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Full text of "Old miscellaneous records of Dutchess County (the third book of the supervisors and assessors)"

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3 1833 01147 8010 




(The Third Book of the Supervisors and Assessors) 




19 11 


Accounts copied from Lib: C. 

of Supervisors 

now in 

County Clerk's Office 


N. Y. 


Page 21 

Dutchess County Dr 
Anoq Domini 1 729 30 January the Eight Day in third year of his 
Majestys Reaign George the Second of Great Brittain France and 
France and Ireland King defender of the Faith &c 
Att A Meeting of Supervizors at Pocghkeepsink or the greater 
number of them have Caused the assessors in the same manner and 
at the same time as they raise and Levy the Tax for the annual 
contingent public and Necessary Charges of our respective County 
to rate all the Real and Personall Estates of all and every the 
Freeholders Inhabitants and Residents within the County of Dut- 
chess to pay the Debts and Arrearages of our said County of Dut- 
chess We have preceded and allowed to the Persons hereafter Nam- 
ed as Followeth viz 

Persuant an Act of General Assembly for Raising and Levying the 
Sum of Seven Hundred and Thirty Pounds for the uses there in 
mentioned for borrowing part thereof and for appointing an Agent 
at the Court of Great Brittain said ; act seting forth that Dutchess 
County pay the Sum of fifteen Pounds and to be Raised by the re- 
spective Supervisors of each County or by the greater number of 
them L 15. 

To the Treasurer of New York his Sallery of said 
fifteen pound is at Sixpence in ye pound To be Sent to 
New York out of the first mony the Collectors pay to 
the County Treasurer Lowerence Van Kleeck : Seven 
Shillings and Six pence to be by him Transmited With 
the fifteen pound to the Treasurer of this Collony 
togeather with ye Sum allowed him 7.6. 

To Mr Johannes Van Kleeck Esqr to Serve in Generall 
assembly Twenty Six days allowed Six Shillings pr 
Day as pr Sertificate datNew York Die Vener 1 1 July 1729 7 . 16 . 
To Van Kleecks Traveling up & Down allowed four Days 
at Six Shillings pr Day 1 . 4 . 

To Harmon Reynders for one Years Sarvice to Sarve as 
Steboo in Tending ye Justices & assessors & Supervizors 
and Clark is allowed bv ve Supervisers Two pond Teen 
Shiling 2.10. 

To Henry Yanderburg Esqr Clark of of Dutchess County 
for one Years Sallery which was Expyred October Last 
past five pound Teen Shillings Allowed him 5.10. 

To Henry Yanderburg Esqr For Drawing and puting up 
advertizements for Selling the Excise of Strong 
Licquors by publick Vandue & for Recognisance for 
ye Same 15. 

1729 To Christian Du Bois for Seven Woulves Destroyed 
in Dutchess County 10s pr Woulf 3.10. 

Agust ye 10 To Peter Van Kleeck Esqr for a Woulfs head 

paid to an Indian Named Nannequeen 10s 10 . 

To Peter Van Kleeck Esqr for a Woulfs head paid to 

Nackerin an Indian 10s 10. 

November ve 28 To Abraham de Graffe for a Woulfs Head 10 . 

Dito To Eff raim Schutt for a Woulfs head 1 . 

December To Martyn witeman & Arrye Oosterhout for a 
Woulf Shott or gott between them 10 . 

To Francis Hegeman for some people gone out of the 
County and sd people not paying there Tax to him as 
Collector allowed him Four & Eight pence 4.8. 

To Jacobus Van den bogart for furnishing & finding 
house Roume for the Grand Jury at Severall Courts 
allowed Twelue Shillings to him for ye Same 12 . 

Page 21 

January the S & 9 

To Lowerence Van Kleeck for Victualling the 

assessors and Supervizors and Syder & Rum & Shuger 

Furnished allowed the Sum of one Pound Twelue 

Shillings & three pence L 1.12. 

To Mathewis Sleght Junr for a Woulf s head 1 . 

To Colloll Henry Beeckman Esqr to Sarve in 

Generall assembly Sixty one days as pr Sertificate 

dated New York die Sabbati 12 July 1729 upon his 

Requst to have Twenty six days Deducted out of the 

aforesaid Sixty one days as per Sertificate For 

which Twenty Six days so deducted Johannes Van 

Kleeck Esqr one of the Representatives gives his 

Recept to Discharge said County of Dutchess from 

the Demand of said Twenty Six days ; There Remains 

Still to pay to Colin Beeckman Thirty five Days 

at Six Shillings pr Day Comes to Teen pound Teen 10.10. 

To Redolphus Swartwout Esqr Sheriff for Licquors 

bought for Proclaiming his Royal Majesty King 

George the Second allowed Seven Shillin & Six d 7 . 

age 22 Brought over from the other side the Sum of L52 .18.11. 
To Henry Vanderburgh Esqr for the Ordinence of 
Court for holding of a Court of Generall Sessions 
of the peace & a Court of Common Pleas allowed 
Twenty four Shilling To be by him Transmitted to 
the Secretarys Office 1 . 4 . 

To Lowerence Van Van Kleck for Victuals & Drinck 
furnised to the Supervizors upon there Second 
Meetting allowed five Shillings 5 . 

L54. 7.11. 
The Ballence and amount of this account is fifty four Pounds 
Seven Shillings & Eleven pence and is allowed by vs vnder 
Subcribed Supervizors 

Hendrickus Heermans ) 

Isaak Tietsoort >■ Supervizors 

Jacob D Peyster ) 

age 24 

Dutchess County Dr 
Annoq Domini 1730/1 February the Second Day In the fourth Year 
of his Majestys Reaigne George the Second of Great Brittain 
France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c Att A Meeting of 
Supervizors at Pocghkeepsingk or the greater Number of them; 
have Caused the assessrs as in the same manner and at the same 
time as they raise and Levey the Tax for the Annuall contingent 
Publick and Necessary Charge of our respective County to Rate all 
the Real and Personall Estates of all and Every the Freeholders 
Inhabitants and Residents within the County of Dutchess In 
order to pay the Debts and Arrearges of our said County of 
Dutchess We have preceded and aSowed to the Persons hereafter 

To Tryntie Van Cleeck for a Woulf es head paid to 
an Indian Nanniquit L 10. 

Dito paid to an Indian Nakarint Tow Wolfes heads 1 . 

Jacob Schouten one Woulf Dito 10 . 

Simon Schouten one Woulf Dito 1 . 

Jacobus Van Etten for a Constapell Staff e 
allowed 6 Shill 6. 

Hendrick Coolls Tax of Last Year being out of ye 
County to be allowed to ye Collector 1. 4.^ 

To Isaac Tietsoort for Iron Work Done to ye prison 
& ye Stocks <j t 

To Abraahm Freer for Making a new Stocks & Iron 
Work in ye Nor t h Ward 1 5 . 

Page 24 
To Rodolphus Swartwout Esqr Sherrif for Victualling 
Joseph Bullock Thee Weeks and in Goal and sd Bullock 
Broke Gooal and made his Escape L 1.10. 

To the Sherrif Swartwout for a Lock and menden of the 
Wall of the Prison allowed 8 . 

To Henry Vanderburgh Esqr for one Years Salary to 
Keep Record of all ye Publick affairs of the County of 
Dut chess & pen & Inck &c 5.10. 

To Henry Vanderburgh for Recognizance & advirtiz- 
ments for ye Selling ye Excise 1 5 . 

To Coll Henry Beekman for Serving in ye General 
Assembly for Dutchess County Sixty Six Days ; Sundays 
included as pr his Sertivicate Dated New York Die 
Jovis29Octbrl730at6spr Day 19.16. 

age 25. Brought from the other Side the Sum of L31.18. 4. 

To Rachel Van der Bogart for Dyet Provided for the 
assessors and Supervizors & Clark allow 'd 9s 9 . 

To an Accoumpt of ye Coroner William Scott for ye 
Vieuw of a Dead body & paying the Jurors and all other 
Charges thereunto belonging as by Desire of Court 
allowed Three Pounds 3 . 

To Leonard Lewis for Drinck for ye Assessors & 
Supervizors allowed 15. 6. 

L36. 2.10.H 

This Accoumpt above mentioned is Allowed by Vss Supervizors 
The amount Thereof is Thirty Six pound Tow Shillings and Tenn- 
pence halfpenny Signed by Uss Supervizors 

Isack Tietsoort ) 

Hendrikis Heermans j- Supervizors 
Jacb D Peyster ) 

Page 38 

Dutchess County Dr 
March the Twenty Eight Annoq Domini One Thousand Seven 
hundred and Thirty Two ; In the Fifth Year of his Majestys 
Reaigne George the Second of Great Brittain France and Ireland 
King Defender of the Faith &c. Att a Meetting of Supervizors att 
Pocghkeepsing have Caused the assessors in the Same manner and 
at the same time as thay raise and Levey the Tax for the Anuall 
contingent Publick and Necessary Charge of our respective County 
to Rate all the Real and Personal! Estates of all and Every the 
Freeholders Inhabitants and Residents within the County of Dutche 
We have preceded and allowed to the Persons hereafter Named vz 
To Johannes Van Kleeck Esqr for Serving the County at 
the Generall Assembly Twenty five Days and for his 
Goeing Down & Up all att Six Shillings pr Day his goeing 
Doun and up four Days allowed LS.14 

To Coll Henry Beekman thirty Seven days as pr Certificate 
and as pr his Letter deducting the twenty five days 
Sarvice of Johannes Van Kleeck Sqr out of his Certificate 
as pr agreement his Days Remaining Twelve at 6s pr Day 3.12. 
To Martynus Hoffman one Woulf head 10 . 

To Johannes Reynders one Woulf head 1 . 

To Arie Du Lange one Woulf head 10 . 

To Nicolas Luyks one Woulf head 1 . 

To William Squire for Three Orders to ye Constables & 
makeing a List of the People & to make a Return of the 
Same with a Letter to his Exceelency and papor furnished 
With postage for Letters for ye Whole 1.6.6 

To Henry Vanderburgh Esqr: his Years Salery Expyred 
October Last past To Keep Record of all the Publick 
affairs of ye County With 4s & 6d postage 5.14.6. 

Page 38 

To Francis filkins for Disbursing Twenty Shillings to 

Samuel Taylor sinr By order of ye Justices for his 

Intertaining a Traveller in ye small pox L 1 . 

To John Eggerton out of Charity for providing a Cow 

have allowed him for Suport for this Year for a Cow & 

Such other goods as he shall have ocasion have 

allowed five pounds 5 . 

To Harmon Reynders for a Years Sarvice to attend the 

Justices & Supervizors and assessors & Clark is allowed 

for all Publick Sarvice Three pounds 3 . 

To Roulooff Kip Esqr : for Disbursment for a Lock for 

ye North Wards Stocks 3 . 

To the Wife of Samuel Taylor Junr and hir Chillderen 

for a Charitable Suply to mentain them In distemper 

Called the Small Pox allowed 5s 2.10. 

To Jacobus Vanden bogart for Entertainement of ye 

assessors & Supervizors 1.10. 

To Peter Van Kleeck Esqr for a Gallon of Rum 6s 6 . 

Dito ye Next Day by order of the Supervizors he was 

allowed for a Woulf head paid to an Indian Named 

Amekoonet 10s 10. 

To the Hears of the Widdow Trynty Van Kleeck Deceased 

for Three Woulf heads paid to Indians Two to Nockkerin 

& one to nennquin 1.10. 

L36.16. 0. 

The Ballance and amount of this accoumpt is Thirty Six pounds 
Sixteen Shillings and is allowed by Us Under Subscripers & 

Jacob D Peyster | 

Hendrikes Heermans >■ Supervizors 

Isack Tietsoort ) 

'age 51 Duthess County Dr 

March the Sevent ann q Domi one thousen Seven hundred and 
thirty tree : Att a Meetting of the Supperrevisors of the afore said 
County of Duthese We have proceeded and allowed the persons hier 
after Named 

To the South Board of our County of Duthess for a 
Stoakx 14. 

To Jacob titsort for What hee Came to Short upon the 
laest of the Jear paest . and f or one Woulf s had 11. 2 . 

To Lowerence Van Kleck What Hie Came to Short L 1.15. 
To Haermanis Rienderse for one Jear Serviest of Bieing 
Cryier 3. 

To Symon pels for one Wolfs had 10. 

To pieter palmmontier for a Shirt for Berying of Henery 
Het 10. 

to William Sqr for a lock for the presen 3. 6, 

To Jacobus ter Bos for a Kieping a Reckord of all the 
Countys afaers Beloning to the Supperrevysors the Som 
of 5. 

To Eliesabet Lewes for one gallad of rom : 4. 6d 4.6. 

To Hendrick pels for Intertaining the SupperRevisor 
and assessors one pond thirtien Shil : 1 1.13.10. 

To the tresurier and Collecters the Sume IS . 

L15. 0. 0. 
The Ballance of this accound is fieftien pound and is allowed By 
ous Subschrybed Supperreviso 

Page 65. Memmorandem that on the Sext Day of febrewary anno q 
Domini 1733/4 than the Supperrevisors of our County of Duthese 
Did Ballands Accond with Lowerence Van Kleck triesurier of the 
afore Said County and find the triesurier In debted A lefven pound: 
tein Shilling and Nien pens Whereof there Remens In the hands of 
Isaeec Kip the Sum of Seven pounds and a leafven pence: and tree 
pounds : Eigh Shillings and Eigh pens Which Remains In the hands 
of franck hagemans South Chollecter as Wiettenes our hands 
Lowerens Van Cleec 

Barent van Benthuise 

James hussey 

Frans filkin 

Page 6S 
Duthes County D. feebrewary the Sevent Anno one thuisend Seven 
hundred and thirty tree and four Att A Mieting of the 
Supperrevysors of the aforesaid County of Duthes Wie have 
proceded and allowed to the persons hiere after nemed 
To Masor Barent Van Kleek : one wholfs had at 10s L 10 . 
To Jacobus ter Bos tow wholfs hads att 10s per had 1 . 

To Mr francis hiking four wholfs hads at 10s pr had 2 . 

To Mr Henry hiking Seven wholfs hads at : 10s pr had 3.10. 
To Mr Hendrick pels : tree wholfs hads 10s pr had 1.10. 

To thoinas Davenport one wholf had 10s pr had 10 . 

To Isaac Kip two Wholfs hads 10s pr had 1 . 

To Mr Johannis Van Klcek for a Certificat for Serving 
in the Assembly thirtien Days which was Dated the 
forst of November 1733 and four Days for gooing to 
Jork and Koming hoom 5 . 2 . 

To Col Henry Beckman for a Certificat of the Jear 
1732 of Sixty Seven Days for Attening the Assembly 
whereof Sondays Deducked Remens fief ty Seven Days : 
at Sex Shillings per Day: to and other Certificat of 
18 Davs 13 Days Deducked out per agreement Reemens 
5 Days IS. 12. 

To Harmon Rienderse for a Jear San-is for attening 
the Justices and Supperrevisors for all allowed 
tree pounds 3 . 

To Jacobus Ter Bos to kip a Reckord of all the 
publick offors of the County allowed 5 . 

To Jacobus Van Den bogert for Intertainment for 
Supperrevisors and assessors 
To Henry filkings for rom at 
To Henry filkings one wholfs had S10 pr had 
To Henry Vanderburgh for Selling the Exsys 
To the tresurier And Collectors there fies 

L 47. 4. 8. 
The Ballance of this Accound is fourty Seven pounds four Shil Lings 
and eighpence and is allowed B Uss onder Subcribed Subpervisor 
Barent Van Benthuisen ) 
James Hussey > Supervisor 

francis filkings ) 


. 4. 









Page 90 

Duthes County Debit 
Jannawary thirty one one thousand Seven hundred And thirhty 
four and five Att a mieting of the Supperrevisors of the aforesaid 
County of Duthes the have proseed and allowed to the persons hier 
After Neemed To Mathewes De Booys to one Woulfs had paid to 
Counham the Indian L 10. 

To Jurry Schouten one Woulfs had 1 . 

To Mr Jacobus Depiester one wholf s had paid to the 
Indian Called Cochanis 1 . 

To Isack Kip thriee Wholf s hads allowed 1.10. 

To Nicolas Lonek one Wholf s had allowed 1 . 

To Myndert Van Den Boogert one Wholf s had 10. 

To Johannis Van Kleek Esqr to two Cartyfycats for 
attending or Serving the County at the General assembly 
Nientv Nien Davs and for Gooing op and Down to New 
York four Days at Six Shillings per Day 30 . 18 . 

To Harmon riendersee for attending the Justises and 
Supperrevisors for one Jear allowed 2.10. 

To Jacobus Ter Bos for attiending the SupperRevysors 
and assessors and Kieping a rickord 5 . 

To francis fielking Esqr and Jacobus Ter Bos for pout op 
advertysement and Selling the Exsies for Strang 
Licquors for this County 15. 

To thomas Evens for riepearing the County houis - 6. 

To Nattaeniell Deymon for three Wholfs hads at 
10 shilling pr had 1 . 10 

The above accond is allowed By Use Suppervisors as Wittenis 
our hands the Day and Jear afore Said the Sallery for the 
tresurier and Collectors to Bie paid out the Mony In Stock 
James hussey ) 

Hendrickus Heermas > Subpervisor 
frances filking j 

Page 107 

Duthes County Dr 
feeberewary the Eightient Day In the Jear one thousand Seven 
Hundred and thirty five and six Att a mieting of the Supperrevys 
of frances fielkin Henderrickus herremans Jeams Hussey Bieing 
Subpperrevysors for the afore Said County and have allowed to the 
persons hier after nemed that is to Say 

To Art Masten for one Wholf haad allowed for per act L 10 . 
To Hans Koenraet for one Wholf had Allowed for per act 10 . 

To Jaco Ter Bos for attening the Subperrevysors and 
assessors and Draing op all the Liest of the Wholly 
County and Kieping A Reckord of the Seame and all 
other publick offears ass By order of Said Subpervysors 
Shall h>ie found nessessary alowed 5 . 

And the Jusstices as Cryier allowed for this Jear 2.10. 

To Ned Deymon for one Wholfs had allowed for per act 10 . 

To his Maystys attorny for Serving his mayesstys 
the King att our Court of ooyier and tearminner and 
att thrill of Jeams Cain allowed opon his Bill of Cost 10 . 

To Yanderlien in Kingston for four Constabpels Stafs 
att Sex Shillings per Staaf allowed 1 . 4 . 

To Lewis Marres Junier Clarck of the Court of ooyier 
And tarmyner for his Servis att the triell of Jeames 
Cain allowed opon his Biell of Cost the Sum of 8.14.6. 

To a Bill of Coost of Henry Van Der Burgh for the 
triell of quackoo the Neegerros allowed for the Sum 1.11.9. 

To Johannis tapper for What hie Cairn to Short opon 
his Liest of Collecting the Rents allowed for 1 . G . 

To frances hieman his Sallary for Bieing Collector 
allowed 7.6. 

To Johannis Cerson for Bringing a pressoner to Gool 14 . 

and his Assestans to Chonvy Said presonner to Gool 9 . 

To the Wedew of John Degraaf for rom and matiekling 12 . 

To frances filkin Esqr for advertiesment and Selling 
the Exsys and taking Recoknance for the Same allowed 15 . 

To Jacob Low for and Iron Chain for to Suckuir the 
presonner allowed for per his accound 1.19. 

To frances filkin Esqr for Deyed for the prisonner 
or Niegeros and his Niegeros for Wippeing Said 
Niegeros allowed for 12. 

Page 108 

To frances filkin for Dyed for the Subperrevysors 

and assessors allowed 1. 3. 

To the tresurier and Collectors allowed there 

Sallary the of 2. 6.3. 

L 39.10.6. 

the above accound is allowed By the Subperrevysors In Wittenes 
the have Sett there hands 

Frances filkin ) 

Hendrickus Heermans j- Subper 

James Hussey ) vysors 

Page 127 

Duthes County: Debit: feberrewary the 16 anno 1736/7 Att a 
Metting of Supervisors : Hendrickus herremans franees filkin and 
Cornelyus Van wick Supervisors for the afore Said County for this 
preSent Year and wie have Computed and allowed all Such Nessess 
ary Charge as wee found our County Chargeable with which Sums 
will be Set Under Ned and to what persons that is to say to 
To Johannis Van Kleek for a Cartyfecat for attending in 
Generall assembly for our Count}' of Duthes the ful term 
of twinty Eight days Wie have taken four Days for Son- 
days and allowed five Days for traveling at 6s pr Day L 8.14. 
To Henry Beekman for a Cartyfcaet for Serveing in 
Generall assembely allowed one Day 6 . 

To Mathewes Deb'oys for Sending away a Women Called 
margrit King and for hording of her allowed for 6 
Shilling and Sexpenc 6.6. 

To Dinnis mackheel Constable for Carrying a way margret 
King allowed f or 1 Os 10. 

To Bartholomewis Nexon for Iron work for the Goull of 
our County allowed for 1 6s 16. 

To Augusteynis turck for Iron Work for the Stocks of the 
Miedel ward of our County 6 . 

To the medel ward of our County for a wiping post and 
Stocks allowed for the Sume of 15. 

To Jacobus Swartwout for a wolfs had 6 . 

To arey Roosaa one wolfs had allowed 1 2 . 

To Seymon fleegelar one Wolfs had allowed 1 2 . 

To Gusbirt westf all one wolfs had allowed 1 2 . 

To Isack Kip one wolfs had allowed for 6 . 

To Nicolas Luiks one Wolfs had allowed 1 2 . 

To John thomas one Wolfs had allowed 1 2 . 

To Isack Nemes one Wholfs had allowed 12 . 

To Barent Beshoren Constable of the North Ward for 
Bringing Schevers Neigero to preSon and his assesstens 
allowed for 1 . 

Page 128 To Jacobus Ter Bos for Kieping a Rickord of 
all publick affairs and maeking the liests for the 
assessors and adtening of them alou 4 . 

To William Low opon his Borders accond 

timety Low for four ponds of Neels at 1 s 3.9. 

To harmon Riendersee for attending ass Cryier to the 
Supervisors and Justices alowed 2 . 

To pieter van Der lien for penting of one Constable 
Saff allowed for q 

To Barrent lewes Colector for what he Cairn to Short 
opon his Liest of Year 2.9. 

To Jacobus Ter Bos and franees filkin for Selling the 
Exsies for our County of Duthes 15. 

To Hendrick pels for Intertaining the assessors and 
Supervisors and for Licquir allowed 2.12. 

To the Tresurier and Cllectors there Sallarys allowed 
for the Sume of 1.16.3. 

To John Brinckerhooff Constable of the South ward for 
Bringing a Vagerant throght the highlands to the 
Constable 15 

and his assesstans allowed for the Sum 7 

The above accond amounts to the Sum L 29 1; 

Hendrickis Heremans ) 

Fras ffilkin y Supervi 

Cornelyus Van Wick ) 

Page 147 

Anno one thousand Seven hundred and thirty Seven and Than wie 

Superveysors Hendricus herremans franeis filkin and Cornelyus Van 

wick have found our County of Duthes Lawfull Indebted to the 

persons here Under nemed that is to Say 

To Col Henry Beekman for a Certificat for Serving in 

General assembly for Duthes County the full term of one 

hundred and four Days Att Six Shillings per Day L31. 4. 

To Jacobus Ter Bos for a Certificat for Serving in 

General Assembly for Duthes County the term of 

Nienty five Days Sundays included Sundays taking out 

remains Eighty tow Days att Sex Shillings per Day 24 . 12 . 

To Jacobus Ter Bos for kieping a reckord and macking 

Lists for the rest of our County and Drawing the 

warrants belonging to the Same allowed for the Some 4 . 

To the Clarck of the peace for 3 warrants for the 

Negeross tax allowed 9 . 

To Seymon fleegelaer one wolfs hadd 12 . 

To margrit Palmatier one wolfs had 12. 

To frances filkin Esqr for Six Shillings due paid to 

the post for warrants for the Lone money 6 . 

To John Gembel for repering the County houys 4 . 

To Isack Kip one wolfs had paid to and Indyan 6 . 

To Abraham Degraf Came to Short opon his tax list 

allowed for pepil moved 2 . 

To Johannis taper for three wolfs hads hee paid to 

and Indian By order of Justis Swartwout and By order 

of Johannis Van Kleek Esqr paid men wolfs hads to and 

Indian all Jong ones 6s per hads 3.12. 

To Artt masten one wolfs had 1 2 . 

To pieter f rilig one wolfs had 1 2 . 

To harmon Shen one wolfs had allowed 1 2 . 

To Cornilyus one wolfs had allowed 12 . 

To Hendrickus heeremans and frances filkin for Serving 

the County ass Supervysors att 3S per Day By a laet act 18 . 

Page 148 

To Hendrick pels for Deyed and Licquor for the 

Suppervy sors and assessors 2.16. 

To the tresurier and Collectors then pres 9.10.9. 

To Jacobus Ter Bos allowed four Days for Going and 

Coming to New Jork to attend his majeystes in the 

Generall Assemble att Sex Shilling per Day 1 . 4 . 

L78. 5.4. 
Wee Do order the tresurier to pay to the above Nemed persons 
the Soms there By mentioned 

Ass Wittenis our hands 

Hendrickus herremans 

frances filkin 

That on the 1 1 Day of feberwary that then the Supervysors of 
Duthes County meet att pochkeesie att the hous of hendrick pels 
that is to say — Hendrickus heremans frances filken and Cornelyus 
Van wick and than and there Said heremans and Said filkin Did 
offer to Said Van Wick to Act With him ass Supervisors opon Eney 
Lawfull terms Whereopon Said Van wick answered that hee would 
not act with them opon no terms In Case the wold not pay there 
perposeable part of Such Sume or Sumes of money ass the South 
Ward of our County had paid to there poer 

Page 188 

Allowances made in the year 1738/9 in feb. To ye Persons follow- 
ing To Coll : Henry Beekman for Service in ye Assembly 24 days 

& 2 Travelling days at 6s L 7.16. 

To Jacobus Ter Bos for Like Service 22 days at 6/p day 6.12. 

To Simon Flegelar for one wolves head at 12/ 12. 

To Frans Cole Do 12. 

To Johannis Rynderse Do 1 2 . 

To Jacobus Swartwoudt for 2 Welps heads 6 . 
To Johannis Tappen for one Wolves head killed by an 

Indian 6 . 

To Martinus Hoffman for one wolvse head 12 . 

To Lowrence Knickerbacker for a Constables Staff 2 . 

Tp peter Van Der Lyn for painting said Staff 6 . 

To Nicholas De Langh for one Constable Staff 2 . 

To Harmanus Rynders for one wolves head 12 . 
To Mathewis Du Bois for Eight wolves heads 3 at 6/ 

as also 10/ for Transporing a Vagabond 4 . 8 . 

To Joseph Web for Working at the Comon Goal 1 3 . 

To Bartholomew Noxon for Iron Work at Do 2. 3.7 ^ 
To Francis Filkin To Sarve the County as Clark L3 . 10 . 

& selling Excise 10/ 4 . 

To Jacobus De Peyster for Two wolves heads one at 6/ 18 . 
To Henry Livingston for County Bussiness L 1 . 1 1 .6. 

and for a Record Book L 3 . 4.11.6. 

To the five Supervizors 3 days Each 3/ p Day 2. 5. 

To William Low for 41b Nails for ye Goal 3 . 
To Abraham De Graaff What he Came Short of Tax List 

in Collecting 19. 
To Jacobus Van Den Bogart for Victualls & Drinck 

for Superviz & assessors 3.18. 

To the Collectors Sallyry at 9d p Pound 1.12. 

L44. 1.1 
There was also allowed a Record Chest for said County out 
of the Stock in Banck 

Page 211 

Allowances Made february ye 7.1739/40 to the Persons following. 

To Coll Henry Beekman for Service in Genii Assembly 

77 days at 6/ p Day L 23. 2. 

To Judge Ter Boss for like Service G5 days & S days 

for travelling at 6/ 21.18. 

To Jacobus Van Etten for one Wolf head at 6/ 6 . 

To Isaac Cole Do 6. 

To Justice Scott for a Warrent against a fellon 1.6. 

To Adam Ostrander for Carrying away said fellon 6.6. 

To William Smith for Carrying a french Man to 

Poghkeepsie 6.6. 

To John Vosburgh for Do to Rychard 5 . 

To David Richard for Do to Smiths 3 . 

To Myndert Rynders for Do to the fishkills 8 . 

To Richard Van Der Burgh for Conveying Man & Wife S . 

To Henry Livingston for 5 Pole Tax Warrents 1 2 . 

To M yndert Palmatier one Wolfs head 1 2 . 

To Stephen Ladue to Carrying away said french Man 

and one man & wife 16. 

To John Rodgers for Do 17. 

To Johannis Tappen for 1 Wolf head of Rinders & by 

Van der Lyn for Glass 19/ f ye Court house 1.11. 

To Mathew Dubois for one Wolf head of an Indian 6 . 

To Barent Lewis for 21wt of pork for the Indians 10.6. 

To Barent Van Kleek for What he Disbursed for the 

Indians 1 • 

To James Willson for Apprehending an Indian 

Man Named Cooper 1 • 3 . 

To James Willson for Repairing the Goal 9 . 

To the five Supervizors 3 days Each at 3/ Except 

p. V. Kleek only 2 days in all 2. 2. 

To Francis Filkin to be Clerk of Sd County 1.10. 

To Bartholomus Noxon for Victualls & Drinck for 

Supervysors & Assessors 2.10. 

To Respective Collectors 9d p pound 2. 5.9. 


Page 214 

Feb. 5. 1740/1 
To Coll Henry Beekman being for one Certificate for 
3 days Serving in Genii Assembly & 4 days for 
Travelling and one other Certificate for 24 days 3 
Sundays deducted & 4 days Travelling added makes in 
all 32 days at 6/ p day L 9.12. 

To Jacobus Ter Boss by 1 Certificate for the Same 
Service 36 days 5 Sundays deducted remains 31 days 
& 4 days added for Travelling in all 35 days 
allowed at 6/ p day 10.10. 

To James Willson for a Door to the Common Goal & 
Materialls found L2 . 14 . & 4/2 for postage by him 
paid for 2 Proclamations 2 . 1 S . 2 . 

To Henry Livingston for 6 Pole Tax Warrs 18/ 
For Recording 3 Publick Roads 6/ And 9/ being for 
remainder of ye New Record Book 1.13. 

To Bartholomew Noxon for Sundry works by him made 
to ye Common Goal & County house and Menacles 17.6. 

To Lawrence Hoff Late Constable of Crom Elbow for 
Serving a Mittimus on a fellon And other Contingent 
Charges 15. 

To be Allowed to Dennys Mackabee Collector of Rombout 
Precinct 8/4 being for 7 Persons Departed this County 
before he Received the Tax Rolls of Last Year . 8.4. 

To Henry Livingston for Servise in Attending 
Supervizors &c 2 . 

To Henry Heermans Supervizors Attending 3 davs 9 . 

To Francis Nellson Do 3 Days 9 . 

To John Carman Do 3 days 9 . 

To John Montross Do 4 days 1 2 . 

Page 215 
To John Van Kleek Do for 3 days 9 . 

To Henry Filken Do for 5 days 15 . 

To Lawrence Van Kleek for Dieting & Providing 
Liquors for ye Supervizors & Assessors And other 
Charges 2.15. 

Page 233 Feby 2 1741 lf»00363 

To Coll. Henry Beekman for Serving in ye Genii 
Assembly as Representative of this County 93 days at 
ti p Day Sundavs being deducted as by Two Certificates 
in 1 74 1 ( No Travelling days Allowed) L27 . 1 8 . 

To Jacobus Ter Boss Esqr for ye Same Service 933^ 
days Travelling days Included at 6/ p Day 28. 1 . 

To Capt Thomas Davinport (by a Rule of Court) for 
the Poor 2. 6. 

To George Cooper if he Maintain Eliz. Green Until] 
this Year be Expyred & so in proportion 1 7 . 

To John Cook Do for Maintaining a poor Child 8 . 

To Jonathan Langdon Constable Services & other fees 
of 2 fellons & assistants 3 . 10. 

To Jacob Springsteen Constable Do 1.10. 

To Lawrence Gerbrantz Constable Do IS . 1 . 

To John Constable for Cleaning ye Goal & Dietting a 
prisoner 8 . 

Page 234 To Bartholomew Noxon for mending the Lock 

of the Goal & hand Cuffs &c 9 . 
To James Willson for Imprisoning 3 fellons & 
other Charges 2. 9. 9. 
To Jacobus Depeyster for 2 Wolfs heads killed by 

Indians at 15/ 1.10. 

To John Nellson for four wolves heads 3 . 

To Nathan Lane for 2 Do 1.10. 

To Sibet Harekse Cranckheyt for 1 Do 15 . 

To William Davinport for 1 Do 15 . 

To John Tappen for 1 Do Killed by Edwd Baily 1 5 . 

To Gerret Van Dollen for 1 Do 15. 

To Andries Schowten for 1 Do 15. 

To Henry Filkin for 1 Do Killed by an Indian 15 . 

To William Palmer for 1 Do 15. 

To John Ackert for 1 Do 15. 

To Hendrk Ackert for 1 Do 15. 

To Migell Sipperly for 1 Do 15 . 

To Peter Freeligh for 3 Do 2. 5. 

To Mathys Earnest for 1 Do Killed before ye Last Act 12 . 
To Abram Kip Constable for Transporting 2 fellons 

with assistants & all other Charges 4 miles 4 . 

To Hans Lambert Do for 7 Miles 6.6. 

To Hans Melius Do for 3 Miles 3. 6. 

To Elias Van Bunschoten for 1 wolfs head 15 . 
To Henry Livingston for Severall Services as Pole Tax 

Warrts Recording Roads &c 2. 6. 9. 

To John Ter Boss for 8/ pd ye Clerk for Reed & Road 8 . 

To John Tappen for 1 wolfs head by ye first Act 12. 

To Do— for I Do Killed by an Indian 6 . 

To Do for a Lock & Key to ye Record Chest 7 . 
To John Carman for Money paid to the Treasurer of 

People not Living in ye County 1 . 
To Henry Livingston for Attending And preparing 

Lists &c " 2.10. 
by Agreement As also 6/ for Copying the Treasurers 2 
Warrts (that is) What Was allowed in those 2 Years To 

be putt in this Book Which Was Neglected before 6 . 
To Jacobus Van Den Bogart for Dietting & finding 
Liquors and other Charges 2 days for the Supervizors 

& assessors 4 . 

To Henry Heerman Supr for serving 2 days 6 . 

To John Van Kleek Do 6 . 

To Francis Nellson Do 6 . 

To Henry Filkin Do 6. 

To John Brinckerhoff Do 6 . 

To John Carman Do 1 day 3 . 


From here on the accounts are not copied completely, items only 
being given. 

Page 257 

February 1. 1742/3 
To John Ten Brook for Cash advanced for Carpenters 
Work & Severall other Services done to the Court house 
& Goal & Dieting prisoners in full L 3.14.9. 

To Myndert Viele for one Wolfs head Killed in the 
New Act 1 . 

To John Brinckerhoff Do 1 . 

To Abram Otter Do. in ye Old Act 15. 

To Nathan Lane Do 15. 

To Jacobus Van Etten Do 15. 

To Bartholomew Noxon in full for Iron Work for ye 
Goal & Shakells &c 10.3. 

To John Cook for fetching the Coroner to View La 
Mottes Negro 6 . 

To Isaac Germond Esqr for a Warrent against Cloudy 
LaMott 1.6. 

To Francis Hegeman Jr for Iron Work for the Goal 
in full 6. 

To William Scott Esqr Coroner for a Veiw on a Dead 
Negro 12/ To Jury Each 1/6 & a Mittimus Vs LaMott 1. 9. 
To John Tappen for 2 Wolfs heads killed by Moses 
Nauthrop and one wolf killed by Cornells Masten 
as p Certificates 2 . 5 . 

To John Ten Brook for Dieting Drinck & Lodging by 
Agreement for Supervizors & assessors in full 4. 4. 

Also 5/9 for rum Expended to Nimham a Sachem & other 
Indians 5.9. 

Page 281 

Feby 7. 1743/4 
To Myndert Viele for 3 Wolves heads 
To Roeloff Ostrom Do 1 head 
To Cornells Masten Do 
To John Brinckerhoff Do 

To John Tappen Do Killed by an Indian Adiaan 
To John Gay for a Lock to ye Goal Door 
To John Ten Brook for Victualling A Prisoner & 
Mending the Goal Door &c 

Page 307 

Feby. 5. 1744/5 
To Hans Midlaer for 1 Wolfs head 
To John Ostium Do 
To Augustine Creed Do 
To Simon Pells 1 Do 

Page 308 To John Ten Brook for 2 Wolves heads killed 
by Young Nimham an Indan 

for Cleaning the Court house 1/6 & Nails for sd House 
1/ also 1/6 for Mending the Lock of the Goal 
To John Gay for Mending the Lock of ye Goal 
To Charles Bulis Depty Constable for fetching a 
Minister from Dover by Order of the Justices 
To Barent Bond for a Tub for the Goal & Boxes for 
the Court for Jurys 

To the Sheriff for fetching the Maravians 5 days 
at 8/ pr Day 

To Thomas Baker for Bringing one ffields To Goal 
for Counterfieting Money 
To ye Sheriff for Keeping Said ffields in Goal 3 
davs & Comittment 

L 3. 


L 1. 

Page 336 

Feby 4. 1745/6 
To Augustinus Turck for Victualling James Johnson 
13 days 

1 2 Do for R Men 6 days at 5/6 pr Week 19/3 L 1 . 1 1 . 3 . 

To Bartho : Noxon for mending ye Goal lock & taking the 
Irons of James Johnson & Altering them in All 4.6. 

To Jacob Low for making manacles & Shackles Chain & 
Staple in all & puting on the Irons 1 . 7.6 . 

To Johannis Wiltsie for 3 young Wolves killed 2 by 
Isaac An Indian and 1 by Peter the Indian at 10/ 1.10. 

To John Ostrom for a Wolves head 1 . 

To Harme Shoek for 1 Young Wolf 10 . 

To John Ten Brook Coroner on ye View of Edd Diamonds 
Child in full for that Sen-ice 10. 

Page 337 

To Anthony Yelverton for Carrying to Bergen Goal a 

Criminal 1.4. 

To Jacob Drom for pursueing James Johnson 2 days 1 1 . 

To Hendrick Smith Constable for Pursueing a Criminal 

1 day 4 . 

To Jacob Rutsen as pr his account vs James Johnson 

Executed 1. 3.6. 

To Henry mlkin Sheriff for all his Charges in 

Executing James Johnson and also for Other Services 

asprhisacct 17.19. 

To Coll : Philipse 2 Id Justice L 10 for his service in 

Condemning James Johnson Which Sum he made a 

present of to the County to Buy a Bell for the County 

House and the Money to be paid to the Mannagers thereof 

to buy said Bell 10. 

To Abram ffreer Junr for Making ye prison door & lock 4 . 

To Peter Van Der Burgh Constable of poghkeepsie 

Ll.02.6. for his trouble & all his demands for sumoning 

Twelve Men to Watch James Johnson and out of this 

money he is to pay them Each 1/6 Comes to IS/ and the 

Remainder to his Use which is 4/6 in full 1. 2.6. 

To Myndert Van Den Bogert Constable of poghkeepsie 

L 3.17. in full for all his Sen-ices in Sumoning 

Watchers for Js Johnson & other services Now Agreed at 3.17. 

To the Watchers Which this last Constable sumoned 

Ll 1 . 6 . 6 . according to his list delivered in and by him 

Signed and the Money to be paid to him And he to pay 

Each Watcher thereto 11. 6.6. 

Page 399 

Feby 3rd 1746/7 
To Jacobus Depyster for a wolves head killed by an 
Indian L 1 . 

To the Sheriff Do and Certificate Signed by Js Wilsie 1 . 

To Capt Ter Boss for the hire of his horse and Keeping 
another 7 days Each at 1/ pr day they were Imprest by 
an Express from Albany to New York 1 4 . 

Page 400 
To John Ten Brook for his full Services & all other 
Charges done as Coroner & for Jury on the View of the 
body of George Hilton Murdered by Js Johnson 2 . 7.9. 

Page 462 

Feby 2nd 1747/8 
To John Ten Brook for Coroners fees Jury & Constables 
fees Due or to be due on the View of Two Bastard 
Children born of Catharine Gardner and Rebecca Clarke 
in full L3.13.10. 

To Jacob Van Wagenen for a new Blanket for sd Rebecca 1 . 
To John Montross for 5 Ells Linnen for a Straw bed for her 12 . 6 .