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BY N. TKttBNEB h CO, 67 h 59 LUDGATE HILL, E.C. 


^\*-J, (o 






This collection is intended to include all the extant Old-English 
texts up to about 900 that are preserved in contemporary MSS., 
with the exception of the Chronicle and the works of Alfred. 
Most of the texts have been published before, but many of them, 
especially the glossaries, in a very inaccurate and defective form. 
All the texts here given have been corrected by the originals, 
except the runic ones. 

I formed the plan of this undertaking many years ago, but 
it was not till 1878 that I was able to begin working at it 
continuously, for it was not till then that I had acquired 
pakeographical knowledge enough to deal satisfactorily with 
the older texts, especially the charters. The printing of the 
texts lasted from May 1879 to January 1881. The labour of 
preparing the glossary, which would have been very severe in 
any case, was much increased by the time-wasting way in 
which, from a variety of unfortunate circumstances, I was 
obliged to carry it out. It was not till the beginning of 
1884 that I was able to send it to press, and the printing 
took more than a year. So I was not able to begin working 
at the grammatical introduction till last spring. 

Meanwhile, my interest in the work had been flagging more 
and more. When I first began it, I had some hopes of myself 
being able to found an independent school of English philology 
in this country. But as time went on it became too evident 
that the historical study of English was being rapidly an- 
nexed by the Germans, and that English editors would have to 
abandon all hopes of working up their materials themselves, and 
resign themselves to the more humble r61e of purveyors to the 
swarms of young program-mongers turned out every year by the 
German universities, so thoroughly trained in all the mechanical 
details of what may be called ' parasite philology' that no 
English dilettante can hope to compete with them — except by 
Germanizing himself and losing all his nationality. All this 
is of course inevitable — the result of our own neglect, and of 



the unhealthy over-production of the German universities — hut 
it is not encouraging for those who, like myself, have had the 
mortification of seeing their favourite investigations forestalled 
one after another, while they are laboriously collecting their 
materials. But luckily the fields of linguistic science are wide, 
and there are regions as yet un invaded by dissertations and 
programs, where I yet hope to do work that I need not be 
ashamed of. Indeed, my only regret now is that I did not 
abandon the historical study of English five years ago, so as 
to be able to devote myself entirely to the more important 
investigations which I have alwayB carried on alongside of 
my Old English work. I am now resolved that I will take 
a rest from my long drudgery as soon as I have brought out 
the second edition of my History of English Sounds. I have 
therefore abandoned, for the present at least, my original 
intention of bringing out a grammar to accompany these texts. 
Meanwhile, some of the few original observations in which I have 
not been anticipated by the Germans will be found briefly 
abstracted in the Monthly Proceedings of the Philological Society ; 
they will be given more at length in the History of English 
Sounds. The question of bringing out a supplementary volume 
of additional texts, notes, etc., will depend on external circum- 
stances which I cannot undertake to predict. 

The value of such a work as the present depends, of course, 
mainly on its accuracy. I am quite prepared to find many 
more errors in it than I should have expected; all I can say 
is, that I have put five times more labour into it than I ever 
anticipated, and am unable to give more. I may also remind 
my critics that I am not paid for my work, that I have no 
official position to make me responsible to any one, and that 
all my scientific work is a free gift to my countrymen — or 
rather to the Germans. Such errore and omissions as I have 
since discovered I have corrected and supplied at the end of this 
volume. The corrections to the Leiden Glossary are from Stein- 
mover's text in the Althochdeutsche Olossen ; this Glossary caused 
me especial difficulty because of my want of familiarity with the 
Continental hand. 

The texts are printed exactly as in the MSS. ; expanded 
contractions are denoted by italics, letters written above or 
below the line are enclosed in [ ], letters not in the MS. in ( ). 


A great deal of what is said in the introductions to the texts 
must be considered as out of date, especially as regards the 
dialects: I now see that Cp, Lr, LP, Ps, and several of the 
shorter texts are Mercian. 

It need scarcely be said that my knowledge of Low Latin has 
increased considerably since I first began to work at these texts, 
and that I am now able to explain several English words which 
I was not able to include in the Glossary. 

The Glossary is exhaustive for all but those words in Ps which 
occur over and over again without variation, and some sub- 
ordinate words, adverbs, prepositions, etc. Whenever the refer- 
ences are not exhaustive, an 'etc/ is added. The references to 
the proper names are intended to be exhaustive. All references 
were checked over again in my copy, so that I have considerable 
faith in their accuracy. Erroneous and anomalous forms are 
marked with t. The order I have adopted in the Glossary is 
one which I hope will facilitate its use in grammatical inves- 
tigations, for which this work is mainly intended. The alpha- 
betical index is of the roughest character, being intended merely 
to facilitate reference. 

In conclusion I have to express my best thanks for the help 
I have had from many quarters. My obligations in connection 
with the Epinal Glossary I have already acknowledged in the 
preface to my edition of it. Especial thanks are further due 
to my friend Sievers for his very accurate transcript of the 
Erfurt Glossary (which he undertook quite spontaneously), and 
for his mediation in procuring the loan of the MS. itself; to 
the authorities of the Leiden library for their loan of the MSS. 
containing the Leiden Glossary and riddle ; to M. Scheler for the 
loan of the Bede MS. in the Namur library ; to Mr. Bradshaw, 
and to the Museum men, especially Messrs. Bond, Thompson, 
and Warner, for help and expressions of opinion on paleeo- 
graphical matters; to the well-known low Latinist, Mynheer 
Hendrik Hessels, for the great trouble he has taken in testing 
the accuracy of my text of the oldest glossaries; and lastly 
to the Clarendon Press for the extraordinary accuracy with 
which the printing has been carried out. 


London, January 14, 1886. 





Description of MSB, 


The Epinal MS. was first made known by Mone, and the Eng- 
lish glosses in it were first published by him in his Anzeiger fiir 
Kunde der Teutschen Vorzeit, hgg. von F. J, Mone (vn jahrgang, 
i quaxtalheft, Karlsruhe, 1838), pp. 132-153* He states that he 
was first informed of the existence of the MS. by Professor 
Huguenin, of Metz. Mone's transcript had previously been sent 
by him to the Record Commission in London, who printed it in 
Appendix B to Mr. Cooper's Report, pp. 153-164 — a collection of 
Old English texts (including the Andreas and Elene from the then 
lately discovered Vercelli MS.) which for some unknown reason 
was never published. Mone says that the text as given in this 
Report is accurate on the whole, but contains several errors, where- 
fore, and also on account of the rarity of the book in Germany, he 
has judged it advisable to reprint the Epinal glossary in his 
Anzeiger. Mone's second text repeats nearly all the errors and 
omissions of his first, as given in the Report, and is evidently 
a mere reprint of his original transcript without any re-collation of 
the MS. 

The MS. (no. 17), which originally belonged to the monastery of 
Moyen-Moutier (Medianum Monasterium) near Senones, contains 
first the Sermones S. Augustini in a continental hand, and then at 
the end the glossary, written on fourteen folio leaveB (28 pp.), with 
six columns in each page. The MS. is defective, the end of v, 
together with y and #, being wanting, but a comparison with the 
Erfurt MS. shows that this missing part probably contained only 

1 * 


two English glosses. More serious is the loss of a sheet comprising 
part of c and the whole of d and e t by which we should have lost 
about 150 English glosses, had they not been preserved in the 
Erfurt MS. The tops of several of the later sheets have suffered 
somewhat from damp and wear, and the last page is very much 
worn. Mone has smeared these damaged places with some reagent 
which has almost blackened the vellum. He says : ' I must also 
remark that the last leaf of the MS. has suffered greatly from 
damp, the writing having disappeared here and there, and that I 
could not restore it even with a strong reagent.' Curiously enough, 
most of the glosses which Mone failed to read are now com- 
paratively legible, and even on the last page there are few letters 
which I have not succeeded in making out with certainty. 

The connection of the glossary with the text which precedes it is 
evidently purely external — due to the modern bookbinder. The 
handwriting shows the most archaic type of the Celtic-English 
writing — Hiberno-Saxon, as it is generally called, British, as I 
would call it — not in its purely uncial, nor yet in its most cursive 
form, but in one which is intermediate between the two, although 
occasionally breaking out into pure cursive, as is the case in most 
of the oldest MSS. Mone has incorrectly ascribed the cursively 
written words to a second hand. The character of the writing is 
shown in the photolithograph. 

The scantiness of our materials, and the great diversity in the 
handwriting of documents which are certainly contemporary, must 
make us very cautious in assigning a date to any one of the oldest 
English MSS. on palseographical grounds alone. I intend to treat 
the subject fully in another place, and will therefore content myself 
for the present with stating my belief that the palreographical 
evidence by itself, as far as our present knowledge goes, points to 
a period not later than the beginning of the eighth century, and 
that the MS. may have been written any time between 600 and 
700, in round numbers. As we shall see hereafter, the Corpus 
glossary shows a later recension of the same text as Epinal, con- 
taining a much larger number of words, which are also arranged 
in a more strictly alphabetical order. As Epinal and Corpus 
do not show any difference of dialect they were probably written 
in the same place. It is therefore highly improbable that any later 




scribe would copy the imperfect Epinal instead of the more com- 
plete and convenient Corpus text. The orthography of Corpus is 
more advanced and less clumsy than that of Epinal, substituting 
J> and 5 for the ambiguous d and the digraph th of the latter, and 
introducing w for the cumbrous uu of Epinal. So also with the 
language, as shown by Corpus's disuse of ae in unaccented syllables, 
its levelling of inflectional ae and i under e, its development of 
fractures in such words as heolstras against the helustras of Epinal, 
and many other features. If, then, Corpus was written, as is, 
I believe, universally assumed, early in the eighth century, Epinal 
must have been written at least a generation earlier. The sup- 
position of a later scribe having retained the older spelling and 
forms unchanged is untenable : if Epinal were a later copy of 
a much older glossary, we should expect either a mixture of older 
and later forms, or else a consistent modernization, as in Corpus, 
and there can be no doubt that the latter would have been the 
case : the language and spelling of Epinal are those of the period 
when it was written. 


This glossary was first published by Dr. Fr. Oehler in the Neus 
Jahrbiiclwr fiir PMlologie (Bd. xiii, pp. 256-297 and 325-387, 
1847). His text gives the whole glossary, including those words 
which are glossed by Latin words only, although he himself states 
that he has omitted the commoner Latin words in Erf. 9 and 9 . My 
text is based on a fresh copy of the English glosses made by Prof. E. 
Sievers, of Jena, which I afterwards carefully collated with the 
MS. itself. 

The MS. is preserved in the Amplonian library at Erfurt (no. 42 
fol.). It consists of 37 folio leaves with six columns on each page, 
and contains three alphabetical glossaries, the first of which is 
complete, while the second has lost a leaf, and the third extends 
only into I. The first glossary shows the same text as Epinal, 
whose gap it fills up. The first leaf of the MS. has suffered from 
exposure, and the lower margin of it, end, to a less extent, of the 
following leaves, has been considerably frayed and torn, additional 
portions having been torn and rubbed away since Oehler's time. 
The MS. is written in a continental hand, which the British 



Museum men I showed it to ascribed to the end of the ninth cen- 
tury. The scribe was evidently unacquainted with English, as shown 
by his constant errors, and his nationality is unmistakeably betrayed 
by the intrusion of several Old High German words : 77 alacris : 
Midi; 104 ablata : binoman; 112 adrogantistime : gdplih; 397 
erugo : rost ; 512 infandum : meinfol; 730 prcetextatus : giga- 
rauuit ; 926 sella : aatuL The uo in guoduueb (441) is German, 
as also the ph in lemphthaU (589), and the pres. partic. -enti in 
537, 575. In most cases a slight change of spelling has been 
enough to germanize the word, but in 112 the scribe has deli- 
berately cut out the English word uulanelicae and substituted 
a pure German one. In 77 he has substituted Midi for the snel 
of Epinal and Corpus, and it is this substitution which makes me 
consider Midi to be a German gloss, although the word might 
otherwise be regarded as simply an archaic spelling of the Eng- 
lish Hi$e> 

As regards the palaeography of the MS. it may be noted that the 
a frequently has the u-like form, that s and r are formed rather 
alike, and that it is often almost impossible to distinguish between 
m, ni and in. In some places there seems to be another hand, 
larger and coarser, but without any apparent change of ortho- 

In spite of the corruptness of the text, the language of the Eng- 
lish glosses is evidently as old as in Epinal, and indeed, in some 
words, it is even more archaic, as in brigdiU (127), tuigin (138). 
In fact, the very ignorance of the scribe has compelled him, as 
it were, to fossilize the archaisms of his original in a way which 
would have been impossible for a contemporary Englishman. It 
may be remarked that in the last two glossaries, where the English 
words are few and far between, the scribe has often indicated them 
by a waved line above them, or by adding 8ax(onice). 


This precious glossary was first noticed by Wanley in his Cata- 
logue (Hickes* Thesaurus, vol. ii. p. 115), who ascribes it to the 
eighth century: 'Cod. membr. vetustioribus litteris Saxonicis, 
seculo post Christum, ut videtur, octavo exaratus.' He also states 
that it formerly belonged to the monastery of St. Augustine at 


Canterbury (quondam supellex Bibliothecee Abbatiee S. Augustini 
juxta muros Cantuarise). It was first published by Mr. Thomas 
Wright in his Volume of Vocabularies (n, 96-124). "Wright does 
not mention Wanley's account of the MS., but ' has no hesitation ' 
in ascribing its writing to the eighth century. He remarks : ' Some 
one has written on the first leaf, in a hand perhaps of the thirteenth 
century, that it belonged to the church of Canterbury — liber Sancti 
Augustim Cant. — whence it no doubt came into the possession of 
Archbishop Parker. It is, therefore, not improbable that this 
vocabulary was origiually compiled and written for the school of 

The MS., no. cxltv (formerly & 3), in the library of Corpus 
Christi College, Cambridge, has four columns on each page. It 
consists of two alphabetical glossaries, the former of which contains 
only a few English words. The handwriting is semi-uncial, occa- 
sionally running into cursive, not later than the first half of the 
eighth century. My text is based on repeated collation with 
the MS. 


The Germanic portion of this glossary was first printed in 
Haupt's Zeitschrift (v, 194-198) by Bethmann, and was afterwards 
re-collated by E. Martin, who published his results in the same 
periodical (Neue folge 11, 19 1-2). My own text is taken from the 
MS. itself. It is written in a scrubby, half-cursive, continental 
hand of the ninth century by a High German scribe, as shown by 
the glosses sescuplum : dridehalpf (28) ; capitio ■: haubitloh (48) ; 
tenda : gez{e)lt (63), and some others, together with the partic. pres. 
in -enli (14). The corruptions of the English words are of the 
same character as in Erfurt; the scribe excuses himself by the 
remark at the end, sicut inveni scrtpsi, ne reputes scriptori. The 
language is of the oldest type. The English words are often 
marked by a circumflex-like tick above them, or by the word sax., 
as in Erf. 

General Structure and Relations, 

Before proceeding to discuss the general relations of the glossaries, 
it will be as well to enumerate the separate glossaries contained in 


the four MSS. — the Leiden, Epinal, Erfurt and Corpus. There 
are six of them : — 

(i) Leiden (L.). 

(a) Epinal-Erfurt (EE., Ep., Erf. 1 ). 

(3) Second Erfurt (Erf. 2 ). 

(4) Third Erfurt (Erf. 8 ). 

(5) First Corpus (C. 1 ). 

(6) Second Corpus (C. a , C). 

It will be noted that for the sake of convenience I use C, without 
any exponent, to denote the (longer) second Corpus glossary, 
except when it is expressly contrasted with C. 1 . EE. is used to 
denote the text given by the agreement of Ep. and Erf. 1 . 

Alphabetical All of these glossaries, except the first, are alphabetical. L. 
cannot, in fact, be strictly regarded as a single glossary, but rather 
as a collection of smaller glossaries, not yet digested into a single 
whole. The alphabetical order of the other glossaries is of two 
kinds. The first, and most primitive, is that of EE. and C. 1 . It 
consists in simply throwing the words together under their initial 
letter, without further alphabetical arrangement. Thus, the first 
four words in EE. show the following order of the first two letters : 
am-, ax-, ar-, an-. This we may call the a- order. The three 
other glossaries, E.', E. 8 , and C.*, follow a stricter, what may be 
called the ab- order, which throws together all words whose first 
two letters are the same, the third being disregarded. Thus, the 
first eight words in C. 9 show the following order of the first three 
letters : abe~, obi-, abs~, abo-, abl-, abu-, abi-, abe-. None of them 
has got so far as the strict abc- order of our modern dictionaries. 

Method of The way in which the alphabetical glossaries were compiled was 
evidently the following. The scribe had before him a glossary (or 
glossaries) of the L. type, which he wished, for convenience of 
reference, to throw into an alphabetical form. For this purpose he 
took as many sheets of parchment as there were letters of the 
alphabet, and marked them a, b, c, &c. in regular order. He then 
entered each gloss as it came under its initial letter, until the sheet 
for that letter was filled, when he took another, and so on, the 
result being a glossary of the EE. type. The ab- glossaries always 
presuppose one or more a- glossaries, which were recast on a plan 


similar to that on which the a- glossaries were constructed. The 
scribe took a number of sheets marked a, b, c, &c, and, beginning 
with a, he copied out all the words beginning with ab~ in the order 
in which they came in his a-order glossary, and then proceeded to 
copy out those beginning with ac- in the same way, and so on. 

The ultimate sources of a portion, at least, of these glossaries Originally 
must be sought in interlinear and marginal glosses in Latin books. 
It is only on this supposition that we can explain the frequent ap- 
pearance of nouns and adjectives in oblique cases, and different tenses 
<fcc. of verbs, such as affectui vel dilectione, cere alieno, detractavit, 
pramtUganmt, proferentem, as also of groups of words, such as ad 
expenses, ex phalange, jnctus acu, tabida et putrefacta, all entered 
under the first word. It is easy to trace some of these latter back 
to their literary sources, and, indeed, such a phrase as verbere torto 
at once betrays its Virgilian origin 1 . Vi vupervm, glossed violentia 
deorum in C, is also Virgilian. Equally familiar is the subject of 
a gloss in Erf. 9 , which I give in full 9 : 

Quousque tandem abutero Catellina patientia ? increpantium est 
principium libri Ciceronis, quod Catellina senator perditus civium 
sub consule Cicerone 9 male vivendo patientia ipsius Ciceronis 
male utebatur. Abutero, male uteris. 

In the gloss reciproeato : gisiaebnendrae (864)* we have a Latin 
masc. or neut. adjective glossed by an English fern, one, but in the 
same case (though it may also be genitive), showing that the Latin 
masc. or neut. substantive with which reciproeato agreed was 
glossed by an English feminine. Owing to defective word-division 
and the occasional necessary division at the end of a line in the 
prototype (whether a glossed book or an older glossary), it often 
happens that words are given in a truncated form. Thus under c 
we find corax-=.nycticorax, under p petigo=impetigo, all the "MSS. 
agreeing. Conversely, unmeaning fragments of words are some* 
times run on to English words, as in the gloss axis : tumaex (Erf. 
13), where Ep. has simply axis ; aex. The mysterious searpmat; 

1 This is pointed oat by Wright in a note to C, but I learn from Prof. Skeat 
that he first reminded W. of the passage in V irgiL 

3 After Oehler, the MS. itself being no longer accessible. 

* Cicepone OehUr, 

* References are to EE., unless otherwise implied or stated. 


scripitham occurs both in Ep. and Erf. (906), while C. has only 
scripib*. A fruitful source of corruption is running two glosses 
into one, the subject of the second gloss being omitted, as in Erf. 
608 , where we have the mysterious gloss lepus ; hcera, qua cvm 
intro canit. EE. 1089, 90 has the two glosses verecundioe conces- 
serim : gUebdae and vadimonium : borg ; the scribe of C. copied 
the second of these under va~, and imagining the English word in 
the gloss above to be a continuation of borg written above the line, 
produced the unmeaning vadimonium : borggilefds. In some cases 
the separation of a compound gloss into its elements has led to a 
violation of the alphabetical order : EE. 729 has the gloss percom- 
moda matvMnos : sua cendlic morgenlic, which C. divides into 
percommoda : sua cerdio and matutinos : morgenlic, the latter thus 
coming under p instead of m. Similarly, we find under m in EE. 
(618) and C. mendacio conpo&ito : geregnodae, and under 8 in C. 
(1329) sempitema moles :falthing, the glosses applying only to the 
second words in both instances. Under u we find in Ep. (1084) 
quinquefolium : hraefnaes fot, the Latin word having probably been 
originally only an additional gloss to the preceding viscus : mistily 
being afterwards itself glossed by hraefnaes fot and then written as 
an independent gloss. 
Repetition A natural result of compiling glosses from various sources is 
gloss. that the same gloss is often repeated. The process of alphabetical 

arrangement— especially in the a&- order — tends, of course, to 
eliminate these repetitions, but it often happens that the same 
Latin word appears both in its correct and in some corrupted 
form, or, as is often the case, in two corrupted forms. Thus, we 
find (240, 1) first t^ie correct cornicula and then *cornacula, the 
former being omitted in C, although the two are glossed by dif- 
ferent words in EE. So also *argillus (3) and *argella (48), in C. 
argilla and *argetta 9 abilina (15) and avellanus (50). C. has under 
g genU, under c cents, both =ganta and with the same gloss wilds 
govs. The alphabetical order shows that this last corruption, cents 
for ganta, must have existed in the non-alphabetical source of the 
gloss. So also all three (EE. and C.) agree in putting arrius (61) 
under a, while C. has also farius (842) under /, both words being 
glossed fag, and therefore probably corruptions of varius. In some 
cases corruptions common to EE. and C. actually do appear in the 


non-alphabetical L., such as arpa (4o)=harpe, berrus (i 51) ^verres, 
netUa (6 t j^)=nitela. Often the same word appears in different 
cases in the different texts, especially in L. as opposed to the other 
three. Thus L. has fbrarum (27), famfelucae (171) against their 
fibre* (405) and C'sfibra (870), and famfaluea (EE. 426, 447), and 
also ecropia (150) (originally scrobs, scrobis) against scrobibus (948). 
Where the differences of case were sharply marked, as in these 
instances, the different cases of one and the same word were prob- 
ably regarded as so many distinct glosses, and there was no attempt 
to reduce them to the common nominative, but rather to drop one 
of them. But where the difference was simply one of nom. and 
ace. in such endings as -us, -urn, -a, -am, which were confounded 
very early in popular Latin, there may have been a tendency to 
substitute the nom. for the ace. in the process of compiling the 
glossaries, especially as in most cases this did not involve any 
alteration of the English gloss. At any rate, we find the following 
words which in L. are ace. but nom. in the others : hederam (44), 
invisum (104), vitricum (108), decrepUam (115), while the correct 
neuter acrifolvum in L. (243) appears as a masc. nom. acrifolu* in 
the others. The false masc. nom. ruscus (L. 127) is common to all 
of them. On the other hand, L. has aquUius (233) against aqui- 
liwm, as also auricula (234) against auriexdum, which may be due 
either to confusion in pronunciation or difference of source. 

Repetitions of the same Latin word, but with a different English 
gloss, are very common, and are generally retained even in the 
latest digests, though sometimes two such glosses are rolled into 
one. Thus the two glosses crabro : uaeps (255) and crabro : hirnitu 
(275) of Erf. are united under the crabro : waefs vel hurnitu (603) 
of C. So Hbo fibula : sigil (408) sndjibula ; hrmgiae (410) under' 
fibula : hringe, sigl (C. 874). 

We have already (p. 7) pointed out the literary sources of Sources: 
some of the glosses which consist of groups of words, and can 
therefore be easily identified. All doubt as to the literary and 
interlinear origin of the glosses in general is removed by a simple 
inspection of L., where each gloss is entered under the name of the 
book it was taken from. The scribe evidently had before him a 
library of Latin books containing a number of scattered interlinear 




glosses, some in Latin, some in English, which he copied out in 
parallel columns in the order of their occurrence. These non- 
alphabetical glossaries were probably at first intended only to serve 
the purpose of a running commentary and glossary to each text, 
and the plan of utilizing them for general reference was an after- 
thought. In order to give as much information as possible about 
the literary sources, I have in the text of L. preserved all the 
headings, even when there are no English glosses under them. 
It will be seen that most of the books are ecclesiastical : commen- 
taries on various books of the Bible, lives of Saints (St. Martin), 
the works of the Fathers, and commentaries on them; also that 
most popular of Middle Age epitomes, the History of Orosius, and 
some purely profane writings. The heading Incipit ex ddversis 
libris seems to point to an earlier collection of glosses out of dif- 
ferent books, which was copied straight off. 
Class- But it is evident that the glossaries were not compiled from 

literary sources alone ; the purely colloquial half-Romance forms of 
many of the Latin words, such as accearivm (steel), TnorgU^mulget, 
roscinia=lu8cinia (26), the number of technical words and names 
of animals and plants coming together in groups even in the alpha- 
betical glossaries, cannot well have been taken out of ordinary 
books. In L. the latter class of words are thrown together under 
the* headings Verba de multis and Item alia, and are evidently 
taken directly from class-glossaries, in which names of beasts, birds, 
fishes, minerals and other natural objects were collected in separate 
groups. Thus, 201-20 seem nearly all to be names of birds, the 
next three are names of fishes, then follow four names of animals, 
all of the same type. Again 238-41 give us four different swine- 
names, and further on we have a group of tree-names. 187-8 we 
find argella, accearium together, 196-8 three names of tools, and 
144-5 veru, cos. This latter class of words is, however, rare and 
scattered. Evidences of other class-glossaries may be found in the 
juxtaposition of simplex, bilex and triplex (156-8), aleo (=aleator) 
and alea (140-1), fidicen and Jidis (147-8), striga and vneuba 
(228-9). But there are many scattered words which do not fall 
into any distinct class with the others. Further proof of these 
words being taken from class- glossaries is afforded by the fact of 
the great majority of them being in the nominative, while the lite- 


rary words appear, as we have seen, as often, or oftener, in some 
oblique case. 

There still remains the general question of the relations of the The English 
English to the Latin glosses, and the principles on which words 
were glossed generally. When we find a Latin word glossed by 
another Latin word, we may assume that the glosser had at least 
an elementary knowledge of the language, and, consequently, that he 
would generally gloss only the harder words, and would gloss these 
by commoner and simpler ones. On the other hand, when a Latin 
text is glossed by English words, there is at least a possibility of 
the glosser being almost completely ignorant of Latin. Such a 
glosser would be in the position of a schoolboy who scribbles man, 
way, over dnthropos, hodos in his Qreek delectus in order to retain 
the newly learnt words in his memory. Hence it is that among 
the English literary glosses we find such everyday words glossed as 
atqueve, pudor, petisse, trans, and many others. But with technical 
words and names of natural objects the case is different. Here the 
English rendering was constantly employed to supplement and sum 
up the Latin definition. Thus L. 36 defines perpendiculum as 
modiea petra de plurnbo, quam ligant injilo quando cedificant pari- 
etes, and then adds the English equivalent pwndar. Compare also 
paliurus (37) and circino (40). In all of these cases the later 
glossaries (EE. and C.) entirely omit the Latin definition, retaining 
only the English word. The same tendency to drop the Latin 
definition as soon as an English word has established itself may be 
observed in many other instances as well. Thus, eumenides are 
explained i&JUice noctis in L. 136, the English hegitisse being also 
added, while C. has simply eumenides : haehtisse. Sometimes, how- 
ever, as in the case of mwrica (EE. 624), the Latin definition is 
retained in the later recensions as well. Even in comparing EE. 
with C, the tendency to drop superfluous words is very marked, as 
will be seen hereafter. 

. In the case of names of animals, plants, <fcc, where accurate defi- 
nition was difficult, if not impossible, there seems generally to be 
no trace of an intermediate Latin definition, and there can be 
little doubt that most of these words were taken from Latin- 
English class-glossaries, which may possibly have been compiled 


by the missionaries who first preached the gospel in Kent. Hence 
the marked preponderance of this class of words in the glossaries. 

In many cases the English rendering was added in the alpha- 
betical glosses themselves. Many of the purely Latin glosses in 
EE. appear in C. with an English word tacked on. Thus EE. has 
the gloss apricitas : calor, which is repeated in Erf. 2 (Oehl. 270. 
297) in the corrupt form of apricitas : color. This last reappears 
in C. 188, the second word being deliberately glossed by the Eng- 
lish ' hue ' — apricitas : color, hio. Often also the same gloss appears 
twice, with and without an English rendering. An unmistakeable 
instance is C. 74, adclinis : tohald, vel incumbens, the original 
of which is seen in EE. acclinis : resupinus vel incumbens. In 
another place (96) EE. has adclinis : tohald, the Latin part of the 
gloss being entirely omitted. It is probable that the prototype of 
the English gloss both in EE. and C. had adclinis ; resupinus vel 
incumbens, the English tohald being at first only a gloss on resu- 
pinus, and finally supplanting it. Even in comparing Ep. and Erf. 
we find the colonus : gibuwr and contribulus : meeg (163, 4) of Ep. 
represented only by colonus : vicinus and contribulus : consanguis 
in Erf. These were no doubt the original glosses, the English 
words having at first been simply written above the second word 
in each. This is confirmed by C.'s reading of the second gloss — 
contribulius : meig, vel sanguine, the last two words being a cor- 
ruption of consanguis. If the English rendering had been written 
after, instead of above, the Latin one, the order would have been 
the same as in apricitas : color, hio. The English word was written 
above simply because there was no room for it in the line, and 
when the whole gloss was copied out again in one line, the Latin 
word was omitted partly for the same reason. 

We will now consider the structure and relation of the various 
texts more in detail. 

Leiden. It is evident at the first glance that, although L. shows a more 

primitive text than EE. (and C), the latter cannot have derived 
any portion of its literary glosses directly from L. Out of 145 
glosses in L. which by their headings are referred to literary 
sources, only 49 appear in EE. and C, 20 out of these 49 being 
peculiar to C. (Note that C. contains nearly twice as many Eng- 


lish glosses as EE.) Out of 40 literary headings in L. only 29 
comprise English glosses, and 12 out of these 29 give only one 
English gloss. Of the remaining 17 there are 3 headings which 
consist entirely of glosses which do not appear in EE. and C. : 
Item de ecclesiastica storia (v), De Ester (xx), Incipit in Esdra 
(xxi). It will be noticed that the heading before v has out of 
8 words only one that occurs also in EE. or C, and as this gloss 
appears again in another part of L., it is probable that the com- 
piler of C. took it from the source there named (Eusebius) ; we 
may, therefore, conclude that there are 4 longer headings peculiar 
to L. There are, on the other hand, 6 headings at least half of 
whose glosses re-appear in EE. and C. : In libro Isaie propTiete 
(xu), In libro rotarwm (xxv), Verborum interpretatio (xxvii), De 
Orosio (xxxni), De dialogorum (xxxvi), Ex diversis libris (xxxix). 
The rest of the 17 all have at least one gloss common also to EE. 
and C. Of the 1 2 headings comprising only a single gloss, 5 re- 
appear in EE. and C, 3 of these being peculiar to C. As it is 
impossible to determine with certainty the relations of some of the 
glosses, these statistics are not perfectly accurate, but they are 
quite enough so for our purposes. I have included Indent verbo- 
rum inie^rretatio among the literary sources, as it is probably the 
title of a book. 

The repetition of the same glosses in EE. and C. may in some 
cases be fortuitous, but several of them are so marked in character 
that their appearance in L. and EE. is enough to prove that the 
two recensions must have drawn from common sources. Such 
a gloss is L. 78 mauria, de auro facta in tonica: gespan, where 
EE. has the slightly varied murica : gespan, aurewm in tunica. 
So also the curious gloss C. 1660 pronuba: heortisuaepe appears 
also in L. The truncated petigo, placed under p by EE. and C, is 
also in L. 

In the class-glosses, Verba de multis (xliii), Item lia (xliv), 
Item alia (xlv) the connection between L. and the alphabetical 
glosses is much more intimate than in the literary glosses : out of 
over 100 glosses included under these three headings there are less 
than 20 which do not reappear in EE. and C, many of which either 
differ but slightly but others occurring in the latter, or else are of 
doubtful Eoglishness. The agreement of many of the most cha- 


racteristic glosses shows that L. and the alphabetical glossaries not 
only drew from class-glossaries, but also from the same class- 
glossaries. Such glosses are umbrellas : statu to fuglurn (EE. 
1067), manticvm: handful beouuaes (645), incuba : merae vel 
satyrus (558). 

It will be observed that of the words not peculiar to L. only 
3 do not occur in EE., but in C, a much smaller proportion than 
in the case of the literary words. 
Order in L. A sure and simple test of the affinity between L. and EE. is 
afforded by the gloss-order in both. If EE. were based on L. 
we should expect to find all the words beginning with the same 
letter which occur in both texts to come in the same order. The 
following are all the class-glosses beginning with a which occur 
both in L. and EE., arranged in the order in which they come in 
L., and with the number of their occurrences in EE. : — 

EE. 7 6 15(50) 47 48 49 4 

L. aleator alea abellana alga argella accearium andeda 

39 40 4 1 43 44 

auriculum : dros arpa acega aquilius auriculum : earuuigga 

34 33 35 46 

acrifolium acerabulus alnus alneta. 

It will be seen that in spite of discrepancies the general agree- 
ment is very remarkable. The transposition of two glosses in 
immediate succession (7,6 and 34,33) is natural, and frequent even 
in such closely allied texts as Ep. and Erf., as we shall see here- 
after. Disregarding these variations, as also the isolated 4, we get 
three groups of glosses running on in regular order: 6-49, 39-44, 
33-46. This cannot be chance, especially as the order of the words 
is often very arbitrary, and we cannot avoid the conclusion that 
both L. and EE. copied from the same class-glossary. 

There are, on the other hand, a large number of plant-names, &c. 
in EE. which do not occur in L. 
Groups of The relation of L. to the later glossaries in its treatment of those 
glosses which contain groups of words has already been touched 
upon (p. 11): it will be convenient to give the complete materisj 
here. The words added or omitted are in italics, a t showing that 
the gloss appears in C. and not in EE. 

words in L. 


A. Latin. 

(i) Omitted in the later glossaries. 

.8 antoni, lacunar. 34 telum ordilus. 35 viciam, pisas agrestes. 
t36 perpendiculum, modica petra de plumbo, quam ligant inJUo 
quando cedificant parietes. 37 paliurus, herba quae creseit in tectis 
domorum, grossa folia habens. 40 circino, ferrum duplex, unde 
pictores faciwnt circvlos. t 136 eumenides, a /i/ta! noctis. 221 tinct 
(= tinea) : alii, lupus brevis. Also several whose identity is doubtful : 
57 laguncula8, 79 lagonam, 82 prorigo, 93 callos, 154 cunee. 

(2) Omitted in L. 
fio ultro citvoque. 159 pedo, paturum. 

(3) Retained. 
229 incuba: maerae vel satyrus (om. in C). 

(4) Order changed. 

78 mauria, de auro facta in tonica : gespan — murica : gespan, 
aureum in tunica (om. in C). 

B. English. 

(1) Omitted in the later glossaries. 

34 telum orditus: inuuerpan uueb. t98 barathrum: lohvel 


(2) Omitted m L. 

?ti3 callos: wearras vel ill. 216 picus : higre^na. 

Order changed. 

114 exactio : monung gaebles — gaebles monung. 
In one case L/s gloss has been cut into two : L. 89 vexilla et 
labarum : Begin, 0. 2093 vexilla : seign, EE. 567 labarum : segn. 

We may now sum up the relation between L. and EE. thus : General re- 
L. and EE. took their literary glosses partly from the same books, all to EE. 
the class-glosses in L. and part of those in EE. being taken from the 
same glossary. The two glossers, in fact, evidently worked in the 


same library or libraries, and, to a great extent, with the same 
books — in all probability, in the libraries of Canterbury. 

eBuJl ^^* nas ^ een * nc ^ u ^ e< l ahove (p» 6) among the a- order glossa- 

ries, but this is only partly correct. If we go through the whole 
body of words given under any one letter in EE., we shall see that 
in the case of some of the letters it falls into two groups. The 
first, in which the great majority of the English glosses are con- 
tained, follows the a- order. Thus, in going through a we find 
considerable masses of English glosses interspersed with purely 
Latin ones, both often running on in uninterrupted succession 
through several numbers, and ending at areister : strelbora, then 
a body of about 70 glosses, only two of which are English, and 
ending at arx. Then comes a group in regular ab- order, beginning 
with aberuncat and ending with avena. Although this second 
group is nearly as long as the first one down to areister, it contains 
only three English glosses, which are lumped together nearly at the 
end, forming part of a small group in which the ab- order is com- 
pletely ignored. This ab- group presupposes, of course, an earlier 
a- order alphabetical glossary. Not only do the same words appear 
in both groups, but also the same identical glosses. An unmistake- 
able instance is the glo?s acclinis, already mentioned (p. 12). 
A ctionabatur : puplice vendebat shows the same form of the verb as 
EE. 86 actionabatur : scirde, which can hardly be fortuitous. 
Asotus : urbanus, luxurious in the second group is clearly the same 
gloss as asotus : luxuriosus in the first. jEstuaria : ubi duo maria 
conveniurU and altrinsecus : ex ulraque parte, both in the second 
group, may also be the same as EE. 107 and 51, and there are 
other instances. Both groups are, therefore, to some extent at 
least, independent recensions of glosses taken from the same books. 
The first group itself can be again subdivided, the first half con- 
sisting mainly of words taken from class- glossaries, and nearly 
always in the nominative, the second containing many verb-forms, 
oblique cases of adjectives and nouns, many of them abstract words. 
The a- group in EE. show occasional traces of the ab- order. 55*-8 
albipediu8 t alvium, alviolum, alga may be fortuitous, but in 186- 
214 there is an unmistakeable attempt to throw together all the 
words beginning with con-, although there is no separation of 


de- and dis- under d, or of the numerous pers and 2>ros under p. 
There seems to be a tendency to throw the ads together (73-8, 

The connection between Ep. and Erf. 1 is so close that at first Epinal and 

. Erfurt, 

sight one might imagine Erf. to be a direct copy of Ep., although 

further examination shows that this is not the case. 

The following glosses of Ep. are omitted in Erf. : cqfinus (222), Omissions of 
cariscu8 (238), ijitilium (429), favonius (452), hastilia (489), 
munxceps (620), mwnifica (621), t millefolium (639), musiranus 
(649), maruca (651), majalis (652), maiUistis (654), mastice (655), 
malva (656), marrubium (657), mulio (658), mango (659), matrix 
(661), t mergus (662), t occas (713), \ocdpitium (7 20), proscribit 
(739), patena : Iwlopannt (784), ptrna (804), fpituita (833), solli- 
citat (936), viscus (1083), quinque/olium (1084). Those marked 
with a t are wanting also in C. In Erf. the glosses municeps and 
munifica are rolled together into the single word manificit without 
any gloss, either English or Latin. The gloss quinquefolium is out 
of its alphabetical order in Ep., being originally simply a rendering 
of the preceding viscus. In some cases the gloss omitted in Erf. 
occurs over again in both Ep. and Erf. Thus perna reappears 
774, and patena with a different rendering 786, as also 2^tuita 775. 
The words colonus and contribulu8 9 glossed by an English word in 
Ep., a Latin in Erf., have been noticed above (p. 12). In the case 
of {h)alitus (89) the space for the English word is left blank in Erf. 
It will be seen that half the omissions fall under m, where they 
mostly run on in uninterrupted succession. 

The following glosses which occur in Erf. are omitted in Ep. Omissions of 
genuinum (487), t occupavib : geonette (717), procuratio (721), p * 
t pedetemptim (834), sinapio : cressae (922), those marked f being 
omitted in C. also. It will be observed that the gloss occupavit is 
repeated in both Ep. and Erf. with the only slightly different ren- 
dering onettae (7 1 2). 

In one case Erf. has a fuller gloss than Ep. 1050 via secta, 
ftwar : iringaes uueg. 

The order of the glosses sometimes differs in Ep. and Erf. The Different 
following gives the glosses in their Ep. order, the numbers above and Erf. P * 
showing their place in Erf. 



31 57 5<> 16$ (end of h) 

11 aniites. *$6, 7 alvium, alviolum. 120 (beginning ofb) buccula. 

147 146 153 409 fraxinus 

146, 7 ballena, broel. 161 bufo. 411 fenicia. *4 14-17 frixum, 
fagua frixum ferinum 478 475 556 

ferinum, fraxinus, fagus. 474 gracilis. 486 galmilla. 562 isca. 

638* 637 636 638 b 684 

637, 8 myrtus, melarium. 641 mastigia. 646 mascus. 688 nodus. 
743 74i 766 765 827 

*74i, 2 per seudoterum, percitus. 765, 6 puncto, petigo. 828palum- 

1100 (end of m) 1088 1087 

bes. 1057 vicatum. 1087, 8 vangas, virecta. 

The * denotes agreement with G. in those cases in which its ab- 
order allows the original order to be seen. It will be observed that 
C. in every case supports the order of Ep. Also that Erf.'s trans- 
position of 146, 7 separates broel from broellariv*, which must 
originally have followed it, as in Ep. and C. 

Epinai- The general relation of C. to EE. may be summed up by saying 

Corpus. that C. is EE. arranged in ab- order, with as many more glosses 
from other sources. That C. was compiled directly from EE., as 
far as half of its matter is concerned, is proved beyond a doubt by its 
word-order. Thus, under a, we find the words beginning with ab- 
written out in the exact order of their occurrence in EE. The 
following are all the words beginning with ab in EE. in the order 
of their occurrence there : abilina (15), abies (37), absinthium (66), 
abortus (80), ablata (104). The first word in C. is abelena, and the 
others follow exactly in the same order as in EE. down to ablata. 
Then comes a fresh batch of words beginning with ab y none of 
which are in EE.— evidently taken from an a- order glossary of the 
same character as EE. It is, however, seldom that the order of 
the words of different sources is so regular. Thus, if we denote 
glosses occurring in EE. by e, and leave unmarked those occurring 
only in C, we find the following succession under ae- : 45 e, 46, 47, 

48, 49» 5o» 5!^ 5 2 «> 53«> 54«, 55«> 5&e, 57 «> 5 8 «> 59«> 6 <>e, 6i«, 
626, 630, 64, 65, 66, 67. Here we have a long and unbroken series 
of es in the middle, preceded and followed by smaller groups of cs, 
with an isolated e at the beginning. The order of ad- is much more 
regular, being broken only occasionally by isolated words : 68, 69c, 


foe, 71, 72c, 73c 74c, 75c, 76e, 77*, 78c, 79, 8oe, 81, 82, 83, 84, 
850, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91. The order of the short ae- is perfectly 
regular, with the exception of the first word : 92, 93c, 94 e, gfte, 

** 96 e, 97, 98. al- is also almost perfectly regular, in spite of its 


r The explanation of these irregularities of order offers considerable 

difficulties. The supposition that the Scribe deliberately copied 
out a few words first from one of the sources, then from another, 
afterwards returning to the first one, cannot be entertained. It is, 
however, possible that in copying, say words beginning with ab in 
EE., he may occasionally have missed a gloss, or even have skipped 

u a whole column, which he would, on subsequent revision of the 

whole ab- group, discover and enter at the end of the a&- group. 
This may possibly be the explanation of the order of am-: 1430, 

144, M5> 146. 147, 148, i49> x 5o«, I5 1 * ^2, i53> i54«> i55«» 
1560. So also in at-. Or the scribe may have entered the missed 

words at the top or foot of a column, between the lines — anywhere 
* where he found room ; indeed, no other course would be open to 

the revisor of a whole sheet or a whole letter. As we have seen, 
there are two cases in which the scribe of Erf., having missed 
' a gloss in the middle of a letter, afterwards entered it at the end 
(buccula and vicatvm). 

The sources of the words peculiar to C. were, as already re- 
marked, a- order (and ab-) glossaries like EE., one of which was 
almost certainly the original of Erf. 2 , as shown by the history 
of the gloss apricitas : color (p. 12). Here also there are distinct 
traces of class-glossaries. Thus out of seven words under ab four 
are names of winds : ab ewro, ad ewronothum, ab qffrico, a borea, 
the connection of the second with the others being maintained only 
at the sacrifice of the strict alphabetical order, which would relegate 
it to ad- 9 as a eircio and a favonio are regularly entered under ac- 
and of-. 

C. omits the following Ep. glosses, those marked f being omitted Omissions 
in Erf. also, and those in brackets being parallel glosses, a t show- 
ing that the gloss occurs only in C. : — 73 addicavit, 74 adstipulatus, 
100 adempto : ginumni [102 adempta : binumni] ; 176 celatum : 
utathrungaen [t424 caelatum : agraben, t45i celatum: abrectat], 



216 clunis, 234 cyathus : bolla [t62j cuppa: beodbolle], 240 cor- 
nicula : chyae [241 cornicula : crauuae], 296 cervical ; 325 delibutus : 
gisalbot 1 [t^76 delibutus: gesrairwid]; 400 flustra, 407 fax, 409 
furca : uueargrod [t930 furcimen: waergrood], t429 fitilium, 443 
feriatis : restaendum [t854 feriatus : gerested], 444 facundia ; 480 
genuino : gecyndilican [\g6i genuino : tusc], 482 genas : hleor ^962 
genas : heagaspen], 486 galmilla : linimolegn [477 gal mum : molegn, 
C. 953 galmulum : molegnstycci, moling] ; 505 ilium : neuunseada 
[t 1 04 1 ilia: midhridir] ; 609 lacunar: hrof [597 lacunar: flodae, 
tn8olacunar: hebenhus]; t639 millefolium: gearuue[623 mirifillon: 
geruuae], +662 mergus: scalfr [647 mergulus : scalfr] ; 674 nycti- 
corax: naechtbraebn [673 noctua : naechtbraebn] ; t7i3 occas : 
fealga [ti427 occa: faelging], t7T9 occipitium : bnecca [715 occi- 
put : hreacca] ; 827 pbitecus, f833 pituita : gillistrae [775 pituita : 
gibrec, ti575 petuita: sped]; 884 scrobibus : furhum [948 scro- 
bibus: groepum], 904 scina : grima [902 scena: sceadu, fi8i8 
ecena : uuebung], 907 scalpellum : byris [883 scalpel lum : bredisern, 
891 scalprum : byris, thuearm, ti8o6 scalpellum : bor], 935 suffra- 
gium: mundbyrd [934 suffragator: mundbora], 953 scina, nitatio: 
grima [cp. 904 above], 981 scevus : sceolhegi [ti829 scevum : godu- 
ureci]; 1044 tabida et putrefacta. 

The following are wanting both in Ep. and C, occurring in Erf. 

487 genuinum, intimum, dens : tusc [/t-961 genuino: tusc, natu- 
rale], 717 occupavit: geonette [712 occupavit: onettae], 834 pe- 

The parallel glosses show that in many cases the omissions of C. 
are caused by the same Latin word reappearing with another, some- 
times but slightly differing, rendering. The omissions were pro- 
bably sometimes deliberate, sometimes the natural result of over- 
looking one of two similar glosses. 

Groups of The treatment of those glosses which contain groups of words 

C.andEE. offers many points of interest, words being added and omitted, and 

their order changed both in the Latin and English portions of the 

glosses. The following lists will give a general view, similar 

1 As this gloss is cut out in Ep., we do not know Ep.'s reading, and it is 
possible that gisalbot may be a German substitution for gimirwid. 


changes being grouped together. The words omitted or added axe 
in italics. 

A. Latin. 

(i) omitted in C. 

103 arcessitus, evocatus. 177 cautere, ferrum. 370 e vestigio, 
siatim. 379 (h)eptafyllon, septemfolia. 564 lepor, subtilitas. 568 
lurcones, avidi. 571 lituus, baculum augur ah in prima parte 
curvum. 581 lenta, tarda. 623 mirifillon, millefolium. 667 
nausatio, vomitus. 685 nap(h)t(h)a, genus fomenti. 734 privigna, 
JUia 8ororis. 765 puncto,./brawH7&e, in quo pedes vinctorum tenentur 
in ligno cubitali, spatio inter jecto. 791 papula, pustula. 793 plan- 
tago, septenerbia. 835 petulans, spurcus. 878 rastros, ligones. 
887 sarculura, ferrum. 967 stilium, fusa. 978 stilio, vespertUio. 
981 scevus, strabus, torbus. 982 serum, liquor casei. 988 trutina, 
statera. 992 tropea, signa. 994 troc(h)leis, modicis rotis. 1001 
tragelafus, platocerus. 1054 ventriculus, stomachus avis. 

9 aulea : strel, vel curtina ab aula. 171 citropodes : crocha 
super iv pedes. 180 cercylus: aesc vel navis. 210 convenio: 
groetu vel adjuro. 277 culix : mycg longas tibias habens. 550 in 
mimo : in gliuuae, quod tamen ad mimarios vel mimigraphos per- 
tinet. 558 incuba: merae vel satyrus. 624 murica: gespan, 
aureum in tunica. 874 rancor : throh vel invidia vel odium. 890 
sentina : lectha, ubi multce aqua colliguntur in unam 1 navem. 894 
scirpea : lebr, de qua mat(t)a conficitur. 998 tessera : tasol, quad- 
rangulum. 1059 volvola: widuwindae, herba similis hederce, quce 
vitibus etfrugibus drcumdari solet. 

9 aulea: strel, vel curtina, ab aula. 17 aneta, a natando. 391 
esculus, ab edendo. 

509 inlex: tyctaend, ab inliciendo. 620 municeps : burgleod, 
a mu(ni)cipio. 

515 inritatus in rixam. 983 trux palpitat. 

(2) added in C. 

71 acris, fortis. 281 co(ho)rs, numerus militum : tuun. 288 
crustailum similis haalstaan. 385 exta, prcecordia. 406 fastidium 

1 om. in Ep. 


[odium]. 441 fasces [libri]. 653 oppilavit, clausit. 772 praxi- 
nus (fr.), viridus color. 789 pittacium, 08 peri. 863 robor, arbor. 
96 adclinis : tohald, vel incumbens. 10 1 adsseclum : pegn, mi- 
nister tivrpitudinis. 181 chaos: duolraa, prima confusio omnium 
rerum. 250 calt(h)a: reade clafre, vel genus Jloris. 966 salum: 
secg, vel mare. 1048 tipo : draca, vel inflatio. 

(3) omitted and added in C. 

172 calculus, ratio, sentential tebelstan, vel lapillus EE.— cal- 
culus, ratio, sententia, numerus : teblstan C. 

(4) retained in both. 

26 achalantis, luscinia, roscinia. 329 deconfugioue, statione. 376 
echinus, piscis. 404 flavum, fulvum. 686 nanus, pumilio. 740 pa- 
ludamentum, genus vestimenti bellici. 778 pedo, paturum(?). 837 
perstromata, ornamenta. 10 18 tuber, tumor. 1 06 1 vulgo, passim. 

608 lepus, leporis. 663 Mars, Martis. 664 mus, muris. 

109 affectui: megsibbi, vel dilectione. 132 beta: berc, arbor 
dicitur. 164 contribulus : meeg, Ep. ; contribulus : consanguis Erf. ; 
contribulius : meig, vel sanguine C. 218 crepacula: claedur, tabula 
qua a segitibus territantur aves l . 453 fornix : boga super columnis. 
501 inluvies secundarum: hama, in quo fit parvulus. 553 in sestivo 
caenaculo : yppae, ubi per aestatem frigus captant. 

984 tonica polimita : hringfaag, a rotundidate circulorum. 

529 in dies crudesceret: a fordh. 618 mendacio conposito : ge- 
regnodae. 727 pro captu : faengae. 984 tonica polimita: hring- 
faag [cp. C. ti6i2 polimita: hringfaag]. 1089 verecundiae con- 
cesserim : gilebdae. 

(5) order changed. 

42 ardea et dieperdulum : hragra — ardia : hragra, et dieperdulum. 
367 exito: (endi)steb, vel perditio— exito [perditio] : endistaeb. 
980 sortem, conditionem : uuyrd — sortem : wyrd, condicionem. 
1092 vibrat, dirigat : borettit — vibrat: borettiS, vel diregatS. 

1 quae a segitibus territat C. 


B. English. 

(i) omitted in C. 

5 arula: fyrpannae vel herth. 278 commentis: searuum vet 
ordoncum. 579 lenocinium : tychtin vel scocha. 583 lembum: 
listan vel thres [cp. C. fi228 limbus : thres, liste]. 673 noctua: 
naecbtbrabn, alii dicunt nectigalae. 928 strepitu : brectme vel 
cliderme. 997 testudo: bordbaca vel scddreda velfaerucas. 1042 
tennofilas : faestin vel anstigan. 

962 stagnum : etaeg vel men. 10 17 tilio : lind vel baesi 

(2) added in C. 

58 alga: scaldbyflas vel sondhyllas. 83 astu : facni velfraefeli. 
113 (h)auserunt : nomun, hlodun. 147 broel : edisc, deortuun. 238 
cariscus: cuicbeam, uuice. 300 cladica: wefl vel owef, 324 doe: 
wituma vel uuetma. 332 delicatis et querulis: wrastum end seob- 
gendum. 370 e vestigio: on lande 1 , on laste. 402 fovet: feormat, 
broedeth. 446 fragor : suoeg, cirm. 711 obligaraentum : lyb, lybsn. 
789 pittaciura, osperi : clut, cleot. 951 soccus : socc, slebescoh. 960 
scirpea : eorisc, leber. 989 trulla : cruce, turl, scqfl. 

11 amites: fugtUtreo vel reftras. 256 cicadee: seeggescere vel 
haman. 286 cepa : ynnilcec, cipe. .360 emolumentum : [faro,] 
fultum. 372 expilatam : [a)>rytd] f arytrid. 388 (h)elleborus : 
pung t woedeberge. 477 galmulum : molegnstycci, moling. 531 
iners : esuind, asolcen. 656 malva : hoce, cottuc, gear wan leaf. 
688 nodus : tvrasan, ost. 706 obtenuit : forcuom, bigaet. 955 
sponda: bene, selma. 1003 tridens : auuel, meottoc. 

210 convenio: ic groeta. 

461 ciBiletan. 595 laquear: firstkrof. 602 liciatorium : hebel- 

i5abelena: Tiasselhimtu. 1056 nrciolum : water cruce. 

(3) retained in both. 

(A star shows that vel is dropped in C.) 

29 (b)arpago: auuel vel clauuo. *307 conpetum : tuun vel Srop. 
342 defernntur: meldadun vel wroegdun. *38i extale: snaedil 

1 [on land©] C. 


vel thearm. ^13 frugus: uncystig vel heamol. 419 fulix: ganot 
vel dopaenid. 430 falces : uudubil, sigdi, riftr. *473 glaucum : 
heuui vel grei. 544 index: taecnaendi, torctendi. 572 lacerna: 
haecilae vel lotha. *573 lumbare : gyrdils vel broec. 790 ptysones : 
berecorn berendae. *853 runcina: locaer vel sceaba. 862 rostrum: 
neb vel scipes celae. 873 rostris: foraeuuallum vel tindum. 891 
Bcalprum : byris vel ut alii thuearm [ut alii om. in ft]. 

(4) order changed. 

426 famfaluca: leasung vel faain — f.: [faam], leasung. 657 mar- 
rubium : hunae vel biouuyrt — m. : biowyrt vel hune. 808 picus : 
fina vel higrae — p. : bigre, fina. 

There are a few cases in which two glosses have been made into 
one, and the reverse. The former in 

C. 603 crabro: waefs vel hurnitu=EE. 255 crabro : uuaeps, 275 
crabro : hyrnitu. C. 874 fibula: hringe, sigl=EE. 408 fibula: 
sigil, 410 fibula: hringiae. 

The latter in 

EE. 554 jubar: leoma vel earendil=C. 1161 jubar : earendel, 
1 166 jubar : leoma. EE. 729 percommoda matutinos : sua cendlic 
morgenlic=C. 1534 percommoda: sua cenlic, 1535 matutinos: 
morgenlic [under />]. It will be observed that in two cases the 
order is reversed. 

Corpus *. This glossary is of considerable length, but as it consists chiefly 

of Hebrew and other proper names whose meaning or etymology is 
explained in Latin, it contains but few English glosses. It follows 
a purely a- order, and is evidently entirely unconnected with C* 
and EE., unless we compare its scisca : eoforprote with the scasa : 
ebor\>rote of the latter (18 16), appearing also in EE. In any case, 
it has no special connection with C. a , except that of forming part 
of the same MS. and being written by the same hand. Its relations 
to the other texts are equally dubious. Its vomer : scaer reappears 
in Erf. 2 (1151) but under b: bemer: scaer, and its tri{p)lex : ISrili 
seems to be the same gloss as L.'s triplex: drili (158), although 
trilex may stand for trilix. 

G. 1 's a- order makes it probable that it was compiled from non- 
alphabetical sources, and that one of these was a class-glossary is 
shown by the appearance, within so small a compass, of three words 

corpus 1 , erfuet"; various readings. 25 

relating to tides : adsida, ledo, matin*, as also by the material mean- 
ing of most of the words, which are also nearly all in the nominative. 

Although Erf . a 8 contain many English glosses not in the others, Erfturt. * ». 
they have evidently drawn partly from the same sources. For the 
repetition of EE.'s color : ajyricitas in Erf. 2 see p. 1 2. Other glosses 
common to EE. and Erf. 2 are omentum : majffa, pilas thothur and 
several from class-glossaries. In Erf. 8 we find cdeator : tebleri and 
aha : tefil reappearing both in EE. and in L., the order agreeing 
with the latter's against EE.'s, and bucula : rantlbceg, humiliamanua 
(pumilio, nanus) : duerh reappearing with only slight discrepancies 
in EE. The gloss baccula, vitula : cuccslf in Erf. 8 seems to be the 
original of C.'s vitula : cuccelf, and there are several other class- 
glosses found in C. but not inTEE., which reappear in Erf. 2 8 . Lacerta 
is an example in Erf. 9 . 

It is impossible to tell with certainty whether Erf. 2 8 formed part 
of the unmutilated Ep. MS., but their relation to C. makes it pro- 
bable that they were included in the original MS. of EE. 

Various Readings. 

The vocabulary, general structure, and sources of the glossaries 
having been examined, there still remains the comparison of their 
divergent readings and the estimation of the value of the evidence 
of the different texts and MS. We must, of course, distinguish 
carefully between the text and the MS. which happens to represent 
it. The text EE. being preserved in two MSS., neither of which is 
a copy of the other, we are able by a comparison of these two MSS. 
to eliminate a large number of errors due merely to their scribes, 
and which did not exist in the prototype of both. For C. we have 
but one MS., and our only criterion of distinction between textual 
and scribal forms is the word-order, which admits, however, of only 
occasional application. But when we find jnlimita entered under 
jpo- t we see that the error could not possibly have been made in the 
original text, and, at the same time, that the Corpus MS. is not the 
original one, but a copy. "We will, therefore, begin with an exa- 
mination of the obviously scribal errors of the MSS., which will, at 


the same time, make us acquainted with the idiosyncrasies of the 
scribes, and the value of their evidence. 
ErSrt ° f ^ e w ^ ^g in w ^h Erf., which, being written by a foreign 

scribe, naturally contains the largest number of errors, especially in 
the English words, although it is evident that the British hand 
often puzzled him in the Latin as well. 

The following are full— often exhaustive — examples of the errors 
of Erf., as far as they admit of classification, isolated errors being 
passed over, the English words following the Latin, from which 
they are separated by a stroke. 

Addition, Much more in the English than the Latin. Conso- 
nants doubled, especially 5:41 accega, 242 croccus, 424 fassianus, 
552 invissus — 523 unbrycci, 10 18 assuollan, 1036 assuant. Letter 
anticipated or repeated : 14 aj>(u)lu8tra, 180 cerci(c)lus — 581 t(h)och, 
614 t(h)ohj 699 bisiuui(8i)di, 7 28 8aeg(a)e8etu 1 729 morgen(d)lic (from 
preceding suacendlic), 744 faer{T)slaegmum y 756 s(e)oktae t 1020 
(hyryhce, 1067 j\l)uglum, 1085 f(l)ugles. Addition of n: 207 con- 
8tipuisse(n) f 578 li{n)quentes — 69 hindberge(n), 94 ger[n)lieae t 245 
8ci(n)ccing f 490 a{n)suand. Addition of c : 585 o(c)ter, 1063 toch{t)- 
licae. The former is probably due to the back curl of the I in the 
original. Addition of final vowel in English words : 66 uermodae, 
193 mondi, 385 becdermi, 529 a for the, 576 etrinani. Addition of 
t: 765 uinctorium, 794 pastinatia. Addition of r: 975 sin/ro- 
niaca, 983 palpitrat. 

Omission. Double consonants : 31 asses (s)corteas, 145 blat(t)is — 
37 sep(p)ae, 93 to nyt(t)um } 586 met(t)oca8. Of repeated letters: 
4 4 1 fa (s)ces — 1 ojrictfyjung, 4 1 holt(h)ana, 406 cH(s)ni8. Endings : 
461 glare(a) — 84 Jvr<zgl(i), 745 caebis(ae). The unfamiliar thorn: 
532 (p)ingungae, 707 (p)a. h before a consonant, probably from 
German analogies : 400 (h)raen, 537 uuidir(h)linienti. 

Truncation : 582 legu(la), 648 mar(so)pien8, 1090 vadi(monium) 
— 680 unemo(tan), 762 (si)fun8terri, 1050 (ir)inges. In some cases 
this may be the result of the omitted portions of the words having 
been written above the line in the prototype." 

Transposition. 131 badrigabo, 923 stronus — 141 art, 225 
plaster, 485 frots, 508 hleodendri, 559 uuydublindce, 769 spreui, 
798 hmigfaag, 801 ritf 824 papoeg. 

Changes due to anticipation or repetition; 174 cartalago, 224 


cleatrum (clatbruro) : pearroc, 678 nugatitas, 753 pertinatiter — 177 
cautere, ferrum : /am (bam), 541 unasettce (-ddse from 542 gisettan), 
751 8cyccimelum (st.), 885 breitibannce (-pannce). 

Endings, -ce for -e in adverbs : 112 adrogantissimce, 946 
strenuas. -u for -t : 56 meelu, lojsjletu. -is for -us: 118 affricis, 
I96 jtictis. -us for -is: 443 feriatus. Miscellaneous : 92 aquila 
(-»), 923 situlcs (-a) — 636 apwldro (-dr), 817 buturfliogo (-ae). 

Special letters, t fota*, &c. : 547 in*ercapito, 711 oblicamentum, 
829 palumpes — 528 saltae, 710 hueolraat, 1036 assuant, 1089 
gilepdae. d for *, &c. : 172 labillus, 891 scalbrum — 641 suibce. 
These confusions may be partly due to .German analogies, ni, w, 
Ac., confused : 773 panipinus (pamp.) — 7 1 4 edischenim (-henn), 744 
faerlslaegmum (-inum), 769 cinamelti (un-), 777 uuorsin (uuorsm), 
780 triuumtri (triuuintri). m for n : 65 armiylossa— 493 redgaes- 
ram, 634 /ira, 797 fcedum, 837 6rwm, 852 graemung (nn). n for 
wi: 78 tilyendun, 719 naffa. n for r: 5 anula, 910 sandinas — 
760 buyrgenas. r for s : 166 cliborum, 589 lurdur, 644 tnwrtocta 
— 643 ruinsung, 707 girettan, 770 angreta y 912 rw^a (sugu). * for 
r : 103 ascessitU8 — 619 easbedlicust. r for p: 861 rodinare. s for 
j> : 32 asueus (ansueop), 131 felduus (-uuop). fforp: 33 maeful- 
dur. p for s: 434 ripendi. s for/: 459 Ao*r, 807 felusor. p for 
to 1 173 jAndiL p for J> : 444 jmood, 601 popistU. a for u : 153 
baculus, 160 babalis — 36 falatreu, 63 gecaes sarae, 732 sccma, 912 
rw<7a (sugu). w for a : 88 streumrad, 1 62 e^stf-, 169 -rend, a for cc : 
1 20 &wa, 1 008 6roa. oc for a : 813 ^/foc ( =flea t tbe e being omitted). 
These mistakes are due to tbe oc-like shape of tbe a. a for ae : 
474 smal, 742 Amd*. German iufluence? e for a: 491 habitavit, 
j 023 te&e (tapete). Many other changes. 

Tbe errors of the other two MSS. being much fewer, we shall be 
able to enumerate them with greater fulness, beginning with Ep. 

Addition. Letter anticipated or repeated: 960 sc(r)irpea — 46 Errors of 
al(t)erholt 9 . 124 7i(r)aebrebletae t 207 gesuidrad(r)ae t 464 quiquae, 
535 anslegacn(g)rae y 575 woe(n)dendu Also in 89 a(d)litu8 (halitus), 
41*] f{r)agus f 1092 vi(m)brat, 913 strig{i)a — 76 gikiodum (gieodun). 
Endings : 125 stearn{o). 

Omission: 26 luscin{i)a y 59 ac(t)tula, 819 jxritfyurus, 100 
ade{m)pto 9 102 ade[m)2)ta, 849 gwi(n)gtfcenmrca, 220 c(l)austella 
— 50 (h)aesil, 229 g(e)leod t 707 "8(a), 773 cr0(t*)s, 999 le(n)ctinadl 


i oi 8 {a)8UoVen y 1059 wi(d)uwindae. Two letters omitted: 561 
infri(gi)dat, 729 matu(ti)no8 — 1051 auund(en)re. Endings: 558 
mera(e), 903 cneori8sa(e). 

Transposition : 567 seng, 894 lerb, 579 thyctin (tychtin in proto- 
type ?), 1063 tholicae. 

Changes due to anticipation: 228 gybyrdia\ 509 tyctaend : an- 
binliciendi (ab inliciendo). 

Endings: 744 prqfligatis (-us), 839 qualiis (-lus), 67 armos 
(-us), 759 provectce (-a), 830 pastdlas (-us), 105 1 verbere torta 


Special changes, ni for m, &c. : 138 Jimm (tuiin), 594 mwftt 
(milti). m for n: 635 malagma — 76 gihiodum. n for r: 1034 
onsorg. r for n : 15 hrutu f 437 smitor. n for u: 610 wen. 

Otffor changes: 62 ascolonium (asca.), 961 sabulcus (su.), 1069 
vitilago (-igo), 567 lobarum (la.), 637 martus (my.) — 421 06W 
(obet), 553 uppae (y), 613 c/i)?a« (f), 964 teac (g), 1038 sclindinnae 
(scild.), 1093 unpyotgi (-ctgi). 
Errors of In C. it is impossible to distinguish between tbe errors of the 
latest scribe and those of his prototype, except in a few instances — 
marked with a star — where the word-order shows that they were 
introduced by the former, and only the more obviously clerical 
errors will therefore be given here. 

Addition. 8 ax{r)edones (also t 258 axredo), 1020 taj>et($)a — 
39 d(o)r(*)o$, 938 f{r)aecniy 983 unliiar(d)e. Due to anticipation: 
963 8ca(t)pula. 

Omission: *65 a(r)naglosa, 99 agre{s)tis t 10 1 adscec(u)lum, 
*438 f[r)ons, 945 ser(i)o — 454 blaes{t)baelg t 507 (a)uundun, 777 
wt*or(*)m, 915 a(n)haebd t 990 georuuyrde(d). Two letters: 93 ad 
{ex)pensas t Endi ng : 623 mir\fiUo{n) — 220 clustorloc(ae). 

Truncation : 837 8tefa[d brun). 

Transposition: 529 aforht. 

Changes due to anticipation or repetition : 12 albulo (-go), *309 
blohonicula (bothon.), *798 pilimita (po.), 1092 diregad (-at, from 
borettiS) — 337 handgand (-ng). 

Endings : 23 aconito (-a), 305 corbus (-is), 453 fornis (-ix), 641 
mastigium (-ia), 652 majales (-is). 

Special letters: 95 adsensore (ss), no arbitus (arcibus), 419 
funix (1), 686 nauus (nanus), 969 mu« (sinus), 758 prcefectcs 


(prov.), 815 prceventus (pro.), tbe last two being probably erroneous 
expansions of contractions — 1 laergae (loe.), 4 brandrod (-rad), 479 
unaeSilsa (-ra), 535 onligenre (onslegenre), 625 habae (n.) 

The following are errors common to Ep. and Erf., the correct Errora of 
form being in C Brftirt. 

Omission: 26 roscin{i)a 9 817 j>apil(i)o f 866 rati<mat(i)o, 87 
actuaries, 579 lenoci(ni)um — 21 d#(t), 196 gegeruue(n)dnae t 227 
mearfyiseren, 479 (un)aedilra, 831 du&rgedostfyae, 1046 (h)ofr. 

Endings : 3 argillus (-a), 402 ybtn'tf (-et), 465 genista (-a), 610 
/oris (-us), 709 omnimoda (-0). 

Special letters: 46 almeta (alneta), 226 calear (calcar), 497 
horodius (her.), 565 lagones (lig.) : meitocas (due to confusion with 
lagoena : croog, 584), 659'wtar< / o (mango), 883 scaXbellum (scalpel- 
lum) [scabellum Erf.] — 123 redimae (raedinne), 126 handuyrp 
(-uyrm), 840 aehrian (aegnan). 

In comparing the more marked divergences of C. from EE., Alteration! 
we cannot help noticing some cases of deliberate alteration in C, 
contrasting with the mechanical fidelity of the other two, whose 
divergence from their prototype is almost always unintentional — 
the result of mere scribal error or omission. The following are 
clear instances. EE. 540 has the correct infractus : giuuaemmid, 
where C, misled by the Latin in-, adds an un- f and writes un- 
geuuemmid, thus reversing the original meaning. EE. 750 has 
permixtum : gemengidlice, the um- standing, as in other instances 
for the adverbial -im ; C. takes it for an adjective termination, and 
cuts off the e of the English word, making it into the adjec- 
tive gemengetlie. In EE. 781 papiluus (papyrus) : ilugseyg the 
English word in its archaic spelling was not understood by the 
scribe of C, and he boldly substituted toiolucscel (whelkshell) ! 
The change of suadu into sceadu in 972 suesta : suina suadu seems 
to be of the same kind. A gross error of C. is wulfmod for colus : 
wuttrnod 306 (uuilmod, preserved only in Erf.). Several doubtful 
cases, in which C. at first sight would seem to have the right 
reading, may also be explained as alterations. Thus Ep. 739 (om. 
in Erf.) has proscribit : J erred f where C. reads proscripsit. It is pos- 
sible that proscribit may be an error for C.'s reading, but it is simpler 
to suppose that the former in the context it was taken from was a 



errors of 

historical present, altered to a preterite in C. In EE. 527 industrial: 
geornnissae is evidently an ablative, but C. seems to have taken it 
for a nominative, and to have accordingly altered the English word 
to geomis. For the English adjective in EE. 933 squalores : or- 
fiermae C. has the literal substantive orfeormnisse. As EE.'s 
reading cannot have arisen from this by mere omission, it is 
possible that in the original context the Latin word was glossed 
either by the adjective alone or by the adjective with a subst., the 
latter being afterwards omitted. The change of the, as it stands, 
unintelligible Latin in ebhatis (854) into the English in eobotum of 
C. may also be a deliberate alteration. Note also the correction of 
the spellings of Latin words in 75 (number of C.) atqueve, 856 
foenus, 857 foederatus, where the word -order demands adqueve 
(which is also Ep/s reading), fenus, federatus. 

The following are errors of C, which probably existed already in 
the MS. from which it was copied. 

164 contribulius : meig vel sanguine, E. has coniribulus : meeg. 
Erf. substitutes consanguis for the English word, so that the original 
glof s was probably contrUmlis : meeg vel consanguis. 

Ending 8 : 336 debita pensio : gedaebeni geabuli (gedebin gebil, 
preserved only in Erf.). C. seems to have taken pernio for a dative 
or ablative. 622 monarchia : anuualda (anuuald). In 430, where 
EE. has falcis (= felx, falcis) : uudubil, rigdi, riftr, C. makes the 
last into the plural rifiras, leaving side in the sg. Perhaps he 
read falcis as falces. In 509 inlex : tyctaend C. has tyctendi, the 
substantival form without the t being probably the original. tylUin- 
gum for the tyctinnum (513) of EE. is probably a mere error, due 
to some confusion with -ung. 


In the few remaining variations it is doubtful which text is right. 
For saej)j)ae 37 C. has etspe ; the original gloss was, perhaps, abies : 
sae2>2)ae et espe. etspe may, however, be a corruption of saeppe. For 
1068 eduualla G. has eduuetle, which form appears again several 
times in C. (137, 908, &c), and is, therefore, probably the correct 

variutami of ^ e w ^ now cons ^ er ^ ne special variations of Ep. and Erf., be- 
Kp. auU Erf. ginning with Ep. 


Ep. right : 187 conlatio (conlato Erf. and C), 411 fenicia (fin.), 
733 proqyr&pera (propropera C, propopera Erf.) = prcepropere. 

The remaining cases are doubtful : 6 alea : teblae, tefil Erf., tebl 
C; the result of confusion between nom. and abl.; as an abl. might 
be changed into a nom., but not vice versa, Ep/s reading is pro- 
bably the original one. 829 palumbes : cusciUan, cuscotae, -e Erf., 
C. Here also the Latin ending is ambiguous, being both sg. and 
pi., and Ep.'s is probably the original reading. 

In 206 calentes : Tiaetendae Ep. seems to have changed the correct 
intransitive hatende of Erf. and C. into the trans, verb. In 1078 it 
has changed smeruwyrt into sj>eruwyrt, both names of plants : in 
both. cases the reading of Erf. and C. is probably the correct one. 

In some few cases Erf. has the right reading of Latin words 
against Ep. and C. : 60 accituliwn (acltdum Ep., C. ; cp. 63 acci- 
tvlium all), 188 commeatus (-os) pi., 232 caractes (caractis) = ca- 
taractes, 403 fiseella (-ilia), 10 16 tabanus (-unus), 1063 viscide 
(uscide). A few may be explained as corrections of the German 
scribe, but this will not apply to all of them. 

The following divergences in the English words may be due 
to Erf/s English original: 641 suibce (suipan), 965 bollae (bolla), 
1 07 1 ves])a : uuaeps (vespas: waeffsas), 676 leccressae (tuuncressa), 
1059 uuidubindae (widuwindae). Also 1 08 foetribarn (fosturbarn) 1 

The close affinity of EE. and C. is attested by the numerous Errors 00m- 
errors in the Latin words which run through all three MSS. Ep. and 
There is, however, considerable difficulty in distinguishing scribal Leiden), 
corruptions from Low Latin forms. The following lists do not, 
therefore, lay any claim to exhaustiveness. Those errors marked * 
reappear in L. also. 

findings: * 151 berrus (verres), 310 cantarus (cantharis), * 879 
ru$cu8 (-um) ; 186 contemptum (-im), 1023 tabetum (tapete); 17 
aneta (anas), * arpa (harpe), 183 camellea (chameleon), * 266 car- 
della (-uelis), 828 progna (procne), 733 jyrcepropera (-e); 27 asilo 
(-us), * 293 circinno (-inus); 231 capsis (-a), 243 ctdcites (-as, -a?), 
367 exito (-ium) perditio, 876 rumex (-en, from preceding remex). 

Addition: 518 in(t)ula, * 1015 tinc(t)i y tinct L. (tinea); 952 
tcienicis (seen-, originally 8cin~, as in L., with e written above ?). 

Omission: 232 ca(ta)ractes f 233 cer(v)us, 244 camis(i)a, * 269 


cal(li)oma(r)c(h)u8, calomachus C, calomaucus L., 281 co(ho)rs, 
303 col(ch)icum, 319 dromidus (-edarius), 714 ortigome(t)ra t 81 z 
peducla (pediculus), 916 sc(i)ni/es. Note, however, that 269-319 
are not preserved in Ep. 

Truncation : 285 (nycti)eorax, * 766 [impetigo. 

Transposition : * 675 netila (nitela). 

Special letters : 17 aneta (cp. 116 anate), 90 agit (e), * 268 ca- 
comicanus (-echanus), 666 megale (my.) ; * 43 aquilium, -us L. 
(aculeum), 182 conquilium (conchylium) ; 32 atflarat (ad.), 282 
cummi (g), * 422 jicttula (d); 98 adqueve (Ep. and original of C), 
828 progna (procne), 1023 tabetum (tapete); 383 epilenticus (pt), 
638 rnelarium (p), 697 oridanum (g., cp. 691 origanum), 61 arrius 
(varlus, cp. C. 841 farius), * 649 musirarvus (mus araneus). 

The frequent e and o for 1 and u (argella, cosjris, &c.) are no doubt 
anticipations of Romance forms. The use of f for v (fartus> &c.) 
is common in British MSS., both Celtic and English. In vicatum 
the converse change has taken place. 

Different words confounded: 361 exakavit (exhalavit), 484 gur- 
gulio (curculio). 235 color : aac ; color =robur ? but cp. C. 1651 
praxinus (fr.) t viridus color : aesc. 

Relations of The following forms, incorrect in EE. and C, are given correctly 
in L. (the numbers are L.'s) : 35 vicium (-am), 243 acrifolus (-ium), 
145 cox (cos), 167 umbrellas (umb.), 108 vitricius (-cum). In 40 
circino the n is incorrectly doubled in EE. and C. 

L. has, on the other hand, many errors of its own, which are 
corrected in the others: 34 telam (-um), 121 elleus (ebulum), 140 
aleo (=zaleator, from the following alea ?), 214 perdulum (diep.), 
244 acerafula (-abulus), and many others. 

The intimate relation between L. and C. is shown by the common 
omission in 107 viti(li)ginem. In three other divergences C. is 
right: 10 ultro citro (citroque C), no fiedomwm (flebotoma), 124 
paranimpki (-nymphus). These are all words which do not occur 
in EE. In 30 Jlavescit, color olei : glitinot, for which C. has fl. : 
glitinat, albescU, we probably have independent shortenings of a 
common fuller gloss. 

L. and EE. agree partially in L. 248 almenta, EE. almeta for 
the correct alneta of C. 


The innumerable scribal errors of L. in the English words are of English 

errors in 

the same character as those of Erf. A few examples must suffice : Leiden. 
104 luad (laa$), 213 scruc (ii), 219 umc (uinc=finc), 76 ebur 
dnxmg (-Sring), 169 nordbaeg (rond-), 55 ymaeti (sm.), 38 uuitubil 
(d), 7 7 uuec (g), the last two being probably germanisms. 


All the glossaries are based on interlinear glosses, Latin and 
English, in Latin books, and on Latin-English class-glos aries, 
all at Canterbury, other English glosses being afterwards added 
in the process of copying and compilation. 

Various independent glossaries were compiled from these sources, 
at first non-alphabetical. Two or more of them were afterwards 
fused together in various later digests, a- order being often made 
into ab- order. 

L. is a German copy of an English non -alphabetical collection of 
literary and class glosses. 

All the others are in the later alphabetical order, but are not 
based on L., though they all (except perhaps C. 1 ) have drawn partly 
from the same sources. 

Ep. and Erf. 1 are independent copies of probably the same MS. 
(EE.), the latter by a German scribe. 

EE. itself was compiled partly from non-alphabetical glossaries, 
partly from ab- order ones, the former being thrown into ab- 
order, the two groups being kept apart under each letter. 

C. 2 is a copy of a MS. which was compiled partly from the 
original of EE., partly from a group of other alphabetical 
literary and class glossaries, including the originals of Erf. a and 
probably of Erf. 8 . That C. was not compiled directly from EE. 
is proved by its often having the correct reading against both Ep. 
and Erf: 1 


Plan of Printing. 

In printing the three closely-allied glossaries, Ep., Erf., and C, 
the most convenient arrangement appeared to be, to fuse Ep. and 
Erf. together, and to give C. on the opposite page. C. has twice 
as many words as EE., bat as there is only one MS., it can be 
printed in double columns, and thus made to run tolerably even 
with the other text, which requires the whole breadth of the page. 
Reference from one MS. to the other is made perfectly easy by the 
numbers added to each gloss, those in C. referring also to L., which 
is also provided with an alphabetical index. 

The reading of Erf. immediately follows that of Ep., being sepa- 
rated from it by a dash, both in the Latin and the English. When 
it has the same English reading as Ep., ' both' is added. Its read- 
ing of the Latin is the same as that of Ep., except when a variation 
is given. Thus in 1 7 the full reading of Erf. is aneta : aenit a na- 
tando. In order to save space unimportant variations are some- 
times relegated to a note. 

German words in Erf. and L. are in italics. 

For the sake of convenience the ordinary spelling of the Latin 
words is given in parentheses, often only a single letter being 
added. Thus 166 clibosum (v) means that the word is written 
clivosum in our dictionaries. The spelling of the Latin is so far 
normalized that j and v are separated from i and u. Letters 
omitted are added in parentheses. Otherwise there is no alter- 
ation. The English words are left absolutely unaltered. Scribal 
errors and abnormal spellings are marked with a star"T>oth\ 
in the English and the Latin. Thus in 46 * alterholt the star 
refers the reader to Erf.'s reading, alerholt, as the correct one. 
This plan was suggested to me by that followed by Sievers in 
his edition of the Heliand. Those Latin words which require 
discussion will be treated of in another place, as also doubtful 
English words. 




Interpretatio nominum ebraieorum et grecorum. 

Adsida : flood. 

ealvariae locus : cualmstou. 

eoliferte (cottibertus) : ge£>ofta. 

elavis (-us) : helma. 
5 erepidinem : neojxmard 1 . 

doleus (-ium) : byden. 

dasile: boor. 

decurat: bornnaap. 
Jvrula: breod. 
lojhindus: bodan. 
foratorium : buiris. 

gemellus : getuin. 

gacila: snitbstreo. 

glebulum: bidder. 
\$jungula : geocboga. 

ledo : nepflod. 

libitorium (*atoriwm) : saa. 

lignarium: uuidubinde. 

mantega : taeg. 
20 malina : fylledflood. 

mappa : cneoribt. 

maeulosus: specfaag. 

ment(h)a: minte. 

navum : gerinen. 
2$ rostrum: raece. 

sidni (siccine) : ac "Sub. 

scisca : eoforjjrote. 

sublatorium (suffl.): bloestbaelg. 

tri(p)lex (or trilix ?) : SrilL 
30 tantalus : aelbitu. 

va(e): euwa. • 

vomer: scaer. 

1 accent distinctly on the a. 




[f Indicates words wanting in Corpus 8 . The numbers refer to C* ; those 
in ( ) to repetitions in EE itself; those in [ ] to Leiden.] 

Amite8: loerge — loergae. 143 1 . 

axungia: rysil — risil. 256. 

argillus* (-a) : thohae — th[o]§. 207. 

andeda : brandrad — brondrad. 157. 
5 arula — *dnula: fyrpannae vel hertb — fyrponne vel h[erd]. 

aha: teblae — tefil. no. 

aleator 8 : teblere both. in. 

axedones*: lynisas 6 . 257. 

a[u\lea 6 (-aea) : strel vel curtina, ab aula 1 . 249. 
10 (K)ariolatu8 (-to) : *frictrung — frictung. 196. 

amites : reftras both 9 . 150. 

albugo : flio both. 112. 

axis: aex — tum&ex. 259. 

aplwtra (-e sg.) — *ajmlustra: giroedro— geroedra. 178. 
15 abilina: *hrutu — hnutu. 33. 

al(t)ium: garlic — garlec. 113. 

aneta (anas): aenid, a natando. — aenit. 158. 

armilausia: sercae both. 210. 

alba spina: haeguthorn — bagudorn. 114. 
20 ajriastrum: biouuyrfc — biuyrt(l). 181. 

anet(h)um : dil both. 159. 

aesculus 9 : boecae — boeccae. 93. 

aconita 10 : thungas both. 45. 

apio: merici 11 . 182. 

1 first gloss in both apodixen : fantasia. * i indistinct in Ep., 

may be e. * all but thefinst a torn away in Erf. 4 axedenes T 

Ep. 8 whole gloss torn away in Erf. • u doubtful. 7 torn 

away in Erf., Oehler gives A . ., . . baula. • this gloss follows areoli 

(30) in Erf. • a torn off in Erf. 10 torn off in Erf. u OehUr 
gives a . . . . meru ; nothing visible now in Erf. 




hvdint glos{s)a secundum ordinem elimentorum alphabeti. 

[f Indicates words wanting in Epinal-Erfart. The numbers refer to Epinal Erfurt; 
those in ( ) to repetitions of the gloss in C itself ; those in [ ] to Leiden.] 

Abelena: haeselhnutu. 15 (cp. 

abies : etspe (cp. Ep. 37). 

35 absinthium : wermod. 66. 

abortus*, misbyrd. 80. 

ablata: binumine. 104. 

fabunde : *genycthlice. 

fabiget: wereth. 

40 fab euro : eastansudan. 

fad euronothum : eastsuth. 

fabditis: gehyddum. 

fab affrico : euSanwestan. 

fabborea(aborea)\ eastannor^an. 

45 aconito(-a): Jmngas. 23. 

facervus : muba. 

fa circio : norSanwestan. 

factionari(i)s : folcgeroebam. 

facisculum : piic 

e,o fades, et or do rnilitum, et ocu- 

lorum vtsu8 t et acumen ferri : 

ecg vel scea[r]p7us. 

a{c)erabulus : mapuldur. 33 

achalantis, vel luscinia, vel ros- 

cinia : neht^gale. 26 (cp. 


acrifolus (-ium) : bolegn. 34 

t 2 43]. 

acega: bolthona. 41 [209]. 
55 accearium : steli. 49 (1428) 
acitula : hromsa. 59. 
acitelum : bromsaa crop. 60. 
accitulium : geces sure. 63. 
acinum (-os): hindberiae. 69. 
60 acris,fortis l , vel: from. 71. 
actionabaturi scirde. 86. 
actuarius : wraec. 87. 
accetum(x): gefeotodne. 105. 
facegia: suite. 
65 faceti cotilla {~tda\ vas i. : bolle. 
facus : netl vel gronuisc. 
faccidia, t(a)ediv/m } vel anxietas 

i. : Borg. 
fadsutae: gesiuwide. 
addictus: forscrifen. 52. 
70 adridente: tyctende. 85. 
faduncis: gebegdum. 
ad (ex)])ensas % : t6 nyttum. 93. 
adsensore (ss) : fultemendura. 95. 
adclinis : tohald, vel incwrribens. 
75 atqueve 9 : end suelce. 98 (238). 
adempto: binumini 4 . 102. 
adsaeclum 5 (assecula) : }>egn, 
minister turjpitudinis, 101. 

1 fortio. * a over e. 8 originally adqueve, at shown by alph. order. 

* gebinumini. * u er. after c. 


35 alchior: is§rn — i£aern(?). 115. 

achalantis vel luscinia 1 vel roseina: "nctigalae — n§ct$- 
gela 2 . 52. 

asilo (-tie) : briosa both. 225. 

antiae: loccas both. 160. 

(h)arpago : auuel vel clauuo both. 211. 
30 areoli : sceabas — scebas. 197. 

asses scorteas 9 : lidrinae triinsas — lidrion : trynsas*. 226. 
*atflar<U — adjlarat: ansueop — *asueus*. 235. 

acerabulus — *acterabulu8 : mapuldur — *inaefuldur. 51. 

acrifolus (~ium) : holegn both. 53. 
35 alnus : alaer — aler. 116. 

alneum : fulae trea — *fala treu. 117. 

abies : saeppae — *s§pae. (cp. C. 34.) 

ascella : ocusta both. 227. 

auriculum — *ariculum : dros both. 239. 
40 arpa (harjte) : earngeat — *aerngeup. 212. 

acega — *accega: holthana — *holtana. 54. 

ardea, et dieperdulum : hragra both. 198. 

aquilium (aculeus): anga both. 192. 

auriculum: earuuigga — *aeruuica. 240. 
45 auriola : stigu both. 242. 

almeta (aln.) : *alterholt — alerholt. 119. 

alya: uaar 8 — uar. 120. 

argella (-ilia) : laain — lam 7 . 199. 

accearium : steeli — steli. 55. 
50 auellanus : *aesil — haesl. 243. 

altr'msecus \ an ba halbae — on ba halbe. 121. 

addictus: faerscribaen — faerscrifen. 69. 

argutie — argutiae : tbrauu — trafu. 200. 

asfaltum (ph) : sp[a]ldr — Fpaldur. 228. 
55 albipediiHi huitfot both. 122. 

allium (-eus) — albium: meeli — *meelu 8 . 123, 250. 

alviolum (eo) — albiolum: aldot both. 124. 
*alga — alg(a)e: scald thy flas — scald [t] by bias. 125. 

1 luscina Ep. • open a, possibly «u. 8 corteas Erf 4 vdU> 
torn at :. • indistinct : Oehler reads asuetis. • u over *> 

1 1 over sr. 8 this gloss follows the next one in Erf. 



adgrediuntur : geeodun. 76. 
iadlido: tonwinto. 
80 adnitentibus : tilgendum. 78. 
fad libidines : wraene. 
fadtonitus: hlysnende. (cp. 267.) 
fad fasces: to weorSmyndum. 
fadfligit: gehuaeh. 
85 adrogantissime : wlonclice. 112. 
fadjdaudat : on hlior rouuit. 
•fadcommodatums : uuoende. 
fadventio : Bar wo. 
fadvocaius : }>ingere. [113.] 
90 iadhibuit : gelaSade pe/ advoca- 
•fadplicuit : gej?iudde. 
iaequatis : efnaiu. 
aescvlus : boece. 22. 
ae<7& (071$) : wraec. 90. 
95 aestuaria: fleotas. 107. 
aerealieno: geabuli. 115. 
tae$re*ta : gors. 
faequipensum : ebnwege. 
fajiniculum : [ellende], afinibus 
100 afflarai : ansuaep. (235). 
fa fafonio (v) : su)?anwestan. 
qffricus: westsuSwind. 118. 
affectui : megsibbe, vel dilec- 

tione. 109. 
agre(s)tis (-es) : wild$. 99. 
105 fagastrum : aegmang (cp. 1435). 
•fagUatio: unstilnis. 
fagikU(a)e: onettad. 
- fagapem: euoesendo. 

fagmen : weorod. 
no alea: tebl. 6 [141]. 

aleator: teblere. 7 [140]. 

albulo (-ugo) : flio. 12. 

al(l)ium: gaarleec. 16. 

alba spina : hea[go]3orn. 19. 
115 alcion: isern. 25. 

a/n^s : aler. 35 [246]. 

alneum : fulaetreo. 36. 
falietum (haliaeetos) : spaerba- 

alneta : alerholt. 46 [248]. 
120 alga: waar. 47 [175]. 

alt/rinsecus : on ba halfe. 5 1 . 

aVblpedius : huitfoot. 55. 

aluuium (alveum) : ineeli. 56 

alviolum (eo) : aldabt. 57. 

125 alga(e): scaldbyflas vel sond- 

byllas. 58. 

altemantium: staefnendia. 75. 

alacris : snel. 77. 

falacer : swift. 

alveus: streamraad. 88. 

130 (h)alitu8 : aethra. 89. 

alumnae: fostorbearn. 108. 

falapiciosa (aloj>ecia) : calwa. 

falvearia : hyfi. 

faltilia: foedils. 

135 falcido (-edo): meau. 

falcanus : J>oden. 

f alveum : eddaelle. 

falitudo: fothur. 

falligeo (-ego) : recceo. 

140 faltor: fostorfaeder. 

falhx : taliae. 

faUauda (alauda) : lauricae. 

famites: *la[e]rgae. 1. 

famisionem : forlor. 

145 famentwn 1 : sceptog. 



*actn?a — aceitula : hramsa both. 56. 
60 acitelum — accitulum: hramsa crop both\ 57. 

arrius (varius) : faag both. 201. 
*a8Colonium — ascalonitim: *hynnilaec — ynnilec. 229. 

accitulium : geacaes surae — gecaes *sarae. 58. 

ambila : laec both. 154. 
65 amiglom — armiglossa (arnoglosm) : uuegbradae — ueg- 
bradae. 213. 

ab8int(Ji)ium : uuermod — *uermodae. 35. 
*armos — armus : boog both, 215. 

anguens : breer both. 161. 

acinum (-0*) : hindberi§ — *bindbergen. 59. 
70 arbatae — arbate : sibaed both. 216. 

acris : fraam — from. 60. 
*auca2>atione—aucu])atione: setungae both. 244. 
iaddicavit — *abdicavit : bisceredae — bisceridae. 
•fad^tijyulatus (-or) : fultemendi both. 
75 alternantium : staefngndra — staefnendra. 126. 

adgrediuntur : *gihiodum — *gaeadun. 78. 

alacris: snel — Midi. 127. 

adnitenlibus : tilgendum — tilgendun. 80. 

anxius: so§r[g]§ndi — sorgendi. 169. 
80 abortus : misbyrd both. 36. 

aiLsus: gidyrstig — *gedurstip. 245. 

aj)j)etitu8: gitsung both. 184. 

astu : fa[c]ni — facni. 230. 

amicvlo: braecli — *hraegl. 155. 
85 adridente: tyctendi both. 70. 

actionabatwr — *accionabatur : scirde both. 61. 

actuaris (-ius) : uuraec— uraec. 62. 

alveus : stream rad — *streumrad. 129. 

adlitus — (h)alitu8: ethm 2 — . . .'. 130. 
90 aecfit (egit) : uuraec — uraec. 94. 

avehit: an uueg aferidae 4 — an uoeg *aueridae. 246. 

aquilae — *aquila: segnas both. 194. 

ad ex2>en8a8 : to nyttum — to *nytum. 72. 

1 o written over first a of hramsa in Erf. a detbm ; the d in a 

later hand. 3 left blank. * f over u. 




fambrones : gredge. 
•f ambages : ymbsuaepe. 
•fambrosea (-id) : suoetnis. 
•famens: emod. . 
150 amites : fugultreo vel reftras. 
famles: oemsetinne wiingeardes. 
fambulas : )>iustra. 
•familarius : mearh. 
ambila : laec. 64. 
155 arniculo : hr§gli. 84. 

amentis: sceptloum. 106. 
andeda : *bran[d]rod. 4 [192]. 
aneta (anas): enid. 17. 
anet(h)um : dili. 21. 
160 antiae: loccas. 28. 
anguens: breer. 68. 
•fantefata: forewyrde. 
ianastasis : dilignissum. 
fantemn(a)e : waede. 
1 6c antemna: seglgerd. in. 
fantedo (aniidotum) : wyrt- 

iansatae: aetgaere. 
anten(n)a : boga. 
anxius : sorgendi. 79. 
170 annua: gerlice. 94. 

anate (anas) : cladersticca. 

anser: goos. 117. 
fanus : aid uuif. 
fanguil(l)a : el. 
175 iancejw : tuigendi. 
tanto/M* : caecbora. 
faporians l : anscungendi. 

aplustra (-e 8g.) : geroetSro. 14. 
faper : eobor. 

1 second 

180 ia]x>rinrnur : biatS J>reade. 
ajriashrum : biowyrt. 20. 
a/>t© : merice. 24. 
1rapo(s)tasia : fraetgengiaD. 
affl)etitus: gidsung. 82. 
185 ajqwritione: getiunge. 97. 
iaparatu : aexfaru. 
iafqrfare: eorscripel. 
iajmcitas, color : hio. 
iaj>(j))arUio : gethingio. 
190 iagparatu/m : ge)>rec. 

iapjxtfheca (apotheca) : winfaet. 
aquUium (aculeus) : onga. 43 

[ 2 33]- 
iaquemale (aquaemanalis) : le- 


aquilae : segnas. 92. 

195 •f(h)armonia : suinsung. 

(K)ariolatu8 : frihtrung. 10. 

areoli : sceabas. 30. 

ardia (-ea) : hra[g]ra et dieim- 

dulum. 42 [214]. 

argella (-ilia) : laam. 48 [187]. 

200 argutiae: thrauuo. 53. 

annus (varius) : faag. 61. 

^arbutus : aespe. 

iargutiae : gleaunisse. 

iarx: faestin. 

205 iarchtoes (aretos) : waegnejrixl. 

iartura : tot. 

argilla : thoae. 3. 

arula: fyrponne. 5. 

iartemon: obersegl, vel malus 


310 armilausia: serce. 18. 

(fyarjyago : awel vel clauuo. 


a over e. 


annua: gerlicae — *gernlicae. 170. 
95 adsessore — *adse88ores : fultemendum both. 73. 

adclini8 l : tohald both. 74. 

appovrationz : gitiungi — *get[o]ing 2 . 185. 
*adqueve — atqueve : aend suilcae — end suilce. 75. 

agrestes: uu[i]ldae — uuildae. 104. 
100 i*adtpto — adenipto : ginumni — :enumini 8 . 

adsaectUam (assecula) — *ad8eamlam : thegn — degn. 77. 
*adepta — adempta : binumni both. 76. 

arcessitus * vel evocatus : fetod — *fet[t]ad. 222. 

ablata : binuinini — binoman. 37. 
105 accetum (t) : gefetodnae — *gefetatnae. 63. 

amends', sceptloum both. 156. 

aestuaria : fleotas — fleutas. 95. 

alumne — alumnae : fosturbearn — *foetribarn. 131. 

afftctui : meg&ibbi vet dilectione both. 103. 
110 arcibus : faestinnum — f§stinnun. 223. 

antemjma — antemna : segilgaerd both. 165. 

adrogantissime — *adroganti88imae : uulanclicae — gelplih. 

(h)au8eru7U : naamun — *noumun. 247. 
arcister: strelbora both. 224. 
115 aere alieno : gaebuli both. 96. 

anate (-a*) : cladersticca — claderstecca 5 . 171. 
an8er: goos both. 172. 

affricus — *qffncis : west su}? wind — uestsuduuind. 102. 
atticus : dora both. 236. 

120 Buccula: bucc — *bua 6 . 338. 

balw. i^rnfetor — isaernfetor. 272. 
botlwnicula: stappa 7 — stoppa. 309. 

1 last i over a in Erf. 7 o doubtful. * from Oehler ; torn 

off now. * asceesitus Erf. 8 dfrom t. • in Erf. this 

gloss comes at (he end of b. 1 first a altered ; meant for o (?). 



arpa (harpe) : earngeot. 40 

anaglosa (amoglossa) : weg- 
brade. 65. 
iarpia : ceber. 
215 annus: boog. 67. 
arbatae : sibaed. 70. 
iars friumaria : uuyndecreft. 
iarchiatros : healecas. 
farvina : risel. 
a 20 iardebat : scaan. 

tar(r)ec£a* : hlysnendi. 
iarcesstiv* : feotod. 103. 
arbitus (arcibus) : faestinnum. 

arcister : strelbora. 114. 
125 asilo (-us): briosa. 27. 

asses scorteas : li j>rine trymsas. 


ascella : ocusta. 38. 

as])(h)altum : spald ur. 5 4 [3 2 ] . 
ascalonium : ynnelaec. 62. 
230 astu : facni t?e/ fraefeli. 83. 
fascop(er)a: kylle. 
iasjera : unsmo]?i. 
ta*apa : earngeat. 
tastfwr : haesualwe. 
235 olflarat (adfl.): onsueop. 32 

atticus: dora. 119. 
faUoniti : hlysnende, afyrhte. 
(cp. 82.) 
atqueve : *on suilce. (75) 
auricvlwn\ dorsos. 39 [200]. 
240 auriculum : earwicga. 4 4 [ 2 3 4] . 
favus : aeldra faeder. 
auriola : stigu. 45. 
avdianus : hae[s]l. 50 (cp. 33) 


aucupatione: setunge. 72. 
245 aums : gedyrstig. 8 1 . 

avehit : on weg aferide. 9 1 . 
(h)auserunt : nomun, hlodun. 


iavena : at§. 

aul(a)ea: stregl 1 . 9. 
250 a(l)v(e)vm% : meli. (123). 
fau&fricantur : haelsadon. 
iauster: suSuuind. 
iavyur : haelsere. 
i(k)au8urae : brucende. 
255 iauroccdcum (orichalcum) : 
groeni [ajar. 
axungia : rysel. 2. 
axredones (axe.) : lynisas. 8. 
iaxredo (axe.) : lynis. 
axis: aex. 13. 

260 Bacidones: raedinne. 123. 

bagula: bridels. 127. 

balds : teter. 128. 

ballista: staefliSre. 136. 

basterna: beer. 137. 
265 bat{t)uitum : gebeaten. 140. 

baccinia: beger. 143. 
ballena (balaena) : horn. 146 
(1522) [164]. 
fbarritus: genung. 
batiat: geonath. 149 [194]. 
270 ibasterna : acrid. 

1 g over a. 


bacidone8 : redjsnae — redisnae. 260. 

bicoca: *hraebrebletae — hebrebletae. ^94. /^ 
125 beacita — biacita: *stearno — stern. 284. 

briensis: *hand[u]yrp — *honduyrp. 320. 

bagula 1 : bridils — brigdils 9 . 261. 

basis — balsis: teter both. 262. 

bobellum (bovilla) : falaed both. 310. 
130 bratiwm : malt both. 322. 

bradigabo — *badrigabo : felduuop 8 — *felduus. 323. 

beta (betuia) : berc, arbor dicitur both. 285. 

bitumen : lim both. 295. 

bulla : sigil both. 331. 
135 beneficium : fremu both. 286. 

ballista: staeblidrae— -steblidrae. 263. 

basterna : beer both. 264. 

byssum : * tuum — tuigin. 343. 

bitUigo (v) : blec thrustfel both. 296. 
140 battuitum — *batuitum : gibeataen — gebeatten. 265. 

bile (-is) : atr — *art. 297. 

bubu (-0) : uuf both. 334 (161). 

bucina : begir both. 266. 

blitum : clatae— elate. 306. 
145 blattis — *blatis : bitulum both. 307. 

ballena (balaena) : hran — hron. 267. 

6roe/ : edisc both*. 324. 

broelarius — broellearius : ediscueard 5 — ediscuard. 325. 

batat — battat: ginath both 6 . 269. 
150 bruchus : ce[f]r — cefr. 326. 

berrus (verres) : baar both. 287. 

bruncus — brunchu8 (proncm) : uurot — urot. 327. 

buculus — *bacultc8 : randbeag — rondbaeg. 335. 

berruca (v) : uue[a]rtae — uaertae. 288. 
155 byrsew — *byrreu8 : lediruuyrcta — lediruyrhta. 344. 

berna (v) : bigrae — higr§. 290. 

bona : scaet both. 311. 

1 g over c in Ep. * gfrom s. * fe:l. 4 come* before 

the preceding gloss in Erf. * e:d. * cr. after \ in Erf. 



• ibalbus : uulisp. 

bolus; isemfeotor. 121. 
iba(c)c7tante8 : uuoedende. 
fbarat(h)rurn : dael. [98]. 
275 fbasis : syl. 

iballationes : cnop. 
fbalbutus: stomwlisp. 
fban: segn. 

fbapis (baptes) : treuteru. 
280 ibaruina : barriggae. 
^balneum : stofa. 
ibalatus : 'bletid. 
ibariulus : reagufinc. 
beacita: steam. 125. 
385 beta (betula) : berc, arbor did- 
tur. 132. 
beneficium 1 : fre[o]mo. 135. 
berru8 (verres) : baar. 151 

berruca (v) : uearte. 154 


fbellicum: slag. 

290 berna (v) : higrae. 156. 

bena (avena) : at§. 

ibecta : st^nt. 

ibettonica (betonica) : aturlaSe. 

bicoca: haebreblete. 124. 

295 bitumen: liira. 133. 

bitiligo (v): blaec thrustfel. 

bile (-is) : atr. 141. 

ibitulus (betula) : berc. 

ibiothanatas : seolfboran. 

300 ibitriciu* (vitricus) : steopfae- 


fbirbicariolus (yervecariolus) : 

ibitorius: erdling, 
fbipertitum : *herbid. 
fbilance: tuiheolore. 
305 ibibulta : billeru. 
blitum : elate. 144. 
blattis : bitulum. 145. 
fblesms (blaesus) : stom. 
blohonicula 2 (botlumiciUa) : 
stoppa. 122. 
310 bofellum (bowl I a) : falud. 129. 
bona : scaet. 157. 
boreus (-eas) : eastnorSwind. 
fbobtdcus (bu.) : hrrShiorde. 
ibovestra : radre. 
315 ibacarius 9 meresuin. 
ibofor: lendislieg. 
fbombosa : hlaegulendi. 
ibotrum (botryo) : clystri. 
fbolides : sundgerd in scipe vel 
320 briensis : honduyrm. 126. 
ibra(c)hiale : gyrdels. 
bratium: malt. 130. 
bradigabo: felduop. 131. 
broel: edisc, deortuun. 147. 
325 broellarius: ediscueard. 148. 
bruchu8 : cefer. 1 50. 
brunem (broncus) : wrot. 152. 
bra(n)c(h)iae : cian. 158 [61]. 
ibrittia : cressa. 
330 ibraugina : barice. 
bulla : sigl. 134. 

1 aeneficium. * preceded by other bo- worda. 

shown by alph. order. 

5 origincdly bocarius, as 


branc(h)iae — brancie : cian both. 328. 
bur rum \ bruuu — *bmum. 336. 
160 bubalis (-us) — *babali8 : uusend — tiesand. 337. 
biifo (bubo) — bubu : uuf both 1 . (142.) 
boreus (-a*) : eastnor)>wind — *eustnorduind. 212. 

Colonus : gibuur — vicinus. 493. 

contribulus (-is) : meeg — consanguis\. 495. 
165 calexdus : calc both. 345. 

clibosum (v) — cliborurn: clibecti both. 478. 

colobium : ham — horn. 494. 

eaccabum : cetil both. 346. 

coccum bis tinctum : uuilocre[a]d 8 — *u[u]slucreud. 496. 
170 cados : arabras both. 347. 

citropodes : crocha super iv pedes — *chroca. 461. 

calculus, ratio vel sententia vel : tebel&tan vel lapillus — 
*tebiltan vel *labillus. 349. 

cartellu8 : windil — *pindil. 348. 

cartilaga (-0) — *cartalago : naesgristlae both. 350. 
175 carbunculu8 : spyrug 4 — spryng. 351. 

icelatum — caelatum : utathru[n]gaen — utathrungen. 

cautere (-er), ferrum id est : haara — *fam. 352. 

cotizat : teblith both. 497. 

convexum : huulb— *halb. 498. 
180 eercylus — cerciclus (cercurus) : aesc vel navis both. 438. 

chaos — *chos : duolma — dualma. 457. 

conquilium (conchylium) : uuilucscel — uuylucscel. 499. 

camdlea (cltamaeleon) : uulfes camb both. 355. 

canis lingua : ribbae both. 356. 
185 cicuta : hymblicae — huymblicae. 462. 

contemptum (-im) : heruuendlicae — haeruendlicae. 500. 

conlatio — *conlato : anibechtae both. 501. 
*cotrnneatos — commeatus: sandae 8 — sondae. 502. 

1 foUoirs brunchus (152) in Erf. a over er ; g Ml mible. 

3 nod from raed. * n on tr. 5 scandae; c erased. 



fbux(us) : box. 
fbutio: cyta. 

biibo : uuf. 142. 
335 buculus : rondbaeg. 153. 

burrum : bruun. 159. 

bubalis l (-iw) : weosend. 1 60. 

buccula: buuc. 120. 

345 Calculus : calc. 165. 
caccabum: cetil. 168. 
cados: ambras. 170. 
cariellus: windil. 173. 
calculus, ratio, vel sententia, 
vel numerus vel: teblstan. 
350 cartilago : naesgristle. 174. 
carbunculus: spryng. 175. 
eautere (-er) : aam. 177. 
•fcatajmlta : flaan. 
fcabillatio (v) : glio. 
355 camellea (chamaeleon) : wulfes 
camb. 183. 
canes (-1*) lingua : ribbe. 184. 
calentes : hatende. 206. 
eaulem: steola. 215. 
fcapulus: helt. 
360 caumeuniae: eordreste. 219. 
calcar: spora. 226. 
cauterium: merciseren. 227. 
catasta 2 : geloed. 229. 
fcapillatur (-to) : faexnis. 
365 capsis(-a): cest 231. 
fcarcura (carceres) : craet. 
caractis (cataracta) : uu§ter- 

J>ruh. 232. 
cariscus: cuicbeam, uuice. 238. 
cajntium: bood. 239. 

1 u over the a. 

•fbucitum (e) : seotu. 
340 ibutio : frysca. 
ibunia : byden. 
ibubla : flood. 
by8sum : tuin. 138. 
byrseus : leSeruyrhta. 


370 cami8(i)a : ha[a]m. 244. 

carix (-ex) : secg. 251 [151]. 
icanalibus: waeterSrum. 
cayypa : scicging. 245. 
castanea : cistenbeara. 249. 
375 calt(h)a : reade clafre vel genus 
fioris. 250. 
fcapistrum : caebestr. 

calcesta: huite clafre. 254. 
fcavanni: ulae. 
cancer : haebrn. 258. 
380 calciculium: ieces surae. 263. 
cardella (-uelis) : J>isteltuige. 

266 [220]. 
cacomicanus (kakomekhanos) : 

lo[g]"5or. 268 [231]. 
calomachus (calliomarchus) : 

baet. 269 [162]. 
cardu(u)8 : f>istel. 271. 
385 casiorius\ beber. 272 [235]. 
icaenum : wase. 
carectum : breod. 290. 
carpeUa: sadulboga. 283. 
fcarina: bythne. 
390 cant(h)i: faelge. 292. 
cassidele : pung. 297. 
cajypa : snod. 301. * 

carjpasini : graesgroeni. 298. 
calmetum : mer[s]c. 289. 

2 second a over e. 


contubernalis : gidopta a — *gidogta. 50V 
190 conjectura : reeling both. 50X. *V 

condidit : gisettae — gisette. 50^. * 

convincens: obaer[s]taelendi — oberstelendi. 5o4.^ 

corben (-is) : mand — *mondi. 511. 

convicta: obaerstaelid — oberstaelid. 515. 
195 concidit: tislog — *gislog. 516. 

conjxzrantem: *gegeruuednae — *gegeruednae. 517. 

censor es : giroefan — geroefan. 439. 

coaluissent: suornodun — *Buarnadun. 518. 

cunicvlos : smigilas — smygilas. 608. 
200 concedam : lytisna both. 519. 

conjurati : gimodae — gimo[de]. 520. 

contumax: anmod — onmod. 521. 

confussione — confusione : gimaenghiDgiae — gemercgiun- 
gae. 522. 

conce88erim: arectae 2 both. 523. 
205 conjxir: gihaeplice — gihaeplicae. 524. 

calentes: haetendae — hattendae. 357. 

constijmisse — *consti}missen : *gesuidradrae s — *gisu- 
deradae 4 . 525. 

curio8ita8i feruuitgeornnis — feruitgernis 609. 

clava: *stegn — st§ng. 480. 
210 convenio: groetu vel adjuro — *gloeto. 526. 

contis: epreotum — spreutum. 527. 

condicione8 — conditions : raedinnae — redinnae. 529. 

crebrat — crefrat (cribrat) : siftit — sift id. 596. 

consvhrinus (consobrinus) : gesuirgion — gisuirgian. 530. 
215 caulem: stela both. 358. 
iclunis: lgndnum — *laendum. 

coc(h)lcae : lytlae sneglas both. 531. 

crepacula : claedur, id est tabula qua a segitibus terri- 
tantur aves— cledr. 599. 

caum\e\uniae — caumaeuniae : eordrestae — eordraestae. 

1 o over a. * e erased of Ur first at'n Kp. * first e from i. 

4 second d from t. 



395 fcaliga: scoh. 

carbo : gloed. 304. 
cardudisx linetuige. 309. 
cantarus {cantkarui) : wibil. 
fcaper: heber. 
400 icallos : weorras vel ill [13]. 
fcarula (garrula) : crauue. 

cartilago: grun[d]sopa. 312. 
fcaprta (-ea) : raha. 
fcauda : Bteort. 
405 icaldaria : cetil. 
icater: suearth. 
fcartago (sartago): braadponne. 
fcaragios x (caragogos) : lyblae- 

icasla (casta) : heden. 
410 fcanda : boga. 

icampus : brogdetende vel dep- 

icarbasus : seglbosm. 
icatUionem : gewrit. 
icajmlum : belt. 
415 tcawmati: suole. 
'tcaverniculis : bolum. 
tcapwtfrtnum : geflit. 
fcassidt8 : helmes. 
ica&us : fer. 
420 tccww: ned. 

ieasso (in cassum) : idle. 
\cassium (-is) : helm. 
icardo : heor. 
tcae/atom: agraben*. 
425 icanthera (-arus) : trog. 
•f callus: waar. 
tea/txmum : caluuerclim. 
icardioliM : uudusnite. 

o opcr u. 

letter er. after 

•fcallis: paat. 
430 icapistro: caefli. 
fcalleo : fraefeleo. 
icauliculus : steola. 
fcarpebat: sclat. 
tcaveraa* 3 : holu. 
435 cartaww (carrfamum) : lyb- 
cor[n]. 279 (459). 
fcarc(h)esia : bunan. 
icessere : *onwicum. 
cercilu8 (cercurus) : aesc. 180. 
cen*ores: geroefan. 197. 
440 icenseo : doema. 

fcesuram : gegandende. 
ce/oar. ceol. 230. 
cer(v)u8 : elh. 233. 
c(a)erula : beawi. 221. 
445 cerasius (-sua) : ciserbeam. 

cerefolium : cunelle. 246. 

cefalus : heardhara. 270 [165]. 

c(a)ejt?a : ynnilaec, cipe. 286. 

+c(a)ementoim : liim, lapidum. 

450 tceyiie (ganta) : wilde goos (cp. 

9 6 3>- 
ic(a)elatum : abrectat. 

icespiUs: tyrb. 
tce*«< : geeode. 
tc«reactt« : hornblauuere. 
455 fcernua : hald. 

icerefolium: cerfelle. 
chaus (-0*) : duolma, prima 
confusio omnium rerum. 
chaumos: suol. 274. 
charlanw (cardamum) : lyb- 
corn (435)- 

second a. 3 second a orer u. 



220 *caustella — clustdla : clustorlocae— clusterlocae. 481. 

c(a)erula : haeuui — *haui. 444. 

cofinus (ph) : mand. 532. 

eommentartensis 1 : giroefa — geroefa. 533. 

clcU(h)rum — *cleatrum : pearroc both. 486. 
225 C08pi8 (u) : palester — *plaster. 534. 

calear (ealcar) : spora both. 361. 

cauterium: *meariflem — *merisaen. 362. 

clabatum (v) : *gybyrdid — gebyrdid. 487. 

catasta : gloed — geleod. 363. 
230 celox — *caelox: ceol both. 442. 

cajysis (-a) : cest both. 365. 

earactis — ca/ractes (eataractes) : uua[e]terthruch — *uae- 
terthrouch. 367. 

cer(v)u8 : elch both*. 443. 
icyat(Jh)fU8 — *cutu8 : bolla — bollae. 
235 color : aac both 535. 

eorylu8 : baesil — haesl. 536. 

ceraeius 9 — caerassius (cerasus): cisirbeam — cysirbe<im. 

cari8cu8i cuicbeam. 368. 

cajritium: hood both. 369. 
240 icornicula : chyae — ciae. 

cornacula* (-ictda) : crauuae both. 537. 

crocus — *croccu8 : gela — gelo. 598. 

ctdcites (-to) : bedd both. 610. 

camisa (-id) — camissa: baain both 6 . 370. 
245 cappa : scicing — *scincciog. 373. 

cerefolium : cunillae both. 446. 

corimbus (y) : leactrocas both. 540. 

cicuta : tmodaeuistlae — *uuodeuuislae 6 . 463. 
castania: *cistimbeam. 374. 
250 calt(h)a: *rede clabre. 375. 

carix (-ex): *sech. 371. 
^ J t ow d in 2?/>. * c over e fa Erf. * mtpAt a&o 6< read 

cerasriu8. 4 a orcr i in Ep. * #wn*i a fa Ep. altered from i 

{probably first stroke of an m). • beginning of gap in Ep. t thin gloss 

being the last. 

460 iclioru* (caurua) : eostnorS- 
citropocles : ehroa, croha. 171. 
cieuta: hyinlice. 185. 
cicala : wodewiatle. 248. 
eicad(ae) : aecggoscere vel ha- 
mHii. 256. 
465 ciconia : store. 259 [206]. 
deer : bean. 284. 
dsculus: heardheau. 262 [199]. 
cinoglosa (cynoglossoa) : ribbe. 

cirdnno (drcinus) : gabul- 
rond. 193 [40]. 
470 cvrcius: westnorSwind. 31 1. 
ids : biheonan. 

icimilerivm (coemeteriwn), pu- 
tiani: licburg, a nontinejum' 
jrr' qui corwtruxit. 
icircinni : windeloccafa]. 
icircinatio : oefaung. 
475 tcinnarnomum : [cymui],retina. 
ieicuamts (eiconia) : higrae, 
idtonium (cydonia) : goodaep- 

dibosum (v) : clibecti. 166, 
iclavia (-vim) : borila. 
480 clava : ateng. 209. 

dustdla: cluetorloc 220. 
eladiea : wefl vel o wcf. 300, 
fdtniei: faertybted. 
felavue caligaris (tug) : ecoh- 
4 8 3 tcla*(s)is ; flota, 

datrum (datkri): pearuc. 224. 
dabntum (v): gebyrded. 228. 
iclut: teltreo. 


fdinta ; balf. 

490 idaviculariut : caegliiunle. 
■\commis(s)itra : flycticlaS. 
ictmatndum (cunabida) : cilda 
trog[cp. IS4]. 
colonue : gebuur. 163. 
Colobium: bum. 167. 
495 contributius (-is) : meig, vel 
sanguine. 164, 
caecum bis tinctum : wioloc- 

read. 169, 
cotizat: tebleth. 178. 
eonveam(m) : bualf. 179. 
eonquilium (conchylium) : wi- 
locscel. 182. 
500 contemtum (-im) : 'henuend- 
lice. 186. 
conlato (-*») : oembeclit. 187. 
commeatos (-us): sondg. 188. 
contubernalis : gej>ufta. 189. 
conjectural resting. 190. 
505 eondidit: gesette 1 . 191. 

convincens: oberstaelende. 192. 
icodices: onheawae. 
tconsiUum : gesiowed. 
icorimbos (y) : bergan. 
510 tconvmercium : ceapatou, ge- 
corben (-is) : mand. 193. 
iconjxictia : gegaedradon. 
corbm (-it) : cauuel. 305. 
■fconsulo: frigno. 
515 eonvtcta: oberstaeled. : 
cimcidii: toslog. 195 
conparantem : gegaerw 

coaluissent : Buornadun 

1 tteond wider iht lint. 

52 ERFt'RT. 

cuhnus: *uuryd. 612. 
cucumis'. popeg. 611. 
ca 7 esta lm . huitti clabre. 37 7, 
255 c(r)abro : uaeps. 603. 

cicad(a)e : haman. 464. 
cu(r)culio : aemil. 613. 
cancer : hafaern. 379. 
ciconia : store. 465. 
•60 cupa : bydin. 614. 

colobostrum {colostrum) : beost. 541. 
ciscillu8 : heardheui. 467. 
calciculitum : *iaces *sura. 380. 
cucuzata : laepaeuincae. 619. 
265 cuculus: g§c. 618. 

cardella (-uelis) : tbistil. 381. 
coc(h)leas : uuylocas. 542. 
cacomicamu8 (kakomikhanos) : logdor. 382. 
calomacus (calliomarchus) : haetb. 383. 
270 cefalus : heardbara. 447. 

carduus\ tbistil. 384. 
castorius: bebir. 385. 
campos (compos) : faegen. 543. 
camos: suol. 458. 
275 crabro : birnitu. 603. 

contentus : ginebord. 544. 
culix (-ex): mi[c]bc, tongas tibias hahens. 617. 
commends : searuum vel ordoncuw*. 545. 
cartamo (cardamum) : lypbcorn. 435. 
280 cynoglo8sa (-os) : ribbae. 468. 

eo(Jio)rs : tuun. 546. 
cummi (g) : teru. 616. 
carpella : sadulbogo. 388. 
cicer : bean. 466. 
285 (nycti)corax : hraebn. 553. 

caepa : cipae. 448. 
culinia : *coacas. 620. 
crustulla (crustallum) : halstan. 604. 
1 o over the e. 



coneedam: lytesna. 200. 
520 eonjurati: gemode. 201. 
contumax: anmood. 202. 
confusions: gemengiunge. 203. 555 
concesserim : arecte. 204. 
conpar: gehaeplice. 205. 
525 constipuisse : gesuedrade. 207. 
convenio: ic groetu. 210. 
contis : spreotum. 211. 
fcontos: speoru. 
condieione : raedenne. 212. 560 

530 consobrinus: gesuigran. 214. 
coc(h]leae : lytle sneglas. 217. 
coffinus (ph) : mand. 222. 
commentariensis : geroefa. 223. 
cospU (u) : palstr. 225(622). 5 65 
535 color: aac. 235. 
corylu8: haesl. 236. 
cornactUa (-icula) : crauue. 

comix: crawe. 308. 570 

fcongltUinata : gelimed. 
540 corimbo8 (y) : leactrogas. 247. 
colostrum: beost. 261 [178]. 
coc(h)leas : uuiolocas. 267. 
conpos: faegen. 273. 
contentu8 : geneorS. 276. 575 

545 commentis: seorwiun. 278. 
co(ho)rs, numerus militv/ni : 
tuun. 281. 
•fconfid : gemgngan. 
fconpetentes portiunculas i. : ge- 580 

limplice daele. 
^conpagem : gegederung. 
550 ^coitwras : gegangendo. 

•fcommanipularitcs : gescota, vel 
conscius, sorites, collega. 

1 geuuatu. 

fconsobrinus : sueor. 
(nyctt)corax : hraefn. 285. 
commissural cimbing. 291. 
cox (cos) : huet[e]stan. 294 

coxa : thegh. 295. 

conpetum : tuun, ]?rop. 307. 

colicus {colchicum) : eobur- 
throte. 303. 

coins: *wulfmod. 306. 
iconc(h)is : scellum. 
iconc(h)a : mundleu. 
fcoagolum (-ulum) : ceselyb. 
fcommolitio : forgrindet. 
fconcisium : scelle. 
fconfundit : menget. 
icommentum : a}?oht. 
fconderetur : gewarht. 
\conpedium : gescroepuis. 
icoleandrum : cellendre. 
fcolomata (calliomarchus) : haet- 

^concha : [beme]. 
fconvaluit : geuaerpte. 
iconsors : orsorg. 
icomitavere : to gelestunne. 
•\conclamatu8, [commotus]: loma. 
•^concessit : geuuat \ 
icommendabat : trymide. 
icondebitores : gescolan. 
^concussionibus : raednisse. 
iconfoti: afoedde. 
fconve?iientes : seruuende. 
iconlisio : slaege. 
fcoturno (-ix) : *wodhae. 
fcontio : gemoot, convocatio po- 


cemetvm : merisc. 394 (302). 
290 carectum: hreod. 387. 

commissural : cimbing. 554. 

cant(h)i : felge. 390. 

drcinno (circiwus) : gabelrend. 469. 

cox {cos) : huetistan. 555. 
295 coxa : theoh. 556. 

i cervical : *bol. 

cassidele : pung. 391. 

carpasdni : gr$sgro[e]ni. 393. 

cms : scia. 602. 
300 caldica: uuefl. 482. 

capjpa : snod. 392. 

calmetum : *merix. 394 (289). 

colicum (colchicum) : aebordrotae. 558. 

carbo: gloed. 396. 
305 corvis (corbis) : couel. 513. 

coIub : *uuilmod. 559. 

conjwtwm : tuun ve/ Crop. 557. 

comix : crauua. 538. 

carduelis: *linaethuigae. 397. 
310 cantarm (cantharis) : uuibil. 398. 

circius: *uuestnorduuid. 470. 

cartilago gg. : *grundBuopa. 402. 

Dulci8 sapa : *coerim. 709. 

defrttctum (defnUttm) : coerin. 628. 
315 dolatum: gesnidan. 701. 

dodrarw: aegur. 702. 

dumu8: thyrnae. 710. 

devotaturus : uuergendi. 632. 

dromidus (-edarius) : afyrid *obbenda. 707. 
320 dromidariu8 : se *oritmon. 708. 

dalaturae (dolatorium) : "braedlaestu *aesc. 703. 

decrepita : dobendi. 638. 

desidebat : unsibbadae. 639. 



585 tcosto : rib. 

icontionatur : ma&alade, decla- 

mat, judical, contestatur. 
iconsobrinus, JUius patruelis 

vel: moderge. 
iconfutat: oberstaelid. 
tconptiat: stilith. 
590 icorwu: ceste. 

fcon{n)ectit : teldat. 
jrconcretum: gemnnen. 
fconc(h)a : musclan seel. 
fcoccum: wioloc 
595 icocilus: ampre. 

ertbrat (cribrat) : siftitS. 213. 
fcrebrum (cribrum) : sibi. 
crucus {crocus) : gelo. 242. 
■crepacula : cleadur, id est, ta- 
bula quae a segetibus ter- 
ritat 1 . 218. 
600 ieratem : flecta vel hyrpll. 
icrepido : rimo. 
crus: scia. 299. 
crabro : waefs vel hurnitu. 

255. 275- 
crustula (-allum) similis : 

haaletaan. 288. 

Defruturn: coerin. 314. 

•fdetulerat: brohte. 
630 fdelicatus : wrast. 

idestituit: obgibeht. 
devotaturu8 : wergendi. 

fdesis {-es) : suu§r. 

idesolutus: onsaelid. 
635 idestituunt : towuorpon. 

idestitutae: toworpne. 

idecipula: bisuicfalle. 

605 fcrama : flete. 
icrates: hegas. 
fcragacus : styria. 
cuniculos: smyglas. 199. 
curiositas : feorwitgeomis. 
610 culcites (-ta) : bed. 243. 
cucumis: popseg. 253. 
culmus: wyrS. 252. 
curculio : emil. 257. 
cupa: byden. 260. 
615 iouba (p) : tunne. 

cummi (g) : teoru. 282. 
culix {-ex) : mygg. 277. 
cuculus: gaec. 265. 
cucuzata : lepeuuince. 264. 
[a 10]. 
620 culinia : cocas. 287. 
fcucuma: fyrcruce. 

cuspis : palstr (534). 
icunae : cildclaSas. 
fcurtina : wagryft. 
625 iculter : saex. 
icuneus: waecg. 
^cuppa (ab) accipiendo i. : 

deerepita : dobgendi. 3 2 2 [1 1 5]. 
desidebat : unsibbade. 323. 
640 idefatiget : suenceth. 

delutnentum : Shuebl. 326. 
318. deponile: wefba. 328. 

deeonfugione, statiorte : hySae. 

deliberatio : y mbtSriodung. 331. 

645 delicatis et querulis : wrastum 

end seobgendum. 332. 

1 territant. 


dos : uuituma. 704. 
325 idelibutus: gisalbot. ep. 676. 

delumentem (-vm) : th[u]achl. 641. 

ditor : gifyrdro. 678. 

depoline : uueftan. 642. 

dteonfugione, atatione : *hydde. 643. 
330 disceptant : flitad x . 680. 

deliberatio : *ymbdritung. 644. 

delicatis et quaendosis : urastum. 645. 

disparuit : *ungiseem uard. 682. 

defectura: aspringendi. 646. 
335 decidens: geuuitendi. 647. 

debita pernio : *ged§bin gebil. 648. 

deditio : hondgong. 649. 

difficile : uernuislicse. 686. 

detractavit: forsoc. 650. 
340 deviacaUis: horuaeg stiig. 651. 

distabueret (-urni) : *asundum. 683. 

deperuntur (defei-uiUur) : *meldadum vel *roac- 
tuw». 652. 

deshisciat (dehiscit) : tecinid. 653. 

defecit : *tedridtid. 654. 
345 detritwrigine : agnidinne. 655. 

digUaiium musculorum* : fingirdo[c]cuna. 687. 

1 t over c. f munusculorum. 



defectura: aspringendi. 334. 
decidens : gewitendi. 335. 
debita pernio : gedaebeni gea- 

buli. 336. 
deditio : *handgand. 337. 
650 detractavit : forsooc. 339. 

devia eaUus (-is) : horweg 

stig. 340. 
defferuntur (deferurUwr) : mel- 

dadun vel wroegdun. 342. 
dehiscai (-it) : tocinit. 343. 
desicit : tetridit. 344. 
655 detriturigine : agnidine. 345. 
identalia : sules reost. 
•fdevinxit : geband. 
•Ydecerni: scriben. 
fdeglobere (u) i. : flean. 
660 idefotabat (v) : forsuor. 
idepraehendo : anfindo. 
fdescivit : witSstylde, pedem re- 
fdefert : wroegde. 
fdelectum : cyri, vel electio. 
66$ fdetestare (-1) : onseacan. 
idetrimentum : wonung. 
idegeneraverat : misthagch. 
ides{ed)isse : tiorade. 
fdegesto : geraedit. 
670 idecreta : getfoht. 
fdevota: cystig. 
fdiscidium: [weggedal] 1 , se- 
idiem obiit : asualt. 
•fdictatorem : aldur. 
675 fdilotis: todaeldum. 

•fdelibutus: gesmirwid cp. 325. 
fdilatio : aelding. 

1 below line ; may belong to 

ditor : gefyrBro. 327. 
idupendium : worn. 
680 disceptanJt : flitat. 330. 
fdissimulat : miSiS. 
disparuit : ungesene wea. 333. 
distabuerunt : *asundun. 341. 
idiscensor: ungeSyre. 
685 idilectum : [meniu], exercitum. 
difficile: wearnwislice. 338. 
digitalium musculorum : fingr- 
[doccana]. 346. 
fdiseeptavero : scire 
tdicam (~ax) : quedol. 
690 idicas (-ax) : quedole. 
idifinis : suiSe micel. 
^dispensaiio : scir. 
idimis{s)is : *asclaecadun. 
fdicimenta : tacne. 
695 Adispectus : fraecuS. 
fdignitosa : ineodomlice. 
•Ydis(s)olverat : ascaeltte. 
fdivinos : uuitgan. 
idistitutum (dest) : ofgefen. 
700 idistentus : aSegen. 

dolatum: gesniden. 315. 
dodrans : egur. 316. 
dolatura (-orium) : braadlast- 

ecus. 321. 
dos : wituma vel uuetma. 324. 
705 idomatis : huses. 
fdolones: bunsporan. 
dromidus (-edarius) : afyred 

olbenda. 319. 
dromidarius : se eorodmon. 

dulcissapa: caerin. 313. 
710 dumus: jjyrne. 317. 

difortium : repudium below. 

Echo: uuydumer. 7 15. 

(h)edera : uuidouuindae. 717. 

emplidua: *ceapcnext. 74 a. 

emunum {aenulum) : cetil. 749. 

ebor (-Mr) : elpendea ban. 71a. 

erimio : 'hindbrere, 758. 

expmdisse: araebndae. 776. 

egerere : 'ascrefan. 730. 

exundavit: uueol. 777. 

elvderet: auggda. 734. 

exereitux (-Us) : bigongum. 779. 

exiorti : ath[r]aestae. 780. 

exposito; geboronae. 781. 

emdomenlvm (-wmntum): fulteam. 743. 

exaltavit (exlialavit) : stanc. 731. 

eviscerala : aeohed. 768. 

(a]egre: erabedlicae. 729. 

effaetU: acb[l]ocadum. 721. 

exjiendiese : throuadae. 783. 

expedierant ' : argddun. 784. 

exito (-turn) : *Bt?b vd perditio. 785. 

exoleverunt* ; 'gesucdradum. 786. 

exfalange (ph) : ob threatae. 787. 

evertigo (e vestigio), statim : an landae. 769. 

exauctoravit : giheldae. 788. 

exjiilatam : aritrid. 789. 

ex2>editw: *fertd s . 790. 

tlogio : geddi. 733. 

egeala : ascrepaen. 731. 

echinus, piscis : seel. 716. 

extentera : anseot. 791. 

emtemma (emblema) : follir. 744. 

(h^tafyllon* (ph), vnfolia: *giludusr[t]. 753. 

exagium: handinitta. 793. 

e (-w) : *gnaedil vel tbearm. 794. 

vtoria : 'candelthuist. 745. 

1 nxuleiicr". 3 r doHerf. * epUBjIlon. 



iEatenus : dS ttaet. 

ebor(~ur): elpendbaan. 351. 
•febredio: hrisle. 
ebxdumi'w&lhwyrt. 393 [121]. 
715 echo: wudumer. 347. 

echinus, jnscis vel : ecel. 376. 
(h)edera: uuduwinde. 348. 
(h)eder(a) : ifegn. 392 [44]. 
i(a)edilitcUem : hamscire. 
720 iedissere (edixere) : asaecgan. 
eflb#(s)is : ahlocadum. 364. 
ienebata (emrvato) : asuond. 
ieffetum l : ontudri. 
eftafoUum (he2>taphyllon) : sin- 
fulle (755). 
725 eftafyhn {hejytaphyllon) : ge- 
lodwyrt (753). 
iefltcaciter : fromlice. 
iefficax: from. 
ieffecium : deid. 
(a)egre: earfedlice. 363. 
730 egerere: ascrepan. 354. 
egesta: ascrepen. 375. 
i(a)egra: slaece. 
elogio : geddi. 374. 
duderet : auueegde. 356. 
735 electrum : elotr. 386. 

(h)el(l)eboru8 : jning, woede- 
berge. 388. 
idogia: laac. 
ieleyans, loquax: smicre. 
idiminat : aSytitS. 
740 idimat : gesuirbet. 
iempta : geboht. 
em2>tieiu8 : ceapcneht. 349. 
emolnmentum : [lean], fultum. 


emblema: foth[r]. 378 [129]. 
745 eirwmctvria : candeltuist. 382. 
iemaones : scinneras. 
•femenso : oberfoerde. 
ienervat : asuond. 
enum (aenulum) : cetil. 350. 
750 ienucleata : geondsmead. 
fenixa : beorende. 
fenixa est, genuit agnam i. : 
(h)eptafyll<m 2 : gelodwyrt. 379 

epilenticus (epUepticus) : woda. 

755 eptafolium(heptaphyllon):8\n- 

fulle. 387 (724). 

epimenia : nest. 389. 

ependiten (ependytes): c6p. 390 


erimio: hindberge. 352. 
ierenis (erinnys) : [haegtis], 
760 erenditen (ependytes) : cop 

erjrica: egSe. 395 [174]. 

erpicarius\ egSere. 396. 

(a)erugo : rust. 397. 
ierrabito*: huerbende. 
765 iericius : ill. 

{a]esctdu8: boece. 391. 
■fessox (esox) : laex. 

eviscerata : athed. 362. 

e vestigio : [on lande], on laste. 

770 ievidens: seotol. 

* feurynis (erinnys) : walcyrge. 

ieumenides: haehtisse [136]. 



3 second e over i. 


ephilenticus (ejnlejyticus) : uuoda. 754. 

excolat : siid. 800. 
385 exta : b^cdernii. 801. 

electirwn (electrum) : elothr. 735. 

eptafolium (heptaphyllon) : sinfullae. 755. 

(h)dleboru8: *poediberg®. 736. 

epimenia : nest. 756. 
390 efetidem {ependytee) : cop. 757. 

(a)e8culus, ab l edendo : *beccae. 766. 

(h)edera : if eg. 718. 

ebulum: uualhuyrt. 714. 

exactio : gebles morning. 813. 
395 erjyiea: egdae. 761. 

erpicariu8 : egderi. 762. 

(a)erugo: rost*. 763. 

Facitiae (facetiae) : gliu both. 825. 
fiber : bebr both. 867. 
400 Xflutfra, undae vel — *fni8tra, wide vet : hraen — *raen. 
forfices : sceroro both. 898. 
fovit (~et) : feormat — *caeormad 8 . 899. 

1 ob. 2 End of gap in Ep.\ begins again with the glow filoxse- 

ru'a : philosophia. 3 d from t. 



fexpeditua : abund§n. 
ieximet : alieset. 
775 iexegestus : gebero. 

expendisse : araef [n]de. 353. 
exundavit : auueol. 355. 
iexperimentum : andwisnis. 
exercitiis: bigangum. 357. 
780 ex(t)orti: aSr^sti. 358. 
exposito : geborone. 359. 
exaltavit (exhalavit) : stone. 

expe(n)di8$et : Srowode. 365. 
expedierant : araeddun. 366. 
785 exito (-ium), [perditio] : endi- 
staeb. 367. 
exoleverunt : gesueSradun .368. 
ex phalange : [of Sreote], of 

foeSan. 369. 
exauctoravit : geheende. 371. 
expilatam: [a>ryid], arytrid. 

372 (817). 
790 expeditio : faerd. 373. 

exintera : ansceat. 377. 

iexplodit, excludit: atyniS. 

exagium : andmitta. 380. 

extale (-is) : snaedil)?earm. 381 


79s "fexilia : gestin[c]cum. 

iexpeditis : gearuum. 

fexta: iesen. 

i Favor : herenis. 
825 facetia(e)*: glio. 398. 
ifalc(o) : walhhabuc. * 
fasces, \libri\ : goduueb. 441. 
fagus: boece. 417. 

1 exprae. 

fexenium (xenium) : laac. 
fexactor : scultheta. 
800 excolat : siid. 384. 

exta, praecordia : baec)>earm. 


iexamusfyim : [geornlice], ab- 
solute, eerie, vel exquisite. 

iexorbitans: asuab. 

iexalaparetur : suungen. 
805 iextipices (extispices) : baelsent. 

iexpensa : daeguuini. 

iex(s)erta lingua : naec[a]d 

iexce8(8)u8 : egylt. 

fexigebant : araefndun. 
810 teajpecfoTwwifo^ : ferdim. 

fexamen : sue[a]rm. 

teatforre* : wraeccan. 
exactio : geabules monung. 

394 [114]. 
fexcubias : weardseld. 

815 iexpendere : to aseodenne. 

iexugia (axungia) : gescincio. 
expilatarn : arydid (789). 

t#cpre$«erm$ l : arebtun. 

fexerceri : wesan draegtre. 
8ao •fexercitatae : Sare getyhtan. 

fexpeditio : hergiung. 

iexactum: baedde. 

iexpeditus : [snel], velox, fortis. 

fastidium, [odium] : cymnis. 
830 fasianus (j)h) : worbona. 424. 
ffascias : weSel. 
famfaluea : [faam], leasung. 
426 [cp. 171]. 
9 e over i. 


*fiscilla—Jiscella: taenil — tenil. 868. 

flavum velfoUfum (v) : read — reod. 887 
405 fibrae : librlaeppan both, 873. 

fa8tidium: ciisnis — *ciinis. 829. 

ifax: faecilae — faecile. 

fibula : sigil both. 874. 

if urea : uue[a]rgrod — uaergrod. 
410 fibula : hringiae — hringae. 874. 

fenicia—finicia (phoenicius) : baeso— beoeo l . 877. 

fiegmata (ph) : horh both. 888. 

frugus : uncysti[g] vel heamol — uncystig vel *healful. 9 1 7. 

frixum : afigaen — afigen. 918. 
415 ferinum: hold both. 853. 

*fraximu8 — fraxinus : aesc — *aastc. 920. 

*fragus — fagus: boecae — boecce. 828. 

fusarius — *fagu8 : uuananbeam — uuonanbeam. 935. 

fulix: ganot vel dopaenid. both*. 936. 
420 filix : fearn — *feran. 871. 

fraga : *obtt — *obea. 919. 

ficetula (d) : sugga — sucga. 878. 

fringella* (-ilia) : fine both. 921. 

fasianus (ph) — *fassianus : uuorhana — uuorhona. 830. 
425 furuneus: raearth — meard. 937. 

famfaluca : leasung vel faam — laesung vel faam. 832. 

fungus : suamm — suamm. 938. 

furfures : siuida both. 940. 
•\fitilium (vitellua) : aegergelu. 
430 falcen—falcia (falx, falcis) : uudubil, sigdi 4 , riftr — 
uuidubil, sigdi, riftr. 834. 

flabanus : suan both. 889. 

flabum— -flavum : gelu both. 890. 

furvum : bruun both. 931. 

fibroma (v) : risaendi — *ripendL 879. 
435 fintu : epearuua — spearoa. 855. 

foederata8 : gitreeudae — getr[e]ud». 900. 

1 after fibula : sigil (408) in Erf. a The order of the last seven 

in Erf. is : frugus, fraxinus, fagus : boecoe, frixum, ferinum, fagus : 
uuonanbeam, fulix. 3 g over c in Ep. * si : g. 



ffasciarum: suaetftla. 
folds : wudubil, sitSe, riftras. 

835 famfaluca: wapul. 447. 

falcastrum : wudubil. 449. 

fa(v)oniu8 : westsutSwind. 452. 

ifastinatio l (fascinatio) : mals- 

ifalarica : atg^ro 9 . 
840 ffalanx (ph) : foefta. 

•\fariu8 (v) : faag. 

ifacessit: BueSraS. 

ffarsa : acrummen. 

ffavo (/aba) : bean. 
845 ifasces : cynedomas. 

ifastu: uulencu. 

ifabrile: smiftlice. 

ifarelas (phalerae) : hryste. 

ifalerata (ph) : gehyrsti. 
850 iferuginius(ferrv^neas):^CQ\^. 

iferox : roetSe. 

iferculum: disc. 
ferinum: hold. 415. 

iferiatm: gcrested. 
855 fenus: 8pe[a]rua. 435. 

tfoenus*: borg. 

ffoederatus 4 : getriowad. 

ifaecce: maere. 

ifespa (v) : waefs. 
860 ifefellit : uuegift. 

ferula: aescSrote. 450. 
fellitat : suggii 455. 

ffellus (felts) : catte. 

+f(o)enum: graee. 
865 iferrugine : iserngrei. 

iferruginem, obseuritatem fern 
i. : omei. 

fiber : bebr. 399. 

fiscilla (-ella) : taenil. 403. 

ifida : steam. 
870 ifibra : J>earm [cp. 27]. 

fUix: fea[r]n. 420. 

^fiscillus (-etla) : stictenel. 

fibrae : librlaeppan. 405. 

fibula: hringe, sigl. 408, 410. 
875 ffiscillis (-ellis) : sprinclum. 

\fUwm : Sred. 

fmicia (phoenicius) : beosu. 

fcetula (JUedula) : sugga. 422 


f brans (v) : risende. 434. 
880 finiculus (feniculum) : finulae. 

ifiscalis, r(h)eda gebellicwm : 


•\fvmwm,: goor. 

iflctis : facnum. 

ffistulis: )?eotum. 

885 ifigite : suitSigaS. 

ifiliaster: steopsunu. 

flavum, fulvum : read. 404. 

flegmata (ph): horh. 412. 

fiabanus: suan. 431. 

890 flabum (v) : geolu. 432. 

iflagris : suiopum. 

flamma : bl§d. 445. 

floccw : loca. 448. 

ijlavescit : glitinat, albescit [30]. 

895 iflagrans (fr.) : stincendi. 

1 first a over e. a segt^ro. 8 originally fenus, as shown by alpk. order. 

* originally federatus, as shotm by alpk. order. 


funestavere : *sraitor — smiton. 941. 

frons — *fros : hleor both. 923. 

funestissima : tha deatlicostan — da deudlicustan 942. 
440 framea: aetgaeru — *aetgaru. 922. 

fasces — * faces \ goduuebb— guoduueb. 827. 

fomieem: bogan both 1 , 901. 

fferiatis*, quietis vel securis vel : restaenduw — restendum. 
ifacundia, eloquentia vel : J>oot — *puoo[d]. 
445 flamma : blaeed — bled. 892. 

frag or: suoeg both. 925. 

famfaluca — *fanfaluca : uuapul both. 835. 

Jloccus : loca both. 893. 

falcastrum : uuidubil both. 836. 
450 ferula — *ferola: aescthrotae — aescdrotae. 861. ■* 

finiculus (feniculum) : finugl both. 880. 

fa(y)onius : uuestsuduuind. 837. 

fornix* : boga super columnis botb. 909. 

follts: blestbaelg both. 910. 
455 fdlitat : suggit both*. 862. 

Gurgulio : tbrotbolla — fcrotbolla. 1000. 
gurgustium: cesol both. 1001. 
gilvus : gelu both. 966 * 
gibbu*—*gypbus: hofr — *hosr. 969. 
460 gi2>8us — gypsus (gypsum) : sparaen — Bparen. 968. 
glarea — *glare : cisil — cisal. 975. 

1 Erf. bogant with dot over t. * feriatus Erf. * i over 

a in Ep. * t from d in Erf. 



yiebotoma(phlebotorniis): blod- 

saex. [no.] 
ifortuna : wyyd. 
f offices: scerero. 401. 
fovet : feormat, broedeth. 402. 
900 foederatas: getreuuade. 436. 
fornicem : bogan. 442. 
fformido : ano&a. 
\forfex : isernsceruru. 
ffors: wyrd. [137.] 
905 ^forceps : tong. 

ffornacttfa : cyline, heorSe. 

iforas (-es) : bolcan. 

ifortex (v) : edwelle. 

fornis (-m?) : bogo, wi^er co- 

lumnis. 453. 

910 folli8: blaesbaelg. 454. 

ifornaculum (-la): here. [126.] 
i^brmoltcttf : cese, a forma. 
\fronvlu8 : linetuigle. 
ffrat(ryuelis : geaduling. 
915 ifrat(ryueli8 : suhterga. 
ifrat(r)ueU8 : broftorsunu. 
frugus : uncystig, heamul. 

frixwn: afigaen. 414. 

frag a: obet. 421. 

920 fraxinus: aesc. 416. 

iOargarizet : gagul suille. 
tgrarrft: gionat. 
•tyawwafowa : gliu. 

(/atfa : g[all]uc. 466. 
950 tyar(r)tt/a : cra[u]ue. 

garoas: sceabas. 468. 

galmaria: caluuer. 471. 

fringella (Mia) : fine. 423 

fratnea : setgaeru. 440. 
f(r)on8i hleor. 438. 
tfiretus: bald. 
925 fragor : suoeg, cirm. 446. 
ifraudulenter : faecenlice. 
t/rowtaosM* (yronfoww) : bald. 
ifrutina : fultemend. 
ifuscinula 1 : awel. 
930 •tywmwwn. : waergrood. 
furbum (v) : bruun. 433. 
ffunalia: condel. 
ifusurn: spinel. 
ifucu8,faex: taelg. 
935 fusarius: wananbeam. 418. 
fwnix (fulix) : gonot vei dopp- 

aenid. 419. 
furwncus: meartS. 425 [cp. 

fungus : suom. 427. 
t^wefe: liSre. 
940 furfures: sififtan. 428. 
ftmestavere: smiton. 437. 
funestissima : Ca deadlicustan. 

ffunalia, cerei : waexcondel. 

•\ful(i)gine : *sooth. 

945 ffuria : haehtis. 

galmulum (galbanum) : mo- 
legnstyfcci], moling. 477. 
igdlmilla : liimcaluuer. 
955 igabea (gavia) : me[a]u. 
gabalacrum: calwer. 476. 
fgestus : gebero. 
•\generoms: aetSile. 

1 firtt u over i. 



glumula : scalu both. 976. 

gladiolum : segg — secg. 977. 

gramen : quiquae 1 — quicae. 989. 
465 genistas — geniste (-a) : broom both. 959. 

gaUa: galluo both*. 949. 

grassator: ferhergend — ferhergend, 990. 

garbas : sceabas both. 951. 

gr alius (graculus) : hrooc both. 991. 
470 glis : eglae — egilae. 973. 

galmaria: caluuaer — caluuer. 95 a. 

glomer (-us) : cleouuae — cleuuue. 979. 

glaucum : h$uui vel grei — *hauui vel grei. 981. 

gracilis: smael — *smal 8 . 99a. 
475 #**** : frecnis ftofA. 980. 

gaJbalacrum — * galmaria: calu[u]aer— caluuer. 956. 

galmum (galbanum) : molegn — moleng. 953. 

globus: leoma — leuma. 974. 

gregariorum : *aedilra both. 993. 
480 igenuino : gecyndilican 4 both. 

gladiatores: caempan — cempan. 984. 
fgenas — * genus : hleor both. 

gUvus : falu both. 970. 

gurgulio (curculio) : aemil both. 1003. 
485 gelum : frost — *frots. 964. 

iyalmilla {galbanum) : liimmolegn — limmolegn*. 

t genuinum, intimum vel dens : tuac e . (cp. G. 96 1.) 

*ffebitatus — hebetatus: astyntid both. 10 12. 

hastilia telorum : scaeptloan. 1005. 
490 hebesceret: asuand — *ansuand. 10 13. 

hebitavit — * habit avit: aslacudae both. 10 14. 

habUudines : geberu both. 1006. 

hyadas (-es) : raedgaesran — *redgaesram. 1035. 

homo : thys geri both. 1028. 
495 hiulca : cinaendi— cinendi. 1020. 

hibi8cum: biscopuuyrt both. 102 1. 

l firtt q over 0. * c/rom s in Erf. * a/ter galmum (477) *n JSV/. 
4 e from i t'» ifc. 8 c*/3fer gnvcilU (474) »'» Erf. • /row. tunac. 



genista : brom. 465. 
960 igente (ganta) : wilde goos. (cp. 

igenuino : tusc, natwrale. (cp. 

Erf. 487.) 

■fgenas : heagaspen. 

igente {ganta) : wilde goos. 

(cp. 450.) 

gelurn: forst. 485. 

965 •fgeumatrix : geac. 

gilvus : geolu. 458. 

■fgillus (gilvus) : grei. 

gipsus (gypsum) : spaeren. 460. 

gvppas (bb) : hofr. 459. 

970 gilvus: falu. 483. 

\giibus : gyrno. 

fgingria : spon. 

$r/w: egle. 470 [138]. 

globus', leoina. 478. 

975 glarea : cisilstan. 461. 

glumula : scala. 462. 

gladidum : saecg. 463. 

iglitilia : clife. 

glomer (-us) : *clouue. 472. 

980 glus: frecnis. 475. 

glaucum : heauui, grei. 473. 

1005 HastUia telorum : scaeptloan. 
habitudines: geberu. 492. 
•\harwndo (arundo), canna : 

ihaustum : drync. 
ihabenis : gewaldleftrum. 
1010 f habile : lioSuwac. 
theus : geheres thu. 
hebitatus : astyntid. 488. 
hebesceret: asuand. 490. 

iglandula, cirnel. 
tglebo : unwis. 
gladiator es: cempan. 481. 
985 igluten : teoru. 

igripem (gryps) : gig. 
igrillus (y) : hama. 
igremen (premium) : faethm. 
gramen: quice. 464. 
990 grassator: forhergen[d]. 467. 
grallus (graculus) : hrooc. 

469 [201]. 
gracilis : smeL 474. 
gregariorum : *unaeSilfia. 

•fgregatim : wearnmelum. 

99s igrus, gruis : cornoch. 

i gravis (grus) : cornuc. 

igraffium (ph) : gref. 

igrwnnire : grunnettan. 

igraticium (cr.) : wagflecta. 
1000 gurgulio : Srotbolla. 456 

gurgustium: ceosol. 457 [52]. 

igurgustione: cetan. 

guryulio(curculio): emil.484. 

fgunna : heden. 

hebitabit (-avit) : asclacade. 
1015 fheia (eja) : welga. 

herodius (erodi6s) : walch- 
habuc. 497 [50]. 
ihelleborus: woidiberge. 
•fherinis (erinnys) : walcrigge. 
ihebetat : styntid. 
1020 hiulca : cinendi. 495. 

hibiscum : biscopuuyrt. 496. 
hirundo ; sualuue. 498. 



horodius (erodids) : uualh[h]ebuc — uualhhaebuc. 1016. 
hirundo: sualuuae — sualuae 1 . 1022. 

IndnUicans: uura[e]stendi — *uraesgendi. 1045. 
500 inhians : gredig both. 1046. 

inluvies aecwndarum : hama, in quo fit parvulus 1 both. 

inpetigo — *inpegit: tetr 8 — *teg. 1047. 

intestinum : thearm — thea[r]m. 1058. 

interamen (interaneum) : innifli — inifli. 1059. 
505 Wium : neuimseada— -*naensida. 

indites (-as) : suedilas both. 1060. 

intexunt : auundun both. 1062. 

increjritans : hlaeodrindi — *hleodendri. 1065. 

inlex : tyctaend, *anbinli\ciendi\ — tychtend, ab inlici- 
endo. 1063. 
510 infestus : flach both. 1066. 

i*intercaeptum — interceptum : araepsid — arepsit. 

infandum : maanful — mein/ol. 1069. 

inlecebris: tyctin[n]um — tyctinnum. 1070. 

ingratvs: lath — laad. 1071. 
515 inritatus in rixam : gigrgmid — gigremit. 1073. 

incitamenta : tyctinnae both, 1074. 

jungetum (juncetum) : riscthyfil — *ryctj>yfil. 1159. 

intula (inula) : uualhuuyrt — uua[l]huyrt. 1075. 

inprobus: gimach — gemachu 1076. 
520 ingruerit : anhriosith— onhrisit 1077. 

intractabilis : unlidouuac — *unliuduuac. 1079. 

Hncomodum — incommodum : unbryci — *unbrycci. 1050. 

interceptum est : r[a]ebsid uuaes — repsit uaes. 1084. 

1 from sualnuae. * second u over i in Ep. 3 e partly 

written on er. after first t. 



ihisPrix (hysPrix) : iil. 

ikwmitius : hnaeggiung. 
1025 ihy(ae)na : naectgenge. 

iholor (dor) : suan. 

ihora: sueg. 
homo: pjsgere. 494 (1030). 

ihoctatus: gelaechtnad. 
1030 ihorno : J>ys gere. (1028.) 

Ibices : firgengaet. 560. 
rtdoneus : oxstaelde. 
figni (-em) sacrum : oman. 
[cp. 88.] 
1040 ign(i)arium : aalgewerc. 556. 
iilia : midbridir, nio&anweard 

fillic: J>anan. 
iimbricibus : j?aectigilum. 
iinergvmenos (cnergotirnenos) : 
1045 indruUcans : wraestendi s . 

vn(h)ians: gredig. 500. 

inpeUgo : teter. 502. 

HnextricabUis: untosliten. \ep. 


inluvies eecundarwrn : hama, 

in quo Jit parvulus. 501 . 

1050 incommodum: unbryce. 522. 

Hnprovisu: feringa. 

finfestatio : unliofmwacnie. 

Unfula: uueorSmynd. 

iinminente(m) : aetweosendne. 

1055 tinfestus (infectus) : gemenged. 

fingesta: ondoen. 

finola (-ula) : eolene. 

intestinitm : }>earm. 503. 

\holido (olido) : fule. 
ihoneraria (oneraria) : hlaest- 

fhuscide (viscide) : tolice. 
ihumare 1 : bimyldan. 
10 35 hyada8 (-«*): raedgasram s . 

ihymen(a)eo8 : h$medo. 

wleramen (interaneum) : in- 
nifli. 504. 
1060 instites (-as): suetSelas. 506 
[cp. 72]. 
finfima : niol. 
intexunt : wundun. 507. 
inlex : tyctendi. 509. 
iinterim : )>rage. 
1065 increpiians : hleo|?reudi. 508. 
vnfestus : flach. 510. 
finterceptum : arasad. 
Unterceptio : raepsuug. 
infandum: manful. 512. 
1070 inlecebris: tychtingura. 513. 
ingraPusi la& 514. 
Uncuda (incus) : onfilti. [cp. 

inritatus: gegremid. 515. 

vnci tamenta : tyhtinne. 516. 

1075 insula (inula) : uualhwyrt* 


inprobus : gemah. 519. 

ingruerit : onhrioseS. 520. 

Unruen* : J>erende. 

intractabilis: unlio]mwac. 521. 

1080 finmunes (immanes) : orceas. 

tin procinctu : in Cegnunge. 

iinlercepit : r$fsde. 

1 humwe. 

first stroke of m added afterwards (?). 

1 i owr e. 


iinsimulatione : uuroctae — uurochtae. 
525 inpendebatwr : gibaen uuaes — geben uaes. 1086. 

interpeUari: raefsed — refeet. 1087. 

industria\ *geeornnissae * — *gyrniss®. 1088. 

inpendebat : saldae — *saltae. 1089. 

in dies cncdesceret : a fordh — a *forthe. 1090. 
530 in transmigratione — in transmigralionem : in foerniseae 
— in *fornis6». 1091. 

i tiers: asolcaen — asolcaen. 1092. 

interventu : jnngungae — *ingungae. 1093. 

inlectus: gitychtid — getyctid. 1094. 

vnterlitam*: bismiridae — bismirida. 1095. 
535 inpactae : *a[n]slegaengrae — aslegenre. 1096. 

indigestae: unofaercumen[rae] — unofercumenrae. 1097. 

innitentes* : uuidirhliniendae — *uuidirlinienti. 1098. 

insolesceret* : oberuuaenidae — oberuenedee. 1099. 

inpulsore: baedendrae — bedsendrse. 1100. 
540 infractu8: giuuaemraid — geuemmid. 11 01. 

inopimum', unaseddae — *unasettae. 1102. 

indites: J>a gisettan 6 — "Sa gieettan. 1103. 

infici: gimaengdae — gimengdae. 1104. 

index : taecnaendi, torcten[di] — taecnendi, torch[tendi]. 
1 105. 
545 inpostorem — *inpo8terem: bisuicend — bisuiccend. 1106. 

inter primores: *bitui[c]n aeldrum — bituichn seldrura. 

intercapido (-edo) — *intercapito: fristmearc — *fritmaerc. 
1 108. 

insolens : feruuaenid — *feruendid. 1 109. 

incuria: inmaethlae — inmedlae. 11 10. 
550 in mimo : in gliuuae, quod tamen ad mimarios vel mi- 
migraphos pertinet — in *gluuiae. 11 12. 

jurUperiti : redboran both. 1160. 

invisus — *inmssu8\ laath — lath. 11 13. 

in aestivo caenaculo*: uppae, ubi 1 per ae&tatem frigvs 
captant 8 — yppe. 11 14. 

1 ge:or:n. * interlitsn Erf. * innitent' Erf. * last e over i 
in Ep. * gise:t. * caenaculi Ep. T om. in Erf. • capiatur Erf 



Untercepit: fornoom. 
intercepttvm est : raefsit waes. 

1085 finsimulatione : feringe. 

inpendebatur : geben waes. 

vnterpellare (-1) : raefsit. 526. 

industrial geornis. 527. 

inpendebat: salde. 528. 

1090 in dies crudeseeret : a *forht. 

in transmigrationem : in 

foernisse. 530. 

iners: esuind, asolcen. 531. 

interventu : )>ingunge. 532. 

inlectus: getyhtid. 533. 

1095 interlitam : bismiride. 534. 

inpaetae : *onligenre. 535. 

indigestae : unobercumenre. 

53<5 ' 
innitentes : witferhlingende. 

insoleseeret : oberauenide. 538. 

1100 inptdsore: baedeD[d]re. 539. 

infractu8 : ungeuuemmid. 540. 

inopimum: unasaedde. 541. 

inditas : t5a gesettan. 542. 

infici : gemengde. 543. 
1 105 index : tacnendi, torctendi. 

inposterem (impostor) : bi* 

snuicend. 545. 
inter primores : *bitun ael- 

drum. 54^* 
inter cajrido (-edo): firstmaerc. 

insolens: foruuened. 548. 

1 cenacali. 

1 1 10 incuria : inmaeole. 549. 
incuba: maere. 558 [229]. 
in mimo : in gliowe. 550. 
invisus: lath. 552 [104]. 
in (a)estivo coenaculo 1 : yppe, 
vbi per (a)estcUem frigus 
captant. 553. 
1115 involucus: uulluc. 557 [172]. 
involuco : uudubinde. 559 

"tinquilinis (-us) : genaeot. 

iindolis : hyhtful vel Siendi. 

finfri(gi)dat : kaeliS. 561. 
1 1 20 finruit : raesde. 

iinpingit : smat, gemaercode. 

fincentor: tyhten[d]. 

iineantatai gegaelen. 

fineantatores : galdriggan. 
11 25 finfestationes : tionan. 

•tfntercapidine (-edine): gin- 

iinundatio : gyte. 

fincurrus (incursus) : ongong. 

finbuit: onreod. 
1 1 30 fin/astum : sliden. 

finruptio: ongong. 

ftnnixus: strimendi. 

fincanduit : auueoll. 

fineptus : geme^did]. 
1135 fintrinieio (internecio): for- 

fin sirtim (y): in sondge- 

•{•innitor: onhlingu*. 

finficio : blondu. 

finfula: uyrSo. 
1 140 iinmoratur : wunat. 

u over o. 


juvar (b) : leoma vel earendil — leoma vel oerendil. 1 161, 
555 isic {t88tciu8 t esox) : leax — lex. 11 55. 

igri(i)arium : a1giuu[eo]ro — algiuerc. 1040. 
involucus l — *invociucu8 : uulluc both. 1 1 1 5. 
incuba : mera, ve/ satyrus — merae, vel *8aturnus. 1 1 1 1. 
involuco — *involucu : uuidubindlae — "uuydublindre. 
11 16. 
560 ibices: firgingaett both. 1037. 

*infridat — infrigidat : caelitb — ccelid. 1 1 19. 
tica: tyndirm — tyndrin*. 1156. 

Lebes — *leves: huuer both. 1 197. 
lepor, subtUitas vel : uuo|> — vel pro 3 uod, 1 196. 
565 lagones — lagonas (ligones) : mettocas both. 1211. 
libumices : gerec 6otA. 1 2 1 2. 
*lobarum — labarum: seng — segn. 1167. 
lurcones, avidi vel : sigiras — lurcones : sigiras, vel avidi. 

larbula (v): egisigrima 60^ *. 1168. 
570 lunvles (-as) : menescillingas — meniscillingas. 1242. 
lituus, baculum augur ale in prima parte curvum*, id 

est: cry cc both. 1222. 
lacerna : baecilae vel lotba 6 — becile vel lotba. 1 169. 
lumbare : gyrdils vel broec — gyrdils, broec. 1244. 
luculentum: torch tnis — torhtnis. 1243. 
575 lymphatieo : *uuoendendi — uuodenti. 1263. 

livida toxical tba uuannan aetrinan — tha uuannan 

. *etrina[ni]. 12 15. 
ludi ltiterari(i)—ludi *litterali : staebplegan — *sc®b- 
plega. 1245. 

1 cfrom i. a After isic (555) in Erf. » p\ * Erf. 

from egisigrimma. * m cut off by binder in Ep. e th from d. 



finfectum : geblonden. 
findomitus : wilde. 
•finstincta: onsuapen. 
•fintransmeabili : unoferfoere. 
1145 Hhbdlem : orwige. 

•tfnternicium (internecio), bel- 
lum dicitur quo nullus 
remanet : utcualm. 
fmulus (vifoilus) : hindcaelf. 
Hn catamo : in b$ce. 
firdtiatum : gestoepid. 
1150 firUimandum : to cySenne. 
iota: sochtha. 
tjovem: Jmner. 
•HrridabarU (irritabant) : tyh- 

iirritum: forhogd, inanem. 
1155 isic{e80x): laex. 555. 

isca : tyndrin. 562 [179]. 
fistic : uueSer. 
ftituc: hider. 

jungetum (juncetum): rise- 
Cyfel. 517. 
1 1 60 jurisjyeriti : redboran. 551. 
jubar: earendel. 554. 
ijugum : cnol. 
ijunctura : foeging. 
tjtwenft** : midferh. 
1165 ijuneus : rise. 

jubar: leoma. 554. 

Lab(a)rum : segn. 567 [89]. 
JarfoJa (v) : egisgrima. 569. 
lacema: haecile vel lotSa. n 85 

1 1 70 laces&it: gremiS. 580. 

laogoena (lagena) : crog. 584 


•flatrina: genge, groepe, atque 1190 

ductus cloacae. 
f(a)laudae : laurice. 
lacessitw : gegremid. 593. 
1 175 laexiva (lixivia) : laeg. 59 1 . 
laquear: firsthrof. 595. 
lanx: heolor. 607. 1195 

lacunar l : flode. 597 [8]. 
lactuca : JroSistel. 601. 
1 1 80 ^lacunar : hebenhus. 

lapatium (lapathum) : lelo- 

drae. 606. 1200 

ilacertai aSexe. [86]. 

1 lanucar. 

larus: meau. 610. 

lappa : clibe. 613. 
ilatex : burne. 
\lacin(i)08um : panbosum. 
•flaena: rift. 
ilabat : weagat 
t&wa : uul. 
flaquearia: firste. 
t&zlraltt*: baercae. 
flaudariulus : frecmase. 
t/acfcHcaptae, briensis i. : hond- 

tfawferna : lebtfaet 
•flacesaere : gremman. 

Upor: wooS. 564. 

/efo* : huer. 563. 

fento: tob. 581. 

lenocinium : tybten. 579. 
t/0(7&, collegit : lisit. 

lembum (limbus): listan. 583. 


liquentes — *linqttentes: hlutrae both. 1216. 

lenoc(in)ium — lenotium : *thyctin vel scocha — tyctin vel 
scocba. 1 199. 
580 lacessit : graemid — gremid. 1 1 70. 

lenta, tarda veil toch — *thoch. 11 98. 

legtda (t) — *legu: gyrdislrhingae — gyrdilshringe. 1202. 

lembum (limbics) : listan vel thres — listan vel Sres. 

lagoena (-ena) : croog both. 1 1 7 1 . 
585 lutrue 1 (-a): otr — *octer. 1246. 

ligones — *lagone8 : mettocas — *metocaB. 1 2 1 1. 

Incites : haecid both. 1247. 

lucanica : maerh — meerb. 1249. 

lurdus — *lurdur: laempihalt — *lemphihalt. 1250. 
590 lendina s (lens) : hnitu both. 1 203. 

lexiva (lixivia) : leag — l»g. 1175. 

lupus : baers both. 1251. 

lacessitus: gigraemid — gigremid. 1174. 

lien: *multi — milti. 12 17. 
595 laquear: fierst — *firt. 1176. 

ludari(u)s: steor both. 1252. 

lacunar: flodae both. 11 78. 

/wtr: tacor both. 1204. 

lolium: atae — atte. 1235. 
600 lodix: \oth& both. 1237. 

lactuea: Jrofnstil — *popistil 1 179. 

liciatorium — *licitorium: hebild 8 both. 12 19. 

lihargum (lithargyrus) : sl$gu — slsegu. 1230. 

Ucidus — *lucidu8\ huet — huaet. 1223. 
605 lectidiclatum — lectidicladum : githuornae fleti — githu- 
orne fleti. 1205. 

lapatium (lapathum): lelodrae both. 1181. 

lanx: helor both, n 77. 

fcpw> leporis*: hara — h»ra fl . 1206. 

1 First u <wer o in Erf. * First n /ram m in Ep. ■ word 

«r. o^ore hebfld tn Ift>. * beporb Erf. • 1&/. adds quae cum 

intro canit, evidently taken from the gloss liciter : qui cum lituo canit in 
Ep. (four glosses on), but om. in Erf. 



legula (lig.) : gyrditebringe. 

582 (1226). 
lendina (lens) : h[ni]tu *. 

590 [232]. 
levir: tacur. 598. 
1305 lectidiclatvm : gej^uorne flete. 
lepus, leporis : bara. 608. 
lenlum vitnen : toh ge,rd. 614. 
flenticula: piose. 
•fiesta: borda. 
i2io -flenirent : afroebirdun. 

ligones : meottucas. 565, 

libumices: gerec. 566. 
ilibor (v) : uuam. 
ligustrum: hunigsuge. 615. 
1215 livida toxica: Sa wonnan 
aetrinan. 576. 
liquentes: hlutre. 578. 
lien: milte. 594 [146]. 
•flibertabus : frioletan. [153]. 
liciatorium : bebelgerd. 602. 
1 220 Umax : snegl. 611. 

•flimphatieus (y) : woed[endi] 
(cp. 1263). 
lituus: cryc. 571. 
licidus : bust. 604. 
•flibertus : frioleta. 
1225 Winter: baat. 

lingula (=ligula): gyrdils- 

bringe. (1202). 
ilimus : laam. 
ilimbus : Sres, liete. 
iUberaUtasi roopnis. 
1230 li(t)harg(yr)um: slaegu. 603. 
ilinea : waebtaeg. 

•flicium: bebeld. 
flicia: bebeld&red. 
ilima : fiil. 
1235 folium: ate. 599. 
ilotium : blond. 

lodix: lo$a. 600. 
Moeusta : lopust. 
t/w*cus : anege. 
1240 "tlucor (lured) : freceo. 

lurcones : siras. 568. 

lunulus (-as) : menescillingas. 

luculentum: torbtnis. 574. 
lumbare : gyrdils, br[o]ec. 

1 245 ludi litterari(i) : staefplagan. 

lutraos (lutra) : otr. 585. 

lucius : baecid. 587. 

ilupatis : bridelsum. 

lueanica: mserb. 588. 

1250 lurdus: lempbalt. 589 [195]. 

tyrus : bre[r]s. 592. 

ludarius : steor. 596. 

lumbricus: regnwyrm. 612. 

iluteum: crobba. 

1355 flupercal : baerg. 

\lumbu3 : side. 

\luscinia : naectegale. 

fluscinius : forjVjc. 

\lupus: wulf. 

1260 flupa : wylf. 

•flupinare (-anaria) : uulfbolu. 

ilumbulos : lendebrede. 

lymphalico : woedendi. 575 

(cp. 1 221). 

ilymbo (%) : Sresi. 

1 i over u. 


•flacima(r) : hrof l both. 
610 laris (-us) : *men — meu. 1183. 

Umax: snel — snegl. 1220. 

lumbricus: regenuuyrm — regnuuyrm. 1253. 

lappa: *clij>ae — clifae. 1184. 

lentum vimen : toch gerd — *thoh gerd. 1207. 
615 ligustrum: hunaegsugae — hunegsugae. 1214. 

Mordieo8 : bibitnae both, 13 19. 
manipulative : threatmelum — *theatmelum. 1265. 
mmdacio conposito 2 : geregnodae 8 — *geradnodae. 1301. 
molestissimum : earbetlicust — *easbedlicust. 1320. 
620 municep8: bwrgleod, a mu{ni)cipio. 1334. 
munifica: cistigian 4 . 1335. 
monarehia: anuuald — anuald. 1321. 
mirifiUon (myriophyllon), mffiefoliwm : geruuae — geru£. 

murica: gespan, aureum in tunica* — gespon. 1336. 

625 modioli', nabae — nebee. 1322. 

mancus 9 : anhendi — anhaendi. 1266. 

mafortae — tnaforte (Mafori) : scybla 7 both. 1267. 

morgit (mtUgit) : milci)? — milcid. 1323. 

mossiclum — mossucktm : ragu both. 1324. 
630 mimoparo : thebscib— thebscip. 1316. 

manica: gloob— glob. 1268. 

momentum : scytil both. 1325. 

mantle (manualis) lebil both. 1269. 

manitergium — *manutergium : liin — *lim. 1270. 
635 *malagna — malagma : salb both. 1272. 

mains: apuldur — *apuldro. 1273. 
*martu8 — myrtus: xmjr both*. 1356. 

melarium (melapvum) : mi[l]8capuldr — *milcapuldr. 

1 the h outside the line in Ep. hroflititen Erf. from liciter in Ep. 
{preceding note). * oonpdto Erf. * from gerenodae. * For 

thit and the foregoing Erf. hat only manificit. s tonic* Erf. 

• mucus Erf. T y Over i and er. after a in Ep. • After melft- 

rium in Erf. 



1265 Manipulatim : }>reatmelum. 
tnancus: anhendi. 626. 
maforie (Manors) : scyfla. 627. 
manica : glof. 631. 
mantle (manualis) : lebil. 

1370 manitergium : lin. 634. 

imargo : obr. 

malagma : salf. 635. 

mains: apuldur. 636. 

•\mandra9 : eouuistras. 

1275 \maceraPu8 : j?reatende. 

mastigium: suiopan. 641. 

manvbium : waelreaf. 642. 

manticwn: hondful beowes. 

645 [184]. 

•\masca: grima. 

1280 mascus: grima. 646. 

marsopicus : fina. 648 [217]. 

fmamuppia (marmpiwn) : 


marruca: snegl. 651 [237]. 

majales (-is) : bearug. 652 


1285 mango : mengi[o]. 659. 

maulistis: scyend. 654 [185]. 
mastice : huitcudu. 655. 
malva: hocc, cottuc, vel 
gearwan leaf. 656. 

mar(f)ubivm : biowyrt vel 
hune. 657. 
1290 matrix: quiSa. 661. 
imassa: clyne. 
fmajxdia : byre. 
mar 8, martis : tiig. 663. 
imagalia : byre. [155.] 
1 295 imacilentus : gefaested. 
fmanere: bidan. 
•\madidwm : obSaenit. 
fmadefacta : genueted. 
imachinamenta : ortSonc. 
1300 imantega : taeg. 

mendacio conponto : gereg- 

na[de]. 618. 
melarium (melapium) : mirc- 

apuldur. 638. 
melodium (-ia) : suinsung. 

mergulus : scalfur. 647. 

1305 imereo : groeto. 

merula: osl§. 665. 

megale (mugali) : hearma. 


imedulla : merg. 

fmercwrivan : Woden. 

13 10 imentagra : bituihn. 

fmerga (-tut) : scraeb. 

ime(re)tricius : mederwyrhta. 

imilvus : glioda. 


^millefolium : gearuuae. 
640 motions: ormetum both. 1326. 

mastigia: suipan — *suib® 1 . 1276. 

manubium — manuvium : uuaelreab — uuelreab. 1277. 

melodium (-ta) : suinsung — *ruinsung. 1303. 

mustacia — *murtacia: granae — granee. 1343. 
645 manticum: handful *beouuas — handful beouaes. 1278. 

masons — *marcus: grima both 2 . 1280. 

mergulus : scalfr both. 1 304. 

marsopicus — *marpicus: fina — *pina. 1281. 

musiranus (mus araneus) : screuua. 1344. 
650 mustella: uuesulae both. 1345. 

maruea: snegl. 1283. 

majalis: bearug. 1284. 

mordacins: clofae — clofoe. 1327. 

maulistis: scyhend. 1286. 
655 mastice: huuitquidu. 1287. 

malva : cotuc vel geormantlab. 1288. 

marrnbium* : hunae vel biouuyrt. 1289. 

mulio : horsthegn. 1346. 

mar go (mango) : mengio. 1285. 
660 mugil: haecid — hecid. ,1342. 

matrix: quiSa. 1290. 
imergus : scalfr. 

mars, martU: tiig boili. 1293. 

mus, muris : mus both. 1348. 
665 merula: 06lae both. 1306. 

megale (mugatt) : hearma both. 1307. 

Nausatio, vomitus* vel : uulatung— uulating. 1357. 
(g}navUer: horsclicae — hor[s]clicae. 1358. 
ninguit: Asniuuith — sniuidh. 1379* 
670 nomisma — nomysma: mynit — munit. 1383. 
nux: hnutbeam — hnutbeam. 1394- 
nigra spina : slachthorn — slachdorn. 1 380. 

1 After malagma (635) in Erf. * After myrtiw (637) in Erf. 

9 a over er. u in Ep. * fomitus Erf. 



imilium (mxlle) : miil. 
13 1 5 mirifillo (myriophyllon) : ge- 
arwe. 623. 
mimopora : tfeofscip. 630. 
\minaci: hlibendri. 
imitra: haet. 
mordicos: bibitne. 616. 
1320 molestissimum : earbetlicust. 
monarchia : anuualda. 622. 
modioli: *habae. 625. 
morgit (mulgit) : milcit. 628. 
mosiclum : ragu. 629 (1332). 
1325 momentum: scytel. 632. 
molibus: ormetum. 640. 
mordacius: clouae. 653 [173]. 
fmovebor: styriS. 
isempUerna moles : falthing. 
1330 imolo8(8)u8 : rofthund. 
imorenula: eil. 

mosicum: ragu. (1324). 
imora: heorotberge. 
municeps : burgliod. 620. 
1335 munifica: cystigan. 621. 

muriea : gespon. 624 [78]. 
imurenula : bool. 
fmuluctra (mulora): ceoldre. 

[a 5 8]. 

imunila (monile) : baeg. 
1340 fmuscipula : muusfalle. 
imucro: mece. 
mugil : haeced. 660. 
mustacia : granae. 644 [182]. 
musiranus (mus araneus) : 
screauua. 649 [226]. 
1345 mustela : uueosule. 650. 
mulio: hore&egn. 658. 
imugU: heardhara. 

mus, muris : muus. 664. 
imultabitur: uuitnath. 
1350 imurilium : byrgen. 

fmusca (masca) : egesgrima. 
imusica: myrgnie. 
imurice: wurman. 
imu8ca: flege. 
1355 tmwrw* (morum) : braer. 
myrtu8: uuir. 637. 

Nausatio : uulatunc. 667. 
{g)navtier\ horsclice. 668. 
nasturciwn (t) : tuuncressa. 

1360 nap(h)t(h)a: blaecteoru. 677. 
nap(h)t(h)a : tynder. 685. 
nanus \ pumilio : duerg. 


napis (-us) : naep. 687. 
fnazarei : loccas. 
1365 fnaotUum (naulum): ferescaet. 
fnaviter: suitftromlice. 
fneptam (napktham): tyndre. 
fnectar, mel, vinum : *carere. 

netila (nitela): hearma. 675 


1 nauua. 


noctua: naecht[h]raebn, *ali l dicunt nectigalae — nect- 
hraebn, *nacthegelae. 1384. 
inycticordx — *nicticorax 2 : naechthraebn — *nethhrobn. 
675 netila (nitela) : hearma both. 1369. 

nasturtium (nasturtium) : tuuncressa — leccressae. 1359. 
nap(h)t(h)a : blaecteru both. 1360. 
nugacitas — *nugatUas: unnytnis both. 1395. 
non subscivum s : unfaecni — unfecni. 1386. 
680 negotio—negotia : unemotan — *unemo. 1371. 
nebuloni8*: sc[i]nlaecean — scinlecan. 1372. 
nimbus : storm both. 1378. 
*nequaquam — nequicquam: holunga both. 1373. 
nepa: habern — hafern. 1370. 
685 naj)(h)t(h)a, genus fomend, id est: tyndir — *ryndir. 
nanus vet pwnilio B : duerg both. 1362. 
napi (-us) : naep— nep nequam. 1363. 
nodus : ost both*. 1387. 

Oscillae, oscille (-a): totridan both. 1466. 
690 oscitantes : ganaendae — ganendse. 1467. 

origanum: uurmillae — uurmillae. 1452. 

osma : suicae both 1468. 

oppillavit: gigiscdae — gescdae. 1447. 

obliquwn: scytihalt — *sestihalth. 1403. 
695 obnixus: strimaendi — etrimendi. 1404. 

obreptione: criopungae— cr[i]upungae. 1405. 

oridanum (origanum) : elonae both. 1453. 

orcus — orci (-a) : ore both. 1454. 

opere plumario 1 : bisiauidi uuerci — *bisiuui9idi uerci. 
700 olor: suan both. 1436. 

obuncans : genicldae — *gensccilde. 1408. 

oUgia: nettae — *nectae. 1437. 

obestrum: beost — *beoth. 1406. 

1 alii Erf. f thefirtt c look* like an unfinished x. * eub- 

ciuum Erf. * u over o in Ep. 5 punilio Erf. • After 

nequicquam (683) in Erf. *, plumari Ep. 



1370 nepa: haebern. 684. 

negotia : une[me]tta. 680. 
nebtUonis: scinlaecan. 681. 
nequi(c)quam : holunga. 683. 
inetum: gesiuwid. 
1375 tnertnw : sionu. 

fnecabantur : aqualdun. 
initorium : epinil. 
nymbus 1 (t): storm. 682. 
ninguit : s[ni]uwi$. 669. 
1 380 nigra spina : slagh&orn. 672. 
inixu: werSeode. 
\noctua ) ulula : ule. 
nomisma : mynit. 670. 
noctua : naehthraefn. 673 
1385 inavalia : faelging. 

nan subscivum : unfaecni. 

nodus : wrasan, oet. 688. 
fnotae: speccan. 
fnoiattis: oncunnen. 
1390 fnoverca: steopmoder. 
fnoma : nihtebr[ed], 
fnumtUariu8 } nummorumprae- 

rogatwr (-or) : miyniteri. 
inurusi snoro. 
nttx: hnutbeam. 671. 
1395 nugacitas: unnytnis. 678. 
fnwc/(e)i: cir[n]las. 
inullo negotio: naenge ear- 

fnumquid : ne hum is. 

iObolitio: eSung. 
1400 iobsides : gislas. 

iobrizum (y) : smaete gold. 

irobriguit: gefreos. 

obliquum : scytehald. 694. 

obniaus: strimendi. 695. 

1405 obreptione : cr[i]opunge. 696. 

obe8trum : beost. 703. 

ioptimates* : gesittas. 

obuncana : genyclede. 701. 

irobstruit : fordytte. 
1415 iobjecte : ongen sette. 

iobjecttcs : uuitsetnis. 

\obruere : oberu[u]recan. 

iobsedattts : gislhada. 

iobturat : *folclaemid. 
1420 iobtinuit : ofercuom. 

\objectionibu8 : gestalum. 

iobnoxitts : scyldig. 

iobex : ogengel. 

iobicula: geocstecca. 

obtenuit: forcuom, bigaet. 1425 occupavit: onette. 712. 

1410 obnixe : geornlice. 708. 
iobunca : crump. 
iobvix : wiSerstal. 

tocrew: baangeberg. 
iocca: faelging. 
foccubuit: gecrong. 
occiput : hrecca. 715. 

obligamentum : lyb, lybsn, 1430 ioccabat : egide. 


foeearium (a.) : staeli. (55). 

1 originally nimbus, as shown by alph. order. 
9 originally obtimatee, as shown by alph. order. 


ogastrum: aeggimang — aeggimong. 1435. 
705 oresta: t[h]res — tbres. 1455. 
obtenuit: bigaet both. 1409. 

ordinatissimam : *$ giset[t]an — *a *girettan. 1458. 
obnixe — *obnixae : geornlice — *geornlic^. 14 10. 
omnimoda (-0) : oeghuuelci Singa *— oeghuelci *hadga 2 , 
710 orbita: huueolrad — *bueolraat 2 . 1459. 

obligammtum — *oblicamentum : lybb — *libb *. 14 13. 
occupavit: onettae — *onete 8 . 1425. 
foccas : fealga. 
ortigomera (ortygometra) : edischaen — *edischenim 2 . 
715 occiput — *occijmd : hreacca — hr§ca 2 . 1429. 
ostriger: bru[u]nbesu — bruunbesu. 1469. 

t occupavit : *geomette. 

olor, cignus (y) — olor gr(a)ece, latine cignus : aelbitu — 

*§bitu. 1439. 
omentum: mafia — *naffa. 1443. 
720 ioccipitium : *snecca. 

Procuratio: *scur. 1625. 

promulserit : lithircadae — lithircadse. 1626. 

profusU — *profu$ti8 : genyctfullum — genyctfullum. 

promulgarunt : scribun both. 1628. 
725 provehit: gifraemith — gifremit. 1629. 
perfidia : treulesnis both 3 . 1533. 
pro captu : faengae both. 1630. 
promaritima: saegesetu — *saegaes$tu. 1 631. 
percommoda matutinos 4 : sua cendlic morgen[lic] — sua 

cendlic *mor[gendlic]. 1534,5. 

1 *8i : nga. 2 diff. hand. ' ur. after uc. u in Ep. 

* matunos Ep. 



ioffendit: moette. 
iqfflrmans : claemende. 
•^officii: werdit. 
1435 ogastrwm : aeggimong. 704 
(1438, cp. 105). 
olor: suon. 700. 
oligia : nettae. 702. 
olgastrum : aeggimong. 

olor, denies (y) : aelbitu. 


1440 iolim : singale. 

iolastrum: staeb. 

omnimodo : oeghwelce Singa. 


omentum : maffa. 719. 

tomen : hael. 

1445 ionocratalltts (onocrotalus) : 


top(/>)i7atf& : forclaemde. 

oppilavit, clausti : gegiscte. 

toptnare (-t) : resigan. 
top(j>)ortimitatem : gehydnis. 

1470 ^Patrimoniwn : gestrion. 
partim : sume daeli. 731. 
palpitans: brogdetende. 735. 
particuiatim : styccimelum. 

paludamentum, genus vesti- 
tnenti btllici : haecile. 740. 
1475 ipatrocinium : mundbyrd. 
-\paranimphus (y) : dryht- 

\pal(a)esira: plaega. 
fpastinare: settan. 
ipalatina: raecedlic. 

1450 opereplumario : bisiudiwercL 
ioppilatae: bisparrade. 
origanum: wurmille. 691. 
oridanum (origanum) : eolone. 

orcu8 (-a) : ore. 698. 
1455 oresta : tSres. 705. 

i(h)or(r)ipilatio : celiwearte. 
iorcus : tSyrs, heldiobul. 
ordinatissimam : }>a gesettan. 

orbita : hueolrad. 710. 
1460 ortigomera (ortygometra) : 
edischen. 714. 
ioratores : spelbodan. 
iordinatus : gehaeplice. 
ior(diens): onginnendi. 
iorion: eburSring. [76]. 
1465 iorbitae : last. 

oscillae (-a) : totridan. 689. 
osciiantes : geongendi. 690. 
osma: suice.*692. 
ostriger: bruunbeosu. 716. 

1480 parcae : wyrde. 764. 
parcas: burgrune. 761. 
\palearibus : deadraegeluro. 
irpalas: scoble. 
papilio : fiffalde. 768. 
1485 papula: wearte. 771. 
pampinus: crous. 773. 
papttivus (papyrus) : *wio- 

lucscel. 781. 
palingene8ean (-esis) : ed- 

scaeft. 783. 
paneta (jyatina) : holoponne. 




730 praetextatus — pretextatus : gigeruuid — gigarauuit. 1632. 
partim: surae daeli — sumae dseli. 147 1. 
pudor : scamu — *scoma. 1679. 
praepropera 1 (-e): fraehraedae both, 1633. 
privigna f JUia sororis, id est : nift both, 1634. 
735 palpitans: brocda[e]ttendi — *brogdaethendi. 1472. 

piraticum — jriraticam : uuicingsceadan — uuicingscea- 

dae. 1579. 
percrebuit : mere uueard — mere uuard. 1536. 
perduellium: J>orgifect — *dorhgifecilae. 1537* 
pro8cribit: ferred. 1635. 
740 paludamentum, genus vestimenti bellici, id est : haecilae 
— hecaeli. 1474. 
per seudoterum — per seuduterum (pseudothyrum) : }>orh 

ludgaet— dorh ludgaet*. 1538. 
pereitus: hraed 8 — *hrad. 1539. 
propensior 4 : tylg both, 1636. 
*profligatus — profligatis : forsleginum — *faerlslaegmum. 

745 pel(f)ices: cehisae — *caebiB. 1540. 

phisillos (physicus) : leceas both, 1578. 

praerupta: staegilrae — stegelrse. 1638. 

probus: ferth — fert. 1639. 

proterunt*: treddun — *treodun. 1640. 
750 permixtum (-tm) : gimengidlice, — gimaengidlicae. 1542. 

particulatim: styccimelum — *scyccimelum. 1473. 

proterentem : naetendnae both. 164 1. 

pertinaciter 9 : anuuillicae both, 1543. 

pendtdoso 7 : haltti — *hahdi. 1541. 
755 pessu(lu)m: spilth both. 1544. 

pelisse 1 sochtae — *acochtae. 1545. 

per anticipationem : }>orch obst — dorh obust. 1546. 

provectae*: f[r]odrae — frodrae. 1642. 

profetae — proveeta {perfeeta): gifraemid — gifremid. 


1 propopera Erf. t second o altered to e. * follows percitus in Erf. 

* h added out of line. * or from us in Erf. 8 perterunt Erf. 

• pertinatiter Erf. 7 penduloro Erf. * u over f in Ep. 



1490 paneta {patina) : disc. 786. 
fpavpilius {papyrus) : scald- 
papula: spryng. 791. 
fpandis: geapum. 
ipatruus: faedra. 
1495 ^patrudis : faedran sunu. 
ipatruelis : geaduling. 
ipaorillum, palum: naegl. 
ipanpila: wibl. 
•fpanuculum (panuncula) : 
1500 ipalagra : ecilma. 
ipascsos: geroscade. 
pastinaca : walhmore. 794. 
papirum (y) : eorisc. 795. 
pangebant : faedun. 797. 
1505 palla : rift. 801. 

par(r)ula : mase. 806 [202]. 
papilio: buterflege. 817. 
paliurus: sinfulle. 819 [37]. 
pavo : pauua. 826. 
1 S 10 ipassus: faeSm vel tuegen 
palumbes: cuscote. 829. 
pastellus (-Ulus) : hunigaep- 

pel. 830. 
pansa : scaffo[o]t. 832. 
\pwanymph,us : dryhtgum[a]. 
15 15 iparumper : huonhlotum. 
jxipaver: popei. (1621). 
ipariter : gelice. 
iparuca : hicae. 
\palpant(pfwm : olectendra. 
1520 ipalmula : steorroSor. 
tyxirricidio : megcualm. 
\paciscitur : getSingadon. 

fpalagdrigus : ecilmehti. 
ipantigatum (pantagathus) : 
1525 ipcdina (balaena): hran.(267). 
ipaleae: aegnan. 
ipahdatores : horshi[o]rdafi. 
tyxissim: styccimelum. 
\partica : reodnaesc. 
1^30 \perstrenue : fromlice. 
ipedisequa : Signen. 
^perpessum est : atSroten is. 
perfidia: treuleasnis. 726. 
percommoda : sua cenlic. 
1535 matutinos : morgenlic. 729. 
percrebait : mere weartJ. 737- 
perduellium : J?orhgefeht. 738. 
per seudoterum {pseudothy- 
rum) : Corn ludgset 741. 
percitus : hraed. 742. 
1540 peUpjices : cebise. 745. 
penduloso : haldi. 754* 
permixtum : gemengetlic. 

pertinaciter : anuuillice. 753. 

j)essu{lu)m : spilth. 755. 

1545 petisse : sohte. 756. 

per anticijxitionem : tSorh 

obst. 757. 

per vi8pell(i)ones : tforh byr- 

ge[ras]. 760. 

perpendicvlum\ colored. 763. 

•fper hironiam (ironiam) : tSorh 


1550 (im)petigo : teter. 766 [91]. 

perna: flicci. 774 [166]. 

pedo, vel paturum : feotur. 

778 [i59]- 


760 per vispell(i)one& : borch 1 by[r]geras — dorh 'buyrgeoas. 

parens : burgrunae — burgrmwe. 1481. 

pliadat: sifunsterri — 'funstcrri. 1599. 

]>erpendiculvm : colored— coldraed. 1548. 

pareae — pares: uuyrdae both. 1480, 
165 puncto, forwmine, in quo pedes vinttorum* tenentur* in 
lignocubitali*,spalioi'iiterjecto,id<»t: ctxpboth'. 1680- 

(im)petigo: tetr — to[t]r. 1550. 

pvlenla (polenta) : briig both, 1681, 

papilio — 'papiltci: fifaldae — uiualdra. 1484. 

pice, sevo{b) : unamaelti Bperbi — 'ciuamelti 'spreui. 1581. 
770 jmstula: angseta* — 'angreta. 1683. 

papula: uueartae — uearte. 1485. 

praxinua (froxinua) : aesc — esc. 1651. 

jiampinua — *panipinu3 T : croB — crous. i486. 

perna : flicci both. (804) 1551. 
775 pituita: gibrec — gibreec. 1580. 

preeetuas — praetetuai : byrgea both. 1652. 

pus: uuoram — 'uuorsiii. 1683. 

pedo vet palurum : fetor both. 1553. 

praeteraorim — praeiorsorum : paad both. 1654. 
780 prifeta: thriuuuintri st«o[r] — 'triuumtri Bteur, 1655. 

papiluus (papyrus) : Hugsegg — "Hugseg. 1487, 

pun(c)tus: brord — broord. 1685. 

palingenetean — palingeneaeon (-esis) : edscaept both 

patena (-ina) : holopannae. 1489. 
785 pinyit : faehit — 'faethit. 1582. 

patena (-ina) : disc bath. 1490. 
pita: thothor — *thorr. 1584. 

'prurigo — prurigo: gycinis both. 1658. 
pittacium : dat both. 1585. 
•no vtvsonee (ptitanaa) : berccoru" berendae— ■berecorn be- 
i« 77 . 

* uioctorium Erf. ' 


1 follow petlgo in Erf. 

* ■!!«■ 

tamd e over i. 



fperpendiculwm: pundur. [36]. 
fpenuria : weSl. 
1555 ipercellitur : biS slaegen. 
fpervicax : 8ro[e]btig. 
fpero (-a) : bimming. 
fpessum : cliflilep. 
pes8ul(um) : ha[e]ca. 803. 
1560 ptduda (2>ediculu3) : luus. 
petra l foca/ria : flint. 805. 
pervdulus\ ridusende. 816. 
pdla\ sadulfelge. 818. 
pecten : camb. 825. 
1565 ipercellitur : slaegen. 
fpes: fot. 

ijyerstant : tioludun. 
fperaolvio (-vo) : ic Srouuio. 
petulans : wraene. 835. 
1570 perpendit : aehtaS. 836. 

persPromata, omamtnta : 

steba. 837. 
pendulus : obseldi. 838. 
ipellis : fel. 
tperpes : hraed. 
1575 ipetuita (jri.) : sped. 
ipectica: slabae. 
fphilosophus : uSuuta. 
phisillos (physicus) : leceas. 

piraticam : wicincsceaftan. 

1580 pituita: gebrec. 775. 

pice y 8aevo(8ebum): unamaelte 

smeoruue. 769. 
pmgit: faebit 785. 
fpistrimum (-num) : cofa. 
pila : tbotbr. 787. 

1585 pittacium, 08 peri : clut, cleot, 
ipiswmi piosan. 
fpistrilla : cofincel. 
ipillenles: bere. 
fpirus: pirge. 
1590 fpinus : furhwudu. 

pictu8 acu : miS nethle asio- 

wid. 796. 
picus: bigre, fina. 808 [216]. 
pix, pieis : pic. 820. 
ipilus: ber. 
1595 fjnceca : neb. 
fjnscis: fisc. 
fjrlstillus: gnidil. 
fpiufias (primus) : plumtreu. 
pliadas: sibunsterri. 761. 
1600 \plumum (prunus) : plumae. 
(pp. 1664). 
plantago : uuegbrade. 793. 
platisa (-€88a) : flooc. 802 


^plectra : auunden. 
t;>£a(7i)*aria : setin. 
1605 fplus minus : ymb S®t. 
fpolenta : smeodoma. 
tpostena : boga. 
ijwrtio : hlyte. 
populus : birce. 792. 
1610 tpo£ttt«: smoetJum. 
f/wrfeTrfttm: scin. 
piMmita* (po.) : hringfaag. 

porfyrio (ph) : feolufer. 807. 
porcopisci8 : styrga. 809 
1 61 5 porcaster: foor. 810 [239]. 

e over a. 

* originally polimita, as shown by alph. order. 


papula vel puttula : spryDg vel t.etr both. 1492, 

popvita: birciae both. 1609. 

plantago vel septenerbia (septemnerva) — plantaga, st$>- 
tinerbia: uuaegbradae — uuegbrad*. ifioi. 

paetinaca — *pastinaeia : uu&lhmor&e both. 1502. 
79j paperum— papirum (jtapyrua) : eoriso both. 1503. 

jnctus aeu — 'pictis acu: miS naeSlae 1 [a]siuaid — mid 
nedlffi aaiuuid. 1591. 

pangebant: faedun — 'fcedum. 1504. 

polimita: bringfaag — 'hrrngfaag. 16 12. 

pronvx: nihol both. 1659. 
Boo prodimur : birednae — biraednae. 1661. 

palla : rift — *ritf. 1505. 

platisa — platissa (-essa) : flooc — floe. 1602. 

2>essut(u7iC) : haca both. 1559. 

perna: *flicii. (774) 1551. 
80s petra foearia : flint both. 1561. 

parrula: masae both. 1 506. 

jwrfyrio (ph) — porfirio: felofor — "feluaor. 1613. 

j/icjis : fina vel liigrae 6trfA. 1592. 

porcopUcie ; styria both. 1614. 
810 porcaater : foor — for. 1615. 

porcellut: herh both. 1616. 

peducla (j>ediculits): luus io(A. 1560. 

pulus * (-ex) : fleah — *floc. 1683. 

projlicta: forslaeg^n both. 1662. 
815 proventui : apoed both. 1663. 

jiendulue: riduaaendi — riduaendi. 1561. 

papilo (-to) : buturfliogae — *buturfli[o]go. 1507. 

pella.: sadulfelgae 6o(A. 1563. 

palurus — palliurui (paliurus) : einfullae — siflfullte. 
8jo pix,2>iei*,id: pic' both. 1593. 

wmlltuB I.tvS • tbuma — tbumo. 1 6 1 7. 
nae both. 1664. 
:(l>ollia= pollen) : g[r]ytt— gryt *. 1620. 

!r u in Ep. • x er. o/fcr i in Erf. ' or grytl (?). 



porcellus : faerh. 81 1. 
pollux (-ex) : Suma. 821. 
ipoleo {-to) : scaebe. 
ipoUinU: gruiit. 
1620 pollis: grytt 823. [cp. 149]. 
popaver {pa.) : popsg. 824 

(15 1 6). 
iposthumus : unlab. 
ipom : brycg. 
iprocax: huusel. 
1 615 procuratio : sciir. 721. 

promulserU : liSercade. 722. 
profusis: genyhtfullum. 723. 
promtdgarurU : scribun. 724. 
frrovehit: gefremitS. 725. 
1630 pro captu : fenge. 727. 

promarUima: saegeseotu. 728. 
praetextatus: gegeruuid. 730. 
propropera (jyraeproperi) : 

fraehrae&e. 733. 
jyrivigna : niffc. 733 [123]. 
1635 proscripsit : faerred. 739. 
propensior : tylg. 743. 
projligatis : forBlaegenum. 

praerupta: staegilre. 747. 

probus : ferht. 748. 

1640 jrroterunt: tredun. 749. 

proferentem: naetendne. 752. 

praefectae {provectae) : frodre. 

profecta {perfecta): gefremid. 

ipraecipitat : ascufiS. 

1645 ipraecipita : afael. 

fpraefaricator (v) : reccileas. 

fprasstantior : fromra. 

fjnraesidium : spoed. 

ipraestarUe: fremmendum. 
1650 fproteri : brecan. 

praxinu8 {fr.) viridus color 

vel : aesc. 772. 
presetuas : byrga. 776. 
ipruina : hrim. 
pretersorirn : paad. 779 


1655 prifeta : *Sriuuintra steor. 
iprovehit : fremid. 
*tprurwA : gloede. 
prurigo: gycenis. 788 [cp, 

pronus: nihold. 799. 
1660 ijyronuba : heorSsuaepe. [73]. 
prodimwr: birednae. 800. 
proflicta: forslaegen. 814. 
jyraeventus {pro.) : spoed. 

prunus: plume,. 821. 

1665 progna {procne) : su[u]aluue. 


fpraesorium : pund. 

fprorostris : haehsedlum. 

tyxraecepe : trondendi. 

iprocusx brydguma. 

1670 fprodigus : stryndere. 

tpraesumptio: forenyme. 

ipropugnacuhm: briostbiorg. 

iproveho: fyrtSru. 

fproceres : geroefan. 

1675 fpropero {-e) : hraefte. 

praetcrsorivm : paad. (1654). 

ptysones {ptisanad) : berecorn 

beorende. 790. 

iputamina: hnyglan. 

2mdor: scomo. 732. 


*popaver — papaver: popaeg — "papoeg. i6ai. 

825 peeten: camb Jo(A. 1564. 
?Wfd : pauua both. 1509. 
tpA&eeiu (cwciyiitfeewfl) : apa — *capa. 
progna — progina (j>roene) : suualuae — Bnualuuae. 1665. 
palumba — *palvm,pes: cuscutao — cuscotae 1 . ign, 
830 pattellas— pattellas (pastillus): hunaegaepl' — *Cfeneg- 
aepl. 1512. 
pulium — pttleum (pulsgium): duuergaedostae— duer- 

gaedortae. 1686. 
pansa: scabfoot — scaabfot. 1513- 
ipitiiita : gillistrae. 

t pedetevtptim, cavie, quasi pede temptant : [fot- 

melum] 3 . 
835 petulant vci spurcut*: uuraeni — ureni. 1569. 
perpendit : aecta[t]h — aechtath. 1570. 
perttromata, ornaments : stofad brun — st&efad *brum. 

pendulus: ohaelSi — oheidi. 1573. 

*Qualiis — qual ut : mand both. 1689. 
840 quisquiiiae: "aehriaii — *ffigrihan. 1696. 
quadripertitum : cocuDUng both. 1690. 
quocumquemodo " : gihuuelci ! uuaega — gihuelci uuegi. 

ouaeumaue: suae euithae — auue auidae. 1691. 

— *quantu*per : suae euithae — auue *sidae. 

!o — 'ouoguemodo : aengi pinga — ae[u]gi 


: aec ban — aec don. 1695. 

-qvattnC : quatern — quaterui. 1693. 

fun: hraebnes foot — hrsefnsea foot. 1697. 

\a — quinquenervia : leciuuyrt — leciuyrt. 1698. 

125) in Erf. ' g over er. ' Ep. has only 

■iiliiu caule quasi tern tans pedo. * puicua Erf. ,- 

* first altera/ to a in Ep. ' gihuuuelci. 



1680 jnmcto : cosp. 765. 

pulenta (polenta) : briig. 

pustula : oncgseta. 770. 
pus: *uuorm. 777. 
pulix (-«?) : fl^h. 813. 

1685 pun(c)tu8: *brond. 782. 

jndleium (jndegium) : duer- 

gedostle. 831. 
ipullus : brid. 
ijmlla: blaco. 

Qualus : mand. 839. 
1690 quadripertitum : cocummg. 
quacumque: suaesuitSe. 843. 
quarUisper : suae suiSe. 844. 
qucUernio: quatern. 847. 
iquadrare: geeblicadun. 
1695 quinetiam: aec Son. 846. 
quisquiliae : aegnan. 840. 

quinquefolium: hraefnes foot. 

quinquenervia: leciwyrt. 849. 
fquintus: giululing. 
1 700 quocumque modo : gehwelci 
wega. 842. 
quoquomodo : aenge ]>inga. 



850 Renunculus: lundlaga 1 both. 17 12. 

radiwm : hrisil — hrisl. 1 704. 

rictus: graennung* — *graeraung. 1738. 

runcina — *runtina : locaer vel sceaba both. 1755. 

rabvlus (-a) : flitere in ebhatis both. 1705. 
855 rema (rheuma) : stream both. 17 14. 

r(h)euma: gibrec — gebrec. 17 17. 

ro8cinia (luscinia) : nectaegalae — *necegle. 1746. 

resina : teru both. 17 16. 

respnplica {respublica) : cynidom both 9 . 
860 rien (=re?ies) : lgndino— lendino. 1740. 

radinape — *rodinare: lelothrae — lelothre. 1747. 

rostrum: neb vel sci[p]es celae — neb vel scipes caele. 

robor (-ur) : aac both. 1749. 

reciprocate : gistaebn$ndrae — *gi8taebnen. 172 1. v 
865 reclines: suae haldae— *suuaeldae 4 . 1722. 

rationat(i)o : ambect — *ambaet. 1706. 

recessus: belustras both. 1723. 

rostratum: tindicti both. 1750. 

relatu: spelli both. 1720. 
870 remota: framadoenre — *framado&ndrae. 1724. 

rigore: heardnissae both. 1742. 

reserat: andleac both. 1725. 

rostris : foraeuuallum vel tindum — foreauallum vel tin- 
dum. 1 751. 

rancor : throh, vel invidia, vel odium — throch. 1 708. 
875 remex: roedra both. 1726. 

rumex (-en) : edroc both. 1756. 

ridimiculae — ridimictUi (redimicula) : cyniuuithan both. 

rastro8 f ligones, id : mettocas — *metticas. 1709. 

ruscus (-um) : cnioholaen — *cniolen. 1759. 

880 ramnus (rhamnos): thebanthorn — *thebanthron. 17 10. 

1 d over er. o in Ep. * graen : n. 8 i from o in Erf. 

* fir$t a may be o. 



t Raster {rostrum) : egiSe. 
francidis : bitrum. 
radius: hrisl. 851. 
1705 rabulus (-a) : flitere in eobo- 
tum. 854* 
rationatio : ambaect. 866. 
-{rabies: geris. 
rancor: troh. 874. 
rastros : mettocas. 878. 
1710 ramnus (rharrmos) : Seofe- 
Sorn 1 . 880. 
•fradio : gabulrond. 

rmunculus : lundlaga. 850. 
tretentare : stouuigan. 
rema (rheuma) : stream. 855 


1 7 15 irefugiivm: geberg. 
resina : teoru. 858. 
r(h)euma: gebrec. 856. 
treses: slaec. 

trespuplica (b) : cynedoom. 
1720 relatu: spelli. 869. 

reciprocato : gestaefnendre. 

reclines : suae halde. 865. 
recessus : heolstras. 867. 
remota : from adoenre. 870. 
1725 reserat: onlaec. 872. 
remex : roeSra. 875. 
irepagula: sale. 
treciprocis : wrixlinduw*. 
irelatio: etfcuide. 
1 730 iretorio : geSraune. 
trenis: heSir. 

trediva (reduvia) : aettaelg. 
ireverant : spunnun. 
irespectus: etsith. 
1735 ireponile: gearnuuinde. 
treciprocatu : uurixlende. 
freUunculas (ra.) : resunge. 
rictus : grennung. 852. 
frimosa : cionecti. 
1740 rien (—renes) : laendino. 
trima (rythmus) : getael. 
rigore: heardnisse. 871. 
ridimiculae (redimicula): cy- 

newiSSan. 877. 
•frigentia : forclingendu. 
1 745 tripariolus : staetfou[u]alwe. 
rosdnia (luscinia) : naecte- 
gale. 857 [212]. (cj). 

rodinope: lelothrae. 861. 
rostrum : neb vel scipes caeli. 

robor (-ur), arbor : aac. 863. 
1 750 rostratum : tindecte. 868. 

rostris: foreuuallum vel tin- 

dum. 873. 
froscido : deawe. 
trostri: tindas. 
•frotnum : nabogar. 
1755 runcina: locer, sceaba. 853. 
rumex (-en): edric. 876. 
trubigo : brondoom. 
truber: read. 
ruscus^-vm) : cnioholen. 879 

1 letter er. after second e. 


Salebrae: thuerhfyri both. 1761. 
8tbba: sigil both. 1856. 

scalbellum — scabdlum (scalpellum) : bredisern — bred 
isaern. 1793. 
fscrobibus : furhum both. 
885 8artago: bredipannae — *breitibann». 1762. 
sareinatum : gisiuuid — gesiuuid. 1763. 
sarculum 1 , ferrum, id : uueadhoc both. 1764. 
sternutatio: fnora — *huora. 1909. 
sartatecta: gifoegnissae — *gefegnessi. 1765. 
890 sentina : lectha, ubi multae aquae colliguntur in navem 9 
both. 1833. 
scalprum — *8calbrum: byris, vel ut *ali thuearro — 

byris, vel ut alii duaeram. 1795. 
8alix: salch — salh. 1767. 
8ambucus: ellaen — ellae. 1775. 

scirpea : *lerb, de qua mat(t)a conficitur — lebrae. 1804. 
895 serpUlum (y): bradae leac — brade lee. 1835. 
stabula: seto both. 1903. 
surum (-a) : sparaua — sparua. 1944. 
8agulum: loda both. 1779. 
struere : stridae — streid®. 19 10. 
900 aeditio : unsibb — unsib. 1836. 

8eee88um — secessus: helostr both. 1838. 
8cena: Bce&du* both. 1801. 
sanguinis: *cneorissa — cneorissae. 1780. 
iscina (scena) : grima both. (953). 
905 seta : byrst both. 1837. 

searpinat: scripith am — scripith an. 1805. 
fscalpellum: byrieboth. [198]. 
8turnu8i staer — *sterra. 191 1. 
aeorelu8 : emer both. 18 10. 
910 sardinas — *8andinas : heringas both. 178 1. 
acira (sciurus) : aqueorna — aquorna. 181 1. 
8crofa: sagu — *ruga. 181 2. 
*8trigia — striga: haegtis — hegtis. 19 13. 
8ullu8: otor— otr. 1945. 
1 surculum Erf. * imam navem Erf. * a over o in Ep. 



1760 iSab(u)lo: molde. 

salebrae: jmerhfyri. 881. 
sartago : brediponne. 885. 
8arcinatum : gesiouuid. 886 

sarculum : uueodhoc. 887. 

1765 8artatecta: gefoegnisse. 889. 

fsaevo {sebum) : unslit smeoro. 

salix: salh. 892. 

•fsagax: gleu. 

fsarmentMm : spraec. 

1770 fsalibaribus : miSlura. 

isarcofago {sarcophagus) : lic- 


•fsacellorum : haerga. 

fsarcio : siouu. 

sarcinatum : gesiowid. (1763). 

1775 sanibucus: ellaern. 893. 

fsandalium .': scete, loSa. 

fsambucus: sueglhorn. 

fsalum: haeb. 

sagulum : loSa. 898. 

1780 sanguinis: cniorisse. 903. 

sardinas : heringas. 909 

saginabant : maestun. 930. 

sandix: uueard. 950. 

sardas : smeltas. 949. 
1 785 isaliunca : sure. 

solum : seeg vel mare. 966. 

salsa : sure. 973. 
\sarabar(a)e : braec[c]$. 
fsatiare: asoedan. 
1 790 f sacra, orgia : edmelu. 

iscohnia (ascalonia) : cipe. 
tscabellum: windfona. 

scalpellum : bredisern. 883. 
i8coj)a(e) : besma. 

1795 scalprum : byrs vel J?uarm. 
fscamma : feld. 
\saltuum : feltha. 
fscylla : eduuelle. 
tscansw: scyrffc. 
1800 fsceptra : onwald. 
scena: scadu. 902. 
•fscotomaticus : stae[r]blind. 
iscalpro: bore. [cp. 259]. 
scirpea : lebr. 894. 
1805 scarpmat : scripiS. 906 


iscalpellum : bor. 
facofowitf : criid. 
t«cona: Binder, 
tscurra : Bcond. 
18 10 seorelus : omer. 909 [208]. 

scirra (scxurus) : aqueorna. 
911 [236]. 

scro/a: sugu. 912 [240]. 
•fscara: scaed. 

8cni2)hes (scinifes, ciniphes) : 

m ygg- 9 l6 - 

1 8 1 5 *ci//a : glaedine. 920. 
scasa: eborSrote. 927. 
8cinduli8: scidum. 943. 
•fscena: uuebung. 
8crobibu8 : groepum. 948. 
[<*>. 150]. 
1820 iscalmus : thol. 

sc(h)eda : taeg. 964. 
scienices (scenicus) : scin- 

neras. 952 [118]. 
8cirpea : eoriac, leber. 960. 
scalpula (scapulae) : sculdur. 

1825 fscaphum (-a) : scip. 


915 suspensus: anhaebd — anhsebd. 1947. 

8cnife8 (scinifes, einiphes): mygg — mycg. 18 14. 

smapio (sinapi) : cressae — cressa. (922) i860. 

sicalia—*syealia: rygi— *ryg. 1861. 

simbulum — symbtdum (symbolum) : herebaecon — here- 
becon. 1873. 
920 8cilla (= squilla) : gladinae — gledinae. 18 15. 

sequester : byrg[e]a — byrgea. 1840. 

sinapio : cressae (917). 

situla — *situlae : ambaer — ember. 1859. / 

stornus — *8tronu8 : dropfaag — *drofaxg. 1 9 1 4 . 
925 8ualdam (valvam): durbere 1 both. 1948. 

sella: sadol — satvl. 1839. 

8ca8a : eborthrotae both. 18 16. 

strepitu : brectme vel cliderme — *bretme vel clidrinnae. 

stipatoribus : ymbhringendum — ymbdringendum. 1915. 
930 saginabant: maestun — *mestum. 1782. 

8emigelato — *semigelatu : ba[l]bclungni — halbclungni. 

8patiaretur — *spatiareti : suicudae both. 1 893. 

8qualore8: orfiermae — orfermae. 1902. 

suffragator*: mundbora both. 1949. 
935 \svffragywm — svbfragvwm : mundbyrd both. 

8ollicitat: tyhtit 3 . 1883. 

spiculis: flanum — flanum. 1894. 

subscivum: faecni — fae[c]ni. 1950. 

sinuosa — *siwuossa: faetmaendi — faedmendi. 1862. 
940 suceessus: spoed both. 1951. 

sublustris — *8ublu8tru8: sciir both, 1952. 

sopitis 4 : ansuebidum — *ensuebitum. 1882. 

scindulis: scidum — scidum. 181 7. 

sevo : smeruui both. 1 846. 
945 serio: eornesti— eornesti. 1845. 

strewue — *strenuae: framlicae — fromlicae. 191 7. 

spina: bod§i both. 1891. 

1 letter rubbed out after u in Ep. 2 second % from o in Erf. 

9 h over c. ; « tychtit (?). * p/rom b in Erf. 



scipkus (y) : bolla. 965. 
fscintella (-ilia) : spaerca. 
iscalpio (scalpo) : scriopu. 
tsc(a)evum : goduureci. 
1830 tscabro: unsmoeSi. 
f scents: scinnum. 
^stmispatium (-spatha) : Jjeoh- 
stntina : lectha. 890. 
isentes: Somas. 
1835 serpillum (y): brade laec. 895. 
seditio : unsib. 900. 
seta : byrst. 905. 
secessus : heolstr. 901. 
sella : sadol. 926. 
1840 sequester: byrga. 921. 
isclabrwn : uuind. 
f scalpo : clawe. 
iscuporvm: hliuSa. 
semigelato: halfclungni. 931. 
1845 ser(t)o: eornisti. 945. 
sevo: smeoru. 944. 
serum : hwseg. 979. 
isensim : softe. 
8enon : cearricgge. 968. 
1850 senecen (senecio) : gunde- 
suilge. 976. 
isepeliant: onsuebbaS. 
isermo: spr§c. 
isedulium: ragu. 
fsenex: aid. 
1855 taenior : aeldra. 
sibba : sigl. 882. 
isingvliat: sicetit vel gesca 

fsieomoros (sycarnorus) : heo- 

1 signaum. 

situla : omber. 923. 
i860 sinapnan (sinapi) : cressa. 
sicalia: ryge. 918. 
sinuosa: faeSmendi. 939. 
fsimplai anfald. 
fsirina (siren) : ineremenin. 
1865 singultus : gesca. 958. 
isinnum: cirm. 
isiliqua : pisan hosa. 
sisea : sniSstreo. 973. 
sinfoniaca (symphoniaca) : 
belone. 975. 
1870 isignum 1 : segn. 
isimultas : unsib. 
fsinopede: redestan. 
simbulum (symbolwm) : *he- 
rebenc. 918 (197 1). 
f sinus : byge. 
1875 f sinus : faeSm. 

smus (sinus) : welly rgae. 969. 
fsocrus: sueger. 
isocer: *sur. 
soccus: socc, slebescoh. 951. 
1880 isolisequia (solsequiwm) : sun- 
isopio : suebbo. 
sopitis: onsuebdum. 942. 
sollicitat : tyhteS. 936. 
sorix (-ex) : m(is. 977. 
1885 sortem: wyrd, condicionem. 
isortilegosi hlytan 2 . 
tsollicito: tybto. 
fsolvat : *ondest. 
fsollicitare : tyhtan. 
1890 isoricarius : mushabuc 

* y over u. 


scrobibus — *8cropibus : groepum both. 1 8 1 9. 

sardas: smeltas both. 1784. 
950 sandix: uueard — uue[a]rd. 1783. 

soccus: sooc both. 1879. 

scienids (scenicus) : scinneras — *scinerae. 1822. 
-\scina (scena) nitatio vel : grima both. (904). 

8tiria: gecilae — gecile. 19 19. 
955 sponda : selma both. 1895. 

spina alba \ haeguthorn — hegu thorn. 1897. 

spina nigra : slagh thorn — salachthorn. 1898. 

singultus: iesca both. 1865. 

stabulum: falaed both. 1920. 
960 ^scrirpea — scirpea: eorisc both. 1823. 
* sabulous — subulcus : suan — *suam. 1953. 

stagnum : staeg vel meri both. 192 1. 

scapula (-ae) : sculdur — *8culdra. 1824. 

sc(h)eda: *teac — teag. 182 1. 
965 scifus — scijjus (scyphus) : bolla — bollae. 1826. 

solum: segg — seg. 1786. 

stilium veil fusa : spinil both. 1922. 

senon: cearruccae — cearricae. 1849. 

sinus — simus: uuellyrgae both. 1876. 
970 slens — splenis (splen, 8]>lenis) : milti both. 1896. 

spatula : bed both. 1899. 

suesta — sivesta : suina suadu both. 1954. 

sisca — sista: snidstreo — snidstreu. 1868. 

salsa: surae both. 1787. 
975 Btnfoniaca 1 (sympTioniaca) : belonae both. 1869. 

senecen (-io) : gundaesuelgiae — gundaesuelgae. 1850. 

sorix* (-ex), id est : mus both. 1884. 
*8tilio vel vespertUio : hreathamus both. 1925. 

8eru(m) : huaeg both. (982) 1847. 
980 sortem, condicionein* : *uuyd — uyrd. 1885. 

i8c(a)evu8, strabus, torbus (v) t id est : sceolhegi — sceolegi. 

serum*, liquor casei, id : huaeg — huuaeg. (979). 

1 sinfroniaca Erf. 2 eorid Erf. 8 conditionem Erf. 

4 Only urn visible in Ep. 



spina: bodeg. 947. 
iqricas: ear. 
spatiaretwr : suicade. 932. 
spiculis: flanum. 937. 
1895 sponda : bene, selma. 955. 
splenis: milte. 970. 
spina alba : haegu'Sorn. 956. 
spina nigra : slabSorn. 957. 
spatula: bed. 971. 
1900 \sjnr amentum : hoi. 
fspiato: matte. [81]. 
squalores : orfeormnisse. 933. 
stabula: eeto. 896. 
fstiba (v) : handle. 
1905 istabulum: stal. 

istorigillwm (strigUis) : screope. 
\stragua {stragulwin) : strel. 
\stuppa: heordan. 
stemiUatio : fnora. 888 [60]. 
1910 struerer : streide. 899. 

sturnus : staer. 908 [203]. 
istrues : heap. 
striga: haegtis. 913 [228]. 
8t<mvu8\ dropfaag. 924. 
19 1 5 stipatoribus : ymbhringen- 
dum. 929. 
strepitu : braechtme. 928. 
strenue : fromlice. 946. 
istrictis: getogenum. 
stiria: gecilae. 954. 
1920 stabulum : falaed. 959. 
stagnum : mere. 962. 
siilium : spinel. 967. 
istertens: hrutende. 
stilio (vespertilio): hraeSemu- 
[u]s. 978. 
1925 i8(t)uppa: ecambe. 

tsttyangulat : wyrgeS vel 

fstricta mac(ha)era : getogone 

islamen : wearp. 
fsternit : gehnsegith. 
1930 fstrenas : lybesne. 
■fstellatus: astaenid. 
\8trut(K)io : stryta. 
istigmata : picung. 
■fstomachum: maga. 
1935 fstrigillus (-i7w) : aera, aeren 
fstenax: wurpul. 
fstiga: gaad. 
iaturfus (stumud) : fina. 
strabus: scelege. 981. 
1940 fsubplaudans : gelpende. 
imffundit : ablendeS. 
\8urculu8 : tuig, ouuaestra. 
isusurio : wrohtspitel. 
surum (-a) : spearua. 897. 
1945 sullus: ottor. 914. 

imbarrata: geuuetfaestae. 
8U8pen8U8 : ahaefd. 915. 
8ualdam (valvam) : durhere. 

8ubfragator : mundbora. 

1950 subscivum : fraecni. 938. 

successus : spoed. 940. 

8ublu8trt8: scir. 941. 

8ubulcu8: euan 1 . 961. 

suesta : suina sceadu. 972. 

1955 fsurgit : waexit. 

fsulforia (svlfwr) : sue[f ]1 





Trux palpitat 1 , vel : hunhie[ri] — unhyri. 2040. 

tonica polimita : hringfaag, a rotunditate circuUruvn — 
*hrinfag. 2029. 
985 torta : auunden both. 2030. 

tonsa: rothor — *rohr. 2031. 

titio: brand — brond. 2018. 

trutina vel statera : helor both. 2041. 

trulla: crucae both. 2051. 
990 traductvs : georuuierdid both. 2042. 

Tempe : scaedugeardas — sceadugeardas. 1998. 

tro2)(a)ea> rigna vel: sigbeacn — *beanc. 2043. 

torPum : coecil both. 2032. 

troc(Ji)let8, rotis modicis vel : stricilum both. 2044. 
995 triplia* (tripetia) : lebil both. 2045. 

tignariu8 *torigrarius : hrofuuy[r]cta — *hrofhuyrihta. 

testudo : *borohaca vel sceldreda vel faeru[c»] — *brod- 
thaca vel sceldhreSa vel *fsenucae. 1999. 

tessera : tasol, quadrangulum • — tasul. 2000. 

tertiana : *lectinadl — lenctinadl. 2001. 
1000 tubo — tuba (-us) : thruu[c]h — thruch. 2067. 

tragelafus 4 vel platocerus (platyceros) : elch both. 2054. 

torq(uet) 6 — *torquetur* : uuraec both. 2033. 

triden8 : maettoc — mettoc. 2047. 

tilia : lind both. 2019. 
1005 taxus : iuu both. 1972. 

tremulus : aespae — esp$. 2048. 

1 palpitrat Erf. a p from b in Erf. 8 quadrungulum Erf. 

* tragelafbus Ep. 5 Rubbed out. • torquet'. 



isus])enderat : awenide. 
fsucini: glaeres. 
isubigo: wrotu. 
i960 isub cono : tinder haehnisse. 
isudum : lybt, siccum. 
fsutrinator : scoere. [122]. 
isubsannat : hospet§t. 
fvuffbcacium : cecil. 

Toxics: iuu. 1005. 
talpa: wond. 1014 [227]. 
taculus: brocc. 1008. 
1975 talpa: wondeuueorpe. 1045. 
tabunus (tabanus) : briosa. 

1016 [230]. 
tapetsa (tapete) : rye. 1020. 
tabetum {tapete): bred. 1023. 
talumbus : gescadwyrt. 1032. 
1980 taxations: raedinne. 1035. 
tabuisset: asnond. 1036. 
tantisper : Sua sui&e. 1037. 
taberna : winaern. 1040. 
italaria: feSrhoman. 
1985 itaurus : fear. 

•\taxaverat: gierende. 
italus : oncleouue. 
itabulata : fcille. 
itaia : webgerodes. 
1990 itabulamen(tum) : Sille. 
itami(i)8: Suaelum. 
itegvla: tigule. 
it{a)edis: blesum. 
iteter: duerc. 
1995 fterritoriurn : lond. 
itentigo: gesca. 
•[tentorium: geteld. 
Tempe: sceadugeardas. 991. 
testudo : bordSeaca. 997. 

1965 fstibjugatis : getfedum. 
+8uis : [suin]/ 
•fsuaeder : butan toSum. 
i8uellium: suinin. 
isubtalaris : steppescob. 
1970 ^mp(p)fwratio : gelostr. 

symtndum {symbolus) : here- 
bsecun. (1873). 

aooo tessera : tasul. 998. [cp. 84]. 
ter liana : *lenctinald. 999. 
terebellus : nabogaar. 1010 


tenticv/m : sprindel. 1025. 
telum (-a): web. 1026 [34]. 
2005 textrinum : webb. 1030. 

termofilas (thermojn/las) : fae- 

[s] ten. 1042. 
temonibus : ]?ixlum. 1043. 
teres: siunhuurful 1047. 
itemjyeriem : uueder. 
ao 10 ftehis : tegura, fodruw. 

fteloniaris (telonariics) : uuic- 
thymus (-um) : haet. 1007. 
tyholus : hrof. 
\thadalus : brooc. 
2015 ftTiessera : beeme. 
ititica : uuefl. 
•\tisifone (ph) : uualcyrge. 
titio : brond. 987. 
tUia: lind. 1004 [247]. 
2030 tignarius : hrofuuyrhta. 996. 
tineti {tinea) : sli. 1015 

tilio(-a): baest. 1017. 
tignum: tin. 1024. 
titule: gata loc. 1028. 


thymus (um) : haeth — haedth. 2012. 

toculus — ta cuius: brocc — *broa. 1974. 

trifulus — trufulus : felospraeci — *felusp'ici. 2049. 
1010 *terrebellus — terebellus: nabfogar — *naboger ! . 2002. 

turdella : throstlae both. 2068. 

tilaris — *itilaris : lauuercae — lauuercse. 2026. 

tardus : scric — * scree. 2069. 

taljHi: wand — uuond. 1973. 
1015 tincti {tinea) : sli both. 2021. 

*tabu:ti8 — tabanus: briosa both. 1976. 

tilio (-a) : lind vel baest — lind vel best. 2022. 

tuber, tumor: suollaen — *assuollan. 2071. 
*toreum — toreuma : eduella — eduelli. 2034. 
1020 ta]>eta 2 (-e) : ryae — *bryhae. 1977. 

trari8trum : sea both. 2050. 

trulla: scofl — *scolf. 2051. 

tabetum — tebe (ta]>ete) : bred both 1978. 

lignum : tin both. 2023. 
1025 tenticum : sprindil both. 2003. 

telum (-a) : uucb both. 2004. 

torax : felofearth — felufrech. 2035. 

titule—titulae : gata loc — gatan loc. 2024. 

tudicla — tudica (tudicula) : thuerae — thuere. 2072. 
1030 textrina: uu[e]b — uueb. 2005. 

tibialis: baanrift — baanryft. 2025. 

talumbus: giscaduuyrt — *gescanuuyrt. 1979. 

torrentibus: *streum — *streaumum. 2036. 

tuta : *onsorg — orsorg. 2070. 
1035 taxatione : raedinnae — redinnae. 1980. 

tabui8set: asuand — *assuant. 1981. 

tantiqw: pus sui)>ae— -dus suidae. 1982. 

tutellam (tutela) : *sc1indinnae 8 — scildinnae. 2073. 
*triquarum — triquadrum (triquetrus) : Srifedor — *tri- 
foedur. 2052. 
1040 taberna: uuinaern both. 1983. 

trans : biginan — bigenan. 2053. 

1 b from o. * First a from e in Erf. 8 sclindhn. 



3025 tibialis: *baanrist. 1031. 

tilares: lauricae. 10 12 [211]. 
tipo (ty2)hon) : draca, veil in- 
Jlatio. 1048. 
•ftigiUum: first. 
tonica polimita : hringfaag, 
a rotund* circu 1 . 984. 
2030 torta: auunden. 985. 
tonsa : roSr. 986. 
torta : coecil. 993. 
torquet : uuraec. 1002. 
toreuma: eduuaelle. 10 19. 
2035 torax : feolufertS. 1027. 

torrerUibus : streamuro. 1033. 
itorom : sionuualt. 
itoga : goduuebbe. 
•ftorquent: }>nmgun. 
3040 trux : *unhiorde. 983. 
trutina: heolor. 988. 
traductu8 : georuuyrde. 990. 
tr<y)(a)ea: sigebecn. 992. 
troc(7i)leis : stricilum. 994. 
2045 triplia (tri]>etia) : lebl. 995. 
tyrajectus: Sorhbrogden. 
tridens : auuel, meottoc. 1 003. 
tremulus: aespe. 1006. 
trufulus : feluspreci. 1009 

2050 transtrum: saes. 102 1. 

trulla : cruce, turl, scofl. 

989, 1022. 
triqitadrum (triquetrus) : 

tSrifeotSor. 1039. 
trans: bigeonan. 1041. 
tragelaj)hus : elch. 1001. 
2055 ftrulla : ponne. 

ttfrafw/er* : geuuendit. 
ftribuli: braere. 
ftranant : Sorhsuimma'S. 
stripes : stool. 
2060 itria : huice. 

t^rac^'6u«: naescum. 
ftrita (turda) : Srostle. 
ftruitius: Sraesce. 
ftratgis: higrae. 
2065 itricent(ur) : ae[l]den. 
^tvbera : elate. 
tubo {-us) : Sruh. 1000. 
turdella : Srostle. 101 1 [205]. 
turdus : eerie. 1013 [213]. 
2070 tuta : orsorg. 1034. 

tuber, tumor : asaollen. 10 18. 
tudic(u)la : thuaere. 1029. 
tutellam (tutela) : seildenue. 

tuber : hofer. 1046. 


termqfilas — termopilas {thernwpylas) : faestin vel ansti- 

gan — *festis vel austiga. 2006. 
temonibus: dislum— -dixlurn. 2007. 
ftabida et putrefacta : afulodan, asuund[nan], aduinen- 
da nan — afulat ond asuunden. 
1045 taljxi : uuandaeuui[o]rpae — uuondeeuuerpe. 1975. 
tvber : ofr — o[f]r. .2074. 
teres : sinuurbul l — *sinuulfur. 2008. 
tipo (tyjrium) : *droco — draco. 2027. 

Verruca : uueartae — uuertae. 2088. 
1050 viasecta 2 : iringaes uueg — *inges uueg. 21 18. 

verbere torto 8 : *auundre suipan — auundenre suipan. 

venahda (-urn) : eborspreot both. 2089. 

valba*(v): duerheri 5 — durheri. 2075. 

ventrietUus, stomachics avis vel : cesol both. 2090. 
1055 vescada 9 : mundl : : — munleuu. 2091. 

ur : : : lum — urciolum (eo) : : : : : ae — cruce. 2 165. 

vicat : m — vicatum (Jicatum) : libr both 7 . 2 1 19. 

vestibulum : ceb^rtuun — *caebertuum. 2094. 

volvola{convolvrdus)\ *wiuwindae, herba similis hederae*, 
quae vitibus et frugibus circumdari solet — uuidu- 
bindae. 2158.. 
1 060 vit(t)as : thuelan both. 2120. 

vulgo, passim vel : oghuuaer — oeghuuer. 2173. 

vitelli: suehoras — sueoras. 2 121. 
*u8cidae — viscide : *tholicae — *tochtlicae. 2 1 70. 

venetum : geolu — *geholu. 2095. 
J065 vatilla (batillum) : gloedscofl both. 2076. 

villis: uulohum — uulobum. 2122. 

umbrellas (umb.): Btalu to fuglum 9 — stalu to *flaglum. 

vertigo : edwalla — edualla. 2096. 

*vitilago — vitiligo: blectha both. 2123. 

1 b over f. * Erf adds iuvar ; u over the a. 9 torta Ep. 

4 IUeg. in Ep. * First e half erased (?). • Last a illeg. in Ep. 

T Comet at the end of u in Erf. * hedere Erf. 9 First u from 1. 





YaJba (valva) : durherL 1053. 
vat&a (batillum) : gloedacofl. 

varix: ampre. 1073 [ I 5 2 ]- 
varicai: stridit 1086 [193]. 
vangas: spadan. 1087 [1 11]. 
2080 vadimonium : borg gilefde, 
1089, 90. 
fvatUla (batillum) : isern- 

fvanut: gemaeded. a 105 

fvapore: aethme. 
fvanna (-us) : fon. 
3085 fvacea : cuu. 

ivada brevia : geune[ada]. 
verbere torto : *awundere sui- ai 10 

opan. 105 1. 
verruca : wearte. 1049. 
venabula(-um) : eoborspreot 
2090 verUrieulus: *ceonsol. 1054. 2115 
veseada : mundleu. 1055. 
fveror: witro. 
fvexilla : seign. [89]. 
vestilndum : caebrtuun. 

3395 venetum: geolu. 1064. 

1 veniculum. 

vertigo: ednuelle. 1068 [168]. 
fveetis: *seng. 

vespas: auaefeas. 1071. 

verberator(i)um: oorthr.1074. 

verberatrum: flete. 1075. 

vesica : bledre. 1077. 

veneria: smeoruwyrk 1078. 

v&pertilio : hraeSemuus. 

fvemaculus: frioleta. 
fvecors : gemaad. 
fvernacula : menen. 

velellus: sueor. 1099. 
ivertU : huerb. 
fvehieulum 1 : wsegn. 
fvertiginem: suinglunge. 
fvesper: suansteorra. 
fvetemo : faecnum. 
fvermis: eor&mata. 
fve(r)miculti8 : cornuurma, 
ttwW gratia : uuordes in- 

fvioienter : roeSelice. 
fviti(li)ginem : bleci. [107]. 

via secta : iringes uueg. 1050 

vicatum (/) : libr. 1057. 

106 EPlNAL-ERFUfcT. 

1070 vitricius (vitrieus) : steupfaedaer — *staupfotar. 2124. 

vespas — vespa : waeffeas — uuaeps. 2098. 

vorago : hool both. 2159. 

varix: amprae — omprae. 2077. 

verberatorium : cortr — cordr. 2099. 
1075 verberatrum: fleti — *fletu. 2100. 

urna : ambaer — *ombar. 2 1 66. 

vessica (vesica): bledrae both. 2101. 

veneria : *speruuuyrt — smeruuuyrt. 2102. 

ulmus: elm both. 2149. 
1080 villoma: ryhae both. 2126. 

villa (-us) : linnin ryhae — linin ryhae. 2128. 

viburna (-um): uuiduuuindae — uuidubindae. 2129. 

viscus: mistil. 2127. 

quinquefolium : hraefnaes fot. (848). 
1085 vicium (yicia): fuglaes bean — *flugles bean. 2125. 

varkat : stridit both. 2078. 

vangas: spadan both 1 . 2079. 

virecta : quicae* — *cuiqi*e. 2130. 

verectmdiae s concesserim : gilebdae — *gilepdae. 2080. 
1090 vadimoniwn — *vadi : borg both. 2080. 

vitiatum : auuaerdid 4 — auuerdid. 2 1 3 1 . 

vibrat*, dirigat (~it): bor§t[t]it — boretit. 2147. 

vitiato oculo : *un£yotgi egan — undyctgi segan. 2133. 
ivesica : blegnae — blegnse. 
1095 undecunque — undecumque : huuanan 6 huuoega — huuo- 
nan huuoega. 2155. 

usurpavit : agnaettae — agnetse. 2 1 7 1 . 

uris: uramboth. 2167. 

vespertilio: hreadaemus — hreadamus 7 . 2103. 

vetellus: sueor. 2107. 

hod - Tripeon : haersearum. 2175. 

1 After virecta in Erf. * q over c. s vericundiae Ep. 

• — di : d. * vimbrat Ep. • Letter rulibed off after second u. 

T Ep. ends with the gloss veterator ; strofibsus, astutus. 



2 1 20 vittas ; thuelan. 1060. 
vitdli : sueoras. 1062. 
villis : . uuloum. 1066. 
vitiligo: blectha. 1069. 
vitricius (vtiricue) : steop- 
feeder. 1070 [108]. 
2125 vicium (-ia) : fugles bean. 
1085 [35]. 
villosa : rye. 1080. 
viscus: mistel. 1083. 
villa (-us) : linin ryee. io8t. 
viburna (-wm) : uuduuuinde. 
2130 virecta: quicae. 1088. 

vitiatum: awended. 1091. 
fvibrat : brogde[t]teS. 
vitiato oculo : unSyhtge egati. 
fvirgultum : gerd. 
2135 fviscera tosta : gebreded flaesc. 
ivibice : lelan. 
fvinco : obersuiSo. 
irviresceret : greouue. 
•\viscellv/m 1 broht. 
2140 viscera : tharme, thumle. 
•fvimen: wearp. 
f villus: u[u]loh. 
i virgo : u[n]maelo. 
ivitulue: caelf. 
2145 fuitula : cu caelf. 

•fvisttUa: sugesweard. 
vibrat: borettiS vel diregaS 

(dirigit). 1092. 
fultroque citroque : hider ond 
*bider. [10]. 

2175 Yry8eon: heresearum. iloo. 

ulmus : elm. 1079. 
2150 iulula : ulae. 

fumbilicus: nabula. 
i(h)umecta: gibrec. [71]. 
unibrellas (wmb.): stalu to 
fuglum. 1067 [167]. 
iunguentum : smeoru. 
2155 undecumque: huonaubuegu. 
funguana : naegl[speru]. 
ivoti compos, voto ornatus i. : 
volvola (convolvulus) : uudu- 
uuinde. 1059. 
vorago: hool. 1072. 
2160 ivoragine: suelgendi. 

fvoluter, cupido votium : 

ivoluma : gorst. 
fvordalium (sandalium) : 

fvox: stebn. 
2165 urciolum (eo) : waetercruce. 
urna : amber. 1076. 
uris : urum. 1097. 
iverticeta * (urticeta) : netlan. 
furguet: threa[tade]. 
2170 uscide (viscide) : toblice. 
usurpavit: agnetie. 1096. 
futensile: geloma. 

vulgo, passim : oegbuer. 106 1. 
fuxorius : ceorl. 

i(h)ymnus : loob. 

1 Originally urticeta, as shown by alph. order. 

108 ERFURT 2 . 

Erfurt 2 . 

Ineipit 1 conscriptio glos(s)arum in unam, quibus verba quo* 
que vet nomina alia mixtim vel latina vel saxoniae 

I4f) fAcidus : *acacsorc. 

1 6b) favehit : bernit. 

1 6c) anser, auca : gos. 

1 6$) f anser silvatica : gregos. 
1 105 (i6f) iargata: ualtae. 

i8d) cancer: *nefern. 

fca[c]pinica : hramsa. 

19a) icunabula: cynna. 

1 9c) iclauculas : uilucas. 
1 1 10 (20b) icontinuus : ferstud. 

20c) iconduclium: giindi. 

2 ad) fepifates: faerbenu. 

23d) tfa((j)u(8), arbor : boc. 

ffistyuras, scis(8)uras : sloae sax. 
1 1 15 (230) •[fidej us(8or) : *brog sax. 

24c) fgavia, avis qui dicitur : stern sax. 

24d) igenesco : musscel. 

26e) ilapsanus (-a, -ium) : coydic. 
lacerta : adexe sax. 
uao 128b) fmuccus (mucus) sax. : horch. 

28c) nascurcium (nast.) : cressa sax. 

29b) omentum: mafia. 

30a) ipatellas : lempite sax. 

300) pila : thothur. 
1 1 25 ^3if) iputrenum : gandi. 

32c) fratis : fliute sax. 
fracana : huitil sax. 

1 incipitu. 

EKFURT 3 . 109 

(320) reniculus {-unculus) : len libre da sax. 
fringitur : thrahit, die hoo more canum. 
1130 fricinus: ticia sax. 

(33a) sambuca, lignum : elle sax. 

(33d) isetes (-as) : brysti sax. 

(33 e ) einapiones (sinapi) : cressa *kc. gt*t in aqua 

(330 tapa/a^uw, mt«ca tgntnoja e*f, out 1 similis 
fifeldae sax} 

Erfurt 8 . 

Wunc o&ks XVI exiguae secuntur. 

11 35 (340 iAbusus: foruerit. 

(35a) fadfectuosus, amabilis : lebuendi sax. 

(35b) taecfttfu(w)* templi vel (a)edis minister : [rendegn]. 

faequimanus : bylipti sax. 
(35c) afya marina : uar. 
1 140 ialbeus (v), ^r^ntw twaw : trog. 

aieator : tebleri a/^w. 
a/ta (>ea) : tefil. 
iamisarius : stoeda et homo for 8 . 
iampusatio, una lectio : fiit *. 
1 145 (35c) iaquiluvs (aquilus), fulvus : bruun locar. 

farca funeris, sarcofagum (sacrophagus) : [cest]. 
faf ^uammtum : dixl. 
(35f) fauctoracius i. g. monachus qui est ab exercitu 
electus; [cempa]. 
axis: aex. 
1 1 50 (36a) fbattulus: stam sax. 
fbiplex, duplex : tuili. 
(36b) fblat(t)a t pigmentum : hauiblauum. 

iblaciarius, primicularius : byrdistrae sax. 

1 aute/n. * After 33 a &a/ fc wanting. * tfJroite ow r. 

* Second i under line. 

110 ERFURT 3 . 

ibemer (vomer) : / scaer. 
1 155 baccula (v), vitula : cucaelf. 

bucula, umbo : randbseg. 
fbustum, ustrina : beel. 
fburis: *scaes. 

tcato, bestiolae genus quod dicitur : merth. 
1160 fcasma: caest. 

(36c) fcapriolus (eo) : raa. 
fcalcatiosus : spurul. 
(36c!) icaper, porcus dimis{s)u8 : baar. 
ccUcar : sporonus spora. 
1165 icervix, posteriora colli : [hnecca]. 

icessius (caesius) y glaucus : ualdennegL 
f censor, rimator, pHiator : ecbtheri. 
fcista : cest, arcula. 
(360) fcella lignaria : fin. 
1 1 70 classis, navis (-es) oollectae : flota. 

curnicula (comicnla), genus avis : cr$. 
icolum : lorg, couel. 
(36f) fcolus: lorg. 
corbis: mond. 
1 1 75 ^collesi bergas 1 . 

(37a) humiliamanus ijiwtniilio, nanus) : duerh. 
ijaculum: scintil. ' 

ijactus: boltio. 
fsagitta: sciutil. 
1 180 ilium : neisn' naensood. 

(37d) iinguen : lesca hregresL 

fjuba, setes porci ei leonis cabal(l)ique : manu, 
(37 e ) flantantia : beost. 

flanna, angulus auris : lappa. 
1185 ilaxitas: placunis. 

(370 ilignarium, ligneum : fin. 

1 Leaf out out after 36. 



[+ indicates words wanting in Corpus*, to which also the numbers refer, a f before 
the number showing that the word does not occur in Ep.-Erf., and numbers in 
( ) to repetitions in Leiden itself.] 

Glos($)ae verborum de canonibus. 


Inlerpretatio sermonis de regulis. 


Verba de sancti Marty ni storia. 

•\Anfibula : oberlagu. 

ipro exercitu apjmli : huui- 

tabar 1 . 
ipatescit: briudid. 
ipromontorivm : hog. 
5 f(h)abeni3 : halsledir. 
ttoracina: haeslin. 
imurmwr: uastru[n]g. 
antoni lacuna{r) : floda. 

flabefacarc (-ere) : agleddggo. 
10 tUtro citro : hidir *an didir. 

iarguta : ordancas. 
fexenia (xenia) : madmas. 


IncipU in libris eccleeiaeticae 

15 iper tpnma : gaesuop^. 

itrogleis (trochleis) : hl$dr$. 

ilatriuncula : herst. 

fpueti: brandas. 

ieautere : tund[e]ri. (cp. 100). 
ao iruder : mixin. 


Item de ecdesiastica storia. 

fColomellas 2 : lomum. 
fcarbunculi : poaas. 
flabrum, ambonem : haet. 
tyruriginem: bleci. 
35 ifmblite (poplUe) : hamme. 
feditiones: thestisuir. 
ffibrarum : darmana. (<%). C. 

ieescuplum : drideludpf. 


IncipU brevis exsoltUio de parali- 

fLapides onichinos* (j/) : dunn$. 

Be Salamone. 

CaUas(-oe): uarras. t40o(93). 30 Flaveecit, color olei: glitinot. 

iterebrantes : borgenti. 


1 The letters which follow in the MS. mutt be read at r(h)eda : nomen vehiculi. 
* efrom o. * First i over some other letter. 



De ec{c)leeiasten. 


In cantico canticorum. 


De Sapientia. 

•fpoderis, vestis sacerdotum a 
pedibus usque ad umbili- 
cum pertingens, et ibi sVrin- 
gebatur cingulo, in cujus 
subteriore parte habebantur 
tintinnabula et mala punica 
in foribus visti : *loth. 


De ecclesiastico. 
asp(h)altum: spaldur. 228. 


In libro Isaie jyrophet(a)e. 

^PUosi, incubi, monstri (-a) : 

*menae. (cp. 229.) 
telam (-twn) orditus: inuuer- 
pan *uuep. 2004. 
35 viciam, pisas agrestes: fugles 
beane. 2125 (183). 
pcrpendiculum, modica ptira 
de plumbo, qua(m) licant {g) 
in filo quando (a)ediflcant 
parietes: pundar. 1*1553. 
jxUiurus, (h)erba quae crescit 
in tectis domorum, grosaa 
folia habens : *fuUae. 1508. 
•fruntina (runcina), pidugio : 

Wma, qua limatur, ferri : fill. 

40 circino (-us), ferrum duplex, 
unde pictores faciunt ctr- 
eulos : gabarind. 469. 
idelet: hnabot. 

Incijdt in Hieremia. 

Incipit in Danielem. 
iCubitum: elin. 


De Johel vel de prophetia 

Wgones, ferrum fusoriv/m : tyr- 
hederam; ibaei. 718. 


De Ose cynxronion (synkhrbnion). 
45 i Lappa 1 elate. 


Incipit in Job. 

Carectum: reod. 387. 
ioriona : ebirdhring. (cp. 76). 
fcapitio: haubitloh. 
ihibicum (ibicum) : firgingata. 
50 herodion (erodioij : ualchefuc. 
faccipitres (-iter) : haefuc. 

gurgu8tium: chelor. 1001. 
Uncus: osifelti. (cp. C. tio72). 
iarmilla: ermboeg. 
55 obrizum (y) : *ymaeti gold. 
icartillago (cartUago) : uuld- 
paexhsue vel grost. 



lagunculas vel lagina (-ena), 
diminitivum : croog. 1 1 7 i 

isalices: salhas. 

fancillis, animalibus : figl. 

60 sternutatio : *nor. 1909. 


Incipit in Tobia. 

brantie (branchiae) : chyun. 

IncipU in Judith. 


De Ester. 

fAeri: haue. 
ftenda: *gezlt. 
fiacynt(h)ini : *syitorheuuin. 
65 flecti aurei : berian beed. 
fpurpuram: uuylocbaso. 
icoccus : uuyrmbaso. 
irvbe(r): uuretbaso. 


Incipit in Esdra. 

fLapide inpolito : ungebatne 
stane, non exciso. 
70 fnemias, alio nomine: atersatha. 

Incipit in Matheum. 
Umecta: *gebyraet. t2i5«. 


De Marco et Luco el Johanne. 

ilnsttiis: suithelon. (1060.) 


In libro officiorum. 

Pronuba : herdusuepe. ti66o. 
isimila: smetuma. 
75 fmitras: haetas. 


In libro rotarum. 

Orion : * eburdnung. 1 1 464 

(cp. 47). 
via secta : fringes *uuec. 21 18. 

In libro Antonii. 

IncipU verborum interpretatio. 

Mauria de auro facta m to- 
nka : gespan. 1336. 

lagonam (-enam), vas lapi- 
deum, olio (-a) : crog. (57). 

Decalogo Hieronimi in prologo. 

De ponderibm incipit. 
80 iSolidos tre8 : trymisas sax. 


De ponderibus secwndum Euche- 



De Cassiano. 

Sjnathio : mattae. +1901. 

De Eu8ebio. 
fProrigo (u), urigo cutis : gyc- 
oae. (cp. C. 1658.) 




fteniigo, tenacitasventris : ebind. 
itesseras : tesulas. (cp. C. 2000.) 
85 fpedissequis (-us), convicUor: 
lacerta: adexa. fn82. 
ifbrnice : scelb vel drep. 
fignis (s)acer : oma. (cp. C. 

vixilla (vex.) et lab(a)rum: 
segin. tao93. 1167. 
90 icodex : stofoD. 

(im)petigo: tetr afa. 1550. 
ijugeres: gycer. 
callos, tensam cutem : uarras. 

ifurtimam (fort.), fatum : 


95 frogus : beel vel aad. 

if alum: uyrd. 

fcraticulis ferrets factis : herst. 

barat(h)rum : loh vel dal. 


t/ocimoaa: slitendg. 

iootcauferc, ferrum, melius: tin- 

dre. (cp. 19.) 

extale: snedildaerm. 794. 

ipuplites (0) : homing. 

fltneolis: dredum. 

invisum: *luad. 11 13. 

105 trwfcr&u* : mixinnum. 

De Orosio. 

fchoncis (conchis) : hebernum. 
viti(li)ginem : bleci. +21 17. 
vitricum: *steuffeder. 2124. 


De aanctt Augustini. 

iOdoms vit(t)am : mihes nos- 
tlum, odon Imeum est in 

De Clemente. 


De dialogorum. 

no Fledomum (phkbotomum) : 
blodsaex. +896. 
vangas: spaedum. 2079. 
fin mare Adriatico ab Adriano 
imperatore qui pensabat hoc 
mare cum catenis in pro- 
fundum rimis bord remam. 
advocatus dicitur qui vocatwr 
in adjutorium alicujus 
causa(e) vel pro pecuniam 
(-ta) : dingere. t89. 
exactio : monung gaebles. 813. 
115 decrepitam: dobend. 638. 
+ arbor: maest. 
frimis: cinum. 
scinici (scenici) : *scinnenas. 
t histrionibus : droccerum. 

Item incipiunt verba. 

Item de nominibus diversis. 


Incipit ex diversis libris. 
120 fTapetibus : rihum. 



elleus (ebvlus): ualuyrt. 714. 
sutrinator : scoebere. 1 1 96 2 . 
privigna : niffc. 1634. 
paranimphi (paranymphus) : 
dryctguma. 1*1514. 
125 iseuit : glimith. 

fornacultun{4a): herth. +911. 
ruscus (-um) : cneholen. (250) 

finpennias: oberscoeiddo. 

Item de diversis nominibus. 


iiii genera poetarum. 

JSmblema: fodor. 744. 
130 icujatis : huidirryne,. 
fnostratis: bidirrine.. 
fquotus : hu aid. 
ftotus : suae aid. 
iperend(i)e : ofer tua *nest. 
135 ianimalus : fifaldae. 

eumenides^JUiae noctis : hegit- 
iss$. t772. 


Item alia de caelo. 


Verba de multis. 

For8 : uyrd. t904. 
glis: egle. 973. 
fdamma (dama) : elha. 
140 aleo (aleator) : *teblheri. in. 
alea: tebl. no. 
ihistrio 8curre s lees. 
gurgullio (-ulio) : drohbolla. 


Item alia, 

iVeru: snaas. K 
145 cos: *ueostun. 555, 
lien : milt§. 1217. 
ffidicen: harperi. 
-\fidis : sner. 

^cpoUis: grot. {cp. C. 1620.) 
150 iscropis (scrobs, scrobis) : groop. 
(cp. C. 1 819.) 
carex: seic. 371. 
varix : ompr§. 2077. 
libertabus : *friulactum. 1 1 2 1 8. 
fcun(a)e : *ciltrog, undc cuna- 
bula. (cp. C. t492.) 
155 magalia: byrae. ti294. 
f simplex : aenli. 
ibilex (-ix) : * till. * 
itriplex: drill. 
paturum: * fetor. 1552. 
160 fabctape : tysse. 


Item alia. 

Abellana: *hel. 243. 
calomaucus (calliomarchus) : 

bet 383. 
platissu (-a): *folc. 1602. 
balera (balaena) : hron. 267. 
165 caefalus: baerdbera. 447. 
pema: flicci. 1551. 
umbrellas: stalo to *fuglam. 


vertigo : eduall§. 2096. 

buculus: *nordbaeg. 335. 
170 truffuius: felospric. 2049. 
ifamfelucas : laesungae. (cp* 
C. 832.) 




iwvolucrus: uuluc. 1115. 

mordatius (-cius) : *clox. 1327. 

erpica: *eg[i]ldae. 761. 
175 alga: *uuac. 120. 
ipessul: leer. 

op(p)ilavit : *gigisdae. 1447. 

colostrum: beust. 541. 

isica: tyndri. 1156. 
180 isicunia : gibreci. 

r(h)euma: streum. 17 14. 

mustacra (-ia) : gronae : 

vicia8 : *fuglues benae. (35.) 

manticum : hondfiil baeues. 
185 maulistis: scyhend. 1286. 

verruca (v) : uaert[a]$. 288. 

argelta (-ilia) : la[a]m. 199. 

accearium : stel. 55. 

scarpmat (-mat) : scribid. 
19a byrseus: lediruyrcta. 344. 

tubolo: fala. 

andeda: *brondra. 157. 

varicat : *strit^d. 2078. 

battat : ginat. 269. 
195 lordus(u): *lemphald. 1250. 

terebellus: n$bugaar. 2002. 

dolabella: bradacus. 

scalpellum : * biriis. (Ep. 907.) 

ciscUlus: haerdhaeu. 467. 
200 auriculum: dros. 239. 

garallu8 (graculus) : hroc. 

par(r)ula: masae. 1506. 

sturnus: st$r. 191 1. 

noctua: *necthtrefh. 1384. 
205 turdella: drostlae. 2068. 

ciconia : storhc 465. 

arpa (harpe) : * arngeus. 212. 

scorelus: emaer. 18 10. 
~ acega : holthona. 54. 
2 10 cucuzata : * laepiumc^. 619. 

tilaris: laurice. 2026. 

ruscinia (l) : nectigalae. 1746. 

turdus: *scruc. 2069. 

(die)perdulum : hragra. 198. 
215 isticulus : gaeuo. 

picu8i higr$. 1592. 

mar8opicu8: *uinu. 1281. 
Jicetula (-dula) : suca. 878. 

fringetta (-ilia): *umc. 921. 
220 cardeUa (-uelis) : *distyltige. 

tinct (tinea) : alii, lupus brevis. 

porcopiscis: styra. 1614. 
sardinus (-as) : [h]eringas. 
•\furunculas (-us) : maerth. (cp. 

C- 937) 
225 netila (nitela) : herma. 1369. 

musiranus (mus araneus) : 

Bcraeua. 1344. 

talpa : uoond. 1973. 

striga: haegtis. 19 13. 

incuba : maerae vel saturus. 

(?P- 33) * "i« 
230 tabanus: briusa 1 . 1976. 

cacomicanus (kakomikhanos) : 

logdor. 382. 

lendina (lens) : hnitu. 1 203. 

aquilius (aculeus) : onga. 192. 

auricula : §ruigga. 240. 

235 castorius : bebor. 385. 

1 mi written ever. 



scira (sciurus) : acurna. 1811. 
fxwruca: sneegl. 1283. 
S^^mcyalis: b$rg. 1284. 

paroastrum: foor. 1615. 
240 8crufa(o): sugu. 18 12. 
berrus (verres) : baar. 287. 
fphilocatn gr. : scopon. 
acrifolium : *holera. 53. 
acerafula (-abulus): *mapal- 
durt. 51. 
245 involueo: uudubindlae. 11 16. 
cUnus: alaer. 116. 
tilio (-a) : lind. 2019. 
ahnerUa (alnetum) : alerholt 
fputat: sngdit. 
350 ruscus: *creholegn. (127.) 

Item de Cassiano. 

flntxtricabiles : *anatreten. (cp. 

C. 1*1048.) 
finsolescit: anstilli[t]. 
iexcellentiores : gipparre. 
imnguessuges (sangutsugae) : 

255 ictira : bihina. 
isuricw: brooc. 
iopere p'cium necesdwrium vel 

multhra (midcra) : celdre. 

iscalpeum (scalprum) : boor K 

(cp. C. ti8o3.) 

1 The icribe adds aicut inveni icripri ; ne reputes scriptorf . 




Abctape, 160. 

abellana, 161. 

(h)abenis, 5. 

accearium, 188. 

accipitres, 51. 

acega, 209. 

acerafula (-abulus), 244. 

acrifolium, 243. 

advocatua, 113. 

aeri, 62. 

alea, 141. 

aleo (-ator), 140. 

alga: uuac, 175. 

almenta (-netum), 248. 

alnus, 246. 

ancillis, animalibus, 59. 

andeda, 192. 

anfibula, 1. 

animalus, 135. 

antoni, lacuna(r) : floda, 8. 

aquilius (aculeus), 233. 

arbor, 11 6. 

argella (-ilia), 187. 

arguta: ordancas, 11. 

armilla, 54. 

arpa (harpe), 207. 

asp(h)altum, 32. 

auricula: eruigga, 234. 

auriculum, 200. 


Balrfra (-aena), 164. 
barat(b)rum, 98. 

battat, 194. 
berruca (v), 1 86. 
berrus (verres), 241. 
bilex (-ix), 157. 
brantie (-chiae), 61. 
buculus, 169. 
byrseus, 190. 

Cacomicanus, 231. 

caefalus, 165. 

callas (-os), 13. 

callos, tensam cutem, 93. 

calomaucus (calliomarchus), 

capitio : haubitloh, 48. 
carbunculi, 22. 
cardeila (-uelis), 220. 
carectum, 46. 
carex, 151. 
cartilago, 56. 
castorius, 235. 
cautere: tunderi, 19. 
cautere, ferrum, 100. 
choncis (conchis), 106. 
ciconia, 206. 
circino (-us), &c, 40.- 
ciscillus, 199. 
citra, 255. 
coccus, 67. 
codex, 90. 
colomellas, 21. 
colostrum, 178. 



cos, 145. 
craticulis, 97. 
cubitum, 42. 
cucuzata, 210. 
cujatis, 130. 
cun(a)e, 154. 

Damma (dama), 1 39. 
decrepitam, 115. 
delet, 41. 
dolabella, 197. 

Editiones, 26. 
elleus (ebulus), 121. 
emblems, 129. 
erpica, 174. 
eumenides, 136. 
exactio, 114. 
excellentiores, 253. 
exenia, 12. 
extale, 101. 

Famfelucas, 171. 

fatum, 96. 

fibrarum, 27. 

ficetula, 218. 

fidicen, 147. 

fidis, 148. 

flavescit, color olei, 30. 

fledomum (phlebotomum), 

fornaculum, 126. 
fornice, 87. 
fors, 137. 

fringella (-ilia), 219. 
furtunam (fo.), fatum, 94. 
furuncula8 (-us), 224. 

Garallus (graculua), 201. 
glis, 138. 
gurgulio, 143. 
gurgustium, 52. 

Hederam, 44. 
herodion, 50. 
hibicum (ib.), 49. 
histrio scurre, 142. 
histrionibuB, 119. 

Iacynt(h)ini, 64. 
ignis (8)acer, 88. 
incuba, 229. 
incus, 53. 
inextricablies, 251. 
in mare adriatico, 112. 
in pennias, 128. 
insolescit, 252. 
institb, 72. 
inyisum, 104. 
involuco, 245. 
involucrus, 172. 
isica, 179. 
jugeres, 92. 

Labefacare (-ere), 9. 
labrum, ambonem, 23. 
lacerta, 86. 

laciniosa : slitende, 99. 
lagonam, &c, 79. 
lagunculas, &c, 57. 
lapide inpolito, 69. 
lapides onichinos, 29. 
lappa: elate, 45. 
latriuncula, 17. 
lecti aurei, 65. 
lendina, 232. 




iibertabus, 153. 

lien, 146. 

ligones, ferrum fasorium, 43. 

lima, 39. 

lineolis, 103. 

lordus (u), 195. 

Magalia, 155. 

majalis, 238. 

manticum, 184. 

marsopicus, 217. 

maruca, 237. 

maulistis, 185. 

mauria de auro facta in tonica, 


mitras, 75. 

mordatius (-cius), 173. 
multhra (mulcra), 258. 
murmur, 7. 
muBiranus, 226. 
mustacra (-ia), 182. 

Nemias, 70. 
netila, 225. 
noctua, 204. 
nostratis, 131. 

Obrizum (y), 55. 
odonis vittam, &c, 109. 
opere, &c, 257. 
op(p)ilavit, 177. 
orion, 76. 
oriona, 47. 

Paliurus herba, &c, 37. 
paranimphi (-ymphus), 124. 
par(r)ula, 202. 
patescit, 3. 

paturum, 159. 
pedissequis, con viator, 85. 
(die) perdulum, 214. 
perende, 134. 
per ipsima, 15. 
perna, 166. 
perpendiculum, 36. 
pessul, 176. 
(im)petigo, 91. 
philocain, 242. 
picus, 216. 

pilosi, incubi, nionstri, 33. 
platissu (-a), 163. 
poderis vestis, 3 1 . 
pollis, 149. 
porcastrum, 239. 
porcopiscis, 222. 
privigna, 123. 
pro exercitu appuli, 2. 
promontorium, 4. 
pronuba, 73. 
prorigo, 82. 
pruriginem: bleci, 24. 
publite (poplite), 25. 
puplites (0), 102. 
purpuram, 66. 
pusti, 18. • 

putat, 249. 

Quotus, 132. 

R(h)euma: stream, 181. 

rimis, 117. 

rogus, 95. 

rube(r), 68. 

ruder, 20. 

ruderibuB, 105. 

runtina (c), 38. 



ruscinia (1), 212. 
ruscuB, 127, 250. 

Salices, 58. 
sanguessuges, 254. 
sardinus (-as), 223. 
scalpellum, 198. 
Bcalpeum (-rum), 259. 
scarpmat (-mat), 189. 
scinici (e), 11 8. 
scira (sciurus), 236. 
Bcorelufl, 208. 
Bcorpis (b), 150. 
scrufa (o), 240. 
gescuplum, 28. 
sevit, 125. 
aicunia, 180. 
gimilia : smetuma, 74. 
simplex, 156. 
Bolidos tres, 80. 
spiathio, 8i. 
sternutatio, 60. 
sticulus, 215. 
striga, 228. 
sturnus, 203. 
suricus, 256. 
sutrinator, 122. 

Tabanus, 230. 
talpa, 227. 
tapetibufl, 120. 
telam orditus, 34. 

tenda: gez(e)lt, 63. 

tentigo, tenacitas ventris, 83. 

terebellos, 196. 

terebrantes, 14. 

tesseras, 84. 

tilaris, 211. 

tilio (-a), 247. 

tinct (tinea), 221. 

toracina, 6. 

totus, 133. 

triplex, 158. 

trogleis (eh), 16. 

truffulus, 170. 

tubolo, 191. 

turdella, 205. 

turduB, 213. 

Vangas, in. 

varicat, 193. 

varix, 152. J 

vertigo, 168. 

vera, 144. 

via secta, 77. 

viciam, pisas agrestes, 35. 

vieias, 183. 

viti(li)ginem, 107. 

vitricum, 108. 

vixilla (vex.), 89. 

ultro citro, 10. 

umbrellas, 167. 

umecta : gebyraet, 7 1 . 



These glosses occur in the early eighth century psalter in the 
library at Blickling Hall, in Norfolk. They are apparently con- 
temporary with the psalter itself, being written in the same red 
ink as that used for the rubrics. Their handwriting is of a very 
archaic, half-cursive type. Many of the glosses are much rubbed 
and worn away so as to be difficult to read. They were first 
published by Mr. E. Brock as an appendix to Dr. Morris's edition 
of the Blickling Homilies for the Early English Text Society 
(1874, 6). He has thrown them into alphabetical order, and printed 
them among the numerous later glosses in the MS. My own text 
is founded partly on his, partly on facsimiles made by me when the 
MS. passed through my hands. It will be seen that my readings 
occasionally differ from Brock's. For the sake of convenience I 
follow his order. On a leaf at the end of the book are written 
the names of several clerks of the city of Lincoln (Brock, p. 252). 
Brock does not tell us the age of the handwriting of this leaf, 
but it ■ is, if I remember rightly, not earlier than the fourteenth 
century. We have no further clue to the origin of the MS., but 
there is every reason to believe it was written in Lincoln, and that 
the glosses here printed are in the East Mercian dialect of the first 
half of the eighth century, or possibly earlier. 

inseparuni : pern ascadendum. 

inpviaue versaius mm : ascoben afeoll. 

fecundae : berende. 

plagae vestigia, cicatrices : dolgsua]>he. 
5 cataracte : forsceta. 

in oportunitatibus : on geheplicnissum. 

memariale: gemyndelic. 

novella olivarum : }» gingan eletri[o]w. 

rugiebam : granode vel asten. 
10 promptuaria : hordern. 


ablaclalu* : from ra ileum adoen. 

obdormitt : onhrerniaae. 

conplacebam : quemde. 

in galsilaginem ; on s.ltae mersc, 
i-i coneidet : sliet. 

torrent tn auHro : smoltregn '. 

auttralis : su)>rador. 

Utenderunt arcem : tinde bog&n. 

in auram : in wedr . 
10 in talicHnu : on 'welgum. 

imcolatut meus : min wrecscype. 


The glosses are written at the end of the Moore 1 
History in the Public Library at Cambridge, immedial 
fragment of C&sdmon, and in the same hand of the fin 
eighth century. See notes on Csedmon. 

Arvla: hearth. 
dtttina, : feurstud. 
jugutum; sticung. 

' Prteeded by toria ( - torreua 7). 



These inscribed texts, nearly all of which are in runes, most 
of them being also Northumbrian or Mercian, are all taken from 
Prof. G. Stephens' Runic Monuments, vol. i. To each inscription 
is added a reference to the page of Stephens' work, and the date 
assigned to it by him. In my transliteration, the rune gifu is re- 
presented by (g), gdr by (g), <&a by (c), the rune formed from it by 
repeating the side stroke on the other side by (k), and the still more 
complicated rune which is generally formed by inserting an upright 
stroke into the 0<Sr-rune by (k), the ngr-rune by (q), the ea-rune 
by (ea). 

I. BEWCASTIiB COLUMN, Cumberland (398). 

? 670. 

(ressus JTristtus. 
pis sigrbecn }mn setton Hwsetred, 
Wo)>^ar, Olwfwoljm aft Alcfri)>u 
ean kyniq eac Oswiuq. 
5 gebid heo sinna sow hula. 

fruman ^ear kyningea rices jmes 1 
Ktf Ec^frijju 

10 J5Tyneswi)>a 
Myrcna kjng 

1 aea hind-rune ; might alio be read «•. 

ft '*- 



II. RUTHWELL CBOSS, Dumfries (405). 


Letters inclosed in ( ) are given chiefly on the authority of the 
older editors, being now nearly gone. 

Stephens bases his dating of the Cross mainly on his assumption 
of the poetry being Csedmon's, which he supports by translating 
lines 20-1, ' Ceedmon made me/ He goes on to connect the mys- 
terious word fawzpo with the verb fegan, but if this were right, we 
should certainly find some such form as fcsgda. The form mm 
is equally anomalous ; we should rather expect mec in a seventh 
century text. Even the name Ccedmon is not quite certain, for 
Stephens reads Cadmon, which is an anomalous form. But as- 
suming the name Ceedmon, it can only be taken as that of the 
sculptor who devised the ornamentation and carved the cross. 
The ornamentation and the shape of the runes are, according to 
Stephens, different in some respects from those of the Bewcastle 
stone, whose date is not quite certain, although there is a general 
resemblance. All that the language teaches us is that the in- 
scription cannot well be later than the middle of the eighth 
century. As regards the authorship of the poem, I hold fast to 
the opinion that it is a portion of the epilogue to the Elene, 
preserved entire in the Yercelli MS., and consequently is the 
work of Cynewulf. Also that the complete, original text of the 
Gross poem is that from which the Yercelli recension was copied. 
The sculptor or designer of the Ruthwell stone, having only a 
limited space at his command, selected from the poem such verses 
as he thought most appropriate, and, engraved them wherever he 
had room for them. 

(On)gered8B ninas (rodalme.ttigr 1 , 
J>a he walde on g&lgu. ^isti^a 

1 The fifth rune has the shape of the old eu-rum, which is impossible here, 
although Stephens reads almeyottig; we should expect almecttiff or almehttig. 
and it is possible that the latter is the actual reading : h would easily become 
en by the wearing away of some of its strokes. 

c * h K -- ^ 


mod\g fore . . , l men 
(b)u^(a ic ni dars)te. 
5 (ahof ) ic riicnae tyniqc, V^ 

hozfunses hlafard; r 

bselda ic (n)i darst®.^^-' ' 
a l*&h bismsergdu uq£eTmen ba s&t$rad(r)e ; % » ^ 

ic (w«s) mi)> blodae bistemi(d), I 1^ 

io bi(^r)ot(eii) o(f) .... 
Y V* 1 ^ Krist w»s on rodi. 

/« k|0l- hwejjrse per fosse fearran kwomu 

«)>)>il8B til anum : ic \mt al bi(h*i)l(d). 
s(are) ic wses mi(J>) sor<jru(ra) gri(d)rce(fe)d, h(n)a#(ic) . . 
15 . . . mi)? strelum giwundad. j* vi^ 

ale</dun hise hinse limwoerignee, 
gistoddun bim (set) b(is l)ic»s (h)oif(du)m, 
(bi)hea(l)du(n) hi(») }>er h(«afun) . . . 


30 J&Tadmon 


III. CASKET (470). 
? 700-800. 

The casket is made of whale-bone, the verses on it comme- 
morating the capture of the whale. The two sentences refer to 
earrings of Romulus and Remus nursed by the wolf, and of the 
taking of Jerusalem by Titus. The two words which follow the 
latter are taken by Mr. Haig as the name of the artist, but Prof. 
Stephens supposes, with more probability, that they refer to the 
'strong measures taken by Titus to ensure the obedience of the 
conquered city ; ' beneath them are representations of a tribunal, 
and of a person being led off to prison. The last word, cegili, 
stands over a carving of a man with a bow defending his house 
against his enemies, and is no doubt a proper name. The pre- 
ceding line is all that remains of one side of the casket, so that 
the carving it probably refers to is lost. 

1 Stephens reads ale, which he translate* ' all.' 

CASKET. 127 

Stephens identifies fergenberig, 1. 5, with the present Ferry-hill 
in Durham, but it is possible that the word means simply ( main- 
land.' There are no distinctively Northumbrian forms. 

Oj>l© unneg Romwalus and Reumwalus, twoegen gibrofwra, 
foeddsB hi« wylif in Romsecaestri. 
Her fegtaj) Titus end Giu)>easu. dom. gisl. 
Hronees ban fiscflodu 
5 ahof on fergenberig ; 
war}> gasric grorn, 
J>ar he on greut giswom. 

dr.g.Jwwi 1 


IV. FAU3TONB (biliteral), Northumberland (456). 


Roman. Runic. 

Eomaer the settae Eomser pee scettoe 

aeftaer Hroethberhtoe, sefteer Roetberhtse f , 

becun aeftaer eomae. be&un seftser eomee. 

gebidaed der saule. ^ebidced der saule. 

V. AIiNMOUTH, Northumberland (461). 

Mixed uncials, minuscules and runes. 

. . adulfes 8 . . 

say . . 

myredah meh wo . . 
. . vdwyg meh feg . . 

1 The third and fifth letters resemble a sloping B-rune, like the j on the Char- 
nay alphabet. Stephens* by confusing'} with Us modern English representation y, 
and the latter with the 0. E. vowel y, gets the reading drygy)>, which he impossi- 
bly identifies with drtagett. * The oe in two letters. 


VL MONK WEARMOUTH, Durham (477). 



VII. LEAD RING, Coquet Island, Northumberland 


? 800-900. 

pia is siuilfur(n 9) 1 . 

VIII. HARTLEPOOL, Durham (392, 6). 

? 650-700. 




Gibidtej? for» CynibalJ>. 

L CuJ>boerec. 

X. COIiLINGHAM (Yorkshire) CROSS (390). 


iEftar Onewini cu. 

1 iu doubtful : might also be read e as a single letter ; or as an anticipation 
0/ the following 1. 


XI. DBW8BTJBY, Yorkshire (464). 


Roman minuscules and uncials. 


becun aefto beoraae 
gibiddad dor saule. 

1 400-500. 

Beognob '- 

Xm, SANDWICH, Kent {363). 

! 428-597. 
Assumed by Stephens to be heathen. 


XXV. WOTEH, Kent (465). 
1 700-800. 

XV. CHERT8EY DISH, Surrey (482). , 

1 800-900. 

Mixed runes and decorated uncials. 

Qajtoh' ureecko. d " 

1 // *j old, tlu tivzmd runt murt ie read «o. * te dovltfui, ma 



1 700-800. 

Mixed uncials and runes. 

Jffired mec ah, Eanred mec agrof. 

c c 

bedb's history. 131 


The English person- and place-names occurring in Bede's Church 
History are here given from the following four MSS. 

i. Moore (M.) in the Public Library at Cambridge, formerly at 
Ely. Written about 737. The forms of the English words are 
pure Northumbrian, and the fragment of Ceedmon at the end of the 
MS. is in the same dialect. 

2. Namur (N.) in the town-library of Namur in Belgium. The 
English names in this MS. were published by Mone in his Qudlen 
und For8chungen y vol. i. The same MS. contains also Gregory of 
Tours. Mone says, ' the handwriting of both works belongs to the 
eighth century, but is of different nationality, for the Bede is 
written by an Anglo-Saxon, the Gregory by a Frank.' My atten- 
tion was naturally attracted to the MS. by this statement, but when 
I inspected it myself, I found that it was written in a purely con- 
tinental hand, without a trace of Old English influence. The 
errors of the scribe, of which I have given a few specimens, are 
alone enough to prove his not being an Englishman. But the 
MS. has an independent value, as being a copy of an English MS. 
of about the same age as M. It has a great gap in Book n. 

3. Cotton Tiberius c 11 in the British Museum (1). MS. of the 
eighth century, the handwriting being less archaic than that of M. 
The orthography, with its cht and ht for ct, and 3 for th and d 
is also later. 

4. Cotton Tiberius A xiv (11). Of the first half of the ninth 
century. This MS. was badly burnt in the great fire, and much of 
it is lost and illegible. It is evidently a copy from a MS. of the 
same character as M., whose archaic spelling it repeats very 

As regards the relations of the MSS. it is certain that none of 
them are copied directly from any one of the others. It is self- 
evident that the oldest MS. M. cannot be a copy of any of the 
others, and that none of the others are copies of 1, which has the 


182 bbdes history. 

least archaic forms of all. Again, the divergencies between M. and 
N. are such as would be impossible if N. were a direct copy of M. 
by an un-English scribe. In many cases all the three others agree 
against M., as in the form Eduini for M.'s Aeduini, -gist for M.'s 
less archaic -gils. But N. has the latter form I, 15. In m, 21 and 
v, 24, where M. has the incorrect Middilangli, due to anticipation 
of the Latin Angli, they agree in giving the correct Middilengli. 
M.'s Guruiorum iv, 19, seems also to be an error for the usual 
Gyruiorum, which is the reading of the three others. 

The omission of the same two names in n, 3, both in 1 and 11 
shows that they must be copies of one MS. Unfortunately book 11 
is wanting in N., or this passage would be decisive. In v, 19, N. 
and 1 both have Cudhaldi against M.'s Cudualdi, which Moberly 
has in his text. Here 11 leaves us in the lurch, and I have not 
investigated the relationship of the MSS. further, as not affecting 
the linguistic value of their various readings. The question can 
be definitely settled only by a detailed comparison of the Latin 
text, and this must be left to the next critical editor of Bede's 

The various readings are separated by a stroke, and come in the 
following order, M., N., 1, n, that of M. always coming first. "When 
that of N. is not given, the reading that follows M.'s is marked 1 or 
n, as the case may be. 

The names that come first in each book are taken from the 
elenchus or table of contents. 

The numbers refer to the pages of Moberly's edition (Venerabilis 
Baedae Historia, Oxford 1869). 

Names and readings which repeat the same forms without varia- 
tion are not registered exhaustively. Celtic and other foreign names 
are given only when they throw light on Old English spellings. 


(1) regi ceoluulfo. baeda famulus — beda 1. (2) cantuariorum 

(twice), nothelmum, -i, -us, -0. (3) nothelmo. nordanhymbro- 

rum. ceddi et ceadda g. merciorum. monasterii quod laestinga 

eu cognominatur — *luestinga eu — lgstinga eu. abbatis esi. in 

sprovincia lindissi — *lindisi. (4) cynibercti g. — cynibericti 1 — 

1 u aver the y. 

Bk. 1.1 BEDES HISTORY. 13.' 

cyniberhti. cudbercto— cndbericto ' — cudberchto. eeeleaiae lin 

Liber I. 
adUbercto— edilbericto — aeSilberclito. aedilfrid — aeSUfrid i. 

(6) civitat quae dieitur rutubi partus, a gents anglorum 
cgatir — reptacaester — reptacaestir. (7) brettonum — britto 
brettonum 1, n._ (8) brettones — brittonea — brettoues 1, 11. 

(21) civitatem verolamium, quae nunc a gente anglaru 
lamacteatir lira uaetlingacieBtir appellator — ueriamacaester, 
linguaciester — uerlamacaeetir, uaetlingacester. 


(28) in loea qui sermom pictorum peanfdhd, lingua auk 
glorum penneltuu appelatur — pegneltuun — peanuahel, pens 
(29) urbem alcluitb — alcluit I. 

(31) am blaedla et attila — atila— bledla. blaedla n. — I 
attilae g. — a[t]til§. 

(34) "5* uurtigerno. 

(36) Baxonibua, anglis, iutis. iutarum — iotarum. cam 
uictuari pi. — contuari— cantuarii, uictuarii. iutarum de ilia 
quae angnlus dieitur. merci pi. nordanhymbrorum. h 
fluminis. (37) bengiat et horn— haengiat 1. horEa. JUii \ 
gilsi, eujus pater uitta, cujus pater uecta, cujue pater u 
uictgilsi, *uita — uictgiali — uictgisli, woCen'. 

(52) aedilberct — aedilberich — aeSilbercbt — aedilberct. 
fiwuius uuanteumu — uuantaamu 1 — u[u]antsumu*. aedilber 

134 BEDB'S HISTORY. [Bk. I, II. 

aedilberictum — aeSilberchtum — aetftlberctum. uxorem de gente 

Sofraneorum vocabulo bercta — berchta I — bercta. episcopo liudhardo 

(Frankish name). 


(76) aedilbercto — aedibericto — aeSilberch to— aedilbercto. adil- 
bercto (in a Latin letter) — aedilbericto— aetSilberhto— adiliberto. 


(79) aedilberct — aedilberict — aeSilbercht — aedilberct. in sinu 
35 maris qui vocatur amfleat. 


(80) aedilfrid — aedifrid — aetSilfrid — aedilfiid. in loco qui dici- 
tur degsa stan, id est, degsa lapis — stan. (81) theodbald frater 
aedilfridi — *aedilbericti — aeCilfridi. aedilfrid — aeSilfrid — aedilfrid. 

Liber II. 

aedilbercto et sabercto regibus — sabericto — aeSilberhto et saberhto 
40 — aedilbercto et sabercto. aeodbaldum — *lauraldum — eadbaldum 
1, n. regis aeduini — *eduni— eduini 1, n. aeduini n. — *ediuini — 
eduuine — eduini. idem aeduini — eduini— eduuine — eduini. in 
provincia lindissi — *lindisi — lindissi 1, n. aeduini g. — eduini — 
eduuini— eduini. occiso aeduine— eduine— -eduuine — eduine. 


45 (88) deiri vocarentur (idem provincials* — to also 1, 11. (89) rex 

aelli — aelle 1 1 — aelle. 


(89) aedilbercti regis — aeSilberchti 1 — aedilberct!. augustinaes 
ac, id est, robur augustini. — agustines, agustini 1 — augustinaes, 
augustini. (90) huicciorum. (91) bancor[n]aburg — boncorna- 
50 burg 1 1 — bancornaburg. (92) aedilfrid — aetSilfriS 1 — aedilfrid. 
(93) ad eivUatem legionum, quae a genie anglorum legacaestir, 
a breUonibus autem rectius carlegion appellatur — legacaester 1, 11. 
aedilfrid — aeSilfriS 1 — aedilfrid. 


(94) saberct, nepos aedilbercti, ex sorore ricula 8 — saberht, aeSil- 
55 berchti 1 — saberct, aedilbercti. aedilbercti 8 . aedilberct — aeSil- 

1 a er. * tk over fint o. • om. in 1, ir. 

Bk. ii.] bede's history. 135 

berht i — aedilberct. (95) in civitate dorubrevi, quam gens anglorum 
a primario quondam Ulius qui dicebatur hrof hrofaescsestra cogno- 
minat — hrofescaester 1 — hrofaescaestrae. aedilberct — ae&ilberht 1 — 
aedilberct. berctualdi g, — berhtualdi 1 — berctualdi. 


(99) aelli rex — aelle 1 — aelli. caelin rex occidenfalium saxonum, 60 
qui lingua eorum ceaulin vocatur. reduald — reduuald 1 — reduald. 
aeduini rex — eduuine 1 — eduine 1 . *nardahymbrorum — norCan- 
hymbrorum 1 — nordanhymbrorum. (100) osuald — osuuald i-*— 
osuald. nordanhymbrorum — nordanhymbrorum 1. osuiu — osuuiu 1 
—osuiu. berctae regina n. — berhtae i — berctae. aedilberct JUius 65 
irminrici, cujus pater octa, cujus pater oeric, eognomento oisc, a quo 
reges cantuariorum solent oiscingas cognominare — aetSilbercht 1. 
bengist cumJUio mo oisc invitatus a uurtigerno rege — baengest 1. 
eadbald. (101) sabercti regis orientalium saxonum — saeberhtii — 
ssebercti. patri nostro saba — sseba 2 n. (102) geuissorum. 70 


(104) cwitatem hrofi. 


(105) aeodbaldo — eadbaldo J— eodbaldo. 


(107) adulualdi regis (in a Latin document) — aeSuluualdi s 1. 


(108) rege suo aeduino — eduuine 1 — eduine. aedilbergae JUia 
(nom.) aedilbercti regis, quae alio nomine tatae vocabatur — aeSil- 75 
burgae 4 , aetfilberchti, tate, 1 — aedilberge. (109) fratre ejus aeod- 
baldo — eadbaldo 1 — eodbaldo 5 . aeduino — eduuino 1 — eduino. 
(no) sicarius vocabulo eumer. cuicbelmo — quichelmo 1— cuic- 
helmo. amnem deruuentionem — doruuentionem 1 — deruentionem. 
lilla minister, fordheri n. — forSheri 1 — fordheri. JUiam eui nomen 80 
panned — eanfled 1, 11. 

(1 1 2) eduino. aeduino. audubaldi regis (in Latin document)— 
[e]adubaldi 6 1 — audubaldi. 

1 last efrom i. * mfrom a (?). 8 i over e. * last e er. 

8 first o altered to a. * u er. 

136 bede's HISTORY. [Bk. II. 


(115) aedilbergam — aetSilburgam 1 — aedilbergam. eedibergee d. 
85 — aeSilburgae 1 — aedilbergae. aedilbergae — aetSilburgae 1 — aedil- 
bergae. audubaldi (in Latin letter) — eadbaldi l 1 — audubaldi. 


(117) redualdum — reduualdum 1 — redualdum. (118) redual- 
dum — reduualdum 1 — redualdum. (120) amnis qui vocatur idlse — 
idlae 1. rsegenheri — raegnberi 1, n. 


90 (121) prim/us pontijicum coifi. (122) coifi. (123) locus god- 
munddingaham — godmundingaham 9 1 — godmundingaham. 


(124) osualdo — osualdo 1, n. osfrid. eadfrid— eodfrid 11. regis 
aeduini — eduine 1 — eduini. de quoenburga fllia cearli regis mer- 
ciorum. de aedilbergia regina — aetSilberga 8 1 — aedilberga. (125) 

95 aedilhun — aetftlhun 1 — aedilhun. aedilthryd % /S/ia — aeftiTSryC 1 — 

aedilthryd. JUius uuscfrea — utiscfrea 1 — uuscfrea. yffi JUius osfridi. 

in viUam regiam quae vocatur ad gefrin — gebrin 1 — gefrin 4 . in 

fluvio gleni. in loco qui vocatur maelmin — meknin 5 1 — maelmin. 

berniciorum. deirorum. in fluvio sualua — sualwa 1 — sualua. in 

ico regione quae vocatur loidis. abbatis thryduulfi — thrythuulfi 1, 11. 

in silva elmete. 


(126) earpualdo JUio redualdi— eorpuualdo, reduualdi 1 — earp- 

ualdo, redualdi. alduulf. JUius tytili, cujus pater fuit uuffa, 

a quo reges orientalium anglorum uuffingas appellant, (127) eorp- 

105 uald all three, ricbercto— ricberchto. eorpualdi— eorpuualdi 1 — 

eorpualdi. sigberct — sigbercht 1 — sigberct. in civitate domnoc — 

dommoc 1, ti. 


(128) lindocolinae civitatis. praefectum, cui nomen erat blaecca. 

vir de monasterio peartaneu 6 vocabulo deda* in fluvio treenta all 

no three, civitatem quae tiouulfingaceestir vocatur— caestir 1. (129) 

1 ea over er.; u er. after first d. * god oner. * u over second e, 

* vel b written over. accent over the e. e u made into i by er. in n. 

Bk. It, III.] BBDE S HISTORY. 137 

genus vcxiUi quod romani tufam, angti vero appellant thuuf — 
thuuf i — thuf . 

(136) caedualla rex brettonum — caeduualla 1 — caedualla. penda 
viro de regio genere merciomm. in campa qui vacatur haethfelth — 
haethfeld 1 — haethfelth. osfrid. eadfrid. {13J) penda regem. osualdo ■ 
— osuualdo 1 — osualdo. penda. caedualla — ccduualla. oaur* 1 
oBuualduB 1 — osuald. reijina aedilberge a hi, — aeSilburga I. ee 
dues basso, habens tecum eanfiedam JUiam, el uuscfrenn 
seduirii, nccnon et yffi JUium osfridi, quos mater melu eadl 
oaoaldi misit in galliam rege daegberecto — eanfledan, daegb 

liber III. 

agilbercto (Frankish name) — aegilbericto — agilberhto. 
beret — erconberht T. dejilia ejus ercongo[ta] et propinquc 
bergsa. regis osuini — osuuini I. ab osuiu — *oaino— oauio. 
sigbercti — sigberchti 1. rege peada — peda. Bigbercto — eig 
1. praedicante ceddo. idem eedd— cedda 1. oidilualdo- 
ualdo — oidiluualdo. rege penda. osuiu. tuda. eegberet— 
— eegbercht. defuncUi tuda. uilfrid. ceadda. 'uighar — uig 


{139) jWiws aelfrici vocabulo oeric. nordanhymbrorum — i 
hymbrornm 1. eanfrid. (140) ceadualla — caeadualla — Caen 
in loco qui denises buma, id est rivus denlsi vacatur — c 
brunna — de,nises bumna, deuisi. 

(141) hefenfelth, quod diet potest caelestis campus — nefen 
hefenfeld— hefenfeltb. (142) hagustaldensis ecclesiae. qui- 
fratribus hagoetaldensia ecclesiae nomine bothelm. 

(147) eegbercto — egbercto — eegberchto. 

(151) regiua vocabulo bebba. « 
' telA/ro, 


bede's history. 

[Bk. III. 


(151) gens occidentalium saxonum qui antiquitus geuissce voca- 
bantwr — geuisse — geuisse. regnante cynigilso — cynigislo the other 

140 three. (1 5 2) civitatem quae vocatwr dorcic. haedde episcopatum agente 
— hedde 1. coinualch — coinualach — coenualh. (153) pendan regis, 
regem orientalium anglorum cuinomen erat anna, coinualch — coin- 
ualach — coenualh. agilberctus nations gallua — agilberictus — agil- 
berchtus. episcopum vocabulo uini — uuini 1 — uuine. in civitaie 

145 uenta, quae a gents saxonum uintancsestir appellatur — uintancaestir 
— uintacaestir. agilberctus — egilberictus — agilberchtus. (154) uini 
— uini 1 — nine *. regem merciorum vocabulo uulfheri — uulfhere 1. 


(155) earconbercto — earconbrecto — earconberhto. JUia earcon- 
gotae n. — earcongote, — eorcangotae 9 . saethryd JUia uxoris annae 
150 regis — saethrith — saeSryth, annae ' — saedryd, anna. JUia aedil- 
berg — edilberc — aeSilberg 4 . (156) sexburg, uxor earconbercti, 
habuitJUiam earcongotam — sexburc — eorconberhti, eorcongotam — 
erconbercti. (157) aedilberg — aeSilberg 1 — aedilberg 6 . 


(158) in loco qui nuncupate maserfelth — maserfelfch* 1, n. 


155 (160) reginae osthrydae g. — ostryde, — os?5ryS$. osuiu. monas- 
terrawbeardaneu 7 . aedilredo — aeSilredoi. (161) abbatissa AedilhM 
— aeSilhild 1. xirorum aediluini et alduini — aetftluini, alduini 1. in 
rrionasterio quod voeatur peartaneu — peartanea. 

(164) osuiu— osuuiu 1. 



160 (164) antistes acca. uilbrordum. uilfrido. 

1 efrom i. • leut e er. 

5 tecond e dotted and u written over, 
eu in 11. 

* e er. 

4 u over second e. 

• th over er. in n. 

lg over 

Bk. in.] bedb's history. 139 


(166) alchfrido — alhfrido I, n. oidilualdo — oedilualdo I. ith- 
amar, de gents cantuariorum. osuini. osrici g. uilfares dun, id 
est mons uilfari — uilfaraes duun — uil fares dun — uilfeeraes dun. 
(167) tondheri — tondhere. hunualdi. ediluinum — aeCiluuinum 1. 
loco qui dieitur in getlingum. 165 


(169) utta. regi osuio— osuuiu 1. cynimund — cynemund 1. 

(170) utta presbytero. 


(170) penda duce. bebbae reginae g. in insula fame. 


(173) post erpualdum, redualdi successorem, sigberct frater ejus. 
erpualdum, sigberch — eorpualdum, redualdi, sigberht — erpualdum. 170 
(174) ecgrice d. sigberctum — sigberectum — sigberch turn, eni g. 


(174) sigberct — sigberech. (175) cnobheresburg, id est urbs cnob- 
heri — c[o]nobheresburrug, c[o]nobhere — cnobheraesburg 11. (179) 
ercunualdo — *hercun[u]aldo — ercunualdo 1, n. ercunualdus — 
hercunualdu8 — erconualdus 1, n. 175 


(179) de provincia gyruiorum. (180) berctgilsum — berechgis- 
lum — berchtgislum — berctgislum. ithamar n. ithamar d. 


(180) middilangli, id est, mediterranei angli — middilengli — mid- 
dilengli — middilengli. principe peada — peoda * n. JUiam alchfle- 
dam — albfledam 1. (181) a JUio regis osuiu nomine alchfrido — 180 
alhfrido 1. cyniburgam — cymburgam. presbyteri cedd et adda et 
betti — ced* 1. uttan g. (182) m regione quae vocatur in feppin- 
gum. trumheri viro— triumhere. uulf hen regis— uulferi. 


(182) rege osuiu — osuuiu 1. sigberct — sigberecth — sigberht. 
sigberctum — sigberectum — sigeberchtum. osuiu regie — osuiu 1. 185 

1 a over iheo. * end of line. 

140 bede's HISTORY. [Bk. III. 

(183) ecclesiam lindisfaronensem — lindisfarnensem 1 — lindisfaronen- 
sem. ythancaestir — r ythancaester 1. tilaburg — tilaburug — tila- 
burg 1 — til[l]aburg. in ripa pent© amnis — paentae — paente*. 

(184) successit sigbercto in regnum suidhelm, JUius sexbaldi, qui 
190 baptizatus est ab ipso cedde in vico regio qui dicitur rendlees ham, 

id est, mansio rendili — raendles, raendili 1. (185) aediluald frater 
anna regis — ediluald — aeSiluald. 


(185) oidiluald— oediluald 1. in derorum partibus — so also Na., 1. 
caelin. (186) cynibillum. laestinga eu — laeetenga eu 8 . (187) 
195 ceadda d. cynibill — cynibil — cynibil. caelin et ceadda— cejin 1. 


(188) alc[h]frido. reginam cynuise— cynuis$. oidiluald — oidil- 
uald 1. aedilheri frater anna regis, (189) propeflumen uinuaed — 
uinued the other three. JUiam aelffledam — aelbfledam — aelffledam — 
aelbfledam. heruteu, id est, insula cervi — heruteig 4 u. hild ab- 

200 battissa. streanses halch — streanes halh 1 — streonaes halch. (190) 
mater aeanfled— enflet — eanfled. trumheri 5 . in monasterio quod 
dicitur in getlingum. rex osuini. aeanfled — eanfled the otlwr 
three, dei famulo trumhere, — trumhere, — trumherae — trumhere^ 
(191) peada^/io regis pendan — peadan, penda 1 — peoda 6 . Jluvio 

205 treanta — treante. idem peada — peada 11. duces immin et eafa 
et eadberct — eadbrect— eaba. uulfbere^Wio ejusdem pendan. pri- 
mum episcopum trumheri, secundum iaruman, tertium ceaddan, 
quartum uynfridum. 


(193) regina eanfled. alchfridi. alchfrid. uilfridum. (194) 
3I0 in loco qui dicitur in hrypum. strenses hale, quod interpretatwr 
sinus fari — streanaes alch — strenes halch — streunaes halch. hild. 


(200) tuda. (2 o i)eata thrice, osuiu i.— osuio Na. t 1. 

1 ti[l]Ubuig ; later addition (!). * first e er. 'iff over eu in H. 

4 altered to heortes ig by a later hand. 5 i over e in I. * a over the o ; 

peoda fa margin. 

Bk. in, iv.] bbde's history. 141 


(202) tuda. in monasterio quod dicit/wr ps&gnalaech — paeg- 

nalech — pe,gnalech. (203) edilhun — aedelhun 1. ediluini g. — 

aetfiluini 1. ecgberct — egberct — ecbercht. (204) frater ecg- 215 

bercte 1— egberct — ecberhte. edilhun — aeSilhun * 1. ecgberect — 

ecgberct — ecberht. 


(205) agilberectum. rex osuio — k>suiu — osuuiu. laestinga eu 9 . 
presbyterum eadhaedum — eadhedum — eadhaedum 1, n. ecgfrido — 
ecfrido 1. uini n. — uuini 1. uine d. — uuine 1. 


(206) ecgberct — ecgberict — ecberht. uighardum — *uigardum — aao 
nuigheardum. (207) uighard — uig[h]ar — uigheard. osuio 8 d.— • 
osuiu 1. osuio d. — osuiu Na. f 1. (209) uighardo — uighardo 1. 


(209) suidhelmum — *suidelmum — suithelmum. reges sigheri et 
sebbi — sighere 1. (210) regi uulfhere. — uulfhere Na., 1. sigheri 
— sighere 1. sebbi. uulfheri — uulfhere 1. iaruman episeopum — 225 
iurumani. trumheri g. 

Liber IV. 

uighard — uuigheard 1. putta — put[t]a 1. ad locum herutforda 
— heorutforda 1. deposito uynfrido — *uinfrido — ^uynfrido. ssexuulf 
— saexuulf — saxulf — sexuulf. earconuald — erconuald 1. rex 
sebbi. Hseddi — heddi — haeddi. putta d. — *puta. cuichelm — a 3° 
quichelm 1. gefmund — gebmund — gemmund — gebmund. in campo 
hsethfelda — haetfeldo 1. edilthryd regina — aediltryd — aeSilSryt 1. 
ecgfridum et aedilredum — ecfridum, aeSelredum 1. hildae g. — ^hilde 
1. de morte ecgfridi et hlotheri — ecfridi, hlothere 1. cudberct — 
cudbrect — cudbercht. heribercto — hereberchto. «35 


(211) erconberct — erconbercht 1. osuio d. — osuiu Na n 1. uig- 
hard — uigheard 1. (213) raedfridum all four, ad portwm cui 
nomen est quentauic (in France). 

1 i altered to e. * g over u in n. * last o over u. 



142 bede's HISTORY. [Bk. IV. 

(215) aeddi. putta. 


240 (216) uulfheri — uulfheri 1. iarumanno. tnonasterio quod est 
in lsBstingae — lestinga *he — laestinge. (217) gentis lindisfarorum. 
uulfheri — uulferi. in loco qui dicitur ad barase, id est, ad nemus — 
barue, — bearuae — baruae. in loco qui vocatur lyccidfelth — licidfelt 


liccidfeld — li[c]idfelth. ouini twice— ouuini x. (218) cum regina 
245 aedilthryde — aedyldryde, — aeSilSryda *. laestinga eu. ( 2 20) 
trumberct — trumbrect. (221) hygbald. ceadda — cedda. uynfri- 
dum— uymfridum. lindisfarorum. 


(224) herutford — *herut£rod — heorutford — herudford*. bisi. 

e]r. uyn- 
h — clofaes 

hrofescaestir — hrofaescaestir — hrofescaestir — hrofaescaest 
250 frid — uuinfrid. (225) in loco qui appellator clofes ho[c 

hooh — clofes hooh — clofaes hooh. (226) hlothere d. bisi. (227) 
aecci et baduuini — baduiiii 1. 


(227) sexuulfum — saexuulfum — saexulfum — sexuulfum. monas- 

terii quod dicitur medeshamstedi, in regions gyruiorum — medes- 

255 hamstede 1. uynfiid — uymfrid. (228) monasterium ad barase — 

barue, 1. sebbi et sigheri. earconualdum — eorcunualdum 1. aedil- 

burgsB 8 d. — aedilburge — aeSilburgae. in regions sudergeona — 

su$ri[o]ena 4 1. cerotaes ei, id est, ceroti insula— oeortes ei 1. in 

loco qui nuncupatur in berecingum — berecingun — bercingum — 

260 berecingum. 


(230) puer aesica. earn alloquens, eadgyd ! eadgyd ! eadgyd ! — 

eadgyt? once 1. 


(231) mcUer aedilburga — aedilbur[u]g — aeSilburga. torctgyd— 
troctgyd — torchgyft. (232) torctgyd — *toragyd — to[r]chtgyt5. 

265 (233) matrs aedilburge — edilburge — aetftlburge/. 

1 i altered to e. f e over the u, which it dotted. ' u over e. 

na half er. * a over $. 

Bk. IV.] BBDS's HISTORY. 148 


(233) aedilburgi d. — aeollburgae 1. hildilid — hildilit \ 


(234) naldheri — uualdherei. erconualdo — ercunuualdo 1. (235) 
sighardo— so also 1. euefredo. 


(237) sexuulfum — saexuulfum — saexulfum. cuichelmum — 
c[u]uichelmum — quichelmum. gebmundum. ecgftidi — sgfridi — 270 
ec[g]fridi. (238) bosa. eata. eadhaed — eadhaeti. eadgarum. cyni- 
berctum, eadhaedum — eadhedum — ead[h]aedum. sexuulfum — 
s$xulfum 1. (239) eadhaed, bosa, et eata — eadhed. tunberctum. 
remanents eata et trumuini. eadhaedum — eadhedum. 


(239) aedilualch — aedilualhi. me&nuBrornm provinciam. (240)275 

presbyteri eappa, et padda, et burghelm, et oiddi. regina eabae n. 

eanfridi g. eenheri g. — aeanheri — eanheri — aenheri. bosanhamm — 

bo[o]sanhaam — bosanham 1, 11. (241) *aediluach — edilualch — aedil- 

ualh. selaeseu, quod dicitur latins insula vituli marini — selaeseu 

— seleseu — selaesei. 280 


(242) acca. eappa. (243) eappan a. 


(244) caedualla — csedualla — ceadualla. (245) bercthuno et and- 
huno. caedualla d. — *sedualla — ceadualla. ini, qui post caeduallan 
regnavit — ceduallam Na. C l . 


(246) caedualla — caeduualla 1. bernuini. presbyterum hiddila. 285 
arualdi regis. (247) cyniberct — cyneberht 1. hreutford, id est, 
vadum harwndinis — hreudford — hreoutford — hreodford 2 . pelago 
quod vocatur soluente 8 . fluminis homelea — homelae 4 n. 


(248) rege hymbronensium — humbronensium. alduulfo rege 
estranglorum — eastranglorum 1. (249) haethfelth — haethfeld 1. 190 

1 t over o. » od over ut (u dotted). * u dotted in u. * vel ft 

written over. 



(250) ablate biscopo. fluminis uiuri. ceolfrido. 



princeps guruioram vocabulo tondberct — gyruiorum the other three, 

(253) aebbee abbatissae g. in regione quae vocatur elge. (254) 

8oror sexburg — saexburg 1. earconberct — ereonberht 1. regio elge. 

>95 grantacaestir — grantace.ster 1. cynifrid. (256) elge regio a eopia 

anguillarum nomen accepit. 


(258) juocta fiuvium treanta. aelfuini — aelbuini — aelfuine — 

aelbuini. osthryd — osthrid — osthryft. aedilred — edilredh — aedil- 



300 (259) imma n. tunna. tunnacaestir. (260) hlotheri a. 


(261) strenaes hale — streanaeshalch — streneshalh. (262) here- 
rici g. — heririci Na. C 1 . soror heresuid — heresuit 1. alduulfi — 
aldulfi 1. uiuri fluminis. heruteu — herutei n. (263) civitatem 
calcariam, quae a gente anglorum kselcacaestir appellator — *fael- 

305 eaestir — helcacestir 1 . streaneshalch — streanaeshalch — streaneshalh 
— streanaeshalch. (264) bosa, aetla, oftfor. dorciccaestra g. — 
dorcicaestre. — dorciccestre. hildae g. rex osric. bosel. (265) 
boselum. tatfrid — tatfritS 1. mater bregusuid — bregusmt 1. here- 
ric — heriric. rege brettonum cerdice. (266) monasterio quod op- 

310 jyellatur hacanos. (267) frigyd — frigid — frigytJ. 


(269) caedmon — cedmon, Na. t 1. 


(273) matri aebbe.. (275) aedgils. 


(275) hereto — berhtoi. cudbercto — cudberchtoi. (276)triumuini 
— trumuini — trumuini. (277) aelbfled — piffled 1. matte eanflede — 
315 enflaedee. edric. uictred — uuichtred 1. 

1 he over er. 

Bk. IV, v.] bede's history. 145 


(278) in insula quae appellatur fame, tuidi Jluminis. boisil — 
bosili. (279) boisil — bosil 1. eata. 


(281) juxta fluvium alne, in loco qui dicitur ad tuifyrdi, quod 
signjficat ad duplieem vadum. (282) trumuine d. boisil — boisel 1. 


(283) hereberct. deruuentionis./fomt — doruuentionis 1. (284) 
heriberct. cuthbercto. (285) in insula fame — farn$. 


(285) eadbercto. (286) vnsulam fame. 


(287) badudegn — badudeng — beaduSegn — baduSegn. cud- 



(288) amnem dacore — dacor. suidberct — soitbercbt 1. thruid- 
red — *thryded — thrydred. 

Liber V. 

oidiluald — oi$[il]uuald 1. cudbercti — cuSberhti 1. caedualla — 
*ceadulla 1. ini. berctuald. uictberct — uictbercht 1. uilbrord 
— uuilbrord — uilbrod. beuualdi pi, (two brothers), suidberct— 
suitbercht. uilbrord — uuilbrord — uilbrod. eollan a. — eallan — 
eollan. aldhelmum. coiured — coenred 1. offa. acca. ceolfrid. 


(290) *oiduald — oidiluuald 1. in hrypum — rypum 11. gudfrid 
— gut[h]frid — gySfrid. (291) aldfridi. 


(292) eata epiacopo. bercthun. monnsterii quod vocatur in 
derauuda, id est, in silva derorum— -derauuda — derauudu — deiro- 
rura. tino amne. 

(293) dicito gae, id est, etiam 1 . 

1 gea over er. in 1. 


146 bedb's HISTORY. [Bk. V. 


(294) in loco qui vocatur uetadun. heriburg. quoenburg — 

quoinburg 11. 


(295) comitis qui vocabatwr puch. 


(296) addi — aeddi n. 

(300) caedualla — *ceadulla 1 — ceadualla. (301) caedual 1 — 
caedual — ceadual. caedual — cedual — ceadual. (This and the pre- 
ceding quoted by Bede from C/s epitaph.) (302) caedualla — 
ceadualla 1. (303) berctuald. fluminis genladae. monasterio 
quod racuulfe norninatur. (304) ui[c]tredo et susebhardo — uic- 
tredo, suebheardo 1. goduine d. — goduino 1. gebmundo. 


(306) boisili g. — boisili 1. boisil — boisil 1. abbate eata — seata. 
(307) uictberct — uictberht 1. regi rathbcdo (Frisian). 


(309) heuuald (4 times) — heuuald 3 , beauald, heauuald, heuuald s 

1. (310) tilmon. 


(310) uilbrord — uilbrord 1. (311) suidberctum — suidberchtum 1. 
suidberct — suitberht 1. bliththrydae d. — bliththrySe 1. (312) uilta- 
burg, id est, oppidum uiltorum. 


(313) in regions nordanhymbrorum quae vocatur in cuneningum 
— cuniningum. (317) haemgils. (318) ediluald — aeSiluuald 1. 
f rater drycthelme 1 


(321) pecthelmo — pehthelmo 1. 


(328) oared. (329) haeddu (330) fortheri — fortSherei. (331) 
seleeseu. eolla. 

1 d er. after 1. * first u altered to a. * first u dotted, and a 

written over. 



(33 a ) provituia quae vacatur in undalom. (3 
biscop. (334)baIdhUdrey»na — balthild— balthild '. ( 
»n loco qui dicitur Stanford. (336) in Iswtinga »i— 
laestingaei, aldgilso — aldgiclo Na., 1. (337)ailbro 
nilbrord. (340) accau a. juxta Jluvium nidd. 
undalum *. cudualdi g. — cudbaldi Na. , 1. 

(343) J««*a amn. 

tm tinam — tina Na., 



(356) coenred. 

(358) ooenredo. alricutn. (359) tatuini ». (2 
alduino ljccitfeldeusi — *licitfeldelsi — liccitfeldensi. 
aldulfo 1. hrofensi — rofensi 1. inguald. hadulat 
forthere 1. ualcbstod— uualstod I. bymbrg jtwnvn 

bumbr?. ccoluulf— CBolulf. 

(363) pugnatwm ad degsa stanee — daegsa stanQ i 
saeberchto. middilangli — middilengli — middilaengli 
herutforda. — berudforda Na., 1. eadbaetb — eadbaet 
aelfwine 1. in campo btethfeltha — baetfelda I. in at 
Btrpanarah^le — Btreaneabale. caeduald — c$dualla— a 
tbryd. berctred. (365) berctfrid. baeda — baeda- 
uioraemuda — uiuraemuda — uniuraemnda. (367) bin 

1 t dmt or. ' »/ira 11 i» 


List of Kings. 

From the Moore MS. of Bede's History, where it follows imme- 
diately after the fragment of Ceedmon, in a hand which may well 
be the same as that of the History. These chronological notes 
must have been written either in 737 or else between 734 and 
737 — most probably in 737 (see preface to the Monumenta His- 
torica Britannica, i. p. 73, and Zupitza, Ueber den Hymnus Csed- 
moDs, Zeitschrift fiir deutsches al tertian, neue folge x), which is, of 
coarse, also the date of the Moore MS. of the History itself. 

Anno dclvii Ida regnare coepit, a quo regalis Nordanhymbrorum 
prosapia originem tenet, tt xn annos in regno permansit. Post 
hunc Glappa 1 annum, Adda vin, Aedilric nn, Theodric vii, 
Friduuald vi, Hussa vu, Aedilfrid xxim, Aeduini xvn, Osuald 
5 vnn, Osuiu xxvtii, Ecgfrid xv, Aldfrid xx, Osred xi, Coinred 
11, Osric xi, Ceoluulf vni. BaptizavU Paulinus ante annos cxi. 
Eclypsis ante annos lxxiii. Penda moritur ante annos lxxix. 
Pugna Ecgfridi ante annos Lxm ; iElfuini ante annos vni. Mo- 
nasterium aet *U[i]ur8emoda ante annos lxuii. Gometae visas ante 
10 annos Yin ; eodem anno pater Ecgberct tiransivit ad Xpm\ Angli 
in Brit' ante annos ccxcu. 

CsBdmon's Hymn. 

The hymn of Caedmon is written at the top of the page in 
a smaller hand than that of the List of King3 which follows it 
It is not impossible that the hymn may have been written later 
than the List, to fill up the blank space. But the hand is evi- 
dently contemporary. 


Nu scylun hergan 1 hefaenricaes uard, 
metudses maecti end his modgidanc, 
uerc uuldurfadur; sue he uundra gihuaes, 
eci Dryctin 8 , or astelidse. 
5 He aerist scop aelda barnuro 
heben til hrofe, haleg scepen. 
Tha middungeard 8 , moncynnses uard, 
eci Dryctin, sefter tiadee 
firum fold[u], frea allmectig. 

10 Primo cantavit Caedmon istud carmen. 

Bede's Death-song. 

Preserved in the St. Gall MS. 254, of the ninth century, in the 
usual continental minuscule hand, evidently an accurate copy of an 
Old Northumbrian original. My text is from a photograph in the 
possession of Dr. J. A. H. Murray. 

Fore there neidfaerae naenig uuiurthit 
thoncsnotturra than him thar[f] sie, 
to ymbhycggannae, aer his hiniong[a]e, 
huaet his gastae, godaes aeththa yflaes, 
5aefter deothdaege doemid uueorth[a]e. 

Leiden Riddle. 

The riddle is written at the end of the MS. Voss 106 in the 
University library of Leiden, immediately after the Latin riddles of 
Symposius and Aldhelm, in the same continental hand of the 
9th century. The writing is much worn away, and has been made 
still more illegible by the use of reagents. It was first* published 
by Bethmann in 1845 in the Zeitschrift fur deutsches Alterthum, 
v. 199, together with the Leiden glosses, but very inaccurately, 
which is evidently partly due to his ignorance of tlje language. 
Then came Dietrich's critical text and facsimile in his University 
program Commentatio de Kynewvlfi poetae aetate, Marburg, 1859- 
60. Dietrich's text was reprinted in Sieger's Alt- und angelsachsis- 

1 a over dotted e. * yc from in. 3 first d from n. 



ekes lesebueh (Giessen, 1 86 1) with some critical amendments*. Lastly, 
the Leiden librarian made a careful transcript of the riddle by the 
help of reagents in 1864, which he inserted at the end of the 
volume with the note 'Descripsi in Novemb. 1864. Medicinam 
adhibui Sulphuret Ammonii. W. G. L.' This reading is of the 
highest value, giving many letters which in Dietrich's text are 
inserted only conjecturally — sometimes incorrectly. It is evidently 
entirely objective, giving nothing but the purely graphic evidence. 
Thus L. reads membiat for menibicuf, nuc for rote, etc., where, 
indeed, it is hardly possible by mere inspection of the MS. to 
determine the true reading. In my own text I have, of course, 
carefully compared the results of my own study of the MS. with 
those of my predecessors, checking them by our knowledge of the 
language. The result has been to diminish the purely conjectural 
readings, and to introduce some corrections. The following are the 
readings which differ from those of Dietrich (D.'s following mine) : 

line 4. hygidoncum (minum) — bi hige milium. 
7. hrutendum — hrutendi. 

The first reading agrees with that of the Exeter text, the second 
diners. The reading of line 6 is still doubtful. 

In my text the purely conjectural readings are enclosed in ( ). 
In the notes readings of L. in ( ) are those which he himself marks 
with a 1. 

For the sake of comparison I add Thorpe's text of the Riddle 
from the Exeter Book, divergent readings being indicated by 
italics, and words omitted in Leiden enclosed in ( ). 

Our text is evidently a direct copy of an original Old Northum- 
brian one. 

A. Leiden Text. 

Mec so ueta 1 uong, uundrum freorig, 

ob his innaSae aerest* caend(se). 

Ni* uuat ic mec *biuorthee uullan fliusum, 

1 two letters er. after a ; L. read* them a* n(e) or n(ae), B. as m. 
1 to L.; may be aerist (t). 

3 only in D.'t facsimile ; in his transliteration he has m, and omits the word 
in his critical text. 


herum Serh hehcraeft bigido(n)cum * (minum). 
S Uundnae me ni biafS ueflse, ni ic uarp hefse, 

ui oerih '$rea{t)un s giSraec * Sret me hlimmith *, 

ne me hrutendum hrisil scelfae?!, 

ni mec ou(ua)n(a) ' aam eceal cnyssa. 

TTyrmas mec ni auefun uyrdi craeftum, 
ioSa Si goelu godueb geatuni fraetuath. 

Uil mec hudrae miaeoeh nid» ofaer eorou 

hatan mith heliSum liyhtlic giutede D . 

Ni anoegun ic me aerigfaerae egsan brogi 
. Seh Ci ni(man flanae frac)adlicae ' ob coct 

B. Exkter Text. 
Mec ee wteta wong wnndrum freorig 
of his innate seriat cende. 
Ne vat ic mec beworktna wulle fly sum, 
hterum purh heahcreft hygeboncum *min. 
5 Wundene me ne beo5 weflc, ne ic wearp 
ne burh preata gebracu* pried me (ne) h 
ne (set) me Krutende hrisil scri/>e$, 
ne mec ohwonan sceal ama$ cnysean. 
Wynnes mec ne iweefan tot/rda cneftnm, 
iob& be geolo godwebb geatwum. frsetwao". 
Wile mec (mon) hwKbre sebeah wide ofei 
hatan for hselepura hyhtlic gewsede. 
(Saga BoScwidum, searoboncum gleaw, 
wordum wiafsest, hwsst bis 'gewsedu sy !) 

From a letter by an anonymous monk to Boniface ( 
Northumbrian missionary (Epistolae S. Bonifacii, ed. 

doubtfully . . gi( 

,. reading derb, li 

* D. has - 


n. 152 1 ). Massmann in his Abschw&rwxgsformeln gives a fac- 
simile of the Vienna MS., from which my text is taken. The MS. 
is in the usual continental hand of the 9th century, to which is 
also due the ga- of gahuem. We should expect the dialect to be 
Northumbrian, but daedlata points clearly either to a West-Saxon 
original, or a West-Saxon scribe. 

Memento Saosonicum verbum: 
Oft daedlata dome, forgldit, 
sigisitha gahuem: suuyltit thi ana. 

1 I owe this reference to Rieger (Lesebuch, p. 129). 



Idber Vitae (Northumbrian). 

The Cotton MS. Dom. A 7, the so-called Liber Vitae, first 
edited by J. Stevenson (with fewer and less gross errors than in 
his other editions, but with several omissions) for the Surtees 
Society under the title of Liber Vitae ecclesiae Dundmensis, con- 
sists of a list of benefactors to the Durham church, the names being 
written alternately in gold and either silver or ordinary black ink, 
several names in succession being occasionally written in gold. The 
letters, especially the gold ones, are in many cases partly rubbed 
away, so as to be sometimes nearly or quite illegible. Letters given 
only on the authority of Stevenson are enclosed in ( ) ; the MS. 
may have been more legible in his time. 

Besides the lists written in the first hand, other names have been 
added down to some centuries after the Conquest. I here give 
only those of the first hand, Celtic and other foreign names being 
in italics, in which I have been mainly guided by the opinion of 
Prof. Rhys. Naturalized Celtic names I have regarded as English. 

The MS. is evidently of the beginning of the ninth century, or 
end of the preceding one; such, at least, is my impression, in which 
I was confirmed by the opinion of Messrs. Thompson and Warner, 
of the MS. department of the British Museum. A careful examin- 
ation of the names would enable us to fix the date with certainty 
within a year or two. As this investigation will be shortly made 
by the Museum men, and as I am not competent to undertake it, I 
must reserve further details for the present. 

It is worthy of note that the 3 in this MS. has a very thin stroke, 
so that where the letters are partly worn away it is often impossi- 
ble to distinguish between them. Wherever the stroke is invisible 
to my eyes, I have printed d. 


Nomina region vel ducum. 

(12) Eduini. osuald. osuio. ecgfrith. alchfritli. aelfuini. anna, 
oslaf. eSilred. eSilberct. milred. beornhaetb. berctred. altfrith. 
alduini. eaduulf. coenred. osred. osric. beornred. tilfrith. berctred. 

5 eadberct. belmuald. coenred. cynirnund. beornred. ecgberct. aeSil- 
mod. ceolbald. casaer. fn'Subald. eanred. alcbmund. aeSilbald. 
sigred. osuulf. suiSberct. eSilberct. eSilberct. eanbald. ricuulf. 
unu8t. aelfuald. cuthuulf. eadberct. pleguulf. eadred. sigsceat. 
aelfsig. uulfheard. uernfrith.bysca. cyniuulf. eardunlf. alduulf. brorda. 

10 eadbald. uigfus. uulfhaeth. (126) belmbaed. belmgils. sigberct. 
cynibald. uulfheri. beorouini. belpric. helmuini. ceoluulf. sig- 
berct. eanred. eSilred. osfrith. torctmund. aluuini. eSiluulf. 
niaegenfritb. aelfuald. karlus. custantin. sigred. sigred. osberct. 
touduini. alduulf. eadred. siguulf. sigred. sigred. alduulf. uada. 

15 beatSured. eanred. eadred. uulfred. ofa. aelfred. beorn. ecgbercht. 
uoenan. eanred. 

Nomina reginarum et abbatissarum. 

(13) Raegnmaeld. eanfled. iurminburg. aelfled. oeSilburg. 
cuthburg. nunnae. pendgitb. inguburg. ualdgith. aluburg. badu- 

ao gytb. eaSryS. uincSryS. bilsuiS. aestorbild. uilcumae. eSilgytb. 

osgytb. ricfolcyn. etfilbild. eangyth. etftlgytb. baSuburg. blaedsuitb. 

eadgyS. cyniburg. osgyth. tatsuiS. uerburg. osburg. bungyth. hrotb- 

uaru. cuoenburg. berchtae. aebbe,. burgoryS. Singu. beregyS. cyni- 

ftrytb. uilcumae. burgtSryS. uilorytb. ecgsuitb. scirburg. uilsuitb. 
35 cynitSrytb. ceolSryth. eafu. uilgytb. redburg. redgyth. cuoenSrytb. 

ricSrytb. ytbsuiS. cyniburg. aldorytb. berctsuiS. bilditSryth. berct- 

gyth. (136) edgyth. uerngytb. tidburg. uilgyth. ecgburg. alcbsuiS. 

osburg. tatae. cynioryo\ buitae. uictgytb. bildiburg. uerntSrytb. 

rictJryth. aluburg. cuoendryth. cuoemlicu. aebbino. aluburg. beorn- 
30 gytb. hroeSburg. alucbburg. frfShild. etfilburg. botbild. beregytb. 

beaburg. eanburg. aldburg. uerburg. sigSrytb. cyniburg. redburg. 

helmtJrytb. uernoVyth. eSilSryth. altSryth. etftlSryth. uulfgytb. 

cutbburg. cuoeriSrytb. altsuith. aelfgytb. baSugytb. berctSrytb. 

alftfSryth. eSilSryth. eadburg. burgsuitb. altSrytb. saegytb. 
35 tidburg. beorngyth. eardgyth. aldgyth. beorngyth. berctuaru. 

beorngytb. cynitSryth. aelfgytb. aelfled. saetfryth. eantSrytb. 

(14) uulfhild. osSrytb. uiltfryth. uilsuiS. eatJrytb. tondburg. 



eantfryth. aelfiSryth. badugyth. siguaru. berctflecL eafu. ecguaru. 
*ostSryth. badu. eanburg. eattSryS. ecgsuiS. eaSryS. uilgitJ. badu- 
suiS. cyniSryd. uilburg. hildigiS. eadu. eardgyS. hatfagiS. 40 
edildryS. redburg. daegburg. uilburg. cynidryS. uynburg. hroe'S- 
gifu. aelfdryS. eatSrytJ. eandryS. hygSiyS. eadburg. hygburg. 
berhtgiS. eadburg. beorngiS. osgiS. hleoburg. hroeSgeofu. 
badusuiS. saeSrytJ. osSryS. alburg. cynidrytS. uichtburg. 
bettu. uulfhild. uildrytS. alburg. eatcume. sigburg. seliburg. 45 
berhtSrytJ. eSilu. beonnu 1 . tidcume. (14 b) etSilsuitS. eandryS. 
eatdryd. hildidryS. osgid. eardgiS. eandryS. ecgburg. tidhild. 
sigtJryS. cynigyS. osgeofu. 

Nomina anchoritarum. 
(15 a) Oedilualdp"'. uermund pbr'. baldhelm j>br'. feligeld pbr'. 50 
uichtbercht pr*. haemgils pbr 9 . eaduald/^r'. hcrebercht pr\ boesel 
pbr 9 . herefrid pbr'. aetbuini pbr 9 . eadbelm pbr 9 . balthere pbr'. 
tiluini pbr 9 . fronka pbr 9 . aldbercbt pr 9 . ecbha pbr . tilfrith pbr 9 . 
aldhaeth pbr 9 . agustinus pbr 9 . bilfritb pbr'. badured pbr 9 . uil- 
tbegn pbr 9 . garuulf pbr 9 . cuthred pbr 9 . uulfsig pr 9 . badumund 55 
pr. uigbercbt pr 9 . 

Nomina abbatum gradus *pbratus. 

(156) CeolfritJ pbr'. b&eg&pbr*. elias pbr'. haduberct pr'. aid- 
helm pbr\ eatfrith pbr'. herefritb pbr* *. garuald pbr 1 . tatbercbt 
pbr 9 . thrythred/>&r , \ heardred/^r'. uicbtbaetb pbr\ cynibercht pbr 9 . 60 
eorpuini pbr 1 . huaetberct pbr'. uilbercbt pbr 9 . ceolbercht pot*. 
alchmuud pbr 9 . aldredj^r 1 . frebelm pbr. t&tuim pbr'. uicbercbt 
pbr 9 . hygbercht pbr*. cynidegn pbr*. siguim pbr 9 . cyniuulf pbr 9 . 
uernbercht pbr'. eanuulf pbr'. balduini pbr'. uulfsig pbr*. cyni- 
beard pbr 9 . hxiuaigpbr 9 . botuini pbr. baldbere pbr*. albercht pbr'. 65 
botuulf pbr'. eaduald pbr'. uilfrith pbr'. torchtuini pbr'. uulfheard 
pbr. uulfsig pbr*. uichtred pbr*. eigredpbr 9 . humuni pbr 9 . bressal 
pbr 9 . beornfrift pbr\ headured pbr 9 . edilbecb pbr 9 . frioduuini pbr'. 
berchtred pbr'. Biguulf|>&r\ cuthfrith pbr'. eanbercbt pbr 9 . saeuald 
pbr*. tatuinip&r\ reduulf pbr 9 . uilferC pbr 9 . aelfuulfjw*. bercht- 70 
uuapr 9 . eegheardpr 9 . (16) saered pr'. ecgred pr'. eanuulf pr'. 
earduulf pr 9 . ecgred pr 9 . eegheardpr'. eadmund />/. eaduulf/>r\ 

1 written over remaint of gold letters (the preceding and following names in 
gold). * prb\ 


Nomina abbatum gradus diaconatus. 

(166) Beornuini diae\ berchthun dia\ cuthbercht dia\ cuthere 
75 dia\ sigbercht dia\ uulfheard dia\ alchuini dia\ eaduald dia\ 
ecguulf diaco'. 

Nomina abbatum. 

(17) Biscopus. cudda. oshere. aesturuihi. sigainL billing, utta. 
bacga. forthuio. friodumund. hunuald. billing, ecguald. theodric. 

80 hiudu. inuald. cynibercht. maesuith. uilhelm. tilbercht. hygbald. 
buna, eanmund. hroSfrith. etbilbald. uigfrith. herebald. bead- 
beard, aluuini. ricred. maeginuald. cuthuini. eadbercht. milred. 
osmund. altfrith. beornuini. redbald. eatfrith. etSilmund. bercht- 
uini. cuthgar. beardred. eadbald. gefuini. uilbercht. pymma. 

85 beornfrith. hygbercht. eadberct rex. beorn. bada. eSilheard. 
suiSuulf. uulfhaetb. aelberct. alduini. bosa. belmuini. tilfrith. 
(176) cynigils. eSiluald rex. alcbmund. leofuini. eanuulf. ean- 
bercht. eaduulf. burghelm. bercbtuulf. uilred. uernbercht. eatSegn. 
saebercbt. osuulf. torchtmund. ofa. eduini. *eanulf. etfilbald. burg- 

90 belm. alubercht. cynibald. ecga. eadbercbt. beornheard. aelfsig. 
osbald. berchtred. tatuulf. heardberct. bercbtuulf. reduulf. eanfrith. 
buaetred. uulfsig. beodufrith. osbercbt. alduulf. buaetberbt. 

Nomina praesbyterarum. 

(iSb) Demma. suitSbald. ecbba. hemma. scenuulf. ceolfrith. 

95 tatbysi. dremka. ceolgar. alda. coenbere. tilisi. tidbere. mac?5- 
belm. tulla. uulsig. tidbere. sigbald. br6n. drycgbelm. echha. 
frood. uiuti. uendilbercbt. faelfi. tiduald. beadufrith. heaSuberct. 
daeghelm. cuthbercht. tella. coenbere. *aldceord. hygbald. beda. 
ceolbercbt. aescuald. surSmer. eanfrith. ini. etfilheard. byni. 

100 hemma. tatberct. ceolhaeth. badumund. tella. hiuddi. vitan. 
londfrith. guthfrith. dycgfrith. cynimund. hygbald. hyssa. euitha. 
biscop. beoduca. tiltbegn. uicfrith. (19) adding, plecgils. ead- 
uald. ingild. uigbald. biordi. aldhelm. inuald. tilisi. hildiberct. 
tiluini. bercfit. ceolhere. londberct. pectuald. berctuald. dremca. 

105 beda. badumund. suiSgils. hysimonn. uilberct. helmuald. torcht- 
mund. deduc. tSingfrith. londberct. tilberct. eaduald. cuthuulf* 
tiluini. bilhelm. daegfritS. betscop. helmuini. eatfrith. dene- 
berct liodberct. cynhelm. uitgils. friotfauald. tilisi. cuSgar. 


etftlberct. eSilberct. egilmund. cynimund. maethcor. streonberct. 
etJilberct. hroeSlac aluberct. tatberct. tidbald. folcuinL heard- no 
uinL beoduuinL bothelm. berch[t]uald. penduulf. uilfrith. cuth- 
fritS. liodberct. (19 &) cyniberct. alduulf. hildiberct. eanlac. • 
friSuuini eanberct. plegbrect. cuthgils. bercht. leofuini. bed- 
haeth. tobeas. tiluini. ualcbstod. tilberct. cyniberct. dreamuulf. 
haSuulf. forthuald. hroSuald. eaduini. bynni. uigbald. tunna. 115 
uigbald. hyguini. eada. berchthelm. tungils. theodric. aluchsig. 
maegenric. tydi. uighae'S. helmuald. tiduini eSilric. uerberct. 
hygbald. ealac. ceolmund. eaduini. saeuini. balShelm. tiduulf. 
aldhaeth. piuda. geruald. burgfritJ. cynifriS. hildiuald. garfriS. 
torch tbelm. heatfaric. hygberct. burgfiiS. uilberct. hunuulf. iao 
eanbercht. gytShelm. ceoluulf. eSiluini cyniSegn. (20) uilberct. 
forShere. uernberct. tilfriS. alchmund. tilfriS. hyglac. uulfheard. 
uilSegn. uigberct. berctuini. titfrith. tathaed lect\ friShelm. 
berctgils. hygberct. cynibald. alberct. berctuini. dycgfrith. sig- 
berct. uulflaf. cynhelm. friouini eadberct. huaetgils. alduulf. 125 
cyniuulf. lagudi led. uulfheard. eanfrith. abniar Uct\ uulfsig. 
uiltSegn. ecgmund. torctuulf. cynigils. eadberct. eanuini. eanuulf 
lect\ maegenuald. ecguulf. cyniberct. ceoluini. bedhelm. heardred. 
eanuulf. hygberct. eadbald. uulfheard lect\ hunberct. heaSured. 
eatdegn. cyna. uulfsig. ceolred. londfriS. osberct. uilSegn. beret- 130 
red. ebbi eSiluulf Uct. cuthberct. (20 b) eSilmund. cynheard. 
alduulf. tilberct. cuthbald. hroetflac. eaduini eatfrith. siguulf. 

alduulf. eanfrith. tatuini. r . . chchcriSe V. hygberct 

heaSuuald. . . . dured. frioSuulf. beornred. hysiuulf. hygbald. cuSgar. 
eadberct. alduulf. guSmund. cynifrith. siguulf. eanred. eada. alduulf. 135 
tatuini. bercthun lect\ eadmer. baduulf. eanred. tidhaeth. ecg- 
berct cuthuulf. alberct. tidberct. eanuini. alduulf. eanbald leet\ 
haSuuini hunfrith. uilgils. baduulf. beornred. beornuulf. uulf- 
haetb. heaftufrith. eaduulf. cyniuulf. cynibald. eadmer. alberct. 
aella. aluuini lect\ heaSuulf. cynigils. baduuald. tilberct. eanberct. 140 
(21) eaduulf. eaduini haSuuini eaduald. beomuini earduulf. 
heaSuulf. berctmund. eaduald. eanred. beret uald. cyniuulf. uil- 
mund. tiduini beornuulf. ingeld. botuulf. hunbald. tiduini 
beornuulf. ingild. botuulf. aldred. eadred. aelfuini. eadred. 
eaduulf. uchtred. saeuini uulfheard. suitSred. hildigils. beornuulf. 145 
cutSred. uilSegn. aluSegn. headuulf. cynigils. uinibald. helpric. 


eanbald. bercht. osbald. berhtuulf. torhtmund. uiluulf. uig- 
bercht. eanred. aldred. alduini. uiltfegn. berhtuulf. eaduulf. 
berhtuulf. eadred. eaduulf. berh[t]uulf. uigmund. beornuini. 
150 alduulf. 

Nomina diaconarum. 

(23) HatSuuald. daeghelm. daeghelm. daegmund. ecca. eanuini. 
eanmund. iohannes. tidberct. aeostoruini. eaduulf. torcbtuini. 
eCiluini. etSilmund. uulfheard. ebbl hunfriS. cuthberct. aelberct 

155 bercthaetS. cuthred. bota. alchmund. sigsceat tidbald. cynired. 
hygfrith. uulfsig. uilberct. cuthred. leofSegn. alduulf. eadred. 
cuthgar. alduulf. eadmaer. cuShelm. *tonberct. eadmer. beomred. 

Nomina clericorwm. 

(24) Eanuulf. tutta. byni. cunen. hadda. hiddL cynifrith. 
160 huna. cyniberct. herefrith. cynifrith. tutta. uynhelm. kaenta. 

aldmon. tiduald. betti. hereberct. daeghelm. uach. cuddi. friSu- 

uald. berctfiith. aetSuini. bynnL utta. beorn. uach. heruuald. 

geruald. baldhelm. folcuald. forthhelm. cudda. egilmund. torcfc- 

helm. seuua. plegheri. eaduald. betti. taShaeS. tiluuald 1 . helpric. 
165 pleoualch. aluych. eSilhech. snella. hroSuini. huaetgils. uilfrith. 

Jinan, aldheri. aigmund. coenualch. uont hygberct hleouald. 

hegaer. uychga 9 . beda. (24 b) hyglac. bofa. byda. uynna. 

friSuuald. berctfrith. heouald. aldhun. hereberct. sceutuald. 

hereric. bilhaeth. cuthelm. ecgbaeth. tilli. eadgar. friumon. 
170 torctsig. aetti. adda. ualch. eanberct. tilisi. torcthelm. riuualoh. 

bercthelm. haeSberct. lutting. taetica. uigheard. eofa. hatSuberct. 

tidhelm. baeglog. mucca. aluberct. uilgils. eadberct. liutfrith. 

hecci. uada. piichil. tatheri. alduini. eadhaeS. balduini. aluich. 

berctuulf. penduald. bacca. ecguald. tilbaeth. cynifrith. haleric. 
175 tathaeth. iubi. ecgL hildigils. aethuini. alda. hatfaberct. here- 

frith. cissa. (25) ingild. bercthelm. eanuulf. beornuini. cuthfrith. 

uiniberct tatberct. uilmund. botuini. eada. abba, eadberct. backa. 

alberct. osuulfl eadberct. beonna. tidhelm. efiilberct. ecguini. eat- 

frith. hunaig. eanbald. hunberct. uidaith. atta. ceoluini. tatuini. 

1 dotted u after i. f uydiga(l) 


geruald. tatuini. beornuini. hungils. ecgberct. berctuini. hatSured. 180 
eadberct. cuthgar. haSuulf. uulfheard. eanbalcL ingild. hygberct. 
cuSuulf. beorafrith. beonna. haduulf. torctred. alchmund. tiluini. 
uigbald. hatfamer. tilhaeth. aldheri. friSuberct. baduuini. uil- 
berot. cynimund. beornuini. eadberct. eaduulf. dedbaeth. tat helm, 
liodberct. (256) tidhelm. eadbald. eattfegn. berctuini. eSilberct. 185 
berctmund. garberct. berctuini. cuthmund. blaedla. meguini. 
ceolfrith. suiSuulf. eatfrith. eanberct. hunberct. beornuini. 
u(it)berct. friouini. ingild. badufrith. haSuulf. hygberct eadgar. 
eatfrith. stitftiulf. uilgils. pleguini. hyguini. eanberct. uigberct 
uiniberct. beremod. ceoluulf. badbelm. eanbald. uulfsig. ead- 190 
beret, eosturuini. eada. uigbald. eaduini. beornfrith. pleguini. 
hygberct lect\ hyguini. daegbald. baduulf. cuthred. bearduini. 
badumund. uulfheard. cyniuulf. cyniSegn. eaduini. hyguini. 
beornuini. pecthelm. beornheard. earduulf. uulfsig. eatfrith. huae- 
tred. (26) adamnan. hogein. hatSu beret, eaduald. ualchstod. 195 
alduini. brynca. bilgils. bosiL uurmerL baduuald. haethi. 
berctgils. lefiUa. uichtlac. cynhelm. hroe&lac. hildifrith. coenheri. 
uilfrith. eedric. ceolberct. berctuald. hleouald. hunberct. suiShelm. 
plucca. dremca. tanduinL honoc hiring, halegberct eaduald. peuf. 
tidi. ona. tidhere. ecci. preed. beruulf. osmaer. betuald. lafa. uigheri. 200 
tiluuald. biluuald. caua. hysimon. homund. hecci. hleoberct 
bilfrith. tiduini. imma. meguini. haemgils. uicfrith. herefrith. 
blaedla. beetfrith. cunen. hygberct herebald. (26 b) cuga. 
ecgberct. eaduald. balShere. sighaeth. badhelm. geruald. bil- 
haeth. uicfrith. bercthun. uictfrith. ceolberct bacga. eota, 205 
haSberct. aldceorL uigbald pbr'. eatfrith. uicthelm. tunfrith. 
sui&berct tunna. lima. guShelm. heouald. tiuuald. boesiL ingild. 
bercthelm. suiSberct baeglog. plegberct. daeguini. hynca. kent- 
uald. snella. nytta. frioSuulf. eadberct helmuald. tunuald. 
hyguini pbr\ e&6&pbr\ homund. hama. bercthelm pbf*. blaec- 210 
mon. tungils pbr\ tilisi. hatfauald. ualdfrith. hyguald. riuuala. 
frioSugils. hrotSfor. theodricj^r > . ceolberct. aluchsig pbr\ BuTSgils. 
maegenric pbr\ suiSred. arduini. meiuald. (27) ael[f]uini. cynia. 
ualchstod. hereberct. una. ceoluald. esi. garmund. pecthelm. ycca. 
utta. aldmon. hildifrith. baduuini. bacca. alberct. bliSuald. 215 
tatfrith. beguini. arcanaen. beda. peufa. ecguio. tunfrith. ceol- 
helm. friShelm. baduca. hunsig. offa. ingild. brynca. ualchstod. 


aluberct. uilberct. eannini. inuald. eoforhuaet. hleouald. iidi. 

clyduini. eSiluini. utta. cut[h]berct. cyniberct. uitmer. eedgils. 
220 cuda. frithhelm. torcthelm. eatferS. bacga. beornheard. eSilberck 

domheri. tilfrith. uinilac. ha&uuald. eadberct. ecgfrith. brynL 

celin. garfritb. bralluc. (27 b) berctuini. buaetberct. pecthun. 

ceolheri. cynifritb. eonmund. tilberct. friSumund. haSuric. 

eSiluald. bearduini. bunuald. hygberct. cretta. tatuulf. bildigils. 
225 cuthuulf. suTSberct. alchmund. burra. bleouald. friSugeorn. 

suiShelm. eonuald. hyguini. uictbaetb. preed. bygberct. bofa. 

berctuald. rimgils. bilaeth. folcberi. cynicin. bildiuald. leofritb. 

offa. tumma. bygberct. eoduald. cutbeard. suiSualch. baduca. 

byglac. lictuald. uiduc. helmuald. etla. sigbard. bygberct. bere- 
230 bald. cyniSegn. uigfritb. tatuini. bilduini. hroetSuini. utta. 

berctfritb. friSumund. tatuualf. adda, tuda. eadberct. (28) 

cuthuulf. hereberct. cyniberct. berctmund. dengus. eanmund. ean- 

mund. eatSegn. alduulf. cynimund. berctuini. suiShelm. eaduulf. 

eadberct. uilmund. beornuini. sigfrith. cuthuulf. bygberct. hyg- 
235 frith, uigberct. eSilberct. helmuini. berctfritb. daegberct. lefincg. 

badumund. haSuberct. eanfrith. coenberct. alduulf. uulfbeard. 

eadberct. uiTBegn. balduini. eadberct. helpric. eSiluulf. berctuini. 

eadbald. cutbuini. eanuini. sigberct. cynibald. cuthuulf. friSuulf 

tiluini. hyssi. eda. tidberct. tunberct. alduulf. cyni. beonna. 
240 berebald. heaSfrith. beonna. tiduald. byguald. beornuulf. leofuini 

lect\ eanuulf. cuthuulf. (286) bygbald. aldgils. eaduulf. red- 

berct. huaetred. ecguulf. eaduini. cynimund. uilfritb. tatuini. 

eSilberct. belpuini. eanberct. beornuini. baldred. uigmund. 

ecguulf. tidbald. (coen)a. haSuulf. berctuulf. coenberct. helmgils. 
245 uulfbeard. cyniSegn. betgils. cutberct. uilmund. eSiluini. berct- 

red. eadberct. beornuulf. berctuini. uul[f]sig. berctred. eaduulf. 

beornuulf. eanuulf. berctgils. tidbaetb. eanred. uigberct. uulf- 
beard. ecgred alric. earduulf. hunberct. uulfheard. cutbberct. 

uulfsig. uilberct. alberct. eanuini. alberct. cuthred. eadred. eat- 
25o'Segn. sigmund. beonna. ebbi. alberct. alberct. eanred. (29) 

alcbuald. cyda. ofa. friSuric. uilfritb. trumuald. eadberct. bil- 

fritb. infritb. eSilberct. uilberct. torcbtfritb. arnan. baga. tidberct. 

etSiluini. eadgar. biuddi. bildiberct. eaduald. tunberct. bygberct. 

tilfrith. nimstan. osbelm. cynifritb. beornfritb. aluchstan. cut- 
255 helm, londfritb. bygfritb. aethan. eadred. b[y]gberct. buaetmod. 


adda. blaca. uicthaeth. domfrith. eata. eatfrith. uighaeth pbr>. 
dycguio. fexstan. berctuulf. berctuini. hildiberct. hygfrith. alda. 
etfiluini. hroeSuald. beornfrith. cynibald. cynifrith. hada. hygberct. 
edilberct. aldmon. berctuini. aluberct. badudegn. suiSgils. hel . r. * 
(29 6) heardred. helmuald. eanbald. cynhelm. eadgar. tondberct. 260 
uynfrith. eadhaeth. bilfrith. eadhaeth. aluchuald. pleguini. suiSgils* 

eSiluald erct. eanuald pfrr\ (aSilbald) eanfrith. beret- 

helm, (cuthberct) berctuald. beeduini. eadberct. aldheri. friSu- 
uald. cuthuulf. daegfrith. alberct. uilhaeth. alduini. cuthuald. 
balSheard. cuthuinL hyguald. siguald. sigred. ingild. tilberct. 265 
aldheri. tatberct cuthric. eadberct. ceoluio. edilherL betti. bilfrith. 
hygberct. heregeorn. hygberct. hyglac. burgfrith. cuthuulf. cada. 
eaduald. tiluuald. cotten. meifrith. alberct. alduini. eatfrith. 
bryni. berctheri. (30) forBheri. aluberct. hjguini. badufrith. 
cuthSegn. torctuini. beornuini. helmuini. uilmund. tilberct. uig- 370 
helm, ceolberct. pectgils. betmon. cuthberct. leofuini. biluualch. 
egilmund/w'. uictfrith. baduini. eSiluini. haouuini. haSuberct. 
cuShelm. giuhaep. baduuini. cynifrith. beornuini. eada. herebald. 
alberct. eadberct. hidda. hygbald. berecht. uulf hard. beornhaeS. 
cueSilach. bilstan. berctuini. eadgar. cyniberct. pleouald. plecgite. 275 
pleguini. hygberct. uictbald. eanmund. tidberct. aldgils. guth- 
mund. berctgils. uiniberct buna, alberct alda. baduuini pr*. 
eadhun. osmund. eatfrith. adhysi. torctgils. eadbald. (3o6)beda. 
bilhaeth. berctred. eSiluini. milred. aeSuini. atfigils. eatoegn. 
etfilric. cynibald. fritfamund. cuthric. uulfheri. tathelm. cuthuini. 280 
tatuini. eadhaeth. alchuald. b . oru . ini. heardred. berctuald. eadgar. 
sigheard. georored. tilmon. botuald. eaduald. pechtuald. berctuini. 
hroetSberct. eanuald. uitgils. eaduini. alberct. haSuberct. saeberct. 
uilhelm. berctuini. uynberct. eaduini. c(eo)luald. cynifrith. cuthuini. 
tunberct. aluca. bercthaeth. badheard. uernbald. aldheri. uict- 285 
helm. adduL frehelm. eaduald. baduuini. aldhun. eadbald. tatberct. 
alduulf. gut[h]berct. etRlric. berctfrith. eorupuald. tatberct. (31) 
cynifrith. eanuini. ettilmund. alduulf. tidberct. uilgils. sola. e$il- 
mund. balShun. helmuald. tatberct. eadberct. eatoegn. geonuald. 
beorn. badumund. baduuini. ceoluinL tilfrith. baeglug. siglac. 290 
eadberct. eSilberct. haSuberct. onboth. geruini. eanuini. utta. 
dene, eigberct, pechthelm. pleghelm. tiduini. haouuini. suiSuald. 
helpric. haSuulf. badumund. hygberct. uergils. meguini. cuthuinL 




berctuini. suitShelm. eanfrith. badhelm. eanmund. cuthuald. ead- 
295 beret, uerberct. eadberct. huaetberct. uynfrith. eadberct. coena. 

ceolberct. berctuald. suithuulf. eSilberct. hildiberct. beorn. eaduini. 

alduini. (3 1 b) hilduini. eadberct. eadgar. till, bercht ab\ aldhun. 

eanberct. eanuulf. uilfrith. berctbelm. beonna. aelfuald. haS- 

uuald. uilfrith. eadgar. eSilbald. . . 1 . . n. hygberct. 

300 eanuini eanuini. beguini. uigfrith. berctuini. ceoluiuL eSilric. 

ingild. cunen. streonuulf. ceoluini. tatuulf. uulf beard, aldhelm. 

gu&helm. geruald. haSuuini. hygbald. eat&egn. . . lfrith. bercht. 

(guS)uini. eanbald. eanuulf. huaetberct uilberct. friSuuinL alduulf. 

cyniberct. uulfhaeth. tatmono. hyguini. etftluini. ualchard. ercin- 
305 uald. cutberct. eanuulf. beret, uitta. uiTSegn. seoluini. berctfrith. 

uulfsig. (32) tidberct. alduulf. eanred. cuthuulf. alduini. badu- 

uinL cuthberct. fergu$. eadberct. forSred. betuald. eegberet. 

etSilberct. eaduini. eanbald. uilmund. earduulf. eaduulf. berctuulf. 

plegheard. earduulf. eadgar. for&red. eadred. hatfaulf. balduinL 
310 uilmund. eanuulf. haSured. botuulf. plecga. alduulf. cuthSegn. 

earduulf. berctuulf. hunbald. bercthaeth. eanfrith. daegberct. 

alt&egn. eaduald. hygferth. plegmund. cyniuulf. beadu&gn. uig- 

bald. eadbald. herebald. alduulf. haSuberct. bercthaetS. aetftluini. 

bercthaetS. cyniuulf. eanberct. eegberet. salrach. aldgils. h(ere)berct. 
315 eanberct. hygbald. eSiluulf. cutSmund. (32 6) cyniuulf. eanuulf. 

eaduulf. eadred. tiltSegn. cuduulf. hearduulf. eanuulf. aldgils. 

hunberct. eanberct. eaduulf. hygbald. eadred. ediluulf. cutSmund. 

cuSuulfl cyniuulf. hearduulf. eanuulf. botuulf. uilric saeberct 

tilberct. aldhelm. uiltSegn. hiordi. tilberct. fugul. tatuulf. tidberct. 
320 eadred. siguulf. cutSmund. cutSred. alberct. eanuulf. etSilberct. 

berctferS. tiluini aldmund. cynifertS. berctuulf. badumund. siguulf. 

eadred. etSilmund. baduulf. eadred. hatSuulf. eadgar. be.tuini. 

aldred. siguulf. beornuulf. beretuulf. eaduulf. hleofuini. eadgar. 

eoduulf. heatSured. ceolhere. berctferS. (33) eanbald. aldberct 
325 hearduulf. berhtred. cutSred. hygred. tidhelm. eaduulf. eaduulf. 

eaduulf. berhtuulf. etSilbercht. osberht. eadbercht. alduulf. uada. 

hatSuuini. eadred. beornred. eadbercht. eaduulf. helmuini. cyni- 
uulf. hiodde. batShun. berhtuulf berhtuini. eanuulf. badigils. 

hygberht. eattSegn. uilmund. uulfhard. tilberht. eaduulf. eata. 
33oalbercht. tidsig. uynbald. jladgus* tidfertS. cyniuulf. eadbercht. 

sigbald. hatSumec. 


Nomina monachorum. 

(34) Herding, aligns, friubet hiuddi. aldceorl. cuthelm. bet- 
uini. pecthaeth. uerenhaeth. tella. tiouald. hulan. bilhaeth. 
forthhelm. brynuald. pecthaeth. hemmi. cnobualch. hleouald. til- 335 
haeth. uch[t]red. betti. muni, cynifrith. tudda. uilfrith. cuouald. 
iorchtgils. efhuald. coluduc. inta. folcuini. alda. pega. berctuald. 
tu[u]nlic baduuald. etSiluald. eadberct. haemgils. tatfrith. ylla. 
berctfrith. siguini. baca. bacga. eanuald. cuthric. leobhelm. suiS- 
ualch. ceoluulf. cynech. etftlberct. ceefi. cyni. paelli* offa. bryni. 340 
cuthuald. aldualch. (346) bercthelm. haetfi. cuna. ingild. torct- 
helm. sigbald. bosa. friSugils. biu[u]ulf. arthan. eaduald. ingild. 
ceo 1 frith, berctgils. cyniSegn. baduuald. hleouald. friSuberct. 
torcthaeth. tun u aid. eSiluini. suitShelm. aldhelm. betuald. hunuald. 
bilhelm. uda. berctfrith. heregeorn. totta. eadberct. bilfrith. friSu- 345 
mund. cundigeorn. pleghelm. eatSegn. badufrith. snahard. tatfrith. 
helpuini. cuthelm. adda. laba. beornfrith. uilberct. gumuald. 
eadlac. cui[c]uald. uulfhaeth. cynhelm. uictfrith. siguini. eadgar. 
alberct. 'cynimund. cyniberct. eanuini. bercht. hama. hyguini. 
uilfrith. alduini. uynfrith. (35) cuthfrith. titfrith. eanberct. 350 
eodbald. haSuberct pleguini. eaduald. aldceorl. hildiuald. heardred. 
aldmonn. helmuald. berctuini. eanberct eaduini. friSubald. cyni- 
mund. baduca. hiuddi. burgfritb. geruald. bilhaeth. suiSberct. 
eodbald. theodric. eadgar. eaduald. uilberct. helpuini. deduini. 
berctfrith. hygberct. cyniberct. plecgils. hleoberct. friCuini. help- 355 
ric. eata. haSuberct. alduulf. isernuulf. eata. pecthelm. cynimund. 
eSilric. uiniberct. *bercth. uynbald. berctuald. hygberct. liodberct. 
alduini. leofuini. badhelm. bercthun. lioda. ingild. tatuiai. ean- 
berct haSuberct. pecthun. eanberct. turpen. (35 b) saeuini. tatberct 
beornuini. uynberct. botuini. eaduald. eanuini. dyegberet helm- 360 
uini. siguulf. uinifrith. cuthuulf. berctsig. eata. diori. haSuuini. 
tilfrith. eadberct. berctuulf. daegberct bercht. eadberct. helmuald. 
eanfrith. cuthfrith. bercthaeth. hygbald. aberth. berctgils. beduini. 
beornuini. berctgils. eadberct uigberct. badhelm. eaduald. uyn- 
berct uerenfrith. uigfrith. uulfgar. cuthelm. garuald. eanred. 365 
plegberct. badumund. eaduald. badumund. onna. hygberct tid- 
berct cyniuulf. ecguini. eanuald. tilberct eanberct cyniberct. 
berctuini. uulfhaeth. eanuini saeuini. daegberct beornuini. hun- 

11 — 2 


frith. (36) beguini. uulfhaeth. diori. gutSa. eaduini. plegberct 
370 earduulf. uermund. guShelm. geruald. eaduini. uigfus. cuthbaJd. 

herebald. badhard. eadberct tiduald. beonna. alberct tidberct. 

uulfsig. cyniuulf. regnhaeg. bilhaeth. plegheard. eada. alcheri. 

alchuini. eadberct. cynibald. eaduulf. berctuini. eadberct. uilfrith. 

uulfsig. hygberct. haBuberct cynibercfc cynimund. badumund. 
375 eaduulf. uilfriS. uulfheard. ingild. uilSegn. eaduini. hygberct. 

haSuferth. eafSegn. eanberct badufrith. aluberct badumund. 

cynifrith. beornuini. cuthgils. eanuulf. eanfrith. tiduini. helmuini. 

tathaeth. tiduini. tatmon. (366) suiSgils. eadbald. hearduinL 

altceorl. cuthoegn. eaduulf. tatuinL tidhelm. sigberct. titfrith. 
380 baduini. aelli. beorn. bercht. pectgils. eSiluini. cyniSegn. tiduini. 

jxMidi. cyniheard. alberct. uulfheard. cyniberct. tatuulf. alduulf 

herebald. cyniuulf. cuthgar. daegberct tidbercht. tiduulf. berct- 
uini. suiSberct hildiberct berctuulf. aldred. uulfheri. cuthuulf. 

haSuulf. tiduinL eanuini. beornuulf. beret, bercht. heardlac hyg- 
385 beret, uiniberct. heardred. uulfsig. eanfrith. hysica. eadberct 

atdmon. helmuald. ceolred. uiTSegn. badumund. alric. beornuini. 

torctfrith. etSilhelm. aldulf. hygberct. (37) cyniberct. baduuini. 

siguini. hygbald. domuini. siguulf. tatuulf. haftuulf. cuthred. 

beornred. bercthun. koena. eadgar. hygbald. hygberct. eSiluini. 
390 tilfrith. heregils. tidberct. suiSuulf . tidberct. uigfrith. badhard. cyni- 

gils. eansig. eaduulf. eadbald. eanuulf. baduulf. eaduulf. ecguulf. 

alberct. botuulf. eada. bercthelm. cuthred. alduinL heaSured. 

earduulf. uulfsig. haduulf. cynitSegn. osuulf. alduulf. betuini. eaduulf. 

alduulf. uilmund. ceolred. biltSegn. uulfheard. eanbald. plegberct. 
395 berctfrith. uiglaf. cuSuulf. earduulf. alduulf. uighelm. eanbald. 

tidberct haSuulf. h . . tSuulf. (37 6) hyguini. uulfsig. ceolred. 

alberct eatftegn. hygmund. uigbald. herefrith. uulfsig. uigheard. 

eadbald. helmuald. eatfrith. eanred. cynimund. uulfsig. tidhelm. 

cyniuulf. osuulf. alduulf. eSilberct alduulf. cyniuulf. cuth&egn. 
400 uicthelm. alberct beornuulf. cyniheard. eadberct cyniSegn. tid- 
helm. sigric. haSuulf. cuthgils. etSilfrith. eaduulf. eadbald. help- 

uini. berctuini berctred. beornred. uigbald. seldred. alduulf. 

badufrith. eSiluulf. balduulf. eofuruulf. eanmund. baldred. tiduald. 

altceorl. berctuulf ofa. uiltfegn. berctuulf. beornred. baldhelm. 
405 badufrith. berctuini. cnSred. eaduald. gefuini. (38) eaduulf. 

ecguulf. eaduulf. aescuulf. alduulf. eanuulf huaetberct. alduulf. 


beornfrith. beornred. moll, sigred. berctuulf. eaduulf. eanuulf. 
eaduulf. diori. huaetred. eSiluulf. eanuulf. uigbald. bercht. ean- 
uulf. seliberct. aldred. haSuberct. ecguulf. hleofritb. cuthred. 
cuSheard. alberct. hygberct. uulfheard. eanuulf. eanred. ucbtred. 410 
eada. ingild. beornuini. earduulf. eaduulf. forSred. tidberct. eard- 
uulf. cuSuulf. siguulf. cuthgils. earduulf. eadred. ediluulf. rudda. 
eanuini. bunuulf. ecgred. ceolla. beornuulf. cyniuulf. uulfheard. 
herefrith. eadred. helpuini. cynifrith. tiluini. (38 b) liodfrittu 
eaduini. leofuini. tidberct. eanuini. cynhelm. hunberct. tatmonn. 4*5 
eada. eanuini. berctuulf. siguulf. eanuulf. alduulf. beornuulf. 
tatuulf . eaduulf. aelfsig. daeghelm. eanbald. aldred. eanuulf. hyg- 
berct. baduulf. cuSberct. eanred. aldhelm. haSuberct. uilbald. 
huita. cyniberct. beornuini. uilhaeth. eada. eadberct. cuthuulf. 
eanberct. eadhaeth. eadgar. baduuini. tatberct. liodfrith. aldgils. 4 a © 
hygberct. alduulf. sigberct. uulfheard. haSuuini. cynigils. siguulf. 
eaduald. siguulf. meguulf. cuthmund. eadhaeth. eaduini. aelfsig. 
alduulf. baduulf. eada. cynimund. aescuulf. ecgberct (39) baldred. 
badufrith. cuthred. eaduulf. eadberct. eadberct. eaSugils. uilsig. 
torch tuulf. eSilbald. cuthuulf. eatfrith. beornuini. tiduulf. eSil- 4 a 5 
bald, tondheri. eanberct. tilmonn. eaduulf. hygbald. berctuulf. 
suitSred. cynigar. eda. cyniuulf. eadbald. haSuulf. helmuini. 
alchsig. eCilheard. beornuulf. tiduulf. burghelm. eadberct. baduulf. 
eanfrith. baduuini. tiduini. berctred. cuSred. heaSured. uilhelm. 
eaduulf. berctred. eanred. eanlac. berctuini. alduulf. eanred. haftu- 430 
beret, cuthlac. haSuulf. tidhelui. uulfheard. eanuulf. eaduulf. 
ecga. helmuini. cuthred. baede. uilberct. tatfrith. berctfrith. 
(39 b) eaduulf. tilfrith. huaetred. tidbald. beornred. beornuulf. 
hygfrith. eanred. alberct. ofa. cynimund. cutSheard. cuthSegn. 
eanferS. eanred. cyniferS. eanuulf. heaSuulf. berctuulf. aldred. 435 
eanuulf. eSilmund. aldred. cuSuulf. botfrith. heaSuberct. heatSu- 
ferth. hyguulf. liodbercht. hygberct. hygred. cuthSegn. aetfilmund. 
earduulf. hungils. haSubald. hereberct. eSilmund. siguulf. e&d- 
wilfdux. badured. eaduulf. baduulf. eaduulf. eadred. torchtred. 
eatfertS. eaduulf. cyniuulf. herred. huita. eafSegn. tilferS. embe. 440 
hea'Sured. eanuulf. alduini. earduulf. uiniberct. haduuini. tilberct. 
alduulf. uilmund. (40) beornred. cuSuulf. bygferB. tiltfegn. ead- 
uulf. hleouini. tidhaeS. eduini. eaduulf. berctuulf. pechtuulf. 
hunberct. berchtuulf. tilberct. uulfheord. uulfheord. cynrSryS. 


445 uilburg. hildigyS. eadu. eardgyS. ecgred. uilgils. osuulf. eaduulf. 
aldred. uigmund. beadugils. heard red. eadred. eonuulf. eanred. 
eadred. cuSuulf. herred. cyniferS. uulfred. cuSred. sigred. uil- 
mund. eadhaeS. tatuulf. eardhelm. eSiluulf. berctred. eaduulf. 
reduulf. heatSuberct. eSiluini. eonuulf. uulfheard. eonuulf. beorn- 
450 ho(5. tilberct. uilmund. uigmund. hygbald. eaduulf. eanred. 
heotSured. balduini. cynigils. tiduini. (40 6) albercht. berctmund. 
sigferS. sighelm. tiduulf. hleoberct. hyguini. alberct. eanberct. 
tatuulf. eanred. beornred. ebbe. uulfheard. berctuulf. tiduini. 
acuulf. alberct. eadberct. eanberct. berctred. siguulf. uulfhard. 
455 cyniuulf. hygberct. berctuulf. eadred. uilgils. haSuuini. eadred. 
haSuulf. cuSuini. hereferS. berctuulf. hroSuulf. uilbelm. bette. 
eaduulf. botuulf. pleghard. frioSuuini. tilne. aldred. hunberct. 
heardred. ingild. bunred. uulfhed. ofa. uilberct. berctferS. frioSu- 
uini. uigferS. eanberct. eaduulf. hroSuulf. tidberct. torctuulf. ald- 
460 uulf . uubeard. uilmund. aldred. eanuini. eduini. (41) burgheard. 
reduulf. aelfsig. eadbald. etSiluulf. eanuulf. eaduulf. uini. reduulf. 
cuSuulf. eadbald. baduuini. eadred. huaetberct. badumund. tilSegn. 
tidbercht. eaduini. tidferd. cynibercht. eadred. eanred. ebbe. beam- 
hard, aldred. badumund. albercht. friuSuulf. fritfabald. hygferS. 
465 ecgred. eaduulf. alduulf. hunbercht. uilferS. eadhelm. risbald. 
heardred. beornuulf. uulfred. beornuini. earnuulf. uigbeorn. uicga. 
torchtmund. berchtsig. eSiluulf. aldred. hunuald. berchtred. 
earduulf. tilbercht. botuulf. beonna. eadred. sigred. cuthelm. 
beornuini. uulfhard. hunferd. berchtuulf. headured. (41 b) eSiU 
470 bercht. uigmund. uulfheard. hunred. eSilheard. eSiluulf. lioduini. 
aldred. tilred. brada. eanbercht. cuduulf. ecgred. berhtred. cuSuulf. 
bada. eanred. heardred. -cyniuald. hygbald. aella. hygbercht. eanuulf. 
uilhaeS. cynifertJ. saeuini. eanuulf. herred. uini. uillech. alduulf. 
tiduulf. tidbald. e&ilberht. badumund. tatuulf. aluberct. siguulf. 
475 hatSuulf. uulfhaet?. beornred. forSred. torchtmund. baldred. ean- 
berht. uynbald. coenred. friouini. reduulf. tiduulf. aelfsig. hyg- 
berht. hungils. aldgils. berchtred. cyniferS. uulfsig. hroSuini. 
hygine. eda. eadred. uermund. gerferS. (42) berchtuald. etfil- 
uini. eadgar. uichtbald. eanuulf. reduulf. tidberht. cutSgils. 
480 eadred. hyguulf. huita. kiona. cyniferS. siguulf. earduulf. etSil- 
mund. eadred. hygine. berchtred. coenuulf. etfiluald. baldred. 
•eadlac. eaduulf. 


Genealogies (Northumbrian?). 

The following lists of bishops and genealogies of kings are taken 
from the Cotton MS. Vespasian B 6, fol. 108 foil. They are pre- 
ceded by the Martyrologium poeticum of Bede, and miscellaneous 
notes, other works being bound up in the same volume. Plate 
165 of the publications of the Palseographical Society (part 10, 
1880) gives a facsimile of part of the MS. The letter-press gives 
the following information about the age of the MS. : * Additions 
have been made to the lists in later times, but an examination 
of the portions due to the first hand proves that the MS. was 
written between the years 811 and 814. The last name in the 
list of popes, by the first hand, is that of Leo m, who died in 
816; the last king is Coenuulf of Mercia, who died in 819 ; and 
among the latest of the bishops in the different dioceses are some 
who succeeded about the year 811, and others who died in 814. 
The fact that the latest recorded succession among the kings is one 
in the house of Mercia, points to that kingdom as the part of Eng- 
land, where the MS. was written. The character of the writing 
confirms this view, being of the same school as that of the Mercian 
charters of the same period/ The fact of the royal genealogies 
beginning with Northumbria is an equally strong argument in 
favour of the assumption of a Northumbrian scribe, which is fur- 
ther confirmed by their being preceded by a work of the Northum- 
brian Bede, and the want of Northumbrian charters makes the 
evidence of handwriting doubtful. 

I have, of course, given only what is written by the first hand. 
In many places the original writing has been inked over again by 
a later hand. All these passages are here printed in italics. 

Nomina arcepw( coporum) <foro&dr(nensis) civ(itatis). 

• Augustinus. laurentius. mellitus. iustus. honorius. deusdedit. 
theodorus. berhtwaldus. tatuinus. no&helmus. cuSberhtus. bregui- 
nus. iaenberhtus. aeSelheardus. uulfredus. suvSredus. ceolno&ns. 

Nomina orientalium saxonum. 5 

Mellitus. cedd. erconwald. . aldhere. incwald! ecguulf. sighaeh. 
eadberht. eadgar. coenwalh. eadbald. heatSoberht. osmund. aeftil- 
noS. ceolberhtus. 


Nomina episcoporum brofensis ecolesiae. 

10 Paulinus. ithamar. putta. cuichelm. gebmund. tobias. aldmilf. 
dunn. earduulf. diora. utermund. beornmod. 

Nomina episcoporum aw^ralium saxonum. 

Eadberht. eolla. sicgga. aluberht. osa. gislhere. tota. uiohthun. 
ae&iluulf. cyneredus. 

15 Nomina episcoporum occidentalium saxonum. 

Primus occidentalium saxonum birinus fuit episcopus, qui cum 
consilio honorii papae venerat brittaniam. agilberht in. uuine 
nn. leutberius. haedde. deinde in duas parochias divisus est, 
altera uuentanaecium ecclesiae, altera scirabur' ecclesiae. 

*o In uenta' civilate. 

Danihel. bunfriS. cynheard. aeSelbeard. ecgbald. dudd. cyne- 
berbt. alcbmund. wigSegn. herefrvS. 

In scira' ecclesia. 

Aldbelm. forShere. bereuuald. aetfelmod. denefriS. uuigberbt. 

25 alh.8tan. 

Nomina episcoporum orientalium anglorum. 

Primus felix. tbomas. *bertgils. bisi. postea in duas parrocbias 
dividitur. beadwine. aecce. noSberbt. aescuulf. beaSolac. eardred. 
aeftilferS. cuSuine. eanferS. aldberbt. aetSeluulf. ecglaf. beardred. 
30 alcbeard. aelfbun. uxMrmv\nd\ tidferft. uuilred. hunberht. 

Nomina episcoporum provinciarum merciorum. 

Primus .in provinciae merciorum et lindisfarorum ac mediterane- 
rum anglorum episcopus diuma. cellab; ambo de Bcottia. trumbere 
de natione anglorum. gearomon. ceadda. wynfrrS. saexwulf. postea 

35 vero in v parrocbias dividitur. post saexuulfum provinciae mer- 
ciorum duos episcopos babuit beaddan et wilfridum. postea uuil- 
fridus ejectus. et beadda praefatus regebat ambos parrocbias. 
deinde alduine qui et uuor nominabatur. iterum divisa est in duas 
parrocbias. totta. buita. eadberbt. bemele. unuuona. cuSfriS. 

40 uuaerenberht. berbtbum. rethhun. hygberbt. aldred. ceolred. aid* 
uulf. hereuuine. oefteluuald. hunberht. 


Nomina episeopo{rum) lino\is)farnorum post sax*. 

EadhaeS. aeSeluine. eadgar. cyneberht. alouuioh. alduulf. ceol- 

uulf. eaduult 

Nomina episcoporum huicciorum. 45 

Bosel. oftfor. ecguuine. uuilfriS. milred. uermund. tilhere. 
heaftored. deneberht. heaberht. ' ' 

Nomina episcoporum uest . r. 
Putta. tjrhthel. torhthere. *walhston. cutSberht. podda. acca. 
headda. aldberht. esne. ceolmund. utel. uulfheard 50 

(N)om(ina) genus nordanhymbrorum. 

Primus paulinus a justo archiepiscopo ordinatus. 11 aeSan. ni 
fine, nn colman. v tuda. postea in duas parrochias diyiditnr. 
oedda eboracensi ecclesiae ordinatum uilfri'S hagstaldensiae ordina'. 
depositoque uilfrido a rege ecgfrido eota pro eo ordinatus epis' hag' 55 
pro ceddan bosa ebura . . . defuncto eatan iohannis pro eo ordina' 
post longum vero exilium . ilfriS iterum in episcopatum hag' sus- 
ceptus est et idem iohannis defunc' bosa eburaici substitutes est. 


Uilfri'S. ecgberht. coen . . . eanbald. eanbald. uulfVig. 60 

Hag\u]staldensia ecclesiae. 
1 Acca. 11 frioSoberht. in alhmund. 1111 tilberht. v aeSilberht. 
vi heardred. vii eanberht. tidferS *. 

Nomina episcoporum lindisfarorum. 

AeSan, fines, colman. eata. cudberht. eadberht eatferS. oeSil- 65 
wald. cynwulf. hygbald. ecgberht 8 . eadmund. 

Nomina episcoporum ad Candida casa. 

1 Pehthelm. n frioSowald. m pehtuine. iih aeSilberht. v bead- 
uulf. hedSored. 

Haec genelogiae per partes brittaniae regum regnantium per 70 
diversa loca. 


Eduine aelling. aelle jffing. yffi uuscfreaing. uuscfrea uilgilsing. 
uilgils . storualcning. uestorualcna soemling. soemel saefugling. 

1 traces of letter over the x ; wulfum added in later hand. ' in smaller 



75 saefugul saebalding. saebald siggeoting. siggeot suebdaeging. sueb- 

daeg siggaring. siggar uegdaeging. uegdaeg uodning. uoden fre- 


Item noroanhy(mb)r. 

EcgfriS osuing. Osuio eSilfritSing. etSilfriS eftilricing. eSilric 

80 iding. ida eopping. eoppa oesing. oesa eSilberbting. etfilberht 

angengeoting. angengeot alusing. alusa ingi branding, ingibrand 

wegbranding. wegbrand bernicing. beornic beldaeging. beldaeg 

wodning. uoden frealafing. 

Item noroan'. 

85 Ceoluulf cutfaining. cud . . . e liodwalding l . Hod . aid ecguald- 
ing. ecguald edelming. edhelm ocgting. ocg iding. eadberht eating, 
eata li . dualding. lioduald ecgualding. 

Item norSanhym'. 

Albred eanuining. eanuine byrnboming 2 . byrnbom bofing. bofa 
90 blaecmoning. blaecmon edricing. edric iding. 

AetSilred *peding. penda pypbing* pypba crioding. crioda cyne- 

walding. cynewald cnebbing. cnebba icling. . . il eamering. earner 

angengeoting. . . g . . geot offing, off . . usermunding. uermund 

95 uihtlaeging. uibtlaeg . atS . . geoting. waoolgeot wodning. woden 

fr . . lafing. 

(it)em mer ... 

AeSelbald alwing. alwib eowing. eowa pybbing. 

Item mercna. 

too EcgfriS offing, offa $incfri[oT]ing. SincfriS eanuulfing. eanuulf 
osmoding. osmod eowing. eowa pybbing. 

Item mercna. 
Coenuulf cuo*berhting. cuSberht bassing. bassa cynreowing. cyn- 
reou centwining. centwine cundwaling. cundwalh coenwaling. 

105 coenwalh pybbing. 

lind . ar . a 8 . 

AldfritS eatting. eatta eanferSing. eanferft biscoping. biscop 
beding. beda bubbing. bubba caedbaeding. caedbaed cueldgilsing. 

1 w doubtful. a o doubtful. * 1 and n doubtful. 


cueldgils cretting. cretta uinting. uinta wodning. uuoden frealafing. 
frealaf frioSulfing. frioSulf finning, finn goduulfing. 

Cantwar . . 
AeSelberht uihtreding. uibtred ecgberhting. ecgberht ercon- 
berhting. erconberht eadbalding. eadbald etJilberhting. eSilberht 
iurmenricing. iurmenric o . . . oese ocging. ocga bengesting. hen- 
gest uitting. uitta uibtgilsing. uihtgils uegdaeging. uegdaeg uodning. 115 

uoden frealafing. 


Aelfwald alduulfing. alduulf eSilricing. eSilric ening. eni tyt- 
tling. tyttla wuffing. wuffa wehing. webba wilbelming. wilbelm 
bryping. hryp broSmunding. hroSmund trygling. tryg.l t.ttwian- no 
ing. tyt .... r . ing. care . . uodning. uoden frealafing. 

Anno dominici incarnationis dcclvi aetSilbald rex occisus. eodem 
anno offa rex beornredum tyrannum bello superavit et regnum 
tenuit merciorum. anno ccc°viii° adventus anglorum in britanniam. 
adventus beati augustini c°\x9\ ^ "5 

Lorica Glosses (Kentisb). 

These glosses to tbe Lorica of Gildas were first printed by 
Cockayne in his Leecbdoms (1. lxvih foil.) from MS. Bibl. Publ. 
Cantab. LI. 1. 10, fol. 43. Cockayne says: 'The Latin text of 
the Cambridge MS. is of tbe eighth century ; it was not intended to 
be glossed ; the glosses were introduced afterwards in a small hand ; 
tbe earlier ones marked with an asterisk belong to tbe end of tbe 
tenth century, the others to the eleventh.' He adds in a note : 
' Mr. Bradshaw thinks the glosses contemporary .' I do not think 
the language of the earlier glosses can be earlier than the first half 
of the ninth century, although they are certainly older than the tenth. 
I learn from Mr. Bradshaw that he now considers the Latin text 
to be not older than the first half of tbe ninth century, so that 
we are in agreement. The dialect appears to be Kentisb. The 
interpretations of some of the difficult words of tbe original are 
those given by C, with the help of Mr. Bradshaw. 

1 note on fol. 104 in the same hand as the above lists. 


Mortaliias : w61. 

lacerandum : to teorenne '. 

denso: Sicce*. 

cetero8 agonithttas : cempan. 
5 proretas : stioran. 

anthletas (ath.) : cempan. 

omne malum a me pereat : gewite. 

jxictumjirmumferiat 8 : were trume festnie. 

mei gibrae : mines lichoman. 
10 pernas partus) : leower. 

libera tuta {Pad) pelta : gefria 4 Sine pl&egBceldn. 

librent: cneccen. 

gygram (skull, top of forehead) : hnoll. 

cephalem : heafndponnan. 
15 iaris : loccum. 

conas: egan. 

patham: onwlite 5 . 

liganam : tungan. 

sennas: toetS." 
30 miehinas: nsesSyrel. 

cladam: swiran 6 . 

erassum : breost. 

madianum: sidan. 

talias : lendana. 
35 bathma : Seeoh 7 . 

exugiam : midirnan. 

binas idumas : twa honda. 

fronH: h[n]eofulan. 

rostro: nebbe. 
30 labiae (-0) : weolure. 

Hmpori (te.) : Simnwengan *. 

mento: cinne. 

supercili(t)s : oferbmum. 

gents : heagospinnum. 
35 buccis : smerum. 

1 er. t and to elitenne written over in the later hand. • altered to py ttiooan 
by the later hand. * i on er. * a altered to o. * altered to ondwlitan 
later. • altered to gwioran later. T o/rom {later alteration?), 

• e altered to o later. 


internasso (-ciso) : neesgristlan. 

rotis: eghringum. 

tavlonibus (=palpebrae) : bra urn l . 

ging(iv)i8 : toSreomura. 
40 anUe (anhelae) : oro&e. 

uvae : hrgctungan. 

gurgilioni (gurgu) : "Srotbollan. 

sublingual : tuDgeftrum. 

capitali: heafudponnan. 
45 ceutro : swiran. 

cartilagini : gristlan. 

retrudas : ascufe. 

cubitis: faeSmuwi. 

pugnas: fyste. 
$ospinam: hrycg. 

renibus: lundleogum. 

cataerinas: huppbaan. 

nates: ersendu. 

cambas : homme. 
55*wo*: speoruliran. 

genuclis ::::::: banuro*. 

tafcw: helan. 

tibiis: sconcum. 

calcibus: helum. 
60 jriayitarum : ilia. 

jugulam : $earmgewind. 

reniculos: lundleogan. 

JUhrem : sngdelSearm. 

cum obligia {= peritonaeum) : nettan. 
65 toleam (tonsil) : readan. 

toracem-. feolnferS. 

fibre* : smslSearmas. 

bucliamine: heorthoman. 

splenem: milte. 
70 turtuosis {to.) : gebegdum. 

intestinis : isernum. 

1 ofer prefixed in the later hand. • the whole word er. ; may be hweorf- 

banam; certainly not speorbanum, as suggested by Cockaynt. 


pantes : alle l . 

lang(u)or : *ald. 

vehor (*ar) : ic sio wegen. 

Lorioa Prayer (Kentish). 

The following form of prayer (of which the beginning is want- 
ing) is written in a bold hand of the first half of the ninth century 
on fol. 2 a of the same MS. as the Lorica glosses. The dialect 
seems Kentish. The letters are much worn in many places, being 
sometimes quite illegible. Some I should not have read correctly 
at first sight without the help of Prof. Skeat and Mr. Bradshaw. 
My lines correspond to those of the MS. 

7 8e georne gebide gece j miltse fore alra his 
haligra gewyrhtum 7 geearningum 7 boenum b . 
.... num, 3a Se domino deo gelicedon from fruman 
middangeardes ; Sonne gehereS he Sec Sorh hiora 
5 Singunge. do Sonne fiorSan siSe Sin hleor Sriga 
to iorSan fore alle godes cirican, 7 sing Sas 
fers : domini est solus, salvum foe populum 
tuwm, domine praetende misericordiam tuam. 
sing Sonne pater noster. gebide Sonne fore 
10 alle geleaffulle, menn in mundo. Sonne bistu Sone 
deg daelniomende Sorh dryhtnes gefe alra Seara 
goda Se senig monn for his noman gedoeS, 7 Sec alle 
soSfeste, fore SingiaS in caelo et in terra, amen. 

Lorioa Names. 

The following names occur in the same MS. 

(fol. 21) Aedelvald. (72) ab AlchfriSo 8 . (876) Oedelwald. 

Codex Atireus Inscription (Kentish). 

(About 870.) 
From the facsimile in Westwood's Facsimiles of the Miniatures 
and Ornaments of Anglo-Saxon and Irish Manuscripts (London, 
1 868), from the MS. of the Gospels in the Royal Library at Stock - 

1 tecond e «r. ; e prefixed by later hand. 


holm. The letters in ( ) have been cut away by the binder. Prof. 
Stephens was the first to identify this Aelfred with the Aelfred dux 
of the Charter given further on. 


+ Orate pro Ceolheard presbyteri, Niclas 7 Ealhhun 7 

Wulfhelm awrifex 1 . 

In nomine Domini nostri Ihesu Christi, ic Aelfred aldormon 
7 Werburg mfn gefera begetan Sas bee set haetSnum herge mid 
uncre claene feo. 3®t Sonne waes mid claene golde. 7 Sat wit 5 
deodan for Godes lufan 7 for uncre saule oearf(e) 2 , ond for Son Se 
wit * noloan Saet Sas halgan beoc lencg in Caere haeoenesse wunaden, 
7 nu willaS heo gesellau inn to Cristes circan Gode to lofe 7 to 
wuldre 7 to weor&unga, 7 his Srowunga to Soncunca, 7 Saem god- 
cundan geferscipe to brucen(ne) 3 Se in Cristes circan daeghwsemlice 10 
Godes lof rasratS, to Saem gerade Saet heo mon arede eghwelce 
monaSe for Aelfred * 7 for Werburge 7 for AlhSrySe, heora saulum 
t6 ecum lecedome, Sa hwile "Se God gesegen haebbe Sat fulwiht aet 
tfoosse stowe beon mote. Ec swelce ic Aelfred dux 7 Werburg 
biddaS 7 halsiaS 6n Godes almaehtiges noman 7 on allra his haligra 15 
Saet naenig mon seo to Son gedyrstig Saette Sas halgan beoc 6selle 
oSSe aSeode from Cristes circan Sa hwile Se fulwiht stondan mote 

Aelfre(d). Werbur(g). AlhSryS eorum (Jilia). 

Durham Admonition. 

The Durham Ritual was first published by J. Stevenson for the 
Surtees Society (Bituale Ecclesiae Dunelmensis, 1840). This edi- 
tion was collated with the MS. by Prof. Skeat, and the results are 
given in Appendix II to the Phil. Soc. Transs. for 1877-8-9. In 
spite of the Northumbrian interlinear gloss it contains, the main 
portion of the MS. was, as Prof Skeat remarks, probably written 
in the South of England. He goes on to say : 'This is remark- 
ably illustrated by the fact that a small portion of the original 
text is in Southern English. This passage, printed at p. 1 14, is in 
the large bold hand of the Latin text, and is entitled kalsunege, Le. 

1 this invocation ti ina different hand from what foUow$. • end of line. 


a solemn charge addressed by the priest to the person or persons 
who were about to proceed to the ordeal. The words printed in 
square brackets are written above the line, being the alternative 
words of address, when only one person was to undergo the trial. 
The reader should also notice that the next nine rubrics are all in 
the same hand, and belong to the same period/ When I first saw 
the Admonition, I -came to the conclusion that it was in the Kentish 
dialect of the ninth century, and Pro£ Skeat agrees. But as to the 
date he says (probably after consulting with Mr. Bradshaw, whose 
help he acknowledges generally), that it ' cannot be placed earlier 
than the tenth century.' I have not access to the MS., and can 
only say that I do not see how the language of the present text 
can possibly be brought further down than the end of the ninth 
century : if a copy, it is of unparalleled accuracy. 
I have omitted one of the rubrics, which is in Latin. 


Ic eow [Se] halsige on feeder naman, 7 on suna naman, Saet is 
ure dryhten haelende Crist, 7 on Saes halgan gastes, 7 for S«re 
cristnesse tSe ge [Su] underfenge [underfengan], 7 for Sa haligan 

5 Srinesse, 7 fer tSa nil godspelleras, Matheus, 7 Marcus, 7 Lucas et 
Johannes, 7 fer ealle 6a halgan reliquias $e gind ealne middan- 
geard sindon haligra martyra, 7 fer ealle 8a halgan Godes ciricean 
* \><Bte her on weorolde gehalgode sien, 7 fer naman Saere halgan 
faemnan sancla Marian \>cet ge t6 J>ys 1 husle ne gangen ne to Seem 

10 ordale, gif ge scyld on eow [$e] witen, Sees Se eow [$e] man tihS 
oSBe on gewyrhtum o$3e on gewitnesse. 

Gif men ferlice wyrde nnsofte, o$Se spreoan ne maege, halga 
him Sis waeter. 

WitS egna sare sine Sis. 
15 Dis mon sceall rede ofer drence vel ofer * 

n seal reda ofer 8a feta Se nil infalleS. 

To huntade 7 waeterhalguncge. 

Salthalguncge to acrum vel to berenne vel in hvsvm. 

Waeterhalgunc to Son ilee. 
ao WitS netena ungetionu 7 Siofum. 

1 y. over u. * illegible; Stevenson reads imem(?> 


Martyrology Fragment. 

First published by Cockayne in his Shrine, p. 7 1 foil, from MS. 
Add. 2321 1 in the British Museum, consisting of two leaves, one 
containing the Martyrology fragment, the other having on one 
side the Genealogies which follow, on the other some astronomical 
notes in Latin. The MS. is evidently of the second half of the 
9th century, which is confirmed by the "West-Saxon genealogy not 
coming further down than Alfred. The genealogies being exclu- 
sively Saxon seems to point to that dialect, but both texts show 
several un-Saxon forms (feringa, scealden ; ceardicing^ brdSar) 
alongside of specifically Saxon ones, such as biscep, afierr> sua; 
perhaps the MS. is a copy of a "West-Saxon original by a Kentish 

The text of the Martyrology has been supplemented in italics 
from the later one given by Cockayne. Letters cut off on the 
margin are enclosed in ( ). 

The cut off portions of the West-Saxon genealogy have been 
supplemented from that in the Parker Chronicle. 

On done feotoerteodan dceg pees rnondes bid para haligra gebrodra 
tid sancte Ualerianee 7 sancte Tiburties, da Allmachius, Rome- 
burge gerefa, nedde mid vntum beet Id Criste toidsocan. Da hi pat 
ne gepafodan, pa het he hi beheafdian. pa se man de pcet sceolde 
behealdan pad hi man beheqfdade, wejtende 7 swergende he scede 5 
part he gesawe Iieora sawla gongan vi of parni lichoman fasgre 
gefretwade, 7 pat he gesawe Godes englas swa scinende swa sunne, 
7 pa hi baron to heofonum mid hiora fiSra flyhte ; 7 se mon Sa 
gele(fde) Gode, 7 he wees *sungen on deaS for Criste ; 7 h(is) noma 
waes Maximus. 10 

On Sone eahtategSan daeg "Sass monies (biS) Saes halgan biscepes 
tid, sancle Eleutheri, (7 his) modor, Ssere noma wees sancte 
Anthiee. He wees (Ssere) burge biscep Ce is nemned Mechania 1 , in 
Ap(ulia) Caere meegtSe, ah he geSrowade eft in Rom(e) martyrd6m 
for Criste. Adrianus se caser(e hine) tSreatade "Sset he Criste 15 
wi&oce. Da he "Saet (ne) walde, Sa heht se casere gesponnan 
fiow(er) wildo hors to scride, 7 hine gebundenne in 8(eet scrid) 

1 ec from a. 



*&setton, Seet Sa wildan hors scealden iornan (on) heard e wegas in 
westenne, 7 him 8a limo all (to)brecan. Da cwom Godes engel of 

*o hiofonum, (7 ge)stillde Seem horssum, 7 hio geleeddon Seet acrid 
(on) hea dune, Seer him cwom t6 monigra cynn(a wil)deor, 7 wune- 
don raid bine, 7 Sonne he h6f (his) hond upp to hiofonum, Sonne 
hofon 3a de(or he)ora fotas upp, 7 heredon god mid hine. D(a 
het) se casere his huntan hine Seer gefecca(n 7) hine mid sueorde 

*5 ofslean. Da cw6m stef(n of) hiofo[n]um, 7 cwaeS : ' C/m, mm 
Seow Eleuthe(riu8), mine englas Sec leedaS in Sa hiofonlican 
(Hierusa)lem/ . Da feoll his modor ufan on his lic(homan), 7 cweeS: 
' Mln sunn, gemyne Su mec on Caere (ecean reste, 7) se casere hio 
heht gemartyria(n), 7 God wuldriende heo ageaf hire gast. 

3° On done an 7 twentegdan dag das monies bid pas halgan an- 
ceran gtleornes sancte JSpelwaldes. Se geset ancersetl on fearne 
deem ecUonde (Brest after Cvihbrihte dam halgan biscofM, 7 after Son 
Se he tuelf gear Seer wunode Sa eode he in Sone gefean Seere ecan 
eadinesse. Dees aeSelwaldes wunder wees Saet he spraec to his 

35 liornaera sumum, 7 Sa feringa oSsuigde he, suae he hwaeshwegu 
hercnade. Da fraegn se his Segn hine 1 for hwon he susb dede ; Sa 
cuaeS he : ' Hu meahte ic bti somod ge in heofon geheran ge her 
spraecan V 

On Sone Sr[i]o 7 tuentegSan daeg Sees monSes biS sancte Iorius 

40 tad, Sees eeSelan weres, Sone Datianus se casere seofon gear mid 
unassecgendlicum 2 witum hine Sreade Saet he Cris(te) wiSsoce, 7 he 
neefre hine ofersuiSan meahte; 7 Sa aefter sefan 8 gearum heht he 
hine beheafdian. Da he Sa wees laeded to Seere beheafdunga, Sa 
cuom ffr of heofonum, 7 forb^rnde Sone heeSnan casere, 7 alle Sa 
s 45 Se mid hine aer tintergedon Sone halgan wer. Ond he sanctus 
Georgius him to Dryhtne gebaed, 7 Sus cuaeS : * Heelende (C)rist, 
onf6h mi[n]um gaste ! 7 ic Sec biddo Saet suae 4 (h)welc mon Se 
mine gemynd on eorSan doe, Sonne afierr Su from Sees monnes 
htisum (ae)lce untrymne&se ; ne him fiond sceSSe, ne (h)ungor, ne 

50 monncwild ; 7 gif monn minne (n)oman nemneS in eenigre frecen- 
nisse, oSSe (o)n see, oSSe on siSfeete, Sonne gefylge se (Sin)re 

1 e er. after i. * uni- ; accents in red ink. 3 space for one letter after c. 

4 e nearly all cut off. 


Saxon Genealogies. 

. . rice 1 7 heold xxxvii wint, 7 vii mona3 ; ond 3a feng ae(3elwulf) 
his sunu to, 7 heold xviiii healf gear; ond se 8e3e(lwulf) waes 
ecgberhting, ecgberht ealhcmunding, ealh(mund) eabing, eaba eop- 
ping, eoppa ingilding, ingild co(enred)ing, coenred ceolwalding, 
ceolwald cuSuulfing, cuS(uulf) cu3wining, cuSwine *ceaulniing, 5 
ceaul[i]n cynnr(icing), cynnric crioding, criodo ceardicing; ond 
3a feng aeSelbald his sunu to, 7 heold v gear ; 3a feng «3elbe(rht 
his) broSor to rice, 7 heold v gear ; 3a feng se3ered his (bro3or) 
to rice, 7 heold v gear, 3a feng aelfred hira bro3ar (to rice), ond 
3a wses agan his eldo xxiii wintra, ond ccc o(nd xcvi) wintra 3ses 10 
3e his cynn serest westseaxna bond o(n) walum geeodon. 

de regibus orientalium seaxonum. 

Offa sighering, sighere sigberbting, sigberht s(aweard)ing, ea- 
weard saberhting, saberht sledding, sle(dd) sescwining, sescwine 
offing, offa bedcing, bedca (sigefugling), sigefugl swsepping, swaeppa 15 
antsecging, ants(ecg) gesecging, gesecg seaxneting. 

item de regibus orientalium seaxonum. 

Swi3red sigemunding, sigemund sigeharding, si(gehard) sebbing, 
sebbe seaxreding, seaxred sab(erhti)ng, saberht sledding. 

item de regibus orientalium * seoxo(num). 20 

Sigered sigericing, sigeric selereding, selered sigeberhting, sige- 
berht sigeb(aldi)ng, sigebald selefer3ing, selefer3 sigefer3ing, sige- 
ferS seaxing, seaxa sledding ; 3onan for8 . . . 

Bede Glosses. 

The following glosses are written in the blank spaces at the 
end of each book in the MS. Cott. Tib. c. ii in a curiously twisted 
hand of the end of the ninth or beginning of the tenth century, 
apparently in the Kentish dialect, the last page in a rough cursive 
hand, quite different. 

1 preceded by two lines of numbers. 



(fol. 3.) Intemperans cupido : mitJ ungemetlicre gitsunge. 

exagitabat : styrede. 

dementiam : ungemetnisse. 

rethor : se [hJloSere 1 . 
5 serpere : snican. 

liber edax sive utende • • \ 

farans (pharus) : beecenfyr. 

pontes : brycg. 

8tratae : st • • \ 
10 legatis : erendwrica. 

adurit : bsernde. 

obscuris cavemi8 : Saem Siostrum holum 8 . 

miserum anguiculum : 3a earman nedran. 

propulit : fortSsceaf. 
15 tollere : upahebban. 

(h)umo : of foldan. 

municeps : burgliod. 

ex infima militiae : niSirlices compdomes. 

(32 b.) fertUita8 : waestembiornis. 
ao armonus : fodraSas. 

cogunt : neddan. 

funerum : hra. 

jugvlamur : we bioS stiocode. 

invasisque : 7 gehergedum. 
25 pauper cida reliquia : tSa earman lafe. 

conroderet : gestread. 

adfidens : dreccende. 

acfamam : 7 Sone lisan. 

investis (f) : Seem retSum. 
30 ac 8aUibus : 7 wudum. 

retna aetis : naenig eeldu. 

adceleravit : geratade. 

proprior : nior. 

telaque : 7 strelas. 
35 litigia : gecid. 

uaemonibus : godwrecniBsum. 

1 [hi]loffere? * m doubtful. 


diri scthtris : grimre synne. 

contra inprobis : wiS &em gemaum. 

exitus : in siSas. 
40 adjuncia : to geSioded. 

dcfartii (dw.) : towesniase. 

proftisior : genihtaomra. 

signing {seg.) : laetlicor. 

superficiem : oferbliocaiL 
45 nonnulli : oft. 

de tniserandis relupuis : of Ssem earmum lafum. 

acerbatim : scearplioe. 

nunc : wilum. 

sane : cutftice. 
50 feda pests : fulre adle. 

(58 b.) ad succur(r)endum : to gehelpenne. 

caedebant : biotan. 

nautarum : Sara nomementa. 

et casu : 7 weas. 
55 lassitudine : meSnis&e. 

pelagi : Saes sses. 

batieinatio (v) : witedo[o]m. 

per tribia (v) : Sorb wigas. 

per rura : Sorb loncL 
60 instar : onlicnis. ' 

confiectum (i) : geflit. 

conspicui : gesegenne. 

tribunicae potestatis : alderdomes m$bte. 

ad(ha)erentem : set cliSende. 
65 capsulam : ceste. 

evulsam : on[we]g alocene. 

exultant : gefegan. 

casualibus : Seem fallendum. 

laquiis (-eis) : girenum. 
70 palustria arundine : mi$ Seem fenSacum. 

tegebatur : waes bewrigen. 

slabris : wLndura. 

(122 b.) ma(c)hinam : searwe. 

repetitam : gesobte. 


75 pernicitas : rsednis. 

kpolia : herereaf. 

triumphant : sige f§ston. 

moliuntur : Sohtom 

iter : siSfaet. 
80 oblenuerdft (t) : Synnade. 

pqrtite : [hjomme. 

adtreetat : grapade. 

8ucu7n : sea. 

parumper : gewaer. 
85 derutarum (di-) : gerorenra. 

externdnia : Sara abreotnissa. 

recente memoria : neowre gemynde. 

ccUamitates : earfeSnisse. 

et dadis : on waele. 


The Old English interlinear version of the Psalms contained in 
the Cottonian MS. Vespasian A. i is thus mentioned by Wanley in 
his Catalogue, p. 222 : ' Psalterium D. Hieronymi Romanum elegan- 
tissime litteris capitalibus, in Anglia, annis abhinc circiter mille, 
ut videtur, scriptum et illuminatum, cui postea accedit interlineata 
versio Saxonica. 

' Psalterio abscinduntur primus psalmus integer et pars secundi, 
nee non charta donationis JEthelbaldi R. Australium Saxonum, 
h. e. Merciorum, sive Suth-Anglorum (litteris capitalibus exarata) 
quae nunc habetur in prima pagina pretiosi libri collection is car- 
tarum qui inscribitur August. II.' 

Of the portion of the MS. which precedes the psalter he says : 

'Hucusque omnia scribuntur Latine litteris capitalibus tenui- 
oribus, in Italia usitatis, a quibus ea quae in Anglia obtinebant 
paullum discrepant. Notandum quoque haec omnia ad amussim 
quadrare cum descriptione secundi psalterii quod ad Augustinum 
Cantuariensem transmisit Gregorius Magnus, uti supra videre 
licet pagg. 172 et 173.' 

The reference is to his description of a MS. in the library 
of Trinity Hall, Cambridge : 

* Cod. MS. in fol. grand, regnante Henrico V a monacho Abbatiae 
S. Augustini exaratus. In eo continetur historia fundationis et 
donationis monasterii S. Augustini, et ecclesiae Christi Cantuariae. 

* Praeclarum hunc librum a me praedicandum censeo quod in 
eo describuntur codices quos S. Angus tinus Episcopus Cant, ad se 
a Gregorio I Papa missos monasterio suo dedit, in quo, dum scri- 
beretur hie codex, ut probabile est, extabant, et extitere deinceps 
usque ad tempus versi et direpti ejusdem monasterii, regnante 
Henrico Octavo.' 

He then quotes the description of the books and enumeration of 
their contents given in the MS. It is quite clear that our MS. 
Vesp. A. 1 cannot be a copy of the Psalterium Augustini de- 
scribed in the Cambridge MS., for, although in both psalters the 
psalms are preceded by various miscellaneous matter, and followed 
by hymns, some of which are the same in both, there is in general 
a complete divergence. 


Of the charter of iEthelbald, Wanley says in another place 
(p. 258): 

4 Haec carta litteris majuscalis exaratur, et olim inserebatur in 
psalterio illo vetustissimo quod in hac bibliotheca inscribitur Vesp. 
A. 1, tandem autem, D. Rob. Cottono jubente, ex libro psalmorum 
exscindebatur, et hie una cum plurimis aliis affixa est. 1 

This charter (now marked Cott. Aug. II. 3) is an original one 
°f 736, and bears every mark of a Mercian origin. Its handwriting, 
though uncial, is different from that of the Latin portion of the 
psalter, and is probably later. 

The interlinear English gloss, extending also to the hymns at 
the end of the psalms, is mainly in a very fine hand, which cannot 
well be earlier or later than the first half of the ninth century, and 
this date is fully supported by the language, which shows a remark- 
ably consistent type, uniformly but not excessively archaic. Some 
pages are glossed in a rougher but contemporary hand. 

The dialect was, till quite lately, generally assumed to be North- 
umbrian, an opinion which will not bear the test of the most 
superficial comparison with the known Northumbrian texts. Dr. 
Murray in his * Dialect of the Southern Counties of Scotland' 
was, I believe, the first to question it. In my ' Dialects of Old 
English* (Phil. Soc. Trans. 1875-6, p. 555), I claimed it to be 
Kentish, mainly on the ground of Wanley's assigning it to Canter- 
bury, but also on account of the language. As we see, the external 
evidence points to Mercia, and if it could be proved that the 
charter was written on a blank page of the MS., and not merely 
bound up with it later, it would seem natural to assume at once 
that the later gloss is also Mercian. Yet there is no difficulty in 
supposing that the MS. may have been transferred to Canterbury 
any time between 736 and the beginning of the following century, 
and it will be safest to reserve the question of dialect till we come 
to the grammatical analysis of our texts. 

The Latin text has been largely altered by erasures and other- 
wise, apparently in order to bring it more into conformity with the 
Vulgate readings and the conventional spellings. 

In most cases the English gloss follows the original readings, 
which have, therefore, generally been restored as far as possible in 
my text. In those cases in which it agrees with the alterations, it 


is often doubtful whether the glosser may not have corrected the 
original reading himself by the context, as in 10. 5, interrogant : 
frigncfiS with the n added later above the line : the original inter- 
rogat is shown to be a plural by its subject palpebrae. The 
innumerable cases in which -avit-=. future has been altered to 
the regular -abit with the corresponding English gloss, as in 
subsannabit : hyspe^S with the b on erasure, would seem at first 
sight to be cases of the glosser following the alteration, but as 
we sometimes find the unaltered -avit correctly glossed as a future 
(*5- 9 j 48. 16; 129. 5), it seems clear that he was accustomed to 
that spelling. The same v for b is frequent in exacervaverunt. 
In 90. 14 the future speravit has been wrongly glossed by the 
preterite gehyhte, the v having been afterwards erased and b sub- 
stituted. Conversely, in 80. 17 the preterite was written with a 
b — eibubity and consequently glossed with the English future 
foedeS, although the b has been erased and v substituted. These 
two cases are decisive. But 47. 8, where conteres, incorrectly made 
into conterens by the addition of n, is glossed forSrgstende, seems 
equally decisive the other way. In 11 7.^9- the correct prospera 
has been made into prosperare by the addition of re in a cursive 
hand apparently the same as that of the gloss. Elsewhere the 
alterations are in the same uncial letters as the original, so that it 
is impossible to tell whether they are due to the glosser or not. 
The alterations are sometimes made by complete erasure and re- 
writing, sometimes only by partial alterations, the latter being 
apparently later than the former. 

The innumerable alterations of the present endings -is, -it(ur) 
into the future -e«, -et(ur) are evidently late, the i simply having 
three scratches added to it, so as to make it into a rough E. 
Examples are loquitur (2. 5), perdis (5. 7), sedit (9. 29), abstrahit 


i for e is frequent in other unaccented syllables as well, as in 

nmerire imper., ori> nomini abl., cardinis plur., jrrodiat, periant, 

discendit, dilectatum. In these cases the t has been altered to e, 

but in 10. 5 the sg. sedis, in 134. 10 the plural fortis have been 

kept unaltered. The converse e for t is also common, as in 

perditiones gen., salutare, ore abll., oves nom. sg., sterelitatem, 

vendedisti, especially in compound verbs, as in intellege, inttl- 


legere, dejeceret, suslenuit, eregens. at for e occurs in aequo*, 
faciae abl., in adverbs such as vanae, supervacuae, in pretium, 
and often in conpraehendo. A final m is often incorrectly added, 
as in in magni/icentiam abl. (28. 4), longitudinem abl. (90. 16), 
memoriam nom. (108. 15). Among other spellings maybe noted 
bracchiwm and aput, nearly always altered to brachium and apud, 
the omission of the j in eicis, adiciat, &c, the omission of the 8 in 
ex-urgo (exsurgo also occurring), ammirabile, degluttivit. Lastly, 
it may be noted that os very often has an acute accent, although 
there are none in the English gloss. 

The English gloss contains many scribal errors, most of which, 
however, may be brought under a few definite groups, and are 
easily corrected. 

The most remarkable peculiarity of the scribe is his tendency 
to omit not only single letters, but also syllables, and even groups 
of syllables. Thus we find $e(re), geh(yh)ta$,forle(te)n, gefre(me)de8, 
ge8wenced(ni8se) i sclS(lice), Ef(rem), some of which, especially the 
last but one, occur more than once. Among the omissions of single 
letters the most frequent is that of the e of oe : socendra, socende, 
gemotes, to<S, the omission of the being much less frequent: 
gedrefde, sped. Similar omissions occur in the other diphthongs : 
ha(e)lu, gebra(e)dende, ma(e)hte; be(a)m, 8ce(a)wa!8, de(cbfSes ; 
ger(e)afien; h(e)ortum; we(o)rulde, ene(o)risse. Doubled conso- 
nants are often simplified : ic gebidu, core, blisidft, from e, ic uwctSu. 
Final m is often omitted : fro, fteodu. Final vowels are often 
dropped, even when they leave a single consonant behind : streng(u), 
mong(e), S(tt), $(«), n(e). Initial letters are rarely dropped : (n)oma, 
(w)«c. The following are instances of the omission of one of two 
combined consonants : (h)neapiu; ge8[c)ild, s(c)eate; gereo{r)dni8se t 
gete(l)de8; geli(jm)plice, unbeore{n)dne8se,freo(n)d; cynin(g), mil(d)- 
heortni8 ; dus(t) t gas{t) (often) ; re1itwi{8)nis8e (several times). 

Some of these omissions may possibly correspond to the actual 
pronunciation, but it would evidently be hazardous to draw any 
positive inferences from the omissions of the MS., even when they 
occur more than once. 

Additions of single letters are rare : sa{l)wle, h(w)efie, sawuKJ), 
onwend(e), 8yndri{n)g 1 of(f)ergeotul, but there is a curious ten- 
dency to repeat monosyllables, such as bi$ (9. 24), me, Vine. In 


several cases (noticed in the text) what at first sight would be read 
ie appears to be only e with a tag before it. 

Of substitutions, that of d for S, as in eordan, dreast, under- 
deodes y foruveorddS, det, and (though less frequent) of tS for d, are 
so frequent that I have thought it unnecessary to star them. Of 
other errors the most important is a tendency to write y for u, as 
in hyses, onscynedun, the correct u having in some cases (67. 3 ; 
77. 40) been written over the y. u for y in forduttcmde. 8 for/ 
in ymbhwyrst, ester, e for in ageten, recetunge (—roccetunge). 
e for t in gewicnade, gewicnendra. There are also solitary in- 
stances of the interchange of n and r. 

A frequent source of error is the repetition of part of the corres- 
ponding Latin word in the gloss, as in montem : mont (for munt), 
conculcantes : fortreodendes (for -e). Sometimes the whole of the 
Latin word is repeated, as in nomen : nomen, meam : meam. Often 
also the scribe has begun to write the Latin word and has then 
altered it into the English one. Thus we find mare : see with the 
see altered from an m, tuae : Vine with the C altered from a t. 

On the whole the gloss is accurate, such errors as odorabunt : 
weorfSiafi (113. 6), where odorabunt has been confused with adora- 
bunt, being very rare. Sometimes, however, a case has been 
translated against the context, as in 105. 20, where the gen. sg. 
vituli has been glossed by the plural caJfur. 

Later glosses have occasionally been added in a hand apparently 
of the eleventh century. These I have put in the foot-notes. 

The Vespasian Psalter was first published by the Surtees Society 
in 1843 (Anglo-Saxon and Early English Psalter), under the 
editorship of Mr. J. Stevenson. Mr. Stevenson's text abounds with 
such gross blunders, both in the English and Latin, as would lead 
an ordinary observer to suppose him to be entirely ignorant both 
of Old English and of Latin. He has also made many apparently 
deliberate alterations of the MS. text. Altogether his edition is a 
disgrace to English scholarship. 

To save space, I have omitted the headings, which are never 
glossed. Stevenson follows the vulgate in counting them as the 
first verse of each psalm, and I have retained his numbering, to 
facilitate reference. 



1. Quart fremuerunt gentes et populi meditati sunt inania 

2. Astiterunt regis terrae et principes convenerunt in unum ad- 

versus Dominum et adversus Christum ejus 3. Dirumpa- 

mus vinculo, eorum et projiciamus a nobis jugum ipsorum 

86 eardaS in heofeaum bismeraS hie 7 dryhten hyspeS 
4. Qui habitat in cadis inridebit eos et Dominus subsannabit 

hie Sonne spriceS to him in eorre his 7 in hatheortnisse 

eos 5. Tunc loquitur ad eos in ira sua et in furore 

his ge-droefeS hie ic soSlice geseted iceam cyning 

suo conturbabit eos 6. Ego autem constitutus sum rex 

from him ofer Sion *mont Sone halgan his bodiende 
ab eo super Sion montem sanctum ejus praedicans 

bibod dryhtnes dryhten cw«S to me sunu 

praeceptum Domini 7. Dominus dixit ad me Filius 

min Su earS ic to dege ic cende Sec bide from me 

mens es tu ego hodie genui te 8. Postula a me 

7 ic sellu Se Seode erfeweardnisse Sine 7 onsehte Sine 
et dabo tibi gentes hereditatem tuam et possessionem tuam 

gemeeru eoiSan Su reces hie in gerde * iserre 7 8 we swe 

terminos terrae 9. Reges eos in virga ferrea et tamquam 

fft lames Su gebrices hie 7 nu cyningas ongeotaS 

vas Jiguli confringes eos 10. Et nunc reges inteUegite 

bi[o]S gelserde alle Sa Se doemaS eordan SeowiaS 

erudimini omnes qui judicatis terram 11. Servits 

dryhtne in ege 7 wynsumiaS him mid cwaecunge 1 
Domino in timore et exultate et cum tremore 

gegripaS Syl$s hwonne eorsie dryhten 

12. Adj/raeliendite disciplinam 2 ne quando irascatur Dominus 

7 ge forweorSen of wege Sonne beorneS in 

et pcreatis de via justa 13. Cum exarserit in 

scortnisse eorre his eadge alle SaSe getreowaS in hine 
brevi ira ejus beati omnes qui confidunt in turn 


dryhtyn hwet gemonigfald&de sindun Sa Se swencaS mec 
2. Domine quid multiplicati sunt qui tribulant me 

1 vel byfunge added later. * glossed gtyre, later. 


monge arisaS wiS me roonge cweoSaS *salwle 

multi adversum me 3. multi dijunt animae 

minre nis haelu 1 hire in *6eo hire Su eoSlice 

meae non est solus Mi in Deo ejus 4. Tu auiem 

dryhtew ondfenge min earS wuldur min 7 uphebbende heafud 
Domine susceptor mens es gloria mea et exaltans caput 

min mid 8 stefne minre to dryhtne ic cleopede 7 

meum . 5. Voce mea ad Dominum elamavi et 

geherde mec of munte Seem halgan his ic hneappade 

exaudivit me de monte sancto suo 6. Ego dormivi 

7 alepan ongon 7 ic eft aras forSon dryhten onfeng mec 
et somnum coepi et resurrexi quoniam Dominus suscepit me 

ne ondredu ic Susend folces *ymsellendes me aris 
7. Non timebo milia populi circumdantis me exurge 

dryhten halne me doa god min forSon Su sloge 

Domine salvum me fac Deus meus 8. Quoniam tu percussisti 

alle wiSerbrocan me butan intingan toeS synfulra 
omnes adversantes mihi sine causa denies peccatorum 

Su forSrastes dryhtnes is haelu 7 ofer folc Sin 

eonteruisti 9. Domini est salus et super populum tuum 

bledsung Sin 
benedictio tua 


midSy ic gecede Se Su geherdes me god rehtwisnisse minre 
2. Gum invocarem te exaudisti me Deus justitiae meae 

in [ge]swencednisse Su gebreddes me mildsa me dryhten 7 
in tribulations dilatasti me Miserere mihi Domine et 

geher gebed min beam m on nan hu longe *hwefie 

exaudi orationem meant 3. Filii hominum usque quo gravels) 

on heortan to hwon lufiaS ge idelnisse 7 6oecaS leasunge 
corde ut quid diligitis vanitatem et queritis mendacium 

weotaS Saette gemiclaS dryhten Cone halgan his 
4. Scitote quoniam magnificavit Dominus sanctum suum 

dryhten gehereS me Sonne ic cleopiu »to him eorsiaS 

Dominus exaudiet me dum clamavero ad eum 5. Irascimini 

7 nyllaS syngian Sa Se cweoSaS in heortum eowrura 
et nolite peccare qui dicitis in cordibus vestris 

7 in bedcleofum eowrum bioS geinbryrde onsecgaS 

et in cubilibus vestris conpungimini 6. Sacrificate 

1 h from s. * mid id. 


onsegdnisse rehtwisnisse 7 gehyhtaS in dryhtne monge 
sacrificium justitiae et sperate in Domino Multi 

cweoSaS bwelc oteaweS us god getacnad is 

dicunt Quis ostendit nobis bona 7. Signatum est 

ofer us leht ondwlitan Sines dryhten 8u saldes blisse 
super nos lumen vultus tux Domine Dedisti laetitiam 

in heortan minre from tide hwetes wines 7 eles 

m corde meo 8. a tempore frumenti vini et olei 

his gemongfaldade 1 sindun in sibbe in $a ilcan 

sui multiplicati sunt 9. In pace in id ipsum 

ic*neapiu 7 gerestu forCon Su dryhten 

obdormiam et requiescam 10. Quoniam tu Domine 

synderlice in byhte gesettes me 
singularity in sj.e constituisti me 


word min mid earum onfob dryhten onget cleopunge 
2. Verba mea auribus percipe Domine intellege clamorem 

mine behald stefne gespreces mines *cynin min 

meum 3. intende voei orationis meae rex meus 

7 god min forSon to "Se ic *gebidu dryhten 

et Deus meus 4. Quoniam ad te orabo Domine 

on marne 7 Su geberes stefne mine on marne ic setstondu 

mane et exaudies vocem mea(m) 2 5. Mane adstabo 

"Se 7 gesio forSon ne *wellende god unrebtwisnisse 
tibi et videbo quoniam non volens Deus iniquitatem 

$u eartS ne eardacS neh tfe awerged ne 

tu es 6. Non habitabit juxta te malignus neque 

$orhwunia5 5a unrehtwisan biforan egum Sinum $u fedest 

permanebunt injusti ante oculos tuos 7. Odisti 

dryhten alle Sa Se 8 wircaS unrehtwisnisse Su forspildes 
Domine omnes qui operantur iniquitatem perdis 

hie Sa "5a spreocaS leasunge wer bloda 7 Sone fsecnan 

tos qui loquuntur mendacium Virum sanguinum et dolosum 

onscuna'S dryhten ic soSlice in mengu 

abhominabitur Dominus 8. Ego autem in muUitudine 

mildheortni8se Sinre ic inga dryhten in hus Sin 

misericordiae tuae introibo Domine in domum tuam 

1 e er after second g. a cut off by binder. 3 e from some other Utter. 


ic *gebidda to temple Seem halgan Sinum in ege 
adorabo ad templum sanctum tuum in timore 

tfinum gelaed me dryhten in Sine rehtwisnisse fore 

tuo 9. Deduc me Domine in tua justitia propter 

feondum minum gerece in gesihtfo Sinre weg minne 
inimicos meos dirige in eonspectu tuo viam meam 

fortfon nis in mu$e heara soSfestnis heorte 

10. Quoniam non est in ore eorum Veritas cor 

heara idel is byrgen open is hraece heara 

eorum vanum est 11. Sepulchrum patens est guttur eorum 

tungum heara *faccenlice dydun doem hie god gefallen 
Unguis suis dolose agebant judica illos Deus Decidant 

from getfohtum heara efter mengu arleasnissa 

a cogitationibus suis secundum multitudinem impietatum 

heara onweg adrif hie forSon onscunedon Se dryhten 
eorum expelle egs quoniam exacervaverunt te Domine 

7 blissien alle 8a gehyhtaS in $e in ecnisse 
12. Et laetentur omnes qui sperant in te in aetemum 

gefiotS 7 $u ineardas in him 7 wuldriaS in Se 
exultabunt et mhabitabis in eis et gloriabuntur in te 

alle $a $e lufiaS noman Sinne fortSon Cu dryhten 

omnes qui diligunt nomen tuum 13. Quoniam tu Domine 

tSu bledsas ftone rehtwisan dryhten swe swe mid scelde godes 
benedices justum Domine ut scuto bonae 

willan dines tSu gebegades usic 
voluntatis tuae coronasti nos 


dryhten nales in eorre tftnum Su dreast me ne in 
2. Domine ne in ira tua arguas me neque in 

hatheortnisse Sinre Su Sreast 1 me mildsa me 

furore tuo corrijnas me 3. Miserire mihi 

dryhten fortfon untrum ic earn hael me dryhten fortfon 
Domine quoniam infirmus sum sana me Domine quoniam 

gedroefed sindun all ban min 7 sawl min 

eonturbata sunt omnia ossa mea 4. et anima mea 

gedroefed is swiSe 7 Su dryhten hu longe 

turbata est valde Et tu Domine usque quo 

1 vel cid added Utter. 



[PS. 7. 

gecer 7 genere sawle 
5. converter e et eripe animam 

fore mildheortnisse Sine 
propter misericordiam tuam . 

mine halne me do 
meam salvum me foe 

forSon nis in 

6. Quoniam non est in 

SeaSe se gemyndig sie Sin in helle soSlice hwelc 
morte qui memor sit tut in inferno autem quis 

ondetteS *S® ic won in geamrunge minre ic Swea 

eonfitebitv/r tibi 7. Laboravi in gemitu meo lavabo 

Sorh syndrie neht bed min mid tearum strene mine 
per singulas nodes tectum meum lacrimis stratum meum 

ic wetu gedroefed is fore eorre ege min 

rigabo 8. Turbatus est 2 yrae * ra oculus meus 

ic aldade betwih alle feond mine gewitaS 

inimicos meos 9. Discedite 

wircaS unrehtwisnisse forSon 
operamini iniquitatem quoniam 


from me 
a me 

betwih alle 

inter omnes 

alle (5a 

omnes qui 

geherde dryhten stefne wopes mines 
exaudivit Dominus vocem fietus mei 

dryhten. boene mine dryhten 

10. Exaudivit 

gebed min 

Dominus deprecationem meam Dominus orationem meam 

genom scomien 7 sien gedroefde alle feond 

adsumpsit 11. Erubescant et conturbentur omnes inimlci 

mine sien forcerred on bee 7 scomien swiSe hreSliee 
mei avertantur retrorsum et erubescant valde velociter 


dryhten god min in Se ic gehyhte gefrea me from 
2. Domine Deus meus in te speravi libera me ab 

allu to oehtendum me 7 genere me(c) 1 Syles 

omnibus persequentibus me et eripe m(e) 1 3. Ne 

sefre geslaecce* swe swe lea sawle mine Sonne nis 
quando rapiat ut lea animam meam dum non est 

se Se alese ne se Se hie hale gedoe dryhten 

qui redimat neque qui salvum facia} 4. Domine 

god min gif ic dyde Sis gif is unrehtwisnis in 
Deus meus si feci istud si est iniquitas in 

hondum milium gif ic agald Saem geldendum me 

manibus meis 5. Si reddidi relribueiitibus mihi 

1 cut off by binder. 

9 cce in a diff. ink. 

ps. 7.] 



yfel ic gefallu bi gewyrhtum from feondum minum 
mala decidam merito ab inimicis meis 

idelhende oehteS se feond eawle mine 7 

inanis 6. Persequatur inimicus •* animam meam et 

ge[g]ripeS hie 7 fortrideS in eorSan lif min 7 

conpraehendat earn et conculcet in terra vitam meant et 

wuldur min in dust gelaedeS aris dryhten 

gloriam meam in pulverem deducat 7. Exurge Domine 

in eorre Sinum 7 hefe up in endum feonda Sinra 

in ira tua et exaltare in finibus inimicorum tuorum 

aris dryhten. god min in bebode S»t "Su bibude 


Exurge Domine Deus meus 

gesomnunge folca 
synagoga populorum 

in heanisse gaa eft 
in ahum regredere 

mec dryhten efter 




judiea me Domine Secundum justitiam 

efter unscetSfulnisse honda minra 

secundum innocentiam manuum mearum 

sie fornumen nitS . Seara synfulra 

10. Consumetur nequilia peccatorum 

Sone rehtwisan smegende heortan et etSre 
justum scrutans 

fultum minne 

11. adjutorium meum 

8a rehtan on heortan 

in praecepto quod mandasti 

ymbseleS Se 7 fore 
circumdabit te et propter 

dryhten doem folc 
9. Domine judica populos 

rehtwisnisse minre 7 

corda et 



meam et 

ofer me 
super me 

7 gerece 
et dirige 

god rehtwisne 
Deus Justum 


from dryhtne se hale gedoetS 
a Domino qui salvos faeit 

god doema rehtwis strong 7 
corde 12. Deus judex Justus fortis et 

ah eorsatS (Sorb syndrie dsegas 

nunquid irascitur per singulos dies 

ge sien gecerde sweord his cwecetS bogan 
convertamini gladium suum vibrabit Arcum 

his SeneS 7 gearwaS Sone 7 in him gearwaS 

suum tetendit et paravit ilium 14. et in ipso paravit 

featu (leases strelas his *beornedum 1 gefremede 
vasa mortis sagittas suas ardentibus ejffecit 

sehSe cenneS unrehtwisnisse ge:ecnatS sar 7 

15. Ecce parturit injustitiam concepit dolorem et 



u over e. 



cen neS unrehtwisnisse seaS ontynde 7 dalf 

peperit iniquitatem 16. Lacum aperuit et effbdit 

Sone ingefe[o]l in seaS Sone Se he dyde sie gecerred 

eum incidit in foveam quam fecit 17. Convertetur 

sar his in heafde his 7 in hnolle his unrehtwisnis 
dolor ejus in capite ejus et in vertice ejus iniquitas 

his astigeS ic ondettu drvhtne efter rehtwisnisse 

ejus discendit 18. Confitebor Domino secundum justitiam 

his 7 ic singu noraan dryhtwss Sees hestan 
ejus et psallam nomini Domini altissimi 


dryhten dryhien ur hu wundurlic is noma 

2. Domine Dominus nosier quam ammirabile est nomen 

Sin in aire eorSan forSon upahefen is 

tuum in universa terra Quoniam elevata est 

micelnis Sin ofer heofenas of muSe cilda 

magnificentia tua super caelos 3. ex ore infantium 

7 milcdeondra Su gefremedes lof fore feondum Sinuni 

et lactantium perfecisti laudem Propter inimicos tuos 

Sset Su toweorpe feond 7 gescildend 1 forSon 

ut destruas inimicum et defensorem 4. Quoniam 

ic gesie heofenas were fingra Sinra monan 7 

videbo caelos opera digitorwm tuorum lunam et 

steorran Sa Su gesteaSulades hwet is mon Saet 

Stellas quas iu fundasti 5. Quid est homo quod 

gemyndig Su sie his oSSe snnu monnes forSon Su neosas 
memor es ejus aut JUius hominis quoniam visitas 

hine Su gewonedes hine hwoene laessan from englum 

eum 6. Minuisti eum paulo minus ab angelis 

mid wuldre 7 mid are Su gebegades hine 7 

gloria et honore coronasti eum 7. et 

gesettes hine ofer were honda Sinra 

constituisti eum super opera manuum tuorum 

all Su underdeodes under fotum his seep 7 oxan 
8. Omnia subjecisti sub pedibus ejus oves et boves 

all ec Son 7 netenu feldes fuglas heofenes 

universa insuper et pecora campi 9. Volucres cadi 

1 i over dotted e. 

PS. 9.] 



7 fiscas saes Sa geondgaS stige saes dryhten 

et pieces maris qui perambulant semitas maris 10. Domine 

dryhten ur hu wundurlic is noma Sin in 

Dominus nosier quam ammirabile est nomen tuum in 

aire eorSan 

universa terra 

ic ondetto Se 
2. ConfUebor tibi 

all wundur 
omnia mirabilia 

Se 7 singu 

te et psallam 

forcerringe *fienda 
convertendo inimicum 

forweordaS from 




in aire heortan minre ic secgo 
in toto corde meo narrabo 

ic biom geblissad 7 ic gefie in 
Laetabor et exultabo in 

noman Sinum Su hehsta in 

nomini tuo altissime 4. In 



tua 8. 



a faciae 

minne 7 intingan 
meum et causam 

Su doemes efennisse 
qui judicas aequitatem 

7 forweorSed se arleasa noman 
et periet impius nomen 

on bee 





ecniBse m 

aeternum et in 

mid sweorde in 
framea in 

forwearS gemynd 
PerUpjt memoria 

weoruld weorulde 
saeculum saeculi 

ende 7 cestre 
Jinem et civitates 

heara mid swoege 
eorum cum sonitu 

bioS geuntruraad 

forSon Su dydest 
Quoniam fecisti 

minne Su sites ofer 
meam sedis super 

Su Sreades Seode 
6. Increpasti gentes 

heara Su adilgades in 
eorum, delisti in 

feond asprungun 
7. Inimici defecerunt 

heara Su towurpe 
eorum destruxisti 


7 dryhtew 
et Dominus 

in ecnesse SorhwunaS gearwade in 
in aeternum permanet Paravit in 






dome seld 
judicio sedem 


he doemeS ymbhwyrft earSan 

9. et ipse judicabit orbem terrae in 

doemeS folc mid rehtwisnisse 7 

Judicabit popwlos cum justitia 10. et 

is dryhten geberg Searfena fultum in 

est Dominus refugium pauperum Adjutor in 

in geswencednisse 7 *gehtaS in Se 

in tribulatione 11. et sperent in te 



alle Sa cunnun noroan Sinne forSon 8u ne forletes 

omnes qui noverunt nomen tuum Quoniam non dereli(n)ques 

$a soecendan Se di-ybten singaS drvhtne se 

quaerentes te Domine 12. psalli&e Domino qui 

eardaS in Sion secgaS betwih Seode wundur his 

Ihdbitat in Sion Adnuntiate inter gentes mirabilia ejus 

forSon soecende blod heara gemynd 

13. quoniam requirens sanguinem eorum memoratus 

is 7 nis ofergeotol gebed Searfena 

est et non .est oblitus orationem pauperum 

mildsa me dryhten j geeeh eaftmodnisse mine 

14. Miserire mihi Domine et vide humilitatem meam 

of fiend urn minum Su uphest mec of geatum 

de inimicis meia 15. qui exaltos me de portis 

deaSes tfaet ic secge all lofu Sin in geatum 

mortis ut annuntiem omnes laudes tuas in portis 

doehter *Sine ic gefio in haelu Sinre gefestnade 

filiue Sion 16. Exultabo in salutari tuo infixae 

sindon Seode in forwyrd 8a dydun in *grin 

sunt gentes in interitum quern fecerunt in laqueo 

Sissum $a gedegladon gegripen is fot heara 

isto quern occultaverunt conpraehensus est pes eorum 

oncnaweS dryhten. dryhtdomas donde in wercum 

17. Cognoscitur Dominus judicia faciens in operibus 

honda his bifongen biS se synfulla 

manuum suarwm conpraehensus est peccator 

biocS gecerde $a synfullan in helle alle Seode 

18. Convertantur peccatores in infernum omnes gentes 

8a 8e ofergeotetiaS dryhten for8on nales in 

quae obliviscuntur Dominum 19. Quoniam non in 

ende ofergeotulnis bi8 8earfena ge8yld 8earfena ne 
finem oblivio erit pauperum patientia pauperum non 

forweor8e8 in ende aris dryhten ne 

peribit in finem 20. Exurge Domine non 

meg mon sien doemed 8eode in gesih8e 8inre 

praevaleat homo judicentur gentes in conspectu tuo 

gesete dryhten aee ladtow ofer hie 8aet witen 
21. Constitue Domine legislatorem super eos ut sciant 

8eode Sette men hie siudun tohwon dryhten 

gentes quoniam homines sunt 22. Ut quid Domine 

PS. 9.] 



gewite Su feor 
recessisti longe 

latione 23. 

Searfa bioS 


Su forsist in gemalicnissum 
despicis in opportunitatibus 

Sonne oferhygdgaS 66 arleasa 
Dum superbit impius 

bifongne in * geSohtum 
pauper conpraehenduntur in cogitationibus 

hie SencaS forSon biS hered se synfulla 

cogitant 24. Quoniam laudator peccator 

sawle his 7 se Sa unrehtan doeS 
animae suae et qui 

bismeraS dryhten 
25. Irritavit Dominum 

*eare his he ne soeceS 
irae suae non inquiret 

his bioS besmiten wegas his 
ejus polluuntur viae ejus in omni tempore Auferuntur 

domas Sine from onsiene his allra fienda his 

iniqua gerit 

se synfulla efter 
peccator secundum 

nis god 

26. Non est Deus 

in alle tid 


biS inaeled 1 

heara Sa 
suis quas 

in lustum 
in desideriis 

biS 2 bledsad 


in gesihSe 
in conspectu 

bioS afirred 

judicia tua 


ic onstyred of 
movebor de 

Ses muS 
28. Cujus os 


facie ejus omnium inimicorum suorum 

cweS 80S] ice in heortan his ne bio in 
Dixit enim in corde 

cneorisse in 
generations in 




suo Non 

butan yfle 
sine malo 

ful is 7 

maledictione et amaritudine plenum est et 

facne under tungan his gewin 
dolo Sub lingua ejus labor 

searwum mid Ssem weoligum in 
insidiis cum divitibus in 

Cone unscyldgan esan his 





degulnissum det 
occultis ut 


setaS in 
insidiatur in 

setafc pxt 
Insidiatur ut 

he atiS hine 
abstrahit eum 

80. Oculi 







he ofsle 


bedcleofan h[i]s 
cubili suo 


swe swe 

he geraeafie Searfan gereafian Searfan Sonne 
rapiat pauperem rapere pauperem dum 

in gerene his geeaSmodaS hine onhekleS 
81. in laqueo suo humiliabit eum inclinabit 

hine 7 falleS Sonne he waldeS Searfan cweS soSlice in 

se et cadet dum dominabttur pauperi 82. Dixit enim in 

inselled, second 1 doited. 

a biff twice. 


his heortan ofergeotul is god forcerreS onsiene his 8»t 
corde suo Oblitus est Deus avertit faciem suam ne 

he ne gese oS ende aris dryhten god min 7 

videat usque in finem 33. Exurge Domine Deus mens et 

sie upahefen hond Sin ne ofergeotela Su Searfena in ende 
exaltetur mantes tua ne obliviscaris pawperum in finem 

forSon bismiraS se arleasa dryhten cwseS soSlice 

34. Propter quid irritavit impius Dominum dixit enim 

in heortan his ne BoeceS god Su gesist Saette Su 

in corde suo Non requirit Deus 35. Fides quoniam tu 

gewin 7 sar Su sceawas Sset Su selle hie in honda Sine 
laborem et dolorem consideras ut tradas eos m manus tuas 

Se soSlice *forlen is Searfa feadurleasum Su bist fultum 
tibi enim derelictus est pauper pvjrillo tu eris adjutor 

forSrsest earm Ses synfullan 7 Ses awergdan biS soht 
36. Contere bracchium peccatoris et maligni requiretur 

scyld his ne biS gemoeted ricsaS dryhten in 

delictum ejus nee invenietur 37. Regnabit Dominus in 

ecnisse 7 in weoruld weorulde forweorSaS Seode of 
aetemum et in saeculum saeculi peribitis gentes de 

eorSan his lust Searfena geherde dryhten 

terra ejus 38. Desiderium pauperum exaudivit Dominus 

lustas heortan heara geherde eare Sin doem 

desideria cordis earum exaudivit auris tua 39. Judicare 

Saem freondleasan 7 Seem heanan Saette no tosette mae 
pupillo et humili ut non adponat ultra 

*gemicla hine mon ofer eorSan 
magnificare se homo super terram 


in dryhtne ic getreowu hu cweaSaS ge to minre sawle 
2. In Domino confido quomodo dicitis animae meae 

fer in *mont swe swe tpearwa forSon sehde Sa 

Transmigra in montem sicut passer. 3. Quoniam ecce pee- 

syufullan Senedon bogan gearwadon strelas heara in cocere 
catores tetenderunt arcum paraverunt sagittas suas in faretra 

Saet hie Ecoteden 1 in degelnisse Sa rehtan on heortan forSon 

ut sagittent in obscuro rectos corde 4. Quoniam 

1 d from half-jinished n. 


8a 8u *gefredes hie towurpun se rehtwisa soSlice hwet dyde he 
quae perfecisti destruxerunt Justus autem quid fecit 

dryhten in temple 8&m halgan his dryhten in heofene seld 
6. Dominus in templo sancto suo Dominus in caelo sedis 

his egan his in 8earfan gelocia8 bregas his frignaS 
ejus Oculi ejus in pauperem respiciunt palpebrae ejus interro- 

beam monna dryhten frigneS 8one rehtwisan 7 

gant fitios hominum 6. Dominus interrogat justum et 

8one arleaean se soSlice lufa8 unrehtwisnisse fiaS sawle 
impium qui autem diligit iniquitatem odit animam 

his rineS ofer 8a synfullan giren fyres 7 swefelree 7 

suam 7. Pluet super peccatores laqueos ignis et sulphur et 

gast ysta dael calices heara forSon rehtwis 

spiritus procellarum pars calicis eorum 8. Quoniam Justus 

dryhten 7 rehtwisnisse lufa8 rehtwisnesse gesi8 ondwleota his 
Dominus et jusHtiam dilexit aequitatem vidit vultus ejus 


halne me doo dry h ten for8on asprong se halga forSon 
2. Salvum me fac Domine quoniam defecit sanctus quoniam 

gewonade sind soSfestnisse from bearnum monna 8a idlan 

diminutae sunt veritates a JUiis Twminum 3. Vana 

spreocende is anra gehwelc to 8aem nestan his welure faecne in 
locutus est unusquisque ad proximum suum labia dolosa in 

heortan 7 heortan spreocende sindun 8a yflan tostrigdeS 

corde et corde locuti sunt mala 4. Disperdat 

dryhten alle weolure faecne 7 tungan yfel spreocende 

Dominus universa labia dolosa et ling nam maliloquam 

8a cwedun tungan ure we micliacS weolre ure 

5. Qui dixerunt Linguam nostram magnificabimus labia nostra 

from us sindun hwelc ur is dryhten fore 

a nobis sunt quis noster est Dominus 6. Propter 

ermSe we81ena 7 geamrunge 8earfena nu ic arisu cwi8 
miseriam inopwm et gemitum pauperum nunc exurgam dicit 

dryhtew. ic setto ofer b§lu mine getrewlice ic dom in 
Dominus Porutm super salutare meum fidudaliter agam in 

bine gesprec dryhtnes gesprec cleene seolfur fyre 

eo 7. Eloquia Domini eloquia casta argentum igne 


amearad earSan geclasnad seofenfaldlice ftu dryhten 

examinatunx terrae purgatum septupLwm, 8. Tu Domine 

*aldeg usic 7 gehaldes usic from eneorisse Sisse in ecnisse 
servabis nos et custodies nos a generatione hoc in aeternum 

in ymbhwyrfte "Sa arleasan gongat? efter hehniese 

9. In circuity, impii ambulant secundum altitudinem 

fcinre 8u gemonigfaldades beam monna 
tuam multiplicasii JUios hominum 


hu longe dryhten. ofergeotulas "Su mec in ende hu longe 
Usque quo Domine oblivisceris me in Jmem quousque 

acerres "Su onsiene Sine from me hu longe settu ic 

avertis faciem tuam a me 2. Quam diu ponam 

geSaeht in saule mine Bar in heortan minre Sorh cleg 
consilium in animam meam dolorem in corde meo per diem 

hu longe biS upahefen se fcond min ofer mec geloca 
3. Usque quo exaltabitur inimicus mens super me 4. respice 

7 geher me dryhten god min inliht egan min ne 

et exaudi me Domine Deus meus Inlumina oculos meos ne 

®fre ic aslepe in deatSe ne sefre cweSe feond 

umquam obdormiam in mortem 6. Ne quando diced inimicus 

min ic strongade wi$ him 6a swencaS me gefiaS 
meus Praevalui adversus eum Qui tribulant me exultabunt 

gif onstyred ic beam ic softlice in Sinre *mildhertnisse 

si motus fuero 6. ego autem in tua misericordia 

ic gehyhtu gefiS heorte min in haelu Sinre ic singu 

sperabo Exultabit cor meum in salutari tuo cantabo 

dryhtne se god selS me 7 ic singu noman Sin urn 
Domino qui bona tribuit mild et psallam nomini tuo 

ftu hehsta 


cweS se unwisa in his heortan nis god gewemde sindun 
Dixit insipiens in corde suo Non est Deus Corrupti sunt 

7 onscuniendlice gewordne sind in lustum heara nis 

et abominabiles facti sunt in' voluntatibus suis Non est 

se Se doe god nis otS enne dryhten 

qui facial bonum nyn est usque ad unum 2. Dominus 

PS. 14.] 



of heofene for&locaS ofer beam monna Saet he gese hweCer 
de caelo prospexit super JUios hominum ut videat si 

gie ongeotende oS5e eoecende god alle onhaeldon 

est intelligent aut requirens Deum 3. Omnes declinaverunt 

somud nnnytte gewordne werun nis se Se doe god 

sunt non est qui faciat bonum 

byrgen open is hraecae heara 
Septdchrum patens est guttur eorum 

dydun atur nedrena under 

agebant venerium aspidv/m sub 

Seara muS awergednisse 7 bitternisse 
Quorum os maledictione et amaritudine 

simul inutUes faeti 

nis 08 enne 

non est usque ad unum 

tungnm heara faecenlice 
Unguis suis dolose 

weolerum heara 
labiis eorum 

ful biS breSe foet heara to ageotenne blod 

plenum est veloces pedes eorum ad effundertdum sanguinem 

forSrestednis 7 ungeselignis in wegum heara 7 weg sibbe ne 
Contritio et infelicitas in viis eorum et viam pads non 

oncneowun nis ege godes biforan egam heara 

cognoverunt Non est timor Dei ante occulos eorum 4. 

ahne oncnawaS alle 6a Sa wircaS unrehtwisnisse Sa 
nonne cognoscent omnes qui operantur iniquitatem Qui 

forswelgad folc min swe mete hlafes god ne 

devorant plebem meam sicut escam pants 5. Deum non 

gecedun der *forhtaSum mid ege Ser ne wes ege 
invocaverunt ittic trepidaverunt timore ubi non erat timor 

forSon god in cneorisse Sere rehtan is geSaeht weSlan 
6. Quoniam Deus in generations justa est consilium inopis 

Su gescendes forSon god hyht his is hwelc seleS ofer 

confudisti quia Deus spes ejus est 7. Quis dabit ex 

Sion haelu Israel "Sonne forcerreS dryhten heftned folces 
Sion salutare IsraJtel dum avertit Dominus captivitatem plebis 

his .blissaS 7 gefiS 

suae laetetur Jacob et exultet Israhd 




hwelc eardaS in selegescote Sinum oSSe hwelc 

quis habitabit in tabernaculo tuo aut quis 

in munte Saem halgan S[i]num se ingeS 

in monte sancto tuo 2. Qui ingreditur 


butan womme 7 wirceS rebtwisnisse se spriceS 

sine macula et operatur justitiam 3. Qui loquitur 

BoSfestnisse in heortan his 7 nis facsen in tungan his 
veritatem in corde suo et non egit dolum in lingua sua 

ne he dyde Ssem nestan his yfel 7 edwit ne onfeng 

Nee fecit proximo suo malum et opprobrium non accepit 

wiS "Seem nestan his to nowihte gelaeded bit? in 

adversus proximum mum 4. Ad nihilum deductus est in 

gesihSe his se awergda ondredende soSlice *dryten gemiclaS 
oonspectu ejus malignus timentes autem Dominum magnificat 

se swereS Seem nestan his 7 ne *bswac hine se feh 

Qui jurat proximo suo et non decepit eum 5. qui pecuniam 

his ne salde to westemscette 7 gefe ofer Cone unsceSfullan • 
suam non dedit ad usuram et munera super innocentem 

ne onfeng se doeS Sas ne biS he onstyred in ecnisse 
non accepit Qui facit haec non commovebitur in aetemum 


gehald me dryhten forSon in de ic gehyhte ic cweS 
Conserva me Domine quoniam in te speram 2. dixi 

to dryhtne god min Su earS forSon goda minra Su ne 
Domino Deus meus es tu quoniam bonorum meorum non 

biSearft halge Sa in eorSan sindun his gewundrade 

indiges 3. Sancti qui in terra sunt ejus mirificavlt 

alle willan mine bit wih hie gemonigfaldade sindun 

omnes voluntates meas inter illos 4. Multiplicatae sunt 

soSlice medtrymnis8e heara efter Son hreaSedon ne 

enim infirmitates eorum postea acceleraverunt Non 

gesomniu ic gesomnunge heara of blodum ne gemyndig 
congregabo conveniicula eorum de sanguinibus nee memor 

ic biom nomena heara Sorh weolure mine dryhten dael 

ero nominum ittorum per labia mea 6. Dominus pars 

erfewordnisse minre 7 celces mines Su earS Su gesettes me 
hereditatis meae et calicis mei tu es qui restituisti mihi 

erfeweardnisse mine rapas gefeollun me in berhtnisse 

hereditatem meam 6. Funes ceciderunt mihi in praeclaris 

7 soSlice erfeweardnis min berht is me ic bledsiu 

et enim hereditas mea praeclara est mihi 7. Benedicam 


dryhtew. se me seleS ondget ec Son 7 oS 
Dominum qui mihi tribuit intellectum insuper et usque ad 

neht Sreadun me eSre mine ic foresaeh dryhtew 

noctem increpaverunt me renes mei 8. Providebam Dominum 

in gesihSe minre aa forSon to Sere *swiSra is me ne 
in conspectu meo semper quoniam a dextris est mild ne 

biom ic onstyred fore Sissum gel ust full ad is heorte min 

eommovear 9. Propter hoc dilectatum est cor meum 

7 gefiht tunge min ec Son 7 min geresteS in 
et exultavit lingua mea insuper et caro mea requiescit in 

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spe 10. Quoniam non derelinques animam meam in inferno 

ne Su seles Sone halgan Sinne gesean gebrosnunge cuSe 

nee dabis sanctum tuum videre corruptionem 11. Notas 

me Su dydest wegas lifes Su gefylles me blisse mid 
mihi fecisti vias vitae adimplebis me laetitia cum 

ondwleotan Sinum gelustfullunge in Sere swiSran Sinre oS 
vultu tuo delectationes in dextera tua usque 

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geher dryhten rehtwisnisse mine bihald boene 

Exaudi Domine justitiam meam intende deprecatio?iem 

mine mid earum onfoh gebed min nales in weolerum 
meam Auribus percipe orationem meam non in labiis 

faecnum of ondwlitan Sinum dom minne forSyppeS 

dolosis 2. de vultu tuo judicium meum prodiat 

egan min gesiaS efennisse Su acunnadest heortan mine 

oculi mei videant aequitatem 3. Probasti cor meum 

7 neasades on naeht mid fyre me amearedes 7 nis gemoeted 
et visitasti nocte igne me examinasti et non est inventa 

in me unrehtwisnis Ssette he ne sprece muS min *wirc 

in me iniquitas 4. Ut non loquatur os meum opera 

monna fore wordum weolura Sinra ic heold weagas 
hominum propter verba labiorum tuorum ego custodivi vias 

Sa beardan gefreme gongas mine in stigum Sinum Saet ne 

duras 6. Perfice gressos meos in semitis tuis ut non 

sien onwende sweSe mine ic cleapede forSon 

moveantur vestigia mea 6. Ego clamavi quoniam 


Su geherdes me god onhaeld eare Sin me 7 geher word 
exaudisti me Deus inclina aurem tuarn mihi et ezaudi verba 

min gewundra *mildheornisse Sine se hale gedoest 

mea 7. Mirifica miscricordias tuas qui salvos fads 

8a gehyhtendan in Sec from Saem wiSstondendum SereswiSra 1 
sperantes in te 8. a resistentibus dexterae 

Sinre gehald mec dryhten swe swe sean egan under scuan 
tuae Custodi me Domine ut pupillam ocvli sub umbra 

fiSra Sinra *gesild me from onsiene arleasra Sa me 
alarum tuarum protege me 9. a faciae impiorum qui me 

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adflixeruyU Inimici mei animam meam eircumdederurU 

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10. adipem suum concluserunt os eorum locutum est in 

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su]?erbia 11. Projicientes me nunc eircumdederurU me oculos 

heara gesetton onhseldan in eorSan onfengun me 

suos statuerunt declinare in terram 12. Susceperunt me 

swe swe lea gearu to herehySe 7 swe swe hwelp leon 
sicut leo paratus ad praedam et sicut catulus leonis 

eardiende in degulnissum aris dryhten forecym hie 7 

habitans in abditis 13. Exurge Domine praeveni eos et 

forcer hie genere sawle mine from Seem arleasan sweorde 
subverte eos eripe animam meam ab impio Jrameam 

feonda of honda *Sinra dryhten from feam from eorSan 
14. inimicorum de manu tua Domine a paucis a terra 

todael hie 7 gescrenc hie in life heara of degelnissum 
dispertire eos et supplanta eos in vita ipsorum De absconditis 

Sinum gefylled is womb 1 heara gereorde sind Sa swinnan 7 
tuis adimpletus est venter eorum saturati sunt porcina et 

forleortun 8a to lafe werun lytlingum heara ic soSlice 

reltquerunt quae superfuerunt parvulis suis 15. Ego autem 

mid rehtwisnisse oteawu in gesihSe Sinre ic biom gereorded 
cum justitia apparebo in conspectu tuo satiabor 

Sonne biS gesweotulad wuldur Sin 
dum manifestabitur gloria tua 

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ic lufiu 8e dryhten megen min dryhten trymenis 

2. Dilegam te Domine virtus mea 3. Domine firmamentum 

min 7 geberg min 7 gefrigend min god min fultum 
meum et refugium meum Et liberator meus Deus meus ddjutor 

min ic gehyhtu in hine gescildend min 7 horn haelu minre 
meus sperabo in eum Protector meus et cornu salutis meat 

fultum min hergende ic gecegu dryhten 7 from 

adjutor meus 4. laudans invocabo Dominum et ab 

feondum minum hal ic biom ymbsaldon me geamrunge 

inimicis meis salvus ero 6. Circumdederunt me gemitus 

deaSes 7 burnan unrebtwisnisse gedroefdon me par 

mortis et torrentes iniquitatis conturbaverunt me 6. Dolores 

helle ymbsaldon me forecwomon me gerene deaftes 7 
inferni circumdederunt me jnraevenerunt me laquei mortis et 

in geswencednisse minre ic gecede dryhten 7 to gode 
7. in tribulcUione mea invocavi Dominum et ad Deum 

minum ic cleopede 7 be geherde of temple "Seem halgan his 
meum clamavi Et exaudivit de templo sancto suo 

stefne mine 7 cleopung min in gesihSe his ineode in 
vocem meam et clamor meus in conspectu ejus introvuit in 

earan his 7 onstyred wes 7 cwecede eorSe 7 

aures ejus 8. Et commota est et contremuit terra et 

eteaftelas munta gedroefde sind 7 onstyrede sind forSon 
fundamenta montium conturbata sunt et commota sunt quoniam 

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iratus est eis Deus 9. Ascendit fumus in ira ejus et ignis 

from onsiene his born colu ouelde sind from h[i]m 

a faciae ejus exardescit Carbones succensi sunt ab eo 

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et 10. inclinavit caelos et discendit et caligo sub 

fotum his 7 astag ofer cerubim 7 fleg 

pedibus ejus 11. Et ascendit super cherubin et volavit 

fleg ofer fiftru winda 7 sette Seostru 

volavit super pinnas ventorum 12. Et posuit tenebras 

heolstur his in ymbhwyrfte his geteld his Ceostre 

Jatibulum suum in circuitu ejus tabernaculum ejus tenebrosa 

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13. Prae fulgure in conspeetu ejus 
wolcen leordon hegel 7 colu fyres 7 hleotSrsS 

nvbea transierunt grando et carbones ignis 14. Et intmuit 
of heofene dryhten 7 seJiehsta aside stefne his sende 

de eaelo Dominus et altissimus dedit vocem warn 15. Misit 

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sagittas suae et dissijiavit eos et fulgura multiplicavit et 

gedroefde hie 7 oteawdon waellan wetra 7 

conturbavit eos 16. Et apjxtruerunt f antes aquarum et 

onwrigen werun EtenoYlas ymbhwyrftes eorSun from Sreange 

revelala sunt fundamenta orbit lerrae Ab inerepatione 

Cinre dryhtCTi from onoeSuiige gastes earres Sines sende 

tua Domine ab inspirations spintus irat tuae 17. Mint 

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de eummo et aecepit m 

e et adsumpsil me de multitudine 

wetra generede 11 

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aquarum 18. Eripuit T> 

ie de inimicis meis fortissimis 

turn 7 from Sissum 'Pa notion me foroon gestrongade 

et ab his qui odentnt me quoniam confortati 
werun ofer me forecomun me in dege ges winces 

aunt sujter me IB. Proevenerunl me in die adfiictioni* 
mines 7 geworden is dryhlen geacildend min 7 

meae et foetus est Dominua protector mens 20. et 

utslaedde me in braedu halne me doo forSon walde 
eduxit me in latitudinem salvum me fecit quoniam voluit 
me 7 geedleanade me dryhten efter relit wisnisse 

me 21. El retribuit miiii Dominus secundum justitiam 

mine 7 efter unsceSfuliiisse honda minra geedlcanad 
meam et secundum innocentiam manuum mearum retribuit 

me foi-So 
mi hi 22. Quia 

a ic heold weiigas dryhtne* ne arleaslice 
custodivi vias Domini nee impie 

ic dyde from gode 
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in gesihSe 1 

sindun aa 7 relitwisnisse his 

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sunt temper et justitias ejus 

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me 24. Et ero inmacidatus 
me from unrehtwisni&se minre 
me ab iniquitate mea 


7 geedleanaS me dryhten efter rehtwisnisse minre 
25. Et retribuit mihi Dominus secundum justitiam meam 

7 efter unsceSfulnisse honda minra in gesihSe 

et secundum innocentiam manuum mearum in conspectu 

egena bis mid Sone halgan halig 8u *bis 7 mid 

oculorum ejus 26. Cum sancto sanctus eris et cum 

were unscedendum unsceSSende 8u bist 7 mid 

viro innocents innocens eris (27.) et cum 

$y upabefenan upabefen 8u bist 7 mid Sy Sweoran 8u bist 
electo electus eris et cum perverso subver- 

forcerred fortfon "Su folc eaSmod hal gedoest 

teris 28. Quoniam tu populum humilem salvum fades 

7 egan oferhygdigra *5u gebenes forSon Su inlihtes 

et oculos suy.erborum humiliabis 29. Quoniam tu inluminas 

lebtfet min dryhten god min inliht Seostru min 
lucernam meam Domine Deus meus inlumina tenebras meas 

forSon from 8e ic biom genered from *5e costunge 7 
30. Quoniam a te eripiar a temptatione et 

in gode minum ic ofergaa wall god min unbo- 

rn Deo meo transgrediar murum 31. Deus meus inpol- 

smiten 1 weg bis gespreocu dryhtwe* mid fyre amearad 
luta via ejus eloquia Domini igne examinata 

gescildend is alra gebyhtendra in hine forSon 

protector est omnium sperantium in se 32. Quoniam 

hwelc god butan dryhtwe otSSe bwelc god butan gode 
quis Deus praeter Dwainum aut quis Deus praeter Deum 

urum god se bigyrde me midmegne 7 sette 

nostrum 33. Deus qui praecinxit me virtute et posuit 

unwemne weg minne se gefremede foet mine 

inmaculatam viam meam 34. Qui perfecit pedes meos 

swe swe heorutes 7 ofer 8a bean gesette me se laered 

tamquam cervi et super excelsa statuit me 35. Qui docit 

honda mine to gefehte 7 sette swe swe bogan aerenne 
manus meas ad proelium et posuit ut arcum aereum 

earmas mine 7 Su saldes me gescildnisse haelu 

bracchia mea 36. Et dedisti mihi protectionem . salutis 

"8inre 7 sie swiSre Sin onfeng me 7 Seodsoipe Sin he me 
tuae et dextera tua suscepzt me et disciplina tua ipsa me 

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laerde Su gebraeddes gongas mine under me 7 ne sind 

docuit 37. Dilatasti gressos meos svbtus me et non sunt 

geuntrumad sweSe mine ic oehtu feond mine 7 

infirmata vestigia mea 38. Persequar inimicos meos et 

gegripo hie 7 ic ne gecerru aer Son hie aspringaS 

conpraehendam illos et non convertar donee deficiant 

ic swencu *hio ne hie magun stondan fallaC under 
39. adfligam Ulos nee potuerwnt stare Cadent subtus 

foet mine 7 Su bigyrdes me mid megne to gefehte 

pedes meos 40. et praecinxisti me virtute ad bellwm, 

7 gescrenctes alle arisende in me under me 7 

Et supplantasti omnes insurgentes in me subtus me 41. et 

feonda minra Su saldes me bee et 8a figendan me 
inimicorwm meorum dedisti mihi dorsum et odientes me 

Su tostenctes cleopedun ne wes se hale dyde 

disperdidisti 42. Clamaverunt nee erat qui salvos faeeret 

to dryhtwe ne he geherde hie 7 ic gebreocu hie 

ad Dominum nee exaudivit eos 43. Et comminuam Ulos 

awe swe dust "biforan onsiene windes ewe swe lam worSigna 
ut pulverem ante faciem venti ut lutum platearvm 

ic adilgiu hie Su *genes me of wiScwedenisse folces 

delebo eos 44. Eripies me de contradictionibus populi 

Cu gesetes me in heafud Sieda folc Saet 

constitues me in caput gentium 46. Populum quern 

icneoncnew Seawde me from gehernisse earan hersumade 
non cognovi servivit mihi obauditu auris obaudivit 

me beam fremSe ligende werun me beam 

mihi 46. Filii alieni mentiti sunt mihi JUii 

fremtSe aldadon 7 haltadon from stiguw heara 

alieni inveteraverunt et claudicaverunt a semitu suis 

leafaS dryhten 7 gebledsad god min 7 sie up- 
47. Vivit Dominus et benedictus Deus meus et ex- 

pahefen god helu minre god Su seles wrece 

aitetur Deus salutis meae 48. Deus qui das vindictam 

me 7 underSeodes folc under me gefrigend min 
mihi et. subdidisti pojmlos sub me Liberator meus 

dryhten of Ceodum eorsendum 7 from ftsem arisendum 

Dominus de gentibus iracundis 49. et ab insurgentibus 



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generes me fore Son ic ondetto Ce in folcum 

eripies me 50. Propter ea conjitebor tibi in populis 

dryhtan 7 noman Sinum salm ic cweoSu gemicliende 
Domine et rwmini Poo psalmum dicam 61. Magnificans 

haelu cyninges his 7 donde mildheortnisse criste his 

salutare regis ipsius et faciens misericordiam Christo suo 

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David et semini ejus usque in saeculum 


heofenas asecgaS wuldur godes 7 were honda his 
2. Caeli enarrant gloriam Del et opera manuum ejus 

segeS trymenis deg dege roccetteS word 7 

annuntiat Jlrmamentum 3. Dies diei eructuat verbum et 

neht nehte getacnaS wisdom ne sind gespreocu 

nox nocti indicat scientiam 4. Non sunt loquellae 

ne word Seara ne bioS geherde stefne heara in 

neque sermones quorum non audientur voces eorum 6. In 

alle eor&an nteode swoeg heara 7 in endas ymbhwyrftes 
omnem terram exivit sonus eorum et in fines orbis 

eorSan word heara in sunnan he sette geteld his 

terrae verba eorum 6. In sole posuit tabemaculum suum 

7 he swe swe brydguma for&gande of brydburo his 
et ipse tamquam sponsus procedens de thalamo suo 

gefaeh swe swe gigent to earnenne on weg from 

JSxultavit ut gigans ad currendam viam 7. a 

Saem hean heofene utgong his 7 eftyrn his 08 
summo caelo egressio ejus et occursus ejus usque ad 

hehnisse his ne is se 6e bine ahyde from haeto his / 
summum ejus nee * est qui se abscondat a colore ejus 

few dryhtmes untelwirSe 1 gecerrende sawle cytSnis 
8. Lex Domini inrepraehensibilis convertens animas testimonium 

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Domini fidele • • • ientiam 2 praestans parvulis 9. Justi- 

nisse dryhtn^* rehtlice blissiende heortan bibod dryhtoies 
tiae Domini recte laetificantes corda praeceptum Domini 

leht inlihtende egan ege dryhtnes halig 

lucidwm inluminans oculos 10. Timor Domini sanctus 

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SorhwunaS in weoruld weorulde domas godes soSe gereht- 
permanet in eaeculum saeculi judicia Dei vera justifi- 

wisade 1 in him seolfum wilsum ofer gold 7 

cata in semet ipsa 11. Desiderabilia super annum et 

etan deorwyrSne swiSe 7 swoetran ofer hunig 7 biobread 
lapidem praetiosum multum et dulciora super mel et favum 

weotudlice 7 Seow Sin haldeS 6a in gehaelde Sere 
12. Nam et serous tuns eustodiet ea in custodiendo ilia 

edlean micel scylde hwelc ongeteS from degelnissum 

retributio multa 13. Delicto, quis intellegit ab occultis 

minum geclasna me dryhten 7 from Seem fremSum 

meis munda me Domine 14. et ab alienis 

*spreara Siowe Sinnm gif min ne bioS waldende Sonne 
pares servo tuo Si met non fuerint dominati tunc 

unwemrae ic biom 7 ic biom geclasnad from scylde 2 
inmaculatus ero et emundabor a delicto 

Sere msestan 7 bioS S»t hie gelicien gespreocu mudes 

maximo 15. Et erunt ut conplaceant eloquia oris 

mines 7 smeang heortan minre in gesihSe Sinre aa 
mei et meditatio cordis mei in conspectu tuo semper 

dryhten. fultum min 7 alesend min 
Domine adjutor mens et redemptor mens 


gehere Se drjhten in dege geswinces gescilde Se 
2. Exaudiat te Dominus in die Pribulationis protegat te 

noma godes Jacefes sende Se fultum of halgum 7 

nomen Dei Jacob 3. Mittat tibi auxilium de saneto et 

of Sion gescilde So gemyndig sie dryhten aire onsegdnisae 
de Sum tueatur te 4. Memor sit Dominus omnie eacrificii 

Sinre 7 onsegdnisse Sine gefaettie selle Se dryhten 

tui et holocostum tuum pinguefiat 6. Tribuat tibi Dominus 

efter heortan Sinre 7 all *gedaeh Sin getrymme 
secundum cor tuum et omne consilium tuum confirmet 

we bioS geblissade in haelu Sinre 7 in noman dryhtrce* 
6. Laetabimur in salutari tuo et in nomine Domini 

godes ures we bioS gemiclade gefylleS dryhten alle 

Dei nostri tnagnjficabimur 7. Impleat Dominus omnes 

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boene Sine nu ic oncneow Ssette balne doeS Sryhten 
petitionee tuas nunc cognovi quoniam salvwm f octet Dominus 

Crist bis 7 gehereS bine of beofene Seem balgan bis 
Christum suum et exaudiet ilium de caelo sancto suo 

in maebtum haelu swiSran bis Sas in creatum 7 

in potentotibus solus dexterae ejus 8. Hii in curribus et 

Sas in borsum we soSlice in noman dryhtnes godes ures 
hii in equis nos autem in nomine Domini Dei nosVri 

we bioS gemiclade bie gebundne sindun 7 gefeollun we 

• magnificabimur 9. Ipsi obligati sunt et ceciderunt nos 

soSlice *aresun 7 uparebte sindun drybter* halne 

vero resurreximus et erecti sumus 10. Domins salvum 

do cyning 7 geber us in dege in Seem we gecegaS Sec 
fac regem et exaudi nos in die qua invocaverimus te 


dryhten in megne Sinum biS geblissad cyning 7 ofer 
2. Domine in virtute tua laetabitur rex et super 

baelu Sine gefihS swiSlice lust sawle 

salulare tuum exultabit vehementer 3. Desideriwn animae 

bis Su saldes bim 7 willan weolera bis Su ne [bijsceredes 
ejus tribuisti ei et voluntate labiorum ejus non/raudasH 

hine forSon Su forecwome hine in bledsunge 

eum 4. Quoniam praevenisti eum in benedictions 

swetnis8e Su settes beafde bis beg of stane deorwyrSem 1 
dulcidinis posuisti in capite ejus coronam de lapide praetioso 

lif bed 7 Su saldes bim lengu d§ga in weoruld 

5. Vitam petit et tribuisti ei longUudinem dierum in saecu- 

weorulde micel is wuldur bis in baelu Sinre 

lum saeculi 6. Magna est gloria ejus in salutari tuo 

wuldur 7 micelne wlite Su onsetes ofer hine forSon 

gloriam et magnum decorem vmponis super eum 7. Quoniam 

Su selest bine in bledsunge in weoruld weorulde 

dabis eum in benedictionem in saeculum saeculi 

Su geblissas bine in gefian 3 mid ondwleotan Sinum for- 
laetificabis eum in g audio cum vultu tuo 8. Quo- 
Son cyning gehyhteS in drybtne 7 in mildbeortnisse 

niam rex sperabit in Domino et in misericordia 

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Ses hestan De biS onstyred sie *biS gimoeted hond 

altissimi non commovebitur 9. Inveniatur mantis 

Sin allum feondum Sinum sie swiSre Sin gemoeteS alle 
tua omnibus inimicis tuts dextera tua inveniit omnes 

8a Se Se figaS Su setes hie swe swe ofen fyres in 

#m te oderunt 10. Pones eos ut clibanum ignis in 

tid ondwliotan Sines dryhten in eorre his gedroefeS 
tempore vultus tui Dominus in ira sua conturbabit 

hie 7 forswilgeS hie fyr western heara of eorSan 

eos et devorabit eos ignis 11. Fructum eorum de terra 

Su forspildes 7 sed heara- from bearnum monna 
perdis et semen eorum a JUiis hominum 

forSon hie onhaeldon in Se yfel Sohtun geSaeht 

12. Quoniam declinaverunt in te mala cogitaverunt consilium 

S»t hie ne maehtun gesteaSulfestian forSon Su setes 

quod non potuerunt stabilire 18. Quoniam pones 

hie bee in lafum Sinum Su gearwas ondwleotan heara 
eos deorsum in reliquiis tuts praeparabis vultum iUorum 

hefe up dryhten in megne Sinum we singaS 7 
14. Exaliare Domine in virtute tua cantabimus et 

singaS megen Sin 
psallimus virtutes tuas 


god god min geloca in me *forhon me forleorte Su feor 
2. Deus Deus mens respice in me quare me dereliquisti longe 

from haelu minre word scylda minra god min 

a salute mea Verba delictorum meorum 3. Deus mens 

ic cleopiu Sorb deg ne Su geheres 7 on naeht 7 nales to 
clamabo per diem nee exaudies et nocte et non ad 

unwisdome me Su soSlice in halgum eardas lof 

insijnentiam mihi 4. Tu autem in sancto habitas laus 

in Se gehyhton fedras ore gehyhton 7 
Israhel 5. in te speraverunt patres nostri speraverunt et 

Su gefreodes hie to Se cleopedon 7 hale gewordne sind 

liberasti eos 6. Ad te clamaverunt et salvi facti sunt 

in Se gehyhton 7 ne werun gescende ic soSlice earn 

in te sperovoerunt et non sunt confusi 7. Ego autem sum 

wyrm 7 nales mon edwit monna 7 aworpnes folces 

vermis et non homo opprobrium hominum et abjectio phbis 


alle Sa gesegun me herwdun me spreocende werua 
8. Omnes qui videbant me aspemabantur me locuti sunt 

mid weolerum j hrisedon heafiid gehyhteS in dryhtna 

labiis et moverunt caput 9. Speravit in Domino 

genereS hine halne doe bine forfton he wile bine 
eripiat earn salvum faciat eum quoniam vult turn 

forSon 8u earS Su atuge me of wombe bybt min 
10. Quoniam tu es qui abstraxisti me de ventre spes mea 

from breostum modnr minre in $e aworpen ic earn of innoSe 

ab uberibus matris meae 11. in te jactatus sum ex utero- 

of wombe modur minre god min Su earS ne gewit tSu 

de ventre matris meae Deus mens es tu 12. Ne discesseris 

from me fortfon geswinc on neoweste is / nis se $e 
a me quoniam tribvlatio proxima est et non est qui 

gefultume ymbsaldon me calfur monig fearras faette 

adjuvet 13. Circumdederunt me vituli multi tauri pingues 

oferseton me ontyndon in me mu3 his swe swe leo 

cbsiderunt me 14. Aperuerunt in me os suum sicut leo 

reafiende 7 grymetiende swe swe weter agotene sind 7 
rapiens et rugiens 15. sicut aqua effusa sunt et 

tostrogden sind all ban min geworden wes beorte min 
dispersa sunt universa ossa mea Factum est cor meum 

swe swe wsex gemaeltende in midle wombe minre adrugade 
tamquam cera liquefiens in medio ventris mei 16. Exaruit 

swe swe tigule megen min 7 tunge min setfalh gomum 
velut testa virtus mea et lingua mea adhesit faucibus 

minum 7 in dust deatfes gelaeddon me forSon 

meis et in pulverem mortis deduxerunt me 17. Quoniam 

ymbsaldon me hundas monge geSaeht awergedra 

circumdederunt me canes multi concilium malignantium 

*oset mec dulfun bonda mine 7 foet mine arimdon 

obsedit me Foderunt manus meas et pedes meos 18. dinumera* 

all ban min hie softlice sceawedun 7 
verunt omnia ossa mea Ipsi vero consideraverunt et 

gelocadon me todaeldun him hregl min 7 ofer 

conspexerunt me 19. diviserunt sibi vestimenta mea et super 

hregl l min sendon *hlet Su sotflice dryhten nales 

vestem meam miserunt sortem 20. Tu autem Domine ne 

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feor do €u fultum Sinne from me to gescildnisse minre 
longe facias atixilium tuum a me ad defensionem meam 

geloca genere from sweorde sawle mine 7 of honda 

aspics 21. Erue a framea animam meam et de manu 

hundes Sa angan mine gefrea me of muSe leon 7 from 

canis unicorn meam 22. Libera me de ore leonis et a 

hornura anhyrnera eaSmodnisse mine ic secgu 

cornibus unicornuorwm humilitatem meam 23. Narrabo 

noman Sinne broSrum minum in midle cirican ic hergo Se 
nomen tuum fratribus meis in medio ecelesiae laudabo te 

8a 8e ondreSaS dryhten hergaS hine all sed 

24. Qui timetis Dominum lauddte eum universvm semen 

Jacobes micliaS hine ondrede hine all sed Israela 

Jacob magnificate eum 25. Timeat eum omne semen Israhel 

forSon ne forhogde ne forsaeh boene Searfena 1 ne 
quoniam nan sprevit neque dispexit precem pauperum neque 

forcerreS onsiene his from me 7 midSy ic cleapade to him 
avertit faciem suam a me et dum clamarem ad eum 

geherde me mid 8e lof me in cirican micelre 

exaudivii me 26. Ajnct te laus mihi in eeclesia magna 

gehat min dryhtne ic ageofu biforan ondredendum hine 
vota mea Domino reddam coram timentibus eum 

eataS Searfan 7 biS gefylled 7 hergaS dryhten 

27. Edent pauperes et saturabuntur et laudabunt Dominum 

$a soecaS hine leofatS heorte heara in weoruld weorulde 
qui requirunt evm Vivit cor eorum in saeculum saeculi 

gemynen 7 sien *gecered* to dryhtne alle 

28. reminiscentur et convertentur ad Dominum universi 

gemaeru eorSan 7 gehidda'S in gesihtfe his alle oettlas 
fines terrae Et adorabunt in conspectu ejus omnes patriae 

Seoda forSon dryhtwes is rice 7 he waldeS 

gentium 29. quoniam Domini est regnum et ipse dominabitur 

Seada eton 7 weorSadon alle weolie 

gentium 30. Manducaverunt et adoraverunt omnes divites 

eoroan in gesihtfa his forSgaS alle 8a astigaS in 
terrae in conspectu ejus procidunt universi qui discendunt in 

eoroan 7 sawul min him leofa'S 7 sed min SiowaS 

terram 31. Et anima mea ipsi vivit et semen mewm servist 

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him segetS dryhine cneoris toword 7 

Mi 32. Adnuntiabitur Domino generado ventura et 

secgaS heofenes rehtwisnisse 1 his folce Sset biS acenned 
annuntiabunt cadi justitiam ejus populo qui nascitur 

tSaet dyde dryhten 
quern fecit Dominies 


dryhtera recetS me 7 nowiht me wonu biS in stowe 

1. Dominus regit me et nihil mihi deerit 2. in loco 

leswe tSer mec gesteaSelade ofer weter *gereodnisse aledde 
pascuae ibi me conlocavit Super aquam refe&ionis educavit 

mec sawle mine gecerde gelaed[d]e me ofer stige 

me 3. animam meam convertit Deduxit me super semitam 

rehtwisnisse fore noman his weotudlice 7 $®h$e ic gonge 
justitiae propter nomen mum 4. Nam etsi ambulem 

in midle scuan deaSes ne ondredu ic yfeli forfton $u mid me 
in medio umbrae mortis non timebo mala quoniam tu mecum 

ert5 gerd Sin 7 cryc 8in hie me froefrende werun 
es Virga tua et baculus tuus ipsa me consolata sunt 

Su gearwades in gesihSe minre biod wi$ him 8a 

5. Parasti in conspectu meo mensam adversus eos qui 

swencat? mec Cu faettades in ele heafud min 7 drync 
tribulant me Inpinguasti in oleo caput meum, et poculum 

Sinne indrencende swide freaberht is 7 *milheortniss 

tuum inebrians quam praeclarum est 6. Et misericordia 

Sin efterfylgeS mec allum degum lifes mines tSset ic ineardie 
tua subsequitur me omnibus diebus vitae meae Ut inluzbitem 

in huse dryhtn«$ in lengu d^ga 

K in domo Domini in longitudinem dierum 


dryhtnes is earSe 7 fylnis his ymbhwyrft eorSena 7 
Domini est terra et plenitudo ejus orbis terrarum et 

alle tSa eardiaS in hire he ofer seas gesteaSelade 

universi qui habitant in ea 2. Ipse super maria fundavit 

hie 7 ofer flodas gearwaS 8a hwelc astigeft in 

earn et super flumina praeparavit Mam 3. Quis ascendit in 

1 rebtwissnisge, second b dotted. 


munt dryhtnes oSSe hwelc stondeS in stowe Sere halgan his 
montem Domini aut quis stabit in loco sancto ejus 

unsceSSende on hondum 7 claenre heortan se ne onfeng in 

4. Innocen8 manibus et mundo corde qui non accipit in 

idelnisse sawle his ne he swor in facne 8»m nestan his 
vano cmimam suam nee juravit in dolo proximo suo 

Ses onfoeS bledsunge from dryhtne 7 mildheortnisse 

5. Hie accipiet benedictionem a Domino et misericordiam 

from gode Seem halwendan his Sis is cneoris 

a Deo salutari suo 6. Haec est generatio 

soecendra dryhten *socendra onsiene godes Jacobea 
quaerentium Dominum requirentium faciem Dei Jacob 

onhebbaS geatu aldres eowres 7 bioS upahefene geata 
7. Toliite porta* principes vestri 1 et elevamini portae 

ecelice 7 ingaeS cyning wuldres hwelc is 8es cyning 

aetemales et introibit rex glorias 8. Quis est iste rex 

wuldres drjhten strong 7 maehtig dryhten maehtig in gefehte 
glorias Dominus fortis et potens Dominus potens in praelio 

onhebbaS geatu aldermen eoweres 7 bioS upahefene geatu 
9. Toliite portas principes vestri 2 et elevamini portae 

ecelice 7 ingaeS cyning wuldres hwet is Ses cyning 

cetsrnales et introibit rex glorias 10. Quis es{t) iste rex 

wuld[ra]e8 dryhten megna he is cyning wuldres 
glorias Dominus virtutum ipse est rex glorias 


to Se dryhten ic upahof sawle mine god min in 

Ad te Domine levavi animam meam 2. Deus meus in 

Se ic getreowu ne scomiu ic ne bismeriaS mec feond 

te confido non erubescam 3. Neque inrideant me inimici 

mine 7 soSlice alle Sa Se bidaS dryhten. ne sien gescende 
mei etenim universi qui te expectant Domine non confundentur 

sien gescende Sa unrehtwisan donde Sa idlan wegas Sine 
4, Confundantur iniqui facientes vana vias tuas 

dryhten cuSe doo me 7 stige Sine laer me gerece 

Domine notas fac mihi et semitas tuas edoce me 5. Dirige 

1 altered to veetnuk ' m over (he i. 


me in sotSfestnisse Sinre 7 laer me forSon tSu earS god 
ww iVa veritate tua et doce me quia tu es Deus 

haelend min 7 8e ic arefnde alne deg gemyne 

salvator meus et te sustlnui tota die 6. Eeminiscere 

mildsa tftnra dryhten 7 mildheortnis Sin 8a from 

miserationum tuarum Domine et misericordia tua quae a 

*werulde sind scyld *guiu'Su 7 unondcytftgnisse minre 

saeculo sunt 7. Delicta juventutis et ignorantiae meae 

ne 3u gemynes efter miclan mildheor[t]nisse tSinre 

ne memineris secundum magnam misericordiam tuam 

gemyndig bio tfa min god fore godnisse Sine dryhten 

memor esto met Deus Propter bonitatem tuam Domine 

swoete 7 reht *dryte» fore Sissum aee gesette 

8. dulcis et rectus Dominus Propter hoc legem statuit 

gyltendum in wege gereceS Sa mildan in dome lere$ 

delinquentibus in via 9. dirigit mites in judicio docebit 

$a monSweran wegas heara alle wegas dryhtnes 

mansuetos vias suas 10. Universae viae Domini 

mildheortnis 7 soSfestnis soecendum cySnisse his 7 

misericordia et Veritas requirentibus testamentum ejus et 

cySnisse bis fore noman Sinum dryhten 8u gemildsas 

testvmonia ejus 11. Propter nomen tuum Domine propitiaberis 

synne minre genyhtsnm is soSlice hwelc is mon se $e 

peccato meo copiosum est enim 12. Quis est homo qui 

ondrede dryhten ee sette him in wege Sone geceas 
timeat Dominum legem statuit d in via quam elegit 

sawul his in godum wunaS 7 sed his erfeweardnisse 
18. Anima ejus in bonis demorabitur et semen ejus hereditate 

gesiteS eorSan trymenis is dryhten ondredendum 

possidebU terram 14. Firmamentum est Dominus timentibus 

bine 7 cytSnes l bis Saet sie *gesweocelad him egan 

cum et testamentum ipsius ut manifestetur illis 15. Oculi 

mine aa to dryhtn* fortSon he ahiceS of girene foet 
met semper ad Dominum quoniam ipse evellit de laqueo pedes 

mine geloca in mec 7 mildsa min forSon anga 7 

fneos 16. Respice in me et miservre mei quoniam unicus et 

Searfa ic earn geswencednisse heortan minre gebredde 

pauper sum ego 17. Tribulationes cordis mei dilatatae 

1 efrom i (?). 


sind of nedSearfnissum minum genere me geseh eaS- 

sunt de necessitatibus meis eripe me 18. Vide humi- 

modnisse mine j gewin min 7 forlet alle synne mine 
litatem meant et laborem meum et demitte omnia peccata mea 

geloca feond mine forSon gemonigfaldade sind 7 
19. Respite inimicos meos quoniam multiplicati stmt et 

laeSSu unrehtwisre fiedon mec hald sawle mine 7 

odio iniquo oderunt me 20. Custodi animam meam et 

genere mec ne biom ic gescended forSon ic geeede Se 
eripe me non confundar quoniam invoeavi te 

unsceSSende 7 rehtwise setfelun me forSon ic arefhde Se 
21. Innocentes et recti adlieserunt mihi quoniam sustenui te 

dryhten ales me god of all urn nearenissum 

Domine 22. Redime me Deus Israhel ex omnibus angustiis 



doem mec dryhten forSon ic in unsceSfulnisse minre in- 
Judica me Domine quoniam ego in innocentia mea in- 

gongende ic earn 7 in dryhtne gehyhtende ic ne biom geuntrumad 
gressus sum et in Domino sperans non infirmabor 

acunna me dry htm 7 costa me bern eSre mine 7 heortan 
2. Proba me Domine et tempta me ure renes meos et cor 

mine forSon mildheortnis Sin biforan egum minum is 

meum 3. Quoniam misericordia tua ante oculos meos est 

7 ic gelicade in soSfestnisse Shire ic ne set in geSaehte 

et conplacui in veritate tua 4. Non sedi in concilia 

idelnisse 7 mid Sa unrebtan Sondum ic in ne ga ic fiode 

vanitatis et cum iniqua gerentibus non introibo 5. Odivi 

gesomnunge awergedra 7 mid arleasum ic ne sitto 
congregationem malignorum et cum impiis non sedebo 

ic Swea betwih alle unsceSende honda mine 7 ic ymbgaa 
6. Lavabo inter innocentes manus meos et circuibo 

wibed Sin dryhten Sset ic geheru stefne lofes Sines 7 

altare tuum Domine 7. TJt audiam vocem laudis tuae et 

ic asecgu all wundur 1 Sin dryhten- ic lufade wlite 

enarrem universa mirabilia tua 8. Domine dilexi decorem 

1 fint Mono. 


huses Sines 7 stowe *getedes wuldres Sines ne 

domus tuae et locum *taSernactjUt8 glorias tuae 9. Ne 

forspild Su mid Saem arleasum sawle mine 7 mid weorum 
perdas cum impiis ardmam meam et cum viris 

bloda lif min in Seara hondum unrehtwisnisse 

sanguinum vitam meam 10. in quorum manibus iniquitates 

sindun seo swiSre heara gefylled is geofum ic soSlice 

sunt Dextera eorwm repleta est mtmeribus 11. ego autem 

in unsceSfulnisse minre ingongende ic earn ales me 7 mildsa 
in innocentia mea ingressus sum redime me et miserire 

min fot soSlice min stud in wege Ssem rehtan in cirecum 

met 12. Pes enim meus stetit in via recta in ecclesiis 

ic bledsiu dryhten 
benedicam Dominium 


dryhten inlihtnis mine 7 haelu min Sone ic ondredo 
Dominus inluminatio mea et solus mea quern timebo 

dryhten gescildend lifes mines from deem ic forhtiu 
Dominus defensor vitae meae a quo trepidabo 

Sonne *toneolicaS ofer me sceSSende Sset hie eten flaesc 
2. Dum adpropiant super me nocentes ut edant carnes 

min Sa Se me fiond mine hie geuntrumede sind 7 

meas qui tribulant me inimici mei ipsi infirmati sunt et 

gefeollun gif gestondaS wiS me ferdwic ne 

caeciderunt 3. Si consistent adversum me castra non 

ondredeS heorte min gif ariseS in me gefeht in Sis 
timebit cor mewm si insurgat in me proelium in hoc 

ic gehyhtu an ic bed from dryhtne Sas ic soecu S®t 

ego sperabo 4. TJnam peiii a Domino hanc requiram ut 

ic ineardie in hose dryhtm* allum daegum lifes mines 
inhabitem m domo Domini omnibus diebus vitae meae 

Sset ic gese willan dryhtne* 7 ic siem gescilded from 
ut videam voluntatem Domini et protegar a 


*tempe 8»m halga(n) 1 forSon ahydeS me in 

templo sancto ejus 5. Quoniam abscondit me in 

getelde his in dege Ssem* yfla gescilde me in degulnisse 
tabemaculo suo in die malorum protexit me in abscondito 

1 cut away. a sem altered from sera (?) 


geteldes bis in stane upahof mec nu softlice 

tabemaculi sui 6. in petra exaitavit me Nunc aniens 

upahof heafud min ofer fiond mine ic ymbgaa J 
exaitavit caput meum super inimicos rneos circuibo et 

ageldu 1 in getelde 8 his onsegdnisse wynsumnisse 8 ic eingu 
immolabo in tabernaculo ejus hostiam Jubilationis cantabo 

7 salm ic cweo'S(u) 4 geher dryhten stefne 

et psalmum dicam Domino 7. Exaudi Domine voeem 

mine mid "Sere ic cleopede to de mildsa min 7 geher 
meam qua clamavi ad te miserire mihi et exaudi 

mec to Se cweS heorte min ic sohte ondwleotan 

me 8. Tibi dixit cor meum Quisivi vultum 

8in[n]e ondwleotan Sinne dryhten ic soecu ne acer Su 

tuum vultum tuum Domine requiram 9. Ne avertas 

onsiene Sine from me 7 ne ahaeld tSu in eorre from Siowe 
faciem tuam a me et ne declines in ira a servo 

Sinum fu] turn min Su eartS forlet Su me ne forseh 
tuo Adjutor meus es tu 5 ne derelinquas me neque despicias 

me god se halwynda min fortSon feder min 7 

me Deus salutaris meus 10. Quoniam pater meus et 

modur min forleorton mec dryhten soSlice genom mec 
mater mea dereliquerunt me Dominus autem adswmpsit me 

aee me gesete dryhtew in wege Sinum 7 gerece 
11. Legem mihi constitue Domine in via tua et dirige 

mec in stige *3e rehtan fore fiendum minum ne 

me in semita recta propter inimicos meos 12. Ne 

sele tSu mec in sawle oehtendra mec forSon 

tradideris me in animas persequentium me quoniam 

areosun in mec geweotan unrehte 7 legende wes 

insurrexerunt in me testes iniqui et mentita est 

unrehtwisnis him icgelefu gesian god dryhtn^ in 

iniquitas tsibi 13. Credo videre bona Domini in 

earSan lifgendra abid dryhten werlice doo 7 

terra viventium 14. exspecta Dominum viriliter age et 

sie gestrongad heorte Sin 7 abid dryhtetf 
confortetur cor tuum et sustine Dominum 

1 vol offrige added later, * vel on eardungstowe added later. ' vel 

lofea added later. * cut away. * esto, ooner. 



to Se dryhtm ic cleopiu god min ne swiga Su from 
1. Ad te Domine clamabo Deus metes ne rileas a 

me 7 ic biom gelic 1 astigendum in seaS geher 

me et ero similis discendentibus in locum 2. Exaudi 

stefne boene minre Sonne ic gebiddu to Se 7 Sonne 

vocem deprecationis meae dum oro ad te et dum 

ic uphebbu honda mine to temple halgum Sinum 
extollo manus meas ad tempilum sanctum tuum 

ne somud sele mec mid Ssem synfullum 7 mid wire- 
3. Ne simul tradas me cum peccatoribus et cum ope- 

endum unrehtwisnisse ne forspild Su me mid Sissum Sa Se 
rantibus iniquitatem ne perdas me Cum his qui 

spreocaS eibbe mid Sone nestan his yfel soSlice sind in 
loquuntur pacem cum proximo suo mala autem sunt in 

*hortum heara sele him efter wercum heara 7 

cordibus eorum ' 4. Da illis secundum opera eorum et 

efter niSum teolunge heara geedleana him agef 

secundum nequitias studiorum ipsorum retribue illis Redde 

edlean heara him forSon hie ne ongetun 

retribuHonem eorum ipsis 6. quoniam non intellexerunt 

in were dryhtne* 7 in were honda his ne sceawiaS 
in opera Domini et in opera manuum ejus non considerant 

toweorp hie ne Su timbres hie gebledsad dryhten 

Destrue illos nee aedificabis eos 6. benedictus Dominus 

forSon geherde stefne boene minre dryhten 

quoniam exaudivit vocem deprecationis meae 7. Dominus 

fultum min 7 gescildend min 7 in hine gehyhteS heorte 
adjutor mens et protector mens et in ipso speravit cor 

min 7 gefultumad ic earn 7 bleow flesc min 7 of 
meum et adjutus sum Et reftoruit caro mea et ex 

willan minum ic ondetto him dryhten strengo folces 

voluntate mea confitebor illi 8. Dominus fortitudo plebis 

his 7 gescildend Seara halwendra Cristes his is hal 

suae et protector salutarium Christi sui est 9. Salvum 

doo folc Sin dryhten 7 bledsa erfweardnisse Sine 7 
fac populum tuum Domine et benedic hereditatem tuam et 

rece hie 7 uphefe hie 

rege eos et extolle illos usque in saeculum. 

1 letter er. after e. 



tobringstS to dryhtne beam godes tobringaS to dryhtne beam 
Afferte Domino JUii Dei afferte Domino JUios 

romtna tobringaS to dryhtne wuldur j are tobringatJ 

arietum 2. Afferte Domino gloriam et honorem afferte 

to dryhtne wuldur uoman his wearSia'S dryhten in halle 
Domino gloriam nomini ejus Adorate Dominum in aula 

Sere halgan his stefn dryhtne ofer weter god 

sancta ejus 3. vox Domini super aquas Deus 

mcgendrymmes hleoSratJ dryhten ofer weter micel stefn 

majestatis intonwU Dominus super aquas multas 4. Vox 

dryhtne* in megne stefn dryhtne* in micelnisse stefn 

Domini in virtute vox Domini in *magnificentiam 6. Vox 

dryhtne* gebreocendes cederbeamas 7 gebriceS dryhten 
Domini confringentis cedros et confringit Dominus 

cederbeamas $es muntes 7 gescaeneft hie swe swe 

cedros IAbani 6. et comminuet eas tanquam 

caelf 7 se leofa swe swe sunu anhyrnra 

vitulum Libani et dilectus sicut JUius unicomuorum 

stefn dryhtne* betwihgongendes leg fyr stefn 

7. Vox Domini intercidentis Jlammam ignis 8. vox 

dryhtne* *tosaecendes bihygdignisse 7 onstyreS dryhten 
Domini eoncutientis solitudinem et commovebit Dominus 

woesten stefn dryhtne* gearwiendes heoretas 7 

desertum Cades 9. Vox Domini praeparands cervos et 

biwrah Sa Siccan 7 in temple his alle cweoSaS wuldur 
revelavit condensa et in templo ejus omnes dicent gloriam 

dryhten cwildeflod ineardaS 7 siteS dryhten cyning in 
10. Dominus diluvium inhabitat et sedebit Dominus rex in 

ecnisse dryhten niegen folce his seleS 7 

aetemum 11. Dominus virhUem populo suo dabit et 

bledsaS folc his in sibbe 

benedicit populum suum in pace 


ic uphebbu Sec dryhten forSon Su onfenge me ne l Su 
2. Exaltabo te Domine quoniam suscepisti me nee di- 

1 d no. 


gelustfullades feond mine ofer mec dryhtew god min 

lectasti inimicos meos super me 3. Domine Deus meus 

ic cleopade to 8e 7 8u gehaeldes mec dryhte» Su atuge 

clamavi ad te et sanasti me 4. Domine abstraxisti 

from helwearum sawle mine Su gehaeldes me from dune- 
ab inferis animam meam salvasti me a discen- 

stigendum in seaS pingaS dryhtna halge his 7 

dentibus in lacum 5. PsaUite Domino soneti ejus et 

ondettaS *gemydde halignisse his forSon eorre in 

confitemini memoriae sanctitatis ejus 6. Quoniam ira in 

ebylgSu his 7 lif in willaff his set efenne 
indignations ejus et vita in volurUate ejus Ad vesperum 

wunaS wop 7 to margentide blis ic soSlice 

demorabitur Jletus et ad matutinum laetitia 7. Ego autem 

ic *ceS in min re genyhtsumnisse ne biom onstyred in 
dioci in mea abundantia Non movebor in 

ecnisse dryhten in godum willan Sinum Su gearwades 

aetemum 8. Domine in bona voluntate tua praestitisti 

wlite minum megen Su forcerdes onsiene Sine from me 7 
decori meo virtutem averdsti faciem tuam a me et 

geworden ic earn gedroefed to Se dryhten ic cleopiu 

foetus sum conturbatus 9. Ad te Domine clamabo 

7 to gode minum ic biddu hwelc nyttnis in 

et ad Deum meum deprecabor 10. quae utilitas in 

blode mine Sonne ic astigo in gebrosnunge ah 
sanguine meo dum discendo in corruptionem Num quid 

ondetteS Se dust oSSe seged soSfestuisse Sine 
confitebitur tibi pulvis aut annuntiabit veritatem tuam 

geherde dryhten 7 mildsiendie 1 is me dryhtew- geworden 
11. Audivit Dominus et misertus est mild Dominus foetus 

is ful turn min Su gecerdes wop minne in 

est adjutor meus 12. Convertisti planctum meum in 

gefean me Su toslite sec minne 7 bigyrdes me 
gaudium mHii conscidisti saccum meum et praecinxisti me 

mid blisse Saet singe Se wuldur min 7 ic ne biom 

laetitia 13. ut cantet tibi gloria mea et non eon- 

inbr(yrd) 2 dryhten god min in ecnisse ic ondettu Se 
pungar Domine Deus meus to aetemum confttebor tibi 

1 last i doubtful, may be the beginning ofane. * cut off. 


in Se dryhten ic gehyhte ne biom io gescended in ecniase 
2. In te Domine speravi non confundar in aetemum 

in Sire rehtwianisBe gefrea roe 7 genere me onbaeld to me 

■in tua justilia libera me et tripe me 8. Inclina ad me 

care Sin hreaSa Seat Bu generge mec bia Bu me in god 

awrem tuam adcelera id eripiae me Esto mihi in Dettm 

Idend 7 in etowe geberges tStet halne mee Bu gedoe 

■torem et in locum refugii ut salvum me facias 

'orBon trymenis mi a 7 geberg min Su earo* 

uoniam firmamentum meum et refugium meum ex tu 

'orR no man Binum ladtow' me Su List 7 foedee 

•q;)(«r 710mm tuum dux mihi eris et enutriei 

7 utaledes mee of gerene Siese Sa gedegladoo 

5. Et edueis me de laqveo isto quern oecultaverunt 

forSon Su earS gescildend min dryhten in 

quoniam tu e» j/roteetor metis Domine 6. in 

a Sine ic bibiodu gaat roinne Su alesdes mec dryhten 

s tuas commendo ipiritum meum Hedimistt me Domine 

snoTestniEge Bu fiodes haldende idelnisae id el lice 

veritati* 7. odisti observarites vanitatem supervaeuae 
oSlice in drybtne ic geliyhtu ic gefie 7 "blisie 

autem in Domino sperabo 8. exvltabo et laetabor 

are mildheortnisse forSon gelocades eaSmodniese mine 
ta misericordia Quia renpexisti humUitatem meam 
Su dydes of nedBearfnissum sawle mine ne 

n fecisti de neceisitatibua animam meam 0. nee 

ice me in bonda feondes Bu gesettes in etowe 
eisti me in manibus inimici Statuisti in loco 
re foet mine raildsa. me drylitwi forSon 

iso pedee meat 10. mieerire mihi Domine quoniam 

m geswenced gedroefed is in eorrc ege min aawul 
ribuhr Contvrbalus est in ira oeulus mens anima 

7 womb min foroon asprong in Bare lif min 

;( venter meus 11. Quoniam djefecit in. dolore vita mea 
nr min in geamringum geuntrumad is in Searfednieae 
■mi met in gemitibue Infirmata est in pauperlaie 


megen min 7 ban min gedroefed sind ofer alle 

virtus mea et ossa mea conturbata stmt 12. Super omnes 

Bond mine geworden ic earn edwit nehgehusum minum 
inimicos meos foetus sum opprobrium vicinis meis 

swiSe 7 ege cuSum minum 8a gesegun mec ute 
nimium et timor notis meis Qui videbant me forts 

flugun from me ic gesnerc swe swe dead from 

fugiebant a me 13. excidi tamquam mortuus a 

heortan 7 geworden ic earn swe swe fet forloren 1 forSon 

corde et foetus sum sieut vas perdifotm 14. Quoniam 

ic geberde telnisse monigra ymbeardiendra in 

audivi vituperationem multorum circumhabitantium In 

Son Sonne bioS gesomnade alle somud , wiS me Saet 
eo dum congregarentur omnes sirrnd adversum me ut 

hie onfoen sawle mine geSaebtende wernn ic soSlice 

acciperent animam meam consiliati sunt 15. Ego vero 

in Se gebybte drybten ic cweS Su earS god min in 

in te speravi Domine dixi Tu es Deus mens 16. in 

bondum Sinum tide mine gefrea me 7 genere me of 
manibus tuis tempora mea Libera me et eripe me de 

bondum feonda minra* 7 from oebtendum me 

manibus inimicorum meorum et a persequentibus me 

inlibt onsiene Sine ofer Siow Sinne 7 balne 
17. Inlumina faeiem tuam super servum tuum et salvum 

mec doa Sinre mildbeortnisse drybten ne biom ic go- 

me foe in tua misericordia 18. Domine non con- 

scended forSon ic gecede Sec scomien arlease 7 sien geledde 
fundar quoniam invocavi te Erubeseant impii et deducantur 

in belle dumbe sien gefremed weolere faecne Sa 

in vnfernum 19. muta efficiantur labia doiosa quae 

spreocaS wiS S&m rebtwisan unrebtwisnisse in oferbygde 
loquwntur adversus justwm iniquitatem in superbia 

7 forbogadnisse swiSe micel mengu swoetnisse Sinre 

et contemptu 20. Quam magna multitudo duleidinis tuae 

drybten Sa Su abydes ondredendum Se 7 Su gefremedes Sa 
Domine quam abscondisti timentibus te et perfecisH earn 

gebyhtendum in Sec in gesibSe *bearn monna Su 

sperantibus in te in conspectu fUiorum hominum 21. Ab- 

1 second o from some other letter. * i over e. 



ahydes hie in degulnisse ondwleotan Sines from gedroefednisse 
scondes eos in abdito vuUus tui a conturbatione 

monna gescildes hie in getelde Sinum from witScwedenisse 
hominum Proteges eos in tabemaculo tuo a contradictions 

geSieda gehledsad dryhten fortfon gemiclade 

linguarum 22. Benedietus Dominus quonicm mirificavU 

mildheortnisse his in cestre ymbstondnisse ic sotftice 

misericordiam suam in civitate circumstarUiae 23. Ego autem 

ic cweS in fyrhtu minre aworpen ic earn from 1 ondwleotan 
disci in pavore meo Projectus sum a vtdtu 

egena Sinra forSon Su geherdes stefne boene minre 
ooulorum tuorum Ideo exaudisti vocem depraecationis meae 

miS Sy ic cleopiu to Se lufiaS dryhfen alle 

dum ciamarem ad te 24. Diligite Dominum omnes 

halge his forSon soSfestnisse soeceS dryhten 7 geedleanaS 
sancti ejus quoniam veritatem requvret Dominus et retribuet 

*SeosBU 8a 9 genyhtsumlice dooS oferhygd werlice 

his qui abundanter faciunt superbiam 26. VirUiter 

dot$ 7 sie gestrongad heorte eower alle Sa Ce gehyhtaS 
agite et confortetur cor vestrum omnes qui speratis 

in dryhtne 
in Domino 


eadge Seara forletne sind unrehtwisnisse 7 Seara biwrigen 
L Beati quorum remissae sunt iniquitates et quorum tecta 

sind synne eadig wer tfoem ne geteleS dryhten 

sunt peccata 2. Beatus vvr cui non imputabit Dominus 

synne ne is in muSe his facen forSon ic swigade 

peccatum nee est in ore ejus dolus 3. Quoniam tacui 

aldadon all ban min mid $y ic cleapade alne deg 

inveteraverunt omnia ossa mea dum ciamarem tota die 

forSon deges 7 naehtes gehefegad is ofer me hond Sin 
4. Quoniam die ac node gravata est super me mantes tua 

gecerred ic earn in erm'Su Sonne biS gebrocen Sorn scyld 

conversus sum in erumna dum confringitur spina 5. Delic- 

min cuSe Se ic dyde 7 unrehtwisnisse mine ic ne 
turn meum eognitum tibi feci et injustitias meas non 

oferwrah ic cweS ic forSsegcgo wiS me unrehtwisnisse 
operui Dixi Pronuntiabo adversum me injustitias 

1 to from other letters. * )>a ; )> on er. 

PS. 32.] 



mine from dryhtne 7 3u geedleanedes arleasnisse heortan 
meas Domino et tu remisisti impietatem cordis 

fore Sissum gebideo* to Se all halig in 
6. Pro hoc orabit ad te omnis sanctus in 

hweore* soSlice in cwildeflode wetra 
verum tamen m diluvio aquarum 

Cu me earS 




micelra to him to ne geneolaecaS 
multarum ad eum rum adproximabunt 

7. Tu mihi 68 

ymbseled salde 




getimbru 8 8e in wege 
instruam te in via 

geberg from ferSrycednisse 2 sie 
refugium a pressura quae 

wynsumnis min ales mec from 
exultatio mea redime me a 

ondget ic sella Se 7 

8. Intellectum dabo tibi et 

8issum Seem Su ingsest ic getrymmu ofer Ce* egan 5 min 
hac qua ingredieris formabo super te oculos meos 

nyllao* bion swe swe hors 7 mul in tfaem nis 

9. NoJUe fieri sicut equus et mulus in quibus non est 

ondget in bridelse 7 haelftreo cecan heara geteb 6 
vnteUectus In freno et camo maxillas eorum eonstringe 

oa to ne genehlaecaS to tSe monge drea synfolra 

qui non adproximant ad te 10. MuUa flagella peccatorum 

gehyhtende soolice in dryhtne mildheortnis ymbseleS 
sperantes autem in Domino misericordia circumdabit 

*blisiatS in dryhtne 7 gefiaS rehtwise 7 wuldriaS 
11. Laetamini in Domino et exultate justi et gloriamini 

alle rehte on heortan 
omnes recti ' corde 


gefioS rehtwise in 
1. Gaudete justi in 

herenis ondettao* dryhtne in citra 

datio 2. Confitemini Domino in cythara 

ten strenga singao* him singaS him song neowne 

decern cordarum psaUtie illi 3. Cantate ei canticum novum 

dryhtne rehtwise gedeofenaS efen- 
Domino rectos decet conlau- 



1 >eah prefixed later, s c er. before c. * vel tare added later. 

* a er. after e. * a over e. fl vel gewri} added later. 

* 15—2 


wel singa'S in wynsumnisse fortSon reht is word 

bene psdUite in jubilatione 4. Quondam rectus est sermo 

dryhtne* 7 all were his in geleafan lufaS mild- 

Domini et omnia opera ejus in fide 5. DUigit mise- 

heortnisse 7 dom mildheortnisse dryhtne* ful is eortSe 
ricordiam et judicium misericordid Domini plena est terra 

worde dryhtna* beofenas getrymede sind 7 gaste 
6. verbo Domini cadi firmati sunt et spiritu 

muSes his all megen heara gesomnende swe swe in 

oris ejus omnis virtus eorum 7. Congregans sicut in 

cylle weter Bees settende in goldhordum neolnisse 
utrem aquas maris ponens in thesauris abyssos 

ondrede dryhten. all eorSe from him sottliee bioS 

8. Timeat Dominum omnis terra ab ipso autem com- 

onstyred alle 7 alle tSa eardiaS *ymbhwyrst 

moveantur univerri et omnes qui habitant orbem 

fortfon he cwetS 7 werun geworden 1 hie et 7 

9. Quontam ipse dixit et facta sunt ipse mandavit et 

gecwicad werun dryhten tostencetS getfaeht tfieda 

creata sunt 10. Dominus dissipat consilia gentium 

witSceoseS sotSlice geSohtas folca 7 wiSceoseS geftaeht 

reprobat autem cogitationes populorum et reprobat consilia 

aldermonna geSaeht so^li(ce) 1 dryhtwes wunatS in 

principwm 11. Consilium vero Domini manet in 

ecnisse geSohtas heortan his in weoruld weorulde 
aeternum cogitationes cordis ejus in saeculum saeculi 

eadigu Siod Sere is dryhten god heara folc 
12. Beata gens cujus est Dominus Deus eorum populum 

$8et geceas dryhten in erfeweardnisse him of *hiefene 

quern elegit Dominus in hereditatem sibi 18. De caelo 

gelocade dryhten 7 gesaeh alle beam monna 
prospexit Dominus et vidit omnes JUios hominum 

of Seem gegearwedan eardunghuse his gelocaS ofer alle 
14. de . praeparato habitaculo suo respexit super omnes 

tSa Se eardiad ymbhwyrft se gehiewade 8 wrixendlice 

qui Jiabitant orbem 15. Qui finxit singillatim 

heortan heara se ongiteS in all were hiera 
corda eorum qui intelligit in omnia opera eorum 

'o/romu. * covered by a Mot of ink. * w from some other Utter. 


ne *bi gobbled cyning Sorh micel megen his ne 
16. Non salvabitur rex per mvltam virtutem suam nee 

gigent bal biS in mengu *streng his leas 

gigans salvus erit in muKsitudine fortitudinis suae 17. Falsus 

hors to haelu in genyhtsumnisse soSlice megnes his 
equus ad salutem in abundantia autem virtutis suae 

ne biS *halu sehSe egan dryhtnes ofer Sa ondredendan 

non erit solus 18. Ecce oculi Domini super tvmentes 

hine gehyhtende soSlice in mildheortnisse his Set 

eum sperantes autem in misericordia ejus 10. ut 

hege:: from deaSe sawle heara 7 foedeS hie in hungre 
eripiat a morte animas eorum et alat eos in fame 

sawnl soSlice ur abideS dryhten forSon fultum 
20. Anima autem nostra sustinet Dominum qujmiam adjutor 

7 gescildend ur is 7 in him biS geblissad heorte 

et protector noster es 21. et in ipsa laetabitur cor 

ur 7 in noman Seem halgan his we gehyhtaS 

nostrum et in nomine sancto ejus sperabimur 

sie dryhten mildheortnis Sin ofer us swe swe we ge- 
22. Fiat Domine misericordia tua super nos sicut spera- 

hyhtaS in Se 
bimus in te 


ic bledsiu dryhten in alle tid aa lof his in 

2. Benedicam Dominum in omni tempore semper lavs ejus in 

mutSe minum in dryhtne biS hered sawul min geheren 

ori meo 3. In Domino laudabitur anima mea audiant 

8a monSuerari 7 blissien micliaS dryhten mid me 7 

mansueti et laetentw/r 4. Magnificate Dominum mecum et 

uphebbaS we noman his betwinum ic sohte dryhten 

exaUemus nomen ejus in invieem 5. Inquisivi Dominum 

7 he geherde me 7 of allum geswencednissum minum generede 
et exaudivit me et ex omnibus tribulationibus meis eripmt 

me togenehlaecaS to him 7 bioS inlihte 7 ondwleotan 

me 6. Accedite ad eum et inluminammi et vultus 

eowre ne scomien $es Searfa cleopede 7 dryhten 

vestri non erubescent 7. Iste pauper clamavit et Dominus 

geherde hine 7 of allum geswencednissum his gefriode 
exaudivit eum et ex omnibus tribulationibus ejus liberavit 


hine insende engel dryhten in ymbhwyrfte ondredendra 

eum 8. Inmittit angelum Dominus in drcuitu timentium 

hine j genereS hie bergaS j gesiaS S&tte wynsum is 

eum et eripiet eos 9. Gustate et videte quoniam mavis est 

dryhten eadig wer se gehyhteS in hine ondredatt 

Dominus beatus vir qui sperat in eum 10. Timete 

dryhten alle halge his fortfon nowiht wonu biS 

Dominum omnes saneti ejus quoniam nihil deest 

Seem ondredendum hine weolie weSladon j hyn[g]radun 

timentfbus ewm 11. Divites eguerunt et eswnerunt 

♦socende soolice dryhten ne aspringaS amgum gode cumaS 
inquirentes autem Dominum non deficient omni bono 12. Venite 

beam geheraS me ege dryhtne* ic laeru eow hwelc is 

JUii audite me timorem Domini doeebo vos 13. Quis est 

mon se wile lif 7 willaS gesian dsegas gode bewere 

homo qui vult vitam et cupit videre dies bonos 14. Cohibe 

tungan Cine from yfle 7 weolnre Sylses spreoen facen 
linguam tuam a malo et labia tua ne loquantur dolum 

acer from yfle 7 doa god soec sibbe 7 fyl[g] tJa 

15. Diverts a malo et fac bonum inquire pacem et sequere earn 

egan dryhtnes ofer rehtwise 7 earan his to boene heara 

16. Oculi Domini super justos et aures ejus ad preoes eorum 

ondwleotan sotflice dryhtnes ofer tSa dondan yfel Set 

17. Vultus autem Domini super faeientes mala ut 

he forspilde of eortSan gemynd heara cleopedon 

perdat de terra memoriam eorum 18. Clamaverunt 

rehtwise 7 dryhten geberde hie 7 of allum geswencednissum 
justi et Dominus exaudivit eos et ex omnibus tribvla&ionibus 

heara gefrede hie neh is dryhten Cissum Ca 

eorum Uberavit eos 19. Juxta est Dominus his qui 

geswencedre sind on heortan 7 eaSmode on gaste gehaeleS 
tribukUo sunt eorde et humiles spiritu salvabit 

*mong *geswenced rehtwisra 7 of Sissum allum gefrea'S 
20. Multae tribulationes justorum et de his omnibus liberabit 

hie dryhten dryhten haldeS all ban heara an 

eos Dominus 21. Dominus eustodit omnia ossa eorum unum 

of Seem ne biS fordre.sted deaS synfulra se wyrresta 7 

ex ets non conteretur 22. Mors peccatorum pessima et 

8a 8a figaS tfone rehtwisan agyltaS aleseS dryhten 

qui oderunt justum delinquent 23. Redimet Dominus 


sawle Siowa bis 7 ne forleteS alle SatSe gehyhtao* 
animas servorum suorum et non delinquit omnes qui sperant 

in bine 
in cum 


doem dryhten tSa soeSSendan me oferfeht 8a onfehtendan mec 
Judica Domine nocentes me expugna inpugnantes me 

gegrip 1 wepen 7 sceld 7 aris in fultum me 
2. Adpraehende arma et scutum et exurge in adjutorium mihi 

ageot sweord 7 biluc wiS him oa oe me 

8. Effunde frameam et conclude adversus eos qui me per- 

oehtaS cweS to sawle minre hselu Sin ic earn sien 

eequuntur die animae meae Solus tua ego sum 4. Con- 

gescilde 7 onscunien feond mine oa soecaft sawle mine 
fundantur et revereantur inimici mei qui querunt animam meam 

sien forcerred on bee 7 scomien oa SencaS me yfel 
Avertantur reVrorsum et eruhescant qui cogitant mihi mala 

sien swe swe *dus biforan onsiene windes 7 engel 
5. Fiant tamquam pulvis ante faciem venti et angelus 

dryhtm* swencende hie sien wegas heara tJeostre 7 

Domini adJUgens eos 6. Fiant viae eorum tenebrae et 

*glidd 7 sengel dryhtw^a oehtende hie fortfon 

lubricum et angelus Domini persequens eos 7. Quoniam 

bi ungewyrhtufti ahyddon me forwyrd girene heara idellice 
gratis absconderunt mihi interitum laquei sui vanae 

edwittun sawle mine cyme him giren tSa 

exprobraverunt animam meam 8. Veniat illis laqueus quern 


hie neoton 7 geheftednis oa gedegladon gegripeS hie in 
ignorant et captio quam occultaverunt adpraehendat eos in 

girene ingefallen hie in $set ilee sawul soolice min gefiS 

laqueo incidant in id ipso 8. Anima autem mea exultabit 

in dryhtne 7 biS gelustftdlao* ofer haelu his all 

in Domino et delectabitur super salutare ejus 10. Omnia 

ban min cweodaS dryhten. hwelc gelic tSe genergende weolan 
ossa mea dicent Domme quis similis tibi eripiens inopem 

of honda strongran 9 his weolan 7 Searfan from 
de manu fortioris ejus egenum et pauperem a 

1 second g over kalf-er. letter. * ran over dotted e». 


$sem reafiendum hine arisende cytteras unrehte tSa 

rapientibus eum 11. Exsurgentes testes iniqui quae 

ic nysse frugnon mec 7 geedleanedun me yfel 

ignoratam interrogabant me et 12. retribuebant mihi mala 

fore godum 7 *unbeorednisse sawle minre ic sotSlice 

pro bonis et sterditatem animae meae 18. Ego autem 

Sonne me hefie werun ic gegerede mec mid heran 7 
dam mihi molesti essent induebam me cilicio et 

ic geeattmodade in festenne sawle mine 7 gebed min in *seate 
humUiabam in jejunio animam meam et oratio mea in sinu 

milium sie forcerred swe tfone nestan swe broSur urne 

meo convertitur 1 14. SiciU proximum stout Jratrem nostrum 

swe ic gelicie swe swe hiofende 7 geunrotsad swe 

ita eonplacebam tamquam lugens et contristatus ita 

ic wes geeaSmodad wiS me geblissade werun 7 

humiliabar 15. Adversum me laetati sunt et 

tosomne bicwomun gesomnadon in mec Srea 7 hie hit nyston 
eonvenerunt congregaverunt in me Jlagdla et ignoraverunt 

tolesde sind ne geinbryrde sind costadon mec 7 
16. Dissoluti sunt nee eonpuncti sunt temptaverunt me et 

bismeradon mid bismerunge grymetadon in mec mid toSum 
diriserunt derisu striderunt in me dentibus 

heara dryhten hwonne gelocas 8u gesete sawle mine 

suis 17. Domvne quando respicies restitue animam meam. 

from yfeldedum heara from % \ loom 8a angan mine 
a malefactis eorum a leonibus unicorn, meam 

ic ondetto tSe dryhtoi in cirican micelre in folce hefigum 
18. Confitebor tibi Domine in ecclesia magna in populo gravi 

ic hergu 8e t5»t ne ' bismerien in mec $a tSe wiSerbrociaft 

laudabo te 19. Ut non vnsultent in me qui adversantur 

me unrehtlice t5a tSe fiatS me bi ungewyrhtum 7 becnadon mid 
mihi inique qui oderunt me gratis et annuebant 

egum forVon me erne sibsumlice spreocaS 7 

oculis 20. Quoniam mihi quidem pacifice loquebantur et 

ofer eorre faecenlice Sohtun gebreddon in me muS 

super iram dolose cogitabant 21. Dilataverunt in me os 

his cwedon wel $e wel 8e gesegan egan ur Su gesege 

suum dixerunt Euge euge viderunt oculi nostri 22. mdisti 

1 i half-alt. to e. 


dryhfon ne swiga tfa dryhten ne gewit*t5 from me aris 

Domine ne sileas Domine ne discedas a me 23. Exsurge 

dryhten- 7 bihald dom minne god min 7 dryhten min 
Domine et intende judicium meum Deus meus et Dominus mens 

in intingan minne doem me dryhten efter 

in causam meam 24. Judica me Domine secundum 

mildheortnisse Sinre dryhten- god min J>«t ne bismerien in 
misericordiam tuam Domine Deus mens ut non vnsultent in 

mec feond mine ne cwetten in heortum heara wel $e 

me inimici met 26. nee dicant in cordihus suis Euge 

wel Se sawle ure ne cwetfen we forswelgat? hine 

euge animae nostras nee dicant Absorbuimus eum 

scomien 7 onscunien somud tfo blissiaft yflum 
26. Erubescant et revereantur simul qui gratulantur malts 

minam sien gerede scome 7 awescnisse Sa tSa miclan spreocaS 
meis induantur pudore et reverentia qui magna loquuntur 

wiS me gefiaft 7 blissiaS 8a willatJ *rehtwinisse 

adversum me 27. Exultent et laetentur qui volunt justitiam 

mine 7 cweotfotJ aa sie miclad dryhfan $a willaS 
meam et dicant semper Magnificetur Dominus qui volunt 

eibb Seowes bis ah 7 mid tungan min bit? smegende 

pacem servi ejus 28. Sed et lingua mea meditabitur 

rehtwisni88e Sine alne deg lof Sin 
justitiam tuam iota die laudem tuam 


cwetS 6e unrehtwisa tS&tte in him seolfam 1 nis 

2. Dixit injustus ut delinquat in semetipso non est 

ege godes biforan egum his fortfon faccenlice dyde in 

timor Dei ante oeulos ejus 3. Quoniam dolose egit in 

gesihSe his tfoet gemoette unrehtwisnisse his 7 laetSu 
conspectu ejus ut inveniret iniquitatem suam et odium 

word muSes his *unrehtwisse 7 facen nalde ongeotan $«t 
4. Verba oris ejus iniquitas et dolus noluit intdlegere ut 

wel dyde unrehtwisnisse smegende is in bedcleofan his 

bene ageret 6. iniquitatem meditatus est in cubili suo 

1 1 over er. f (?). 


setstod allum wege noht gode bete soSlice ne fiede 
Adstitit omni viae non bonae malitiam aviem non odivit 

drybtoi in heofene mildheortnis Sin 7 soSfestnis Sin oS 
6. Domine in eaelo misericordia tua et Veritas tua usque 

wolcen rebtwisnis Sin swe swe muntas godes domas Sine 

ad nubes 7. Justitia tua sicut monies Dei judicia tua 

niolnis micelu men 7 neat hale Su does dryhten 

abyssus multa Homines et jumenta salvos fades Domine 

to Saem gemete geuionigfaldade mildbeortnisse Sine god 
8. quemammodum muliiplicasti misericordias tuas Deus 

beam soSlice monna in gescildnisse fiSra Sinra ge- 
Filii autem hominum in protections alarum tuarum spe- 

byhtaS bioS geindrencte from breostum buses Sines 7 

rabunt 0. inebriabuntur ok ubertate domus tuae el 

burnan willan Sines drences bie forSon mid Se 

torrents voluntatis tuae potabis eos 10. Quoniam aput te 

is waelle lifes 7 in lehte Sinum we gesiaS leht 
est fons vitae et in lumini tuo videbimus lumen 

Sene mildbeortnisse Sine weotendum Sec 7 *rebwisnisse 
11. Praetende misericordiam tuam scientibus te et justitiam 

Sine Sissum Sa rebte sind on beortan ne cyme me fot 

tuam his qui recto sunt corde 12. Non veniat mihi pes 

oferbygde 7 hond synfulra ne onwendeS mec Ser 

8uperbiae et manus peccatorum non moveat me 13. Ibi 

gefeollun alle Sa Sa wircaS *unrebwisnis8e onweg adrifene sind 
eeciderunt omnes qui operantur iniquitatem expulsi sunt 

ne bie maegon stondan 
nee potuerunt stare 


nyl Su elnian betwib awergde ne elnende Su sie 
Noli aemulari inter malignances neque aemulatus fueris 

donde unrehtwisnisse forSon swe swe heg hreSlice 

facientes iniquitatem 2. Quoniam tamquam faenum velociter 

adrugiaS 7 swe swe leaf wyrta breSe fallaS gebybt in 

orescent et sicut holera herbarum cito cadent 3. Spera in 

dryhtna 7 doa godnisse 7 inearda eorSan 7 Su bist foeded 
Domino et fae bonitatem et inhabita terram et jyasceris 


in weolum hire gelustfulla in dryhtne 7 seleS Se 

in divitiis ejus 4. Delectare in Domino et dabii tibi 

boene heortan Sinre onwrili dryhtne *wig Sinne 7 

petitiones cordis tui 5. Revela Domino viam tuam et 

gehyht in hine 7 he doeS 7 utaledeS swe swe leht 

spera in eum et ipse /octet 6. Et educet tamquam lumen 

rehtwisnisse Sine 7 dom Sinne swe on midne deg 

justiUam tuam et judicium tuurn sicut meridie 

underSioded bio Su dryhtne 7 halsa hine ne elnende Su sie 
7. Subditus esto Domino et obsecra eum ne aemulcUus fueris 

hine se bit! gesundfullad in wege his in men dondum 
eum qui prosperatur in via sua in homine faciente 

unrebtwisnisse blin 1 from eorre 7 forlet hatheortnisse ne 

iniquitaiem 8. Desine ab ira et derelinque furorem ne 

elna Su J?sette nohtlice Su doe forSon Sa nohtlice 

aemuleris ut nequiter facias 0. Quoniam qui nequiter 

doS biaS abreotte Sa soSlice abidaS dryhten he 
agunt exterminabuntur qui veto expectant Dominum ipsi 

erfewordni8se gesittaS eorSan lytel nuget 7 ne 

hereditate possidebunt terram 10. PusiUum adhuc et non 

biS se synfulla 7 soeces stowe his ne Su ^gemotes 
erU peccator et quaeris locum ejus nee invenies 

Sa monSuaeran soSlice gesittaS eorSan 7 bioS gelustfullade 
1L Mansueti autem possidebunt terram et delectabuntur 

in menge sibbe haldeS se synfulla Sone rehtwisan 7 

in muUitudine pacts 12. Observabit peccator justum et 

grymetad ofer hine mid toSum his dryhten soolice 

frement super eum dentibus suis 13. Domvnus autem 

bismeraS hine forSon gelocaS S«t cymeS deg his 
inridebit eum quoniam prospicU quod veniet dies ejus 

sweord gebrugdun oa synfuilan Senedon bogan his 
14. Gladium evaginaverunt peccatores tetenderunt arcum suum 

S»t hie awurpen weSlan 7 Searfan Seet hie cwaelmen Sa reht- 
ut dejiciant inopem et pauperem ut trucident rectos 

heortan sweord heara ingaeS in heortan heara 7 boga 

cords 15. Oladius eorum intret in cor ipsorum et arcus 

heara biS forSrested bettre is lytel Seem rehtwisan 

eorum conteratur 16. Melius est modicum justo 

1 bl:in rubbed; may have been Minn, as Stevenson reads. 


ofer weolan synfulra monge fortfon earm 

super divitia8 peccatorum mtdtas 17. Quoniam bracchia 

synfulra sien for'Sreste'S getrymeS sotflice $a rehtwisan dryhten. 
peccatorum conterentur confirmat autem justos Dominus 

wat dryhten weagas unwemra 7 erfewordnis heara 
18. Novit Dominus vias inmaculatorum et hereditas eorum 

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peribunt Inimici autem Domini mox honorati et exaltati 

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juerint deficientes ut fumus deficient 21. Mutuatur 

se synfulla 7 ne onleseS se rehtwisa* soSlice mildsaS 7 
peccator et non solvit Justus autem miseretur et 

geSwaeraS forSon bledsiende hine gesittaS eorSan 

commodat 22. Quoniam benedicentes eum possidebunt terram 

wercweoSende so&lice hine forweorSaS from dryhtne 

maledicentes autem Mum disperient 23. A Domino 

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gressus hominis dirigenPur et viam ejus cupiet nimis 

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24. Cum ceciderU Justus non conturbabitur quia Dominus 

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saeculum saeculi 28. Quoniam Dominus amat judicium et 

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non derelinquit sanctos suos in aetemum conservabuntur 

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Injusti autem punientur et semen unpiorum 

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peribit 29. Justi vero hereditate possidebunt 

eorSan 7 ineardiaS in weoruld weorulde ofer hie 
terrain et inhabitabunt in saecuium saeculi super earn 

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30. Os justi meditabitur sapientiam et lingua ejus 

spriced dom ae godes his in heortan his 7 ne 

loquitur judicium 31. Lex Dei ejus in corde ipsius et non 

bioS gescrencte gongas his sceawaS * se synfulla 

supjdantabuntur gressus ejus 32. Considerat peccator 

Sone rehtwisan 7 soeceS forspildan hine dryhten soSlice 

justum et querit perdere eum 33. Dominus autem 

ne forleteS hine in hondum his ne genideraS 1 hine Sonne 
non derelinquet eum in manibus ejus nee damnabit eum cum 

bitS *omed him abid dryhten 7 gehald wegas his 

judicabitur till 34. Exspecta Dominum et custodi vias ejus 

7 hefeS up Se J>aet $u ineardie eorSan Sonne forweorSaS 
et exaltabU te ut inhabited terram cum periant 

Sa synfullan Su gesist s san upahefenne 7 

peccatores videbis 36. V . .* mpium superexaltatum et 

upahefenne ofer cederbeamas Libani 7 ic leorde 7 sehSe ne 
elevatum super cedros 36. Et transivi et ecce non 

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erat et quaesivi eum et non est inventus locus ejus 

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3X Custodi veritatem et vide aequitatem quoniam sunt re- 
late m$nn 8 tfaem sibsuman Sa unrehtan soSllce forweorSaS 
liquioe homini pacifieo 38. Injusti autem disperient 

somnd lafe arleasra forweorSaS haelu soSlice 

simul reliquiae impiorum peribunt 39. Solus autem 

rehtwisra from dryhtne is 7 gescildend heara is on tid 
justorum a Domino est et protector eorum est in tempore 

ges winces 7 gefultumeS hie dryhtew 7 gefreoS hie 

tribulationis 40. Et adjuvabit tos Dominus et liberabit eos 

7 genereS hie from synfullum 7 hale gedoeS hie forSon 
et eripist eos a peccatoribus et salvos faciei eos quoniam 

gehyhton in hine 
speraverunt in eum 

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2. Domine ne in ira tua arguas me neque in 

hatheortnisse Sinre geSrea mec forfton strele Sine 

furore tuo corripias me 3. Quoniam sagittae tuae 

gefestnade sind me 1 7 getrymedes ofer mec hond Sine 
infixae sunt mihi et confirmasti super me man/am tuam 

ne is haelu in flesce minum *fro o[n]dwleatan eorres 

4. Nee est sanitas in carne mea a vultu irae 

Sines ms sib banum minum from onsiene synna minra 
tuae non est pax ossibus meis a facie peccatorum meorum 

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sicut onus grave gravatae sunt super me 

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6. Conputruerunt et deterioraverunt cicatrices meae a facie 

unwisdomes mines ermSum geswenced ic earn 7 gedroefed 

insipientiae meae 7. Miseriis afflict/us sum et turbatus 

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sum usque in finem tota die contristatus ingrediebar 

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8. Quoniam anima mea conpleta est inlusionibus et non est 

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sanitas in carne mea 0. Incurbatus sum et humUiatus 

ic earn a bu lenge swiSu(r) 4 ic grymetede from geamrunge 
sum usquequaque rugiebam a gemitu 

beortan minre 7 biforan Se is all lust 5 min 7 

cordis mei 10. et ante te est omne desiderium meum et 

gemrung min* from Se nis abyded beorte min 

gemit/us meus a te non est absconditus 1L Cor meum 

gedroefed is in me 7 forleort mec strengu min 7 lebt 
conturbatum est in me et deseruit me fortitudo mea et lumen 

egena minra jais mid me *freod mine 7 Sa nestan 

oculorum meorum non est mecum 12. Amid mei et proximi 

1 er. be/ore e. * vel rotedan added later. s vel geeadmet added 

later. * rubbed out ; vel agehwser added later. • vel gewilnuDg added 


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mei adversum me adpropiaverunt et steterunt et proximi mei 

feor stodon 7 ned dydun Sa sobton sawle 

a longe steterunt 13. Et vim faciebcmt qui querebant animam 

mine 7 tSa sohton yfel me spreocende werun idelnisse 
meam et qui inquirebant mala mihi locuti sunt vanitatem 

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et dolos iota die meditabantur 14. Ego autem velut 

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surdus non audiebam et sicut mutus qui non aperiet os 

his 7 geworden ic earn swe swe mon no geberrende 

suum 15. Et foetus sum ut homo non audiens 

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et nonliaSens in ore suo increpationem 16. Quoniam in te 

dryhtew. ic gehyhte ic cweS Su geheres dryhten god min 
Domine speravi dixi Tu exaudies Domine Deus meus 

forSon ic cweS ne [a]h[w]onne bismerien in mec feond mine 
17. Quia dixi Ne quando insultent in me inimici mei 

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et dum commoverentur pedes mei in me magna locuti 

sind fortfon ic to tfream gearu ic earn 7 sar 

sunt 18. Quoniam ego ad fiagella paratus sum et dolor 

min biforan me is aa forSon *unrehtwisnis8 mine 

metis ante me est semper 19. Quoniam iniquitatem meam 

ic fortfeegega 7 Senco fore scylde minre feond 

ego pronunUo et eogitabo pro peccato meo 20. Inimici 

soolice mine lifgaS 7 gestrongade sind ofer me 7 
autem mei vivent et con/ortati sunt super me et 

gemonigfaldade sind 3a 8e fi&lon mec unrehtlice Sa 

muUiplioati sunt qui oderunt me inique 2L Qui 

geedleanedon * me yfel fore godum teldon 4 me fortfon 
retribuebant mihi mala pro bonis detrahebant mihi quoniam 

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subsecutus • sum justitiam 22. Ne derelinquas me 

dryhtea god min ne gewit "Su from me bihald in 

Domine Deus meus ne discesseris a me 23. intends in 

foltum minne dryhten god *halu minre 
adjutorium meum Domine Deus salutis meae 

1 herde on the er. in late hand, * vel fela added later. s vel aguldoa 
added later * hi be/ore teldon in later hand. 



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2. Dixi Custodiam vias meas ut non delinquam in 

tungan minre ic sette muSe minum gehaeld Sonne gestondeS 
lingua mea Posui ori meo custodiam dum consistU 

se synfulla wiS me ic adumbade 7 geeaSmodad ic earn 

peceator adversus me 8. Obmutui et humiliatus sum 

7 ic swigade from godum 7 sar min geedneowad is 

et silui a bonis et dolor meus renovatus est 

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4. Concaluit cor meum intra me et in meditatione mea 

born fyr spreocende ic earn in tungan minre cuS me 

exardescit ignis 6. Locutus sum in lingtHa mea notum mihi 

doa dryhten ende minne 7 rim deega minra hwelc is 
fac JDomine finem meum et numerum dierum meorum quia est 

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ut sciam quid desit mihi 6. Ecce veteres posuisti dies 

mine 7 spoede mine swe swe nowiht biforan Se biS ah 
meos et substantia mea tamquam nihil ante te est Verum 

hweSre al idelnis ylc mon lifgende SaebSe in 

tamen universa vanitas omnis homo vivens 7. quanquam in 

onlicnisse godes gonge mon hweSre idellice biS gedroefed 
imagine Dei ambulet homo tamen vane conturbabitur 

goldhordaS 1 7 nat hweem gesomnaS Sa 7 nu hwet 

Thesaurizat et ignorat cui congregat ea 8. et nunc quae 

is bad min ahne dryhten 7 sie spoed min biforan Se 
est expectatio mea Nonne Dominus et substantia mea ante te 

is from alium unrehtwisnissum minum genere mec 

est 9. Ab omnibus iniquitatibus meis eripe me 

edwit Seem unwisan Su 2 saldes mec ic adumbade 7 

opprobrium insipienti dedisti me 10. Obmutui et 

ne ontynde muS minne forSon Su dydest awend from *e 

non aperui os meum quoniam tu fecisti 11. Amove a me 

witu Sin from strengu soSlice honda Sine ic asprong 

plagas tuas 12. a fortitudine enim manus tuae ego defect 

in Sreangum s fore unrehtwisnisse Su Sreades mon 

in increjKUionibus Propter iniquitatem corripuisti hominem 

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et tabescere f triad aicut aranea animam ejus Verum 
hweSre all idelnis ylo mon Mifgen geher god 

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gebed niin 7 boene mine mid earum onfoh 

orationem meam et deprecationem meam aurUrun ™™™ 

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lacrimas mens ne aUeas a me Quoniam incola 
mid Se in eorSan 7 elSeoSig swe awe alle fed 
aput ie in terra et peregrinus sicut omnes pat 
forletaS me 5»t ic sie gccocled ear Son ic 
14. Bemitte mihi ut refrigerer priusquam a 

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amplina non ero 


bidende ic abad dryhten 7 gelocade me 
2. Expectana expectavi Dominion et reapexit mi 
geberde boene mine 7 ut alaedde mec 

txaudivit deprecationem meam et edttxit me 

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miseriae et de luto feci* Et statuit super petratn p 
7 gerec : : : h to gongaa mine 7 infertile in mu 

et direxil ffressus meos 4. et inmisii in ot 

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cantieum novum hymnum Deo noatro Videbunt 
ondredaS 7 gebyhtaS in dryhtne eadig wer 

timebunt et aperobwnt in Domino 5. Beaiua vir 

noma dryhknea hyht his 7 ne gelocaS in idelnif 
nomen Domini apet ejus et non reapexit in vanitoi 
*woedenbeortnisse lease feolu Su dydes Su dry! 

insanias falsa* 6. Multa fecieti til Don. 
min wundur Sin 7 geSohtum Sinum nis hwi 
mem mirabUia tua et cooitaiiomibua tuia non est qu 
Se ic aegde 7 apreocende ic earn gemonigfaldade a 

tibi Annnntiovi et loeutua sum multiplicali ». 
rim onaegdniSBe 7 onsegdniase naldea Su 

rnvmerum 7. sacrijidum et oblationem noluisti 
aoSlice Su gefremedes me onsegdnisso ec swelce fore 
autem perfecisti mihi ffotoeausta etiam pro 


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non 2>ostulasti 8. tunc dixi Ecce venio In capite libri 

awriten is bi me Sset ic doe willan Sinne god 

scriptum est de me 9. ut faeiam voluntatem tuam Deus 

min ic walde 7 ae Sine in midle heortan minre wel 

mens volui et legem tuam in medio cordis met 10. Bene 

ic segde rehtwisnisse. Sine in cirican micelre sehSe weolure 
nuntiavi justitia/m tuam in ecclesia magna ecce labia 

mine J ic ne biwergu dryhten Su oncneowe *rehtwinisse 

mea non jyrohibebo Domine tu cognovisti 11. justitiam 

Sine ic ne ahydde in heortan minre soSfestnisse Sine 7 
tuam non abscondi in cords meo verUatem tuam et 

haelu Sine ic segde ne hel ic mildheortnisse Sine 7 
8altUarem tuum dixi Non celavi misericordiam tuam et 

soSfestnisse Sine from gesomnonge micelre Su soSlice 

veritatem tuam a synagoga multa 12. Tu autem 

dryhten nales feor doa Su mildheortnisse Sine from *e mildheortnis 
Domine ne longe facias misericordias tuas a me misericordia 

Sin 7 soSfestnis Sin aa onfengun me forSon 

tua et Veritas tua semper susciperunt me 13. Quoniam 

ymbsaldon me yfel Seara ne wes rim bi- 

circumdederunt me mala quorum non est* numerus con- 

fengon me unrehtwisnisse mine 7 ic ne maehte Saet 
praehenderunt me vniquitcUes meae et non pofad ut 

ic gesege gemonigfaldade sind ofer loccas *heasdes mines 7 
viderem Multiplicati sunt super captllos capitis mei et 

heorte min forleort me gelicaS Se dryhten Sset 

cor meum dereliquit me 14. Conplaceat tibi Domine ut 

Su generge mec dryhten in fultum minne geloca 
eriphas me Domine in auxilium meum respice 

sien gescende 7 onscunien somud Sa Se soecaS sawle 
15. Confundantur et reveriantur simul qui quaerunt animam 

mine Sset hie afirren hie sien forcerred on bee 7 s[c]omien 
meam ut auferant earn Avertantur retrorsum et erubescant 

Sa SencaS me yfel forSberen sona scome 

qui cogitant mihi mala 16. Ferant confestim confusionem 

his Sa cweoSaS me wel S» * wel Se gefen 7 

suam qui dicunt mihi Euge euge 17. ExuUent et 

1 minne ; first n dotted. 2 altered from some other Utter. 


blissien $a soecaS Sec dryhten 7 cweoSaS aa sie gemiclad 
laetentur qui quaerunt te Domine et dicant semper Magnificetur 

dryhten Sa lufiaS haelu Sine ic soSlice weSla 

Dominus qui diligunt salutare tuum 18. Ego veto egenus 

7 Searfa ic earn dryhten gemnisse hafaS min fultum min 7 
et pauper sum Dominus curatn habet met adjtUor metis et 

gefrigend min wes *Se dryhten ne leata Su 
liberator mens es tu Domine ne tardaveris 


eadig se ongiteS ofer weSlan 7 Searfan in dege 
2. Beatus qui inteUegit super egenum et pauperem in die 

yflum gefreaS hine dryhten dryhten gehaldeS bine 7 

mala liberabit eum Dominus 3. Dominus conservet eum et 

*gelifesteS hine 7 eadigne gedoeS hine 7 geclasnaS in eorSan 
vivificet eum et beatum faciet eum et mundet . in terra 

sawle his 7 ne seleS hine in hond *feond his 
animam ejus et non tradat eum in manus inimici ejus 

dryhten weolan bireS him ofer bed sares his 
4. Dominus opem ferat illi super ledum doloris ejus uni- 

alle strene his Su gecerdes in *untrynisse his ic 

versum stratum ejus versasti in infirmitate ejus 5. Ego 

ic cweS dryhten mildsa min hael sawle mine forSon 
dixi Domine miserire mei sana animam meam quia 

ic syngade Se feond mine cwedon yfel me hwonne 

peccavi tibi 6. Inimici mei dixerunt mala mihi Quando 

swilteS 7 forweorSeS noma his 7 inneodan tSaet 

morietur et periet nomen ejus 7. Et ingrediebantur ut 

hie gesegen Sa idlan spreocende wes heorte heara gesomnadon 
viderent vana loeutum est cor eorum congregaverunt 

unreht him 7 uteodon ut 7 werun spreocende somud 
iniquitatem sibi Et egrediebatur foras et loqioebatur 8. svmul 

in *ani8se hyspton alle feond mine wiS me 1 

in unum susurrabunt Omnes inimici mei adversum me 

Sohton yfel me word unreht onbudun wiS 

cogitabant mala mihi 9. verbwm iniquum mandaverunt adversum 

me ah se hneapaS to ne geeceS J>eet arise 7 

me Num quid qui dormit non adiciet ut resurgat 10. et 

1 repeated. 



soClice mon sibbe minre in Seem ic gehyhte se Se et hlafas 
enim homo pads meae in quo sperabam qui edebai panes 

mine gemonigfaldade wiS me gescrencedniase Su 

meos ampliavit adversum me supplantationem XL Tu 

sotflice dryhtew. mildsa min 7 awece me 7 ic geedleaniu him 
autem Domine miserire mei et resuscita me et retribuam iUis 

in Sissum ic oncneow tfaette Su waldes mec forCon ne 
12. In hoc cognovi quoniam voluisti me quia non 

gefitS se feond min ofer me for&on unsceSfolnisse 

gaudebit inimicus meus super me 13.' Propter innocentiam 

soSlice 1 mine tSu onfenge mec 7 getrymedes mec in gesihSe 
autem meam suscepisti me et confirmasti me in conspectu 

Sinre in ecnisse gebledsad dryhten god from 

tuo in aeternum 14. Benedictus Dominus Deus Israhel a 

weorulde 7 08 in weoruld sie sie 
saeculo et usque in saeculum fiat fiat 


awe awe beorut gewillaS to waellum wetra sw§ 

2. Sicut cervus desiderat ad fontes aquarum ita 

gewillaS sawul min to Se god "SyrsteS sawul min 

desiderat anima mea ad te Deus 3. Sitivit anima mea 

to gode tfaem lifgendan hwonne ic cyme 7 oteawe biforan 
ad Deum vivum quando veniatn et parebo ante 

*onsien godes werun me tearas mine hlafas 

faciem Dei 4. Fuerunt mihi laerimae meae panes 

deges 7 naehtes Sonne biS cweden to me deghweemlice hwer 
die ae node dum dicitur mihi cotidie Ubi 

is god Sin Sas gemyndig ic earn 7 ageat in me 

est Deus tuus 6. Haec reeordatus sum et effudi in me 

sawle mine forSon ic inga in stowe geteldes 
animam meam quoniam ingrediar in locum tabernaculi 

wundurlic 0$ *godes hus godes in stefne wynsumnisse 
ammirabUis usque ad domum Dei in voce exultationis 

7 ondetnisse swoeg symbliendes forhwon unrot earSu 

et confessionis sonus aepulantis 6. Quare tristis es 

sawul min 7 *forhon gedroefdes Su me gehyht in 
anima mea et quare conturbas me spera in 

1 i over e. 


gode forSon ic ondetto him haelu ondwlitan *minis 
Deum quoniarri confitebor itti salutare vultus mei 

7 god min from me seolfum sawul min gedroefed 
7. et Deus meus A me ipso anima mea turbata 

is forSon gemyndig ic biotn Sin dryhten of eorSan 
est propterea memor ero tui Do/mine de terra 

7 from munte Saem lytlan niolnis 

Jordanis et Hermonis a monte modico 8. Abyssus 

niolnisse geceS in stefne Seotena 1 Sinra all 

abyssum invocat in voce cataraetarum tuarum omnia 

Sa hean Sin 7 ySe Sine ofer mec leordun in 

excelsa tua et JlucPus tui super me transierunt 9. In 

dege onbead dryhten mildheortnisse his 7 on naeht 
die mandavit Dominus miserieordiam suam et nocte 

gebirhte mid mec *gebe gode mines lifes ic cweoSu 

declaravit Aput me oratio Deo vitas meae 10. dieam 

gode ondfenga min Su earS forhwon mec ofergeotul earS 
Deo Susceptor meus es Quare me oblitus es 

7 forhwon mec onweg adrife Su 7 forhwon unrot ic ingaa 
et quare me reppfulisti et quart tristis incedo 

Sonne swenceS mec fiond Sonne hioS gebrocen 

dum affligit me inimicus U. Dum confringuntur 

all ban min edwiton mec Sa swencaS mec 

omnia ossa mea exprobraverunt me qui tribulant me 

Sonne biS cweden to me Sorh syndrie dsegas hwer is 
dum dicitur mihi per singulos dies Ubi est 

god Sin forhwon unrot earSu sawul min 7 

Deus twus 12. Quare tristis es anima mea et 

forhwon gedroefes Su mec gehyht in god forSon ic on- 
quare conturbas me spera in Deum quoniam eonfi- 

detto him haelu ondwleotan mines 7 god min 
tebor illi salutare vultus mei et Deus meus 


doem mec god 7 toscad intingan minne of Seode 

Judica me Deus et diseeme causam meam de gente 

noht haligre from men unrehtum 7 facnum genere me 

non sancta ab homine iniquo et doloso eripe me 

1 a over e. 


forSon Sn ear5 god mm 7 strengu mill forhwon 
3. Quia tu, es 7)«u« niercs et fortitudo mea quart 
me onweg adrife Su 7 forhwon unrot ic inga Sonne 
m« reppuligti et quote tristit incedo dum, 

<rc,*,..«,X mec ge feond onsend leht Sin 7 aoS- 

me inimieut 3. Emitle Xueem tuam et cert- 

Sine Me mec 'gelaedon 7 togelaeddon in 
tuam ipsa me dedusoerunt et in 
Seem halgan Sinum 7 in getelde Sinum 

sanelo two et in tabernaado two 

;a& to wibede godeB to gode bo gebliasaS 
ibo ad altare Dei ad Devm qui laritficat 
mine ic ondetto Se in citran god god min 
n meam Confitobor tibi in evthara Dew Dene mew 
n unrot earSu sawul min 7 forhwon gedroefes 1 
tristis es anima mea et quare canturbat 

pht in god forSon ic ondottn him liaelu 
ra in Deum quoniam confittbor Hit galutare 
in mines 7 god min 
mei et Dew mew 

mid earum urum we geherdun 7 fedras nre 

auribus nostris audivimw el patree nostri 

an ub were Seet wirceude Su earS in deegmn 

verunt nobis Opus quod operatu* es ■ in diebus 

in dregum Seem alldum honda Sins Seode 

in diebus antiquis 3. Manus tuae* gentes 

7 Su geplantadee hie Sd *swentes folc 7 

et planlatti eos oAfiixisti populot et 

rife hie nales BoSlice in sweorde his 

\i eos 4. Nee enim in gladio suo 

i eorSan 7 earm heara ne gehadeS hie 

nt terram et bracchium eorum non aalvabit eos 

BwiSre Sin 7 earm Sin 7 inlihtnie 

extera tua et bracchium tuum et inlwminatio 

>tan Sines forSon gelicade Se in him Su 

tat quoniam coaplaeuit libi in Wis 5. Tu 


earS se 1 ilea cyning rain 7 god min Su onbude 
es ipse rex mens et Deus meus qui manias 

haelu in Se fiond ure we windwiaS 

salutem Jacob 6. In te inimicos nostros ventilavimus 

7 in noman Sinum we forhycgaS arisende in us 
et in nomini tuo spemimus insurgentes in no* 

nales 8 soSlice 8 in bogan minum ic gehyhto 7 sweord 
7. Non enim in arcu meo sperabo et gladius 

min ne gehaeleS me Su gefreades soSlice usic of 

meus non salvabit me 8. Liberasti enim nos ex 

Saem swencendum usic 7 Sa 8a usic fiedon Su gestea- 
adfligentibus nos et eos qui nos oderunt confu- 

SelaSes in gode we bioS *here aline deg 7 in 

disti 9. In Deo laudabimur tota die et in 

noman Sinum we ondettaS in weorulSe nu soSlice 

nomini tuo conJUebimur in saecula 10. Nunc autem 

onweg ad rife 7 Su ge&cendes 4 usic 7 ne gsest god in 

reppulisti et eonfudisti nos et non egredieris Deus in 

megnum urum Su forcerdes usic on bee fore 

virtutibus nostris XL Avertisti nos retrorsum prae 

fiondum urum 7 Sa Sa usic fiedon gereafadon him 
inimicis nostris et eos qui nos oderunt diripiebant sibi 

Su saldes usic swe swe seep metta 7 in *Seodu 
12. Dedisti nos tamquam oves escarum et in gentibus 

Su to8trugde usic Su bibohtes 6 folc Sin butan 

dispersisti nos 13. Vendedisti populum tuum sine 

weorSe 7 ne_ wes mengo in onwendednissum heara 

praetio et non fuit multitudo in commutationibus eorum 

Su settes usic in edwit nehgehusum urum mid 
14. Posuisti nos in opprobrium vicinis nostris de- 

bismerunge 7 forhogadnisse Sissum Sa in *ymhwyrfte urum 
risu et contemptu his qui in circuitu nostro 

sin(d) 6 Su settes usic in gelicnisse Siodum on- 

sunt 15. Posuisti nos in similitudinem gentibus com- 

wendnisse heaf [dies we gefyllaS alne deg scomu 

motionem capitis in plebibus 16. Tota die verecundia 

min wiS me is 7 gedroefednis ondwleotan mines oferwrah 
mea contra me est et con/usio vultus mei operuit 

1 er. after s. * 1 on other letter. * c over dotted 8. 4 s (?) 

er. before g. 5 first bfrom h. • cut off. 


mec from stefne *e$wetendes 7 *witfepreocen from 

me 17. A voce exprobrantis et obloquentis a 

onsiene feondes 7 oehtendes tSas all cwomun 

facie inimici et persequentis 18. Haec omnia venerunt 

ofer usic 7 ofergeotele we ne sind Cec 7 unrehtlice 
super nos et obliti non sumus te et inique 

we ne dot$ in cySnisse Sinre 7 ne gewat on bee 

non egimu8 in testamento tuo 19. et non recessit retro 

heorte ur 7 Su onhseldes stige ure from -wege 

cor nostrum Et declinasti semitas nostras a via 

Sinum forSon Su geeaSmodades usic in stowe 

tua 20. quoniam humiliasti nos in loco 

geswinces 7 oferwrab usic scua deaSes gif 

afflictionis et operuii nos umbra mortis 21. Si 

ofergeotulse 1 we sind noma godes ures 7 gif we 
obliti sumus nomen Dei nostri et si ex- 

afSennaS honda ure to gode Stem fremSan ah ne 

pandimu8 manus nostras ad deum alienum 22. Nonne 

god soeceS Sas he sotflice wat Sa deglan heortan 
Deus requvrit ista ipse enim novit occulta cordis 

fortfon fore ?Se mid dea&e we bia$ geswencte alne deg 
Quoniam propter te morte afficimur tota die 

getalde we sind swe swe seep ofslegenisse aris 

aeslvmati sumus ut oves occisionis 23. Exurge 

forhwon *heppas 2 tSu dryhten aris ne forspild 8u usic 08 
quart obdormis Domine exurge ne repellas nos usque 

ende forhwon onsiene Sine 8u forcerrest Cu ofer- 

infinem 24. Quare faciem tuam avertis obli- 

geotelas wedelnisse ure 7 geswencednisse ure 

visceris inopiam nostram et tribulationem nostram 

forSon geeaSmodad is in dustSe sawul ur 
25. Quoniam humiliata est in ptdvere anima nostra 

eetfalh in eorSan womb ur aris dryhten geful- 

adhesit in terra venter noster 26. Exurge Domine ad- 

tume us 7 gefrea us fore *nomen "Sinum 
juva nos et libera nos propter nomen tuum 

1 id from u. • h from some other letter. 



roccetteS heorje min word god ic cweoSu ic were 

2. Eructuavit cor meum verbum bonum dico ego opera 

min cyninge tunge min hreod *writ hreSlice writendes 
mea regi Lingua mea calamus scribae velociter scribentis 

wlitig on hiowe fore bearnum *mona x togoten is 

3. Specio8U8 forma prae JUiis hominum diffusa est 

geofu in weolerum Sinum forSon bledsade Se god 
gratia in labiis tuis Propterea benedixit te Deus 

in ecnisse begyrd sweord Sin *ym lendan 

m aeternum 4. accingere gladium tuum circa femur 

Sa maehtgestan heow Sin 7 fegernisse Sine 

potentissime 6. Speciem tuam et pulchritudinem tuam 

beha[l]d gesundfullice forSgaa 7 ricsa fore soSfestnisse 
intends prospers procede et regna Propter veritatem 

7 monSwernisse 7 rechtwisnisse 7 gelaedeS Sec wundur- 
et mansuetudinem et justitiam et deducet te mira- 

lice sie swiSre Sin strele Sine scearpe Sa 

bUiter dextera tua 6. Sagittae tuae acutae poten- 

maehtgestan folc under Se fallaS in keortan fionda 
tissime populi sub te cadent in corde inimicorum 

cyninges seld Sin god in weoruld weorulde gerd 

regis 7. Sedis tua Deus in saeculum sueculi virga 

reht is *ger rices Sines Su lufedes rehtwisnisse 7 

recta est virga regni tui 8. DUexisti justitiam et 

feodes unrehtwisnisse forSon smirede Sec god god Sin 
odisti iniquitatem propterea unxit te Deus Deus tuus 

midele blisse fore gefoerraedennnm Sinum myrre 7 

oleo laetitiae prae consortibus tuis 9. Mirra et 

dropa 7 smiring from hreglum Sinum from stepum 
gutta et cassia a vestimentis tuis a gradibus 

elpanbaennum of Seem dec geluetfulladun dohtur 

eburneis ex quibus te delectaverunt 10. Jiliae 

cyninga in are Sinre aetstod cwoen to swiSran Sire 
regum in honors tuo Adstitit regina a dextris tuis 

in gegerelan bigyldum ymbswapen *misenlicnisse geher 

in vestitu deaurato circumamicta varietate U. Audi 

1 from mom. 



[PS. 45. 

Sin 7 forget 
tuam et obliviscere 

12. Quoniam 

is dryhten 

Tyri in 

alle weolie 
Vultum tuum deprecabuntur omnes divites 

all wuldur his dobtur cyning from innan 

dohtur 7 geseh 7 onbaeld eare 
JUia et vide' et inclina aurem 

folc Sin 7 gehusscipe feadur Sines 

populum tuum it domum patris tui* 

gewillade cyning hiow *Sin forSon he 

eoncupivit rex apeciem tuam quia ipse est Dominus 

god Sin 7 weorSiaS hine dohtur Ses londes in 

JDeus tuua et adorabunt eum 13. JUiae 

gefum ondwleotan Sinne biddaS 



plebis 14. omnis gloria ejus JUiae regwm ah intus 

in feasum gyldnum ymbswapen *misenlicnisse sien 

In fimbriis aureis 15. circumamicta varietate Ad- 

togelaeded cyninge femnan efter Son Sa nestan his 
dueentur regi virgines post earn proximae ejus 

sien tobroht Se in blisse 7 wynsumnisse sien 

adferentur tibi 16. in laetitia et exultations ad- 

togelaeded in tempel cyninges fore feodrum Sinum 

dueentur in templum regis 17. Pro patribus tuis 

acende eind Ce beam Su gesetes hie aldermen ofer 
nati sunt tibi JUii constitues eos principes super 

alle eorSan gemyndge bioS noman Sines in 

orrmem terram 18. Memores erunt nominis tui in 

ylcre cneorisse 7 cynne forSon folc ondet- 

omni generations et progeniae Propterea populi confite- 

taS Se in ecnisse 7 in weoruld weorulde 
buntur tibi in aetemum et in saeculum saeculi 


god nr geberg 7 megen fultum in geswenced- 
2. Deus noster refugium et virtus adjutor in tribulation- 

nissum 1 Sa *gemoetun usic swiSe forSon we ne ondredaS 

ibus quae invenerunt nos nimis 3. Propterea non timebimus 

Sonne biS *gedroed eorSe 7 bioS forcerred muntas in heortan 
dum conturbabitur terra et transferentur monies in cor 

sees hleoSradan 7 gedroefde werun weter his gedroefde 

maris 4. Sonaverunt et tv/rbatae sunt aquae ejus conturbati 

1 urn over e. 

PS. 46.] VKBPA81AN PSALTER. 251 

werun muntas in ryrhtu his flodes onraes geblissa'5 

sunt monies in fortitudine ejus 5. Fluminis impetus laetificat 
cestre godes gebalgaS geteld his se hmfat 

civiUitem Dei sanctificavit tabemaeulum suum all 
god in midle his ne biS onstyred gefultumi 

6. Deus in medio ejus non commovebitur Adjuvam 
god mid ondwleatan his gedroefde *sin Seade j o 

Deus vuitu sua 7. conlurbatae sunt gentes el w 

eiud rice ealde Btefae his Be hesta 7 onstyred ii 
sunt regna dedit voosm suam Altissimus et mota es 
dry h tew megoa mid ub ondfenga ur god 

8. Dominus virtutum nobiscum susceptor noster Deus 
cutnaS 7 gcsiaffi were drybtmes Sa *aete tacen 

9. Venite et videle opera Domini quae posuit predigit 
earSan afirrende gefeht 08 oS endas eorSan 
terrain 10. Auferens beila usque ad fines terras 
forpreste 1 7 gebricetS wepen 7 sceldas forbernetS 
eonteret et eonfringet arma et scuta conburet 

aemctgiaS 7 gesiaS fnrSon ic earn d 

11. Vacate et videle quoniam ego sum L 
ic biom upahefen in Siodum 7 ic biom upahefen in 

exaltabor in gentibus et exaltabor in 

dryhten megna mid us ondfenga ur 

12. Dominus mrtutum nobiscum susceptor noster Deus 

alio Siode plagiaB mid hondum wynsumiaS g> 
2. Omnes gentes plaudite momibus jubilate I 

stefne wynsumniase fortSon god heb 1 

voce exuUationis 3. Quoniam Deus summus t 

cyning mi eel ofer alls go das under Seodde 

Rex magnus super omnes deos 4. Subecit 

as 7 Siode under fotum nrum geceas 1 

nobis et gentes sub pedibus nostris 6. Elegit 1 

erfe him hiop ifcet he *luadc 

hereditatem sibi speciem Jacob quern dilsxit 6. t 
god in wynsomnisse 7 dry litem in stefne 
Deus in jubilations et Dominus in voce 
1 p from w. * cut off. 


singaS gode urum singaS singaS cyninge urnm 

7. Psallite Deo nostro psallite psallite regi nostro 

singat? - fortSon cyning aire eorSan god singaS 

psallite 8. Quoniam rex omni terrae Deus psallite 

snotterlice ricsaS *dryhen ofer alle Ceode god 

8apienter 9. Regnabit Dominus super omnes gentes Bene 

siteS ofer seld halig his aldermen folces 

sedet super sedem sanctam suam 10. Principes populi 

gesomnadon mid 1 gode Abrahames forSon godas stronge 

convenerunt cum Deo Abraham quoniam dii fortes 

eordan swi$e upahefene werun 
terrae nimium elevati sunt 


micel dryhtan y *hergedlic swiSe in cestre godes 
2. Magnus Dominus et laudabiMs nimis in civitale Dei 

urea in munte Seem *hagan him *gebradende wyn- 

nostri in monte sancto ejus 3. Dilatans ex- 

sumnisse aire eorSan ee munt Sion on sidan *no$daeles 
ultationis universae terrae mans Sion latera aquUonis 

cestre cyninges Ses miclan god in gradum hire 

civitas regis magni 4. Deus in gradibus ejus 

biS oncnawen Sonne onfoeht hie forSon sehSe cyningas 

dmoseitur dum suscipiet earn 6. Quoniam ecce ^reges 

eorSan gesomnade sind 7 gesomnadun in annisse 
terrae congregati sunt et convenerunt in unum 

hie gesiende 3a wundriende sindun gedroefde sindun 
6. Ipsi videntes tunc admirati sunt conturbati sunt 

7 onstyrede sind cwaecung bifeng hie 8er ear 

et commoti sunt 7. tremor adpraehendit eos Ibi dolores 

swe cennende in gaste strongum forSrestende sceopu 

sicut parturientes 8. in spiritu vehementi conterens 2 naves 

$es londes swe we geherdun swe 7 gesegun in cestre 

Thar sis 9. Sicut audivimus ita et vidimus in cwitate 

dryhtms megna in cestre godes urea god gestea&elade 
Domini virtutum in civitate Dei nostri Deus fundavit 

Sa in ecnisse we onfengun god mildheortnisse Sine 

earn in aetemum 10. Suscepimus Deus miserieordiam tuam 

1 from me. * last [n] diff. hand. 


in midle temples Sines efter noman Sinum god 

in medio templi tui U. Secundum nomen tuum Deus 

swe 7 lof Sin in endas eorSan rehtwisnisse ful is 
ita et laus tua in fines terrae justitiae plena est 

sie swiSre Sin blissie se nmnt Sion 7 gefen 

dextera tua 12. Laetetur mons Sion et eocultent 

dohtur fore domas Sine *dryhe?i ymb- 

filiae Judae propter judicia tua Domine 13. Cir- 

sellaS 7 clyppaS hie secgaS in tormm 

cumdate Sion et conpkctimini earn narrate in turribus 

hire settaS heortan eowre in megne his 7 to- 

ejus 14. ponitie corda vestra in virtute ejus et distri- 

daelaS stepas hire Saet ge asecgen in cynne oSrum 
buite gradus ejus ut enarretis in progeniae altera 

forSon Ses is god ur in ecnisse 7 
15. Quoniam hie est Deus noster in aetemum et in 

♦weorund weorulde 7 he receS usic in weorulde 
saeculum saectdi et ipse reget nos in saecula 


geheraS Sas alle Seode mid earum onfoS Sa Se 
2. Audite hate omnes gentes auribus percipite qui habi- 

eardiaS *ymbhwyrf gehwelce eorScende 7 bearn monna 

tatis orbem ^ 3. Quique terriginae et Jilii homi- 

somud in annesse weolig 7 Searfa muS niin 

num simul in unum dives et pauper 4. Os meum 

spriceS snytru 7 smea[n]g heortan minre gleawnisse 
loquitur sapientiam et meditatio cordis mei prudentiam 

ic onhaeldu to gelicnisse eare min ic ontynu in 

5. Inclinabo ad svmUitudinem aurem meam aperiam in 

hearpan foresetenisse mine to hwon ondredu ic in 

psalterio propositionem meam 6. Ut quid timebo in 

dege Seem yflan unrehtwisnis helspuran minre ymbselej? 1 
die mala iniquitas calcanei mei circumdedit 

me Sa Se getreowaS in megne heara 7 Sa in 

me 7. Qui confidunt in virtute sua quique in 

genyhtsumnisse weolena heara bioS gewuldrade broSur 

abundaniia divitiarum suarum gloriabuntur 8. Frater 

1 J>/row tome other letter. 


ne aleseS aleseS mon . ne seleS gode geSinge his 
non redemit redemit homo non dabit Deo placationem suam 

ne weorS alesnisse sawle his 7 won in 

9. nee praetium redemptionis animae suae et labor avit in 

ecnisse 7 leofaS in ende forSon ne geeiS 

aeternum 10. et vivit in finem U* Quoniam non videbit 

forwyrd Sonne he gesiS snotre sweltende somud Be unwisa 
interiium cum viderit sajrientes morientes simul insipiens 

7 se Sysga forweorSaS 7 forletaS fremSum weolan 
et stultus peribunt Et relinquent alienis diviiias 

heara 7 byrgenne heara hus heara in ecniese 

suae 12. et sepulchra eorv/m *domoe eorum in aeternum 

geteld heara in c[n]eorisse 7 cynne gecegaS 

Tabemacula eorum in generations et progeniae invocabunt 

noman heara in eorSum heara 7 mon mid Sy 

nomina eorum in terris ipsorum 13. Et homo cum 

he on are wes ne onget he efenameten he is neatum "Seem 
in honore esset non intdlexit comparatus eat jumentis insi- 

unwisum 7 gelic geworden is him Ses weg heara 

pientibus et similis foetus est illis 14. Hoec via eorum 

eswic him 7 efter Son in mujje 1 heara bledsiaS 

scandalum ipsis et postea in ore suo benedicent 

swe swe seep in helle gesette Bind 7 deaS misfoedeS 
15. Sieut oves in inferno positae sunt et mors depascit 

hie 7 bigetaS hie Sa rehtwisan in margentid 7 fultum 
eos Et obtinebunt eos justi in matutino et auxUium 

heora aldaS in helle 7 from wuldre his onweg 
eorum veteraseit in inferno et a gloria sua 

adrifene sind hweSre sodlice god gefreaS sawle 

txpulsi sunt 16. Verum tamen Deus liberabit animam 

mine of honda helle Sonne onfoeS mec ne 

meam de manu inferi dum acceperit me 17. Ne 

ondred Su Sonne weolig geworSen biS mon 7 Sonne 
timueris cum dives foetus fuerit homo et cum 

gemonigfaldad biS wuldur buses his forSon nales 

multiplicata fuerit gloria domus ejus 18. Quoniam non 

Sonne heswilteS onfoS Sas all ne somud astigeS 
cum morietur accipiet liaec omnia neqxie simul descendlt 

1 J> on iome other letter. 


mid hiue wuldur huses his forSon sawul his 

cum eo gloria domus ejus 19. Quoniam anima ejus 

in life his biS gehledsad 7 we ondettaS Se Sonne Su 
in vita ipsius benedicitur et confitebitur tibi dum be- 

bledsas him 7 ingaeS 08 in cyn feddra 

nefeceris ei 20. Et introibit tuque in progeniem patrum 

his 7 oS in ecnisse ne gesiS leht 7 

suorum et usque in aetemum non videbit lumen 21. Et 

raonn Sa Se he in are wes ne onget he efenmeten wes 
homo cum in honore esset , non intellexit comparatus est 

neatum unwisum 7 gelic geworden is *his 
jumentis insipientibus et similis /actus est illis 


god goda dryhten spreocende wes 7 cede eorSan from 
Deus deorum Dominus locutus est et vocavit terram A 

sun nan npcyme 08 setgong of Sione hiow 

soils ortu usque ad occasum 2. ex Sion species 

wlites his god 6weotullice cymeS god ur 7 ne 

decoris ejus 3. Deus manifests veniet Deus noster et non 

swigaS fyr in gesihSe his beorneS 7 in ymbhwyrfte 
silebit Ignis in conspectu ejus ardebit et in circuitu 

his storm 1 strong togeceS heofen up 7 eorSan 

ejus tempestas valida 4. Advocavit caelum sursum et terram 

Saet he toscade folc his gesomniaS Sider halge 

ui discemeret popndum suum 5. Congregate illic sanetos 

his Sa geendebyrdun cySnisse his ofer onsegdnisse 
ejus qui ordinaverunt testamentum ejus super sacrificia 

7 secgaS heofenas rehtwisnisse his forSon god 
6. Et adnuntiabunt caeli justitiam ejus quoniam Deus 

doema is geher folc min 7 *sprecu to Israhela folce 

judex est 7. Audi populus meus et loquar IsraJiel 

7 ic cySu Se S«tte god god Sin ic earn nales 

et testificabor tibi quoniam Deus Deus tuns ego sum 8. Non 

ofer onsegdnisse Sine ic dregu Se onsegdnisse *soS Sine 
super saciificia tua arguam te Jtolocausta autem tua 

in gesihSe minre sind aa ic ne onfoo of huse 

in conspectu meo sunt semper. 0. Non accipiam de domo 

1 d storm. 


Sinum calferu ne of eowdum Sinum buccan for- 

tua vitulos neque de gregibus tuis hircos 10. Quo- 

Son min eind all wildeor wuda neat in muntum 
niam meae sunt omnes ferae siivarum jumenta in montibus 

7 oexen ic oncneow all 3a flegendan heofenes 7 hiow 

et boves 11. Cognovi omnia volatUia cadi et species 

londes mid mec 1 is gif ic hyngriu ne cweoSu ic to Se 

agri mecum est 12. Si esuriero non dicam tibi 

min is soSlice ymbhwerft eorSan 7 fylnis his 
meus est enim orbis terrae et plenitudo ejus 

ah ic eotu fl§sc ferra oSSe blod 

13. Numquid manducabo carnes taurorum aut sanguinem 

buccena ic dri[n]co ageld gode onsegdnisse lofes 7 

hircorum potabo 14. Immola Deo sacrijkium laudis et 

geld Seem hestan gehat Sin gece mec in dege ge- 

redde AUissimo vota tua 15. Invoca me in die tri- 

swinces Sines ftaet ic generge Sec 7 Su miclas mec 
bulationis tuae ut eripiam te et magnificabis me 

to Stem synfullan soSlice cweS god forhwon Su asagas 
16. Peccatori autem dixit Deus Quare tu enarras 

rehtwisnisse mine 7 genimes cy (Suisse mine Sorh mud 
justitias meas et adsumes testamentum meum per os 

Sinne Su soSlice Su nodes Seodscipe 7 Su awurpe 

tuum 17. Tu vero odisti disciplinam et projecisti 

word min efter Se gif Su gesege Seof somud 

sermones meos post te 18. Si videbas furem simul 

Su urne mid hine 7 mid unrehthaemderum Sael Sinne 
currebas cum eo et cum adulteris portionem tuam 

Su settes muS Sin genyhtsumaS mid niSe 7 tunge 

ponebas 19. Os tuum abundavit nequitia et lingua 

Sin hleoSrade facen sittende wiS broeSer Sinum 

tua concinnavit dolum 20. Sedens adversus frat/rem tuum 

Su teldes 7 wiS suna moeder Sinre Su settes eswic 
detrahebas et adversus JUium matris tuae ponebas scandalum 

Sas Su dydes 7 ic swigade Su gewoendes on unrehtwis- 
21. Haec fecisti et tacui existimasti iniquitatem 

nisse S®t ic were Se gelic ic Sreu Sec 7 ic setto Sa 
quod ero tibi similis Arguam te et statuam ilia 

1 e from id ; the c added later (?). 


ongegn ousiene Sinre ongeotaS Sas alle Sa ofer- 

contra faciem tuam 22. inteUegite haec omnes qui obli- 

geoteliaS dryhten ne hwonne gereafie j ne sie se 

viscvmini Dominum ne quando rapiat et non sit qui 

generge onsegdnis lofes gearaS mec 7 3er 

eripiat 23. Sacrificium laudis Jumorificabit me et Ulic 

siSfet is Sider ic oteawu him haelu godes 
iter est quo ostendam illi salutare Dei 


mildsa min god efter Sere miclan mildheortnisse 

3. Miserere mei Deus secundum magnam miserieordiam 

Sinre 7 efter mengu mildsa Sinra adilga 

tuam Et secundum multitudinem miserationum tuarum dele 

unrehtwisnisse mine mae aSuaeh mec from un- 

iniquitatem meam 4. Amplius lava me ab in- 

rehtwisnisse minre 7 from scylde minre geclasna mec 
justilia mea et a delicto meo munda me 

f[o]rSon unrehtwisnisse mine ic oncnawu 7 scyld 
5. Quoniam iniquitatem meam ego agnosco et delictum 

min biforan me is aa *Sc anum ic synngade 

meum coram me est semper 6. Tibi soli peccavi 

7 yfel biforan Se dyde 1 8®t Su sie gerehtwisad in 
et malum coram te feci ut justificeris in 

wordum Sinuin 7 Su wrices Sonne Su Soemes sehSe 

sermonibus tuis et vincas dum judicaris 7. Ecce 

*soS in unrehtwisnissum geecnad ic earn 7 in scyldum 
enim in iniquitatibus conceptus sum et in delictis 

cende mec modur min sehSe *soS soSfestnisse 

peperit me mater mea 8. Ecce enim veritatem 

Su lufades Sa uncuSan 7 Sa deglan *syntru Sinre Su ge- 
dilexisti incerta et occulta sapientiae tuae mani- 

sweo[tu]lades* me Su onstrigdes mec mid ysopan 7 

festasti mihi 9. A sparges me hysopo et 

ic biom geclasnad Su Swes mec 7 ofer snaw ic biom gehwitad 
mundabor lavabis me et super nivem dealv&bor 

gehernisse minre Su selea gefian 7 blisse 7 

10. Auditui meo dabis gaudium et laetitiam et 

1 Second d from b. * partly inked in by a later hand, 



gefiaS ban 8a *geeSmodedan acer onsiene Sine *fro 

exultabunt ossa humiliata 1L Averts faciem tuam a 

synnum minum 7 alle unrehtwisnisse mine adilga heortan 

peccatis meis et omnes iniquitates meas dele 12. Cor 

claene gecwica in me god 7 gast rehtne geniowa 
mundum crea in me Deus et spiritum rectum innova 

innoSum minum ne aweorp Su mec from onsiene 

in viscerUms meis 13. Ne proicias me a facie 

Sin 7 gast haligne Sinne ne afir Su from me 

tua et spiritum sanctum tuum ne auferas a me 

agef me blisse haelu Sinre 7 mid gaste alder - 
14. Redde mihi laetitiam salutaris tui et spiritu prin- 

lice getrime me ic leru Sa *urehtwisan wegas Sine 

cipali confirma me 15. Doceam iniquos viae tuas 

7 Sa arleasan to Se bioS gecerde gefrea mec of 

et impii ad te convertentur 16. Libera me de 

blodum god god haelu minre 7 gefiS tunge 
sanguinibus Deus Deus salutis meae et * exult abit lingua 

min rehtwisnisse Sine dryhten weolere mine ontyn Su 

mea justitiam tuam 17. Domine labia mea aperies 

7 muS min segeS lof Sin forSon 

et 08 meum adnuntiabit laudem tuam 18. Quoniam 

gif Su walde onsegdnisse ic salde gewislice onsegdnisse 
si voluisses sacrificium dedissem utique Tiolocaustis 

Su ne gelustfullas onsegdnis gode *gas geswenced 

non delectaberis 19. Sacrificium Deo spiritus contribulatus 

heorte forSrested 7 geeaSmodad god ne forhogaS 
cor contrUum et humiliation Deus non sj>ernit 

freamsumlice doa dryhten in godum willan Sinum 
20. Benigne fac Domine in bona voluntate tua 

Saet sien getimbred wallas Sonne 

Sion ut aedificentur muri Hierusalem 21. Tunc 

Su onfoest onsegdnisse rehtwisnisse oflatan 7 onsegdnisse 
acceptable sacrificium, justitiae oblationes et holocausta 

Sonne onsettaS ofer wibed Sin calfur 
tunc inponent super altare tuum vitulos 



hwet wuldras Su in hete Su maehtig erS 1 in 
3. Quid gloriaris in malitia qui potens es in 

unrehtwisnisse alne deg unrehtwisnisse Sohte tunge 

iniquitatem 4. Tota die injustitiam cogitavit lingua 

Sin swe swe scersaex scearp Su dydes facen 3a lufedes 

tua sic ut novacula acuta fecisti dolum 5. Dilexisti 

hete ofer freamsumnisse unrehtwisnisse mae Son 

malitiam super benignitatem iniquitatem magis quam 

spreocan rehtwisnisse Su lufades all word fortru- 

loqui ' aequitatem 6. Dilexisti omnia verba praecipi- 

gadnisse in tungan faecenre forSon toweorpeS Se god 

tationis in lingua dolosa 7. Propterea destruet te Deus 

in ende utaluceS Se 7 utaleoreS Se of getelde Sinum 
in finem evellet te et emigrabit te de tabernaculo tuo 

7 wyrtruman Sinne of eorSan lifgendra gesiaS 

et radicem tuam de terra viventium 8. Videbunt 

rehtwise 7 ondredaS 7 ofer hine hlsehaS 7 cweoSaS 
justi et tirnebunt et super eum ridebunt et dicent 

sehSe mon se ne sette god fultum him ah 
9. Ecce homo qui non posuit Deum adjutorem sibi sed 

*gehyte in mengu weolena heara 7 strongaS 

speravit in multitudine divitiarum sua/rum et praevaluit 

in idelnisse his ic soSlice swe eletreow westembere 

in vanitate sua 10. Ego autem sicut oliva fructifera 

in huse dryhtne* ic gehyhte in mildheortnisse godes mines 
in domo Domini speravi in misericordia Dei met 

in ecnisse 7 in weoruld weorulde ic ondettu Se 

in aetemum et in saecukm saeculi 11. Confitebor tibi 

dryhten in weoruld Sone Su dydes 7 ic bidu noman 
Domine in saeculwn quern fecisti et expectabo nomen 

Sinne forSon god is biforan gesihSe haligra Sinra 
tuum quoniam bonum est ante conspectu sanctorum tuorum 


cweS se unwisa in heortan his jus god gewemde 

Dixit vnsipiens in cords suo Non est Deus 2. corrupti 

1 a over the e. 





[PS. 53. 

nis se Ce doe 
Non est qui facial 

sind 7 onscuniendlice gewordne sind in lustum hea(ra) 1 
sunt et abominabiles facti sunt in voluntatibus mis 

god jiis o"S enne 

bonum non est usque ad unum 

dryhten of heofene forSlocade ofer beam monna Saet 

3. Dominus de caelo prospexit super JUios hominum ut 

he gese hwetSer sie ongeotende o$Se soecende god 
videat si est intellegens aut requirens Deum 

alle onhaeldun somud *un gewordne werun nis 

4. Omnes dedmaverunt simul inutUes facti sunt non est 

se doe god nis oS enne 

qui facial bonum non est usque ad unum 

cnawaS alle Sa wircatS unrehtwisnisse 
scent omnes qui operantur iniquitcUem 

folc *meam swe swe mete* hlafes 

ah 8 ne on- 
5. Nonne cogno- 

$a forswelgaS 
qui devorant 

god ne ge- 
plebem meam sicut escam panis 6. Deum non invo- 

cedun $er forhtadun ege Cer ne wes ege 

caverunt Ulie trepidaverunt timore ubi non erat timor 

forCon god tostenceS ban monna 
Quoniam Deus dissipat ossa hominum 

gedroefde sind forSon god forhogde hie 
confusi sunt quia Deus sprevit eos 

of Sione haelu Sonne he forcerred dryhten 

ex Sion salutare Israhel dum avertit Dominus 

heftned folces his gefiS iacob 7 biS geblissad 
captivitatem plebis suae Exultabit Jacob et laetabitur 


him liciendra 
sibi placentium 

hwelc seleS 
7. Quis dabit 



god in noman Sinnm halne mec doa 7 in megne 
3. Deus in nomine tuo salvum me fac et in virtute 

tSinum gefrea mec god geher gebed min mid earum 

tua libera me 4. Deus exaudi orationem meam auribus 

onfoh word muSes mines fortfon Sa fremSan areosun 

percipe verba oris mei 5. Quoniam alieni insurrex- 

in mec 7 6a strongan sohtun sawle mine 7 
erunt in me et fortes quesierunt animam meam et 

cut ojf. 

2 h from n. 

3 second efrom some other letter. 

PS. 54.] 



no foresettun god biforan gesihSe heara sehSe 

non proposuerunt Deum ante conspectum mum 6. Ecce 

soft lice god gefultume'3 me j dryhten ondfenga is 
enim Deus adjuvat me et Dominus susceptor est 

sawle minre acer yfel feondum minum 7 in soS- 

animae meae 7. Averte mala inimicis meis et in veri- 

festnisse Sinre tostregd hie wilsuralice ic *onsecg Se 

tate tua disperde illos 8. Voluntarie sacrificabo tibi 

7 ondetto noman Sinum dryhtera. forSon god he is 

et confitebor nomini tuo Domine quoniam bonum est 

forSon of aire geswencednisse Su generedes mec 7 
9. Quoniam ex omni tribulations eripuisti me et 

ofer feond mine gelocade ege Sin 
super inimicos meos respexit oculus meus 


geher god gebed min 7 ne forseh "Su boene 

2. Exaudi Deus orationem meam et ne dispexeris depre^ 

mine bihald in mec 7 geher mec geun- 

cationem meam 3. intende in me et exaudi me Con- 

rotsad ic earn in bigonge minum 7 gedroefed 1 ic earn 
tristatus sum in exercitatione mea et conturbatus sum 

from stefne feondes 7 from geswencednisse Ses synfvllan 
4. a voce inimici et a tribulatione peccatoris 

forSon onheeldon in mec unrehtwisnisse 7 in eorre 

Quoniam declinaverunt in me iniquitates et in ira 

hefie wernn me heorte min gedroefed is in me 

molesti erant mihi 5. Cor meum conturbatum est in me 

7 fyr[h]tu dea&es gefeol ofer mec ege 7 cwaecung 

et formido mortis cecidit super me 6. Timor et tremor 

cwomun ofer mec 7 biSehton mec Seostro 7 cwetS 

venerunt super me et contexerunt me tenebrae 7. Et dixi 

hwelc seleS me fioru swe swe culfran 7 ic fligu 7 
Quis dabit mihi pinnas siout columbae et volabo et 

gerestu eefrSe ic afeorrade fleonde 7 ic wunade in 

requiescam 8. Ecce elongavi fugiens et mansi in 

woestenne ic bad hine se mec halne dyde 

solitudine 9. Expectabam eum qui me salvum faceret 

1 er, after first e. 


from lytelmodum 7 storme forbregd dryhten 7 

a pusiUanimo et tempestate 10. Praecipita Domine et 

todael tungan heara fortfon ic gesseh unrehtwisnisse 7 
divide linguas eorum quoniam nidi iniquitatem et 

wiftcwedenisse in cestre deges 7 nehtes ymb 

contradictionem in civitate 11. die ac nocte Circutn 

seleS hie ofer wallas his unrehtwisnis 7 gewin in 
dabit earn super muros ejus miquitas et labor in 

midle his 7 unrehtwisnis 7 ne asprong of worSig- 

medio ejus 12. et injustitia Et non defecit de plateis 

num his westemsceat 7 facen fortfon gif feond 

ejus uswra et dolus 13. quoniam si inimicus 

min wergcweodelade me ic abere gewislice 7 gif Ses 
meus maledixisset mihi supportassem utique Et si is 

se Se fiode mec ofer mec Sa miclan Bpreocende were 
qui oderat me super me magna locutus fuisset 

ic ahydde mec gewislice from him Su soSlice mon 

absconderem me utique ab eo 14. Tu vero homo 

anmod ladtow min 7 cuSa min 8u somud 

unianimis dux meus et notus meus 15. qui simul 

mid mec swoet- ■ nome mettas in huse dryhtne* we 
mecum dulces capiebas cibos in domo Domini ambu- 

eodon mid geSeafunge cyme deaS ofer hie 7 

lavimus cum consensu 16. Veniat mors super illos et 

astigen hie in helle lifgende fortfon nitS in 

descendant in infemum viventes Quoniam nequitia in 

gesthusum heara in midle heara ic soSlice to 

hospitiis eorum in medio ipsorum 17. Ego aiUem ad 

dryhtone cleopede 7 dryhten geherde mec on 

Dominum clamavi et Dominus exaudivit me 18. Ves~ 

efenne on marne 7 on midne deg 1 ic seggo 7 cy8u 
pert mane et meridie narrabo et adnuntiabo 

7 he gehereS steme mine gefreaS in sibbe sawle 

et exaudiet vooem meam 19. Liberabit in pace animam 

mine from Sissum $a to ne geniolaecaS me fortfon bitwih 
meam ab his qui adpropiant mihi quoniam inter 

monge werun mid mec geheretS god 7 geeaSmodaS 

multos erant mecum 20. Exaudiet Deus et humiliabit 

1 efrom i (?). 


hie se is ser weorulde 7 wunaS in ecnisse nis 

eos qui est ante saecula et manet in aetemum Ifon est 

*soSl him bnwendednis 7 hie ne ondreordun god 

enim illis eommutatio et non timuerunt Deum 21. ex- 

aSeneS hond his in geedleanunge him bismeotun 
tendit manwm suam in retribuendo illis contaminaverunt 

cySnisse his todaelde sind from eorre ondwleotan 

testamentum ejus 22. divisi sunt ab ira vultus 

his 7 to nialaehte heorte his gehnistun word heara 
ejus et adpropiavit cor ejus MoUierunt sermones suos 

ofer ele 7 hie sind Sa scotunge aweorp in god 

super oleum et ipsi sunt jacula 23. Jacta in Deum 

gedoht Sinne 7 he Se afoedeS ne seleS in ecnisse 
eogitatum tuum et ipse te enutriet Non dabit in aetemum 

ySgiinge S»m rehtwisan Su soSlice god gelaedes 

fluctuationem justo 24. tu vero Deus deduces 

hie in seaS forwyrde weoras bloda 7 Safaecnan ne 
eo$ in puteum interitus Viri sanguinum et dolosi non 

gemidliaS daegas heara ic soSlice in Sec gehyhto dryhten. 
dimidiabunt dies suos ego vero in te sperabo Domine 


mildsa me dryhten forSon fortred me mon 
2. Miserere mihi Domine quoniam conculcavit me homo 

alne deg fehtende swencton mec fortredon mec 

tota die bellans tribulavit me 3. Conculcaverunt me 

feond mine alne dig from heanisse deges for (Son 

inimici mei tota die 4. ab altitudine did Quoniam 

monge Sa oferfehtaS mec ondredaS ic soS in Sec 
multi qui debeUant me timebunt ego vero in te 

gehyhto dryhten in gode ic hergu word min alne 

sperabo Domine 5. In Deo laudabo sermones meos tota 

dfg 1 in gode ic gehyhto ne ondredu ic hwet doe me 
die in Deo sperabo non timebo quid faciat mihi 

mon alne deg word min onscunedon wiS 

homo 6. Tota die verba mea execrabantur adversum 

me all geSaeht heara in yfel ineardiaS 

me omnia consilia eorum in malum 7. Inhabitabunt 

1 dfrom t. 


7 ahydaft hie belspuran mine haldaS awe 

tt abscondent ipsi calcaneum meum observabunt sieut 

bad *sawulf min fore nowihte hale Cu gedoest 

expectavit anima mea 8. pro mhilo salvos fades 

hie in eorre folc Su gebrices god lif min 

eos in ira populos confringes Deus 9. vitam meam 

ic segde Se ic sette tearas mine in gesifrSe Sinre awe 
nuntiavi tibi posui lacrimas meas in conspectu tuo sieut 

in gebate Sinum sien gecerde feond mine on bee 

in promissione tua 10. Convertantur inimici mei retrorsum 

on swe hwelcum dege ic geceigo Sec sehSe ic oncneow 
in quaeumque die invocavero te ecce agnovi 

forSon god min Su earS in gode ic hergu * word urn 

quoniam Deus mens es tu 11. In Deo laudabo verbum 

7 in dryhtna ic hergu word in gode ic gehyhtu ne 
et in Domino laudabo sermonem in Deo sperabo non 

ondredo ic hwet doe me monn in me sind god 

timebo quid facial mihi homo 12. In me sunt Deus 

gehat Sa ic ageofu herenisse Se forSon Su ge- 

vota quae reddam laudationis tibi 13. quoniam eri~ 

neredes sawle mine of deaSe egan min from tearum 
puisti animam meam de movie oculos meos a lacrvmis 

foet mine from slide Saet ic licie biforan dryhtn* in 
pedes meos a labsu ut placeam coram Domino in 

lehte lifgendra 
lutnine viventium 


mildsa min god mildsa min forSon in Se getreoweS 
2. Miserere mei Deus miserere mei quoniam in te confidit 

sawul min 7 in scuan fiSra Sinra ic gehyhto oSSet 
anima mea et in umbra alarum tuarum sperabo donee 

leoreS unrehtwisnis ic cleopiu to dryhtne Seem hestan 

transeat iniquitas 3. Clamabo ad Dominum altissimum 

7 to dryhtne se wel dyde me sende of heofene 

et ad Dominum qui benefecit me 4. Misti de eaelo 

7 gefreode mec salde in edwit * fortreodendes mec 
et liberavit me dedit in opprobrium conculcantes me 

sende god mildheortnisse his 7 soSfestnisse his 
Misit Deus misericordiam suam et veritatem suam 


generede sawle mine of midle hwelpa leona ic 
5. Eripuit animam meam de medio catulorum leonum dor- 

hneappade gedroefed beam monna toSas heara wepen 
mivi conturbatus FUii hominum denies eorum anna 

7 strelas 7 tunge heara mece scearp hefe up 

et sagittae et lingua eorum maehera acuta 6. Exaliare 

ofer heofenas god 7 ofer alle . eorSan wuldur Sin 
super caelos Deus et super omnem terrain gloria tua 

girene gearwadon fotum milium 7 gebegdon sawle 

7. Laqueos paraverunt pedibus meis et incurvaverunt animam 

mine dulfun biforan onsiene minre seaS 7 hie 
meam Foderunt ante faeiem meam foveam et ipsi 

gefeollun in Sone gearu heorte min god gearu 

inciderunt in earn 8. Paratum cor meum Deus paratum 

heorte min ic singu 7 salm ic *weoSu dryhtne 
cor meum cantabo et psalmum dicam Domino 

aris wuldur min aris hearpe 7 citere ic 

9. Exurge gloria mea exurge psaUeriwm et cythara ex- 

arisu on sermargen ic ondetto Se in folcum dryhten 

urgam diluculo 10. Confitebor tibi in populis Domine 

salm ic cweoSu Se betwih Seode forSon gemiclad 

psalmum dicam tibi inter gentes 11. Quoniam magni- 

is oS heofenas mildheortniss Sin 7 oS 

ficata est usque ad caelos misericordia tua et usque 

wolcenu soSfestnis Sin hefe up ofer heofenas 

ad nubes Veritas tua 12. ExaUare super caelos 

god 7 ofer alle eorSan wuldur Sin 
Deus et super omnem terram gloria tua 


gif soSlice gewislice rehtwisnisse spreocaS Sa rehtan 
2. Si vere utique justitiam loquimini justa 

doemaS bearnum monna 7 soSlice in heortan 

judicate JUii hominum 3. Et enim in corde 

unrehtwisnisse wircaS in eorSan unrehtwisnisse honda 
iniquitates opera/mini in terram iniquitatem manus 

eowre hleoSriaS afremSae sind Sa synfullan from 

vestrae concinnomt 4. Alienati sunt peccatores ab 



innoSe dwoledon from wombe spreocende sind Sa leasan 
utero erraverwzt a ventre locuti sunt falsa 

eorre him efter gelicnisBe nedran swe nedran 1 

5. Ira Ulis secundum similitudinem serpentis sicut aspides 

deafe 7 forduttaende earan hire sie ne gehered 

surdae et obiurantes aures sua* 6. quae non exaudient 

stefne galendra 7 galdurcreftas ©a . bioS agalene* from 
vocem incantantium et venefici quae incantantur a 

Seem snottran god forj?r§8teS 8 *toS * heara in mude 

sapiente 7. Deus conteret denies eorum in ore 

heara wongtoeS leona gebriceS dryhten to 

ipsorum molas leonum confAngit Dominus 8. Ad 

nowihte bicumad swe swe weter eornende bihaldeS bogan 
nihilwm devenient velut aqua decurrens intendet areum 

his oS Set sien geuntrumad Bwe *sw wax gemielted 

suum donee infirmentur 9. Stcut cera hquefacta 

bioS afirde ofer hie gefeol fyr 7 hie ne gesegun sunnan 
auferentur. super eos cecidit ignis et non viderunt solera 

«r Son forSgelaeden Somas eowre twigu swe swe 
10. Priusquam producant spinas vestrae ramnos sicut 

lifgende swe in eorre forswilgeS hie biS geblissad 

viventes sic in ira absorbet eos 1L Laetabitur 

se rehtwisa Sonne he gesiS wreee Seara arleasra honda 
Justus cum viderit vindictam impiorum manus 

his SweS in blode synfulra 7 cweS mon 

suas lavabit in sanguine peccatorum 12. Et dicet homo 

hweSer gewislice is western Ssem rehtwisan gewislice is god 
si utique est fructus justo utique est Deus 

*doende hie in eorSan 
judicans eos in terra 


genere meo of feondum minum god min 7 from 
2. Eripe me de inimicis meis Deus mens et ab 

Seem arisendum in mec gefrea mec genere of 

insurgentibus in me libera me 3. Eripe me de 

Ssem wircendum nnrehtwisnisse 7 of weorum bloda 
operantibus iniquitatem et de viris sanguinum 

1 nedram (?). * lefrom n. • }from s. 


bael mec forSon sehSe ofersetun sawle mine 

salva me 4. Quia ecce occupaverunt animam meam 

onrosdun in mec stronge *nurehtwisnis min 

inruerunt in me fortes 5. ncque iniquitas mea 

ne syn min Sryhten butan unrehtwisnisse ic orn 

neque peccatum meum Domine Sine iniquitate cucurri 

7 wes gereht aria ongegn yrn 1 me 7 geseh 

el dirigebar 6. exurge in occursum mihi et vide 

7 Su dryhten god megna god israhef bihalcl to 
et tu Domine Dene virtutum Deus Israhel Iniende ad 

niosenne alle deode Su ne mildsas allum ©a wiimS 
visitandas omnes gentes non miserearis omnibus qui operantur 

unrehtwisnisse sien forcerrede to efenne 7 hungur 

iniquitatem 7. Gonvertentur ad vesperum et famem 

Srowien swe swe hundas 7 ymbgad cestre sehSe 

patientur ut canes et cvrcuibunt civitatem 8. Ecce 

hie BpreocaS in muSe his 7 sweord is in weolerum 
ipsi loquentur in ore suo et gladius est in labiis 

heara fortfon hwelc geherde 7 ?Su dryhten bismeras 

eorum Quoniam quis audivit 9. et tu Domine deridebis 

hie fore nowiht 5u hafast alle Seode strengo 

eos pro nihilo habebis omnes gentes 10. Fortitudinem 

mine to Se ic balde forSon Su god ondfenga min 
meam ad te custodiam quia tu Deus susceptor mens 

ear$ god min mildheortnis his forecymetS mec 

es 11. Deus meus misericordia ejus praeveniet me 

god min oteaw me god betwih mine fiond ne 
12. Deus meus ostende mihi bona inter inimicos meos ne 

si eh Su hie 8y 9 l«s hwonne ofergeotelien ee Sinre to* 
occideres eos ne quando obliviscantur legis tuae Dis- 

stregd hie in megne omum 7 toweorp hie gescildend 
perge ittos in virtute tua et destrue eos protector 

min dryhten scylde muSes heara word weolera 

meus Domine 13. Delicta oris eorum sermo labiorum 

heara 7 bioS bifongne in oferhygde heara 7 of 
ipsorum et conpraehenda^Uur in superbia sua et de 

onscununge 7 leasunge sien nedde in eorre ge- 

execratione et mendacio conpellantur 14. in ira con- 

1 :yrn. * y from u. 



[PS. 59. 

fyllnisse 7 hie ne bioS 7 weotun Ssette god 
8ummationi3 et non erunt Et scient quia Deus domi- 

waldeS iacobes 7 gemeera eorftan sien forcerred to 

nabitur Jacob et finium terrae 16. Convertentur ad 

efenne 7 hungur SrowiaS swe swe hundas 7 utan 
vesperam et famem patientur ut canes et cir- 

ymbgaS cestre sehfte hie bioS tostrogdne to 

cuibunt civitatem 16. Ecce ipsi dispergentur ad 

eotenne gif 60S ne bioS gefylde 7 gnornia'S 
manducandum si vero non fuerint saturati et mv/rmurabunt 

ic soSlice singu megen Sin 7 upphebbo on marne 

17. Ego autem cantabo virtutem tuarn et 

mildheortnisse Sine fortfon geworden 
misericordiam tuam Quia foetus 

min 7 geberg min in dege 

meus et rejugium meum in die 

fultum min $e ic singu forSon Su god ondfenga 

18. adjutor meus tibi psallam Quia tu Deus susceptor 

min earS god min mildheortnis min 
meus es Deus meus misericordia mea 

exaltabo mane 

Su ear5 ondfenga 





god Su onweg adrife usic 7 towurpe usic eorre earS 
3. Deus reppulisti nos et destruxisti nos iratus es 

7 mildsende eartS us Su onstyredes eorSan 7 *ge- 

et misertus es nobis 4. Commovisti terram et con- 

drofdes hie gehael *for5rastnisse his forSon onstyred is 
turbasti earn sana contritiones ejus quia mota est 

Cu oteawdes folce Sinuw *Se beardan Su *drentes usic 
5. Ostendisti populo tuo dura potasti nos 

mid wine onbryrdnisse «u saldes »«m [on]dredendum 

vino conpunctionis 6. Dedisti metuentibus 

Sec getacnunge Sset hie flugen from onsiene bogan 7 
te significationem ut fugiant 

sien gefriad 6a gecorenan Sine 
liberentur electi tui 

mid Sinre dere swiSran 7 geher mec 
dextera tua et exaudi me 

1 facie arcus et 

halne mec doo 

7. Salvum me fac 

god spreocende 

8. Deus locutus 

i. 80.] 


S«m balgan his ic biom geblissaS 7 todeju 

eaiiclo tuo Laetabor et dividam 

7 gem«re getclda ic meotu min 

et convallem tabemaculorwn metibor 0. ileus 
is 7 min is 1 7 strengu 

est Galaad et meus ett Manasses et Efrem fortitudo 
heafdes mines cyuing min hwer h; 

capitis met Jvda rex mens 10. Moab olla 
mines ic aSennu gescoe min 

meae in Idumea extendam mlciametitum mewn 

sindun underSeoded hwelc gelaedcS nifii 

allophili eubditi sunt 11. Qyis deducet me 

cestre getrymede oSSe hwelc gelaeded mec o3 
civitatem munitam avX quia dedueit me tuque 
idumeam ah ne Su god ffu onweg adrife usi 

Llutneam 12. JVonne tit Deus qui reppulisti no 
Su ut ne gtest god in megnum nrnm sele 

non egredieris Deus in virtut&us nostris 13. Da 

i' of geswencednisse 7 id el h«ela monnes 
auxilium de tribulations et vana salus hominis 14 
gode don we megn 7 he to *niwihte gela 

Deo faeiemus virtulem et ipse ad nikilum ded 
*tS swencendan usic 
tribulantes nos 

geher god boene mine bihald to gf 

2. Exaudi Deus depraecationem meam intends oral 

minum from gemterum eorSan to Se ic cleopede % 

meae 3. a finibus terrae ad te clamavi 1 

gelaedes mec forSon geworden Su earC hyht min 
dindsH me quia foetus es spes mea t 

strengn from onsiene feondes ic ineardiu in g< 

fortitudinit a Jade inimiri 6. Inhabitabo in U 

Sinum in weoruld ic *eion gescilded in wrig 
naculo tuo in saeeuta protegar in velar 



[PS. 61. 

flora Sinra 
alarum tuarum 

min Su saldes 
meam dedisti 


forSon Su god geherdes gebed 
6. Quoniam tu Deus exaudisti orationem 

erfewordnisse tfoem ondredendum noman 
Jiereditatem tvmentibus nomen 

deg ofer d^gas cyninges Cu togeeces ger his 
7. Dies super dies regis adicies annos ejus 

<j$ in deg weorulde 7 weoruld SorhwunaS in 

usque in diem saeculi et saecula 8. permanebit in 

ecnisse in gesihSe godes mildheortnisse 7 soSfestnisse 
aetemum in conspectu Dei Misericordiam et veritatem 

hwelc soecet? heara swe ic singu noman Sinum god 

quis requiret eorum 9. sic psallam nomini tuo Deus 

in weoruld weorulde Caet ic agefe gehat min of dege 

in saeculum saeculi ut reddam vota mea de die 


in deg 
in diem 


ah ne gode underdeoded sawul min from him 

2. Nonne Deo subdita erit anima mea ab ipso 

soSlice haelu minre 7 sotSlice he is god min 7 

enim salutari meo 3. Et enim ipse est Deus mens et 

ee halwynda min fultum min ne biom ic onstyred mae 
salutaris mens adjutor mens non movebor amplius 

hu longe onraesaS ge on men ofsleaS alle 

4. Quo usque inruitis in homines interficitis universos 

swe swe walle onhaeldum 7 stanwalle oncny&ede ah 
tamquam parted inclinato et macheriae mpulsae 5. Fe- 
ll weSre are mine Sohtun onweg adrifan ic orn 
rumtamen honorem meum cogitaverunt repeUere cucurri 

in Surst his mudes bledsadon 7 heortan heara werg- 
in sitim ore suo benedicebant et corde suo male- 

ah hweSre gode underSioded bid sawul 
6. Verumtamen Deo subdita erit anima 

min forSon from him is gedyld min 
mea quoniam ab ij>so est patientia mea 

he is god min 7 se halwynda min fultum min 
ipse est Deus meus et salutaris mens adjutor mens 

cweodon 1 

7 Boolice 
7. Et enim 

1 second o (a ?) over e. 


ic ne leoru in gode ISsem halwyndan minutn. 7 wuldur 

non emigrabo 8. In Deo salutari meo et gloria 

min god fultumes mines hyht min in gode is 
mea Deus auxilii met et apes mea in Deo est 

gehyhtaS in hine all gemoeting folces ageotaS biforan 
9. Sperate in eum omnis conventus plebis effundite coram 

him heortan eowre forSon god fultum ur is ah 

illo corda vestra quia Den* adjutor noster est 10. Ve~ 

hweSre be[a]rn monna lease beam monna 

rum tamen vani jUii hominum mendaces JUii hominum 

in wegum Saet hie biswicen hie of idelnesse in Saet ilce 
in • stateris ut deeipiant ijp** de vanitate in id ipsum 

nyllaS gehyhtan in unrehtwisnisse 7 in gestrodu jiyllaS 
11. Nolite sperare in iniquitate et in rapinis noKte 

gewillian weolan daehSe hie toflowen nyllaS heortan 
concupiscere Divitiae si affluant noltfe cor 

tosettan eene siSa spreocende wes god tu Sas 

adponere 12. semel locutus est Deus duo haec 

ic geherde dette *maht godes is 7 Se dryhten 

audivi Quia potestas Dei est 13. et tibi Domine 

mildheortnis forSon Su agildes syndrigum efter werce 

misericordia quia tu reddes singulis secundum opera 



god god min to Se of lehte ic waecio SyrsteS in 
2. Deus Deus meus ad te de luce vigilo SiUvit in 

Se sawnl min swiSe monigfaldlice 7 flesc min in 

te anima mea quam mvltipliciter et caro mea 3. In 

woestenne 7 in Ssem nngefoeman 7 in wet[r]igre stowe swe 
deserto et in invio et in inaquoso sic 

in Samhalgan ic oteawde Se }>«t ic gesege megen Sin 
in sancto apparui tibi ut viderem virttUem tuam 

7 wuldur Sin forSon betra is mildheortnis Sin 

et gloriam tuam 4. Quoniam melior est misericordia tua 

ofer lif weolere mine hergaS Sec swe ic bledsie 

super vitam labia mea laudabunt te 5. Sic benedicam 

Sec in life minum 7 in noman Sinuro ic uphebbu honda 
te in vita mea et in nomine tuo levabo manus 


mine swe swe mid smeorwe 7 faetnisse sie gefylled 

meas 6. Sicut adipe et pinguidine repleatur 

sawul min 7 weolure wynsumnisse hergaS noman ftinne 
arrima mea et labia exidtationis laudahint nomen tuum 

gif gemyndig ic wes Sin ofer strene mine in margentid 
7. Si memor fui tui sujyer stratum meum in matutinis 

ic smegu in 3e fortfon geworden. Su earS fultum min 

meditabor in te 8. quia foetus es adjiUor mens 

7 in wrigelse fiSra Sinra ic gefie setfalh sawul 

Et in velamento alarum tuarum exultabo 9. adhesit anirna 

min efter Se mec onfeng sie swiSre Sin hie sotflice 

mea post te me suscepit dextera tua 10. Ipsi vero 

in idelnisse sobtun sawle mine ingaS in Sa 

in vanum quaesierunt animam meam introibunt in in- 

nioSerran eor&an sien said in hond sweordes daelas 

fervora terrae 11. tradentur in mantis gladii partes 

foxa bioS cyning so&lice brS geblissad in dryhtne 

vvlpium erunt 12. Hex vero laetabitur in Domino 

bidS hereS alle 8a Se swergaS in hine forSon fortimbred 
laudabuntur omnes qui jurant in eo quia obstruetum 

is muS spreocendra Sa unrehtan 
est os loquentium iniqua 


geher god gebed min Sonne geswenced from 

2. Exaudi Deus orationem meam cum tribulor a 

ege feondes genere sawle mine Cu gescildes mec 

timore inimici eripe animam meam 3. Protexisti me 

from gesomnunge awergedra from mengu wircendra 

a eonventu malignantium a multitudine operantium 

unreht forSon ascerptun swe swe sweord tungan 

iniquitatem 4. Quia exacuerunt ut gladium linguae 

heara aSenedun bogan wisan bitre tSaet hie scoteden 1 

suas intenderunt arcum rem amaram 5. ut sagittent 

in degelnisse Sone unwemman feringa scotedun hine 

in occultis inmaculatum 6. Subito sagittabunt eum 

7 ne ondreordun trymedun him word yfel fleotun 

et non timehmt firmaverunt sibi verbum malum dispu- 

1 t from n. 


Sset hie ahydden girene cwedun hwelc gesi)> hie 
taverunt ut absconderent laqueos dixerunt Quis videbit eos 

smegende werun unrehtwisnisse asprungun smegende 

7. Scrutati sunt iniquitatem defecerunt . scrutantes 

mid smeaunge togeneolaeced mon to heortan heran 
scnUinio Accedit homo ad cor altum 

7 biS upahefen god strelas cilda gewordne sind 

8. et exaltabitur Deus SagiUae parvulorum factae sunt 

witu heara 7 fore nowihte hefdun wiS him tun- 

pLagae eorum 0. et pronihilo habuerunt contra eos lin- 

gan heara gedroefde sind ' alle Sa Se gesegun hie 
guae ipsorum Conturbati sunt omnes qui videbant eos 

7 ondreord *oghwelc mon 7 segdun were godes 

10. et timuit omnis homo et adnuntiaverunt opera Dei 

7 dede his ongetun biS geblissad se rehtwisa in 

et facta ejus intellexerunt 11. Laetabitur Justus in 

dryhtne 7 gehyhteS in hine 7 bioS herede alle 8a reht- 
Domino et sperabit in eo et laudabuntur omnes recti 

wisan on heortan 


Se gedeafenaS ymen god 7 Se bi$ agefen 

2. Te decet hymnus Deus in Sion et tibi reddetur 

gehat geher gebed min to Se 

votum in Hierusalem 3. Exaudi orationem meam ad te 

oeghwelc flsesc cymeS word unrehtwisra strongadun 

omnis caro veniet 4. Verba iniquorum praevaluerunt 

ofer us 7 arleasnissum urum Su *gemilsas eadig 

super nos et impietatibus nostris tu projdtiaberis 5. Beatus 

Sone Su gecure 7 genome he ineardaS in geteldum 
quern elegisti et adsumpsisti inhabitabit in tabemaculis 

*Sinnum we bioS gefylde in godum *hyses Sines halig is 
tuis Replebimur in bonis domus tuae sanctum est 

tempel din wundurlic in rehtwisnisse geher usic 

templum tuum 6. mirabile in aequitate Exaudi nos 

god se halwynda ur hyht alra gemeera- eorSan 7 in 
Deus salutaris noster spes omnium Jinium ierrae et in 

eae feor gearwiende muntas in msegne Sinum bi- 

mari longe 7. Praeparans mantes in virtute tua ac~ 



gyrded mid maehte Su gedroefes grund sses swo[e]g 

ductus potentia 8. qui conturbas fundum maris sonum 

ySa his hwelc arefneS bioS gedroefde Siode 7 

fiuctuum ejus quis sustinebit Turbabuntur gentes 9. et 

ondredaS alle Sa Se eardiaS endas eorSan from tacnum 
timebunt omnes qui habitant fines terrae a signis 

Sinum utgong margentide 7 on efenne Su bist gelustfullad 
tuis Exitus matutini et vespere delectaveris 

Su niosades eorSan 7 Su indrenctes bie - Su gemonig- 

10. visitasti terram et inebriasli earn multiplicasti 

falddes geweolgian hie flod godes gefylled is mid wetre 
locupletare earn Flumen Dei repietum est aqua 

Su gearwades mete heara forSon swe is gegearwung Sin 
parasti cibum ittorum quia ita est praeparatio tua 

rinnellan his indreucende gemonigfalldende cneorisse 

11. jRivos ejus inebriovns multiplicans generationes 

his in dreapingum his biS geblissad Sonne he upcymeS 
ejus in stillicidiis ejus laetabitur durn eocorietur 

bledsiende beg geres freamsumnisse Sin re 7 feldes 

12. Benedicens coronam anni benignitatis tuae et camjri 

Sines bioS gefyld mid genyhtsumnisse faettiaS endas 

tui replebuntur ubertate 13. Pinguiscent fines 

woestennes 7 wynsumnisse hyllas bioS bigyrde gegerede 

deserti et exultatione colles accingentur 14. Induti 

sind rommas scepa 7 geinaeru 7 dene genyhtsumiaS hwaete 
sunt arietes ovium et convalles abundabunt frumento 

7 soSlice cleopiaS 7 ymen cweoSaS 
etenim clamabunt et hymnum dicent 


wynsumiaS gode all eorSe salm cweoSaS noman 
Jubilate Deo omnis terra 2. psalmum dicite nomini 

his sellaS wuldur lofe his cweoSad gode hu 

ejus date gloriam laudi ejus 3. Dicite Deo Quam 

egesfulle sind . were Sin in inengu megnes Sines 

terribilia sunt opera tua in multitudine virtutis tuae 

legaS Se feond Sine all eorSe weorSaS Sec 

mentientur tibi inimici tui 4. Omnis terra adoret te 





7 singeS Se Balm cwiS nomau Sinurn Su hesta 
et psallat tibi psalmum dicat^ nomini tuo Mtissime 

cymaS 7 gesiaS were dryhtnes hu egesful in 

5. Venite et videle opera Domini quam terribUis in 

geSsehtum ofer beam monna se gecerreS sae in 

consilii8 super JUios hominum 6. Qui convertit mare in 

dryge 7 flodas SorhleoreS mid foet Ser we bioS geblissade 
aridam et flumina pertransivit pede ibi laetobimur 

in Sset ilee se waldeS in megne his in ecnisse 

in id ipso 7. Qui dominatwr in virtute sua in aetemum 

egan his ofer Siode geloeiaS 8a in eorre gegremedon 
oculi ejus super gentes respiciunt qui in ira provocant 

ne sien upahefeu in him seolfum bledsiaS Siode god 

non exaltentur in semetipsis 8. Benedicite gentes Deum 

urne 7 hersumiaS stefne lofes his se sette 

nostrum et obaudite vocem laudis ejus 9. Qui posuit 

sawle mine to life 7 ne salde onstyrgan foet mine 
animam meam ad vitam et non dedit commoveri pedes meos 

forSon Su acunnades usic god mid fyre usic amearedes 
10. Quoniam probasti nos Deus igne nos examinasli 

swe mid fyre biS amearad seolfur Su geleddes usic in 

sicut igne examinatur argentum 11. Induxisti nos in 

gerene Su settes geswencednisse in bece urum Su 

laqueum posulsti tribulationes in dor so nostro 12. in- 

onsettes men ofer heafud ur we leordun Sorh fyr 
posuisti homines super capita nostra Transivimus per ignem 

7 weter 7 Su ingelaeddes usic in coelnisse ic ingaa 

et aquam et induxisti nos in refrigerium 13. Introibo 

in hus Sin in onsegdnissum ic gelde Se gehat min 
in domum tuam in holocaustis reddam tibi vota mea 

Sa todeMun weolure mine Sas spreocende wes mud 
14. quae distinxerunt labia mea Ilaec locutum est os 

min in geswencednisse minre onsegdnisse merglice 

meum in tribulatione mea 16. holocausta medidlata 

ic ofriu Se mid inbernisse 7 rommum 1 ic ofriu Se oxan 
offer am tibi cum incensu et arietibus offer am tibi boves 

mid buccum cumaS 7 geheraS mec 7 ic seg[c]o eow 

cum hircis 16. Venite et audite me et narrabo vobis 

1 o over e. 





alle Sa ondredaS dryhtcn hu feolu dytle sawle minre 
omnes qui timetis Dominum quanta fecit animae meae 

from him muSe milium ic cleopede 7 upahof under 
17. Ab i})so ore meo elamavi et exaltavi sub 

timgan minre unrehtwisnisse gif ic gelocade in heortan 

lingua mea 18. Iniquitatem si conspexi in corde 

minre ne gehereS god forSon geherde mec *go 

meo non exaudiet Deus 19. Propterea exaudivit me Deus 

7 bihaldeS stefne boene minre gebledsad dryhten 

et intendit voci deprecationis meae 20. Benedictus Dominus 

se onweg ne awende boene mine 7 mildheortnisse 

qui non amovit deprecationem meam et misericordiam 

his from me 
suam a me 


god gemildsie us 7 bledsie usic inlihte ondwliotan 
2. Deus misereatur nobis et benedicat nos inluminet vultum 

his ofer usic 7 *gemilsie us S»t we oncnawen in 

suum super nos et misereatur nobis 3. Ut cognoscamus in 

eorSan weg Sinne in allum Siodum haelu Sin 
terra viam tuam in omnibus gentibus salutare tuum 

ondettigen Se folc god ondettien Se folc all 
4. Confiteantur tibi populi Deus confiteantur tibi populi omnes 

blissien 7 gefen Siode forSon Su doemest folc in 
6. Laetentur et eocultent gentes quoniam judicas populos in 

rehtwisnisse 7 Siode in eorSan Su gereces *ondette 1 

aequitate et gentes in terra diriges 6. Cojifiteantur 

Se folc god ondettie Se folc all eorSe 

tibi populi Deus confiteantur tibi populi omnes 7. Terra 

salde western his bledsie usic god god ur 7 

dedit fructum suum benedicat nos Deus Deus noster 8. et 

bledsie usic god 7 ondreden hine alle endas eorSan 
benedicat nos Deus et metuant eum omnes fines terrae 


arise god 7 sien tostrogdne feond his 7 flen from 
2. Exsurgat Deus et dissipentur inimici ejus et fugiant a 

1 e over a$. 


onsiene his Sa fiodun hine swe aaprong rec hie 

facie ejus qui odenmt turn 3. Sicut defecit fumus de- 

aspringen swe floweS wex from onsiene fyres swe 
ficiant sicut fiuit cera a facie ignis sic 

forweorSen tSa synfullan 1 from onsiene godes 7 8a reht- 

pereant peccatores a facie Dei 4. et justi 

wisan symbhaS gefen in gesihSe godes sien gelustfullade 
epvlentwr Exultmt in conspectu Dei delectentur 

in blisse singaS gode salm cweodatS noman his 

in laetitia 5. Cantate Deo psahnum dicite nomini ejus 

siSfet dood him se astag ofer setgong dryhtew noma 
iter facile ex qui ascendit super occasum Dominus nomen 

is him gefiaS in gesihSe his bioS gedroefde from onsiene 
est et Gaudete in conspectu ejus turbabuntur a facie 

his fedras stepcilda 7 doeman widwena god in 

ejus 6. patres orfanorum et judices viduarum Deus in 

stowe Sere halgan his god se eardian doe$ anmodde 

loco sancto suo 7. Deus qui inhabitare facit unanvmes 

in huse se utaledeS gebundne m strengu gelice 7 
in domo Qui educit vinctos in fortitudine similiter - et 

6a 8a in eorre gegremmaS 8a eardiaS in byrgennum 
eos qui in ira provocant qui habitant in sepulcris 

god mit te Su utgsest biforan folce Sinum Sonne 8u 
8. Deus dum egredieris coram populo tuo dum trans- 

ofergsest Sorh woesten eorSe onstyred is 7 soSlice 

gredieris per deserto 0. terra mota est Etenim 

heofenas dreapedun from onsiene godes munt from 

caeli distillaverunt a fade Dei rnons Sina a 

onsiene godes regn wilsumne toscadende 

facie Dei Israhel 10. Pluviam voluntariam segregans 

god erfewordnisse Sinre 7 soSlice geuntrumad is Su soSlice 
Deus hereditati tuae et enim infirmata est tu vero 

*gefredes Sa netenu Sin ineardiad in hire 

perfecisti ea 11. Animalia tua inhabitabunt in ea 

Su gearwades in swoetnisse Sinre Searfan god drjhten 

parasti m dulcidine tua pauperi Deus 12. Dominus 

seleS word godspelliendum megene micle cyning 

dabit verbum evangelizantibus virtute multa 13. rex 

1 u over y. 


megna Ses leofan 7 hiow huses todaelan herereaf 
virtutum dilecti et species domus dividere spolia 

gif ge slepaS betwih midde Sreatas fiSru culfran 
14. Si dormiatis inter medios cleros pinnae columbae 

*besifrede 7 efterran beces his in biowe goldes 
deargentatae et posteriora dorsi ejus in specie auri 

Sonne toscadeS des heofenlican cyninges ofer bie snawe 
16. Dum discernit caelestis regis super earn nive 

bioS gebwitte mutit godes munt genybtsum 

dealvabuntur in Selmon 16. Montem Dei montem uberem 

munt gerunnen munt fgt tohwon onfoS ge 

mons coagulatus mons pinguis 17. Ut quid suspicitis 1 

muntas genyhtsume munt in Saem wel gelicad is gode 
montes uberes mons in quo bene placitum est Deo 

eardian in bim 7 soSlice drybten eardaS oS ende 

habitare in eo et enim Dominus habitabit usque in finem 

scrid godes ten Susendum monigfald *Sused blis- 
18. Ourrus Dei *decim milium multiplex milia lae- 

siendra drybten in bim in Seem balgan 

tantium Dominus in illis in Sina in sancto 19. <w- 

stigende in beanisse gebefte laedde beftned salde gefe 
cendens in altum captivam duxit captivitatem dedit dona 

monnum 7 soSlice Sa ne gelefaS ineardian dryhten 
hominibus Et enim qui non credunt inhabitare Dominus 

god gebledsad gebledsad dryhtew, of dege in deg 

Deus 20. benedictus benedictus Dominus de die in diem 

gesundne siSfet doeS us god se *halwynde ur 
Prosperum iter faciet nobis Deus salutaris noster 

ur god bale to donne 7 drybtras utgong deaSes 

21. noster Deus salvos faciendi et Domini exitus mortis 

ab hweSre god gescaeneS beafudu feonda bis 

22. Verumtamen Deus conquassavit capita invndcorum suorum 

cnol loccas geon[d]gongendra in scyldum bis *cyS 

verticem eapilli perambulantium in delictis suis 23. Dixit 

dryhtew of Basan ic gecerru ic biom gecerred in *grud 
Dominus Ex Basan convertam convertar in profundum 

68BS oSSaet sie bideped fot Sin in blode 

maris 24. donee vntmguatur pes tuus in sanguine 

1 altered from suscipitis (?). 


tunge 1 hunda Sinra of feondum from him gesegene 

Lingua eanum tuorum ex inimicis ab ipso 25. visi 

sind gongas Sine god inngong godes mines cyninges se 
sunt grfissus tui Deus ingressus Dei mei regis qui 

is in halgum his forecwomun aldermen tosomne 

est in 8ancto ipsius 26. Praevenerunt principes con- 

*geSeode singendum in midle iungra* plsegiendra timpanan 
juncti psallentibus in medio juvenum tympanistriarum 

in cirican bledsiaS dryhten god of espryngum 
27. In ecclesiis benedicite Dominum Deurn de fontibus 

Ser se gungesta in fyrhtu alder- 

Israhel 28. Tbi Benjamin adulescentior in pavore prin- 

men heretogan heara aldermen 7 aldermen 

cipes Juda duces eorum principes Zabulon et principes 

onbiod god megen Sin getryrae Sis 
Neptalim 29. Manda Deus virtutem tuam confirma hoc 

god Saet wircende Su earS in us from temple 

Deus quod operatus es in nobis 30. a templo 

Sinum Sset is Se ofredun cyningas gefe 

tuo quod est in Hierusalem tibi qfferent reges munera 

SuSreades wuda gemot fearra betwih eye 

31. Increpa feras silvarum concilium taurorum inter vaccas 

folca dffit ne sien utatyned Sas Sa gecunnade werun 
populorum ut non excludantur hii qui probati sunt 

seolfre tostenc Siode Sa gefeht willaS cumaS erend- 

argento Dissipa gentes quae bella volunt 32. venient 

wrecan of iEgyptum sigelhearwan forcymeS hond his gode 
legati ex Aegypto Aethiopia praeveniet manus ejus Deo 

ricu eorSan singaS gode singaS dryhtne singaS 
33. Eegna terrae cantate Deo psallite Domino psallite 

gode se astag ofer heofenas heofena to eastdaele 

Deo 34. qui ascendit super caelos caelorum ad orientem 

sehSe seleS stefne his stefhe megnes his sellad 

Ecce dabit vocem suam vocem virtutis suae 35. date 

are gode ofer Israel micelnis his 7 megen his 
honorem Deo Super Israhd magnificentia ejus et virtus ejus 

in wolcnum wundurlic god in halgum his god 

in nubibus 36. MirabUis Deus in Sanctis mis Deus 

1 u over o. * r from some other letter. 


be seleS megen 7 strengu folces his ge- 
Israhel ipse ddbit virtutem et fortitudinein *plebis suae bene- 

bledsad god 
dictus Deus 


halne mei dok god forSon ineodun weter oS 
2. Salvum mer fad Deus quoniam introierunt aquae usque 

sawle mine gefestnad ic earn in lam grundes 

ad animam meam 3. infixus sum in limum profundi 

7 nis spoed cym in heanisse saes 7 storm 

et rum est substantia Veni in aUitudinem maris et tempestas 

bisencte mec ic won cleopiende base gewordne werun 

demersit me 4. Laboravi damans raucae faetae sunt 

goman mine asprungun egan mine Sonne ic gehyhtu in 
fauces meae defecerunt oculi mei dura spero in 

god minne gemonigfaldade sindun ofer loccas beafdes 
Deum meum 5. Multiplicati sunt super capUlos capitis 

mines 5a fiodun mec bi ungewyrbtum . gestrongade sind 
mei qui oderunt me gratis Confortati sunt 

ofer mec Sa mec oehtaS feond mine unrehtwislice 1 
super me qui w^e persequuntur inimici mei injusti 

5a ic ne reafade Sa ic onlesde god Su wast un- 

qui non rapui tunc exsolvebam 6. Deus tu sets in- 

wisdom minne 7 scylde mine from Se ne sind 
sipientiam meam et delicto mea a te non sunt 

abydde ne scomiaS in mec 5a Se Sec bidaS 

abscondita 7. Non erubescant in me qui te expectant 

dryhfoi god megna ne onscunien ofer mec 5a 5e 
Domine Deus virVatum non revereantur super me qui 

soecaS Sec god forSon fore 8e ic 

requirunt te Deus IsraJiei 8. Quoniam propter te sup- 

aber edwit oferwrab mid scome onsiene mine 

portavi improperium operuit reverentia faciem meam 

fremSe geworden ic earn broSrum minum 7 cuma bearnum 
9. exter foetus sum fratribus meis et hospis filiis 

moeder minre forSon hatheortnisse buses Sines 

matris meae 10. Quoniam zebus domus tuae 

1 dotttd e after s. 


iteB mec 7 edwit edwitendra $e gefeollun ofer 

comedit me et opprobria exprobrantium tibi ceciderunt super 

mec 7 oferwrah in festerme sawle mine 7 ge- 

me 11. 2££ operui in jejunio animam meam et fac- 

worden is me in edwit 7 ic sette hregl 

turn est mihi in opprobrium 12. Et posui vestimentum 

min heran 7 geworden ic earn him in bispel 

meum eilicium et foetus sum iUis in parabolam 

wiS mec bieodun Sa Se setun in gete 7 in 
13. Adversum me exercebantur qui sedebant in porta et in 

mec sungun Sa $e drunctm win ic soSlice *ge- 

me psaUebant qui bibebant vinum 14. Ego vero ora- 

beded min to Se dryhten tid welgelicade god in 
tionem meam ad te Domine temjms beneplaciti Deus in 

mengn mildheortnisse Sinre geher me in soSfestnisse 
muUitudine misericordiae tuae exaudi me in veritate 

baelu Shire *gere mec of lame S«t ic in ne fele 

salutis tuae 15. Ervpe me de Into ut non inheream 

gefrea mec of Seem figendum mec 7 of grunde wetra 
libera me ex odientibus me et de prof undo aquarum 

nales mec bieence storm wetres ne forswelge mec 
16. non me demergat tempestas aquae Neque absorbeat me 

grand ne Srege ofer mec seaS muS bis ge- 

profundum neque urgeat super me puteus os mum 17. Ex- 

her mec dryhten forSon freamsum is mildbeortnis Sin 
audi me Domine quoniam benigna est misericordia tua 

efter mengu mildsa Sinra geloca in mec 

secundum multitudinem miserationum tuarum respice in me 

ne acer Su onsiene Sine from cnebte Sinum forSon 
18. Ne avertas faciem tuam a puero tuo quoniam 

ic bio geswenced hreSlice geher mec bihald to sawle 

tribulor velociter exaudi me 19. Intende animae 

minre 7 gefrea hie fore fiondum minum genere mec 
meae et libera earn propter inimicos meos eripe me 

dryhten Su soSlice wast edwit min gedroefnisse 

Domine 20. Tu enim scis impraperium meum confusionem 

7 s[c]ome mine in gesihSe Sinre Bind alle 

et vereeundiam meam 21. in conspectu tuo sunt omnes 

geswencende mec edwit bad heorte min 7 ermSu 

tribtdantes me Improperium expectavit cor meum et mise- 


7 ic arefnde Sa somud mid mec were geunrotsad j 
riam et sustinui qui simul mecum contristaretwr et 

ne_ wes 7 froefrende mec ic sohte 7 ic ne gemoette 
non Juit et consolantem me quisivi et non inveni 

7 saldun in mete minne gallan 7 in Surste minum 
22. Et dederunt in escam meam /el et in dii mea 

drynctun mec mid ecede sie biod beara biforan 

potaverunt me actio 23. Flat mensa eorum coram 

him in girene 7 in edlean 7 in eswic 

ipsis in laqueum et in retributionem et in scandalum 

sien aSiostrade egan beara Saet bie ne gesen 7 bee 
24. 0b8curentur oculi eorum ne videant et dorsum 

beara aa gebeged ageot ofer bie eorre Sin 

illorum semper incurva 25. Effunde super eos iram tuam 

7 ebylgtSu 1 eorres Sines ge[g]ripe hie sie 

et indignatio irae tuae adpraehendat eos 26. Fiat 

eardung beara woestu 7 in geteldum beara ne sie 
habitatio eorum deserta et in takernaeuUs eorum non sit 

se ineardie forSon Sone Su sloge bie oehtende 

qui inhabitet 27. Quoniam quern tu percussisti ipsi persecuti 

werun 7 ofer sar wunda minra otectun 

sunt et super dolorem vulnerum meorum addidenmt 

tosete unrebtwisnisse ofer unrebtwisnisse beara 7 
28. Adpone iniquitatem super iniquitatem ipsorwm et 

in ne gab* in Sinre rehtwisnisse sien bie adilgade of 

non intorent in tua justitia 29. Deleantur de 

boec lifgendra 7 mid Sam rehtwisnm ne bioS awriten 
libro viventiwm et cum justis non scribantwr 

Searfa 7 sargiende ic earn 7 baelu ondwlitan Sines 
80. Pauper et dolens ego sum et solus vultus tui 

god onfeng mec ic bergu noman godes mines mid 

Dens suscepit me 81. Laudabo nomen Dei mei cum 

songe 7 ic micliu bine in lofe licaS gode ofer 

cantico et magnificabo eum in lauds 32. Flaeebit Deo super 

caelf niowe bornas forSledende 7 clea gesen v 

vitulum noveUum cornua producentem et ungulas 33. Videant 

Searfan 7 blissien soecaS dryhtm 7 liofaS sawul 
pauperes et laetentur quaerUe Dominum et vivet anima 

1 y over u. 


eower for8on geherde 8earfan dryhten 7 ge- 

vestra 34. Quoniam exaudivit pauperes Dominus et 

bundne his ne forhogde herga8 line heofenas 7 

vinctos sues non sprevit 35. Laudent eum cadi et 

eorSe sae 7 all 8a 8e in mm sind for8on 

terra mare el omnia quae in eis sunt 36. Quoniam 

god halne *do8 Sion 7 bio8 timbrede cestre 
Deus salvam faciei Sion et aedificabuntur civitates Judae 

7 ineardia8 8er 7 erfeworSnisse bigeotaS hie .7 

et inhabitabunt ibi Et hereditate adquirunt earn 37. et 

sed 8iowa his gesitta8 hie 7 8a tSe lufia8 notnan 
aewien servorum ejus possidebit earn et qui diligunt nomen 

his ineardiad in hire 
ejus inhabitabunt in ea 


god in *fultu minne bihald dryhien to gefultu- 
2. Deus in adjutorvum meum intende Domine ad adju- 

miende me oefesta sien gescende 7 onscunien fiond 

vandum me festina 3. Confundantur et revereantur inimici 

mine 3a 8e soeca8 sawle 'mine sien forcerde on bee 

met qui querunt animam meam 4. Avertantur retrorsum 

7 scomien 8a 8e me yfel sien forcerred sona 

et erubescant qui cogitant mihi mala Avertantur statim 

7 s[c]omiende 8a 8e cweo8a8 me weolga weolga ge- 

et erubescentes qui dicunt mihi Euge euge 5. Ex- 

fen 7 blissien 8a 8e soeca8 8®c dryhten 7 cwe8en • 
ultent et laetentur qui quaerunt te Domine et dicant 

aa sie gemiclad dryhien 8a 8e lufia8 haelu Sine 
semper Magnificetur Dominus qui diligunt salutare tuum 

ic so81ice we81a 7 8earfa ic earn god gefultume me 
6. Ego vero egenus et pauper sum Deus adjuva me 

fultum min 7 alesend min 811 ear8 dryhten ne leata 
Adjutor meus et liberator meus es tu Domine ne retar- 





in Se ic gehyhte dryhten ic ne sie ges[c]ended in ecnisse 
In te speravi Domine ne confundar m aeternum 

in Sinre rehtwisnisse gefrea mec j genere mec on- 
2. In tua justitia libera me et eripe me In- 

haeld to me eare Sin j gefrea mec bio Su me 

clina ad me aurem tuam et libera me 3. esto mihi 

in god gescildend 7 in stowe getrymede Ssetde 1 halne 
in Deum protectorem et in locum munitum ut salvum 

mec gedoe forSon trymenis min 7 geberg min 
me facias Quoniam firmamentum meum et refugium meum 

Su ear^ god min genere mec of honda Ses synfullan 

es tu 4. Deua meus eripe me de manu peccatoris 

7 of honda wiS ee dondes 7 unrehtlice forSon 

et de manu contra legem agentis et inique 5. Quoniam 

Su earS geSyld min dryhten hyht min from guguSe minre 
tu es patientia mea Domine epes mea a juventute mea 

in Sec getrymed ic earn of innoSe of wombe modur 8 

6. In te confirmatU8 sum ex utero de ventre matri8 

rainre Su earS min gescildend in Sec song min aa 
meae tu es meus protector in te decantatio mea semper 

swe swe forebecen geworden ic earn mongum 7 Su 

7. Tamquam prodigium factus sum multis et tu 

fultum strong sie gefylled min muS lof Sin Seet 

adjutor fortis 8. Repleatur os meum laudem tuam ut 

ic mege singan wuldur Sin alne deg micelnisse Sine 

possim cantare ghriam tuam tota die magnificentiam tuam 

ne aweorp Su mec in tid aeldu Sonne aspringeS 

0. Ne proicias me in tempore senectutis dwm defecerit 

megen min ne forlet Su mec forSon cwedun feond 

virtus mea ne derelinquas me 10. Quia dixerunt inimici . 

mine yfel me 7 Sa Se heoldun sawle mine geSeht 
mei mala mihi et qui custodiebant anirnam meam consilium 

dydun in annisse cweoSende god forleort bine 

fecerunt in unum 11. Dicentes Deus dereliquit eum 

oebtaS 7 gegripaS hine forSon jis se generge 
persequimini et conpraehendite eum quia nonest qui eripiat 

1 d from t. a o/rom u (?). 


hine god ne afearra Su from me god min in ful- 

eum 12. Deus ne elongis a me Deus mens in auxi- 

turn minne geloca sien gescende j aspringen telende 

Hum meum respice 13. Confundantwr et deficiant detrahentes 

sawle minre sien oferwrigen mid gedroefednisse 7 Bcome 
animae meae operiantur confusions et pudore 

8a Se soecaS yfel me ic soSlice aa in Sec 

qui quaerunt mala mihi 14. Ego autem semper in te 

ic gehyhtu dryhte/t 7 geecu ofer all lof Sin 

sperabo Domine et adiciam super omnern laudem tuam 

muS min segeS rehtwisnisse Sine alne deg haelu 
15. Os meum pronuntiabit justitiam tuam iota die ealutare 

Sine forSon ic ne oncneow scire ic inga in 

tuum Quia non eognovi negotiations 16. introibo in 

maehte dryhtnes dryhten ic biom gemyndgad rehtwisnisse 
potential Domini Domine memorabor justitiae 

Sinre anes god Su laerdes mec from guguSe minre 

tuae solius 17. Dem docuisti me a juventute mea 

7 oS nu ic forSsecgu wundur Sin 7 oS in 

et usque nunc pronuntiabo mirabilia tua 18. et usque in 

aeldu 7 aldra god ne forlet Su mec ot Set ic secge 
senecta et senium Deus ne derelinquas me Donee adnuntiem 

earm Sinne cneorisse aire Sa toword is maehte 
bracchium tuum generationi omni quae ventura est Potentiam 

Sine 7 rehtwisnisse Sine god oS in heanisse 

tuam 19. et justitiam tuam Deus usque in altissimis 

Sa Su 1 dydes micelnisse god hwelc gelic Se hu monge 

quae fecisli magnolia Deus quis similis tibi 20. Quantas 

Su oteawdes me geswencednisse monge 7 yfle 7 gecerred 
ostendisti mihi tribulationes muXtas et malas et eonversus 

Su geliffestes mec 7 of neolnisse eorSan eft Su alaedes 
vivificasti me et de abysso terrae iterum reduxisti 

mec Su gemonigfaldades *rehwisnisse Sine 7 gecerred 

me 21. Multiplicasti justitiam tuam et eonversus 

trymmende earS mec 7 ic ondettu Se in featum 

*exortatus es me 22. et ego confitebor tibi in vasts 

salma soSfestnisse Sine ic singu Se in citran god 
psalmorum veritateni tuam psallam tibi in cythara Deus 

1 tJu twice. 


halig gefiaS weolure mine Sonne ic singu 

sanctus Israhd 23. Gaudebunt labia mea dum cantavero 

Se 7 sawul min 8a Su alesdes ah 7 tunge min 

tibi et anima mea quam redemisti 24. Sed et lingua mea 

biS smegende rehtwisnisse Sine Sonne gedroefde 7 onscuniende 
meditabitur justitiam tuam dum confusi et reveriti 

bioS Sa Se soecaS yfel me 
fuerint qui quaerunt mala mihi 


god dom Sinne cyninge sele 7 rehtwisnisse Sine 
2. Deu8 judicium tuum regi da et justitiam tuam 

8una cyninges doem folc Sin in Sinre rehtwisnisse 

JUio regis Judicare populum tuum ^in tua justitia 

7 Searfan Sine in dome onfoen muntas sibbe 

et pauperes tuos in judicio ^iSuscipiant montes pacem 

folce Sinuw 7 hyllas rehtwisnisse in his rehtwisnis 

2>opulo tuo et colles justiliam 4. In sua justitia 

doemeS Searfan Sisses folces 7 hale gedoeS *bern Sear- 
judicabit pauperes hujua populi et salvos faciei filios pau- 

fena 7 geeaSmodaS hearmcweoSendra 7 SorhwunaS 

perum Et humiliabit calumniatorem 5. et permanebit 

mid sunnan 7 aer monan in weoruld weorulde 7 

cum sole et ante lunam in saeculum saeculi 6. Et 

astag swe swe regn in fleos 7 swe swe drcapung 
discendit sicut pluvia in vellus et sicut stillicidia 

dropetende ofer eorSan upeorneS in daegum his 

stilldntia super terram 7. Orietur in diebus ejus 

rehtwisnis 7 ginyhtsumnis sibbe oS Saet were upahefen mona 
justitia et abundantia pacis donee extollatur luna 

7 waldeS from sae oS sae 7 fro?» flode 

8. Et dominabitur a mari usque ad mare et a Jlumine 

oS gemaeru ymbhwyrftes eorSan biforan him forS- 

usque ad terminos orbis terrae 9. Coram illo proci- 

gaS sigelhearwan 7 feond his eorSan *liciaS cyningas 

dent Aethiopes et inimici ejus terram lingent 10. Reges 

7 ealondes gefe ofradun cyningas 
Tharsis et insulae munera afferent reges Arabum et Saba 


gefe togelaedaS 7 weorSiuS hine alle cyningas eortfon 

dona adducent 11. Et adorabunt eum omnes reges terrae 

alle SeoSe SeowiatS him forSon gefreode Searfan 

omnes gentes servient ei 12. Quia liberabit pauperem 

from tfaem maehtgan 7 weSlan tfaem ne_ wes fultum 

a potente et inopem cui non erat adjutor 

spearaS dearfan 7 weSlan 7 sawle Searfena hale 
13. Parcet pauperi et inopi et animas pauperum salvas 

gedoetS of westemsceattum 7 uurehtwisnisse gefreaS 

faciei 14. Ex usuris et iniquitate liberabit 

sawle heara 7 berht noma heara biforan him 7 

animas eorum et praeclarum nomen eorum coram ipso 15. Et 

leofat? 7 bitS said him of golde 7 weorSiaS of 

vivet et dabitur ei de auro Arabiae et adorabunt de 

him aa alne deg bledsiatS hine 7 bit? trymenis 

ipso semper iota die benedicent eum 16. Et erit Jirmamentum 

in eorSan in heanissum a munta ofer bit? upahefen ofer 
in terra in summis mo/ntium super extollitwr super 

Libanan munt western his 7 blowaS of cestre swe swe 
Libanum fructus ejus et Jlorebunt de civitate sicut 

beg eorSan 7 sie *oma his gebledsad in 

faenum terrae 17. Et sit nomen ejus benedictum in 

weorulde ser sunnan SorhwunaS noma his 7 eer monan 
saecula ante solem permanebit nomen ejus et ante lunam 

seld his 7 bio$ gebledsade in him alle cyn eorSan 
sedis ejus Et benedicentur in eo omnes tribus terrae 

alle Seode micliaS hine gebledsad dryhten 

omnes gentes magnificabunt eum 18. Benedictus Dominus 

god israela se doetS wundur micelu ana 7 

Deus IsraJiel qui facit mirabUia magna solus 19. Et 

gebledsad noma megenSrymmes his in ecnisse 7 in weoruld 
benedictum nomen majestatis ejus in aeternum et in sae- 

weorulde 7 bitSgefylled megendrymme his all eorSe 
culum saeculi Et replebltur majestate ejus omnis terra 

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Fiat Fiat 


swiSe god god israela Sissum tSa Se rehtre sind heortan 
Quam bonus Deus Israhel his qui recto sunt corde 


min so&lice fulneh onstyrede sind foet fulneh agotene 
2. Met autem paene moti sunt pedes paene effusi 

sind gongas mine forSon ic elnade in tSsem synfullum 

aunt gressus mei 3. Quia zelavi in peccatoribus 

sibbe synfulra gesiende forSon nis onhejdednis deatSe 

pacem peccatorum videns 4. Quia non est declinatio morti 

heara ne trymenis in wite heara in gewinnun 

eorwm nee firmanientum in plaga eorum 6. In laboribus 

monna ne sind 7 mid monnum ne *bi3 swungne 
hominum non sunt et cum hominibus non flagellabuntur 

forSon nom hie oferhygd heara oferwrigene sind mid un- 
6. Ideo ttnuit eos superbxa eorum operti sunt ini- 

rehtwisnisse 7 *arleas his fortSyppetS swe swe of 

quitate et impietate sua 7. Prodiit quasi ex 

8meorwe unrehtwisnis heara leordun in geflite heortan 
adipe iniquitas eorwm transierant in disputatione cordis 

Sohtun 7 spreocende werun nitSas unrehtwisnisse in 
8. cogitaverunt et locuti stmt nequitias iniquitatem in 

heanisse spreocende werun settun in heofene mud 

excelso locuti sunt 9. Posuerunt in caelo os 

heara 7 tunge heara leorde ofer eorSan forSon 

suum et lingua eorum transiit super terram 10. Ideo 

cerreS hider folc min 7 d^gas fulle bioft gemoeted 
reverletur hue populus meus et dies pleni invenientur 

in him 7 cwedun hu wat god 7 gif is 

in eis 11. Et dixeruiU Quomodo scivit Deus et si est 

wisdom in heanisse sehSe hie synfulle 7 genyht- 

scientia in Excelso 12. Ecce ipsi peccatores et abun- 

sumegende in weorulde bigetun weolan 7 ic cwetS 

dantes in saeculo optinuerunt divitias 13. Et dixi 

sotSlice butan intingan ic gerehtwisade heortan mine 7 Swog 
Ergo sine causa justificavi cor meum et lavi 

bctwih 8a unsceSSendan honda mine 7 ic wes geswungen 

inter innocentes manus meas 14. et fui flagellatus 

aline deg 7 gebecnend min in margentid gif ic cwetS 

tota die et index meus in matutino 16. Si dicebam 

ic seggu swe sehSe cneoris bearna Sinra 8aem ic gestihtade 
Narrabo sic ecce nitio JUiorum tuorum quibus dis2>osui 

ic gewoende tfoet ic oncneowe Sis gewin is biforan 
16. Existimabam ut cognoscenm hoc labor est ante 



me oSSset ic ingae in godes halig portic 7 ongete 

-% me 17. donee intrem in sanctuarium Dei et intellegam 

< fta nestan heara ab hwetSre fore facne Su gestih- 

novissima eorwn 18. Verumtamen propter dolos dispo- 

tades him yfel Su awurpe hie Sonne werun upahefen 
suisti eis mala dejecisti eos dum adlevarentur 

hu gewordne werun in tolesnisse feringa asprungun 
19. Quomodo facti sunt in desokUione subito defecerunt 

forwurdun fore unrehtwisnisse heara ewe swe from slepe 

perierunt propter iniquitates sua* 20. velut a somno 

arisende dryhtm in cestre Sinre onlicnesse heara to 
exwrgentes Domine in civitate tua imagines eorum ad 

\ nowihte Su gebeges forSon gelustfullad is heorte min 

nihilum rediges 21. Quia delectatum est cor meum 

7 eSre mine tolesde sind 7 ic to nowihte gebeged 

et rents mei resoluii sunt 22. et ego ad nihilum redactus 

earn 7 ic hit nyste swe swe neat geworden ic earn 

sum et nescivt 23. Ut jumentum foetus sum 

mid dec 7 ic aa mid dec Su nome hond Sa 

apud te et ego semper tecum 24. Tenuisti manum dex- 

swiSran mine 7 in willan Sinum gelaedes raec 7 mid 
teram meam et in voluntate tua deduxisti me et cum 

wuldre genome mic hwet soSlice me to lafe *stodeS l 

gloria adsumpsisti me 25. Quid enim mihi restat 

in heofene 7 from Se hwet walde ic ofer eorSan 

in caelo et a te quid volui super terram 26. De- 

asprong heorte min 7 flsesc min god heortan minre 7 
fecit cor meum et caro mea Deus cordis mei et 

dael min god min in weorulde forSon sehSe 3a afirraS 

pars mea Deus in saecula 27. Quia ecce qui elongant 

hie from Se forweorSaS Su forspildes alle 8a dernliggaS 
se a te peribunt perdes omnes- qui fornicantur 

from tSe me soSlice setfealan gode god, is settan 3 

abs te 28. Mihi autem adherers Deo bonum est ponere 

in dryhtne gode hyht minne S«t ic secge all lofu 
in Domino Deo spem meam Ut adnuntiem omnes laudes 

Sin in geatum doehter 
tuas in portis JUiae Sion 

1 d from 8, * a over e. 




to hwon onweg adrife Su us god in ende eorre is 
Ut quid reppulisti nos Deus in finem iratus est 

hatheortnifl Sin ofer seep eowde Sinre gemyne ge- 

Juror tuus super oves gregis tui 2. Memento con- 

somnunge Sinre Sa Su gescope from fruman Su gefreades 
gregationis tuae qudm creasti ab initio Liberasti 

gerd erfes "Sines munt sion in Soem eardas in Son 

vvrgam hereditatis tuae mons Sion in quo Iwbitas in id 

ilean ahefe hond Sine in oferhygde heara in ende 

*ip30 3. Eleva manum tuam in superbia eorum in finem 

hu feolu wergende wes se feond in halgum Sinum j 

quanta malignaius est inimicus in Sanctis tuis 4. et 

gewuldrade sind Sa Se fiedon in midle ceafurtunes Sines 
gloriati sunt qui te oderunt in medio atrio tuo 

settun tacen heara tacen 7 ne oncneowun swe swe 

Posuerunt signa sua signa 5. et non cognoverunt sicut 

in wege ofer Sa hean swe swe in wuda trea mid ecesum 
in via supra summum quasi in silva lignorum Securibus 

curfun dura his in S«t ilee twibille 7 eadesan 
6. exciderunt januas ejus in id ipsum bipinnae et aseia 

awurpun Sa forberndun mid fyre halig portic Sin 

dejecerunt earn 7. Incenderunt igni sanctuarium tuum 

in eorSan bisme[o]ton 1 geteld noman Sines cwedun 

in terra polluerunt tabernaculum nominis tui 8. Dix- 

in heortan heara cneoris heara betwih hie cumaS 
erunt in corde suo cognatio eorum inter se Venite 

forSryccen we alle daegas symbellice dryhtne* from earSan 
conprimamus omnes dies festos Domini a terra 

tacen ur we ne gesegun soSlice _nis witga 7 usic 
9. Signa nostra non vidimus jam non est prqfeta et nos 

ne oncnaweS me.* hu longe god edwetede 

non cognoscit amplius 10. Usque quo Deus improperavU 

se feond bismerad *wiSerbrocaS noman Sinne in ende 
inimicus inritat adversarius nomen tuum in finem 

to hwon *acers Su onsiene Sine 7 Sa swiSran Sine 
11. Ut quid avertis faciem tuam et dexteram tuam 

1 originally biofl bismitene. * mg:. 


of *midum 1 sceate Sinum in ende god soSlice cyning 

de medio sinu tuo in finem 12. Deus aiUem rex 

or aer weorulde wircende is haelu in midle eorSan 
nosier ante saeoula operatus est salutem in medio terrae 

Su getrymedes in megoe Sinum sae Su senctes 
13. Tu confirmasti in virtute tua mare tu contribulasti 

heafud dracena ofer weter Su gebrece heafud 

capita draeonum super aquas 14. Tu confregisti caput 

dracan micles 7 saldes bine in mete folce sigelbearwena 
draconis magni et dedisti eum in escam populo Aethiopum 

Su toslite weellan 7 burnan Su adrygdes flodas 
15. Tu disrupisti fontes et torrentes tu exsiccasti Jhtvios 

Sin is deg 7 Sin is naeht Su dydes 
Aelham 16. Tuus est dies et tua est nox tu fecisti 

sunuan 7 monan Su dydes all gemseru eorSan 

solem et lunam 17. tu fecisti omnes terminos terrae 

sumur 7 *lenten Su dydes Sa gemyndig bio Su Sisse 

aestatem et ver tu fecisti ea 18. Memor esto hujus 

gescefte Sinre sefeond edwitte dryhten 7 folc 
creaturae tuae invmicus improperavit Domino et populus 

unwis onscunade noman Sinne ne sele Su wilde- 

insipiens exacervavit nomen tuum 19. Ne tradas bestiis 

orum sawle ondetende de sawlq Searfena Sinra ne 
anvmam confttentem tibi animas pauperum tuorum ne 

forget Su in ende geloca in cySnisse Sinre forSon 

^obliviscaris in finem 20. Eespice in testamento tuo quia 

gefylde sind Sa aSeastrade sind eorSan husa unreht- 
repleti sunt qui obscurati sunt terrae domorum iniqui- 

wisnissa ne sie aoerred eadmod geworden gedroefed 

tatum 21. Ne avertatur humilis foetus confusus 

Searfa 7 weSla hergaS noman Sinne aria god 

pauper et inops laudabunt nomen tuum 22. Exurge Deus 

doem intingan Sinne gemyndig Su earS edwita Sinra 

judica causam tuam memor esto improperiorum tuorum 

Seara Sa from Ssem unwisan sind alne deg ne 

eorum qui ab insipiente sunt tota die 23. Ne 

oferget Su stefne soecendra Sec oferhygd* beara Sa Sec 
obliviscaris voces quaerentium te superbia eorum qui te 

1 midleum ; le erased. ' oferferhygd, the second fer dotted. 



fiodun astag aa to $e 

oderunt ascendat semper ad te 


we ondettaS 8e god we ondettaS tSe 7 gecegaS 
2. Confitebimur tibi Deus conjUebimur tibi et invocabimus 

noman Sinne ic secgo all wundur Sin Sonne ic onfo 
nomen tuum Narrabo omnia mirabUia tua 3. dum accepero 

tid ic rehtwisnisse ic jioemu 1 gemaelted is eorSe 

tempus ego justiciam judicabo 4. Liquefacta est terra 

7 alle ineardiende in Cere ic getrymede syle his 

et omnes inhabitantes in ea ego confirmavi columnas ejus 

ic cweS to Seem unrehtwisum nyllaS unrehtlice don 7 Saem 
6. Dixi iniquis Nolite inique agere et delin- 

agyltendum „nj}laS uphebban 9 horn 

quentibus Nolite exaltare eornu 6. Nolite extollere in 

7 nyllaS spreocan wiS gode un- 
altum cornu vestrum et noRte loqui adversus Deum in- 

rehtwisnisse forSon ne from eastdefo ne from westdeele 
iquitatem 7. Quia neque ab oriente neque ab Occidents 

ne from woestum muntum forSon god doema is 

neque a desertis montibus 8. quoniam Deus judex est 

Seosne geheneS 7 Seosne uphefeS forSon calic in honda 

Hunc humiliat et hunc exaltat 9. quia ealix in manu 

dryhtnes scires wines ful is gemenged 7 onhaeldeS 
Domini vini meri plenus est *mixto Et inclinavit 

of Sissum in Sis ah hweSre drosne 8 his nis 

ex hoc in hoc verumtamen /ex ejus non est exi- 

araeellad drincaS of Saem alle synfulle eorSan ic 

nanita Bibent ex eo omnes peccatores terrae 10. ego 

soSlice in weoralde gefio singu gode Iacobes 7 

autem in saecula gaudebo cantabo Deo Jacob 11. Et 

alle hornas synfulra ic gebreocu 7 bioS upahefene hornas 
omnia cornua peccatorum confringam et exaltabuntur comua 

S»[s] rehtwisan 

1 originally doema. * first bfrom f. * over dearotan ; the 

scribe first wrote der, and then altered the r to a. 



cutS in Iudea god in Israela folce micel noma his 

2. Notus in Judea Deus in Israhel magnum nomen ejus 

7 geworden is in sibbe stow his 7 eardung his 

3. Et foetus est in pace locus ejus et habitatio ejus in 

Ser gebrec hornas bogan Bceld sweord 7 
JSion 4. lbi con/regit cornua arcum scutum gladium et 

gefeht inlihtes ftu wundurlice from muntum ecum 

helium 5. Inluminas tu mirabUiter a montibus aeternis 

*gedrefde sind alle unwise on heortan hneapedun 1 
6. turbali sunt omnes insipientes corde dormierunt som- 

slep heara 7 nowiht gemoettun alle weoras weolena 
num suum et nihil invenerunt omnes viri divitiarum 

in hondum heara from dreange Sinre god Iacobes 

in manibus suis 7. Ab increpatione tua Deus Jacob 

hneapedon fta asteogun hors Su egesful earS 7 

dormitaverunt qui ascenderunt equos 8. tu terribilis es et 

hwelc witfetondeS Se nu *seoSan from eorre tSinum of 

quis resistit tibi extunc ab ira tua 9. De 

heofene dom scotad is eortte cwe,cede 7 gestilde 

caelo judicium jaculatum est terra tremuit et quievit 

8a $e aras in dome god Ssette hale gedyde alle 
10. dum exurgeret in judicio Deus ut salvos faceret omnes 

stille eorSan forSon geftoht monnes ondettetS Se 7 

quietos terrae 11. Quia cogitatio hominis confitebitur tibi et 

lafe gef>ohta symbeldeg SoS 8e gehata'S 7 

reliquiae cogitationum diemfestum agent tibi 12. Vovite et 

ageofatS dryhtwe gode eowrum alle Sa $e in ymbhwyrfte 
reddite Domino Deo vestro omnes qui in circuitu 

his sind ofriaS gefe tfoem egesful Ian 7 Seem se afirreS 

ejus sunt qffertis munera Terribili 13. et ei qui aufert 

gast aldermonna "Saem egesfullan mid cyningum eortfan 
spiritum principum terribili apud reges terrae 


mid stefhe minre to dryhtne ic cleopede stefn min to 
2. Voce mea ad Dominum clamavi vox mea ad 

1 vel alypton added in an almoJ contemp. hand. 

nocte coram 









dryhtna 7 behaldeft me in dege geswencednisse minre 

Deum et intendit mihi 3. In die Pribulationis meae 

god ic sohte hondum minum on naeht biforan him 7 
Deum exquisivi manibus meis 

ic neam biswicen ic witSsoc *frofran 
non sum deceptus Negavi eonsolari 1 

myndig ic wes godes 7 gelustfallad ic earn bigongen 
4. memor fui Dei et deleetatus sum Exercitatus 

ic earn 7 asprong hwon gast min forefengun 

sum et defecit paulisper spiritus mens 5. anticipaverurU 

waecene egan min gedroefed ic earn 7 ne a • • •* ic Cohte 

vigilias oculi met turbatus sum et non • ' ,f 6. CogUavi 

d$gas aide 7 ger ece in mode ic hefde 7 sme- 

dies antiques et cmnos aeternos in mente habui 7. Et medi- 

gende ic earn on naeht mid heortan minre ic bieode 7 
tatus sum nocte cum cords meo exercitabam et 

windwade in me gast minne 7 ic cweC ah 

ventilabam in me spiritum meum 8. Et dixi Numquid 

in ecnisse aweorpeC god o$8e no toseteS tfoet wel 
in aetsrnum proiciet Deus aut non adponet ut bene 

gelicad sie nnget cISSe in ende mildheortnisse his 

placitum sit adhuc 0. aut in' finem misericordiam suam 

acearf 8 from weorulde 7 cneorisse ah ofer- 

abscidet a saeculo et generatione 10. Numquid obH- 

geotelaS mildsian god otJSe bihafaS in eorre mildheortnisse 
viseetur misereri Deus aut eontvnebit in ira misericordiam 

his 7 ic cweC nu ic ongon tfeos onwendednis swiSran 

suam 11. Et dixi Nunc coepi haec inmutatio dexterae 

Ces hean gemyndig ic wes werca dryhtnes forCon gemyndig 

Excelsi 12. memor fui operum Domini quia memor 

ic biom from fruman wundra ftinra 7 smegende 

ero ab initio mirabilium tuorum 13. Et meditatus 

ic earn in allum wercnm tSinum 7 in gehaeldum ftinum 
sum in omnibus operibus tuis et in observaUonibus tuts 

mec ic bieode god in halgum weg Sin hwelc god 

me exercebor 14. Deus in sancto via tua quis Deus 

micel swe swe god ur Su eartS god Su Se doest 

magnus sicut Deus noster 15. tu es Deus qui fads 

1 ioner. * cut away. * aocearf, second c dotted. 


wundur ana cuSe Su dydes in folcum megen Sin 
mvrabilia solus No tarn fecisti in populis virtutem tuum 

gefreodes in earme Sinum folc Sin beam 
16. liberasti in bracchio tuo popuium tuum JUios Israhel et 

gesegun Sec weter god gesegun Sec weter 
Joseph 17. Viderunt te aquae Deus viderunt te aquae 

7 ondreordun gedroefde werun niolnisse mengu swoeges 

et Hmuerunt turbati sunt abyssi 18. multUudo sonitus 

wetra etefne saldnn wolcen 7 soSlice strelas Sine 
aquarum Vocem dederunt nubes et enim sagittae tuae 

Sorhleordun stefn Sunurrade Sinre in hweole inlihton 

pertransierunt 19. vox tonitrui tui in rota Inluxerunt 

bliccetunge Sine eorSan ymbhwyrfte gesaeh 7 onstyred wee 
coruscationes tuae orbi terras vidit et eommota est 

eorSe in sae wegas Sine 7 stige Sine in wetrum 

terra 20. In mari viae tuae et semitae tuae in aquis 

miclum 7 sweSe Sine ne bioS oncnawen Su gelaeddes 

mxdtis et vestigia tua non cognoscentur 21. Deduxisti 

swe swe seep folc Sin in honda *Mosi 7 Aaron 
sicut eves populum tuum in manu Moysi et Aaron 


bihaldaS folc min ae mine onhaeldaS eare eower 
Adtendite populus mens legem meam inclinate aurem vestram 

in word muSes mines ic ontynu in bispellutn mnS 

in verba oris met 2. Aperiam in parabolis os 

minne ic spreocu foresetenisse from fruman weorulde 
meum loquar propositions db initio saeculi 

bn fiolu we geberdun 7 oncneowun Sa 7 fedras ure 
3. Quanta audivimus et cognovimus ea et poXrts nostri 

segdun us ne Bind gedeglad from bearnum 

narraverunt nobis 4. 7? on sunt oocultata a jiliis 

in cneorisse oSerre secgende lofu dryhtnes 7 
eorum in generatione altera Narrantes laudes Domini et 

megen bis 7 wundur his Sa be dyde 7 awebte 

virtutes ejus et mirabilia ejus quae fecit 5. Et suscitavit 

cySnisse in Iacob 7 aee sette Sa 

testimonium in Jacob et legem posuit in Israhel Quam 

onbead fedrum urum Seette cuSo dyde Sa bearnum 
mandavit patribus nostris ut notam faceret ea Jiliis 


heara tfaet oncnawe cneoris oderu beam Sa bioS 

suis 6. ut cognoscat generatio altera Filii qui nas- 

acende 7 arisaS 7 secgaS Ca bearnum heara ftaet 

ce/itfwr e£ exurgent et narrabunt ea JUiis suis 7. Ut 

hie setten in gode hyht his 7 no ofergeoteliaS werca 
ponant in Deo spem suam et non obliviscantur operum 

godes his 7 bibodu his soecaS ne sien swe swe 

Dei sui et mandata ejus exquirant 8. Ne fiant sicut 

fedras heara cyn Suerh 7 bitur cyn Scet ne 

patres eorum genus pravum et peramarum genus quod non 

gerehte heortan his 7 nis bifested mid gode *gas 
direxit cor mum et non est creditus cum Deo spiritus 

his beam *Ef bihaldende bogan 7 sendende strelas 

ejus 9. Filii Efrem intendentes arcum et mittentes sagiUas 

his gecerde in dege gefehtes ne heoldon 

suas conversi sunt in die belli 10. Non custodierunt 

cySnisse godes his 7 in aee his naldun gongan 
testamentum Dei sui et in lege ejus noluenmt ambulare 

7 ofergeotule sind weldeda his 7 wundra his 
11. Et obliti sunt benefactorum ejus et mvrabilium ejus 

@a he oteawde him biforan feadrum heara dyde 1 

quae ostendit eis 12. coram patribus eorum Fecit 

wundur in eorSan Mgypt& in felda toslat 

mirabilia in terra Aegypti in campo Thaneos 13. Inter- 

sae 7 gelaed[d]e hie 7 sette weter swe swe in 
rupit mare et perduxit eos et statuit aquas quasi in 

cylle 7 utal^dde hie in wolcne deges 7 alle naeht 

utrem 14. Et eduxit eos in nube diei et iota nocie 

in inlihtnisse fyres toslat in *wostenne stan 

in inluminatione ignis 16. Interrupit in heremo petram 

7 gewetrade hie swe swe in niolnisse micelre 7 

et adaquavit eos velut in abysso multa 16. Et 

utaledde weter of stane 7 utal§dde swe swe flodas 
eduxit aquam de petra et eduxit tamquam Jlumina 

weter 7 tosetton Saget syngian him in eorre 

aquas 17. Et adposuerunt adhuc peccare et in ira 

awehtun Sone hean in drugunge 7 

concitaverunt Deum excelsum in siccitatem 18. Et temp- 

1 dydede. 


costadon god in heortum heara Beet hie beden mettas 
taverunt Deum in cordibus suis ut peterent escas 

sawlum heara 7 yfle spreocende sind bi gode 7 

animabus suis 19. et male locuti sunt de Deo et 

cwedun ah meg god gearwian biod in woestenne 

dixerunt Numquid potent Deus parare mensam in deserto 

forSon slog stan 7 fleowun weter 7 burnan 
20. Quoniam percussit petram et Jluxerunt aquae et torrentes 

ySgadun ah 7 hlaf meg sellan o$5e gearwian 

inundaverunt Numquid et partem poterit dare aut parare 

biod folce his forSon geherde dryhtcn 7 aelde 

mensam populo suo 21. Ideo audivit Dominus et distulit 

7 ofersette 7 fyr onaeled is in Iacob 7 eorre astag 
et superposuit et ignis accensus est in Jacob et ira ascendit 

forSon ne gelefdun in god heara ne 
in Israhd 22. Quia non crediderunt in Deum suum nee 

gehyhton in haelu his 7 onbead wolcnum 

speraverunt in salutare ejus 23. Et mandavit nubibus 

ufan 7 dura heofenes ontynde 7 rineS him 

desuper et januas cadi aperuit 24. et pluit illis 

heofenlic hlaf eotan hlaf heofenes salde him hlaf 

manna manducare panem cadi dedit eis 25. panem 

engla $tt mon hwetewestem sende him in 

angdorum manducavit homo frumentationem misit eis in 

genyhtsumnisse 7 awaehte suSanwind of hiofene 7 

*abundantiam 26. Et excitavit austrum de eado et 

ingelaedde in megne his westansutSanwind 7 rinde 

induxit in virtute sua Africum 27. Et pluit 

ofer hie swe swe dust flcesc 7 swe swe sond saes 
swper eos sicut ]mlverem carnes et sicut harena maris 

Ca flegendan gefiSrede 7 gefeollun in midle ferdwica 

vdatilia pinnata 28. Et ceciderunt in medio castrorum 

heara ymb 6a geteld heara 7 eton 7 

eorum circa tabemacula eorum 29. Et manducaverunt et 

werun gefylde swiSe 7 lust heara brohte him 

saturati sunt nimis et desiderium eorum obtulit eis 

7 ne sind biscerede from luste his nuget mete 
30. et non sunt fraudati a desiderio suo Adhuc esca 

heara wes in muSe heara 7 eorre godes astag 

eorum erat in ore ipsorum 31. et ira Dei ascendit 


ofer hie 7 ofelog moDge heara 7 gecorene Israels folces 
super eos et occidit plurimos eorum et electos Israhel 

amerde in allum Sissum syngadon Vaget 7 ne 

impedivit 32. In omnibus his peccaverunt adhuc et non 

gelefdon in wundrum his 7 asprungun in idel- 

crediderunt in mirabUibus ejus 83. Et defecerunt in vani- 

nisse daegas heara 7 ger heara mid oefestunge Sonne 

tote dies eorum et anni eorum cum festinantia 34. Cum, 

he sle$ hie Sonne soecatS hine 7 bioC gecerred rer 
occiderit eos tuna inquvrebant eum et convertebantur ante 

lehte 7 cwomun to him 7 gemyndgade werun forSon 

lucem et veniebant ad eum 35. Et memoraU stmt quia 

god fultura heara is 7 god se hea alesend heara is 
Deus adjutor eorum est et Deus excelsus liberator eorum est 

7 lufedun hine in muSe his 7 in tungan heara 
36. Et dUexerunt eum in ore euo et in lingua sua 

legende werun him heorte soSlice heara ne wes 

mentiti sunt ei 37. Cor autem eorum non ' erat 

reht mid hine ne geleafa hefd wes him in cySniese 
— rectum cum eo nee fides habita est iUis in testamento 

his he softlice is mildheort 7 milde bitS synnum 

ejus 88. Ipse autem est misericors et propitius fit peceatis 

heara 7 ne *tostrigeded hie 7 gemonigfaldade tfoet he 
eorum et non disperdet eos Et multiplicavit ut aver- 

acerde eorre his from him 7 ne onselde all eorre his 
teret iram suam ab eis et non accendet omnem iram suam 

7 gemyndig is forfton fl®sc hie sind *gas feareude 
39. Et memoratus est quia caro sunt spiritus vadens 

7 no eftcerrende swe oft swe onscunedun 1 hine in 

et non rediens 40. Quotiens exacervaverunt eum in 

woeBtenne in eorre awehton hine in eorSan butan wetre 
; deserto in ira eoncitaverunt eum in terra sine aqua 

7 gecerde sindun 7 costadun god 7 *Son halgan 
41. Et conversi sunt et temptaverunt Deum et Sanctum 

Israel onscunedon ne sind gemyndge honda his 

Israhel exacervaverunt 42. Non sunt recordati manus ejus 

hwelce dege gefreaS hie of honda swencendes swe 

qua die liberavit eos de manu tribulantis 43. Sicut 

1 first u over y. 


sette in *J3gypto taoen bis 7 becen 1 his in Seem felda 
2>omit in Aegypto signa sua et prodigia sua in campo 

gecerde in blode flodas heara 7 8a 
Taneos 44. Convertii in sanguine jlumina eorum et plu- 

regnlican weter heara Saet hie ne druncen insende in 

viales aquas eorum ne inherent 46. Inmisxt in 

him flegan htmdlice 7 et hie 7 forsc 7 he abreotte 
eis muscam caninam et comedit eos et ranam et exterminavit 

hie 7 salde treowyrme westmas heara 7 gewin 

eos 46. Et dedit erugini fructus eorum et labor es 

heara gershoppan ofslog in hegle *wingeardes heara 

eorum lucustae 47. Occidit in grandine vineas eorum 

7 *marbeamas heara in forste salde hegle net 

et moros eorum in pruina 48. Tradidit grandini ju- 

heara 7 aehte heara fyre insende in him ' 

menta eorum et possessiones eorum igni 49. Inmisit in eis 

eorre ebylgSe his ebyltSu 2 7 eorre 7 geswencednisse 
iram indignaUonis suae indignationem et iram et tribulationem 

onsonde Sorh englas yfle weg dyde styge eorres 

immissiones per angelos malos 50. Viam fecit semitae irae 

his 7 *n spearede from deatJe sawlum heara 7 neat 
suae et non pepercit a morte anvmabus eorum et jumenta 

heara in deaSe belec 7 slog ylc frum- 

-eorum in morte conclusit 51. Et pereussit omnem primo- 

bearn on eorSan fruman alles gewinnes heara 

gentium in terra Aegypti primitias omnis laboris eorum 

in geteldum 7 afirde swe swe seep ' folc 

in tabernaculis Cham 52. Et abstulit sicut oves populum 

hig 7 *gelaede hie swe swe eowde in woestenne 7 

suum et perduooit eos tamquam gregem in deserto 53. Et 

utakedde hie in hyhte 7 ne ondreordun 7 fiond heara 
eduxit eos in spe et non timuerunt et inimicos eorum 

oferwrah sae 7 ingelaedde hie in munt gehalgunge 

operuit mare 54. Et induxit eos in montem sanetifieationis 

his munt Seosne Sone beget sie switSre his 7 awearp 
suae montem hunc quern adquiswit dextera ejus Et ejecit 

from onsiene heara Seode 7 hlete todaelde him eortSan 
a facie eorum gentes et sorte dwisit eis terram 

1 becen er. be/ore beoen. * ISfrom y. 


in rape todales 7 eardade 1 in geteldum 

in funiculo distributionis 66. Et habUavit in tabemaoulis 

heara cyn 7 costadon 7 onscunedun 

eorum tribus Israhd 56. et temptaverunt et exacervaverunt 

god Sone hean 7 cySnisse his ne heoldun 7 

Deum excelsum et testimonia ejus non custodierunt 57. Et 

onweg acerdon hie 7 ne heoldun to Seem gemete fedras 
averterunt se et non observaverunt quemadmodum patres 

heara gecerde sind in bogan ?Sone Sweoran in eorre 

eoru/a conversi sunt in arcum perversum 58. In ira 

awehton bine in hyllum his 7 in greftum his 
concitaverunt eum in collibus suis et in sculptilibus suis 

werun elniendc hine geherde dryhtew. 7 forhogde 7 

aemulati sunt eum 59. Audivit Dominus et sprevit et 

to nowihte" gebegeS swiSe 7 onweg asceaf 

ad nihilum redeyit nimis Israhd 60. Et reppuLit taber- 

geteld geteld his in Seem eardade betwih 

naculum Selom tabemaculum suum in quo habitavit inter 

men salde in heftned megen heara 7 

homines 61. Tradidit in captivitatem virtutes eorum et 

fegernisse heara in honda feondes 7 bilec in 

pulchritudines eorum in manus inimici 62. Et conclusit in 

sweorde folc his 7 erfewordnisse his forhogde 

gladio populum suum et haereditatem suum spraevit 63. Ju- 

gunge heara et fyr 7 faemnan heara ne sind 

venes eorum comedit ignis et virgines eorwm non sunt 

cwiSde sacerdas heara in sweorde gefeollun 7 

lamentatae 64. Sacerdotes eorum in gladio ceciderunt et 

widwan heara ne weopun 7 awaeht is swe 

viduae eorum non ploraverunt 65. Et excitatus est tarn- 

swe slepende dryhten swe swe meehtig geillerocad from 
quam dormiens Dominus quasi potens crapulatus a 

wine 7 slog feond his in Sa efterran edwit 

vino 66. Et percussit inimicos suos in posteriora oppro- 

ece salde him 7 onweg asceaf geteld 

brium sempitemum dedit Wis 67. Et reppuUt taberna- 

7 cynn ne geceas ah geceas 

culum Joseph et tribum Efrem non elegit 68. sed elegit 

1 first d/rom V. 


cynn munt Cone lufude 7 timbrade 

tribum Juda montem Sion quern dilexit 69. Et aedificavit 

swe Bwe anhyrnra gehalgunge his in eorSan gestea- 

8icut unicornuorum sanctificationem suam in terra fun- 

Selade hie in weorulde 7 geceas Seow 

davit earn in saecula 70. Et elegit David servum 

his 7 ahof bine of eowdum scepa of Stem siSborenum 
mum et sustulit eum de gregibus ovium de post/aetantes 1 

onfeng hine foedan folc his 7 Israel 

accepit eum 71. Pascere Jacob populum mum et Israhel 

erfewordnisse his 7 foedde hie butan hete heortan 

hereditatem mam 72. El pavit eos sine malitia cordis 

his 7 in ondgete honda his gelaedde hie 
mi et in sensu manuum suarum deduxit eos 


god cwomun Seode in erfewordnisse Sine bismeotun 
Deus venerunt gentes in hereditatem tuam coinquinaverunt 

ternpel halig Sin settun swe swe eappultun 

Umplum sanctum tuum Posuerunt Hierusalem velut pomorum 

gehaeld settun 8a deadlican Siowa Sinra mettas 

custodiam 2. posuerunt mortalia s&rvorum tuorum escas 

fuglum heofenes 7 flaesc haligra Sinra wildeorum eorSan 
volatilibus cadi et carries sanctorum tuorum bestiis terras 

agnton blod heara swe swe weter in ymbhwyrfte 

3. Effuderunt sanguinem eorum sicut aqua in circuitu 

7 ne wes se Se bibyrgde gewordne we sind 

Hierusalem et non erat qui sepeliret 4. Facti sumus 

edwit nehgehusum urufti on bismerunge 7 forhogdnisse 
opprobrium vicinis nostris derisu et contemptu 

Sissum 8a in ymbhwyrfte urum sind hu longe 

his qui in circuitu nostro su[nty 6. Usque quo < 

dryhten eorsas 8u in ende bi8 onaeled swe swe fyr 
Domine irasceris in finem accendimr velut ignis 

hatheortnis Sin ageot eorre Sin in Seode Sa Sec 

zelus tuns 6. Effunde iram tuam in gentes quae te 

1 last eoner, * cut off . 


ne oncneowun 7 in ' ricu 6a ne geoedon noman 
non noverunt et in regno, quae turn invocaverunt nomen 

Sinne forSon etun 7 stowe his awoestun 

timm 7. Quia comederunt Jacob et locum ejus desolaverunt 

ne gemyne Su unrehtwienisse ure Sa aldan hreSe usic 
8. Ne memineris miquitates nostras antiquas cito nos 

forefoe mildheortnis Sin forSon Searfan gewordne we Bind 
anticipet mieericordia Vua quia pauperes faeti sumus 

swiSe gefultuma us god halwynde ur fore are 

nimis 9. Adjuva no% Deus salutaris nosier propter honorem 

noman "Sine* dryhten gefrea usic 7 milde bio Su synnum 
nominis Ud Domine libera nos et propitius esto peccatis 

urum fore noman Sinum ne hwonne cweSen Seode 

nostris propter nomen tuum 10. Ne quando dicant gents* 

hwer is god heara 7 cuSie in cneorissum biforan 
Ubi est Deus eorum et innotescat in nationibus coram 

egum urum wrec blod Siowa Sinra Saet agoten 

oculis nostris Vindica sangui/nem servorum tuorvm qui effusus 

is ingseS in gesihSe Sine geamrung gecyspedra 

est 11. intret in conspectu tuo gemitus compeditorum 

efter micelnisse earmes Sines gesite beam mid 

Secundum magnitudinem bracchii tui posside JUios morte 

deaSe *gewicnedra agef nehgehusum urum Beofenfaldlice 

punitorum 12. Redds vicinis nostris septuplum 

in sceat heara edwit heara Seet edwitun 

in sinus eorum inproperium ipsorum quod exprobraverunt 

8e we soSlice folc Sin 7 seep eowdes Sines 

tibi 18. Nos autem populus tuus et oves gregis tui 

we ondettaS Se in weorulde 7 in weoruld weorulde we 
confitebimur tibi in saecula et in saeculum saeculi nar- 

secgad lof Sin 
rabvmus laudem tuam 


Su reoes bihald Su de gelaedes ewe swe seep 

2. Qui regis Israhel intende qui deducts velut ovem 

Su sites ofer Cerubin oteaw biforan Efrem 7 

Joseph Qui sedis super Cherubin appare 3. coram Efrem et 

Beniamen 7 Manasse awece maeht Sine 7 cym S®t 
Benjamin et Manasse Excita potentiam tuam et veni ut 


hale "Su doe usic dryhtew god megna gecer usic 7 

salvos facia* nos 4. Domine Deus virtutum converts nos et 

oteaw onsiene Sine 7 hale we bioS dryhten god 

ojfencfe fadem tuam et salvi erimus 5. Domine Deus 

megna hu longe eorsas Cu in gebed Ceowes dines 
virtutum quousque irasceris in orationem servi tui 

$u foedes us hlafe teara 7 drync seles us in 

6. cibabis nos pane laervmarum et potum dabis nobis in 

tearum in gemete Su settes usic in wiScwedenisse 

lacrimis in mensura 7. PosuisU no* in contradictionem 

nehgehusum urum 7 feond ure bismeredun '"sic dryhten 

vicinis nostris et inimici nostri deriserunt nos 8. Domine 

god megna gecer usic 7 oteaw onsiene "Sine 7 hale 
Deus virtutum comerte nos et ostende faciem tuam et salvi 

we hiatS wingeard of *Agyptum 8u afirdes awurpe 

erimus 9. Vineam ex Aegypto transtulisti ejecisti 

8eode 7 plantades hie weg Su dydes in gesihde 

gentes et pLantasii earn 10. Viam fecisti in conspectu 

his 7 plantedes wyrtwalan his 7 gefylled is eorSe 
ejus et plantasti radices ejus et repleta est terra 

oferwrah muntas scua his 7 trew his cederbeamas 
11. Operuit monies umbra ejus et arbusta ejus cedros 

godes Su atfenedes twigu his 08 sae 7 

Dei 12. Extendisti palmites ejus usque ad mare et 

08 flod setene his to hwon asetes $u 

usque ad Jtumen propagines ejus Id. Utquid deposuisti 

stanwal his 7 winreopad tfoet alle Sa leorad weg 
maceriam ejus et vendemiant earn omnes qui transeunt viam 

♦abreoette hie eofur of wuda 7 *syndring wildeor 
14. Exterminavit earn aper de silva et singularis ferus 

ahiSende wes hie dryhten god megna gecer 

depastus est earn 15. Domine Deus virtutum convertere 

nu geloca of heofene 7 geseh 7 neosa wingeard Seosne 
nunc respice de caelo et vide et visita vineam istam 

7 gerece tfone Sone plan tad e sie swiSre Sin 7 ofer 
16. et dirige earn quam plantavit dextera tua et super 

sunu monnes tfone t?u getrymedes tSe inaeled mid fyre 

jilium hominis quern conjvrmasti tibi 17. Incensa igni 

7 agoten mid hond from dreange ondwliotan Sines for- 
et effbssa manu ab increpatione vuUus tui peri- 




[PS. 80. 

weorSaS sie hond Sin ofer wer Sere *swi8 Sinre 

bunt 18. Fiat manus tua super virum dexterae tuae 

7 ofer sunn monnes Sone 8u getrymedes Se 7 

et super JUium hominis qztem confirmasti tibi 19. et 

we ne gewitaS from Se 8u geliffestes usic 7 *noma Sinne 
non discedimus a te Vivificabis nos et nomen tuum 

we gecegaS dryhten god megna gecer usic 7 oteaw 

invocabimus 20. JDomine Deus virtutum converts nos et ostende 

onsiene Sine 7 hale we bioS 
faciern tuam et salvi erimus 


wynsumiaS gode fultume arum wynsumiaS gode Iacobes 

2. Exultate Deo adjutori nostro jubilate Deo Jacob 

niomaS salm 7 sellaS timpanan hearpan wynsume 

3. Sumite psalmum et date tympanum psalterium jueundum 

singaS in fruman monies home in dege 
initio mensis tuba in die 

forSon bibod 

mid citran 

cum cythara 4. Canite in 

merum symbelnisse eowerre 
insigni sollemnitatis vestrae 

is 7 dom gode 
est et judicium Deo Jacob 

sette hine Sonne uteode 
posuit eum dum exiret 

Sa ne wiste geherde 

5. Quia ptracceptum in Israhel 

6. Testimonium in Joseph 

of eorSan tungan 

de terra Aegypti Lmguam 

acerde from byrSennum bee 

quam non noverat audivit 7. divertU ab oneribus dorsum 

his honda his in binne Seowdun in geswince Su 

ejus mantes ejus in cqfino servierunt 8. In tribulatione w- 

gecedes mec 7 ic gefreode Sec ic geherde dec in degelnisse 
vocasti me et liberavi te exaudivi te 

storanes ic acunnade 
tempestatis probavi 

geher folc min 7 
0. Audi populus mens et 

gif mec Sugeheres 
Israhel si me audieris 

dec to wetre 
te ad aquas 

ic spreocu 7 

loquar Israhel et 

ne biS 
10. non erit 

in abscondiio 


cySu Se 
testificabor tibi 

in Se god 
in te deus 

niowe ne Su weorSas god fremSne ic soSlice earn 

recens neque adorabis deum alienum 11. Ego enim sum 


dryhten god tSin se ntaledde of eortJan abraed 

Dominu8 Deus tuns qui eduxi te de terra Aegypti Dilata 

mu8 tSinne 7 ic gefyllu Cone 7 ne geherde 

08 tuum et ego adimplebo illud 12. et non audivit 

folc min stefne mine 7 ne bihaldeft me 7 

populus meus vocem meam et Israhel non intendit mihi Id. Et 

ne forleort hie efter lustnm heortan heara 7 ga$ in 
dimisi eos secundum desideria cordis eorum et iburvt in 

lustum heara gif folc min geherde mec 

voluntatibus mis 14. Si plebs mea audisset me Israhel 

gif wegas mine eode to nowihte fiond heara 

si via* meas dmbulasset 15. Ad nihilum inimicos eorum 

ic geeatftnodade 7 ofer 3a swencendan hie ic sende bond 
humiliassem et super tribulantes eos misissem manum 

mine feond dryhtwea legende wernn him 7 biS 

meam 16. Inimici Domini mentiti sunt ei et erit 

tid heara in ecuisse foedetS hie of smeorwe 

tempus eorum in aetemum 17. Cibabit eos ex adipe 

hwsetes 7 of stane mid hunge gereordeS hie 
frumenti et de petra melle satiavit eos 


god stod in gesomnunge goda in midle sottlice god 
Deus stetit in synagoga deorum in medio autem Deus 

toscadeS hu longe doemaS ge unrehtwisnisse 7 onsiene 

discemit 2. Quousque judicatis iniquitatem et fades 

syngiendra geniomaS doemaS feadurleasne 7 weSlan 

peccantium sumitis 3. Judicate pupillum et egenum 

heanne 7 Vearfan gerehtwisiaS genergaS Searfan 7 

humilem et pauperem justificate 4. Eripite pauperem et 

wetttan of honda synfulra gefrigaS nystun ne 

egenum de manu peccatorum liberate 5. Nescierunt neque 

ongetnn in *3eostru gongaS bioC onstyred alle stea- 
intellexerunt in tenebris ambulant movebuntur omnia fun- 

Selas eorSan ic cweS godas ge earun 7 beam Ses bean 

damenta terras 6. Ego dixi Dii estis et JUii Excelsi 

alle ge soSlice swe men sweltaS 7 swe swe 

omnes 7. Vos autem sicut homines moriemini et sicut 



an of aldermonnuwi fallaS aris god doem eor&an 

unus de principibus cadetis 8. Exurge Deus judica terram 

forSon Cu erfewordas in allum Seodnm 
quoniam tu hereditably in omnibus gentibus 


god hwelc gelic bi$ Se ne swiga Su ne biwere 
2. Deus quia simUis erit tibi ne taceas neque conpescaris 

god fortSon aehSe feond Cine hleoSradun 7 8a Se 

Dens 3. Quoniam ecce inimici tux sonaverunt et qui 

tfec fiodun ahofun up heofud in folc Sin *gebreg- 

te oderunt extulerunt caput 4. In plebem tuam astute 

denlice tfohtun gef?seht 7 Cohtun wiS halgum 

cogitaverunt consilium et cogitaverunt adversus sanctos 

tfinum cwedon cumat? tostrigden we hie of Siode 

tuos 6. Dixerunt Veniie disperdamus eos ex gente 

7 ne [biS] gemyndgatS noma mae forSon 

et non memorabitur nomen Israhel amplius 6. Quoniam 

Cohtun getfeafunge in annesse wi$ 8e cySnisse 
cogitaverunt consensum in unum adversum te testamentum 

gestihtadun geteld Idumea 7 Iamaela 

disposuerunt 7. Tabernaeula Idumaeorum et IsmaJielitum 

Moab 7 Aggareni Gebal 7 7 7 fremSea 

Moab et Aggareni 8. Gebal et Ammon et Amalech et alieni- 

cynnes mid "Seem eardiendum 7 soSlice somud 

genae cum habitantibus Tyrum 9. Et enim Assur simul 

cwom mid him gewordne sind in ondfengnisse bearnum 
venit cum Hits facti sunt in susceptione Jiliis Loth 

doa him awe swe Madian 7 Sisarra awe swe Iabin in 
10. Fac iliis sicut Madian et Sisarae sicut Jabin in 

burnan forwurdun gewordne werun 

torrents Cison 11. disperierunt in Endor facti sunt 

awe awe scearn eorSan aete aldermen heara awe 

sicut stercus terras 12. Pone principes eorum sicut 

Oreb Zeb 7 Zeb§ 7 Salmana alio aldermen heora 
Oreb Zeb et Zebeae et Salmana omnes principes eorum 

3a cwedun on erfewordniase geaitten we us halig 
13. qui dixerunt Hereditate possideamus nobis sanctu- 


portic godes god min sete hie swe swe hwiol 7 

arium Dei 14. Deus meus pane illos ut rotam et 

swe swe halm biforan onsiene windes 7 swe swe fyr 

sicut stipulam ante faciem venti et 16. sicut ignis 

S®t forberneS wuda swe swe leg forberneS muntas 
qui comburet silvas velut flamma incendat monies 

swe Su oehtes hie in storme Sinum 7 in eorre Sinum 
16. Ita persequeris eos in tempestate tua et in ira tua 

gedroefes hie gefyl onsiene hears mid orwyrSe 7 

conturbabis eos 17. Imple fades eorum ignominia et 

soecad noman Sinne dryhten. Bien gescende 7 ge- 

quaerant nomen tuum Dornine 18. Confundantur et con- 

droefde in weoruld weorulde 7 onscunien 7 forweorSen 
turbentur in saectdtim saeculi et revereantur et pereant 

7 oncnawen Srette noma Se dryhten Su ana se hesta 
19. et eognoseant quia nomen tibi Dominies Tu solus altissi- 

ofer alle eorSan 
mus super omnem terram 


swiSe lufiendlice sind geteld Sin *dryht megna 
2. Quam amabilia sunt tabernacula tua Dornine virtutum 

gewillade 7 asprong sawul min in ceafurtune drjhtnes 
8. Coneupivit et defecit anima mea in atria Domini 

heorte min 7 flesc min uphofun in god Sone lifgendan 
Cor meum et caro mea exultaverunt in Deum vivum 

7 soSlice speara gemoeted him hus 7 turtur nest 
4. Et enim passer invenit sibi domum et turtur nidum 

hwer gesetteS briddas his wibed Sin dryhten. megna 
ubi reponat puUos suos AUaria tua Dornine virtutum 

cyning min 7 god min eadge Sa Se eardiaS in 

rex meus et Deus mens 5. Beati qui habitant in 

huse dinum dryhten in weoruld weorulde hergad dec 
domo tua Dornine in saeculum saeculi laudabunt te 

eadig wer Ses is fultum from Se dryhten upstige 
6. Beatus vir cujus est auxilium abs te Dornine ascensus 

in heortan his gestihtade in dene teara in stowe 

in corde ejus disposuit 7. in convalte lacrimarum in locum 

Sa Su gestihtades him 7 soSlice bledsunge seleS 

quern disposuisti eis 8. Et enim benedictionem dabit 



se ae salde gongaS of megne in megen bitS 
qui legem dedit ambulabunt de virtute in virtutem vide- 

gesegen god goda in Sion dryhte* god megna 

bitur Deus deorum in Sion 9. Domine Deus virtutum 

geher boene mine mid earum onfoh god Iacobes ge- 

exaudi precem meam auribus percipe Deu8 Jacob 10. Pro- 

scildend ur geloca god 7 geloca in onsiene Cristas 
tector noster aspice Deus et respice in faciem Christi 

Sines forSon betre is deg an in *ceafultunum 

tui U. Quia melior est dies una in *atris tuts 

ofer Susend ic geceas aworpen bion in huse godes mae 
super milia Elegi abjectus esse in domo Dei magis 

*Sone eardian in getelduwi synfulra forSon 

quam habitare in tabernaculis peecatorum 12. Quoniam 

mildheortnisse 7 soSfestnisse lufaS dryhten gefe 7 

misericordiam et veritatem diligit Dominus gratiam et 

wuldur seleS god dryhten ne bis[c]ered godum 

gloriam dabit Deus Id. Dominus non privabit bonis 

gongende in unsceSfulnisse dryhten god megna eadig 
ambulantes in innoeentia Domine Deus virtutum beatus 

mon se gehyhteS in Sec 
homo qui sperat in te 


Su bledsades dryhten eorSan Sine Su acerdes heftned 
2. BeTiedixisti Domine terram tuam avertisti captivitatem 

Iacob Su geedleanades nnrehtwisnisse folces Sines 1 ofer- 

Jacob 3. Remisisti iniquitatem plebis tuae ope- 

wrige alle synne heara gestildes all eorre Sin 

ruisti omnia peecata eorum 4. Mitigasti omnem vram tuam 

acerdes from eorre ebylgSe Sinre gecer usic god 

avertisti ab ira indignationis tuae 5. Converte nos Deus 

halwynde ur 7 acer eorre Sin from us Sset no 

salutaris noster et averte iram tuam a nobis 6. ut non 

in ecnisse eorsie us ne aSene Su eorre Sin from 
in aeternum irasceris nobis Neque extendas iram tuam a 

1 tSfrom t. 


cynne in cynn god Su forcerrende geliffestas usic 

progenie in progeniem 7. Deus tu convertens vivificabis nos 

7 folc Sin biS geblissad in Sec oteaw us dryhten 

et pkbs tua laetabitur in te 8. Ostende nobis Domine 

mildheortnisse Sine 7 heelu Sine sele us ic gehere 

miserieordiam tuam et salutare tuum da nobis 9. Audiam 

hwet sprece in me dryhten god forSon spriceS sibbe 
quid loquatur in me Dominus Deus quoniam loquitur paeem 

in folc his 7 ofer halge his 7 in hie Sa bioS 
in plebem suam et super sanctos silos et in eos qui con- 

gecerde to him ah hweSre neh *ondredendu 

vertuntur ad ipsum 10. Verumtamen props timentibus 

hine haelu his S«t ineardie wuldur in eorSan ure 
eum salutare ipsius ut inhabitet gloria in terra nostra 

mildheortnis 7 soSfestnis tosomne bicomun him rehtwisnis 
U. Misericcrdia et Veritas obviaverunt sibi justitia 

7 sib clyppende werun hie soSfestnis of eorSan 

et pax conplexae sunt se 12. Veritas de terra 

upcumen wes 7 rehtwisnis of heofene forSlocade 7 

orta est et justitia de caelo prospexit Id. Et 

soSlice dryhten seleS freamsumnisse 7 eorSe ur seleS 
enim Dominus dabit benignitatem et terra nostra dabit 

western his rehtwisnis biforan him gongeS 7 

fructum mum 14. Justitia ante eum ambulabit et 

seteS in wege gongas his 
ponet in via gressus suos 


onhaeld dryhten eare Sine to me 7 geher mec 
1. Inelina Domine aurem tuam ad me et exaudi me 

forSon weSla 7 Searfa ic earn hald sawle 

quoniam egenus et pauper sum ego 2. Custodi animam 

mine forSon halig ic earn halne doa Siow Sinne god 
meam quoniam sanetus sum salvum fac servum tuum Deus 

min gehyhtendne in Sec mildsa me dryhten forSon 

meus sperantem in te 3. Miserere mihi Domine quoniam 

to Se ic cleopade alne deg geblissa sawle deowes 

ad te clamavi tola die 4. laetifica animam serin 


Sines forSon to fie dryhten ic hof sawle mine 

tui quia ad te Domine levavi animam meam 

forSon Sn dryhten wynsum 7 milde earS 7 *gent8um 
6. Quoniam tu Domine mavis ac mitts es et copiosus 

in mildbeortnisse all™ gecegendum Sec mid earum 

in misericordia omnibus invocantibus te 6. Aunbus 

onfoh dryhten gebed min 7 behald stefhe boene . 
percipe Domine orationem meam et intend* voei depreeationis 

minre in dege geswinces mines ic cleopede to Se 

meae 7. In die tribulationis meae clamavi ad te 

forSon Su geherdes me nis gelic Se in godum 

quoniam exaudisti me 8. Non est similis tibi in diis 

dryhten 7 nis efter werce Sinum alle Seode 

Domine et non est secundum opera tua 9. Omnes gentes 

swe hwelce 1 Su dydes cumaS 7 weorSiaS biforan Se 
quascumque fecisH venient et adorabunt coram te 

dryhten 7 ariaS noman Sinne forSon micel 

Domine et honorificabunt nomen tuum 10. Quoniam magnus 

Su earS 7 donde wundur Su earS god ana gelaed 

es tu et faciens mirabUia tu es Deus solus 11. Deduc 

mec dryhten in wege Sinum 7 ic gongu in soSfestnisse 
me Domine in via tua et ambulabo in veritate 

Sinre blissie heorte min 8®t hie ondrede noman Sinne 
tua Laetetur cor meum ut timeat nomen tuum 

ic ondettu Se dryhten god min in allre heortan 
12. confitebor tibi Domine Deus mens in toto corde 

minre 7 ariu noman Sinne in ecnisse forSon 

meo et honorificabo nomen tuum in aetemum 18. Quoniam 

mildheortnis Sin micel u is ofer mec 7 [Su] generedes 
misericordia tua magna est super me et eripuisti 

sawle mine of helle Sere nioSerran god Sa unreht- 

animam meam ex inferno inferiori 14. Deus injusti 

wisau areosun in mec 7 gesomnnng mehtigra sohtun 
insurrexerunt in me et synagoga potentium quaesi- 

sawle mine 7 *non foresettun Sec biforan 
erunt animam meam et non proposuerunt te ante 

gesihSe his 7 Su dryhten god min mildsend 

conspectum suum 15. Et tu Domine Deus meus miserator 

1 ff u dydes (?) er. after hwelce. 


7 roildheort geftyldig 7 swiSe mildheort j soSfest 
at mi$ericor8 patiens et multum misericors et verax 

geloca in mec 7 mildsa min 7 sele maehte cnehte 
16. Bespice in me et miserere mei et da potestatem puero 

Sinum 7 halne doa sunn menenes Sines doa mid 

tuo et salvum foe JUium ancillae tuae 17. Fac me- 

mec dryhten tacen in gode S®t hie gesen Sa mec fiodun 
cum Domine signum in bono ut videant qui me oderunt 

7 sien gescended forSon tSu dryhten gefdltumades mec 7 
«< confundantur Quoniam tu Domine adjuvasti me et 

froefrende were mec 
consolatus es me 


steaftelas his in muntum halgum hifaS dryhten 

Fundamenta ejus in montibus Sanctis 2. diligit Dominus 

geatu Sion ofer all geteld Iacobes wuldurfeste 

portas Sion super omnia tabemacula Jacob 8. Gloriosa 

cweden sind bi 8e cester godes gemyndig ic biom 

dicta sunt de te civitas Dei 4. Memor ero 

Bab 7 Babylon weotendum mec sehSe fremSes 7 
Baab et Babylonis scientibus me Ecce alienigenae et 

Tyrns 7 folc Sigelhearwena Sas werun in dere modur 

Tyrus et populus Aethiopum Mi fuerunt in ea 5. Mater 

cwiS mon 7 mon geworden wes in hire 7 he 
Sion dicet Homo et homo foetus est m ea et ipse 

gesteaftelade hie se hesta dryhten segeS in gewreotum 

fundavit earn AUissimus 6. Dominus narravit in scripturis 

folca his 7 aldermonna heara 6a werun in hire 

populorum suorum et prindpum eorum qui fuerant in ea 

swe blissiendra alra ur eardung is in Se 

7. Sicut laetantium omnium nostrum Jiabitatio est in te 


*dryht god *halu minre in dege ic cleopede 7 on nseht 

2. Domine Deus salutis meae in die clamavi et node 

biforan Se ingeS gebed min in gesihSe Sinre onheM 

coram te 8. Intret oratio mea in conspectu tuo inclina 


care Sin to boene minre dryhten forSon gefylled 

aurem tuam ad precem meam Domine 4. Quia repleta 

is yflura sawul min 7 lif min in helle toneolaeceS 
est malts anima mea et vita mea in inferno adprropiabit 

getald ic earn mid Seem dunestigendum in seaS ge- 
5. Aestimatus sum cum discendentibus in lacum 

worden ic earn swe ewe mon butan fultume 1 betwih 

foetus sum sicut homo sine adjutorio 6. mter 

deade frea swe swe gewundade slepende aworpne in 
mortuos liber Sicut vulnerati dormientes projecti in 

byrgennum Seara Su ne gemundes mae 7 cuSlice hie 
monumentis quorum non meministi amplius et quidem ipsi 

of honda Sinre adrifene sind settun mec in seaSe 

de manu tua eocpulsi sunt 7. Posuerunt me in lacu 

Seem nioSerran in Seostrum* 7 in scuan deaSes in 

inferiori in tenebris et in umbra mortis * 8. In 

mec getrymed is eorre Sin 7 alle upabefenisse Sine 
me confirmata est ira tua et omnes elationes tuas 

ofer mec ingelaeddes feor dydes cuSe mine from 

super me induxisti 9. Longe fecisti notos meos a 

me settun mec in onscununge him said earn 7 
me posuerunt me in abominationem sibi traditus sum et 

ut ne eode egan mine geuntrumade sind fore 

non egrediebar 10. Oculi mei infirmati sunt prae 

weSelnisse ic cleopade to Se dryhten 3 alne deg ic aSenede 
inopia clamavi ad te Domine tota die expandi 

honda mine to Se ah deadum doest wundur 

manus meas ad te 11. Numquid mortuis facies mirabilia 

oSSe lecas *awecaS 7 ondettaS Se ah 

aut medici resuscitabunt et confitebuntur tibi 12. Num 

segetS «Bnig in byrgenne mildheortnisse Sine 7 
quid narrabit aliquis in sepulchro misericordiam tuam et 

soSfestnisse Sine in forlorenisse ah bioS oncnawne 

veritatem tuam in perditions Id. Numquid cognoscentur 

in Seostrum wundur Sin 7 rehtwisnis Sin in eorSan 
in tenebris mirabilia tua et justitia tua in terra 

ofergeotulnisse 7 ic to Se dryhten ic cleopade 7 

oblivionis 14. Ft ego ad te Domine clamavi et 

1 fultumie(T). * o may be a. 8 d from $. 

PS. 88.] 



on marne gebed min forecymeB Sec to hwon dryhten 

mane oratio mea praeveniet te 15. Utquid Domine 

onweg adrifes Bu gebed min acerres Bu onsiene Sine from 
repeVxs orationem meam avertis faciem tuam a 

me weBla ic earn 7 in gewinnnm from *guBe 

me 16. JSgens sum ego et in laboribus a juventute 

minre npahefen soBlice geeaBmodad ic earn 7 gescended 
mea exaltatus autem humiliatus sum et confusus 

in mec Borhleordun eorru Bin 7 brogan Cine ge- 
17. In me pertransierunt irae tuae et terrores tut con- 

droefdun mec ymbeodun mec awe awe weter alne- 

turbaverunt me 18. Circuierunt me sicut aqua tola 

deg ymbsaldun mec aomnd Bu afeorrades from me 

die circvmdederunt me simul 10. Ehngasti a me 

freond 7 Bone nestan 7 cuBe mine from ermBe 
amicum et proximum et notos meos a miseria 



4. Dis- 

mildheortnisse Bine *Bine in ecnisse ic singu 
2. Misericordias turn Domine in aeternum cantabo 

*cnerisse 7 cynne ic forBsecgo aoBfestnisse Bine in muBe 
generations et progenia pronuntiabo veritatem tuam in ore 

minnm forBon Bu cwede in ecnisse mildheortnis biB 

meo 8. Quoniam dixisli In aeternum misericordia ae- 

timbred in beofenum biB gearwad soBfes[t]nis Bin 
dificabitur in caelis praeparabitur Veritas tua 

stihtade cyBnisse gecorenum minum ic swor DauiBe Beowe 
posui testament/am electis mets juravi David servo 

minum oB in ecnisse ic gearwigu 1 sed Bin 7 

meo 5. Usque in aeternum praeparabo semen tuum et 

ic tirabriu in weoruld weorulde seld Bin ondettigaB 

aedificabo in saeculum saeculi sedem tuam 6. ConJUe- 

heofenas wundur Bin dryhten 7 aoBfestnisse Bine 
buntur cadi mirabUia tua Domine et veritatem tuam 

in cirican haligra forBon hwelc in wolcnum biB ge- 

in eeclesia sanctorum 7. Quoniam quis in nubibus aequa- 

1 gearwi:gu. 


efenlicad dryhtrw oSSe hwelc gelic biS gode betwih beam 
bitur Domino aut quis similis erit Deo inter JUios 

godes. god se wuldraS in geSaehte haligra micel 

Dei 8. Dene qui glorificaPur in consUio sanctorum magnus 

7 to ondredenne ofer alio 8a in ymbhwyrfte his Bind 
et metuendu8 super omnes qui in circuitu ejus sunt 

dryhtm god megna hwelc gelic Se 1 maehtig eart$ 
9. Domine Deus virttUum quis similis tibi potens es 

dryhten 7 soSfestnis Sin in ymbhwyrfte Sinum Su 

Domine et Veritas tua in circuitu tuo 10. Tu 

waldes maehte sees onstyrenisse soSlice ySa his Su 
dominaris potestati maris motum autem fluctuum ejus tu 

gemildgas Su geeaSmodades swe swe Sone gewundedan 

mitigas U. Tu humiliasti sicut vuineratum 

Sone oferhygdgan 7 in megne earmes Vines Su tostenctes 
superbum et in virtute bracchii tui dispersisti 

fiond Sine Sine sind heofenas 7 Sin is eorSe 

inimicos tuos 12. Tui sunt caeli et tua est terra 

ymbhwyrft eorSena 7 fylnisse his Su gesteaSelades 

orbem terrarum et plenitudinem ejus tu fundasti 

norSdeel 7 sse Su gescope 7 in 

18. Aquilonem et mare tu creasti Thabor et Herman in 

noman Sinum gefeaS Sinne earm mid maehte 

nomine tuo exuhabunt 14. tuum braeehium cum potentia 

eie getrymed hond Sin 7 sie npahefen sie swiSre Sin 
FirmeVwr manus tua et exaltetur dextera tua 

rehtwisnis 7 dom gegearwung seldes Sines mild- 
15. justitia et judicium praeparatio sedis tuae Miseri- 

heortnis 7 soSfestnis foregaS biforan onsiene Sinre eadig 

eordia et Veritas praeibunt ante faciem tuam 16. beatus 

folc Sset *W8et wynsumnisse dryhtm in lehte ondwleotan 
populus qui scit jubUationem Domine in lumine vuitus 

dines gongaS 7 in noman Sinum gefiaS alne 

tui ambulabunt 17. et in nomine tuo exultabunt tola 

deg 7 in Sinre rehtwisnisse bioS upahefen forSon 

die et in tua justitia exaltabuntur 18. Quoniam 

wuldur megnes heara Su earS 7 in welgelicadum Sinum 
gloria virtutis eorum tu es et in beneplacito tuo 

1 %/romt. 


brS upahefen horn ur fortfon dryhtne* is ge- 

exaUabitur cornu nostrum 19. Quoniam Domini est ad- 

trugung 7 Beshalgan cyninges ures 8a 

sumptio et Sancti Israhel regis nostri 20. Tunc 

spreocende tSu were in gesihde *bernun» Cinum 7 cwede 
locutus es in aspectu JUUs tuis et dixisti 

ic sette fultum ofer tSone m»htgan 7 upahof Cone ge- 
Posui adjutorium super potentem et exaltavi electum 

corenan of folce milium ic gemoette "Now minne 

de plebe mea 21. Invent David servum meum 

in ele halgum minum ic smirede hine hond 1 soVlice 

in oleo sancto meo unxi sum 22. Manus enim 

min fultumeS him 7 earm min gestrongaS hine 

mea auxiliabitur ei et bracchium meum confortabit sum 

nowiht fromaS se fiond in him 7 sunn unrehtwisnisse 
23. Nihil prqficiet inimicus in eo et JUius iniquitatis 

ne sceSeS him 7 ic forceorfu fiond his from onsiene 

non nocebit ei 24. Et concidam inimicos ejus a facie 

his 7 figende hine in fleam ic gecerru 7 soSfestnis 

ipsius et odientes ewn in fugam convertam 26. Et Veritas 

min 7 mildheortnir min mid 2 hine 7 in noraan minum 
mea et misericordia mea cum ipso et in nomine meo 

bit? upahefen horn his 7 ic settu in sae hond 

exaUabUur cornu ejus 26. Et ponam in mart manum 

his 7 in flodum Sa swioYan his he geceS 

ejus et in fluminibus dexteram ejus 27. Ipse invocabit 

mec feder min tSu earS god min 7 ondfenga heelu 
me Pater mens es tu Deus meus et susceptor salutis 

minre 7 ic frumcennedne settu hine heane fore 

meae 28. Et ego primogeniture ponam ilium excelsum prae 

cyningum eorSan in ecnisse ic haldu him mildheortnisse 

regibus terrae 20. In aetemum servabo iUi misericordiam 

mine 7 cySnisse mine getreowum him 7 settu 

meam et testamentum meum fideli ipsi 30. Et ponam 

in weoruld weorulde seld his 7 tSrymseld his swe swe 
in saeculum saeculi sedem ejus et tkronum ejus sicut 

d§gas heofenes gif hie forletat? beam his ae mine 

dies cadi 31. Si dereliquerint JUii ejus legem meam 

1 honda, a er. s mid :. 


7 in domum minum ne gongaB gif gerebtwisunge 

et in judicii8 meis non ambulaverint 32. Si justification's 

mine besmitaS 7 bibodu min ne haldaS ic 

mea8 profanaverint et mandate mea non custodierint 83. Visi- 

neosiu in gerde unrebtwisnisse heara 7 in swingum synne 
tabo in virga iniquitates eorum et in verberibus peccata 

beara mildbeortnisse soSlice mine ic ne tostregdo 

eorum 84. Miserieordiam autem meam non dispergam 

from bim ne ic sceSSu in sotftestnisse minre ne 

ab eo neque nocebo in veritate mea 36. neque 

ic besmitu cySnisse mine 7 8a Se fortJga'S of weolerum 
profanabo testamentum meum et quae procedunt de labiis 

minum ic ne do to bistnere aene siSa ic swor in balgum 
meis non/aciam irrita 36. Semel juravi in sancto 

minum gif ic DauiSe legu sed his in ecnisse 

meo si David mentiar 87. semen ejus in aeternum 

wunaS 7 seld bis swe swe sunne in gesibSe minre 

manebit 88. et sedes ejus sieut sol in eonspectu meo 

7 swe swe mona fulfremed in ecnisse 7 cytfore in beofene 
et sicut hina perfecta in aeternum et testes in caelo 

getreowe Su sotflice onweg adrife 7 forbogdes 7 

fidelis 39. Tu vero reppalisti et sprevisti et dis- 

aeldes Crist fftnne acerdes cySnisse Seowes Sines 

tulisti Christum tuum 40. avertisti testamentum servi tui 

bismite in eortfan balignisse bis towurpe alle 

profanasti in terram sanctitatem ejus 41. Destruxisti omnes 

stanwallas bis settes trymenisse bis in fyrhtu ge- 

macherias ejus posuisti munitiones ejus in formidine 42. Di- 

reafedon bine alle tSa leorendan on weg geworden is in 
ripuerunt eum omnes transeuntes viam foetus est in 

edwit nebgebusum bis upabofe 8a switfran feonSa 

opprobrium vicinis suis 43. Exaltasti dexteram invmi- 

bis geblissades alle fiond bis acerdes 

eorum ejus laetificasti omnes inimicos ejus 44. Avertisti 

fultum sweordes bis 7 nejird 1 gefultemiende bim in 
adjutorvum gladii ejus et non es auxiliatus ei in 

gefehte tolesdes bine from geclasnunge 7 seld bis 

beUo 46. Dissolvisti eum ab emundatione et sedem ejus 

* a preceded by unfinished a. 

PS. 89.] 



in eoroan gecnysedes gewonades daegas tida his 

in terra conlisisti 46. Mvnorasti dies temporum ejus 

Sorhgute hine gedroefednisse hu longe dryhfon 

perfudisti sum confusions 47. Usque quo Domine 

eorsas tSu in ende beornetJ swe ewe fyr eorre Sin 
iraseeris in finem exardescit stent ignis ira tua 

gemyne dryhten hwet min spoed nales sotflice 
48. Memorare Domine quae mea substantia nan enim 

idellice 8u gesettes beam monna hwelc is mon se $e 

vane constituisti JUios hominum 49. Quis est homo qui 

lifge 7 ne gese deatS oSBe hwelc generetJ sawle his 
vivet et non videbit mortem ant quis eruet animam suam 

of honda helle hwer sind mildheortnisse Sine tSa 

de manu inferi 50. Ubi sunt misericordiae tuae anti* 

aldan dryhten swe Su swore Dauide in so&festnisse Sinre 
quae Domine sicut jurasti David in veritate tua 

gemyndig bio Su edwita Ciowa Sinra tS»t ic ge- 

51. Afemor esto opprobrium servorum tuorum quod con- 

siogalade in sceate minum monigra Sioda tSset 

tinui in sinu meo multarum gentium 52. Quod 

edwitun feond Cine dryhten 8®t edwiton on- 

exprobraverunt inimiei tut Domine quod exprobraverunt com- 

gebledsad dryhten in 
53. Benedictus Dominus in 

wendednisse Cristes Sines 
mutationem Christi tui 

ecnisse sie sie 

aetemum Fiat fiat 


dryhten geberg geworden earS us from cneorisse j 
Domine refugium /actus es nobis a generations et 

cynne serSon weren muntas oStSe were getrymed 

progenie 2. Priusquam fiervnt monies aut Jkrmaretur 

ymbhwyrfb eorSan from weorulde j oS in weoruld ISu 
orbis terras a saeculo et usque in saeculum tu 

eartS god ne acer tSu mon in ea&modnisse 7 cwede 

es Deus 3. Ne avertas hominem in humilitatem et dixisti 

bioS gecerde beam monna fortSon Susend gera bi- 

Convertimini JUii hominum 4. Quoniam miUe anni 

foran egum Sinum swe swe deg geostran se bileorde 
ante oculos tuos sicut dies hestema qui praeteriit 


7 swe swe gebaeld in naeht Sa fore nowihte 

Et sicut custodia in nocte 5. quae pro nihilo 

bioS hefd ger heara on marne swe swe wyrt leoreS 

habentur anni eorum 6. Mane sicut herba transeat 

on marne bloweS j SorhleoreS on efenne gefalleS for- 
mane floreat et pertranseat vespere decided in- 

beardaS 7 adrugaS forSon we asprungun in eorre Sinum 

duret et arescat 7. Quia defecimus in ira tua 

7 in hatheortnisse Sinre *gedroefd we sind settes 

et in furore tuo conturbati sumus 8. Posuisti 

unrebtwisnisse ure in gesibSe Sinre weoruld ur 

iniquitates nostras in conspectu tuo saeeulum nostrum 

in inlihtnisse ondwleotan Sines forSon alls degas 

in inlwminatione vuUus tut 9. Quoniam omnes dies 

ure asprungun 7 we in eorre Sinum asprungun ger 
nostri defecerunt et nos in ira tua defeeimus Anni 

grytte 1 
ur swe swe gongeweafre werun smegende daegas 

nostri sicut aranea meditabantur 10. dies an- 

gera ura in him hundseofentigum gera gif soSlice 
norwm nostrorum in ipsis Ixx annis Si autem 

in maehtum hundaehtatiges gera 7 monigfald heara 
in potentatibus Ixxx anni et plurimum eorum 

gewin 7 sar forSon ofercwom ofer usic monSuernis 7 
labor et dolor Quoniam supervenit super nos mansuetudo et 

we bioS gereafade bwelc wat maehte eorres Sines oSSe 

corripiemur 11. Quis novit potestatem irae tuae aut 

fore ege eorre Sin ariman swiSre Sin 

prae timore iram tuam 12. dmumerare Dexteram tuam 

dryhten cuSe doa us 7 geleerde on beortan in snytru 
Domine notam fac nobis et eruditos corde in sapientia 

gecer drybten sume bwile 7 bide ofer Siowas 
13. Converters Domine aliquantulum et deprecare super servos 

Sine gefylde we sind on marne mid mildbeortnisse Sinre 

tuos 14. Repleti sumus mane misericordia tua 

7 we gefiaS 7 geblissade sind in allum daegutn urum 
et exultavimus et deleetati sumus in omnibus diebus nostris 

gelustfullade we sind fore *dagum S«m usic *geaS- 
15. Deleetati sumus pro diebus quibus nos humi- 

1 contemporary. 


modades ger in deem we gesegun yfel geloca in 

liasti anni in quibus vidimus mala 16. Respite in 

Seowas Sine 7 in were Sin dryhten 7 gerece beorn 
servos tuos et in opera tua Domine et dirige filios 

hears 7 sie birhtu dryhtm* godes nres ofer usic 

eorum 17. Et sit splendor Domini Dei nosVri super nos 

7 were honda ura gerece ofer uric 

et opera manuum nostrarum dirige super nos 


66 eardaS 1 in fultume Ses hestan in gescildnisse godes 
Qui habitat in adjutorio Altissimi in protections Dei 

heofenes wunaS cwiS to dryhtn* ondfenga min 

caeli eommorabitur 2. Dicet Domino Susceptor mens 

Su earS 7 geberg min god min ic gehyhtu in nine 
es et refugium meum Deus mens speivbo in eum 

forSon he gefriaS mec of girene huntiendra 7 
3. Quoniam ipse liberabit me de laqueo venantium et 

from worde mid geseyldrum 8 his ofersceadwad Se 

a verbo aspero* 4. Scapulis suis obumbrabit tibi 

7 under fiSruw his gehyhtes mid seelde ymbseleS 

et sub pinnis ejus sperabis 5. Scuto circumdabit 

See soSfestnis his ne ondredes Su Se from ege naehtlicum 
te Veritas ejus non timebis a Hmore noctwmo 

from strele flegendum Sorh deg from sc[i]re geond- 

6. A sagitta volante per diem a negotio per- 

gongendum in Seostrum from hryre 7 diofle middeglicum 
ambulante in tenebris a ruina et daemonic meridiano 

fallaS from sidan Sire Susend 7 ten Susend to 

7. Cadent a latere tuo mille et decern milia a 

Sere swiSran Sinre Se soSlice to ne geneolaeceS ah 

dextris tuis tibi autem non adpropiabit 8. Verum 

hweSre egum Sinum Su sceawas 7 edlean synfulra 

tamen oculis tuis eonsiderabis et retributionem peccatorum 

Su gesist forSon Su earS dryhten hyht min hest 

videbis 9. Quoniam tu es Domine spes mea Altis- 

1 d from IS. a glossed grimmum late. * d/rom t. 


settes geberg Sin to ne geniolaecaS to Se 

simum posui refugium tuum 10. Non accedent ad te 

yfel 7 Srea ne geneolaeceS getelde Sinum for- 

mala et Jlagdlum non adpropiabit tabernaculo tuo 11. Quo- 

Son englum his onbead bi Se S»t hie hidden Sec 
niam angelis suis mandavit de te ut custodian* te 

in allum wegum Sinum in hondum beoraS dec ne 

in omnibus viis Puis 12. In manibus portabunt te ne 

«fre otspurne 1 to stane fot Sin ofer 

umquam offendas ad lapidem pedem tuum 18. Super 

nedran j fagwyrm gonges j trid s leon 7 

aspidem et basiliscum ambulabis et conculcabis leonem et 

dracan forSon in mec gehyhte 7 ic gefrigu hine 

draconem 14. Quoniam in me speravit et liberabo eum 

gescildu hine forSon ic oncneow noman minne geceS 

protegam eum quoniam cognovit nomen meum 15. Invo- 

me 7 ic gelieru hine mid hine ic earn in ge- 
cabii me et ego exaudiam eum cum ipso sum in tinbu' 

swince ic genergu hine 7 wuldriu hine lengu 

latione Eripiam eum et glorificabo eum 16. longitudinem 

dsega gefyllu hine 7 oteowu him haelu mine 
dierum adimplebo eum et ostendam illi ealutare meum 


god is ondettan dryhtne 7 eingan noman Sinum 
2. Bonum est confiteri Domino et psaUere nomini tuo 

Su hesta to seggenne on marne mildheortnisse Sine 

Altissime 3. Ad adnuntiandam mane misericordiam tuam 

7 soSfestnisse Sine Sorh naeht in tenstrengre hearpan 

et veritatem tuam per nodem 4. In decacordo psalterio 

mid songe 7 citran forSon Su gelustfullades mec 

cum cantico et cythara . 5. quia delectasti me 

dryhten in gewerce Sinum 7 in wercum honda Sinra 
D oviine in factura tua et in operibus *manum tuarum 

ic gene hu micellice sind were Sin dryhtew 

exultabo 6. Quam magnificata sunt opera tua Domine 

1 t aver f. 


swi8e deope gewordne sind ge8ohtas Sine wer 

nimis profundae factae sunt cogitationes tuae 7. Vir 

unwis ne oncnawe8 7 dysig ne ongiteS 8a mid 8y 

insipiens non cognosce* et stuUus non inteUiget ea 8. Cum 

upeornaS 8a synfullan swe swe heg j oteowdun alle 
exorientur peccatores sicut faenum et appa^ruerunt omnes 

8a 8e wircende werun unrehtwisnisse 8»t forweor8en in 
qui operantur iniquitatem ut intereant in 

weoruld weorulde 8u so8lice se hesta in ecnisse 

saeculum saeculi 9. Tu autem aUissimus in aeternum 

dryhtera for8on seh8e feond 8ine dryhten forweor8a8 

Domine 10. Quoniam ecce inimici tux Domine peribunt 

7 bio8 *tostrodne alle 8a 8e wirca8 unreht 7 

et dispergentur omnes qui operantur iniquitatem 11. Et 

bi8 upahefen swe swe anhornes horn min 7 aeldu min 
exaltabitur sicut unicornis cornu meum et senectus mea 

in mildheortnisse genyhtsumre 7 gelocade ege 8in 

in misericordia uberi 12. Et respexit oculus tuus 

fiond mine 7 arisende in mec wergende geherde eare 
inimicos meos et insurgents in me malignantes audivit auris 

8in se rehtwisa swe swe palma blowe8 7 swe swe 

tua 13. Justus ut palma Jlorebit et sicut 

cederbeam noma , bi8 gemonigfaldad geplantade in huse 

cedrus Libani rmdtiplicabUur 14. Plantati in domo 

dryhtnes in ceafartunum huses godes ures blowaS nu 

Domini in atriis domus Dei nostri florebunt 15. Ad 

get bioS gemonigfaldade in aeldu genyhtsumre 7 wel ge- 
huc multiplicabuntur in senecta uberi et bene pa- 

8yldge bio8 8»t hie secgen 8»tte rehtwis dryhfon 

tientes erunt 16. ut adnuntient Quoniam Justus Dominus 

god ur 7 nis unrehtwisnis in him 
Deus nosier et non est iniquitas in to 


dryhten ricsad wlite gegere8 gegereS dryhten strengu 
1. Dominus regnabit decorem induit Induit Dominus forti- 

7 bigyrde hine mid megne 7 so81ice getryme8 
tudinem et praecinxit se virtutem Et enim firmavit 



ymbhwyrffc eorttan ne biS onstyred gearu seld 

orbem terras qui non commovebitur 2. Parata sedis 

Sin god nu hionan from weorulde Cu 1 ear?5 uphofun 

tua Deus ex tunc a saeculo tu es 3. Elevaverunt 

flodas dryhten uphofun flodas stefne heara from 

flumina Domine elevaverunt flumina voces suas 4. a 

etefnum wetra micelra wundurlice upahefenisse *hees 
vocibus aquarum multarum Mirabiles elationes maris 

wundurlic in heanisse dryhten cy&nisse Sine dryhten 

mirabilis in excelsis Dominus 5. Testimonia tua Domine 

*gel8Bfeume gewordne sind swiSe huse Cinum 2 gedeafineatS 
credibUia facta sunt rdmis Domui tuae decent 

&a halgan dryhten in lengu d$ga 

sancta Domine m longitudine dierwn 


god wreca dryhten god wr§ca freolice dyde 

1. Deus uliionum Dominus Deus uUionum libere egit 

hefe up Su doemes eordan ageld edlean oferhygdgum 

2. Exaltare qui judicas terram redds retributionem superbis 

hu longe synfulle dryhten hu longe- synfalle bio?5 

3. Usque quo peccatores Domine usque quo peccatores glo- 

gewuldrade secgaS 7 spreocaS unreht spre- 

riabuntur 4. Pronuniiabunt et loquentur iniquitatem lo- 

ocatS alle 8a wircaS unrehtwisnisse folc Sin 

quentwr omnes qui operantur injustitiam 5. Populum tuum 

dryhten geeaSmodedun 7 *erfwordnisse Sine *geswecton 
Domine Tiumiliaverunt et hereditatem tuam vexaverunt 

widwan 7 *wrecan ofslogun 7 feadurlease ofslogun 

6. Viduam et advenam interfecerunt et pupillos occiderunt 

7 cwedun ne gesiS dryhten ne ongiteS god Iacob 

7. Et dixerunt Non videbit Dominus nee intellegit Deus Jacob 

ongeotat? nu Sa $e unwise earun in folce 7 dysge 

8. Intellegite nunc qui insipientes estis in populo et stulti 

hwilum hogiatS se plantade eare ne gehered dSSe 

aliquando sapite 9. Qui plantavit aurem non audiet aut 

1 8:u. ■* u over e. 


se Se hiowede ege ne *scewaS se SreaS Seode 

qui finxit oculum non considerat 10. qui eorripit gentes 

ne SreaS se laereS men wisdom dryhten wat 

non arguet qui doeet homines scientiam 11. Dominies novit 

geSohtas monna 1 forSon idle sind eadig mon 

cogitationes hominum quoniam vanae sunt 12. Beatus homo 

Sone Su gelseres dryhten 7 of ae Sinre lseres hine 
quern tu erudieris Domine et de lege tua docueris eum 

S«t Su gemildgie hine from dggum yflum oSSet biS dolfen 
18. ut mitiges eum a diebus malis donee fodeatur 

Seem synfullan seaS forSon weg ne adrifeS dryhten 

peccatori fovea 14. Quia non repellit Dominus 

folc his 7 erfe his ne forleteS oS 

plebem suam et hereditatem steam non derelinquU 15. Quoad 

Set rehtwisnis biS gecerred in dom 7 niomaS hie 

usque justitia convertatur in judicium et qui tenent earn 

alle Sa rehtre sind heortan hwelc ariseS me 

omnes qui recto sunt corde 16. Quis exurget mihi 

witS wergendum oSSe hwelc stondeS mid mec wiS 
adversu8 malignantes aut quis stabit mecum adversus 

wircendum unreht nemne Saet dryhten gefultumade 

operantes iniquitatem 17. Nisi quod Dominus adjuvasset 

mec hwoene leesean eardade* in helle sawul min 
me paulo minus habUaverat in inferno anvma mea 

gif ic cweS onstyred is fot min mildheortnis Sin 
18. Si dicebam Motus est pes meus misericordia tua 

dryhten geftrltumaS mec efter mengu sara 

Domine adjuvabat me 19. Secundum multitudinem dolorum 

minra in heortan minre frofre Sine dryhten *ge- 
meorum in corde meo consolaUones tuae Domine laetiJU 

blisadon sawle mine ah setfileS Se seld 

caverunt animam meam 20. Numquid adheret iibi sedis 

*unrehtwisnise hiowas sar in bibode geheftaS 

iniquitatis qui fingis dolorem in praecepto 21. captabunt 

in sawle Ses rehtwisan 7 blod *insceSende niSeriaS 
in animam justi et sangumem innocentem condemnabunt 

7 geworden is me dryhten in geberg 7 god min 
22. Et foetus est mihi Dominus in refugium et Deus meus 

1 a over e. 



in fultum hyhtes mines 7 gildeS him dryhtew 

in auxUium spei meae 23. Et reddet tilts Dominus 

unrehtwisnisse heara 7 in betas heara tostrigdeS hie 
iniquitates ipsorum et in malitias eorum disperdet illos 

dryhten god ur 
Dominus Deus nosier 


cumaS gefen we dryhtne wynsumie we gode Seem hal- 
1. Venite exuUemus Domino jubilemus Deo salutari 

wyndan urutn abisgien we onsiene his in ondetnisse 

nostro 2. Praeoccupemus faciem ejus in confessions 

7 in salmnm wynsnmie we him fortfon god micel 

et in psahnis jubilemus ei 3. Quoniam Deus magnus 

dryhten 7 cyning micel ofer alle godas for'Son onweg 
Dominus et Rex magnus super omnes deos Quoniam non 

ne adrifeft dryhten folc his for'Son in honda his 

repellet. Dominus plebem suam 4. quia in manu ejus 

sind alle endas eorSan 7 heanisse munta he gelocat? 
sunt omnes fines terras et akitudines monUum ip>se consjncit 

forSon his is sae 7 he dyde det 7 ?5a drygan 
5. Quoniam ipsius est mare et ipse fecit Ulud et arida 

honda his gesteaSeladun cumaS weortfien we 7 fort?- 

manus ejus fundaverunt 6. Venite adoremus et pro- 

luten we biforan god woepen we biforan dryhtne se dyde 
cidamus ante Deum ploremus coram Domino qui fecit 

usic fortfon he is dryhten god ur we sotttioe 

nos 7. Quia ipse est Dominus Deus noster nos autem 

folo his 7 seep leswe his to dege gif stefhe his 

popvlus ejus et oves pascuae ejus 8. Hodie si vocem ejus 

ge geheraS nyllatS aheardian heortan eowre swe in 

audieritis nolite obdurare corda vestra 9. Sicut in 

onecununge 1 efter dege costunge in woestenne $er 
exacervatione secundum diem temptationis in deserto ubi 

coBtadun mec fedras eowre cunnadun 7 gesegon were 
temptaverunt me patres vestri probaverunt et viderunt opera 

min feowertigum gera on neoweste ic wes cneorisse 

tnea 10. Quadraginta annis proximus fui generationi 

1 onscunrunge. 


tftsse 7 cwe?5 aa Sas dwoliaS on heortan hie soSlice 

huie et dixi Semper hii errand corde 11. Ipsi vero 

ne oncnewun wegas mine Ssera ic swor in eorre minum 

non cognoverunt vias meat quibus jv/ravi in ira mea 

gif ingaS in reste mine 
Si introtbunt in requiem meam 


BingaS dryhtne song neowne singad dryhtne all eorSe 
Cantate Domino canticum novum cantate Domino omnia terra 

singaS dryhtne 7 bledsiaft nonian his wel secgaS of 
2. Cantate Domino et benedicite nomini ejus bene nuntiate de 

dege in deg haelu his secgaS betwih Seode 

die in diem salutare ejus 3. Adnuntiate inter gentes 

wuldur his in allum folcum wundur his forSon 

gloriam ejus in omnibus popvZis mirabilia ejus 4. Quoniam 

micel dryhten 7 *hergedlic swxSe egesful is ofer alle 
magnus Dominus et laudabUis nimis terribUis est super omnes 

godas forSon alle godas Sioda Sioful dryhten 

deos 5. Quoniam omnes dii gentium daemonia Dominus 

soolice heofenas dyde ondetnis 7 fegernis in ge- 

autem caelos fecit 6. Confessio et pulchritudo in con' 

sifrSe his halignis 7 micelnis in gehalgonge his 
spectu ejus sanctitas et magnificentia in sanctificatione ejus 

tobringaS dryhtne oetflas Seoda tobringatS dryhtne 
7. Adferte Domino patriae gentium adferte Domino 

wuldur 7 are tobringat? dryhtne wuldur nonian 

gloriam et hanorem 8. adferte Domino gloriam nomini 

his uphebbaS onsegdnisse 7 iogaS in ceafurtunas his 
ejus ToUite hostias et introite in atria ejus 

weorSia'S dryhten in halle Sere halgan his si 1 onstyred 
9. adorate Dominum in aula sancta ejus Commoveatwr 

from onsiene his all eorSe cweoSatS in *cneorisum 

a facie ejus tmiversa terra 10. dicite in nationibus 

dryhten ricsaS from treo 7 soSlice gereceS ymbhwyrffc 
Dominus regnabit a ligno et enim correxit orbem 

1 sie:, the e er. 


eorSan se ne bi$ onstyred *dome8 folc in rehtwisnisse 
terras qui non eommovebitur Judicabit populos in aequitale 

7 ftiode in eorre his blissien heofenas 7 gefee 

et gentes in ira sua 11. Laetentur cadi et exultet 

eorfte sie onstyred sae 7 fylnis hire gefiaS 

terra moveatur mare et plenitude* ejus 12. Gaudebunt 

feldas 7 alle 8a Se in him Bind Sonne gefiatS all 

eampi et omnia quae in eis sunt tunc exuUabunt omnia 

trew wuda biforan onsiene dryhknes forSon cwom 

ligna silvarum 13. ante faciem Domini quoniam venit 

forSon cwom doeman eorftan doemeft ymbhwyrft eorftan 
quoniam venit judicare terram Judicabit orbem terrae 

in efennisse 7 folc in softfestnisse his 
in aequUate et populos in veritate sua 


dryhten ricsaS 1 gefift eorSe blissien eolond micelu 
Dominus regnabit exultet terra laetentwr insulae multae 

wolcen 7 dimnis in ymbhwyrfte hire rehtwisnis 7 dom 
2. Nubes et caligo in circuitu ejus justitia et judi- 

gerecenis seldes his fyr biforan him foregeS 

cium correctio sedis ejus 3. - Ignis ante eum praeibit 

7 inaeleft in ymbhwyrfte fiond his inlihtun 

et inflammabit in circuitu inimicos ejus 4. Inluxerunt 

legite his ymbhwyrfte eorSan gesaeh 7 onstyred wes eorSe 
fulgora ejus orbi terrae vidit et commota est terra 

muntas swe swe wex tofleowun from onsiene dryhtn6* from 
5. Monies sicut cera fluxerunt a facie Domini a 

onsiene dryhtnes cwaecade all eorSe segdon 

fade Domini tremuit omnis terra 6. Adnuntiaverunt 

heofenas rehtwisnisse his 7 *gesgun alle folc wnldur 
cadi justitiam ejus et viderunt omnes populi gloriam 

his sien gescende alle 3a Se weorSiatJ greftas 8a 

ejus 7. Confundantur omnes qui adorant sculptilia qui 

wuldriat? in hergum heara weortSiaS hine alle englas 
gloriantur in simviacris suis Adorate eum omnes angdi 

1 i over e. 


his geherde 7 geblissad is Sion 7 gefegun 

ejus 8. audivit et laetaCa est Sion et exultaverunt 

dohtur Tudan fore domum Sinum dryhten forSon Su 

jttiae Judae propter judicia tua Domine 9. Quoniam tu 

earS dryhten $u hesta ofer alle eorSan swiSe upahefen 
es Dominies altissimus super omnem terram nimis exaltatus 

3u eart? ofer alle godas 8a $e lufiaS dryhten fiaS 

es super omnes deos 10. Qui diligitis Dominum odite 

yfel haldeS dryhten sawle Ceowa his of honda 

malum eustodit Dominus animas servorum suorum de memu 

synfulra gefreaS hie leht upcumen wes Seem rehtan 

peccatorum liberabit eos 11. Lux orta est justo 

7 rehtheortum blis blissia'S rehtwise in dryhtne 7 

et rectis corde laetitia 12. laetamini justi in Domino et 

ondettaS gemynde halignisse his 
confitemini memoriae sanctitatis ejus 


eingatS dryhtne song niowne fortSon wundur dyde 
Cantate Domino canticum novum quia mirabilia fecit 

dryhten gehaelde hine mid Sa swiSran his 7 earm 
Dominus Salvavit eum dextera ejus et bracchium 

haligne his cuSe dyde dryhten heelu his biforan 

sanctum ejus 2. No turn fecit Dominus salutare suum ante 

gesihSe Sioda onwrah rehtwisnisse his gemyndig 

conspectu gentium revelavit justitiam suam 3. Memor 

wes mildheortnisse his 7 soSfestnisse his gehuscipe 

fuit misericordiae suae Jacob et veritatis suae domus 

Israel gesegun alle endas eorSan haelu godes ures 
Israhel Viderunt omnes fines terrae salutare Dei nostri 

wynsumia'S gode all eorSe singaS 7 gefiaS 7 singatS 

4. jubilate Deo omnis terra cantate et exultate et psallite 

singaS gode urum in citran in citran 7 stefhe salmes 

5. Psallite Deo nostro in cithara in citkara et voce psalmi 

in hornurn gelengdum 7 stefne homes *hyrnes *wyn- 

6. in tubis ductilibus et voce tubae corneae jubi- 

sumnaS in gesihSe cyninges dryhtnes sie astyred 8£ 

late in conspectu regis Domini 7. Moveatur mare 


7 *fynis hire ymbhwyrft eorSena j alle 1 Sa $e eardiatS 
et plenitudo ejus orbis terrarum et universi qui habitant 

in hire flodas plsegiaS mid hondum in j?eet ilce muntas 

in ea 8. Flumina plaudent manibus in id vpsum monies 

gefegun biforan onsiene dryhtnes forSon cwom for- 

exultaverunt 9. ante faciem Domini quoniam venit quo- 

Son cwom doeman eorSan doemseS *ymbhwyrf eorSan in 
niam venit judicare terram Judicabit orbem terrae in 

rehtwisnisse 7 folc in efennisse his 
justitia et populos in aequitate sua 


dryhten ricsatS eorsien folc Cu Se sites ofer Cerubin 
Dominus regnabU irascantur populi qui sedis super Cherubin 

sie astyred eortSe dryhten in Sion micei 7 heh 

moveatur terra 2. Dominus in Sion magnus et excdsus 

ofer alle folc ondetta'S noman <5inura miclum 

super omnes populos 8. Conjiteantur nomini tuo magno 

7 egesfullum forSon halig is 7 ar cyninges dom 

et terribili quoniam sanctum est 4. et honor regis judi- 

lufaS Su gearwades rehtwisnisse dom 7 rehtwisnisse 
cium diligit Tu parasti aequitatem judicium et justitiam 

in Iacob ttu dydest uphebbaS dryhten god nrne 

in Jacob tu fecisti 5. ExaUate Dominum Deum nostrum 

7 weortSiaS scomul fota his forSon halig is 

et adorate scabeUum pedum ejus quoniam sanctum est 

7 Aaron in biscopum his 7 Samuel betwih hie 
6. Moyses et Aaron in sacerdotibus ejus et Samuhel inter eos 

Sa gecegatS noman his gecedon dryhten 7 he geherde 
qui invocant notnen ejus Invocabant Dominum et ipse exau- 

hie in syle wolcnes spree to him he- 

diebat eos 7. in columna nubis loquebatur ad eos Custo- 

oldun cytmisse his 7 bibod his 8a salde him 
diebant testitnonia ejus et praecepta ejus quae dederat iUis 

dryhten god ur Su geherdes hie god Su milde 
8. Domine Deus noster tu exaudiebas eos Deus tu projntius 

1 11 over some other letter. 

ps. 100.] 



were him 7 wreocende in alle teolunge heara heb- 

Juisti Mis et vindicans in omnia studio, eorum 9. Ex- 

baS up dryhten god urne 7 weorSiaS in munte 
aUate Dominum Deum nostrum et adorate in monte 

halgum his forSon halig is dryhten god ur 
sancto ejus quoniam sanctus est Dominus Deus nosier 


wynsumiaS gode all eorSe SiowiaS dryhtna in blisse 
2. Jubilate Deo omnis terra servile Domino in laetitia 

ingat? in gesihSe his in wynsumnisse weotaS tSaet 

Intrate in conspectu ejus in exultatione 3. scitote quod 

dryhtera he is god he dyde usic 7 nales we usic we 
Dominies ipse est Deus ipse fecit nos et non ipsi nos Nos 

sottlice folc 1 his 7 seep leswe his ingaS geatu 

autem populus ejus et oves pascuae ejus 4. intrate portas 

his in ondetnisse ceafurtunes his in ymenum ondetnissa 
ejus in confessione atria ejus in hymnis confcs&ionum 

hergaS noman his forSon wynsum is dryhten in 

Laudate nomen ejus 5. quoniam suavis est Dominus in 

ecnisse mildheortnis his 7 oS in weoruld weorulde 
aeternum misericordia ejus et usque in saeculum saeculi 

soSfestnis his 
Veritas ejus 


mildheortnisse 7 dom ic singu 8e dryhten ic singu 
Misericordiam et judicium cantabo tibi Domine Psallam 

7 ongeotu in wege Ssem unwemman Sonne Su cymes to 
2. et intellegam in via mmaculata quando venies ad 

me ic geondgan 3 in unsceSfulnisse heortan minre in midle 
me Perambulabam in innocentia cordis met in medio 

huses Sines ic no foresette biforan egum minum wisan 

domus tuae 3. Non proponebam ante oculos meos rem 

yfle donde oferleornisse ic fiode no eetfalh me 

malam facientes pra&varicationes odivi non adhesit mihi 

1 lc from n. 

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4. cor pravwn Declinanles a me malignos non agnos- 

cneow telendne wiS $»m nestan his degullice 

cebam 5. detrahentem adversus proximum suum occult* 

Seosne ic oehte oferhygdgum egan j ungereordedlicre heortan 
hunc persequebar Superbo oculo et insatiabili corde 

mitte tSis somud ic ne et egan min pfer Sa ge- 

cum hoc simul non edebam 6. Oculi met super fideles 

treowan eordan Saet hie sitten Sas mid mec gongende in 
terrae ut sedeant hii mecum ambulans in 

wege "Seem unwemman Ses me Segnade ne eardaS 

via inmaculata Me mihi ministrabat 7. Non habir 

in miille huses mines se doetS oferhygde se 
tabit in medio domus meae qui facit superbiam qui 

spriceS Sa unrehtan ne gereceS in gesihSe egena 

loquitur iniqua non direxit in conspectu oeulorum 

minra in margentid ic ofslog alle synfulle 

meorum 8. In matutinis interficiebam omnes peceatores 

eorSan Seet ic tostregde of cestre dryhtnes alle 8a 
terrae ut disperdam de civitate Domini omnes qui 

wircaS nnrehtwisnisse 
operantwr iniquitatem 


dryhten geher gebed min 7 cleopnng min to Se 
2. Domine exaudi orationem meam et clamor mens ad te 

becyme ne acer Su onsiene Sine from me in swe 

perveniat 3. Ne avertas faciem tuam a me in qua- 

hwelcnm dege geswenced onhaeld to me eare Sin in 
cumque* die tribuhr inclina ad me aurem tuam in 

swe hwelcnm dege ic gecego Sec hr[e]Slice geher mec 
quacumque die invocavero te vetociter exaudi me 

forSon asprungun swe swe rec deegas mine 7 ban 
4. Quia defecerunt sicut fumus dies mei et ossa 

min swe in herstan herste sind slegen ic earn 

mea sicut in frixorium confrixa sunt 5. Percussus sum 

swe swe heg 7 adrugaS heorte min forSon *offergeotul 
sicut faenum et aruit cor meum quia oblitus 

ic earn eotan hlaf minne from stefhe geamrunge 

sum manducare panem meum 6. a voce gemitus 


minre ©tfelun 1 ban min flsesce minum gelic geworden ^ 

mei adhe8erurU ossa mea carni meae 7. Similis foetus 

ic earn stanegellan in woestenne geworden ic earn swe swe 
sum pellicano in solitudine f actus sum sic ut 

nsebtbrefn in husincle ic waecade 7 geworden ic earn 

nocticorax in domicilio 8. Vigilavi et foetus sum 

swe swe spearwa se anga in timbre alne deg ed- 

sic ut passer unicus in aedificio 9. Tota die ex- 

wittun* mec feond mine 7 $a Ce mec bergaS wiS 
probrabant me inimici mei et qui me laudabant adver- 

me sworun r&rSon escan swe swe hlaf 

sum me jurabant 10. Quia cinerem sic ut panem 

ic et 7 drync minne mid wope ic gemetgade from 
manducabam et potum meum cum fletu temperabam 11. A 

onsiene eorres 7 *ebylt$u Sinre forSon uphebbende $u ge- 
facie irae et indignationis tuae quia elevans elisisti 

cnysedes mec dsegas mine swe swe scua onhaeldun 

me 12. Dies mei sic ut umbra declinaverunt 

7 ic swe swe beg adrugade Su soSlice dryhten in 

et ego sic ut faenum ami 13. Tu autem Domine in 

ecnisse tforbwunas 7 gemynd Sin in weoruld weorulde 
aeternum permanes et memortale tuum in saeculum saeculi 

Su arisende - gemildsas *Sioene forSon cwom tid 
14. Tu exsurgens misereberis Sion quia venit tempus 

to mildsiende bis fortfon welgelicad befdun Seowas 

miserendi ejus 15. Quia beneplacilum habuerunt servi 

Sine stanas bis 7 eorSan bis mildsiaS 7 

tui lapides ejus et terrae ejus miserebuntur 16. Et 

ondredaS Siode noman Sinne dryhten 7 alle cyningas 
timebunt gentes nomen tuum Domine et omnes reges 

eorSan wuldur Sin fortfon timbreS drybtcn Sion 

terrae gloriam tuam 17. Quoniam aedificabit Dominus Sion 

7 bi$ gesegen in megenSrymme bis 7 gelocatS in 

et videbitur in majestate sua 18. Et resj)exit in 

gebeodu Searfena 7 ne forbogaS '"bene beara biotS 

orationes pauperum et non sprevit preces eorum 19. Seri- 

awriten $as in cneorisse oSerre 7 folc C«t bit? gecwicad 
bantur haec in generatione altera et populus qui creabitur 

1 vel setclofodon added later. s vel hyspion added later. 


here® dryhten fortSon gelocaS of heanisse 

lavdabit Dominum 20. Quoniam prospexit de excelso 

Seem halgan bis dryhten of heofene on eorSan gelocade 
8ancto suo Dominus de caelo in terram prospexit 

Saet he geherde gemrunge gebundenra 7 onlese beam 
21. Ut audvret gemitum vinculatorum et solvat JUios 

ofslegenra Seet sie segd in Sion noma dryhtne* 

vnteremptorum 22. Ut adnuntieiur in Sion nomen Domini 

7 lof his in Ierusalem in gemoetinge folc 

et laus ejus in Hierusodem 23. In conveniendo populos 

in annesse 1 7 ricu Saet hie Siowien dryhtne ondsweorede 

in unum et regna ut serviovnt Domino 24. Eespondit 

him in wege megnes his feanisse dega minra sege 
ei in via virtutis suae paudtatem dierum meorum enuntia 

me 7 ne gece Su mec in midle dsega minra 

mihi et 25. ne revoces me in dimidio dierum meorum 

in weoruld weorolde ger Sin in fruman eorSan Su 

in saeculum saeculi anni tui 26. Initio terram tu 

gesteaSelades dryhten 7 were honda Sinra sind heofenas 
fundasti Domine et opera manuum tuarum sunt cadi 

hie forweorSaS Su soSlice Sorhwunas 7 alle swe swe 
27. Ipsi peribunt tu autem permanes et omnes sic ut 

hregl aldiaS 7 swe swe wrigels onwendes hie 7 

vestimentum veterescent et sic ut cpertorium mutabis cos et 

hie bioS onwende Su soSlice se ilea 1 earS 7 ger Sin 

mutabuntur 28. Tu autem idem ipse es et anni tui 

ne aspringaS beam Siowa Sinra ineardiaS Ser 

non deficient 29. Filii servorum tuorum inhabitabunt ibi 

7 sed heara in weoruld 8 *werulde biS gereht 
et semen eorum in saeculum saeculi dvrigitur 


bledsa sawul min dryhten 7 all Sa innerran *mi noman 
Benedic anima mea Dominum et omnia interiora mea nomen 

Sone halgan his bledsa sawul min dryhten 7 _nyl 

sanctum ejus 2. Benedic anima mea Dominum et noil 

ofergeotelian alle edlean his se milde biS 

oblivisci omnes retributiones ejus 3. Qui propitius Jit 

1 a from u. * a over dotted e. * Id from n. 


allum unrehtwisnissum dinum se liaeleS alle aSle 

omnibus iniquitatibus tuis qui sanat omnes languores 

Sine se aleseS of forwyrde lif Sin se 

tuos 4. Qui redemit de interitu vitam tuam 6. qui 

gereordeS in godum lust Sinne se gebegaS Sec in 
satiat in bonis desiderium tuum qui coronat te in 

mildse 7 mildheortnisse biS geedniowad swe swe earn 
miseratione et misericordia renovabitur sic ut aquilae 

*guSuS Sin donde mildheortnisse dryhten 7 dom 

juvenilis tua 6. Faciens misericordias Dominies et judicium 

allum tionan Srowiendum cuSe dyde wegas his 

omnibus injuriam patientibus 7. Notas fecit vias suas 

Moysi bearnum willan his mildheort 7 

Moysi JUiis Isrdhel voluntatis suas 8. Misericors et 

mildsiend dryhfen geSyldig 7 swiSe mildheort nales 

miserator Dominus pattens et multum misericors 9. Non 

in ende eorsaS ne in ecnisse biS geebylged nales 

in finem irascitur neque in aetemum indignabitur 10. Non 

efter synne ure dyde us ne *efer unreht- 

seeundwm peccata nostra fecit nobis neque secundum iniquv- 

wisnisse urum geedleanaS us forSon efter heanisse 

tates nostras retribu%t nobis 11. Quia secundum altitu- 

heofenes from eorSan getrymede dryhten mildheortnisse 
dinem cadi a terra confirmavit Dominus misericordiam 

his ofer ondredende hine swe micel tostondeS eastdael 

suam super timentes eum 12. Quantum distat oriens 

from westdaele afeorraS from us unrehtwisnisse ure 
ab occasu elongavit a nobis iniquitates nostras 

swe mildsaS feder bearnum swe mildsiende biS dryhten 
13. Sic ut miseretur pater JUiis ita misertus est Dominus 

ondredendum hine forSon he wat geheowunge ure 

timentibus se 14. quia ipse sit figmentum nostrum 

gemyne dryhten S«t dust we sind mon swe swe 

Memento Domine quod pulvis sumus 15. homo sic ut 

heg dsegas his 7 swe swe blostme 1 londes swe bloweS 
faenum dies ejus et sic ut fios agri ita floriet 

forSon gast SorhleoreS from him 7 ne biS 7 ne 
16. Quia spiritus pertransiit ab eo et non erit et non 

1 lofrom r. 


oncnaweS mae stowe his mildheortnis soolice 

cognoscit amplius locum swum 17. Misericordia autem 

dryhtnee from weorulde is 7 c/S in weoruld weorulde 
Domini a saeculo est et usque in saeculum saeculi 

ofer ondredende hine 7 rehtwisnis his ofer beam 
super timentes sum Et justitia ejus super Jttios 

beorna haldendum 1 cytmis his 7 gemynd 

JUiorum 18. custodientibus testamentum ejus et memoria 

neomendum bibod his tSset doen Ca dryhten- in 

retinentibus mandate ejus ut faeiant ea 19. Dominus in 

heofene gearwade seld his 7 rice his alra waldetS 
eaelo paravit sedem suam et regnum ejus omnium domino- 

bledsiat? dryhten alle englas his maehtge 
bitur 20. Benedicite Dominum omnes angdi ejus potentes 

on megne $a fSe dotS word his to geherenne stefae 
virtute qui facitis verbum ejus ad audiendam voeem 

worda his bledsiaf? dryhten alle megen his 

sermonum ejus 21. Benedicite Dominum omnes virtutes ejus 

Segnas his 8a doS wiilan his bledsiaS 

ministri ejus qui fadtis voluntatem ejus 22. Benedicite 

dryhten all were his in ylcere etowe onwaldes his 
Dominum omnia opera ejus in omni* loco dominationis ejus 

bledsa sawul min dryhten 
benedic anima mea Dominum 


bledsa sawnl min dryhten dryhten god min gemiclad 
Benedic anima mea Dominum Domine Deus meus magni- 

eartS swiolice ondetnisse 7 wlite Su gegeredes 
ficatois es vehementer Con/essionem et decorem induisti 

biswapen lehte swe swe mid hregle aVennende heofen 
2. amictus lumine sic ut vestimento Extendens caelum 

swe swe fel tSu bi&eces in wetrum Sa nferran his 

sic ut pellem 3. qui tegis in aquis superiora ejus 

se seteS wolcen upstige his se gongeS ofer fiSru 
Qui ponit nubem ascensum suum qui ambulat super pinnae 

winda se doeS englas his gastas 7 Segnas 

ventorum 4. Qui facit angelos suos spvrU/us et ministros 

1 Jlr9tdfrom&(f). 


his fyr bernende ee steatfelade eorSan ofer steaSul- 

suos ignem urentem 6. Qui fundavit terram super stabili- 

festnisse his ne bit? onhaelded in weoruld weorulde 
tatem ejus non inclinabUur in saeculum saeculi 

neolnis swe ewe rift swsepels 1 his ofer muntas 
6. Abyssus sic ut pallium amictus ejus super monies 

stondaS weter from ftreange Sinre fleoS from stefne 

stabunt aquae 7. Ab increpatione tua fugient a voce 

Cunurrade forhtiatS astigaS muntas 7 ofdune- 

tonitrui Uiiformidabunt 8. Ascendunt monies el dis- 

BtigaS feldas in stowe Sa Su gesteaSelades him 
cendunt campi in locum quern fundasU eis 9. Ter- 

gemsere settes him Sa hie ne* ofergongatJ ne 

minum posuisU eis quern non Pransgredientur neque 

bicIS forcerde oferwrean eorSan se onsendeS waellan in 

convertentur operire terram 10. Qui emiUet fontcs in 

deanum betwih middel munta SorhleoratJ weter 
convallibu8 inter medium montium pertransibunt aquae 

drencat? 8a alle wilddeor wuda bidatS wilde assan 

11. Potabunt ea omnes besiiae sUvarum expectabunt onagri 

in *8urs heara ofer 6a fuglas heofenes eardiatS 

in sitim steam 12. super ea volucres cadi habitabunt 

of *mid stana sellat? stefne heara leccende muntas 

de medio petrarum dabunt voces suas 13. Rigans monies 

of tfoem ufermm his of westme werca Sinra bi?S gereorded 
de superiorUms suis de fructu operum tuorum satiabitur 

eortSe fort? gelaedes heg neatura 7 wyrte Seowdome 

terra 14. Produces faenum jumeniis et kerbam servituti 

monna IStet he utalsede hlaf of eorSan 7 win ge- 

hominum Ut educat panem de terra 16. et vim/urn lae- 

blissatS heortan monnes Sset he gleadie onsiene in ele 
tificet cor hominis Ut exhilaret faciem in oleo 

7 hlafes heorte monnes getrymetS bioS gefylde all 

et panis cor hominis confirmed 16. Satiabuntur omnia 

trew wuda 7 cederbeamas Ces muntes Ca $u geplantades 
ligna sUvarum et cedros Libani quas plantasti 

Ser spearwan *nistaSa$ heafuces has ladtow is heora 
17. illic passeres nidificabunt Fulice domus dux est eorum 

1 r (?) er. after e. * o (!) er. before n. 


muntas heae heoretes stan geberg igles 1 dyde 

18. mont€8 excelsi cervis petra refugium irinacia 19. Fecit 

monan in tid sunne oncneow setgong hire Su 

lunum in tempore sol cognovit occasum suum 20. Po- 

settes Seostru j geworden wes naeht in Sere SorhleoraS 
suisti tenebras et facta est nox in ipsa pertransibunt 

aile wilddeor wuda hwelpas leona grymetiende tSset 

omnes bestiae siharum 21. Catuli leonum rugientes ut 

hie *gerafien 7 soecen from gode mete him upcumen 

rapiant et quaerant a Deo escam sibi 22. Ortus 

is sunne 7 gesomnade sind 7 in bedcleofum heara hie 
est sol et congregati sunt et in cubUibus suis se 

gesteaSeliaS utgaeS mon to werce his 7 to gebede 

conlocabunt 23. Exiet homo ad opus suum et ad opera- 

his 0$ to efenne ha micellice 

tionem suam usque ad vesperum 24. Quam magnificata 

sind were Sin dryhten all in snytru Su dydes gefylled 
sunt opera tua Domine omnia in sapientia fecisti repleta 

is eorSe gescefte Sinre Sis sae micel 7 rum 

est terra creatura tua 26. Hoc mare magnum et spaciosum 

Ser snicende Seara nis rim netenu lytelu 7 

iUic reptilia quorum non est numerus animalia pusilla et 

micel Ser sceopu SorhfearaS draca Ses Sone 

magna 26. illic naves pertransibunt Draco isle quern 

Su gehiowa[d]es to bismerenne him all from Se 

formasti ad inludendum ei 27. omnia a te 

bidaS drjhten Sset Su Belle him mete in tid 
expectant Domine ut des Mis escam in tempore 

Bellendnm Se him gesomniaS ontynendum Se hond Sine 
28. Dante te illis coUigent aperiente te manum tuam 

all bioS gefylde genyhtsumnisse forcerrendum soSlice Se 

omnia replebuntur ubertate 29. Avertente autem te 

onsiene Sine bioS gedroefeS Su afirree gast heara 7 
faciem tuam turbabuntur auferes spiritwm eorum et 

aspringaS 7 in dust heara eftcerraS onsend 

deficient et in pulverem suum revertentur 30. JSmitte 

gast Sinne 7 bioS gecwicade 7 geedniowas onsiene eorSan 
spiritum tuum et creabuntur et renovabis faciem terrae 

1 from ilea. 


sie wuldur dryhtnes in weoruld weorulde bMS geblissad 
31. Sit gloria Domini in sciendum saeculi laetabiiur 

dryhten in wercnm his se gelocaC in eor&an j 

Dominus in operibus suis 82. Qui respidt in terram et 

doetS hie cwaecian se gehrineft *untas j hie smicaS 
facit earn tremere qui tangit mantes et fumigabunt 

ic singu dryhtne in life minum ic singa gode minum 
33. Cantabo Domino in vita mea psaUam Deo meo 

swelonge ic biom wynsnm sie him herenis min ic 

quamdiu ero 34. Suavis sit ei laudatio mea ego 

soSIice biom gelurtfullad in dryhtna aspringen* syn- 

vero. delectabor in Domino 35. Deficiant pecca- 

fulle from eorSan 7 unrehtwise swe Seet [hie] ne sien 
tores a terra et iniqui ita ut non sint 

bledsa sawol min dryhten 
benedic anima mea Dominum 


ondeta% dryhtne 7 gecegatS noman his secgaS 
1. Confitemini Domvno et invocate nomen ejus adnunciate 

betwih Seode *wer his singaS him 7 singatS him 

inter gentes opera ejus 2. Cantate ei et psallite ei 

secga3 all wundur his hergatS in noman 

narrate omnia mirabilia ejus 3. Laudamini in nomine 

Seem halgan his blissie heorte soecendra dryhten 

sancto ejus laetetur cor quaerentium Dominum 

soecaS dryhten 7 bioS getrymede soecaS onsiene his 
4. Quaerite Dominum et confirmamini quaerite faciem ejus 

aa gemunaS wundra his Ca he dyde becen 

semper 6. Mementote mirabUium ejus quae fecit prodigia 

7 domas muSes his sed fteowes his beam 

et judicia oris ejus 6. Semen Abraham servi ejus JUii 

gecorenes his he dryhten god ur in aire 

Jacob electi ejus 7. Ipse Dominus Deus nosier in uni- 

eordan domas his gemyndig wes in weoruld 

versa terra judicia ejus 8. Memor fuit in saeculum 

aft over dotted en. 



cytSnisse his wordes tSset onbead 1 in Susend cneorrissa 
testamenti sui verbi quod mandavit in mille generations 

Sset gestihtade to Abraham 7 aSswyrde his to Isaace 

9. Quod disposuit ad Abraham et juramenti sui ad Isaac 

7 gesette $«t in bebod 7 Israel in cytSnisse 

10. Et statuit Mud Jacob in praeceptum et Israel in testa- 

ece cweoSende ?Se ic selle* eorSan 

mentum aetemum 11. Dicens Tibi dabo terram Cha- 

rap erfes eowres mid s 3y hie werun 

naan funioulum hereditatis vestrae 12. Cum essent 

in rime scortum Sa feastan 7 londleode in Sere 7 

in numero brevi paucissimi et incolae in ea 13. Et 

Corhleordun of Seode in Seode 7 of rice to folce 
pertransierunt de gente in gentem et de regno ad populum 

oSrum ne forleort mon sceSSan him 7 Sreade 

aUerum 14. Non permisit hominem nocere eis et corripuit 

fore him cyningas nyllaS gehrinan Ca gehalgedan mine 

pro eis reges 15. Ivolite tangere christos meos 

7 in witgum minum^yllaS wergan 7 gecede hungur 

et in profetis meis nolTte malignari 16. Et vocavit famem 

ofer eorSan 7 alle* trymenisse hlafes for$re.ste 
super terram et omne Jirmamentum panis eontrivit 

sende biforan him wer in Seow biboht wes Iosep 

17. Misit ante eos virum in servum venundatus est Joseph 

geeaftmodedun 7 gehendun in fotcospum foet his iren 

18. Humiliaverunt in conpedibus pedes ejus ferrum 

Sorhleorde sawle his 0$ Set cwome word his 

pertranswit anvmam ejus 19. donee venvret verbum ejus 

gesprec dryhtfiea *inlegagede hine sende cyning 7 

eloquium Domini inflammavU eum 20. Misit rex et 

onlesde hine aldermon folca 7 forleort hine 7 

solvit eum prineeps populorum et dimisit eum 2L Et 

gesette hine hlafard huses his 7 aldermon aire 
constituit eum dominum domus suae et jrrincipem omnis 

aehte his Saet he gelserde aldermen his swe swe 

possessionis suae 22. Ut erudiret principes suos sic ut 

hine seolfhe 7 uSwiotan his gleawnisse lserde 7 

semet ipsum et seniores suos prudentiam doceret 23. Et 

1 g ::::::; e before onbead. a 11 on er. 8 dfrom $. 4 second 

I oner. 


bismarade Israel in Aegiptwm 7 Iaco6 eardade in eortfon 
intravit Israhel in Aegyptum et Jacob habiiavit in terra 

Chanaan 7 geecte folc his switSe 7 getrymede 

Chanaan 24. Et auxit populum mum nvmis et confirmavit 

hit ofer feond his gecerreS heortan heara Srot 

sum super inimicos ejus 25. Convertit cor eorwn ut 

hie fioden folc his 7 facen dyden in Siowas his 
odirent populum ejus et dolum facerent in servos ejus 

sende Moysen Siow his 7 Aaron Sone geceas hine 

26. Misit Moysen servum mum et Aaron quern elegit ipsum 

sette in him word tacna his 7 becna 

27. Posuit in eis verba signorum suorum et prodigiorum 

his in eor&an Chanaan sende Seostru 7 atSeostrade 

suorum in terra Chanaan 28. Misit tenebras et obscuravit 

hie for&on onscunedun word his gecerde 

eos quia exacervaverunt sermones ejus 29. Convertit 

weter heara in blod 7 ofslog fiscas heara sende 

aquas eorum in sanguinem et occidit pieces eorwn 80. Misit 

in eorSan heara forscas 7 in bedcleofam cyninga heara 
in terra eorum ranas et in cubilibus regum ipsorvm 

cweS 7 cwom hundes *pie 7 gneat in allum gemseruwt 
81. Dixit et venit cynomia et seinifes in omnibus Jinibus 

heara sette regnas heara in hegel fyr for- 

eorum 32. Posuit pluvias eorum in grandinem ignem con- 

bernende in eordan heara 7 slog wingeardas 

burentem in terra ipsorwm 38. Et percussit vineas 

heara 7 fictrew heara 7 fortSreste all trew gemsera 
eorum et ficulneas eorum et contrwit omne lignum finium 

heara cweS 7 cwom *gereshoppe 7 emel Ses ne 

eorum 84. Dixit et venit lucusta et brucus eujus non 

wes rim 7 et all heg eorSan heara 7 

erat numerus 86. et comedit omne faenum terrae eorum 36. Et 

slog oelc frumbearn in eorSan JEgipta fruman 

percussit omnem primogenitwm in terra Aegypti primitias 

ylces gewinnes heara 7 utaiaedde hie in seolfre 

omnis laboris eorum 37. Et eduxit eos in argento 

7 golde 7 ne wes in cyn heara untrum ge- 

et auro et non erat in tribus eorum infirmus 38. Lae- 

blissad is in fortSfromunge heara forSon gefeol 

tata est Aegyptus in profectione eorum quia cecidit 



ege heara ofer hie aSeneS 1 wolcen in gescildnisse 

tvmor eorum super eos 39. Expandit nubem in protections 

heara 7 fyr Sset hit lihte him tSorh neeht bedun 

eorum et ignem ut luceret eis per noctem 40. Petierunt 

fl»sc 7 cwom him edeschen 7 hlafe heofenes gereorde 
carnes et venit eis coturnix et pane caeli saturavit 

hie toslat stan 7 fleowon weter 7 geweotun 

eos 41. Disrupit petram et fluxerunt aquae et abierunt 

in drygum flodas foroon gemyndig wes wordes halges 

in sicco Jlumina 42. Quia memor fuit verbi sancti 

his ftaet spreocende wes to his cnehte 

sui quod locutus est ad Abraham puerum suum 

7 utaledde folc his in wynsumnisse 7 Sa gecorenan 
43. Et eduooit populum suum in exultations et electos 

his in blisse 7 salde him lond dioda 7 gewin 

suo8 in laetitia 44. Et dedit eis regiones gentium et labores 

folca gesetun Sset hie halden rehtwisnisse his 

popvlorum possederunt 46. Ut custodiant justificationes ejus 

7 aee his soecen 
et legem ejus exquvrant 


ondettat? dryhtne forSon god foroon in weorulde 
1. Confitemini Dommo quoniam bonus quoniam in saeculum 

mildheortnis his hwelc spriceS meehte dryhtwsa geherde 

misericordia ejus 2. Quis loquitur potentias Domini auditas 

doetS all lofu his eadge 8a haldatS dom 7 

faciet omnes laudes ejus 8. Beati qui custodiunt judicium et 

dotS rehtwisnisse in alle tid gemyne ur 

faciunt justitiam in omni tempore 4. Memento nostri 

dryhten in welgelicadum folces Sines niosa usic in 
D online in beneplacito populi tui visita nos in 

haelu Sinre to geseonne in godnisse gecorenra Sinra 

salutari tuo 6. Ad videndum in bonitate electorum tuorum 

to blissiende in blisse tSeode Sinre Sset tSu sie hered mid 
ad laetandum in laetitia gentis tuae ut lauderis cum 

erfe Sinum we syngadun mid fedrum urum un- 

hereditate tua 6. Peccavimus cum ^xtfro&tt* nostris in- 

1 last $ from t. 


rehtlice we dydun unrehtwisnisse we dydun fedras tire 

juste egimus iniquitatem fecimus 7. Patres nostri 

in *Mgyppum ne ongetun wuldur Sin j ne werun 
in Aegypto non inteUexerunt mirabilia tua et nonjuerunt 

gemyndge menga mildheortnisse Cinre 7 bismeradun 
memores multitudinis misericordiae tuae Et inritaverunt 

hine astigende in dere readan sae 7 gefreode hie 

eum ascendentes in Rubro Ma/re 8. Et liberavit eos 

fore noman his tSset cutSe dyde maeht his 7 

propter nomen swam ut notam faceret potentiam suam 9. Et 

Sreade sae *Son readan 7 adrugad wes 7 utalaedde hie 
inerepavit Mare Rubrum et siceatum est et eduxit eos 

in wetrum micluwi ewe in woestenne 7 gefreode hie 

in aquis muUis stout in deserto 10. Et liberavit eos 

of honda figendra 7 alesett hie of honda feonda 
de manu odientiurn et redemit eos de manu inimicorum 

7 oferwrah mid wetre swencende hie an of him ne 
11. et operuit aqua tribulantes eos unus ex eis non 

awnnede 7 gelefdun in wordum his 7 sungun 

remansit 12. Et crediderunt in verbis ejus et cantaverunt 

lofu his hretSe dydun 7 ofergeotule werun werca 

laudes ejus 13. cito feeerunt et obliti sunt operum 

his 7 ne arefhdun geSeht his 7 gewilladun 

ejus et non sustinuerunt consilium ejus 14. Et coneupierunt 

gewillunge in woestenne 7 costadon god in drugunge 
eoncupiscentias in deserto et temptaverunt Deum in siceitate 

7 salde him boene heara 7 sonde gereordnisse in 
16. Et dedit eis petitionee eorum et misit saturitatem in 

sawle heara 7 bismeradun 1 in ferdwicum 7 

animas eorum 16. Et inritaverunt Moysen in castris et 

Aaron 3one halgan dryhtnes ontyned wes eortSe 7 

Aaron sanctum Domini 17. Aperta est terra et 

forswalg 7 oferwrah ofer gesomnunge Abirones 

degluttivit Datkan et operuit super synagoga Abiron 

born' fyr in gesomnunge heara 7 leg forbernde 
18. Exarsit ignis in synagoga eorum et flamma conbusU 

8a synfullan 7 dydun cself in Choreb 7 weorSadun 

peccatores 19. Et feeerunt vitulum in Choreb et adoraverunt 

1 d/rom some other letter. 


greftas 7 onwendun wuldur his in gelicnisse 

8culplile 20. et mutaverunt gloriam suam in similitudinem 

calfur eotendes heg ofergeotule werun god se 

vituli manducantis faenum 21. Obliti sunt Deum qui . 

gefriode hie se dyde micelnisse in *Mgiatam wundnr 

liber avit eos qui fecit magnolia in Aegypto 22. mirabilia 

in eortSan Chanaan tta egesfullan in Ssem readan sae 7 

in terra Chanaan terribilia in Mari Bubro 23. Et 

cwetS tSaet he tostrugde hie gif no Moyses se gecorena 
dixit ut disperderet eos si non Moyses electus 

his stode in gebroce in gesih&e his tSaet he forcerde 
ejus steti8set in confraetione in conspectu ejus ut averteret 

eorre his 7 he ne tostrugde hie 7 fore nowiht 

iram ejus et ne disperderet eos 24. Et pro nihilo 

hefdun eortSan wilsume 7 ne gelefdun in wordum 
Tiabuerunt terram desiderabOem et non crediderunt in verbis 

his 7 gnornadun in geteldum heara ne hie 

ejus 26. et murmuraverunt in tabemaculis suis nee ex- 

geherdun stefhe dryhtnes 7 upahof hond his 

audierunt vocem Domini 26. Et elevavit manum suam 

ofer hie tfoet he gefaslde hie in woestenne 7 $©t 

super eos ut prostemeret eos in deserto 27. et ut 

he awurpe sed heara in cneorissum 1 7 tostrugde hie in 
dejeceret semen eorum in nationibus et disperderet eos in 

londum 7 gehalgade werun 7 eton 

regiontbus 28. Et conseerati sunt Belphegor et mandu- 

onsegdnisse deadra 7 hismeradun hine 

caverunt sacrjficia mortuorum 29. Et inritaverunt eum 

in teolungum his 7 gemonigfaldad is in him hryre 
in studiis suis et multiplicata est in eis ruina 

stod 7 gehed 7 hlon sie styring 7 

30. Stetit Finees et exoravit et cessavit quassatio 31. et 

getald wee him to rehtwisnisse in cneorisse 7 cne- 
reputatum est Hit ad justUiam in generations et gene- 

orisse d$ in weoruld 2 in weoruld 7 hismeradun hine 

ratione usque in saeculum 82. Et inritaverunt eum 

to wetre wiScwedenisse 7 geswenced is *Moses fore 
ad aquas contradictions et vexatus est Moyses propter 

1 u over e. a Id from n. 


him fortSon onscunedon gast his 7 todaelde in 

eos 83. quia exacervaveruut spiritum ejus et distinxit in 

weolerum his ne todeklun tSeode tSa cwaeS 

labiis suis 34. Non disperdiderunt gentes quas dixerat 

dryhtoi to him 7 gemengde werun betwih Seode 7 

Dominus tilts 36. et commixti sunt inter gentes et 

geleornadun were heara 7 tSiowedun greftum 

didicerunt opera eorum 36. et servierunt sculptilibus 

heara 7 geworden is him in eswic 7 galdun 

eorum et factum est iUis in scandalum 37. Et immo- 

hearn 1 his 7 beam his deoflum 7 agu- 

laverunt JUios suos et JUias suas daemoniis 38. et effu- 

tun blod *insce'S?5ende blod bearna his 7 

derunt sanguinem innoeentem sanguinem fUiorum suorum et 

dohtra 3a hie onsegdun greftum ofslegen wes 

JUiorum quos sacrificaverunt sculptilibus Chanaan Infecta est 

eorSe in blodum 7 bismiten wes in wercum 

terra in sanguinibus 39. et contaminata est in operibus 

heara 7 dernlicgende werun in gehaeldum heara 7 

eorum Et fomicati sunt in observationibus suis 40. et 

eorre wes on mode *dominua in folc his 7 *onsuni- 
iratus est animo Dominus in popvlum suum et dbomi- 

ende 2 wes erfewordnisse his 7 salde hie in 

natus est hereditatem suam 41. Et tradidit eos in 

hond Seoda 7 waldende werun heora Sa fiodun hie 
manus gentium et dominati sunt eorum qui oderunt eos 

7 swencton hie fiond heara 7 geeatSmodade werun 
42. Et tribulaverunt eos invmici eorum et Jmmiliati sunt 

under hondum heara oft gefreode hie hie soolice 

sub manibus eorum 43. sepe liberavit eos Ipsi autem 

onscunedun hine in geSaehte his 7 geeaomodade werun 
exacervaverunt eum in consilio suo et humiliati sunt 

in heara unrehtwisnissum 7 gelocade hie mid Sy 

in suis iniquUatibus 44. Et respexit eos cum 

hie werun geswencte mit te he geherde gebeodu heara 
tribularentwr cum exaudiret orationes eorum 

fortfon gemyndig wes cytSnisse his 7 hreowsade hine 
45. Quia memor fait testamenti sui et paenituit eum 

1 beam:, urn er. a u from some other letter. 


efter mengu mildheortnisse his 7 salde hie 

secundum multitudinem misericordiae suae 46. Et dedit eos 

in mildheortnisse in gesihSe alra 8a hie hifengnn 
in misericordiae in conspectu omnium qui eos caeperant 

hale usic doa dryhtan god ur 7 gesomna usic 
47. Salvos no8 fae Domine Deus nosier et eongrega nos 

of cneorissum tfoet hie ondetten noman tSsem halgan Sinum 
de nationibus ut confiteamur nomini sancto tuo 

7 wuldrien we in lofe ftinum gebledsad dryhten 

et gioriemur in laude tua 48. Benedictus Domvnus 

god Israela from weorulde 7 08 in weorold 7 cwiS 
Deus Israhel a saeculo et usque in saeculum et dicet 

all folc sie sie 

omnis populus Fiat fiat 


ondettatS dryhtne daette god tfatte in weoruld 
1. Confitemini Domino quoniam bonus quoniam in saeculum 

mildheortnis his cweCen nu tfa alesde werun 

misericordia ejus 2. Dicant nunc qui redempti sunt 

f[r]om dryhtwa Ca alesetS of honda feondes 7 of 
a Domino quos redemit de manu inimici et de re- 

londum gesomnade hie from sunnan npcyme 7 setgonge 

gionibus congregavit eos 8. A soils ortu et occasu 

from nor8d$le 7 sae dwoledun in woesten in 

ab aquilone et mare 4. erraverunt in solitudine in 

drugunge weg cestre eardunge ne gemoettun hyn- 

siccitate viam civitatis habitationis non invenerunt 5. Esu- 

grende 7 Syrstende sawnl heara in him asprong 7 

rientes et sitientes anima eorum in ipsis defecit 6. Et 

cleopedun to dryhtn* Sa tSe hie swenctan 7 of ned- 
clamaverunt ad Dominium cum tribularentur et de ne- 

CearfniBSum heara gefreade hie 7 utalaedde hie in 

eessitatibus eorum liberavit eos 7. Et eduxit eos in 

weg rehtne tfoet hie eoden in cestre eordunge on- 

viam rectam ut irent in civitatem habitationis 8. Con- 

dette dryhtne mildheortnis his 7 wnndur his bearnum 
Jiteantwr Domino misericordia ejus et mirabilia ejus JUiis 

monna forCon gereorde sawle idle 7 sawle 

homvnum 9. Quia satiavit animam inanem et animam 


hyngrende gereo[r]de mid godum sittende in Seostrum 7 

esurientem satiavU bonis 10. Sedentes in tenebris et 

scuan deatSes 7 bendum gebundne in weSelnisse 7 irene 
umbra mortis et vinculis ligatos in mendidtate et ferro 

fortfon *onscynedun gesprec dryhtnes 7 getfaht tfes 
11. Quia exacervaverunt eloquium Domini et consilium Altis- 

*hesta bismeredun 7 geeaSmodad wes in gewinmira 

simi inritaverunt 12. Et humiliatum est in laborious 

heortan heara geuntrumade sind ne wes se gefaltumade 
cor eorum infirmati sunt nee fait qui adjuvaret 

7 cleopedun to dryhtna midSy hie werun geswencte 7 
13. Et clamaverunt ad Dominum cum tribularentur et 

of nedSearfnissum heara gefreode hie 7 utalaedde 

de necessitatibus eorum liberavit eos 14. Et eduxit 

hie of Seostrum 7 of scuan deatSes 7 bende heara 
eos de tenebris et umbra mortis et vinculo, eorum 

toslat ondettat? dryhtfti mildheortnis liis 7 

disrupit 16. Confiteantur Domino misericordia ejus et 

wundur his bearnum monna forSon fordreste geatu 

mirabilia ejus JUiis hominum 16. Quia contrivit portas 

tta ernan 7 scyttels irenu gebrec onfeng hie of. 

aereas et vectes ferreos confregit 17. Suscepit eos de 

wege nnrehtwisnisse heara fore nnrehtwisnisse soClice his 
via iniquitatid eorum propter injustitias enim suas 

geeatfaiodade sind alne mete *onscuiende wes sawul 

Jiumiliati sunt 18. Omnem escam abominata est anima 

heara 7 to geniolaehton geatu dea&es 7 

eorum et adpropiaverunt usque ad portas mortis 19. Et 

cleopedun to dryhtns midtSy hie werun geswencte 7 of 
clamaverunt* ad Dominum cum tribularentur et de 

nedSearfhissum heara gefreode hie Bende word 

necessitatibus eorum liberavit eos 20. Misit verbum 

his 7 gehaelde hie 7 generede hie of forwyrde heara 
suum et sanavit eos et eripuit eos de interitu eorum 

ondettaS dryhtne mildheortnis his 7 wundur his 
21. Confiteantur Domino misericordia ejus et mirabilia ejus 

bearnum monna Seet hie onsecgen onsegdnisse lofes 

JUiis hominum 22. Ut saerificent sacrificium laudis 

7 *segen were bis in wynsumnisse tSa astigaS 

et adnuntient opera ejus in exultations 23. Qui discenduni 




sae in sceopum donde wircnisse in *wrum miclum 
mare in nawbus facientes operationes in aquis multis 

hie gesegun were dryhtnes 7 wundur his in 
24. Ipsi viderunt opera Domini et mirabUia ejus in pro- 

grunde cweS 7 stod gast ystes 7 upahefene werun 

/undo 25. Dixit et stetit sjwrilus procellae et exaltati mint 

y<5e his astigaS ot heofenas 7 ofdune stigaS 

Jluctus ejus 26. Ascendunt usque ad caelos et discendunt 

dS niolnisse sawul heara in yflum aswond 

usque ad abyssos anima eorum in malis tabescebat 

gedroefde werun 7 onstyrede werun swe swe druncen 7 
27. Turbati sunt et moti sunt sicut ebrius et 

all snyttru heara forswelgende wes 7 cleopedun 

omnis sapientia eorum degluttita est 28. Et clamaverunt 

to dryhtne midSy hie werun geswencte 7 of nedoearfhissum 
ad Dominum cum tribularentur et de necessitatibus 

heara *gefre hie sette yst in weder 7 

eorum liberavit eos 29. Staiuit procellam in auram et 

swigedon y8e his 7 blissende werun fret swigadon 

siluerunt Jluctus ejus 30. et laetati sunt quod sUuerunt 

7 utaledde hie in hySe willan heara 7 of ned- 
Et deduxit eos in portum voluntatis eorum et de neces- 

Searfnissura heara gefreode hie onditien dryhtne 

sitatibus eorum liberavit eos 31. Confiteantur Domino 

*mildheortis his 7 wundur his bearnum monna 7 

misericordia ejus et mirabilia ejus JUiis hominum 32. Et 

uphebben hine in cirican folces 7 in hehseotle aeldrena 
exaltent eum in ecclesia plebis et in cathedra seniorum 

hergen hine fordon sette flodas in woesten 7 

laudent eum 33. Quia posuit flumina in desertum et 

utgong wetra in tSurst eoroan westembere in salt- 

exitus aquarum in sitim 34. Terram fructiferam in salsi- 

nisse from hete ineardiendra in hire sette 

laginem a malitia inhabitantium in ea 35. Posuit 

woesten in mere wetres 7 eorSan butan wetre in utgong 
desertum in stagnum aquae et terram sine aqua in exitus 

wetra 7 gesteaffelade Ser hyngriende 7 gesetton 

aquarum 36. Et collocavit illic esurientes et constituerunt 

cestre eardunge 7 seowun lond 7 plantadon 

civitatem habitationis 37. Et seminaverunt agros et planta- 


wingeardas 7 dydun western acennisse 7 

verunt vineas et feeerwU fructum nativitalis 38. Et 

bledsade hie 7 gemonigfaldade sind swiSe 7 neat 
benedixit eos et multiplicati sunt nimis et jwmenta 

hears ne Bind gewonad fea gewordne sindun 7 

eorum non sunt minorata 39. Pauci facti stmt et 

geswencte sind *fro geswencednisse yfla 7 sara 

vexati sunt a tribulations malorum et dolorum 

*ageten is forhogadnis ofer aldermen heara 7 bi- 
40. Ejffusa est contemptio super principes eorum et sedux- 

sweocun hie in ungefoernura 7 nales in wege 7 gefultumade 
erunt eos in invio et non in via 41. Et adjuvavit 

Seorfan of weSelnisse 7 sette swe swe seep *heoredas 
pauperem de inopia et posuit sic ut oves familias 

gesioS Sa rehtan 7 blissiaS 7 all unrehtwisms 
42. Videbunt recti et laetabuntur et omnis iniquitas 

fordyt[t]ed muS his hwelc snottur 7 haldeS Sas 

oppUavit os suum 43. Quis sapiens et custodiet haec 

7 Sonne ongiteS mildheortnisse dryhtraea 
et tunc intelligU misericordias Domini 


gearu heorte min god gearu heorte min ic singu 
2. Paratum cor meum Deus paratum cor meum cantabo 

7 salm ic cweoSu to dryhtne aris wuldur min aris 

et psalmum dicam Domino 3. Exurge gloria mea exurge 

hearpe 7 citre ic arisu on sermargen ic pndettu Se 

psalterium et cythara exurgam diluculo 4. Confitebor tibi 

on folcum dryhten salm ic cweoSu to Se betwih Seode 
in populis Domine psalmum dicam tibi inter gentes 

forSon gemiclad is oS heofenas mildheortnis Sin 

5. Quoniam magnificata est usque ad caelos misericordia tua 

7 08 wolcenu soSfestnis Sin hefe up ofer heofenas 

et usque ad nubes Veritas tua 6. Exaltare super caelos 

god 7 ofer alle eorSan mid wuldre Sine Sset 

Deus et super omnem terrain gloria tua 7. ut 

sien gefread Sa gecorene Sine halne mec doa mid Sa swiSran 
liberentur electi tui Salvum me fac dextera 


Sinre 7 geher mec god spreocende wes in halgum 

tua et exaudi me 8. Deus locutus est in sancto 

his ic biom geblissad 7 todaelu Sicimam 7 dene 
suo laetabor et dividam Sicymam et convallem 

getelda ic meotu min is Galaad 7 min is 1 

tabernaculorum metibor 0. Meus est Galaad et meus est 

Manasses 7 Efretft strenga heafdes mines cyning min 

Manasses et Efrem fortitudo capitis met Juda rex meus 

Moab hwer hyhtes mines in Idumeam ic aSennu 
10. Moab oUa spei meae in Idumaea extendam calcia- 

gesc[o]e min me underSiodde sind hwelo 

mentum tneum mihi aUophili subditi sunt 11. Quis 

gelaedetS mec in cestre getrymede otSSe hwelc gelaedeS 
deducet me in civitatem munitam aut quis deducet 

mec 0$ in Idumeam ahne 8u god Su 8e onweg 

me usque in Jdumaeam 12. Nonne tu Deus qui reppul- 

adrife* usic 7 ut ne gest god in megnum urum 
isti nos et non egredieris Deus in virtutibus nostris 

sele us fultum of geswencednisse 7 idelu hehi monnes 

13. Da nobis auxilium de tribulatione et vana solus hominis 

in gode doen we megen 7 He to nowihte gelaedeS 

14. In Deo faciemus virtutem et ipse ad nihilum deducet 

swencende usic 
tribulantes nos 


god lof min ne swiga Su fortSon mvfiS Ses synfullan 
2. Deus laudem meatn ne tacueris quia os peccatoris 

7 Ses *facnan ofer mec ontyned is spreocende sind 

et dolosi super me apertum est 8. Locuti sunt ad- 

wiS me tungan faecenre 7 mid wordum lseSSu ymb- 
versum me lingua dolosa et sermonibus odii circum- 

saldun mec 7 oferfuhtun mec bi ungewyrhtum fortfon 
dederunt me et expugnaverunt me gratis 4. Pro 

8®t Hie lufeden mec teldun me ic so$lice gebed 
eo ut diligerent me detrahebant mihi ego autem orabam 

settun wi8 me yfel fore godura 7 lae$8u fore 

6. Posuerunt adversum me mala pro bdnis et odium pro 

1 twice. a i over dotted y. 


lufan minre gesete ofer hine Sone synfullan 7 

dUectione mea 6. Constitue super sum peccatorem et 

deoful stondeS to Cere swiCran his mit te bi?S doeraed 

diabolus stet a dextris ejus 7. Cum judieatur 

utgaeS geniSerad 7 gebed bis sie in synne sie 
exeat condemnatus et oratio ejus fiat in peccatwm Fiat 

eardung bis *wostu 7 ne sie Be eardie in Sere sien 

habitcUio ejus deserta et non sit qui habitet in ea 8. Fiant 

deegas bis fea 7 biscopbad bis onfoeS otSer sien 

dus ejus pauci et episcopatum ejus accipiat alter 0. Fiant 

beam bis asteapte 7 wif bis widwe onstyrede sien on 

JUii ejus orfani et uxor ejus vidua 10. Commoti amo- 

weg awende beam bis 7 weSlien sien aworpne of 
veantur JUii ejus et tnendicent ejiciantur de habita- 

eardingum bis smege borggelda alle *Bpode 

tionibu8 suis 11. Scrutetur fenerator omnem substantiam 

bis 7 reafien frewtSe all gewin bis ne sie bim 

ejus et diripiant alieni omnes labores ejus 12. Non sit Uli 

fultum ne sie se mildsie feadurleasum bis sien 

adjutor nee sit qui misereatur pupillis ejus 13. Fiant 

beam bis in forwyrd in cneorisse anre sie adilgad 
nati ejus in interitum in generations una deleatur 

noma bis in gemynd *hwerfeS nnrebtwisnis fedra 

nomen ejus 14. In memoriam redeat iniquitas patrum 

bis in gesibSe dryhtne* 7 syn modur bis ne sie adilgad 
ejus in conspeetu Domini et peceatum matris ejus non deleatur 

sie wiS drybtne aa 7 forweorSe of eorSan 1 
15. Fiat contra Dominum semper et dispereat de terra 

gemynd beara forSon nis gemynd ig 

*memoriam eorum 16. Pro eo quod non est recordatus 

don mildbeortnisse 7 oebtende wes mon 

facere misericordiam 17. et persecutus est hominem 

Sear&n 7 weVlan 7 inbryrdedne on beortan deatfo salde 
pauperem et mendieum et conpunctum cords motti tradidit 

7 lufade wergcweodulnisse 7 cymeS bim 7 naldo 
18. Ft dUexit mededictionem et veniet ei et noluit 

bledsunge 7 bitS gelenged from bim 7 gegereS bine 
benediclionem et prohngabitur ab eo Ft induit se 

1 e er. before a. 


awergednisse swe swe hregle 7 ineode swe swe weter 
maledictione sic ut vestimento et intravit sic ut aqua 

in Sa innerran his 7 swe swe ele in banum his 
in interiora ejus et sic ut oleum in ossibus ejus 

sie him swe swe hregl S®t sie oferwrigen 7 swe 

10. Fiat ei sie ut vestimentum quod operietur et sic 

swe gyrdels mid Sy aa sie bigyrded Sis were heara 

ut zona qua semper praecingitur 20. Hoc opus eorum 

Sa telaS me mid dryhtwe 7 Sa Se spreocaS yfel 
qui detrahunt mihi apud Dominum et qui loquuntur mala 

witS sawle minre 7 Su dryhtera dryhten doa 

adversus animam meam 2L Et tu Domine Domine fac 

mid mec mildheortnisse fore noman Sinum forSon wynsum 
mecum misericordiam propter nomen tuum quia suavis 

is mildheortnis Sin gefrea mec forSon weSla 7 

est misericordia tua Libera me 22. quoniam egenus et 

*Searf ic earn 7 heorte min gedr[o]efed is in me 
pauper ego sum et cor meum conturbatum est in me 

swe ecua Sonne *onhaeS *wiSlaedde earn 7 ascecen 
28. Sicut umbra cum declinat aUatus sum et excussus 

earn swe swe gershoppe cneow min geuntrumad sind 

sum sic ut locusta 24. Genua mea infirmata sunt 

fore festenne 7 flesc min inwended is fore ele 
prae jejunio et caro mea inmutata est propter oleum 

7 ic geworden earn edwit him gesegun mec 7 
25. et ego /actus sum opprobrium illis Viderunt me et 

hrisedon heafad heara gefultume mec dryhten god 

moverunt capita sua 26. adjuva me Domine Deus 

min halne mec doa fore mildheortnisse Sinre Sset 

meus salvum me fac propter misericordiam tuam 27. Ut 

witen Ssette hond 1 Sin* Seos is 7 Su dryhten Su dydest 
sciant quia manus tua haec est et tu Domine fecisti 

hie wergcweoSaS him 7 Su bledsas Sa *ariaS in 

earn 28. Maledicent iUi et tu benedices qui insurgunt in 

mec sien gescende Seo soSlice din biS geblissad sien 

me confundantur servus autem tuus laetabitur 29. In- 

gegerede Sa telaS me scome 7 sien oferwrigen swe 
duantur qui detrahunt mihi reverentia et operiantur sic 

1 e cr. after d. * e er. after n. 


swe twitselgade gescendSe his ic ondettu dryhtne 

ut deploide confusions sua 30. Confitebor Domino 

swiSe in muSe minum 7 in midle monigra ic hergu 

nimis in ore meo et in medio muUorum laudabo 

hine forSon setstod to dere swiSran Searfan \>&t hale 

eum 31. Quia adstitit a dextris pauperis ut salvam 

dyde from oehtendum sawle mine 
faceret a persequentibus aniinam meam 


cwiS dryhten to dryhtne minum site to *Se swiSran minre 
Dixit Dominus Domino meo Sede a dextris meis 

oS Saet ic sette feond Sine scomul fota Sinra gerd 

Donee pondm inimicos t/uos scabellum pedum tuorum 2. Vir~ 

megnes Sines utsendeS dryhtm of Sione 7 waldes 
gam virtutis tuae emittet Dominus ex Sion et dominaveris 

in midle feonda Sinra mid Se fruma in dege 

in medio inimicorum tuorum 3. Tecum principiwm, in die 

megnes Sines in birhtum haligra of innoSe eer 

virtutis tuae in splendoribus sanctorum ex utero ante 

margensteorran ic cende Sec swor dryhten 7 ne 

luciferum genui te 4. Juravit Dominus et non 

hreowsade hine Su earS sacerd in ecnisse efter 

paenitebit eum Tu es sacerdos in aeternum secundum 

endebyrdnisse dryhtcn to Sere swiSran Sinre 

ordinem Melchisedech 5. Dominus a dextris tuis 

gebrec in dege eorres his cyningas doemeS in 

confringit in die irae suae reges 6. Judicabit in 

cneorissum gefylleS hryras gesc&nseS heafud monigu in 
nationibus implebit ruinas conquassabit capita multa ' in 

eorSan genyhtsumre of burnan in wege drone fordon 
terra ccpiosa 7. De torrente in via bibet propterea 

up ahof heafud 
exaltabit caput 


ic ondettu Se dryhtan in aire heortan minre in gedaelite 
1. ConJUebor tibi Domine in toto corde meo in consilio 


rehtwisra 7 gesomnunge mioelre were dryhtne* 

justorum et congregations 2. magna opera Domini Ex- 

asoht in alle willan his ondetnis 7 micelnis 

quistia in omnes voluntates ejus 8. Confessio et magnificentia 

*wer his 7 rehtwisnis his wunaS in weoruld weorulde 
opus ejus et jusHHa ejus manet in aaeoulum saeculi 

gemynd dyde wundra his mildheort 7 mildsend 

4. Memoriam fecit mirabilium suorum miserioors et miserator 

dryhten mete salde ondredendnm hine gemyndig bitS 

Dominies 5. eseam dedit Hmentibus se Memor erit 

in weoruld cytfaisse his megen werca his 

in saeculum testamenti sui 6. virtutem operum suorum 

segeS folce his Scet he selle him erfe 

adnuntiabit populo suo 7. vJt det ittis hereditatem 

Sioda *wer honda his soSfestnis 7 dom getreowe 

gentium Opera manuvm ejus Veritas et judicium 8. Jidelia 

all bibodu his getrymed in weoruld weorulde geworden 
omnia mandata ejus confirmata in saeculum saeculi facia 

in so&festnisse 7 rehtwisnisse alesnisse sende folce 

in veritate et aequitate 9. Bedemptionem misit populo 

his onbead in ecnisse cySnisse his halge 7 
suo mandavit in aeternum testamentum swum sanctum et 

egesful noma his fruma snyttru ege dryhtnaa 

terribile nomen ejus * 10. Initium sapientiae timer Domini 

ondget god allum dondum hie herenis his wunaS 1 
intellectus bonus omnibus facientibus earn Laudatio ejus manet 

in weoruld weorulde 
m saeculum saeculi 


eadig wer se Se ondredeS dryhtew in bibodum his 
1. Beatus vir qui timet Dominum in mandatis ejus 

willaC swiSe maehtig in eor&an bi$ sed his 

cujriet nimis 2. Potens in terra erit semen ejus 

cneorisse tSeara rehtra bi$ bledsad wuldur 7 weolan 

generatio rectorum benedicetur 8. Gloria et divitiae 

in huse his 7 rehtwisnis his wunaS in weoruld weorulde 
in domo ejus et justiHa ejus manet in saeculum saeculi 

1 a from u. 


upcnmen wes in Seostrum leht fteem rebtheortum mild- 
4. Exortum est in tenebris lumen recti* cards mise- 

heort 7 mildsend 7 rehtwis dryhtew wynsum mon 

ricor8 et miserator el Justus Dominus 5. Jueundus homo 

se mildsaS 7 geVwserat? stihtaS word his in dome 
qui miseretur et commodat disponet sermones suos in judicio 

fortSon in ecnisse ne bit? onstyred in gemynde 

6. quia in aetemum non commovebitur 7. In memoria 

8Bcre "bitS Be rehtwisa from gebernisse yfelre ne ondredetJ 
aeterna erit Justus ab auditu malo non timebit 

gearu 1 is heorte bis *gehtan in dryhtw« getrymed 

Paratum est cor ejus sperare in Domino 8. Confirmatum 

is heorte bis ne biS onstyred 0$ Set gesieS fiond his 
est cor ejus non commovebitur donee videat inimicos suos 

tostregd* salde Searfum rehtwisnis his wunaS in 
0. Dispersit dedit pauperibus justitia ejus manet in 

weoruld weorulde horn his biS upabefen in wnldre 
saeculum saeculi cornu ejus exaltabitur in gloria 

se synfulla gesitS 7 eorsaS mid todura bis grymetatS 7 
10. Peccator videbit et irascetur dentibus suis fremet et 

aswindeS lust synfulra forweortJetS 

tabescet desiderium peecaiorum perihit 


hergatS cnehtas Aryhten hergatS noman dryhtww sie 

1. Laudate pueri Dominum laudate nomen Domini 2. Sit 

noma dryhtne* gebledsad of Sissum nu 7 dS in 
nomen Domini benedictum ex hoc nunc et usque in 

weoruld from sunnan upcyme otS setgong hergatS 

saeculum 3. A solis ortu usque ad occasum laudate 

noman dryhtw^ beb ofer alle Siode dryht«n 7 

nomen Domini 4. Excelsus super omnes gentes Dominus et 

ofer heofenas wuldur his hwelc swe swe drjhten 

super caelos gloria ejus 5. Quis sicut Dominus 

god ur se in heanissum eardatS 7 8a heanan ge- 

Deus nosier qui in altis habitat 6. et humilia re~ 

x xi from*. * ejroml. 



locaS in heofene 7 in eordan aweccende from eorSan 

spicit in caelo et in terra 7. Suscitans a terra 

weSlan 7 of scearne araerende Searfan S®t he ge- 

inopem et de stercore eregens pauperem 8. Ut col- 

steaSelie hine mid aldermonnum mid aldermonnum folces 
locet eum cum principibus vum prineipibus populi 

his se eardian doeS unbeorende in huse modur 

sui 9. Qui hdbitare facit sterilem in doma matrem 

bearna blissiende 
filiorum laetantem 


in utgonge Israela of JUgyptum hue of folce 

1. In exitu Israhel ex Aegypto damns Jacob de populo 

elreordum geworden wes *gehalgun his 

barbaro 2. Facta est Judaea sanctificatio ejus Israhel 

maeht his ricsaS in hire sae gesaeh 7 fleh 

potestas ejus Israhel regnavit in ea 3. Mare vidit et fugit 

Iordan gecerred wes on bee muntas gefegun 

Jordanis conversus est retrorsum 4. Mantes exultaverunt 

swe swe rommas 7 hyllas swe awe lombur scepa hwet 

ut arietes et colics velut agni avium 6. Quid 

is Se sae to hwon fluge Su 7 Su Iordan for hwon gecerred 
est mare quod fugisti et tu Jordanis quare conversus 

earSu on bee muntas for hwon uphofun ge swe swe 

68 retrorsum 6. Mantes quare exultastis ut 

rommas 7 hyllas swe swe lomberu scepa from onsiene 

arietes et colles velut agni avium 7. A facie 

dryhtne* onstyred is eorSe from onsiene godes 
Domini cammota est terra a facie Dei Jacob 

se geoerreS steaSulfestne stan in mere wetres 7 
8. Qui convertit solidam petram in stagnum aquae et 

clif in wellan wetra nalas us dryhten nales us 

rupem in forties aquarum 1. Non nobis Damine nan nobis 

ah noman Sinum sele wuldur *ofur mildheortnisse 

sed nomini tuo da glariam 2. Super misericordiam 

Sine 7 soSfestnisse Sine ne hwonne cweSen Siode hwer 
tuam et veritatem tuam ne quando dicant gentes Ubi 

is god heara god soSlice ur in heofene upp 

est Deus eorum 8. Deus autem naster in caela sursum 


in heofene 7 in eorCan all ewe hwet walde dyde 

in caelo et in terra omnia quaecumque voluit fecit 

hergas Seoda seolfur 7 gold were honda 
4. Simulacra gentium argentum et aurum opera manuum 

monna . muS habbaC 7 ne spreocatJ egan habbatS 

hominum 5. Os habent et non loquentur oculos habent 

7 ne geriaS earan habbaS 7 ne general nesSyrel 

et non vtdebunt 6. Aures habent et non audient nares 

habbaS 7 ne weor8ia$ honda habbaS 7 ne 

habent et non odorabunt 7. Manns habent et non 

grapiaC fo[e]t habbaS 7 ne gongaS ne cteopiaS 
palpabunt pedes habent et non ambulabunt Non clamabunt 

in hreacan his ne sofilice is gast in muSe heara 
in guttwre suo neque enim est spiritus in ore ipsorum 

gelice him sien 8a do*8 8a 7 alle Ca getreowaS 
8. Similes Ulis fiant qui faciunt ea et omnes qui confidunt 

in Saem hus gehyhte in dryhtne fultum 

in eis 0. Domus Israhel speravit in Domino adjutor 

heara 7 gescildend 1 heara is has gehyhte 

eorum et protector eorum est 10. Domus Aaron speravit 

in dryhtne fultum heara 7 gescildend 2 heara is 8a 

in Domino adjutor eorum et protector eorum est 11. Qui 

ondredaS dryhten gehyhtaS in dryhtne fultum heara 7 
timent Dominum sperent in Domino adjutor eorum et 

gescildend heara is dryhten gemyndig wes ur 7 

protector eorum est 12. Dominus memor fait nostri et 

bledsade usic bledsade hus bledsade hus 

benedixit nobis benedixit domum Israhel benedixit domum 

Aarones bledsade alle ondredende hine dryhten lytle 

Aaron 13. Benedixit omnes timentes se Dominum ftusillos 

mid marum togeeee *ryhten ofer eowic ofer eowic 

cum majoribus 14. Adiciat Dominus super vos super vos 

7 ofer beam eowre gebledsade ge from dryhtne se 

et super JUios vestros 16. Benedicti vos a Domino qui 

dyde heofen 7 eordan heofen heofenes dryhtne eorSan 

fecit caelum et terram 16. caelum cadi Domino terram 

soolice salde bearnum monna nales deade hergaS 

autem dedit filiis hominum 17. Non mortui lemdabunt 

1 geecilde : nd. s fint d/rom b. 

23— a 


Sec dryhtm ne alio Sa astigaS in helle ah 

te Domine neque omnes qui discendunt in infernum 18. Sed 

we Sa $e lifgaS we bledsiatJ dryhtm of Sissum nu 7 
nos qui vivimus benedicvmus Dominum ex hoc nunc et 

dS in weoruld 
usque in saeculum 


ic lufede forSon geherde dryhten stefne gebedes mines 

1. Dilewi quoniam exaudivit Dominus vocem orationis meae 

fortfon onhaelde eare his me 7 in degum minam 

2. Quia inclinavit aurem suam mihi et in diebus meis 

ic gecegu hine ymbsaldun mec sar *deSes 7 

vrwocabo eum 8. Cireumdederunt me dolores mortis et 

plihtas helle gemoettun mec geswencednisse 7 sar 
pericula inferni mvenerunt me Tribulationem et dolorem 

ic gemoette 7 noman dryhtne* ic gecegu georstn dryhten 

invent 4. et iiomen Domini invocabo Domine 

gefrea sawle mine mildheort dryhten 7 rehtwis 7 

libera animam meam 5. misericors Dominus et Justus et 

god ur mildsaS haldende cild dryhten 

Deus noster miserebitur 6. Custodiens parvulos Dominus 

geeaSmodad ic earn 7 gefreode mec gecer sawle 

humiliatus sum et liberavit me 7. Convertere anima 

mine in reste dine fortfon dryhten wel dyde me 
mea in requiem tuam quia Dominus benefeeit mihi 

fortfon *genered sawle mine of deatSe egan min from 
8. Quia eripuit animam meam de morte oeulos meos a 

tearum foet mine from slide ic liciu dryhtrw in 

lacrimis pedes meos a labsu 9. Placebo Domino in 

londe lifgendra 
regions vivorum 


ic gelefde fortfon S«t spreocende ic earn ic sotflice 
10. Credidi propter quod locutus sum ego autem 

geeaSmodad ic earn ewiCe ic cweC in onweggewite 

humiliatus sum nimis 11. Ego dixi in excessu 

modes mines ylc mon leas hwet sellu ic 

mentis meae omnxs homo mendax 12. Quid retribuam 


dryhtna fore allum Sa de he salde me calic 

Domino pro omnibus quae retribuit mihi 13. Calicem 

haelu ic onfou j noman dryhtna ic gecegu deor- 

salutaris accipiam et nomen Domini invocabo 16. Prae- 

wyrtfe in gesihSe dryhtna dea$ haligra his georstu 

tiosa in conspectu Domini mors sanctorum ejus 16. 

dryhtm ic Siow Sin ic Siow $in 7 sunu menenes 
Domine ego servus tuus ego servus tuus et Jttius ancUlae 

Sines 3u tosliie bende mine t?& ic onsecgu *onsednisse 

tttae Disrupisti vinculo, mea 17. tibi sacrificabo hostiam 

lofes gehat min dryhtne ic geldu in ceafur- 

laudis 18. Vota mea Domino reddam 10. in atriis 

tunum huses dryhtne* in gesihoe alles folces his in 
domus Domini in conspectu omnis populi ejus in 

midle Sin 

medio tui Hierusalem 


hergaS dryhten alle Siode 7 efenhergad hine alle 
L Laudato Dominum omnes gentes et conlaudate eum omnes 

folc forSon . getrymed is ofer usic mildheortnis his ' 

populi 2. Quoniam confirmata est super nos nUsericordia ejus 

7 soCfestnis dryhtna wunaS in ecnisse 
et Veritas Domini manet in aeternum 


ondettaS dryhtne fortfon god fortfon in weoruld 
1. Confttemini Domino quoniam bonus quoniam in saecuhim 

mildheortnis his cweSe nu Saette god 

misericordia ejus 2. Dicat nunc Israhel quoniam bonus 

fortfon in weorulde mildheortnis his cweSe *ne 

quoniam in saeculum misericordia ejus 3. Dicat nunc 

hns Arones forSon god fortfon in weoruld . mild- 
domus Aaron quoniam bonus quoniam in saecuhim mise- 

heortnis his cweoen nu alle ?Sa tSe ondredaS dryhten 

ricordia ejus 4. Dicant nunc omnes qui timent Dominum, 

Sette god daette in weoruld mildheortnis his in 

quoniam bonus quoniam in saeculum misericordia ejus 5. In 

geswi[n]ce *in gecede dryhten 7 he geherde mec in 
tribulahone invocavi Dominum et exaudivit me in 


braedu dryhten me fultum is ne ondredu ic hwet 

latitudinem 6. Dominus mihi adjutor est non timebo quid 

doe me mon dryhtew. me fultum is j ic 

facial mihi homo 7. Dominus mihi adjutor est et ego 

gesio fiond mine god is getreowan in dryhtna 

videbo inimicos meos 8. Bonum est confidere in Domino 

Son getreowan in mon god is gehyhtan in 

quam confidere in hominem 9. Bonum est sperare in 

dryhW Son gehyhtan in aldermonnum alle tSeode 

Domino quam sperare in principibus 10. Omnes gentes 

ymbsaldon mec 7 in noman dryhtnes wreocende ic earn 
circumdederunt me et in nomine Domini uUus sum 

hie ymbsellende ymbsaldon mec 7 in noman 

eos 11. Circumdantes circumdederunt me et in nomine 

dryhines wreocende ic earn hie ymbsaldun mec swe 

Domini ultus sum eos 12. Circumdederunt me sic 

swe bian 7 burnun swe swe fyr in Sornum 7 in noman 
ut apes et exarserunt sic ut ignis in spinis et in nomine 

dryhtnes ic wreocu in him neded gehwerfed ic earn 

Domini vindicator in eis 13. Inpulsus versatile sum 

tfaet ic feolle 7 dryhten onfeng mec strengu min 

ut caderem et Dominus suscepit me 14. Fortitudo mea 

7 herenis min dryhten 7 geworden is me in haelu 
et laudatio mea Dominus et factus est mihi in salutem 

*sefn blisse 7 haelu in geteldum rehtwisra sie 

15. Vox laetitiae et salutis in tabemaculis justorum 16. Dex- 

switJre dryhtnes dyde megen sie swiCre dryhines upahof 
tera Domini fecit virtutem dextera Domini exaUavit 

mec ne sweltu ic ah lifge 7 seggo were dryhtne* 

me 17. Non moriar ted vivam et narrabo opera Domini 

Sregende Sreade mec dryhten 7 dea&e ne salde 
18. Castigans castigavit me Dominus et morti non tradidit 

mec ontynaV me geatu rehtwisnisee 7 ingong in $a 

me 10. Aperite mihi portas justitiae et ingressus in eos 

ic ondettu dryhtwe Sis get dryhtnes *rehtwisse ingaS 

confitebor Domino 20. haec porta Domini justi intrabunt 

1 Cset ic ondettu 8e dryhten fortSon 8u geherdes 

per earn 21. Confitebor tibi Domine quoniam exaudisti 

1 gloss illegible. 


mec 7 geworden eartJ me in haelu stan Cone 

me et foetus es mihi in salutem 22. Lapidem quern 

widcurun timbrende Sea geworden is in heafud hwommes 
reprobaverunt aedifieantes hie foetus est caput anguU 

from dryhtne geworden is 1 7 is wundurlic in egum ururo 
28. a Domino foetus est et est mirabUis in oculis nostris 

Ces deg Sone dyde dryhten gefen we 7 blissien we 
24. Hoee dies quam fecit ,Dominus exultemus et laetemur 

in Seem 8 georstu dryhten halne mec doa eawla dryhtew 

in ea 25. Domine salvum me fac Domine 

wel gesundfulla gebledsad se Se owom in noman 

bene prosperare* 26. benedictus qui venit in nomine 

dryhtn** we bledsiaft eowic of hnse dryhtnes god 

Domini benediximus vos de domo Domini 27. Deus 

dryhten 7 inlihte us icgese[t]te Sec deg symbel in 
Dominus et inluxit nobis Constxtui te diem soUemnem in 

gelomlicnissuro 08 horn wibedes god min 

confrequentationibus usque ad cornua altaris 28. Deus meus 

Su eartJ 7 ic ondetto Se god min Su earS 7 ic uphebbu Se 
es tu et confitebor tibi Deus meus es tu et exaltabo te 

ic ondetto Se dryhtew fordon Su geherdes mec 7 geworden 
Confitebor tibi Domine quoniam exaudisti me et factus 

Su eard me in haelu ondettaS dryhtne tfaette 

es mihi in salutem 20. Confitemvni Domino quoniam 

god S&tte in weoruld mildheortnis 4 his 
bonus quoniam in saeculum misericordia ejus 


eadge unwemme in wege Sa de gongaS in aee dryhtnes 

1. Beati vnmaculati in via qui ambulant in lege Domini 

eadge Sa smegaS cySnisse his in aire heortan soecaS 

2. Beati qui scrutantur testimonia ejus in toto corde exquirunt 

hine nales soSlice Sa Se wircaS unrehtwisnisse in 

eum 8. Non enim qui operantur iniquitatem in 

wegum his eodun Su bibude bibodu Sin 

viis ejus ambufaverunt 4. Tu mandasti mandata tua 

1 wee (?) er. before is. * B : : : rem, ere er. * the re in 

cursive* * mildheortnis : :. 


haldan swiSe eala sien gereht weges mine to 

custodiri nimis 5. Utinam dirigantur viae meae ad 

haldenne rehtwisnisse Sine Sonne ne biom ic ge- 

custodiendas justificationes tuas 6. Tunc non con- 

scended Sonne ic gelociu in alle bibodu Sin ic *ondett 

fundar dum respicio in omnia mandata tua 7. Confi- 

Se dryhtert- in gerecenisse heortan in Son Set 
tebor tibi Domine in directions cordis in to quod 

ic geleornade domas rehtwisnisse Sinre rehtwisnisse 

didici judicia justitiae tuae 8. Justificationes 

Sine ic haldu nales mec forlet a hu lenge swiSur in 

tuas custodiam non me derelinquas usquequaque 9. In 

Son gereceS *ging weg his in haldinge word Sin 
quo corrigit juvenior viam suam in custodiendo sermones tuos 

in aire heortan minre ic sohte Sec ne adrif Su mec from 
10. In toto corde meo exquisivi te ne repellas me a 

bibodum Sinum in heortan minre ic ahyd[d]e gespreocu 

mandatis tuis 11. In corde meo abscondi ehquia 

Sin S»t ic ne syngie Se gebledsad earS dryhtew 

tua ut non peccem tibi 12. Benedictus es Domine 

laer mec rehtwisnisse dine in weolerum minum 

doce me justificationes tuas 13. In labiis meis 

ic forSsegde alle ' ; domas muSes Sine in wege 

pronuntiavi omnia judicia oris tut 14. In via testi- 

cySnissa Sinra gclusdfullad ic earn swe swe in allura 
moniorum tuorum delectatus sum sicut in omnibus 

weolum in bibodum Sinum mec ic beom 1 bigongen* 

^ divitiis 15. In mandatis tuis me exercebo 

7 sceawiu wegas Sine in Sinum rehtwisni&um 

et considerabo viae tuas 16, In tuis justificationibus 

ic smegu no ofergeoteliu word Sin sele Siowe 

meditabor non obliviscar sermones Poos 17. Eetribue servo 

Sinum ic lifgu 7 ic haldu word Sin onwrih 

tuo vivam et custodiam sermones tuos 18. Revela 

egan min 7 ic sceawiu wundur of ee Sinre lond- 

oculos meos et considerabo mirabilia de lege tua 19. In- 

leod ic earn in eorSan ne abyd Su from me bibodu 
cola ego sum in terra non abscondas a me mandata 

1 beom:;:, % first Utter er, 3 vol gerwige added later. 


Sin gewillade eawul min gewillian rehtwisnisse Sine 

tua 20. Concupivit anima mea desiderare justificationes tuas 

in alle tid Su dreades Sa *oferhygdan awergde Sa 

in omni tempore 21. Increpasti superbos maledicti qui 

onhaeldaS from bibodum Sinum afir from me edwit 

declinant a mandatis tuis 22. Aufer a me oppro- 

7 forhogadnisse forSon cySnisse Sine icsohte 
brium et contemptum quia testimonies tua exquisivi 

7 soSlice setun aldermen j wi$ me sprecun 
28. Et enim sederunt principes et adversum me loquebantur 

Siow soSlice Sin wes bigongen in Sinum rehtwisnissum 
servus autem tuus exercebcttur in tuis justificationibus 

weotudlice j cySnisse Sin 1 smeang min is 7 frofur 
24. Nam et testvmonia tua meditatio mea est et conso- 

min rehtwisnisse Sine sind setfalh *fyhtu 

lotto mea justificationes tuae sunt 25. Adhesit pavimento 

Eawul min geliffeste mec efter *word dinum wegas 

anima mea vivjfica me secundum verbum tuum 26. Viae 

mine ic fordcySde 7 Su geherdes mec leer mec *rehtwis 
meas enuntiavi et exaudisti me doce me justificationes 

Sine weg rehtwisnissa Sinra getacna 8 me 7 

tua8 27. Viam justificationum tuarum insinua mihi et 

ic biom bigongen in wundrum dinum hneapade sawul 

exercebor in mirabilibus tuis 28. Dormitavit anima 

min fore longunge 8 getryme mec in worduw Sinum weg /X 

mea prae tedio confirma me in verbis tuis 29. Viam 

unrehtwisnisse awend from me 7 of aee Sinre mildsa 
iniquitatis amove a me et de lege tua miserere 

min .weg soSfestnisse ic geceas domas Sine neam ic 

mei 30. Viam verUatis elegi judicia tua non sum 

ofergeotul ic setfalh cySniBsum Sinum dryhtera nyl mec 

oblUus 3L Adhesi testimoniis tuis Domine noli me 

gescendan on weg biboda Sinra ' ic orn Sa 

eonfundere 32. Viam mandatorum tuorum eucurri cum 

Su gebreddes heortan mine aee sete me dryhten 

dilataris cor meum 33. Legem pone mihi Domine 

weg rehtwisnissa Sinra' 7 ic soecu hie aa sele 

viam justificationum tuarum et exquiram earn semper 34. Da 

1 8in:, e er. * vel getac added later, * vel for aejrrote 

added later. 


me ondget 7 ic smegu aee Sine 7 haldu hie 
mihi intellectum et scrutabor legem tuam et custodiam illam 

in aire heortan minre gelaed mec in stige biboda 

in toto corde meo 36. Deduc me in semita manda- 

Sinra forSon *S ic walde onhseld heortan mine 

torum tuorum quia ipsam volui 36. Inelina cor meum 

in cySnisse Sine 7 ' Dales in unrehte gitsunge acer 

in teetimonia tua et non in avaritiam 37. Averte 

egan min S»t hie ne gesen idelnisse in wege Sinum gelif- 
oculos meo8 ne videant vanitatem in via tua vivi- 

festa mec gesete Siowe Sinum gesprec Sin in ege 

fica vine 38. Statue servo tuo eloquium tuum in timore 

Sinum acerf edwit min Sset resenSe ic earn 

tuo 39. Amputa opprobrium meum quod suspicatus sum 

domas soSliee dine wynsume *sehS ic gewillade bi- 

judieia enim tua jucunda 40. Eeee eoneupivi man- 

bodu Sin in rehtwisnisse Sinre geliffesta mec 7 cyme 

data tua in aequitate tua vivifica me 41. Et veniat 

ofer mec mildheortnis Sin dryhten haelu Sine efter 
super me miserieordia tua Domine salutare tuum secundum 

gesprece Sinum 7 ic ondsweoriu edwitendum me 

eloquium tuum 42. Et respondebo exprobrantibus mihi 

word forSon ic gehyhte in wordum Sinum 7 ne 

verbum quia sperowi in sermonibus tuts 43. Et ne 

afir Su of muSe minnm word soSfestnisse a mi lenge swiSur 
auferas de ore meo verbum veritatis usquequaqtts 

forSon in domum Sinum ic hyhte 7 haldu aee 

quia in judiciis tuis speravi 44. Et custodiam legem 

Sine aee in aee 7 in weoruld weorulde 7 

tuam semper in aetemum et in saeculum saecuU 46. Et 

gongu in brede forSon bibodu Sin ic sohte 7 

ambulabam in latitudine quia mandata tua exquisivi 46. Et 

spree of cySnissum Sinum in gesihSe cyninga 7 ne 
loquebar de testimoniis tuis in conspectu regum et non 

biom gescended 7 smegu in bibodum Sinum Sa 

confundebar 47. Et meditabor in mandatis tuis quae 

ic lufude swiSe 7 aliof honda mine to bibode 

dilexi nimis 48. Et levavi manus meas ad mandata 

Sinum Sa ic lufude swiSlice 7 biom bigongen in Sinum 
tua quae dilexi vehementer et exercebor in tuis 


rehtwisnissuni gemyne wordes Sines Siowe Sinum 

justificationibus 48. Memento verbi tui servo tuo 

in Son me hyht 8u saldes Seos mec froefrende 

in quo mihi spem dedisti 60. Haec me consolata 

wes in eaSmodnisse minre forSon gesprec Sin geliffesta 
est in hwmilitate mea quia eloquium tuum vivificavit 

mec Sa oferhygdg 1 unrehtlice 2 dydun a hu lenge swiSur 

me 61. Superbi inique agebant usquequaque 

from see soSlice Sinre ic ne onbaelde gemyndig ic wes 

a lege autem tua non declinavi 62. Memor fui 

doma dinra from weorulde dryhten j *frofrende ic earn 
judiciorum tuorum a eaeculo Domine et consolatus sum 

asprungnisse modes nom mec fore synfullura forle- 
68. Defectio animi tenuit me prae peccatoribus dere- 

tendum aee Sine singendlic me werun 

linquentibus legem tuam 64. Cantabiles mihi erant 

rehtwisnisse Sine in stowe londbigonges mines gemyndig 

justificationes tuae in loco incolatus mei 66. Memor 

ic wes in naeht noman Sines dryhten 7 heold aee 
fui in noete nominis tut Domine et eustodivi legem 

Sine Seos me geworden wes forSon rehtwisnisse Sine 

tuam 66. Haec mihi facta est quia justificationes tuas 

ic sohte dael min dryhten. ic cweS haldan aee 

exquiswi 67. Portio mea Domine dixi eustodire legem 

Sine biddende ic earn onsiene Sine in aire heortan 

tuam 68. Deprecatus sum faciem tuam in toto corde 

minre mildsa min efter gesprece Sinum forSon 

meo miserere mei secundum eloquium tuum 68. Quia 

ic Sohte wegas Sine 7 bion gecerred foet mine in cyS- 
cogitavi viae tuas et converti pedes meos in testi- 

nisse Sine gearu 8 ic earn 7 neam gedroefed Sset 

mania tua 60. Paratus sum et non sum turbatus ut 

ic haldu bibodu Sin rapas synfulra ymbclyppende 

custodiam mandata tua 61. Funes peccatorum circumplexi 

werun mec 7 aee Sine neam ic ofergeotul on midde 

sunt me et legem tuam non sum oblitus 62. Media 

naeht ic aras to "ondetende Se ofer domas rehtwisnisse 
nocte surgebam ad confitendum tibi super judicia justkiae 

1 last goner, * fla (t) er. before unr. * r/rom unfinished g (?). 


Sinre daelniomend ic earn aJra ondredendra Sec 7 

tuae 63. Particeps sum ego omnium timentium te et 

haldendra 1 bibodu Sin mildheortnisse Sinre dryhien 

custodientium mandate tua 64. Misericordia tua Domine 

fill is eorSe rehtwisnisse Sine leer mec godnisse 

plena est terra justificationes tuas doce me 65. Bonitatem 

Su dydes mid Seowe Sinum dryhten efter worde Sinum 
fecisti cum servo tuo Domine secundum verbum tuum 

godnisse 7 Seodscipe 7 wisdom leer mec forSon in 
66. Bonitatem et disciplinam et scientiam doce me quia in 

bibodum Sinum ic gelefde ser Son geeaSmodad ic 

mandate tuis credidi 67. Priusquam humiliarer ego 

agylte forSon gesprec Sin ic heold god Su 

deliqui propterea eloquium tuum custodvoi 68. Bonus es 

earS dryhtm 7 in godnisse dinre leer mec rehtwisnisse Sine 
tu Domine et in bonitate tua doce me justificationes tuas 

gemonigfaldad is ofer mec unrehtwisnis oferhygdigra ic 

69. MuUiplicata est super me iniquitas superborum ego 

soSlice in aire heortan minre ic smegu bibodu Sin 
autem in toto corde meo scrutabor mandata tua 

gerunnen is swe swe mile heorte heara ic soSlice 

70. Coagulatum est sicut lac cor eorum ego vero 

aee Sine smegende earn god me S«t geeaSmo- 

legem tuam meditatus sum 71. Bonum mihi quod hwmi- 

dades mec Saet ic leornade rehtwisnisse Sine god 

liasti me ut discerem justificationes tuas 72. Bonum 

me aee muSes Sines ofer Susend goldes 7 seolfres 
mihi lex oris tui super milia auri et argenti 

honda dine dydun mec 7 gehiowadun mec sele me 
73. Manns tuae fecerunt me et plasmaverunt me da mihi 

ondget S»t ic leoraie bibodu Sin Sa Se ondredaS 

inteUectum ut discam mandata tua 74. Qui tvment 

Sec gesiaS mec 7 blitsiaS *forSo in worde Sinum 
te vtdebunt Trie et laetabuntur quia in verbo tuo 

ic *gehte ic oncneow dryhtm forSon rehtwisnis domas 

speravi 75. Gognovi Domine quia aequUas judicia 

dine 7 in soSfettnisse Sinre *geaSmodades mec sie 

tua et in veritate tua humiliasti me 76. Fiat 

1 last dfrom urtfntohed n or r. 


nu mildheortnis Sin Saet he *frofrio mec efter ge- 

nunc miaericordia tua ut consoletur me secundum elo- 

sprece Sinum Siowe Sinum cymen me miltlse 

quium tuum servo tuo 77. Veniant mihi miserationes 

Cine 7 ic lifge forSon aee Sin smeang min is 
tuae et vivam quia lex tua medUatio mea est 

men *gesende Sa *oferhydgan forSon nnrehtlice unreht- 
78. Confundantur sujperbi quia injuste iniqui- 

wisnisse dydun in mec ic soSlice biom bigongen in 
totem fecerurU in me ego autem exercebor in 

bebodum Sinum sien gecerred to me 3a Se ondredaS 

mandatis tuis 79. Convertantur ad me qui timent 

dec 7 Sa Se cunnun cySnisse Sine sie heorte min 

te et qui noverunt testimonia tua 80. Fiat cor meum 

unwemme in Sinum rehtwisnissum Seet ic ne sie gescended 
inmaculatum in tuis justificationibus ut non confundar 

asprong in haelu Sinre sawul min 7 in worde 
81. Defecit in salutare tuo anvma mea et in verbo 

Sinum ic gehyhte asprongun egan min in gesprec 

tuo speravi 82. Defecerunt oculi met in eloquium 

Bin cweoSende hwonne *frofres mec forSon ge- 

tuum dieentes Quando consolaveris me 88. Quia /actus 

worden ic earn swe swe cylle - in forste rehtwisnisse Sine 
sum sic ut uter in pruina justificationes tuas 

ne seam ic ofergeotul hu monge sind daegas Siowes 

non sum oblitus 84. Quot sunt dies servi 

Sines Sonne Su doest of oehtendum mec dom 
tut quando fades de persequentibus me judicium 85. Nar- 

segdun me Sa unrehtan spellunge ah nales swe swe swe 
raverunt mihi iniqui 1 fabulationes sed non ita ut 

aee Sin dryhten all bibodu din soSfestnis, Sa 

lex tua Domine 86. Omnia mandata tua Veritas ini- 

[unjrehtan oehtende werun mec gefultume mec *hwene 

qui persecuti sunt me adjuva me 87. Paulo 

lessan fornomon mec in eorSan ic soSlice ne for- 
minus consummaverunt me in terra ego vero non dere- 

leort bibodu Sin efter mildheortnisse Sinre 

liqui mandata tua 88. Secundum miserioordiam tuam 

1 last i on er. 


geliffesta mec S®t ic halde cySnisse muSes dines in 

vivifica me ut custodiam testamenta oris tui 89. In 

ecnisse dryhtm Sorhwunad 1 *wordum Sinum 7 

aetemum Domine permanet verbum tuum in oaelo 90. Et 

in weoruld weorulde soSfestnis Sin gesteadelades eorSan 
in saeeulum saeculi Veritas tua Fundasti terram 

7 SorhwunaS endebyrdnis Sin SorhwuniaS dsegas 

et permanet 91. ordinatione tua perseverant dies 

forSon al SiowiaS Se nemne Saet aee Sin 

quondam omnia serviunt tibi 92. Nisi quod lex tua 

smeang min is Sonne woeninga* ic forwurde in *eaSmod- 
meditatio mea est tunc forsitan perissem in humili- 

nise minre in ecnisse ic no ofergeoteliu rehtwisnisse 

tate mea 93. In aetemum non oblivisear justificationes 

Sine forSon in him geliffestes mec Sin ic earn 8 

tuas quia in ipsis vivificasti me 94. Tuus sum 

halne mec doa forSon rehtwisnisse Sine ic sohte 
ego salvum me foe quia justificationes tuas exquisivi 

mec abiodun synfulle Sset hie forspilden mec cySnisse 
95. Me expectaverunt peccatores ut perderent me testimonia 

Sine ic onget aire gefylnisse ic gesaeh ende rum 

tua intellexi 96. Omni consummations vidi finem latum 

bibod Sin swiSe hu ic lufade aee Sine 

mandatum tuum nimis 97. Quomodo dilexi legem tuam 

dryhten alne deg smeang min is ofer feond 

Domine tota die meditatio mea est 98. Super inimicos 

mine gleawne mec dydes bibode Sinum forSon in ecnisse 
meos prudentem me fecisti mandato tuo quia in aetemum 

me is ofer alle Iserende mec ic onget forSon 

mihi est 99. Super omnes docentes me intellexi quia 

cySnisse Sine smeang min is ofer uSweotan ic 

testimonia tua meditatio mea est 100. Super seniores in* 

onget Ssette bibodu Sin ic sohte from allum wege 

tellexi quia mandata tua exquisivi 101. Ab omni via 

yflum ic biwerede foet mine Sset ic halde word Sin 
mala prohibui pedes meos ut custodiam verba tua 

from domum Sinum ic ne onhaelde forSon Su ae 
10{!. A judiciis tuis non declinavi quia tu legem 

1 wu from m. * en from m. 8 efrom*. 


settes me hu swoete gomum minura gespreocu 

posuisti mihi 103. Quam dulcia faucibus meis eloquia 

Sin ofer hunig 7 biabread muSe minum from bibodum 

tua super mei et favum ore meo 104. A mandatis 

Sinum ic onget forSon on fionge ic befde alne weg un- 
tuis intellexi propterea odio habui omnem viam ini- 

rebtwisnisse forSon aee Su settes me lebtfet 1 

quUatis quia tu legem pomisti mihi 106. Lucerna 

fotum minum word Sin dryhten 7 lebt stigum minum 
pedvbus meis verbum tuum Domine et lumen semitis meis 

ic swor 7 sette haldan domas rehtwisnisse Sire 

106. Juravi et statui custodire judicia justitiae tuae 

geeaSmoddad earn a hu lenge swiSur dryhten geliffesta 

107. Humiliatus sum usquequaque Domine vivifica 

mec efter worde Sinum wilsum mudes mines 

me secundum verbum tuum 108. Voluntaria oris met 

welgelicade doa dryhten 7 domas Sine laer mec 
beneplacita fac Domine et judicia tua doce me 

sawul min in hondum Sinum aa 7 aee Sine 
109. Anima mea in manibus tuts semper et legem > tuam 

ne e arn ic ofergeotul setten synfulle gerene me 

non sum oblitus HO. Posuerunt peccatores laqueos mihi 

7 *bodum Sinum ic ne duolede erfewordnisse 

et a mandatis iuis non erravi 111. Hereditate 

ic biget cySnisse Sine in ecnisse forSon gefea heortan 
adquisivi testimonia tua in aeternum quia exultatio cordis 

minre sind ic onhaelde heortan mine to donne 

mei sunt 112. Inclinavi cor meum ad faciendas 

rehtwisnisse Sine in ecnisse fore edleane Sa 

justtficationes tuas in aeternum propter retribtUionem 113. Ini- 

unrehtwisan on fienge ic befde 7 aee Sine ic lufude 
quos odio habui et legem tuam dilexi 

fultum 7 ondfenga min Su earS 7 in worde Sinum 
114. Adjutor et susceptor mens es tu et in 'Oerbo tuo 

ic*gehyte onhaeldaS from me awergde 7 ic smegu 

speravi 115. Declinate a me maligni et scrutabor 

bibodu godes mines onfoh 

mandata Dei mei 116. Suscipe me secundum eloquium 

1 last toner. 


tuum et vivam et ne confundas me ab expectations mea 

mec 7 hal ic biom j ic smegu in Sinum 
117. Adjuva me et sahus ero et meditabor in tuis 

rehtwisnissum aa Su forhogdes alle stigende 

justificationibus semper 118. Sprevisti omnes discendentes 1 

from rehtwisnissum Sinum forSon unreht geSobt heara 
a justificationibus tuis quia injusta eogitatio eorum 

is oferliorende ic getalde alle synfulle eorSan forSon 

est 119. Praevaricantes reputavi omnes peceatores terrae ideo 

ic lufude cySnisse Sine gefestna mid ege Sinum fleesc 

dilexi testimonia tua 120. Infige timore tuo carnes 

min from domum soSlice Sinum ic ondreord ic dyde 

meas a judiciis enim tuis timui 121. Fed 

dom 7 rehtwisnisse ne sele mec oehtendum mec 
judicium et justitiam ne tradas me penequeniihus me 

geceos Seow Sinne in god tSaet ne hrearmcweodelien 
122. Elegi* servum tuum in bonum ut non calumnientur 

me oferhogan egan min asprungun in haelu Sinre 

mihi superbi 128. Oculi mei defecerunt in salutari tuo 

7 in *gesp rehtwisnisse Sinre doa mid Siowe 

et in eloquium justiliae tuae 124. Foe cum servo 

Sinum efter mildheortnisse Sinre 7 rehtwisnisse Sine 
tuo secundum misericordiam tuam et justification's tuas 

leer mec Siow Sin ic earn sele me ondget 

doce me 125. Servus tuus sum ego da mihi intellectum 

Sset ic wite cySnisse Sine tid to donne dryhten 

ut sciam testimonia tua 126. Tempus faciendi D amine 

tostenctun unrehtlice aee Sine forSon ic lufade 

dissipaverunt iniqui legem tuam 127. Ideo dilexi 

bibodu Sin ofer gold 7 gim *forSo to 

mandata tua super aurum et topazion 128. Propterea ad 

allum bibodum Sinum ic gerehte *alme weg unrehtne 
omnia mandata tua dvrigebar omnem mam iniquam 

on fionge ic hefde wundur cySnis Sin dryhten 

odio habui 129. Mi/rabttia testimonia tua Domine 

forSon scmegende wes Sa sawul min birhtnis 

ideo scrutata est ea anima mea 180. Declaratio 

1 first n er. * alt. to elege. 


words Sinra inlihteS mec 7 ondget seleS cildum 
sermonum tuorum inluminat me et inteUectum dat parvulis 

muS minne ic ontynde 7 togeteh gast forSon bibodu 
181. Os meum aperui et adtraxi spiriium quia mandate 

Sin ic gewillade geloca in mec 7 mildsa min 

tua desiderabam 192. Aspice in me et miserere met 

efter dome lufiendra noman Sinne gongas 

secundum judicium diligenUum nomen tuum 188. Gressus 

mine gerece efter gesprece Sinum 7 ne waldeS min 
meos dirige secundum eloquium tuum et non dominetur met 

all unrehtwisniss ales mec from hearmnm monna 

omnis injustUia 184. Eedime me a calumniis hominum 

8«t ic halde bibodu Sin onsiene Cine inliht 

ut custodiam mandata tua 185. Faciem tuam inlumina 

ofer Siow Sinne 7 laer mec rehtwisnisse Sine ut- 

super servum tuum et doce me justifications tuas 186. Ex- 

gong wetra oferleordon egan min forSon ne heoldun 
itus aquarum transierunt oculi met quia non custodierunt 

ee Sine rebtwis earS dryhten 7 reht dom 

legem tuam 187. Justus es Domine et rectum judicium 

Sin Su onbude rehtwisnisse cySnisse Sine 7 soS- 

tuum 188. Mandasti justitiam testimonia tua et veri- 

festoisse Sine swiSe aswindan mec dyde ellen 

tatem tuam nimis 189. Tabescere me fecit zelus 

huses Sines forSon ofergeotule sind word Sin feond mine 
domus tuae quia obliti sunt verba tua inimici mei 

fyren gesprec Sin swiSlice 7 Siow Sin lufade 
140. Ignitum eloquium tuum vehementer et servus tuus dilexit 

Set iungra ic earn 7 forhogd rehtwisnisse 

illud 141. Adolescentior ego sum et contemptus justifications 

Sine ne earn ic ofergeotul rehtwisnis Sin rebtwisnis 

tuas non sum oblitus 142. Justitia tua justitia 

in ecnisse 7 see Sin soSfestnis geswencednis 7 

in aeternum et lex tua Veritas 143. Tribulatio et 

nearunis gemo[e]ttun mec bibod soSlice Sin smeang min 
angustia invenerunt me mandata autem tua meditatio mea 

is rebtwisnis cySnis din in ecnisse ondget 

est 144. Aequitas testimonia tua in aeternum intellectum 

sele me 7 ic lifgu ic cleopede in aire heortan 

da mihi et vivam 146. Clamavi in toto corde 




[PS. 118. 

minre geher mec dryhien rehtwisnisse Sine ic soecu 
meo exavdi me Domine justificationes tuas requiram 

ic cleopude to 8e halne mec doa S«t ic halde 
146. Clcmavi ad te salvum me foe ut custodiam 

bibodu Sin ic forecom 1 in ripunge 7 cleopede 7 

mandata tua 147. Praeveni in maturitate et clamavi et 

in worde Sinum ic gehyhte forecomun egan min 

in verbo tuo speravi 148. Praevenerunt oculi met 

to Se on eermargen S®t ic smege gesprecu Sin stefhe 

ad te diluculd ut meditarer eloquia tua 149. Voeem 

mine geher dryhten efter mildheortnisse Sinre 7 
meam exaudi Domine secundum misericordiam tuam et 

efter dome Sinum geliffesta mec toneolaehton 

secundum judicium tuum vivifica me 150. Adpropiaverunt 

oehtende mec unrehtlice from ee soSlice Sinre feor * 
persequentes me . iniqui a lege autem tua longe 

gewordne sind neh wes 8u dryhten 7 all 

facti sunt 151. Prope es tu Domine et omnia 

in fruman ic oncneow of cyS- 
152. Initio cognovi de testi- 

bibodu Sin soSfestnis 
mandata tua Veritas 

nissura Sinum forSon in ecnisse Su gesteaSulades Sa 




in aetemum fundasti ea 

geseh eaSmodnisse mine 7 genere mec forSon aee 
158. Vide humilitatem meam et eripe me quia legem 

Sine ne^eam ic ofergeotul doem dom minne 7 

tuam non sum obliius 154. Judica judicium meum et 

.ales mec fore gesprece Sinum geliffesta mec feor 

redime me propter doquium tuum vivifica me 155. Longe 

is from Seem synfullum haelu forSon rehtwisnisse Sine 
est a peccatoribus solus quia justifications tuas 

ne sohtun mildse Sine micle swiSe 

non exquisierunt 156. Miserationes tuae muUae nimis 

dryhten efter dome Sinum geliffesta mec monge 

Domine secundum judicium tuum vivifica me 157. Multi 

oehtende mec 7 swencende mec from "cySnissum Sinum 
persequentes me et tribulantes me a tesHmoniis tuis 

ic ne onhaelde ic gesaeh no haldende were 7 

non declinavi 158. Vidi non servantes pactum et 

1 last ofrom u(?). 


ic aswond forSon gesprec Sin ne heoldun geseh 

tabescebam quia eloquia tua non custodierunt 159. Vide 

Ssstte bibodu Sin ic lufude dryhten in Sinre mildheortnisse 
quia mandate tua dilexi Domine in tua misericordia 

geliffesta mec fruraa worda Sinra soSfestnis 

vivifica me 160. Prineipium verborum tuorum Veritas 

in ecnisse alle domas rehtwisnisse Sinre aldermen 

i*7i aeternum omnia judicia justitiae tuae 161. Principes 

oehtende werun mec bi ungewyrhtum j from wordum 
persecuti sunt me gratis et a verbis 

Sinum forhtaS heorte min ic biom geblissad ic ofer 

tuis formidavit cor meum 162. Laetabor ego super 

• gesprec Sin swe se gemoeteS herereaf micel un- 

eloquia tua sicut qui invenit spolia mulia 163. 7n»- 

rehtwisnisse on fionge ic hefde 7 onscnniende ic earn aee 
quitatem odio habui et abominatus sum legem 

soSlice Sine ic lufade seofen siSum in dege lof 

autem tuam dilexi 164. Septies in die laudem 

ic segde Se ofer domas rehtwisnisse Sinre sib micelu 

dixi tibi super judicia justitiae tuae 165. Pax multa 

lufiendum noman Sinne 7 nis in him eswic 

dUigentibus nomen tuum et non est in illis scandalwm 

ic abad haelu Sine dryhten 7 bibodu Sin 

166. Expectabam salutare tuum Domine et mandata tua 

ic lufude heold sawul min cySnisse Sine 7 

dilexi 167. Custodivit anima mea testimonia tua et 

lufude Sa swiSlice ic heold bibodu Sin 7 cySnisse 

dilexit ea vehementer 168. Servavi mandata tua et testi- 

Sine forSon alle wegas mine in gesihSe Sinre 
mania tua quia omnes viae meae in conspeetu tuo 

*drhten toniolaeceS gebed min in gesihSe Sinre 

Domine 169. Adpropiet x oratio mea in conspeetu tuo 

dryhten efter gesprece Sinum sele me ondget 

Domine secundum eloquium tuum da mihi intellectum 

ingaeS boen min in gesihSe Sinre dryhten efter 
170. Intret postulatio mea in censpectu tuo Domine secundum 

gesprece Sinum genere mec rocetaS weolre mine 

eloquium tuum eripe me 171. Eructabunt labia mea 

1 et on er. 



ymen 8on[n]e Cu tares mec rehtwisnisse Sine fortS- 

hymnum cum docueris me justifications tuas 172. Pro- 

segeS tunge min gespreocu tSin forffon all bibodu Sin 
nuntidbit lingua mea eloquia tua quia omnia mandata tua 

rehtwisnis sie hond Sin Sat halne mec doe 

aequkas 178. Fiat manus tua ut salvum me facial 

forSon bibodu Sin ic geceas ic gewillade haelu Cine 

quia mandata tua degi 174. Concupivi salutare tuum 

dryhten j aee Sin smeang min is liofaS sawul 

Domine et lex tua meditaUo mea est ' 175. Vivet anima 

min 7 hereS Sec 7 domas Cine gefultumaS me 
mea et laudabit te et judioia tua adjwoabunt me 

io duolude swe swe seep S»t forwearS soec Siow 
176. Erravi sic ut oves quae perierat require servum 

Sinne dryhten forSon bibodu Sin neam ic ofergeotul 
tuum Domine quia mandata tua non sum oblitus 


to dryhtna mid Sy geswenced ic cleopude 7 geherde mec 
Ad Dominum dum trxbularer clamavi et cxaudivU me 

dryhten gefrea sawle mine from weolerum unrehtwisum 
2. Domine libera ammam meam a labiis iniquis 

7 tungan faecenre hwet biS said Se oSSe hwet 

et a lingua dolosa 8. Quid detur tibi aut quid 

br8 toseted Se from tungan faecenre strelas maehtge 

adponatur tibi a lingua dolosa 4. SagiUae patentee 

scearpe mid colum tolesendes w» me S»t lond- 

aeutae cum earbonibus desolatoriis 5. Heu me quod ineo- 

leod min afirred is ic eardade mid S»m eardiendum 
lotus meus prolongatus est habitavi cum habitantibus 

swiSe londleod wes sawul min mid 

Caedar 6. multum incola fuit anima mea 7* Cum 

Sissum Sa fiodun sibbe ic wes sibsuftt Sa Se ic spree 
Aw qui oderunt pacem eram pacificus dum loquebar 

to him oferfuhtun mec bi ungewyrhtum 
Mis inpugnabant me gratis 



ic uphof egan min to muntum Sonan cymeS fultum 
1. Levavi oculos meos ad monies unde veniet auxUium 

me fultum min from dryhtne se dyde heofen 

mihi 2. AuxUium meum a Domino qui fecit caelum 

7 eorSan ne seleS in onstyrenisse fot Sinne ne 

et terram 8. Non det in commotione pedem tuum neque 

hneappaS se Se haldeS Sec sehSe ne hneapaS ne ne 

obdormiet qui custodit te 4. JScce non dormiiabit neque 

slepeS se Se haldeS Israels folc dryhten haldeS 

obdormiet qui custodit Israhd 5. Dominus custodit 

Sec Sryhten gescildnis Sin ofer hond Sere swiSran Sinre 
te Dominus protectio tout super manum dexterae tuae 

Sorh deg sunne ne berneS Sec ne mona Sorh naeht 

6. Per diem sol non uret te neque luna per noctem 

dryhten haldeS Sec from allum yfle gehaldeS sawle 

7. Dominus custodit te ab omni maio custodial animam 

Sine dryhten dryhten haldeS ingong Sinne j 

(team Dominus 8. Dominus custodial introitum tuum et 

utgong dinne of Sissum nu 7 oS in weoruld 
exitum tuum ex hoc nunc et usque in saeculum 


geblissad ic earn in Sissum Sa cweden Bind me in huse 
Laetalus sum in hie quae dicta sunt mihi In domo 

dryhtne* we gaS stondende 1 werun foet ure in ceafur- 
Domini ibimue 2. Stantes erant pedes nostri in atriis 

tunum Sinum sie is timbred 

tuis Hierusalem 3. Hierusalem quae aedjficatur 

8we swe cester Sere drolniomenis hire in det ilee Sider 1 

ut civitas cujus participatio ejus in id ipsum 4. Illuc 

BoSlice asteogun cyn cyn dryhtne* cySnis in 

enim ascenaerunt trtbus tribus Domini testimonium in 

Israela folce to ondetenne noman Sinum forSon Ser 

Israhd ad con/Uendum nomini tuo 5. Quia Ulic 


on on er. * "Si: : der. 




setun seld in dome seld ofer hus DauitSes 

sederunt sedes in judicio sedes super domum David 

bidda$ Sa to sibbe sind 7 genybteumnis 

6. Rogate quae ad pacem sunt Hierusalem et abundantia 

lufiendum Sec sie sib in megne Sinum 7 genyht- 

diligentibus te 7. Fiat pax in virtute tua et abun- 

sumnis in torrum Sinum fore broSrum minum 7 

dantia in turribus Puis 8. Propter fratres meos et 

nesium minum ic spree sibbe bi $e fore huse 

procdmos meos loquebar pacem de te 9. Propter domum 

drybtne* godes mines ic sobte god Se 
Domini Dei mei quaeswi bona tibi 


to Ce ic upbof egan min Su eardas in beofene 

1. Ad te levavi oculos meos qui habitas in caelo 

sebde swe swe egan Siowa in bondum blafarda 

2. Eece sic ut oculi servorum in manibus dominorum 

beara 7 swe swe egan menenes bondum blafdian 

suorum Et stent oculi ancillae in manibus dominae 

bire swe egan ur to drybtna gode urum 68 Set 
suae ita oculi nostri ad Dominum Deum nostrum donee 

mildsaS us mildsa us drybfora mildsa us 

misereatur nobis 3. Miserere nobis Domine miserere nobis 

forSon swiSe gefylde we sind forbogadnis 7 swiSe 

quia multum repleti sumus contemptione 4. Et multum 

gefylled is sawul ur edwite genybtsumum 7 for- 

repleta est anima nostra opprobrium abundantibus et de- 

segenis oferbogum 
spectio superbis 


nymSe Caet drybten wes in us cweSe nu Israel 

1. Nisi quod Dominus erat in nobis dicat nunc Israhel 

nemne fortSon drybten wes in us Sonne arisaS 

2. nisi quia Dominus erat in nobis Dum inswrgerent 

men in usic woeninga cwice forswelgaS usic 

homines in nos 3. forsitan vivos degluttissent nos 


Sonne ersade mod heara wiS us woeninga 

Dum irasceretur animus eorum adversus nos 4. forsitan 

swe swe weter forswulgun usic burnan Sorhleorde 

velut aqua absorbuissent nos 5. Torrentem perttransiwJt 

sawul ur woeninga Sorhleorde sawul ur weter 
anima nostra forsitan pertransisset anima nostra aquam 

unarefnendlic gebledsad dryhtera se ne salde usic in 

intolerabilem 6. Benedictus Dominus qui non dedit nos in 

heftned toSum heara sawul ur swe swe spearwa 

captions dentibus eorum 7. Anima nostra sic ut passer 

genered is of girene huntendra giren forSr^sted is 7 
erepta est de laqueo venantivm Laqueus contritus est et 

we gefreode sind fultum ur 1 in noman 

nos liberati sumus 8. adjuiorium nostrum in nomine 

dryhtne* se dyde heofen 7 eorSan 
Domini qui fecit caelum et terram 



tfo getreowaS in dryhtne swe *se munt Sion ne 
Qui confidunt in Domino sicut mons Sion non com- 

biS onstyred in ecnisse se eardaS in Ierusalem 

movebUur in aetemum qui habitat 2. in Hierusalem 

muntas in ymbhwyrfte his 7 dryhten in ymbhwyrfte 
Monies in circuitu ejus et Dominus in circuity, 

fol[c]es his of Sissum nu 7 oS in weoruld fordon 

populi sui ex hoc nunc et usque in saeculum 8. Quia 

ne forleteS dryhten gerd synfulra ofer hlet 
non derelinquit Dominus virgam peccatorum super sortem 

rehtwisra 8»t ne atSennen rehtwise to unrehtwisnisse hond 
justorum Ut non extendant justi ad iniquitatem manus 

*hara wel doa dryhten godum 7 rehtum on heortan 

suas 4. bene fac Domine bonis et rectis corde 

onhaeldende soolice to ofergeotulnisse to gelaedeS dryhten 
5. Declinantes autem ad obligationem adducet Dominus 

mid Cam wircenduw unrehtwisnisse sib ofer Israel 
cum operantibus iniquitatem pax super Israhel 

1 urur. 



in forcerringe dryhten. heftned Sione gewordne we sind 
In convertendo Dominus captivitatem Sion facti sumus 

swe awe *frofrende Sonne gefylled is mid gefian muS 

sic ut consolati 2. Tunc repletom est gaudio os 

ur 7 tnnge ur wynsnmnisse Sonne cweoSaS betwih 
nostrum et lingua nostra exultations Tunc dicent inter 

Seode miclade dryhtan- don mid him miclade 

gentes Magnijkavit Dominus facere cum illis 3. magnificavit 

dryhten don mid usic gewordne Bind blissiende gecer 

Dominus facere nobiscum facti sumus laetantes 4. Con- 

dryhten heftned ure swe swe buruan in suSdaele 

verte Domine captivitatem nostram sic ut torrens in austro 

Sa sawaS in tearum in gefian hie reopaS gongende 
5. Qui seminant in lacrimis in gaudio metent 6. euntes 

eodon j weopun sendende sed he(ara) 1 cumende soSlice 
ibant et flebant miUentes semina sua Venientes autem 

cumaS in wynsumnisse beorende reopan heara 
venient in exultations portantes manipulos suos 


nemSe dryhten timbrie hue in idelnisse winnaS Sa 

Nisi Dominus aedificaverit domum in vanum laborant qui 

timbriaS Sa nemSe dryhtm halde cestre in idelnisse 
aedificant earn Nisi Dominus custodierit civitatem in vanum 

weciaS Sa haldaS hie in idelnisse is eow »r 

vigilant qui custodiunt earn 2. In vanum est vobis ante 

lehte arisan arisaS efter Son gesittaS Sa Se eotaS 
lucem surgere surgete postqwam sederUis qui manducatis 

hlaf fares Sonne seleS scyldum his slep sehSe 

panem doloris Cum dederit dilictis suis somnum 8. ecce 

erfewordnis dryhtnes beam meorde western wombe swe swe 

hereditas Domini fUii mercis fructus ventris 4. Stent 

strelas in honda maehtges swe 7 beam witgena 
sagittae in manu potentis ita et JUii excussorum 

1 cuteff. 

PS. 128.] 



eadig wer se gefylleS lust his of him ne 

5. BeaPus vvr qui implebii desideriwrn swum ex ipsis non 

bitS gescended Sonne he spriceS to his feondum in 

confundetur dum loquetur inimicis suis in 

Seem gete 


eadge alle Sa Se ondredaS dryhtan Sa gongaS in 
Beati qui timenl Dominum qui ambulant in 

weogum his gewin westma Sinra Su ites 

viis ejus 2. Labores *fructum tuorum manducabis 

eadig Su earS 7 wel Se biS wif Sin swe swe 

beatu8 ea et bene tibi erit 3. Uxor tua sicut 

wintreow genyhtsuraiende in sidum huses Sines beam 
vitia abundans in lateribus domus tuae Filii 

din swe swe neowe plant eletrea in ymbhwyrfte beodes 
tui sicut novella olivarvm in drcuitu mensae 

Sines sehSe swe biS bledsad ylc mon se ondredeS 

tuae 4. Ecce sic benedicitur omnis homo qui timet 

drjhien bledsie Sec dryhten of Sione 1 7 Su gesee 

Dominum 5. Benedicat te Dominus ex Sion et videos 

Sa god sind all am degum lifes Sines 

quae bona sunt in Hierusalem omnibus diebus vitas tuae 

7 gesee beam bearaa Sinra sib ofer Israel 

6. Et videos fiiios JUiorum tuorum pax super Israhel 


oft oferfahtun mec from gagttSe minre cweSe nil 
Saepe expugnaverunt me a juventute mea dicat nunc 

Israels folc oft oferfahtun mec from iuguSe minre 

Israhel 2. Saepe expugnaverunt me a juventute mea 

7 soSlice ne maehtun me ofer bee minne tim- 

etenim non potuerunt mihi 8. Super dorsum meum fabri- 

bradun synfulle afirdtm unrehtwisnisse heara 

caverunt peccatores prolongaverunt iniquitates suas 

dryhten rehtwis ceorfeS swirban synfulra sien 

4. Dominus Justus eoncidit cervices peccatorum 5. con- 

1 o madt into e (t). 


gescended 7 onscunien alle Sa fiodun Sion sien 

fundantur et revertantur onrnes qui oderunt Sion 6. Fiant 

swe swe heg timbra Saet ser Son sie utalocen 

sieut faenum aedificiorum quod priusquam eveUatur 

adrugiaS of Seem ne gefylleS hond his se ripeS 

exaruit 7. De quo non inplebit manum mam qui metit 

ne his sceat se Se reopan *sonnaS 7 ne cwedun 

nee sinum swum qui manipulos coUigit 8. Et non dixerunt 

8a bileordun bledsung dryhtm* ofer eowic we bledsiaS 
qui praeteribant Benedictio Domini super vos benediximus 

eow in noman dryhtnes 
vobis in nomine Domini 


of grundum ic cleopude to Se dryhtew dryhten geher 

De projundis clamavi ad te Domine 2. Domine exaudi 

gebed min sien earan Sin bihaldende in gebed 
orationem meam Fiant aures tuae intendentes in orationem 

Seowes Sines gif unrehtwisnisse haldes dryhten drjhien 

servi tori 8. Si iniquitates observaveris Domine Domine 

hwelc arefheS forSon mid Sec milds is 7 fore 

quia 8U8tinebU 4. Quia apud te propUiatio est et propter 

aee Sinre ic arefhde Sec dryhten arefheS sawul min 
legem tuam sustinui te Domine Suetenuit anima mea 

in worde Sinnm gehyhteS sawul min in dryhtn* 

in verbo tuo 5. Speravit anima mea in Domino 

from gehaelde margentide oS naeht gehyhteS Israel 

6. A custodia matutina usque ad noctem speret Israhd 

in dryhtne forSon mid dryhten mildheortnis is 7 

in Domino 7. Quia apud Dominum misericordia est et 

genyhtsum mid hine alesnis 7 he aleseS Israel 

copiosa apud eum redemptio 8. Ft ipse redimet Israhd 

of allum unrehtwisnissum his 
ex omnibus iniquitatibus ejus 


dryhten nis/ up ahefen heorte min ne up ahefen sind 
Domine non est exaltatum cor meum neque elati sunt 


egan min ne ic eode in miclum ne in wundurlicum 
oculi mei Neque ambulavi in magnis neque in mirabilibus 

ofer mec gif ne eaSmodlice ic hogade ah up ahof 

super me % Si non humiliter sentiebam sed exaltavi 

sawle mine swe awe awened ofer modur his swe 
animam meam Sicut aUactatus super matrem suam ita 

geedleanas in sawle mine gehyhteS Israel in dryhtm 

retribute in animam meam 3. Speret Israhel in Domino 

of Sissum nu 7 0$ in weoruld 
ex hoc nunc et usque in saeculum 


gemyne dryhten Dauides 7 aire monSuernisse 
Memento Domine David et omnis mansuetudinis e^jus) 1 

swe swe swor dryhtne gehat geheht gode Iacobes 

2. Sicut juravit Domino votum vovit Deo Jacob 

gif ic inga in geteld huses mines gif ic astigu 

3. Si introiero in tabernaculum domus meae si ascendero 

in bed strene minre gif ic sellu slep egum minum 

in tectum stratus met 4. Si dedero somnum oculis meis 

o$Se bregum minum hneappunge *oSS reste 

out palpebris meis dormitationem 5. aut requiem 

Sunwengum minum oSSet ic gemoete stowe dryhtne 
temporibus meis Donee inveniam locum Domino taber- 

geteld gode Iacobes *seS8e we geherdun Sa 

naculum Deo Jacob 6. Ecce audivimus ea in 

gemoettun Sa in feldum wuda we ineodun 

Eufrata invenimus ea in campis silvae 7. Introivimus 

in geteld his weorSadun in stowe Ser stodun foet 
in tdbernacula ejus adoravimus in loco ubi steterunt pedes 

his aris dryhten in reste Sine Su 7 ere 

ejus 8. Exsurge Domine in requiem tuam tu et area 

gehalgunge Sinre sacerdas Sine earun gegered reht- 

sanctificationis tuae 9. Sacerdotes tui induantur jus- 

wisnisse 7 halge Sine blissiaS fore Dauide Sieowe 

titia et sancti tui laetentur 10. Propter David servum 

Sinum ne acerSu onsiene Cristes Sines swor 

tuum non avertas faciem Ckristi tui 11. Juravit 

1 cutoff. 


dryhten so&festnisse 7 ne biwaegde hine of westme 

Dominu8 David veritatem et non frustrabitiir mm De fructu 

wombe Sinre ic settu ofer seld min gif haldaS 

ventris tut ponam super sedem meant 12. si custodi- 

bearn Sin cy&nisse mine 7 cyCnisse mine Cas 
erint JUii tori testamentum meum et testimonia mea haec 

Sa iclseru hie 7 beam heara oC in weoruld sittaS 
quae docebo eoe Et JUii eorum usque in saeculum sedebmU 

ofer seld min forSon geceas dryhten Sion ge- 

8uper aedem meant 13. Qponiam elegit Dominus Sion pre- 

eeas hie in eardunge him Seos rest min in 

elegit earn in habitationem sibi 14. Haec requies mea in 

weornld weorulde her eardung forSon ic geceas hie 
saeeulum saeeuli hie habitabo quoniam preelegi tarn 

widwan his bledsiende ic bledsiu Searfan his ic gereordn 
15. Viduam ejus benedicens benedieam pauperes ejus saturate 

hlafum biscopas his ic gegerwu mid hselu 7 halge 

panibus 16. Sacerdotes ejus induam salutare et sancti 

his wynsumnisse wynsnmiatS 8er ic forSgelaedu horn 

ejus exultations exultabunt 17. Illic producam eornu 

Dauides ic gearwade lehtfet Criste minnm fiond 

David paravi lucernam Christo meo 18. Inimieos 

his ic gegerwu scome ofer hine 6o$lice bloweS *ge- 
ejus induam confusions super ipsum autem JlorebU sane- 

halgun min 
tificaHo mea 


sehSe switSe god 7 swiCe wynsum eardian brotSur in 
Ecce quam bonum et quam jucundum habitare fratres in 

annisse sweswe smiring in heafde $»t astag in 

unum 2. Sicut unguentoim in capite quod discendit in 

beard beard Aarones Cast astag in leappan hregles 
barbam barbam Aaron Quod discendit in ora vestimenti 

his awe swe deaw se astigett in munt 

ejus 3. sicut ros Hermon quod discendit in montem 

foroon Cer bibead dryhten bledsnnge 7 lif 
Sion Quoniam illic mandavit Dominus benedictionem et vitam 

08 in weor(uld) * 

usque in sae{culum) l 

1 cutoff. 



sehtSe nu bledsiaS dryhten alle Siowas dryhtne* t$a 
Ecce nunc benedicite Dominium omnes servi Domini Qui 

stondaS in huge, dryhtnes in ceafortunum huses godes 
statis in domo Domini in atriis domus Dei 

ures in naehtum uphebbaS honda eowre in halgwn 

nostri 2. In noctibua extoUUe manus vestras in soncta 

7 bledsiatS dryhten bledsie Sec dryhten of Sione 

et benedicite Dominum 3. Benedicat te Dominua ex Sion 

Be dyde heofen 7 eordan 
qui fecit caelum et terrain 


hergatS noman dryhtnes hergaS tftowas dryhten tSa Se 

Laudate nomen Domini laudate servi Dominum 2. Qui 

stondad 1 in huse dryhtne* in ceafurtunuw* huses godes ores 
statu in domo Domini in atriis domus Dei nostri 

hergaS dryhten forSon freamsum is dryhten singaS 
3. Laudate Dominum quoniam benignus est Dominus psaUite 

noman his forSon wynsrora is forSon geceas 

nomini ejus quoniam mavis est 4. Quoniam Jacob elegit 

him dryhten in aeht him forSon ic on- 

sibi Dominus Israhel in possessionem sflri 5. Quia ego cog- 

cneow S»t micel is dryhten 7 god ur fore allum 
novi quod magnus est Dominus et Deus noster prae omnibus 

godnm all swe hwet walde dryhten dyde in 

diis 6. Omnia quaecunque voluit Dominus fecit in 

heofene 7 in eorSan in sae 7 in neolnissum 7 

caelo et in terra in mare et in abyssis 7. Et 

utlaedende wolcen from Sere ytmestan eordan legite in 
educens nubes ab extremo terrae fulgura in 

regn dyde se forSlaedeS* windas of goldhordum his 
pluviam fecit Qui producit ventos de thesauris suis 

se slog frumbearn Aegypta from men 08 
8. qui percussit primogenita Aegypti ab homine usque ad 

neat sende tacen 7 forebecen in midle Sinuw 

pecus 9. Misit signa et prodigia in medio tui 

1 o over ft. * dfrom fc. 


€gyp*i in Faraon 7 in alle Ciowas his se 

Aegypti in Fcuraonem et in arnnes servos ejus 10. Qui 

slog Siode monge 7 ofslog cyningas stronge Seon 

percussit gentes multas et occidit reges fortis 11. Seon 

cyning Amorrea 7 Og cyning Basan 7. all ricu 
regem Amorreorum et Og regem Basan et omnia regna 

Cananea ofslog 7 sal[d]e eortSan heara erfe 

Chanaan occidit 12. Et dedit *terra eorum hereditaUm 

erfe Israel folce his dryhten noma t$in 

hereditatem Israhel populo suo 13. Domine nomen tuum 

in ecnifse dryhten gemynd Sin in weoruld weorulde 
in aeternum , Domine memoriale tuum in saeculum saectUi 

forSon doemeS dryhien folc his 7 in Siowum 

14. Quia judicdbit Dominus populum suum et in servis 

his biS froefred hergas Siada seolfur 7 gold 

suis consolabitur 15. Simulacra gentium argentum et aurum 

were honda monna mutS habbatS 7 ne spreocaft 

opera manuum hominum 16. Os Jiabent et non loquentur 

egan habbaS 7 ne gesieaS earan habbaS 7 ne 

oculos habent et non videbunt 17. Aures habent et non 

genera? nesSyrel habbaS 7 ne stincad honda *haba$ 
audient , nares habent et non odorabunt Manus habent 

7 ne grapiaS foet habbaS 7 ne gongatS ne 
et non palpabunt pedes habent et non ambulabunt Non 

cleopiaS in hracan heara ne soSlice is gast in mude 
clamabunt in gutture suo neque enim est spiritus in ore 

heara gelice him sien Sa doS 3a 7 alle 

ipsorum 18. Similes tilts jftant qui faciunt ea et omnes 

Sa Se getreowaS in him gehusscipe Israela folces bled- 

qui confidunt in eis 19. Domus Israhel bene- 

sia& dryhten gehusscipe Aarones 8 bledsiaS dryhien 
dicite Dominum domus Aaron benedicite Dominum 

gehusscipe Lefes bledsiaS dryhten Ca ondredaS dryhten 
20. domus Levi benedicite Dominum Qui timetis Dominum 

bledsiaS dryhten gebledsad dryhten of Sione se 

benedicite Dominum 2L benedictus Dominus ex Sion qui 

eardat? in Hierusalem 
habitat in Hierusalem 

1 ofrom unfinished a? * second a from u. 



ondettaS dryhtne "Set be is god dette in weorulde 
Confitemini Domino quoniam bonus quoniam in saeculum 

mildheortnis his ondettaS gode goda daette in 

misericordia ejus 2. Confitemini Deo deorum quoniam in 

weorulde mildheortnis his ondettaS dryhtne hlafarda 

saeculum misericordia ejus 3. Confitemini Domino domi- 

dsette in weorulde mildheortnis his se dyde 

novum quoniam in saeculum misericordia ejus 4. Qui fecit 

wundur micelu ana forSon in weorulde 1 mildheortnis 
mirabUia magna solus quoniam in saeculum misericordia 

his se dyde heofen 2 in ondgete forSon in weorulde 

ejus 5. Qui fecit caelos in intellectu quoniam in saeculum 

mildheortnis his se steaSelade eorSan ofer weter 

misericordia ejus 6. Qui fundavit terram super aquas 

forCon in weorulde mildheortnis his se dyde 

quoniam in saeculum misericordia ejus 7. Qui fecit 

lehtfeatu micelu ana forSon in weoruld mildheortnis 
lummaria magna solus quoniam in saeculum misericordia 

his sunnan in *mahte deges forSon in weoruld 

ejus 8. Solem in potestatem diei quoniam in saeculum 

mildheortnis his monan 7 steorran in maehte 

misericordia ejus 9. Lunam et Stellas in potestatem 

naehte forSon in weoruld mildheortnis his se 

noctis quoniam in saeculum misericordia ejus 10. Qui 

s l°g Sgipte m id frumbearnum heara forSon in 

percussit Aegyptum cum primiHvis eorum quoniam in 

weoruld mildheortnis his 7 utaleedde of midle 

saeculum misericordia ejus 11, Et eduxit Israhel de medio 

his forSon in weoruld mildheortnisse his in honda 

ejus quoniam in saeculum misericordia ejus 12. In manu 

strongre 7 earme heam forSon in weorulde mildheortnis 
forti et brachio excelso quoniam in saeculum misericordia 

his se todaelde Sone readan sae in todaelnisse 

ejus 13. Qui divisit Mare Rubrum in devisiones 

1 1<J from n. 9 o from some other letter. 


fortfon in weoruld mildheortnis his 7 utalaedde 

quoniam in saeculum misericordia ejus 14. Et eduxit 

Corn 1 middel bis forSon in weoruld mildheortnis 
Israhel per medium ejus quoniam in saectdum misericardia 

his 7 aswengde Pharaon 7 weorud his in t&em 

ejus 15. Et exeussit Pharaonem et exercitum ejus in Mare 

readan sae forSon in weoruld mildheortnis his se 

Rubro quoniam in saeculum misericordia ejus 16. Qui 

alaedde folc his Sorh *weosten forSon in weoruld 
transduxit popvlum mum per desertum quoniam in saeculum 

mildheortnis his se utalaedde weter of stane clifes 

misericordia ejus 17. Qui eduxit aquam de petra rupis 

forSon in weorulde mildheortnis se slog cyningas 

quoniam in saeculum Qui j)ercussit reges 

micle forSon in weoruld 2 mildheortnis 7 ofslog 

magnos quoniam in saectdum 18. Et occidit 

cyningas wundurlice forSon in weoruld mildheorfm* 
reges mirabiles quoniam in saeculum 

Seon cyning Amorrea forSon in weoruld mildheortnis 

19. Seon regem Amorreorum quoniam in saeculum 

7 Og cyuing Basan forSon in weoruld mildheortnis 

20. Et Og regem Basan quoniam in saeculum misericordia 

his 7 salde eorSan heara erfewordnisse forSon in 

ejus 21. Et dedit terram eorum hereditatem quoniam in 

weoruld mildheortnis his erfe Israela Siowe 

saeculum misericordia ejus 22. Hereditatem Israhel servo 

his forSon in weorulde mildheortnis his forSon in 

suo quoniam in saeculum misericordia ejus 28. Quia in 

eaSmodnisse ure gemyndig wes ur dryhten forSon in 
humilitate nostra mentor fuit nostri Dominus quoniam in 

weorulde mildheortnis his 7 aleseS usic of honda 

saeculum misericordia ejus 24. Et redimet nos de manu 

fionda ura forSon in weoruld mildheortnis his 

inimicorum nostrorum quoniam in saeculum misericordia ejus 

se seleS mete ylcuw flesce forSon in weorulde 
25. Qui dot escam omni carni quoniam in saeculum 

mildheortnis his ondettatS gode heofenes forSon 

misericordia ejus 26. Confitemini Deo cadi quoniam 

1 h from some other Utter. * e/rom o. 


in weorulde mildheortnis his ondettaS dryhtne hlafarda 
in 8aeculum misericordia ejus ConJUemini Domino dominorum 

Ssette in weorulde mildheortnis his 
quoniam in saeculum misericordia ejus 


ofer flodas Babilones Ser we setun 7 weopun Sa Se 
1. Super Jlumina Babylonis illic sedimus et flevimus dum 

we werun gemyndge Sin Sion in salum in midle 

recordaremur tui Sion 2. In salicibus in medio 

hire we hengun organan ure forSon Ser frugnun 

ejus suspendimus organa nostra 3. Quia illic interro- 

usic Sa gehefte laeddun usic word songa 
gaverunt nos qui captivos duxerunt nos verba cantionum 

7 8a Se wiSlaeddun us *hymen singaS us of songum 
et qui abduxerunt nos Hymnum cantate nobis de canticis 

Sione hu singaS we song dryhtne* in eorSan 

Sion 4. quomodo cantavimus canticum Domini in terra 

fremSre gif ofergeotul ic biom Sin Hierusalem for- 

aliena 5. Si oblitus fuero tui Hierusalem obli- 

giteS mec sieswiSre min aetfileS tunge min gomum 

viscatur me dextera mea 6. Adhereat lingua mea faueibus 

minum gif ic ne gemunu Sin gif ic no foresettu Sin 
meis si non meminero tui Si non proposuero tui 

*Hierusal in fruman blisse mine gemyne dryhten 

Hierusalem in principio laetitiae meae 7. Memento Domine 

bearna Edomes in dege Sa cweoSaS aidliaS 

fMorum Edom in die Hierusalem qui dicunt Exinanite 

aidliaS hu longe oS steadul in hire dohtur 

exinanite quo usque ad fundamentum in ea 8. Filia 

Babylones earm eadig ee geedleanaS Se edlean 

Babylonis misera beatus qui retribuit tibi retributionem 

Sat Su geedleanades us eadig 6e nimeS 7 gecnyseS 

quam tu retribuisti nobis 9. Beatus qui tenebit et adlidet 

Sa lytlan his to stane 
2>arvulos suos ad petram 




[PS. 137. 

angelorum psallam 

temple S®m halgan 
templum sanctum 


ic ondettu Se dryhten in aire heortan minre forSon 
ConfUebor tibi Domine in toto corde meo quoniam 

Su geherdes all word muSes mines 7 in gesihSe 
exa/udisti omnia verba oris mei et in conspectu 

engla ic singu Se ic weorSiu [7] gebiddu to 

tibi 2. Adorabo ad 

Sinum 7 ondettu noman Sinuw 
tuum et confttebor nomini tuo 

ofer mildheortnisse Sine 7 soSfestnisse Sine forSon 
Super misericordiam tuam et veritatem tuam quoniam 

Su gemiclades ofer usic noman haligne Sinne in 

magnifUasti super nos nomen sanctum tuum 3. In 

swe hwelcnm dege ic gecegu Sec geher mec Su gemonig- 
quacunque die invocavero te exaudi me multipli- 

faldas in sawle minre megen Sin ondetten Se 

cabis in anvma mea virtutem tuam 4. Confiteantur tibi 

dryhten alle cyningas eorSan forSon hie geherdun all 
Domine omnes reges terre quoniam audierunt omnia 

word mudes Sines 7 singen in songum dryhtne* 

verba oris tui 5. et cantent in canticis Domini 

forSon micel is wuldur dryhtnes forSon heh 

Quoniam magna est gloria Domini 6. quoniam excelsus 

dryhten 7 *eaSmodan gelocaS 7 Sa hean feorran oncnaweS 
Dominus et humilia respicit et alta a longe agnoscU 

Sffih Se ic gonge in midle geswinces Su geliffestes me 1 
7. Si ambulavero in medio tribulationis vivificabis me 

7 ofer eorre feonda minra Su aSenedes hond Sine 7 
et super tram inimicorum meorum extendisti manum tuam et 

halne mec dyde swiSre Sin 
salvum me fecit dextera tua 

fore me dryhtm mildheortnis 
pro me Domine miserieordia 

honda dinra ne forseh du 
manuum tuarum ne dispicias 

dryhtm geedleanaS 
8. *Domme retribuit 

Sin in weoruld were 
tua in saeculum opera 

1 c cut 0/ (?). 



dryhten gecunnades mec 7 oncnewe mec $u oncneowe 

Domine probasti me et cognovisti me 2. tu cognovisti 

gesetenisse min* 7 ereste mine Cu ongete 

sessionem meam et resurrectionem meam 8. Intellexisti 

geSohtas mine feorran stige mine 7 gerecenisse 
cogitationes meas a longe semitam meam et directionem 

mine Su aspyredes 7 alle wegas mine foresege 

meam investigasti 4. et omnes vias meas praevidisti 

foroon nfc facen in tungan minre senSe tfa dryhten 

quia non est dolus in lingua mea 5. Ecce tu Domine 

oncneowe all Sa *nestan 7 6a aldan $u gehiowades mec 
cognovisti omnia novimma et antiqua tu formasti me 

7 settes ofer mec hond Sine wundurlic geworden 

et posuisti super me manum tuam 6. Mirabilis facta 

is wisdom "Sin 1 of me gestrongad is ne* ic meg to 
est seientia tua ex me confortata est nee potero ad 

him hwider gongu ic from gaste Sinum 7 from 

earn 7. Quo %bo a ejriritu tuo et a 

onsiene Sinre hwider fleom ic gif ic astigu in heofen 

facie tua quo fugiam 8. Si ascendero in caelum 

8u Ser earS gif ic dune stigu in helle $u bist et gif 
tu illic es si discendero in infemum ades 9. Si 

ic niomu fioru min eer lehte 7 eardiu in Sem 8 ut- 
sumpsero pinnas meas ante lucem et habitavero in postremo 

mestan sees 7 soolice Ser hond Sin gelaeded mec 

maris 10. Etenim ffluc mantis tua deducet me 

7 nimeS mec *swiS Sin 7 ic cweS woeninga 

et tenebit me dextera tua 11. Et dixi Forsitan 

on Seostru bitreodaS mec 7 naeht inlihtnis min in 
tenebrae conculcabunt me et nox inluminatio mea in 

wistum minuwi forSon Seostru ne biotS aSeostrade 

diliciis meis 12. Quia tenebrae non obscurabuntur 

from Se 7 neht swe swe deg biS inlihted swe Seostru 
abs te et nox sic ut dies inluminabitur Sicut tenebrae 

his swe 7 leht his forSon Cu dryhten gesete 

ejus ita et lumen ejus 13. quia tu Domine possedisti 

1 0:in. * ne:. * from $$re. 



eSre mine onfenge mec of innoSe modur minre ic 

renes mtos suscepisti me de utero matris meae 14. Con- 

ondettu Se dryhten forSon egesfullice *gewundra Su earS 
fitebor tibi Domine quoniavn terribiliter magnificatus es 

wundur were Sin 7 sawul min wat swiSe nis 

mira opera tua et anima mea novit nimis 15. Nonest 

gedeglad muS min from Se S«t Su dydes in degulnisse 
occultatum 08 meum abs te quod fecisti in occulto 

7 *sped min in Sam 1 nioSerrum eordan unful- 

et substantia mea m inferioribus terrae 16. Inper- 

fremednisse mine gesegun egan Sin 7 boec Sinre 

fectum meum viderunt oculi tut et in libro tuo 

alle earun awriten deegas bioS getrymed 7 neenig in bim 
omne8 scribentur Dies firmabuntur et nemo in eis 

me eoSlice swiSe gearade sind freond Sine god 
17. Mihi autem nimis honorificati stmt amid tui Deus 

BwiSe ge8trongad is aldurdomes hear (a) 2 ic rimu 

nimis confortatus est jynncipatus eorum 18. Dinumerabo 

bie 7 ofer sond bioS gemonigfaldade ic aras 7 nu get 
eos et super harenam multiplicabwntur resurrexi et adhuc 

mid Sec ic earn hweSer sles Su god synfulle weoras 

tecum sum 19. si oceidas Deus peccatores Viri 

bloda onbaeldaS from me forSon ge cweaSaS in 

samguinum declinate a me 20. quia dicitis in 

geSohtum eowrum onfoen bie in idelnisse cestre his 
cogitationibus vestris accipiant in vanitate civUates suas 

ahne Sa Se Sec fiodun god ic fiode hie 7 ofer 
21. Nonne qui te oderunt Deus oderam illos et super 

fiond Sine ic aswond fblfremedre* fionge ic fiode hie 

inimicos tuos tabescebam 22. Perfecto odio oderam illos 

fiond gewordne sind me gecunna mec god 7 

inimici facti sunt mihi 23. Proba me Deus et 

wite Su heortan mine frign mec 7 oncnaw stige mine 
seito cor meum interroga me et cognosce semiias meas 

7 geseh hweSer weg unrebtwisnisse in me is 7 gelaed 
24. Et vide si via iniquitatis in me est et deduc 

mec in wege ecum 
me in via aeterna 

1 'Bare (?) er. before $«m. * cut off. * fulfreimedre. 



genere mec dryhten from men yflum from were un- 
2. Eripe me Domine ab homine malo a viro ini- 

rehtwisum gefria mec 6a tfohtun heatas in heortan 

quo libera me 3. Qui cogitaverunt malitias in eorde 

alne deg gesettun • gefeht soerptun tungan heara 

tota die constituebant proelia 4. Acuerunt lingua* suae 

swe swe nedran atur nedrena under weolerum heara 
sic ut serpenUs venerium aspidum sub labiis eorum 

hald mec dryhten of honda synfulles from monnum 
5. Custodi me Damine de manu peecatoris ab hominibus 

unrehtwisum ales mec Sa Sohtun gescrencan gongas 
iniquis libera me Qui cogitaverunt subplantare gressus 

mine ahyddun oferhogan girene me 7 rapas 

meos 6. absconderunt superbi laqueos mihi et funes 

aoenedon in girene fotum minum neh sittfete eswic 
extenderunt in laqueo pedibus meia juxta iter scandalum 

settun me ic cweS to dryhtne god min 8u earS 

posuerunt mihi 7. Dixi Domino Deus mens es fat 

geher dryhten stefhe gebedes mines dryhten dryhten 

exaudi Domine vocem orationis meae 8. Domine Domine 

megen haelu minre ofersceadwa heafud min in dege 
virtue salutis meae obumbra caput meum in die 

gefehtes ne sele mec luste minum t$®m synfullan 

belli 9. Ne tradas me desiderio meo peccatori 

Sohtun witS me ne forlet Su mec ne eefre 

cogitaverunt adversum me ne derelinquas me ne umquam 

sien upahefen heafud ymbhwyrftes heara gewin weolura 

exaltentur 10. Caput circuities eorum labor labiorum 

heara oferwriS hie fallatS ofer hie colu fyres 

ipsorum operiet eon 11. Cadent super eos carbones ignis 

in fyre Su aweorpes hie in ermSum ne wiftstondaS wer 

in igne deicies eos in miseriis non subsistent 12. Vir 

getynge ne bit? gereht ofer eor&an wer Cone unrehtan 
linguosus non dirigitur super terram virum injustwn 

yfel niomat? in forwyrde ic oncneow forSon doetS 

mala capient in *interitum 13. Cognovi quoniam faciet 

dryhten dom weSlena 7 wrece Searfena ah 

Dominus judicium inopum et vindictam pauperum 14. Verum 


bwetSre rebtwise ondettat? noman Sinum 7 eardiaS 
tamen justi confitebuntur nomini tuo et habitabunt 

rehte mid ondwlitan Sinum 
recti cum vultu tuo 


dryhten ic cleopude to de geher raec bihald . stefhe ge- 
Domine clamavi ad te exaudi me intende voci oro> 

bedes mines Sonne ic cleopiu to Se sie geraht gebed 

tionis meae dwm clamavero ad te 2. Dirigatur oratio 

min swe inbernisse in gesihde tS(inre) 1 uphefenis bonda 
mea sicut incensum in conspectu tu(o) 1 Elevatio manuum 

minra onsegdnis efenlice sete dryhten gebaeld 

mearum sacrificium vespertinum 3. Pone' Domine custodiam 

miiSe minum 7 duru ymbstondnisse weo[le]rum niinuwi 
ori meo et ostium circumstantiae labiis meis 

Sset Su ne onbaelde heortan mine in word yfel 
4. Ut non declines cor meum in verbum malum 

to aconnenne oncunnisee in synnuw mid monnum 
ad excusandas excusationes in peccatis Cum hominibus 

wircendunt unrebtwisnisse 7 ic ne geneblaecu mid gecorenum 
operantibus iniquitatem et non conbinabor cum electis 

beara SreaS mec rebtwis in mildbeortnisse 7 

eorum 5. Corriptet me Justus in misericordia et in- 

?5reaS mec ele so&lice synfulles ne smireS heafud 
crepabit me oleum autem peccatoris non inpinguet caput 

min forSon nu get is gebed min in welgelicadum 
meum Quoniam adhuc est oratio mea in beneplacitis 

beara forswelgende werun gesingalede to stane doeman 

eorum 6. absorpti sunt' conlinuati petrae judices 

heara geheren word min forSon maebtun swe swe 

eorum audient verba mea quoniam potuerunt 7. Sic ut 

faetnes eorSan wes tosliten ofer eor8an tostencte sind 
crassitudo terras erupta est super terram dissipata sunt 

ban ur neb belle fortfon to Se dryhten dryhten 

088a nostra secus infernum 8. Quia ad te Domine Domine 

1 cut off. 


egan min in dec ic gehyhte ne afir Su sawle mine 
oculi mei in te speravi non auferas animam meam 

gehald mec from girene Ca gesettun me 7 from 
9. Custodi me a laqueo quern statuerunt mihi et ab 

espicum wircendum unrehtwisnisse fallaS in nette 

8candalis operantibus miquitatem 10. Cadent in retiaculo 

his synfulle synderlice ic earn o85et ic *leareore 
ejus peccatores singulariter sum ego donee transeam 


mid stefhe minre to dryhtne ic cleopude mid stefhe minre to 
2. Voce mea ad Dominum clamavi voce mea ad 

dryhtne biddende ic earn ic ageotu in gesihoe his 

Dominum depraecatus sum 3. Ejfundam in conspectu ejus 

gebed min geswencednisse mine biforan him ic forSsecgu 
orattonem meam trvbulationem meam ante ipsum pronuntio 

in aspringunge in me gast minne 7 Su oncneowe 
4. In deficiendo in me spiritum meum et tu cognovisti 

stige mine in wege Sissuw on tfoem ic ymbgongu 
semitas meos In via hoc qua ambulabam ab- 

*ahydun girene me ic sceawade to Sere swiSran 

econderunt laqueos mihi 5. considerabam ad dextris 

7 gesaeh 7 ne wes se oncneowe mec forweartS fleam 
et videbam et non erat qui agnosceret me Periit fuga 

from me 7 ne ia se soece sawle mine ic 

a me et m non est qui requirat animam meam 6. cla- 

cleopede to "Be dryhten cweS 3u earS hyht min dael 
mwvi ad te Domine dixi Tu es spes mea portio 

min in eor&an lifgendra bihald in gebed min 

mea in terra viventium 7. Intende in orationem meam 

forSon geeaSmodad ic earn switte gefrea mec from Caem 
quia humiliatus sum nimis Libera me a per- 

oehtendum mec forSon gestrongade sind ofer mec 
sequentibus me quoniam confortati sunt super me 

gelaed ut of carcerne sawle mine to ondetende noman 
8. Educ de carcere animam meam ad confitendum nomini 

"BiniiTO mec bidaS rehtwise oSSet tSu geedleanie me 
tuo Me expectant justi donee retribuas mihi 



dryhten geher gebed min mid earum onfoh halsunge 
Domine exaudi orationem meam auribus percipe obsecra- 

mine in soSfestnisse Sinre geher mec in Sinre 
tionem meam in veritate tua exaudi me in tua 

rehtwisnisse 7 ne gaSu inn in dome mid Siowe 

justitla 2. Et non intres in judicio cum servo 

Sinum forSon ne biS 1 gerehtwisad in gesi[h]Se Sinre 
tuo quia non justificabitur in conspectu tuo 

oeghwelc lifgende forSon *ohtende wes se feond sawle 

omnis vivens 3. Quia persecutus est inimicus ani- 

mine *geaSmodade in eordan lif min gesteaSelade 
mam meam humiliavit in terra vitam meam CoUocavit 

y^ mec in degulnissum 2 swe swe deode weorulde 7 

me in obseuris sicut mortuos saeculi 4. et 

generwed is in me 8 *gas min in me gedroefed is 
ancxiatU8 est in me spiritus mens in me turbatum est 

faeorte min gemyndig ic wes daega aldra 7 

cor meum 5. Memor fui dierum antiquorum et 

smegende ic earn in allum wercum Sinum 7 in dedum 
meditatus sum in omnibus operibus Pais et in factis 

honda Sinra ic smegu ic Senede honda mine to 

manuum tuarum meditabor 6. Expandi manus meas ad 

Se sawul min swe swe eorSe butan wetre Se hreSlice 

te anima mea sicut terra sine aqua tibi 7. Velociter 

geher mec dryhten asprong gast min ne acer Su 
exaudi me Domine defecit spiritus mens non avertas 

onsiene Cine from me 7 ic beom gelic astigenduro in 
faciem tuam a me et ero similis descendentibus in 

seatS geherde me doa on marne mildheortnisse Sine 4 

lacum 8. Auditam mihi fac mane misericordiam tuam 

forSon in Sec ic gehyhte dryhten cvSne 5 me doa weg 
quia in te speravi Domine Notam mihi fac viam 

in Ssem ic gonge forSon to Se dryhtm ic up ahof sawle 
in qua ambulem quia ad te Domine levavi animam 

1 bifS gebitf. * vel jyystram added later* 8 m:me. * 8 from t. 

6 v from y. 


mine genere mec of feonduw minum dryhien to Se 

meam 0. Eripe me de inimicis meis Domine ad te 

ic gefleh laer mec doan willan Sinne forSon Su 

conjugi 10. cfoce me facere voluntatem tuam quia tu 

earS god min gast Sin god gelaedeS mec in wege 
es Deus meus Spvritus tuus bonus deducet me in via 

rehtum fore noman Sinunt dryhtm Su geliffestes 

recta 11. propter nomen tuum Domine vivificabis 

mec in rehtwisnisse dinre 7 utalaedes of geswince sawle 
me in aequitate tua Et educes de tribulatione animam 

mine 7 in mildheortnisse Sinre tostences feond 

meam 12. et in misericordia tua disperdes inimicos 

mine 7 forspildes alle Sa Se swencaS sawle mine forSon 
meos et perdes omnes qui tribulant animam meam quoniam 

Siow Sin ic earn 
serous tuus ego sum 


gebledsad dryhten god min se IcereS honda mine to 
Benedictus Dominus Deus mens qui docet manus meas ad 

gefehte 7 fingras mine to gefehte mildheortnis min 

proelium et digitos meos ad bellum 2. Misericordia mea 

7 geberg min ondfenga min 7 *gefrigen min gescildend 
et re/ugium meum susceptor mens et liberator mens Protector 

min 7 in him ic gehyhte underSeodende folc under me 
mens et in ipso speravi subiciens populos sub me 

dryhtew hwet is monn Saet Su cuSades him oSSe sunu 
3. Domine quid est homo quid innotuisti ei aut JUius 

monnes forSon getelest hine mon idelnisse gelic 

hominis quoniam reputas eum 4. Homo vanitati similis 

geworden is daegas his swe swe scua bileoraS drybten 

/actus est dies ejus sicut umbra praetereunt 5. Domine 

♦inhaeld heofenas Sine 7 astig gehrin muntas 7 hie 
inclina caelos tuos et discende tange mantes et fumi- 

smicaS bliccette bliccetunge Sine 7 tostences hie 

gabunt 6. Corusca coruscaliones tuas et dissipabis eos 

onsend strelas Sine 7 gedroefes hie onsend hond 

emitte sagittas tuas et conturbabis eos 7. Emitte manum 

Sine of heanisee genere mec 7 gefrea mec of wetruw* 
tuam de alto eripe me et libera me de aquis 


miclufti 7 of honda bearna fremSra Seara muS 

multis et de manu JUiorum alienorum 8. Quorum os 

spreocende is idelnisse 7 sie swiSre *hea swiSre un- 
locutum est vanitatem et dextera eorum dextera vni» 

rebtwisnisse god song uiowne ic singu So in hearpan 

quitatis 9. Deus eanUcum novum eantabo tibi in psalterio 

ten strenga ic singu Se Su seles haelu cyningum 

decern eordarum paallam tibi 10. Qui das saluiem regions 

Su gefreas Siow Sinne of sweorde awergdum 

qui liberas David servum tuum de gladio maligna 

genere mec 7 gefrea mec of wetruin miclum of 

11. Eripe me et libera me de aquis multis et de 

honda bearna fremdra Seara muS spreocende wes idel- 
manu JUiorum alienorum Quorum os locutum est vani- 

nisse 7 swiSre beara swiSre unrehtwisnisse Seara 

tatem et dextera eorum dextera iniquitatis 12. Quorum 

beam swe swe niowe plant steaSelunge gesteaSulfestad from 
filii sicut novella plantations stabilita a 

guguSe bis Sohtur beara geglengde ymbgefretwade swe swe 
juventute sua Filiae eorum compositae circumomatae ut 

gelicnis temples borderu heara ful recetunge 

similitudo templi 13. Prumtuaria eorum plena eructuantia 

of Sissum in S»t ecep beara beorende genybtsumiende in 
ex hoc in Ulud Oves eorum Jetosae abundantes in 

siSfetum beara oxan beara faette nis hryre 

itineribus mis 14. boves eorum crassi Non est ruina 

stanwalles ne ferlet ne cleopung in *worSignum beara 
macheriae neque transitus neque clamor in plateis eorum 

eadig cwedun folc them Sas *sin eadig folc 
15. Beatum dixerunt populum cui haec sunt beatus populus 

Ses is dryhten god beara 
cujus est Dominus Deus eorum 


ic upbebbu Sec god cyning min 7 bledsiu noman Sinne 
ExaUabo te Deus rex meus et benedicam nomen tuum 

in ecnisse 7 in weoruld weorulde Sorb syndrie 

in aetemum et in saeculum saeculi 2. Per singulos 


daegas ic bledsin Sec 7 hergu noman Sinne in ecnisse 
dies benedicam to et laudabo nomen tuum in aetemum 

7 in weoruld weorulde micel dryhten 7 hergendlic 

et in 8aeculum saeculi 3. Magnus Dominus et laudabilis 

swiSe 7 micelnisse his nis ende cneoris 7 

nimis et magnitudinis ejus nonest finis 4. Generatio et 

cneoris hergaS were din 7 *maht Sine forSsecgaS 
generatio laudabunt opera tua et potentiam tuam pronuntiabunt 

micelnisse* megendrymmes "Sines 7 halignisse Sine 
5. Magnificentiam majestatis tuae et sanctitatem tuam 

spreocaS 7 wundur tSin secgaS megen egesfulra 

loquentwr et mirabilia tua narrabunt 6. Virtutem terribili- 

Sinra cweoSaS 7 micelnisse Sine secgaS 
orum tuorum dicent et magnitudinem tuam narrabunt 

gemynd genyhtsumnisse wynsnmnisse Sinre roccettaS 7 
7. Memoriam abundantiae suavitatis tuae eruetabunt et 


rebtwisnisse gefiaS mildheort 7 mildsiend 

justitiam tuam exultabunt 8. Misericors et miserator 

dryht*» geSyidig 7 swiSe mildheort wynsum dryhtm 

Dominus patiens et multum misericors 9. Suavis Dominus 

allum 7 mildse his ofer 

universis et miserationes ejus super 

ondettaS Se dryhtm all were 
10. Conftteantur tibi Domine omnia opera tua et sancti tui 

bledsiaS Sec wnldur rices Sines cweoSaS 7 maeht 

benedicent te 11. Gloriam regni tui dicent et poten- 

Sine spreocaS Sset cuSe doen bearnum monna 

tiam tuam loquentur 12. Ut notam faciant filiis hominum 

maehte Sine 7 wuldur micelnisse rices Siues rice 

potentiam tuam et gloriam magnificentiae regni tui 13. Reg- 

Sin dryhten rice alra weorulda 7 waldnis 

num tuum Domine regnum omnium saeculorum et dominatio 

Sin in aire cneorisse 7 cynne getreowe dryhten in 
tua in omni generations et progenie Fidelis Dominus in 

wordum his 7 halig in allum wercum his up- 

verbis suis et sanctus in omnibus operibus suis 14. Ad- 

hefeS dryhtero alle Sa Se hreosaS 7 areceS alle gecnysede 
levat Dominus omnes qui ruunt et eregit omnes elisos 







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egan alra in Sec *gehyht 1 dryhtm 7 Su seles 
15. Oculi omnium in te sperant Domine et tu das 

mete him in tid gelimplice Su ontynes hond 

€3cam illis in tempore oportuno 16. Aperis tu momum 

Cine 7 gefylles ylc neat bledsunge rehtwis 

tuam et imples omne animal benedictions 17. Justus 

dryhten in allum wegum his 7 halig in allum 
Dominies in omnibus viis suis et sanctus in omnibus 

wercum his neh is dryhten allum gecegenduro 

operibus suis 18. Props est Dominus omnibus invocantibus 

hine in soSfestnisse willan ondredendra hine doeS 

eum in veritate 10. voluntatem timentium ss faeist 

7 gebeodu heara geheretJ 7 hale gedoeS hie haldeS 

et orationes sorum sxaudiet st salvos faciet eos 20. Custodit 

dryhten alle *lifiende hine 7 alle synfulle tostenceS 
Dominus omnes diligentes ss st omnes peccatorss disperdit 

lof dryhtnes spriceS muS min 7 bledsaS ylc 
21. Laudem Domini loquitur os meum et bsnsdicat omnis 

flesc noman haligne his in ecnisse 7 in weoruld 
caro nomen sanctum ejus in aeternum st in saeculum 



here sawul min dryhten. ic hergu dryhten in life 
2. Lauda anima mea Dominum laudabo Dominum in vita 

minuro singu gode minum swe longe swe ic biom nyllatJ 
mea psaUam Deo meo quamdiu ero Jyoltte 

getreowan in aldermonnum ne in bearnum monna 

confidere in principibus 3. neque in fliis hominum 

in tfaem ne wes haelu utgaeft gast his 7 eft- 

in quibus noh" est salus 4. Eociet spiritus ejus et rever' 

cerreS in eortSan his in tfaem dege forweorSaS alle 
tetur in terram suam in ilia die peribunt omnes 

geSohtas heara eadig tfes god fultum his 

cogitationes eorum 5. Beatus cujus Deus Jacob adjutor ejus 

hyht his in dryhtwe gode his se dyde heofen 7 

spes ejus in Domino Deo ipsius 6. Qui fecit caelum et 

1 gehyht::::::. 


eorSan sae 7 all Sa in Saem sind Be haldeS 

terrain mare et omnia quae in eis sunt 7. Qui custodit 

soSfestnisse in weoruld doeS dom teonan geSyldgum 
veritatem in saeculum facit judicium injuriam patientibus 

seleS mete hyngrendum dryhten upreceS gecnysede dryhten. 
dot escam esurientibus Dominus eregit elisos Dominus 

onleseS gecyspte dryhten inlihtetS blinde dryhten 

solvet conpeditos 8. Dominus inluminat caecos Dominus 

gereceS rehtwise dryhtew haldeS wreccan feadurleasne 

diregit justos 0. Dominus custodit advenam pupillum 

7 widwan onfoeS 7 weg synfulra abreoteS ricsaS 

et viduam suscipiet et viam peccatorum exterminabU 10. Reg- 

dryhten in ecnisse god flin Sion in weoruld 
nabit Dominus in aetemum Deus tuus Sion in saeculum 



hergaS dryhtera fortfon god is Balm gode urura 
Laudate Dominum quoniam bonus est psalmus Deo nostro 

wynsnro sie herenis timbriende dryhten 

jueunda sit laudatio 2. Aedificans Hierusalem Dominus 

7 tostencnisse 1 gesomniende se haeleS geSrgste 

et dispersiones Israhel congregans 3. Qui somat contritos 

on heortan 7 awritSeS fortJrestnisse heara se rimeS , 

eorde et alligat contritiones eorum 4. Qui numerat 

mengu steorrena 7 allum him noman cetS 

multitudinem stellarum et omnibus eis nomina vocat 

micel dryhten ur 7 micel megen his 7 snytre 2 
5. Magnus Dominus nosier et magna virtus ejus et sapientiae 

his nis rim onfonde monSwiere dryhtoi 

ejus non est numerus 6. Suscipiens mansuetos Dominus 

geea&nodaS soSlice synfulle 08 eorSan onginna'S 

humiliat autem peccatores usque ad terram 7. Incifrite 

dryhtne in ondetnisse singaS gode urum in citran 
Domino in confessione psallite Deo nostro in cithara 

se *oferw[i]r$ heofen mid wolcnum 7 gearwaS eorSan 
8. Qui operit caelum nubibus et parat terrae 

1 to:et, a «yn : : : er. before snytre. 


regn se forSlsedeS in muntum heg 7 wyrte Siow- 
pluviam Qui producit in montibus faenum et herbam servi- 

domes monna se seleS neatum mete heara 7 

ttUi hominum 0. Qui dat jumentis eseam ipsorum et 

briddum hrefna gecegendum hine nales in megnum 

pullis corvorum invocantibus eum 10. Non in viribus 

horses willan hafaS ne in geteldum weres wel 
equi voluniatem habebit neque in tabernaculis viri bene 

gelicad is him welgelicad is dryhtm ofer on- 

placitum est ei 11. BeneplacUum est Domino super ti- 

dredende hine 7 in him Sa gehyhtaS in mildheortnisse 
mentes eum et in eis qui sperant in misericordia 



here dryhtm here god Sinne Sion 

12. Lauda , ffieruscUem Dorninum lauda JDeum tuum Sion 

forSon gestrongade scyttels geata Sinra bledsade 

13. Quoniam confortavit seras portarum tuarum benedixit 

beam Sin in Sec se sette endas Sine sibbe 7 

JUI08 tuos in te 14. Qui posuit fines tuos pacem et 

smeorwe hwsetes gereordende Sec se utsendeS gesprec 

adipe frumenti saltans te 15. Qui emittit eloquium 

his eorSan hreSlice eorneS word his se seleS 

euum terrae velociier currit sermo ejus 16. Qui dat 

snaw swe swe wulle geswerc swe swe eascan strigdeS 
nivem sic ut lanam nebulam velut cinerem epargti 

sendeS his swe swe stycce hlafes biforan 

17. Mittit christallum mum sic ut frusta panis ante 

onsiene ccles his hwelc wiSstondeS sendeS word 

faciem frigoris ejus quis subsistit 18. Mittit verbum 

his 7 gemaelteS Sa bleow gast his 7 fleowun weter 
suum et liquef octet ea fiavit spiritus ejus et fluent aquae 

forSseggende word his rehtwisnisse 7 *doma 

10. Pronuntians verbum suum Jacob justitias et judieia 

his ne dyde swe ylcre cneorisse 7 domas 

sua Israhel 20. Non fecit taliter omni natione et judieia 

his ne *gesweocoSade him 
sua non manifestavit eis 



hergaS dryhten of heofenum hergad hine in heanissum 
Laudate Dominum de cadis laud ate eum in excelsis 

hergatS hine alle englas his hergaS hine alle 
2. Laudate eum omnes angeli ejus laudate eum omnes 

megen his hergaS hine sunne 7 mona hergatS hine 

virtutes ejus 3. Laudate eum soil et luna laudate eum 

alle steorran 7 leht hergaS hine heofenas heofena 

omnes stellae et lumen 4. Laudate eum cadi cadorum 

7 weter $a ofer heofenas sind hergen noman dryhtnes 

et aquae quae super caelos sunt 5. lavdent nomen Domini 

forSon he cweS 7 geworden werun he onbead 1 7 gescepen 
Quia ipse dixit et facta sunt ipse mandavit et creata 

werun gesette 8a in ecnisse 7 in weoruld weorulde 

sunt 6. Statuit ea in aetemum et in saeculum saeculi 

bibod sette 7 no bileorde hergaft dryhten 

praeceptum posuit et non praeteribit 7. Laudate Dominum 

of eorSan draecan 7 alle niolnisse fyr hegel snaw 

de terra dracones et omnes abyssi 8. Ignis grando nix 

is *gas ysta 8a do8 word his 

glades spirit/as procdlarum qui faciunt verbum ejus 

muntas 7 alle hyllas treo westemberu 7 alle ceder- 
0. Mantes et omnes colles ligna fructifera et omnes caedri 

beamas wilddeor 7 all netenu nedran 7 fuglas 

10. Bestiae et universa pecora serpentes et volucres 

gefiSrede cyningas eordan 7 alle folc aldermen 7 

pennatae 11. Reges terras et omnes populi principes et 

alle doeman eordan gunge 7 *femman aide mid 

omnes judices terras 12. Juvenes et virgines seniores cum 

gingrum hergen noman dryhtne* forSon upahefen 

junioribus laudent nomen Domini 13. Quia exaltatum 

is noma his anes ondetnis his ofer heofen 7 

est nomen ejus solius 14. confessio ejus super caelum et 

eordan 7 nphefetJ horn folces his ymen allura halgum 
terram Et exaltabit cornu populi sui Hymnum omnibus Sanctis 

his bearnum Israel folce toneolaecendum him 
ejus filiis Israhd populo adpropianti sibi 

1 be on tome other ItUert. 



singatS drylitns song neowne herenis his in cirican 
Cantate Domino canticum novum laudatio ejus in ecclesia 

haligra *blisse Israel in hine se dyde hine 

sanctorum 2. Laetetur Israhel in to qui fecit ipsum 

7 beam Sione gefen ofer cyning heara hergen 

et JUii Sion exultent super regem suum 3. Laudent 

noman his in Create in timponan j hearpan singa'S 
nomen ejus in choro in tympano et psalterio psallant 

him forSon welgelicad is dryhtne in folce his 

ei 4. Quia beneplacitum est Domino in populo suo 

7 uphefetJ monSuere in haelu gefiatS halge in 

et exaltabit mansuetos in sahtiem 6. Eocultabunt sancti in 

wuldre blissiaS in bedcleofam heara wynsumnisse 

gloria laetabuntur in cubUibus suis 6. Exultationes 

godes in gomum heara 7 sweord twiecge in hondum 
Dei in faucibus eorum et gladii ancipites in manibus 

heara to donne *wrec in cneoriseum 1 Sreange 

eorum 7. Ad faciendam vindictam in nationibus increpa- 

in folce to gebindenne cyningas heara in 

tiones in populis 8. Ad alligandos reges eorum in 

fotcospum 7 eSele heara in bendum irnum 8»t 

conpedibus et nobiles eorum in vinculis ferreis 0. Ut 

doen in him dom awritenne wuldur Cis is allum 
faciant in eis judicium conscriptum gloria haec est omnibus 

halgum his 
Sanctis ejus 


hergaS dryhten in halgum his herga<5 hine in try- 
Laudate Dominum in Sanctis ejus laudate eum in fir- 

menisse megnes his hsergaS hine in maehtum 

mamento virtutis ejus 2. Laudate eum in potentatibus 

his hergaS hine efter mengu micelnisse his 

ejus laudate eum secundum multitudinem magnitudinis ejus 

hergatJ hine in *swoge homes hergatS hine in 
3. Laudate eum in sono tubae laudate eum in 

1 u over dotted e. 



hearpan 7 citran hergaS hine in timpanan 7 Create 

psalterio et eithara 4. Lavdate eum in tympano et choro 

hergaS hine in strengum 7 organan hergatS hine 

lavdate eum in chordis et organo 5. Lavdate eum 

in cymbalan *bel hleoSriendura hergaS hine in cimbalan 
in cynxbalis bene sonantibus lavdate eum in eymbalis 

wynsumnisse ylc 1 gast hereS dryhten 

jubUationis 6. omnis spiritus lavdet Dominum 




lytel ic wes betwih broSur* mine 7 *iugra in huse 
PusiUus eram inter fratres meos et adolescentior in domo 

feadur mines ic foedde seep feadur mines honda mine 
patris met pascebam oves patris met manus meae 

dydun orgauan fingras mine wyrctun hearpan 7 hwelc 
fecerv/nt organum digiti mei aptaverunt psalterium et quis 

segde dryhtne minura he dryhten he allra geherde 
adnuntiavit Domino meo ipse Dominies ipse omnium exau- 

mec he sende engel his 7 nom mec of scepum 5 
divit me ipse misit angelum mum et tulit me de ovibus 

feadur mines 7 smirede mec in mildheartnisse smirenisse 
patris mei et unxvt me in misericordia unctionis 

his broSur mine gode 7 micle 7 ne wes welgelicad 
suae fratres mei boni et magni et non fuit beneplacitwm 

in him dryhtrie ic uteode ongegn 8 frem'Ses cynnes men 7 
in eis Domino exivi obviam alienigenae et 

wergcweodelade mec in hergura hefalra ic sotSlice ge- 
maledixit me in simulacris suis ego autem eva~ 

brogdnum from him his agnunt sweorde ic acearf heafud 10 
ginato ah eo ipsius gladio amputavi caput 

his 7 onweg afirde edwit of beamum Israela 
ejus et abstuli obprobrium de JUiis Isrdhel 

1 1 from some other letter. * b : : : : roCur. * gnfrom m. 





ic ondettu $e dryhtew fordon eorre Su earS me gecerred 
Confitebor tibi Domine quoniam iratus es mihi conversus 

is hatheortnis Sin 7 *frofrende eartS mec sehtfe god 
est furor tuns et consolatus es mihi Ecee Deus 

hejend min getreowlice ic dom 7 ne ondredu forSon 
salvator mens fiducialiter again et non timebo Quia 

strengu min 7 herenis min dryht^i 7 geworden is 
fortitudo mea et laudatio mea Dominus et factus est 

5 me in haelu gehleadaS weter in gefian of *wellu 
mihi in saJutem *Aurietis aquas in gaudio de fontibus 

haeleudes 7 cweotSaS in Seem dege ondcttatS dryhtna 7 
salvatoris et dicitis in ilia die conjUemini Domino et 

gecegaS noman his *cytSe doS in folcum gemoetinge 
invocate nomen ejus Notas facite in epulis adinventiones 

his gemumVS forSon heh is noma his singad 

ejus mementote quoniam excelsum est nomen ejus Cantate 

dryhtne forSon micellice dyde seggaS Cis in aire 
Domino quoniam magnifice fecit adnuntiate hoe in universa 

10 eorSan gefeh 7 here eardung Sione forfton micel in 
terra Exulta et lauda habitatio Sion quia magnus in 

midum Sin halig Israel 
medio tui sanctus Israhel 



ic cweS in midum daega minra ic fearu to gete 
Ego dixi in medio dierum meorum vadam ad porta* 

helle ic sohte lafe gera minra ic cweS ic ne gesio 

inferi Quaesivi residuum annorum meorum dixi non videbo 

dryhten god in eorSan lifgendra ne gelociu ic mon 
Dominum Deum in terra viventium Non aspiciam hominem 

mae 7 eardiend gestilde cneoris min wiSlaeded is 7 
ultra et habitatorem quievit generatio mea ablata est et 

5 befalden is from me swe swe geteld heorda forcorfen 

convoluta est a me quasi tabemaculum pastorum Praecisa 


is swe swe frowt Sam weofendan lif min mit te nuget 
est velut a texente vita mea dum adhuc 

gehefeldad acearf mec of marno oS efen geendas 

ordirer succidit me De mane usque ad vesperam finite 

mec from efenne oS margen swe swe lea swe for- 

me a vespere usque ad mane quasi leo sic con- 

drgste all ban min of marne ot efen 

trivit omnia ossa mea De mane usque ad vesperam 

geendas mec swe swe brid swalwan swe ic cleopiu 10 
finies me sicut pullus hvrundinis sic clamabo 

ic smegu swe swe culfre getfynnade sind egan min 
meditator ut columba Adtenuati sunt oculi met 

gelocende in heanis dryhien ned icSrowiu ondsweora fore 
aspicientes in excelso Domine vim patior responds pro 

me hwet ic cweSe oSSe hwet ondsweoraS me S©fc 
me quid dicam out quid respondebit mihi quod 

ic *seofa doa ic Sencu all ger min in bitternisse 
ipse fecerim Recogitabo omnes annos meos in amaritudine 

sawle minre dryhten gif swe bi$ lifd oSSe in weolerum 15 
animae meae Domine si sic vivitur out in talibus 

lif gastes mines geSreas mec 7 geliffestes mec sehSe 
vita spiritus mei corripies me et vivificabis me Ecee 

in sibbe bitternis min sie bittreste Su soSlice generedes 
in pace amaritudo mea amarissima tu autem eruisti 

sawle mine Cat ic ne forwurde 7 awurpe on bee 
animam meam ut non perirem Et projecisti post tergum 

Sinne alle synne mine fortSon nales hel ondetteS 

tuum omnia peccata mea quia non infernus confUebitur 

$e ne deaS hereS Sec ne bidaS $a ofdune ao 

tibi neque mors laudabit te Non expectabunt qui discen- 

steogun in seaS soSfestnisse Sine lifgende lifgende he 
dunt in lacum veritatem tuam vwens vivens ipse 

*onddetteS Se swe 7 ic to dege feder bearnura cu$e 
confitebitur tibi sicut et ego hodie Pater filiis notam 

*doS soSfestnisse Sine dryhten hale us doa 7 salmas 
faciei veritatem tuam Domine salvos nos fac et psalmus 

ure we singaS allum degum lifes ures in hnse 
no8tros cantabimus cunctis diebus vitas nostras in domo 

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gefaeh heorte min in dryhtne 7 upahefen is horn 
ExvXtavit cor meum in Domino et exaltatum est cornu 

min in gode mine 1 gebraeded is mutS min ofer feond 
mev/m in Deo meo Dilatatum est os meum super inimicos 

mine forSon geblissad ic earn in haelu dinre nis m 
meos quia laetata sum in salutari tuo 2fon est 

halig swe swe is dryhten ne softlice is o$er butan 
sanctus ut est Dominus neque enim est alius extra 

5 $e 7 nis_ strong swe swe god ur nvllaS gemonigfaldian 
te et non est fortiis sicut Deus noster fioliie multiplicare 

spreocan 8a hean wuldrende gewiten 8a aldan of mu8e 
loqui sublimia gloriantes recedant Vetera de ore 

eowrum for8on god wisdoma dryhten is 7 him earun 
vestro Quia Deus scientiarum Dominus est et ipsi prae- 

gegearwad ge8ohtas boga strongra oferswi8ed is 7 
parantur cogitationes Arcus fortium super atus est et 

untrume bigyrde sind strengu gefylde 8Br fore hlafum 
infirmi accincti sunt robore Repleti prius pro panibus 

10 *he bihyrdun 7 8iowincelu werun gefylde o[8] $®t unbeo- 
se locaverunt et familici saturati sunt Donee sterelis 

rendu cende monge 7 sie monge hefde beam ge- 
peperit plurimos et quae muUos habebat JUios in- 

untrumad wes dryhten cwselme8 geliffeste8 ge1aede8 to 
firmata est Dominus mortificat et vivificat deducit ad 

helwearum 7 eft alaede8 dryhten Searfan doeS 7 ge- 
inferos et reducit Dominus pauperem facit et ditat 

weolegaft geeaftmodaft 7 geheS *awecende of duste 
humiliat et sublimat Suscitans de pulvere 

15 weolan 7 of scearne uprorende tSearfan 8set he sitte 
egen/um et de stercore eregens pauperem Ut sedeat 

mid aldermonnum 7 sundurseld wuldres nimeS dryhten 
cum jprinctptottf et solium glorias teneat Domini 

softlice sind heorras eorftan 7 sette ofer hie ymbhwyrft 
enim sunt cardinis terrae et posuit super eos orbem 

foet haligra his heold 7 arlease in Seostrum ge- 
Pedes sanctorum suorum servabit et impii in tenebris con- 

1 Utter cut off\. 


swigiaS fortfon nales in strengu his bi$ gestrongad wer 
ticiscent Quia non in fortitudine sua roborabitur vir 

dryhten forhtiaS witferbrocan his 7 ofer him in 20 
Dominum formidahunt adversarii ejus et super ipsis in, 

he of en urn hleo&raS dryhten doemed endas eorSan 7 seleS 
cadis tonabit Dominus judicabit fines terrae et dabit 

cynedom cyninge his 7 gelieS horn Cristes his 
imperium regi suo et sublimabit cornu Christi sui 



singen we dryhtws wuldurlice so&lice gearad is hors 
Cantemus Domino gloriose enim honorificatus est equum 

7 onstigend awearp in sae fultum 7 gescildend geworden 
et ascensorem prqjecit in mare adjutor et protector /actus 

is me in haelu Ses god min 7 ariu hine god 
est mihi in salutem Hie Deus meus et honorabo eum Dens 

feadur mines 7 ic *uphebu hine dryhten forSrsestende 
pairis met et exaltabo eum Dominus conterens 

gefeht dryhten noma is him scrid Pharaones 7 weoreda 5 
beUa Dominus nomen est ei Currus Pharaonis et exercitum 

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ejus projecit in mare Electos ascensores ternos statores 

besencte in Sere readan sae widsae oferwrah hie bicwomun 
demersit in Rubro Mare Pelago cooperuit eos devenerunt 

in grand swe swe stan swiSre Sin dryhtm gewuldrad 
in profundum tamquam lapis Dextera tua Domine glorificata 

is in megne sie swiSre honda Cine dryhten gebrec feo[n]d 
est in virtute dextera manus tua Domine confregit inimicos 

7 tforh mengu megenSrymmes Sines Su fordr§stes 19 

Et per multitudinem majestatis tuae conteruisti ad' 

wiSerbrocan Su sendes eorre Sin 7 et hie swe swe 
versarios Misisti iram tuam et comedit eos tamquam 

halm 7 Sorh gast eorsunge Cinre todaeled is weter 

stipulam et per spiritum *iraecundiae tuae divisa est aqua 

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Oelaverunt tamquam muros aquae gelaverunt fluctus in medio 

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mare Dixit vnimicus persequens eonpraekendam partibo spolia 


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replebo animam meam interficiam gladio meo dominabitur 

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manu8 mea Misisti spiritum tuum et operuit eos mare 

bisenctun swe swe lead in wetre Ssm strengestan kwelc 
merserunt tamquam plumbum in aqua validissima Quis 

gelic Se in godura dryhten hwelc gelic Se wuldurfest 
similis tibi in diis Domine quis similis tibi gloriosus 

in halgum wundurlic in megenSrymmum donde forebecen 
in Sanctis mvrabilis in majestatibus faciens prodigia 

20 Su aSenedes Sa swiSran Sine 7 forswalg hie eorSe 
Extendisti dexteram tuam et devoravit eos terra 

steordes mid *rehtwinisse dinre folc Sin Sis S»t 

gubernasti justitia tua pojndum tuum hunc quern 

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liberasti Exortus es in virtute tua et in refecr 

nisse Sere halgan Sinre geherdun Siode 7 eorre werun 
Hone sancta tua Audierunt gentes et iratae sunt 

ear befengun ineardiende Filisteos 5a oefestun 

dolores conpraehmderwnt inhabitantes Philistim Tunc festina- 

35 ladtowas Edomes 7 aldermen Moab gegrap 

verunt duces Edom et principes Mohabitarum adprae- 

hie cwaecung aswundun alle ineardiende 
hendit eos tremor Tabuerunt omnes inJucbitantes Chanaan 

gefalle ofer hie ege 7 ewaecung micelnisse earmes Sines 
decidat super eos timor et tremor magnitudinis brachii tui 

sien swe swe stan oS Sset leoreS folc Sin dryhten 
Fiant tamquam lapis donee transeat populxis tuus Domine 

0$ S®t Sonne geondfereS folc Sin Sis Saet Su bigete 
usque dum pertranseat populus tuus hunc quern adquesisti 

30 ingelaedes plantas hie in munt erfes Sines 

Induces plantas eos in montem hereditatis tuae in 

gegearwadum eardunghuse Sinum Saet gegearwades dryhten 
praeparato habitaculo tuo quod praeparasti Domine 

halignisse Sine dryhten Sset gegearwadun honda Sine 
Sanctimonium tuum Domine quod praeparaverunt manus tuae 

dryhten Su ricsas in ecnisse 7 in weoruld 7 nuget 
Domine qui regnas in aetemum et in saeculum et adJiuc 

1 8&from m. 


forSon ineode eorud Faraones 1 mid feoSurtemum 7 up- 
Quia introivit equitatus Farao cum quadrigis et as- 

stigendum in sae 7 gelaedde ofer hie dryhten weter 35 
censorious in mare et induxit super eos Dominus aquas 

sae beam soSlice eodun Sorh dryge Sorh 

maris Filii autem Israhel ambulaverunt per siccum per 

midne 2 se 
medium mire 



dryhtm ic geherde gehernisse Sine 7 ondreord ic sceawade 
Domine audivi auditum tuum et timui Consideravi 

were Sin 7 ic forhtade in mi die twoega netna cuSas 
opera tua et expavi In medio duorum animalium inno- 

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tesceris Dum adpropiaverint anni cognosceris Bum advenerit 

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tempu sostenderis in eo dum conturbata fuerit anima mea 

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in ira misericordiae memor eris Deus a Libano 

cymeS 7 halig of munte scedehtura 7 Siccum oferwrah 
veniet et sanctus de monte umbroso et condenso Operuit 

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caelos majestas ejus et laudi ejus plena est terra 

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Splendor ejus sicut lumen erit cornua sunt in manibus 

his Ser getrymed is megen wuldres his 7 sette 
ejus ibi confirmata est virtus gloriae ejus et posuit 

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claritatem firmam forlitudini suae Ante faciem ejus ibit 

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verbum et exibit in campis pedes ejus steterunt et mota 

wes eorSe gelocade 7 tofleowun Seode tobrocene sind 
est terra AspexU et defluxerunt gentes confracti sunt 

muntas swiSlice 7 tofleowun hyllas ecelice siSfetas 
monies vehementer et defluxerunt colles aeternales itenera 

ecnisse his fore gewinnum weres geteld Sigel- 
aeternitatis ejus iwae laborious viri Tabernacula Aethi- 

1 second a from o. 9 ne on er. * dfrom t. 4 dfrom 15. 


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opum expave8cent tabernacula terrae Madian Numquid in 

flodum Sines earres dryhten oSSe in flodura hatheortnis 
fluminibus irae tuae Domine aut in fluminibus furor 

Sin oSSe in sae onrees Sin forSon astigende astiges 
tuus aut in mare impetus tuus Quondam ascendens ascendes 

ofer hors Sin 7 eored Sin haelu Sennende Su aSenes 
super equos tuos et equitatus tuus sanitas Tendens extendes 

bogan Sinne ofer cyneSrym cweS dryhten mid flodum 
arcum tuum super sceptra dicit Dominus Fluminibus 

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sdnditur terra videbunt te et dolebunt po2>tUi A spar gens 

weter in siSfetum his salde niolnis stefhe his from 
aquas in Uineribus suis dedit abysms vocem suam ab 

heanisse scinhiowes his npahefen is sunne 7 mona stod 
altitudine fantasiae suae Elevatus est sol et luna stetit 

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in ordine suo In lumine jaeula tua ibunt in 

birhtu legite wepna Sinra in neoweste Sinre 
splendore fulgoris armorum tuorum In eomminatione tua 

25 gewonas eorSan 7 in *hatheortniss Sinre teles Siode 
minorabi8 terram et in furore tuo detrahes gentes 

Sugestode in haelu folces Sines Sset hale gedoe cristas 
Existi in salutem populi tui ut salvos facias ehristos 

Sine sendes in heafudu unrehtra deaS Su awaehtes bende 
tuos Misisti in capita iniquorum mortem excitasti vincula 

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usque ad cervices Praecidisti in alienatione capita potentium 

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movebuntur in ea gentes Adaperient ora sua sicut 

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pauper edens in occulto Misisti in mare aequos tuos 

gedroefende weter micelu heold 7 forhtade womb min 
turbantes aquas multas Custodimt et expavit venter meus 

from stefhe gebedes *beolera minra 7 ineode cwaecung 

a voce orationis labiorum meorum et introivit tremor 


in ban min 7 under me gedroefed is megen min 
in ossa mea et subtus me turbata est virtus mea 

gerestu in dege geswencednisse minre Saet ic astige to 
Eequiescam in die tribulationis meae ut ascendam ad 


folce leornisse minre forSon fictreo no tobringeS 35 

populum transmigrationis (m)eae Quoniam ficus non ad/eret 

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fructum et non erit generatio in vineis Mentientur opus 

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olivae et campi non facient escas Defecerunt ah esca 

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oves et non erunt in praesepio boves Ego autem in Domino 

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gloritbor gaudebo in Deo litem meo Domine Deus 

megen min gesete foet mine in geendunge 7 ofer 40 
virtus mea constitue pedes meos in consummatione et super 

Sahean geseteS mec Caet ic oferswitSe in birhtu his 
excelsa statuit me ut vincam in claritate ipsius 



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Adtende caelum et loquar et audiat terra verba ex ore 

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meo Exspectetur sicut pluvia eloquium rneum et de- 
sire swe deaw word min swe swe scur ofer 
scendant sicut ros verba mea Sicut imber super 

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gramen et sicut nix super faenum quando nomen Domini 

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invocabo Date magnitudinem Deo nostro Deus vera opera 

his 7 alle wegas his domas god getreowe 7 nis 
ejus et omnes viae ejus judicia Deus fidelis et non est 

unrehtwisnis in him rehtwis 7 halig dryhten syngadnn 
iniquitas in eo Justus et sanctus Dominus Peccaverunt 

nales him beam unwemme cneoris Sweoru 7 forcerredu 
non ei JUii inmaculati natio prava et perversa 

tJas dryhtew. geedleanades swe folc dysig 7 nales snottur 
haec Domino retribuisti Sic plebs fatua et non sapiens 

ahne Ses illce Su *ear feder. gesiteS Sec dyde Sec 7 10 
nonne hie ipse tuus pater possedit te fecit te et 

1 first e from unfinished x. * afrom f. 


gescop Sec in mode habbaS deegas weorulde ongeotaS 
creavit te In mente habete dies saeculi irUellegite 

ger cneorisse cneorissa frign feder Sinne 7 segeS 
annos nationis nationum Interroga pattern tuum et adnun- 

Se seldran Sine 7 cweoSaS Se Sonne todaeleS 
tidbit tibi seniores tuos et dicent tibi Cum dividerit 

se hea Siode to Seem gemete tostrigdeS beam Adames sette 
excelsus gentes quemadmodum dispersit filios Adae Statuit 

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termino8 gentium secundum numerum angeiorum Dei Et 

geworden wes dael dryhines folc his rap 

facta est pars Domini populus ejus Jacob funiculum 

erfewordnisse his genyhtsumieridne hine him dyde 

hereditalis ejus Israhel Sufficientem eum sibi fecit 

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in heremo in sitim caloris ubi non erat aqua Circum 

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duxit eum et erudivit eum et custodivit eum sicut 

ao sian egan swe swe earn SeceS nest his 7 ofer 
pupillam oculi Sicut aquila tegit nidum suum et super 

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puUo8 8UO8 consedit Expandit alas mas et accepit eos et 

onfeng hie ofer gescyldru his dryhten ana l«rde hie 
suscepit eos super scapulas suas Dominus solus docebat eos 

7 ne_ wes mid him god fremSe togelaedde 1 hie in 
et non erat cum eis deus alienus Adduxit eos in 

strengu eordan fo[e]dde hie cennende londa 9 sucun 
fortitudine terrae cibavit eos nascentias agrorum Suxerunt 

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mel de petra et oleum de frma petra Botyrum bourn 

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et lac ovium cum adipe agnorum et arietum fUiorum 

fearra 7 buccena mid smeorwe eSra hwaetes 7 

taurorum et hircorum cum adipe renium tritici et 

blod winbergan drinceS win 7 et Iacob 7 

sanguinem uvae Bibit vinum et manducavit Jacob et 

gefylled wes 7 sporetteS se liofa faet geworden wes 7 
satiatus est et recatcitravit dilectus Pinguis f actus est et 

1 -d:de. 9 a from e. 


faettade 7 *gebreded wes 7 forleort god se dyde 3° 
incrassavit et dilatatus est et *dereliquid Deum qui fecit 

hine 7 gewat from gode (Ssem halwyndan his onscunedun 
eum et recessit a Deo salutari suo Exacerbaverunt 

mec in fremSum in onscuningum heara awehtun 
me in dlienis in abliominationibus suis concitaverunt 

mec onsegdun deoflum 7 nales gode godas <5a hie 

me Sacrificaverunt daemoniis et non Deo deos quos 

ne cuSun niowinga cwomun to Ssem Sa nystun feddras 
non noverunt novi recentes venerunt quos nesciebant patres 

heara god se Sec cende Cu forleorte 7 ofergeotul earS 35 
eorwm Deum qui te genuit dereliquisti et oblitus es 

god foedendne Bee gesaeh dryhten 7 wreocende wes 7 
Deum alentem te Vidit Dominus et zelatus est et 

onscunad wes fore eorre bearna his 7 dohtra 7 
exacervatus est propter iram filiorum suorum et JUiarum Et 

cwe8 ic acerru onsiene mine from him 7 oteawu hwet 
dixit avertam faciem meam ab eis et ostendam quid 

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erit eis in novissimo Quia generatio prava et perversa 

beam in Saem nis geleafa in him hie in hatheortnisse 4° 
filii in quibus non est fides in ipsis Ipsi in zelo 

neddun mec 7 nales in gode in eorre awehtun 
conpulerunt me et non in Deo in ira concitaverunt . 

mec in deofulgeldum hear(a) 1 7 ic in hatheortnisse 
me in idolis suis Et ego in zelo 

onweg adrifu hie 7 nales in ftiode in Siode unwise 

expeUam eos et non in gentem in gentem insipientem 

bismeriu hie forJ?on fyr born from eorre minum 7 
inritabo eos Quia ignis exarsit ab ira mea et 

born oS helwearan ofdune et eorSe cennende 45 

ardebit usque ad inferos deorsum Comedit terra nascentias 

heara bernde steaSelas munta ic gesomniu in him 

eorwm concremavit funda/menta montium Congeram in ipsis 

yfel 7 strelas mine gefyllu in him aswindende hungre 
mala et sagittas meas consummabo in eis Tabescentes fame 

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et esca erunt avium et extensio dorsi iiisanibilis 

1 cut off. 


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Dentes bestiarwm inmittam in eis cum furore trahen- 

50 ofer eorcSan utan butan bearnum biscereS hie 

tium super terram A f oris sine JUiis privavit eos 

sweord 7 in ^ondemum 1 ege gunge mid feemnan 
gladius et in prwmptuariis titnor Juvenes cum virgins 

mid steaSulfestutti aldum cwe$* ic tostregde hie biscergu 
cum 8tabilito sene Dixit dispergam eos privabo 

soSlice of monnum gemynd heara nybSe fore eorre 
autem ex hominibus memo Ham eorum Nisi propter iram 

fionda t5y laes longe tid eien ofer eorSan tfoet hie 
inimicorwm ne longo tempore sint super terram Ne con* 

55 ne gedeafien witSerbrocum 7 cwetfen honda ure hea 
sentiant adversariis et dicant manus nostra excelsa 

7 Dales god dyde Sas all forSon tSiod forlorenum ge- 
et non Deus fecit haec omnia Qui agens perdito con- 

Sehte is 7 nis in him Siodscipe ne hogedon 
silio est et non est in eis disciplines Non sapuerunt 

ongeatan tJas onfoS in towordre tide *h swe efter- 
intellegere haec percipient in futuro tempore Quomodo perse- 

fylgetS an Susend 7 twegen onwendat? ten Susendu 
quitur unus mille et duo tran&movebunt dena milia 

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• Nisi quia Dominies subdidit eos et Deus tradidit iUos 

forSon nis_ god ur swe swe godas heara fiond soSlice 
Quia non est Deus noster sicut dii illorum inimici autem 

ure unondgetfulle of wingearde *so31 Sodomwearena wintreo 
nostri insensati Ex vinea enim Sodomorum vitis 

heara 7 owestem heara of Gomorra winbergan 

eorum et propago eorum ex Gomorra Uva eorum 

winbergan gallan hatheortnis draecena win 

uva fellis amaritudinis ipsis Furor draconum vinum 

65 heara 7 hatheortnis nedrena ungehaeledlic ahne 3as 
eorum et furor . aspidum insanabilis Nonne haec 

gesomnade sind mid mec 7 getacnad in goldhordum 
congregata sunt apud me et signata in thesauris 

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meis In die tUtionis reddam Mis in tempore quo 

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lapsus fuerit pes eorum Quia prope est dies perditiones 

heara 7 Cas sind gearu eow fortfon doemeS dryhten .%£?« 
eorum et haec sunt parata vobis Quia judicabit Dominus 

folc his 7 in Siowum his bi3 froefred gesaeh soSlice 70 
pojmlum mum et in servis suis consolabitur Vidit enim 

hie geswencte 7 asprungne in wiSlaednisse 7 tolesde 1 
eos fatigatos et defectos in abductions et dissolutos 

7 cweS hwer sind godas heara in Ssem ge getreowdun 
Et dixit ubi sunt dii illorum in quibus confidebatis 

in him Seara smeoru onsegdnissa ge eton 2 7 druncun _ , 
in ipsis Quorum adipem sacrificiorum edebatis et bibebatis 

win onsegdnisse heara arisen ne gefultumen eowic 7 
vinum libationis eorum Exsurgant nunc adjuvent vos et 

sien eow gescildend gesiaS gesiaS forSon ic earn god 75 
fiant vobis protectores Videte videte quoniam ego sum Deus 

7 nis oSer butan me ic ofslea 7 lifgan gedom 
et non est alius praeter me Ego occidam et vivere faciam 

slea 7 ic gehaelu 7 nis setfe generge of hondum 
percutiam et ego sanabo et non est qui *eripiaat de manibus 

minum forSon ic afirru in heofen hond mine 7 swergu 
meis Quia tollam in caelum manum meam et jurabo 

Sorh 8a swiSran mine 7 cweoSu ic lifgu in ecnisse 
per dexteram meam et dicam vivo ego in aetemum 

forSon ic ascerpu swe swe legitu sweord min 7 doeS 80 
Quia exacuam velut fulgur gladium meum et aget 

dom hond min 7 geedleaniu dom feondum 7 
judicium mantes mea Et retribuam judicium inimicis et 

SissuTW 8a fiodun mec ic *gildu indrencu strelas mine 
his qui oderunt me redda/m Inebriabo sagittas meas 

in blode 7 sweord min itetS fl§sc from blode 

in sanguine et gladius meus ma/nducabit carries A sanguine 

gewnndedra 7 heftnede from heafde aldermonna feonda 
vulneratorum et captivitate a *capita principwm inimi- 

blissiatS heofenas somud mid hine 7 weorSien 85 
eorum Laetamini caeli simul cum eo et adorent 

hine alle englas godes blissiaft Siode somud mid folce 
eum omnes angeli Dei Laetamini gentes simul cum populo 

1 ofrom beginning of some other Utter, * t made .into d. 


his 7 getrymen hine all beam godes forSon blod 
ejus et confirment eum omnes Jilii Dei Quia sanguis 

bearna his biS gescilded j he gescildeS y geedleanaS dom 
Jiliorum ejus defenditur et defendit et retribute judi- 

fiondura j Sissum Sa fiodun hine gildeS 7 
cium inimicis et his qui oderunt eum reddit et 

90 geclasnaS dryhten eorSan folces his 
mundabit Dominus terram populi sui 



bledsiaS all were dryhtnes dryhten bledsiaS heofenas 
Benedicite omnia opera Domini Dominum Benedicite cadi 

. dryhten bledsiaS englas dryhtnes dryhten bledsiaS 
Dominum benedicite angeli Domini Dominum Benedicite 

weter Sa ofer heofenas sind dryhten bledsiaS all 
aquae quae super caelos sunt Dominum benedicite omnes 

megen dryhtnes dryhten bledsiaS sunne 7 mona dryhten 
virtutes Domini Dominum Benedicite sol et luna Dominum 

5 bledsiaS steorran heofenes dryhten bledsiaS scur 7 deaw 
benedicite stellae cadi Dominum Benedicite imber et ros 

dryhten bledsiaS alle gastas dryhten bledsiaS fyr 
Dominum benedicite omnes spiritus Dominum Benedicite ignis 

7 sumur dryhten bledsiaS naeht 7 deg dryhten bled- 
et aestus Dominum benedicite nodes et dies Dominum bene- 

siaS deostru 7 leht dryhten bledtiaS cele 7 haetu 
dicite tenebrae et lumen Dominum benedicite frigus et caumas 

dryhten bledsiaS forstas 7 snaw dryhten bledsiad 
Dominum Benedicite pruina et nives Dominum benedicite 

10 legite 7 wolcen dryhten bledsie 1 eorSe dryhten bled- 
fulgora et nubes Dominum Benedicite terra Dominum bene- 

siaS muntas 7 hyllas dryhten bledsiaS all acennende 
dicite monies et colles Dominum Benedicite omnia nascentia 

eorSan dryhten bledsiad sae 7 flodas dryhten 

*terra Dominum Benedicite maria et Jlumina Dominum 

bledsiaS wsellan dryhten bledsiad hwalas 7 all Sa 
benedicite fontes Dominum Benedicite caeti et omnia quae 

1 latt eon er. 

HY. 9.] 



bioS onstyred in wetrum dryhten bledsiad fuglas heofenes 
moventur in aquis Dominium benedicite volumes cadi 

dryhten bledsia'S wilddeor 7 all netenu dryhten 15 
Dominium Benedicite bestiae et universa pecora Dominum 

bledsiad beam monna dryhten bledsie Israel dryhten 
benedicite JUii hominum Dominum Benedicat Israhel Dominum 

bledsiad biscopas dryhtnes dryhten bledsia'S Siowas 
Benedicite sacerdotes Domini Dominum benedicite servi 

dryhtnes dryhten bledsia'S gastas 7 *sawe rehtwisre 
Domini Dominum Benedicite spiritus et animae justorum 

dryhten bledsiad halge 7 eaftmode on heortan dryhten 
Dominum benedicite sancti et humiles corde Dominum 

bledsiad 7 dryhten bledsien we 20 

benedicite Ananias Azarias et Misahel Dominum Benedi- 

feder 7 sunu 7 Sone halgan gast hergen we 7 
camus Pattern et Filium et Sanctum Spiritum Laudaemus 1 et 

up hebben we hi[n]e in weorulde gebledsad eartS in 

superexaltaemus 1 mm in saecula Benedictus es 


trymenisse heofenes 7 hergendlic 7 up ahefen 
firmamento caeli et ktudabUis et superexaltatus 






gebledsad dryhten god IeraeJ forSon neasede 7 dyde 
Benedictus Dominus Deus Israhel quia visitavit et fecit 

alesnisse folces his 7 arehte horn haelu us in huse 
redemptionem plebis suae Et erexit cornu salutis nobis in domo 

DauiSes cnehtes his swe spreocende wes Sorh mutS 
David pueri sui Sicut locutus est per os sane- 

haligra his witgetia Ca from weorulde sind 7 

torum suorum prophetarum qui a saeculo sunt Et 

gefreade 2 usic from fiondum uruw» 7 of honda alra 5 
liberavit nos ab inimicis nostris et de manu omnium 

da usic fiodun to donne mildheortnisse mid fedrum 
qui nos oderunt Ad faciendam misericordiam cum 2><*tribus 

urum 7 gemunan cySnisse his haligre Sone swergendan aS 
nostris et memorare testamenti sui sancti Jusjurandum 

1 ae/rom a. * dfromft. 


Cone he swor to Abrahame feder urum sellende hine 
quod juravit ad Abraham palrem nostrum daiurum se 

us Set butan ege of hondum fionda ura 

nobis Ut sine timore de manibus inimicorum nostrorum 

10 gefreade we tSiwgen him in halignisse 7 rehtwisnisse biforan 
liberati serviamus illi In sanctitate et justitia coram 

him allum deegum urum 7 $u cneht witga Sea hestan 
ipso omnibus diebus nostris Et tu puer propheta AUissimi 

tSu bist geced foregsest sotflice biforan onsiene dryhtnes 
vocaveris preibis enim ante faciem Domini 

gearwian wegas his to selleune wisdom haelu folce his 
parare vias ejus Ad dandam scientiam saluUs plebi ejus 

in forletnisse synna *minra Sorh innoftas mildheortnisse 
m remissions peccatorum eorum Per viscera misericordiae 

15 godes ures in "Seem neasade usic ufancumende of heanisse 
Dei nostri in quibus visitavit nos oriens ex alto 

inlihtan Sissum 8a in Ceostrum 7 in *deatSes l deaSes 
Inluminare his qui in tenebris et in umbra mortis 

sittaS to gereccenne foet' ure in weg sibbe 
sedent ad dirigendos pedes nostros in viam pads 



miclaC sawul min dryhten 7 gefaeh gast min 
Magnificat anima mea Dominum et exultavit spiritus mens 

in gode halwyndum *minnum forSon gelocade eaSmodnisse 
in Deo salutari meo Quia respexit humilitatem 

meneiies his sehffe soSlice of Sissum eadge mic cweoSaS 
ancillae suae ecce enim ex hoc beatam me dicent 

alle cneorisse fortfon dyde me 5a miclan ee maehtig 
omnes generationes Quia fecit mihi magna qui pot/ens 

5 is 7 halig noma his 7 mildheortnis his from cynne 
est^et sanctum nomen ejus Et misericordia ejus a progenia 

in cyn ondredendum hine dyde maehte in earme his 
in progenia timentibus eum Fecit potendam in bracchio suo 

tostregd oferhogan on mode heortan his ofdune sette maehtge 
diapersit superbos mente cordis sui Deposuit potentes 

1 d from $. 


of selde 7 upahof 1 eaSmode hyngrende gefylde godum 
de sede et exaltavit humiles Fsurientes implevit bonis 

7 weolie* forleort idelhende onfoeS cneht his 

et divites dimisit inanes SuscipU Israhel puerum suum 

gemyndig mildheortnisse his swe spreocende wes to feadrum 10 
recordatus misericordiae suae Sicut locutus est ad patres 

urum Abram 7 sede his 06 in weoruld 
nostros Abraham et semini ejus usque in saeculum 



birhtu federlices wuldres of lehte leht forSbringende 
Splendor paternae gloriae De luce lucem praeferens 

leht lehtes 7 waelle lehtes deg ctaega inlihtende 7 80$ 
Lux lucis et fons luminis Dies dierum inluminans Verusque 

8unne in wege scinende mid sciman Srowian 7 lioma 
sol in labere Micans nitore perpeti Jubarque 

halges gastes ingeot urum gehygdum willum cegen we to 
Sancti Spiritus Infunde nostris sensibus Votis vocemus ad 

feder feder eces wuldres feder mehtigre gefe 5 
Patrem Patrem perennis gloriae Patrem potentis gratiae 

scyld gebegeS glidder gehiowaft dede strece toS 
Culpam redegit lubricant Informet actus strenuos Dentem 

gebegeS efefi(tigne) 8 fael gewynsumie roetfe selle to donne 
retundat inv{idum) Casus secundet asperos Donet gerendi 

gefe mod steoret? 7 receS eigne getreowum lichoman 
gratiam Mentem gubernet et regat Castos fidele corpore 

se rehta geleafa mid haetu walle facnes atur nyte 7 Crist 
Fides colore ferveat Fraudis venena nesciat Christ- 

us sie mete 7 drync ur sie geleafa bliSe 10 
usque nobis sit cibus Potusque noster sit fides Laeti 

drincen we ge&ungenlice *drincennisse gastes "bliSe deg Ces 
bibamus sobrie Ebrietatem spiritus Laetus dies hie 

leore clennes sie Crat on eermargen se rehta geleafa swe swe 
transeat Pudor sit ut deluculo Fides velut 

midne deg degred mod nyte degred ryne forSwegetS 

meridies Crepusculum mens nesciat Aurora cursus j>rovehit 

1 preceded by :::::: . * lost e/rom g. * cutoff. 



degred all fortSypeS in feder all sunu 7 all in worde 
Aurora totus prodeat In Patore totus FUius Et totus in Verbo 

15 feder wuldur Se feder wuldur 8©m ancendan somud mid Sy 
Pater Gloria tibi Pater Gloria Unigenito Una cum 

halgan gaste in Sere ecan weorulde 1 
Sancto Spiritu In sempiterna saecula 



god sceppend alra 7 heofenes rec[c]ere gerwende deg mid 
Deus creator omnium polique rector vestiens diem de- 

wlitige lehte naeht slepes gefe liomu tolesde tSset 
coro Ivmine noctem soporis gratia Artus solutos ut 

sie rest agefe gewinnes gewunan 7 mod woeriga gelihte 
quies reddat labores usui mentesque fessas aUevet 

7 wopas onlese generwde tfoncas *gedoena nu Sa dege 7 
luctusque solvat ancxios Gratis peracto jam die et 

5 naehte upcyme boene gehatum scyldge Saet Cu gefultame 
noctis exortum praeces voids reos ut adjubes 

*humen* singende we onlesat? $»c heortan 8a niSerlican 
hymnum canentes solvimus Te cordis ima 

hleoSriaS Sec stefn smoe'Su hlydeS Sec lufaS dene 
*concinat te vox canora concrepet te diligat castus 

lufe tSec mod weorSaS geSungen 7 mit te grand 
amor te mens adoret sobria Et cum profunda 

biluceS deg dimnes naehta se rehta geleafa Seostru nyte 
clauserit diem caligo noctium fides tenebras nesctat 

10 7 naeht getreowum lihteC slepan mod ne let tfa slepan 
et nox fideli luceat Bormkre mentem ne sinas dormire 

scyld cunne cleene geleafa coelende slepes smec gemetgie 
culpa noverit castus fides refrigerans somni vaporem temperet 

ongered gehygde glidderre See heortan Sa hean slepaS tSylees 
Exuta sensu lubrico te cordis alia somnient nee 

fiondes Ses efestgan 8 facne fyrhtu stille awecce Crist 
hostis invidi dolo pavor quietos suscitet Christum 

bidden we 7 feder Cristes 7 feadur gast an maehtig 
ro'gemus et Patrem Christi Patrisque Spiritum unum potens 

1 might be read weoruldie. 2 u on er. * second e/rom ■ t 



Corh all hirt biddende ftrines wuldur Se feder 15 

per omnia fove precantes trinitas Gloria tibi Pater 



cyning ece dryhten wisena sceppend alra Cu were eer 
Bex aeterne Domine rerum creator omnium qui eras ante 

weorulde aa mid feder sunu Cu middangeardes in fru- 
saecula semper own Patre Filius Qui mundi t in pri* 

man *gehiowadas mon "Seem tSinre onlicnisse 

tnordio Adam plasmasti hominem cui tuae imaginis 

ondwliotan saldes gelicne Cone dioful biswac 1 fiond 
vultum dedisti similem Quern diaboius deeeperat hostis 

menneBce8 cynnes Ses tSu hiow lichoman genioman 5 
humani generis eujus tu formam corporis adsumere 

*gemeode Su were Caet mon "Su alesdes Cone »r sotflice 
dignatus es Ut hominem redemeris quern ante jam 

gehiowades 7 usic to gode gegadrades *Soh fleesces 
plasmaveras Et nos Deo conjungerls per camis con* 

gema&nnisse Cone acennedne of fsemnan forhtaS ylc 2 
tubernium Quern editum ex virgins pavescit omnis 

sawul Corn Cone usic arisan holcle mode we gelefaC 
anvma per quern nos resurgere devota mente credimus 

Be us Corh fulwiht forgefe forgefenisse we earun nu- 10 
Qui nobis per baptxsmwm donasti indulgentiam qui tene- 

mene mid bendum gebundne mid ingehygde 8u 
bamur vinculis ligati conscientia Qui crucem 

fore men onfon gemeodemad were saldes Sin 

propter hominem suscvpere dignatus es Dedisti tuum 

blod ure haelu weorC weotudlice 8 wagrift Ces 

sanguinem Nostras scdutis praetium Nam velum tempU 

temples tosliten is 7 all eorSe cwaecade du monge 
scissum est Et omnis terra tremuit Tu multos 

slependra awehtes dry htm Su fiondes Ces aldan 15 

dormientvum Eesuscitasti Domine Tu hostis antiqui 

megen Corh rode deaSes fordrestende mid Sere usic ge- 
vires Per crucem mortjs conterens Qui nos tig- 

1 a from u. a followed by : : : : . 3 tfrom d. 



segnade onforanheafdum guSfonan *gelean we beoraS Cu 
nati frontibus Vexillum fidei ferimus Tu 

bine from us aa onweg adrifan 6a were gemeodemad 

iUum a nobis Semper repelUre dignaveris 

ne arfre mege gedergan alesde mid Sine blode Cu 
Ne umguam possit ledere Redemptos tuo sanguine Qui 

20 fore us to helwearum 1 astigan gemeodemad Cu were 
propter nos ad inferos Discendere dignatus es 

Cat deaSes borggeldum lifes forgefe gefe Ce on margen 
Ut mortis debitoribus Vitae donaris munera Tibi matutino 

tid 'hymen woepende we singa* forgef us dr^htm 
tempore Hymnum deflentes eanimus Ignosce nobis Domine 

forgef ondettendum forSon tSu geweota j doema earS* 
Ignosce confitentibus Quia tu testis et judex es 

Cone nsenig meg biwsegan Ca deglan ingehygde ure 
Quern nemo potest fallere Secreta *conscienUa *nostra 

H gesionde sweSe Bu ura breosta ana aspyrgend 

videns vestigia Tu nostrorum pectorum Solus investigator 

earS &u wunda lutiendra god setstondes lece Cu earS 
es Tu vulnerum latentium Bonus adsistis medicus Tu es 

Cu on cutfe tid sellende ende weorulde Bu aba 
qui certo tempore Daturus finem saeculi Tu cunctorum 

geeorningum rehtwis geedleanend earS Sec soBlice Bu halga 
mentis Justus remunerator es Te ergo sanctae 

we halsiaB B«t ure haele wunde Bu earS mid feder 
quaesumus Ut nostra cures vulnera Qui es cum Patre 

30 sunu aa mid By halgan gaste wuldur Be feder 
Filius Semper cum Sancto Spiritu Gloria tibi Pater 

wuldur ancendum 4 somud mid halgum gaste in Cere 
Gloria Unigenito Una cum Sancto Spiritu In sempi- 

ecan weorulde 
terna saecula 

1 heol-, o dotted out; I from some other letter. * efrom i. * efrom 

some other letter. * first n from other letter. 


The first collective edition of the Old English charters and 
kindred documents was Kemble's Codex Diplomatics Aevi Sax- 
onici (1839-48), published by the Historical Society in six 
volumes. Thorpe afterwards (1865) published a collection, in one 
volume, under the title of Diplomatarium Anglicum Aevi Sax- 
onici, consisting of those 'directly or indirectly bearing on our 
early history.' 

Both of these collections were apparently intended mainly for 
historical and antiquarian purposes, and include Latin charters 
and those whicji are preserved only in later copies. Both editors 
employed other men to copy the charters for them, and did not 
attempt to deal with the paleeographical evidence : the reader 
looks in vain for any statement of the date of the handwriting 
of the charters written on single sheets of vellum. 

In my texts I give the English charters in full, and print 
only the English words and passages in the Latin ones, together 
with as much of the Latin context as is required to elucidate 
the English. I try to exclude all charters not preserved in con- 
temporary MSS., as also later additions. 

In eliminating the contemporary charters, the first step is to 
reject all documents preserved only in the monastic registers or 
chartvJaries, and to confine ourselves to those written on separate 
sheets. Of these, again, a large number are palpably later copies. 
When the copy is within half a century of its original, it be- 
comes more difficult to detect its lateness. A contemporary copy, 
or one made within a few years, is, of course, as good as the ori- 
ginal, as far as the language is concerned ; as in the case of CeolnoS 
(21, 2, 3), where we can trace the same scribes through two con- 
temporary charters. The duplicates of Wihtred (5), CuSred (34), 
and Wulfired s (58) are also apparently contemporary. 

The main tests of age are the handwriting, and the language of 
the English portions. The age of a MS. written in or after the 
Alfred period in the South of England can generally be deter- 
mined with ease by a mere inspection of the handwriting, which 


had then become tolerably uniform, MSS. being also common. 
But as we approach the seventh century, the number of varieties 
of handwriting increase, while the number of specimens decreases 
rapidly. Differences due to age are also liable to be crossed by 
those due to difference of place. In the later period, Northern 
MSS., such as the Durham gloss, are distinctly more archaic in 
character than contemporary Southern ones. How far this was 
the case earlier we have but little means of judging. It is quite 
possible, for instance, that the use of uncials may have lingered 
longer in some parts of the country than in others, but as there 
is an entire absence of Northumbrian charters and of uncially 
written "West-Saxon ones (there being very few "W. S. charters 
at all before 900), the total number of uncial charters being 
only three, all we can do is to state the fact that the latest 
uncial charter (no. 9) is dated 736, and that it is Mercian. The 
same uncertainty attends any general inferences drawn from the 
use of the other hands of the same period. 

The evidence of the language is often clear and decisive. A 
copy of an earlier vernacular text generally shows a mixture of 
old and new : it never preserves the older forms throughout, 
and seldom modernizes consistently. If it does the latter, the 
discrepancy between date and language is at once apparent. The 
evidence of language being distinct from that of handwriting, 
the two naturally check one another : where they agree, a double 
probability is reached. Of course, where only a few English 
words are given, their evidence is often quite inadequate. 

The next difficulty is to determine the dialect of a charter. 
Here we have to consider first the external evidence. In many 
this settles the question at once. When we have an original 
charter of a King of Kent, granting land in Kent to a Kentish 
retainer, we assume at once that the English words in it are in 
the Kentish dialect. Additional confirmation is often afforded by 
the place where the charter is kept, as when a Mercian charter 
can be traced to the archives of "Worcester. In such a case as 
that of a Mercian or Saxon king granting land in Kent, doubt 
may arise. If the grant is to one of his own followers, it will 
naturally be in their own dialect; but if, say, a Mercian king 
grants land in Kent to a Kentish monastery, which party will 


draw up the deed? The antiquaries I have consulted agree in 
assuming that it was always written in the king's scriptorium. 
But, on the other hand, when, as in CeolnoS (21, 2, 3), the monks 
bring a charter before several successive kings for confirmation, it 
seems natural to suppose that they would have a scribe of their 
own. Again, the boundaries would naturally be written, if possible, 
by a native of the district. There is, lastly, the possibility of the 
extant document being a duplicate written in the monastery itself. 
The last-mentioned charter well illustrates the complications that 
may thus arise, both by one part of a charter being written in a 
different dialect, and also by actual mixture. This mixture is 
generally graphic, as when a Mercian scribe copies Kentish boun- 
daries, but may also be oral, as when he writes them down from 
the dictation of a man of Kent. 

The internal evidence of handwriting and language is subject to 
the same doubts and difficulties in its bearings on dialect as on 
age. The uncertainty of the linguistic evidence is aggravated by 
the frequent possibility of a mixture of dialects, as already sug- 
gested. Handwritings are not easily mixed, and their evidence 
is very valuable when it enables us to distinguish groups of 
charters of the same place and period. Thus we have a tolerably 
well-defined group of 8th and early 9th century Mercian charters, 
written in a peculiar compromise between uncial and cursive, and 
a still more unmistakable group of Southern 9th century charters 
in a peculiar rough irregular hand. In the notes to each charter 
I often distinguish these hands as ' Mercian' and ' rough' respect- 
ively, and indicate briefly the character of the handwriting of many 
of the other charters as well. Most of the undescribed charters, 
especially those of the 9th century, are written in more or less 
regular pointed minuscules. 

All my texts are taken either from the MSS. or from photo- 
graphic reproductions. My main sources have been — 

(1) The Facsimiles of Charters published by the Trustees of the 
British Museum (B. M.) ; 

(2) Those published by the Patoographical Society (P. S.) ; 

(3) The Facsimiles of A. S. MSS. photozincographed by Lieut. 
Gen. Cameron (Cam.). 

Also some autotypes in periodicals. My texts of the Stowe 


charters are from the MSS. themselves. Only a few of them were 
published by Kemble, and those only secondhand, from older printed 
texts. I have also revised the charters from photographs by the 
MSS. whenever it seemed advisable, especially the photozincographs 
of the Canterbury Charters (Cam.). 

In excluding doubtful charters, I have been greatly helped by 
the investigations of Messrs. Bond and Thompson, as given in the 
B. M. series, which in most cases confirmed my own, begun several 
years before the publication of the B. M. series. I differ from them 
in maintaining the contemporariness of "Wihtred (5) and of three 
charters written in the 'rough* hand: jESelwulf* (20), jEBelwulf 1 
(24), and iEtSelberht* (29). I am, however, glad to learn from 
Mr. Thompson that he has since arrived independently at the same 
conclusion as I have about the contemporariness of the last three. 
All the others designated as late by Messrs. B. and T. I reject, and 
also (though more doubtfully) the following ones: 805. iESelheard. 
Aug. ii. 55 ; 814. Coenwulf. Aug. ii. 77 ; 833. Ecgberht. Aug. ii. 
102; 875. Eardwulf. Aug. ii. 89. The results are, of course, not 
free from uncertainty, but I have no doubt of the genuineness of 
the more important of the fifty-nine charters here given, especially 
the English ones. 

I have classified the charters firstly by century, and secondly by 
dialect. Wherever the latter is not indicated unmistakably by the 
external evidence, I have put them into the special classes Saxon- 
Kentish and Mercian-Kentish. This I have done consistently even 
in those cases where the evidence of handwriting or language 
enables us to assign a charter with certainty to an unmixed dialect. 
In the dates I follow Kemble and my other predecessors ; in as- 
signing the original monastic archives I follow Messrs. Bond and 
Thompson. Where two dates are given, I go by the latest. Where 
useful, I have often added the modern equivalents (when identified) 
of the place-names, together with references to the volume, page, 
and number in Kemble's collection, and the page in Thorpe's, to 
the B. M. series, and to other sources, together with occasional 
notes on the handwriting and condition of the charter. 

For convenience, I add a list of the charters, with their 
dates, titles, and MS. sources. Those marked * I do not find 
in Kemble, those marked t are printed by him only from later 



copies. Wherever the case of an English name is not noted, or to 
be inferred from the context, or is self-evident, it is the nominative. 
Doubtful letters in the less legible charters, especially those 
which I give only on the authority of the B. M. (or other) trans- 
literations, are in ( )• 

18. 788. Offa 8 . Cant Arch. 

19. 798. Coenwulf \ Aug. ii. 


ix Saxon. 

vn-vm. Saxon. 

1. 692-3. Oeoelred. Aug. ii.29. 
*a. 693-731. Berhtwald. Aug. 
ii. 18. 

3. 778. Cynewulf. Cott. Ch. 30 ^ ^elwulf*. Cott.Ch. 

viiL * viiL 36. 

vn-vm. Kentish. 

4. 679. HlooTiere. Aug. ii. 2. 

5. 700 or 715. Wihtred. Aug. 

ii. 88 ; Stowe. 

6. 732. -/ESelbert \ Aug. ii. 


7. 740. JEoelberht 9 . Aug. ii. 

*8. 770. Eardwulf. Stowe. 

vin. Mercian. 
9. 736. JEoelbald 1 . Aug.ii.3. 

ix. Saxon-Kentish. 
21. 838. Ceolnoo"*. Aug. ii. 

a a. „ CeolnoS b . Aug. ii. 20. 

33. „ CeolnoS . Aug. ii. 37. 

34. 839. JESelwulf \ Aug. ii. 

**5« 843. JEtSelwulf 8 . Stowe. 
26. 845. JUoelwulf 8 . Aug. ii. 

37. 855. -<ESelwulf B . Aug. ii. 

tic. 759. Eanberht. Add. Ch. 28 g^' '^ lberQt .. A & 
u. 767. Offa 1 . Aug. ii. 26. 
12. 799-802. Pilheard. Aug. 
ii. 27. 
ti3. 770. Uhtred. Wore Arch. 
14. 779. Offa*. Aug. ii. 4. 


29. 862. iESelberht 4 . Cott.Ch. 

viii. 32. 

30. 863. iEoelberht 6 . Cant. 


* . a rur « w a u 3 1 " 867. JSSelred. Aug.ii.95. 
*. 5 . 791-6. Offa* Wore. Arch. ^ jjwi S towe. 

ti6. 793-6. Offa 5 . Add. Ch. 

vin, Mercian-Kentish. 

♦17. 742. iESelbald*. Cant. 

ix. Kentish. 

33. 803. iEoelheard 1 . Cant. 


34. 805. CuSred. Stowe ; Aug. 

ii. 100. 



35. 811. Wulfred 1 . Aug. ii. 


36. 824. Wulfred 1 . Aug. ii. 


37. 805-31. Oswulf. Aug. ii. 


38. 831. Eadwald. Aug. ii. 19. 

39. 831. Ealhburg. Aug. ii. 


40. 832. Lufa. Aug. ii. 92. 

41. 835. Abba. Aug. ii. 64. 
43. 837. BadanoS. Aug. ii.42. 

43. 859. Plegred. Aug. ii. 16. 

44. 888. Ceolwulf 8 . Aug. ii. 


ix. Surrey. 

45. 871-89. Alfred 8 . Stowe. 

ix. Mercian. 

46. 803. iEoelheard \ Aug. ii. 


47. 836. Wiglaf*. Aug. ii. 9. 

48. 840. Berhtwulf. Cant. 

ix. Mercian-Kentish. 

*49« 805. Coenwulf*. Stowe. 

50. 808. Coenwulf 8 . Aug. ii. 


51. 81 1. Coenwulf 4 . Aug. ii. 

5 j. 812. Coenwulf 6 . Cant. 

53. 814. Coenwulf 8 . Aug. ii. 

*54» 815. Coenwulf 7 . Stowe. 

55. 822. Ceolwulf 1 . Aug. ii. 


56. 823. Ceolwulf 9 . Aug. ii. 

♦57. 824. Beornwulf. Stowe. 

58. 825. Wulfred 8 . Aug. ii. 

78 ; Stowe. 

59. 831. Wiglaf 1 . Aug. ii. 94. 

vn, vm CENT. SAXON. 


Oeoelred. Cott. Aug. ii. 29. 

692 or 693. 
Uncial Barking (Essex) archives. K. 1. 39 (35). B. M. 1. a. 
ego ho.ilredus parens sebbi provineia eastsexanorum. tibi hedil- 
burge 1 abbatissae. monasterii quae dieitur beddanhaam. terram 
quae appellator ricingahaam, budinhaam, d$ccanhaam, angenla- 
beshaam. in sUva quae dieitur uuidmundesfelt. — termini sunt 
5 isti : writolaburna, c$ntinces triow et hanchemstede^vram tamisa 
— sebbi rex eastsax'. oedelraedus. ercnuualdus. unilfridus. ego 
haedde. guda. egcbaldus. hagona. hooc. sebbi regis, sigi- 
heardi regis, suebredi regis.— odilredus*. 

1 only the upright stroke of the b visible. 
seo boc to Beroingon. 

* later endorsement : ]Ab Is 



Berhtwald. Cott. Aug. ii. 18. 


Cursive. Brentford (Middlesex). Cant. aroh. B. M. I. 5. 
berctualdo. ualdharius. uests^xanornm. in loco qui dicitur 
breguntford. coenredi regis, de reconciliatione (aelfdrydej — a 
ualdh . . 


Cynewulf. Cott. Ch. viii. 4. 

Half-uncial, but distinct from Wihtred (5). Much worn. Bedwin (Wilts). 
Abingdon (Berks) archives. K. 1. 161 (133). B.M. 11. 3. 

cynewulf rex saxonum. bican comiti tneo. in loco qui dicitur 
bedewinde. . . erratuun. vallem vocatam cymenes denu. . . nes 
geat. ad peadan stigcle. in filiftleage. in quoddam vaUu in 
haran dene, agellum qui dicitur tatan edisc. in bedewindan. in 
borselget . . rames dene geate. to holhrygcgete. to (h)adfeldgeate. 5 
to baggan gete. to brad(an)leage. Mo septo bradan leage. instandene. 
in puttan.ealh. to bnlcan pytte. in quoddam petrosum clivum et 
ex eo baldwines bealh appellator, austro bulcan pyttes. in 
Ma antiqua monumenta in locum ubi a ruricolis dicitur set "Sam 
holenstypbum, sicque ad illos gabulos in longum gemaerweges to 10 
wadbeorge. sicque of wadb{eorge) in ilium fontem qui dicitur forsca 
burna, et ejus ex alveo intrat bedewindan. in cymenes ... — eetfel- 
modus. egcbaldns. 8c(illi)nges. (bam) . . setSelnoSes. ceolbrehtes. 
eeSelmundes. . . (ser)des. fad(ol). 



HloSherd. Cott. Aug. ii. 2. 


Uncial. Cant. arch. ' Formerly inserted in the ancient Latin psalter of the 
Canterbury collection, now in the library of the University of Utrecht.' 
(Note added to the charter.) K. 1. 20 (16). B. M. I. 1. 

ego fdoiharius rex cantuariorum. terram in tenid, quae appel- 
lator uuestanae. tibi *bercuald. cum meriscis, silvis. cum con- 


sensu theodori et edrico, JUiwn fratris mei. vn civitate recuulf. 
terram in sturia— — blotbari regis, gumbercti. gebredi. osfridi. 
5 irminredi. aedilmaeri. hagani. aeldredi. aldbodi. gudhardi. 
bernbardi. uelbiscL 


Wihtred. Cott. Aug. ii. 88 ; Stowe i. 

700 or 715. 

Both MSS. rounded half- uncial of an Irish type. Cott. from Cant. arch. 

K. 1. 54 (47). B. M. 1. 4. 

ego uuibtredus ' rex cantuariorum. in loco qui dicitur limingae. 
terram quae dicitur pleghelmes tun. terminos, id est, bereueg et 
meguuines pae$ 9 et stretleg. terrulae partem cujus vocabulum 

est ruminingseta. fluminis quae appellator liminaea berht- 

5 uualdum 8 . berbtuualdus 4 . uuihtredi 5 regis, aetbilburgae • re- 
ginae. enfridi (gen.) botta. frodi. adda. aedilfridi. bernbaerdi. 
aehcha. egisberhti 7 . bagana. tbeabul. aesica 8 . 


JEffelberht 1 . Cott Aug. ii. 91. 

Cant. arch. K. 1. 9a (77). Th. ao. B. M. 1. 6. 

juxta liminaee. ego aetbilberhtus rex cantuariorum. ante- 

cessori tuo (bymoran). tu dun. aetbilberhtus. tatuuinus. 

aetbilberbti regis, rege aethilberbto. baltbbaeardi (gen.) byn- 
nan. aeanberbti. aetbiliaeardi •. 

JEoelberht 8 . Cott. Aug. ii. 101. 


Fine, angular. Cant. arch. K. 1. 103 (86). B. M. 1. 8. 

ego aethilberbt rex cantuariorum. fluminis cujus nomen limi- 
naea. juxta marisco qui dicitur biscopea uuic, usque ad silbam 

1 uihtredus St. * meguinea paed Stow. * berichtualdum St. 

4 berichtualdus St. 8 uihtrodi St. • aedilburgae St. T egisberichti. 
• aesnca St. Cott. indorsed in an eld hand: rumeningseta inn to limining- 
myniter. 9 endorsed in an early hand: Sandtunes boc. 


qui apeUatur ripp, et ad terminos suthsaxoniae. in liminiaeae. 

cuthberhto. in loco qui dicitur liminiaee aethilberhtus. cuth- 

berhtns. balthhardi (gen.) aetSelhuni. dunuualhi. duunuuallan. 5 
aldberhti. aethelnothi 1 . 


'. Stowe 3 b . 


Ego eardulfus rex cantiae, heaberhcto abbate. in monasterio 
quod nominatur ricuulfi. in loco qui dicitur perhamstede. in 
regions er* caestruuara, ubi nominatur heahhaam. patre meo 
*eadberhtuo — episcopi earduulfi. eardulfus. earduulfus. signum 
manus folcuuinis. byrnhames. *uuihtbrordis. uuealhbunes. 5 


JEtSelbald 1 . Cott. Aug. ii. 3. 


UnciaL Worcester arch. Formerly inserted in the Veep. Psalter 
(p. 184 above). K. I. 96 (80). B. M. I. 7. 

Ego aethilbalt rex marcersium et provinciarum quae sutangli 
dicuntur. comite meo cyniberhtte. in provincia cui nomen in- 
ditum est husmerae, juxta fluvmm vocabido stur. silvam quam 
nominant cynibre, aliam cui nomen est moerheb — aetdilbalt 
uuor. uuilfridus. aethilbaldo rege. aethilric. prineipis 5 
$thilbal(di) * ego ibe. heardberht. ebbella. onoc. oba. sigibed. 
bercol. ealduuft. cusa. pede — agrum in silva moreb cui 
vocabulum est brochyl, quern ego edilbalt, rex suutanglorum, 
comite meo cyniberhtte. donaw*. 

1 later endorsement: Limenea boec. * on er. (!) 8 cut off. 

4 later endorsement : Norttstur. 



Eanberht Add. Ch. 19,789. 


Half-uncial, Mercian band. Bather worn. Worcester arch. K. I. 128 (105) 

from chartulary. B. M. 11. a. 

regis oflan merciorum. eanberht. uhctred. aldr&L tibi 

h(e)adda abbati set onnan forda. uuisleag. rindburna. meosgelegeo. 

onnan duun — offa. eanberht. uhctred. aldred. milred. til- 

here. cusa. (acan) (gen.) (dil)ran. bobban. bynnan. berhtuuald. 

5 tilberhti 1 . 


Offa 1 . Cott. Aug. ii. 26. 


Free Mercian hand. Cant. arch. K. 1. 14a (116). B. M. 1. 9. 

ego offa rex mercior. stidberhtae venerabili viro terram in 
middilsaexum bituih gumeninga hergae end liddinge ab orients 
torrentis lidding donabo. stidberht. in ciltinne, in loco ubi 
dicilur wichama— offa. gengberht. eadberht cuutfert 


Pilheard's Endorsement. Aug. ii. 27. 


Mercian hand, more compact. Cant. arch. K. 1. 142 (116). B. M. 1. 9. 

regum aethelbaldi atque offani. pilheardus *comis regis merci- 
orum coenuulfi. locum qui dicitur caelichyth — coenuulfus. 
8ethelheardu[8]. unuuona. aldulf. utol. eadulf. deneberht. 
haooberht. cyneberht. uuigberht. alhheard. tidferS. uuihthun. 
5 beonna. folSred. coenuulf. heatfoberht. seoelmund. esne. 
Leardberht. ceolmund. wigga. cydda. cuSred. osulf. beornnoC. 

1 later endortemtnt ; Offa rex. to Onna forda. 



TJhtrecL Worcester arch. 


Mercian hand. Autotype and transliteration by W. de G. Birch, in Transs. 
of Royal Soc. of Literature XL pt. iii. New Series, (1878). 

ego uhtredus regulus huicciorum meo ministro eeftelmundo, 
JUio ingeldi, qui fuit dux et praefectus cetSelbaldi regis merciorum 
cum licentia offani regis merdorum. juxta fluvium in orientate 
parte qui diciiur ealu(uerpe). eeSelmundo.— eadbald. cynetSryS re- 
gina. ecgfertS. selffleed jilia, — Hii sunt termini donationis istius : 5 
saluuerpee. cymedes halh. huitan stan. readan solo. 


Offa*. Cott. Aug. u. 4. 


Mercian hand. Windruih (Glouc), Widfbrd (Glouc.), Turkdean (Glouo.). 
Evesham (Wore.) arch. K. 1. 164(137). B. M. 1. 10. 

offa rex merciorum meo ministro dud[d]ono. eulmonnes 
burg, torrentis qui vocatur theodningc. flwvii qui nuncupatwr 
uuenrisc — uuithigford usque in wines burg, vallis qui dicitur 
turca denu. slohtran ford, fluvius uuenrisc — regis oflan. set 
io[r]otlaforda — offa. eadber[h]tus. ceolulfus. tilherus. ge- 5 
berh(tu). aldberhtus. botuuine. brordan 1 (gen.) berhtuuapjdi. 
esne. eanberht. eadbaldi. esn(e). brordan. bynni. (eadbaldi) — 
godmundes leah 9 . 

Offl»\ Worcest. arch. 


Mercian hand. Westbury (Glouc). Autotype in ' Journal of Archaeological 

Association,' xxxii. (1876), p. 190. 

ego offa rex, in provincia huuicciorum uhi nominatur uuest- 
burg prope jfamen qui diciiur aben aeSelmundo meo ministro 
in loco qui nuncupatur clobes hoas — offa rex. ecgferS JUius 
regis. hygeberhti (gen.). »Selheardi. ceolulfi. haftoredi. 

1 broddan, with r written overfirtt d. * Utter endorsement ; Burhtunes 



5 unu[u]ona. cyneberhti. deneferSi. ceolmundi. coenwalh 
episcopi. uuermundi. alhheardi selfhuni uuiohtuni. alhmund 
abbatis. beonnan. uuigmundi. utel abbatis — brorda 1 . bynna. 
albmund. esne. cedelmund. uuigberbt. beardberbt. uuynberbt. 
ceolmund. ubba. lulling, eafing. 

Oflfe 6 . Add. Cb. 19,790. 


Mercian hand, rather uncial. Westbury (Glouc). Worcester arch. 
K. 1. 203 (167) from a chartulary. B. M. n. 5. 

ofia rex. terrain in provincia buuicciorum ubi nominator 
uuestburg, props flumen qui dicitur aben. aeSelmundo. in loco 
qui nuncupator clobes boas— ofia. ecgferS. bygeberbti (gen.). 
seSelbeardi. ceolulfi. baooredi. unu[u]ona. cyneberhti. dene- 
5 ferSi. ceolmundi. coenwalh. uuermundi. alhheardi. selfhuni. 
uuiohtuni. albmund. beonnan. uuigmundi. uteL brorda. 
bynna. albmund. esne. ttoelmund. uuigberbt. beardberbt. 
uuynberbt. ceolmund. ubba. lulling, eafing 9 . 



AeSelbald*. Cant, archives (Cam. i). 


setSelbaldi regis merciorum. in loco ubi nominator clofes bos. 
seSelbaldus rex. cutberbtus. setfelberhti regis cantiae. wibtredi 
regis. ceCelbald. ss$elb[e]rhti regis, cutberbti archiepiscopi — 
eeSelbald. cu&berhtus. uuita. torhtbelm. willfredi. cuCberht. 
5 buetlac. eanfriS. ecglaf. aluuig. hunwald. daniel. aldwulf. 
aetSelfritS. berewald. sigcga. redwulf. ofa. aldwulf. seSelmod. 
be[a]rdberbt. eadbald. bercul. cyneberbt. freoSorne. wermund. 
cuSred. buna 8 . 

1 from here to end not in facrimUe. * later endorsement : Westbyrig. 

9 endorud in a diff. (later ?) hand : e)>elbaldi regis et cu)>berti archiepiscopi. 


Oflfc 8 . Cant. Archives (Cam. ii). 


K. 1*184(153). 

ofla rex merciorum tibi osberhto ministro meo trado terram in 
provincia cantiae in regions eastrgena vbi ncminatur duningc- 
land. in loco vbi (nomin)atur celchjS — offa. iaenberhtus. 

hygeberht If. heardraed. aethilmod. cyneberht. unuuano. 

uuaer. hathor. ealgheard. ceolmund 1 . 5 

Coenwulf *. Cott. Aug. ii. 97. 


Bobbing, Lyminge (Kent). Cant. arch. K. 1. an (175). B.M. 1. la. 

. . merciorum. oswulfo duct, in loco qui vocatur hremping- 
wiic et alia nomine hafingseota. fluminis qui dicitur liminea. 
terrae qui dicitur bobingseata— coenuulf. aeftelhard. hygeberht. 
hatSored. unuuono. cyneberht. hatSoberht. eaduulf. utel. alhhard. 
wiohthun. tidfriS. alhmund. beonna. uuigmund. forSred. 5 
brordan (gen.), heaberhti. esne wigberhti. aetfelmundi. ead- 
gari. uuicggan. ciolmundi. beornnotfi. heardberhti. cyddan — 
osunlf. coryugis beornSrytSe. monasterio quod dicitur aet li- 
minge. set limingge — hafingeeotan boec. 



JEftelwnlf 4 . Cott. Ch viii. 36. 


Ham (Wilts), Dorchester (Dorset). Cant. arch. K. n. a8 (260). 

B. M. 11. 30. 

cetheluulf occidentalium saxonum rex. territoria ieta aunt cos- 
tatorum qui setheluulfe regi *om homme eenatores ejus concedieeent 

1 later endorsement : offa. .unningland. 



in illo loco qui nuncwpater dornuuarana ceaster. ' serest on merce 
cumb. Sonne on grenan pytt. Sonne on Sone torr set mercecumbes 

5 sewielme. Sonne on denewaldes stan. Sonne on Sone dfc, Sser esne 
Sone weg fordealf. Sonon ofdune on Sees waelles heafod. Sonne 

v Sser ofdune on broc oS tiddes ford. Sonne up on broc oS heottes 
die to Ssere flodan. from Ssere flodan ofdune Seer fyxan die to 
broce gseS. 7 Sonne ofdune on broc oS ssb. Sonne from Syrelan 

10 stane up on broc oS smalan cumb. fram smalan cumbes heafde to 
grsewanstane. Sonon wiSufan Ssbs wselles heafod on odencolc. 
Sonon on Sone healdan weg wiS huitan stanes. Sonon to Ssem 
beorge Se mon hateS set Ssem holne. Sonon an haran stan. Sonon 
on secgwselles heafod. Sonon an Sa burg eastewearde. Sonon ou 

15 Sa lytlan burg westewearde. Sonon to strsete. Sonaxi benioSan 
wuda on geryhte ut on hreodp<5l. Sonne up on afene, oS Set Se 
se alda suinhaga utscioteS to afene. Sonne be Ssem bagan on anne 
beorg. Sonne on sueordleage waBlle. Sonon on wulfwselles heafod. 
Sonon on wealweg on Sone stan set Sere flodan. from Ssem stane 

20 forS on Sone herepaS on Sone die. Sonon ofdune oS wealdenes 
ford. Sonon on Sone holan weg. Sonon ofdune on broc on hun- 

__ burge fleot 7 Sser to BSe-y-setheluulf. alhstan. seSelbaldi (gen.), 
osrici. osmundi. ecgheard. lulling, uulflafi. ecguulfi. lulluc. 
ceorli. uulfrsed. alhstan. milrsed. 



CeolnoS*. Cott. Aug. ii. 21. 

Fine, regular. Kingston (Surrey), Mailing (Kent). Cant. arch, (as also B 

and C). K. 1. 318 (240). B. M. n. 26. 

in ilia famosa loco quae appellator cyninges ttfn in regione 
suSregi$. ceolnotho. regions eegberhto el aetheluulfo. ceolnotho. 
eegberhto et aetheluulfo. agrum set mallingum. in dorovernia 
civitate. baldredo rege. set mallingum. ceolnotho. eegberhtum. 
5 ecgberht et aetheluulf — ceolnoth. bsegmund. uuerhard. brunhard. 
hysenoS. osmund. hunred. wigmund. beornnoS. heaberht. 
badonoS. wealhhere. ceolwulf. noSwulf. ceolwulf 1 . 

1 later endor$ement : Meallinga edgift. 



CeolnoS b . Cott. Aug. ii. ao (B. M. i. 17). 

1. Same hand as A. 

cyninges ttfn. suSregi§. ceolnotho. ecgberhto et aetheluulfo. 
ceolnotho. ecgberhto et setheluulfo. set mallingum. baldredo. set 
mallingum. ceolnotho. ecgberhtum. ecgberht et setheluulf — 
♦ceolnotht. bsegmund. uuerhard. brunhard. hysenoth. hunred. 
wigmund. beornnoS. osmund. heaberht. badanoS. uuealhhere. 5 
noSwulf. ceolwulf. 

a. Thicker, rougher. Wilton (Wilts.), 
setheluulfura regem. uuilttin — aefteluulf. alhstan. eadhtfn. 
wulfhardi. seoeluulfi. eanwulfi. eadberhti. eeSelheardi. ecgberhti. 
alhstani. osmundi. hudan. 6srici. ceolrodi. uulflafi. 

3. Thinner, cursive. 
etSeluulfL fluminis humbrg. set astran — ceolnotS. alhstani. 10 
helmstani. humberhti. cyrredi. cyneferSi. r»Shuni. heaberhti. 
ceolberhti. beorhtredi. uuillredi. cuSuulfi. 


Ceolno$ c . Cott. Aug. ii. 37 (B. M. ii. 27). 


1. Same hand as B a. 

kyninges ttfn. region* suSregise. ceolnotSo. ecgberhto, ceoeluulfo. 
ceolnoSo. ecgberhto et eeSeluulfo agrum et mallingum. baldredo. 
et mallingum. ceolnoSo. ecgberhtum. ecgberht et aeSeluulf — cool- 
no's, beagmund. uuaerheard. bruuheard. hysenoft hunred. 
uuigmund. beornotS. osmund. heaberht. badenoS. uualhhere. 5 
notSuulf. ceoluulf. 

seSeluulfum. uuilttin — aetfeluulf. alhstan. eadhun. uulfhardi. 
fieSeluulfi. eanuulfi. eanuulfi. monnedi. seSelhelmi. eadberhti. 
aeftelheardi. ecgberhti. alhstani. osmundi. hudan. osrici. ceol- 
reedi. uulflafi. 10 

a. Same hand as B 3. 

aeSeluulfi regis, fluminis humbre. set astran — ceolnoS. alh- 
stani. helmstani. humberhti. wigmundi. cyneferSi. reShuni. 
heaberhti. ceolberhti. beorhtredi. uuilredi. cuSulfi. 



3. Different hand. 

Sis Bint ecgberhtes geSingeo 7 seSeluulfes uuiS arcebiscep 7 
15 uuiS hiora leoda uuiotan . . eouuer gecor. gif eow h(ua) brocie for 
eouuere gecore, (Sonne) i(c) . . ge Sis geuurit 1 . 

jfiSelwulf l . Cott. Aug. ii. 28. 

Bough. Cant. arch. K. n. 1 (241). B.M. n. a8. 

ego aeSeluulfus rex occidentalium saxonum centuriorum. tibi 
*i3dan. civitate doroverniae. ftuminae st[u]rse. tibi duddan. in 
villa regia an uuiaegenweoras. stur— aeSeu[u]lf. ceolnoS. aeSel- 
stan. herebearht. aeSuulf. wulfred. alhhere. noSmund. uulfred. 
5 aeSelbard. noSuulf. ealhhun. oshere. modulf. boba. aeSered. 
uuina. aeSelm. duduc. uulflaf. aeSelric. huda. sigebearht. 
tucca. ceoluulf. tiruulf. dudda. uhtred — selfred. severed — lulla 
gebohte Sas boec 7 Sis lond set a?Sewalde mip ealra Seassa vel 
portweorona gewitnisse — seSeluulfi regis, ego beegmundL wereard. 
10 osmund. abba, brunheard. hjBenoS. hunred. uuigmund. lul- 
ling, beabearht. uueahhere. badenoS. noSuulf. ceoluulf. w$r- 
bald. hwiting. freoSogeard. cichus. 


-ffiSelwxdf 8 . Stowe 16. 

ego aetbeluulf rex ocetdentalium saxonum seu etiam cantuuari- 
orum meo ministro aethelmode in regione cantiae que nominator 
on cert, on cert — hr..leag 2 [in loca qui dicitur noSfreSing] 
7 suae cildebergas 7 tycan ora, Sonne mogan cumb. set stenan 
5 steaple. )>onne bearde meM. sUva quern nos tbeodoice snad nomi- 
namus. in loca qui vocatur bean, gyldeburne. berhteningleag 
— -pastus porcorum qui in nostra saxonica lingua denbera vocantur: 
aetingden. lidingden'. meredenn. uddanbom. cadacahrygc. 
heoratleag. hwitan 8 :::::. hildgaringdenn. tilgeseltha. blifge- 

1 later endorsement : Meallingaa. * about 14 words erased after 

hr . . leag. • erased. 


sella — actum in loco quae nominatur meranwortS — aetbeluulf. 10 
aeftelstan rex. aefteluulf. alahhere. fretforic. aetfelmod. di[o]ra. 
aeftelric. duduc. huda. eanuulf. lulluc. ceolnotS. uuaerheard. 
brunheard. hysenoS. bunred. wimund. beornferB. walahhere. 
noftwulf. wserbald. 


JEfolwulf '. Cott. Aug. ii. 60. 


Cant. arch. K. II. 16 (259). B. M. 11. 29. 
ae&eluulf rex occidentalium saxonum necnon et cantuariorum. 
badonofte apparitori meo. doroverniae civitatis. et uuibtbaldes 
hlawe. uueowera get. in confinio deoringlondes. fluminie qui 
dicitur stur. prata 9 aling med, longan med, et jacit be norSan 
bege. alcbhere ducts, xv mancusas auri. villa qui dicitur on 5 
uuee, — aeSeluull aeSelstan. tatno$. alcbhere. degberbt. wyn- 
here. aefcelmod. eadwulf. osberht. eftelred. duduc. goda. 
wullal eig . . erht. eSelric — badenotftngland. 

JEftelwulf 5 . Cott. Aug. ii. 71. 


Bough. Cant. arch. K. 11. 48 (269). B.M. 11. 31. 

ego eSelwulf rex occidentalium saxonum nee non et cantuariorum. 
meo ministro ealdbere. in provincia cantuariorum, ubi ulaham 
nominatur. terram et ulaham. etSelwulf. terra et ulabam — bodo 
wortfo. winter burfna]. prata to liminge. bromteag — eSelwulf. 
cialnoSus. ej?elbearht. lullede. eSelmod. eadred. elfred. etferic. 5 
duduc. cyneheard. wiobtgar. cialmund. milred. lulla. wullaf. 
etSelred — "Sis sindau fces landes bee et ulubam, ealdberes landes. 

JEftelberht 3 . Cott. Aug. ii. 66. 


Bough. Mersham (Kent). Cant. arch. K. 11. 64(281). Th. 119. B.M. it. 33. 

ego etfelbearbt rex dabo meo ministro wullafe. in ilia loco ubi 
*wasngwelle nominatur. terrae et mersa bam. terram et wassing- 


wellan. eSelbearht. terra et mersaham. quos [h]ega ante abuerat. 
an wiwara wic. subjecta *erat to wii 7 to leanaham 7 et febres- 
5 ham 1 sealtern 7 n wena gang mid cyninges wenum to blean Sem 
wiada 7 mi oxnum gers mid cyninges oxnum an wiwarawic. in 
alia wiwarawic. xx lamba 7 xx fehta. terra et wassingwellan — 
cyninges folcland, quod abet wighelm 7 wulflaf. cuSrices dun. 
heregeSe land, wigh lmes land, biscepes land, to cert, an was- 

10 singwellan. an hwite celdan hec. pascua porcorum quot nostra 
lingua denbera nominamus : lamburnan den, orrices den. teligden. 
stanehtan denn, et ilia silva, sandhyrst nominatur quae pertinet to 
wassingwellan. wullafe. et wassingwellan — hec sunt prata to 
wassingwellan : stocmed healf be norSan hegforde, be sture meda sue 

15 Serto limpaS — eSelbearht. eSelmod. eastmund. wullaf. eSered. 
sigenoS. beagmund. ese. dun. oslac. dudda. mucel. burg- 
noS. eSelweald. eadweald. lulla. acka. cynelaf. eSelhere. 
wighelm. noSmund. sigemund. hunfreS — Sis siondan Ses landes 
boec et wassingwellan Set eSelbearht cyning wullafe sealde his 

*o Segne wiS oSrum sue miclum lande et mersaham. se cyning 
sealde 7 gebocade wullafe fif sulung landes et wassingwellan wiS 
Sem fif sulungum et mersaham. 7 se cyning dyde Set land et 
mersaham him to folclande, (5a hie Sem landura iehwerfed hefdan 
butan Sem merscum 7 butan Sem sealtern et fefresham, 7 butan 

35 Sem wioda "Se to Sem sealtern limpS — Sis siondan Ses landes (boc 
et) wassingwellan. 


-ffiSelberht 4 . Cott. Ch. viii. 32. 


Rough. Broinley (Kent). Rochester arch. K. 11. 72 (287). B. M. n. 36. 

aeSaelberht rex occidentalium saxonum sen cantuartoram. dryht- 
waldo ministro meo. bromleag — an norSan fram ceddan leage to 
langan leage bromleaginga mearc 7 liofs hema. Sanne fram langan 
leage to Sam won stocce. Sanne fram Sam w6n stocce be modinga 
5 hema mearce to cinta stiogole. Sanne fram cinta stiogole be mo- 
dinga hema mearce to earnes beanie. Sanne fram earnes beame 
cregsetna haga an easthalfe seed hit to liowsan dene. Sanne fram 
liowsan dene to swelgende. Sanne fram swelgende cregsetna haga 
to sioxslihtre. Sanne fram sioxslihtre to fearnbiorginga mearce. 


fearnbiorginga mearc bit seed to c^staninga 1 mearcQ. c/staninga 1 10 
mearc hit seed suSan to weardsetle. Sanne fram weardsetle 
c^sstaninga 1 mearc to wichsema mearcQ. Sanne sio westmearc be 
wicbema mearce, ut to bipplestydee. Sanne fram bipplestyde. to 
acustydg to biob[h]abema mearcg. fram acustyde to ceddan 
leage — ttanne *belimpoS Ser to Sam londe fif denn an anutwalda. 15 
brocces bam $es dennes nama. Ses oSres dennes nama seenget 
bryg. billan ora is tSes Sriddan nama. Sonne twa denn an gleppan 
felda — in loco quae dicitur willherestrio — aetfelberbt. ciolnotS. 
aeSerred. aelfred. aetfaelred. dryhtwald. beremod. alhhard. 
mucel. egcberht eaduulf. eetfoeluulf. signotS. eanuulf. sesca. ao 
eastmund. orduulf. wiobtgar. seSelred. cynlaf. co(en)wald. 
cuSred. uulflaf. seifhere. 


£3oelberht 8 . Cant Arcbives (Cam. x). 

Bough. Mersham (Kent). K. 11.74(288). Th. 121. 

ego eSelbearbt rex occidentaliv/m saxonum necnon et cantuari- 
oram dabo meo ministro etfelredo aliquem partem terrae in iUo loco 
ubi nominator mersaham. cccctos mancusas auri. terram et mer- 
sabam. eSelbearht — ab Occidents stur usque blacan riSe. eadwealdes 
bocland to bradeburnan. ab oriente sture. usque garulfi regis 5 
ministri to mersaham 7 meda be eastan ee sue Ser mid riabte to 
Sem lande limpaS unamque sails coquinariam hoc est 1 sealtern- 
steall 7 Ser cota to in ilia loco ubi nominatur berewic. pascua 
porcorum y quae nostra lingua saxonica denbera nominamus : hoc 
est husneab :::::: efreSingdenn berbedingenn pafingdenn :::::: wide- 10 
fingdenn bleccingdenn :::::: — necnon xx stater a casei of roersce 
ad mersabam reddatur — in illo loco que vocitatur birenefeld — 
eSelbearbt. eSered. etSered. dryhtweald. mucel. beabmund. bere- 
mod. garulf. eastmund. uulfred. wigstan. ecgfertS. ealdred. 
sigenoS. elfstan. wighelm. wiabtred. ciolnoS. deimund. biarnulf. 15 
eSelweald. noSheard. osmund. iab. wighelm. tida. biaraheab. 
osulf. ealbstan. sigefreS. diarweald. sefretS. osmund. dudda. beag- 
mund. osweald. lulla. oba. lulla. hunfreS. lulla. eadulf. 
osbearht. wealdhelm. ealdbere. diara. garulf. elric. dudda. 

1 accent on y not certain. 


20 etfelwulf-J-ic eadwald sello 7 forgeofu J?is lond et wifeles *berge 
agustines higum into hiorabeode minre sawle to are 7 to *leedome; 
7 iow fer godes lufe bidde pet ge hit minre sawle nyt gedeo, 7 me 
hit for gode leanie eow to elmessum, amen. 


JSffelred. Cott. Aug. ii. 95. 


St. Martin's, Canterbury. Cant. arch. K. 11. 83 (294). B. M. n. 37. 

ego eSelred rex oceidentalium saxonum (nec)non et cantwariorum. 
meo amico wighelme. in loco qui dicitur sancti martini ecclesia— 
hina meteren. hina gemene weg — eSelred. dorobemia— etfelred. 
eastmund. ealhheard. heremod. mucel. beorhtnoS. fortSred. 
5 eSelwulf. etSelred. acca. biarhtwulf. mannel. cialnoS. eSeredi 
regis, biarnhelm. notSheard. .biarnfre'S. osmund. wighelm. 
etSel weald, eardulf. biarnhelm. tid weald, beornred. sefre'S. 
beornheah. sigefreS. sebearht. sigemund. torhthelm. herefreS. 
beornweald. wealdhere. elfstan. aldred. bearnulf. sigefred. 
10 bearnot?. herefreft. ealhheard. cialbearht. wealdbelm. tirweald 

— an setl aet sancte martine. 



Alfred 1 . Stowe 18. 


Bough, irregular. Yalding, Boeaingbam (Kent). 

ego elfred rex, ego etfered archiepiscopus concedimus liaban *JUi 
borgwines ageUam qo6 nos nominamus gilding, xx mancusa — 
crudes silba. terra *wer[f]eSes *monahis nostri. terra ad 
bosingtune — ego eetfelulf rex oceidentalium saxonum. eanuulf. 
5 etSeluf. eSelbseld. uulfheard. «$elric. ceolmund. uuerenberht 
lulling. uulffreS. etfeluf. eanulf. etfeluf. efcelbald. uulfeard. 
setSelric. ceolmund. *luling. ceolnotS. eSelstan. eSelulf. ealh- 
here. dryhtnofc. duduc. eSeliuod. eSelric. etfelred. eSelhere. 
osmund. eSered. *gilsheard. eadberht. dudda. ealhhun. cyne- 
10 berht. 




iBSelheard *. Cant. Arch. c. i. 

Pal. Soc. 23. K. v. 64 (1024). Th. 50. 

ego aeSelheardus dorobern\ens\is ecclesiae archiepiscopus — aetSel- 
heardu8. ae)>elheah. uulfheard. beoramod. feologeld. wernotJ. 
uulfred. *aldulsu8, liccedfeldensis ecclesiae episcopus. hygberht. 
monn. eadhere. lulla. wigferS. cuSberht. werenberbt, lego- 
rensis civitatis episcopus. alhmund \ forSred. eadberht eadred. 5 
eanred. beonna. uuigmund. berhthaeS. se^elhseh. mon. ead- 
wulf, syddensis civitatis episcopus. eadred. plegberbt. hereberht. 
daeghelm. eaduulf. heaSored. deneberht, wegoranensis civitatis 
episcopus. byseberbt. peega. coenferft. SingcferB. freoSomund. 
seler^d. wulfheard, herefordensis ecclesiae episcopus. cuSred. 10 
dycga. heaSobald. strygel. monn. w ? rferS. wigberht, scira- 
burnensis ecclesiae episcopus. muca. berbtmund. eadberht. 
ealhmund, wintanse civitatis episcopus. cuSberht. marcus. not- 
heard, cufa. lulla. wigSegn. albheard, elmhamis ecclesiae 
episcopus. folcberht. eadberht. hunfri'5. freoSuberht. wulflaf. 15 
beornhelm. tidfritS, dammucae civitatis episcopus. uulfheard. 
ceolhelm. tilberht. lull, cynulf. eadberht. osmund, lundonensis 
civitatis episcopus. heahstan. tidhun. aef>elhelm. wighard. 
freoSored. wermund. lullingc. beagnoS. wigheard. tuda. 
heabberbt. heared. uuihthun, selesegi ecclesiae episcopus. (c)eol- 20 
mund*. eadberht. heahferS. dudcL beorcoL cynebald — in loco 
qui vocatur clofes hoas. 

CiiSrecL Stowe 7, Cott. Aug. ii. 100. 


JESelnotf's endorsement only in Stowe. K. 1. 233 (191). B. M. n. 7 (Cott.). 

ego cuSredus rex cantwarioruui s cum consensu coenuulfi regis 
merciorum dabo ae&elnoSo praefecto meo in provincia cantiae 
terrain in loco qui dicilur ®t heagySe 4 Some — coenuulf. cuSred. 

1 altered from alnmund. * c cut off. * cantuua. C. * he^yfte C. 


uulfredus 1 . coenwald. osuulf. ealdberht. wealh. seSelieard 8 . 
5 berhtnoS. ceolnoS. wulfred. alduulf. uerenberht 8 . deneberht. 

tidferS. alhheard. eaduulf. wulfheard. beornmod. wigberht. 

alhmund. wiohthun. wigmund. beonna 4 . 

seSelnoft se *gerefa to eastorege 7 gsenburg bis wif arseddan 

hiora 6rfe beforan wulfre[de] arcebiscope 7 seSelhune his maesse- 
10 prioste 7 esne cyninges Segpe sure hueSer hiora suae leng lifes 

were foe 5 to londe 7 to aire flehte. gif hio beam heebbe, Sonne foe 

Sset [ofer] hiora boega dagas to londe 7 to sehte. gif hio Sonne 

beam naebbe, 7 wulfred archibiscop lifes sie, J>onne foe he to Ssem 

londe, 7 hit forgelde 7 Sset wforS gedaele fore hiora gastas suae 

15 selmeslice 7 suse rehtlice suae he him seolfa on his wisdome gele- 

^ ornie, 7 Sas *prece nsenig mon uferran dogor on nsenge oSre halfe 

oncserrende sie nymne suae J>is gewrit hafaS.] wulfred. feologeld. 

seSelhun. cuSberht. seSelnoS. gsenburg. esne. 

Jnsses londes earan Srie sulong set haegySe Some. 7 gif hiora 
ao oSrum oSSe bsem suS fo[r]gelimpe, biscop Saet lond gebycge susb 

hie Sonne geweorSe. 


Wulfred 1 . Cott. Aug. ii. 47. 

Cant. arch. K. I. 238 (195). B. M. 11. 11. 

ego uulfred christi ecelesiae antistes christi ecelesiae donabo terram 

in regione easterege, quae mibi ab incolis folcuuininglond vocatur. 

' in regione eosterege. nostras fratemitati on byrg. Sset folcwining 

lond on eosterge. terras et liminum. coenuulf rex. on magonsetum 

5 set geardcylle. a cyneSrySae adquirere. on liminum. Saet wynnheard- 

ing lond, 7 babbinglond, 7 an iocled on uppan *ufre. set liminum. 

on eosterge. on eostorege. a reacoluensae ecclesiae. dunwaliuglond. 

set buraan. aldhun. domni iaemberhti. ecgberht. aldhuno. 

offa. ecgberhto. aeSelheard. rege offa. aeSelheard. set buraan. 

10 on easterege. set buraan. on eostorege — uulfred. beoramodus. . 

wernoS. beornwine. feologeld. aeSelhun. ceolstan. heamund. 

osuulf. heremod. tudda. deoraoS. abba. guSmund. bada- 

1 wul. C. * so also C. * uue. C. * later endorsement in C. 

hegyfte "Born. fSreo sulunga. * oe oner. 



heard. cuSric. hunferS. uuilnoS. dryhtnoS. eangeard. aeSel- 
heah. ealhun. deneberht. coenhere. tilred. billheard. dudd. 
goda. brunheard. uulfheard. osmund — coenuulfi regis, wulfredi. 15 
in civitaU dorovernia. 

Wulfired*. Cott. Aug. ii. 72. 


Cant. arch. K. 1. 290 (225). Th. 463. B. M. n. 17. 

ego uulfred arciepiscopus ilia familia quae domino servitura est 
in dorouernia cwitate aliquam partem meae terrae, hoc est iiii 
aralrorum f quod nominatur ret sceldes forda — terra quae pertinet 
ad eastre^ge. osberhting lond. terra quae pertinet ad uuigincgga 
ham. sceldes ford, cynehard. ecgberhto et aeSeluulfo. dodda 5 
monackus. cynehardi et doddan — uulfred. ciolnoth. beagmund. 
uuerhard. aeSelhun. abba, hunred. osmund. wigmund. badanoS. 
heaberht. noSwulf. (b)runhard. (h)ysenoS. (daeg)mund. (biorn)- 
fer(S). (eard)wulf. (oba). cichus. ealhheard. osmod. irioSogeard. 
(wi)ting. . . elered — sceldes fordres boec 7 Seara wica on byrg. 10 


Oswulf. Cott. Aug. ii. 79. 


Bound, rather uncial. Cant. arch. K. 1. 292 (226). Th. 459. B.M. I. 15. 

ic osuulf aldormonn mid Godes grefe ond beornSryS min gemecca 
sellaS to cantuarabyrg to cristes cirican Saet lond ret stanhamstede, 
xx swuluncga, gode allmehtgum 7 Sere halgon gesomnuncgre fore 
hyhte 7 fore aedleane "Sees aecan 7 Saes towardon lifes 7 fore 
uncerra saula hela 7 uncerra bearaa. ond mid micelre eaSmodnisse 5 
biddaS Sret wit moten bion on Sem gemanon tSe Saer godes Siowas 
siondan 7 Sa menn *Sa Saer hlafordas wreron 7 Sara monna Se 
hiora lond to Saere cirican saldon. ond Srettre mon unce tide ymb 
turelf monaS mon' geuueorSiae on godcundum godum 7 sec on ael- 
messan sure mon hiora doeS. 10 

ic "Sonne uulfred mid godes gaefe arc. epis. Sas forecuaedenan 
uuord fulliae, 7 bebeode Sret mon ymb turelf monaS hiora tid boega 


Sus geuueorSiae to anes daeges to osuulfes tide ge mid godcundum 
godum ge mid aelmessan ge aec mid higna suesendum. Sonne 

15 bebeode ic Saet mon Sas Sing Belle ymb tuself monaS of liminum, 
Se Sis forecuaede[ne] lond to limpeS, of Saem ilcan londe set 
Btanhamstede : cxx huaetenra hlafa 7 xxx clenra, 7 an hriSer 
dugunde 7 1111 sc§p 7 tua flicca 7 v goes 7 x bennfuglas 7 x pund 
caeses, gif hit faguldaeg sie. gif hit Sonne festendaeg sie, selle mon 

ao uu§ge csesa 7 fisces 7 butran 7 aegera Saet mon begeotan maege, 
7 xxx ombra godes uuelesces aloS S(et) limpeS to xv mittum, 
7 mittan fulne buniges, oSSa tue^gen uuines, sue, hwaeder suae mon 
Sonne begeotan maege. ond of higna gemenufnugodum Saer aet 
ham mon geselle cxx gesuflra hlafa to aelmessan for hiora saula 

35 suae mon aet hlaforda tidu/ra doeS. ond Sas forecuedenan su$senda 
all agefe mon S§m reogolwarde, 7 he brytnie, swee higum maest red 
sie 7 Saem sawlum soelest. aec mon Saet weax agsefe to *ciricican, 
7 hiora sawlum nytt gedoe Se hit man fore doeS. aec ic bebeode 
minum aefterfylgendum Se Saet lond hebben aet Burnan Saet hiae 

30 simle ymb xn monaS foran to Ssere tide gegeorwien ten hund 
hlafa 7 swae feola Bufla, 7 Set mon gedele to aelmessan aet Sere 
tide fore mine sawle 7 Osuulfes 7 beornSrySe [aet cristes cirican], 
7 him se reogolweord on byrg gebeode foran to hwonne sio tid sie. 
aec ic bidde higon Sette hie Sas godcundan god gedon aet Sere 

35 tide fore hiora sawlum : Saet fghwilc messepriost gesinge fore 
osuulfes sawle twa mes&an, twa fore beornSrySe sawle; 7 aeghwilc 
diacon arede twa passione fore his sawle, twa fore hire; ond 
eghwilc godes Siow gesinge twa fiftig fore his sawle, twa fore hire, 
Saette ge fore uueorolde sien geblitsade mid Sem weoroldcundum 

40 godum 7 hiora saula mid Sem godcundum godum. aec ic biddo 
higon Saet ge me gemynen aet Sere tide mid suilce godcunde gode 
suilce iow cynlic Synce, ic Se Sas gesettnesse sette ge hueder ge 
for higna lufon ge Seara saula Se haer beforan hiora namon auuri- 
tene siondon. valete in domino. 

45 J>is is gesetnes (o)sulf(es 7) bearnSrySe. 



Eadwald. Cott. Aug. ii. 19. 


Roughish. Cant. arch. K. I. 295 (228). Th. 465. B.M. n. 19. 

Sis is geSinge eadwaldes, osheringes, 7 cyneSrySe, eSelmodes lafe 
aldormonnes, ymbe Set lond et cert Se hire eSelinod hire hlabard 
Balde. wes hit becueden *osbearte his broSar suna, gif he cyne- 
SrySe oferlifde, 7 siSSan *neniggra meihanda ma Ses cynnes, ac 
hia hit atuge yfter hira dege swe hit him boem rehtlicast 7 elmestli- 5 
cast were. 

Sonne hebfaS eadwald 7 *cyne Sas wisan Sus fundene mid hira 
friandum. gib eadweald leng lifige Sonne cyneSryS, geselle et 
Sem londe et cert x Susenda. gif he gewite er Sonne hia, his 
barna sue hwelc sue lifes sie agefe Set feoh, ond 1 atee sue hit 10 
soelest sie for Sa hit begetan. nis eSelmode enig meghond neor 
Ses cynnes Sanne eadwald, his modar, his broSar dohtar : mest 
cyn Set he Set lond hebbe 7 his beorn yfter him, 7 sue ateon sue 
him *nytlicas Synce for Sa Se hit mid reohte begetan. 

ego ceolnoS mid godes gefe ercebiscop J>is mid xps' rodetacne 15 
festnie 7 write, biarnhelm. eSelmund. osmund. biarnheah. 
sefreS. *Selwald. *whelm. eSelwald. eardulf. biarnhelm. 
eadgar. elfstan. sigefreS. sigefreS. ealhstan. b(ia)rnnoS. 
cialbarht wealdhelm. tirwald. oba. biarnhelm. sigemund. 
herefreS. wynhelm. wunbeald. wermund. ao 


Ealhburg. Cott. £ug. ii. 52. 

About 831. 

Rough, irregular. Cant. arch. K. 1. 296 (229). Th. 468. B. M. n. 21. 

Sis aindan geSinga ealhburge 7 eadwealdes et Sem lande et 
burnan hwet man elce gere ob Sem lande to cristes cirican Sem 
hiwum agiaban seel for ealhburge 7 for ealdred 7 fore eadweald 
7 ealawynne : xl ambra mealtes, 7 xl 7 cc hlaba, 1 wege cesa, 



. ' d crowded in. 


5 I wege speces, i eald hriSer, nn weSras, x goes, xx henfugla, mi 
foSra weada. 7 ic ealhburg bebiade eadwealde minem mege an godes 
naman 7 an ealra his haligra Set he Sis wel healde his dei 7 siSSan 
forS bebeode his erbum to healdenne, Sa 1 hwile Se hit cristen se. 
7 suelc mon se Set lond hebbe eghwylce sunnandege x gesuflra 

10 hlafa to Sare 9 cirican for ealdredes saule 7 for ealhburge. 

Sis is sia elmesse Se ealhhere bebead ealawynne his doehter et 
Senglesham, et in sulungum : elce gere c pen' to cristes cirican 
Sem higum. 7 snelc man se Sisses landes bruce, agebe Sis fiah an 
godes gewitnesse 7 an ealra his haligra, 7 suilc man sue hit awege 

15 Sonne se hit on his sawale nas on Ses Se hit don het. 


Lufu. Cott. Aug. ii. 92. 

Rough. Cant arch. K. L 299 (231). Th. 474. B.M. u. 22. 

ic lufa mid godes gefe ancilla domini wes soecende 7 smeagende 
ymb mine saulSearfe mid ceolnoSes sercebiscopes geSeahte 7 Sara 
hiona et cristes cirican. willa ic gesellan of Sem serfe Se me god 
forgef 7 mine friond to gefultemedan §lce gere lx ambra maltes 7 
5 cl hlafa, l hwitehlafa, cxx *elmeshlafes, an hriSer, an suin, nn 
weSras, 11 w$ga spices 7 ceses Sem higum to cristes *circcan for 
mine saule 7 minra frionda 7 mega Se me to gode gefultemedan, 
7 Sgt sie simle to adsumsio scse 8 marie ymb xii monaS. end sue 
eihwelc mon swe Sis lond hebbe minra eerbeuumena Sis agefe 7 
10 ruittan fulne huniges, x goes, xx henfuglas. 

ic ceolnoS mid godes gefe ercebiscop mid cristes rodetacne Sis 

festnie 7 write, beagmund pr* geSafie 7 mid write. beornftiS 

pr' geSafie 7 mid write- J wealhhere. osmund. deimund. seSel- 

wald. werbald. sifreS. swiSberht. beornheah. aeSelmund. 

15 wighelm. lubo. 

ic luba eaSmod godes Siwen Sas forecwedenan god 7 Sas elmessan 
gesette 7 gefestnie ob minem erfelande et mundlingham Sem hiium 
to cristes cirican. 7 ic bidde 7 an godes libgendes naman bebiade 

1 the a blotted. * indiitinct : may be ttorre. * no mark of 



Sseni men Se Sis land 7 Sis erbe hebbe et mundlingham Set he Sas 
god forSleste 08 wiaralde ende. se man se Sis healdan wille 7 20 
lestan Set ic beboden hebbe an Sisem gewrite se him seald 7 
gehealden sia hiabenlice b[l]edsung. se his ferwerne oSSe hit 
agele se him seald 7 gehealden helle wite, bute he to fulre bote 
gecerran wille gode 7 mannom. uene ualete. 

lufe )>incggewrit. 25 

Abba. Cott. Aug. ii. 64. 

Cant. arch. K. 1. 310 (235). Th. 469. B.M. 11. 23. 

ic abba geroefa cySe 7 writan hate hu min willa is J>set mon ymb 
min serfe gedoe setter min urn dsege. 

serest ymb min lond j?e ic hsebbe, 7 me god lah, 7 ic set minum 
hlafordum begset, is min willa, gif me god beanies unnan wille, 
Sset hit foe to londe sefter me 7 his brace mid milium gemeccan, 5 
7 sioSSan swse forS min cynn Sa hwile J>e god wille SsBt Seara 
senig sie pe londes weorSe sie 7 land gehaldan cunne. gif me 
Sonne gifeSe sie Sset ic beam begeotan ne m§ge, ]wnne is min 
willa Jjset hit hsebbe min wiff Sa hwile Se hia hit mid clennisse 
gehaldan wile, 7 min broSar alchhere hire fultume 7 pmt lond hire 10 
nytt gedoe. 7 him man se, lie an half swnlung an ciollan dene to 
habbanne 7 to bnicanne, wiS San Se he Sy geornliocar hire Searfa 
bega 7 bewiotige. 7 mon selle him to Sem londe mi oxan, 7 n cy, 
7 l sc§pa, 7 senne horn, gif min wiif Sonne hia nylle mid clen- 
nisse swse gehaldan, 7 hire liofr[e] sie oSer hemed to niomanne, 15 
Sonne foen mine megas to Sem londe, 7 hire agefen hire agen. 
gif hire Sonne liofre sie . . . . nster to ganganne oSSa snS to 
faranne 1 , Sonne agefen hie twsegen mine mggas, alchhere 7 aeSel 
.... hire twa Susenda 7 fon him to Sem londe. 7 agefe mon to 
liminge l eawa 7 v cy fore hie, 7 mon selle to folcanstane in mid 20 
minum lice x oxan, 7 x cy, 7 c eawa, 7 c swina, 7 hignm an sun- 
dran d pend* wiS San Se min wiif ]>ser benuge innganges swse mid 

1 first a from : the scribe probably meant to write foerarme. 


minum lice swse sioSSan yferran dogre, swse hwaeder swse hire 
liofre sie. gif higan Sonne oSSe hlaford fset nylle hire mynster- 

25 lifes geunnan, oSSa hia siolf nylle, 7 hire oSer Sing liofre sie, Jxmne 
agefe mon ten hund pend' inn mid minum lice me wiS legerstowe 
7 higum an sundran fif hund pend' fore mine sawle. 

7 ic bidde 7 bebeode swselc monn se Sset min lond hebbe Sset he 
selce gere agefe Sem higum set folcanstane L ambra maltes, 7 vi 

30 ambra grata, 7 m wega spices 7 coses, 7 cccc hlafa, 7 an hriSr, 
7 vi seep. 7 swselc monn se Se to minurn serfe foe, Sonne gedele 
he selcum me^sepreoste binnan cent mancus goldes, 7 selcum godes 
Siowe pend', 7 to sanete petre min wsergeld twa Susenda. 7 freo- 
Somund foe to minum sweorde, 7 agefe Ser set feower Susenda ; 

35 7 him mon forgefe Seran Sreotene hund pending 1 . 7 gif mine 
broSar serfeweard gestrionen Se londes weorSe sie, f>onne ann ic 
Sem londes. gif hie ne geBtrionen oSSa him sylfum selles hwset 
sele, sefter hiora dege ann ic his freoSomunde, gif he Sonne lifes 
biS. gif him elles hwset sseleS, Sonne ann ic his minra swsestar 

40 Buna, swselcum se hit geSian wile 7 him gifeSe biS. 7 gif J>set 
gesele J>set min cynn to San clane gewite Sset Ser Seara nan ne sie 
Se londes weorSe sie, f>onne foe se hlaford to 7 Sa higan set kristea 
cirican, 7 hit minum gaste nytt gedoen. an Sas redenne ic hit 
Sider selle Se se monn se Se kristes cirican hlaford sie [se] min 7 

45 minra erfewearda forespreoca 7 mundbora, 7 an his hlaforddome 
[we] bian moten. 

ic ciolnoS mid godes gefe sercebiscop Sis write 7 Seafie, 7 mid 
cristes rodetacne hit festnise. ic beagmund pr* Sis Seafie 7 write, 
ic wserhard pr' ab' Sis Seafie 7 write, ic abba geroefe Sis write 7 

50 festnie mid kristes rodetacne. ic seSelhun pr' Sis Seafie 7 write, 
ic abba pr 1 Sis J>eafie 7 write, ic wigmund pr* Sis write 7 Seafie. 
ic iof pr* Sis Seafie 7 write. 

ic osmund pr' Sis Seafie 7 write, ic wealhhere diac' Sis write 
7 Seafie. ic badanoS diac' Sis write 7 Seafie. ic heaberht diac' 

55 Sis write 7 )?eafie. ic noSwulf subdiac' Sis write 7 Seafie. ic 
wealhhere subdiac' Sis write 7 Seafie. ic ciolwulf subdiac' Sis 
write 7 Seafie. 

heregyS hafaS Sas wisan binemned ofer hire deg 7 ofer abbaa. 

1 end of lint; pending* (t). 


Sam higum et cristes cirican of S»m londe et cealflocan : Scet is 
Sonne Sritig ombra alaS, 7 Sreo hund hlafa, Seara biS fiftig 60 
hwitehlafa, an weg spices 7 ceses, an aid hriSr, feower weSras, an 
suin oSSe sex weSras, sex gosfuglas, ten hennfuglas, Sritig teapera, 
gif hit wintreB deg sie, sester fulne huniges, sester fulne butran, 
sester fulne saltes. 7 heregyS bibeadeS Sem mannura Se efter hire 
to londe foen on godes noman S«t hie fulgere witen Sset hie tSiss 65 
gelesten Se on Sissem gewrite binemned is higum to cristes 
cirican, [7 Saet sie simle to higna blodlese ymb twelf monaS agefen.] 
7 se maun se to londe foe agefe hire erfehonda xni pund pendinga; 
7 hio forgifeS fiftene pund for Sy Se mon Sas feorme Sy soel 
gelseste. 7° 

(abban geroefan serfegedal 1 , his geSinga to kristes cirican.) 


BadanoS. Cott. Aug. ii. 42. 

Cant. arch. K. 1. 316 (238). Th. 476. B. M. n. 25. 

ic badanoS beotting cySo 7 writan hato hu min willa is Set min 
serfelond fere Se ic et aeSeluulfe cyninge begset 7 gebohte mid 
folium friodome on aece serfe eefter minum dege 7 minra serfe- 
wearda, Set is, mines wifes 7 minra bearna. ic wille cerist me 
siolfhe gode allmehtgum forgeofan to Sere stowe set cristes cirican, 5 
7 min beam Ser liffest gedoan, 7 wiib 7 cild S«m hlaforde 7 higum 
7 Saere stowe befestan ober minne dei to friSe 7 to mundbyrde 7 
to hlaforddome on Seem Singum Se him Searf sie. 7 hie brucen 
londes hiora dei, 7 higon gefeormien to minre tide swse hie soelest 
Surhtion megen; 7 higon us mid heora godcundum godum swe, 10 
gemynen swse us arlic 7 him selmeslic si§. 

7 Sonne ofer hiora dei, wifes 7 cilda, ic bebeode on godes noman 
Saet mon agefe Saet lond inn higum to heora beode him to brucanne 
on ece aerfe, sw» him liofast sie. 7 ic biddo higon for godes lufe 
Saet se monn se higon londes unnen to brucanne Sa ilcan wisan 15 

1 « doubtful ; may be a. 



teste on swsesendum to minre tide, 7 Sa godcundan lean minre 

saule mid gerece sw$ bit mine aerfenuman ser onstellen. 

Sonne is min willa Sat Sissa gewriota sien twa gelice : oSer 

habben bigon mid boecum, oSer mine serfeweardas heora dei. 
ao Sonne is Ses londes $e ic bigum selle xvi gioc serSelondes 7 

medwe 1 , all on sece eerfe to brucanne ge minne dei, ge sefter swee to 

ationne swee me meat red 7 liofast sie. ^ 

ceolnoS arc' episc' Siss writo 7 festnie, mid cristes rodetacne. 

alcbhere dux Siss writo 7 Seafig. bsegmund pro' ab' Siss writo 7 
25 Seafig. bysenoS pr* Siss writo 7 Seafig. wigmund. badenoS. 

osmund. suiSberht. dyddel. cicbus. aigemund. eSelwulf. tile. 

cyneberht eSelred. badanoS. 


Plegred. Cott. Aug. ii. 16. 


Rough. Cant. arch. K. 11. 66(282). B.M. 11. 34. 

ego plegred emi aliquam terre unculam [et]* eSelmode, hoc 
est, an bealf tun que ante pertinebat to wilburgewellan, Set land 
bealf 7 bealfne tun — cyniges bei weg. stret to scufelingforde. 
stur. cyninges land 7 balfhe wer. una prata on burgwara 

5 medum suSeweardum, 7 an norSeweardum burgwara medum 
bealfmed, 7 meabse log an cyninges strete— eSelmod. plegrede — 
eSelwulf. eanulf. eSelwulf. eSelmod. bunred. eSelbeald. eSeric. 
dudda. wimund. ceolmund. werenbearbt. lulling, eadweald. 
wulfred. deimund. sebearbt. diar. osulf. biarnbelm. byse. 

10 dunincg. eS[el]noS. 


Ceolwulf*. Cott. Aug. ii. 17. 

888 or 868. 
Roughish. Cant. arch. E. 11. 87 (296). B. M. 11. 38. 

cialulf. eanmunde amieo meo. in dorobemia — terminibus : 
in oriente eSelmund. deibearbt. ciolulf. hemma — eanmunde — 

* space of about 16 letters erased here. * written on margin. 


eSered. ciolnoS. heahmund. eftelwulf. dryhtweald. eastmund. 
garulf. ecgbearht. . ecgferS. acca. wynsige. eSered. dudda. 
lulla. eSelweald. eSelmund. eacca. eSelweald. eSelweald. 5 
osmund. ciolulf — ciolulf sealde eanmunde his mege Sisne tuun 
betwix eum wiS cxx in *§c erbe-^Seredes cyninges friols 7 his 
hand seten 7 se.len. 



-ffllfred 2 . Stowe^. 


Horaley, Clapham, Chertaey, &c. (Surrey). K. 11. 120 (317). Th. 480. 

ic ejfred dux hatu writan 7 cySan an Sissum gewrite ejfrede 
regi 7 allum his weotum 7 geweotan, 7 ec swylce minum megum 7 
minum gefeorum, }?a men pe ic mines erfes 7 mines boclondea 
seolest onn, S$t is jxmne werburg min wif 7 uncer gremene 1 beam, 
poet is j>onne et erestan an sondenstede 7 on selesdune xxxn hida, 5 
7 on westarham xx hida, 7 on cloppaham xxx hida, 7 on leanga- 
felda ti hida, 7 on horsalgge x hida, 7 on netelamfetyde] vi hida. 
ic etfred dux sello werburge 7 alhdrySe uncum gemevum bearne 
sefter minum dege J>as lond mid cwice e.rfe 7 mid earSe 7 mid 
allum Singum Se to londum belimpaS. 7 twa Jmsendu swina ic 10 
heom sello mid pern londum, gif hio hio gehaldeS mid }>are clen- 
nisse }?e uncer word^ecweodu seondan. 7 hio gebrenge et sancte 
petre min twa wergeld, gif Set godes willa seo pet heo poet fereld 
age. ond efter werburge dfge seo alhSryfte p& lond unbefiiten on 
sondemstyde 7 on selesdune 7 on leangafelda. ond gif heo beam 15 
hebbe, feo Vet beam to S^m londum e,fter hire ; gif heo beam ngbbe, 
feo Sonne an hire rehtfederen sio neste hond to pern londe ond to 
Sena §rfe, 7 swa hwylc minra fedrenmega swa S§t sio poet hine to San 
^rehagige poet he }>a oSoro lond begeotan m§ ge 7 wille, j?onne gebygcge 
he p& lond et hire mid halfe weorSe. ond swe hwylc mon swa Set 20 
sio }>§t Ses londes bruce ofer minne de.g on cloppaham, Jeanne ge- 

1 the ge is expressed here and below by a 7 with tA* direction of the upper 
stroke reoersed. 



selle he cc peninga eghwylce gere to ceortesege for $lfredes sawle 
to feormfultume 1 . ond ic sello ^Selwalde minum sunu in hida boc- 
londes : n hida on hue.tedune, . . . s hides an gatatiine, 7 him sello 

25 perio c swina ; 7 gif se cyning him geunnan wille ]>$s folclondes to 
S§m boclonde, J>onne h^bbe 7 bruce ; gif hit J>§t ne sio, J>onne selle 
hio him swa hwaSer swa hio wille, swa Set lond an horsalege, swe 
Set an leangafelda. . on[d] ic sello berhtsige minum mege da hide 
boclondes on If ncanfelda, 7 ]>erto c swina ; 7 geselle hio c swina to 

30 cristes cirican for me 7 fer mine sawle, 7 c to ceortesege ; 7 Jx>ne 
ofer§ can mon gedele gind mynsterhamas to godes ciricum in su}>- 
regum 7 in c§nt, |>a hwile pe hio lestan willen. ond ic sello 
sigewulfe minum mege ofer werburge d$g )>gt lond an netelhaem- 
styde; ond sigulf geselle of Sera londe c pgninga to cristes cirican. 

35 ond eghwylc )>ara § rfewearda pe efter him to Se, m londe foe, )>onne 
ageofen hio pa, ilcan elmessan to cristes cirican for § lfredes sawle, 
pa hwile pe fulwiht sio, 7 hit man on S$m londe begeotan m^ge. 
ond ic sello eadrede minum mege }>et lond on fearnlege efter 
eSelredes d§ ge, gif he hit to him geearnian wile ; 7 lie geselle of 

40 Sem londe xxx .... cornes § ghwelce gere to hrofescestre ; ond sio 
Sis lond ^rewriten 7 unbefliten efter eadredes dege in aelfredes 
rehtmeodrencynn tSa hwile pe fulwihte* sio on angelcynnes ealonde. 
Seos foresprec 7 pas gewriotu pe herbeufan awreotene stondaS, ic 
selfred willio 7 wille past hio sion soSfgstlice forSweard getrymed 

45 me 7 minum ^rfeweardum. gif Set Sonne god sallmehtig geteod 
habbe, ond me )>$t on lene geliS |>$t me gesibbra erfeweard forS- 
cyme^ wepnedhades 7 acenned weorSeS, Sanne ann ic Sem ofer 
minne d$g alles mines §rfes to brucenne swa him leofust sio. and 
swa hwylc mon swa Sas god 7 J>as geofe 7 Jms gewrioto 7 |>as word 

50 mid rehte haldan wille ond grel^stan, gehalde hine heofones cyning 
in Jjissum life ondwardum, 7 eac swa in J?^m towardan life ; ond 
swa hwylc mon swa hio wonie 7 breoce, gewonie him god almah- 
tig his weorldare ond ea[c] swa his sawle are. 

her sindon S®ra manna naman awritene Se Seosse wfsan geweo- 

55 ton sindon. ic seSered ar' bisc' mid S®re halgan cristes rode tacne 
Sas word 7 Sas wisan festnie 7 writej ffilfred dux. beorhtuulf 
dux. beornhelm ab\ earduulf ab\ waerburg. sigfreS pr. *beon- 

1 accent on first m. * accent on the w. 


heah pr. beagstan pr\ wulfheah. cetSelwulf pr'. earduulf pr'. 
beornoS diac'. wealdhelm diac'. wine sb' diac'. seefretS. ceol- 
mund m'. eadmund m\ eadwald m*. siguulf m'. 6° 


£S3elheard 8 . Cott. Aug. ii. 61. 


Litchfield (Stafford.). Cant. arch. K. 1. 224 (185). Th. 48. B. M. 11. 6. 

offa rex merciorum. iaenberhti. aeSelheardus. aeSelheardo. 
coenuulfus. aeSelheardus. clofes hoas. ae&elbeardus. in liccid- 
feldensi monasterio. liccedfeldensL set clofes houm — aeSelheardus. 
alduulfus. uuerenberhtus. alcbeardus. uuigberhtus. albmundus. 
osmundus. eaduulfus. deneberhtus. uuibtbunus. tidfriSus. 5 
uulfheardus. albmundus. beonna. ffoJrCred. uuigmundus. 

Wiglaf \ Cott. Aug. ii. 9. 

Hanbury (Wore.) arch. K. 1. 314 (237). Th. 88. B. M. n. 24. 

uuiglaf rex merciorum. monasterium in beanbyrg. in craeft 
liberabo a difficuUate ilia quam nos eaxoniee faestingmenn dicimus— 
uuiglaf. cyne$ry]> regina. ceolnot?. cynefertS. raejriiun. eaduul£ 
beaberht. eaduulf. alhstan. beormod. busa. cunda. ceolberht. 
cynred. eanmund. uueobtred. beornbelm. sigred. mucoei 5 
tiduulf. ae}>elnard. cyneberht. ae]>eluulf. albbelm. humberht. 
aelfstan. mucoel. wicga. aldred. aldberht. aelfred. bwit- 
byse. werenberht wulfred. wiglaf. eanuulf. albmund. berht- 
uulf. eegbard — J- Ses friodom waes bigeten aet wiglafe cyninge 
mid Saem tuentigum hida aet iddes bale end tfoes londes friodom 10 
aet baeccabam mid $y ten hida londe aet felda bi weoduman. end 
mucele esninge Saet ten bida lond aet Croglea — Sis is beanburge 
friodom, se waes bigeten mid Sy londe aet iddes bale, 7 aet bean- 


byrig ten hi da Saes londes, 7 aet felda ten hida on beansetura. 
15 7 biscop gesalde sigrede aldormenn sex hund scillinga on golde, 7 
mucele aldormenn ten hida lond set croglea 1 . 


Berhtwulf. Cant. Arch. c. 1280. 

About 840. 

Woofcton (Glouces.). K. 11. 5 (243). Pal. Soc. 14. 

in nomine domini ego berchtwulf eyning sile forSrede minum 
Segne nigen higida lond in wudotune in ece erfe him to hiobbanne 
7 to siollanne Saem Se hit wille nii5 eaSmodre hcrnisse him to 
geeornigan ofer his daeg cissetSebeorg feower treowe hyl, 7 ean- 
5 burge mere, tihhan hyl, 7 utbigeht tu higida lond in erfe ece. 7 he 
salde to londceape xxx raancessan 7 nigen hund scill', wiS Saem 
londe him in ece erfe. 

. ic berhtwulf rex "Sas mine gesaldnisse trymme 7 faestna in cristes 
rodetacne 7 in his Saere haligran a 7 in his *wotona gewitnisse. 

10 aerist saeSryS regina, cyneferS episcopus, alchhun episcopus, bercht- 
red episcopus, deorlaf episeopus, *ceored ejriscopus, *wichred abbas, 
aldred abbas, mucel dux, hunbercht dux, burgred dux, *aefstan, 
cyneberht dux, sigred dux, alberht dux, aldred dux, mucel dux, 
hunstan dux, eadwulf, beornoS, wulfred, mucel, aldred, wicga, 

15 eadgar, baldred, werenberht, eadred, aeftelwulf presbyter, heaberht 
presbyter, ecghun, ecgheard, beornhaeS, aldred. 
* 7 2 we aec alle. bibeoda'S 8e mt Sisse gewitnisse werun on cristes 
noman 7 on his Caere haligra(n), gif aenig monn $as ure gewit- 
nisse incerre on owihte, Saet he tfebbe Saes aelmaehtgan gode£s "7 

ao^mUis^^l-T)- his Caere haligran up in (heofhura) oaes we him 
(ge)beodSi* maege. - 

1 later endorsm. Wiglaf cinig. 

* this endorsm. is m places nearly illegible from wear; letters in ( ) are given 
on the authority of the Pal. Soc. transliteration. * unhhsse (?) Pal. 

4 gebeod in Pal. 



Coenwulf K Stowe 10. 



Mercian band. 

ego coenuulfus rex merciorum simul etiam el cut?r$dus rex can- 
tuuariorum. uulfhardo presbytero. aeSelheardi arhcV episc\ in 
cantia — ubi sueordhlincas vocitantur. an suiting, tnediam partem 
uniu$ mansiunculae, id est an geocled. ubi *ecgheannglond oppel- 
latur — coenuulfus. haec cartula scripta est in loco ubi nominator 5 
aclaeh, atque eodem anno beatissimus aetfilheardus arK cpif migra- 
bat ad caelestia regna — cuSredus. uulfredus. uuerenbe[o]rhti. 
alhmundi. tidfriSi. osmundi. deneberhti. beornmodi. alduulfi. 
uigberhti. alh[e]ardi. eaduulfi. uuihthuni. uulfheardi. cynhelm. 
heaberht. tiduulf. ceoluuard. byrnuuald. beornnoo'. heardberht. 10 
uuigga. uuigbeard. feologeld. uueraoS. beorheard. haehferS. 
aeSilgeard. uihtbere. wynbald. dudemon. ceolstan. 


Coenwulf 8 . Cott. Aug. ii. 98. 



Cooling (Kent), Tamworth (Staff.). Cant. arch. K. 1. 337 (194). B. M n. 9. 

coenuulf rex merciorum. meo mimstro eaduulfo. in loco quae 
appellator culingas. haec sunt termina : cyninges tuntih. genlad. 
biornbeardes lond. Sorndun. actum est in loco qui vocatwr 
tomeworSig— coenuulf. elfSrytS regina. heaberht. beor[n]noo\ 
ceolward. cynhelm. ecgferS. by[r]nwald. eadfert?. heardberht. 5 
ceolberht Cynne— culingaboc. 



Coenwulf 4 . Cott. Aug. ii. 10. 


Cant. arch. K. I. 342(196). Th. 57. B.M. I. 14. 

regis merciorum coenu[u]lfi. uulfredi (gen.), in oppido regali 
lundaniae. coen[u]ulf. uulfred. deneberht hu[u]icciorum epis- 
copus. aeSeluulf episcopus australium saxonum. regi coenuulfo. 
uulfredi. pro pecuniarum remunerations, hoc est centum et vi- 

5 ginti vi mancosas. cantiae roeginga ham. appincglond. fefres 
ham. Seet suiShunincglond aet grafonaea. duas possessiunculas 
et tertiam dimediam, id est in nostra loquslla tfridda half haga. 
sture fluminis. coenuulf. uulfredo. coenuulf.— coenuulf. aelf- 
J>ry8 regina. sigred. uulfred. deneberht. beornmod. aeSeluulf. 

10 heardberht. beornnoS. cynehelm. eadberht. ecguulf. eanberht. 
heahferS. cyneberht. coenwald. aeSelheah. cu[u]oenburg. sele- 
burg. cuCred 1 . 

Coenwulf 5 . Cant. Arch. c. 1278. 


Mercian hand. K. 1. 249 (199). Pal. Soc. 11. 

merciorum regis coenuulf!. uulfredi archiepiscopi, coenuulfo. 
uulfredo. in orientalis cantiae partibus. uulfred. aliquam terras 
partiunculam, hoc est, duarum manentium in loco ubi sueord 
hlincas vocitantur, juxta distributionem suarum utique terrarum 
5 ritu cantiae an sulung dictum, mediam partem unius mansiun- 
culae, id est, an ioclet, ab incolis ibi ecgheanglond appellatur, 
uulfred. uulfhardo. aeSelheardi. uulfred. coenuulfo. fefresham. 
terras particula duarum manentium, id est, an sulung, ubi ab 
incolis grafoneah vocitatur, ab aquilone habens terminum suueal- 
10 uue flu/minis a j)laga, orients suiShuninglond, a parte occidentali 
ealh fleot, ab austro sigheardingmeduue ond eac suithhuninglond. 
in regione on liminum et in loco ubi kasingburnan appellatur 

1 later endorsm. SwiShuningland, Grauanea ; in another hand Grafenea. 


demediam partem unius mansiunculae, id est, an ioclet. coenuulf. 
has terrulas ®t grafonsea atque iterum set casingburnan. aet 
sueordblincum et ecgheanglond. uulfredo. uulfred. coenuulf o '5 
— coenuulf. uulfred. eaduulf. cutSredi. ploesa. cyneberbti. 
coenuualdi. aedelheah 1 . 

Coenwulf *. Cott. Aug. ii. 74. 


Cant. arch. K. 1. 253 (201). B. M. II. 13. 

ego coenuulfus rex merciorum uulfredo arciepiscopo dabo in 
provineia cantiae terram in regions quae dicitur westanwidde ubi 
nominator cynincges cua lond 3 — grafoneab, et unum /return qui 
nominatur nostra propria lingua mearcfleot, 7 seleberhtincglond. 
ad portum quae dicitur cillincg. on grafon ea. coenuulf. on 5 
blean. coenuulfi. ret bearwe — coenuulf. aelfj>ryj> regina. alduulf. 
heardberhti. ceoluulfi. uuighardi. re&buni. torbtbelmi. eaduulfi. 


Coenwulf 7 . Stowe 11. 


Wichbold (Worces.). Feveraham (Kent). 

coenuulf rex merciorvm meo archiepiscopo uulfredo m regions 
qui dicitur febresbam. seleberbtinglond — alhfleot. cyninges mersc. 
sualue. — singulare praetium ad penam, id est angylde. ego uulfred. 
coenuulfo. viginti et tres mancusas — in vico regio qui dicitur 
uuitbold — coenuulf. uulfred. deneberbt. ceoluulf. mucel. 5 

1 later endorsm. Grauanea. 3 later endorsm. be uueatanwuda oyncgea 




Ceolwulf *. Cott. Aug. ii. 93. 


Cant. arch. K. 1. 272 (216). Th. 65. B.M. 11. 15. 

ego ceolwulf rex merciorum vel etiam contwariorum. uulfredo 

arciepiscopo. in provincio cantiae ubi nominatur mylentu[n] 

hanc terram liberabo a refections et habitu illorum qui dicuntur 

fsBBtingmen. uulfredo — cymesinc. 30 *hole welle. et Occidents 

5 diorente. scorham silva. similiter qui dicitur cert, greotan 

edesces lond. cymesinges cert, ondred. in ondrede. *iu hyrst. 

sc[i]ofingden. snadhyrst — lxxv mancusas. in loco regale qui 

dicitur bydictun — ceolwulf. wulfred. eSelwald. reShun. wulf- 

heard. heaberht. sigered. eadberht. wulfred. muca. eatfert?. bofa. 

10 piot. eadbald. cyneberht. wighelm. beadheard. tunred. 


Ceolwulf*. Cott. Aug. ii. 75. 


Cant. arch. K. I. 274 (217). B.M. II. 16. 

ego ceolwulf rex merciorum sen etiam cantwariorum. in pro- 
vincial cantie. wulfredo arciepiscopo. urbis dorouemi. coenwulf 
ceolwulf — aldberhtingtun. stur — actum est in vttlo regaU qui 
dicitur werburgingwic — wulfred. ceolwulf. se&elwald. beornmod. 
5 sigered. sigered. beornnoft eadberht. alhbeard. muca. elfwald. 
eatferS. mucel. bofa. beomwulf. eanmund. feologeld. biorn- 
belm. piot. eadwulf. aldred. wighelm. cyneberht. eadbald. 
beadheard — londboc minra wica 7 Sritiges secra be norSan byrg. 


Beornwulf. Stowe 12. 


Folkstone (Kent). 

aet clofeshoum. beornuulfo regi merciorum. uulfredo. uul- 
fredus. »t oesewalum 1 . aldberht. ejus soror seleSryC. seleCryC. 

1 second e small (pontemp. addition). 


aldberht. monasterio quae nominator set folcanstan^. aldberht. 
osuulf. set oesewalum 1 . quoenSrySae (gen.). suSmynster. quo- 
enSrySam. set sufcmynstre. aldberhto. uulfred. quoentSrytSam. 5 
»t suSmynstre; quoenSrySe. wernoS. feologeld. s>e$elhun — 
uulfred. beornuulf. ae&elwald. reShun. heaberht. wigtfegn. 
eadwulf. wermund. ciolberht. cynred. beonna. cuftulf. ean- 
mund. eanmund. uuernoS. beornnoS. eadberht. eadwulf. 
aecgberht. sigered. cuSred. alchheard. mucael. ludeca. uhtred. 10 
eaduulf. bofa. aldred. bola. 


Wulfred 3 . Coti Aug. ii. 78. Stowe 13. 


Reoulver (Kent). Cott. from Cant. arch. K. 1. 280 (220). Th. 73. B. M. n. 18. 

de dwersis saxoniae partibus congregatum est synodale concilium 
in loco quae nominatur aet 2 clofes bourn, ' praesidente huic concilio 
uulfredo arciepiscopo seu etiam beornuulf o 8 regi merciorum. uul- 
fredus. coenwulfi regis, inmonasieriis aet 2 suSmynstre 7 set rseculfo 4 . 
coenwulf. terram set iognes homme. coenwulf. set suSmynstre. 5 
beornwulfi regis. aet 2 clofes houm. uulfred. cwoenSrySam 5 . 
coenwulfi. coenwulf. beornwulfo. coenwulfi. set hearge. here- 
freSing lond 6 , 7 set wemba lea, 7 set geddincggum 7 . abbatissa 
cwoenSrytS 8 JUia coenwulfi. beornwulf. set hearge. set boclonde, 
7 set wemba lea, 7 set herefretftnglonde. in provincia hwicciorum 10 
in loco quae nominatur oslafes hlau. set hearge. in provincia 
cantiae ubi dicitur set cumbe. coenwulfi. set wincelcumbe. 
coenwulfi — cwoentSryS*. beornwulf. uulfred us. aeSelwald. reS- 
hun. eadwulf. haeberht 10 . beornmod. beonna. wigtSsegn. 
albstan. humberht. willred. ceolberht. cynred. cuSwulf. will- 15 
fertS. eanmund. eanmund. torhthelm. wiohtred. piott 11 . beornnotS. 
eadberht. eadwulf. ecgberht. alchhard 12 . cyneberht. sigered. 
mucel. cuSred. eadwulf. wulfred. bynna. aldred. wighelm. 
aldred. bola. albstan. eadbald. feologeld. oswulf. hunferS. 

1 second e small (contemp. addition). * set, Stowe. * -wulfo, St. 

4 reculfo, St. 5 -JnySam, St. • Hgre-, St. T geddincgum, St. 

• coen)*ry«, St. • -J*ytf,#. w heaberht, S*. ll piot, St. " alhhard,£e. 


rocoena. osmuncL tudda. brunhard. deornoC 1 . taegmund. bunrecL 
cynebard. wigmund. dsegmund. wihtred 8 . weerbard. eadwulf. 
duda. coenbard. alhhere. aelfgyS. beonne. aelfgyS. beegswrS. 
aloburg. ^cgburg 8 — is* earan cwcenSryfte geSincgo 7 bisoopes 
7 }>eara )>egna on cantwarabyrg 5 . 


Wiglaf '. Cott. Aug. ii. 94. 


Wichbold (Worces.). Cant. arch. K. 1. 294 (227). B. M. 11. so. 

ego uuiglaf rex merciorum. in provincia middelsaxanorum. ah 
incolis nominatur botewselle. uulfredo arciepiscopo — mercwselle. 
hygereSing tun 7 lullinges treo. oolan bomm. terra pertmens to 
hsese — uuiglaf. actum est in regale villo quae nominatur wicbold 
5 —uuiglaf. uulfred. cyneSrytS regina. tidwulf. aeftelbard. 
eadwulf. aigered. aelfstan. wigmund. cyneberbi aelfred. 
beadda. aldred. beahferS. aeSelbun. monna — boteweellan 


1 dioraoS, St. * wiohtred, St. 3 eecgburg, St. * this endorm. 

not in Stowe. later endortm. in Cott. earg 7 wemban lea. 


AB — AL. 

aron vb are. VP 81/6 ; 93/8 earun 
(estis). 131/9 §gegered (induantur) ; 
138/i6 §awriten (scribentur) ; Hy 
4/7 §gegearwad (praeparantur). Hy 
13/io §numene (tenebamur). Ct 34/ 
19 ; 68/23 earan. 

hara am hare* Sip 608 ~(lepus) ; Cp 
~; Efhsera. 

Haran-dene Ct. 

heard-hara sm a fish. Ef 270 ~(eefa- 
lus); Cp~; Ldhaerdhera. Cp 1847 

spartan wv spare. VP18/i4tspreara 
(parcel). 71/13 spearu*. 77/so 


Berct-uaru sf IiV 35. 

Ecg-uaru sf I*V 88. 

Hroth-uaru *f LV 23. 

•war- tpl. 

burg- war- spl citizens. Ct 43/4, 
5 -a medum. 

caestr-uuar- spl citizens. Ct 
8/3 in regione er -a. 

Cant-war- spl people of Kent. 
BH l/i cantuariorum. 21 cantuari 
— oont§ — cantuarii. 162 cantuari- 
orum. Gn 111 cantwar . . . gpl. Ct 
4/1; 5/i; 6/1; 7/i ete ~uariorum. 
25/ 1 ~uuariorum. 8I/1 ~wariorum. 
84/i ~wariorum (~uuf). 55/i cont- 
warioruin. 66/ 1 cant§. 

Cantwara-byTg Ct. 

Dornuuarana-oeaster Ct. 

hel-wearan spl hell-dwellers. 
VP 29/4 ; Hy 4/13 ; Hy 13/ao -urn 
(inferis, etc). Hy 7/45 0D "~- 

Mean-war- tpl BH 275 ~ua- 
rorum provinciam. 

Sodom-wear- tpl people of 
Sodom. VH7/62~ena(Sodomorum). 

Wiht-war- tpl BH 22 uictuari 
— uiotuarii I. 

faran sv go. VP 10/2 fer (trans- 
migra!). 77/39 fatfende (vadens). 
Hy 3/i ic fearu (§am). Ct 41/i8 to 
faranne. 42/ a fere sbf. 

ttorh-faranw traverse. VP103/ 
26 -fearatf (pertransibunt). 

faru tf coarse. 

a&x-faru«/ axis-course. Cp 186 

earh-faru */ arrow-course. Bd 

13 aerigfaerae a. 

ned-faru tf compulsory journey. 
BDS 1 there neidiaerae cL 

wsgn-faru sf chariot-journey. 
Cp 881 fgebellicum W8e[g]nfearu (fis- 
calis reda). 

Iiindis-far tpl BH 241, 7 gentis 
~orum. Gn 32, 64 §. 

am prt ran. VP58/5; 6I/5; II8/32 
orn (cuourri). 

barn prt burned. VP 17/9 ; 88 /4» 
105/i8; Hy 7/44, 5 born (exardescit; 
§ ; exarsit ; § ; ardebit). 

Marcus sm Ct 88/13 ~. 

earoern sm prison. VP 141/8 ~e 

Martin sm Ct 31/ 1 1 sat see' ~e. 

martyr tm martyr. DA 7 -a. 

martyrdom tm martyrdom. Mt 

14 ~d<Sm. 

gemartyrian wv martyr. Mt 

29 ~ia(n). 

aler t(m) alder-tree. Ep 35 alaer 
(alnus) ; Ld § ; Ef, Cp ~. 

falterholt Ep ; aler§ Ef, Cp, Ld. 



Aling-med Ct. 

Alusa sm On 81 ~. 

Alusing sm son of A. On 81 ~. 

Aluoa sm LV 285 ~. 

Hale-rio LV. 

Sal-uuerpe Ct. 

8Calu scale, husk. Ep 462 ~(glu- 
mula) ; Ef - ; Cp ~a. 

wyrt-wala s(m) root. VP 79/io 

falod *(m) sheep-fold, cattle-pen. Ep 
129 falaed (bobellum) ; Ef § ; Cp 
falud. 959 falaed; E£ Cp §. 

gegalan sv sing, enchant. Op 1123 
gegaelen (incantata). 

a-galan $v enchant. VP 57/6 
bioft agalene (incantantur). 

galend sm enchanter. VP 57/6 
~ra (incantantium). 

nshte-gale */ nightingale. Ep 
26 fnctigalae (luscinia etc); Ef necte^ 
gela [or -gelu ?] ; Cp nehtfgale. 673 
nectigalae (noctua) ; Ef nacthegelae. 
357 nectaegalae(roscinia) ; Ef necegle ; 
Cp naectegale; Ld nectigalae. Cp 
1257 naectegale (luscinia). 

Aln 8/ river Alne. BH 318 jiucta flu- 
vium alne. 

Atti-gils lv. 

Hathor sm Ct I8/5 ~. 

hrape av quickly. Cp 1675 hraede 
(propero). VP 86/2; 78/8; 105/1 3 
hreoe (cito). 

hreatSian wv hasten. VP 15/4 
~edon (acceleraverunt). 30/3 ~a t 

gelaftian wv summon, invite. Cp 90 
~ade (adhibuit vel advocavit). 

BwapU if track. Ep 972 suina suadu 
(suesta); Ef § ; Cp §sceadu. VP 
16/5 ; 17/37; Hy I8/25 sweSe (ves- 

dolg-8waJ>u*/scar. B14~sua)>he 
(plagae vestigia, cicatrices). 

wund-swapu sf scar. VP 37/6 
~swetfe (cicatrices). 

scapa sm thief. 

wicing-seapatm pirate. Ep736 
uuicingsceadan (piraticum) ; Ef §ae 
(§am) ; Cp wirincsceaftan (§am). 

stapol sm foundation. VP 17/8, 16 ; 

8I/5 ; 86/1 ; Hy 7/46 stea*elas (funda- 
mental 136/7 00 steadul (§um). 

stapol-ftest aj firm. VP 113/8 
steatfulfestne (solidam). Hy 7/52 
§um (stabilito). 

8ta)K>lfiBd8tniB sf firmness. VP 
103/5 ateaCulfestnisse (stabilitatem). 

ge8ta)>olfa98tian wv make firm. 
VP 20/i 2 gestea&ulfestian (stabilire). 
143/12 §ad(§ita). 

stapolianiro establish. VP103/5; 
135/6 steattelade (fundavit). 

gesta)>olian wv establish. VP 

8/4; 11 8/1 5 2 gesteaSulades (fun- 
daati). 22/2; IO6/36; 142/3 §elade 
(collocavit). 23/2; 47/9; 77/69; 
86/5 § (fundavit). 43/8 $elades 
(fconfudisti). 88/12; IOI/16; 103/8 
§ (fundasti). II8/96 gesteadelades 
(§). 94/5 gesteadeladun (§averunt). 
103/22 §iaC (collocabunt). 112/8 §ie 

stapelunff »f founding, planting, 
VP 143/i 2 steafolunge (plantation^). 

eorp-mapa sm earthworm. Cp 2113 
eorttmata (vermis). 

mapelian wv make a speech. Cp 
586 matfalade (contionatur, declamat, 
judicat, oontestatur). 

TaS-haeth lv. 

wase *f mud. Op 386 ~(caenum). 
Maser-feld BH. 
Oasing-buxnan, kasing§ Ct. 

tasol sm die. Ep 998 ~ (tessera, 
quadrangulum) ; Ef, Cp ~ul. Ld 84 
tesulas (tesseras). 

basu aj purple. Ep 411 baeso (fe- 
nicia) ; Ef beoso ; Cp §u. 

brun-basu aj brownish purple. 
Ep 716 bruTuJnbesu (oatriger); Ef 
bruunbesu ; Cp. §beosu. 

weoloc-basu aj purple. Ld 66 
uuylocbaso (purpuram). 

wyrm-baso aj purple. Ld 67 
uuyrmbaso (ooocus). 

asaa sm donkey. VP 108/u wilde 
-an (onagri). 

Wassing-welle Ct. 

passio sf passion. Ct 37/37 tw * 

Bassa sm BH 118 dace basso. On 
103 ~. 



Bassing sm son of Bassa. On 

103 ~. 

Astro a/? Ot 22/io ; 23/n ret -an. 

awel a(m) awl. Ep 29 auuel vtl 
claauo (arpago) ; Ef § ; Cp ~. Cp 
929 -(fuscinula). 2047 auuel, meot- 
toc (tridens). 

Caua am LV 201 ~. 

oawel $(m) basket. OT 305 couel 

(coruis); Cp cauuel. Ef 1172 lorg 

couel (colum). 

olawu af claw. Ep 29 auuel vel 
clauuo (arpago) ; Ef, Cp §. VP 68/ 
3 a clea (ungulas). 

daw- Cp 1842 clawe (scalpo). 
afena/ river. Ct 15/2; I6/2 flumen 
qui dicitur aben. 20/x6, 7 up on ~e, 

haf- tb have. Bd 5 ic hefee. VP 
58/9 -ast (habebis). 39/i8; 146/io 
-a* (§et ; §ebit). Ct 34/17 ; 41/58 
-aft. 38/7 Sonne hebfatt eadwald *j 

bi-hafaU vb contains. VP 7 6/10 

Hafing-seota Cp. 

hafoc am hawk. lid 51 haefuc (aoci- 
pitres). VP103/i7heafuces (fulice). 

mus-hafoc sm mouse-hawk. Cp 
1890 ~habuc (soricarius). 

8p»r-hafoo sm sparrow-hawk. 
Cp 118 spaerhabuc (alietum). 

wealh-hafoo am Ep 497 uualh- 

gi]ebuc (liorodius) ; Ef uualhhaebuc ; 
p walchhabuc. Ld 50 ualchefuc 
(herodion). Cp 826 walhhabuc (falc). 

liafa am LV 200 ~. 347 laba. 
paflan wv consent, agree. Ct 41/47 

etc ic . . "oeafie. 61, 5 ic . . J>eafie. 

42/a 4 , 5, 5 (ic) Seafig. 

gepafian wv consent. VH 7/55 
gedeafien (consentiant). Ct 40/i2, 
3 (* c ) geftafie. 

gepafting af consent. VP 54/15 ; 
82/6 gefleafunge (consensu; §um). 

soafan av shave, scrape, polish. Cp 
1618 scaebe (poleo). 

scafa sm shaver, plane. Ep 853 
sceaba (runcina) ; Ef, Cp §. 

stafod aj (ptc) striped. Ep 837 
stefad brun (perstromata, ornamenta) ; 
Ef staefad brum ; Cp steba. 

nafu af nave (of wheel). Ep 625 
nabae (modioli) ; Ef nebee; Cp fhabae. 

nabfogaar Ep ; naboger [a from 
e] Ef ; naboga(a)rCp ; nebugaar Ld. 

nafola am navel. Cp 2151 nabula 

gafol a(n) tribute, tax. Ep 115 
gaebuli (aere alieno) ; Ef § ; Cp gea- 
buli. Ef 394 gebles morning (ex- 
actio) ; Cp geabules§ ; Ld monung 
gaebles. Ef 336 gedebiu gebil (debita 
pensio) ; Cp gedaebeni geabuli. 

gafollie aj fiscal. Cp 881 fge- 
bellicum wargnfearu (fiscalis reda). 

gafol «(/) fork. 

fgafelrend Ef; gabulrond Cp; 
fgabarind Ld. 

grafan av dig. 

ftgrafan av dig out. Cp 424 
agraben (caelatum). 

Orafon-esa Ct. 

gedafen aj (ptc) fitting, suitable. Ef 
836 gedebin gebil (debita pensio) ; 
Cp gedaebeni geabuli. 

gedafenian wv be fitting. VP 
32/i gedeofenaft (decet). 64/2 gedea- 
fena». 92/5 gedeafineaS (§ent). 

Paflng-denn Ct. 

maffa am caul. Ep 719 -(omentum) ; 
Cp - ; Ef +naffa. Ef 1122 -(§). 

anclSow af ankle. Cp 1987 on- 
cleouue (talus). 

Hanchematede Ct. 

pane sm (thought, pleasure) thanks. 
V^ 12/4«oncas (gratis). 

thoncsnotturra BDS. 

hyge-pane am thought. Bd 4 
hygido(n)cum (?). 

or-panc sm skill, cunning. Ef 
278 ordonoum (comment is). Cp 1299 
orftonc (macbin amenta). Ld 11 or- 
dancas (arguta). 

mod-gepane a(m) thought. OH 
2 modgidanc. 

pancung af thanking, thanks. 
CA 9 to ftoncunca. 

Bcanoa sm shank, leg. Lr 58 scon- 
cum (tibiis). 

stane prt exhaled. Ef 782 ~(ex- 
altavit) ; Cp stone. 



wlanclice av proudly. Ep 112 
uulanclicae (adrogantissime) ; Cp 

Franca sm LV 53 fronka. 

manou8 sm a coin. Ct 41/32 ~ a. 
26/5 J 30/3 J 54/4 ; 55/7 -as. 32/2 
xx -a. 51/5 mancosas. 48/6 xxx 

dranc prt drank. VP 109/7 drone 

Banoorna-burg BH. 

anga sm prick, goad. Ep 43 ~(aqui- 
lium) ; Ef ~ ; Cp onga ; Ld § (§ius). 

angseta Ep ; § Ef ; oncg§ Cp. 

Angel e(f) BH 23 patria quae an- 
gulus dieitur. 

Angelcynnes Ct. 

Angen-labes-haam Ct. AngengSot, 
§ing Gn. 

lang aj long. VH 7/54 longe tid 
(longo tempore). Ct 26/4 prata 
alingmed, longan med. 29/3, 3 *° 
~an leage. fram -an leage. 

Leangafeld Ct. longmod VP. 

lange av long. VP 4/3 ; 6/4 ; 
12/i etch\i longe (usque quo). 12/i; 
6I/4 etc hu § (quo usque). 12/2 hu § 
(quamdiu). IO3/33 swe § (§). 145/2 
ewe § swe (§). 87/9 * nu flenge 
swiSur (usque quaque). 

langiing */ longing. VP II8/28 
fore longunge (taedio). 

Bang sm VP 70/6 song (decantatio). 
32/3 ; 95/i etc §neowne (canticum) ; 
68/31; 91/4 §e (cantico). 136/3 ; 
137/5 §um (§is). 136/3 fa (ca- 
tion um). 

Strang aj strong. VP 7/i2; 28/8; 
70/7 ; Hy 4/5 *t«>*g (fortis). 49/3 
§ (valida). 53/5 6a §an (fortes). 
46/io; 58/ 4 ; 134/IO §e (§). 47/8 
fum (vehementi). Hy 4/8 §ra (for- 
tium). 135/12 §re (forti). 

Btrangra ep VP 34/io strong- 
ran (fortioris). 

strangest sp VP 17/ 18 fleem 
8trongestum (fortissimis). 

Btrangian wv prevail. VP 12/5 
strongade (praevalui). 51/9 §a$ 
(§uit). 64/4 §*dun (§uerunt). 

gestrangian wv prevail VP 

88/22 gestrongati (oonfortabit). 26/ 
14; 30/25 sie §ad (§etur). 138/6 
§ad is (§ata est). I38/17 §ad is 
(Jatus est). Hy 4/19 biC §ad (robo- 
rabitur). 17 /i 8 $ade werun (con- 
fortati sunt). 37/20; 68/5; 141/7 
§ade sind (§ati sunt). 

asprang prt failed. VP 88/12 as- 
prong (defeci). 11/2 ; 30/n etc § 


wang sm plain. Bd 1 se ueta uong. 

wong-toett VP. 

bi-fongen ptc seized. VP 9/i 7 -biff 
(compraehen8US est). 9/23; 68/13 
bio 6 bifongne. 

£g-mang s egg-mixture. Op 105 

ftg-gemangs(n) egg-mixture. Ep 
704 aeggimang ; Ef, Cp aeggimong 
(ogastrum). Cp 1438 § (olgastrum). 

geerang prt fell. Cp 1428 gecrong 

gangan sv go. VP 85/n; 138/7 
gongu (ambn labo ; ibo). 1 1 8/45 $ (ara- 
bulabam). 90/13 §es. 84/14; 103/3 
§e«. H/9; 83/8; 88/16, 31 §a* etc. 
22/4; 142/8; 137/7 §e (§em; §|; 
$avero). 88/7 §e (Jet). 77/io §an 
(§are). 88/13; 100/6; 125/6 §ende 
(§antes ; §ans ; euntes). DA 9 ~en 
sbj pi. Ct 41/17 *° g^nganne. 

gongeweafre VP. 

gegangan w go, go together. 
Op 441 fgegandende (oesuram). 550 
gegangendo (coituras). 

begangan sv practice, cultivate. 
VP 76/4 bigongen ic earn (exeredtatus 
sum). II8/15, 27 ic beom§ (+§ebo, 
§ebor). 23 wes§. 48, 78 biom§. 

betwih-gangcin sv go between. 
VP 28/7 -gongendes (intercidentis). 

geond-gangan sv go over, tra- 
verse. VP 67/22 ~gongendra (per- 
ambulantium). 90/6 §um. 

ingangan sv go in. VP 25/ 1, 
11 ingongende earn (ingressus sum). 

ofer-gangan sv go over. VP 
103/9 ~gong&8 (transgredientur). 

ymb-gangan sv go round. VP 
141/4 -gongu (ambuLabam). 

gang sm walking, step, course* 
VP 86/23 gong (gressus). I6/5 ; 



1* /37 ; 86/31 ele §as. Ot 28/ 5 u 
wen a, ~. 

begang «m practice, exercise. 
Ef 857 bigongum (eXercitua); Cp 
bigangum (§iis). 

land-begang sm land-culture, 
inhabiting. VP118/54londbigongea 

hand-gang sm surrender. Ef 
837 hondgong (deditio) ; Cp fhand- 

hin-gang sm departure. BDS 
8 hinioDg[a]e d. 

inn-gang sm entrance. VP 67/ 
25 inngong (ingressus). H7/19 
ingong (§ plur.). 120/8 § flinne (in- 
troituin). Ot 41/22 ~es. 

on-gang sm assailing, incursion. 
Op 1128, 31 ongong (fincurrus, in- 

set-gang sm setting (of sun). 

vp 49/1; 67/5; 103/19; 112/3 

-gong (occasum). IO6/3 §e (§u). 

tit-gong sm, going out. VP 
I8/7 ~(egressio). 64/9; 67/21 ~(ex- 
itus). IO6/33, 5 ; H8/136 ~(§ua pQ. 
120/8 -ffinne. II8/1 ~e. 

t*ii£ *(/) pincer, tong. Op 905 tong 

Ona sm LV 200 ~. 

anotta sm fear. Op 902 -(formido). 

Onoo sm Ct 9/6. 

Anut-walda Ct. 

nana sm cock. 

holt-hana sm woodcock. Ep 41 
~(acega); Ef fholtana; Cp ~hona; 
Ld §. 

wor-hana sm* moorcock. Ep 
424 uuor~(fasianu8) ; Ef §hona; Cp 

uudu-hona sm woodcock. Op 

1524 ~(pantigatum). 

Honoo sm LV 199 ~. 

hran sm whale. Ep 146 *(ballena) ; 
Ef hron ; Cp horn ; Ld hron. Cp 

1525 -(palina). Bn 8/4 hronses. 

]>anon tov thence, whence. Op 1042 
]»nan (illic). VP 120/i tfonan 
(unde). SO 23 ffonan. Ot 20/6, 1 1 
etc flonon. 15 $onan. 

swan sm swan. Ep 700 suan (olor) ; 
Ef§; Cpsuon. Cp 1026 suan (holor). 

&-stan pet groaned. Bl 9 granode 
vel asten (rugiebam). 

wana (sbst) odj wanting. VP 22/ 1 ; 
83/io nowihtwonu bitf (deerit,deest). 
88/5 hwet wone rie (dealt). 

wanian wv diminish, curtail. 
Ct 45/52 wonie sbj. 

gewanlan wv diminish, curtail. 
VP 8/6 gewonedes (minuisti). 1 1 /a 
§ade sind (diminutae). 88/46 §adea 
(minorasti). IO6/38 sind §ad (§ata 
sunt). Hy 6/25 §as (§abis). Ot 
45/52 §ie dj. 

warning ^curtailment. Op 666 
wonung (detrimentum). 

uuanan-beam Ep; uuo§ Ef; uua§ 

Un-wana sm On 39 una u ona. Ot 
12/3 ; 15/5 J I6/4 §. 19/4 unuuono. 
I8/4 unuuano. 

hwanon av whence. 

huuananhuuoega Ep; huuonan§ 
Ef ; huonanhuegu Cp. 

a-hwanon av from anywhere. 
Bd 8 ou(ua)n(a). 

guB fona sm (war) banner. VH 13/i 7 
-an (vexillum a). 

wind-fona sm Op 1792 ~(sca- 

manung sf Ef 394 gebles monung 
(exactio) ; Cp geabules § ; Ld $gaebles. 

manlg aj many. VP 21/13 monig 
(multipO- 109/6 §u(§apQ. 30/i 4 ; 
88/51; IO8/30 $ra. 3/2, 3; 4/6 
monge (multi) etc. 70/2O hu § (quan- 
tas). II8/84 *« 5(quot). 77/3i; 
Hy 4/i 1 §(plurimos). 88/20 fmong 
(multae). 7O/7 §um (§is). Mt 21 

monlgfald, §lice, gemonigfaldian, 
gemongfaldian VP. 

manu sf mane. Ef 1182 ~(juba etc). 

cranoo s crane. Op 995 cornoch 
(grus, gruis). 996 cornuc (gravis). 

ganot sm gannet. Ep 419 ~(fulix) ; 
Ef § ; Cp. gonot. 

granu sf moustache. Ep 644 ~ae 
(mustacia); Ef ~«; Cp ~ae; Ld 




gronuiso [under fisc] Cp. 

self-bana sm suicide. Op 299 fseolf- 
boran (biothanatas). 

ann vb grant. Ot 41/36, 8, 9 ; 45/47 
~ io. 45/4 io onn. 

Anna sm BH 142 ~. 149 ~ae regis 

— § [e er.] 1 — anna. 192, 7 ~regis, 
LV 2 ~. 366 onna. 

onnan-duun Ct. onnan-forda 


gespannan sv buckle, harness. Mt 
16 gesponnan. 

gespan * buckle. Bp 1336 ~(mu- 
rica, aureum in tunica) ; Ef, Cp 
gespon. Ld -(mauria etc). 

wann prt laboured. VP 6/7 ; 68/4 
won (laboravi). 

wann aj pale. Up 576 tha uuan- 
nan (livida); Ef § ; Cp wonnan. 

fann * fen. Cp 2084 fon (vanna). 

mann sm 1 man; 11 one. Bn 2/3, 

8 men pi. LP 10 menn pi 12 monn. 
CA16mon. 11 § n. DA 10 man n. 
15 mon 11. 12 men d. Mt 8, 47 
mon. 50 monn n. 48 monnes. VP 
8/5 ; 9/ao, 39 etc mon (homo). 88/1 a 
§ (§inem) etc. 48/ai; 55/n; 148/3 
roonn (§0). 36/7; 42/i; 134/8; 
139/a men (§ine). Hy 1/8 fremtJes 
cynnes men (alienigenae d). 36/37 
menn[e,(£oufa/ttJ](hoinini). 8/5; 36/ 
a3inonnes. 9/ai; 35/7; 61/4<rfc men 
(§ines). 67/iomonnum. 10/5;ll/2, 

9 §a etc, 4/3 fmonnan (§inum). 

44/3 f mon » (§)• Ct 20 / I 3 mon n - 
34/i6 § 1. 37/8, 9 etc §11. 28 man 
11. 89/a man n 13, 14 § 1. 9 mon. 
4O/9 §. ao man. 41/n § 11. 1, 13, 
etc mon II. 28, 31, 44 monn. 68 
mann. 42/13 mon n. 15 monn. 
45/ao, 49, 5 a mon. 31 $ n. 37 man 
II. 48/i8monn. 40/i9mend. 87/7 
mewi pi. 45/3 men pf. 40/24; 4I/64 
~um. 37/7 monna. 45/54 ~ a - 

monncwild Mt. moncynnass 
CH. mon&wSre, §nis VP. 

ealdor-mann sm chief. CA 
3 aldormon. VP 104/ao aldermon 
(princeps) 21 § (§ipem). 23/9 ; 44/ 
17; 46/io etc §men (§ipes). 81/7; 
112/8, 8 etc §monnum. 32/io; 75/ 
1 3 ; 86/6 etc §monna. Ct 37/i aldor- 
monn. 38/a §es. 47/15, i6§mennd. 

eored-mann sm cavalry soldier. 
Ef 320 se oritmon ; Cp so eorodmoa 

feasting- mann sm a kind of 
retainer. Ct 47/2 faestingmenn pi. 
55/4 §men. 
Mann sm Ct 88/4, 1 1 monn. 6 mon. 
-man(n) in pvoper names, 

Monn-ed Ct. 

Bet-mon sm LV 271 ~. 

Bl&c-mon sm LV 211 blec ~. 
Gn 90 §. 

Bleomoning sm son of Bbecmon. 
Gn 90 blaec~. 

C®d-monsmBn2/ao&ad~. BH 
Sllcaed ced §. CH10caed~. 

Dude-mon sm Ct 49/ia ~. 

Eald-xnannmLV 161 ; 215, 59; 
386 aldmon. 852 §monn. 

Freo-mon sm LV 169 friu~. 

Qearo-mann sm BH 207 ianz- 
man. 225 § — iur§ 1. 240 iarnmanno 
d. Gn 34 ~mon. 

Hyse-mann sm LV 105 hysi- 
monn. 201 §mon. 

Sulmonnea-burg Ct. 

Tat-mann sm LV 304; 415 
-monn. 878 ~mon. 

Til-mann sm BH 351 -mon. 
LV 282 §. 426 ~monn. 

Monna sm Ct 59/7 ~. 

Mannel sm Ct 31/5. 

on-gann prt began. VP3/6; 76/u 

ongon (coepi). 
panne sf pan. Op 2055 ponne (trulla). 
brad-panne */ frying-pan. Op 

407 braadponne (cartago). 
brsMe-panne 4/" frying-pan. Up 

885 bredipannae (sartago); Ef fbrei- 

tibannse ; Cp brediponne. 

f^r-panne sf fire-pan. Bp 5 
~pannae (arula) ; Ef, Cp ~ponne. 

hSafod-panne tf scull. 1*14* 
44 ~udponnan (cephalem, capital!). 

holo-panne sf pan. Bp 784 ~ae 

(patena) ; Cp -ponne. 
blann prt ceased. VP 105/30 blon 

Want sm LV 166 uont. 
Wantsumu sf a river. BH 28 



fluvius uanteumu — uuantsama i — 
u[u]antsemu [e over u]. 

Granta-caeatir BH. 

Cant- war- BH, Gn, Ct ; cont§ BH, Ct. 

cantwara-byrg Ct. 

plant sn plant. VP 127/3 neowe 
-(novella pT). 143/1 2 niowe § (§). 

plantian tev plant. VH 5/30 
-as (plantas). Ps 79/i6 ; 93/9 ~ade 
(§avit). 79/9-ades(§a8ti). IO6/37 
~adon (§averunt). 79/io ~edes 

geplantian icv plant. VP 43/3 ; 
103/i6 -ades (plantasti). 91/14 ~ade 

and cj and. Ep 98 aend suilcae 
(adqueve) ; Ef, Cp end. Cp 645 end 
ret). 2148 ond (que). Ef 1044 § (et). 
Cp 238 ton auilce (atqueve). Ld 10 
hidir +an didir (ultro dtro). Bn 
3/i ~. 3 end. CH 2 end. BD* 89 
on (et). CA 6 ond. Mt 45 §. SG 
1 etc §. Ct 37/i. 5, 8 etc; 38/io; 
45/14, 5. 7; 52/u §. 45/28 on[d]. 
48 and. H/2 ; 40/8 ; 47/io, 1 end. 

and- ondsweorian [under a], weard. 
ondwlita. mitta. ondget. ondfenga, 
§nis. wlsnis. unondcyjrignis. 

And-hun BH. Ant-seog, §ing SG. 

andettan wv confess. VP 7/18 ; 
29/13 ondettu (confitebor). 9/2; 
17/50 etc\o. II8/7 ic ondett. 6/6; 
29/io ; 75/1 1 etc §eff. 29/5 ; 32/2 ; 
48/9 *k §»». IO5/47; 137/4 §<». 
66/6; 106/8 §e [last e over aol 
(§eantur). 88/6 §iga«. 66/4 §igen. 
66/4 §ien. 66/6 §ie (§eantur). 91/2 
§an (§eri). I2I/4 to ondetenne (ad 
§endum). II8/62 ; 141/8 to onde- 
tende (ad §endum) . 78/i o ondetende 
(§entem). 104/i ondetatf. Hy 3/22 
onddetteff. IO6/31 onditien. 

ondettend em confessor. VH 
13/23 ~um (confitentibuB). 

ondetnis ef confession. VP 
95/6; HO/3; 148/14 -(confeiwio). 
41/5J 94/2; 99/4; 103/i; 146/7 
~se. 99/4 ~sa. 

Andred * a forest. Ct 55/6/6 on- 
dred, in §e. 

hand sf hand. I* 27 twa honda 
(binasidumas). Mt 22 honda. VP 
9/33J 20/9; 31/4 etc hond (manus) 

40/3; 62/n; 105/ 4 iin§(§ns). 37/3; 
73/3 §«£ne (§um). 72/24 §oaswiflran 
etc I6/14 of §a ffinra (§u). 21/21 ; 
34/IO §a (§u). 135/12 in §a strongre 
«*>• 9/35 » 17/35 J 21/17 etc §a (§us 
pt). 30/9 in §a (§ibus). 88/12 §a 
Cine (§Os g). 7/4; 28/4 etc §um. 
7/9; 8/7 etc §a (§uum). 79/17 mid 
hond (§u). 120/5 ofer § *ere swiSran 
(§um). Ct 45/17 rio neste hond. 

handful Ep, Ef ; hond- Cp, Ld. 
hondgong Ef; hand§ Cp. hand- 
mi tta Ef; and§ Cp. hondwyrm 
Cp, Ef ; hand§ Ep. 

erfe-hand ef heir. Ct 41/68 
~onda d. 

mfig-hand ef relative. Ct 88/4 
meihanda gpl % 1 1 meghond n. 

handel e handle. Cp 1904 handle 


randbdag Ep, Ef ; rond§ Ef, Cp ; 
+nord§ Ld. 

gafol-rand sm compasses. Ef 
298 fgafelrend (circinno) ; Cp gabul- 
rond ; Ld fgabarind (circino, ferram 
duplex, undo pictores faciunt circuloa). 
Cp 1712 gabulrond (radio). 

land en land. JBf 370 an ~ ae ; 
Cp on ~e (e vestigio, statim). Cp 
19Q5 lond (territorium). 8G 11 §. 
Bd a 59 Sorh § (per rura). VPII4/9 
londe (regione). 44/13; 47/8 8es 
§es (Tyri; Tharais). 49/n ; IO2/15 
§es (agri). IO4/44 ; IO6/37 ^nd 
(regiones; agros). IO5/27; 106% 
§um (regionibus). Hy 7/24 (a (agro- 
rum). Ct24/8; 30/2O; 37/i6; 40/ 
9; 45/41 >is lond. 34/2o; 87/2, 
29; 88/2, 13; 39/9; 41/io; 42/ 
13; 45/27, 33, 8; 47/12 J»»t §. 
37/8; 41/3, *8; 47/i6; 48/2,5; fiO/3! 
53/3; 55/6 lond. 29/15; 34/n,a,4; 
37/i6; 38/ 9 ; 41/5.i3«fo; *5/i7, 34 
etc; 47/1 1, 3; 48/7 §«• 84/i 9 ; 41/7, 
36, 7, 42 ; 42/9, 15, 20; 46/21 ; 47/io, 
4 §es. 45/9, 14, 9, 20 lond pi. 45/io, 
1, 6 §um. 28/9, 9» 95 40/19 ; 41/7 ; 
43/4 ~. 28/22 ; 43/i Cet ~. 28/20 ; 
30/7J 39/i, 2^e. 27/7,7;28/i8,2i, 5; 
39/13 ~es. 28/23 -urn. 

Iiondberot LV. londbdo Ct. 
londoeapCt, LondfrithLV. lond- 
bigong VP. londleod VP. 




Apping-land sn Ct 51/5 ~inog- 

Babbing-land sn Ot 35/6 ~ond. 

BadendSing-land sn Ct 26/8. 

boc-land/m book-land. Ct30/5~. 
45/26; 68/9 -onde. 45/3, 2 4» 9 

Deoring-land m Ot 26/3 ~on- 


Duning-land sn Ot I8/3. du- 

Dunwaling-land tn Ot 35/7 

ea-land sn island. VF 71/ 10 
~ondes (insulae). 96/ 1 eolond (§ pi). 
Ot 45/42 ~onde. 

Eogheang-land sn Ot 49/4 ~nng- 
lond. 52/6, 15 ~ond. 

erfe-land sn inherited land. Ot 
4O/17 -e. 42/2 serfelond. 

erp land sn plough-land. Ot 
42/20 serftelondes. 

folo-land sn public land. Ot 
28/8, 23 ~, ~e. 45/25 ~ondes. 

Folowinlng-laad sn Ot 35/2, 
4 ~uuininglond t ~wininglond. 

HerefreSing-land sn Ot 58/8, 
jo ~ond (h§§), ~onde. 

Seleberhting-land sn Ot 58/4 
~ncglond. 64/2 ~ond. 

Swiphuning-land sn Ot 51/6 
suiffhunincglond. 52/io, 1 suifthun- 
inglond, suith§. 

Wynnhearding-land sn Ot 
85/6 ~ond. 

hland s(n) urine. Cp 1236 hlond 

sand sn sand. VP 77/2 7 send (harena). 

138/18 § (§am). 
sondhyllaa Op. Sandhyrst (X 

Sondenstede Ct. Sondemstyde Ct. 

sondgewearp Cp. 

sand sf sending. Ep 188 ~ae (com- 
meatos) ; Ef sondae ; Cp sondg. 

on-sand sf sending against. VP 
77/49 onsonde (immissiones). 

ftswand prt diminished, became weak. 
Ep 490 asuand (hebesceret); Cp §; 
Ef ansuand. 1036 asuand (tabu- 
isset); Effassuant; Cp.asuond. Cp 
722 § (enebata). 748 § (enervat). 

VP IQ6/26 aswond (tabescebkt). 
II8/158; 138/21 § (§ebam). 
soand sf diBgrace, ignominy. Op 1809 
scond (scurra). 

standan sv stand. VP 23/3; 93/ 
16; 108/6 stoiideC (stabit; §; stet). 
72/25 to lafe fstodetf (restat). 
133/1 stondafl. 134/2 stondad [o over 
•]• !7/39; 35/13 stondau. 121/2 
§ende (stantes). OA 17 stondan. Ot 
45/43 §a$. 

gestandan sv stand firm. VP 
26/3 gestondaft (consistant). 88/2 

aet-standan sv stand by. VP 
5/5 ©tstondu (adstabo). Hy 13/26 

to-standan sv stand apart. VP 
102/12 tostondeS (distat). 

wij>-standan sv withstand. VP 
76/8; 147/17 wiSstondeS (resistit; 
subsistit). 139/u §a« (§ent). 

wi]>standend sm opponent. VP 
16/8 flaem wiostondendum (resis- 

ymb-standnis sf standing round. 
VP 30/22; 140/3 -stondniaae (<rir- 
wand s mole (animal). Ep 1014 
~(talpa) ; Ef uuond ; Cp wond ; Ld 

uuandaetraiorpae Ep; uuondȤ 
Ef ; wonde § Cp. 
mand sf basket. Ep 193 ~(corben) ; 
Ef fmondi; Cp ~. 222 ~(cofinus) ; 
Cp ~. 839 ~ ; Ef, Cp ~(qualus). Ef 
1174 mond (corbis). 
candol «(/) candle. Op 982 oondel 

oandeltuist Cp ; candel§ Ef. 

weax-candol «(/) wax-candle. 
Op 943 waexcondel (funalia, cerei). 

Tond-berot BH, LV; ton§ LV. 

Tondburg LV. Tondheri BH, L V. 

Tonduini, tand§ LV. 
trand- vb be steep. Op 1668 trond- 

endi (praeceps). 

geband pri bound. Cp 657 ~(de- 

brand sm brand, burning, sword. Ep 

987 -(titio) ; Ef, Cp brond. Ld 18 

brondas (pusti). 



brondoom Cp. brandrad Ep; 
brond§ Ep ; brandrod Cp ; brondra Ld. 

Ingi -brand «n On 81 -. 

Ingibranding sm son of Ingi- 
braud. On 81 ~. 

Weg-brand sm On 82 ~. 

Wegbranding sm son of Weg- 
brand. On 82 ~. 

blandan sv Op 1138 blondu (inficio). 
1141 geblonden (infeotum). 

omer see emer. 

ham s shirt. Ep 167 ~(colobium) ; 
Ef, Cp horn. 244 haam (camisa); Ef 
§ ; Cp ha[a]m. 

Byrn-ham sm On 89 ~hom. Ct 


Byrnhaming sm son of Byrn- 
ham. Qn 89 -homing [o dvubtfut]. 

ham a sm covering, coat, womb. Ep 
501 ~(inluvies secundarum, etc); Ef, 

fatfr-homa sm coat of feathers. 
Cp 1984 -(talaria). 

heort-homa sm heart-covering, 
pericardium. Lr 68 ~an (bucliamine) . 

lic-hama sm body. Lr 9 mines 
~homan (mei gibrae). VP 89/7 $ 
(corpus a,). Hyll/8; 18/5§(§ore; 

Homel-ea BH. 

samod av together. VP 13/3 ; 27/3 J 
30/14 etc somud (simul). Hy H/15 ; 
Hy 13/31 § mid (una cum). Mt 37 

to-samne av together. VP 84/15 
toeomne bicwomun (convenerunt). 
67/26 §ge$eode (conjuncti). 84/n 
§ bicomun (obviaverunt). 

Bamnian wv oollect, gather. VP 
128/7 fsonnatJ (colligit). 

gesamnian wv VP 16/4; Hy 
7/46 gesomniu (congregabo ; conge- 
ram). 38/7 §a"S (congregat). 49/5 J 
103/28 §ia« (§ate ; colligent). IO6/2 
§ade (congregavit) 3I/15 ; 40/7 
§adon (§averunt). 46/ 10 §adon 
(convenerunt). 47/5 §*dun (conve- 
nerunt. IO5/47 § a (congrega !). 
32/7 §ende (§ans). 146/a §iende 
(ans). 30/14 bio$ ~ade. 47/5 J 
103/22 §adesind. Hy 7/66 §adesind. 

geaamnung sf gathering. VP 

85/14 gesomnung (synagoga). 7/8 §e 
(§ n). 39/u ; 8I/1 ; IO5/17, 8 §e 
.(§»). I5/4 §e (conventicula a). 25/5 
§e (congregationem). . 73/2 §e $inre 
(§ionis). 110/ 1 §e micelre (§ione). 
63/3 § e (conventu). Ot 37/3 "fore 
halgon gosouinuncge d. 

scamu sf shame. Ep 732 scamu ; 
Ef scoma; Cp scomo (pudor). VP 
43/i6 scorn u (verecundia). 68/20 
s[c]ome (§iam). 34/26; 70/i3scome 
(pudore). 39/i6; 131/i8 §e (con- 
fusionem, §ione). 68/8 ; IO8/29 §e 

soamian wv be ashamed. VP 
24/2 scomiu (erubescam). 68/7 
§iaff (§ant). 6/1 1, I ; 30/i8; 34/4, 
26; 69/4 § ien (§»at). 33/6 §ien 
(§ent). 39/15 s[c]omien. 69/4 

8camol s(m) stool. VP 98/5 J I 09 / 1 
scorn ul (scabellum a). 

stam aj stammering. Op 308 atom 
(blessus). Ef 1150 -(battulus). 

stomwlisp Cp. 

fram aj vigorous. Ep 71 fraam; Ef, 
Cp from (acri8). Cp 727 § (tfficax). 
1647 §ra (praestantior). 

framlloe av vigorously. Ep 946 
~ae; Ef fromlicae; Cp §e (strenue). 
Cp 726 § (efficaciter). 1530 § (per- 

SWlp-framliceat? very vigorously. 
Op 1366 suifjfromlice (naviter). 

framian wv prevail VP 88/23 
fromaS (proficiet). 

forttfromung sf prevailing. VP 
IO4/38 ~e (profectione). 

fram av, prp from. Ep 870 ~ado- 
enre; Ef § j Cp from (remotu). Bl 
11 from. IiP 8 from. CA 17 §. 
Mt 48 §. VP 2/6 from him (ab). 
2/8 §me. 4/8 §tide. 5/n §gedoh- 
tum. 72/27 §oe. 44/14 §innan (ab 
intus). 37/4; 50/ii ; IO6/39 fro. 
IOO/4 fro me - ct 20 / 10 ~- 20/8, 
9, 19 from. 29/2, 3, 4 etc ~. 

nam prt took. VP 72/6; II8/53 
nom (tenuit). Hy I/5 § (tulit). 

genam prt took. VP 6/10; 

17/17 ; 26/io genom (adsumpsit). 

fornam prt destroyed. Cp 1083 
-ooin Jntercepit;. 



nama tm name. LP 12 for his 
noman. OA 15 § d. DA 2, 2 ~an 
d. 8 § a. Mt 9, 12 noma. 50 minne 
(n)oman. VP 8/a, 10 ; 40/6 noma 
(nomen). 48/ai § (§ a.). 91/' 3 S 
(Libani). 5/ia ; 9/n etc §an Sinne. 
79/19 noma tfinne. 7/i8 §an (§ini). 
9/3 ; 12/6 §an Sinum. 44/i8 §an 
(§inis). 48/i a §an (§ina). 15/4 
§ena. 48/a6 fnomen tfinum (§en). 
71/17 oma. Ot 29/i6, 6, 7 ~. 39/7; 
40/i8 -an d. 41/65 ; 42/ia ; 48/i8 
noman d. 87/43 ~on pi. 45/54 
-an §. 

Tome-worttig Ct. 

hamm $f ham. Ld 25 ~e (puplite). 
102 hommf (puplitee). Bd* 81 
(h]omme (§e). Lr 54 homme (cam- 

Hamm 9/ Ham. Ct 20/a fom 

Bosan-hamm $f BH 277 ~ - 
bo[o]sanhaam - ~ ham - §. 

Colan-homm sf Ot 59/3 ~. 

Iognes-homm sf Ct 58/5 ffit -•• 

Uddan-hom sf Ct 25/8 ~. 

ramm sm ram. VP 64/14 ; 118/4, 
6 rommas (arietes). 28/ 1 ; Hy 7/a6 
§a. 65/15 §am [o over e]. 

geswamm prt swam. Bn 8/7 gi- 

Bwamm sm mushroom. Ep 427 
Buamm (fungus) ; Ef § ; Cp suom. 

wamm tm stain, defect Cp 679 worn 
(di8pendium). 1213 uuam (libor) 
VP 14/a womme (macula). 

hwamm sm corner. VP 117/aa 
hwommes (anguli). 

Dammoo s Dunwich. BH 106 in 
civitate domnoc — dommoo 1 — §. 
Ct 33/i6 dammucae eivUatis. 

hramaa sm ramsons, wild garlic. 
Ep 59 ~ ; Ef - ; Cp bromsa (acitula). 
60 t - crop (acitefum) ; Ef f hromsa 
§ ; Cp hromsan §. Ef 1107 ~ 

oampddm sm warfare. Bd* 18 comp- 
domes (militiae). 

ampre sf dock. Ep 1073 amprae 
(varix) ; Ef omprae; Cp ~; Ld om- 
pig Cp 595 - (oocilus). 

amber sm pail; 11 a measure. Ep 

170 ambras (cados) ; Ef, Cp §, 923 
ambaer (situla) ; Ef ember ; Cp om« 
ber. 1076 ambaer (urna) ; Ef ombar ; 
Cp omber. Ct 89/4; ^0/4; 41/39, 
30 ambra gpl II. 37/ai ; 41/6o om- 
bra § IL 

ambiht sn office. Ep 187 ambechtae 
(conlatio) ; Ef § ; Cp oembecht. 866 
ambect; Ef ambaet; Cp ambaect 

lamb sn lamb. Op 752 lomb (agnam). 
VP 113/4, 6 lombur, lomberu (agni 
pt). Hy 7/a6 flobra (§orum). Ct 
28/7 xx -a. 

wamb sf stomach, womb. VP 16/ 
14 ; SO/io ; 43/a5 J H y */l l womb 
(venter). 21/io, 1 ; 57/4 ; 70/6 §e 
(§re). 126/3 §e (§ris). 21/15 §minre 
(§). 131/n §«inre(§). 

oamb sm comb. Ep 188 uulfes-* (ca- 
mellea); Ef §; Cp. wulfes §. 825 
~(pecten) ; Ef, Cp §. 

ft-cambe sf oakum. Cp 1925 
ecambe (stuppa). 

ao av but. Cp 26 ~8us (sicini). Mt 
14 ah. VP 34/a8; 43/4; 51/9 
etc ah (sed). 38/6, ia etc §hwe$re 
(veruntauien). Ct 88/4 ~. 

ah interr. VP. 7/ia; 29/ 10; 
40/9 ete -(numquid). 13/4 ; 38/8 ; 
43/a2 etc ~ne (nonne). 

Aca sm Ct 10/4 (acan) g. 

haoa sm hook. Ep 803 ~(pessul) ; 
Ef § ; Cp ha[e]ca. 

Hacanos BH. 

hrace sf throat. VP 5/ 11 hraece 
(guttur). 13/3 §»e (§). 113/7 hrea- 
can (§e). 134/17 hracan (§e). 

hrectungan Lr. 

bord-paca sm shield-covering, testudo. 
Ep 997 fborohaca etc (testudo) ; Ef 
brodthaca ; Cp bord'oeaca. 

on-sacan sv deny. Cp 665 onseacan 

sacerd sm priest. VP 77/64 ; I8I/9 
~as (sacerdotes). 109/4 - (~os). 

ft-alacian wv become slack. Ep 491 
aslacudae (hebitavit) ; Ef § ; Cp 
asclacade. Cp 693 asclaecadun (di- 

a-scacan sv shake off. VP 108/23 
asctoen (excussus). 



t5 scaoaii sv shake asunder. VP 
28/8 ftosaecendes (concutientis). 

wacian wv watch. VP 62/2 waecio 
(vigilo). 101/8 waecade(§avi). 126/i 
weciaV (§ant). 

wraou sf revenge, punishment. VP 
17/48; 57/n; 139/13 wreoe (vin- 
dictam). 149/7 fwrec (§). Hy 
7/67 §e (ultionis). 98/i, 1 §a, wrgca 

fracodlice av basely, wickedly. Bd 
14 (frac)adlicae. 

naood aj naked. Op 807 naec[a]d 
tunge (exerta). 

owacian vw quake. VP 17/8 ; 75/9 
cwecede (contremuit ; tremuit). 96/ 
5; Hy I8/14 cwaecade (tremuit)* 
108/32 §ian (§ere). 

cwacung*/ trembling. VP 2/u 
cwaecunge (tremore). 47/7 ; 54/6 ; 
Hy 5/26, 7; 6/32 cwaecung (tremor). 

Dacor */ river Dacre. BH 325 anrnem 

~e — — . 

draca sm dragon. Ep 1048 droco 
(tipo) ; Ef draco ; Cp - (§, vel infla- 
tio). VP 73/13 -ena (draconam). 14 
-an micles (§onis), 90/13 § (§onem). 
IO8/26 -a (§0). 148/7 draecan 
(§ones). Hy 7/64 §ena. 

Baca sm LV 389 -. 

Blaoa sm LV 256 -. 

Acca m BH 160, 281, 331 ~. 365 
-an a. Gn 49, 62 -. Ot 28/17 
acka. 31/5; 44/4-. 5 eacca. 

Bacca*mLV174; 215 -. 177backa. 

Agustin sm BH 47 augustinaes ac, 
id est, robur auguttmi—*guBtm$B, 
agmstini I — augustinaes, augusiini. 
Ot 30/21 ~es higum. 

haga sm enclosure, measure of land. 
Ct 20/17 "foem -an. 29/7, 8 CTG 8~ 
setna~. 51/7 duos possessiunculas et 
tertiam diniediam, id est in nostra 
loqutUa ftridda half -. 

swin-haga sm enclosure for 
swine. Ot 20/17 se alda suin-. 


Hagustaldensis BH ; hag[u]f , 

hagstaldensiae, hag' Gn. haeguthorn 

Ep ; hagu-, hegu- Ef. ; haegu-, hea- 

Lgo]- Cp. 

gehagian wv suit. Ot 45/19 -ige sbj. 

Hagona sm Ot 1/7 -. 4/5 ~ani g. 
5/7 -ana. 

ragu 8 lichen. Ep 629 -(mossiclum) ; 
Ef,Cp§. Cp 1332 -(mosioum). 1853 
raegu (sedulium). 

reaguflno Op. 

hlagolian wo sound. Op 317 hiae- 
gulendi (bombosa). 

lund-laga sm kMney. Ep 850 -(re- 
nunculus) ; Ef, Cp §. Lr 51, 62 
-leogum, -leogan (renibus, reniculos). 

ofer-lagu sf cloak. Ld 1 ober- (an- 

a-sagas prs sayest. VP 49/i6 

slagu sf Rlag. Ep 608 Blggu (lihar- 
gum) ; £f slsegu ; Cp slaegu. 

wagian wv wag. Op 1188 weagat 

maga sm stomach. Op 1934 -(sto- 

gagul-swillan Cp. 

Baga sm LV 252 -. 

Bacga sm LV 58, 79; 205, 20; 339 ~. 
Ot 3/6 baggan gete. 

hratian wv rush, hasten. Bd* 32 
geratade (adoeleravit). 

latlan wv delay. VP 39/i8 ; 69/6 ne 

leata fSu. (tardaveris ; re§). 
owatern s number four (quatre) on 

dice. Ep 847 quatern (quateroio); 

Ef quaterni ; Cp quatern. 

Atta sm LV 179 ~. 

catte sf cat. Cp 863 -(fellus) . 

adese sf adze. VP 73/6 eadesan 

8Uj>-rador sm south sky. Bl 17 


gehladan sv draw water. VH 2/5 
gehleadaft weter (aurietis). 

sadol sm saddle. Ep 926 -(sella); 
Ef fsatul ; Cp -. 

sadulbogo Ef; Cp §a. sadul- 
felgae Ep ; § Ef, Cp. 

spade $f spade. Ep 1087 -an (vangas) ; 
Ef, Cp §. Ld 111 spaedum (§). 

Wada sm LV 14 ; 173 ; 826 uada. 
Padol sm Ot 3/14 fad(ol). 
Cadaca-hrygc Ct. 

dador s rattle. Ep 218 claedur (ere- 
pacula etc) ; Efcledr; Cp cleadur. 



claderstiooa Ep, Ef ; § Cp. 

gladian wv gladden. VP 103/ 15 
gleadie (exhilaret). 

Badu sf LV 89 ~. 

Baduoa sm LV 217, 28 ; 853 ~. 

Adda sm BH 181 ~. LK 3 ~. LV 
170; 847 -. Ot 5/6 ~. 

Adding sm LV 102 ~. 

Addul sm LV 286 ~. 

Fadda sm BH 276 ~. 

apa sm ape. Ep 827 -(phitecus) ; Cp- ; 

apuldor «(/) appletree. Ep 636 ~ur 

(malus) ; Cp § ; Ef apuldro. 

milso-apuldor «(/) sweet-apple- 
tree. Ep 638 §npuldr (melarium); 
Ef mflcapuldr ; Cp mircapuldur. 

wapul s bubble. Ep 447 uuapul 
(famfeluca) ; Ef f ; Cp ~. 

mapuldor sm maple. Ep 83 ~ur 
(acerabulus) ; Ef fmaef uldur ; Cp 
mapuldur ; Ld fmapaldurt. 

tapor mi taper. Ot 4 1/6 a tfritig 

Appinog-lond Ct. 
Qlappa sm LK 8 ~. 
Abba sm LV 177 ~. Ot 24/io; 

35/ia; 86/7; 41/i,49» 5»~- 5^, 7 1 


habban wv have. VP 113(2)/5, 5, 
6, 6, 7, 7 etc ~a$ (habent). Hy 
7/n § (§ete). 134/17 fhabafc (§ent). 
Ot 41/i 2 to ~anne. 48/2 to hiobbanne. 

nabban wv not to bave. VP 
87/15 -ende (non habens). 

Babbing-lond Ct. 

hmring sm herring. Ep 010 heringas 
(sardinas) ; Ef, Cp, Ld §. 

BCffir «(n) plough -share. Op 32 scaer 
(vomer). Ef 1154. § (beiner). 1158 
ftscae* (buris). 

scersaex VP. 

8t»r s(m) Btarling. Ep 908 star (stur- 
nuri) ; Ef fttterm ; Cp staer ; Ld ster. 

staer-blind Cp. 

spaer-habuc Cp. 

BpSBren * spar. Ep 460 sparaen (gip- 
bus) ; Ef sparen ; Cp spaeren. 

W»r sm Ot I8/5 uuaer. 

geond-fterep vb traverses. VH 5/29 
~fere8 (pertranseat). 

ftereld sn journey. Ot 45/ig 
Jrat fereld. 

Wil-fter sm BH 162 uilfares dun, 
id est, mons uilfari. 

Uilfar^s-dun — uilfaraes§ — uil- 
fares § — uilfferaes§ BH. 

&-b®r prt endured. VP 68/8 aber 

gffirs sn grass. Op 864 graes (fenum). 
Ot 28/6 gers. 

grf sgroenl Ef ; graes§ Cp. geres- 
hoppe, gers§ VP. 

b©rs 8 bass (a fish). Ep 592 baers 
(lupus); Ef § ; Cp fbre[r]s. 

fflrn sn house. 

rendegn Ef. 

bere-©rn sn barn. DA 18 to 

hord-fflrn en storehouse. Bl 10 
~ern (prompt uaria). VP 143/i3 § 
(prumptuaria). Hy 7/57 fhonder- 
num (§iis). 

mete-«rn sn refectory. Ot 31/3 
hina ~ren. 

sealt-fflrn sn saltern. Ot 28/5 
~ern. 24, 5 8em §. 

sealtemsteall Ct. 

win-ffirn sn tavern. Ep 1040 
uuinaern (taberna) ; Ef § ; Cp ~aern. 

haern « wave. Ep 400 hraen (flustra, 
undae); Effraen. 

bffirnan wv burn. VP 25/2 bera 
(ure). 103/4 §ende(§entem). l20 /6 
letS. Hy 7/46 §de (concremavit). 
Bd a 11 -de (adurit). 

for-b»man wv burn up trans. 
VP 45/io; 82/15, 5 ~bernef5 (com- 
buret; §, incendat). 105/i8 §de 
(combusit). 73/7§dun(incenderunt). 
IO4/32 §ende (comburentem). Mt 
44 ~berude. 

in-bflBrnes a/burning. VP 65/i 5 ; 
140/2 inbernisse (incensu ; §um). 

serce-biscop, erce§, arce§, arohi§ Ct. 

sal- all. 

Aelberct, al§ LV. almettig 
Rn ; allmectig CH ; almaehtig CA ; 
all§, sell§, al§, ael§ Ct. Alrio BH, 
LV; el§ Ct. [Alwich under ealu.] 

HiEL — HW^]?. 


hm\ pri concealed. VF 39/u hel 

haele sm man. Bd 12 hgliffum. 

Stnsel aj narrow, slender. Ep 474 
smael (gracilis) ; Ef smal ; Cp smgl. 
Ot 20/io, o 08 smalan cumb, smalan 

smeeffiearmas Lr. 

seal vb shall. Bd 8 sceaL DA 15 
sceall. 16 seal. Ot 39/3 see). 

steel m place. Ep 1067 stalu to fag- 
lam ; Ef, Cp § ; Ld stalo (umbrellas). 

W©1 sn slaughter. Bd 9 89 on waele 
(et cladis). 

waloyrge, walcrigge, uualcyrge 
Cp. uuaelreab Ep ; uuel§ Ef ; wael- 
reaf Cp. 

hwffll tm whale. VH 8/13 hwalas 

hwffll aj noisy. Cp 1624 huuael (pro- 

getael tn number. Cp 1741 getael 

dffil sn valley. Cp 274 dael (bara- 
tnun) ; Ld dal. 


AelfWd, aelb§ BH; aelfled LV; 
ailffled Ct. Aelfgyth LV; §gyfj Ct. 
^lfhereCt. AelfhunLV; aalflCt. 
Aelfrfid LV, CA, Ct ; self§ SG, Ct. 
Aelfrlo BH. Aelfeig LV. Aelf- 
stan, 8B§, e§, faefstan Ct. Olwf- 
woljra Kn; aelfuald LV; aelfwald 
Gn; elf§ Ct. AelfBrJth LV; aeif- 
Jryff, elf§ Ct. Aelfuini, aelb§ BH ; 
ielf§ LK ; aelfuini LV. Aelfuulf LV. 

fldlmesse «/ alms. Ct 87/9 on aelmes- 
san. 14mid§. 37/24, 31 to §. 80/23 
elmeR8um. 39/u sia §e. 40/i6 ftas 
fan a. 45/36 "5a §an a. 

elmeshlaf Ct. 

aelmeelic q; charitable. Ct42/u 
8W83 him ~sie. 88/5 elmestlicast. 

©lmeslice av charitably. Ct 
34/15 ~. 
fldpele aj noble. Cp 958 aeftile (gene- 
roe us). Bn 2/13 »J>|>ilae pi. Mt 40 
•d»8 aeftelan weres. VP 149/8 eCele 

Aeflilbald, ethil§, e Sil§ (a«Jl§) v 
LV; ae«el§, ae$il§ Gn; ®*el§ SG; 
aethilbalt, aetdil§, edil§, $thilbald, 

aethel§, 8?"o*el§, eoel| Ct. Aedilberg, 
sedil§, ae$il§, edil§ BH [under eo]. 
Aedilberot, cedil§, aeffil§,edil§, adU§ 
[in Lot. doc."], adiliberto, aedibericto 
BH ; eftilberct, edil§ LV; aeMlberht, 
e$il§, aeoel§ Gn ; ae*o*el§ SG; aethil- 
berht, aeo*8el§, ae$el§, 8eftel§, e)>el§, 
eoel§ Ct ; effllberhting Gn. Aedil- 
burg, ae«il§, edil§ BH; e5il§ LV; 
hedil§, aethil§ Ct. Aedilfrid, aedil§, 
ae«il§ BH ; aedil§ LK ; eSilfrith LV; 
aeffilfer'S, efiilfrio*, §ingGn; aedilfrid, 
ae'BelfriC Ct. Aetiilgeard» ss&elieard 
(§),aethil§Ct. AtJigils LV. BSilgyth 
LV. EdilhSoh, e«il§ LV; ae>eL 
heah, aeo'el§ t aedel§ Ct. Eftilheard 
LV; aeftelSGn; ae$il§.aed'el§,ae)>el§, 
aethel§, ae«el§ Ct. Eflilhelm LV; 
83pel§, se$el§, aeftelmCt. Aedilheri, 
edil§ BH ; etielhere Ct. Aedilhild, 
ae«il§ BH; e«il§ LV. Aedilhun, 
ae«il§, edil§, aedel§ BH ; ae«el§, 
tt«el§ Ct. Aedilmaeri Ct. Aettil* 
m6d LV; aeffel§ Gn ; aethil§,aethel§, 
aedel$, e8el§ Ct. AeSilmund, e'5il§ 
LV ; stfel§, ae$el§, e$el§, e$el§, 
®del§ Ct. Aettilnctt Gn; 8effel§, 
aethel§, e$[el]§ Ct. Aedilred, 
aettil§, edil§, ae$el§ BH ; aef»l§, 
e«il§ LV ; ae«il§ Gn ; neflered SG ; 
aeftiel§, ae$el§, etfel§, e8el§, aefterred, 
soered, etfered, eftered Ct. Aedilrio, 
LK; e«ii§ LV ; §§ Gn ; aethil§, 
aeo*el§, 8B$el§, e$el§, eo*el§, ederic Ct; 
eCilricing Gn. AelJelatan, ettelf Ct. 
Et5ilsuit5 LV. Aedilthryd, aefrl- 
tJryC, edilthryd, aedyldrydg BH. 
Aediluald, ae(Sil§, edil§, adul§, 
' ae$ul§ [these two in Lot, doc] BH; 
ettil§ LV; aedel§ LN; cetfehv aides 
Mt ; ee^Selwald, ae"5el§, ^el§, 8B"Se§, 
fNel§ a. Aedilualoh, edil§ BH. 
Aediluini, ae«il§ BH; §§, e«il§, 
aethuini, aet>§ LV ; aetteluine Gn. 
BCiluulf, edil§ LV; aefHl§, te5il§ 
Gn ; ®($felwulf ), 8B«e(l§) SG ; aethel- 
uulf, sethel§, ae[>el§, aeftel§, ae5el§, 
fCel§, e9el§, aa^ielwulf, eCeluf, ae'oe- 
u[u]lf, ae'Suulf Ct. 

Ull-aB)>ele aj not noble, plebeian. 
Cp 993 funaeSilsa (gregariorum) ; 
faedilra Ep, Ef. 

^Jpelu $f LV 46 e-Silu. 
Keth-hun Gn ; rae)>§ ( rce-5§, re6§ Ct. 

staetS-suualwe Cp. 

hwaBper prn whether. Ct 34/io 


HW^ — F<ffiST. 

suae huefter suae. 37/22 Bug huaeder 
suae. 41/23 8waehw8Bderswae. 46/27 
Bwa hwatfer Bwa. 

hwmpQT cj whether. VP I8/2 ; 
52/3; 57/12; 188/19, 24 hwetfer 

gehweper av both. Ot 87/42 
gehueder ge . . ge. 

hwfflpre av however. Bn 2/ia 
hwej>rse. Bd 11 hudrae. VP 88/7 
etc hweOre (tamen) ; 6, 12 etc ah 
$ (veruntamen) ; 31/6 etc §so51ice 

ffeettm «(ro) embrace, lap, fathom. 
Op 988 faethm (gremen). 1510 faeo*m 
vel tuegen stridi (parous). 1875 
faetfui (sinus). Lr 48 -urn (cubitis). 

ftepman wv embrace, encompass. 
Ep939faetmaendi (sinuosa); Ef faed- 
mtndi ; Gp faeC§. 

CW89J) prt said. Mt 25, 7 cwsV. 
37, 46 cuss*. VP 2/7 ; 9/34 cwse* 
(dixit). IO5/34 cwaeC (dixemt). 
9/27, 32 ; 15/2 ; 72/15 etc ewe* 
(dixit, 5 ; §i ; dicebaro). 29/7 feetf 
(dixi). 67/23 cyC (§it). 

paBj) em path. Cp 429 paat (oallis). 
Ot 5/3 paeft (paed). 

here-p&p em army-path. Ot 20/ 
20 Cone ~pa#. 

hsBeel #(m) haxel. Ep 50 faesil (avel- 
lanus); Ef, Cp haesl; Ld fhel. 236 
baesil ; Ef, Cp haesl. 
haeselhnutu Cp. 

pSdS g of the. Rn 1/6 }aes. DA 
3 Saes. 10 fees. Mt 11, 34 etc §. 
Bd a 56 §. VP 9/36, 6 etc oes. 9/28 ; 
39/5 § (cujus) etc. 67/15 des. 
7/i8; 74/11 *83s. Ct 20/6, 11; 
37/4 Sew. 37/4; 47/IO, 4; 48/19 
Sacs. 45/?5 fcs. 27/7 I 28/i8, 25; 
29/i6, 6, 7; 38/ 4 , 12; 39/15; 42/ 
20; 45/21 ties. 

pM av 80- 10 ttses Be ' since.* Ot 
48/2o Caes. 

W698 prt was. Ep 523, 5 uuaes; Ef 
uaes ; Cp waes. Bn 2/9 (waes). 
11, 4 ~. CA 5 ~. Mt 9, 10 etc ~. 
BG 2, 10 ~. Bd a 71 ~. VP 13/5 J 
I6/10; l7/8tfcwes. 86/36; 37/8; 
78/3 etc ne§. Ct 88/3 ; 40/i wes. 
47/9. 13 «**««• 

HffiS av not. Ot 3 9/ 15 nas. 

hwass gen whose. 

hweeshwegu Mt. 

gehwm g of each. OH 3 gi- 


Ease sn fringe. VP 44/14 feasum 

naes-gristlae Ep ; Ef, Cp § ; nsesgrist- 
lan Lr. naesflyrel Lr ; nes§ VP. 

m©sse $f mass. Ot 37/36 twa mes- 

meMsepriost, messe$ Ct. 

8BBO sm ash, war-ship. Ep 180 aesc 
(cercylus vel navis) ; Ef, Cp §. 416 
aesc ; Cp § (fraxinus) ; Ef faastc. 
772 aesc (praxinus) ; Cp § ; Ef 

aesothrotae Ep, Ef, Cp. Ae»* 
ouald LV. .aasowine, §ing SG. 
Aescuulf LV, Gn. 

JSBsca sm Ot 29/ao ~. 

moe ef ashes. VP IOI/10 escan 
(cinerem). 147/i6 eascan (§). 

naeso # Op 2061 ~um (traotibus). 

rSod-naeso s Op 1529 ~(partica). 

Lasting 9 Laatingham. BH 241 
monasterio in ~ae — lestinga he — 

L©stinga-$u, laestinga§,laesten- 
gaf , luestinga§, luestingua$,le8tinga§, 
lestinga§ BH. 

hlaest-scip Cp. 

waestm sm growth, fruit. VP 20/i 1 ; 
57/i2; 66/7 etc western (fruotum ; 
§us; §um). 103/13; 131/n westme 
(§u). 77/46 §as (§tts). 127/2 fa 

westemsoeat VP. 

hw®te-w»stm sm crop of wheat. 
VP 77/25 hwgte western (frumenta- 

6-waBstm sm shoot, twig. Op 
1942 ouuaestm (sure ulna). VH 7/63 
o western (propago). 

wffistmb&re aj fertile. VP 51/ 
10 ; IO6/34 westembere (fructifera ; 
§am). 148/9 §beru (§a/m.) 

W»Stmb®ml8 sf fertility. Bd s 
19 waestembiornis (fertilitas). 
fsBSt aj firm. 

stapolfest, §nis, (ian. wuldur- 
fest. sopfest, fnis ; 8oJ>festlice. 

F^JRT — HiEP. 


lififast aj settled. Ot 42/6 liffest. 

be-fastan wv make firm, com- 
mit, entrust. VP 77/8 bifested 
(crtdibus). Ct 42/7 befestan. 

geEffestan wv VP 84/7 ~** 
(vivificabis). II8/107, 49, 54, 6, 9 
-a (§a!). 137/7 J 142/n; Hy 3/i6 
~es(§abis). Hy 4/ia ~e« (§at). 118/ 
93 ~es (§asti). 118/25 ~e (§a !). 

sige-fastan wv triumph. Bd' 77 
~feston (triumphant). 

geuuetfaestan wv betroth. Cp 
1946 ~ae (subarrata). 

faestingmenn, fieating§ Ct. 

fasten sn fastness, fort. Ep 
110 faestinnum (arcibus) ; Cp § ; Ef 
featinnun. 1042 faestin (termofilas) ; 
Ef ffestis ; Cp faesten. Cp 204 faes- 
tin (arx). 

fastenian wv confirm. Lr 8 
were festnie (pactum feriat). Ct 
88/16; 40/12; 41/50 (ic) festnie. 
41/48 ic festniae. 42/23 ic festnie,. 
45/56 ic festnie. 48/8 ic faestna. 

gefastnian wv fasten, fix, con- 
firm. VP 9/i6; 37/3 gefestnade 
(infixae). 68/3 §ad (§us). 118/no 
§a (infige !). Ct 4O/17 ic gefeetnie. 

fastan wv fast. Cp 1295 gefaested 

fasten sn &st. VP 84/13; 
68/1 1 ; IO8/24 festenne (jejunio). 
festendaeg Ct. 

mast sm mast (of ship). lid 116 
maest (arbor). 

mastan wv feed, pasture. Ep 930 
maestun (saginabant) ; Cp & ; Ef 
meat urn. 

c&ster sf city. VP 86/2; 121/3 
cester (ci vitas). 45/5 centre (§atem); 
59/II §getrymede (§atem) etc. 30/ 
22 § (§ate) ; 72/20 §«inre (§ate) etc. 
IO6/4 § (§atis). 9/7 ; 68/36 ; 138/ 
20 § (§ates). 

Caestruuara Ct. 

Celca-caster sf BH 304 civtia- 
tem calcariam quae a yente Anglorum 
kaelca caestir appellatur — fcelcaestir 
— helcacestir (he on er). 

Dorcio-caster sf Dorchester. 
BH 306 ~caestrs3 g — dorcicaestrg — 

Dornwarena-caster sf Dor- 
chester. Ct 20/3 Miuarana ceaster. 

Granta-caster sf Granchester. 
BH 295 ~caestir — -cester 1. 

Hrofes-caster sf Rochester. 
BH 57 -aescaestrae a. — ~escaester 1 — 
~aescaestrae. 249 -caestir — hrofaes- 
caestir — -caestir — hrofaescaest[e]r. 
372 hrofensi — rofensi 1. Gn 9 hrofen- 
sis. Ct 45/40 to ~cestre. 

Iiega-caster sf Chester. BH 
51 civitatem Legionum t quae a gente 
Anglorum --caestir appellatur — §er 
1, 11. Ct 83/4 legorensis civitatis. 

Repta-caster sf Richborough. 
BH 10 -cestir — ~caester caestir, 

Bome-caster sf Rome. Bn 
3/2 in romaecsestri. 

Teowulfinga-caster sf BH 110 

tiouulfinga caestir — § caestir 1. 

Tunna-caster */ BH 300 -caes- 

Watlinga-caster sf Verola- 
mium. BH 13 uaetlinga caestir — 
uetlingua Chester — uaetlinga cester. 

Werlama-caster sf Verola- 
miuoi. BH 12 uerlama caestir — 
§caester — § caestir. 

Wintan-caster sf Winchester. 
BH 145 civitate venta, quae a gente 
saxonum uintan caestir appellatur — 
§caestir — uinta caestir. Ct 88/13 
wintanae civitatis. 

Ypan-easter sf BH 187 ythan 
caestir — §er I. 

bast * bast. Ep 1017 lind vel baest 
(tilio); Cp §; Efbest. 

aspe sf aspen, white poplar. Ep 1006 
aespae (tremulus) ; Ef espg ; Cp aespe. 
Cp 34 fetspe (abies). 202 aespe 

upa-hafen ptc raised. VP 8/2 ; 
9/33 etc -hefen is, sie§ (elevata est; 
exaltetur). 71/7 were§ (extollatur). 
Hy 8/23 § (superexaltatus). 130/1 
§sind (elati sunt). 72/i8 werun§ 
(adlevarentur). 86/20 §e biaC (exal- 
tati fuerint) etc. 23/7, 9 bioC §© 
(elevamini) . 46/io §e werun (elevati 
sunt). 17/37, 7 mid "oy §an upahefen 
t5\i hist (cum electo $us eris). 36/ 
35» 5 §ne (superexaltatuin, eleva- 


H^EF — 8Ci£FT. 

up&hefenis sf elevation. VP 
87/8 ; 92/4 -use (elationes). 

"Cip-hefenifl*/ elevation. VP140/ 
2 ~(elevatio). 

h®f sn sea. Op 1778 haeb (salum). 

httfer sm goat Op 399 heber (caper). 

fhraebrebletae Ep; bebre§ Ef; 
haebre§ Cp. 

hflefern s crab. Ef 258 hafaern 
(cancer) ; Gp baebrn. Ep 684 habern 
(nepa) ; Ef hafern ; Cp haebern. Ef 
1106 fnefern (cancer). Ld 106 heber- 
num (cboncis). 

ft-rtefnan wv endure. Ef 858 araebn- 
dae (expendisse) ; Cp araef[n]de. 
Cp 809 araefhdun (exigebant). VP 
24/5, 2l » 68/21 ; 129/4 arefnde (sus- 
tinui). 105/i3 §dun (§uerunt). 
64/8; 129/3,4 §eC(§ebit; §§ ; §uit). 

un&r&fhendlio aj intolerable. 
VP 123/5 ~refhendlic (intolera- 

hrffifn sm raven. Ef 285 braebn 
(corax) ; Cp braefn. Ep 848 hraebnes 
foot (quinquefolium) ; Ef hraBmsBs§ ; 
Cp hraefnes§. 1084 hraefhaes fot 
(§). VP 146/9 brefna (corvorum). 

nsht-hr&fh sm night-raven. Ep 
673 naecbt[b]raebn (noctua); Ef nect- 
hraebn ; Cp naehthraefh ; Ld fnectht- 
refn. 674 naech thra ebn (nycticorax) ; 
Ef nethhnebn. VP 101/7 neebthrefh 

lffifer 9 rush. Ep 894 flerb (scirpea 
etc) ; Ef lebrae ; Cp lebr. Cp 1823 
leber (§). 

lffifel sm basin. Ep 683 lebil (manile); 
Ef, Cp §. 995 § (triplia) ; Ef » ; Cp 
lebl. Cp 193 lebel (aquemale). 

scrffif * cormorant. Op 1311 scraeb 

Bteef sm staff. Op 1441 staeb (olas- 

staeblidraeEp; steb§Ef. ; staefli- 

•Sre Cp. staebplegan Ep ; scaeb- Ef ; 

staefplagan Cp. 

ende-stfflf em end. Ef 367 tstgt) 
(exito, perditio) ; Cp endistaeb. 

freefel s cunning. Op 230 facni vet 
fraefeli (astu). 

frffifelian wc be cunning. Op 
431 fraefeleo (calleo). 

Cffifer sm cockchafer. Ep 150 ceffc 
(bruchus) ; Ef § ; Cp cefer. Cp 214 
ceber (arpia). 

oeber-tuun Ep; caeber§ Ef; caebr§ 
Cp ; ceafurtun, ceafor§, oeaful§ VP. 

Cffifel s halter. Op 430 caefli (ca- 


Cfldfester halter. Op 376 cae- 
bestr (capistrum). 

for-gfflf prt granted. Ct 4O/4 ~gef. 

graef s writing-style. Op 997 gref 
(graffi um). 

t®fl sf die. Ep 6 teblae (alea) ; Ef 
tefil; Cp, Ld tebl. Ef 1142 tefil 


tebelstan Ep; tebilf Ef; tebl§ 

tflBflantrtJ gamble. Epl78teblith 
(cotizat) ; Ef § ; Cp tebletb. 

tffiflere sm gambler. Ep 7 teblere 
(aleator) ; Ef, Cp § ; Ld fteblheri. 
Ef 1141 tebleri (§). 

Wfflfe sm wasp. Ef 255 uaeps; Cp 
waefs (crabro). Ep 1071 waeflsas 
(vespas) ; Ef uuaeps ; Cp uuaefsas. 
Cp 859 waefs (fespa). 

efter prp t av after. Bn 1/3 aft 4/2, 
3 aefteer (aeftaer). 11/2 aefter. 10 
/i leftar. OH 8 -av. BDS 5 aefter. 
Mt 42 ~. VP 5/1 1 ; 7/9, 9 efter 
(secundum) etc. 15/4 §Son (postea). 
102/io fefer. Ct 41/2, 5, 38 ; 
42/3; 45/9 ~. 42/21 -av. 46/14, 
6, 35, 8, 41 efter. 41/64 efter. 88/5, 
1 3 y fter. 
efterfylgan, §end ; festerfylgan. 

©fterra aj compar behind. VP 
67/14 efterran (posteriora). 77/66 

«» § (§)• 

heftn$d VP. 

geheeftan wv capture. VP 93/ 
21 geheftaS (captabunt). 

geh&ftednis sf captivity. VP 
34/8 geheftednis (captio). 

gehaft aj captive. VP 67/19; 
136/3 gehefte (captivam ; §os). 

rafter sm rafter, beam. Ep 11 reflras 
(amites) ; Ef, Cp §. 

ed-sceeft 8(f) regeneration. Ep 783 
edscaept (palinginesean) ; Ef § ; Cp 

SC-ffiFT — N-&HT 


geSGffift a/creation, creature. VF 
78/ 1 8 Cisse gescefte (creaturae g), 
103/24 «inre§ (§S). 

BOfldft «(m) shaft. 

scaeptldan Ep, Op; sceptloum 
Ep, Ef, Cp ; sceptog Cp. 
craft sm skill. 

gealdor-craft sm magic skill. 
VP 57/6 galdurcreftas (vocein vene- 

heah-cresft sm high skill. Bd 4 
Berh hehcraeft. 

wynde-oraft sm art of em- 
broidery. Op 217 uuyndecreft (are 
plumaria). Bd 9 f uyrdicraeftum. 

Craft 8 Ot 47/i in craeft. 

graft sm carving. VP 77/58; 105/36, 
8 greftum (sculptilibus). 96/7 ; 10 V 
19 §as (§ia ; §e). 

haBfde prt had. VP 76/6 ; II8/104, 
I3» *8, 63 hefde (habui). Hy 4/n 
§ (habebat). 68/9 ; IOI/15 ; IO5/24 
§un (habuerunt). 77/37hefd (habita). 
89/5 bio«§ (§entur). Ct 28/23 hef- 

on-hfflfd ptc Ep 915 anhaebd 
(suspensus) ; Ef anhsefd ; Cp ahaefd. 
»cer sm 1 field. 11 acre. DA 18 acnim. 
Ot 56/8 oritiges recra 11. 

haecele sf cloak. Ep 740 haecilae 
(paludamentum) ; Ef hecteli ; Cp 
haecile. 572 haecilae (lacerna) ; Ef 
hecile ; Cp haecile. 

race */rake. Op 25 raece (rastrum). 

Bfficulf s. Reculver. BH 346 mo- 

natterio quod racuulfe nominatur. 

Ot 4/3 in civitate recuulf. 8/2 mo- 

nasterio quod nominatur ricuulfi. 

35/7 a reacoluensae ecdesiae. 68/4 

»t rseculfo (reculfo). 

p&Q s{n) thatch, covering. 

paectigilum Cp. 

fenn-psoc *(») fen-covering. Bd* 
70 fenftacum (palustria ar undine). 

geprasc sn tumult. Op 190 gej>rec 
(apparatum). Bd 6 gibraec a. 

slfflC aj slack, languid. Op 732 
fllaece (egra). 1718 alaec (reses). 

slfiBones */ slackness. Ef 1185 
tplacttni8 (laxitas). 

sprac * twig, shoot. Op 1769 spraec 

sprac prt spoke. Mt 84 ~. VP 
98/7; H8/46; 119/7; 121/8 spree 
(loquebatur etc). 

waeoen sf watch. VP 76/5 waecene 

wraec prt drove, persecuted. Ep 
90 uuraec (aegit) ; Ef uraec ; Cp 
wraec. 1002 uuraec (torquet); Ef, 

wraec 6 Ep 87 uuraec; Ef uraec; 
Cp wraec (actuarius). 

wrecscype sm exile. Bl 21 

ftecele */ torch. Ep 407 feecilae (fax) ; 

b»c sn back. Cp 1148 in bece 
(in catamo). VP 17/41 ; 68/24 ; 
8O/7 d«c (dorsum). 128/3 § minne 
(§). 13/iO § (deorsum). 6/1 1; 9/3 
ete on § (retrorsum). 48/19 on § 
(retro). Hy 3/i8 on § (post tergum). 
65/n §e (dorso). 67/14; Hy 7/48 
§es (§i). 

baecpearm Cp ; becdermi Ef. 

gebrsdoprt broke. VP 75/4; IO6/16; 
109/5 J Hy 5/9 (confregit etc). 

bloc aj black. Ep 139 blec thrust- 

fel (bitiligo) ; Ef blec; Cpblaec. 677 

blaec teru (napta) ; Ef, Cp §. Cp 1688 

blaco (pulla). Ot 80/4 blacan riffe. 

Blaecmon LV, Gn; §ing Gn. 

JEooe sm BH 252 aecci. Gn 28 

SfiBCC sm sack. VP 29/i2 sec minne 

Blaacca sm BH 108 blaecca. 

©X «(/) axe. VP 73/5 ecesum (securi- 

Acustyde Ct. 

brftd-aex *(/) broad axe. Ld 
197 bradacus (dolabella). 

bladl&8t-»z sf broad axe. Ef 
821 braedlae8tuaesc ; Cp braadlas- 
tecus (dolatura). 

nsht 0/ night. Ld 134 ofer tua fnest 
(perendie). VP 73/i6 ; 1 OS/20 ; 
188/u ; Hy 12/io naeht (nox). Hy 
12/2 § (noctem). 77/M sJle § (§e). 
91/3 J 120/6 oorh § (§em). 129/6 
ofl § (§em). 21/3 J 41/9 : 76/ % 7 
on § (§e). 118/6 2 on midde § (me- 
dia §e). 89/ 4 ; U8/55 in § (in §e). 
I6/3 ; 87/2 on n»ht (§e). IO4/39 



•JSorh 5 ($em). 188/ 12 neht (nox). 
15/7 0D * § (noctem). I8/3 neht (nox). 
I8/3 ** (nocti). 185/9; Hy I2/5 
naehte (§ia). 8I/4; 41/4 deges 1 
§es (§e). 54/n deges *? nehtes (§e). 
6/7 neht (§ea). Hy 8/7 naeht (§es). 
133/2 naehtum. Hy I2/9 §a (§ium). 

fnctigalae, necti§, nectae§ Ep ; 
n§ct^§, nacthe§, necegle Ef; neh- 
t^ale, naecte$ Cp ; nectigalae Ld. 
naeotgenge Cp. naeohthraebn Ep ; 
nect§, neth§ Ef ; naeht§ Cp ; nectht- 
refn Ld ; nsehthrem VP. 

iiffihtlio aj nocturnal. VP 90/5 
naehtlioum (nocturno). 

msBhte prt could. Mt 37, 42 meahte. 
VP 39/13 maehte (potui). 20/ia; 
128/2 ; 140/6 §un (§uerunt). 

mffiht tf power. OH 2 maecti pi. 
BD* 63 mehte (potestatis). VP 113/2 
maeht (potestae). 105/8 § (poten- 
tiam). 144/n § Sine (§). 85/i6; 
89/i 1 §e (potestatera). Hy 10/6 §e 
(potentiam). 70/i8 ; 79/3; 144/" 
fe "Cine (§am). 135/9 m § e (potes- 
tatem). 64/7; 88 /'4 mid §© (po- 
tential . 88/10 waldes §e (dominaris 
potestati). 70/i6 §e (potentias). 
105/i mtehte (§as). 19/7 ; 89/ 10 ; 
150/2 maehtum (potentatibus) . 
6I/12 ; 144/4 maht. 135/8 §e. 

mcehtig aj powerful. VP 23/8, 
8 ; 51/3 ; Ill/a ; Hy 10/ 4 ; Hy 
12/14 maehtig (potens). 77/65 ; 
88/9 mahtig. IO2/20; II9/4; Hy 
IO/7 maehtge. 71/ia "foem §an. 
88/20 "Sone maehtgan. 12 6/4 meeht- 
ges. 44/4, 6 *** §estan. Hy 6/28 
maehtigra. 85/14 mehtigra. Hy 
11/5 mehtigre. 

®l-mshtig aj almighty. Rn 
2/i almettig. OH 9 allmectig. OA 
15 almaehtiges. Ct 37/3 1 42 /5 *U- 
mehtgum. 45/45 ®Umehtig t 52 al- 
mahtig. 48/19 aelmaehtgan. 

brfflhtm * noise. Ep 928 brectme 
vel cliderme (strepitu) ; Ef bretme ; 
Cp braechtme. 

SBgnan spl chaff. Ep 840 faehrian 
(quisquiliae) ; Ef fsegrihan ; Cp aeg- 
nan. Cp 1526 § (paleae). 

hffigl tm haU VP 17/i3; 148/8 
hegel (grando). IO4/32 § (§inem). 
77/47, 8 begle. 

hrogl sn dress. Ep 84 hraecli 

(aniiculo) ; Ef hraegl ; Cp liregli. 
VP 2I/19 ; 68/12 ; 101/27 ; 108/19 
hregl (vestem ; (vestimentum ; § ; §) 
103/2 ; IO8/18 §e. 132/2 §es (§i). 
21/19 hregl (§a). 44/9 $um. 

dead-raegel m grave clothes. 
Op 1482 -urn (palearibus). 

Uiht-laeg sm. Gn 95 ~. 

Uihtlaeging am son of W. On 
95 ~. 

Blegen pto struck. Op 1555 bitf 
slaegen (percellitur). 1565slaegen (§). 
VP IOI/5 slegen (percussus). 

for-8l69gen pic beaten. Ep 744 
foroleginum ; Ef ffaerlalaegmum 
(profligatis) ; Cp forslaegenum. 814 
f<>rslaegen (pronicta) ; Ef § ; Cp for- 

of-slfflgen ptc killed. VP 101/ 
21 ofslegenra (interemptorum). 105/ 
38 o&legen wee (finfeota est). 

on-Blffigen ptc beaten on. Ep 
535 ta[n]slegaengrae (inpactae) ; 
Ef faslegenne ; Cp fonligenre. 

ofslfflgennifl af slaughter. VP 
43/22 ofelegenisse (oocisionis). 

tttmg 8 pond, pool. Ep 962 staeg vd 
rneri (atagnum) ; Ef §. 

WfiBgn 8m carriage, chariot, cart. Op 
2109 waegn (veniculum). Ct 28/5, 
5 11 wena gang mid cyninges wenum. 

wsdgnfearu Cp. waegne>Ixl Cp. 

faegernes af beauty. VP 95/6 feger- 
nifl (pulcbritudo). 44/5; 77/6 1 §nisse 
(§inem ; §ines). 

fffigen aj glad. Bf 278 faegen; Cp 
§(conpoe). Cp 2157 - (voti compos, 
voto ornatus). 

fr®gn prt asked. Mt 86 ~. 

nfflgl am nail. Op 1497 naegl (pax- 
ilium, palum). 

naeglsperu Cp. 

seoh-nsgl am shoe-nail. Cp 484 
~negl (clavus caligaris). 

mag vb can. DA 12 maege. VP 
9/20 meg (praevaleat) ; 77/ I 9» *° 
§ (poterit) ; 138/6 § (§ero) ; Hy 13/24 
§ (§est). 70/8 §e (postdm) ; Hy 13/ 19 
§e (§it). 17/39 magim (potuerunt). 
85/13 maegon (§). Ct 87/20, 3 
maege. 41/8 ; 45/19, 37 mege. 42/ 
10 megen. 48/ 21 we maege. 



magna. 67/n tnegene. 32/1;; 85/3; 
67/34 «<« megnet. 20/14 megon 
«in (Jutea); 102/n alia i (Jute*) ; 
77/4 5 (iutea) etc. Hj 13/165 
(vires). 43/io; 58/ia magnum. 23/ 
10 ; 4S/S, ii etc §*. 61/7 nuegne. 

Mtogenfrith LV. Matgenrto LV, 
meBenCrym VP. MaoBonuald, nue- 

o n-gJ Bgn prp w. da( towards, against. 
VP 49/11 ; Hy 1/8 ongegn (contra; 
obviam). 58/6 J jrn (in occuranm). 

d»g on day LP 11 oone deg. lit 
11, 39 *miB ~. VPI8/3; 86/13 etc 
deg (dies). 12/i «(c S (jam). 24/5; 
8I/3 «fc "I™ S (tots fie). 36/6 on 
midno $ (meridie). Hy H/13 awe 
swe midne $ (In). 2/7 ; 94/8 ; Hy 

3/ii to 5e(hodit' " 

18/3 i« (id) "to. I 

raeli tea (4c ho d< ; 

135/8 {es (Sei), 
22/6; 114/i; 12 

101/14 s*- 55/5 ; 

77/33 ete daegaa. r 

3/i fa. 7/ii : .... . 

da?gaa. 26/4:86/19; 43/1, 2 tic Sum. 
38/ 5 ; SO/16; 101/is i", 88/6; 
6O/7 ; 72/10 etc degas. S3/13 jom. 
20/5 1 22/6; B2/ 5 Ja. BS/15 dagum. 
65/3 dig- 54/i8 deg from dig (I). 
Ot 39/7 ; 42/7, 9. > 1, 9. " dai. 4I/5S, 
63 deg. 46/ir, 33. 48 deg. 48/4 
daeg. 88/5 ; «/38 ; 42/3 ; «/q, 41 
dega. 45/14, 39 dege. 41/1 dasge. 
87/13 daegea. 34/iadagas. 

Daagbald LV. Daegberot I 

helm LV; dmgj Ct. Daegmund 
LV, Ct; dt*>g§ Ct ; deig Ct. dog- 
redVP. dHBguuinl Cp. Daegulni 

Cawten-dag am fast-day Ot 37/ 
19 featao-. 

fugol-dceg am fowl-day. Ct 37/ 
19 fuguldaeg. 

sunnazi-drag am Sunday Ot 39/9 

Swffif drag am On 76 sue-bdaeg. 

SwraT-dragtng im son of 3. On 
7fi auebdaeging. 

eymbel-drag am feast-day. VP 
75/m -deg (diem (estum). 

Weg-dog am On 76, 115 ueg- 

Wegdffiging am son of Wegdag 
On 76, 115 uegdaeging. 

drag- hwim- lice ov daily. CA 
10 -. VP 41/4 deg- (cotidie). 

mid-drag- lie aj midday. VP 90/ 
6 midileglicum (meridiano). 

hragtis «/ witch, hag. Ep 913 
haegtia; Cp, Ld § (atriga); Ef hegtia, 
Cp 759 haegtia (erenis, furia). 772 
haehtiase (enmenides) ; Ld 186 hegi- 
tiaae. 945 haehtia (furia). 

eragdo prt said. VP 39/6; Hy 1/4 
segde (ndnuntiavi ; Savit). SB/10; 
65/q 5 (nmitiavi). M/lIj 118/164 
S(diii)- *3/j; 63/io |nn. 77/3J 
II8/85 fan (narraverunt). 86/6 §on. 

fortt-Begdo prt proclaimed. VP 
II8/13 -(pronnntian). 

OnMgde prt sacrificed. VH 
7/33 ~ un (aacrificaiBrunt). 

OiisegdnlB if sacrifice. VP 4/6 ; 
49/13; 50/19 tie -(sacrificium). 
19/4 ~*e Bine (holocoatum «.). 26/6 
i (hoatiara) etc. 89/7. 7 S 1 i 
(aacrincium et oblationem). 50/lS 
5 (4'bolooauatia). 19/4 % Sinra (aacri- 
ficii). Hy 7/74 i (Ubationia). 38/7 i 
S5/8 i (holocaust* ; boatiaa) tie. 
66/13 Saum (holocauatiB). Hy 7/73 
$aa (aacrificioruni). 115/17 onsed- 
niBae (hoetiam). 

to-Htr»gd prt scattered. VH 10/7 
toBtregd (rtiaperait). Pa Hl/9 i 



prp av at Bn 2/17 (et). BH 
242, 55 ad baruas, id ett, ad nemua. 
318 ad tuifjrdi. quod tignifienl ad 
duplieemvatlum. IiKSaet. OA 4, 13 
-. VP 29/6 - (ad). 138/8 8u bUt 



et (ades). Hy 7/39 ot nestan (in 
novissimo). Ct 8/9 ; 10/ 2 ; H/4 ; 
19/9; 20/4, 13, 9; 21/3, 4; 22/2, 
2, 10; 23/ii ; 24/8; 25/4; 31/n ; 
34/3, 19; 85/5, 6, 8 etc; 86/3; 
37/2. 16 ; 41, 3, 29. 42 ; 42/5 J 46/3 J 
47/i6; 52/14, 4; 53/6; 57/2, 3. 4 
etc ; 58/4, 5, 5 etc ®t. 41/34 Ser- 
tet. 19/8 ; 37/23. 5» 9 etc J 48/17 : 
51/6 ; 52/14 ; 57/i aet. 68/2, 4, 6 
§(aet). 27/3; 45/12, 20 et. 23/2,3; 
26/2 ; 27/3« 7 J 28/2, 2, 3 ete ; 
30/3, 20; 35/4; 38/2, 8, 9; 39/i, 
1, 11, 2 ; 40/3, >7. 9 J 41/59 J 42/2; 
43/1 ; 45/5 et. 

eetstandan, eetg©dre, eetwesan, 
eetfeolhan, aettaelg, otspurne, eet- 
gaeru. otecan, eetfelun, ot£owan, 
ee tollman, sat* tod. 

©t prt Ate. VP 32/9 ; 40/io ; 77/45 ; 
lOl/io etc et (+mandavit ; edebat ; 
comedit ; manducabam). 77/25 ett 

^Btlam BH 18 attila do*.— atila. 19 
attilae pen.— at[t]ilg. 806 setla. LV 
229 etla. 

l®t aj slow. 

d&d-lfflt aj slow of deeds. Pv 1 
daedlata nom. 

lffitlice av slowly, slothfully. Bd a 
43 ~or (signius). 

pflBt prn aj that, the. Op 1605 ymb 
feet (plus minus). Bn 2/13 ~. CA 
5, 5 feet. DA 2 ffaet. Mt 16, 20 
feet. VP 7/7; 17/45; 21/31,2 feet 
(quod; quern; qui, §) etc. 79/13; 
104/io § (earn; illud) etc. 34/8 etc 
"Bast ilce (id ipsum). 97/8 )»t. 
II8/140 «et. 9/29; 94/5; 121/3 
det. Ct 84/12, 4, 20 ; 35/3, 5 ; 37/2 ; 
41/59. ^7 ; *2/»3 ; 51/6 feet. 41/io, 
24, 40 >®t. 87/15, 20, 7, 9; 47/12 
Caet. 40/8; 45/4, 16, 8 etc Set. 
45/26, 33, 46 ftt. 28/19, 22 ; 3 8/ a . 
10,3; 39/9; 40/21; 42/4; 43/2; 
45/13 Set. 87/21 *(et). 46/38)**. 

45/5 >'• 

]>«t tf that. CA 7, 11, 8, 6, 
&et. DA 9 )>'. Mt 15, 8, 34 etc Seat. 
V^ 8 /3» 5 ^ c *»t ( ut « quod). 9/32 
e/c § he ne gese (ne V ideat). 67/3 * d®t 
(ut). 6O/9; 68/24 tfaet (ut ; ne). 67/ 
31 d®t (ut). 9/30; 34/24; 36/34 rtc 
)>cet(ut). 32/19; 33/17; 38/2 ticket 
(ut). 135/i § (quoniain). 9/29 det 

(ut). Ot 37/6, 12 ; 41/5, 6, & etc; 
42/13, 5, 8 feet. 40/9 ; 41/i, 9, 41 
Jaet. 37/29, 35, 41 ; 48/19 tfaet. 
37/31 Set. 45/21, 46 >et. 88/13 » 
39/7; 40/19; 42/i *«*• 30/22; 
45/i 3 J>et. 45/18, 9, 44 )>\ 

Op-pffit 9' until. Cp 711 00 
tfaet (eatenus). VP 67/24; 71/7; 
72/17; 109/1; Hy 5/28 o* feet 
(donee). Hy 6/29 § (usque). Hy 
4/ioo[ff]feet. 56/2; 57/8; 9S/13; 
IO4/19; 111/8; 122/2; 131/5; 
140/io; 141/8 oS Set. 93/15 § 
(quoadusque). 70 /i 8 ot&et (donee). 

op-pset-pe cj until. Ot 20/i6 
0*8 feet fte. 
pfiBtte <y that. OA16feette. DA 

8 K- VP 4/4; 9/35, 9; 58/ 1 4 
tfc tfaette (quoniam ; §, ut ; quia) 
36/3 Jwette (ut). 106/1 ; 135/2, 3 
dsette (quoniam). 11 7/4 daette (quo- 
niam). 9/21; 117/4 ffette(§). 6I/12; 
135/1 dette (quia ; quoniam). 70/3 
feetdeTd/roro t] (ut). Ot 37/8 feette. 
34 Sette. 39 Saette. 

88Bt prt sat. VP 25/4 set (sedi). 

gesaBt prt sat down. VH 7/21 
geset (consedit). 

on-sffit prt assailed, besieged. VP 
21/17 oset (obsedit). 

water an water. DA 13 tfia ~. 
VP 17/12; 22/2; 57/8 etc weter 
(aqua ; §am ; §a). 64/io ; 77/40 . 
wetre. 80/8 ; IO5/32 to § (ad §as). 
68/16; 113/8 wetres. 28/3, 3; 
45/4 etc (§as etc). 76/20 wetrum. 
IO6/23 fwrum. 17/i6, 7 ; 31/6 etc 

waetercruoe Cp. waeterhalgiing 
DA. uua[e]terthruoh. Ep ; uaeter§ 
Ef ; uugter§ Cp ; waeterorum Cp. 

gew&terian wv water. VP 77/ 
15 gewetrade (adaquavit). 

wfiBteiig aj watery. VP 62/3 
in wet[r]igre stowe (in inaquoso). 

Uaetlinga-caestir, uetlingua§ BH. 

hwfflt prn what. BD8 4huaet. VP 
3/2J 8/5; 88/5 etc hwet (quid). 
23/io; 38/8; 88/48 $ (quis etc). 
113(2)/3 ; 134/6 swe § (quaeeumque 
pi). IO/4 hwgt (quid). Ot 39/a 

elles hwffit prn anything else. 
Ot 41/37, 9 8elles~, elles~. 



hwat aj brisk, bold. Ep 604 huet 
(licidus) ; Op huaet (§) ; Ef huaet 

Huaetberot BH, LV. Huaet- 
gils LV. Huetlao Ct. Hwatred 
En ; buaet§ LV. Huaetmod LV. 

Eofor-hwat am LV 218 -huaet. 
fat an vessel. DA 16 feta pi. VP 
2/9 fet (vas). 30/13 fet (§). 7/14 
featu (vasa).. 70/22 §um(§is). 

leoht-fat an lantern. Op 1194 
lehtfaet (lanterna). VP I7/29 ; 
131/i 7 lehtfet (lucemam). II8/105 
§ (§a). 135/7 §featu (luminaria). 

win-fat an wine-vessel. Op 191 
~faet (appotheca). 

8l)>-fat am journey. Mt 51 on siB- 
fete. Bd a 79 stSfaet (iter). VP 
49/23 ; 67/5, ao aifffet (iter). 139/6 
§e. Hy6/I3§as. I43/13; Hy 6/21 

fraet-gengian Cp. 

crat an carriage, chariot. Cp 366 

craet (carcura). VP 19/8 creatum 


be-gat prt obtained. Ep 706 bigaet 
(obtenuit); Ef, Cp §. VP 77/54; 
H8/1 1 1 beget, biget (adquisivit ; §i). 
Ot 4I/4; 42/2 begaet. 

on-gat prt understood. VP 
48/13, 21 ; 118/95, 9, 100, 4 onget 
(intellexi etc). 

gat an gate. VP 117/20 Sis get 
(porta). 68/13; 126/5; Hy 3/i ~e 
(porta; §; t*as). 23/7, 7, 9» 9? 86/2 ; 
99/4 ; IO6/16, 8 ; 117/19 geatu. 9/ 
I5> 5i* 72/28 §um. 147/13 §a. Ot 
3/3 . . nes geat. 5 . . rames dene §e. 

Baggan-gat an Ot 3/6 to -gete. 

Hadfeld-gat an Ot 3/5 to (h)ad- 

Holhrycg-gat an Ct 8/5 to 


Horsel-gat sn Ot 3/5 ~get. 

lud-gat an side-gate. Ep 741 
J*>rh ~gaet (seudoterum) ; Ef § ; 
Cp ~. 

UuSowera-get sn Ot 26/3 ~. 

hflBtt am hat. Op 1318 haet (mitra). 
Ld 75 haetas (§as). Ld 23 haet 
(labrum, ambonem). 

8catt am payment, tribute. Ep 157 
scaet (bona); Ef, Cp §. 

fbre-scatt am passage-money, 
five. Op 1365 -scaet (nabulum). 

wastm-scatt am usury. VP 
14/5 to westemscette (usuram). 54/ 
12 §sceat (§a). 71/14 §sceattum. 

gnatt a(tn) gnat. VP IO4/31 gneat 

fratwian wv adorn. Bd 10 fraet- 
uath pi. 

ymbe-gefratwian wv adorn 
around. VP 143/12 ymbgefretwade 

hrad aj quick. Ep 742 [h]raed 
(percituB) ; Ef hrad ; Cp hraed. Cp 
1574 hraed (perpes). VP 13/3 hrefle 

fra-hrad aj very quick. Ep 
733 fraehraedae (propropera) ; Ef § ; 
Cp fraehraetfe. 

hradHce av quickly. VP 6/1 1 ; 
36/2 ; 68/18 etc hrefllice (velociter). 

hradnes af quickness. Op 579 
raedni8se (concussionibus). Bd 2 75 
raednis (pernicitas). 

gewad an ford, shallow. Cp 2086 
geuueada (vada brevia). 

Uin-uaed a BH 197 prope fluviutn 
~ — uinued other tiiree. 

fader am father. Op 241 aeldra 
feeder (avus). DA 2 - g. VP 26/io ; 
88/27; IO2/13; Hy 8/22; 7/io; 
H/15,5; 12/15; 13/30 feder (pater). 
Hy 8/21 ; II/5, 5; 12/14 § (patrem). 
Hy 7/12 §«inne (§). Hy H/14; 
13/2, 29 § (patre). Hy 9/8; H/5 
to §. 44/n; Hy 1/2, 2, 6; 5/ 4 ; 
12/14 feadur(patris). 21 /5J 38/ ! 3 '» 
43/2; 67/6; 77/3J 77/8,57; 94/9; 
105/7 fedras. Hy 7/34 feddras. 
77/12 ; Hy IO/10 feadrum. 44/17 
feodrum. 77/5; 105/6; Hy 9/6 
fedrum. 48/20 feddra. 108/i4fedra. 

fostor-faeder am foster-father. 
Op 140 -(altor). 

steop-fader am stepfather. Ep 
1070 steupfeedaer (vitricius); Ef 
fstaupfotar; Cp Bteopfaeder; Ld 
tsteuffeder. Cp 300 -feeder (bitri- 

wuldor -feeder am glorious father. 
OH 3 uuldurfadur gen. 

faderleas aj fatherless. VP 

9/35; 108/ 1 2 feadnrleasum (pupillo, 




§is). 8I/3 ; 145/9 § ne (5 1 " 11 ) 98 /6 
§e (§os). 

federllo aj paternal VH ll/i 
federlices (paternae). 

ftedera sm paternal uncle. Op 
1494 faedra (patruus). 1495 faedran 
sunu (patruelis). 

fgdren-mega Ct. 

reht-£®deren sn direct paternal 
line. Ct 45/17 an hire rehtfederen. 

Caed-baed, §ing Gn. Kadmon Rn ; 
Caedmon BH, CH ; ced§ BH. Oaed- 
ualla, ca?d§, ced§, cead§, csead§, 
caead§, +sed§ BH. 

gedellng sm companion, relative. 
Cp 914 geaduling (fratuelis). 1496 
$ (patruelis). 

®t-g©dre av together. Bn 2/8 

gegffidrian wv gather. Op 512 
gegaedradon (conpactis). VH 13/7 
gegadrades (conjungeris). 

gegeederung sf gathering. Op 
549 gegederung (conpagem). 

glflBdene */gladden, iris. Up 920 gladi- 
nae(scilla); Efgledinae; Cpglaedine. 

for-trsdd prt trod down. VP 65/a 
~tred (conculcavit). 

bad prt prayed, asked. VP 20/5 ; 
26/4 bed (petit; §ii). 

gebsed prt prayed. Mt 46 ~. 
VP IO5/30; IO8/4 gebed (exoravit; 

Blodla sm BH 18 blaedla d — Media 
1. 18 blaedla — Media. LV 186 ; 
203 blaedla. 

Oiu-haep sm LV 278 ~. 

tope-wince Ep; laepae§ Ef ; lepe§Cp; 
laepi§ Ld. 

gescaepen ptc created. VP 148/5 
gescepen werun (creata sunt). 

fiDppel s{m) apple. 

eappultun VP. 

codd-eppel s(m) quince. Op 
477 tgoodaeppel (citonium). 

hunig-ffippel «(m) honey apple. 
Bp 830 hunaegaepl ; Ef fcsenegaepl 
(pastelluB) ; Cp hunigaeppel. 

gehspplic aj convenient. Ep 205 
gihaeplice (conpar) ; Ef §ae ; Cp ge- 
haeplice. Cp 1462 § (ordinatus). 

geh»pplicnes $f convenience. 

Bl 6 gehepHcnissum (oportunitati- 

lappa sm lap, end. Ef 1184 lappa 

(lanna, angulus auris). VP 132/2 in 

leappan hregles (in ora vestimeati). 
Ufer-lasppa sm fibre. Ep 405 

librlaeppan (fibrae) ; Ef, Cp §. 
asppe 0/ white poplar. Ep37saeppae 

(abies); Efs^pae. 
Sw»ppa sm 80- 15 ~. 

Swapping sm son of S. SO- 

15 ~. 
hnaeppian wv doze. VP 3/6 ; 66/5 

hneappade (dormivi). 120/3 §a'8 

(obdormiet). 43/33 fbepP* 8 P* 

from some other letter] (obdormis). 

4/9 fneapiu (§iam). 4O/9 hneapaiS 

(dormit). 120/4 § (dormitabit). 

75/6 hneapedun (dormierunt). 7 

§on (dormitaverunt). II8/28 hnea- 

pade (§avit). 
hnflBppung s/ dozing. VPI8I/4 

hneappunge (dormitationem). 
JESbbe sf BH 293 ~se g. 312 matri 

vocabulo aebbe.. LV 23 aebbf . 

Aebbino sf LV 29 ~. 

hfflbbe prs have. 1) indio. Ot 40/ 

21 ic hebbe. 41/3 * c ~- n ) 8U h- 

OA 13 haebbe. Ot 84/n; 41/9 ~. 

45/i6, 26 hebbe. 37/29 §en. 38/ 

13; 39/9; 40/9, 19; 41/28 hebbe. 

45/46 habbe. 42/19 $en. 48/19 

nsdbbe prs sbj Ct 34/13 ~. 45/i6 


be-spearrian wv bar. Op 1451 bi- 
sparrade (oppilatae). 

wearr sm callosity, corn. Op 400 
weorras vel ill (callos); Ld uarras. 
Ld 93 § (callos, tensam cutem). Cp 
426 waar (callus). 

cearrloge sf Up 968 cearruccae (se- 
noa) ; Ef ~ae ; Cp cearricgge. 

fearr sm bull. Op 1985 fear (taurus). 
VP 21/13 fearras (§i). 49/13 ferra 
(§orum). 67/31; Hy 7/27 fearr* 

pearroc sm enclosure. Ep 224 ~(cla- 
trum) ; Ef § ; Cp pearuc. 

bearrige*/Op 282 barrigae (baruina) 
830 barice (braugina). 



Cearl m LV 13 karlus. 

earS «(/) plough-land, crop. Ot 45/9 
mid ~e. 

wear]) prt became. Up 737 mere 
uueard (percrebuit) ; Ef uuard ; Gp 
wear©. Ef 333 fungiseem uard (dis- 
paruit) ; Cp wea'. Bn 3/6 war}. 

for-weartt prt perished. VP 
9/7; II8/176; 141/5 Kperiit etc). 

felo-fearth « fieldfare (a bird). Up 
1027 ~(torax); Ef felufrech; Cp 
feolufertf. Lr 66 § (toracem). 

mearp » marten. Bp 425 mearth 
(furuncus) ; Ef meard ; Op mearo*. 
Ef 1159 merth (cata, bestiolae genus). 
Ld 224 maerth (furunculas). 

Sigel hearwan pi Ethiopians. VP 
67/32; 71/p ~(aethiopia ; aethiopes). 
73/14; 86/4; Hy6/i5 §ena(§um). 

searu en artifice, stratagem. Ef 278 
searuum vel ordoncum (oommentis) ; 
Cp seorwum. Cp 88 sarwo (adventio). 
Bd* 73 searwe (mahinam). VP 9/29 
searwum (inaidiis). 

here-searu en war-stratagem. 
Ef 1100 haersearum (yripeon); Cp 

spearwa em sparrow. Bp 435 
spearuua (fenus) ; Ef spearua ; Cp 
spe[a]rua. VPlO/a; 101/8; 128/7 
-(passer). 88/4tspeara($). 103/17 
-an (§es). 

spaerhabuo Cp. 

spearwa em calf of leg. Ep 897 
sparuua (surum); Ef sparua; Cp 

nearunis */ narrowness. VP 24/aa 
nearenissum (angustiis). II8/143 

gearu aj ready. Cp 796 gearuum 
(expeditis). VP 16/ia ; 37/i8; 56/8, 
8; 92/a; 107/a,a; 118/6o~(parat-). 
Hy 7/69 «as sind ~(§a). 111/7 ~[u 
from a] (§um). 

Iaruman, iuru§ BH; gearomon 
Gn. Georored LV. 

ful-geare av fully. Ct 41/65 

gearwian wv prepare. VP 
88/5 ~:igu (praeparabo). 2O/13 ~as 
(§abis). 7/i3, 4; 23/a; 146/8 ~a« 
(pararit, § ; prae§ ; parat). 9/8 ; 
IO2/19; 181/1 7 -ade (paravit; §; 

§avi). 22/5 ; 29/8 ; 64/io ; 67/i 1 ; 
98/4 ~*<ks (§aati; praestitisti ; par- 
asti; §; §). IO/3 ; 56/7 ~adon 
($averunt). 77/19, ao; Hy 9/13 
~($are). 18/8; 64/7 -iende (prae- 
stans; praeparans). 28/9 -iendes 
(§antis). 88/3 biff ~ad (§abitur). 

gegearwian wv VH 5/31, a 
~ades, ~adun (praeparasti, §averunt). 
Hy 4/8 earun --ad ( §antur). Hy 5/3 1 
~adum (§ato). 32/14 $eem ~edan 
(55). Ot 37/30 gegeorwien ebj pi. 

gegearwungtf preparation. VP 
64/io; 88/15 ~(praeparatio). 

gearwe ef yarrow. Ep 623 geruuae 
(mirifillon, millefolium) ; Ef gerug ; 
Cp ~. 639 gearuuae (millefolium). 
Cp 1288 ~anleaf etc (malva). 

bearu *(m) grove* BH 242 ad barue, 
id eet, ad nemue — barug — bearuae 
— baruae. 255 ad baruse — barug I. 
Ot 53/6 set Bearwe. 

earfop «(n) hardship, trouble. Op 1397 
naenge earbefte (nullo negotio). 

earfbplic aj troublesome. Ep 
619 earbetlicust (molestissimum) ; Ef 
feasbedlicust ; Cp earbetlicust. 

earfoplice av with difficulty. 
Ef 363erabedlicae(egre)j Cpearfed- 

earfeftniss ef trouble. Bd* 88 
~e (calami tates). 

be-bearf vh need. VP 15/a bitfe- 
arft (indiges). 

pearf ef need. BD8 2 tharf. 
OA 6 for ttearf(e). Ot 41/ia «earfa 
pi. 42/8 *earf. 

sawol-pearf ef soul-need. Ot 
40/a ymb mine saulftearfe. 

ttearfa em poor man, pauper. 
VP 9/23, 35 etc -(pauper). 88/7 
"oes ~ (§). 9/30, o, o etc ftearfan 
(§em). 9/31 etc § (§i). IO8/31 
§ (§is). 21/27 etc § (§es). Hl/9 
§um (§eribus). 9/io, 3 etc §ena 
(§um). 71/13 dearfan (§i). IO6/41 
Seorfcn (§em). 108/aa ftiearf 

Searfednia if poverty. VP 30/ 
1 ~nisse (paupertate). 

ned-pearfinis ef need. VP 24/ 
17; 30/8; 106/6, 13, 9, a8, 30 
-niflsum (necessitatibus). 




a-cearf prt cut off. VP 76/9 ; Hy 
l/io ; 3/7 ~(abscidet ; amputavi ; 

earn sm eagle. VP IO2/5 ; Hy 7/ao 
-(faquilae; §a). Ct 29/6, 6 ~es beanie. 

earngeat Ep; §, §geot Cp; aern- 
geupEf; arageusLd. EarnuulfLV. 

ge-earnian wv earn, deserve. Cp 
45/39 ~' ^8/4 geeornigan. 

geearnung sf merit. LP 2 
~ingum. VH 13/28 geeorningum 

scearn s dung. VP 82/n ~(stercus). 
112/7; Hy 4/15 ~e (§ore). 

steam s stern (bird). Ep 125 ~o 
(beacita) ; Ef stgrn ; Cp ~. Ef 1116 
stern (gavia, avis). Cp 869 ~(fida). 

wearn-wislioe Cp ; uerauislicce Ef. 

wearn-melum Cp. 

fearn s(n) fern. Bp 420 -(filix) ; Ef 
•fferan ; Cp ~. 

Fearnbeorginga Ct. Fearnlege 

Farn s Fame. BH 168 in insula 
fame. 316 ~e nom. 321 insula ~e 
— -£. 822 insulam ~e. 

Lindis-farn * Lindisfarae. BH 
7 ~ensis. 186 "faronensem — ~far- 
nensem 1 — ~faronensein. 

gearn-uuinde Cp ; fgiindi Ef. 

beam 971 child. CH 5 barnum. 
VP (only in pC) 4/3 ; IO/5 ; H/9 
etc -(filii etc). 105/37 - i ~($ios et 
§ias). 108/i3~(nati). H/2 etc -um. 
105/38 ~a i dohtra (filiorum et filia- 
rum). 6I/10 be[a]rn. 71/4 bern. 
88/20 §um. 89/i6 beom. IO2/17 
§a. Ct 34/II, 3; 41/8; 45/15, 6, 
6-. 42/6 - pi. 45/8 ~e. 41/ 4 ~es. 
37/5; 42/4 -a. 38/io barna. 13 
beom. 45/4 b\ 

fSstor-beam sn foster-child. Ep 
108 fostur~(alumne) ; Ef ffoetri- 
barn ; Cp ~. 

frum-beara sn first child. VP 
77/5i; 104/35; 134/8 -(primo- 
genitum ; § ; §a). 135/io -urn (pri- 

earm sm arm. VP 9/36; 88/2 a etc 

-(bracchium). 70/i8; 88/14 ~$inne. 

36/17 ~(§ia). 76/i6 ~e Sinum etc. 

78/n etc ~es. 17/35 ~**- 

ermboeg [under Sa] Ld. 

earm aj wretched, poor. Bd s 13 ~an 
(miserum). 25 § (paupercula pi). 
46 -urn (miserandis). VP 136/8 

hearm sm harm. VP H8/134 -urn 

hearmowedSendra VP; haearm- 

cweodelien VP. 
hearma sm ermine. Ep 666 - (megale) ; 

Ef, Cp §. 675 -(netila) ; Ef, Cp § ; 

Ld hernia. 

pearm em gut. Ep 503 thearm (intes- 
tinum) ; Ef § ; Cp ~. Cp 870 -(fibra). 
2140 tharme (viscera). Ld 27 dar- 
mana (fibrarum). 

ttearmgewind Lr. 

bflBCpearm sm entrails. Ef 385 
becdermi (exta) ; Cp baec ~($, prae- 

smsl-pearm sm small entrails. 
Lr 67 ~oeannas (fibras). 

sn&del-pearm sm entrails. Ef 
381 snaedil vel thearm (extale) ; Cp 
snaedil~; Ld snedildaerm. Lr 63 
snedelfte&rm (fithrem). 

pwearm * borer. Ep 891 byris, 
thuearm (scalpruni) ; Efduaeram; Cp 

swearm sm swarm. Op 811 sue[a]rm 
(exam en). 

earc */ ark. VP 131/8 ere (area). 

gesnearo prt dwindled. VP 30/13 
gesnerc (excidi tamquam mortuus). 

spearca sm spark. Cp 1827 spare* 
(scintella) . 

mearc sf mark, boundary. Ct 29/3, 
10, 1, 2 ~. 5, 6, 9 ~e d. 10, 3, 4 

Mearcfleot Ct fmearisern Ep ; 
Ef fmerisaen ; Cp merdseren. 

frist -mearc sf respite, interval. 
Ep 547 -(intercapido) ; Ef +frit- 
maerc ; Cp first §. 

weet-mearc sf west boundary. 
Ct 29/12 sio ~. 

gemearoian wv mark. Op 1121 
smat, gemaercode (inpingit). 

bearce sf barking. Op 1191 baercae 


earh t arrow. 



aerigfaerae Rd. 

fearh sm hog. Ep 811 frerh (por- 
cellus) ; Ef, Cp §. 

mearh sm hone. Op 158 -(amila- 

hearg sm temple, altar, idol. Op 
1255 haerg (lupercal). 1772 §a (sa- 
celloram). VP 96/7; Hy 1/9 her- 
gum (simulacris). 113/4 ( 2 ) § M 
($a). Ct 11/a gumeninga hergae 
dot. 58/7, 9, 1 1 ®t Hearge. 

uue[a]rgrod Ep; uaerg§ Ef; waerg§ 

mearg «(n) marrow. Ep 588 maerh 
(lucanica) ; Ef, Cp maerh. Cp 1808 
merg (medulla). 

mearglic aj marrowy. VP 65/ 
15 merglice (medullata). 

bearg sm hog. Ep 652 bearug (maja- 
lis) ; Cp § ; Ld berg. 

eart vb art. VP 2/7 ; 8/4 etc earS 
(es). 117/a8 eard. 22/4 er«. 51 /$ 
e[a]i^5. 88/44 ne *"* [ a preceded by 
unfinished a]. 41/6, 12; 42/5 etc 
earftu. Hy 7/ 10 flu ear (ftutis). 

sweart aj black. Op 1956 suefl 
sueart (sultana). 

wearte a/ wart. Ep 154 uue[a]rtae 
(berruca) ; Ef uaertae ; Cpuearte; Ld 
uaert[a]g. 771 uueartae (papula) ; Ef 
uearte; Cp wearte. 1049 uueartae 
(verruca) ; Ef uuertae ; Cp ~. 

celi-wearte */ (chill-wart) goose- 
skin. Op 1456 -(horripilatio). 

eard «(m) native-land. 

EardgyK LV. Eardhelm LV. 
EardredGn. ArduiniLV. Eard- 
uulf LV, Gn, Ct. 

eardlan wv dwell. VP 188/9 -iu 
(habitavero). 21/4; 73/2 etc ~as. 
2/4 ; 5/6 etc -a«. 28/i ; 48/2 -iaS 
etc. IO8/7 ~ie. 77/55, 60; 93/17 
etc -ade. 67/7, * 7 -i* 11 (inhabitare, 
habitare) etc. I6/12 -iende (§ans). 
82/8 ; 119/5 ~iendum. 

in-eardian wv inhabit, dwell. 
VP 6O/5 ~iu (habitabo), 5/ 12 -as 
(inhabitabis). 28/io etc ~a$ (§at). 
86/29 -iaS etc. 67/n e*c~iad. 22/ 
6 ; 36/34 etc -ie. 36/3, 27 -a ! 67/ 
19 -ian. 74/4; Hy 6/24, 6 -iende 
(§ antes). IO6/34 -iendra. 

ymb-eardian wv dwell around. 

VP 30/14 -iendra (circumhabitan- 

eardiend sm dweller. VH 8/4 

eardungtf/ dwelling. VP 68/26; 
75/3«te-(habitatio). 131/14 -(fha- 
bitabo). 131/13 in -unge (habita- 
tionem). IO6/4, 36 -unge (§iouis). 
108/io -ingum. IO6/7 eordunge 

eardunghuse VP. 

heard aj hard. Mt 18 -e pi. VP 
I6/4 fla -an (duras). 59/5 «e [ - "Sa] 
-an (-a pi). Ot 25/5 ~ e m ^« 

Heardberht LV, Ct. heardhara 
Ef, Cp ; baerdhera Ld. heardheau 
Cp; Ef §; Ldhaerd§. Heardlac LV. 
Heardred LV, Gn, Ct. Hearduini 
LV. HearduulfLV. 

-<E}>el-heardamLV85, 99; 428, 
70e$il~. Gn 4 aetfel -us. 21aeSel-. 
Ot 12/3 8Bthelheardu[s]. 15/4 ; 16/ 
4; 22/8; 23/9 8B0el-i. 35/9, 9 aeflel-. 
33/1, 2; 46/i, 2, 2, 3 aeffel-us. 
46/1 §0. 49/2 ; 52/7 §i. 49/6 aeoH 
-us. 19/3; 59/5 aeflelhard. 24/5 
aeffel§. 47/6 ae>el§. 

Beadu-heard sm LV 82 bead- 
heard. 285 bad§. 371, 90 badhard. 
Ot 35/13 bada~. 55/io ; 56/ 8 bead-. 

Beald-heard sm LV 265 balti-. 
Ct 6/3 balthhaeardi. 7/5 balthhardi. 

Beorn-heard sm LV 90; 194; 
220 ~. 464 bearnhard. Ot 4/6 bern- 
hardi. 5/6 §haerdi. 49/n tbeor- 
heard. 50/3 biorn -es. 

Bill-heard sm Ot 35/14-. 

Brun-heard sm Ot 23/4; 24/ 
10; 25/13; 35/15 -. 21/5; 22/4; 
86/8 ; 58/20 -hard. 

Burg-heard sm LV 460-. 

Ceol-heard sm OA 1-. 

Cden-heardm Ot 5 8/22 coenhard. 

Cup-heard sm LV 228 cutheard. 
410, 34 cu«-. 

Cyne-heard sm LV 65 ; 381 ; 
400 cyni-. 131 cynheard. Gn 21 
cynheard. Ct 27/6 -. 36/5 ; 58/2 1 
-hard. 36/6 §i. 

Ealg-heard sm Ot I8/5 ~. 

Ealh-heard sm Gn 30 ale-. 
Ct 15/6; I6/5 alhheardi. 12/4; 



88/14 ; 34/6 ; 56/5 aU*~- 46/ 4 alc- 
heardus. 57/io alch-. 8I/4, 10; 
86/9-. 19/4 ; 29/19 alhhard. 58/17 
alchhard (alhhard). 49/9 alh[e]ardi. 

Bog-heard sm LV 71, 2 -. Ot 
20/33 ; 48/i6 -. 47/9 -hard. 

GIsl-heard sm Bn 14 gisXheard, 
Ct 32/9 g* 1 *-- 
Otfy-heard sm Ot 4/5 gudhardi. 

Leod-heard am BH 30 liud- 
hardo [Franki&h name]. 

Nop-heard sm Ot 30/ 16 ; 31/6 
no$-. 88/14 not-. 

Pil-heard sm Ot 12/i -us. 

Pleg-heard sm LV 309, 72 -. 
457 -hard. 

Sige-heard sm BH 268 sighardo 

— $ 1. IiV 229 sighard. 282 Big- 
heard. SO 18 si(gehard). Ot 1/8 

Sige-hearding sm son of Sige- 
heard. SO 18 -harding. 

Sigheardiiigmeduue Ct. 

SnaVhard sm LV 346 -. 

Swdf-heard sm BH 346 suab- 
hardo — suebbeardo 1. 

Uu-heard [ = uig$ ?] m LV 460 -. 
Wftr-heard «m Ot 21/5 ; 22/4; 

36/7 uuerhard. 41/49 * 58 / aI ~h*rd« 
23/4 uu»r-. 25/ia uuaer— 24/9 

Wealh-heard sm LV 304 ual- 

Wig-heard sm BH 127 uig- 
har — uighard — uuig-. 220 uig- 
hardum — uigardum — uuigbear- 
dum. 221 uighard — uig[h]ar — 
§heard. 222 ulghardo — § I. 227 
uighard — uuigheard 1. 237 uighard 

— uigheard 1. LV 171 ; 397 uig-. 
Ot 33/i 8, 9 -hard, -. 49/xi uuig-. 
53/7 §i. 

Wulf-heard sm LV 9 ; 66, 75 ; 
122, 6, 9, 45, 54, 81, 93 ; 236, 45, 
8, 8 ; 301, 75, 81, 94 ; 410, 3, 21, 
81, 49, 53, 70 uulf-. 274; 329; 
454, 69 uulfbard. 444, 4 uulfheord. 
On 50 uulf-. Ct 22/8 -hardi. 23/ 
7 uulfhardi. 49/a ; 52/7 §0. 82/5 ; 
33/a, 16; 85/15 uulf-. 46/6 Jus. 
49/9 §i. 83/io ; 34/6; 55/9-. 32/ 
6 uulfeard. 

Wynn heardinglond Ot. 

heardnis sf hardness. Ep 871 
beardnissae (rigore) ; Ef § ; Cp heard- 

heardian wv harden. VH 5/13, 
3 -adun, -adon (gelaverunt). 

a-heardian wv harden. VP94/8 
- (obdurare). \ 

for-heardlan wv harden. VF 
89/6 -a« (induret). 

sweard«skin. Op 406 swearth (cater). 
2146 suge -(Vistula). 

weard sm guardian. Ep 950 uueard 
(sandiz); Ef uue[a]rd ; Cp uueard. 
OH 1, 7 uard. 

weardaeld Cp. weardaetle Ct 

Ceol- weard sm Ot 49/io -uuard ; 
50/5 -ward. 

ediso-weard sm gardener. Ep 
148 -ueard (broelarius) ; Cp § ; Ef 

erfe-weard sm heir. Ct 41 /36 
serfe-. 42/4, 19 aerfewearda, $as. 
45/46 grfe-. 36, 45 §a, §um. 41/45 

regol-weard sm regulator. Ot 
37/26 reogolwarde. 33 §weord. 

S&-weard sm SO 14 sa -. 

SflB-wearding sm son of Sseweard. 
SO 13 s(aweard)ing. 

erfe-weardian wv inherit. VF 
81/8 ~wordas (hereditabia). 

erfe-weardnis sf heritage. VP 

15/6 -(hereditas). 2/8 ; 15/5 ; 24/ 
13; 32/ia ~nisse. 27/9 erfweard- 
nisse. 36/i8 ; 126/3 -wordnis. 15 /5» 
86/9, 29; 60/6 etc §nisse. 67/io 
§§ tfinre. 93/5 erfwordnisse. 68/36 

and- weard aj present. Ot 45/51 

easte-weard aj east. Ot 20/ 
14 -e. 

forB-weard aj future. Ot 45/ 


neopo-weard aj lower. Op 5 
neojwoard (crepidinem). 

neopan-weard aj lower. Op 
1041 nioftan~ hype (ilia). 

nortte-weard aj north. Ot 43/ 
5 -um. 



Btffle-weard aj south. Ct 48/ 

5 *um. 

to-weard aj future. VP 21 /31 ; 
70/i8 toword (ventura). Hy 7/58 
§re (futuro). Ct 87/4 towardon. 
45/51 §an. 

weete-weard aj west. Ct 20/ 

15 -e- 
geard sm court, enclosure, dwelling. 

Geardoylle Ct. 

JEpel-geard sm Ct 6/4 aethil- 
iaerdigr. 34/ 4 tetfelieard (§). 49/ia 

fian-geard sm Ct 86/13. 

Fripu-geard sm Ct 2 4/12 freo- 
«o-. 86/9 Motto-. 

middan-geard sm world. CH 7 
middun-. LP 4 -es. DA 7 ealne-. 
VH 13/a -es (mundi). 

soeadu-geardfm shade-dwelling. 
Up 991 scaedugeardas (Tempe); 
Ef, Cp sceadu§. 

win-geard sm vineyard. Cp 
151 oemsetinne wiingeardes (am tee). 
VP 79/15 - fjeosne (vineam). Hy 
7/62 -e. 77/47 ~es (fvineas). 104/ 

33 J IO6/37 •*■ (§)• H y 6 /3 6 -v* 

beard $m beard. VP 132/a, 2 -(bar- 
Beardaneu BH. 

hearpe sf harp. VP 56/9; 107/ 
3 ~(psalterium). 8O/3 ; Hy 1/3 -an 
($ a). 32/2 ; 48/5 J 1*3/9 ; 149/ 3 § 
(§io). 9I/4 tenstrengre $ ($io). 

hearpere sm harper. Ld 147 
harperi (fidicen). 
scearp aj sharp. VP 51/4 ; 56/5 
-(acuta). 44/o ; H9/4 -e (§ae pi). 

scearplice av sharply. Bd* 47 

8cearpnl8 sf sharpness. Cp 50 
scearpn' (acies, acumen ferri etc). 

a-wearp threw out. VH 5/2 -(pro- 
jecit). 6 awe[a]rp. 

wearp s warp. Cp 1928 -(stamen). 
2141 ~(vimen). Bd 5 uarp. 

sand-gewearp s sand-bank. Cp 
1136 in Bond- (in sirtim). 

eall aj all. Bn 2/13 al. la 72 
alle (pantes). IiP 6, 10, 2 §. 1, 11 
alra. CA 15 allra. DA 6, 7 ~e. 6 

ealne. Mt 19 all. 44 §e. VP 19/ 
5 all (omne). 31/6 § (§is). 21/24 
§ (univeraum). 6/3 $ (omnia). 8/8, 
8 § (§, universa pC) etc. 38/6 al (§8p). 
II8/91 § (omnia). I8/5; 44/17 alle 
((em). 2/io, 3 §e ($es). 25/6 §e 
unsce'Sende (innocentes). 9/ 18 §e 
tfeode etc. 85/5 § um (§*)• 7/2 §um 
(§ibus) etc. 8/2, 10 aire (universa). 
9/i § (toto). 19/4 § (omnis). 47/ 
3 5 (universae g) etc. 17/3 1 '» 86/7 
alra. Hy I8/27 § (cunctorum) etc. 
24/5 ; 31/3 J 34/38 etc alne. 85/ia 
allre. 9/26 ; Hy 1/4 allra. 43/9 » 
72/14 aline. 118/ 1 28 falme (omnem). 
Ct 37/26 ; 42/21 all. 45/2, 10 §um. 
48 §es. 48/17 §e. 84/nalre. 24/8; 
39/7, 14 ealra. 

heall $f hall. VP 28/a ; 95/9 halle 
Cere halgan (aula). 

Steall sm stall. Cp 1905 stal (stabu- 

sealtern-steall sm saltern. Ct 
30/8 unamque salis coquinariam, hoc 

wittor-stal sm opposition. Op 
1412 -(obvix). 

weall sm wall. VP 17/30 wall 

(murum). 50/ 20; 54/n §as (§i; 
$08). 6I/4 §e onhaeldum (parieti). 
Hy 5/13 wall (muros« §us). Ct 20/ 
6, 11 wslles. 18 on sueordleage §e. 

wealweg Ct. 

fore-weall sm rampart. Up 
873 foraeuuallum (rostris); E( Cp 

Secg- weall sm Ct 20/ 14 -wsellee. 

stan-weall sm stone wall. VP 
61/4-walle(macheriae). 79/13 -wal 
(§am). 88/41 -wallas (§as). 143/ 
14 §es (§ae). 

Wulf- weall sm. Ct 20/ 18 
— waelles. 

weallan sv boil. VH H/9 walle 

CfiBd-wealla «m BH 118 caedualla 
rex brettonum — §uualla 1 — §ualla. 
116 § — ceduualla. 130 oeadualla — 
caeadualla — caeduualla. 282 caed- 
ualla — csed§ — cead§. 283 caed- 
ualla d — fsedualla — cead§. 283 
post caeduallan — ceduallam — §. 
285 caedualla — $uualla I. 327 
§ualla — fceadulla 1. 342 caedualla 



— oeadulla I. 342 caedual \Jr. 
epitaph] — csed§ — oead§. 348 caed- 
ual [Jr. ep.~\ — ced$ — oead§. 844 
caedualla — cead§i. 879caeduald — 
cedualla — cead§. 

Dfin-wealla sm Ot 7/5 duunuuallan g 

feallan sv fall. Bd 2 68 fallendum 

(casualibus). VP 9/31 fidle© (cadet). 

17/39 ! 86 / a I 81 /7 «te §»«• 

in-feallan «; fall in. DA 16 
in falleS. 

gefeallan sv fall. VP 7/5 ge- 
fallu (decidam). 86/24; 89/6 §e« 
(ceciderit; decidat). Hy 6/27 §e. 
6/1 1 §en. 

in-gefeallan sv fall in. VP 34/ 
8 ingefallen (incidant). 

muus-falle */ mousetrap. Op 
1340 -(muscipula). 

bisuic falle */ trap. Cp 637 

Heallingas spl. Ot 21/3, 4 agrum 
8Bt mallingum. 22/2, 3 ; 23/2, 3 §. 

gealla sm gall. VP 68/22 gallan 
(fel a). Hy 7/64 § (fellis). 

gealluo sm oomfrey. Ep 466 
galluc (galla) ; Ef, Cp §. 

Bralluc sm IiV 222 ~. 

hals-ledir Ld. 

healaian wv conjure, entreat. OA 
IShalsia*. DA2ic§ige. VP36/7 
halsa (obsecra!). Hy 18/29 §iat> 

halmmg */ conjuring. DA 1 
halsuncge. VP 142/1 halsunge 
(obsecra tionem) . 

malscrung sf charm. Cp 838 ~(fas- 

palster s spike. Ep 225 palester 
(cospis) ; Ef plaster ; Cp palstr. Cp 
622 § (cuspis). 

ealu s(n) ale. 

Alubercht LV ; ealuberht Gn. 
Aluburg, al§ LV; alo§ Ct. Aluffiegn 
LV. Aluych, aluich LV ; alouuioh, 
alwih, alwing Gn. Aluuini LV. 
Ealawynne Ct. 

ealop «(n) ale. Ct 37/2 1 aloft g. 4 1/ 
60 alaft g. 

swealwe */ swallow. Ep 498 sua- 
luuae (hirundo) ; Ef sualuae ; Cp 
sualuue. 828 suualuae (progna) ; Ef 

suualuuse ; Cp su[u1aluue. VH 8/10 
swalwan (hirundims). 

8£-6wealwe sf sea-swallow. Op 
234 fhaesualwe (astur). 

st®)>-swealwe sf bank- swallow. 
Op 1745 8taet8u[u]alwe (ripariolus). 

Swealwe sf the river Swale. BH 
99 in fluvio sualua — sualwa 1 — 
sualua. Ot 52/9 suuealuue/tftTtfoi*. 
54/3 sualug. 

fealu aj fallow. Ep 488 falu(gilvus) ; 
Ef, Cp §. 

cealwa sm baldness. Cp 132 calwa 
(alapiciosa) ; Ep 116 b calua (alapiosa) . 

ealwer * Ep 471 caluuaer (galmaria) ; 
Ef, Cp caluuer. 476 calu[u]aer (gal- 
balacrum) ; Ef caluuer (galmaria) ; 
Cp ealwer (gabalacrum). 

oaluuerclim Cp. 

liim-caluuer s Cp 954 ~(gal- 

healf aj half. SG 2 ~. Ct 28/14; 
43/2, 3, 6 ~. 43/3 -ne. 41/i 1 ; 51/7 
half. 43/4 §ne. 45/20 §e. 

halbclungni Ep ; Ef § ; Cp balf$. 

healf sf side, quarter. Ep 51 
an bahalbae (altrinsecus) ; Ef halbe ; 
Cp halfe. Cp 489 half (clima). Ct 
34/i6 on oore halfe. 

eaat-healf sf east side. Ct 29/ 
7 an -halfe. 

Bealf s/ salve. Ep 635 salb (malagma) ; 
Ef $ ; Cp salf. 

gesealflan wv Ef 325 gisalbot 

seealfor s diver {bird). Ep 647 
scalfr (mergulus) ; Ef § ; Cp scalfur. 
662 scalfr (§). 

hwealf aj convex. Ep 179 hualb 
(convexum) ; Ef fhalb ; Cp hualf. 

eealf tn calf. Cp 2144 caelf (vitu- 
lus). VP 28/6 ; 68/32 § (§um). 105/ 
19 caelf (§). 21/13 calfur monig (§i). 
50/21 ; 105/20 § (§os ; $i fg). 49/9 
calferu (§os). 

Cealfldoan Ct. 

cu-cealf sn cow-calf. Ef 1155 
cucaelf (vitula). Cp 2145 - (§). 

hind-cealf sn fawn. Cp 1147 

-caelf (inulug). 

dealf prt dug. VP 7/i6 dalf (fodit). 



for-dealf prt dug up (read). Ot 
20/6 ~. 

healm s halm, straw. VP 82/14; 
Hy 5/ 1 a halm (stipulam). 

sealm sm psalm. VP 17/50; 26/ 
6 etc salni (psalmum). 97/5 § e8 * 
Hy 3/23 §as. 94/2 §um. 70/22 §a. 

cwealm *(m) death, destruction. 

oualmstou Cp. 

Ut-cwealm s{m) utter destruction. 
Op 1146 utcualm (internicium bellum 

mdg-cwealm s(m) murder of a 
relation. Op 1521 megoualm (par- 

palm 8(m) palm. VP9I/13 ~a (palma). 

Westor-wealcna sm Gn 74 uestor- 

Westorwalcning sm son of W. 
Gn 74 a 8torualcning. 

cealc sm lime. Ep 165 calc (calculus) ; 
Ef, Cp §. 

ealh 8{rn) temple. 

Aluchburg LV ; ealh§ Ct. Aloh- 
fled, alh§ BH. Ealhfleot, alh§ Ct. 
Alcfrijm Rn ; alchfrid, alc[h]§, 
alch§, alh§ BH ; alchfrith LV ; alch- 
friflo LN. Aloheard Gn, Ct ; alch- 
heard, alhheard, alheardi Ct. Alh- 
helm Ct. Alhhere, alchhere, alah- 
here, ealhhere Ct. Ealhhun, ealhun, 
alchhun Ct. Alohmund LV, Gn; 
alh$ Gn, Ct; ealh$ SG, Ct ; ealhc- 
munding SG. Aluohsig, alch§ LV. 
Aluchstftn LV; alh§ Gn, Ct; ealh§ 
Ct. AlchsulS LV. AlhSrytf CA, 
Ct. Alchuald,aluch$ LV. Aloh- 

Baldwines-healh s(m) Ct 3/8 in 
quoddam petrosum clivum, et ex to 
~ appeUatur. 

Cymedes-halh s(m) Ot 13/6 ~a. 

Iddes-healh s(m) Ot 47/io, 3 aet 

Puttan-healh s{m) Ot 8/7 in 

Streones-healh *(m) Whitby. 
BH 200 streantes halch— $es halh I 
— streonaes halch . 210 strenses hale, 
quod interpretatur sinus fari — strea- 
naes falch — strenes halch — streunaes 
halch. 301 strenaes hale — streanaes 
halch — strenes halh. 305 streanes 

halch — streanaes §— §es halh — §aes 
halch. 378 in streanaes hake — §aes 
hglg — §68 hale. 

sealh sm willow. Ep 892 salch 
(salix) ; Ef, Cp salh. Ld 58 salhas 
(salices). VP 136/2 salum (§). 

wealh sm foreigner, Briton. SG 11 

uualhhebuo Ep; §haebuc Ef; 
walchhabuc, walh§ Cp; ualchefue 
Ld. Ualchard LV. Wealhhere, 
uu§, fuueahS, uualh§, walah§ Ct. 
Uuealhhfmes Ct. uualhmorae Ep ; 
$ Ef ; walh§ Cp. Ualohstod, uual- 
stod BH. uualhuuyrt Ep ; Ef , Cp 
§ ; walhwyrt Cp ; ualuyrt Lp. 

Wealh sm LV 170 ualch. Ct 

34/4 ~. 

.ABpel-wealh sm BH 275 aedil- 
ualch — §ualh 1. 278 f§uach— edil- 
ualch — aedilualh. 

Bil-uualch sm LV 271 ~. 

Cnof-wealh sm LV 335 cnob- 

Ccen-wealh sm BH 141/2 coin- 
ualch— §ualach— ooenualh. LV 166 
coenualch. Gn 7, 105 §walh. Ot 15/ 
5 ; I6/5 §5. 

Coen- wealing sm son of C. Gn 
104 coen waling. 

Cund-walh sm Gn 104 ~. 

Cund- waling sm son of C. Gn 

104 ~. 

Dun-wealh sm Ot 7/5 dun- 
uualhi g. 

Dunwaling-lond Ct. 

Eald -wealh sm LV 341 ald- 

CEse-wealaspZ Ct 57/a, 4 oes[e]- 

Pleo-ualch sm LV 165 ~. 

Biu-ualch sm LV 170 ~. 

Suift-ualch sm LV 228 ; 340 ~. 

flBt-fealh prt adhered. VP 21/i6 ; 
43/25; 62/9; IOO/3; II8/25, 31 
~falh (adhaesit etc). 

Ealg-heard Ct. 

for-ewealg prt swallowed up. VP 
105/17 -swalg (deglutivit). Hy 5/20 
§ (devoravit). 

fealg sf felloe (of wheel). Ep 713 



-a(occas). Ef 292 felge (canti) ; Cp 

gealga sm gallows. Bn 2/2 galgu a. 

healt aj lame. 

lemp-healt aj lame, limping. 
Ep 589 laempihalt (lurdus) ; Ef 
f lemphi§ ; Gp lemp§ ; Ld flemphald. 

healtian wv limp. VP 17/46 
haltadon (claudicaverunt). 

sealt m salt. Ot 41/64 saltes. 

sealtem Ct. salthalguncge DA. 
sealternsteall Ct. 

sealt aj salt. Bl 14 sltne mersc 

sealtnis %f saltness. VP IO6/34 
Baltnisee (salsilaginem). 

&-sualt prt died. Op 673 "(diem 

sinu-wealt aj round. Cp 2037 
sionuualt (torosa). 

mealt s malt. Ep 130 malt (bratium) ; 
Ef, Cp 5. Ct 39/4 ~es. 40/4; 
41/29 maltes. 

eald aj old. Cp 173 aid uuif (anus). 
1854 § (senex). Ld 132 hu § (quotus). 
133 suae § (totus). VP 88/6 ; 76/6; 
148/12 §e (veteres; antiquos; se- 
niores). 78/8 ; 88/50 ; 138/5 J H y 
4/6 fta §an (antiquas ; §ae ; $a pi ; 
vetera). Hy 13/i5 Ses §an (antiqui 
g). 43/2 alldum (§is). Hy 7/52 
aid urn (sene). 142/5 §ra (antiquo- 

rum). Ct 20/17 aldft - 89 /5 e* 1 ^ 
41/6i aid. 

AldberohtLV; §berhtGn; §berht, 
ealdberht, aldberhting-tQn Ct. Ald- 
burgLV. Aldoeorl, alt§ LV. Ald- 
frid BH, LK ; altfrith LV ; ald- 
frifl Gn. Aldgisl BH, LV. Ald- 
gyth LV. Aldh&eth LV. Aldhelm 
BH, LV, Gn. Aldheri LV ; §here 
Gn; ealdhere Ct. Aldhodi Ct. 
Aldhun LV, Ct. Aldmonn LV. 
Aldmund LV. Aldred LV, Gn, 
Ct ; aeld$, eald§ Ct AltsulS LV. 
Altffegn LV. Aldffryth, alt § LV. 
Aldualch LV. Alduini BH, LV ; 
§uine Gn. Ealduuft Ct. Alduulf 
BH, LV, Gn, Ct ; alduulfing Gn. 

Ealda em LV 95 ; 175 ; 257, 77 ; 
337 alda. 

ealdian tev grow old. VP 48/15 
aldaS (veterascit). IOI/27 §ia« (ve- 

teresoent). 6/8 §ade (inveteravi). 
86/25 §ade (senui). 17/46; 31/3 
§adon (inveteraverunt). 
ealdor zm prince. Cp 674 aldur 
(dictatorem). VP 23/7 alaree (prin- 
cipis). 70/i8 aldra (senium). 

aldormon CA ; aldermon VP ; 
aldormonn Ct. 

ealdordom em authority. Bd* 
63 alderdomes mghte (tribuniciae 
potestatis). VP I88/1 7 aldurdomes 
(principatus n). 

ealdorlic aj princely. VP 50/ 14 
alderlice (principali). 

aldot e -vessel. Ep 57 ~(alviolum) ; 
Ef § ; Cp aldaht. 

healdan ev hold. VPI7/24; 38/j; 
88/29 etc haldu (obeervabo ; custo- 
diam; servabo). 129/3 S 66 (obser- 
vaveris). I8/12 ; 88/21 etc §e$ 
(custodiet; §it). 55/7; 88/32 etc 
§a$ (observabunt ; custodierint). 
58/io ; 118/88 etc §e (§iam). 126/i 
§e (fierit). IO4/45 §en (§iant). 
24/20; 86/37 etc hald (§i!). 30/7; 
114/6; II8/158 §ende (obeervantea; 
custodiers ; servantes). 102/i8 §en- 
dum (custodientibus). II8/63 §endra 
(§ientium). II8/4, 57, 106 §an 
(§iri, §ire, §ire). 118/5 to §enne (ad 
§iendas). 11/8 aides (servabis). Ct 
39/7, 8 ~e; to ~enne. 40/20 ~. 
45/50 haldan. 

gehealdan ev VP 11/8 gehaldee 
(custodies). 4O/3 ; 120/7 5 e * (p° n - 
servet; custodiat). 15/ 1 ; 16/8; 36/ 
34; 140/9 gehald (conservat; cus- 
todi !) ; § ; §). 86/28 bioS gehaldne 
(conservabuntur). Ct 40/22, 3 se 
-en. 41/7, 10, 5 gehaldan. 45/n 
§er5. 50 §e ebj. 

behealdan ev behold ; attend to. 
VP57/8; 66/19; 8O/12 bihaldeS (in- 
tendet etc). I6/1 ; 34/23 etc bihald 
(intende I). Hy 7/i § (ad§!). 77/i 
§a«(§§ite!). 77/9 J 129/2 §ende (in- 
tendentes). 5/3; 44/5 behald (§e!). 
76/2 §e« (§it). 

healdung ef keeping. VPII8/9 
in haldinge (in custodiendo). 

heald aj sloping. Ep 754 halol (pen- 
duloso) ; Ef fhahdi ; Cp haldi. 865 
suae haldae ; Ef suuaeldae ; Cp suae 
halde (reclines). Cp 455 hald (cer- 
nua). Ct 2O/12 "Bone -an weg. 



ni-hold aj sloping. Ep 799 nihol 
(pronus) ; Ef § ; Cp ~. Cp 1001 niol 

scyte-heald aj oblique. Dp 
694 scytihalt ; Ef sestihalth ; Cp 
scytehald (obliquum). 

to-heald aj inclined. Ep 96 
tohald (adclinis) ; Ef, Cp §. 

sealde prt gave. Ep 528 saldae 
(inpendebat) ; Ef fsaltae ; Cp salde. 
VP 14/s; 77/48; 115/ia etc salde 
(dedit ; tradidit ; retribuit). 4/7 ; 
20/3, 5 etc §es (dedisti ; tribuisti, §). 
68/22; 76/i8 §un (dederunt). 62/n ; 
71/15 etc sien said; bi8 § (tradentur; 
dabitur). Ot 88/3; 48/6 salde. 
28/19, 21; 44/6 ~. 87/8 saldon. 
40/21, 3 sealdpte. 

gesalde prt gave. Ot 47/ 15 ~. 

ymb-salde prt surrounded. VP 
I6/9, 11 etc ~un (ciroumdederunt). 
17/5, 6 ; 21/13, 7 etc -on. 

geaaldnis sf grant. Ct 48/8 
8as ~se. 

soald-thyflas Ep; Ef scald [t]hyblas ; 
Cp scaldhyflaB. soaldhulas Cp. 

Hagu-8teald(es hftm) em Hexham 
BH 134/5 ~Btaldensis. G-n 54 hag- 
staldensiae. 55, 7 bag'. 61 hag[u]- 

Spaldr $ asphalt. Ep 54 -(asfaltum) ; 
Ef, Cp, Ld spaldur. 

weald em forest. 

Anut- weald em Ot 29/15 an 

wealdan ev wield, rule. VP 88/10 ; 
109/2 w aides (dominaris ; §averis). 
9/26, 31 etc §e$. 18/ 1 4 bio$ §ende. 
IO5/41 §ende werun. 

wealdnis */ rule. VP 144/13 
waldnis (dominatio). 

gewald-leSrum Cp. 


Ualdfrith LV. Ualdgith [under 
y\ LV. Wealdhelm Ct. Ualdheri 
BH, Ct ; wealdhere Ct ; fwealdenes- 

^Qlf-weald tm Bn 1/3 olwf- 
wol]>u. LV8, 13; 298aelfuald. Gn 
118 aelfwald. Ot 56/5 elfwald. 

./Esc- weald em LV 99 aescuald. 

JEpel-weald em BH 73 adul- 

ualdi g [in Latin document] — aefful- 
uualdi 1. 191 aediluald — ed§ — • 
aet>§. 356 ediluald — aetfiluuald 1. 
LV87; 224,62; 338; 481e$iluald. 
LN aedeluald. Mt 34 aeflelwaldes. 
Ot 88/17 eoelwald. 40/14 ; 56/4 
«oel§. 57/7 J 88/13 aeSel§. 55/8 
e«el$. 45/23 g«el§e. 24/8 aeflewalde. 
38/17 t^elwald. 28/17; 30/16; 
31/7 e$el~. 44/5, 5 &d ~- 

ftn-weald e(n) single rule, mo- 
narchy. Ep 622 anuuald ; Ef an- 
uald ; Cp anuualda (monarchia)* 

Ar-weald em BH 286 -ualdi g. 

Beadu-weald tm LV 140, 96; 
838, 43 baduuald. 

Beorht-weald em BH 59 berct- 
ualdi g — berht§ 1. 828, 45 berct- 
uald. LV 111 berch[t]uald. 478 
bercht§. 104, 42, 98 ; 227, 63, 81, 
96; 337, 57 berct$. Gn 2 berht- 
waldus. Ot 2/i berctualdo d. 4/2 
bercuald. , 6/5, 5 berhtuualdum (be- 
richtualdum), berhtuualdus (bericht- 
ualdus). IO/4 §uuald. 14/6 $ 

Beorn-weald em Ot 31/9 -. 

Bet-weald em LV 200 ; 307, 44 

Bil-weald em LV 201 -uald. 

BliU-weald em LV 215 -uald. 

Bot-weald em LV 282 -uald. 

Byrn-weald em LV 335 bryn 
uald. Ot 49/io -uuald. 60/5by[r]n- 

Oent-weald em LV 209 kent- 

Oeol- weald em LV 214 -uald. 
284 c(eo)luald. 8G 5 -wald 

Ceol-wealdihg em son of Ceol- 
weald. BG 4 -walding. 

Cden-weald em Ot 29/3 1 oo(en)- 
wald. 34/4; 51/11 coen§. 52/17 
§ uualdi g. 

Cup-weald em BH 366 cudualdi 
— §baldi— §baldi. LV 264, 94 ; 341 
cuthuald. 336 cu'Suald. 

Cwic-weald em LV 848 cui[c]- 
uald. • 

Cyne-weold em LV 472 cyni- 
uald. Gn 93 -wald. 

Cyne-wealding tm son of Cyne- 
weald. Gn 93 -walding. 



Dene- weald sm Ct 20/5 -waldee 
8 tan. 

Deor- weald sm Ot 8O/17 diar~. 

Dry ht- weald sm Ot 29/19 ~wald. 
2-waldo. 3O/13; 44/3 ~. 

Sad-weald sm LV 51, 66, 75; 
103, 6, 41, 2, 64, 95, 9; 204, 53, 
68, 82, 6; 312, 42, 51, 4, 60, 4, 6; 
405, 22 ~uald. 228 eod§. Ot 28/17 ; 
38/8; 39/3; 43/8-. 8O/4; 39/i 
~es. 39/6 ~e. 30/ao; 88/7, ia ; 
45/6o ~wald. 38/i §es. 

Ealh weald sm LV251, 81 alch- 
uald. 261 aluchuald. 

San- weald sm LV 226 eonuald 
262, 83 ; 339, 67 ean§. 

Eeg -weald am LV 79; 174 
~uald. Gn 86 §. 

Ecg-wealding sm son of Ecg- 
weald. On 85, 7 -ualding. 
Efen-weald sm LV 337 efhuald. 

Eorcen-weald sm BH 174 er- 

cunualdo d — hercun[u]aldo — ercun- 
ualdo — §. 174 §us — hercunualduB — 
erconualdus — §. 229 earconuald — 
er§ 1. 256 earconualdum — eorcan§ 1. 
267 erconualdo d — ercunuualdo 1. LV 
305 ercinuald. Gn 6 erconwald. Ot 
1/6 ercnuualdus. 

Eorp-weald sm BH 102 earp- 
ualdo — eorpuualdo I — earpualdo. 
105 -uald— §1 — §11. 105 -ualdi— 
~uualdi. 169 erpualdum — § — eo§ — 
erp§. LV 287 eorupuald. 

Folc-weald sm LV 163 -uald. 

Forp- weald sm LV 115 forth- 

Fripu-weald sm LK 4 fridu- 
uald. LV 162, 68 ; 264 friffuuald. 
108 frioftuuald. Gn 68 frioffowald. 

Oar-weald sm LV 59; 365 

Ger- weald sm LV 119, 63, 80; 
204 ; 302, 53, 70 -uald. 

Oeon-weald sm LV 289 -uald. 

Gum-weald sm LV 347 -uald. 

Heapo-weald sm LV 134 heaftu- 
uald. 152 ; 211, 21, 99 ha&uuald. 

Helm- weald sm LV 5 ; 105, 17 ; 
209, 29, 60, 89 ; 352, 62, 86, 98 -u«ld. 

Heo- weald sm BH 329 heuualdi 
pi. 350 heuuald four times — heauald 

\ first a from u], heauald, beau uald, 
heauuald [first a over dotted u]. LV 
168; 207 heouald. 

Heoru-weald sm LV 162 he- 

Here-weald sm Gn 24 -uuald 
Ot 17/6 -wald. 

Hilde-weald sm LV 119 ; 227 ; 
351 -iuald. 

. Hleo-weald«mLV166,98;218/ 
25 ; 335, 43 -uald. 

Hrcep-weald sm LV 258 hroeft- 

Hrop-wealdm LV 1 15 hroSuald. 

Hun-weald sm BH 164 -ualdi g. 
LV 79 ; 224 ; 344 ; 467 -uald. Ot 
17/5 ~wald. 

Hyge-weald sm LV 211, 40, 
65 hyguald. 

In- weald sm LV 80; 103; 218 

Ing-weald sm BH 372 -uald. 
370. §0. Gn 6 incwald. 

Leod- weald sm On 85 liodald. 
87 §uald. 

Leod-wealding sm son of Lsod- 
weald. Gn 85 liodwalding. 87 
lid ualdi ng. 

Lint- weald sm LV 229 lictuald. 

M&g- weald sm LV 213 meiuald. 

Mfflgen-weald sm LV 82 mae* 
ginuald. 128 maegen§. 

dS)>el-weald sm BH 125 oidil- 
ualdo d — oe§ — oidiluualdo. 161 oidil- 
ualdo — oe§ 1. 193 oidiluald — oe§ 1. 
196 oidiluald— § I. 327 oidiluald— 
oidTil] uuald 1. 332 oiduald— oidil- 
uuald 1. LV 50 oediluald. Gn 41 
oetSeluuald. 66 oeftilwald. LN 

onwald sn authority. Op 1800 
~(8oeptra). VP 102/aa -es (domina- 

Os weald sm BH 63 osuald — 
osuuald 1 — osuald. 92 osualdo d — 
1, 11 §. 115 §— wuualdo 1— osualdo II 
etc. LK 4 osuald. LV 2 osuald. 
Ot 30/i8 -. . 

Fend- weald sm LV 174 -uald. 

Feoht- weald sm LV 104 pect- 
uald. 282 pecht§. 



Pl§o-weald sm LV 275 ~uald. 

BSd-weald sm BH 61 reduald 
— reduuald I — redaald. 87 redual- 
dum — reduualdum I — redualdnm. 
87 § — reduualdum — reduald um. 102 
§i g— §uualdi I. 103 redualdi. 169 
§i g — redualdi I. 

S&- weald sm LV 69 saeuald. 

Sceot-weald am LV 168 sceut- 

Sige- weald sm LV 265 siguald. 

Swip-weald sm LV292 suittuald. 

Teo-weald sm LV 207 tiuuald. 
834 tiouald. 

Tid- weald sm LV 97 ; 161 ; 240 ; 
371 ; 403 -uald. Ot 31/7 -. 

Til-weald sm LV 164 [u dotted 
out after i] ; 201, 68 -uuald. 

Tir-weald sm Ct 31/io ; 88/19 

Trum-weald sm LV 251 -uald. 

Tun-weald sm LV 209; 344 

fWaldenee-ford Ot. 

be-fealdan sv fold. VH 3/5 befalden 

an -f aid aj simple. Op 1863 

monig-fald aj manifold. VF 
67/i8; 89/IO - (multiplex; pluri- 

monigfaldlice av manifoldly. 
VP 62/a -(multipliciter). 

seofen-faldlice av sevenfold. 
VP II/7 I 78/12 -(septuplum). 

gemonig-faldian wv multiply. 
VP 137/3 -as (multiplicabis). 17/ 
1 5 ~ade (§avit) etc. II/9 -ades (§asti) 
etc. Hy4/5 -ian ($are). 48/17; 91 
/13 etc -ad biS. 8/2 ; 15/4 ete -ade 
sindun. 4/8 gemongfaldade [e er 
after sec. g]. 64/ 10, 1 gemonig- 
falldes, §ende. 

flfalde [under !]. 

a-cwealdon prt killed. Op 1376 
aqualdun (neoebantur). 

ft-gald prt repaid. VP 7/5 - (reddidi). 

gealdor sn incantation, magic. 

galdurcreftas VP. 

galdrigge sf [or §a smf] en- 
chantress. Op 1 12 4 -an (incantatores) . 

getealde prt counted, accounted. 
VP 43/22 getalde sind (aestimati 
sumus). 87/5 eam getald (§atus 
sum). IO5/31 § wes (§atura est). 
II8/119 §e (reputavi). 

beald aj bold. Op 924, 7 bald (fretus, 

Balflheard LV ; balthhaeardi, 
§hnrdi Ct. Baldhelm, bal«§ LV. 
Baldhere, bal«$, balt§ LV. Bald- 
hlld, balt§ BH. BaWhun LV. 
BaldrSd LV, Ct. Balduini LV; 
§ wines Ct. Balduulf LV. 

•ASbel-beald sm LV 6 aetfilbald. 
81 ethil§. 89; 299; 425, 6 e«il$. 
262 (aflilbald). Gn 98 ae$el§. 
122 ae«il§. SG 7 atfeH. Ot 9/5 
aethil§o. 9/6 ethilbal(di). 12/i 
aetbelbaldi. 13/2 aetfelbaldi. 17/i 
§i. 2 $us. 3, 4 setfelbald. 20/22 
§i. 32/6 e«elbald. 9/i aethilbalt. 
4 aetdil§. 8 edil$. 32/5 eSelbadd. 
43/7 eflelbeald. 

Ceol-beald sm LV 6 -bald. 

Cup-beald sm BH 366 cudualdi 

— Sbaldi — §. LV 132 ; 370 cuth- 

Cyne-beald sm Bn 9 cyniba1)>. 
LV11; 90; 124, 39; 238; 58,80; 
873 cynibald. Ot 33/21 -bald. 

Daeg-beald sm LV 192 daegbald. 

£ad-beald sm BH 40 aeod- 
baldum — ead§ 1 — ead§. 69 ead- 
bald. 72 aeodbaldo — ead§ 1 — eod§. 
77 aeodbaldo — ead$ — ead§ [a from 
0]. 82 audubaldi [in Latin docu- 
ment'] — eadbaldi [from adubaldij 1 

— audubaldi. 86 $ — eadbaldi Tea 
on er.; u er. after first d] 1 — audu- 
baldi. 69 eadbald. 117 §0. 119 §i. 
LV 10, 84 ; 129, 85 ; 238, 78, 86 ; 
313, 78, 91, 8 ; 401, 27, 61, 2 -bald. 
351, 4 eodbald. Qn 7, 113 -bald. 
Ot 13/4 ; 17/7 1 55/io ; 56/7 J 58/ 
19 -bald. 14/7, 7 §'• 

£ad-bealding sm son of Ead- 
beald. On 118 -balding. 

Ban-beald sm LV 7 ; 137, 47, 
79, 81, 90; 260; 303, 8, 24, 94, 
5 ; 417. Gn 60, -bald. 

Ecg-beald sm Gn 21 -bald. 
Ot 1/7 ; 3/13 egcbaldus. 

Fripu-beald sm LV 6; 352; 
464 friffubald. 



Heapu-beald sm LV 438 haSu- 
bald. Ot 33/n hea«o$. 

Here-beald sm LV 81; 203, 
80, 40, 73 ; 813, 71, 82 -bald. 

Hun-bealdm LV 143; 311 -bald. 

Hyge-beald sm BH 246 hyg- 
bald. LV80, 98 ; 101, 18, 34 ; 241, 
74 ; 302, 15, 7, 68, 88, 9 ; 426, 50, 72 
hygbald. Gn 66 §. 

Os-beald m LV 91; 147; 465 

BSd-beald, sm LV 83 redbald. 

SS-beald sm Gn 75 saebald. 

SS-bealding sm. son of S&beald. 
Gn 75 saebalding. 

Seax-beald sm BH 189 sexbaldi. 

Sige-beald sm LV 96; 331; 
42 sigbald. 8G 22 -bald. 

Sige-bealding sm. son of Sige- 
beald. 8G 22 -b(aldi)ng. 

Swip-beald sm LV 94 suiSbald. 

Tid-beald sm LV 110, 55 ; 244 ; 
433, 74 -bald. 

peod-beald sm BH 37 theodbald. 

WSr-beald sm Ot 24/ia wer- 
bald. 25/i4 waer§. 4O/14 wer$. 

Wern-beald sm LV 285 uern- 

Wig-beald sm LV 103, 15, 6, 
83, 91 ; 206 ; 313, 97 ; 402, » uig- 

Wiht-beald sm LV 276 uictbald. 
479 uicht§. Ct 26/2 uuihtbaldea 

Wil-beald sm LV 418 uUbald. 

Wine-beald sm LV 146 uinibald. 

Wun-beald sm Ct 88/20 -. 

Wyn-beald sm LV 330, 57; 
476 uynbald. Ct 49/i 2 wynbald. 

Ea*u-gils LV. 

heatfo « war. 

HatJubald LV; ha«o§ Ct. Ha- 
duberot, ha$u§, haO§, headu$ LV ; 
heaftoberht Gn; haffo§, heado§ Ct. 
HattuburgLV. HeaVufrith, heaO§, 
heaCuferff LV. Hatfcigyth L V. Ha- 
dul&o BH ; heado§ Gn. Hadumund 
LV. HatSumer LV. Heatfared, 
headu§, ha#u§, hadu§, heo$u§ LV; 
hea$o§ Gn ; ha'oo§, hea8o§ Ct. Hea- 

tturio, hatfu§ LV. Heattuuald LV. 
Hattuuini LV. Ha#uul£ haduul£ 
hea$uulf, beaduulf LV. 

Eafa sm BH 205 eaba 1. LV 

171 eofa. 8G 3 eaba. 

Ealing sm son of E. 8G 3 

eabing. Ct 15/9; 16/8 ~. 

Eafe sf BH 276 eabae. 

Eafti«/LV25, 38-. 

peafol sm Ct 5/7 theabuL 

gonge-weafre sf spider. VP 88/12 
-an (aranea). 89/9 - (§). 

geseah prt saw. VP 82/13; 36/ 
25; 76/i 9 ; 96/ 4 ; 113/3; 118/ 
96, 158; 141/5; Hy 7/70 gesaeh 
(vidit; §i etc). 54/io; Hy 7/36 

for-seah prt despised. VP 21/ 
25 -saeh (despexit). 

fore seah prt saw before. VP 
15/8 -saeh (providebam). 

sleahe sf slay, weaver's reed. Cp 
1576 slahae (pectica). 

gefeah prt rejoiced. VP 18/6; Hy 
4/i ; lO/i gefaeh (exultavit). 

Eahha sm LV 53, 94, 6 echha. Ct 
5/7 aehcha. 

Eahhe «/BH 137 acha d. 

eax sf axle. Ep 13 aex (axis) ; Ef, 
Cp§. Efll49$(§). 
aexfaru Cp. 

leaz sm salmon. Ep 555 -(isle) ; Ef 
lex ; Cp laex. Cp 767 § (essox). 

86ax sn knife. Cp 625 saex(culter). 

bldd-saex sn lancet. Cp 896 
-(flebotoma) ; Ld §. 

scer-saez sn razor. VP 51/4 
- (novae ula). 

peoh-saex sn short sword. Cp 
1832 -(semispatium). 

Seaxan pi Saxons. BH 21 saxonibus. 
8G 12, 7 orientalium seaxonum, 
§ seoxo(num). 

East-seaxan pi East Saxons. 
Ct l/i, 6 -sexanorum, rex -sax'. 

Middel-eeaxan pi Middle 
Saxons. Ct 11/2 middilsaexum. 
59/i -saxanorum. 

Sub-seaxan pi South Saxons. 
Ct 7/3 suthsaxoniae. 
West-seaxan pi West Saxons. 


a load. Ot 2/1 uoat- 

BOll - 

Seaia im SO 23 -. 

Sealing wm aon of S. 8G 23 -. 

Sexbald BH. Ssiburg, saex& BH. 

Beaxjjfiting SG. Be aired, Sing 

BG. Stexuulf, aaez§, spcj, aexj, 

■aig BH ; eaex§, taxi Gn. 

weaxan «o grow. Op 1955 waejrit 

woaimwux. VP 21/15; 57/9 woi 
N' «7/3 wcx. 98/s wex. Ot 
37/a7 «aet -■ 

waaxcondel Cp. 
feax m hair (of head), 
Pexatan LV. 

feainiH m head of hair. Cp 
864 faexnu (capillatur). 
Meshae-log Ct. 
oahta Hum eight. 

eabtateBUaD Mt. 

hund-eahtatjg nam eight;. 
VP 89/io -aehtatiges (lxxx). 
Otttation vr connder. Ep 636 im- 

tath (perpendit) ; Ef aochtatb ; Cp 

eahtera rm censor. Ef 1167 
feohtheri (oensor, rimator, p'tiator). 

leahtrog ™ lettuce. Ep 217 leac- 
tiocaa (oorimbus) ; Ef S ; Cp leac- 

gebeaht m deliberation, council, ad- 
vice. VP12/j; 13/6; 20/ ' 
17; 32/11 ge&aeht (conrib'u ' 
5 tgedaeh. < 106/43 getSaeh 

his geffeahte. 

gepoahti on i™ consider. VP 80/ 
14 geSaebtende werun (conoliati 

meahte prt could. Mt 37, 12 -. 
VP 88/13 maehte (potui)- »/l« i 
128/3 (an (Suerunt). 


Batting «m ton of E. On 107 -. 
geatwe tpl trappings. Bd 10 geatum. 
Badut/LViO; 416. 

Hooadu «(/) 'bade, shadow. Bp S02 
Bceadu [u over 6] (acena); Efscendu; 
Cpscadn. Cpl954Bceadu/oi-swafiu, 

eoaedugeardaa Ep ; tceaduS Ef, 

ofer-seeadwian in overshadow. 
VP 90/4 -ad (obambrabit). 189/8 
-a (Sal). 

ncedeht eg shady. TH 6/6 -um 

boadu tf war. 

BadufHth, beaduf, beodu§ LV. 
Beadurfla LV. Badoffth LV. 
Beadheard, bad; LV; bada}, beads 
Ct. JBadhelm [or a!] LV. BaS- 
liun LV. Badumund LV. Bado- 
noit, bada§. bade§ Ct, BadenoStng- 
land Ct. Beadnred, bada$ LV. 
JaduflnJB LV. BaduUegn, boaduj 
BH.LV. BaduualdLV. Baduulni, 
baduiniBH, LV; beoduuimLV, bead- 
wine Gn. Baduulf, beaduulf LV. 

Headda «m LV 159 hadde. On 
36 -an a. 37, 50 -. Ot 10/ a - d. 
59/7 -■ 

Gaadda im BH 3 - g. 127, 95 ~. 

195 -d. 207 -ana. 216 cedda. 

On 31-. 

EappasmBH 276,281-. 281-ana. 

ttrl-neB */ trinity. DA 5 Sa -se. VH 

12/5 »*- (trinitai). 

Bri-fodor Ep ; ■BrifeoBor Cp; trij 

Ef. thriannlntri Ep; triumtri Ef; 

Criliuintra Cp. 
ni-bold [under ea]. 
twi-bille VP. twiecge VP. tnineo- 

lors Cp. twitalgad VP. 
dlaoon «ir deacon. Ct 37/37. 
hire d her. VP 8/3; 23/i; 67/u; 

68/37 efe-(ilU; eS; li S). Ct 38/ 

1; 41/io,o, 5 e(<N 45/i6,*o-. 
hire g her. VP 3/3 ; 86/3 ; 67/ 

5 etc -(ejus ; 4 ; mas). Ct 37/37, 

8; 38/a; 11/13, 6, 58, 68 ; 15/17 -. 
eiriee «/ church. LP 6 -an a. DA 

7 -can pL VP 21/13 -an (eccleeiae 

g). 21/36 ; 31/i8 gmicelre (Sis) He. 

67/17 S ($iis). 25/ia cirecom ($iis). 

Ot 37/8 ; 39/ro to osnre -an. 46/31 

-um. 37/37 to t oiricican. 

Crietes-cirice 1/ CbrUtchurch. 

OA 8, 10, 7 -circan d. Ct 37/3, 



32; 39/2, ia ; 40/3, 18 ; 41/59, 67 ; 
42/5; 45/30, 4, 6 -an d. 41/43, 
71 kristes§. 41/44 kristes -an g. 
40/6 -circcan d. 

pirige sf peartree. Op 1589 pirg© 

biretf prs bears. VP 4O/4 -(ferat). 

biren sf she-bear. Ot 30/i 2 -e feld. 

irre aj angry. VP 59/3 ; 73/j ; 105/ 
40; Hy 2/i eorre (iratus). 17/8 § 
[first e /row i], Hy 5/23 eorre 

Irre sn anger. VP 2/13; 29/6 
etc eorre (ira). 68/25 ; 77/38 §Sin 
(iram) ; all§ (§) efc. 2/ 5 ; 6/2 § ; 
§«inum (irft) etc. 37/4? 77/so etc 
§es. 87/17 §u(iraepr). 17/i6; fly 
6/16 earres. 9/25 feare. 

irsian wv to be angry. VP 2/ 
12; 4/5; 7/12; 78/5 eorsie, $iao\ 
§atf, §as (irascatur etc) etc. 17/48 
eorsendum (iracundis). 123/3 fer- 

irsung */ being angry. VH 5/ 
12 eorsunge (iraoundiae g). 

seofon-stirri s pliades. Ep 762 
sifunsterri (pliadas) ; Ef ffun~ ; Cp 

ft-firran wv remove Mt 48 afierr! 
VH 7/78 -u (tollam). IO3/29 -es 
(auferes). 76/13 -e$ (aufert). 72/ 
27 -aS (elongant). 39/15 -en (aufe- 
rant). II8/22 afir (aufer!). 5O/13; 
II8/43 J 140/8 ne § 8u (ne §as). 77/ 
52 afirde (abstulit). 79/9 §es (trans- 
tulisti). 128/3 § un (prolongaverunt). 
45/io -ende (auferans). 9/26 bioo" 
~ed (auferuntur). 119/5 $** (pro- 
longatus est). 67/9 bio$ afirde (aufe- 

onweg-dilrran wv remove away. 
VH l/ii -afirde (abstuli). 

vrirpey prs becomes, is. BDS 1 uui- 

wirpe aj worthy. Ot 41/7, 36, 42 

geor-wirpan wv disgrace. Ep 
990 georuuierdid (traductus) ; Ef § ; 
Cp georuuyrde. 

first sm period of time. 

fristmearo Ep; ffrit§ Ef; first§ 

first ef ceiling. Ep 595 fierat (la- 
quear) ; Ef +firt ; Cp -hrot Cp 
1190-e(laquearia). 2028~(tigillum). 

flrsthxdf Cp. 

smirwan wv smear, anoint. VP 
140/5 smireft (inpinguet). 44/8; 
88/21; Hy 1/6 $ede (unxit; §i ; 


gesmirwan wv smear. Op 676 
gesmirwid (delibutus). 

besmlrwan wv besmear. Ep 
534 bismiridae (interlitam) ; Ef f§a ; 
Cp $e. 

smirennis sf anointing. VH 
1/6 ~enisse (unctionis). 

smirwung sf ointment. VP 
44/9; 182/2 smiring (cassia; unguen* 

geswirfep prs polishes. Op 740 ge- 
suirbet (elimat). 

cirnel sm kernel. Op 982 - (glan- 
dula). 1396 cirnlas (nucli). 

Iunnin-burg LV. Irminred Ct. lr- 
minric BH, iurmenric, §ing Gn. 

or-firme aj squalid. Ep 933 orfier- 
mae (fsqualoree) ; Ef orfermae. 

orfirmnis sf squalor. Op 1902 
orfeormnisse (squalores). 

cirm s(m) clamour. Cp 925 suoeg, 
-(fragor). 1866 -(sinnum). 

birce sf birch. Ep 792 -iae (populus) ; 
Ef § ; Cp ~. 

birhtu */ brightness. VP 89/17; 
Hy 6/8 : ll/i -(splendor). Hy 6/ 
10 -(claritatem). Hy 6/24, 4i~(splen- 
dore, claritudine). 109/3 -um (splen- 

gebirhtan wv make bright, mani- 
fest. VP 41/9 -e (declaravit). 

firgen s mountain. 

?fergenberig Rn. firgingaett 
Ep ; 5 Ef ; firgen) Cp ; firgingata Ld. 

hirtan wv cherish. VH 12/15 hirt 
(fove !). 

hirde sm shepherd. VH 8/5 heorda 

Hirde sm LV 103 ; 319 hiordi. 

odg-hirde sm key-keeper. Op 
490 caeghiorde (clavicularius). 

hors- hirde sm horse-keeper. Op 
1527 -hi[o]rdas (pabulatores). 



hrip-hirde sm herdsman. Op 
813 hrifthiorde (bobulcus). 

ffrili aj triple. Cp 29 -(trilex). Ld 
158 drUi (triplex). 

stile)? prs steals. Op 589 -ith (oon- 

Uuil-tun, uuil§ Ct. 

Fili5-leag Ct. 

milso-apuldr Ep ; milc§ Ef ; mirc§ Cp. 

til prp to. Bn 2/13 - anum. OH 6 

- hrofe. 
til aj good. 

Tilbaeth LV. Tilberht LV, 
Gn,Ct. TilfriBLV. Tilh&ethLV. 
Tilhere Gd, Ct. Tilmon BH, LV. 
Tilred LV, Ct. Tilgeaeltha Ct. 
TilBegnLV. Tilnald LV. Tiluini 

Tilgeaeltha Ct. 
Tila-burg BH. 

tilian wv aim at, tend, till. Ep 78 
tdlgendum (adnitentibus) ; Cp § ; Ef 
§un. Cp 1567 tioludun (perstant). 

tilling sf tending. VP 27/4; 
98/8 teolunge (studiorum ; §ia). 
106/29 §um (§iis). 

Tile sm LV 297 ~i. Ot 42/i6 ~. 

Tilese sm LV 95 ; 108, 8, 70 ; 211 

Tilne sm LV 457 ~. 
twill aj double. Ef 1151 tuili (bi- 
plex, duplex). Ld 157 ftili (bilex). 

Bilra sm Ct IO/4 (dil)ran g. 

dile sm dill (herb). Ep 21 dil (ane- 
tum) ; Ef § ; Cp ~i. 

ill 8 sole of foot Op 400 weorras vel 
~(callos). Lr 60 ~a (plantarum). 

geille-roead VP. 

pille sn boarding. Op 1988 «ille (ta- 
bubvta). 1990 §(tabulamen). 

gagul-swillan wv gargle. Op 946 
-suille (gargarizet). 

scilling sm shilling. Ct 4 7/ 15 -a. 
48/6 sciir gpl. 

Scilling sm Ot 8/13 sci(lii)nges. 

mene-scllling sm coin worn as 
an ornament. Ep 570 -as (lunules); 
Ef meni§ ; Cp ~as. 

Idlla sm BH 80 -% 

Btille aj still, quiet. VP 75/io ; Hy 
12/13 -(quietos). 

un-stilnis */ agitation. Op 106 


un-Btilli[t] LD 252 -(insolesdt). 

gestillan wv quiet. Mt 20 (ge)- 
stillde. VP 75/9 ; Hy 3/4 gestilde 
(quievit). 84/4 §es (initigasti). 

wille vb will. Bd 11 uil 3 sg. OA 

8 ~ao\ VP 5/5 wellende (volens). 
34/27, 7 ; 67/31 ~a« (§unt). 21/9; 
33/13 wile (vult). Ot42/4ic~. 40/ 
3 willa ic. 45/44 io willio *j ~. 40/ 
. 20, 4; 41/4, 6; 45/19, 35, 7, 50; 
48/3 (he)-. 45/33 §^n. 41/10,40; 
45/39 (° e ) w ^ e - 

wills sm will. VP 142/io -an 
olnne (voluntatem) etc. 20/3 § 
(§ate) etc. 5/i3 godes§ (§atis) do. 
15/3 § (§ates) . Hy 1 1/4 ~um (votis) . 
Ct 41/ 1, 4, 9 ; 42/1, 18 ; 45/i 3 ~. 

UilbaldLV. UilberotLV. Uil- 
brord, uuil§ BH. Uilburg LV; wil§ 
Ct. Uiloumae LV. Uilfares-duD, 
id est, mons uilfari — §fteraes *BH. 
Uilfrid BH; §frith LV; uuilfiiff, 
uil§ Gn; uuilfridu?, willfredi, §fer$ 
Ct. Uilgile L V, Gn ; §ingGn. Uil- 
gythLV. UilhaethLV. Uilhelm 
LV; wil§ Gn. Wilhelming Gn. 
WillhereCt. Uilmund LV. Uuil- 
nd« Ct. Uilred LV, Gn ; uuill§, 
will§ Ct. TJilrio LV. Uilsig LV. 
TJilsui* LV. TJilthegn LV. Uil- 
VrythLV. UihralfLV. 

an-willice av resolutely, per- 
tinaciously. Ep 753 anuuillicae (per- 
tinaciter) ; Ef § ; Cp §e. 

wilsum aj desirable. VP 18/ 
II ; II8/108 -(desiderabilia ; vo* 
luntaria). 67/io ~ne (§iam). 105/ 
34 ~e (desiderabilem). 

wilsumlice av willingly. VP 
53/8 ~(voluntarie). 

willian wv desire. VP 88/13; 
lll/i §a« (cupit; §iet). Ot 45/44 
ic willio "j wille. 

ge willian wv desire. VP 36/33; 
41/2, 3 ~aS (cupiet; desiderat, §). 
44/13; 83/3; II8/20, 40, 174 -ade 
(concupivit etc). II8/131 $ (deside- 
rabam). 105/ 14 ~adun (concupie- 
runt). 6I/1 1; 118/30 -(concupiscere ; 

gewillung «/ desire. VP 105/ 
14 ~e (concupiscentias). 




Uillech sm LV 478 ~. 

Cillinog 8 Ct 53/5 portum quae diet- 

tur ~. 

gillestre sf pus, matter, phlegm. 
Ep 883 -istrae (pituita). 

Tllli sm LV 169 ~. 

bill sn bill. Op 305 billeru (bibulta). 

BilfrithLV. Bilgils LV. Bil- 
h&ethLV. BillheardCt. Bilhelm 
LV. Bilatan. BilsuiB LV. Bil- 
ttegnLV. BilualdLV. Biluualoh 

Cyni-bill sm BH 194 -urn. 
195 bil— §. 

twl-bill sn axe. VP 73/6 ~e 
(bipinnae ^f). 

wudu-bill sn hatchet. Ep 430 
uudubil (falces) ; Ef uuidu§ ; Op 
wudu§. 449 uuidu§ (falcastrum) ; 
Ef § ; Cp wudu§. Ld 88 fuuitubil 

Billan-ora Ct. 

Billing sm LV 78, 9 ~. 

Bilfren aj silver. Bn 7 siuilfur(nf). 

be-silfran vw silver. VP 67/14 
fbesifrede (deargentatae). 

ilea prn same. DA 19 to Con ~e. 
VP 43/5 8e ""Cy^ng (*P 8e rex )- 
IOI/28 8e ~earC (idem ipse es). 34/ 
8; 73/6 etc in "Sat ~e (in id ipso). 
6I/10 in $8et ~e (in id §um) etc. 73/ 
1 in Con ~an (in id ipso). Hy 7/ 10 
■Sea illce (hie ipse). Ct 37/i6; 42/ 
15; 46/36 -an. 

miloe)> prs milks. Ep 628 ~i> (morgit) ; 
Ef -id ; Cp -it. 

ffit-fllefo* prs adheres. VP 93/20 ; 136/ 
6 ~(adheret ; §eat). 

for-swilgefl devours. VP 20/io; 
57/io ~(devorabit ; absorbet). 

ft-dilgian in? destroy. VP 17/43 
~iu (delebo). 50/3, ll ~* (dele!). 
9/6 ~ades (delisti). 108/ 1 3, 4. sie ~ad. 
68/29 sien ~ade. 

dilgnis sf destruction. Cp 163 
dilignissum (an astasia). 

SWilteB prs dies. Pv 2 suuyltit. VP 
40/6; 48/i8 -(morietur). 

Uilta-burg BH. 

on-fllt s anvil. Cp 1072 ~i (incuda). 
Ld 58 fosifelti (incus). 

milte 8/ spleen. Ep 594 fmulti 

(lien) ; Ef ~i; Cp ~; Ld ~$. 970 -i; 

Ef § ; Cp -(splenis). Lr 69 ~(sple- 

Ciltinne s Ct 11/3 in ~. 
Uilta-burg BH. 
hild sf war. 

Hildiberot LV. Hildiburg LV. 
Hildgar ingdenn Ct. HildifriJ? LV. 
Hildigila LV. Hilddig?p Rn; 
hildigytf, §gi« LV. Hildilid BH. 
Hildi)>ryJ>Rn,LV. HildiualdLV. 
Hilduini LV. 

Hild sf BH 199 ~ abbattissa. 
211 hil[d]. 233 ~ae q— ~e I. 307 
~ae g. 

JEj>el-hild sf BH 1$6 aedil- 
— aeffil- 1. LV 21 e«il~. 

Beald-hild sf BH 362 baldhild 
— balthild — § [t on er]. 

Bot-hild sf LV 80 ~. 

fiastor-hild sf LV 20 aestor~. 

Frij>-hild sf LV 30 friS~. 

Tid hild sf LV 47 ~. 

Wulf-hild sf LV 37, 45 uulf~. 

gescildan wv protect. VP 80/14 
~u (protegam). 30/21 ~es (§es) Hy 
7/88 ~e1S (defendit) . 19/2, 3 ~e (pro- 
tegat, tueatur). 16/8 fgesild (pro- 
tege !) 26/5 ~« (protexit). 68/2 ~ee 
(§isti). 26/4 siem ~ed (protegar). 
6O/5 sion § (§). Hy 7/88 bifi§ (de- 
fenditur). 34/4 ** en ~ e (teonfun- 

gescildend sm protector. VP 
17/3> X 9J 26/i etc -(protector, §J 
defensor). 8/3 ~[i over e] (§em). 
Hy 7/75 -(protectores). 

gescildnis sf protection. VP 
120/5 -(protection 17/36; 36/8 
etc ~nisse (§ionem, §ione). 

ecilden sf protection. Ep 1038 
fsclindinnae (tutellam); Ef scildin- 
nae ; Cp scildenne. 

for-spildan tw destroy. VP 5/7; 
20/li; 72/27; 142/12 ~es(perdis; 
§; §es; §§). 33/i 7 ~e (§at). 25/q; 
27/3; 43/23 ne -spild "Su (§as; §; 
frepellas). H8/95 ~en (perderent). 
86/32 ~(§ere). 

spilth s destruction. Ep 755 
"(pessum) ; Ef, Cp ~. 

wilde aj wild. Ep 99 uuildae (ag- 

WILD — FRlJ?. 


rotes) ; Ef § ; Cp wilde, (§is). Cp 
450, 960, 3 ~goos (cente, gente, §). 
1142 -(indomitus). Mt 17 -o pi. 
18 -an. VP 103/i I -assan (onagri). 

wilddeor, wildeor VP. 

milde aj mild, gentle. VP 77/38; 
78/9; 98/8, 102/3 -(propitiua). 86/5 
-(mitis). 24/9 $ a ~ an (§ e8 )> 

mildheort VP. mildheortnis, 
milheortnis VP. Milred VP, Gn, 

gemildgian tov mitigate. VP 
88/10 -as (mitigas). 93/13 -ie (§es). 

milts tf pity. LP 1 -e g. VP 
129/4 milds (propitiatio). 102/5 §e 
(miseratione). II8/77, 156; 144/9 
-e (§es). 24/6 ; 50/3 §a (§um). 

mildsian wv pity. VP 58/6 
~as (miserearis). 36/21, 6 etc -aft 
(§etur). IOI/15 -iaS ($ebuntur). 
IO8/12 -ie (§eatur). 4/2; 6/3 etc 
-a(§ere!)- 76/io -ian (§eri). 29/u; 
102/13 -iende is, § biti (§tus est). 
IOI/14 to §iende (miserendi ejus). 

gemilrifllan wv pity. VP24/n; 
IOI/14 ~as (propitiaberis ; misere- 
beria). 66/2 ~ie (misereatur). 64/4 
gemilsas (propitiaberis). 66/2 § ie (mi- 

mildsiend *m pitier. VP85/15; 
HO/4; HI/4 mildsend (miserator). 
102/8; 144/8 - (§). 

did *n chUd. VP 18/8 -e (fpar- 
vulis). 114/6 ~(§oa). 118/130-um 
(§is). 8/3; 63/8 -a (§orum). Ct 
42/6, 12 -pi, ~a. 

cildclaSas Cp. oilda-trog Cp; 
fcdltrog Ld. 

Btep-oild sn orphan. VP 67/6 
-a (orfanorum). 

Cilde-bergas Ct. 

monn-CWUd «(m) destruction. Mt 

owildeflod VP. 

gildeS prs requites. VP 93/23 ; Hy 
7/89~(reddet; §it). 

ft-gildesprarequitest. VP6I/13 

Gilding s Ct 32/2 agellam quod nos 
nominamu* -. 

Itha-mar BH. 

R chchrttte LV 133 ~. 

mid-hrij>er * diaphragm. Cp 1041 
-hridir (ilia). 

lip an limb. 

liotSuwac Cp; unlidouuac Ep; 
unliuduuac Ep; unlio)>uwac Cp; un- 
liojmwacnia Cp. 

lipere sf sling. Cp 939 lffre (funda). 

8t&f-lij>ere «/ staff-sling. Ep 
136 staebUdrae (ballista) ; Ef steb§ ; 
Cp staeflitfre. 

li]>eren aj leather. Ep 81 lidrinae 
(scorteas) ; Ef lidrinn* ; Cp lij>rine. 

geswij>erian wv settle down, calm. 
Ep 207 tgesuidradrae [first e from i] 
(constipuisse) ; Ef gisuderadae [see. a 
from t] ; Cp gesuedrade. Ef 368 ge- 
suedradum (exoleverunt) ; Cp gesue- 

smiolic aj wrought. Cp 847 ~e (fabrile). 

wi8 prp against, towards. DA 14 
-. 20 -ungetionu ~) olofum. Bd* 
38 -(contra). VP 3/2 -me (adver- 
sum). 12/5 -him (adversus). 14/3 
-««m (§). 22/5 -him (§) etc. 108/ 
15 -dryhtne (contra). Ct 20/i2 -. 
23/14, 5 uuiS. 28/20, 1 ; 41/26 ; 
44/7; 48/6. 

wi&ftan-tto. wiBufan. 

wiS-. standan, §end. sprecende. 
cwedenis. uuitsetnis. curun. laedan, 
§ni8. cSosan. sOc. 

wiSer-. uuidirhlinian, wiSerbroca, 

Uuithig-ford Ct. 

fittere ra wing. Mt 8 fiCra gpl. VP 
17/ii; 54/7; 103/3 fi«ru (pinnas). 

138/9 § min (§)• 6 ?/i4 § (§••)• H y 
7/21 § (alas). 90/4 § um - 16 /8; 
35/8; 56/2; 6O/5; 62/8 §a (alarum). 

geflSred aj winged. VP 77/ 
27 ; 148/io -e (pinnata pi ; pennatae 
trip sm peace. Ct 42/7 to fritfe. 

Frioubald LV. Frffiuberot LV; 
frioCoberht Gn ; freo«u§ Ct. Frictto- 
geard, freo$o§ Ct. FriBugeorn LV. 
Frioffugils, fri«u§ LV. Frfflhelm, 
frith§ LV. Fri»hild LV. Frffiu- 
mund, friodo§ LV: freooo§ Ct. 
Freottorne Ct. Freofcorfid Ct. 
FriUurio LV; fre«o§ Ct. Fridu- 
uald LK ; frLSuuald, frioftuuald LV; 




frioftowald Gn. Frttfauini, fritfuini, 
frioSuuini, frioduuini LV. Frlofl- 
uulf, friSuulf, friufluulf LV; frioSulf 
Go. Friottulnng Gn. 

<£Sbel-frip sm BH 8, 36, 8 aedil- 
frid— ae«il§ I. 38 aedilfridi— ae«§ 
I. 50 aedilfrid— ae«ilfri« I. 53 eedil- 
frid — aeflilfrffi I — aedilfrid. LK 
4 aedilfrid. LV 401 eflilfrith. Gn 
29 aeBilferff. 79 e*ilfri«. Ct 6/6 aedU- 
fridi 17/6 aeflelfriff. 

^Epel-friping sm son of JEpel- 
frip. Gn 79 eftilfrifting. 

Beadu-frip sm LV 188; 269; 
846, 76 ; 403, 5, 24 badufritb. 97 
beaduj. 92 beo§. 

Bed-frip sm LV 203 beetfiiS. 

Beorht-frip sm BH 880 beret- 
frid. LV 162, 8 ; 231, 5, 87 ; 305, 
39, 45, 55, 95; 432 berctfrith. 321, 
4 ; 458 §fer$. 

Beorn-frip sm LV 85, 182, 91 ; 
254, 8 ; 347 ; 407 -th. 68 -ff. Ct 
40/12-*. 26/13 -fef5. 86/9(biorn)- 
fer(«). 81/6 biarnfretf. 

Bil-frib sm LV 54 ; 202, 52, 61, 
6 ; 345 -th. 

B6t-£riJ> sm LV 436 -th. 

Burg trip sm LV 119, 20 -8. 
267 ; 353 -th. 

Ceol-frib sm BH 331 ~d. 291 
-do d. LV 58 -$. 94 ; 187 ; 343 
-th. 302..1frith. 

C&n-frip sm Gt 33/9 eoenfertt. 

Cfip-frtp sm LV 69 ; 176 ; 350, 68 
outhfrith. 112 §«. Gn 39 cuflfrio*. 
Ct II/4 cuutfert. 

Cyne-frip sm BH 295 cyni- 
frid. LV 119 cynifriff. 135, 59, 60, 
74 ; 223, 54. 8, 78, 84, 8 ; 336, 77 ; 
414 §th. 321; 435, 47, 73, 7, 80 
§fer«. Ot 47/3 ; 48/io -ferB. 22/ 
11; 23/i 2 §i. 

Daeg-frlp sm LV 107 daegfriff. 
264 §th. 

Dene-frip sm Gn 24 -8. Ot 
15/5 J W$ -fer«i. 

Ddm-frib sm LV 256 -th. 

Dycg-frib sm LV 101, 24 -th. 

£ad-frip sm BH 92 -d — eod- 
frid n. 116 -d. LV 59, 83; 
107, 32, 79, 87, 9, 94 ; 206, 56, 68, 
78; 898; 425 eatfrfth. 220; 440 

eatfertf. Gn 65 $. Ct 50/5 -&*& 
55/9 ; 66/6 eat§. 

Eald-frib sm BH 383 aldfridi lg. 
LK 5 aidfrid. LV 8 ; 83 altfrith. 
Gn 107 aidfrid. 

Ealh frip sm Bn 1/3 aft alc- 
frijw. BH 161 alebfrido — alb§ 1, 
11. 180 alchfrido — alh§ 1. 196 
alc[b1§. 209 alebfridi lg. 209 alebfrid. 
362 §i. L V 2 alchfrith. LNaoalch- 

fian-frib sm BH 130 -d. 277 
-di lg. LV 91, 9; 126, 83; 236, 
62, 94 ; 311, 63, 77, 85 ; 429 -th. 
435 -ferff. Gn 29 ; 107 §. Ot 17/5 
-8. 5/6 enfridi lg. 

fian-friping sm son of Eanfri)). 
Gn 107 -ferfling. 

Ecg-frip sm Bn 1/7 ecpfripu 
[cast ?]. BH 219 -do Id — - ecfrido 1. 
233 -dum — ec§ I. 234-dity — ec§ 
I. 270-difa— e#$ — ec[g]§. LK 
5 -d. 8 ~di lg. LV 2 ; 221 -th. 
Gn 65 -do Id. 79; 100 -«. Ot 
13/5; W3; 16/3 J 30/h; 44/4; 
50/5 -fe^- 

GSr-frib sm LV 478 gerfero*. 

G&r-frib sm LV 119 -8. 222 

Gup-frip sm BH 332 gudfrid 
— gut[h]§ — gy*§. LV 101 guth- 

Heah-frip sm Ct 83/2 1 ; 51/ n ; 
59/7 ~ fer $- 49 / n haeh$. 

Heapu-frip sm LV 139 heatfu- 
frith. 240hea«frith. 876 haSuferth. 
437 hea«u§. 

Here-frip sm LV 52 -d. 59; 
160, 76 ; 202 ; 897 ; 414 -th. 456 
-fer8. Gn22fore/W8. Ot 31/8, 10; 
38/20 -fre8. 

. . efretfingdenn Ct. herefre'olng- 
lond (hg§) Ct. 

Hilde-fttb«mLV197; 215hildi- 

HISo-fWp sm LV 409 -th. 

Hrdp-fHp sm LV 81 hrofifrith. 

Hun-frip sm LV 138; 369 -th. 
154-8. 469-ferd. Gn 21 -8. Ot 
28/i8 ; 30/i8 -freS. 86/13 ; 68/19 
-ferfl. 88/15 -fri8. 

Hyge-frip sm LV 156; 235, 
55, 7; 484 hygfrith. 812; 442, 64 

FRI)> — BlJ>. 


Hygeretfing-tnn Ct. 

In-£rib tm LV 252 -th. 

Land-ftib sm LV 101 ; 255 lond- 
frith. 130 §*5. 

Leo-frith tm LV. 227 -. 

LSod-frib am LV 172 liutfrith. 
414, 20 liod§. 

MSg-ftib sm LV 268 meifrith. 

Megen-frib sm LV 13 ~th. 

Nob-fttbing sm son of Nsjjfrib. 
Ot 25/3 «i &*<* <p*t dicitur noSfreC- 

Os-frib m BH 92 ; 115 ~d. 96, 
119 ~di Ig. LV 12 ~th. Ot 4/4 
~di Ig. 

B£d-frib «m BH 287 raedfridum 
— $-§ — $. 

8S-frib «m Ct 8O/1 7 ; 31/7 ; 88/ 
17 Befrefl. 45/59 b®!' 

Sele-frib m SG 23 ~fer$. 

Sele fribing sm son of Selefrib. 
SG 22 -ferffing. 

Sige-frib sm LV 234 sigfrith. 
452 sigferfl. SG 23 sigeferff. Ot 
8O/17 ; 31/8 ; 38/i8, 8 ~fre«. 8I/9 
-fred. 40/14 sifreC. 45/57 sigfretf. 

Sige-fribing sm son of Sigefrib. 
SG 22 -ferCing. 

Tat-frib m BH 308 ~d * x. 

LV 216 ; 338, 46 ; 432 ~th. 

Tid-fWb rnBn 6 ~fir>. LV 
123; 350, 79 titfrith. 330~ferff. 463 
~ferd. Gn 30, 63 ~fer&. Ot 19/5 j 
83/i 6 -tf. 46/5 -Sus. 49/8 ~$i la. 
I2/4 ; 34/6 ~fer&. 

Til-frib sm LV 4 ; 58 ; 86 ; 221, 
54,90; 362,90; 433 ~th. 122, 2 ~«. 
440 -fertf. 

Torht-frib sm LV 252 torcht- 
frith. 387 torct§. 

TQn-frib sm LV 206, 16 ~th. 

bing-ftib sm LV 106 Singfrith. 
Gn 100 'bincfri'S. Ot 88/9 tfingc- 

ping-friping sm son of bingfrib. 
Gn 100 6incfri[*i]ing. 

W*r-frib sm Ot 32/3 twer[f]e8es. 
38/ 1 1 werferS. 

Weald-frib sm LV 211 ualdfrith. 

Wern-fHb sm LV 9 uernfrith. 
365 ueren§. 

Wig-frib sm LV 81 ; 280 ; 800, 
65, 90 uigfrith. 102; 202, 5 uic§. 
459 uigferff. Ct 88/4 wigferfl. 

Wiht-frib sm LV 205, 72 ; 348 

127 uilfrid. 

LV66; 111, 

9; 336, 50, 78 

70; 465 §ferff. 

uuHfridue. 46 

55 uilfrido Id. 

Ot 1/6 uuil- 
willfredi. 58/ 

Wil Mb sm 
160 §0 Id. 209 §um. 
65, 98 ; 242, 51, 98, 
uilfrith. 375 §fri«. 
Gn 36 -fridum. 37 
uuilfriS. 54 uil§. 
57 .ilfiiS. 60 uil§. 
fridus. 9/5 §. 17/4 
16 willferfc. 

Wine-frib sm LV 361 uinifiith. 

Wulf-ftib sm Ct 32/6 uulflfrefc. 

"Wyn-ftib sm BH 208 uynfri- 
dura. 228 §0 Id — uin§ — uyn$. 
246 uy nfridum — uym § . 250 uy nfrid 
— uuin§. 255 uynfrid — uym§. LV 
261, 95 ; 350 uynfrith. Gn 34 ~«. 
niber av down. 

niberra aj ep lower. VP 62/io ; 
85/13; 87/7 niooerran (inferiora, §i; 
§i). 138/15 §um (§ibus). 

nflterlioq/low. Bd 3 18 nitfirlices 
(ex infima). VH 12/6 ffa -an (ima). 

^ ntterian wv condemn. VP93/ai 
-iaS (condeinnabunt). 

genitterian wv condemn. VF 36/ 
33 genideraS (damnabit). IO8/7 -*d 

owiba sm womb. Ep 661 quitfa (ma- 
trix) ; Cp §. 

cwibeb prs says. VP 11/6; 66/4; 
109/1 etc cwitf (dicit; §at; dixit). 
57/12 fcweff (dicefc). 

biV vb is. Op 1555 ~slaegen (percelli- 
tur). Mt 89 ~. VP 9/17; I8/3; 
38/6 etc -(est). 83/io wonu- (deeet). 
9/19; 82/16, 17 etc ~(erit). 22/i 
wonu~ (deerit). 77/38; 102/3 -(fit). 
9/33 ~inaeled (incenditur), 24, 5 -he- 
red, -bledsad (laudatur, benedicitur) 
etc. 6O/3 §generwed (anxiaretur). 
14/5 ne bit? he onstyred (non com- 
movebitur) ; 20/a ; 32/ai ~geblissad 
(laetabitur) etc. 14/4 ~gelaeded (de- 
ductus est). 48/17 etc geworden- 
(facto* fuerit) . 61/6 onderSioded bid 


BlJ? — BLISS. 

(eubdita writ)'. 34/28 -smegende 
(meditabitur). 102/1 3 mildsiende ~ 
(misertus est). 32/i6 fbi geheted 
(salvabitur). Ct 41/39, 40, 60 ~. 

biat vb art. LP 10 bistu. VP 
9/35 ; 17/26 ; 30/4 etc -(ens). 17/ 
27, 7 upahefen o*u ~, Vu - forcerred. 
(electus eris, subverteris). 86/3 ~foe- 
ded (pasceris). 64/9 ~gelustfullad 
(delectaveris). 138/8 'Su ~et (ades). 
Hy 9/i2 ~geced (vocaveris). 17/26 
#u bis (eris). 

cyne-wippe sf diadem. Ep 877 cyni- 

uuithan (ridimiculae). Ef §; Cp 

sippan av, cj since. VP 75/8 nu seoCan 

(ex tunc). Ot 88/4; 39/7 siflSan. 

41/6, 23 sioftoan. 

is vb is. Op 1398 ne huru is (numquid). 
1532 a&roten is (perpessum est) . En 
7 -. DA 2 ~. Mt 13 ~. VP 3/9; 
5/io, 1 etc -(est). 37/4; 141/5 ne 
is (non§; nec§). 4/7; 6/4 etc ge- 
tacnad is; gedroefed is (signatum§ ; 
turbata§). 9/32 etc ofergeotul is 
(oblitus§). H/3; 29/n etc spreo- 
cende§ ; mildsiende§ (locutus§ ; mi- 
sertus^. Ot 29/17; 3 7/45 ; 38/i ; 
39/n ; 4I/4, 8, 59, 66; 42/i, 4, 18, 
20; 45/4, 5 ; 47/12 ~. 41/i Is. 

nis vb is not. VP 3/3; 5/io; 
6/6 etc ~. 14/3 ~(non egit). Ct 
38/u ~. 

his his. Bn 2/17 h(is). OH 2 ~. 
BDS 3, 4 ~. Bd 2 ~. LP 1, 12 ~. 
GA9, 15~. Mt24ete~. SG 2, 7 
etc ~. VP 2/5, 5, 6 ; 17/51 etc ~(suS, 
buo, ejus ; ipsius). 13/ 1 in ~heortan 
(in corde) . Hy l/i o ~agnum (ipsius) . 
Ot 28/19; 34/8 etc; 88/3 etc; 39/7 
etc; 40/22; 41/5 etc; 44/6 efc; 45/2 
etc; 48/4 dc ~. 

a-ris- prt arose. VP 26/i 2 ; 53/5 J 
85/14 areosun (insurrexerunt) . 19/9 
aresun (resurreximus). 

hrislan wv shake. Ep 434 risaendi 
(fibrans) ; Ef fripendi ; Cp risende. 
VP 21/8 ; IO8/25 ~edon (moverunt). 

hrisel 8 shuttle. Ep 851 ~il (ra- 
dium) ; Ef, Cp hrisl. Cp 713 hrisle 
(ebredio). Bd 7 ~il. 

lisit pry gathers. Cp 1200 -(legit, 

Vis prn this. Bn 1/2 ; 7/i ~. DA 

13, 4, 5 ~. VP 7/4 J 28/6 ; 26/3 
etc ~(istud; haec; hoc). Ct 28/14, 
6; 24/8; 27/7; 28/i8, 25; 87/i6; 
38/i ; 39/i, 11, 3; 40/9, 9 ac * 41 / 
47 etc; 45/41; 47/12 ~. 30/20; 
34/17; 37/45; 38/15 Jrfs. 41/65; 
42/23, 4, 4, 5 Visa. 

Visum d. sg and pi. VP 7/8 ; 9/ 
16; 15/9 etc ft