B. ; M.A. 1903 : 
Lawver El Centre. 

Esterly, Calvin Olin, A.B.; MA 1904- 
Ph.D. (Harvard Univ.) 1907: Teacher 
Occidental College, Los Angeles. 

Etcheverry, Bernard Alfred, B.S. civ. 
eng. : Asst. Professor of Irrigation, 
U. C. 2598 Buena Vista way, B. 

Everett, Ernest Ellsworth, B.S. mech.: 
County surveyor Box 37, Ventura. 

Falck, Lily, A.B.: Teacher 1058 Page 
St., B. 

Faneuf, Samuel Centennial, B.S. min. 
Minas del Tajo, Rosario, Sinaloa, 

Farno, Alice Josephine, B.L. : Teacher 
420 Oakland av., O. 

Farwell, Nina Melissa, A.B. : Teacher 
2230 Ninth st., B. 

Faull, Ashley Richard, B.L. : Insurance 
agent 503 Montgomery st., S. F. 

Feibush, Nathan Julius, B.S. chem.: 
Chemist 533 Thirty-third st., O. 

Finley, Dozier, B.S. chem.: Manufacturer 
2725 Elmwood av., B. 

Fitts, Margaret Louise (Mrs. H. M. 
Lowe), A.B. 10 Pine St., Long Beach. 

Flaa, Ingwald Edward, B.S. mech. Care 
of Pacific Gas and Electric Corpora- 
tion, S. F. 

Flood, Ethel Hume, A.B. : Teacher 657 
Bixel st., Los Angeles. 

Folsom, Alice Evelyn (Mrs. F. M. Auble), 
B.L. Adin. 

Fort, Henry, M.S. agr. ; Graduate (Klos- 
terneuburg, Austria) 1897. 

Foster, Frederick Montague, A.B. : M.A. 
1903: Professor of Latin Fairmount 
College, Wichita, Kansas. 

Foster. Kate Brown, B.L. : Teacher 2717 
Hillegass av., B. 

Fowler, Hardiman, B.S. min.: Engineer 
Box 481, Chico. 

Franks, Henry Ernest, B.S. civ. eng. 
2709 McGee av., B. 

Gardiner, Ernest Percv, B.L. : Lawyer 

319 Stokes Block, Everett, Wash. 
'Garland, Louise Marguerite, A.B. (Died 
April 18, 1902.) 

Gear, Lewis Sage, A.B.: Real estate dealer 
215 Santa Clara av., O. 

Gillis, Mabel Ray, B.L. : Librarian 2121 
Twenty-first st., Sacramento. 

Glessner, Harry Harbaugh, B.L. : Mer- 
chant 2637 Piedmont av., B. 

Goodsell, Fred Field, A.B. ; B.D. (Hart- 
ford Theological Seminary) 1905: Mis- 
sionary Aintab, Turkey, Asia. 

Gorrill, Charles Hatherley. B.S. min. 
Sargeant Hotel, Portland, Ore. 

Grinnell, Edna Merrihew, B.L.: Teacher 
2534 Ridge rd., B. 

Grinnell, Emory Evans, B.S. n. s. : B.S. 
(Univ. of Indiana) 1873: Real estate 
dealer 3730 Richmond av., O. 


Gunn, Elsie Harriet, B.L. : Teacher 1474 
Ninth av., O. 

Haas. Claire Madeleine (Mrs. E. T. 
Maples), B.L. 1137 Green st., S. F. 

Hadley, Edith May, B.S. n. s. ; B.L. (Po- 
mona College) 1900: Teacher Box 
146, National City. 

Hagniayer, Beatrice Urania (Mrs. B. H. 
Moore), B.L. : Teacher Cloverdale. 

Raines, Charles Conklin, A.B. ; LL.B. s. s. 
1904: Lawyer 3370 E st., San Diego. 

Hall, Harvev Monroe, M.S.; B.S. 1901; 
Ph.D. 1906. v. 1901. 

Hammerschlag, Ruth, A.B.: Stenographer 
3591 Jackson st., S. F. 

Hansen, John Owen, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trical engineer 220 So. Thirteenth st., 
San Jose. 

Hart (Mrs.), Agnes Needham, B.L. 
Ameca, Jalisco, Mexico. 

Hathaway, Alice Florence (Mrs. C. E. 
Reische), B.L. Meridian, Sutter Co. 

Hecht, Grace Aguilar, B.L. 817 Beacon 
St., Los Angeles. 

Heger, A. Jacob, B.S. civ. ejig. : Account- 
ant, Wallace, Idaho. 

Henderson, Robert Huston, B.S. n. s. : 
Manager fruit company 474 N. Fair 
Oaks av., Pasadena. 

Hendricks, Bertha (Mrs. R. B. Runyon), 
B.L. 393 North st., O. 

Hensel, Ellen McKay (Mrs. I. J. Bauder), 
A.B. Box 35, Pixley. 

Herrmann, Elizabeth Adelaide, A.B. ; M.A. 
1910: Teacher 2440 Hilgard av., B. 

Hilpisch, Carl, B.S. civ. eng. City En- 
gineer's Office, S. F. 

Hinckley, Meda, B.L.: Teacher Redlands. 

Hirshfeld, Clarence Floyd, B.S. mech. ; 
M.M.E. (Cornell Univ.) 1905: Pro- 
fessor of Gas Power Engineering, Cor- 
nell Univ. 712 E. Seneca st., Ithaca, 
N. Y. 

Holley, Robert Aubrey, B.S. min. 

Hollzer, Harry Aaron, B.L. ; LL.B. s. s. 

1903 : Lawyer 500 Germain Bldg., 

Los Angeles. 
Holmes, Alfred Stearns, B.L. : Cashier for 

wholesale hardware company 2177 

Pacific av., S. F. 
Horovitz, James Samuel, B.L. University 

of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Howard, Florence Gertrude (Mrs. H. E. 

Holmquist), B.L. 135 E. Eleventh st., 

Eugene, Ore. 
Hudson, Florence Trevitt (Mrs. C. W. 

Hatch), A.B. Amalga, Alaska. 
Hunt, Reuben Gay, B.L.; LL.B. (Univ. 

of Michigan) 1906: Lawyer 1420 

Grand st., A. 
Hutton, Bertha, B.L. 3101 Groveland 

av., Chicago, 111. 
Hutton, Corinne, M.A. ; A.B. 1901. v. 


Incell, Arthur, M.S.; B.S. 1890. v. 1890. 

Jackson, Ardella Frances (Mrs. F. E. 
Brown), B.L. Walnut Grove. 

Jacobs, Millicent, B.L. Care of the Em- 
porium, S. F. 

Jameson, Emma, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 836 
So. Bonnie Brae st., Los Angeles. 

Janes, Lillie Evelina, B.L.: Y. W. C. A. 
secretary 19 W. Mohawk st., Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

Jarvis, Mabel Irene (Mrs. G. E. Rawlins), 
B.L. ; M.L. 1904 Orland, Glenn Co. 

Jeffreys, Mary Judah (Mrs. G. B. Baker), 
B.L. Grimes, Colusa Co. 

Jennings, Annie Marie (Mrs. H. A. Klue- 
gel), B.S. n. s. 725 Meyers st., Oro- 

Jewett, Mary Fairbanks, B.L. 2511 Ben- 
venue av., B. 

Karmel, Isaac, B.L. ; LL.B. 1906: Lawyer 
1710 Larkin st., S. F. 

Kavanagh, Florence Teresa, B.S. n. s. : 
Teacher 1245 Louisiana st., Vallejo. 

Keep, Winthrop Leicester, M.A. ; A.B. 
1901; A.M. (Harvard Univ.) 1904; 
Ph.D. 1910. v. 1901. 

Kempkey, Augustus, Jr., B.S. civ. eng. : 
Civil engineer 224 Mountain av., 

Keyes, Edwin Everett, B.L. ; LL.B. s. s. 
"1904: Lawyer 2932 Ellsworth st., B. 

Kierulff, Benjamin Franklin, A.B.: Mer- 
chant 120 So. Los Angeles st., Los 

Kimball, Florence Mabel, A.B.: Teacher 
Long Beach. 

Knapp, Rolland Edwin, B.S. agr. 50 So. 
Second st., San Jose. 

Knowles, Lilian Louise (Mrs. Earnest 
Dozier), B.L. Napa State Hospital, 

Korbel, Elma Anton, B.L. San Rafael. 

Landis, Charles William, B.S. civ. eng. 

Lanktree, Maud Houston, A.B. : Art stu- 
dent 417 W. 118th St.. New York 

Lashlee, Claude Harmon, A.B. ; M.D. 
(Hahnemann College of San Fran- 
cisco) : Physician Post Office Block, 

Lathrop, Howard Beecher, B.S. n. s. : 
Teacher 26 King st., Santa Cruz. 

Lemberger, Arleigh Francesse, A.B. : Law- 
yer 2309 Fulton st., B. 

Lemon, May Wellington (Mrs. K. V. 
Denny), B.S. n. s. Etna Mills. 

Lewis, Adele Gerard (Mrs. G. F. Grant), 
B.S. n. s. Columbia, Tuolumne Co. 

Lewis, Alice Maude, A.B.: Teacher 
621% W. Seventeenth st., Los Angeles. 

Long, Emma Marion (Mrs. E. W. Steb- 
bins), A.B. Fifty-ninth st. and Col- 
lege av., O. 



Lorenz, George Benjamin, B.S. min.: Real 

estate dealer 1826 G St., Sacramento. 
Lunny, Sara Louise (Mrs. C. F. Lohse), 

B.L. Concord. 
McAllister, Alice M., B.S. n. s. San 

McClelland, Anne, B.L.: Teacher 1901 

N st., Sacramento. 
MacDonald, Margaret, B.L. 12 Harcourt 

st., San Rafael. 
McGrath, Susan Martha (Mrs. J. T. Lud- 

low), A.B. 2115 Golden Gate av., 

S. F. 

McKinne, Eliza, B.L. 517 Hill st., S. F. 
McPeak, Frank B., B.S. civ. eng. Ukiah. 
Mackie (Mrs.), Julia A. M. (Mrs. W. W. 

Mackie), A. B. Care of W. W. Mackie, 

Esperanza, Sonora, Mexico. 

Macurda, Arthur Amsden, M.A. ; A.B. 

(Brown Univ.) 1895: Teacher 1714 

Harvard blvd., Los Angeles. 
Maddux, Parker Simmons, B.L. ; LL.B. 

(Harvard Univ.) 1905: Lawyer 

Chronicle Bldg., S. F. 

Mansfield, George Campbell, B.L. : Jour- 
nalist Oroville. 
Martin, Leon Elmer, B.L.; M.L. 1904 

602 California st., S. F. 
Mayhew, Florence Marie (Mrs. J. C. 

Shinn), A.B. Niles. 
Mery, Mabel Lenore (Mrs. W. A. Luey), 

B.L. 2415 Woolsey St., B. 
Meux, John William, B.L. : Real estate 

dealer 1036 J st., Fresno. 
Meyer, Camilla Virginia, B.L. 2714 Pa- 

'cific av., S. F. 
Milliken, Jessie (Mrs. Warner Brown), 

M.S. n. s. ; B.S. (Cornell Univ.) 1897 

2553 Benvenue av., B. 

Minium, Willis Frank, M.S. n. s. ; B.S. 
(Northwestern Univ.) 1899: Instruc- 
tor in Physics and Chemistry, U. C. 
1106 Bay St., A. 

Mitchell, Claude Walter, B.S. mech. : In- 
spector for Board of Fire Underwrit- 
ers 2747 McGee av., B. 

Moffat, Emma Elizabeth (Mrs. Alfred Mc- 
Laughlin), B.L. 2580 Washington 
st., S. F. 

Moller, Lillie Evelyn (Mrs. F. B. Gil- 
breth), M.L. ; B.L. 1900. v. 1900. 

Morgan, Sylvia Mallery (Mrs. I. C. 
White), B.S. chem. 2546 Benvenue 
av., B. 

Morrin, Mary Irene, A.B.: Teacher 1358 
Jackson st., S. F. * 

Morrow, Archibald Howard, A.B. ; A.B. 
(Monraouth College) 1897: Govern- 
ment clerk Care of Interstate Com- 
merce Commission, Washington, D. C. 

Mouser, Eugenia Tryon (Mrs. E. J. Wood- 
burn), B.L. 1012 Nineteenth st., Sac- 

Murakami, Tokichi, B.S. chem. Kokura, 

Murray. Samuel, B.S. civ. eng.: Engineer 

6219 Twelfth av., N. E., Seattle, 


Nakano, Chickara, B.L. Tosa, Japan. 
Xakanouchi, Mitsunori, B.L. Osaka High 

School, Osaka, Japan. 
Newfield, Joseph, B.S. chem.: Merchant 

Newlin, Gurney Elwood, B.L. ; LL.B. 

(Harvard Univ.) 1905: Lawyer Cali- 
fornia Club, Los Angeles. 
\c\vmark, Marco Ross, A.B.: Merchant 

Care of M. A. Xewmark & Co., Los 

Newmark, Milton, M.L. ; Ph.B. 1899. v. 

Newmark, Robert, B.L. : Merchant 880 

W. Adams st., Los Angeles. 
Newport, Ada Lora (Mrs. E. B. King), 

B.L. 3561 Jackson st,, S. F. 
Nis, Edward Alexander, B.S. min. 
Nishikawa, Kota'ro, M.L. ; Graduate (Dosh- 

isha Univ., Japan) 1898 Tokio, 

Noble, Grover Chester, B.S. mech. 2642 

Sylvan way, B. 

Nutting, Elsie, A.B.; A.M. (Radcliffe Col- 
lege) 1908: Teacher cor Lawton and 

Macmillan avs., O. 
Orcutt, Mary Eva, A.B. : M.A. (Stanford 

Univ.) 1905: Teacher Santa Paula. 
Orrick, Murray Scott, B.S. mech. 602 E. 

Twenty-first St., O. 

Owen, Philip Wagy, B.L. Blanchard. 
Pack, Grace Louise, B.S. chem. 1525 

Spruce st., B. 
Paine, Frederic Clinton, B.S. min. Box 

131, Okanogan, Wash. 

Parker, Challen Rogers, B.L.: Bank cash- 
ier 76 Monte Vista av., O. 
Perkins, George Russell, Jr., A.B. ; LL.B. 

1904: Lawyer 522 Kohl Bldg., S. F. 
Perry, Arthur Wayne, A.B.: Lawyer 162 

Castro St., S. F. 

Pickett, Roy Dustin, B.S. min. Calistoga. 
P"inkham, James Roy, B.L. : Fruit shipper 

624 Laughlin Bldg., Los Angeles. 
*Poage, Mary Leona, B.L. (Died.) 
Popert, William Hopf, B.S. civ. eng.: En- 
gineer 2970 Piedmont av., B. 

Powell, Helen, B.L. 921 Myrtle St., O. 
Powell, William Arthur, A.B.; LL.B. 

1906: Lawyer 957 Broadway, O. 
Pratt, Elizabeth (Mrs. J. B. Whitehill), 

B.S. n. s. Caithnes Apts., Second and 

B sts., Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Pratt, Oroville Charles Jr., A.B. ; B.C.L. 

(Oxford Univ.) 1904: Lawyer 1818 

California st., S. F. 



Prutzman, Helen Clare, A.B. 1532 Grove 
St., S. F. 

Rarasev, Horace Martin, M.A. ; A.B. (Univ. 

of Pacific) 1899. 
'Randall, Samuel Bond, M.A. ; A.B. (Univ. 

of Chicago) 1881; B.D. (Baptist Union 

Theological Seminary) 1885. (Died 

February 20, 1904.) 

Rea, Jessie Martha, B.S. n. s. 102 Do- 
lores St., S. F. 

Redewill, Francis Hamilton, B.S. chem. : 
Physician 120 N. First av., Phoenix, 

Reed, Benjamin Weiser, B.L. : Manager 
Santa Fe Lumber Co. 1271 Harrison 
St., O. 

Reed, Lewis Irvin, B.S. com. : Bank cash- 

Reichman, Otto Herman, B.S. min.: Res- 

tauranteur Medford, Ore. 
Rennie, Edith Helena, B.L. 

Rhodes, Claude Irvin, B.S. min.: Civil 
engineer 152 Twelfth av., S. F. 

Rhodes, Ivan B., B.S. mech. : Y. M. C. A. 
secretary 306 Association Bldg., 
Portland, Ore. 

Rhodes, Mabel May, B.L.: Teacher 112 

Water st., Santa Cruz. 
Rice, Mary Eliza, B.S. chem.: Teacher 

R. F. D. 7, Box 9, Santa Ana. 
Richmond, Charles Pierce, B.S. min. ; B.S. 

(Univ. of Arizona) 1900 Care of G. 

B. Richmond, 265 E. Pasadena st., 

Ritchie, Robert Welles, B.L. : Journalist 

Editorial rooms, "The Sun," New 

York City. 
Roberts, William Richard, A.B. 1211 

Point Lobos av., S. F. 
Robertson, Alice, Ph.D.; B.S. 1898; M.S. 

1899. v. 1898. 
Roesner, Oscar Henry, B.L. : Bookkeeper 

Kent, Sutter Co. 
Rogers, Alice Mabel, B.L. : Teacher 

2513 Hillegass av., B. 

Root, William Darwin, A.B.; A.M. (Col- 
umbia Univ.) 1906: Teacher New- 
. man. 

Ross, John Stewart, B.L. ; LL.B. (Har- 
vard Univ.) 1905: Lawyer 811 Se- 
curity Bldg., Los Angeles. 
Rothchild, Herbert Lionel, B.L.: Lawyer 

1051 Mills Bldg., S. F. 
Rowell, Clarence Fellows, B.S. chein. : 

Merchant 464 Eighth st., O. 
Rowlands, Christopher Henry, B.S. min. 
Ryder, Edda Warner Allen (Mrs. H. L. 

Dungan), B.S. n. s. 2036 Durant 

av., B. 
Sage, Emile, M.A. ; Graduate (Neuchatel 

Univ.) 1878. 

Sanborn, Flora Anna (Mrs. R. K. Pitzer), 
A.B.; A.B. (Pomona College) 1901 
715 N. Garey av., Pomona. 

Sawyer, John Birge, B.S. com.: U. S. Im- 
migration Inspector 102 Custom 
House Bldg., Portland, Ore. 

Schaeffer, Lucy Regal (Mrs. W. H. Kim- 
ball), B.L. 120 Middlefield rd., Bur- 

Schroeder, Annie Katherine, B.L. : Teach- 
er 156 Fourth av., S. F. 

Selby, Edith, B.L. 165 Santa Rosa av., 

Senger, George Henry, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Civil engineer 1321 Bay View place, 

Service, Robert Roy, B.S. n. s. : Foreign 
secretary Y. M. C. A. Care of Y. M. 
C. A., Chengtu, West China. 

Shaffer, Harold Stanley, A.B. ; LL.B. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1905: Lawyer 729 
Eighteenth st., Merced. 

Sharp, Mabel Evelyn, B.L. : Teacher 
Santa Cruz. 

Shippee, Inez (Mrs. F. H. Dam), B.L. 
1800 Shattuck av., B. 

Skaife, Alfred Charles, M.A. ; A.B. 1900. 
v. 1900. 

Smith, Gertrude Almira (Mrs. A. J. Stew- 
art), B.L.; B.L. (Pomona College) 
1901 525 W. Forty-third st., Los 

Smith, Harriette Wiggins (Mrs. H. C. Mc- 
Cutchan), B.S. n. s. 1512 Harvard 
blvd., Los Angeles. 

Smith, LeRoy Grannis, B.L. Dinuba. 

Solomon, Alfred, A.B.; M.A. 1903; A.B. 

(Occidental College) 1900: Instructor 

in French, U. C. 2420 So. Atherton 

St., B. 
Spencer, Mae Alyssa (Mrs. G. D. Smith), 

A.B. corner North and Floral sts., 


Stansbury, Middleton Pemberton, B.S. 
com.; M.D. 1907: Physician Chico. 

Stephenson, Robert Pettinger, A.B. : Law- 
yer 44 Barrow st., New York City. 

Stevens, Harry Thomas, A.B.: Life in- 
surance agent 556 Twenty-seventh 
St., O. 

Stewart, Mary, B.L. ; -M.L. 1903; Ph.B. 
(Univ. of Pacific) 1898: Rio Vista, 
Solano Co. 

Stoer, Emma (Mrs. C. L. Barham), B.L. 
949 Apgar st., O. 

Stone, Edna Lewis (Mrs. A. L. Price), 

B.L. 3598 Sacramento st., S. F. 
Stout, Harriet Monroe, B.L. : Teacher 

2416 M: Durant av., B. 
trachan, James Forrest, B.S. mech. 

1602 Fulton st., S. F. 
Swett, Ruth Isabel, A.B.: Teacher 2620 

Benvenue av., B. 



Sykes, Abbie Marshall, B.L.: Teacher- 

Tamura, Seiichi Masataka, B.S. n. s. 
Tokio, Japan . 

Taylor Irene (Mrs. A. S. Heinemun), 

M.A. ; A.B. 1901. v. 1901. 
*Terpenning, Zana Evaline (Mrs. F. G. H. 
Stevens), A.B.; A.B. (Univ. of South- 
ern California) 1901. (Died Febru- 
ary 10, 1906.) 

Thorpe, Mary Lillian (Mrs. M. L. Win- 
kelman), B.L. 2504 N st., Sacra- 

Tolman, Ruel Pardee, B.L.: Portrait 
painter 1408 Emerson St., N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 

Turner, Laura Liicile, B.L. : Teacher 
1005 E. Morrison st., Portland, Ore. 

Vinacke, Albert Thomas, B.L.; M.L. 
1903; A.B. (Drake Univ.) 1892: 
Teacher 150 Garfield place., Holly- 

Ward, Sharlie Jeannette (Mrs. R. R. 
W.-lib), A.B. 1350 E. Fort-sixth st., 
Los Angeles. 

Warner, Moulton. B.S. n. s. : Farmer 
Cool, El Dorado Co. 

Warner, Ruby Irene (Mrs. F. T. Ly- 
inan), A.B.; A.B. (Pomona College) 
1901: 762 B st., San Bernardino. 

Watson, Helen Sarah, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
Hollywood High School, Hollywood. 

\\rlM-r, Frank Ferguson, B.S. min. 
New Almaden. 

Wedd, Ruby Annette, B.S. n. s. Morti- 
mer, N. Y. 

Weight, Erie Martin, B.L.: Journalist 
316 Center st., Pasadena. 

Wenzelburger, Annabel Elise (Mrs. A. E. 
Graupner) B.L. 2009 Jackson st., 

Q "p 1 

West., Herbert Augustus, A.B.: Banker 


Wevmouth, Chester A. G., B.S. n.s.: en- 
gineer 5012 Sheridan rd., Chicago, 

Wildes, Maude Frances, B.L.: Teacher 

2821 Steiner st., S. F. 
Wilkinson, Ivy Bernice, B.L.: Teacher 

2511 Regent st., B. 
Wilson, Marion Ramon, B.L. Care of 

Dresden Bank, Berlin, Germany. 
Winkler, John, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 1903 

Petaluma. ^ 

Winn, Myra (Mrs. R. C. Daniels), B.S. 

n- s lg!3 Ave. 65, Los Angeles. 
Womble, Lloyd Alexander, B.S. min. 
Woods, Grace Eaton, A.B.: Teacher 261 

Alexander st., Rochester, N. Y. 
Wright, Charles Nicholson, B.S. min.: 

With Los Angeles County Highway 

Commission 615 International Bank 

Bldg., Los Angeles. 

Wyckoff, Edna Faith, B.L. : Teacher 

2538 Channing way, B. 
Wythe, Alice Belle, B.L.: Teacher 4231 

Terrace st., O. 


Adams, Elizabeth Jane (Mrs. W. L. 

Brown). A.B. Box 102, Crown Mines 

Ltd., Mine office, Fordsburg, Trans- 
vaal, South Africa. 
Adams, Veda Howell, A.B.: Teacher 

1315 Constance St., Los Angeles. 
Akins, Winifred Edith (Mrs. F. A. 

Couch), B.S. n. s. Flat Top, Mercer 

Co., West Virginia. 
Alexander, Philip Warren. B.L. : Member 

of advertising firm 1545 Euclid av., 

Allen, Annie Harriet, M.A.; A.B. 1901. 

v. 1901. 
Allen, Beverlv Fprague, A.B. ; M.A. 1905 : 

Student 2025 San Antonio av., A. 
Ailing, Mark Norman, B.S. min.: Engi- 
neer 305 W. Oak st,, Stockton. 
Almind, Anders Emmett. B.S. min. 

Homestake Mine, Lead, South Dakota. 
Anderson, Catherine (Mrs. C. R. Wells), 

B.L. Centerville. 
Anthonv, Earle Charles, B.S. mech. 

Automobile dealer 727 So. Olive st., 

Los Angeles. 
Arnoldv, Mary Josephine, B.L. : Teacher 

Bailev, Earnest Albert, B.S. civ. eng. : 

Civil engineer Box 380. Santa Cruz. 
Baily. Marv Swift (Mrs. Seth Williams), 

A. P.. Marine Barracks, Navy Yard, 

Bremerton, Wash. 
Baker, George Livingston. A.B. : Clerk 

for wholesale hardware company 

6611 Tremont St., O. 
Baldridge, Nellie Louise (Mrs. L. A. 

Stevenson). B.L. Escondido. 
Barnes. Florence Madeleine, B.L. : Teacher 

*Barnett, Grace B.S. n. s. (Died July, 


Barnhart, Nellie Irene (Mrs. W. L. Fin- 
ley). B.L. Milwaukee. Ore. 
Barnwell, David Monroe. B.L. : County 

clerk 1448 M st., Fresno. 
Barrv. Cerinne (Mrs. D. J. O'Connor), 

Bartlett, Ethel, B.L. Box 176, Santa 

Baugh, Hubert Gordon. B.L. ; M.L. 1905: 

Consular service American Consulate, 

Hankow, China. 
Baugh, Violet Evelyn Beauchamp, B.L. : 

Missionary Methodist Mission, Pekin, 

Baur, Walter Lewis, B.S. mech.: Farmer 



*Baxter, William J. Jr., B.L. (Died 
March 16, 1904.) 

Bee, Prentiss Theodore, B.S chem. : Met- 
allurgist 4115 Hillside av., O. 

Bee, Warren Theodore. B.S. chem.: Chem- 
ist 3423 Twentieth st., S. F. 

Belknap, Florence Gray (Mrs. John Guer- 
in), B.L. 1683 Oak st,, S. F. 

Bell, Bryan, B.S. com. : Secretary of Lake 
Providence Cotton Oil Co. Lake 
Providence, La. 

Bell, Traylor Wilson, B.L.; LL.B. 1905: 
Lawyer 1218 Broadway, O. 

Benton, Julian Juriah, A.B. ; A.B. (Lin- 
coln Univ.) 1896; M.D. (New York 
Univ.) 1900: 931 Bristol st., B. 
* Berry, Frederick Theodore, B.S. chem. 
(Died December 21, 1906.) 

Bigley, Winifred Henrietta, A.B.: Cata- 
loger 836 Fifty-fourth st., O. 

Boedefeld, Luke Robinson, B.L. : Grain 
broker Colusa. 

Bonham, Ida Anita, B.L. : Teacher 

Bovard, John Freeman, B.S. n.s. ; M.S. 
1906: Asst. Prof, of Biology, Univ. 
of Oregon 672 High st., Eugene, Ore. 

Braden, Romaine, M.A. ; A.B. (Butler 
Univ.) 1890 56 Downey av., Irving- 
ton, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Breitstein, Louis Isador, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 

1903 Camp lone, Nev. 
^Brewer, John Abernathy, B.L. (Died 
December 17, 1910.) " 

Briggs, Harry Elwin, B.L. : Insurance 
agent Bancroft Apts., Seattle, Wash. 

Bristol, Walter Watkins, B.L. : Teacher 

Broemmel, George Martin, B.S. chem.; 
Ph.C. (Columbia Univ.) 1905: Chem- 
ist 2501 California st., S. F. 

Brooks, Edwin Hill, B.L. : Insurance 
agent and real estate dealer Eureka. 

Brown, Bruce Forrester, B.S. mech. : 
Manager of paper mill Antioch. 

Brown, Marguerite Wallace (Mrs. J. C. 
Rodder), B.L. ; Hawthorne, Nevada. 

Brown, Pearl Emma, B.L. : M.L. 1909: 
Teacher Gazelle. 

Brown, Walter Lvman, B.S. min. Box 
102, Crown Mines Ltd., Mine office, 
Fordsburg, Transvaal, South Africa. 

Brumback, Arthur Marion, M. A. ; A.B. 
(Dennison Univ.) 1892: Teacher 
Granville, Ohio. 

Bundschu, Walter Barbour, B.S. chem.: 
Merchant 20 California st.. S. F. 

Bunnell, Katherine Cordelia (Mrs. W. H. 
Gorrill), B.L. 2725 Dwight way, B. 

Burgess, John Edward, B.S. mech.: En- 
gineer 2216 McKenzie av., Fresno. 

Burke, Edmund Alfred, B.S. min.: Sur- 
veyor 3831 Twenty-fourth st., S. F. 

2317 Virginia st., B. 

Butler, Drury De Wolf, B.S. min. : County 
surveyor 2518 Bonita av., Sacra- 

Butler, Harry Gerald, B.S. civ. eng: Civil 

Cadogan, Anthony Gregory, B.S. min. : 

Mining superintendent Mogallon, New 


Cahill, Edward Gustave, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer 136 Belvedere st., S. F. 

Caubu, William Peter, A.B.; LL.B. 1905: 
Lawyer Grant Bldg., S. F. 

Cavagnaro, David Amile, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer San Andreas. 

Cerf, Barry, M.A. ; A.B. 1902 ; Ph D 
(Harvard Univ.) 1908. v. 1902. 

Chappell, Marvin Lee, B.S. chem.: Chem- 
ist 2543 Grove st., B. 

Chilcote, Gaylord Hammond, B.L. : Man- 
ager for . publishing company 2619 
Ashby av., B. 

Christensen, Carrie Louise (Mrs. F. E. 

Borton), A.B. 2114 Twentieth st., 

Cilker, Martha Elizabeth, B.L. : Teacher 

Los Gatos. 

Clarke, Mabel Sarah, B.L. Niles. 
Clarke, Warren Thompson, B.S. agr. : 

Supt. Univ. Extension in Agriculture 

and Asst. Professor of Horticulture, 

U. C. 2317 LeConte av., B. 
Cloudman, Harold Caldwell, B.S. min 

2236 Grant st., B. 
Coates, Grace Edith, B.L. : Teacher 

1703 Harvard av., Seattle, Wash. 
Coleman, Simeon Waldo, B.S. mech. : 

Manager light and power company 

28 Davis st., Santa Cruz. 
Connor, Thomas Vincent, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer Box 559, Goldfield, Nev. 
Cook, Carl Lincoln, B.S. chem. 2977 

McAllister st., S. F. 
Cook, Ella Gertrude, B.L. : Teacher 

^Cooley, Frederich Edmond, B.S. mech. 

(Died March 26, 1905.) 
Copeland, William Forest, B.S. min. 

1824 Clinton av., A. 
Corlett, Bertram Edwin, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Civil engineer 218 W. Elaine st., 

Seattle, Wash. 
Crane, Charles Ellis, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

British Post Office, Canton, China. 
Crane, Clarence Burnham, A.B. : Teacher 

San Leandro. 

Cross, Mary Hannah (Mrs. E. J. Wil- 
liams), B.L. 1752 Vine st., B. 
Crow, Clarence Cross, B.S. mech. 

Cummings, Edna Mae (Mrs. M. R. Van 

Wonner) B.L. Paso Robles. 

.1 1 


Cunningham, Ruby Lacey, B.S. chem. : 
Teacher 2636 Haste st., B. 

Curran (Mrs.). Abbie Howe, M.A.; A.B. 
(Univ. of Michigan) 1881: Teacher 
Grass Valley. 

Davidson, Norvella Maud, B.L. : Teacher 
2519 College av., B. 

Davies, William Gomer, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Engineer Willows. 

Davis, Jessica Marian (Mrs. A. C. Nohl), 
A.B. Progreso Mining Co., El Tri- 
umpo, Baja California, Mexico. 

Davis, Mary Louise, B.L. : Teacher 2619 
Parker st., B. 

Deutsch, Monroe Emanuel, M.A. ; A.B. 
1902. v. 1902. 

Dewing, Henry Bronson, A.B. ; M.A. 
1905; Ph.D. (Yale Univ.) 1908: In- 
structor in Classics, Princeton I'niv. 
23 Madison st., Princeton, N. J. 

Dietz, Henry Werner, B.S. civ. eng.: Irri- 
gation engineer Ross Fork, Idaho. 

Drew, William Prentiss, M.A. ; A.B. (Univ. 
of Chicago) 1897; B.D. (Drew Theo- 
logical Seminary) 1899: Professor of 
Latin, Knox College 142 Garfleld av., 
Galesburg, 111. 

Du Bois, Blanche Merry, B.L. : Teacher 
San Leandro. 

Du Bois, Helen Jay, B.L. San Rafael. 

Duff, Edith (Mrs. J. S. Colbath), A.B. 
Apartado 5, Santa Barbara, Chihua- 
hua, Mexico. 

Dunbar, Sue Hodgdon, B.L. : Teacher 
445 Hawthorne St., O. 

Durst, Fred M., B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

Dwyer, Alice Cvril. A.B. : Teacher 204 
Fourth av., S. F. 

Edwards, Elizabeth Gurney, B.L. : Teacher 
21 Freeport rd., Sacramento. 

Elmore, Louis Albert, A.B.: Postal clerk 
Care of Railway Mail Service, Og- 
den, Utah. 

Elwell, Lloyd Enoch, B.S. mech. River- 

Eshleman, John Morton, M.A. ; A.B. 1902. 
v. 1902. 

Evans, William Walter, A.B. : Draughts- 
man 304 E. Fourteenth st., O. 

Faddis, Miriam Sarah, B.L. Otay, San 
Diego Co. 

Fair, Emma Mary (Mrs. C. T. Azbell), 
B.L. Bradley! * 

Fell, Ruby Gertrude (Mrs. C. E. Peck), 
B.S. chem. 58 Dayton st., Pasadena. 

Ferrier, Magdalene, B.L. : Teacher 933 
Georgia st., Vallejo. 

Finley, Edna Rowena, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
2725 Elmwood av., B. 

Finley, William Lovell, A.B.: Writer and 
lecturer Milwaukee, Ore. 

Finnic, Cara McCoy, A.B.: Teachei 
Euclid av., B. 


Fisher, Ralph Talcott, M.A. ; A.B. 1901. 

v. 1901. 
Flagg, Amy (Mrs. N. W. Kleyn-Schoovel), 

B.L. Ukiah. 

Flammer, Ernest, B.S. mech. 
'Fong, Walter Ngon, M.A.; A.B. (Stanford 

I'niv.) 1896. (Died May, 1906.) 
Forgie, Agnes Macgaw (Mrs. F. A. Hors- 

will), B.S. n. s. Valley Springs. 
Foster, Frederick Montague, M.A .; A.B. 

1902. v. 1902. 
Fowler. Edna Grace (Mrs. Fayette Partch), 

A.B. Fall City, Wash. 
Fox, Amy Erwin (Mrs. R. V. Hall), A.B. 

912 N. Douty st., Hanford. 
Freidenrich, Myra Mildred, A.B.: M.A. 

1905 : Research work 250 W. Eighty- 
second st., New York City. 
French, Margaret Eva, B.L.: Cashier for 

Estate of Adolph Sutro 554 Mills 

Bldg., S. F. 

Gaines, Clarence Austin, B.S. mech. : Elec- 
trical engineer 466 Ruthven av., Palo 


Gardner, Nathaniel Lvon, M.S. n. s. ; 
Ph.D. 1906: B.S. (Univ. of Washing- 
ton) 1900: Teacher Polytechnic High 
School, Los Angeles. 

Garrison. Edwin Moore, B.L. : Bank teller 

Gimlntti. Joseph Andrew, B.S. chem: 
LL.B. 1907: Lawyer 421 First Na- 
tional Bank Bldg., S. F. 

Gilbert, Evie Mvrtle (Mrs. C. N. Hoover), 
B.L. 920 Virginia st., Vallejo. 

<;ill..-rtson. Henry Stirason, A.B. The 
Short Ballot Organization, 383 Fourth 
av., N. Y. 

Gili-ivst. Charles Fletcher, B.S. mech.: In- 
structor in Electrical Engineering, U. 
C. 4175 Montgomery st., O. 

Girvin, William Harrison, B.S. com.: 
Shorthand reporter and lawyer 2830 
Regent st., B. 

Glasson, Frank Henry, B.L. : Teacher 
1181 Regent st., A. 

Goetzee, Pauline Chamberlain, B.L. 

Goldman, George, B.S. mech. 655 Wash- 
ington st., O. 

Goldman. Otto, B.S. mech.: Engineer 

1425 Milvia st., B. 
Gompertz, Kate Rawlinson, B.S. n. s. : 

Medical student 226 Hugo st., S. F. 

Gordon, Florence Maria, B.L. Kobe, 

Gould, Edward Bradford, B.L. Lindsay. 

Gowing. Frederick Augustus, A.B. : Min- 
ing engineer 534 Chetwood st., O. 

Graff, Ulrich, M.L.; B.L. 1901. v. 1901. 

Graham, Blanche Augusta, B.L. : Teacher 



Graves, Lucile (Mrs. J. R. Graves), B.L. 

Graydon, McCullough, A.B. 2029 Blake 

St., B. 
*Greive, Robert Roy, B.S. mech. (Died 

March 18, 1906.) 
Griebel, Emma Marie, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

732 Overton st., Portland, O. 
Guill, John Hudson, Jr., B.S. agr. : Farm- 
er Chico. 
Haines, William Barre, B.S. min.: Mining 

engineer Box 407, El Paso, Texas. 
Hampton, Hannah (Mrs. Henry Stile), 

B.L. 3188% Twenty-fourth st., S. F. 

Hannah, Katherine Stewart (Mrs. B. 
Shaw), B.S. n. s. Narberth, Pa. 

Hansen, Andrew Christian, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Engineer Care of Los Angeles Aque- 
duct, Los Angeles. 

Hansen, Henry Marius, B.S. chem. : In- 
surance agent 307 H st., San Rafael. 

Hanson, Helen Maude (Mrs. B. A. Etche- 
verry), B.L. 2598 Buena Vista way, 

Hardie, Ethel Jane, A.B.: Actuarial clerk 
315 E. Main st., Alhambra. 

Harkleroad, George Albert, B.L. : Teacher 

Harley, Emerson Bryant, B.S. mech. 
R. F. D. 2, Box 49, Woodland. 

Hartman, George W. B.S. chem.; M.D. 
(Johns Hopkins Univ.) 1907: Phy- 
sician 1204 Sutter st., S. F. 

Hawley, Ralph Stevenson, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer 2269 Summer st., B. 

Henderson, Margaret, B.S. n. s. : Instruc- 
tor in Bacteriology, U. C. 2816 Derby 
St., B. 

Hendricks, Howard Edmonde, B.S. n. s. : 
Teacher Susanville. 

Henry, Helen Natalie, B.L.: Registrar 
Mills College. 

Herreshoff, William Stuart, B.S. mech. 
237 W. 109th st., New York City. 

Hess, Rebecca, B.S. n. s. 2871 Clay st., 
S. F. 

Hewett, Lotta Lucile, B.S. chem.: Teacher 
2225 Central av., A. 

Himebaugh, Nellie Maud (Mrs. D. E. 
Glower), B.L. Box 838, Monrovia. 

Holland, Herbert John, B.S. chem.: Chem- 
ist 4288 Howe st., O. 

Hollzer, Harry Aaron, LL.B. s. s. ; B.L. 
1902. v. 1902. 

Holt, Charles Parker, B.S. mech.: Manu- 
facturer 304 Balboa Bldg., S. F. 

Hotchkiss, Homer Grove, B.S. min.: Civil 
engineer Crescent City. 

Howell, Albert John, B.S. com.: Hardware 
salesman 609 Wells-Fargo Bldg., S. F. 

Hsueh, Sung Ying, B.S. com 28 Pots- 
dammerstrasse, Berlin, W., Germany. 

Hubbard (Mrs.), Elizabeth Ingram, B.L. : 
Teacher 2320 Bancroft way, B. 

Hughes, Alva Fish, B.S. min. 2613 Hille- 
gass av., B. 

Humann, Rose (Mrs. C. G. Rogers), B.L. ; 

Ph.M. (Syracuse Univ.) 1908 100 

Raynor st., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Hunter, Vere Wendel, B.L. : Secretary for 

lumber company 2608 Regent st., B. 
Hussey, Evangeline Genevieve, B.L. 10 

Steiner st., S. F. 

Hyde, Frederick Morris, B.S. min.: Mech- 
anical engineer 2115 Webster st., S.F. 
Janes, Bertha (Mrs. A. M. Lopez), B.L. 
Jenkins, Ada Mabel (Mrs. A. S. Colton), 

B.L. Etna Mills. 
Johnson, Alice Graham, B.S. n. s. 
Johnston, Marie Louise, B.L. : Teacher 

246 Ave. 42, Los Angeles. 
Jones, David Rhys, M.A. ; A.B. (Univ. of 

Wisconsin) 1896: Teacher 2241 

Parker st., B. 
Jones, Ethel Sherman (Mrs. Erwin Lea), 

A.B. 2840 Parker st., B. 
Jones, Herman Elmer, B.S. mech. 301 

Stockton av., Sacramento. 
Jones, J. Shirley, B.S. agr.: Professor of 

Agricultural Chemistry, Univ. of Idaho 

Moscow, Idaho. 

Judy, Clinton Kelly, A.B. ; M.A. 1907; 
B.A. (Oxford Univ.) 1909: Professor 
of English Language and Literature, 
Throop Institute 289 N. Los Robles 
st., Pasadena. 

Jungck, Daniel Lewis, B.L. ; LL.B. s. s. 
1905 : Real estate dealer and insurance 
agent 1942 Shattuck av., B. 

Kales, Arthur Francis, B.L. : Asst. Na- 
tional Bank Examiner 176 Lake st., 

Kato. Kenjiro, B.S. mech.: Electrical en- 

Eineer General Electric Co., West 
ynn, Mass. 

Kelley, Reginald Heber, A.B.: Lieutenant 

U. S. Army Fort Crook, Nebr. 
Kelly, Cecilia Glynn, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

^2230 Pacific av., S. F. 
Keon, Hubert Keating, B.S. agr.: Chemist 

419 Virginia st., Vallejo. 
Kierski, Hattie A. (Mrs. Milton Steinway), 

B.L. 1145 Devisadero st., S. F. 
Kimball, Herbert Leonard, B.S. n. s. : 

Manager of Pacific Coast Syrup Co. 

396 Shatter av., O. 
King, Arthur Scott, Ph.D.; B.S. 1899; 

M.S. 1901. v. 1899. 

King, Nellie Frances, B.L. 517 A st., 

Santa Rosa. 
Kitts, Leonard Tompkins, B.S. mech. 

Care of Byron Jackson Iron Works, 

212 So. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles. 
Knoll, Genevieve (Mrs. J. O. Sully), A.B. 

1356 Tamalpias av., B. 


Koda, Kisatsuchi, M.L. ; A.B. (Stanford 

Univ.) 1902 314 Brannan st., S. F. 
Koethen (Mrs.), Jean Aldrich, B.L. 962 

Kensington rd., Los Angeles. 
Koford, James Mossin, B.L. : Lawyer 

418 First National Bank Bldg., B. 
Kuhls, Elsa Frances (Mrs. F. L. Blinn), 

B.S. n. s. 1325 Clinton av., A. 
Kurlandzik, Schone Charlotte, A.B.; M.A. 

1908: Teacher Mill Valley. 
Ladd, Carl Leonard, B.L. Hollister. 
Lamont, Alice Elspeth, B.L. : Teacher 

235 Maine st., Vallejo. 

Lamson, Joseph Sterry, A.B. ; LL.B. (Har- 
vard Univ.) 1906: Lawyer 533 Mon- 

adnock Bldg., S. F. 
Lathrop, Arthur Porter, B.S. com : Bank 

teller 2240 Chapel st., B. 
Leale, Elsie Booth (Mrs. F. B. Johnstone), 

B.L. 5421 Greenwood av., Chicago, 

Lee, Edith May, (Mrs. J. F. Watson), 
B.L. 174 So. Tenth st., Salem, Ore. 

Lee, Herbert M.A. ; B.A. (London Univ.) 
1891: Teacher Oxnard. 

Lee, Sarah Josephine, B.L.: Teacher 
1425 High st., A. 

Leppien, Edward, B.S. min.: Mining en- 
gineer Suaqui de Batuc, Sonora, 

Levey, Edgar Coleman, A.B. ; LL.B. 
1905: Lawyer 1988 Bush st., S. F. 

Lichtenberg, Elsa Angelita (Mrs. H. D. 
Johnson), B.L. 1013 E. Jefferson 
blvd., South Bend, Ind. 

Lothrop, Rachel Buck, B.L. 2622 Dana 
St., B. 

Lovejoy, Maud Anna (Mrs. A. C. Penn- 
field, B.L. 2420 Durant av., B. 

Luther, Arthur Wallace, A.B. Y. M. C. 
A., Watsonville. 

Lutts, Frances Eldena, A.B. Willows. 

Lynn, Mary Alice, B.L.: Teacher 87 N. 
Priest st., San Jose. 

Lyser, Alice Irene, B.L.: Cataloguer 
1366 Green st,, S. F. 

McAtee, Bernard Michael, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing superintendent 934 Monroe st., 
Denver, Colo. 

MacBoyle, Errol, B.S. min.: Mining en- 
gineer 903 Market st., O. 

McCarthy, Richard Henry, B.S. min. : 
Searcher of records 1615 Euclid av., 
B. - 

McCleave, Annie Ellis (Mrs. Danemiller), 
B.L. Care of 28th Infantry, Manila, 
P. I. 

McCollister, Earl Hamilton, B.L. : Clergy- 
man San Jose. 

McGaw, M. Gertrude, B.L. : Teacher 
220 So. Church st., Lodi. 

McGrew, Mary Edith, A.B. : M.A. 1905 
2647 Hillegass av., B. 

McGrew, Ruth Esther, A.B. ; M.A. 1904- 
Teacher 2647 Hillegass av., B. 

McGuire, Elizabeth, B.L.: Teacher Care 
of High School, Sacramento. 

Mclnerney, Florence Ruth, A.B. Box 
154, Calistoga. 

McKeown, Arthur, B.S. chem: Real estate 
dealer Marshfield, Ore. 

McKoon, Hosmer, B.S. n. s. : B.D. (Pa- 
cific Theological Seminary) 1905; M.A. 
(Yale Univ.) 1906: Representative of 
Sheldon School of Scientific Salesman- 
ship 209 State st., Chicago, 111. 

McLeod, Duncan Angus, B.L. ; LL.B 
(Harvard Univ.) 1906: Lawver 827 
Mills Bldg., S. F. 

McNair, Anna Agnes, B.L. : Teacher Pa- 
cific Grove. 

MacQuiddy, Thomas Smith, B.S. n s. : 
Teacher 215 Lincoln st., Watsonville. 

Me Vicar (Mrs.), Emma J., M.S. n s 
B.S. (Univ. of Utah), 1900. 

Mackie, William Wylie, B.S. agr. : Agri- 
cultural chemist Esperanza, Sonora, 

Macomber, Benjamin, B.L.: Teacher 

Maddrill, James Davis, A.B.: Ph.D. 1907: 
Astronomer International Latitude 
Observatory, Ukiah. 

Magee, Ethel Blaine, B.L.: Teacher 505 
No. Soto st., Los Angeles. 

Markwart, Arthur Hermann, B.S. civ. 
eng. : Civil engineer 377 Palm av., O. 

Marshall, Frances Freeman, M.L. ; B.L. 
1901; LL.B. 1903. v. 1901. 

Marvin, Bertha Lodema (Mrs. Fay R 
Hunt), A.B. Providence, R. I. 

Matthew, Allan Pomerov, A.B. : Private 
secretary Apt. 21, The Garfield, Thir- 
teenth and I sts., Washington, D. C. 

Maxwell, Lucy, B.L. : Teacher 1266 
Fourth av., O. 

Mazza, John Joseph, B.L. ; LL.B. s. s. 
1904: Lawyer Corte Madera. 

Mentz, Dora Margaret (Mrs. A. J. Pahl), 
B.L. 1011 Green st., S. F. 

Merritt, Lyle, A.B.: Teacher Petaluma. 

Meyer, Emma Elizabeth, B.S. n. s. : Teach- 
er 811 Twenty-seventh st., Sacra- 

Miller (Mrs.), June Clevenger, M.A.; A.B. 
(Univ. of Minnesota) 1897: Teacher 

Miller, Martha Elizabeth, B.L.: Teacher 
322 So. American st., Stockton. 

Mills, Elizabeth, B.L. 115 Presidio av., 
S. F. 

Mills, Ethelwyn, B.L. : Private secretary 
Park Hotel, Oak Park, 111. 

Mini, Elvezip, B.L. Care of Headquarters 
of Philippine Constabulary, Manila. 
P. I. 


Monce, Mary Abigail, A.B.; M.A. 1905: 
Teacher Clovis. 

Monroe, Edna Catherine, B.L. : Teacher 

Moody, Grace Emily (Mrs. C. M. Haring), 
B.S. n. s. 2514 Buena Vista way, B. 

Moore, Rowena Josephine (Mrs. Paul 
Selby), B.L. Box 1024, Johannes- 
burg, Transvaal, South Africa. 

More, John Faxon, Jr., B.L. Goleta, 
Santa Barbara Co. 

Morgan, Luella May (Mrs. A. L. Farm- 
ley), B.L. 1132 Cedar av., Long 

*Moriarty, John Aloysius, A.B. (Died 
August 26, 1904.) 

Morris, Howard Griffith, B.S. min. 1818 
Lincoln av., Denver, Colo. 

Morrison, Albon Ray, B.S. mech. : Civil 
engineer R. F. D. 1, Box 127, Los 

Morrissey, Thomas Edward, B.L. 

Munsell, James Roy, B.L. : Clerk for mer- 
cantile agency 1616 Telegraph av., O. 

Murray, Clarence, B.S. mech.: Civil en- 
gineer 260 Clark st., Fresno. 

Murray, Margaret Eloise (Mrs. T. M. Put- 
nam), B.L. 1541 Hawthorne terrace, 

Nagle, Marguerite Marie (Mrs. R. L. Mc- 
Williams), B.L. E. 1011 Sinto av., 
Spokane, Wash. 

Nash, Caroline Alden (Mrs. H. E. Hen- 
dricks), B.L. Susanville. 

Nash, Erastus Granville, B.L. ; LL.B. 
1906 : Lawyer Hollister. 

Needham, Guy Park, B.L. Student of 
architecture 1216 Twenty-fourth st., 

Negoro, Motoyuki, LL.B. s. s.; B.L. 1901; 
J.D. 1908. v. 1901. 

Newbert, Edna (Mrs. C. D. Moore), B.L. 


*Newkirk, John Martin, A.B. (Died April 
1, 1910.) 

Newman, Lester, B.L. ; M.D. 1908 : Phy- 
sician German Hospital, S. F. 

Nicholson, Jessie Anna, A.B.: Teacher 
3632 Twenty-first st., S. F. 

Norris, Charles Gilman, B.L. : Art editor 
Care of American Magazine, 341 Fifth 
av., New York City. 

Oehlmann, Hanna Marie, B.L. : Teacher 
1603 Paru St., A. 

Olmstead, John Alexander, B.L. : Journal- 
ist Box 81, Petaluma. 

Otis, Edwin Mastick, B.L. ; LL.B. 1905 : 
Lawyer 1528 Paru st., A. 

O'Toole, Margaret (Mrs. Mathias Hugo), 
B.L. 2119 Berryman st., B. 

Palmer, Harold King, Ph.D.; B.S. 1898. 
v. 1898. 

Parish, Grace Spencer (Mrs. W. J. New- 
som), B.L. Garden Grove. 

Parker, George Millard, A.B. ; B.S. (Univ. 
of Arizona) 1901: Bank cashier Liv- 
ingston, Montana. 

Paroni, Rpmilda, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 1907: 
Physician 2225 Woolsey st., B. 

Pauson, Charles Arthur, B.S. chem. ; M.D. 
1907 350 Post st,, S. F. 

Peake, Edith Catherine Graham, A.B.: 
Teacher 2516 Hilgard av., B. 

Penfield, Thomas J., A.B. : Teacher Vaca- 

Perkins. Helen Mansfield, B.L.: Teacher 
3095 Telegraph av., B. 

Petit, Charles Wesley, B.S. n. s. : Irriga- 
tion engineer Blythe. 

Phillips, Horace Pease, B.S. mech.: En- 
gineer Western Pacific Railway, O. 

Pitchford, William James, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing superintendent Box 102, Fords- 
burg, Transvaal, South Africa. 

Plaw, Alfred Dixon, B.L. ; LL.B. 1904 
1600 E. Twenty-seventh st., Fruitvale. 

Potts, Beulah (Mrs. H. M. Carleton), B.L. 
1215 Willow st., A. 

Potwin, Edna, B.L. : Teacher 1000 Paru 
st., A. 

Powell, Mary (Mrs. H. G. Lawson), B.L. 
531 Rupert st., Victoria, B. C., Can- 

Priestly, Mary Myrtle (Mrs. A. J. Wool- 
sey), A.B. 2230 Woolsey st., B. 

Pullen, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs. P. G. Ek- 
berg), B.L. East Auburn. 

Putnam, Dana Gold, B.S. min: Care of 
Butters Devisadero Mine, Salvador, 
Central America. 

Putnam, Mary Perkins, B.L. : Teacher 
1100 Santee st., Los Angeles. 

Quinan, George Ely, B.S. mech.: -Elec- 
trical engineer Box 1113, Tacoma, 

Ratcliff, Walter Harris, B.S. chem.: Archi- 
tect 1643 Euclid av., B. 

Raven, George Albert, B.S. min. 

Redewill, Augustus Cass, B.S. mech.: Mer- 
chant 1708 N. Broadway. Baltimore, 

Reed, Fannie Sophia, B.L. : Teacher 314 
W. Micheltorena st., Santa Barbara. 

Reedy, William Henry, B.L. : Clergyman 

Reid, Eunice (Mrs. R. C. Owens), A.B. 
218 Edgewood av., S. F. 

Reid, John Jr., A.B. ; Graduate architect 
(Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris) 1909: 
Architect 3448 Twentieth st., S. F. 

Rice, Elena Eliza, A.B. : Teacher Visalia. 

Robertson, Owen Henry, B.S. chem.: 
Chemist 373 Thirty-fourth st., O. 

Robinson, Inez Love (Mrs. W. S. Brown), 
M.L.; B.L. 1893. v. 1893. 



Rodder, John Christian, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing superintendent Hawthorne, Nev. 

Rosenberg, Josephine, B.L. : Teacher 
1008 W. Eleventh st., Los Angeles. 

Rowell (Mrs.), Grace Miller, M.L. ; B.L. 
1901. v. 1901 under Miller. 

Rowell, Joseph Arthur, B.S. chem: Rail- 
road clerk 2207 West st., O. 

Rowell, Joseph Cummings, M.A. ; A.B. 
1874. v. 1874. 

Rucklidge, Alfred Robinson, B.S. min. 

Rueda, Remigio, B.S. agr. ; M.S.A. (Iowa 
Agricultural College) 1905 Simoca, 
Tucuman, Argentine Republic. 

Ryan, Fred Short, B.S. n. s. 

Salmina, Severina Marie, B.L. : Teacher 
St. Helena. 

Sanborn, Abby Delina, B.L. 475 Twenty- 
sixth st., O. 

"Sawyer, Bosworth Dunne, A.B. (Died 
January, 1905.) 

Schaller, Waldemar Theodore, B.S. chem.: 
Chemist and mineralogist U. S. Geo- 
logical Survey, Washington, D. C. 

Schoenfeld, Lawrence Simpson, B.S. min. 
2661 California st., S. F. 

Schulze, Edith Marie, A.B. 512 E. Sev- 
enteenth st., O. 

Schulze, Otto Theodor, B.L. ; M.D. 1907: 
Physician Migliavacca Bldg., Napa. 

Scott, Lulu Isabelle (Mrs. M. C. McLees), 
B.L. Lindsay. 

Sessions, Bessie Marianna (Mrs. J. M. 
Pawley), A.B. 1908 Oak st., Los An- 

Sheldon, William Adams, B.S. n. s. 

Shute (Mrs), Hattie Josephine Hodgdon 
(Mrs. D. S. Shute), M.A. ; A.B. 1876. 
v. 1876 under Hodgdon. 

Sibley, Robert, B.S. mech.: Consulting en- 
gineer 520 University av., Missoula, 

Silverberg, Annie, B.L.: Teacher 1501 
Laguna st., S. F. 

Sinclair, William John, B.S. n. s. : Ph.D. 
1904; B.S. (California College) 1899: 
Instructor in Geology Dept. of Geol- 
ogy, Princeton Univ., Princeton, N. J. 

Smith, Stanley James, A.B. ; LL.B. 1905: 
Lawyer 125 Kempton av., O. 

Smith, Sumner Stewart, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer 2314 Haste st., B. 

Smithson, George Arnold, B.L. ; M.L. 
1904: Ph.D. 1908: Instructor in Eng- 
lish Philology, U. C. 2320A Bancroft 
way, B. 

Smitten, Alice Lucile (Mrs. G. F. Lyon), 
A.B. Aster and Parkside avs., Bur- 

Solomon, Alfred, M.A. ; A.B. 1902; A.B. 
(Occidental College) 1900. v. 1902. 

Spadoni, Adriana, B.L. 1614 Union st., 
S. F. 

Springer, Russell Severance, B.S. mech.: 
Secretary of the Holt Manufacturing 
Co. Yosemite Club, Stockton. 

Stanley, Henry Charles, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trical engineer Mexican General Elec- 
tric Co., Mexico D. F. . 

Stearns, Ella Maye (Mrs. F. F. Prender- 
gast), B.S. n. s. : 651 Walnut av., Red- 

Stebbins, Joel, Ph.D.; B.S. (Univ. of 
Nebraska) 1899: Asst. Professor of 
Astronomy, Univ. of Illinois 1013 
Nevada st., Urbana, 111. 

Steele, Daisy May, B.L. : Teacher Comp- 

Steele, Rachel Laurena (Mrs R. W. Shoe- 
maker), B.L. 223 W. Selma st., 

Steeves, Jennie Winnifred (Mrs. J. C. 
Montgomery), B.S. n. s. Klamath 
Falls, Ore. 

Stevenson, Carrie Louisa (Mrs. J K 
Smith), B.S. n. s. Apt. 30. The Mint- 
wood, Mintwood place, Washington, 

Stevenson, Wilfred Curtis, B.S. mech.: 
Engineer Cement. 

Stewart, John, B.S. chem.; B.S. (Agri- 
cultural College of Utah) 1897: Chem- 
ist Logan, Utah. 

Stewart, Mary, M.L. ; B.L. 1902; Ph.B. 
(Univ. of Pacific) 1898. v. 1902. 

Stockman, Dora Isabelle (Mrs. C. P. 
Pfitzer), B.S. chem. Volta. 

Stowell, Agnes, B.L. : Teacher Brooklyn 
Training School for Teachers, Park 
place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Strother, Walter Marvin, B.L. : Journalist 
822 M St., Fresno. 

Sullivan, Ella Josephine, B.S. n. s. 

Sullivan, Elsie Florence, B.L. : Teacher 
1909 Fruitvale av., Fruitvale. 

Sutton, John Richard, B.L. : Teacher 
410 Edwards st., O. 

Sutton, Maud, B.L. 2301 Prospect St., B. 

Swain, Ethel, B.L.; M.A. (Columbia 
Univ.) 1908: Teacher Marysville. 

Swain, Grace Belle (Mrs. R. A. Ray), 
A.B. Grass Valley. 

Symmes, Leslie Webb, B.S. agr. 2231 
Piedmont way, B. 

Talmage, Frederick Edwin, B.L. Secre- 
tary of Univ. of Arizona Univ. of 
Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. 

Tanaka, Keijiro, B.S. civ. eng. Hiro- 
shima, Japan. 

Ticknor, Gertrude Esther, B.S. chem.: 
Teacher 1507 El Centre st., So. Pasa- 

Titus, Norman Frederick, B.S. agr.: Chief 
clerk for express company Wells- 
Fargo & Co. Express, Portland, Ore. 



Townsend, Vinton Ray, B.S. chem.; M.D. 
(Univ. of Southern California) 1909: 
Physician 1004 Pine av., Long 

Tracy, Edith, B.L. ; A.B. (Radcliffe Col- 
lege) 1906: Teacher 1004 I st., 

Tracy, Joseph Prince, B.S. n. s. : Abstrac- 
tor 1004 I st., Eureka. 

Tucker, Bert X., M.S. chem. ; B.S. (Cooper 
College) 1900; A.B. (Univ. of Kan- 
sas) 1901: Teacher Richmond. 

Turner, Leslie Morton, B.L. Dijon, 

Tan Ornum, Samuel Judson, B.S. mech. : 
Civil engineer 525 Huntington ter., 

Vaygouny, Mooshegh, M.S.; B.S. 1901; 
"Ph.D. 1905. v. 1901. 

Tenable, Edna Louise, A.B. 2533 Hille- 
gass av., B. 

Yensano, Harry Chittenden, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Civil engineer 445 Sutter st., S. F. 

Yinacke, Albert Thomas, M.L.; B.L. 1902; 
A.B. (Drake Univ.) 1892. v. 1902. 

Wade, Henrietta Alice, B.L.; M.L. 1905: 
Teacher Los Banos. 

Walker, Gertrude Ada, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

Walker, May Elizabeth, B.L. : Medical 
student 90 W. Morningside av., New 
York City. 

Ware, Alison, B.L. : Teacher State Nor- 
mal School, Chico. 

Waring, Robert Amos, B.L. : Tax deputy 
1512 Fifteenth st.. Sacramento. 

Waterman, Henry Samuel, B.S. min. 
The Perry, Seattle, Wash. 

Weaver, Bonita, B.L. : Teacher 280 
Sixtieth st., O. 

Weiler, Alfred Bertram, A.B. ; A.M. (Har- 
vard Univ.) 1904: Lawyer Royal In- 
surance Bldg., S. F. 

Weinlander, Cordie, B.L. Hotel Dor- 
chester, S. F. 

Wemple, Edna Mary (Mrs. J. R. McDon- 
ald), B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 1907 Clay st., 
nr. Jones, S. F. 

Wepfer, Flora Beatrice, A.B. : Teacher 
122 Bartlett st., S. F. 

Wheeler, Arthur Somes, B.S. mech. Col- 
man Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Wheelock, Raymond Patterson, B.S. min. 
Battle Creek, Mich. 

White, Olie (Mrs. E. H. Jennings), B.S. 
n. s. Care of Mr. E. H. Jennings, 
Civil Service Commission, Washington, 
D. C. 

Widenmann, William Adolph, B.S. mech.: 
Engineer Yallejo. 

Wigton, Jean Kirkwood (Mrs. H. L. 
Avery), A.B.: Teacher 1023 Elm av., 
Long Beach. 

Williams, Georgia Grace (Mrs. J. N. 
Ward), A.B. Auburn. 

Wilson, Ethel May, B.L. 3201 Washing- 
ton st., S. F. 

Wilson, John Alexander, B.L. ; LL.B. 
1908: Lawyer Odd Fellows Bldg., 

Winkler, John, M.S.; B.S. 1902. v. 1902. 

Wise, James Hugh, B.S. min.: Civil en- 
gineer 2746 Ashby av., B. 

Wood, Ernest Everett, B.L.: Teacher 
Mill Yalley. 

Woolsey, Audubon James, B.S. agr. : Law- 
yer 2230 Woolsey St., B. 

Wright, Charles Irving, LL.B. s. s. ; A.B. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1898: Lawyer 
1111 Merchants Exchange Bldg., S. F. 

Wright, Samuel Bruce, B.L. : Lawyer 
Fourteenth st. and Fourth Av. ter., O. 

Wylie, Ethel Earle, B.L. : Teacher 205 
So. Davis St., Santa Rosa. 

Yarnell, Esther Lea, B.L. : Teacher 134 
So. Bonnie Brae st., Los Angeles. 

Young, Ethel Alice, B.S. n. s. 827 Guer- 
rero St., S. F. 

Young, Florence Hamilton, B.L. 2510 
Etna st., B. 

Young, Grace Alma (Mrs. J. H. Stewart), 
B.S. chem. R. D. 5, Santa Ana. 

Young, Mabel Margaret (Mrs. G. G. 
Murray), B.S. n.s. Porterville. 

Young, Roy Jackson, B.S. chem.: Real 

estate dealer 2612 Benvenue av., B. 
'Younglove, Alice, M.A. : A.B. (Oberlin 
College 1884. (Died April 18, 1909.) 


Abbott, Annette Grace (Mrs. M. H. 
Adams), B.L. : Student 2429 Ells- 
worth st., B. 

Abenheim, Edward Schweitzer, B.S. mech.: 
Merchant Care of Abenheim Bros., 
Yokohama, Japan. 

Ackerman, Portia (Mrs. J. F. Forbes), 
A.B. Mill Valley. 

Adams, Everett Eugene, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer 201 So. Cuyler av., Oak 
Park, 111, 

Adams, William Woods, B.L. : Farmer 

Adler, Howard Felix, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1908: Physician 
German Hospital, Seventy-seventh st. 
and Park av., New York. 

Alderson, William Howard, B.S. civ. eng. 
Care of Consulting engineer, South- 
ern Pacific Co., Chicago, 111. 
* Alexander, Edith, B.L. (Died December 
24, 1904.) 

Arbulich, Lerda Elizabeth (Mrs. E. R. 
Schaumberg), A.B. Santa Rosa. 

Arneill, Elizabeth Cecilia (Mrs. C. W. 
Petit), A.B. Blythe. 


Arthur, George Herbert, B.S. *mech. : Con- 
tractor 1232 First av., S. F. 

Atterbury, Wayman, A.B. : Teacher 2623 
Ridge rd., B. 

Baird, Mary Wilson, B.L.: Teacher 

Baldwin, Arnold Merritt, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Surveyor 155 Locust St., Santa Cruz. 

Baldwin, Otis Dyer, B.L. : Insurance sur- 
veyor 2638 Woolsey st., B. 

Bantz, Alice Mary, B.L. : Teacher River- 

Ba-rr, Carolyn Marian, A.B.; M.A. 1906: 
Teacher 1609 Josephine st., B. 

Barstow, Clara Grace, B.L. : Teacher 
Crescent City. 

Bartlett, Adelaide Garfield, A.B.: Teacher 
3419 Jackson st., S. F. 

Bartlett, Lilian Whitcomb (Mrs. Floyd 
Miller), A.B. ; A.B. (Pomona College) 
1899 Arlington. 

Bates, Edith May, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
3115 So. Grand av., Los Angeles. 

Baur, Louise Bertha, B.L. Esparto. 

Bayley, Ethel Myrta (Mrs. Hardiman 
Fowler), B.L. Box 481, Chico. 

Beals, Roger Lee, B.S. rain.: Mining su- 
perintendent and metallurgist 1919 
Broderick st., S. F. 

Beardsley, Helen, M.L. ; A.B. (Univ. of 
Colorado) 1889: Teacher Aberdeen, 
So. Dakota. 

Beardsley, Louise Josephine, B.L. : Teacher 
811 Masonic av., S. F. 

Beaser, Scott Ingalls, B.S. rain.: Engineer 

Beauchamp, Nina Lovell, B.L. : Teacher 

Bingaman, Joseph Wheeler Dores, B.L. ; 
J.D. 1908: Lawyer 1103 Union Sav- 
ings Bank Bldg., O. 

Bixby, Alice Claire, B.L. : Teacher 
2447% Webster st., B. 

Blackman, Milton Julius, B.S. chem. : 
Druggist, 234 Lee av., S. F. 

Blanchard, Frederick Thomas, B.L. ; M.A. 
(Yale Univ.) 1908: Instructor in Eng- 
lish, U. C. 2536 Bancroft way, B. 

Blum, Mabel (Mrs. Meyer Blum), B.S. 
n. s. Valdez, Alaska. 

Boillot, Elizabeth Leoni (Sister Mary Pas- 
chal), A.B. Dominican Convent, San 

Booth, Frank Johnson, B.S. min. : Mine 
owner San Jose de Gracia, Sinaloa, 

Boston, Agnes Howard, B.L. 263 Mis- 
sion st., Santa Cruz. 

Bowie, Clifford Pinkney, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer 1360 Spring st., B. 

Bowles, Anna Laura, B.L. : Teacher 332 
Whitman st., Walla Walla. Wash. 

Bowman, Lillie Myrtle, B.L. : Teacher 
2927 Florence st., B. 

Boyd, Bennett Buttler, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Engineer 3210 F st., San Diego. 
Boyer, Helen, B.L. : Teacher 2025 Hearst 

av., B. 
Branch, Edna Olive, B.L. : Teacher 

2478 Prince st., B. 
''Brown, Elmer Marius, B.S. civ. eng. 

(Died September 7, 1907.) 
Brown, Warner, A.B. ; M.A. 1905; Ph.D. 

(Columbia Univ.) 1908: Instructor in 

Psychology, U. C. 2553 Benvenue 

av., B. 
Bufford, Frances Virginia, B.L. 1834 

Sutter st., S. F. 
Bunnell, Sterling, B.S. chem.; M.D. 1908: 

Surgeon Schroth Bldg., 240 Stockton 

St., S. F. 
Burdick, Mary Lee (Mrs. J. W. Graham), 

A.B. Newark. 
Burgess, Dora Cecilia, B.L. : Teacher 

3424 N. Twenty-eighth st., Tacoma. 

Burk, Pearl Helene, B.L. : Teacher 

Burke, Nellie Estelle, A.B. : Teacher 485 

W. Holt av., Pomona. 
Burness, Marion (Mrs. W. A. S. Foster), 

A.B. Northwestern, Mendocino Co. 
Carey, Philip Martin, B.L. : Lawyer 

District Attorney's office, Courthouse, 

Carruth, Irma Lillian, B.L.; M.L. 1905: 

Teacher 1914 Thirteenth av., O. 
Carver, Ruby, B.L. : Teacher Escondido. 
Case, Carlotta (Mrs. H. M. Hall), B.S. 

n. s. 1615 La Loma av., B. 

Chain, John Nolan, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 1904: 

Physician 428 Fifth st., Eureka. 
Champreux, Alfred Joseph, B.S. mech. : 

With Pacific Telephone and Telegraph 

Co. 2691 Cedar st., B. 
"Chase, Edith Edwina, B.L. (Died June 

13, 1910.) 

Chubb, Annie, B.L. : Teacher Vacaville. 
Clark, Alice Mildred, B.L.: Teacher 

Walnut ter., Santa Cruz. 
Coblentz, Lambert, B.S. chem.: Merchant 

1849 Lyon st., S. F. 
Coddington, Mabel Elizabeth (Mrs. E. E. 

Wood), B.S. n. s. Mill Valley. 
Cogswell, Asa Horatio, M.A. ; A.B. 1900. 

v. 1900. 
*Collings, Lulu Frances, B.L. (Died June 

21, 1909.) 
Colt, Alexander, B.S. civ. eng.: Engineer 

772 St. Nicholas av., New York 

Cooledge, Belle, B.S. chem.: Teacher 19 

N. Church st., Lodi. 
Cooler, Clara Mabel (Mrs. A. E. Aitken), 

B'.L. 6455 Hillegass av., O. 
Cooper, Belle, B.L. : Teacher 2321 So. 

Flower st., Los Angeles. 



Craig, Marian Elsie, A.B. ; A.B. (Pomona 
College) 1903: Teacher 509 E. Wal- 
nut st., Pasadena. 

Crocker, Fred Wilbur, B.S. civ. eng. : Civil 
engineer City Engineer's office, Los 

Cromwell, Myrtle Genevieve, B.L. 557 E. 
Twenty-eighth st., O. 

Cross, Helen Lee (Mrs. C. E. Handyshel), 
A.B. Pomona. 

Curtis, Gertrude Pearl (Mrs. C. E. Dur- 
rell), B.L. 348 N. Madison av., Pasa- 

Curtiss, Ralph Hamilton, Ph.D.; B.S. 
1901. v. 1901. 

Daniel, Susie Melrose (Mrs. R. S. Roy), 
B.S. agr. San Geronimo. 

Dauser, John Sebastian, B.L. ; B.S. n. s. 
1910 Fullerton. 

Davidson, Evelyn Gertrude, A.B. : General 
secretary o'f "Student Union," Paris 
93 Blvd. St. Michel, Paris, France. 

Davis, Clara Gertrude (Mrs. J. H. Ar- 
nold), B.L. American Consulate, 
Amoy, China. 

Day. Caroline, A.B. 2747 Bancroft way, 

Dewing, Ethel Ruby, B.L. 5201 Shattuck 
av., O. 

Dewing, Pearl Martha, B.L. 5201 Shat- 
tuck av., O. 

Deyo, Jennie Mabel, M.L. ; B.S. (Wellesley 
College) 1893: Teacher 784 E. Villa 
st., Pasadena. 

Dick, Fred Austin, B.S. n. s. : Engineer 
721 So. Hope st., Los Angeles. 

Dittenhoefer, Marion Burgess, A.B.: 
Teacher 3326 Washington st., S. F. 

Dow, Mabel Lillian (Mrs. J. W. Davidson), 
B.L. 801 Twentieth av. West, Cal- 
gary, Alberta, Canada. 

Dowling, Margeret Caroline, B.L. : Teacher 
280 Dolores St., S. F. 

Duncan, Mabel Adeline, B.L. Darlington, 

Dye, Amy Georgeanna (Mrs J. F. Keer- 
an), B.L. 2328 Bowditch st,, B. 

Earle, Ava Elizabeth (Mrs. O. T. Barber), 
B.L. 2915 College av., B. 

Earle, John Jewett, M.L. ; B.L. 1902; 
LL.B. 1904. v. 1902. 

Ehrlich, Alexander Morris, M.A. ; B.L. 
(Univ. of Paris) 1900: Purchasing 
agent 15 Blvd. Pache, Bucharest, 

Ehrlich, Arnold Morris, A.B. and M.A. ; 
B.L. (Univ. of Paris) 1900: Lawyer 
623 Reaper Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Ehrmann, Louise Caroline, B.L. : Teacher 
2235 W. Thirty-first st., Los Angeles. 

Eidenmuller, William Cooper, Jr., B.S. 
n. s. ; M.D. 1906: Physician 418 
Thirty-ninth av., S. F. 

Eloesser, Herbert, B.S. mech. : Manufac- 
turer 77 Battery st., S. F. 

Esterly, Calvin Olin, M.A. ; A.B. 1902; 
Ph.D. (Harvard Univ.) 1907. v. 1902. 

Etchison (Mrs.), Gertrude, B.S. n. s. : 511 

Wabash av., Kansas City, Mo. 
*Evans, Ann (Mrs. George Blumer), B.S. 
n. s. (Died August 26, 1907.) 

Evans, Edith Rutherford (Mrs. H. B. Wat- 
ers), A.B. San Luis Obispo. 

Evans, Herbert McLean, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 
(Johns Hopkins Univ.) 1908: Instruc- 
tor in Anatomy, Johns Hopkins Univ. 
John Hopkins Medical School, Balti- 
more, Md. 

Evans, Isabel, B.L. : Teacher 234 Twen- 
ty-sixth av., S. F. 

Faber, Lottie Engelson (Mrs. A. M. Tow- 
er), B.L. 101 W. Elm st., Lodi. 

Farnham, Eugene Metcalf, B.S. min. : Real 
estate dealer and insurance agent 
724 Kingston av., O. 

Field, Mary (Mrs. G. E. Whipple), A.B. 
R. D. 4, Vancouver, Wash. 

Fisher, Paula, B.L. : Teacher Antioch. 

Fleisher, Lillian Gertrude, B.L.; M.A. 
(Stanford Univ.) 1907: Teacher 
Hotel Bristol, S. F. 

Flynn, Helen Axie, B.L.: Teacher 1546 
* Shattuck av., B. 

Forse, Bessie Imogen (Mrs. K. C. Gillis), 
B.L. Yreka. 

Foster, Arthur William, Jr., B.L.: Secre- 
tary of The Foster Company San 

Foster, Mildred Fuller, B.L. : Teacher 

2425 Hilgard av., B. 
Foulds, Grace Pauline- (Mrs. Florence 

Armbruster), B.L. Care of Diamond 

Match Co., Chico. 

Freese, Elizabeth, B.L.; A.B. 1905: Teach- 
er 3555 Sixth st., San Diego. 
French, Mary Frances (Mrs. F. G. Dor- 

ety), B.L. 202 Thirty-sixth av. N., 

Seattle, Wash. 
Fudita, Sadazi, A.B. : Teacher Yatsu- 

shiro Chugakkow, Kumamoto, Japan. 
Fukuda, Rokusaburo, B.S. chem. : 2308 

Virginia st., B. 
Furlong, Mary Irene, B.L: Teacher 

1907 University av., B. V 
Gaines, Mabel (Mrs. E. E. Keyes), B.L. 

2932 Ellsworth st., B. 
Gale, Emma Jane (Mrs. F. R. Hazard), 

B.L. 92 Lincoln av., San Jose. 
Gans, Faye Lucile (Mrs. P. B. Harris), 

A.B. Care of E. L. Gans, Red Bluff. 
Gardett, Helmuth Clifton, B.S. mech.: 

Electrical engineer 817 N. Electric 

av., Alhambra. 
Garwood, Isabel, A.B.: Teacher 1402 B 

st., Hayward. 
Gassaway, Stephen Griffith, B.S. mech.: 

Electrical engineer 1588 LeRoy av., 




Gates, Lelia Edith (Mrs. L. B. Smith), 
B.L. Broadmoor Tract., San Lean- 

Geiselhart, Josephine, B.S. n.s. : Teacher 
2037 Durant av., B. 

Gilmore, Evelyn (Mrs. J. L. Ramsay), 
Ph.B., Freewater, Ore. 

Girard, Francis John, B.S. min. : Mining 
superintendent Caldwell, Idaho. 

Goddard, Pliny Earle. Ph.D.; A.B. 1892 
and M.A. 1896 (Earlham College): 
Museum curator American Museum 
of Natural History, New York City. 
, Goetz, Anna Margaret, B.L. : Teacher 
2165 San Antonio av., Alameda. 

Goldberg, Reuben Lucius, B.S. min.: Car- 
toonist Care of "Evening Mail," NV\v 
York City. 

Gray, Evangeline, A.B. Care of Wheaton 
A. Gray, Savings Bank Bldg., Los An- 

*Greensfelder, Hart, B.S. com. (Died Feb- 
ruary 27, 1905.) 

Gregory, Norman Claude, A.B. 

Griswold, May Evangeline, B.L.: Teacher 

Grozelier, Berthe Silvaine Cecile, B.S. 
chem. : Teacher 1766 Bush St., S. F. 

Gundry, Mary Olive (Mrs. C. H. Poin- 
d'\ter), B.L. 5 McGrew Grove, Kan- 
sas City, Kan. 

Haas, Sylvan Lewis, B.S. chem.; M.D. 
(Johns Hopkins Univ.) 1908: Physi- 
cian Lane Hospital, S. F. 

Haines, Charles Conklin, LL.B. s. s .; A.B 
1902. v. 1902. 

Halloran, Arthur Hobart, B.S. min.: 
Journalist 1969 Hayes st., S. F. 

Hamilton, Fletcher McNutt, B.S. min.: 
Mine operator Colfax. 

Hampel, Cora Elizabeth, A.B.: Teacher 
521 Twenty-fifth st., O. 

Hathaway, Beverley Fobes, A.B. : Lawyer 

Hawkinson, Elna (Mrs. F. J. Carman), 
A.B. 625 Security Bldg., Los An- 
geles. % 

Henderson, Isa Belle, B.L. : Teacher 

1807 Wakefield av., O. 
Henderson. Raymond William. B.L. : 

Teacher 121 N. Sutter st., Stockton. 
Hendricks. Scott, B.. : Lawver 604 

Mills Bldg., S. F. 
Herkner, Anna, B.L. : Social settlement 

worker 608 So. Ann st., Baltimore, 


Hewlett, Nettie Aurilla (Mrs. P. M. Levi), 

B.L. 2103 Encinal av., A. 
Hill, Walter Bradley, B.S. chem.; M.D. 

(Univ. of Southern California) 1909: 

Physician 420 Cedar av., Long 

Hoey, Eugenia May, B.L. 1315 Devisa- 

dero st., S. F. 

Hoffman, Hazel Maude (Mrs. W. H. Mun- 
ter), A.B. Care of Treasury Dept., 
U. S. Revenue Cutter Service, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Holway, Ruliff Stephen, M.S. n. s. ; A.B. 
(Stanford Univ.) 1903: Asst. Profes- 
sor of Physical Geography, U. C. 
2577 Buena Vista way, B." 

Howe, Helen Eliza, B.L. ; B.L. and B.S. 
(Occidental College) 1903: Teacher 
2315 Russell st., B. 

Howell, Edgar Henry, B.S. ; M.D. (Hah- 
nemann Medical College) 1907: Phy- 
sician Addison Head Bldg., S. F. 

Hunter, Amy Estella, B.L. : Teacher 
1207 F st., Eureka. 

Hursh. Loren Leigh, B.S. min.: Mining 
engineer Box 1126, Goldfield, Nev. 

Hust, Alice, B.L.: Teacher 1812 Dela- 
ware st., B. 

Hust, Mabelle, B.L.: Teacher 1812 Dela- 
ware st., B. 

Hutton (Mrs.), Christine Emilie, A.B. : 
M.A. 1906: Teacher 1943 Berryman 
St., B. 

.1 .!<, iix. Samuel Nicholas, B.S. chem.; 
M.l>. 1908: Physician Trinity Hos- 
pital, S. F. 

Jarvis, Mabel Irene (Mrs. G. E. Raw- 
lins), M.L. ; B.L. 1902. v. 1902. 

Jefferds, Amos Osgood, B.S. mech. 

Jess. Reubena Teresa, B.L. : Teacher 

Box 522, San Leandro. 
Johnson, George Stafford, B.S. mech.: 

Electrical engineer 2208 Roosevelt 

av., B. 
Johnston, Eva E., A.B. : Teacher 521 E. 

Walnut st., Santa Ana. 
Johnston, Fred Lyle, B.S. min.: engineer 

4 McKay Bldg., Santa Barbara. 
Jones, Hilma Hildegarde (Mrs. H. H. 

Johnson), B.S. n.s. 2613 Virginia 

St., B. 

Jones, Samuel Hart, B.L. : Lawyer Sac- 
ramento Bank Bldg., Sacramento. 
Jordan, Susie Emma (Mrs. C. H. Smith), 

B.L. Box 290, Sausalito. 
Juillerat, Ida Helen, B.L.: Teacher 946 

Sixty-first st., O. 
Kautenberg, Theresa (Mrs. C. F. Sechrist), 

B.S. agr. 910 O'Farrell st., S. F. 
Keeran, John Farmer, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trical engineer 2328 Bowditch st., B. 
Kennedy, Leo King, B.S. min.: Mining 

engineer Care of Crown Mines, Box 

102, Fordsburg, Transvaal, South 

Keyes. Edwin Everett, LL.B. s. s. ; B.L. 

1902. v. 1902. 

Kilgore, Eugene Sterling, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1909: Physician 
Massachusetts General Hospital, Bos- 
ton, Mass. 



Kinkead, James, B.S. rnech. : Merchant 
614 Madison st., Seattle, Wash. 

Knopf, Adolph, B.S. min ; M.S. n. s. 1905: 
Ph.D. 1909: Geologist with U. S. Geo- 
logical Survey 3038 Highland av., 
Washington, D. C. 

La Rue, Eugene Clyde, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Box 972, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Lasell, Cora Abbie (Mrs. Ray Brown), 
A.B. 1747 Dwight way, B. 

Leale, Marion Whitfield, B.L. 2475 Pa- 
cific av., S. F. 

LeConte, Tallulah, A.B. : Teacher 2501 
Piedmont av., B. 

Leete, Carolyn, B.L. : Teacher 1521 La- 
guna st., Santa Barbara. 

Lehman, Clinton Forest, B.S. rnech. : Elec- 
trical engineer 666 Valencia st., S. F. 

Lennon, Marie Burscough, B.L. 946 
Eddy st., S. F. 

Levy, Jack Morris, A.B.: Advertising man- 
ager Hotel Bristol, S. F. 

Liddle (Mrs.), Carrie Walker, M.L. ; A.B. 
(Stanford Univ.) 1903. 

Ligda, Paul, B.S. mech. : Superintendent 
California Engineers' Supply Co. 563 
E. Twenty-fourth st., O. 

Ligda, Vladimir Victor, B.S. mech.: Asst. 
Professor of Physical Culture, U. C. 
675 Thirty-third st., O. 

Loken, Hjalmar Jorgensen, A.B. ; B.D. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1907: Clergyman 
1734 Walnut st., B. 

Lombardi, Maurice Ennis, B.S. min. ; A.B. 
(Yale Univ.) 1900: Engineer: 2331 
LeConte av., R. 

Loring, Conrad, B.S. civ. eng.; B.S. 
mech. 1900. v. 1900. 

Lowry. Morris Vale, B.S. min. : Merchant 

Ludlow, Theodore Johnston, B.S. min.; 
B.S. (Univ. of Washington) 1897: 
Mining engineer 511 First National 
Bank Bldg., B. 

Luther, Otto Lawrence, A.B. ; A.B. (Univ. 
of Illinois) 1902: Teacher 1812 Nob 
Hill, Seattle, Wash. 

McCarthy, Paul Aloysius, A.B. ; LL.B. 
1906: Lawyer Kohl Bldg., S. F. 

McCollough, James Henry, B.S. com.: 
Real estate dealer 55 So. Crittenden 
st., San Jose. 

McCulloch, John Richard, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer Box 722, Goldfield, Nev. 

McDermott, Louisa, M.S. n. s. ; A.B. 
(Univ. of Nebraska) 1903: Teacher 
2311 Bancroft way, B. 

MacGavin, John Drummond, B.S. min. : 
Mining engineer 2429 Jackson st., 
S. F. 

McGrew, Ruth Esther, M.A.; A.B. 1903. 
v. 1903. 

McGuire, Thomas Henry, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer Grass Valley. 

McKay, Jeanette Evelyn, B.L. : Teacher 

1539 Henry st., B'. 
r McKeany, Margaret, B.L. (Died August, 

McLean, Sarah Florence, A.B.: Teacher 

1015 W. Fifth st., Glendale. 
McPherron, Grace Adams, A.B. ; A.B. 

(Pomona College) 1898: Teacher 

1016 Orange st., Los Angeles. 
McQuiddy, Inez (Mrs. H. O. Davis), B.L. 

Banquio, Benquet Province, P. I. 
Me Williams, Robert LaFayette, B.L. ; J.D. 

1906: Lawyer 618 "The Rookery," 

Spokane, Wash. 
^Mackie, Herbert Parnall, A.B. (Died 

July 27, 1909.) 
Magnes. Eva (Mrs. C. J. Teller), B.L. 

5342 St. Charles av., New Orleans, La. 

Magneson, Katherine Florence, B.S. chem. : 

Chemist Campbell. 
Manchester (Mrs.), Genevieve Savage, 

M.S.; B.S. 1901. v. 1901. 
Mandel, Frank Armand, B.L. 139 W. 

Forty-ninth st., New York. 
Manning, Constance Fry, B.L. : Teacher 

Martenstein, Mary Philbrook, B.L. 215 

Castro st., S. F. 
Martin, Leon Elmer, M.L. ; B.L. 1902. v. 

Mason, Winfield Scott, B.L. : Government 

clerk Care of Bureau of Commerce 

and Labor, Washington, D. C. 

Maurer, Jacobine Ida (Mrs. Walter Rad- 
ius), B.L. 3980 Clay st., S. F. 

Maxwell, Evelyn, B.L.: Teacher 731 
Buena Vista av., S. F. 

Mazza, John Joseph, LL.B. s. s; B.L. 
1903. v. 1903. 

Meacham, Myrtle (Mrs. R. H. Mann), 
B.S. n. s. Benicia. 

Merriara, Wallace Webster, B.S. min. 

Merrill, Edgar Bruce, B.L. : Lawyer 
Bridger, Mont. 

Merrill, Mary (Mrs. H. B. King), A.B.; 
A.B. (Pomona College) Saratoga. 

Merrill, Ralph Howard, B.S. min.: In- 
surance surveyor Box 947, Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Metzler, Irving Schlesinger, B.L. : Banker 
2433 So. Flower st., Los Angeles. 

Miklau, Margarite, B.S. n. s. 4160 Six- 
teenth st., S. F. 

Millard, Susan Ruth (Mrs. W. L. Borth- 
wick), A.B. 142 E. Sixty-first st., 
Portland, Ore. 

Miller, Crosby, B.S. civ. eng.: Engineer 
Bridge and Construction Dept., Penn- 
sylvania Steel Co., Steelton, Pa. 

Miller, Flora Josephine, B.S. n.s. : Y. W. 
C. A. secretary 125 E. Twenty-sev- 
enth st., New York City. 



ng. : 

Miller, Irving, B.S. min.: Geologist 
1809 Euclid av., B. 

Miller, Loye Holmes, M.S.; B.S. 1898. v. 

Miller, Norman Boone, B.S. chem.: Mech- 
anical engineer 3139 Lewiston av., B. 

Milton, Maxwell Claypoole, B.S. min.: 
Mining engineer Box 181, Bisbee, 

Minor, Henry Samuel, B.S. mech. : Secre- 
tary oil company Box 566, Bakers- 

Minor, Herbert Hibbard, B.S. mech.: 
Lease foreman for oil company Box 
58, Taft. 

Mitchell, Richard Ray, B.S. civ. enj 
Chief of survey party Care of 
reau of Lands, Manila, P. I. 

Moore, Anna Cora, B.L. : Teacher 629 
Linden av., Long Beach. 

More, Margaret Elna, B.L. ; M.L. 1907: 
Teacher Los Alamos. 

Morris, Bert Jasper, A.B.; Ped.B. 1899 
and A.B. 1903 (Kansas Wesleyan 
Univ.); B.D. (Pacific Theological 
Seminary) 1906: A.M. (Harvard 
Univ.) 1907; Ph.D. (Boston Univ.) 
1908; Professor of Philosophy, Univ. 
of the Pacific. Univ. of the Pacific, 
San Jose, Cal. 

Morrison, Esther (Mrs. F. B. Davisson), 
B.L. Winters. 

Morrison, Harold Arlow, B.S. chem.: Min- 
ing superintendent Box 2406, Gold- 
field, Nev. 

Mosher, Gertrude Lucile, B.L. : Teacher 
768 Eleventh st., O. 

Mosher, Laura Grace (Mrs. Silas John- 
son), B.L. ; B.L. (Occidental College) 
1902 : Missionary Batanga, Kamerun, 
West Africa. 
^Moskowitz, Minnie, B.L. (Died.) 

Moskowitz, Rose, A.B.: Teacher 2900 

Grove st., B. 
Mott, William Warner, B.S. n. s. : M.S. 

Mowbray, Albert Henry, A.B.; F.A.S. 

(Actuarial Society of America) 1910: 

Consulting Actuary and Instructor in 

Insurance, U. C. 619 Crocker Bldg., 

S. F. , 

Muller, Henry, B.S. min.: Chemical engi- 
neer 198 Santa Rosa av., O. 
Mulligan, Theresa Irene, B.L. : Teacher 

Murdock, Everett Carlos, B.S. mech. 

Williams, Ariz. 
Neighbor, Jacob Lyman, B.S. chem.: 

Teacher Place rville. 
Nelson, Mabel Lorena, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 

1905: Teacher Sonora. 
Newman, Olivia Ethel, B.L. : Hostess for 

Greenwood Mission Inn 607 Park 

View rd., Los Angeles. 

Nicholls, Arthur Wallace, B.S. mech. : 
1430 Hawthorne ter., B. 

Nicholson, Edith (Mrs. W. H. Duncan), 
B.L. Loyalton, Sierra Co. 

Nickelsburg, Melvil Siegfried, B.S. com.: 
Merchant 557 Mission st., S. F. 

O'Connor, Richard, B.L. ; LL.B. 1906: 
Lawyer First National Bank Bldg., 
S. F. 

Osborn, Lucy Ellery, M.L. ; A.B. (Stan- 
ford Univ.) 1901: Teacher 114 
Maple av., Watsonville. 

Otto, Theresa Margaret, B.L.: Teacher 
California School of Mechanical Arts, 
Sixteenth and Utah st., S. F. 

Packard, Sineretta, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

Paddock, Bernard Horace, A.B. Odate, 
Akite Ken, Japan. 

Page, Larrance, M.S. n. s. ; A.B. (Univ. 
of Kansas) 1896: Teacher 2330 
Roosevelt St., B. 

Page, Mary, B.L. 2427 Stuart st., B. 

Parker, Carleton Hubbell, B.S. com.: Stu- 
dent Pension Schroter, Sophien Platz 

4, Leipzig. 

Parker, Edith Barrett (Mrs. G. S. Ilim-k- 
ley), A.B.; A.B. (Pomona College) 
1903 239 Grant St., Redlands. 
Parker, Grace Miles (Mrs. W. T. Olnev), 
B.L. ; Ph. B. (Univ. of Southern Cali- 
fornia) 1902 610 Oakland av., Pasa- 

Parks, Jessie Marvin (Mrs. H. G. Rich- 
ard), B.L. 1216 Leavenworth st., 

5. F. 

Paterson, Emma Jane, B.L. : Teacher 

1546 D st., San Diego. 
Patten, Eva Ruth, B.L. : Teacher 2121 

Hearst av., B. 
Perrier, Charles Reginald, B.S. com.: 

Lawyer Box 234, Santa Rosa. 
Peterson, Otto Wallace, B.S. civ. eng. : 

Engineer 2106 San Pablo av., B. 
Pettis, Alma Fancher, B.L. : Teacher 

642 El Dorado av., O. 
Pfeiffer, Mary Louise, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

136 Fair Oaks st., S. F. 
Pickett, Jesse Cameron, B.S. chem.: M.D. 

(Cooper Medical College) 1907: Phy- 
sician Whitney Bldg., 133 Geary st., 

S. F. 
Pitcher, Pearl Florence, B.L. : Teacher 

1321 Pacific av., A. 
Plageman, Dora Elsa, B.L. : Teacher 

1233 Masonic av., S. F. 
Powell, Ruby, B.L. : Teacher 425 Seventh 

st., Marysville. 
Price, Arthur Lorenzo, B.L. : Journalist 

3598 Sacramento st., S. F. 
Prince, Elede, B.L. : Teacher Dorchester 

Hotel, S. F. 
Radcliff, Ruth Doel, B.L. 103 E. Third 

St., Watsonville. 


Rattan, Georgia Kinkade, B.S. chem.; 

M.S. 1905 Chosenvale Farm, R. D., 

Redwood City. 
Ray, Frederick Sylvanus, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 

(Johns Hopkins Univ.) 1908: Asst. 

resident surgeon Johns Hopkins Hos- 
pital, Baltimore, Md. 
Reeves, Anna Belle, B.L. 554 Fifth st., 

Bremerton, Wash. 
Rehfisch, Adele (Mrs. Charles Raas), B.L. 

Hotel Majestic, Sutler and Gough 

sts., S. F. 
Reichenbach, Eda Rosalind (Mrs. F. V. 

Bloch), A.B. 148 Eighth av., S. F. 
Reiner, Ralph Oliver, A.B.: Missionary 

Seoul, Korea. 
Reitzell, Allie May, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

22 Harlem av., Freeport, 111. 
Eh.'n-, Morris, B.S. mech. : With General 

Electric Co. 1086 Fulton St., S. F. 
Rice, Martha Bowen (Mrs H. W. Fur- 
long), B.L. Rancho del Valle, Pleas- 

Rivard (Mrs.), Elizabeth Elkins, B.L. 

*Roadhouse, James Edwyn, B.S. agr. 

(Died November 28, 1907.) 
Robinson (Mrs.), Bessie Louise (Mrs. P. 

S. Robinson), B.L. 2522 Hillegass 

av., B. 

Robinson, Lucy Margaret, A.B.: Teacher 
2809 Russell st., B. 

Rogers, Charles Gardner, Ph.D.; A.B. 
1897 and M.A. 1899 (Syracuse 
Univ.): Associate Professor of Physi- 
ology, Syracuse Univ. 100 Raynor 
st., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Rohrer, Cleland Waterman, B.S. mech. : 
Insurance engineer 2937 Magnolia 
St., B. 

Roop, Ethel Dickinson, B.L. : Student 
Kirksville, Mo. 

Roos, Robert Achille, B.S. chem.: Mer- 
chant Market and Stockton st., S. F. 

Root, Mary Eva (Mrs. S. W. Langdon), 
B.L. 603 East Lindsay st., Stockton. 

LL.B. 1906: Lawyer 838 Mills Bldg., 
S. F. 

Roy, Ralph Somers, B.S. agr. 
San Geronimo. 


Safford, Edwy Knight, B.L. : 

2311 Bancroft way, B. 
Sakai, Yasudiro, B.S. mech.: Electrical 

engineer Box 317, East Pittsburg, 

Sanada, Sei Kitch, B.S. mech.: Engineer 

187 Motomatch, 2-chome Kobe, 


Sawyer, Edmund Houghton, B.S. n. s. ; 
M.D. (Harvard Univ.) 1908: Phy- 
sician 712 Union Trust Bldg., Los 

Schaeffer, Maud Estelle, B.L. : Teacher 
375 San Pablo av., Fresno. 

Schroder, Dorothv Sophia, B.S. chem.: 
Teacher 2533 California st.. S. F. 

Schroeder, Sophie, B.L. : Teacher 23 

Palm av., Jordan Park, S. F. 
Scofield. Mabel Salome (Mrs. Benjamin 

Thomas), B.S. n. s. : 911 Bryant st., 

Palo Alto. 
Seavey, Josephine, B.L. : Teacher 1831 

Alcatraz av., B. 
Shafor (Mrs.), Esther B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

162 IA So. Flower st., Los Angeles. 

Sharwood, William John, Ph.D.; A.R.S.M. 
(London Univ.) 1887: Chemist Care 
of Homestake Mining Co., Lead, So. 

Sheffield, Eugene Sherwood, Jr., B.S. 
min. : Manager Oil Co. Care of Hen- 
derson Oil Co., Santa Maria. 

Sheldon, Albert Nelson, B.S. n. s: Teacher 
Chengtu, Sze Chuen Province, China. 

Shepard, Cara Belle, B.L. : Teacher 260 
So. First St.. San Jose. 

Shepard, Edgar Raymond, B.S. mech.; 
B.S. (Oregon Agricultural College) 
1901: Instructor in Physics and Elec- 
trical Engineering Care of Oregon 
Agricultural College, Corvallis, Ore. 

Shoup, Faith (Mrs. A. S. Robinson), B.L. 
Los Altos. 

Shreve. Ada Ruth (Mrs. W. W. Belshaw), 
B.L. Antioch. 

Shuey, George Russell, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Civil engineer Independence. 

Sinclair, William John, Ph.D.; B.S. 1903; 
B.S. (California College) 1899. v. 

Sinsheimer, Stanlev Henry, B.S. chem.: 
Merchant 41 Ivy st., Boston, Mass. 

Smith, Alexandra Grogan, A.B. ; M.A. 
1906: Care of Brown, Shipley & Co., 
123 Pall Mall, London, S. W. 

Smith, Gertrude Wilhelmine (Mrs. H. R. 
Brinck), B.L. Winters. 

Smith, Katherine Forman (Mrs. L. M. 
Turner), B.L. 67 Santa Clara av., O. 

Smith, Leonard Bee, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trical engineer Broadmoor Tract, San 

Smith, Nelson Guy, B.S. chem.: Stock- 
raiser Ducor. 

Smith, William Clyde, B.L. : Clergyman 
2330 N. Halsted st., Chicago, 111. 

Smithson, George Arnold, M.L. ; B.L. 
1903; Ph.D. 1908. v. 1903. 

Snow, Beatrice Mary (Mrs. E. H. McCol- 
lister), B.L. 231 So. Fourteenth st., 
San Jose. 

Snyder, Charles David, M.S. n. s. ; Ph.D. 
1905; A.B. (Stanford Univ.) 1896: 
Associate in Physiology, Johns Hop- 
kins Univ. 1412 Bolton st., Balti- 
more, Md. 

Solomon, Edward, A.B. ; A.B. (Occidental 
College) 1903: Teacher Azusa. 



Somers, Roy James, B.S. com.: Merchant 
37 California St., S. P. 

Soule, Edward Lee, B.S. civ. eng. : Civil 
engineering 2330 Durant av., B. 

Spencer, Dahlia True, A.B. : Teacher 
1737 Channing way, B. 

Stalder, Walter, B.S. chem. ; M.S. 1907: 
Oil geologist 1412 Twelfth av., O. 

Stanton, Thomas Elwood, B.S. min. : En- 
gineer City Engineer's office, Los An- 

Staples, Helen Azalia (Mrs. F. J. Mc- 
Nulty), A.B. Yreka. 

St. John, Fannie Olivia, B.L. : Teacher 
B. D. 2, Fresno. 

Stocker. Leslie Wrightson, B.S. mech. : 
Civil engineer 1280 Page st., S. F. 

Stocking, Maud Louise, B.L. : Nurse 
2270 Sutter st., S. F. 

Sturtevant, Saidee Martha, A.B.: Teacher 
Fort Bragg. 

Sudlow, Alice, M.L. ; Ph.B. (Iowa Col- 
lege) 1896: Teacher Kingfisher Col- 
lege, Kingfisher, Oklahoma. 
''Symmes, Stanley Richardson, B.S. agr. 

Tallmon, Hester Ann, B.L. Morgan Hill. 

Tallmon, Marion Clover (Mrs. L. D. 
Smith), B.S. n. s. 1907 Virginia St., 

'Tau, Tien-chih, B.S. agr.; M.S.A. (Cornell 
Univ.) 1906; A.M. (Chinese Uov.-rn 
ment) : Dean of Railway Administra 
tion, School of Board of Communica- 
tions Ministry of Posts and Com- 
munications, Pekin, China. 

Thelen, Max, B.L.: A.M. (Harvard Univ.) 
1906: Lawyer and Instructor in In- 
ternational Law, U. C. 2320 Bow- 
ditch st., B. 

Thelen, Paul, B.S. min. : Draughtsman 
1936 Berryman st.. B. 

Thelen, Rolf, B.S. mech.: Mechanical en- 
gineer u. S. Forest Service, care of 
Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. 

Thomson, Herbert Sedgefield. B.S. n. s. ; 
M.D. (Johns Hopkins Univ.) 1909: 
House officer 7 W. Fifteenth st., New 
York Hospital, New York City. 

Tibbetts, Frederic? Horace, B.S. civ. eng.; 
M.S. 1907; B.S. 1903 and M.S. 1905 
(Univ. of Pacific) ; Civil engineer 
1035 Shattuck av., B. 

Tibbetts, Sydney Arnold, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Teacher 1613 Josephine st., B. 

Tobriner, Essie, A.B.: Teacher 415 
Cherry st., S. F. 

Todd, Arthur James, B.L. : Student San 

Traphagen, Arthur Romeyne. B.S. agr.: 
Salesman 2011 Francisco st.. B. 

Tulloch, Anabel (Mrs. H. M. Evans), B.L. 
Johns Hopkins Medical School, Bal- 
timore, Md. 

Tuohy, Harry, B.S. min.: Civil engineer 
2248 College av., B. 

Van Wormer, Maurice Richards, B.L. : 
Lawyer Paso Robles. 

Varney, Madeleine, B.S. chem.: Teacher 
147 Presidio av., S. F. 

Vensano, Nina Carolita, B.L. : Teacher 
1446 Waller st., S. F. 

Wall, Leah Mitchell (Mrs. E. E. Adams), 
B.L. 201 So. Cuyler st,, Oak Park, 

Walton, Stanley Victor, B.S. mech.: With 
Pacific Gas and Electric Co. 2815 
Stuart st., B. 

Ward. Millicent Archer (Mrs. J. A. K. 
Skinner), B.L. 1543 Milvia st., B. 

Warren, Chester Howard, B.S. mech.: 
Mining superintendent Sutter Creek. 

Waterman. Abby Louisa, B.L. : Farmer 
2741 Woolsey st., B. 

Watkins, Alice Elizabeth, B.S. n. s. : 
Teacher 2312 Stuart st., B. 

Watkins, Jettora Elizabeth (Mrs. J. V. 
Bare), A.B. Lodi. 

Watson, George Gaylord, B.S. mech.: 
Electrical engineer Care of L. P. 
Swayne, San Diego. 

Wayne, Howard Thompson, B.S. min.: 
Mining engineer Globe, Ariz. 

Weaver, Charles Edwin, B.S. n. s. : Ph.D. 
1907: Professor of Geology. Tniv. of 
Washington Box 91, University Sta- 
tion, Seattle, Wash. 

Weaver, Charlotte Reed, B.L. 280 Six- 
tieth st., O. 

Weber, Fred Dale, B.L. : Insurance in- 
spector 559 Sherlock Bldg., Portland. 

Wedd, Sara Antoinette (Mrs. A. W. Pal- 
mer), B.S. n. s. 4160 Terrace st., O. 

Weill, Blanche California, A.B. 1627 
Seventeenth st., Bakersfield. 

Welborn, Olin, Jr., B.L.: Lawyer 526 
Stimson Bldg., Los Angeles. 

Wendt, Marion, B.L. : Teacher 1943 
Dwight way, B. 

Wetmore, Elizabeth Smith, B.S. n. s. : 
Teacher Livermore. 

White, Anna Francis (Mrs. P. C. Dibert), 
M.L.; B.L. 1901. v. 1901. 

White, Carlos Greenleaf, B.L.: J.D. 1906: 
Lawyer 957 Broadway, O. 

White, Jerome Baker, A.B. ; LL.B. 1906: 
Lawyer Union Trust Bldg., S. F. 

White, Margaret, A.B. ; M.D. 1909: In- 
terne Univ. of California Hospital, 
S. F. 

Whitehead. Virginia, B.S. n. s. 571 
Thirty-third st., O. 

Whitney, Charlotte Mayborn (Mrs. D. R. 
Wedgwood), B.L. Box 591, San Ra- 

Wickson, Ida Robinson (Mrs. J. H. 
Thomas), A.B. 1411 Grove st., B. 



VVieland. Stella Marie, A.B. : Teacher 
519 Pacific av., A. 

Wight, Wilder, B.L.-; LL.B. 1907: Law- 
yer 2330 Telegraph av., B. 

*Wilcox. Edson Dwinell, B.S. mech. (Died 
April 21, 1907.) 

Wilcox, John Alfred, B.S. min. : Mining 
engineer 1234 Bonita av., B. 

Wilde. Edna (Mrs. E. H. Brooks), B.L. 
Box 307, Eureka. 

Williams, Evan, B.L.; LL.B. (Harvard 
Univ.) 1908: Lawver 1232 Mer- 
chants Exchange Bldg., S. F. 

Williamson, Thomas, B.S. civ. eng. : En- 
gineer with U. S. Reclamation Service 
Fallon, Nev. 

Wilson, Emily May, B.S. n. s. 1006 
Westlake av., Los Angeles. 

Winchester, Helen A., B.L.: Settlement 
worker Broadmoor Tract, San Lean- 

Wolcott. Sarah Agnes, B.S. n. s: B.S. 
(Pomona College) 1903: Teacher 
1343 Ocean av., Santa Monica. 

Wollenberg, Natalie, B.S. n. s. 233 Maple 
St., S. F. 

Woodburn. Bernice Emily (Mrs. R. H. 
Jones), B.L. Marysville. 

Woodford, Katharine Lina, B.L. : Teacher 
The Macdonald, Honolulu, T. H. 

Wulzen, Rosalind, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 1910: 
Teacher Mills College, O. 

Wybro. Jessie Maude, A.B. 

Wynne, Edith Ware, B.L.: Teacher Box 
162, Butte, Mont, 

Yocom, William Eugene, B.S. mech.: Sur- 
veyor 3048 Fulton St., B. 

Young, George Samuel, B.S. min.: Engi- 
neer 49 Cumberland st,, S. F. 

Yung, Samuel Lung, A.B.; A.M. (Colum- 
bia Univ.) 1905; Litt.D. (Chinese 
Government) 1907: Director Tangshan 
Engineering and Mining College, 
Tangshan, N. China. 

Youngs, Oliver, Jr., B.L'. : Lawyer 2830 
Benvenue av., B. 

Zartman, Zoe Lois, B.L. Tulare. 


Adams, Douglas Stewart, B.S. com. : Real 
estate dealer 309 Pacific Electric 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

Adams, Julian, B.S. mech.: Electrical en- 
gineer 688 E. Walnut St., Pasadena. 

Adams, Owen Stanley, B.L. : Real estate 
dealer 309 Pacific Electric Bldg., Los 

Allen, Beverly Sprague, M.A. ; A.B. 1903. 
v. 1903. 

Ambrose, Thomas Edward, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Civil engineer 683 Fairmont av., O. 

Ansley. Florence Remsen (Mrs. B. P. 
Kurtz), B.S. n. s. 61 Santa Clara 
av., 0. 

Arnold, Ernest White, M.A. ; A.B. 1900; 
A.B. (Harvard Univ.) 1902. v. 1900. 

Atkinson, Florence 'Edith, B.L. ; M.L. 
1906: Teacher 2735 Durant av., B. 

Babcock, Ernest Brown, B.S. agr. : Asst. 
Professor of Agricultural Education, 
U. C. 1615 La Loma av., B. 

Bagley. Ruth Gertrude, M.A. ; A.B. (Univ. 
of Michigan) 1893 Detroit, Mich. 

Bailev, Edna Greenwood (Mrs. E. K. Bur- 
dette), B.S. chem. ; B.S. (Massachus- 
setts Institute of Technology) 1904 
Cottonwood, Ariz. 

Baker, Edward Carleton, B.S. com.: Am- 
erican Consul American Consulate, 
Antung, China. 

Baldwin, Lloyd, LL.B. let. 1905; A.B. 
1897. v. 1897. 

Ballaseyus, Franz Albert, B.L. ; B.S. 
(Univ. of South Dakota) 1897: Teach- 
er Stockton. 

Bannister, Edward Arthur, B.S. min.: 
Mining engineer Coleraine, Minn. 

Barlow, Mary Grace (Mrs. R. J. Brower), 
B.L. 2232 Haste St., B. 

Barnes, Welden Fairbanks, B.S. mech.: 
Salesman for Westinghouse Electric 
Co. 406 New England Bldg., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Barnett, Alma, B.L. ; M.L. 19062528 
Ridge rd., B. 

Barrett, Samuel Alfred, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 
1906: Ph.D. 1908: Museum curator 
Public Museum, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Barrows, Edith Ainslie (Mrs. H. W. 
Dietz), B.L. Ross Fork, Idaho. 

Barrows, Ray Kip, B.L. ; LL.B. 1907: 
Lawyer Mutual Savings Bank Bldg., 
S. F 1 . 

Baugh, Hubert Gordon, M.L. ; B.L. 1903. 
v. 1903. 

Bernstein, Esther Delcia (Mrs. O. F. 
Snedigar), B.L. ; M.L. 1906 3046 
Deakin st., B. 

Bevan, Lynne John, B.S. min.; B.S. 
(Univ. of Chicago) 1903: Engineer 
601-49 Wall St., New York City. 

Bidwell, Claude Hubert Stephenson, M.L. ; 
B.L. 1902. v. 1902. 

Bishop, Leo Delvin, B.L. : Lawyer Hotel 
Metropole, Denver, Colo. 

Bitting, Susan (Mrs. W. H. Hicks), B.L. 
Tecumseh, Mich. 

Bixby, Frederick Louis, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Professor of Civil and Irrigation En- 
gineering Agricultural College, New 

Bonestell, Nannie Margaret Gaynor (Mrs. 
W. J. Lewis), A.B. Santa Ynez. 

Bonnemort, Edgar, B.S. chem.: Drafts- 
man 5219 Dover st., O. 



Bowen, Emma Jane, B.L. : Teacher 18 

Kennan st., Santa Cruz. 
Boynten, Leila Bell, B.L. Oroville. 
Bradford, Alma Beatrice (Mrs J. B. 

Ward), B.L. 736 Fifty-fourth st., O. 
Brandt, Arthur Hook, B.L. ; J.D. 1909: 

Lawyer 747 E. Lindsay st., Stockton. 
Bromley, Hattie Loomis, B.L. : Teacher 

1938 Delaware st., B. 
Brown, Warner, M.A. ; A.B. 1904: Ph.D. 

(Columbia Univ.) 1908. v. 1904. 
Buckner, Delwin Rees, B.L. : Teacher 

Apartado 3, Ambato, Ecuador, South 


Burgess, Ezra Ottley, B.S. civ. eng. : En- 
gineer 2115 Center st., B. 
Burnett, Edith Anway (Mrs. C. O. Premo), 

B.L. Porterville. 
Burns, Mary Jane Theresa Zita (Mrs. J. 

J. O'Connor), A.B.; M.A. 1906 3370 

Sixteenth st., S. F. 
Butler, Ormond, B.S. agr. ; M.S. 1907 

2632 Channing way, B. 
Butler, Robert, B.S. n .s. : Salesman 

2109 McKinley av., B. 
Cahill, John Richard, B.S. civ. eng. 136 

Belvedere st., S. F. 
Cahill, Wendel Eldredge, B.S min. 130 

Broderick st., S. F. 
^Daig, Susan Elizabeth, B.L.: Teacher 

1435 Myrtle st., O. 
alhoun, William Harold, B.S. agr. R. D. 

1, Healdsburg. 
Campbell, Daisy May (Mrs. W. L. Huber), 

B.L. 1407 Euclid av., B. 
'Campbell, Mary Helen, B.S. n. s. (Died 

October 31, 1905.) 
Cannell, Thomas Vernon, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Engineer Seventeenth and Kansas 

sts., S. F. 
Carey, Eugene Francis Aloysius, B.S. 

mech. : Instructor in Mathematics, 

Univ. of Montana 522 Rollins st., 

Missoula, Mont. 

Carpenter, Charles Edward, B.L.; M.L. 
1908: Restauranteur Box 323, Elm- 

Carruth, Irma Lillian, M.L. ; B.L. 1904. 
v. 1904. 

Casterlin, Madge Augusta, B.L.; M.L. 
1906 : Teacher Crockett. 

Cerf, Lorraine, A.B. 2821 Steiner st., 
S. F. 

Chapin, Ethel (Mrs. J. H. Herron), B.S. 
n. s. Healdsburg. 

Chapman, Alice Mabyn, A.B. : Teacher 

Chappell, Katharine Mildred, B.L.: Teach- 
er 1925 Delaware St., B. 

Cheney, Charles Henry, A.B.: Architect 
651 W. 179th St., New York City. 

Clark, John Edward, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 
1906 2193 Victoria av.. Riverside. 

Clark, Maud, B.L.: Teacher Box 131, 

Cleary, Agnes Cecelia, B.L. 2839 Web- 
ster st., S. F. 

Clifford, Reginald George, B.S. mech.: 
Engineer Care of Great Western 
Power Co., Oroville. 

Clogston, Olive Margaret (Mrs. R. B. 
Scofield), B.L. ; B.L. (Pomona Col- 
lege) 1904 3 Lawrence st., Yonkers, 
New York. 

Conlin, Alice Edith, B.L. 1444 McAllis- 
ter st., S. F. 

Cook, Celia Blanche, A.B. Ventura. 

Crowder, Clifford Lee, B.L. ; J.D. (Stan- 
ford Univ.) 1909: Lawyer Chico. 

Cruden, Davena Ruth, B.L. : Teacher 
2545 Howard st., S. F. 

Cumberson, Grace Irene (Mrs. E. J. 
Grindley) B.L. 593 Jean st., O. 

Daly, John Aloysius, B.S. n s. : Teacher 
Intake, Butte Co. 

Daniels, Mark Roy, B.S. mech.: Civil en- 
gineer 517 Monadnock Bldg., S. F. 

Daniels, Raymond Safford, B.S. mech.: 
Electrical engineer Care of W. W. P. 
Co., Spokane, Wash. 

Darrow, Gertrude Charlotte (Mrs. P. H. 
Chubb), A.B. Coalinga. 

Davidson, Winn William, A.B. Pesca- 

Davis, Lewis Jenness, B.S. mech. 

Davis, Mary Frances, B.L. ; Ph.B. (Iowa 
College) 1904 Sutherland, Iowa. 

Day, Clarence Edward, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer 1831 Francisco st., B. 

Day, Mary Cynthia, B.L. : Teacher Wil- 

Day, William Peyton, B.S. civ. eng. 
Care of J. B. Leonard, Sheldon Bldg., 
S. F. 

Dehm, William Harry, B.L. : Lawyer 
238 W. First st., Los Angeles. 

De Lancie, Harry Sherwood, B.S. mech.: 
Salesman for Westinghouse Electric 
Co. 2121 Hearst av., B. 

Dewing, Henry Bronson, M.A. ; A.B. 
1903: Ph.D. (Yale Univ.) 1908. v. 

Dicker-man, Nelson, B.S. chem. : Mining 
engineer Harnmonton. 

Dickson (Mrs.), Mary, B.S. com: Teacher 
2161 San Jose av., A. 

Dobbins, John Leslie, A.B. : B.S. civ. eng. 
1907: Professor of Civil Engineering 
Imperial Univ., Pei Yang, Tiensien, 

Dodge, Edgar Varick, B.S. min.: Mining 
superintendent 644 Ash st., San 

Dodge, Florence Isabelle, B.L. : Teacher 
686 So. Burlington av., Los Angeles. 

Dollenmayer, Mary Y., B.L. Watson- 



Downs, Mabel, B.L. : Teacher 297 Fargo 
St., Portland, Ore. 

Drury, Leslie Morgan, B.S. min. : Metal- 
lurgist Box 731, Fairbanks, Alaska 

Duffy, Elsie Edith, B.L.: Teacher 279 
Fifth st., San Pedro. 

Dyke, Louis Henry, B.S. min.: Mining 
engineer Box 5A, Gilroy. 

Ebi, Alice May, B.L. : Teacher 1090 Em- 
pire st., San Jose. 

Ebright, Harold Raymond, B.S. min. 

Eckart, Charles Franklin, M.S. ogr. : 
Director of Hawaiian Sugar Planters' 
Experiment Station Honolulu, T. H. 

Ecker, Edna Louise (Mrs. A. H. Taylor), 

A.B.; M.A. 1906 225. Twenty-sixth 

av., S. F. 
Eddv, Nathaniel Nelson, B.S. chem.: 

Journalist 1974 Rosedale av., O. 
Eggleston, Ethel Earle (Mrs. William 

Chamberlain), B.A. Cedar Rapids, 


Ellis, Alfred Thomas, Jr., B.L. Redlands. 
Euler, William Gilman Badger, B.S. mech. 

Care of General Electric Co., Union 

Trust Bldg., S. F. 
Evans, De Witt Morris, B.L. : Lawyer 

320 Berlin Bldg., Tacoma, Wash. 
Everson, Elsie Jeannette, B.S. n. s. 

1269 Filbert st,, O. 
Finigan, May Genevieve, B.S. n. s. : 

Teacher 1733 Page st., S. F. 
Fisk, James Kennett, B.S. n. s. : Assistant 

to Recorder of Faculties, U. C. 2616 

Haste St., B. 
Fleisher, Ruth Mary, B.L. : Teacher 

Santa Paula. 

Fogg, Donald Eastman, B.S. chem. Pey- 
ton Chemical Works, Martinez. 
Fortson, Florence Holman, B.S. n. s: 

Teacher 2935 Magnolia st., B. 
Foulk, Nina, A.B.: Teacher 2432 Milvia 

St., B. 

Frank, Irma Genevieve, B.L. 643 Pa- 
cific av., A. 
Frazer, Elizabeth, B.L.: Magazine writer 

142 E. Eighteenth st., New York 

Freese, Elizabeth, A.B.; B.L. 1904. v. 

1904664 Twelfth st., San Diego. 
Freidenrich, Myra Mildred, M.A.; A.B. 

1903. v. 1903. 
Frickstad, Flora Ornis (Mrs. B. S. Drake), 

B.L. 1121 Eighth av., O. 
Gale, Francis Clair. B.L. 10 Woolsung 

rd., Shanghai, China. 
Gassaway, Mary Eleanor, B.L. U. S. 

Marine Hospital, S. F. 
Gastrich, Joseph William, B.S. mech.: 

Teacher 2142 Elm av,, Long Beach, 

Giamboni, Louis Alonzo, B.S. com.: Man- 
ager National Supply Co. 1714 

Tenth st., O. 

Gibbs, Elbert Allan, B.S. civ. eng. : Struc- 
tural engineer 202 Gray Apts., Wil- 

kinsburg, Pa. 
Gillelen, Frank, B.S. min.: Engineer 

604 Wright and Callender Bldg., Los 


Gillson, George Elaine, B.L. 1590 Cali- 
fornia St., S. F. 
Gilogly, Eleanor Dorothy, B.L. : Teacher 

212 Grand av., San Rafael. 
Goble, Fred John, B.L. ; LL.B. 1907: 

Lawyer 1604 Josephine st., B. 
Graham, Alice Edith, B.L. : Teacher 528 

Jones st., O. 
Graham, Pearl May, A.B.: Teacher 

Grainger, Adelaide Orpha, B.L. : Teacher 

515 Sixty-sixth st., O. 
Grant, Mary Blair, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

919 Sanchez st., S. F. 
Graves, Leila Marion (Mrs. E. I. McCor- 

mac), B.L. 15 Panoramic way, B. 
Gray, Stedman Haile, A.B.; M.A. 1908: 

Journalist 2008 Forty-seventh av., 

Green, Jeannette, B.S. chem.: Teacher 

1936 Toberman st., Los Angeles. 
Gregory, Kenneth, B.S. agr. : Chemical 

engineer Coulterville. 
Gross, Mary Lucretia (Mrs. J. A. Brown), 

A.B. 142 Central av., S. F. 
Grunsky, Carl Ewald, Jr., B.S. min.; 

E.M. (Columbia Univ.) 1907: Mining 

engineer 45 Broadway, New York 

Gutzwiller, Anna Maria (Mrs. W. H. Mc- 

Bean), B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 1907 St. 

Gutzwiller, Henry Rudolph, B.S. chem. 

St. Helena. 

Hale, William Thomas, B.L. Escondido. 

Hall, Anna Matilda, B.S. n. s. : Musician 
78 E. First North st., Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Hall, Jesse Rexford, B.S. agr. ; M.F. (Yale 
Univ.) 1908: Forest supervisor 

Hallett, Eugene Russell, B.S. com.: Rep- 
resentative of banking firm Cor. Al- 
varado rd. and Vicente rd., Claremont 
dist., B. 

Hardy, Ethel Charlotte, B.L. 1333 La- 

guna st.; Santa Barbara. 
Harris, Flora, B.L. 1622 Washington 

St., S. F. 
Hawkins, Emma Frances, B.S. n. s. : 

Teacher Salinas. 
Hawley, Samuel Stuart, B.S. com.: Real 

estate dealer First National Bank 

Bldg., O. 



Hawley, William Everett, B.S. mech. : 
Engineer City Engineer's Office, 
Duluth, Minn. 

Hayden, Willetta Calvert, B.L. Yolo. 
*Heger, Esther Lea, B.S. n. s. (Died 
November 19, 1905.) 

Hershey, Katherine B., B.L. 2213 Ful- 
ton st., B. 

Hiester, Cyrus, B.S. mech. 1731 Cali- 
fornia st., B. 

Hill, Chelton, B.S. com.: Insurance agent 
563 Thirty-first st., O. 

Hill, Walter Nickerson, B.S. min.; A.B. 
(Wesleyan Univ.) 1901 420 Cedar 
av., Long Beach. 

Hoedel, Robert Oscar, B.S. com.: Auditor 
for telephone company 2425 Woolsey 
St., B. 

Hood, Robert Allison, B.L. : Real estate 
dealer 1729 Nelson st., Vancouver, 

Hook, Beulah Elfreda (Mrs. J. J. Mazza), 
B.L. Corte Madera. 

Howard, Harry Monroe, B.S. chem. : 
Journalist 3048 Benvenue av., B. 

Howell, Adelle, B.L. 28 So. Pilgrim st., 

Huber, Walter Leroy, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Civil engineer 1407 Euclid av., B. 

Hudson, Jay William, A.B.; M.A. 1906; 
A.M. 1907 and Ph.D. 1908 (Harvard 
Univ.) : Asst. Professor of Philosophy, 
Univ. of Missouri. 27 Allen place, 
Columbia, Mo. 

Hunt, Hester Mary, B.L. : Teacher 
R. D. 4, Petaluma. 

Huskey, Daphne Elizabeth (Mrs. P. F. 
Bovard), B.L. Roosevelt, Ariz. 

Hyde, Archie Lemont, B.S. n. s. : Chemist 
U. S. Geological Survey, Pittsburg, 

*Innes, Sarah Effie, B.L. (Died April 13, 

Isham, Ida Gertrude, A.B.: Teacher 
147 Presidio av., S. F. 

Jaggard, Belmont Perry, B.S. n. s: Chem- 
ist 1476 Irving av., O. 

Jameson, Lois Elise (Mfs. J. W. Creigh- 
ton), B.L. : Missionary Yeung King, 
China, via Canton. 

Jarvis, Grace Maxwell (Mrs. C. J. Fred- 
erick), B.L. 3034 College av., B. 

Jeffress, Melvin Garfield, A.B.: Law stu- 
dent 363 Russ Bldg., S. F. 

Jewett, Dorothea Kern, A.B.; M.A. 1906; 
A.M. (Radcliffe College) 1908: Teacher 
1700 University av., B. 

Jones, Charles Belford, B.L. Imperial. 

Jones, Svbil Eliza, B.L. ; M.L. 1906 930 
E. Colorado st., Pasadena. 

Jordan, Hope Almy, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
2614A Regent st., B. 

Junck, Daniel Lewis, LL.B. s. s. ; B.L. 
1903. v. 1903 Berkeley. 

Kane, Wilhelmina Louise, A.B. : Teacher 
Santa Maria. 

Kastens, Lucy Field (Mrs. Lawrence Wat- 
son), B.L. Lemoore. 

Kellogg, Francis Bentley, B.S. agr. ; M.F. 
(Yale Univ.) 1907: Attorney Oak- 
land Bank of Savings Bldg., O. 

Kelsey, Clarence Earle, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Mechanical engineer 2525 Hilgard 
av., B. 

Kennedy, Elena Adele, B.L. 814 Georgia 
St., Vallejo. 

Kerr, Henry, B.S. chein. : Teacher Le 

Kierulff, Arthur Wallis, B.L. ; M.A. (Univ. 
of Chicago) 1906: Clergyman 622 
Lillie av., Braddock, Pa. 

Kincaid, May, B.L.: Teacher 1222 Wal- 
ler st.. S. F. 

Kirwin, Marie Kathryn, B.L. : Teacher 
2038 Scott St., S. F. 

Knopf. Adolph, M.S.; B.S. 1904; Ph.D. 
1909. v. 1904. 

Koenig, Georgina Hein, B.L. 2475 Sut- 
ter st., S. F. 

Kohn, Lois, A.B. : Teacher 1812 Scott 
St., S. F. 

Kong, Shun Tet, B.S. min; A.M. (Colum- 
bia Univ.) 1907: Dr. of Engineering 
(Chinese Government) 1908: Mining 
engineer Hunan Imperial Smelting 
Works, Changsha, Hunan, China. 

Korbel, Leo, B.S. chem. Guerneville. 

Kroll, Effie Evelyn, B.L. 126 Kempton 
av., O. 

Lacoste, Celeste Romeline (Mrs. M. H. 
Etcheverry), A.B. 1810 Devisadero 
St., S. F. 

Landsborough, Tom Rutter, B.S. mech. : 
Electrical engineer Tonopah Exten- 
sion Mining Co., Tonopah, Nev. 

Langworthy, Ralph Lewis, B.L. : Real 
estate dealer and insurance agent 
2140 Center st., B. 

*Lee, Anna Catherine, B.L. (Died August, 

Lee, Charles Hamilton, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer Independence. 

Lemos, Anna Alice, B.L.: Teacher El- 

Lenfest, Lela Angier, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
2523 Piedmont av., B. 

Lester, Edward Brainerd, B.S. mech.: 
B.L. (Pomona College) 1901: Drafts- 
man Lemon Grove, San Diego Co. 

Levasier, Lulu, B.L. 

Lewis, Edna, M.S. n. s. ; B.S. (Montana 
Agricultural College) 1903: Teacher 
318 So. Grand av., Bozeman, Mont. 

Linforth, Ivan Mortimer, Ph.D.; A.B. 
1900; M.A. 1901. v. 1900. 

Loeb, Joseph Philip, A.B.: Lawyer 735 
Harvard blvd., Los Angeles. 



''Lord, Frank Danforth, B.S. mech. (Died 
October 18, 1907.) 

Lyman, Theodore Benedict, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Engineer St. Helena. 

Lyon, Harvey Blanchard, B.S. com.: Man- 
ager storage company. 804 Twelfth 
St., O. 

McCarthy, Nellie Harriet, B.L. : Teacher 
2551 Dwight way, B. 

McComas, Maud Pearl, A.B. 219 W. 
Holt av., Pomona. 

McCraney, Orlando, B.S. min. Muncy, 
via McGill, White Pine Co., Nev. 

McCray, Irwin Daniel, B.S. min. Chlor- 
ide, Ariz. 

McGraw, Hazel (Mrs. H. Nasberg), B.S. 
n. s. Marshfield, Ore. 

McGrew, Mary Edith, M.A. ; A.B. 1903. 
v. 1903. 

McGuire, Cora Helen, A.B.: Teacher 
Santa Ynez. 

Mclnnes, Alice Marion, B.L. : Teacher 
1114 E. Lindsay st., Stockton. 

McNeil, Warren, B.S. chem. : Miller 
Santa Maria. 

McPhetres, Daniel Morten, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer Box 555, San Luis Obispo. 

McVey, Charles Leland, B.S. n. s. : M.D. 
1909: Physician University of Cali- 
fornia Hospital, S. F. 

Macdonald, Evelyn Luella, A.B. : Teacher 
Hotel St. Francis, Sacramento. 

Magnes, Irving, B.L. ; LL.B. 1907: Law- 
yer 104 Pala av., Piedmont. 

Marshall, Howard, B.S. civ. eng. Care of 
McClintic, Marshall Co., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Martin, Edward Johnson, B.L. 1943 
Berryman st., B. 

Marty, Eva Alia, B.L. Rio Vista. 

Meals, William Eden, B.S. civ. eng.: En- 
gineer McGill, Nev. 

Meany, Anthony Warfield, B.L. Merced. 

Merwin, Roy Clark, B.S. min. Amador 

Miller, Hugo Herman, B.S. com.: Teacher 
Box 269, Manila, P. I. 

Mishler, Anna Minerva (Mrs. X. A. Phil- 
lips), B.L. Crescent City. 

Mishler, Ralph Thomas, B.S. min. Mexico 
City, Mex. 

Monce, Mary Abagail, M.A .; A.B. 1903. 
v. 1903. 

Morin, James Wheeler, B.L.; J.D. 1907: 
Lawyer 208 Dodworth Bldg., Pasa- 

Morrin, Katherine Hortense, B.L. : Teacher 
1353 Jackson st., S. F. 

Morris, Leon Ephraim, A.B.; LL.B. 1907: 
Lawyer 363 Russ Bldg., S. F. 

Morrow, Varina Pearl (Mrs. R. P. Mer- 
ritt), A.B. 1913 Telegraph av., O. 

Mott. William Warner, M.S.; B.S. 1904. 
v. 1904. 

Mullen, James Seely, B.S. min. 2608 W. 
Twenty-sixth av., Denver, Colo. 

Mundy, Clara Azubah, B.L. Box 432, El 
Paso, Texas. 

Mundy, Laura Elizabeth (Mrs. C. A. Kin- 
kel), B.L. 1029 Upton av., El Paso, 

Munro, Jessie May (Mrs. R. A. Reiner), 
A.B.: Missionary Seoul, Korea. 

Musgrove, William James, A.B. ; A.M. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1906: Assistant in 
Philosophy, Harvard Univ. 42 Wen- 
dell St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Nathan, Emile Charles, B.L. : Merchant 
Care of C. P. Nathan & Co., Sacra- 

Nelson, Mabel Lorena, M.S.; B.S. 1904. 

v. 1904. 

Nelson, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. L. A. 
Lodge), A.B. 1545 Dwight way, B. 

Neuberger, Marie, B.L. 2317 Sacramento 
St., S. F. 

Newhall, Charles Abbot, B.S. chem.: 
Chemical engineer Care of Superior 
Portland Cement Co., Baker, Wash. 

Nicholls, Sydney Walton, B.L. : Bank 
cashier Dutch Flat. 

Nichols, Edith Elizabeth, B.L. 671 Thirty- 
third st., O. 

Nightingale, John Mercer, B.S. mech.: 
Manager automobile supply company 
Box F, Oakdale. 

Noble, Ralph Claire, A.B. ; B.L. (Pomona 
College) 1904 Ontario. 

Noon, Viola Ellen, B.L. 341 Twelfth st., 
Portland, Ore. 

O'Connell, Alice, B.L. : Teacher 708 
Sycamore St., O. 

Oi-gren, Eleanor Vic, B.L. : Teacher 
2521 Regent st., B. 

Orrick, Oliver Summerfield, Jr., B.S. com.: 
Manufacturer 357 Vernon Heights, 

Palmer, Elizabeth Day, M.A. ; A.B. 1894. 
v. 1894. 

Parker, Florence Ann, B.L. : Teacher 
2123 Santa Clara av., Alameda. 

Parrish, Sue (Mrs. Otto Tinnemann), 
A.B. 6431 Benvenue av., O. 

Peterson, Agnes Emelie, A.B.: Teacher 
Redondo Beach. 

Peterson, Edward August, B.S. n. s. ; 
M.D. 1907: Physician 321 Georgia 
st., Vallejo. 

Petterson, Harold, B.S. civ. eng.: Engi- 
neer 1110 Central Bldg., Los An- 

Phillips, William Hale, M.S. civ. eng.: 
B.S. (Univ. of Colorado) 1902. 

Piatt, Joseph Harold, B.S. mech.: Engi- 
neer Eunice and Glenn sts., B. 



Powell, Herbert Harry, Ph.D.; Ph.B. 

(Tavlor Univ.) 1898; B.D. (Theologi- 
cal Seminary of Virginia) 1901; A.M. 

(Columbia Univ.) 1901: Clergyman 

2828 Grove st., B. 
Powell, Roy Cheadle, B.S. n. s. : Electrical 

engineer 1825 Virginia st., B. 
Rattan, Georgia Kinkade, M.S.; B.S. 

1904. v. 1904. 
Rea, Ellen Kate, M.L.; B.L. 1901. v. 

Reed. Mary Elizabeth, B.S. n. s. 1271 

Harrison st., O. 

Reid, Frank Gore, B.S. n. s. ; B.S. (Po- 
mona College) 1904: Teacher 1047 

Chestnut av., Long Beach. 
Rice, Candvce Ella (Mrs. H. W. Albee), 

B.L. Melrose. 
Richardson, Abbie May, B.L. ; B.L. (Univ. 

of Pacific) 1903: Teacher Box 111, 

Richardson, Ethel Bancroft, B.L. 1528 

Tenth av., O. 
Rigden. Erne Josephine (Mrs. Harold 

Michener), B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 1908 

*Rignev, Mary Cecilia, B.L. (Died March 

27, 1909.) 
Ringolsky, Gus Charles, B.L.; LL.B. 

1907: Lawyer 803 Claus Spreckels 

Bldg., S. F. 
Ristenpart, Myrtle, B.L. 1740 Walnut 

st., B. 
Robinson, Walter Hall, B.L.: Stockraiser 


Rose, John Leonard, A.B.; J.D. 1907: 
Lawyer Newark. 

Ross, Herbert William, B.S. chem. : Metal- 
lurgist and mining superintendent- 
La Fundicion, Peru. 

Schage, Florentine Juliet, B.L.: Teacher 
602 Seventeenth av. N., Seattle, 

Schraierer, Amelia Amanda, A.B.: Teacher 

Schmierer, Mary Carolina, A.B.: Teacher 

Schroeder, Caroline Anna, B.L.: 23 Palm 
av., S. F. 

Sec, Fong Foo, B.L.; M.A. (Columbia 
Univ.) 1906; Dr. of Languages 
(Chinese Government) 1907: Jour- 
nalist Translation Dept., Commercial 
Press, Shanghai, China. 

Selig, Amy, A.B. 

Sellander, Amelia Wilhelmine, B.L.: 
Teacher 460 E. Twentieth st., O. 

Sevmour, Charles Francis, A.B.; M.A. 
" 1906- A.B. (Univ. of Southern Cali- 
fornia) 1904; B.D. (Drew Theological 
Seminary) 1908: Clergyman Box 
232, Holtville. 

Shuey, Clarence Arthur, B.L.: Lawyer 
287 Adams st., O. 

Sims, Myrtle Laura, A.B. 2421 War- 
ring st., B. 

Sinsheimer, Helen Margery, A.B. 2716 
Pacific av.. S. F. 

Skinner, Cecilia (Mrs. S. J. Holmes), 
A.B. 2002 Madison st., Madison, 
Skinner. Matilda Shreve, A.B.: Teacher 

Smallwood, Claude, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

1316 Josephine st., B. 

Smith, Adeline Grace (Mrs. J. C. Stan- 
ley), B.L. Fort Bragg. 
Smith, Clara Agnes, B.L. Altadena. 
Smith, James Garfield, B.S. min. 
Smith, Margaret, B.L. : Teacher Santa 


Smith, Oda May, B.L. : Teacher Wood- 

Snvder, Charles David, Ph.D.; M.S. 
*1904; A.B. (Stanford Univ.) 1896. 

v. 1904. 
Solomon, Anna Henrietta, B.L.: Teacher 

828 G St., Eureka. 
Solomon, Laurence, B.S. min. 
Somerville, Mary Luella (Mrs. William 
Davis) B.L.' 2440 Washington St., 
S. F. 

Spalding, Raymond. B.S. civ. eng. : En- 
gineer 942 Potter Park av., Los An- 
Spencer, Mary (Mrs. H. G. Sharp), B.L. 

1236 Pearl st., A. 

Spinks, Virginia May Nelson (Mrs. C. H. 
Spinks), B.L. 2912 Benvenue av., B. 
Stanley, Ernest John, B.S. min.: Sur- 
veyor and assayer Santa Rosa de 
Mazapil Mines, Concepcion del Oro. 
Zacatecas, Mexico. 

Stanley, John Carter, A.B.; M.A. 1906: 
Teacher Fort Bragg. 

Stanton, Eleanor Louise, B.L. Corner 
Fifth and Evans place ,San Diego. 

Steele, William Irving, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trical engineer Care of Federal Lead 
Co., Flat River, Mo. 

Steinfeld, Lester Albert, B.S. com.: Insur- 
ance agent 128 Broadway, New York 

Stines, Norman Caswell, B.S. min.: Engi- 
neer 1534 Arch st., B. 

Stoddard, Thomas Albion, B.S. n s. ; 
M.D. 1907: Physician Fithian Bldg., 
Santa Barbara. 

Stone, Marian, B.L. 1520 Hawthorne 
terrace, B. 

Stone, Rachel Catharine, B.L. : Teacher- 
Box 206, Benicia. 

Stout, Herbert Arthur, B.L. : Lawyer 
1076 Eighteenth St., O. 

Stout, Minnie Lee, B.S. n. s. 642 N. 
Orange Grove, Pasadena. 



Stover, Arthur Patterson, M.S. civ. eng. ; 
B.S. (Agricultural College of Utah) 
1899: Irrigation engineer 207 Til- 
ford Bldg., Portland, Ore. 

Stover, Mattie Evangeline, B.S. agr. ; B.S. 
(Agricultural College of Utah) 1901: 
Agricultural chemist 2918 Benvenue 
av., B. 

Struckmeyer, Phebe, B.L. (Mrs. W. H. 
Popert), B.L. 2970 Piedmont av., B. 

Stuart, Anna (Mrs. O. H. Basquin), B.L. 
724 Foster st., Evanston, 111. 

Stucker, Maud May (Mrs. S. E. Mont- 
gomery), B.L. 1520 Henry St., B. 

Stumpf, Victor Conrad, B.S. min. : Real 
estate dealer 2429 E. Third St., Los 

Sweed, Mabel Constance, B.L.: Teacher 
301 Keokuk st., Petaluma. 

Thacher, Anne Eveleth (Mrs. R. K. Mor- 
ley), A.B. 24 Downing st., Worces- 
ter, Mass. 

Thomas, Olive Queen (Mrs. L. A. Bach- 
elder), B.S. n. s. 1433 Josephine st., 

Thompson, Alice Ranney, B.S. agr.: Chem- 
ist Kamehameha School, Honolulu, 
T. H. 

Tinnemann, Otto, B.S. mech. : Insurance 
inspector 6431 Benvenue av., O. 

Todd, Beatrice Blossom (Mrs. H. C. 
Sharp), B.L. Santa Paula. 

Tower, Alphonso Welker, B.S. n. s. : B.S. 
(De Pauw Univ.) 1903: Teacher 
885 Demasco Court, Glendale. 

Trueblood, Ellen Esther, B.L. : Teacher-- 

Turner, Wallace Poote, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Teacher lone. 

Tuttle, Ragland. B.L. ; LL.B. 1907: Law- 
yer Auburn. 

Underbill, Mary Rebecca, B.L.: Teacher 
Tamalpais rd., B. 

Van Loben Sels, James Florent, B.S. 
chem. : Manager garage company 
2828 Kelsey st,, B. 

Vaygouny, Mooshegh, Ph.D.; B.S. 1901; 
M.S. 1903. v. 1901. 

Vickery, Frederick Paul, B.S. chem.: 
With Vickery, Atkins & Torrey, art 
dealers 780 Kingston av., O. 

Wade Henrietta Alice, M.L. ; B.L. 1903. 

v. 1903. 
Walker, Ben Randal, B.L. 374 Calaveras 

av., Fresno. 

Wang, Chientsu, B.S. com. 
Ward, Shirley, B.L.; B.Pd. (Michigan 
State Normal College) 1908: Teacher 
2227 Union st., B. 

Warner, Beulah Stansbury, A.B.; B.A. 
(Univ. of Pacific) 1899 Medford, 

-* Warren, Julia, B.L. : M.L. 1906. (Died 
October 26, 1910.) 

Watkins, Ethelinda Slee, B.L. : Teacher 
1052 E. Seventeenth st., O. 

Webb, Emma Grace (Mrs. B. C. White- 
ley), B.L. 1310 Georgia st., Vallejo. 

Weiss, Arthur, A.B.; Ph.D. 1909: Music 
teacher 6444 Benvenue av., O. 

Wepfer, Alfred Vincent, B.S. n. s.: Teach- 
er 122 Bartlett St., S. F. 

Wetzel, Benton Gaillard, B.S. mech.: 
Printer and advertiser 1633 Jose- 
phine st., B. 

Wharton, Minnie, B.L. ; B.L. (Pomona 
College) 1902: Teacher 227 W. Holt 
av., Pomona. 

Whealton, Hallie May (Mrs. J. D. Smith), 
B.S. n. s. ; A.B. (Western Maryland 
College) 1898 Chincoteague, Va. 

White, Dagmar (Mrs. C. A. Gaines), B.L. 
466 Ruthven av., Palo Alto. 

WHITE, EARL DAVID, B.L.; J.D. 1908: 
Lawyer Oakland Bank of Savings 
Bldg., O. 

White, James Gustav, B.L. : Y. M. C. A. 
secretary Central Y. M. C. A., Buf- 
falo, N.'Y. 

Whitten, William Wakefield, B.S. min.: 
Mining superintendent 437 Haw- 
thorne st., O. 

Wickson, Gladys Clare, A.B. 2723 Ban- 
croft way, B. 

Wiester, Aber Stowe, B.S. chem.: Chem- 
ist 2973 Folsom st., S. F. 

Wigholm, Carl August, B.S. civ. eng. 
Care of H. P. Hoey, Weed. 

Wilcox, Edith Mary, B.L.; Ed.B. (Univ. 
of Chicago) 1906: Teacher Brook- 
ings, So. .Dakota. 

Wilcox, Sidney Warren, B.L.: Clergyman 
337 Lawton av., O. 

Williams, Lillian, A.B.: Teacher 918 E. 
Fifth st., Santa Ana. 

Wilson, Mary Estelle, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
2442 Piedmont av., B. 

Wilson, Washington, B.L. Care of U. C. 
Club, Seattle, Wash. 

Wolfsohn, Julian Mast, B.S. n. s. : Medical 
student Johns Hopkins Medical 
School, Baltimore, Md. 

Wollenberg, Lilian Sophia (Mrs. A. H. 
Jacobs), B.L. 3576 California st,, 
S. F. 

Wood, Elizabeth Axtell, A.B. ; M.A. 1906: 
A.B. (Pomona College) 1900: Teacher 
Box 254, Claremont. 

Woodburn, Robert Chancy, B.L. 155 
Parkside drive, B. 

Woodruff, Hazel Marjorie, B.L.: Teacher 
572 Twenty-first st., San Diego. 

Yates, Jennie Otteline, B.L. 3255 Central 
av., A. 


Adams, Charles Francis, B.L. 2117 Mc- 
Kinley av., B. 



Adams, Frances Ellis, B.L. : Teacher 

Adams, William Seawall, B.S. min. 2616 
Virginia St., B. 

Agar, Winifred Garfield, B.L.; B.D. (Pa- 
cific Theological Seminary) 1909 
2026 Blake St., B. 

Albrecht, Sebastian, Ph.D. n. s. ; B.S. 
(Univ. of Wisconsin) 1900: Astron- 
omer Mount Hamilton. 

Alexander, William Hardy, Ph.D.; A.B. 
(Univ. of Toronto) 1899; M.A. 1900. 
v. 1900. 

Allen, Eric Reece, B.L. 

Allen, Grace Elizabeth, A.B. 941 Grattan 
St., Los Angeles. 

Allen, John Hovey, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
2340 Grant St., B. 

Allen, Marion (Mrs. E. O. Heinrich), B.S. 
n< g . 3214 N. Thirtieth St., Tacoma, 

Anderson, Gwynn Page, B.S. n. s. : Teach- 
er 1421 Spring st,, B. 

Andrews, William Samuel, A.B.; J.D. 
1908: Lawyer 2537 Fulton st., B. 

Andrews, Winnifred Parnelly, B.L. 25% 

Brainerd st., Detroit, Mich. 
Angwin, Ethel, B.L. 2815 Cherry st., B. 
Ansley, Marion, B.L. 103 Clinton st., 

Santa Cruz. 
Arlett, Robert Gibson, B.L. : Salesman 

959 Webster st., O. 
Armstrong, James William, B.S. com. 

2022 Woolsey st., B. 
Arnold, Charles Everard Le Neve, B.S. 

min.: Mining engineer 2616 Virginia 

St., B. 

Ashby, Ina Alma, B.L. Sublimity, Ore. 
Atkinson, Florence Edith, M.L.; B.L. 

1905. v. 1905. 

Bacigalupi, Beatrice, B.L.: Teacher 2129 

Green st., S.F. 
Backus, George Stitzel, B.S. min. Care of 

Tom Boy Gold Mines Co., Smuggler, 

Badger, Richard Saltonstall, B.S. civ. eng. 

2630 Ridge rd., B. * 
Badt, Milton Benjamin, A.B.; LL.B. 

1909: Lawyer Chronicle Bldg., S. F. 
Bailey, Lewis Newton, B.S. min. 
Baker, Frederick Neill, B.S. min.: Sur- 
veyor Ventura. 
Baker, Kathryn, B.L. : Teacher 707 N 

St., Merced. 
Bammann, Emma Louise, A.B.: Teacher 

1700 Patterson av., O. 
Banks, Kathrina Olga, A.B.: Agent for 

publishing company Williams. 
Barker, Edgar Earl, B.S. min.: Mining 

engineer Box J, Nevada City. 
Barkley, Alice Garwood, A.B.; M.A. 1907 

2144 Green st., S. F. 

Barnes, John Waddington Harry, B.S. civ. 
eng. : Civil engineer 1642 Dwight 
way, B. 

Barnett, Alma, M.L. ; B.L. 1905. v. 1905. 

Barr, Carolyn Marion, M.A. ; A.B. 1904. 
v. 1904. 

Barrett, Katherine Clare, A.B. 135 Cole 
St., S. F. 

Barrett, Samuel Alfred, M.S.; B.S. 1905; 
Ph.D. 1908. v. 1905. 

Bartlett, Arthur Wayland, B.S. com.: 
With U. S. Forest Service 2536 Pied- 
mont av., B. 

Basham, William Edmund, B.S. chem. 

Batdorf, Charles William, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 
1910: Student, U. C. St. Helena. 

Beach, Samuel Hovey, B.L. ; M.L. 1907: 
Special agent U. S. Census Bureau 
Bureau of Census, Washington, D. C. 

Beckingsale, Winnifred May, B.L. : Teach- 
er 612 N. Euclid av., Ontario. 

Beebe, Nina Agatha, B.L. Corona. 

Beecher, Henry Ward, B.S. mech. : Engi- 
neer 618 Mutual Life Bldg., Seattle, 

Berg, Alfreda Christina, B.L. 2517 Re- 
gent st., B. 

Bernstein, Esther Delcia (Mrs. O. F. 
Snediger), M.L. ; B.L. 1905: v. 1905. 

Berringer, Edwin John, B.L. ; M.L. 1907: 
Teacher Care of High School, Sacra- 

Bingham, Harold Woodworth, B.S. agr. : 
Salesman 2030 Laguna st., S. F. 

Cinney, Phoebe Marian, A.B. 1409 Eu- 
clid av., B. 

Bixby, Sarah Pearl, B.S. n. s. ; B.S. (Po- 
mona College) 1904: Teacher La 

Black, John Cecil, B.S. civ. eng.: Civil 
engineer 117 Eleventh st., Tacoma, 

Blackman, Edward, B.L.: Teacher Wil- 

Blanchard, Ada Elizabeth, B.L.: Teacher 

Blossom, Mary Robert (Mrs. C. S. David- 
son), B.L. 2401 LeConte ave., B. 

Bohnett, Lewis Dan, B.L. : Lawyer Bank 
of San Jose Bldg., San Jose. 

Bonnet, Francois, M.A. ; B.L. 1892 and 
B.S. 1893 (Univ. of France) : Jour- 
nalist 37 Rue Youbert, Paris, France. 

Boone, Charles Philip, B.S. chem. But- 
ters Salvador Mine, Jacoro, Salvador. 

Borthwick, William Lawrence, B.S. civ. 
eng. : Civil engineer 306 Chamber of 
Commerce Bldg., Portland, Ore. 

Boutin, Marie Louise, B.L.; M.L. 1907 
1547 LeRoy av., B. 

Bovard, John Freeman, M.S.; B.S. 1903. 
v. 1903. 


Bovard, Paul Fountain, B.S. chein. : Chem- 
ist Roosevelt, Ariz. 
Boyd, Helen, A.B. 2321 Merced St., 

*Boyle, Olin McClintock, Jr., B.S. civ. eng. 

Bristol, Clare Annette (Mrs. I. W. Fish), 

B.L. Honolulu, T. H. 
Brown, Florence, B.L. ; M.S. n. s. 1909: 

Teacher 204 W. Commercial row, 

Reno, Nev. 
Browne, Spencer Cochrane Jr., B.S. min. : 

Mining engineer 438 Edwards St., O. 
Brownsill, Minnie Olive, B.L. 2614 Chan- 

ning way, B. 

*Brubaker, Charles Henry, B.L. . (Died.) 
Bryant, Ober Wilson, B.S. civ. eng. 1537 

Maines av., Los Angeles. 
Bufford, Lawrence, B.S. civ. eng.: Farmer 

Glen Ellen. 
Bullard, Sellar, B.L. : Bond salesman 

Care of Kennett Cowan & Co., Corn 

Exchange Bank Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Bullock, Amasa Archibald, B.S. agr. ; M.S. 

(University of Chicago) 1909: Teacher 

Univ. of Nanking, Nanking, China. 
Burdof, Sophie Margaret, B.L. : Teacher 

R. D. 1, Fullerton. 
Burgess, John Albert, B.S. min.: Mining 

engineer Care of Tonopah Mining 

Co., Tonopah, Nev. 
Burns, Mary Jane Theresa Zita (Mrs. J. 

J. O'Connor), M. A.; A.B. 1905. v. 


Burns, Walter Elliott, B.S. civ. eng.: En- 
gineer 911 O st., Sacramento. 
Bush, Arthur Cleveland, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 

1907: Chemical engineer 3904 Clay 

St., S. F. 

*Bush, Mary Helen, B.L. (Died.) 
Butler, Ormond, M.S.; B.S. 1905. v. 

alkins, Hugh Oilman, B.S. n. s. : Forest 

supervisor Forest Service, Santa Fe, 

New Mex. 
allender, Edna Anna, B.L. Berros, San 

Luis Obispo Co. 
Campbell, Josephine Best (Mrs. R. H. 

Beamer), B.L. S. 1138 Bryant av., 

Spokane, Wash. 

Carpenter, Edwin Elisha, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer 111 No. Franklin st., 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Carr, Clara Leona (Mrs. A. W. Miller), 

B.L. Cloverdale. 
Case, Horace Arthur, B.L. : Salesman 

519 Thirty-third st., O. 
Casterlin, Madge Augusta, M.L. ; B.L. 

1905. v. 1905. 
Cebrian, Edward de Laveaga, B.S. mech. 

1801 Octavia st., S. F. 
Chace, Catherine Winifred, B.L. : Teacher 

1733 Walnut st., B. 

Chamberlain, William Henry, M.A. ; A.B. 
(Univ. of Utah) 1896: Lecturer in 
Philosophy, Univ. of Utah 1250 S. 
Eighth West., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Chartz, Emilie Helen, B.L.: Teacher 412 

N. Nevada st., Carson, Nevada. 
Chase, Samuel James, B.L. ; J.D. 1909 : 

Lawyer 406 Oakland Bank of Sav- 
ings Bldg., O. 
Chevret, Marthe Louise, B.L. : Teacher 

Chisholm, Stuart, B.L. : Student 7 Place 

st., Sulpice, Paris, France. 
Clark, Helen Martha (Mrs. L. I. Denton) 

B.L. 616 W. Ninth st., Wilmington, 

Clark, John Edward, M.S.: B.S 1905 v 

Cleary, Alfred John, B.S. civ. eng.: Civil 

engineer City Engineer's Office, S. F. 
Cogswell, Mary Goddard, B.L.j Teacher 

2702 Normandie av., Los Angeles. 
Cohen, Birdie, B.L. 3032 Jackson st., 

S. F. 
Cohn, Davida, B.L.: Teacher 623 Brod- 

erick st., S. F. 
Collier, Albert Morton, B.S. Min.: Mining 

engineer Hayden Hill. 
Collier, Frank Elliott, B.S. agr.: Salesman 

1497 Lime st., Riverside. 
Combs, Frances, B.L. : Teacher 530 Ross 

st., Santa Rosa. 
Coogan, Albert Joseph, B.L. ; LL.B. 1908: 

Lawyer 748 Oakland av., O. 
Cooley, Arthur Montague, B.S. agr. Hey- 

wood Bldg., B. 
Cooper, William John, A.B. : Teacher 

2924 Hillegass av., B. 
Cope, Erie Long, B.S. civ. eng.: Civil 

engineer- 2638 Haste st., B. 
Cope, Maude Sarah (Mrs. F. S. Wilkie), 

B.L. 229 N. Belmont av., Los An- 
Cornish, Josephine Helena, B.S. n. s. : 

Teacher Box 185, Ontario. 
Crawford, Bertha Elizabeth, B.L.: Teacher 

Cresalia, Anna Teresa, B.L.: Teacher 

1263 Golden Gate av., S. F. 
Cullen, Clara Belle, B.L. Glendora. 
Curtis, Edna (Mrs. W. J. Cooper), A.B. 

2924 Hillegass av., B. 
Curtis, Louis Woodson, A.B. 124 W. 

Thirty-sixth st., Los Angeles. 
Davis, Benjamin Marshall, Ph.D. n. s. ; 

B.S. 1890 and M.S. 1892: Professor 

of Agricultural Education, Miami Univ. 

Oxford, Ohio. 
De Armond, Charles Frederick, B.S. min. 

Elko, Nevada. 
Demeritt, Hubert Otto, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Surveyor 1737 Walnut st., B. 



Dewell, Henry Dievendorf, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Civil engineer Spring st. and Rose 
terrace, B. 

Dickie, George Edward, B.L. : Superin- 
tendent of playgrounds 1155 Madison 
St., O. 

Dickson, Carroll Crow, B.S. com. Care 
of Pacific Mail Steamship Co., S. F. 

Doody, Georgina Launa, B.S. n. s. : Teach- 
er 118 Ross st., San Rafael. 

Douglas, Katherine Mary, B.L.: Teacher 
1118 Palm st., San Luis Obispo. 

Drescher, Henry Bernard, B.S. com. 
Care of Mebius & Drescher Co., Sacra- 

Drinkwater, Sara Leoline (Mrs. J. F. Shu- 
man), B.L. 580 Vernon st., O. 

Dunlap (Mrs), Mary Durand (Mrs. 
Knight Dunlap), B.L. Box 153, 
Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, Md. 

Dunn, Jessie Alice, B.L. Redding. 

Dunn, Robert Irving, B.S. min.: Engi- 
neer Room 21, 77 Washington st., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Dutton, David Cecil, B.L. ; J.D. 1908: 
Lawyer Oakland Bank of Savings 
Bldg., O. 

Earl, Austin Willraott, B.S. civ. eng.: En- 
gineer 743 Twenty-first st., San 

Ecker, Edna Louise (Mrs. A. H. Taylor), 
M.A.; A.B. 1905. v. 1905. 

Edwards, John Stevenson, B.L. Santa 

Einstein, Berton, B.S. com.: Bank cashier 
948 K. St., Fresno. 

Elkus, Albert Israel, B.L. ; M.L. 1907: 
Musician Care of Manheim, Dibben 
& Co., 453 Montgomery St., S. F. 

Elliott, Edna Rea, B.L. Covina. 

Elliott, Roy Holliday, B.S. min.: Engineer 
Care of Marysville Dredging Co., 

Ellis, William Fred Jr., A.B. : Teacher 
1418 N. Hunter St., Stockton. 

Ennor, Maud Edna, B.L. : Teacher El- 

Esterly, Ward Benjamin, B.S. min.: Con- 
tractor 2136 Center st., B. 

Farris, William, B.S. min. Smartville. 

Feenan, Mary Eva, A.B.: Teaching 220 
West G St., Ontario. 

Fibush, Felix, B.S. mech. : Electrical en- 
gineer 466 Twenty-fourth st., O. 

Filcher, Roy Melton, B.S. agr. : Superin- 
tendent of Experiment Farm Logan, 

Flanders, Louise Babcock (Mrs. W. G. 

Davies), B.L. Willows. 
Foreman, Andrew Macpherson, B.S. mech.: 

Engineer 1515 Oak st., S. F. 
Francis, Mary Christine (Mrs. T. C. 

Claubes), B.L. Porterville. 

Frank, Joseph, B.S. n. s. 1353 Post St., 

S. F. 
Frank. Virginia Charlotte, B.L. 1827 

Vallejo st., S. F. 
French, Richard Slayton, B.L. : Teacher 

2482 Prince St., B. 

Frickey, Royal Evarol, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trical engineer Redding. 
Friedrich, Laura Wilhelmina, M.L. ; B.L. 

(Marietta College) 1902: Teacher 

227 W. Holt av., Pomona. 
Fryer, Cullie Caroline, B.L.: Teacher 

Gamble, Hester, A.B. : Teacher Hayward. 

Gardner, Nathaniel Lyon, Ph.D.; M.S. 
1903; B.S. (Univ. of Washington) 
1900. v. 1903. 

Gaumnitz, Amos John, M.S. agr.; B.S. A. 
(Univ. of Minnesota) 1906: Assistant 
in Cereal Investigation Davis. 

Geary, John White, B.S. min.: Engineer 
3019 Hillegass av., B. 

Ghiradelli, Alfred, B.S. mech.: Merchant 
940 Oakland av., O. 

Giesting, Frank Alexander, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Civil engineer Necaxa, Puebla, Mex- 

Gilbert, Mary Louise, B.L. Box 392, Los 

Gilmore, William Wylie, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Insurance agent 1025 L St., Sacra- 

Gladfelter, William Burtner, M.S. n. s. ; 
B.L. 1896 and A.B. 1905 (Univ. of 
Kansas): Teacher 149 Monroe st., 

Goddard, Malcolm, B.S. n. s. ; D.D.S. 
1909: Dentist 2647 Dwight way, B. 

Goldsmith, Belknap Chittenden, B.S. agr. ; 
M.F. (Yale Univ). 1909: Forest assist- 
ant U. S. Forest Service, Alturas. 

Gompertz, Alice, B.L.: Bank clerk 2405 
Bowditch st., B. 

Goode, Beulah Davenport, B.L. : Teacher 
771 Twenty-first st., San Diego. 

Goodman, Harry Minott, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer 1410 Milvia st.. B. 

Gordon, Grant Gilchrist, B.S. com.: Jour- 
nalist 2531 Chilton way, B. 

Gorrill, Arthur Winfield, B.S. mech. 

Grant, Catherine (Mrs. J. H. Hadley), 

Grant, Eleanor, B.L. 

Gray, Leon Ernest, B.L. 2337 Telegraph 
av., B. 

Gray, Prentiss Nathaniel, B.S. com.: 
Secretary of lumber firm 758 Tenth 
st., O. 

Greenwood, Wilfred Lawson, A.B.; M.A. 
1908 : Clergyman Merced. 

Gregory, Edward McAfee, B.L.: Teacher 
1619 La Loma av., B. 



Gregory, Jackson, B.L. : Teacher Care of 
High School, Truckee. 

Gregory, Susan Myra, B.L.: Teacher 
Care of High School, Monterey. 

Griffin, Augustus, B.S. civ. eng. : Engineer 

Griffith, William Verner, B.S. min. : Min- 
ing engineer Geyserville. 

Griffiths, Farnham Pond, B.L. Secretary 
to the President of the University 
Faculty Club, B. 

Grover, Florence Helen, A.B.: Stenog- 
rapher 2620 Benvenue av., B. 

Gunn, Roy Clare, B.S. civ. eng. : Engineer 
R. D. 186, Elmhurst. 

Gunthorp, Mattie Jane, A.B. 317 N. 
Prairie av., Austin Station. Chicago, 

Haber, Harold, B.S. min.: With Pacific 
States Telephone Co. 2640 Jackson 
St., S. F. 

Hadley, Frank Wright, B.S. com.: Amer- 
ican Vice-consul American Consulate, 
Shanghai, China. 

Hadsell, Dan, B.L. : Lawyer 2404 Ells- 
worth st., B. 

Hagan, Hugh Lawrence, B.L. : Lawyer 
957 Broadway, O. 

Hall, Harvey Monroe, Ph.D.; B.S. 1901; 
M.S. 1902. v. 1901. 

Halloran, Ralph Aloysius, B.S. n. s. : 
Chemist 56 Plaza drive, B. 

Hampshire, Edna Druella May, B.S. n. s. : 
Teacher 153 Henry st., S. F. 

Hansen, Alfred, B.S. mech. 

Harris, John Lawrence, B.L. : Chemist 
Los Alamos. 

Harvey, Frederic Addison, M.S. n. s. ; 
Ph.D. 1909; B.S. (Iowa College) 
1904: Teacher 2245 Grove st., Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Hatfield, Edith Alice (Mrs. S. B. Mars- 
ton), B.S. n. s. 661 So. Molino av., 

Hause, Naomi Elizabeth, A.B.: Teacher 
353 Pierce st., S. F. 

Hay, Mary Florence, B.L. : Teacher 1125 
Stratford av., So. Pasadena. 

Heise, Arthur Roy, B.S. min.: With oil 
refining company Port San Luis. 

Hellman, Sam, A.B. : Journalist Care of 
St. Louis "Republican," St. Louis, Mo. 

Helmer, George Alfred, B.S. chem. : Chem- 
ist Watsonville. 

Henry, William Warner, Jr., B.S. min.: 
Mining engineer 1809 Euclid av., B. 

Herskovits, Margaret, B.L. ; B.L. (Occi- 
dental College) 1905: Teacher 926 
Elaine st., Los Angeles. 

Hibbard, Mabel Estella, B.L. 2733 Bloom- 
ington av., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hickey, John Patrice, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Civil engineer 2433 Durant av., B. 

Hill, George Clayton, B.S. com.: Secretary 

of realty company Klammath Falls, 

Hobson, Hazel Le Francis (Mrs J. S 

Bagg), B.S. n. s. Box 55, Mill Valley. 
Holbrook, Elizabeth Eloise (Mrs L E 

Milliken), A.B. Fort Bragg. 
Holden, Harold Emery, B.S. chem. : Buyer 

for tanning company 316 Clay st., 

S. F. 

Hoi way (Mrs), Mary Gordon (Mrs. R. S. 
Holway), B.L. 2577 Buena Vista 
way, B. 

Hopkins, William Hewes, B.S. com.: Mer- 
chant Care of A. S. Hopkins Co., 
Howe, Laura Pearl, B.L. : Teacher 2515 

Bancroft way, B. 
Hoyt, Chester Frank, A.B. : Chemist 

1103 Ellis st., S. F. 

Huber, Philip, B.S. min.: Metallurgist 
Sutter Creek. 

Hudson, Bess Dale, A.B.: Teacher Niles. 

Hudson, Jay William, M.A. ; A.B. 1905- 
A.M. 1907 and Ph.D. 1908 (Harvard 
Univ.). v. 1905. 

Hunter, George Graham, B.S. n. s. 

Hunter, Maude Beatrice, B.L. Eureka. 

Hutton (Mrs.), Christine Emelie, M.A. ; 
A.B. 1904. v. 1904. 

Hyde, Arthur Edward, A.B.: Special 
agent, Dept. of Commerce and Labor 
Bureau of Corporations, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Ingham, Mary Evelyn, B.L.: Teaching 
San Fernando. 

Irvin, Donald Forsha, B.S. min.: Mining 
engineer 719 Summit av., Pasadena. 

Jacobs, Edith, B.L. : Teacher Empire 
Apts., 1040 Leavenworth st., S. F. 

James, Elias Olan, M.A. ; A.B. (Union 
Christian College) 1899; A.B. (Stan- 
ford Univ.) 1902: Teacher 1474 
Holly st., B. 

Jantzen, George Henry, A.B. Pullman, 

Jewett, Dorothea Kern, M.A. ; A.B. 1905 ; 
A.M. (Radcliffe College) 1908. v. 1905. 

Jewett, Hugh Saxe, B.S. com.: With Ala- 
meda Sugar Co. Woodland. 

Johnson, Ivy Jo, B.L. 2614 Telegraph, 
av., B. 

Johnson, Lillian Frances, B.S. n. s. :. 
Teacher 612 H st., Eureka. 

Johnston, Alice Waddell, A.B. 141 N. 
Los Robles av., Pasadena. 

Jones, Anna Franklyn, B.L. 1336 Ox- 
ford st., B. 

Jones, Bayard Hale, A.B. ; M.A. 1907: 
Teacher 1737 Virginia st., B. 

Jones, George Foster, B.L. : LL.B. (Yale 
Univ.) 1908: Lawyer Oroville. 



Jones, Mary Ethel, B.S. chem. : Teacher 

100 N. Fifth st., Alhambra. 
Jones, Sybil Elisa, M.L. ; B.L. 1905. v. 

Jones, Vera Copeland, B.L. : Teacher 

1027 Telegraph av., O. 
Jordan, Ada Gertrude, B.L.: Teacher 

2532 Hillegass av., B. 
Jordan, Constance Matilda, B.L. : Teacher 

Box 76, Livermore. 

Jordan, James Joshua, B.S. min. : Metal- 
lurgist 1451 Fifth av., S. F. 
Joubert, Frederick Joseph, B.S. min.: 

Mining superintendent Camptonville, 

Yuba Co. 
Kahn, Amy Cordelia (Mrs. J. P. Loeb), 

B.L. 735 Harvard blvd., Los Angeles. 
Kawasaki, Kango, B.L. : Real estate dealer 

1208^ Third st., Sacramento. 

Kellogg, Francis Comings, B.L. ; J.D. 
1910: A.B. (Oberlin College) 1904: 
Real estate dealer 2420 So. Atherton 
st., B. 

Kelly, William Harris, B.S. com.: Bank 
teller 2632 Hilgard av., B. 

Kelso, Olive White, B.S. n. s. ; B.S. (Po- 
mona College) 1905: Teacher 218 So. 
Madison av., Pasadena. 

Kennedy, Laurence Joseph, A.B. ; M.A. 
1908: Lawyer 1192 Arch st., B. 

Kennedy, Mary Agnes (Mrs. Francis 
Carr), B.L. 58 N. Market st., Red- 

Kern, Julia Margaret, A.B.: Teacher 

Kerr, Sally Patterson (Mrs. F. D. Street), 
B.L. 2804 College av., B. 

Kessing, Lawrence Raymond, B.S. civ. 

eng. : Draughtsman 1430 Santa 

Clara av., A. 

Kessler, Isaac, B.S. civ. eng.: Draughts- 
man 1209 Tenth st., O. 
Kilkenny, Tobias Dillon, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Draughtsman 930 Pine st., S. F. 
King, George Ernest, B.S. mech. :: 

Draughtsman 1464 Seventh av., O. 
Kittrelle, Reginald Wayne, B*S. com. : Real 

estate dealer Care of Realty Bonds 

and Finance Co., O. 
Knight, Mae Isabelle, B.L. : Teacher 337 

Cedar av., Long Beach. 
Koford, Joseph Sidney, B.L. : Lawyer 7 

McClure st., O. 
Kohnke, Frederick Charles, A.B. : Clerk 

for Southern Pacific Co. 316 Scott 

st., S. F. 
Kromer, Clarence Herbert, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Draughtsman Box 445, Ambridge, 

Kronquist, Alena Wilhelmina (Mrs. A. A. 

Newman), B.L. 666 Sixtieth st,, O. 
Kubo, Hiroshi, B.S. com. 1948 Bush st., 

S. F. 

Kurtz, Benjamin Putnam, Ph.D.: A.B. 

1901. v. 1901. 
La Grange, William Fillmore, B.S. agr. : 

Farmer 609 E st., Eureka. 
Larkin, Lucy, B.L. : Teacher 2411 Grove 

St., B. 
Larsen, Esper Signius,- Jr., B.S. min.: 

Geologist Care of U. S. Geological 

Survey, Washington, D. C. 
Lawton, Winifred Marion, B.L. : Teacher 

2211 Durant av., B. 
LeConte, Mary Roberdeau (Mrs. J. D. 

Hoffmann), A.B. 2501 Piedmont av., 


Lee, Aura (Mrs. H. M. Johnson), B.L. 
2327 Dana st., B. 

Levy, Elma Claire, B.L. : Teacher 1401 
Constance st., Los Angeles. 

Lewitt, Frederick Clinton, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 
1908: Physician 2702 California St., 
S. F. 

Lindsay, Lionel, B.S. min. 2 Cavendish 
Square, London, Eng. 

Linforth, Frank Arthur, B.S. min.: Geol- 
ogist 626 Hennessy Bldg., Butte, 

LSnsley, Edna Eunice Keyes (Mrs. J. F. 
Gressitt), B.L. : Missionary Kyoto, 

Livesey, John Jay Viets, B.S. n. s. : Chem- 
ist 640 Galena av., Pasadena. 

Lochridge, Grace C., B.L.: Teacher 421 
Pacific av., Long Beach . 

Loobliner, Edwin, B.S. mech.: Engineer 
233 Orange St., O. 

Loomis, Emma Christine, B.L. : Teacher 

Lowe, Chee Soo, B.S. min.: Mining en- 
gineer Care of Liang Kwong Coal 
Mines, Ltd., Canton, China. 

Luce, William Monmonier, B.S. civ. eng. 

Luke, Florence Elizabeth. B.L.: Teacher 
1428 Franklin st., O. 

Lynam. William Edward, B.S. com. : Bank 
auditor Lawton and McMillan avs., 

J.D. 1908: Lawyer 2616 Virginia 
St., B. 

McClure, Ethel Frances, A.B. 1509 Alca- 
traz av., B. 

McDuffie, Charles Burnap, B.S. mech. 
2409 Dwight way, B. 

McFarland, Warren Higgens Salsbury, 
B.S. min.: Mining engineer Dawson, 
Yukon Territory, Canada. 

McKesson, Eldred Celian, B.L. Ukiah. 
*McXair, Anna Victoria (Mrs. R. L. Ash- 
ley), B.S. n. s.; B.S. (Pomona Col- 
lege) 1905. (Died March 9, 1909.) 
McWilliams, Robert La Fayette, J.D. ; B.L. 
1904. v. 1904. 

Mace," Clement Harold, B.S. min.: Engi 
neer 1153 York st., Denver, Colo. 



Maddox, Morley Moyers, A.B.: Journalist 
Care of "Times," Visalia. 

Marcuse (Mrs.), Emmy, J.D.: Lawyer 

1140 Twelfth st., O. 
Markley, William Henry, B.S. chem.: 

Farmer R. D. 2, Box 142, Turlock. 
Martens, Elise Henrietta, A.B. : Teacher 

6207 Herzog St., O. 
Mathews, Harold Pierce, B.L. 1672 

Waverly st., O. 

Matthiesen, Henry Hans, B.S. mech. : En- 
gineer Care of City Engineer's Office, 
Los Angeles. 

Mayer, Hilda Elizabeth (Mrs. J. I. Beat- 
tie), B.L. Main and Benton sts., 
Santa Clara. 

Meader, Clara Florence, A.B.; A.B. and 
B.L. (Occidental College) 1905: 
Teacher 1365 First st., San Diego. 

Meads, Albert Manson, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 
1908: Physician 817 Seventeenth st., 

Merrill, Bessie Pratt (Mrs. E. A. Fren- 
zel), B.L. 2031 Bancroft way, B. 

Merrill, Frank Daniel, B.S. agr. : Chemist 
1740 Grant st., B. 

Meyer, Charles Clarence, B.L. ; M.A. 
(Columbia Univ.) 1907: Teacher 
1412 B st., Eureka. 

Meyer, Gladys Frinda (Mrs. E. R, Hal- 

lett), A.B. Cor. Alvarado rd. and 

Vicente rd., Claremont dist., B. 
Middlehoff, Elsie Lorraine, "B.S. chem. 

2530 Ridge rd., B. 
Miller, Ella Wood, A.B.; R. N. (Johns 

Hopkins Training School) : Trained 

nurse 219% E. North av., Baltimore, 

Miller, Jessie Wight, B.L. 2421 Buena 

Vista av., A. 
Miller, Kenneth Charles, B.S. min. ; B.S. 

(Univ. of Oregon) 1903: Farmer 

Sheridan, Ore. 
Miller, Mina Jeannette, B.L. : Teacher 

Ford City, Pa. 

Minard, Jeannette, Frances, B.L. : Teach- 
er 311 Abby st., Fresno. 
Mock, Viola. (Mrs. J. W. Joos), A.B. ; 

A.B. (Pomona College), 1905: Union 

Block, Pomona. 
Moody Alexander Skene, B.S. mech.: 

Electrical engineer 609 Coleman 

Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Morgan, Florence May, B.L. ; M.L. 1908 

2627 Dwight way, B. 
Morgan, James Alfred, B.L. : Merchant 

2627 Dwight way, B. 
Morrow, Irving Foster, A.B. : Student 

12 Rue de Seine, Paris, France. 
Morrow, Marion Kirkman, B.L. 1907 

Telegraph av., O. 
Motter, Elaine (Mrs. R, A. Sulliger), 

B.L.: Teacher 1700 Euclid av., B. 

Mower, Geneva Walker, A.B.; M.A. 1907: 
Teacher Ukiah. 

Moyer, Reuben Oliver, B.L. ; M.L. 1907: 
Teacher Centerville. 

Nealond, Lena, B.L. : Teacher 735 E. 
Ankeny st., Portland, Ore. 

Needham, Beatrice, B.L. Pt. Richmond. 

Neibel, Etta Velida, B.L. : Teacher 1712 
Heller st., Long Beach. 

Neighbor, Gilbert Franklin, B.S. com. 
Pacific Grove. 

Nelson, Anna, A.B. R. D. 35, Hayward. 

Newcomb, Ralph Pitcher Odiorne, B.S. 
min.: Mining superintendent 2309 
Vine st., B. 

Newell, Bertha, Ph.B.: Teacher Care of 
Kappa Alpha Theta, B. 

Newman, Anna Mary, B.L. : Teacher 

Newman, Walter Allen, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trical inspector for underwriters Care 
of Board of Underwriters, S. F. 

Nikolitch, Milan, M.S. civ. eng. ; B.S. 
(Univ. of Munich) 1904: Designing 
engineer 330 Twenty-ninth av., S. F. 

Nishkian, Leon Hagop, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Structural designer 549 So. Grand 
av., Los Angeles. 

Norton, Brayton Saltonstall, B.S. com.: 
Bookkeeper 145 Palm av., Riverside. 

O'Leary, Gertrude Genevieve, B.L. : 
Teaching 419 So. Grand av., Los 

O'Leary, Vera Estelle (Mrs. Caglieri), 
B.L. 3317 Clay st,, S. F. 

Oliver, Thomas Clifford, B.S. min.; B.S. 
(Univ. of N. Carolina) 1902: Mining 
superintendent Care of Mazapil Cop- 
per Co., Concepcion del Oro, Zaca- 
tecas, Mexico, via Saltillo. 

O'Neill, Kate Navin, A.B.: Teacher 955 
So. First st,, San Jose. 

Osgood, Charles Gardner, B.S. min. 503 
Thirteenth st., Sacramento. 

O'Toole, Lawrence Stephen, A.B.; LL.B. 
1905. v. Law 1905. 

Overholtzer, Lavisa (Mrs. E. Moreland), 
B.L. 1797 Newman st., University 
Park, Portland, Ore. 

Painter, Bruce Hinckley, B.S. n. s. : 
Teacher 1641 Lincoln st., B. 

Patterson, Ruth (Mrs. E. R. Bricknell),. 
B.L. 2005 Fourth av. W., Vancou- 
ver, B. C. 

Patton, Bessie Jane, B.L. 1901 Univer- 
sity av., B. 

Paul, Mabel Keturah, B.L. : Teacher 
242 So. Palm av., Hollywood. 

Pearce, Jackson Andrew, MS' B S 
1901. v. 1901. 

Peck, Willys Ruggles, A.B. : Consulate 
service American Legation, Pekin, 



Percival, Vera Margaret, A.B. : High 
school secretary 1527 Spring st., B. 

Perrine (Mrs.), Bell Smith (Mrs. C. D. 
Perrine), B.L. Argentine National 
Observatory, Cordoba, Argentine, So. 

Peterson, Ruth Achastie, A.B.: Teacher 
2106 San Pablo av., B. 

Pinger, Wilhelm Robert Richard, M.A. : 
Ph.D. 1908; T.M. (Gymnasium, Stet- 
tin, Germany): Instructor in German, 
U. C. 2554 Benvenue av., B. 

Pond, Harry Searls, B.S. min. : Mining 
engineer Nevada City. 

Posey, George Addison, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Civil engineer 2414 Dana st., B. 

Postel, Emma Gertrude (Mrs. J. H. 
Hjul), B.L. 701 Grand st., A. 

Premo, Charles Oliver, B.L. : Real estate 
dealer First National Bank Bldg., 

Prindle, Prances Elizabeth, B.L.: Teacher 
2710 Haste st., B. 

Prost, Hubert G., B.S. mech. : Patent 
solicitor 3009 Dana St., B. 

Putnam, Ola Mae, B.L. : Teacher Arcata. 

Raney, Sumner, B.S. agr. : Manager of 
ranch Hanford. 

Ratcliff, Ethel Bridget, B.S. n. s. 1643 
Kin-lid av., B. 

Rau, Jessie Lucile, B.L. 291 El Molino 
av., Pasadena. 

Rau, Lura Church, B.L. : Teacher 291 
El Molino av., Pasadena. 

Read, Emerson Worrell, B.L.; LL.B. 
1908: Lawver 515 Thomas Clunie 
Bldg., S. F.' 

Reece, Frederick Bennett, B.S. min. 
Care of Blaisdell-Coscotitlan Syndicate, 
Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico. 

Reed, Frances Mabel, B.L. 2015 Ban- 
croft way, B. 

Reed, Norman Winfield, B.S. mech.: In- 
spector for fire underwriters 2334 
Durant av., B. 

Reef, Henry Jacob, B>S. com.: Real estate 
dealer 303 Phelan Bldg., S. F. 

Reid, Louise Sophronia (Mrs. W. H. Hop- 
kins), B.S. n. s. 2826 K st., Sacra- 

Rhodes, Frederick Norman, B.S. min. 
Ronaki, Remuera, Auckland, New Zea- 

Robertson, Florence, B.S. n. s. 724 Mc- 
Donald av., Santa Rosa. 

Robertson, Jessie Thacher, M.L. ; A.B. 
(St. Lawrence Univ.) 1899; Ph.B. 
(State Normal College, N. Y.) 1900: 
Teacher 108 W. Olive av., Redlands. 

Robertson, William Lewis, B.S. com. 

Romaine, Mary Alice, B.L. : Teacher 
2919 California st., S. F. 

Bertha May, A.B.: Teacher 951 
Mariposa av., Los Angeles. 

Ross, Sarah Vida, A.B. ; M.A. 1908: 
Teacher 160 E. av. 57, Los Angeles. 

Ross, Sue Adele, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
929 College av., Santa Rosa. 

Routt, Forrest Vincil, B.L. : Teacher 
1117 W. Commonwealth av., Alham- 

Rowell, Percy Elliott, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

Ryst, Ina, A.B. : Teacher 2905 Washing- 
ton st., S. F. 

Saffold, Elizabeth, A.B. ; M.A. 1907: 
Teacher 1825 Virginia St., B. 

Salz, Howard Hart, B.S. com.: Manufac- 
turer Benicia. 

Salz, Milton Herman, B.S. com.: Grain 
broker 525 Merchants Exchange 
Bldg., S. F. 

Samson, Mabel Marion, B.L. 2195 Shat- 
tuck av., B. 

Sanborn, Edgar Madison, B.S. agr.: 
Florist 2001 Shattuck av., B. 

Sayre, Edith Athalia (Mrs. J. M. San- 
doe), B.L. 1534 St. Charles st., A. 

Schenk, Eugenie, B.L. : Settlement worker 
1610 Oxford st., B. 

Schmidt, Walter August, B.S. chem.: 
Chemical engineer 736 Burlington 
av., Los Angeles. 

Scott, Harry Atwood, B.S. mech.: With 
University Apparatus Co., 2111 Chan- 
ning way, B. 

Scott, Louisiana Foster, B.L. ; M.L. 1908: 
2814 Derby St., B. 

Seaman, Roberta (Mrs. L. F. Becker), 
A.B. "The Algonquin," Apt. 25, 
Seattle, Wash. 

Sellards, Myrtle, B.L. ; A.B. (Univ. of 
Kansas) 1905: Teacher Santa 

Seymour, Charles Francis, M.A. ; A.B. 
1905; A.B. (Univ. of Southern Cali- 
fornia) 1904; B.D. (Drew Theological 
Seminary), v. 1905. 

Sharp, Harold Gibbons, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer 1236 Pearl st., A. 

Shay, Frank Willis, B.L.: Lawyer 100 
Rio Vista av., O. 

Shepardson, Lucia, B.L. Pacific Grove. 

Shuman, John Franklin, B.L. ; LL.B. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1909: Lawyer 580 
Vernon st., O. 

Silberberg, Bernhard, B.S. civ. eng.: En- 
gineer 1524 Geary St., S. F. 

Simon, Paul Leo, B.S. mech.: Salesman 
Care of Westinghouse Machine Co., 
Chemical Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

Skinner, Hazel Anna (Mrs. C. K. Schna- 
bel), B.L. Newcastle. 

Skinner, Mona Mae, B.S n. s. : Teacher 
2332 Haste st., B. 

Smith, Alexandra Grogan, M.A. ; A.T5. 
1904. v. 1904. 



Smith, Jean Etta, B.L. : Teacher Clover- 
Smith, Susie Catherine, A.B.: Teacher 

1925 Parker st., B. 
Smittle, Laura Elizabeth, B.L. : Teacher 

1182 E. Fourteenth st., O. 
Smyth, Harriet Skidmore (Mrs. W. C. 

Alvarez), B.L. 1470 California st., 

S. F. 
Smyth, Hilda, B. L. R. D. 1, Box 86, 

Snedigar, Olie Fielding, B.L. : Probation 

officer 3046 Deakin st., B. 
Snow, Edith Fern, B.L. : Teacher 528 

E. Eleventh st., O. 
Squire, Harry Edwin, B.S. civ. eng. : 

Engineer 924 Highland av., Bremer- 
ton, Wash. 
Stanley, John Carter, M.A. ; A.B. 1905. 

v. 1905. 
Staver, John Frederick, B.S. min.; B.S. 

(Univ. of Oregon) 1904: Mining 

Engineer 754 Schuvler st., Portland, 

Stearns, Isabel Antoinette de Capree 

(Mrs. P. S. Gavin), B.S. n. s. 1827 

Elm st., A. 
kteinbach, Hermann Reinhard, B.L. ; 

M.L. 1907: Teacher 2210 K st., 

Stewart, Guy Robertson, B.S. agr. : 

Chemist 2311 Howe st., B. 
Stewart, Janet Ann, B.L. : Teacher 

Stillwell, Elijah Burton, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Stock raiser Tehama. 
Stiner, Ina Hannah, B.L. : Teacher 

Eagleville, Modoc co. 

St. John, Paul, B.S. min.: Mining en- 
gineer 165 Buena Vista av., S. F. 
Stoddard, Harry Le Roy, B.S. com. 

1215 Anacapa st., Santa Barbara. 
Stone, Charles Henry Howard, M.S. 

chem.; B.S. (Massachusetts Institute 

of Technology) -18962531 McAllis- 
ter st., S. F. 
Stringfield, Vivian Felicia, B.L. : Student 

1111 Santee st., Los Angeles. 
Strite, Bertha Perle (Mrs. R. L. Rowley), 

B.L. 1128 Filbert st., S. F. 
Strohl, Elizabeth Bella (Mrs. F. M. Sil- 

va), B.L. Central av., Napa. 
Strong, Edward Kellogg, Jr., B.S. n. s. ; 

M.S. 1909: Student 500 W. 122nd 

St., New York City. 
Strowger, Florence Rena (Mrs. C. H. 

Hjul), A.B. 4249 Gilbert st., O. 
Struve, Esther Marie, B.L. Watson- 

Stuart, Charles Edward, B.S. min. 

Snlliger, Roy Arthur, Ph.B. : Mining 

Superintendent San Jose de Gracia, 

Sinaloa, Mexico. 

Thomas, B.S. n. s. ; 
Physician 1367 

civ. eng. 

Sutherland, Robert 

M.D. 1908: 

Seventh av., O. 
Swanson, Lurline Estelle, B.L. 1372 

Masonic av., S. F. 
Taizon, Antonio Manuel, B.S. civ. 
Taylor, Henry William, B.S. 

Engineer 346 State st., Albany, 

Taylor, Margaret Wyman, A.B. 620 
Mariposa av., O. 

Thomas, Mary Eola, A.B. ; A.B. (Butler 
College) 1893 Riverside. 

Thompson, Francis Mervyn, B.L. : Teach- 
er Box 233, Madera. 

Treadwell, Sophie (Mrs. W. O. McGee- 
han), B.L. 15 Lincoln st., S. F. 

Tull, Henrietta Marilla (Mrs. W. P Aus- 
tin), B.L. Salinas. 

Twinting, Katharine Bird, A.B. ; A.B. 
(Pomona College) 1904 95 Columbia 
st., Pasadena. 

Van Bokkelen, William Requa, B.S. 
mech. 2713 Telegraph av., B. 

Van Orden, Mary, B.L. : Teacher of 
piano 1125 Paru. st., A. 

Vaughan, Ray Cass, A.B.: Insurance 
agent 201 Sansome st., S. F. 

Vollmer, Ernest, B.S. com.: In consulate 
service American Consulate General, 
Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

Wagner, Albert Patrick, B.S. mech.: 
Electrical engineer 515 Eureka st., 
S. F. 

Waite, Marion Edward, B.S. agr. San 

Walker, Clifford Black, B.S. chem.: Medi- 
cal student 1421 Mission st., So. 

Ward, Isabel, B.L.: Teacher Normal 
School of New Mexico, Silver City, 
N. M. 

Warren, Alfred James, B.S. mech. : 
Owner electric light and power plant 
Apartado 35, Jimenez, Chihuahua, 

M.L. ; B.L. 1905. 

Warren, Julia, 

Watson, Edna Earl, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 

1907; Ph.D. 1910: Teacher 2736 

Haste st., B. 
Weeks, Helen Foss, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

Welty, James William, B.S. agr.: Farmer 

128 Pacific av., Sacramento. 
Wendell, Matilda Kinloch, A.B.: Teacher 

2524 LeConte av., B. 
Weymouth, Alice Nevada, B.L. : Teacher 

2325 Blake st., B. 
Wheeler, Ira Danforth, B.S. com.: With 

Pacific Hardware & Steel Co. 929 

E. Third st., Los Angeles. 
White, Carlos Greenleaf, J.D. ; B.L. 1904. 

v. 1904. 


White, Louise Frances, B.L. : Proof- 
reader 3306 Forest st., Fruitvale. 

Whitman, Howard Claud, B.S. civ. eng. 

Wilkins, Ruth Elinor, B.L. 

Wilkinson, Elsie Mabel (Mrs. F. Wood- 
bury), M.L.; B.L. 1901. v. 1901. 

Willard, Dora Sherwood (Mrs. Oliver 
Youngs), B.L. 2830 Benvenue av., 

Willson, Isabelle, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

Wilson, M. Genevieve, A.B.: Teacher 

Wollenberg, Bertine (Mrs. J. A. Wilcox), 
B.L. 1234 Bonita av., B. 

Wood, Elizabeth Axtell, M.A.; A.B. 1905; 
A.B. (Pomona College) 1900. v. 

Wright, Clara Beatrice, A.B.; A.B. 
(Olivet College) 1899 R. D. 1, 
Springville, Utah. 

Wright, (Mrs.) Gertrude Fanny Yen- 
ning (Mrs. 8. B. Wright), B.S. n. s. 
Fourteenth st. and Fourth av. ter., 

Wroth, James Stewart, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer 500 Copper av., Albu- 
querque, New Mexico. 

Wyneken, Friedrich Alexander, B.L. ; 
M.L. 1908: Assistant in German, 
U.C. 1412 Walnut St., B. 

Young, Edna Eugene, B.L. 1617 Lyon 
st,, S. F. 

Yoshima, Masashi, M.L. ; A.B. (Stanford 
Univ.) 1905. 


Adams, Arthur Hartwell, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer 965 E. Fourth st., Los 

Alexander, Emmet Gerald, M.A.; A.B. 
(Univ. of Missouri) 1899 246 So. 
Flower st., Los Angeles. 

Allen, Hugh Sidney, B.S. min.: Engineer 
1831 California av., Bakersfleld. 

Avery, Kasson, B.L.: City inspector 
963 So. Hoover st., Los Angeles. 

Await, Chester Frank, B.C. com.: Clerk 
for Southern Pacific Railway 105 
Wilkes Circle, Santa Cruz. 

Babcock, Harold Delos, B.S. mech: 
Physicist Mt. Wilson Solar Observa- 
tory, Pasadena. 

Backe, Charles Warren, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Engineer Box 296, Ely, Nevada. 
*Badian, Hugo (name legally changed to 
Hugh Bliss Godlover), M.S. n. s. ; 
J.U.D. (Univ. of Czernowitz) 1901. 
(Died December 5, 1910.) 

Badt, Roy Arin, B.S. civ. eng.: Struc- 
tural engineer 2319 Sacramento st., 
S. F. 

Barker, Frank Thomas, B.S. min.: Mer- 
chant Box 26, Ukiah. 

Barkley, Alice Garwood, M.A. ; A.B. 

1906. v. 1906. 
Barney, Anna Louise, B.L. ; M.L. 1908: 

Teacher 128 W. Bush st., Hanford. 
Barry, May Dolores, A.B. 1820 Hvde 

St., S. F. 

Bartlett, Lawrence, B.S. mech.: Electri- 
cal engineer Care of Empire District 

Electric Co., Joplin, Mo. 
Beach, Samuel Hovey, M.L. ; B.L. 1906. 

v. 1906. 
Belknap, John, B.S. min. Portland, 

Bell, Golden Woolfolk, B.L.: Lawyer 

1546 Euclid av., B. 
Benson, John Paty, B.S. min.: Mining 

engineer San Vicente Mining Co., 

San Dimas, Durango, Mexico. 
Benton, Ralph, B.L. : M.S. 1909; B.S. 

(Montana Agricultural College) 1906: 

Teacher State Normal School, Los 

Angeles, Cal. 
Berringer, Edwin John, M.L. ; B.L. 1906. 

v. 1906. 
Berry, Alice Rosecrans, B.L. : Teacher 

2201 Santa Clara av., A. 
Bettison, Ethel Vivian, B.L.; A.B. 1893 

and M.A. 1894 (Martin College): 

Teacher 2538 Channing way, B. 
Bishop, Hiram Nelson, B.S. chem.: 

Structural engineer 2223 Chapel st., 

Bittner, Adolf Frederick, B.S. n. s. : 

Teacher 622 E. Nineteenth North, 

Portland, Ore. 
Blanckenburg, Gustav Berthold, B.L. ; 

J.D. 1909: Lawyer 487 Monad- 
nock Bldg., S. F. 
Blatchley, William Henry, B.S. min. 

Fort Scott, Kansas. 
Bloch. W T alter Jacob, B.S. min. 3012 

Pine St., S. F. 
Boutin, Marie Louise, M.L. ; B.L. 1906. 

v. 1906. 
Bradley, James Chester, M.S. n. s. ; A.B. 

(Cornell Univ.) 1906: Entomologist 

Entomological Laboratory, Cornell 

Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 
Bransford, Laura Lee, A.B.: Teacher 

Red Bluff. 
Briggs, Leslie Burdette, B.L. ; M.L. 

1908; B.L. (Univ. of Pacific) 1905; 

B.D. (Pacific Theological Seminary): 

Clergyman 1148 Church st., S. F. 
Brown, Caroline Spence, B.S. n. s. Glen 

av. and Eunice st., B. 
Brown, Everett Somerville, B.L. ; M.L. 

1908: Teacher 1328 Filbert st., O. 
Bryan. Everett N., B.L.: Civil engineer 

R. 4, Box 60, Watsonville. 
Buckingham, Kate Hamilton (Mrs. J. S. 

Koford), B.L. 7 McClure st., O. 
Buckingham, Thomas Hugh, Jr., B.L. : 

Student Vacaville. 


Burdorf, Dorothy Rebecca, B.L. ; M.L. 
1908 : Teacher Fulerton. 

Burnham, Victor Sylvester, B.S. com. 
1543 Delaware st., B. 

Burr, Addie, B.L.: Teacher 1930 
Delaware st., B. 

Burroughs, Helen Kendall, B.L. : Nurse 
664 Fifty-seventh st., O. 

Burton, Henry Halleck, Jr., B.S. civ. 
eng. : Civil engineer 1617 Cherry 
St., Los Angeles. 

Bush, Arthur Cleveland, M.S. 1907; B.S. 
1906. v. 1906. 

Bush, Franklin William, Jr., B.S. min. : 
Assayer and surveyor Napa. 

Biisser, Edith Matilda (Mrs. H. W. 
Whitworth), B.L. 1358 Spring st., 

Butler, Nora Psyche (Mrs. A. V. Wep- 
fer), A.B. 122 Bartlett st., S. F. 

Button, Ralph Laselle, B.S. mech. 

Cameron, Blanche Maud (Mrs. H. W. 
Beecher), B.L. Apt. U, "The Hill- 
crest," Seattle, Wash. 

Campbell, Bert, B.S. com. Laughlin 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

Casady, Philip Murray, B.S. mech.: En- 
gineer Care of Des Moines Gas Co., 
Des Moines, Iowa. 

Cella, Emma Louise, B.L. : Teacher 
53 Cortland av., S. F. 

Chapman, Paul Edwin, B.S. mech: Au- 
tomobile dealer 930 Pine st., S. F. 

Chan, Chun Seen, B.S. agr. Care of 
Dr. Chan Hin Tan, Netherrole Hos- 
pital, Hong Kong, China. 

Chang, Tsung Yuen, B.S. com. Imperial 
Board of Commerce, Peking, China. 

Chidester, Maude Neosho, B.L. : Teacher 

Chubb, Mabel Marion, B.L. : Teacher 

Chubb, Phillip Henry, B.S. min.: En- 
gineer Coalinga. 

Clapp, Louise Sewall, B.L.: Teacher 
1812 Clinton av., A. 

Clarke, Harold Asa, A.B.: Playground 
director 417 Belmont av., Los Ange- 

Cohen, Lelia, B.L. 1622 McAllister st., 

S. F. 
Cole, Arthur George, B.S. min. Pellsburg 

Silver Peak Mine, Blair, Nevada. 
Collins, Charles Henry, B.S. mech: 

With T. W. Collins & Co. 2524 

Union st., S. F. 
Corbett, James Crichton, B.S. min. 

2001 Haste st., B. 
Cotter, Mary Elsie, B.L. : Teacher 290 

Park View Terrace, O. 
Craig, Charles Volney, B.S. min.: Mining 

superintendent Guadalupe, Zacatecas, 


Craig, Marian Frances, A.B.: Box 1037, 

Crane, Mabel Antoinette, B.S. n. s. : 
Teacher Colusa. 

Crothers, Margaret Virginia, B.L. : Teach- 
er Niles. 

Crowell, Mary, B.L. ; M.L. 1908: 
Teacher 1451 Bay av., O. 

Cunningham, Madge, B.L. : Teacher 

Curtis, Lewis Edward, B.L. : Journalist 
420 N. Yakima st., Tacoma, Wash. 

Curts, John Gooden, B.L. : Teacher 

Danforth, Sherman Edward, B.L. ; J.D. 
1909 Nevada City. 

Darby, Rose Eleanor (Mrs. J. H. Town- 
send), B.S. n. s. Boswell, Oklaho- 

Darling, Harry Wright, B.S. min.: 
Chemical engineer Blair, Nevada. 

Daveler, Erie Victor, B.S. min.: Mining 
superintendent Garfield, Utah. 

Davidson, James Grant, 'Ph.D. n. s. ; 
A.B. (Univ. of Toronto) 1900. 

Davis, Cecil Marie, B.L. : Teacher 

Davis, Ellis Arthur, B.L. Elks' Club, B. 

Deamer, Armore Jean (Mrs. F. L. Car- 
son), B.L. Bixel Apts., Los Angeles. 
Denny, Ethel Adele, B.L. ; M.L. 1908: 

Teacher Etna Mills. 
Dickson, David Thomas, B.S. mech.: 

Engineer 731 Commerce st., Tacoma, 

Diminler, Charles Louis, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Structural engineer 1547 Euclid av., 

Dobbins, John Leslie, B.S. civ. eng.; A.B. 

1905. v. 1905 Imperial Univ., Tien 

Sien, China. 
Domonoske, Arthur Boquer, B.S. mech.; 

M.S. 1909: Instructor in mechanical 

engineering, U. C. 1557 Eighth st.. 

Dore, Walter Harrington, B.S. chem. : 

Chemist 1811 Stuart st., B. 
Dutton, Pluma Ruby (Mrs. E. B. Har- 

ley), A.B. R. D. 2, Box 49, Wood- 
Dwelle, Harold Edward, B.L. : Clerk 

Superior Court Fresno. 
Edwards, Gurden, B.L. : Journalist 118 

Montell st., O. 
Edwards, Mabel Lincoln, B.L. : Teacher 

2529 Hillegass av., B. 
Edwards, Miriam Barstow, B.L. 115 E. 

Islay st., Santa Barbara. 
Eisner, Norman Abraham, B.L. ; LL.B. 

1909: Lawyer 112 Crocker Bldg., 

S. F. 
Elkus, Albert Israel, M.L.; B.L. 1906. v. 



Encell, Harry Albert, B.L.: Lawyer 
1801 Fourteenth av., O. 

Engle, John Franklin, M.L. ; M.A. and 
Ph.D (Wooster Univ.) 1900; Ph.B. 
(Illinois Wesleyan Univ.) 1901 
East Auburn. 

Estep, Ray King, B.S. min.: Mining 
superintendent Box 96, Oroville. 

Evans, Llewellyn, B.S. mech. : Electri- 
cal engineer Care of Evans-Dickson 
Co., Commerce st., Tacoma, Wash. 

Finger, Clyde Pickney, B.S. chem. : 
Teacher 817 Thirtieth st., O. 

Fischer, Amy Rozina (Mrs. L. A. Stern), 
B.L. St. Helena. 

Fisher, Alfred Philip, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Structural engineer 1803 Broadway, 
S. F. 

Fisher, Eugene Irving, B. L. : Journal- 
ist Care of Modesto Evening News, 

Fletcher, Alfred Charles Benson, B.S. 
com. : Teacher Watertown, Oahu, 
T. H. 

Fletcher, John Dundas, B.L.; M.L. 1909. 

Foster, Herbert Bismarck, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer 2624 Hilgard av., B. 

Francis, Joseph Breton, B.S. mech. East 

Fraser, Guy Owen, B.S. civ. eng.: Civil 
engineer Ramona. 

Frei, Louis Adolph, B.S. civ. eng.: En- 
gineer 1088 Second st., Santa Rosa. 

Friedlander, Otto Albert, B.S. min. 

Friendly, Oscar Nathan, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer Box 105, Park City, 

Fry, Carl Herbert, B.S. min.: Mining 
engineer Randsburg. 

Gabbert, John Raymond, B.S. com.: 
Journalist Oxnard. 

Gallaway, Alfred Russell, Jr., B.S. 1907: 
Real estate dealer 607 J st., Sacra- 

Gerken, George Theodore, B.S. mech. 
829 Santa Clara av., A. 

Gibbs, Charles John, B.S. mech Harlan, 

Gillespie, Chester Gordon, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Draughtsman Gilroy. 

Goddard, Mabel Adele (Mrs. S. L. 
hhonts), B.L. 125 Cypress st., Wal- 
lace, Idaho. 

*Godlover, Hugh Bliss. See under Hugo 
Badian, 1907. 

Gooch, Jennie Lewis, A.B. : Teacher 

Gordon, Clair, B.S. min.: Mining en- 
gineer 1726 Buchanan st., S. F. 

Graham, Douglas James, B.S. mech. 
1231 Fourth av., S. F. 

Graves, Harry Thomas, B.S. mech.: 
Electrician 1617 M st., Sacra- 

Gray, Harold Farnsworth, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Civil engineer 2540 Benvenue av., 

Green, Julian, B.S. min.: Manager of 
Importing and Exporting Co. 3865 
Clay st., S. F. 

Greenfield, Juliet Ida (Mrs. Ray Voor- 
hies), 1139 Jasmire st., Los Angeles. 

Greenwood, Harold Nichols, B.L. : 
Teacher, Yuma, Ariz. 

Gross, Joseph Watson, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer 2456 Derby st., B. 

Haight, Samuel Chase, A.B.: Student 
2433 Haste st,, B. 

Haines, Ralph Edward, B.S. mech.: Civil 
engineer 3370 E st,, San Diego. 

Hale, Winfield, B.S. agr. ; B.S. (Cornell 
Uiv.) 1907: Contractor 2030 W. 
Twenty-seventh st., Los Angeles. 

Haley, Charles Scott, B.S. min.: Gravel 
pit operator Newark. 

Hall, Arthur Nelson, B.S. mech.: Engi- 
neer 2226 Durant av., B. 

Hall, Harold Morris, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trical engineer Care of General Elec- 
tric Co., Los Anp-lt s. 

Hankins, Homer Jackson, B.L. ; LL.B. 
1909: Lawyer 917 Pacific Bldg., 
S. F. 

Hanlon, Marie Rose, B.L. 946 Ashbury 
st., S. F. 

Hargrave, Charles Leroy, B.S. min.: 
Metallurgist Box 119, Reno, Ne- 

H:irpi-r. Sinclair Ollason, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer in U. S. Reclamation Serv- 
ice Grand Junction, Colo. 

Harris, Edna Emily, B.L. 2714 Garber 
st., B. 

Harris, Mabel Bessie (Mrs. O. S. New- 
man), B.L. Woodbridge. 

Hart, Henry Hersch. A.B.; J.D. 1909: 
Lawyer 806 Claus Spreckels Bldg., 
S. F. 

Hartley, Joseph Alexander, B.S. min.: 
Secretary of Laboratory Supply Co. 
410 W. Santa Barbara av., Los An- 

Hawley, Kent Allen, B.S. mech.: 
Draughtsman Care of Viele, Black- 
well and Buck, 49 Wall st., New 
York City. 

Hawn, Elizabeth Berdina, B.L. : Teacher 
Potter Valley. 

Herrick, Henry Nathan, B.S. min.: 
Draughtsman and assistant in mining, 
U.C. 1541 Grant st., B. 

Heslop, Ernestine Marie, B.L. Good 
Samaritan Hospital, Portland, Ore. 

Hicker, Harry De Vere, B.L.: Clerk 
for San Diego and Arizona Railway 
522 Union Bldg., San Diego. 

Hickey, Louis Thomas F., B.S. civ. eng.: 
Civil engineer University Club, Ta- 
coma, Wash. 



Hizar, Rose Lippincott (Mrs. W. G. Dug- 
gin), B.S. n. s. Empalme, Sonora, 

Hogan, Hazell May (Mrs. B. K. Young), 
B.L. El Portal. 

Holm, Hans Christian, B.S. agr. 1841 
Vine St., B. 

Hoover, Frances Oswald, B.L. : Law- 
yer 618 Shreve Bldg., S. F. 

Howe, Alfred Thomas, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Estimator for Southern Pacific Rail- 
way East Auburn. 

Hubbard, Henry Van Schaack, B.S. 
mech: Engineer 122 Morgan Place, 
Hollywood. , 

Hughes, Evan Jones, B.L. 42 Kirkland 
St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Hughes, John Edward, B.S. min. 507 
Webster st., S. F. 

Hunt, Paul Henry, B.S. min.: Metal- 
lurgist 1130 E. Citrus av., Red- 

Irwin, Henry Wilbur, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 
1909: Interne in U. C. Hospital 
310 Thirtieth av., S. F. 

Jee, Shin Yien Luther McLean, B.S. 
com.; Ph.G. 1903; A.M. (Harvard 
Univ.) 1909 Tangshan Engineering 
and Mining College, Tangshan, N. 

Johnson, Ada Lucile, B.L. : Teacher 
East Auburn. 

Jones, Bayard Hale, M.A. ; A.B. 1906. 
v. 1906. 

Jordan, Charles Henry, A.B. ; M.A. 1908 
Oakland High School. 

Joy, Alice, B.S. n. s. : 

Teacher Camp- 

Judy, Clinton Kelly, M.A. ; A.B. 1903; 
B.A. (Oxford Univ., England), 1909. 
v. 1903. 

Kelley, Harold Hitchcock, A.B. : Clergy- 
man 1327 Leaven worth st., S. F. 

Keyes, Charles Edwin, Jr., B.S. min.: 
Mining engineer 468 Oakland av., 

Keyes, Edna Louise, B.L. 2425 Chan- 
ning way, B. 

Killian, Jonas Edwin, B.S. agr. El 

King, Anna Venn, B.L.: Teacher 2550 
Benvenue av., B. 

Kirwin, Clarice Alice, B.L. 2038 Scott 
st., S. F. 

Kitchen, Henry Burton, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer 12 Cooper Bldg., Watson- 

Klein, Julius, B.L.; M.L. 1908: Stu- 
dent College House 32, Cambridge, 

Knopf, Herbert, B.S. mech.: Electri- 
cian 1267 O'Farrell st., S. F. 

Krafft, Grace Fredrica, B.S. n. s. Berke- 

Lamoureux, Eva Reine, B.L. 2251 

Grove st., O. 

Lasater, Fred, B.S. min.; B.S. (Whit- 
man College) 1903: Farmer 703 

Whitman st., Walla Walla, Wash. 
Lawson, Ethel Browning, B.L. ; M.L. 

1909: Teacher Medford, Ore. 
Leach, Harry Earl, B.L.; LL.B. (George 

Washington Univ.) 1909: Lawyer 

Union Savings Bank Bldg., O. 
Le Fevre, Susie Rowena, B.L. : Teacher 

Fallbrook, San Diego Co. 
Levy, David Livingston, B.L. : Lawyer 

3005 Jackson st., S. F. 
Levy, Juliette, B.L. : Teacher 1395 

Harrison st., O. 
Levy, Morris Hoffman, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Engineer 1205^ Devisadero st., 

S. F. 
Levy, Sol De Haan, B.S. civ. eng.: With 

Pacific Fire Extinguisher Co. 3053 

Clay st., S. F. 
Lewis, Mary Pearle (Mrs. J. E. Hood), 

B.L. Elmhurst. 
Linscott, Hubert Clyde, B.L. : Vocal 

Teacher Box 226, Gainesville, Ga. 
Lisser, Hans, A.B. : Medical student 

3899 Washington st., S. F. 
Locher, Edward William, B.L.; M.L. 

1908: Teacher Box 44, East Au- 
Logan, William Wells, B.S. min. Box 

1137, Tuscon, Ariz. 

Lord, Edward Locke, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trical engineer 2323 College av., B. 
Louden, Mary Ethel (Mrs. C. E. Gillis), 

B.L. Yreka. 
Lowell, Orrin James, B.L. : Merchant 

Lucas, Louise Oreon, B.L. 2968 Linden 

St., B. 
Lundy, Wilson Thomas, B.S. min. Care 

of Oriental Consolidated Mining Co., 

Chittbabbie, Korea. 
Lyman, William Whittingham, Jr., A.B. ; 

M.A. 1908: Student in Oxford 

Univ. St. Helena. 
Lynch, Margery, B.L. 1236 Sherman 

St., A. 
Lyons, George Washington, B.S. agr. 


Lyons, Hazel, A.B. 322 Baker st., S. F. 
McCoy, Florence Lucy, B.L. : Teacher 

2136 Ward st., B. 

McDermott, Laura Frances, M.S. n. s. ; 

B.S. 1906 and M.S. 1907 (Univ. of 

Nevada): Teacher Hollister. 
McFie, Maynard, A.B. : Merchant 2823 

Ellendale place, Los Angeles. 
MacNair, Rebecca Sharon, A.B. Glen- 

McNeal, Bernice (Mrs. O. W. Bryant), 

B.L. Monrovia. 



McReynolds, Isabel (Mrs. J. H. Gray), 

B.L. 490 Solano av., Los Angeles. 
Macdonald, Margaret Gregory, B.L. 678 

Thirty-fifth st., O. 
Maddrill, James Davis, Ph.D. ; A.B. 1903. 

v. 1903. 
Magowan, Florence Nettie, M.S. n. s. ; 

Ph.B. (Univ. of Iowa) 1904: Teacher 

Manasse, Ruby Paula (Mrs. T. J. Baciga- 

lupi), B.L. 1462 Leavenworth St., 

S. F. 
Mangels, Helen George, B.L. ; M.L. 1908: 

Teacher 1824 Ashby av., B. 
Mansfield, Daisy Julia (Mrs. Shaw), B.L. 

590 E. Fifth st. N., Portland, Ore. 
Markle, Bess (Mrs. W. V. Richardson), 

B.L. Box 861, Tonopah, Xcv. 
Marshall, John Albert, B.S. n. s. 

2519% Durant av., B. 
Marshall, Luverne Leathe, A.B.: Teacher 

Martin, Edith, B.L. 406 Park av., 

Martin, Harriet Frances (Mrs. T. K. 

Sweesy), B.L. 2520 Cedar st., B. 
Mason, Edith Lillian, B.L.: Teacher 

3312 B st., San Diego. 
Massie, James Victor, B.S. min. 1131 

Cole st., S. F. 

Mathis, Earle Howard, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer 529 Security Bldg., 

Pasadena, Cal. 
Matignon, Elaine Aimee Berthe (Mrs. R. 

H. Hunt), B.L. 1248 First av., S. F. 
Matthews, Annie Maude (Mrs. R. I. 

Dunn), A.B. 3336 Thirty-seventh 

av., So. Seattle, Wash. 
M(>nzin, Abraham Louis, B.S. mech. : Kn 

gineer 1630A McAllister st., S. F. 
Meredith, Ethel Annette, B.S. agr. Har- 
vard chambers, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Merrill, Agnes Adams, A.B. : Teacher 

435 W. av. 51, Los Angeles. 
Merritt, Ralph Palmer, B.S. agr. 1913 

Telegraph av., O. 
Miller, Ethel Edna, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

San Leandro. 
Miller, Jennie Ellen (Mrs. C. P. Finger), 

B.S. n. s. 817 Thirtieth st., O. 
Millerick, Helen Elizabeth, B.L. : Teacher 

Milliken, Leland Eugene, B.L. : Stock 

raiser Fort Bragg. 
Milne, Frank .Lawson, B.S. civ. eng. : 

Engineer 1117 P st., Sacramento. 
Montgomery, Samuel Edgar, B.S. chem. : 

Metallurgist 1520 Henry st., B. 
Moore, Chester Biven, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. 

1909: Interne Univ. of California 

Hospital 396 So. Second st., San 

Moore, Irene Josephine, B.L. 246 E. 

Forty-seventh st., Chicago, 111. 

More, Margaret Elna, B.L. 1904; M.L. 
1907: Teacher Los Alamos. 

Morgan, Florence May, M.L.; B.S. 1906. 
v. 1906. 

Morin, James Wheeler, J.D. ; B.L. 1905. 
v. 1905. 

Morse, Douglass Howell, B.S. n. s. 

Mower, Geneva Walker, M.A. ; A.B. 1906. 
v. 1906. 

Moyer, Rueben Oliver, M.L. ; B.L. 1906. 
v. 1906. 

Mukerji, Girindra, M.S. agr.; A.B. (Cal- 
cutta Univ.) 1901: Journalist and 
manager of sugar works 168 Corn- 
wallis st., Calcutta, India. 

Naffziger, Howard Christian, B.S. n. s. ; 
M.D. and M.S. 1999: Physician- 
University of California Hospital, 
S. F. 

Neely, Gertrude Estelle (Mrs. George 
Schweikart), B.S. n. s. Monrovia. 

Nelson, Nels Christian, B.L. ; M.L. 1908: 
Museum assistant Affiliated Colleges, 
S. F. 

Newfield, Melville, B.S. chem.: Chemist 

Newhall, Luther, B.L.: Salesman 2629 
Piedmont av., B. 

Nidiffer, Myrtle Irene, B.L. : Teacher 

Nordwell, Alfred Worcester, B.S. civ. 
eng.: Draughtsman 20 Shepard st., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Nutting, James Alexander, B.L. : Law- 
yer Etna Mills. 

o -Mri.-n. Marie Helen, A.B.; M.A. 1908: 
Teacher 2824 Cherry St., B. 

O'Connor, James Grover, B.L. : Lawyer 

504 Kohl Bldg., S. F. 
Ogilbe, Belle Louise, B.L. 1581 LeRoy 

av., B. 
Ogilbe, Katherine Holman, B.L.: Teacher 

1581 LeRoy av., B. 
Olsen, John Jacobsen, Jr., B.S. mech. 

708 Castro st., S. F. 
Owens, Robert Manfred, B.S. mech. 
Paden, Agnes May, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 

1908: Teacher Newman. 
Parker, John Allen, B.S. min.: Mining 

engineer La Babylonia, Chontales, 

Nicaragua, Central America. 

Parker, Kingsbury Eastman, B.S. civ. 

eng.: Manager of Fireproofing Co. 

2703 Jackson st., S. F. 
Parker, Spencer May, B.S. min.: Metal- 
lurgist Black Bear, Siskiyou co. 
Parrv, David Henry, B.S. com.: Fire 

insurance inspector 624 Paulsen 

Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 
Pascoe, Susie, B.L. Box 412, Eureka. 
Paterson, Lois Marjorie (Mrs. I. W. 

Hoover), B.L. 4516 Magnolia av.. 

Chicago, 111. 



Perry, Warren Charles, B.S. n. s. : Stu- 
dent 5 place, St. Sulpice, Paris, 

Pierce, Hazel Eliza, B.L. 1000 Chest- 
nut St., S. F. 

Pike, Robert Dickson, B.S. mech. Postal 
Telegraph Bldg., S. F. 

Plummer, George Tennent, B.S. mech.: 
Electrical engineer 928 E. Union av., 

Plummer, Harold Pierson, B.S. com.: 
Salesman 1008 Crocker Bldg., S. F. 

Polland, Alice Minnie, A.B.: Teacher 
Fort Bragg. 

Postnikov, Fedor Alexis, M.S. civ. eng. ; 
graduate (St. Petersburg Military En- 
gineering Academy) 1899: Engineer 

Pu, Teng Ching, B.S. civ. eng. Care of 
Nanyang High School, Shanghai, 

Pullen, John Francis, B.L.; J.D. 1909: 
Lawyer Bryte Bldg., Sacramento. 

Queen, Helen Duncan (Mrs. G. R. Stew- 
art), A.B. ; M.A. 1909 2311 Howe 
st,, B. 

Rahlman, Hermann Erdwig, B.S. civ. 
eng.: Civil engineer 1648 So. Fif- 
teenth av., S. F. 

Rankin, Robert Ream, B.L. : Law stu- 
dent Yreka. 

Reed, Clarence, M.A. ; A*.B. (De Pauw 
Univ.) 1892. 

Reed, Ivan Grover, B.S. mech.: Assist- 
ant in Hydraulic Labratory, U. C. 
243 Forty-first st,, O. 

Reeve, Eva May, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
2230 Woolsey st., B. 

Reeve, Zelma Cora, B.L.; M.L. 1908: 
Teacher 2230 Woolsey st., B. 

Remer, Jay Grant de, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trical engineer U. of C. Club, Stock- 
ton and Geary, S. F. 

Reyman, Harold Cleveland, B.L. ; M.L. 
1909 : Lawyer 460 Montgomery st., 
S. F. 

Ricciardi, Nicholas Amerigo, B.L. ; M.L. 
1908: Teacher Box 113, Redding. 

Rickley, Edith May, B.L. 534 Merrimac 
St., O. 

Rigby, Bertram, B.S. min. : Hydraulic 
engineer 2136 Prince St., B. 

Riley, Carmel, A.B. 2552 Haste st., B. 

Riley, Zoe (Mrs. Ephraim Dyer), A.B. 
1383 Alice st., O. 

Roberts, Harry, B.L. : Real estate deal- 
er 1710 Fairview st., B. 

Robertson, Thorburn Brailsford, Ph.D. n. 
s.; B.S. 1905 and D.S. 1908 (Univ. 
of Adelaide) : Asst. Professor of 
Physiology, U. C. 1632 LeRoy av., 

Robinson, Frank Sidney, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Civil engineer 812 Fifth st., Chico. 

Rogers, Bessie, B.L. 1725 Bonte av., B. 
Rogers, Gladys (Mrs. H. L. Burum), B.L. 

Santa Ynez. 
Romaine, Bertha, B.L. : Teacher 2119 

California st., S. F. 

Rose, John Leonard. J.D. : A.B 1905 
v. 1905. 

Rosenlund, Edward Theodore, B.S. mech.: 
Electrical engineer 1101 Center st., 
Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Rowley, Ridgway Lloyd, B.S. mech.: 
Fire insurance inspector 1414 Mer- 
chants' Exchange, S. F. 

Rued, John Conrad, Jr., B.S. com. 1160 
Eighth st,, O. 

Rugh, Charles Edward, M.L. ; A.B. 
(Stanford Univ.) 1903: Asst, Pro- 
fessor of Education, U. C. 2223 
Atherton st., B. 

Russell, Alexander Allen McVicar, B.S. 
civ. eng. : Chemist Saratoga. 

Saffold, Elizabeth, M.A. ; A.B. 1906. v. 

Salinger, Ruth Cleve (Mrs. Charles El- 
kus), B.L. 3802 California st., S. F. 

Salisbury, Alfred, B.S. agr. 2630 Menlo 
av., Los Angeles. 

Samuels, Mervyn JoTseph, B.L. and LL.B. 
1907: Lawyer Union Savings Bank 
Bldg., O. 

Sanchez, Louis Adolph, B.S. min 2231 
Union st., B. 

Sandholdt, Elsie Marie, A.B.: Teacher 

Scheyer, Emanuel, B.S. civ. eng. 104 
E. Eighty-first st., New York City. 

Schluckebier, Elsa, B.L. ; M.L. 1908: 
Teacher 245 Howard st., Petaluma, 

Schulz, Arthur Edward, B.L. : Theologi- 
cal student 72 Mt. Vernon st,, Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Schweitzer, Jeffrey, B.S. min.: Mining 
engineer 3600 Clay st., S. F. 

Searls, Robert McMurray, B.S. com.: 
Lawyer 2317 Durant av., B. 

min. : Special agent for U. S. Bu- 
reau of the Census 461 Twenty- 
eighth st., O. 

Sherman, Henry Edwin, Jr., B.S. mech.: 
Salesman 2590 Buena Vista way, B. 

Sherry, Ethel Beatrice (Mrs. V. G. Lucy), 
B.L. 1439 Twelfth av., Sunset, S. F. 

Shira, Clara Iva, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
Mt. Bullion. 

Shultz. Ethyl Mae, A.B. : Teacher 1430 
Spruce st., B. 

Sievers, Francis Otto, B.S. mech.: Sales- 
man 604 Mission st., S. F. 

Slicer, Sue Stone (Mrs. M. Wilsey), B.L. ; 
M.L. 1908: Teacher Ninth and Oak 
sts., O. 

Smilie, Effie Innes, B.L. 947 Fallen st.. 


Smith, Florence Beatrice, A.B. : Teacher 

Snow, Irving Walter, M.A. ; A.B. (Univ. 
of Pacific) 1904: Teacher Campbell. 

Scares, Alberto Gualter, B.S. agr. : Teach- 
er 2125 Cedar st,, B. 

Soule, Florence Dorcas, A.B.: Teacher 
2104 Eagle av., A. 

Stalder, Walter, M.S.; B.S. 1904. v. 

Stanton, Herbert Wesley, B.S. min. : 
Mining engineer 405 Grant Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 

Steinbach, Hermann Reinhard, M.L. ; 
B.L. 1906. v. 1906. 

tenger, Edward Lewis, B.S. min. : Min- 
ing engineer Iron Mountain via 
Keswick, Shasta co. 

Stewart, Agnes Rae, B.L.: Teacher 
851 Capp St., S. F. 

Stratton, Cornelia (Mrs. C. H. Parker), 
B.L. Pension Schroter, Sophien Platz 
41, Leipzig, Germany. 

Sublette, Lineus Bowlin, B.S. min. 
Box 326, Ocean Park, Los Angeles Co. 

Sullivan, Clarke, B.S. min. 534 Forty- 
second st., O. 

Sullivan, Lena (Mrs. J. A. Basham), 
B.S. n. s. 1066 Sixteenth st., O. 

Sylvia, Anthony Maxim, B.L.; A.B. 
(Santa Clara College) 1900: Teach- 
er 573 Fortieth av.. S. F. 

Thomson, Cora Marguerite, B.L. ; M.L. 
1909 : Teacher Clackamas, Ore. 

Thornburg, Lulu Eugene, A.B.: Teacher 
570 N. Pasadena av., Pasadena. 

Tibbetts, Frederick Horace, M.S.; B.S. 
1904; B.S. 1903 and M.S. 1905 
(Univ. of Pacific), v. 1904. 

Torpen, Alex Magnus, B.S. civ. eng 
Big Bend, Butte Co. 

Tucker, Anna Woods, B.L. High School, 
Honolulu, T. H. 

Vanderbilt. NrwelL B.S. chem. Teacher 
716 Fifth st:, San Rafael. 

Van Horn, Marion Bell, B.L. : Teacher 
332 E. A St., N. Yakima, Wash. 

Van Sant, Robert Hays, Jr., B.S. com.: 
Contractor Encina place, B. 

Warner, Roy Elon, B.S. com.: Bank 
clerk 911 Kingston av., Piedmont. 

Waterman, Thomas Talbot, A.B.: Stu- 
dentAffiliated Colleges, S. F. 

Watson, Edna Earl, M.S.; B.S. 1906; 
Ph.D. 1910. v. 1906. 

Wayne, Claude Arthur, B.S. mech.: In 
Actuarial Department of Life Insur- 
ance Co. 143 So. La Brea av., Hol- 

Weaver, Charles Edwin, Ph.D.; B.S. 
1904. v. 1904. 

Weber, Shirley Howard, A.B.: Sales- 
man 488 Forty-fourth st., O. 

Weill, Irma S., B.L. 1627 Seventeenth 
St., Bakersfield. 

Wemple, Edna Mary (Mrs. J. R. Mc- 
Donald), M.S.; B.S. 1903. v. 1903. 

Wendte, Freda Anna, B.L. : Teacher 
3961 Twenty-fifth st., S. F. 

Wepfer, Clara Gertrude, B.L. : Stenog- 
rapher 122 Bartlett st., S. F. 

Wescott, Nina Odette, B.L. : Teacher 
586 N. High st., Salem, Ore. 

Weston, William Bunker, B.S. com.: 
Timber merchant 2749 D wight way, 

Wetmore, Chester, M.S. agr.; B.S. (Univ. 
of Michigan) 1888. 

Wherry, Edith Margaret, B.L. : Teacher 
Mills College. 

Whitaker, Reginald Emerson, B.S. civ. 
eng. : Civil engineer City Engi- 
neer's Office, Los Angeles. 

White, Alfa Belle, B.L. ; A.B. (Mon- 
ni. .nth College) 1905: Teacher 210 
N. First st., Monmouth, 111. 

Whit. -law, Dorsey George, B.L. : Stu- 
dent 94 Prescott st., Cambridge, 

Whitman, Julian Carter, B.S. mech.: 
Superintendent Irrigation Co. 
Greenacres, Wash. 

Whitney, Dudley Joseph, B.S. agr.: 
Journalist Manoa, Honolulu, T. H. 

Williams, Corydon Barnes, B.S. mech. 
Delta, -Colo. 

Willows, Gertrude Davy, M.A. ; A.B. 
(Pomona College) 1906: Teacher 
415 Cajon st., Redlands. 

Wilt, Clara May (Mrs. Llewellyn Evans), 
B.L. Care of Evans-Dickson Co., 
Commerce st., Tacoma, Wash. 

Winsor, Thomas Williams, B.S. mech: 
Electrical engineer Box 821, Brem- 
erton, Wash. 

Wolfsohn, Julian Mast, M.S.; B.S. 1905. 
v. 1905. 

Wood, Reuben Joseph, B.S. civ. eng. 
The Gladstone, S. F. 

Woods, Carrie Josephine, B.L. Santa 

Wright, Albert Eugene, B.S. civ. eng. 
R. D. 1, Springville, Utah. 

Wright, Ethel Emily Cooper (Mrs. Allen 
Peek), B.L. 182 Waverly st., Palo 

Wright, Flora Alice, B.L. 2321 Haste 
st,, B. 

Wright, Helen Rue, B.L.: Teacher 
815 McDonald av Santa Rosa. 

Wright, Lily (Mrs. G. A. McKay), B.L. 

Wright, Wallace Noel, B.S. com.: Sales- 
man 1107 First National Bank Bldg., 
S. F. 

Wvneken, Friedrich Alexander, M.L.; 
' B.L. 1906. v. 1906. 


Youngs, Oliver Jr., J.D. ; B.L. 1904. v. 


Zoph, Norman Miller, B.S. min. Crab- 
tree, Ore. 


Abbott, Raymond Barrington, B.S. mech. : 

Assistant in Physics, U. C. 1803 

Cedar st., B. 
Adams, Benita Belle (Mrs. H. N. Her- 

rick), A.B. 1541 Grant St., B. 
Adams, Edwin Learned, B.S. civ. eng. : 

Civil engineer 2221 Ward St., B. 
Ahlers, Viola- Emily, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 

19091985 Oak st., S. F. 
Allen, Anna Mvrtle, B.L.: Teacher R. 

D. 2, San Diego. 
Alvarez, Arthur Carl, B.S. civ. eng.: In- 

structor in civil engineering, U. C. 

1909 Dwight way, B. 
Ambrose, Frances Emily, B.L. 2539 

Hillegass av., B. 
Anderson, Adolph Edmund, B.L. Chentu 

Univ., Szechuen, China. 
Anderson, Ida Naemi, B.L. : Library 

assistant 71 Pierce st., S. F. 
Andrews, William Samuel, J. D.; A. B. 

1906. v. 1906. 
Andross, Albert Knight, B.S. min.: Min- 

ing engineer Apartado 143, Guay- 

mas, Sonora, Mexico. 
Aoki, Giichi, B.S. com.: Merchant 1321 

Fourth st., Sacramento. 
Armstrong, Gertrude Alice (Mrs. H. C. 

Tammen), B.L. 2823 Campbell st., 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Ashley, George Frederic, B.L. : Architect 

367 Edgecombe Road, New York 

Aten, Irvine Pressley, B.L. : Lawyer 

Union National Bank Bldg., Fresno. 
Atkins, John William, B.S. min. 2210 

Chapel st., B. 
Baldwin, Walter Isaac, B.S. n. s. : Med- 

ical student 134 I st., S. F. 
Ball, Stella Irene (Mrs. C. H. Mc- 

Charles), B.S. n. s. 64 University 

terrace, B. 
Balzari, Robert Almon, B.S. mech.: Sales- 

man 2121 Durant av., B. 
Bannister, Bertha Florence, B.S. n. s. : 

Teacher 2154 University av., B. 
Barber, Leland Newman, B.L. Kerman, 

Fresno co. 
Bardshar, Grace Ellen (Mrs. F. L. Kel- 

ly), B.L. 1336 Parnassus av., S. F. 
Barney, Anna Louise, M.L. ; B.L. 1907. 

v. 1907. 
Barnum, William Floyd, B.S. n. s. : 

Teacher Gardena. 
Barrett, Samuel Alfred, Ph.D.; B.S. 

1905; M.S. 1906. v. 1905. 

Bates, Bennett Routh, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer Guadalupe-y-Calzo, 
Chihuahua, Mexico. 

Baxter, George Leslie, B.S. chem. : Chem- 
ist 2418 K St., Sacramento. 

Baxter, Harold Kelsey, B.S. com.: Cash- 
ier for exporting and importing com- 
pany 1419 Myrtle st., O. 

Beauchamp, Ella, B.L.: Teacher Gil- 

Beck, Rudolph Henrv, B.S. mech.: Sales 
engineer 1425 Oxford st., B. 

Beck, Violet Miriam, B.L. ; M.L. 1910 
R. D. 6, Fresno. 

Beckwith, Holmes. B.L. ; M.L. 1909.: 
Student 972 Simpson st.. New York 

Bell, Clair Hadyn, B.L. ; M.L. 1909227 
W. Fifty-first st., Los Angeles. 

Best, Elbridge John, B.S. n. s. : Medi- 
cal student Grass Valley. 

Biddle. Annie Dale, A.B.: Student 406 
Central av., Hanford. 

Bingamon, Joseph Wheeler Dores, J.D. ; 
B.L. 1904. v. 1904. 

Blacker, Olive (Mrs. Howard Gaines), 
B.L. Ontario. 

Blake, Robert Pierpont, A.B. ; M.A. 
(Harvard Univ.) 1909 2235 Pied- 
mont way, B. 

Blanchard, Wallace Everett, B.L. : Teacher 

Blinn, Edith Marion, B.L. Santa Cruz. 

Bloomer, Frank Fulton, B.S. mech.: 
Electrical engineer 618 Chapel St., 
Schnectady, N. Y. 

Boalich, Edwin Snow, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing superintendent 195 N. Walnut 
St., Riverside. 

Booth, Charles Junius, B.S. agr. : Teach- 
er Heber. 

Bowers, Jessie Lehmer, B.L. Care of 
"Times," Pomona. 

Breneman, Fay Alice, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

Briggs, Leslie Burdette, M.L. ; B.L. 1907; 
B.L. (Univ of Pacific) 1905. v. 

Brown, Edith Louisa, B.S. chem.; M.S. 
1909 : Chemist Gazelle. 

Brown, Everett Somerville, M.L. ; B.L. 
1907. v. 1907. 

Brawn, Horace Herbert, B.S. mech. 203 
W. Sixth st., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Brown, Maybelle Evangeline, A.B. : 
Teacher Gazelle. 

Browning, DeWitt, B.S. civ. eng. 

Brownson, Frances Hayden, A.B. Fall 
River, Mass. 

Bruce, Harold Lawton, B.L. 2213 Union 
st., B. 

Buck, Frank Henry, Jr., B.L. Vaca- 


Budelman, Herman Dietrich, B.S. min. : 

Mining engineer Etna Mills. 
Burdorf, Dorothy Rebecca, M.L. ; B.L. 

1907. v. 1907. 
Burgess, Helen Hortense (Mrs. F. M. 

Simpson), B.L. 320 Jayne av., O. 
Burke, James Mark, B.L. ; J.D. 1910: 

Lawyer Visalia. 
Burns, Kathryn Josephine (Mrs. G. T. 

Plummer), B.L. 928 E. Miner st., 

Burr, Addie, B.L. 1930 Delaware st., B. 

Bush, Raymond William, B.S. com.: 
Statistician 2214 Atherton St., B. 

Butler, James Brunson, B.S. mech. : En- 
gineer Downey. 

Cady, Vernon Mosher, B.S. n. s. 

Campbell, Ethel, B.L. Huntington 

Campbell, Royal Hilton, M.A. ; A.B. (Po- 
mona College) 1903: Clergyman 
Palo Alto. 

Campbell, William Howard, B.S. n. s. 

3035 Deakin st., B. 

Carpenter, Alma Bernice, A.B.; M.A. 

1909: Teacher Box 14, Sacramento. 

Carpenter, Charles Edward, M.L. ; B.L. 

1905. v. 1905. 

Carrillo. Esperanza, B.L. : Teacher 


Casey, Hiram Elbert, B.L. : J.D. 1910: 
Lawyer Blake st., near Telegraph 
av., B. 

Casterson, Harry John, B.S. mech. 

Castle (Mrs.), Cora Sutton (Mrs. H. E. 
Castle), M.L. ; A.B. (Univ. of Minne- 
sota), 1905: Student 1871 Slitter st., 
S. F. 

Cerf, Emile William, B.S. min.: Metal- 
lurgist 2821 Steiner st., S. F. 

Chakravarti, Noresh Chandra, B.S. min.: 

Metallurgist 33 Coflege St., Calcutta, 

Chamberlain, Fenner Adolphus, B.S. 
mech. : Merchant Merced. 

Champreux, Emile Gustave, B.S. mech. 
4285 Gilbert st., O. 

Chartz, Beatrice Elizabeth, B.L. Post- 
office clerk Carson City, Nevada. 

Cheney, Sheldon Warren, A.B. : Real 
estate dealer Dwight way end. B. 

Chipchase, Edith Mae, B.L.: Teacher 
2428 Haste st., B. 

Chope, Hazel, B.L. 2182 Fifteenth st., 
S. F. 

Clark, Frank Everett, B.S. min. 

Clark, Lester Alma, B.S. mech.: Electrical 
engineer 1122 W. Eighth st., O. 

Clarke, Cecile, B.L. : Teacher Layton- 

Coggins, Clifford Edmond, B.S. mech.: 
Automobile dealer Imperial. 

Cohn, Roy Elwood, B.S. min.: Mining en- 
gineer 1309 Spruce st., B. 

Cole, Elsie May (Mrs. B. R. Bates), B.S. 
n. s. Guadalupe-y-Calzo, Chihuahua, 

Conlin, Ada Agnes, B.L. 1444 McAllis- 
ter st., S. F. 

Cook, Adella, B.S. n. s. : Teacher Camp- 

Cotrel, Lilian Bessie (Mrs. E. C. Nathan), 
B.L. Care of C. P. Nathan Co., Sac- 

Cotrel, Marian Florence (Mrs. I. P. Aten), 
B.L. Fresno. 

Cowley, Ida Marion, B.L. : Teacher 628 
First st., Napa. 

Crane, Everett, B.S. com.: Cannery super- 
intendent Modesto. 

Creider, Olive Mary, B.L.: Teacher 
Santa Paula. 

Creighton, Daniel Christopher, B.S. civ. 
eng.: Engineer 1571 Waller st., S. F. 

Cross, Anderson Edward, B.L. : Lawyer 
311 Bacon Bldg., O. 

Crouch, Naomi (Mrs. W. P. Roop), B.S. 
n. s. Care of S. Crouch, Chico. 

Crowell, Mary, M.L. ; B.L. 1907. v. 1907. 

Crozer, Hannah Mary, B.L.: Teacher 
1425 High st., A. 

Crum, Margaret, B.L. Compton. 

Culver, Minnie Walker, A.B. 3607 West 
st., O. 

Curran, Choate Howe, B.L. 622 K St., 

Curry, Harry Frank, B.S. mech.: Orch- 
ardist R. D. 21, San Jose. 

Custer, Rolla Johns, A.B.: Teacher Lodi. 

Daniels, Marguerite (Mrs. H. M. Hall), 
B.L. Corte Madera. 

Darke, Helen Duncan, A.B.: Teacher 
1036 Pismo st., San Luis Obispo. 

Davidson, Gordon Charles, M.A.; A.B. 
(Univ. of Toronto) : Teacher Sutler. 

Denny, Ethel Adele, M.L.; B.L. 1907. v. 

Dernham, Monte Albert, A.B.: Mercantile 
agency reporter 2518 Jackson st., 
S. F. 

Derrickson, Clara Levina (Mrs. V. Burn- 
ham), B.L. 525 E st., Marysville. 

Devlin, Anna Estelle, B.L. 624 Fillmore 
st., S. F. 

Devoto, Anthony Stephen, B.L. ; J.D. 
1910: Lawyer 68 Post St., S. F. 

Dewey, Constance Madeline, B.L.; A.B. 
1909: Teacher 2207 Devisadero St., 
S. F. 

Diehl, Rosa Mathilda, B.L.: Teacher 
422A Frederick st., S. F. 

Dillon, Olive Genevieve, B.L. 1214 Paru 
St., A. 



Domonoske, Hazel Pearl, B.L. : Teacher 

1557 Eighth st., O. 
Dougherty, Margaret Anna Isabelle, B.L. 

327 Pierce St., S. F. 
Dowling, Ethel Phyllis, B.L. 925 Fulton 

St., S. F. 
Duckett, Clarisse Estelle, B.L. 2816 

Benvenue av., B. 
Dunbar, Esto Phoebe (Mrs. E. G. Lins- 

cott), B.L. 445 Hawthorne St., O. 
Dunlap, Margie, B.L. 270 College av., O. 
Dunn, Sara Evelyn, A.B. : Teacher 4157 

Terrace st., O. 
Dutton, David Cecil, J.D. ; B.L. 1906. v. 

Eachus, George William, B.S. civ. eng. : 

Computer Lakeport. 
Eastin, Alma, B.L. : Teacher Nevada 

Edwards, Elma E., B.L. 460 So. Main 

St., Salinas. 

Edwards, Hiram Wheeler, B.S. n. s. : As- 
sistant in Physics, U. C. 2213 Union 

St., B. 
Eggers, Alice Meta, B.L. 2036 San Jose 

av., A. 

Einstein, Lesley, B.S. com.: With can- 
nery company 948 K st., Fresno. 
Elden, Delia Josephine, B.L. 1405 Grant 

St., B. 
Elliott, Chester Merton, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Civil engineer Covina. 
Emery, Mabel Winifred, B.L. 4065 Cen- 
ter st., San Diego. 
Enyeart, Ethel Jeannette, B.L. : Teacher 

Huntington Park. 
Eschenburg, Helen Inez, B.L. : Teacher 

1725 de la Vina st., Santa Barbara. 
Evans, George M., B.S. n. s. ; LL.B. 

(Univ. of Michigan) 1894: Ph.B. 

(Univ. of Arizona) 1903; A.B. (Univ. 

of Denver) 1905: Teacher 4926 Nor- 

mandie av., Los Angeles. 
Evans, Julia, B.L. : Assistant to Secretary 

of Regents, U. C. 2727 Benvenue av., 


Evans, Nora, B.L. : Teacher 2727 Ben- 
venue av., B. 
Fancher, Fred B., B.S. com. 2621 Haste 

st., B. 
Fehr, Mary Anna, B.L. : Teacher Marys- 


Felton, Herbert Walter, B.S. min. : Min- 
ing engineer Minas del Tajo, Rosario, 

Sinaloa, Mexico. 
Finkelstein, Harry F. (name legally 

changed to Harry Ivan Maxim), B.S. 

com.: Teacher Madera. 
Fish, Ezra Simpson, B.S. n. s. : Medical 

student 1207 W. Twenty-ninth st., 

Los Angeles. 
Fisher, Nelda Blanche, B.L. 179 Santa 

Clara av., O. 

Forbes, Charles Noyes, B.S. agr. : Museum 

curator Box 584, Bishop Museum, 

Honolulu, T. H. 

Fosdick, Mildred Ethel, M.L.; B.L. (Po- 
mona College) 1907: Teacher 121% 

N. First St., Alhambra. 
Foster, Robert Nicholson, B.S. agr.: 

Farmer Hopland. 
Foster, Sara Margaret Louisa, B.S. n. s. : 

Teacher 261 Soquel av., Santa Cruz. 
French, Gertrude Wood, B.L. : Teacher 

1919 Bancroft way, B. 
Fry, Gola May, B.L. 246 Shatter av., 0. 
Gamble, Edith, A.B.: Teacher Hayward. 
Gamble, Marian Stewart, B.L. Cupertino. 
Garretson, Emma Molesworth, M.L. ; B.S. 

(Columbia Univ.) 1906: Teacher 

Empire Apts., A. 
Garrison, Marvin Dale, B.L.: Bank clerk 

2328 Dwight way, B. 
Gassaway, Crosby Mitchell, B.S. mech. : 

Student engineer 158 Nott Terrace 

av., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Gilliam, John William, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Draughtsman Madison. 
Godwin, Grace Morris (Mrs. Waterman), 

B.S. n. s. Santa Rosa. 
Gordon, Hugh Taylor, Jr., B.L. : Student 

Gorrill, Ralph Carlton, B.S. mech.: With 

Pacific Bridge Co. 923 Electric Bldg., 

Portland, Ore. 
Gottheimer, Roy, B.S. com. 617 Clayton 

st., S. F. 
Graham, Leo Daniel, B.S. civ. eng. 2226 

Blake st., B. 
Grant, Edna (Mrs. R. A. Shuey), B.S. 

n. s. 2451 Ashby av., B. 
Grant, Laurence Herbert, A.B. : Student 

Chelsea Square, New York City. 
Gray, Annie, B.L. 730 Fifty-second st., 

Gray, Stedman Haile, M.A. ; A.B. 1905. 

v. 1905. 
Gray, Sydney Baldwin, B.L. 923 Linden 

st., O. 
Green, Grace Storey, A.B.: Teacher 535 

Myrtle av., Santa Barbara. 
Greenleaf (Mrs.), Jeanne Hardnel, B.L. 

Instructor in French, U. C. 1437 Le 

Roy av., B. 
Greenwood, Wilfred Lawson, M.A. ; A.B. 

1906. v. 1906. 
Grey, Edith Montgomery, B.L.: Teacher 

2607 Grant st., B. 
Griesche, William Fred, B.S. mech. 3028 

Benvenue av., B. 
Griffith, Marie Greenleaf, B.S. n. s. 

Haile, Leona Gertrude, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

, 2852 Van Buren av., A. 
Hall, Feme, B.L.; M.L. 1909: Teacher- 


Hamilton, Ethel Alexandra, B.L. : Teacher 
Kawaiahao Seminary, Honolulu, T. H. 

Hanlon, Catherine von Pfister, B.L. 946 
Ashbury st., S. F. 

Harbison, Julia Esther, B.L. Vacaville. 

Hardenbrook, Charles Kelley, B.L. : Law- 
yer 315 Mills Bldg., S. F. 

Harford, Crystal, B.L. : Teacher Care of 
L. C. Dean, Ukiah. 

Harmon, Stella Fiske, A.B. 5201 Shat- 
tuck av., O. 

Harrison, Maurice Edward, A.B.; J.D. 
1910: Lawyer 913 Mechanics Insti- 
tute Bldg., S. F. 

Harold, Cecil Adelaide, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
1341 Twenty-sixth av., Fruitvale. 

Hawk, Jane Alice, B.L. : Teacher 1916 
Montrose St., Los Angeles. 

Hawkes, Marion Sarah, B.L. : Teacher 
Care of A. A. Hawkes, Corcoran. 

Hawley, Otto Jay, B.S. mech. Santa 

Hayne, Margaret Perkins, A.B. ; M.A. 
1909: Teacher 2421 Piedmont av., 

Head, Lilian Mary, B.L. : Teacher R. D. 
2, Box 154, Santa Ana. 

Heinrich, Edward Oscar, B.S. chem. : 
Chemist 3214 N. Thirtieth st,, Ta- 
coma, Wash. 

Hersam, Norman Paul, B.S. n. s. Stone- 
ham, Mass. 

Hetschel, Mary Amelia, B.L.: Teacher 

Normal School, Chico. 
Hewes, Charles Edward, B.S. min. 2236 

Encinal av., A. 
Hickok, Clifton Ewing, B.S. civ. eng. : 

Engineer 1040 E. Main st., Portland 

Hield, Emma Belle, M.A. ; A.B. (Pomona 

College) 1907: Teacher Armada. 
Hillebrand, Roy Gardner, B.S. com.: 

Claim agent for Southern Pacific Rail- 
way 134 Seventh av., S. F. 
Hollister, William Mossman, B.S. min. : 

Metallurgist Care of Gigante Mining 

Co., Jacoro, Salvador, Central America. 
Holter, Milton Ellis, B.S. min. 2132 

Parker st., B. 
Horton, John William, B.S. civ. eng. 

1118% Twenty-fifth st., Sacramento. 
Hough, Bernardena Elizabeth, B.L. : 

Teacher 5008 Webster st., O. 
Hughes, Frances Augustus, B.L. : Teacher 

527 Thirty-second st., O. 
Hughes, Gladys Myfanwy, B.L. 527 

Thirty-second st., O. 
Hunter, Walter Gladden, B.S. mech.: 219 

E. Flora st., Stockton. 
Ingram, Stuart Hord, B.S. min.: Mining 

engineer Apartado 143, Guaymas, 

Sonora, Mexico. 
Isaacs, Henry Mackie, B.L. : Student 

135 Adams st., Chicago, 111. 

Jaensch, Cora Helen, B.L. : Teacher 305 
Calistoga av., Napa. 

James, Dora Harriet, B.S. n. s. 1203 

Spruce st., B. 
Jenkins, Joel Harry, B.L. : Salesman 

3337 California st., B. 
Johnson, Charles Edmund, B.S. min.: 

Mining engineer Box 660, Tonopah, 

Johnson, Ethel Alberta, B.L. 375 E. 

Fourteenth st., O. 

agr. 1909; M.S. 1910: Agricultural 

chemist 2417 Bancroft way, B. 
Johnson, Julian Fontaine, B.S. com.: 

Lawyer Stoll Bldg., Sacramento. 
Johnson, Mvrtle Elizabeth, B.S. n. s. : M.S. 

1909: Research assistant, Biological 

Station National City. 
Jores, Barton Mills, B.S. mech.: Engineer 

1142 Humboldt st., Denver, Colo. 
Jones, Flora Josephine, A.B. : Teacher 

Jones, Grace Mildred, B.L.; M.L. 1909 

316 Walnut st., S. F. 
Jones, Hugh Shepard, B.S. mech. : Office 

correspondent 131 E. Fifth st., Los 


Jones, Oliver Worth, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trician 1632 W. Eighth st., O. 
Jordan, Charles Henry, M.A. ; A.B. 1907. 

v. 1907. 
Keating, Kathleen Mary, A.B. 1938 

Hearst av., B. 
Kedrolivansky, Elizabeth, B.L. ; M.L. 

1910: Teacher Oakdale. 
Keeler, Clara Louise, B.L. : Teacher 

2318 Glen av., B. 

Keith, Aylmer Wylie, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trical engineer Care of Arizona Power 

Co., Prescott, Ariz. 
Kelly, Frank Lewis, B.S. n. s.: Medical 

student 336 Parnassus av., S. F. 
Kelsey, Rayner Wickersham, M.L.; Ph.D. 

1909; Ph.B. (Earlham College) 1900 

1906 Bonita av., B. 
Kennedy, Laurence Joseph, M.A. ; A.B. 

1906. v. 1906. 

Kimball, Mabel Edna, B.L.: Teacher- 
King, Sarah Edith, B.S. n. s. 1853 

Tkirteenth av., O. 
Kinnear, Elizabeth, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 


Kirchhoff, Frederick George, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Construction engineer 2642 Bancroft 
way, B. 

Klaus, Harry Clyde, B.S. min.: Metal- 
lurgist 2617 Haste st., B. 

Kleeberger, Frank Louis, B.S. n. s. : In- 
structor in Physical Culture and 
Mathematics Univ. of Arizona, Tur- 
son, Ariz. 


Klein, Julius, M.L. ; B.L. 1907. v. 1907. 
Knight, Emma, B.L. San Bernardino. 
Knonf. Norman, B.S. mech. Mesa and 

Pala sts., Piedmont. 
Koepke, Aim* Helen, B.L. 1305 Devisa- 

dero St., S. F. 
*Krenz. Walter Carl. B.S. min. (Died 

February 10, 1910.) 
Kurlandzik, Schone Charlotte, M.A. ; A.B. 

1903. v. 1903. 
Lane, Leone Louise (Mrs. W. H. Kelly), 

B.L. 2632 Hilgard av., B. 
Lasell, Loron Wight, B.S. mech.: Man- 
ager of mineral water company 2614 

Regent st., B. 
Lew, Mervyn Jesse, B.S. chem. 1343 

Grove st., S. F. 
Lewis, Miles Karl, B.S. meeh. : Eneineer- 

ing apprentice 415 Ross av., Wilkins- 

burg, Pa. 
Linslev. Earle Garfield. M.S. n. s. : A.B. 

(Colgate Univ.) 1904: Instructor in 

Geography, U. C. 71 Emerson st., O. 
Little, Ernest Hugh. B.S. com. : Book- 
keeper 908 So. J st., Tacoma, Wash. 
Locker, Edward William, M.L. ; B.L. 1907 

v. 1907. 
Long. Seelv Frederick, Jr.. B.S. n. s. : 

M.D. 1910 21 Buena Vista av., S. F. 
Luc^. Ethel Maude (Mrs. M. R. Clark, 

B.L. 24 Sixth av., S. F. 
Lyman, Walter Whittingham, Jr., M A 

A.B. 1907. v. 1907. 
Lynch Matthew Christopher, J.D. : B.L. 

1906. v. 1906. 
McArthur, Lewis Ankeny, B.S. agr.: 

Clerk for lieht and power company 

University Club, Portland, Ore. 
McCnll, Inez Sarah, B.L.; M.L. 1909: 

Teacher lone. 
McCharles, Carl Howard, B.S. chem.: 

Chemist 64 University terrace, B. 

McConnell, Adelaide Crosby, B.L. : Teacher 

2336 Channing way, B. 
McCormick, Jessie Sevier (Mrs. C. J. 

Hunn), B.L. Kawaiahao Seminary. 

Honolulu, T. H. 
McCoy, Ida May (Mrs. Walter Stern), 

A.B. Eureka. 
McDougall, Agnes, M.L. ; A.B. (Univ. of 

Ilinois) : Teacher Lodi. 
McDowell, William Carson. B.S. civ. eng. : 

Draughtsman 537 Twentv-third St.. 

Mclntosh, Raymond Pierce, B.S. civ. eng. : 

Engineer Morena Dam, San Diego. 
McLoughlin, Ralph Hilborn, B.S. min. 
McNeely, John Knox. B.S. mech.: Engi- 
neer 1338 E. Washington st., Los 

MacNichol, Alexander William, B.S. min.: 

Mining engineer 1456 Fulton st., 

S. F. 

McQuiddv, Edna Randolph (Mrs. Madi- 
son Anderson), B.S. n. s. Winne- 
mucca, Nev. 

Macdonald, Laura Alice (Mrs. E. C. Hem- 
mings), B.L. 806 H st., Sacramento. 

Macneil, Sayre, A.B. : Law student 2408 
Figueroa st., Los Angeles. 

Macomber, Clara, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

Macomber (Mrs.), Gertrude Louise, B.L. : 
Teacher 2103 Santa Clara av., A. 

Mangels, Helen George, -M.L. ; B.L. 1907. 
v. 1907. 

Marshall, Hugh Martin, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer 2947 Piedmont av., B. 

Marshall, Lilla Ames, B.L. 1903 Tele- 
graph av., O. 

Martens, Katherine Margaretha, B.L. 
Teacher Westley. 

Martin. Ann Louise, B.S. n. s. : Medical 
student 1421 N. Commerce st., Stock- 

Martinelli, Genevieve Caroline, B.L. : Law 
clerk 500 Petaluma st., San Rafael. 

Mattoon, Mabel Gertrude, B.S. n. s. : 
Teacher Huntington Park. 

Maxim, Harry Ivan. See under Finkel- 
stein, 1908. 

Mayer, Herbert Hart, B.S. min.: Mining 
engineer Av. 5 de Mayo 21, Mexico, 
D. F. 

Mehlmann, Emma, B.L. San Luis Obispo. 

Mel, Washington Bartlett, B.S. mech.: 
Engineer 1114 Page st., S. F. 

Mellersh, Thomas Claude, B.S. min. 1880 
Fell st., S. F. 

Michael, Ellis LeRoy, M.S. n. s. ; A.B. 
(Univ. of Michigan) 1904: Naturalist 
Marine Biological Station, La Jolla. 

Michener, Harold, B.S. mech. : Engineer 

Miller, Albert William, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Teacher Cloverdale. 

Miller, Laurence Lee, B.S. mech. : Elec- 
trical designer 1415 So. Sutter st., 

Miller, Myrtle Elena, M.S. n. s. ; B.S. 
(Beloit College) 1900: Teacher 2521 
Hillegass av., B. 

Mitzmain, Maurice Bruin, B.S. agr.; M.S. 
1910: Bacteriologist 400 Central av., 
S. F. 

^Montgomery, John Minges, B.S. mech. 
(Died December, 1908.) 

Montgomery, Olive Philopene, B.L. : 
Teacher Lockeford. 

Mooney, Maude, B.L. Tehama. 

Moore, Alfred Finley, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trician 753 Carondelet st., Los An- 

"Morgan, Charles Guy, B.L. (Died Mav 7, 

Morgan, Sarah De Camp, M.A. ; A.B. 1908. 
v. 1908. 



Muratt, Maud Imogen, A.B.: A.B. (Occi- 
dental College) 1907: Teacher 845 
E. Twenty-ninth st., Los Angeles. 

Negoro, Motoyuki, J.D. ; B.L. 1901; LL.B. 
1903. v. 1901. 

Nelson, Nels Christian, M.L. ; B.L. 1907. 
v. 1907. 

Newbery, Carlos Alfredo, B.S. agr. : Ranch 
manager "La Oriental," F. C. P., 
Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic. 

Newman, John George, B.S. agr. : Farmer 

Niedermuller, Frida (Mrs. H. F. Sexauer), 
B.L. Teningen bei Emmendingen, 
Baden, Germany. 

Nissen, May Gertrude, B.L. Livennore. 

Norton, Clare Abbie, B.L. : Teacher Napa 

O'Brien, Marie Helen, M.A. ; A.B. 1907. 
v. 1907. 

O'Connell, John Jeremiah, B.S. min. : En- 
gineer Tygle Valley, Ore. 

Ohm, Anna, B.S. n. s. ; M.L. 1909: Teach- 
er 27 W. Magnolia St., Stockton. 

Orchard, Mary Elizabeth, B.L. : Teacher 

Osborn, Edna Mae, A.B.: Teacher Wat- 

Oser, Harry Jonas, B.S. civ. eng. : Engi- 
neer 3408 Clay st., S. F. 

Ostrander, Edith Gertrude (Mrs. Clyde 
Cameron), B.L. Tonopah, Nev. 

Ostrander, Jasper Elery, B.S. min. Mer- 

Otis, Stephen Frank, B.L. ; J.D 1910 
1609 Santa Clara av., A. 

Pack, Robert Wallace, B.S. min. 1525 
Spruce st., B. 

Paden, Agnes May, M.S.; B.S. 1907. v. 

Palmer, Mabel Ethleen, B.L. : Teacher 
2739 Bancroft way, B. 

Parker, Ethel (Mrs. O. H. Spradling), 
B.L. 3040 Wilshtre blvd., Los An- 

Parker, Virginia, B.L. 3040 Wilshire 
blvd., Los Angeles. 

Parma, Rosamond, B.L. : Teacher 912 
Chapala st., Santa Barbara. 

Parsons, Carrie (Mrs. W. A. Forbes), 
A.B. 1511 L st., Sacramento. 

Patterson, Aimee Elberta, B.L. 150 Cen- 
tral av., S. F. 

Peake, Albert Samuel, B.L. : Lieutenant 
U. S. Army Bongoa, Sulee, P. I. 

Peixotto, Eustace Maduro, B.L. : Journal- 
ist 495 Guerrero st., S. F. 
e Pell, George Frederick, B.S. com. (Died 
January, 1909.) 

Perry, Georgia Sidney, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

Phinney, Van Voorhies, B.S. agr. 1330 
H st., Sacramento . 

Pinger, Wilhelm Robert Richard, Ph D 
M.A. 1906; T. M. (Germany) 1893 
v. 1906. 

Pinkham, Walter Hampden, B.S. min.: 
Draughtsman 326 W. Thirtieth st., 
Los Angeles. 

Pirk (Mrs.), Adele, B.L. Uhlan Strasse 
117, W. 15, Berlin, Germany. 

Porterfield, Alice Wilda, B.L. 2326 War- 
ring st., B. 

Pracy, Edna Louise, B.S. chem. : Assist- 
ant in Chemistry, U. C. 1069 Church 
st., S. F. 

Pracy, George Wesley, B.S. mech. : Engi- 
neer 1069 Church st., S. F. 

Preisker, Nora, B.L. : Teacher Santa 

Randall (Mrs.), Lottie Aurelia, B.L.: 
Teacher 470 Rose st., O. 

Reeve. Zelma Cora, M.L. ; B.L. 1907 v 

Reeves, Thomas Villiers, B.S. min. 874 
Walnut St., A. 

Reynolds, Lena Emoline, B.S. n. s. Long 

Ricciardi, Nicholas Amerigo, M.L .; B.L. 
1907. v. 1907. 

Rice, John Roscoe, B.S. agr. 465 Ed- 
wards st., O. 

RSgden, Erne Josephine (Mrs. Harold 
Michener), M.S.; B.S. 1905. v. 1905. 

Roberts, Charles Roydon, M.L. ; A.B. 
(Stanford Univ.) 1906: Proprietor of 
Teachers' Agency Box 124, B. 

Robertson. James Rood, Ph.D.; A.B (Be- 

loit College) 1886; M.A. (Univ. of 

Michigan) 1891. 

Robertson, Ralph Denny, B.S. agr.: En- 
gineer Irrigation Investigations, B. 
Robertson, Thomas Edgar, B.S. min.: 

Farmer Fillmore. 
Robinson. Helen Frances (Mrs. Holmes 

Beckwith), A.B. 972 Simpson st., 

New York City. 
Robinson, Jesse, B.L. : Law student 

2152 Clinton av., A. 
Rogers, James Edward, B.L. ; M.L. 1909: 

Teacher 65 Haight st., S. F. 
Ross, Sarah Vida, M.A. ; A.B. 1906. v. 

Sale, Wilhelmina Truman, B.L. 1118 

Union st., A. 
Salyer, Eileen, A.B. 2712 La Salle av., 

Los Angeles. 
Sanchez-Elia, Horacio. B.S. agr. : Manager 

of ranch Florida 980, Buenos Ayres, 

Argentine Republic. 
Schafer, Kathryn Bernardine (Mrs. C. H. 

Fry), B.L. Randsburg. 
Scheel, Harry Aaron, B.S. com.: Statis- 
tician Room 6, Ferry Bldg., S. F. 
Schluckebier, Elsa, M.L. ; B.L. 1907. v. 




Schmidt, Carl Louis August, B.S. chem. : 
M.S. 1910: Chemist 2338 Roosevelt 
av., B. 

Schreiber, Harry William, B.S. min. : Min- 
ing engineer^Box 404, Grass Valley. 

Scott, James Robert, A.B. : Medical stu- 
dent 2800 Fulton at., B. 

Scott, Lewis Ensign. B.L. 464 Light- 
house av.. Pacific Grove. 

Scott, Louisiana Foster, M.L.; B.L 1906. 
v. 1906. 

Scott, Perry Madison, B.S. com.: Student 
in actuarial department life insurance 
company 158 So. Grove st., East 
Orange, N. J. 

Shearer, Elsie. B.L. : Teacher Yuba City. 

Sheppard, Carrie, B.L. Fullerton. 

Shults. Mabelle Harriet. A.B.: Teacher 
107 So. Rampart blvd., Los Angeles. 

Shuman, Nena Belle, B.L. 2341 Chan- 
ning way, B. 

Simpson. Yera Nanette, A.B.: Teacher 
2330 Russell st., B. 

Sisson, George Henrv, B.S. min. 826 E. 
Twenty-fifth st., Los Angeles. 

Slicer. Sue Stone, M.L. ; B.L. 1907. v. 

Small. George Leland, B.S. min.: Audit- 
or's clerk 2808 Grove st., B. 

Smith. Carrie Forrest (Mrs E. L. 
Adams), B.L. 2221 Ward st., B. 

Smith, Donald Joseph, B.S. agr. : Druggist 
San Luis Obispo. 

Smith, Felix Teisseire. A.B.: Law student 
Winthrop Hall, Cambridge, Mass. 

Smith, Irving Howard, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Clerk for Southern Pacific Railway 
1763 Greenwich st., S. F. 

Smithson, George Arnold. Ph.D. ; B.L. 
1903; M.L. 1904. v. 1903. 

Snell. Richard Atherton, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer 2721 Channing way, B. 

Spaulding, Ralph Aloysius, B.L. 2608 
Derby st., B. 

Spencer, Otto, B.S. mech. 627 Fifty-fifth 
St., O. 

Stephens, Russell Day, Jr., B.S. agr.: 
Farmer 1210 N st., Sacramento. 

Stipp, Ethel, B.L. 659 Sixty-second st., 

Strout, Archie Lindsay, B.S. mech.: En- 
gineer Sebastopol. 

Stuart, Helen Marie, A.B. ; M.A. 1909: 
Teacher Redlands. 

Stuart, Laura Belle. A.B. ; M.A. 1909: 
Teacher Redlands. 

Sudden, Robert Eilert, B.S. mech. Ven- 

Sultan, Walter David, B.S. mech.: Engi- 
neer 3471 Jackson st., S. F. 

Sunderland, Laura Grace, B.L. 1048 
Hopkins st., O. 

Swass, Mary, B.S. n. s. : Teacher Wat- 

Sweesy, Thomas King, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Civil engineer 2520 Cedar st., B . 
Swerdfeger, Sarah Isabel, B.S. n. s. : 

Teacher Glendora. 

Teichert. Adolph, Jr., B.S. civ. eng.: Con- 
tractor 2401 J st., Sacramento. 
Thacher, Philip Storer, A.B. : Lawyer 

910 N. Benton way, Los Angeles. 
Thelter, Joseph Hntton, B.S. min.: Mining 

engineer 2858 Devisadero st., S. F. 
Thomas, Frederick Folger, Jr., A.B. : Law 

student 2719 D wight way, B. 
Thomas, Vera Annie Nina, B.L. R. 1, 

Santa Cruz. 
Thurston, Lnella Mav, B.L. : Teacher 

810 E. Third st., Santa Ana. 
Tietien. Anna Meta, B.L. 2509 Bush st., 

S. F. 
Tobin. Alma Blanche, B.L. ; M.L. 1909 

2211 Devisadero st., S. F. 
Toner, Mabel Grace, A.B. 2626 Durant 

av., B. 
Tower, Grace Ellen, B.L. 926 Georgia 

st., Los Angeles. 
Towle, Spencer Laws, A.B. : Theological 

student Alturas. 
Tuller, Walter Kimple, B.L. : Lawyer 

542 Citizens National Bank Bldg.', Los 

Twitchell, Frederick Martin, B.L.: Teacher 

High School, Sacramento. 
Tyssowski, John, B.S. min.: Editorial staff 

of mining journal R. 4, Washington, 

D. C., Altha Hall. 
Underbill, Lewis King, A.B.: Cadet U. S. 

Military Academy, West Point, N. Y. 
Underwood, Byron Edward, Jr., A.B.; 

M.A. 1910:' Teacher 2041 Francisco 

St., B. 
Van Hemert-Engert, Adolph, B.L. ; M.L. 

1909: Assistant in History, U. C. 

1824 Hearst av., B. 
Variel, Clarence Lerpy, B.S. com.: Law 

student 2237 Michigan av., Los An- 
Volkmann, Daniel Gustave, B.S. com. 

2307 Broadway, S. F. 
Vollmers, Alberta Elois, B.L. : Teacher 

Delta, Shasta Co. 
Waite, Mabel Margaret, B.L. : Teacher 

San Fernando. 
Wallace, Bradley Lewis, B.L. Merchants 

Exchange Bldg., S. F. 
Wampfler, Rosa Marian, A.B. ; M.A. 1909 : 

Teacher 1522 Grove st., B. 
Ward, Estella May, B.L. : Teacher Care 

of R. L. Crane, R. 3, Santa Rosa. 
Ward, Helen Elizabeth, A.B. : Teacher 

538 Thirty-second st., 0. 
Ward, Myrtle Alberta, B.L. 2157 San 

Antonio av., A. 


Waterman, Douglas. B.S. min. ; B.S. 
mech. 1895. v. 1895. 

Watkins, Pearl, B.L.; M.L. 1909: Teacher 
2141 Eunice st., B. 

Watkins, Wilbur Kemble, B.S. chem. : 
Superintendent cement co. 2720 Elm- 
wood av., B. 

Watson, Helen Elizabeth, B.L. ; M.L. 

1909: Teacher 1836 Delaware st., B. 
Watters, Frieda Josephine (Mrs. R. E. 

Warner), B.L. 911 Kingston av., 

Webster, Elizabeth Estella, B.S. n s. : 

Teacher 919 B st., San Bernardino. 

Weir, Louetta Emily, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

2428 College av., B. 
Wellons, Ebb Boulder, B.L. : Teacher 

Werner, Selma, B.L. 93 Sixth av., S. F. 

Wester, Charles William, B.S. n. s. : In- 
structor in Mathematics, Univ. of 
Washington 5625 Fifteenth av., N.E... 
Seattle, Wash. 

White, Clyde Bartholomew, B.S. min.: 
Mining superintendent Metcalf, Ariz. 

White, Earl David, J.D. ; B.L. 1905. v. 

White, Francis Alfred, B.L.: Teacher St. 

White, George Emerson, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer 56 Pine st., Santa Cruz. 

Wilbert, Martin Horace, B.S. mech.: Man- 

ager of carriage works 3420 Eigh- 
teenth St., S. F. 
Wilder, Alvin Dumond, B.S. civ. eng. : 

Civil engineer Dwight way and Pros- 
pect St., B.' 
Willard, Edna Estelle, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

Williamson, Paul Truman, B.S. mech. 17 

So. San Joaquin st., Stockton. 
Williamson, Talcott, B.L. : Teacher 842 

'Second st., Santa Monica. 
Wilson (Mrs.), Harriet Louisa, B.S. n. s.; 

M.S. 1909: Teacher 445 Bryant st., 

Palo Alto. 
Wilson, Maude Eunice, B.L. : Teacher 

215 Ninth st., O. 
Winter, Carrie Minnie, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 

1909 217 Cole St., S. P. 
Wollenberg, Hanna, B.L. 233 Maple St., 

S. F. 
Wollenberg, Harry Lincoln, B.S. min.: 

Mining engineer 1234 Bonita av., B. 
Woo. Nae Tsung, B.S. com. 
Woodward, Walter C., M.A. ; Ph.D. 1910: 

A.B. (Pacific College) 1898: B.L. 

(Earlham College) 1899. 
Wooll, Charlotte, B.S. n. s. 1317 Castro 

st., S. F. 
Woolsey, Frances Shattuck, B.L. 2216 

Shattuck av., B. 

Wright, Jay Leon, B.S. mech.: Electrical 
engineer 618 Chapel st., Schenectady, 

Young, Helen Montague. B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 
1909: Teacher 2406 College av., B. 

Youngberg, Chester Willard, B.S. mech. 

Zander, Mattie Warren, A.B.: Teacher 
1375 Eleventh av., O. 

Zschockelt, Carl Gotthelf, B.S. mech.: 
Manager electric light and power com- 
pany 2035 Channing way, B. 

Zuber, Augusta, B.S. n. s. : Medical stu- 
dent 2500 W. Eighth st., Los An- 


Abrams, Sylvain Selic, B.S. civ. eng.: En- 
gineer 93 Sixth av., S. F. 

Adams, Richard Laban, M.S. agr. : B.S. 
(Massachusetts Agricultural College), 
1905: Chemist Box 3, Salinas. 

Ahl.-rs. Viola Emily, M.S.; B.S. 1908. v. 

Ambrose, Winifred Creelman, B.L. 2539 
Hillegass av., B. 

Anderson, Madie, B.L. Selma. 

Andrews, Frank Downs, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer 2828 Forest av., B. 

Angove, Libbie, B.L. Grass Valley. 

Armstrong, Gladys A. (Mrs. H. M. Leg- 
gett), B.L. Oroville. 

Arnold, Carl Eugene, B.S. civ. eng.: Civil 
engineer Maxwell. 

Ashby, Sara Canterbury, B.L. : Teacher 
35 Nordina st., Redlands. 

Bailey. Samuel Ellsworth, B.S. n. s. : Med- 
ical student 2646 Dwight way, B. 

Baker, Anna Mary, B.L. Ventura . 

Baker, Ned Duncan, B.S. civ. eng.: Board 
of Health inspector 4001 West St., O. 

Baldwin, Pauline. B.L. : Teacher 696 
Fifteenth st., Riverside. 

Ball, Ivan Jay, B.S. civ. eng.: Civil engi- 
neer New Hope. 

Barnhart, Earl Wingert, B.L. : Lawyer 
R. F. D. No. 2, Stockton. 

Baruch, Milton, B.S. mech.: Engineer 
945 So. Olive St., Los Angeles. 

Batz, Grace Fay (Mrs. George Guyles), 
B.L. 1110 N. Eighth st., Tacoma, 

Beckett, Samuel Hume, B.S. civ. eng: 
Care of State Farm, Davis. 

Beckwith, Holmes, M.L. ; B.L. 1908. v. 

Behr. Ethel Louise, B.L. : Teacher 

Bell. Alice Estella, B.L.: Teacher 227 

W. Fifty-first st., Los Angeles. 

Bell, Claire Haydn, M.L. ; B.L. 1908. v. 



Bell, George Lewis, B.L. : Law student 
31 Winthrop Hall, Cambridge, 

Bell, Jessie Muriel, B.L. 1317 Fourth 
av., O. 

Benton, Ralph, M.S. n. s. : B.L. 1907; 
B.S. (Agricultural College of Mon- 
tana) 1906. v. 1907. 

Bissell, Howard Gower, M.A. ; A.B. (Po- 
mona College) 1908: Teacher Bak- 

Black, Clarence Earl, B.S. mech. : Sales- 
man 455 Lucas av., Los Angeles. 

Blackman, Leon Sylvester, B.S. mech.: 

Engineer 2021 Oak st., S. F. 
Blanckenburg, Gustav Berthold, J.D. ; 

B.L. 1907. v. 1907. 
Pl-^sdale. Benjamin G., B.S. n. s. : 

Teacher 213 W. Twenty-second St., 

Los Angeles. 

Bleuel, Davida Smoot, B.L. Pleasanton. 
Bliss, Howard. Hamilton, B.S. mech.: 

Teacher Heber. 
Bliss. Wilberforce, M.L. ; B.L. 1899; B.S. 

(Mt. Union College) 1893. v. 1899. 
Blohm, Eva Emeline, B.L. Aromas. 
Borcarde, Beatrice Louise (Mrs. Robert 

Courier), B.L. San Lucas. 
Borden, Frank Leslie, B.L. : Lawyer 

530 Wilcox Bldg., Los Angeles. 

Bosshard, Rudolph Edward, B.L. : Teach- 
er 3027 Iowa av., Fresno. 

Bowers. Blanche Alene, B.L. : Teacher 
1136 Filbert st., O. 

Boyd, Percy, B.S. min. : Mining engi- 
neer Box 1393, Ray, Ariz. 

Boydston, Clarence Earl, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing superintendent Care of Casados 
Mine, Hostotipaguilla, Jalisco, Mexico. 

Brandt, Arthur Hook, J.D. ; B.L. 1905. 
v. 1905. 

Bray, Eustace Vivian, B.S. min. Care of 
W. F. Bray, Coalinga. 

Breckenfeld, Elmer Ackley, B.S. com.: 
Bank clerk 1702 Euclid av., B. 

Brignole, Augustus Sydney, B.S. min.: 
Metallurgist Sutter Creek. 

Bromley, Irma Sparrell, B.L. 1938 Dela- 
ware st., B. 

Broughton, Irwin Reece, B.S. com. 
Klamath Falls, Ore. 

Brown, Ara Harris, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
2409 Telegraph av., B. 

Brown, Edith Grace (Mrs. Henry Gould), 
B.L. Idria. 

Brown, Edith Louisa, M.S.; B.S. 1908. 
v. 1908. 

Brown, Florence, M.S. n. s. ; B.L. 1906. 
v. 1906. 

Brown, Pearl Emma, M.L. ; B.L. 1903. 
v. 1903. 

Brown. Simpson Leroy, Ph.D. n. s. : A.B. 
1905 and M.A. 1907 (Indiana Univ.) 
631 N. Seventh st., Vincennes, Ind. 

Browne, Eber Glenn, B.L. : Instructor 
iiu Comparative Anatomy, Hahnemann 
Medical College 1942 Berkeley wav, 

Brunner, Elsie Fay, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
823 Fifty-third st., O. 

Bryan, Lloyd, B.S. n. s. : Medical stu- 
dent 2638 Howard st., S. F. 

Bullock, Paul Ray, B.S. mech.: Electri- 
cal engineer 2341 McGee st., B. 

Burton, Austin Marshall, B.S. agr. : 
Farmer 1046 N. Center st., Stock- 

Bush, Henry Cheslev, B.S. n. s. : Medi- 
cal student 36 Sixth av., S. F. 

Butler, Ralph Hatherly, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Foreman for contractor 635 Eldo- 
rado av., O. 

Byrne, Rita Margaret, B.S. n. s. 744 
Hayes st., S. F. 

Calder, George James, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Civil engineer 1679 Waverly st., O. 

Carew, Edith Elizabeth, B.L. 1575 Wal- 
ler St., S. F. 

Carleton, Frederick Victor, B.S. mech.: 
Apprentice with Westinghouse Co. 
762 Franklin av., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Carlvle, Stella Maude, B.L. 2803 Forest 
av., B. 

Carpenter, Alma Bernice, M.A. ; A.B. 
1908. v. 1908. 

Cerf, Cedric Salma, B.S. min.: Rancher 
2821 Steiner st., S. F. 

Chapman, Arnold Woolsey, B.S. com. : 
Searcher of Records 2231 D wight 
way, B. 

Chapman, Charles Edward, M.A. ; A.B. 
(Tufts College) 1902; LL.B. (Har- 
vard Univ.) 1905: Assistant in His- 
tory, U. C. 2430 College av., B. 

Chase, Pearl, B.L. 2012 Anacapa st., 
Santa Barbara. 

Chase, Samuel James, J.D.; B.L. 1906. 
v. 1906. 

Cheney, Marshall Chipman, A.B.: Play- 
ground instructor 406 E. Forty-sixth 
St., Los Angeles. 

Cilker, William Hamilton, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Civil engineer 1016 Eddy st., S. F. 

Clark, Bruce Laurence, M.S. n. s. ; B.S. 
(Pomona College) 1908: Student 
729 W. Holt av., Pomona. 

Cleary, Ernest Winton, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 
1910: Medical student University 
of California Hospital, S. F. 

Cleland, Gail, A.B.: Teacher 2247 Ban- 
croft way, B. 

Cleveland, Maude, B.L. : Director of 
Physical Education, Stanford Univ. 

Clifford, Rue Randall, B.L. : Teacher 
2404 Dana st., B. 


Cline, Edgar Harris, B.S. n. s. : Student 
661 So. Union av., Los Angeles. 

Cloudman, Elizabeth Lee, B.L. : Teacher 
Vineburg, Sonomo Co. 

Clow, Elizabeth Kenfield, B.S. n. s^r-571 

Twenty-ninth st., O. 
*Cochran, Morris, B.S. min. (Died, 1910.) 

Cooke, Reginald Bancroft, A.B. ; M.A. 
1910: Student 433 Maple way. Pas- 

Cornish, Samuel Paul, B.L. 1928 
Dwight way, B. 

Cortelyou, Herman Polhemus, B.S. civ. 
eng. : Engineer 5944 Hayes av., 
Los Angeles. 

Cotter, Linda Pearl (Mrs. E. W. Killian), 
B.L. El Monte. 

Coughran, Charles Wiley, B.S. agr. 
Long Beach. 

Cox, Minta Elma. B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
821 E. Twenty-eighth st., Los Ange- 

'Craig, John Milton. B.S. min. Capay. 

Crossfield, Clare Bradford, B.L. : Law 
student 904 E. Capitol st., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Cuesta, Ynez Dominica de la, B.L. San- 
ta Ynez. 

Cunningham, Charles Henry, B.L. ; M.L. 
1910: Assistant in History, U. C. 

Danforth, Sherman Edward, J.D. ; B.L. 

1907. v. 1907. 

Darden, Adella Evelyn, B.L. 2810 Re- 
gent st., B. 

Davis, Harvey Lewis, B.S. civ. eng.: En- 
gineer Mesa Grande. 

Day, Donald William, B.S. min.: Engi- 
neer 724 Shotwell st., S. F. 

Dean (Mrs.), Constance Lawrence (Mrs. 
R. A. Dean) 1034 Vallejo st., S. F. 

Denton, Grace. B.L. : Teacher Vashon, 

Denton, Paul Randall, B.L. : Teacher 
Vashon, Wash. 

Develey, Mavbelle, B.L. : Teacher 1876 
Union st., S. F. 

Devore, George Gideon, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer I. O. O. F. Bldg., Reno, 

Dewey, Constance Madeline, A.B. ; B.L. 

1908. v. 1908. 

Dodds, Calvin Stewart, M.L.; Ph.B. 

(Iowa State Univ.) 1907: Teacher 

Domonoske, Arthur Boquer, M.S.; B.S. 

1907. v. 1907. 
Douglas, Charles Bayard Elton, B.S. min.: 

Mining superintendent 413 So. Tenth 

St., San Jose. 

Doyle, Dorothy Lundahl, B.S. n. s. : M.S. 
1910: Teacher 1623 Scenic av., B. 

Duggin, William George, B.S. com.: Sec- 
retary to division manager of South- 
ern Pacific Co. Empalme, Sonora, 

Duncan, John Charles, M.A. : A.B. 1905 
and M.A. 1906 (Indiana Univ.). 

Dyer, Ethel Catherine, B.L. 1423 
Spruce st., B. 

Eaves, Lucile, M.S. com.; A.B. (Stanford 
Univ.) 1894; Ph.D. (Columbia Univ.) 
1909: Associate Professor of Sociol- 
ogy, Univ. of Nebraska Univ. of 
Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. 

Edson, Charles Field, B.S. com.: Time- 
keeper for lumber company Scotia. 

Egenhoff, Rowland Leonard, B.S. civ. 
eng.: Civil engineer 2227 Elm st., 

Eggers, John Herman, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer 2036 San Jose av., A. 

Kmim-rt, Michael Thomas, Jr., B.S. agr.: 
Farmer Dunnigan, Yolo co. 

English, Donald, B.S. com.: Instructor 
in banking and accounting State 
Agricultural College, Pullman, Wash. 

Epperson, John Clifton, B.S. n. s. : 
Teacher 511 Hobart st., O. 

Erskine, Herbert Wilson, B.L. : Lawyer 
1811 La Loma av., B. 

Everett, Elizabeth Abbev, B.L. : Teacher 
and writer 420 Western av., Peta- 

Farmer, Milton Thomas, B.L.: Student, 
Alumni secretary, graduate manager 
26lB Virginia st., B. 

Fath, Edward Arthur, M.A. ; B.S. (Carle- 
ton College) 1902. 

Felt, Catherine Glenn, B.L.: Teacher 
1328 N. Hunter st., Stockton. 

Fies, Clifford Diebold, B.S. min.: Clerk 
for copper company Care of New 
Keystone Copper Co., Miami, Ariz. 

Fischer, Harmon Francis, B.S. mech. : 
Engineering apprentice with Westing- 
house Co. 827 E. Hutchinson st., 
Swissvale Sta., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Fischer, Hermann, B.S. min.: Mining 
engineer 5997 Grove st., O. 

Fisher, Laura Marilou, B.L.; M.L. 1910; 
Teacher 2214 Carlton st., B. 

Fitzell, Bertha Maud, B.L. : Student 
1331 M St., Eureka. 

Flannery, Robert Leroy, A.B.: Law stu- 
dent 441 N. Fourth st., San Jose. 

Fletcher, John Dundas, M.L. ; B.L. 1907. 
v. 1907. 

Forsyth, Ruth Agnes, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

Eraser, Chryssa Hemsworth (Mrs. A. F. 
Moulton), B.L. Normandie Apts.. 
1303 Ninth av., Seattle, Wash. 

Gaines, Howard Rixon, B.S. agr.: Y. M. 
C. A. secretary Ontario. 


Gester, George Clark, B.S. 'n. s. : Geolo- 
gist 2800 Derby St., B. 

Gill, Laura Frances, B.L. 64 N. Twen- 
tieth st., Portland, Ore. 
Glackin, Henry Stephen, B.S. civ. eng. 

1501 Twentieth st., S. F. 
Glazier, Theodore Edward, B.L.: Bank 

clerk Greeley, Colo. 
Goldman, Richard Samuel, B.L. : Law 

student 110 Sutter st., S. F. 
Gordon, Hazel Florence, B.L. : Teacher 

1726 Buchanan st., S. F. 
Gorowala, Sant Lai, B.S. agr. : Farmer 

Pachhar, via Bina-Goona-Baran Ry., 

Gwalior Sta., India. 
Gould, Carrie May, B.L. : Teacher 18 

California av., Santa Cruz. 

Could, Marietta, A.B. 606 E. Kensing- 
ton Road, Los Angeles. 

Graff, Ida, B.L. ; M.L. 1910 2808 Re- 
gent st., B. 

Griffith, Margaret, B.L. ; M.L. 1910 
2620 Durant av., B. 

Griffith, Mary Justine, A.B.; M.A. 1910: 
Teacher 713 Ninth st., Sacramento. 

Grubb, Olive Muriel, B.L. : Teacher 
2214 Ashby av., B. 

Gundelfinger, Herbert, B.S. com.: Book- 
keeper 920 K St., Fresno. 

Guyles, George B., B.L.: Insurance 
agent 1110 N. Eighth st., Tacoma, 

Hagedoorn, Arend Lawrens, Ph.D. n. s. 

Hall, Feme, M.L. ; B.L. 1908. v. 1908. 

Harmon, Myrtle Irene, B.L. : Teacher 
Bachelor, Lake co. 

Hart, Henry Hersch, J.D. ; A.B. 1907. 
v. 1907. 

Hartung, Tillie Walter (Mrs. E. T. Glass- 
brook), A.B. 6645 Whitney St., O. 

Harvev, Frederic Addison, Ph.D.; M.S. 
1906; B.S. (Iowa College) 1904. v. 

Hayes, William Joseph, B.L. : Law stu- 
dent 2616 Virginia st., B. 

Hayne. Margaret Perkins, M.A. ; A.B. 
1908. v. 1908. 

Headman, Sasha, B.S. mech. 740 
Haight St., S. F. 

Healy, Clara Adelaide, B.S. agr.: Teacher 
Salinas. , 

Heinz, Kathryn, B.L. ; M.L. 1910: Teach- 
er 2724 Alcatraz av., B. 

Hibbard, Lester Hudson, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 
1910 906 Westlake av., Los Ange- 

Hillyard, Warren Kenyon, B.S. min.: En- 
gineer Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. 

King, Thomas Guy, B.S. agr. 818 
Washington st., S. F. 

Hirsch, George Herman, B.S. min.: 
Chemist 2072 Market st., O. 

Hoag, Carl Leslie, B.S. n. s. ; M.S. 1910: 
Medical student Univ. of California 
Hospital, S. F. 

Hodes, Samuel, B.S. civ. eng.: Civil en- 
gineer 1443 Octavia st., S. F. 

Hofers, Flora Mary, B.L. 2507 Post st., 
S. F. 

Hoffman, Edna Juanita, B.L. Sheridan. 

Hoover, Hubert Don, B.L. : Student 
2333 College av., B. 

Hough, Almeda May, B.L. 2237 Derby 
St., B. 

Howell. Catherine Byrd, B.L. : Teacher 

Howson, George William, Jr., B.S. civ. 
eng. Fairview and Ellis sts., B. 

Hu, Chwang Yu, B.S. min. 2210 Ban- 
croft way, B. 

Hudson, Clare Mitchell (Mrs. J. W. 
Barnicott), B.L. Auburn. 

Huebner, Louise Lydia, A.B. 156 
Twelfth av., S. F. 

Huguenin, Emile, B.S. min. 1720 
Steiner st., S. F. 

Hull, Mabel Norris, B.L. : Teacher 1411 
Walker av., Houston, Tex. 

Hund, Walter James, B.S. chem. : Stu- 
dent Ross. 

Hunt, Alice Lorena, A.B. ; M.A. 1910: 
Teacher 2316 Carlton st., B. 

Hunt, Nicholas Rex, M.S. agr.; B.S. 
(Washington College) 1907. 

Hussey, Henry Albert, B.S. mech: Ap- 
prentice with Westinghouse Co. 762 
Franklin av., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Ickes, Eugene Law, B.S. min. 187 W. 
Santa Barbara av., Los Angeles. 

Jacobs, Gaskell Samuel, B.S. mech.: En- 
gineer 2327 Cedar st., B. 

Jahn, John Royal, B.S. min.; M.S. 1910 
Ray, Ariz. 

Jensen, Jane Catherine (Mrs. C. de Clair- 
mont), B.L. 487 Seventh av., S. F. 

Johns, Walter Roy, B.S. civ. eng.: Civil 
engineer Colusa. 

Johnson, Almira Catherine, B.L. 414 
Belleview Place, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Johnson, Bertha Irene, B.L. : Teacher 
2125 Hearst av., B. 

Johnson, Frank Edward, B.S. agr.; M.S. 
1910; B.L. 1908. v. 1908. 

Johnson, Myrtle Elizabeth, M.S.; B.S. 


v. 1908. 

Nellie Bishop, 

B.L. : Teacher 


Johnson, Otis Russell, B.S. com.: 
road agent Fort Bragg. 

Johnson, Riley Oren, M.S. agr.; B.S. 
(Univ. of Illinois) 1906: Teacher 
State Normal School, Chico. 

Johnson, Willard Callen, B.S. mech.: Ap- 
prentice engineer with Westinghouse 
Co. 1110 Wood St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 



Jones, Alice Edna, A.B. : Teacher 2816 
Fulton st., B. 

Jones, Annie Selina, A.B.: Teacher 
2816 Fulton st., B. 

Jones, Grace Mildred, M.L.; B.L. 1908. 
v. 1908. 

Jordan, Harold Scott, B.S. min. : Metal- 
lurgist 1930 Home st., B. 

Joy, Edith Williams, B.L. : Teacher 
Long Beach. 

Kahl, George Garry, B.L. : Teacher 123 

Baldwin av., San Mateo. 
Kanzaki, Kiichi, B.L.: Student 2308 

Virginia st., B. 

Keeler, Marguerite Nixon, A.B. : Teacher 

2318 Glen av., B. 
Kelly, Theodore Barnwell, B.S. chem. : 

M.S. 1910: Teacher 1547 Euclid 

av., B. 
Kelsey, Rayner Wickersham, Ph.D.; M.L. 

1908; Ph.B. (Earlham College) 1900. 

y. ;908. 

"Kersell, Isabel Murray, B.L. : Teacher 
Santa Clara. 

Kessing, Albert Ferdinand, B.S. mech. : 
Electrician 543 So. Stanislaus st., 

Kilgore, Alson Raphael, B.S. n. 8.: Medi- 
cal student 4317 Lyon av., Fruit- 

Killian, Ernest Waldo, B.S. agr. El 

JCnopf, Adolph, Ph.D.; B.S. 1904; M.S. 
1905. v. 1904. 

Knupp, Reginald, B.S. mech.: With Pa- 
cific Telephone Co. Porterville. 

Krysto, Christina, B.L. loamosa. 

Kumagai, Tomoichi, B.L. 2308 Virginia 
St., B. 

Laguna, Anita de, jf.B.: Teacher 528 
Twenty-fourth st., O. 

Lambrow, Isaac John, B.S. com Sim- 
ferpol, Taurida, Russia. 

Lament, Donald Yount, B.L. : Law stu- 
dent Care of Harvard Law School, 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Landis, Mila Leonard, B.L.: Teacher 

1706 H st., Sacramento. 
Lane, Howard Sumner. B.S. mech.: 

Draughtsman 1622 Milvia st., B. 
Laney, Lynn Meade, B.L. : Law student 

669 Thirty-first st., O. 
Lang, Roscoe Kpnklin, B.S. civ. eng. : 

Assistant in civil engineering, U. C. 

2005 Parker st., B. 

Lawrence, Leila Minnie, B.S. n. s. 401 

N. Locust st., Visalia. 
Lawson, Ethel Browning, M.L. ; B.L. 

1907. v. 1907. 
Lee. Esther Sophia, B.L. : Teacher 1425 

High st., A. 

Levy (Mrs.*), Sadie Ethel (Mrs. Morris 

Levy), B.L. ; M.L. 1910: Student 

1235% W. Seventh st., Los Angeles. 

Lewis, Bess Grace, B.S. n. s. : Medical 
student 2505 College av., B. 

Lichti, Otto, M.A.; B.S. (New York 
Univ.) 1908. 

Littlefield, Anna, B.S. n. s. : Student 
Chrisman, 111. 

Locke, Pearl, B.L. 2116 Buena Vista 
av., A. 

Lucas, Ethel Eudora, A.B.; M.A. 1910: 
Music teacher 2409 Carlton st., B. 

McCall, Emma Jane, B.L. : Teacher 
2419 Parker st., B. 

McCall, Inez Sarah, M.L .; BL 1908 v 

McCandlish, Anna 
Teacher Orosi. 


McClure, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. G. A. 
Robinson), B.L. Box 34, Merced. 

McDonald, George Roy, B.S. mech. 2433 
Oregon st., B. 

McDonald, William Clyde, B.S. mech. 
2433 Oregon st., B. 

McFeely, Hazel Aden (Mrs. P. R. Bul- 
lock), B.L. 2341 McGee st., B. 

McGraw, Edith Anna, B.L.: Asst. ma- 
tron of Detention Home 945 Chest- 

McKibben, Justin Warren, B.L. : Sales- 
man 15 Alvarado Road, B. 

McLenegan, Cutler Sturgis, B.L. Care 

of Northeastern R. R., Chico. 
^Macfarlane, Arthur Keddie, B.S. civ. 
eng. (Died November 7, 1910.) 

Macfarlane, Donald Burt, B.S. mech.: 
Gas engine designer Berkeley Y. M. 
C. A., B. 

Maddocks, Frederick Thornton, B.S. civ. 
eng.: Engineer 824 Thirty-sixth st., 

Magerstadt, Paul Erwin, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer 1355 Tenth st., O. 

Markley, Lulu (Mrs. L. O. Murphy), B.L. 
557 W. Sixth st., Reno, Nevada. 

Martin, Melrowe Merrimus, B.L. : Teach- 
er 929 W. First st., Los Angeles. 

Menihan, Margaret Cecelia, B.L. 

Merrill, Harriet May, A.B.: Teacher 
College City. 

Merrill, Ray March, M.A. ; A.B. (Will- 
iams College) 1905. 

Metz, Minnie Elizabeth, A.B.: Teacher 
San Benito. 

Miller, Rudolph, Jr., B.S. com. Vallejo. 

Mitchell, Lucius Sherman, B.S. agr.: 
Farmer R. 1, Saint Martinville, La. 

Mixer. Florence, B.L. 2803 Forest av.. 

Moller, Ernestine Emily, B.L. 476 
Twenty-ninth st., O. 



Monges, Henry Babad, Jr., B.S. n. s. ; 
M.S. 1910: Instructor in Drawing, 
U. C. 1719 Channing way, B. 

Moodey, Joe Galgier, B.S. agr. : Farmer 
R. 3, Sanger. 

Moore, Ella Elizabeth, B.L.: Teacher 
3252 Lewiston av., B. 

Moore, Eulalie Ashby, B.L. 2623 Haste 
St., B. 

Morgan, Alfred Raymond, A.B.: Clergy- 
man 5342 Ellis av., Chicago. 

Morgan, David Naffziger, B.S. agr. : 
Teacher 434 E. Park, Stockton. 

Morgan. Sarah De Camp, M.A. ; A.B. 
1908. v. 1908. 

Morrill, Evelyn Margaret, B.L. 2516 
Etna St., B. 

Moses, Ben Duncan, B.S. mech. : Machin- 
ist 543 So. Stanislaus st.. Stockton. 

Mosher, Agnes Gina, M.S. n. s. : B.S. 
(Iowa State College) 1905: Teacher 
Ames, Iowa. 

Moulton, Arthur Ferris, B.S. mech.: En- 
gineer 357 Henry Bldg., Seattle, 

Murphy, Harriet, B.L. Sausalito. 

Orlo, B.S. civ. eng. 
557 W. Sixth st., 

Murphy, Lee 


Myers, Paul Adrian, B.S. n. s. : 

student 408 Chronicle Bldg., 
Naffizger, Howard Christian, M.S. 

1907; M.D. 1909. v. 1907. 
Nag, Jogendra Chandra, B.S. agr 

: Hy- 

S. F. 
; B.S. 

: Far- 

mer Wari, Dacca, 
Neill, Millie Ida, B.S. 

Bengal, India. 
. s. : Teacher 


Nelson, Edna Bell, B.L.: Teacher R. 1, 
Box 90, Oroville. 

Nelson, Oscar, B.S. mech. 586 Sixty- 
fifth st., B. 

Newman, Clarence Humboldt, B.S. com.: 
Bookkeeper Scotia. 

Newman, Oliver Simon, B.S. agr.: Chem- 
ist Woodbridge. 

Newton, Fred, B.S. agr.: Farmer 

Nicholls, Jean Estrella, B.L. Dutch 

O'Bannon, Lida, M.A. ; A.B. (Mills Col- 
lege): Teacher 1218 Milvia st., B. 

Ohm, Anna, M.L. ; B.S. 1908. v. 1908. 

Okitsu, Takeshi, B.L. 2308 Virginia st., 

Olson, Adolph John, M.L. ; Ph.B. and 
Ed.B. (Univ. of Chicago) 1905 
861s Golden Gate av., S. F. 

Orr, Harold Francis, B.L. : Law stu- 
dent Ventura. 

Oser, William Lincoln, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Draughtsman 3400 Clay st., S. F. 

Ostrom, Carmel Mercedes, B.S. n. s. : 
Teacher 2949 Steiner st., S. F. 

Otero, Anita, A.B. 1879 Valdez st., O. 

O'Toole, Michael Charles, A.B.: Draughts- 
man 2119 Berryman st., B. 

O'Toole, Rose, B.L. : Teacher 2119 
Berryman st., B. 

Ottoman, Violet Frances, A.B. ; M.A. 
1910: Teacher 1738 Walnut st., B. 

Outcalt, John Maurice, B.L: Law stu- 
dent 2420 College av., B. 

Packard, Walter Eugene, M.S. agr.; B.S. 
(Iowa State Agricultural College) 
1907: Agricultural research El 

Parker, Robert Allerton, B.L. 2123 San- 
ta Clara av., A. 

Peekema, George Thomas, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Draughtsman 416 Sixteenth st., Sac- 

Pendleton, Anna, B.L. 2139 Stuart st., 

Penniman, Russell Sylvanus, Jr., B.S. n. 
s.: Chemist 1301 Shattuck av., B. 

Petrovsky, Vyacheslav, B.S. mech.; 
graduate (St. Petersburg Military En- 
gineering Academy) 1898: .Student 
1826 Delaware st., B. 

Phillips, Esther Bernardine, A.B.: Teach- 
er 606 N. Irwin st., Hanford. 

Phillips, Mary Louise, A.B.; M.A. 1910: 
Teacher 606 N. Irwin st., Hanford. 

Phleger, Irma Emma, B.L. 2201 H st., 

Piatt, Frederick Charles, B.S. mech.: 
Draughtsman 2033 Hearst av., B. 

Pierson, Caroline Emma. M.A. ; A.B. 
(Syracuse Univ.) 1903: Teacher 
1226 Alvarado st., Los Angeles. 

Pilkington, Gladvs, B.L. : Teacher 106 
Seventh st., Petaluma. 

student 222 Pala av., Piedmont. 

Pinger, Roland Wilbur, B.S. mech.: 
Draughtsman 2550 Buena Vista way, 

Pinkham, Helen Gertrude, A.B. 326 W. 
Thirtieth st., Los Angeles. 

Powell, Dewey Robert, B.S. n. s. : Medi- 
cal student 2005 Channing way, B. 

Prost, Edward, B.S. com.: Accountant 
350 Third St., S. F. 

Pullen, John Francis, J.D.; B.L. 1907. 
v. 1907. 

Queen, Helen Duncan (Mrs. G. R. Stew- 
art), M.A.; A.B. 1907. v. 1907. 

Ramasastrulu, Kunapureddy, B.S. agr. 
Nadiguden, Xristma st., Madras, India. 

Ramsden, Charles Harold, B.S. mech.: 
Mechanical engineer 534 Sixty-first 
St., O. 

Reilly, Lesley, B.L. 3016 Clay st., S. F. 

Reimers, Alida Katharine, B.L. 1430 N. 
Commerce st., Stockton. 

Reyman, Harold Cleveland, M.L.; B.L. 
1907. v. 1907. 


\}t*I' 1,'lRECTORY. 

Rhodes, Glenn Vernon, B.S. civ. eng. 

152 Twelfth av., S. F. 
Richardson, Faith Harrington, M.A. ; 

A.B. (Univ. of Southern California) 

Richardson, George Francis, M.A. ; Ph.B. 

(Iowa College) 19041801 Euclid 

av., B. 
Richardson, Milton Russell, B.S. min.: 

Mining engineer Tulare. 
Rippe, Minnie Marie, B.L. : Student 

2829 Twenty-fourth st,, S. F. 
Robinson, Florence Horton, A.B. : Teacher 

Mills College. 
Robinson, George Albert, B.L. : Stock 

raiser Box 34, Merced. 
Robson, Frederick Thurston, B.S. civ. 

eng.: Engineer 2430 Bancroft way, 

Robson, Robert Gordon, B.L. : Lawyer 

415 St. George St., New Westminster. 

B. C. 
Rodgers, Vivian Logan, B.L. 921 So. 

San Joaquin st., Stockton. 
Rogers, James Edward, M.L.; B.L. 1908. 

v. 1908. 
Rosenthal, Hyman, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Draughtsman 2529 Sutler st., S. F. 
Rossi, Edmund Arthur, B.S. agr. ; A.B. 

(St. Ignatius College) 1908: Mer- 
chant 2775 Fillmore st., 8. F. 
Rossi, Robert Domenic, B.S. agr.; A.B. 

(St. Ignatius College) 1908: Mer- 
chant 2775 Fillmore st., S. F. 
Roth, Frederique, B.L. 3294 Clay st., 

S. F. 
Russell, Merrill Leo, B.S. agr.: Farmer 

Newbury Park. Ventura co. 
Samlv. lsabi-1 Marguerite, B.L. 360 

California av., S. F. 

Schaerer, Louise, B.L. ; B.L. (Mills Col- 
lege) 1908: Teacher Box 361, 

Piedmont. . 
Fchnufele, Herbert James, B.S. min.: KM 

gjneer 1540 Taylor st., S. F. 
Schmidt, Rose Everallyn, B.L. ; M.L. 

1910: Teacher 1031 San Antonio 

av., A. 
Schoenitzer, Mildred Edna, B.L. 1567 

Masonic av., S. F. 
Schraidt, Ferdinand, A.B. ; M.A. 1910: 

Teacher 2642 Bancroft way, B. 
*Schultz, Florence Elizabeth (Mrs. M. M. 

Martin), B.L. (Died November, 

Searls, Fred, Jr., B.S. min. Nevada 

Seelig, Milton Harold, B.L. 1529 Spring 

st,, B. 
Seevers, Marion Brnner, J.D.; Ph.B. 

1904 and M.A. 1905 (Penn College) ; 

A.B. (Haverford College) 1905; M.A. 

(Yale Univ.) 1906: Lawyer Des 


Seidler, Ida Mary, B.L. : Teacher 
Rockwell City, Iowa. 

Shannon, Emma Catherine, B.L. 127 
Telegraph av., O. 

Shartle. Velma Augusta (Mrs. H. L. 
Powell), B.L. 1336 W. Thirty-fifth 
st., Los Angeles. 

Sheridan. Robert Montgomery, B.L. : Dep- 
uty County Clerk Ventura. 

Sherman, Lillie Margaret, B.L. 1701 P 
St., Sacramento. 

Sherwin, Melvin Ernest, M.S. agr.; B.S. 
(Univ. of Missouri) 1908. 

Shoda, Isaburo, B.L. 101 Scott st., S. F. 

Shuey, Herbert Stanley, B.S. com.: 
Special agent for U. S. Dept. Com- 
merce and Labor 221 Carmel av., 

Shuey, Robert Alton, B.S. agr.: Presi- 
dent of creamery company 2451 
Ashby av., B. 

Shuman, Lena Dell, B.L. 2341 Chan- 
ning way, B. 

Silberstein, Edith, B.S. chem. : Chemist 
2108 Grant st., B. 

Simpson, Alice Elizabeth, B.L. : Teacher. 

Sinsliciiner, Edgar, B.L. 1848 Pine St., 
S. F. 

Smith. Donald Eugene, Ph.D.; A.B. (Cor- 
nell Univ.) 1901: Asst. Professor of 
History, U. C. 1704 Oxford St., B. 

Smith. Eugene Ferry, B.S. min.: Pro- 
prietor of machine shop 2222 Fourth 
st., San Diego. 

Smith, Eva Audrey, B.L. 1605 G St., 

Eomen. Howard, B.S. n. s. ; M.D. (Coop- 
er Medical College) 1904: Physician 
General Postoffice, Berlin, Germany. 

Sooy, Francis Adrian, B.S. civ. eng. : 
With Standard Oil Co. Care of 
Standard Oil Co., Taft. 

Sorenson, Robert Severin, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Kngineer 2418 Dana St., B. 

Smithworth. Alice (Mrs. J. G. Moodey), 
A.B. R. 3, Sanger. 

Spangler, Glen Harwood, M.A.; A.B. 
(I'liiv. of Southern California) 1908 
2235% Chapel st., B. 

Stafford. Adelaide Ely, B.L. : Teacher 
Marlborough School, Los Angeles. 

Stager. Henry Walter, Ph.D. n. s. : A.M. 
1902 and A.M. 1906 (Stanford 
t'niv. ): Asst. in Mathematics, U. C. 
1700 Ward st., B. 

Stanley, Frederick William, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer 1135 W. First st., Santa 

Steele. Isaac Cleveland, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Engineer Compton. 

Stephens, Franklin Monroe, B.S. mech. 
Care of Pacific Telephone Co., 
Twelfth and Mission sts., S. F. 



Stephenson, Homer Bruce, B.L. : Lieu- 
tenant in U. S. army Philippine 
Constabulary, Dansalan, Lanao, P. I. 

Stern, Max William, B.L. : Asst. in State 
Hygiene Laboratory 2322 Cedar st., 

Stewart, Kathryn Ferguson, B.L. : Teach- 
er 1308 Monterey st., San Luis 

Stout, Verne Ancil, B.S. com 1430 Ox- 
ford st., B. 

Strachan, Emma Louise, B.L. : Teacher 
2701 Santa Clara av., A. 

Strong, Edward Kellogg, Jr., M.S.: B.S. 
1906. v. 1906. 

Stuart, Helen Marie, M.A. ; A B 1908 
v. 1908. 

Stuart, Laura Belle, M.A. ; A.B. 1908. v. 

Swift, Goodwin Bourne, B.L. Marvs- 

Symmes, Edwin Joseph, B.S. n. s. : 
Draughtsman 1007 Campbell st., O. 

Symmonds, Rowena Evelyn, B.S. n. s. 

Tadlock, Orval Clark, B.L. Care of Best 
Grocery Co., B. 

Talbot, Parker, B.S. agr. Santa Rosa. 

Taylor, Joseph Leon, B.L. ; A.B. and 
A.M. (Univ. of Southern California) 
1908: Teacher Lankershim, Los An- 
geles CO. 

Taylor, Mabel Renee, B.L.; M.L. 1910 
936 Crocker st., S. F. 

Teeter, Helen Lee, B.L.: Teacher Liv- 

Terry, Edward Prentice, B.S. n. s. ; M.S 
1910 2324 Thompson st., Los Ange- 

Thayer, Laura Eliza, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
Box D, Gilroy. 

Thompson, Frances Grant, B.L. : Librar- 
ian 2976 Folsom st., S. F. 

Thompson, Ira Francis, B.L. : Lawyer 
425 Merchants' Trust Bldg., Los An- 

Thomson, Cora Marguerite, M.L .; B.L. 
1907. v. 1907. 

Thomson, Thomas Rogers, B.L. Fresno. 

Thornton, Harry Albert, B.L. Hill Crest 
Road, B. 

Titus, Merton Earl, B.S. mech. : Elec- 
trician 291 Paris st., S. F. 

Tobin, Alma Blanche, M.L. : BL 1908 
v. 1908. 

Todd, Gordon Butchers, B.L. : Student 


Torello, Esther, B.L. : Student 4267 

Mission st., S. F. 

Towle, Ethel Irene, B.L. Alturas. 
Tripp, Mildred, B.L. 1031 Seventh av., 

Tubbs, Julia Benson, M.L.; A.B. (Stan- 
ford Univ.) 1898. 

Turner, Charles Alexander, M.S. mech.; 

E.E. (Western Univ. of Pennslyvania) 

Van Dervort, Katherine, B.L. ; M.L. 1910 : 

Teacher Covina. 
Van Duyne (Mrs.), Ede Kurd Mills, 

B.L. : Teacher Martinez. 
Van Hemert-Engert, Adolph, M.L. ; B.L. 

1908. v. 1908. 
Van Isschot, Carlos Augusto, B.S. min.: 

Mining engineer Guayaquil, Ecuador, 

S. A. 

Van Orden, Dorothea (Mrs. P. T. Harris), 
B.S. n. s. Sisson. 

Voswinkel, Olive, B.L. 2432 Cedar st., 

Wagy, Earl W., B.S. min. 322 Parnas- 
sus av., S. F. 

Walsh, Deborah Mabel, M.S. n. s;. B.L. 
(Pomona College) 1908: Teacher 
1020 Elaine st., Los Angeles. 

Wampfler, Rosa Marian, M.A. ; A.B. 1908. 
v. 1908. 

Warboys, John Lemon, B.S. civ. eng. : 
Surveyor 14 Davis st., Santa Rosa. 

Watkins, Pearl, M.L. ; B.L. 1908. v. 

Watson, Helen Elizabeth, M.L. ; B.L. 1908 
v. 1908. 

Weeks, Florence Elizabeth, A.B. 1615 
Twenty-third av., O. 

Weeks, Harold Gregg, B.S. civ. eng.: En- 
gineer Box 204, A. 

Weiss, Arthur, Ph.D. ; A.B. 1905. v. 

Wheeler, Elliott Hoffman, B.S. mech: 
Farmer St. Helena. 

White, Eleanor Margaret, B.L. : Teacher 
1912 Milvia st., B. 

White, Irma, B.S. n. s. 1314 Spruce 
St., B. 

Whitmore, Helen, B.L.: Teacher Co- 

Wight, Ralph Harold, B.L.: Law stu- 
dent Cornwall. 

Wilkins, Hazel Eileen, B.L.: Teacher 
1469 Twelfth av., O. 

Williams, Rolley Franklin, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Civil engineer 820 Twentieth st., O. 

Williamson, Laura Agnes, A.B. : Librar- 
ian 725 McDonald av., Santa Rosa. 

Wilson (Mrs.), Harriet Louisa, M.S.; 
B.S. 1908. v. 1908. 

Winter, Carrie Minnie, M.S.; B.S. 1908. 
v. 1908. 

Wise, Harry Oliver, M.A. ; A.B. (Univ. 
of Indiana) 1892: Teacher 707 Na- 
tional av., San Diego. 

Witter, Dean Gooding, B.S. agr. 2301 
Durant av., B. 



Wood, Chester Earl, B.S. min.: Mining 
engineer 2128 Van Ness av., S. F. 

Woods, Baldwin Munger, M.S. mech. ; 
E.E. (Univ of Texas) 1908: Instruc- 
tor in Mathematics, U. C. 2214 
Union st., B. 

Wright, Christine, B.L.: Teacher 1716 
P st., Sacramento. 

Yost, Paul Kirkwood, B.L. 1200 Taylor 
St., S. F. 

Young, Helen Montague, M.S.; B.S. 1908. 
v. 1908. 

Zeitfuchs, Emil Albert, B.S. n. s. : Struc- 
tural engineer 110 Glen av., O. 


Adams, George Jay, B.S. n. s. 1717 

Eighth st., A. 
Aden, Anna Ottilie, B.L. 1935 Cedar 

St., B. 
Agar, Lucy Marsden, B.L. 15 Prospect 

av., S. F. 

Ahlf, Mildred Gray, B.L. CO!UMI. 
Aitken, Wilhelmine Ellen, B.L. Lick Ob- 
servatory, Mt. Hamilton. 
Akers, Ethel Julia, B.L. 2334 Durant 

av., B. 

Albee, Merton Aurel, B.L. : Student 
Box 178, Redondo Beach. 

Allen (Mrs.), Alma Cobb (Mrs. E. G. 
Allen), B.L. Care of Mrs. S. E. 
Cobb, Del Key. 

Allen, Ernest Green, B.L. Care of Mrs. 
E. K. Allen, Lake Port. 

Allen. Roscoe Finkelnburg, B.S. min. 
317 N. Thirty-second St., Billings, 

Ambrose, Wflliam Clement, B.S. n. s. 
2539 Hillegass av., B. 

Anderson, William, B.S. min. Care of 
H. C. Hanshaw, Fairfleld, Wash. 

Armstrong, James Alexander, B.S. agr. : 
Teacher 1547 Euclid av., B. 

Ashley, Harold Harrison, B.L. 1633 
Twelfth av., O. 

Atherton, Edith May, B.S. n. s. : Stu- 
dent 319 E. Rose St., Stockton. 

Bailey, Paul, B.S. civ. eng. 2632 Chan- 
ning way, B. 

Baker, Anna Mary, M.L.; B.L. 1909. v. 

Bancroft, Helen Davis, B.L. 1940 Sum- 
mit St., O. 

Barber, Edgar Lewis, B.S. mech. 2220B 
Bancroft way, B. 

Barry, Frank, B.S. mech. 211 Broad- 
way, O. 

Barry, James Milne, B.S. mech. 2057 
Hayes st., S .F. 

Bartlett, Lester William, M.A. ; A.B. 
Wheaton College) 1905. 

Bass, Alton Loren, B.S. min. Baird. 

Batdorf. Charles William, M.S.: B.S. 
1906. v. 1906. 

Battles, Eugene, B.S. civ. eng.: Inspec- 
tor for Board of Underwriters 
Twenty-second and Harrison sts., O. 

Baxter, Frank Stanley, B.S. n. s. : Stu- 
dent 1419 Myrtle St., O. 

Beaser. Martha Stillmannette, B.S. agr. 
Chicago Park, Nevada co. 

Beck, Violet Miriam, M.L.; B.L. 1908. 
v. 1908. 

Behr, Ernst Edward, B.S. n. s. : Asst. in 
Mineralogy, U. C. 2607 Hearst av., B. 

Belknap, Roy Rider, B.S. min.: Mining 
engineer 1213 Madison st., O. 

Bell. William Constantine, B.S. mech. 
1801 California St., S. F. 

Belloni, James William, B.S. com. Fern- 

Benjamin, Harold Abraham, B.S. mech. 
Box 147, San Bernardino. 

Bennett, Juliet, B.L. Placerville. 

Bfi-ry, Ralph Edward, B.L. Auburn. 

Bevan, Mae Ellen, B.L. 2130 San Jose 
av., A. 

Biedenbach, Charlotte Colby, B.L. : Teach- 
er 2526 College av., B. 

Bird. Philip Smead, M.L. ; A.B. (Po- 
mona College) 19091245 Elden av., 
Los Angeles. 

Blacksill, James, B.L. R. D. 1, Oleander, 
Fresno co. 

Blair, Roy Whiteford, B.S. com. Placer- 

Bley, Charles Nicholas, B.S. civ. eng. 
1623 Eighth av., Seattle, Wash. 

Blowski. Alfred August, B.S. agr. 1216 
Magnolia st., O. 

Both, Orla, B.L.: Student 2406 Fol- 
som st., S. F. 

Bovver, William Blair, B.S. civ. eng. 
306 Caselli av., S. F. 

Bowden, Laurence Archer, B.S. com. 
1285 W. Alameda st., San Jose. 

Bowen, Gertrude Neelands, B.L.: Stu- 
dent Santa Cruz. 

Boyd, Cecil Alice, B.L. 862 Nineteenth 
'st., O. 

Boyd, Roberta Bliss, B.L. Yuba City. 

Bovle, John Christie, B.S. civ. eng. 

Bradley, Charles Holmes, B.S. agr. Ham- 

Brand, Clyde Holman, B.L. : Student 

1308 Nineteenth st., Sacramento. 
Brauer, Oscar Leo, B.S. n. s. : Student 

Braun, Harriet Augusta, M.A. ; A.B. 

(Coe College) 1888 2401 LeConte 

av., B. 
Brookman, James Arthur Douglas, B.L. 

1309 Ingraham st., Los Angeles. 



Brooks, Clifton Edgar, B.L. : Student 

576 Merrimac st., O. 
Brooks, Florence Anne, A.B. : Student 

1218 Laguna St., S. F. 
Brown, Abner Wolcott, B.S. com. 2501 

Webster st., B. 

Brown, Adele Viella, B.S. n. s. : Stu- 
dent 1429 Benton st., A. 
Brown, Chester Wavne, B.S. mech. 

517% Main st,, Woodland. 
Bryant, Harold Child, M.S. n. s. ; B.S. 
(Pomona College) 1909: Student 
399 N. Madison av., Pasadena. 
Buchanan, Gladys, A.B. 2 Presidio Ter- 
race, S. F. 
Burk, Hugh Alexander, B.S. min. 2746 

Merced St., Fresno. 
Burke, James Mark, J.D. ; B.L. 1908. v. 

Burpee, Mary Hazel (Mrs. Roy Baker), 

B.L. 301 Shafter av., O. 
Burr. Marian, B.L. 1722 Vallejo st., S. 


Burris, Harry Lawton, B.S. mech. : Me- 
chanical engineer 3441 Twentieth 
St., S. F. 

Caceres, Simon Novelo, M.L. ; C.E. (Rens- 
salaer Polytechnic Institute) 1898: 
Student 2432 Virginia st., B. 

Caldwell, Miriam Winifred, B.L. 2327 
Bancroft way, B. 

Campbell, Garth Bell, B.L. 1059 N st., 

Campbell, Malcolm Edward, B.S. com. 
1668 Webster st., O. 

Carner, Bert Marion, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 
1260 E. Fifty-second st., Los Ange- 

Carr, Chauncey Theodore, B.S. mech. 

Carroll, Agnes Gertrude, B.L. : Student 
2518 Dana st., B. 

Carter, Coila Fay, B.L. ; A.B. (Whittier 
College) 1908: Teacher Whittier. 

Carver, Clara Irene, B.S. chem. Escon- 

ase, Brayton Clarke, B.S. n. s. : South 
Acton, Mass. 

asey, Hiram Elbert, J.D. ; B.L. 1908. 
v. 1908. 

Chace, Thomas Franklin, B.S. civ. eng. 
1733 Walnut st., B. 

hapman, Paul Garthwright, M.A. ; A.B. 
(Occidental College) 1909 2229 
Chapel st., B. 

Chickering, Martha Alexander, B.L. 970 
Sixteenth st., O. 

hilds, Cecile Wheeler, A.B.: Student 
3579 Idaho st., Fruitvale. 

Christiansen, Helena Sophia, B.L. 2250 
Fulton st., B. 

Chubb, Florence Josephine, B.L. Bakers- 

Churchill. Vernon Russell. B.L. Ker- 

Clark, Hazel Katherine, A.B. 2410s 
Bancroft way, B. 

Clarke, Belle, A.B.: Student Lavton- 

Cleary, Ernest Winton, M.S.; B.S. 1909 
v. 1909. 

Clough. Mary Keith Tilson, B.L. 2332A 
Fulton st., B. 

Coffin, Alice, B.L. : Student 747 Lake 
Shore av., O. 

Coffin, Irene Augusta, A.B.: Student 
2114 Durant av., B. 

Conrad, Benjamin Dixon, B.S. agr. 
Arroyo Grande. 

Conrad. Clinton C., B.S. mech. and A.B. : 
Student 1827 Hearst av., B. 

Cooke, Reginald Bancroft, M.A. : A B 
1909. v.. 1909. 

Cooper, Sidney Bruce, B.S. mech: Elec- 
trical apprentice Care of Westing- 
house Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Corlett, William Greenfield, B.S. n. s 
2414 Dana st., B. 

Courtian, Gladys Dewey (Mrs. J. Britton). 
B.S. n. s. 152 Santa Clara av., O. 

Cowles, Russel Roy, B.S. agr. 2404 Dur- 
ant av., B. 

Crandley, Ethel Mae, B.L. 1384 Tele- 
graph av., O. 

Crane. Delbert Roy, B.S. n. s. : Electri- 
cal apprentice Care of Westinghouse 
Co., Schnectady, N. Y. 

Crossfield. Albert Scott, B.S. chem.: 
Chemist 2439 D wight way, B. 

Crozer, Miriam Augusta, B.L. : Teacher 
1425 High st., A. 

Cullimore, Clarence, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

Cumming, George Bragg, B.S. mech. 

3653 Sixteenth st., S. F. 
Cunningham, Charles Henrv, M.L. ; B.L 

1909. v. 1909. 
Cunningham (Mrs.), Goldie Capitola 

(Mrs. C. H. Cunningham), B.L 

2511 Durant av., B. 
Cunningham, Stephen William, B.S. com. 

444 Sixth st., Riverside. 
Curry, Howard Walter, B.S. agr. R. D. 

21, Box 95, San Jose. 
Cushman, Dexter Allerton, B.S. mech. 

2419 Durant av., B. 

Darke, Roy Everett, B.S. min. San Luis 


Das, Jyotish Chandra, B.S. com. 
Dauser, John Sebastien, B.S. n. s. : B.L. 

1904. v. 1904. 
Davidson, Thomas Andrew, B.S. n. s. : 

Student Union, Ontario, Canada. 

Davis, Elmer Fred, B.S. min. 2644 
Dwight way, B. 



Davis, Ethel, B.S. n. s. : Student 1801 
Allston way, B. 

Davis, Marguerite, B.S. n. s. 1119 Col- 
lege av., Racine, Wisconsin. 

Day, Samuel Hamilton, B.L. : Student 
2705 Claremont blvd.. B. 

De Large, Mary Pearl, B.L. 2233 Ells- 
worth St., B. 

Denton, Linder Dale, B.L. : Student 
Vashon, Wash. 

Devoto, Anthony, J.D. ; B.L. 1908. v. 

Dexter, Ruey, B.L. 1603 Santa Clara 

av., A. 
Dickel, Theodore Edward, B.S. min. 

Dickerson, Roy Ernest, M.S.; B.S. 1900. 

v. 1900. 
Dietrich, Elsa Bertha. B.L.: Student 

1631 Waller St., S. P. 
Dignan, Howard Henry, B.S. n. s. 

Dimmick, Helen, B.L. : Student 1433 

Spruce st., B. 
Dishrow, Emily Mercedes, B.L. 2328 

Roosevelt st., B. 
Dod, Harrie Charlton, B.S. min. 1296A 

Ninth av., S. F. 
Dolson, Rush, B.S. mech. 2227 Durant 

av., B. 
Donoho, Hazel Elliott, B.L. : Student 

2251 Fulton St., S. F. 
Dorgeloh, John Frederick, B.L. : Teacher 

1304 Page st,, S. F. 
Dowd, Elizabeth, B.S. agr. 2545 Pied- 
mont av., B. 
Doyle, Dorothy Lundahl, M.S.; B.S. 1909. 

v. 1909. 

Dozier, Linw^od, B.S. n. s. 5303 Tele- 
graph av., O. 
Draper, Wellington E., B.S. com. 2243 

Summer st,, B. 
Dreyer, Neils Peter Frederick, B.S. mech. 

2221 Parker st., B. 
Ebner, Ethelyn Leone, B.L. 327 W. 

Franklin av., Hollywood. 
Eckley, George Morgan, B.S. mech. 2610 

Etna st., B. 
Eddy, Adolphus James, B.S. civ. eng. 

2630 Fulton st., B. 
Edwards, Mabel Wright, B.L. R. D. 2, 

Edwards, William Albert, B.S. n. s .115 

E. Islay st., Santa Barbara. 
Ehrenberg, Agnes Therese, B.L. : Stu- 
dent 1447 Harrison st., O. 
Elkus, Frederic Kahn, B.L. 1515 N St., 

Elliott, Clarence Eli, B.S. com. 863 

Lighthouse av., Pacific Grove. 
Elliott, Elizabeth Rae, B.L.: Student 

El Granada Apts., B. 

English, Walter Atheling, B.S. com 
1767 W. Twenty-third st,, Los An- 

Evans, Harry, A.B. 2019 Hearst av., B. 

Falconer, Helen Rittenhouse, A.B. 1712 
Channing way, B. 

Fankhauser, William Charles, M.L. ; A.B. 
(Pomona College) 1909: Student 
Allston way and Dana st., B. 

Farrar, Roscoe, M.S. agr.; B.S. (Univ. 
of Illinois) 1907 Davis. 

Fertig, Emmet Ross, B.L. 58 So. Tenth 
St., Noblesville, Indiana. 

Fisher, Laura Marilou, M.L. ; B.L. 1909. 
v. 1909. 

Fitz-Gerald, May, B.L. : Student 405 
Fillmore st,, S. F. 

Floyd, Winthrop Thayer, B.S. com. San 

Force, John Nivison, M.S. n. s. ; B.S. 
1898; M.D. 1901. v. 1898. 

1 "nskctt. Clifford John, B.S. agr. Con- 

Foster, Paul Scott, B.S. com. 100 Forbes 
av., San Rafael. 

Frisbie, Mabel Louise, A.B. 1212 First 
av., S. F. 

Garms, Walter Irving, B.S. min. 658 
Shotwell st., S. F. 

Georgeson, Franklin Thompson, B.S. n. s. 
1225 G st., Eureka. 

Gerson, George David, B.S. min. 252 
Thirteenth st,, Portland, Ore. 

Gilbert, Lindley Dodge, B.S. com. Oak- 

Glick, Leo, B.S. civ. eng. 427 X. El 
Dorado st., Stockton. 

(Jluckman, Belle Ruth (Mrs. Milton Eis- 
ner), B.L. 

Goatley, George Armsted, B.S. chem. 
R. D. 2, Petaluma. 

Godbolt, Nellie B. Kathleen, A.B. Red 

Goodwin, Bessie, B.S. n. s. Santa 

Graff, Ida, M.L. ; B.L. 1909. v. 1909. 

Graff, Leo Cajeme, B.S. mech. 2808 Re- 
gent St., B. 

Graham, Reuben Jacob, M.S. chem. ; 
Ph.B. (Ohio State Univ.) 1901: Stu- 
dent 1316 Josephine st., B. 

Graham, Thalia Frances, B.L. : Student 
2416 Channing way, B. 

Grant, Earle Eliasson, B.S. com. 1064 
Thurman st., Portland, Ore. 

Griffin, Charles Henry, Jr., B.S. min. 
1120 W. 20th st., Los Angeles. 

Griffith, Margaret, B.L. 2705 Piedmont 
av., B. 

Griffith, Margaret, M.L. ; B.L. 1909. v. 

Griffith, Mary Justine, M.A. ; A.B. 1909. 
v. 1909. 



Grinstead, Allen Ray, B.L. Dixon. 
Grubb, Davis Hanson, B.S. mech. 2701 

Jackson st., S. F. 
Haas, Robert Raymond, B.S. mech. 26 

Laurel St., Santa Cruz. 
Haas, Walter, B.L. Care of Haas, Bar- 

uch & Co., Davis and Sacramento sts., 

S. F. 
Haffey, Calvin William, B.S. min. 1830V 2 

G st., Sacramento. 

Halbert, Martha Jewett, B.S. n. s. : Stu- 
dent 80 Fairmount av., O. 
Hall, Chaffee Earl, B.L. 1184 Fourteenth 

st., O. 
Ham, Israel Hayes, B.L. : Student 1919 

Grove St., B. 
Hansen, Anna Louise, B.L. Pine Heights, 

Harden, Rena, B.L. 3418 Champion St., 

Harriman, Edith Mav, B.L. : Student 

Harris, Frank Mason, B.S. civ. eng. 

Quintelle, El Dorado Co. 
Harris. Margaret Eleanor, B.L. 2218 

Union st., B. 

Harrison, Lucy Eva, B.L. 3329 Wash- 
ington st., S. F. 
Harrison, Maurice Edward, J.D. ; A.B. 

1908. v. 1908. 
Hart, Dorothy, A.B. Carmel. 
Harvey, Richard Warren, M.S.; B.S. 

1901. v. 1901. 

Haryett, Clara Nelle, A.B. : Teacher 
6114 California st., S. F. 

Haskell, Robert Mason, B.S. min. Red- 

Hayden, Clara Pearl, B.L. and M.L. 
2214 Grant av., B. 

Healy, Myrtle Nell, B.L. 2811 Regent 
St., B. 

Heath, Veta Evangeline, M.A. ; A.B. (Po- 
mona College) 1909 Covina. 

Heeney, Georgette, M.L. ; A.B. (Kansas 
Univ.) 1903 1725 W. Thirty-fifth 
place, Los Angeles. 

Heinz, Kathryn, M.L.; B.L. 1909. v. 

Herrmann, Elizabeth Adelaide, M.A. ; A.B. 

1902. v. 1902. 

Hesse, Emma Viola, B.S. n. s. : Student 

Boulder Creek. 
Hibbard, Leila Donnell, B.S. n. s. 2225 

College av., B. 
Hibbard, Lester Hudson, M.S.; B.S. 1909. 

v. 1909. 
Hileman, William, B.S. mech.; Graduate 

(Buenos Ayres Naval Academy) 1903 

Care of Argentine Consulate, 80 

Wall St., New York City. 

Hill, Helen Dodge, A.B.: Student 232 
Eighteenth av., S. F. 

Kindle, Edward, Ph.D. n. s. ; A.R.C.S. 
(London Univ.) 1906. 

Hitchcock, Marie Ethel, B.L. Tulare. 
Hizar, Margaret Bates, B.S. n. s. 1550 
LeRoy av., B. 

Hoag, Carl Leslie, M.S.; B.S. 1909: v. 

Hobart, Lawrence Edmund, B.S. civ. eng. 

558 Twenty-third st., O. 
Hobbs, Clarence Wall, B.S. agr. 3580 

Clay st., S. F. 

Hoey, Hilda Genevieve, B.L. : Student 

407 Escobar st,, Martinez. 
Holder, Edith Marian, B.L. 1181 W. 

Thirty-seventh place, Los Angeles. 

Hood, John, B.S. mech. 715 Virginia 

St., Vallejo. 
Home, Donald Dean, A.B. 2239 Chan- 

ning way, B. 

Hoyt, Alice Gardner, B.L. 407 Fair- 
mount av., O. 

Hubbard, Lawrence Jerome, B.S. min. 
1620 Santa Clara av., A. 
Humphrey, Winnifred Electra, B.S. agr. 

Mayhew Station, Sacramento Co. 
Hunt, Alice Lorena, M.A.; A.B. 1909. v. 

Hunt, Milan Edward, B.S. n. s. : Student 

Chabot Observatory, O. 
Hunter, Grace (Mrs. H. Hine), B.L. 

1207 F st., Eureka. 
Hust, Stephen Grover, B.S. n. s. 1812 

Delaware st., B. 
Hutton, Alegra, M.A. ; A.B. 1900. v. 


Isaacs, Elva Winifred, A.B. lone. 
Isaacs, Mildred Ellmore, B.L. : Student 

Jacobs, Belle Beryl, B.L. 1366 Harrison 

St., O. 
Jacobs, William Frederick, B.S. com. 

2018 Webster st., S. F. 
Jacobsen, Amanda Caroline, B.L. 143 

Buena Vista av., S. F. 
Jahn, John Royal, M.S.; B.S. 1909. v. 

Johns, Andrew Brown, B.S. mech. 

Johns, Herbert Stilwell, B.S. agr. 2529 

Hearst av., B. 
Johnson, Frank Edward, M.S.; B.L. 

1908; B.S. 1909. v. 1908. 
Johnson, Halbert Theodore, B.S. civ. eng. 

National City. 
Johnson, Margaret Olive, B.L. : Student 

27 B st., San Rafael. 

Johnson, Marjorie May, B.S. n. s. : Assist- 
ant in Anatomy, U. C. 2505 College 

av., B. 
Johnson, Verne Elwin, B.S. mech. 1991 

Huntington drive, So. Pasadena. 



Jones, Burle Jackson, B.S. agr. ; B.S. 

(Montana Agricultural College) 1904. 
Jones, Ernestine Marie, B.L. : Teacher 

2046 Chestnut st., O. 
Jordan, Ethel Murray, B.S. com.: Student 

1930 Home St., B. 
Joses, Aileen Emma, B.S. n. s. : Teacher 

Kaneko, Arthur Yoshio, B.S. mech. 636 

Eighth st., Riverside. 
Kaufmann, Joel William, B.L. Box 144, 

San Mateo. 
Kedrolivansky, Elizabeth Paul, M.L. ; B.L. 

1908. v. 1908. 

Keep, Winthrop Leicester, Ph.D. ; A.B. 

1901; M.A. 1902: M.A. (Harvard 

Univ.) 1904. v. 1901. 
Kelley, Berenice Hayes, B.L. Oak Ridge 

rd and Tunnell, B. 
Kellogg, Francis Comings, J.D. ; B.L. 

1906; A.B. (Oberlin College) 1904. 

v. 1906. 
Kelly, Lucile Bundy, B.L. : Student 

Cadillac Hotel, S. F. 
Kelly, Theodore Barnwell, M.S.; B.S. 

1909. v. 1909. 

Kennedy, Mary Eveline, B.S. n. s. 2225 
College av., B. 

Kentner, Bess Deuel, B.L. 609 W. Tenth 
st., Medford, Ore. 

Kergan, William Wesley, Jr., B.L. : Stu- 
dent 216 Lake Shore blvd., O. 

Kettenbach, Oscar Lee, B.S. min.: Min- 
ing engineer 1941 Kittredge St., B. 

Keyes, William Reed, B.S. mech. 468 
Oakland av., O. 

Kimball, Allen Holmes, B.L. : Student 
Yuba City. , 

King, Stanley Lyman, B.S. min. 110 
Laurel av., O. 

Kirk, Miles Woolery, B.S. min. 1533 
Arch st., B. 

Knudson (Mrs.), Maude Eleanor, M.A. ; 
A.B. (Occidental College) 1909 
Stanley Park, via Carpinteria. 

Korski, Julian, M.A. ; Graduate (Gymnas- 
ium of Lemburg, Austria): Student 
2320 Bancroft way, B. 

Kretsinger, Grace, B.L. : Student 2429 
Haste st., B. 

Lauxen, Lita, B.L.: Student 1344 N. El 
Dorado st., Stockton. 

Lee, Jessie, B.L. 465 Thirty-sixth st., O. 

Leighton, Clarence Arthur, B.S. civ. eng. 
329 E. Second st. N., Portland, Ore. 

Leonard, Allan Langdon, B.S. com. 
1360 So. Hope st., Los Angeles. 

Lepper, Elmer, B.S. min. 217 Norton st., 

Leslie, William, B.S. n. s. : Student 
Santa Cruz. 

Levy (Mrs.), Sadie Ethel, 
1909. v. 1909. 

M.L.; B.L. 

Levy, Sophia Hazel, B.S. n. s. 560 

Twenty-eighth st., O. 

Lewis, Fayette Arthur, B.L. Anaheim. 
Lewis, John Chisholm, B.S. civ. eng.: 
Civil engineer 1945 Delaware st., B. 
Lewis, Thomas Dean, B.S. mech. 415 

Ross av., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Libbv, Bertha, A.B.: Student 2021 

Channing way, B. 

Lindsay, Johnson Clemmons, B.S. civ 
eng. 1035 Lincoln st., Los Angeles. 
Lipman, Charles Bernard, Ph.D. agr.; 
B.S. 1904 and M.S. 1909 (Rutgers 
College); M.S. (Univ. of Wisconsin) 
1909: Asst. Professor of Soils, U. C. 
Faculty Club, B. 
Livingston, George Robert, B.S. n s 

Teacher Greenfield. 
Long, Herbert Everett, B.S. n. s. 21 

Buena Vista av., S. F. 
Lucas, Carroll Mayne, B.S. mech. Mead- 
ows, Idaho. 
Lucas, Ethel Eudora, M.A. ; A.B. 1909 

v. 1909. 

Ludeke, Elsa Erva Meta, B.L. Shandon. 
McCabe, Maja, A.B.: Teacher 1401 Arch 

st., B. 
McConnell, Frederick William, B.L. 614 

College av., Santa Rosa. 
McDowell, Bessie, B.L. 537 Twenty- 
third st., O. 

McFadden, Ada Sara, M.S. n. s. ; B.S. 
(Pomona College) 1909 906 N. Main 
St., Santa Ana. 

McFadden, Mabel Erne, M.S. n. s. ; B.S. 
(Pomona College) 1908906 N. Main 
St., Santa Ana. 

MacFadyen, Ralph James, B.S. agr.: Stu- 
dent 2311 Durant av., B. 
MacFarland, Grace Mead, A.B. 236*6 

Oak st., S. F. 
McFarland, Lindley James, B.S. mech. 

2414 Dana st., B. 

McKibben, Leila Justine, B.L. 2704 Col- 
lege av., B. 
McSpaden, Lewis, B.S. mech. Piedmont, 

Macpherson, Dorothy Blair, B.L. : Student 

2531 Benvenue av., B. 
Maisel, Owen Lionel, B.S. civ. eng. 1629 

Waverly st., O. 

Marks, Selby Harold, B.S., n. s. Ukiah. 
Markwart, Earl Howard, B.S. civ. eng. 

1208 Waller St., S. F. 

Marshall, Thomas Maitland, M.L. ; B.L. 
(Univ. of Michigan) 1900 1093 
Park av., A. 
Martin. Mildred Purnell. A.B. : Student 

R. D. 196, Inglewood. 
Matthews, Ralph Richmond, B.S. chem. 

2404 Dana st., B. 

Mattke, Lydia Theresa, B.L. 2239 Parker 
St., B. 



Maxwell, George Roberts, B.S. mech. 

2722 Webster st., B. 
Merrick, Leona May, B.L. 541 So. 

Painter st., Whittier. 

Merrill, Esther Frances, A.B. 2609 Col- 
lege av., B. 

Merrill, William Lloyd, B.S. com. Colusa. 
Middlemiss, George Henry, B.S. mech. 

521 Eighth st,, Sacramento. 
Mixer, Redding Carleton, B.S. mech. 

2803 Forest av., B. 
Monges, Henry Babad, Jr., M.S. ; B.S. 

1909. v. 1909. 
Monteagle, Paige, B.L. 2516 Pacific av., 

S. F. 
Montijo, Fernando, Jr., B.S. min. 2734 

Ellsworth st., B. 

Morbio, Carlo Sutro, B.L. 2434 Bow- 
ditch st., B. 
Morin, Grace Evelyn, A.B. 2410 Russell 

st., B. 
Mount, Lucy C., J.D. ; A.B. (Stanford 

Univ.) 1896 344 Kipling st., Palo 

Mountain, Frank, B.L. 317 Warwick av., 

Mudgett, Paul English, B.S. com. For- 

Musselman, Josie Elizabeth, B.L. 2228 

McKinley av., B. 
Myers, Hazel Ellen, B.L.: Student 2344 

Telegraph av., B. 
Nevius, Searle Brown, B.S. civ. eng. 

1600 Scenic av., B. 

Newby, Edina Clara, B.L. ; A.B. (Whit- 
tier College) 1909 2603 Ellsworth st., 


Newby, Lee Clinton, B.S. n. s. : Student 

2603 Ellsworth st., B. 
Newell, Eckert Wynne, B.S. mech. 2603 

Benvenue av., B. 

Newton, Alice May, M.S. n. s. ; B.S. (Po- 
mona College) 1909 Oceanside. 
Nickerson, Leigh Wallace, B.S. com. 

25 E. Pearl av., Redlands. 
Norman, Caswell Lane, B.S. mech. 1113 

First av., O. 
Northcroft, James Fraser Luther, B.S. 

mech. 2601 Durant av., B. 
Ogden, Marguerite, B.S. n. s. : Student 

1682 Valdez st., O. 
O'Melveny, Stuart, B.L. 3250 Wilshire 

blvd., Los Angeles. 
O'Neil, Grace Marguerite, B.L. : Student 

640 Cedar st., Chico. 
O'Neill, Hugh Samuel, B.L. : Student 

Otis, Stephen Frank, J.D. ; B.L. 1908. v. 


O'Toole, Katherine, A.B. 2119 Berry- 
man st., B. 
Ottoman, Violet Frances, M.A. ; A.B. 

1909. v. 1909. 

Owyang, Kee, B.L.; LL.B. (New York 

Univ.) 1904: Student Chinese Con- 
sulate, S. F. 
Parker, William Bell, B.S. agr. 282 

Broadway, Santa Cruz. 
Parry, William Clarence, B.S. com. 2112 

Grove st., B. 
Patton, Alta, B.L. 287 Minnesota av., 

San Jose. 

Paul, Albert Miles, B.S. agr. Riverside. 
Paul, Hattie Belle, B.L.: Student- 
Paulsen, Mabelle Amalie, B.L. Student 

336 Hugo St., S. F. 
Pausch, Oliver Woodbridge, B.S. com. 

2220 Blake st., B. 
Pease, Clifford Coleman, J.D. ; A.B. (Univ. 

of Wisconsin) 216 So. Mill st., Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Pence, Mary Ada, A.B. : Student 2308 

LeConte av., B. 
Pendleton, Cornelius Welles, Jr., B.L. 

2212 So. Figueroa st., Los Angeles. 
Pennoyer, Richard Edmonds, B.S. com. 
Perry, Shirley Armanella, B.S. n. s. 

Box 533, Hayward. 
Petzinger, William Christopher, B.S. agr. 

229 So. Sutter st., Stockton. 
Phelps, Robert William, B.S. min. 1234 

W. Pico st., Los Angeles. 
Phillips, Mary Louise, M.A. ; A.B. 1909. 

v. 1909. 
Pierpont, Mabel Eva, B.L. : Student 

2306 Parker st., B. 
Place, Vivian, B.L. : Teacher 2522 

Dwight way, B. 
Porter, William Keyes, B.L. University 

Library, B. 
Potts, Mabel Elizabeth, B.L. : Student 

1110 Sixty-sixth st., O. 
Powell, William Keleher, B.L. : Student 

1280 Union st., S. F. 
Prince, Lionel David, B.S. n. s. 1482 

Sutter st., S. P. 

Purdum, Edith May, M.L. ; A.B. (Stan- 
ford Univ.) 1908: Teacher Colton. 
Rader, Arthur LeRoy, B.L. : Student 


Ralph, Hazel May, B.L. Rivera. 
Randall, George Archibald, B.S. civ. eng." 

2241 Rose st., B. 
Rankin, Edward Percy, B.S. n. s. El 

Redmond, Mary Thornton, B.L. : Student 

1256 Fourth av., S. F. 
Reed, Charles Alley, B.S. civ. eng. 724 

Grosse Bldg., Los Angeles. 
Rees, Ethel Anne, B.L. : Student 3837 

So. Olive st., Los Angeles. 
Rehfuess, Ludwig, B.S. mech.: Student 

Rice, Lilian Jeanette, B.L. : Student 

National City. 



Richardson, Eva Morris, B.L.; A.B. 
(Penn College) 1887 2232 Barrow 
St., B. 

Richter, Max Clemens, B.S. agr. 1102 
Taylor st,, S. F. 

Rinn, Ida Luise, B.L. 33 So. Sacra- 
mento St., Lodi. 

Risdon, Ruth Charlotte, B.S. n. s. : Stu- 
dent 2611 Durant av., B. 

Rittenhouse, Mary Ellen, A.B. 1906 
Delaware St., B. 

Roberts, Hazel Elizabeth, B.S. n. s. : Stu- 
dent 2957 Hillegass av., B. 

Roberts, Ruth, B.L. 32 Mary st., San 

Robertson, Oswald Hope, B.S. n. s. : Stu- 
dent 2200 Dwight way, B. 

Robinson, Charles Atwood, A.B. 2711 
Regent st., B. 

Rockwell, Carolyn (Mrs. O. Washburn), 
B.L. 945 Adeline st.,O. 

Rodegerdts, Chris August, B.S. rain. 
1522 L st., Sacramento. 

Rogers, Clarence Ellam, M.S. mech. ; A.B. 
(Univ. of New Mexico) 1909: Stu- 
dent 2214 Union St., B. 

Rogers, Frank Lee, B.S. agr.: Student 
2225 Roosevelt av., B. 

Rolfe, Florence Abbie, B.L. 436 E st., 
San Bernardino. 

Rosenshine, Leon James, B.S. min. 2613 
Virginia st., B. 

Rosenthal, Ben, B.L. 3002 Clay st., S. F. 

Rowe, Harris Elliott, B.S. civ. eng. 

Rowe, Leo Ross, B.L. Sitka, Alaska. 

Sabelman, Marie, B.S. n. s. : Student 
Proberta. ^ 

Sampson, Joseph Abraham, B.S. min. : 
Student 3580 Washington st., S. F. 

lawyer, William Brewster, Jr., B.S. min. 
202 E. Seventh st., Riverside. 

Schindler, Charles, B.S. mech. Anaheim. 

Schmidt, Carl Louis August, M.S.; B.S. 
1908. v. 1098. 

Schmidt, Rose Everallyn, M.L. ; B.L. 1909. 
v. 1909. 

Metropolis Bank Bldg., S. F. 

Schneider, Franz, A.B. 2612 Dana St., 

Schraidt, Ferdinand, M.A. ; A.B. 1909. 
v. 1909. 

Schwanenfliigel, Knud, A.B.: Teacher 
Thalheim, Stanislaus Co. 

Scott, Winner Morton, B.L. : Student 
Dos Palos. 

Searle, George Henry, B.S. mech. 1721 
Alameda av., A. 

Seidl, Claudia Russell, B.L. 283 Tenth 
av., S. F. 

Severance, Hayward Merriam, B.S. chem. : 
Student 1275 Weber st., A. 

Sharpstein, Katherine Crittenden, B.L. : 
Student 1545 Benton st., A. 

Shaw, Arvin Benjamin, Jr.: Student 
321 So. Hill st., Los Angeles. 

Shay, Clark Wilbur, M.S. n. s. ; B.S. 
(Univ. of Rochester) 1890 Hermon. 

Shipley, Levi Batchelder, B.S. chem. 
3131 Etna av., B. 

Slack, Edith, A.B. 2224 Sacramento st., 
S. F. 

Smith, Guy, B.L. Azusa. 

Smith, Mary Louise, B.L.: Student Ger- 
man town. 

Smith, Nelson Croxford, M.L. ; B.L. (Bos- 
ton Univ.) 1901 2305 Fulton st., B. 

Snyder, Edwin Lewis, B.S. n. s. : Student 
721 E. Oak st., Stockton. 

Solomon, Harry Caesar, B.S. n. s. 25 
Newbury st., Boston, Mass. 

Solomon, Robert Wilfred, B.S. min. 
1323 I st., Eureka. 

Sperry, Austin Willard, B.S. civ. eng. 
2328 Webster st., B. 

Sprague, Edith, B.L.: Student 2019 
Cedar st., B. 

Stafford, Mary Turner, B.L. Live Oak. 

Stanley (Mrs.), Marion Cummings, M.L. ; 

B.L. 1901. v. 1901. 
Stanley, Roy Chester, B.S. n. s. 1107 

Cedar st., Riverside. 

Stebbins, Cyril Adelbert, B.S. n. s..: Stu- 
dent Chico. 
Steel, Francis Robert, B.S. n. s. Care of 

Three Pines Lumber Co., Grants Pass, 

Steel, George Graham, B.S. civ. eng. 

R. D. 1, Grants Pass, Ore. 
Steilberg, Walter Theodore, B.S. n. s. 
Stewart, Marie Jeanette, A.B. Alturas. 
Stockton, Mary Isabelle, M.L. ; Ph.B. 

(Univ. of Chicago) 1907 2617 Le 

Conte av., B. 
Stokes, Charles Morris, B.S. civ. eng. 

888 Gordon st., Pomona. 
Stoner, Peter Winebrenner, M.S. n. s. ; 

A.B. (Kansas Christian College) 1908: 

Student Orange. 
Stover, Noble McMurray, B.S. agr. 2918 

Benvenue av., B. 
Strachan, Agnes, A.B. 989 Haight St., 

S. F. 
Strong, Addison Graves, B.L. 3392 

Twenty-first st., S. F.- 
Struckmeyer, Milton Freeman, B.L. 

Sweet, Clifford, Daniel, B.S. n. s. 2404 

Ellsworth st., B. 
Talcott, Josiah Stiles Jr., B.S. mech. 

615 Spurgeon st., Santa Ana. 
Taylor, Lydia Maude, B.L. : Student 




Taylor, Mabel Renee, M.L. ; B.L. 1909. 

v. 1909. 
Taylor, Paul Pomeroy, B.S. civ. eng. 

Taylor. Ralph Hawley, B.S. agr. : Teacher 

Trestle Glen, O. 
Terry, Edward Prentice, M.S.; B.S. 1909. 

v. 1909. 
Thomas, Esme Tierney Amy, B.L. R. D. 

1, Box 81, Santa Cruz. 
Tibbetts, Marie Louise, B.L. 655 Clav 

St., S. F. 
Tomlin, Vena Marvella, B.L. : Teacher 

Care of Mrs. P. J. Wilson, 1411 

Grant st., B. 
Torrev, Leon Edwin, B.S. mech. 1800 

Walnut St., B. 
Trewick, Ellen Elizabeth, B.L. : Student 

442 Page st., S. F. 

Trunnel, Oroville, B.S. mech. 802 Hun- 
toon st., Oroville. 
Turn Suden, Richard. B.S. civ. eng. 

3008 Clay st., S. F. 
Twiss, Wilfred Charles, M.A. ; A.B. (Univ. 

of Southern California) 1895: Stu- 
dent Hollywood. 

Twogood, Ernest Nelson, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trical apprentice 518 Campbell av., 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Twogood, Ralph Sion, B.S. mech.: Elec- 
trical engineer 2032 Bancroft way, 

Tylor, Archibald Ray, B.S. agr. 1813 

Van Ness av., S. F. 
Underwood, Byron Edward, M.A. ; A.B. 

1908. v. 1908. 
Van Dervort, Kathrina, M.L.; B.L. 1909. 

v. 1909. 

Van Fleet, Alan Crocker, B.L. 2020 Pa- 
cific av., S. F. 
Van Gulpen, May Helen, B.L.: Student 

2010 Prince st., B. 
Venable, Helen Magdalene, A.B. 2533 

Hillegass av., B. 
Vosburg, Keith, A.B. 2345 Figueroa st., 

Los Angeles. 
Waldman, Carl Andrew, B.S. mech. 2014 

Emerson st., B. 
Ware, Margaret, B.L. 1041 College av., 

Santa Rosa. 
Warner, Archie Dean, B.S. civ. eng.: 

Draughtsman 613 So. M st., Tacoma, 

Watson, Edna Earl, Ph.D.; B.S. 1906; 

M.S. 1907. v. 1906. 
Weiss, Rosa, B.L. : Student 2319 College 

av., B. 
Welch, Harriet Ann, B.L. : Student 1525 

Arch st., B. 

Wells, Lillian Hope, B.L. Covina. 
Wells, William Sewall, Jr., B.L. 
Wentworth, Mary Malvina, M.A. ; A.B. 

(Mt. Holyoke College) 1905 1364 

Ninth av., O. 
West, Gifford Bethel, B.S. min. 431 W. 

San Salvador st., San Jose. 
West, Rachel Emma, A.B.: Student 

1226 O St., Sacramento. 
Westergaard, Waldemar Christian, M.L. ; 

A.B. (Univ. of North Dakota) 1906 

1009 Union st., A. 
Weymouth, Grace Cooper, B.L. : Student 

2325 Blake st., B. 
White, Erwin Oscar, B.S. mech. Sandon, 

British Columbia. 
White, George Casey, B.S. mech. 400> 

Broderick st., S. F. 

White, Grace Pauline, B.L. 1006 Twenty- 
fourth st., O. 
Whitton, Charles Abel, B.S. civ. eng. - 

Student 437 Hawthorne st., O. 
Wickson, Guest, A.B. 2723 Bancroft 

way, B. 

Wigmore, Leslie Warren, B.L. 1730 Vir- 
ginia St., B. 
*Wiley, Bessie, B.L. (Died January 27, 

Williams, Elsie Grace, B.L. : Student 

Port Costa. 
Wilson, Bryant Asahel, B.L. 2216 Blake 

st,, B. 

Wilson, George Ringo, B.S. agr. Corona. 
Wilson, Laurence Lee, B.L. 2500 Dana 

St., B. 

Wisecarver, Thurman Curtis, B.L.: Stu- 
dent 1734 Walnut st., B. 
Wolcott, Lester Oren, B.S. agr. 735 E. 

Thirty-third st., Los Angeles. 
Wolfsohn, Fred, B.S. min. 2933 Pine st., 

S. F. 
Woodman, Madge, B.L. : Student 2327 

Blake st., B. 
Woodward, Walter Carleton, Ph.D.; M.A. 

1908; A.B. (Pacific College) 1898; 

B.L. (Earlham College) 1899. v. 1908. 
Worley, Elizabeth Jeanette, A.B. : Teacher 

2848 Telegraph av., B. 
Wuerth, Harry Charles, B.L. 
Wulzen, Rosalind, M.S.; B.S. 1904. v. 

Wythe, Margaret Wilhelmina, B.L. 4231 

Terrace st., O. 
Young, Elizabeth Florence, A.B.: Student 

1377 Broadway, A. 
Zaniboni, Amelia Agnes, B.L.: Student 







Damour, Ferdinand. 

Davie, John Chapman Victoria, B. C. 

Dubois, Amos S. 
*Handy, John C. (Died.) 

Pond, Milo Bushnell Napa. 
*Stivers, Charles A. (Died.) 
* Weeks, Freeman L. (Died.) 

Welch, William P. 


Drinkhouse, E. J. C. 
*Fenn, Charles Merwin. (Died March 7. 


Taylor, Edward Robeson: Dean of 
Hastings College of the Law Whit- 
tell Bldg., 8. F. 


Barber, Edward Thomas. 
*Brierly, Conant B. (Died.) 
*Fine, Andrew. (Died September 20, 


Heavitt, Granville. 
Lingo, Marin B. 
*Plummer, Richard H. (Died.) 
*Prevost, Renny J. (Died.) 
Richardson, James A. 1107 Francis av., 

Portland, Ore. 

*Rupe, Samuel H. (Died.) 
Widney, Joseph Pomeroy, A.M. (Univ. of 
Pacific) 1880; LL.D. (Miami Univ.) 
1895150 W. Adams st,, Los Ange- 


Cairns, John. 
*Hackett, John J. (Died.) 

Hansen, Thomas C. 
M) X.-il, A. A. (Died:) 
*Robinson, Luke. (Died.) 

Shelton, Thomas W. 

Steely, John. 


Bates, Charles B. 65 Sparks St.. Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Cameron, James Strong Red Bluff. 
*Corbett, S. J. (Died.) 
*McGuire, Lucius. (Died.) 
*Newmark, Valentine. (Died.) 

Walz, G. 


Caldwell, Robert 340 So. Second St., San 

Clark, J. J. 

Cochran, W. W. 
*Haile, C. S. (Died.) 
*Toland, Charles A. (Died.) 

*Turner, J. T. (Died.) 

*Tuttle, Hiram Pardoe. (Died.) 

Webber, J. S. 

Younger, Alexander J. 


Biggs, Mathew H. Lima, Peru. 

Mackenzie, John H. 
*Rucker, Hiram Newton. (Died Decem- 

ber 13, 1905.) 
*Sage, Charles P. (Died.) 

Sea well, John J. 


*Churchill, Leonard. (Died.) 
* Hampton, James E. (Died.) 
-Kirkpatrick, C. A. (Died.) 


*Keane, George B. (Died, 1906.) 
Kurtz, Joseph Douglas Bldg., Los An- 

*Lyford, Dexter L. (Died.) 


* Anderson, Jerome August. (Died.) 
*Cox, Thomas H. (Died.) 

Martineaut, Eugene D. 2119 Buchaiuin 

St., S. P. 

Mays, William Henry Newman. 
*0'Xeil. J. C. (Died.') 
Schnabel, Martin Newcastle. 

* Sylvester, Julian. (Died.) 
Wl.ittell, Alexander P. (Died.) 

Biggs, P. R. 

* Blake. James William. (Died.) 
Delmont, Francois 618 Green st., S. F. 

*Hicks, Young E. (Died.) 
McDermott, William Patrick 418 Bart- 

lett st., S. F. 
McLean, Robert Armstead Cloyne 

Court, B. 
Miller, Charles F. 4501 Central av., Los 

Nottage, George E. 

* Robinson. L. (Died.) 

Waters, John W. Carson City, Nevada. 

*Allen, Edward O'Hara. (Died.) 

* Benedict, Conrad W. (Died.) 
Callahan, D. T. 

Colbreath, John F. 

Davidson, Joseph R. 2119 Buchanan st., 

S. F. 

Dawson, Alson Reno, Nev. 
Harris, Thomas W. 
Kosbti, A. E. Yuba City. 
M:ison. Benjamin F. San Leandro. 



Miller, John Alexander 560 Post St., 

S. F. 

Schellhaus, Edwin James. 
Simon, Jules Arthur 2241 Slitter St., 

S. F. 

Smith, William Penn. 
Swann, Charles M. 


*Blake, Charles M. (Died.) 
*Braman, Jason J. (Died November 15, 

Brown, George Jeremiah Crescent City. 
*Chaigneau, Victor A. (Died.) 

Connolly, John J. 
*Hodgdon, Walter H. A. (Died.) 
*Hook, Walter E. (Died.) 

Kirkwood, J. W. 
*Lindenberger, William H. (Died.) 

McCormick, Herbert F. Eugene, Ore. 

Minor, John F. 4264 Twenty-fourth St., 

S. F. 
*Pope, Horace Eliot. (Died.) 

Powell, James M. 
*Quinlan, Albert G. (Died.) 

Rorke, James. 
*Seawell, Thomas W. (Died.) 

Sichel, Gustave William, D.D.S. 1882 
930 Hayes st., S. F. 

Smith, Tracy H. Westport, Mendocino co. 

Sumners, George W. 

Wanzer (Mrs.), Lucy Maria Field 2970 
California st,, S. F. 


*Duncan, Samuel C. (Died.) 
Frost, James 1019 ^ Fourth st., Sacra- 

Heinimann, John M. Twenty-third av. 

and E. Twenty-seventh st., Fruitvale. 

Josephi, Simeon Edward 132 E. 

Twelfth st., Portland, Ore. 
McCall, Gregory F. 
McDonald, James J. 
*Pesica, Joseph. (Died.) 

* Reich, George A. (Died.) 

Reynolds, George E. Maple Court, Hay- 

Stevenson, Benjamin E. Redding. 

Swisher, J. Riley Healdsburg. 

Von Buelow, Fred. 

Weiss, Edward Maximilian 2456 Clay 
St., S. F. 

Wharton, S. P 

Williamson, W. T. East Portland, Ore. 


* Bradbury, George F. (Died December, 


Bruns, William Christian Oswego, Ore. 
Curran. Mary W. Academy of Science, 

S. F. 

*Guillemard, Arthur J. (Died.) 
Lewitt, Frank A. Eureka. 
McLaughlin, Moses A. Railroad and 

Eleventh aves., S. F. 
Osier, Charles Tuolomne. 
*Pruett, John A. (Died January 25, 

Seavey, Llewellvn T. 224 Water st., 

Port Townsend, Wash. 

Shuey, Sarah Isabel, Ph.B. 1876 952 

Fourteenth st,, O. 
Summers, John F. Bishop. 


Addington, David Morgan Sutter. 
*Downs, George W. (Died.) 
*Foote, Gilbert. (Died May 29, 1894.) 
Gale, Herbert Alonzo 2152 Market st., 

S. F. 
*Harmon, Roberdeau, Ph.B. 1876. (Died 

May 20, 1904.) 
Howell, Henry H. 
Hughes, Lewis Janes. 
Johnston, A. 
Scott, Arthur Walter, Ph.B. 1876: 

Teacher 835 Scott st., S. F. 
Smith, George Sidney Seal Cove, Half 

Moon Bay. 
Sparks, Agnes M. 
*Voigh, William C. (Died.) 
Younger, Edward A. 135 Stockton st., 
S. F. 


*Bettleheiin, F. A. (Died.) 
*Caldwell, H. H. (Died.) 
*Foulkes, J. F., Jr. (Died.) 
Hopkins, Thomas P., B.S. (Ohio Wes- 

leyan Univ.) 1873 Potter Valley. 
*Laidlaw, Horace. (Died.) 
Lord, Franklin F. 1191 Oak st., S. F. 
Meyers, Robert C., Ph.G. 1875 1460 

Devisadero st., S. F. 
*Miller, Herman Emanuel. (Died.) 
Pond, Henry May, A.B. 18761501 

Alatneda av., A. 

Robertson, John Wooster, A.B. 1877: 
Proprietor of sanitarium Liver- 
Sabey, L. A. 


Bates, Walter Earnest Davis. 

Beardsley, Edward M. 

Clinton, Charles A. Howard and Twen- 
ty-first sts., S. F. 
*Dean, Andrew J. (Died.) 

De Puy, Anson A. Melrose. 

Evans, Claiborne W. Modesto. 

Filham, George H. 
*Grattan, Eugene L. (Died.) 

LeFevre, Joseph P. 1338 Seventh st., 
Santa Monica. 

Morgan. Frank E. Santa Cruz. 

Olds, William H. The Fernwell, Spo- 
kane, Wash. 

Sawyer, Herbert Carleton 246 Powell 

st., S. F. 
*Sellon, Annie F. (Died.) 

F heets, John H. Buckley, Pierce co. 

Sutro, Emma Laura (Mrs. G. W. Mer- 
ritt), A.B. 1877 and A.M. 1882 (Vas- 
sar College) ; M.D. (Univ. of Paris, 
France), 1887: Executrix for estate 
of Adolph Sutro 2323 Washington 
st., S. F. 

Young, Junius D., M.D. (Jefferson Medi- 
cal College) 1882 Stockton State Hos- 
pital, Stockton. 



Baumeister, Bernhardt H. 209 Twenty- 

ninth st., S. F. 
Bromley, R. Innis Sonora. 
*Burchard, Leonidas S., Ph.B. 1875. (Died 

April 23, 1905.) 
*Mathewson, James M. (Died September 

22, 1905.) 
Merritt, George Washington 2323 Wash- 

ington st., S. P. 
Moody, Mary Winegar 1484 Forty- 

seventh av., S. F. 
*Muenter, Henry L. (Died.) 
Patterson, Thomas J. Holt Block, Vi- 

Payne, Joseph R. 2822 Fifth st., San 


Pressley, John B. Sanger. 
Reardon, Thomas B. Oroville. 
*Senter, Elizabeth G. (Died.) 
*Stanton, James O. (Died.) 
* Stuart, John M. (Died.) 
Tartar, Albert Preston Tehama. 

*Borde, Henry J. (Died.) 
Hughes, Jerome A. Mill Valley. 
Louisa, Kinil Victor 1362 Grant av., 

S. F. 

Lovott, William Bottimore Orloff. 
*Lundborg, (iustaf \V. (Died.) 
Mervv, Emile Claud 3025 Fillmore St., 

S'. F. 

Paton, Charles James 45 Sixth av., S. F. 
Reed, Clarence Ellsworth Redding. 
Riley, Jahiel Stockhouse. 
Urban, Kurt Main st. and Western av., 

\Vickman, William Joseph 1000 Fourth 

st., San Rafael. 


Anderson, Winslow, M.R.C.P. 1891 1065 

Sutter St., S. F. 
Beede, William Morris Stewart 246 Main 

St., Stockton. 
Buckley, Vincent de Paul, A.B. (St. 

Mary's College) 1878 528 Kearny st., 

S. F. 
Clark, William Dibble 2554 California 

st., S. F. 
Connolly, Thomas Elliott 503 Georgia 

st., Vallejo. 
D'Ancona, Arnold Abraham, A.B. 1880 

Univ. of California Hospital, S. F. 
Day, John G. 
Dodge, Henry Washington: City asses- 

sor 2129 Laguna st.. S. F. 
*Enright, Charles M. (Died.) 
Gates, Frank H. 2620 Haste st., B. 
McCoy, Juan W. 
Nuttall, George H. F. 
Partsch, Herman 2001 Lincoln st., B. 
Scholl, Albert Louis, Ph.G. 1881. 
Sherman, Eleanora S. (Mrs. W. A. Yel- 

land) La Canada Bldg., Los Gatos. 


Armistead, Howell Venable Newman. 
Baldwin, Robert O. 1115 Broadway, O. 

*Collins, Addison Crandall. (Died.) 
Gallwey, John 177 Post st,, S. F'. 
Howard, Katherine I. 1418 Larkin st., 

S. F. 
Lustig, Daniel David, Ph.G. 1883 146 

Grant av.. S. F. 

Nichols, Theodore A. Mission San Jose. 
Perrault, Edward L. 1768 Sutter st., 

S. F. 

Wilcox, Wilbur Jairus 576 E. Four- 
teenth st., O. 
Williamson, John Marshall 1631 Oak st., 

S. F. 
Winton, Henry Nelson, M.D. (Jefferson 

Medical Co'llege) 1889627 Vernon 

St., O. 

Woods, Josephine W. E. 
nVnoster, David. (Died.) 


Brown, Ernest S. 
Chalmers, William P. 
Conlan, William E. 704 Haight St., 

S. F. 

Kingslev, Thomas E. 

Plant. Benjamin Anthony Santa Cruz. 
Sobaslay, Julius 670 Fulton st., S. F. 
Wilson, Kemlo R. McD. 

Cluness, William Ross 354 Pine st., 

S. F. 

Cook, Frank Stevens Brent wood, 
lotm-ll. Michael J. 821 Phelan Bldg., 

S. K. 

Glaze, George J. 

Howard, William Berry: School super- 
intendent Pine and Larkin sts., 

S. F. 
Kirchhoffer. Frederick 1030 Valencia 

St.. S. F. 

Kobayashi. Sankio. 
*McLean, John Tinsley. (Died.) 
Mavs. Arthur Hugh Sausalito. 
Morrill, Augustus Lincoln Apartado 

105, Colima. Mexico. 
*Park. Theoilda L. (Mrs. O'Neill). 


*Reardon, William E. (Died.) 
Shannon, James 1700 Fifteenth st., 

Seattle, Wash. 
Tevis, Henrv Llovd Fairmont Hotel, 

S. F. 

Wantanabe. Tey Tokio, Japan. 
Williams, Robert L. Sausalito. 


Alexander, Monroe Elizabeth. 
Barbat, John Henry, Ph.G. 1882276 

Post st., S. F. 

Cox, Rosamond Louise 2405 Washing- 
ton st., S. F. 

*Dennis, Nathan Park. (Died.) 
*Dunn, John P. Hampton. (Died August 

13, 1908.) 

*Estes, Melvin Burnham. (Died.) 
Frick. Euclid Bernardo: Lieutenant 
Colonel Medical Corps, U. S. Army 
Care of Surgeon-General, U. S. Army, 
Washington, D. C. 
Happersberger, Albert Karl, A.B. 1885 

1300 Golden Gate av., S. F. 
Kelly, John Lee. 



Noble, John Albert 323 Geary st., S. F. 

White, James Taylor, M.D. (Jefferson 
Medical College) 1890 1926 Twenty- 
first av., O. 

* Bunker, Robert Elmer. (Died.) 

Foreman, Francesca Ingram. 

Gleaves, Christopher Columbus. 

Haskin, William Henry 42 E. Forty- 
first st., New York City. 

Holmes, Edward Robert. 

Jones, Ottowell Wood 728 Fourteenth 
St., S. F. 

Kawakani, Masajasu. 

Marx, Frances R. (Mrs. Francis Green) 
5 Avon st., Cambridge, Mass. 

Mather, Squier Rice 2100 Devisadero 
St., S. F 

Mayer, Oscar Joseph, Ph.G., 1885. 

O'Brien, Aloysius Paul 126 Stockton St., 
S. F. 

Oliver, Joseph A. 1825 Turk st., S. F. 

Tuggle, Samuel Parsons 2216 Steiner 
st., S. F. 

Wade, Mark Sweeten. 
*Zeyn, Gustav Charles. (Died.) 

Bond, Frederick Taylor, Ph.G. 1886 


Felt, Rae 210 F st., Eureka. 
Hawkins, William James 70 Baker st., 

S. F. 
Hunkin, Samuel Johns 2161 Sutter St., 

S. F. 
Kugeler, Henry Behrend Gilbert 240 

Stockton st., S. P. 
Mann, Charles Stillman Fell and Baker 

sts., S. F. 

Martinez, John Mathew. 
Meyer, Albert George 2599 Howard St., 

'S. F. 
Mohun, Charles Constantine, Ph.G. 1887 

126 Stockton st., S. F. 
Scholl, Albert John, M.D. (Rush Medical 

College) 1880 1336 So. Main St., 

Los Angeles. 
Spring, Charlotte B. 

Surryhne, Benjamin F'ranklin Modesto. 
Thrasher, Marion, A.M. (Butler Univ.) 

1872 Muirhead Bldg., S. F. 


Baker, Henry Anthony. 
Blake, Charles Robert Atchison. 
Burnham, Clark James Alta Vista Bldg., 


Collischon, Philip 1924 Pine St., S. F. 
Driscoll, Edward Paul, Ph.G. 1888 2027 

Polk st., S. F. 
Dunbar, Arthur White Care of Navy 

Dept., Washington, D. C. 
Ford, Campbell 291 Geary st., S. F. 
*Kirby, William Thomas. (Died.) 
Laga'n, Edward 813 Oak st., S. F. 
McMurdo, John Richard, Ph.G. 1887 

240 Stockton st., S. F. 
Macdonald, John Monroe. 
Milton, Joseph Leo 1115 Broadway, O. 
Molony, James John, Ph.G, 1888907 

Valencia st., S. F. 

Morse, Fred Wellington, Ph.B. 1878 
Oakland Bank of Savings Bldg., O. 

Olson, Marie Colditz. 
*Oviedo, Louis Perfecto. (Died.) 

Petrie, Frank Branson, Ph.G 1888 

211 So. California St., S. F. 
*Sims, John Marion. (Died.) 

Smith, Weston Olin 1912 Encinal av., A. 

Warner, James Kyle Livermore. 

Wayson, James Thomas, Jr. 445 Bere- 
tania St., Honolulu, T. H. 

Caglieri, Guido Enrico, B.S. (St. Ignatius 

College) 1890; M.R.C.P. and L.R.C.P. 

(London) 1895 205 Montgomery av., 

S. F. 

Crook, Emma E. (Mrs. McCay). 
Fraser, S. J. 350 Post st., S. F'. 
Johnstone, Ernest Kinloch. 
*Lowe, Frederick William. (Died, 1909.) 
*McCone, James Francis. (Died.) 
Nelson, John Archibald. 
Ogden, George Weston Napa 
Rathbun, William T. Colusa. ' 
Sanborn, Franklin Hardin Fort Bragg. 
Schram, Lillian Bussenius (Mrs. A. A. 

D'Ancona) Care of Dr. A. A. D'An- 

cona, Univ. of California Hospital, 

S. F. 

Sutherland, Robert L. 
Terry, Wallace Irving, B.S. 1890 240 

Stockton st., S. F. 
Von Adelung, Edward Oakland Bank 

of Savings Bldg., O. 


Aird, John William. 

Berndt, Richard M. H. 1388 Geary st , 
S. F. 

Cadwallader, Rawlins 240 Stockton st 
S. F. 

Conrad, David Andrew 1302 State st., 
Santa Barbara. 

Cothran, Abraham Lincoln Garden City 
Bank Bldg., San Jose. 

Falck, Millicent Elizabeth (Mrs A. E. 
Nathanson) 1112 Market st., S. F. 

Fleming, Bartholomew Francis. 

Flasher, Frederick Charles Gregory. 

Freeman. Ernest Maynard 206 First Na- 
tional Bank Bldg., Long Beach. 

Gall, Alexander Marshall Jackson. 

Glover, Cosmos Andrew 1284 Market st., 
S. F. 

Horton, Edward Shelton. 

Hulse, Clarence Halleck. 

Lagan, Hugh 2620 Folsom st., S. F. 

McCarthy, Charles Francis 111 Ellis St., 
S. F. 

Maguire, Charles Sylvester 281 Page st., 
S. F. 

Phelan, Henry du Rest, M.D. (Univ. of 
Paris, France), 1903 Care of Sur- 
geon-General, U. S. Army, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

*Pond, Gardner Perry. (Died March, 

Rantz, Stephen Heister Placerville. 

Sanborn, William Kelley, Ph.G. 1888 
1155 Broadway, O. 

Schrader, Sidney Henry. 

Simon, Grace 754 Sacramento st., S. F. 




Booth, John Richard. 

Bunnell, Edwin, A.B. 1891 1898 Geary 
St., S. F. 

Clark, George Waverley 924 I St., S. F. 

Cleary, Stephen, Ph.G. 1890 267 Fourth 
St., S. F. 

Crees, Robert Behlow Bldg., Napa. 

De Puy, Edward Spence- FruStvale. 

Dickenson, Clarence Fitzhugh Care of 
Surgeon-General, U. S. Army, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Fitzgibbon. Frank Timothy 721 Butler 
Bldg., S. F. 

Freeman, Charles Henry. 

Greth, August 560 So. Hope st., Los 

Hill, Edward John 616 Third st,, Eu- 

Holmes, Thomas Blakeney 1253 Twenty- 
third av., O. 

Leland, Thomas Byers Woods 86 Post 
St., S. F. 

McCullogh, Frank Edward Care of Sur- 
geon-General, U. S. Army, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Maolnnis, Martin Bartholomew. 

McKnight, Nellie Mattie (Mrs. G. P. 
Dovle ) Bishop. 

Morrison, Mary Elizabeth. 

Morrissev, Joseph Grant 1210 Masonic 
av., S. F. 

Pnulike, Casimir Francis Hopkins Bldg., 

Roith, Fenelon Massol. 

Root, Corydon Bee, D.D.S. 189*: Orange 
grower 2894 Folsom St., S. F. 

Ryfkogel, Henrv Anthony Lewis 162 
Post St., S. F. 

Si'llinir. Nathalie Adele 350 Post st., 
S. F. 

Sharp, James Graham, D.D.S. 1893 135 
Stockton #t., S. P. 

Sime. Neli Alfred. 

Smith, Harvey Foster 531 Naples St., 
S. F. 

Stirewalt, Henrv Walter 391 Sutter st., 
S. F. 

Thompson, James Goodwin, Ph.B. 1891 

Tiffany, Edward Tester Bacon Block. O. 

Wilkes, Farrington Care of J. W. Dickey, 
Lakebay, Wash. 

Wright, Henry Eugene 1005 K st., Sac- 


Badilla, Joseph Cresanto. 
Barbat. William Benjamin Franklin 

2267 Howard st,, S. F. 
Boyes, William James Robert 246 

Powell st,, S. F. 
Browne, Augustus Frank 39 Griffith st., 

San Mateo. 

Dudley, Frank Wilburn. 
Easton, Daniel Elisha Foote 900 Haight 

st,, S. F. 
"'Emerson. Horatio Bates, Ph.G. 1888. 


Feder, Adelina Minnie (Mrs. H. J. Phil- 
lips) Kurfurstendam 261, Berlin, 


Flood, John Joseph. 
*Gray, Robert Frederick, D.D.S. 1894 


*Hav, William Gilbert. (Died.) 
Heller, Clarence Louise Union Trust 

Co., S. F. 

Helms, George Leo 111 Ellis st., S. F. 
Hopkins, Edward Kimball 808 Butler 

Bldg., S. F. 
Hull, James Porterfield Savings and 

Loan Bldg., Stockton. 
Hyde, George Edward. 
*Lutz, Frederick Andrew. (Died.) 

McCallum, Hammond Johnson. 
*McCulloch, Thomas Adam. (Died.) 
Nast, John Ernest 3250 Twenty-third st., 

S. F. 
Rinne, Frederick Augustus 2911 Folsom 

St., S. F. 

Sankey, Mary J. 729 San Jose av., S. F. 
Schmelz, Charles Joseph, Ph.G. 1885 

Eaglesnest, Sonoma co. 
Stone. Bertram 4112 Twenty-fourth st., 

S. F. 

Trafton, William Augustus. 
Villain, Albert Jean, Ph.G. 1892 2125 

Cedar st., B. 


Allen, Clifford Emmet Baldwin Bldg., 

Anderson, Helen Orastella, M.D. (Univ. 
of Vienna) 1907. 

Armistead, Cecil Miller 528 Oak st., 
S. F. 

Bacigalupi. Louis Dominic 406 Sutter 
st., S. F. 

Beck, Henrv Martin, Ph.G. 1889 1673 
Sutter st., S. F. 

Blum, Sanford. A.B. 1894; M.S. 1902 
126 Stockton st., S. F. 

Botsford, Mary Elizabeth Hotel Stewart, 
S. F. 

Broughton, George Anthony Wright and 
Callender Bldg., Los Angeles. 

Bumham, William Parker 1196 McAl- 
lister st., S. F. 

Cameron, Howard McDougall Elks' 
Bldg., Sacramento. 

Chace. William D'Arcy. 
*Coe, Leonard Hayes. "(Died.) 

Cox, Thomas Joseph Francis 801 I st., 

Eppinger. Rose (Mrs. J. G. Sharp) 3049 
Washington st.. S. F. 

Feder, Grace. 

Giannini, Attilio Henry, A.B. (St. Ig- 
natius College): Banker 2745 Van 
Ness av., S. F. 

Harrigan, Joseph Thomas. 

Katsuki, Ichitaro Honolulu, T. H. 

Kearnev, James Frederick 3672 Twen- 
tieth St.. S. F. 

Kellopg. Wilfred Harvey. Ph.G. 1892 
282 Vallejo st., S. F. 

Lartigau, August Leon Jerome 391 Sut- 
ter St., S. F. 
*Lee. Arthur Stanley. (Died.) 

McGettigan, Charles Dominic, A. B. 1893 
and A.M. 1908 (St. Mary's College) 
240 Stockton st.. S. F. 

McLaughlin. Alfred 2580 Washington 
St., S. F. 



Maher, Thomas Davis, B.S. (St. Mary's 
College) 1894 3004 Sixteenth st. t 
S. F. 
*Maldon, Clarence La Fayette. (Died.) 

Morgan, Charles Lewis, Ph.G. 1886 
Half Moon Bay. 

Morrow, Howard Butler Bldg., S. F. 

Murphy, James Daniel 162 Post st., 

Muscott, Brayton. 

Newman, Alfred, A. B. 1894 126 Stock- 
ton St., S. F. 

Noble, Mary Louise 407 Auditorium 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

O'Brien, John Henry 449% So. Spring 
st., Los Angeles. 

O'Brien, John Thomas Petaluma. 
*O'Malley, William Henry Ingram. (Died.) 

Orr, Robert Harris 760 Market st., S. F. 

Painter, George Lewis Ph.G. 1892 2337 
Webster st., B. 

Parkman, Wallace Ernest. 

Putnam, Victor Eugene 290 Devisadero 
st., S. F. 

Rochex, Joseph 2645 Twentv-fourth st., 
S. F. 

Ryer, Marshall Bragg 400 Steiner st., 
S. F. 

Scott. Florence Belvedere. 
*Stafford. John Thomas. (Died.) 

Stern, Arthur Alonzo, Ph.G. (New York 
College of Pharmacy) 1887719% K 
St., Sacramento. 

Stewart, Mary Jane (Mrs. A. W. Mar- 

Stone, Mack Voorhees Healdsburg. 

Stover, William Miller 1180 Marsh st., 
San Luis Obispo. 

Stow, Eleanor May (Mrs. F. W. Ban- 
croft) R. D. Box 81, Concord. 

Thorpe, Lewis Sanborn 548 Wilcox 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

Trask, Henry Caustin, Ph.G. 1890 

Trevino, Alberto. 

Waller, Newton Booth. 


Borchers, Bertha (Mrs. M. W. Franklin), 
B.L. 1894 47 Waverly Place, Sche- 
nectady, N. Y. 

Curl, Holton C. Navy Dept., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Dunn, William Lawrence, B.S. (St. 
Mary's College) 1893; P.G. (Univ. 
of Austria) 1900 Union Savings 
Bank Bldg., O. 

Hickev, Thomas Aloysius. 

Huntington, Samuel David. 

McLean. Murdock 3773 Sacramento st., 
S. F. 

McMahon, Frank Abraham. 

Oldenbourg, Louise Augusta 134 Calle 
de la Republica, Colima, Mexico. 


Abrahm, Henry, D.D.S. 1896 Butler 
Bldg., S. F. 

Bartlett, Cosam Julian Care of Surgeon- 
General, U. S. Army, Washington, 
D. C. 

Bell, William Lisle Care of Surgeon- 
General, U. S. Army, Washington, 

D. C. 
Bruguiere, Peder Sather 45 Kearney st., 

S. F. 

Callaway, Edwin. 
Crowley, Thomas Joseph, Ph.G. 1892 

665 Fillmore st., S. F. 
Dufficy, George Woodward, Ph.G. 1893 

601% K st., Sacramento. 
Fine, Henry Masten 521 Twelfth st., O. 
Giroux, Edward David. 
Hill, Howard Stephen 215 Washington 

St., S. F. 

Judell, Malvina Irma 350 Post st., S. F. 
Keenan, Alexander Stanislaus Anglo 

Bldg., S. F. 
Linforth, Grace Strvker 133 Geary st., 

S. F. 
Lucchetti, Victor Francis, Ph.G. 1894 

916 Kearny st., S. F. 
Menefee, Joseph Seneve Arcata. 
Miiller, Friedrich Charles 2486 Fulton 

St., S. F. 
Roche. Thomas Bryan, Ph.G. 1892 465 

Fillmore st., S. F. 
Tillman, Frank Joseph 2826 Van Ness 

ay., S. F. 
Tobriner, Oscar, D.D.S. 1896 Butler 

Bldg., S. F. 
Trew, Niel Charles 146 E. Avenue 56, 

Los Angeles. 


Arthur, Samuel Richard Woodbridge. 
Ash, Rachel Leona, B.S. 1896 391 Sut- 

ter st., S. F. 
Clark, Thomas James First National 

Bank Bldg., O. 
Colliver, John Adams Laughlin Bldg., 

Los Angeles. 
Dinkelspiel, Edgar Meyer, Ph.B. 1896 

102 W. Seventy-fifth st., New York 

Ebright, George Elliott Head Bldg., 

S. F. 
Emerson, Mark Lewis 1115 Broadwav. 


Franklin, Milton Washington, M.A. (Co- 
lumbia Univ.) 1906: Engineer Care 

of General Electric Co., Schenectad -, 

N. Y. 
Frick, Donald Jackson 815 Wright and 

Callender Bldg., Los Angeles. 
Gardner, Samuel James 162 Post st., 

S. F. 
Gillihan, Allen Francis 2221 Shattuck 

av., B. 
Graham, Harrington Bidwell 2419 

Channing way, B. 
Hennesev, Walter Joseph. 
Lanz. Paul Ruhnke 1111 Washington 

st., O. 
Legge, Robert Thomas, Ph.G. 1891 Mc- 

McElrov, Bernard Francis 162 Post st., 

S. F. 
Millar, Charles Forester 1820 Sutter st., 

S. F. 
Onesti, Silvio Joseph, Ph.G. 1895 271 

Montgomery st., S. F. 
Pope, Saxton Temple Watsonville. 



Redington, Vida (Mrs. F. A. Volkhart), 

B.S. 1895 2927 Deakin st., B. 
Rice, Edward James 1381 Webster 

St., O. 
Stevens, William Emerson Shreve Bldg., 

S. F. 
Stevenson, George Lawrence Bryte 

Bldg., Sacramento. 
Taylor, James Edward. 
*Taylor, Oscar Nettleton, A.B. 1894 (Died 

May 23, 1909.) 
Weyer, Gustavus Adolphus. D.D.S. 1891 

126 Stockton st., S. F. 
Wightman, Emma (Mrs. S. T. Pope) 

401 Third st., Watsonville. 
Willard, William Patten 177 Post st., 

S. F. 

1900. . 

Alderson, Harry Everett 308 Schroth 

Bids.. S. F. 
Bacigalupi, David Eugene Pacific and 

Kearny sts., S. F. 
Deckelman, Carlotta Ruth (Mrs. Lawrence 

Spelhnan) 244 Alvarado st, Mon- 

Dorn, Dora Ida (Mrs. S. L. Walton). 
Doychert, Ernestine. 
Farrow, Edgar James Care of Surgeon- 

(Jeneral. U. S. Army, Washington, 

D. C. 

Fernandez. Manuel Pinole. 
Harvey. William P. 240 Stockton at., 

S. 'F. 
Irones. Rutherford Buchard Overbaugh 

Block, San Diego. 
.Fnvre, Elizabeth Frances Winters. 
Klotz. Bernard John Vallejo. 
Langdon, Samuel Walter Ross 105 E. 

Main st.. Stockton. 
Larson, Julia Paulina 240 Dolores St., 

S. F. 
Laughlin, Clyde Briggs Manton, Tehania 

McChesney, George Jewett, A.B. 1896 

350 Post St., S. F. 
Mclntosh, Arthur Merrill Acheson Bldg., 

Maguire, Thomas Michael 281 Page st., 

S. F. 

Mivnbe, Tadataro. 
Moore, William George 177 Post st., 

S. F. 
Nolan, Mary Elizabeth 1816 Lafayette 

st., A. ' 
Opsvig, Peter. 

Pratt. Mathew Denis Fall River Mills. 
Reinhardt, George Frederick, B.S. 1897 

2434 Durant av., B. 
Russ, Raymond John, B.S. 1896 240 

Stockton st., S. F. 
Saph, Louis Victor, Ph.B. 1897 Garden 

City Bank Bldg., San Jose. 
Simpson, Frank William 2446 Channing 

way, B. 
* Sullivan, John Francis, LL.B. 1885. 

Sweeney, George Joseph 1159 Masonic 

av., S. F. 

*Vassault, Theodora Elliott. (Died.) 
Watts, Herbert Charles 1606 Scott st., 

S. F. 

Wemple, Emmet Le Roy, Jr. 240 Stock- 
ton st., S. F. 

Wilder, Edwin Milton, B.L. 1894 2625 I 
st., Sacramento. 

Arthur, Edgar Allen Savings and Loan 

Bldg., Stockton. 
Beerman, Wilfred Fenton, Ph.G. 1898 

126 Stockton st., S. F. 
Brady, Kate Isabel (Mrs. A. L. Lartigau) 

3326 Sacramento St., S. F. 
Dickie, Walter Murray, Ph.B. 1898 308 

O. T. Johnson Bldg., Los Angeles. 
Dresser, Ralph Orlando Paso Robles. 
Force, John Nivison, B.S. 1898; M.S. 

1910 204 The Granada, B. 
Hill, Harold Phillips, A.B. (Stanford 

Univ.) 1898 177 Post St.. S. F. 
Hill, Reuben Chandler 660 Market St., 

S. F. 
Kavanagh, Mary Frances 974 Sutter st., 

S. F. 
Lennon, Milton Brvne 135 Stockton st.. 

S. F. 

Leonard, John Vaughan. 
Lindsay, William Kinkade 1005 K st.. 

McCoy, Florence (Mrs. R. C. Hill), B.S. 

1897 660 Market st.. S. F. 
Madson, Rasmas Hansen 1316 Grove St., 


Morong, Frederick Lincoln Pinogrande. 
'Miirphv. William James. (Died 1908.) 
i'arlenky, George Philip, Ph.G. 1897 Ft. 


Panborn, Fletcher Greene. 
Srhmitt. Lionel Samuel, B.S. 1901 But- 
ler Bldg., S. F. 

Sea well. James Walter Healdsburg. 
Simmons. Haydn Mo/art. Ph.G. 1895 

Fulton st. and Fifth av., S. F. 
Smythe, Hudson Savings and Loan Bank 

'Bldg., Ftockton. 
Sweetser, George William, Ph.G. 1898 

Thomas, Benjamin, A.B. 1897 and A.M. 

1898 (Stanford Univ.) 156 Univer- 
sity av., Palo Alto. 
Toner, Joseph Michael 2396 Folsom St., 

S. F. 

White, John Lysander 528% J St., Sac- 
Woolsey, Chester Howard, B.S. 1895 

350 Post St., S. F. 
Yanigisawa, Una Yone (Mrs. Oya), B.L. 

1898 Tokio, Japan. 

Bakewell, Benjamin, B.S. 1898 1113 

State St., Santa Barbara. 
Baumgarten, William, Ph.G. 1898 3694 

Twentieth st., S. F. 
Bill, Philip August 585 California st., 

S. F. 

Buckley, Emma Schroth Bldg., S. F. 
Chilson, William Charles Tulare. 
Deininger, Marguerite Florin Bldg., 

Point Richmond. 
Fanning, Henry David. 
Foster, Ernest Charles Hanford. 
Gleason, Charles Raymond Denis 209 

Post St., S. F. 



Henderson, Frank Revere. 

Juillv, George Hippolyte 133 Gearv st., 
S. F. 

Kucich, Ostroilo Stanislaus 277 Mont- 
gomery av., S. F. 

Lee, Adelbert Watts. 

Leimbach, John Herbert Isleton. 

Lendrum, Birney Alexander Fort Bragg. 

Lensman, Pascal Arthur. 

McGinty, Arthur Thomas Ryland Bldg., 
San Jose. 

Majors, Ergo Alexander 1155 Broadway, 

Mallery, John Harry La Mesa, San Diego 

Meagher, Joseph Francis 4096 Eigh- 
teenth st., S. F. 

Merwin, Caroline Stow. 

Moulton, Dan Hazen Chico. 

Newton, John Crockett, Ph.G. 1895 2092 
O'Farrell st., S. F. 

O'Donnell, Joseph Martin Hollister. 

Piper, Harry Elwin Livermore. 

Powers, George Herman, Jr. 371 Beacon 
st., Boston, Mass. 

Pressley, James Fowler 246 Powell st., 
S. F. 

Putnam, Frank L. 

Quinn, Thomas D'Arcy McGee 3004 Six- 
teenth st., S. F. 

Tebbe. Frederick Henry Weed. 

Thompson, Lewis Lee. A.B. (Univ. of 

Arkansas) 1895 Gridley. 
Topham, Edward, Jr. 1151 Polk st., 
S. F. 

Van Hensen, Blanche Coralie (Mrs. G. D. 
Culver) 1326 Haight st,, S. F. 

Walsh. William John, B.S. (St. Mary's 
College) 1899 126 Stockton st., S. F. 

Williams, Walter Joseph Marie 310 Mont- 
gomery av., S. F. 

Zumwalt, Frederick H. Butler Bldg., 
S. F. 

Baer, Adolph, B.L. and B.S. 1898; D.D.S. 

1901: Dentist 177 Post st., S. F. 
Barbat, Josephine Eugenia, Ph.G. 1884: 

Pharmacist 1057 Sutter st., S. F. 
Biber, Paul Edward, A.B. (Stanford 

Univ.) 1900 135 Stockton st., S. F. 
Bine. Rene, 350 Post st., S. F. 
Breitstein, Louis Isador, B.S. 1903 

Camp lone, Nevada. 
Culver,- George DeWitt 323 Geary st,, 

S. F. 
Ellis. James Alexander Citizens Bank 

Bldg., A. 
Girard, Frank Robert 702 Jenkins Bldg., 

Pittsburg, Pa. 
Hagan, Henrietta. 
Hamilton, James Kiah, Jr. 1217 Lincoln 

av., A. 
Hill. Howard Gilman, A.B. (Stanford 

Univ.) 1900 Redlands. 
Hurley, James Raymond Care of U. S. 

Quarantine Office, Manila, P. I. 
Johns, Madeline Addison Head Bldg., 

S. F. 
Kavanaugh, Joseph James 974 Sutter st,, 

S. F. 
Lissner, Henry Hymen Lissner Bldg., 

Los Angeles. 

Longabaugh, Rodolph Ignatius Red Bluff. 
McGuire, William Garrett. 
McKinnon, Alovsius John Rio Vista. 
McKown, Charles Lemon Niles. 
McNab, Thomas Reid 515 Pacific Elec- 
tric Bldg., Los Angeles. 
Minor, Mark Leonard E. Fourteenth st., 

Olcovich, Viola Ruth (Mrs. Julius Oppen- 

heimer), A.B. (Stanford Univ.) 1899 

San Salvador, Republic of Salvador, 

Central America. 
Reynolds, Robert Galiher, Jr., A.B. (Shurt- 

leff College) 1890 Nevada Bldg., Palo 

Robarts, Harry Philip 240 Stockton st., 

S. F. 
Rosenberg, Caroline 2900 Jackson st., 

S. F. 
Rutherford, Walter Scott 103 Bacon 

Bldg., O. 
Stafford, David Emmet 406 Sutter st , 

S. F. 
Stone, Earle Almeron, B.L. 1899 1400 

W. Sixteenth st., Los Angeles. 
West, Sidney Vattell, B.S. 1898 San 

Wills, Clarence Alfred Centerville. 


Baker, Morgan Dillon Garden City Bank 
Bldg., San Jose. 

Baum, Maurice Lowell 135 Stockton st., 
S. F. 

Baumeister, Edward Emery, Ph.G. 1898 
Morehead Bldg., Chico. 

Brown, David William. 

Brownsill, Edith Sara, B.L. 1899 2614 
Channing way, B. 

Castelhun, Paul, B.S. 1900 1042 Valen- 
cia St., S. F. 

Chain, John Nolan, B.S. 1904 428 Fifth 
st., Eureka. 

Ewing, David Albert 610 Alaska Bldg., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Foshay, Arthur Wellesley, A.B. (Albany 
College) 1896 Wheatland. 

Harker, George Asa Mill Valley. 

Hart, Morton Edwin 246 Powell st., 
S. F. 

Hector, Robert 1908 Shattuck av., B. 

Hoag, Foster Melancton 205 Jameson 
Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 

Jacobs, Louis Clive, Ph.G. 1898 1615 
Polk st., S. 'F. 

Koford, Henning First National Bank 
Bldg., O. 

Linscott, Louise Adra (Mrs. Robert Hec- 
tor), B.L. 1900 1908 Shattuck av., B. 

McClish, Clarke Loring, M.S. (Univ of 
Pacific) 1903 1760 W. Adams st., 
Los Angeles. 

Mix, Pernier Albert Exeter. 

Nicholls, Robert Julian 240 Stockton st., 
S. F. 

Peoples, Stuart Zeno Box 283, Petaluma. 

Sandholdt, John Peter Kennett. 

Schwarz, Jacob 350 Post ft., S. F. 

Slavich, John Francis Central Bank 
Bldg., O. 

Smith. Eugene Kneeland Tonopah, Ne- 

Van Tassell, Fred Hugh 2982 Adeline 



St., B. 

Waldeyer, Wilhelm 350 Post st., S. F. 
Warren, Henry Claud San Mateo. 
Webster, Hannah Ellen 1120 Valencia 

st., S. F. 


Albee, George Cummings, B.S. (Beloit Col- 
lege) 122 W. Forty-ninth st., New 

York City. 
Alexander, Edgar William, B.S. 1901 

San Rafael. 
Bigelow, Coniah Leigh, B.S. 1901 948 

Market st., S. F. 
Blair, James Clark, A.B. 190145 N. 

First st., San Jose. 
Bricca, Constantino Raphael, A.B. (St. 

Ignatius College) 1901135 Stockton 

St., S. F. 
Briggs, George Aftel 1009 K st., Sacra 


fothran, William Fnmklin Scabright. 
Cowden, Ambrose Franklin 177 Post St.. 

S. F. 

De Haven, Mary Tom. 
Harker. Harriette Buttler, A.B. (Vassar 

Hoffman, Herman Verplanck, A.B. (Santa 

Clara College) 126 Stockton st., S. F. 
Kenney, William 1246 Ninth av., S. F. 
iv.-k. John William 2486 Shattuck av., 

Reeve, Oscar Charles 120 W. Fifty-fifth 

St., New York City. 
Ryan, Louis Xavier. A.B. (St. Ignatius 

College) 617 Fillmore st., S. F. 
Snydcr. George Samuel 901 Stanyan st.. 

S. F. 

Turner, Eldridge Curts 829 J st., Sacra- 
Vickerson, John Irving 1564 Eighth st.. 



^Adler, Alexander, B.S. 1902. (Died Aug- 
ust 81. 1907.) 
Brasier, Olive Violet 214 State Savings 

Bldg., Butte, Mont. 
Dal Piaz, Antonio Menotti. 
Dannenbaum, Sidney Ray Elkan Gunst 

Bldg., S. P. 
Doran, Alexander Vincent 2165 Howard 

st.. S. F. 
Kidenmiiller. William Cooper, Jr., B.S. 

1904 68 Post st., S. F. 
Franklin. John Henrv. Ph.G. 1901 

Guadalupe, Santa Barbara Co. 
Hardy, Samuel Percy. 
Havs, Wilfred Bertram Sonoma. 
Hunter, George Graham 609 Exchange 

Bldg., Los Angeles. 
Igo, Louise Mary Southern Pacific Co.'s 

Hospital, Sacramento. 
Jones, Charles Breckenfeld 829 J st., 

Kronenberg, Herman, Ph.G. 1901 135 

Stockton st.. S. F. 

Mahan, David Joseph Eureka Bldg., S. F. 
Ochsner, Richard Leon 2007 Howard st., 

S. F. 

Stone. Waid James San Quentin. 
Temple. Jackson, Jr., Ph.G. 1901 Union 

Trust Savings Bank Bldg., Santa Rosa. 
Wrenn, Joseph Thomas 3605 Twentieth 

St., S. F. 
Zumwalt, Reuben Sylvester 2580 Mission 

St., S. F. 

Alexander, Archie Addison, A.B. 1902 

1155 Broadway, O. 
Allen, Frederick Madison, A.B. 1902 

Care of M. C. Allen, 216 So. Main st., 


Bingaman, Elmer Wiley Soledad. 
Bixby, Wilfred Everett Cowell, Contra 

Costa Co. 

Clark, John Aloysius Gilroy. 
Craig, Lloyd Alexander 2344 Sutter st., 

S. F. 

Dawson, William Calhoun French Hos- 
pital, S. F. 
Devine, Cornelius Thomas 2901 Regent 

St., B. 

Dodds, Thomas Garfield 1202 E. Twenty- 
third st., O. 
Gutzwiller, Anna Maria (Mrs. W. H. Mc- 

Bean). B.S. 1905 St. Helena. 
Howell. Walter Orrin Military Hospital, 

Schofield Barracks. T. H. 
Johnston. James Harvev Dutch Flat. 
Ostrom, Earl Emmet Marysville. 
Paroni, Romilda, B.S. 1903 2225 Wool 

sey st., B. 
Pauson, Charles Arthur, B.S. 19Q3 350 

Post St.. S. F. 
Peterson, Edward August, B.S. 1905 

321 Georgia st., Vallejo. 
Proctor, Mehitabel Clara Children's Hos- 
pital, S. F. 
Schulze, Otto Theodore, B.L. 1903 Mig- 

liavacca Bldg., Napa. 
i-cxtoii. Leo Llovd Queen's Hospital, 

Honolulu, T. H. 
Sobev, Gifford Lvne, A.B. (Stanford 

Univ.) 1901 Sixteenth and Valencia 

M>.. S. F. 
Stansbury, Middleton Pemberton, B.S. 

1902 Chico. 
Stoddard, Thomas Albion Fithian Bldg., 

Santa Barbara. 
Sylvester, Florence Mabel 952 Fourteenth 

st., O. 

Telfer, Gavin James. 
Walcott, Allen Moore. 

Beebe, Lela June, A.B. (Stanford Univ.) 

1904 Woodland. 
Briggs, Le Roy Hewitt Central Bank 

Bldg., O. 
Bunnell, Sterling, B.S. 1904 Schroth 

Bldg., S. F. 
Cartwright, Sanford Warren, B.S 1897; 

Ph.G. 1900 2032 Shattuck av., B. 
Foster, Harry Emerson 209 Post st., 

S. F. 
Frates. Frank Edward, B.S. (St. Mary's 

College) 1903 511 Clayton st., S. F. 
Howe, Louis Phillippe 250 Post st., 

S. F. 
Jacobs. Samuel Nicholas B.S. 1904 

Trinity Hospital, S. F. 
Jee. Shin Five Pond Mooar. 



Johnson, Hans Coford 133 Geary si., 

S. F. 
Lewitt, Frederick Clinton, B.S. 1906 

Elkan Gunst Bldg., S. F. 
Mansfield, Thomas Drummond, A.B. 1900 

3210 E. Fourteenth st., O. 
Meads, Albert Manson, B.S. 1906 817 

Seventeenth st., O. 
Newman, Lester, B.L. 1903 German 

Hospital, S. F. 

Powell, Alvin Merritt Hospital, O. 
Sutherland, Robert Thomas, B.S. 1906 

603 E. Fourteenth st., O. 

Cohn, Herbert Jacob 2868 California st., 

S. F. 
Irvin, Henry Wilbur, B.S. 1907 310 

Thirtieth av., S. F. 

McVey, Charles Leland, B.S. 1905 Univ. 
of California Hospital, S. F. 

Meyers, Wallace Longfellow, Ph.G. (Col- 
lege of Physicians and Surgeons) 
1901 Livermore. 

Moore, Chester Biven, B.S. 1907 Univ. 
of California Hospital, S. F. 

Naffziger, Howard Christian, B.S. 1907; 
M.S. 1909 Univ. of California Hos- 
pital, S. F. 

White, Margaret, A.B. 1904 Univ. of 
California Hospital, S. F. 

Hooker, Marian Osgood 3563 Jackson 

St., S. F. 
Long, Seely Frederick, B.S. 1908 21 

Buena Vista av., S. F. 



Brown, Charlotte Marie 934 W. Seventh 

st., Los Angeles. 
Gates, Mark Gorman 130 So. Soto st., 

Los Angeles. 
Grubbs, Thomas Elmer 1324 E. Adams 

st., Los Angeles. 
McNeile, Lyle Gillett 2636 E. First st., 

Los Angeles. 

Murray, Olga 2635 Gleason st., Los An- 

Roberts, Jean Margaret 579 Manhattan 
place, Los Angeles. 

Stenger, Jesse Wilhelm 632 N. Bunker 
Hill av., Los Angeles. 

Tower, Ora Isaiah 318 N. Hill st,, Los 

Utter, John William 718 N. Hill st., Los 





* Andrews, Charles Sewell. (Died.) 
*Boland, James Ignatius. (Died.) 
Brand, Ernest: Capitalist 808 Pacific 

Bldg., S. F. 
Cheney, Warren : Real Estate dealer and 

writer 2241 College av., B. 
*Currier, Wallace Ostenella. (Died.) 
D'Ancona, Alexander Dawson, A.B. 1875: 

M.A. 1881: Bank clerk 2150 Devisa- 

dero St., S. F. 
Deering, Frank Prentiss, A.B. 1875: 

M.A. 1881 14 Montgomery st., S. F. 
Deering, James Henry, Jr. Grant Bldg., 

8. F. 
Dunne, Peter FVancis 3905 Clay St., S. 

Grav,' Theodore. A.B. 1877 2540 Ben- 
venue av., B. 

*Hastings, Robert Paul. (Died.) 
Knox, James Walter Merced. 
Lucas, John Hanley. 
McPike, Henry Clay Monadnock Bldg., 

S. F. 

M;irshall, Favette Chnlfant. 
Mastick, George Henry 930 Pacific av., 

Metcalf, George D., A.B. (Yale Univ.) 

1870: Banker Bushncll place, B. 
Moore, Charles Henry Elmhurst. 
Morrison, Alexander Francis Crocker 

Bldg., S. F. 
Mulford, Hiram Samuel, Ph.B. (Mt. 

Union College) General Delivery, 

S. F. 

*Ostrnndor Frank Merced. (Died.) 
Pomeroy, Carter Pitkin, B.S. (Univ. of 

Rochester) 1878 703 Kohl Bldg., 

S. P. 
*Reade, F. William, A.B. (Yale Univ.) 

1877. (Died.) 

Rosenthnl, Joseph San Anselmo. 
*Sayre, Alfred X. (Died.) 
Seaman. Edward Mild: U. S. Customs In- 
spector 1323 Henry St., B. 
Sesnon, William Thomas: Oil operator 

928 Monadnock Bldg., S. F. 
Shores, Leander. 

Siliman, Charles Herbert Brawley. 
Solinsky, Frank Joseph, B.S. 1877 2215 

Durant av., B. 
Stafford. William Francis Grant Bldg., 

S. F. 

Stratkm, Frederick Smith 1301 Harri- 
son st.. O. 

Straus, Gaston 353 Kearny st.. S. F. 
Tilden, Charles L., Ph.B. 1878 1031 

San Antonio av., A. 
*Tobin, Alfred. (Died.) 
Touchard, Gustave, Jr. 
Tuttle, Fred Pierson Auburn. 
Tuttle, Hiram Daniel Bank of San Jose 

Bldg., San Jose. 
Van Dyke, William Martin, A.B. 1878 

222 W. Adams st., Los Angeles. 
Wallace, Rvland Burnett, A.B. 1876; 

M.A. 1881 Russ Bldg., S. F. 

Whitcomb, Frank Randolph, A.B. 1878 

Foxcroft Bldg., S. F. 
*Winans, Joseph William, A.B. 1878* MA 

1881. (Died.) 
Wood, Ralph Kimball 2146 San Antonio 

av., A. 
Young, Edward Bassett 2727 Vallejo st., 

S. F. 
*Young, George Anderson. (Died.) 


Adams, Herbert Lesher. 

Angellotti, Frank Mario Kulloden Park, 
San Rafael. 

Arnold, Marshall H. 

Ashe, Richard Porter 2375 Sacramento 
st., S. F. 

Burnett, Isaac Gibson, A.B. (Union Col- 
lege) 1922 Broadway, S. F. 

Cavagnaro, Joseph Francis Euclid and 
Laguna avs., O. 

CuHer, Elijah Boardman 1797 Broad- 
way, S. F. 

Davidson, Charles Edward Ozona, Texas. 

Davidson, William Winn 1028 Market 
St., S. F. 

Davis, Henry Harvey 495 Monadnock 

Bldg., S. F. 

*Dorn, Marcellus Americus, Ph.B. 1879; 
M.A. 1882. (Died October 18, 1900.) 

Harrison, Edward Charles 940 Pacific 

Bldg., S. F. 
'Hitchcock, Leroy Vernon. (Died 1905.) 

Hoefler, Ludwig Mathias Russ Bldg., 

S. F. 
*Hutchinson, Joseph, Ph.B. 1878. (Died 

September 8, 1910.) 
*Lawton, William Dedrick. (Died.) 

Lewis, John Weller Mills Bldg., S. F. 

McCrea, Henry: Clergyman 646 E. Alle- 
ghany av., Philadelphia, Pa. 

McHenry, Mary B. (Mrs. William Keith), 
A.B. 1879 2207 Atherton St., B. 

M.irks, George Washington. 

Meldon. Oscar Francis Crossley Bldg., 
S. F. 

Miller, Frank de Frees. 

Mizner, Lansing, Ph.B. 1879 Benicia. 

O'Donoghue, Michael Francis: Govern- 
ment clerk Patent office, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Schooler, William Henry 1895 Twenty- 
first st., S. F. 

Shurtleff, Charles Allerton Foxcroft 
Bldg., S. F. 

Slack, Charles William, Ph.B. 1879 
Kohl Bldg., S. F. 

Stafferd, Henry J. 3516 Twenty-third 

st., S. F. 
*Stonsifer, Clarence Augustus. (Died.) 

Stranahan, Farrand Ebenezer. 

Tevis, Samuel. 

Wakeman. Ernest Hetlzeimer. 

Whitby. George Alexander Newman. 

Wickeraham, Frank P. 
*Williams, Eben Barker. (Died 1903.) 

Wilson. Mountford Samuel, A.B. (Yale 
Univ.) 1879 Burlingame. 




Barton, Willard Thompson Care of Bar- 
ton Packing and Rubber Co., S. F. 
*Brunner, Albert John. (Died 1903.) 

Buckhout, Emily Lucretia (Mrs. Joseph 
A. Baker). 

Campbell, Donald Yorke, A.B. (Yale 
Univ.) 1880 2016 California St., 
S. F. 

Citron, Raphael Hamilton Bldg., Port- 
land, Ore. 

Clearv, Frank Charles 1253 Flood Bldg., 
S. F. 

Cohen, Alfred Henry Fruitvale. 
*Creighton, Charles. (Died November 25, 

Del Mar, Eugene 115 Broadway, New 
York City. 

Dunne, Joseph John, A.B. 1879 and M.A. 
1880 (St. Ignatius College) Monad- 
nock Bldg., S. F. 

*Durst, John Haines, Ph.B. 1880. (Died 
February 2, 1903.) 

Eisner, Milton Sydney, A.B. 1880 Russ 
Bldg., S. F. 

Fitzgerald, Robert Mullins 546 Twenty- 
eighth St., O. 

Fulkerth, Lurin William Modesto. 

Hatton, William Henry Modesto. 

Hoburg, Frances Hilford 3394 Sixteenth 
St., S. F. 

Holladay, Edmund Burke 2215 Buch- 
anan st., S. F. 

Howard, Cary 906 Broadway, O. 

Irwin, Fred Placerville. 

Johns, Charles Tremenere Bacon Block, 

Kelley, Joseph P. 
*Knott, William Wilson. (Died.) 

Lezinsky, George Union Trust Bldg., 

S. F. 
*Lindenberger, William Emory. (Died.) 

Lyons, Timothy Joseph Pacific Bldg., 
S. F. 

McKee, Samuel Bell Oakland Bank of 
Savings Bldg., O. 

Mathews, Hiram Walker 225 Ninth av., 
S. F. 

Miller, Henry. 

Phipps, William Thomas Bryte Bldg., 

Platshek, Mark Julius, A.B. 1880957 

Pacific Bldg., S. F. 

*Shackleford, Thomas Jefferson. (Died.) 
'Sheffield, Charles Monroe, Ph.B. 1879. 
(Died September 12, 1884.) 

Tauszky, Edmund Balboa Bldg., S. F. 

Todman, Josephine M. Nome, Alaska. 
*Trusseau, Peter Celestin. (Died.) 

Wagner, William Solomon. 
* Wallace, William Thompson, Jr. (Died.) 

Ward, Joseph Walter 553 Twenty-fifth 
st.. O. 

Whittle, Henry Deering: Clergyman St. 
Joseph's Church, San Jose. 

Zwisler, Charles Albert Placerville. 


Abraham, Isadore 864 McAllister st., 

S. F. 
*Borden, Rhodes. (Died.) 

Borden, Sheldon 2328 So. Hope st., Los 

Brown, Daniel, Jr. : Bank cashier 

Fresno National Bank, Fresno. 
Cabaniss, George Henry 988 Hayes st., 

S. F. 
Campbell, George Douglass 116 DeLong 

av., S. F. 
Davis, John Francis 1430 Masonic av., 

S. F. 
Dinsmore, Wallace, Ph.B. 1880 406 

Third st., Marysville. 
''Dwyer, James P. (Died.) 
Farnsworth, Eldridge C. Visalia. 
Finley, Theodore Randolph Santa Maria. 
Forbes, Edwin Alex Marvsville. 
^Furlong, Nicholas. (Died 1892.) 
Grant, William Merchants Exchange, 

S. F. 
"Helm, Charles Watson. (Died May 5, 

Jackson, Charles H., A.B. (Harvard 

Univ.) 1881. 

Jacobs, William Rogers Stockton. 
Loewenthal, A.B. 1881 1833 So. Flower 

st., Los Angeles. 
McCabe, Edward Dennis. 
McGee, William John Grant Bldg., S. F. 
Murray, George Deuchar, Ph.B. 1877 

937 Sixth st., Eureka. 
Peters, Cassius M. Clay Tuolumne. 
Price, Henry Francis. 
Tavlor, Arthur Clay 2336 Twenty-fourth 

'st., S. F. 
Tevlin, James Frances 516 Pacific Bldg., 

S. F. 

Wheeler, Charles Morgan Eureka. 
Wilbur, Clinton Martindale 1102 Boyls- 

ton av., Seattle, Wash. 
Williams, Frank Rowland. 


* Armstrong, Zachary Taylor. (Died.) 
Baker, John Lidell : Secretary of State 

Railroad Commission Seattle, Wash. 
Bettencourt, Jose de Sousa, M.D. (Pacific 
Medical College) 1877: Oculist and 
aurist 897 Fulton st., S. F. 
Black, Alfred Pressley 948 Market st., 

S. F. 
Bradley, Henry William 660 Market st., 

S F 
Bryant, Calhoun: Farmer R. D. 21, Box 

* 35, San Jose. 
Collins, George Daniel. 
Curran, Thomas Edward 619 Mills 

Bldg., S. F. 
Daney, Eugene First National Bank 

Bldg., San Diego. 
Dwyer, John Joseph, A.B. 1882 1109 

Franklin st,, S. F. 
*Earll, Arthur Roman. (Died June 23, 

Finlayson, Frank Graham 224 N. Main 

st., Los Angeles. 
Gallagher, Andrew Edward Spokane, 


Gartlan, James 704 Market st., S. F. 
*Gillin, George Bartholomew. (Died.) 
*Glidden, Prescott Banks. (Died July 27, 

*Greany, John Thomas. ( Died 1903.) 



Harding, Beinhardt Theodore Fruitvale. 
*Hupers, George Washington. (Died.) 
Peck, James F. 2433 Haste St., B. 
Schlesinger, Bert 3920 Clay st., S. F. 
Sharpstein, William Crittenden 1545 

Benton st., A. 

Ftolder, Richard Berryman Mariposa. 
*Sullivan, John Francis, M.D. 1900. 


Swayne, Robert H. 1717 Alameda av., A. 
Turner, Joshua Nichols. 
Vassault, Ferdinand Isham: Editor 538 

W. 113th st., New York City. 
Wenzlick, William, M.D. (Harvard Univ.) 

1888: Physician 3818 Lisbon av., 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Aitken, John R. 997 Monadnock Bldg., 

Brittan, William G. 

Burbank, William Freeman: Journalist 

66 Priest st., San Jose. 
*Cope, Walter Burton. A.B. 1883. (Died 

December, 1909.) 
Covilland. Charles Julian Ellis Block, 


Crawford, Thomas Olin Diamond. 
Dorn, Fred A. San Luis Obispo. 
*Foerster, Constaptine E. A. ( Died.) 
Gunzendorfer, Gustave Mountain View. 
Holland, Christopher Franklin 210 Bul- 

lard Block. Los Angeles. 
Kaufman, Walter W. Humboldt Bank 

BJdg., S. F. 
Langan, Francis Patrick Virginia Citv, 


Mahoney, William Henry Mutual Sav- 
ings Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Meserve, Edwin A. 511 Los Angeles 

Trust Bldg., Los Angeles. 
Metson. William Henry 1101 Laguna st., 

S. F. 
Monckton, Frank Daniel 50 First av., 

S. F. 

Pemberton. James Emmons Ukiah. 
Powers, Edward Everett 202 Bullard 

Block, Los Angeles. 
Ruef, Abraham, A.B. 1883. 
Savage, Lincoln Ewart Santa Maria. 
Schwitters, Louis Dietrick. 
Shrader, Jackson L. 
Stevens, William Watt Bligh. 
Taylor, Edward Kimberlin, Ph.B. 1881 
and Ph.M. 1886 (Univ. of Pacific) 

1402 Park st., A. 

Vogelsang, Alexander Theodore 20 Mont- 
gomery st., S. F. 

Adams, Charles Albert Humboldt Bank 

Bldg.. S. F. 

Beatty, William Adam, B.L. 1884: Jour- 
nalist Winchester, Kv. 
Bert, Eugene Francis 235 Kearny Bt., 

S. F. 
Byington, Francis Lewis Claus Spreck- 

els Bldg.. S. F. 
Francoeur, George Henry. 
Gibson, Richnrd. 
*Hastings. Warren Irvine. (Died.) 

Jones, Hu Crossley Bldg.. S. F. 
*Lando, Joseph H. (Died.) 

* Lincoln, Jerome Bates. (Died July 4, 


Loefler, Martin George. 
McCreery, Andrew T. 1219 Fillmore St., 

S. F. 

Mogan, Richard F. 2014 Sutter st., S. F. 
Rix, William 373 Russ Bldg., S. F. 
Ryan, Edward James, B.S. (Santa Clara 

College-) 1884 Eureka. 
Sawyer, William Francis 333 Kearny st., 

S. F. 

*Stuart, William Adams. (Died 1904.) 
Thompson, Lawrence Eaton Los Angeles. 
Valentine, Louis Hulett 443 Wilcox 

Block, Los Angeles. 
Vidaver, Nathan. 
*Woodward, Millard Fillmore. (Died 



* Anthony, Charles Nelson. (Died 1890.) 
Barton, William Ferris: Manufacturer 

Care of Union Pacific Salt Co., A. 
Broughton, Howard Anthony 4450 

Twentieth st., S. F. 
Brown, Alfred Persons. 
Countryman, Robert Harmer 1707 Oc- 

tavia st., S. F. 

Dozier, Thomas Bona 1103 First Na- 
tional Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Eells, Alexander Grimes, Ph.B. 1886 


Fowler, William Henry. 
Frick, Abraham Lincoln 67 Bacon Block, 


Gaddis, Edward Everett Woodland . 
*Gove, Jabez Howes. (Died.) 
Hayne, Stephen Duncan, A.B. 502 Cali 

fornia st., S. F. 
Hendrickson, William, Jr. 815 Shreve 

Bldg., S. F. 

Jones, George Wallace Fresno. 
Nilon, Frank Thomas Morgan Block, 

Nevada City. 

*O'Keefe, Ftephen Robert. (Died 1904.) 
Peixotto. Edgar Davis Russ Bldg., S. F. 
Riley, Peter Thomas, A.B. 1877; M.A. 

i881 717 Pacific Bldg., S. F. 
Sweeney, James Peter 1201 Union Trust 

Bldg.. S. F. 

Swift, Edward Daniel Belmont. 
*Thompson, Edward Rees. (Died March 

7, 1908.) 
Thome. Andrew, B.L. 1883 Mills Bldg., 

S. F. 
Wallace. William Carlton: Mine operator 

4590 Telegraph av., O. 
Wascerwitz. Morris Herman 803 Claus 

Spreckels Bldg., S. F. 
Wheeler, John Thomas Tonopah, Nevada. 

Barnett, Abraham Thomas, A.B. 1886 

912 Humboldt Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Casserly, John Bernard 951 Pacific 

Bldg., S. F. 
Hansen, John Henrv, B.L. 1883 1605 

Claus Spreckels Bldg., S. F. 
Heller, Emanuel Siegfried, B.S. 1885 

Union Trust Bldg., S. F. 
Herrick. Herbert Sandford. 
Maguire, Andrew Gregory 281 Page st.. 

S. F. 



Scheller, Victor Aloysius Ryland Bldg., 

San Jose. 

Shay, Frank 640 Fairmount av., O. 
Smith, James Robert Grass Valley. 
Sweigert, William Jonathan 330 Cole St., 

S. F. 
Wise, Wallace Alexander Metropolis 

Bank Bldg., S. F. 


Bartnett, Walter John, A.B. 1887 Mill 

Boyd, George Davis, Ph.B. 1887 Pacific 
Union Club. 

Carlin, William Henry Marysville. 

Dumontier, Joseph Louis 1649 Red- 
wood av., Fruitvale. 

Gregory, Warren Cranston, A.B. 1887 
La Loma Park, B. 

Haskins, Samuel, M.A. (Santa Clara Col- 
lege) 1883 Custom House, S. F. 

Haven, Thomas Eastman, A.B. (Williams 
College) 1887 941 Monadnock Bldg., 
S. F. 

Inkersley, Arthur, A.B. (Oxford Univ.): 
Journalist 914 Tenth st., O. 

McKinstry, James Clarence Flood Bldg., 
S. F- 

Samuels, Jacobs, A.B. 1887 320 Maple 
St., S. F. 

Sanderson, William Wilson, Ph.B. 1887 
501 Crocker Bldg., S. F. 

Sheats, Arthur Kenningford 1362 Elev- 
enth av., S. F. 

Timken, Harry Heinzelman. 

Van Wyck, Sidnev McMechin, Jr. 519 
California st., S. F. 

Walker, Henry Warren Redwood City. 

Abbott. Carl Hewes, A.B. (Brown Univ.) 

1888 Oakland Bank of Savings Bldg., 


Barrv, Joseph Emmett 354 Pine st.. S. F. 
Bloom, Solomon, A.B. 1888 68 Post st., 

S. F. 
Brown, Henry Ward 628 Montgomery 

St., S. F. 
Clark, Cosmor Beckwith 851 Jackson st., 


Cooper, Edgar Clarence Governor's of- 
fice, Sacramento. 
Crittenden, Joseph Lambert, Ph.B. 1882 : 

Teacher 247 W. Clay st., S. F. 
^Dudley, George Dixon, B!L. 1887. (Died 

October 24, 1904.) 
Ellis, Adrian Collier, Jr., A.B. 1888 

Box 287, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Ellsworth, Oliver, A.B. 1888 1244 Lin- 
den st.. O. 
Haight, Henry Huntly, A.B. (Yale Univ.) 

1888: Insurance agent 4101 Kelton 

court, O. 
Hodghead, Beverly Lacy 1715 Euclid 

av., B. 
O'Grady, Alexander Leland 504 Lyon st., 

S. F. 
Pomeroy, John Norton, A.B. 1887 and 

A.M. 1889 (Yale Univ.) 2312 Gough 

St., S. F. 
Rouleau, Oscar Adolphe 2627 Pierce st., 

S. F. 

Satterwhite, John Woodward Los Ange- 

Smith, Edwin Du Bose 60 Wall st., New 
York City. 

Stoney, Gaillard, A.B. 1888 250 Mont- 
gomery st., S. F. 

Thompson, Wallace LeGrande. 

Tobin, Henry Augustine. 

Woodhams, Maurice Sullivan, A.B. 1888 
Foxcroft Bldg., S. F. 


Belcher, Richard, A.B. (Amherst College) 

1889 Belcher Bldg., Marysville. 
Bergerot, Pierre Alexandre, B.L. (Univ. 

of France) 1889 110 Sutter st., S. F. 
Brobeck, William Irvin Crocker Bldg., 

S. F. 
Evans, Charles James: Officer of U. S. 

Customs 134 Dracena av.. Piedmont. 
Flaherty, John Loftus. A.B. 1889. 
Jones, Charles Wirtley. 
Kierulff, Thomas Cundell 68 Post st., 

S. F. 

Lane, George Whitfield Mills Bldg., S. F. 
Lukens, George Russell, Ph.B. 1889 

S.E. cor. Broadway and Laguna, S. F. 
Mclnnis, Joseph Albion Vallejo. 
Madison, Frank Dehno San Rafael. 
Melvin, Henry Alexander, Ph.B 1889 

1363 Sixth av., O. 

O'Keefe, James Thomas Redwood City. 
Schillig, Lawrence Yuba City. 
Stivers, Champion Dorse} Niles. 
York, John Tony Behlow Bldg., Napa. 

Abbott, William Martin 1593 McAllister 

st., S. F. 
Asher, Hugo Kiewe Humboldt Bank 

Bldg., S. F. 
Blum, Max, A.B. (Harvard Univ.) 1890 

255 California st., S. F. 
Caldwell, Albert Augustine: Capitalist 

156 N. Ivar av., Hollywood. 
*Cary, James Hickcox. (Died.) 
Connick, Clifton Horace Eureka. 
*Deamer, William White, A.B. 1883. (Died 

October 16, 1910.) 
*Dean, Richard Frank, A.B. 1890. (Died 

April 20, 1902.) 
Duncan, Robert Ukiah. 
Eells, Hobart Kelsey Crocker Bldg., S. F. 
Gregory, Bion Samuel, A.B. (Pacific 

Methodist College) 1889 Apartado 6, 

Mexico City, Mexico. 
Hill. Arthur Wellesley 617 Third St., 

Hillyer, Curtis 630 Chronicle Bldg., S. F. 

Kellev, Edgar Albert. 

Lvnch, Charles William Mutual Bank 
' Bldg., S. F. 

McDonald, Paul: Trust clerk 828 Fifty- 
eighth st., O. 

McMurray, Orrin Kip, Ph.B. 1890: Pro- 
fessor' of Law 2327 LeConte av., B. 

North, Hart Hyatt 2414 Prospect st., B. 

Pidwell, John Trevasso 831 Pacific 
Bldg., S. F. 

Rodgers, William Lafayette, Ph.B. 1890 
131 Szechnan road, Shanghai, China. 


Samuels, Leon, Ph.B. 1890 Phelan 

Bldg., S. F. 
Warner, Emerson Mortimer Colfax, 

Worley, Alfred Lincoln Laverne. 

Beatty, Henry Nixon 620 Mills Bldg., 

Q "P 

Bell, William Troup: Secretary of Cotton- 
seed Oil Co. Natchetoches, La. 
Berglund, Abraham. 
*Boyle, John Clark. (Died 1903.) 
Brandenstein, Henry Ulysses 250 Mont- 
gomery st., S. F. 

Brewer, John Ankeney, Ph.B. 1891: Bank 
teller 1205 E. Twenty-first st., Los 

Coffer, John Eugene. 
Coleman, Robert Lewis, Ph.B. (Yale 

Univ.) 1891 Burlingame. 
Crowell, Clarence Elwin 237 Perry St., 


Drum, John Sylvester Flood Bldg., S. F. 
Edwards, John Henry, Jr. Newman. 
Hixon, Arthur Cameron. (Died.) 
Jacobs. Lester Henry, Ph.B. 1891 1616 

LeRoy av., B. 

Jung, Fred Henry, B.S. 1888 and M.S. 
1889 (St. Ignatius College) Butler 
Bldg., S. F. 

McDonald. John Joseph 542 Twenty- 
seventh st., O. 
*McElroy, John Edmond. (Died March 

24, 1909.) 

McKnight, James Henry. 
Mastick. Senburv Cone, A.B. 1891 and 
A.M. 1894 (Oberlin College) 2 Rec- 
tor st., New York City. 
\o\vland. James Alfred St. Helena. 

ev. Warren. Jr., A.B. 1891: A.B. 
(Harvard Univ.) 18922702 D wight 
way, B. 
Parkinson, Oscar Bronson 208 Savings 

and Loan Hank Hldt:.. Stockton. 
Paulicki, Thnddeus Edward Pacific 

Bldg., S. F. 

Quigley. Cyrus Edwards. 
Satterwhite, William Thomas 286 Santa 

Clara av., O. 

Stone, Leonard 81 Echo av.. O. 
Sutro, Alfred, A.B. (Harvard Univ.) 

1891 Kohl Bldg., S. F. 
Syer. Robert Reay, A.M. (Santa Clara 
College) 1889 Bank of San Jose 
Bldg.. San Jose. 
Wnste. William Harrison, Ph.B. 1891 

2222 Durant av., B. 
Webster. Albert Bradford, A.B. 1892 

2721 Webster st., B. 

Woodworth. Marshall Boreal Clunie 
Bldg., S. F. 


*Banning. Edward James. (Died.) 
Brand, Arthur Pacific Bldg., S. F. 
Butler, Willard Wall Trust Bldg., Los 

Clark, Alice Ann (Mrs. J. A. Hart) 

San Jose. 

Craft. Mabel Clare (Mrs. F. P. Deering), 
Ph.B. 1892 2709 Larkin St., S. F. 

Cudworth, Jeremiah Judson 1480 Page 

St., S. F. 

Curtis, Richard Vincent Ross. 
Dorn, Walter Everett. 
Frisbie. Nathaniel Baker 443 Pine st., 

S. F. 
*Hahn, Edwin Otto. (Died October 8, 

Harris, Isadore, Ph.B. 1892 Clans 

Spreckels Bldg., S. F. 
Hess, William Theodore 1460 Page st., 

S. F. 
Humphrey, William Francis Mills Bldg., 

S. F." 

Kennedy. Guy Reynolds Chico. 
Kincaid. Harvey Archer, A.B. (Stanford 

Univ.) 1892 Redwood City. 
Leach, Abraham Powell Union Savings 

Hunk Bldg., O. 
Lent, Eugene, A.B. (Harvard Univ.) 

1885 428 Mills Bldg., S. F. 
Littlefield, George Beeley: Real estate 
dealer 308 New York Block, Seattle, 

Albert Warren. (Died.) 
.M<(iowan, Robert Henry Belmont. 
M.-Kinzie, Alfred Bailer Martinez. 
Manning, James Edward San Anselmo. 
O'Brien, Victor Lathrop, Ph.B. 1892 

Pacific Bldg., S. F. 
O'Halloran, James William 943 Van 

v. u av.. S. F. 
Palmer, John Brooks, Ph.B. 189268 

Post st., S. F. 

Prosek, John. Jr. 359 Jersey st., S. F. 
Rector. Eldridge Nelson Merced. 
Robinson, Tod G. 

Kussrll. Frederick James Hayward. 
Smyth, Charles William. 
*omers, Burbank Gustave. (Died July 

14. 1904.) 

Stewart. Fred Lester Jackson. 
*Van Pelt. William Winslow. (Died.) 
White. William Basil 719 Market st., 

S. F. 

Whiting, Randolph Virginius Claus 
Spreckels Bldg., S. F. 

Ames, Everett Fifth and Davis sts., 

!'<>rtland, Ore. 
Archer. Leo Bethell 13 So. First st., San 


Barrett. John Joseph Flood Bldg., S. F. 
Barrv, Thomas Joseph: Customs deputy 

U. S. Customs House, S. F. 
Bartlett. Louis de Fontenay, Ph.B. 1893 

Mill Valley. 
Bernheim. Louis Lazarus, Ph.B. 1895: 

Special agent U. S. Land Office 501 

E. Colfax av., Denver, Colo. 
Bonner, Ernest Chappell, Ph.B. 1893 

Bradford. Herbert Sampson Care of 

Campbell. Metson and Brown, Tono- 

pah, Nevada. 
Brann. Walter Scott, Ph.B. 18931400 

E. Fourteenth st., Fruitvale. 
Clute. John Foster 704 Market st., S. F. 
Cooper, Edwin Theodore 931 Pacific av., 

Cotton. Aylett Rains, Jr.. A.B. (St-^ord 
Univ.) 1894 Grant Bldg., S. F. 



Davidson, Thomas Drummond Flood 

Bldg., S. F. 

Dehy, William Independence. 
"Dickson, Frederick William. (Died, 

Dillon, Richard John 427 Douglas 

Bldg., Los Angeles. 
Fletcher, George Herbert, Ph.B. 1891 

2042 Larkin st., S. F. 
Gibbons, Lewis Alberto Care of Bart- 

lett, Thatcher and Gibbons, Tonopah, 

Gillogley, Robert William Humboldt 

Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Havnes, Frank Pierce 120 Bush st., 

'S. F. 
Head, Horace Caldwell, Ph.B. 1891 

41iy 2 N. Main st., Santa Ana. 
Henry, Walter Hughes, Ph.B. 1893 

630 Vernon st., O. 
Humphreys, William Penn 110 Sutter 

st., S. P. 
Krull, Frank 68 U. S. Appraiser's 

Bldg., S. F. 
Lazarus, Sylvain Jules 2625 Mission st., 

S. F. 

Lenahan, John Alphonsus, B.S. (St. Ig- 
natius College) 1892: Tax collector 

1327 Baker st., S. F. 

Loofbourow, Frederick Charles 101 Con- 
tinental National Bank Bldg., Salt 

Lake Citv, Utah. 

McClellan, Clifford Mills Bldg., S. F. 
McKinley, Benjamin Louis, A.B. 1893 

and A.M. 1908 (St. Ignatius College) 

1657 Washington st,, S. F. 
Mathewson, Harley Phillips, Jr. So- 
Mollo-"-. Thomas Stephen, A.B. 1892 

Metropolis Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Morrow, Robert Head, Ph.B. 1893854 

Mills Bldg., S. F. 
Nicholls, Thomas Henry 157 Hillcrest 

road, B. 

O'Callaghan, Charles Francis 26 Mont- 
gomery st., S. F. 

O'Gara. John, A.M. (Santa Clara Col- 
lege) 1893 550 Mills Bldg., S. F. 
Perkins, Thomas Allen, A.B. 1890 and 

M.A. 1893 (Dartmouth College); A.B. 

1896 1039 Mills Bldg., S. F. 
Prescott. Leon Edward 307 Russ Bldg., 

S. F. 
Price, Robert Martin, Ph.B. 1893 Care 

of Cheney, Massey and Price, Reno, 

Rosener, Charles Samuel 57 Powell st., 

S. F. 
Sanborn, John Albert: Real estate dealer 

Fruit vale. 
Shortall, Edward Percival 2276 Grove 

St., S. F. 

Smith, James Wilson 2320 Ward st., B. 
Sullivan, Stephen Leslie. 
Trumbo, Howard Thompson Care of 

Isaac Trumbo, S. F. 
Van Nostrand, John James Grant Bldg., 

S. F. 
Westerfeld, Carl. A.B. (Yale Univ.) 1893 

854 Mills Bldg., S. F. 
Willard. Charles Wesley, A.B. (Harvard 

Univ.) 1891 Merchants' Exchange 

Bldg., S. F. 

Berry, Rufus Albert, Ph.B. 1882: Real 

estate dealer 2700 Ben venue av., B. 
tJrizard, Brousse: Merchant Arcata. 
Burke, Francis John Grant Bldg., S. F. 
Connollv, George Aloysius, A.M. (St. Ig- 
natius College) 1902 B. 407 Mills 

Bldg., S. F. 
Deasy, Daniel Cornelius 407 Mills 

Bldg., S. F. 
De Garmo, George Curtis 823 Catalina 

st., Los Angeles. 
Donnelly, Daniel Lee. 
Eaton, Orison Verde, A.B. (Stanford 

Univ.) 1895 602 Laughlin Bldg., 

Los Angeles. 
Finch, Fabius Taylor 660 Market st., 

S. F. 
Foltz, Edward Pressley, Ph.B. 1894 13 

Po. Hunter st., Stockton. 
Gaylord, Robert Brainerd 270 Perkins 

St., O. 
Graupner, Adolphus Ehrhardt Grant 

Bldg., S. F. 

Greenbaum, Benjamin Franklin. 
Hanlev, James Martin 1638 Grove st., 


Hills, Stacv Rome-'-n. 
Jackson, Stanley Hooper, B.L. 1894 310 

Sansome st., S. F. 
Jones. George Louis, Ph.B. 1895 Nevada 


Joseph, Lionel. 

Larue, Llovd Palmer Grass Vallev. 
Lewis, Abraham, Jr., A.B. (Stanford 

Univ.) 1895: Banker Bank of Hon- 
olulu, Ltd., Honolulu, T. H. 
Macbeth, Frank David 506 Mutual Sav- 
ings Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Maguire, William Michael Kohl Bldg., 

S. F. 
Meyerstein, Joseph Charles, A.B. 1894 

110 Sutter st., S. F. 
Newburgh, Henry 1663 McAllister st., 

S. F. 

Page, Rollin King Portland, Ore. 
Quinn, James George 876 Broadway, O. 
Shaw, Hartley Hermosa Beach. 
Squier, John Jay Santa Barbara. 
Squier, William Charles. 
Tavlor, Francis Patrick 964 York st., 

S. F. 
Thompson, Walter James 73 Diamond 

St., S. F. 
Treadwell, Edward Francis Burlin- 


Welty, Eugene Edwin Sacramento. 
Wigle, Britton Day. 
Wigle, Gilbert Griffin. 
Wilev, ' Harley Rupert 2545 Benvenue 

av., B. 


Bachman, David Stern, B.S. 1895 2323 

Devisadero st., S. F. 
Bakewell, Thomas Vail, A.B. 18951219 

Telegraph av., O. 
Benson, Frank Henry Rea Bldg., San 

Breen, Peter Augustine, A.B. (Santa 

Clara College) 1895 Glaus Spreckels 

Bldg., S. F. 



Chamberlain, Joseph Perkins 374 Russ 

Bldg., S. F. 
Church, Harry Ernest. 
Clarke, James William Niles. 
Cohn, Charles Centennial 9 Plaza Cer- 
vantes, Manila, P. I. 
Colby, William Edward 2901 Channing 

way, B. 
Cullinan, Eustace, A.B. (Notre Dame 

College, Ind.) 1895 3434 Twenty- 
first St., S. F. 
Daniels, John Ralph Foxcroft Bldg., 

S. F'. 

Davis, S'amuel Daniel: Secretary of Sul- 
phur Co. 1024 Merchants Exchange 

Bldg., S. F. 
Ehrman, Sidney Meyer, B.L. 1896 713 

Union Trust Bldg., S. F. 
Feehan, James Byrnes 405 Mills Bldg., 

S. F. 
Gardner, Jonothan Edward Watson- 

Henderson, Frederick William, B.L. 1897 

Hickey, Thomas Wand, B.S. (St. Ignatius 

College) 1896 365- Fair Oakes st., 

S. F. 
Hynes, William Henry Lamand 2167 

Alameda av., A. 
K:iy-. William Wallace, A.B. (Univ. of 

Iowa) 1893 40 Hopkins Bldg., 

Laughlin, Grant Alexander, B.L. 1895 

Mark West. Sonoma Co. 
McNutt. Maxwell, B.L. 1895 110 Sut- 

ter st., S. F. 

Marchant, Alfred Harold. 
Martini, Walter Joseph de 643 Chet- 

wood. O. 
Newhouse, Hugo David 519 Kohl Bldg., 

S. F. 

Payne, Edward Lee. 
Pratt. Elmor Dickinson (Mrs. A. Sewen- 

dameski) Douglas, Ariz. 
Redington. Arthur Howard, B.L. 1894 

San Mateo. 
Tobin, Edward Paul. 
Towne, Percy Edgar Chronicle Bldg., 

S. F. 
Turner, Robert Haviland, Ph.B. 1895 

336 Pine st., S. F. 
Vrooman, Rachael (Mrs. W. E. Colbv) 

B.L. 1895 2901 Channing wav. B. 
Walthall. John Madison, B.S. (Laurel 

Hall) 1891 Modesto. 
Watson, Jessie Eleanor, Ph.B. 1892: 

F'a rmer Wr i ght . 
Whited, Jesse Meigs: Insurance agent 

30 Belvedere st., S. F. 
Wiel. Irvin Judith 32 Broadway, New 

York Citv. 
*Yordi. Alfred Herman. (Died, 1903.) 


Antonovich. William George 144 San- 
chez st., S. F. 

Bacigalupi, Giovanni 2336 Jones St., 
S. F. 

Baldwin. Alexander Richards, Ph.B. 1896 
615 Union Trust Bldg., S. F. 

Barber, Oscar Thomas 2915 College 
av., B. 

Board. William Mossgrov* 
X. J. 

-Glen Ridge, 

Beatty, Henry Oscar 32 Stuart st., S. F. 
Beretta, Joseph William 610 Hibernia 

Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Berry, Olin Lamar Metropolis Bank 

Bldg.,. S. F. 

Borden, Fred Wallace Quincy. 
Bradv, Matthew Glaus Spreckels Bldg., 

S'. F. 

Brown, Henrv Pfister Hanford. 
Chovnski, Milton L., B.L. 1896 1434 

Merchants' Exchange Bldg., S. F. 
Craig, James Archibald. 
Cross, Ralph Herbert, A.B. (California 

College) 1897 652 E. Twenty- 
eighth st., O. 

^Currie, Arthur Milton. (Died.) 
Faulkner, Louis Glass Chico. 
Feigenbaum, Sanford 1124 Merchants' 

Exchange Bldg.. S. F. 
Friok, Robert Nicholson 310 Sansome 

st.. S. F. 

Golden, Isidore Grant Bldg.. S. F. 
Hutchinson. James Sather Claus Spreck- 

els Bldg.. S. F. 

Jacobs, Howard Scott Hanford. 
Kellv, William Albert Parrott Bldg., 

S. F. 
Labarraque, Christine Blanche, Ph.B. 

1896 1127 Thirty-first av., Seattle, 


Lijiliitt. Milton Albert, Ph.B. 1896: Cap- 
italist 549 Howard st., S. F. 
McCulloch, Alexander, Ph.B. 1896 Hi- 
bernia Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Marks. Emerson Joseph. 
Mumma. Wilmer: Teacher San Luis 

O'Connor. Joseph Thomas, Ph.B. 1896 

1434 Merchants' Exchange Bldg., 

S. F. 
Quinlan. John Cotter 1683 Ellis st., 

S. F. 
Rode, Walter Edward 1801 Fourteenth 

av., O. 

Rosenberg, Abe Lincoln Fallen, Ne- 
Schmitt. Milton Leon 1286 O'Farrel st., 

S. F. 
Smith. Woodley Bates 222 Sansome st., 

S. F. 

Stanwood, Edward Babson Marysville. 
Svmonds, Harry Clinton, Ph.B. 1896 

' Mill Valley. 
Thompson. Charles Lawrence. A.B. 

(Stanford Univ.) Pacific Bldg., S. F. 
Webb, Walton Cope Crocker Bldg., S. F. 
Weil. Adolph Leopold, Ph.B. 1897 362 

Russ Bldg., S. F. 
Wevl. Bertin Alfred Chronicle Bldg., 

'S. F. 
Wheeler, Roswell Samuel: Teacher 296 

Park View Terrace, O. 
Williams. John Tully 2516 Sacramento 

st.. S. F. 
Wright. George Arthur. 


Blanchard. Marion Sargeant, Ph.B. 1897 
Foxcroft Bldg., S. F. 

Borton, Fred Ellsworth 2114 Twen- 
tieth st., Bakersfield. 



Bowie, John Priedlander Union Trust 

Bldg., S. F. 
Brownstone, Louis Horace, Ph.B. 1897 

1523 Chronicle Bldg., S. F. 
Cerf, Marcel E., Ph.B. 1897 354 Pine 

St., S. F. 
Clark, Francis Byron 1033 Mills Bldg., 

S. F. 

Clawiter, Edward Ivan. 
Craig, Charles Francis, B.L. 1897: Real 

estate dealer Mills Bldg., S. F. 
Craig, William Berry 2 Wall St., New 

York City. 

*Crowell, Alvin Buell. (Died.) 
Crowell, Letus Narcissus Hanford. 
Dam, Francis Herbert, A.B. 1896 1800 

Shattuck av., B. 

Dessouslayy, Andre 110 Slitter st., S. F. 
Doyle, William Tecumseh Sherman. 
Griffiths, Walter. 
Husted, Robert Lee Colusa. 
*McWade, David Franklin, Ph.B. 1897. 

(Died December 28, 1906.) 
Mannon, Charles McFerson, A.B. (Stan- 
ford Univ.) 1898 202 N. School st., 

Peters, Emil Cornelius 210 McCandless 

Bldg., Honolulu, T. H. 
Rodgers, Samuel Russell, Ph.B. 1897. 
Van Fleet. Ransom Carey. A.B 1897 

1207 Humboldt Bank 'Bldg., 'S. F. 


Aitken, Thomas Dickey Box 519, Ma- 
nila, P. I. 
Arnold, Philip Brent, Ph.B. 1899 

Bishop, James Hall 363 Russ Bldg., 

S. F. 
Bishop, Thomas Porter, Ph.B. 1899 354 

Russ Bldg., S. F. 
Bradford, Hugh Barr, B.L. 1899 Bryte 

Bldg., Sacramento. 
Breen, William Aloysius, A.B. 1898 and 

A.M. 1905 (St. Ignatius College) 

Humboldt Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Brown, Everett John, Ph.B. 1898 

Court House, O. 
Brown, John Quincy, Jr.. Ph.B. 1879 

1031 H st., Sacramento. 
Bufford, Charles Marcellus, A.B. 1898: 

M.A. 1899 1834 Sutter st., S. F. 
Callaghan, John James: Stockraiser 


Chandler, Charles Strother. 
Chickering, Allen Lawrence, A.B. 1898 

621 Walsworth av., O. 
Clayburgh, Herbert Eugene, Ph.B. 1899: 

Silk importer 25 Sansome st., S. F. 
Coffey, Edward Ignatius 557 Mills 

Bldg., S. F. 
Grim, Samuel Milton: Automobile dealer 

342 Van Ness av., S. F. 
Dibble. Oliver, Ph.B. 1899 Mills Bldg., 

S. F. 
Dillon, Marie Cecelia 1913 Pacific av.. 

S. F. 

Douglass, John Wilson. 
Duffv, Dennis Maxwell Mills Bldg.. 

S. F. 
Ede. William, A.B. 1899120 Blair av., 


Evans, Perry, B.L. 1899 2727 Ben- 
venue av., B. 

Gill, George Franklin Tulare. 

Goldstein, Alfred Ephraim Oroville. 

Hennessy, Frank James 216 Grant 
Bldg., S. F. 

Hinton, Guy, Ph.B. 1895; A.B. 1896; 
A.M. (Harvard Univ.) 1898909 Pa- 
cific Bldg., S. F. 

Hudson, Roy Gage 88 Echo av., O. 

Jaunet, John Louis Armand. 

McMurray, Edwin T. 208 Lick Bldg., 
S. F. 

Meredith, James Diven Auburn. 

Newmiller, Charles Louis Stockton. 

Peart, Hartley Fiske, B.L. 1898 Hum- 
boldt Bank Bldg., S. F. 

Powers, Frank Edward 250 Montgom- 
ery st., S. F. 

Ross, Margaret Adelia 2217 Dwight 
way, B. 

Sullivan, Harry Francis, D.D.S. 1893 
1115 Broadway, O. 

Wagner, Lawrence Talcott, A.B. 1898 

Weaver, George Erastus, B.S. (Oregon 
Agricultural College) 1898 511 Bal- 
boa Bldg., S. F. 

Weyand, William Joseph: Manager Mill- 
ing Co. Dixon. 

Wright, Brooke Maynard Fidelity Bldg., 

Tacoma, Wash. 

*Zobel, Handel Hart. (Died January 2, 


Anthony, Marc, B.L. 1895 948 Market 

St., S. F. 

Bailey, Herbert Wilmarth, B.L. 1900: In- 
surance agent 343 Sansome st., S. F. 
Barnhill, William Allen. 
Breed, Herbert Lincoln, B.L. 1900 672 

Eighteenth st., O. 
Clausen, Ernest Augustine, B.L. 1900 

Humboldt Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Decoto, Ezra William, B.L. 1900 35 

Bacon Bldg., O. 
Dibert, Jesse Leroy, B.L. 1900 Bacon 

Bldg., O. 
*Dinkelspiel, Major Walter, B.L. 1900. 

(Died February 2, 1906.) 
Downing, William Sherman, Ph.B. 1899 

745 Mills Bldg., S. F. 
Farry, Joseph Aloysius 602 Kohl Bldg., 

S. F. 
Harlan, George Hillary, B.L. 1899 


Harris, Josephine. 
Hart, Augustus Loring, Jr., A.B. 1900 

Stoll Bldg., Sacramento. 
Hilborn, Lewis Allen, Ph.B. 1897 

Crocker Bldg., S. F. 
Kennedy, Joseph Lorenzo, B.L. 1900 

508 Humboldt Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Laveaga, Joseph Vincent de, B.L. 1900 

Box 40, Menlo Park. 
McCreary, Howard Daniel, B.S. 1900: 

Government clerk 529 Hobart st., O. 
Mannon, James Milton, Jr., A.B. 1899 

Merchants' Exchange Bldg., S. F. 
Moore, George Holmes Los Angeles. 



North (Mrs.), Emma Morgan (Mrs. H. 
H. North), B.L. 1897. .(Under 
name of Emma Morgan) 2414 Pros- 
pect St., B. 

O'Brien, Edward Arthur 630 Chronicle 
Bldg., S. P. 

O'Brien, John Maurice 418 Merchants' 
Exchange Bldg., S. F. 

Poorman, Samuel, Jr., A.B. (Stanford 
Univ.) 1900 120 Bush st., S. F. 

Quayle, Bert Leroy, B.S. 1899 Ely, Ne- 

Raines, Joseph Murray Vallejo. 

Reith, Charles Edwin, B.L. 1900 759 
Monadnock Bldg., S. F. 

Richmond, Henry Stuart Coalinga. 

Rothchild, Walter 1277 Flood Bldg., 
S. F'. 

Salisbury. Arthur Nelson Reno, Nevada. 

Smith, William Henry, Jr. Grant Bldg., 

Talbot, Edward James, B.S. 1900 Bur- 

White, James Evans, A.B. (Cornell Col- 
lege) 1895729 Monadnock Bldg., 
S. F. 

White, William Kennedv, B.L. 1900 723 
Crocker Bldg., S. F. 

Worley, Henry Klnn-r. 


Butler. Edward Ignatius, A.B. (St. 

Mary's College) 1900 730 Fourth 

St., Fan Rafael. 
Crey, Maurice Richard, Jr. 775 Mo- 

nadnock Bldg.. S. F. 
David, riarilH-1 Russ Bldg., S. F. 
Didion, (i.-orj;.. NVlson, A.B. 1901 952 

I'a.-itir Midi:.. S. F. 
!>..!, I, ins. Wells Call Bldg., 

S. F. 

Dyer, John Ernest. 
(J.ilTcy, William Vincent. 
Gale, Leland Isaac, B.L. 1901 6446 

Dana st., O. 
Goodfellow, Arthur William. A.B. 1901: 

Real estate dealer Sequoia Club, 

Hanson. Edwin Joseph 20 Montgomery 

St., S. F. 

Hart, Fred Beckman. A.B. 1901 Gol- 
den Block, Reno, Nevada. 
Hewlett, Eugene Elbert, B.L. 1900 305 

Monadnock Bldg., S. F. 
Hight. Percy 407 First National Bank 

Bldg., Long Beach. 
Kittle. Allen Irving, A.B. (Yale Univ.) 

1900 Ross. 
Lennon, Leo Camillo, A.B. 1899 and M.A. 

1900 (St. Ignatius College): Ph.D. 

(Georgetown Univ.) 1901 660 Mar- 
ket st,, S. F. 
Marshall, Francis Freeman, B.L. 1901 ; 

M.L. 1903 Dixon. 
Mott, Ernest Julian 415 Grant Bldg.. 

S. F. 

Nuckolls, Alfred Marshall. 
O'Neill, Hugh 427 Pacific Bldg., S. F. 
Orrick. William Horslev, B.L. 1901 

Balboa Bldg., S. F. " 
Perry, Frank Lorin Redondo Beach. 

Pitzer, Russell Kelly, A.B. (Pomona Col- 
lege) 1900 715 N. Garey av., Po- 

Reese, Edward Ernest: Sheriff Sher- 
iff's office, Sacramento. 

Riley, Stanislaus Augustine, A.B. 1900 
and A.M. 1905 (St. Ignatius College) 
514 Mills Bldg., S. F. 
*Rush, Donald. (Died February, 1905.) 

Silva, Francis Manuel, A.B. (f-"t. Mary\ 
College) 1898 Napa. 

Steinhart, Jesse Henry, B.L. 1901 827 
Eddy st., S. F. 

Sweigert, Charles Adams, B.S (St. Ig- 
natius College) 1893 330 Cole st., 
S. F. 

Townsend. Charles Edward, Ph.B. 1890 
4208 Piedmont av., O. 

Wilson, Bird May. 


Baumberger, Edwin James 952 Pacific 

Bldg., S. F. 
Bqland, Francis Eldred, LL.M. (Yale 

fniv.) 1905 1111 Merchants' Ex- 
change Bldg., S. F. 
Collins, Wallace Hanford. 
Dreher, Fred Louis, B.L. 1901 504 

Hank of Italy Bldg., S. F. 
Earle, John Jewett, B.L. 1902; M.L. 

1904 1218 Broadway, O. 
Filippini, Valente Baptist, A.B. (Santa 

Clara College) 1900 110 Sutter st., 

S. F. 

French, Ernest Eugene, A.B. (Dart- 
mouth College) 1898 Box A, West 

Lebanon, N. H. 

Golden. William Patrick, A.B. (St. Ig- 
natius College) 1901 818 Lyon st., 

S. F. 
Hobbs, Henry William: Librarian 1536 

Court st., A. 
McOlashan, June Laura (Mrs. George 

Kellv), B.L. 1900 Truckee. 
Moran. Nathan Montgomery, A.B. 1901 

609 Wells-Fargo Nevada Bank Bldg., 

S. F. 

Morison, Harry Clay 22 Bacon Bldg., O. 
Owens. Robert Clogher, A.B. (Pomona 

College) 1900805 Grant Bldg., 

S. F. 
Perkins. George Russell, A.B. 1902 522 

Kohl Bldg., S. F. 
Plaw. Alfred Dixon, B.L. 1903 1600 E. 

Twenty-seventh st., Fruitvale. 
Fchwartz. ' Milton Harry, B.L. 1901 957 

Broadway, O. 
VRen, Milton Tindle 402 Pierce St., 

S. F. 
Zook. Edgar Thomson, A.B. 1901 404 

Mission st., San Rafael. 


Allan, Harry Creasy Monadnock Bldg., 
S. F. 

Bancroft, Philip, A.B. 1903 and A.M. 
1904 (Harvard Univ.) 307 Monad- 
nock Bldg., S. F. 

Bell. Traylor Wilson. B.L. 1903 2010 
Oakland av., Piedmont. 

Bowen. Daisy Mav, Ph.G. 1896 Ber- 
ryman Road, San Jose. 



Caubu, William Peter, A.B. 1903 Grant 
Bldg., S. F. 

Cosgriff, Edward Hall, A.B. (Santa Clara 
College) 1902: Real estate dealer 
251 Montgomery St., S. P. 

Courneen, Peter Francis, A.B. (St. 
Mary's College) 1902710 Fillmore 
St., S. F. 

Davis, James Augustine 1437 Forty- 
sixth av., Melrose. 

Foley, Edward Aloysius, A.B. (St. Ig- 
natius College) 1902 704 Mutual 
Savings Bank Bldg.. S. F. 

Goodfellow, Hugh 2727 Garber st., B. 

Guglielmetti, Henry Louis, A.B. (Santa 
Clara College) 1898 Petaluma. 

Hanlon, William Joseph, B.S. 1899; A.B. 
1900 and M.A. 1903 (St. Vincent's 
College) Los Angeles. 

Levev, Edgar Coleman, A.B. 1903 842 
^acific Bldg., S. F. 

Lurt'v. Joseph Patrick Union Trust 
Bldg., S. F. 

Otis, Edwin Mastick, B.L. 1903 1528 
Paru st., A. 

O'Toole, Lawrence Stephen, A.B. 1906 
2119 Berrvman st.. B. 

Pritchard, Joseph Alfred 3437 Six- 
teenth st., S. F. 

Smith. Stanley James, A.B. 1903 1218 
Broadway, O. 


Barr, William George, A.B. (Harvard 
Univ.) 48 Pierce st., S. F. 

Barrett, Francis Ignatius, A.B. (St. Ig- 
natius College) Flood Bldg., S. F. 

Burnett, Albert Hood 1631 H st., Sac- 

Fautz, Edward Porter-Fautz-Brooks Co., 

Johnson, William Elias, A.B. (Santa 
Clara College) 2524 LeConte av., B. 

Karmel, Isaac, B.L. 1902 422 Montgom- 
ery st., S. F. 

McCarthy, Paul Alovsius, A.B. 1904 
Kohl Bldg., S. F. 

McCroskey, John Marshall Hollister. 

Nash. Erastus Granville, B.L. 1903 

O'Connor, Richard, Jr., A.B. 1904 
Humboldt Bank Bldg., S. F 

Powell, William Arthur, A.B. 1902 957 
Broadway, O. 

Rosenshine. Albert Adolph, B.L. 1904 
838 Mills Bldg., S. F. 

Scott, James Walter 916 Union Trust 
Bldg., S. F. 

Scott, Vida Mary. 

Turn Suden, Peter Otto 3008 Clav st., 
S. F. 

White, Jerome Baker, A.B. 1904 Union 
Trust Bldg., S. F. 

Bacigalupi, James Augustus Santa 

Baker, Arthur Garfield 547 Douglas 

Bldg., Los Angeles. 
Barrows, Rav Kip. B.L. 1905 Mutual 

Savings Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Burke. Andrew Francis 1277 Flood 

Bldg., S. F. 

Chenoweth, Orr M. Masonic Temple 

Bldg., Redding. 
Crittenden, Bradford Samuel, M.L. 

(Univ. of Pacific) 2526 Ocean blvd., 

S. F. 
Cuneo, Peter Joseph : Medical student 

1712 Baker st., Kern. 
Gendotti, Joseph Andrew, B.S. 1903 421 

First National Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Goble, Fred John, B.L. 1905 1604 Jose- 
phine st., B. 
Greelev, Thomas Francis, A.B. (St. 

Mary's College) 1904 Chronicle 

Bldg., S. F. 

Greene, Joe Elmer Dinuba. 
Hagemann, Henry Fred 405 Eighth st., 

S. F. 

Loeb, Charles Gerson. 
Lord, Philip Douglas Morton, A.B. 

(Guilford College) 519 California 

St., S. F. 
McCue. James Francis, A.B. (St. Mary's 

College) 1904 305 Monadnock Bldg., 

S. F. 
McKannay, Harry Gabriel 2053 Sutter 

st., S. F. 
Magnes, Irving, B.L. 1905 104 Pala 

av., Piedmont. 

Mansfield, Albert Redwood City. 
Morfoot, Charles Royal. 
Morris, Leon Ephraim, A.B. 1905 363 

Russ Bldg., K F. 

Nelson, Edmund 586 Sixty-fifth st., O. 
Patterson, Charles H. Visalia. 
Pivisker, Charles Leo Santa Maria. 
Ringolsky, Gustavus Charles, B.L. 1905 

803 Glaus Spreckels Bldg., S. F. 
Samuels, Mervyn Joseph, B.L. 1907 

Union Savings Bank Bldg., O. 
Thomas, George McKelsey. 
Tuttle, Ragland, B.L. 1905 Auburn. 
Young. Harrv Somers Union Trust 

Bldg., S. F. 


Cahen, Adolph Metropolis Bank Bldg., 

S F. 
Coogan, Albert Joseph, B.L. 1906 748 

Oakland ay., O. 

Foutes, Franklin James Salinas. 
Laing, Sam L. 
McKevitt, Hugh King Humboldt Bank 

Bldg., S. F. 
Oppenheim, Morris, A.B. (Stanford 

Univ.) 1905 Metropolis Bank Bldg., 

S. F. 
Read, Emerson Worrell, B.L. 1906 515 

Thomas Clunie Bldg., S. F. 
Sea, William, Jr. 
Spagnoli, Ernest Benedetto Diadato 


Tillman, Thaddeus Charles. 
Vecki, Marion 381 Bush st., S. F. 
Weinmann. Louis Randolph, A.B. (Stan- 
ford Univ.) 1906 Humboldt Bank 

Bldg., S. F. 
Wilson, John Alexander, B.L. 1903 Odd 

Fellows' Bldg., Stockton. 
Wythe, Frederick Stephen 317 Post Of- 
' fice Bldg., S. F. 




Badt, Milton Benjamin, A.B. 1906 

Chronicle Bldg., 8. F. 
Bath, Edwin Gomer. 
Brady, John Francis. 
Eisner, Norman Abraham, B.L. 1907 

1112 Crocker Bldg., S. F. 
F'rank, Irving Horace. 
Grijalva, Wesley Philip 1915 Berkeley 

way, B. 
Hankins, Homer Jackson, B.L. 1907 

917 Pacific Bldg., S. F. 
Harloe, John Daniel, A.B. (St. Mary's 

College) 1906. 
Leonard, Edward Michael 557 Mills 

Bldg., S. F. 
O'Dea, Edward Aloysius, A.B. (St. 

Mary's College) 1906. 
Oppenheimer, Leopold. 
Riordan, John Henry, A.B. 1905 and 

M.A. 1906 (Santa Clara College.) 
Rchlesinger, Sydney. 
Shine, Albert Thomas, A.B. (St. Mary's 

College) 1906. 


Asbill, Stephen Cornelius. 

Baraty, Gustave Louis. 

Barry, Edward Ignatius. 

Bray, Absolom Francis, Jr. 615 Union 

Trust Bldg., S. F. 
Davie, Harry Alexander, A.B. (St. 

Mary's College) 1907. 
Geballe, Harry. 
Hansen, Gerald. 
Ibos, Peter John. 
Johnson, James Frederick. 
Kelleher, James. 
Levin, Harold. 

Lorigan, Frank Bartholomew. 
McEvers, Greg Shobe. 
Mitchell, Frank, Jr. 
Owens, George Franklin. 
Picard, Albert. 
Schottky, Andrew Robert. 
Solari, Will Stephen. 
Stafford, Harry Ignatius. 
Tiscornia, Adolph August. 
Wittschen, Theodore. 
Wolff, Marcus David. 
Woodburn, Frederic Leslie. 





Hall, Thomas Watson 2203 West st., O. 
Hibbard, Charles Wesley. 
Morffew, Thomas 166 Geary st., "S. F. 
Plomteaux, John Henry 2240 Telegraph 

av., B. 
Richards, Charles Weslev Elkan Gunst 

Bldg., S. F. 
Sichel, Gustave William, M.D. 1876: 

Dentist 930 Hayes st., S. F. 
*Stanley, William Henry. (Died.) 
Van Cromburgghe, August Upland. 

*Blood, John Nelson. (Died October 2, 


Boxton, Charles. 

*Burch, Maria Angelina. (Died.) 
Cochrane, Edwin Overton Elkan Gunst 

Bldg., S. F. 
Cool. Russell Hopkins Voorhies Bldg., 

S. F. 
Gabbs, Milton Francis 307 Spruce St., 

S. F. 
Price, William Edmund 960 Sixth av., O 

*Dunn, John Michel. (Died.) 

Gleaves, Archibald Duncan 305% So. 
Spring st., Los Angeles. 

Nicol, Robert. 

Rietzke, Gustav Carl. 

Simmons, W T illiam Henry 1115 Broad- 
way, O. 

Weldon, Elmer Joseph 902 J st., Sacra- 

Bettis, Henry Sylvester Boise City, 

*Botsford, George. (Died.) 

Gate, Daniel Barratt Andrews, Ore. 
*Cool, George Washington. (Died.) 
Coulson, Nathaniel Thomas Mechanics' 

Savings Bank Bldg., S. F. 
Drucker, George Ihnier Box 1364, 

Goldfield, Nev. 

*Fitzpatrick, William Ellis. (Died.) 
Henderson, Walter Robert Stockton. 
Hutton, John Adams Douglass 2268 

Shattuck av., B. 

Pancoast, Franklin 1573 Ellis st., S. F. 
Rodolph, Charles Theodore: Banker 1206 

Fifth av., O. 
Saxe, Frederick Judson, A.M. (Univ. of 

Pacific) 1867 1166 Broadway, O. 
Schneider, Joseph Twelfth av. and W. 

Fifth st.. San Salvador, Central Am. 
Sylvester, Henry, Jr. 1702 Polk st., 

S. F. 


Carlton, Harry Putnam 605 Union Sav- 
ings Bank Bldg., O. 

Couret, Hector Ludovic. 

Dunn, Martin Joseph 2845 Telegraph 
av., B. 

Givovich, Nicholas Anton. 

Humphrey, John Gow. 

Morris, Thomas Harvey 72 W T hittell 

Bldg., S. F. 

*Reith, William Cormack. (Died.) 
*Sand, Joseph Emil. (Died.) 
Simmons, Benjamin Franklin San Le- 

Stuttmeister, William Oltman Redwood 

Sylvester, William Grover: Banker 


Davis, Edward Livingston 255 So. 

Spring st., Los Angeles. 
Hodgen, Joseph Dupuv 3838 Clay st., 

S. F. 

Jones, Harold McKean Pomona. 
Maldonado, Edward 124 W. Sixth st., 

Los Angeles. 
Payne, Robert Eugene 353 Fifth av., 

New York City. 
Post, Charles Edgar 126 Stockton st., 

S. F. 
Regensburger, Arthur Theodore 1430 

Sacramento St., S. F. 
Rodolph, George Walter E. Fourteenth 

st. and Sixth av., O. 

Shuey, Granville Eugene 651 E. Four- 
teenth st., O. 
Simpson, Jennie Martha. 
Westphal, Otto Frank Redwood City. 


Chapman, Ira Hart Burlingame. 

Hackett, Samuel Allston 1168 Washing- 
ton St., O. 

Hultberg, Frank Lewis Kentfield. 
*McCargar, Philander. (Died.) 

Shankey, William George 2061 Lom- 
bard St., S. F. 

Weston, Charles Sawtelle 310 Central 
Bank Bldg., O. 

Gambitz, Milton Ross 323 Geary st., 

S. F. 
Gunzburger, Benjamin Mitchell 1264 

Grove st., S. F. 
Meyer, William Alexander Butler Bldg., 

S. F. 
Mobley, Warren Guice 1418 Eighth st., 

Nash, Dorr Garden City Bank Bldg., 

San Jose. 

Pfister, Joseph 86 Post st., S. F. 
Powell, Andrew John Hayward. 
Pratt, Edward William 274 N. Fifth 

st., San Jose. 
Rodden, George Frederick 117 Post st., 

S. F. 
Short, Edward Nelson Phelan Bldg., 

S. F. 
Sutliff, Frederick Courtland Fairbanks, 

Wallace, Arthur Henry 2617 Parker 

St., B. 




Allbright, Frederick Harrison Box 365. 

Red Bluff. 
Backman, Gotthard Sigismund 1370 

Pine St., S. F. 

'Burleson, Frank Drake. (Died.) 
Erhardt, Paul Charles Dresden, Ger- 
Heider, ' William T. 1194 Twentv-third 

av., O. 
Herrick, Charles Alexis 401 Whitney 

Bldg., S. F. 
Jacobs, Saul Robert Claus Spreckels 

Bldg., S. F. 
Litton, Charles Ashby 2421 Sutter St., 

S. F. 

Lovegrove, Walter Remain 1698 McAl- 
lister St., S. F. 

McCarger, Richard Red Bluff. 
Martin, George Potsdamerstrasse 25, 

Gross Lichterfelde West, bei Berlin, 

Rawson, Clark Harrison Jamestown, 

X. Y. 

Rodmond. John Matthew. 
Rulison, David Warren Reno, Nevada. 
Sharp, William Fuller 323 G St., San 

Sylvester, Albert John 1702 Polk st., 

S. F. 

See Under 1892. 


Armstrong, Josephine Wright. 

Bauer. Charles Franklin 101 Post St., 

S* F. 
Bell. Charles Henry 2625 Sacramento 

St., S. F. 

Blodgett, John Millard Lodi. 
Corwin, Cecil Hayward. 
Elliott, D. Carter Mayfield. 
FYear, Philip Foster Boston Bldg., Hon- 
olulu. T. H. 

Griswald. Charles Lawrence. 
*Hyde, Charles George. (Died.) 
Hyde. Edwin Chandler 333 Johnson 

Bldg., Los Angeles. 
McCarthy, John Patrick Mechanics' 

Bank Bldg., S. F. 

Martin. William Klamath Falls, Ore. 
Meek, Charles Avan 2610 Derby St., B. 
Miles, Albert Dean Elmore Tampico, 

Millar. Robert Forrester 1659 Devisa- 

dero st., S. F. 
Moore, Robert Isaac 898 Dolores st., 

S. F. 
Noble, Howard Delos 1540 Broderick 

St., S. F. 

Orton. Forrest Hoy 683 Endicott Ar- 
cade, St. Paul, Minn. 
Phillips, Frank Henry Petahimn. 
Richards, Harry Griffin 328 Phelan 

Bldg., S. F. 
Seager, Harold Lawrence 246 Powell 

St., S. F. 

Fhaw, Henry Howard Petaluma. 
Van Orden. George Newins 814 Shreve 

Bldg., S. F. 

Weyer, Gustavus Adolphus, M.D. 1899: 
Physician 126 Stockton st.. S. F. 


Alger, Edmund James 306 W. Central 
av., Albuquerque, N. M. 

Allen, Reginald Heber 1504 Tenth av..O. 

Arroyo, Jorge 12 Bis av., McMahon, 
Paris, France. 

Ashworth, Frank Packer Elkan Gunst 
Bldg., S. F. 

Av.-rv. William Nelson 53 So. First St., 
San Jose. 

Bennett, Augustus Griffin Bank of San 
Jose Bldg., San Jose. 

Coke, Paul Stirling 1115 Broadway, O. 

1) ;i vis. Emile William Melbourne, Aus- 

Dennis. Cecil Chalmers 1025 Market St., 
S. F. 

Derby, Albert Terrill San Anselmo. 

(Jrove, William Caughlin Modesto. 

Halsey, Wilbur Hanford 1169 Broad- 
way, O. 

Huddy. George Herman Box 714, Hon- 
olulu, T. H. 

Litchfield, Oscar Healdsburg. 

McQuilty, William Andrew 305 Scott 
st., S. F. 

Meredith. George Hubbard Salinas. 

Mervy, Edward Thomas Butler Bldg., 

s: F. 

Parr, Edward Franklin 2745 Parker 

St., B. 
Root, Cordyon Bee, M.D. 1894: Orange 

grower 2984 Folsom st., S. F. 
Schlott. Ernest Frederick 705 Hayes st., 

S. F. 
Schumacher, Frederick New Century 

Bldg., San Jose. 

Scott. Walter Kendall 1424 Union st.. A. 
Sharp. James Graham, M.D. 1894: Phy- 
sician Butler Bldg., S. F. 
Suggett, Allen Holman 710 Butler 

Bldg., S. F. 
Sullivan, Harrv Francis, LL.B. 1901 

1115 Broadway, O. 
Taylor, Robert Lee San Anselmo. 
Taylor, William Emmett. 
*Thomas, Joseph Treleaven. (Died.) 


Baird, Edward Ellsworth Sanger. 
Cavell, William Henry Carson, Nev. 
Chappell, McCoy Yerington, Nev. 
Deichmiller, Conrad. 
*Gibbon, John Alvin. (Died.) 
Graham, Gilbert Fuller. M.D. (Cooper 

Medical College) 1895 1932 Summit 

St., O. 
'Gray, Robert Frederick, M.D. 1895. 


Jewell, Walter Simpson. 
Liken, James William 133 Geary st., 

S. F. 

O'Rourke, William 1166 Broadway, O. 
Powell, Henry, Jr. Hayward. 
Taylor, Walter Judson 706 % K st., 


Van Orden, Leander, M.D. (Cooper Medi- 
cal College) 1880 1125 Paru st., A. 
Vogel, Thomas Augustus 2602 Howard 

St., S. F. 



Vogelman, David John Vallejo. 
Wadsworth, William Henry 2239 Sum- 
mer st., B. 

Wilcox, Walter Irving Woodland. 
Wood, Charles Calvan Modesto. 

Atwood, William Amos 323 Geary St., 

S. F. 
Axton, Frederick Richard 19 Monte av., 

Barrett, Thomas Francis Union Square 

Bldg., S. F. 

* Bernard, Herbert Andrew. (Died.) 
Borger, John Nicholas 391 Sutter st., 

S. F. 

* Bowles, John Bennett. (Died.) 
Brown, James Albert 391 Sutter st., 

S. F. 

Brun, Louis Etienne 98 Cours de Vin- 
cennes, Paris, France. 

Carpenter, Byron Leonard Porterville. 

Coleman, Ralph Charles Lutesville, Mo. 

Coney, David Milton 1805 Filhnore St., 
S. F. 

Dodson, Eugene Morris Pomona. 

Fitch, Oscar Plank Placerville. 

Fitzgibbon, James Garrett Butler Bldg., 
S. F. 

Flood, Arthur Morris 240 Stockton st., 
S. F. 

Ford, Arthur James 538 Valencia St., 
S. P. 

Hale, Reuben Lyon Shreve Bldg., S. F. 

Halsted, Emmel Potter: Funeral director 
924 Fillmore st., S. F. 

Hardv, John Ross. 

Hauselt. Charles Peter 750 Baker st., 
S. F. 

Holloway, Edward Shortridge Colusa. 

Jeffrey, Joseph Arthur: Manufacturer 
Care of Jeffrey Dewitt Co., Detroit, 

Ludlow, William Berridge 2608 Regent 
St., B. 

McCan, Frances Ashbury Stockton. 

Morris, Amiel 146 Grant st., S. F. 

O'Connell, Robert Emmet 401 Hast- 
ings Bldg., S. F. 

Pearce, Clarence Hubert 406 Sutter st., 
S. F. 

Porterfield, Robert Henry 3403 Six- 
teenth st,, S. F. 

Sawver, Frederick Earl: Coroner 917 
Fourth st., San Rafael. 

Sichel, Leo Grant av. and Post st., S. F. 

Singleton, Walter Emery. 
""Smith, Robert Washington. (Died.) 

Stephenson, Harley Howard 1005 K st., 

^Strain, Edward Lord. (Died.) 

Tibbitts, Arthur Livingston Petaluma. 

Wachhorst, Newton Booth 1546 McAl- 
lister st., S. F. 

Waterman, Edwin Ruthven Roseville. 
" White, Frederick Heilbron. (Died.) 


Abbev, William Henry 955 Willow st.,O. 
Abrahm, Henry, M.D. 1898: Physician 

1426 Fulton st., B. 
Abrams, George Sacramento. 
Avers, Jane Marilda Kerbey, Ore. 

Baird, Fredericy Guernsay 939 Butler 
Bldg., S. F. 

Baird (Mrs.), Mary Louise (Mrs. F. G. 
Baird) 1441 Willard st., S. F. 

Boeseke, Bertram Carl Santa Barbara. 

Bonnell, Franklin Calvin Hollister. 

Bowman, Charles Harold 302 Laughlin 

Bldg., Los Angeles. 
"Cafferata, Albert. (Died.) 

Carrington, Paul Tulane 1111 Washing- 
ton st., O. 

Chappel, Harry George 630 El Dorado 
av., O. 

Clark, William Nathan 430 So. Broad- 
way, Los Angeles. 

Cohn, Jacob Pocatello, Idaho. 
*Cranz, Frank Herman. (Died.) 

Cunningham, Stephen Joseph 2950 Fill- 
more st., S. F. 

Davis, William Edward Delbert Bldg., 
S. F. 

Forrest, James Morton 3287 Mission 
St., S. F. 

Fowler, Arthur Andrew Theater Bldg., 
San Jose. 

Gedge, H. Edward, M.D. (Cooper Medi- 
cal College) 1897 141 Sixth av., 
S. F. 

Gilbert, Amy Maxted (Mrs. C. H. Bow- 
man) 302 Laughlin Bldg., Los An- 

Gilman, Charles Daniels Hillside av., 

''Greenbaum, Laurence. (Died.) 

Harms, Richard George Cornelius 561 

Lincoln av., A. 
""Harris, George Morgan. (Died.) 

Hart, Charles Edwin Galen Bldg., S. F. 

Harth, Arthur Phillip Lindsay. 

Hawley, Alexander Hamilton 208 Bryte 
Bldg., Sacramento. 

Havnes, George Henry Victoria, B. C. 

Hilliard, Samuel William. 

Husted, Guy Brown Modesto Bank 
Bldg., Modesto. 

Lundborg, Konrad Magnus Lakeport. 

MacDonald, Naoma Gae (Mrs. N. G. 
Lane) 407 Fair Oaks st., S. F. 

McNutt, Robert B. 

Maynard. Stephen Cholrnlev 306 Gar- 

'den Citv Bank Bldg., San Jose. 
'Morden. Thomas Snelling. (Died.) 

Pless, Fred Gustave 3197 Sixteenth st., 
S. F. 

Porter, Charles Bruce, Jr. 3234 Pacific 
av., S. F. 

Richards, Joseph Ignatius 3350A Six- 
teenth st., S. F. 

Roth, Leon Joseph, M.D. (Univ. of 
Southern California) 1901: Physi- 
cian 450 So. Occidental blvd., Los 

Sawyer, Anna Martin (Mrs. A. M. Stur- 

Seager, John Herbert Sebastopol. 

Smith, Frank Joseph Safe Deposit 
Bldg., San Jose. 

Stallman, George Edward Care of Sur- 
geon-General, U. S. Army, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Stich, Benjamin Mitchell 1933 Ellis st., 
S. F. 



Thomas, Montgomery 133 Forsyth Bldg., 

Tobriner, Oscar, M.D. 1898: Physician 
Butler Bldg., S. F. 

Todd, Clifford, 610 K St., Sacramento. 

Ware, Wiliam Henry Care of Surgeon- 
General, U. S. Army, Washington, D.C. 
*Webster, Lauren David. (Died.) 

Weldon, Clyde Allen Vacaville. 

Westphal, Edward William 240 Stockton 
St., S. F. 


Ashley, Julian Woods. 
Bosqui, Benjamin Avery Montana Tono- 

pah Mill, Tonopah, Nevada. 
Clay, Edwin Andrews Butler Bldg., S. F. 
Coffin, Charles Alfred Reno, Nevada. 
Colburn, Orville Mirtland 2580 Mission 

st., S. F. 
Collins, Asa Weston 3303 Sacramento 

st., S. F. 
Croall, Medora Vaux (Mrs. M. V. Mervy) 

Corte Madera. 
Cushing, Stephen Russell 1808 Fillmore 

st., S. F. 
Donnelley, George Samuel 1632 Fulton 

st., S. F. 

Durham, Judge Daley Irvington. 
*Fisk, Edward Sewell. (Died.) 
French, Howard West 846 Jefferson st., 

Gilson, Ray Edson, B.S. 1894 Oakland 

Bank of Savings Bldg., O. 
Hanson, Herman Peirce Garden City 

Bank Bldg., San Jose. 
Harnden. Frederick William 2834 Forest 

av., B. 
Herrington. William Merced 24 Hartford 

st* S. F. 

HiKRins, Theodore Shelton. 
Holladay, William Robin 408 Wellman 

Bldg., Los Angeles. 
Hughes, Walter Renwick 1332 Park st., 

Jarvis, Charles Fitz-Howard First Na- 
tional Bank Bldg., O. 

Johnson, Frank D. Oakland Bank of 
Savings Bldg., O. 

Jones, Paul Clinton 2617 Buchanan st., 
S. F. 

Keeffe, Edmond Douglas Butler Bldg., 

S. F. 

*Kerwin, Louis Joseph. (Died January, 

McCarthy, Charles Joseph 4100 Twen- 
tieth st., S. F. 

McMurray, Milton Butler Bldg., S. F. 

Marckres, Clair Cutting Ryland Bldg., 
San Jose. 

Morris, Julius Ira 312 Seventeenth st., 
Denver, Colo. 

Plunkett, James Arthur 582 E. Twelfth 
st,, O. 

Quirk, Thomas Hopkins, Vancouver, B. C. 

Raymond, George Washington Honolulu, 
T. H. 

Reynolds, Harry Clendenin Palo Alto. 

Robinson, Frances Oniska (Mrs. McCrel- 
lis) 342 W. Fifty-fifth st., Los An- 

Rulison, Helen May Reno, Nevada. 

* Russell, Edward Weld. (Died.) 

Scott, Fannie Elsie. 
*Stealey, Edwin Matthew . (Died.) 

Stiles, Henry 3188% Twenty-fourth st., 
S. F. 

Sumner, Charles Maurice Placerville. 

Tomkins, George Henry 1230 Twenty- 
third av., O. 

Upton, Edward Albright First National 
Bank Bldg., O. 

Wachs, Martin 1901 Virginia st., B. 

Wheeler, Thomas Rattray Johnsville. 


Aiken, Perley Bosworth Pine Grove. 
Allen, Henry Graham 1879 Sutter st., 

Atkins, John Hugh. 

Beers, Mabel Lucile Honolulu, T. H. 

Cline, Jean 309 Dekum Bldg., Portland, 


Cooper, John Hill Han ford. 
Craig, Homer Theodore 1737 San An- 
tonio av., A. 
DuBois, Charles Hall 907 Third st., San 

Edwards, Andrew Lewis 1276 Ninth av., 

S. F. 

Estes, Weston Burgess. 
Gottenberg, Hartley William Sonoma. 
Halsey, Norman Sherwood 730 Fourth 

st., San Rafael. 
Henderson, William Daniel Acheson 

Bldg., B. 

Hinokley, Ira Loomis Fillmore. 
Hiniker, Andrew Jackson 709 Sixth st., 

San Rafael. 

Jones, Perley Centennial Fort Bragg. 
Jones, Minnie Evangeline College of Den- 
tistry, Univ. of Southern California, 

Los Angeles. 

Lemmon, Charles Fisher Ventura. 
I. in sc,,t t. William Raymond. 112 Pacific 

av., Santa Cruz. 
MacDonald, Flora Mae 407 Fair Oaks 

st., S. F. 

M. Pike, Charles Luttrell. 
Mariotte, Louis Paul 1111 Washington 

St., O. 
Monton, Hubert Oscar Francis Santa 

Morey, Charles Leonard First National 

Bank Bldg., O. 
Painter, Jerome Bonaparte 918 Butler 

Bldg., S. F. 
Parker, Helen Agnes (Mrs. R. B. Cris 

we ll) 281 Edgewood av., S. F. 
Pearce, Frederick Bright 66 E. Santa 

Clara av., San Jose. 

Pratt. Armstrong Cooper San Bernar- 
Rulofson, Alfred Currie 512 Butler 

Bldg., S. F. 

Schillig, George E. Marysville. 
Scott, Franklin Trewick 1005 K st., 

Sellwood, Frank Converse 602 Dekum 

Bldg., Portland, Ore. 
Sisson, Ernest Kirkpatrick 237 B St., 

San Mateo. 
Smith, Thomas Martin 2820 California 

st., S. F. 



Smyth, Walter Joseph 808 Union Sav- 
ings Bank Bldg., O. 

Stalder, Joseph Mehlert 1209 Fourth av., 

Stanford, George Grant 633 Clayton st., 
S. F. 

Stephens, Charles Joy Shreve Bldg., S. F. 

Stewart. George Henry O. 

Walden, William Alfred. 

Watkins, Frank Dilts Napa. 

Wilcoxon, Caleb Russell Woodland. 

Worthington, Jean Irene (Mrs. Bennett) 

Wymore, George Henry Santa Rosa. 


Allin, William Robertson. 
Arrovo, Ricardo 42 Rue Hamelin, Paris, 

Bacon, William Robert Butler Bldg., 

S. F. 
Baker, Arthur Woodly Whitney Bldg.. 

S. F. 

Bartnett, Joseph Los Gatos. 
' Blake, Robert Johnson. (Died.) 
Blossom, May (Mrs. G. W. Gove) 2118 

Grant St., B. 

Burns, Paul Milton Eureka. 
Burridge, Walter Joseph 56 Belmont av., 

S. F. 
Callender, Monroe N. 1255 Nineteenth 

av., S. F. 

Colegrove, John Albert. 
Croall, Anna Belle Paterson (Mrs. E. T. 

Barnes) San Rafael. 

Dunbar, Palmer Howard Sterling City. 
F'airweather, Norman Stanley 1057 Fort 

st., Honolulu, T. H. 
Fugler, Cecil Albert 1128^ Turk st., 

S. F. 

Gambitz, Lee Robert 323 Geary st., S. F. 
Gove, George Weston : Master mariner 

2118 Grant st., B. 

Grant, Frederick Thomas Healdsburg. 
Gruss, Francis Joseph. 
Hamlin, Benegah Ralph A. 
Herrman, Leonore Freida (Mrs. J. W. 

Ginno) 1502 Walnut st., B. 
Jones, Thomas Rodney Phelan Bldg., 

S. F. 

Kuster, Charles Frederick. 
Lawson, William Joseph Virginia City, 


Likens, George Willis Benicia. 
Mayhew, William Horace: Manager of 

'Western Casket Co. 955 Clayton st., 

S. F. 

Millar, James Benjamin Franklin Lodi. 
Mulrenin, Edward Martin 3672 Twen- 
tieth St., S. F. 
Parks, Louis Herbert 1219 Fillmore st., 

S. F. 

Patterson, Andrew Darwin Visalia. 
Piper, Stephen Livingston 948 Market 

St., S. F. 
Reich, Charles Louis Holloway av. and 

Lee St., S. F. 
Renwick, Wallace Hiram Odd Fellows 

Temple, Sacramento. 
River, Joseph Patrick. 

Schiller, Maurice 1031 F st., San Diego. 
Smvth. Thomas Ustick 240 Stockton st., 

*8. F. 

Southworth, Stephen Scott Gardenville, 

Sullivan, Abraham Sinclair 946 Fillmore 
st., S. F. 

Tate, Alonzo Walter Watsonville. 

Tennyson, Howard Alan 64 Rvland 
Bldg., San Jose. 

Turner, Rosa Edith (Mrs. W. S. Bowker) 

Wanz, Arthur Henry 2902 Twenty- 
fourth st., S. F. 

Warnekros, William Louis Santa Bar- 

White, Arthur Loring Sixteenth and Mis- 
sion sts., S. F. 

Whitney, Edward Otis 515 Burke Bldg., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Williams, John Jarvis Pacific Grove. 


Anderson, Frank Wilson Winters. 

Austin, Walter Pike 264 Main st., Sal- 

Bergstrom, Gottfrid 234 Dolores st., S.F. 

Bernheim, Julien Rex Care of Surgeon- 
General, U. S. Army, Washington, D. C. 

Blackburn, Daniel Edward Pescadero. 

Broad, Edward James 1026 Capp st., 
S. F. 

Caceres, Eduardo Guatemala, Central 

Carmichael, Thomas Merritt San Jose. 

Casady, George Harry Care of Surgeon- 
General, U. S. Army, Washington, D. C. 

Cockerton, Daniel Henry 701 Union Sav 
ings Bank Bldg., 0. 

Cummings, Philip Stephen Oxnard. 

Davis, Alice May Bakersfield. 
*Dovle, Joseph Horace. (Died.) 

Eller, Hubert Crees Etna Mills. 

Farman, Charles Edward 1058 Forty- 
seventh st., O. 

Finley, John Howard 316 Eitel Bldg., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Ginno, John William 1502 Walnut st., 
B. ' 

Hackett, Arthur Earl 1103 Valencia st., 
S. F. 

Halsted, James Lafayette, Jr. 1278 Ful- 
ton st., S. F. 

Hardy, Charles Sumner 406 Sutter st., 
S F. 

Hocker, Joseph M. F. 1204 McAllister 
st., S. F. 

Hus, Francois Louis Marinus: Secretary 
to Board of Public Works 1438 Ade- 
line st., O. 

Joost, Anna Dorothea (Mrs. C. A. Roller) 
565 Guerrero st., S. F'. 

Leppo, David Harrison Union Trust 
Bank Bldg., Santa Rosa. 

Lucchetti, Albert Francis 1074 Washing- 
ton st., S. F. 

McClish, John Milton Healdsburg. 

Madden, Frank Michael 2970 Twenty- 
second st., S. F. 

Meyer, Herbert Stanhope: Merchant 
1210 Polk st., S. F. 

Mogan, Christopher John 34 Ellis st., 
S. F. 

Moore, Edna Fulton J. (Mrs. E. J. Broad) 
1026 Capp st., S. F. 

Morgan, Alvah Nevada Nevada City. 



Ohhara, Totaro Hiroshi Tokio, Japan. 

Ostrom, Daniel Augustus, Jr. 827 Fill- 
more St., S. F. 

Phillips, George Hudson Hanford. 

Phillips, Henry J. Kiirfurstendam 261, 
Berlin, Germanv. 

Reading, Wallace Wall Portland, Ore. 

Rulison, Frederick Joseph 218 Virginia 
st., Reno, Nevada. 

Scott, John Hartley Bryte Bldg., Sacra- 

Sober, Henry Charles 940 Ellis st,, S. F. 

Somersett, John Christopher. 

Tobriner, Marion Laurence 644 Market 
St., S. F. 

Tryon, William Merrill: Real estate dealer 
Hotel St. Francis. Sacramento. 

Vaughan, Frank Astoria, Ore. 

Woolsey, Eugene George lone. 


Aiken, George Smythe Kahului, T. H. 

Alberti, Domenico Antonio. 

Ayres, Charles Stuart 1111 Washington 

st., O. 
Baer. Adolph. B.L. and B. Q . 1898: M.D. 

1903 177 Post St., S. F. 
Baer, Julius 177 Post st.. S. F. 
Barr, Thomas Ira Cook San Rafael. 
Baxter, John Clifford Independence. 
Betterton, Edward Lee. 
Block. Samuel Daniel 701 Auditorium 

Bldg.. Los Angeles. 
Burns, Ralph Ellis 228 W. Fourth st., 

Los Angeles. 
Carew, Joseph Anthony Butler Bldg., 

S. F. 

Chilton, Jesse Fullerton. 
*Connor, George Samuel. (Died June, 


Dick, Archibald Younger Woodland. 
*Domeniconi, James Severino. (Died.) 
Espinosa. Martin Mazatlan, Mexico. 
Gaskill, Percy Dewitt 1111 Washington 

st., O. 
Gates, Harry Everett 146 Grant av., 

S. F. 
Green, Maurice Louis Union Savings 

Bank Bldg., O. 

Harshall, Adolph K. 1052 Post st., S. F. 
Henderson, Horace Noble 407 Berkeley 

National Bank Bldg., B. 
Hei'bert, Elwood Fairbairn Hopkins 

Bldg.. Santa Barbara. 
Howard, Oliver Joseph Patterson Block, 


Hudgens, Anna Lee Tonopah. Nevada. 
Janke, Walter Ernest 517 Fillmore st., 

S. F. 
Jurgens, Charles Henry 930 Adeline st., 

Knox. Henry Burton Oakland Bank 

Bldg., O.' 
Levinger, Leo Valentine 177 Post st., 

S. F. 

*Lillard, Walter French. (Died.) 
Lindsay, James Albert 1005 K st., Sac- 

McGough, James Weaverville. 
McMath, John Fred Orville 1155 Broad- 
way. O. 
Mauk, Edwin Henry Butler Bldg., S. F. 

Milberry, Guy Smith, Professor of Dental 

Chemistry and Metallurgy, College of 

Dentistry, U. .C. Dental Dept., Affili- 

ated Colleges, S. F. 
Novitzky, Josef Franc 2247 Prince st , 

O'Brien, Edward William Point Rich- 

Painter, Eugene DeShong 644 Market 

St., S. F. 
Regnart, Percy Stuart Garden City Bank 

Bldg., San Jose. 
Rinckel, Edward Jack. 
Rogers, Guy 1831 Chester av., Bakers- 


Scheier, Ralph Bartholomew. 
Seiferd, Fred James 901 Eddy st., S. F. 
Sevdel, Frank William Chico. 
Shepard, William Alameda Savings Bank 

Bldg., A. 
Stapff, Frederick William Butler Bldg., 

S. F. 
Stern. Hpnrv Stuart Addison Head 

Head Bldg., S. F. 
Sullivan, John Lvons Marysville. 
Wagner, Anna Christina Frank (Mrs. Eas- 

tom ) . 

White, Chapman M., Jr. Chico. 
Wilson, Jay Fremont Jackson. 
Woolsev, Roy Irving First National Bank 

Bldg., B'. 

Arbogast, Aaron Asa 1159 Masonic av.. 

S. F. 
Benjamin, Charles William 434 Granger 

Block, San Diego. 

Burns, Robert, Jr. Butler Bldg., S. F. 
Carlisle, William Delos. 
*Cavanaugh, Charles Smallwood. (Died 

February 24, 1908.) 
Clement, Charles Earle 420 Acheson 

Bldg., B. 

Cooper, Arthur Fenimore Arcata. 
Davis, Elton Nathaniel Wilsey Box 407, 

Tonopah, Nevada. 
Davis, Frederick Bradford Bacon Bldg., 

Deming, Raymond Hubert Jacob Bldg., 


Ede, Leonard Greelev Reno. Nevada. 
Elvidge, George Ford 305 Twenty-second 

St., O. 

Epsteen, Henrv 712 Haves st., S. F. 
Graham. Hubert James Oroville. 
Hall. Walter Corev Petaluma. 
Hambleton, Walter Davidson Ocean 


Hartman. Pope Catlin Campbell. 
Hoska, Irven Ernest 930^ Pacific av. r 

Tacoma, Wash. 
Hunter, Olin Rodney 274 Bacon Bldg., 


Ivev, John Reed Nevada CU-". 
Jones. Leland Dora 1036 Fifth st., San 

Kroeck. Philip Henry 2804 Folsom st., 

S. F. 
McClinton, Rav 70 St. John st., Laun- 

ceston, Tasmania. 
McCracken, William James 1169 Broad- 

way, O. 



McGovern, John Clement South S. F. 
McKean, Nicholas Dunwoodie I. O. O. F. 

Bldg., A. 

McQuilken, Eston Rush Pacific Grove. 
Meyer, Percival Jasper 1210 Polk st.. 

S. F. 
Mundell, William Anderson 664 Second 

av., S. F. 
Murphy, Raymond Nellis 850 McAllister 

St., S. F. 
Newman, Harry Charles 511 Security 

Bldg., Los Angeles. 
Parks, Erie Cecil Center st., B. 
Peoples, John Worth Petaluma. 
Peters. Harry C. Elkan Gunst Bldg., 

S. F. 

Quinn, Frank Parker Reno, Nevada. 
Rhoades, Rex Hays Care of Surgeon- 
General, U. S. Army, Washington, D. C. 
Richardson, Clarence Colin : Merchant 


Smith, Robert Elliot Santa Rosa. 
Stark, Thomas Alexander 323 Geary st., 

S. F. 
Stokes, Thomas Parr 1604 Haight St., 

S. F. 
Thompson, William Herbert 202 Hyde 

Block, Spokane, Wash. 

Van Wyck, Crittenden 350 Post st., S. F. 
Wadleigh, William Millard Box 121, Ely, 


White, Fillmore Mill Valley. 
Wilkins, Nano Lee Marysville. 


Asahina, Totaro Kobe, Japan. 
Aten, Ralph Rosco 108 Forsyth Bldg., 


Bailey, Irving Rattan Pinole. 
Beamer, Richard Fred Elkan Gunst 

Bldg., S. F. 

Boardman, Jeannette H. (Mrs. J. H. En- 
sign) San Mateo. 
Casey, Thomas Francis, A.B. (Santa Clara 

College) 1900 569 Fillmore st., S. F. 
Cockburn, Ernest Augustus 311 F st., 

Cox, George Edgar 334 Bryson Bldg., 

Los Angeles. 
Dunbar, Edward Fitts Care of Dr. George 

Minnehan, San Joaquin Valley Bank 

Bldg., Stockton. 
Gautier, Leonidas Anthony 144 Colling- 

wood st., S. F. 
Giffen, Royal Bertram Hagelstein Bldg., 


Gonzales, Francis Ignatius Fruitvale. 
Grant, Allan H. 308 D st., Marysville. 
Hays, Horace McDonald Colton. 
Hodges, George Andrew Box 69, Tur- 


Johnson, Delia Mav. 

Jones, John Birchim, A.B. (Univ. of Ne- 
vada) 1900. 
Kinley, Fred James Box 209, Healds- 

Lamb, Louis Raymond 319 York st., 


Lassen, Julius Peter. 
McBain, James Alvah Napa. 
* Marshall, Mabel Eliza. (Died.) 
M^rx, Monroe Llovd 1600 Fell st., S. F. 
M rton, Richard Ephraim Dinuba. 

Nicolai, Charles John 2053 Devisadero 

st., S. F. 

O'Brien, Jeremiah. 
Place, Lloyd Mills 4 Embarcadero rd., 

Palo Alto. 

Ricks, Charles Caspar Willits. 
Ross. Donald Harvey 214 Mason Bldg., 

Los Angeles. 
Sibley, Roy, San Mateo. 
Solley, Albert Adam 2446 Channing way, 


Stineman, John Henry Roseville. 
Talbott, Homer Irwin Lompoc. 
Taylor, Henry Littleton. 
Therkof, George Alexander Livermore. 
Thomas, James Robert Ukiah. 
Tomlinson, Charles McRobert Georgeson 

Bldg., Eureka. 
Ulsteen, Edgar A. Dixon. 
Webster, Frederick Eben Suisun. 
Wilkins, Frederick Ellis First National 

Bank Bldg., O. 
Williams, Carlos Auburn. 
Williams Ernest Guy 43 Cary Bldg., 

Young, Joseph Rankin Box 515, Chico. 


Bacigalupi, Julia 2129 Green st., S. F. 
Balzarini, Carlo Edwin 56 Clara av., 

S. F. 

Bennett, Guy Chico. 
Brown, Albert 393 Sutter st., S. F. 
Callaghan, Timothv Bartholomew Eureka 
Clarke, Joseph Phillip 3347 Twenty-sec- 
ond St., S. F. 
Corwin, Lewis Thornton 930 Seventh st., 


Craycroft, William Wirt. 
Davis, Seymour Coares Union Square 

Bldg., 'S. F. 

Dinsmore, Albert Maurice Ferndale. 
Doll, Charles Valentine Marysville. 
Dungan, Fred Loveland Ferndale. 
Elworthy, Frederick William 1300 Golden 

Gate av., S. F. 

Evans, Elmer Ellsworth 210 Union Sav- 
ings Bank Bldg., O. 
Farlev, Robert Edward Devisadero and 

McAllister sts., S. F'. 
Frederick, Clarence John Union Savings 

Bank Bldg., O. 

Graham, Louis 240 Stockton st, S. F. 
Heller, Louis Charles 963 W Sixth st., 

Los Angeles. 
Howard, Edward Joseph Launceston, 

Kelly, Arthur Gorden 2625 Sacramento 

St., S. F. 
Keys, Thomas Robert Edgar 391 Sutter 

st., S. F. 

Kline, Albert Evart Marysville. 
Lane. Charles Cameron 1801 Fillmore st., 

S. F. 
Letcher. Illtred William 430 Fillmore St., 

S. F. 

Lewis, Martin John 507 Haight St., S. F. 
McDaniel, George Thomas Elkan Gunst 

Bldg., S. F. 

McKinney, Caleb Wells. 
McLaughlin, George Verrill Butler Bldg., 

S. F. 
Middleton, John Edward. 



Minahen, George Edwin Stockton. 

Moore, Herbert Turbitt, A.B. 1901 391 
Sutter st., S. F. 

Pegot, Louis Cecile Butler Bldg., S. F. 

Rhodes, Carlton Eugene Reno, Nevada. 

Rodolph, Frank Erwin 276 E. Four- 
teenth st., O. 

Rohner, Frank 133 Geary st., S. F. 

Scott, Ethan Wait Adeline and Harmon 
sts., B. 

Scott, Mihot Everson Care of Surgeon- 
General, U. S. Army, Washington, D. C. 

Shanasy, Frank Care of W. T. Shanasy, 
8 North terrace, Adelaide, Australia. 

Shanasy, William Theophilis 8 North ter- 
race, Adelaide, S.W., Australia. 

Smith, John Christopher Merced. 

Sobev, Arthur Wilson 851 Guerrero st., 
S. F. 

Trullinger, Paul Ahio 810 Corbett Bldg., 
Portland. Ore. 

Walton, William McKinley 2046 Powell 
St., S. F. 

Warren, John Young 30 Shortland st., 
Auckland, New Zealand. 


Arner, Milton Elijah 921 York st., Val- 

Beaser, Harry Phillips 141 Forsyth 

Bldg., Fresno. 
Bullock, Walter Marion 417 Devisadero 

st., S. F. 

Cowes, John Francis Honolulu, T. H. 
Cummings, Morris Cecil Ross Bldg., 

Redwood City. 
Curtis, Frederick Arthur 209 Garden 

City Bank Bldg., San Jose. 

Jen " * *" 

Eidenmiller, Frank Henry Concord. 
Evans, Amos Otis 3605% So. Vermont 

av., Los Angeles. 
Flood, William Albert Anaheim. 
Foerster, Adolph Adam Wolfgang Unter 

den Linden 29, Berlin, Germany. 
Frenzel, Ferdinand Herbert Studio Bldg., 

Howe, Albert Bates Berkeley National 

Bank Bldg., B. 
Kaufman, Emil Hermann 946 Fillmore 

st., S. F. 
Kedian, William Henry Galtes Block, 

Keogh, Joseph Benjamin 830 Market st., 

S. F. 
Leslie, William Walter Chapman Bldg., 


March, Harry Davis Chico. 
Marshall. Lewis Carson Vacaville. 
Marizuya, Carlos Jose Quesaltenango, 

Guatemala, So. America. 
Mazza, Joseph Henry 41 Main st., Peta- 


Minor, Isaac Saff 311 F st., Eureka. 
Montague, James Sears 2672 W. Pico St., 

Los Angeles. 

Morehead, Rov Foley Marysville. 
Neto, Joseph Rafael Point Arena. 
O'Connell, George Derby 401 Hastings 

Bldg., S. F. 
Pescia, Attilio Francis 625 Vallejo st., 

S. F. 
Potter, Frederick Wallace Redding. 

D. Wendt) 
Bank Bldg., San 

Rogers, Thomas Leslie Bancroft and 
Telegraph, B. 

Scannavino, John Anthony 346 Mont- 
gomery av., S. F. 

Spinks, Andrew Mosley Los Angeles. 

Stansbery, Claude 213 Northern Bank 
Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Steinmuller, George Clarence Reno, Nev. 

Stevens, Andrew Jackson 421 Clement 
St., S. F. 

Sturdevant, Henry Fulton. 

Swain, Homer Chico. 

Syverson, Ansgar Elias. 

Tufts, LeRoy First National Bank Bldg., 

Vaughn, Thomas, Judd Bldg., Pendleton, 

Young, Charles Edgar 830 Market st., 
S. F. 

Young, Robert James Box 271, Tulare. 

Boesch, Matilda (Mrs. G. 

303 Garden City 

Colligan, Francis Joseph 1615 Polk st., 

S. F. 
Coney, Zachary Taylor 260 Carl st., 

S. F. 
Cree, William Arthur Elkan Gunst Bldg., 

S. F. 

Fisher, George Nathaniel Morgan Hill. 
Fox, John Blaine Santa Rosa. 
Fratus, Mary Elizabeth 514 Lemon St., 


Goodman, Charles Dearborn 1111 Wash- 
ington st., O. 

* Griffin, John Joseph. (Died.) 
Isaacson, Selmar Walter 38 Niirnberg 

St., Berlin, Germany. 
Ledvard, Benjamin Cory Garden City 

Bank Bldg., San Jose. 
Linscott, Leo Maynard 112 Pacific av., 

Santa Cruz. 
MacSween, Peter Davidson Holmes 

Block, New Westminster, B. C. 
Mason, William MacPherson 2446 Chan- 

ning way, B. 

Moore, J. Oxley Pacific Bldg., S. F. 
Peck, Norman Sumner Merced. 
Shumard, Ernest Cline Coalinga. 
Smith, Sidney Alexander 1027 Fifth st., 

San Diego. 

Stewart, Charles Leon Grass Valley. 
Strub, Charles Henry. 
Touson, LeRoy Vacaville. 
Truitt. Samuel Paul Lompoc. 
Webber, Percy Atherton 601% K st., 

West, Russell Cleveland Arbuckle. 


Bibbers, Herbert S. 516 Butler Bldg., 
S. F. 

Byrne, Don Washburn 88% Pacific av., 
Santa Cruz. 

Carter, Leland Edward Visalia. 

Daley, Henry Thomas Burlingame. 

Donohoe, Seeley Thomas Dallas, Ore. 

Duggan, Nicholas Stephen Union Sav- 
ings Bank Bldg., O. 

Elberg. Henry M. New Wade Bldg., San 
Luis Obispo. 



Fogarty, Jeremiah D. Jackson. 

Hoffman, Bert Jay Corning. 

Martin, Leonard L. Angels Camp. 

Meyer. Frederic William 407 Central 
Bank Bldg., O. 

Miller, Henley Earl Odd Fellows Bldg., 
Reno, Nevada. 

Murchie, Durrell Harland Nevada City. 

Patterson, Robert Fulton Care of Sur- 
geon-General, U. S. Army, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Sexton, Charles John Butler Bldg., S. F. 

Sontheimer, Arthur R. 85 So. First St., 
San Jose. 

Stern, Leslie Aylmer St. Helena. 

Talbot, John Lloyd Lompoc. 

Barkelow, Frederick Escher 916 Kearny 
st,, S. F. 

Bliss, Philip Paul Leask Bldg., Santa 

Bliss, William Hyde Carson City, Nev. 

Brownton, Lelghton Copeland Canyon 
City, Ore. 

Eggert, Herman Arthur Union Savings 
Bank Bldg., O. 

Gorham, Perry Wellington 207 Bryte 
Bldg., Sacramento. 

Gurley, John Edward Fourth and Clem- 
ent sts., S. F. 

Harper, Charles Emory Eureka. 

Hook, Beverly Baldwin Powell Bldg., 
S. F. 

Leslie, Frederick Arthur Lindsay. 

Miller, Albert Barnes Crescent City. 

Neu, John Peter Chronicle Bldg., S. F. 

Rhodes, Melvin Thayer First National 
Bank Bldg., B. 

Rodda, Gordon Solon 922% J st., Sac- 

Ross, Fred A. Gilroy. 

Smyth, Edwin Grant Nelson, B. C. 

Snell, Edward Lincoln. 

Sutherland, Albert William Jackson. 

Waddell, Edwin Hamilton Exeter. 

West, Richard Franklin 1804 Eigh- 
teenth st., S. F. 


Bagley, Loren Amick lone. 
Bailey, Mark Grover Point Richmond. 

Burson, David Hugh Schroth Bldg., 

S. F*. 

Collar, Floyd Judson 1426 Union st., A. 
Dod, Stanley Loftus Ninth av. and I 

st., S. F. 
Forbes, Donald William Galen Bldg 

S. F. 
Galan, Joseph Rosendo-^ Santa Rosalia, 

Baja California, Mexico. 
Goddard, Malcolm, B.S. 1906 2647 

D wight way, B. 
Hart, William Curran Butler Bldg., 

S. F. 

McManus, James Cleveland Napa. 
Peters, Bernard Ralph Voorhies Bldg., 

S. F. 

Randol, Francis Valentine Angel Island. 
Robinson, Edward James Mountain View. 
Rudee, Henry Elkan 102 Carl st., S. F. 
Thompson, Arthur Lanark: Tuolomne. 


Angonnet, Claude Anselmo Twenty- 
fourth and Clement sts., S. F. 

Belton, Arthur Joseph 1804 Eighteenth 
St., S. F. 

Brassel, Edmund Horace 406 Sutter st., 
S. F. 

Broad, Charles Joseph 3674 Market st., 

Campbell, Edgar Ray Berkeley National 
Bank Bldg., B. 

Constine, Louis Bernard 1355 Ellis st., 
S. F'. 

Dean, James Camp 1065 Washington 
St., O. 

Gehan, Raymond Francis 922^ J st., 

Guthrie, Arch Richards 4600 Califor- 
nia st., S. F. 

Higaki, Masuichi 1662 Post st., S. F. 

Keating,- Otto John Hollister. 

Leggett, John Widney 607 Butler Bldg., 

Leggett, ' Robert Maclay 607 Butler 

Bldg., S. F. 
London, Mortimer Andrew 316 Pacific- 

Bldg., S. F. 

McQuaid, Gale Clark Butler Bldg., S. F. 
Scott, Saxon Bird Butler Bldg., S. F. 





Bacon, Gaston Ernest: President Board 

of Directors, California College of 

Pharmacy 2695 Sacramento St., 

S. F. 

Graham, Thomas Dunnett 8 Turk st., 

S. F. 

*Heaney, John P. (Died.) 
Kahn, Adolph J., M. D. (Bellevue College, 

N. Y.), 1886: Physician Napa. 
*McLean, F. P. (Died.) 
Meyers, Robert C., M.D. 1880: Physician 
1460 Devisadero St., S. F. 


*Harris, Henrv Richard. (Died.) 
*Ray, Frederick Edward. (Died, 1907.) 
Rogers, Nathan, M.D. (Medical College 
of the Pacific) 1878: Physician 
2410 Fillmore St., S. F. 

*Bauer, Fred Charles. (Died.) 

Curragh, John M. 500 Sutter st., S. F. 
*Devine, John. (Died.) 

Selzer, Edward 1205 O'Farrell st., S. F. 


Helke, William L. Second and K sts., 


Joy, Edwin Wolcott 2105 Pine st., S. F. 
McDonnell, Samuel Alexander 1212 

F'ell st., S. F. 
*McL*ughlin, William Henry, M.D. 


*Moore, Charles Crislie. (Died.) 
Parker, Edward Filas. 
Weiss, Philip 1907 H st., S. F. 
Zemanskv, Joshua Henrv: Deputy regis- 
trar of voters 708 Ashbury st., S. F. 


*Burnett, George Glasgow, Pharm.D. 1902 : 
Sc.D. (Wittenberg College, Ohio) 
1906. (Died December 22, 1909.) 
*Mathewson. James McLean, M.D. 1882. 

(Died September 22, 1905.) 
*Mervy, Emile Claude, M.D. (Died.) 

Messing, Louis Philip. 
*Minor, George Washington. (Died.) 

Sommer, Adolph. 
*Vreeland, Frank Lewis. (Died.) 


Dubois, Paul Archie Care of Drug 
Clerks' Union, S. F. 

Grazer, Frederick A.. M.D. (Cooper Medi- 
cal College) 1889: Chemist 501 
Third av., S. F. 

Hulting, Frederick B. Howard and 
Third sts., S. F. 

Lengfeld, Felix, Pharm.D. (Johns Hop- 
kins Univ) 1888 3151 California st., 
S. F. 

Leszvnski, Samuel L. 2234 Pacific av., 
S. F. 

Morrison, William Parks. 
*Oberdeener, Samuel. (Died.) 


Adair, William Hollely 1619 Page st., 

o. r . 
*Argenti, Jerome John Babtist. (Died.) 

Chard, George Russell 867 Cedar st., A. 

Cody, Nelson Lowell Adams Merced. 

Dewitt, James Montar\ya Antioch. 

Elwert, Charles Philip. 

Fevrier, John Paul 2507 Polk st., S. F. 
*Gove, David Merritt. (Died.) 

Hammitt, Charles Henrv 5 Hill st., 
S. F. 

Hurtzig, William Frederick Nathaniel 
946 Haight St., S. F. 

Scholl, Albert Louis, M.D. 1884. 

Troppmann, Charles Martin, M.D. (Cali- 
fornia Medical College) 1897 and 
(College of Physicians and Surgeons) 
1900: Physician 636 Baker st., 
S. F. 


Ball, Robert Leicester Juneau, Alaska. 

Barbat. John Henry, M.D. 1888: Phy- 
sician 276 Post st., S. F. 

Harrington, Charles Lott 50 E. Santa 
Clara st., San Jose. 

Calegaris, Joseph 2458 Vallejo st., S. F. 

D'Artenay, Eugene 2932 Pierce st., 
S. F. 

Green, Franklin Theodore 500 Devisa- 
dero st., S. F. 

Happersberger, Emil 908 Devisadero st., 
S. F. 

Judson, Russell Henry. 
*Murphy, Martin James. (Died.) 

Smith,' Arthur Henry Hallam. (Died.) 

Trvon, James Wilson. 

Wight, David Lincoln and Minnesota 

avs., San Jose. 
4 Young, Wilfred Montague. (Died, 1887.) 


Beckett. Frederick Arthur 10 W. Thir- 
ty-third st., New York City. 

Dignan, Michael H. 440 Eddv st., S. F. 

Fitzell, Charles R. : Real estate dealer 
1331 M st.. Eureka. 

Fletcher, David Maass : Merchant 

Green, John Albert 807 K st., Sacra- 
''Jones, Lewis Morgan. (Died.) 

Korper. Harrv W. 1391 O'Farrell st., 
S. F. 

Lindsay, Frederick G. 871 Eddy st., 
S. F. 

Lustig, Daniel David. M.D. 1885 146 
Graut av., S. F. 

Moore, Berkeley W. Stockton. 

Riley, Paul Heron. 

Rimpau, Frank T. 
'Roturier, Emile F. (Died.) 



Skinner, Robert W. 420 Fourth St.. 

Wall, Henry A. Vancouver, Wash. 


Ball, Henry Augustus Portland, Ore. 
Barbat, Josephine Eugenie, M.D. 1903 

1057 Sutter st., S. F. 
Besthorn, Henry Edward David 1522 

Larkin st., S. F. 
Dick. William Henry 153 Buena Vista 

av., S. F. 

Krause, Frederick Low 1003 l /z Broad- 
way, O. 

Leber, Albert Louis 932 Seventh st., O. 
^Leohr, George William. (Died.) 
Levison. Charles Gabriel, M.D. (Cooper 

Medical College) 1889: Surgeon 350 

Post st., S. F. 
Munson, James Grant Box 266, San 


Newbv, Thomas Sheridan Pomona. 
*Oberdeener, George. (Died. 1905.) 
Walsh, Andrew Desmond Redwood Citv. 
Whitney, William Benjamin Healds- 



Beaisley, George Theophilus 1616 Ma- 
ple av., Los Angeles. 

Davis, William James Channing way, B. 

Dorrance, Ralph Gregory. 

Hahmann, Paul Theodore Santa Rosa. 

Mayer, Oscar Joseph, M.D. 1889. 

Mever, August William Honolulu, T. H. 

Patton. William Jesse Care of J. C. 
Patton, Box C, Nogales, Ariz. 

Prien, Harry Frederick 629 Lvon st., 

5. F. 

"Reillv, Eugene Crowell. (Died October 

6, 190?.) 

Schmelz, Charles Joseph, M.D. 1895: 
Physician Eaglesnest, Sonoma Co. 

Skilling, Harry Henry Tuolumne. 

Topley. James Henry 316 Georgia st., 

Turner, Guy Sylvester 923 I st., Mo- 


Bond, Frederick Taylor, M.D. 1890 

Boswell, Frank M. 

Bratton, Frederick C. : Bank clerk Mill 

Drossel, August A.. M.D. (Cooper Medi- 
cal College) 1889: Physician 282 
Noe st., S. F. 

Hughes, Samuel F'. 
" Hughes, Thomas H., M.D. (Died.) 

Molonev. Edward J. 1610 McAllister st., 
S. F. 

Morgan, Charles Lewis, M.D. 1896: Phy- 
sician Half Moon Bay. 

Skinner. Edwin E. : Lumber dealer 1007 
F. st., Eureka. 

Wall, Henry A. 


Bodkin, Thomas P., M.D. (Cooper Medi- 
cal College) 1893: Physician 425 
Fillmore st., S. F. 

Crew, Henry W. Chico. 

Driscoll, Frederick W. 500 Church st., 

S. F. 
*Gates, Emery P. (Died.) 

Haman, Henry 1530 Hayes st., S. F. 

Ing, John C. : Government clerk 719 F 
st., Sacramento. 

Logan, Milburn A., M.D. 

McMurdo, John Richard, M.D. 1891: 
Physician 240 Stockton st., S. F. 

Mohun, Charles Constantine, M.D. 1890: 
Phvsician 126 Stockton st., S F. 

Nicholls, Horace S. Healdsburg. 

Orena, Arthur G. Santa Barbara. 

Seifert, Charles A. 

Warren, Joseph S. Termo, Lassen Co. 

Wulzen, Dietrich Henry 4021 Seven- 
teenth st., S. F. 


Bussenius, Adolph G. Alameda. 
*Delicat, John Frederick A. (Died.) 
Driscoll, Edward Paul, M.D. 1891: Phy- 
sician 2027 Polk st., S. F. 
*Emerson. Horatio Bates, M.D. 1895. 


Flint. George E. 
Henderson, David L. 
Higgins, Charles C. : Broker 89 Sixth 

av., S. F. 

Kelsev, Harrv Davton : Deputv superin- 
tendent of streets 1506 Spruce st. T 
McCarthv, James H. 2558 Sacramento 

st,, S. F. 

Molony, James John, M.D. 1891: Phy- 
sician 907 Valencia st., S. F. 
Perkins, Philip J. Fillmore and Duboce" 

sts., S. F. 

Petrie, Frank Branson, M.D. 1891: Phv- 
sician 211 So. California st., S. F. 
k Ralston, Frank W. (Died.) 
Root, George A. 2250 Market st., S. F. 
Sanborn, William Kelley, M.D. 1893: 

Phvgjcian 1155 Broadway, O. 
^Thevenet. Ernest J. (Died.) 
Toplev, William H. Vallejo. 
* White, Thomas J. (Died.) 


Beck, Henry Martin, M.D. 1896 1673 
Sutter st., S. F'. 

Bilger, Frank W. : Manager paving com- 
pany 407 Vernon st., O. 

Borchers, Adolph William 1472 Ninth 
av., S. F. 

Bowen, Charles Park, M.D. 

Cox, Levitt Howard: Contractor 300 
Baker st,, S. F. 

Fitzell, Lincoln Ripon. 

Fox. Albert S. Placerville. 

Gerdes, Henry George 306 Church st., 
S. F. 

Hall. Benjamin Fred, Ph.B. (Univ. of 
Pacific) 1884 131 University av., 
Palo Alto. 

Harvev, George John 636 Pine st., S. F. 

Heider, Frank Benjamin Martinez. 

Morgan, Henry Forde, M.D. 

O'Neill, Ambrose Edward 40 So. Cali- 
fornia st., Stockton. 

Van Wethern, Joseph, M.D. (Univ. of 
Louisiana) 1892: Physician 1501 
-Church st,, S. F. 



Wagener, Allan Cole: Salesman 2740 
Filbert st., S. F. 

Waller, Julian Lloyd: Physician City of 
Paris Bldg., S. F. 

Weihe, Otto Albert Oroville. 

Williams, Lawrence Edward Brook- 


*Aitken, Louis Sawers. (Died, 1906.) 
Cleary, Stephen, M.D. 1894 267 Fourth 

av., S. F. 
Hoover, Ulysses Grant 4038 California 

st., S. P. 
*Hueter, Gustav Adolph. (Died October 

7, 1909.) 
Keefe, John Joseph, M.D. (College of 

Physicians and Surgeons) 1898. 
Leithold, John Vincent 619 Main st., 


Link, Victor Alphonse Acapulco, Mexico. 
Mardis, Benjamin Allen, M.D. (Cooper 

Medical College) 1892: Physician 

86 Post St., S. F. 
Medros, Joseph Jason, M.D. (Cooper 

Medical College) 1894: Physician 


Rowe, Frederick William San Lorenzo. 
Schmidt, Edwin Valentine Fillmore and 

California sts., S. F. 
Shumate, Thomas Edward, M.D. (Cooper 

Medical College) 1894: Physician 

86 Post st., S. F. 
Smith, Kirbv Barnitz, M.D. (Cooper 

Medical College) 1896: Physician 

Fortv-seventh av. and E. Fourteenth 

st., O. 
Squires, Harry James: Assessor 1226 

Shattuck av.. B. 

Trask, ttenry Caustin, M.D. 1896: Phy- 
sician Cloverdale. 

Bernheim, Moses Ralph 1016 Eddy St., 

Q F' 
Callender, Ernest Glen 138 N. Euclid 

av., Pasadena. 

Cerf, Joseph Leon Ventura. 
Chilson, Henry Goodwin. 
Collin, Francis Jesse. 
Davis, Thomas Hancock 354 Clement 

St., S. F. 
Donaldson, John Gassen 1871 O'Farrell 

St., S. F. 
Driscoll, Frank Ignatius 479 Thirtieth 

* Gardner, Frank Avery. (Died February 
16, 1906.) 

Gibson, Martin Rensaeller Oroville. 

Gilbridge, Philip Joseph Healdsburg. 

Grossman, Edward Lorenzo, M.D. (Coop- 
er Medical College) 18941095 
Avenida, Chapultepec, Mexico. 

Hance, Bowen Forrest 375 Eleventh st., 
Portland, Ore. 

Harris, Louis 1116 Fell st., S. F. 

Kelsey, John Edson, M.D. (Cooper Medi 
cal College) 1894 2162 Vine st., B. 

King, William Henrv Vincent 12 Broad 
way. Redwood City. 

Ladd, Henry Leonard 1382 Hayes st., 
S. P. 

Leet, Robert Andrew 31 Athol av., O. 

Legge, Robert Thomas, M.D. 1899: Sur- 
geon McCloud. 

Lavotti, Frederico 1900 Union st., S. F. 
Newman, Felix Harry Santa Rosa. 
O'Grady, James Joseph 1 Seymour av.. 

* Olds,' George Lincoln. (Died, 1906.) 

Patterson, Francis Frederick 34 N. 
Market st., San Jose. 

Prosser, Sanford Stephen. 
*Samuels, Edward H., M.D. (Died.) 
*Schneider, Henry Ralston. (Died.) 

Schwartz, Harry 2574 Mission st., S. F. 

Trautz, Otto George Cottonwood. 

Volkmann, Martin Frederick Westgate. 
*Ware, John Hiram. (Died.) 

Westlake, Leonard John Box 86, Tracy. 

Worth, Thomas Sebastopol. 


*Airaldi, August. (Died.) 

Bagot, Edward Albert 1065 Dolores St., 
S. F. 

Cavagnaro, August Angelo 1790 Page 
st., S. F. 

Cogswell, Frederick. 

Crowley, Thomas Joseph, M.D. 1898: 
Physician 665 Fillmore st., S. F. 

Des Marais, La Fayette Ney 1114 Wal- 
nut st., A. 

Edwards, William, M.D. (College of Phy- 
sicians and Surgeons) 1897 133 
Geary st., S. F. 

Fox, Jay Ernest Placerville. 

Gienger, Charles John 2339 Bush st., 
S F. 

Hanson, George Franklin, M.D. (Cooper 
Medical College) 1885: Physician 
555 Fillmore st., S. P. 

Hawkes, Robert Hamilton. 

Heinzman, Edward Anthony. 

Hund, George Bernard San Anselmo. 

Inman, Thomas George, M.D. (Cooper 
Medical College) 1894: Physician 
240 Stockton st., S. F. 

Janeck, Frederick Law. 

Johns, Thomas Edwin: Real estate dealer 
Los Gatos. 

Kellogg, Wilfred Harvey, M.D. 1896: 

Physician 282 Vallejo st., S. F. 
*Lann, "William Henry. (Died.) 

Nightingale, Joseph Benjamin 300 
Haight st., S. F. 

Painter, George Louis, M.D. 1896: Phy- 
sician 2337 Webster st., B. 

Peck, Samuel Stodole, B.S. 1890: Chem 
ist Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Asso- 
ciation Experiment Station, Honolulu. 
T H. 
*Polk, Charles William. (Died.) 

Pooler, Chester Bennett 148 Carl st., 

S. F. 

*Potter, Grace Mabel. (Died.) 
*Preuss, John. (Died November 5, 1909.) 

Rees, Daniel Richard 603 Laguna St., 
S. F. 

Roche. Thomas Bryan, M.D. 1898: Phy- 
sician 465 Fillmore st., S. F. 

Ryan, Peter Aloysius Redwood City. 

Sharp, Solomon Albert 1845 Polk st., 
S. F. 

Skinner, John Bryant. 



Stock, William Sampson 319 N. Los 

Angeles st., Los Angeles. 
Villain, Albert Jean, M.D. 18952125 

Cedar st., B. 
Weckslar, Paul. 


Ayers, Walter Wadsworth Eddy and 

Leavenworth sts., S. F. 
*Bagley, Hubert Francis. (Died, 1904.) 
*Bare, Edward Robert Lee. (Died.) 

Bowerman, Kenneth Burton 238 Stock- 
ton st., S. F. 

Burnett, George Watson 594 Third av., 
S. F. 

Chapman, Clarence Arthur. 

Donnelly, Francis Joseph: Salesman 321 
Crocker Bldg., S. F. 

Drossell, Joseph Henry 1500 Pacific av., 
S. F. 

Dufficy, George Woodward, M.D. 1898 
601% K St., Sacramento. 

Folkers, . Oscar Herman. 

Green, George Anthony Los Gatos. 

Hedrick, Walter Marshall. 

Hirst, Charles Porter. 

Johnson, William Peter 1138 Broad- 
way, N. Seattle, Wash. 
*McKenny, Samuel Miller. (Died.) 

McKenny, William Belknap. 
*McNamara, John Alexander. (Died.) 

Mendel, Carl Louis Washington and 
Broderick sts., S. F. 

Parker, Scollay. 

Ross, George Ichabod Portland, Ore. 

Scamel, Joseph William, M.D. (Cooper 
Medical College) 1898: Physician 

Scherb, Henry Louis 846 E. Fifth st., 
Los Angeles. 

Spiro, Harry, M.D. (Cooper Medical Col- 
lege) 1904: Physician 1629 Sutter 
st., S. F. 

Tobriner, Isaac Seventh and Market 
sts., O. 

Upp, William Augustus 504 First av., 
S. F. 

Vogel, Rudolph Fred. 

Von der Lieth, Harold, M.D. (Cooper 
Medical College) 1897: Physician 
'2929 Steiner st., S. F. 

Waller, Samuel Leroy. 

Whiting, Eugene Carlisle Oroville. 

Wise, Matthew Sylvester-^Lodi. 


Bandel, Edward Frederick. 
Blum, Joseph Henry 901 W. Ninth st., 

Los Angeles. 
Broderick, Daniel Joseph 3050 Shat- 

tuck av., B. 
Conlon, Francis Joseph, M.D. (Rush 

Medical College, 111.) 1899: Physi- 
cian Butler Bldg., S. F. 
Connollv, Thomas William, M.D. (Cooper 

Medical College) 1902: Physician 

2529 Howard st., S. F. 
Dowdall, Richard John, M.D. (Cooper 

Medical College) 1901: Physician 6 

Raymond av., S. F. 
*Emde, George Henrv. (Died.) 
France, William Merton 1823 Stuart 

st., B. 

Hazen, Edward Augustine Care of Cal- 
lisch's Drug Store, San Jose. 

Higby, Edward Payson Care of Stock- 
ton State Hospital, Stockton. 

Kelton, Julian Oliver 13 Fifty-ninth st., 


*Kidd, Albert Joseph, M.D. (Died.) 
*La Rue, Donald Duke. (Died.) 

Lichtenstein, Max 1460 Haight st., S. F. 

Lucchetti, Frances Joseph Victor, M.D. 
1898: Physician 916 Kearny st., 
S. F. 

Nash, Bert Care of Shumate's Drug 
Store, 1400 Haight St., S. F. 

Potter, Frank Lyle. 

Puck, Richard Frederick Sophus Care 
of Navy Department, Washington, 
D. C. 

Shaw, Herbert Goss, M.D. Care of Sur- 
geon-General, U. S. Army, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Stange, Carl Frederick 1400 Eighteenth 
St., S. F. 

Stone, Bertha Irene 583 Walsworth 
av., O. 

Wollenberg, Charles Maurice: Superin- 
tendent of Relief Home Relief Home 
for Aged and Infirm, S. F. 


Abraham, Charles Jacob 1198 McAllis- 
ter st., S. F' 
*BaiIy, Richard Jones, M.D. (Died.) 

Bayly, Charles Alfred, Jr. 1400 Devisa- 
dero st., S. F. 

Becker, Frank Charles 138 Pennsyl- 
vania av., Vallejo. 

Brown, Joseph Hildreth 1172 Fell st., 
S. F. 

Christopher, John Francis 305 N. Fre- 
mont av., Los Angeles. 

Cottle, Harold Skinner Care of Donnon- 
Aquirre Co., Sutter and Fillmore sts., 
S. F. 

*Cummins, J. Wirt. (Died August 19, 

Dore, Cornelius William 111 So. First 
st., San Jose. 

Duncan, Franklin Thomas, M.D. (Col- 
lege of Physicians and Surgeons) 
1897 166 Geary st., S. F. 

F'airbanks, Charles Devens Imperial. 

Gydison, Carl Torvald Lauritz 3658 
Eighteenth st., S. F. 

Hawkins, George Walker, M.D. (Cooper 
Medical College) 1892: Physician 
2408 Franklin st., S. F. 

Inman, Pratt Cook San Rafael. 

Jones, Adial Sabin Placerville. 

Lengfeld, Joseph Louis 1804 Fillmore 
st., S. F. 

McQueen, Henry Milton 2316 Ashby 
av., B. 

Miller, Harry Louis Burlingame. 

Munter, Leo, M.D. (Cooper Medical Col- 
lege) 1904 404 Broderick st., S F. 

Newton, John Crockett, M.D. 1902: Sur- 
geon 2092 O'Farrell st., S. F. 

Onesti, Silvio Joseph, M.D. 1899: Phy- 
sician 271 Montgomery st., S. F. 

Powell, Walter Corwin Redding. 

Rubel, Charles Christopher Marysville. 



Simmons, Haydn Mozart, M.D. 1901 

Fulton st. and Fifth av., S. F'. 
Ulman, Frederick George Elk Grove. 
Urumela, Nicolas Roberto de. 


Atkinson, Frank James 505 Oak st., 
S. F. 

Bowen, Daisy May, LL.B. 1905 Ber- 
ryman road, San Jose. 

Bridgewater, Edgar 1229 L st., Sac- 

Campodonico, Joseph Michael 401 E. 
Main st., Stockton. 

Cherry, Edward Martin, M.D. (Cooper 
Medical College) 1899: Physician 
2507 Sacramento st., S. F. 

Clayes, Wellington Irving, M.D. (Cooper 
Medical College) 1903 Twenty-ninth 
and Dolores sts., S. F. 

(You Icy, John Joseph, M.D. (College of 
Physicians and Surgeons) : Under- 
taker 692 Valencia st., S. F. 
k Crozier, Orlando Paine. (Died.) 

Duprey, Arthur Edgar Willits. 

1-Yrrca. Kinilio Attilio 1415 Grant av., 
S. F. 

Haber, William John, M.D. (Columbia 
Univ.) 1903: Physician 177 Post 
St.. S. F. 

Hanlon. Edward Russell, M.D. (Cooper 
Medical College) 1899. 

Hopkins, Vincent Walter Stockton. 

Houghton. Thaddeus Burton Tulaiv. 

.Jackson, William John. M.D. (College of 
I'hvsicians and Surgeons) 1898: Phy- 
sician 511 Hobart st,. O. 

Kiely, Eugene Aloysins. 

Lanripersheimer. George Ashby, M.D. 
(Univ. of Southern California) 1900: 
Pbvsiciiin 724 Hellman Bldg., Los 

Lichthardt. George Henry Philip Box 
510, Sacramento. 

Minstrcll. George William. 

Moore. Royal T. Stockton. 

Xoc, George Thomas Anderson. 

Parr (Mrs.). Ada Marion. 

Perrone, Darius Leopold 1201 Stock- 
ton st., S. F'. 

Reynolds, Helen Grace 629 University 
av., Palo Alto. 

Scholl. Otto. 
A \Vegener, Edward Louis. (Died.) 


Bahney, Luther William: Professor of 

Metallurgy, Stanford Univ. Stanford 

Beck, Ignatius Ellis and Buchanan sts., 

S. F. 
Briggs, Armand Eugene 301 Clement st., 

S. F. 

Butler, William Henrv Globe, Ariz. 
Cousins, Henry R. 217 N. Douty st., 


Crum. Earl Leland Alameda. 
Dudlev. Elizabeth Care of Stewart and 

Holmes Drug Co., Seattle, Wash. 
Edelmann. George Louis Petaluma. 
Freitas, Clarence Elliott Stockton. 

Haderle, John Aloysius, M.D. (Cooper 
Medical College) 1904: Physician 
297 Devisadero st., S. F. 

Haight, Louis Montrose Imperial Hotel, 

Hartmann, Frederick Adolph 1804 Fill- 
more st., S. F. 

Labosch, Melville Edward Stockton. 

McRay. Albert Luther Lemoore. 

Miiller, William Jacksonville, Ore. 

Neblett, Walter Eugene Riverside. 

Purlenky, George Philip, M.D. 1901: 
Physician Fort Bragg. 

Rock, Peter Oroville. 


'Agnew, Ellard Albert. (Died.) 
Angell, Harry Millington 148 East St., 

S. F. 
Armand, Emile Charles Care of Jackson 

Bros., O. 
Baumeister, Edward Emery, M.D. 1904: 

Physician Morehead Bldg.. Chico. 
Baumgarten. William, M.D. 1902: Phy- 
sician 3694 Twentieth st., S. F. 
Beauchamp, Harry Herschel 1631 Q st., 

Beerman, Wilfred Fenton, M.D. 1901: 

Physician 126 Stockton st., S. F. 
Behrendt, Jacob William Mission st. and 

Cortland av., S. F. 

Blackburn. Fred Abner San Jacinto. 
Briggs. Walter David 3035 Pine st., 

S. F. 

Collins Willis Harold 305 Adams st., O. 
Conradi. Carl Herbert 60 Montecito 

av.. O. 

Diebert, Arthur John Fresno. 
Doerr, Louis . 94 So. First st., San 

(fallible. Frank Alexander Golden Gate 

and Van Ness aves., S. F. 
Greenwood, Earl Norman, M.D. (Cooper 

Medical College) 1907: Physician 

_>:U4 Suttcr St., S. F. 
H.-ikis Clinton Devillo 1016 D St., San 

Jacobs. Louis Clive, M.D. 1904: Phy- 

sii-inn 1615 Polk st., S. F. 
Keenan, Clair Vernon 207 Thirteenth 

M .. O. 
Leavy, Leonard Sumner: Bookkeeper 

2727 Pacific av., S. F. 
Lockwood, Frank Edgar Mill Valley. 
McNnlty. Charles Raymond 1337 Grove 

st.. 'B. 

Otto. William II. Care of Roan and 
Rosenthal. Goldfield, Nevada. 

Pendleton, Erastus Otis 1069 Fifty- 
sixth st., O. 

Ruhser, Frederick William Jackson. 

Schaefer, Victor Louis 1151 Broad 
way, O. 

Shideler. Andrew Franklin. 

Shoults, Robert Grafton 531 Oak st., 

Siebe. Henry Herman Emeryville. 

Smith, Ernest LeRoy Visalia. 

Sweetser. George William, M.D. 1901: 
Physician Crockett. 

Talcott. Lida Louise (Mrs. G. H. Evans) 
1828 O'Farrell st,, S. F. 



Turner, Frederick William. (Died.) 

Wachs, Harold 552 Thirty-first st., O. 

Webb, Edward Otis Jr. 72 So. First 
st., San Jose. 

Williams, George Edward. 

Zumwalt, Frederick H., M.D. 1902: Phy- 
sician Butler Bldg., S. F. 


Auerbach, Milton 3536 Clay st., S. F. 

Chrystal. Mary Elizabeth. 

Craviotto, John Vincent, M.D. (Cooper 

Medical College) 1904: Physician 


Davisson, John Gu~ Suisun. 
Duncan, Frances Marion Box 989, Los 


Gray, Asa White Colusa. 
Halloran, George Edison, Wash. 
Jadarola, Raimondo: Physician 1407 

Grant av., S. F. 
McMenamin, Malachi William 1030 E. 

Nineteenth st., O. 
Moore, Harry Chrisley 1877 Eighteenth 

av., S. F. 
Riggs, Zadoc J. 404 State st., Salem, 

Ryan, Maurice James 1523 Laguna st., 

S. F. 
* Seymour, Albert Paul. (Died September 

' 1, 1906.) 

Spagnoli, Urbano Giovanni Care of Os- 

good Bros., Seventh and Broadway, O. 

Spiro, Abraham 1919 Devisadero St., 

S. F. 
Triebel. Charles Augustus 823 Marin st., 

Volberg, Frederick Ludwig 645 Santa 

Clara av., A. 
Waste, John Morton 2222 Durant av., B 


Aguirre, * Louis Michael Seventeenth and 
Wood sts., O. 

Beck, George Washington Livermore. 

Burton, Will David 1823 Todd St., O. 

Cahn, Nathan A.: Manufacturer 2102 
Baker st., S. F. 

Carter, Frank Martin Petaluma. 

Cartwright, Sanford Warren, B.S 1897: 
M.D. 1908: Physician 2120 Kit- 
tredge st., B. 

Cherington, Will Stacker. 
*Cole, Warren Hillson. (Died August 15, 

Cory, Isaac Henry Sausalito. 

Dorsey, Paul Gerald 2429 Green st., 
S. F. 

Eppenhimer, William Charles 128 Alpine 
st., S. F. 

Eveleth, Robert Howard, M.D. (Hahne- 
mann College of Pacific) 1906: Phy- 
sician Mt. View av. and E. Four- 
teenth st., Elmhurst. 
*Fernald, Richard Mitchell. (Died.) 

Fowler, Emmet Mahew 2836 Buchanan 
St., S. F. 

Freyermuth, Otto George, M.D. (Hahne- 
mann College, Chicago) 1903: Phy- 
p'cian 1129 Guerrero st., S. F. 

Geary. Warren Floremund 337 Ken- 
tucky st., Petaluma. 

Gustave, Alfonse Robert San Miguel, 
Salvador, Central America. 

Heath, Robert Benson : Manufacturer 
59 E. Eleventh st., O. 

Higgins, Elsie Bell (Mrs. W. D. Burton) 
1823 Todd st., O. 

Hutaff, Gustav Albert Dunsmuir. 

Jackson, Walter Edward 350 Market 
st., S. F. 

Jacobs, Alfred Ben 1601 Polk st., S. F. 

Klinkner, Frederick Schneider 5902 San 
Pablo av., O. 

Koltz, Gustave Oscar Vallejo. 

McGarrv, Patrick James, A.M. (St. Vin- 
cent's College) 1898: Real estate 
dealer 1053 So. Union st., Los An- 

McMillan. Daniel Newcomb: Salesman 
323 Washington st., Portland, Ore. 

Mahonv, Joseph Jeremiah : Contractor 
923 Crocker Bldg., S. F. 

Oliva, George 515 Montgomery av., S. F. 

Sawrie, Mark Alvin Selma. 

Fchmitz, Leo Amandus 461 Valencia st., 
S. F. 

Stauffer, Harry Christian 2402 J st., 

Teass, Frank Marmion Dwight way and 
Shattuck av., B. 

Torrence, James Stockard: Merchant 
717 Market st., S. F. 

Ward, Alice Caroline Care of J. W. 
Salter, 570 Capp st., S. F. 

Witmer, John Placerville 

Marquis de 

Lafavette New- 


Blackman, Harry Irving 1403 Octavia 

St., S. F. 

Bocher, John Marvin. 
Clapp, Arthur Brett 2630 Grant st., Los 


Clapp, Philip Scott Covina. 
Dunlap, William Henry Amador Citv. 
Eastland, Orin, M.D. (Missouri Medical 

College) 1882: Physician Box 146, 

PZdinger, Oscar Harrison 210 W. Second 

st.. Pomona. 
Englesby, Fred Chester Watertodn, So. 


Enright, John William Joseph. 
Farrell, Theodore Emmet Care of Miss 

Anna M. Farrell. Vacaville. 
Fleming, Francis Xavier Pomona. 
Foote, Clark Merritt 1172 Fourth av., 

San Diego. 
Franklin, John Henry, M.D. 1906: Phv- 

sician Guadalupe, Santa Barbara 

Griesche, Gustave Adolph 2313 Carlton 

st., B. 
Harris. Fayetta (Mrs. W. B. Philip) 

1910 Fruitvale av., Fruitvale. 
Illia, John Dante Santa Barbara. 
James, John Carpenter Sacramento. 
Kitzmeyer, Charles Laux Carson City, 

Kronenberg, Herman, M.D. 1906 135 

Stockton st., S. F'. 
Lacoste. Emile Theodore 2344 Post st.. 

S. F. 



McCord, Laura Alice Cohasset, Butte 

McDonnell, Herbert Leslie 1212 Fell st., 

S. F. 

McGuire, Thomas Talbot Petaluma. 
McKinlay, Edward Dimond. 
Maze, Elmer Baker Modesto. 
Nish, Frederick William, Pharm.B. 1906: 

Professor of Pharmacy, California 

College of Pharmacy 1022 Masonic 

av., S. F. 

Oswill, George McCamley San Ramon. 
Philip, Waldemar Bruce, Pharm.D. (New 

York College of Pharmacy) 1910 

Fruitvale av., Fruitvale. 
Ramage, Robert Courtland Pasadena 

and Thirty-ninth avs., Los Angeles. 
Robbing, Stanley Herbert 405 Elliott st., 

S. F. 
Schmidt, Albert Frank Sidney 1942 Lar- 

kin St., S. F. 
Taggart, John Pitt 801 Guerrero st., 

S. F. 
Temple, Jackson, Jr., M.D. 1906 Union 

Trust Savings Bank Bldg., Santa 

Trueworthy, Thomas Bollard 1313 E. 

Eighteenth st., Los Angeles. 
Whitlock, Robert Greenleaf, M.D. (Cooper 

Medical College) 1907: Physician 
. 666 W. Thirty-sixth St., Los Angeles. 
Zimelli, Maurice John 899 McAllister 

St., S. F. 

Armour, Harry Willard, Pharm.B. 1903 

San Pedro. 

Blackburn, Frederic John Paso Robles. 
Blackburn, Harriet Louise. 
Booth, Fred George Paso Robles. 
Brazelton, Warren Buck 1257 Jackson 

st., O. 
* Burnett, George Glasgow, Ph.G. 1879: 

Pharm.D. 1902; Sc. D. (Wittenberg 

College) 1906. (Died.) 
Cochran, Andrew William 492 Main st., 


Grain, Delia Santa Cruz. 
Curtis, Frank D. San Jose. 
Dockery (Mrs.), Nellie Georgina (Mrs. 

Jerome Dockery) Fabiola Hospital.O. 
Elliott, James David 1385 Clay st., 

S. F. 
Foley, John William Care of Levy and 

Wheeler, 460 Seventh st., O. 
Fouch, Arthur John Maxwell. 
Fuller, Rolla Dane Parkside Drive, 

Claremont Park, B. 
Guedet, J. H. 1698 Haight st., S. F. 
Hansen, Arno Gus. 
Hearne, William Thomas 106 Clark st., 

San Rafael. 
Henkle, Raymond Elwood, Pharm.D. 1902 

69 So. First st., San Jose. 
Horgan, James Joseph 823 Market st., 

S. F. 

Hutchins, Bessie. 
Lane, Paul Hunt, M.D. (Cooper Medical 

College) 1907: Physician 4263 Mis- 
sion st., S. F. 
Levy, Gus S. Union, Ore. 
Michaelis, Ernest 3202 Mission st., 

S. F. 

Moltzen, Walter Frederick Anderson 

Fairbanks, Alaska. 
Mouron, Otto Julius Sonora. 
Neill, John Clinton Dayton, Wash. 
Rehr, James C. Chino. 
Rust, Madge Coghlan 2514 Dana st., B. 
Schroeder, Leo Adelmo, Pharm.B. 1903 ; 

M.D. (Univ. of Southern California) 

1907: Physician Wendling. 
Steen, Julius 1360 Leavenworth st., 

S. F.' 
Styan, William Earnshaw, M.D. (College 

of Physicians and Surgeons) 1906: 

Physician French Hospital, S. F. 
Towson, Everett, Pharm.B. 1903. 
Waterman, William Louis 403 So. First 

St., San Jose. 
Whidden, Ray Allen: Salesman Box 

1544, Seattle, Wash. 


Armour, Harry Willard, Ph.G. 1902 ; 
Pharm.B. 1903. v. Ph.G. 1902. 

Armstrong, Caroline Arroyo Grande. 

Balfrey, William John Etna Mills. 

Brown, James Lee Marshfield, Ore. 

Castelhun, J. Erwin 1078 Valencia st., 
S. F. 

Cereghino, Adelina Diana San Gregorio. 

Creighton, James Garfield 600 So. Ninth 
st., San Jose. 

Crowley (Sister), Mary Joseph 2344 
Sutter st., S. F. 

Dolcini, Mabel Beatrice St. Luke's Hos- 
pital, S. F. 

Dutton, Harry Santa Barbara and 
Woodlawn avs., Los Angeles. 

Eckhardt, Harry Frederick. 

Farran, Leo Aloysius 1245 Guerrero st., 
S. F. 

Farrington, Perry Francis 92 Pacific av., 
Santa Cruz. 

Forsyth, Jess Thomas 701 Fourth st., 
Santa Rosa. 

Haskins, Leon Burr Medford, Ore. 

Irvine, Darwin William. 

Jee, Shin Yien Luther McLean, B.S. 
1907; A.M. (Harvard Univ.) 1909: 
Teacher Tangshan Engineering and 
Mining College, Tangshan, W. China. 

Kaufmann, William David 3226 Twen- 
ty-sixth st., S. F. 

Keim, Wilbur Wells 303 So. Spring st., 
Los Angeles. 

Kilpatrick, Louis Hamilton 247 Geor- 
gia st., Vallejo. 

Lillard, Cecil Williams 1380 Geary st., 
S. F. 

MacCurdy, Clarice. 

Martin, George, Jr. 202 Speedway, Tuc- 
son, Ariz. 

May, Eli Bunting Bakersfield. 

Merritt, Joseph Weymouth de 515 First 
St., Woodland. 

Musante, Attilio Stephen, M.D. (Cooper 
Medical College) 1907: Physician 
346 Montgomery av., S. F. 

Nolan, Katherine-^-183B Dubois av.. S. F. 

Peters, William James 1402 Eighteenth 
st., S. F. 

Phoenix, Charles Elwood Arroyo Grande. 

Polk, Percy W. Upper Lake. 



Raney, Arthur Leon 117 N. Douty st, 


Schmitz, (Sister) Mary Barbara. 
Scholten, (Sister) Mary Amanda St. Jo- 
seph's Hospital, S. F. 
Schroeder, Leo Adelmo, Ph.G. 1902; 

Pharm.B. 1903. v. Ph.G. 1902. 
Schultz, Emile Gustave 400 Sutter st., 

S. F. 
Smith, Harley Earl 14 Pine av., Long 

Swanner, Douglas W. 852 Pine st., 

Taggart, Harold 'James 433 Edwards 

st., O. 
Towson, Everett, Ph.G. 1902; Pharm.B. 

1903. v. Ph.G. 1902. 
Webber, Daniel Grant Care of Phillips 

Pharmacy, Grass Valley. 
White, (Sister) Mary Vincent St. Mary's 

Hospital, S. F. 
Woolf, Ambrose Warren Willows. 

Courneen, John Henry, A.B. (St. Mary's 

College) 1902 914 Devisadero st., 

S. F. 

*Devening, Harry. (Died May 4, 1908.) 
Eddy, Grace 1654 Hayes st., S. F. 
Farmer, Eugene Columbus 701 Fourth 

st., Santa Rosa. 
Finch, George Walter. 
Fisher, Ruby Deyota Templeton. 
Flatow, Irwin Philip Bay Station, A. 
Foutz, Chester Lyall 298 Western av., 

Los Angeles. 
Garibaldi, Joseph 424 Montgomery st., 

S. F. 
Moore, Benjamin Franklin 2980 W. 

Pico st., Los Angeles. 
Nelson, Ethel Elizabeth 811 Guerrero 

St., S. F. 
Nichols, Burritt Richard 714A Fell st., 

S. F. 

Pond, Raymond Lawson Kelseyville. 
Prior, Toney 234 San Jose av., S. F. 
Quilty, Clarence Albert San Jose. 
Rasor, Claire. 
Roehr, Clarissa May, Pharm.B. 1907 

Univ. of California Hospital, S. F. 
Rogers, Ralph Harrod 614 Fourth st., 

San Rafael. 
Scott, Edgar Lyle Twenty-fourth and 

Howard sts., S. F. 

Thiercof, Emorv Walter Los Banos. 
Weaver, Brandon Earl 801 Cole St., 

S. F. 

Wessel, Harry Arthur Templeton. 
Whitacre, Moses H. Bishop. 


Adams, Earl Barnard Riverside. 

Adams, Lloyd Garfield First and Ameri- 
can sts., Long Beach. 

Ballagh, Clarence Schiller Kern City. 

Bowles, Frank Herbert, M.D. (Cooper 
Medical College) 1909: Physician 
St. Luke's Hospital, S. F. 

Byrd, Pleasant Wightman Bowman's 
Pharmacy, O. 

Caldecott. John William: Farmer Hay- 

Carter, Frank Melbourne Modesto 

Claubes, Todd Cornelius 501 N. Main 
St., Porterville. 

Darling, Edward Hiram Huntington 

Garibaldi, Angelo Louis Volcano. 

Hedgpeth, George Pierce Dinuba. 

Howard, Winfield Lee Napa. 

Jackson, Hartwell D. Willows. 

Jackson, Robert Cleveland 3354 Twen- 
ty-fourth st., S. F. 

Kimberlin, Ernest Marion Kingsburg. 

Kleinhammer, William 909 Myrtle St., O. 

Lindsay, J. Robert, Pharm.B. ' 1906 Ar- 

Lindsay, William Earl Arbuckle. 

McCoy, Arthur Howard 410 Forty-fifth 
av., S. F. 

Mehrtens, Augustus Richard Herman 
480 Forty-first st., O. 

Merritt, Bowman Fillmore. 

Miller, Leonard Jacob Box 70, Daven- 
port, Wash. 

Morris, Frank 231 Second av., S. F. 

Morris. Mose Suskind 1560 Sacramento 
St., S. F. 

Mullinex, Oris Albert Anaheim. 

Nelson, Glenn Magnus, Pharm.B 1906 
541 Hayes st., S. F. 

Nohrden, Edward Henry 802 Cole st., 
S. F. 

Patterson, William Vergil Care of Kim- 
ball-Stone Drug Co., Bakersfield. 

Pottle, Fred Warren, Pharm.B. (College 
of Physicians and Surgeons) 1906 
1324 Pacific av., S. F. 

Redmond, Charles Henry. 

Regan, Jeremiah Thomas 66 Sharon st., 
S. F. 

Scudder, John Henry Hedley 576 Mer- 
rimac st., O. 

Seaton, Joseph Henry San Luis Obispo. 

Shadle, Herbert Martin Box 315, Tur- 

Shapira, Rose Elia. 

Vaughan, Reuben Vance Box 102, Au- 

Wilson, Fred Arno Care of Wilson's 
Drug Store, Portland, Ore. 


Abren, Joseph Alexander 1009 E. Twen- 
ty-second St., O. 

Armstrong, Thomas James Arroyo 

Baker. Robert Stone 326 Manila av., O. 

Bichard, Charles Nicholas 1301 Castro 
St., S. F. 

Cuneo, Angelo Louis 511 Green st., 
S. F. 

Dufficy, Rafael Gabriel 500 Fourth st., 
San Rafael. 

Elder, Noble Smith Arlington. 

Fleming, Francis Benedict 167 So. 
First st., San Jose. 

Genochio, Edward Peter Redwood Citv. 

Hale, Elvin Mynett 1648 N. El Dorado 
st., Stockton. 

Harrington, John George 635 Shotwell 
st,, S. F. 

Johnson, Edward Enoch 500 Devisa- 
dero st., S. F. 



Justice, John Leroy Hanford. 

Kaufman, Morris Philip 184 Seventh 
av., S. F. 

Law, Harold Ward 636 Pine st., S. F. 

Lindsay, J. Robert, Ph.C. 1905; 
Pharm.B. 1906. v. Ph.C. 1905. 

MacGilvray, Elwy H. 

Maas, Arthur Richard 1938 So. Los An- 
geles st., Los Angeles. 

Nelson Glenn Magnus, Ph.C. 1905: 
Pharm. B. 1906. v. Ph.C. 1905. 

Nish, Frederick William, Ph.G. 1901; 
Pharm.B. 1906. v. Ph.G. 1901. 

Nolan, Philomena Margaret (Mrs. Eman- 
uel Goodman) Howard and Twenty- 
first sts., S. F. 

Osgood, Warren Decoto: Medical student 
103 Monte Vista av., O. 

Parsons, Horace Greeley Care of South- 
ern Drug Co., Santa Barbara. 

Patterson, Harriet Hazelton 487 Twen- 
tv-ninth st., O. 

P. .is.-, George Quincy Healdsburg. 

Renfro, Vernon Augustus 824 Sprague 
st., Shrevoport, I. a. 

Tuttle, Joseph Wilford 150 Tremont av.. 
S. F. 

Williams. Wirt Carleton 860 Twentieth 
St., O. 


Barnes, Charles Frederick 1256 Frank- 
lin st., O. 

Brooks, Ira Phipps Red Bluff. 

Brown, Theodore Vincent, Jr. 445 W. 
San Fernando st., San Jose. 

Buck, Christian Alva 424 C. st.. S. F. 

Cardwell, May Enid (Mrs. E. D. Lane) 
-M116 Brush st., O. 

Fit/ircrald, Anthony Richard Ogden, 


Gtaehring, John, Jr. 933 Shotwd! it., 

S. F. 
Hund, Frederick August, Pharm.B. 1908 


Hunter. Walter Minor Los Gatos. 
Jacob, Elmer Care of Owl Drug Co., 

Thirteenth and Broadway, O. 
Kenneally, Thomas Clement 1372 

Eleventh st., O. 
Komsthoeft. Albert Paul, Jr. 531 Castro 

St., S. F. 
Lane. Frederick Clinton 956 Grove St.. 

Merriam. Mabelle Ethelyn 729 Seventh 

st., Chico. 

Miller. Benjamin J. Davenport. Wash. 
Moomau. Cb'de Edward Santa Ana. 
Moore, La Vergne James Woodland. 
Morgan, Harry Dukes Mayfield. 
Mount, Harvey Buteau 1453 Filbert 

St., O. 
Nopel, Frederick George 1624 Ninth 

av., O. 

Renner, Albert Theodore Anaheim. 
Roehr, Clarissa May, Ph.G. 1904; 

Pharm.B. 1907. v. Ph.G. 1904. 
Selzer, Elliott Edmund Menlo Park. 
Shepherd, Frank Glvde Ontario. 
Stevenson, Robert Morrison. 
Stewart. Horace David Leadville. Colo. 
Swanton. Robert William Marshfield. 


Arkin, James, Pharm.B. 1909 Care of 

Avers Drug Co., Van Ness av. and 

Geary st., S. F. 
Belz, Francis Joseph, Pharm.B. 1909 

2000 Golden Gate av.. S. F. 
Dessel, Frank William Ninth av and I 

st., S. F. 

Fan-ell, Anna Marie Vacaville. 
Guedet, Paul James Care of Wakelee's 

Drug Store, 58 Market st., S. F. 
Hund. Frederick August, Ph.C. 1907; 

Pharm.B. 1908. v. Ph.C. 1907. 
Lloyd, Merle La Clare 1159 Masonic 

"ay., S. F. 
Martin, Earl Francis 541 Haves st., 

S. F. 

Parsons, James Edwards Care of Uni- 
versity Pharmacy, Palo Alto. 
Richardson, Galen A. 114 Glen av., 


Triebel. William Glein. 
Wagner, Louis Mountain View. t 


Arkin, James Andrew, Ph.C. 1908; 
Pharm.B. 1909. v. Ph.C. 1908. 

!'..]/. Francis Joseph, Ph.C. 1908; Pharm. 
B. 1909. v. Ph.C. 1908. 

Bourne, Ernest Edward Auburn. 

Buchner, Winfield Scott Carl 1170 Ful- 
ton st., 3. F. 

Chatten, Richard Jasper. 

Fan-child. L.-on Hillaire Placerville. 

Frisch, Oswald Herman Charles. 

Headen, Claude Thomas 201 Frederick 
st., S. F. 

Hedegard, Hans Christian Redwood City. 

Having, Alfred Henr>- Anaheim. 

Hudson, Birdie Pearl E. 

Johnson, Walter Clifford 2125 Hearst 
av., B. 

McNeil. Arthur John. 

Maas, Philip Ernest Care of Young-Cas- 
selman Drug Co., Sutter near Stock- 
ton. S. F. 

Mackey, Percival Edward Avalon. 

Ostroin. David William Fowler. 

Peacock, Charles James Antone 510 Her- 
man st., S. F. 

Rodda. Ivorv Gladstone, Pharm.B. 1910 
605 Twelfth st., Sacramento. 

Schoen, Granville Avery Gridley. 

Tuggle, Dolph 295 Tenth st., Portland, 

Winkler. Louis Frederick William 1198 
McAllister st., S. F. 


Beard, Albert Alfred. 

Boone, Roy Blackmore 1037 Polk st., 
S. F. 

Both. William Jack. 

Brink, Leon Biggs. 

Endicott, Albert Henry Care of Dr. Sim- 
mons, 1200 Webster st., S. F. 

Giddings. Vard Wilson. 

Gilmer, Harvev Van Epps 1556 Haight 
st., S. F. ' 

Head, Ralph Arthur 1805 I st., Sacra- 

Heller, Ethan Allen 931 K st., Sacra- 



Hollstein, August Henry 7900 Franks- 
town av., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Hollstein, Frank Edman 1260 Pennsyl- 
vania av., N. Side, Pittsburg, Pa. 

King, Avis Albert 2550 Benvenue av., B. 

Laraia, Egidio Antonio. 

McCarty, Frank Dunsrnuir. 

McClellan, Lotice Earl. 

McGee, Stewart Thomas. 

Mathewson, Howard Stanton Yreka. 

Norwood, Emil Christopher 1805 Vine 
St., B. 

Parsons, Richard Ellis Hvdesville. 

Patterson, James Numa Escondido. 

Petterson, LeRoy David. 

Pingel, Henry Leonard Selma. 
Robertson, Charles Smith College of 

Pharmacy, Affiliated Colleges, S. F. 
Rodda, Ivory Gladstone, Ph.C. 1909; 

Pharm. B. 1910. v. Ph.C. 1909. 
Simpson, William Yale. 
Spangler, Thomas Henrv Pt. Richmond. 
Stauffer, Roy Alton 2601 San Pedro St., 

Los Angeles. 
Sticknev, Charles Francis 416 Hayes st., 

S. P. 

Wells, Michael Waldyer. 
White (Mrs.), Jane (Mrs. R. E. White) 

416 Hayes st., S. F. 



Keane, Charles Francis: State Veterin- 
arian State Capitol, Sacramento. 

Summerfield, James J. Santa Rosa. 

Welsh, Joseph Aloysius 1117 Golden 
Gate av., S. F. 


Hoffman, Louis C. Winters. 
Jacobs, Joseph Otis 719 Sierra st., Reno, 

Keane, Joseph S. 

Locke, George H. Lockeford. 

Carroll, Thomas Edward Care of Univ. 

of California Club, Seattle, Wash. 
Murray, James Michael. 

Donnelly, George John. 




M.A. 1865. *John Bidwell. (Died April 
4, 1900.) 

M.A. 1865. *Aaron A. Sargent. (Died 
August 14, 187.) 

M.A. 1865. *Delos Lake. (Died August 
8, 1882.) 

M.A. 1865. John Swett Martinez. 

M.A. 1865. Samuel I. C. Swezey. 

M.A. 1865. *William H. L. Barnes. (Died 
July 21, 1902.) 

D.D. 1865. *Martin C. Briggs. (Died 
January 14, 1902.) 

LL.D. 1865. *Oscar L. Shafter. (Died 
January 22, 1873.) 

M.A. 1865. *Samuel Haje Parker. (Died 
March 14, 1866.) 

M.A. 1866. George W. Bunnell 1305 
Telegraph av., O. 

M.A. 1866. *E. D. Sawyer. (Died June 
20, 1902.) 

M.A. 1866. *Henry P. Carlton. (Died 
February 23, 1909.) 

M.A. 1866. H. W. Cleveland. 

M.A. 1866. *Charles A. Tuttle. (Died 
June 24, 1888.) 

M.A. 1867. *P. M. Campbell. (Died 
March 28, 1905.) 

M.A. 1867. *George Tait. (Died Aug- 
ust 15, 1888.) 

M.A. 1867. James Wylie. 

M.A. 1867. *Freeman Gates. (Died De- 
cember 19, 1872.) 

M.A. 1867. *Henry Hillebrand. (Died 
April 24, 1881.) 

D.D. 1867. John Crittenden. 

M.A. 1872. *Andrew J. Moulder. (Died 
October 14, 1895. 

Ph.D. 1881. *Robert Edwards Carter 
Stearns. (Died 1910.) 

LL.D. 1886. Edward Charles Pickering. 
B.S. 1865 and M.A. 1880 (Harvard 
Univ.); LL.D (Univ. of Michigan) 
1887, (Chicago) 1901, (Harvard 
Univ.) 1903, (Univ. of Pennsylvania) 
1906; Ph.D. (Heidelberg) 1903; D.Sc. 
(Victoria Univ., Eng.) 1900 Harvard 
Observatory, Cambridge, Mass. 

Sc.D 1893. *James Edward Keeler, A.B. 
(Johns Hopkins Univ.) 1881. (Died 
August 12, 1900.) 

Sc.D. 1893. Ladislas Weinek, Ph.D. 

LL.D. 1898. John Martin Schaeberle. 
C.E. 1876 and M.S. 1894 (Univ. of 
Michigan) Ann Arbor, Mich. 

LL.D. 1901. *William McKinley, ( Died 
September 14, 1901.) 

LL.D. 1903. Theodore Roosevelt, A.B 
(Harvard Univ.) 1880; LL.D. (Col- 
umbia Univ.) 1899, (Hope College) 
1901, (Yale Univ.) 1901; (Harvard 
Univ.) 1902, (Northwestern Univ ) 
1903, (Univ. of Chicago) 1903, (Univ. 
of Pennsylvania) 1905, (Clark Univ.) 
1905, (George Washington Univ.) 
1909 Address, "The Outlook," 287 
Fourth av., New York City. 

LL.D. 1909. James Bryce, B.A. (Trinity 
College, Oxford, Eng.) 1862; LL.D. 
(Univ. of Edinburgh) 1883, (Univ. of 
Glasgow) 1886, (Univ. of Michigan) 
1887, (St. Andrew's Univ.) 1902, 
(Columbia) 1904, (Jena, Harvard, 
Chicago, and St. Louis) 1907, (Leip- 
zig) 1909; Dr. Polit. Science (Royal 
Hungarian Univ.) 1896; D.C.L. (Trin- 
ity Univ., Toronto) 1897; Litt.D. (Vic- 
toria Univ.) 1897, (Cambridge Univ., 
Eng.) 1898; (Harvard Univ.) 1909 
British Embassy, Washington, D. C. 

LL.D. 1910. *William Phipps Blake, 
Ph.B. (Yale Univ.) 1852; A.M. (Dart- 
mouth Univ.) 1863; Sc.D. (Univ. of 
Pensylvania) 1906. (Died May, 1910.) 

LL.D. 1910. * William Henry Brewer, 
Ph.B. (Yale Univ.) 1852; A.M. (Yale 
Univ.) 1859; Ph.D. (Washington and 
Jefferson) 1880; LL.D. (Yale Univ.) 
1903. (Died October, 1910.) 

LL.D. 1910. George Davidson, A.M. 
(Santa Clara College) 1850; Ph.D. 
(Santa Clara College) 1876; Sc.D. 
(Univ. of Pennsylvania) 1889 2221 
Washington st., S. F. 

LL.D. 1910. Clinton Day, A.B. 1868; 
M.A. 18742747 Bancroft way, B. 

LL.D. 1910. John Raglan Glascock, A.B. 
(Univ. of California) 1865; B.L. 
(Univ. of Virginia) 1868; M.A. (Univ. 
of California) 1871 2720 Derby st., 

LL.D. 1910. Arthur Twining Hadley, 
A.B. (Yale Univ.) 1876; M.A. (Yale 
Univ.) 1887; LL.D. (Yale,, Harvard 
and Wesleyan) 1899, (Columbia and 
Western Reserve) 1900, (Johns Hop- 
kins) 1902, (Williams) 1908, (Dart- 
mouth) 1909 Yale University, New 
Haven, Conn 

LL.D. 1910. Samuel Hopkins Willey 
Berkeley Inn, B. 

LL.D. 1910. Gardner, Fred Williams, 
B.A. (California College) 1865; M.A. 
(Univ. of California) 1869 2201 R 
st., N.W., Washington, D. C. 

LL.D. 1910. *Albert Franklin Lyle, A.B. 
1864; M.A. 1872. (Died November, 
8, 1910.) 





Stone, Fanny C. (Mrs. M. V. Jahant), '99. 

Folsom, Alice Evelyn (Mrs. F. M. Auble), 


Adams, Geo. Jay, '10. 

Allen, Beverly Sprague, '03. r. 

Arents, Curt A., '98. r. 

Arents, Helen L. E. (Mrs. R. Harms), '00. 

Baldwin, Lida (Mrs. G. C. Thompson), '95. 

Baldwin, Pauline, '09. b. 

Barton, William F., LL.B., '88. 

Berg, Gertrude Theresa, '99. 

Berry, Alice Rosecrans, '07. 

Bevan, Mae Ellen, '10. 

Bowcher, May A., '01. 

Brown, Adele Villa, '10. 

Brown, William H., '91. 

Bussenius, Adolph C., Ph.G., '88. 

Carlson, Carl L., '01. 

Chapman, Josephine (Mrs. E. V. Lawton), 

Chard, George Russell, Ph.G., '81. 

Clapp, Louise Sewall, '07. 

Clark, Blanche M. (Mrs. G. F. Chamber- 
lain), '01. 

Cogswell, Asa H., '00. 

Collar, Floyd Judson, D.D.S., '09. 

Cooper, Edwin Theodore, LL.B., '96. 

Copeland, William Forest, '03. 

Craig, Homer Theodore, D.D.S., '98. 

Crozer, Hannah Mary, '08. 

Crozer, Miriam Augusta, '10. r. 

Crum, Earl Leland, Ph.G., '97. 

Daingerfield, William R., '78. 

Des Marias, LaFayette Ney, Ph.G., '92. 

Dexter, Ruey, '10. 

Dickson, Mary (Mrs. W. O. Dickson), '05. 

Dillon, Olive Genevieve, '08. 

Durst, Murray H., '83. r. 

Eastman, Muriel (Mrs. W. M. Martin), '01. 

Eggers, Alice Meta, '08. 

Eggers, John Herman, Jr., '09. r. 

Ellis, James Alexander, M.D.. '03. 

Fitzpatrick, Laura (Mrs. M. F Hrubanik), 

Flatow, Irwin Philip, Ph.G., '04. 

Forderer, Lilia G., '01. 

Frank, Irma Genevieve, '05. 

Gamble, Thomas A., '87. 

Garretson, Emma Molesworth, '08. 

Gerken, Geo. T., '07. 

Gibbons, Alice (Mrs. F. B. Graves), '85. 

Glasson, Frank Henry, '03. r. 

Goetz, Anna Margaret, '04. 

Granice, Cecilia C. (Mrs. W. L. Murphy), 

Guthrie, Elsie M., '99. 

Haile. Leona Gertrude, '08. r. 

Hamilton, James Kiah, M.D., '03. 

Hamlin, Benagah Ralph, D.D.S., '99. 
Harms, Richard George Cornelius, D.D.S. r 

'96. r. 

Haworth, May V., '99. 
Hennings, John C., '93. 
JHewes, Chas. Edward, '08. 
Hewett, Lottie Lucile, '03. 
Hewlett, Nettie Aurilla (Mrs. P. M. Levi),. 


Hobbs, Henry William, LL.B., '04. 
Hoeck, Jacob, '80. 
Hohfield, Edward, '98. 

Hohfield, Lily (Mrs. W. R. Hughes), '99. b, 
Hohfield, Rose (Mrs. Sidney Hachett), '99^ 
Hubbard, Lawrence Jerome, '10. 
Hughes, Walter Renwick, D.D.S., '97. 
Hunt, Alice Orne, '01. 
Hunt, Reuben Gay, '02. 
Hynes, William Henry Lamand, LL.B., '98. 
Jacobs, Saul Robert, D.D.S., '90. 
Kemble, Alys L., '97. 
Kessing, Lawrence Raymond, '06. 
Kuhls, Elsa Frances (Mrs. Frank L, 

Blinn), '03. 
Lee, Esther S., '09. r. 
Lee, Sarah Josephine, '03. r. 
Locke, Pearl, '09. 
Lynch, Margery, '07. 

McLean, Nicholas Dunwoodie, D.D.S., '02, 
Macomber, Mrs. Gertrude L., '08. 
Marshall, Thomas Maitland, '10. 
Martin, Willis M., '00. 
Mastick, George Henry, LL.B., '81. 
Mastick, Reuben W., L., '81. 
Miller, Jessie Wight, '06. 
Minium, Willis Frank, '02. 
Moulthrop, Horace Lankton, '01. 
Nolan, Mary Elizabeth, M.D., '00. 
O'Brien, Percy H., '95. 
Oehlmann, Hanna Marie, '03. 
Otis, Edwin M., '03; L., '05. 
Otis, Frank, '73. 
Otis, Stephen Frank, '08. 
Palmer, Warren Sherman, '76. 
Parker, Florence N., '05. r. 
Parker, Robert Allerton, '09. 
Pegot Louis Cecile, D.D.S., '04. 
Pitcher, Pearl Florence, '04. r. 
Pond, Henry May, '76; M.D., '80. 
Postel, Emma Gertrude (Mrs. J. H. Hjul), 

Potts, Beulah (Mrs. Harry M. Carleton), 


Potwin, Edna, '03. 
Powell, Maude Harriet, '01. 
Reeves, Thomas Villers, '08. 
Robinson, Jesse, '08. r. 
Rowe, Mabel Grace, '10. 
Sale, Evangeline, '01. 
Sale, Wilhelmina Truman, '08. 
Savre, Edith Athalia, '06. 
Schmidt, Rose E., '09. r. 
Scott, Walter Kendall, D.D.S., '93. 



Scale, George Henry, '10. 

Severence, Hay ward Merriam, '10. b. 

Sharp, Harold G., '06. 

Sharpstein, Katherine Crittenden, '10. 

Sharpstein, William Crittenden, LL.B., '85. 

Shepard, William, D.D.S., '01. 

Smith, Weston Oliva, M.D., '91. 

Soule, Florence Dorcas, '07. 

Soule, William Foulton, '78. 

Stearns, Isabel Antoinette de Capree, '06. 

Straughan, Emma Louise, '09. 

Swayne, Robert H., LL.B., '85. 

Swyney, Carolyn J., '82. 

Taylor, Edward Kimberlin, '86. 

Tilden, Charles Lee, '78; LL.B., '81. 

Townsend, Clarence F., '66. 

Van Orden, Leander, D.D.S., '94. 

Van Orden, Marv, '06. 

Volberg, Frederick Ludwig, Ph.G.. '99. 

Ward, Myrtle Alberta, '08. 

Weeks, Harold Gregg, '09. r. 

Westergaard, Waldemar Christian, '10. r. Sti-lla Marii'. '04. 

Wood. Ralph Kimball, LL.B.. '81. 

Wright, George Thomas, '76. 

Yates, J. Otteline, '05. 

Young, Elizabeth Florence, '10. 


Fosdick, Mildred Ethel, '08. r. 
Hardie, Ethel Jane. '03. 
Gardett, Helmuth Clifton, '04. 
(Jilniore, Mary H. (Mrs. O. S. Barnum). 

'94. r. 

Jones, Marv Ethel, '06. 
Manning, Constance Frv, '04. 
Routt, Forrest Vincil. '06. 
Weeks, Helen Foss, '06. r. 

A I. MA. 
Tully, Richard Walton, '01. 

Seidler, Ida May, '09. b. 

Smith, Clara A., '05. 


Bonner, Ernest C., '93; LL.B., '96. 
Goldsmith, Belknap Chittenden, '06. 
Green, Grace Storey, '08. b. 
Huffman, Fred H., '99. 
Hull, Mary (Mrs. B. F. Lynip), '97. 
Stewart, Marie Jeanette, '10. 
Towle, Clifford H., '98. 
Towle, Ethel Irene, '09. 
Towle, Spencer Laws, '08. r. 

Rees, William Henry, '93. b. 


Dunlap, William Henry, Ph.G., '01. 
Merwin, Roy Clark, '05. 

Callow, Louise Crennell (Mrs. C. A. 

Boege), '01. 

Diekel, Theodore Edward, '10. 
Flood, William Albert, D.D.S., '05. 
Keying, Alfred Henry. Ph.C., '09. 
Lewis, Fayette Arthur, '10. 

Mullinex, Orie Albert, Ph.G., '05. 
Rea, Ellen Kate, '01. 
Renne, Albert Theodore, Ph.G., '07. 
Schindler, Charles, '10. 


Hunt, Alice Lorena, '09. b. 
Noe, George Thomas, Ph.G., '96. 


Frick, Euclid Bernardo, M.D., '88. b 
Randall, Francis V., D.D.S., '09. r. 

McKinley, Lucius D., '01. 
Martin. Leonard L., D.D.S., '07. 


Brown, Brude Forrester, '03. 
DeWitt, James Montanya, '81. 
Fislu-r, Paula, '04. 
Shreve, Ada (Mrs. W. W. Belshaw), '04. 


Lindsay, J. Robert, Ph.G., '05. 
Lindsay, William Earl, Ph.G., '05. 
West, Russel Cleveland, D.D.S., '06. 


Brizard, Brousse, LL.B., '97. 
Brizard, Henry F., '00. 
Chevret, Antoinette C., '01. r. 
Chevret, Marthe Louise, '06. 
Cooper, Arthur Finnimore, D.D.S., '02. 
Menefee, Joseph Seneve, M.D., '98. 
Putnam, Ola Mae, '06. 
Wright, Frederick William, '90. 

Elder, Nobel Smith, Ph.G., '06. 

Hield, Emma Belle, '08. 

Blohm, Eva Emeline, '09. 


Armstrong, Caroline, Ph.G., '03. 
Armstrong, Thomas James, Ph.G., '06. 
Conrad, Benjamin Dixon, '10. 
Phoenix, Charles Edward, Ph.G., '03. 

Blake, Charles Robert, M.D., '91. r. 


Berry, Ralph Edward, '10. 
Bourne. Ernest Edward, Ph.G., '09. 
Engle, John Franklin, '07. 
Francis, Joseph Breton, '07. 
Hamilton. Emily J., '91. 
Howe, Alfred Thomas, '07. 
Hudson, Clare Mitchell (Mrs. J. W. Barni- 

cott), '09. 

Johnson, Ada 'Lucile. '07. 
Locher. Edward William, '07. r. 
Lowell, Orrin James, '07. 
Martens, Elsie Henrietta, '06. 
Meredith, James Diven, LL.B., '01. 
Pullen, John Francis, '07. r. 
Pullen, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs. P. G. E'.c 

berg). '03. 



Tuttle, Fred Pierson, LL.B., '91. 
Tuttle, Ragland, LL.B., '07. 
Vaughn, Reuben Vance, '05. b. 
Wepfer, Flora Beatrice, '03. b. 
Williams, Carlos, D.D.S., '03. 
Williams, Georgia Grace (Mrs. J. N. 
Ward), '03. 

Mackey, Percival Edward, Ph.G., '09. 


Sheldon, William Adams, '03. 
Smith, Guy, '10. 
Solomon, Edward, '04. 


Harmon, Myrtle Irene, '09. 

Allen, Hugh Sidney, '07. r. 

Bissell, Howard Gower, '09. 

Borton, Fred Ellsworth, L., '00. 

Christensen, Carrie Louise (Mrs. Fred 
Borton), '03. 

Chubb, Mabel M., '07. 

Cullimore, Clarence, '10. b. 

Davis, Alice May, D.D.S., '00. 

Hochheimer, Ira, '98. 

Kaye, William W., '98; L., '98. 

Kedian, William Henry, D.D.S., '05. 

Macomber, Benjamin, '03. 

May, Eli Bunting, Ph.C., '03. 

Minor, Henrv Samuel, '04. 

Patterson. William Vergil, Ph.G., '05. 

Paulici, Casimir Francis, M.D., '94. 

Reedy, William Henry, '03. 

Rogers, Guy, D.D.S., '01. 

Shearer, Helen L. (Mrs. M. Craig), '85. 

Smith, Eva Aubrey, '09. r. 

Sylvester, William Grover, D.D.S., '86. 

Weill, Blanche C., '04. 

Weill, Irma S., '07. 

Wilkinson, Elsie Mabel (Mrs. F. Wood- 
bury), '01. 

Worthington, Jean Irene (Mrs. Bennett), 
D.D.S., '98. 

Lyons, Geo. Washington, '07. 

Rehfuess, Ludwig, '10. 

Waterman, Abby Louisa, '04. b. 

Vollmers, Albertin Elois, '08. r. 


King, Frederick R., '95. 
McGowan, Robert Henry, L., '95. 


Harmon, Edward N., '83. 
Holmes, Carles E., '89. 
Scott, Florence, M.D., '96. 


Likens, Geo. Willis. D.D.S., '99. 
Meacham, Myrtle (Mrs. R. H. Mann), '04. 

Mizner, Lansing, '79; LL.B., '82. r. 

Salz, Howard Hart, '06. 

Schorr, George F., '82. 

Stevens, James S., '95. 

Stewart, Janet Ann, '06. 

Stone, Rachel Katherine, '05. 

Wright, Lily (Mrs. G. A. McKay), '07. 


Abbott, Annette Grace (Mrs. M. H. Adams), 

Abbott, Raymond Barrington, '08. 

Abraham, Hilda, '01. 

Adams, Benita Belle (Mrs. N. H. Herrick), 

Adams, Charles Francis, '06. 

Adams, Edwin Learned, '08. r. 

Adams, Wm. Sewall, '06. 

Aden, Anna Otilie, '10. 

Agar, Winifred Garfield, '06. 

Ahlf, Mildred Gray, '10. b. 

Akers, Ethel Julia, '10. 

Alexander, Philip Warren, '03. 

Allen, Albert H., '98. 

Allen, James Turney, '96. 

Allen, John Hovey, '06. 

Alvarez, Arthur Carl, '0,8. 

Ambrose, Frances Emily, '08. 

Ambrose, Thomas Edward, '05. r. 

Ambrose, William Clement, '10. 

Ambrose, Winifred Creelman, '09. 

Anderson, Frank M., '97. 

Anderson, Gwynn Page, '06. 

Andrews, Frank Downes, '09. 

Andrews, William Samuel, '06. 

Andros, Helen (Mrs. L. T. Hengstler), '96. 

Angwin, Ethel, '06. 

Arkley, William Wallace, '98. 

Armes, William D., '82. 

Armstrong, James Alexander, '10. r. 

Annstrong, James William, '06. 

Arnold, Charles Everard Leneve, '06. 

Arnold, Robert P., '02. 

Athearn, Fred G., '00. 

Atkins, J. William, '08. 

Atkinson, Florence Edith, '05. r. 

Atterbury, Ruth (Mrs. A. G. Bailey), '98. 

Atterbury, Wayman, '04. r. 

Avery, Fanny Haretina (Mrs. F. E. Nel- 
son), '02. 

Babcock, Ernest Brown, '05. 

Badger, Richard Saltonstall, '06. 

Bailey, Lucile H., '01. 

Bailey, Paul, '10. 

Bailey, Samuel Ellsworth, '09. 

Baird, Dudley, '98. 

Baird, Frank, '02. r. 

Ball, Stella Irene (Mrs. C. H. McCharles), 

Balzari, Robert Almine, '08. 

Bangs, Winfred S., '94. 

Bannister. Bertha Florence, '08. r. 

Barber, Edgar Lewis, '10. 

Barber, Oscar T., LL.B., '99. 

Barker, Georgia L., '94. 

Barlow, Mary Grace (Mrs. R. J. Brower), 

Barnard, Florence E., '01. r. 

Barnes, Harry, '06. 

Barnett, Alma., '05. 

Barnhart, Earl Wingert, '09. b. 

Barr, Carolyn Marian, '04. 



Barrows, David P., '95. 

Bartlett, Arthur Wayland, '06. r. 

Bartlett, De Etta M. (Mrs. Robert Mc- 
Cleave), '96. 

Bartlett, George, '01. 

Batdorf, Charles William, '06. 

Beck, Rudolph Henry, '08. 

Behr, Ernest Edward, '10. b. 

Belcher, Robert, '00. 

Bell, Golden Woolfolk, '07. 

Benton, Julian Juriah, '03. 

Berg, Alfreda Christina, '06. 

Bernstein, Esther D. (Mrs. O. F. Snedi- 
gar), '05. 

Berry, Rufus Albert, '82; LL.B., '97. 

Bettison, Ethel Vivian, '07. 

Biedenbach, Charles L., '86. 

Biedenbach, Charlotte Colby, '10. r. 

Binney, Phoebe Marian, '06. 

Bioletti, Frederick T., '94. 

Bishop, Hiram Nelson, '07. 

Bixby, Alice Claire, '04. 

Blake, Anson Stiles, '91. 

Blake, Edwin Tyler, '96. 

Blake, Robert Pierpont, '08. 

Blanchard, Augusta H., '98. 

Blanehard, Frederick Thomas, '04. 

Blasdale, Walter C., '92. 

Blossom, Mary Robert (Mrs. C. S. David- 
son), '06. 

Blossom, May (Mrs. G. W. Gove), D.D.S., 

Boggs, Frank Shackelford, '94. r. 

Boke, George H., '94. b. 

Bolton, Sarah, '80. 

Bonner, Charles Gore, '89. 

Bottoms, Purle E. (Mrs. F. G. Athearn). 


Boutin, Marie Louise, '06. 
Bowie, Clifford P., "04. 
Bowman, Lillie Myrtle, '04. r. 
Bowron, Bernard Roy, '02. 
Boyer, Helen, '04. 
Bradley, Bertha Theresa, '96. 
Bradlev. Walter W.. '01. r. 
Brainard. Frances Viola, '02. 
Branch, Edna Olive, '04. 
Braun. Harriet Augusta. '10. 
Breckenfeld. Elmer Ackley, '09. 
Bridgman, Lillie B., '93. 
Briggs, Edith (Mrs. Bernard Moses), '80. 
Hrodorick, Daniel Joseph, Ph.G., '94. 
Bromley, Hattie Loomis, '05. r. 
Bromley, Irma Sparrell. '09. 
Brookman. Thirmuthis Amy, '99. 
Brower. Ross J., '00. 
Brown, Abner Walcott, '10. 
Brown, Ara Harris, '09. r. 
Brown, Caroline Spence, '07. 
Brown, Warner, '04. 
Browne, Eber Glenn, '09. 
Brownsill, Edith Sara, M.D., '04. 
Brownsill, Minnie Olive, '06. 
Bruce, Harold Lawton, '08. 
Bullock, Paul Ray, '09. 
Bunker, Frank F., '01. 
Bunker, Minnie, '89. 
Bunnell, Katherine Cordelia (Mrs. W. H. 

Gorrill), '03. 
Burd, John S., '99. 
Burgess, Ezra Ottley, '05. 
Burke, James Mark, '08. 

Burnham, Clark James, M.D., '91. 

Burnham, Victor Sylvester, '07. 

Burpee, Walter Joseph, '03. 

Burr, Addie, '07. 

Bush, Raymond William, '08. 

Bush, Robert E., '87. 

Busser, Edith Matilda (Mrs. H. N. Whit- 
worth), '07. 

Butler, Ormond, '05. 

Butler, Robert, '05. 

Caceres, Simon Novelo, '10. 

Caldwell, Mariam Winifred, '10. 

Campbell, Daisy May (Mrs. W. L. Huber), 

Campbell, Edgar Ray, D.D.S., '10. 

Campbell, William Howard, '08. 

Carlyle, Stella Maude, '09. 

Carpenter, Frank L., '94. 

Carpenter, William M., '93. 

Carroll, Agnes Gertrude, '10. 

Cartwright, Sanford W., '97; Ph.G., '00; 
M.D., '08. 

Case, Carlotta (Mrs. H. M. Hall), '04. 

Casey, Hiram Elbert, '08; J.D., '10. 

Chace, Catherine Winifred, '06. r. 

Chace, Lilian G., '01. 

Chace, Thomas Franklin, '10. 

Chambers, Samuel Alex, '80. 

Champreux, Alfred Joseph, '04. 

Chandler, Albert Edward, '96. 

Chapman, Arnold Woolsey, '09. 

Chapman, Charles Edward. '09. 

Chapman, Paul Garthwright, '10. 

Chappell, Katherine, '05. 

Chappell, Marvin Lee, '03. 

Cheney, May Lucretia Shepard (Mrs. War 
ren F. Chenev), '83. 

Cheney, Shelden Warren, '08. 

Cheney, Warren, '78; L., '81. 

Chilcote, Gavlord Hammond, '03. 

Chipchase, Ed'th Mae, '08. 

Christiansen, Helena Sophia, '10. 

Christie, Madeline V., '01. 

Christv. Samuel Benedict. '74. 

Churchill. Vernon Russell, '10. 

Clark, Hazel Katherine, '10. 

Clark, Warren V.. Jr., '92. 

Clarke, Warren Thompson, '03. 

Claves, Marv B., '92. 

Cleland, Gail, '09. r. 

Clement. Charles Earle, D.D.S., '02. 

Clifford. Rue Randall. '09. 

Cloudman, Elizabeth Lee. '09. r. 

Cloudraan. Harold Caldwell, '03. 

Clough, Mary Kate Tilson, '10. 

Coeke, Amelia I., '01. r. 

Coffin, Irene Augusta. '10. 

Cohn, Rov Edward, '08. r. 

Colbv, George Elden, '80. 

Colby, William Edward. LL.B., '98. 

Colemore, Charles A., '94. 

Congden, Edna R.. '99. 

Congden, Merton J., '85. 

Conrad, Clinton C., '10. 

Cooley, Arthur Montague, '06. 

Cooper, Harry N., '99. 

Coooer, Maria Helen Elizabeth (Mrs. W. 
W. Douglas), '02. 

Cooper. William John, '06. b. 

Cope, Erie Long. '06. 

Corbett, J. C., '07. 

Corlett, William Greenfield, '10. 



Cornich, Samuel P., '09. 
Cornwall, Ada M., '01. 
Cotter, Linda Pearl, '09. 
Cottrell, Frederick G., '96. 
Covert, Morris H., '00. 
Cowles, Russell Rov. '10. 
Crabbe, Grace H. (Mrs. H. B. Torrey), '97. 
Crawford, Russell T., '97. 
Creed, Wigginton E., '98. 
Cronise, Cecila B., '97. 
Cross, Anderson Edward, '08. 
Cross, Mary Hannah (Mrs. E. J. Will- 
iams), '03. b. 

Crossfield, Albert Scott, '10. 
Crusoe, Katherine M., '99. r. 
Culver, Susie Bell, '97. 
Cummings, Harold Oscar, '02. 
Cunningham, Ruby Lacey, "03. 
Curtis, Edna (Mrs. W. J. Cooper), '06. 
Curtis, Helena W., '95. b. 
Cushman, Dexter Allerton, '10. 
Dakin, Frederick H., Jr., '02. r. 
Dam, Francis Hervert, '96; L.L.B., '00. 
Darden, Adella E., '09. 
Davidson, Novella Maud, '03. r. 
Davidson, Thomas Andrew, '10. b. 
Davies, Oma Alomona, '02. 
Davis, Ellis Arthur, '07. 
Davis, Elmer Fred, '10. 
Davis, Ethel, '10. 
Davis, Mary Louise, '03. 
Davis, William James, Ph.G., '85. 
Day, Caroline, '04. 
Day, Clinton, '68. 
Day, Clarence Edward, '05. 
Day, Samuel Hamilton, '10. 
DeLancie, Harry Sherwood, '05. 
DeLarge, Mary Pearl, '10. 
Demarest, David C.. '90. 
Demerritt, Hubert Otto, '06. 
Dempster, Rov R., '95. 
Denicke, Frederick A., '94. 
Deutsch, Monroe Emanuel, '02. 
Devine, Cornelius Thomas, M.D., '07. 
Devine, Josephine, '01. 
Dewell, Henry Dievendorf, '06. 
DeWolf, Ella H. (Mrs. Fred Slate), '79. 
Dexter, Sally Agnes (Mrs. R. L. May), '02. 
Dickerson, Roy Ernest, '00. 
Dikeman, Henry E., '85. 
Dimmick, Helen, '10. 
Dimmler, Charles .Louis, '07. 
Disbrow, Emily Mercedes, "10. 
Doane, Clarence W., '98. 
Dobbins, Katherine Eloise (Mrs. T. C. Mc- 

Cleave), '97. 
Dobbins, Rosemary, "90. 
Doherty, Margaret E. (Mrs. F. W. Kerns), 


Dolson, Rush, '10. 
Dore, Walter Harrington, '07. 
Dornin, John Gushing, '89. 
Dowd, Elizabeth, '10. 
Doyle, Dorothy Lundahl, '09. r. 
Dozier, Charles Thomasson. '02. 
Draper, Wellington E., '10. 
Dreyer, Neils Peter Frederick, '10. 
Duckett. Clarence Estelle, '08. 
Duffv, Edith J. (Mrs. E. J. B. Monteale- 

gre), '97. 

Duggan. Nicholas Stephen, D.D.S., '07. 
Dunn, Martin Joseph, D.D.S., '86. 

Duprey, Arthur Edgar, Ph.G., '96. r. 

Durbrow, William, '99. 

Dye, Amy Georgeanna (Mrs. J. F. Kee- 
ran), '04. 

Dyer, Ethel Catherine, '09. 

Earle, Ava E., '04. 

Easton, Kimball G., '86. 

Eckley, George Morgan, '10. 

Eddy, Adolphus James, '10. 

Edmonds, Annie Caroline, '82. 

Edwards, Elizabeth Gurney, '03. b. 

Edwards, George, '84. 

Edwards, George Cunningham, '73. 

Edwards, Hiram Wheeler, '08. 

Edwards, Mabel Lincoln, '07. r. 

Elden, Delia Josephine, '09. 

Elliott, Elizabeth Rae, '10. 

Ellison, Jeannette, '01. r. 

Elston, John Arthur, '97. 

Elston, Thomas S., '99. 

Ensign, Claribel (Mrs. W. T. Sadler), '01. 

Enslow, Ora Morrison, '80. 

Erskine, Herbert Wilson, '09. 

Esterley, Ward Benjamin, '06. 

Etcheverry, Bernard Alfred, '02. 

Evans, Harry, '10. 

Evans, Julia, '08. 

Evans, Nora, '08. 

Evans, Perry, '99; LL.B., '01. 

Fairbanks, Harold W., '96. 

Falconer, Helen Rittenhouse, '10. 

Fancher, Fred B., '08. 

Fankhouser, William Charles, '10. 

Farmer, Milton Thomas, '09. 

Farwell, Nina M., '02. 

Fee, Margaret M., 101. 

Fife, William Charles, '83. 

Finley, Dozier, '02. 

Finley, Edna Rowena, '03. 

Finnic, Cara McCoy, '03. r. 

Fisher, Laura Marilou, '09. r. 

Fisher, Mabel Anita, '96. 

Fisher, Miles B., '94. 

Fisk, James Kennett, '05. 

Flannery, Robert Leroy, '09. b. 

Fletcher, John Dundas, '07. 

Flores, Manuel Ignatius, '00. 

Flynn, Helen Axie, '04. r. 

Force, John Nivison, '98; M.D., '01. 

Foster, Herbert Bismark, '07. 

Foster, Kate Brown, '02. 

Foster, Mildred Fuller, '04. 

Fortier, Margaret, '01. 

Fortson. Florence Holman, '05. 

Foulk, Nina, '05. r. 

France, William Merton, Ph.G., '94. 

Franks, Henry Earnest, '02. 

French, Gertrude Wood, '08. 

French, Richard Slavton, '06. 

Frenzel, Ferdinand Herbert, D.D.S., '05. 

Fukuda, Rokusaburo, '04. 

Fuller, Rolla Dane, Ph.G., '02. 

Furlong, Irene, '04. 

Gaines, Mabel (Mrs. E. E. Keyes), '04. 

Garrison, Marvin Dale, '08. 

Gassaway, Stephen Griffith, '04. 

Gates, Frank H., M.D., '84. 

Geary. John White, '06. 

Geiselhart. Josephine, '04. r. 

Gentry, William Henrv H., '92. 

Gester, George Clark. '09. 

Gillihan, Allen Francis, M.D., '99. 



Gilson, Mabel Emma (Mrs. F. M. Cole), '01. 

Ginno, John William, D.D.S., '00. 

Girvin, William H., '03. 

Glascock, John Raglan, '65. 

Glessner, Harry Harbough, '02. 

Goble, Fred John, LL.B., '07. 

Goddard, Malcolm, '06; D.D.S., '09. 

Godin, Isabel B. (Mrs. L. Anderson), '01. 

Goldman, Otto, '03. r. 

Gompertz, Alice, '06. 

Gompertz, Helen M. (Mrs. Jos. N. Le- 

Conte), '84. 

Goodfellow, Hugh, LL.B., '05. 
Goodman, Harry Minott, '06. r. 
Gordon, Grant Gilchrist, '06. 
(inn-ill, William H., '95. 
Gove, George Weston, D.D.S., '99. 
Graber, Ada (Mrs. C. E. Jones), '99. 
(.'rudv. Theodore, '83. 
(Jr:ifT. Ida, '09. 
Graff, Leo Cajeme, '10. 
(ir.itV, Ulrich, '01. b. 
Graham, Alexander Edward, '98. 
Graham, Harrington Bidwell, '96; M.D., '99. 
Graham, Leo Daniel, '08. 
Graham, Riuiben Jacob, '10. 
Graham, Thalia Frances, '10. 
Grant, Edna (Mrs. R. A. Shuey), '08. 
Graves, Lelia Marion (Mrs. E. I. McCor- 

mac), '05. 

Gray, Harold Farnsworth, '07. 
Gray, I^eon Ernest, '06. 
Gray, Theodore, '77: LL.B., '81. 
(ir.-i.vdon, McCullough, '03. 
Greene, Mabel Ellsworth (Mrs. J. B. R. 

Cooper), '93. 
<; nlt-af, Jeanne Hardnel (Mrs. C. H. 

(in mlcaf), '08. 
Gregory, Kdward McAfee, '06. 
Gregory, Warren C., '87; LL.B., '90. 
(in-v. Kdith MonlgoiiHTv. '08. r. 
<;ri-M-hi'. (Jnst.-ivi- Adolph. Ph.G., '01. 
(Jricscln-. William Fred, '08. 
< ii-i tilth, Margaret, '09. 
Griffith. M.-ir-.-uvt. '10. 
GrinnHI. Kdna Mt-rriht-w. '02. 
(ii-ij.iloa, Weslev P., LL.B., '09. 
Gross, Joseph Watson. '07. r. 
Grover, Alice (Mrs. J. L. Whitback), '87. 
Grover, Florence Helen, '06. 
Grover, Harriet M., '92. 
Grubb, Olive Muriel, '09. r. 
Mai-klev, William A., '99. 
Hadden, David, '97. 
Hadsell, Dan, '06. 
Haffev. Calvin William, '10. 
Hnhn. Jean M., '99. 
Haight. Samuel Chase. '07. 
Hall. Arthur Nelson, '07. 
Hall, Burton Luther, '91. 
Hall, Elmer E., '96. 
Hall. Harvey Monroe, '01. 
Hall, Lillian (Mrs. Rafael Ospina), '95. 
Hall. Mabel (Mrs. L. H. Jacobs), '93. 
Hall. Mnrv Sophie, '01. 
Hallett. Eugene Russell, '05. 
Halloran, Ralph Alovsius, '06. 
Ham. Israel Haves, '10. 
Hamlin, Amy (Mrs. Robert Kelly), '99. 
Hanscom, Sarah DeForest (Mrs. G. S. Em- 

bury). '99. r. 
Hansen, Carl S.,' '00. 

Hanson, Helen M. (Mrs. B. A. Etchever- 
ry), '03. 

Hard*-, Sarah (Mrs. W. C. Gregory), '93. 

Harnden, Frederich William, D.D.S., '97. 

Harris, Edna Emily, '07. 

Harris, Margaret Eleanor, '10. 

Harvey, Richard W., '01. 

Haseltine, Richard S., '00. r. 

Hawley, Ralph S., '03. 

Hayden. Clara Pearl, '10. 

Hayes, William Joseph, '09. 

Hayne, Brewton Alston, '83. 

Hayne, Margaret Perkins, '08. r. 

Head, Anna, '79. 

Healv, Clara Adelaide, '09. r 

Healy, Myrtle Nell, '10. 

Hector, Robert, M.D., '04. 

Hcin/.. Katherine, '09. r. 

Henderson, Edward F., '94. 

Henderson, Gertrude, '95. 

Henderson, Horace Noble, D.D.S., '01. 

Henderson, Margaret, '03. 

Henderson, Victor H., '99. William Donald. D.D.S., '98. 

Hengstler, Louis T., '92. 

H.-nl.-v. Grace L., '98. 

I I.n rich, Carl, '00. 

Henry, Aurelia I. (Mrs. G. Reinhardt), '98. 

H.-iiry, Clara Augusta (Mrs. G. D. Lou- 
derback), '96. 

Henry, William Warner, '06. 

Hi-rrirk. Ih-nrv Nathan, '07. 

Herrmann, Elizabeth A., '02. 

Herrmann. Leonora F., (Mrs. J. W. Gin- 
no), D.D.S., '99. 

Hershe -. Katherine B., '05. 

Hibbard. Leila Donnell, '10. 

Hickey, John Patrice, '06. 

Hiester. Cvrus, '05. 

Hiii p. Thomas Guv. '09. 

Hizar, Margaret Bates, '10. 

Hoak. Charlotte M.. '00. 

Hobson, Jeannette F. (Mrs. M. Spencer), 

ll.<li,'head. Beverly Lacy, LL.B., '91. 

Hodgkin, Wilfred R. H., '00. 

HoiMl.-l. Robert Oscar, '05. 

Hoffman. Edna . Juanita, '09. r. 

Holm, Hans Christian, '07. 

Holter. Milton Ellis. '08. 

Hnlway, Ruliff Stephen, '04. 

Holway. Mary Gordon (Mrs. R. S. Hoi- 
way), '06. 

Hoover, Hubert Don, '09. 

Home, Donald Dean, '10. 

H.iujrh. Almeda May. '09. 

Hnuirhton, Edward T.. '93. 

Howard, Clarke H., '95. 

Howard, Harry Monroe, '05. 

Howard, Louise Norjot (Mrs. C. H. How- 
ard). '01. 

Howe. Albert Bates, D.D.S., '05. 

Howe, Helen Eliza. '04. 

Howe. Laura Pearl, '06. r. 

Howell. John Gibson. Jr.. '96. 

Howson, George William, Jr., '09. 

Howson. James W., '98. 

Hu. Ching Yu, '09. 

Hubbard. Elizabeth Ingram, '03. 

Huber. Walter Leroy, '05. 

Huggins. Charles L., '84. 

Hughes, Alva Fish, '03. 



Hughes, George Lowett, '80. 

Hunt, Alice Lorena, '09. r. 

Hunter, Vere Wendel, '03. 

Hust, Alice, '04. r. 

Hust, Mabelle, '04. r. 

Hust, Stephen Grover, '10. 

Hutchinson, Lincoln, '89. 

Hutton (Mrs.), Christine Emilie, '04. r. 

Hutton, John Adams Douglass, D.D.S., '85. 

Ijams, Martha Adelaide, '01. 

Incell, Arthur, '90. 

Irving, Sam., '79. 

Jackson, Mary Noble, '00. 

Jacobs, Gaskell Samuel, '09. 

Jacobs, Lester Henry, '91; LL.B., '94. 

Jaffa, Myer Edward, '77. 

James, Dora Harriet, '08. 

James, Elias plan, '06. 

Jared, Catherine Mary (Mrs. H. Stirring), 

Jarvis, Grace Maxwell (Mrs. C. J. Fred- 
erick), '05. 

Jewett, Agnes R., '99. r. 

Jewett, Dorethea Kern, '05. r. 

Jewett, Mary Fairbanks, '02. 

Jenkins, Joel Harry, '08. 

Jepson, Willis L., '89. 

Johns, Herbert Stilwell, '10. 

Johnson, Bertha Irene, '09. 

Johnson, Frank Edward, '08. 

Johnson, George Stafford, '04. 

Johnson, Ivy Jo, '06. 

Johnson, Walter Clifford, Ph.C., '09. 

Johnson, Willard C.. '09. 

Johnson, William Elias, LL.B., '06. 

Jones, Alice Edna, '09. r. 

Jones, Anna Franklin, '06. 

Jones, Anna Selina, '09. r. 

Jones, Bayard Hale, '06. r. 

Jones, David R., '03. 

Jones, Ethel Sherman (Mrs. E. Lea), '03. 

Jones, Hilma Hildegarde (Mrs. H. H. 
Johnson), '04. 

Jones, Katherine Davies, '96. 

Jones, William Carev, '75. 

Jordan, Ada Gertrude, '06. 

Jordan, Ethel Murrav. '10. 

Jordan, Harold Scott. '09. r. 

Jordan, Hope Almv, '05. 

Jungck, Daniel Lewis, '03; LL.B.. '05. 

Kanzaki, Kiichi, '09. 

Keating, Kathleen Mary, '08. 

Keeler, Clara Louise, '08. r. 

Keeler, Marguerite Nixon, '09. r. 

Keeran, John Farmer. '04. r. 

Kelley, Bernice Hayes, '10. 

Kellogg, Francis Bentley, '05. r. 

Kellogg, Francis Comings, '06; J.D., '10. 

Kelly, Theodore Barnwell, '09 r. 

Kelly, William Harris, '06. 

Kelsey, Clarence Earle. '05. 

Kelsey, Geo. Powers, '79. 

Kelsey, John Edson, Ph.G., '91. 

Kelsey, Harry Davton, Ph.G.. '88. 

Kelsey, Ravner Wickersham, '08. 

Kennedy, Laurence Joseph, '06. 

Kennedv. Mary Eveline, '10. 

Kerns, Frank Walter, '01. 

Kerr, Sally Patterson (Mrs. F. D. Street), 

Kettenbach, Oscar Lee. '10. 

Keyes, Edna Louise, '07. 

Keyes, Edwin Everett, '02. 
Kierulff, George D., '96. 
King, Anna Venn, '07. 
King, Avis Albert, Ph.C., '10. 
Kirchhoff, Fred George, '08. 
Kirk, Miles Woolery, '10. 
Klaus, Harry Clyde, '08. r. 
Kni*ht, Bertha 'L., '99. 
Knoll, Genevieve (Mrs. J. O. Sully), '03. 
Koch, Frederick W., '96. 
Koford, James Mossin, '03. 
Korski, Julian, '10. 
Krafft, Grace Fredrica, '07. 
Krenz, Amanda (Mrs. F. W. Koch), '96. 
Kretsinger, Grace, '10. 
Kumagai, Tomoichi, '09. 
Kuno, Yoshisaburo, '97. 
Laraont, Ellen C., '00. 
Lang, Roscoe Conklin, '09. 
Lachman, Arthur, '93. 
Lane, Howard Sumner, '09. 
Lane, Leone Louise (Mrs. W. H. Kelly), '08. 
Langworthy, Ralph Lewis, '05. 
Larkin, Lucy, '06. 

Lasell, Cora Abbie (Mrs. Ray Brown), '04. 
Lasell, Loron Wight, '08. 
Lathrop, Arthur Porter, '03. 
Lawton, Winifred Marion, '06. 
Layne, Katherine M. (Mrs. C. W. Mit- 
chell), '01. 

Leach, Clarence W., '93. 
LeConte, Caroline E., '84. 
LeConte, Joseph N., '91. 
LeConte, Mary Roberdeau (Mrs. J. D. 

Hoffmann), '06. 
LeCorte, Tellvlah, '04. 
Lee, Aura (Mrs. H. M. Johnson), '06. 
Lee, Julia F. Tolman, '98. 
Leete, Harley Marion, '01. 
LeFevre, Susie Rowena, '07. r. 
Lehr, Elizabeth Henrietta, '01. 
Lenfest, Lela Angier, '05. 
Lemberger, Arleigh Francesse, '02. 
Lewis, Bess Grace, '09. b. 

jewis, John Chisholm, '10. 

,ibbv, Bertha, '10. 

Jtiforth, Ivan M., '00. 

.inscott, Louise Adra (Mrs. Robert Hec- 
tor), '00; M.D., '04. 

jipman. Charles Barnard, '10. 

.ittle, Ada G. (Mrs. S. C. Merriam), '96. 
Loken, Hjalmar Jorgensen, '04. 
Lombardi, Maurice E.. '04. 
Lord, Edward Locke, '07. 
Louderback, George D., '96. 
Lothrop, Rachael Buck, '03. 
Love. Grace A., '97. 
Lovejoy, Maud Anna, '03. 
Loy, Mary E. (Mrs. W. E. Chamberlain), 


Lucas, Ethel Eudora, '09. 
Lucas, Louise Oreon, '07. 
Ludlow, Theodore Johnston, '04. 
Ludlow, William Berridge, D.D.S., '95. 
Lyman, Theodore Benedict, '05. b. 
Lvnch, Matthew Christopher, '06; J.D., '08. 
McCabe, Maja, '10. r. 
McCall Emma Jane, '09. r. 
McCarthy Nellie Harriet, '05. 
McCarthv, Richard Henry, '03. 
McCharles, Carl Howard, '08. 
McClure, Ethel Frances, '06. 



McConnell, Adelaide Crosby, '08. 

McCoy, Florence Lucy, '07. r. 

McDermott, Louisa, '04. 

McDuffie, Charles Burnap, '06. 

McDuffie, Duncan, '99. 

McDonald, George Roy, '09. 

McDonald, William Clvde, '09. 

McFarland, Lindlev James, '10. 

Macfarlane, Donald Burt, '09. b. 

MacFayden, Ralph James, '10. 

McFeely, Hazel Aden (Mrs. P. R. Bul- 
lock), '09. 

McGrew, Clifford H. G., '00. 

McGrew, Mary Edith, '03. 

McGrew, Ruth Esther, '03. r. 

McHenry, Mary B. (Mrs. Wm. Keith), 
'79: LL.B., '8. 

Mclntosh, Arthur Merrill, M.D., '00. 

McKav, Jeannette Evelvn, '04. 

McKibben, Justin W.. '09. 

McKibben, Leila Justine, '10. 

McLean, Fannie W., '85. 

McLean, Mary E., '89. 

McLean Mary M. (Mrs. W. Olney, Jr.), '95. 

McLean, Robert Armistead. M.D., '74. 

McQueen, Henry Milton. Ph.G., '95. 

McMurray, Orrin K., '90; LL.B., '93. 

McNeill, Anna, '90 

McNulty, Charles Raymond, Ph.G., '98. 

Macpherson, Doroth" Blair, '10. 

Manchester, Genevieve Savage (Mrs. G. P. 
Manchester), '01. 

Manchester, George Peabody, '01. 

Mangels, Helen George, '07. 

Marshall, Hugh Martin. '08. 

Marshall, John Albert, '07. 

Martin, Dora L., '00. r. 

M .-irtin, Edward Johnson, '05. 

Martin, Harriet Frances (Mrs. T. K. 
Sweesey), '07. 

Martin. Helen L., '01. 

Marx, Francis R. (Mrs. F. Green), M., '89. 

Mason, William McPherson, D.D.S., '06. 

Masters, George H.. '00. 

Masters. Stuart (Jalbraith. '01. 

Matthews. Ralph Richmond, '10. 

Mattke, Lvdia Theresa, '10. 

Maxwell. George Roberts, '10. 

Meek, George Avan, D.D.S., '92. 

Meek. Nettie, '01. 

Merrill, Bessie Pratt (Mrs. Edwin Fren- 
zel), '06. 

Merrill, Charles W., '91. 

Merrill. Esther Francis, '10. 

Merrill. Frank Daniel, '06. 

Mery, Mabel Leonore (Mrs. W. A. Luey), 

Metcalf, John B., '97. 

Metcalf, George D., L., '81. 

Meyer, Gladys Frinda (Mrs. Eugene Hal- 
lett), '06. 

Meyer. Margarethe H. E. (Mrs. C. A. Cole- 
more), '94. 

Middlehoff, Elsie Lorraine. '06. 

Miller, Adolph Casper, '87. 

Miller. Irving, '04. r. 

Miller, Mary Grace (Mrs. J. A. Rowell), '01. 

Miller, Myrtle Elena, '08. r. 

Miller, Norman Boone, '04. 

Milliken, Jessie (Mrs. Warner Brown), '02. 

Mitchell. Claude Walter, '02. 

Mixer, Florence, '09. 

Mixer, Redding Carleton, '10. 

Monges, Henry Babad, Jr., '09. 

Monroe, George Walter, '00. 

Montgomery, Florence E., '01. 

Montgomery, Samuel Edgar, '07. r. 

Monti jo, Fernando, Jr., '10. 

Moody, Grace Emily (Mrs. C. H. Haring), 

Moore, Ella Elizabeth, '09. 

Moore, Eulalia Ashby, '09. 

Moore, Mary E., '97. 

Morbio, Carlo Sutro, '10. 

Morgan, Anna, '01. r. 

Morgan, Florence May, '06. 

Morgan, James Alfred, '06. 

Morgan, Sarah de Camp, '09. 

Morgan, Sylvia Mallery (Mrs. I. C. White), 

Morin, Grace Evelyn, '10. 

Morley, Walter S., '98. 

Merrill, Evelyn Margaret, '09. 

Morris, Fred. Ludwig, '00. 

Morse, Blanche, '94. 

Morse, Charles Woodman, '97. 

Morse, Clinton R., '96. 

Morse, Ruby Rose, '01. 

Moskowitz, Rose, '04. r. 

Mott, William Warner, '04. 

Moulthrop, John R., '00. 

Murray, Margaret Eloise (Mrs. T. M. Put- 
nam), '03. 

Muselman, Josie Elizabeth, '10. 

M\er S , Hazel Ellen, '10. 

Nathan, Lillian (Mrs. Morris Ballin), '00. 

Naylor, Jessie N. (Mrs. E. K. Cole), '99. 

Negoro, Motoyuki, '01 ; L., '03. 

Neiman, William F., '00. 

Nelson, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. L. Lodge), 

Nevius, Searle Brown, '10. 

Newby, Edina Clara, '10. 

Newby, Lee Clinton, '10. 

Newcomb, Ralph Pitcher Odiorne, '06. r. 

Newell, Bertha, '06. 

Newell, Eckert Wynne, '10. 

Xewhall, Luther, '07. 

Newmark, Amelia H., '00. 

Xewmark, Milton, '99. 

Nicelv, Oney McCntchan. '01. 

Nicholls, Arthur Wallace, '04. 

Nichols, Thomas Henry, L., '95. 

Noble, Charles A., '89. 

Noble, Grover Chester, '02. 

Noble, Harry A., '95. 

North, H. H., L., '93. 

Xorthcroft, James Fraser, '10. 

Norwood, P., '10. 

Novitky, Joseph Franc. '01. 

Nutting, Franklin P., '00. 

O'Bannon, Leida, '09. r. 

O'Brion. Marie Helen, '07. 

Ogilbe. Belle L., '07. 

Ogilbe, Katherine Holman, '07. 

Okitsu. Takeshi, '09. 

Olnev. Warren. Jr., '91 ; L., '94. 

O'Neil. Grace Marguerite, '10. b. 

O'Neill, Edmond, '79. 

O'Neill, Hugh Samuel, '10. b. 

Orgren, Eleanor Vic. '05. 

Oser, Harry Jonas, '08. 

Oser. William Lincoln, '09. 

O'Toole, Katherine, '10. 



O'Toole, Lawrence Stephen, '06: L., '05. 

O'Toole, Margaret (Mrs. Mathias Hugo), 

O'Toole, Michael Charles, '09. 

O'Toole, Rose, '09. 

Ottoman, Violet Frances, '09. r. 

Overstreet, Harry A., '99. 

Pack, Grace Louise, '02. 

Pack, Robert Wallace, '08. 

Page, Larrance, '04. r. 

Page, Mary, '04. 

Painter, Bruce Hinckley, '06. r. 

Painter, George Lewis, P., '92 ; M., '96. 

Palmer, Mabel Ethleen, '08. 

Parker, Lillian M. (Mrs. A. H. Allen), '98. 

Parks, Eric Cecil, D.D.S., '02. 

Paroni, Clelia A., '00. 

Paroni, Romilda, '03 ; M., '07. 

Parr, Edward Franklin, D.D.S., '93. 

Parry. William Clarence, '10. 

Partridge, John S., '92. 

Partsch, Herman M., '84. 

Patten, Eva Ruth, '04. r. 

Patton, Bessie Jane, '06. 

Pausch, Oliver Woodbridge, '10. 

Peake, Edith Catherine Graham, '03. r. 

Peck, Clarence W., '00. 

Peck, James F., L., '85. 

Peck, John William, M., '05. 

Pence, Mary Ada, '10. 

Pendleton, Anna, '09. 

Penniman, Russel Sylvanus, Jr., '09. 

Percival, Vera Margaret, '06. 

Perkins, Helen Mansfield, '03. r. 

Peterson, Otto Wallace, '04. r. 

Peterson, Ruth A., '06. 

Petrovsky, Vyacheslay, '09. 

Piatt, Joseph Harold, '05. 

Piatt, Charles Frederick, '09. 

Pierpont, Mabel Eva, '10. 

Piexotto, Jessica B., '94. 

Pinger, Roland Wilbur, '09. 

Pinger, Wilhelm Robert Richard, '06. 

Pinkham, Helen Gertrude, '09. 

Place, Vivian, '10. r. 

Plomteaux, John Henry, D., '82. 

Popert, William Hopf, '02. 

Porter, William Keyes, '10. 

Porterfield, Alice Wilda, '08. 

Posey, George Addison, '06. 

Powell, Herbert Harry, '05. 

Powell, Richard Cheadle, '05. 

Powell, Dewey Robert, '09. 

Priestly, Mary Myrtle (Mrs. A. J. Wool- 
sey), '03. 

Prindle, Francis Elizabeth, '06. r. 

Proctor. John W., '98. 

Prost, Hubert G., '06. 

Putnam, Thomas Milton, '97. 

Queen, Helen Duncan (Mrs. G. R. Stew- 
art), '07. 

Randall, George Archibald, '10. 

Ratcliff, Ethel Bridget, '06. 

Ratcliff, Walter Harris, '03. 

Rathke, Otto Paul, '01. r. 

Raymond, William J., '87. 

Redington, Vida (Mrs. F. A. Volkhardt), 
'95: M., '99. 

Reed, Frances Mabel, '06. 

Reed, Norman Winfield, '06. 

Rees, William Henrv, '93. r. 

Reeve, Eva May, '07. r. 

Reeve, Zelma Cora, '07. r. 

Reinhardt, George F., '97; M., '00. 

Rhodes, Melvin Thayer, D., '08. 

Richardson, Eva Morris, '10. 

Richardson, George Francis, '09. 

Richard, Thomas, '87. 

Rieber, Charles H. '88. 

Rigby, Bertram, '07. 

Riley, Carmel, '07. 

Risdon, Ruth Charlotte, '10. 

Rising, Alice S., '99. 

Ristenpart, Myrtle, '05. 

Rittenhouse, Mary Ellen, '10. 

Robb, Flora M. (Mrs. R. J. Young), '98. 

Roberts, Charles Roydon, '08. 

Roberts, Hazel Elizabeth, '10. 

Robertson, Oswald Hope, '10. 

Robertson, Ralph Denny, '08. 

Robinson, Charles Atwood, '10. 

Robinson, Inez L. (Mrs. W. S. Brown), 

Roberts, Harry, '07. 

Roberts, Leslie, '96. 

Robertson, Thorburn Brailsford, '07. 

Robinson, Bessie McKee (Mrs. Paul Rob- 
inson), '04. 

Robinson, Lucy Margaret, '04. 

Robinson, Mary E., '98. 

Robson, Frederick Thurston, '09. 

Rogers, Alice Mabel, '02. 

Rogers, Bessie, '07. 

Rogers, Clarence Elian, '10. 

Rogers, Frank Lee, '10. 

Rogers, Thomas Leslie, D., '05. 

Rohrer, Cleland Waterman, '04. 

Rosenshine, Leon James, '10. 

Ross, Margaret Adelia, L., '01. 

Rothermel, Elizabeth, '99. 

Rowell, Elmer I., '97. 

Rowell, Joseph Cummings, '74. 

Rugh, Charles Edward, '07. 

Rush, Lora G., '97. 

Rust, Madge Coghlan, P., '02. 

Ryder, Edda Warner A. (Mrs. H. L. Dun- 
gan), '02. 

Saffold, Elizabeth, '06. 

Safford, Edwin Knight, '04. 

Samson, Mabel Marion, '06. 

Sanborn, Edgar Madison, '06. 

Sanchez, Louis Adolph, '07. 

Sand, John Alonzo, '99. 

Saph, Augustus V., '94. 

Schenk, Eugene, '06. 

Schmidt, Carl Louis August, '08. 

Schmit, James J., '98. 

Schneider, Franz, '10. 

Schraidt, Ferdinand, '09. 

Scott, Ethan Wait, D., '04. 

Scott, Harry Atwood, '06. 

Scott, James Robert, '08. 

Scott, Louisiana Foster, '06. 

Seaman, Edward Milo, L., '81. 

Searls, Robert McMurray, '07. 

Seavey, Josephine, '04. 

Sedgwick, Charles Elbert, '93. 

Seelig, Milton H., '09. 

Senger, George H., '02. 

Senger, Joachim H., '82. 

Sheppard, Evelyn L. (Mrs. P. Lewis), '94, 

Sherman, Henry Edwin, Jr., '07. 

Shipley, Levi Batchelder, '10. 

Shippee, Inez (Mrs. F. H. Dam). '02. 



Shuey, Robert Alton, '09. 

Shuey, William A., '01. 

Shultz, Ethel Mae, '07. 

Shuman, Lena Dell, '09. 

Shuman, Nena Belle, '08. 

Silberstein, Edith, '09. 

Simonds, Ray W., '00. 

Simpson, Alice Edith, '09. r. 

Simpson, Frank William, M., '00. 

Simpson, Vera Nanette, '08. 

Sims, Myrtle Laura, '05. 

Skinner, Mona Mae, '06. r. 

Small, George Leland, '08. 

Smallwood, Claude, '05. 

Smith, Carrie Forrest (Mrs. E. L. Adams), 


Smith, Donald Eugene, '09. 
Smith, James Uriel, '94. ,. 
Smith, James Wilson, L., '96. 
Smith, Nelson Croxford, '10. 
Smith, Sumner Stewart, '03. 
Smith, Susie Catherine, '06. 
Smith, Thomas Allen, '99. 
Smith, Walter Otto, '96. 
Smithson, George Arnold, '03. 
Snedigar, Olie Fielding, '06. 
Snyder, Edwin Lewis, "10. b. 
Soares, Alberto G., '07 r. 
Solley, Albert Adam, D., '03. 
Solomon, Alfred, '02. 
Soule, Edward Lee, '04. 
Sorenson, Robert Severin, '09. * 
Spangler, Glen Harwood, '09. 
Spaulding, Ralph Alovsius, '08. 
.sp.-rry, Austin Willard, '10. 
Spencer, Dahlia True, '10. 
Spiers, William, '96. 
Spinks, Virginia May Nelson (Mrs. C. H. 

Spinks), '05. 
Sprague, Edith, '10. 
Squires, Hurry .latucs, P., '90 
Stager, Henry Walter, '09. 
Stern, Max William, '09. 
Stewart, Guy Robertson, '06. 
Stillman, Harvard, '77. 
Stines, Norman Caswell, '05. 
Stockton, Mary Isabelle, "10. 
Stone (Mrs.). Eva M., '99. 
Stone, Marian, '05. 
Stout, Harriet Monroe, '02. 
Stout, Verne Ancil, '09. 
Stover, Mattie Evangeline, '05. 
Stover, Noble McMurray, '10. 
Stratton, George M., '88. 
Stringham, Frank D., '95. 
Struckmeyer, Phebe (Mrs. W. H. Popert). 

Stucker, Maud May (Mrs. S. E. Montgom- 
ery), '05. 

Stutt, John Henry, '98. r. 
Sutton, Grace, '95. 
Sutton, James, '88. 
Sutton, Maud, '03. 
Sweesey, Thomas King, '08. 
Sweet, Clifford Daniel, '10. 
Swett, Ruth Isabel, '02. r. 
Symmes, Anita D. (Mrs. A. S. Blake), '94. 
Symmes, Leslie Webb, '03. 
Symmes, Mabel, '96. 
Tadlock, Oval Clark, '09. 
Tallmon, Marion C. (Mrs. L. B. Smith), '04. 
Taylor, Eva Martha, '97. 

Taylor, Mabel Renee, '09. b. 

Taylor, Mildred Mary, '96. 

Teass, Frank M., P., '00. 

Thelen, Max, '04. 

Thelen, Paul, '04. 

Thomas, Charles E., '99. 

Thomas, Frederick Folger, Jr., '08. 

Thomas, Olive (Mrs. L. A. Bachelder), 'Oc 

Thornton, Harry A., '09. 

Tibbetts, Fred H., '04. 

Tibbetts, Sydney Arnold, '04. 

Todd, Frank Morton, '94. 

Tomlin, Vena Marvella, '10. 

Tompkins, Perry T., '92. 

Toner, Mabel Grace, '08. 

Torrey, Harry D., '95. 

Torrey, Leon Edwin, '10. 

Traphagen, Arthur Romayne, '04. 

Tufts, LeRoy, D., '05. 

Tuohy, H., '04. 

Turner, Jessie G. (Mrs. F. O. Hurt), '97. 

Turner, B. Chester, '86. 

Twogood, Ralph Sion, '10. 

Tyrrell, Fannie E. (Mrs. W. J. Martinez) 


Tyrrell, Grace' A., '00. 
Underbill, Mary Rebecca, '05. r. 
Underwood, Byron Edward, Jr., '08. r. 
Van Bekkelen, William Requa, '06. 
Van Gorder, Arthur G., '97. 
Van Gulpen, May Helen, '10. 
Van Loben Sels, James Florent, '05. 
Van Tassell, Fred. Hugh, M., '04. 
Vaygouny, Mooshegh, '01. 
Venable, Alice McDowell (Mrs. R. S. East 

man), '99. 

Venable, Edna Louise, '03. 
Venable, Helen Magdalene, '10. 
Villain, Albert Jean, P., '92; M., '95. 
Von Hemert-Engert, Adolph, '09. 
Voswinkel, Olive, '09. 

Vrooman, Rachel (Mrs. W. E. Colby), '95. 
W.-ulp, Henrietta Alice, '03. b. 
Wadsworth, William Henry, D.,'94. ',".". 
Waldmann, Carl Andrew, '10. 
Walker, Myrtle (Mrs. W. G. Perrine), '94 
Wall, Benjamin Pitman, '76. 
Wallace, Arthur Henry, D., '89. 
Walton, Stanley Victor, '04. 
Wanipfler, Rosa Marian, '08. r. 
Ward, Millicent A. (Mrs. J. A. K. Skinner) 


Ward, Shirley, '05. 
"\Vartenweiler, Elise, '99. 
Waste, John Morton, P., '89. 
Waste, William H., '91; L., '94. 
W T aterman, Abby Louisa, '04. r. 
Watkins, Alice Elizabeth, '04. r. 
Walking, Pearl, '08. r. 
Watkins, Wilbur Kemble, '08. r. 
Watson, Edna Earl, '06. r. 
Watson. Helen Elizabeth, '08. r. 
Webb, Margaret, '99. 
Weber, Adolph H., '80. 
Webster, Albert B., '92; L., '94. 
Weir, Louetta Emily, '08. 
Weiss, Arthur, '05 . 
Weiss. Rosa, '10. 
Welch, Harriet Ann, '10. 
Wendell. Matilda Konloch, '06. r. 
Wendt. Marion Crozer, '04. 



Wesler, Willard H., '00. 

Weston, William Bunker, '07. 

Wetzel, Benton Gaillard, '05. 

Weymouth, Alice Nevada, '06. 

Weymouth, Clarence, 98. 

Weymouth, Grace Cooper, '10. 

Whitcomb, Ralston, '98. 

White, Eleanor Margaret, '09. r. 

White, Irma, '09. 

White, Mark H., '00. 

White, John H., '91. 

White, Vera (Mrs. C. I. Henning), '01. r. 

Wickson, Gladys Clare, '05. 

Wickson, Guest, '10. 

Wickson, Ida Robinson (Mrs. J.H.Thomas), 


Wickson, Katherine R., '99. 
Wight, Wilder, '04. 
Wigmore, Leslie Warren, '10. 
Wilcox, John Alfred, '04. 
Wilder, Alvin Dumond, '08. r. 
Wilder, Anna R., '00. 
Wiley, Bessie, '10. 
Wiley, Harley Rupert, L., '97. 
Wilkinson, Ivy Bernice, '02. 
Willard, Dora Sherwood (Mrs. O. Youngs), 


Willey, Samuel Hopkins, L. '10. 
Williams, Clara L., '97. 
Williams, Cora Lenore, '91. 
Williams, Lucy W. (Mrs. H. M. Leete), '97. 
Williamson, P'aul Truman, '08. r. 
Wilson, Bryant Asahel, '10. 
Wilson, Lawrence Lee, '10. 
Wilson, Mary E., '96. 
Wilson, Mary Estelle, '05. r. 
Wilson, Minnie M. (Mrs. W. Olney) '00. 
Winter, D., '92. 
Wise, John H., '03. 
Wisecarver, Thurman Curtis, '10. 
Witter, Dean Gooding, '09. 
Wollenberg, Bertine (Mrs. J. A. Wilcox), 


Wollenberg, Harry Lincoln, '08. r. 
Wood, Bertha (Mrs. J. H. Coughlan), '97. 
Woodburn, Robert Chaney, '05. 
Woodman, Madge, '10. 
Woods, Baldwin Munger, '09. 
Woolsey, Audubon James, '03. 
Woolsey, Edna B. (Mrs. E. W. Prouty), '95. 
Woolsey, Frances Shattuck, '08. 
Woolsey, Philip S., '95. 
Woolsey, Roy Irving, D., '01. 
Worley, Elizabeth Jeanette, '10. 
Wright, Flora Alice, '07. 
Wright, Harry M., '94. 
Wyckoff, Edna Faith, '02. 
Wyneken, Friedrich Alexander, '06. 
Yocom, William Eugene, '04. 
Young, Clement C., '92. 
Young, Florence Hamilton, '03. 
Young, Helen Montague, '08. 
Young, Roy Jackson, '03. 
Young, Stella E. (Mrs. H. N. Henderson), 


Youngs, O., Jr., '04. 

Zellerbach, Rose (Mrs. A. Rosenthal), '98. 
Zschockelt, Carl Gotthelf, '08. 

Callendar, Edna Anna, '06. 

Atkinson, John W., '82. 

Torpen, Alex Magnus, '07. 

Brink, Leon, P., '10. 


Turner, Charles E., '88. 
Underwood, Byron Edward, Jr., '08. b. 


Haryett, Clara Nelle, '10. b. 
Howard, Frank E., '01. b. 
Leffingwell, William Howland, '79. 
McKnight, Nellie Mattie (Mrs. G. P. Doyle), 

M., '94. 

Shira, Clara Iva, '07. b. 
Smith, Mae (Mrs. A. H. Middleton), '97. 
Stuart, Helen Marie, '08. b. 
Summers, John F., M. '78. 
Vollmers, Alberta Elois, '08. b. 
Whitacre, Moses N., P., '04. 

Parker, Spencer May, '07. b. 

Flood, Fred Howard, '99. b. 
Owen, Philip W., '02. 

Arneill, Elizabeth Cecilia (Mrs. C. W. Petit), 

Petit, Charles Wesley, '03. 

Neill, Millie Ida, '09. 

Heese, Emma Viola, '10. 
Johnson, Frederick Perley, '98. 
Smith, Clarence A., '98. 

Fair, Emma Mary (Mrs. C. Q. Azbell), '03. 


Siliman, Charles Herbert, L., '81. r. 
Scares, Alberto G., '07. b. 

Baird, Mary Wilson, '04. 
Cook, Frank Stevens, M., '87. 

Murphey, John D., '87. 

Williams, Lawrence Edward., P., '89. 


Bodwell, Henry Washington, '80. r. 
Brewer, William A., '85. 
Chapman, Ira Hart, D., '88. 
Cleland, Gail, '09. b. 
Coleman. Robert Lewis., L., '94. r. 
Daley, Henry Thomas., D., '07. 



Miller, Harrv Louis, P., '95. 

Roller, Josephine (Mrs. E. L. Hoag), '98. 

Schaeffer, Lucy R. (Mrs. W. H. Kimball), 

Smitten, Alice Lucile (Mrs. G. F. Lyon), 


Stone, Andrew L., '95. 
Talbott, Edward James, '00; L., '02. 
Treadwell, Edward Francis, L., '97. 
Wilson, Mountford Samuel, L., '82. 

Hermann, Frederick Charles, '94. 


Mclnerney, Florence Ruth, '03. 
Pickett, Roy Dustin, '02. 


Catton, Ethel B., '01. b. 
Cook, Adella, '08. r. 
Cook, Ella Gertrude,. '03. b. 
Hartman, Pope Gatlin, D., '02. b. 
James, Elijah, '65. 
Joy, Alice, '07. r. 

Magneson, Katherine Florence, '04. 
Snow, Irving Walter, '07. 
Sykes, Abbie Marshall, '02. 


B n ;-H T '"-nk. 'O 1 ?. b. 
Jordan, Harold Scott, '09. b. 

Joubert, Frederick J., '06. 

Adams, William Woods, '04. 
Craig, John Milton, '09. 

Mendelson, L. Aron, '89. 


Kern, Julia Margaret, '06. 

Boke, George Henry, '94. r. 
Hart, Dorothy, '10. 
Powers, Jennie Louisa, '99, b. 
White, Caroline (Mrs. W. H. Hollis), '96. 

Moore, Ariana, '94. 

Goodale, David, '00. 

Grubb, Olive Muriel, '09. b. 
Jones, Annie Selina, '09. 


Goldman, Otto, '03. b. 
Stevenson, Wilfred Curtis, '03. 

Anderson, Catherine (Mrs. C. R. Wells), 


Crocker, Gulielma Ruth, '86. 
Kneiss (Mrs.), Lydia H., '97. 
Mitchell, Eula (Mrs. G. W. Wright), '96. 

Moyer, Reuben Oliver, '06. 
Sandholt, Elsa Marie, '07. 
Wills, Clarence Alfred, M., '03. 


Fowler, Carroll, '99. 
Stetson, Charles Morrison, '78. 


Beaser, Martha Stillmannette, '10 
Beaser, Scott Ingalls, '04. r. 

Baumeister, Edward Emery, P., '98; M., 


Bayley, Ethel M. (Mrs. H. Fowler), '04. 
Bennett, Guy, D., '04. 

Crouch, Noame (Mrs. W. P. Roop), '08. r. 
Crowder, Clifford, Lee, '05. 
Dewey, Constance Madeline, '08. b. 
Dozier, Melville, Jr., '99. 
Faulkner, Louis Glass, L., '99. 
Foulds, Grace Pauline (Mrs. F. Armbrus- 

ter), '04. 

Fowler, Hardiman, '02. 
Gage, Edward C., '97. b. 
Grew, Henry W., P., '87. 
Guill, John Hudson, Jr., '03. 
Hetschel, Mary Amelia, '08. b. 
Johnson, R. O., '02. 
Kennedy, Guy Reynolds, L., '95. 
McLenegan, Cutler Sturgis, '09. 
March, Harry Davis, D., '05. 
Martin, Edith, '07. 
Merriam, Mabell Ethelyn, P., '07. 
Miller (Mrs.), June Clevenger, '03. 
Moulton, Dan Hazen, M., '02. 
O'Neil, Grace Marguerite, '10. r. 
Richardson. Clarence Colin, D., '02. 
Robinson, Frank Sidney, '07. 
Seydel, Frank William, D., '01. 
Stamper, Alva W., '95. 
Ftebbins, Cyril Adelbert, '10. 
Swain, Homer, D., '05. 
Ware, Allison, '03. 
Weed, Howard L.. '82. 
White, Chapman M., Jr., D.. '01. 
Young, Joseph Rankin, D., '03. 

Reher, James C., P., '02. 

White, Margaret, '04; M., '09. r. 

Bartlett, Lilian Whitcomb (Mrs. F. Miller), 

Wood, Elizabeth Axtell, '05. 

Fitzgerald, McCoy, '94. r. 

Wheeler, Thomas Rattray, D., '97. 


Carr, Clara Leona (Mrs. A. W. Miller), '06. 
Epperson, John Clifton, '09. b. 
Hagmayer, Beatrice Urania (Mrs. B. H. 

Moore), '02. r. 
Menihan, Margaret Cecilia, '09. 



Miller, Albert William, '08. 

Ottoman, Violet Frances, '09. b. 

Smith, Jean Etta, '06. 

Trask, Henry Caustin, P., '90; M., '96. 


Monce, Mary Abigail, '03. 
Parker, Florence B. (Mrs. W. W. Williams), 

Parker, Spencer May, '07. r. 


Beaser, Scott Ingalls, '04. b. 

Brey, Eustace Vivian, '09. 

Chubb, Phillip Henry, '07. 

Darrow, Gertrude Charlotte (Mrs. P. H. 

Chubb), '05. 

Gladfelter, William Burtner, '06. 
Haseltine, Richard Snell, '00. b. 
Richmond, Henry Stuart, L., '02. 
Shumard, Ernest Cline, D., '06. 
Sperry, James C., '00. 


McCord, Laura Alice, P., '01. 


Hamilton, Fletcher McNutt, '04. r. 

Merrill, Harriet May, '09. 
Wilkinson, Ivy Berenice, '02. b. 


Bovard, Lelia G. (Mrs. E. Merryfield), '98. 
Hayes, Horace McDonald, D., '03. 
Kelly, Theodore Barnwell, '09. b. 
Purdum, Edith May, '10. 

Lewis, Adele Gerard (Mrs. George F. 

Grant), '02. 


Ahlf, Mildred Gray, '10. r. 
Arnold, Philip B., '99; L., '01. 
Boedefeld, Luke Robinson, '03. 
Crane, Mabel Antoinette, '07. r. 
Gray, Asa White, P., '99. 
Hassard, Elizabeth (Mrs. A. Boulware), '98. 
Holway, Edward Shortridge, D., '95. 
Husted, Robert Lee, L., '00. 
Johns, Walter Roy, '09. 
Lloyd, Roberta T. (Mrs. H. T. Dobbins), 


Merrill, William Lloyd, '10 
Rathbun, William T., M., '92. 
Tibbetts, Marie Louise, '10. 


Burdorf, Dorothy Rebecca, '07. b. 
Crum, Margaret, '08. 
Cunningham, Charles H., '09 
Cunningham, Goldie Capitola (Mrs. C. H. 

Cunningham), '10. 
Steele, Daisy May, '03. 
Steele, Isaac Cleveland, '09. r. 


Bancroft, Frank W., '94. 
Eidenmiller, Frank Henry., D., '05 
Foskett, Clifford John, '10. 
Hook, Vincent, '76. 

Lunny, Sarah Louise (Mrs. Lohse), '02. 

Phelps, Rozer Sherman, '97. b. 

Romaine, Bertha, '07. b. 

Stow, Eleanor May (Mrs. F. W. Bancroft), 

M., '96. 
Walker, Gertrude Ada, '03. 

Warner, Moulton, '02. 

Hawkes, Marion Sarah, '08. r. 

Mason, Winfield Scott, '04. r. 


Finger, Clyde Pinkney, '07. b. 
Hoffman, Bert Hay, D., '07. 
Miller, Jennie Ellen (Mrs. C. P. Finger). 
'07. b. 


Wight, Ralph Harold, '09. 

Beebe, Mina Agatha, '06. 
Carrillo, Esperanza, '08, r. 
Clark, Emily C. (Mrs. R. M. Warner), '89. 
Stanley, Frederick William, '09. b. 
Todd, Gordon Buchers, '09. r. 
Whitmore, Helen, '09. 
Wilson, George Ringo, '10. 


Grannis, Ellen E., '92. 
Wilson, Louise S., '97. 

Croall, Medora V. (Mrs. E. T. Mervy), D., 


Daniels, Marguerite (Mrs. H. M. Hall), '08. 
DeBell, William H., '00. 
Griffin, Carlos Parker, '01. 
Hook, Buelah E. (Mrs. J. J. Mazza), '05. 
Mazza, John J., '03 ; L., '04. 


Graves, Lucile (Mrs. J. R. Graves), '03. 
Trautz, Otto George, P., '91. 


Gregory, Kenneth, '05. 


Kelly, Margaret Z., '98. 

Underbill, Mary Rebecca, '05. b. 


Blanchard, Ada Elizabeth, '06. 
Blanchard, Wallace Everett, '08. 
Clapp, Philip Scott, P., '01. 
Elliott, Chester Merton, '08. r. 
Elliott, Edna Rea, '06. 
Finch, George Walter, P., '04. 
Fletcher, Alfred Charles Benson, '07. r. 
Graham, Pearl May, '05. r. 
Griswold, May Evangeline, '04. 
Heath, Veta Evangeline, 10. 
Van Dervort, Katherine, '09. r. 
Wells, Lillian Hope, '10. 




Bixby, Wilfred Everett, M., '07. 

Barstow, Clara Grace, '04. 
Brown, George Jeremiah, M., '76. 
Hotchkiss, Homer Grove, '03. 
Miller, Albert Barnes, D., '08. 
Mishler, Anna Minerva (Mrs. X. A. Phil- 
lips), '05. 
Ward, Helen Elizabeth, '08. b. 


Casterlin, Madge Augusta, '05. 
Goetzee, Pauline Chamberlain, '03. 
Paul, Hattie Belle, '10. 
Sweetser, George William, P., '98; M., '01. 


Gamble, Marian Stewart, '08. 
Kimball, Mabel, '08. r. 

Baldwin, John F., '97. 


Bates. Walfer Earnest, M., '81. 
Beckett, Samxtel Hume, '09. 
Farrar, Roscoe, '10. - 
Gaumitz, Amos John, '06. 
Pierce, George Washington, "75. 
Swingle, George K., '96. 
Terry, Edward Prentice, '09. b. 

Decoto, Louis Albert, '02. r. 

Allen, Alma Cobb (Mrs. E. G. Allen), '10. 


Crawford, Thomas Olin, L., '86. 
McKinlay, Edward, P., '01. 


Demaree, Mabel P. (Mrs. L. G. Smith), '02. 
Foster, Sara Margaret Louisa, '08. b. 
Greene, Joe Elmer, L., '07. 
Hedgpeth, George Pierce, P., '05. 
Morton, Richard Ephriam, D., '03. 
Smith, LeRoy, '02. 


Grinstead, Allen Ray, "10. 
Marshall, Francis Freeman, L., '03. 
Ulsteen, Edgar A., D., '03. 
Weyand, William Joseph, L., '01. 

Scott, Wilmer Morton, '10. 


Bertels, Chancellor Nelson, '02. 
Butler, James Brunson, '08. 
Wright, Jay Leon, '08. r. , c 


Ailing, Mark Norman, '03. b. 
Knight, Cora A., '94. 


Ellis, Frank F., '99. 
Smith, Nelson G., '04. 

Orchard, Mary Elizabeth, '08. r. 

Emmert, Michael Thomas, Jr., '09. 


Hutaff, Gustav Albert, P., '00. 
McCarthy, Frank, P., '10. 


Johnson, James Harvey, M., '07. 
Xicholls, Jean Estralla, '09. 
Nicholls, Sydney Walton, '05. 


Newman, Clarence Humboldt, '09. r. 
Newman, John George, '08. 

Schmelz, Charles Joseph, P., '85; M., '95. 


Stiner, Ina Hanna, '06. r. 

Moore, Alfred Finley, '08. b. 

Eshleman, John Morton, '02. 
Ledgett, Elizabeth E. (Mrs. John Eshle- 
man), '01. 
McCabe, Mary E. (Mrs. W. S. Edwards), 


Osborn. Edna Mae, '08. b. 
Packard, Walter Eugene, '09. 
Price, Stella (Mrs. R. B. Vaile), '97. 


Kersell, Isabel Murray, '09. b. 
Smith, Philip B., '97. 
Ullman, Frederick George, P., '95. 


Carpenter, Charles Edward, '05. 
Kvdfth, Robert Howard, P., '00. 
Gunn, Roy Clare, '06. 

Lewis, Mary Pearle (Mrs. J. E. Hood), '07. 
Miner, Mark Leonard, M., '03. 
Moore, Charles Henry, L., '81. 


Ennor, Maud Edna, '06. r. 
Wilson, Grace D. (Mrs. R. C. Hutchinson), 

Cotter, Linda Pearl (Mrs. E. W. Killian), 


Killian, Ernest Waldo, '09. 
Killian, Jonas Edwin, '07. 
Lemos, Anna Alice, '05. 
Rankin, Edward Percy, '10. 

Hogan, Hazell M. (Mrs. B. K. Young), '07. 



Siebe, Henry Herman, P., '98. 


Baldridge, Nellie Louise (Mrs. L. A. Stev- 
enson), '03. 

Carver, Clara Irene, '10. 
Carver, Ruby, 04. r. 
Hale, William Thomas, '05. 
Patterson, James Numa, P., '10. 


Bauer, Louise Bertha, '04. 
Baur, Walter L., '03. 
Geiselhart, Josephine, '04. b. 


Balfrey, William John, P., '03. 
Budelman, Herman Dietrich, '08. r. 
Colton, Albert Sanborn, '02. 
Denny, Ethel Adele, 07. r. 
Eller, Hubert C., D., '00.' 
Jenkins, Ada Mabel (Mrs. A. S. Colton), 


Lemon, May W. (Mrs. Karl V. Denny), '02. 
Nutting, James Alexander, '07. 


Brooks, Edwin Hill, '03. 
Burns, Paul Milton, D., '99. 
Callaghan, Timothy Bartholomew, D., '04. 
Carter, Frances Vic (Mrs. A. Charters), '02, 
Chain, John Nolan, M., '04. 
Chidester, Maude Neosho, '07. r. 
Cockburn, Ernest Augustus, D., '03. 
Connick, Clifton Horace L., '93. 
Fautz, Edward, L., '06. 
Felt, Rae, M., '90. 
Fitzell, Bertha Maude, '09. 
Fitzell, Charles R., P., '83. 
Georgeson, Franklin Thompson, '10. 
Gilmour, Rachael S. (Mrs. T. Cloney), '00. 
Harper, Charles Emory, D., '08. 
Hill, Arthur Wellesley, L., 93. 
Hill, Edward John, M., '94. 
Hunter, Amy Estella, '04. 
Hunter, Grace (Mrs. H. Hines), '10T 
Hunter, Maud Beatrice, '06. 
Johnson, Lillian Francis, '06. r. 
La Grange, William Fillmore, '06. r. 
Lewitt, Frank A., M., '78. 
McCoy, Ida May (Mrs. Walter Stern), '08. 
Meyer, Charles Clarence, '06. 
Minor, Isaac Saff, D., '05. 
Murray, George D., '77; L., '84. 
Pascoe, Susie, '07. 
Ryan, Edward James, L., '87. 
Skinner, Edwin E., P., '86. 
Skinner, Robert W., P., '83. 
Solomon, Anna Henrietta, '05. 
Solomon, Robert Wilfred, '10. 
Thatcher, Arthur J., '87. 
Tomlinson, Charles McRobert, D., '03. 
Tracy, Edith, '03. r. 
Tracy, Joseph Prince, '03. 
Wheeler, Charles Morgan, L., '84. 
Wilde, Edna (Mrs. E. H. Brooks), '04. 


Mix, Pernier Albert, M., '04. 
Waddell, Edwin Hamilton, D., '08. 


Doyle, Dorothy Lundahl, '09. b. 
Morgan, Anna, '01. b. 
Sheldon, Hiram Franklin, '01. 
Skinner, Matilda Shreve, '05. b. 

Pratt, Matthew D., M., '00. 


Welch, Joseph Warren, '77. 

Belloni, James William, '10. 
Dinsmore, Albert Maurice, D., '04. 
Dungan, Fred Loveland, D., '04. 
Shaw, Joseph Armitage, '81. 


Anthony, Charles William, '70. 
Hinckley, Ira Loomis, D., '98. 
Merritt, Bowman, P., '05. 
Robertson, Thomas Edgar, '08. 
Taylor, Lydia Maude, '10. 
Taylor, Paul Pomeroy, '10. 

Whitman, Howard Claud, '06. 

Landis, Charles W., '02. 

Haley, Charles Scott, '07. b. 
Holbrook, Elizabeth Eloise (Mrs. L. E. Mil- 

lekin), '06. 

Johnson, Otis Russell, '09. 
Jones, Perley Centennial, D., '98. 
Lendrum, Birney Alexander, M., '02. 
Milliken, Leland Eugene, '07. 
Polland, Alice Minnie, '07. 
Purlenkey, George Philip, P., '97; M., '01. 
Sanborn, Franklin H., M., '92. 
Smith, Adeline Grace (Mrs. J. C. Stanley), 

'05: b. 

Stanley, John Carter, '05. b. 
Sturtevant, Saidee M., '04. 


Edson, Charles Field, '09. r. 
Howell, Catherine Byrd, '09. b. 
Mudgett, Paul English ,'10. 


Ostrom, David William, P., '09. 
Smith, Alfred J., '00. 


Aten, Irvine Presley, '08. 
Aten, Ralph R., D., '03. 
Barnwell, David Monroe, '03. 
Beaser, Harry Phillips, D., '05. 
Beck, Violet Miriam, '08. 
Bosshard, Rudolph Edward, '09. 
Boyd, Helen, '06. 
Braverman, Alfred, '86. 
Brown, Daniel, Jr., L., '84. 
Burgess, John Edward, '03. 
Burk, Hugh Alexander, '10. 
Campbel, Garth Bell, '10. 



Cotrel, Marian Florence (Mrs. I. P Aten), 


Crawford, Edward J., '96. 
Curran, Choate Howe, '08. 
Daly, John Aloysius, '05. b. 
Dibert, Arthur John., P., '98. 
Dwelle, Harold Edward, '07. 
Edwards, Clarence W., '01. 
Einstein, Berton, '06. 
Einstein, Lesley, '08. r. 
Goodfellow, Arthur William, L., '03. 
Gray, De Witt H., '95. 
Gundelfinger, Herbert, '09. 
Helm, Agnes Inez (Mrs. M. Thomas), '97. 
Howard, Oliver Joseph, D., '01. 
Jones, George Wallace, L., '88. 
Meux, John William, '02. 
Minard, Jeanette, '06. 
Murray, Clarence, '03. 
Olney, Albert C., '98. 
Peart, Lloyd N., '93. 
Phillips, Esther B., '09. b. 
Ritchie, Bell Thompson, '97. 
Schaeffer, Maud Estelle, '04. 
St. John, Fannie Olivia, '04. 
Strother, Walter Marvin, '03. 
Thomas, Montgomery, D., '96. 
Thompson, Thomas Rogers, '09. 
Thornton, Philip B., '89. 
Walker, Ben Randal, '05. 
Warner, Albert O., '96. 


Barre, Herbert Aubery, 97. r. 

Brann, Walter Scott, '93; L., '96 

Childs, Cecile Wheeler, '10. 

Cohen, Alfred Henry, L., '83. 

Collier, Albert Morton, '06. r. 

Congdon, Charles Henry, '79. 

Dumontier, Joseph Louis, L., '90. 

DePuy, Edward Spence, M., '94. 

Eddy, Nathaniel Nelson, '05. 

Edson, Grace B. (Mrs. G. R. Freeman), 


Gonzales, Francis Ignatius, D., '03. 
Gray, Stedman Haile, '05. 
Griswold, Lee 8., '96. 
Haehnlen, Lena R. (Mrs. W. S. Reynolds), 

Hannah, Katherine Stewart (Mrs. B. 

Shaw), '03. 
Harden, Rena, '10. 
Harding, Reinhardt Theodore, L., '85. 
Harris, Fayetta (Mrs. B. W. Philip), P., 


Harrold, Cecil Adelaide, '08. 
Heiniman, John M., M., '77. 
Jump, Robert L., '87. 
Kilgore, Alson Raphael, '09. r. 
Philip, Waldemar Bruce, P., '01. 
Flaw, Alfred Dixon, '03 ; L., '04. 
Flaw, Marie V., '99. 
Redfield, Horace Allen, '76. 
Rhoda, Franklin, '73. - 
Sanborn, John Albert, L., '96. 
Scannavino, John Anthony, D., '05. 
Sullivan, Elsie F., '03. 
Talcott, Seth R., '99. 
Thornton, Margaretta Louise, '01. 
Wheeler, Roscoe, Jr., '92. r. 
White, Louise Francis, '06. 


Burdorf, Dorothy Rebecca, '07. r. 
Burdorf, Sophie Margaret, '06. 
Chilton, Jesse, D., '01. 
Dauser, John S., '04. 
Sheppard, Carrie, '08. 


Barnum, William Floyd, '08. r. 
Magowan, Florence Nettie, '07. b. 
Rowell, Percy Elliott, '06. 
Spencer, John Foster, '98. 


Parish, Grace Spencer (Mrs. W. J. New- 
som), '03. 


Brown, Edith Louisa, '08. 
Brown, Maybelle Evangeline, '08. . 
Brown, Pearl Emma, '03. r. 

McDowell, William Carson, '08. b. 

Smith, Mary Louise, '10. 


Griffith, Marie Greenleaf, '08. 
Griffith, William Verner, '06. 


Beauchamp, Ella, '08. r. 
Beauchamp, Nina Lovell, '04. 
Clark, John Aloysius, M., '07. 
Dyke, Louis Henry, '05. 
Forsyth, Ruth Agnes, '09. r. 
Gillespie, Chester Gordon, '07. 
Ross, Fred A., D., '08. 
Thayer, Laura Eliza, '09. 


McLean, Sarah Florence, '04. r. 
Moyse, George U., '97. 
Tower 4 Alphonse Welker, '05. 


Cullen, Clara Belle, '06. 
Gordon, Hugh Taylor, Jr., '08. r. 
Jones, Flora Josephine, '08. r. 
McNair, Rebecca S., '07. 
Swerdfeger, Sarah Isabel, '08. r. 

Bufford, Lawrence, '06. 
Trowbridge, Jessie J. (Mrs. C. O. Cobb), 

Wagner, George Julius, '98. r. 

More, John Faxon, '03. 

Angove, Libbie, '09. 
Carner, Bert Marion, '10. b. 
Curran, Abbie Howe (Mrs. H. T. Curran), 


Curtiss, Helena Winifred, '95. r. 
Hoyt, Florence E. (Mrs. L. P. Larue), '01. 
Jenkins, Jabez Arthur, '90. 
Larue, Floyd Palmer, L., '97. 



Lehman, George Robert, '01. 

McGuire, Thomas Henry, '04. 

Miller, Fred M., '94. 

Oliver, Edwin" J+, '00. 

Schreiber, Harry William, '08. 

Smith, James Robert, L., '89. 

Stewart, Charles Leon, D., '06. 

Swain, Grace Bejle (Mrs. R. A. Rav), '03, 

Webber, Daniel Grant, P., '03. 


Bartling, Clara (Mrs. A. R. Bidwell), '78. 
Livingston, George Robert, '10. r. 


Schoen, Granville Avery, P., '09. 
Thompson, Lewis Lee, M., '02. 


Jeffreys, Mary Judah (Mrs. G, B. Baker). 


Franklin, John Henry, P., '01; M., '06. 


Korbel, Leo, '05. 

Morgan, Charles L., P., '86; M., '96. 
Smith, George Sidney, M., '79. 

Watkins, Wilbur Kemble, '08. b, 

Bradley, Charles Holmes, '10, 

, Oscar Frederick, '01, 

Pickerman, Nelson, '05. 
Thunen, Edward George, 'OJ. 


Barney, Anna Louise, '07, 

Biddle, Annie Dale, '08. 

Brown, H. P., L., '99. 

Collin, Waljape, L., '04. 

Cooper, John Hill, D., '98. 

Cousins, Henry R., P., '97. 

Crowell, Letus Narcissus, L., '00. 

Foster, ErnesJ; Charles, M., '02. 

Fox, Amy Erwin (Mrs. R. V. Hall), '03, 

Jacobs, Howard Scoft, L-, '99. 

Justice, John Leroy, P., '06. 

McQuiddy, Inez (Mrs. H. Davis), '04. r, 

McKenzie, John Alex,, '99. 

Musgrave, Robert William, '79. 

Phillips, Esther B., '09. r. 

Phillips, George Hudson, D., '00, 

Phillips, Mary Louise, '09. r. 

Raney, Arthur Leon, P., '03. 

Raney, Sumner, '06, 

Dakin, Frederick Hojroyd, Jr.., '02. b, 

Jones, Walter B., '7$, 

Collier, Albert Morton, '06. b. 


Cahill, Jennie M. (Mrs. H. F. Collier), '98. 
Caldecott, John William, P., '05. 
Corwin, Cecil, D., '92. 
Gamble, Edith, '08. r. 
Gamble, Hester, '06. 
Garwood, Isabel, '04. 
Hodgson, Hattie Josephine (Mrs. D. S. 


Lavallee, Eleanor I., '00. 
Medros, Joseph Jason, P., '90. 
Nelson, Anna, '06. 
Perry, Shirley Armanella, '10. 
Powell, Andrew John, D., '89. 
Powell, Henry, Jr., D., '94. 
Reynolds, George E., M., '77. 
Russell, Frederick James, L., '95. 
Russell, Thomas B., '85. 
Scott, Florence M. (Mrs. L. M. Turner), 

Warren, Edwin S., '85. 


Barnes, Florence Madaline, '03. 
Calhoun, William Harold, '05. 
Chapin, Ethel (Mrs. J. H. Herron), '05. 
Gilbride, Joseph Philip, P., '91. 
Grant, Frederick Thomas, D., '99. 
Kinley, Fred James, P., '03. 
Litchfield, Oscar, P., '93. 
McClish, John Milton, P., '00. 
Nicholls, Horace S., P., '87. 
Pease, George Quincy, P., '06. 
Seawell, James Walter, M., '01. 
Stone, Mack Voorhees, M., '96. 
Swisher, J. Riley, M., '77. 
Whitney, William Benjamin, P., '84. 


Bliss, Howard Hamilton, '09. 
Booth, Charles Junius, '08. 
Willard, Edna Estelle, '08. 

Ashby, Sarah Canterbury, '09. b. 

Shay, Clark Wilbur, '10. 

Shaw, Hartley, L., '97. 
West, Fern E. (Mrs. H. Shaw), '00. 

Aplin, Donald G., '99. 


Longmore, Gertrude (Mrs. C. H. Butner), 


Bonnell, Franklin Calvin, D., '96. 
Brown, Paul Francis, '85. 
Daly, J. A., '05. r. 
Davis, James P., '96. 
Keating, Otto John, D., '10. 
Ladd, Carl Leonard, '03. 
Lawson, Ethel Browning, '07. b. 
McCroskey, John Marshall, L., '06. 



McDermott, Laura Francis, '07. 
Marshall, Luverne, '07. b. 
Nash, Erastus Granville, L., '06. 
O'Donnell, Joseph Martin, M., '02. 
Rucklidge, Alfred Robinson, '03. 


Caldwell, Albert Augustine, L., '93. 
Ebner, Ethelyn Leone, '10. 
Hubbard, Henry Van Schaack, '07. r. 
McLean, Sarah Florence, '04. b. 
Paul, Mabel Keturah, '06. r. 
Petterson, Harold, '05. r. 
Steele, Rachael Laurena (Mrs. Shoemak- 
er), '03. 

Stone, Florence W., '99. 
Twiss, Wilfred Charles, '10. r. 
Vinacke, Albert Thomas, '02. r. 
Watson, Helen Sarah, '02. b. 
Westcott, Clyde M., '00. 
Wood, Bessie N., '99. 


Seymour, Charles Francis, '05. 
Wilson, Genevieve, '06. r. 


Foster, Robert Nicholson, '08. 
Thatcher, Edith Grace, '01. 


Campbell, Ethel, '08. 

Darling, Edward Hiram, P., '05. 

Enyeart, Ethel Jeannette, '08. 
Mattoon, Mabel Gertrude, '08. r. 

Parsons, Richard Ellis., P., '10. 


Brown, Edith Grace (Mrs. Henry Gould), 


Coggins, Clifford Edmond, '08. 
Fairbanks, Charles Devans, P., '95. 
Jones, Charles Belford, '05. 
Taylor, Ralph Hawley, '10. b. 


Baxter, John Clifford, D., '01. 
Dehy, William, L., '96. 
Haines, Ralph Edward, '07. b. 
Lee, Charles Hamilton, '05. 
Peekena, George, '09. b. 
Shuey, George Russell, '04. 


Martin, Mary Nina (Mrs. E. Tatum), 
'99. r. 

Brewer, John Marks, '02. 

Gaddis, Edith E. (Mrs. John Brewer), '01. 
Martin, Mildred Purnell, '10. r. 


Krvsto, Christine, '09. 
Reid, Gertrude Viola, '01. 


Bagley, Loren Annick, D.. '09. 
Isaacs, Elva Winifred, '10. r. 
Isaacs, Mildred Ellmore, '10. 
Joses, Aileen Emma, '10. 
McCall, Inez Sarah, '08. r. 
Turner, Wallace Foote, '05. b. 
Woolsey, Eugene George, D., '00. 

IROX McrxTAix. 
Stenger, E. L., '07. 

Durham, Judge Haley, D., '97. 

Leimbach, John Herbert, M., '02. 


Fogarty, Jeremiah, D., '07. 
Gall, Alexander Marshall, M., '93. 
Ruhser, Frederick William, P., '98. 
Spragnoli, Ernest Benedetto Diadato, L. 


Stewart, Fred Lester, L., '95. 
Sutherland, Albert William, D., '08. 
Wilson, Jay Fremont, D., '01. 

Peters, Cassius M. Clay, L., '84. 

Watkins, Pearl, '08. b. 

Pond, Raymond Lawson, P., '04. 

Sandholdt, John Peter, M., '04. 


Roesner, Oscar Henry, '02. 
Burk, Fred Lester, '83. 
Hultberg, Frank Lewis, D., '88. 


Baker, Milo 8., '95. 
Johnson, Nellie Bishop, '09. 

Barber, Leland Newman, '08. 


Ballagh, Clarence Schiller, P., '05. 
Cuneo, Peter Joseph, L., '07. r. 


Kimberlin, Ernest Marion, P., '05. 

Waste, Henry L., '98. 


Michael, Ellis LeRoy, '08. 
Ritter, William E.. '88. 


Allen, Ernest Green, '10. 
Behr, Ethel Louise, '09. 
De Laguna, Anita, '09. b. 
Eachus, George William. '08. 
Lundborg, Konrad Magnus, D., '96. 



Mallery, John Harry, M., '02. 


Taylor, Joseph Leon, '09. 

Barrows, Ray Kip, '05; L., '07. 

Burris, Harry Lawton, '10. b. 


Eells, Alexander G., '86; L., '88. 
Worley, Alfred Lincoln, L., '93. 

Clarke, Belle, '10. 
Clarke, Cecile, '08. 

Kerr, Henry, '05. 

Lester, Edward Brainerd, '05. 


Kastens, Lucy Field (Mrs. Lawrence Wat- 
son), '05. 

McKay, Albert Luther, P., '97. 
Nidiffer, Myrtle Irene, '07. 
Troili, Margaret, '01. 


De Yo, Lou I. (Mrs. L. A. Pringle), '01. 
Snell, Edward, D., '08. 


Gould, Edward Bradford, '03. 
Guppy, Ella A. (Mrs. E. B. Gould), '98. 
Harth, Arthur Phillip, D., '96. 
Hathaway, Chat L., '98. 
Leslie, Frederick Arthur, D., '08. 
Scott, Lulu Isabelle (Mrs. M. C. McLees), 

Stafford, Mary Turner, '10. 


Armstrong, James Alexander, '10. b. 
Beck, George Washington, P., '00. 
Callaghan, John James, L., '01. 
Carneal, Thomas Davis, '74. 
Dyer, Hubert Paul, '90. 
Jordan, Constance Matilda, '06. 
Meyers, Wallace Longfellow, M., '09. 
Newell, Blanche E., '84. 
Nissen, May Gertrude, '08. 
Piper, Harry Elwin, M., '02. 
Robertson, John Wooster, '77; M., '80. 
Teeter, Helen Lee, '09. 
Therkof, George Alexander, D., '03. 
Warner, James Kyle, M., '91. 
Wetmore, Charles Augustus, '68. 
Wetmore, Elizabeth Smith, '04. 


Locke, George H., V., '98. 
Montgomery, Olive Philopene, '08. r. 
Livingston, George Robert, '10. b. 


Bannister, Bertha Florence, '08. b. 

Blodgett, John Millard, D., '92. 

Breslauer, Augusta R. (Mrs. J. New- 
field), '02. 

Cooledge, Belle, '04. 

Custer, Rolla Johns, '08. r. 

Faber, Lottie Engelsen (Mrs. A. M. 
Tower), '04. 

Inch, William, '01. b. 

McDougall, Agnes, '08. b. 

McGaw, M. Gertrude, '03. 

Marshall, Luverne Leathe, '07. r. 

Miller, James Benjamin Franklin, D., '99. 

Newfield, Joseph, '02. 

Newfield, Melville, '07. 

Rinn, Ida Louise, '10. 

Watkins, Jettora E. (Mrs. J. V. Bare), '04. 

Williams, Carlos, D., '03. 

Williams, Ernest Guy, D., '03. 

Wise, Matthew Sylvester, P., '93. 


Cooper William Hubbard, '02. 
Dodds, Calvin Stuart, '09. b. 
Meals, William Eden, '05. r. 
Talbott, Homer Irwin, D., '03. 
Talbott, John Lloyd, D., '07. 
Truitt, Samuel Paul, D., '06. 


Adams, Arthur Hartwell, '07. 
Adams, Lloyd Garfield, P., '05. 
Bixby, Fred H., '98. 
Clayton, Albert B., '02. 
Coughran, Charles Wilev, '09. 
Fitts, Margaret Louise (Mrs. H. M. Lowe), 


Freeman, Ernest Maynard, M., '93. 
Gastrich, Joseph William, '05. 
Green, Florence E. (Mrs. F. H. Bixby), '98. 
Hight, Percy, L., '03. 
Hill, Walter Bradley, '04. 
Hill, Walter Nickerson, '05. 
Joy, Edith William, '09. r. 
Kimball, Florence Mabel, '02. 
Knight, Mae Isabelle, '06. 
Lochridge, Grace, '06. 
Moore, Anna Cora, '04. 
Morgan, Luella May (Mrs. A. L. Parmlev), 


Neibel, Etta Velida, '06. 
Reid, Frank Gore, '05. 
Reynolds, Lena Emoline, '08. 
Smith, Harley Earl, P., '03. 
Townsend, Vinton Ray, '03. 
Wigton, Jean Kirkwood (Mrs. H. L. Av- 

ery), '03. 

Scrivner, Rosa Letita (Mrs. Robinson), '74. 


Bixby, Sarah Pearl, '06. 


Harris, John Lawrence, '06. 
More, Margaret Elna, '04. r. 

Shoup, Faith (Mrs. A. S. Robinson), '04. ; 




Adams, Douglas Stuart, '05. 

Adams, Owen S., '05. 

Adams, Veda Howell, '03. 

Alexander, Emmet Gerald, '07. 

Alexander, Harry Lincoln, '96. 

Allen, Grace Elizabeth, '06. 

Anthony, Earl C., '03. 

Armstrong, Frederick J., '99. 

Avery, Kasson, '07. 

Avery, Russ, '94. 

Baker, Arthur Garfield, L., '07. 

Ballard, Ida Helen, '94. 

Barker, Eugene H., '93. 

Baruch, Clarence, '02. 

Baruch, Edgar, '01. 

Baruch, Milton, '09. 

Bates, Bennett Routh, '08. r. 

Bates, Edith M., '04. r. 

Beaisley, George Theopilus, P., '85. 

Bell, Alice Estella. '09. r. 

Bell, Clair Hadyn, '08. 

Benton, Ralph, '07. 

Bernstein, Fanny (Mrs. H. Faltau), '83. 

Bird, Philip Smead, '10. 

Black, Clarence Earl, '09. r. 

Bleasdale, Benj. G., '09. 

Block, Samuel Daniel, D., '01. 

Blum, Joseph Henry, P., '94. 

Booth, Franklin, '88. r. 

Borden, Frank Leslie, '09. 

Borden, Sheldon, L., '84. 

Bowman, Charles Harold, D., '96. 

Braly, Harold Hyde, '02. 

Brazelton, Warren Buck, P., '02. 

Brenizer, Pearl Lillian, '02. 

Brewer, John Ankeney, '91; L., '94. 

Brier, William W., '82. 

Brookman, James Arthur Douglas, '10. 

Broughton, George Anthony, M., '96. 

Brown, Charlotte Marie, M., '10. 

Brvant, Ober Wilson, '06. 

Bugbee, Franklin U., '01. 

Burckhalter, Francis L., '00. 

Burns, Ralph Ellis, D., '01. 

Burnett, Jessie E. (Mrs. A. L. Thurston), 

Burton, Henry Halleck, Jr., '07. 

Butler, Willard Wall, L., '95. 

Campbell, Bert, '07. 

Garner, Bert Marion, '10. r. 

Carver, Charles E., '97. 

Cheney, Marshall Chipman, '09. 

Christopher, John Francis, P., '95. 

Clapp, Arthur Brett, P., '01. 

Clapp, Helen E (Mrs. C. A. Jenks), '01. 

Clark, Charles W., '99. 

Clark, William Nathan, D., '96. 

Clarke, Harold Asa, '07. 

Clausen, Jacob C., '98. 

Cline, Edgar Harris, '09. 

Cogswell, Mary Goddard, '06. 

Colliver, John Adams, M., '99. 

Cooper, Belle, '04. 

Cope, Maud Sarah (Mrs. F. S. Wilkie),'06. 

Cortelyou, Herman Polhemus, '09. r. 

Cox, George Edgar, D., '03. 

Cox, Minta Elmer, '09. 

Craig, William Talton, '89. 

Crawford. William Kay ,'02. 

Crocker. Fred Wilbur, '04. 

Curtis, Louis Woodson, '06. 

Daniels, Ralph, '99. 

Davis, Edward Livingston D '87 

Davis, William H., '90. 

Deamer, Armor Jean (Mrs. F. L. Carson), 

DeGarmo, George Curtis, L., '97. 

Dehn, William Henry, '05. 

Dick, Fred Austin, '04. 

Dickie, Walter Murray, '98- M '01 

Dickson, Edward A., ; 01. 

Dillon, Richard John, L., '96. 

Dodge, Florence Isabelle, '05. 

Donnell, Birney, '98. 

Downing, Joseph O., '00. 

Duncan, Francis Marion, P., '99 

Durbin, William Reese, '02. 

Dutton, Harry, P., '03. 

Earl, Austin Willmott, '06. b. 

Eaton, Orison Verde, L., '97. 

Eddy, Guy Walton, '01. 

Edelman, David William, '89. 

Ehrmann, Louise Caroline, '04. 

Ellis, Arthur MacDonald, '99. 

Ellsworth, Caroline D., '99. 

English, Walter Atheling, '10. 

Esterly, Calvin Olin, '02. 

Evans, Amos Otis, D., '05. 

Evans, George M., '08. 

Finlayson, Frank Graham, L., '85. 

Flood, Ethel Hume, '02. 

Foster, Robert A., '98. r. 

Foutz, Chester Lyal, P., '04. 

Fowler, Douglas Thomas, '69. 

Fox, Charles J., Jr., '95. 

Frick, Donald Jackson, M., '99. 

Frisius, Agnes, '01. 

Funk, Laura M. (Mrs. J. H. Byerley), '98. 

Gans, Faye L. (Mrs. P. B. Harris), '04. r. 

Gardner, Nathaniel Lyon, '03. 

Gates, Egbert James, '93. 

Gates, Howard B., '93. 

Gates, Mark Gorman, M., '10. 

Gilbert, Amy (Mrs. C. H. Bowman), D.,'96. 

Gillelan, Frank, '05. 

Gilmore, Mary H. (Mrs. Barnum), '94. b. 

Ginaca, Josephine P. L., '96. 

Cleaves, Archibald Duncan, D., '84. 

Goldberg, David, '97. 

Goodenow, Frank G., '01. 

Gould, Marietta, '09. 

Gray, Evangeline, '04. 

Green, Bertha, '00. 

Green, Jeannette, '05. r. 

Green, Luther H., '95. 

Greenfield, Juliet Ida (Mrs. R. Voorhies), 


Greth, August, M., '94. 
Griffin, Charles Henry, Jr., '10. 
Grubb, Thomas Elmer, M., '10. 
Hale, Winfield, '07. 
Hall, Bertha, '93. 
Hall, Harold Morris, '07. 
Halladay, Daniel Sawyer, '90. 
Hanlon, William Joseph, L., '05. 
Hansen, Andrew Christian, '03. 
Hardie, Ethel Jane, '03. b. 
Hartley, Joseph Alexander, '07. 
Harwood, Helen Louise, '97. 
Haskins, Samuel M., '93. 
Hnswell. William Clark, '00. 
Hawk, Jane Alice, '08. 


Hawkins, Louise Josephine (Mrs. E. B. 

Moore), '96. 

Hawkinson, Elva (Mrs. F. J. Carman), '04. 
Hecht, Grace A., '02. 
Heeney, Georgette, '10. 
Heller, Louis Charles, D., '04. 
Herskovits, Margaret, '06. r. 
Hewitt, Leslie R., '90. 
Hibbard, Lester Hudson, '09. 
Holder, Edith Marion, '10. 
Holladay, William Robin, D., '97. 
Holland, Christopher Franklin, L., '86. 
Hollzer, Harry Aaron, '02. 
Holmes, Anna Lucia (Mrs. L. H. Miller), 


Hoose, Helen L. (Mrs. J. B. Lillard), '01. 
Hunter, George Graham, '01; M., '06. 
Hyde, Edwin .Chandler, D., '92. 
Ickes, Eugene Law, '09. 
Jameson, Emma, '02. 
Johnston, Katherine Courtenay, '01. 
Johnston, M. Louise, '03. 
Jones, Florence M. (Mrs. G. C. DeGarmo), 


Jones, Hugh Shepard, '08. 
Jordan, Minnie Evangeline, D., '98. 
Jory, Henry J., '89. r. 
Kahn, Amy Cordelia (Mrs. Jos. P. Loeb), 


Keim, Wilbur Wells, P., '03. 
Kelsey, Arthur L., '83. 
Kelsey, Gertrude O. (Mrs. Charles Yerxa), 


Kierulff, Benjamin Franklin, '02. 
Kincaid, Freeman M., '96. 
Kitts, Leonard Tompskins, '03. 
Knepper, Lolo M., '00. 
Koethen (Mrs.), Jean Aldrich, '03. 
Kurtz, Joseph, M., '72. 
Kuster, Edward G., '00. 
Laubersheimer, George Ashby, P., '96. 
Leonard, Allan Langdon, '10. 
Levy, Elma Claire, '06. 
Levy (Mrs.), Sadie Ethel, '09. 
Lewis, Alice Maude, '02. 
Lindsay, Johnson Clemmons, '10. 
Lissner, Henry Hymen, M., '03. 
Lloyd, Warren Estelle, '95. 
Loeb, Joseph Philip, '05. 
Loewenthal, Max, '81; L., '84. 
Lundy, Estelle J. (Mrs. E. C. Price), '00. 
McCartv. Charles Chester, '80. 
McClaughry, Hull, '93. 
McClish, Clarke Loring, M., '04. 
McDill, George W., '99. 
McDill, Martha J., '01. 
McFie. Maynard, '07. 
McGarry, Patrick James, P., '00. 
McNab,' Thomas Reid, M., '03. 
McNeely, John Knox, '08. 
McNeile, Lyle Gillett, M., '10. 
McPherron, Grace Adams, '04. 
McReynolds, Isabel (Mrs. J. H. Gray), '07. 
Maas, Arthur Richard, P., '06. 
Mack, Arthur F., '90. 
Macneil, Sayre, '08. r. 
Magurda. Arthur Amsden, '02. 
Maeee, Ethel B., '03. 
M^ldonado. Edward, D., '87. 
Martin. Mary N. (Mrs. E. H. Tatum), 

'99. b. 
Martin, Melrowe Merrimus, '09. 

Matthieson, Henry Hans, '06. 

Mayberry, Edward L., '96. b. 

Merrill, Agnes Adams, '07. 

Meserve, Edwin A., L., '86. 

Metzler, Irving S., '04. 

Miller, Charles F., M., '74. 

Miller, Clinton E., '00. 

Miller, L. H., '98. 

Miller. William Penn, Jr., '91. 

Mills, Ethelwyn, '03. r. 

Montague, James Sears, D., '05. 

Moore, Alfred Finley, '08. r. 

Moore, Benjamin Franklin, P., '04. 

Moore, George Holmes, L., '02. 

Morrison, Albon Ray, '03. 

Muratt, Maud Imogen, '08. 

Murray, Olga, M., '10. 

Newlin, Gurney Elwood, '02. 

Newman, Harry Charles, D., '02. 

Newman, Olivia Ethel, '04. r. 

Newmark, Marco R., '02. 

Newmark, Robert, '02. 

Nishkian, Leon Hagop, '06. 

Noble, George O., '96. 

Noble, Mary Louisa, M., '96. 

O'Brien. John Henry, M., '96. 

O'Leary, Gertrude Genevieve, '06. 

Oliver, Bertha, '95. 

Oliver, Ernest W., '00. 

O'Melveny, H. W., '79. 

O'Melveny, Stuart, '10. 

Osborn, James Orland, '01. 

Palmer, Elizabeth Dav, '94. 

Parker, Ethel (Mrs. O. H. Spradling), '08. 

Parker, Virginia, '08. 

Petterson, Harold, '05. b. 

Pendleton, Cornelius Welles, Jr., '10. 

Phelps, Frank Warner, '00. 

Phelps, Robert William, '10. 

Pierson, Caroline Emma, '09. 

Pinkham, Helen Gertrude, '09. 

Pinkham, James Roy, '02. 

Pinkham, Walter H., '08. 

Powers, Edward Everett, L., '86. 

Putnam, Mary Perkins, '03. 

Ramage, Robert Courtland, P., '01. 

Reed, Charles Allen. '10. 

Reed, George, Jr., '77. 

Rees, Ethel Anne, '10. r. 

Rich, Frank Elmer, '90. r. 

Roberts, Jean Margaret, M.. '10. 

Robinson, Frances Oniska (Mrs. McCrellis). 


Robinson, George P., '92. 
Rosenberg, Josephine, '03. 
Ross, Bertha May, '06. 
Ross, Donald Harvey, D., '03, 
Ross, John Stewart, '02. 
Ross, Marv, '99. 
Ross, Minnie E., '98. 
Ross, Sarah Vida, '06. 
Ros, Sue Adele, '06. 
Roth, Leon Joseph, D., '96. 
Russell, Eleanor Mary (Mrs. Wm. O 

Hughes), '01. 
^alisburv. Alfred, '07. 
Salver. FMeen. '08. r. 
Satterwhite, John Woodward, L., '91. 
Sawyer, Edmund Houghton, '04. 
Scherb, Henrv Louis, P., '93. 
Schmidt, Walter August, '06. 
Scholl, Albert John, M., '90. 



Sessions, Bessie M. (Mrs. J. M. Pawley), 

Sessions, Walter Samuel, '01. 

Seyler, Charles, Jr., '99. 

Shafor (Mrs.), Esther, '04. 

Shartle, Velma Augusta (Mrs. H. L. Pow- 
ell), '09. 

Shaw, Arvin Benjamin, Jr., '10. r. 

Sherer, Albert, '95. 

Shults, Mabelle Harriet, '08. r. 

Sisson, George Henry, '08. 

Smith, Gertrude Almira (Mrs. A. J. Stew- 
art), '02. 

Smith, Harriette Wiggins (Mrs. McCut- 
chan), '02. 

Snell, Fanny Eliza, '01. r. 

Spalding, Raymond, '05. r. 

Spinks, Andrew Mosley, D., '05. 

Stafford, Adelaide Ely, '09. 

Stanton, Herbert Wesley, '07. 

Stanton, Thomas Elwood, '04. 

Stauffer, Roy Alton, P., '10. 

Sterns, Ella Maye (Mrs. P. Prendergast), 
'03. r. 

Stenger, Jesse Wilhelm, M., '10. 

Stock, William Simpson, P., '92. 

Stoddnrt, Evelyn Louise, '82. 

Stringfield, Vivian Felicia, '06. r. 

Stumpf, Victor Conrad, '05. 
Tavlor, Mabel Renee, '09. r. 

T.'i-rv, Edward Prentice, '09. r. 

Thacher, Philip Storer, '08. 

Thompson, Ira Francis, '09. 

Thompson, Lawrence Eaton, L., '87. 

Thorp, Lewis Sanborn, M., '96. 

Tower, Grace Ellen, '08. 

Tower, Ora Isaiah, M., '10. 

Trew, Neil Charles, M.. '98. 

Trueworthv, Thomas, P., '01. 

Tulh-r. \V alter Kimple, '08. 

Tylor. Archibald Ray, '10. r. 

Utter, John William, M., '10. 

Valentine, Louis Hnlett, L.. '87. 

VanDeerlin, Amy Gertrude (Mrs. E. A. 

Irish), "01. 

VnnDyke, Henry Seward, '93. 
VanDyke, William Martin, '78; L., '81. 
Variel, Clarence Leroy, '08. 
Variel. William J.. '88. 
Vosburg. Keith, '10. 
Walsh. Deborah Mabel. '09. 
Ward. Shiirlii- Jeannette (Mrs. R. R. 

W.-bb), '02. 

Wayne, Claude Arthur, '07. 
Wellborn, Olin, Jr., '04. 
Welhnnn. Earnest P., '98. 
Wheeler, Ira Danforth, '06. b. 
Whipple, Lou D. (Mrs. T. P. McCrea), '96. 
Whitaker, Reginald Emerson, '07. 
Whitlock, Robert Greenleaf. P., '01. 
Widney, Joseph Pomerov, M., '66. 
Wilkinson, Ellen (Mrs. O. Janssen), 01. 
Wilson, Emily May, '04. 
Wiltshire, Mary G.. '00. 
Winn, Mvra (Mrs. R. C. Daniels). '02. 
Wolcott, Lester Orin, '10. 
Wright, Charles Nicholson, '02. 
Yager, John Gallinore, '78. r. 
Yarnell, Esther Lea, '03. 
Young, Cora B., '00. 
Zuber, Augusta, '08. 


Thiercof, Emory Walter, P., '04. 
Wade, Henrietta Alice, '03. r. 


Barnett, Joseph, D., '99. 
Catton, Ethel Beaver, '01. r. 
Cilker, Martha Elizabeth, '03. r. 
Gilbert, Mary Louise, '06. 
Green, George Anthony., P., '93. 
Hunter, Walter Minor, P., '07. 
Johns, Thomas Edwin, P., '92. 
Sherman, Eleonora S., M., '84. 


Curts, J. G., '07. 

Nicholson, Edith (Mrs. W. H. Duncan), '04. 

Lynch, Katherine, '97. 


Lee, Esther Sophia, '03. b. 
l.fu'jre, Robert Thomas, P., '91; M., '99. 


Maxim, Harrv Ivan, '08. 
K-eve. Eva Mav, '07. b. 
Thompson, F. Mervyn, '06. 


Gilliam, John William, '08. r. 
.Johnson, May Belle, '01. 


Keyes. Charles Edwin, Jr., '07. b. 
MacNiohol, Alexander William, '08. b. 


Laughlin, Clvde B., M., '00. 
Stutt, John H., '98. b. 


Allen, Hugh Sidney, '07. b. 
Miller, Irving, '04. b. 
Stolder, Richard Berryman, L., '85. 

Laughlin, Grant Alexander, '95; L., '98. 

Ames, Fletcher, '02. 
Breneman, Fay Alice, '08. r. 
Chase, Martha Rosalind (Mrs. T. A. Mc- 

Mahon), '79. 
Fish. Grace E., '01. 
Fogg, Donald Eastman, '05. 
Heider, Frank B., P., '89. 
Hoey, Hilda Genevieve, '10. 
Hubbard, Harry Van Schareck, '07. b. 
Jones, Madison R., '95. 
McKensie, Alfred Bailey, L., '95; 
McMahon, Thomas Addis, '79. 
Postnikov, Fedor Alexis, '07. 
Swett. John (M. A. Honorary), '65. 
Van Duyne (Mrs.), Ede Hurd Mills, '09. 
Wittenmeyer, John L., '96. r. 
Wyatt, John O'Brien, '75. 


Belcher. Richard, L., '92. 
Carlin. William Henry, L., '90. 



Covillaud, Charles Julian, L.. '86. 

Derrickson, Clara Levina (Mrs. V. Burn- 
ham), '08. 

Dinsmore, Wallace, '80; L., '84. 

Doll, Charles Valentine, D., '04. 

Elliott, Roy Holliday, '06. 

Fehr, Mary Anna, '08. b. 

Forbes, Edwin Alex., L., '84. 

Grant, Allan H., D., '03. 

Hall, Feme, '08. b. 

Hathaway, Beverley Fobes, '04. 

Kline, Albert Evart, D., '04. 

Morehead, Roy Foley, D., '05. b. 

Ostrom, Earl Emmet, M., '07. 

Powell, Ruby, '04. 

Rubel, Charles Christopher, P., '95. 

Schilling, George E., D., '98. 

Soares, John Stanislaus, '01. 

Stanwood, Edward Babson, L., '99. 

Sullivan, John Lyons, D., '01. 

Swain, Ethel, '03. r. 

Swift, Godwin Bourne, '09. 

Wilkins, Nancy Lee, D., '02. 

Woodburn, Bernice Emilie (Mrs. R. H. 
Jones), '04. 


Arnold, Carl Eugene, '09. 
Fouch, Arthur John, P., '02. 


Elliott, D. Carter, D., '92. 
Morgan, Harry Dukes, P., '07. 

Humphrey, Winifred Electra, '10. 

Biedenbach, Charlotte Colby, '10. b. 


Davis, James Augustine, L., '05. 
DuPuy, Anson- A., M., '81. 
Gracier, Ruby E., '01. 
Rice, Candyce Ella (Mrs. H. W. Albee),'05. 

Packard, Sineretta, '04. 

Adams, Edwin Learned, '08. b. 


DeLaveaga, Joseph V., '00; L., '02. 
Leggett, Joseph W., '98. 
Pringle, Edward J., '92. 
Selzer, Elliott Edmund, P., '07. 


Arnoldy, Mary Josephine, '03. r. 

Baker, Kathryn, '06. r. 

Baxter, Elizabeth F. (Mrs. G. L. Vetterle), 

Chamberlain, Fenner Adolphus, '08. 

Cody, Nelson Lowell Adams, P., '81. 

Garrison, Noel H., '00. 

Greenwood, Wilfred Lawson, '06. 

Hartman, George W., '03. r. 

Henderson, Frederick W., '97; L., '98. 

Knox, James Walter, L., '81. 

McClure, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. G. A. Rob- 
inson), '09. 

Meany, Anthony Warfield, '05. 
Newman, Anna Mary, '06. 
Ostrander, Jasper Ellery, '08. 
Peck, Norman Sumner, D., '06. 
Perry, Georgia Sidney, '08. b. 
Rector, Elbridge Nelson, L., '95. 
Robinson, George Albert, '09. 
Robinson, Walter Hall, '05. 
Shaffer, Harold Stanley, '02. 
Smith, John Christopher, D., '04. 
Wright, William A., '91. 

Kelsey, Horace Greeley, '81. 


Hathaway, Alice Florence (Mrs. Edwin 
Riesche), '02. 

Davis, Harvey Lewis, '09. 

McCollough, Maxwell L., '00. 


Ebright, Harold Raymond, '05. 

Chevret, Antoinette C., '01. b. 
Henry, Helen Natalie, '03. 
Keep, Winthrop Leicester, '01 
Mower, Geneva Walker, '06. b. 
Robinson, Florence Horton, '09. 


Ackerman, Portia (Mrs. J. F. Forbes), '04. 
Barnett, Walter John, '87; L., '90. r. 
Bratton, Frederick O., '86. 
Breen, Peter Augustine, L., '98. 
Coddington, Mabel E. (Mrs. E. L. Wood), 


DeMerritt, Joseph Weymouth, P., '03. 
Falch, Otto E., Jr., '00. 
Harker, George Asa, M., '04. 
Hobson, Hazel (Mrs. John S. Bagg), '06". 
Hughes, Jerome A., M., '83. 
Kelley, Tracy R., '96. 
Kurlandzick, Schone Charlotte, '03. 
Lockwood, Frank Edgar, P., '98. 
Olney, Mary (Mrs. Louis Bartlett), '95. 
Symonds, Harry Clinton, '96; L., '99. 
White, Fillmore, D., '02. 
Wilson, Catherine E. (Mrs. Patrick H 

Ruddock), '87. 
Wood, Ernest Everett, '03. 
Woodland, Essie Belle, '96. 


Brauer, Oscar Leo, '10. 


Carter, Frank Melbourne, P., '05. 
Crane, Everett, '08. 
Cresalia, Anna Theresa, '06. b. 
Custer, Rollo Johns, '08. 
Evans, Claiborn W., M., '81. 
Fisher, Eugene I., '07. 
Fulkerth, Lurin William, L., '83. 
Griffin, Augustus, '06. 
Grove, William Caughlin, D., '93. 
Hatton, William Henry, L., '83. 



Husted, Guy Brown, D., '96. 

Maze, Elmer Baker, P., '01. 

Surryhne, Benjamin Franklin, M., '90. 

Turner, Guy Sylvester, P., '85. 

Turner, Rosa E. (Mrs. W. S. Bowker), D., 


Walthall, John Madison, L., '98. 
Wood, Charles Calvin, D., '94. 


Gilliam, John William, '08. 
Spalding, Raymond, '05. b. 


Adams, Francis Ellis, '06. 

French, Helen G. (Mrs. Wheeler), '98. 

Graham, Blanche Augusta, '03. 

Hampton, Gertrude H. (Mrs. Norman 
Smith), '00. 

Himebaugh, Nellie Maude (Mrs. D. E. Clo- 
ver), '03. 

McNeal, Bernice (Mrs. O. W. Bryant), '07. 

Monroe, Edna Catherine, '03. r. 

Neely, Gertrude Estelle (Mrs. G. Schwei- 
kart), '07. 

Schmierer, Amelia Amanda, '05. r. 

Schmierer, Mary Carolina, '05. r. 

Smith, Norman E., '00. 


Casaday, George H., D., '00. r. 

Cox, Edith P., '01. 

Deckelman, Carlotta Ruth (Mrs. Lawrence 

Spellman), M., '00. 
Gregory, Susan Myra, '06. 
Hall, Feme, '08. r. 
Thurston, Luella May, '08. b. 


Fisher, George Nathaniel, D., '06. 
Tallmon, Hester Ann, '04. 

Shira, Clara Iva, '07. r. 

Aitken, Wilhelmine Ellen, '10. 
Albrecht, Sebastian, '06. 
Hobe, Adelaide M., '99. b. 
Wright, William Hammond, '93. 


Byxbee, Edith S. (Mrs. C. R. Nott), '96. 
Gunzendorfer, Gustavo, L., '86. r. 
Nott, Charles P., '98. 
Robinson, Edward James, D., '09. 
Wagner, Louis, P., '08. 


Allen, Glenn L., '01. 
Aniser, Emilie, '97. 
Beard, Derrel L., '91. 
Beard, James Edgar, '88. 
Boggs, Frances Evans, '94. 
Boke, Henry John, '99. 
Bush, Franklin William, Jr., '07. 
Clark, Clarence D., '99. 
Cowley, Ida Marion, '08. 
Crees, Robert, M., '94. 
Easterby, Frank Gray, '78. 
Howard, Winfield Lee, P., '05. 
Kahn, Adolph J., P., '75. 

Knowles, Lilian Louise (Mrs. E. Dozier), 


Jaensch, Cora Helen, '08. 
McBain, James Alvah, D., '03. 
McManus, James Cleveland, D., '09. 
Melone, Henry C., '00. 
Norton, Clare Abbie, '08. r. 
Ogden, George Weston, M., '92. 
Pond, Milo Bushnell, M., '64. 
Prindle, Francis Elizabeth, '06. b. 
Schulze, Otto Theodor, '03; M., '07. 
Shoults, Robert Grafton, P., '98. 
Silva, Francis Manuel, L., '03. 
Smyth, Hilda, '06. 
Strohl, Elizabeth Bella (Mrs. F. M. Silva). 


Walkins, Frank Dilts, D., '98. 
York, John Tony, L., '92. 

Hadley, Edith May, '02. 
Hutton, Alegra, '00. 
Johnson, Halbert Theodore, '10. 
Johnson, Marjorie May, '10. 
Johnson, Myrtle Elizabeth, '08. 
Rice, Lilian Jeanette, '10. r. 

Yost, Paul Kirk wood, '09. b. 

Deaderick, Bertha Viola, '98. 

Barker, Edgar Earl, '06. 
Bradley, Mabel (Mrs. Legg), '95. 
Colt, Samuel, Jr., '95. 
Danforth, Sherman Edward, '07. 
Eastin, Alma, '08. 
Finnegan, George B., '97. 
Ivey, John Reed, D., '02. 
Jones, George Louis, '95; L., '97. 
Locklin, Curtis Brockway, .'01. 
Morgan, Alvah Nevada, D., '00. 
Mott, Nellie Crocker (Mrs. O. P. Jones). 


Murchie, Durrell Harland, D., '07. 
Nilon, Frank Thomas, L., '88. 
Pond, Harry Searls, '06. 
Rector, Gilbert J., '98. 
Searls, Fred, Jr., '09. 
Searls, Fred, '76. 

Weber, Frank Ferguson, '02. 

Burdick, Mary Lee (Mrs. J. W. Graham), 


Haley, Charles Scott, '07. r. 
Patterson, Henry H., '00. 
Rose, John Leonard, '05. r. 

Russell, Merrill Leo, '09. 


Barrett, Marquis de Lafayette, P., 'OJ. 
Howell, Catherine Byrd, '09. r. 
Sehnabel, Martin, M., '73. 
Skinner, Hazel Anna (Mrs. C. K. Sehna- 
bel), '06. 



Ball, Ivan Jay, '09. 


Armistead, Howell Vanable, M., '85. 
Edwards, John Henry, Jr., L., '94. 
Mays, William Henry, M., '73. 
Paden, Agnes May, '07. 
Root, William Darwin, '02. 
Whitby, George Alexander, '82. 


Clarke, James William, L., '98. 
Clarke, Mabel Sarah, '03: 
Crothers, Margaret Virginia, '07. 
Hudson, Bess Dale, '06. r. 
McKown, Charles Lemon, M., '03. 
Martenstein, Clarence E., '99. 
Mayhew, Florence M. (Mrs. J. C. Shinn), 


Shinn, Milicent W., '80. 
Stivers, Champion Dorsey, L., '92. 


Blake, Eliza S (Mrs. S. D. Thacher), '95. 

Bristol, Walter Watkins, '03. 

Chapman, Alice Mabyn, '05. 

Forsyth, Ruth Agnes, '09. b. 

Smith, Clara H., '98. r. 

Williamson, Talcott, '08. b. 

Wolfenden, Andrew McClellan, '01. b. 

Burness, Marion (Mrs. W. A,. S. Foster), '04. 


Chase, Catherine Winifred, '06. b. 
Gilbert, Lindley Dodge, '10. 
Harriman, Edith May, '10. 
Kedrolivansky, Elizabeth, '08. 
Nightingale, John Mercer, '05. 
Van Dervort, Katherine, '09. b. 


Abbay, William Henry, D., '96. 
Abbott, Carl Hewes, L., '91. 
Abraham, Ira, '99. 
Abreu, Joseph Alexander, P., '06. 
Ackerley, James C. S., '82. 
Ackermann, Grace W., '97. r. 
Agard, Arthur Floyd, '96. 
Aguirre, Louis Michael, P., '00. 
Alexander, Archie Addison, '02; M., '07. 
Allardt, Charles F., '88. 
Allardt, Frederick A., '88. 
Allen, Edith M., '00. 
Allen, Gertrude E., '00. 
Allen, Reginald Heber, D., '93. 
Ambrose, Thomas Edward, '05. 
Ansley, Florence Ramsen (Mrs. B. P. 

Kurtz), '05. 
Arlett, Elizabeth, '01. 
Arlett, Robert Gibson, '06. 
Armand, Emile Charles, P., '98. 
Armstrong, Albert M., '82. 
Ashley, Harold Harrison, '10. 
Austin, Stafford W., '86. 
Avres, Charles Stuart, D., '01. 
Axton, Frederick Richard, D., *95. 
Baker, George Livingston, '03. 
Baker, Ned Duncan, '09. r. 
Baker, Robert Stone, P., '06. 

Bakewell, John, Jr., '93. 

Bakewell, Thomas V., '95 ; L., '98 

Bakewell, Walter B., '01. 

Baldwin, Robert O., M., '85. 

Bammann, Emma Louise, '06. r. 

Bancroft, Helen Davis, '10. 

Bangle, Henry W., '01. 

Barham, Courtney, '02. 

Barnes, Charles Frederick, P., '07 

Barry, Frank, '10. 

Bartlett, Francis H., '97. 

Bartlett, Laura L. (Mrs. Wm. Haydn Ar- 

rowsmith), '96. 
Battles, Eugene, '10. 
Baxter, Frank Stanley, '10. 
Baxter, Harold Kelsey, '08. 
Bee, Prentiss Theodore, '03. 
Belknap, Roy Rider, '10. 
Bell, Jessie Muriel, '09. 
Bell, Traylor Wilson, '03; L., '05 
Bennett, Eleanor V., '96. 
Bigley, Winifred Henrietta, '03. 
Bilger, Frank W., P., '89. 
Bingaman, Joseph Wheeler D., '04 
Blowski, Alfred August, '10. 
Bonnemort, Edgar, '05. 
Booth, Edward, '77. 
Bowers, Blanche Alene, '09. 
Bowles, Philip Ernest, '82. 
Boyd, Cecil Alice, '10. 
Brecken, Frances (Mrs. Wilson S. Gould), 

Bradford, Alma Beatrice (Mrs. J. B. Ward), 


Breed, Herbert L., '00; L., '02. 
Brewer, Annie W., '95. 
Brewer, Henrietta F., '95. 
Bridges, Edith, '92. 
Briggs, Le Roy Hewitt, M., '081 
Broad, Charles Joseph., D., '10. 
Bromley, Marion, '94. 
Brooks, Clifton Edgar, '10. 
Brown, Albert Jacob, '99. 
Brown, Annie, L., '97. 
Brown, Everett John, '98; L., '01. 
Brown, Everett Somerville, '07. r. 
Brown, Spencer Cochran, Jr., '06. 
Bruce, Janet (Mrs. C. Macon) '94. 
Brunner, Elsie Fay, '09. 
Bryan, Vivian (Mrs. Charles R. Nelson), 

Buckingham, Kate Hamilton (Mrs. J. S. 

Koford), '07. 

Bunnell, Adelina (Mrs. Elliott), '93. 
Bunnell, George W. (M.A. Hon.), '66. 
Burgess, Helen Hortense (Mrs. F M. Simp- 
son), '08. r. 

Burpee, Mary Hazel (Mrs. Roy Baker), '10. 
Burroughs, Helen Rendall, '07. 
Burton, Will David, P., '00. 
Butler, Ralph Hatherly, '09. 
Butters, Charles, '79. 
Button, F. Lawrence, '76. 
Byrd, Pleasant Wightman, P., '05. 
Caig, Susan Elizabeth, '05. 
Calder, George James, '09. 
Campbell, Malcolm Edward, '10. 
Campbell, Mary M., '85. 
Cardwell, May Enid (Mrs. Edwin D. Lane), 

P., '07. ' 

Carey, Philip Martin, '04. 
Carlton, Harry Putnam, D., '86. 



Carrington, Paul Tulane, D., '96. 
Carruth, Irma Lillian, '04. r. 
Case, Horace Arthur, '06. 
Caskill, Percy DeWitt, D., '01. 
Cavagnaro, Joseph Francis, L., '82. 
Champreux, Emile Gustave, '08. 
Chappel, Harry George, D., '96. 
Chase, Samuel James, '06. 
Chickering, Allen Lawrence, '98; L., '01. 
Chickering, Martha Alexander, '10. 
Christensen, Edward E., '00. r. 
Christensen, Joseph Corbett, '00. 
Clark, Cosmor Beckwith, L., '91. 

Clark, Frederick H., '82. 

Clark, Lester Alma, '08. 

Clark, Thomas James, M., '99. 

Clark, William C., '99. 

Clough, Cora Ina, '97. 

Clow, Elizabeth Kenfleld, '09. 

Cockerton, Daniel Henry, D., '00. 

Coffin, Alice, '10. 

Coffin, Alice Worcester, '02. 

Coke, Paul Stirling, D., '93. 

Coleman. Silas E., '96. 

Collier, John Henry, Jr., '99. 

Collins, David Edward, '74. 

Collins, Edward Lacey, '80. 

Collins, Willis Harold, P., '98. 

Conradi, Carl Herbert, P., '98. 

Coogan, Albert Joseph, '06; L., '08. 

Cooley, Clara Mabel (Mrs. A. C. Aitken), 

Cooper, Mary S., '01. 

Corwin, Lewis Thornton, D., '04. 

Cotter, Mary Elsie, '07. 

Courtian, Gladys Dewey (Mrs. John Brit- 
ton), '10. 

Craig. Charles Francis, '97. b. 

Crandley, Ethel Mae, '10. 

Cromwell, Myrtle G., '04. 

Cross, Arthur D., '87. 

Cross, Ralph Herbert, L., '99. 

Crowell, Clarence Elwin, L., '94. 

Crowell, Mary, '07. 

Culver, Minnie Walker, '08. 

Cumberson, Grace Irene (Mrs. E. J. Grind- 
ley), '05. 

Davis', Frederick Bradford, D., '02. 

Davis, William Rude, '74. 

Dean, James Camp, D., '10. 

Decoto, Ezra William, '00; L., '02. 

de Fremery, Grace H., '91. r. 

de Fremery, James Leon, '82. 

De Golia, George Ellis, '77. 

de Laguna, Anita, '09. r. 

De Martini, Walter Joseph, L., '98. 

Dewing, Ethel Ruby. '04. 

Dewing. Pearl Martha. '04. 

Dibert, Jesse L., '00; L., '02. 

Dickie, George Edward, '06. 

Dockery (Mrs.), N. G., P.. '02. 

Dodds, Thomas Garfield, M., '07. 

Dolman, Annie L., (Mrs. L. D. Inskeep), 

Domonoske, Arthur Boquer. 07. 

Domonoske, Hazel Pearl, '08. r. 

Dorn, Winfield, '02. 

Dow, William Alonzo, '89. 

Dozier, Linwood, '10. 

Drake, Bryant Stillman, '02. 

Drinkwater, Sara Leoline (Mrs. J. F. Shu- 
man), '06. 

Dunbar, Esto Phoebe (Mrs. Ernest Lins- 
cott), '08. 

Dunbar, Sue Hodgdon, '03. 

Dunlap, Margie, '08. 

Dunn, Sara Evelyn, 08. r. 

Dunn, William Lawrence, M., '97. 

Durkee, Lillian M., '01. 

Dutton, David Cecil, '06. b. 

Dyer, Ernest I., '94. 

Earl, Guy C., '83. 

Earle, John Jewett, L., '04. 

Eastman, Thomas F., '98. 

Eby, Elizabeth (Mrs. D. E. Brown), '01. 

Edwards, Gurden, 07. r. 

Egenhoff, Rowland Leonard, '09. 

Eggert, Herman Arthur, D., '08. 

Ehrenberg, Agnes Therese, '10. 

Eliason, Andrew, Jr., '99. 

Elliot, Albert H., '91. 

Ellsworth, Oliver, '88; L., '91. 

Elvidge, George Ford, D., '02. 

Emerson, Mark Lewis, M., '99. 

Encell, Harry Albert, '07. 

Engelhardt, Catherine, '96. 

Epperson, John Clifton, '09. r. 

Evans, Elmer Ellsworth, D '04 

Evans, William Walter, '03. 

Everson, Elsie Jeannette, '05. 

Everett, John Carlton, '79. 

Farman, Charles Edward. D., '00 

Farnham, Ethel R.. '96. r. 

Farnham. Eugene Metcalf, '04. 

Farno, Alice Josephine, '02. 

Farrell, John Randolph, '74. 

Feibush, Nathan Julius, '02 

Fibush. Felix, '06. 

Fine, Henry Masten. M., '98. 

Finger, Clyde Pinckney, '07. 

I'is. hor, Hermann, '09. r. 

Fish, Lucia H., '99. r. 
Fisher, Grace M., '89. 
Fisher, Nelda Blanche, '08. 
Fisher, Ralph T., '01. 

Fitzgerald. Robert Mullins, L., '83. 

Flaherty, Martin C., '96. 

Fogg, George Everett, '78. 

Fogg, William Willis, '92. 

Foley, John William, P., '02. 

Frank. Laura J., '98. 

Frederick, Clarence John, D., '04. 

French, Howard West., D., '97. 

Frei, Louis Adolph, '07. b. 

Frick, Abraham Lincoln, L., '88. 

Frickstad, Flora O. (Mrs. B. S. Drake), '05. 

Frickstad, Walter N., '01. 

Fry, Gola Mav, '08. 

Gage, Edward C., '97. r. 

Gale, Leland Isaac. '01; L., '03. 

Gear, Lewis Sage, '02. 

Ghirardelli, Alfred, '06. 

Giamboni, Louis Alonzo, '05. 

Gibbs, Harriet E.. '98. 

Gilcrest, Charles Fletcher, '03. 

Gilson, Ray Edson, '94; D., '97. 

Goldman, George, '03. 

Goodman, Charles Dearborn, D., '06. 

Gowing, Frederick Augustus, '03. 

Grace, Helen M.. '98. 

Graham, Alice Edith, '05. 

Graham, Gilbert Fuller, D., '94. 

Grainger. Adelaide Orpha, '05. 

Graves, Walter H., '95. 



Gray, Annie, '08. 

Gray, Prentiss Nathaniel, '06. 

Gray, Sydney B., '08. 

Green, Maurice Louis, D., '01. 

Greene, Charles S., '86. 

Griffiths, Farnham Pond, '06. 

Grinnell, Emory Evans, '02. 

Griswold, Elizabeth (Mrs. G. H. Rowe), '98. 

Gross, Emma Virginie, '97. 

Gun, Elsie Harriet, '02. 

Hackett, Samuel Allston, D., '88. 

Hagan, Hugh Lawrence, '06. 

Haight, Henry Huntley, L., '91. 

Halbert, Martha Jewett, '10. 

Hall, Chaffie Earl, '10. 

Hall, Thomas Watson, D., '82. 

Halsev, Wilbur Hanford, D., '93. 

Hamilton, Milton S., '97. 

Hampel, Cora Elizabeth, '04. 

Hanna, Florence M., '98. 

Hardy, Lowell James, '66. 

Harman, Stella Fiske, '08. r. 

Harrier, Lewis G., '80. r. 

Harris, Mary V. E. (Mrs. C. B. Smith), '00. 

Hartung, Tillie Walter, '09. 

Hatch, John Davis, '97. 

Havens, Harry Roscoe, '80. 

Hawley, Mary Alice, '80. 

Hawley, Samuel Stuart, '05. 

Heath, Robert Benson, P., '00. 

Heider, William T., D., '90. 

Henderson, Fannie M. (Mrs. W. E. Beck), 


Henderson, Isabelle, '04. r. 
Hendricks, Bertha (Mrs. R. B. Runyon), 


Henry, Walter Hughes. '93 : L., '96. 
Higgins, Elsie Bell (Mrs. W. D. Burton), 

P., '00. 

Hill, Chelton, L., '05. 
Hilleeass, George W., '88. 
Hirsch, George Herman, '09. r. 
Hobart, Lawrence Edmund, '10. 
Hoffman, George Jacob, '95. 
Hoffman, Ross B., '95. 
Holland, Herbert John, '03. 
Hollister, Lottie M. (Mrs. G. B. Jacobs), 


Holmes, Thomas Blakenay, M., '94. 
Hood, John, '10. b. 
Hough, Bernadena Elizabeth, '08. 
Howard, Gary, L., '83. 
Howard, Edward Averett, '86. 
Howell, Kate R. (Mrs. L. T. Haskell), '93. 
Hovt, Alice Gardner, '10. 
Hubbard, Anita Giles, '01. 
Hudson, Roy Gage, L., '01. 
Hughes, Frances Augusta, '08. r. 
Hughes, Gladys Myfanwy, '08. 
Hunt, Milan Edward, '10. 
Hunter, Olin Rodney, D., '02. 
Huntley, Dwight Brunei, '75. 
Hus, Francois Louis M., D., 'OQ. 
Inkersley, Arthur. L., '90. 
Jackson, Edwin R., '96. 
Jackson, William John, P., '96; M., '98. 
Jacob, Elmer, P., '07. 
Jacobs, Belle Beryl, '10. 
Jaggard, Belmont Perry, '05. 
Jarvis, Charles Fitz-Howard, D., '97. 
Jasper, Oscar W., '82. 
Johns, Charles Tremenere, L., '83. 
Johnson, Ethel Alberta, '08. 

Johnson, Frank D., D., '97. 

Johnson Letitia E., '88. 

Jones, Ernestine Marie, '10. r. 

Jones, Oliver Worth, '08. 

Jones, Vera Copeland, '06. r. 

Jordan, Charles Henrv, '07. 

Juillerat, Ida Helen, '04. 

Jurgens, Charles Henry, D., '01. 

Jurgens, William Charles, '97. 

Kales, Arthur F., '03. 

Keenan, Clair Vernon, P., '98. 

Kellogg, Francis Bentley, ',05. b. 

Kellogg, Louise, '01.' 

Kenneally, Thomas Clement, P., '07. 

Kerfoot, Lee Sylvester, '01. 

Kergan.William Wesley, Jr., '10. 

Kessler, Isaac, '06. 

Keyes, Charles Edwin, Jr., '07. 

Keyes, William Reed, '10. 

Kimball. Herbert Leonard, '03. 

King, George Ernest, '06. 

King, Sarah Edith, '08. 

King, Stanley Lyman, '10. 

Kittrelle, Reginald Wayne, '06. 

Kleinhammer, William Robinson, P., '05. 

Klinker, Frederick S., P., '00. 

Knapp, Moses Arthur, '87. 

Knight, Robert S., '88. 

Knox, Bertha D., '97. 

Knox, Henry Burton, D., '01. 

Koford, Henning, M., '04. 

Kofoid, Joseph Sidney, '06. 

Krause. Frederick Low, P., '84. 

Kroll, Effie Evelyn, '05. 

Kronquist, Alena Wilhelmina (Mrs. A. A. 
Newman), '06. 

Kurtz, Benjamin P., '01. 

Lamoureux, Eva, '07. 

Lane, Sophie D., '94. 

Laney, Linn Meade, '09. 

Lang, Frederick Clinton, P., '07. 

Lang, Herbert Oliver, '75. 

Lanz, Paul Ruhnke, M., '99. 

Leach, Abraham Powell, L., '95. 

Leach, Edwin R., '01. 

Leach, Harry E., '07. 

Leber, Albert Louis, P., '84. 

Lee, Elsie B. (Mrs. F. C. Turner), '89. 

Lee, Jessie, '10. 

Leet, Robert Andrew, P., '91. 

Levy, Juilette, '07. 

Lew, Sophia Hazel. 

Ligda, Paul, '04. 

Ligda, Vladimir Victor, '04. 

Linscott, Harry A., '99. 

Lindsey, Earle Garfield, '08. 

Livingstone, Florence B., '00. 

Long, Emma Marian (Mrs. E. W. Steb- 
bins), '02. 

Loobliner, Edwin, '06. 

Luke, Florence Elizabeth, '06. 

Lukens, George Russell, '89; L., '92. 

Lundy, Wilson Thomas, '07. r. 

Lynam, William Edward, '06. 

L-<-on, Harvey Blanchard, '05. 

MacBoyle, Errol, '03. 

McClymonds, Ethelynd H. (Mrs. D. Kin- 
sell), '99. 

McCracken, Augusta Miranda, '93. 

McCracken, William James, D., '02. 

McCreary, Howard Daniel, L., '02. 

McDonald, John Joseph, L., '94. 



McDonald, Lena F. (Mrs. F. T. Wilkin- 
son), '99. 

McDonald, Paul, L., '93. 

McDowell, Bessie, '10. 

McDowell, William Carson, '08. r. 

McFarlin, Herbert Samson, '91. 

McGraw, Edith Anna, '09. 

Mclntosh, Raymond Pierce, '08. 

McKee, Robert Linington, '70. 

McKee, Samuel Bell, Jr., L., '83. 

McMath, John Fred Oroville, D., '01. 

McMenamin, Malachi William, P., '99. 

McMillan, Elizabeth D., '00. 

McVey, John L., '98. 

Macdonald, Margaret Gregory, '07. 

Madden, Maud, '99. 

Maddocks, Frederick Thornton, '09. 

Madsen, Rasmas Hansen, M., '01. 

Magee, Frederick E., '97. 

Magee, Harry Ellis, '01. 

Magerstadt, Paul Erwin, '09. 

Maisel, Owen Lionel, '10. r. 

Majors, Ergo Alexander, M., '02. 

Mansfield, Thomas D., '00; M., '08. 

Marcuse (Mrs.), Emmy, '06. 

Margeson, Eva E., '99. 

Mariotte, Louis Paul. D., '98. 

Markwart, Arthur Hermann, '03. 

Marshall, Lilla Ames, '08. 

Marston, Ethel G. (Mrs. Charles C. Lacy), 

Martens, Elise Henrietta, '06. r. 

Matthews, Harold Pierce, '06. 

Maxwell, Lucy, '03. 

Maxwell, Mary G., '98. 

Meads, Albert" Manson, '06; M., '08. 

Meads, Harold W., '98. 

Medbery, Millis C. (Mrs. William Reed), '83. 

Mehlmann, Elsie, '98. 

Mehrtens, Arthur Richard Herman, P., '05. 

Mi-in. William W., '00. 

Melvin, Henry Alexander, '89; L., '92. 

Merritt, Ralph Palmer, '07. 

Metcalf, George D., L., '81. 

Meyer, Frederic William, I).. '07. 

Milledge, Vincenza Catherine, '01. 

Miller, Bernard P., '97. 

Miller, Harry E., '85. 

Miller, Jennie Ellen (Mrs. C. P. Finger), 
'07. r. 

Miller, John Walter, '98. 

Milton, Joseph Leo,, M., '91. 

Mitchell, Flora E., '99. 

Mobley, Warren Guice, D., '89. 

Moffitt, James K., '86. 

Mohr, Paul John, '96. 

Moller, Ernestine Emilv, '09. 

Moore, Carmen (Mrs. W. Starr). '98. 
Morey, Charles Leonard. D., '98. 

Morgan, Avery, '98. 

Morgan, Emma (Mrs. H. H. North), '97; 
L., '02. 

Morgan, Julia, '94. 

Morgan, Ross, '91. 

Morison, Harry Clay, L., '04. 

Morrison, Francis R., '00. 

Morrow, Jas. A., '79. 

Morrow, Marian Kirkham. '06. 

Morrow, Varina Pearl (Mrs. Ralph Mer- 
ritt). '05. 

Morse, Fred Wellington, '78: M., '91. 

Mosher. Gertrude Lucile, '04. 

Mount, Harvey Buteau, P., '07. 

Mountain, Frank, '10. 

Miiller, Henry, '04. 

Munsell, James Roy, '03. 

Munsen, Howard E., '00. 

Nelson, Edmund, L., '07. 

Nelson, Oscar, '09. 

Nichols, Edith Elizabeth, '05. 

Mopel, Frederick George, P., '07. 

Norman, Caswell Lane, '10. 

Nutting, Elsie, '02. r. 

O'Connell, Alice, '05. 

O'Connell, Ella J., '00. 

Ogden, Marguerite, '10. 

Oliver, Roland L., '00. 

Olney, Ethel, '97. 

Olney, Thomas M., '97. 

Orrick, Murray S., '02. 

Orrick, Oliver Summerfield, Jr., '05. 

O'Rourke, William, D., '94. 

Osgood, Warren Decoto, P., '06. 

Osmont, Vance Craigmiles, '00. 

Otero, Anita, '09. 

Palmer, Albert Wentworth, '01. 

Parcells, Charles E., '95. 

Pardee, George Cooper, '79. 

Parker, Ada H. (Mrs. L. S. Gear), '99. 

Parker, Chalen Rogers, '02. 

Parrish, Sue (Mrs. Otto Tinnemann), '05. 

Patterson, Harriet Hazelton, P., '06. 

Pearce, Webb Nicholson, '76. 

Pendleton, Erastus Otis, P., '98. 

Pettis, Alma Fancher, '04. 

Pheby, Frederick S., '93. r. 

Pheby, Thomas Bailey, Jr., '95. 

Phelps, Roger S., '97. r. 

Phillips, Horace Pease, '03. 

Plunkett, James Arthur, D., '97. 

Pond, James H., '84. 

Potts, Mabel Elizabeth, '10. 

Powell, Alvin, M., '08. 

Powell, Eva, '01. 

Powell, Helen, '02. 

Powell, William Arthur, '02; L., '06. 

Pownall, Joseph Benjamin, '83. 

Price, William Edmund, D., '83. 

Quinn, James George, L., '97. 

Ramsden, Charles Harold, '09. 

Randall (Mrs.), Lottie Aurelia, '08. r. 

Redington, Lena Martha, '97. 

Reed, Benjamin W., '02. 

Reed, George William, '72. 

Reed, Ivan Grover, '07. 

Reed, Mary Elizabeth, '05. 

Reynolds, Louis E., '97. 

Rice, Edward J., M., '99. 

Rice, John Roscoe, '08. 

Richardson, Ethel Bancroft, '05. 

Rickley, Edith M.. '07. 

Riley, Zoe (Mrs. E. Dyer), '07. 

Rix, Edward Austin, '77. 

Robertson, Owen Henry, '03. 

Robinson, Harrison S., '00. 

Rockwell, Carolyn, '10. 

Rode, Walter Edward, L., '99. 

Rodolph, Frank Irwin, D., '04. 

Rodolph, George Walter, D., '87. 

Roland, Eugene Wellington, '01. 

Rose, John Leonard, '05. r. 

Rowell, Clarence Fellows, '02. 

Rowell, Joseph Arthur. '03. 

Rowell, Joseph Cummings, '74. 



Rubottom (Capt.), Holland, '99. b. 

Ruch, Lutie Adele, '96. 

Ruch, Mabel F. (Mrs. H. S. Robinson), '00. 

Rudolph, Charles Theodore, D., '85. 

Rued, John Conrad, Jr., '07. 

Rued, Lulu (Mrs. H. M. Webster), '01. 

Rutherford, Walter Scott, M., '03. 

Samuels, Mervyn Joseph, L., '07. 

Sanborn, Abby Delina, '03. 

Sanborn, Edgar Madison, '06. 

Sanborn, William Kelley, M., '93; P., '88. 

Satterwhite, William Thomas, L., '94. 

Saxe, Frederick Judson, D., '85. 

Schaefer, Victor Louis, P., '98. 

Schilling, Carl, '99. 

Schneider, Emma V., '97. 

Schulze, Edith Marie, '03. 

Schwartz, Milton Harry, '01; L., '04. 

Scudder, John Henry Hedley, P., '05. . 

Scupham, Elizabeth Mitchell (Mrs. B. J. 
Smith). '01. 

Selby, Edith, '02. 

Sellander, Amelia, '05. 

Sellander, May L., '00. 

Shay, Frank Willis, '06. 

Shannon, Emma Catherine, '09. 

Shaw, Eugenia L., '95. 

Shay, Frank, L., '89. 

Sherman, Andrew Fairchild, '07. 

Shreve, Mary S. (Mrs. F. M. Parcells), '01. 

Shuey, Clarence A., '05. 

Shuey, Granville Eugene, D., '87. 

Shuey, Sarah Isabel, '76; M., '78. 

Shuman, John Franklin, '06. 

Simmons, William Henry, D., '84. 

Simonds, Ernest H., '93. 

Skimming (Mrs.), Nannie F., '99. 

Skinner, Elizabeth Jackson (Mrs. G. V. 
Hicks), '01. 

Slavich, John Francis, M., '04. 

Slicer, Sue Stone (Mrs. M. Wilsey), '07. 

Smilie, Erne Innes, '07. 

Smith, Katherine Forman (Mrs. L. M. Tur- 
ner). '04. 

Smith, Kirby Barnitz, P., '90. 

Smith, Stanley James, '03; L., '05. 

Smittle, Laura Elizabeth, '06. r. 

Smyth, Walter Joseph, D., '98. 

Snow, Edith Fern, '06. 

Spagnoli, Urbano Giovanni, P., '99. b. 

Spaulding, William H., '99. 

Spencer, Otto, '08. 

Stalder, Joseph Mehlert, D., '98. 

Stalder, Walter, '04. 

Star, Walter A., '97. 

Stebbins, Elwyne Wilfred, '01. 

Stetson, John W., '93. 

Stevens, Harry Thomas, '02. 

Stewart. George Henry, D., '98. 

Stipp, Ethel, '08. 

Stockwell, Alma E. (Mrs. W. G. Needham), 

Stoer, Emma (Mrs. C. L. Barham), '02. 

Stone, Bertha Irene, P., '94. 

Stone, Earle Ahneron, '99; M., '03. 

Stone, Leonard, L., '94. 

Stone, Luella (Mrs. Swauger), '89; M., '92. 

Stout, Herbert Arthur, '05. 

Stratton, Frederick Smith, L., '81. 

Strowger, Florence R. (Mrs. Chris. H. 
Hjul), '06. 

Sturges, Lorena Alice (Mrs. F. S. Markey), 

Sullivan, Clarke, '07. 

Suliyan, Harry Francis, D., '93; L., '01. 

Sullivan, Lena (Mrs. J. A. Basham), '07. 

Sullivan, Minnie I., '95. 

Sunderland, Laura Grace. '09. 

Sutherland, Robert Thomas, '06; M., '08. 

Sutton, John Richard, '03. 

Sylvester, Florence Mabel, M., '07. 

Symmes, Edwin Joseph, '09. 

Taggart, Harold James, P., '03. 

Tasheira, Arthur G., '00. 

Taylor, Henry B., '87. 

Taylor, Margaret Wyman, '06. 

Taylor, Ralph Hawley, '10. r. 

Thayer, Philip Rawthmall, '98. 

Thomas, Mabel Winnfred, '01. 

Thompson, James G., '91. 

Thurston, Eugene T., Jr., '95. 

Tiffany, Edward Vester, M., '94. 

Tinnemann, Otto, '05. 

Tobriner, Isaac, '93. 

Tomkins, George Henry, D., '97. 

Townsend, Charles E., '90; L., 03. 

Treat, Sarah B. (Mrs. G. R. Child), '85. 

Trefethen, Eugene E., '99. 

Tripp, Mildred, '09. 

Turner, Frederick C., '87. 

Tuttle, Orrie L. (Mrs. J. J. Murphy), '97. 

Tyrrell, Mary Winifred, '01. 

Upton, Edward Albright, D., '97. 

Van Sant, Robert Hays, Jr., '07. 

Vickerson, John Irving, M., '05. 

Vickery, Frederick Paul, '05. 

Von Adelung, Edward, '89; M., '92. 

Wachs, Harold, P., '98. 

Wachs, Martin, D., '97. 

Wager, Elry Jay, '01 

Wallace, William Carlton, L., '88. 

Ward, Helen Elizabeth, '08. r. 

Ward, Joseph Walter, Jr., L., '83. 

Watkins, Ethelinda Slee, '05. 

Weaver, Bonita, '03. r. 

Weaver, Charlote Reed, '04. 

Weber, Shirley Howard, '07. 

Wedd, Sarah Antoinette (Mrs. A. W. Pal- 
mer), '04. 

Weeks, Florence Elizabeth, '09. 

Wentworth, Mary Malvina, '10. 

Westlake, Leonard John, P., '91. r. 

Weston, Charles Sawtelle, D., '88. 

Wetmore, Clarence Jesse, '73. 

Wheeler, Roswell S., '96; L., '99. 

Wherry, Edith Margaret, '07. b. 

White, Carlos Greenleaf, '04. 

White, Earl David, '05. 

White, Grace Pauline, '10. 

White, James Taylor, M., '88. 

Whitehead, Louise Hinckley, '01. 

Whitehead, Rachelle D., '97. 

Whitehead, Virginia, '04. 

Whitton, Charles Abel, '10. 

Whitton, William Wakefield, '05. r. 

Wilcox, Sidney Warren, '05. 

Wilcox, Wilbur J., M.. '85. 
.Wilkins, Frederick Ellis., D., '03. 

Wilkins, Hazel Eileen, '09. 

Wilkinson, John Francis, '87. 

Williams, Rolley F., '09. 

Williams, Wirt Carleton, P., '06. 

Wilson, Charles J., '98. 



Wilson, Homer Miller, '96. 

Wilson, Maude Eunice, '08. r. 

Winton, Henry Nelson, M., '85. 

Wolfenden, Andrew McClellan, '01. r. 

Wooll, Charlotte, '08. 

Wright, Gertrude Fannie Yenning (Mrs. S. 

B. Wright), '06. 
Wright, Samuel Bruce, '03. 
Wulzen, Rosalind, '04. r. 
Wythe, Alice Belle, '02. 
Wythe, Margaret Wilhelmina, '10. 
Wythe, Willson J., '95. 
Zander, Mattie Warren, '08. r. 
Zeitfuchs, Emil Albert, '09. 


Hambleton, Walter Davidson, D M '02. 
Sublette, Lineus Bowlin, '07. 


Hausen, Anna Louise, '10. 

Newton, Alice May, '10. 

Nruton, Fred, '09. 

Rivard (Mrs.), Elizabeth Elkins, '04. 

Blair, Roy Whiteford, '10. b. 

Peterson, Otto Wallace, '04. b. . 

Blacksill, James, '10. 
1 .In. Mary Anna, '08. r. 


Beckingsgale, Winnifred May, '06. 
Blacker, Olive (Mrs. Howard Gaines), '08. 
Booth, Franklin, '88. b. 
Cornish, Josephine Helena, "06. 
1-Vi-nan, Mary Kva. '06. r. 
Gaines, Howard Rixon, '09. 
Noble. Ralph Claire, '05. 
Mu'piird, Frank Glyde, P., '07. 


Bishop, Roy Knight, '00. r. 
Hammack, Eleanor S. (Mrs. R. C. North- 
cross), '00. 

Paxton, Euphemia S., '10. 
Stoner, Peter Winebrenner, "10. r. 


Jarvis. Mabel Irene (Mrs G. E. Rawlins), 

Lovett, William Bottimore, M., '83: 

Armstrong, Gladys A. (Mrs. H. M. Leg- 

gett), '09. 

Boynston, Leila Bell, '05. 
Clifford, Reginald G., '05. 
Estep, Ray King, '07. 
Gibson, Martin Rensaeller, P., 91. 
Graham, Hubert James, D., '02. 
Jennings, Annie Marie (Mrs. H. A. Klue> 

gel), '02. 

Jones, George Foster, '06. 
Kurtz, Texaina T., '99. 
Lepper, Elmer, '10. 

Macfarlane, Donald Burt, '09. r. 
Mansfield, George C., '02. 
Nelson, Edna B., '09. r. 
Reardon, Thomas B., M., '82 
Rock, Peter, P., '97. 
Trunnell, Orville, '10. 
Weihe, Otto Albert, P., '89. 
Whiting, Eugene Carlisle, P., '93. 


Cummings, Philip Stephen, D., '00. 
Gabbert, John Raymond, '07. 
Lee, Herbert, '03. 
Motter, Elaine, '06. r. 
Muller, Marie I., '98. 

Zaniboni, Amelia Agnes, '10. r. 

Elliott, Clarence Eli, '10. 
Heacock, Lulu, '92. 
McNair, Anna Agnes, '03. 
McQuilkin, Eston Rush, D., '02. 
Neighbor, Gilbert Franklin, '06. 
Scott, Lewis Ensign, '08. 
Shepardson, Lucia, '06. 
Williams, John Jarvis, D., '99. 


Baldwin, Caroline Willard (Mrs. C. T. Mor- 
rison), '92. 

Campbell, Royal Hilton, '08. 

Dibble, Wenona L. (Mrs. Edward Acklev). 

Drew, Elmer R., '88. 

Gaines, Clarence A., '03. 

Hall, Benjamin Fred, P., '89. 

Houston, William H., '99. 

Jones, Clara Hilyard (Mrs. J. S. Cone), '01. 

Mount, Lucy C., '10. 

Parsons, James Edwards, P., '08. 

Place, Lloyd Mills, D., '03. 

Reynolds, Harry Glendenin, D., '97. 

Reynolds, Helen Grace, P., '96. 

Reynolds, Robert Galiner, Jr., M., '03. 

Scofield, Mabel Salome (Mrs. B. Thomas), 

Stanley, George Arnold, '79. 

Thomas Benjamin, M., '01. 

WariuT, Carl M., '99. 

White, Dagmar (Mrs. Gaines), '05. 

Wilson (Mrs.), Harriet Louisa, '08. r. 

Wright. Ethel Emily Cooper (Mrs. Allen 
Peek), '07. 

Adams, Julian, '05. 
Allin, Charles A., '94. 
Babcock, Harold Delos, '07. 
Behr, Ernest Edward, '10. r. 
Bentz, Otto, '00. 
Bryant, Harold Child, '10. 
Burnett, Mary L. (Mrs. A. S. King), '02. 
Callender, Ernest Glen, P., '91. 
Cooke, Reginald Bancroft, '09. r. 
Craig, Marian Frances, '07. 
Craig, Marion Elsie, '04. 
Craig, Volney H., '98. 
Curtis, Gertrude Pearl (Mrs. C. E. Dur- 

rell), '04. 
Devo, Jennie Mabel, '04. 



Fell, Ruby Gertrude (Mrs. C. E. Peck), '03. 

Gearhart, Edna, '01. 

Gearhart, Frances H., '00. 

Hatfield, Edith Alice (Mrs. S. B. Marston), 


Hay, Florence, '06. 
Henderson, Robert H., '02. 
Irvin, Donald Forsha, '06. r. 
Johnson, Verne Elwin, '10. 
Johnson, Alice Waddell, '06. 
Jones, Sybil Eliza, '05 ; L., '06. 
Judy, Clinton Kelly, '03. 
Kelso, Olive White, '06. 
Kimball, Alice, '00. 
King, Arthur S., '99. 
Livesey, John Jay Viets, '06. r. 
McCoy, Alva D. S., '96. 
Mathis, Earle Howard, '07. 
Miller, Florence, '01. 
Morin, James Wheeler, '05. 
Owen, Earnest A., '97. 
Parker, Emma Estella, '01. 
Parker, Grace Miles (Mrs. W. T. Olney), 


Rau, Jessie Lucile, '06. 
Rau, Lura Church, '06. r. 
Seares, Fred H., '95. 
Stout, Minnie Lee, '05. 

Taylor, Irene (Mrs. A. S. Heineman), '01. 
Thornburg, Lulu Eugene, '07. 
Tichnor, Gertrude Esther, '03. 
Twinting, Katherine Bird, '06. 
Van Ornum, Samuel Judson, '03. 
Walker, Clifford Black, '06. 
Webster, Grace (Mrs. J. M. Williams), '97. 
Weight, Erie Martin, '02. 


Blackburn, Frederick John, P., '02. 
Booth, Frank Johnson, '04. r. 
Booth, Fred George, P., '02. 
Cummings Edna Mae (Mrs. M. R. Yan 

Wormer), '03. 

Dresser, Ralph Orlando, M., '01. 
Powers, Edward Augustus, '01. 
Van Wormer, Maurice Richard,; '04. 


Blackburn, Daniel Edward, D., '00. 
Davidson, Winn William, '05. 


Atwater, Frank Hinman, '80. 
Baugh, Hubert Gordon, '03. b. 
Bowles, Frank Herbert, P., '05. r. 
Carter, Frank Martin, P., '00. 
Denman, Frank Hardenbergh, '77. 
Dinwiddie, James L., '95. 
Edelmann, George Louis, P., '97. 
Everett, Elizabeth Abbey, '09. 
Geary, Warren Florimind, P., '00. 
Goatley, George Armisted, '10. 
Gulielmetti, Henry Louis, L., '05. 
Hall, Walter Corey, D., '02. 
Hunt, Hester Mary, '05. r. 
Kendall, Edith Mabel (Mrs. J. L. Dinwid- 
die), '01. 

McGuire, Thomas Talbot, P., '01. 
Mazza, Joseph Henry., D., '05. 
Merritt, Lyle, '03. r. 
O'Brien, John Thomas, M., '96. 
Olmsted, John Alex., '03. 

Peoples, John W., D., '02. 

Peoples, Stuart Zeno, M., '04. 

Phillips, Frank Henry, D., '92. 

Pilkington, Gladys, '09. r. 

Schluckebier, Elsa, '07. r. 

Shaw, Henry Howard, D., '92. 

Sweed, Mabel Constance, '05. 

Tibbitts, Arthur Livingstone, D., '95. 

Urban, Kurt, M., 83. ,.;.- 

Winkler, John, '02. 


Anderson, Jessie Mabel (Mrs. B. East- 
wood), '96. 

Bosqui, Francis L., '88. 

de Fremery, William, '99. 

Ede, William, 99; L., '01. 

Everett, Wallace W., '97. 

Gilman, Charles Daniels, D., '96. 

Gray, Elizabeth Florence (Mrs. F. W. Pot- 
ter), '96. 

Kempkey, Augustus, Jr., '02. 

Knopf, Norman, '08. 

Pillsbury, Warren Hobart, '09. 

Richardson, Galen A., P., '08. 

Schaerer, Louise, '09. 

Sherman, Vida L., '97. 

Shuey, Herbert Stanley, '09. 

Sutro, Oscar, '94. 

Warner, Roy Elon, '07. 

Watters, Frieda Josephine (Mrs. R. E. 
Warner), '08. 

Wickson, Ednah H. (Mrs. W. F. Kelly), '98. 


Aiken, Perley Bosworth, D., '98. 
Theller, I. H., '08. 


Morong, Frederick L., '01. 


Bailey, Irving Rattan, D., '03. 
Fernandez, Manuel, M., '00. 


Hehsel, Ellen McKay (Mrs. I. J. Bauder), 


Arnot, Nathaniel Dubois, '69. 
Bennett, Juliet, '10. 
Blair, Roy Whiteford, '10. r. 
Crawford, Bertha Elizabeth, '06. 
Fairchild, Leon Hillaire, P., '09. 
Fitch, Oscar Plank, D., '95. 
Fox, Albert S., P., '89. 
Fox, J. Ernest, P., '92. 
Hooper, Burt Everett, '99. 
Irwin, Fred, L., '83. 
Jones, Adial Sabin, P., '95. 
Neighbor, Jacob Lyman, '04. 
Rantz, Stephen Heister, M., '93. 
Sumner, Charles Maurice, D., '97. 
Witmer, John, P., '00. 
Zwisler, Charles Albert, L., '83. 

Bleuel, Davida S., '09. 
Casterson, Harry John, '08. 
Rice, Martha Bowen (Mrs. H. W. Furlong), 



Neto, Joseph Rafael, D., '05. 
Paulson, A. J., '00. 

Bailey, Mark Grover, D., '09. 
Deininger, Marguerite, M., '02. 
Helms, Walter T., '99. 
Needham, Beatrice, '06. 
O'Brien, Edward William, D., '01. 
Sprangler, Thomas Henry, P., '10. 
Tucker, Bert X., '03. 


Allen, Frederick Madison, '02; M., '07. r. 
Bowers, Jessie Lehmer, .'08. 
Burke, Nellie Estelle, '04. 
Clark, Bruce Lawrence, '09. r. 
-Cross, Helen Lee (Mrs. C. E. Handyshel), 

Decker, Ellen Isabel (Mrs. L. P. Norton), 


Dodson, Eugene Morri, D., '95. 
Edinger, Oscar Harrison, P., '01. 
Fleming, Francis Xavler, P., '01. 
Friedrich, Laura Wilhelmina, '06. b. 
Jones, Harold McKeen, D., '87. 
Huntoon, Carolyn L (Mrs. E. T. Palmer), 


McComas, Maud Pearl, '05. 
Metkiff, Guenevere, '99. 
Mock, Viola (Mrs. J. W. Joos), '06. 
Newby, Thomas Sherman, P., '84. 
Pitzer, Russell Kelly, L., '03. 
Richmond, Charles Pierce, '02. 
Sanborn, Bertha, '00. 

Sanborn, Flora A. (Mrs. R. K. Pitzer), '02. 
Stokes, Charles Morris, '10. 

Williams, Elsie Grace, '10. 


Burnett, Edith An way (Mrs. C. O. Premo), 

Carpenter, Byron Leonard, D., J 95. 

Claubes, Todd Cornelius, P., '05. 

Francis, Mary Christine <Mrs. T. C. Clau- 
bes), '06. 

Knupp, Reginald, '09. 

Leslie, William Walter, D., '05. 

Michener, Harold, '08. 

Premo, Charles Oliver, '06. 

Premo, W. E., '99. 

-Rigden, Effie Josephine (Mrs. Harojd 
ener), '05. 

White, Howard Collins, '01. 

Willson, Isabelle, '06. r. 

Heise, Arthur Roy, 'G. 

Eckart, Nelson A., '99. b. 
Hawn, Elizabeth Berdina, J OT. t>.. 
Hopkins, Thomas P., M., '80. 

Struckmeyer, Milton Freema*, J 10, 

gabelinan, Marie. '10, 

Borden, Fred Wallace, L., '99. 

Harris, Frank Mason, '10. 

Fry, Carl H., '07. 

Schafer, Kathryn Bernardine (Mrs. C. H. 
Fry), '08. 


Allbright, Frederick Harrison, D., '90. 
Bransford, Laura Lee, '07. 
Brooks, Ira Phipps, P., '07. 
Cameron, James Strong, M., '68. 
Godbolt, Nellie B. Kathleen, '10. 
Longabaugh, Rodolph Ignatius, M., '03. 
McGarger, Richard, D., '90. 


Barber, Joseph Edwin, '85. 
Chenoweth, Orr M., L., '07. 
Dunn, Jessie Alice, '06. 
Frickey, Royal Evarol, '06. 
Kennedy, Mary Agnes (Mrs. F. E. Carr), 


Potter, Frederick Wallace, D., '05. 
Powell, Walter Corwin, P., '95. 
Reed, Clarence Ellsworth, M., '83. 
Ricciardi, Nichols Amerigo, '07. 
Simpson, Alice Elizabeth, '09. b. 
Stevenson, Benjamin E., M., '77. 


Ashby, Sara C., '09. r. 

Ellis, Alfred Thomas, Jr., '05. 

Elston, Charles Allen, '97. 

Haskell, Robert Mason, '10. 

Hill, Howard Gilman, M., '03. 

Hinckley, Meda, '02. 

Hinkley, Nathaniel, B., '93. 

Hunt, Paul Henry, '07. r. 

Lashlee, Claude Harmon, '02. 

Nickerson, Leigh Wallace, '10. 

Parker, Edith Barrett (Mrs. G. I. Hinck- 
ley), '04. 

Robertson, Jessie Thacher, '06. 

Simpson Alice E., '09. 

Smith, Julia (Mrs. H. B. Leigh), '98. r. 

Stearns, Ella Maye (Mrs. F. F. Prender- 
gast), '03. r. 

Stuart, Helen Marie, '08. r. 

Stuart, Laura Belle, '08. 

Willis, Henry M., '93. r. 

Willows, Gertrude Davy, '07. r. 

Ainsworth, Harry B., '91. 
Albee, Merton Aurel, '10. 
Perry, Frank L., L., '03. r. 
Peterson, Agnes Emelie, '05. 


Cummings, Norris Cecil, D., '05. 
Genochio, Edward Peter, P., '06. 
Hedegard, Hans Christian, P., '09. 
Henshaw, Frederick William, '79. 
Kincaid, Harvey Archer, L., '95. 
King. William Henry Vincent, P., '91. 



Mansfield, Albert L., '07. 

Merrill, George A., '88. r. 

O'Keefe, James Thomas, L., '92. 

Rattan, Georgia K., '04. 

Robinson, Beatrice W. (Mrs. J. Farns- 

worth), '98. 

Ryan, Peter Aloysius, P., '92. 
Stuttmeister, William Oltman, D., '86. 
Walker, Henry Warren, L., '90. 
Walsh, Andrew Desmond, P., '84. 
Westphal, Otto Frank, D., '871 
Wolfenden, Katherine, '99. 

Harkleroad, George Albert, '03. 

Fitzell, Lincoln, P., '89. 


Hamilton, Ethel Alexandra, '08. r. 
McKinnon, Aloysius John, M., '03. 
Marty, Eva Alia, '05. 
Stewart, Mary, '02. r. 


Gooch, Jennie Lewis, '07. r. 
Johns, Andrew Brown, '10. 
Ralph, Hazel May, 10. 


Adams, Earl Barnard, P., '05. 
Atkinson, Florence Edith, '05. b. 
Baldwin, Pauline, '09. r. 
Bantz, Alice Mary, '04. r. 
Boalich, Edwin Snow, '08. 
Clark, John Edward, '05. r. 
Cochran, Andrew William, P., '02 
Collier, Frank E., '06. 
Cunningham, Stephen William, '10. 
Elwell, Lloyd Enoch, '03. 
Kaneko, Arthur Yoshio, '10. 
McFarland, Chauncey L., '95. 
Mitchell, Richard Ray, '04. r. 
Neblett, Walter Eugene, P., '97. 
Norton, Brayton Saltonstall, '06. 
Paul, Albert Miles, '10. 
Sawyer, William Brewster, Jr., '10. 
Stanley, Roy Chester, '10. 
Swanner, Douglas W., P. '03. 
Taylor, Frank P., '97. 
Thomas, Mary Eola, '06. 
Twogood, Ernest Nelson, '10. r. 


Macaulay, Lena M. (Mrs. F. C. Hill), '00. 
Stineman, John Henry, D., '03. 
Waterman, Edwin Ruthven, D., '95. 


Hund, Frederick August, P., '07. 
Hund, Walter Jacob, '09. r. 
Kittle, Allen Irving, L., '03. r. 

Abrams, George, D., '96. 
Aoki, Giichi, '08. 
Bannon, Minnie Beatrice (Mrs. H. B. 

Bradford), '01. 
Baxter, George Leslie, '08. 

Beauchamp, Harry Herschel, P., '98. 

Berringer, Edwin J., '06. 

Bidwell, Claude H. S., '02. 

Bradford, Hugh B., '99; L., '01. 

Brand, Clyde Holman, '10. 

Bridgewater, Edgar, P., '96. 

Briggs, George Abiel, M., '05. 

Brown, John Quincy, Jr., '79; L., '01. 

Buchanan, Augustus Neander, '76. 

Burnett, Albert Hood, L., '06. 

Burns, Walter Elliott, '06. 

Butler, Drury DeWolf, '03. 

Butler, John W. S., '01. 

Cameron, Howard McDougall, M., '96. 

Carpenter, Alma Bernice, '08. 

Christensen, Edward E., '00. b. 

Comstock, Sophie P., '93. 

Cooper, Edgar Clarence, L., '91. 

Cotrel, Lillian Bessie (Mrs. E. C. Nathan), 


Cox, Thomas Joseph Francis, M., '96. 
Drescher, H. Bernard, '06. 
Driver, Benjamin F., '00. 
Dufficy, George Woodward, P., '93 ; M., '98- 
Edwards, Elizabeth Gurney, '03. r. 
Elkus, Frederick Kahn, '10. 
Frost, James, M., '77. 
Fryer, Roy, '98. 

Gallaway, Alfred Russel, Jr., '07. 
Gehan, Raymond Francis, D., '10. 
Giffen, Royal Bertram, D., '03. 
Gillis, Mabel Ray, '02. 
Gilmore, William Wylie, '06. 
Gorham, Perry Wellington, D., '08. 
Graves, Harry Thomas, '07. 
Green, John A., P., '83. 
Green, May E., '00. 
Green, Sarah Maud, '96. 
Griffiths, Mary Justine, '09. r. 
Haffey, Calvin William, '10. r. 
Hart, Augustus L., Jr., '0.0; L., '02.. 
Hawley, Alexander Hamilton, D., '96. 
Head, Ralph Arthur, P., '10. 
Helke, William L., P., '78. 
Heller, Ethan Allen, P., '10. 
Henderson, Andrew M., '90. 
Heyman, Joseph A., '85. 
Hilborn, Edward P., Jr., '91. 
Hopkins, William Hughes, '06. 
Horton, John William, '08. 
Igo, Louise Mary, M., '06. 
Ing, John C., P., '87. 
James, John Carpenter, P., '01. 
Johnson, Julian Fontaine, '08. 
Jones, Charles Breckenfeld, M., '06. 
Jones, Herman Elmer, '03. 
Jones, Samuel Hart, '04. 
Kawasaki, Kango, '06. 
Keane, Charles F., V., '97. 
Kelton, Julian Oliver, P., '94. 
Knight, Carl L., '93. 
Landis, Mila Leonard, '09. 
Leslie, George D., '98. 

Lichthardt, George Henry Philip, P., '96. 
Lindley, Douglas A., '81. 
Lindsay, James Albert, D., '01. 
Lindsay, William Kinkad, M., '01. 
Lorenz, George Benjamin, '02. 
McClelland, Arine, '02. 
MacDonald, Evelyn Luella, '05. 
MacDonald, Laura Alice (Mrs. E. C. Hem- 

mings), '08. 



McGuire, Elizabeth, '03. 

McKee, Edna May, '01. 

McKisick, Robertson T., '92. 

Meyer, Emma E. (Mrs. C. A. Colemore), 

Middlemiss, George Henry, '10. 

Morton, Mary E. C., '90. 

Milne, Frank Lawson, '07. 

Mouser, Eugenia Tryon (Mrs. Elwood 
Woodburn), '02. 

Nathan, Emile Charles, '05. r. 

Nathan, Mitchel W., '00. 

Needham, Guy Park, '03. r. 

Needham, Irving, '98. 

Osgood, Charles Gardner, '06. 

Outcalt, John Maurice, '09. r. 

Pait, Albert C., '92. 

Parsons, Carrie (Mrs. William Forbes), '08. 

Peekema, George Thomas, '09. r. 

Phinny, Van V., '08. 

Phippg, William Thomas, L., '83. 

Phleger, Irma Emma, '09. 

Piper, Clara Christine (Mrs. Parker Dil- 
lon), '01. 

Pulcifer, Caroline May (Mrs. Richard 
Timm). '01. 

Pullen, John Francis, '07. b. 

Reid, Louise (Mrs. W. H. Hopkins), '06. 

Renwick, Wallace Hiram. D., '99. 

Reese, Edward Ernest, L., '03. 

Rodda, Gordon Solon, D., '08. 

Rodda, Ivory Gladstone, P., '09. 

Rodegerdts, Chris August, '10. 

Schaw, William Beaumont, '01. 

Pcott, Franklin Trewick, D., '98. 

Scott, John Hartley, D., '00. 

Sevmour, Arthur McArthur. '91. 

Sherman, Lillie Margaret, '09. 

Slawson, George H., '98. 

Stauffer, Henry Christian, P., '00. 

Steinbach, Herman Rpinhard, '06. 

Stephens, Russell I>:iv. .Ir.. '08. 

Stephenson, Harley Howard, D., '95, 

Stern, Arthur Alonzo, M., '96. 

Stevenson, George Lawrence, M., "99. 

Tade, Frank, '97. 

Taylor, Walter Judson, D., '94. 

Teichert, Adolph, Jr., '08. 

Thorpe, Mary Lillian (Mrs. M. C. Winkel- 
man), '02. 

Todd, Clifton, D., '96. 

Tryon, William Merrill. D., '00. 

Turner, Eldridge A., M., '05. 

Twitchell. Frederick Martin, '08. 

Wakefield. Claud B., '85. 

Waring, Robert Ames, '03. 

Watkins, Delos Snmner, '76. 

Webber, Percy Atherton, D .,'06. 

Weeks. Harold Gregg, '09. b. 

Wellson. Elmer Joseph, D., '84. 

Welty, Eugene Edwin, L., '97. 

Weltv, James William, '06. 

West, Rachael Emma, '10. r. 

White, John Lysander M., '01. 

Wilder, Edwin 'M., '94; M., '96. 

Wright, Christine, '09. 

Wright, Henry Eugene, M., '94. 


Bruere, Cornelia (Mrs. John Alstrom), '96. 
Fisher, Amy Rosina (Mrs. L. A. Stern), '07. 
Graham, Adelaide E., '84. 

Gutzwiller, Anna Maria (Mrs. W. H. Mc- 

Bean), '05; M.. '07. 
Gutzwiller, Henry Rudolph, '05. 
Lyman, Theodore Benedict, '05. r. 
Lyman, William Whittingham, Jr., '07. r. 
Nowland, James Alfred, L., '94. 
Salmina, Severina Marie, '03. 
Stern, Leslie Aylmer, D., '07. 
Wallace, Clarence H., '79. 
Wheeler, Elliott Hoffman, '09. 
Wheeler, John H., '79. 
White, Francis Alfred, '08. 


Adams, Richard Laban, '09. 
Austin, Walter Pike, D., '00. 
Edwards, Elma E., '08. 
Fontes, Franklin James, L., '08. 
Hawkins, Emma Frances, '05. 
Hiserman, Elbert, '99. 
Kilkenny, Lucas E., '98. 
Meredith, George Hubbard, D., '93. 
Tull, Henrietta M. (Mrs. W. P. Austin), 



Cavagnaro, David Amile, '03. 
Floyd, Winthrop Thayer, '10. 
Keeler, Marguerite Nixon, '09. b. 

Bailev, Ella Florence (Mrs. F. A. Bruns), 


Daniel, Emma F., '98. r. 
Daniel, Hosepher N. E., '00. 
Daniel, Laura, '94. 
Derby, Albert Terrill, D., '93. 
Hund. George Bernard, P., '92. 
Manning, James Edward, L., 95. r. 
Rosenthal, Joseph, L., '81. 
Taylor, Robert Lee, D., '93. 
Williams, Mabel Lucinda, '01. 

Metz, Minnie E.,/09. 

Benjamin, Harold Abraham, '10. 
Bright, J. Shirley, '01. 
Curtis, Harriet Mildred, '98. 
Goodcell, Roscoe A., '98. 
Knight, Emma, '08. 
Pilkington, Gladys, '09. b. 
Pratt, Armstrong Cooper, D., 98. 
Rolfe, Florence Abbie, '10. 
Warner, Ruby Irene (Mrs. Lyman), 02. 
Waters, Sylvia, '97. 
Webster, Elizabeth Estelle, '08. 
Willis, Henry Montague, '93. 


Allen, Anna Myrtle, '08. 
Armstrong, Ruth H. (Mrs. H. L. Taylor) 

Benjamin, Charles William, D., '02. 
Bliss, Wilberforce, '99. 
Bovd. Butler Bennett, '04. 
Childs, Ernest R., '01. 
Daney, Eugene, L., '85. 
Dodge, Edgar Varick, '05. r. 
Earl, Austin Willmott, '06. r. 
Emery, Mabel Winifred. '08. 
Faddis. Miriam Sarah, '03. 



Foote, Clark Merritt, P., '01. 

Freese, Elizabeth, '04. 

Frost, Helen A. (Mrs. S. F. Smith), '99. 

Garrettson, Earl A., '05. 

Godfrey, Harriet H., '95. 

Goode, Beulah Davenport, '06. 

Haines, Charles Conklin, '02; L., '04. 

Haines, Ralph Edward, '07. r. 

Hakes, Clinton Devillo, P., '98. 

Hicker, Harry de Vere, '07. 

Irones, Rutherford Buchard, M., '00. 

Jones, Leland D., D., '02. 

Lacey, Benjamin Overfield, '01. 

Mclntosh, Raymond Pierce, '08. b. 

Mason, Edith Lillian, '07. 

Meader, Clara Florence, '06. r. 

Paterson, Emma Jane, '04. 

Payne, Joseph R., M., '82. 

Pratt, Alice Edwards, '81. 

Schiller, Maurice, D., '99. 

Sessions, Kate O., '81. 

Shearer, Elsie, '08. b. 

Skilling, William T., '99. 

Smith, Eugene Ferry, '09. 

Smith, Sidney Alexander, D., '06. 

Stanton, Eleanor Louise, '05. 

Vollmer, Ernest, '06. r. 

Wangenheim, Julius, '87. 

Watson, George G., '04. r. 

West, Sidney V., '98; M., '03. 

Whipple, Marion (Mrs. E. A. Garrettson), 


Wise, Harry Oliver, '09. 
Woodruff, Hazel Marjorie, '05. 


Ingham, Mary Evelyn, '06. r. 
Waite, Mabel Margaret, '08. r. 
Waite, Marion Ed., '06. 


Abbott, William Martin, L., '93. 
Abraham, Charles Jacob, P., '95. 
Abraham, Isadore, L., '84. 
Abraham, Josephine, '99. 
Abrahm, Henry, D., '96; M., '98. 
Abrams, Svlvain Selic, '09. 
Adair, William Hollely, P., '81. 
Adams, Charles Albert, L., '87. 
Agar, Lucy Marsden, '10. 
Agnew, Elizabeth Clive, '92. 
Ahlers, Viola Emily, '08. 
Aiken, Albert C., '92. 
Aiken, Arthur C., '99. 
Aitken, Frank W., '00. 
Aitken, John R., L., '86. 
Alderson, Harry Everett, M., '00. 
Alexander, Jewel, '01. 
Allan, Harry Creasy, L., '05. 
Allen, Harris S., '92. 
Allen, Henry Graham, D., '98. 
Allen, Herbert W., '96. 
Allen, Lewis W., '93. 
Anderson, Ida Naemi, '08. 
Anderson, Winslow, M., '84. 
Angell, Harry Millington, P., '98. 
Angonnet, Claude Anselmo, D., '10. 
Anthony, Herbert M., '95. 
Anthony, Marc, '95; L., '02. 
Antonovich. William George, L., '99. 
Arbogast, Aaron Asa, D., '02. 

Arkin, James, P., '08. 

Armer, Evelyn D., '98. 

Armistead, Cecil Miller, M., '96. 

Arnstein, Lawrence, '00. 

Arthur, George Herbert, '04. 

Ash, Rachael L., '96; M., '99. 

Ashe, Richard Porter, L., '82. 

Asher, Hugo Kiewe, L., '93. 

Ashworth, Frank Parker, D., '93. -^ .... 

Atkinson, Frank James, P., '96. 

Atwood, William Amos, D., '95. 

Auerbach, Milton, P., '99. 

Avy, Emilie (Mrs. F. Chapins), '98. 

Ayers, Walter Wadsworth, P., '93. 

Bachman, Arthur, '88. 

Bachman, David S., '95; L., '98. 

Bacigalupi, Tadini Joseph, '02. 

Bacigalupi, David Eugene, M., '00. 

Bacigalupi, Giovanni, L., '99. 

Bacigalupi, Beatrice, '06. 

Bacigalupi, Julia, D., '04. 

Bacigalupi, Louis Dominic, M., '96. 

Backrnan, Gotthard Sigismund, D., '90. 

Bacon, William Robert, D., '99. 

Bacon, Gaston Ernest, P., '75. 

Badt, Milton Benjamin, '06; L., '09. 

Badt, Roy Arin, '07. 

Baer, Adblph, '98; D., '01; M., '03. 

Baer, Julius, D., '01. 

Bagot, Edward Albert, P., '92. 

Builoy, Herbert W., L., '02. 

Baird, Benjamin A., '00. 

Baird, Fred G., D., '96. 

Baird, (Mrs.), Mary Louise, D., '96. 

Baker, Arthur Woodley, D., '99. 

Bakewell, John, Jr., '93. 

Baldwin, Alexander R., '96; L., '99. 

Baldwin, Lloyd, '97. 

Baldwin, Otis Dyer, '04. 

Baldwin, Walton Isaac, '08. 

Balzarini, Carlo Edwin, D., '04. 

Bancroft, Philip, L., '05. 

Barbat, John Henry, P., '82; M., '88. 

Barbat, Josephine Eugenie, P., '84; M., 

Barbat, William Benjamin Franklin, M., '95 

Bardshar, Grace Ellen (Mrs. F. S. Kelly), 


Barkelow, Frederick Esher, D., '08. 
Barkley, Alice Garwood, '06. 
Barnett, Abraham T., '86; L., '89. 
Barr, William George, L., '06. 
Barrett, Francis Ignatius, L., '06. 
Barrett, Katherine Clare, '06. 
Barrett, John Joseph, L., '96. 
Barrett, Thomas Francis, D., '95. 
Barren, Emma G., '98. 
Barrows, Ray Kip, '05 ; L., '07. * 
Barry, James Milne, '10. 
Barry, May Dolores, '07. 
Barry, Joseph Emmet, L., '91. 
Barry, Thomas F., '74. 
Barry, Thomas Joseph, L., '96. 
Bartlett, Adelaide Garfield, '04. 
Bartlett, Louis, '93; L., '96. b. 
Barton, Willard Thompson, L., '83. 
Bauer, Charles Franklin, D., '92. 
Bauer, George W., '97. 
Baum, Maurice L., M., '04. 
Baumberger, Edwin James, L., '04. 
Baumeister, Bernhardt H., M., '82. 
Baumgarten, William, P., '98; M., '02. 
Bavlv, Charles Alfred, Jr., P., '95. 



Beals, Roger L., '04. r. 

Beamer, Richard Fred, D., '03. 

Beardsley, Louise Josephine, '04. 

Beatty, Henry Nixon, L., '94. 

Beatty, Henry Oscar, L., '99. 

Beck, Henry Martin, P., '89; M., '96. 

Beck, Ignatius, P., '97. 

Bee, Warren Theodore, '03. 

Beerman, Wilfred Fenton, P., '98; M., '01. 

Behrendt, Jacob William, P., '98. 

Belfrage, William F., '96. 

Belknap, Florence (Mrs. J. Guerin), '03. 

Bell, Charles Henry, D., '92. 

Bell, William Constantine, '10. 

Belton, Arthur Joseph, D.. '10. 

Belz, Francis Joseph, P., '08. 

Benson, Eugene Huntington, '98. 

Bentley, Charles Harvey, '91. 

Beretta, Joseph W., L., '99. 

Bergerot, Pierre Alexander, L., '92. 

Bergstrom, Gottfrid, D., '00. 

Berndt, Richard M. H., M., '93. 

Bernheim, Moses Ralph, P., '91. 

Berry, Olin Lamar, L., '99. 

Bert, Eugene Francis, L., '87. 

Besthorn, Henry Edward David, P., '84. 

Best, Elbridge, '08. 

Bettencourt, Jose de Sousa, L., '85. 

Bibbero, Herbert S.. D., '07. 

Biber, Paul Edward, M., '03. 

Bichard, Charles Nichols, P., '06. 

Bienenfeld, Bernard, '82. 

Bienenfeld, Harriot E., '96. 

Bigelow, Coniah Leigh, '01; M., '05. 

Bill, Philip August, M., '02. 

Bine, Rene, M., '03. 

Bingham, Harold Woodworth, '06. 

Bingham, Hiram, '00. 

Bishop, James Hall, L., '01. 

Bishop, Francis Edward, '02. 

Bishop, Thomas P., '99; L., '01. 

Black, Clarence Earl, '09. b. 

Black, Orlan, '82. 

Black, Alfred Pressly, L., '85. 

Blackman, Harry Irving, P., '01. 

Blackman, Leon Sylvester, '09. 

Blackman, Milton Julius, '04. 

Blanchard, Marion Sargeant, '97 ; L., '00. 

Blanchard, Milton E., '87. 

Blackenburg, Gustav Berthold, '07. 

Bloch, Walter Jacob, '07. 

Bloom, Solomon, '88; L., '91. 

Blum, Max, L., '93. 

Blum, Sanford, '94: M., '96. 

Blumberg, Lulu J., '98. 

Bodkin, Thomas P., P., '87. 

Bodwell, Henrv Washington, '80. b. 

Boland, Francis Eldred. L., '04. 

Bonestall, Chesley Knight, '75. 

Bonifield, Herbert S., T 0?. 

Bonnell, Edith (Mrs. F. H. Dunne), '99. 

Boone, Roy Blackmore, P., '10. 

Booth, James P., '88. 

Borchers, Adolph William, P.. '89. 

Borger, John Nicholas, D., '95. 

Both, Orla, '10. 

Botsford, Mary Elizabeth, M., '96. 

Bovard, Helen C., '98. 

Bovyer, Alice Maud (Mrs. E. V. Cowell), 


Bovyer, William Blair, '10. 
Bowerman, K. B., P., '93. 

Bowie, John Friedlander, L., '00. 

Bowles, Frank Herbert, P., '05. r. 

Bowman, Elsie, '99. 

Boyd, George Davis, '87; L., '90. 

Boyes, William James Robert, M., '95. 

Bradley, Henry William, L., '85. 

Brady, George T., '85. 

Brady, Kate Isabel (Mrs. A. L. J. Larti- 

gan), M., '01. 
ady, M 

Brady, Matthew, L., '99. 

Bragg, Adah (Mrs. Henry E. Holmes), '81. 

Bragg, Elizabeth (Mrs. G. M. Gumming), 


Brand, Arthur, L., '95. 
Brand, Ernest, L., '81. 
Brandenstein, Henry Ulysses, L., '94. 
Brandt, Arthur Hook, '05. b. 
Brassel, Edmund Horace, D., '10. 
Bray, Absalom Francis, Jr., L., '10. 
Breen, William Aloysius, L., '01. 
Bricca, Constantine Raphael, M., '06. 
Briggs, Armand Eugene, P., '97. 
Briggs, Leslie Burdette, '07. 
Briggs, Walter David, P., '98. 
Broa, Edward James, D., '00. 
Brobeck, William Irvin, L., '92. 
Broemmel, George Martin, '03. 
Brooks, Florence Anne, '10. 
Broughton, Howard Anthony, L., '88. 
Brown, Agnes Eliza, '02. 
Brown, Albert, D., '04. 
Brown, Alfred Persons, L., '88. 
Brown, Arthur, Jr., '96. 
Brown, Henry Ward, L., '91. 
Brown, Isador I., '88. 
Brown, James Albert, D., '95. 
Brown, Joseph Gans, '75. 
Brown, Joseph Hildreth, P., '95. 
Brown, Louis F., '98. 
Browne, Frederick D., '92. 
Browne, Ralph S., '00. 
Browning, Edith F., '98. 
Brownstone, Louis H., '97; L., '00. 
Bruguiere, Peder Sather, M., '98. 
Bryan, Lloyd, '09. 
Buchanan, Gladys, '10. 
Buchner, Winifield Scott C., P., '09. 
Buck, Christian Alva, P., '07. 
Buckley, Emma, M., '02. 
Buckley, Vincent de Paul, M., '84. 
Bufford, Charles H., '98; L., '01. 
Bufford, Frances Virginia, '04. 
Bullard, Sellar, '06. r. 
Bullock, Walter Marion, D., '05. 
Bunschu, Walter Barber, '03. 
Bunnell, Alexander Sterling, '04. 
Bunnell, Edwin, '91; M., '94. 
Burbank, William Freeman, L., '86. b. 
Burk, Fred L., '83. r. 
Burke, Andrew Francis, L., '07. 
Burke, Edmund Alfred, '03. 
Burke, Francis John, L., '97. 
Burnett, George Watson, P., '93. 
Burnett, Isaac Gibson, L., '82. 
Burnham, William Parker, M., '96. 
Burns, Mary Jane T. Z. (Mrs. J. J. O'Con- 

nor), '05. 

Burns, Robert, Jr., D., '02. 
Burr, Marion, '10. 
Burridge, Walter Joseph, D., '99. 
Burris, Harry Lawton, '10. r. 
Burson, David Hugh, D., '09. 



Busch, Eva Eleanor, '02. 

Bush, Arthur Cleveland, '06. 

Bush, Henry Chesley, '09. 

Bush, Philip L., '97. 

Butler, Nora Psyche (Mrs. A. V. Wepfer), 


Byington, Francis Lewis, L., '87. 
Byrne, Henrietta C., '94. 
Byrne, Rita Margaret, '09. 
Cabaniss, George Henr^, L., '84. 
Cadwallader, Rowlins, M., '93. 
Caglieri, Guido Enrico, M., '92. 
Cahen, Adolph, L., '08. 
Cahill, Edward Gustave, '03. 
Cahill, John Richard, '05. 
Cahill, Wendel Eldredge, '05. 
Cahn, Nathan A., P., '00. 
Calegaris, Joseph, P., '82. 
Callender, Monroe N., D., '99. 
Campbell, Donald York, L., '83. 
Campbell, George Douglas, L., '84. 
Cannell, Thomas Vernon, '05. 
Carew, Edith Elizabeth, '09. 
Carew, Joseph Anthony, D., '01. 
Carey, Maurice Richard, Jr., L., '03. 
Carssow, Felix H., '91. 
Casey, Thomas Francis, D., '03. 
Casserly, John Bernard, L., '89. 
Cassidy, Arthur, '97. 
Castelhun, Ella, '98. 
Castelhun, J. Erwin, P., '03. 
Castelhun, Paul '00; M., '04. 
Castle (Mrs.), Cora Sutton, '08. r. 
Caubu, William P., '03; L., '05. 
Cavagnaro, August Angelo, P., '92. 
Cebrian, Edward de Laveaga, '06. 
Cella, Emma Louise, '07. 
Cerf, Adrienne, '00. 
Cerf, Barry H., '02. 
Cerf, Cedric Salma, '09. 
Cerf, Charlotte, '95. 
Cerf, Emile William, '08. r. 
Cerf, Lorraine, '05. 
Cerf, Marcel E., '97; L., '00. 
Cerf, Rebecca, '02. 
Chamberlain, Joseph Perkins, L., '98. 
Chamberlain, Selah, '98. 
Chamberlain, William Henry, P., '76. 
Champlin, Charles C., '02. 
Chapman, Paul Edwin, '07. 
Chapman, William Henry, '79. 
Cheminant, Lester B., '00. 
Cheney, William Fitch, '85. 
Cherry, Edward Martin, P., '96. 
Chope, Hazel, '08 
Choyski, Wilton L., '96; L., '99. 
Cilker, William Hamilton, '09. 
Clark, George, '98. 
Clark, George Waverly, M., '94. 
Clark, William Dibble, M., '84. 
Clarke, Francis Bvron, L., '00. 
Clarke, Joseph Philip, D., '04. 
Clausen, Ernest A., '00; L., '02. 
Clay, Edwin Andrews, D., '97. 
Clay, Philip Tuggle, '01. 
Clayburgh, Herbert Eugene, '99; L., '01. 
Clayes, Edith M. (Mrs. W. I. Clayes), '94. 
Clayes, Wellington Irving, P., '96. 
Cleary, Agnes Cecelia, '05. 
Cleary, Alfred John, '06. 
Cleary, Ernest Winton, '09. 
Cleary, Frank Charles, L., '83. 

Cleary, Stephen, P., '90; M., '94. 

Clement, Jabish, '94. 

Clinton, Charles A., M., '81. 

Cloud, Archibald J., '00. 

Cluness, William Ross, Jr., M., '87. 

Clute, John Foster, L., '9S. 

Coblentz, Lambert, '04. 

Cochran, Edwin Overton, D., '83. 

Coffey, Edward Ignatius, L., '01. 

Coghlan, John Joseph, '02. 

Cohen, Birdie, '06. 

Cohen, Helena, '99. 

Cohen, Lelia, '07. 

Cohen, Mae M. (Mrs. E. S. Scheeline), '98. 

Cohn, Davida, '06. 

Cohn, Herbert Jacob, M., '09. 

Cohn, Jacob E., '99. 

Cohn, Robert D., '92. 

Colburn, Orville Mirtland, D., '97. 

Cole, William E., '97. 

Coleman, Charles M., '01. 

Colligan, Francis Joseph, D., '06. 

Collins, Asa Weston, D., '97. 

Collins, Charles H., '07. 

Collins, D. Edward, '74. 

Collischon, Philip, M., '91. 

Colman, May (Mrs. Henry U. Branden- 

stein), '97. 

Coney, David Milton, D., '95. 
Coney, Zachary Taylor, D., '06. 
Conlan, William E., M., '86. 
Conlin, Ada Agnes, '08. 
Conlin, Alice Edith, '05. 
Conlon, Francis Joseph, P., '94. 
Connolly, George Aloysius, L., '97. 
Connolly, Thomas William, P., '94. 
Connor, William Edward, '83. 
Conrad, John George, '80. 
Constine, Louis Bernard, D., '10. 
Cook, Carl Lincoln, '03. 
Cool, Russell Hopkins, D., '83. 
Coon, Henry Irving, '79. 
Cosgriff, Edward Hall, L., '05. 
Cottle, Harold Skinner, P.. '95. 
Cotton, Aylett Rains, Jr., L., '96. 
Coulson, Nathaniel Thomas, D., '85. 
Coulter, Annie D. (Mrs. A. P. Brown), '00. 
Countryman, Robert H., L., '88. 
Coureen, Peter Francis, L., '05. 
Courneen, John Henry, P., '04. 
Cowden, Ambrose Franklin, M., '05. 
Cowell, E. V., '80. 
Cox, Levitt Howard, P., '89. 
Cox, Rosamond Louise, M., '88. 
Craft, Mabel C. (Mrs. F. P. Deering), '92; 

L., '95. 

Craig, Lloyd Alexander, M., '07. 
Cree, William Arthur, D., '06. 
Creed, Wigginton E., '98. 
Creighton, Daniel Christopher, '08. 
Cresalia, Anna Theresa, '06. r. 
Grim, Samuel Milton, L., '01. 
Crittenden, Bradford Samuel, L., '07. r. 
Crittenden, Joseph L., '82; L., '91. 
Crittenden, Mary Alice, '85. 
Crocker, Arthur J., '00. 
Croudace, Lenora, '93. 
Crowley, John Joseph, P., '96. 
Crowley, Sister Mary Joseph, P., '03. 
Crowley, Thomas J., P., '92 ; M., '98. 
Croyland, Adeline B., '00. 
Crozier, Herbert W., '99. 



Cruden, Davena Ruth, '05. r. 

Cudworth, Jeremiah J., L., '95. 

Cullen, Rene, '01. 

Cullinan, Eustace, L., '98. 

Culver, George DeWitt, M., '03. 

Gumming, George Bragg, '10. 

Cumming, George Marion, '81. 

Cuneo, Angelo Louis, P., '06. 

Cuneo, Peter Joseph, L., '07. b. 

Cunningham, Stephen Joseph, D., '96. 

Curragh, John M., P., '77. 

Curran, Mary K., M., '78. 

Curran, Thomas Edward, L., '85. 

Curtis, Richard Vincent, L., '95. 

Cushing, Stephen Russell, D., '97. 

Cutler, Elijah Boardman, L., '82. 

Dall, Cornelius G., '01. 

D'Ancona, Alex. Dawson, '75; L., '81. 

D'Ancona, Arnold Abraham, '80; M., '84. 

Daniels, John Ralph, L., '98. 

Daniels, Mark Roy, '05. 

Dannenbaum, Arthur J., '98. 

Dannenbaum, Sidney Ray, M., '06. 

Darling, Harry Wright, '07. b. 

D'Artenay, Eugene, P., '82. 

David, Claribel, L., '03. 

Davidson, George, L. Hon., L., '10. 

Davidson, Joseph R., M., '75. 

Davidson, Thomas Drummond, L., '96. 

Davidson, Wijliam Winn, L., '82. 

Davis, Henry Harney, L., '82. 

Davis, John Francis, L., '84. 

Davis, Morris King, '97. b. 

I>:ivis, Samuel Daniel, L., '98. 

Davis, Seymour Coares, D., '04. 

Davis, Thomas Hancock, P., '91. 

Davis, William Edward, D., '96. 

Dawson, William Calhoun, M., '07. 

Day, Donald William, '09. 

Day, William Peyton, '05. 

Dean, Charles Dudley, '97. 

Dean, Constance Lawrence (Mrs. R. A. 

Dean), '09. 

Deasy, Daniel C., L., '79. 
Deering, Frank Prentiss, '75; L., '81. 
Deering, James Henry, Jr., L., '81. 
Delany, Marion M., '95. 
Delmont, Francois, M., '74. 
Denicke, Ernest H., '99. 
Denman. William, '94. 
Dennis, Cecil Chalmers. D., '93. 
DeRemer, Jay Grant, '07. 
Dernham, Monte Albert, '08. 
Dessel, Frank William, P., '08. 
Dessouslavy, Andre, L., '00. 
Develey, Maybelle, '09. r. 
Devlin, Anna Estelle, '08. 
Devoto, Anthony Stephen, '08. 
Dewey, Constance Madeline, '08. r. 
Dibble, Oliver, '99; L., '01. 
Dick, William Henry, P., '84. 
Dickson, Carrol C., '06. 
Didion, George N., '01; L., '03. 
Diehl, Rosa Mathilda, '08. r. 
Dietrich, Elsa Bertha, '10. 
Dignan. Michael H., P., '83. 
Dilon, Marie Cecilia, L., '01. 
Dittenhoefer, Marion Burgess, '04. 
Dobbins, Brantley Wells, L., '03. 
Dod, Harrie Charlton, '10. 
Dod, Stanley Loftus, D., '09. 
Dodge, Henry Washington, M., '84. 

Dolcini, Mabel Beatrice, P., '03. 

Dolson, Rush, '10. b. 

Donaldson, John Gessen, P., '91. 

Donnelley, George Samuel, D., '97. 

Donnelly, Francis Joseph, P., '93. 

Donoho* Hazel Elliott, '10. 

Doran, Alexander Vincent, M., '06. 

Dorgeloh, John Frederick, '10. r. 

Dorn, Diademus Socrates, '82. 

Dorsey, Paul Gerald, P., '00. 

Dougherty, Margaret Anna Isabella, '08. 

Dowdall, Richard John, P., '94. 

Dowling, Ethel Phyllis, '08. 

Dowling, Margaret Caroline, '04. 

Downing, William S., '99; L., '02. 

Dozier, Thomas Bona, L., '88. 

Dreher, Fred Louis, '01; L., '04. 

Drew, John Fheehan, '93. 

Drew, William J., '96. 

Driscoll, Edward P., 88; M., '91. 

Driscoll, Frank Ignatius, P., '91. 

Driscoll, Frederick W., P., '87. 

Drossell, August A., P., '86. 

Drossell, Joseph Henry, P., '93. 

Drum, John Sylvester, L., '94. 

Dubois, Paul Archie, P., '80. 

Duffy, Alice E., '00. 

Duffy, Anna G., '96. 

Duffy, Dennis Maxwell, L., '01. 

Duncan, Franklin Thomas, P., '95; M., '97. 

Duncan, Boutwell, '01. 

Dunn, Francis, '85. 

Dunne, Joseph John, L., '83. 

Dunne, Peter Francis, L., '81. 

Dutton, Henry S., '94. 

Dwyer, Alice Cyril, '03. 

Dwyer, John Joseph, '82 ; L., '85. 

Easton, Daniel Ehsha Foote, M., '95. 

Ebright, George Elliott, M., '99. 

Eckart, Nelson A., '99. r. 

Ecker, Edna Louise (Mrs. A. H. Taylor), 


Eddy, Grace, P., '04. 
Edwards, Andrew Lewis, D., '98. 
Edwards, William, P., '92. 
Eells, Hobart Kelsey, L., '93. 
Ehram, Albert L., '91. 
Ehrman, Sidney M., '96; L., '98. 
Eidenmuller, William Cooper, '04; M., '06. 
Einstein, Lesley, '08. b. 
Eisner, Milton Sydney, '80; L., '83. 
Eisner, Norman Abraham, '07; L., '09. 
Elkus, Albert Israel, '06. 
Elliot, James David, P., '02. 
Eloesser, Herbert, '04. 
Eloesser, Leo, '00. 

Elworthy, Frederick William, D., '04. 
Emerson, Thomas H., '01. 
Endicott, Albert Henry, P., '10. 
English, Norris, '97. 

Eppenhimer, William Charles, P., '00. 
Eppinger, Jacob John, "02. 
Eppinger, Rose (Mrs. J. G. Sharp), M., '96 
Epsteen, Henry, D., '02. 
Esberg, Milton H., '96. 
Euler, William Gilman B., '05. 
Euphrat, Maurice L., "98. 
Evans, Charles James, L., '92. 
Evans, Isabel, '04. 
Ewing. Florence N., '99. 
Falch, Otto E,, Jr., '00. 
Falck, Lily, '02. 



Falk, Millicent Elizabeth (Mrs. A. E. Na- 

thanson), M., '93. 
Farley, Robert Edward, D., '04. 
Farran, Leo Aloysius, P., '03. 
Farry, Joseph Aloysius, L., '02. 
Faull, Ashley Richard, '02. 
Foehan, James Byrnes, L., '98. 
Feigenbaum, Sanford, L., '99. 
Felton, Katherine C., '95. 
Ferrea. Emilio Attilio, P., '96. 
Feusier, Henry E. C., '85. 
Feusier, Maybelle Louise, '96. 
Fevrier, John Paul, P., '81. 
Fife, Joseph, '94. 
Filippini, Valente B., L., '04. 
Finch, Fabius Taylor, L., '97. 
Finigan, May Genevieve, '05. 
Fink, Elizabeth C., '98. 
Fischer, Frank, '86. 
Fisher, Alfred Philip, '07. 
Fisher, Arthur L., '96. 
Fisk, Henry Alfred, '91. 
Fitzgerald, May, '10. 
Fitzgibbon, Frank Timothy, M., '94. 
Fitzgibbon, James Garrett, D., '95. 
Flaa, Ingwald Edward, '02. r. 
Fleisher, Lillian G., '04. 
Fletcher, George Herbert, '91; L., '96. 
Flood, Arthur Morris, D., '95. 
Flood, Fred H., '99. r. 
Foley, Edward Aloysius, L., '05. 
Forbes, Donald William, D., '09. 
Ford, Arthur James, D., '95. 
Ford, Campbell, M., '91. 
Foreman, Andrew Macpherson. '06. 
Forrest, James Morton, Jr., D., '96. 
Foster, Harry Emerson, M., '08. 
.Fottrell, Michael J., M., '87. 
Fowler, Emmet Mahew, P., '00. 
Frank, Joseph, '06. 
Frank, Nathan H., '77. 
Frank, Virginia Charlotte, '06. 
Fraser, Maude M. (Mrs. C. C. Champlin), 


Fraser, S. J., M., '92. 
Frates, Frank Edward, M., '08. 
French, Margaret Eva, '03. 
Freyermuth, Otto George, P., '00. 
Frick, Robert Nicholson, L., '99. 
Friedlander, Howard J., '98. 
Friend, William Nathaniel. '96. 
Frisbie, Mabel Louise, '10. 
Frisbie, Nathaniel Baker, L., '95. 
Fugler, Cecil Albert, D., '99. 
Gabbs, Milton Francis, D., '83. 
Gale, Herbert Alonso, M., '79. 
Gallagher, John J., '98. 
Gallway, John, M., '85. 
Gambitz, Lee Robert. D., '99. 
Gambitz, Milton Ross, D., '89. - 

Gamble, Frank Alexander, P., '98. 
Gardner, Samuel James, M., '99. 
Garibaldi, Joseph, P., '04. 
Garlick, Etha R. (Mrs. G. P. Garlick), '98. 
Garms, Walter Irving, '10. 
Garter, Charles Ashley, '66. 
Gartlan, James, L.. '85. 
Gassaway, Mary Eleanor, "05. 
Gates, Harry Everett, D., '01. 
Gautier, Leonidas Anthony, D., '03. -,- 
Gaylord, Robert Brainerd, L., '97. 
Gedge, H. Edward, D., '96. 

Gendotti, Joseph Andrew, '03; L., '07. 

George, Anson N., '98. 

Gerdes, Henry George, P., '89. 

Giamini, Attilio Henry, M., '96. 

Gibbons. Henry W., '99. 

Gienger, Charles John, P., '92. 

Gill, William Watkinson, '82. 

Gillogley, Robert William, L., '96. 

Gillson, George Elaine, '05. 

Gilmer, Harvey Van Epps, P., '10. 

Gish, John D., '96. 

Glackin, Henry Stephen, '09. 

Glazier, Marcella C., '01. 

Gleason, Charles Denis Raymond, M., '02. 

Glover, Cosmos Andrew, M., '93. 

Golden, Isidore, L., '99. 

Golden, William Patrick, L., '04. 

Goldman, Richard Samuel, '09. 

Goldsmith, Joseph LeConte, '01. 

Gompertz, Kate R., '03. 

Gonzales, Francis Ignatius, D., '03. b. 

Gorden, Hazel Florence, '09. 

Gordon, Clair, '07, 

Goslinsky, Samuel, '94. 

Goss, John, '74. 

Gottheimer, Roy, '08. 

Gould, Ralph Amos, '97. 

Graham, Douglas James, '07. 

Graham, Louis, D., '04. 

Graham, Thomas Dunnett, P., '75. 

Grant, Mary Blair, '05. 

Grant, William L., '84. 

Graupner, Adolphus Ehrhardt, L., '97. 

Gray, John H., Jr., '87. 

Gray, May Ellenor A., '01. 

Grazer, Frederick A., P., '80. 

Greeley, Thomas Francis, L., '07. 

Green, Franklin Theodore, P., '82. 

Green, Julian, '07. r. 

Greene, L. L., '01. 

Greenwood, Earl Norman, P., '98. 

Griffin, Carlos P., '01. b. 

Griffiths, David Daniel, '74. 

Grosjean, Eily Mahoney (Mrs. C. E. Gros- 
jean), '01. 

Gross, Mary L. (Mrs. J. A. Brown), '05. 

Grozelier, Bertha S. Cecile, '04. 

Grubb, Davis Hanson, '10. 

Grunsky, Clotilde A. (Mrs. H. A. Fisk). '99. 

Guedet,"j. H., P., '02. 

Guedet, Paul James, P., '08... 

Guehring, John, Jr., P., '07. 

Gunnison, Albert W., '91. 

Gunsberger, Benjamin Mitchell, D., '.89. 

Gunzendorfer, Gustave, L., '86. b. 

Gurley, John Edward, D., '08. 

Gutherie, Arch Richards, D., '10.. 

Gydison, Carl Torvald Lauritz, P., '95. 

Haas, Clair Madeline (Mrs. Edward Ma- 
ple), '02. 

Haas, Edward F., '92. 

Haas, Svlvan Lewis, '04. 

Haas, Walter, '10. 

Haber, Harold, '06. 

Haber, Joseph, Jr., '98. 

Haber, William John, P., '96. 

Hackett, Arthur Earl, D., '00. 

Haderle, John Aloysius, P., '97. 

Haehnlen, Annie G. (Mrs. P. F. Dunne), 

Hagemann, Henry Fred, L., '07. 

Hale, Reuben Lyon, D., '95. 



Halloran, Arthur Hobart, '04. 

Halsted, Eminel Potter, D., '95. 

Halsted, James Lafayette, D., '00. 

Haman, Henry, P., '87. 

Hamilton, William H., '95. 

Hammerschlag, Ruth, '02. 

Hammitt, Charles Henry, P., 81. 

Hampshire, Edna Druella May, '06. r. 

Hampton, Hannah (Mrs. H. Stile), '03. 

Hankins, Homer Jackson, '07. 

Hanley, James Martin, L., '97. 

Hanlon, Catherine von Pfister, '08. 

Hanlon, Marie Rose, '07. 

Hansen, John Henry, '83 ; L., '89. 

Hanson, Edwin Joseph, L., '03. 

Hanson, George Franklin, P., 92. 

Happersberger, Albert Karl, '85; M., '88. 

Happersberger, Emil, P., '82. 

Hardenbrook, Charles Kelley, '08. 

Hardy, Sumner, D., '00. 

Harrington, John George, P., '06. 

Harris, Flora, '05. 

Harris, Harvey E., '98. 

Harris, Isador, '92; L., '95. 

Harris, Louis, P., '91. 

Harris, Nealy, '97. 

Harrison, Edward Charles, L., '82. 

Harrison, Lucy Eva, '10. 

Harrison, Maurice Edward, '08. 

Harshall, Adolph K., D., '01. 

Hart, Charles Edwin, D., '96. 

Hart, Henry Hersch. '07. 

Hart, Morton Edwin, '04. 

Hart, William Curran, D., '09. 

Hartman, George, '03. b. 

Hartman, Frederick Adolph, P., '97. 

Harvey, George John, P., '89. 

Harvey, William P., M., '00. 

Haryett, Clara Nelle, '10. r. 

Haskins, Samuel, L., '90. 

Hathorn, Ralph La Forest, '93. 

Hause, Naomi Elizabeth, '06. 

Hauselt, Charles Peter, D., '95. 

Haven, Thomas Eastman, L., '90. 

Hawkins, George Walker, P., '95. 

Hawkins, Georgiana Gladvs, '01. 

Hawkins. William J., M., '90. 

Hayne, Stephen D., '85; L., '88. 

Haynes, Frank Pierce, L., '96. 

Headen, Oswald Thomas, P., '09. 

Headman, Sasham, '09. 

Hecht, Elias Marcus, '01. 

Heise, Carl E., '98. 

Heller, Clarence Louis, M., '95. 

Heller, Emanuel S., '85; L., '89. 

Hellman. Isaias W., Jr., '92. 

Helms, George Leo. M., '95. 

Hendricks, Scott, J 04. 

Hendrickson, William, Jr., L., '88. 

Hennessy, Frank James, L., '01. 

Herrick, Charles Alexis, D., '90. 

Herrington, William, D., '97. 

Hess, Rebecca, '03. 

Hess, Sigmond, '99. 

Hess, Teresa, '99. 

Hess. William Theodore, L., '95. 

Hewlett, Eugene E., '00: L., '03 

Hickey, Thomas Wand, L., '98. 

Higgins, Charles G., P., '88. 

Hieaki, Masuichi, D., '10. 

Hilborn, Louis Allen, '97; L., '02. 

Hill, Harold Phillips, M., '01. 

Hill, Helen Dodge, '10. 

Hill, Howard Stephen, M., '98. 

Hill, Reuben Chandler, M., '01. 

Hillebrand, Roy Gardner, '08. 

Hillyer, Curtis, L., '93. 

Hilpish, Carl, '02. 

Hinton, Guy, '95; L., '01. 

Hirstel, Carrie (Mrs. J. L. Hammerschlag), 


Hit-tell, Catherine Hermanna, '82. 
Hoag, Carl Leslie, '09. 
Hoag, William B., '98. 
Hobbs, Clarence Wall, '10. 
Hobe, Adelaide M., '99. r. 
Hobe, Sophia Adelaid, '01. 
Hoberg, Francis Tilford, L., '83. 
Hocker, Joseph F. M., D., '00. 
Hodes, Samuel, '09. 
Hodgen, Joseph Dupuy, D., '87. 
Hoefler, Ludwig Mathais, L., '82. 
Hoey, Eugenia M., '04. 
Hofers, Flora May, '09. 
Hoffman, Herman Verplanck, M., '05. 
Holbrook, Henry M., '88. 
Holden, Harold Emery, '06. 
Holladay, Edmund Burke, L., '83. 
Holling, Louise J. (Mrs. A. C. Bach), '99. 
Holmes, Alfred Stearns, '02. 
Holmes, Eugene C., '95. 
Holt, Charles Parker, '03. 
Holton, Charles R., '96. 
Honig, Louis, '95. 
Hook, Beverly Baldwin, D., '08. 
Hooker, Marian Osgood, M., '10. 
Hoover, Francis Oswald, '07. 
Hoover, Ulysses Grant, P., '90. 
Hopkins, Edward Kimball, M., '95. 
Horgan, James Joseph, P., '02. 
Horn, Henry, '95. 

Hostetter, Etta (Mrs. T. E. Haven), '87. 
Houston, Albert J., '95. 
Houston, Charles J., '99. 
Howard, Katherine I., M., '85. 
Howard, William Berry, M., '87. 
Howe, Louis Phillippe, M., '08. 
Howell, Albert John, '03. 
Howell, Edgar Henry, '04. 
Hoyt, Chester Frank, '06. 
Huebner, Louise Lydia, '09. 
Hughes, John Edward, '07. 
Hulting, Frederick B., P., '80. 
Hume, Joseph Wadhams, '96. r. 
Humphrey, William Francis, L., '95. 
Humphreys, William Penn, Jr., '92 ; L., '96. 
Hunkin, Samuel Johns, M., '90. 
Hunt, Loren E., '93. 
Hurtzig, William Frederich Nathaniel, P., 


Hussey,Evangeline Genevieve, '03. 
Hussey, Nora E., '96. 
Hutchinson, James Sather, L., '99. 
Hyde, Frederick Morris, '03. 
Hyde, Henry Chester, '94. 
Hyman, Maude (Mrs. J. L. Goodday), '99. 
Hyman, Solomon. '98. 
Inman, Thomas George, P., '92. 
Irwin, Henrv Wilbur, '07; M., '09. 
Isham, Ida Gertrude, '05. 
Jackson, Robert Cleveland, P., '05. 
Jackson, Stanley H., "94; L., '97. 
Jackson, Walter Edward, P., '00. 
Jacobs, Alfred Ben, P., '00. 



Jacobs, Edith, '06. 

Jacobs, Hattie Handel, '01. 

Jacobs, Louise Olive, P., '98 ; M., '04. 

Jacobs, Millicent, '02. 

Jacobs, Myer, '76. 

Jacobs, Samuel Nicholas, '04; M., '08. 

Jacobs, William Frederick, '10. 

Jacobson, Amanda Caroline, '10. 

Jadarola, Raimondo, P., '99. 

Janke, Walter Ernest, D., '01. 

Jantzen, Herman Fred, '79. 

Jee, Shin Yien Luther McLean, '07. 

Jeffrees, Melvin Garfield, '05. 

Jeffreys, Winifred M., '98. 

Jensen, Jane Catherine (Mrs. C. de Clair- 
mont), '09. 

Jewett, Fidelia, '95. 

Johns, Madeline, M., '03. 

Johnson, Edward Enoch, P., '06. 

Johnson, Hans Coford, M., '08. 

Jones, Grace Mildred, '08. 

Jones, Hu., L., '87. 

Jones, Ottowell W., M., '09. 

Jones, Paul Clinton, D., '97. 

Jones, Thomas Rodney, D., '99. 

Joost, Anna D. (Mrs. C. H. Roller), D.,'00. 

Jordan, James, '06. 

Jory, Henry James, '89. b. 

Joy, Edwin Wolcott, P., '78. 

Judell, Adolph, '01. 

Judell, Maloma Irma, M., '98. 

Juilly, George H., M., '02. 

Jung, Fred Henry, L., '94. 

Karmel, Isaac, '02 ; L., '06. 

Kaufman, Emil Hermann, D., '05. 

Kaufman, Morris Philip, P., '06. 

Kaufman, Walter W., L., '86. 

Kaufman, William David, P., '03. 

Kautenberg, Theresa (Mrs. C. F. Sechrist), 

Kavanaugh, Joseph Hames, M., '03. 

Kavanagh, Mary Frances, M., '01. 

Kearney, James Frederick, M., '96. 

Keenan, Alexander Stanislaus, M., '98. 

Keeffe, Edmond Douglas, D., '97. 

Kelley, Harold Hitchcock, '07. 

Kelley, William Albert, L., '99. 

Kellogg, Wilfred Harvey, P., '92; M., '96. 

Kelly, Arthur Gordon, D., '04. 

Kelly, Augusta G., '99. 

Kelly, Cecilia Glynn, '03. 

Kelly, Frank Lewis, '08. 

Kelly, Lucile Bundy, '10. 

Kelly, Mary Ellida, '97. 

Kennedy, Eugene P., '97. r. 

Kennedy, Joseph L., '00; L., '02. 

Kenney, William M., '05. 

Kent, Manie M. (Mrs. James Malcolm Gra- 
ham), '99. r. 

Keogh, Joseph Benjamin, D., '05. 

Keys, Katherine F. (Mrs. William T. 
Hess), '01. 

Keys, Thomas Robert Edgar, D., '04. 

Keyser, Elizabeth, '01. 

Kidd, Alexander M., '99. 

Kierski, Hattie A. (Mrs. M. Steinway), '03. 

Kierulff, George Dudley, '96. 

Kierulff, Thomas Gundell, L., '92. 

Kilkenny, Tpbias Dillon, '06. 

Kincaid, May, '05. 

King, Frank B., '98. 

King, Mary Alice, '91. 

Kirschoffer, Frederick, M., '87. 

Kirwin, Clarice Alice, '07. 

Kirwin. Marie Kathryne, '05. 

Klenck, Virginia N., '98. 

Knapp, Edwin Gillman, '79. 

Knopf, Herbert, '07. 

Koda, Kisatsuchi, '03. 

Koenig, Georgina Hein, '05. 

Koepke, Alma, '08. 

Koford, Heming, M., '04. 

Kohn, Lois, '05. 

Kohnke, Frederick Charles, '06. 

Komsthoeft, Albert Paul, Jr., P., '07. 

Korper, Harry W., P., '03. 

Krafft, Elsie, '99. 

Kroeck, Philip Henry, D., '02. 

Kronenberg, Herman, P., '01; M., '06. 

Krull, Frank, L., '96. 

Kubo, Hiroshi, '06. 

Kucich, Ostroilo Stanislaus, M., '02. 

Kugeler, Henry Behrend Albert, M., '90. 

Kurlandzik, Rachael, '01. 

Lacoste, Celeste (Mrs. M. H. Etcheverry), 


Lacoste, Emile T., P., '01. 
Lacoste, Eugenie, '00. 
Ladd, Henry, P., '91. 
Lagan, Edward, M., '91. 
Lagan, Hugh, M., '93. 
Lamson, Joseph Sterry, '03. 
Lane, Charles Camoron, D., '04. 
Lane, George Whitfield, L., '92. 
Lane, Paul Hunt, P., '02. 
Lane, Sophie D., '94. 
Larson, Julia Pauline, M., '00. 
Lartigau, August Jerome, M., '96. 
Latham, Milton S., '93. 
Lovotti, Frederick, P., '91. 
Law, Harold Ward, P., '06. 
Lazarus, Sylvain Jules, L., '96. 
Leale, Marion Whitfield, '04. 
Leavy, Leonard S., P., '98. 
Leggett, John Widney, D., '10. 
Leggett, Robert Maclay, D., '10. 
Lehman, Clinton Forest, '04. b. 
Lehner, Edward Walter, '00. 
Leland, Thomas Dyers Woods, M., '94. 
Lanahan, John Alphonsus, L., '96. 
Lengfield, Felix, P., '80. 
Lengfeld, Joseph Louis, P., '95. 
Lennon, Leo Camillo, L., '03. 
Lennon, Marie Burscough, '04. 
Lennon, Milton Bryne, M., '01. 
Lent, Eugene, L., '95. 
Leonard, Edward Michael, L., '09. 
Lermen, John J., '89. 
Leszynsky, Hattie L., '94. 
Leszynski, Samuel L., P., '80. 
Letcher, Illtred William, D., '04. 
Levey, Edgar Coleman, '03; L., '05. 
Levinger, Leo Valentine, D., '01. 
Levingston, Miriam (Mrs. J. S. Hermann), 


Levison, Charles Gabriel, P., '84. 
Levy, David Livingston, '07. 
Levy, Jack Morris, '04. 
Levy, Mervyn Jesse, '08. 
Levy, Morris Hoffman, '07. 
Levy, Sol DeHaan, '07. 
Lewis, John Weller, L., '82. 
Lewis, Martin John, D., '04. 
Lewitt, Frederick Clinton, '06; M., '08. 



Lichtenstein, Max, P., '94. 

Likens, James William, D., '94. 

Lillard, Cecil William, P., '03. 

Lindsay, Frederick G., P., '83. 

Linforth, Grace Stryker, M., '98. 

Linscott, Stella M., '98. 

Lippitt, Milton Albert, '96; L., '99. 

Lisser, Hans, '07. r. 

Litton, Charles Ashby, D., '90. 

Lloyd, Merle LaClare, P., '08. 

Loewy, Walter, '00. 

Logan, Roscoe L., '99. 

London, Mortimer Andrew, D., '10. 

Long, Herbert Everett, "10. 

Long, Seely Frederick, Jr., '08; M., '10. 

Loniga, Emil Victor, '83. 

Lord, Franklin F., M., '80. 

Lord, Philip Douglas Morton, L., '07. 

Loring, Conrad, '00. 

Louisson, Edward B., '83. 

Love, Hugh McCaskey, '01. 

Lovegrove, Walter Romaine, D., '90. 

Low, Arthur Freeman, '75. 

Lucchetti, Albert Francis, D., '00. 

Lueohetti, Francis Joseph Victor, P., '94; 

M., '98. 

Lucey, Joseph Patrick, L., '05. 
Lucv. Ethel Maude (Mrs. M. R. Clark), '08 
Lukens, George Russell, '89; L., '92. 
Lustig, David D.. P., '83; M., '85. 
Lynch, Charles William, L., 93. 
Lyons, Hazel, '07. 
Lyons, Timothy Joseph, L., '83. 
Lyscr, Alice Irene, '03. 
McArthur, Viva B. (Mrs. W. J. Drew), '98. 
McCarthy, Charles Francis, M., '93. 
McCarthy, Charles Joseph. D., '97. 
McCarthy, James H., P., '88. 
McCarthy, John Patrick, D., '92. 
McCarthy, 1-anl A.. '04j I,., '06. 
McChcsnoy. (it-orge J., '96; M., '00. 
McCoy. Florence (Mrs. R. C. Hill), '97; 

M., '01. 

McCreery. Andrew T., L., '87. 
McCue, Etta, '97. 
McCuc. J sum's Krancis, L., '07. 
M.-Cullnch. Al.'xaml.T, '96; L., '99. 
McDaniel, George Thomas, D., '04. 
McDermott, William Patrick, M., '74. 
MacDonnld, Flora Mae, D., '98. 
MacDonald, Naoma Gae (Mrs. N. G. 

Lane), D., '96. 

McDonnell, Herbert Leslie, P., '01. 
McDonnell. Samuel Alexander, P.. '78. 
McElrov. Bernard F., M., '99. 
MacFarland. Grace Mead, '10. 
MacGavin, John Drummond, '04. 
McGee, John William, L., '84. 
McGettigan, Charles Dominic, M., '96. 
McGovern. John Clement, D., '02. 
McGrath, Susan Martha (Mrs. J. T. Lud- 

low). '02. 

McKannay, Harry Gabriel, L., '07. 
McKenney, Floyd Lafayette, '98. 
McKevitt, Hugh King, L., '08. 
McKinley, Benjamin Louis, L., '96. 
McKinley, Marie J., '98. 
McKinne. Eliza. '02. 
McKinnie, Cornelia. '98. 
McKinstry, James Clarence, L., '90. 
McLaughlin, Alfred, M., '96. 
McLaughlin, George Verrill, D., '04. 

McLaughlin, Moses A., M., '78. 

McLean, Murdock, M., '97. 

McLellan, Clifford, L., '96. 

McLeod, Duncan A., '03. 

McLeod, Margaret ,'00. 

McMurdo, John R., P., '87; M., '91. 

McMurray, Edwin T., L., '01. 

McMurray, Milton, D., '97. 

McNear, Frederick William, '90. 

MacNichol, Alexander William, '08. r. 

McNutt, Maxwell, '95., L., '98. 

McNutt, William F., Jr., '97. 

McPike, Henry Clay, L., '81. 

McQuaid, Cale Clark, D., '10. 

McQuilty, William Andrew, D., '93. 

McVey, Charles Leland, '05; M., '09. 

Maas, Philip Ernest, P., '09. 

Macbeth, Frank David, L., '97. 

Madden, Frank Michael, D., '00. 

Maddux. Parker Simmons, '02. 

Magnes, Irving '05., L., '07. 

Maguire, Andrew Gregory, L., '89. 

Maguire, Charles Sylvester, M., '93. 

Maguire, Thomas Michael, M.,' 00. 

Maguire, William Micha.-l. I,., '97. 

Mahan, David Joseph, M., '06. 

Maher, Thomas Davis, M., '96. 

Mahoney, William Henry, L., '86. 

Mahoney, Joseph Jeremiah, P., '00. 

Manasse, Ruby Paula (Mrs. T. J. Baciga- 
lupi), '07. 

Mandelbaum, Fiesco, '78. 

Mann, Charles S., M., '90. 

Mann, Robert L., '94. 

Mann, Seth, '81. 

Mannon, James, M. Jr., '99; L., '02. 

Manson, Marsden, '93. 

Mardis, Benjamin Allen, P., '90. 

Mark wart, Earl Howard, '10. 

Marsh, John Alfred ,'93. 

Martenstein, Mary Philbrook, '04. 

Martin, Earl Francis, P., '08. 

Martin, Ina C., '96. 

Martin, Leon Elmer, '02. 

Martineaut, Eugene D., M., '73. 

Marvin, Harry L., '99. 

Marx. Monroe Lloyd, D., '03. 

Massie, James Victor, '07. 

Mather, Squier Rice, M., '89. 

Ma thews, Hirem Walker, L., '83. 

Matignon, Elaine Aimee Bertha (Mrs. R. H. 
Hunt), '07. 

Mauk, Edwin Henry, D., '01. 

Maurer. Jacobine Ida (Mrs. Walter Rad- 
ius), '04. 

Maybach, Samuel Philips, '00. 

Mayer, Mathias J., '98. 

Mavhew, William Horace, D., '99. 

Maxwell, Evelyn, '04. 

Mead. Lewis D., '98. 

Meagher, Joseph Francis, M., '02. 

Medbery, Lulu Edna (Mrs. W. H. Chap- 
man), '80. 

Meininger. Dorothy, 00. 

Mel, Washington Bartlett, '08. 

Meldon, Oscar Francis, L., '82. 

Mellersh, Thomas Claude, '08. 

Mendel, Carl Louis, P., '93. 

Mentz. Dora Margaret (Mrs. A. J. Pahl), 

Menzin, A. Louis, '07. 



Merrill, Ruth (Mrs. H. E. Cox), '90. 
Merritt, George Washington, M., '82. 
Mervy, Edward Thomas, D., '93. 
Mervy. Emile Claud, M., '83. 
Metson, William Henry, L., '86. 
Meyer Albert G., M., '90. 

Camilla Virginia, '02. 
Herbert Stanhope, D., '00. 
Percy J., D., '02. 
William Alexander, D., '89. 





Meyers, Robert C., P., '75; M.', '80. 

Meyerstein, Joseph Charles, '94; L., '97. 

Michaelis, Earnest, P., '02. 

Michener, Charles G., '91. 

Michener, Marion (Mrs. Dal Piaz), '00. 

Miklau, Margarite, '04. 

Milberry, Guy Stillman. D.. '01. 

Millar, Charles Foster, M., '99. 

Millar, Robert Forrester, D., '92. 

Miller, Isabella Judith, '84. 

Miller, John Alexander, M., '75. 

Mills, Elizabeth, '03. 

Minor, John F., M., '76. 

Mitzmain, Maurice Bruin, '08. 

Mizner, Lansing, '79; L., '82. b. 

Moffat, Emma Elizabeth (Mrs. A. McLaugh- 
lin), '02. 

Moffitt, Herbert C.. '89. 

Mogan, Christopher John, D., '00. 

Mohun, Charles C., P., '87 ; M., '90. 

Molloy, Thomas Stephen, '92; L., '96. 

Molonev, Edward J., P., '86. 

Molony, James J., P., '88; M., '91. 

Monckton, Frank Daniel, L., '86. 

Monroe, Henry E., '88. 

Montague, Henry B., '91. 

Monteagle, Paige, '10. 

Moodv, Mary Winegar, M., '82. 

Mooney, William T., '99. 

Moore, Chester Biven. '07; M., '09. b. 

Moore, Edna F. J. (Mrs. E. J. Broad), D., 

Moore, Harry Chrislev, P., '99. 

Moore, Herbert T., '01; D., '04. 

Moore, J. Oxley, D., '06. 

Moore, Robert Isaac, D., '92. 

Moore, Robert S., '81. 

Moore, Stanley, '01. 

Moore, William George, M., '00. 

Moran, Nathan Montgomery, '01; L., '04. 

Morffew, Thomas. D., '82. 

Morgan, David Naffziger, '09. 

Morgan, Richard F., L., '87. 

Morrin, Katherine Hortense, '05. 

Morrin, Marv Irene, '02. r. 

Morris, Amiel, D., '95. 

Morris, Frank P., '05. 

Morris, Leon Ephraim, '05; L., '07. 

Morris, Moss Suskind, P., '05. 

Morris, Thomas Harvey, D., '86. 

Morrison, Alex. Francis, '78; L., '81. 

Morrissey, Joseph Grant, M., '94. 

Morrow, Howard, M., '96. 

Morrow, Robert Head, '93 : L., '96. 

Morrow. William Grant, '91. 

Morse, Fremont, '79. 

Mott, Ernest Julian, L., '03. 

Moulder, Andrew, '03. r. 

Mowbrav, Albert H., '04. 

Muguenin, Emile, '09. 

Mulford, Hiram Samuel, L., '81. 

Muller, Frederick Charles, M., '98. 

Mulrenin, Edward Martin, D., 99. 

Mundell, William Anderson, D., '02. 

Munroe, Charles Harper, 98. 

Munter, Leo., P., '95. 

Murphy, James Daniel, M., '96. 

Murphy, Raymond Nellis, D., '02. 

Musante, Attilio Stephen, P., '03. 

Myers, Paul Adrian, '09. 

Myrick, Charles M., '85. 

Naffziger, Howard Christian, '07; M., '09. 

Nash, Bert, P., '94. 

Nast, John Ernest, M., '94. 

Nelson, Ethel Elizabeth, P., '04. 

Nelson, Glenn Magnus, P., '05. 

Nelson, Nels Christian, '07. 

Neu, John Peter, D., '08. 

Neuberger, Marie, '05. 

Newburgh, Henry, L., '97. 

Newhouse, Hugot, L., '98. 

Newlands, John C.. '98. 

Newman, Alfred, '94; M., '96. 

Newman, Jeannette, '00. 

Newman, Jerome, '83. 

Newman, Lester, '03; M., '08. 

Newman, Richard, '97. 

NVwiuan, Walter Allen, '06. 

Newmark, Nathan, '73. 

Newport, Ada Lora (Mrs. Edgar B. King), 

Newton, John Crockett, P., '95; M., '02. 

Nicholls, Robert Julian, M., '04. 

Nichols, Burritt Richard, P., '04. 

Nickelsburg, Melvil Siegfried, '04. 

Nicolai, Charles John, D., '03. 

Nicolson, Jessie Anna, '03. r. 

Nightingale, Joseph Benjamin, P., '92. 

Nikolitch, Milan, '06. 

Nish, Frederick William, '06; P., '01. 

Noble, Howard Delos, D., '92. 

Noble, John A., M., '88. 

Noble, Maude (Mrs. Acton Haven), '94. 

Nohrden, Edward Henry, P., '05. 

Nolan, Katherine, P., '03. 

Nolan, Philmena Margaret (Mrs. E. Good- 
man), '06. 

Noonan, Emma L., '98. 

Nourse, Beverly S., '89. 

Nuckills, Alfred Marshall, L., '03. 

Oatman, Charles Henry, '82. 

O'Brien, Aloysius Paul, M., '89. 

O'Brien, Edward A., L., '02. 

O'Brien, John Maurice, L., '02. 

O'Brien, Victor L., '92; L., '95. 

O'Callaghan, Charles Francis, L., '96. 

Ochsner, Richard Leon, M., '06. 

O'Connell, George Derby, D., '05. 

O'Connell, Robert Emmet, D., '95. 

O'Conner, James Grover, '07. 

O'Connor, Joseph Thomas, '96; L., '99. 

O'Connor, Richard, '04; L., '06. 

O'Gara, John, L., '96. 

O'Grady, Alexander Leland, L., '91. 

O'Grady, James Joseph, P., '91 . 

O'Halloran, James William, L., '95. 

O'Leary, Vera Estella (Mrs. Caglieri), '06. 

Oliva, George, P., '00. 

Oliver, Joseph A., M., '89. 

Olney, Mary (Mrs. Louis Bartlett), '95. 

Olsen, John Jacobsen, '07. 

Olson, Adolph John, '09. 

O'Neill, Hugh, L., '03. 

Onesti, Silvio Joseph, P., '95; M., '99. 



Oppenheim, Morris, L., '08. 

Orr, Robert Harris, M., '96. 

Orrick, William Horsley, '01; L., '03. 

Ostrom, Carmel Mercedes, '09. 

Ostrom, Daniel Augustus, Jr., D., '00. 

Otto, Theresa Margaret, '04. 

Owen, Edna Tulloch (Mrs. J. S. Heaton), 


Owens, James M., '97. 
Owens, Robert Clogher, L., '04. 
Owyang, Kee, '10. 
Paige, Cutler, '82. 
Painter, Eugene DeShong, D., '01. 
Painter, Jerome Bonaparte, D., '98. 
Palmer, Brooks, '92; L., 95. 
Pancoast, Franklin, D., '85. 
Parcells, Frank Mershon, '91. 
Parker, Edward Allen, '74. 
Parker, Helen A. (Mrs. R. B. Criswell), 

D., '98. 

Parker, Homer C., '98. 
Parker, Kingsbury Eastman, '07. 
Parks, Jessie Marvin (Mrs. H. C. Rich- 
ard), '04. 

Parks, Louis Herbert, D., '99. 
Patek, Robert, '01. 
Paton, Charles James, M., '83. 
Patterson, Aimee Elberta, '08. 
Paulsen, Mabelle Amalie, '10. 
Pauson, Charles Arthur, '03 ; M., '07. 
Pawlieki, Thaddeus Edward, L., '94. 
Peacock, Charles James Antone, P., '09. 
Pearce, Clarence Hubert, D., '95. 
Peart, Hartley F., '98; L., '01. 
Peckham, Helen Wooster, '01. 
Pedge, William C., '99. 
Peixotto, Edgar Davis, L., '88. 
Peixotto, Eustace Madura, '08. 
Pemberton, James Emmons, L., '86. 
Perkins, George Russell, Jr., '02; L., '04. 
Perkins, Phillip J., P., '88. 
Perkins, Thomas Allen, L., '96. 
Perrault, Edward L., M., '85. 
Perrone, Darius Leopold, P., '96. 
Perry, Arthur Wayne, '02. 
Pescia, Attilio Francis, D., '05. 
Peters, Bernard Ralph, D., '09. 
Peters, Harry C., D., '02. 
Peters, William James, P., '03. 
Petrie, Frank B., P., '88; M., '91. 
Peyton, William Charles, '87. 
Pfeiffer, Mary Louise, "04. 
Pfister, Joseph, D., '89. 
Pickett, Jesse Cameron, '04. 
Pidwell, John Trevasso, L., '93. 
Pierce, Hazel Eliza, '07. 
Pike, Robert Dukson, '07. 
Piper, Stephen Livingston, D., '99. 
Pitzer, Russell Kelly, L., '03. 
Plageman, Dora Elsa, '04. 
Platshek, Mark J., '80; L., '83. 
Pless, Fred Gustave, D., '96. 
Plummer, Harold Pierson, '07. 
Plunkett, William T., '96. 
Poheim, Hugo Gustave, '00. 
Pomeroy, Carter Pitkin, L., '81. 
Pomeroy, John Norton, L., '91. 
Pooler, Chester Bennett, P., '92. 
Poorman, Samuel, Jr., L., '02. 
Porter, Charles Bruce, Jr., D., '96. 
Porterfield, Robert Henry, D., '95. 
Post, Charles E., D., '87. 

Pottle, Fred Warren, P., '05. 

Powell, William Keleher, '10. 

Powers, Allan Raymond, '01. 

Powers, Frank Edward, L., '01. 

Powers, Frank H., '84. 

Powers, Jennie Louisa, '99. r. 

Pracy, Edna Louise, '08. 

Pracy, George Wesley, '08. 

Prag, Florence (Mrs. Julius Kahn), '87. 

Pratt, Orville Charles, '02. 

Prescott, Leon Edward, L., '96. 

Pressley, James Fowler, M., '02. 

Price, Arthur Lorenzo, '04. 

Price, Joseph Randolph, '74. 

Prichard, Joseph Alfred, L., '05. 

Prien, Harry Frederick, P., '85. 

Prince, Elede, '04. 

Prince, Lionel David, '10. 

Prior, Toney, P., '04. 

Proctor, Mehitabel Clara, M., '07. 

Prosek, John, Jr., L., '95. 

Prost, Edward, '09. 

Prutzman, Helen Clare, '02. 

Putnam, Edward W., '85. 

Putnam, Victor Eugene, M., '96. 

Quinlan, John Cotter, L., '99. 

Quinn, Thomas D'Arcy McGee, M., '02. 

Rahlmann, Herman Erdwig, '07. 

Ramm, Charles A., '84. 

Ransom, Tom Wells, '91. 

Rathbone, Henry B., '87. 

Raymond, Cecilia Leavitt, '95. 

Rea, Jessie Martha, '02. 

Read, Emerson Worrell, "06. 

Redmond, Mary Thornton, '10. 

Reed, Georgia Ella (Mrs. J. Fife), '93. 

Reef, Henry Jacob, '06. 

Rees, David Richard, P., '92. 

Regan, Jeromiah Thomas, P., '05. 

Regensburger, Arthur Theodore, D., '87. 

Rehfish, Adele (Mrs. Charles Raas), '04. 

Reich, Charles Louis, D., '99. 

Reichenbach, Eda Rosalind (Mrs. F. V. 

Bloch), '04. 

Reid, Eunice (Mrs. R. C. Owens), '03. 
Reid, John, Jr., '03. 
Reilly, Leslie, '09. 
Reinstein, Jacob Bert, '73. 
Reith, Charles E., '00; L., '02. 
Remmel, Alva J., '00. 
Reyman, Harold Cleveland, '07. 
Rhine, Emily Patricia (Mrs. Frank U. Var- 

ney), '96. 

Rhine, Morris, '04. 
Rhodes, Claude Irvin, '02. 
Rhodes, Glenn Vernon, '09. 
Richard, Mathilde S. (Mrs. H. F. Dryden), 


Richards, Charles Wesley, D.. '82. 
Richards, Harry Griffin, D., '92. 
Richards, Joseph Ignatius, D., '96. 
Richter, Max Clemens, '10. 
Ridge, Nannie N. (Mrs. J. E. Frick), '83. 
Riley, George E., '85. 
Riley, Peter T., '77; L., '88. 
Riley, Stanislaus Augustine, L., '03. 
Ringolsky, Gus Charles, '05; L., '07. 
Rinne, Frederick Augustus, M., '95. 
Rippe, Minnie Marie, '09. 
Rix, William, L., '87. 
Rixford, Emmet, '87. 
Rixford, Loring Pickering, '94. 



Robbins, John L. McCullough, '97. 

Bobbins, Stanley Herbert, P., '01. 

Robarts, Harry Philip, M., '03. 

Roberts, William Richard, '02. 

Robertson, Charles Smith, P., '10. 

Robinson, John R., '00. 

Robinson, Sara M. (Mrs. E. J. Mott), '98. 

Roche, Thomas Bryan, P., '92 ; M., 98. 

Rochex, Joseph, M., '96. 

Rodden, George Frederick, D., '89. 

Roeding, Henry U., '97. 

Roehr, Clarissa May, P., '04; '07. 

Rogers, James Edward, '08. r. 

Rogers, Nathan, P., '76. 

Rogers, Roy Ravone, '97. 

Rohner, Frank, D., '04. 

Romaine, Bertha, '07. r. 

Romaine, Mary Alice, '06. 

Rooney, Alice J., '00. 

Roos, George Henri, '95. 

Roos, Leon L., '98. 

Roos, Robert Achille, '04. 

Root, Corydon Bee, D., '93; M., '94. 

Root, George A., P., '88. 

Rosenberg, Caroline, M., '03. 

Rosenshine, Albert Adolph, '04; L., '06. 

Rosenthal, Hyman, '09. 

Rosener, Charles S., L., '96. 

Rosener, Leland S., '99. 

Rosenthal, Ben, '10. r. 

Rossi, Edmund Arthur, '09. 

Rossi, Robert Domenic, '09. 

Roth, Frederique, '09. 

Roth, Nathalie E., '99. 

Rothchild, Herbert Lionel, '02. 

Rothchild, Walter, L., '02. 

Rothganger, George, '85. 

Rouleau, Blanche Madeleine, '99. 

Rouleau, Oscar Adolphe, L., '91. 

Rowlands, William E., '89. 

Rowley, Ridgway Lloyd, '07. 

Rudee, Henry Elkan, D., '09. 

Rolofson, Alfred Currie, Jr., D., '98. 

Russ, Raymond J., '96; M., '00. 

Russell, Alexander Allen MacVicar, '07. b. 

Russell, Harry A., '81. 

Ryan, James Maurice, P., '99. 

Ryan, Louis Xavier, M., '05. 

Ryan, Rosa Emily, '92. 

Ryer, Marshall Bragg, M., '96. 

Ryfkogel, Henry Anthon Lewis, M., '94. 

Ryst, Ina, '06. r. 

Salinger, Ruth Cleve (Mrs. C. DeY. Elkus), 


Salz, Milton Herman, '06. 
Sampson, Joseph Abraham, '10. 
Samuels, Jacob X., '87; L., 90. 
Samuels, Leon, '90; L., '93. 
Sanborn, Francis May (Mrs. J. C. New- 
ton), '01. 

Sanderson, William W., '87; L., '90. 
Sandy, Isabel Marguerite, '09. 
Sankey, Mary J., M., '95. 
Sawyer, Herbert C., M., '81. 
Sawyer, William Francis, L., '87. 
Schaufele, Herbert James, '09. 
Scheel, Harry Aaron, '08. 
Scheeline, Simon Cleophis, '74. 
Schindler, Andrew D., '83. 
Schlesinger, Bertrand, L., '85. 
Schlott, Ernest Frederick, D., '93. 
Schmidt, Albert Frank Sidney, P., '01. 

Schmidt, Edwin Valentine, P., '90. 

Schmitt, Lionel Samuel, M., '01. 

Schmitt, Milton Leon, L., '99. 

Schmitz, Leo Amandus^P., '00. 

Schmulowitz, Nathaniel, '10. 

Schoenfeld, Laurence Simpson, '03. 

Schoenitzer, Mildred Edna, '09. 

Scholten, Sister Mary Amanda, P., '03. 

Schooler, William Henry, L., '82. 

Schroder, Dorothy S., '04. 

Schroeder, Annie Katharine, '02. r. 

Schroeder, Caroline Anna, '05. 

Schroeder, Sophie, '04. 

Schultz, Emile Gustave, P., '03. 

Schutte, John H., '89. 

Schwartz, Harry, P., '91. 

Schwartzchild, Adele (Mrs. Jos. Fried- 
lander), '97. 

Schwarz, Jacob, M., '04. 

Schweitzer, Jeffery, '07. 

Scott, Arthur Walter, '76; M., '79. 

Scott, Ebenezer, '73. 

Scott, Edgar Lyle, P., '04. 

Scott, James Walter, L., '06. 

Scott, Saxon Bird, D., '10. 

Seager, Harold Lawrence, D., '92. 

Seidel, Claudia Russell, '10. 

Seiferd, Fred James, D., '01. 

Selling, Nathalie Adele, M., '94. 

Selzer, Edward, P., '77. 

Sesnon, William Thomas, L., '81. 

Sessions, Charles Robert, '01. 

Sexton, Charles John, D., '07. 

Shankey, William George, D., '88. 

Sharp, James Graham, D., '93 ; M., '94. 

Sharp, Solomon Albert, P., '92. 

Shaw, Addison Eugene, '91. 

Sheats, Arthur Kenningford, L., '90. 

Sherry, Ethel Beatrice, '07. 

Sherwood, William Robert, '77. 

Shoda, Isabura, '09. 

Short, Edward Nelson, D., '89. 

Shortall, Edward Percival, L., '96. 

Shumate, Thomas Edward, P., '90. 

Shurtleff, Charles Allerton, L., 82. 

Sichel, Gustave William, M., '76; D., '82 

Sichel, Leo, D., '95. 

Sievers, Francis Otto, '07. 

Silberberg, Bernard, '06. 

Silverberg, Annie, '03. 

Silverberg, Melville, '97. 

Simmons, Haydn Mozart, P., '95; M., '01. 

Simon, Grace, M., '93. 

Simon, Jules Arthur, M., '75. 

Sinsheimer, Edgar, '09. 

Sinsheimer, Helen Margery, '05. 

Sinsheimer, Paul Ainsley, '01. 

Skaife, Alfred C., '00. 

Slack, Charles William, '79; L., '82. 

Slack, Edith, '10. 

Sloss, Joseph, '87. 

Smith, Harvey Foster, M., '94. 

Smith, Howard D., '01. 

Smith, Irving Howard, '08. 

Smith, Thomas Martin, D., 98. 

Smith, William Henry, Jr., L., '02. 

Smith, Woodley Bates, L., '99. 

Smyth, Harriet Skidmore (Mrs. W. C. Al- 
varez), '06. 

Smyth, Thomas U., D., '99. 

Snyder, George Samuel, M., '05. 

Sobaslay, Julius, M., '86. 



Sobey, Arthur Wilson, D., '04. 

Sobey, Gifford Lyne, M., '07. 

Sober, Henry Charles, D., '00. 

Solinsky, Frank Joseph, '77; L., '81. 

Sollman, Florence H., '00. 

Somers, Boy James., '04. 

Somerville, Mary Luella (Mrs. William 

Davis), '05. 

Son, Charles Albert, '97. 
Southwick, Grace B., '01. b. 
Spadoni, Adriana, '03. 
Spencer, Mary (Mrs. H. G. Sharp), '05. 
Spiro, Abraham, P., '99. 
Spiro, Harry, P., '93. 
Sprague, Frances Boyal, '86. 
Stack, Katherine, '99. 
Stadtmuller, Edwin W., '98. 
Stafferd, Henry J., L., '82. 
Stafford, David Emmet, M., '03. 
Stafford, William Francis, L., '81. 
Stanford, George Grant, D., '98. 
Strange, Carl Frederick, P., '94. 
Stapff, Frederick William, D., '01. 
Stark, Clara M., '98. 

Stark, Thomas Alexander, Jr., D., '02. 
Stebbins, Horatio W., '99. 
Steele, Isaac Cleveland, '09. b. 
Steen, Julius, P., '02. 
Steinhart, Aimee, '99. 
5-teinhart, Jesse Henry, '01; L., '03. 
Stephens, Charles Joy, D., '98. 
Stephens, Franklin Monroe, "09. 
Stern, Carrie (Mrs. C. N. Stern), '98. 
Stern, Henry Stuart, D., '01. 
Stevens, Andrew Jackson, D., '05. 
Stevens, William Emerson, M., '99. 
Stevenson, Edith, '95. 
Stewart, Agnes Rae, '07. 
S'tich, Benjamin Mitchell, D., '96. 
Stickney, Charles Francis, P., '10. 
Stiles, Henry, D., '97. 
Stirewalt, Henry W., M., '94. 
St. John, Paul, ''06. 
Stocker, Leslie Wrightson, '04. 
Stocking, Maude Louise, '04. 
Stokes, Guy H., '90. 
Stokes, Thomas Parr., D., '02. 
Stone, Bertram, M., '95. 
Stone, Charles Henry Howard, '06. 
Stone Edna Lewis (Mrs. A. L. Price), '02. 
Stoney, Donzel, '90. 
Stoney, Gaillard, '88; L., '91. 
Strnchan, Agnes, '10. 
Strnchan, James Forrest, '02. 
Strachan, John E., '95. 
Straus, Gaston, L., '81. 
Strite, Bertha Perle, '06. 
Strong, Addison Graves, '10. 
Strout, Archie Lindsay, '08. b. 
Studley. Buby W., '96. r. 
Stull, Florence Agnes, '94. 
Stull, Grace T. (Mrs. Charles M. Elliott), 


Sturtevant, George A., '89. 
Styan, William Farnshaw, P., '02. 
Suden, Peter Otto turn, L., '06. 
Suggett, Allen Holman, D., '93. 
Sullivan, Abraham Sinclair, D., '99. 
Sullivan, Grace A., '00. 
Sullivan, Thomas B., '89. 
Sultan, Walter David, '08. 
Suter, Daniel, '81. 

Sutliffe, Edgar Curtiss, '78. 

Sutro, Alfred, L., '94. 

Sutro, Emma Laura (Mrs. G. W. Merritt), 
M., '81. 

Sutton, John G., '85. 

Swanson, Lurline Estelle, '06. 

Sweeney, George Joseph, M., '00. 

Sweeney, James Peter, L., '88. 

Sweeney, May E., '00. 

Sweet, Bertha (Mrs. B. M. Joseph), '96. 

Sweet, Mabel (Mrs. J. Baer), '99. 

Sweigert, Charles Adam, L., '03. 

Sweigert, William Jonathan, L., '89. 

Swift, Edward Daniel, L., '88. 

Sylvester, Albert John, D., '90. 

Sylvester, Henry, Jr., '85. 

Sylvia. Anthony Maxim, '07. 

Tabrett, Amy, '01. 

Taggart, John Pitt, P.. '01. 

Talcott, Lida Louise (Mrs. G. H. Evans), 
P., '98. 

Tauszky, Edmund, L., '83. 

Taylor, Arthur Clay, L., '84. 

Taylor, Edward Bobeson, M.. '65. 

Taylor, Francis Patrick, L., '97. 

Temple, Fred A., '97. 

l.iry, Wallace I., '90; M., '92. 

Tevis, Henry L., M., '87. 

Tevlin, James Francis, L., '84. 

Theller, I. H., '08. r. 

Thompson, Charles Lawrence, L., '99. 

Thompson, Frances Grant, '09. r. 

Thompson, Nelson W., '99. 

Thompson, Walter J., L., '97. 

Thome, Andrew, '83 : L., '88. 

Thrasher, Marion, M., '90. 

Tietjen, Anna Meta, '08. 

Tillman, Frank Joseph, M., '98. 

Titlow, Edward Ingram, '01. 

Titus, Merton Earl, '09. 

Tobin, Alma Blanche, '08. 

Tobriner, Essie, '04. 

Tobriner, Marion Laurence, D., '00. 

Tobriner, Oscar, D., '96; M., '98. 

Toner, Joseph Michael, M., '01. 

Topham, Edward, Jr., M., '02. 

Torello, Esther, '09. 

Torrence, James Stockard, P., '00. 

Towne, Percy Edgar, L., '98. 

Treadwell, Sophie (Mrs. W. O. McGeehan), 

Treat, May Benton (Mrs. A. F. Morrison), 

Trewick, Ellen Elizabeth, '10. 

Troppman, Charles Martin. P., '81. 

Trumbo, Howard Thompson, L., '96. 

Tuggle, Samuel P., M., '89. 

Turn Suden, Bichard, '10. 

Turner, Charles L., '92. 

Turner, Bobert Haviland, '95; L., '98. 

Tuttle. Joseph Wilford, P., '06. 

Underbill, Lewis King, '08. r. 

Upp, William Augustus, P., '93. 

U'Ben, Milton Tindle, L., '04. 

Van Dyke, Edwin C.. '93. 

Van Fleet, Alan Crocker. '10. 

Van Fleet, Bansom Carey, '97; L., '00. 

Van Hensen, Blanche C. (Mrs. G. D. Cul- 
ver), M., '02. 

Van Ness, T. C., Jr., '98. 

Van Nostrond, John James, L., '96. 

Van Orden, George Newins, D., '92. 



Van Wyck, Crittenden, D., '02. 

Van Wyck, Sidney McMechen, Jr., L., '90. 

Varney, Madeline, '04. 

Vaughan, Ray Cass., '06. 

Vaughn, Reuben Vance, P., '05. r. 

Vecki, Marion, L., '08. 

Veeder, Howard Potter, '96. 

Vensano, Harry Chittenden, '03. 

Vensano, Nina C., '04. 

Versalovich, Lilian Claire, '01. 

Vogel, Thomas Augustus, D., '94. 

Vogelgesang, Alexander Theodore, L., '86. 

Volkmann, Daniel Gustav., '08. 

Von der Leith, Harold, P., '93. 

Von Wethern. Joseph, P., '89. 

Voorsanger, William, '96. 

Wagener, Allan Cole. P., '89. 

Wagner, Albert Patrick, '06. 

Wagner, Ethel M., '00. 

Wasry, Earl W., '09. 

Walcott. Karle Ashler, '83. 

Waldeyer, Wilhelra, M., '04. 

Walker, Clifford Black, '06. b. 

Walker, Shirley, '01. 

Wallace, Bradley, Lewis, '08. 

Wallace, Ryland Burnett, '76; L., '81. 

Waller, Julian Lloyd, P., '89. 

Walsh, Albert Marion, '01. 

Walsh, William John, M., '02. 

Walton, William McKinley, D., '04. 

Wanz, Arthur Henry, D.,' '99. 

Wanzer, Lucy Maria Field. M., '76. 

Ward, Alice Carolin, P., '00. 

Warren, Clarence Harrison, '78. 

Wascerwitz, Morris Herman, L., '88. 

Waterhouse, Seymour, '95. b. 

Waterman, Douglas, '95. b. 

Waterman, Thomas Talbot. '07. 

Watts, Herbert Charles, M., '00. 

Weaver, Brandon Earl, P., '04. 

Weaver, George Erastus, L., '01. 

Webb, Walton Cope, L., '99. 

Webster, Hannah Ellen, M., '04. 

Webster, Reginald Heber, '77. 

Weed, Benjamin, '94. 

Weil, Adolph L., '97: L., '99. 

Weiler, Alfred Bertram, '03. 

Weinlander, Cordie. '03. 

Weinmann, Louis Randolph, L., '08. 

Weise, E. M., M., '77. 

Weiss, Philip, P., '78. 

Welsh, Joseph Aloysius, V., '97. 

Wemple, Edna Mary (Mrs. J. R. McDon- 
ald), '03. 

Wemple, Emmet LeRoy, Jr., M., '00. 

Wendt, Freda Anna, '07. r. 

Wepfer, Alfred Vincent, '05. r. 

Wepfer, Clara Gertrude, '07. 

Wepfer, Flora Beatrice, '03. r. 

Werner, Selma, '08. 

West, Richard Franklin, D., 08. 

Westerfeld, Carl, L., '96. 

Westphal, Edward William, D., '96. 

Weuzerburger, Elise A. (Mrs. A. E. Graup- 
ner), '02 . 

Weyer, Gustavus Adolphus, D., '92; M., '02. 

Wevl, Bertin Alfred, L., '99. 

Wheeler, Charles S., '84. 

Whipple, George H., '97. 

Whitcomb, Frank Randolph, '78; L., '81. 

White, Ann Frances (Mrs. P. C. Dibert), 

White, Arthur Loring, D., '99. 

White, George Casey, '10. 

White, Howard James, '97. 

White, James Evans, L., '02. 

White, Jane (Mrs. R. E. White), '10. 

White, Jerome Barker, '04; L., '06. 

White, Margaret, '04; M., '09. b. 

White, Sister Mary Vincent, P., '03.- 

White, William Basil, L., '95. 

White, William K., '00; L., '02. 

Whited, Jesse Meigs, L., '98. 

Whiting, Randolph Virginius, L., '95. 

Whiteley, Anne, '97. 

Wiester, Aber Stowe, '05. 

Wilbert, Martin Horace, '08. 

Wildes, Maude F., '02. 

Willard, Charles Wesley, L., '96. 

Willard, William P., '99. 

Willcutt, George Beal, '79. 

Williams, Cyril, Jr., '00. 

AVilliams, Evan, '04. 

Williams, John Tully, L., '99. 

Williams, Walter Joseph Marie, '02. 

Williamson, John Marshall, M., '85. 

Wilson, Ethel May, '03. 

Winkler, Louis F. W., P., '09. 

Winter. Carrie Minnie, '08. 

Wise, Wallace Alexander, L., '89. 

Wolf, Emanuel M., '94. 

Wolf, Oscar, '00. 

AVoKsohn, Fred, '10. 

Wollenberg, Charles Maurice, P., '94. 

Wollenberg, Hanna, '08. 

Wollenberg, Lillian Sophia (Mrs. A. H. 
Jacobs), '05. 

Wollenberg, Natalie, '04. 

Wollner, Miriam May, '01. 

Wood, Chester Earl, '09. 

Wood, Reuben Joseph, '07. 

Wachhorst, Newton Booth, D., '95. 

Wood, Samuel A., '97. 

Woodhams, Maurice Sullivan, '88; L., '91. 

Woodward, Thomas Patterson, '73. 

Woodworth, Marshall Borel, L., '94. 

Woolsey, Chester H., '95; M., '01. 

Woolsey, Kate Frances (Mrs. C. W. 
Slack), '80. 

Wrenn, Joseph Thomas, M., '06. 

Wright, Alice Bowman, '01. 

Wright, Ben F., '97. 

Wright, Clarence Irving, '03. 

Wright, Wallace Noel, '07. 

Wulzer, Dietrich Henrv, P., '87. 

Wythe, Frederick Stephen, L., '08. 

Yost, Paul Kirkwood, '09. r. 

Young, Charles Edgar, D., '05. 

Young, Edna Eugenie, '06. 

Young, Edward Bassett, L., '81. 

Young, Estelle M., '96. 

Young, Ethel Alice, '03. 

Young, George Samuel, '04. r. 

Young, Harrv Somers, L., '07. 

Young, Mabel Margaret (Mrs. G. G. Mur- 
ray), '03. 

Younger, Edward A., M., '79. 

Zeile, John, '98. 

Zemansky, Joshua Henrv, P., '78. 

Zimelli, Maurice John, P., '01. 

Zinns, Otto Charles, '01. 

Zumwalt, Frederick H., P., '98; M., '02. 

Zumwalt, Reuben Sylvester, M., '06. 




Baird, Edward Ellsworth, D., '94. 
Griffith, Mary Justine, '09. b. 
Loomis, Emma Christine, '06. 
Moody, Joe Galgier, '09. 
Pressley, John B., M., '82. 
Savage, Harold Alonzo, '10. 
Southworth, Alice (Mrs. J. G. Moody), '09. 


Daniel, Susie Melrose (Mrs. R. S. Roy), '04 
Roy, Ralph Somers, '04. 

Cereghino, Adelina Dianna, P., '03. 

Blackburn, Fred Abner, P., '98. 


Ambrose, Thomas Edward, '05. b. 
Archer, Leo Bethell, '96. 
Avery, William Nelson, D., '93. 
Baker, Morgan Dillor, M., '04. 
Barnum, William Floyd, '08. b. 
Barrington, Charles Lott, P., '82. 
Beal, Flora Eleanor, '83. 
Bennett, Augustus Griffin, Jr., D., '93. 
Benson, Frank Henry, L., '98. 
Blair, James C., '01; M., '05. 
Boesch, Matilda (Mrs. G. D. Wendt), D., 


Bohnett, Lewis Dan, '06. 
Bowden, Archer, '10. 
Bowen, Daisy May, P., '96; L., '05. 
Brown, Theodore Vincent, P., '07. 
Bryant, Calhoun, L., '85. 
Burbank, William Freeman. '86. r. 
Caldwell, Robert, M., '69. 
Carmichael, Thomas Merritt, D., '00. 
Clark, Alice Ann (Mrs. J. A. Hart), L., 


Cothran, Abraham Lincoln, M., '93. 
Creighton, James G., P., '03. 
Crittenden, Bradford Samuel, L., '07. b. 
Curry, Harry Frank, '08. 
Curry, Howard Walter, '10. 
Curtis, Frederick Arthur, D., '05. 
Curtiss, Frank D., P., '02. 
Davis, Belle D. (Mrs. A. K. Whitton), '80. 
Dibble, Grace E., '98. 
Dickie, Alexander J., '90. 
Doerr, Louis, P., '98. 
Dore, Cornelius William, P., '95. 
Douglas, Charles B. E. f '09. r. 
Ebi, Alice May, '05. 
Flannery, Robert Leroy, '09. r. 
Fleming, Francis Benedict, P., '06. 
Fowler, Arthur A., D., '96. 
Gale, Emma J. (Mrs. Frederick Hazard), 


Gleason, Katherine F., '97. 
Greisberg, Frederick J., '99. 
Hansen, John Owen, '02. 
Hanson, Hermann Pierce, D., '97. 
Haven, Lawrence, '97. 
Hay, John James Alexander, '00. 
Hazen, Edward Augustus, P., '94. 
Henkle, Ravmond Elwood, P '02 
Henry, Ruth, '99. 

Kimball, Mabel Edna, '08. b. 

Knapp, Rolland Edwin, '02. 

LaMotte, Gertrude D., '99. 

Ledyard, Benjamin Cory, D., "06. 

Lynn, Mary Alice, '03. r. 

McCollister, Earl Hamilton, '03. 

McCollough, James Henry, '04. 

McGinty, Arthur Thomas, M., '02. 

Marckres, Glair Cutting, D., '97. 

Maynard, Stephen Cholmeley, D., '96. 

Moore, Chester Biven, '07; M., '09. r. 

Morris, Bert Jasper, '04. 

Munson, James Grant, P., '84. 

Nash, Dore, D., '89. 

Nichols, Theodore A., M., '85. 

O'Neill, Kate Navin, '06. 

Patterson, Francis Frederick, P., '91. 

Patton, Alta, '10. 

Pearce, Frederick Bright, D., '98. 

Pratt, Edward William, D., '89. 

Quilty, Clarence Albert, P., '04. 

Regnart, Percy Stuart, D., '01. 

Saph, Louis Victor, '97; M., '00. 

Scheller, Victor Aloysius, L., '89. 

Schumacher, Frederick, D., '93. 

Shepard, Cara Belle, '04. 

Smith, Frank Joseph, D., '96. 

Snow, Beatrice M. (Mrs. Earl McCollister), 


Sontheimer, Arthur R., D., '07. 
Syer, Robert Reay, L., '94. 
Tennyson, Howard Alan, D., '99. 
Tuttle, Hiram Daniel, L., '81. 
Waterhouse, Seymour, '95. r. 
Waterman, William Louis, P., '02. 
Webb, Edward Otis, P., '98. 
West, Gifford Bethel, '10. 
Whittle, Henry Deering, L., '83. 
Wight, David, P., '82. 
Wilder, Francis A., '98. 

Collins, Robert H., '00. 
Cranes, Clarence Burnham, '03 
Dubois, Blanche Merry, '03. 
Gates, Leila Edith (Mrs. L. B. Smith), '04 
Jess, Reubena Teressa, '04. 
Mason, Benjamin M., M., '75. 
Miller, Ethel Edna, '07. r. 
Simmons, Benjamin Franklin, D., '86. 
Smith, Leonard B., '04. 
Winchester, Helen A., '04. 

Rowe, Frederick William, P., '90. 


Bocarde, Beatrice Louise (Mrs. R. Cour- 
ier), '09. 


Callender, Caroline M., '97. 

Darke, Helen Duncan, '08. 

Darke, Roy Everett, '10. 

Dorn, Fred A., L., '86. 

Douglas, Katherine Mary, '06. 

Dozier, Lydia Lee (Mrs. H. M. Payne), '02. 

Elberg, Henry M., D., '07. 

Evans, Edith R. (Mrs. H. B. Waters), '04. 

Hollister, William Mossman, '08. r. 



McPhetres, Daniel Morten, '05. 

Mehlmann, Emma, '08. 

Muma, Wilmer, L., '99. 

Seaton, Joseph Henry, Jr., P., '06. r. 

Smith, Donald Joseph, '08. 

Stewart, Kathryne F., '09. 

Stover, William Miller, M., '96. 

SAN Luis RET. 
Newham, Frances, '01. 


Boardman, Jeanette H. (Mrs. J. H. En- 
sign), D., '03. 

Browne, Augustus Frank, M., "95. 
Cook, Ella Gertrude, '03. r. 
Cook, Finley, '88. r. 
Davis, Morris K., '97. r. 
Duggan, John Francis, '95. 
Graff, Ulrich, '01. r. 
Hooker, Robert Gay, '82. r. 
Jeffreys, Katherine M., '98. r. 
Kahl, George Garry, '09. 
Kaufman, Joel William, '10. 
McAllister, Elliott W., '84. r. 
Reddington, Arthur H., '94; L., '98. r. 
Sibley, Roy, D., '03. 
Sisson, Ernest Kirkpatrick, D., '98. 
Warren, Henry Claud, M., '04. 
Whitney, Arthur Leslie, '80. r. 

Greene, Carlton W., '92. 


Armour, Harry Willard, P., '02; '03. 
Duffy, Elsie E., '05. 

Stone, Waid James, M., '06. 

Lynch, Leonard J., '74. 
Oswill, George McCamley, P., '01. 


Alexander, Edgar W., '01; M., '05. 

Allen, Edward O., '97. 

Anderson, Archibald B., '98. 

Angellotti, Frank Mario, L., '82. 

Augustine, Winifred (Mrs. E. O. Allen), 

Barr, Thomas Ira Cook, D., '01. 

Boillot, Elizabeth Leoni (Sister Mary Pas- 
chal), '04. 

Butler, Edward Ignatius, L., '03. 

Croall, Anna Belle Paterson (Mrs. E. T. 
Barnes), '99. 

Doody, Georgina Laura, '06. 

DuBois, Charles Hall, D., '98. 

DuBois, Helen Jay, '03. 

Dufficy, Rafael Gabriel, P., '06. 

Dufficy, Veronica A., '98. 

Foster, Arthur William, Jr., '04. 

Foster, Paul Scott, '10. 

Gilogly, Eleanor Dorothy, '05. 

Halsey, Norman Sherwood, D., '98. 

Hansen, Henry Marius, '03. 

Haskell, Olcott, '95. 

Hearne, William Thomas, P., '02. 

Hiniker, Andrew Jackson, D., '98 

Inman, Pratt Cook, P., '95. 

Johnson, Margaret Olive, '10. 

Korbel, Elma Anton, '02. 

McAllister, Alice M., '02. 

MacDonald, Margaret, '02. 

Madison, Frank Delino, L., '92. 

Martinelli, Genevieve Caroline, '08. 

Mee, John H., '97. 

Roberts, Ruth, '10. 

Rogers, Ralph Harrod, P., '04. 

Sawyer, Frederick Earl, D., '95 

Sharp, William Fuller, D., '90. 

Sherer, Rex William, '98. 

Todd, Arthur James, '04. 

Vanderbilt, Newell, '07. 

Whitney, Charlotte Mayborn (Mrs. D. R. 

Wedgewood), '04. 
Wickman, William Jose, '83. 
Wilkins, James Hepburn, '76. 
Zook, Edgar Thomson, '01. 


Arnoldy, Mary Josephine, '03. b. 
Finley, Lulu B., '98. 
Hawley, Otto Jay, '08. 
Head, Horace Caldwell, '91; L '96 
Head, Lillian Mary, '08. r. 
Johnston, Eva, '04. 
McFadden, Ada Sara, '10. 
McFadden, Mabel Effie, '10. 
Moomau, Clyde Edward, P., '07 
Rice, Mary Eliza, '02. r. 
Stanley, Frederick William, '09. r. 
Stanley, John Carter, '05. r. 
Talcott, Josiah Stiles, Jr., '10. 
Thurston, Luella May, '08. r. 
Young, Grace Alma (Mrs. Justin H. Stew- 
art), '03. 

Bakewell, Benjamin, '98; M., '02 
Blanchard, Elizabeth, '96. 
Boesake, Bertram Carl, D., '96. 
Brown, Everett Somerville, '07. b. 
Chase, Pearl, '09. 
Coleman, George Edward, '91. 
Conrad, David Andrew, M., '93. 
Cooper, Fanny, '87. 

Cross, Mary Hannah (Mrs. E. J. Will- 
iams), '03. r. 
Dozier, Anthony W., '96. 
Eddy, Herman H., '94. 
Edwards, Charles A., '82. 
Edwards, George S., '79. 
Edwards, John Stevenson, '06. 
Edwards, Miriam Barstow, '07. 
Edwards, William Albert, '10. 
Eschenburg, Helen Inez, '08. r. 
Green, Grace Storey, '08. r. 
Hardy, Ethel Charlotte, '05. 
Herbert, Elwood Faribairn, D., '01. 
Illia, John Dante, P., '01. 
Johnston, Fred Lyle, '04. 
Leete, Carolyn, '04. 
Lehman, Clinton Forest, '04. r. 
Levy, Camille, '98. 
Orena, A. G., P., '87. 
Parma, Rosamond, '08. r. 
Parsons, Horace Greelev, P., '06. 
Reed, Fannie Sophia, '03. 
Southwick, Grace Ruth, '01. r. 



Squier, John Jay, L., '97. 

Stoddard, Harry Leroy, '06. 

Stoddard, Thomas Albion, '03 ; M., '07. 

Vail, Hugh F. R., '94. 

Warnekros, William Louis, D., '99. 


Bacigalupi, James Augustus, L., '07. 
Coeke, Amelia L, '01. b. 
Dewell, Jessie W., '97. 
Kersell, Isabel Murray, '09. r. 
Low, David, '93. 

Mayer, Hilda Elizabeth (Mrs. J. I. Beat- 
tie), '06. 

Menton, Hubert Oscar Francis, D., '98. 
Smith, Margaret, '05. 

SANTA Cure. 
Ansley, Marion, '06. 
Await, Chester Frank, '07. 
Bailey, Earnest A., '03. 
Bailey, Henry F., '90. 
Baldwin, Arnold Merritt, '04. 
Barnes, John W., '00. 
Bartlett, Ethel, '03. 
Hlinn, Kdith Marion, '08. r. 
Bliss, Philip Paul, D., '08. 
Bond, George A., '99. 
Boston, Agnes Howard, '04. 
Bowen, Emma Jane, '05. r. 
Bowen, Gertrude Neelands, '10. r. 
Byrne, Don Washburn, D., '07. 
Clark, Alice Mildred, '04. 
Coleman, Simeon Waldo, '03. 
Grain, Delia, P., '02. 
Farrington, Perry Francis, P., '03. 
Foster, S. M. Louisa, '08. r. 
Gould, Carrie May, '09. r. 
Haas, Robert Raymond, '10. 
Hicks, Percy E., '00. r. 
Lathrop, Howard Beecher, '02. 
Leslie, William. '10. r. 
Linscott, Le<> Maynard, D., '06. 
Linscott. William Raymond, D., '98. 
Moriraii. I-' rank K.. M., '81. 
Parker. William Bell, '10. 
Phillips, Mary Louise, '09. b. 
Plant. Benjamin Anthony, M., '86. 
Rhodes. Mal.el Mav. '02. 
Sharp, Mabel Evelyn. '02. 
Sullivan, Kutherine E., '99. b. 
Thomas, Esne Tierney Amy, '10. 
Thomas. Vera Annie Nina. '08. 
White, George Emerson, '08. 

Easton, Robert E., '96. 
Finley, Theodore Randolph, L., '84. 
Goodwin, Bessie, '10. 
Kane, Wilhelmina Louisa, '05. r. 
Kurtz, Edith Rosine, '01. 
M.-Xeil, Warren, '05. 
Marshall, Pearl. '00. 
Preisker, Charles Leo, L., '07. 
Preisker, Nora, '08. r. 
Savage, Lincoln Ewart, L., '86. 
Sheffield, Eugene Sherwood, '04. 
Smith, Clara Hettie, '98 b. 
Williams, Lilian, '05. 
Woods, Carrie Josephine, '07. 

Jones, Alice Edna, '09. b. 

LeFevre, Joseph P., M., '81. 
Sellards, Myrtle, '06. b. 
Sulliger, Herman N., '00. r. 
Sulliger, Roy Arthur, P., '06. r. 
Wheeler, Ira Danforth, '06. r. 
Williamson, Talcott, '08. r. 
Wolcott, Sarah Agnes, '04. 

Creider, Olive Mary, '08. b. 
Fleisher, Ruth Mary, '05. 
Orcutt, Mary Eva, '02. r. 
Todd, Beatrice Blossom (Mrs. H. C. 
Sharp), '05. 

Arbulich, Lerda Elizabeth (Mrs. E. 

Schaumberg), '04. 
Ashley, Bertha, '97. r. 
Body, Ida, '01. 

Brownscombe, Thomas F., '01. 
Combs, Frances, '06. r. 
Crane, Mabel Antoinette, '07. li. 
Elliot, Abby (Mrs. G. E. Murdock), '97. 
Fanner, Eugene Columbia, P., '04. 
Forsyth, Jess Thomas, P., '03. 
Fox, John Blaine, D., '06. 
Frei, Louis Adolph, '07. r. 
French, Emma F., '00. 
(iantier, Leonora, '01. 
Godwin, Grace Morris, '08. 
Ilahmaim. Paul Theodore. P.. '85. 
Kinjr. Nellie Frances, '03. 
Leppo, David Harrison, D.. '00. 
ICcOonndL Frederick William, '10. 
M<>. .<lr\. Ida Cornelia, '01. r. 
Murdock, Kdna, '01. 
Murdock, Glenn Elbert, '97. 
Newman, Felix Harry, P., '91. 
Perrier, Charles Reginald, '04. 
Robertson. Florence, '06. 
Smith, Robert Elliot, D., '02. 
Snmmerneld. James J., V., '97. 
Talbot, Parker, '09. 
Temple. .Jackson, P., '01; M., '06. 
Warboys, John Lemon, '09. r. 
Ward, 'Estella May, '08. r. 
Ware. Margaret, '10. 
Williamson. Laura Agnes, '09. 
Wright, Helen Rue, '07. 
Wvlie. Ethel Earle. '03. 
Wymore, George Henry, D.,'98. 

Bonestell, Nannie Margaret G. (Mrs. W. 

J. Lewis), '05. 

de la Questa, Ynez Dominica, '09. 
Mi-Guire, Cora Helen, '05. 
Rogers, Gladys (Mrs. H. L. Burum), '07. 


Cunningham, Madge, '07. 
Merrill, Mary (Mrs. H. B. King), '04. 
Russell, Alexander Allen MacVicar, '07. r. 
Watson, Lucretia E., (Mrs. B. G. Taylor), 


Corv, Isaac Henry, P., '00. 
Harlan, George Hillary. '99; L., '02. r. 
Jordan, Susie Emma (Mrs. C. H. Smith), 


Mays. Arthur H., M., '87. 

Murphy, Harriet, '09. 

Wagner, Lawrence T., '98; L., '01. r. 

Williams, Robert L., M., '87. 

Yeazell, Harry Akin, '95. r. 


Millerick, Helen Elizabeth, '07. 

Newman, Clarence Humboldt, '09. b. 

Cothran, William Franklin, M., '05. 


Hathaway, Rowe M., '98. r. 
Kinnear, Elizabeth, '08. 
Seager, John Herbert. D., '96. 
Smith, Florence B., '07. 
Strout, Archie Lindsay, '08. r. 
Svmmonds, Rowena Evelyn, '09. 
Worth, Thomas, P., '91. 


Anderson, Madie, '09. 
Combs, Frances, '06. b. 
Mulligan, Theresa Irene, '04. r. 
Pingel, Henry Leonard, P., '10. 
Sawrie, Mark A., P., '00. 

Ludeke, Elsa Erva Meta, '10. 


Van Orden, Dorothea (Mrs. P. T. Harris), 

Farris, Willia, '06. 
Gross, Joseph Watson, '07. b. 


Bingaman, Elmer Wiley, M., '07. 
Rader, Arthur Leroy, '10. r. 


Clewe, Johann Frederick E., '02. 
Duhring, Frederick T., '89. 
Eastland, Orin, P., '01. 
Gottenberg, Hartley William, D., '98. 
Hays, Wilfred Bertram, M., '06. 
Mathewson, Harley Phillips, Jr., L., '96. 
Poppe, Robert Albion, '79. 
Trueblood, Ellen Esther, '05. 


Bromley, R. Innis, M., '82. 
Mouron, Otto Julius, P., '02. 
Xelson, Mabel Lorena, '04. 
Smittle, Laura Elizabeth, '06. b. 
West, Herbert Augustus, '02. 


Barton, Ellen Vail (Mrs. F. A. Tufts), '02. 
Davis, Cecil Marie, '07. 
Lowry, Morris Vale, '04. 

Fryer, Cullie Caroline, '06. r. 

Moore, Ralph H., '89. 


Bahney, Luther William, P., '97. -. 

Clark, George T., '86. 

Cleveland, Maude, '09. 

Hoffman, Charlotte Mignon (Mrs. V. Kel- 
logg), '99. 

Hohfeld, Wesley Newcomb, '01. 

Porter, Alice Turner (Mrs. S. L. Ware), 

Stillman, John Mayson, '74. 

Stuart, Henry W., '93. 

Knudson, Maude Eleanor, '10. 


Thompson, Mertie R. (Mrs. Eugene Kru- 
ger), '96. 


Dunbar, Palmer Howard, D., '99. 
Stansbury, Middleton P., '02; M., '07. 


Allen, Clifford Emmet, M., '96. 

Ailing, Mark Norman, '03. r. 

Arthur, Edgar Allen, M., '01. 

Arthur, Ethel May, '98. 

Ashley, Arthur H., '87. 

Atherton, Edith May, '10. r. 

Atherton, George Allen, '80. 

Ballaseyus. Franz A., '05. 

Barnhart, Earl Wingert, '09. r. 

Beede, William Morris Stewart, M., '84. 

Boggs, Frank Shackelford, '94. b. 

Brandt, Arthur Hook, '05. r. 

Brown, Marguerite W. (Mrs. J C. Rod- 
der), '03. b. 

Budd, Henry B., '98. 

Budd, John Eliot, '74. 

Burns, Kathryn Josephine (Mrs. G. T. 
Plummer), '08. 

Burton, Austin Marshall, '09. 

Campodonico, Joseph Michael, P., '96. 

Clarv, Edward P^Witt. '95. 

Craviotto, John Vincent, P., '99; M., '04. 

Dunbar, Edward Fitts, D., '03. 

Elder, Jefferson Derwood, '02. 

Ellis, William Fred, Jr., '06. 

Felt, Catherine Glenn, '09. 

Foltz, Edward Pressley, '94; L., '97. 

Freitas, Clarence Elliott, P., '97. 

Glick, Leo, '10. 

Gregory, Eva L. (Mrs. F. B. Wootten), '97. 

Haight, Louis Montrose, P., '97. 

Hale, Elvin Mynett, P., '06. 

Hardy, William Frank, '76. 

Hayne, Margaret Perkins, '08. b. 

Henderson, Raymond William, '04. 

Henderson, Walter Robert, D., '85. 

Highby, Edward Pavson, P., '94. 

Hopkins, Vincent Walter, P., '96. 

Howell, Adelle, '05. 

Hull, James Porterfield, M., '95. 



Hunter, Walter Gladden, '08. 

Jacobs, William Rogers, L., '84. 

Kessing, Albert Ferdinand, '09. 

Langdon, Samuel Walter Ross, Jr., M., '00. 

Lauxen, Leta, '10. 

Lubosch, Melville Edward, P., '97. 

McCan, Frances Ashbury, D., '95. 

Mclnnes, Alice Marion, '05. r. 

McNoble, George F., '95. 

Maisel, Owen Lionel, '10. b. 

Martin, Ann Louise, '08. 

Merrill, Hiram F. F., '83. 

Miller, Laurence Lee, '08, 

Miller, Martha Elizabeth, '03. r. 

Minahen, George Edwin, D., '04. 

Moore, Berkeley W., P., '83. 

Moore, Royal T., P., '96. 

Moses, Ben Duncan, '09. 

Neumiller, Charles Louis, L., '01. 

Ohm, Anna, '08. 

O'Neil, Ambrose Edward, P., '89. 

Palmer, Mabel C. (Mrs. E. K. Dupont), '98. 

Parkinson, Oscar Bronson, L., '94. 

Petzinger, William Christopher, '10. 

Plummer, George Tennent, '07. 

Reimers, Alida Katharine, '09. 

Roblin, Estelle Grace (Mrs. E. E. Morris), 


Rodder, John Christian, '03. b. 
Rogers, Vivian Logan, '09. 
Root, Mary Eva (Mrs. S. W. R. Langdon), 


Sanderson, Henry Ellis, '79; M., '85. 
Schmidt, Rose Everallyn, '09. b. 
Smythe, Hudson. M., f 01. 
Snyder, Edwin Lewis, '10. r. 
Springer, Russel Severence, '03. 
Williamson, Paul Truman, '08. b. 
Wilson, John Alexander, '03 ; L., '08. 
Young, Julius D., M., '81. 


Davidson, John Guy, P., '99. 
Myers, Mittie U., (Mrs. F. M. Chaplin), '99. 
Robbins, R. D., Jr., '94. 
Webster, Frederick Eben, D., '03. 


Hendricks, Howard Edmonde, '03. 
McCall, Emma Jane, '09. b. 
Nash, Caroline A. (Mrs. H. E. Hendricks), 


Addington, David Morgan, M., '79. 
Davidson, Gordon Charles, '08. 
Newbert, Edna (Mrs. C. D. Moore), '03. 


Brignole, Augustus Sydney, '09. 

Downs, Walter E., '88. 

Hall, William, '98. 

Huber, Philip, '06. 

Warren, Chester Howard, '04. 


Kerlinger, William M., '00. 
Minor, Herbert Hibbard, '04. 
Sooy, Francis Adian, '09. 
Mooney, Maud, '08. 


Stillwell, Elijah Burtin, '06. 
Tarter, Albert Preston, M., '82. 


Fisher, Ruby Devota, P., '04. r. 
Wessel, Harry Arthur, P., '04. 

Warren, Joseph S., P., '87. 

Schwanenflugel, Knud, '10. 

Westlake, Leonard John, '91. b. 


Gregory, Jackson, '06. 

McGlashan, June L. (Mrs. Geo. Kelly), 
'00; L., '04. 


Chilson, William Charles, M., '02. 
Gill, George Franklin, L., '01. 
Hitchcock, Marie Ethel, '10. 
Houghton, Thaddeus Burton, P., '96. 
Richardson, Milton Russell, '09. r. 
Sanders, Nathaniel, '98. 
Wharton, Minnie, '05. r. 
Young, Robert James, D., '05. 
Zartman, Zoe Dois, '04. 


Osier, Charles, M., '78. 
Skilling, Harry H., P., '78. 
Thompson, Arthur Lanark, D., '09. 

Clark, Maud, '05. 
Fisher, Laura Marilou, '09. b. 
Heinz, Katherine, '09. b. 
Hodges, George Andrew, D., '03. 
Markley, William Henry, '06. 
Shadle, Herbert Martin, P., '05. 


Macomber, Clara, '08. r. 


Barker, Frank Thomas, '07. 
Bramlet, Eva Laura (Mrs. C. M. Mannon), 


Byrnes, Grace Adeline, '02. 
Duncan, Robert, L., '93. 
Flagg, Amy (Mrs. N. W. Kleyn-Schoovel), 


Harford, Crystal, '08. r. 
Hefty, Emma (Mrs. A. L. Gibson), '88. 
McKesson, Eldred Celian, '06. 
McPeak, Frank V., '02. 
Maddrill, James Davis, '03. 
Mannon, Charles McPherson, L., '00. 
Marks, Selby Harold, '10. 
Pemberton, James Emmons, L., '86. 
Thomas, James Robert, D., '03. 

Van Cromburgghe, August, D., '82. 




Bartlett, Arthur Wayland, '06. b. 
Le Fevre, Susie Rowena, '07. b. 
Polk, Percy W., P., '03. 


Buck, Frank Henry, Jr., '08. r. 
Buckingham, Thomas Hugh, Jr., '07. 
Chubb, Annie, '04. 
Denton, Grace, '09. b. 
Farrell, Anna Marie, P., '08. 
Harbison, Julia Esther, '08. 
Marshall, Lewis Carson, D., '05. 
Penfield, Thomas James, '03. 
Touson, LeRoy, D., '06. 
Webb, Susan H. (Mrs. Inglish), '93. 
Weldon, Clyde Allen, D., '96. 


Arner, Milton Elijah, D., '05. 
Becker, Frank Charles, P., '95. 
Bond, Frederick T., P., '86; M., '90. 
Burk, Pearl Helene, '04. r. 
Carter, Corinne (Mrs. E. E. Scranton), '99 
Connolly, Thomas Elliott, M., '84. 
Ferrier, Magdalene, '03. r. 
Fletcher, David Maass, P., '83. 
Fratus, Mary Elizabeth, D., '06. 
Frey, Frank E., '98. 
Gilbert, Evie Myrtle (Mrs. C. N. Hoover), 


Goyne, Elizabeth (Mrs. L. Kaarsberg), '01. 
Harrier, Lewis G., '80. b. 
Hood, John, '10. r. 
Kaarsberg, Lawrence, '99. 
Kavanagh, Florence Teresa, '02. 
Kennedy, Elena Adele, '05. 
Keon, Hubert Keating, '03. 
Kilpatrick, Louis Hamilton, P., '03. 
Klatz, Bernard John, M., '00. 
Klotz, Gustav Oscar, P., '00. 
Lamb, Louis Raymond, D., '03. r. 
Lament, Alice Elspeth, '03. 
Lynn, William Augustus, '97. 
Mclnnis, Joseph Albion, L., '92. 
Miller, Rudolph, Jr., '09. 
Noyes, Arthur P., '94. 

Peterson, Edward August, '05 ; M., '07. 
Raines, Joseph Murray, L., '02. 
Sanborn, Mary S. (Mrs. A. P. Noyes), '92. 
Topley, James Henry, P., '85. 
Topley, William H., P., '88. 
Triebel, Charles Augustus, P., '99. 
Vogelman, David John, D., '94. 
Webb, Emma Grace (Mrs. Bert Whiteley), 

Windemann, William Adolph, '03. 

Forgie, Agnes M. (Mrs. F. A. Horswell), '03. 


Baker, Anna Mary, '09. 
Baker, Frederick Neill, '06. 
Cerf, Joseph Leon, P., '91. 
Cook, Celia Blanche, '05. 
Everett, Ernest Ellsworth, '02. 
Lemmon, Charles Fisher, D., '98. 
Orr, Harold Francis, '09. 
Sheridan, Robert Montgomery, '09. 

Sudden, Robert Eilert, '08. 
Toland, Thomas Orlando, '78. 
Younglove, Emma, '98. 


Burke, James Mark, '08. 

Carter, Leland Edward, D., '07. 

Chatten, Richard Jasper, P., '09. 

Crow, Clarence Cross, '03. 

Deming, Raymond Herbert, D., '02. 

Farnsworth, Eldridge C., L., '84. 

Gould, Carrie May, '09. b. 

Hyde, Richard E., '00. 

Jones, Bayard Hale, '06. b. 

Lamberson, Frank, '01. 

Lawrence, Lelia Minnie, '09. 

Maddux, Morley Moyers, '06. 

Patterson, Andrew Darwin, D., '99. 

Patterson, Charles H., L., '07. 

Patterson, Thomas J., M., "82. 

Rice, Elena Elixa, '03. 

Smith, Ernest Leroy, P., '98. 

Spencer, Mae Alyssa (Mrs. G. D. Smith). 

Sweet, Adolph D., '98. 

Garibaldi, Angelo Louis, P., '05. 


Stockman, Dora Isabelle (Mrs. C. P. Pfitz- 
er), '03. 

Hook, James Simeon, '74. 


Jackson, Ardella Frances (Mrs. F. E 
Brown), "02. 

McCabe, Maja, '10. b. 

Bockius, Charlotte, '79. 
Bryan, Everett, N., '07. r. 
Dollenmayer, Mary Y., '05. 
Dorgeloh, John Frederick, '10. b. 
Durst, Fred M., '03. 
Edwards, Mabel Wright, '10. 
Gardner, Jonathan Edward, L., '98. 
Helmer, George Alfred, '06. 
Kitchen, Henry Burton, '07. 
Luther, Arthur Wallace, '03. 
McDonnell, Anabel (Mrs. H. C. Wyckoff), 


MacQuiddy, Thomas Smith, '03. 
Osborn, Edna Mae, '08. r. 
Osborn, Lucy Ellery, '04. r. 
Pope, Saxton Temple, M., '99. 
Radcliff, Ruth Doel, '04. 
Richardson, Abbie May, '05. 
Sanderson, Charlotte (Mrs. J. Gardner), '98 
Struve, Esther Marie, '06. 
Swass, Mary, '08. 
Tate, Alonzo Walter, D., '99. 
Thompson, Frances Grant, '09. b. 
Wightman, Emma (Mrs. S. T. Pope), M., 

Wvckoff. Herbert C., '96. ' 



Hupp, William Irving, '97. 
McGough, James, D., '01. 
Wharff, Frederick Leslie, '90. 


Tebbe, Frederick Henry, M., '02. 
Wigholm, Carl August, '05. 

Schroeder, Leo Adelmo, P., '02. 

Volkmann, Martin Frederick, P., '91. 

Martens, Katherine Margaretha, '08. 

Bonham, Ida Anita, '03. 


Smith, Tracy H., M., '76. 

Kelsey, Mabel E. (Mrs. C. M. Rugg), '00. 


Durst, Murray H., '83. b. 
Foshay, Arthur Wellesley, M., '04. 


Boucher, Minnie E., '00. 
Carter, Coila Fay, '10. r. 
Merrick, Leona May, '10. 


Banks, Katherine Olga, '06. 
Day, Mary Cynthia, '05. 


Blackmail. K.lward, '06. 

iMipivy. Arthur Edgar, P., '96. b. 

Kirks. Charles Casper, D., '03. 

Sflfridge, Edward A., '94. 

Waymire, Edna (Mrs. Frank L. Tuck), '98. 


Davies, William Gomer, '03. 
Flanders, Louise B. (Mrs. W. G. Davies), 


Garrison, Edwin Moore, '03. 
Jackson, Hartwell D., P., '05. 
Lutts, Frances Eldena, '03. 
Reed, Lewis Irwin, '02. 
Woolf, Ambrose Warren, P., '03. 

Scamell, Joseph William, P., '93. 


Anderson, Frank Wilson, D., '00. 
Hoffman Louis C.. V., '98. 
Joyce, Elizabeth Frances, M., '00. 
Morrison, Esther (Mrs. F. B. Davidson), 

Preble, Florence Mabel (Mrs. B. Baker), 


Smith, Gertrude Wilhelmine (Mrs. H. R. 
Brinck), '04. 


Arthur, Samuel Richard, M., '99. 
Harris, Mabel Bessie (Mrs. O. S. New- 
man), '07. 
Newman, Oliver Simon, '09. 


Beebe, Lela June, M., '08. 
Brown, Chester Wayne, '10. 
Dick, Archibald Y., D., '01. 
Dutton, Pluma Ruby (Mrs. E. B. Har- 

ley), '08. 

Fairchild, Fred R., '98. 
Gable, Harvey H., '98. 
Gable, Myrtle, '01. 
Gaddis, Edward Everett, L., '88. 
Harley, Emerson Bryant, '03. 
Hoppin, Harriet (Mrs. August Kergel), '01 
Hym:in, William Morris, '96. 
Jewett, Hugh Saxe, '06. 
Lawhead, Lydia D. (Mrs. H. D Lawhead), 


Leithold, John Vincent, P., '90. 
Montgomery, Olive Philipene, '08. b. 
Moore, LaVergne James, P., '07. 
Osborn, William E., '80. 
Sdilicman, Harry F., '93. 
J-impson. Lola J., '99. 
Smith. Oda May, '05. 
Wii.-hs, Gertrude H. (Mrs. W. M. Hyman), 


Wilcox, Walter Irving. D., '94. 
Wilcoxen, Caleb Russel, D., '98. 


Watson, Jessie E., '92 ; L., '98. 

Hayden, Willetta Calvert, '05. 


Boyle, John Christie, '10. 
Colby, Josephine, '99. 
Forse, Bessie Imogen (Mrs. K. C. Gil- 

lis), '04. 

Hall, Jesse Rexford, '05. 
Julic-n. Lillian M., '99. 

Louden, Mary Ethel (Mrs. C. Gillis), '07. 
Mathewson, Howard Stanton, P., '10. 
Newcomb, Ralph Pitcher Odiorne, '06. r. 
() X-ill. Hugh Samuel, '10. r. 
Runkin, Robert Ream, '07. 
Staples, Helen Azalia (Mrs. F. J. Mc- 

Nulty), '04. 

Tenney, Alfred Davidson, '80. 
Wellons, Ebb Boulder, '08. r. 
Young, Edward L., '99. 

Baun, Louis D., '97. 
Boyd, Roberta Bliss, '10. 
Kimball, Allen Holmes, '10. r. 
Kosbu, A. E., M., '75. 
Markley, John, '01. 
Schilling, Lawrence, L., '92. 
Shearer, Elsie, '08. r. 





Ball, Robert Leicester, P., '82. 
Blum, Mabel (Mrs. Meyer Blum), '04. 
Drury, Leslie Morgan, '05. 
Hill, 'Edward Coke, '90. 
Hudson, Florence Trevitt (Mrs. C. W. 

Hatch), '02. 

Kennedy, Eugene Patrick, '97. b. 
Kinzie, Robert A., '97. 
Meals, William Eden, '05. b. 
Moltzen, Walter Frederick Anderson, P. ,'02 
Nye, Roy Victor, '99. 
Rowe, Leo Ross, "10. 
Sutliff, Frederick Courtland, D., '89. 
Thane, Bartlett L., '99. 
Todman, Josephine M., L., '83. 
Wollenberg, Harry Lincoln, '08. b. 



Bohall, Jessie (Mrs. R. Ferguson), '01. 
Bordwell, Fred A., '95. 
Franklin, Selem Maurice, '82. 
Kleeberger, Frank Louis, '08. 
Logan, William Wells, '07. 
Long, Louis Heintzelman, '80. 
Martin, George, Jr., P., '03. 
Stanley (Mrs.), Marion Cummings, '01. 
Talmage, Frederick Edwin, '03. 

At Large. 

Bailey, Edna Greenwood (Mrs. E. K. Bur- 
dette), '05. 

Bovard, Paul Fountain, '06. 

Boyd, Percy, '09. 

Butler, William Henry, P., '97. 

Clark, John Edward, '05. b. 

Fies, Clifford D., '09. 

Geisendorfer, Henry Albert, '99. 

Greenwood, Harold Nichols, '07. 

Huskey, Daphne Elizabeth (Mrs. P. F. Bo- 
vard), '05. 

Irwin, Donald Forsha, '06. b. 

Jahn, John Royal, '09. 

Keith, Aylmer Wylie, '08. 

McCray, * Irwin Daniel, '05. 

Milton, Maxwell Claypole, '04. 

Morford, Nathan Albert, '76. 

Murdoch, Everett Carlos, '04. 

Pratt, Elinor Dickinson (Mrs. A. Lewen- 
dameski), '98. 

Redewell, Augustus Cass, '03. b. 

Rich, Frank Elmer, '90. b. 

Watson, George Gaylord, '04. b. 

Wayne, Howard T., '04. 

White, Clyde Bartholomew, '08. 

Wigmore, Cyril, '98. 


Backus, George Stitzel, '06. 
Bernheim, Louis L., '95; L., '96. Jg 
Bishop, Leo Delvin, '05. 
Case, Owen S., '97. 
Cole, Marie Delia, '79. 
Epsteen, Saul, '00. 
Glazier, Theodore Edward, '09. 
Harper, Sinclair Ollason, '07. 
Harvey, Frederick Addison, '06. r. 

Jones, Barton Mills, '08 

McAtee, Bernard M., '03. r 

Mace, Clement Harold, '06. 

Morris, Howard G., '03. 

Morris, Julius Ira, D., '97 

Mullen, James Seely, '05 

Russell, William C., '98. 

Shaw, Harriet L. (Mrs. A. B. Taynton),'84 

Staver, John Frederick, b. 

Ftewart, Horace David, P., '07. 

Williams, Corydon Barnes, '07. 

Batewell, Charles M., '89. 
Hadley, Arthur Twining, LL.D Hon '10 
Hosmer, Phoebe Lee, '97. 
Steffens, J. Lincoln, '89. 

Allen, Walter C., '91. 
Beach, Samuel Hovey, '06 
Bien, Morris, '79. 
Bryce, James, LL.D. Hon., '09. 
Calkins, Frank C., '99. 
Chesnut, Victor K., '90. 
Crossfield, Claire Bradford. '09 
Edmonds, Harry M. W., '82. 
Giacomini, Alfred Lewis, '99 
Gray, Arthur W., '96. 
Hyde, Arthur Edward, '06. 
Jones, Cecil K., '97. 
Knopf, Adolph, '04. 
Larson, Esper Signius, Jr., '06. 
Mason, Winfield Scott, '04. b. 
Matthew, Allan Pomeroy, '03. 
Morrow, Archibald H., '02 
Nutting, Perley G., '99. 
O'Donoghue, Michael Francis, L., '82 
Palmer, Theodore S., '88. 
Pearce, Julia Roselle, '01. 
Ransome, Frederick L., '93. 
Schaller, Waldemar Theodore, '03. 
Stevenson, Carrie Louisa (Mrs. J K 

Smith), '03. 

Stubenrauch, Arnold V., '99. 
Tolman, Lucius M., '98. 
Tolman, Ruel Pardee, '02. 
Walker, Gilbert S., '96. 
Williams, Gardner FVed, '65. 
White, Elie (Mrs. E. Jennings), '03. 


Bryant, Nellie B. (Mrs. C. H. Shepard),'99 
Clark, Helen Martha (Mrs. L. I. Denton), 


McLean, Francis H., '92. r. 


Hood, Edmund L., '96. 
Linscott, Hubert Clyde, '07. 
Voorsanger, Mamie Cooper (Mrs. E. A. 
Waxelbaum), '00. 

Aiken, George Smythe, D., '01. 



Beatty, Rita Montgomery (Mrs. E. Clark), 


Beers, Mabel Lucile, D., '98. 
Bristol, Clare Annette (Mrs. Irving Fish), 


Campbell, Alex. James, '79. 
Clark, Susan G., - '98. 
Cowes, John Frances, D., '05. 
Crary, Agnes (Mrs. P. L. Weaver), '92. 
Eckart, Charles Franklin, '05. 
Fairweather, Norman Stanley, D., '99. 
Fassett, Clare Louis (Mrs. E. H. Moses), 


Fletcher, Alfred Charles Benson, '07. b. 
Forbes, Charles Noyes, '08. 
Frear, Philip Foster, D., '92. 
Gear, Albert Van Clief, '87. 
Goodman, Harry Minott, '06. b. 
Halsey, Richard L., '01. 
Hamilton, Ethel Alexandra, '08. b. 
Howell, Hugh, '90. 
Howell, Walter Orrin, M., '07. 
Huddy, George Herman, D., '93. 
Jones, Edna (Mrs. John Hall), '98. 
Katsuki, Ichitaro, M., '96. 
Lewis, A., Jr., L., '97. 
McCormick, Jessie Servier (Mrs. C. J. 

Hunn), '08. 

McGrew, Edwin Stanton, '95. 
Meyer, August William, P., '85. 
Norris, Robert S., '92. 
Peck, Samuel Stodole, '90; P., '92. 
Peters, Emil Cornelius, L., '00. 
Phelen, Henry de Rest, M., '93. b. 
Raymond, George Washington, D., '97. 
Reed, Minnie, '99. 
Sawyer, Frank E., '96. 
Scott, Gertrude M. (Mrs. R. Ivers), '98. 
Sedgwick, Thomas Farrington, '96. 
Sexton, Lee Lloyd, M., '07. 
Thompson, Alice Ranney, '05. 
Tucker, Anna Woods, '07. 
Wayson, James Thomas, Jr., M., '91. 
Weaver, Philip L., '91. 
Whitney, Dudley Joseph, '07. 
Woodford, Katherine Lina, '04. 

Barrows, Edith Ainslie (Mrs. H. W. 

Dietz), '05. 

Bettis, Henry Sylvester, D., '85. 
Bowron, Willia L., '00. 
Cohn, Jacob, D., '96. 
Dietz, Henry Werner, '03. 
Easton, Stanly A., '94. 
Girard, Francis John, '04. 
Goddard, Mabel Adele (Mrs. S. L. Shonts), 


Heger, A. Jacob, '02. 
Huff, William McMurray, '98. 
Jones, J. Shirley, '03. 
Lucas, Carroll Mayne, '10. 
Moore, Etta E., '96. 



Adams, Everett Eugene, '04. 
Alderson, William Howard, '04. 
Bullard, Sellar, '06. b. 
Cumming, David, '76. 
Ehrlich, Arnold Morris, '04. 

Gunthorp, Mattie Jane, '06. 

Harris, Helen, '98. r. 

Hutton, Bertha, '02. 

Isaacs, Henry Mackie, '08. b. 

Leale, Elsie Booth (Mrs. Fred B. John- 
stone), '03. 

McKisick, Lewis, '90. 

McKoon, Hosmer, '03. 

Machado, Dolores E. (Mrs. J. V. Bar- 
row), '00. 

Mather, Stephen T., '87. 

Moore, Irene Josephine, '07. 

Morgan, Alfred Raymond, '09. 

Norwood, Clarence H., '96. 

Paterson, Lois Marjorie (Mrs. I. W. 
Hoover), '07. 

Pearne, Clara J., '96. 

Place, Claud Wilson, '01. 

Ramsdell, Ada Hope, '90. 

Ryan, Fred Short, '03. 

Smith, W. Clyde, '04. 

Stearns, Edward H., '90. 

Storey, William Benson, Jr., '81. 

Thayer, Helen Olive, '94. 

Van Schaick, Guy, '98. 

Weymouth, Chester A. G., '02. 

At Large. 

Bardem, Estelle J. (Mrs. F. R. Watson), '98 
Bevan, Lynne J., '05. r. 
Curtiss, David R., '99. 
Drew, William Prentiss, '03. 
Littlefield, Anna, '09. r. 
McDougall, Agnes, '08. r. 
Mills, Ethelwyn, '03. b. 
Monser, Harold Edwin, '95. 
Reitzell, Allie May, '04. 
Stebbins, Joel, '03. 

Stuart, Anna (Mrs. O. H. Basquin), '05. 
Wall, Leah Mitchell (Mrs. E. E. Adams), 


Watson, Floyd R., '99. 
White, Alfa Belle, '07. 


Boydson, Clarence Earl, '09. r. 
Braden, Romaine, '03. 
Brown, Simpson Leroy, '09. 
Burns, Herbert Alexander, '02. 
Eppinger, Julia (Mrs. H. W. Fox), '99. 
Fertig, Emmet Ross, '10. 
Kline, James J., '00. 

Lichtenberg, Elsa A. (Mrs. H. D. John- 
son), '03. 
Marmon, Howard Carpenter, '98. 


Casady, Philip Murray, '07. 
Davis, Mary Frances, '05. 
Eggleston, Ethel Earle (Mrs. Wm. Cham- 
berlain), '05. 
Gibbs, Charles John, '07. 
Harvey, Frederick Addison, '06. b. 
Mosher, Agnes Gina, '09. 
Seevers, Marion Bruner, '09. 
Seidler, Ida May, '09. r. 
Sudlow, Alice, '04. r. 


Blatchley, William H., '07. 
Foster, Frederick Montague, 02. 



Gundry, Mary O. (Mrs. C. Poindexter)/04. 
Sellards, Myrtle, '06. r. 


Beatty, William A., '84; L., '87. 

Bell, Bryan, '03. 

Bell, William Troup, L., '94. 

Magnes, Eva (Mrs. C. J. Teller), '04. 

Mitchell, Lucius Sherman, '09. 

Renfro, Vernon Augustus, P., '06. 


Perkins, James Coffin, '74. b. 

Dunlap, Knight, '99. 

Durand, Mary (Mrs. K. Dunlap), '06. 

Evans, Herbert McLean, '04. 

Herkner, Anna, '04. 

Hirshfelder, Arthur D., '97. 

Lisser, Hans, '07. b. 

Miller, Ella Wood, '06. b. 

Ray, Frederick Sylvanus, '04. 

Redewell, Augustus Cass, '03. r. 

Ross, Frank Elmore, '96. 

Snyder, Charles David, '04. 

Spohr, Olive B. (Mrs. V. K. Chestnut), '94. 

Tulloch, Anabel (Mrs. Herbert Evans), '04. 

Woldsohn, Julian Mast, '05. 



Alan, Frederick Madison, '02 ; M., '07. b. 
Beaver, Florence E. (Mrs. Nicholson), '92. 


Fitzgerald, Richard Y., '95. 
Kimball, Allan Holmes, '10. b. 
Koshland, Jesse, '93. 

Powers, George Herman, Jr., '98 ; M., '02. 
Schultz, Arthur Edward, '07. 
Sinsheimer, Stanley Henry, '04. 
Solomon, Harry Caesar, '10. 


Allen, Beverly Sprague, '03. b. 
Bates, Charles B., M., '68. 
Bell, George Lewis, '09. 
Buck, Frank Henry, Jr., '08. b. 
Cooke, Reginald Bancroft, '09. b. 
Gordon, Hugh Taylor, Jr., '08. b. 
Hughes, Evan Jones, '07. 
Isaacs, Henry Mackie, '08. r. 
Klein, Julius, '07. 
Lament, Donald Yount, '09. 
Landstrom, Anna M. (Mrs. W. J. V. Oster- 

hout), '98. 

Macneil, Sayre, '08. b. 
Matteson, David M., '92. 
Musgrove, William James, '05. 
Nordwell, Alfred Worcester, '07. r. 
Osterhout, Winthrop J. V., '99. 
Palache, Chas., '91. 
Pickering, Edward Charles (LL.D. Hon.), 


Robinson, Jesse, '08. b. 
Rosenthal, Benjamin, '10. b. 

Royce, Josiah, '75. 

Smith, Felix Teisseire, '08. 

Whitelaw, Dorsey George, '07. 

At Large. 

Allen, Annie H., '01. 
Bartlett, Cosam Julian, M., '98. b 
Bartling, Florence (Mrs. E. C. Sanford), 

Brownson, Frances Hayden, '08. 

Burrage, Charles Dana, '78. 

Case, Brayton Clarke, '10. 

Fernald, Elizabeth Mary, '97. 

Gilmore, Jonathan M., '94. 

Hersam, Norman Paul, '08. 

Johnson, Grace A., '97 

Kato, Kenjiro, '03. 

Kilgore, Alson Raphael, '09. b. 

Kilgore, Eugene Sterling, '04. 

Moss, Sanford A., '96. 

Robertson, Alice, '98. 

Sanford, Edmund Clark, '83. 

Smoot, Sarah E. M., '99. 

Thacher, Anne (Mrs. R. K. Morley), '05. 


Andrews, Winifred Parnelly, '06. 
Bagley, Ruth Gertrude, '05. 
Bitting, Susan (Mrs. W. W. Hicks), '05. 
Curtiss, Ralph H., '01. 
Epler, Blanche N., '95. 
Goddard, Pliny Earle, '04 r 
Hewlett, Albion W., '95. 
Hus, Henri Theodore Antoine, '97 
Jeffrey, Joseph Arthur, D., '95. 
Pierce, Archie B., '90. 

Schaeberle, John Martin (LL.D. Hon.), '98 
Wheelock, Raymond Patterson '03 
Willard, Emma, '91. r. 


Bannister, Edward Arthur, '05. 
Hawley, William Everett, '05. 
Hibbard, Mabel Estella, '06. 
Meredith, Ethel Annette, '07. 
Orton, Forrest Hoy, '92. 


Allen, Roscoe Finkelberg, '10 
Beck, Edwin L., '01. 
Bradley, Bryan, '95. 
Brazier, Olive Violet M., '06. 
Carey, Eugene Francis, '05. 
Cushing, Caroline M. (Mrs. C. A. Duni- 

way), '92. 

Dunshee, Bertram Harvey, '79. 
Gallagher, Mary T. (Mrs. E. F. A. Carey), 

Greeley, William B., '01. 

Green, H. E. (Mrs. G. A. Hoag), '01. 

Jewett, Gertrude M. (Mrs. W. B. Greeley), 


Laist, Frederick, '01. 
Lewis, Edna, '05. 
Linforth, Frank Arthur, '06. 
Merrill, Edgar Bruce, '04. 
Morse, Henry Daggett, '01. 
Parker, George Millard, '03. 
Sigley, Robert, '03. 
Thomas, Frank P., '98. 
Wynne, Edith Ware, '04. 




Armstrong, Gertrude Alice, '08. 
Barnes, Welden Fairbanks, '05. 
Bartlett, Lawrence, '07. 
Bordwell, Walter Percy, '98. 
Chandler, Herley Pierce, '02. 
Coleman, Ralph C., D., '95. 
Davis, Carroll Melvin, '79. 
Etchison (Mrs.), Gertrude, '04. 
Hellman, Sam, '06. 
Hudson, Jay William, '05. 
Lovejoy, Arthur C., '95. 
McSpaden, Lewis, '10. 
Roop, Ethel Dickenson, '04. 
Sharpe, Selina, '02. 
Simon, Paul Leo, '06. 
Steele, William I., '05. 

Eaves, Lucile, '09. 
Jones, Guernsey, '91. 
Kelly, Reginald H., '03. b. 



Byler, Emmett A., '92. 
Conner, Thomas Vincent, '03. 
Drucker, George Ihnier, D., '85. 
Hursh, Loren Leigh, '04. 
McAtee, Bernard M., '03. b. 
McCulloch, John Richard, '04. 
Mallon, Aloysius Paul, '00. 
Merwin, Louis T., '96. 
Morrison, Harold Arlow, '04. 
Otto, William H., P., '98. 


Bosqui, Benjamin Avery, D., '97. 
Bradford, Herbert Sampson, L., '96. 
Burgess, John Albert, '06. 
Danforth, Henry Dale, '96. 
Davis, Elton Nathaniel Wilsey, D., '02. 
Gibbons, Lewis Alberto, L., '96. 
Hudgens, Anna Lee, D., '01. 
Johnson, Charles Edmund, '08. 
Landsborough, Tom Rutter, '05. 
Markle, Bess (Mrs. W. V. Richardson). '07. 
Ostrander, Edith Gertrude (Mrs. C. Cam- 
eron), '08. 

Richardson, Warren Vincent, '01. 
Smith, Eugene Kneeland, M., '04. 
Stuart, Charles Edward, '06. 
Wheeler, John Thomas, L., '88. 


Brown, Florence, '06. 
Coffin, Charles Alfred, D., '97. 
Dawson, Alson, M., '75. 
Devore, George Gideon, '09. 
Ede, Leonard Greeley, D., '02. 
Ellsworth, Jennie (Mrs. R. M. Price), '93. 
Hargrave, Charles Leroy, '07. 
Hart, Fred Beckman, '01; L., '03. 
Hill, Herbert W., '00. 
Hobson, Ruth Wales (Mrs. Wm. S. T. 

Smith), '90. 

Jacobs, Joseph Cles, V., '98. 
Layman, Joseph D., '88. 
Markley, Lulu, '09. 
Miller, Henley Earl, D., '07. 

Murphy, Lee Orlo, '09. 
Price, Robert Martin, '93 ; L., '96. 
Quinn, Frank Parker, D., '02. 
Rhodes, Carltpn Eugene, D., '04. 
Ruleson, David Warren, D., '90. 
Rulison, Frederick Joseph, D., '00. 
Rulison, Helen May, D., '97. 
Salisbury, Arthur Nelson, L '02 
Smith, William Sidney T., '90. 
Steinmiller, George Clarence, D., '05. 
Wheeler, Mildred M.. '98. 
Young, George J., '99. 

At Large. 

Backe, Charles Warren, '07. 

Breitstein, Louis Isador, '03. 

Bliss, William Hyde, D., '08. 

Brown, Marguerite W. (Mrs. J. C. Rod- 
der), '03. r. 

Cavell, William Henry, D., '94. 

Chappell, McCoy, D.,* '94. 

Chartz, Beatrice Elizabeth, '08. 

Chartz, Emilie Helen, '06. 

Cole, Arthur George, '07. 

Darling, Harry Wright, '07. r. 

De Armond, Charles F., '06. 

Filcher, Roy Welton, '06. 

Hicks, Percy E., '00. 

Kitzmeyer, Charles Laux, P., '01. 

Lakenan, Cornelius B., '90. 

Langan, Francis Patrick, L., '86. 

Lawson, William Joseph, D., '99. 

Livesey, John Jay Viets, '06. b. 

McCraney, Orlando, '05. 

McQuiddy, Edna Randolph (Mrs. M. Ander- 
son), '08. 

Meals, William Eden, '05. b. 

Montgomery, Samuel Edgar, '07. b. 

Pache, Francis C., '99. 

Pheby, Frederick S., '93. b. 

Quayle, Bart Leroy, '99; L., '02. 

Rodder, John Christian, '03. r. 

Rosenberg, Abe Lincoln, L., '99. 

Smith, Dwight T., '00. 

Southworth, Stephen Scott, D., '99. 

Wadleigh, William Millard, D., '02. 

Waters, John W., M., '74. 

Week, Charles A., '94. 

Williamson, Thomas, '04. 

Wise, Alexander, '00. 

French, Ernest E., L., '04. 

Beard, William Mosgrove, L., '99. r. 
Butler, Alice L., '97. 
Delany, Charles H., '96. 
Dewing, Henry Bronson, '03. 
Moller, Lillie E., (Mrs. F. B. Gilbreth), '00. 
Newton, Jacqueline M., '98. 
Ransome, A. W., '97. 

Scobie, Marguerite (Mrs. J. D. Davis), '84. 
Fcott, Perry Madison, '08. 
Sinclair, William John, '03. 
Strong, Fanny M. (Mrs. Rogers), '01. 
Wherry, Edith Margaret, '07. r. 
White, Vera (Mrs. C. I. Henning), '01. b. 


Alger, Edmond James, D., '93. 
Bixby, Frederick Louis, '05. 



Cadogan, Anthony Gregory, '03. 

Calkins, Hugh Oilman, '06. 

Ward, Isabel, '06. 

White, Mary (Mrs. C. C. Gibbs), '87. 

Wroth, James Stewart, '06. 


New York City and Brooklyn. 
Adler, Howard Felix, '04. 
Albee. George Cumrnings, M., '05. 
Ashley, George FVederick, '08. 
Barre, Herbert Aubery, '97. b. 
Bartnett, Walter John, '87 ; L., '90. b. 
Bayer, Theobald P., '01. 
Beckett, Frederick Arthur, P., '83. 
Beckwith, Holmes, '08. 
Benfey, Ida D. (Mrs. G. M. Judd), '83. 
Bevan, Lynne J., '05. b. 
Blumer, Elsie (Mrs. J. W. Hart), '95. 
Bradley, Philip R., '96. 
Carter, Raymond, '02. 
Castle (Mrs.), Cora Sutton, '08. b. 
Castlehun, Maida (Mrs. Charles Darnton), 


Cheney, Charles Henry, '05. b. 
Colt, Alexander, '04. 
Corbett, Harvey Wiley, '95. 
Craig, William Berry, L., '00. 
Del Mar, Eugene, L., '83. 
Dinkelspiel, Edgar, '96; M.. '99. 
Durand, Maude (Mrs. R. Edgren), '98. r. 
Edwards, Gurden, '07. b. 
Frazer, Elizabeth, '05. 
Freidenrich, Myra Mildred, '03. 
Galloway, Ida Gray, '92. 
Gilbertson, Henry Stimson, '03. 
Goddard, Pliny Earle, '04. b. 
Goldberg, Reuben L., '04. 
Grant, Lawrence Herbert, '08. 
Gray, James H., '92. 
Gray, Mabel, '94. 
Groves, Hamilton S., '97. 
Grunsky, Carl Ewald, Jr., '05. 
Harris, Elmer Blainey, '01. 
Haskin, William Henry, M., '89. 
Hawley, Kent A., '07. b. 
Hellmuth, Lou, '98. 
Henderson, Ernest N., '90. 
Herreshoff, James Brown, Jr., '00. 
Herreshoff, William Stuart, '03. 
Hileman, William, '10. 
Hodgkins, Georgiana, '92. 
Hoffman, Hazel Maude (Mrs. Wm. T. Mun- 

ter), '04. r. 
Hopper, James, '98. 
Hutchins, John Power, '96. 
Jackson, Abr. Wendell, '74. 
Joseph, Myrtle J., '00. 
Juillard, Frederick A., '91. 
Kalman, Lillie U., '96. 
Klink, James Seymour, '01. 
Langtree, Maud Houston, '02. 
Leventritt, Edgar M., '94. 
Littlefield, Anna, '09. b. 
McLean, Francis H., '92. b. 
Mandel, Frank Armand, '04. 
Marchebout, Alice (Mrs. J. W. Dickson) 


Mastick, Seabury Cone, L., '84. 
Miller, Flora Josephine, '04. 
Mortimer. James Daniel, '00. 
Nathan, Emile Charles, '05. b. 

Niles, Addison Perkins, '82. 

Norris, Charles Gilman, '03. 

Payne, Robert Eugene, D., '87. 

Perry, Newel L., '96. 

Reeve, Oscar Charles, M., '05 

Reynolds, Beatrice (Mrs. J. A. Kinkead), 

Richie,' Robert Welles, '02 

Robinson, Helen (Mrs. H. Beckwith), '08 

Roosevelt, Theodore (LL.D. Hon.) '03 ' 

Famuels, Maurice V., '94 

Scheyer, Emanuel, '07. 

Scott, Lloyd N., '99. 

Silliman, Charles Herbert, '81 b 

Smith, Edwin Du Bose, L., '91. ' 

Southard, James Bennett, '01 

Steffens, Joseph Lincoln, '89. b 

Stemfeld, Lester Albert, '05 

Stephenson, Robert Pettinger '02 

Stowell, Agnes, '03. 

Stringfield, Vivian F'elicia, '06 b 

Strong, Edward Kellogg Jr '06 b 

Taylor, Henry William, '06 

Thomson, Herbert Sedgefield '04 

Tyssowski, John, '08. b. 

Vassault, Ferdinand, Isham, L., '85 

\\alker, May Elizabeth, '03. 

Wiel, Irvin Judith, L., '98. 

At Large. 

Bloomer, Frank Fulton, '08 b 
Borchers^Bertha (Mrs. M. Franklin), '94: 

Bradley, James Chester, '07. 
Carpenter, Edwin Elisha, '06. 
Clogston, Olive Margaret (Mrs. R. B Sco 

field), '05. 

Cooper, Sidney Bruce, '10. 
Crane, Delbert Roy, '10. 
Daly, Jas. Alex., '64. 
Franklin, Milton Washington, M '99 
Gassaway, Crosby Mitchell, '08 
Hirshfield, C. F., '02 
Humann, Rose (Mrs. Charles G. Rogers), 


James, Lillie Evelina, '02. 
Pen well, Mary Lowensbury (Mrs. R. Rose- 

brugh), 97. 

Rawson, Clark Harrison, D '90 
Rogers, Charles G., '04. 
Severance, Hayward Merriam, '10 r 
Street, Arthur I., '90. 
Taylor, Henry William. '00. 
Towle, Spencer Laws, '08. r. 
Twogood. Ernest Nelson, '10. b. 
Underbill, Lewis King., '08. b 
Weed, Ruby Annette, '02. 
White, James Gustave, '05. 
Woods, Grace Eaton, '02. 
Wright, Jay Leon, '08. b. 

Burdick, Allan C., '99. 


Davis, Benjamin Marshall, '06. 
Brumback, Arthur Marion, '03. 
Todd, Gordon Butchers, '09. r. 
White, Jennie R. (Mrs. John Hunter), '93. 

Brown, Horace Herbert, '08. 



Darby, Rose Eleanor (Mrs. J. H. Towns- 
end), '07. 
Sudlow, Alice, '04. b. 



Ainsworth, John C., '91. 
Ames, Everett, L., '96. 
Ball, Henry Augustus, P., '84. 
Belknap, John, '07. 
Bittner, Adolf Frederick, '07. 
Borthwick, William Lawrence, '06. 
Brainard, Linius Brooks, '02. 
Brownell, Brownie (Mrs. W. L. Cooper), 

Bruns,' William Christian, M., '78. 
Citron, Raphael, L., '83. 
Cline, Jean, D., '98. 
Downs, Mabel, '05. 
Fisher, Leonard C., '81. 
Gerson, George David, '10. 
Gill, Laura Frances, '09. 
Gorrill, Charles Hatherley, '02. 

Gorrill, Ralph Carlton, '08. 

Grant, Earle Eliason, '10. 

Griebel, Emma Marie, '03. 

Hance, Bowen Forrest, P., '91. 

Heslop, Ernestine Marie, '07. 

Hickok, Clifton Ewing, '08. 

Holman, Fred Van Voories, '75. 

Josephi, Simson Edward, M., '77. 

Lebenbaum, Paul, '01. 

Leighton, Clarence Arthur, '10. 

McArthur, Lewis Ankeny, '08. 

McMillan, Daniel Newcomb, P., '00. 

Mansfield, Daisy Julia (Mrs. thaw), '07. 

Mays, Edwin, '93. r. 

Millard, Susan Ruth (Mrs. W. L. Borth- 
wick), '04. 

Mogeau, Isabella (Mrs. H. H. Herdman), 

Monges, Richard F., '96. 

Morrow, William H., '79. 

Nealond, Lena, '06. 

Noon, Viola Ellen, '05. 

Overholtzer Lavisa (Mrs. E. Moreland), '06. 

Page, Rollin King, L., '97. 

Reading, Wallace Wall, D., '00. 

Richardson, James A., M., '66. 

Rhodes, Ivan B., '02. 

Ross, George Ichabad, P., '93. 

Rothchild, Fred Henry, '80. 

Sawyer, John Birge, '02. 

Seaton, Joseph Henry, P., '06. b. 

Sellwood, Frank Convers, D., '98. 

Staver, John Frederick, '06. r. 

Stover, Arthur Patterson, '05. 

Sullinger, Herman N., '00. b. 

Titus, Norman Frederick, '03. 

Trullinger, Paul Ahio, D., '04. 

Tuggle, Dolph, P., '09. 

Turner, Laura Lucile, '02. r. 

Williamson, W. T., M., 77. 

Wilson, Fred Arno, P., '05. 

At Large. 

Ashby, Ina Alma, '06. 
Ayers, Jane Marilda, D., '96. 
Babson, Arthur C., '00. 

Barnhart. Nellie Irene (Mrs. Will L. Fin- 
ley), '03. 

Bishop, John Sessions, '82. 
Bovard, John Freeman, '03. 

Broughton, Irwin Reece, '09 
Brown, James Lee, P., '03. 
Brownton, Leighton Copeland, D '08 
Bunnel, Ella May, '01. 

Cate, Daniel Barratt, D., '85. 

Clarke, Russell Ward, '81. 

Dpnohoe, S. Thomas, D '07 

Finley, William L., '03. 

Gammill, John A., '98 

Gilmore, Evelyn (Mrs. J. L. Ramsey), '04 

Haskms, Leoh B., P., '03 

Hill, Geoerge Clayton, '06. 

Howard, Florence Gertrude (Mrs H E 
Holmquist), '02. 

Kentner, Bess Denel, '10. 

Lang, Norman R., '90. 

Lawson, Ethel Browning, '07. 

Lee, Edith May (Mrs. J. F. Watson), '03. 

Levy, Gus S., P., '02. 

McCormick, Herbert F., M., '76 

McGraw, Hazel (Mrs. H. Nashbiire) '05 

McKeown, Arthur, '03 

Martin, William, D., '92. 

Miller, Kenneth C., '06. 

Moulder, Andrew, '03. b 

Muller, William, P., '97. 

O'Connell, John Jeremiah, '08. 

Randall, Henry I., '87. 

Reichman, Otto Hermann, '02. 

Riggs, Zadoc J., P., '99 

Rockhold, Frederick W., '00. 

Shepard, Edgar Raymond, '04. 

Shepard, Edward Henry, '80. 

Steel, FVancis Robert, '10. 

Steel, George Graham, '10. 

Steeves, Jennie Winnifred (Mrs. J. Mont- 
gomery), '03. 

Swanton, Robert William, P., '07. 

Thomas, Helena Pearl (Mrs. C. W. Devore), 

Thompson, Cora Marguerite, '08. 
Vaughn, Frank, D., '00. 
Vaughn, Thomas, D., '05. 
Warner, Beulah, '05. 
Weber, Fred Dale, '04. 
Wedemeyer, Otto T., '98. 
Wescott, Nina Odette, '07. 
Young, George Samuel, '04. b. 
Zoph, Norman Miller, '07. 

Allen, Irvind C., '98. 

Aronson, Evelyn K. (Mrs. M. Margolis), '00 
Burks, Jesse D., '94. 
Carleton, Frederick Victor, '09. 
Cashman, Helen A. (Mrs. Barkeley), '95. 
De Laguna, Theodore De Leo, '96." 
Fisher, Harmon Francis, '09. 
Fish, Ezra Simpson, '08. 
Gibbs, Elbert Allan, '05. 
Girard, Frank Robert, M., '03. 
Hannah, Katherine Stewart (Mrs. B. 

Shaw), '03. 

Hansche, Maude Bingham, '96. 
Hawley, Kent A., '07. r. 
Hollstein, August Henry, P., '10. 
Hollstein, Frank Edman, P., '10. 
Hussey, Henry Albert, '09. 
Hyde, Archie Lemont, "05. 
Johnson, Willard C., '09. 
Kierulff, Arthur Wallis, '05. 
Kromer, Clarence Herbert, '06. 
Lewis, Miles Karl, '08. 



Lewis, Thomas Dean, '10. 
McCrea, Henry, L., '82. 
Marshall, Howard, '05. 
Miller, Crosby, '04. 
Miller, Ella Wood, '06. r. 
Miller, Mina Jeannette, '06. 
Morison, William Channing, '77. 
Rogers, Laussat R., '87. 
Rosenlund, Edward Theo., '07. 
Sakai, Yasudiro, '04. 

Aitken, Thomas Dickney, L., '01. 
Allen, Arthur Fuller, '91. 
Baugh, Neville R., '99. 
Beattie, George W., '99. 
Cohn, Charles Centennial, L., '98. 
Colton, Charles M., '01. 
Gordenker, Demetrius A., '01. 
Henrici, Edith V. (Mrs. W. Stephenson), 


Hurlev, James Raymond, M., '03. 
Kent, Manie M. (Mrs. J. M. Graham), '99. b. 
Keyes, Clarissa Mary (Mrs. C. M. Graham), 

McCleave, Annie Ellis (Mrs. Dannemiller), 


McQuiddy, Inez (Mrs. H. Davis), '04. r. 
Me Venn, Gertrude E., '98. 
Miller, Hugo Herman, '05. 
Mini, Elvezio, '03. 
Mitchell, Richard Ray, '04. b. 
Neale, Anna J. (Mrs. J. R. McDill), '00. 
Neale, Charlotte Elizabeth, '01. 
Parsons, Gay Willis, '01. 
Peake, Albert Samuels, '08. 
Puck, Richard Fredericks, P., '94. b. 
Rhoades, Rex Hays, D., '02. b. 
Shaw, Herbert Goss, P., '94. b. 
Shaw, William James., '01. 
Sleeper, Anita M. (Mrs. Charles C. Cohn), 


Spencer, William C., '00. 
Stephenson, Homer Bruce, '09. 
Wagner, George J., '98. b. 
Ware, William Henry, D., '96. 


Marvin, Bertha Lodena (Mrs. Fay R. 
Hunt), '03. 

Almind, Anders Emmett, '03. 
Beardsley, Helen, '04. 
Englesby, Fred Chester, P., '01. 
Sharwood, William J., '04. 
Wilcox, Edith Mary, '05. 


Balaam, Rufus Clifford, '02. 
Davidson, Charles Edward, L., '82. 
Haines, William Barre, '03. 
Hull, Mabel Norris, '09. 
Kingsburg, William Fay, '99. 
Mezes, Sidney E., '84. 
Mundy, Clara Azubah, '05. 
Mundy, Laura Elizabeth (Mrs. G. A. Kin- 

kel), '05. 

Parry, David Henry, '07. b. 
Stallman, George Edward, D., '96. b. 


Albertson, William Burt, '02. 
Blood, George D., '92. 

Chamberlain, William Henry, '06 

Daveler, Erie Victor, '07. 

De Lashmutt, Ivan, '01. 

Ellis, Adrian Collier, Jr., '88; L.. '91 

Elmore, Louis Albert, '03. 

Fitzgerald, Anthony Richard, P., '07. 

Friendly, Oscar Nathan, '07. 

Hall, Anna Matilda, '05. 

LaRue, Eugene C., '04. 

Loofbourow, Frederick Charles, L., '96. 

Merrill, Ralph Howard, '04. 

North, Arthur W., '96. 

Palmer, Harold K., '98. 

Stewart, John, '03. 

Pratt, Elizabeth (Mrs. Jas. B. Whitehill), 


Wright, Albert Eugene, '07. 
Wright, Clara B., '06. 


Tyssowski, John, '08. r. 
Whealton, Hallie May (Mrs. Jas. D. Smith), 



Baker, John Lidell, L., '85. 

Beecher, Henry Ward, '06. 

Bley, Charles Nicholas, '10. 

Blum, Edna (Mrs. G. S. Schwabacher), '98. 

Bowman, Bonfield, '02. 

Brehm, George Otto, '00. 

Briggs, Harry, '03. 

Cameron, Blanche Maud (Mrs. H. W. 
Beecher), '07. 

Carroll, Harry Winans, '80. 

Carroll, Thomas Edward, V., '99. 

Claussen, Harry, '99. 

Coates, Grace Edith, '03. 

Corlett, Bertram Edwin, '03. 

Cross, Harry Jeremiah, '99. 

Dorety, Frederick G., '00. 

Dudley, Elizabeth, P., '97. 

Dunn, Robert Irving, '06. 

Ewing, David Albert, M., '04. 

Finley, John Howard. D., '00. 

Ford, Edward T., '01. 

Eraser, Chryssa Hemsworth (Mrs. A. F. 
Moulton), '09. 

French, Mary Frances (Mrs. F. G. Dorety), 

Graham, May B. (Mrs. G. O. Brehm), '01. 

Green, Julian, '07. b. 

Hill, Howard Stephen, M., '98. 

Hill, Margaret Frances, '01. 

Hume, Joseph Wadhams, '96. b. 

Johnson, William Peter, P., '93. 

Kelshaw, Almira Jane (Mrs. Clyde L. Bon- 
ham), '01. 

Kinkead, James, '04. 

Labarraque, Christine Blanche, '96 ; L., '99. 

Littlefield, George Beeley, L., '95. 

Luther, Otto Lawrence, '04. 

McCandlish, Anna Elizabeth, '09. r. 

Marsh, Eccleston Bowers, '00. 

Matthews, Annie Maude (Mrs. R. I. 
Dunn), '07. 

Moody, Alexander Skene, '06. 

Moulton, Arthur Ferris, '09. b. 

Murray, Samuel, '02. 

Rhodes, Harry W., '94. 

Schage, Florentine Juliet, '05. 

Seaman, Roberta (Mrs. L. F. Becker), 06. 



Shannon, James M., '87. 
Stansbery, Claude, D., '05. 
Waterman, Henry Samuel, '03. 
Weaver, Charles Edwin, '04. 
Wester, Charles William, '08. 
Wheeler, Arthur Somes, '03. 
Whitney, Edward Otis, D., '99. 
Whitworth, Frederick Harrison, '71. 
Widden, Ray Allen, P., '02. 
Wilbur, Clinton Martindale, L., '84. 

Bernard, Henry, '79. 

Campbell, Josephine Best (Mrs. R. H. 
Beamer), '06. 

Corbett, Laurence Jay, '02. 

Cross, George L., '98. 

Daniels, Reymond Safford, '05. 

Dickson, David Thomas, '07. 

Foster, Robert A., '98. b. 

Gallagher, Andrew Edward, L., '85. 

Hoag, Foster Melancton, M., '04. 

Hynes, Wildric F., '98. 

Linney, William Henry, '98. 

McWilliams Robert L., '04. 

Nagle, Marguerite M. (Mrs. R. L. McWil- 
liams), '03. 

Olds, Wiliam H., M., '81. 

Parry, David Henry, '07. b. 

Spencer, MacDonald, '00. 

Thompson, William Herbert, D., '02. 


Allen, Marion (Mrs. Heinrich), '06. 
Batz, Grace Fay (Mrs. Geo. Guyles), '09. 
Black, John Cecil, '06. 
Bosse, Charles Oscar, '84. 
Burgess, Dora Cecilia, '04. 
Curtes, Lewis Edward, '07. 
Evans, DeWitt Morris, '05. 
Evans, Llewellyn, '07. 
Guyles, George' B., '09. 
Heinrich, Edward Oscar, '08. 
Hickey, Louis Thomas F., '07. 
Hoska, Iven Ernest, D., '02. 
Little, Ernest Hugh, '08. 
Quinan, George S., '03. 
Sargentich, Spiro, '98. 
Schluss, Kurt, '00. 
Warner, Archie Dean, '10. 
Wilt. Clara May (Mrs. Llewellyn Evans), 

Wright, Brooke Maynard, L., '01. 

At Large. 

Anderson, William, '10. 
Baily, Mary Swift (Mrs. Seth Williams), 

'03. b. 

Bowles, Anna Laura, '04. 
Bryan, Everett N., '07. b. 
Cortelyou, Herman Polhemus, '09. b. 
Denton, Grace, '09. r. 
Denton, Linder Dale, '10. 
Denton, Paul Randall, '09. 
Elliott, Chester Merton, '08. b. 
English, Donald, '09. b. 
Field, Mary (Mrs. G. E. Whipple), '04. 
Fowler. Edna (Mrs. F. Partch), '03. 
Gardiner, Percy, '02. 
Halloran, George, P., '99. 
.Jantzen, George Henry, '06. 

Lasater, Fred, '07. 

Lowell, Lilliam M. (Mrs. F. C. Paine), '01 

Miller, Benjamin J., P., '07. 

Miller, Leonard Jacob, P., '05 

Neill, John Clinton, P., '02. 

Newhall, Charles Abbott, '05. 

Paine, Frederick Clinton, '02. 

Reeves, Anna Belle, '04. 

Scott, Minot Everson, D., '04. 

Seavey, Llewellyn T., M., '78. 

Sheets, John H., M., '81. . 

Squire, Harry Edwin, '06. 

Sylvester, Albert H., '95. 

van Horn, Marion Bell, '07. 

Wall, Henry A., P., '83. 

Warner, Emerson Mortimer, L., '93. 

Whitman, Julian Carter, '07. 

Wilder, Alvin Dumond, '08. b. 

Wilkes, Farrington, M., '94. 

Wilson, Washington, '05. 

Winsor, Thomas Williams, '07. 

Windsor, William Russell, '75. 


Akins, Winifred E. (Mrs. Couch), '03. 
Freiderich, Laura Wilhelmina, '06. r. 


Barrett, Samuel Alfred, '05. 
Bradley, Harold C., '00. 
Davis, Marguerite, '10. 
Duncan, Mabel Edeline, '04. 
Erlanger, Joseph, '95. 
Gibbs, George, '95. 
Holmes, Samuel J., '93. 
Johnson, Almira Catherine, '09. 
McGilvery, Evander B., '97. 
Pease, Clifford Coleman, '10. 
Skinner, Cecilia (Mrs. S. T. Holmes), '05. 
Thelen, Rolf. '04. 
Wenzlick, William, L., '85. 

Clark, Edward T., '99. 

Baily, Mary Swift (Mrs. Seth Williams), 


Bartlett (Capt.), Cosam Julian, M., '98. 
Bell, William Lisle, M., '98. 
Bernheim, Julien Rex, D., '00. 
Carter, Corinne (Mrs. E. C. Scranton), '99. 
Casady, George H., D., '00. 
Curl, Holton C., M., '97. 
Dickenson, Clarence F'itzhugh, M., '94. 
Dunbar, Arthur White. M., '91. 
Farrow, Edgar James, M., '00. 
Frick, Euclid Bernardo, '88. 
Hoffman, Hazel Maude (Mrs. William T. 

Munter), '04. 
Kelly, Reginald H., '03. 
McCullough, Frank Edward, M., '94. 
Patterson, Fulton, D., '07. 
Phelan, Henry du Rest, M., '93. 
Puck. Richard Fredericks, '94. 
Rethers, Harry F., '93. 
Rhoades, Rex Hays, D., '02. 
Rubottom (Capt.) Holland, '99. 
Shaw, Herbert Goss. P., '94. 
Stallman. George Edward, '96. 
Ware, William Henry, D., '96. 




Leavey, Rosetta L. (Mrs. F. E. Bauine), '91. 
Rhodes, Fred Norman, '06. 
Rich, Francis A., '92. 
Warren, John Young, D., '04. 


Davis, Emile William, D., '93. 
Shanasy, Frank, D., '04. 
Shanasy, William Theopilus, D., '04. 

Davie, John Chapman, M., '64. 
Gooding, Louis Ebenezer, '93. 
Haynes, George Henry, D., '96. 
Hood, Robert Allison, '05. 
MacSween, Peter Davidson, D., '06. 
Patterson, Ruth (Mrs. E. R. Bricknell),'06. 
Powell, Mary (Mrs. H. G. Larson), '03. 
Quirk, Thomas Hopkins, D., '97. 
Robson, Robert Gordon, '09. 
Smyth, Edwin Grant, D., '08. 
Wheeler, Roscoe, Jr., '92. b. 
White, Erwin Oscar, '10. 


Alexander, William Hardv, '00. 

Cope, Grace Pond (Mrs. J. M. Lalor), '97. 

Davidson, Thomas Andrew, '10. r. 

Dow, Mabel Lillian (Mrs. J. W. David- 
son), '04. 

Fryer, Charles E., '99. 

Knall, Ida Amalia (Mrs. Robt. Ashton), '97. 

McFarland, Warren, '06. 

Sainwald, Charles L., '81. 

Sammett, Matthew Alexander, '99. 

Sanderson, Elizabeth (Mrs. C. E. Fryer), 

Boone, Charles Phillip, '06. 
Caceras, Eduardo, D., '00. 
Eaton, Louis Francis, '99. 
Fraser, Guy Owen, '07. 
Gustave, Alfonse Robert, P., '00. 
Hollister, William Mossman, '08. b. 
Marizuva, Carlos Jose, D., '05. 
Olcovich, Viola Ruth (Mrs. J. Oppen- 

heimer), M., '03. 
Parker, John Allen, '07. 
Putnam, Dan Gould, '03. 
Reed, Edward, '79. 
Schneider, Joseph, D., '85. 
Snell, Richard Atherton, '08. 
Waterman, Douglas, '95. r. 


Anderson, Adolph Edmund, '08. 
Arata, Bukio, '96. b. 
Arnold, J. H., '02. 
Baker, Edward Carlton, '05. 
Baugh, Hubert Gordon, '03. r. 
Baugh, Violet Evelvn B., '03. 
Boggs, Grace J. (Mrs. R. R. Service), '02. 
Bullock, Amasa Archibald, '06. 
Chan, Chun Seen, '07. 

Chang, Tsung Yuen, '07. 

Crane, Charles Ellis, '03. 

Davis, Clara. Gertrude (Mrs. Julean Ar- 
nold), '04. 

Dobbins, John Leslie, '05. 

Gale, Francis Clair, '05. 

Grant, James P., '00. 

Hadley, Frank Wright, '06. 

Herriott, Rev. C. D., '99. 

Jameson, Lois Elise (Mrs. J. W. Creigh- 
ton), '05. 

Jee, Shin Yien Luther McLean, '07. 

Kong, Shun Tet, '05. 

Larsen, William F., '95. 

Lowe, Chu Loo, '06. 

Peck, Myron H., '97. 

Peck, Willys Ruggles, '06. 

Pu, Teng Ching, '07. 

Rogers. William Lafayette, '90; L., '93. 

Sec, Fong Foo, '05. 

Service, Robert R., '02. 

Sheldon, Albert Nelson, '04. 

Tau, Tien Chik, '04. 

Yamamoto, Shinjiro, '96. b. 

Yung, Samuel Sung, '04. 


Arnold, Ernest W., '00. 

Beaver, Florence E. (Mrs. Nicholson), '92. 

Bell, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. James Moor- 
wood), '98. r. 

Brackenbury, Cyril, '97. 

Harris, Lalla F., '94. 

Hay, Henry, '94. 

Lindsay, Lionel, '06. 

Lyman, William Whitingham, Jr., '07. b. 

Mason, Florence E. (Mrs. F. Palmer), '98. 

Rickard, Edgar, '95. 

Rosenstirn, Emily (Mrs. Sydney Joseph), 

Smith, Alexandra Grogan, '04. 

Webb, Harry Howard, '75. 


Arroyo, Jorge, D., '93. 
Arroyo, Ricardo, D., '99. 
Bonnet, Francois, '06. 
Brun, Louis Ellienne, D., '95. 
Chisholm, Stuart, '06. 
Davidson, Evelyn Gertrude, '04. 
Levy, Harriet L., '86. 
Morrow. Irving Foster, '06. 
Perry, Warren Charles, '07. 
Rogers, James Edward, '08. b. 
Turner, Leslie Morton, '03. 
Weil. Henry Allan. '94. 


Crouch, Naomi (Mrs. W. P. Roop), '08. K 
Dolman (Dr.), Percival, '00. 
Erhardt, Paul Charles, D., '90. 
Feder, Adelina Minnie (Mrs. H. J. Phil- 
lips), M., '95. 

Foerster, Adolph Adam Wolfgang, D., 05. 
Greene, Francis Melbourne, '92. 
Hund, Walter Jacob, '09. b. 

216 ' 


Hsueh, Sung Ying, '03. 

Isaacson, Selmar Walter, D., '06. 

Martin, George, D., '90. 

Michalitschke, Alma, '96. 

Niedermuller, Frida (Mrs. Herbert F. 

Sexauer), '08. 

Parker, Carleton Hubbell, '04. 
Phillips, Henry J., D., '00. 
Pirk (Mrs.), Adele, '08. 
Somers (Dr.), Howard, '09. 
Stratton, Cornelia (Mrs. C. H. Parker), '07. 
"Wilson, Marion Ramon, '02. 


Bell, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. James Moor- 
wood), '98. b. 
Bentley, Mary I., '01. 
Charravarti, Chandra Noresh, '08. r. 
Gorowola, Sant Sal, '09. 
Mukerji, Girindra, '07. 
Nag, Joyendra Chaudra, '09. 
Ramasastrulu, Kunapureddy, '09. 


Rising, Ruth L. (Mrs. C. Menicanti), '98. 

Abenhein, Edward Schweitzer, '04. 

Arata, Bukio, '96. r. 

Ashina, Totaro, D., '03. 

Bryan, John Thomas, '02. 

Campbell, Cora B. (Mrs. Clarence F. Mc- 

Call), '01. 

Fisher, Galem M., '96. 
Fudita, Sadazi, '04. 
Oordon, Florence, '03. 
Hayakawa, Riuhei, '98. 
Hiraiwa, Tamekichi, '98. 
Lindsley, Edna Eunice Keyes (Mrs. J. F. 

Gressitt), '06. 
Magario, Tatsuniro, '95. 
Matthew, Margaret L., '99. 
Murakami, Tokichi, '02. 
Nakamo, Chickara, '02. 
Nakanouchi, Mitsunori, '02. 
Nishikawa, Kotaro, D., '02. 
Ohhara, Totaro, D., '00. 
Paddock, Bernard Horace, '04. 
Sanada, Sei Kitch. '04. 
Tamura, Seiichi Masataka, '02. 
Tanabe, Taichi, '01. 
Tanaka, Keijiro, '03. 
Wantanabe, Tey, M., '87. 
Wythe, Kate Grace, '97. 
Yamamoto, Shinjiro, '96. r. 
Yanagisawa, Una Y. (Mrs. Oya), '98; M., 



Drucher, Arthur Eilert, '02. 
Lundy, Wilson Thomas, '07. b. 
Munro, Jessie May (Mrs. R. O. Reiner), 


Reiner, Ralph Oliver, '04. 
Taylor, Thomas Clarence, 94. 
Wambold, Katherine C., '95. 


Anderson, Albert J., '00. 
Andross, Albert Knight, '08. 
Baldwin, Harry Clark, 91. 

Barto, Centennia (Mrs. L. C. Mott), '98 

Bates, Bennett Routh, '08. b. 

Beals, Roger Lee, 04. b. 

Benson, John Paty, '07. 

Booth, Frank Johnson, '04. b. 

Boydson, Clarence Earl, '09. b. 

Bradshaw, Ethel R. (Mrs. McCann), '93. 

Buffington, May (Mrs. B. C. Janes), '99. 

Caldwell, Forest Beamer, '02. 

Chestnut, John A., Jr., '91. 

Cohn, Roy Elwood, '08. b. 

Colbath, James Sollitt, '02. . 

Cole, Elsie May (Mrs. Ben Bates), '08. 

Craig, Charles Volney, '07 
. Davis, Jessica (Mrs. A. C. Nahl), '03. 

De Lancy, Clinton Charles, '02. 

de Urunuela, Alfonso E., '99. 

Dodge, Edgar Varick, '05. b. 

Donnelly, Laura L., '00. 

Douglas, Charles B. E., '09. b. 

Duff, Edith (Mrs. J. S. Colbath), '03. 

Duggin, William George, '09. 

Eggers, John Herman, Jr., '09. 

Elsasser, Meyer, '87. 

Espinosa, Martin, D., '01. 

Faneuf, Samuel Centennial, '02. 

Felton, Herbert, '08. 

Fischer, Hermann, '09. b. 

Galan, Joseph Rosendo, D., '09. 

Geisting, Frank Alexander, '06. 

Gregory, Bion Samuel, L., '93. 

Grossman, Edward Lorenzo, P., '91. 

Hamilton, Fletcher McNutt, '04. b. 

Hanscom, Sarah De Forest (Mrs. G. S. 
Embury), '99. b. 

Hart (Mrs.), Agnes Needham, '02. 

Hilyard, Warren Kenyon, '09. 

Hirsch, George Herman, '09. b. 

Hizar, Rose Lippincott (Mrs. W. G. Dug- 
gin), '07. 

Hoag, Edward H., '97. 

Hoffman, Jack Dietrich, '01. 

Hunt, P. H. '07. b. 

Ingram. Stuart Hord, '08. 

Janes, Byron E., '00. 

Jory, Henry James, '89. b. 

Kettenbach, Oscar L., '10. b. 

Klaus, Harry Clyde, '08. b. 

Leppien, Edward, '03. 

Link, Victor Alphonso, P., '90. 

McCann, Ferdinand, '87. 

Mackie, William Wylie, '03. 

Manchester, Julia (Mrs. W. W. Mackie), 

Mayer, Herbert Hart, '08. 

Miles, Albert Dean Elmore, D., '92. 

Mishler, Ralph Thomas, '05. 

Morrill, Augustus Lincoln, M., 87. 

Nahl, Arthur Charles, '01. 

Newman, Maurice A., '99. 

Oldenbourg, Louise A., M., '97. 

Oliver, Thomas Clifford, '06. 

Paul. Mabel Keturah, '06. b. 

Rawlings, Stuart L., '99. 

Reece, Frederick Bennett, '06. 

Richardson, Milton Russell, 09. b. 

Stanley, Henry Charles, '03. 

Stanley, John Carter, '05. b. 

Sullinger, Roy Arthur, '06. b. 

Warren, Alfred James, '06. 

Whitton, William Wakefield, '05. b. 




Adams, Elizabeth Jane (Mrs. W. L. Brown), 

Aspland, Christopher Hatoon, '01. 

Brewer, Robert L., '94. 

Brown, Walter Lyman, '03. 

De Lisle, Godfrey, '00. 

Hoffman, Karl F., '99. 

Kennedy, Leo King, '04. 

McGuire, J. E., '98. 

Moore, Bowena Josephine (Mrs. Paul 
Selby), '03. 

Mosher, Laura Grace (Mrs. Silas John- 
son), '04. 

Nelson, Minna Helena (Mrs. Percy New- 
hall), '01. 

Newhall, Percy M., '98. 

Nicholls, John 0., '00. 

Pearce, Jackson Andrew, '01. 

Pitchford, William James, '03. 

Selby, Paul, '01. 

Simson, Leslie, '01. 
Williams, Alpheus F., '98. 

Biggs, Matthew H., M., '70. 
Buckner, Delwin Rees, '05. 
Budelman, Herman Dietrich, '08. b. 
Cerf, Emile William, '08. b. 
Chakraverti, Noresh Chaudra, '08. b. 
Decoto, Louis Albert, '02. b. 
Howell, Ray B., '00. 
Newberry, Carlos Alfredo, '08. 
Ospena, Pedro Nel, '79. 
Ospina, Tulio, '79. 
Perrine, Belle Smith (Mrs. C. D. Perrine), 


Posada, Juan de la Cruz, '93. 
Ross, Herbert William, '05. 
Rueda Remingio, '03. 
Sanchez, Elia Horacio, '08. 
Uribe, Enrique, '94. 
Van Isschott, Carlos A., '09. 


Ehrlich, Alexander Morris, '04. 
Lambrow, Isaac John, '09. 
Lawson, A. A., '97. 
Howard, Edward J., D., '04. 

McClinton, Ray, D., '02. 
Goodsell, Fred Field, '02. 
Vollmer, Ernest, '06. 
Tracy, Leland Howard, '00. 




Abbey, W. H., D., ',96. 
Abbott (Miss), A. G., '04. 

(Mrs. M. H. Adams.) 
Abbott, C. H., L., '91. 
Abbott, R. B., '08. 
Abbott, W. M., L., '93. 
Abenheim, E. S., '04. 
Abraham, C. J., P., '95. 
Abraham (Miss), H., '01. 
Abraham, Ira, '99. 
Abraham, Isadore, L.. '84. 
Abraham (Miss), J., '99. 
Abrahm, H., D., 96; M., '98. 
Abrams, G., D., '96. 
Abrams, S. S., '09. 
Abreu, J. A., P., '06. 
Ackerman (Miss), G. W., '97. 
Ackerman (Miss), P., '04. 

(Mrs. J. F. Forbes.) 
Ackley (Mrs.), E., '85. 

(Miss W. L. Dibble.) 
Adair, W. H., P., '81. 
Adams, A. H., '07. 
Adams (Miss), B. B., '08. 

(Mrs. H. N. Herrick.) 
Adams, C. A., L., '87. 
Adams, C. F., '06. 
Adams, D. S., '05. 
Adams, E. B., P., '05. 
Adams, E. E., '04. 
Adams (Mrs.), E. E. '04. 

(Miss L. M. Wall.) 
Adams, (Miss), E. J. '03. 

(Mrs. W. L. Brown.) 
Adams, E. L.. '08. 
Adams (Mrs.), E. L., '08. 

(Miss C. F. Smith.) 
Adams (Miss), F. E., '06. 
Adams, F. L., '81. 
Adams, G. J., '10. 
Ad:inis. H.L., L., '82. 
Adams, J., '05. 
Adams, L. G., P., '05. 
Adams (Mrs.), M. H., '04. 

(Miss A. G. Abbott.) 
Adams, O. S., '05. 
Adams, R. L., '09. 
Adams (Miss), V. H., '03. 
Adams, W. S., '06. 
Adams, W. W., '04. 
Addington, D. M., M., '79. 
Aden (Miss), A. O., '10. 
Adler, A., '02; M., '06. 
Adler, H. F. '04 
Agar (Miss), L. M., '10. 
Agar (Miss), W. G., '06. 
Agard, A., '96. 
Agnew, E. A., P.. '98. 
Agnew (Miss), E. O., '92. 
Aguirre, L. M., P., '00. 
Ahlers (Miss). V. E., '08. 
Ahlf (Miss), M. G., '10. 
Aiken, A. C., '92. 
Aiken, G. S., D., '01. 
Aiken, P. B., D., '98 
Aikin, A. G., '99. 
Ainsworth, G. J., '73. 

Ainsworth, H. B., '91. 
Ainsworth, J. C., '91. 
Ainsworth (Mrs.), L. S., '00. 

(Miss C. A. Henley.) 
Airaldi, A., P., '92. 
Aird, J. W., M., '93. 
Aitken (Mrs.), A. C., '04. 

(Miss C. M. Cooley.) 
Aitkeq, F. W., '00. 
Aitken, J. R., L., '86. 
Aitken, L. S., P., '90. 
Aitken, T. D., L., '01. 
Aitken (Miss), W. E., '10. 
Akerly, J. C. S., '82. 
Akers (Miss), E. J., '10. 
Akins (Miss), W. E., '03. 

(Mrs. F. A. Couch.) 
Albee, G. C., M., '05. 
Albee (Mrs.), H. W., '05. 

(Miss C. E. Rice.) . 
Albee, M. A., '10. 
Alborti, D. A., D., '01. 
Albertson, W. B., '02. 
Albrecht, S., '06. 
Alderson, H. E., M., '00. 
Alderson, W. H., '04. 
Alexander, A. A., '02: M., 


Alexander (Miss), E., '04. 
Alexander, E. G., '07. 
Alexander, E. W., '01; M., 


Alexander, H. L., '96. 
Alexander, J.,' 01. 
Alexander, J. F., '75. 
Alexander (Miss), M. E., M., 


Alexander, P. W., '03. 
Alexander, W. H., '00. 
Alger, E J., D., '93. 
Allan, H. C., L., '05. 
Allardt, C. F., '88. 
Allardt, F. A., '88 
Allbright, F. H., D., '90. 
Allen (Mrs.), Alma C., '10. 

(Mrs. E. G. Allen.) 
Allen, A. F., '91. 
Allen (Miss), A. H., '01. 
Allen, A. H., '98. 
Allen (Mrs.), A. H., '98. 

(Miss L. M. Parker.) 
Allen (Miss), A. M., '08. 
Allen, B. S., '03. 
Allen, C. E., M., '96. 
Allen, E G., '10. 
Allen (Miss), E. M., '00. 
Allen, E. O., M., '75. 
Allen, E. O., '97. 
Allen (Mrs.). E. O., '97. 

(Miss W. M. Augustine.) 
Allen, E. R., '06. 
Allen, F. M., '02: M., '07. 
Allen (Miss), G. E., '00. 
Allen (Miss), G. E., '06. 
Allen, G. L., '01. 
Allen. H G., D., '98. 
Allen, H. S., '92. 

Allen, H. S., '07. 
Allen, H. W., '96. 
Allen, I. C., '98. 
Allen, J. H., '06. 
Allen, J. T., '96. 
Allen, L. W., '93. 
Allen (Miss), M., '06. 

(Mrs. E. O. Heinrich.) 
Allen (Miss), M. G., '95. 
Allen, R. F., '10. 
Allen, R. H., D., '93. 
Allen, W. C., '91. 
Allin, C. A., '94. 
Allin, W. R., D., '99. 
Ailing, M. N., '03. 
Ahnind, A. E., '03. 
Alstrom (Mrs.), J., '96. 

(Miss C. Bruere.) 
Alvarez, A. C. '08. 
Alvarez (Mrs.), W. C., '06. 

(Miss Harriet Smyth.) 
Ambrose (Miss), F. E., '08. 
Ambrose, T. E., '05. 
Ambrose, W. C., '10. 
Ambrose (Miss), W. C., '09. 
Ames, E., L., '96. 
Ames, F., '02. 
Anderson, A. B., '98. 
Anderson, A. E., '08. 
Anderson, A. J., '00. 
Anderson (Miss), C., '03. 

(Mrs. C. R. Wells.) 
Anderson, F. M., '97. 
Anderson, F. W., D., '00. 
Anderson (Miss), G. P., '06. 
Anderson (Miss), H. O., M., 


Anderson (Miss), I. N., '08. 
Anderson, J. A., M., '73. 
Anderson (Miss), J. M., '96. 

(Mrs. B. Eastwood.) 
Anderson (Mrs.), L., '01. 

(Miss I. B. Godin.) 
Anderson (Miss), M., '09. 
Anderson (Mrs.), M., '08. 

(Miss E. R. McQuiddy.) 
Anderson, W., '10. 
Anderson, W., M., '84. 
Andrews, C. S., L., '81. 
Andrews, F. D., '09. 
Andrews (Miss), W. P., '06. 
Andrews, W. S., '06. 
Andros (Miss), H. M., '96. 

(Mrs. L. T. Hengstler.) 
Andross, A. K., '08. 
Angell, H. M., P., '98. 
Angellotti, F. M., L., '82. 
Angonnet, C. A., D., '10. 
Angove (Miss), L., '09. 
Angwin (Miss), E., '06. 
Aniser (Miss), E., '97. 
Ansley (Miss), F. R., '05. 

(Mrs. B. P. Kurtz.) 
Ansley (Miss), M., '06. 
Anthony, C. N., L., '88. 
Anthony, C. W., '70. 
Anthony, E. C., '03. 



Anthony, H. M., '95. 
Anthony, M., '95 ; L., '02. 
Antonovich, W. G., L., '99. 
Aoki, G., '08. 
Aplin, D. G., '99. 
Arata, B., '96. 
Arbogast, A. A., D., '02. 
Arbulich (Miss), L. E., '04. 

(Mrs. E. R. Schaum- 


Archer, L. B., L., '96. 
Arents, C. A., '98. 
Arents (Miss), H. L. E., '00. 

(Mrs. R. Harms.) 
Argall, F., '96 
Argenti, J. J. B., P., '81. 
Arkin, J., P., '08. 
Arkley, W. W., '98. 
Arlett (Miss), E., '01. 
Arlett, R. G., '06. 
Armand, E. C., P., '98. 
Armbruster (Mrs.), F., '04. 

(Miss G. P. Foulds.) 
Armer (Miss), E. D., '98. 
Armes, W. D., '82. 
Armistead, C. M., M., '96. 
Armistead, H. V., M., '85. 
Armour, H. W., P., '02. 
Armstrong, A. M., '82. 
Armstrong (Miss), C. P., '03. 
Armstrong, F. J., '99. 
Armstrong (Miss), G. A., '08. 

(Mrs. H. C. Tamman.) 
Armstrong (Miss). G. A., '09. 

(Mrs. H. M. Leggett.) 
Armstrong, J. A., '10. 
Armstrong (Miss), J. W., D., 


Armstrong, J. W., '06. 
Armstrong (Miss), R. H., '00. 

(.Mrs. H. L. Taylor.) 
Armstrong, T. J., P., '06. 
Armstrong, Z. T., L., '85 
Arneill (Miss), E. C., '04. 

(Mrs. C. W. Petit.) 
Arner, M. E., D., '05. 
Arnold, C. E., '09. 
Arnold, C. E. L., '06. 
Arnold, E. W., '00. 
Arnold, J. H., '02. 
Arnold (Mrs.), J. H. '04. 

(Miss C. G. Davis.) 
Arnold, M. H., L., '82. 
Arnold, P. B., '99; L., '01. 
Arnold, R. P., '02. 
Arnoldy (Miss), M. J., '03. 
Arnot, N. D., '69. 
Arnstein, L., '00. 
Aronson (Miss), E. K., '00. 

(Mrs. M. L. Margolis. ) 
Arrowsmith (Mrs.), H., '96. 

(Miss L. L. Bartlett.) 
Arroyo, J., D., '93. 
Arroyo, R., D., '99. 
Arthur, E. A., M., '01. 
Arthur (Miss), E. M., '98. 
Arthur, G. H., '04. 
Arthur, S. R., M., '99. 
Asahina. T., D., '03. 
Asbill, S. C., L., '10. 
Ash (Miss), R. L., '96; M., 


Ashby (Miss), I. A., '06. 
Ashby (Miss), S. C., '09. 
Ashe, R. P., L., '82. 
Asher, H. K., L., '93. 
Ashley, A. H., '87. 
Ashley (Miss), B., '97. 
Ashley, G. F., '08. 
Ashley, H. H., '10. 
Ashley, J. W., D., '97. 
Ashley (Mrs.), R. L., '06. 

(Miss A. V. McXair.) 
Ashton (Mrs.), R., '97. 

(Miss I. A. Knall.) 
Ashworth, F. P., D., '93. 
Aspland, C. H., '02. 
Aten, I. P., '08. 
Aten (Mrs.), I. P., '08. 

(Miss M. F. Cotrel.) 
Aten, R. R. D., '03. 
Athearn, F. G., '00. 
Athearn (Mrs.), F. G., '00. 

(Miss P. E. Bottomes.) 
Atherton (Miss), E. M., '10. 
Atherton, G. A., '80. 
Atkins, J. H., D., '98. 
Atkins, J. W., '08. 
Atkinson (Miss), F. E.. '05. 
Atkinson, F. J., P., '96. 
Atkinson, J. W., '82. 
Atterbury (Miss), R, '98. 

(Mrs. A. G. Bailey.) 
Atterbury (Miss) W., '04. 
Atwater/F. H., '80. 
Atwood, W. A., D., '95. 
Auble (Mrs.), F. M., '02. 

(Miss A. E. Folsom.) 
Auerbach, M. P., '99. 
Augustine (Miss), W. M., 

'97. (Mrs. E. O. Allen.) 
Austin (Mrs.), P. S.. '00. 

(Miss D. G. Hinckley.) 
Austin, S. W., '86. 
Austin, W. P., D., '00. 
Austin (Mrs.), W. P., '06. 

(Miss H. N. Txill.) 
Avery (Miss), F. H., '02. 

(Mrs. F. Nelson.) 
Avery (Mrs.), H. L., '03. 

(Miss J. K. Wigton.) 
Avery, K., '07. 
Avery, R., '94. 
Avery, W. N., D., '93. 
Avy (Miss), E., '98. 

(Mrs. F. Chapuis.) 
Await, C. F., '07. 
Axton, F. R., D., '95. 
Ayers (Miss), J. M., D., '96. 
Ayers, W. W., P., '93. 
Ayres, C. S., D., '01. 
Azbell (Mrs.), C. T., '03. 

(Miss E. M. Fair.) 
Babcock, E. B., '05. 
Babcock, H. D., '07. ' 
Babson, A. C., '00. 
Bach (Mrs.), A .0., '99. 

(Miss L. J. Rolling.) 
Bachelder (Mrs.), L. A., '05. 

(Miss O. Q. Thomas.) 
Bachman, A., '88. 
Bachman, D. S., '95; L., '98. 
Bacigalupi (Miss), B., '06. 
Bacigalupi, D. E., M., '00. 

Bacigalupi (Miss), F. A., D., 


Bacigalupi, G., L., '99. 
Bacigalupi, J. A., L., '07. 
Bacigalupi (Miss) J., D., '04. 
Bacigalupi, L. D., M., '96. 
Bacigalupi, T. J., '02. 
Bacigalupi (Mrs.), T. J., '07. 

(Miss R Manasse.) 
Backe, C. W., '07. 
Backman, G. S., D., '90. 
Backus, G. S., '06. 
Bacon, G. E., P., '75. 
Bacon, W. R., D., '99. 
Bacon (Mrs.), W. R., '98. 

(Miss L. F. Swett.) 
Badger, R. S., '06. 
Badian, Hugo., '07. 
Badilla, J. C., M., '95. 
Badt, M. B., '06; L., '09. 
Badt, R. A., '07. 
Baer, A., '98; D., '01; M., 


Baer, J., D., '01. 
Baer (Mrs.), J., '99. 

(Miss M. Sweet.) 
Bagg (Mrs.), J. S., '06. 

(Miss H. Hobson.) 
Bagley, H. F., P., '93. 
Bagley, L. A., D., '09. 
Bagley (Miss), R. G., '05. 
Bagot, E. A., P., '92. 
Bahney, L. W., P., '97. 
Bailev (Mrs.), A. G., '98. 

(Miss R. Atterbury.) 
Bailey, E. A., '03. 
Bailev (Miss), E. F., '82. 

(Mrs. F. A. Bruns.) 
Bailev (Miss). E. G., '05. 

(Mrs. E. K. Burdette.) 
Bailey, H. F., '90. 
Bailey, H. W., 00; L., '02. 
Bailey, I. R., D., '03. 
Bailey (Miss), L. H., '01. 
Bailey, L. N., '06. 
Bailey, M. G., D., '09. 
Bailey, P., '10. 
Bailey, S. E., '09. 
Bailv (Miss), M. S., '03. 

(Mrs. S. Williams.) 
Baily, R. J., P., '95. 
Baird, B. A., '00. 
Baird, D., '98. 
Baird, E. E., D., '94. 
Baird, F., '02. 
Baird, F. G., D., '96. 
Baird (Mrs.) Mary L., D., 

'96. (Mrs. F. G. Baird.) 
Baird (Miss), M. W., '04. 
Baker, A. G., L., '07. 
Baker (Miss), A. M.. '09. 
Baker, A. W., D., '99. 
Baker (Mrs.), B., '01. 

(Miss F. M. Preble.) 
Baker, E. 0., '05. 
Baker, F. N., '06. 
Baker (Mrs.), G. B., '02. 

(Miss M. J. Jeffreys.) 
Baker, G. L., '03. 
Baker, H. A., M., '91. 
Baker (Mrs.). J. A., L., '83. 

(Miss E L. Buckhout.) 



Baker, J. L., L., '85. 
Baker (Miss), K., '06. 
Baker, M. D., M., '04. 
Baker, M. S., '95. 
Baker, N. D., '09. 
Baker (Mrs.), R., '10. 

(Miss H. Burpee.) 
Baker, R. S., P., '06. 
Bakewell, B., 98; M., '02. 
Bakewell, C. M., '89. 
Bakewell, J., Jr., '93. 
Bakewell, T. V., '95 ; L., '98. 
Bakewell, W. B., '01. 
Balaam, R. C., '02. 
Baldridge (Miss), N. L., '03. 

(Mrs. L. A. Stevenson.) 
Baldwin, A. M., '04. 
Baldwin, A. R., '96; L., '99. 
Baldwin (Miss), C. W., '92. 

(Mrs. C. T. Morrison.) 
Baldwin, H. C., '91. 
Baldwin, J. P., '97. 
Baldwin (Miss), L., '95. 

(Mrs. G. 0. Thompson.) 
Baldwin, L., '97. 
Baldwin, O. D., '04. 
Baldwin (Miss), P., '09. 
Baldwin, R. O., M., '85. 
Baldwin, W. I., '08. 
Balfrey, W. J., P., '03. 
Ball, H. A., P., '84. 
Ball, I. J., '09. 
Ball, R. L., P., '82. 
Ball (Miss), S. I., '08. 

(Mrs. C. H. McCharles.) 
Ballagh, C. S., P., '05. 
Ballard (Miss), I. H., '94. 
Ballaseyus, F. A., '05. 
Ballin (Mrs.), M., '00. 

(Miss L. Nathan.) 
Balzari, R. A., '08. 
Balbarini, C. E., D., '04. 
Bammann (Miss), E. L., '06. 
Bancroft, F. W., '94. 
Bancroft (Mrs.), F. W., M., 

'96. (Miss E. M. Stow.) 
Bancroft (Miss), H. D., '10. 
Bancroft, P., L., '05. 
Bandel, E. F., P., '94. 
Bangle, H. W., '01. 
Bangs (Miss), W. S., '94. 
Banks (Miss). K. O., '06. 
Banning, E. J., L., '95. 
Bannister (Miss), B. F., '08. 
Bannister, E. A., '05. 
Bannon (Miss), M. B., '01. 

(Mrs. H. B. Bradford.) 
Bantz (Miss), A. M., '04. 
Baraty, G. L., L., '10. 
Barbat, (Miss), J. E., P., 

'84; M., '03. 
Barbat, J. H., P., '82; M., 


Barbat, W. B. F., M., '95. 
Barber, E. L., '10. 
Barber, E. T., M., '66. 
Barber, J. E., '85. 
Barber, L. N., '08. 
Barber, O. T., L., '99. 
Barber (Mrs.). O. T., '04. 

(Miss A. E. Earle.) 

Barclay (Mrs.), M., '95. 

(Miss H. A. Cashman.) 
Barcroft, D., '82. 
Barden (Miss), E. J., '98. 

(Mrs. F. Watson.) 
Bardshar (Miss), G. E., '08. 

(Mrs. F. L. Kelly.) 
Bare, E. R. L., P., '93. 
Bare (Mrs.), J. V., '04. 

(Miss J. E. Watkins.) 
Barham, C. L., '02. 
Barham (Mrs.), C. L., '02. 

(Miss E. Stoer.) 
Barkelow, F. E., D., '08. 
Barker, E. E., '06. 
Barker, E. H., '93. 
Barker, F. T., '07. 
Barker (Miss), G. L., '94. 
Barkley (Miss), A. G., '06. 
Barlow (Miss), M. G., '05. 

(Mrs. R. J. Brower.) 
Barnard (Miss), F. E., '01. 
Barnes, C. F., P., '07. 
Barnes (Mrs.), E. T., D., 

'99. (Miss A. B. P. 


Barnes (Miss), F. M., '03. 
Barnes, J. W., '00. 
Barnes, J. W. H., '06. 
Barnes, W. F., '05. 
Barnes, W. H. L., Hon. '65. 
Barnett (Miss), A., '05. 
Barnett, A. T., '86; L., '89. 
Barnett (Miss), G., '03. 
Barnett, J., D., '99. 
Barney (Miss), A. L., '07. 
Barnhart, E. W., '09. 
Barnhart (Miss), N. I., '03. 

(Mrs. W. L. Finley.) 
Barnhill, W. A., L., '02. 
Barnicott (Mrs.), J. W., '09. 

(Miss C. Hudson.) 
Barnum (Mrs.), O. S., '94. 

(Miss M. H. Gilmore.) 
Barnum, W. F., '08. 
Barnwell, D. M., '03. 
Barr (Miss), C. M., '04. 
Barr, T. I. C., D., '01. 
Barr, W. G., L., '06. 
Barre, H. A., '97. 
Barrett, F. I., L., '06. 
Barrett, J. J., L., '96. 
Barrett (Miss), K. C., '06. 
Barrett, M. deL., P., '01. 
Barrett, S. A., '05. 
Barrett, T. F., D., '95. 
Barrington, 0. L., P., '82. 
Barren (Miss), E. G., '98. 
Barrow (Mrs.), J. V., '00. 

(Miss D. E. Machado.) 
Barrows, D. P., '95. 
Barrows (Miss), E. A., '05. 

(Mrs. H. W. Dietz.) 
Barrows, R. K., '05 : L., '07. 
Barry (Miss), C., '03. 

(Mrs. D. J. O'Connor.) 
Barry, E. I., L., '10. 
Barry, F., '10. 
Barry (Miss), J., '81. 

(Mrs. W. G. Klee.) 
Barry, J. E., L., '91. 
Barry, J. M., '10. 

Barry (Miss), M. D., '07. 
Barry, T. F., '74. 
Barry, T. J., L., '96. 
Barstow (Miss), C. G., '04. 
Bartlett (Miss), A. G., '04. 
Bartlett, C. J., M., '98. 
Bartlett, A. W., '06. 
Bartlett (Miss), D. M., '96. 

(Mrs. R. McCleave.) 
Bartlett (Miss), E., '03. 
Bartlett, F. H., '97. 
Bartlett, G. R., '01. 
Bartlett, L., '07. 
Bartlett, L., '93. 
Bartlett (Mrs.), L., '95. 

(Miss M. Olney.) 
Bartlett, L. deF., '93; L., 

Bartlett (Miss), L. L., '96. 

(Mrs. H. Arrowsmith.) 
Bartlett (Miss), L. W., '04. 

(Mrs. F. Miller.) 
Bartlett, L. W., '10. 
Bartling (Miss), C., '78. 

(Mrs. A. R. Bidwell.) 
Bartling (Miss), F., '83. 

(Mrs. E. O. Sanford.) 
Bartnett, W. J., '87; L., '90. 
Barto (Miss), 0., '98. 

(Mrs. L. C. Mott.) 
Barton (Miss), E. V., '02. 

(Mrs. F. A. Tufts.) 
Barton, W. F., L., '88. 
Barton, W. T., L., '83. 
Baruch, C., '02. 
Baruch, E., '01. 
Baruch, M., '09. 
Basham (Mrs.), J. A., '07. 

(Miss L. Sullivan.) 
Basham, W. E., '06. 
Basquin (Mrs.), O. H., '05. 

(Miss A. Stuart.) 
Bass, A. L., '10. 
Batdorf, C. W., '06. 
Bates, B. R., '08. 
Bates (Mrs.), B. R., '08. 

(Miss E. M. Cole.) 
Bates, C. B., M., '68. 
Bates (Miss), E. M., '04. 
Bates, W. E., M., '81. 
Bath, E. G., L., '09. 
Batterman, C. S., '79. 
Battles. E., '10. 
Batz (Miss), G. F., '09. 

(Mrs. G. Guyles.) 
Bauder (Mrs.), I. J., '02. 

(Miss E. McK. Hensel.) 
Bauer, C. F., D., '92. 
Bauer, F. C., P., '77. 
Bauer, G. W., '97. 
Baugh, H. G., '03. 
Baugh, W. R., '99. 
Baugh (Miss), V. E. B., '03. 
Baum, M. L., M., '04. 
Baumberger, E. J., L., '04. 
Baume (Mrs.), F. E., '91. 

(Miss R. L. Leavy.) 
Baumeister, B. H., M., '82. 
Baumeister, E. E., P., '98; 

M., '04. 
Baumgarten, W., P., '98; 

M., '02. 


Baun, L. D., '97. 

Baur (Miss), L. B., '04. 

Baur, W. L., '03. 

Baxter (Miss), E. F., '95. 

(Mrs. G. Vetterle.) 
Baxter, F. S., '10. 
Baxter, G. L., '08. 
Baxter, H. K., '08. 
Baxter, J. C., D., '01. 
Baxter, W. J., '03. 
Bayer, T. P., '01. 
Bayley (Miss), E. M., '04. 

(Mrs. H. Fowler.) 
Bayly, C. A., P., '95. 
Beach, S. H., '06. 
Beaisley, G. T., P., '85. 
Beal (Miss), F. E., '83. 
Beals, R. L., '04. 
Beamer, R. F., D., '03. 
Beamer (Mrs.), R. H., '06. 

(Miss J. B. Campbell.) 
Beard, A. A., P., '10. 
Beard, D. L., '91. 
Beard, J. E., '88. 
Beard, J. L., '68. 
Beard, W. M., L., '99. 
Beardsley, E. M., M., '81. 
Beardsley (Miss), H., '04. 
Beardsley, L. J., '04. 
Beaser, H. P., D., '05. 
Beaser (Miss), M. S., '10. 
Beaser, S. I., '04. 
Beattie, G. W., '99. 
Beatty, H. N., L., '94. 
Beatty, H. O., L., '99. 
Beatty (Mrs,), J. I., '06. 

(Miss H. E. Mayer.) 
Beatty (Miss). R. M., '02. 

(Mrs. E. Clark.) 
Beatty, W. A., '84; L., '87. 
Beattv (Mrs.), W. A., '84. 

(Miss M. Walcott.) 
Beauchamp (Miss), E., '08. 
Beauchamp, H. H., P., '98. 
Beauchamp (Miss), N. L., 

Beaver (Miss), F. E., '92. 

(Mrs. W. Nicholson.) 
Beck, E. L., '01. 
Beck, G. W., P., '00. 
Beck, H. M., P., '89; M., 


Beck, I., P., '97. 
Beck, R. H., '08. 
Beck (Miss), V. M., '08. 
Beck (Mrs.), W. E., '90. 

(Miss F. M. Henderson.) 
Becker, F. C., P., '95. 
Becker (Mrs.), L. F., '06. 

(Miss R. Seamen.) 
Beckett, F. A., P., '83. 
Beckett, S. H., '09. 
Beckingsale (Miss), W. M., 


Beckwith, H., '08. 
Beckwith (Mrs.), H., '08. 

(Miss H. F. Robinson.) 
Bee, P. T., '03. 
Bee. W. T., '03. 
Beebe (Miss), L. J., M.. '08. 
Beebe (Miss). N. A., '06. 
Beecher, H. W., '06. 

Beecher (Mrs.), H. W., '07. 

(Miss B. M. Cameron.) 
Beede, W. M. S., M., '84. 
Beerman, W. F., P., '98; 

M., '01. 

Beers (Miss), M. L., D., '98. 
Behr, E. E., '10. 
Behr (Miss), E. L., '09. 
Behrendt, J. W., P., '98. 
Belcher, R., L., '92. 
Belcher, R., '00. 
Belfrage, W., '96. 
Belknap (Miss), F. G., '03. 

(Mrs. J. Guerin.) 
Belknap, J., '07. 
Belknap, R. R., '10. 
Bell (Miss), A. E., '09. 
Bell, B., '03. 
Bell (Miss), C. H., '08. 
Bell, C. H., D., '92. 
Bell, G. L., '09. 
Bell, G. W., '07. 
Bell (Miss), J. M., '09. 
Bell (Miss), M. E., '98. 

(Mrs. J. Morwood. ) 
Bell, T. W., '03; L., '05. 
Bell, W. C., '10. 
Bell, W. L., M., '98. 
Bell, W. T., L., '94. 
Belloni, J. W., '10. 
Belshaw (Mrs.), W. W., '04. 

(Miss A. R. Shreve.) 
Belton, A. J., D., '10. 
Belz, F. J., P., '08. 
Benedict, C. W., M., '75. 
Benfey (Miss), I., '83. 

(Mrs. G. M. Judd.) 
Benjamin, C. W., D., '02. 
Benjamin, H. A., '10. 
Bennet (Miss), E. V., '96. 
Bennett (Mrs.), D., '98. 

(Miss J. I. Worthington.) 
Bennett, A. G., D., '93. 
Bennett, G., D., '04. 
Bennett (Miss), J., '10. 
Benson, E. H., '98. 
Benson, F. H., L., '98. 
Benson, J. P., "07. 
Bentley, C. H., '91. 
Bentley (Miss), M. L, '01. 
Benton, J. J., '03. 
Benton, R., '07. 
Bentz, O., '00. 
Beretta, J. W., L., '99. 
Berg (Miss), A. C., '06. 
Berg (Miss), G. T., '99. 
Bergerot, P. A., L., '92. 
Berglund, A., L., '94. 
Bergson (Miss), E. F., '02. 
Bergstrom. G., D., '00. 
Bernard, H., '79. 
Bernard, H. A., D., '95. 
Berndt, R. M. H.. M., '93. 
Bernheim, J. R., D., '00. 
Bernheim, L., L., '95; L., 


Bernheim, M. R., P., '91. 
Bernstein (Miss), E. D., '05. 

(Mrs. O. F. Snedigar.) 
Bernstein (Miss), F., '83. 

(Mrs. H. Flatau.) 
Berringer. E. J., '06. 

Berry (Miss), A. R., '07. 
Berry, F. T. '03. 
Berry, O. L., L., '99. 
Berry, R. A., '82; L., '97. 
Berry, R. E., '10. 
Bert, E. F., L., '87. 
Bertels, C. N., '02. 
Best, E. J., '08. 
Besthorn, H. E. D., P., '84. 
Bettencourt, J. de S., L., '85. 
Betterton, E. L., D., '01. 
Bettis, H. S., D., '85. 
Bettison (Miss), E. V., '07. 
Bettleheim, F. A., M., '80. 
Bevan, L. J., '05. 
Bevan (Miss), M. E., '10. 
Bias, H. J., '98. 
Bibbero, H. S., D., '07. 
Biber, P. E., M., '03. 
Bice, J. W., '75. 
Bichard, C. N., P., '06. 
Biddle (Miss), A. D., '08. 
Bidwell (Mrs.), A. R., '78. 

(Miss C. Bartling.) 
Bidwell, C. H. S., '02. 
Bidwell, J., Hon., '65. 
Biedenbach (Miss), C. C., 


Biedenbach, C. L., '86. 
Bien, M., '79. 
Bienenfeld, B., '82. 
Bienenfeld (Miss), H. E., 


Bigelow, C. L., '01; M., '05. 
Biggs, F. R., M., '74. 
Biggs, M. H., M., '70. 
Bigley (Miss), W. H., '03. 
Bilger, F. W., P., '89. 
Bill, P. A., M., '02. 
Bine, R., M., '03. 
Bingaman, E. W., M., '07. 
Bingaman, J. W., D., '04. 
Bingham, H., '00. 
Bingham, H. W., '06. 
Binney (Miss), P. M., '06. 
Bioletti, F. T., '94. 
Bird, P. S., '10. 
Bishop, E. F., '02. 
Bishop, F. E., '02. 
Bishop, H. N., '07. 
Bishop, J. H., L., '01. 
Bishop, J. S., '82. 
Bishop, L. D., '05. 
Bishop, R. K., '00. 
Bishop, T. P., '99; L., '01. 
Bissell, H. G., '09. 
Bitting (Miss), S., '05. 

(Mrs. W. W. Hicks.) 
Bittner, A. F., '07. 
Bixby (Miss), A. C., '04. 
Bixby, F. H., '98. 
Bixbv (Mrs.), F. H., '98. 

(Miss F. E. Green.) 
Bixby, F. L., '05. 
Bixby (Miss), S. P., '06. 
Bixby, W. E., M., '07. 
Black, A. P., L., '85. 
Black, C. E., '09. 
Black, J. C., '06. 
Black, O., '82. 
Blackburn, D. E., D., '00. 
Blackburn, F. A., P., '98. 



Blackburn, F. J., P., '02. 
Blackburn (Miss), H. L., 

P., '02. 
Blacker (Miss), O., '08. 

(Mrs. H. Gaines.) 
Blackman, E., '06. 
Blackman, H. I., P., '01. 
Blackman, L. S., '09. 
Blackman, M. J., '04. 
Blacksill, J., '10. 
Blair, J. C. ( '01; M., '05. 
Blair, R. W., '10. 
Blake, A. S., '91. 
Blake (Mrs.), A. S., '94. 

(Miss A. D. Symmes.) 
Blake, C. M., M.,* '76. 
Blake, C. R., M., '91. 
Blake (Miss), E. S., '95. 

(Mrs. S. D. Thacher.) - 
Blak,., E. T., '96. 
Blake, J. W., M., '74. 
Blake, R. J., D., '99. 
Blak(>, R. P., '08. 
Blake, W. P., Hon. '10. 
Blanchard (Miss), A. E., '06. 
Blanchard (Miss), A. H., '98. 
Mlanrhanl (.Miss), E., '96. 
Blanchard, F. T., '04. 
Blam-hard, M. E., '87. 
Blanchard, M. S., '97; L., 


Blaix-hard, W. E., '08. 
Blanckenburg. G. B., '07. 
Blaiioy, K. W., '71. 
I51i.sdi.le, W. C., '92. 
Blatchley, W. H., '07. 
Bh-asdali-. B. G., '09. 
Blcnol (Miss), D. S., '09. 
Bl<>y, C. N., '10. 
I '.linn (Miss). K. M., '08. 
Blinn (Mrs.), F. L., '03. 

(Miss E. F. Kuhls.) 
Bliss, H. H., '09. 
Bliss, P. P., D., '88. 
Bliss, W., '99. 
Bliss. W. If.. D., '08. 
Bloch (Mrs.). F. V.. '04. 

(Miss E. R. R<-icli<-ii 


Bloch, W. J., '07. 
Block, S. D.. D., '01. 
Blodgett. J. M.. D., '92. 
Blohm (Miss), E. E., '09. 
Blood, G. D., '92. 
Blood, J. N.. D.. '83. 
Bloom, S.. '88; L., '91. 
Bloomer, F. F., '08. 
Blossom (Miss), M., D., '99. 

(Mrs. G. W. Gove.) 
Blossom (Miss), M. R., '06 

(Mrs. C. S. Davidson.) 
Blowski. A. A., '10. 
Blum (Miss), E., '98. 

(Mrs. L. S. Schwa- 


Blum. J. H., P., '94. 
Blum, M., L., '93. 
Blum (Miss), M., '04. 

(Mrs. M. Blum.) 
Blum, S. '94: M., '96. 
Blumberg (Miss). L. J., '98. 
Blumer (Miss), E., '95. 

(Mrs. J. W. Hart.) 
Blumer (Mrs.), G., '04. 

(Miss A. Evans.) 
Boalich, E. S., '08. 
Boardman, C. T., '75. 
Boardman (Miss), J. H., 

D., '03. (Mrs. J. H. 

Bocarde (Miss), B. L., '09. 

(Mrs. R. Courier.) 
Bocher, J. M., P., '01. 
Bockius (Miss), C., '79. 
Bodkin, T. P., P., '87. 
Bodwell, H. W., '80. 
Body (Miss), I., '01. 
Boedefeld, L. R., '03. 
Boege (Mrs.), C. A., '01. 

(Miss L. C. Callow.) 
Boesch (Miss), M., '06. 

(Mrs. <;. D. \Vendt.) 
Boeseke, B. C., D., '96. 
Boggs (Miss), F. E., '94. 

(Mrs. C. K. Watkinson.) 
Boggs, F. S., '94. 
Boggs (Miss), G. J., '02. 

(Mrs. R. R. Service.) 
Bohall (Miss), J., '01. 

(Mrs. R. Ferguson.) 
Bohnett, L. D., 'nt\. 
Boillot (Miss), E. L., '04. 
Boke, G. H., '94. 
Boke, H. J., '99. 
Boland, F. E., L.. '04, 
I'.nlaml, J. I., L., '81. 
B.ilton. .!. M., '73. 
Bolton (Miss), S., '80. 
Bond, F. T., P., '86; M.,'90. 
Bond, G. A., '99. 
Bonestell, C. K., '75. 
Bonestell (Miss), X. M. GK, 

'05. (Mrs. W. J. 

Bonham (Mrs.), C. I,., "01. 

(Miss A. J. Kelshaw. ) 
Bonham (Miss), I. A., '03. 
Honi. F. T.. P., '86. 
Bonifi.'ld. H. S.. '02. 
Bonnell (Miss). K.. '99. 

(Mrs. F. H. Dunne.) 
Bonnell, F. C., D., '96. 
Bonnemort, E., '05. 
Bonner, C. G., '89. 
Bonner, E. C., '93 ; L., '96. 
Bonnet, F., '06. 
Bonney, F. J., '79. 
Boone, C. P., '06. 
Boone, R. B., P., '10. 
Booth, C. J., '08. 
Booth, E., '77. 
Booth, F., '88. 
Booth, F. G., P., '02. 
Booth, F. J., '04. 
Booth, J. P., '88. 
Booth, J. R., M., '94. 
Borchers, A. W., P., '89. 
Borchers (Miss), B., '94: 

M., '97. (Mrs. M. 


Borde, H. J., M., '83. 
Borden, F. L., '09. 
Borden, F. W., L., '99. 
Borden, R., L., '84. 

Borden, S., L., '84. 
Bordwell, F. A., '96. 
Bordwell, W. P., '98. 
Borger, J. N., D., '95. 
Borthwick, W. L., '06. 
Borthwick (Mrs.), W. L., 

'04. (Miss S. R. Mil 

Borton (Mrs.), F., '03. 

(Miss C. L. Christen- 


Borton, F. E., L., '00. 
Bosqui, B. A., D., '97. 
Bosqui, F. L., '88. 
Bosse, C. O., '84. 
Bosshard, R. E., '09. 
Boston (Miss), A. H.. '04. 
Boswell, P. M., P., '86. 
Both (Miss), O., '10. 
Both, W. J., P., '10. 
Botsford, G., D., '85. 
Botsford (Miss), M. E., 

M., '96. 
Bottomes (Miss), P. E., '00. 

(Mrs. F. G. Athearn.) 
Boucher (Miss), M. E., '00. 
I'.nulware (Mrs.), A. S., '98. 

(Miss E. Hassard.) 
Bourne, E. E., P., '09. 
Boutin (Miss), M. L., '06. 
Bovard (Miss), H. C., '98. 
Bovard, J. F., '03. 
Bnvard (Miss), L. G., '98. 

(Mrs. E. Merryfield.) 
Bovard, P. F., '06. 
Bovard (Mrs.),. P. F., '05. 

i MisN D. Huskey.) 
Bovyer (Miss), A. M., '79. 

(Mrs. E. V. Cowcll.) 
Bovyer, W. B., '10. 
Bowcher (Miss), M. A., '01. 
Bowden (Miss), B., '99. 

(Mrs. F. K. Jenks.) 
Bowden, L. A., '10. 
Bowen, C. P., P.. '89. 
Bowen (Miss). D. M., P., 

'96; L., '05. 

M..W. 'ii (Miss), E. J., '05. 
Bow.-n (Miss), G. N., '10. 
Bnwmnan, K. B., P., '93. 
I'.IIW.TS (Miss), B. A., '09. 
Bowers (Miss). J! L., '08. 
Bowie, C. P., '04. 
Bowie. J. F., L., '00. 
Bowker (Mrs.), W. S., D., 

'99. (Miss R. E. Tur- 
ner. ) 

Bowles (Miss), A. L., '04. 
Bowles. F. H., P., '05. 
Bowles, J. B., D., '95. 
Bowles, P. E.. '82. 
Bowman. B., '02. 
Bowman, C. H., D., '96. 
Bowman (Mrs.), C. H., D., 

'96. (Miss A. M. Gil- 
bert. ) 

Bowman (Miss), E., '99. 
Bowman (Miss). L. M., '04. 
Bowron, B. R., '02. 
Bowron, W. L., '00. 
Boxton. C.. D.. '83. 
Boyd, B. B., '04. 



Boyd (Miss), C. A., '10. 

Boyd, G. D., '87; L., '90. 

Boyd (Miss), H., '06. 

Boyd, P., '09. 

Boyd (Miss), R. B., '10. 

Boydston, C. E., '09. 

Boyen (Miss), D.. '02. 

(Mrs. A. R. Thompson.) 

Boyer (Miss), H., '04. 

Boyes, W. J. R., M., '95. 

Boyle, J. C., L., '94. 

Boyle, J. C., '10. 

Boyle, O. McC., Jr., '06. 

Boynton (Miss), L. B., '05. 

Bracken (Miss), F. M., '83. 
(Mrs. M. S. Gould.) 

Brackenbury, C., '97. 

Bradbury, G. F., M., '78. 

Braden (Miss), R., '03. 

Bradford (Miss), A. B., 
'05. (Mrs. J. B. Ward.) 

Bradford, A. C., '78. 

Bradford, H. B., '99; L.,'01 

Bradford (Mrs.), H. B., '01. 
(Miss M. B. Bannon.) 

Bradford, H. S., L.. '96. 

Bradford, W. F., '84. 

Bradley, B., '95. 

Bradley (Miss), B. T., '96. 

Bradley, C. H., '10. 

Bradley, H. C., '00. 

Bradley, H. W., L., '85. 

Bradley, J. C.. '07. 

Bradley (Miss), M., '95. 

(Mrs. G. A. Legg.) 
Bradley, P. R.. '96. 
Bradley, W. W., '01. 
Bradshaw (Miss), E. R., '93. 

(Mrs. McCann.) 
Brady, G. T., '95. 
Brady, J. F., L., '09. 
Bradv (Miss), K. L, M..'01. 
(Mrs. A. L> J. Larti- 

Bradv, M., L., '99. 
Bragg (Miss), A.. '81. 

(Mrs. H. E. Holmes.) 
Bragg (Miss), E., '76. 

(Mrs. G. M*. Gumming.) 
Brainard (Miss), F. V., '02. 
Brainard, L. B., '02. 
Braly, H. H., '02. 
Braman, J. J., M., '76. 
Bramlet (Miss), E. L., '02. 

(Mrs. C. M. Mannon.) 
Branch (Miss), E. O., '04. 
Brand, A., L., '95. 
Brand, C. H., '10. 
Brand, E., L., '81. 
Brand, J. E., '00 
Brandenstein, H. U., L.. '94. 
Brandenstein (Mrs.), H. U., 
'97. (Miss M. Colman.) 
Brandt, A. H., '05. 
Brann, W. S., '93 ; L., '96. 
Bransford (Miss), L. L, '07 
Brasier (Miss), O. V., M., 


Brassel, E. H., D., '10. 
Bratton, F. O., P., '86. 
Brauer, O L., '10 
Braun (Miss), H. A., '10. 

Braverman, A., '86. 
Bray, A. F., Jr., L., '10. 
Bray. E. V., '09. 
Brazelton, W. B., P., '02. 
Breckenfeld, E. A., '09. 
Breed. H. L., '00; L., '02. 
Breen, P. A., L., '98. 
Breen, W. A., L., '01. 
Brehm, G. O., '00. 
Brehm (Mrs.), G. O., '01. 

(Miss M. B. Graham.) 
Breitstein, L. I., '03; M.,'03. 
Breneman (Miss), F. A., '08 
Brenizer (Miss), P. L., '02. 
Breslauer (Miss), A. R., '02. 

(Mrs. J. Newfield.) 
Brewer (Miss), A. W., '95. 
Brewer (Miss), H. F., '95. 
Brewer, J. A., '91; L., '94. 
Brewer, J. A., '03. 
Brewer, J. M., '02. 
Brewer (Mrs.), J. M., '01. 

(Miss E. E. Gaddis.) 
Brewer, R. L., '94. 
Brewer, W. A., '85. 
Brewer, W. H., Hon., '10. 
Bricca, C. R., M., '05. 
Bricknell (Mrs.), E. R., '06. 

(Miss R. Patterson.) 
Bridges (Miss), E., '92. 
Bridgewater. E., P., '96. 
Bridgman (Miss), L. B., '93 
Brier (Miss), M A., '92. 
Brier, W. W., '82. 
Brierly, C. B., M., '66. 
Briggs, A. E., P., '97. 
Briggs (Miss). E., '80. 

(Mrs. B. Moses.) 
Briggs, G A., M., '05. 
Briggs, H. E., '03. 
Briggs, L. B., '07. 
Briggs, L. H., M., '08. 
Briggs, M. C., Hon.. '65. 
Briggs, W. D., P., '98. 
Bright. J. S., '01. 
Brignole. A. S., '09. 
Brinck (Mrs.). H. R.. '04. 

(Miss G. W. Smith.) 
Brink, L., P., '10. 
Bristol (Miss). C. A., '06. 

(Mrs. I. W. Fish.) 
Bristol, W. W., '03. 
Britt, H. S., '01. 
Brittan, W. G., L., '86. 
Britton (Mrs.). J.. '10. 

(Miss G. D. Courtian.) 
Brizard, B., L., '97. 
Brizard, H. F., '00. 
Broad, C. J., D., '10. 
Broad, E. J., D., '00. 
Broad (Mrs.), E. J., D., '00. 

(Miss E. F. J. Moore.) 
Brobeck, W. I.. L., '92. 
Broderick, D. J., P., '94. 
Broemmel. G. M., '03. 
Bromley (Miss), I. S.. '09. 
Bromley (Miss), M., '94. 
Bromley (Miss), N. L., '05. 
^romlev, R. I., M., '82. 
Brookman, J. A. D., '10. 
Brookman (Miss), T. A., '99. 
Brooks, C. E., '10. 

Brooks, E. H., '03. 

Brooks (Mrs.), E. H., '04. 
(Miss E. Wilde.) 

Brooks (Miss), F. A., '10. 

Brooks, I. P., P., '07. 

Brossel, A. A., P., '86. 

Broughton, G. A., M., '96. 

Broughton, H. A., L., '88. 

Broughton, I. R., '09. 

Brower, R. J., '00. 

Brower (Mrs.), R. J., '05. 
(Miss M. G. Barlow.) 

Brown, A., '96. 

Brown, A., D., '04. 

Brown (Miss), A. E., '02. 

Brown (Miss), A. F., '97. 

Brown (Miss), A. H., '09. 

Brown, A. J., '99. 

Brown (Mrs.), A. P., '00. 
(Miss A. D. Coulter.) 

Brown, A. P., L., '88. 

Brown (Miss), A. V., '10. 

Brown, A. W., '10. 

Brown, B. F., '03. 

Brown (Miss), C. M., . M., 

Brown (Miss), C. S., '07. 

Brown, C. W., '10. 

Brown, D., Jr., L., '84. 

Brown (Mrs.). D. E., '01. 
(Miss E. Eby.) 

Brown, D. W., M., '04. 

Brown (Miss). E. G., '09. 
(Mrs. H. Gould.) 

Brown, E. J., '98; L., '01. 

Brown (Miss), E. L., '08. 

Brown, E. M., '04. 

Brown, E. S., M., '86. 

Brown, E. S., '07. 

Brown (Miss), F., '06. 

Brown (Mrs.), F. E., '02. 
(Miss A. Jackson.) 

Brown, G. J., M., '76. 

Brown, H. H., '08. 

Brown, H. P., L., '99. 
Brown, H. W., L., '91. 
Brown, I. I., '88. 
Brown, J. A., D., '95. 
Brown (Mrs.). J. A., '05. 

(Miss M. L. Gross.) 
Brown, J. G., '75. 
Brown, J. H., P., '95. 
Brown, J. L., P., '03. 
Brown, J. Q., Jr., '79; L., 


Brown, J. R., '00. 
Brown, L. F., '98. 
Brown, L. W., '77. 
Brown (Miss), M. E., '08. 
Brown (Miss), M. W.. '03. 

(Mrs. J. C. Rodder.) 
Brown (Miss), P. E., '03. 
Brown, P. F., '85. 
Brown (Mrs.), R., '04. 
(Miss Cora Lasell.) 
Brown, S. L., '09. 
Brown, T. V., Jr., P., '07. 
Brown, W., '04. 
Brown (Mrs.). W., '02. 

(Miss J. Milliken.) 
Brown, W. H., '91. 
Brown, W. L., '76. 



Brown, W. L., '03. 
Brown (Mrs.), W. L., '03. 

(Miss E. J. Adams.) 
Browne, A. P., M., '95. 
Browne, E. G., '09. 
Browne, F. D., '92. 
Browne, R. S., '00. 
Browne, S. C., Jr., '06. 
Brownell (Miss), B., '01. 

(Mrs. W. L. Cooper.) 
Browning, De W., '08. 
Browning (Miss), E. F., '99. 
Brownscombe, T. F'., '01. 
Brownsill (Miss), E. S., '99; 

M., '04. 

Brownsill (Miss), M. O., '06. 
Brownson (Miss), F. H., '08 
Brownstone, L. H. f '97- 

L., '00. 

Brownton, L. C., D., '08. 
Brubaker, C. H., '06 
Bruce, H. L., '08. 
Bruce (Miss), J., '94. 

(Mrs. C. Macon.) 
Bruere (Miss), C., '96 

(Mrs. J. Alstrom.) 
Bruguiere, P. S., M., '98. 
Brumback, A. M., '03. 
Brun, L. E., D., '95. 
Brunner, A. J., L., '83 
Brunner (Miss), E. F., ''09. 
Bruns (Mrs.), F. A., '82 

(Miss E. F. Bailey.) ' 
Bruns, W. C., M '78 
Bryan, E. N., '07. 
Bryan, J. T., '02 
Bryan, L., '09. 
Bryan (Miss), V. B., '01 

(Mrs C. R. Nelson.) ' 
Bryant, 0., L., '85. 
Bryant, H. B., '85 
Bryant, H. C., '10.' 
Bryant (Miss), N. B., '99. 

(Mrs C. H. Shepard.) 
Bryant, O. W., '06 
Bryant (Mrs.). O. W., '07. 

(Miss B. McNeal.) 
Bryce, J., Hon., '09 
Buchanan, A. N., '76 
Buchanan (Miss). G '10 
Buchner, W. S. O., P., '09 
Buck, 0. A., P., '07 
Buck F. H., Jr., '08. 
Buckhout (Miss), E L 

- < J - A. 

Buckingham (Miss), K H 
foJd.) (Mr,. J. S . KoI 

Buckingham, T. H., Jr., '07 
Buckley (Miss), E. M. '02 
Buckley, V. de P., M. '84 
Buckner, D. R., '05 
Budd, H. B., '98 
Budd. J. E., '74 
Budd. J. H.. '73' 
Budelman, H. D., '08 
Buffington (Miss), L M 
99. (Mrs. B. E. 


Bufford, C. M., '98; L., '01 
Bufford (Miss), F. V '04' 

Bufford, L., '06. 
Bugbee, F. U., '01. 
Bullard, S., '06. 
Bullock, A. A., '06. 
Bullock (Mrs.), P. R., '09. 
(Miss H. A. McFeely.) 
Bullock, P. R., '09. 
Bullock, W. M., D., '05. 
Bundschu, W. B., '03. 
Bunker, F. F., '01. 
Bunker (Miss), M., '89. 
Bunker, R. E., M., '89. 
Bunnell (Miss), A., '93. 
(Mrs. A. H. Elliott.) 
Bunnell, E., '91; M.. '94. 
Bunnell (Miss), E. M., '01. 
Bunnell, G. W., Hon., '66. 
Bunnell (Miss), K. C., '03. 

(Mrs. W. H. Gorrill.) 
Bunnell, S., '04; M., '08. 
Burbank, W. F., L., '86. 
Burch (Miss), M. A., D., '83. 
Burchard, L. S., '75; M., '82. 
Burckhalter, F. L., '00. 
Burd, J. S., '99. 
Burdette (Mrs.), E. K., '05. 

(Miss E. G. Bailey.) 
Burdick, A. C., '99. 
Burdick (Miss), M. L., '04. 

(Mrs. J. W. Graham.) 
Burdorf (Miss), D. R., '07. 

Burdorf (Miss), S. M., '06. 

Burgess (Miss), D. C., '04. 

Burgess, E. O., '05. 

Burgess (Miss), H. H., '08. 
(Mrs. F. M. Simpson.) 

Burgess, J. A., '06. 

Burgess, J. E., '03. 

Burk, F. L., '83. 

Burk, H. A., '10. 

Burk (Miss), P. N., '04. 

Burke, A. F., L., '07. 

Burke, E. A., '03. 

Burke, F. J., L., '97. 

Burke, J. M., '08. 

Burke (Miss), N. E., '04. 

Burks, J. D., '94. 

Burleson, F. D., D., '90. 

Burness (Miss), M.. '04. 
(Mrs. W. A. S. Foster.) 

Burnett, A. H., L., '06. 

Burnett (Miss), E. A., '05. 
(Mrs. C. O. Premo.) 

Burnett, G. G., P., '79. 

Burnett, G. W.. P.. '93. 

Burnett, I. G., L.. '82. 

Burnett (Miss), J. E., '01. 
(Mrs. A. L. Thurston.) 

Burnett (Miss), M. L., '02. 
(Mrs. A. S. King.) 

Burnham, C. J., M., '91. 

Burnham, V. S., '07. 

Burnham. W. P., M., '96. 

Burns, H. A., '02. 

Burns (Miss). K. J., '08. 
(Mrs. G. T. Plummer.) 

Burns (Miss), M. J. T. Z., 
'05. (Mrs. J. J. O'Con- 

Burns, P. M., D., '99. 

Burns, R., Jr., D., '02. 

Burns, R. E., t>., '01. 

Burns, W. E., '06. 

Burpee (Miss), M. H., '10. 

(Mrs. R. Baker.) 
Burpee, W. J., '03. 
Burr (Miss), A., '07. 
Burr (Miss), M., '10. 
Burrage, C. D., '78. 
Burridge, W. J., D., '99. 
Burris, H. L., '10. 
Burroughs (Miss), H. R., 


Burson, D. H., D., '09. 
Burton, A. M., '09. 
Burton, H. H., '07. 
Burton, W. D., P., '00. 
Burton (Mrs.), W. D., P., 

'00. (Miss E. B. Hig- 

Burum (Mrs.), H. L., '07. 

(Miss G. Rogers.) 
Busch (Miss), E. E., '02. 
Bush, A. C., '06. 
Bush, C., '98. 
Bush, F. W., Jr., '07. 
Bush, H. C., '09. 
Bush (Miss), M. H., '06. 
Bush, P. L., '97. 
Bush, R. E., '87. 
Bush, R. W., '08. 
Bussenius, A. G., P., '88. 
Biisser (Miss), E. M., '07. 

(Mrs. H. W. Whitworth.) 
Butler (Miss), A. L., '97. 

(Mrs. J. Pope.) 
Butler, D. DeW., '03. 
Butler, E. I., L., '03. 
Butler, H. G., '03. 
Butler, J. B., '08. 
Butler, J. W. S., '01. 
Butler (Miss), N. P., '07. 

(Mrs. A. V. Wepfer.) 
Butler, O., '05. 
Butler, R., '05. 
Butler, R. H., '09. 
Butler, W. H., P., '97. 
Butler, W. W., L., '95. 
Butner (Mrs.), C. H., '00. 

(Miss G. Longmore.) 
Butters, C., '79. 
Button, F. L., '76. 
Button, R. L., '07. 
Butts (Mrs.), F. A., '84. 

(Miss M. Walcott.) 
Bverly (Mrs.), J. H., '98. 

' (Miss L. M. Funk.) 
Bvington, F. L., L., '87. 
Byler, E. A., '92. 
Byrd, P. W., P., '05. 
Byrne, D. W., D., '07. 
Byrne (Miss), H. C., '94. 
Byrne (Miss), R. M., '09. 
Byrnes (Miss), G. A.. '02. 
Bvxbee (Miss), E. S., '96. 

' (Mrs. C. P. Nott.) 
Cabaniss, G. H., L., '84. 
Caceres, E. D., '00. 
Caceres, S. N., '10. 
Cadogan, A. G., '03. 
Cadwallader, R.. M., '93. 
Cady, V. M., '08. 
Cafferata, A., D., '96. 



Caglieri (Mrs.), '06. 

(Miss V. E. O'Leary.) 
Caglieri, G. E., M., '92. 
Cahen, A., L., '08. 
Cahill, E. G., '03. 
Cahill (Miss), J. M., '98. 

(Mrs. H. F. Collier.) 
Cahill, J. R., '05. 
Cahill, W. E., '05. 
Cahn, N. A., P., '00. 
Caig (Miss), S. E., '05. 
Cairns, J., M., '67. 
Caldecott, J. W., P., '05. 
Calder, G. J., '09. 
Caldwell, A. A., L., '93. 
Caldwell, P. B., '02. 
Caldwell, H. H., M., '80. 
Caldwell (Miss), M. W., '10. 
Caldwell, R., M., '69. 
Gale (Mrs.), F. M., '01. 

(Miss M. E. Gilson.) 
Calegaris, J., P., '82. 
Calhoun, W. H., '05. 
Calkins, F. C., '99. 
Calkins, H. G., '06. 
Callaghan, J. J., L., '01. 
Cullaghan, T. B., D., '04. 
Callahan, D. T., M., '75. 
Callaway, E., M., '98. 
Callender (Miss), C. M., '97. 
Callender (Miss), E. A., '06. 
Callender, E. G., P., '91. 
Callender, M. N., D., '99. 
Callow (Miss), L. C., '01. 

(Mrs. C. A. Boege.) 
Cameron (Miss), B. M., '07. 

(Mrs. H. W. Beecher.) 
Cameron (Mrs.), C., '08. 

(Miss E. Ostrander.) 
Cameron, H. McD., M.. '96. 
Cameron, J. S., M., '68. 
Campbell, A. J., '79. 
Campbell, B., '07. 
Campbell (Miss). C. B., '01. 

(Mrs. C. F McCall.) 
Campbell (Miss), D. M., '05. 

(Mrs. W. L. Huber.) 
Campbell, D. Y., L., '83. 
Campbell (Miss), E., '08. 
Campbell, E. R., D., '10. 
Campbell, F. M., Hon., '67. 
Campbell, G. B., '10. 
Campbell, G. D., L., '84. 
Campbell (Miss), J. B., '06. 

(Mrs. R. H. Beamer.) 
Campbell, M. E., '10. 
Campbell (Miss), M. H., '05. 
Campbell (Miss), M. M., '85. 
Campbell, R. A., '08. 
Campbell, W. H., '08. 
Campodonico, J. M., P., '96. 
Cannell, T. V., '05. 
Cardwell (Miss), M. E., '07. 

(Mrs. E. D. Lane.) 
Carew (Miss), E. E., '09. 
Carew, J. A., D., '01. 
Carev (Mrs.), E. F., '01. 

(Miss M. T. Gallagher.) 
Carev, E. F. A., '05. 
Carey, M. R., Jr., L., '03. 
Carev, P. M., '04. 
Carleton, F. V., '09. 

Carleton (Mrs.), H. M., '03. 

(Miss B. Potts.) 
Carlin, W. H., L., '90. 
Carlisle, W. D., D., '02. 
Carlson, C. L., '01. 
Carlton, H. P., Hon., '66. 
Carlton, H. P., D., '86. 
Carlyle (Miss), S. M., '09. 
Carman (Mrs.), F. J., '04. 

(Miss E. Hawkinson.) 
Carmichal, T. M., D., '00. 
Carnall (Miss), A., '83. 

(Mrs. W. W. Deamer.) 
Carneal, T. D., '74. 
Carner, B. M., '10. 
Carpenter (Miss), A. B., '08 
Carpenter, B. L., D., '95. 
Carpenter, C. E., '05. 
Carpenter, E. E., '06. 
Carpenter, F. L., '94. 
Carpenter, L. E., '01. 
Carpenter, W. M., '93. 
Carr (Miss), C. L., '06. 

(Mrs A. W. Miller.) 
Carr, C. T., '10. 
Carr (Mrs.), F., '06. 

(Miss M. A. Kennedy.) 
Carrillo (Miss), E., '08. 
Carrington, P. T., D., '96. 
Carroll (Miss), A. G., '10. 
Carroll, H. W., '80. 
Carroll, T. E., V., '99. 
Carruth (Miss), I. L., '04. 
Carson (Mrs.), F. L., '07. 

(Miss A. Deamer.) 
Carssow, F. H., '91. 
Carter (Miss), C., '99. 

(Mrs. E. E. Scranton.) 
Carter (Miss), C. F., '10. 
Carter, F. M., P., '00. 
Carter, F. M., P., '05. 
Carter (Miss), F. V., '02. 

(Mrs. A. Charters.) 
Carter, J. R., '02. 
Carter, L. E., D., '07. 
Cartwright, S. W., '97; P., 

'00; M., '08. 
Carver, C. E., '97. 
Carver (Miss), C. L, '10. 
Carver (Miss), R., '04. 
Cary, J. H., '90; L.. '93. 
Casaday, G. H., D., '00. 
Casadav,,P. M., '07. 
Case, B. C., '10. 
Case (Miss), C., '04. 

(Mrs. H. M. Hall.) 
Case, H A., '06. 
Case, O. S., '97. 
Casey, H. E., '08. 
Casey, T. F., D., '03. 
Cashman (Miss), H. A., '95. 

(Mrs. M. Barclav.) 
Casserly, J. B., L., '89. 
Cassidy, A., '97. 
Castelhun (Miss), E., '98. 
Castelhun, J. E., P., '03. 
Castelhun (Miss), M., '94. 

(Mrs. C. Darnton.) 
Castelhun, P., '00: M., '04. 
Casterlin (Miss), M. A., '05. 
Casterson, H. J., '08. 

Castle (Mrs.), Cora S., '08. 

(Mrs. H. E. Castle.) 
Gate, D. B., D., '85. 
Catton (Miss), E. B., '01. 
Caubu, W. P., '03; L., '05. 
Caughlan (Mrs.), J. H., '97. 

(Miss M. Wood.) 
Cavagnaro, A. A., P., '92. 
Cavagnaro, D. A., '03. 
Cavagnaro, J. F., L., '82. 
Cavanaugh, C. S., D., '02. 
Cavell, W. H., D., '94. 
Cebrian, E. de L., '06. 
Cella (Miss), E. L., '07. 
Cereghino (Miss), A. D., 

P., '03. 

Cerf (Miss), A., '00. 
Cerf, B., '02. 
Cerf (Miss), C., '95. 
Cerf, C. S., '09. 
Cerf, E. W., '08. 
Cerf, J. L., P., '91. 
Cerf (Miss), L., '05. 
Cerf, M. E., '97; L., '00. 
Cerf (Miss), R., '02. 
Chace (Miss), C. W., '06. 
Chace (Miss), L. G., '01. 
Chace, T. F., '10. 
Chace, W. D'A., M., '96. 
Chaigneau, V. A., M., '76. 
Chain, J. N., '04; M., '04. 
Chakravarti, N. C., '08. 
Chalmers, W. P., M., '86. 
Chamberlain, F. A., '08. 
Chamberlain (Mrs.), G. F., 

'01. (Miss B. M. 


Chamberlain, J. P., L., '98. 
Chamberlain, S., '98. 
Chamberlain (Mrs.), W., '05. 

(Miss E. E. Eggleston.) 
Chamberlain (Mrs.), W. E., 

'98. (Miss M. E. Loy.) 
Chamberlain, W. H., '76. 
Chamberlain, W. H., '06. 
Chambers, S. A., '80. 
Champlin, C. C., '02. 
Champlin (Mrs.), C. C., '01. 

(Miss M. M. Fraser.) 
Champreux, A. J., '04. 
Champreux, E. G., '08. 
Chan, C. S., '07. 
Chandler, A. E., '96. 
Chandler, C. S., L., '01. 
Chandler. H. P., '02. 
Chang, T. Y., '07. 
Chapin (Miss), E., '05. 

(Mrs. J. H. Herron.) 
Chaplin (Mrs.), F. N., '99. 

(Miss M. U. Myers.) 
Chapman (Miss), A., '86. 
Chapman (Miss), A. M., '05 
Chapman, A. W., '09. 
Chapman, C. A., P., '93. 
Chapman, C. E., '09. 
Chapman, I. H.. D., '88. 
Chapman (Miss), J., '90. 

(Mrs. E. V. Lawton.) 
Chapman, P. E., '07. 
Chapman, P. G., '10. 
Chapman, W. D., '92. 
Chapman, W. H., '79. 



Chapman (Mrs.), W. H., '80 

(Miss L. E. Medbery.) 
Chappel, H. G., D., '96. 
Chappell (Miss), K. M., '05. 
Chappell, McC., D., '94. 
Chappell, M. L... '03. 
Chapuis (Mrs.), F., '98. 

(Miss E. Avy.) 
Chard, G. R., P., '81. 
Charleston, W. S., '79. 
Charters (Mrs.), A., '02. 

(Miss F. V. Carter.) 
Chartz (Miss), B. E., '08. 
Chartz (Miss), E. H., '06. 
Chase (Miss), E. E., '04. 
Chase, J. M., '84. 
Chase (Miss), M. R., '79. 

(Mrs. T. A. McMahon.) 
Chase (Miss), P., '09. 
Chase, S. J., '06. 
Chatten, R. J., P., '09. 
Cheminant, L. B., '00. 
Chen, C., '02. 
Cheney, C. H., '05. 
Cheney, M. C., '09. 
Cheney (Mrs.), M. L. S.,'83. 
Cheney, S. W., '08. 
Cheney, W., '78; L., '81. 
Cheney, W F., '85. 
Chenowith, O. M., L., '07. 
Cherington, W. S., P., '00. 
Cherry, E. M., P., '96. 
Chesn'ut, V. K., '90. 
Chesnut (Mrs.), V K., '94. 

(Miss O. B. Spohr.) 
Chestnut, J. A., '91. 
hevret (Miss), A. C., '01. 
Chevret (Miss), M. L., '06. 
Chickering, A. L., '98; L., 

Chickering (Miss), M. A., 


Chidester (Miss), M. N., '07. 
Chilcote, G. H., '03. 
Child (Mrs.), G. B., '85. 

(Miss S. B. Treat.) 
Childs (Miss), C W., '10. 
Childs, E. R., '01. 
Childs, H. H., '02. 
Chilson, IT. G., P., '91. 
Chilson, W. C., M., '02. 
Chilton, J., D., '01 
Chipchase (Miss), E. M.,'08. 
Chisholm. S., '06. 
Chope (Miss), H., '08. 
Choynski, M. L., '96 ; L., '99. 
Christnl (Mrs.), M. E., P., 

Christensen (Miss), C. L., 

'03. (Mrs. F. Borton.) 
Christensen, E. E., '00. 
Christensen. J. C., '00. 
Christiansen (Miss), H. S., 


Christopher, J. F., P., '95. 
Christy (Miss), M. V '01 
Christy, S. B., '74. 
Chubb (Miss), A., '04. 
Chubb (Miss), F. J.. '10. 
Chubb (Miss), M. M., '07. 
Chubb, P. H., '07. 
Church, H. E., L., '98. 

Churchill, L., M., '71. 
Churchill, V. R., '10. 
Cilker (Miss), M. E., '03. 
Cilker, W. H., '09. 
Citron, R., L., '83. 
Clairmont (Mrs.), C. L. de, 

'09. (Miss J. C. Jensen.) 
Clapp, A. B., P., '01. 
Clapp (Miss), H. E., '01. 

(Mrs. C. A. Jenks.) 
Clapp (Miss), L. S., '07. 
Clapp, P. S., P., '01. 
Clark (Miss), A. A., L., '95. 

(Mrs. J. A. Hart.) 
Clark (Miss), A. M., '04. 
Clark, B. L., '09. 
Clark (Miss), B. M., '01. 

(Mrs. G. F. Chamber- 

Clark, C. B., L., '91. 
Clark, C. D., '99. 
Clark, C. W., '99. 
Clark (Mrs.), E., '02. 

(Miss R. M. Beatty.) 
Clark (Miss), E. C., '89. 

(Mrs. W. I. Welber.) 
Clark, E. T., '99. 
Clark, F. E., '08. 
Clark, F. H., '82. 
Chirk, G., '98. 
Clark, G. T., '86. 
Clark, G. W., M., '94. 
Clink (Miss), H. K., '10. 
Clark (Miss), H. M., '06. 

(Mrs. L. I. Denton.) 
Clark, J. A., M., '07. 
Clark, J. E., '05. 
Clark, J. J., M., '69. 
Chirk, L. A., '08. 
Clark (Miss), M., '05. 
Clark (Mrs.), M. R., '08. 

(Miss E. M. Lucy.) 
Hark (Miss), S. G., ''98. 
Clark, T. J., M., '99. 
Clark, W. C., '99. 
Clark, W. D., M., '84. 
Clark, W. N., D., '96. 
Clark, W. V., Jr., '92. 
Clarke (Miss), B., '10. 
Clarke (Miss), C., '08. 
Clarke, F. B., L., '00. 
Clarke, H. A., '07. 
Clarke, J. B., '77. 
Clarke, J. P.. D., '04. 
Clarke. J. W., L., '98. 
Clarke (Miss), M. S., '03. 
Clarke, R. W., '81. 
Clarke. W. T.. '03. 
Clarv. E. De W.. '95. 
Claubes, T. C., P., '05. 
Claubes (Mrs.). T. C., '06. 

(Miss M. C. Francis.) 
Clausen, E. A., '00; L., '02. 
Clausen, J. C., '98. 
Claussen, H., '99. 
Clawiter, E. I., L., '00. 
Clay, E. A., D., '97 
Clay. P. T., '01. 
Clayburgh, H. E., '99; L., 

Claves (Miss), E. M., '94. 

(Mrs. W. I. Claves.) 

Clayes (Miss), M. B., '92. 
Clayes, W. I., P., '96. 
Clayes (Mrs.), W. I., '94. 

(Miss E. M. Clayes.) 
Clayton, A. B., '02. 
Cleary (Miss), A. C., '05. 
Cleary, A. J., '06. 
Cleary, E. W., '09. 
Cleary, F. C., L., '83. 
Cleary, S., P., '90; M., '94. 
Cleland, G., '09. 
Clement, C. E., D., '02. 
Clement, J., '94. 
Cleveland, H. W., Hon., '66. 
Cleveland (Miss), M., '09. 
Clewe, J. F. E., '02. 
Clifford, R. G., '05. 
Clifford (Miss), R. R.,.'09. 
Cline, E. H., '09. 
Cline, J., D., '98. 
Clinton, C. A., M., '81. 
Clovston (Miss), O. M., '05. 

'(Mrs. R. B. Scofleld.) 
Cloney (Mrs.), T., '00. 

(Miss R. S. Gilmour.) 
Cloud, A. J., '00. 
Cloudman (Miss), E. L., '09 
Cloudman, H. C., '03. 
Clough (Miss), C. I., '97. 
Clough (Miss), M. K. T., 


Clow (Miss), E. K., '09. 
Clow, J. B., '78. 
Clower (Mrs.), D. E., '03. 

(Miss N. M. Hime- 


Cluness, W. R., Jr., M., '87. 
Clute, J. F., L., '96. 
Coates (Miss), G. E., '03. 
Cobb, G. D., '71. 
Cobb (Mrs.). G. O., '98. 

(Miss J. J. Trow- 


Coblentz, L., '04. 
Cochran, A. W., P., '02. 
Cochran, N., '09. 
Cochran, W. A., M., '69. 
Cochrane, E. O., D., '83. 
Cockburn, E. A.. D., '03. 
Cockerton, D. H., D., '00. 
Coddington (Miss). M. E.. 

'04. (Mrs. E. E. Wood.) 
Cody, N. L. A., P.. '81. 
Coe, L. H.. M.. '96. 
Coffer, J. E., L., '94. 
Coeke (Miss), A. Y., '01. 
Coffey, E. I., L., '01. 
Coffin (Miss), A., '10. 
Coffin (Miss), A. W., '02. 
Coffin, C A.. D.. '97. 
Coffin (Miss). I. A.. '10. 
Coggins, C. E., '08. 
Coghlan, J. J., '02. 
Cogswell, A. H., '00. 
Cogswell, F. A., P.. '92. 
Cogswell (Miss). M. G., '06. 
Cohen, A. H., L., '83. 
Cohen (Miss), B., '06. 
Cohen (Miss), H.. '99. 
Cohen (Miss), L., '07. 
Cohen (Miss). M. M., '98. 

(Mrs. E. Sheeline.) 



Cohn, C. C., L., '98. 
Cohn (Mrs.), C. C., '98. 

(Miss A. M. Sleeper.) 
Cohn (Miss), D., '06. 
Cohn, H. J., M., '09. 
Cohn, J., D., '96. 
Cohn, J. E., '99. 
Cohn, R. D., '92. 
Cohn, R. E., '08. 
Coke, P. S., D., '93. 
Colbath, J. S., '02. 
Colbath (Mrs.), J. S., '03. 

(Miss E. Duff.) 
Colbreath, J. F., M., '75. 
Colburn, O. M., D., '97. 
Colbv, G. E., '80. 
Colby (Miss), M. J., '99. 
Colby, W. E., L., '98. 
Colby (Mrs.), W. E., '95; 

L., '98. (Miss R. Vroo- 


Cole, A. G., '07. 
Cole (Miss), E. M., '08. 

(Mrs. B. R. Bates.) 
Cole (Mrs.), Jessie N., '99. 

(Mrs. E. K. Cole.) 
Cole (Miss), M. D., '79. 
Cole, W. E., '97. 
Cole, W. H., P., '00. 
Colegrove, J. A., D., '99. 
Coleman, C. M., '01. 
Coleman, G. E., '91. 
Coleman, R. C., D., '95. 
Coleman, R. L., L., '94. 
Coleman, S. E., '96. 
Coleman, S. W., '03. 
Colemore, C. A., '94. 
Colemore (Mrs.), C. A., '94. 

(Miss M. H. E. Meyer.) 
Collar, F. J., D., '09. 
Collier, A. M., '06. 
Collier, F. E., '06. 
Collier (Mrs.), H. F., '98. 

(Miss J. M. Cahill.) 
Collier, J. H., Jr., '99. 
Colligan, F. J., D., '06. 
Collin, F. J., P., '91. 
Collings (Miss), L. F., '04. 
Collins, A. C., M., '85. 
Collins, A. W., D., '97. 
Collins, C. H., '07. 
Collins, D. E., '74. 
Collins, E. L., '80. 
Collins, G. D., L., '85. 
Collins, R. H., '00. 
Collins, W., L., '04. 
Collins, W. H., P., '98. 
Collischon, P., M., '91. 
Colliver, J. A., M., '99. 
Colman (Miss), M., '97. 

(Mrs. H. U. Branden- 

stein. ) 

Colt, A., '04. 
Colt, S., Jr., '95. 
Colton, A. S., '02. 
Colton (Mrs.), A. S., '03. 

(Miss A. M. Jenkins.) 
Colton, C. M., '01. 
Combs (Miss), F., '06. 
Comstock (Miss), S. P., '93. 
Cone (Mrs.), J., '01. 

(Miss C. H. Jones.) 

Coney, D. M., D., '95. 
Coney, Z. T., D., '06. 
Congdon, C. H., '79. 
Congdon (Miss), E. R., '99. 
Congdon, M. J., '85. 
Conlan, W. E., M., '86. 
Conlin (Miss), A. A., '08. 
Conlin (Miss), A. E., '05. 
Conlin, W. E., '01. 
Conlon, F. J., P., '94. 
Conner, G. S., D., '01. 
Conner, W. E., '83. 
Connick, C. H., L., '93. 
Connolly, G. A., L., '97. 
Connolly, J. J., M., '76. 
Connolly, T. E., M., '84. 
Connolly, T. W., P., '94. 
Connor, T. V., '03. 
Conrad (Miss), A. E., '00. 

(Mrs. D. S. Swett.) 
Conrad, B. D., '10. 
Conrad, C. C., '10. 
Conrad, D. A., M., '93. 
Conrad, J. G., '80. 
Conradi, C. H., P., '98. 
Conroy, E. C., '76. 
Constine, L. B., D., '10. 
Coogan, A. J., '06; L., '08. 
Cook (Miss), A., '08. 
Cook (Miss), C. B., '05. 
Cook, C. L., '03. 
Cook (Miss), E. G., '03. 
Cook (Miss), E. M., '95. 
Cook, P., '88. 
Cook, F. S., M., '87. 
Cooke, R. B., '09. 
Cool, G. W., D., '85. 
Cool, R. H., D., '83. 
Cooledge (Miss), B., '04. 
Cooley, A. M., '06. 
CooleV (Miss), C. M., '04. 

(Mrs. A. C. Aitken.) 
Cooley, F. E., '03. 
Coon, C. M., '81. 
Coon, H. I., '79. 
Cooper, A. F., D., '02. 
Cooper (Miss), B., '04. 
Cooper, E. C., L., '91. 
Cooper, E. T., L., '96. 
Cooper (Miss), F., '87. 
Cooper, H. N., '99. 
Cooper (Mrs.), J. B. R., '93. 

(Miss M. E. Greene.) 
Cooper, J. H., D., '98. 
Cooper (Miss),M. H. E., '02. 

(Mrs. W. W. Douglas.) 
Cooper (Miss), M. S., '01. 
Cooper, S. B., '10. 
Cooper, W. H., '02. 
Cooper, W. J., '06. 
Cooper (Mrs.), W. J., '06. 

(Miss E. Curtis.) 
Cooper (Mrs.), W. L., '01. 

(Miss B. Brownell.) 
Cope, E. L., '06. 
Cope (Miss), G. P., '97. 

(Mrs. J. M. Lalor.) 
Cope (Miss), M. S., '06. 

(Mrs. F. S. Wilkie.) 
Cope, W. B., '83; L., '86. 
Copeland, W. F., '03. 
Corbett, H. W., '95. 

Corbett, J. C., '07. 
Corbett, L. J., '02. 
Corbett, S. J., M., '68. 
Corlett, B. E., '03. 
Corlett, W. G., '10. 
Cornish, H. L., '01. 
Cornish (Miss), J. H., '06. 
Cornish, S. P., '09. 
Cornwall (Miss), A. M., '01. 
Cortelyou, H. P., '09. 
Corwin, C., D., '92. 
Corwin, L. T., D., '04. 
Cory, I. H., P., '00. 
Cosgriff, E. H., L., '05. 
Cothran, A. L., M., '93. 
Cothran, W. F., M., '05. 
Cotrel (Miss), L. B., '08. 

(Mrs. E. C. Nathan.) 
Cotrel (Miss), M. F., '08. 

(Mrs. I. P. Aten.) 
Cotter (Miss), L. P., '09. 

(Mrs. E. W. Killian.) 
Cotter (Miss), M. E., '07. 
Cottle, H. S., P., '95. 
Cotton, A. R., Jr., L., '96. 
Cottrell, F. G., '96. 
Couch (Mrs.), F. A., '03. 

(Miss W. E. Akins.) 
Coughran, C. W., '09. 
Coulson, N. T., D., '85. 
Coulter (Miss), A. IX, '00. 

(Mrs. A. P. Brown.) 
Countryman, R. H., L., '88. 
Couret, H. L., D., '86. 
Courneen, J. H., P., '04. 
Courneen, P. F., L., '05. 
Courter (Mrs.), R., '09. 

(Miss B. L. Bocarde.) 
Courtian (Miss), G. D., '10. 

(Mrs. J. Britton.) 
Cousins, H. R., P., '97. 
Covert, M. H., '00. 
Covillaud, C. J., L., '86. 
Cowden, A. F., M., '05. 
Cowell, E. V., '80. 
Cowell (Mrs.), E. V., '79. 

(Miss A. M. Bovyer.) 
Cowes, J. F., D., '05. 
Cowles, E. W., '77. 
Cowles, R. R., '10. 
Cowley (Miss), I. M., '08. 
Cox (Miss), E. P., '01. 
Cox, E. R., '96. 
Cox, G. E., D., '03. 
Cox (Mrs.), H. E., '90. 

(Miss Ruth Merrill.) 
Cox, L. H., P., '89. 
Cox (Miss), M. E., '09. 
Cox (Miss), R. L., M., '88. 
Cox, T. H., M., '73. 
Cox, T. J. F., M., '96. 
Crabbe (Miss), G. H., '97. 

(Mrs. H. B. Torrey.) 
Craft (Miss), M. C., '92; L., 

'95. (Mrs. F. P. Deer- 

Craig, C. F., '97; L., '00. 
Craig, C. V., '07. 
Craig, H. T., D., '98. 
Craig, J. A., L., '99. 
Craig, J. M., '09. 
Craig, J. W.,"'99. 



Craig, L. A., M., '07. 
Craig (Miss), M. E., '04. 
Craig (Miss), M. F., '07. 
Craig (Mrs.), M. R., '85. 
(Miss H. L. Shearer.) 
Craig, V. H., '98. 
Craig, W. B., L., '00. 
Craig, W. T., '89. 
Crain (Miss), D., P., '02. 
Crandley (Miss), E. M., '10. 
Crane, C. B., '03. 
Crane, C. E., '03. 
Crane, D. R., '10. 
Crane, E., '08. 
Crane (Miss), M. A., '07. 
Cranz, P. H., D., '96. 
Crary (Miss), A., '92. 

(Mrs. P. L. Weaver.) 
Crawford (Miss), B. E., '06. 
Crawford, E. J., '96. 
Crawford, R. T., '97. 
Crawford (Mrs.), R. T., '97. 

(Miss M. C. McCleave.) 
Crawford, T. O., L., '86. 
Crawford, W. K., '02. 
Craviotto, J. V., P., '99. 
Craycroft, W. W., D., '04. 
Cree, W. A., D., '06. 
Creed, W. E., '98. 
Crees, R. M., '94. 
Creider (Miss), O. M., '08. 
Creighton, C., L., '83. 
Creighton, D. C., '08. 
Creighton, J. G., P., '03. 
Creighton (Mrs.), J. W., '05. 

(Miss L. Jameson.) 
resalia (Miss), A. T., '06. 
Crew, H. W., P., '87. 
Crim, S. M., L., '01. 
Criswell (Mrs.), R. B., D., 
'98. (Miss H. A. Parker.) 
Crittenden, B. S., L., '07. 
Crittenden, J., Hon., '67. 
Crittenden, J. L., '82; L., '91. 
Crittenden (Miss), M. A., '85. 
Ooall (Miss), A. B. P., D., 
'99. (Mrs. E. T. Barnes.) 
t>oall (Miss), M. V., D., '97. 
(Mrs. E. T. Mervy.) 

Crocker, A. J., '00. 

Crocker, F. W., '04. 

Crocker (Miss), G. R., '86. 

Cromwell (Miss), M. G., '04. 

Cronise (Miss), C. B., '97. 

Crook (Miss), E. E., M., '92. 
(Mrs. McCay.) 

Cross, A. D., '87. 

Cross, A. E., '08. 

Cross, C. A. A., '96. 

Cross, G. L., '98. 

Cross, H. J., '99. 

Cross (Miss), H. L., '04. 
(Mrs. C. E. Handyshel.) 

Cross (Miss), M. H., '03. 
(Mrs. E. J. Williams.) 

Cross, R. H., L., '99. 

Crossfield, A. S., '10. 

Crossfield, C. B., '09. 

Crothers (Miss). M. V., '07. 

Crouch (Miss), N., '08. 
(Mrs. W. P. Roop.) 

Croudace (Miss), E. M., '93. 

Crow, C. C., '03. 
Crowder. C. L.. '05. 
Crowell, A. B., L., '00. 
Crowell, C. E., L., '94. 
Crowell, L. N., L., '00. 
Crowell (Miss), M., '07. 
Crowley (Sister), M. J., P., 

Crowley, T. J., P., '92; M., 


Crowlv, J. J., P., '96. 
Croyland (Miss), A. B., '00. 
Crozer (Miss), H. M., '08. 
Crozer (Miss), M. A., '10. 
Crozier, H. W., '99. 
Crozier, O. P., P., '96. 
Cruden (Miss), D. R., '05. 
Crum, E. L., P., '97. 
Crum (Miss), M., '08. 
Crusoe (Miss), K. M., '99. 
Cudworth, J. J., L., '95. 
Cuesta (Miss), Y. D. de la, 


Culin (Miss), E. F., '96. 
Cullen (Miss), C. B., '06. 
Cullen (Miss), R., '01. 
Cullimore, C., '10. 
Cullinan, E., L., '98. 
Culver, G. De W., M., '03. 
Culver (Mrs.), G. De W., M., 

'02. (Miss B. C. Van 


Culver (Miss), M. W., '08. 
Culver (Miss), S. B., '97. 
Cumberson (Miss), G. I., "05. 

(Mrs. E. J. Grindley.) 
Cumming, D., '76. 
Gumming (Mrs.), E., '76. 

(Miss E. Bragg.) 
Cumming, G. B., '10. 
Cumming, G. M., '81. 
Cummings (Miss), E. M., 

'03. (Mrs. M. R. Van 

Wormer. ) 

Cummings, H .O., '02. 
Cummings, N. C., D., '05. 
Cummings, P. S., D., '00. 
Cummins, J. W., P., '95. 
Cuneo, A. L., P., '06. 
Cuneo, P. J., L., '07. 
Cunningham, C. H., '09. 
Cunningham (Mrs.), Goldie 

C., '10. (Mrs. C. H. 


Cunningham (Miss), M., '07. 
Cunningham (Miss), R. L., 


Cunningham, S. J., D., '96. 
Cunningham, S. W., '10. 
Curl, H. C., M., '97. 
Curragh, J. M., P., '77. 
Curran (Mrs.), A. H., '03. 
Curran, C. H. '08. 
Curran (Miss), M. K., M., 


Curran, T. E., L., '85. 
Currie, A. M., L., '99. 
Currier, W. O., L., '81. 
Curry, H. F., '08. 
Curry, H. W., '10. 
Curtis (Miss), E., '06. 
(Mrs. W. J. Cooper.) 

Curtis, F. A., D., '05. 
Curtis, F. D., P., '02. 
Curtis (Miss), G. P., '04. 

(Mrs. C. E. Durrell.) 
Curtis, (Miss), H. M., '98. 
Curtis (Miss), H. W., '95. 
Curtis, L. E., '07. 
Curtis, L. W., '06. 
Curtis, R. V., L., '95. 
Curtiss, D. R., '99. 
Curtiss, R. H., '01. 
Curts, J. G., '07. 
Cushing (Miss), C. M., '92. 

(Mrs. C. A. Duniway.) 
Cushing, S. R., D., '97. 
Cushman, D. A., '10. 
Cutler, E. B., L., '82. 
Custer, R. J., '08. 
Daingerfield, W. R., '78. 
Dakin, F. H., Jr., '02. 
Daley, H. T., D., '07. 
Dall, C. G., '01. 
Dal Piaz, A. M., M., '06. 
Dal Piaz (Mrs.), M., '00. 

(Miss M. Michener.) 
Daly, J. H., '64. 
Daly, J. A., '05. 
Dam, F. H., '96; L., '00. 
Dam (Mrs.), F. H., '02. 

(Miss I. Shippee.) 
Dam, H. J. W., '75. 
Damour, F. M., '64. 
D'Ancona, A. A., '80; M., 

D'Ancona (Mrs.), A. A., M.. 

'92. (Miss L. B. Schram.) 

D'Ancona, A. D., '75; L., 

Danemiller (Mrs.), '03. 

(Miss A. E. McCleave.) 
Daney, E., L., '85. 
Danforth, H. D., '96. 
Danforth, S. E., '07. 
Daniel (Miss), E. F., '98. 
Daniel, H. N. E., '00. 
Daniel (Miss), L., '94. 
Daniel (Miss), S. M., '04. 

(Mrs. R. S. Ray.) 
Daniels, J. R., L., '98. 
Daniels (Miss), M., '08. 

(Mrs. H. M. Hall.) 
Daniels, M. R., '05. 
Daniels, R. C., '99. 
Daniels (Mrs.), R. C., '02. 

(Miss M. Winn.) 
Daniels, R. S., '05. 
Dannenbaum, A. J., '98. 
Dannenbaum, S. R., M., '06. 
Darby (Miss), R. E., '07. 

(Mrs. J. H. Townsend). 
Darden (Miss), A. E., '09. 
Darke (Miss), H. D., '08. 
Darke, R. E., '10. 
Darling, E. H., P., '05. 
Darling, H. W., '07. 
Darnton (Mrs.), C., '94. 

(Miss M. Castelhun.) 
Darrow (Miss), G. C., '05. 

(Mrs. P H. Chubb.) 
Dart (Miss), E. P., '98. 
D'Artenav, E., P., '82. 
Das, J. C., '10. 



Dauser, J. S., '04. 
Daveler, E. V., '07. 
David (Miss), C., L., '03. 
Davidson, C. E., L., '82. 
Davidson, C. S., '02. 
Davidson (Mrs.), C. S., '06. 

(Miss M. R. Blossom.) 
Davidson (Miss), E. G., '04. 
Davidson, G., L. (Hon.), '10. 
Davidson, G. C., '08. 
Davidson, J. G., '07. 
Davidson, J. R., M., '75. 
Davidson (Mrs.), J. W., '04. 

(Miss M. L. Dow.) 
Davidson (Miss), N. M., '03. 
Davidson, T. A., '10. 
Davidson, T. D., L., '96. 
Davidson, W. W., L., '82. 
Davidson, Winn W., '05. 
Davie, H. A., L., '10. 
Davie, J. C., M., '64. 
Davies (Miss), O. A., '02. 
Davies, W. G., '03. 
Davies (Mrs.), W. G., '06. 

(Miss L. B. Flanders.) 
Davis (Miss), A. M., D., '00. 
Davis (Miss), B. D., '80. 

(Mrs. A. K. Whitton.) 
Davis, B. M., '06. 
Davis (Miss), C. G., '04. 

(Mrs. J. H. Arnold.) 
Davis (Miss), C. M., '07. 
Davis, C. M., '79. 
Davis, E. A., '07. 
Davis (Miss), E., '10. 
Davis, E. F., '10. 
Davis, E. L., D., '87. 
Davis, E. N. W., D., '02. 
Davis, E. W. '92. 
Davis, E. W., D., '93. 
Davis, F. B., D., '02. 
Davis, H. H., L., '82. 
Davis, H. L., '09. 
Davis (Mrs.), H. O., '04. 

(Miss I. McQuiddy.) 
Davis, J. A., L., '05. 
Davis (Mrs.), J. D., '84. 

(Miss M. Scobie.) 
Davis J. F., L., '84. 
Davis (Miss), J. M., '03. 

(Mrs. A. C. Nahl.) 
Davis, J. P., '96. 
Davis, L. J., '05. 
Davis (Miss), M., '10. 
Davis (Miss), M. F., '05. 
Davis (Miss), M. L., '03. 
Davis, N. K., '97. 
Davis, S. C., D., '04. 
Davis, S. D., L., '98. 
Davis, T. H., P., '91. 
Davis (Mrs.), W., '05. 

(Miss M. L. Somerville. ) 
Davis, W. E., D., '96. 
Davis, W. H., '90. 
Davis, W. J., P., '85. 
Davis, W. R., '74. 
Davisson (Mrs.), F. B., '04. 

(Miss E. Morrison.) 
Davisson, J. G., P.. '99. 
Dawson, A., M., '75. 
Dawson, W. C., M., '07. 
Day, C., '68. 

Day, Clinton, L. (Hon.), '10. 

Day (Miss), C., '04. 

Day, C. E., '05. 

Day, D. W., '09. 

Day, J. G., M., '84. 

Day (Miss), M. C., '05. 

Day, S. H., '10. 

Day, W. P., '05. 

Deacon, F. C., '93. 

Deaderick (Miss), B. V., '98. 

Deamer (Miss), A. J., '07. 

(Mrs. F. L. Carson.) 
Deamer, W. W., '83; L., '93. 
Deamer (Mrs.), W. W., '83. 

(Miss A. Carnall.) 
Dean, A. J., M., '81. 
Dean, C. D., '97. 
Dean (Miss), F. A., '94. 
Dean, I. C., D., '10. 
Dean (Mrs.), R. A., '09. 
Dean, R. F., '90; L., '93. 
De Armond, C. F., '06. 
Deasy, D. C., L., '97. 
De Bell, W. H., '00. 
Deckelman (Miss), C. R., 

M., '00. (Mrs. L. Spell- 
Decker (Miss), E. I., '02. 

(Mrs. L. F. Norton.) 
Decoto, E. W., '00; L., '02. 
Decoto, L. A., '02. 
De Cou, J. A., '02. 
Deering, F. P., '75; L., '81. 
Deering (Mrs.), F. P., '92; 

L., '95. (Miss M. C. 


Deering, J. H., L., '81. 
De Fremery, (Miss), G. H., 


De Fremery, J. L., '82. 
De rremery, W., '99. 
De Garino, G. C., L., '97. 
De Garmo (Mrs.), G. C., '98. 

(Miss F. M. Jones.) 
De Golia, G. E., '77. 
Dehm, W. H., '05. 
Dehv, W., L., '96. 
Deichmiller, C., D., '94. 
Deininger (Miss), M., M., 

De Haven (Miss), M. T., M., 

de la Cuesta (Miss), Y. D., 

De Lamater (Mrs.), Van 

Ness, '98. (Miss J. M. 

Newton. ) 

De Lancey, C. C., '02. 
De Lancie, H. S., '05. 
Delany, C. H., '96. 
Delany (Miss), M. M., '95. 
De Large (Miss), M. P., '10. 
De Lashmutt, I., '01. 
De Lisle, G., '00. 
Delicat, J. F., P., '88. 
Del Mar, E., L., '83. 
Delmont, F., M.,' 74. 
Demaree (Miss), M. P., '02. 

(Mrs. L. G. Smith.) 
Demarest. D. C., '90. 
De Martini. W. J., L., '98. 
Demeritt, H. O., '06. 

Deming, R. H., D., '02. 
Dempster, R. R., '95. 
Denicke, E. H., '99. 
Denicke, F. A., '94. 
Denman, F. H., '77. 
Denman, W., '94. 
Dennis, C. C., D., '93. 
Dennis, N. P., M., '88. 
Denny (Miss), E. A., '07. 
Denny (Mrs.), K., '02. 

(Miss M. W. Lemon.) 
Denslow, H., '77. 
Denton (Miss), G., '09. 
Denton, L. D., '10. 
Denton (Mrs.), L. L, '06. 

(Miss H. M. Clarke.) 
Denton, P. R., '09. 
DePuy, A. A., M., 81. 
De Puy, E. S., M., '94. 
Derby, A. T., D., '93. 
Dernham, M. A., '08. 
Derrickson (Miss), C. L., '08. 

(Mrs. V. Burnham.) 
Des Marias, L. F. N., P., '92. 
Dessel, F. W., '08. 
Dessouslavy, A., L., '00. 
Deutsch, M. E., '02. 
Develey (Miss), M., '09. 
Devening, H., P., '04. 
Devine, C. T., M., '07. 
Devine, J., P., '77. 
Devine (Miss), J., '01. 
Devlin (Miss), A. E., '08. 
Devore (Mrs.), C. W., '01. 

(Miss H. P. Thomas.) 
Devore, G. G., '09. 
Devoto, A. S., L., '10. 
Dewell, H. D., '06. 
Dewell (Miss), J. W., '97. 
Dewey (Miss), C. M., '08. 
Dewing (Miss), E. R., '04. 
Dewing, H. B., '03. 
Dewing (Miss), P. M., '04. 
Dewitt, J. M., P., '81. 
De Wolf (Miss), E. H., '79. 

(Mrs. F. Slate.) 
Dexter (Miss), R., '10. 
Dexter (Miss), S. A., '02. 

(Mrs. R. L. May.) 
Deyo (Miss), J. M., '04. 
De Yo (Miss), L. I., '01. 

(Mrs. L. A. Pringle.) 
Dibble (Miss), G. E., '98. 
Dibble, O., '99; L., '01. 
Dibble (Miss), W. L., '85. 

(Mrs. E. Ackley.) 
Dibert, J. L., '00; L., '02. 
Dibert (Mrs.), P. C., '01. 

(Miss A. F. White.) 
Dick, A. Y., D., '01. 
Dick, F. A., '04. 
Dick, W. H., P., '84. 
Dickel, T. E., '10. 
Dickenson, C. F., M., '94. 
Dickerman, N.. '05. 
Dickerson, C. M., '98. 
Dickerson, R. E., '00. 
Dickie, A. J., '98. 
Dickie, G. E., '06. 
Dickie, W. M., '98; M., 01. 
Dickson, C. C., '06. 
Dickson, D. T., '07. 



Dickson, E. A., '01. 
Dickson, F. W., L., '96. 
Dickson (Mrs.), J. W., '97. 

(Miss A. Marchebout.) 
Dickson (Mrs.), M. J., '05. 
Didion, G. N., '01; L., '03. 
Diebert, A. J., P., '98. 
Diehl (Miss), R. M., '08. 
Dietrich (Miss). E. B., '10. 
Dietz, H. W., '03. 
Dietz (Mrs.), H. W., '05. 

(Miss E. A. Barrows.) 
Dignan, H. H., '10 . 
Dignan, M. H., P., '83. 
Dikeman, H. E., '85. 
Dikeman, S. G., '87. 
Dillon (Mrs.), G. P., '01. 

(Miss C. C. Piper.) 
Dillon (Miss), O. G., '08. 
Dillon (Miss), M. C., L., '01. 
Dillon, R. J., L., '96. 
Dimmick (Miss), H., '10. 
Dimmler, C. L., *07. 
Dinkelspiel, E. M., '96; M., 

Dinkelspiel, M W., '00; L., 


Dinsmore, A. M., D., '04. 
Dinsmore, W., '80; L., '84. 
Dinwiddie, J. L., '95. 
Dinwiddie (Mrs.), J. L., '01. 

(Miss E. M. Kendall.) 
Disbrow (Miss), E. M., '10. 
Dittenhoefer (Miss), M. B., 


Doane, C. W., '98. 
Dobbins, B. W., L., '03. 
Dobbins (Mrs.), H. T.. '94. 

(Miss A. T. Lloyd.) 
Dobbins, J. L., '05. 
Dobbins (Miss), K. E., '97. 

(Mrs. T. C. McCleave.) 
Dobbins (Miss), R., '90. 
Dockery (Mrs.), N. G., P., 


Dod, H. C., '10. 
Dod, S. L., D., '09. 
Dodds, C. S., '09. 
Dodds, T. G., M., '07. 
Dodge, E. V., '05. 
Dodge (Miss), F. I.. '05. 
Dodge, H. W., M., '84. 
Dodson, E. M., D., '95. 
Doerr, L., P., '98. 
Doherty (Miss), M. E., '01. 

(Mrs. F. W. Kerns.) 
Dolcini (Miss), M. B., P., 


Doll, C. V., D.. '04. 
Dollenmayer (Miss), M. Y., 

Dolman (Miss), A. L., '93. 

(Mrs. L. D. Inskeep.) 
Dolman, P., '00. 
Dolson, R., '10. 
Domeniconi, J. S., D., '01. 
Domonoske, A. B., '07. 
Domonoske (Miss), H P.. 


Donaldson, J. G., P., '91. 
Donnell, B. H., '98. 
Donnelley, G. S., D., '97 

Donnelly, D. L., L., '97. 
Donnelly, F. J., P., '93. 
Donnelly, G. J., V., '01. 
Donnelly (Miss), L. L., '00. 
Donoho (Miss), H. E., '10. 
Donohoe, S. T., D., '07. 
Doody (Miss), G. L., '06. 
Doran, A. V., M., '06. 
Dore, C. W., P., '95. 
Dore, W. H., '07. 
Dorety, F. G., '00. 
Dorety (Mrs.), F. G., '04. 

(Miss M. F. French.) 
Dorgeloh, J. F., '10. 
Dora, D. S., '82. 
Dora, F. A., L., '86. 
Dorn (Miss), D. I., M., '00. 

(Mrs. S. L. Walton.) 
Dorn, M. A., '79; L., '82. 
Dorn, W., '02. 
Dorn, W. E., L., '95. 
Dornin, J. C., '89. 
Dorrance, R. G., P., '85. 
Dorsey, P. G., P., '00. 
Dougherty (Miss), M. A. I., 


Douglas, C. B. E., '09. 
Douglas (Miss), K. M., '06. 
Douglas (Mrs.), W. W., '02. 

(Miss M. H. E. Cooper.) 
Douglass, J. W., L., '01. 
Dow (Miss), M. L., '04. 

(Mrs. J. W. Davidson.) 
Dow, W. A., '89. 
Dowd (Miss), E., '10. 
Dowdall, R. J., P., '94. 
Dowling (Miss), E. P., '08. 
Dowling (Miss), M. C., '04. 
Downing, J. O., '00. 
Downing, W. S.. '99: L., '02 
Downs, G. W., M., '79. 
Downs (Miss), M., '05. 
Downs, W. E., '88. 
Doychert (Miss), E., M., '00. 
Doyle (Miss), D. L., '09. 
Doyle (Mrs.). G. P., M.. '94. 

'(Miss N. M. McKnight.) 
Doyle, J. H., D., '00. 
Doyle, W. T. S., L., '00. 
Dozier, A. W., '96. 
Dozier, C. T., '02. 
Dozier (Mrs.), E., '02. 

(Miss L. L. Knowles.) 
Dozier, L., '10. 
Dozier (Miss), L. L., '02. 

(Mrs. H. M. Payne.) 
Dozier, M., Jr.. '99. 
Dozier, T. B., L.. '88. 
Drake, B. S., '02. 
Drake (Mrs.). B. S., '05. 

(Miss F. O. Frickstad.) 
Draper, W. E., '10. 
Dreher, F. L., '01; L., '04. 
Drescher, H. B., '06. 
Dresser, R. O.. M., '01. 
Drew, E. R., '88. 
Drew, J. S., '93. 
Drew, W. J., '96. 
Drew (Mrs.), W. J., '98. 

(Miss V. B. McArthur.) 
Drew, W. P., '03. 
Dreyer, N. P. F., '10. 

Drinkhouse, E. J. C., M., '65. 
Drinkwater (Miss), S. L., 

'06. (Mrs. J. F. Shuman.) 
Driscoll, E. P., P., '88; M., 


Driscoll, F. A., P, '87. 
Driscoll, F. I., '91. 
Driver, B. F., '00. 
Drossel, A. A., P., '86 
Drossell, J. H., P., '93'. 
Drucker, A. E., '02. 
Drucker, G. I., D., '85. 
Drum, J. S., L., '94. 
Drury, L. M., '05. 
Dryden (Mrs.), H. F., '00. 

(Miss M. S. Richard.) 
Dubois, A. S., M., '64. 
Dubois, P. A., P., '80. 
Du Bois (Miss), B. M., '03. 
Du Bois, C. H., D., '98. 
Du Bois (Miss), H. J., '03. 
Duckett (Miss), C. E., '08. 
Dudley, C. H., '68. 
Dudley (Miss), E., P., '97. 
Dudley, F. W., M., '95. 
Dudley, G. D., '87; L., '91. 
Duff (Miss), E., '03 

(Mrs. J. S. Colbath.) 
Dufficy, G. W., P., '93; M., 


Dufficy, R. G., P., '06. 
Dufficy (Miss), V. A., '98. 
Duffy (Miss), A. E., '00. 
Duffy (Miss), A. G., '96. 
Duffy, D. M., L., '01. 
Duffy (Miss), E. J., '97. 

(Mrs. F. G. Montealegre. ) 
Duffy (Miss), E. E., '05. 
Duggan, J. F., '95. 
Duggan, N. S., D., '07. 
Duggin, W. G., '09. 
Duggin (Mrs.), W. G., '07. 

(Miss R. L. Hizar.) 
Duhring, F. T., '89. 
Dumontier, J. L., L., '90. 
Dunbar, A. W., M., '91. 
Dunbar, E. F., D., '03. 
Dunbar (Miss), E. P., '08. 

(Mrs. E. G. Linscott.) 
Dunbar, P. H., D., '99. 
Dunbar (Miss), S. H., '03. 
Duncan, F. M., P., '99. 
Duncan, F. T., P., '95. 
Duncan, J. C., '09. 
Duncan (Miss), M. A., '04. 
Duncan, R., L., '93. 
Duncan, R. A., '02. 
Duncan, S. C., M., '77. 
Duncan (Mrs.). W. H., '04. 

(Miss E. Nicholson.) 
Dungan, F. L., D., '04. 
Dungan (Mrs.), H. L., '02. 

(Miss E. W. A. Ryder.) 
Duniway (Mrs.), C. A., '92. 

(Miss C. M. Gushing.) 
Dunlap, B., '01. 
Dunlap, K., '99. 
Dunlap (Mrs.), K., '06. 
Dunlap (Miss), M., '08. 
Dunlap. W. H., P., '01. 
Dunn. F.. '85. 
Dunn, J. A., '06. 



Dunn, J. M., D., '84. 
Dunn, J. P. H., '84; M., '88 
Dunn, M. J., D., '86. 
Dunn, R. I., '06. 
Dunn (Mrs.), R. I., '07. 

(Miss A. M. Matthews.) 
Dunn (Miss), S. E., '08. 
Dunn, W. L., M., '97. 
Dunne (Mrs.), F. H., '99. 

(Miss E. Bonnell.) 
Dunne, J. J., L., '83. 
Dunne, P. F., L., '81. 
Dunne (Mrs.), P. F., '94. 

(Miss A. C. Haehnlen.) 
Dunshee, B. H., '79. 
Dupont (Mrs.), E. K., '98. 

(Miss M. 0. Palmer.) 
Duprey, A. E., P., '96. 
Durant (Miss), M., '98. 

(Mrs. R. Edgren.) 
Durbin, W. R., '02. 
Durbrow, W., '99 
Durham, J. H., D., '97. 
Durkee (Miss), L. M., '01. 
Durrel (Mrs.), C. E., '04. 

(Miss G. P. Curtis.) 
Durst, F. M., '03. 
Durst, J. H., '80; L., '83. 
Durst, M. H., '83. 
Dutton, D. C., '06; L., '08. 
Dutton, H., P., '03. 
Dutton, H. S., '94. 
Dutton (Miss), P. R., '07. 

(Mrs. E. B. Harley.) 
Dwelle, H. E., '07. 
Dwyer (Miss), A. 0., '03. 
Dwyer, J. J., '82; L., '85. 
Dwyer, J. P., L., '84. 
Dye (Miss), A. G., '04. 

(Mrs. J. F. Keeran.) 
Dyer (Mrs. E.), '07. 

(Miss Z Riley.) 
Dyer (Miss), E. C., '09. 
Dyer, E. I., '94. 
Dyer, H. P., '90. 
Dyer, J. E., L., '03. 
Dyke, L. H.. '05. 
Eachus, G. W., '08. 
Earl, A. W., '06. 
Earl, G. C., '83. 
Earle (Miss), A. E., '04. 

(Mrs. O. Barber.) 
Earle, J. J., '02; L., '04. 
Earll, A. R., L., '85. 
Easterby, F. G., '78. 
Eastin (Miss), A., '08. 
Eastland, O., P., '01. 
Eastman (Miss), M., '01. 

(Mrs. W. M. Martin.) 
Eastman (Mrs.), R. S., '99. 

(Miss A. McD. Venable.) 
Eastman, T. F., '98. 
Easton, D. E. F., M., '95. 
Easton, K. G., '86. 
Easton, R. E., '96. 
Easton, S. A., '94. 
Eastwood (Mrs.), B., '96. 

(Miss J. M. Anderson.) 
Eaton, L. F., '99. 
Eaton, O. V., L., '97. 
Eaves (Miss). L.. '09. 
Ebi (Miss), A. M., '05. 

Ebner (Miss), E. L., '10. 
Ebright, G. E., M., '99. 
Ebright, H. R., '05. 
Eby (Miss), E., '01. 
(Mrs. D. E. Brown.) 
Eckart, C. F., '05. 
Eckart, N. A., '99. 
Ecker (Miss), E. L., '05. 

(Mrs. A. H. Taylor.) 
Eckhardt, H. F., P., '03. 
Eckley, G. M., '10. 
Eddy,' A. J., '10. 
Eddy (Miss), G., P., '04. 
Eddy, G. W., '01. 
Eddy, H. H., '94. 
Eddy, N. N., '05. 
Ede," L. G., D., '02. 
Ede, W., '99; L., '01. 
Edelman, D. W., '89. 
Edelmann, G. L., P., '97. 
Edgren (Mrs.), R., '98. 

(Miss M. Durand.) 
Edinger, O. H., P., '01. 
Edmonds (Miss), A. C., '82. 
Edmonds, H. M., '82. 
Edson, C. F., '09. 
Edson (Miss), G. B., '00. 

(Mrs. G. R. Freeman.) 
Edwards, A. L., D., '98. 
Edwards, C. A., '82. 
Edwards, C. W., '01. 
Edwards (Miss), E. E., '08. 
Edwards (Miss), E. G., '03. 
Edwards, G., '84. 
Edwards, Gurden, '07. 
Edwards, G. C., '73. 
Edwards, G. S., '79. 
Edwards, H. W., '08. 
Edwards, J. H., Jr., L., '94. 
Edwards, J. S., '06. 
Edwards (Miss), M. B., '07. 
Edwards (Miss), M. L., '07. 
Edwards (Miss), M. W., '10. 
Edwards, W., P., '92. 
Edwards, W. A., '10. 
Edwards (Mrs.), W. S., '00. 

(Miss M. E. McCabe.) 
Eells, A. G., '86; L., '88. 
Eells, H. K., L., '93. 
Egenhoff, R. L., '09. 
Eggers (Miss), A. M., '08. 
Eggers, J. H., '09. 
Eggert, H. A., D., .'08. 
Eggleston (Miss), E. E., '05. 

(Mrs. Wm. Chamberlain.) 
Ehrenberg (Miss), A. T., '10. 
Ehrlich, Alex M., '04. 
Ehrlich, Arnold M., '04. 
Ehrman, A. L., '91. 
Ehrman, S. M., '96; L., '98. 
Ehrmann (Miss), L. C., '04. 
Eichbaum, T. E., '91. 
Eidenmiller, F. H., D., '05. 
Eidenmuller, W. C., Jr., '04; 

M., '06. 

Einstein, B., '06. 
Einstein, L., '08. 
Eisner, M. S., '80; L., '83. 
Eisner, N. A., '07; L., '09. 
Ekberg (Mrs.), P. G., '03. 

(Miss S. E. Pullen.) 
Elberg, H. M., D., '07. 

Elden (Miss), D. J., '08. 
Elder, J. D., '02. 
Elder, N. S., P., '06. 
Eliason, A., Jr., '99. 
Elkins (Mrs.), C., '07. 

(Miss R. C. Salinger.) 
Elkus, A. I., '06. 
Elkus, F. K., '10. 
Eller, H. C., D., '00. 
Elliot, A. H., '91. 
Elliot, J. D., P., '02. 
Elliott (Mrs.), A. H., '93. 

(Miss A. Bunnell.) 
Elliott (Miss), A. P., '97. 

(Mrs. Glenn Murdock). 
Elliott, C. E., '10. 
Elliott, C. M., '08. 
Elliott (Mrs.), C. M., '97. 

(Miss G. T. Stull.) 
Elliott, D. C., D., '92. 
Elliott (Miss), Edna R., '06. 
Elliott (Miss), E. R., '10. 
Elliott, R. H., '06. 
Ellis, A. C., Jr., 88; L., '91. 
Ellis. A. McD., '99. 
Ellis, A. T., Jr., '05. 
Ellis, F. F., '99. 
Ellis, J. A., M., '03. 
Ellis, W. F., Jr., '06. 
Ellison (Miss), J., '01. 
Ellsworth (Miss), C. D., '99. 
Ellsworth (Miss), J., '93. 

(Mrs. R. M. Price.) 
Ellsworth, O., '88; L., '91. 
Elmore, L. A., '03. 
Eloesser, L., '00. 
Eloesser, H., '04. 
Elsasser, M., '87. 
Elston, C. A., '97. 
Elston, J. A., '97. 
Elston, T. S., '99. 
Elvidge, G. F., D., '02. 
Elwell, L. E., '03. 
Elwert, C. P., P., '81. 
Elworthy, F. W., D., '04. 
Emde, G. H., P., '94. 
Emerson, D. L., '64. 
Emerson, H. B., P., '88; M., 


Emerson, M. L., M., '99. 
Emerson, T. H., '01. 
Emery (Miss), M. W., '08. 
Emmert, M. T., Jr., '09. 
Encell, H. A., '06. 
Endicott, A. H., P., '10. 
Engle, J. F., '07. 
Englehardt (Miss), C. B., 


Englesby, F. C., P., '01. 
English, D., '07. 
English, N., '97. 
English, W. A., '10. 
Ennor (Miss), M. E., '06. 
Enphrat, M. L., '98. 
Enright, C. M., M., '84. 
Enright, J. W. J., P., '01. 
Ensign (Miss), C., '01. 

(Mrs. W. T. Sadler.) 
Ensign (Mrs), J. H., D., '03. 

(Miss J. H. Boardman.) 
Enslow, O. M., '80. 
Enyeart (Miss), E. J., '08. 



Epler, B. N., '95. 
Eppenheimer, W. C., P., '00. 
Epperson, J. C., '09. 
Eppinger (Miss), J. C., '99. 

(Mrs. H. W. Fox.) 
Eppinger, J. J., '02. 
Eppinger (Miss), A., M., '96. 

(Mrs. J. G. Sharp.) 
Epsteen, H., D., '02. 
Epsteen, S., '00. 
Erhardt, P. C., D., '90. 
Erlanger, J., '95. 
Erskine, H. W., '09. 
Esberg, M. H., '96. 
Eschenburg (Miss), H. I., 


Escobar, M., '95. 
Eshleman, J. M., '02. 
Eshleman (Mrs.), J. M., '01. 

(Miss E. E. Ledgett.) 
Espinosa, M., D., '01. 
Estep, R. K., '07. 
Esterlv, C. O., '02. 
Esterlv. W. B.. '00. 
Estes/M. B., M., '88. 
Estes, W. B., D., '98. 
Etcheverry, B. A., '02. 
Etcheverry (Mrs.), B. A., 

'03. ( Miss H. M. Han- 

Etcheverry (Mrs.), M. H., 

'05. (Miss C. R. Lacoste.) 
Etchison (Mrs.), G., '04. 
Euler, W. G. B., '05. 
Evans (Miss), A., '04. 

(Mrs. G. Blumer.) 
Evans, A. O., D., '05. 
Evans, C. .7., L.. '92. 
Evjvns, C. W., M., '81. 
Evans, De W. M., '05. 
Evans, E. E., D., '04. 
Evans (Miss), E. R., '04. 

(Mrs. H. B. Waters.) 
Evans (Mrs.). G. H., '98. 

(Miss L. L. Talcott.) 
Evans, G. M., '08. 
Evans, Harry, '10. 
Evans, H. McL., '04. 
Evans (Mrs.), H. MoL., '04. 

(Miss Anabel Tulloch.) 
Evans (Miss), I., '04. 
Evans (Miss), J., '08. 
Evans, L., '07. 
Evans (Mrs.). L., '07. 

(Miss C. M. Wilt) 
Evans (Miss), N., '08. 
Evans, P., '99; L., '01. 
Evans, W. W., '03. 
Eveleth, R H., P., '00. 
Everett (Miss), E. A., '09. 
Everett, E. E., '02. 
Everett, J. C.. '79. 
Everett, W. W., '97. 
Everson (Miss), E. J., '05. 
Ewing, D. A., M., '04. 
Ewing (Miss), F. N., '99. 
Faber (Miss), L. E., '04. 

(Mrs. A. M. Tower.) 
Faddis (Miss). M. S., '03. 
Fair (Miss), E. M., '03. 

(Mrs. C. T. Azbell.) 
Fairbanks, C. D., P., '95. 

Fairbanks, D. B., '77. 
Fairbanks, H. W., '96. 
Fairchild, F. R., '98. 
Fairchild, L. H., P., '09. 
Fairweather, N. S., D., '99. 
Falch, O. E., Jr., '00. 
Falck (Miss), L., '02. 
Falck (Miss), M. E., M., '93. 

(Mrs. A. E. Nathanson.) 
Falconer (Miss), H. R., '10. 
Fancher, F. B., '08. 
Faneuf, S. C., '02. 
Fanning, H. D., M., '02. 
Fankhauser, W. C., '10. 
Farish, L. M., '98. 
Farley, R. E., D., '04. 
Farman, C. E., D., '00. 
Farmer, E. C., P., '04. 
Farmer, M. T., '09. 
Farnham, E. M., '04. 
Farnham (Miss), E. R., '96. 
Farno (Miss), A. J., '02. 
Farnsworth, E. C., L., '84. 
Farnsworth (Mrs.), J. W., 

'98. ( Miss B. W. Robin- 

Farran, L. A., P., '03. 
Farrar, R., '10. 
Farrell (Miss), A. M., P., 


Farrell, J. R., '74. 
Farn-11. T. E., P., '01. 
Farrington, P. F., P., '03. 
Farris, W., '06. 
Farrow, E. J., M., '00. 
Farry, J. A., L., '02. 
Farwell (Miss), N. M., '02. 
Fassett (Miss), C. L.. '99. 

(Mrs. Hitchcock Moses.) 
Fath, E. A., '09. 
Faulkner, L. G., L., '99. 
Faull, A. R., '02. 
Fautz, E., L., '06. 
Fee (Miss), M. M., '01. 
Feder (Miss), A. M.. M., '95. 

(Mrs. H. J. Phillips.) 
Feder (Miss), G. M., M., '96. 
Feehan, J. B., L., '98. 
Feenan (Miss), M. E., '06. 
Fehr (Miss), M. A., '08. 
F'eibush, N. J., '02. 
Feigenbaum, S., L., '99. 
Fell (Miss), R. G., '03. 

(Mrs. C. E. Peck.) 
Felt (Miss) C. G., '09. 
Felt, R., M., '90. 
Felton, H. W., '08. 
Felton (Miss), K. C., '95. 
Fenn, C. M., M., '65. 
Ferguson (Mrs.), R., '01. 

(Miss J. Bohall.) 
Fernald (Miss), E. M.. '97. 
Fernald, R. M., P., '00. 
Fernandez, M., M., '00. 
Ferrea, E. A., P., '96. 
Ferrier (Miss), M., '03. 
Fertig, E. R., '10. 
Feusier, H. E. C., '85. 
Feusier (Miss), M. L., '96. 
Fevrier, J. P., P., '81. 
Fibush, F., '06. 

Field, Miss M., '04. 

(Mrs. G. E. Whipple.) 
Fies, C. D., '09. 
Fife, J., '94. 
Fife (Mrs.), J., '93. 

(Miss G. E. Reed.) 
F'ife, W. C., '83. 
Filcher, R. M., '06. 
Filham, G. H., M., '81. 
Filippini, V. B., L., '04. 
Finch, F. T., L., '97. 
Finch, G. W., P., '04. 
Fine, A., M., '66. 
Fine, H. M., M., '98. 
Finger, C. P., '07. 
Finger (Mrs.), C. P., '07. 

(Miss J. E. Miller.) 
Finigan (Miss), M. G., '05. 
Fink (Miss), E. C., '98. 
Finkelstein, H. F., '08. 
Finlayson, F. G., L., '85. 
Finley, D., '02. 
Finley (Miss), E. R., '03. 
Finley, J. H., D., '00. 
Finley (Miss), L. B., '98. 
Finley, T. R., L., '84. 
Finlev, W. L., '03. 
Finlev (Mrs.). W. L., '03. 

(Miss N. I. Barnhart.) 
Finnegan, G. B., '97. 
Finnic (Miss), C. McC., '03. 
Finnie, W. F., '78. 
Fischer (Miss), A. R., '07. 

(Mrs. L. A. Stern.) 
Fischer, F., '86. 
Fischer, H., '09. 
Fischer, H. F., '09. 
Fish, E. S., '08. 
Fish (Miss), G. E., '01. 
Fish (Mrs.), I. W., '06. 

(Miss C. A. Bristol.) 
Fish (Miss), L. H., '99. 
Fisher, A. L., '96. 
Fisher, A. P., '07. 
Fisher, E. I., '07. 
Fisher, G. M., '96. 
Fisher (Miss), G. M., '89. 
Fisher, G. N., '06. 
Fisher, L. C.. '81. 
Fisher (Miss), L. M., '09. 
Fisher (Miss), M. A., '96. 
Fisher, M. B., '94. 
Fisher (Miss), N. B., '08. 
Fisher (Miss), P., '04. 
Fisher (Miss), R. D., P., '04. 
Fisher, R. T., '01. 
Fisk, E. S., D., '97. 
Fisk, H. A., '91. 
Fisk (Mrs.), H. A., '99. 

(Mrs. C. A. Grunsky.) 
Fisk, J. K., '05. 
Fitch, O. P., D., '95. 
Fitts (Miss), M. L., '02. 

(Mrs. H. M. Lowe.) 
Fitzell (Miss), B. M., '09. 
Fitzell. C. R., P., '83. 
Fitzell, L., P., '89. 
Fitzgerald, A. R,, P., '07. 
Fitzgerald. M.. '94. 
Fitz-Gerald (Miss), M., '10. 
Fitzgerald, R. M., L., '83. 
Fitzgerald, R. Y., '95. 



Fitzgibbon, F. T., M., '94. 
Fitzgibbon, J. G., D., '95. 
Fitzpatrick (Miss), L., '97. 

(Mrs. M. F. Hrubanik.) 
Fitzpatrick, T. J., '76. 
Fitzpatrick, W. E., D., '85. 
Flaa, I. E., '02. 
Flagg (Miss), A., '03. 

(Mrs. N. W. Kleyn- 

Schoovel. ) 

Flaherty, J. L., '89; L., '92. 
Flaherty, M. C., '96. 
Flammer, E., '03. 
Flanders (Miss), L. B., '06. 

(Mrs. W. G. Davies.) 
Flannery, R. L., '09. 
Flatau (Mrs.), H., '83. 

(Miss F. Bernstein.) 
Flatow, I. P., P., '04. 
Fleisher (Miss), L. G., '04, 
Fleisher (Miss), R. M., '05. 
Fleming, B. F., M., '93. 
Fleming, F. B., P., '06. 
Fleming, F. X., P., '01. 
Flesher, F. C. G., M., '93. 
Fletcher, A. C. B., '07. 
Fletcher, D. M., P., '83. 
Fletcher, G. H., '91; L., '96. 
Fletcher, J. D., '07. 
Flint, G. E., P., '88. 
Flood, A. M., D., '95. 
Flood (Miss), E. H., '02. 
Flood, F. H., '99. 
Flood, J. J., M., '95. 
Flood, W. A., D., '05. 
Flores, M. E., '00. 
Floyd, W. T., '10. 
Flynn (Miss), H. A., '04. 
Fo'erster, A. ^A. W., D., '05. 
Foerster, C. E. A.,- L., '86. 
Fogarty, J. D., D., '07. 
Fogg, D. E., '05. 
Fogg, G. E., '78. 
Fogg, W. W., '92. 
Foley, E. A., L., '05. 
Folev, J. W., P., '02. 
Folkers, O. H., P., '93. 
Folsom (Miss), A. E., '02. 

(Mrs. F. M. Auble.) 
Foltz, E. P., '94; L., '97. 
Fong, W. N., '03. 
Foote, C. M., P., '01. 
Foote, G., M., '79. 
Forbes, C. N., '08. 
Forbes, D. W., D., '09. 
Forbes, E. A., L., '84. 
Forbes (Mrs.), J. F., '04. 

(Miss P. Ackerman.) 
Forbes (Mrs.), W. A., '08. 

(Miss C. Parsons.) 
Force (Miss), B. I., '04. 

(Mrs. K. C. Gillis.) 
Force, J. N., '98; M., '01. 
Ford, A J., D., '95. 
Ford, C.', M., '91. 
Ford, E. T., '01. 
Forderer (Miss), L. G., '01. 
Foreman, A. M., '06. 
Foreman. F. I., M.. '89. 
Forgie (Miss), A. M., '03. 

(Mrs. F. A. Horswill.) 
Forrest, J. M., Jr., D., '96. 

Forsyth, J. T., P., '03. 
Forsyth (Miss), R. A., '09. 
F'ort, H., '02. 
Fortier (Miss), M., '01. 
Fortson (Miss), F. H., '05. 
Fosdick (Miss), M. E., '08. 
F\>shay, A. W., M., '04. 
Foskett, C. J., '10. 
Foster, A. W., Jr., '04. 
Foster, E. C., M., '02. 
Foster, F. M., '02. 
Foster, H. B., '07. 
F'oster, H. E., M., '08. 
Foster, K. B., '02. 
Foster (Miss), L., '08. 
Foster (Miss), M. F., '04. 
Foster, P. S., '10. 
Foster, R. A., '98. 
Foster, R. N., '08. 
Foster (Mrs.), W. A. S., '04. 

(Miss M. Burness.) 
Fottrell, M. J., M., '87. 
Fouch, A. J., P., '02. 
Foulds (Miss"), G. P., '04. 

(Mrs. F. Armbruster.) 
Foulk (Miss), N., '05. 
Foulkes, J. F., Jr., M., '80. 
Foulks, G. H., '93. 
Foutes, F. J., L., '08. 
Foutz, C. L., P., '04. 
Fowler, A. A., D., '96. 
Fowler, C., '99. 
Fowler, D. T., '69. 
Fowler (Miss), E. G., '03. 

(Mrs. F. Partch.) 
Fowler, E. M., P., '00. 
Fowler, H., '02. 
Fowler (Mrs.), H., '04. 

(Miss E. Bavlev.) 
Fowler, W. H., L., '88. 
Fox (Miss). A. E., '03. 

(Mrs R. V. Hall.) 
Fox, A. S., P., '89. 
Fox, C. J., Jr., '95. 
Fox, D. W., '80. 
Fox (Mrs.), H. W., '99. 

(Miss J. C. Eppinger.) 
Fox, J. B., D., '06. 
Fox, J. E., P., '92. 
France, L. N., '80. 
France, W. M., P., '94. 
Francoeur, G. H., L., '87. 
Francis, J. B., '07. 
Francis (Miss), M. C., '06. 

(Mrs. T. C. Claubes.) 
Frank (Miss), I. G., '05. 
Frank, I. H., L., '09. 
Frank, J., '06. 
Frank (Miss), L. J., '98. 
Frank, N. H., '77. 
Frank (Miss), V. C., '06. 
Franklin, A. C., L., '04. 
Franklin, J. H., P., '01; M., 

Franklin (Mrs.), M., '94. 

(Miss B. Borchers.) 
Franklin, M. W., M., '99. 
Franklin, S. M., '82. 
Franks, H. E., '02. 
Fraser (Miss), C. H., '09. 

(Mrs. A. F. Moulton.) 
Fraser, G. O., '07. 

Fraser (Miss), M. M., '01. 

(Mrs. C. Champlin.) 
Fraser, S. J., M., '92. 
Frates, F. E., M., '08. 
Fratus (Miss), M. E., D., 


Frazer (Miss), E., '05. 
Frear, P. F., D., '92. 
Frederick, C. J., D., '04. 
Frederick (Mrs.), C. J., '05. 

(Miss G. M. Jarvis.) 
Freeman, C. H., M., '94. 
F'reeman, E. M., M., '93. 
Freeman (Mrs.), G. R., '00. 

(Miss G. B. Edson.) 
Freese (Miss), A. L., '00. 
Freese (Miss), E., '04. 
Frei, L., A., '07. 
Freidenrich (Miss), M. M., 


Freitas, C. E., P., '97. 
French (Miss), B. L., '00. 
French, E. E., L., '04. 
French (Miss), E. F., '00. 
F-re-nch (Miss), G. W., '08. 
French (Miss), H. G., '98. 

(Mrs. L. N. Wheeler.) 
French, H. W., D., '97. 
French (Miss), M. E., '03. 
French (Miss), M. F., '04. 

(Mrs. F G. Dorety.) 
French, R. S., '06. 
Frenzel (Mrs.), E. A., '06. 

(Miss B. P. Merrill.) 
Frenzel, F. H., D., '05. 
Freud, I., '74. 
Freud, J R., '76. 
Frey, F. 'E., '98. 
Freyermuth, O. G., P., '00. 
Frick. A. L., L., '88. 
Frick, D. J., M., '99. 
Frick, E. B., M., '88 
Frick (Mrs.), G. W., '79. 

(Miss R. L. Tucker.) 
Frick (Mrs.), J. E.. '83. 

(Miss N. N Ridge.) 
Frick, R. N.. L., '99. 
FVickey, R. E., '06. 
Frickstad (Miss). F. O., '05. 

(Mrs. B. S. Drake.) 
Frickstad, W N., '01. 
Friedlander, H. J., '98. 
Friedlander (Mrs.), J., '97. 

(Miss A. Schwartzchild.) 
Friedlander, O. A., '07. 
Friedrich (Miss), L. W., '06. 
Friend. W. N., '96. 
Friendly, O N., '07. 
Frisbie (Miss), M. L., '10. 
Frisbie, N. B., L., '95. 
Frisch, O. H. C., P., '09. 
Frisius (Miss). A., '01. 
Frost (Miss). H. A., '99. 

(Mrs S. F. Smith.) 
Frost, J.. M., '77. 
Fry, C. H., '07. 
Fry (Mrs.). C. H.. '08. 

(Miss K. B. Sch-^er.) 
Fry (Miss). G. M.. '0 
Fryer (Miss), P. C., '06. 
Fryer, C. E.. '99. 



Fryer (Mrs.), C. E., '97. 

(Miss E. Sanderson.) 
Fryer, R., '98. 
Fudita, S., '04. 
Fugler, C. A., D., '99. 
Fukuda, R., '04. 
Fulkerth, L. W., L., '83. 
Fuller, R. D., P., '02. 
Fulton (Miss), A. M., '85. 
Funk (Miss), L. M., '98. 

(Mrs. J. H. Byerley.) 
F-urlong (Mrs.), H. W., '04. 

(Miss M. B. Rice.) 
Furlong (Miss), M. I., '04. 
Furlong, N., L., '84. 
Gabbert, J. R., '07. 
Gabbs, M. F., D., '83. 
Gable, H. H., '98. 
Gable (Miss), M., '01. 
Gaddis, E. E., L., '88. 
Gaddis (Miss), E. E., '01. 

(Mrs. J. M. Brewer.) 
Gaffey, W. V., L., '03. 
Gage, E. C., '97. 
Gaines, C. A., '03. 
Gaines (Mrs.), C. A., '05. 

(Miss D. White.) 
Gaines, H. R., '09. 
Gaines (Mrs.), H. R., '08. 

(Miss O. Blacker.) 
Gaines (Miss), M., '04. 

(Mrs. E. E. Keyes.) 
Galan, J. R., D., '09. 
Gale (Miss), E. J., '04. 

(Mrs. F. R. Hazard.) 
Gale, F. C., '05. 
Gale, H. A., M., '79. 
Gale, L. I., '01; L., '03. 
Gall, A. M., M., '93. 
Gallagher, A. E., L., '85. 
Gallagher, J. J., '98. 
Gallagher (Miss), M. T.,'01. 

(Mrs. E. F. Carey.) 
Gallaway, A. R., Jr., '07. 
Galloway (Miss), I. G., '92. 
Gallwey, J., M., '85. 
Gambitz, L. R., D., '99. 
Gambitz, M. R., D., '89. 
Gamble (Miss), E., '08. 
Gamble, F. A., P., '98. 
Gamble (Miss), H., '06. 
Gamble (Miss), M. S., '08. 
Gamble, T. A., '87. 
Gammill, J. A.. '98. 
Gans (Miss), F. L., "04. 

(Mrs. P. B. Harris.) 
Garber, J. B., '92. 
Gardett, H. C.. '04. 
Gardiner, E. P., '02. 
Gardner, F. A., P., '91. 
Gardner, J. E., L., '98. 
Gardner (Mrs.), J. E., '98. 

(Miss C. Sanderson.) 
Gardner, M. L., '03. 
Gardner, S. J., M., '99. 
Garibaldi, A. L., P., '05. 
Garibaldi, J., P., '04. 
Garland (Miss), L. M., '02. 
Garlick (Miss), E. R., '98. 

(Mrs. P. G. Garlick.) 
Garlick (Mrs.), P. G.. '98. 

(Miss E. R. Garlick.) 

Garmo (Mrs.), G. C. de, '98. 

(Miss F. M. Jones.) 
Garms, W. I., '10. 
Garretson (Miss), E. M.,'08. 
Garrettson (Mrs.), E. A., '98. 

(Miss M. C. Whipple.) 
Garrison, E. M., '03. 
Garrison, E. W., '99. 
Garrison, M. D., '08. 
Garrison, N. H., '00. 
Garter, C. A., '66. 
Gartlan, J., L., '85. 
Garwood (Miss), I., '04. 
Gaskill, P. D., D., '01. 
Gassaway, C. M., '08. 
Gassaway (Miss), M. E.,'05. 
Gassaway, S. G., '04. 
Gastrich, J. W., '05. 
Gates, E. J., '93. 
Gates, E P., P., '87. 
Gates, F., Hon., '67. 
Gates, F'. H., M., '84. 
Gates, H. B., '93. 
Gates, H. E., D., '01. 
Gates (Miss). L. E., '04. 

(Mrs. L. B. Smith.) 
Gates, M. G., M., '10. 
Gaumnitz, A. J., '06. 
Gautier (Miss), L., '01. 
Gautier, L. A., D., '03. 
Gavin (Mrs.), P. S., '06. 

(Miss I. A. P. Sterns.) 
Gaylord, R. B., L., '97. 
Gear, A. V. C., '87. 
Gear (Mrs.), L. S., '99. 

(Miss A. H. Parker.) 
Gear, L. S., '02. 
Gearhart (Miss), E., '01. 
Gearhart (Miss), F. H., '00. 
Geary, J. W., '06. 
Geary, W. F., P.. '00. 
Geballe, H., L., '10. 
Gedge, H E., D., '96. 
Gehan, R. F., D., '10. 
Geis, S. W., '98. 
Geiselhart (Miss), J., '04. 
Geisendorfer, H. A., '99. 
Gendotti, J. A., '03; L., '07. 
Genochio, E. P., P., '06. 
Gentrv. W. H. H., '92. 
George. A. N., '98. 
Georgeson, F. T., '10. 
Gerdes, H. G., P., '89. 
Gerken, G. T., '07 
Gerson, G. D., '10. 
Gester. G. C., '09. 
Ghiradelli, A., '06. 
Giacomini, A. L., '99. 
Giamboni, L. A., '05. 
Giannini, A. H., M., '96. 
Gibbon, J. A., D., '94. 
Gibbons (Miss), A., '85. 

(Mrs. F. B. Graves.) 
Gibbons, H. W., '99. 
Gibbons, L. A., L., '96. 
Gibbons, W., '67. 
Gibbs (Mrs.), C. C., '87. 

(Miss M. White.) 
Gibbs, C. J., '07. 
Gibbs, E. A.. '05. 
Gibbs, G.. '95. 
Gibbs (Miss), H. E., '98. 

Gibbs, R. E., '98. 
Gibson (Mrs.), A. L., '88. 

(Miss E. Hefty.) 
Gibson (Mrs.), J., '00. 

(Miss A. A. Parker.) 
Gibson, M. R., P., '91. 
Gibson, R., L., '87. 
Giddings, Y. W., P., '10. 
Gienger, C. J., P., '92. 
Giesting, F. A., '06. 
Giffen, R. B., D., '03. 
Gilbert (Miss), A. M., D., 

'96. (Mrs. C. H. Bow- 
Gilbert (Miss), E. M., '03. 

(Mrs. C. N. Hoover.) 
Gilbert, L. D., '10. 
Gilbert (Miss), M. L., '06. 
Gilbertson, H. S., '03. 
Gilbreth (Mrs.), F. B., '00. 

(Miss L. E. Moller.) 
Gilbride, P. J., P., '91. 
Gilcrest, C. F., '03. 
Gill, G. F., L., '01. 
Gill (Miss), L. F., '09. 
Gill W. W., '82. 
Gillelen, F., '05. 
Gillespie, C. G., '07. 
Gilliam, J. W., '08. 
Gillihan, A. F., M., '99. 
Gillin, G. B., L., '85. 
Gillis (Mrs.), C. E., '07. 

(Miss M. E. Louden.) 
Gillis (Mrs.), K. C., '04. 

(Miss B. I. Forse.) 
Gillis (Miss), M. R., '02. 
Gillogley, R. W., L., '96. 
Gillson, G. B., '05. 
Gilman, C. D., D., '96. 
Gilmer, H. V. E., P., '10. 
Gilmore (Miss), E., '04. 

(Mrs. J. L. Ramsay.) 
Gilmore, J. M., '94. 
Gilmore (Miss), M. H., '94. 

(Mrs. O. S. Barnum.) 
Gilmore, W. W., '06. 
Gilmour (Miss), R. S., '00. 

(Mrs. T. Cloney.) 
Gilogly ("Miss), E. D., '05. 
Gilson (Miss), M. E., '01. 
Gilson, R. E., '94; D., '97. 
Ginaca (Miss), J. P., '96. 
Ginno, J. W., D., '00. 
Ginno (Mrs.), J. W., D., '99 

(Miss L. F. Herrman.) 
Girard, F. J., '04. 
Girard, F. R., M., '03. 
Giroux, E. D., M., '98. 
Girvin, W. H., '03 
Gish, J. D., '96. 
Givovich, N. A., D., '86. 
Glackin, H. S., '09. 
Gladfelter, W. B., '06. 
Glascock, J. R., '65; Lu, 

Hon.. '10. 
Glasson, F. H.. '03. 
Glaze. G. J., M.. '87. 
Glazier (Miss), M. C., '01. 
Glazier, T. E., '09. 
Gleaves, A. D., D., '84. 
Gleaves. C. C.. M.. '89. 
Gleason. C. R. D., M., '02. 



Gleason (Miss), K. F., '97. 
Glessner, H. H., '02. 
Glick, L., '10. 
Glidden, P. B., L., '85. 
Glover, C. A., M., '93. 
Gluckman (Miss), B. E.,'10. 

(Mrs. M. Eisner.) 
Goatley, G. A., '10. 
Goble, F. J., '05; L., '07. 
Godbolt (Miss), N. B., '10. 
Goddard (Miss), M. A., '07. 

(Mrs. S. L. Shonts.) 
Goddard, P. E., '04. 
Godfrey (Miss), H. H., '95. 
Godin (Miss), I. B., '01. 

(Mrs. L. Anderson.) 
Godlover, H. B., '07. 

(Hugo Badian.) 
Godwin (Miss), G. M., '08. 

(Mrs. Waterman.) 
Goetz (Miss), A. M., '04. 
Goetzee (Miss), P. C., '03. 
Golden, L, L., '99. 
Golden, W. P., L., '04. 
Goldberg, D., '97. 
Goldberg, R. L., '04. 
Goldman, G., '03. 
Goldman, O., '03. 
Goldman, R. S., '09. 
Goldsmith, B. C., '06. 
Goldsmith, J. L., '01. 
Goldstein, A. E., L., '01. 
Golinsky, S., '94. 
Gompertz (Miss), A.. '06. 
Gompertz (Miss), H. M.,'84. 

(Mrs. J. N. LeConte.) 
Gompertz (Miss), K. R.,'03. 
Gonzales, F. L, D., '03. 
Gooch (Miss), J. L., '07. 
Goodale, D., '00. 
Goodard, M., '06; D., '09. 
Goodard, P. E., '04. 
Goodcell, R. A., '98. 
Goodday (Mrs.), J. L., '99. 

(Miss M. Hyman.) 
Goode (Miss), B. D., '06. 
Goodenow, F. G.. '01. 
Goodfellow, A. W., '01; L., 


Goodfellow, H., L., '05. 
Gooding, L. E., '93. 
Goodman, C D., D., '06. 
Goodman (Mrs.), E.. '06. 

(Miss P. M. Nolan.) 
Goodman, H. M., '06. 
Goodsell, F. F., '02. 
Goodwin (Miss), B., '10. 
Goodyear, E. F., '92 
Gordenker. D. A., '01. 
Gordon, C.. '07. 
Gordon (Miss), F. M., '03. 
Gordon, G. G., '06. 
Gordon (Miss), H. F., '09. 
Gordon, H. T., Jr., '08. 
Gorham, P. W., D., '08. 
Gorowala, S. L., '09. 
Gorrill, A. W., '06. 
Gorrill, C. H., '02. 
Gorrill, R. C.. '08. 
Gorrill, W H., '95. 
Gorrill (Mrs.). W. H., '03. 

(Miss K. C. Bunnell.) 

Goss, J., '74. 

. Gottenberg, H. W., D., '98. 
' Gottheimer, R., '08 
Gould (Miss), C. M., '09. 
Gould, E. B., '03. 
Gould (Mrs.), E. B., '98. 

(Miss E. A. Guppy.) 
Gould (Mrs.), H., '09. 

(Miss E. G. Brown.) 
Gould, R. A., '97. 
Gould (Miss), M., '09. 
Gould (Mrs.), W. S., '83. 

(Miss F. M. Bracken.) 
Gove, D. M., P., '81. 
Gove (Mrs.), G. W., D., '99. 

(Miss M. Blossom.) 
Gove, G. W., D., '99 
Gove, J. H., L.. '88. 
Gowing, F. A., '03. 
Goyne (Miss), E., '01. 

(Mrs. L. Kaarsberg.) 
Graber (Miss), A., '99 

(Mrs. C. E. Jones.) 
Grace (Miss), H. M., '98. 
Gracier (Miss), R. E., '01. 
Grady, T., '83. 
Graff (Miss), I., '09. 
Graff, L. C., '10. 
Graff, U., '01. 
Grafton, W. A., M., '95. 
Graham, A. E., '98. 
Graham (Miss), A. E., '84. 
Graham (Miss), Alice E., 


Graham (Miss), B. A., '03. 
Graham (Mrs.), C. M., '99. 

(Miss C. M. Keyes.) 
Graham, D. J., '07. 
Graham, G. F., D., '94. 
Graham, H. B., '96; M.,'99. 
Graham, H. J., D., '02. 
Graham (Mrs.), J. M., '99. 

(Miss M. M. Kent.) 
Graham (Mrs.), J. W.. '04. 

(Miss M L. Burdick.) 
Graham, L., D., '04. 
Graham, L. D., '08. 
Graham (Miss), M. B., '01. 

(Mrs. G. O. Brehm.) 
Graham (Miss), P. M., '05. 
Graham, R J., "10. 
Graham, T.' D., P., '75. 
Graham (Miss), T. F., '10. 
Grainger (Miss), A. O., '05. 
Granice (Miss), C. C., '01. 

(Mrs. W. L. Murphy.) 
Grannis (Miss), E. E., '92. 
Grant, A. H., D., '03. 
Grant (Miss). C.. '06. 

(Mrs. J. H. Hadlev.) 
Grant (Miss), Edna, '08 

(Mrs. R. A. Shuey.) ' 
Grant (Miss), Eleanor, '06. 
Grant, E. E., '10. 
Grant, F. T., D., '99. 
Grant (Mrs.). G. F., '02. 

(Miss A. G. Lewis.) 
Grant, J. P., '00. 
Grant, L. H., '08. 
Grant (Miss), M. B., '05. 
Grant, W.. L., '84. 
Graser (Miss), A. G., '93. 

Grattan, E. L., M., '81. 
Graupner, A. E., L., '97. 
Graupner (Mrs.), A. E., '02. 

(Miss A. E. Wenzel- 

burger. ) 
Graves (Mrs.), F. B., '85. 

(Miss A Gibbons.) 
Graves, H. T., '07. 
Graves (Miss), L., '03. 

(Mrs. J. R. Graves.) 
Graves (Miss), L. M., '05. 

(Mrs. E. T. McCormac.) 
Graves, W. H., '95. 
Gray (Miss), Annie, '08. 
Gray, A. W., '96. 
Gray, A. W., P., '99. 
Gray, De W. H., '95. 
Gray (Miss), E., '04. 
Gray (Miss), E. F., '96. 

(Mrs. F. W. Potter.) 
Gray, H. F., '07. 
Gray, J. H., Jr., '87. 
Gray, J. H., '92. 
Gray (Mrs.), J. H., '07. 

(Miss I. McReynolds.) 
Gray, J. P., '80. 
Gray, L E., '06. 
Gray (Miss), M., '94. 
Gray (Miss), M. E. A., '01. 
Gray, P. N., '06. 
Gray, R. F., D., '94; M.,'95. 
Gray (Miss), S. B., '08. 
Gray, S. H., '05. 
Gray, T., '77; L., '81. 
Graydon, McC., '03. 
Grazer, F. A., P., '80. 
Greany, J. T., L., '85. 
Greeley, T. F., L., '07. 
Greeley, W. B., '01. 
Greelev (Mrs.), W. B., '00. 

(Miss G. M. Jewett.) 
Green (Mrs.), F., M., '89. 

(Miss F. R. Marx.) 
Green (Miss), B., '00. 
Green (Miss), F. E., '98. 

(Mrs. F. H. Bixby.) 
Green, F. T., P., '82. 
Green, G A., P., '93. 
Green (Miss), G. S., '08. 
Green (Miss), H. E., '01. 

(Mrs. R. B. Hoag.) 
Green (Miss), J., '05. 
Green, Julian, '07. 
Green, J. A., P., '83 
Green, L. H., '95. 
Green (Miss), M. E., '00. 
Green, M. L., D., '01. 
Green (Miss), S. M., '96. 
Greenbaum, B. F., L., '97. 
Greenbaum, L.', D., '96. 
Greene, C. S., '86. 
Greene, C. W., '92. 
Greene, F. M., '92. 
Greene, J. E., L., '07. 
Greene, L L., '01. 
Greene (Miss). M. E., '93. 

(Mrs. J. B. R. Cooper.) 
Greenfield (Miss). J. I., '07. 

(Mrs. R. Voorhies.) 
Greenleaf (Mrs.), J. H., '08. 

(Mrs. C. H. Greenleaf.) 
Greensfelder, H., '04. 



Greenwood, E. N., P., '98. 
Greenwood, H. N., '07. 
Greenwood, W. L., '06. 
Gregory, B. S., L., '93. 
Gregory (Miss), E. L., '97. 

(Mrs. F. B. Wootten.) 
Gregory, E. M., '06. 
Gregory, J., '06. 
Gregory, K., '05. 
Gregory, N. C., '04. 
Gregory (Miss), S. M., '06. 
Gregory (Mrs.), W., '93. 

(Miss S. M. Hardy.) 
Gregory, W. 0., '87; L., '90. 
Greisberg, F. J., '99. 
Greive, R. R., '03. 
Gressitt (Mrs.), J. P., '06. 

(Miss E. E K. Linsley.) 
Greth, A., M., '94. 
Grey (Miss), E. M., '08. 
Griebel (Miss), E. M., '03. 
Griesche, G. A., P., '01. 
Griesche, W. F., '08 
Griffin, A., '06. 
Griffin, C. H., Jr., '10. 
Griffin, C. P., '01. 
Griffin, J. J., D., '06. 
Griffith (Miss), M., '09. 
Griffith (Miss), M., '10. 
Griffith (Miss), Mary J.,'09. 
Griffith (Miss), Marie G.,'08. 
Griffith, W. V., '06. 
Griffiths, D. D., '74. 
Griffiths, F. P., '06 
Griffiths, M. S., '01. 
Griffiths, W., L., '00. 
Grijalva, W. P., L., '09. 
Grindley (Mrs.), E. J., '05. 

(Miss G I. Cumberson.) 
Grinnell, E.' E., '02. 
Grinnell (Miss), E. M., '02. 
Grinstead, A. R., '10. 
Griswald, C. L., D., '91. 
Griswold (Miss), E, M., '98. 

(Mrs. C H. Rowe.) 
Griswold, L. S., '96. 
Griswold (Miss), M. E., '04. 
Grosjean (Mrs.), E. M., '01. 
Gross (Miss), E. V., '97. 
Gross, J. W., '07. 
Gross (Miss), M. L., '05. 

(Mrs. J. A. Brown.) 
Grossman, E. L., P., '91. 
Grove, W. C., D., '93. 
Grover (Miss), A., '87. 

(Mrs. J. L. Whitbeck.) 
Grover (Miss), F. H., '06. 
Grover (Miss), H. M., '92. 
Groves, H. S., '97. 
Grozelier (Miss), B. S. C., 


Grubb, D. H., '10. 
Grubb (Miss), O. M., '09. 
Grubbs, T. E., M., '10. 
Grunsky (Miss), C. A., '99. 

(Mrs. H. A. Fisk.) 
Grunskv, C. E., Jr., '05. 
Gruss, F. J., D., '99. 
Guedet, J. H., P., '02 
Guedet, P. J., P.. '08.' 
Guerin (Mrs.). J.. '03. 

(Miss F. G. Belknap.) 
Guehring, J., Jr., P., '07. 

Guglielmetti, H. L., L., '05. 
Guill, J. H., Jr., '03. 
Guillemard, A. J., M., '78. ' 
Gummer, W. P., '75. 
Gundelfinger, H., '09. 
Gundry (Miss), M. O., '04. 

(Mrs. C. Poindexter.) 
Gunn (Mrs.), C., '98. 

(Miss M. L. Patch.) 
Gunn (Miss), E. H., '02. 
Gunn, R. C., '06. 
Gunning (Miss), M., '01. 
Gunnison, A. W., '91. 
Gunthorp (Miss), M. J., '06. 
Gunzberger, B. M., D., '89. 
Gunzendorfer, G., L., '86. 
Guppy (Miss), E. A., '98. 

(Mrs. E. B. Gould.) 
Gurley, J. E., D., '08. 
Gustafson, J. E., '01. 
Gustave, A. R., P., '00. 
Guthrie, A. R. D., '10. 
Guthrie (Miss), E. M., '99. 
Gutzwiller (Miss), A. M., 

'05; M., '07. (Mrs. W. 

H. McBean.) 
Gutzwiller, H. R., '05. 
Guyles, G B., '09. 
Guyles (Mrs.), G. B., '09. 

(Miss G. F. Batz.) 
Gydison, C. T. L., P., '95. 
Haas (Miss), C. M., '02. 

(Mrs. E. T. Maples.) 
Haas, E. F., '92. 
Haas, R. R., '10. 
Haas, S. L., '04. 
Haas, W., '10. 
Haber, H., '06. 
Haber, J., Jr., '98. 
Haber, W. J., P., '96. 
Hackett, A. E., D., '00. 
Hackett, J. J., M., '67. 
Hackett, S. A., D., '88. 
Hackley, W. A., '99. 
Hadden, D., '97. 
Haderle, J. A., P., '97. 
Hadlev, A. T., L., Hon. '10 
Hadley (Miss), E. M., '02. ' 
Hadlev, F. W., '06. 
Hadley (Mrs.), J. H., '06. 

(Miss C. Grant.) 
Hadsell, D., '06. 

Haehnlen (Miss), A. C., '94. 

(Mrs. P. F. Dunne.) 
Haehnlen (Miss), L. R., '98. 

(Mrs. W. B. Reynolds.) 
Haffey, C. W., '10.' 
Hagan (Miss), H., M., '03. 
Hagan, H. L., '06. 
Hagedoorn, A. L., '09. 
Hagemann, H. F., L., '07. 
Hagmayer (Miss). B. U.,'02. 

(Mrs. B. H. Moore.) 
Hahmann, P. T., P., '85. 
Hahn, E. O., L., '95. 
Hahn, J. M.. '99. 
Haight, H. H., L., '91. 
Haipht, L. M., P., '97. 
Haijrht. S. C.. '07. 
Haile. C. S.. M., '69. 
Haile (Miss). L. G., '08. 
Haines. C. C., '02. 

Haines, R. E., '07. 

Haines, W. B., '03. 

Hakes, C. D., P., '98. 

Halbert (Miss), M. J., '10. 

Hale, E. M., P., '06. 

Hale, R. L., D., '95. 

Hale, W., '07. 

Hale, W. T., '05. 

Haley, C. S., '07. 

Hall (Miss), A. M., '05. 

Hall, A. N., '07. 

Hall (Miss), B., '93. 

Hall, B. F., P., '89. 

Hall, B. L., '91. 

Hall, C. E., '10. 

Hall, E. E., '96. 

Hall (Miss), F., '08. 

Hall, Harvey M., '01. 

Hall (Mrs.), Harvey M.,'03. 

(Miss M. O'Toole.) 
Hall, Harold M., '07. 
Hall (Mrs.), Harold M.,'08. 

(Miss M. Daniels.) 
Hall (Mrs.), J., '98. 

(Miss E. Jones.) 
Hall, J. R., '05. 
Hall (Miss), L., '95. 

(Mrs. R. Ospina.) 
Hall (Miss), M., '93. 

(Mrs. L. H. Jacobs.* 
Hall (Miss), M. S., '01 
Hall (Mrs.), R. V., '03. 

(Miss A. E. Fox.) 
Hall, T. W., D., '82. 
Hall, W., '98. 
Hall, W. C., D., '02. 
Halladay, D. S., '90. 
Hallett, 'E. R., '05. 
Hallett (Mrs.), E R., '06. 

(Miss G. F. Meyer.) 
Halloran, A. H., '04. 
Halloran, G., P., '99. 
Halloran, R. A., '06. 
Halsey, N. S., D.. '98 
Halsey, R. L., '01. 
Halsey, W. H., D., '93. 
Halsted, E. P., D., '95. 
Halsted, J. L., Jr., D., '00. 
Halton. W. H., L., '83. 
Ham, I. H., '10. 
Haman, H. P., '87. 
Hambleton. W. D., D., '02. 
Hamilton (Miss), E. A., '08. 
Hamilton (Miss), E. J., '91. 
Hamilton, F. McN.. '04. 
Hamilton (Miss), F. N., '95. 
Hamilton, J. K., Jr.. M., '03. 
Hamilton, M. S., '97 
Hamilton, W. H., '95. 
Hamlin (Miss). A., '99. 

(Mrs. R. Kelly.) 
Hamlin, B. R.. D.. '99. 
Hammack (Miss). E. S.,'00. 
(Mrs. R. C. Northcross.) 
Hammerschlag (Mrs.), J. S., 

'01. (Miss C. Hirstel.) 
Hammerschlag (Miss), R. t 


Hammitt. C. H., P.. '81. 
Hammond. B. A.. '01. 
Harnpel (Miss). O. E.. '04. 
Hamnshire (Miss), E. D. 
M.. '06. 



Hampton (Miss), G. H., '00. 

(Mrs. N E. Smith.) 
Hampton (Miss), H., '03. 

(Mrs. H. Stiles.) 
Hampton, J. E., M., '71. 
Hance, B. F., P., '91. 
Handsaker, J. T., '94. 
Handy, J. C., M., '64. 
Handyshel (Mrs.), C. E.,'04. 

(Miss H. L. Cross.) 
Hankins, H. J., '07; L., '09. 
Hanley, J. M., L., '97. 
Hanlon (Miss), C. von P., 


Hanlon, E. R., P., '96. 
Hanlon (Miss), M. R., '07. 
Hanlon, W. J., L., '05. 
Hanna (Miss), F. M., '98. 
Hannah (Miss), K. S., '03. 

(Mrs. B. Shaw.) 
Hansche (Miss), M. B., '96. 
Hanscom (Miss), S. de F., 


Hansen, A., '06. 
Hansen, A. C., '03. 
Hansen, A. G., P., '02. 
Hansen (Miss), A. L., '10. 
Hansen, C S., '00. 
Hansen, G'., L., '10. 
Hansen, H. M., '03. 
Hansen, J. H., '83; L., '89. 
Hansen, J. O., '02. 
Hanson, E. J., L., '03. 
Hanson, G. F., P., '92. 
Hanson (Miss), H. M., '03. 

(Mrs. B. A. Etcheverry.) 
Hanson, H. P., D., '97. 
Hanson, T. C., M., '67. 
Happersberger, A. K., '85; 

M., '88. 

Happersberger, E., P., '82. 
Harbison (Miss), J. E., '08. 
Harden (Miss), R., '10. 
Hardenbrook, C. K., '08. 
Hardie (Miss), E. J., '03. 
Harding, R. T. L., '85. 
Hardy, C. S., D., '00. 
Hardy (Miss), E. C., '05. 
Hardy, J. R., D., '95. 
Hardy, L. J., '66. 
Hardv (Miss), S. M., '93. 

(Mrs. W. C. Gregory.) 
Hardy, S. P., M., '06. 
Hardy, W. F., '76. 
Harford (Miss), C., '08. 
Hargrave, C. L., '07. 
Haring (Mrs.), C. M., '03. 

(Miss G. E Moody.) 
Harker, C. G., '90. 
Harker, G. A., M., '04. 
Harker (Miss), H. B., M., 


Harkleroad, G. A., '03. 
Harlan, G. H., '99: L., '02. 
Harley, E. B., '03. 
Harley (Mrs.), E. B., '07. 

(Miss P. R. Button.) 
Harloe, J. D., L., '09. 
Harman (Miss), S. F., '08. 
Harmon, E. N., '83. 
Harmon (Miss). M. I., '09. 
Harmon, R., '76; M., '79. 

Harms (Mrs.), R. C. G., '00. 

(Miss H. L. E. Arents.) 
Harms, R. C. G., D., '96. 
Harnden, F'. W., D., '97. 
Harper, C. E., D., '08. 
Harper, S. O., '07 
Harrier, L. G., '80. 
Harrigan, J. T., M., '96. 
Harriman (Miss), E. M..'10. 
Harrington, J. G., P., '06. 
Harris, E B., '01. 
Harris (Miss), E. E., '07. 
Harris (Miss), E. M., '99. 
Harris (Miss), F., '05. 
Harris (Miss), F., P., '01. 

(Mrs. W. B. Philip.) 
Harris, F. M., '10. 
Harris, G. M., D., '96. 
Harris (Miss), H., '98. 
Harris, H. E., '98. 
Harris, H. R., P., '76. 
Harris, I., '92; L., '95 
Harris (Miss), J., L., '02. 
Harris, J. L., '06. 
Harris, L., P., '91. 
Harris (Miss), L. F., '94. 
Harris (Miss), M. B., '07. 

(Mrs. O. S. Newman.) 
Harris (Miss), Margaret E., 

Harris (Miss), M. V. E.,'00. 

(Mrs. C. B. Smith.) 
Harris, N., '97. 
Harris (Mrs.), P. B., '04. 

(Miss F. L. Gans.) 
Harris (Mrs.), P. T., '09. 

(Miss D. Van Orden.) 
Harris, T. W., M., '75, 
Harrison, E. C., L., '82. 
Harrison (Miss), L. E., '10. 
Harrison, M. E., '08. 
Harrold (Miss), C. A., '08. 
Harshall, A. K., D., '01. 
Hart, A. L., Jr., '00; L.,'02. 
Hart (Mrs.), A. N., '02. 
Hart, C. E., D., '96. 
Hart (Miss), D., '10 
Hart, F. B., '01; L.,''03. 
Hart, H. H., '07. 
Hart (Mrs.), J. A.. L., '95. 

(Miss A. A. Clark.) 
Hart (Mrs.), J. W., '95. 

(Miss E. Blumer.) 
Hart, M. E., M., '04. 
Hart. W. C., D., '09. 
Harth, A. P., D., '96. 
Hartley, J. A., '07. 
Hartm'an, G. W., '03. 
Hartman, P. C., D., '02. 
Hartmann, F. A., P., '97. 
Hartung (Miss), T. W., '09. 

(Mrs. E. T. Glassbrook.) 
Harvey, F. A., '06. 
Harvey, G. J., P., '89. 
Harvey, R. W., '01. 
Harvey, W. P., M.. '00. 
Harwood (Miss), H. L., '97. 
Harwood, W. D., '66 
Harvett (Miss), C. N., '10. 
Haseltine, R. S., '00. 
Haskell (Mrs.), L. T., '93. 

(Miss K. R. Howell.) 

Haskell, O., '95 
Haskell, R. K., '98. 
Haskell, R. M., '10. 
Haskin, W. H., M.. '89, 
Haskins, L. B., P., '03, 
Haskins, S., L., '90. 
Haskins, S. M., '93. 
Haslett (Mrs.), S., '99. 

(Miss R. Hohfield.) 
Hassard (Miss), E., '98. 

(Mrs. A. Bulware.) 
Hastings, R. P., L., '81. 
Hastings, W. I., L., '87. 
Haswell, W. C., '00. 
Hatch (Mrs.), C. W., '02. 

(Miss F. T. Hudson.) 
Hatch, J D., '97. 
Hatfield (Miss), E. A., '06. 

(Mrs. S. B. Marston.) 
Hathaway (Miss), A. F., '02. 

(Mrs. C. E. Reische.) 
Hathaway, B F., '04. 
Hathaway (Miss), C. L.,'98. 
Hathaway, R. M., '98. 
Hathorn, R. L., '93. 
Hatton, W. H., L., '83. 
Hause (Miss), N. E., '06. 
Hauselt, C P., D., '95. 
Haven (Mrs.), A., '94. 

(Miss M. Noble.) 
Haven, L., '97. 
Haven, T. E., L., '90. 
Haven (Mrs.), T. E., '87. 

(Miss E. N Hostetter.) 
Havens, H. R.,''80. 
Hawk (Miss), J. A., '08. 
Hawkes (Miss), M. S., '08. 
Hawkes, R. H., P., '92. 
Hawkins (Miss), E. F., '05. 
Hawkins (Miss), G. G., 'Ol! 
Hawkins, G. W., P., '95 
Hawkins (Miss), L. J., '96. 

(Mrs. E. B. Moore.) 
Hawkins, L L., '73. 
Hawkins, W. J., M., '90. 
Hawkinson (Miss), E., '04. 

(Mrs. F. G. Carman.) 
Hawley, A. H., D., '96. 
Hawley, K. A., '07 
Hawley (Miss), M. A., '80. 
Hawley, O. J., '08. 
Hawley, R. S., '03. 
Hawley, S. S., '05. 
Hawley, W. E., '05 
Hawn (Miss), E. B.', '07 
Haworth (Miss), M. V '99. 
Hay, H., '94. 
Hay, J. J. A., '00. 
Hay (Miss), M. F., '06 
Hay, W. G., M., '95. 
Hayakawa, R., '98. 
Hayden (Miss), C. P., '10. 
Hayden, W. C , '05 
Hayes, W. J., '09. 
Hayne, A. P., '89. 
Hayne, B. A., '83. 
Hayne (Miss), M. P., '08 
Hayne, S. D.. '85; L., '88. 
Haynes, F. P., L., '96. 
Haynes, G. H., D., '96 
Havs, H. McD.. D '03 
Hays, W. B., M., '06. 



Hazard (Mrs.), F. R., '04. 

(Miss E. J. Gale.) 
Hazen, E. A., P., '94. 
Heacock (Miss), L., '92. 
Head (Miss), A., '79. 
Head, H. C., '91; L., '96. 
Head (Miss), L. M., '08. 
Head, R. A., P., '10. 
Headen, C. T., P., '09. 
Headman, S., '09. 
Healy (Miss), C. A., '09. 
Healy (Miss), M. N., '10. 
Heaney, J. P., P., '75. 
Hearne, W. T., P., '02. 
Heath, R. B., P., '00. 
Heath (Miss), V. E., '10. 
Heavitt, G., M., '66. 
Hecht, E. M., '01. 
Hecht (Miss), G. A., '02. 
Hector, R., M., '04. 
Hector (Mrs.), R., '00. 

(Miss L. A Linscott.) 
Hedegard, H. 0., P., '09. 
Hedgpeth, G. P., P., '05. 
Hedrick, W. M., P., '93. 
Heeney (Miss), G., '10. 
Hefty (Miss), E., '88. 

(Mrs. A. L. Gibson.) 
Heger, A. J., '02. 
Heger (Miss), E. L., '05. 
Heider, F. B., P., '89. 
Heider, W. T., D., '90. 
Heineman (Mrs.), A. S., '01 

(Miss I. Taylor.) 
Heinimann, J. M., M., '77. 
Heinrich, E. O., '08. 
Heinrich (Mrs.), E. O., '06. 

(Miss M. Allen.) 
Heinz (Miss), K., '09. 
Heinzman, E. A., P., '92. 
Heise, A. R., '06. 
Heise, C. E., '98 
Helke, W. L., P., '78. 
Heller, 0. L., M., '95. 
Heller, E. A., '10. 
Heller, E. S., '85; L., '89. 
Heller, L. C., D., '04. 
Hellman, I. W., Jr., '92. 
Hellman, S., '06. 
Hellmuth (Miss), L., '98. 
Helm (Miss), A. I., '97. 

(Mrs. M. Thomas.) 
Helm, C. W., L., '84. 
Helmer, G. A., '06. 
Helms, G. L., M., '95. 
Helms, W. T., '99. 
Hemmings (Mrs.), E. 0., '08. 

(Miss L. A. Macdonald.) 
Henderson, A. M., '90. 
Henderson, D. L., P., '88. 
Henderson, E. F., '94. 
Henderson, E. N., '90. 
Henderson (Miss), F. M.,'90 

(Mrs. W. E. Beck.) 
Henderson, F. R., M., '02. 
Henderson, F. W., '97; L., 


Henderson (Miss), G., '95. 
Henderson (Mrs.), H., '97. 

(Miss S. E. Young.) 
Henderson, H. N., D., '01. 
Henderson (Miss), I. B.,'04. 

Henderson (Miss), M., '03. 
Henderson, R. H., '02. 
Henderson, R. W., '04. 
Henderson, V. H., '99. 
Henderson, W. D., D., '98. 
Henderson, W R., D., '85. 
Hendricks (Miss), B., '02. 

(Mrs. R. B. Runyon.) 
Hendricks, H. E., '03. 
Hendricks (Mrs.), H. E '03 

(Miss C. A. Nash.) 
Hendricks, S., '04. 
Hendrickson, W., Jr., L., '88. 
Hengstler, L. T., '92. 
Hengstler (Mrs.), L. T., '96. 

(Miss H. M Andros.) 
Henkle, R. E., P., '02. 
Henley (Miss), C. A., '00. 

(Mrs. L. S. Ains worth.) 
Henley (Miss), G. L., '98. 
Hennesey, W. J., M., '99. 
Hennesey, F. J., L., '01. 
Henning (Mrs.), C. I., '01. 

(Miss V. White.) 
Hennings, J. C., '93. 
Henrick, K., '00. 
Henrici (Miss), E. V., '98. 

(Mrs. W. Stephenson.) 
Henry (Miss), A. I., '98. 

(Mrs. G. Reinhardt.) 
Henry (Miss), C. A., '96. 

(Mrs. G. D. Louder- 

Henry (Miss), H. N., '03. 
Henry (Miss), R., '99. 
Henry, W. H., '93; L., '96. 
Henry, W. W., Jr., '06. 
Henael (Miss), E. McK.,'02. 

(Mrs. I. J. Bauder.) 
Henshaw, F. W., '79. 
Henshaw, O. B., '94. 
Henton, J. S., '01. 

(Miss E. Oliver.) 
Herbert, E. F., D., '01. 
Herdman, H H., '99. 

(Miss I. Mogeau.) 
Herkner (Miss), A., '04. 
Herman (Mrs.), J. S., '96. 

(Miss M. Livingston.) 
Herreshoff, J. B., Jr., '00. 
Herreshoff, W. S., '03 
Herrick, C. A., D., '90. 
Herrick, H. N., '07. 
Herrick (Mrs.), H. N., '08. 

(Miss B. B. Adams.) 
Herrick, H S., L., '89. 
Herrington.'W. M., D., '97. 
Herriott, C. D., '99. 
Herrman, F. C., '94. 
Herrman (Miss), L. F., D., 

'99. (Mrs. J. W Gin- 

Herrmann (Miss), E. A., '02. 
Herron (Mrs.), J. H., '05. 

(Miss E. Chapin.) 
Hersam, N. P., '08. 
Hershey (Miss), K. B., '05. 
Herskovits (Miss), M., '06. 
Heslop (Miss). E. M., '07 
Hess (Miss). R., '03. 
Hess, S.. '99. 
Hess (Miss), T., '99. 

Hess (Mrs.), W. T., '01. 

(Miss K. F. Keys.) 
Hess, W. T., L., '95. 
Hesse (Miss), E. V., '10. 
Hetschel (Miss), M. A., '08. 
Hewes, C. E., '08. 
Hewett (Miss), L. L., '03. 
Hewitt, L. R., '90. 
Hewlett, E. E., '00; L., '03. 
Hewlett (Miss), N. A., '04. 

(Mrs. P. M. Levi.) 
Hewlett, W. A., '95. 
Keying, A. H., P., '09. 
Heyman (Miss), O., '99. 
Heyman, J. A., '85. 
Hibbard, C. W., D., '82. 
Hibbard (Miss), L. D., '10. 
Hibbard, L. H., '09. 
Hibbard (Miss), M E., '06. 
Hicker, H. De V., '07. 
Hickey, J. P., '06. 
Hickey, L. T. F., '07. 
Hickey, T. A., M., '97. 
Hickey, T W., L., '98. 
Hickok, C. E., '08. 
Hicks (Mrs.), G. V., '01. 

(Miss E. J. Skinner.) 
Hicks, P. E., '00. 
Hicks (Mrs.), W. W., '05. 

(Miss S. Bitting.) 
Hicks, Y. E., M., '74. 
Hield (Miss), E. B., '08. 
Hiester, C., '05. 
Higaki, M., D. t '10. 
Higby, E. P., P., '94. 
Higgins, C. C., P., '88. 
Higgins (Miss), E. B., P., 


(Mrs. W. D. Burton.) 
Higgins, T. S., D., '97. 
Hight, P. L., '03. 
Hilborn, E. P., Jr., '91. 
Hilborn, L. A., '97; L., '02. 
Hileman, W., '10. 
Hill, A. W., L., '93. 
Hill, C., '05. 
Hill, E. C., '90. 
Hill, E. J., M., '94. 
Hill (Mrs.), F. C., '00. 

(Miss L. N. Macauley.) 
Hill, G. C., '06. 
Hill (Miss), H. D., '10. 
Hill, H. G., M., '03. 
Hill, H. P., M., '01. 
Hill, H. S., M., '98. 
Hill, H. W., '00. 
Hill (Miss), M. F., '01. 
Hill, R. C., M., '01. 
Hill (Mrs.), R. 0., M., '01. 

(Miss F. McCoy.) 
Hill, W. B., '04. 
Hill, W. N., '05. 
Hillebrand, H., Hon., '67. 
Hillebrand, R. G., '08. 
Hillegass, G. W., '88. 
Hilliard, S. W., D., '96. 
Hills, S. R., L., '97. 
Hillyer, C., L., '93. 
Hillyard, W. K., '09. 
Hilpisch. C.. '02. 
Hilton, W. H., '00. 



Himebaugh (Miss), N. M., 

'03. (Mrs. D. E. Clower.) 
Hinckley (Miss), D. G., '00. 

(Mrs. P. S. Austin.) 
Hinckley (Mrs.'), G. S., '04. 

(Miss E. B. Parker.) 
Hinckley, I. L., D., '98. 
Hinckley (Miss). M., '02. 
Hinckley, N. B., '93. 
Hindle, E., '10. 
King, T. G., '09. 
Hiniker, A. J., D., '98. 
Hinton, G., '95; L., '01. 
Hinton, I. T., '75. 
Hiraiwa, T., '98. 
Hirsch, G. H., '09. 
Hirschfelder, A. D., '97. 
Hirschfeld, C. F., '02. 
Hirst, C. P., P., '93. 
Hirst, H. H., '96. 
Hirstel (Miss), C., '01. 

(Mrs. J. L. Hammer- 


Hiserman, E., '99. 
Hitchcock, L. V., L., '82. 
Hitchcock (Miss), M. E., '10. 
Hittell (Miss), C. H., '82. 
Hixon, A. C., L., '94. 
Hizar (Miss), M. B., '10. 
Hizar (Miss), B. L., '07. 

(Mrs. W. G. Duggin.) 
Hjul (Mrs.), C. H., '06. 

(Miss F. R. Strowger.) 
Hjul (Mrs.), J. H., '06. 

(Miss E. G. Postel.) 
Hoag, C. L., '09. 
Hoag, E. H., '97. 
Hoag (Mrs.), E. L., '98. 

(Miss J. Roller.) 
Hoag, F. M., M., '04. 
Hoag (Mrs.), R. B., '01. 

(Miss H. E. Green.) 
Hoag, W. B., '98. 
Hoak, (Miss), C. M., '00. 
Hobart, L. E., '10. 
Hobbs, C. W., '10. 
Hobbs, H. W., L., '04. 
Hobe (Miss), A. M., '99. 
Hobe (Miss), S. A., '01. 
Hobson (Miss), H. L., '06. 

(Mrs. J. S. Bagg.) 
Hobson (Miss), J. P., '99. 

(Mrs. M. Spencer.) 
Hobson (Miss), R. W., '90. 

(Mrs. W. S. T. Smith.) 
Hoburg, F. T., L., '83. 
Hochheimer, I., '98. 
Hockabout, E. G., '97. 
Hocker, J. M. F., D., '00. 
Hodes, S., '09. 
Hodgdon (Miss). H. J., '76. 

(Mrs. D. S. Shute.) 
Hodgdon, W. H. A., M., '76. 
Hodgen, J. D., D., '87. 
Hodges, G. A., D., '03. 
Hodghead, B. L., L., '91. 
Hodgkin, W. R, H., '00. 
Hodgkins (Miss), G., '92. 
Hoeck, J.. '80. 
Hoedel, R. O., '05. 
Hoefer, E., '84. 
Hoefler. L. M.. L.. '82. 
Hoey (Miss), E. M., '04. 

Hoey (Miss), H. G., '10. 
Hofers (Miss), F. M., '09. 
Hoffman, B. J., D., '07. 
Hoffman (Miss), C. M., '99. 

(Mrs. V. L. Kellogg.) 
Hoffman (Miss), E. J., '09. 
Hoffman, G. J., '95. 
Hoffman (Miss), H. M., '04. 

(Mrs. W. H. Munter.) 
Hoffman, H. V., M., '05. 
Hoffman, K. F., '99. 
Hoffman, R. B., '95. 
Hoffmann, J. D., '01. 
Hoffmann (Mrs.), J. D., '06. 

(Miss M. R. LeConte.) 
Hoffmann, L. C., V., '98. 
Hogan (Miss), H. M., '07. 

(Mrs. B. K. Young.) 
Hohfeld, E., Jr., '98. 
Hohfeld (Miss), L., '99. 

(Mrs. W. R. Hughes.) 
Hohfeld (Miss), R., '99. 

(Mrs. S. Haslett.) 
Hohfeld, W. N., '01. 
Holbrook (Miss), E. E., '06. 

(Mrs. L. E. Milliken.) . 
Holbrook, H. M., '88. 
Holden, H. E., '06. 
Holder (Miss), E. M., '10. 
Holladay, E. B., L., '83. 
Holladay, W. R., D., '97. 
Holland, C. F., L., '86. 
Holland, H. J., '03. 
Holley, R. A., '02. 
Holling (Miss), L. J., '99. 

(Mrs. A. C. Bach.) 
Hollis, W. H., '96. 
Hollis (Mrs.), W. H., '96. 

(Miss 0. A. White.) 
Hollister (Miss), L. M., '83. 

(Mrs. G. B. Jacobs.) 
Hollister, W. M., '08. 
Holloway, E. S., D., '95. 
Hollstein, A. H., P., '10. 
Hollstein, F. E., P., '10. 
Hollzer, H. A., '02. 
Holm, H. C., '07. 
Holman, F. Van V., '75. 
Holmes (Miss), A. L., '01. 

(Mrs. L. H. Miller.) 
Holmes, A. S., '02. 
Holmes, C. E., '89. 
Holmes, E. C., '95. 
Holmes, E. R., M., '89. 
Holmes (Mrs.), H. E., '81. 

(Miss A. Bragg.) 
Holmes, S. J., '93. 
Holmes (Mrs.), S. J., '05. 

(Miss C. Skiner.) 
Holmes T. B., M., '94. 
Holmquist (Mrs.), H. E., '02. 

(Miss F. G. Howard.) 
Holt, C. P., '03. 
Holter, M. E., '08. 
Holton, C. R., '96. 
Holway, R. S., '04. 
Holway (Mrs.), R. S., '06. 
Honig, L., '95. 
Hood, E. L., '96. 
Hood, J., '10. 
Hood (Mrs.), J. F., '07. 

(Miss M. P. Lewis.) 
Hood, R. A., '05. 

Hook, B. B., D., '08. 
Hook (Miss), B. E., '05. 

(Mrs. J. J. Mazza.) 
Hook, J. S., '74. 
Hook, V., '76. 
Hook, W. E., M., '76. 
Hooker, M. O., M., '10. 
Hooker, R. G., '82. 
Hooper, B. E., '99. 
Hoose (Miss), H. L., '01. 

(Mrs. J. B. Lillard.) 
Hoover (Mrs.), C. N., '03. 

(Miss E. M. Gilbert.) 
Hoover, F. O., '07. 
Hoover, H. D., '09. 
Hoover (Mrs.), I. W., '07. 

(Miss L. M. Paterson.) 
Hoover, U. G., P '90 
Hopkins, E. K., M., '95. 
Hopkins, T. P., M., '80. 
Hopkins, V. W., P , '96 
Hopkins, W. H., '06. 
Hopkins (Mrs.), W. H., '06. 

(Miss L. S. Reid.) 
Hopper, J., '98. 
Hoppin (Miss), H., '01 

(Mrs. A. J. Kergel.) 
Horgan, J. J., P., '02. 
Horn, H. W., '95. 
Home, D. D., '10. 
Horovitz, J. S., '02 
Horswill (Mrs.), F. A., '03. 

(Miss A. M., Forgie.) 
Horton, E. S., M., '93. 
Horton, J. W., '08. 
Hoska, I. E., D., '02. 
Hosmer (Miss), P. L '97 
Hostetter (Miss), E. N, '87 

(Mrs. T. E. Haven.) 
Hetchkiss, H. G., '03. 
Hough (Miss), A. M., '09. 
Hough (Miss), B. E., '08. 
Houghton, E. T., '93. 
Houghton, T. B., P., '96. 
Houston, A. J., '95. 
Houston, C. J., '99. 
Houston, W. H., '99 
Howard, C., L., '83. 
Howard, C. H., '95. 
Howard, E. A., '86. 
Howard, E. J., D., '04. 
Howard, F. E., '01. 
Howard (Miss), F. G., '02. 

(Mrs. H. E. Holmquist.) 
Howard, H. M., '05. 
Howard (Miss), K. L, M., 


Howard (Mrs.), L. N., '01. 
Howard, O. J., D., '01. 
Howard, W. B., M., '87. 
Howard, W. L., P., '05. 
Howe, A. B., D., '05. 
Howe, A. T., '07. 
Howe (Miss), H. E., '04. 
Howe (Miss), L. P., '06. 
Howe, L. P., M., '08. 
Howell (Miss), A., '05. 
Howell, A. J., '03. 
"Howell (Miss), C. B., '09. 
Howell, E. H., '04. 
Howell, H., '90. 
Howell, H. H., M., '79. 
Howell, J. G., Jr., '96. 



Howell (Miss), K. R., '93. 

(Mrs. L. T. Haskell.) 
Howell, R., '00. 
Howell, W. O., M., '07. 
Howson, G. W., Jr., '09. 
Howson, J. W., '98. 
Hoyt (Miss), A. G., '10. 
Hoyt, C. F., '06. 
Hoyt (Miss), F. E., '01. 

(Mrs. L. P. Larue.) 
Hrubanik (Mrs.), M. F., '97. 

(Miss L. Fitzpatrick.) 
Hsueh (Miss), S. Y., '03. 
Hu, C. Y., '09. 
Hubbard (Miss), A. G., '01. 
Hubbard (Mrs.), E. I., '03. 
Hubbard, H. Van S., '07. 
Hubbard, L. J., '10. 
Huber, P. '06. 
Huber, W. L., '05. 
Huber (Mrs.), W. L., '05. 

(Miss D. M. Campbell.) 
Huddy, G. H., D., '93. 
Hudgens (Miss), A. L., D., 


Hudson (Miss), B. D., '06. 
Hudson (Miss), B. P. E., 

P., '09. 
Hudson (Miss), C. M., '09. 

(Mrs. J. W. Barnicott.) 
Hudson (Miss), F. T., '02. 

(Mrs. C. W. Hatch.) 
Hudson, J. W., '05. 
Hudson, R. G., L., '01. 
Huebner (Miss), L. L., '09. 
Hueter, G. A., P., '90. 
Huff, W. McM., '98. 
Huffman, F. H., '99. 
Huggins, C. L., '84. 
Hughes, A. F., '03. 
Hughes, E. J., '07. 
Hughes (Miss), F. A., '08. 
Hughes, G. L., '80. 
Hughes (Miss), G. M., '08. 
Hughes, J. A., M., '83. 
Hughes, J. E., '07. 
Hughes, L. J., M., '79. 
Hughes, S. F., P., '86. 
Hughes, T. H., P., '86. 
Hughes (Mrs.), W. F. O., 

'01. (Miss E.M.Russell.) 
Hughes, W. R., D., '97. 
Hughes (Mrs.). W. R., '99. 

(Miss L. Hohfeld.) 
Hugo (Mrs.), M., '03. 

(Miss M. O'Toole.) 
Huguenin, E., '09. 
Hull, J. P., M., '95. 
Hull (Miss), M., '97. 

(Mrs. B. F. Lynip.) 
Hull (Miss), M. N.. '09. 
Hulse, C. H., M., '93. 
Hultberg, F. L., D., '88. 
Hulting, F. B., P.. '80. 
Humann (Miss), R., '03. 

(Mrs. C. G. Rogers.) 
Hume, J. W., '96. 
Humphrey, J. G., D.. '86. 
Humphrey (Miss), W. E., 


Humphrey, W. F., L., '95. 
Humphreys (Miss), A., '00. 

Humphreys, W. P., Jr., '92; 

L., '96. 

Hund, F. A., P., '07. 
Hund, G. B., P., '92. 
Hund, W. J., '09. 
Hunkin, S. J., M., '90. 
Hunn (Mrs.), C. J., '08. 

(Mrs. J. S. McCormick.) 
Hunt (Miss), A. O., '01. 
Hunt (Miss), A. L., '09. 
Hunt (Mrs.), F. O., '97. 

(Miss J. G. Turner.) 
Hunt (Mrs.), F. R., '03. 

(Miss B. L. Marvin.) 
Hunt (Miss), H. M., '05. 
Hunt, L. E., '93. 
Hunt, M. E., '10. 
Hunt, N. R., '09. 
Hunt, P. H., '07. 
Hunt, R. G., '02. 
Hunt (Mrs.), R. H., '07. 

(Miss E. A. B. Matig- 


Hunter (Miss), A. E., '04. 
Hunter, G. G., M., '06. 
Hunter (Miss), G., '10. 

(Mrs. H. Hine.) 
Hunter (Mrs.), J., '93. 

(Miss J. R. White.) 
Hunter (Miss), M. B., '06. 
Hunter, O. R., D., '02. 
Hunter, V. W., '03. 
Hunter, W. G., '08. 
Hunter, W. M., P., '07. 
Huntington, S. D., M., '97. 
Huntley, D. B., '75. 
Huntoon (Miss), C. L., '94. 

(Mrs. E. T. Palmer.) 
Hupers, G. W., L., '85. 
Hupp, W. I., '97. 
Hurley, J. R., M., '03. 
Hursh, L. L., '04. 
Hurtzig, W. F N., P., '81. 
Hus, F. L. M., D., '00. 
Hus, H. T. A., '97. 
Huskey (Miss), D. E., '05. 

(Mrs. P. F. Bovard.) 
Hussey (Miss), E. G., '03. 
Hussey, H. A., '09. 
Hussey (Miss), N. E., '96. 
Hust (Miss), A., '04. 
Hust (Miss), M., '04. 
Hust, S. G., '10. 
Husted, G. B., D., '96. 
Husted, R. L., L., '00. 
Hutaff, G. A., P., '00. 
Hutchins (Miss), B., P., '02. 
Hutching, J. P., '96. 
Hutchinson, J., '78; L., '82. 
Hutchinson, J. S., L., '99. 
Hutchinson, L., '89. 
Hutchinson, R., '00. 
Hutchinson (Mrs.), R. C., 

'95. (Miss G. D. Wilson.) 
Hutton (Miss), A., '00. 
Hutton (Miss), B., '02. 
Hutton (Miss), C., '01. 
Hutton (Mrs.), C. E., '04. 
Hutton. J. A. D., D., '85. 
Hvde, A. E., '06. 
Hvde, A. L., '05. 
TT^P, r G.. D., '92. 
Hyde, E. C., D., '92. 

Hyde, F. M., '03. 
Hyde, G. E., M., '95. 
Hyde, H. C., '94. 
Hyde, R. E., '00. 
Hyman (Miss), M., '99. 

(Mrs. J. L. Goodday.) 
Hyman, S., '98. 
Hyman (Mrs.), W. M., '00. 

(Miss G. H. Wachs.) 
Hyman, W. M., '96. 
Hynes, W. F., '98 
Hynes, W. H. L., L., '98. 
Ibos, P. J., L., '10. 
Ickes, E. L., '09. 
Igo (Miss). L. M., M., '06. 
Ingham (Miss), M. E., '06. 
Ingram, S. H., '08. 
Ijams (Miss), M. A., '01. 
Illia, J. D., P., '01. 
Incell, A., '90. 
Inch, W., '01. 
Ing, J. C., P., '87. 
Inglish (Mrs.), W. P., '93. 

(Miss S. H. Webb.) 
Inkersley, A., L., '90. 
Inman, T. G., P., '92. 
Inman, P. C., P., '95. 
Innes (Miss), S. E., '05. 
Inskeep (Mrs.), L. D., '93. 

(Miss A. L. Dolman.) 
Irenes, R. B., M., '00. 
Irvin, D. F., '06. 
Irvine, D. W., P., '03. 
Irving, S., '79. 
Irwin, F., L., '83. 
Irwin, H. W., '07; M., '09. 
Isaacs (Miss), E. W., '10. 
Isaacs, H. M., '08. 
Isaacs (Miss), M. E., '10. 
Isaacson, S. W., D., '06. 
Isham (Miss), I. G., '05. 
Ivers (Mrs.), R., '98. 

(Miss G. M. Scott.) 
Ivev, J. R., D., '02. 
Jackson (Miss), A. F., '02. 

(Mrs. F. E. Brown.) 
Jackson, A. W., '74. 
Jackson, C. H., L., '84. 
Jackson, E. R., '96. 
Jackson, H. D., P., '05. 
Jackson (Miss), M. N.. '00. 
Jackson, R. C., P., '05. 
Jackson, R. D., '82. 
Jackson, S. H., 94; L.. '97. 
Jackson, W. E., P., '00. 
Jackson, W. J., P., '96. 
Jacob, E., P., '07. 
Jacobs, A. B., P., '00. 
Jacobs (Mrs.), A. H., '05. 

(Miss L. S. Wollenberg.) 
Jacobs (Miss), B. B., '10. 
Jacobs (Miss), E., '06. 
Jacobs (Mrs.). G. B.. '83. 

(Miss L. M. Hollister.) 
Jacobs, G. S., '09. 
Jacobs (Miss), H. H., '01. 
Jacobs, H. S., L., '99. 
Jacobs, J. O.. V., '98. 
Jacobs. L. C., P., '98: M., 


Jacobs, L. H.. '91: L., '94. 
Jacobs (Mrs.). L. H., '93. 

(Miss M. Hall.) 



Jacobs, M., '76 . 
Jacobs (Miss), M., '02. 
Jacobs, S. N., '04; M., '08. 
Jacobs, S. R.,