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Full text of "The Old Testament in Greek according to the text of Codex vaticanus"

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Volume I. The Octateuch (to be completed in 4 parts). 
Part IL Exodus and Leviticus, 













Cambridge University Press 
London: Bentley House, 200 Euston Road, N.W.i 


rA 0^^ o \ 





Xonltoii: FETTER LANE, E.C. 

C F. CLAY, Manager 



BftUn: A. ASHER & CO. 

ftd|V}%: F. A. BROCKHAUS 

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FELLOW OF Christ's collbgb, uNivBRsn-y lbctorbr. in aramaic 





/^ T.^ j»» 

153 7y/ 




WE have not much to add here to the " Prefatory note to Genesis," in which we explained 
the scope of this edition of the Septuagint and our method of presenting the evidence 
in our notes. 

In the present part we have carried out two small modifications of our scheme to which we 
referred on pp. vi, vii of the earlier prefatory note, (i) The readings of the Roman MS. 
(Vat. Gr. 330) numbered 108 by Holmes and Parsons have been given. Its close resemblance 
to the Chigi MS. (H. and P. 19) suggested the advisability of using separate symbols for the 
two only where their readings differ. Accordingly we have used b as the symbol for the two 
MSS. where they agree : while b' denotes the Chigi MS. by itself, and b the Vatican MS. by 
itself. The hands of different scribes in the one MS. are denoted by b* b* b^ and in the other 
by b^ ^ ^. (2) The New Testament evidence has been more fully presented. The full text 
of N. T. quotations has been printed at the beginning of the notes on the verse (or verses) from 
which they are derived, and has been separated from the remainder of the notes by a double 
line (II). 

A more conspicuous modification of our plan as carried out in Genesis will be found in the 
greater number of divergences from the text of Dr Swete's edition. In cases where the first 
hand of B (B*) stands almost alone, and one or both of the correctors' hands known as B* B^ 
have introduced a reading which is supported by almost all the other authorities, we have 
usually given the latter the preference in our text. Our reason is not that we regard the 
correctors' readings as intrinsically superior. They appear to be so in certain cases, but in other 
and perhaps more important instances the reverse is true. But we have found that we gain 
considerably in the shortening and simplifying of our notes. As it is no part of our task to 
construct a " true text " of the LXX., we have thought ourselves entitled to use this degree of 
liberty in the choice of readings more convenient for our purpose, provided that all the evidence 
be fully and clearly given. And the changes of text are not after all very numerous or im- 
portant It will be remembered that in the special series of notes immediately below the text 
are included " all readings of the principal MS. which are not included in the text, and notes on 
corrections in this MS. by the first or by later scribes" {Pref, note to Genesis, p. i). 

The absence of a list of errata at the end of the present fasciculus is due to the fact that 
during its progress through the Press we have not had the opportunity of visiting foreign 
Libraries to verify doubtful readings. We have no reason to expect that the number of 
corrections, which will be printed at a later stage, will be proportionately greater than in 

The following must be added for Exodus and Leviticus to the list of those MSS. quoted 



from Holmes and Parsons {Pref, note to Gen. p. vi) for readings not represented in our selected 
Greek MSS. 

105 London, British Museum, Bumey. Not identi- 133 Leyden University. Excerpts from various MSS. 

ficd. by I. Voss. 

132 Oxford, Bodleian. Selden 9. Lectionary. 136 Oxford, Bodleian. Barocc 196. Excerpts. 

Our only fresh Patristic authority is 

Didascalia (Syriac), ed. Lagarde. 

It will be observed that the authorities quoted by us for the text of Exodus xv are only 
those employed throughout the rest of the book, and that we have not attempted to represent 
the large number of MSS. of the Psalter which contain this and other " odes." It is obvious 
that we cannot deal satisfactorily with these MSS. until we face the whole problem of the 
authorities for the text of the Psalter. 

Since our edition was b^^n, a number of fragments of the Palestinian Aramaic version (^ ) 
have at different times been published : and it is perhaps worth while to include in this prefatory 
note a collation of these various pieces, so as to supplement the evidence as to this version which 
we have embodied in our notes on all the passages included in Mrs Lewis's Lectionary {Studia 
SinaiUca vi.). Of the fragments here collated, no. (i) has been edited by G. Margoliouth in 
Liturgy of the Nile\ (2) (3) (4) (17) by F. Schulthess in Ckristlick-paldstiniscfie Fragmente\ 
(6) (7) (9) — (14) (16) by H. Duensing in Christlick-paldstmisck-aramdische Texte und Frag- 
fnente; (8) by Schulthess in Z. D. M. G. LVI. 249 ; (15) by Gwilliam and Stenning in Anecdota 
Oxoniensia, Semitic Series I. 9 ; while (5) (18) (19) are being published in the forthcoming part 
of Horae Semiticae by Mrs Lewis, who has kindly allowed us access to the proof-sheets. 

(i) Gen. n. 4—19. 

5 tfcoff] pr ffupcot (ita 7, 9, 19) | ert np yrpf\ super ftuum Urtu \ rv^^i\ ii^A^^b^ ^^ Topadcca-w] +^«^1| | 

Orrofi 7 Tor ai^piM-or] hminem Adam (iU 8, 15, 18) | ^,^uwr<r«r] +«ifror 17 7iF««r«4r— ronypor] aaenu'^FMrrar 

or^/wrof] homo Adam 8 e«eAi] ^a^ fiU 10) | icaxtt] pr ^^Xov icat vimipoM \ i>ay€ff0t] ^r? I if « o' ifMep«] vn «r 

ai omU 10 ciciro/Murnu] txibctt \ exct^cr] pr et \ a^opi- ly^epa 1; | ^yriffBt] ^yn | aro^anf 18 ov] pr ecce | voiif- 

pnm\ +ir«i Tiveroi 14 t^ — r/Mrot] et nomen Jiuminis ffvfup] pr sed 10 avro] avra 

(2) Gen. XIX. i— 10. 

1 Xm- fo] inc | anemf] +</ cueurrit \ no rporwirw] super pr rf 5 np— (6) awrow deficit 7 wn9 3e] -^Lai \ 

faciem suam \ yifr] •}- coram eis 2 jcaraXMrart] -^-apud Toi^p€vo7io0€] -k-kis hominibus qui ueneruni ad me 8 le] 

me I v/utfv 30] +01; ciyeicer'... (deficit usque ad (3) ovroit !») igitur \ Aiiyafr— (9) fi^X^et deficit Kptffi»\iudicia nostra \ 

8 om eirc^ avroit 4 ecu] -^-ecce \ ouccof] +Lot \ airaf] omror.avdpa lO ordpet] expl 

(3) Gen. xux. 24—33. 

S4 rov rarpof] inc 26 e/9oiytfi|rey] adiuuabit (s. adm- dii 28 om 4<>--avrovf 4<> 20 om o— (30) vmikoM 

uet) I om \^ — ffc I evXoYcar bis] benedictio 26 wKayuLt] 30 xai^oAv] ^<^ x'^a''^^^*^ I ^ /criy^ci} <if Ktrivuf (uid) 

benedictiones (nom) | vwtpioxv^^ \ «»' 1ry1^^OT0 adtX^w] eita 31 eicei a®] pr jccu (uid) | eicei 3®] pr koi 
q$tem.../ratres eius. 27 m post tcxtpat \ didcM'iF] diut- 

(4) Gen. l. I— 12. 

1 ro wfiootoiroi\ rw rpax^\o9 \ om mu t^CKtioep avrw 8 om Too'a 79 om km 7^ 10 itt] e^ | ara9] . W^ 

3 crXarpMroir «vr« | nyt to^] coudUurae 4 «f ra «t«] (j^^ „) | ^ot»fO€w 11 f<mF Towro (uid) | ««oX«ror | ro 

rpot (uid) 6 toptaofw fu \ Xe7«r] pr irpo tou rtXtvnioat ^^^ owrov] «/ 12 avna] expl 
(?+avror) | fie ^a^ett] s€pelite me \ areXeuo'oiuu] reuertar 

(5) Ex. IV. 14—18. 

14 xapn99Tai\ inc 16 evrof <rot XftXi|<re4] loquehtr HH om «04 3° (uid) | om ert | vytovwr] in pace (expl) 

w I ^ow] ^o* I f^ ttVTW I om ra (uid) 18 Xryci] +avr« | 



(6) Ex. XII. 28—51. 

28 Ka$a] inc | /Mfffii] +«u aapvw 20 ttn Tpt^roroKov 40 om 71; i* | rtrpaicoffia koi rptoicorm en; 41 om rpta- 

ToiTOf] Tcw rfwrcTOKow 30 M 10] pr Torrcf 31 om ircu jcorra 42 trrtw] ettim erat 44 oixenp] +riF»f | om 

40 I padi^ere] priccu | om icoi 7» 32 TOf»eww^«] pr xaBa- 17 | TcptTCMett] circumcideiis 45 iy] irat 46 om xoi i<> | 

Tip ttptiKart \ dff] dt .33 cir/SaXciy avrovf] k/ extrent ax avrov ov <rurr/J4f ere 48 rit post v/uls \ Toiriaai] ei 

35 om ovrott | xpvffa\ pr CKwri 36 icvpiot edtfircy | om faciat \ W€pir€tt£it] circumciditis \ avrw i»] ei \ om iroi a" 

TT|r 37 om «t «<> | Tc^rir oi ojf^pts\ uirorum pedUum 50 ot] pr irorret | om irpof avrovt 51 tic] cxpl 

(7) Ex. XIV. 18—27. 

18 ot oiYvrriot] inc | txrott] pr er roct (uid) 20 rwr] 22 om recxot 4° 23 om xeu 30 24 ert] cct | rc^e- 

pr Tiff -rapeiipoKift \ om ecu •^ny 21 om np OaKaffffOM 3° Xi;f ir<u vvpot 26 rowf i® ««] pr «rt 27 «rt i**] cxpl 

(8) Ex. XV. I— s. 
1 Qfft»iuf\ inc 3 avrov 5 rorrw] «^ abyssus \ otrroi/i } ezpl 

(9) Ex. XV. 7—20. 

7 Tiff] inc 8 aicoTif] f^ny (uid) /*ov i"] -{-ab eis \ koi 16 0o/9ot «m rpo;*ot 17 ttraTa^CM'] +ovroof | 

/*ow 3*] +oi;r«#r lO cjcoXv^er] pr iccu 12 icartTier] pr KaTiifrtffta\fecisH 20 /Aopia^] cxpl 

(10) Ex. XVI. 2—10. 

2 oopAir] (inc) +fF n; c/n^/tw 3 oror cjca^io'afttr] ore evoi^nor rov 0eoi;} r^fum Domino 10 irftc 4<>] +idoir | 
tKet$iifie0a (uid) | ort] icat | aTorreiMu] + if^x 4 ro n^t c'^^i?] cxpl 

i;/icpat] h^OT diii 5 om ircu 30 | om ro 8 eirer] -k-eis 

(11) Ex. XVI. 32— XVII. 6. 

32 eir]inc 33 e/t/3aXe 34 artBrixtp] •{•avro \ Btov] 3 eirec i<* post Xoot i® | eiret a^ post Xoof i" | rpot] eri 
fioprvpiov 36 rtafftpeucorra mi \ n|r] 717^ | t^yoaop post 6 om rovrov | o'eavrw] /<0r«m 6 o9t eyw] ^/ /^ ^r/ | eirei 
fjMP i® XVII 1 awiipetM I r« Xaii» wihp] ut biherH popuha — ^e] ante teUn \ om amv (expl) 

(12) Ex. XIX. 7—17. 

7 ircu i<>] inc | avrw] avrott 8 cucovo-oMC^a iroi toii;- Xow] m 16 eYtrorro] rftvorro \ ^tavri] pr ircu 17 Xoor] 

ffOfJLMw I rovrovt] rot/ Xaov 11 ert — O'eu^a post Xaov 15 rw cxpl 

(13) Ex. XXVI. 3—12. 

3 exo/urai] inc 5 nji' 3evrepar | arrirpoffUTOi] tt fades 30 — eorot] sic et Ua eruni 10 a^irvXat i® post reinfwrra i® 
^aniOT 6 remffforra jrptjcovf 8 /uat 1°] + mensura una 12 vro^eit] expl 

erit I T€ffff€Lpwf wrfx^wf post evpof | n^f 30] pr mensura \ ro 

(14) Ex. xxvL 26—36. 

26 Tcrre] inc 31 x'poMl^M*] a£3oH& 35 om ro i<> i<> (uid) 36 ert^vaoTpor] mt/mot ^j^* | fp7or] expl 

(is) Ex. XXVIII. I— 12. 

4 om iccu i^ I xiTwa, Koavfifiuroif] et tumcam hyssinam \ \iBwt 1^ 10 en i^ — avrc#r d^dt 12 dvo i<*] expl 
OToXaf wytai] uatem sanetam 6 v^arrtm (uid) om 

(16) Ex. XXXVIII. 4—18. 

4itfore]inc 6 ^asaoH^ 10 JoirrvXtovf] +xpt'^ov' I ^^ avrwr | ar^e^uor (uid) | av — ^Xa/iTO^tov] xfi'/ra lucemam 
€P avroit ro4t diwmipaiw 16 or^e/ua (uid) | oi Xwx^ot I*' Xwxi'ovf] +own7f (uid) 18 xpMrc» i<>] expl 

(17) Ex. XXXIX. 16 ff (Hex.). 

Too fragmentary for quotation here, but appears to shew the hexaplaric arrangement of the text 


(i8) Lev. VIII. 18—30. 

18 oopwr] inc 26 om ev — tow 3® 26 row !<>] pr in odarem 20 frt^c|ia] a^aipe/ta 30 rat i^ 30} pr cm | 

em 27 em rat X'^pa* i^] -n^^ «MMf#OT (uid) 28 09/eii] rovt !<>] pr em | om fitr avrov t^ | iiytaaep] -^Mues (uid) 

(19) Lev. XL 42 — ^xii. 8. 

42 em 30] inc | trruf v/up 43 co'co'^e axaBafToi i^] m/«r m ^«a« edittUur el inter ea quae non edunhir 

44 om ufu I® I om kox i^ — viuev 4^ | rou xiwovfAewois] quod XII 1 om XeTwr (uid) 2 om iccu 3** 4 ircu rpett Jnupat 

npii 46 c^w aTiot ei/u 46 nof 40] pr re^ 47 oca- 6 om jrcu i^ | inu c( Vfi^P^ ^ rpo^oc^ei] + sacerdos \ tumfw] 

BofTWp] KoBapuw \ KaOeLptaw] oKoBaprw \ ova 3** — eff$toftMPa -^stuerdos 8 om irai i*' | oXojcavrw/ua] ezj^ 

During the past year we have had the assistance of Mr E. J. Thomas, B.A., in the redaction 
of notes and the revision of proofs. But even with this help the work of redaction and revision 
remains necessarily slow, and the publication of the second part of our first volume has been 
delayed much longer than we expected. The difficulties connected with the Hexaplaric text of 
the later chapters of Exodus are largely responsible for this delay. We hope that the prepara- 
tion of the notes on Numbers and Deuteronomy will not prove so long a task. 

We have again to record our debt to a scholar whose work is done. The death of the 
Rev. H. A. Redpath, formerly Grinfield Lecturer on the Septuagint at Oxford and editor of the 
Septuagint Concordance, will be deeply felt by all scholars who are interested in Septuagint 
and Patristic studies. His patient accuracy and untiring devotion to work of a peculiarly 
exacting character have seldom been surpassed. It will not be easy to find any one to take his 
place as Editor of the Dictionary of Patristic Greek which he had undertaken and for which he 
had already secured the help of a number of collaborators. The value and accuracy of his 
Concordance have been recognised wherever the LXX. is studied. Our work as editors of 
the text has taught us to appreciate its worth. He always took the keenest interest in the 
Larger Edition. During the period when we were collecting information about the extant MSS. 
he gave us much help in collating specimen pages of MSS. in various libraries. He also made 
a collation of the whole Octateuch in the Zittau MS. (H. and P. 44) and helped with the 
collation of the two Venice MSS. which we are quoting for the Octateuch. 

A. E. B. 

N. M. 

Marchy 1909. 



I I TATTA t^ ovofAara r&v vi&v ^lapa^X r&v eynreiropevfUp^^v el^ Alyvirrov ifjba *Iaicui0 r^ B 

^ warpi avT&V Itcacros iravoucl aifr&p eiaf^Xdoaav" ^^Pov0i]p, ^vfMfOP, A€V€i, *Iot;Sa9, ^^laaa^dp^ 
^ ZafiovXmv ical ^Revutfieiv^ ^^kv koX ii€<f>0a\el, TitB koX ^Kcrfp. 5*I<»<rJ^^ he tjv iv Alythrrq)' 

7 irdine^ ol AStiXifHil airrov teal iraa-a ^ yeveii. iKeipff. ^oi Sk viol ^lapaijX ffi^OffO'av teal iirktfOvv- 
Ofiaav KoX xvhaSoi ijivovro teal tcariaxvov c^hpa a^hpa* iirXiiOvpev hi tj ytj avrov^. 

' ^^ApeoTff hi ffaaiXeif^ frepa^ hr Alyvirrov^ h^ ovic jfS^i top *Ia><nf^. ^cIttci^ hi r^ iOpci 

lo avTov *Ihoif TO 7€i^o9 t&p vI&p ^lapaifX i^ya irXtjOos^ koX itrxyei inrip ^pA^' ^hevre oSp tcard- 

I 3 XcM A 

4 9aw] a, r sup res B'^'^^ | re^aXet] w, ip9 sup res B>^*f^ 

Inscr c^ddof BMacgijmoq-xn^^ J efodor /9' h : c^odot «i7inr- 
rovA: e^odot /3t/3Xcor dcvrc^or b'dp : a^x^f ^* <(^^v f : ofx^rmt 
ff fiifiOuou e^oiot n: rwr /Karwrei#t dtvrepot \oyot €^o9ot 1 r ptflKn 
dtvnp9t vwapxtf TTit t(o9w k : e^odot rwf wtir tfX c( acyvrrov 
^ y: e|ddot e( ai7inrrov tmt wwr (O'paiyX WYfpm^ /utva-tm 
o^ov rov 0v leai rpo^^irov t 

1 1 ravro] (pr icoi 37): +<€ f | ttairoptvofuwwi^ a-fi^j-pC 
wxym,d^ | ru wtcrpi airroir sob -:- Si | rarouci] rarourM AM 
cgi*jkopqs>vxzaab,: (ira^icia 83) | airroir «»] awrov mlS* | 
tunfKBoaoM] ft^X^or Mbdegjnptwx: (eco^X^ey 78*84): om IS*: 
+ in Aegyptum IS^ 

2 pou^] potjSiJ' ir*tx: povpTffi k: povfitifi p: poi^ d-gjl 
md, I Xeiny qu | Mvdas] tovia Achtvx(pr icaija^bg^Cuid) 

3 iffaxap dflujIprtSB(/Ai^^r IS^)l | om koi p€PtAfuiw 
kmc^'ISS^ I om kou, cdnp | pofiofAffw nod, 

4 for — ($) i;r sup ras A' (om dap km re^tfoXi A* ***<*) | om 
for m I om jccu 1® dp)S | re^oXec BA'(-Xi)Marvxz] re^tfaXi/t 
it: re^tfoXecMrell: Nephthaliml^\ Ntpthalim^x <re^aXi|^ 
18: re^aXecr64^: re^aXcu 13a) | YafK^a^ ia8): Yap^' I om 
icflu i<* d I a^p] o^'Cip n: o^oiip MIS^: +irai /Scrco/icir kBS^ 

5 iCMiy^— cutvutm] post €pdofi7iKoirra ackmx^l^ | om ip 1 | 
(om €P 73) I To^cu ^^at] pr at Phil : ira^cu at ^vx<m bdgjm- 
ptwdglS Clem : at ^^at iratf'ai e : + c^eX^orrwr ac(pr rfi#r)kx : 
+ ^ eorum qui exieruni ^ J5 : + at e|eX^ou0'at i*md,^IS : + ot 
ettf'eX^otwat /tera toxw^ ett ox^xnrrw i*'r Or-lat^^ (om ett ot^.) : 
+ at et^eX^ourat ett aifrrrw f: +at o£ | om e( taxA^ fi*'mr 
Or-lati I TfFre jcat c/9i.] irerre irat sub t- j&: ejM. Terre dfi*' 
r : sepiuagima W^ \ epio/AVKOirra] + fvx«* x3l^ ' + at ett aryvr- 
ror jcarcX^ouo'at Clem 

6 cat. irtXwnfffep avrot cot oc irarcpct i|fi«#r Acta vii 15 || 

I 7 x^/daioi ryworro] o' ^ t^/^rwrtuf ^ <irp^aF M(indicc ad ^n^iy^ai' po«to)jTi(om ^ jz) ! ^ c^ci^ror (ft ex i|) ^ 
t^nproeap bi a' ^ serpsenmt ^ repebanU % \ frXiy^w«r— avrowf] a' ^ rat frXifpw^ if 711 oimiir iS 
8 cT«/)oi] ot ^ ffotrot M: a' (T* ^ icatrot j(om 9yn(om 9')%\ a' aXXot </ dcvrfpoi ^ cotirM c, 

SEPT. 155 * 21 


ttf^iy^] +«F otTvrrw c | Tfita] ^vyytvcta ac | exttny] +avrot; s 
7, 8 ifvfi^fF Xoof jcat twktfiwB^ €p aiyvwna axpi ov 
OTMny /9a<rtXevf rrcpot er atYtnrror ot ovc i|3€t ror ci#0^ Acta 
vii 18 

7 MM — «at XV in mg et sup res A* | ifu^y^or] ffi^^w0rf9ap 
c-41nop(-(tv-) I rat erXi^vrtfi^av] post eTcrorro akmxj6 : +17 
Tcrea eretrii f | e«'Xi^vr^i|0'ar— ryerorro] pnarau^unt muIH- 
pluabaniur 9 | xv^otot eTCForro] diffundebantur JL : f m mulH- 
tudine magna diffusi sunt Or-lat | rart^xvo'av AMacdegi*jklo 
pqstuya,-d,ISS(uid)j& Tyc | ^^oipa <r^pa] om Tyc-cod: om 
0-^pa i® rdg^lS^ll Cyr-cd Tyc-ed | ew\ri$vpe¥—avTovt\ et 
cvmpUuerunt ierram ualenter 1^ : om i*^r | erXiy^tver 3e] nrXif- 
6vp$fi 3e f : ^iW multipiitabat 9 | de a®] eitiiM Or-lat | avroi;f 
ri Ti ^ Thdt Tyc | avrowi] avrott c^: awnyt c*: +0'0oapa 

8 eir otTwrror] er atyvirrw a, : om dnoS | ot ] or o* | ly^et] 
cTcrcfo-jce n 

9-22 oi^ot KaTOnro^urofUPOt to ytwot rifutif erartfO'cr tovs 
varepat rov irotctr ra /9f»e^ er^rra avrvw etf ro fii; ^WoYorcto'^at 
Acta vii 19 

etirfF ac] rat etirer hwWL Or-lat Tyc Tract | cAret] Tcret 
bwa, Cyr-ed | avrov] avrw c: om AW \ ytpot BM(mg)acn 
IS(uid)l.i^(mg) Phil Cyr-ed] e^rof AM(Ut) rell ji^(txt) Or-lat 
Ath Chr Cyr-codd Tyc Tract | vuaw wpaik] t^pai^Xirwr egj | 
fieya irXi|^oi] metgna/acta est Tract | fiefo] -HiroXi; bw | irXiy- 
$os] est ui % I toxvet vw€p rifiai] potetUior est nobis Or-lat i^: 
potentior quam nos %,5h Tract | to^cwet] i^uret c, : uaUnt Tyc \ 
17/cat] niugp m 

10 l€VTt — avrovt] lacuna in j& | ovr] rat cegjll^ : om Ai* 
svxyxb^cJB^ Cyr | rarao-o^Mfic^a] raroo-o^o/tt^a d%opz 

I lO 


B co^iaifitOa avrov^, /Aif ttotc irXtjOuvO^, koX fivLca &p avfifi^ fifiiv 7r6\€fM>^ irpoixreOriaovTai icai 
%T oiroi irpio^ roxf^ vwevavrtov^, teal i/nrdkefii^a'aPTe^ fjfia^ i^eXeva-oprai itc rrj^ 't^^. "«al iiri- ii 
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irpos T# ri/ereip, ikp pip Aptrep ^, airoierelvare avr6* ihp Sk 09j\v^ wepiiroieiaOe airro. '^e^/Siy- 17 
Offcav a ai pMoi rhp Oedp teal oiie iirohjaap teaOon avpira^ ainah 6 ftofriXeb^ Aiy^wrov, 

10 wXtiSwOi] rKti$v sap ras B«»*»*> u «x»Xtt] roXcit A 14 rXirtfeta B*»'»»AF | wtuimt A 

16 tMiova$m F* | cm*! B*>AF | rucrtr F* | awoKTiwan F* | rtpiwoitirOtu A 17 atyvwrtw A* 


■,d, : ffo^ofitBa c : depoUntemus % \ rXi^ur^] (irXiy^vr^eti; 
76): rXfidwBi^aiw hdkmnptwjXB&LSi{ixi) Or-lat Tract | Ktu 
I®] •¥erii 1^ I of] coy AMadeghi*jIptvx-c, : om m | ly/iir] 
post roXc/iot d{vfUP)Q : ly/uat n : om Cyr-cd | irpo^c^orrcu] 
pr KOI (76) %: rporr€$rieu9'T€ c | ovroi] avrw, abwx*^ji^(txt) : 
t//i Si{mg) I rpof rovf inrerarriovt] roct i/rerarrioct m: atm 
aduirsariij nosiris Or-lat i: om rovt cf | roXc/iiftf-arrcf d | 
c^cXeivorrot] ^Xxvawmu d: cinro^uo'orrat b,: eicioHi nos 
Timct-ed: ww»i/ Tract-cod | rri\ + ';/««•' b(w/*- b*)lwd,18 Or- 
lat Tract 

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0-owiF AF*b'cfhknryba*(uid) | avrovt] avrott bcdqmwd, | er 
TOit e^yoit] ec rum tpiytaw Cyr-ed| : in operibus suis 1^ | nir rt 
v€^Bm\ Ttjff vtwtiBtt i*^ *poou&Ao J5: <om r« 13a) | w€i0ui] 
Tt^ ^h*>*: »oitf« f: weiBuffA Mc(pr ^ c*)vy*(uid)z: iri^M/i As: 
Peihdm IS: TtiBwf o Phil-cod^ Cyr-ed: vttfc#r n: TirBw Cyr- 
cod: iri^«^ F*: rtiBv^ cj: vei^o^g: (tc^o^ 64): 0i^wM ah* 
b,: PAs^om OT-\aii: PhUon%i ^idiafii*: (^1^0^84): inBioB 
F»"«dpt: ^HfuaBc^i ftiBtapl: Phythonamiui ^fcira,: irXir- 
^r m: Bw y*' | kcu 3«] 4Sf aW 9' et ^ S^: om k | pa/ieff<ni] pr 
n^Fackx: Ramasse'^i pafietni FMb1no*p9d,9-ed Phil-cod | 
Theoph-codd: ^<imj/ ^-codd: patiwcriw c* Phil-codd^: 
Pamastm%: pafuffrpf Phil-codd^: Ramesses Or-lat | irai40 — 
voXtt] sub -:- ij: om fi*» | wr] pr TT;r (83) Phil|: wp bw: 
f Mm Or-lat : om k | 1;] lynt Theoph 

12 (jco^ort — ff^pa i®] post (14) /Stof 14) | xaBori 3« 
avrovf] <ww eavrovf Or-gr | xaB. dt] quantoqut Cyp | iro^ori] 
jca^ 00'or Eos: oata Chr Thdt^ | avrovf cravecrovr] crair. 
dirroi/f x^US Eus : €koxow ovrovf oi avyvwrtoi Chr Thdt ^ | rov- 
ovrw] ToaouTO ab,**: roo'ovror cno Thdt^ | tytvwno dfln 
Thdti I om ffcu !<>— tf^^pa i* c,(uid) | irari^uor Or-gr | 
ff^pa ff^pd] magis Cyp-cd: om Thm-^^ffESh Cyr: om 
9^pa, a® A*(hab A*)bdfawb,^E Or-lat Cyp-cod | o< aiyvir- 

TWi sub -:- j& I aro rtir vimf] rovt vtovt ackmnv(mg)zz(mg) 
fl£(uid)E(uid) Or-Ut(aid) Chrilaid) | ato] -h Tpo<r«#rov F^ | 
T«r] rorrwr o 

13 om iroi — t^pai;X c | irarcdvrMTcuor — (14) jwip] »f <n^ 
eis adducebant uiiam et cum ui poUstattm exax^atU %, | rare- 
Bv99jmv9w F^' I Oi cuYinrrcoc] post wpa^K fi : om mn | rovt 
Movr «^pai;X] avrovt dmn | rovt utovt] rwif vtim h'l roit viots 
v(txt) I om /Sea bw Or-gr 

14 irart#dvrfi#r] rarrrarciMir 1 | avmr n|r jw^r] r^ (y^w 
avrwr x^: avrovt f | o'cXi^poct] -l-oit eroiovr f | rw] pr rai e: 
pr cr r: +rt bfw | jroi ra^t] in ommbus % | tw rott vc3ioct] 
CF rw irediw fS: (roXXoct 71) | rara-— «#r] in quihts 0mnibms 
Or-lat: et in ^mmi open qt$od^ | rara] ki f | c^^a] -f-avrwr 
acmx^: -I- ^ tpp, ecrum "^ JS | •m'] a f : «r ott dknpty(txt) 
s(txt)1^5S I JcarcdovXovrro] jcarcdovXovr mr(-Mr): irarc^ovrrw 
c: irare^wo^revor ▼(txt)z(txt) | (yjtra\ «t rat 71) 

16 now avyvwrtwp] aiyvrrov Fl/: om b, | rat e/9pacat 
F^' I om ovrctfF 9 | om ^ FMcegilnrxz-c,IS*S(aid)j& | ofo^mi 
1®] owofjLari b, | ff€w^pd] ^tw^fopajf 1: ver^opa b'dfpquwd,: 
ff€w^oppa n: 9€^pa rS-ed : ^^c^m j&: at/i^ttpa g: 5a/- 
/^^ra 1^ I om ro c, I n; devrepa mqu 

16 KOI ecTtfr] om n: -l-avract bfi**rwSfL | /uutwiaBt qu | 
rait e/SpoiOit 1 | fawiF] eco'cr d, : cfc qn | rw BAFMcejor*svxb, 
Cyr-cod] ro r* rcll Cyr-ed | apatv] post iy bw: apo'era d,: 
app€P o I aroirreiraro a, | atrro t^} avrov f: aura d, | irepc- 
voicur^ej ire/xiroieire i*: repiwoiffffaffBt ^fi'^rwd, | awro a*] 
(avrov 37) : avro d, : om 9 Or-lat 

17 €^pri0yfffap 6t] tt timebant Or-lat |^ | «ra^on] noJBwt deg 
jlm : ica^a a, Cyr-codd | o'werofei'] Tpoffera^mr m : twrrtiXaro 
b,*': om b,* | om atrroct cfy | om rat i® — (18) oxyvwrov b'g | 
e j)M70F0i>y] c^liN>7orourro Cyr-cod : e^ttfoirocour Cyr-cod | apatpo] 
appfpa moa, : opo'crcica Cyr-codd 

II fTi^rarat r«r epyttfr] 0^ epTodcwcrat M(-rai)j(sine nom)v«:, | cnororat] apxorrat F*> | vet^w] a' o^ fiBtffi b: a' ^ 
o^u^ B' o^u&\ j& 

la c^dfXivrorro] a' to'ixx^'^^'^^^ M: eo-iirxaiForro z: a' co'17xau^<*^<' <^a* ^' tffixaufomo j(sine nom)v(ai ex a): o ^i^pot 
^ly^i KOI tfip, e^Xi/Sorro c, 

13 pui] dimi#T(cui] F*»: 0^ errpv^tnrrtt B' tfiMtyfUi Mv(eMvat7/i0i) : nrrp v ^tmrtt tfiwaiyfum c, 

14 mu iran#dvr«fr] koi v«pcrurpai{aF] F^ | er roct iredtoct] cr ratt xE^^y^^O ^ I /'^'^^ Z^**'] A*^* 3vi{arrecaf] F^ 
16 {koi WfflM} KM 0}ptaBt,,, 64) 



II 4 


i8 teal i^oH)iy6vouv r^ dpaeva. ^^itcdkfo'ep 8i 6 ftaaiKei^^ Atyihrrov r^ fjLola^ /cal tlirtv ainaX^ Ti B 
19 irri i^rou^a'aTe ri irp&ffJM rovro teal i^tooyovtire ra dpae^a; '^ct^ray Sc al fuuai rfS ^apa» Ovx 

&q ywHMime^ Atythrrov ai ^RffpaZai^ rlxTovciV yiip irpXv ff eia^KJdelv irphs axniL^ rh^ fuUa^, xal 
~ h-iicTOP. **eS Bi iwoUi o 0€o^ raS^ /laUu^f teal iirXii0vP€v 6 Xoi? fcdi ta^vep <r^oBpa!^ "' Ar6*S^ t d, 
44 i^fiovPTO ai fiaiai top Oeop, hroir^aap kaxnais oltcia^. ^Xvpira^ Bi ^apaib vaprl r^ 

Xa^ avTOv Xirftav Tlav apaep b iap T€x0§ roi9 ^EfipcUoi^ eh top irorapiv pt'iftmre, teal trap OviKv^ 

^»cyoP€lT€ avro. 
I ^Hp Si T*9 itc rrj^ ^vXrj^ Aevel 5? SKafiep t&p Ovyaripwp Aevei. ^tcai ip yaarpl SXafiep 

3 tcaX !T€tC€P ipaep^ IBopre^ 8i airrb aareiop iatchraa-ap aifro fAfjva^ rpei^, ^iwel Bi ovte ffSvpnuno 
airro fn KpvirreiP, fkafiep avr^ tj M'V''VP avrot) Olfiip teal tcart)(pi4r€P avri^p aa^Xro^iatrjif koX 

4 MffaXep TO waiBlop eh avnip, teal iOt^Kep avrifp eh ro tXo^ irapk top worafiop. ^teal KaTeateo- 

19 crurror] error A*(Ti suprascr A') 11 crec^] «r« 5e B»'*>' 

«3 pifart B*>] pti^ffart B* II i Xew AF(bis) a tyyoffrpi A | ft&rrci F 

3 twei ae] ercidif B*(?) | eavrarro AF | ^i/Str] $eififi» B*"*<>(^/9i|r B**^): 0et/3... F | Karex/MO' B^*] Korrxptwtf B* | 
«#^aXni wtff9Ji B**!" 

18 rait /Muoit b' | evoiiftf'are — rovro] ovr erocifo-arc ro 
wporrayiuk /lov m | croicirc i* | xpaytiai^ fni/ia d, | ejVKryo- 
rccre] ^(W07orcirc d-gjm: e^oTonio'arc k*9fL: e^Worocetre a | 
apffeva] appewa o : /3f»e^ m 

10 ccTor FWi-dmnptwd, | MOtot] 7uraiicet a, | ^paw] 
poffiKtt bw I «t — c/Spoioi] /tt-M/ mu/ures Aigyptias sic ei 
Ha^hrecLS % \ Tvraurei] pr cu bceh^lmwza,b/^B | oiTvrrou] 
oryvrrtoi F^knxd, Phil-ed : cu vArpnmax bmw Phil -cod : 
AegyfUacae iA \ at e/Spcuat] pr rucrovffip W : pr ovrwt ircu dm : 
pr ourt#f jroi cu TM^cuffet fj: oi^cm kcu cu yvrcujcet tppcuai d,: 
a tfi pa t a t c: mu/ures Hebraeontm I3(pr // B*): +rucTov0'i w: 
+ nicrov0tu ^ | rucrowrtp — ercxroi'] priusquam tuniani obste- 
trices pariunt £ | Tpuf 17] irpo rw Mabdhi'pstvwza^d, : om iy 
Phil I eX^cir b'dflvz | (rpot] «it 32. 107) | airrovf n | om ircu 
crarror fna, 

20 eroMfo-er d3£(uid)j& | om i^ Phil-ed | rat ijuaiat m 
Phil I om ircu fo 1^ I erXi^vrcr] erXi|^vrero d,: eirXi^^M'OM' 
t**: -\-uaide fl | (fx>^} *^W)r ghjox: to"xweF lquB'£(uid): 
(icartoxw* 76) : €Purxv€w km : erM^vcr avrovt W 

21 nreiaiy] eret 9e B»'*»'gj: evccfor Phil-codd^: crci ow 
e: e/^tfM Or-lat |: -(• Se ycJBVf | ror ^ cu /muoi frS Or-lat^ | 
ror 9tw\ Dhm % : (om 18) | rr<Mfa9M\ pr kcu ackmsxji^(sub ^): 
99 ex corr aid )r* : Jecit 1B<= : -f- ^e qru | eauroii] ai^cut F*>'M1B^ : 
ecu/rat b' : eaifroit A : rr ai/rati w : cf rcut m*(uid) : om W \ 

OCXiOit z 

22 airrov] cun-ctf t : om b'z Or-lat | apffew] app€p o : apfftwi- 
Kow n I OM fkrtx | airorcx^ qu | roct c/9pcuoct] sub -r j& : (rcut 
tpfiouut 71) I ect] eri fi | (om ror 16) | cat tcu^] tcp^ de mB* | 
^Xvffor a, I itooyoretre] /iwoToreiro c: xtpiwoieieOt b': irepi- 
roci|0'CM^0e ^ I avro] ai^or n : om a^^Cl^iS Or-lat 

11 1 om ret Phil-cod | om nyt e | Xeuei 1°] pr nyt v(mg) 
Phil-codd: Xci/iyqu: -^-aftpaafi Phil-codd | ot] hie lli{ \- au/em 
IS*) : <ccu bwfl Phil-codd : -1- irat x | eXa/Ser] -I- sidi IE : + yvpaixa 
FB : -I- si^ uxorem %% \ rtav $vyo,T€pw' Xewet] ^vrcuira ioxa/3eX 


Phil-codd I r«#r Bvyartfum^] pr eir Meigijrsa, Cyr-ed : (pr aro 
130**: np $vyar€ptL 107) | r«#r] np p* | 0vywtpui>] +TWf 
bv(mg)w Phil-ed | Xeuei a« B^B] ■¥ uxorem W: +ot ircu c^er 
avrrfp bw: -l-xcu eo^^ey avnyr AFM rell(Xci;iy qa)l^ji( Phil-ed 
(aim; codd) Cyr: -t-iccu trxt'^^ avniv Phil-codd: -h Ti/rcuica 
KCU eo7c«' ^vniw (130) W 

2 er ctf xcupctf ryevriy^ /iwuoiyt xcu ip aoreiot rw 0ectf ot cve- 
r/M^ A^ifrat r^tt er r« ocxctf rou rarpot Acta vii 20: tiotci 
fiMvcTft yeppri$€it iKpvfiii rpififfvoif vwo rt*w vartpwf avrov 9ion 
€i8op offTnw ro vcuaior kcu ovk 9^opriBri<raif to diarayfia rov 
Paaiktun Heb xi 13 1| (kcu i®] 1? 71) | eXci/Jw tw yoffrpi, p | 
tKaptp] ertKt Phil-cod j ovro cmtcmt] avri# aartM om !•* | 
avTQ I®] avror n: om chl^ Phil-codd | ootcmt] H-or fi*l*nxb. 
B(uid)j& Phil I e<rKercurav] €Kpv\p€Uf F*>"«(-f€r)yJ6(mg) | ovro 
7^] avrow n : cum % \ rptit fiffvat x 

3 cre« 3e] twciiti B*(?)fhi*»8a, : €W€tlhi le Abr(ai| tup ras r*) 
wy Cyr-ed: cumque Or-lat: // cum iam IL: om ae p | awro] 
(post en 30): post KpinrreiF AFMb-cgjlpstvx(airroi')y-c,i6(sub 
•ig:*) Or-lat Cyr: ovror w: rtiiw E: om fSl | om ert r*B | 
Kpv^iw 1 I eXa/Ser] X snp ras /3(uid)F*»* : -h ae a^ | avrc* — avrov] 
Y Ai^/> avTV Atya, Cyr-cod | ai^rca] nac B : om Mefg jnvxzb, 
c^^iSi Or-lat Cyr-ed Tract | om avrov Fdlp | ^t/Str] (^Kip 
16): -hvarvpov acx^ji^(sub ^) | avn/p |0] 1; sup ras t*^: ain^ 
m: om Or-lat | c^-^Xrort^oii B*AFMiorsvx Phil-ed] rtaffii 
a,: cM'^oXrci^ kcu riffffri fl''S(uid)fL(aid) ji^ : c^-^oXrctf tio-^ 
B«Tb[» rell Phil-codd -omn Cyr: pice et bitumine Tract: Htu- 
mine Or-lat | om kcu i<^ — cu/nyr a<* a, | eve/9ciXer] cu^^cOlc 
l*(uid) : eXa/3e f | ett aifrip ro rcuator x^ | ircuaapcor m | ect 
avnjr] ett aurw c : er n| ^/9i| bw | kcu e^Ker aunyr] koi sup 
ras j*: om fr | e^Ker] -her F»' | aunyr 30] oirro b': om ft 
Or-lat Tract -cod : -h ro rcudtor F»' | ett i« — irorc^uw] o^ n^vuvi 

fluminis % Tract | rc^w] vept Cyr-ed | irora^or] p€i$po¥ F^ 

4 KCU KarefTKorevey] obseruabai auiem 1^ Tract | Kareo-Ko- 
irewer] xartffKowevoif a^: Kareo'Koveuo-er b'cefgj-mvz Cyt-cod: 

17 ra cif»o'era] ra rota... F*> 18 ra apffofo] ra ».... F*» 

19 TucTOVfftw yap] irytotr... ain^cu F^: a' quia genetrices hat ^ obstetrices emim sunt ^ eae uiuificant Si 
ai eroiiKair tcwratt otxtat] a' koi erot^ar ecurrcut oucovt Mvz(otKtatt) 
aa iit ror rora/tor] ett ro ptiBpo^ F^ 

II a CMTCtor] ayaBotf F^: a' aTa^or 0^ KaXor jc,: a' ort aTo^ot 0^ ort KaXot Mvz 

3 $tfiip'\ tftp, Bipni Kt/9«tfrtor €k fivfikov irXerror «#t ^otrtKCi»a[et] F^ : a' ^ Kiptarop wawvpov Mv(^ pro o^)z : nfitrrot rawvpov 
$ififqt If va^ Y rXarutf^^tot c, | ett ro eXot] eXot vvpUpHpot kcu vvpy^vr.,, ro v.... x<^^ Tora/tov F**: a' er rc# va«i^c«^t Mtz 

1 57 21—2 

n 4 


Bireufv tf aSeK^ avrov fAaicp60€v fuiOelv ri to aTTofiffaofuvov avr^.. ^^tcarifiif Bi 17 Ovydripp 5 
S da ^ap^ \ovaaa6ai hrl rov irorafMV, teal ai ifipai 01^9 irapen-opevovro irapk row worafiop^ ical 
iSovaa rifv Otfiip iv r^ iXti, oTroaTeiKaa-a rifp iff pap apeiXaro avn^p. ^apol^aca Sk opf waiBiop 6 
icKaiQp ip if fflfiei' leal i^Uraro avrov fi Ovydrffp ^apao>, ical l^ 'Airo t&p iraiZUnp r&p 
*Efipainp rovro, 7/cai ehrep ^ oBcXff)^ avrov rp Ovyarpl ^apai %iK€i^ ica'Keo'm coi yvpaitca 7 
rpo^vowrop iic r&p *E/3palo»p, teal OffXacei aoi to ircuZiop ; ^^ he elwep ^ dvydrffp 4ktpaw 8 
llopevov. ikBovaa Be tj peapi^ i/edKeaep r)fp fitjripa rov iraiZLov. ^elirep Be irpo^ avr^p 17 9 
Ovydrtfp Zapata ^tanipijaop fiOi ro rraiZLop rovro koX Si^Xocop /ioi avro, iyoi> Bi Banrt^ aoi rop 
liiodop. fXafitp Bi 17 yvptf ro waiBiop teal iBi^Xa^ep air 6* ^^dBpvpffipro^ Bi rov vaiBiav^ eurtj- 10 
yaff€P avro irpc^ riip 6vyaripa ^apati, ical iyanjdfi avr§ 6i9 vUp"* inrnpopjiaep tk ro Spopa avrov 
M€»wn)P Xjeyovaa ^Ek rov SBaro^ avriip ap€iXofifip. ^^*Eyip€ro Bk ip rai^ fifiipa$^ rai^ 11 

7roX\ai9 iiceipcu^ fiiya^ y€p6fi€P0^ Mfii>i;cr^9 i^\0€P irpi^ roif^ oBek^v^ avrov roi^ viov^ *Jcrpai^ 
icarai/oi7cra9 Bi rop ir6pop avr&p opqi apOpo^irop Alyvimop rxnrropra ripii ^Kfipaiop r&p iavrov 
oBeX^&p r&p vi&p *Icrpai;X* ^^irepifiXeylf^dp^po^ Bi SBe ical cSSe ovj^ opf oifBipa^ ica\ irard^a^ rop 19 
Atyvimop iicpv^^^p avrop ip r§ dp,fMp. ^^i^eXSmp Bi r§ ^/^p? ''T Bevripa opf Bvo SpBpaq 13 

6 $tfi€t] Btipi B*(tfc/3ec B* 9^^ B^^)i Bttpm, F* (tf?i^ Ft»^ 
10 oMtiXofiifP B*'^] ofiKo/Mfp B* 

7 tppautw B*»>] ppanop B* 

awtffKowevtP w Phil-cod-untc(aro0-«o«'evctr sed arocKowttP ed) | 
/io^civ] ti€iw b'fhinosz(mg)c3^1/ Or-lat Tract : obseruans eum 
scire IS* : om in | om re Aye, | om ro g | om a\rn$ f 

5 — 11 €KTt$€prot 6€ ai/rov weiXaro ai/ror if Bvyanip ^apoM 
Ktu we^/M^aro avrow €avTri ccf vcor Acta vii % i 

6 «carc/9if St] «ceu «care/9iy i*s : om ^ m | crc] ecf (16) IS(uid) 
Or-lat(uid): r<ipa p: ad %, Tract | worofio'' i^] ptiBpwf F^ | 
om KOI i^—woTopLOP a® fir Tract | om tu dJJ) | avnyr] post 
waperopev<mTo x: om jm*o*pda I *'*V*] *•"• AijstyCjd, | top 
roroftor 1^] yc^o* fov ptiBpov F^ | (koi idovffo] cdovtra 5e 37(|)) | 
om n|r i* f*i*dj, Cyr-ed | (Bipip] + rawvpov 83) | tp r«# eXci] 
w€Lpa TO eXof v(txt)z(txt) | arotfretXcura] misit US | om nir 2*^ 
i*w I afipop] +ai/nytx5S | oMtiXaTo] aPtiXrro Megh^ptc^d.d) : 
cu^iXer Cyr-codd : suscipere ^18* 

6 oroc^f ck* I opa] uidit HBS'l/ Tract | wtubwp] pr 
waibiOP KOI i^v F^"*': pr icoi ifv a: pr ro rcudcor ecu lyy ro c^ 
S(ro i*> et «ccu ifr ro vaidioi' sub 4g>) : post 1 1<^ ras (3) f | icXoiorra 
n* \ €P TTi 9ipti\ sub -r- 5S : (pr ^S^ 64) | iy 0vyaT7ip ^opaw] sub -r 
5S : om Tract -ed | om k<u 2^ — tovto f | c^] eirer bin c^d, 

7 Kcu eirtp] tiwtp St bnwl/ : + avni h | avrov if adcX^ b' | 
om rif $vyaTpi ^paw h | ^«Xift chd, | om Yi/roura Cyr-cod | 
{Tpt^vffop 71) I om €K Tiop t^pauop em | cc] avo n | Kot, 
^Xao'ci] Tov ^Xao'oi e(-o^ e**) | ^Xao'et] ^Xooif hi£: ^XoAf - 
A I om 0*01 1** 1£ I veudcor] + rovro bwS 

8 If 8e orer B Cyr-ed] ccrer dc k: dixit Hi i didiH: ecrer 
^ avn; Fi*'jmnrs3rd3()): cirer avn; Cyr-cod: «ceu ec«>er avnj 
Mbri*pwaaCada(i)C(uid)l, Tract: -l-ovnf A rell 4 Cyr-cod | 
(etwtp — 0apcutf] 0vyanip ^apau tiwtp avnf 76) | if $vyanip 
^paw] om dp Cyr-ed: -Ha* IS | eX^ovo'a 5e] arcX^ovtf'a Se 
bdhoptwa^S^^uid) Cyr : (ireu ar«\0ouaa 64 mg) | rov voi sup 

ctrer dt] dixUque 1/ : ^/ dixit Or-lat Tract | vpof avnfv] 
OMTH nl/ Cyr Tract | Sianipifffop /loc] ra/r 9 | om rovro ha, 
^uid) I om /IOC ao Cjrr-codd | tu9$op] +aou cqux^lS | reu- 
SioP 3<>] rtuiapiOP Cyr-cod | c^Xcurer MlWE{md)%,Si C>T-ed | 
avro a®] avror n* Cyr-ed 

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rof] aSpuBtPTot egn : opSpvpOePTot F»Ma-dfijmoqswx»*aj|»*Cadg 

Cyr-ed : arSpva^errot a,* : opSpiBtPTOt k* : ardpc^errot 1 | 8e !<>] 
+ if^ Cyr-ed | ryenf^] rycvnf^ sw : e7<rrro r | om avn| (13a) 
Sc(uid) I luawnip BF*»'dikpqrtu Cyr-cod] tiucrfp afjlmnd, Cyr- 
cod : puuoyi begxc, : fu#Mnf AF*M rell : Moyses %, : /um^ Cyr- 
ed I cff] pr ore i**rSl/5^(uid) Or-lat | avror arfiXo/iify] avror 
ayctXafiify o: arctXofiip' avror AF***Macdghinptyb,c^ Cyr-ed: 
ai^cXo/iify avror F*klsvza2(avro vz) : extraxi eum 9 

11, 12 (#t 5e eirXiypovro avrc# TWffepeucoPTaenft XP^^ 
ap€pii eirc tt/p KopSiop avrov ewurKcj^aaBai rovt a^eX^vr avTov 
rovf viovt urpaifX xot iBiOP rtra adc«cov^ror if^vraro icoi eiroci^er 
cffdunftrir rw «ararorov/ierc# raro^af ror atyvirrtor Acta vii 
a3 sq : fjumnnft pueyai ytPopMPot Heb xi a4 

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rait roXXoit] roXXocf rifupeus 16*^ | if/ie/MUf] bb scr h* : (om 
16*) I roif roXXaif] post ecetracf b'l/ : sub-:-i5: omF*>*mr | om 
e«cecrait ^£ | /Mwift afmnpsxyc^d, | om €$i|X5cr 1 ] rovt viovt 
MT/MifX] sub ^ S^: om IxWL | om ^e a® g | r«r rorwr d(ror) 
f^ropop g*) I opa] tiidit ^(iSl/5S(uid) : inuenit % \ wBpwop 
at^vrrior] rira ai^vvTior ardpa egj (i3o(om rira)) | ar^p<#iror] 
(roidtor 107): +r«roo | riro] om ema^lS" Cyr-ed : -hai^vrrtor 
c I tppaiop] tppautp cb,*(uid)lS*: om 1: -Hera ir | twp eavrov 
aSeX^up] TOP eavrov adeX^or q : ror adeX^or avrov z | tvp i<^] 
ro w* I eavrov a5eX0«tfr] avrov aUk^up in : aSeX^oir avrov AF 
Mcd^lprtvya^b^c,^ Cyr{eo vrov ed): {tfipaiup 64 mg) [ rttp 
vtwr MTpaifX] sub -r %: om kn Cyr-ed : om Ttm w : om wwr 1* 

12 repc/9X. 5e] cai vepi/SXe^^afierot bwl/ : om ^ e | ovx — 
Koi] nemimm uidens 1/ | opa] uidehtU IL : uitHt IS | cai vara- 
|dt] vara^at ^ Mbhnw | om avror 1 Phil | er nf a/viv] vro 
TTpf apuiop d, I y/fafifui vz Cyr | 

13 — 22 nf re eiriovoif if/^epa w0^ avroct fiaxo/Aeroct «cai 
o'vnfXXao'O'er avrovt ect etpifnfr ecrcM^ arSpet a^eX^ eore tra re 
a^urecre aXXifXovt de adcxow' ror rXifO'ior avoKraro avror etwtip 
ret o'e KaTeffTrfff€P ap^orra irai duraonfr e^ ij^tiwr my areXecr /«e 
o-v ^eXeit or Tpowop areiXet ex^et ror a«7virrtor e^vytp 5e 
puMOTis tp rc# Xoyta tovtu koi ryeprro vapoucot er yif fiaduifi ov 
eyemfo'er wovt *vo Acta vii a6 — ap : ret 0* care^nfo^ apxopra 
KOI SucoffntP ib 35 

13 om nf if/iepa c | om nf a*^ C3rr-ed | opa] uidebat ILi 

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er n# eXec] er tm wuw¥pettPi F*> { aj9^} Oiictnda F^ 


11 22 

14 ^Rfipalov^ SiawXtitCTi^Ofj^vov^, ical Xiyei r^ aiueovpri At^ rl aif ^rvirreis rov irktialov ; '^o hi B 
ehrev Ttv crc /earioTrfa-ev ap^ovra ical Bi/eaarifv i(f>* tifiAv ; fivf JLvektip fAe <ri^ dikei^ tp rpiirov 
aveike^ ix'^^^ '^^^ A^lyvrmov ; i<f>ol3r}0ff Si Mavaij^ teal elirev Ef oSto^ ifA<^vh yiyopev to fnjfM 

15 Tovro ; ^^ijfeov<r€v Si <I>apaa> to fffffia toSto, teal i^i^Tet avcXeiv Mwi/cr^V dv€y(mpf)a€v Si Mawnj^ 
ifiro irpoa-wrov ^apaii teal ^tetfa-cv iv y§ MaSidp,* i\0ii>p Si eh yfjv MaSiitfi iicaJBurev hrl rov 

16 ^piaro^, '^T^ Si iepet MaSihp, ffaav iirri Ouyaripe^, TToifAaipova-ai rd irpofiara rov irarpb^ 
avr&p *lo06p • wapOf/epofieiHii Si HvrXow &)9 hrXfiaav rd? Sefafievd^, woriaai rd irp6fiaTa rov 

17 irarpo^ air&v ^lodop, ^^frapayevofiepoi Si oi iroifUve^ i^ifiaXKop avrd^* dvaard^ ti Ma»u0^9 

18 ippvaaro avrd^^ teal rivrXtfcev avraX^ xal irroriaev rd irpofiara avr&v. ^^irapeyipovro Si irpo^ 
'PoTOv^X rov iraripa avrSxv* 6 Si etwev avraX^ Ai^ ri ira^vare rov irapayepiaOai arffiepop ; 

19 ^^al Si ftvav "AvOponro^ AJyvimo^ ippvaaro tffjLa^ diri r&p iroip4p6}v, teal ^vrXficev ^fiSv teal 

10 hrirtaev rd irpofiara fifi^v, ^o Sk elirep ral^ ffvyarpdaiv avrov Kal ttov iarl ; teal Xva ri 

11 icaraXeXoiware rov ivdp^wop; teaXicare oiv avrov iim^ 4>dyff iprov. " teanjjMcia-dff Si Mc»uo^ 

12 iraod r^ dvdponrtp* koX i^iSoro ^etntxipav rifv dvyaripa avrov M<ova^ yvvaSiea, ^iv ya^rrpl 

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15 tKa$€ur€9 AF* 16 r<M/ieroiwac B*(-/mui'- B^) 

19 «i] pr rms B (refpond in nig ras) | woifuuwvw AF* | «r0rei#cF F 
AF I n] +ovrm B^ 91 mrMcci^ A 


^ n I om avrmi' 9<> Phil | toBop 90 BA^hiorsC Cyr] loSttp ab: 
tmemp qu: om A*FM rell SiSSliS PhU 

17 rapaytpofuwoi Se] Ktu «\$orrtt d | m] a/ii Hi | c(c/3aX- 
Xor] e(e/3aXor AFa3ce-jlmnprtw*xyb,m]SeS(aid)5S Cyri-edt: 
t^PoXop b': c|e/9aXv d | om avraf i^ Cyr-cod| | om oMi^raf 
— ovrat a<» s I 5e i<>] ovr d, : om q* | ftunft cfmnxc^d, | avrat 
%**] + ecu ra wpopara ovtvp awo rm^ r<M/ierwr i**rC | om jrcu 
iirr\tiff€P avrtut AFbly-CaB^SiS Cyr\ | irrrXiy<rai' d(uid) | 
Avroit] ovrat f : om CI/ | ewcrtffop mvx£^ | avn#r] pr rov wp9 
i*»rvxbaC, Cyr-ed|: om BS 

18 ra^cycrorro 5e] rapeycrcro de o: kol ra^ryerflrro m: 
om 6€ IBiL I payovifX] iotfof AdoCv(mg)wz(mf )C(post avrwr) 
1/ Cjrr^: io^wp bj(mg) | Se ctrcF] eircy <e wS: «/ oiV 1/ | 
om avnut dpt | Ami n BaoiS] om dia g ^codd(aid): r< ore A 
FM rell H-edl^ Cyr | om rov kmx 

10 Oi de] If 8e o: cat pS | eiroy] a ex corr o^: eiror AFb 
odfk-npqsuvz-d, : -havrM (64 mg) IS£1/ | oi^tfpcMrof] +«^ 
F I v/iat 1* I aro] €k n Cyr^: ce x^P^ x | om ecu lyrrXiyo'er 
If/Ml' IS'' I ifrrXiyo-er] pr orrXcir ckxS(siib 4s) | ifM«i'] v/mi^ c: 
om H I nrontfofiey Im | om it/M#r AFegjlvwy-c^lSiS Cyr| 

20 8e] Mu pS I (om reuf Bvyarpa^iw avrov 107) | om 
K<u fo AFMegjlvzCalSC Phil | t^ri] +0 a^ot mqu Phil j om 
KM «« cxOCiS Cyredi | ri B*anoaE«] +ovr«#f B^AFM reU 
iSC£1/5S Phil Cyr | xareXirarc gm(-Xocr-) | ror artfp«#ror] 
avror mqu | om ovr MnvzCgS | avror] avrw g : ror aFor fqu | 
&wm] wa d, | o^or] pr ror w 

21 {garidtnfae 76^4) | /M#viff e^mnpxyc^d, | e^tdoro] 
e{edero Ao: e|e^o avrw v: +avn# cdi'^knprtxz : +avror m | 
a€w^»pap] poftt nyr x: ff€w^tipa ma,: o-ev^ofor adfhpd^lS*: 
Sepkdra C: 9tiiwfopa9 n: ct/i^pCLf w: atft^opaif g: a'€nwt0- 
^w^ai' Phil-cod-unic | /m«u0^] pr n« M: tc# /mm^ x: puavirti 
Ai*q: aum^ fnyd,: ^cMO'ec ec,: avn# i^'rC: om m | yvnuira] 
pr «f ddj* 

22 €jr I© — ytnnf] "kafiovaa d€ if yvni €9 yarrpi bw : ^ttat 

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14 /All — afyvrrtor] a' fiiiri rov awoKT€iwat fit trv Xeyect ra^a areirretraf o'vr ror aiyvrrcor ff' /iijrc aroicrcirat /u 9v XcTcit 
or TpoToif artKTtiwat ror aiyvrrcor $* if oreXeir fie ffv Xryeif or rpoww arciXef ror aryvmor v | ro piy/la] orr' ro rpayfia M 

16 de^o^Mraf] rorurr/)of F'M: youpat F*> 19 avOptnroi] <unfp F*» 

10 ai^p«#ror] ardpa F** at ar^/Mnrw] ar^pc F^ 


tMii^ ISi/ : imttnU £ | efiptuovf ^rXif m^o sup ras circ 1 1 litt 
A^om efipaiwt A*^ | om eftpatovt y* \ (dwrXifjcn^/ierovf] 
+ «pof oXXifXovff 71) I Xryft] dixit IBM^B (uid) | ^] wa b 
Cyri I om <rv AFMadeg)l*mnpCv-a,c,9BSiJ6 Cyr-codd | 
rvmyt hi | rXifo-cor] rroiptm ffov F^: +o'ov anxlSCi/S{uid) 

14 ctrer i<>] +avntfn£ | ret] -k-enim % \ apxofTa] pr ett 
w^6pa xft-codd i6(sub 4^) : pr 4^ mrum 9-ed : c/Mnfr Clem-R | 
Mu i<»] If F Clem-R | ifM^r] v^uiir dp : iffiat bc^fgh*H*jmnowy 
d. Chr Cyri-ed^ | mi»] if AF«Mceg-jr8vx2-c,EJS Cyr: si^ | 
ju] post <rv 1/ I om ov defg'x^S^iS Chri | tfeXect] tfcXift ^ik 
d,: Xeyeit (64 rog) S | ar«tXft <x^et] rif x^« oreiXet a,: Atri 
pcddisti % \ €X^et ror acyvvTcor] ror oiyvrrior x^t AFMacegij 
kmottTwyxb,c,(<x^ct FMaiotb,Ca)ISC£l/i5(xtfet sub t-) Cyri> 
codd|: (om ror oiyvirrior 37) | x^«» B**>bdfhnpqxda | AM#^ift 
cfiipxc,d, I Mu fftrcr] kqx Xryei bw : <&/iif C | o] pr m f: om 
(83) IS I om ovrwt 1/ | yeyimtp tfi^optt egj | rovro] sub «r 5S: 

15 ifffovo'cr — fuivcrfp] (om 71): om ificovirer — rovro g*Wf | 
^ovrcr U] xai ifirovire fp | ^ap««# i<*] post rovro Cyr-cod : ^ofm 
r* I om rovro 31 | ^ivv^iir] pr avror ror t : pr ror F»*"»«bcdhikn 
rswyd,: ror futMiff ({twve^ i^')xCyr-ed: avror mpa, | fu#voift] 
jAMffift fmnxc,da*> | mniv€9 Bafhi*nqsndJ xarMinfvcr AFMi«* 
rell Phil Cyr | er 7if](ern| 132): cttyifrao | eXtf cm^— fia^iaM 1^] 
pr ras(2) n: om Mmxl/S(txt) Phil | tttyifr] €if yn a^^l: cr tji 
yv Cyr^ I tKaBiaei] pr km mxlJ6 Phil: €Ka$^roni ( + ^130) 

16 (om t»n8uLtt> 76) | ifo-or] post tfvyarcpct ckmS(4^ ^ 
erani V) : om x | voifUKirovo'ai — avrwr i** sub -r & \ rov i^ — 
uBop |0] payovi|X rov r^ avrciir a, | rov varpot avrtnf |0] post 
f$9p i« AFdntIS: om ovrvr Phil | lo^op i»] toBiap abegl: 
ut6%if> qu: om cfjmpwxyb^dgSCl^ Phil Cyr-cod| | om 
mpmywofuwA — loBop 2*^ ja, | ropayerofierai n | om 5e a<* p | 
ifrrXovr] ifrrXifO'ar (76) IS: Aatumii S | crXifo-ar] pr ovr f: 
evXifpcM'ar mswy Phil(uid) : impUuit S | rat de|a/icrat rorc- 
^oi] nm[m&]nC€ C(?om wvr^ffoi) \ dff|d/icrat] +ra vonfonf- 

n 4 


Birev€v ^ aSeXAJ^ airrov fioKpoSev fiaBelv rl ro airofiffaofuvov avr^.. ^^tcarifiif Bi ^ Ovydrffp $ 
S <ia ^apam Xowraafiai hrl rbv irorafiov, teal al ififMi avrrj^ irapen-opevopro irapk row worafiop* teal 
ISovaa TffP Otfiip iv r^ jfXtt, airocrretKaaa rtfv iffpav opeiXaro avn^p. ^dpol^ttaa Bk opf woiBii^p 6 
tcXaZop ip if dlfiei' leal i^Uraro avrov fi Ovydrffp ^apam, xal l^ 'Airo t&p ircuZlmp t&p 
*Efipat€»p rovTo. 7/cai etirep ^ oSeX^ avrov t§ Ovyarpl ^apaoi %iK€i^ KoKUrm coi yupauca 7 
rpo^vovaop ix T&p *E/3palo»p, teal OfiXdaei crot to ircuZiop ; ^^ hk etwep ^ Ovydrffp ^apo/i 8 
Tlopevov. iXOovaa Be tj peapi^ ixdKea-ep rifp fitjripa rov vaiBiov. ^^hrep Be vpo^ avrifp 17 9 
Ovydrffp ^etpwo ^tanjpijo'op fkoi ro fraiZLop rovro tcaX Oi^Xacop fAOi avro, eya> Bi Sc&crw crot rop 
fAia-Oop. fXafiep Bk 17 yvp^ ro waiBiop icai iOi^Xa^ep airo. ^^oBpvpOipro^ Bi rov vaiBiav, e**^- 10 
yoffep avro irpc^ rifp Ovyaripa ^apad, ical iyepi^Off avrp eh vlop* iwiopofiaaep Bi ro SpofM avrov 
Mtawrffp XjeyoiHra ^Ek rod iBaro^ avriip dpeiXofiffp. ^^^Eyepero Bi ip raS^ ffpipa^^ rai^ 11 

iroXKcuf; iteelpai^ fiiya^ y€p6fi€P0^ Mtovaif^ i^XOep wpd^ rov^ a£€X^v9 avrov roi>^ vioif^ ^lapaifk, 
learaporiaa^ Bk rop iropop avr&p op^ apOpatrop Aiyvwriop rinrropra rivk *Kfipaiop r&p iavrov 
dBeX^p r&p vi&p ^la-pafjK* ^^irepifi\e^dp>€Po^ Bk dBe teal JiBe ovj^ opf oifBepa^ ical ward^^ rov 11 
Alyvimop iKpv^ep avrop ip r§ dfip^, ^^il^eXOiiP Bk rg Vf^P9 ''T Bevripf opa Bvo avBpa^ 13 

7 efipauiP B**»] ppanop B* 10 opttKofufP B***>] oi^cViyAip B* 


aw€ffKom'€V€p w Phil-cod-unic(aro0'co«'evetr sed aroaxawtip ed) | 
/M$€tp] tdtiw b'fhiDosz(mg)c3^1/ Or-lat Tract : obseruans turn 
scire IS* : om m | om xi Aye, | om ro g | om ovrw f 

6 — 11 €KTt9tmt 6€ avrov aretXaro avror if Bvynrrip ^apatt 
icai wc^pe^aro eurrov cavn| e<f vtor Acta vii 1 1 

6 Kare^ dc] koi, xare/Siy i*s : om 5e m | eri] ett (16) IS(uid) 
Or-lat(uid): wcLpa pi ad %, Tract | worafiw i^] ptiBpotf F^ | 
om K€u i*> — xora/ior a*» fir Tract | om cu dj^) | avrift] post 
wapewopevoPTo x: om jm*o*pda I *'«V*] '•■* AijstyCgda I ^^ 
rorofior a°] x^^^o* fov ptiBpov F^ | {xtu idov^a} idovtra Ht 37(|)) | 
om n|r i* f*i*dj, Cyr-cd | {Bipif^] + wawvpov 83) | tp r« eXei] 
W€Lpa TO eXof v(txt)z(txt) | arooreiXcura] misit HV | om nyr i^ 
i*w I afipaw] +avnytx5S | oi'eiXaro] (veiXrro Megh^ptc^d^d) : 
opeiKew Cyr-codd : suscipert SIS* 

6 oroc^f ck* I opa] uidit SBS'l/ Tract | raiatov] pr 
TOidior ffot t^v F^"*': pr «caii7ir a: pr tq roidcor koi 171* ro c9 
5S(ro i<> et ffoi 17V ro rat^ioi' sub •^) : post c i<^ ras (3) f | xXaioi^ra 
n* I w ny ^i/9ei] sub -r- JS : (pr -^ 64) | iy 0vyaTiip ^paw] sub -?- 
5S : om Tract-ed | om koi 2^ — tovto f | c^] eirer bin c,d, 

7 ffoi ecref] ctrer de bnwl/ : + avni h | avrov 17 adcX^ b' | 
om TTi $vyaTpi ^pata h | 0€kyit cbd^ | om Yvraura Cyr-cod | 
(rpe^urar 71) | om e« tvp t^pauop em | ec] axo n | icai 
^Xao-tfi] rov ^lyXao-a* e(-o^ e*^ | ^Xao'et] ^Xaoif hiS: ^XoAj • 
A I om <roc 1® IS | raidcor] + tovto bwS 

8 iy de etrer B Cyr-ed] ctrei* de k: </f>i/ IS : dictt %i tiwtp 
de avni Fi'^jmnrsydgO): mrtP avny Cyr-cod: koi €iit€P avrri 
Mbri»pwaaCad,(i)S<uid)E Tract: -^-avrri A rdl 4 Cyr-cod | 
(eirer— ^apaw] Bvyanip ^apoM eiW€P avni 76) | if $vyanip 
^apaio] om dp Cyr-ed: -Ha' IS | cX^ovo'a de] arcX^ovo-a de 
bdhoptwa,S<=(uid) Cyr : {km aT«\9ovaa 64 mg) | rov roi sup 
ras a** 

ctrer dc] dixiique 1/ : ^/ ^fxf/ Or-lat Tract | rpot avn^v] 
ovn; nl/ Cyr Tract | iiwnipiiaop /loc] ra/r S | om rovro ha^ 
^uid) I om puoi'i9 Cjrr-codd | iuo$w\ -t-o'ov cquxfQS | frai- 
diop 30] raidaptor Cyr-cod | €$i)<Mep MlS£<uid)l,iiS Cyr-ed | 
avro 1®] avrof n* Cyr-ed 

10 adpvpBtPTot St] KOI aZpv$€PTot k*p(ardpvr^-) | adpvpBep- 
rof] oBpvBtPTot egn : opdpvpOtPTot F*Ma-dfijmoqswx**a,»*c,d, 

Cyr-ed: ardpva^errof a,* : ar^pt^crrof k* : af^pc^errot 1 | *e i®] 
+ rfSri C)rr-ed | ryeni^] tytppi^Bii sw : eytprro r | om avn| (i 31) 
S^juid) I fiwwnip BF*»'dikpqrtu Cyr-cod] fiuffijp afjbnnd, Cyr- 
cod : /utftfif begxc, : /luvcii AF*M rcll : Moyses 1/ : /mm^ Cyr- 
ed I €«c] pr ore i**rSl/5^(uid) Or-lat | a,vTw arciXo/iiyir] avror 
aretXafiiTr o: areiXo/iiyr avror AF***Macdghinptyb,c, Cyr-ed: 
areiXaf»;r avror F*klsvza3(avro vz) : extraxi eum HL 

11, 12 un de €vXiypovro ovrta TtafftpeucoPTaenis XP^^ 
arc/9i7 eiri tt/p KapSiop avrov €riaK€\lfaa0at rovt a^cX^vr avrov 
rovf viovt urpaiyX «cat idvp rtra adcxov^ror ly^vraro Kai cwonjctp 
tKdimiaip rc# icararorov/iierw vara^f top atyvrrtor Acta vii 
13 sq : /uavffris fuyai ytpopxpot Heb xi 14 

11 e7€rero *e] tytp^iOri Je a^: om fd,: om <e c | {rnupait 
rait roXXait] voXXeuf 17/iepait i6*') | 17/iepaif] bis scr h* : (om 
16*) I raif voXXaif] post eicetracf b'l/ : sub -r- Si : om F^^mr | om 
«K€iP€ut 9£ I fuaaiit afinnpsxyc^d, | om e^\0€P 1 ] rovt viovi 
MrpaifX] sub '^ 5S : om IxWL \ om dt 2^ g \ rt»P rorwr d(ror) 
fg(roror g*) | opa] uidit 9IS1^5S(uid) : inuenit S ] opBpwop 
ai^vrrior] rira ai^vvTior ardpa egj (i3o(om rtpa)) | artfp«#ror] 
{woilUop 107): -hrirao | rtra] om cma^lS* C)rr-ed : -Hoi^vrrtor 
c I tfipaiop} tppaiup cb,*(uid)IS* : om 1: +€ra ir | tiop eavrov 
adeX0«0r] ror eavrov adeX^or q : ror aStK^op avrw z | nop i**] 
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eyerr9<rer wovt Svo Acta vii 16 — 39 : rtf o-e xaretfny^er apxoi^cL 
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elirev Tt9 crc Kariarqaev ap^ovra /col Bucaarrfv i(f>* ^fi&v ; fi^ dvtXtiv fjte ab dikei^ ftv rpiirov 
CLveiKe^ €j(dh rov Alyvirriov ; iif>ol3f}0ff Se Mtovaij^ teal elirev lEi oSto^ ifA^vi^ yeyovev to fnjf^a 

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airi wpoadnrov ^apaoi> teal ^KtfO'ev iv y^ MahidfA* i\0i^v Si eh yfjv Mi»fit^/A i/edOurep hrl rov 

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avr&p*lo06p* irapayepofievai Si UptXow &>9 IwXfia-av rd^ Se^fiepd^, iroriatu rd irp6/3ara rov 

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'PoTov^X rop irarepa avr&p* 6 Si etirep avraU A^d ri irQr)(ypare rov irapayepiaOai aripLepop ; 

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ao hrorurep rd irpofiara ^fJLoip. ^6 Si elirep rdk Ovyarpaaip avrov Kol vov iari ; Kal Xpa rl 
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a a traod r^ dpOpanrtp* xal i^eSoro Xerr^oapap rifp Bvyaripa avrov Miova^ yvpauea, ^ip yaarpl 

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+ wpot aXKiKovt 71) | Xryft] Jixit WLSS (uid) | 9ia] wo, b 
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-rvm|f hi | xXi^tf-cor] traitor ffQv F*»: +0-01; anxlSd/S<uid) 

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w6pa xft-codd ^(sub 4^) : pr ^ uirum ^-ed : «/MTifir Clem-R | 
JMU I®] If F Clem-R | vmm^} vm«»' dp i 17/iat bc^fgh*>i*jmnowy 
d.ChrCyri-edi | mi»] 17 AF'Mceg-jrsvxz-c^JS Cyr : «« | 
ju\ post «n; E I om <rw dcfg*xaE'5S Chri | ^«Xeii] tfeXift ^ik 
d,: Xeyect (64 mg) 5S | ayeiXct <x^«t] ny x^^' arctXcf a, : keri 
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kno8tvwyxb,c,(cx^ct FMaiotb,Ca)IS<S:Sl/5S(xtf«t sub -r) Cyr-- 
codd |: (om Tor o4ywrTt«i» 37) | x^f B**>bdfhnpqxda | Au«^ifr 
efhpxCgd, I ceu tircr] xoi Xeyec bw : dieens C | «] pr c# (: om 
(83) IS I om oirrwt 1/ I ytyt»€w e/jt^wtt egj | rovro] sub «r &: 

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ifirowrcy dt] km ffKovee fp | ^pav !<>] post rovro Cyr-cod : ^opw 
r* I om rowo ^ | /uauo'ip'] pr avror ror t : pr ror F**"»«bcdhikn 
rswyd^: ror /ut^w ({fwvffri i*')xCyr-edi avrormpa^ | AUtfwift] 
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rell Phil Cyr | ew yii] {tp ti| 1 3a) : «t yiiP ao | «\$w — fiaStaiA a**] 
prra8(a) n: om Mi|ixl/S(txt) Phil | cct7i;ir] cr yri a,3l: «r -ni 
"PI Cyr- I e«atftO'€v] pr mu mxU6 Phil: cra^ifro n i (-1- ^ 130) 

16 (om luJUfkik 76) I ifo-or] post Bvyartpts ckmS(4> 0^ 
/nM/ V) : om X | iroi^ioiirouo-cu — tivnm i® sub -r- 5S | rov i« — 
lo^op i*>] payovi|X rou r^ avrciir a, | rov warpot avrtnf 1^] post 
to$op i« AFdntlS: om avrt09 Phil | 10^0^ !<>] lodiap abegl: 
iM^ qu: om cfjmpwxyb^d^^Sl/iS Phil Cyr-cod| | om 
wapaytPOftmMu — 10^0^ a<^ ja, | wapaytwufLeptu n | om 5e a* p | 
iprXovv] iprrXtfaop (76) IS: katumii S | evXifaar] pr ovr f: 
evXiffMM'ay mswy Phil(uid) : impUuii S | rat de^o/icyat rorc- 
^«u] nm[m&]nC€ C(?om rorMreu) | Ufyipuiwws] -hro Tonfony- 

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or TpoTOP awexTtwas top euyvwriop $* 11 areXetr /ue ov \tyet9 op rporop orciXef ror aryvrrcor v | ro piy/la] orr' ro wpay/uL M 

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10 ai^p«#ror] or^pa P* at twBptiria] opipi F^ 


^ n I om avrwr 7^ Phil | io^op a^ BA^hiorsC Cjrr] ut$»p ab: 
meutp qu: om A*FM rell 91S£14^ Phil 

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Xar]e^/9aXor AFa^ce-jhnnprtw*xyb39]SCS(uid)5S Cyr^-ed-: 
<|e^aXay b': c|e/9aXv d | om ovrat !<> Cyr-cod- | om ai'ooTaf 
— airrat a<* s | dt a°] ovr d, : om q* | fiMnft cfmnxc^d, | avraf 
a<^] -h KOI ra wpopara avrup aro rm^ wotfuptop i**r<C | om km 
ifprXfiaep avTMt AFbly-Cj|IS*Si6 Cyr J | ifrrXiy<rai' d(uid) | 
ovroit] avrat f : om CI/ | evorio'ai' mvzS^ | Avntp] pr rov wpt 
i»»rvxbaCa Cyr-ed-: om BS 

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om 8e liSiL I /MToi/ifX] ut$op Adotv(mg)wz(mg)C(post avrw) 
1/ Cyr|^: io$(ap bj(mg) | o 8e ctver] eirci> <e wS: €i ait % \ 
om autoit dpt | dca n BaoiS] om dia g ^-codd(uid) : rt ort A 
FM rell 9-edl/ Cjrr | om too kmx 

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odfk-npqsuvz-d, : -l-avn# (64 mg) ISSl^ | or^pcMrof] -haror 
F I HUAt 1* I Avo] e« n C3rr|: e« x^'P^ 3C | om ecu ifrrXifffe» 
nf^ 3S^ I i|f^Xifo-er] pr aPtKwp ckxi&(sub 4^) | yiiu»\ vfup c: 
om ft I €wonaafUP Im | om iMM#r AFegjlvwy-c^lSiS Cyr| 

20 St] KM p£ I (om roif Bvyarpofftp avrov 107) | om 
KM i« AFMegjlvzCalSC PhU | wri] 4-0 o^ot mqu Phil | om 
xoc a« cxftCiS Cyr-edi | re B*an<^Ec] +oirra#ff B^AFM reU 
iSC£1/5S Phil Cyr | xareXtxarc gm(>XMr-) \ roP M^ptirop] 
uvrop mqu | om ovr Mnvzc^S | avror] avrta g : ror oror iqu | 
OTMf] tra dg I of^ror] pr ror w 

21 (rariMif^e 76^4) | /M#viff efgjmnpxyc^d, | e^tdoro] 
c|cdrro Ao: t^^oavrwv: -h avrw cdi^'knprtxz: -havror m | 
cer^pop'^ poftt n|r x: atw^pa ma,: atwfopop adfhpd,lS*: 
S€pk5ra C: etiutfopM^ n: aep^pop w: ctp^^opoM g: atuwtth 
^por Phil-cod-unic | /u#u0^] pr n« M: tc# /mm^ x: puav99i 
Ai*q: ftwo^ fnyd.: ^cmo-cc ec,: avtm i**rC: om m | Tvraum] 
pr «f cfd,* 

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Birevtv 17 aStk^ airrov fuucpoOev fAaBeiv rl to airofifiaofuvop avr^. ^^learifiti Be ^ Ovydrffp 5 
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iSovaa rifP Olfitp iv r^ fkti, irn'ocrreiKaaa ti^i/ ifipav aveiXaro avniv. ^avol^aaa Sk opf wtuBiov 6 
icKcuov ip rf Blfier teal ii^laaro avrov ^ Ovydrrfp ^apaa>, seal jf^ 'Airo r&p vaiSlwp r&p 
*Efipainp rovro, "^icaX elirep ^ oSeX^ avrov rp Ovyarpl ^apai B^€&9 icakea-m aot yvptMitea 7 
rpo^vovaop i/c r&p ^^palotp, zeal OfiXdaei aoi ro irojZiop ; ^17 Se eLw€P 17 dvydrffp ^Hipam 8 
Hopevov. iXOovca Se ^ pcapi^ ixdXeaep rifp fitfripa rov iraiZLov. ^elirep Be wpo^ avrifp ^ 9 
Ovydrtfp ^apad ^iarifprfcop /ao« to waiSlop rovro teal Oi^Xacop pLOi avro, iyo9 Bi Bdnrt^ aoi rop 
fAia-66p. Skafitp Bk 17 yvp^ ro waiBiop teal iO^Xa^ep airo. ^^oBpvpffipro^ Bk rov vaiBioVt eiatj- 10 
yar^€P avro irpl^ rifv Ovyaripa ^apad, teal iyepijOfi avr^ eh vtop* iwc^pofioaep Bk rd Spopa avrov 
MnwTTfp Xeyowra '£«c rot; HBaro^ avritp dpeiXofiffp. ^^^Eyepero Bk iw rai9 i}/*e/ENM9 roZv u 

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teaTapoijaa^ Bi rop iropop avr&p opf ap6p<oirop Alyvwriop rvwropra repk ^EfipaXop r&p iavrov 
dBe\^&p r&p vl&p *Io'pai;\* ^^irep^ffXe^^dp^po^ Bi dBe teal JiBe ov^ op§> ovBepa^ teal irard^a^ rop la 
Alyvirriop iicpxr^p avrop ip rg ip,p.fp, ^^iJ^eXSiup Bi t§ ^p^pf Tp Bevripa opf Bvo avBpa^ 13 

6 tfc/Set] ^e</9c B*(tfc/3ei B> ^/Siyi B^^): tfci/3ct F* (^ei^ Ft>V) 
10 arecXo/iip B*'^] opikonifif B* 

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7 tppauaw B^] pptmop B* 


awtffK9W€v€v w Phil-cod-unic(aro0-ff<Mrev€tr sed awocKC/wtiv ed) | 
/io^civ] iUiw b'fhinosz(ing)c2^1/ Or-lat Tract : obseruans turn 
scire IS* : om m | om re Aye, | om ro g | om o^n-ta f 

5 — 11 €Kr%9€rro% 5e avrov aa»eiXaro avror iy 0vyanip ^apoM 
KOI O9€0fK\lfaro avrov tavrri etf vtor Acta vii a i 

6 Kar€^ dc] KOI, «care/9i7 i*s : om de m | en] cif (16) B(uid) 
Or-lat(uid): wapa p: ad ii Tract | worofiw i**] ptiQpwf F^ | 
ono KOA i<*— rora/ior a° fr Tract | om ox ^j^\) \ avnir] post 
va^ro^vorro x: om jm*o*pda I *'<V^] '*'* Aijstyc,d, | tow 
rorofior a<»] x^'^of "rov pti0pov F*» | {k«u idovaa] idwaa it 37( J)) | 
om rffif !• f*i*da Cyr-ed | <tfti9*»'] + rawvpov 83) | er t« eXei] 
w€Lpa TO eXof v(txt)z(txt) | arooreiXcura] misii HV | om nyr i*> 
i*w I afipop] -{-avrritxSS | oreiXaro] (vciXrro Wegh^^'ptCad^d) : 
a¥«i\€P Cyr-codd : susciperc %16r 

6 apw^a% ck* | opa] uidii 9BS^ Tract | reuator] pr 
TOidtor ffcu t^v F^"*': pr «ccu ijv a: pr ro roidior «ceu 1^ ro c^ 
%{to i<* et cat ifv to rcudioir sub ^) : post c 1*^ ras (3) f | icXaiorra 
n* I er ny ^1^1] sub -t- JS : (pr •:9> 64) | iy BvyaTJip ^paw] sub -s- 
il^ : om Tract -ed | om kcu, a® — tovto f | e^] eirfr hin c^d, 

7 «cat ecrci*] ecrer ^ bnwl/ : + avny h | avrov 17 adcX^ b' | 
om Tfi Bvyarpi ^pata h | Otkuft chd, | om Yvraura Cyr-cod j 
(rpe^vd-ar 71) | om €k twp tPpauop em | €k\ awo n | koa 
^Xao-cc] Tov ^Xao-M e(-o^ e**) | ^Xao'et] ^Xaoif hiS: OjiKoBi^ 
A I om o-oc 1** VE I raidcor] + rovro bwS 

8 iy de etrer B Cyr-ed] ccrei* de k : </ijrf/ IS : didt IL : etrcF 
5e ovnf Fi»'jmnrsyd,(|): eixei' avrif Cyr-cod: koi ttwew avrri 
Mbri*pwaaCad,(i)C(uid)E Tract: 4-ovn| A rcll 4 Cyr-cod | 
((iiwev-^^paui] $vyanfp ^apau etrcr avrif 76) | if 0vyanip 
^tLpau] om dp Cyr-ed: -Ha' IS | t\$ovca 8e] artX^ovo-a Se 
bdhoptwa^S^uid) Cyr: {km areXBovaa 64 mg) | rov wai sup 

tiw€9 dt] dixiique 1/ : et dixit Or-lat Tract | xpot avrifv] 
avnf nl^ Cyr Tract | dwnjpifffop /loc] ca^ ^ | om rovro ha, 
^uid) I om /IOC ao Cjrr-codd | /u^Bop] +0'ov cquxftlS | voi- 
dcor a<»] raidaptor Cyr-cod ] c^Xotrer Ml9nE<uid)l/ilS Cyr-ed | 
avro a®] ovror n* Cyr-ed 

10 a8pvw$€rrot de] Kot aSpvBtrrot li^p{apdpw$') | adpuw$€P- 
rof] adpuBerrot egn : opipwOarrot F»Ma-dfijmoqswx**aa*'Cad, 

Cyr-ed: ar Jpva^errof a,* : ardpi^errof k* : oi^dpc^crrot 1 | ^e i«] 
+ f ^ Cyr-ed | ryenf^] tyeppriBri sw : €y€P€To r | om avrif (13a) 
S<=(utd) I luawnip BF*>Mikpqrtu Cyr-cod] tiuci^ afjlmnd, Cyr- 
cod : /utftfif begxc, : lunwm AF*M rell : Moyses 1/ : /um^ Cyr- 
ed I eir] pr OTi i**rSl/5^(uid) Or-lat | avror arciXo/iifr] avror 
aretXa/iifr o: areiXofiifi' avror AF^^^Macdghinptyb^c^ Cyr-ed: 
arccXafiifr avror F*klsvza2(avro vz) : extraxi eum % 

11, 12 «#t ^ eirXifpovro avrw rc<ro-epairorracrift XP^^ 
are^ eiri rifr xapSiop avrov €wiaK€\/faff$ai rovt a^eX^vr avTov 
rovf vtovf urpaifX koi i^wr rira a^tKomieror if/tAvraro Kai ewoiijatp 
tKdiKfiatP rc# KaTawopovfuyu rara^f top atyvirrcor Acta vii 
a3 sq : tuavrnt pueyai ytpopxpot Heb xi a4 

11 eytprro de] eytpriBrf 8e a,: om fd,: om ^ c | {iffupait 
rait roXXatt] xoXXaif rifupaif 16*^ | rifupais} bis scr h* : (om 
1 6*) I rail ToXXaif] post ecetract h'tL : sub -r i5 : om F**'mr | om 
(Keipoit 9£ I AUt^^f afmnpsxyc,d, | om e^ifX^cr I | rovt viovf 
MT/MifX] sub '^ &: om IxWL | om 5e a^ g | Tmf woinitp d(ror) 
fg(roror g*) | opa] uidii IIISEi^(uid) : inuinii E ] opBptiwop 
at^vrrior] rira ai^vimor opSpa egj (i3o(om rira)) | ar^p«#ror] 
(irotdior 107): +rtrao | rira] om ema^lS^ Cyr-ed : H-at^vrrior 
c I tPpaiop] tfipaitop cb3*(uid)IS* : om 1 : -h era ir | tiop eavrov 
adeX^up] TOP eavTOV adeX^or q : ror aUtk^op avrov z | twp !<*] 
to w* I eavrov a^eX^ciir] avrov adeX0«tfr in : a^X^oir avrov AF 
Mcd^lprtvyagbgCgS C)rr(eavrov ed): {ePpaitop 64 mg) | rc#r 
vtwr co-paifX] sub -r &: om kn C3rr-ed : om rcir w : om wtop I* 

12 re/M/9X. de] koi v«pipke\/^fi€Pot bwl/ : om 8t e | ovx — 
«cai] ruminem uidens 1/ | opa] uidebat IL : uidii IS | irac waru' 
|df] rara^af ^ Mbhnw | om avrow 1 Phil | er nf ofi/iw] vro 
nfr apLfiop d, | if^fifut vz Cjrr \ 

13 — 22 nf re ertovo'if if/iepa w0^ avroif /laxo/ieroct xai 
<rvnfXXa<ro'er avrovt etf ei/>ifrifr eiwiop ardpet a^eX^ eore era ri 
a9c«cetre aXXifXovf de adiirc#r ror rXifO'tor awuffaTO avror ecrwr 
rcf o'e «careonf<rer apxopra irat dura^Tifr e^ if/iMr /iif areXeir /ie 
o'v ^eXecf or rpowop arctXet ex^ ror aiyvwrup t^vytw 5e 
fiwwnit tp nt Xoryuf tovtw koi eyeprro wapoucof er yif fiadiati ov 
eyemfo-er wovf Svo Acta vii a6 — ap : rit 0* ffare^nfo^ apxopra 
KOt duraoTifr ib 35 

13 om nf mfupa c | om nf a*> Cyr-ed | opa] uidebat H: 

5 afiptul a' wathffKtu 0^ Kopao'MC F^^om o^)Mvz | ^i/3<r] Kipmrop F^ | er ri# eXec] er rw warvpewH F*> | aj9^} Miranda F^ 



11 22 

14 ^Efipalov^ SuiwXfffCTi^OfAivov^t fcal Xiyei r^ aZiKOVPri At^ tI trif ^rvirrei^ top irkfialov ; **o hi B 
ebrev T19 cr€ icaritmiaev apx^vra xal BiKoarifv i^* ^fi&v ; fAtf avtXtiv fjte ab Oiket^ ftv rpiirov 
ai/6tX€9 iX^^^ '^^^ ^hfvimov ; i<l>ol3r}0ff Se Meai/o^v fcal etirev IBi oSto^ iful>aph yiyovev to fnjfia 

15 ToOro ; ^S7Jteov<r€v Si ^apaii> to prjfia tovto^ koI i^i^Tci aveXeiv Ma^vaiiv' ave^fopfiaep $€ Mait;a^9 
&irh wpoa-atnov ^apem koX ^tetfo-ep ip y^ MoSm/A* iXOcbP Si eh yfjp MaSiitp itcdOicep iwl tov 

16 ^piaTo^, '^T^ Si iepei MoSi^/a ffaav hrrct dvyoTepe^, iroifiaipova-ai Ta wpofiivra tov iraTpo^ 
avT&p *lo06p * irap(U/€p6fi€pai Si ^ptXovp &19 IwXfio'ap Tct^ Se^ficpa^, iroruroi tA wpofiaTa tov 

17 iraTpo^ avT&p ^loOop, ^^fraparyepofjkepoi Si oi voipApe^ i^efiaWop avTa^' opaoTa^ ti Ma»t;<rQ9 

18 ippvaoTO avTa^, teal UpTXtfcep avraS^ teal htoTiaev tA irpofiaTa ath&p. ^^irapeyipopTo Si tt/jov 
'PoTOv^X TOP iraTepa avr&p* 6 Si elirep avTal^ Aiei tI iTOX^paTC tov TrapayepiaOai arip^pop ; 

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13 iraod r^ apOponrtp* Kal i^eSoTo ^err^oapap ri^i/ OvyaTipa avTOv Mfi>t;cr^ yvpaSKa, ^ip yaoTpl 

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Mti/i/ ISl/ : imtinit S | tfipeuovt 3iarXifrrc^o sup ns drc 1 1 Htt 
A^om i^^at0i;t A*^ \ om tfipaiovt y* | (dwrXiyrn^o/icFovf] 
•fvpof aXXifX«i;t 71) | Xryft] dixit V3Lf& (uid) | 8ul] wa b 
Cyri I om av AFMadegjl*mnptv-aa<^,ai8€lJ6 Cyr-codd | 
nnmyt hi | rXifo-cor] traitor 0-ov F*> : + 0-ov anx|Sd/S{uid) 

14 ftrcF lo] +avr«anS | rcf] +^ffiiii 1/ | afxwra\ pr cif 
oi'Vtt zft-codd 5S(sub 4^) : pr 4g^ iMnum S-ed : Kpcnp Clem-R | 
Mu i<>] If F Clem-R | ifM**'] vfuiw dp : iy/iaf bc^fgh*H*jmnowy 
d.ChrCyri-edi | mi»] if AF^Mceg-jrevxz-c^EiS Cyr: «« | 
itf] post cvIl, \ omvv derg*xfl£ci& Chri | tfeXecf] ^eXiff ^ik 
d,: Xryeif (64 mg) % \ cwecXcf €X^«f] Tiy x^«» oreiXef a,: >fcm 
PCCuHsti % \ ex^et ror acTimrtor] ror oiTinrrcor x^t AFMacegij 
lcHHMtvwyxb,c,(<x^<t FMaiotbaC,)lSOTl/i6(xtf«« «ib -r) Cyr^- 
codd|: (om rw wyvwrum 37) | x*" B**»bdfhnpqxda | Au«^ifr 
cfiipxc,d, I cat fircr] xcu Xeyet bw: iHeens C | «] pr w (: om 
(83) IS I om ovriM 1/ I ytyim€v eft^oMt egj | rovro] sub «r %'» 

15 iiKOvatp — futvffiiw] {om 71): om riKov^ew — rovro g*fi' | 
ifirowrcy St] KOi ifirewre fp | ^pav i<*] post rovro Cyr-cod : ^ofm 
r* I om Tovro 31 | /utfv^v] pr ovror ror t : pr ror F»*"»«bcdhikn 
rswyd,: roif fu^^W ({m^^voji i^')x Cyr-ed: avror mpa, | fu#wift] 
jAMffift fmnxc^^^ I mnic€9 Bafhi*nqtnd,] «carwici^ffr AFMi«» 
rell Phil Cyr | er -yif] («r n| 1 3«) : «f yijr ao | cXtfwr — fiaitaix if*] 
prras(i) n: om Mi|ixl/5S(txt) Phil | myiiw] cr 717 a,^: er ny 
yyi Cyri | cjcatft^cr] pr kcu mxl/5S Phil: era^v^ n: < + «« 130) 

16 (om Aia340# 76) I 1^rar] post $vyareptt ckmS(<S> «^ 
mM/ V): om X I voifUKirovo-eu — avn^r i« sub -r Sb | row 1® — 
ioBop i^] payoviK rov wp% avrwf a, | rov rarpot ai/rt^r lO] post 
to^ i<> AFdntlS: om avrwr Phil | 10^0^ !<>] cotfw^ abegl: 
CM^ qu: om dymipwjiyb^iA^^EMJb Phil Cyr-cod) | om 
va^TcrofMroi — iotfo^ 1^ ja, | ropa^ero^icrai n | om 5e a<* p | 
lyrrXovr] iprXifoar (76) IS: hamiuit S | erXi^rar] pr ovr f: 
evXiffMM'ar mswy Phil(uid) : impleuit S | rat dc^a/uraf rort- 
9ojl] nm[m&]nC€ C(?om irorwcu) | dc^d/icraf] +ra Tonjmf- 

13 ^rXijrr.] a' 0^ dta/Aaxo/icrovt M 

14 la^ojir^ynmw] a' fiitri rov aroffreircu /le o-u XeTcct ira^a arerrttraf o-ur ror ouTvrrcor o*' firfrt aroirrcirat /ue «-v XcTect 
or r/mror arerrcirat ror a<7i;mor $* iy oreXecr /«e o-v Xe7€tf or rpowow orciXcf ror aryvrrior v | ro prifiA] orr* ro wpay/ia M 

16 (k^afuwat] worurrpas F'M: yovpifat F*> 19 avOptnrot] ojrup F** 

10 ar^p«#ror] ardpa P* ill ar^p<#irc#] or^pc F^ 

put n I om avrwr i« Phil | io^op 90 BA^hiorsC Cyi] loBntp ab: 
M«tf«Mp qu : om A*FM rell ^ISEMJS Phil 

17 rapaytrofupoi (k] Ktu cXtforrct d | oi] o/n 9 | c^e/SoX^ 
Xor] e^/SoXor AFa^ce-jlmnprtw*xyb,^B<S1E(uid)il& Cyri-ed^: 
e|e/3aXar b': e|c/9aXcr d | om avraf t^ Cyr-cod^ | om orooraf 
— ovrat a<* 8 I 8e 3<>] oi>r d, : om q* | fugaift cfimnxc^d, | avraf 
2^] + Kot ra wpofiara avrtap awo rfm woituptaif i*'r(C | om kqa 
ifrrXi|o^er avroit AFbly-CglS'SiS Cv\ I "t^rKniaw d(uid) | 
Avroit] avrat f: om CI/ | erorio'ar mvzS^ | avrwr] pr rov rpt 
i»*rvxbaC, Cyr-ed i: om BS 

18 rapty€Poifro 5c] rapeycrcro de o: mu. ropryerorro m^ 
om 3« lISiL I payowiX] toBop Adotv(mg)wz(mg)C(post avrc#r) 
1/ C3rr^: co^wp bj(mg) | o 8e tcrcr] eirer 5e wS: ei ait 1/ | 
om avracf dpt | 5ca rt BaoiS] om 5ta g 9-codd(uid) : n'orc A 
FM rell ft-edl^ Cyr | om rov kmx 

19 OI de] If 5e o: ca« pS | ctror] a ex corr o^: eiror AFb 
cdf k-npqsuvz-d, : -HavrM (64 mg) IS£1/ | or^pc^rof] +«i^ 
F I v/iat 1* I airo] >K n Cyr^: €k X'^por x | om ecu ifrrXifo-er 
If/Mr IS^ I ifrrXif^er] pr orrXwr ckxi&(sttb 4^) | ^ium] vfup c: 
om ft I nron^OMcr Im | om yipmi^ AFegjlvwy-c^lSiS CjrrI 

20 5e] «« p£ I (om reuf 0vyo,rpa/9» avrov 107) | om 
ca« i<» AFMegjlvzCalSC Phil | tirri] +0 orot mqu Phil j om 
coi 3« cxftCiS Cyr-ed i | re B*ii<AW] +ovrc#t B*>»AFM rell 
ISCSHL^ Phil Cyr | xarcXcv-arc gmC-Xocr-) \ ro9 artfp«#ror] 
avror mqu | om our Mnyzc,S | avror] avrw g : ror oror iqu | 
owrn] ira d, | opror] pr ror w 

21 (rariMif^f 76.84) I pm9iit ergjmnpxyc^d, | e^tdoro] 
e^edcroAo: e^c^ero avrw v : -ham# cdi*'knprtxz: -h avror m | 
tftv^ciipar} post rrfv x: atw^pa ma,: ^ev^opor adHipd^lS^: 
StpkSra C: at/Ar^pop n: o'Cfi^par w: o-e/i^opar g: o-e/nrir- 
^wpar Phil-cod-unic | /m«v0^] pr n« M: rc# /mm^ x: puavir«i 
Ai*q: m«*^ foyd,: ^cMO-ec ec,: airri* i»*rC: om m | yvroiica] 
pr Cif dd,* 

22 €p I® — yvni] Xafiowra d€ if yvini cr yarrpi bw : ^no^ 

It 22 


B Bi Xafiova-a tf yvv^ ireicev vUv* koX hrnviiiaaev Mcoimt^ ri Svofta avrov Tfipaa^, Xtyt^v ''On 
IF d, irapoi§c6^ eifu h y$ dXkorpla,^ 

^Merd Sk rd^ tiftipa^ rd^ iroXKa^ i/ceiva^ ireXevrffcev o fiaaiXei^ Atyvvrov /eaX scare- 13 
f C™ ariva^av ol viol ^lapa^X airo r&v ipymv koX avefiiffcuv, scat dtfififi tj fiofj aur&v irpo^^ rov Oeiv 
diro r&v ipya^v. ^tcal elai^xovaev o 0€o^ rov arevayfiop avrw, icaX ipa^a$^ o 0^ r^9 tiaOqiefii^ 94 
avrov rrj^ irpo^ *Afipadfi teal ^^laadx^ icai *laKwfi. ^^teai iiriBep 6 Beo^ to^9 vioif^ ^lapaii\ ical 95 
iyvfoadfi avroU* 

' KaX Mfii>t;a-^9 fiv iroifutivtap rh irpofiara *\oOhp rov yapfipov airrov rov Upiop^ Mo&a/A, teaX 1 in 
id^Hyayev rh irp6fiara virh rifv eprjfjLOP Kai ^fjXOep eh rh 6po^ Xnpi^fi. ^t^dri Se avr^ &yye\o^ « 
Kvpiov iv irvpl <l>\oyh^ iic rov fidrov xai opf 6ri o fidro^ tcaUroi irvpi, 6 Bk fidro^ ov icaretcaiero. 

94 urax B 

«5 flrttdcr B**» 

III I woiftmwtif B**^] wot^tmrn^ B* 


conH^iiHS 1/ I or yoffrpi <e] jcoi <p ya^rpi p | ffvXKiOLpouca Cyt- 
ed I If ywyi\ sub -t- 5b\ om h | crcjrcy uor] sub 4> Sb : (om 
78) I eT<««'] pr cat x: eytPiniatw s | wor] apaa^ c: +« C | 
ffoi erwrofMM'cir] (pr ecu crcjccr 30): flroro/ioo'cr ^ d,: ecu cica- 
XC0-V kmC(uid) | ;M#v0iyt] post avrov cfnvzb^d^{/u»ajis fn)9S: 
/Awnft ejmxyc,: om AFaga, | yjipffo/i] Gtrtum Or-lat: ywtm 
uel ytfpffiaw Or-gr | (om \eymif 130) | om on Aabw | rapoucof] 
ytutpat PhU | ei/tt] (pr rye* 107): +f7i#na[ | 71^] ni Phil-cod | 
aXkvrpuL BAacquy»aaCa«€1&:*««>S<txt) Cyr] +eTi it o^vXXa- 
/3ov0'a rrejrcF w itvrtpotf k€u frwroftoo'CF ro oro^ avrov eXc<^/> e 
yap 0i rw rpt ^v /Soiftfot /lov ira« «(i|Xaro /«« m x^tp<>' ^apatt o 
(76) [om dffvrepor 76 | cXiajii/y 76 | c^ctXero 76]: +ro 9c oro/ia 
rov devrt/wv cjraXc^cr t Xie^/> 70^ $s rov rpt fuv pvif0ot /uv km 
tppvaaro fu «r x^H^^ ^apoM FMy**' rcll (sub <8> Mvz)Bl/il&(mg) 
[dffvrepov] a^X^ov avrov d | om c«aX«^<p egjw | cXic^/>] 
-HXryMr ks | yapl St s | om fiaufBot /cov ft]: •«-«/ secundum 
gmuii et nominauit eum Eliatar dUens et Deus patris met 
tuHuUr mius eripuit me e manu Phar'on WP^^^ 

23 if/«cpat rat roXXat] roXXat iifupat m : om rat roXXat 1^ 
Or-lat I om cMtrat ^S | at^vrrov] pr nyt Phil^: txtufot c, | 
xare^rtra^ay] caro^erafor FlS: areorcra^ km: cotcmi^ 
PhU| Eusi Thdt | 01 vum i^/MifX] post cpY«#r !<> m: om 01 dfl 
PhU-codd| I aro rw^ tpytm t^] om Or-lat Eus: -Hrwr a-xXifpwr 
fi«tr|SK!nLThdti: (-k-avrw 118) | rat ai^c/Soiy^ai'] cat e/3oif9ar 
n Cyr-ed: jrai ccpa^ar rpot xi/pior ror ^eor avrwr Eus^: om 
Or Thdt: 4- rpot in^pcor Eus| j arc/99] post avr«ir ao | if potf] 
post avr«#r Or-gr: om if Eusi | /9oif] ^««nf qu Cyr-ed: Kpatrpi 
8 I ror ^cor] Dnm %,i om ror Or-gr: -l-avrc#r w | om a»o 
rmif %pym a^ m Or-lat ^ £us| Thdt 

24 o ^ot V*\ post avrwr n : it yl/ Or-gr-cod \ \ rw rrt- 
raYfior] rccr vrepayiuaw aflpuzc, Or-gr-ed^ Cyr-€d: rov orc- 
wayfAttv n Or-gr i: rovt orcra^^ovt m: gemitus Or-lat | om 
o tfcot a*» p I om nft «® Cyr-ed 

25 cirt3cr] ct^ito AF(cwfi3cr)Megi*jvwy-Cg Cjrr-cd \ : ct^ 
b (act ctdcr 95): croiifo-er f | rovt wovt] post rovt ras (5) v: 
roit Moct fmn | (om i^paifX k<u 35) | {typwaSri avroct] t/un^ffSri 
avrMT 71) I ryrico^^] cv'ryracv^ b: (ryrtcpco^ 3a) 

III 1 — 10 cat rXif/Mctfcrrwr cmr TWfftpoKorra w^^ twm 

cr Tif cpif/M# Tov opovt ffofa ayytkof w ^fKayt wvpe% /Sarov <c 
/Mcv^t tZmif €$avfump ro opa/ia wpoaepxofiepov 5c avrov «ara- 
ro^rac CTcrcro 0«cn| irvpcov C7i# i?cot rmf wurtpuif aov tfcot 
mppaofi, K€u uraoK rat taxM/S crrpo/tot 5c Tcro^tcrot Aucv^t ovr 
croX^M rararoifO'at ctrcr dc avnc ri^ptot Xwror ro vro3i|fia 
T*m To^ocr «-ov o yap rorot c^ i# ctfnfrat 7if oyta corcr ttficr 
ctdor rifr rarcM'tr rov Xaov /tov rov €p aiyvwru rat rw artvaypb^v 
avrov ifrovo'a rat xartfiiiw c^cXco^at avrovt rat rw itvpo avo- 
OTctXc* o-c ctt atTvwTor Acta vii 30—34 

1 (om totum comma 83) | rat ;c«cvffift] o 6t fucvnft d: 
Moyses autem % \ Aucnft mnxyc, | to^] toBrnp aegjl Phil- 
cod: tcctfccp nqu Eus^: pa^ovifX a,: om bmp | yap.ppQv\ rcr- 
tfcpovF''"*dmpr*>w*» Cyr-ed J: -Urcrtfc/wv bw* | rov i«— cp^fior] 
om Eus : om rov tcpc«#t fta^tafi p : om rw ao | ifyaTcr] Y^cr 
AFMbcegi'j-mTxzaaCaS Phil Cyrl-cod|: ifpc b, | rpo^Sara] 
-H avrov Cyr-cod^ | wro] crt cm Cyr-ed i: ctt fi»'r Cyr^: 
in WkJ3^ I tpn/'^] +eilXP"* P** CArim) IS | om rat ifXto 
bw I eta7i\$€P i*d,(+Aucaift) | ro opot x**PVfi] Ckoreb montem 
Dei IS£ I opot] +rov ^ FbMbcdi*km-qs-xza3d,1IEil& Eus^ 
ediCyr|-codi | x^^^lpr^^: pr cr a, Eus-ed J Cyr-cod^: 
pr m ^US : pr ro tw Eus-cod i: x^P^ <« » XopnP qu J X^P » 

2 avrw] post rvptov kx Eus| : avro q : avrot u : om AF* Or 
Ath Cyr-cod \ T-A | aT^cXot] pr o e : om s | ri^tov] (pr rov 
3a): tfcovjust^: rov^ cB* Justi: om Cyr-ed ^ | (cr— /9arov] 
cr rov paTOV'€P ^oyt wpot 76) | om cr wvpi ^Xoyot b'^*w | 
wvpi ^Xoyot] rvpot ^XoTt Cyr-ed J; ^Xo^t wvpot AF{-yt)i^ 
cdegj-Dp6txa,-d,1llS(uid)£l^S Acta Just^ Or-gr i-lat Eus| 
Ath Cyr J Thdt T-A Cyp Hil | cr tov /Sarov] €p ^r« Justi 
Or-lat : om mk tov Acta Or-gr Eus T-A | rov] pr /tccrov ckxft 
i6(sub 4^): nft (inn Just| Ath Cyr-ed^: om Just^ Cyr-ed^ | 
Parov] + ri# /ticrct Or-gr ^ | opa] cicpa fS Cyr-ed \ : uidit BE 
( + Afttf/)E Cyp-ed: -t-M^^oift Or-gr T-A(/tictw-) | i»] ^ F^ 
m Cyr-ed \ T-A : om 1 | ratcrat] cratcro ciCa(i)^(uid)IS Cyr- 
ed i-cod^ T-A Cyp-ed: rararatcrat Cyr-ed i | wvpi ««] (pr eif 
3a) : om T-A | dt /3arot] et rubus B : rat f | dc] if ac F^ 
T-A: rat Or-gr: rat if m: -f-o g | ov rarcratcro] ov rara- 
ratcrat foii6(uid) Or-gr: ovr cratcro l*(uid) 

aa rapotrot] wpooifXvrot F^ | afO^wpuCi a* (cnf M£(om a') 

a4 ror vrewaypuo^ avrcir] a' or' Tift ot/ttcy^t avrov v | ror orcroy/tor] a' ^ nft oc/ttcyift Mjz(sine nom jx) 

as crtdcr] a' ^ ct^ ^om a')% \ rat tymaaBiq avrott] rat ifXc^o'cr avrovt F'^ 

III I ifTaycr] a' ifXao^cr Mv 

a cr TOV fiaTOv\ lucaif nft /Sarov F^ | ratcrat] a' aravre^tcrot MjvzCbS 0^ c^Xcycto Mvzc,: 0^ ^Xryo^tcrot j 



III 8 

3 ^ehrev Si Mmvarj^ UapeKOcbv 6'^ofjLai rh Spafia to fUya tovto, Sri ov KarateaUrai 6 fidro^. ^A^ B 
Si ISep Kvpio^ Sri irpoaarfei IBettf, iKdXea-ev avrhp Kvpio^ i/c rov fidrov Xiymif Mo»i;<r^ MwtHrrj. 

5 6 Si elircv Ti itmv ; ^o Si etirep M^ iyyC<rjf^ cJSc' Xvacu rh {nroSrffia itc r&v iroS&v aov, 6 ydp 

6 rSwo^ iv ^ ai> tarfjtca^ ytj dyla i<rrlv. ^ical etirev *E7» elfu o 0€o^ rod irarpo^ crov, ^€^9 ^Afipai^fi 
fcal 0€O9 *l<rait/c ical Oeo^ ^laxdfi, im-iarpei^v Si Mmvaij^ ro irpoaamrov axnov' evkafietro T^p 

7 learcfifiKi^tai ivdnriop rod 0€ov. ^elwcp Si Kvpio^ irph^ tAmvaijv *lSmv ISov rifv Kdfca><nv toO 
Xaov fLov rov iv Alyvirrtfiy teal rij^ Kpavyi}^ avr&v dtcijxoa diro r&v ipyoSuDtcr&v otSa ykp rifv 

8 oSvvfiv avr&v* ^/eai /earifirjv ifeXia-Oai avroi^^ i/e x^^po^ Alyvirricov koX i^a^a/yciv avroi^ ix rryi 
7^9 itcelvfj^, teal elaayayeiv avrov^ eh yfjv cvyaO^v teal iroWifv, ek yrj^ piovaav ydXa fcai ft^Xt,^ t d, 
€49 riv rimv r&v Xavavaltov Kal Xerrauav tcdi *AfjLoppalwv Kal ^epe^alc^v /cal Tepyeaalwv ical 

3 o^foiu A 
5 Xivfti B*»»>] Xvcre B* 

4 etder F | cidetr F 

7 cidctfr eidor F 

3 luacjit egjumpxc^d, | rapcXtf«#r] r^Xtfcir Ezech-ap-Eos: 
{wpoatXBtnf 39): +^ X I ofo/uu] o^w/icu n: ttidtam S | ro 
fuya] po6t rovro gmn S-ed Just Or-Uti Cyri: om Or-Ut^ 
Hil I ore] pr n AFMa-gh^njlmnpstYx-a^Csd^^nE Phil-ed 
Cyr4-cod|: fropUr quid ISil&: cur utique Cyp | om ov a, | 
irare«ai<ro dt | ^rot] rubus ^f^ 1/ | 0] if FWiisa^c,*^): 
om h* 

4 Kvpun fo] pr ios Etts-cod^ Cjrr-edi: <mi Etis^ Cyp | 
<mi or* — icv^cof «« c | xpoaTct dimmr | om owor F*(hab F»"»«) 
a, I Kvpwi a®] pr o Cyj\<A\ : B\ Phil-codd : Dommm Deus 
Cyp: om np Eu8| CyrJ | €«] +;*wow ckxSW Eusf | row] 
Tjfi cmnp Phil-codd Just Ath | Xrywr] koi tiwtw r: om Hil | 
/uavanf futvffiq] fut^ /jm9ii mno^pxCad, : funwfi f ; /tw^ e | 5c] 
// S Hil I tiwtp] rtspandU Hil | tarvi^ +ie qsnS^ 

5 o 5e etrcr BM(mg)aioqru Eus-cod Cyr-ed|] o dc i(t ccxcr 
s: ccrtv 5e bw: ccrer 5e rpof avror h: kqx eircr avrc# f£: mu 
nrer AFM(txt) rell SlSiS Eus-ed Cyr| cod^ Cyp: etrer dc 
avrc# o jcv^cof Acta : ti dixit illi Dm 1/ Hil(om iUi) \ Xi/o-cu] 
Xvror bhmquwy Acta Eus-coddi Cyr-ed f^xxl ( : vroXwroi 
Just: msi soburis Cyp | ro vrodij/ia] corrigiam calciawunti 
Or-latf : ra, vwo^Jifuira ffov WE Just : + ^ov ck*xc,il^(sub 4^ e/9/>.) 
Eus-ood*^ Cyr-cod( | om e« tw^ woUnr Or-lat| | €k\ aro n: 
om m Acta Or-lat^ Eus^-cod^ | om rwr Eus-cod^ | cf w] e^ 
i# s Acta: or Cyr-cd^ | <rv] o-oi n: om AfpwylS Acta Or-lat^ 
Cyr-cod^ Cyp-ed Hil | co^nyicaf] + «r ovrow ckx^U6(sub ^ a') : 
Eus}: +«r owror F*>°«: +«r avnit Eus-cod^ | -yif aTto] vpnt 

6 e7C# niu tfcot afipaa/A km tf eor co-cMur «« $eot taxup 
Mt xxii 39 : tytt o ^ot mppaafi jrcu ^eot co-aair ecu $tos uuctifi 
Mc xii 16: ....iMN/oifr tfiifpvatw crt nyt /terov im Xrytt jrupcor 
ror tfeor afipaafi km $€W mtocuc xeu 09ow iOKufi Lc xx 37 t) xoi 
««•«' Bcdii*o C)rri] pr «ca* ttrt /icavoift rit ct o'v f : ftre Je ovri# 
m: om (77) Eus-«)d: +ai;rc# AFMfi*' rell VBSMJ^{suh -7-) 
Eus-ed Cyr| Thdt Cyp Hil | om cc/u £v^ Acta Or-gr| Cyr- 
hier<uid) Chri^ Thdt^ | — laxtap] wr tfeot afipaa/i, $€ot tmuuc 
tfcot uucufi $€ot rwr wartpu^ o-ov Just^: wr $€ot a/3paofi 

KM tfoOf I^OCUC KM O tffOt MUCM^ JuSt^: O WT $€0t mppMtfi KM 
$tOt IffMUC KM ^COt ULKVp KM $€0t Ttm WOnpU^ 90V JuSt^ | 

om o— 90V E? Or Cyr-hier Chr Cyrf Thdt Hil | o] pr Demi- 


nus B^: om g*l | rov i«— a/3paa#i] afipM^ rw r^ o-ov ve | 
rov rarpot] Tt*w rp«r kmBE<^ AcU Eus-codd Cyp-ed : om i* | 
om 90V ica* I $wt i« BFMdhklotxb, Or-gr| Eus-ed ChryV 
Cyrf^tl o™ %"«a Ath-codd Cyr-coddf: pr o A rell Ev 
AcU Or-gr^ Eus-codd Ath-ed Cyr-hier Chr^ Cyrf-edf-codf 
Thdt I afipaa/i] uucup Chr^ | «u a®] sub -;- i6 : om Or-gr J 
Cyrf Cyp-ed | 0€ot 3» BAFMdhklotxb, Ev| Or-grf Eus 
Cyrf-ed|] om nm Acta Or-grJ Ath-codd Cyr-hier Chr A 
Cyr| : pr o rell Ev\ Or-gri Ath-ed Chr A Cyrf-codf Thdt | 
om KM 30 Or-gri CypHX)d | tfeot 40 BAFMb'dhkloUb, Evf 
Or-gr| Eus Cyrf-edf] om mn Acta Or-gr| Ath-codd Cyr-hier 
ChrJV Cyrf: pr o rcU EvJ Or-gr* Ath-ed Chr^ Cyrf-codf 
Thdt I uuctifii] afipQMii Chr,V I artorpe^cF] €wwrp€\ff€ m : vrt- 
vrpe>lf€w s I 3c] tmim %, \ fiuffnt degjmnxyc,d, | om avrov c 
Phil I cvXa^ctro] pr ras (3) d,: pudtfacHu est S(mg) | om 70^ 
dp I «carefi^^ crwrtor] intendert faciem % \ carcfi/SXe^] 
caro^Xe^ bcfhqua, Cyr-edf-codf Thdt: aro^SXc^ s | en*- 
wum Tw 0v sup ras plur litt(uid) a | rw ^v] mh-ov (83) Cyr-codf 

7 ffvpcot] Deus B^ | rpot lumwriP sub -;- iS | pM^rpr egjmn 
pw*xyc,d, I om rov 7? Cyr-ed Iren J | nyt — cun|icoa] rov ort- 
poiy/tov Mnov ifKovaa Acta | nft Kpavynf] riff ^nft m: rov 
OTcva^/iov Chrf | om avrwr 1° i* | amfcoa] ifxovo'a Chr Thdt | 
€pyodMMmnf] + avr«#r ckmx^S(snb ^) : -hqui affUgumt eos IS j 
om oiia — avTww 19 e C3rr-cod | np oiwniif] (rat «araronf9cif 
64 mg): tribuUUioius %\ om nfi* Cyr-ed | (avrwr !<>] wwnu^ 

8 c|cX<9tfcu} pr rov Fdnptd, Ath Chr Cyrf | c« x«^] « 
mambus % \ atTvrrtcM'] pr mr jmnd, Cyr: oiTwrov f | km 
a<»— fffciyifff} post roXXifr % \ ««* «*»] rovCyr-cod: om h* C3rr- 
ed I (om c|aya7ViF avrovt 77) | cleiTOTCiF] ras (3) post c i^n: 
(e^TCty 78) I (avrovt 3<»] +cx X'*^ aiTvrriwr mu 14.130) | 
cai cto-a7a7«tr avrovt] om AFMcegi*lmsvx-C3lSS{txt) Cyr-ed : 
om mu h* : om avrovt Cyr-cod | (ci9«ya7fcr] oiA^aTaTCir 107) | 
om KM reXXifr al | om c«t i<> IS | p^Xi km ToXa m Cyr-cod- 
semel | ror roror] terram%\ om ror b, | rwr] ror k | xarau«r 
1 I om jcot 6<> p I xcf^a*<^] p^ '^i*' km | om km 7*^ — 7«^<- 
9aiMr f I om ffai 7« p I a/iopp, — evatwr] evoiwr km ^p^t- "^^^ 
npnopp* KM ytpywMtttf is | a/M^poiwr] afApLoppMutf Fmh: afi- 

I om «u 8® p I ^pf^Mtw g I icoi ytpy^^MMf BmnS^] 

3 ro opaiia\ ^ to BtofiA Mvzc, 4 irvpcot «®] ^t F*» | ri eorti'] t^v rye* F*» 

5 Xv9a«] tt' 9K(nraao^ Mj^ic,: 0^ vroXvrat MTzc,(sine nom) : o' vroXwror j 

6 arcorpcy^y] a' arcxpv^cr Mv(siiie nom): a' ew€Kpwffnf z 7 aro] +rpo9Mrov F*» 


Ill 8 


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S C" h-QVr ffKifj,fJLov hv 01 XlythrtiOi 0Kl0ovariv avrov^, ^^tcai vvv h^po airocreCXM ae irpo^ ^apa» lo 
fiaaiiXAa AlyvrrroVf Koi i^d^ei^ top Xoop fJLov roif^ vioif^ 'Icrpa^X ix yrj^ Alyvirrov. ''Koi ii 

ehrev Mavaij^ 9rpo9 top deop Ti9 elfu eya> Sn iropewrofuiiirpo^ <Papailk I3a^i\4a Alyvirrov, teal 
Sri i^d^a> Toif^ vioif^ ^lapaifX ix 7^9 Alyvirrov; ^^ ehrev &J ^€09 Mwt/crc* Xeyoii/ "On laofua 1% 
pLerh aov' xaX rovro aoi r6 <rripslop Sri, eyto ae i^airo(rre\&* hf Tiji i^cpyayeip <re top Xoop /aou e^ 
Alyihrrov, icaX Xarpewere r^ 0e^ ep r^ Xpei rovrtp, ^^koX elirep Ma>i;<rQ9 vpo^ rop 6eov liov 13 
iyii iSeXevaofuu irpo^ rov^ vioif^ ^lapatjIK koX ip& irpo^ avrov^ 'O deb^ r&p iraripnv ^^p avi- 
aroKxep yue vpo^ vfia^* ipfor^aovaip fie T^ SpofM avrtp ; rl ep& wpo^ avrov^; ^^koI elirep o 0e6^ 14 
irpo^ Mwvarjp Xeymp ^Etyti> elfu 6 wp' koX elirep Otrro9 ipeU roU vioU ^la-paijX 'O cSv airearaktcip 
IT C" ft€ Trpo9 vfia^.^ ^^xal elirep 6 0eo^ irdKip irpo^ Mfovaijp 05t»9 ipeh to?9 i/«>*9 ^la-pai^X Kvpio^ 6 15 
0eb^ r&p irariptop vfi&p, 0e6^ *A/3paitfi ical 0eo^ ^la-ahic xal Oeo^ 'Ia/cco)3, airearaXKep fte irpo^ 
vp&^' rovro fiov iarip 6pofJM aldpiop teal fMPfffAocvpop yeve&p yepeah* ^^iXdmp oip a-vpafyaye 16 
rifp yepovalap r&p vl&p *Icrpa^X koX ipet^ irpo^ avrov^ Kvpio^ 6 deb^ r&p irariptop vpAp wirrai 

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post cc/Sotwoiwr b: post cuacwr AFMp{om Ktu)cjiyep<r') rell 
UlSSnLShisnh T-): (om 130) | om ecu euacMr n | om jcoi 10^ 
p I om Mu tefiwaaum^ f | c/Sovo'atwr 1* 

Kpavyff] pr if F*»efi»*nr Cyr-ed | om rmf 1 | if<c«] ascemdit 
IS Or-lat I /le int lin F'f I «a7«#] mu C7«# AFMbUgfajInptv-c, ; 
(c^ov 64 mg} I (^aif 9\iLfki»i09 or] Tifv BXtyf/iw ip 39) | ^Xi/ifior] 
iifiMf c : +airr««r alSC | om oi df | (fXifiouffUf] ekSXifipwip bw: 
dejhrimibant ft 

lO.^ev/w] +cai dl/ | awocr^Km mpC Cyr-ed ( | rpof] ttr 
eg] I /Sotf-iXea oiYinrrov] pr JCOi g : sub -r ilS | fiofftktvt n | om 
jro* 3^ — (11) ocyinrrov i« g | <(a^tt] e|apea b: e|d7a7eit m | 
om Tor Xoor /m>v Cjrr^ | rom uiovf] tot f | om c/r c | ytA "l» i* 

11 om totam comma p | kox ccrcr] tif€P 8e bhnwfL | 
/MMift djkmnxc, | tvr tfcor] k9 hi/ | tt/u ryci] ^ a' 6^ ego < 
jtrm 5S: C7C# «c/u ck: om cifu (74) IS(uid)B(uid) | rpt ore 
wop€v sup ras (8) A» | om ryw A*(uid)F*MdefijlqrtuvyzbaC/* | 
ropeiwoMoc] ro^evo/ioi y: +«ai b, | (om ^paw 77) | /Soo-tXea 
ofyvirrav sub t Sb | om «o4 «• — wyvwrov a® d | ora xoi 3® 11, | 
om vTi a® b,^ Cyr-cod | e« 71ft aiyvwrw) sup ras !•' | e« yift] 
ef nx I Yt^l rut 1 | oiTwrrow i*] pr c( M 

12 Kot /cera rvura c^eXftvorroi jccu Xarpewouff-tr ;iOi cr n# 
Ton# rovTM Acta rii 7 | ecrtr — ^Xry«#r] /fii»^ i/iiir f//i Z>mi 1/ : 
om py* I ecircr] axtxptBri bw | — \gyu9'] avrw • tft y^': /i 
Dominus C: om AFM(txt)laab,Ca«B'^(txt) | ^eof] (pr it 
130): o jct b': it ^svwz: om f* | /umwcc] pr rw m(fu#0'-)qsu : 
/MMMTiy M"^<*)acf^'io: /u#re«j: /Mio^eg: fiMwnftP: wpos funh 
ojfp bcUik(-nf)n(/u#r-)r(o tfs rp sup ras)tTwx(/uMr-)zj&(mg) | om 
Xry««r mB^ j on i^] «ac p: ego 9 | eo^/icu] igo sum S j om 
KOI i<>— «at 9<* C I O'oc] post oiiiutm IB&Li om dm | ore «*] 
ore F^* I ff€ f|aro(rrfXi#] e(ar. at x : m^i^ // H^Sb : mm // 9 | 
om 0€ I** i* I e^arooTcXw Bano] arooreXMdl'py: aroffreXXw 
AFMbhl^'rtvws-c,: e^rooreXXw \{'¥at uid) rell: mitto % | 
er r^] rov f^uid)!/ | e^YOTeur] post at a® AFMeghjrvyi-Ca : 
(e^Yccr 74) | ae i^^fum: om cfl^U^ | ror Xoor] post /tov f | 
om /Mv A*(liab in mg Ac')Myc2i6 | («| aiyvrrov] rm cr ocTvrrw 
77) I •fl *» TV nS'lL I XaTTpewo-crt] (Xarpcvrarc 76): (Xarpcv- 
ffouflTi 71): Xarpctmu (mine, | (er a« — rovrw] er x^^lN^ <^4 ""g) 

la oif^uor F* | Xarpffu^-eroc A 

18 ffoc eirer bis scr g* | /m^^V emnxc, | rvf tfeor] /Timi 
1/ I c^Xeu^o/icu B] eXeww/Mi en : eX^vro^Mu AFM rell 9SC 
S|Lil& I om rpor 3° z | ^«o<] pr if fiknss(mg)l^ Cyr | om 
rwr rarcpMr 17^*^ f | 17/M^] wA««r AFMahkmo*'r8tv*x-^3^IS* 
CSl/ilS Cyr: amv g* | elarco'raXircr a, | vMaf] if/iat b**n: 
+ tff r«#r »pi*r ij/tMr f | cpc^ri^owcv] pr aroi oefig:i**jkmrx9 
C(uid)S5S : irai ear tptnrfffioai bw Ath Cyr^ (om mu Ath Cyr^): 
9pmyi&tf9v0 Fdn£f(uid) | re !<>] ro nS: +ro abdfkmopra, | 
ovn#] ovrow ac*fkm-p^BCS | om n a« — awrow a* 1/ 

14 Kai tiwtp 1"*] ciFcr ie bnw Eusf Hil : om icoi ^ | 
$eos] pr if egj : if s Eus Hil | fMorfif dnxc, | \eyttif B] om 
AFM omn ^QSCSl/il& Eus Hil | om eY«— «««"«' «** "> I «*/**! 
+ Deus 9 I om ircu tiwep a® egjC Eus Thdt | ovrwf] rode Cyrf 
Thdt I epctrt o | om o mt a« — (15) wm**" f | om wr a*» — (15) 
i^paiyX w I e^arcoToXjccr Clem | om m« M 

15 coi fcirer] etW€P 5€ bol/ Ens | etxer o 5eof] post voXcr 
S I om tfcot t^ — fAUwniv p | o tfeof mXcr] waKiw o 9? FMc 
dhiklmtirxyzb^c^^jf^: Dominus Spec: tV^fWM Z?iij E: ••oXii' 
if o ^ egj : om raXtr n | om rpof funwifw m | puooTfif nxc, | 
om ovrcw — iffpaifX y* | ovr«*f corr ex /luwnit (uid) p»» | roif 
vcocf urpaiyX] xpoi avrovf p | vm**'] ';/*«*' b'd*(nid)ekln-quv* | 
om ^eof 3«— (16) v/itim gh | om ^cot $<*—iaKwp E | tfeof 3*! 
pr ryw Thdt^: pr if f : pr o abceMnoqrsuwyza^c, Eus| 
Thdti I om «u ao bd Phil-codd| | 0€ot 4**] pr o abcefijln 
oqrsuwyza^c, Eus^: om d | om xai 3® b' Phil-codd| | 0€ot 
50] pr abcefijlnoqrsuwyza^c, Eus^: om dl/ | om aw€irra\- 
Ktp — vfULt B^ Thdt i I axeoTtiXe Aw | mfias n | rovro] pr el 1/ | 
Aov] post oro^ xfl Eus: ov ex corr c**: /mi Tnl/ Or-gr|-lat 
Thdt Spec: om m Or-gr^ | errir] post oro/ia 1/ Phil Spec: 
sub T- iS: om Thdt | oro/ia] pr ro o Cyr|-ed^ | cuwwor] post 
lutt^fuawaif Cyr | Tcreitfr Ycrecut] Tcreoif ytvtw bcdfinwB* Or- 
gr Cyr i Thdt| : in genenUione et in saecula saeeulorum 1/ 1 
om ytwwHf A | Ttrccut ] yeveaf n : om Thdt \ 

16 oi/r] fc bwC(uid)i6: om AF^Mejsvy-CaB* | «ir*7«7€ 
— Mwr in mg et sup ras A* | oTttye 1 | nyr TepoM-Mr] MVM«f 
mai&res natu % \ rwo immt] sub -;- iS : om dptS^^ Just : om 
rwf im I epeif] inre f | v/tm] fiiuap b'iefl-oqv^ Ath : fio» d | 

9 xttTW — ovroi/f] o' muTc tmpaxa aw top awo$\ifjifiop w oc wiyvwrwi awoffKifiovatp avrwt ^ jccu ec^cura np ^Xi^ ovrwr 
ip oi aATinmoi iXifioww avrovf ^ ojcocm roif 0' j(o' pro $^rz 

16 n|r Tcpouriov] a' rovf rpwfivrtpovt Mvzo,(om rovf Mc, : sine nom z) : a' wpta^vrm y | cvurxoxiy exco-ictfMiai] n-ijSXef a 
€wtPKtfa jc^ 



IV 2 

fioi, 0eo9 *Afipa(ifA icaX 0€h^ ^laah/e teal 0€O9 ^latcifi^ X^c»i^ ^EtrMTiCcnr^ iiria-KefAfiai vpM^ icaX Saa B 

17 avfifiifitpteev vfuy hf Alyvrmp' ^7/caX etirev ^hvafiificurm vfm^ i/e r^9 tcaxdHret^^ r&v Alyvwriwif 
€»9 rifv yffv r&v XapovaU^v ical Xerraioyv /cal ^Afioppaltav koX ^€p€^al<op Koi Vep^eaaifov koX 

18 ^vtdmv KoX ^lefiovaalmvy ek yfjif piovaav yaXa koX fiiKi. ^^/caX eUrateova-ovral cov r^9 4>nvff^' 
ical etaeXevap <rif koI 17 yepovaia 'Icr/oa^X irpos Papain fiaaiXia KUfuirroVy Kal ipth irpo^ ainov 
*0 deo9 T&w *El3p€U»p irpo<TKiicKriTax ^fm^' wopeva-fofieda oiv oSov rpiSv ^fiep&v eU rifv tprffiov, 

19 h^a $va»fi€V r^ 0€^ ^fi&v. ^^iyob Be olBa Sri ou trpoiiirerai Vfia^ Papain fiaatXei^ AiyvTrrov 
10 wopevOfjvai, ikv p^ pterd x^H^^ Kparcua^' ^koX itcreiva^ ttjv X^V^ ward^ roi>^ Alyvmiov^ iv 
a I Triuri toU Oavpuurloi^ pLov oU ironfja^ iv avroh, xai pLcrh ravra i^aiwoareKel vpJa^. ^^koX Smcm 

X^P^^ '^^ ^^ TOVTfp ivtunlov r&v AUpnrrlfov* irav Bk dnoTpix;qrey ovie atreKeia-eade teevol' 

«« ^alnjo'ei yvv)f irapk yelrovo^ teal ava-tci^vov avrij^ a-tcevff dpyvpa teal ;^i;<ra scai Ipianapiv, koX 

ifriOi]<r€T€ iirl roi^^ vioif^ ipAv koX hrl rk^ Ovyaripa^ vpAv Kal aKvKevaare rov^ Alyvw- 

IV I 7TOV9. ^^ Air€Kpl$ff Be M 01/0^9 xai ehrev ^^iiv p»ii irurreva-foaiv pLoi p^Bi eiauKovvaaiv 

9 T^ 0101^9 pLoVy ipovaw yhp Sri Ovx Airrai aoi o 6e6^, ri ip& irpo^ airrov^ ; ^ ehrev Bi avr^ 

18 wop€VffUf»e0a B*] wop€vaQpie0a B*'^ 

90 rotf-iy A 

11 coiroi A aa ewffKip^w F* \ tw i Bftaer a i BAF 


rov] pr o x: om dp Thdt| | ropcv^ifMu] pr rov w: om Thdt | 
ear] cc p Thdt | fura X**P^ Kparaiat] cf x<(p* Kpartua koi tp 
PpaxtMn vinika Thdt : tit mamt ualtda Iren 

20 fffretrat] aro^rcXc* Aristob-ap-Eus | x^^P^ BAamoqu 
Thdt] +/MV FM rell fklMLSb Aristob-ap-Eus | raro^ci] pr «u 
Aristob-ap-Eof | rwn oiTurrtovf] roct cuYvmott d: Aegyptum 
H : '\-QmHes IS | om cf i<»— /lov e | om fi#v m | om er avroit 
B^ I (» «**] /««• 107) I Tovro] Tpvro i*8 | e^rooreXa] eldTOtf-- 
TeXX«icfh: e{dro0TeXXc# e | li^f] +frTtwtffi' fi»»r 

21 x^''^ ^^ '%nM\ pr np x: om d*pt | rwrU\ touto pt: 
/uov Fa^^BS^: om b^ft | cFOFnor] tMnrcop FMb-egjlptwxya, 
c, Or-gr: coram r<fr 9- codd | tuyvwrtm] +Tovri0if s | om St 
c, I awoTptXTt] a»orpex«rf 1 : descenJitis 1/ 

22 MTif^ec BAao*r] ^yn^ci o■^* pr aXXa FM TfM{-cyi cey) 
%WE%i •{-emm % \ Tvny] pr any^ rapa rov rXif^or avnv 
Ktu k I rapa] wept c(iiid) | TtiTarot] pr nff c: (pr rov 76) | 
om ceu i<» a I tf-Mwy— xp»^«] "*'* '"''^ ^ •'^^ argmti S I 
Xpvo'a «a( opYvpa bdfw Chr C7r|-cod \ \ opTvpa] 0^71^ F* | 
Xpv0«] pr tf-ffevv cxB^l/iS | {<nn07fa€ff$€ 3a) | ert rovt inovt] 

rott vioit lo(pr evt) | wout mM#r] /i«ir m | v^iwv i®] iifuair 

cc*(iiid)g : om ^ | om cat $^ — vfimr a» m | om rat f* | Bvyartpat 
vfuop in mg et sup ras A*(om vf»m A*"^) | om vfu^ a« abkoe 
w I aKv\€vaaT€ roi/t aiyvwriovt] habebitis uasa Aegyfihrum ft | 
^irvXcuff-arc B] tf-irvXevvvrc kc,IS(uid)S(uid) : tf-wXeuo^rc m: 
tf-twcvXeivere n: ^iv««wa«wre F*(«i;|0'<c-)Mbchjptwx : eirwv- 
<riceuaa-cre f(-aTf)i»'r: arotf-wirevo^'erc 1: ovaKtvaaert A(-rat) 
F"i*rell: deci^Hs 5b 

IV 1 aw€Kpi$ii df] ffoi areirpt^ d | fua^rit egjmnxc, | 
ear] + dwr AFMcfhiklnpftv-a^CaE(md)i6 Phil-gr : +«€ dmbj^l, 
Cyr^-ed | | om wiartv^t^uf /uk m'?^ Phil-arm Cjrr^ | rtrrci;- 
ffovaw ck I /ioc] nft ^ttmit ftov r: om Cyr-cd^ | /nyde] «cai fi^ 
f I ei/aoKovct^iw] cMraxouff-wrrac m : eiffOKownmrai e : axoivoM'c 
w Cyr-cd^ | nft ^«#nft] post /mv Cyr-ed^: om r Cyr^ | ^wnyt 
ftov] eMi?t ^Mn^ b, | yap] 4 mm bwBB | om on mWL Phil | 
vrrat] w^ Cyr-cod^ | « ^eot] pr jcf AF»>"« : if (76) S | «— 
avroi/f] pr «ai qn: sab -t- & 

2 €iw€w 5e] roi ctre 1^ Phil | ai/rc# xvjpcot] Kvpcot fuwau S 

18 irptM-mxXiirai iM^it] e/9^ cicaXwey i)/«at c, ai oimt at-cXeww^] ov« e^Xeu^ctf-fc js 

aa «a« tf-irvXcvrare] 0^ koi avcnvaaavBt c,: 0'a/i. cai SuurtitBifiTe aro tmf a«7viTu#v c,: km ffvimyayrro cavrott rip er roct 

ffKnto'i Tuif atTvrrtwy duro^tr c,: oXXot ^i|0'cy iroi oivaTOTcn cavroct njr er roit «-.... «-.. tovrwr dvro/Mr c | ffKvXtyamre] a' 

o' aKv\tve€T€ Mv(om <r')z(sine nom) 

SEPT. 163 23 

M^ f Jwt Ath I om #€0f a®— iair«i/9 mp | ^eot a<»] pr o be^j 
nqsnwy Just Ath | $€ot 3<»] pr o befgijnqsuwy Just : om Ath | 
i^ooff] c^aaa« j: uuntfi g* | $tc9 4«»] pr bdgijnqsuwy Just: 
om Ath \ toKMffi tatMK g* | ewt^mfifuu] twuncewroftoi Just: 
cn^vfffo^ai bwfS-ed : crc^iref eroi f : n-t^ffe^er 1 | om cox 40 
IC I Offa]itidi0mmafttatlli | vMiF]preFg: ly/urn | aiyvrnt] 
prnfl: pr7ifafi»*or: +t«§patcah 

17 om mu «r«r fl* | «»fir] ccvop FMcdegjl*' mnpstrxyzb, 
c,: fftraAbw: i/iJrtBd/iS: ducfL | amfiifiaffw] wapipartu 
chkmvxbjC,* : npafiifiia d : educam 1/ | ec nyt coircivetM] ^ «r- 
<»r# B^ I T(fii\ pr nyt 71^ n^ | rc*r oi^.] v/a#r n|i ocTvirrov n | 
ffit i«] pr jrat eM'o^ i^^at bw : pr «/ ascendere faciam uos S | 
om icoi a« dp | {x^*^<uc^] pr na^ as. 150) | «ai 3* — 7fp7e<raiwr] 
post cuoiMT FNIdeghjlptya^b^c^BS (om «oi 3" 4» 5* 6» dp) | 
a/MppacMT— cvoiMr] evoiwr coi a/ioppaitop cot yepywtutm koi ^pe- 
i)u«»r Tx: evau«r roi ^ptfauop Ktu ofiopptutm koi ytpytffCLutP 
f ('yepra4wr)is | o^MMpauir dh | koi ^pe^outfr] post ytpytcaivp 
bw I ffOi 50 — tvoitm] post ufioveaimf n | rai Yepve^aiCM^] sub 
-r & : post tfiMUMT k(7ep7co'^-)m : post ce/3ou0'atwr 1/ | jroc 
evau#r} post ufiovaaiMf c | om ca« 70 d | /i€\t koi yaXo m 

18 om cat i» — i^paifX f | twxucQVfforrai] ttvaKoiwera* m: 
(fftrojroujorrcf 30) | ffw] post ^«#nft x^l^: 0-01 o | ^mti^] 
+ Xeyct «f qu | urpatfk] pr rov Xa«v c*(uid): pr rtait wwr Fm 
IS*: pr vww k: ^ /IKorum ILi (ora 76) | 0apa«] 0apav k*: 
om FMdegjlmnptvxyzbgC^ISSiS | ^tXea] pr rw dnpt | koi 
4«— avror l^ scr 1 | ai/ror] «»j ^-codd | ^eo» BAafiorlS*] pr 
if FM rell ^B^l,i5 Cyr | <€«-circffXiyra4 64 rog) | ifM«f] w^at 
p*(uid): +€« n|r epiy/ior a^C'/Awr a,*) | woptvwfitda B*AMk 
na^S] roptwna/M m : wop€vao/u$a B«»>F rell Bl^ Or-lat Chr | 
rpccM'] post rffuptMf f | om «i njr tprifjutw a, | ii»a ^vtf'Wfier] 
{owios Bvauikep 130): orwt Xarpevoxri/Aer i*s: «rt ro ^vtf'ot Chr: 
et ibi imma/abimus Or-lat | $vao/up kox*^ | rw ^ec# fifjMtf BAa 
06*] avrw m: pr «cc# FMs^:,(om if/iww) rell 91S£1/^ Or-lat 

10 cv vpoiyovrai] redpiei Iren-cod | rpoiy«-erai] rpoourrroi 
flkp: wpoffT^vrrai Fm(-«v-)qu: vpoaBifffenu M*l: rpoo'cXev- 
tf-rrai a, | ly/iat o | om ^tiptua begjwx91/5S | fioffiKtvs oiTvir- 

IV 2 


B Kvpu)^ Ti TovTo iarip to iv tJ X^^P^ ^^^ : o Si etirev 'FdfiSo^. ^teal ehrev 'Fi^frop airifv M rifp 3 
ytjv, Koi ippi/^^^v avT^v iirl rifv yfjv, xal tyivero S4>t^' xal i^vyev Ma>v<ri7V air airrov. ^koX 4 
ehrev Kvpto^ wpo^ Mcoi/cr^y "^Kxreivop rifp X^^P^ ^^^ iirCKafiov rrj^ tcipicov' iterelpa^ oip r)fp 
X^^pf^ iireXAfiero rrj^ icipKov, Koi iyhfero pdffSo^ ip r$ X^^P^ avrov* ^Xpa irioTevawaip aoi Sn 5 
Arrrai aoi 6 Oeh^ t&p irarepoifp avr&p, 0€o^ *A/3paitfj, xal deo^ 'I^o^/c koX Oed^ ^laxwfi. ^etirep Bi 6 
avT^ Ki;pi09 ir6Xi,p KlaepeyKOP rifp X^V^ ^^^ ^*^ '''^^ koKwop aov. xai ela^peyteep t^p x^H^ 
avTOv €49 TOP Kiikirop avTOV' koI i^peyxep rifp x^V^ avrov ix tov k^Kitov avrov, icaX iyepiiOfi tj 
X^lp airrov ^cel xwij/. 7/cal etirep UaXiP elaipeyKOP rifp %€ipi£ aov €49 top koKitop aov* teaX 7 
€lai]peytc€P Ttjp x^V^ ^^^ '^^^ koXwop airrov ' /cal i^pejKCP avTifP ix tov tcoXirov at/roO, koX irdKip 
aTTCKaTianj €49 TtfP XP^^^ "^^ aapKo^ avTr^^* ^ikp he p,^ wiOTevaaaip aoi fitfSe elaaKOvawaw 8 
TTf^ ^pfj^ TOV arffieiov tov wpa>TOv, iriaTevaovalp aot t^9 ^«i^9 tov atifAelov tov iax^TOV. ^Kal 9 
I<rra4 ikp fit) irurrevaoiaip aot T049 Sval arffieloi^; tovtoi^ fArjSe elaa/covatoaip t% ffHOPtj^ aov, 
XiJ/4'^ atrd TOV i5SaT09 tov iroTap^v Kal iK')(€€h iirl t3 ^pop, xai laT€U Ti ihfop h ikp Xdfiff^ 

IV 4 nyr !<>] njt A 

7 awoKaT€<mi B»**> 9 ffiifuoit F* | Xiy^ B*> (sic saepe) 


Phil I irv/Mot] pr o ^finnsw Cjrr-ed^cod^: $i F*(hab it int 
lin F*'***): +© ^i p | rovro] post t^rw ^ Cjnr-cod^: om n Cyr- 
edi I om «<n-ti'FM**deghi*»(uid)jl8vwy-CaEi5(uid)ChrCyr| | 
om TO FM^*ehlnprtv-c,l/ Cyr-edi-codi | dt] ^ S | om 

3 ciTci'] +avri# (83) E | «rt i»] eii z | km i^^—^p «<>] 
bis scr g*: om sa^ Cyr^ | (om avnfp a® 107) | om cfi nyr 
yUP «« f I om jco* 4«— avrov % \ (•^vyer] €^Pfi$if 15) | fuoffris 
mnsxc, I ttr] awo wpovtawov Cyr^ 

4 wpot /u#v0^r] fiMVffti Phil : wpot avrop CyT-ed| : om m : 
om wpot y* I fAtaffifP knxc, | errcii^Cyr-edi | x«»P« i® BAF* 
••ehlquy PhU-ed] +<rov F«»Mat» rcU VBE^Sb PhU-cod Cyr | 
om KOI 2** a,*^ I '^^P'^^^ i*^] +at'''ov xBl/ | om eKrecmt — 
Kcpirov 1® fw Phil-arm Cyr^ | crrcu^af ovr BAaor Phil-gr Cyr|] 
KOI 9KT9ipat FM rell ^(•{-il/<9J/:f)BSil& Cyr|: extendens autem 
Moysa 1/ | nyr x«P« ^**] ^wwiw^w -wa^f SBil^: -k- Moses E | 
KtpKov 3*^] + avrov xlS | om avrov Phil-gr-codd-omn 

6 om totnm comma f | ira] pr ko* €iw€p if b-eghjno'ptvx 
zi^mg) : pr cat ecxcr avrw quSl/ : (pr koi tiwtp 78) | om ffoi 
i« B^^pta^B Phil-arm | om 0-01 2^ Cyr-cod | ^cos B] is w : 
pr if AFM rcU 9IS£l/il& Cyr | avrw] ffov Cyr-cd | tfcof a<» 
30 40] pr o bdegijlnqsuvwy Cyr-cod | ^cot 3^] pr ma, | om 
$€0f 30 4» m 

6 civcr dff] ffai tirer m | xvptot avna cxSb | Kvpiot] post 
raXty ^ : pr af kn : o $t i*ms : om w : -H tff a, | cto-circ7ffoy 
Bi»*or Or-gr Cyr-coddf] euFtPtyKiu Ahlqsuvya^c, Cyr-ed^: 
€iffilprYK€ fgw: €urep€yK€ FMi* rell Cyri-ed^ | (eif i<»] eiri 
77) I tiiniPtyK€P] »cfiK€ c I om avrov 1® bm^ | om «f i« — 
avrov «® Cyr-ed^ | avrov a®] -h«ai eirer c^e^Kc (-7«cai v) rrip 
XMpa o'ov cc rov JcoXrov o-ov degjnptV2£J6*^e{evc7ff€] pr etj 
Cyr-cod I | om koi a® — avrov 4® ftn Cyr-ed | rifp X€ipa avrov 
«<>] aunp FMcdeghjklrvx-c.^Bl^ Or-gr Cyr-cod: <om 107): 
om avrov bw | tK — avrov 4**] sub 1- & : om % \ €k] awo bw 
Cjrr-cod^ | ifoi 3<>] +i*ov F*» | tytprtOri] fytPPriBri w: eyti'tro 
b'c-gijkmnsx Or-gr | 17— x**"'] <«^ ^^ leprosa 5 | avrov 5®] 
fUMWecM A: -hX«Fp*wa cfipstxa, Or-gr Cyr: {-^-Xtwpoi 83): 

-hXew/ny F*>"«: -|-Ar/fvxa9IS5S(sub 4i>): +Xevci| kmo« | ftw«] 
wf X Cjrr 

7 circF] < + avrw if 83): +f7/f SIS'iEE | raXtr ffi#CFryffor] 
€iffep«yK€ waXip pl^ | om raXir xc,9U6(txt) Or-gr | eiovrr/iror 
Bos Or-gr-ed Cyr-cod] tiaeptyKai Ahuvya^c, Cyr-ed | : tMnfyryxc 
fw: «tff€P€yK€ FM rell Or-gr-cod Cyr-ed ^ | o-ov i»] avrov 
l*(uid): om bw Cyr-ed J | (om nyr 2^ — avrov i® 107) | x*^ 
i«] + avrov Acefk-nptxyb,^IS1^5S(sub 4^ c/9^.) Or-gr Cyr | om 
fit 2^ — avrrfp w | om eif 2^-— avrov i« f | avrov i*] -I- ii Uerum 
dixit ei Effer manum tuam e sinu iuo S | om «a« 3<> — avrov 2^ 
cksIS*' I KOi 3°] 4-raXti' m | avnyr] (ravnyr 107): nyr X^H^ 
Fbhc, : rrip x^^po avrov nptvz Cyr-ed : (x'ipa avrov 30) : manum 
suam £ I €K — avrov 1°] cit rop koKwop avrov F* : om m | wt] 
aro bw I om KOi 4<*~ avn^t g | om raXtr 2^ mn9S£l# | arc- 
xareo-nj] a»'acar«m7B*'*>F*>'ac*(uid)pvxCyr-codd^: arcmrc- 
OTo^ bf(-tfiyir)ios Or-gr CyT\x awoKaretrroBri dej Cyr|-ed^: 
areirraXtfi} w : -I- 17 x«*P avrov n | xpouuf i'lr^uidjc, | om nyf 
o-ap«rof fm | avn^f] avrov AFMb-ehiklnprtv-c^l^EiSS Or-gr 
Cyr: om 1/ 

8 om totum comma c, Cyr-ed i | om am? o* | o-ot i«] o-e b: 
lioi p I om lATiht eiffaKOwrtaaip IS | M^dc] pr xai k : Kai /Mf c \ 
turoKova-uffftp] ciffaxowroprat i*m: axowrvaip Fa,: wtartveuffi 
i I njf ifnapi^ 1^] pr <ro( dia n : pr o'ov pvz: om f: -f ovv b'm 
£(uid)l/ I rov i<>] pr coi b'm | wtartvffovffw — 0«Mnyt a<>] 17 f | 
rorrcua-ovo-ty] rirrtvffwriP AMbcdhik-oq**(uid)rstwa,b, Or-gr- 
cod I o'oi a*>] <rou p : om cdmS^ Cyr-ed ^ | njf 0«N^f a®] (post 
tnifitiov 2^ 30) : pr dta n : nj ^n; k Cyr^ : om d*(uid)m | rov 
3^" ^<rxarov] na (rtifuna na devrtpv m : om rov <n7/ietov r* | rov 
«tfX«^*»'] ''•©w d€VT€pov FMb-eghi*jklnptv-b,^MSi5 Or-gr Chr 
Cy r J -ed ^ -codd ^ : sequenlis 1/ 

om icoi i<* — COL ( I ffat e<rrat cav] ear dc C3rr-ed^: om 
tarailBi'' \ <rot]<rovp: om Mcdegjm^fi^iS Cyr-ed ^ | {8vo 107) | 
€iaaKovabMrip] c«raxov(rwrrac m: airovo'w<riy f | rtjt ^wnft aov] 
aov nyt ^n^f y: o-oi 1 | oro !<> — rora/MV i®] vdc#/> €k tov wora- 
fiov ^-codd 1/ Csrri | rov vdarot post roro/iov i<> e | cjcxeeif] 
drxci^f ^hj : exxtois c \ ert i<»] eit bw | om koi 3'*— -lijpov c | 

IV 4 K€pKOV 2^1 ovpat M 

6 KOI 3<* — X^^ ^ '<>* *^v x^P avrov \twpv9a W9tk x*<^ ^> \X^^P\ pr iy]: 0^ mu e^an; iy x^^P avrov \tkmpiktfuv^ owct 
XiW tf' icai <^v iy x^cp avrov XerpAf^a *fO-ei x^** ^z 

7 arcjcarff^n;] a' arctfrpo^ ^il^ 8 rov €ox«*w;] a' rov c^arov 0^ rov ero^Fov Mjvz 
9 wvraiMv i« a«] ptiBpav F*» 



IV 17 

10 awi rod irorafiov ol/ia iirl rov ^pov. ^^"Elirev Sk M(0varj^ wpo^ Kvpiop ^eofjLoi, Kvpu, B 
ovx licavo^ elfu irpi rrj^ i)(di^ ovBk irpo rfj^ rplrtf^ fjfjkipa^ otiSe a<f> oi ^pfof XaXeiv r^ Oepd- 

11 irovrL aov* i<rxvo^vo^ koX fipaZvyKtoaao^ iyw eifii,. ^^ehrev Se Kvpio^ irpo^ Mmvaijv Tt9 
l&»ir€y oTOfJM avOpmirtp, tcml rU hroiffaev ZiaK^^o» Koi Kwf>6v, pKiwovra kcu rwpXov ; ovk iym 

It o 6w ; ^^icaX vvv iropevov, teal iym avol((0 to <rr6fia aov icaX avfifiificurm ae h fiiXKei^ XakSjaai. 

|3 '3|Mu ttwep Mennrif^f ^eofuu, Kvpu, irpoxelpiaai Svvdfievov aXXov hv airoareXeU. ^^koI OvfjuodeU 
opyf Kvpio^ inl Maii/crQy ehrev Ov/c iSoif ^Aapwp 6 oScX^ov cov o Aevelrff^ ; eiricrafiai Sri 
Xak&p XaXi^crei avro^ aor icaX IBov avro^ i^ekeva-erai el^ {rvvavTqtrLv aoi^ koX lSa>p ce XO'PV^^^^ 

15 iv iavTf. ^^ical ipei^ irpo^ avrov icaX Stoaet^ rh p^fjMrd fiov eh to crro/ia avrov' teal iym avol^^ 

16 tA OTOfM aov teaX to arofia avrov, teal avp,fitfia<r(o vpA^ a iroLtjirere, ^^ical avro^ a-oi XaXi^o-et 

17 irpo9 rov \a6vy teal auro^ Sotoi aov aropM' av Be avr^ iatf rk irpi^ rov deov. ^^koI rijv ^offBov 
rairffv rifv arpa^iaav eh S(f>tv Xy^/lc^ iv r^ X^^P^ ^^^> ^^ i Tron^aei^ iv avr$ rh arffieia. 

10 9cuflfMu A I x^ B** I cxi'o^wrof F*(<r ins F«») 

14 ouc B«»»>] wx B* I XewTiTi AF | €i9w F 

16 XoXi^vt B*] wpoff\a\iiau B^ | tirn B*^"^^] wu B^^ 

13 doio/icu A I wpox/Hfn^acA AF 
15 ireu 3® — avrov 7? B'*"**^ | wovuvmui 
vpos «•] 4-rof F* 


0] ov a, I OF fi*'nr | om avo rov warofiov f | aro 7**] mc bnw | 
oc/ia] pr icoi wrcu xS<sub ^ ^' ^) | «rt «<»] awog: wo l*(aid) | 
(tov ^pov] nft rf« *30> 

10 /lumit cmnxc, | om rpot icv/mot f | irv/Mor] (pr top 107): 
ror ffp A I dcoftoc] + cov dfioi^ISS | om Kvpit m | ovx ucorot 
ffi^] Mtfii sum dignus %; uoeem non habto £: ovk tvkoyot cc/u 
ovdt ucarot k | ovx urwof] ov« evXoYOf F*M(txt)b*(txt)egj(txt) 
nv(txt)w]rz(txt)b,*c, Philf-edi £zech-ap-Alex : ovic evXoXos 
b'^*(txt)mxi5(txt) Phil-ooddi Cyr|: omc <vyX<tf^<rof h^ Phil- 
codd|: -f ov8e evXaXot c: -f XoXetr (31) IS | om wpo n^f i<* Cyr- 
coddi I wpo !•] pr ov m : »pof Fo | Ti;f i®] ti| n | x^«» B*» 
Mc-fhk-npvwx | ov^e |0] koi AlnySB* Or-Ut i uii M, \ rpo 
«• — 19/iepaf ] ante -r diem v Urtiam % \ wpo i®] rpot o | om 
ilfupma CjrrI | ov] i|t c | iip^] itP^v ck : ly/t^u F'Mcgjvytc, 
Cyr-cod| | XaXcu^] XoXiyo-cu kmx : dicsre SS{mg) | iffx^'o^pot — 
tqu i<^] fiffiofiiut ie ori ^^diYXcMro-os et/u jccu urxyo^ctfyot deofuu 
<rov ii ort ppadiy\uaffot tifu wpoxeipurow aXXor f | urx''o0*'''<^] 
+70^) ckmxfllJS(sttb 4>) I /Spo^vyXcM-crof] /9pad sup ras (3) A* : 
dejuims {grams mg) linguae & | tyut] post tc/u a^ egijmw^l^ 
Cyr-edi: om v£(ttid) Thdti 

11 jcv^cot] pr b' I Tpot tutvetfp] wpot iawojiw egjn( + Xctcot) 
XC3 : rpot fua9» m : rw /luvari A(-o'ct)afior : irpot avrof p : (om 
77): +Xff7wr k I ffou i^'] M// 9 I dvffKit^] mogilalum Cyp | 
om KOI Ktt^ 8 I /SXcvwn-a] pr km noquS Or-gr^ Or-ap-Eus 
Cyp I jcoi 3<*] ^ f I rv^Xor] Kd^^v e | om ovic — $toi m | o 0€ot 
Boqax9] pr it AFM r«ll ]S(pr dixit 1S^)E1^ Or Cyr Cyp: 
Dominus i: +^ov k Cyp-cod 

12 jroi ryw] Korp* o : (e7« yap 130) : om ctw a | rw <rro^uirc 
m I ffvfipi^ Fe-jlnya, | fft] ftei: om Philcod | BabowB 
Cyp] CM m : oo-a kx : a AFM rell W,Sb Phil Or-lat Cyr | XoXi;- 
ffoi] XaXi^fty Phil-ed : XoXcir F*>'k( +0'e)nr* : Xo/Seu' x ; woiifacu 

13 Kai ctrey] «trcy 5e mw | /um/oi^] fuxnit mnx : om FM 
eghjlvwy-Ca^B^E^if^: +«//>»»il/ | Seofuu] firiia/jua9 f: +^ov 
(SII8S Cyr-codi Thdti: +<re Thdti | #cv/h€] post rpoxttpurau 

Or-lat Tract : om Cyr-cod( ThdtJ ) wpaxfipifftu — avooreXeif] 
orcov dwa/uu f | wpoxapu^w b' | SvpapMfOP aXKop'\ aXXor iwafie- 
POP A>'PMcdeghjlnpqs-wy-c,ABEil& CyrS-ed|-codl Thdti: 
oXXor rw Svpafiepop £us Cyr-ed^: crepor ivpafupop Cyr-cod|: 
om dwa/iepop Or-lat Thdt| Nov Tract: om aXXor Cyr-cod^: 
om OP h I arooTcXeit] arooreXXeif m: arooreiXcct x: e^aro- 
^cXcif Thdt 

14 0v/AUf$€u opyri] opyw$7i Cyr) | opyril post Kvpiot lUhi 
om Cyr-ed|^ | cvpcof] kp b^'luid) | fu#v0i|r] pmciip nx: fiuati 
m I ecvcr] pr koi x Cyr^ | ov«c cdov] 4- Tap Phil-cod^ | aapwp 
post <rov efgj | (om adeX^ vov 73) | Xevecn^f] Xrywr on 
Phil-codd| : om (76) Cyr i: om Phil-cod^ | erio^ra/toi] ^u^m 
opiitne noui 1/ | XoXcm^ XaXiTo-ct] post o-oc i^ W : om \aKsap w 
Phil I XaXiy^ r | avroi i®] avroct c^* | 0*01 i<> sub -;- Sb \ 
avTot ao] avror b* : avrov m* | eXevo-eroi f | o-ot a*»] o'ov F*>b'f 
k-n Phil-coddi Cyr^ | avrw de*f 

15 epct s I avrop'\ +rovi Xo7ovf fwv F**"*«: +Tovf Xo^ovt 
Tovravt Megjlc2(mg) | ^ioarit r* | om fu>v ft | eif to vTOfia\ €p 
Tu ffTOfULTi Cyr J: («i ra wra 71) | om km 3** — avrov %^ B*f 
Cyr^ I xai tyu] xayta a: (eyiiy ik 130) | avfifiifiia bnw(pr a)u^ | 
a] (pr «f 3a) : om w I woiria^u t 

16 avrof <roi XaXi^ei B'bfinrsl/ Cyr-codH ovrof o-ot wpoa- 
XaXi|0'et B'Aak(«'/>oo'XaXct)oquw Phil Cyr-ed^: rpoo'XaXiyo'ec 
avrof aoi cm(-<rai)x: XaXi^o-ei avrof aoi FM rell & Cyr^: is 
loqueiur tibi S: loquetur tecum ipse IS: is loquetur a te %\ 
rpot i»] pr ra Fbfinpstl/.* pr Ktu Phil-cod | ror i<»] +tfr n* j 
Xook] Xa sup ras y* I om avrot 2° w | e<rrai post ffov 1/ | ffov] 
0-04 aegjo^-edSiS Phil-codd | ^ro/w] pr ett egj : (pr ro 73) | 
o'v — eoij] tiwiis i€ avrc# oo-a m | o-v] <roi vw | avru c<n|] €<n| 
avrw fisx^)S£l/: eo'ct avrov n: avrot coiy (18) Phil -cod: om 
«n^ Cyr^ | ror tfeor] Dnm E: om ror F*>*c Cyr-codi 

17 om ravnir h^(uid) | om rifP a® — o^tp F*(hab F»"»«) 
M(txt)lwxya,baC,BdLi^(txt) | «t rijr x«*P« n | om ny 1 | 
irotifo^ c, I €P avn;] er avn|t n : om k 

xo ovx ixarot €ifu] ovk optfp Xoyiot €ifu F^ | ovx ^Kopot] a' ov« anyp ptifiaTWP 0^ ov« evXaXot MjvzCg | ovde a*^ — €ifu a*^] 
(indice ad koi wpwr«wtc€P in commate a5 posito) a' iraiTe aro rorc XaXijo-arrot rpot dovXor o-ov ore ^pvt oTOfum «cai papvt 
yXueffTi ryci ci/u vz 

II dwKtf^] a' ff* $* fioyiXaXop M^(sine nom)jvzc3iS: fipadvyXucffop c,: /Sw^or F^ 

la avfifiifitiffm at] a' ^urifv at F^sine nom)Mjvzc2: 0^ vwodei^ia aoi Mjvzc, 

15 AcofMu «vpic] a* $* €P €fUH. Kt Mvz 15 avfipifiaffui} a' ^i^teu 0^ vro^ec|c# Mc(om o^)vzc, 

165 22 — 2 

IV i8 


B ^^^ETTopevOff Bi Mot/cr^v teal airearpey^ irpo^ *loddp top yaiifiphv avrov /col Xiyei ^op€t^- i8 

aofiai teal airoarpi^o} wpo9 roif^; aScX^t^? fJ^ov tov9 ^i' AirfvwT^, icaX 6'^fun el Srt ^Atriv. /eaX 
ehrev ^loOop Maava^ BdSi^e vyvaivtov. iierh Bi r^9 ^p^pa^ tA? ttoXXA? itcdva^ ireKeinfiaep o 
fiaaCKev^ Atyvwrov. ^^ettrev Sk Kvpio^ irpi^ Mmvaijv iv MaSiifi BoBi^e iireXOe eU Atyvirrop* 19 
T€0Pi]teaaiv yhp irdpre^ ol ^tirovvri^ aov rifv '^v^/jv- ^avaXafimv Si Mtavaij^ rifp yvwitKa teal %o 
ra iraiZLa ave/Slfiaaev avrh iirl rh inro^uyia^ teal iwiarpeyp^v w Atyvwrov fKafiev Se M«>ua% 
r)fv pafiSov rifv iraph rev Oeov iv t§ X^^P^ avrov. ^^etirev ii Kvpio^ irpi^ Mmvaijv Hopevophwv ai 
aov teal airoarpe^vro^ eh Alyvirrov, Spa rravra rk repara & ihooiea iv rotv ;fe/Mrii^ crov, iroii^crei^ 
airh ivavrlov ^apem* iyia ik a'K\ffpw& rifv teapSlav avrov, xal ov p»rj i^afnHrretky riv XaSw. 
^a-i^ Be ipeU r^ ^apad TdBe \iyei Kvpio^Tli^ irpwriroKo^ fiov 'Ict/xmJX* ^elira Si aoi *Efcwr^ " 
aretXov rov \a6v {lov Xva fioi Xarpevajf * el piv oiv p>ii fiovkei i^atroar-eTXai avrov^, Spa o&v, iyi^ 
airo/erivvw rov vl6v aov rdv irp^roroteov. ^^Eyevero Si iv rfj o8fS iv r^ tearaXvfuiri 14 

awiivrrfo-ev avr^ 0776X09 Kvptov, Kal i^i^ret avrdv airoteretvai, ^^Kal Xaffovaa %eir<f>wpa '^r^^y 15 

18 Tovt i»] rov F* I ti B*»*>] 19 B* 

41 ror Xoor sap las B*'^ 


18 fMorff gmoxc, | ttwevr/ie^] twwrpe^tv Abe: wre- 
ffTpt^ew fikms: wtffrptftv y \ toBop !•] port avrov f: io$b»p 
ab'eg*'jl: a^op c^ex corr): w9wp g*inqu Cyr-cod: lOpOop 
ba*(uid): om p I om row F*'* | yofifipm av sup ras z** | ya$i' 
Ppoif] wtv&tpw F''"*'bdpw I (om «cac a* 14) | XeTct] (ciTfr 14): 
€iw€w mrna FMcdeghj-npstvx-CaBl^iS Cyr: +ai;r« f8lE | 
wopevaofuu xai arotfrpe^w] reuertar H earn % \ woptvfftfiot 
(^ I om K€u ^** m \ arotfrpe^] vwoarpt}^» m: rrtffrpi^ 
x: areX^w g | fiov] ffov qu ] ofutftai en | om kcu 5^ w | io$op 
!<*] pr Cyr-ed: io0wp ab'eg*'jln: luSop c: t<a$c»p mqu Cyr- 
cod: lopSwp a,: om p: +0 wep$tpot avrov d | ftuvffii BAao] 
fiuvff€i r: fuaari w: rw futaif nx Cyr: rw pMirei mc,: irpot 
fjMvariP f iqsu : avrw p : om d : pr rw FM rcll | {vyiatpwv] + ect 
cc/nynp 14. 16.77.130) | firm — oiTwrrow] sub -1- i&: om F'^'fi^ | 
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£<uid)l/5^ Cyr | €^ti|] pr ecce % : «m n : sit loco eius S | 
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ttTTeXot d(aifrw)p: (a» avn^t a>7«Xof 76): +0 ayycXof M(mg) 
bfhinrtvxz: ( + o'y7€Xot 138): -^-angtlus Dhi 1/ | «oti7] pr si 
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(txt)cdeghj-mptv(txt)wxyz(txt)a,b,Ca^B£i$ : t^ricep avrov 

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H-ed I om ovf arco'reiXev a, | arco'recXeK] eXaXi^rev qu : dixerat 
ad Moysen 1/: + avrov kx£(utd)il&: -^-avrta c: ■\'wpot avrov b: 
+ jrf w: '\^eum Dominus % j cat !<>] «-oc1^rai fir | om To:rra, f | 
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nrv ovfipiow avrov irpot rov ir^ avnyt ortffBtp f 

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d : om TWf C 

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sab -:- 5: om Mbchwaa^HSil/ | ^cot] Ts F*{o $t F»"«) 
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sy: cva dmlS(uid) | euraxovo-oftai] curoxov^w/Aai mny: vra«ov* 
ffopju Phil(-/i€F cod) : aicovo'OfMu Cyr-codd \ | om avrov Or-lat | 
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Cyr}: arooreXw Cyr} 

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rot — avrov sub -r 5S | om exotfrof v/utfr S | viuav\ rffiup f : 
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avrow] w/wr b'xEl/iS(mg) Or-lat 

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'\-populo suo S*^ I rw] post «-oXvrXi7tfei x : ow c^ : om f^ | 
roXvrXiyffei Xoof] rXi;^of roXw ri^t 71^ 1 | Xoo* Baoqu] to 
c^irof Ath: +€« Tiyi 7171 n3[: +Tiyi 7171 AFM rcU ISS1/5S | 
/iif ovr xararaivwMC''] numquid cessare faciemus Wf\ et cessare 
fecisHs S^ I ffararauff-w/ieir] xararav^-o/ieK kos: Kararauro/MU 
dp I ovrowf] avrov c, | t^ywi'] + avrfc* ck 

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revffiw] scribsii 1/ : +ovtov F^'^^ckmx^iSCsub ^) u+populiW 

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dabatis 1/ | x^'' B^^cdfghlmopx | rpcnyi'] pr nyv x | 17/iepay] 
sub -?- S: +««* TO nyt ffii/upow AMdj(mg)n(n7f i7Ai«/>ov)pqtuv 
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71): TopcvercM'or i*n | ovro7a7eni>o'oi'] wpayrrucw d-gjz : 

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IS( + Ja/fj|S^) I avrotta, | axvpa] pr ra aioqrsu : -^-ubicunque 

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ovo-ir] sicut operabantur % \ (om 17? 76) | om avroc IS | roi- 
ovo'iv] rotiTO'ovo'ii' Cg : -I- »'Oti;o'ovo'iir FeghjIvy-b^lS : -^-woniirtaaip 
MS<uid) I Koff] prxaiegj | ert^Xctf BAaf^ioqru] fri^Xi^f f*: 
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io^eXcire m: a^eXcire FM xt\\{-Tai cghn)9iS£1^5S : (o^Xi^rc 
76) I ov^] pr ar avrcM* firB* : ovBtp s | ^ap] + koi vxaKo/rroi 
€Wi bw: -Hffai f^ I rovro] -h avroc cegjx5S(sub •:g>) | Kticfta- 
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dieentes ad papulum 1/ | eXe70i'] elamabant B* | Xaor] B» 1 | 
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dado HIS^: dabimus JEfi dabunt B* | om vpup n 

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avroi vfUit] avroc dc v;cecf I: uos autem ]S: om avroc w: om 
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post axvpa nB: avroct a,: vpup v(mg) | om axvpa eg} | car] ar 

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mors uel gladius % \ Boparot if fowot] a' y Xoc^t (Xc/uot F') 17 fwxtu^ F'(^ F')Mvz(sine nom) : a' Xoc^cov ^ if fMx<upa 

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j(ropffvtfcrrct)vz | ^vraTaTcrw^ar] a' o^ B' KoXatuiffBuffap Mjvzc,(sine nom jzcj 



V 20 

14 S$€v i^v €lip^T€^ ov 7^p ^ a^>aip€tTai^ airi lij^ amrrd^efo^ vfiSp oi$iv. ^^koX Sutnrdptf 6 \ai^ hf B 
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virh T&v iirurrarAp rod ^apad^ Xiyovre^ AiA rl oif a-wereXiaare tA? avprd^ei^ vfi&v T179 wXiP- 

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ov hl^arai rols olKetai^ avv, teal rifv irXivOov ^fuv Xeyovaiv iroieiv^ KaX ihov ol waiSi^ aov /m/ao- 

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19 aroXtfcrc B*(-X<t^ B^) | vXiF^cat] rXirtfctof B^'i rXi^ccar F*{w\t9$' F') 

d*e%jkiimw: om b | cv|pifrt] evpifroi Minol^ : + koi niP ffvprafyp 
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dept): (-l-avra 3a) | ov yap] kch owe IB: ftux n | o^cupctroA] 
a^p€tT9 BAFWIflpqxy: -k-uodis % | vfivi'] itfu» 1: avntv f: 
latermm mairorwm 1S(om uestrorum B*) | ouSti^ cgk-nwx 

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4^ %\ ny ir: om AFadegjm-qt-wzlS | cu7vrT#] cuTvrrov bcf 
h*>*l: +va0'aa, | (a7a'yetF7i) | iroXaAAat n | eci li)|(u^] axt^^w^ 
n I Mf] ircu cS' I axv^] +otfey ccw €VfnfT€ koi tr^v wvml^ 
Tip ir\i/if$ovpyuis awodttaert p 

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e«iroi;^^j(mg)v(ing)z(ing) | omavrovt — (ca^irorra m | avrovt 
sub T- JS I om Xeyorref z | oi/rreXecrcu cfino | ra i«— ii^pair] 
^(^Tfa cattdiana uatra % \ €pya] + vfittp FMcdeghjl*pstv«cyzb, 
^BiS: +VM*^ kl* I Ka$iiKorrm] +vfUMf a, | icaff] /it$ zt nyr 
F* I om Ka$air€p — vfuw m | om xaBairtp s | om irac HM | 
om ore 1/ | edcdoro] cdtdero Aa3f iry : cdcSw n : tdidov p 

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F«"«: wr corr in €W F**)* | er avrovt] er ovroci y | «ir] inr U, | 
avrovt] ovriw s | vwci] 0x0 vz | mrrw^rmw n | tou i*] r«# p : 
omdcgj I Xryorrftw FMcdeghjklm«*npv-b, | ov]od | rwreXeiTe 
{76)S(uid)l/ I rai oi;rra(ecf] priraraa,: post vfM#r bn(-if/i-)w: 
rot ra(€tf m | {vfuof nff irXiH^tat] nyt vXiv^ovpYcaf Vfi«r 31) | 
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Bovpyiaf dpt: om FM(txt)lyaab, | (om KaBaw€fy—^rifupotf 15) | 
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cdfhlmnpx | TpiTi^ iTMepOf k | om iro* ^<'—^fi€potf B | to Ti|f] 
TTjir y I om Tiff 40 m 

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tivrwr bw(om oc |0) | om irpot m | otmn] post rocect c(-Tot) 
k(Toti;f)x^B JS : om m I irocetf] pr ov bw : irociTt s | o^ocr ocireTcur] 
ourcTcuf o'ov c(tir-)9(uid) | cirrraif fs 

16 om axvpor — o'ov i^ c | axvpor] to axi^^ Chr | Mort 
it I Toif ourcrcuf o'ou] TOit o'ott ocffrroit tc,: avroit d: om p | 


TifT — irotecy] XfYow^tF ly/or nyr vXtF^or {wXafBovpytat^ codd) 
voiccy Chr: dicunt nodis Numfrum laterum cmfidte B: dieunt 
eis Fadte laitrem S | vXcytfor] vXcytftav bkmnw: vXir^ c: 
owra^ Fl: ( + o"ow 15) | yipuuf post Xryoutf-tr FMb-eghj-npst 
y-cjiyiup dlp)^l/JS I voteiy] vocecrr bw | om ecu a** 1/ | om 
o^cxi^cit — o-ov 3<* kc, I a^KifO'cif] a^ctt mS: o^uriff c: MY 
a5any«^ f | om our 9 | om rw a, 

17 atn-otf ] pr Pkarao B* : + ^apa«# bl/ | om o^oXa^e fin | 
vx^iKMTVLi] pr o^oXoffTcu dt : pr airo^Toc k : o^oXo^roi v : 
+ eoTcu f I dta] prircu HE | XeTrrt] pr viui.% x : XcTrroi cfgwz* | 
vopev^w^er] iropcvtferTct dn: areXtforret bsw: ibimus Bl/ | 
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dx**Bl/ : Xarpcvo'wiier bw | tw tfew] pr iw bwS^ : t«# i« F** 

18 our] de m: om n9(uid) | wope\f0frm Bnnrv(txt)z(txt) 
Cyr] wtKBvnn v(mg): oreX^orref AFMz(mg) rell | yap] 6t 
bwS(nid)l/: om f | ov do^o'crcu] post v/uv abfioqiHuwl/: ov 
didorat n^uid) | v/uf] rnup g : om Ir* Cyr | Tip] Tiyt g : om ^ 
1 I w>d9$ovprfiat Fla, | airod«MreTe] reddite %: avrot {avro 
codd) BtofftTt Cyr 

19 cwpCM^] ewpovr a,: ewpwo-or w | 3e] our Cyr-ed | Ttir 
iwwr] pr Tov 7erovf fir | catrrovt] post nuroci Cyr>codd : cavroct 
bmt : avrovt 1 : om d | om «r murotr m | XryorTf i] XcyorTat 1 : 
X«7«rrof m r XcTorrwr F*knvz(txt) : iroi f : coeperunt dicere % | 
ovir d«^Xei^eTf] nemo minuit nobis % \ awoKtvprrt] awoktuprrai 
M^hiktioqrsz*(uid)a,£(uid)SCyr-codd : oXetfeTcu n(-Tr): avo- 
\nypw$tBL m : deerit nobis % | rtfs B Aadqux] pr airo FM rell 
C3nr: pr • numerold \ wKipBias] +vfuap F^kmxB*S: -^rifittp 
c- 1 ni if/Mptt] Ti^f iifupas F'"«sa,: n fiii*pa% n : n Vf^P* o 

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qu: fiuaii nx: fuacH mc,: fuavffiiP df: luavorit I: in 00 4:* 

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€pxotuP9vt f: 9px<ipf*^ ftCg: tpxof*«^*n' > | om ftt ^wattnifftp 
CM/roif fi(nid) | ovroct] avrovt n* : airr«r f : om bw | om avn#r 
a, I ^apa«#] pr rov Cyr-ed 

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x6 nyr rXcrtfor] irXcr^o/Ma nfr ir\af0ovpyia» F^ | ecu cdov — O'ov 3^] a' irac cdov dovXoc O'ov reirXifY/icroc jcac a/ULprui \am 
aov ff* KOI 01 5ovXoc o'ov fUfioffriytafAMwoi KOi atuLpriop cx«<t ^ o^ac c^v oc Boukoi aov fMnaariyiarrat irac i| afMpria etr ror 
Xaor ow JYZ 17 Bvattfiep] Bvawa^iuv F** 

xg OMC airoXccfcTc] a' ovx v^Xccrc Mjvz[v^XecTai M*JT | sine nom vx\ \ to xa^iror] r^ wod[arrra\ F^ 


V 20 


B fUwov airr&v cvtrb ^apoiOy ^^tcdl elirap avroi^ ISoi 6 ffeo^ vfui^ koX Kpitfa^, iri c/SScXt/^arc ri^p u 
otry^iiv ^fi&v ivavTiov ^apai> seal ipavrlov r&p d€pair6pr^p aurou, Sovpoi poful>aiap elf ri^ X^H^^ 
airov airoKTeivai fifjA^, ^^Ewiarpe'^ep Bi Mwvai)^ vpo^ Kvpiop teaX cZv€v AIo/lmu, ii 

Kvpl€^ ti iKUKfoaa^ top Xoop tovtop ; koX Xva ri airiaraXxd^ fu ; ^^icaX a<f>^ oi weiropevfiai vph^ aj 
^apam XciKfjaai iiri r^ a^ oifofian, €Kajc»a€P top Xooi^ tovtop^ koX ovk ippwrvt top 'kaop <rov. 
^fcal tihrev Kvpio^ irpo^ Mtavoijp "H&fj Sy^ei a woi^ato t^ ^apaa>' ip ykp x^^P^ tcpaTtuf i^awo' i VI 
4TT€\€i avTOv^y /col ip ffpaxiopi vyftrfX^ iicfiaXei avToi>^ ix Ttj^ 7^ airov. 

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^hfipakfi, KoX ^laaiuc koX ^lofoa/S, deb^ Av ain&P^ KOki to Spofui fiov Kvpio^ ovtc €iifX4»<ra airroh* 
^xal iarrfaa Ttip BiaOi^tcfiP fiou irpo^ airroif^ &aT€ Sovpoi avToi^ Ttfp ytjp t&p XoPOPoiwPf TifP yfjp 4 
f)p irapipKiiKaaiP, ip $ koX waptptcffaop hr airni^. ^tcal eyoi elaijtcovaa top <rT€P€PffAOP t&p vi&p 5 
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elirop Toi^ vlot^ ^lapaifK \iyap ^Eyo) Kvpiop, Koi i^d^to vfia^ airo Ttj^ hvpaoTMLa^ t&p AifftnrrUbPt 

II Kfitmu B I dowtU] ov sap ras B***'(3«rai B*?) 

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21 etror] ecror F*>Mfimnprw: ecirfr Ab'a, | avroct] ei 
l/*t om B* I c^ BAaowCbr] c^^b: cirei^oc Fa,: «rat^g: 
wwiit c: ciri^ I : circdei n: twtihi m : twttoi M rell & Cyr | o 
$9at post u/Mif 1/ Cyr-codd | v^iaf] pr t^ Cyr-codd: post 
KfHvai 9 : fifMS opS : v/iwr c : c^ ii/ms 1 | om jcm i<> dmW | 
Kpumi] xpufoi p: irpiyet n | f/SdtXt^re] tfiStkv^aro o: c^ei^rf 
h^ I vfMir] v/Mir ehla,c,: om m | erarrcor i® )<>] eF«M-ior Chr | 
om erorrcor t** fpl/ | rwr] pr wtumti' F^\ | 8ow€u] dedistis 
B* I <if TQf x*^9^'^ <*'* Mam#ji» 9-codd(f fv iwafv« ed)S | om rat 
i^ln I at;rov 3**] avropi' x Chr | arorrcircu] pr roi; bcw | i^f] 
v;«at i«: ora Cyr-cod 

22 aircffTpe^ff g**n | /u#unyt] funnft egjnxc, : post Kvpum 
m : + TO wpoavrtm n | irupcor] ror 0v bf ir | Jeo^Mu B] om AFM 
omn IkWEM^Sb Phil Chr | irvpic] post cffcur«iwaf n: om ck: 
+ |MV F^ I rt lo B] pr dta AFM omn 9(uid)S(uid)l/(aid)5 
Phil Chr I ^irajTM^or a | Xoor] +0^ov cvzc,91/Chr | oro rovror 
91/ Chr I (om iva re 78) | avcoraXirat] X et at sap ras z**: 
aveffraXxft Ago: airftfrarxaf v: arcoreiXat Chr | fv] pr ras 
(i) r: niMt Chr 

23 om ffai \^ 9^,% \ wtirop€Vfuu BAaoqu Phil-ed] {woptvo- 
/Ml 71): €iffToptvofuu deta,: twop€v0rip p: €iaT€wopev/iai FM 
ri-^fuu) rell WS%Si Chr-ed: €Wirtwop€Vfi€$a Cbr-codd: eyta 
roptv9/ML Phil-cod | wpot ^apau post XoXi^oi Phil-codd | 
wpoi] ftt p I XaXiio'M] +aww AkB | (om eri — oro^rc 71) | tf'w 
oro^rc] wotiari 9ov eqsaw9(uid) Phil-cod | tKomaafp] pr re f : 
exaffwo'at Phil-cod | ror Xoor !<>] rw Xom PhiNcod | rwTw'\ ffov 
xS Or-lat : om % Phil | ovk] pr pvoftepot ck9iS(sub 4^ a'$') | 
ror Xaor o"ow] avrovf Chr | o"owJ TovT<m F*(o'ow F«*"«)IE i om wx 

VI 1 iroi eixer] etirer Bt d | ir/>ot luavarpf] wpot fUMniP ronxc,: 
rM ^iwvaiy egj I if^] pr /rr^ Si: tSt I: i8ov g: ecu S | om 
o^cc 1 I a] re m I rw] »-pof b, | X'V* 7<V ^ I <$air«rr€Xfi] 
e a** sup ras i* : e^oirooTcXw a**l : e^xoorcXXw f | om Ktu i<* — 
avrovt 2^ m | eicfiaKtt] e(r/3aX«# a*'l: tKpoXKm ^: e^aworrtXti 
a,: om f* I cif — awrow] («r ^iff oiyvrrov 71) : om f | eir] avo n 

2 ^cof] if Unpwl/ Just Eosi I ^P^ fmverip] wpos /t^wrfw 

mnxc, : wpot puivni b»* : r« pmvori f : -H Xe7«#r qa | wpot ovror] 
avr«e%jm | r/w] -l-«#tt9Sjast | jrvj^iof ] ^ hx : -fr-o^bw 

3 om KOA fo dflS* Easi | m^ l*q* | om wpot c, | 
o^paa^] pr ro9 Just Thdt^ | aroe 4<>] sob -f- iS : om 9 | i#aoir] 
pr wpot acki&(8ub ^) Eus^ | om «ai uLKmfi c,* | mtrnp] pr 
rpof acJS(<rai wpot sab ^) Eus^: +rovf rorcpat vpum Thdtf | 
om«rl/Jost I oimtfr] + ^ ^// fu^MM M/Mm B* | omroj | om 
liov g* I arvpcof] arupcor Phili^edi: om (^5.33) C^ Phil-codd- 
omn^ Jost Easi Thdt| | owe] pr jcoi achi : it «ir w: om S | 
cdiyX«^a] cTrvpto-a (3s) Thdt{: avfjtoXv^ Thdt| | (avroct] 
-f-aXXao'ot 15) 

4 om ffoc i^ — avroct dp | c^nitfa] ttatmam 9-cd | (cmtc] 
TOO 33) I <ovrai] -l-|ie tb,: -K/coc a, | avroit] avnp a, | TMr 
Xoraracoir] Canaan £ | np 3° — avr^t] ttrram in qua inhoH- 
tattiruni in earn % : ubi pengrinaii sunt H : om npr — wapimni- 
arao'cr f | 11^9 30] pr arac a, | fr rapiMn^ica^cr] perggrinaiipms 

(^iia^iiom ^6l)JS I i|r] erif y | om rapwinfffatf-cr — xac 

%^ w I rapwmfca^cr] pr avroc dpt : vapoMn^atf-cr nx : vapcNrifO'ar 
h*: araroMcifirar b | «r — avnft] om n: om cr — rapcMnio'ar BS: 
om er i| b, | om arac %^ Ma^ \ vapiNnr^ar] rapcMnfJca^iv b | 
nr avr^f ] (cir avny 107) : er avny fs 

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^rera7ftor] rc«r <rrcra7fc«#r c(ror)ejqa: rov rrcra7/A0v n | om 
or — avroW i \ oi] wr qua,: a bwz(mg): ov 1: (ovt 76): quem- 
admodum % | araro^ovXovrrac] fforadovXtirrac y: acaraJoXovrrac 
1: arart^ovXovrrac o: irarcfovXoi/rro ir: arara9ovXoV0'cr z(mg): 
araro^ovXiM'cr A | avrovt] avroct m : (eavroct 76) : om 9 | c|a- 
nioOii c(-tfc)p I v/uiir] if/turir c,**: fwv bftnxBSl/ 

6 /Sa^^e ecror] i/^ e^Sin/^ S | pa.durop C3nr-ed | ccror] arac 
cciTf (30) 1/ : ffcre x Cjrr-ed | roct ucoct co-paiyX] Moct bis icr P : 
avroct d | om Xeyw FM(txt)deghjlmptvx-c,B£lJi^ Cyr-cod | 
arac 1°] «>«# m : om f | <(a|«#] ( 3^ ex corr uid 1** | om avo — 
(8) u^cAt m I airo] ear s | dvratfrtcat] araralvrooTccat F: 3ov- 
X«cat b: araa(M#cc#f s | om aroc 2** — (7) acTvrrcwr d | om arac 

ax ej8dcXv(dr€] a' o* t^awpware Mjvz(sine nom) | iniw ootiffw] npf fivpioi,, F^ 

VI X er fo — wIffiKxa] a* in manu praeualenti (^l*ii ^^ r^^^) dif^i*^ e9S €t in mmnu naUda o* per mmnum p$tenUm 

(^mnuit^ dimitUt eos et per manum potentem 0' in manu poienti dimittet eos et in manu potenti % 
3 tfcot «#r avr«#r] er coxvpw utoMia F^ 
6 ^a^^],ccf ,ro pfptuotf F^(i^t lis) | aro nit di/raorecat] ear. n|f araarciO'ecM MJYZC, 



VI 15 

col ^uaopuu ufAa^ iic T79 hovXJUt^t ^^l Xvrpfoaopuu vfJLa^ iv fipayiovi v^ifjjX^ seal tcpltrei fAeydkjj * B 

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8 d^ik vfjL&v 6 i^ayayifP vfia^ iK 1^9 fcaraBwaaTcia^ rSv kiymrrimv* ^icaX eiaa^m vfia^ eh t^p 
y^p M fjp i^ireipa ri^p Xtlpd /jlov Sovptu aurifp r^ ^hfipahp, icai ^laaiuc icaX ^latuofi, ical hmam 

9 viiip aMfP ip icX^ipip* iyib Kvpio^. ^iK£KfiiT€P ik Motvarj^ ovtcd^ roi^ vioh ^la-pa^X' koI ovk 
tUn^icowrap Mnvirp awd t^ 6\iyoy^uj(^ia^ koI airo r£p Ipye^p r&p afcKrfpcSp, 

JJ '^Eltrey Se Kvp$o^ irpo^ l^tl>v<njp Xeytop ^^FXceTi^e XdKrftrop <Pap€tw fiatriXei Aiyvirrov tpa 

12 i^woore^jf roif^ i/ioiW ^lapa/ffK itc rtf^ yrj^ avrov. ^^ikaXtfaep Se Miownj^ hnipri Kvplov \iy<op 
*ISoi> ot viol ^lapaifX ovk €laiiKOvadp fwv, koX itA^ eltraKowreral fiov ^apaci; iyob Bi iXoyo^ 

13 elfLi, '3eZ7rey Bi Kvpio^ irpd^ Mci^uirtjp koI ^Aapoip, seal crvpera^ep avroU irpo^ Papain fiaaikSa 
Aiyvvrov Airre i^awocTeTX/u tov9 t/iou? ^IcrpaifX ifc yrj^ \lyvwrov. 

14 '^Kal oirroi ap^fffol oltcctp irarpiSp avrwp. viol ^Fovfiifp irpmroroKOv ^laparjK* 'Efo);^ 

15 icaX ^dKXoii^/ Aapdp koX Xapfiel* avrtf ^ avyyepia 'Fovfiijp, ^5$cal viol ItVfiedp- *l€/u^X Kal 

6 dovXeiat B*»*»F | fipaxum€i, F» | xpurti B*»*>T Jtpi^i B* 

7 YTAM^eo^] y9t^€v6<u A: y9t$vtmO€ B*('9tv9€ B') 
14 x<HVK A I wyy^tuK B*'*»AF 

8 euratw B*^] €^ta B* 

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v(iiig) I om cr — viMi 30 f ir | iir] aro iisvxz(txt) | ^ovXiot] 
BwooTwu avrmf b: +airrc#r FMacghjklnpstv-c,91Sl#i^ Cyr | 
\vTpttatifttu c I om vfMt ^ g \ irpt^ci] pr er a,b3l/S(aid) 

7 Xif^w^ttu D I €fMvn» — e/ioi] vftas ctt Xoor €f»avr(* P^^a 
Cyr I eftavm] post Xoor fir : post v/tai i<> AFMabc^hjklnvxy 
icfilL Phil (eavrw codd: cr avrw cod): om w | Xoor e/toi] 
pr cif bw1S(aid): Xcu# c/tM Phil-cod: eii Xoor F^'^Mncliyic^li 
UHccf tub ^) : om F*eg)lyS: om e/ioi fhirx Phil-codd | e^oH 
fuu n I v/i»y fo] v/uw F*]S I ryw] + Jifm 9iS£l/iS | om ^eot 
j I v/um 4<>] if^Mw 1 I o e^aTaTCM^] e^7<#y ey^: qui educam 
% I v/AOf 1®] i;M*ir 1*: +€« 71^ aryvrrov iroi FMeghjlnpq»-vy- 
c,MS Cyr [nyr F*e | om koi Cyr] | cic n^ jraradvnMrrctat] « 
/crra ^lUed | om cir b, | irara^iwo^recat] dwnrretat F*Mbceg 
hjnsvwyzb^c, Cyr: douXetot kW 

8 i|a(M B*l I eir lyr] ey i| ir: e^ ifr bnvwz(Ut)9S(iiid) : 17 f : 
om cif ceS(aid) | /uv] -{-super earn & \ om avnp i^— doM'w f | 
t^ooir] pr Tu Mabceg-lrstv-c, | toKtifii] pr rw Mabceg-lq-c, | 
d«M'w] darefii +ry«ii | avnfr v;uv AMa-dc'Thilmoprtw-b, 
fLlL I (om aimfr a° 76) | er «rXi|p«#] er inufK# t : cct Karaax*^^ 
p: om d I ryw xvpcot] (Xryet lei 71): om f : +/>J fi^j/^ Ipcutus 
sum % 

ffXaXiiO'ey de] ircu fXaXiyo't bw | luavaifi] post otrrviyf Bl/: 
fiMffifff mnxc, : om c I evnat — M-^ifX] r«# Xcmi Chr | ovror c | 
iffpaniK] +Xeyitfr f | (om wk 71) | einiKovffv fu§vffri] ttofi- 
KotfoBiip I eitf^oiM'ay] ec^icoura n: ifcovo-oy filrCbrf: ifirourer 
o Xoot Chr^ I AM#v^] /uavff€i qru : /utf^ nxc,: /iowet m: fuiv- 
<niv d : fUivoJis 1* : avrov (76) 9 Chr | | dca n^v oXiTo^i^cor 
Chri I 0X170^ vxMif] oBv/uas Chrl | om airo 1^ Chr^ 

10 ^un^oiyr] fUMip mnxc, : r sup ras A* : itMyv^i or** 

1 1 eitf-eX^e] /sf 1/ | XaXif n | ^apa«# fioffiKu B Aaf ikmorl/] 
pr wpw bi wpot ^apoM p: wpot ^apwa fia^tXta FM rtU & \ 

acyvrrov] pr n^ f : «7virru#r al^: om p | f^rooreiXii] e^wo- 
ffrtkjl c : c^ro^reiXi/t s | (rovf vtovf ] top Xaor fiov ror 30) | eir 
— ovrov] cff Tift aiTwrrov Flyag^B* : ff a*7wirrov n | (avrwr 64) 

12 fuofffit mnxc, | tporrt Biqr] erarrtor AFM rell | Xeywr] 
ei dictns % j 01 moc t^^iyX] post /tot; i^ s : om ot blnqua, | ovir 
ecffi^ovo-ar] ovir iiKovffaw bw : ovx w^'ovo'ay f | wtn naaKovffenu 
fiov post ^apoM S I eco-airovo-rnu fuw ^apata] ^apcw erairou0-eT« 
Auw fir: Pharao obaudiet mihi WLi om /iov m | om de i<> t | 
fliXoyot] mdoctus % | ci/u] bis scr f : om S 

13 ffcirey dt] koi ecxer a: ^vrerafe de d | om Kvpios o | 
vpof fUMW^] wpos yrnvrpr nxc, : vpof fMvaii k : vpof /mm-cc m : 
/uavari d | cwtra^ avroct] «xf r avroif d : (ai-c^reiXer avrovt 
76) I ai;roct] avrovf aw : avrw o | irpof 1®] pr wop€V€a$€ dp : pr 
wopevt^Boi tB: pr tifftKBtuf y«': (pr rov ttfftXdear 83): pr »-pof 
Tovj iHovt i^ KM F*>"«(om roi;f)acmx^S(sub '^ </S^ \ om 
^a^iXfa MTVflTov p | poffiXfo] ficLatXei f: pafftXeiot n | om 
uffTt—aiyvwrov a® m | wtfre e{axo<rrecXat] ira «(a7a7et b | 
e$axo<rreiXac Bfioqru] c^TaTccy AFM rell 9B1B1/S | (rovf — 
aiyvirrov ««] ror Xaor avrov 107) | €k 71^] eif rtft egj : f/r nyt 
yfit by : e^ n | oiTvirrov a*»] avrov y 

14 apxir^] pr 01 acefgijn*v(mg)yz | ocxov egl/ | xarpcwr] 
pairum iSE% | vcoc] pr oi Mc,: vcov n | pov/Sijr i°] povfkif ii« 
tx : (^/9cy 83) : povfitifi FW:hk : povfiifi d-gjlmnp(-ec/i) | wpamh 
TOKOi 1 I erctfx] iS'nar Anon*: om f | om irai 2** dhp | ^aXXovt] 
0aXXwt d: ^aXXov F^'x : ^aXovt e*jlnmp: Pa/us Anon' | 
a^pwr] ^p sup ras A*: aarpwf n: turp^ft, F^>bfilorwya,1S*: 
(a<rpw 84): €vpuii^ ac: eapc^/i kB*: Aron %\ Sttrson ^-ed: 
oopoXa m I om jcoi 3<» — iy 1 | x^PA^O (x«PMi? i8*.io7): C^r- 
wilt 1/ Anon* (Car-) | om avn; — povfiiiP 1*» p | avny] -^at B \ 
pov^ 2^] povfitp iiHx : (fiv^p 83): povpfffi hk : pov^/i d-gjlmn 

16 om KM t*^ — tafutP q | om kcu i® pS | vcoc] pr 01 Ma,: 
pr Ait % I ce/aiyX B] ce/^ovi^X f : ceftovi^X AFM rell Btl: lamuH 

9 o»o njf oXiyo^^iat] a' a»-o iroXo/Sonjrof »rt Mj(sine nom)vz: a»o n^ iroXo^onfror rw irri c, | 0"irXiypctfr] editio Samari- 
tanorum (^^H^rss.ti «A<b) + •^ // dixeruni ad Mosem Ptrmitte nobis tt seruiemus seruitutem AtgypHis melius nobis enim 
seruire seruiluiem Aegyptiis quam (o^) mcri in deserto ^ & 

la eyta — ei/u] tpp, ego autem incircumcisus labris (^inoSiOia) sum & | aXoyot ec/u] oKpopvarot ep x'*^^^^ ^ • ^' cucpo- 
/9v0TOf x**Xtff^ y ows fioi KtSapm rw ^tyfiari ^ avc/Mr;^ifrOt roct x^*^*' MJTZ 

SEPT. 171 23 

VI 15 


B*Ia/i€li/ KoX *IoSaS koX ^lax^lv koX Hdap Ka\ 'ZaoiiK o ix tQ? ^oivl(r<n]^* airai at irarpud rSw 
vi&v 'SiVfuaiv. ^^koI ravra r^ ovofiara r&v vl&v Aei/el Karh avyy evia^ avrSv FeScraiy teal i6 
Kah0 Kal Mepapel* koX tA h'ti rrj^ {|a>^9 Aci/cl itcarov rptdseopra kirrd, ^"^koX oiroi viol r«&raSr* 17 
Aofievl KoX ^€fi€€if oIkoi irarpUL^ avrwv. ^^koI viol KadO* *Afifipii,pt teal 'lo-aa^^op, Xefipii^v teal 18 
'OJJetiJX* Kal tA Ittj ttj^ f(»^ KoAd e/carov rpioKovra Srtj. ^^/caX viol Mepapel* MooXel $eal 19 
^OfiovaeL oiroi oIkoi irarpi&v Aet/cl teark avyyeviav axrrSv, ^Kal IXafiep ^Apfiphv rifp 20 
ItoydfieZ dvyaripa rov ahek^ov rov irarpd^ avrov iavr^ etv ymmtKa, $caX iyiwfiaev avr^ riv re 
Aapa>p Kal Mcovaijv koI Mapikfi rifv aZeX^v avr£v* rk Bi imi T179 K^^ ^Afiffpkp iKarhv 
rpioKovra Svo Srrf. ^^koi viol 'laaadp' Kope Kal Na^/c Kal ZexpeL ^Kal viol 'OOii^* JJ 

16 XeiH (bis) AF | (rvyycFnat B*'»»AF 17 Xo^ec F* 18 o^1fX F 

XeiH AF I avryepew B*»»> 40 eXa/5e» F"] eXa F* ai fex/H F 

19 fupapi AF*(aid) 
31 o^1yX AF 


9 Anon* I om mu i<^ — 0-aovX f | ircu tofieuf] Kawofiiiw m \ om 
KOI 2** egjp I caficcr] ta/aip n : cf/Actro: (ce/iip' 18): cofMt^degj: 
ofiiyr a: (a/Act/i 14.16.77. 130): oXwy y | om ircu 3« dp | iwi8 
Biqru] uuaaBi A : tcuad Isy^^b^B : latax F^* : luSaS k : a/Avi v : 
M^^ay o: Swd x: ewd F*My* rell WL: HOOI^ iS: ^o^A 
Anon': {taud 18) | om xcu 40 dp | caxecy] taxti/t F*>*bwa,l/ 
Anon": taxvM m: iax« A: ax«w a: oxti' It | om mu 5® dp | 
tf'oop] tf'ab^ a : Sara Anon* : icaap k* | ffocvX] {tho\ 84) : Sola- 
mu/ Anon' | 0] oc bw | ^oawtrft] ^wwucw^nf F*»*egjlp8x*a2 : 
Xorcu'cuaf ac | rar/NOt] a/>xac varpcai bw | rwr luwr] sub -i- i: 
om S : om nai^ h*8 | om wiuvnf i* 

16 om iroi i® a,B* | iw vu^r Xcwei] avrm f | Xewa i®] 
\evri qu | ^loryeFMif] pr rot s: ^'vyTcrctoF b, | om ytiwp — 
AMpopcc f I ytiaiop] yriifftav M(txt): yt9ffWf (118) %: Getson 
ft: (7^x^11 Anon: ytUwf dnpqtuB: y^^m Or-gr: i^tfvwv 
83)- l^/x^w A(p<r sup ras A*)FM(mg)gjmxyz(mg) Thdt: 717^- 
aaii he, : (yipaufi 76): yiipaa/t ack | ircu !<> BaB] om AFM rcll 
WB%SS I Kaa9] Ka» k Anon*: Cio/ Anon': Gaa/A %: Goad 
B*: «o^aa^ 1 | om irai a^dp | /iepa/>ct] /ie/xi^ m Thdt : Miraru 
Anon : i»Apapi g\ ircu ra] ra de f | to I*] pr rcwra bdirt : rovro 
n I om Tiff na, I X«uet a®] Xt wy qu : Xewr a, : <rv|iectfr f | eiraror 
rpiOKorra rrra] pr eny dm: exra ircu rpnucoirra km cxaror eny 
X I exTo] pr ircu 1 : sup ras (6) f«; quinque 9-cod: H-eny bntw 
yb,«B>S(sub ^) 

17, 18 om r* 

17 om totum comma a, | ot/roi mm] haec sunt nomina 
filiorum B* : ora ouroc w | viot] pr ot FMcfhob, | tc^ow] pr 
Ylpaafi k: post t ras (i) b': TedcM-wr c,: Getkson 3C: ytBvvw 
n: Gtisoniu'* Gesson Anon': ytBffWfici Tedewr dflmpqtulS*: 
TC^wr (83) B*: yripaw hxyz(mg): yripaafi a | Xo^erc] Xw/3evt 
b'(-i'e4)lm(-ny) : Xo/9em knYz(-rrec kn) : Xci/9er a : Lodon Anon': 
XoJ9c/*et F»>»(uid) | <re/tee(] ac/*et A(<r sup ras A*)F*bcdfhipr«tv 
wyrbjCaB : o^€M€iy m : at/uwi I : fft^futi F*»» | oicoi] (ourov 18. 
84): siomdum domas B*: m domo S | varptat] ircu rarpccu f: 
rar^uu if*: varpugp Fblwl^: /o/m E': patrum B5=: /o/n*- 
archarum % 

18 om ircu i<> p I iHot] pr oc M(^ilms: pr hi %: nomina 
filiorum B> | raatf !<>] CoM Anon*: Chat Anon': 6iia/>l 1^: 

<7au/B*: irXo^ Dem-ap-£us: KoBnoB 1 | ofifipofA BAagji^vza, 
B*"!/ Thdt Anon] afifipop n : a/9pa/i bqu : afipoM w : afipaofi es : 
opa/i f* : oLfMipafMft Jos : o^ifa/i FMf^ rell ^B* | om iccu «*> dp | 
iffffaxap Bh] uroap A*bcdkmopr*twxc,Bl/ Thdt: tevap 1: ie<r- 
ffotLp F: c^^cMp A'M rell: fssar Anon': Saar^ | x^Pp^l P' 
ffOiacfikmi^xy^SiS: X'/S/M'MThdt: ChtbroihW \ o^ci|X]o^pyX 

a: oe^ifXqu: Odiei% Anon' | om ircu 4^ — enf 3® 2* | om.nft 
g I ircM^ a®] (Aia/4 1^: (^UMf B* | ciraTar — eny i«] tny PX7' 
dm I ccaror rpuucwfra] rpia ircu r/HCurorra ircu eiraror x: +rpui 
F^*MacefijkprHtv9BS<ili( | om en; i^ fpE 

19 om ircu i<» p I uoc] pr 01 AMr^sv: pr Ai %: nomina 
filiorum B* | /iepc^>ct] /upapfti m : Aferarii Anon' : /uipapu F^*: 

iupapafi€i f: fiepa/u c | /tooXet] fu>uX( f: /iooXXi n(-XXcc)vz9[ 
Anon': ooXei F*: ooXt 1: oXct m: /ao^cu a, | o^v^et] oftovo^ 
Iro: (ofuwc 31): /Aovo'et aoC-o-Ox**: Mosi%i /mvoHx^i ftoowi 
y I otiroi] pr oc M: ourovt: €k n% \ warpitaw] warfiias nvs(txt) 
%: /airiarcAarum 9 | Xcvci] Xctfiy qu: evi w | avyytvuto 
Bi'Ptuuf B*'^)] rat ovyyereuit s: o'vyTcretat AFM rell SB 

20 9\apo9 F^* I a/AfipoM i® Bnvz] ofippafi Aajrya,B*1L 
Thdt Anon : afipaif w*' : a/9pc^A bdgqu : appaafi esw* : atipaw 1 : 
a/ipcAi m : atipaft, FM rell ^B* | i<axB^9] '*^^n- & : itoxf^^ 
MdnpqstuSB*' Anon': uaxa^ e Dem-ap-Eus: wxapeX a*f 
gijo: (toxo/SeX 31.78): coxa^ c | om rov i<> p | om rov warpot 
1 I eavrw] cwrrw FMcgh*jlntvwy-c, : aimjr dp | om ett bh*i*k 
mnwb,!/ | rycrFiyo-tr] ereirey j(mg)z(mg)B | ovr«] avror d | rt ] 
sup ras b/': om n | fittvoriw] pr ror Mcdvz: ror fuooyfw n: ror 
fUM^ a : itjuorip mxc, | ircu 40 — atrrwr sub •?- Sb \ /iopiaft.'] pr np 
n: fiaptopti | avrcdr] avrov o^ | ofippop i^B] A fHdrd%i ofifipafi 
Aajrvyza^B*: a/Spcu^ w: appa4i bdgqu: appaofi es: a/ipar 1: 
a/ipafA FM rell (^ a® sup ras 3 litt o^)iW \ tKarw—mi a<»] eny 
pXr' d : en; pXf ' m : tirra ircu rpiaxwra ircu eicaror en; x | om 
eiraror 1 | dvo Bfir] «( Abhptwl/ Dem-ap-Eus: quinque 9- 
cod : om Ca : eirra FM rell S-edB5S | om eny «<> bfkpwl/ 

21 vtoc] pr o( Mrs: pr hi % | io'tf'cuip] lo-cuip dfkopta^B*!/ 
Thdt Anon': lao-axap h: ceo-o-oap s: {locapa, 18): fcauap m: 
aooaap n : tf'cuip FclSB*" | om ecu i<^ p | ra^ir] ro^e^ Feghj 
vxjrz: ra^er Ic^: Naphtth Anon': rc^t w: Ao^/^-codd: 
Nageb 31 -ed | (om rcu ^expec 18) | fexp«»] f>X^ m: ^expa b,: 
^expc^c 1: ^expecf iRu /ii^aiyX b: Zecris » , Afisatl Anon* i +ircu 
fuo-aif X n 

22 vuk] pr oi Ahrsa, | o^c17X BA(-r()brinrBE] (o^»17X 16: 
afiifX 71): Odiel Anon' : + /A<^aiyX opqu : + lAJwariK ircu F(-i\-)M 
rellSBEiS (A.ii^«kSn) | eX«ro0or](eXi^ra^ar3o): lyXuro^or 
a : oXio'a^cur c : Elisapham % : eXc^a^ar c, : Elisaph B* : eXi- 
o'cu'(?)ar m: Elisa.»et Masiel Anon' | tf'e7pci Bqu] otr^ 1: 
9vrp€% a,: <re^pct AachksxS(-/M ahx): ft7p4 ir(-et): (^rxpi 71): 
itrpi vxc^E: etfr(?)i| m: i^eMA^a^ f: err pi FM rell #{-e4 Mn): 
Soseri Anon' : {grtiuavi(K 76) : Mesori B* 

15 ^ounffoyti\ y ChanoHoae B | oi varpuu] oi 0VY7e[rffcac] F*> 


ao ^vyorepa--«vrov] tfecar avrov F* 


VII 2 

Noikroraiy ain^ yvpauea, Kal Irexep avr^ top re Na^/8 Koi top *A/3tov£ seal top ^Ekea^i^p xal 
^ 'lOajAdp. ^vioi Si K6p€' ^Aaelp koI ^Ekxapd tcaX ^Afiuurdp- avTai al yepitrei^ Kope, ^^ical 

*E\eii^dp 6 To5 ^Aap<ip Skafiep t<Sp 6vyaTip(op 4>oirri^X ain^ yvpouea, teal &r€K€P avT& top 
a6 4>iy€^9* aira* al ap)(al irarpia^ A€V€itwp KaTa yepiaei^ airrwp. ^ovto9 ^Aapii^p Koi Mci^vafj^, 

oU elirep ainoU 6 Oeo^ i^ayayelp Toi^9 vioif^ *lorpa^X etc yfj^ Aiyvirrou avp Bvpdfiei avT£p, 
2j ^oiToL uaip ol SiaXeyofACPOi irpo^ ^apaa» fiaaiXia Aiyvirrov Kal i^ifyayop Toif^ vloif^ *lcrpa^\ 

iic yfj^ AlyviTTOu, ovto^ ^Aapos^p Kal Ma>t;o^9. 
^ ^*]y[ flpApa^ ikaKria€P Kvpio^ Mwuir^ ^i^ yp Kirpjimp ^koI ikdkfjcrep Kvpio^ irpo^ Ma>t;o^i^ 

30 Aiyooy 'E70) Kvpio^' Xakriaop irpo^ ^apaii> fiaaiXia Aiyinrrov Sea ^o) Xiy<a wpi^ ai, ^koI 

elirep Ma>t;<7% ipaPTiop Kvpiov *lBoi^ iyii> la'x^potfxopo^ €i/xt, Kal ir£^ eiaaxovaeToi fiov ^apaco; 

VII I ^Koi fZircy Kvpiov irpo^ Mfowriip Xiyo^p *IBoi^ BiB^icd ere 0€op ^apcui), Kal *Aapa>P 6 oScX^? crov 

2 eoTo* <rov irpoifti/nf^' ^aif Bi XaXi/cr€i9 avT^ irdpTa 8cra cot ipTiWofJuii, 6 Bi ^Aapcbp o dS€\<l>6^ 

13 afiumdafi F | radajS B*^] adap B* 15 Xevcrwr AF 

26 iwofui B^] dwofu B* 39 oaa B^] jccu B* 30 ijcvo^wfoi F* 

28 om cXa/3er— ra^ f | eXo/Scr de] iroi cXa/SeF h | eXct- 
ffofieB Bbioni(-XM'- irn)9] cXi4ra/9f A*x : cXi/9rr n : om m : f Xi- 
ffofier A'FM reU BE Phil Bus Ath: (cXur<ra/3er 18): E/isa- 
fat Anon | a/Actvada/3] ofiiiwadafi bh : 04111^08041 AMwx*a, Phil 
Ens Ath: {Mfupodckfi i4.a5-77*X3o): ta/uya/9ad g: ta/uiraad j: 
pufoZoiu s: {ofwadop 138) | a^X^ip] +de dntx | roo^o-wr] 
otf'tf'WF sup ras A*: poarvnf bjw^: wodrvunf mc,: Nasson uel 
Ass9n'^\ 9€Wffv9 a | avrf# i^] cavrw abcnx: avn^ dp | (om 
OAJTu a® 30) I Tf] om FMbeghjv-Ca | 9o8ap[\ d,/3ex coir x**: 
faaaM ma,: (r«^ 35): Nahad%i adafi B*b'jIB*(uid) : (a/3ad 
76.77): ofuwadafi b,* | om km 2^ pH | ror 2^ Bl] om AFM 

rell I ofiwvS] ^Ofli>*i^ JS: a^iovfi a,: a/3cov x: a/SXoud m: 
afiiffovp A I om iroi 3^ — iBofuip t* | om ircu 3° dp | ro^ 3® B] 
om AFMt** rell | iBafiop kcu tXta^p dp | Elianar ^ | om 
icfu 4^ — (35) cXta^p e I ctfo/io^] ladafiAp Maja,: lo^o/tapqu: 

24 MM dc] M dc vuK ^ I cwcc/)] o^p AF^-dfgjlmptvwxza, 
Or-gr: ^xjjV Or-lat: AssyrAxion^x apttp n: Sasr H-codd \ 
om ffoi i<^ p I eXicara] (cXxarra 15): eXxwra m: lyXxoya ac: 
J/iic^MU 1/: Helchana Anon' | afiuLaap BAbTin*qni Anon'] 
a/3ta#0'ap ^ : ^^ar l/i a/9ca^a n*': aptaOap ks: afiioffo^ FM 
rell D Or: Biasaph %\ {apiaaa^T 30: avyuura^ 77) | avrcu] 

26 <rcu i<>] post aapoiy p | cXea^ap — oapair post (Kafi€p c, | 
{eXa/9«r] +«€ 83) | T«r 9ir^re/Hiv] pr oiro b,: (pr eic 31.83): 
njf 0vyaTtpa bfia, | ^owriiyX] ^^il^O^ iS: 0«#rti|X s: 
^TcifX £u8 : ^ovrovriK egjz : {^rovi;X 35) : ^vnpfa qu : 
(^im|v» 83): FuitUl Anon' | avrta 1°] covrw n: ovnyr d | 
om ro» 1 I Phema ^ | avrai] +^ dnptS^ | om cu dfbptx j 
irar^t] pr «« m : varpcwr FdlBiS : pairiarcharum fL : domus 
% I Xf iMirwr] Xevc kl/ | Tcrcaeit] ytwos e : ^iryTcrtai a, 

26 hoc comma ponit post (37) ai7inrrov i<^ m | ovrot] pr 
^9: ovrwt h: ovrot ac: ovroc 1: oirroc cctf-iv HB: +€<rriir Phil | 
aapwif} pr c, : a/>wr A | fuafffft acmnxc, | aifroct tfeot Bir] 
ovrot • ^t F* : ovroct it F*» : it ovroit hb, : om ovroct bfkmnw 
Phil: 0i ovroct AM rell BiS | c^aYOTcrat n | eir yjit] e| 
Aa-dfikmnoqruvw)rr Phil | o-vr — (17) o«7virTov !<>] bis scr q: 
om da, I dwofAti] uiet potestaie %i \ avrcor] ovrw f^*: -^-omni )S* 


27 ovroc cc^ir] pr «/ 9 : Air /x/ Moyses et Aaron IS* | x/>ot 
^apoM /Soo'cXeo] rw ^apat§ ^o^cXec x : ^apam /3a<rcX€c FMabceg 
hjlmpstvwyzb, Phil: /So^cXci ^opow c,: Pharao regi %\ cum 
Pharcume rege %: om vpot n | (oiTvrrov i<*] +0vr dvra/Aci 
ovrwr 71) I om iroi i<* — (19) o'e m | om <rai i<> — (38) cu7virrw 
f I ffflu efiryoTor] iroi e^707ecr a* : owre €^70760' FMa*bcegh 
jklptv-zb,Ca«OTE^ I f« r,t BlBw] e^ AFM rell ^WE%B \ 
aiyvwrov «®] +o'wr dvro/iec avrci>r y | om ovrot — (28) cuyvwru 
iS* I ovrot] ovrot kyzc^^lS'lL | /uavaris iroc aapwf FMacdeg-1 
prtvx-c,(/A«0T7t axC2)^l8'1Ei5 | fuaarit n 

28 1;] cr A I eXoXifO'ci'] eXapew a, | om irv/uot c, | oro 
fiuvcyi — (19) jcv/Mot i<* acnl/ | nxavari] pr r« y: rw ^ut^n; x: 
/uavffti qru : ;utfo-ec c, : xpot fuawrrip Felob, | om 717 bjvwzc, | 
cu7virrov h*>'ilqu 

20 /uawTfiwI /jiwpifw nxc, : fiuvcTi k | om Xeywr gj | icvpcot] 
o 9i X I irpot ^apoM /Soo'cXeo] irpot ^apata pouriXei y: ^ptua 
PaaiXti suA Phil-ed: paaiXti ^pau Phil-cod: om wpot n | 
0apc0M f I oo'o] pr rorro ack : pr irw worra x | om eyta a^ fir 
SIS I Xe7<«»] XoXw yc, Phil : erreXXofKu d : om pt | (<re] + w- 
rcXXo^cu 107) 

30 KOi €cx«y] ovrot m | fiawiTt amnxc, | erorrcov jtv/hov] ' 
xpot KP h£ I eroyrt Faegi-mtxa, | om i8ov — ^nipata m | om 
eyta g | eiM< koc] om nS : om ec/u xlS^ | vwt] + ow n | ^apOM] 
pr rov F** 

VII 1 fiMVffTfw] fiwrtfp amnxc, : ovror p | om X€7«m' FMde 
ghj-mpvwy-Ca^lSSl/iS Did | i8ov] + eyta y | itSiaica] didiapu 
Phil: TtBeiKo Eus^ AthHuW) Chr Cyri ThdtJ Nov Hill: 
TiBrifu Thdt|: Ka$€<miKa £us| | o-f] o-oc cf Phil-cod |: -l-o^- 
ftepow £us| I om $€0p ^poua ecu f | Beof] pr ect 1/ Hip Ath^ | 
^opoctf] pr rw dnpt Hip £us| Ath{ Thdt|: pr rov Ath^ Cyr^ 
Thdt I I icoi a° — vpo^rrii] koa aSeX^os vov ecrroc <ro4 ect irpo- 
^nfnip k*» I aapiaw] pr Phil-cod Cyr-cod|: aputp F*{aap<ap F*) | 
o odeX0ot 0*0 v] roi^ o'or odeX^r wt f | om eoroc — (a) o'ov b j 
crov a*»] post wpo^irvt ak*mi6(uid) : croc sSiS£ Eus Cyr| Thdt 
Did I wpo^Tfrifs] vwo^rrnis CyrJ: ect wpo^nrniv Thdt| 

2 01/] o-oc c I dc i«>] re a, : ow n | XoXiyo'ect] XoXiyoi^t v* j 
XoXii^ov i*qulS*i(uid) | om ovrc* FM(txt)acdhlmnptv-C2lSW 
%Sb I Torro] pr o-w x | 00*0] -I- €70; dpt | croc] post e^reX- 
Xofuu FMacdeghj-mptvx-c,9^ Cyr: -l-e7Ctf n | €PrtXXofuu\ 

aa vtyp€i\ oc V similiter ^^mq Sb as o^cm^o/S] o! ^ similiter ^ ^"ti,*^^ Bf 

30 vrxfo^wa/t ec/a] oKpofiv^ot ev x^i^*^^ F^: ^ o*^*^ «<M< to^opot ^ey/iari Mjvz(sine nom jz) 

VII I idov — 0o/MU#] o' i<e dcdwiro o-f ffp rw ^apow jvz: 0^ ^ cSe iroreonycra o'e ^ ^opcw jvz(^ post o'e jz) 

itina^nl^^ Sb 


VII 2 


B aov XaX'^crei wpb^ ^apaai> Acre il^airotrreZkai roi>^ vlov^ *Iapa)f\ itc rrj^ yrj^ avrov. ^iyi> ie 3 
4TK\ffpinf& rriv Kaphlav ^apao>, xal ir\ff$up& r^ arfp^td fiov Kol r^ ripara iv y§ Alyxhrr^. ^koX 4 
oifK eUraKova-erai vpAv ^apao>' tcaX hnfiaXA rtfv X^^P^ A^^ ^^* AlyvTrrop, koX i^d^io ahv hwi- 
fA€i pjov rov Xa6v /ioi; roif^ vioif^ *Icrpat]iK ix yrj^ AiyvTrrov <rvv iKBitdiaei fieydkjf ^Kal yvaxrovTOi 5 
irdpre^ oi Aly^riot on iyol> elfu Kvpio^, i/creivtov rtfp x^V^ ^* Atyvnrov Koi i^d^ roi^jfloi^ 
*lcrpaif\ iK pAaov avr&v. ^iwoirjaev Bk Mtovaij^ koX ^Aapi^v KCL0Airep iveretKaro avroU Kvpio^y 6 
o(Jto)9 hrolriaav, 7Mfi>i;o^9 hk fjV ir&p iyhorfKOvra, *Aapoi>v Si clSeX^o^ airav ir&v oySoiifeovra 7 
Tpi&p, fivUa iXdKffcrev irpo^ ^apai. 

^Kal elirev Kvpio^ irpo^ Mtavc^v teal ^Aapmv Xiyt^p ^Kai ihv \aXricji wpi^ vpA^ <Papai^ J 
Tsjerftov Aore rfpiv tnfp^lav fj ripa^, ical ipeU *Aapo>v r^ oBeXffnp crov Adfie rifv pdfiSop icol f>lyftov 
hrl T^v yfjv ivavrlov Papain teal ivavriov r&v depairovrwv avrov, teal icr<u hpdKm. ^^€taij\$€P 10 
Bi Mfavarj^ xal *Aapoi>p ivavrlov ^apa^ icaX r&v Oepairovro^v avrov, teal hrobqtrav oirm^ tcaOdnrip 
ivercCkaro avroi^ Kvpio^* Kal Ipiy^ev *Aapoi>v r^v pdfiSov ivavriov ^apao> koX ivavrlov r&v 
depairovrtov avrov, xai iyivero hpdK^v. " {rwetcdXecrev Sk ^apai> roi>^ co^ncrh^ Alyinrrov teal 11 
T0V9 <t>app/iKov^' Kal iiroiffaav teaX oi iiraoiBol r&v AlyvTrrloDV raU ^ppMcla4,^ avr&v aHravrfo^, 
"ical Ippiy^av ^Kaaro^ rtfv pdfiBov avr&v, seal iyivovro Bpdxovre^* koi Karirriev 1} pdjSBo^ ij i« 

VII 4 eirdun^ei B«^] ex^/n^ B* 

9 pi^fw B*>] ^if or B* 

10 tppiiff^ F 

+ 1^ aapvp adeX^ot aov c^reu iroi v/w^ifnyt trv dt XoXi^ect 
avrw varra oca ffoi crreXXoAtOi s | Je] ircu hnB | eic — avrov] t^ 
aiyvwrov n | ex nyt yiii] tx ytft (^(sup ras)imrc3 | avrov] atyvr- 
rov f ilmryc^lS'Siing) 

3 ovrof t^yryaytp avrovt woiiieat rtpara ircu oif/Mia €P ny 
aiyvTTta Acta vii 36 || ecu irXi^vrw] // inplebo %: ut muiii- 
pluem 2l-ed | om ftow AF*(suprascr F')l | r^para] -^-fiov AF** 
abckinqsuwxBS(sub •^ </3p. ) | om 71; 1/ | at7inrrov f Iqu 

4 om ircu a<> 1/ I fwipoXia] twifiaXKw eg: {e^woartXtit 16) | 
eir] eif s | e^x^] c|a7a>w f: (fvwa^ 16) | {cvp i^ — irpaifX] 
rovf vtoi/t (17X ffvif dvpofut fMv 14) | /aov 2^] fi sup ras i*: om 
(18) % I Tw \aM dp I rout viovt] roit vtoct bw: (om 71) | om 
f/r — (5) urpariX m | yns] nyj o | avr a*] pr /cat egj | {mduniati] 
pr dvwofMi icai 18: (ri^cxdimyo'ei 16) 

6 rarret] sub t- ^ : om bw9 | om ec/u Faceghjlvxyzc^l/ 
i6 I «w/HOf] pr g: £/ ('^^) iS(mg) : + ^ s | om ticrtu^w 
— avrofr f | c/rreiywr] erreivw ir: er rw ejrrciycu F**: // ^Jr- 
tendam WEi qui extendi %, \ x^H^ BA*hoqu] -^p^oiv A'FM 
rell 91S1/S I €ir oi7i/xTw] c iri n^f 7i;r aiyvrrov n : cir ovrovf 
dp I (e|a^] €^ayi09 71) | avrwr] avrov b: avn^ A 

6 eroci^cr] eroii^or hn^S Cyr | /ambits amnxc, | <ratfa- 
»€/»] (ira^a 16) : xa^cM c, | avroct post icvyxot FMacdegj-mptv 
x-c^ I Kvpioit] pr o I om ovrwt evoii|0'ar foms 

7 fUMiyt amnxc, | rrtop cy^on^KOnrra i**] trfioniico/rra wnaiw 
akxJS (pryf/fW) | aapua^ — rpcwF post ^apoM B* | om oo^m^ — 
oydoiiKorra a® fsl/ | <m^m#v 3e] mu aapuif t]S* : «p|pw de d | 
adeX^ avrov BAM(mg)ioqru Cyr] om FM(txt) rell 91SSi^ | 
rrtm oydoriKorra rpumt B] pr ip Filmn : pr ertU Jiiius 9 : 
oydoriK, TpwiP erwr A: ip cT^oi^ir. rpumr rrmw {76) IS: ifr v? 
r/Mbw irai oydoiyir. rr«r x : ^ a' Jiiius ^ oetoginta fidt et trium 
annorum & : oyiotiK, rpttop tnaw ^w bdhvwy-b, : om rra»r p : 
oy^ir. TfMHf ^ erm Ma(o>d. KOi t^. )ccgjoqrtuCa Cyr | lyrcira] 

ore n | •XaXi^cu' AMbdfhnpstwxya,baC,aEiJ6 Cyr-ed | wpm] 
r« n : ertnrtor bw 

8 awtv] cXaXif^e bw9(iiid) | au«vo^] ^tww^ k : iimfvmL ti 
luaaifif amnxc, | aaptt^] aptm A^(aapc#r A') : rovrw f 

9 <ifo« eor] vraw 3a) | om xoc i® bfwa^^f^lSS | XoXi^v 
q* I xpot v/iot] (post ^apa«# 1® 30): xpof if/tat b* | om \ey^ 
VE I i^Auy] v/itr e : om c, | om ffrjfuioif 1} x | if repat] «t v^at 
1 : om i& I om iroi 30 d9£ | rc^ a^X^ aov sub -r iS | pafiiof] 
+ <rov F'-VacmxS: +Tavn»i' HE | p«for Bf] +ovnpr AFM rell 
nS£{\nd)%Si I eiri njr ttjt] post 0apaw «<> d : om FMabcegh 
j-mv-c^ISC^ I icot 40 — avrov sub t- iS | om eroi^ior «• abc 
kmpwx^ I rciir] pr wam-ui^ n 

10 eto^X^or gSlSlB | (om itmvojit koi aapunf 107) | A^Miyt 
amnxc, | aapwf i<»] ap<tfr d*t* | om erarrcor i<» — papdop p* | 
erayrcor i<> — BtfMwom-fop 1°] tfrf Pharaonem et ad famulos % j 
om rai a*> — ovrov i® FMd-gjImvx-€,9]SSiS | rvif |0] pr erar- 
Tior hnp*»*t I om ovrwt dl, | {Ka$aT§p] KoBa 14. 16. 107. 130: 
KaBm 77) I avrott] ovr« p*> | xv/Mot] pr fjmn: 9% x£(uid): 
om c, I om KOI ^^—^paKvip n | pa^iotf] + avrov F*Macdegh 
j-mop^vxyzbaCaBiS : +iluvc^ F*»"«(reprob F=) | om ipapam 
KOI epom-ioy c, | (om icoi S° — avrov «« 64) | erorrtor 30] crwrcor 
o : om cdi*p 

11 cvwtKoKfirep] cvpmk>uc€w r | om dc g | ^pau] (post 
aiTvrrov 83): +KOi avrot c | rovt i*] pr rarrai bw | atyvw' 
rov] post ^ap^ioirovf B*: avrov c: om F^Mabegj-mrwyia^, 
B*WL5S : + w wpw9i vnipxoi^ ULnnp km tofApptit F*»"«(rcprob 
F^) I om Kai 1° Ip I ^a^ftairovt] ^apfiaxuf m | om ffa« erocf- 
ffop f I om irai 3<» 1 I om mi 3<» F^bdegjnpwa^^S Tbdt | 
eraaoc m | r«r atyvwrmw] Aegypti B*: +trocif^ar f | rat 
^apfjuaiciat fm | (om avrw^ 130) 

12 cppe^cr Ad-gijlnor«8tza,9Bii^ | eira^Tof nrr po/Mor] 
Aa^^x S I avrwr BS] avrov AFM omn 9Bl(iiid)S | (eye- 

9 o^/ieior fi r€pas] a' r' miracu/um & | dpa4r«#y] a' myrof M 

II ira< 30 — wo'avra^] a' ira<7e avroc Kpv^offrat atyvrrov Kai €¥ fipefjLoiois avrw ovnn jvz(om koi vz): 0^ jrai avroc oc 
evaocBoi rwr €uyvwriutp 9ia rmw awoxpv^teir avrtaw ticavr%n ^ xatyt avroi 01 eraoi^oi rup atyvrriup tw rait ^pfAaKttat avrwr 
c#0^avriM j(sine noro)vz | eraocdoc] a' Kpv^ioffrai M(r^-)JTZ | rait ^ppMKuut] a' er iipiftaioif Mj(sine ncm)Yz(om er vz): 
</ axoKpv^t jz: ^ aroc^v^Mr Mt 



VII 20 

13 *Aapi^w rk^ itceltmv f^afihav^. ^^kcA KtvrUrxyc^p ^ mapSla ^apa0>, teal ovk eUn/iicovatv ain&v^ B 
KoBaiwtp ivrrelXaro avroh Kvpioq. 

14 '^EZircy Si Kvpio^ irpb^ Miovaijv Befidpffrai ^ icapiia ^apam rov fiif ifairoirrtiKai rhv \a6p, 

15 ^^0d8urop irph^ ^aptUb ro irpml* lBoi> airrh^ itarop^verai iirl rh iBtsp, teal lajf owoptAv airffi 
Ari TO %erXo9 rov irorafioO' leal r)^v ^a0Bov rtfv arpa^urap eh Sif^^w M/*^ ^^ ''V X*V^ ^^^> 

16 ^^teal ipw irph^ ainiv Kvp^o^ o 0€O9 r&v ^Efipalmp airiaraXiciv fJL€ irpo^ ari Xiycov ^lEt^TrSareiXop 

17 TOW Xa6p fiov tpa ^uh Xarpeia^ iv rfi ipvi^* ^ i^if ^^ eltnitcovcra^ &>9 ravrov. ^^rdSe Xiyei 
Kvpio^ *Ey TovTip ypwTQ in iyii> Kvpio^' lSoi> iyi> rvirrfo rp fni/iS^ t§ ip ry X^^P^ f^^ ^^^ '''^ 

18 iSap rh h r^ irorofA^, teal fAerafiaXet eh at/ui* ^^Kal oi ix^ve^ oi ip r^ worap^ reXevniaovatp, 

19 Mu hro^iaei 6 mnapLO^^ kcX ov Svpiiaoprai 01 AiyvTmoi irietp HBe^p awh rov irora^oO. '^etirey 

a Ki/pMK wpa^ M^nHrifp Evwop ^Kapiav r^ a£eX^^ cov Ad/Se rifp ^affSop^ aou ip r^ X^^f^ ^^^* ^ ^ 
Koi itcreipop TfiP X^^ ^^^ ^^ '''^ HBara Alyvirrov teal hrl roi>^ irora^if^ ain&p teal M t^ 
Biwpv^^ eUrr&p teal M tA fKff avr&p teal hrl wap avpearrftea^ HBetp avrdp, teal iaroi alpuk* teal 
10 iyepero atfui ip irdajf y§ Aiyvwrov, ip re roh ^\ot^ teal iv roU \l0Oi^, ^tial iirolffcrap oirm^ 
Mi0va^9 teal ^Aapmp teaOdwep iveretKaro ainois Kt;pi09* teal iirdpa^ r^ pifiB^ avrov iwdrafew 

17 /lerapaKtil turafimtri^i A 

rero ipanttf 84) | Mrtrcrer F^* | 1; i^] rov z : om «-jmnprst 
W3raJS5(uid) Phil-codd | aapw] riapw x* | e/reirwr post pap- 
dovf ackaix^iB(iud) | po/Movf] +ircu voXcr aapm eicnpat rqp 
Xnpa [cireXa/kro avrrft] mu rycFcro pa/9dor cf ny x'*/>* ovrow 
r«>"« (reprob F«) 

13 om mu i<> j I (irartoxiver] €$apffw$ii 71) | (^ofiov] 
^•roy nil arooTecXcu ror Xaor 14) | om ly y | avraw Ka0aw€p 
€prret\aTo av rnvtila in q | KoBawepi] Ka0a n : xaBwt Or-grf | 
cr«rccXaro B Or-gri] tXaXi^er AFM rcll ^ISJS Orgr^ Thdt: 
dixi/ SI/ I (oirrotf irvpcot] ri aim^r 107) | avrois] post jrvpcor 
dp«: om FMtceghj-mvx-c^SISCS Or-grJ | jtvpcof] pr f 

14 nwtp de] xac fircr Abwl | (xv^cof] post /awv^f 15: 
om 130) I om wpot g | /tw^iir afmnxc, | p€papirrai BAh*'*ioq 
ru] pepapvroi b'efgj-mb, : ^pofnfrrai d : /3e/3apvrro (-/ur- ii*)ii : 
fitpofivirrat FMh* rell | ^p(i» f | Xoor] +mo(' bw 

15 /9a^or] pr /*^ itM^m E: pr rf B: (XaXi^or 71): +ow 
f I ^apa«#] ovror f | to i®] t« acefhnpqub,* | idou] pr irac efgjz 
1/ I atrrot] sub -r S(uid) : ovrof c, : om m | einro/Mvrrai] e^- 
Xevatrtu c: ^/W % | ira< 1°] o"i/ Jc Philj | €^ <rw»arr«r] 
sta6it et ocatms W, \ wji\ mj^ AFa-cghj-mpt(^ sup ras)v- 
t,c,fHSiS Phil|-ed|: ^nfoiyf Phil -cod) : ^nyo^ectn : 9rJi0i Phil- 
codd I I om cvwturrw avra B* | o-wrorrwi'] o^w flmB* : (croy- 
nor 64 txt) I eirc 9<>] vopa (31) Phil|: ad %% \ rov x«iXovt 
la, I rorcMiov] peiBpmt F*> | nyr i°] pr ravn^ JB | pafiSotf] 
+ ravnp n | nyr ««»] +ras (3) o | Xi?m^] Xo/si fi*»ii(uid) 

16 om jrv/MOf Or-gr Cjrr | om -ntw t^paivp g | aire^roXirey] 
aveoTciXe bw Or-gr: c$cMr«0TaXircr h Jnl-ap-Cyr | /te] hiim 
Cyr I <<rf ] v^f 76) | Xaor] wor o»(Xao9 o«»w) | mow] W«x igf | 
/MM Xarpeuny BAklosl/] aum Xarpev0-c#0'iy bi)qruw(/ii;) Jul-ap- 
Cyr: Xarpevo'Mrcy /aoc FM rell 3[165<=S Cyr: (jMi Xarptvffttai 
$i€ 107): seruiant ei W \ twi^Kovaas] ticaicrfKoat n: audiuisti 


MMi IE'': +/MV {15) 9 I om ntt k | rovrov] rov rvr i*1S(uid) 

17 rade] pr xcu rvr bwy: (pr ww ovp 3a) | om ryw «<* gqu 
B* I ny po/S^w ny] pr CF k : n^w papSo^ nyr fn | om ny i® la, 
c, I om cri c9 I ro i® — roro/ioy] fluminis 7L% | om er r« b' | 
wcroftMl p€i$pfa F^ | om Ktu — (18) worafut g | om kcu % \ 
/iera/3aX«c] /Aera/SaXecroi F*^: furapXrfSri m 

18 om Oi i*> c I om oc «<> a* | wora/utl] p€i$pu F*> | om 
Ktu 1* — vorcLfun 9-cod | airofeo'ec eg(-ffif)j | vora/iof] ro /leitf- 
por F*^ I om ffcu 3^ — (11) voraAor qu | oc aiTvxrioc] post wi€ip 
egj I aa-o rev vora/tov] aw avrov ^ : atn-vir f* | airo] e« FMa- 
cgj-nptv-c, I om rov j | iroro/iov] pei0pov F*> 

10 (eircr ie] iccu €4ire 74) | fiwvo'ip] fiuffifif amnxc, : A-Xeywf 
bw I oopoir] pr irpof F^'^x | rw o^X^ o'ov] top adeX^or o'ov 
c: om FMe^jhnrxz-cJWEB \ (om np 1® 74) | om o^ov «• 
dpt^uid) I €P i«— o^ov 30 BF*] om AF'M omn ilBESb | om 
KCU lo—o-ov 40 F*(hab F') | (cKrcwe 14. 16. 77) | nyr x^^P^) 
rti xeipi a | om ^ov 4^ Ako | ra v^ara] na v&iri f | oi^varov 
i*>] rov rorofiov A | om ecu 3® i* | om avrwr i« f | rai diwpv- 
Tot] lacus ^ I 8itapifxaf Macdcgh*^ravxza,b, \ om nri 49 SS \ 
ra ««] pr a-cO'ra akS : irorra c | axp' avwtffniKot vHttp"] stagna 
9 I 9W€miKOt\ post vdwp n : ffwrtifKUfs p | (om xai trreu oifM 
78) I eoTftc] + ras (3) o | om ecu eytrero atfM MW \ rycrcro] 
ytwifffrroi FMnpIS : corcu y | aifta !<>] ffwecrriKot vdvp a, | er 
i«] ea"! km | yrf\ pr ny bfwb, : om a | cuyvwrov 1®] ov ex corr h*» : 
cu^vrrw AFadpr*(uid)tyba | om rois 1° e | (vXocf] hpidilms 
B^: rore^ioctbw: o^ocfa, | om«yrocfp | er 4<>] om e(iccu rott 
sup ras e*^gjs : +r€ fn | Xitfocf] f ignis B* : tXeo'ii' avrwr bw 

20 om ovrwt fL-eA. \ luacyp mnxc, | om xaBawtp — rv/KOf 
p I iro^a bkmnwx | avroct post xvpiot Fdegjklotvxz-c,i^(sub 
-!-) I Kvpiot] pr f I fvapat BA*amdliS] -^aapup A*"«FM 
n(pr a) rdl B£ I nr papdtt] rifP pafidop Abe^^*{pafi9f)ii\-' 

13 aanoxwr«r] #* arrcm^ M 14 rov fifi] o' wtwtv^fp M^ndice ad Kapiia posito) 

18 «ro^«r«] ^ft^€€i F*» I 0d Bnem huint commatis addit & ^ et ierunt Moses et Aaron ad Pharaonem et dixerunt ei 
Deus Hebrattrum mUit nos ad te dUent Dimitte popuhtm memm tit seruiant miki in deserto et ecce non audiuisti 
usqui adkue koic ditit ,A^fik In hoc scies quia ego sum ^^jj^ ecce ego percutio in uirga [quae'\ in manu mea super aquam 
quM in Jhtmine et immutabitur in sanguinem et pisces qui in flumine morientur et putebit fiumen et non poterunt AegyptH 
Hbere aquam de flumine "< haec in editioiie Samaritanonmi solum posita % 

xg fXif] X4Mi[«]F»» I eywTo] 9^ fuit of ^ erit Sb \ cr 30— Xi^ocf ] oit raff ^plUaaf Tovpmt mu Xt^crof rat cxatwat vdttp f^ 

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avTWP' Kal iaxXripwev 1} xapSia ^apad, Kal ovk elai^Kovaep avrSp, teaOavep elwev Kvpio^. 
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tuu dvaffdvre^ eiaeXevaovrai, €19 toi)? oIkov^ trov Kal ei^ tA rapyela r&v Koimavtov aov Koi iwl 
r£v kXiv£v trov, Kal hrl rov^ oIkov^ rSv Oeparrrovre^v <rov Kal rov Xoot) crov, koX iv T0J9 ^^vpa- 
fjuurlv trov Kal iv roiq KXifidvoi^ aov ^koI ewl crk koI irrl rot)? Oepdirovrd^ aov Kal iwl rov 4 («9) 

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oswxb,9S I avrov i**] sub -7- Si: om mlS^ | om ro a® f | VIII 1 om de cd | /uav^rip] fUMnfif amnxc, : /u#v^ k | tp€i9 

worafiu lo] fM0fK§ F^ | womtlw \^ — woraiua 7? bis scr g | om wpot avror] ingressus die Or-lat | (ra3e] wde 130) | /um] post 

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eyaiTior a® k | r«r] pr wamaw bw | /icrv/3aXer] /terc^oXXe f : 2 ^Xif AFMa'efgikrsva, | om <rv bodfrnowa, | e(ovo- 

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wora/ws] to p€i$pw F^ | oc ai7virrtoi] post vdwp egj : post xiew rpaxoif — (3) rora mutila in q* 

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B I rwr oi7virTi«r] Aegypti &i om bw | ^xipfiOKiais] Kop- xi awoparra k: (om 76: +oi parpaxoi 83) | rovi oucovf i<»] 
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»cp enrer irvpiot f | etircir] + its B* | «vptof] pr degjn xXt^wr] jii/^ lectulum B | <»t i®] +to ra/ueta f | tr* a® Bl] 

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ovir — avrov a®] MneqoT (OMIt^Hq B | ca-c^r^cr] ca-onyo'er rov sup ras i» | om koa 6**— o'ov 7® f | om icoi 6® — o-ov 5® b' | 
w I om avrov a® Phil | om ov3e ert rovrw f | rovrw] rovro tom \ajov\ super populum S | Xaov — ^vpafta^iy in mg et sup 
cl(-rw 1* uid)n Phil-codd : rovrov m ras A* | o"ov 5°] + Kot «rt ra»r kKlwvp cov kou tw Bepawom-ttw 

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post vdwp i<^ kx I irteiy i<*] post v^p 1® bw9: (evpev 3a) | ^iS | (^vpa^iao-cr] pr ^aai koi 14.16.130: pr ^ptaai km ew 
vittp i<*] +airo rov woTOfiov B*h : (+ex tov irora/iov 30) | om roif 77) | vov 6°] om bw: -i-Ktu. ep Ton ^peao-cy o-ov A | xpc/Sa- 
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vdarof rov woTafiov a" wpv^av de woPTts ot oiTvartot kvxXw rov worafiov cif v^oip cmtc irceiy oti ovk jiSvpopto wuip tx tov 
viaTOt TOV worapuov jvzc, : ^ kox upv^ wasntt oi ai7vrrioi kvk\» rov ^rorofiov vSup eet ro irietr ort ovir ifSvpomro wi9tp tK 
TOV vdaTos TOV worafiov vzc, [icvtrXw] pr oi z | om ort — rtcir a<* c,] | «MTe — roTa/iov a<^] a' aquam bibere quia n&n poierant 
de aqua (i^S^n a^ delendum^ fluuii (leg 1^9^^^ bibere ^ in aquam ut bibereni quia non poierani bibere de aqua 
fluminis $' aquam bibere quia nan poterant bibere aquam de fluminis (^^cBl^ »sn) % 

VIII 3 ^vpofinatp rov] iVfuut aov ¥^ | ^poftortr] ^pmruf Mj | aXt/3avett o-ov] ^ovprotr o-ov F** 



(VIII) (i) 5 Xa6v trov Avafiifiaovrai oi fiarpa\0L ^^hrep Sk Kvpu>^ irpi^ lAtavinjp J&liriv *Aapwp rf B 
oSeX^ crov ^'Kicreivop r^ X^^P^ '^^ ^AfiSop aov hrX rot)? Trora/xoi)? icol hrX rk^ Buapvya^ teal 
(«) 6 M tA fkff, teal apaytpye rov^ fiarpaxov^. ^ical i^ireipep *Aapmv rijp X^ipa hrl tA Siara 
Alyvirtov, teal apijyayep tow fiarpaxov^* teal apefiifidcrOif 6 fidrpaxo^, teal ixaXvy^ rifp yfjp 

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icaX elirep VtSfaade trepl ipav irpi^ Kvptop, Kal 'irepteX^oo rov^ fiarpdxov^ dir ifuw teal dir6 

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Xaov aovy A^platu to\^ fiarpaxpv^ diro aov koX diro rov \aov aov koX etc r&p oIkiAp vp^ip* 

(6) 10 irXiiP hf r^ irorap/^ viroXei^ija'OPrai. '^o Bk elirep Bk aipiop. elirep oip *£l^ tlptiica^' tpa 

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r&p oUi&p vpy&p Koi iic r&p iiraiXe^p koI dirb r&p Oepairoprtop aov Kal dvo rov Xaov aov 

7 rati] pr cf B*^ | ^op^uuceuut 6**^ 9 ra^ F | paBpaxwt F | 9UC€um A | vroXi^^orrm B*(-Xei^ B**^) 

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5 om cirer — luavojfw f | om wpot pMvci^v m | /M»v0i|r] ;m#^f 5* P | om aro Or-gr | e^iov Xaou] Xaov auw abcfkmnrwxH 
ansxc, : fuavffii k | ecirov] ecvt m | aapw] pr wpot xiS(sab ^) \ Or-gr | e^airMrrcXXw efgj | avrovt B] r«# Xom m : rct^ Xoor 
Tw a^X^ ffov sub 1- JS I nj — cov ««] rrfp pa/33or nfr cr ny /tov a,: tot Xoor aov n: tot Xoor AFM rell WSSiB Or | 
X««pi o^ov nB*{mr:gttm iuam) \ nj x««P* BAirsx] np x«pa ^«w Bvaowruf FMbdegjIpqt^uwxzc, | t« irvpiw B] ir5 t« tfw atn-ft^r 
ircu f : +aw FM rell ^I8'S | om aov a® bdhptwy | rov woto/mv f : irw 9w avrwr i : + ^5 airrwir r : om rw AFM rell Or-gr 
c^S-ed I (om kol i® 45) | d(iiypvx<>< Macdegh*>*jmoplx-ba | (om fu^vanfs] /uMttif amnxc,: +iroi aapiap f | xpot i<>] rw c, | 
eiTi 3« 118) I KOI 3«— /Jorpaxow sub -:- j^ | 0907076] 0i;ra7a7e /te] 17^*01 f | €v^/uu Bxn Phil-codd] €\^ofjL€$a f: eu^/Mu AFM 
A : (e|ara7a7e 31) | tow ^rpoxovt] pr eirc 1 : eirc np 71^9 rell Phil-ed Or-gr | om wepi a« ^ Phil f om o-ou a° Phil-codd | 
ai7MrTou k : +m np TTyr oi7vrrov F^aA*'cmx9i((sub ^•) om koi a® — o-ow 3* begjw Phil | om wtpi 3® AFMak-oqrtuxja^ 

6 om KM i* — ^arpaxovt w | om /rot i® m | x^'P^l P^^ b,c,^18S Or-gr | o^rco'Oi] pr tou n: ovoXto-oi c | koi 3<» — 
ovrov kB* : -h ovrov acmxS]S'S(sub ^ -/) \ eri] pr 0^6^ & | vfuaif sub -i- ^ | om oro 3^ s | rov a<*] pr irorrot f | om koc 
ffoi a® — fiarpaxovt] sub -;- iS : om a,b,18^ | ony707CF] orcjSc- 4® — v/yt«r f | c ir] oiro bw : om y | ourcdr c, | if/uw p | iroro^iw] 
/Sao-ev y I om irot $^ — parpaxot dptB* | 0] ly A | eiroXv^er] p€t$pta F^ | vroXet^^vo'orrac] oorroi sup ras o*': vroXi|0^- 
effoXv^w dpt : + rana qu4U ascendii B* | np 30] pr iroo'ar fir | Tiav99 c 

Oi7virrov i«] ovrov Fl*': ovrwr 1*: -(-roo-or bw 10, 11 om a, 

7 bwovrc#f] ovrci^ m | om iroc i<> S | om rcdr oi7v«Tiair 10 9e curcr] et dixit ii Pharao £ | (om ccf 16) | ovptor] 
M(txt)lyCi& I r«f] pr cr B*^Aamoqu | ^p/uucioii] eiroocdoif pr nfr f: -l-etver ow eci ov/mot m | ecrtr ovr] ei is dicit%i oc 
AM(mg)qu(-duuf qu) | onrya7or — oi7virrov] ovic wxocaif am- 8€ ecror f: (+fjLUvayit 71) | etirei' i»] ecvor F*: eti-or F** | om 
(myrot rocf /Sorpoxocf f | /Sor^x^^^] +'^m e^ereiyer oopc#v titt cmc, | ei^irof] -l-m/^B | cdiyr] ccdiyt AFMcfhikmrtvwyzc,^]S 
X«<pa cirt TO v^ro ai7virrov mu a9i77a7cr rovf ftarpaxovt qu | £S : ly^eif qux : ircorevtriTt p | om ovir eortv t* | oXXof] 0710? 
eri 7i;r] eif 7171' qu: in terra 9-ed: «ri nfr 71^1' a-egjm-ptw: e: -H^i f^-codd B": ( + if tft iy/i«i' ia8) | irvptov] In AFegh 
f iri voo^or Tiyr A : «» roffri yti b, j^^^^a s « ^» i?/**^ ackmxSUS (0 ^ if/iwr sub ^) 

8 iroi cicoXco'er BAfioqrsuB*] -1-^ c: eiroXeo-er 9€ FM rell 11 om totum comma f | {km ««— vfi«r post ffov 3® 76 
B^S I /utfv0^] luatniw anoxc, : fuavoTi kt : /utfO'et m | iroi etrer] [fir] oiro]) | cir i°] oiro FMa-eghjlmptv-zb^c, | v^uat] oov 
Xe7«#r a, : -I- ovrocf FbwS Or | fv$e A | wtpi e/iov] (virc/» e/iov F)9 | om ir« 3<> — erovXedir FM(txt)bhlwxyC39BSS | e/r i*>] 
31): om abcmwx^US | om wpot dpt | irvptor] pr ror di*prt | awo M(mg)acdmnptvz | eirovXecM'] -^oov M(mg)vz | om iroc 
ve/HcXerw] Te/McXerot en : vc/MeXet m : o^Xerw M(mg) | om km 4<* — cov 3^ n | om km 5^ — vov 3<> F | om oiro 3° d | (om wXygw 

4 ^rpoxoc] ed. Sam. -^ ^ ei inirauii Moses et Aaron ad Pharaonem et loeuH sunt ad eum ffaec dicit ^<>^>*^ Dimitte 
populum meum Mt seruiant mihi si auiem non uis dimittere ecce ego percutio omnes fines tuos ranis et ebulliet fiumen ranas 
et ascendentes inirabunt in domos tuas et in conclauia eubiculorum tuorum et super lectulos tuos et in domus ministrorum 
tuorum et populi tui et in fumis tuts et in wutstis tuis et super te et super populum tuum et super ministros tuos ascendent 
ranae ^ & 

5 wora^iovt] ptiBpa F^ | dtA^v7at] dcoroi^cf 7i|f F^ | tkri] oi o^rScr^poi iroc hvypoi rowoi iy Xifiyoc F^ | /Sorpoxovt] ed. 
Sam. +^ et dixit Moses ad Aaron Extende manu tua baeulum tuum et fac ascendere ratios super terram Aegypti V i& 

9 iroi 30 ir.r.X.] similiter et editio Samaritanorum 4^ et a ministris tuis et a populo tuo coniunctim ponit Sb 
ID, IX om ed. Sam. Sb 

10 wkifw irvpcov] o' o^ ^ sictU ^^^jO^ Deus nosier JS 



B irXifv iv r^ worafi^ throXe^^OrjaouTai. ^i^\0€p Bi Mc0U0% Kol *Aapa»y airo ^opttA* tcaX ii (s) 
ifiifio'tv MttK/o^ vpo^ Kvpiov irepl rpv opurfjtav r&v fiarpdx^P, ^ ird^aro ^apcuk ^^hroifi- 13 (9) 
aev hi Kvpio^ tcaOdirep ehrev Mtownj^, /cai irtXeurffaop ol fidrpaxoi itc r&v olKiAv Koi iic 
r&v iirauXetav teal iK r&v a^p&v* ^^koI avvrjyarfov ainob^ Oipu»viii^ dipMVid^f koX ti^^aev fi 14 (10) 
7^. '^Hhmv Si ^apoM Sti yiyovev avd^^i^, iffapvvffff 17 fcaphla ainov §cal ovk eUTrjieowTev 15 (n) 
axn&v^ KoBam-ep iXaXtfO'ev Kvp^o^, 

^^^wev Si Kvpio^ vpo^ Mf»vaijv Kltrov ^Aapmv "E/ereivov rji Xtipl r^v pdfiSov aov teai 16 (d) 
irdra^ov ro x^M^ rtfs 7^9, teai iaovrai ciepl^e^ iv re rol'^ dvdpmroi^ Koi iv rch rerpdvoo'iv 
teal iv wdafi yf AlyvTrrov, ^'^i^ireivev oiv ^Aapin^ r^ X^P^ '^^ ^dfiSov col iwdra^ev ro 17 (13) 
^^Afia T^ 779| tcai iyivovro oi a/cvi<f>€^ iv roh dvOpcrrroi^ icaX iv tok rerpdwoatv* k<u iv 
wavrl x^l'^'^'' '^^ 7^ iyivovro oi aicvuf>€^. ^^iwolriaav Si mcraurw^ $eal oi iwaoiSol riiS^ 18 (14) 
^apfiatciiu<; avr&v i^evyevyeiv rhv o-kv^m, teal ovx '^Svvavro* teal iyivovro oi asvi^^ iv roU 

II inroXt^^orroi B*(-Xei^ B*'^) 13 ooretoir A 14 BeifiUM^MS (i«) AF* | Btqun^ias (a<>) AF* 

15 ecdaw F 16 axwi^ B^] ffKW€i^ B* 

17 ffKvi^ i« B*>] cK9ti^ B* I ffKWii^ «** B^] ^KFci^ B*: +€!» wpjni Y^ oryvrrov B^"« 
18 ^op^icuceuur B^AF'' | vKwti^ B* | edwarro AP | VKWtiiftt B* | reT(m,woauf] +Kiu er wturn xwitan nyt Tiff ryevorro 
Oi ^jcFiiret B«"» 


— vroXei^^^rrcu 71.107) | om er m | om r« h | wmuyuu] 
p€i9pt0 F^ I inroXcc^ihytf'orrcu] inroXcc^^cM'orrai b' : + ircu etrer 
^pata ryw e^avooreXw v/uu ecu Bvffdre Kta rw 9w vfun^ er riy 
€pftiliM aXX ov fMKpap airorereire wop€V$fiPai €v^aff$€ our V€/m c/iov 
irpot IcF eiirey de fUMcrft (a8€ tyw e|eXev^o/uu aro <rou kcu ev(o/iai 
wpot TOP KP bw [k5 rw ^oT) rc# «w tf w w : rtalcw d | ly/uiv w* | 
aroreycirc] + €i» nj epty^w b' | odt w] 

12 c^X^or e*^Si& | fuavaiit !<>] ^mmi;? amnxc, | aro] 
vapa w I ^CLpaui] + eifniKonat avru nyt aupcor a, | km c/Soiyo'cr 
BAoqsucJ eroii7<re de iri xaBawep ecir«y c: irai €LP€p<nfff€P FM 
rell: ^/ uocaueruni £ | /i4avnis i<^] /uiw^f amnxc,: om dE | 
om rov t* I optfffJMv] BtpiafAov a, : a0ari<r/iov (51) £(uid) | era- 
^ro] cirara^ro f: rro^e x: rero^f n | ^tapwa a®] pr t« FMdc 
{{4>apiii f*)hjno*ptx 

13 om Kvpiot 1 I KoBawtp] xoBa bw: xo^wf nc, | om ciirer 
s I fUMnit amnrxc, | om €k i® — aypwp m | om €k \^ — ecu 4^ 
)S^ I ff« i*>] arc c, I ociriwr] ourvr dot : + avrtop fW \ om ircu 
a®'— fxavXewr s 

14 {ffwirtnytp 76) I Bifjuupiat Biiuewiat] (irtapniiop 31): om 
Bi/AUPias 3<* f jkma, | it^^eo-er] u^tcap g* : fwu^ctP Mdfip-uya, 
b,: (oTwf'etf'er 31): t^ia^tcew bw 

16 ora^v^tf] ararrv^tf f: +ef IS* | t^apvptp rifP Kopdiop 
FMnpt I tfiapvP€P i* | atrrov] ^paw y | ovir et^ffoinrcr] ovx 
vwriKova€P x | ec^iroveF s^ | avrttp] oi/rw al | cXaXi7<r(r] eivcr 
fij(mg)r: +ai;roit M | (icv/HOf] pr o 74) 

16 om m/pcof c*qu | /iMvo^r] funffifp amjixc,: fif»>v^ k | 
(om eivor aap<tfy 74) | cMptop] pr ir/wt x : + rw adcX^ irw fB' j 
Tiy x«V*] "y* X«V« n*: (om 7^): +^ow begjwa,ai8^{n7 x- <^ow 
sub -r) I om 0^01/ bwa,9(uid))S* | ^ro x^A<a] ror x^**' 3^) I 
woPTOi ffKPi^s] trrtucpt/^ F* | to-orrcu] c<rrac F« "*<' (e<rorTOi 
F**) I o-icri^et] o-jrwirct acM-gh*4-nqr*uxc, | om tp i« — at7tnrrov 

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1<>] om dp: +re m | rtTpawoaur] rrrpaxodoif fm : Bcpawoaiw s: 
(+irac €iri ^o^w /ecu eiri rovt avrov jccu ere rovt Bepawoprat 
avTOV KCU ew wopti r« x^MO-n nyt Tiff eveyorro oi o-Kvirct 83) | 
om ecu 4<* — (17) rrrpawoaw e | om jccu 4^^ n | waari yri aiyvw- 
Twi\ pr rcu^rc x^/^i^ "?» T^ «cu cr (i«8) V : »-cu^t x'l^MArc r^ 
Tijt dlS* I yril pr ny acfk-na, | cutwttow] oiyvvrw Fp : + rcu 
rr9iii909 Qvrtrt acfl[: +ffcu twovn^tp ovrun kmxi&(ovrc#f sub 4^) 

17 om €$er€Uftp — yi|f i® d | t^eiptp ovp] ecu e^ccrer 
nmB I ovp] (9e 31): om 9 | cap«#r post X'V** p | om ny x«p( 
f I ^] 'f^" b' I X'cp'] +civrov aciAlS | pafiiop'} pofidv c: 
+ atrrov kmlSiS | ro] pr wap js | (om €y€POPro i^ 16) | om 01 
I®'— Oi a° dm I Oi I®] cu gj : om n | vKPi^t i®] axpiwtt ac*%hM»* 
jknqruxc,: ckpikks F*: (reiiret 1 | er i® Bqu] +Te AFM rcU | 
(iccu 4® — ffKPi^Mt a«] ecu »-of x^^ ""^ 7^7* ryerero eit VKPt^t 
64 mg) I om er 30 c, I »-arri — 71^1 «»] iroo'if ttj yiy oiYinrrov a,: 
ircM^ yri cuyvwrw bw : vao'if tuyvwria n : + wt /^/fl /#rra 
AegypH B | nyt 71^1 a©] om f: -k- Atigypticrum % \ tytpopro 01 
CKPi^s i°] pr ecu t : om bnpwa^SlS | 01 4<^] cu e**g] : om fo | 
9KPt/^ a®] irri0€t F*: o'/rrxxet ac*d-gh**ijkmqruxc, : ^Miret 1: 
+ W wwrri yyi atyvwrov B**>"«AFMac-moq-vxyrb,c^^ [71^] 
pr ny afin | oiTvirrw ys] 

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m I c^airrwt] ovro^ xb^ | eoi i®] sub 1- iS: om £ | fira- 
oidoi] +rwr cu7Mrrti^ firb,9 | (e^TaTeir reus ^op^eiott 
nvTiap 78) I {M^yaytip top iricpi^ post tidwoPTO 76) | ela^etJ' 
f I Tor ffKPi^ BiiTKPti^ B*)FMh*osvy2aJ rovt ^xpiwas IB: 
rcuf CKPiwtt m: nji' a/rri^a bw: tot ffpi^w A: tot ^exra g: 
Tpr ffTira c,*s TOP CKPiwa h*>Ca*» rcll | ri^woPTo] €9vpopto n: 
7i8vp$iBTfffap fr*5(uid) | om eoi 3<> — Terpoflrofftp b'fpw | om eoi 
ty€POPTo I I 01 9**] flu te I ffKPi^i] iTKPiwts acd^h^kmoqruxb, : 

14 avpijyvfop] o.' 0i;ycxc#rfir Mj(sme nom)Tzc, | Bifuoptas BifutPtas] a' ffiapovt ^ttpovf M: a' Kopovs Kopovs vzc,: a' y 
^jQ^oS^ ^i^aTfc i6: B* Kopovt Kopovt d: ^ ut 0' iS: ^a/i. vfopovf ct*pov% pwpjovt pwp>ovs c,: eopovf eo^Nwt j | Bifuapiat i»] 
^tapovt F*' 

15 cu'c^^u^t] a' cu^airavo'if M: a' cu^airrciwis j(sine nom)yzc,: 0^ cu'co'tf Mj(sme nom)T£C,: ^a/ti. tupvxwpia c, 

16 VKPi^i] oXXof ^€ip€t F^(om aXXoff)cf 17 eiati^t 90] (Tc^. ^ttptt t^ 



(15) 19 ivOpwTTOi^ teaX hf roK rerpdwoo'iv. ^^elirmv oiv 01 ewaoiBol r^^ ^apai ^axrvXo^ Oeov B 

i^rlv rovro* xal icr/cXtfpvvOfi ^ teapila ^apam^ teal ov/c eUrrJKOwrev ain&Wy xaOdirep iKaXtfcep ^ F 

(16) ao ^EZttcv Sk Kt;/>i09 irpo^ 1A§»v<rrjv "OpOpicrov to irptel zeal OTfjOi ivavrlov ^apcua* /cat 

IM min-h^ ifeXevaerai ivi to iSSa>p, teal ipeU wpo^ avrov TaSe \irf€i Kt;pMK ^^f^awoareikov 

(17) a I rhv \aiv fiou Xva fioi XarpevamcrLv iv t§ ipr^fj^fp* ^^ihv Bi fitf fiovXjf i^airocTeiXai rhv Xmp 

ftaVf IBoif iyi^ iwairoariXXo^ hrl ai koX cttI rov^ Oepdirovra^ trov Kal irrl rov Xaov aov icai 
hri T0U9 oXicov^ vfi&v icwifuvtav, icaX irXffa-ffiicrovTai al oUlcu r&v kvpnrrmv rfjs KVPOfiviff^^ 

(18) ai Kol eh rifv yrjv i<f>* ^ etcrlv hr avrrj^. ^^tcaX irapaSo^dato iv rfj VM^P9 ^Kcii^ rifv yfjv Fiaefi, 

iil> ^9 6 Xa<W fAov hr€<mv iir ainrj^^ e^' ^? ovic earai iKei 17 Kwofivia' ^Xva eiS^^ in eyei §9 

(19) 13 tlfu Kvpio^ o Kvpio^ iracrri^ t^? yrj^. ^^itaX &oo'oi> hi4i<Tro\ifV avk picrov rav ip^v Xaov koX 
(«o) 34 apii, pAtrov rov trov Xaov* iv Bi r§ avpiov iarai rovro e/rl t^ 7179. ^irroitfaev Sk Kvpu)^ 

oSre^^f teal irapeyivero ^ tcvv6p,via wli^Oo^ el^ rov^ ottcov^ ^apai^ teal €49 Toi>^ ol/cov^ t£v 

ffepairovTtuv avrov ical ek iraaav r^v yrjv Atyvwrov xal i^toXedpevOrj 1} yfj airo rfj^ kvvo- 

(31) 15 p^viff^. *^i/cdXta'€v ii ^apaob lAwoijv teal *Aapo}v Xiy€i>v *EK$6vr€^ Owrare r^ de^ vprnv iv 

II Kwofiviiif] Kwo/ivtai A 14 KVfHot B*] pr B*^^' | e$iaKo$p€v$ri 6** | Kwo/wtyit] Kwo/wiat A 


ffKiw€t 1 : +fr nf Yif o*7irtrrow n | er i*] +Tf FMMeg-jlnrstvx- ounyt] ovnyr n: + a vioi i^\ ovk tffrai bw 
c, I om ffy a° j I rtrpawofftw] rerpawodois m : + xcu er waari ny 22 wapad^offta] wapad^aadta a, : do^o^w m : + ^"^ IS : + o'e 

yti wtyvwrw a,: +iro* w wri x<<»/<ari nyt 71^1 dn: +ic«u c^ s | om er w Or-gr | ny ifM^pa] post eirecn; s | om Tiir g | 

rcu^i XttfUiTi nyt 71ft «7crorro 01 ^'Kvtirct B^^vhtC-^f) 7«''cm1 ytv9€fi Mk : ^e/i m | c^ 1®] pr ircu m | us i^] Oit o : 

19 ffcrav our] #/ cUcumt % \ ecvav] iccu ecvor n: www F*'c lyv In: if m | ercorcy] ercffnyr lo: ciretfnf k: crtrrij qu: eorcr 
dfrap I rovro eorir Phil | rovro sub t- S^ \ nai, €VK\npiup9fi] M^efgijmrvzc, : corcu b': om dpt | eir avnyt] nr avnyv n: er> 
cvirXifpvr^ df ackm | <co^«ovir«r] cunfjcovo-oy n: ifxovo'ey c, | avny m | «^ iff a'^] e^ i| AMabcegh'jknoqt-zh^c, : c^ w (71) 
avroy g* | KoBawtp eXaXiytf-cr] sfcutulum 4> ^tiix/ ^ locutus est Or-gr: etl^x om ma, | eirfc ov«r c^roi m | eorai] corcy fi*'k 
i6 I fXaXi|<r«i»] eiFcif bi*sw rz Or-gr-cod | om e/cei d Or-gr | om it abdefimnprs Or-gr | 

20 d<] our w I irtiptot i<^ post ftMvaJiP qu | /yiwvoiyv] fuaaiiM Kwofivuu n | i^f ad-gijlmnpsyb,c, | om «y» k | om €ifu A 
amnxc,: /u#vffif k | ro i®] r« ac-gqr'uyb,* | (om «at i® 2$) | Ma-eghj-nplv-c,i6 | xvpios B'^ Or-gr] ^i Abdopqstuwya, 
om KOI 2^ AMachk-nvx-CaBCiS | avrot i^eXevo^rrot] avrot hJS: om n: om M rell S^: (0 $s KVfMvm 138) | vo^i] er 
e/nropcvercu sup ras circ 11 litt A* | avrot] sub t Sbi om A* iitvta k(om t» k^)x: om mSb 

(uid)dp I e^eXevo-eroi] (eKvop€V(rercu 3a) : egreditur W& \ eve] 23 kqa ^o-w dcooroXiyr sup ras (^ | (Swo'w] vociyo'w 31 : 

ad %% I ra vdara c | /iot Xarpcvo'wo'tv BMabioriS] Xarpev- +0*01 130) | (duurroXifr] oyooroXifr 130) | om rov i<* — va 

o'cM'u' /IOC nqux^lS: M^ Xarpevoi; f(-o'cc)w*>: \arptv9yi V^ Or- /iM^or i<^ m | c^v Xaov] Xaov mov acx9 | om irai 2^ — Xaov a<> 

gr: /MM Xarpevo-ft p: /loc Xar/wv^ Aw*(uid) rell | om cf ny Iwc, | om ava lUirov a<> dp | ^ov Xaov] Xaov o-ov acmx^ : om 

ffp^MAM acdeghj^nptv-Cs^SiS Xaov dfp | ciravfMor fir | e^at rovro] erimt muscat 9-ed | 

21 coir] €1 fno: if c | om le a, | ^ovXif post c^axooreiXai errot] wovficti if w | rovro Bfir] pr ro oif/iecov AM rell ( -t- rovro 
n I om f^aroorciXot — t»v d | om fiov a^bglS*' | cxavo<rrcXXw ^*) 9-codd 1S)PS: hoc uerbutn IB | en nft 7171] arc nfr Tip c: 
BMacv*wba*] c^airoarrXXw Agjn : c^iro<rrffXM deqsuy : a»o- airo yn% m : om Mdeghjlnptv-c^BiEiS 

^reXXitf h Or-gr: airoorcXw Im: mitfamWi <va^ fir1S*(uid): 24 om d« 1 | Kvpios] pr B^'^'iqni: ^ s: (om 16): +0 

eirarooTfXM v*b,*' rell | rov i*>] +ffai cin irarar 71^ a«7vrrov $i f | waptyeworro n | om if i<> s | rXif^ovt la, | om eit rovt 

dhnpt I om xa* 2^ — v/ttow d | (oucovf] ourecovt 76) | v/ttow] oov oiicovt a^ dp | avrov] avror ^ | om irat 3*^ a | ett 3<>] tri nlS : 

aceghj-mxya,b3C,3$Si6 Or-gr | irvro^iwar] pr nfr kxiS(sub ^') \ om s | om nfr AMbcdhikln-zc, | (ai7v«Tov] avrov 71) 

rift ffvro/uMiff] Kwo/MfioM d : om nft b'eg | kcu ett] irai eirc npt : 25 om de (* \ /Mrvoip] futarfp amnc, : /iMvni k : top fua<nfp 

eat d I <it rifp yifp] ttrra % \ 7^*] vtnfnap 1: -f 7e0-e/i b, | om x | aapc#v] pr rov x | \<rfa9'\ -^-eis B* | eX^orret] aveX^orrct 

ff^ 1ft — ovnft dp I 1ft] ip bnw | eircy] ci rv 1 | cir] hi a, | Mabckmnqsuw: eto'eX^oi^et Cyr-ed^: vo^v^cvret Cyr^ | rw 

ax irvro/ivcar] ra/i. xopaira jc, : a' mixHatHm (f^JLolAi^) a* ui 0* 0' mixturam (^i^U^Jbi) Sb \ eit nfr Tifr] eiri nft 71ft Mvz 
aa ffv^ot xi^ot] o ^f jrvpcev«^ tz | a® — 71ft] o' in interiore terrat ^ in terra V in medio terrae % 
*3 ft*\ ^* Sam. '\- ^ et intrauit Moses et Aaron ad Pkaraonem ei dixerunt ei Haec dicii ^^-^^ Dimitte pofulum 
meum ut sertuani miki si autem non uis dimittere populum meum ecce ego mitto super te et super ministros tuos et super 
populum tuum et super domos tucu cynomyiam et implebuntur domus Aegyptiorum cynomyia et in terra super quam sunt et 
mirificabo in die illo in terra ,<»\^ super quam populus meus est super earn super quam non erit ibi cynomyia ut scias 
quod ego ,^h*^ *^ medio terrae et dado discrimen in medio populi met et in medio populi tui in crastino aut^m frit fignum 

hoc X i 

a4 €^to\t6ptv$ri] a' e^^apif M 

SEPT, 179 74 

VIII 25 


B T§ yp, ^KoX €iir€v M«i/o% Ov Bvparop yMpicrOai oiJra)?, tA yii^p /SBeXvyfiara r&v Aiyvn- «6 (a«) 
ri€i>p Ovtrofiev Kvpiq) r^ 0€^ fiii&v ih^v ykp dva^iiev rh fiBekuyfUtra rwv Alytnrriwp ivauriov 
avrmv, XiOofioXtfOffaofieOa. ^oBov rpiwp ^fjLepwv irop€va'6p,€0a eh r^v Iptffiov, xal Ovcrofiof a; (33) 
T^ 0e^ fipMv tcaOairep elirev Kvpto^ iipXv. ^koX elirev ^apam ^E/ycb airo<rriXXn vfia^, teal 2% (14) 
Ovaare r^ de^ vfimv iv r^ ipi^fitp, aXX' ov fiaiepitv aTrorepetre TropevOfjvai* ei^acde oiv irepi 
ifiov irpo^ Kvpiop. ^elirev Sk M(ov(rfj^''OS€ iym i^ekevcrofuu airi aov Kal ei^ofiai irpd^ top 99 (25) 
Oeop, fcai aireXevcrerai diro crov 1} KwofivuL koI airo tAp dcpairovr&tp crov koI rod Xaov aov 
aHpiop* fitf wpotrO^^ €Ti, Zapata, i^atrarriaai rov p^ i^awoirretKeu top \aop Ovtrai Kvpl^, 
^i^XOep Si Miovaij^ diro 4>apatt> teal rfv^aro trpd^ top Oeop* ^^iwoifftrep Bk Kvpto^ |? (*0 
tcaOdirep etirep Ma>t;<r^9, ical trepieiXep Ttfp tcvpofiviap diro Papain koX t&p depairopTvtv'ovTOv 
icai Tov \cLov avTov, xal ov tcaTeXel^Off ovBepia. ^koX ifidpvpcp ^apctin rifp icapBlap avTov 3a (37) 
teal hrl tov Kaipov tovtov, koI ovk ^OiXrfaep i^aTroaretXai top Xoop, 

^Vtltrep Be Kt/pto? trpo^ Mmvaijp EltreXOe vpos ^apctia ical ipeU axn^ T<£Sc Tueyei Kvpio^ 6 deb^ i ix 

a6 wmn] +/10 rovro B*(om B***) 

3f ifOTfXft^ B*>>] KaTtXi^ B* 

Btta vfitof post yn a, | rw] (pr rot iw 30) : pr irw AMegjnqsuv 
yz Cyr: pr Domino 91S: +itb» 1 | ^cw] kH c, | u/iwr] ly/iwr 
Ace*(uid)f*gl*z* | (om er ttj 71; 76) | yri\ +Touny qu91S*fB: 

26 om irot — Hwarov Si \ koi ecirer] etircy de bwlS^ | (eiirer 
ftMwnit] eivor 7 1) | fUM^t amnxc, | ytvtaOta d | to. yap pdtXvy- 
fULTo] TO yap fiikXvyfia a, : si abomifuttionts % \ nap aiyvrnup 
i<>] oiyvwTOv b Phil | om BvaofA€P — atyvwriup a*» k* Cyr-cod | 

* 0voofi€p] pr ou s : Bvataixep AMcdgblnqtvza,b,^ Phil-cod : ov 
Bwnaiuphmvt Cyr-cod: Bvattfup rifuis ir: ov $vc<o/up fi/ieis f | 
Kvpuo] post tux: om acS Phil^ | om iifiup Phil | ear] +rr s | 
(70^ ffvfftafiep post cuyvwnup a® 25) | yap i^] dt cJE : om i* | 
^MTw/Acr] post aiymmvp «° egj: ^-kH Tta Ola rffjuop M(mg)k^ 
Cyr I avrofr] avTov m9 | }a$ofio\fi$rfoo/i€$a] XiBo^oXriooiuBa \* 
s Cyr-cod : XiBopcXffo^ufjLtBa b'dn : XiBofioKiiaowuf fifiaf (71) S: 
lapidant nos % 

27 Tpivp post Vf^P*^ cm I {ijft€piap post woptwrofuBa 77) | 
iropeiwo/ie^a] xoptvawfuBa Achsa^S : Top€vofieBa m : (iro^vi^- 
ffofteBa 74) I (icoi ^iwo/icr] era Biwufup 76) | Bvottfi€P Ab'cdfh 
k-ntvyzajba^E | rw Bi*] (pr t« kw 78) : -!■ iw x : pr ic« AMi*» 
rell Cyr : pr Domino ^ISWt^Si I ^/m^] + o' ^ epii/uo e | om 
KoBawtp — (18) vfM#r c | om KaBaxtp—iifup e | xotfa w | om 
etirer 1* | Kvptos iifuw Bo] 17/uir lei aklqsux^)p: (om 15.64): 
om iitup fir : om irv/Moi AM rell ISSiS Cyr 

28 KOI etirer] etirey de e | om eyw — tpfi/ua e | eyw] e^w a, : 
om p I oiroaT«XX« Bafirx Cyr-codd] awocrtXfo ovzc, Cjrr-ed: 
e^iro0TeXXcii Ahpta^b, : e^roorcXw M rell IS | Bvffore] Bwrere 
MadfhmnptvyzbgC, Cyr-ed: Bvatrai A | rw B] pr rtf icw i: 
-t- ffw bx : px Kta AM rell Cyr : pr Domino Or-lat %WS^& \ 
v/utfr] ripMP ^k^lt*(uid)x*z*(aid): {^-KOJBawtp ecirer vfuv 16) | 
om cy nf e^/utf Cj Or-lat | iropev^cu] pr tow h Cjrr | ev^tfe 
ovr] j^ ^m/^ a<Mf<f )P | om ovi' 1 | itc/m] inrep fq | e/ie c | 
wp9t Kvpioo sub •;- i&(uid) I irvpior] pr top j 

29 /ian>0^] /uiitf'iyt amnxc,: (om 15) | (o5e ryw] tdov 77: 
om 71) I o^e] w^ bcdfhnpsyz: ori Or-gr: idov egikmc^lSiE 
)PS: om w^ I avo tf-ou i«] wpot C€ b' | om koi i® — jti/ro/Avca 
f I om KOI tvioftm, a | wpoatv^fuu w | ror 9eor] Dommum 
Deum Ifi I aveXeud'crai] e^Xeud^creu p | o»o «• — ffuro^Kvui B] 
If Ktfp, airo tf-ov Abioqrsu : om airo vov m : if irvr. aro ^apatt 
M rell f[)SE|IS Or-gr | om koi 3® — o^ow 4<> m | om a»o 3« 
dp Or-gr I o-OM 3°] avrow Macdegfajklnptv-c,9iS1^P5 Or-gr | 
om KOI 4« — ffou 4*> A*(hab A*"«)eghjlwyaabaCaE' | tov i«] pr 
aro A«»tMa-dfiknprtvz]S$ | oov 40] avrov MacdknptxSLI^ 
i6 Or-gr I avpcor] (-l-de 84): om IS^ | m^ i°] pr irai pISS: pr 
x^9 : irai e I wpooBri sfS^ \ ert post ^ofNUtf de | om efaranfO'at 
rov fii9 a | e|airanf0'«] post rov m : airanfo-a* AMbeghjlptvw 
y(o»arr- y*)z-c,: rov avanfo-oc d: iropaXoTifo-oi n: om f)^ | 
TOP XoopI if/Mf c: om ror n* I ^vo-ac] owtn Bvouci dnpt j 
Kvpiw] pr rw ao : Bu irvz(txt) : tu Bvf 

(30—32 om 83) 

80 fjuociit acmnxc, | a»o] irapa w | rpo^v^ro bw | ror 
tfeor] KP cm 1S$ 

81 cvoiifo^er ^] Ktu eroiifO'c bw | ira^a w | etrtr] -l-avrM 
egjB I pMffiii admnxc, | ^apaui] pr tov d | om inu a* — avrov 
i« {}fi I Ttop Bioqrsu] pr a»o AM rell B^ | om «at 3« — avrov 
2^ m I rov] pr airo irarror f : pr aro AMacdeghjklntvx-c,!^ 
^ I ov xareXet^^] ovir e/rarcXec^^ w: ovic avfXet^^ efgj | 
om ov d 

32 {ipapvpBri 77) | om 4»apato rtfp b* \ eavrov vzc, | om 
irac i<> — rovrov n | om irai i<* bw9-ed | rov xaipov post tovtov 
Thdt I (jraipev] jrXifpov 30) | om ir« 3<» m | (if^eX«r 78) 

IX 1 ftirer de] koi ecrer ns: irai cXaXifO'e bw: (om Bt 14) | 
^iAwo^] /utfvrif ck : /iAMifr amnxc^ : -fXrywrbw | ^apaw] +/3a- 
(TiXca aiTvrrov f | awnt] avrwr c,* | om irvpiot 3° fna, Cjrr | 
om Tvp tppautp ^ I auk] post Xarpevo'tM^ir AMacdegfaj-mpstv 
M-Ca<3o(/«))*^5|pi6: M f I \a.Tptwni y 

a6 ro i<>— Xttfoj^if^o/ietfa] a' quia abominationem Aegypti sacrificamus (s. -abimus) Domino Deo mosiro si sacri- 
JUemus abominationem Aegypti in ocuios eorum et non lapidabuni nos ^ abcminationes enim Aegyptiorum sacrificamus 
(s. -abimus) Domino Deo nostro si autem sacrificemus abomincUiones AegypHorum coram eis non lapidcJmnt nos 9t quia 
abominationes Aegypti sacrificahimus Domino Deo nostro et sacrificamus (s. -abimus) abominationes Aegypti an/e ocuios eorum 
et non lapidabuni nos & 

2Q etrer — Beop] a' cat tiirer /uoorit i8ov eyw €tfu e^pxofuu wapa aov irai iirerevo-cii irpot kp a' eivcr de fuotrrit cm ar 
€^e\B<o wapa aov €v^ofuu vpor...^ iroi etircr futaift i8ov tyw 9ifu €Kwop€vofMi awo aov xai ev^/tat vpof... v | c^avanf^oi] a' a* 
wapoKoyuraaBai Mjvz 



IX 8 

a T&p ^EtfipcuMv ^Eif^airotrreCKov top Xaov fiov Xva ^i \arp€va<oaiv* ^el fikp oip fiif fiovXei i^a- B 

3 TTotrrciXai top Xaov fiov aXK* Sri ipKparw airrov, 3 /Sou xelp Kvpiov eiriarai ip roA9 Knjvealp 
aov ToU ip T0i9 '/reBioi^, Ip re roU tTnroi^ koI ip roU inro^vyloi^ Kai rdi^ Ka/ii^Kot^ teal fiovalp Koi 

4 irpofidroi^, ddparo^ fiiya^ a^>6Bpa, ^koI tr^ipaBo^daa iym ip r^ icaip^ ixeipip aph pAaop r&p 
tcrqv&p r&p Avytmrl^v koX aph fiiaop r&p kttip&p t&p vI&p ^IcpaijK' ov reXetnija-ei airo wdprwp 

5 rip rod ^lapaifX viAp {n(r6p, ^icaX ISaicep 6 deh^ ipop \iy€i>p 'Ei^ r§ avpiop iroii^aei Kvpiov rb 

6 fnjfui rovTO irrl T79 7^9. ^icaX irrohfaep Kvpio^ to pfjpLa rovro ry iiravpiop, /cat ireXevrfjaep 
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npw^uid)£(aid) : (om ow 71) | firi] ov dp: om i^ | ^vXet] 
povXti Acehiklnoqrsuvc, : pov\rf$ff a, : fiov\ii$€is m \ aroorei- 
Xoi m I ro9 Xoor ftov] sub -r & : om mn : + ut seruiant mihi 
)S^ I oXX] KOi AMacdhlmnptv-CgiS : oXXa jccu k: koi et Cyr: 
(« 18) I «rt] ore e | irporeit m | avrov] avror qu : avrovf abeg 

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11 egja, I tveffTot Bo*(uid)qsu] eoroi AMo* rell Aristob-ap- 
Ews Cyr : {koi earot 76) | tr i®] pr ecu o | roif «« — ire^tocr] ei 
super cawepum iuum C: in campo S^ | roct cr] pr kox er itaai 
Aristob-ap-Eus : iroi er m : om o* | er rocf veStotf] in campo 
lff^\ m t^pv B: +C0V w I om cy 3<^ — vpo/Saroit Aristob-ap- 
Eus I om ep 3<» — iTwois A*"*<*(hab A*) | <r re] pr kcu qu: 
er d€ bw*(uid): irai er f | tinroif — wroiVYioii] inrojVytott iroi 
inroct bw | Kot er] om dp: om €p fgioqrua, | om wro^vytoit 
roc rotf n | om xai t^ dp | rait ico^i^Xoit] super camelos BIB | 
reus Bioqrn] roif df : er a : er roct Ay : om bpw : pr er M 
rell Ig^Sb I om kox 3^* dmp | /louo-ir] pr er a: pr roit d: (pr er 
roif 71): x«/^ bcues BIE: lit ^^«J )9JS | »po/Sarotf] (irpo- 
/Sarwr 84): super cues W^x in ouibus ^iS | ^oraror] Xoc/iot 
n : + coTcu fir | om c^oipa Aristob-ap-Eus 

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bw(om er) : om A*M rell 91S£9i6 | om rwr a®— r«r 5« g | 
om r««r 30— rnyrcM' a<* q | rear ocTwnwr] rov t^ acmx^ : r««r 
Mi#r iifX VSb I om ara ftc^or 1^ mp | rwr luwr] rw AM(txt)ehj 
lptwya,b,c, t om dsftlSE' | uui^f i^^i^X] cu7tnm<»r ackmx)^^ | 
om ov — /nrror w | om ov — vt«w a® u | ov reXevn^ovi] jroi ov lai 
rtXevTiKi? k | ov Bfior] pr cat AM rell %WE^& \ airo— 
viMT a®] a pecoribus filiorum omnium Isrcul'^x om avrwr n | 
«»-o rorrwr] ora /iecror h | om wamop h^cJB^^Jfi | r«w 5<»— 
vuiP ao] (rov ourov lopaiik 71) | rov iO'^ifX vu^r Birs] m|r«#r 

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Ttop iffK y: KTfiPtop rov i^ h: KtrfPtop t^X bdl: om vmip g: 
vcctfF c^ M rell: (impctfr rtfr vKiir iopaii>ur<op 107) | fniroy] 
(pr ovdey 18): ovder pS(uid)^&(mg) : Qiifiep 71): om m: 
-J-ov^cr o 

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ly^ I om XcTMT ^ \ om «y nf A* I om er b, | roiiya^ec] voci^rw 
p: +/i^' f[-ed | irvpcof] om p: +0 tft bw | om ciri— (6) rovro 
V I ewi n|f Tiff] om n : + oiYwrrov A*y : + ^ov b 

6 irac eiroiifo'ev] erotipoep de w | irv^of] + ^ w | om ro ' 
pfilfJM rovro n | rrj travptor] pr super ierram )P* : ewavpiop q : 
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mffwr] ra impoc c | rwr vuop"] rov A* : om d : om rwp g | ovk 
ertkevnioep ovfkv] ovlkp erfXevrTfO-er f | om ov9€p — (7) ereXtV' 
r^O€P 8 I ovde €P Mbdegjmtw 

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ori — ^apa» a® w | ori bis scr h* | (om owe rrtkevrriotp 107) | 
a»o — mfyow] ov^p fjc n | irarrwi'] (post icrrfPtep 71): om A*M 
abcefgj-mvx-Ca^lSEII | rwp xniPtop] post urpaifX c: om s | 
rtop viwr] rov v(mg)x : om rtfr e | om lO'paiyX h | ov6ep] ov5c 
€P Mbcj**mvxz: piyror h: (ovJe *» ov/r ereXcvnjo'CT' 107): om 
n I €papvp$ri] pr cat Mdnt Thdt | om if xo^a ^apaw p | 
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8 fiwvoifv] iMvari k : /i^nfr aemn^'xc, | <cat aa^air] (post 
Xe7c#r ia8): om b' | Xryciir] sub -?- ^: om egjkmS | Xa/3e g | 
v/iccf] v/ui' AMMegjlptYwyzbgCgBC: v^ur avroif a, | irXifpecf 
rat X^P^'] compUtionem manus uesirae Sb \ raf] pr eif d | 
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(iroi/i-) I ira<rarw] +avnf9 acegjkmx9BS(uid))9^(sub 4Sf) \ 
fUMiff amnxc, | eif rop ovpavoy] post ^>apa<o h: om eif s | Ktu 
3® — avrov sub -r- JS | om evarnor a® dp | rtop] pr rctprttp qu 

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4 vapado^oo-w] rapadofa irociftf'w c^ | pifror] ovBtP onovr M: o-a^i. f>ifAia oior ^ifiror ow c^ 

5 Tiff] ed. Sam. + ^^ ei inirauit Moses ei Aaron ad Pharaonem ei dixit ei Haec dicit ^A^Si Deus Hebratorum Dimiite 
populum meum ui seruiani mihi si auiem non uis dimitiere ei adhuc deiines eos ecce manus ^^-^ erit in pecoribus iuis 
quae in campis in equis et in asinis et in camelis ei in bubus et in ouibus mors magna ualde ei mirum faciei ytbi*i in 
medio pecorum JiUorum Israel ei in medio pecorum Aegypti et non morieiur ab omnibus Jiliorum Israel numerus in crasiino 

faciei ^•^•^•^ uerbum hoc super ierram V Sb 

8 Xa/9crc v/wtf] o! ^ V sumiie nobis Sb \ rXifpctf raf x^P^*] «' complelionem (yi^csn) pugnorum uesirorum ^ com- 
pletionem manuum uesirarum V pleniiudinem (^^Asn) manuum uairarum % 

181 24—2 

IX 8 


B ^epairovrmv avrov, 9$cai ytiffiBrfrm $coviopro<; iirl fraa-av rtfv yij9 PdfxnrrQV koX larai hrl r^ 9 
&p0pATrov^ /cal iirl rk rerpatroBa IXxtf, i^XvKtiBc^ awt^dovtriu, ip re roU ivdpmiro^^ Kmi iv roh 
rerpdwoaiv xal wdajf yp Atyvirrou, ^^tcal iXafiev rifp alOdXrfp rrj^ xafuvata^ imuniov ^mpao^ 10 
xaX tiraatv aMfp Mtovtrrj^ eh top ovpap6p, teal iyii^ero eTucff, <f]ikvicrlie^ ipa^i^va-ai, ip roh 
apdpmroi^ teal iv rol^ rerpdiro<rip, ^^koX ovk ^Bvpapro 01 ^ppmKoi (rrrjpai ipapriop Moivcr^ Sut 11 
tA fKKfj* iyipero yhp rk iXjerj ip roh xf>ap/jLaK6h teal ip irdcij j^ Aiyinrrov. ^^iffickripwep Zk i« 
Kt$pt09 T^i' KapBlap ^apcuo, teal ovk el^xovcrep avrmp, icaJBh (rvpera^ep Kvpia:, 

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7rpo9 avrop Td8e Xeyei Kvpto^ 6 0eh^ rtSp *E/3pal(09 *E(air6arei\op rop Xaop fAOv tpa Xarpev- 
a-axrip fioi, ^^ip r^ ykp pvp /eatp^ iyoi> i^airoareKXu Trdpra rk <rupaprripMtd fiov eh rifP leapSiap 14 
cov zeal r&p Oepairoprmp <rov icai rxA Xaov trov, Ip eii^ Sn owe Jbrrw m^ iyw XXXo^ ip irdtTjj r§ 

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dwo T179 7^' ^^Kal hfeKep rovrov BierrjpijOrj^ tpa ipSel^fun ip aol rifP iaxyv fJLOV, koX Stto)^ 16 
SiayyeXy ro 6pofid fiov ip irdarj r!j yp. ^^fri oip trv ipiroi^ tov XooS fiov rov p,ri i^atroarelkai, 17 

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16 Auw «° B»«W] w B* 17 t/twoni B*> 

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om K€u I® — o«7wrrot; i® e | xovtof»r«t] pr 1 | ora nyr Tiyr 
b' I om Tifr AMa^hj-msv-ya^b, | errac] eo'oynu s: om m | 
om m 3® giS* I Ttt] pr warm ikoqrsu | eX/riy] pr et in Ufa terra 
Aegypti B* : (post ^Xvicrt^f 76) | ^Xujcrcdet] post wa^toveoi 
ackmx)P : {pXvKnutfai 3^) | om cr 1° — aiyvrrcv a® c^B* | w 
I® — rrrpoTtKrtJ'] sub -r iS(uid) : om fmp | om re i* | cr 4® — iroi 
50 sup ras w» I om w 1® b I rerpawofftv] {nrpaiivdoif 15): xniPt- 
^ir e I om iroi 5* — (10) rerpawoinp n | om jrat 50 Me-moqrsuv 
xza,b,^m^S I roffii B] pr (p AMW rell ^B^I^iS | rr] 
pr ny d-gjmp | tuyvmv «•] oryt/irTw dh'pstvza, 

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•^fuavaijs fiE^ | (om njr 76) | nyi tra/uFcuar] njt /rafurioiaf 
A(rcaiaf — (i«) Kvpiot a* sup ras A")dhkmquya2 : rrip Ka/uwatop 
efgjv(txt)z(-ii'4- egj) : om p I nyf] nyr o* | tpaprwp ^apata] pr 
KOi €ffTyf<rap ackmx9i&(sub «J8> tpp.): post ovpopcp fir: om egj 
V: +1C04 tparriop tup Btpawoprwp avrov bw | teat tratrtp 
ovnyr] post /uavcris r \ /uav^rit] iiwcjit amxc, : om fi : + epa9- 
TUiP ^paw qu | ryworro A«efgjkmquvyz | om fXiciy a^b^ | 
^vKTiits] pr ifoi oquS: ( + 3e 16) | om apa^towrai $ | tr i»] 
+ T« A*Mcdhipstvy-Ca | om er 90 dp | Terpawociw] rerpair^dott 
€P wofffi Ti| yii aiyvTTov e : + cf waaii yri atyvwrov gja, 

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+ /c€U TOf ^Xvrridaf M | om eytPtro — aiyvwrov a, | om rye- 
P€To — eXmy «» Mo | eytpvm A«ce-hj-npsy | yap\ Je cf | (om 
ra eXxif 1° 18) | om ra a<> s | (cr roci ^^fuuroci] cr avroif uel 
«r auTMt 64 (mg)> | tr i<»](om 45): +Tf dnpt 3[(uid) | ^op^- 
jtoif] ci?oif y I 7ir] prnf Mf : om d | acYi/rrov] ai7i;irr«# deh*t : 
aATfvirrttP g* 

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0'ey — Kvpiot 1^"] e^ave^retXe tof Xoor p | n^Mvat m | aurwr] 
at/rw dy: atn-or cP: om m^ | om Koda wptra^p xvpiot d | 
Ka$aw€p ho | 0-urcra|eF] </m^ 21E<=}P : + auroct Thdt j Kvpiot 
««] +T« /<MV0i| A*Mabceghj-mstv-Ca ijuacri ax: /iw^e* mcj 
aiSCTPS : + iWofi ^/ Aaron B^ 

13 om ir^pcot t^ c | irpot /Mwvnp] wpot pmvni k: r/wr 
/tutftfi^r nsx: rw ftwun; cegjl* : na fuoffii a: r«# /uiitf'ec mc, | rw] 
r« ab'defjquz*(nid)ba* | wpot ovror] avn# c { om Btot g | 
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rreXXo»] miitam efft% \ am f7i# i<» llS | c^art^rcXXw BAfir] 
«(airo^reXw egjky : croirorreXXw awxa, : «n «v«rrfX4# c: or©- 
rreXXw b^: airooreXw b*: mittam B: ff««ir«^TtX«# M rdl | 
tf^vrOFra fgi* | om /*oi/ ^ | T«r] pr Mt f | tp] wa U y \ idiyt 
ad-gijlmnq*sb2C3 | (ort] wt 18) | «i^ ry«# oXXot Bbiqruw] oXXat 
tn ryw osB : aXX«f #f f : om oXXoi AM rell 9fi|i^ 

16 PVP yapl d nunc S: quia % \ yap\ our dl : irgo % | 
avoorretXaf] e^avoarreiXaf sv(mg) : inmrttens % \ x*V* Bqul] 
+ (rou f: +jtiov AM rell fll[Bi( | tf'e] etfnr qu | Baifatt^tt irac] 
0w iroi sup ras A* | ^orarw^M] tfavortf Maceghi'jlnvxyzc^ftB 
l^S : «^ occf^am ttos^ | rift bis scr s 

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$wafup tu>v loai wrtn dtayytXff ro oPOfiM puov tp ra^ np yri 
Rom ix 17 II icoc CMirev rovrov] quia fr^ter kgc ipsum % | 
ererer rovrov] ctt avro rovro Paul | rovro i | htrffptfOiis] d%t- 
rttpifaa c€ v(mg)z(mg)c3S: efifyei^ a* Paul: +oiaf row rvr 
b I wa\ oirw ($4) Paul | tp^ify»iuu\ post o'oc ^: ea>6ft(o^MU 
b'dhik*pry | om er !<> a, | trxyp] Svpc^mp AM(txt)dag)lpsty 
z(mg)a,b2C2 Paul | om jciu 3<» n | om oro^ ^ | SH L yy tk if] 
BtayyiiXti fa : diayynXti Cj 

17 ert ovr] ei dc f | en] ^£1/ ^ | o-v] post errocif Ay : ^m 
qu: •f-ras(i)x | enroci|— /iov] m^«nu 1/ | omrouy bdkmmpt 
X I rw Xaa> m | om ^"7 o* | airooTecXcu m | avrovf ] eum B* 

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ravnf e|airoaTeXXiiy f | vw] v«r A : ftp^xu ik*'r* : rocw b(vw ^) 
Inw : wefiif^t* mB* : pluam WL \ ravnyv — ai^or] avpiop ravny 
nj uyw m | ravn^r n^r wpor] pr super te B: post avpioP (71) 
9S: rijr capoy ravrriP qu: ravn; n| wpa ackx: rri wpa ravny 
bw : om n I i^par] vipixpo^ a, | (om avptoy 30) | ifrtt rocovr^^] 

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x8 roXXiyr] a' 0^ papeiap Mvz | eicrwroi] a' 0^ e6€fu\iv$if Mvz 


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Sau.a^l icriv iv r^ weSiff icai fiif €ur4\0^ e«9 oiiciav, iria^ Sk iir avrii 4 X^^^^^^f TcXevn^^ci. 
f *^o ^fiovfievo^ TO j^fui KvpUv r£p Oepavoprwp ^apam avpiijaytv rk lertivni avrov eif raif^ 
•I bIkov^' ^^t^ Sk fiif irpo<ri<rx€v r^ Biavoia €(9 to ^/jm Kvpiov, Ju^tcep rk icnpftf ip roU weSUi^* 
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wSUrap TJyr Aryvirrot;, i^l t€ tov^ opffptiwov^ koI rit, icn/Pi; fcsl iwi nr&aap fiardpffp rifp hrl T179 
«S 7^9. ^^i(iT€tP€P fi^ Ma>i;^9 t^p X^^P^ ^^^ '^^ ovpavov, /cal Kvpto^ IBwctv ifx^phs ital %aXa(^y, 
14 ttal Mrpex'e^ to irvp iwl 1% y^^' fcal Ifipt^ev Kvpio^ ;(aXa{fai' iwl ir&aav y^p Alyvwrov. ^^w 

a 4 %aXa{|«, Koi to irvp il>Xoyi^ow ip r§ X^^^V* 4 ^ X^^C^ ttoXXi; a<f^6Spa, tfn^ roiavTff mi 
45 yiy op€P ip Aijjhmp &^ ^ ^fiipa^ yeyivf^ai iir aviij^ tOvo^. ^^iwdrafof Si 17 %aX«(;« ip irdajf 

y§ Aiyir/rrov anri apOpwirov &»9 tcnlipov^, koX vaaap fiorapffp rifp ip t^ 7reS/f> ivJera^ ^ 

19 va&3cw (bis) A 15 cuyvrrov] +ir«rra <wa ipf t9 ru waidw D*»«« | ircudiw A 

Ota m I ro<aimy] avn| c | om ov n*w* | om ticnffrtu — fiiupat X^^P^] post ovpopw ioqr: rat x**/^' &• + ainvv aefgjknudnSiS 

i<> a, I ccritfTOi] crrc^ w: atdificaia est % \ ewt] pr mu b (sub ^) \ ctf] eirt bw | xcu icupiot] iFi 3e ackmnxiS | nvpun V* 

19 Kxrwww9V9w ta, | owaTaTCir] r^/Zi^ 181/)9 | <rov] post edwcer 9£ | dedwce bw | ^mt] ^muff Ens: -fircu ffvX- 
•Vomnia B^ | om irai i*" All | 9w, i® post ^rrw i® 9i6 | torw «ry«« n | <om «« «<> id) | om xakaiwr i<»— (14) ?r »" ^ I 
i«] uffw A : om h I xoi^et— oi'^/Kinroi] irai'ra yop oyor f | xa^i^ **] X«^»i*» m | om ifot 3* — x^Xa^oF a® 1/ | rrpexcF 
Torrcf] rarra n | om 04 egj | 0-m f^rii' «<> B] 99 €vpe$ri A*(sup y | eirt nyt yifs] cr n| x^^^^^ V2(txt) | om rtft — «rt a* 9 J 
ras)M omn (tor Madhlostvx-c J91S£1/]P^ : {evpeBii 25) | t« ^lyt] -^-Aegypti Spec: +ct' n; xo^^V n | om ircu 4<» — a<>i;rrov 
re^u* 30 BAacx9B£(uid)|p^] roif iredtoct M rell l | om vc<ny m | om jcupcor !<> d | om xa><ai;a» i<> e Eus | rcurv] sub •;- iS: 
— ^X<^Xa^ n I wwfil ^^^ catadtn/fL: rwrfre b' | om de^S^P | om 1/ Eus | 717^] pr ttjp d | ai7i;«Tov] +eirt re rovt oFovt «cu 
eir avra] post xoXa^x A(iy x^Xai^ sup ras 10 — 1 1 litl A*)cm* : ra KTTfnj a, 

f» avror a: er ovrw bw: er avrii t : super eum fi-tAW^ : er 24 lyr 5e ly] ly d« n | om iy xaXails irou (71) E | x^Xoro 1°] 

avroct 1 : om a, I om 9 efgijlqr | reXetmKei] pr irai ctWE + descendens ^ | (om ro wvp 107) | om ro dp | ^Xoyc^oy] pr 

20 0] +^ dfpB^'Cl^ I ro f>i7/ia irvpcov] /)i7 ex corr w* : <r^pa k : bis scr y : +erat & | om if 79—c^pa m | om i| de 
ror ic7 f | rear tfepair<irrftir] pr airo f : rou Btpairwrot c | o'vn;- x<>Xa^ n^ | om de i<^ 1* | x^Xafa i**\ prif g | V0XX17] roXv f : 
>07er] o'vnrya'yoir c,: et<nrya7e b(-ao7- b') | ro] pr rovt ratdat ( + roXXif 18): +3e lyrn: +^ra/ SBil^ | a^od^] H-tf-^pa AM 
avrov ffoi ac^km(om atn'0v)x9]pS(sub 4^ uid) | ovrou] avrtaw achklopqstvx-agB1BS(sub -r ) | r ocavny ov Ye^oyey] ov yryovfr 
rs : om 9 | ea rovt ourovt] rw domum HI/ rotavnj AMaceghjklDptvx-€,C|l JS : ov ytyc^t wowart rocovny 

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afkmxHBiS : + eavrov c | ctf ro fntf^] uerbis f[ | om etf f | d | at^vrrtiy] pr ira<ni rrj Vi pr ny d : pr 71; Mvzc,]S : rooi} 
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(43) ovparofr d | ;i^aXa^a] pr if a, | ert iro^ar 7ifv] er irao^if nf fW: om ra<nf mb^: om 7if o | at7virrov] cuyvwrit AMbh*mo 
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campi ^ Bi er rw reStw ac : + ev tw redtta kmx^^ | ert riff in agro B* : + [em^a quae(\umque erarU in cam\pis % \ ««n 
7iff] om m : om evt H-ed : -f at7VTrov ackx^^P^(sub ^) imfrovf] \u5qtU\ in quadrupedes S(mg) | om nfr — xoXails a* 

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20 reXevnyo'ct] ed, Sam. + <S9> ^ iniramt Moses et Aaron ad Pharaomm et dixerunt ad eum Haec dicit ^^^jO^ Deus 
Be6rmmrum DimUte populum muum mt sormant miAi in tempore enim p rae se n t i ego mitto omnes oceur^us meos in cor 
tmtm et mmittrormm tuontm et p^puU tui ut setae non esse sicut ego in omni terra mmc enim ewtittam manum msam et. 
percutiam U et populum tmum mortt et porihis a terra sad propter hoc seruatus es ut ostendam in te uiertutem moam at ut 
prodametur uomem uteum in omni terra etdkuc igitur tu defines pepuhtm meum ne dimittas eas occe plseo hoc tempore eras 
gremdinom muttam ualde ^ufilis man fidt in Aigypto a die quo aidifica t a est usque in diem Kunc nune ergo festina coUigurt 
pecora tua et omnia quae sunt tibi in campo omnes enim homines et pecora quae inuemiant$ir ist camtpo et nan imtrmt m 
domum ceciderit autem super ea grando morientur V Sb 

so 0-vnf7a7eF] a* iitavaew M: +a' a* V rovt dovXovt otrrov bB sa n/o t**} a' o^ loei 8^ agri Sb 

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34 ^Xo7t^or] a' aimmaKaftfia^fttPW a' tP9tXovf u PW Mvzc, 

25 at7virrov] +a' omnia quae in loco a' omnia quae in regione ¥ omnia quae in agro J6 | tip 4r r# vedtw] a' o^ rift 
XMpaf b (indice alibi posito) 


nc 25 


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irvp* KoX i^aTroa-reXci vfia^, seal ovKeri irpoareOijaeade pipeip, ^elirev hk avr^ Moowrij^ 'fl9 &p 39 
i^ikffta rifp iroXip, i/nrerdam rd^ xelpd^ px)u, xal al ^a>yal wcLva-oprai, koI iJ X'^^^i^ ^^ ^ verov 
oiJic laroi irr tpa yp^^ 6ri rov Kvpiov 17 yrj. ^icaX aij xal oi Oepdirovri^ aov hriarapxu in 30 
ovBinw ire^firiade top ffeop. ^^t6 Bi Xipov teal 17 xpiO^ iirXfiyf}^ t) yap Kpiffij irapearrfKuia, rd Bi s^ 
XIpop &ir€p/iari^op* ^6 Bi irupo^ /cal 17 oXvpa ovk hrXfiyrjaap^ 6'^i,p4i yap ^p. ^i^XBep Bi ^ 
Mtavaij^ diro ^apaw iicrd^ 7^9 woXem^ teal i^ireipep rd^ X^V^^ irpo^ Kvpiop' koX ai ^yol 
iiravaaPTO /col 17 ;^<iXa{|a, xai 6 vero^ ovk eara^ev oviciri, i'nl rrjp yijp. ^IBwp Bk ^apaii^ Sri 34 
irhraurai 6 vero^ xal ^ x^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ <f>wpai, vpoaiOero rov a/Aaprdpeip, xal ifiapvpev avrov 
r^p tcapBlap seal twp ffepairSprtop avrov, ^koI ia-KXrfpvpffrf tj icapBla ^apato, Koi ovk i^a- 35 
iriareiXep roi>^ vioif^ ^laparjX, KoSdirep iXdXrfaep Kvpio^ r^ Mc^wr^. 

a 5 wcudioit A I aw€Tp€i^€P B*(-rpi^- B*>) 

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XaXafa fm | ri x^^i"* *°] "J X*^«^? o | om ro i® dn | rott 
ire&oit] rw wtdiw dB*£(uid)]PiS | <n)yer/M^ey] pr ov a, : twa- 
rafcF d I om ly x<^a^K 3** A*(hab A«)Mabceghj--mpv-Ca^i8EJP 

26 om totum comma d | irXiyv tp 717] [in Ur^a autt{m'\ % \ 
fil P' ^ cgjs: nf p I Tfiffft] -^soium IB | om ot hi | om 
ovjc — x'^A^' i I («?*"«'■• 74) I om 11 bnqw 

27 aircoTctXe n | eiraXeo'ei'] pr jcoi n | tuavffriv] pr row dw : 
fUMip akmnxc, | to pw] ra vw ack* : (toipvw 25) : vw bfw : 
Kot k^: ei nunc Or-lat | Kvpwi] Dominus autem Ijj^ \ !<>] 
+ «€ q I om «e «« Thdt | W€^t dkm*»p Or-gr Thdt 

28 wpoff€t^aff$€ bw | om ow ^ | tc/m e/uov] pr -f- z : post 
irv/Korq: om AM(txt)abceghjkmwxyc3£$^(txt) Or-gr | kv/kop] 
Kt n I ytniBrfpeu] pr ert ir : ytpniBriwax p : yeptffBat fny | tfnarqp 
m£(uid) I tfeov] irvpcov (76) IB*: eorum ^-codd: om bw | kojl 
»v/)] sub -7- ^: om A*(hab A*): ( + eTt ti;$ 717? 83) | c^ro- 
OTcXXw cfir I owjcrrt rpoartBifct^Be fi€P€ip] [ampiius] non eritis 
hie % I TpoffT€$iia€a$e] rpocdrtatffBi Aabgiwa^b^c, : addetis ^ 
lB3j^Sb\ wpoffrtdrtatTaioi wpocOriffmu z.^: wpoaBjfffOfAoi f : wpoc- 
djicw e : T€$ifC€a$€ m 

29 eiiTfF St] Kcn €iT€P bw I avTia fiuvaris] fuawrris Tpos 
avTOP f: Moses PharaoniWi \ om mma bhwIB* | /uiKn^t amnx 
c, ] CM ay] oray Phil|: evei^oy Phil) | c^t] ectft s: mox % \ 
{tap 3a) I rrip woKuf] pr etf 1 : pr eir c : nyf woKttat f : (717 roXet 
107) I eifrerourw] pr ireu (18.76) IB*: errcrw bw: «x/«;r[£lbi77] 
1^ I rat X^^PA'] ''^'^ Xc<P<^ in* om Phil-cod -^ | /uov B] wpot kp 
hlnqs Phil): rpof roy xvpcor Phil|: om Phil): +eTt'icF c: 
+ T/)Of TOP 0p{2^1Lx + T/)Of jc? ett TOP ovpop y : + wpot top 09 eit 
TOP OVPOP A : + rpof kp M rell 3SfSl/)p^ Or-gr | om at c* | xav- 
ffwrrox 01*7 I (ai xftXai^ 7 1) | irai i/erot] sub -r ^ : om Phil- 
cod I OVJC €0Tai rrt] pr km m)^ : ovjcert eoroi gjb,9iS Or-gr : 
ctfTOi ouKeri v | (erro*] e^rtr 74) | om eri e Phil | om tov Phil 

80 KOt 9v bis scr 1 | eitiora^Mu] eiriorairtfe f : -H de k | om 
on m I ovtfeirw] ovxa^ x: ouderore bc*dfi*'kmnq^ Or-gr: ovit- 
wwrvrt a^: (+Jcai rvr 3a) I ire^o/SiTa-C'e] ^o^iffOt bdkmna,: 
{pofirivwOt 107): ^opn$Jt9wO€ d: ^wp€ta0€ f | ror ^<ov Bdq 

sa^bjiB'] Jci' i*: Dominum IB^: iri' ror ^ ck: top kp Bp zxi 
Dominum Deum %%(Deum sub 4>) : roy icr AMI* rell £(uid)9 
Phil Or-gr 

31 om «tXi7717 — KpiBi^ a® h | 7«p] d« ps(txt)S | Topeony- 
irwtt] pr 17 j : wapeoTip eyKva 1 : waptm wXtiptif m : [h^im/jhot 
rigi\dum factum eray % \ to d€ a®] jcai to AMabdeghjkmnpt- 
2a2(roi')b2CaiB : om d« c | ^rtpfuiTii^op] tawtpfULTi^op v: o'rep- 
fULTij^eip a, 

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om o^t/ia Tap rpf w | orjnifwt f 

33 fnixrrit aenqxc, | om airo ipapata f | axo] wapa bdnptv 
wz(txt) I fKTOf] e|w abcf iklmorswb, : €k egjnx | t^rrtiPtp Bo] 
extendit %i t^weTturtp AM rell ^ Or-gr | raf x^^/x^*] manum 
suam %i -i-ai/rov AMacdeghj-npstvx-c^SB^Cuid) | jrvpcor] pr 
TOP w: ror ^y f I at ^wmi post eiravo-oyro aclunx9£]p^ | 
KOI 17 xaXa^a post ucrof vzc,1B | om 17 q | om iroi 40 — y^p n j 
om OVK — 717^ f I eora^ey] eoralar A^liB*: fuit % \ ovKeri B] 
om aegijrwB* : rrt AM rell | ttip 717^] Trjs yrfs c : +ert w 

34 0apa<rf] pr c | 0— -^corat] at airctXat f | 17 xaXa^ jcot 
vcrof dw I om vcrot irat t | o] pr jcat b' | cat 17 x^^^M post 
0wyat B* : om b I at xaXa^ a*n | om irat at ^bwat d | rpoo"- 
€$eTo'] pr jcat npt Thdt: magis magisqui coepit 1^: +ert (83) 
B**' +0apaci;Thdt | rou] omw: tou \ t^pvpw — «ap<tay]c^- 
pvpBi^ 17 icopSta avrov c | tpapvptp"] + Ics mp | avrov riTr jcapdtar] 
niP Kopdiop avrov AMadeghjkmptvx-c^^B Thdt : n7y icapdtay 
^apaw 1 : om avrov H | om jcat 4^ — (35) 0apaa» % \ om jcat 
4** — (35) xap^ta f I irat 4* — avrov a®] pr avrof x : is d proceres 
eius (abayiH) %<^ \ rwr] pr cor B* 

36 om jrat i^ — ^apa<a p | eo'jcXi7pvy^ 17 jcapdta] t^kkffpvpt 
TTfP Kopdtop Thdt I om 17 xap^a c, | om 17 g | ^apaw] airrov 
m : {avrov koi tow Otpawoprtop avrov 83) | aircoTctXer fira, | 
(rovf vtovf] roy Xaoy 64.84) | (om t^pai7X 84) | (jcada 76) | rw 
pMvaji\ fuavoet q : irpof puavfffip bw : om fL(uid) | rw] cy x^H^ 
ackmxS[^^(pr aV): om Aegjvy | /Mpwni] fun/fftt ir: /omt^ 
anx : fu^o-ct c^ 

27 TO pvp] a' fftLfi, €P Kotpu €tit TOV PVP j(sine nom)c2 

a8 ^wyot] ppoPTat c, 

30 KOI !« — Btop] o* tu autem et ministri tut scio quod non timetis a facie Domini Dei Sb 

3a 17 oXvpa] a' ^ fi j^ea d: a' </ spelta ^ spelta % 

35 rovt vtovf] TOP Xaoy Mz 



X 7 

X 1 ^Elv€P Si Kvpuf^ irpo^ Ma>vaijp Xeycoy KtcreXOe irpo^ ^apato' iyw yap iaKkt/fpuva avrov TffV B 

9 tcapBlav koX t&v Bepanovrfov avrov ^ Xva 6^9 hrkkdri ra aijfieta ravra hr avrov^* ^^a>? hiriyri' 

afftrOe eh rd &ra rAv riicvwv vfuAv Koi roh ritcpoi^ rdSv riicvfov vfiMv Saa i^iremuxa roh 
3 Aiyvirrioi^^ Kal rA a-rffxeia /jlov a iwolrjaa iv avrot^y seal yvtiaeaOe Sri iyil> Kvpio^. ^etaijXOep ik 

Mtavaij^ teal *Aapil>v ivainiov ^apai> Kal elirav avr^ TdBe \eyei Kvpio^ 6 0ed^ t£v ^Efipaiap 
4^£q»9 tIvo^ ov fiovXe^ evrpairrjval fie; i^airoareiKov rov \a6v fiov Xva Xarpevaaxriv fioi, ^ihv Si 

pai 04\7f^ aif i^awooTeTkoi roi' Xaop fiov^ IBov eyi^ hrarffo ravrrfp rifv &pav aipiov oxpiBa iroWrjv 

5 4irl irivra rk 6pid aov* ^ical icaXv^ei t)jv i^tv riyv yrj^y Koi ov Bwrjori KanBetv rifp yrjv icai 
ieariBerai irav to irepicrahv t^9 yfj^ '''^ icaT<iKei(l>0iv, h ^arikiwev vpZv ij x^^^^^y ^^ KareBertu 

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6epair6vTfov aov fcal iraaai, ai ol/clai ip wdcrj yy t&v Atyvm-ifavy ct ovBhroTe itapd/ccuriv oi 
iraripe^ cov ovBk oi wpovainroi axn&Vy dif>* ^9 r^iepa^ yey6vcur$v hrl r^ yrj^ ?«9 t^9 ^/lepa^ 

7 TavTff^. leal iKkXlva^ Mtovaij^ i^XOev airo ^ap€ui. 7fcaX Xiyowriv oi BepdirovTe^ ^apa^ irpih^ 

X a efiireiratxa B**»] cAiircrexa B*: €nr€W€X^ A | ypturw^oi A 

4 OKptdu B^] OKfietda B*: aKpidaw A | o/na B^] opeca B* 

5 o^ir A I iraraXi^eir B*(-Xfi^ B»>>) 6 ovd A \ €KKKwat B*(-jrXir- B^)A 

X 1 luoffjip amnxCa | om \rfwif — ^apaw f | \eywp] sub 't- 
is: om kmSiUuid) | eco'eX^e] (cXaX9<ror 107): + XaXijaor dnp 
stz ] yap] 9m f : om qx)* | t^kXripvpo] ^icKripuKa f :' indurabo 
18>: tpapwa AM(txt)abccghjlnsv(txt)wxyz(txt)c,(txt) | avrov 
rifp Kapdiaw Bbeiorsw] njr xapdiay ^paia ca,S<= : niP Kop^iOM 
avrov AM rell WS^ \ om koi nap Btparom-wp e | rov] pr nfv 
KopdioM abckntv(mg)wxz(mg)fl1B*]P^(sub 4>) | avrov a^ sup 
ras c I «^»] pr nj 1 : sub -i- ^ : eX^wi* a, : om dm | eireX^] 
artX^ b': cfeX^iy e: crescant ^ \ o^/icia BdfirsbgfL] +mov 
AM rell Wf^Wj^S^ \ ravra] e{ avrov f : om 9)S£ | eir avrovt] 
eif avrovr bw: eir avroit m: ey avroit n: in eos %i super 

2 otcm] pr et B: ^-ay adpt | ^iiryi^o^^e] diriyriaBe 1*: 
^irn^"^' binqrta,: ^ifyi^o'ao'tfat d: +Aaec % | ett — rttcwiop 
fo] liberis £ | om wra c | v/Awr i^l tifiwp gw* | om koi i^ — 
vfUtfr a° dflnpqstc, | (roit 1** — vfuaw 7**] ra rcxra vfUtfr roct 
rcicroct avrwr 71) | v/awt a^] +€it ytPtatf erepar b | oo-a] opa 1 | 
c^reiratxa] {tpeveu^a 3a): efiwevpaxa dl*(uid)m: w€wpaxa f: 
/ed 9 : roiiTO-w p | rotf oiyvrrtoif] ny at^vrrw nS(uid) | om 
fiov p I a] oo'a A : (om 76) | er avroct] (er avrotf 76) : er avrovt 
a, I ywwntaBM ptB^uid) | €7«] +e4;tt Abfwy«(uid)lMEI/(uid) 

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etiray] «troF cdmnpa,: tiw^v wB^ | om rade— ec^ q | {tvrpa- 
wip^ai /lel^ai /iot 64 mg) | (fic] ^aoc 35) | c^avooreiXoy] e^- 
T0OTi|Xai c : et non dimities £ | wa — (4) /aov bis scr l(om o'v) | 
Xarpevo'CMTCF |AOi] /ioc Xarpevo'CMrty cf n; tpftujuu bw | Xar/>cv- 
o'cmtcf] Xarpevo'et n : seruicU % 

4 om d€ t* I ^eXi^] $€\fiinit aky: /SovXi; sz(mg) | om o-v 
AMbdfghjlmnps-wy-Ca3SfSl^ | om /mv nlB^ j ctw] post n-ayw 
n: om arsa, | cira^w (3 a) 91B | ravnyv np crfpay] post avptoi' 
h'{ravni ny wpa)fm£^ : sub -i- iS : ravni ny <apa W | avpcor 
post woXKriP % I OKpida woWrip'] iroXXiyy sub -7- ^ : atcpidat m : 


(airpcda /ttyaXffp koi iroXXi|r 18) | eirt] pr eirt wanuf nfr 7191^ 
oiyvirrov xai f | rai^a] sub nr Si : om m 

6 om Jcai i° — yi^ i® f | jraXv^ft] iraXv^w M : irarairaXv^t 
o: Xiy^i b I np^ o^tw] pr waaap bmwSl^: {to rpofftawei^ 33) | 
dvpjicii] poteruni 9-codd | nyr 71^] caelum ^-codd : (om 76) j 
wojf t6\ pr nff 711* v(mg)z(mg) : iravra a | irai' i<»] post wtpw- 
<rop km: sub -:- ^ : om IB | ro i^ — jraraXei^cr] fuod reiictum 
esi% I w€piCffop\{T€pi\oiTof 31): Xocvov M(mg)n: {wpocwrov 
71) I njf 3® — jraraXet^ei'] quod reHctum est in terra £ | rtft 
yilt 40 BM(mg)rinoqrs] om AM(txt) rell ^1B9^ | to xara- 
Xet^tfer] TO Kardkoixop v(mg): om c3l: (om to 130) | 0] prirm 
iray m | jcareXtreF] xareXetvcF Aacdhklmoqrya,!),* : {xaTt- 
Xet^fF 76): aireXiver n: aireXetirer vz | v/ui' i^'\fi/upfgi: om 
e*mS I om 17 o I om irarc^erai 3<* p | om ray 3® $ | |vXor] 
pr ro Abefgijmnrswy | ro ^vofupop] to wt^vrtvfUPOP s: fructi- 
ferum dans ft | om vfuF a« ea, | nft Tift 30] np yypf bw: om 

6 om ^v i^—KQx 1^ 1 1 90V i<»] post otirtai i<> ackmxflUS(uid) | 
om Kox ao~oartai 3<> fmnql^ | om ai ovanx %^ djp£ | irao'aisub 
-I- iS I ourtoi 3<>] +ai Mbgvzc^iS^l^ | cf] cri s | om ra^ B^ 
£ I 7^] pr Tiy bfir | rear aiTwrictfr Bioqr] oiTvrrw Msc,^ : 
oiTvirrov A rell IBl/^: ( + n7t air/K^ 71) | a] o AMa-dghjlnp 
s-a3lB5(uid) : ax q*(uid) : a% q«' j ^ov 3<>] vyum M(mg)9£<^ | oi 
wporamroi avrw] patra pairum iuorum ]P | oc irpoirawoc] oc 
iranroc a, : patres ^-codd | amwf\ vyjm z(mg) | lyt] cr 1* | 
Tipjipat I®] om l£(uid) | y^waauf\ yrfOPMP ^X^i-^- hotno) j 
om eiri nyt y^t o | yitupat ravn^] (ni/iepop fffupaf bnvwz 
l/(uid)iS I eirirXcraf fjuavffift c^X^cf] exiuit Moyses %i reuS" 
serunt et exierunt £ | eirirXiyat] eirirXiraF g : eirXireF nvz | om 
yMV9T\% — (7) $epawoPT€t g | ftMvaifs] /tMoifs nx: om AMacehjl 
mya^b^Cg^B^^ I «|eX^<4J' nvz | oiro] cir ii(jr ex {e n*>) 

7 om Jcai — ^apata s | irai XcTovo'ir Bfinoqr] XcTov^ty d€ 

X a irvpiof] ed. Sam. + ^ Deus uester et diees ad Pharaonem Haic dicit |3^& Deus Hebraeorum Qumisqui non uis 
reuereri me dimitte popuium meum ut serviant mihi quodsi non uis dimiitere poptUum meum ecce ego adduce eras locustam 
super fines tuos et operiet facitm terrae et non poteris conspicere terram et comedet superfiuum quod reiictum est quod reliquit 
uobis grando et comedet omnes radices terrae et omnem fritctum ligni quod germinat nobis de loco et implebuntur domus 
tuai et domus ministrorum tuorum et ofHnis domus Aegyptiorum id quod nunquam uiderunt patres tut neque patres pairum 
tuorum a die quo facti sunt super terram tuque in diem kunc ^ Sb 

5 jraraXci^fF] a' Xetror z 6 irat 4^ — e^X^er] o' jcai cjcirXtyat c^X^cf v(sine nom)z 


X 7 


B min-Ap "2^^ rls^of hrrmi rmnQ ^^ ckS^Kop ; ifmiroaruKotf rotf iofOpmwmn iwwf Xmrptiamatw 
T^ 0§^ mifT&p* ^ Mivmi 0&iXei St$ iifriXmXa^ Alyvwro^; ^xal awiarpe^ttuf rim re M«NmfF t 
icaX *kapi$v wpb^ ^mpam^ icaU dwtp avroU Hop€^€^0€ koX \arp€v^wr€ rw tfc^ hiUnr riwet M jboI 
rlim 9I0IM ol vop€vipL€POi ; ^icaX Xiy€$ Mmv^if^ Svy reiq weapiaxoi^ mak wpeafivripQUi wpmn 9 
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•ub T- JS: om B*l/(uid) 

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o-arcM-oy B*b3]B'£l/] (Xarpevcrere 64 mg): Xarpeuere d: Xa- 
rpevaart B**>AM rell Cyr: seruite B^^ | rw ^e«] pr i« nsvz 
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3^) I (^a/ww] -J^- iroi XeyowriP avna (aliquibus erasis) 64 mg) 

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Ms^tit ad mane ft* : [a/]ftte mattr... 1/* : dimec ittuxii £ : om 
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(4*€iretF0ff 73) I iroi 4® post rorvt m | aM§\afi€w] mp§fia\tp a: 
(eXc^ 16): aniyay€P c,: +awo wpm d 

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84) I om anu 2^ — miyvrrov 7^ ft | xartwavvtw] (Kartwtffty 83) : 
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om ircu a° — yiy i« B* | koa c^ofiy] denotata est igUnr M/ j 
/Soronfv] pr np Mabq^-lnoqrsv-zc, | om nyt 7171 a« l^uid) j 
om rorra n | rttp ^vkmf] pr n^ 71^ coi f : /ijfm ft: om m : 
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01^ vrcXci^iy Bfioqrs] pr et 9ISS: ovir aveXei^^ ex : ov rare- 
X<i^^ AM reU: (ovx vreXctr... 64 mg) | ov<«f] post ^vXocf 
1£: ir^ff 9 : om begjst*wa, | €p tou |vXoit] $n ligno 1/ | cv !<*] 
+ re s I Mu 5®] iM^«r 9S I redcov Bo] pr rov AM rell | 717 
3°] prny f 

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pr rov a, | om rov Stov vfuap kWi, | v/uMf] tiiiMP giln*o: om 
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metim] % \ {Ht^offBe 15) | ovr] post iiov r: om bwS(uid) Or- 
lat I ^v] /AOi def : fit c* | m] + iroi f i | (rvr iroi] ircu pvp 76) | 
v-po<rev(a<rtfc] post Kvpiop q : + r«pt vfuap d : +/r^ wi/ Or-lat j 
rpof] roy w | om ror Btop vfiup bw | om ror i® h | v/utfi'] iifiwp 
gl*o I KOI repicXrrw] ff/ toll/at] % \ wtpitXe m | aw efiov] a 
nobis iS** : (om 15) | top Boparop tovtop] loatstam hane H 

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nIB I lyv^ro] (irpooi^vlaro 76.84): ■\-MoysfS ft | top ^eor] pr 
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mW I aptfiop post ^aXao-o^ Ady | airo $a\aaerit post ff^pop 
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n: proiecit %i €P€fiaX€p AM rell | om avnyr ^S[^ | om nyi' 
3^ M I tpvBpop BaXaavojf] BaXaoffop nfp epvBpop AMabceghj-n 
V-ZC3 I om irai 4° o(uid) | oKpit /ua] net una ft | fua] ovde/ua 
(31) £(uid): om H | 717] pr ny fr(7iy ot7v sup ras 3 litt i*): 
om p I aiyvwTo» n*(uid) 

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c, I oreoretXt f(oTcc intra lin (^) 

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om isov MhpsvagC, | om top q | VKorot i® — o-jcorot a«] o'lrorof 
ylnika^rfroiP €wi ttip yifp ai7vrrov f : tetubrae palpabiles in tota 
terra Aegypti ft | ewi fnp\ tp waffif yri i*s | 7171'] pr rcuroi' rrfp 
dnp£c: prroo'eu't: prnpboq: Tiyt Mcgjlyb, : nyia: Tiyt7i7f 
ca, I axyvwTia s | ^Xa^ijror ff kotos] (okotos }fnif\a^7fTOP 77): 
om n I a^Xa^TfTOP Phil -cod | om o'jcorof 2*^ m 

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amnxc, | x'H*^] + a«'»*ov AMacdhk-npqstvxyzb,C391Bi6 Or-lat | 
o'icorof ] -^-palpabile IS | 7^0^ ^vcXXa] et uim tempestatis ft : 
om IB I ypo!pot] pr irm n9£)P Or-lat | ^vcXXa] pr et ^: 
sub -r SS: et eaetera Or-lat \ : om n£ Or-lat \ \ fnp] pr np df 

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ft Or-lat I cilcv] ctlor avz : oilcF df 1 : odor n : uidebat % \ 

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X 23 


B Tov aB€Xff>6p aifTov rpciv tffiipa^, xal ovk i^viarq ovM^ €k rfj^ icoivq^ avrdO rpeU '^fiipa^ iraai 
Bi T049 1/1049 ^lapaijfk <f}&^ ^i/ iv waaiv oU /careylvovro. ^Koi iKoKea^v 4>apaai 'hiifawrfjv icai 14 
*Kapmv Xeymv BaS/^ere Xarpevaare Kvpi^ r^ 0€^ vpAv* irKriv r&v TTpofiArav koI t&v fio&v 
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XaTpevaai Kvpiq> r^ 0€^ ^fA&w '^fi^U Bk ovk otBafiep ri Xarpevaiofiep Yivpitp t^ 0€^ f)ii&p ho^ 
TOV i\0€iv ^fia<; iicet ^iaKkripvpep Bi Kvpio<; rifP /capBiap ^apcui, teal ovk ifiov%ii0ff ifavooTti' 27 
\ai avToik. ^koI Xeyei ^apcui "'AireXffe air ifiov, irpoaexe aeavT^ ert irpo<r0€t^i IBetp fwv to 2B 
irpoacdirop' § B* &p fifUpa o<f>0fj^ /40*, a'rro0ap^. ^Xeyei Be Maxrij^ KtpffKO^' ov/dTi o^^OiiaofuU 19 
aoi 6*9 vpoaonrop. 

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iKfioX§. ^XoKrjaop oip Kpv(f>ii cft9 tA cSra tov XooS, kcu aiTfiaarw itcaaro^ vapk toO irXfialop 2 
Kol yvpif irapk Ttj^ wXtfaiop axevrj apyvpa koI ^pt/o-a xal IfuiTia-fWP, ^Kvpio^ Bk ?S*MC6y TifP 3 

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(o^X^or] rXiytf-ior 33) | rpns i^Aiepat i<* Bfioqr^l/] om AM 
rell ISS^iS Or-lat | irou 3° — ovdtit 30] mc quisquam se Uuauit 
% I a9€VTy\ Aln | ot^tf 2^^ post tivrov 2^ Or-lat \ : ov9ti% dpq 
rtb, I €K — ttwov 30] </if loco suo % I r/xit i^/icpat a®] om i: 
+ xai r/>ctf rvrrat a, | om ircM't Phil | om de c | (roct woif] 
rovroif 35) I ^wf ip B31JP Phil-cd Chr] v 0<^ AM omn %% 
Phil-cod Or: om jip Phil-cod | (oti Kartyu^opro] ...oit jcaroc- 
Kimt 64 mg) I KareyiPWTo] pr ov b': Kareytporro f)^(aid): 

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dicU ds 9£ I /SoJtfvre] /Sadt^e g: wopevOarrn Cyr | Xar^v- 
o-oTc BAcgly Cjt] pr koi (71) IB: Xarpevarre p: Xarpcvere M 
rell I irvpcw post rw z | v/mp i^} sob -r S^: 17/Mifr gi*ln : +ira^a 
Xeyere bw | twp i^ — po<ap} bouts et outs uestras % \ wpofiarvif] 
+ vfiup acm1Bi6(sub ^ y') | om tvp 2^ iqrsw | fioup] -H vfitop 
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rifuap n : om f I om i>At€it — 17/iwr 4® i*sv(txt) | ij/teit — Xot^w- 
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ff€ KCU n: om s \ fiov post wpoctarop acdklmptz^BLiS(utd) | 
(o^^] i9rit 18) I arotfayeit b'n 

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(ttfniKa 71) I <roc eif rpo^fenrov] tit rpovttwo^ vov ackmz9)S£ 
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AMi*j(txt)Ca: airooreiXiy j(mg)z(mg) | om v/Aat a^ m | om ^vp 
— cKpoXii f I avp wuPTi] pr ras (8) s : post vfuis IS : cvfiwopn z : 
0-1/9 rotfiy bw: dtori i* | eir/SaXct u/iat (Kpokij Bi{€Kpo\ifP i*)oqr 
sa,] eff/SoXet eKpoXri vfiat vzc, : v/iaf ex/SaXei tKpoXri n : (eir/3oXi| 
e^arcwreXei v/iat 18): eir/SaXei (KpoXri v/JMt tprwvOep a: expoXti 
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hinc % : om €KfioXri Im : tKfioXti cir/9aXei v/iat AMg(iy/iaf ) rell 
S: -t-^WlP 

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lyn^arw d : postuUnt^ \ wapa 1®] oiro egj | wXi^iop i*] + avrov 
acmnzftiSiS (sub ^): -H avrov ffKtvfi k | om cat 2^ — wXifaiop 
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ilMTWiunp sub T- & 

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av oAJuffy^' teal fierh ravra i^Xevaofiai. i^XOev Bi M^uar}^ airo ^apam fierk Ovfiov. 

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7 waaiM A I ovat— KTipow B«»>»«] om B* 8 wat B»»»] om B» 

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/n^ar a, | oro iroi a* — avrov «» c, | aif$pvwot post fMavait* ^ 
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irorrwr AcdmpxyiSS | avrov 7^] ^apoM koi cf o^aVMt tov 
\am/ ackmx (138) H^il^apaw] avrov ex 118 9^(mg) | «rai— 
Xoov sub 4^ a' B^ Sb \ rov Xoov] avrov 138 : + avrov e (avrfaiir c*)] 

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b : + rw ^apaia dp | repi itMoat rvrrat post aiTvvrev g | rvirrof 
dpx I ecoiroy»cvo/fuu] tiawoptvao/iai n(-^w/Mu)q9IS | /ic^oi'] 71;^ 
d : om f I arytrrror f 

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wpttroTOKoif — oiro g | cf 711] de terra 9-ed | aiTVfrov acefh^H*' 
jknpqrvzb, | wpvrvroKov i®] pr rov Mklm*'osvy-c, : wpoatavov 
f I om ^apoM — wpuroroKov a® f | om rov bg^x* | tf/xirov] 
+ avrov ackroxS)|i(uid)^(sub ^* V) | om irat etn wpuroroKOV 
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pr rov Adeg-jopstvyzb,c, | om rrft i^—wpworoKov 3" bw | 
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fferai] ov fvii ven^o'crat eri f | ovirrrt] ovierw m | wpoaBmavrai gx 

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▼(^ ex corr)yz(mg)a,b3(9e sup ras)c23S : non liquet w | om irao-i 
bwlB I ov 7/E>v^i] nfc latraitii % \ /3pv^( Mmnrsa, | (nft 
7XcM'ffi9t 84) I om avrov Phil | om ovde-^cn;rovt B* | ovde 
B<^"«dnp-tm Phil] om AM rdl)S£l.yi6 | taiyt] tOnt Mbcf-k 
8vwza,9l8«lEy 5 : (t«i» 71): ir«etf x : sciatis % : t Wtr q | <o<ra] 
roo-a 71.76) I mpa^a^et irvpcot] o^oi irapc^a irt edeilcv m | 


irapa3o(a^( Bi*nsl^] rapado^o-ei o^e a,: TapaZo^offti AMi*' rell 
^nS I irvpiot] ^f n I ai^a iJi€909] in terra %, \ om nav Aae 
gjkmvxza^c, | rov] pr ara /iwov AMcdeghjkltvx-c^SlSSl/y^ 
(sub •^ $^ : aya /ie<roy m : aya iiwoif rov Xaov a : opa luctm rtaw 
vuaif np 

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om b'myS | ovrot] ovrw c,: om t* | m« «**] /*«« ab'cs | o-v i*>] pr 
KOI m I om rat B*)SS | Xaof <rov] populus tuus hie % \ aov 
a®] sub -:- ^ : om m | ov] ovt cr^(uid) | om o-v 3<* ft | a^Tfyn] 
a^nicri a,: ( + avrov 31) | e^cXevo'WAUu en | om e^X^cy — Bvftov 
m I om de t* I fiuvarii] sub -;- SS : tiiocrit agnxe, | axo] xapa 
bvwz: rpof n : + rpoo'cinrov (107) IB | 0vfiov] pr fieyaXov q 

om totum eomma e, | etvcy de] cat etvey fi'^r | /uMoip 
amnx | v/tair] iy/uiyy e*: vfup \(fifUP \*)&^i {vfiat 107) | iva] 
ayo m: cay fifi i*: +/ii7 f | (om rXi;^viwy vXij^vyw 74) | om 
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H-ed : post aiifieia AMi** rell Il[-e9dd %& (ra a. /lov cat sub t-) | 
om cat ra repara d | repara Bhoqb,9i$] + ;tov AM rell 1B1/ : 
(cpTa /tov 64) I om ey— (10) repara q | 71?] pr ny fi**r : ny acd | 
at7v«T«] at7virrov h^^^mrv: at7 vrrov Xe7«y f 

10 om totum eomma e, | fUMnjt Bamnx] pwvffijt AM rell | 
apcfp b* I rarra] post aijfttia b'o : Aaec B : om Mdi*j"w(uid)p 
sta^b, I om ra o-i^Ateta cat A*(hab A«"«)a^ghj(txt)lmnv(txt)w- 
zSl/)p I ff7i/i€ia] fnifiara c \ cat ra repara] om b'eiS : + royra 
s I ra ao] pr rayra Mdpta^b, | om ravra fi*klE^ | ey— 
^pau I® sup ras A* I €y 71; at7vrrw BA*ikor3C] «y 71? at7VTrov 
fq: om 717 s: om M rell ]S£l/]pi& | (om cyarrtoy ^pau 64) | 
eyayrtoy] ey rayrt m | cto'iycovo'ey Boq] fi0t\ri<r€r AM rell WtSHE 
%^Si : (ij^cXey 76) | c|arooretXat] + roy Xaoi^ b, | (om to-paiyX 
30) I €c 7iyf] e| n I 7i7f at7vrrovJ nyi ot7virrov m : rrjsynt avrov 

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7 ov 7pvfet cvoiy] ovx vT0^«7(erat kvw «» aX7ioy ly cyoxXov/i«yof e, | to-pai^X a®] ed. Sam. + et homo Moses magnus /actus 
at ttalde in terra Ae^pti in oculis ministrorum Pkaraonis et in oculis poptdi et dixit A/os'es Pharaoni Haec dicit 
^ilius primogenitus mens Israel et dixi ad te Dimiite JUium nteum ui seruiai mihi et noluisti dimittere eum eece 
oceidet JUium tuum primcgenitum et dixit Moses Haec dicit |^-^ Juxta medium noctis ego intro in medium terrae Aegypti 
et morietur omnis primogenitus in terra Aegypti a primogenito Pkaraonis qui sedet super thronum suum et usque ad primo- 

189 25—2 



B *^E!hr€P a Kvpio9 vph^ Mt^varpf teal ^Kapitnt h y§ AtyAwrov Xiy»p ^'O /m^ otro^ vyiSr I XII 

^H^h f^^&^9 '^pA^09 i^rrip htuv iv T0J9 fiffaXv rev ipiavroO. ^Xdkffo^n^ trpi^ w&rap irvmtffmyi^ 3 
vi&p ^lapatfX Xiyt^p T§ ie/cdTjj rov fMffpi^ rovrov Xafiirmaop hcturro^ wpofiarop Mar tirnw^ 
warpi&Pf ituurro^ wpofiarop Kar olidap, ^iiip hi Skvyoarol Aaw oi ip r§ oucia Am fsif €lptu 4 
Itcapov^ th irpofiarop, avWi^fi^rai fieff iavrov rip yeiropa top wXff^rUfp aimnr tcarrk apififtip 
^^vx&v ftcacro^ to apicovp aur^ avpapiOfi/i^atrai th wpofiarop. ^irpoffarop rikeiop apa€P hnav- 5 
aiop iarai vpZp' dwh r&v app&p teal r&p ipi^wp Xi;;c^€irtff. ^tcaX iartu ufiSp itarertppfffAipap 6 
liw 1% Ttaaap€aK(uS€KdTrf^ rov fiffpi^ rovrov, Kal a^dfovatp airri irap to irXSjOo^ avparfmyff^ 
vi&p *lapa}f\ wph^ iairipap. 7^al Xiffi'^opra^ iirh rov alfiaro^ xal Oijawaip hrl r&p Svo ota- 7 
dfi&p teal i'lrl rifp <f>\idp, ip rol^ oIkoi^ ip 0I9 ikp ^atfmaip abrh ip avroh* ^tcai ^Jpfoprai rk 8 
Mpia rji pvktI ravrtf oirrk irvpl, /cal a^vfut iirl inxpiSt^p SBoprai. ^owe &€aO€ Jnr avrmp ifiip 9 
ovSi ^yftujfUpop ip iBan aXV ^ otttA Tn/pt, tce^Xtfp avp to!? iroalp teal Toi? ipSoa0toiv. ^oifte 10 

XII 4 ytiropa B**»] 7tToro B* | apxov A 


XII 1 {diwtp Jf] Kcu tiwt 3«) I wpot futvarip] puuvari t | iMmvufP 
amnxCgd, | om Ktu—\tyw¥ d, | aa/K#r] ^x 4^y* ad '< S^ \ (om 
i¥ yrf aiyvrtov 3«.37> | om 71; fh Cyr-c<>d^ | aiyinrrw AMbd- 
hi^'jInoprtwxybgC, Cyr-cod j om \€ywp a£ 

2 ovTot firiw Thdt | vfuv !<>] post fitivuw n1BS(pr si^) : pr 
irit%\ fifiivo: om ma, Or-lat De-P-C: +c^rcv Cyr-codd^: 
4 sit Tract | wpiorot] ovrot a, : Au primus nunsis IB | eoruf vfjtuf] 
vfuap %cTw f : i/jutr corcu Thdt : om Tract | wruf] post v^uv a^ 
hlrvyia, Cyr-edl: f^roi cgj-mqd,9 Or-lat Dc-P-C : €crwCyx- 
codd|: om Cyrcod^ | om viup a^ Phil-arm Chr| | om cr cr 

3 XaXiyjoy] pr ^/ S : + di; km | wpot woffOM avpayttyiip] 
waa^i ffwayurpi Chr | ww] pr rwr fr: (om 18.133) | om nj 
Phil-cd I TOVTov] Tov diKOTov Phil-codd (om rov cod) : rov wpwrov 
(«5) Cyr ^ : om 10 : + tov wpiorov 1 | Xa/SeroM-av] sumett sibi BS : 
+ ffaifroit ackmx*Ei6(sub 4sf) Cyr} Cyp De-P-C | om cira^ot i*» 
Chr Cyr} | Tpofiarop I'^^warpnap] bb scr a,* : om efgC Phil- 
gr I Tpoftarop i«] wpopara td, Chr: omdCyp Dc-P-C | oiKovt] 
oiKov d : oiKiay b, | warpiw] om Cyr{: -l-auT«i» s9B | cjco^rof 
a* BA«i«'oqrs Cyr^] om A^^^Mi* rell a»C1E5 Phil-gr Chr 
Cyr^ Dc-P-C | oiKiap] oikop 1: +€y a, 

4 oKiyooToi] post foffip Cyr J : oXcyot h Phil Chr | (om oc tw 
TJi 73) I om oc bcfgjmqrswaadaaC Phil-gr-codd-ann Cyr-edJ 
Dc-P-C I €9 TTi oiifia] Kar oihaw c | wore] w CyrJ-cd| | om 
firi a, I ciFat Bbc^ Cyrcd^ post mavovt AM rell ^[(uid) Phil 
Chr Cyrf-cod^ | «t 1°] pr w tij oCurta] c | wpoparop i**] pr to 
fi^'rs Phil I avWrifi^prrai] Xi^^eroi (16) Cyr-cd}: xpooXinfferai 
abcj(txt)kmnvwxzd, Phil: wpoaXri^oimu Chr | fi^O—ytiropa] 
ro¥ ytiTO¥a /ie$ tavrtop Chr | eai/rov] tavroit 1 j top Yfcrora] 
uitinum suum SlSC^ (^^ e/9/>. xi/i/m "<): om ror g: 4-aimH; 
amx: +ffai;rov ck | rop 2<»] pr iroi W& Cyr} Dc-P-C-cod | 
ovrov] eavrov ak : wrw Chr : om m Phil(uid) | koto] pr Kai s j 
aptOfMP bed I tf^vxvp^avna] (pr nap 18): om eg | to] pr koto 
a,^(uid) I ovrw] avrup y : ovro^ n* | avpopiBurffferai BAb'cdk 
qt Cjrr] {awofuB/irictTt 76) : apiBfirfdrffferai m : KarapiB/n^Brfaercu 
f : ffvpaLpi0fiii$iic€rai M rell Phil^ Chr | ett a**] to Phil-codd 

6 irpo^Tor] pr ffoi 1 : pr sumite nobis C : om bYjmna^d, : 
-l-Je c: -k-imwuscukUum Cyp-cod De-P-C (om r/>o/3oTor cd): 
+ ««/ mtio Cyp-ed | TcXctoy post cFiaiwior De-P-C-cod Tracts | 
op^ey] pr immacuhium C: +o/M*fior bdhj-Dpstwyd, Chr} 

5 TcXccor B^] TfXior B* 
7 0X£uv A 

C]rr-ed} Prise | tmoM9im\ criov^ioior mq Chr}: 4-a/t«ycor cc, 
% I eoTot v;uy] sumetis C | c^rif Chr | om i/yui> Trmct^ | 
oprwr BfirscJ {v^ptpvp 71): o/irwr AM rell Or-gr Chr Cyr: 
( + <ro( ovo Tfop ofipvp 13a) I om ff ot m | tup i<*] pr oro b-cjlno 
ptvwz-daa(uid)}Si6 Chr Cyr}-codi Cyp-codd Dc-P-C | Xijm- 
fw0€] +0VT0 (3a) Tract 

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77) I §us] pr oro Tift deganit km : pr oro nit d€KaTrft tov /tafpot 
Cyt^ I oro Tift Cyr*cd} | T«o^rap«0'ff««3cKaTi|t] Tero^ift ko« 
^ffOTift h Cyr-cod | : 4-i|^/>ot ackmx^Ui^(sob <g> c/Sp.) De-P-C | 
TOV iitfpot TOVTov\ om Cyr}: om tovtov IB | o^^o^ov^'cf] occidit 
De-P-C*Tract | ovro] ovtop Cyr} : -k-ad portam synagpgae C | 
wojp — lo-zMifX post tffwtpop Cyr} | awmp \ | oirw^y^ryift] (pr Tift 
45.33.78): om i*CCyr} Tract-cod | om vuop — (7)Tovf | vtup] 
pr TUP Ai Cyr} | (om rpot tffwtpop 78) 

7 Bifffovcip] eifffuaiP h': Ovaovctp fl | 0Tatf/M#r] +nCM 
Ituuejg^l&c K B* I Tift ^Xiot Chr} | cr Toct ouroit] dom^rum 
9 : eius domus S | er !<*] pr roi cdk-nptad, Chr : rat crt bw : 
evi ax I TOct ocirocf ] Tovt oucovt b' : tup oikiup x | eoy ^ymtiv] 
^/f/ Cyp Dc-P-C I eor Baoqv] om y Cyr-ed}: w AM rcU | 
^7«M^c9] ^Torroi a, : €v9mciP s : wBtt^uf M(rog) | oin-o] ovro 
Aacjkmnptvyzd,9C£ii( Chr Cyp Dc-P-C: ovto; d: (oirroc 7?) 

8 ^Torrot] ^yttPTOi eg Cjrr-cod} : ^ytaatp a, | irpeo] 
(jcpeoTo 130): +TOVTO 1 Cyr-cod} (jcpeoro) De-P-C | Tif pvicrt 
TOOTTf] pr €P dmpta,b, Cyr}-cod} : pott wvpi 1 : Tovnf Tif rwrn 
bf in(om Tif)oqrs(TovTift)wz Or-gr Chr}^ : tp ownf nf rwrrt Chr} : 
Tovrod,: (om 37.131): om Toimf Dc-P-C | om iro« a® De-P-C | 
ert rurpcdfair] rtpc ocpc^wr a, | cirt] /acto Chr | *tx/M^Mr] irpv- 
irid<iir n | cdorTOi] e^Mrrai f : editis CE Tract 

ovir €6w0t] pr mu lod^^lS^: ovc edorToc a: ov ^y€ff$e 
Cyr} I oin-ov Mavzc,€(uid)i6 Cyr-ed} | {u/up] e^0op 118) | 
riiritiepop] pr c^or ckx^i^(sub -sj^ V) : pr e^or if a : 4- if e^or 
m I om €y acn | om if bce%JDqwyd, Cyr-ed} | om wvpi De- 
P-C I ire^oXifr] -i-ovrov ackx5(snb ^ 7') | iroo^ir] 4-ovrov acx 
iS(sub .:5> 7') I om km — (10) ovrow i* c | om KOi roct tp^oHwf 
£ I om Toit ao ak | cydo^MMt] cmv^iott M(-TOiO^ M*>h^ 
Chr : €p8off Bilkoit bqwda(€i'T- wd,) : tpdoaStdioit avTov a : 4- ovtow 
mxSl<B^(sub '^ 7') 

10 oo-Tovr ov avpTpifiiiamu oirrov Jn xix 36 1| ovk oroXft^oi 

gtnitum ministrag quae ad molam et usque ad omne primogenitum pecoris et erit clamor magnus in Aegypio quoHs non fuit 
€t siati is noH amplius addttur et in omnes fiiws Israel non ululabit cams lingua sua ab komim usque ad pecus ui sciets ea 
quae miranda facit ,jkji& inter Aegyptios et inter Israel Sb 

XII 6 (ifAM/Mt)] a,' o' e' t<2aDa» (=i|^pat) Sb 7 TtfP 4>Kiap] o' to vwepBvpop Mvx | «f !<>] o' tr' ^ </ super Sb 



XII 15 

avoKetylterai aw airrov &»v irp»l' Kal oaroihf ov auprpL^erai am atrrcv* ri, Si scaraXivofAeiw B 
II aw* airrov It^ irfHol iv wpl KaroKawrre. ^^oSrm^ ii i^AyeaBt auro* at oa^ves vfi&¥ irepu^ 

^maiihnu, koX rk VTToBijfiaTa iv rok woalv vf^p, teal al fiaiCTffplat iv T0A9 X^f^^^ vfi&v^ moX 
II tStaOe avro iierk <nrot;8^9' wdax^ iariv Kvpl^!^ ^^leal iKevaofuu iv y§ Atythrr^ iv rp wktI % d^ 

ravTff ical wari!^ irav frpcrroroKov iv yfj Aiythrrtp airb avOpiwov Iok kti^vovs, koX iv vaci to«9 

13 dcoi9 T&v Alyinrriwv iroiyam rifv iteBiteffaw iym Kvpio^. ^^/cai iarak to aXiia ifiSv iv 4nffAtup 
iwl tAv oIki&v iv ol? vpLel^ iark i/ceP Kal Sy^^iat ro al/uft, fcal agnrdam vfia^t kqI ovk taroi iv 

14 vfiSv irXifyi^ rod ixTpififfvat irav iraUo iv 7^ Pihpnrr^. ^^§ca\ larat ij f^ipa vfuv airq fu^ 
fiicrwov, Kol ioprda-rre avrifv ioprifv Kvpi^ e«9 irdaa^ rk^ yev^k^ VfiAv vofiifiov amviov 

15 ioprrAaere axnriv.^ ^^hrrk fffUpa^ A^vfia iheaOe, airo Si 1% ^fJtipa^ r^ irptirfi^ a^aviUT€ % C= 
l^ifMft^ ifc tAv oUi£v vpAv* ira^ ftv kv ^offp iufPffv, if^okeOpevOi^erai ^ "^^oA ^^^ ^^ ^lapaijiky 

10 aroXi^frac B 

II fay€ff0ai A 

15 e^\o$p€v$iiatTai ^* 

B(-X«^-)kyR9 Cyr-cdJ] owe aroXei^e adopqtxb, Or-gr CyrJ- 
ed) : OMT awo\€i}f^ff$€ A : ovx wroXei^oi bmw Cyr-cod| : ovx 
vwoXeifert Mi^j(fng)sv(ing)z(mg)Ca (P' ««) Cyrcod^ : 01; Kara- 
Xni^trm cf*ghln Chr: ov iraraXeifcre f«i**j(Ut)nr(txt)x(txt)da: 
(ov iroroXiy^^wTot 37): fMn relinquetis ^(pr ^/)!SOTB55 : nihii 
dereHnquttis Cyp Dc-P-C | or ovrov i<»] air ovrwr bfi«»lrwC 
Or-gr Cyr-codi Cyp Dc-PC: ^ avrwr Chr | tm 1°] <«t 131): 
ftf TO AMbdeghi*jln(eif ex rtt n*)opstvy-d,Sl(md) Chr Cyr-cod^ 
Cyp DcP-C : + ro Cyr J | ecu— «vrov i® sub t- 5 | ^vrr^feroi 
BAhloya, Or-gr-cod| Chr Cyr^-codU owrpt^roi d: rvrrpt- 
ptfaerai begjkmn Ev: ffwrpi}l^€T€ M rcll 9)SC£% Or-gr i-edl 
Cyri-edi Cyp Dc-P-C | om air a^ t* Ev | avrov a^] ovrwr fC 
{•\-OMH€) Or-gr4 I TO ie Kardkdwofurw Chr | Karaiuwo/uva 
BAbstw] JcaraXeiro^va M rell iS(oid) Or-gr Cyr | awi'*]t^ti^: 
om kns | avrov 30] avrcor iqsC Or-gr | etas «*>] fit km : ett ro 
i*sy^uid) Cjrr-cod^: +to{ \ tp wvpi iraraxavorrc] iraroirav^erf 
wvpi Cyr^ : om tw Tvpi Or-gr | jrarojravff'rrc] e 2^ sup ras e : 
raraicav^ffrai A^chimnowa,: caraxov^erat c% : cremabttntur 
De-P-C: cremeniurCypi (xarairavo'eo'^e 77) 

11 (ovTMt *e] «ai ovrw 37) | ii ^9iy€90t\ 9t sup ras i»: 
iio^ywBtu a, : (om dr 16) | Kara^yt^Bt m | avro i<>] avra 
a|S Cyr-codi : avrwf Cyr| : aw avrtnf 1 : om ^ Tract | at or^vct 
vfUtfr] pr coTwo'oi' Thdt : tmacoM vfunf at off^s Cyrf : -H t^rw- 
9ap Cyrf | om «-ipc«^te^/icyai~v/M#r «<> g | om icai i® j | vro- 
huiara Bbfiqrsw Chrf Cyrf Tract] +VM««r AM rell ^IM^ 
Or-gr Chr J Cyrf Thdt Cyp De-P-C Spec | ett row roaat n | 
om v/Miir 7? % Cyrf | at fiaiaifpiai Bfiqrs Or-gr Chrf Cyr Cyp- 
codi] daoiius ft-ed Tract : + ufi»P AM reU flBCiS Or-lat Chri 
Thdt Cypf-edf De-P-C Spec: ( + ifMMr 14) | or rats x^P^"^] 
in moHM % I vfuiir 3®] JiiMm m* : om 21 Cyrf | icat 3®— ^irovdift] 

festinanUr tdetis % \ e^e^tfc] ^ytoBt Cyr( | avro if*\ avra Mn 
Cyr-codf | wojrxA +rv m^(uid)£(uid) Chr Cyrf Thdt De- 
PC I K\tpm Borwza,^ Cyrf (pr r« codf )] «v AM rell E Or-gr 
(pr rovj) Chr Cyrf Thdt Cyp De-P-C Tract 

12 ffat i<*] quia igo C | eXevo-ofiat B£(uid)] 5tcXev0'«#fiat c : 
^XcMTo^ioi AM rell %S^ Chr Cyr | yn i®] pr nj Cyr-codf : pr 
raoif h9: om C | aiyvma i^'\ oLyvwrau aefin*qb, Chr Cyr- 


edf -codf I om «r i«— atTvrrw a« f | w 2^ — ravny] ravnf nj 
rvrrt Chr | ravnyv w | er Tif a*»] terrae ^-ed | 717 at^vrrw a«] 
ny rvrrt ravny a, | at-ywrrw a«] atTwrov btjknqnrwzc, Chr 
Cyr-cod | om aro— mirovf Chr | om roti AMacdeghjklnpt- 
a,Ca Chr | rwr atYvrrtMr] Aegyf4i^\ om rm AMacd^j-np 
t-ajC,: -herd g* | irocifO'w/Aat 1 (at ex conr) | ryw] XcTct k: 
dixit C 

18 TO aifta vfuw] uobis sa$tguis hie & | ro at/ta !<>] post 
ari/uiw Cyr-edf : post vfU9 i<> 918 | v/ttr i^] post ffrjfuiv Cjrp: 
tr sup ras q*' : VAicor oa, : om n | ett oiifictor q^ Cyr-codd f | 
oijctctfr] + vfMMf Cyr | cy 9<>] prirat s : (om 74) | otf] otf m | v/tett 
tffTt] silts uos 9-codd : edaiis ups 3[-ed | 'v^etf ] post «rre oq : 
om akmxSiS Chr Cyp | co-re e«et] idi trio's Cyp | e^e] eorot a 
chi*mnoChr: eo^eo^tfe Cyr-cd f : xarotjcetrc AC(uid) | eiret] otireti' 
e I o^^w^tat en | atfia 2*>] ^ii^ior Cyrf | om er 3** dlC | v^Wl] 
pr ev V I Tov errpt^rot] tov €KTpi^ai n Chr: ocddere uos morte 
C: +v/taf Cyr-edf | rotMrty 1 | er yiy oLywTia] ttrram Ae- 
gypti C Cyp Prise | 71?] n| c | ot>v»rov fh^nqvz Chr Cyr- 

14 If — avny] uobis sanguis hie % \ axmi ly nui^pa vfuw bw 
(om iy w*)a, I om i^ Cjrrf | vfttr] post fAmifioawoif f : post avnr 
AMacdeg-vxyzb,c^ Chr Cyrf -codf Jul-ap-Cyr | /unifioffwotf] 
pr cts acfikmrx^K]l6(sub ^ y*): furti/toawrq Cyr-codf: -haii#rtor 
Chr I topTOff^Tt i^] topTOffaTt aikmuox Cyrf Jul-ap-Cyr | 
avniw 1^1 cavnyy df : ravnyv m | om eo^fr — avrri^ 9^ Chr | 
om copnp abd]ptwB(uid) | Kvpiv] pr rw ackmxiS(sub 4> V) : xv 
aJE : + Tia $» ri/uHf 1 | ett — v^wr] gtnerationes post uos C : in 
dUbus uestris £ | rao-os Bfior Cyrf] om AM rell 1M% Cyrf 
Jul-ap-Cyr | om rat bw | ^eyeat — (15) T^iupat i^' in mg et sup 
ras A* I om 90iuiu» aiiainop A* | auM'tor] pr cat m | om 
co^ao-erc avn^y 2^ ( \ topraftrt 2^] toproffart acknmrtx Cyrf 
Jul-ap-Cyr | ovnp a*] -liw i»'rC 

16 tikabt a^/ta sy Cyrf -codf | edwSe] tff€a$€w: ^yeaSe 
fir I om nff "^tupat 1** Cyr-edf | vfupat nft wptiinis i°] (ir^wnyr 
nft rifupas 77): wpunrit iiiMpas AMdeghjptry-c,: (om nyi 74) | 
(fli^aytetrai fk/fiif 76) | om eir — ^M^r 2^ 1* | iipum k* | Taf] 
pr et^ I Of ] or m | ar] ear abcwx : om m | ^lyr 2^] (^/iii q : 

II jrat 3« — OTov^] a' koi €^w9t avro er $a/tfit» ^...edeo^e cr evi^eifet c, | ^ttra — trrir] a' m Bafi^ vwt p fkt^tt emr 0^ 
er en^ctfn ^o^ex vrep^taxiT^^tf e^rtr MJTZ [tfa/t^] /iatf;u# z | vrij^ifiB^cr j | foo-cx] ^^ic v : ^a#tr ji| | Aierw wwovh/f] a' 
V er Bafipt ^k(sine nom)iS : ^ in celeritate (^jkekau09\^) Sb \ vao^a errtr] ^oo-cir vrep^x^f^^ *^^^ ^ I *'a^*] >' vrep- 
^ao'tf orep ^iXor itmfkmipiow tmoftaf^ j: a* koi ^ ^ao-tr j : a' transitus ^ pastka amxiUmm tertamimis 9^ mi d 3b 

13 atAMi 2^] -hett TJiv paxnifimp M | wktrm] ^ Bfniv0/*a Mv(siiie Doai)n, 

14 pofufioif] a' axpt^tar ^ wpoarayfUL Mvz 15 o^oriotre] a' lioXot^^vrc ^ vowvtri Mvz 


XII 15 


aryia, Koi 17 fiitApa fi ifiBopof KXtfTtf a^ia-iarcu vfuv trap ipyov Xarpetnop ov iroiijirrre h auraht 
irkiiv oca iroifi0ri<rerai irda^ '^vxjit rovro fjLOPOV iroitiOiiaeTai vpiv. ^^ical ^vKd^ere rfjp hnoyjfp 17 
ravTfiP' ip ykp t§ rjfiipa rcLurp i^afta rrjp Bvpafup vfi£p iie 7^9 Alyvwrov, fcai ironiaerc t^p 
fifUpap ravTffp eh yepek^ vfiwp pofiifiop aUli>viop* ^^ ipapxofiipov tQ reaaapea-tceuSeicdTif ^ip^p^ iB 
Tov fifipo^ Tov irpanov o^* kciripa^ eBeaffe a^vfui, &>9 vipipa^ fiui^ koX etxaSo^ rov fitipo^ 2qk 
icnripa^, ^^eirrk ffpApa^ K^M ^^ evpedrjaerat ip rah oIkUu^ vfuAp* ira^ 5? &p i^dfytf ^vp^rrop^ 19 
iJ^oXsOpevOriaerai 17 '^ifXH itcelptf etc avpay<»yi]^ 'IcrpaijX, & re T0J9 yuoptu^ koX avT6)(0oaip rfj^ 
7§9' ^irap ^vp^TOP ovtc IBecffe, ip 'rraprl Bi KarouctiTqpUp vp,&p iieaOe d^vpa. ^''Eica- JJ 

Xea-ep Bi Mmvaij^ iraaap yepovaiap vi&p ^laparjX koX elirep irpo^ avrov^ *Aire\06pTe^ Xdfiere vpSp 
eavroh irpofiarop xarh avyyepiap vpMP, teal Ovaere to vtAoxcl ^Xypyfteade Bi Bicp/ifP vcrcmiwoi;, ai 
ical fidy^apre^ dirb rov aXp4no^ rov irapd rrjp dvpap Kodl^ere rQ? ^Xia9 koX iir ap^>or€p(»p rip 
(jToOpcip, dirb rov aiparo^ S iarip irapd rrjp ffvpap* vp^h Be ovk i^eXevaeaOe ituurra^ r^p Ovpcuf 
rov oIkov airrov &»9 nprn. ^^koI irapeXevaerai Kvpio^ ward^ai rov^ AtyvTrriov^f koX Sylterai rb «3 
atpa iwl rrj^ if>\ia^ Kal hr ap<f>or€pa>p r£p aradp^ip* fcal wapeXevaerai Kvp$o^ rrjp dvpap, Ka\ 
OVK d<f>ija'€i rop okeOpevopra elaeXOeip €A9 rd^ oUia<i vptSp ward^ai, ^xal ^vXd^eaOe ro fnjpa 24 

16 ^f^xi] ^^CC sup "^ B**"^* 17 iroii^rertu A 18 Tea^tLpt^KOidtKarti B**» 

19 adnot tfxoX. ^vXa^uf 9/Miraratf iy fieroiKOVt' e* yow wapoiKovt B*'"« | ovx B**>] ovk B* | i^oKoOpevdriaenu B*^ | ytiupau 
A I avroxOoffi A 10 edtadcu {1^) A 

II ffvYY(W€uuf B»^*»' 23 0Xetas A | t^tXtvcwBai A 33 ^Xeiat A | oKo$peyarra B"' 


^fUfTOP m^ Chr I aro 2**} +^ i*y | rifiepaf nyt wpurtft 2°] 
Tpwnit rifupas Cyr-cod | om etas — tj^ofirit c, 

16 om jrcu i** — 071a i^ ^ | om i; 1° n | timp^ V i**] lA**- 
par a, : om c* : om ly 1* | jcXiydiya-rreu] (pr Ktu 30) : jceJcXi^rrcu 
AM eg-jnqrsvwyzbaC, Cyr-edl: KeKXtfroi 1 (jreic ex corr) Cyr- 
cod^: KXrrnf mx | om irai a® — tfidofiri 9-codd | om ij 3® n Gyr- 
ed | I {tpdofifi Kkrrnf ayta] 0710 rtroi rf epHofiif irXiyny 107) | om 
xXfirri m£ | ft7ca 1® post vfuw i^ 9£ | errat v/uw} vfwf wrtw 
Ea I vfut^ I®] Jifup n I Xarpei/ror sub -r- S^ \ irotiyo^ere] rotiftf'ercu 
A^fgnoqr*wa2 : woiifa€rtu v/up x | ev ain-cut] in ea ^£*= | oo^a] 
-l-ai' km I woitiBfitrvTai i°] wovtidriffrfTm, m | om wturn — roiiy- 
tfiyo-ercu a** is | xoot;] sup ras a : waaa b'dglmnpy | om /ioror 
w I woaiOriirrrai a®] innficer€ Ix (-roi x*) | v/w> 2**] woffii yinrxyi c 

17 0vXa(cre Bn] ^vXo^ao^tfe Adf ilprt£(uid) : ^vXa^^e m: 
0vXa^(ri?e M rell | Tiyv erroXiyr] mandatum nieum % \ om 
Tovnyr I* Ca I om 7a/) mB | rovny T17 ir/icpa bfioqrw | {^ya 
74) I '"''' ^woAui'] dvrotfreuiF n | (v/AC)»r i®] ftov 76) | 7i|f] njf 
MaiS Phil-arm | «'Oii70'are n | om nyv ^lupoM i* | 7cireaf] pr 
rat egjnsyza, | v/iwr a®] i^fUiw c | atcarcoy] +€tf rat y€V€o.% 
vfuatf A 

18 erapx^M^o*^] tfapx^f*'^ bnvwz : tpapxotuififif k*m : 
optLfXoiuvov g : apxof^tpov d : apxofuwrjt kP : epxofiofov f | n^t 
re^O'apctf'jrac^xan^t fifupo-t cUP | (om ly/icpa 16) | fiipot rov 
ir/Hiyrov] tov wpwrov sub -:- i6: wpwrov fiffwot g | a0] e0 a, | 
(eijcadot irat fuat 130) | (/uar] xpunit 3a) | eura^] etiradiyt c: 
ciKodt 1 I om ecM 2^ A 

10 om €irra fit»Mpat f | (erra] ep8ofirif 71) | om ^fii; w | 
9VX evpeBifatroi] ovk o^$riatTai j(mg)z(mg) | cv i^* — vftwp'] 11 
^vxn (K€iwii €K svpaytayift c^X d* | roct oucoct n | rat] pr ^/ £ | 
or] car abcwx: om fp | j^fiuroif] j^iiiff 1 | om cvw9,ywyrit 
^ed I c^paiyX — 71^1 bis scr j (pr vwp) | l^pa^X\ pr uwv begj- 

kmz(mg)i0 I 7Utfpait] rpotf^Xvroit ack*n | avroxOoaip] pr roit 
ockmx : pr er rott bw | (71^] -H rcw vuop urpaiik 78) 

20 om totum comma f | om wop % \ €9eff$€ i*] edes ^-codd : 
edenilk'fA \ (c^] eri 18) | de Bckoqs] om AM reU 9(aid)]B£ 
Sb I irarounyny/Kii v/mm^] vfMov KaroiKiirripua oqs : ounp^pcw u/uiyr 
bw : vfuop ouceTtipiw n : v/uop oikii/jmti v(txt)£(txt) | €dw$€ ai\ffjM] 
a^fia €9€ff$e h£ : om m 

21 fUMnjt amnxc, | yepovaiop] pr nyv bfltwa, | vtup Begij 
krx] pr rwr b'f : om AM rell ISS1& \ om ur/NHyX z \ wpot avrovf] 
wpot avroct m : avrois eg j | v/itp eavrois] uos uobis ^ : om IB | 
vyuLv] (post eai/rott 71): v/um* 1 | eavroct Bhi] post wpoparw 
egj (wpofiara gj): om abq>t*waa^uid) : awroi b,*: aimMt A 
Mt*»b,»» rell Cyr | wpopara Aacdk-npt-zCai^ | vvyytpiw B] 
0vy7crecat AMomnftBi6(uid) Cyx \ vfuap] vfuv f : (ai;rc#r 74) | 
0wr€T( Bf ir] Svcrreu no : Svaare AM rell 3SfS(uid)S Cyr | to 
rotf^A] tM pascha 9 : -i- Domino B 

22 \TifA\f^€<r0€ dt] KOI \rffi^€ff$€ yB* : om de bfgnw | om irat 
1° ^ I /Sa^orrct c^ | om tov a«> f | irapo nyr ^i/par 1*] a/ mox 
S^ I ffa^i^erc] pr ^/ 9B : irai tfc^ere bcw : (ira^i^^rc 16): xaBi- 
j^ere fi : ira^e^ere hz(uid) : KoBi^eaSt x : KaBij^fffOax n : ^ere a: 
tfc^ere m : B^trt Cyr-ed | nys] pr ct» Cyr-ed: pr airo Ay: rat 
np I eoTir] rov b | ^vpay a*'] -I- tov oikov dhnpt£c | v/ieit — 
wpm] pr Kot b,: om c,: om vfuit — ^vpay csE*" | e|eXeMrco^e] 
eco'cXcvo'eo'^e a^ : cXeuo-co-tfe 1 | e<ai] wt g 

23 rapcXevff'erai i®] irepceXevflrerai b, | om rara^ i® — 
#cvptot a* f I om to Cyr-ed j crt] pr to m^ : om eb, | riyt] rot 
c, I om iroi 4® — ^vpor c^ | vapeXevarrat 2^] pr ov w** | nyr 
0vpar] pr rpot Cyr-ed: en Tat Bvpat f | o^iyo-ei] ea^ei Phil | 
dKoBp€vryff Cyr | etceX^'eiy] pr ett rat otiftat m*: eX^eir a*: 
w<ip€\0€ip n I (nyr oucuw 14) 

24 ^vXaleo-^l^vXa^aatfe Aabd-gjlmorwa,£(uid): ^Xo^e 

19 roct 7M^Mut] a' 0^ Tti vpo^iXvrtu Mj(nne nom)vz ai vfup eavroct] o! 9' B^ not uoHs S^ 

aa KaB^rrk] a! o' B^ KoB^oBt M(sine nom)T | nft 0X«at] a' ad limm quod supra portam % 
as eirt n^ ^Xiat] 0! super limen quod supra portam S^ 



XII 33 

«5 rovTO vofUfwv aeauT^ icai to*9 vioU cov eo^ alAvo^. ^^ii^p Si eUreKdfire eh rfjv yrjp ijp Av i^ B 
96 Kvpu^ Vfiip fcaOori ikaXtfaep, <f>uXd(€a0€ rrjp Xarpiap ravrrfp* ^koI iartu ikp Xiytaaip wpo^ 
«7 vfm^ vloi vfMip T& 17 Xarpia airq; ^koX ipelre avroh Svaia to irdaxa rovro Kvplfp^ &^ iatce- 

waaep tow? oikov^ r£p vimp ^laparfX ip Xliyvimp^ ^piica iwara^cp roif^ Alyvirrlov^, tow Bi ottcov^ 
98 ^fi£p ippvaaro. Kal tcuy^a^ 6 \ao^ TrpoaeKvptiaep. ^/cal aireXOopre^ hrolfiaav oi viol ^laparfk 

Kadh ipereikaro Kvpio^ t^ •Mokt^, oSt«9 iiroitiaap. § 1/* 

39 ^*Ey€Pi^0rj Se fieaowrtf^ rrj^ pv/cto^ koI Kvpu>^ hrdra^ep irap irponroTOKOP ip *fp AlyvTrr^, 

airo irpnTOTOtcov ^apai> tov tca0f)fjUpov hrl rov Opopov Iw? vrp^roroKov rrj^ alxfJMKMriSo^ rrj^ ip 

30 Ty Xdicictp, Kal &>9 TTptoTOTOfCov wapTo^ ien^pov^. ^Koi apeurrit^ ^apctoi pvfcros 9cai oi Oepairopre^ 
avTOv icai irdpre^ oi AtyvnTioif koI iyei^fftf Kpavyif fAeydXf) ip irdatf yff AiyvTmjy ov yhp ffp 

31 oitcla ip f ovtc tjp ip ainp reOptiKW, ^^Kal ixaXea-ep Papain lAmvarjp Kal ^Aapmp pvkto^ koX 
elirtp avToh ^Apdartrre teal i^iX0ar€ ix rod Xaov ^lov, koI vfieU Kal *oi viol ^lapa'^X^ fiaBl^ere^F 

34 Kol Xarpeva-are Kvpup r^ 0€^ vfi&p Kadh X&yere* 3i»Kal rh wpoffara Kal roi^ fioa^ vpMP dpaXa- 
33 fioPTc^ nopeveaOe, eiXoyiiaare S17 KapA. ^Kal Karefiid^opro oi Alyvimo^ top Xaop airovB§ 

35 Xarpeiar B*'^»A 

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19 XoKKu sup ras B*' 

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cwf rov otwrot dhpb, : ett cuwrat km : om 9-codd 

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ffoy c I iio] {dvii 18): iwrti km | vfwf Hi c^ | Ka$a i* | cXa- 
Xiftf'ey] pr it y: eXoXi^o'a f: +v/iUf z | ^vXa^wBe BMbvyzagC, 
9B JS] prirot st : iroi ^vXo^i^^e p : ircu ^Xo^eur^e d : irat 0t;Xa|cre 
n : ^vXa(i|o^e m : ^vKa^Bai fklo : ^vXoi^^e A rell £(uid) | 
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rov aiwrot ear d§ cttf'cX^i^e eir nyr yrpf ffp ap 8w lei ti/up jccu 
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3B^ I MM Bn] pr oc AM rell Or-gr | iiiuap h | avrri] + t'Aui' ace 
gjkmx«5S(sub ^ a' <r') Or-gr^ 

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airroct] sub -:- iS: avrot/f m : r/Mt avrovf c, : om ziS Or-gr^ | 
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Or-gr I om vt — TpoatKVPrfaep c, | ctft] os bcelmnwz£ | otirovf 
lo] oiicov f I om TtiP M«iir o* | om tapariX w* | cr] e( f | 
aiyvwrv] pr 71? Mdpsty£ : 717 a«7virTov In | evara^ep] + « n j 
om dff i* I vf/uop ghi*n*r*s | koi irv^at] Kwf^s <€ bw : koi mtat 
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tvpaipi cfirsSB | oc woi c^paiyX] om p: (om oc 30.130) | KoStof 
m I €i»er«Xaro] avt^tra^tp vz(txt) | Kvpiot] tff a, | fuaaii B] 
;u«v0^ A: +icai anpvp nx9)S£^: /UM^^t ^ai aapotp m: /mivo-ci 
irai aapvp iqr : /Awwni tctu aa/wp M rell : .,.si et Aran % \ ovrtat 
cTOtiyo'ay] ovrort ifO'ay q : om ml/ 

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a, I om nff i<» b' | irv^of] pr o m | {wtuf wpwroroKOP post (tt7v»T« 


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wpwTOTOKov I®] pr rov bdopqt | rov Kti$iifjL€Pov] ot ira^ifrai Or-gr j 
om rov 1° b'n | Opopov] + avrov ackmx9U6(sub •:g> 7') Or-lat | 
cut lo Bdpwya,9B£l/ Or] pr irac AM rell SS \ wpworoKov «<>] 
pr rov y I om n^ «<^— ir/)wroroicov 3<> s | ews i^—xnipovi] 
primitiua omnium pecorum \, \ ews xptaroroKOv wavros] wop 
TptaroTOKOP AMabcegbj-mwxyz(mg)a,b,C39£i$ Or-lat | c«i 
TpwofTOKOv a°] primogenitum 10 | Kri\pov%\ pr cy 717 a«7VT- 
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rell 93SfSl/^ | ^opw x | w/rrot post avrov n | koi 2^] pr avrof 
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avrov] -^-TOPret fioqrB | (at7v»rtot] -f- avrov 30) | om AMToXif 
jw I €P ira^ yri] sub -r S^: om j | Toffrf] 0X17 n : (om 25) | 
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» 3® m \ IIP 2^ — r€$priKm] essent moriui % \ €p avrri] (er ravni 
30): e<rei egj | rtBpriKm] rtBpjiKot cfnx: (rev^ot 71) 

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IMavariP km aapwr a | fjuaaiip kmnxc, | (om PVKrot 77) | avroit] 
sub -:- i6 : om e I om jca< 4<> miS | e(eX^er« Macegijnpqstwz 
C3 I KM vfieis] om Or-lat : om km dfnptB | om ot cgln j /Sa^- 
^ere] pr iroi dnpt£: (irai ^aZuraantt 14) | km 7° Bbfioqrw£] 
om AFM rell 9(uid)Bl/i6 Or-lat | \arpewrare Bbcgln] Xa- 
rpevrrt AFM rell | Kvpua post rw x | rw Btia vfuap sub -r- iS | 
flfuop c*g*l*o I Xe7er«] eXe7cre a : dixistis 9 

32 KM ra wpopara post /Soar c,^ | iroi !<*] ira(7e F^ : om 
Or-lat I rp^ra] -f- v/m#v acdknptxBi^(sub ^ e/3p.) | om Vfuop 
bfwa,ba I araX. ToptvcffBe] ducite uobiscum 1/ j vopeveo-^e] pr 
KaSaxtp tifniKare ackmxi^: {€Kwop€V€ff$t 31): >i-«ra^arep ei/ny- 
jcare Mbdh(ira(?a)nptvwz-€,^1B1/ Or-lat: -i-KoBawtp ei/niKart 
wpo%,. F«'"»K I «ij] ^ AMacdeijknpqrt-yz(txt)a,a(uid)B'1B 
(uid)!/*^ Or-lat : om WV \ (xaftc] -l- KoBawep ec/n^irare 76) 

33 Kortpia^opro] (wapepta^opro 31): -|-3e a, | om ror Xoor 

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3a (catfarep ec/nyirarc)] a' jfW«/ ^^f/Zt estis 9' ^ secundum ^uod locuti estis Si \ evXo7i^arc] avcvxa... F^ 


XII 33 


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ainov ipaprlop tAp Klytnrrlmp^ tcai Ixptfaav avroh^ /rol iaiciiXeva'ap roif^ Alyvirriov^. 

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icnipff woXXi^ a^hpa. ^koX ive^ftap ro arah h i^i^peytcap if Alyvwrov ivKpvtl>la^ a^vfiov^, ov 39 
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rurpjop iiroiffcap iavrcSq eh ri^p oSop, ^*H Bk tearolicffo'i^ tAp vIAp ^ItrpaifX fjp Kar^Kffaop 40 

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37 €tt i<» partim sup ras B>* | x^^^^a' BA 

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awovhi c I Xoor] ■¥ Israel WL \ awovhi] pr cv b, | eir/SaXecF 
avTovs] exire % Or-lat | eir/3aXXeii> Mc, Cyr-codd | avrw bw | 
cjc nyf Tiyt] oiro nyf yrft avntif \>(r7ip ytfif h') : tfg ttrra Aegypti 
WL Or-lat : om f I eir] oro Ayb, Eus-ed Cyr-ed | eivoy] tiww 
F*>*cdin-ptw : dicebani 91^ Or-lat | ©r»] w, c, | i^fictt awodwji- 
9K9fU¥] morientur si non cito exierint % \ iifiett] post awoOvm- 
ffKOfuv n : vfieit dl | awo$wriffKOfiep] moHemur Or-lat 

34 ro vroit Bfiqr] pr iroi Cyr-ed | : avrcor m : {nut oroXcut 
atrrwr 107): ro oXtvpow g: to oXcv/mt avrwp ej : ro oreat avrcor 
abk«'w: -i-avTiap AFMk* rdl 7L%% Cyr | ^/uadripai] ova- 
/9i|mi F** I ra — er] pr ^/ 9 : mutila in 1/ | om avrwr i<> m | 
om €pM€fi€ya — nvnop 1° g | €yd€dtfupd] pr ro Cyr-cd|: crJe- 
dvfupa ef: epieSefUPow en: Mtfupa 1 | ci^] en dn: om Cyr- 
codj I c/iarioit — (35) lapariX in mg ct sup ras A*** | «-t riap 
vfuop] pr KM 1 : pr [^ inp0]su€ruft[/] %: om y : -h avrtap F^c 
kmnx91B5(8ub 4^ 7') 

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Bifffop F^^ I JCdtfcM jm I Tpofftra^tp m | om avroct ax | /uuMn/t] 
pr j : AUM^t ad*mnxc, | rrnfampro ab'n | apyvpa iroi xpt^o] 
X/xva ( + re Cyr) iroi apyvpa AMdegjlnpstvzb,c,l^ Cyr: aur^a 
et uasa argtntea 91B | "xpvca^ pr o'vc viy akxiS | ipMTurpLovs m 
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de^wire c: ircu irt e^wKer AM rcll 1^ | om n;r F*»'Maccfgijkmrsv 
zcjb{}j\d) I rw Xa<tf avrov] avrov sub -r i( : pojmlo Israel S : 
(om 30) I om nap v | om kcu €XP^olp avroct m | ex/>70'arro 
afgir I {€aKv\€V9a»] eaxevaffop 32) | rovs aiyvmovs] avrovs n 

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WBHE^Si I ot Moc c^paiyX] om m : om oc blnw : -f eTo«i70'(v f | 
paputaoJi — (38) ToXuf mutila in %, \ pa/ieaffif] -f-ras (1) o: 
pafuaevt x: (j)afuaffii0 74): /)OAi€<ny bdjlmnpsai(uid) : pa/iaff<ni 
n I €41 tf'OKXci'^a] <roXx«X eif ecxc^a w | <roKX(^a BF'a] 
aoKXo^o, k : <roxx«^« x : voxx^ y^-codd : aox<i>>9a F*s : <roxc^ 
bt^c,: {<roxo0a 76: <roxo^ 71): 00KX<ia9 1: orxw^a cq: oirx«i^ 

dgjo( + ras s Htt)p: (oxw^ i4<i3o: 0x0^ 16): KoxBa m: aoKx*^ 
AMt*»rcll a-ed W On: 5m^A<>M »* | «f «<>] wt F»>»: om 
F*(hab F*')el^ | {e^Koaiovt 16) | w€^tap ot ord^] apdpttp p: 
peditum IB : uirorum peditum SS: om ot f | rrit — (38) ert/tticrof] 
Tov crifUKTov \aov on p | om rift A | airo^jcevi^t] awo aiyvw- 

TOV d 

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voKvt evi/JMKTOt d: itoXvt eirtfitrrof Xoof Chr | avptftii w | 
ai;roif] /ter avrtap s | irot Tpopara post jSoet 9 | (vpo/Sara] pr 
ra 18) I poas e | o-^o^pa] -{-exeuniia mm Hits IS 

39 ei-e^or] tweaffop n*> | om ro Phil-codd | rrcut] pr orcat 
a**: ^reatbw: -J- avrcw Phil | t^tyKOp] nipeytcap g: t^Jiyay op 
s I €{] pr ot n: aw Phil-codd | ryirpv^tatt i | (a^ficM 107) | ov 
— avTovt mutila in 1/ | ov yap cj^fuaOti] om f : (om yap 35) | 
€^€paWop cior | yap 2^] 9e en | om ot f* | otywrrtot] -\-m 

festinatioiu 3S | irat ovk\ ov yap A | i79vriy^i70^ar] ffivpaaBufffap 
A(e5-)Mioqryz : poterant ^-ed: uoUbant 9-eodd | €wifi€ipat 
BFWibknox] om m: vxofidPai AF*M rcll: sitt]s/ift^re] 1, | 
oi;^e~o^] mutila in H: om f | om ovde m | eTt^tri^^i^] 
dawapjip i^ I twoiriffow] cTotiyo-oyro ak: rotiTO-ot m | ecun-ots] 
avrotf m: {lavrovt 14.130) | ett rrip odop] sub -7- ^: om etf e^ 

40 ot he Karoucriffcit c | om de 1*^ | ropotxifo-tf A(-o'€tt)F 
M(txt)deghjlopstvyz(txt)a3b,C3)S£(uid) | om r«r m \ Tfp] ri 
dp I irar(tfn|oui']vapca«:i70'aF AM(txt)deghjlopstvy-e9iSTheoph: 
wapoicrjKaaip F | cv 1 <>] pr oirrot jrat ot wpet avnap acf ikmnoqrs 
H I oip 717 i<> kmx Eus-chron | atyvrrui] aiyvlmv fl*'qv: 
Xapoap h | jcat ev 717 x^^A^y] sub -r- Si: km ep aiyvwna h: 
om Theoph(uid): -^-avnH irat ot i-^t airro^ AFMbdcghjl*pt- 
c^WfLSb Eus-chron | cnj rerpairoo'ta rptflurorra] rrrpoKoeuk 
rptairoi^raenyfir*: rpteurorra «:at rrrpaxoo'ta en; x | rerpairo^ta] 
post rpioicorra F*> : 7' q* | rptairorTo] p' m 

41 partim mutilum in % \ xai tytprro] eytprro de Ay | 
ro — cny] ri| ly/icpa r«r rrrpaKoaivp roi/ny m(]ac 4 litt ante 
rovnj): {nap rrup rovnop 107) | ro BAF*>*lqstaJ om F*M 

34 oyeXo/Ser] ...c^^ F*> | to anut] rifp ^Vfiifp F*>: to oXcvpor be \ ro ^i^wMtoro] ro wpoa^fua F*> 

36 icot exp^ap] Kai e^'iyr... F*> 

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pfixtiop j I njf oiroo'ceviyt] rwr pifwiiop jcat XocTfair F*> 

39 erefov] tawTifffap F^ \ arait] aXtvpop c | ef^/m^] apepfi F»> | ertvinvfiop] ^t^/t... r/>o^ir F»>. 

40 irarot«i^tf] icalMpa F^ 




XII so 

41 rpuLKovra irtf i^XOev iraaa ij BvvafAt^ Kvplov iK 7^9 Alytiirrov ^* wkto^. ^irpo^v\a/cii iariv B 
T^ KvpUp &<TT€ i^ayayelv avrov^ iK yfj^ khyinrrov eKelvrj 17 i^f avrtf wpo<f>v\aKff Kvplq>, &<rr€ 

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Ti9 irpocekOff irpo^ vfia^ irpoaijKvro^ iroirjaai ro irda)(a Kvplfp^ irepireym^ airrov irap dpaePiKOP, 
Kal rore irpoaeXevaerai irotSjaai at/TO, Kal iaroA, wairep koX o avro^Otap rrj^ yf}^' ira^ direplrfifj' 

49 T09 OVK IBerai air avrov, ^^po/io^ eU earai r^ ipxo>plqi> Kal r^ irpoaekOopri irpoaiff\&np ip 

50 vfAiv. ^°Kal iiroiffaap ol viol *lapaifX, Kadh ipereiXaro Kvpto^ r^ M<ov<r^ Kal *Aapa>i/ irpo^ 

41 rpiaKOPTa] +Terre B*(om B*') 41 cFac F* 

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rell I TtTfMKoaui rpcairorra] rpituoirra jcot TrrpOKOCia F*»x | r/uo- 
irorra] pr koi F*airsaa: om 1 1 €^fiK0€w — Swofus] exierunt uires 
Eus-chron | e|ijX^ei'] pr jrot eyerrro €» dvraMct rufl i7Ate/>af rowiyt 
Fbmff. pr If 04 eycycro tv ntf nifACfM ravrrj c(om cf Ti;)xi6(sub -jS^): 
pr ny iifiepa roimy a9 : exierunt SS | om Kvpiov €k yijt F*(hab 
Kvpiw et ut uid e« 7171 F') | irvpcoi;] tou $€0v Thdt : om f | ex 
Tiyj cLtyvTTOv] post PVKTOf Mvz: er 717 otyvirTw f | ex 7171] ex 
nj» a, : e| m | ifVKTOt] pr rpoi ^i/Xcun^v m : om A*(hab A»)y* 
c, Ath Thdt 

42 partim mutilum in 1^ | om r/M^vXeun; !<> — exeivi; m | 
Tpwf>v\aKri lo] pr vvxra F*>': pr [hy>ec%i xpo^vKamft abx^: 
xpoaif>v\aKri dp | eorii'] ertU ^& \ tw Kvpiia] kv egjni8*(uid) 
E(uid)iJ: om rw prw | (om exeiri; 71) | oimy 17 yi/| m | wpo- 
^vXcucri i<>] post Kvpiu 2° bkw : xpot i>v\aiciiv m : wpoa^v\aKyi 
€<m d : + €<rrtp nptxl/(uid) | xupcw a«] pr tw Fdlnptvxzc, : xw 
cefgjB{uid)C(uid)ll : om a | wrre 2°] ctft km | woffi—urpaiiX] 
post ecyat n9B(om roffi W) : om lapaffK F*(hab F') | avrtaif] 
avT<a c,* : om a 

43 ctrei' 9e] xcu etvei' fx | fuavffifw] fuoffiiy amnzc, : fuavari 
bw I om Xryctfr AFMbegjlmv-C3lS£l/(uid)i6 Chr | ovnas 1 | 
aXXoyenjf] pr na, | ovk cderai] ov xarederot 1 

44 partim mutilum in %: om totum comma p | xap B*io 
r] xatrra B»AFM rcll Or-gr Chr Cyr | otxenjv Bb Chr-coddi] 
ixcnyir Tiyot s: -k-rtwot AFM rell iisk Or-gr Chr^-ed^ Cyr | 
II Bfir Chri] xcu AFM rell ^]S£5 Or-gr Chr^ Cyr | afryvfw- 
rf/TOf] apyvp<ayrfTuv h*: +riyos b | x€piT€fAfit ck Cyr-cd^ | 
avroi'] aurctfr n : om 9 Or-gr ^ | 0a7crc Mo 

45 om totum comma fmwl^ Chr | 17 BM(mg)ioqrs] xcu 
AFM(txt) rell 9B£5 Cyr | om or avrov dp 

46 offTovw ov ffvrrpifirfffeTai avrov Jn xix 36 || om ev — Pfw- 
Brifferai w | pfHa$7i<r€Tat fua Cyt\ | fipiaOfifftrai] + xac ov Kara- 
Xet^cre a*"© rcrfir xpeon^ e«f r/w* AMdeghjklnpqtvx-b, (77) B 
fL|[om xat AMklnqvx-bgB | ov xaroiXei^ere] ovk aroXij^ere q: 
OVK axo\ei}//eTai M(mg)l: om ov 77 | xaraXei^erac g*hnxa, | 


axo TUfP xpewr] ar avrcor d : ar atn-ov hknvxz(txt) | c«#r] eit 
ro AMdcgjlpqtya,ba 77: +to z(mg)] | om xcu i<> AFMa~dhk 
Impqt-CglBS Cyr \ Cyp | ef ot^ere] t^ourtrai F*^fg*hl*mowxaa 
Cyr-cod^ : efferen/uri,: (e^co'ctf 1 18) | om ex n/f ocxtaf Cyr | 
(ex] oiro 31) I om tiji w(uid) | rwr xpecor] pr axo Cyr}: om 
i: -^ avrov C)rr | om c^w mB Cyr} | xot oarovr ov] sed nee 
OS \ii (om xcu 14.16.130*) I avwrpiif^€T€] avtrrpi^trat AM*c 
g*hl*nox*(uid)a2 Cyr-ed: avrrptpriacrai b'fk Ev | om air c, 

47 ffvpaywyri] pr 17 nz | vtwr] pr rov y : om a^w£ Chr | 
xoirf<r€i] xoiijcerai Chr : facient Sl-cd | ovro] avrov h* : awoc 
c,*: curroif m: ravraw: rovro Ay^uid))SlL 

48 om rtt c^^B | xpoatKBoi egj | rpot u/«af] rpof 17/Aaf o : 
tv vfwf bw: w/ttj' Mdpta^b,: inuw s: (om | 
xpoffriKvrot] pr xai 1: om fir | rotiyo-cu i» Bfioqrs£c(uid)l^] xai 
xovuffjj Fg*ny(-o'e» g*n) : xot roiei bdhklmp : xcu rotiy AMg*' 
rell Or-gr: etfecerit W Or-lat : et/aciai W^ | xvpw] sub •» 
a' ^ iS : pr rw ackx : kv efgijmnqsvza^Sl^ Or-gr | vepcre/Aeit] 
X€pir€fuf€is F: repcreAiecrou Or-gr: circnmcuietis %i cireum- 
cideni IL-ed \ avrov i°] avror m: ei Or-lat: om %, | avro] 
pasca % I (om xcu 2^ — 7171 15) | eorat — ai/rox^wr] aduena % \ 
taaxtp] wi k I xai 30 Babnoqtw] om AFM rell mS£& Or-Ut | 
om m I om njt 717? w Or-lat | irai] pr ^/ £ | are/MrAiirrof] 
pr cefir | ax avrov] avro f 

49 etf] (post eo'rat 15): om c | eorcu] eori 1: eoroy m 
£(uid) I rw i°] pr €p, m | twx"^/^^ ^^P nis y^' | xpoacKSoirn 
xpoffffkvrw] {xpovrjXvria xpoaeXSowTk 14. 16.77. 130): xpoaffkvTU 
rta xpo9€\0opri FMac-hj-mptvxr-C3(»'poeX(?- dp): ir/>o<nyXvr« 
ru xpoaK€tfuyto A | rpo<reX0orrt] pr tyxs^piia (uid)y* : om Chr | 
Tpotn/XvTw] post viup bw : om y | ev] pr rw Chr : om F*l 

50 om totum comma c, | ot vioc wpaiiK] pr rcu^er F^ck 
mx9^ : om z(txt) : om 01 b'ghl*nqt* | KaBaxep o \ everetXaro] 
(Tvrera^e f | rw — avrovf] roii MOit 1^ a, | rw /Mownf] xpot 
fjMcriw m : om rw f | fuav^] tuavcti iqr : /MMriy nx | aapw] pr 

41 xoffa] a' a* omnes % \ i| dvra/ut] a' 9* militiae ^ f«>« ^ | ^vrofut] o' ^ ffrpareta b: ffrpartai \ vuxroj — (41) xwpw 
lo] ft' ,,„f xapanfpifffttn {-^era/ iS) rca Tin ^5: 0^ »?* obsemaia est ^^>^\ ^ ut 0' i( | vvxrof (42) rpo^vXcun;] vi/xra 
^vXa7/iar[6»r] F** 

42 xpo^vKoKHi I® — xvpcw I*'] o-o/t. 0vXa|eci» eort x« c^ (indice ad rpo^vXcun; 79 posito) | xpwpvKoKut i°] a' xaparripn/fffeup 
9' xaparerrfpftifuyii M: ra/wn^pi^tt k | exeun; — xi/pccii 2^] a' ^ ^ta* m^x Ao^ |^>^\ odseruationis 6" obseruationis noctem 
i^>^^ custodiae Sb \ xpo^vkatcn *°] 0vXa7/iara»' F^: a' xaparripfiaewp a' xaparerriptifuwii vz: a' rctpan^pi^ecM 0^ rapare- 
rripiiiupt» c, 43 vo/iof] rwrof F^ | ttXXo7en7»] wot ^... F*>: axpoft,,, F=* 

44 c^»7v/MM^ov] x/xviM^ov F'' 48 aurox^cw] evror... F^ | arepi/iiyrof] axpofivrros F*» 

SEPT. 195 26 

XII so 


B avrov^f oSrm^ eiroli^aav. 5^ seal ^hero iv ry ^fJtipa ixelp^j i^iiyayep Kvpio^ roif^ vloi^^ *I<rpa^X 51 
i/c yfj^ AljvirTov <rvv Bwdfiei avrSv, 

§d, ^^ISlirev hi Kvpio^ irpo^ M<ov<r^i/ \irfmv ^'AyUurov fioi irav irpwroroKov wpwroyevh BiO" I 

poiyov iracap fii^rpav iv T0i9 vioU ^lapaifX airo apOpdirov i(a^ icn]Pov^' ifioHtmp, ^Eiirep 3 

Bi Mwvaij^ vpi^ top Xoop Mptfp^pevere rifp ^p4pap ravrffp ip ^ i^Xffare iK yfj^ AiyiivTov, i^ 
oIkov SovXia^' ip yhp X^^P^ Kparain i^r/yayep vpu^ Kvpio^ iprevOep' koX ov fip^dtiaeroi ^Jfiff' 
^ip yhp r^ arjfiepop vfiei^ itnropeveade ip fiffvl r&v piwp. S/cal larai fjpuca ikv ela-ayayjj ae ^ 
Kvpio^ 6 ^€09 crov 6^9 T^p yfjp t&p XapapaUop kcu Xerralmv koI EvoIwp koX Tepytaainv icaX 

IT ds *Afioppai<op teal ^epe^aimp koX ^lefiovtraic^p, tjp oSfAOcep roi9 warptiaip a-ov^ Bovpal troi, 7^1^ 
piovaap yoKa koX p,€\$f koX irOii;<r6i9 t^i' Xarpiap rcwrrfp ip r^ fAffPi Tovrq>, ^i^ tjfUpa^ Heaffe 6 
a^vfia, T'p Be fipipa tJ efiBofitf ioprtf Kvpiov* '^AI^vfJM iBeade eirrii ^^ptK, ovk 6if>0^€Tai aoi 7 
^vfimrop ovBk i<rr(u aoi ^vfirf ip waaip roU opioid aov. ^tcal dpayyeXei^ r^ vl^ aov ip r^ flfUpa 8 
ixeipff Xeytop AiA tovto iiroirjcrep Kvpio^ 6 ffeo^ p,oi, &<: illenrop€v6fiffp ef Alyvirrov* ^ical iar<u 9 
aoi atffieiop iirl rrj^ X^V^^ ^^^ ^^^ fiPffp^avpop irpo o^0aXp,&p aov, 07rfl»9 &p yhnfrai o pofio^ 
Kvpiov ip T^ oTOfuiTi aov ip yhp X^tpl Kparaiq. i^yayip ae Kvpio^ 6 tfco9 i^ Alyvvrov. ^^koX 10 



3 dovkeiat B*»»AF 

6 €d€<rBat A 

5 dovwai tfoi B*»>] om B* | Xarpeiw B**>AF 
7 edtaSai A | rcM-t B^F 


r«# X I om wpot avrovt AFM{ixt)tLcfbk]msxyhJilSE1^ \ om 
ovnn txoiiiffcur fml^ 

61 om totmn comma c, | om eytprro p | om er e* \ rtf 
flfi€fm €K€tni] dwofiei rift Vfupas eireivi;! F**'(rovnyt F'*) | 
€K€anii] mi rpvni b^ | efry^T*"] pr *** n : ei^ye c | (om KVfuot 
16) I €K — eu/rcor] <rw iwaiui woKKn etc y^ aiyvwrw a | <rwr] 
€v a, I ^i/ro/Aci] pr ny m I avnap] avrw fk : +omm W 

XIII 1 etrcF 8c] eXaXi^e d, | wpot fumforip] fjMVffii SS Phil- 
cod I /liivaiip] luovaii b'k : luacrp mnx : /u^et c, : + ny fiiitpa 
€K€iMyi tp ij 9^ifyay€ rovs viovt trfk §k yrft euyvwrov aw dvra/ici 
avTWP d, I om Xryci^ dem£fL 

2 avtotf'eir Cyr^ | om roi' o* | wptaroytpcs] sub -:- Si: om 
ft C3nrf I dcoFOCTor] pr to f ; pr irot A : ecu ovocyctfr y | itaaap] 
post finrpop cs: om dJL Phil-codd Cyrf | om roit h Phil 
Cyr^ I om awo—wrip d, | ei*t] pr €f W \ om t/Aoc trruf % \ 
e/AOi] e/ii; d : e^ior fir : quia meum IL \ etauf mpxlS*i( 

3 eiircr — Xoor] jcot wwoptvOri fitawnit koi cwnfyay^ wtuna rov 
Xoor ircu eirer d, | /towi^ amnxc, | (om nyr — 11 37) | (nyf 
fifupat ravTTit 3a) | om raim|i» k | «^\0er€ Ma-gh^jmnpqtw 
2C,da(-eX^- gq) | €k yift atyvwrov BiisYzc^d ,101.5] om f: e| 
aiTtnrrov AFM rell WE | om yap %, \ jri c^iryaTer viuis fi(i7/«af) 
oqrdg I « v/iaf Facdeghjklm(pr o)ptxa,b3(i||4af c^'^'^^m) | 17/iaf 
n^-coddl^ I ffvpiof] +0 ^ s | koi — (4) vtw] irai ^t/Xo^oo-^e 
Tor vofior oi/rou da(37(-ar€)) | om koi — iV/tiy c, | ppvSiffferai 
^fiv] ^yt^Bt i^VfiTfw M(mg)do(om iv/ti|y o*)pstv(mg)z(mg)a3b3 
93SfS : {^ytffBe eri t^fiiiw 76) | fipta$Ti<frr(u\ + u^ur km 

4 om totum comma c, | riy 70/) bw | v/iett ciriropcue<rtfe] 
^jri/fj M^x 9'Codd S: exiisiis tws 9-ed: om u/ictt f | eirro- 
/>euea'^e] €icwop€v$€ c : ejcreropevtr^e bl/ : {wopevwSe 76) | ^e er 
/ii|rt sup ras M | (ftiyvt] pr rw 76) | tuw pewp] tvp rcw I : tu 
ptwp V* : T« rew c*fn9-codd(uid) 

6 om totum comma c, | om e^rcu d | ripuca] wt M(mg) 
v(mg)z(mg)d2 : om hy | or M(mg)cdmnps-wza,d, | twayayii] 
§i^ayiig: €^70717 a | <re] u/iat dg£ | ^ot o-ov] o ^eof sub -c- 
SS: om £ : om ffov d, | om irat 2^ — i€povff<uw¥ d, | om jcoi 2® 
dp I X*""****^] pr Tiop m: (Terroiwi' 64): x*'^*"**' M*> | om 

KOI 3<^ dp I evcuwr — lepwaaivp Bfioqrs] cvcucor ecu o/btoppcuwr 
irai itpowrttop koi ytpy^frtw irat ^pe^oiwr nl/(om iroi ^pe- 
^atwr) : {^pej^auop xai cvcluop koi apuopai v p km ytpywautp koi 
upowrcutop 71): a/ioppauop Kat ^ptfatup koi upovauitop Ktu. 
evoiwr Ktu ytpywauop dpta,b3lS(om k<u i** 2^ y* dp) : afioppatrnp 
KOI euoiwr jcot tMpwcaiup koi ytpy^atuup kcu ^p^l^iuap AFM 
rell (35) flC^^a/AMop^w h | om kcu eucuair 35 | eucuAUtfr 
M^ I Kfu yepy, koi ^p. sub -;- 5 | ^petdttop kcu ytpywauop 
\i% I ^pa^vp m] I ofiopauiap io | lyi'] pr €if Tiyr b: (pr tit 
TffP yifp 71): irat m: op rpowop d, | w/uwei'] -k-Dms % \ rocf — 
o'oi] dbr/ patribus uestris S | om o^ov 3<> g | om dov^cu — (11) 
ai/nyr d, | dovroi bis scr b' | o-w] curroit bw : om d | /tcXi kqx 
yoXok 1 I ravnyr] post rovrta c : om 1^ | om rw c 

6 e( i7M«paf ] c^ ^lupaxt p : cf €| i|/iepcut e : septem dies %Sb \ 
ni i<^ — €p8otiil sep/imus auiem dies WL \ rti ik] €p Ik rti 
v(mg)z(mg)c3 : om 5« r* | efidofiri] +a'c^9/3ara y | Kvptov] kv 

7 om a^fia — rifiepaf fmlL \ eirro Bbw] pr rat AFM 
rdl I ovk] pr erra rifupat b : pr ^ SI/ | o^Orfffrrai] + ^ m | 
aoi i^] <rov ir: om d | om ^iamtop — <roi 2^.% \ i^fMnopI pr 
woM b I om 90i 2^ f iqrbgflC | l^tiyj] tvpnarop t£^(uid) | o^oit] 
uoif p I ffov\ + rrra riftepat M(mg)egj 

8 cu^yyeXctf] cu^aTTeXci b'q: oPoyyeKri m: orayyeXetf w 
Chr I roit MOit bw | €p — eirecn;] de iUc 1/ | 8ta rovro] propter 
quod % I Kvpun\ pr ^Mi dnpstvz^: om Chr | o tfeot sub -7- S | 
liot] ^v F*>^bdef ilmnprstz : om WH^ \ «(] «« 71^ a]isvxz(txt)IS 
1,5(71^ sub •^) 

9 om totum comma d | om o^oc km | oripuiiop BAH:fioqr 
^ed £] pr ctt FM rell 9-codd 5 : (er <nj/ie(w 3a) : fif ji^fM^ 
ft: om A* I funifAoawop'] (pr cit 16): cMtiXein-or M(mg)v(txt) 
z(txt)b3: om f* | wpo o^aX/utp] wpo rtop o^aXfutp f: cv 
o^aX/Mct a, I owm «v 7cyirT«u] etjia/ % \ orwt] ec#r s | (om 
cu' 16) I om i<» n I oTOj^n] op^/mti b' | om 70^ e | irponua — 
(10) VM^pat mutila in 1/ | ^eof Bosz] -^isov iknpqrt : om AF 
M rell m3SS5 | e|] €k yrft m 

51 0T«' dvpafui] <rvr ffrpar,, F*> 
3 i^MT?] opofiar,. F** 
5 roM^o-cci] dovX... F*> 

XIII 3 a7iaa'or /ioc] x^P^^ M^ ^ 
4 rc#r irfwr] a' rc#r ptaptop vz(sine nom): +a^i>r ^offfi,,, luormfi,, 
6 €g ejTo F*»: o' sex & 7 ^/wy] rpo^... 




XIII i6 

II ff>v\d^€4rd€ TOP p6fjLov rovTOP a^ ijfAepiip w t^fiipa^. ''Kol Sartu <09 &p elaayiiffp ae B 

Kv/>A09 o ^€09 aov eh t^p yrjp t&p \apapaif»p, hp rpovop dfioaep rok irarpdaip aov, teal ^oo-c* 

i« aoi avnjp, '"ical d^XeU irop Biopoiyop fitfrpap, tA dpaeviKo^ r^ Kvpl^* ir&p Biopoiyop fj^rpap^d^ 
itc tAp fiovtcoXUiP ^ €P roU Knjpealp aov 8aa ii^p yipriral aoi, rit dpaepucd ayidatt^ rqi tcvpl^, 

13 ^^vap Siapoiyop fi^rpap 6pov oKkd^i^ irpo$dr<p' iitp Be p,ii aXX<£^9> XvrpdHF^ avr6* trap irptoro' 

14 roKOP apdpmrov rwp vi&p aov Xtrrptoirp. ^^iitp Sk ipwniarj ae 6 vii^ <tov iierh ravra Xeycop Tl 
TOVTO ; KeX ipeh avrqi iri ^EtP xeipX Kparaia i^iiyayep Kvpio^ ^fia^ ifc 7^9 Apyvirrov, i^ oIkov 

15 ZovXia^^ ^^^fpiica Bi iatcXt)pvp€P ^apad i^iroarelXiu ^/ia9» diri/ereipep irdp irpwr6roicop ip y§ 
Apyvwrfp diro wpmrorotcmp dvOpmirmp &»9 wpwrorotcwp /crfjp£p' Bid tovto iyd Ovtd trap irpwro- 
TOtcop T^ '^Ph^t '"'dp Biopotyop fi'qrpap, rd dpcepucd, tcai trap irporrorotcop rdp vi&p p/)v Xvrpto- 

16 aofuu. ^^tcai hrroi ek injfieiop iirl 1^9 X^H^^ ^^^> ^^^ dadXevrop irpi o^OdXfimp aov ev yap 
X€Vi tcparoif i^a^ip (re Kt//>i09 cf Alyvirrov.'^ % d. 

13 ^ayoi7oc7ov F* 

14 dovXetat B*»»AF 

10 ^\a^ff$t] ^v\a^$€ AajlotyS(uid) : ^vKa^rrai n : 
^Xo^oi fi I rovrov B] ^-taptaif t: +irara Koipovt (aptair AFM 
rell l8fE[iraipovt] pr rovt d : Koupw a : ire/M«r c | opui^ dfj]: +a 
t4mporibus {tempore codd) in tempora et%\ -Vin omnibus tern- 
poribus % 

11 CM ay] MV ac CyrJ | eto'aTa'yi; <r«] (eurayaTi^ai 16) | 
om jcv/KOf Phil-codd | ^eof ©"ov] sub -r iS(uid) : om a^b^S : om 
oov f Pbil-codd | M—xa»09axvi\ rw xcvcuraictfr e<t •n\9 yifw 
at/rwr Pbil-codd | nyr] 4-0^ o-ow ftt s | Wftoo'cy] etrei' a, | 
Tocf] pr ras (i) o: pr er s: ipx ooi koi F^acd(a^e)kinnptx9 
jS(sub 4^) I rarftaaiw] owtpfiofft c | o^ov 2^] /lov z \ om irai 7^ 
— (la) KOA l/(uid) I (Kttt d«Mre(] dovrtu 37) | duwct] 5awo4 Phil- 
cod : 3<ikrw F*gjvz Phil-codd Cyr-codJ : do^t m : 8wi; y : do; A 
Mdfh*pwxa,b,Ca Phil-ed Cyr-edJ | cot] post oim|i' xSl: <(fe 
14) I om avTjfP (37) Phil-codd 

12 xap apoep iiOMOiyw t^WPf"^ ayiop rw Kvpua K\ii$if<reTaL 
Lc ii 33 II om Koi—icvpiv i«> f | koi a^Xeis BM(mg)nv(txt) Phil 
Cyr|] pr a^o^ett z: a^opi€it m: kou a^opitit AFM(txt)v(mg) 
rcllCyrJ: omcoi^C | rar i® — «i;pcw !<>] bis scr h*[/AirpA>^] 
pr vocoy] : Domino omne masculum quod aperit uUrum % \ 

T09 l«] + TpOTOTOtCOIf d^ | Om flflTpOM l^—fJOITpOP 2° Phll- 

cod| I iirirpw i®] pr reuray h | om ra i<» — fiip-pv a<» g^a^a^ 
Phil-codd I I ra apctwiKa i*>] sub -7- ^: [masyuiinupi%,: om 
F*>*: 4-a7Mureif A*"« | ror a<»— icv/hw a**] bis scr d[oi' | ooi] 
oouj: om hd, | om rar 2^ — oov l^uid) | om wap diOMoiyop 
fifirpoM 2° m I iror 2°] pr koi abcekx9i^(sub •;$>) | om firiTpajf 
2** Phil-codd^ I €K — ij sub -r S^ \ «k nav /SofiroXcwy] ey roit 
^viroXAMf m: e mascuiis B*: om F**': om r*op Aey: -t-o'ov 
egj I If] rcu Am^S: om afir Phil Cyr-cod | oov\ om Phil: 
-h avcoccii cgj I eof Bawx] om b' : a» AFM rell | Yfnp-cu] eyye- 
nfroi Phil-cod 4 : Terwrrat Phil-codd^: ytvwiorrai Phil-cod): 
ytPiorrai ooi 17 nai ytppiarroi Phil-cod \ \ ooi\ aov dp : om HE | 
ra apotPiKa 1^] pr ayutff€is F*™': post Kvpiv 2° f : -^ omnia IB | 
ayiairecf — (13) iiwoiywf sup ras drc 15 litt A* | aytaaM rw 
Kvpm\ sancta Domino sini ^ : erunt Domini IB | ayiafftit] pr 
•!- z : aytatf^ct o : aTtoin^ f : a7«a^ q : om FM(txt)begjlmwxy 

16 e^aTttYey A 


tnJb^cJES^ Phil: -Havra Cyr-ed 

13 om totum comma d, | ww iiwoiyw ftifrpay] pr jra« F^ 
d9£: om h*>' | M^por sub t- S | wov] opop w | aXXa^cf] 
aXXa^ eho>b, Phil-cod i | Tpofiarui] Tpofiarov am Phil-codd : 
irpcparvp 1 : wpoparop c, | om 9e o* \ fiif aXXa^i^] m^aXXo^ 
Phil-cod I : fitf axoXvrpt^oiis] F*> | Xvrptooii i*»] pr \vrpto ac: 
e^yopaoris F^ | airroy c* | wom 1® — ^Xi/rp<Mif 1°] pr irai (31) fi: 
om m I ap0p<owov] {(oufSptfwtop 107): om(i5)93B2^ | tup vitop] 
no vita 1 : top mot f | aov] ifjjX c, : om d2^(uid) | XvrpcMn; )<>] 
aToKvTptoarif F*» : [>wfi iijberaSis [iilud] 1/ 

14 ear de] irai tar an wt or d, | <re] (o'oc 78) : om f | viot 
aov post roin-o d, | rt rovro] n tan tovto (32) l.(uid) Thdt : 
om b' I cat — tp mutila in 1/ | om km cfjpta,^ Chr | avru] xpot 
avTOP abckmv(txt)wxz(txt)5(txt) Chr Thdt | Kvpios ly/mt B] fie 
lei ma,: om xvpiot f: rifias ict AFM rell ^SS Chr Thdt: 17/Mt 
KVfKos (37) Cjrr | ex yift] bis scr ^* : €p yiyt n : ef chxi^ Chr 

15 om totum comma c, | ^apa<o sup ras F' | e^arotfretXai] 
pr Tov d,: e^remyXeir c | v/iat fg | areirrfcycy] 4-«t F*>^"« 
acfisxdg^S^iS Thdt | ev 717] ev 71ft n: cc 7171 m | aiYinrrot/ 
flmnqvz Chr Cyr | om aw o urt iputp m | xptaroTOKVP f*] t/ho- 
roroKov AFMacdeghjklptxya3b,93S£5 Cyr Thdt : om Chr- 
codd I om ap$p<owup tvt wpuraroKtop q | ajpov acklpx^ | xpv- 
TOTOKwp 2°] wfxaTOToicov AFMacd^hjlclpstxya^b, 9-codd 1$SS 
Cjrr Thdt: om E Chr | imfpovs ckxSl | 5ia— (16) aov 2^ 
mutila in ft | 0vio ryw egj | Bvaw k | ray rpwaroKOP 2*> B] 
om AFM omn 9iB£5 Chr Cyr Thdt | om r« vza, Chr | 
Kvpita] $tio Cjrr | om wop 3® d,* | ra apacptica] apaepiKow 
Chr : om a, : om ra b' I rap 40] post TporroroKOP 3* n : (om 
1 30) I om Twp amd, Cyr | /aov] + c^ f | Xvrpioao/uu] Xvrpto- 
aufJLOi t*aa: (}ivrpov/Mi 2$): aToXvTpotaofuu F*>: Xar/>ciwo/Aai 
6* : XaTp€va<oai b' 

16 om totum comma c, | om eit c^£ | om eri — Kot 2** 
d, I aaXevTOP a*i6 | o^aXfuop] pr Ttop defid, | om ep^tuyvr- 
TOV m I KpaTcua x«</m acx | om e^i^TaTer ae Kvpiot 1* | diiTTaTC 
g I <rc] Aie Facdhl^'pqtvzajb^iS: ly^a* x2HBElL | om Kvpwt 
1»» I ef] eif ynt fai-edlB 

xo FOfior] a' aKpifiajaiuLra(-iia ▼) 0^ wpoarayfM Mv : aicpipiiafiop wpooTayfAa j | (xara xcupovt uptop)] ect jraipor avrov jcai airo 
Xpopw eif XP^^ ^ II or rporop] xaBm F*> xa o^Xftt] xtapiatit F*>' : ly dowrtt F«* | Yeriyroi] mucantur Sb 

13 aXXa^f — avro] a' redimes eum in JiHo gregis si non redimas caedes ceruicem eius a* redimes in pascenii si autem 
non redimas eum ocades eum V redimes e grege et si non redimas eum secabis tergum eius Sb \ aXXa^t] awoXvrp^atii] F*» | 
XvrpMnr i®] a' rcrorriM-eis Mjvz(rnwr-)Ca(-^f) : ^ awoKTtPtit Mjvic,: 9' purotcowriatif Mj( 4- avro)yzc,(-7i^) : aafi. wapa- 
ittaift c, 

x6 KOI oa-oXcirror] a' koi eco-eyerra j : a' irai tiauf tucra w{sme nom)z : a! a* 9^ et quod mouetur Sb \ a<raXevroy] a' etf 
roirra M : oi 0' ocaXcvror j : 01 ^ ao'aXcvroy vz 

197 26—2 

xiii 17 


B '7'n9 W efairiareiXev ^apam top Xooy, ovj(^ &8iiyff<r€P avroi^ 6 Oei^ oBdv yrj^ ^vKumelfi, 17 

Sti iyyv^ rfv elirev yAp 6 Oeo^ Mi; Trore fierafieXijajf r^ \a^ IBovn iroKefiov, koX diro^rrpe^ ek 
AtyvTtTOV. ^^icai etcvicXwaev 6 deo^ top Xoop oBop t^p eh Tt}P Iptf/JLOP, eh rijp epvdpap OdXaaaop* 18 
irifinrrri ik yepef dpifitfaap 0/ viol ^lapaTJX ix 7^9 Alyvirrov. '^Kal IXa/Sep Mmvcrj^ rd 19 

oara 'loxn)^ fAeff eavrov' ipictp ydp wpKiaep roi^ viob^ ^laparfX Xiyo^p 'Ew*o-#co7r^ eirio-Kiy^erai 
I d, vfia^ Kvpio^f teal avpapoiaere fiov rci oara hnevdev fJLeff vfiSp. *^*E^dpaPTe^ Si oi vioi «o 

*\<TparjX iK %oiex^0 iarparoTriSevaap ip ^O06 fi irapcL r^p Iptffwp, ^'o Bi ffed^ ^eiro avrSp, 11 
riiiepas fihf ep arvXtp P€<f>iXff^ Bel^ai avroh ri^p oBop, t^p Bi pvtcra ip crrvXtp irvpo^^ ^ovk m 
i^eXiwep Bi 6 otvXo^ rrj^ peff>4Xrf^ fifUpa^ leaX o irrvXo^ rov wvpo^ pvxri^ tpopriop rov XaoO 

'Koi eXdXriaep Kvpio^ irpo^ Moivarjp Xeytop ^AdXffaop T0J9 1/10*9 'IcrpaiyX, icaX diroarrpi' 
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17 oux B*b] ow* B* 18 ejc Tiyt aiyvrrov B**»] om B* 

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17 ^papaw F* | om avrovs m | {odw] pr ett 77) | yift] 
yrip q : njf Felt Cyr-cod : (njp 71.76): om i"£ Cyr-cod | ^t- 
ffTUifi b'dfilnpiS* Cyr | yap] d€ c | furap^Xifaif] /lerafuXiiffei 
dfilmpa, Cyr-cod : fierafieXfiffw g : fAerapitXriBfi s : fierapLtXri k : 
KaratUKviaTi Cyr-cod | tdorri] tdorrct F*(-r4 F» "*<*): tdiop q: 
etdort t : iwri f | roXf/tor] pr top mq | awoarpty/ni] axoarpeypei 
Ab'cghk-py Cjrr-cod : aroffrpe^ f i : vroffrp€\fnfi vzc^ 

18 eKvkXtiwtp] €K<a\vir€P a : ctrKvXfvffev W | $€ot] pr 
Dominus 9-codd | top — niP i<» sup ras (8 — 9) A* | rwf Xoov] 
om q: om tot Cyr-ed: -hourov Cyr-cd | om ttip !<> Fchlnz 
Cyr-codd | eit i^* — eti 2'^ mutila in 1^ | om fit rrip eprifiop d | 
ett i«>] {xpos 3a): om h* | om rriP a« f Cyr-cd | ett 3*»] ert 
mB(uid) I om rrip 3° cegjkmx | epvBpap SoXoffffap] OaKoffffOP 
€pvdpa» k: OaXoaoap rrfp €pv$pap acrox | wtfiwini Zt 7ci'ea] 
re/im^ Tevcat C3rr-cod | om oc fhn | om vtot j | €k yrti] €k 
n?f h: c^AnThdt 

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aiyvrrov s | opKu yap] quia H \ upKurtp B*n£] mutilum in 
1^: +/i(iiuai7r a,*: {tapKiOfftp tutaif^t 31): +uao'fi^ B'^AFMa,** 
rdl ^i8iJ(sub -r) | (roif vioit 16) | \tyiap] om fl : -^-naaii^ n | 
twtffKOwri] pr ev n; cgjs : pr si ^ : pr ubi £ | erc^jcc^erot] pr 
ri cegjs: crurireV^at fvz: twiff Kerj/ax m | i//iat jcv^os] ks vfias 
AFMbdegj-mpstyaabgC,^: ^j v/ias F*»(om o)hx | /cat avpa- 
poiff€r€ mutila in 1/ | om «rat i^ c^£ | avpavowtrt] avpopot- 
orrai A^deghl*(uid)nxza, : avpoPotciiTaL f: avpopofiriaerai m | 
fAov Bnoqw] om b: post oara AFM rell 91. | tprevOtp] muti- 
lum in 2^ : om h | om fu$ vfiwp c, | rifAUP co* 

20 e^aporrcf] mutilum in ft: (aro^xirret 31) | (om 9c 132) | 
om 01 egl I iffparfK — tp mutila in 1/ | eic <roKX<^] e| ox<^ na, | 
ffOKX^O] <roxx«^ Jt* <''0X<^ bdgijs*Cada Cyr-cod: aoxoS ckp 
Cyr-cod: Sikhoth IB*: ffox<^o> o: irox<i^ m | ctf^r/Mrovcu- 

9ei;0^ev a, | oBofi] o0<a/i m Or-gr Cyr-cd: Ethom B^: (atfw/i 
76): aQap, On-cod^: cu(?a/i|: ij^o/a c On|: Othon JL 
(pr . . . [afpeiyatur) Or-lat : op$<afi g : oOufO f : PoBofi n : ujBofi a : 
ova^^ofieh^: oratfu/AJld,: {spaOtaft, iS: ero/A^o/t 15) | rapa] pr 
TO xEiS _ 

21 ^eof] ITS F^ I ijytiTo avnap bis scr g | rnupa o | om 
fter o* Eus^ I om dec^cu — odor nS | dcc^af s9-codd(uid)]S(uid) 
ft I wvpot] + rov ^>aiP€w avroit Eus : -f rov ^atrcir avroif odevecv 
■qfAtpas <rcu rvjcrof ackmx(om odevfir km)9^(sub •:S^ ^ ^) : -|- tif 
conspeciu totius popuii % 

22 om totum comma c, | ovjc elcXiver dc] irat ov<r c^eXctver 
b(-XtT.b')kml/ I <^cX€4Tev AFchnor*syzaaba»(uid)a | U BW\ 
om AFM rell 1B*^ C3rr | ri/iepap n | <rat] ;f^^»^ ft | (rvirrof] 
pr nj» 133) I (paPTiop — xorroj] coram ontnibus filiis Isratl 
9-ed: om % \ eroFrtor] pr o^evetr k: €PapTi d, | rov Xaov 
waPTOt B] TOJ^oi rov Xoov (ivrov 1 : waPTOi rov \aov AFM rell 
3t-codd i&{TaPTot sub t-) Cyr 

XIV 1 fuawnjp] fiuvaii bTc: fut^p anxc^d,: /iowei m 
2 (rovf vtovr 16) | om lo-paiyX 1* | koi 1^] «/ 2^ | or par 0- 
reScvo-arawar] iter fcuiant %, \ awtpoprt — 0d\a<r fftft i®] iW^ 
Epauleum it inter Afagdalum Or-lat | eravXewr] roXecai i*m | 
fiayhuXov] pjayBoXov end,: (/SaydoXov 18): fiAxyHtoKup i*^(uid): 
liay^aKtap m : fiay^Xa 1 : fieydoXctfr f : (juihiakov 14. 130 : yado^ 
Xov 76): Meshtdf^^ \ om ova ftco-or 30 1, | ^aXcuro^f !<>] evav- 
Xcwf j I c(] pr qtiod est \, Or-lat ( | /SecXo'er^on'] fietXat^tufP 
AF*bdh*lptwbaa-codd Jos-cd Or-lat On: ^ttXffctfxap M: fieeX- 
ffe^^p X : PfeXaertpu) m : peXvew^iap f : ^iKffe^iop ia^iSS/ Jos- 
codd: p€$XeT^p o | erwrior] tPOPriop e, | ovrwi'] avrov F**: 
avn|f a, | oT/>aroire9evo-ett] orparoredcwnyj beghipqt: castra 
ponite S : iterfaciens % \ om en nyf ^aXoo'o^f nc. 

17 71^ 0vXiOTiei/A] Tiyt oXXo^Xt^ F^ 

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crwXio'/ieyoc ^ o»Xira4 M: 9' wtpkimuioprtt Mjvz 

ao eic ^ojcx«^] «« ffvaKiaafioi ly amiPai F*> | eo-rparove^evo-ay] i;rXi«(ev0{ar] F*> | er — tpiffiop] a' 0^ ^' er ly^or nyr e/»i9fio- 

ran^ M | €p o$o/i\ tp ffrjfuiuf F*> 

ai fiy^iTo] xpotwop,,, F^ | wvpoi] -l-rov ^orriffoi avrovt rov repcrarety i7fi*** '^o* rvicr.. F^ 

XIV a tfTparove^iwartM'ar] airXiyjc... F^ | njf eiravXewt] aicpoT.., nyt X^/x'^ F**: «' <»"' ^ ^6pu M: a' 0^ ^0'^t<£ASi 

^ ^0^^^& ^ I MAY^Xov] rov wvpyov F^ 



XIV 10 

3 daXi^Tcri^, i^ ivavria^ BeeXaeirffxiv ivtoinov ain&v orparaireBevaei^ iirl t^9 daXda-aif^. ^/cal B 
ip€i ^apaa> r^ Xa^ ainov Oi viol *lapaff\ vXav&VTcu oiroi ip t§ y§' avptcitcXeueev yiip avroif^ 

4 ^ ipfffAO^. 4^a> Bi aicKfipvv& rifv teapBiav ^apad^ teal tcaraSuo^erai owUrm avr&v koI ev- 
So^aa-Oijaofiai dp ^apam xal ip irdat) t§ arpan^ aifrov, koI ypdnroprai^ irdpre: ol kt^xnmoi f E* 

5 in iyto eifju Kvpio^. ieal iiroiriaap otrro)?. ^koX dvffyyiXff r^ fiaaiXci t&p AlyirfrrUop in 
wiif^evyev 6 \a6^' ieal fieTearpd^ 17 xapBla ^apai> ical 17 tcapSla r&p depawoprotp avrov iirl top 
XaoPf Koi ehrap Tl tovto hroiffaafiep rod i^airoaretKai rov^ vlov^ ^lapaifK rod fiif SovXeveiP 

6 fifiip ; ^S^ev^ep oip 4>a/>aa> r^ ipfiara avrov, ical irdpra rhp Xahp avrov avpairriyarf€P pfid^ 

7 kavrov, 7/caX Xafi^p e^axoaca ipfiara eKk^icrh xal ircurop rtfp Xirirop r&p AtyvwrU^p ical rpurrd- 

8 ra^ hrl irdpr»p. ^fcaX iaicKripvpep Kvpio^ rifP xapSlap Papain /SaaiXiot^ Alyvrrrov tcaX r&p 
0epamvprt9P avrov^ /eaX tcareBUo^ep oiriato r&p vi&p ^laparfk' oi 8k viol ^lapaifX i^eiropevopro 

9 ip xeipl v^X'p. 9ical icareBlio^ap oi Alyvrmoi oiriata avr&p, zeal eipoaap avroi>^ irapepfie- 
ftXff/e6ra^ irapk r^p doKaatrap* xal iraaa tf TirTro^ Kal rii ipfiara ^apao} teal oi imreU icaX 17 

10 arpanh avrov diripapn rtf^ irravketa^^ i^ ivaprla^ BeeXaeTnfmp. '^/rol ^apao^ wpoatjyep' icai 

3 avyK€K\€iK€w B**>AF 

9 vapa] r sup ras B* | ^pau B*] om B* 

3 om totum comma c, | kcu epet ^xipata in mg A* | ru 
\auf avrov] pr re/K rtatf vtutp i^X fr: (rois rauriy avrov 71): om 
A*(hab sup ras A*)FMaceghi*jlmvwy-b2^d^^ | oc wot] rept 
Twy wcMT AFMaceghi*jlov-b22tlMBi^ : om oc ^r | (om oin-ot — 
yn 37) I oin-ot] Au%: om m2[ | om ny s | 717] odw km | avv- 
KtKXeiKCp] avyK€K\€tff€v vz : ffvr€K\iK€¥ r : avP€K\€ur€P a^ | om 
yap AFaclqryCfL 

4 om totum comma c, | n^y xapSiaw ^pata] (om 15) : + «cou 
Tur Biparotrruw avrov n | iraro^cw^ei fm | avrur] vfuap fi | er- 
8i^aa$Tfffu/jMi n | arparcia AF*hmoryb2* | avrov"] {tpapaia 107) : 
+ ircu €w Tott apfjuuri iccu €¥ rotf imroit b'^ | exiypuaoirrai A | 
Torrcf] sub -:- ^: om w | om et/ti FMbdeghi*jlnptvwxzaab3 
d^ I Kvpiot] + ^ a, 

6 aTJrty€\fi nd, | jScurtXec twf atyvrruay] ^apaw A : + n; 
fitupa T7I TpiTTi i I on] pr \tyoifT€t A | Xaot] -fnj iiiupa rri 
rpini f I {eoTpa^ 16) | ^apaw] avrov d | 17 KapSia 1** By] om 
AFM rell IXBESi [ om crt — rov i** g | Xaoy] X0701' f | etrar] 
e*Tor AFM(txt)c-fhijlmnptvwyza3d2 : etrep c^C | €woiif<rafiey 
Boqr] pr fi^ iS : reroii^ira/Aey AFM rell | rov i^] laare h | 
rovt viovt] rov Xaor c*(uid) | doi/Xevciy] dovXcMTCu' c: ckHov- 
Xeueip m | 17/iip] viu» cl : i^juaf fin 

6 ere^ev^e Cjn-cod | ovr] it efgjoy^£(uid) | ^apaw] pr 
f: om a5S | ra appjara] pr warra y£^: ra i^ sup ras a*': ro 
apfia F*> I ain-ov i®] ain-CMr c*(uid) | om ircu — ain-ov i<» d,* | 
rorra] sub -r iS : om f | om avrov 2^ Cyr-cd | om ffvrairriyaytp 
pxB eavrov f | avpawi^yayep] ffwerrfyayt egj : avmjyayeif F* 
(<ruranfy. F*"«)clm(pr ircu)nvyz(txt)d,S(uid) : ffVPawertyKat 
Cyr-ed : avramipeyKe Cyr-cod | fjt€0 eavrov] fier avrov hqz(mg) | 
iavrov] avrov F*t 


7 Xa/Son^ Bor Cyr] trvwrtyaytv nt: eXa/3er AFM rell 9B£ 
(uid)i^ Or-gr | eirXeicra] criXcicra I: (om 131 (uid): +irai icaXa 
37) I twf] nyi' f 

8 eo-icXi^pvyci'] €iv¥apLwr€¥ F^ | (om ^pata 16) | /SeuriXcwt 
— (9) wapeft^e sup ras pauciorum litt A*(j3Xi;icora» rapa nyi' 
rescr A**) | om /ScurtXeoif cu7wrT0i/ Inswy | aiyvwrov] aiyvrrua^ 
FMa-egjpqtvzaabaB | om irat i® — avrov FM(txt)abceghj(txt)k 
lmv(txt)wxyz(txt)c,d3^Ei^ | rtaw i«»] pr tt/f xapSiaif A»: pr 
rairruw o | om ffcu 3*>— v^Xiy dp | om xai 3° o* | KarcSiw^ 
A"fi( + ot 047wrTtot i*)nsta3b,1S | oc de] icoi oc f | ewopevom-o 
i*mny£(uid) | 1/^17X17] Kparaia f 

9 om icac i<* — avrup f | om xai 1° \ \ oc (U7Uirrcoc post 
avTtaw r | orccrw avrtav] rovs viovt iij\ F* : owiata now vuaw iijX 
F^^ I Kai €vpoaa» Bkoq] evpop Se f : Kai tvpov AFM rell | ain-ovt] 
+ 0C oiTVVTcoc f I rapepL^tfikuKvrat] wapCLpepXriKoras bcfinr: 
om B I wapa njp tfoXcurcroy] ey ny 9aXcur(n} f | rapa] ere xza, : 
(ecf 107) I Kai 4<' — ^a^ui] ^pau jcac ra apfAara bswx( + airrou) | 
KOI oc crirecs] om £: +01^-0^ aegim9^(sub <S^): H-ain-caF c | 
oc 3° — avrov] ij rrpana avrov Kai oi cvrect bdpta,ba(<rT/)ar<co) : 
17 arparta ain-oi/ iccu oc crrect avrov fl[cinroc)i*(oT/)ar«a)x18: ij 
arparia Kai 01 tvvect n(oTpareca)wd, | (17 a**] pr vcura 31) | 
orpareca F*gijmnoryb3 I ft*"'**'] •\- congregati sunt IS | om e{ 
€¥aima% b'i* | /JecX^reT^w] j8ccX<r€^air AF*Mbdh»l(0€€X- l*)pt 
wba : ^€\ff€^^Ha¥ X : p€e\^€<p<atf Ezech-ap-£us : fieeXver^ m : 
(p€€\a€<pup 76): pe\ff€T^p fo: peXffc^tap ajB: (fieXaee^/i 

10 <papaw vpocnrycv] appropinquauit Pharao %i surrexit 
Pharao S | xpoariytp] vp<nfy€P defh^^'i^'jkmnptxd,: vpoari' 
yay€v Aowb, : ^nz/ aif/^ ^ur IS | ayo/SXr^iirref — o^aX/ioct] M^f 

a ^eXo-cT^wr] exo/ccra rov /Soppa M : a' ^ ^ ^•^ fA^*^ Sb \ cpiartop avntp rrpaTortSevatit] a' recU contra eum castra 

poms <r* contra eum castra ponetis $' ante eum ccutra ponetis iS 
4 or par la] ^toavar,, F^ 

6 f^eu^ep] eorpw... F*»*: eijiciw (e 2° ex a) F<=' | ra ap^ra] rat xapovX" F*» 

7 ap/yiara] irapovxca F^ | xaoap — ocTvirrccM'] inv icapovx... cuyvvT.. F^ | rpurraras] roXXcxa... F**: 0^ aiti rpect Mjv 
z(sine nom jz)^ : a' /^/i^j ^ ut 0' iS 

9 raptfAfiefikriKorat] arXiy... Fb(int lin): arXiyirev;^ . . . i | oc crrect] ^opca F^ | avtpaprt rrfs eravXcd^Y] a' ^ ere ^Bpmw 
^ eve rov OTOAcarof nyt capwtf M : a' ^ r^n/ra eto'i*^^^i^!& ^ super os ^o'i*^^ iS | ^tKatv^m] ara^a^ct F^ 
xo rpoinf^y] o' ^ iryyi^er j | aro^e^oiret] O'itotccm' F*» | eorparoredevo'ap] ewapera^ ere/cecray F*> 


XIV 10 


B avafiXA^avre^ ol viol ^lapatjk roU o^aXfioi^ opAaiv, teal ol Alrfihmoi ioTparoireBevaav iirla» 
airr&p, ical i<l>o/3fj0ffaap (r<f>6Bpa. dvefiotfaav Sk ol viol ^lapa^X wpo^ Kvpiov "/ou «Iiray 7rp6^ n 
McDvarjp TLapii ro fitf vTrapx^^v fAPiffiara iv y§ Al^virrip i^rfyarfe^ rifia^ OcofarSKrcu iv rp iprnJ^ ; 
ri rovTO hroltiaa^ fip!iv% i(iMrfayi>v i^ Atyvwrov; ^^ov rovro fJ¥ rb fnjfia h i\a\iiaafiev irpo^ ai la 
€1^ Aiyihmp Xiyovre^ Tldpe^ ^fia^ Xtto)? BovXev(ro>fA€p roh Ai/yirrrrloi^ ; icpwaov ykp ifpA^ 
Sov'Kev€iv roh Aiyvirrioi^ ^ airoOavelv iv t§ ipriiup ravrtf. ^^^hrev Si Ma^imt^ irpo^ top Xaov 13 
Sapaetre' trnjre ical opare rijv acdrrfpiav t^v Traph rov deov, tjv irouja-ei tipiv aijfiepov* hv 
rponop ykp itapoKare Toi>^ Aiyvwrlov^ arfp^pov, ov irpoadrjaeaOe &n ISetP avroif^ €i9 rov al&va 
Xpovop* ^^Kvpio^ iroXefujaet wepl vfi&p, ical vfieiq avffiaere, 'SEZttci/ Sk Kvpio^ wpo^ JJ 

Mavaijp Tt ^oa^ irpb^ fU ; \d\fiaop roi^ vioU ^lapatfX teal apa^ev^aTmaop ' ^^tcaX av hrapop r^ i(( 
pd/SBip (rov, tcaX Ifcretpop rifp ^cipa aov iwl rifp Oakaaaap icaX fnj^op avri^p, fcal eUr^Xdar^aap oi 
viol *Iaparf\ ei^ pAaop Ttj^ daXdaavj^ Karh ro ^pop. ^^tcal tBoif iyib aie\ffpvp& rifp KaphLap 17 
4>apaa> koX t&p AlyvTrrla^p irdvroip, teal eicekevaoprai oiriaw avr&p* fcal ipBo^aa-OijaofAai ip 
^ap€»M KoX ip irdatf r§ arparif avrov ical ip roU ipfuiaw icaX ip roh tmroi,^ airrov. ^^/eai 18 
ypoMTOPrai irdpre^ oi AlyvTrrioi Sri ^a> et/ii Kvpto^, ipBo^a^ofiipov fiov ip ^apM teal ip roU 

H KpiffffOW F* 

13 TpocBtifftaBoi A 


mstulerunt oculos ^ suos '< Jilii Israel Sh \ om ot i® egl | roa 
o^aX/AOit] post opwriF w: om A*(hab A^"«)syE: +avTiap F*» 
acdmptxSIS | ofHotriw kcu] Huitbtmt quod % \ opwrip] uidtrunt 
]S£( + /Vi) I irai Oi] oc de dta, | m 3<»] pr ctSor ori 1: pr oc5e 
Ayb,: pr »«ow F»>»««acfikmnpsxzdal6i Cyr-ed: oclde F* | 
e0TparoTedeu0-ai'] castra numebant^ \ (ir^odpa] H-tf'^odpa 71) | 
OPepatiaaF Be] koi aiv/Soi^ray npd^iS* | om de g | om 01 vi<h 
urpaifX 1° p I om oc 3° blild,* | om Tpot Kvpiw m 

11 etror F*>*cdfimnpt*(uid)da | ^um^f amnxc^d, | rapa] ^a 
Phil C\it\ I vwapx^iv] eu'oi i* Phil Eus Ath Chr | (junnAaTo] 
fumifAa 14.16.130*: funifuia 31) | 717] sub ir &: nyq: om F* 
Mbcefgjkmnrvwza^c^dgC Phil Or Eus Ath Chr Cyr-codd | 
e^tfyayet — epnifiia] e^yfyaytw ijfMt vd€ awoXeaai Ath | fifiat post 
BfUfaTioaoL Am | $aifar(aaai\ pr rov fi: avorretpoi M(mg)d 
j(mg)pstz(mg)a3b2 Chr|: om n: -^-nos B | */w?A*«] +Taimy 
0a9ar(aaai rifiat n: -f ravny Chr| | rovro\ +to a^: +0 mE | 
om riisMf k | t^yayio^ Bbi**koqr Or-gr Eus] tfyirpop f: e(- 
aTaTcir ly/mt F*n: +i;/iat AF*>*Mi* rell (e^a^wi' e*) ^IS 
S(uid)i^ (sub <S> V) Cyr Cyp: ( + vAiat i5-«05> I «f] «« 7^ F» 

12 om ov d I lyr ro fnnia] to fnifia ip oqr Cyr-codd |^: 
pfilfAa Tjif C3rr-ed| : u^r^a sunt 9 | i?p] coti fwB | wpos at post 
aiyvwTia M^egjoqsx Cyr^ | ey aiy vrrta] post Xe7orr«t b': er 
€pfiipM m ; om i*nwd, | cuyvwrui] pr 717 o9 | Xc^orrcj] qtiod 
^: om S I iifias owiat SovXtwrwfUp] riiu¥ dovXeucir Cyr-cod^ | 
5ov\€VffOfUP fknx*' | tois aiyvimoit i"] m Aegyplo IS*': om 
roi% Cyrl | om Kpeivaop — oi7wrTi0if 1® fs | 70^] ^x fiiit %: 
fuerat Or-lat : erat Cyp-ed : est Cyp-codd : om c : + or lyp F* : 

+ i|r F*»*Mbijnptxda3l Cjrr-cod^ | ij/mi a®] post dovXeveir ijm 
nd,: litMM w£(uid) Cyp: om F'c, | dovXevcti*] 5 euanuit in 
rasura A | roit a(7V«Tioct a*^] (rovt cuTvmovf 16): ai/roif b : 
om Toit Cyi I iy] iccu /iiy n I tt^o^oi'eu'] +i7Mat kma, | ravny] 
lub -T- iS: om VWS» OrUti 

13 fuif^t amnxc^d, | (om Bapatire 118) | o'Ti/re] ffrriKert 
Ab-gijlryCadj : onfjcarf k^ : om w | om koi cd, | opare] idere 
¥*{opaTt F*"*) I ffiOTfipiaif — ^eov] ropo rov lev ffpia» f | rev 

dew BAvyzCa] rw kv FM rell (om row ox) %lfiS^ Phil Cjrr 
Cyp : (rw KvpM 105) | TOiiyirci] facit Cjrp-cod | om ly/ttr ai|/ic- 
por b, I i7fuy] v/uf kmvxz^ Phil-ed Cyp-cod : om IB*" | om 
or — iniiufwp a** g I om 7op (16.35) ^^ I <^™ '''•*^ Cyr-cd | 
om fffifupoif a<> m j ov] pr m a,,: (om 107) | vpoaOiiaecBe'] 
rpocr^ere M(mg)h^w Cyr-cod : rpoare$^eff$e cvz Cyr-cod | 
eri] post avroi/t Fadptxb^iS : om i* | {ideip] pr rov 78) | XP<*'^] 
sub T- iS : om kn 

14 ToXefiffcet] voXe/iiyoiy f10*: pugnai ISX^ \ vcpi] vrep 
FMabcefgijkmnorswxya^c^ Phil Or-gr Eus Chr Cyr | riiuap ac 
e**fgijmo*r* Phil-codd| Cyr Cyp-cod | iroi v\ui%\ iccu ij/<eif g: 
v/ic(s ^ Chr I cvyr^ere] atyrfffore FWnISC : atyfiaea$e M(txt)b 
efgi^'jknoqrsvrCadj Phil^ Or-gr Eus: {ffiyiicaaSai 37): 0'*7ij- 
$7iaeff$e w: ai<awriffeff$e Phil-cod 4 Chr 

16 eiwew Se] Ktu eiwe Phil | {5e] yap 105) | fivvarip] v ex 
corr 1**: fjuaarip amnxd,: puaaei c, | {ri] pr /jmcji /uacri 105) | 
(rovf MOW 16.35) 

16 {av post ewapop 16) | exapop ny pa/3dw] j«m^ dacu/um 
9 I n; pa/Saw Br] np po/Saor AFM rell IS(uid)£(uid)iS Cyr | 
om aov i<> c* I ewi] wapa d | pi?(or] ^tipoLPOP Cyr-ed | ei^eX^a- 
rioaop BAF*h*noxa,] eiaeXBenaaop F*>Mh*> rell | om oi eln | 
eit fuaoip] ep fuata egj | om eit b | (juaop n|t BoKaaarit] rifP 
BoKaaaap Z7{h)) 

17 KCU tdov eyu] ey<a Se iSov w : om tdov IS*' : (om eyv 16) | 
aKXfipvpw] arepeu M(mg)nvwz(txt)d3 | ipapata xai i»] sub -r- iS : 
om F' I ^pow i^] -f-iccu rup Bepavoprutp avrov dfijnptd, | om 
Kai 1° — avrwp f | iccu 1® — woptvp] (ircu €•• vcuny nj or par la 16) : 
om n I row a<7i;Trtwr post vapnap slc^ \ raprifp] sub -7- S^ : 
(om 105) I eureXevo-orrai] eto-cXevo-ofuu b' : inducam /»j ( + in 
marelB^)^ \ om oiwiata b' \ ep6o^6iiaii»fuu gn | om ir«u 5** — 
avrov 1° nlS^ | ep t^] evi \ : om m \ arpareia AF*imoryb,* | 
(om avrov i® 35) | om xat 6<* — avrov 1® F*w | om (Oi (^ — 
apfuiatw d,(|) | apfiaatp] i- avrov cmx^lS^(8ub ^ a'B^) \ om 
ep roit ao hps | om ey 4*^ d | avrov Y*] avrup a, 

18 om totum comma ghjpq | rarret oi ai7viT(oc sub -7- ^ | 
ei^] sub -1- iS: om F'k£(uid) | crdo^a^o/icrov /aov] crdo^- 

la raprt] o^ F^c(uid) : am rov eaaop a^t j 

15 icai opa^^rtaaap] <ra/i. twa arapuatp j: o! ^ ff et tolhnt % \ ava^.] avpewap,,. FM 

z6 erapor] v}/^waop F^ | pi||or] ^to-or F^ 17 aicXifpvrw] papvpv Svpafi., 


P> I ITTOCt] ^OpiOCt P>' 


XIV 25 

19 apfjuurw fcaX hnroi^ avrov, ^^i^pev Si 6 oyyeXov rov 0€ov 6 wpinroptvofAevo^ rfj^ vofieiAfioKtf^ B 

T&v vi&v ^lapai^X, ical iwopevdff iK r&v SirurBep' i^p€¥ Be teal 6 arvko^ rtj^ ve4>iXv^ oiro 
to vpovmrov avrAp, Kal Sartf itc r&p oirlac^ avr&v, ^fcal eurrjKdev avh fiiaov r&v AlfywrUfip icai 

avA fUaov T^9 irapefifioXff^ *Io-pai;X, ical earq * Koi ^evero aicoro^ teal yv6^>c^t koI S&fj\i0€v tj pv^, 
ti Koi ov awifu^ap aXKi/jkot^ Skffp rifp pvfcra. ^^i^ereiptp Se tAtavaij^ rifp X^^P^ ^^ '^'^ doKaao'ap* 

fcal irmjyayep Kvpio^ rtfP ddXaaaap ip dpip^ ponp fiiaUp oKrjp rifP pv/cra, Koi iirolffacp rifp 
22 doKaaaap ^pdp, xal ifrxladfi ro HBtop. ^icaX etaijXdop oi viol ^lapaifX eh pitrop tiJs daKda-off^ 
95 icarit TO ^pop, teal to iimp avroU reixo^ iie Be^i&p teal r€i;^09 i^ eimptip^P' ^^koX icareBU^^ap oi 

AJyvwTMi^ ical elaijXOop om'Um avr&p ical 7ra9 tmro^ ^apaoi> teal rd ippara koX oi dpofidroi eh 
24 fUg^p T^9 OaXda-ani^. ^iyep^Otf Si ip r^ if^vXatcp ry ew6iP^ icaX iiripXe^ev Kt/pio^ hrl rifp 

irapepfioXiiP r&p Alyirrrrlwp ip ^rvXq> TTvpo^ icai 1/6^X179, fcal avperdpa^ep rifP vapepfiokifP r&p 
2$ Aiywriwp, ^^irol avpiSffaep roif^ d^opa^ r&p dppArap avr&p, ical fjy aryep avroif^ fXerd fiia^. 

teal ehrap oi AiyvTmoi ^tiywpep dvo irpoaomrov ^laparjk' o ydp Kiipio^ iroXep^l vepl avr&p roh^ 

ao ffv¥€fu^ B^] ffW€fui^a^ B* 

34 auaOuni AF* 

2$ auroras A 

tsfitPVf m I €P «<*— 4inroif] rcuny nj tfr/oareui m | apfuurip] 
+ atrrov odlBiHsab ^ -/) | iwrois] pr tp rott P>M(ing)abcef 
kiiotvxz(8ub -^)a,da^(iiid)5S(sab <S>): pr roct d: in omnibus 

10 om tohim comma dji\) | om i<» g | rov 9eov] lev c 
Or-hU: om dji\) Or-gr | nyt ra^/i/3oXi^] (njir vapeflfiokffif 
105): om (37) Etts I Twr intn^] sub -7- iS: om E^ Or-kU | om 
Kot I® dp I cropcv^] evopev^or b, : elcropev^ 1 | cjr rc#r 
<nrt^cr] €K rtm owurBunf {$2) Cyr-cod : jlosi iUos Or-lat : 
+ avntfr FWu:mx1l]Si^(sub ^) Eus | fc a®] om Or-Iat: +0 
aTTcXot a, | om ecu a" gjfB(uid) | aro] wpo Eus | avrwr i<»] 
avTOv c,: +Tfc»' vuav 1^ b | icoi 50 — aurwy a«] pr icoi tropevBri 
Ens : om f | owiaui] oiwwBcw abn | om avrur a^^'n 

20 om totum comma d,(i) j eunyX^] tunikSw dptb^ | 
om rm^i»t€ow a* fq | Ttir B Cyri] pr Tijf rape/ifioKiis AF 
(^«r<ro... F»»«w)Md3(i) rdl «1S£iS Or-lat Eus Cyr| | auyw- 
riwr] ofomw^ m | ora a" — t^-paiyX] oMa sup ras A": Israeli- 
tarum Or-lat | nyt vape/i/^Xiyt] om n : om nft Cyr^ | i^/mijX] 
pr Tfiw vMir F*>"«efh Eus Cyr-ed|-codJ: pr rov 1 | koi tcnti 
BA^bfi-'oqrs Cyri] om A*FMi*d,(|) rell 9B£5S Cyri | ywo- 
^ KOi ffKOTot FMa(pr ras i lilt uid)b-cgjlpta,b,Cj,16i5(uid) | 
om jcot 6«»— rwf £ | km diii\$€p] mi anyXtfev a,: (5ciyX9e de 
37): om ow Cyri | (aXXiyXovt 133) | oXiyM post rvrro a, 

21 om totum comma f | fittaiii ai*mnxc,d, | njp x«pa] rot 
Xecpat s*: niw wvicra a,: +ai;rov ack]mx1IIS^(sub •:^) Eus| | 
om jcoi i<* — BaXoffaop a*» k* | vrriyaytp] einiyay(¥ cghio-rC: 
(amfyayt 3a) | om Kvpiot WE^ \ Tifp daKaaffOP a®] pr ert YE : 
post optfiv m I om CI' hkns Eus | oXip] pr 0X1^ rrfp fifAcpaw 
KOI j"«(mdice ad v. 16 posito)z(mg) | wwcra] rifupaw Eus | 
e^M^] t^vdii c: iie^iff0ii AF*Mg-jlvwyrCa : duffx^Bri c: 
d«e0r;i^c0^iy^ar F** 


22 ei^X^or] tiffyjKBocwf bkm: 9iiiK$<0 Eus | om oc 1 | 
om iffparfK n* | eit ftea-op} €P fuvu begs : ^ /A^^iff Eus : om t tt 
<Ja(i) I '•''* — (*3) ^aXcw^f] bis scr n*[iroTc5*«ii^ ^ | koi «if] 
voo-a iy] I TO vdwp ai/roit] /k^a esi aqua % : «m/ aqua B | 
avroct] avn^t c*n: avrovf c*: yWi/ S: +e7eirfro fi | 5c(i«r] 
+ awT«#r FWix^U6(sub 4^ oV) | om T«xot a® orx^BiS Or- 
gT(uid) I eiwrv^tMr] +ai;r«#r F*>acx9ISi6(sub 4> 70 

23 KOI Kandit^ Bkmoqrs] icarcStw^ur ae AFM rell Bi^ | 
KOi €tffii\$op] pr ecu €^\$op s : post avrwr c : om a, | €iff^\- 
Bop] euni\$€¥ Ab, : €uni\$oaap p | avrwr] r«*r vtti>p 1^ 1 | irot 
30 BF»>'»»aaC] om AF»M rell flBi^ | rof Baoqrsx] roero c,: 
waaa 17 AFM rell | kcu. ra o^/ytara] (om 13a): + avrov acm 
x91S^(sub <g>) I oc opapaTcu] ^o^ca avrov F^ : + avrov acWS | 
ett] pr irat ec^X^oi' AS(om mu) 

24 om totum comma d,(|) | €y€pri$fi] pr ras (3) o: 
tytPtro F I (om ep t<* 37(4)) | om ny I® q | Tapa^vKoKri F*» | 
eve/SXe^eF] post Kvpiot fi: ei^tfiXof/ep bwd^C^) Thdt: (icare- 
/SXe^e 76 : «re/3aXer 64) | «ri Bfio Hil] om d : e« AFMs(t ex 
corr)d,tt) rell fll(uid)E{uid)^ Eus Thdt | np rapefifiokrip !<>] 
TTf wapefifioXii o \ €p a<» — cuyvwrwp a*»] om g Thdt: ter scr 
w*(bis scr w**) I (om kcu ^o—aiyvwruop a*» 105) | o-vrcro^Ki^] 
ffvptra^ mC | cuyvwriup a®] +€p ctvXw wvpos kcu re^eXi^ i*'r 

26 om totum comma 6J^\) | a-vptdv^ep cfow | rovf a^pas] 
roias % I rwf optMTtop post avrwr i^ m | avrc^^ !<>] avrov s: 
om Ca I iry«7«'] im^ AahkmnxCadjfD^WS Thdt : (iryor 105) | 
/icra /5cof] pr ov c | ctiror F^odf ikmDpdg(i) | (irf)ocr«»ov] pr 
rov 105) I ur/Mi^X] pr rcur vuin^ z | icvpiot] pr n | iroXe/ii^o-ci 
X I irc/H avrcMT Bors(ex corr)d,rt)] post aiTvrriovf A*"«: om 
A*: vwtp c,: vrcp avrwr FMg(pr av g*) rell | rovf at^vr- 
riovf] (roct oiTvrrioit 77) : om pS 

ao KOI 4® — rvfl 0^ jroi lyr iy re^Xiy VKoroit pttp €K€t$€P ^atpovo'a d< €PTtv0€P Mvzc,(om lyi* Mc,: sine nom c,*): <ro/t. 

Ktu ifp TO rc^t JCOi ro o-zrorot jrai t^oxptp ny rvicrc c^fsine nom c,*) | iroi 4°— T^o^] a' koi rytpero fi pt^Xri k,, c^ \ vKorot 
— oXXifXoct] o' 11 Ff^eXiy /roi to ffKorot /tat t^wrw€P o-vr nyr rvicra irai ovic ifyTwer ovrot Tpoit tovtop Mvz[om iy vz | om ro 
z] I JTOi 6® — rvfl irai tfipe,.. oXi|i» nyr yvrra F** 

az rorw] anyXic^ny F*> | /Suuw] Jvrarw F*» | ^pop] cit X*^^ FN;,: o' f*t X'P^^ ^ <*« blpfu^ Mj(indice ad v. 16 (ifpor 
p08ito)vz I TO v^] ra v6ara F^ 

a4 er !• — cwtfcriy] /irro ra rpUL fupni nyt rvcrot F*> | ny e«#tfc9if] ny rpwt F*> | eri np rape/i^Xipr] fit to orpaTowtSotf 
ctt njF rapara^ eit to ^oavaT., ¥^ 

as <rvredi^er] €^<rTp,., F^: ^ iktrwrtfat j | rovt a^orat] rovs rpoxovt F^: a' rv/inAv % \ tura /Scat] /lera /3apvr[i7rot] F^ 


XIV 25 EE0A02 

B Alyvirriou^. ^Elwep Si Kvpio^ irpo^ Mtovafip "EKretvop r^v X^ipa aov iwl rifP OdKaatray^ «6 

icaX airotcarwrrriTia to iSfop Koi iinKoXv^dTm rotf^ AlfyvTrrlov^, hri re tA ipfuira Kai roi^ 
avafidra^, ^i^ireivev Sk MoDvar}^ rffP x^^P^ ^* ""^^ ddKaaaap, xal airefcariiTrrf to iS^p irpo9 «7 
flpApap hrX %<o/>a9* ol Bi Alyvwrioi i^vyop viro to HBwp, ical e^eripa^ep Kvpu>^ tov^ AlyvTrrlou^ 
fj^eaop r^9 6a\da<rr)^, ^ical iwapoo'Tpa^ep Tb HBoaj) iKokvy^ep r^ ippMTa fcal Toif^ avafiaTa^ 38 
Kol naaap ttjp Svpafup ^apcui, Toifs ettrrrewopevpApov^ oirLatu avT&p eh Tifp doKaaaap* KciX ov 
KaT€\€iff>0ff i( avT&p ovBi eh. ^oi Bi viol ^lapaifK. iwopevdrjaap Slit ^p&^ iv fUa^ t^9 ap 
ddkdaarj^, to Si vStap avToh Telx'^^ ^^ Se^i&p ical T€f^o9 i^ evtt^pvpMP, 3P/cal ippvaaro TSjupio^ 50 
Thp 'Icrpa^X ip r^ Vf^P9 ^t^^^vrj ite %€ftp09 t&p Alyvirrmp' xal ISep ^lapaifk Toif^ Alyuirrlov^ 
TeOpTficoTa^ irapib to xelXo9 t^9 daXda-atf^. ^^ISep Se 'Icrpa^X t^p ;^€!pa ttjp p^dKifp, A hrohf^ev 31 
Kvpio^ Toh Atyvrrrioi^' i^o^tjOfi Se Xao9 top tcvpiop, ical iirloTewrap r^ Oe^ ical Mwuo^ r^ 

H C3 'ToT€ fiaev MmvoTf^ fcal ol viol ^lapaifX Tffp ^pS^p TavTtfp t^ 0e^, koI elwap^ Xeyopre^ i xv 

"Aatdpsp T^ icvpupf epS6^€d^ 7A/9 SeS6^cuTTa4,* 

Xmrop Kal dpafiaTffP Ipptyfrep eh ffdXcuraap. 
^fioffOo^ Kal CKewaaT^^ iyiveTo fioi eh cwTrfplap* « 

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17 €^ei»a(€V AF* 18 €urT€TopevfUPovs A*] eiawewopevrpovs A* | KareXei^rj B***] iceiTeXt^^iy B* 

39 €fifi€<r<a AF 30 eider F 31 ec^er F XV i €p9i^w A'] er^w A* 


26 om totum comma d^^) | om ttTCP^tuyvrriovt d | 30 top t^poiyX post e«ciFiy akmx^ | cf — €K€iw7i post euYiwr- 
fuawrip] /uMrip amnxd3(i): /JMirct c,: { + XaXe«roF rott woif riw h | e* x"/»»] * manidus ^ | om rwr AFMa-cgipt-c, | 
i^paijX Kai (TV 105) I ^oXcuTtf-ar] +iceu />i^oy avn^F 1 | aroira- t^pai^X a<>] ici f | rc^ijicorat] pr rout q | (x^iXot] vd<ap 78) j 
TcumiTu] awoKaramiffta pw: awoKaraffniaoF m: a^oicoTcurro- nyj ^aXurcrijfJ.rou worafuw PhU^: +«oto to |i7por dp 
%rwFack | vdw/)] +e«'t xwpaf k | jcou cviiraXi/^rw] sub -r- i6: 31 om tScr — cuyvwriois j | (tScF de urpaijX] iccu 71) | tdcr 
om £ I cTticaXv^arw] cviicaXi/^w m : KoKwf/aTu f | rot/t i<*] pr ^] irai i8ep Afim | om tcrpaijX m | a] pr jceu fip | rovt tuyvr- 
€ri cxE^(sub -i*) I en i®— ewo^raf] ^ currus eorum et tww M*> | €4>opfi0fi 3e] iccu €4>opii$ij AFMd-hi*jlnptvyzaa*'ba 
equUes eorum % \ rovt 3®] pr eri AFceijv(mg)wxza3b2)3£(uid) c^d^lS Cyr : icoi t^o^rfBriaaw a,* | Xoof] pr irai n : om f | 
i I ora/Sarat] sup ras F' : a^rat sup ras a*' erurrewrtp sl^SS \ Beta] lew F*»j Or-lat| | om fiuvai/i — (xv. i) 

27 fUMrift amnxc^dg | x«*Pa] + ain-ov acklmx^)3iS(sub -^ rictv s | luavari] fuawei r : /m^o^ ak*nx : /iONret c^d, : post avrov 
y') I aTeifaretf-Tij] aTOKar€<rni F'^Madegh^'jk^'ptxdj : aveica- Or-lat^: om mp 

TwraBti bcw | ly/tepap] 17/iepa c: r/fiepai ( \ eri X'^pasr] eir* XV 1 rore] pr icou o: to f: ei ISt \ lyo'er] i|Fe<reF F*>'flt* 

X«i^>' ft: JM/«r locum suum Si: om ]S(uid): +a\mis (33) (uid)d9: cantaucrunt %\ (om 78) | /iwvd^s— urpaiyX in mg et 

^uid) I oiyvwTWi] pr oc n | %rro to vitap] in mare £ : a facie sup ras A»(om koi — lopariK A**"**) | /Mw^t amnxc^d, | om 

aqua€ (aquarum codd) ^ | vw6\ ert b'c-gi*'lnor | e^rtni^i'] ifoi \^ — laparik a | om oc c*ef*gl*mnoqda | rw Btu BbkoqsS 

^€TtiPt9 ma, I luaov] pr eis df hilnptyd, : pr icara Phil : {(w Phil (uid)] om cegmra, : rw Joi; AFM rell B5S | iccu etvov 

/ic<rcrf 33) XcYorret] ^ dicunt^: in exordio uocis £ | om koh. etvxir egm | 

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Toi/f (urrop€voii€Povt a-%*hi*j-mo*swya2d, : (rovf cKTopevo- Xe7cii' Acy5S : tw tw Xe7eti» oa, : Xe7eiy hqtxb, : dicere B : om 
fupovt 71): TWF €unropevofi€Piap n | ain-wr i^] rwv vmp i^ n | M rell | tpSo^s c | iinror icoi aya/Sanjr] «/f«v ^/ equites eorum 
om etf njF ^aXao-irav n | om njF 3° r | om iceu 40 AFMdeghi* 31 | iinrovf Cyr-ed^ | oro/Sanyi'] +ai/rov aS(sub 4Sf efip,) \ 
jinps-d, I ov KaT€\€i<pBff] ovk aircXei^^ j(ing) '• o^x inreXei^^ 9aX(W(rai'] + can/emus Domino gloria enim glorificaius est IS* 
acx I ou^ etf] ot/^is £ : ov^ett a, | eit 3^] + 1€ eit F* 2 poniBot koi O'jcerao'nit] adiutor acceptus meus Dominus et 

29 TO 5e] ircu TO b | v^/>] +^rvi/ B | avroit reixot] murus %\ et Or-lat|: +/aov it c^(sub ^) : +irt a: +xM/9rr m^ IS | 
erat%\ murus fuii eis E | ovroti] ownjf w : om IS" | de^twi'] odmfpiap] -^contemns Domino gloria enim glorificatus est IS* j 
+ avr«r ax3U&<sub 4>) | Te»xo» «**] sub -r- iS: om x^E | eww- ourwf q | /aov i^ post ^eof I® AF'Marsa^b^iSCuid) | ovror 3«] 
vviuop] + avrvr acx3UIS(sub •:g^ a'^) + cantemus Domino gloria enim ghrificatus est IS* 

a6 awoKaTomfna] a! twiffTpa^Tta j | rovt ava/3arat] eirc ra 0apca F^ 

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ofUKta/UL c I ICCU eCeru^o^] ^/ excussit et eontudit Sh \ efenrofeF] a' optppaotw MJTz: anryciper F*> 
a8 TOW ara/3arat] to ^pto P*** 30 eppuo^aTo] eowrep F*» 

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5 nin'»]awrov\*{n\d)m*{md}<Mlli{^cafUemusDomificgioria iraraXcc^w/icu n | VKvXa] Xa^pa Phil-codd | tfiwXtfffv 
enim giorificatus est B*)E fvx^*'] eM^Xi^o-^^ercu avrvm iy ^^nci Phil-codd | eitirXi^w] pr 

4 avrov] +cmmm W | cTtXeicrovf] pr kcu Eus: cTiXeicrat ^ ^£: •{■avrwif c9iS(sub <S>) | oi'eXti] pr Ktu Phil-codd | ny 

F^ : XcKTOvt o* I aifofiaraf] sub -:- 5S : iroXXiic ... F^ | xare- ftaxo^pv] (P' *^ 3^) * ^^ MAXAi/^i hn | icvpievo'ei] Kvpiewni Fc : 

wdBhi^om Bo5S] KonwarrurBiiatuf j(ing): irardrorrt^'er AFM (irarajcv/Kcvo-ei 33): -havrwF Phil-codd ^US | om 11 Phil-cod | 

j(txt) rell Or-lat Etts Cyr: nartwoirnaof avrovs (71) IS(uid) | /xov 3°] +avrwv c 
om ^aXoj^ Eus 10 arc^reiXa M | eiraXv^ey] pr koi AF^McorryjfXE | 

6 irorrw] irorro M(ing)fhnsxa2 : •'orrof F*»'cj(nig)v(iiig)z ftitf-et] wt iy k | /uoXi/Soi BAF*Mrsv3ra3b, Cyr] /aoXv/3^ Inz Phil- 
(ing)9S5^ Cyr^-edi : a^ua IS | jrarcivray] e^virar Eus: rare- ed : /AoXi/3dof F*>' rell Phil-codd Thdt | a^todprn ha, 

/Sif^oy egj'la, 1 1 o/Mcot <roc i*^] o/ioittM'ec c | 0tK i<>] <rov m | om er i<» — 

6 ffcv i*»] +xei^ q | x^^l P^^t icvyKc !<> e: om ^Ui | (om 0>oi i^ g | rtt a**] ro«t f | aoi 2^] aov f | Bavfiorrw bk | ey 
^pavatw 154) do^t] ey9o(<Ht Eus-cod: crdo^cM b'di^'mpsb, Eus-codd 

7 om •"«; i*» i I oiirer/M^er ^dmn | c^ireoretXat (31) Or- 12 irarener] pr koi AMi**or-va,ba2[C Or-lat J | yif] pr iy 
gr I om jcflu a® a-hi*jkpqwxzd^ | m BAF^MaovyaJ w<r« AF*Mc«c^hjort?yaab/ 

F*' rell Or-gr | KoKafiii (67.178) Or-gr-cod 13 om rtf dticaioffvini <rov fi | np ductuoavnip p | Suctuo- 

8 (om Ktu loi) I om rov — v^wp g | SuTrri] (eani 3a : icare- avni — or] <e^ 0-ov ravnf ri m | om aov i^ (154) ^IS* | rov- 
onf io8> : J/^/i^f B£ | e«-a7ij i® BAF^MdovyBi^] pr ^/ E : roif oif] quos E | eXvr/KiKrw] em^w c* : elegisti IS(sed pro 
-hiroi F>* rell | n^t ^oXcuroijt] t 9 sup ras A* «^RCOTnq lege «iRCOTq) | c» KaTaKvfia\ residuum £ 

3 wrrpipwf roXe^vf] onyp iroXe/<ov F** 5 irorrw] afivffffot F^: o! a^ ff abyssi Sb 

6 If 3f(ca ^ov «*>] y similiter iS 8 dceoni] a' <r' ^ •vwpevOfi Mjvz | ctotij i*] tBnuumtnadfi F*>* | vdara] icv/iara z 

9 O'cvXa] vpcud.. F^: Xa^vpa F^ iz ^eoct] iffxupoit F^ 

SEPT. 203 27 


B ^^iiKovaap edvfj Kal i>(r(La0fiaav' H 

cbSii^9 i\afiop KaroiKoxhna^ ^vXum^lfi, 
'5tot« i<nr€v<rav fiye fi6pe^ *E&o;i* >5 

Kol dfyxpvre^ Mwa/SftTwi^, fkafiev avroif^ rpofio^' 
iraicriaav wavre^ oi Karoiteovpre^ 'Kavaav. 
^^iTTiiriao^ iv avroif^ rpSfbo^ teal <l>6fio^, i6 

fi€yi0€t Ppa')(lov6^ aov a7ro\i0<»0i]Tma'av* 
&>9 &v irapiXOff 6 \a6^ aov, Kvpie, 

&»9 &v wapikBjj 6 Xarf9 aov o5to9 hv i/enia-to. 
^7 eta-afyayibp Kara^vrevaov avroif^ et^ 6po^ teXffpovo/ila^ <rov, 17 

eh iroipiov KaroiKtinipiov aov h tearffprlawt Kvpu, 
aryiaa^, Kvpie, h ijrolfiaaav ai X^^P^^ ^^^* 
^^Kvpto^ ficuriXevtap rbv al£va icaX i^r alAva fcai frt. 18 

^^''Oti elarjXdev hnro^ ^apaa> ainf &pp4unp ical avafiarai^ eh OdXaaaav, koI hrijyayev 19 
i^r avToif^ Kvpios ro UBiop 7^9 BaXdaarf^* o* Se viol *lapafj\ iwopevdtfaav StA ^p&^ iv pMaip 
f da T^9 OaXaaari^y 

^Aafiovaa Si MapiAfi ij irpoif^ffn^ rf aSeX^i) ^Kapi^v rb rvfiiravov iv Tp xetpX ai/r^v, icaX 10 
i^T^XJdoaav waaai ai ywauee^ oiriaw avrrj^ fierd rvfnravwv koX yppAv. ^^i^rjpx^v. Se avrwv ti 
Mapuifi Xiyovaa 
§C'^ ^"hatofuev r^ icvpUp^ ivZo^to^ yap SeSo^aarai* 

Xmrov Kal dpafidrffp Ippi/yfrev th OdXaaaav, 

14 ofpyiOfiaw F* | a^ci^et B*(««m'- B»>)F» 15 /Awa^iTio^ B*] ft«a/J»r«r B*>AF* 

16 fuye$u B*»>] fieyeSi B* | om \aos i«— « a® B*(hab B*»>n>«) 17 om aytaa/ia Kvpie B*(hab B»*»««) 

19 tfufuffia AF* 31 oro/Sanyp A 


14 e^] Xaoi F^ : om a, | vpyiffO^op] t^oPuBriaw AM <r/yia eit KoJBtbpoM aov Phil-codd | Korounrnipiov ek ^uid) | om 
(txt)Iv(mg)yz(mg) | <adufn] pr a W6f%i {tadwat 146) | xaroi- trov 3<> ik | Kaniprrurv B] ^tuparasti Or-lat: KarjiprfMia Ajub* 
icovrrat] irarourourref ^cga, : irarourovi^ra 1 : irorret oi icaroi- coq : Kanipoffw b^^ : ffaretpyatf-w FMb' rell Phil : ftcisti ^B£ 
irovrret df p | 0vXt0Tiet/<] prer w: 0cXMTtet/i b'dflnpIS^ Or-lat : % \ icvpte i^] Kvpiov Phil-codd: om g* | Kvpie a^] in; n: (om 
{(piXtffSutfi 20S) : 0vXiecfim: CAanamuorum H-cd 66.151) | firoi/iaaaw tu] ii6paff«» Phil-codd 

15 (inrc/Aorer] pr o« i8.i90*') | opxo»^»] (pr ot i8>: Jura- 18 irv/nof] JR AF'^^Ma^i^oaalSCuid) Or-lat | jSeuriXeiwr] 
TOi F*> I AMMi/9eiraw] fioafiirwf f*hn: fUM/3 F*> | rpo/iof] pr poffikew d: /So^tXcvec H-codd Phil-codd ^ | rwf cucMra] rwr 
^ot jccu (130) Or-lat i : rpoftmn a, | om eTajn;0'ay— (16) ^/3of ocwFirir djlmpw'd, Phil|-cod | | om ircu er omwci Phil-codd} | 
f I tratcriaap] eraicfi iy ^ly iccu a, | xai^a»'] pr ey 717 1 : (xo^'cv aiwra 3<>] aiwrwF k | om iccu i<> Phil-codd | | eny klm 

81) 19 ore n*D I ap/iaaip] +avrov clSi6(8ub <^ e/3p.) | om koi 

16 cTtirc0>oi] cTiireo'ec In Cyr} | (oin-oi/f] avroit ao8) | i«e* | am/Saraif] (oro/San^ 197): 4- ourow AMceglrsvy-b^^B 
rpofun Kcu ^ofiot Bal$B5S] om iroi ^ofiat w : ^/3ot kcu rpo/un ^(sub ^^^ tpft,) \ (om ircu a<*— ^oXo^^t i** 76) | er ain-ovt] av 
AFM rell £ Or-lat Cyr Luc | fuytSri ba, | awoXidioOeirfff'tuf int lin g : post Kvpiot AFlnvyz5S : om rr e | (icuptos] + tfeot 
k* Or-gr (sec interpr lat) | om ewf !<>— eifn^rw b' | iropcX^ i®] aof) | ^oXo^o^ i®] pr epvOpat n(epv ex corr n*)z(mg) | m 5f] 
vapeX^ot dghmop | om Kvpu — aov 3° ^'cl Or-lat} | Kvpi€ post -hoi wa^ 

ffw 3« Luc I (w a°] iop 3a) | iropeX^ a®] rap€}i$oi dhimop | 20 Xa^wra BM(mg)bi*i^(mg)] eXajSer AFM(txt)i*» rell 

om aov 30 f I eirrtiow] tKTiau chil*n : eXvrp«0Ow Am£(uid) ^1S£i6(txt) | iy adcX^ oopcirr] om k^ : om 17 m | aopMr] pr 

17 eio'aTaTtar Kara^vrevaoif] et induxisti W \ eiaayayiiMf] fimvam koi F*>"«(reprob F«) | to] tw F*>: om f | koa cfiyX- 
-h avroit cj6(sub 4^ a') | icara^vreMror] Kora^vrtvatit Phil- ^ooov] sup ras r*: ircu t^XBw AFMcdeghi*jlnptvxyrb, : xm, 
codd}: Kort^vrtvatu (154) £c | opoi/f Phil-cod | icXiyporoAuat t^tipx"^ a, 

o-ov] irXi7podooiat o^ov Phil-codd-omn : icv k | cit 3<* — i^*] e5pa- 21 avrwF fiopM^i] /uiptafi aimut n | avroir] avreut egj(txt)ls 

14 vpyurOiiatuf] a' e0o/9i}[9iyo'ay] F* : a' exXony^or Mvi | c#<cref ] »oi»oi F*> | ^vXt^rifc^] oXXo^i/X . . F*> 

15 ercunio'ay] tSo/^urB,,. F^ 

z6 rpo/iof KCU ^/3ot] a' #/»/or ^ /f>Mr ^ ut 0' iS | aroXitfw^wo'ay] a' ^ taeeant o' immcdiUs fitmt iS 

17 etf «o— oov lo] a' o' tdpaafta ctj Ka$t6paif aov Mjvz[sine nom jz | om o* v | KoBtdptu vj | ip-oc/ioo^oi'] o' lyd/Muror M 
z8 irvpcof /3aotXev<i>r] a' ,^*^ r^putbii ^ ,^*^ /M«j regnabit (f ,^*^ regnant % 

zg ora^ratt] ^op... F^ | ro i;d»p] ra wSara F^ 

az cfiypx^ ^c avrwr] a' «at icarcXeyer avroit MJ2(snie nom jz) | e$iypxcr fc] o*' praecintbat auttm ^ ut o' 5S | c^/>X^] 
iroreXryei' F** : o! praecimbai iS 




39 *^^Effjpe¥ Si Ma»u(H)9 rov^ vioi>^ *I<rpa^\ cnrh daXdaoTf^ ipvdpa^, xal ijyayep avroi^ eh B 

T^y ifyriiiov ^ovp* koX iwopevovro rpeZ^ 'fifiipa^ iv r^ ipVf^ '^^^ ^^ ffipiCKOp vh»p Aare^ ' 
33 iTiUu. ^^^Hkdov hi w Meppd, icai ovk rjSvvavro wieip eK Mippa^, wucpop yiip tjp* Biii 

14 Touro iirMPOfiaaep to Spopm tov riirov itceipov Jlixpla, ^teal Bieyoyyv^ep 6 Xao9 irrl iAoxrrip 

35 Xiyopre^ Tl iriofA^Ba; ^^ifia^aep Si Mcdvaij^ irpo^ Kvpiop' koI SSei^ep avr^ Kvpio^ (v\op, fcai 
ipiffaXep avro eiV to i^p, tc^i iyXvicdpdff to ihtop. heel idero avr^ SiKiutafuiTa teal KpUret^, tcai 

36 iicet iweipaaep avrop ^tcal efvev *Kkp olko^ atcovtrp^ Ttj^ ^fl»i^ Kvplov rov Oeov aov, teal rit 
apeark ipopriop avrov iroi^ay^, ical epmrUrtf rai^ iproXaU avrov, xai il>v\dfy^ irdpra rh Bueai- 
tifuira aifTov, iracap poaop tjp hrrffcvyop roh Alfyvirrloi^ oiie eira^to hrl ai' iya> yap elfu Kvpio^ 

37 o deo^ aov 6 Hiupo^ ae. ^Kal ffkOocap eh AtKelfA^ koI ^aap eKel iff irriyaX vBdrc^p koI 
XVI I ifiBofii]icoyTa arekixn ^oipitc»p* vapepifiaXop Bi iicel irapk rh iBara, ^dirrjpap BH i( A&Xet/A, koI 

^Xdoirav waaa ovpaywyif vl&p ^lapaijlk eh ri/p iptffiop Xelp, 6 earip aph pAtrop AcXelf* icai oph 

33 Tpit A I 9VX B»*>] our B* I €VfMKw F 33 iSwarro AF | to] roirro B* 

36 erwTotny F* | eri o^e sup ras B»»(e0 ly/mt B*"''*) 

37 ipr\ Si^^Ku AF I irrtXixoi F*^^('Xoi F»>») XVI i atw AF 

vziS : om WE I fiapia km | \tyovaa] sub '^ 5S : om x | oo-wm^f] 
pr JUii autem Israel transUrunt rubrum mar$ ctUcauerunt 
pedes eius in aqua et submersi sunt hostes eius ip abyssum in 
profunda cujuarum maris, dixerunt auiem hymnum hum can- 
Hci huius dicenies C: curare F^ | om nrror — ^dXao-o'ar fC | 
aya/Sanp] + avrov FWuc£(uid)5S(sub 4p) \ cppc^cr ecs ^aXo^- 
tf-ar] om b' : -^caniemus Domino gioria enim glorificatus est W 

22 c^pey te fw voiyt] .... Moyses autem C | /Hrfv^O /mmti^s 
akronxd,: post urpaiyX Cyr-cod| | rovf vtovf urpmriK] et filii 
Israel'^: om f | iryft?*''] Tt^ FMld^ Cyr-codJ : t^iry^T*'' ^' 
{awfryaywif 76) | ffovp] Siur C: ^OJDO 5S | nrop^vdyiaw (71) 
9£(uid) I om r/Mtt C | lyvpitf-icor] inuenerunt C£ | foart vuw 
sub -r is 

23 fik0ptf—fuppa] om W: om lyXtfor Se W \ riKBep o | 
fieppa Bi^'kosx Phil-ed] {jiepa 30) : /upoj' f*q Phil-ood : fiappw 
F»>»: non liquet c: fteppai^ AF*MW* rell B PhU-codd Cyr: 
Maram Or-Ut: Murra C: ^\osn % \ lydvrarro] njfiwwn^ 
k : pohterunt £ | irietr BoqrS^] pr rov Phil-codd t +iyXtf«tfr fc 
cts fAtppat KOi ovK iidvtmrro Toiew vit»p c : + v9iop AFM rell ^B 
CC^iS Phil Or-lat Cyr | €k fteppas] de Mara Orl«t | er] airo 
Phil-codd: om Cyr-cod| | fieppas] ftepta qs: fULppas F''': 
fuppop IS Phil-cod : lupa* Phil-cod : fuppw Phil-codd : Murra 
C : ^^osn iS I 3ia] pr ^/ £ Or-lat | erwro^iaro'— erttf'ov] 
uocauerunt locum ilium C | twta^ofULfftw B9l^ Cyr|-codH 
€wotfOfA(uraw c: wfO/ioffBri oy: evvro/coo'^ AFM rell B{uid)£ 
Phil Or-lat {appellatum est) C3rr-ed| | om ro owfM y* | om 
€K€Ufov Phil-codd 

24 Steyoyyvt^^] ^tyvyyvaw a»»^MBC Cyr-cod^: JieyoY- 
7vfor p Or-gr Cyr-cod|: tyoyt^*^ ^ Phil-cod: murmura- 
uerunt £ | Xoot ] om Or-gr : -{■Jiliorum Israel C | ert fut^riw 
B Cyr J] er* fjuevoiip iqrs : irpof pwvTffp o Cyr^ : roro M<<Mn7ir 
d^d) : rara mom^ af kmnxdg(^) : Kara pMvottot b Or-gr : rara 
fuevoTi AFM rell Phil : om £ | om \eyorrti Or-gr | wio/uBa] 
wiufie0a F»>»bdfghlmpt Phil-codd: wioftep F*(-^a F«"»«) 

26 (ave/Soi^o-e 71) | /twvoi^] sub -r iS: /M^^rit amnxd^ | 
fcvpcot] pr Min | eye/3aXei'] (eye/3aXXei' 35) : avc/SaXcy Ms(uid) | 
avro sub -r ^ | om «f ro d* | om irai 3<»— v^/) 3*» cd^'d) 


Phil-cod I eyXvicai'^iy to vdtitp] rf\vKC»$yiaa» ra vdara F*>"W | 
tK€i lo] pr Kai b'f9[£ Or-lat: +^ )3 | e^cro] cdwrep Cyr{ | 
avrw 3"] ei ef Hil: -ho &f FMdghjln-qtagbalS Or | koi 
Kptatit] pr /rai Kptfutra Cyr-ed \ \ Kptatii] Kpiaw Phil-codd Cyr { : 
testimonia Or-lat (repugnante contextu) | ere* 3<»] ei b' | «r«- 
paa€¥ avror Bk^ Hil] avror (rtipaaep ioqrs Or-gr: avror 
€T€ipa^p bfnwd, Phil-ed Cjrr: eretpa^er avror AFM rell iS 
Phil-codd Or-lat 

26 om KOI tiT€P o I aKOfi] aKOifP I* : om i | axownit] 
OKOvori s : audierilis Spec-cod | om n^ ^oirijt Or-gr Cyr-ed | 
om o-ov 1° bj I om ffoi 3*» — avrov 3° Or-gr | om koi 3*» — woni- 
oris m I ro apearop F^C | eyamor avrov post iroiiyo^f Spec | 
€Wtewwp bcfn-qswy-d, Cyr | rociyo^t] iro«7<r«f bde*(uid)f-ikno 
pswa, : TOiiyf vyz | tpuniari — avrov 3<*] serues omnia mandata 
eius et iustificationes eius C | erwrioij] fipenj<ni f \ rat eproXat 
a-dfhijk*>lmnpqsty»*aad, Cyr-codd | om koi 4^ — avrov 3^' ga, 
£ I om Torra — avrov 3<> Or-lat | ^vXa^t] ^vXa^eit know: 
^vXa^i; F*Mehjm : custodieritis Spec-cod | pooop'\ TXtfyifp Cyr J | 
erriyaytp h* | rovf aiTvrrtovt c* | om cri 0€ Cyr-cod ^ | om 
eyw — 0€ 3** a, I $€ot aov B18 Or-lat] om aov i**r : om AFM 
i* rell ^(SMSS Or-gr Cyr Spec | o€ 3<»] +Kaio €^aipovfi€Pos <r< 
$i iij\} 

27 liKBoaop Bfi*»oqrs] liKBop AFMi* rell: uenit S-cod: 
{riKBop oc vcoi urpariK 130**) | om eit Cyr} | aiXec/i] eXct/i F*bc 
mnqrvwzda(})C Phil-codd Alex-ap-Eus Cyr-ed }: eXi/i oB: 
eXij/i afl(iy|i ex corr) Cyr^-cod}: (aiXiy/i 37): aiXtr Phil- 
cod i : Alim ^-ed : (o^aXi^M 84) | i^o-ar eicct] ep aiXt/i (cX- codd) 
iyo-ai'(om codd) Phil | 170-ay] ip eg : om xi6 | eirec i<*] tp ojXu/i 
w I wTfyoi post vdarwr Cyr J | waptPipaXop df] vapere^aXXor 
^ Mr : icai ira/>eyc/3aXor ciS : om ^e x | (eir* roii vHaaiP 33) | 
irapa] ewi AC(uid) Cyr-ed 

XVI 1 (c^par 33) I aiXetfi i<»] eXe*/i bcel*mnoqrvwyzl6C : 
eXi7/i af 1*' I KOI ijKBooop] surrexit uenit C | i7X^o0-ai' Bkmoqrs] 
niKBt* eiwa^B: lyX^ f : 17X^01^ AFM rell | oxtpaynayyi] pr ly Fbfjp 
twa^d, I epi}/ior ccii'] epiifAooiP h* | om o'cii' — /MO'or 3<» m | 
0€Uf} oifp d,: o-e*!* n: oriiA f: o-iFa (35.133 uid) B*: o-ovp a: 
om 1 \ o]fi fh^ln | aiXei/u 30] {aiXiip, 37) : eXfi/u bcnqrwzd^BC : 

aa icai iryayep avrovf] koi c^XBop F*> | irovp] rriprifM F*> 

a3 ett Aicppa] e» iriirpcay F^: 0^' ^^o:aF»l B' ut o' ^^029»1 iS as edet^] e^*m^ey z 

ay cif aiXci/i] rpof ra SepSpa F*>(uid) | i/S* — ^ocrurwp] ro e/3p. i/S* n^yat vSardir koi 0' ^ocpucct F**' | <rr€\€Xfi] iepSpa F*» 

205 27—2 



B iJiAaov ^ivdy if Bk irfpreteaiSeiedrif '/jfUpa t# fjurfvl r^ Setrrip^ i^e\ff\vdoT»p aifr&v iie yfj^ AlyviT' 
* Tov ^hieyi^^fv^ev iraaa <rwaymyif vi&v ^lirpaijk hrl Mfovafjv ical *KapAv* ^icaX ehrav irpo^ avroi>^ I 
ol viol ^lapaijik "OifieXjov a'treOdpofiev trXtiyivTe^ virb Kvplov hf yp Alyihmp, irav i/caOUrafiep iwl 
r&v \el3ifrmv t&p icpe&v koX rfaBLoiuv Sfrrov^ eh TtKi^afiot^p' Srt ifffydjere i^/da? eh t^p SpVf*^^ 

f C« ravTffP, avotcretpai ircurap rifp avparfayifp ravvqp ip Xifi^.^ ^elvep Bi Kvpu>^ irpo^ MMvaijp 4 
*lSoif €70) im vijip Sprov^ i/e tov ovpapov^ Koi i^eXevaercu 6 Xao9 teal avXKi^ovaip to t^9 fifUpa^ 
eh fifUpoPf iirfo^ iretpdc^ airroif^ el iropevaopTai r^ pofAqf fiov ^ o£* ^KaX iirrai t^ Vf'^P^ '^ 5 
itcTff ical iroifjtdaovo'ip h ihp eiaep&ficmaip, koX ^aTa$ SiTrXovp h ihp wparforfmtn^ to icaff fnUpop 

§ C^ eh ^fUpap. ^/eal elirep Me^vaij^ teal *Aapa>i/ vpo^ iraaop avpaymyifp vl&p ^lapaijX ^'Eitnripai^ 6 
ypiaetrde 6Ti Kvpio^ i^ijyayep vfiA^ iie yrj^ Atythrrovt ^/caX irpoil Sy^eaOe t^v So^op Kvpiov ip t^ 7 
elaaKovaai t^p yoyyvafiop vfi&p eirl t^ de^' ^fMeh Be tL eafiep Bti Buiyoyyv^eTe koB^ iif/Ap; ^icdL 8 
ehrep Moi/o^ 'Ei^ r^ BiZopa^ Kvpiop vfup ecrripa^ icpia ^>ayetp ical aprov^ to irpmX eh TrXffa- 
fLOP^Pf SiA TO etaa/covam Kvpiop top yoyyvcfiop vfi&p hp vfieh Biayoyyv^eTe xaO' fjfA&p^ ^fAeh 
Bi Ti iafACp; ov yhp Ka6* fj/x&p iarlp 6 yoyyvtrpm vfi&p, aXX* ^ KaTii tov deov. ^cIttci/ Sep 

I ^ipa B»>AF* 
4 €k] pr €K rovt F* 

2 ffVFayiayia F* 
6 ypwr€<r$ai A 

3 €Ka$€iffafAtif AF^i'Bfta- F***) 
7 eri T« OH 19 sup cas B** | tv/u¥ F*>T €WfU¥ F* 


eXif/i tI\(KfifA sup ras 7 litt) : tXnp v | om ova fKfl-or i<> p | 
tf-eu'a] fftpoi F*>' : Sin C | wtrrtKcudeKani] epFeajccu^Kany Or- 
gr I TV fiTfifi rw S€vr€pui] ruw Svo firi¥up n 

(pr fi) Or-lat: km eyoyyv^» Eus: fi murmuraununt S*^ | 
wnaa — t^paiyX] pr irof Xooi 1 1 omn^s filii Israel E*^ : iroi o 
Xoof c : populus Or-lat : om T«wa C | vv99rparp{\ pr ij Fbd- 
hi«»jnprtw Cyr^ | w«r] pr rwr fi«»r | ert] 4-Te Cyr-ed^ | 
iuawni¥\ fjMvofi b'a, : fuoff^ip aox : /naari k Cyr-ed \ : /uaati m j 
om KOI aapufp Or-lat | oopwr] pr eri x : +€p tti efnifiu slcxHS^ 
(sub 4> tr' ^) 

3 irat €ivap] duens Or-lat |^ | etror] ttwp bcdmnpwx: 
dixit Or-lat } | rpat avrovt] irpof ovtop o* : om dpt Or-lat | o« 
Moc iffpwiK] om kmp Or-lat Eus: om 01 eg Cyr-cod^ | o^feXop] 
pr ^ia Or-lat 1^ | aTtSoMOfup] awtSapofitp c: awoBtupta/Atp n \ 
om irXify«^et wro kv/mov Or-lat | wXrfytprei] varret F*>* | wro 
Kvpiov] vro Tw Kv f: om Cyr^ | 71^] nj dw Cyr-cod|: om IS 
Or-lat i Cyr-cd| | cuyvrrov b'c*(uid)fn*qvz Eus Cyrf | orw 
fKoBiffa/up] <rre eKa0iifu9a dnpt(ori dp)^5(uid)^ | eri rtop 
Xe/9i;rcMr] iuxta Ubetem ^E | en] inro fn | om rutp Kpetop Eus | 
ilff0iofiep] €^yofup Eus | om a/novt Cyr^ | ori] pr ij bw 
^uid) : (ore 14. 16.130) : wa ti Cjrr } : icat p : om £ | t^ryayrrt] 
«^ry«7«« ^r Or-lat Cyrf : adduxisti tu E | vfiat a, | <if i"— 
Tovnp i«] cr ny c/n^fiw roimf Cyr^: om Eus | om airoirret- 
rcu — Tat;n|y i® g | avoicrecrai] pr /rcu c | TOiaap — Xifua] omnts 
nos ubi congregati sumus S | va^ai'] pr ly/mt iccu b^C : om 
dmn I om ravnp !<> fS Or-lat | Xoc/uiy n 

4 o/n-or eic rov ovpayoi/ tSuKep ai/roit ^7eiv Jo vi 31 || icv/KOf] 
pr Cyr) | ir/wt] irpo n | fwvffifp] fjLwnjp amnx : avrop Cyri | 
om eyu Phil^ | m#] pr tdov c* : pl$4am ^B Or-lat Hil : JiSw n : 
&dc#/u (76**) Eus I viJLUf} post apTov% d: ly/ui' e: (v/Mt 16) | 
a^>ror F*>* | eif row] or Pliil|: om €k Phil-codd-omn ^ | (iceu 
t^\tvff€TCu] c^eXevoTroi ^ 3a : jtcu 0't;XXe(crcu 76) | Xoot] 
lo sup ras M : poptdus mtus % \ (rvXXe^ovo^ir] (tf^vXXc^t 15 : 
0i>XXe^at 76) : colUget S Or-lat Hil : trwo^owrti' bdn Phil : 
+fnitM ckmx5S(sub 4> a*) | om to a, | iy/icpat] VM^pap n* : 
-|-Xo7or m | eit iifupop] bis scr r: ctt yifupat c* Cyr-cod^: 
-t-avn^t ackxiS(sub ^ a') | owm\ crop Phil-codd-omn| | et 

wop€VffOPTai] €1 rop€voPTai tW Or-lat: eunropeuo'orrcu ms: si 
ingredielur Hil | rw i«m«] pr cf (3a) Cyr-ed : ror pofwp v(mg): 
TW opofiart A : ro oro/M w | om /lov m \ om iy ov a Cyr-ed 

6 nj 1°] pr €r Aa-egjkmpt-b, | ny ejcny] ciceun} b: (om rij 
30) I om irou 7** efgjkmSS Or-lat | eroi/iao-ovo'iy] rroi/MffvatP 
Achlnopyza,: {eroifiatovffip 130) | i*] oc a, | ear i»] or AF 
Mbdghi*'jklnpqrtvwy-b, : (om 15) | tta€P€yKbfCip] tiaewepey- 
Kioffi 1: o-MraTaYfayo^t n | eor i*>] or AFMbdghi*'jkln-rt-ba | 
ffvpayaytiaipl trvpaywat fin : (ifftPwyKvaip An Or-lat | t6\ riii c : 
om x I ctt niuptLPl eit fifj^pat q : om F*l 

6 KOI eirer] ciirer ^ AFMd-jlptvwy-b,IS : km etror mH 
£^ I /uariff akmnx | (mwt] pr rc#r 74) | tawtpop Eus | Kvpiai] 
post e(irya7ey egj : +o0i vfiup bw | fiftat moa,b, | eic 7171] c( 

7 jTot irpcirt] {km irpwtat 118) : to it/nm Cjrr : wptn S€ kmxC5S 
Or-lat Eus : wpctta St sl: om icoc q : -h de c | Kvpiov] tov 9v A | 
n^curouo-oi] +ai;ror amx1IIS*C5(sub 4p 70 Eus: +ir AF'"« 
Mbdhi*pqtvwy-b,IS*S(post v/u#r): +ovror ir c | ror] pr jcoi 
n: pr irarra Eus | v/um^] -t-fMom fadtis W \ om ffri— iy;«4#r 
g I om cTt rw 9ew m£ Eus(uid) | tw 9cw] tot ^r 1* : r«# iw x | 
v/iect a*b'f*l | om ^ a, | ti] Ttret abckw | e^iier] eore a*: 
om 18* I om vn — (8) ly/aar ^o ^•w | ot*] i ex corr n* : + ti^x B | 
'pTfiv^tTt Admno*py | if/twr] viuop np*(uid) 

8 KM etw€P fiwMnit] om b'^ : om eiirer fSMvaiit p | fUMi|f 
amnx | Kvpiop i<>] post i/Aur hi^LJS : pr Totf Eus : it dx : om p | 
vfup] Vf I ex corr 1 : ii/up f : om m | Kpea] post ^yttP dp: om 
f I tLpTOVt] post ir/NM 9£: opror F^^dp | (om to wpm 76) | 
TO I®] TW b*cfijoqr* : om gx | ^la to] «r tw c | to i**] tomto c | 
(/cv/Mor 3<^] pr ror 71) | top^ +9r f | v/iwr i°] ly/twr a, : om de 
p I om vftxii Spec | JiOYoyywf'eTe] ^ryoTyv^e dp«: mur- 
murasHs ^ Spec : +«a^ V/^pop n | jto^ ly/twr i<>] r^M/ra fZ/SMW 
B* I om iifuis — e^/A€r bmpw Spec | nifuif ^] ^ia fMt 9: 
-l-ain-oi F*> I Ti] rcref M(mg)o8 | eortr — 9tov\ oXXo icara Btw 
yoyywTfAot vfuop ovrot eoTir Cyr | torir — vfiwr i*>] -yoyyw^AWf 
ovrof cffTir n | c^rtr B^ Spec] €rat B; om F^'x: post 707* 
yvfffiot bdflpw : post v/Awr 7<» AF*M rell 5S Eus | om vfufp «<» 
bdflpw I aXX iy] pr on X : oXXa c-gjnpt Eus | Kara rov $€ov] 
contra Dominum Deum Did : om rov ma. 

XVI 4 vw] pp€xta F^Mk I (^/m)] necessitatem % 

5 TO — yifupop «o] a' ^ ^m <^f.f»f ^ in omni die % 



XVI 17 

M»vayj^ TTpo^ ^Aapiv Eiwiy wdar^ crwarfWf^ vi&p 'IcrpaiJX TlpocikBart ip^yrlov rau deov* B 

10 eUra9criico€v yiip vfA&w top yoyyva-fAOP. ^^^vUa Sk i\dKei *Aapo»p ^m-da^ frvparffoyfi vi&p *laparj\, § 1/ 

11 tcai iwearpd^nfcap eh rffv !pfffiov, /eal ^ So^a Kvplov S<l>$fi ip pe^iXff. "koL ikdKfi<rep Kvpto^ 
n wpo^ Mwarip Xiywp ^^EiaatefJKoa top yoyyva-fiiv t&p vi&p 'I<r/jaiJX* XdXffcop wpo^ avToif^ Xiyc^p 

To irp^ itriripav iBeaOe tcpia^ xai Ti irp<o\ wXtfaOiia'eirOe ipTwp* teal ypiSxreaOe iTi ^» Kvpio^ 

13 ^€09 vfi&p. ^^iyipero Sk itnripa, teai apifirf opTvyofii^Tpa koI ixoKuyp^p TffP wapefAfioXijp^ ri 

14 ir/Mftl iyipero KaTanravofUpff^ r^ Bpocov KvicXtp Ttj^ wapefAfioXlj^, ^Kai ISoif iwl TrpoatnTOP r^ 

15 ipTfiiov Xem-ip &<r€l /e6pu>p Xtvicop Aael wayo^ iiri Ttj^ yrj^. ^SIB6pt€^ Se airri oi viol *lapaif\ 
€lwap tT€po^ T^ €T€p<p Ti ioTiP TovTo ; ov yiip fjBeurap tI fjp, ehrep hk MciitMi^ ainol^ Oino^ 

16 &pTo^ hp ih^KCP Kvpio^ vfMip ^Hayeip. ^^^tovto Ti /nf^ h awira^ep Kt^Ho? Xvpoydfyere air §!,▼ 
airrov fteacTO^ eiV rov9 tcaBiifcopTa^' yofiop /rar^ iceifHiXijp icaTii apiOp^p '^vx&p vpAp liCiUrro^ 

17 aifp ToU avaicffploi^ vpAp trvWi^aTe, ^^i^oitfaop Sk oStok ol viol T^o-paifK, Kal avpiXe^ap o to 

11 w\riffBiii9€ffBai A | yPioaeffBai A 
16 ffwamfinois F 

15 ei9orret AF | v/uu^ A 
17 ovTta F* 

fjm<nn akmnx | eiror] etre m | roo'ai' ffwaYiiy^p m | 
v«0ti a, I ffwaytrfii] (pr ny 3a): ciorXfO'ia bw | wpo^tXBart] 
$a sup ras a**: TpoatXOere F^^Mb-ghWjnpqsr-xz | tPtirrtotf 
rov Btav] coram Domino HC | tvtutrum^ epoim dp : erf#«-cor n | 
om Tov b I om eiooKffKotP — (10) €fnifU)o p | et^'cuniiroa dt | om 
ya^ d I v/Awr too yvYfvoiiw'\ too ycyyvoiwo v/uto Fcekmnsya, 
^SiS : TOV 'pr)fyvofAov vfuow a Eus : tovs yoYyvo/jLovt vfAto^ x 

10 om ipi/ra — cpv/tor d | ipcira de €\a\€i]/acfHm ist auUm 
cum loqueretur B : locuius est auicm C | aa/>wr] iMooffi Eos | 
roj'a f* I ovoayiayii\ pr ny m | i^paiyX] + eXoXifo-e ir/wt avrovf 
\irpao m | iccu i<^ — (la) urpaiyX bis scr $ | koi i^] "ig^ e/9p. e/ ecce 
y iS : om 9fL | twtorpa^fttoajf] awtorpau^^oao hm : (eorpa- 
^iftf-or 18) I ffoi a<>] idov k: +tdov F^ncacrnxS Eus | w^iy 
If d«^ irv p I 9t^\ri\ pr n; c 

11 luovojiw] fuovoii b' : fuooTfo akmnx 

12 om ttoamiKoa, — Xtytn^ w | ci0-aci|Koa] {+yup 30): tyu 
ocificoa Eus I TOO yoyyvofwo'] rc#r yoyyvofuto c: om 1 | tw 
vuto] vfutp c* : om mw FMabc*dhm-qtYxz<txt)ba Eus | XoXif- 
000 — XrycM'] pr munc ^: die iliis S(pr ei)%, \ to !<>] rt c | 
€OT€pas dmn*o* | /rpeat cgj Or-gr-cod | to a®] t« Juxjb,* : om 
g*r I o^Twr] oproF FMn*: o^ov m* | ryc#] (om 74): +««A»* 
ri«fr^uid)iSCl/(uid) I i|Ai«r Is 

13 eytwero i® — /rcu i'>]/acia doi»uU uespera % \ oyowrro de] 
KOA ey€Prro AFM(Ut)acdeghjklptxyz(mg)a,b4S5S Eus: koi enrer 
eoTttt m I €<rw€pa] pr er x^[iS(sub 4^ V) | opTV70/iirp«] pr n 
F**bmw: grex magnus columicum 1^ | om jccu a® — wapefi- 
poKfi^ y* I iropff/i^Xip] owayri Tm wwr *^X a/ui tij wapt/A- 
/5oXif aw«r c | to wpm ey€wtTo^ et factum est mane % | to] t c< 
anb,*: om Eus | irpm\ +«e AMace-lii>*j-orTX-b,]3C£EiS 
Eus Cyr \\ + «ai d | tytwrro 2^ — ipooov] umii nimbus tamquam 
piuuia % I €70^0 a«»] +«e Cyr^ | raTairavoftcFift TJft Spooov] 
descendtntc rore 9BC | icaTaravo/icn|t] jcaTo^Soyienft b' 

14 ecu] pr KOI ao€pii 11 $€01% nyt tpooov acxiS[i? ^etf-tt] 
requies'\ \ om eri !<> m | wpoottwov Eus | Xcvror cif^ft jcopior] 
Xeirror aoaovfiofupoo sup ras (16-18) F*> | Xcttoi'] Xtvicor w: 

xo KOi tweoTpa^nfoao] a' ^ ct reuersi sunt o^ et se inclinauerunt % 13 rapc/i/3oXi|F] ^oo-o>ar.. F*> 

14 ecu] pr Kox ao€ptuo€ to jroi/c... Trft Spooov F^ | (kiu om/^v — dpoo'ov)] of et ascentUt eubiU roris a' et ascendit positio 
roris 9* et ascendit cubile,,. iS | Xciror— iroTOf] a' ^ tenue decorticatum tenuo sicut glades o^ tenue manifestum Qtg t^A^) 
tenue sicui pruina Sb 

15 Ti eoTir] it' ^kiV/ (cOSd) 5S | tc lyr] /ior ouro F*>(uid) 

z6 eiraoTOf i^— TOjuop] a' inV in os cibi sui \oano^ ^ unusquisque ad uerbum cihi stii ^oand^ ^ uir in cibum 
suum ^oano^ % \ eit Toot ica^fforrat] tit to o/mtovt avT« F*> | 70/iop] dejroXiTpor F»» 



XevKif dp: om Phil-codd-omn | (w^c i<*] i#t 130**) | jropcor] 
jromor Eus : nfpior a,: tptoo dp : Koputowoo Cyr-ed^ : semen co- 
riandri % | Xevicor] pr ^/ Si^ : Xeunp Phil-oodd-omn : Xevror 
F(«Tor sup ras F*>)w: om n | Taym\ waxtmi F(x»^ sup ras 
F^)M(mg)j(mg)z(mg) | om er* a«» y* | tii¥ yffp F*>f 

16 oproi' €K TOV ovpojfov tdtuc€W avroct ^yuo Jo vi 31 || 
ovTo] avTw c: ovroi Cyr-ed^: om AFMbdeghjlnpt-b,lSSi& 
Tbdt: +Xc«Tor q | m utoi t^paiyX] om Phil: om oi hin Cyr- 
codi Thdt I tiTao\(ivoo F>Mcdlmnpwx: dixit WSM \ erepot] 
pr Cyr-cod | | om tw Cjrr-cd \ \ ti toruf tooto] fu» avro F*> : 
om €OTio a, I om ov— i|r da, | lyr] tono pt^ISC | /M^vojif ov- 
Toct B] fuio^t avTovt n : ain-oit /uovoiit ^{\nd)(^uid) Phil : irpot 
avrovr fUMVift b : /UMroift rpot avrovt AFM rell (/AMOiff akmx) 
l^uid)5S Cyr: (om 76) | ovTOf] +e0^Tti' Phil| | om o dpt | 
BtdtoKtp ac Phil} Cyr} | cv/ndi vfito] vfito it Mqw^USCyrf: 
vfuy o Kvpiot Cyr-ed} : />Mf nobis %, : ly/ur irypcot Phil} : VAiett 
ici m : «wp»ot ovtocj Phil} : if/*4jr Phil} | ^y^ui] pr tov Phil} 

16 Tovro] pr «/ ^: (+70^ 18) | o-vrcTo^r] oi/rereXe^cr a,r 
+ iy/uy bC: +uodis 31 | om ici^pcot l/'^ | ^vraYSYeTe — (aa) 
onfTTetXar ualde mutila in 1^ | o-vraTaTCTc] pr mu 1 : + »0Mr 
1/* I cxo^Tot ar avrov e | air] er a, | eit Tovf ra^orrat] in 
tauemaculis proportiombus %/ : 4- rap ovtw acmx3US(fub 4^) \ 
TOfMp] TOftMp al : To^p F^'k | om jraTa ice^aXipr m | jrc^oXat 
Cyr-ed } | iraTa a®] pr koi dfpst | ^vx*'"] pr ^f''' m I vfu«r V*\ 
muo9 fgi : vi«#r a, | ow — vfuoo a<^] \in tahemaeuya sua 1^ | 
aw Toit cvo'iriiMocr] secundum tabemacula % : in tattemacuHs 
1/^ : m ^/ f i» tabernaeulis 5S(txt) : super filios tabernacuiorum 
S(mg) I 01^] (ett Tovt jro^ffdrroff cr 107) : Toit €o F*a-dhk*m 
ptvxzb^ISC: cr AF»efgjlwy Cyr-ed f^xxl}: lau Cyr}: om a, | 
rocr ovoKfii9M0vt\ tom ovoKtiwiait ac(TOct)k*: Toct ciniratt b | 
ovoKi^ioit] ovoKfifoit Ae-jkHiqr*wy Cyr}-cd}: {oin^ioit 84): 
OKTiPOis m I v/M0r a<>] /m<j ISC | <rvXXc^Te] oi>XXefrTe Imxb, 
Cyr-ed } : o'vXXfyrrt a, : oi^XXclov^ti' h* : coliigai BC^ : om 1^^ 

17 twoiftoao 3e] irat evociy^ar AFMdeghjlnptvwy-b^B | om 
oi c'eglna,* | ^vreXe^or] +to rXiftfot q.w9p c | i<*] w mq | 

XVI 17 


B woXi^ teal 6 TO ikarrow. ^^tcal ^lerpijaavT^ r^ yofAop, ovtc hrXeovaaw o ri woXv, koI 6 ri i8 
iXarrow ov/e i^Xarrovfj^ey ttcaoTO^ el^ Toi>^ KoOrfKOvra^ irap kavr^ trvpike^av. '9 fluffy ^ ip 
Mmvaij^ wpo^ airrov^ MrjM^ /earaXiTrirci air avrov eh r6 irptoL ^/cal ovk eltn^/cowTav Mmi/ctQ, ao 
akXd KariKvirov rive^ am avrov eiV to tt/jo)/* /cal i^i^eaev a/ctoXtftca^ ical iirm^eaep* ical Ar*- 
Kpdt^Tf iv ainoU M»iwr^9. "'/eai awiXe^ap airro wpt^i' ijvUa Sk BieBipfjMivep o ffXio^, inittero. ai 
^iyivero Zk rp v/^pa rp t/crtf awiXe^v rd Sioirra BiwXa, Svo yofiop r^ epl* eUn^XBoaav Si is 
inivTe^ ol ipx^vre^ rfj^ nvvofytoyfj^ icaX avrff^eCKoAf ^mtrtL ^^elirev Si Kvpio^ irpi^ avrov^ T&ih6 «3 
iar^v rd jifjiia h iXaXqaev Kupio^* adfifiara avdirawri^ ofyla t^ icvpUp aipiov^^* itra ikv irictn^re 
wia'aere, tcai iaa ictif lyfttfre hftere' tcai irav ro irXeopd^ov KoraXlwrre avro eh diroBi^icffP «? t^ 
7r/Mi>/. ^fcal KareXlwoa'av an avrov eh ri irpmi, xadii^ awirctfev avroS^ Mrnvfrij^' fcal ovk 94 

18 Ka0ffK» F* 
a I ii€0€pfi€Pfp AF* 

3Q TO rptn] rgt^pm A* 
23 TOVTO B*<**"***T pr ov B* | av/Kor] +cu//Mor B 


r* i®J T4 fl I 3<»] w mq : om ^flw Cyr-cod| | tXarrw] eXcw- 
votf abcwx : +ovk iiXarromiiffcp A 

18—20 sup ns paucior litt A* 

X8 o ro roXv ovjr tvXMro^er kou o to oXiyw owe ifXarronfO'cy 
a Cor viii 15 || om koi i<»--«XoTT#r f | om icoi i<» w | /urpftt- 
tf-orrct] tintrpnt^wf FMacde(««i e/urfniaap sup ns uid)ghjlpqt- 
h^^lSJL'SS Cyr-ed | t«#] pr er «ca,: to A«bdcgi-lnpqtwb/» 
Cyr: top m \ yofAop] yofit^ al : yofnp F^^k | wk ewXcopturew 
pott woKv n9]S(pr koi) Paul | ovir |0] pr jcoi FMdeghjlpqt-b, 
%/S^ Cjrr I i»] « mq3l | om o ro «« Phil-cod | o i»] « mq^ | 
f Xarror] tXa^^or bx : oXiTor A* Phil-codd Paul | ovk a<>] pr 
Ktu m I ifXarroinfO'ci'] tkarropttfeep n : eXarrw^e Phil-cod | Tovt] 
rat w I wop eavn#] ira^ airror f | om ra^ F*(hab F<"v) | eai/rw] 
aur# A'Fa-dhklmopt-ja^b, Phil-cod : c avrwf n : {airnaw 74) | 
o^wtXt^or] ^vpcXcler AHilx1S(uid)CSiS Phil : om m Cyred 

19 eiVfy — ain-ovf] ei dixit iiiis Jji\0yses\ %^ | luaai^ akmn 
X I ii-^it] fi^Sttt **kmoqi»wJ -^ttestrum ^J* | jcaroXtrtrw] 
/raraXci*-m# A*FMaA:*hnoqrvwyaab3* : niraXetrarw c* : ry- 
cttraXirm# Cyr|: (jroroX«iTcr« cain-w 76) | oir avroy] post 
r/NM A^FMegjlvy-b, : om air m | etf to'\ €tat to Cyr| : eiM x 

20 t*a^Komu9\ twriicovaop b^ieir sup ras): iixovrap firy 
Cyi I AMffOif] /luvffti qr: imva^fP c: /umi| aknx: /uM'ct m: 
avrov p: avrov ru'w Cyr-cod^ | aXXa] ei E | (^areXij-or rtver] 
xarfXivorrct 16) | /torcXiror] irarfX«iror A'FM^chknorvya, 
b,*(uid): icareXiirav 1 | ruvt] post avrov 1 Cyr|^: om fi£ Cyr- 
codi I (air] e( 30) | avrov] avroi/f b | /rai f^fco-rr crcwXiyiraf 
post twwt<tff€P IB I e^efirffcy] e^w^oer fnq: e^oo'cr A* | om 
O'/rMX^icat b | (ar«#^eo'c 16) | erorpoy^] 90vfiu0ii i* : im/!»x «x/ 
901/V I f r avroir fuiivoi^] /uov^i^ eir avroit A*F(avrovt F^)Mab 
dklmptwa3b,SJI^(fUMiff akm) : tw avrovt fiMVffiit Cyr| : /Mwnft 
ev avrovt chvyx: €p avroit /««M«nrr o: /m#v0^ ^ avrovf egj | 
M*f^i|t nx 

21 rwfX«(ar] ^vreXclei^ b : oi;nf(ar m : eoiiigebant 91/ | 
avro] avr« b'cf*(uid)mb,* : (a»o 18): ro 1: om WEi {-{-to 
35) I rpOM B] pr er F^ : -(- exa^rof ro xatfifxor avrw acjllSCl/^ : 

■i-wptH exaoTor ro koBiikop avnt AFM rell(avro q)9fi5S: 

quod sitff\iHebat'\ 1/ | Jie^€/)/4a«Fei»] «tetf«/>- 

ltja»€P ciq£(uid)l/* : 5(e#c/MMHV«ro myz | om m 

22 ny i«» — fxni] i/»# w^tf J^jr/^ 1^^ | owoXi^ar] pr xai n : 
<rvrif^ m | rm 5forro ScrXa] riAw in duphtm E^ | (ro Um 
16) I ro] or j : (om 78) | *«or fj | om BcrXa m | om dvo Gyr- 
ed I 70^/)] TOftMp al : TOfM/) F^^k | ci^Xtfo^oj>] ec^i^Xtfor AF 
Ma-eghjlmnptwxa^b, : cunjX^or vx: cinyXtfer y | rorret post 
o-woYcr/ift n I om oi o^orrct x* | om nyt km | ox-ino^tXav 
i* Cyr-cod | yjoau Bmx] /umi| akn : fAuv^ti qr : rft» /iwvoif h : 
/utfvoiy AFM rell 

23 Kvpiot wpot ovrovf] eis Moys$s BCi^^: \Moy]fes 1/ | 
xvpcot \^ B] yMvoTfi AFM omn 9£S(sub rr) Or-gr Cyr 
(fUM^f akmnx) | avrovf] oapc#f b, | rovro corir post /ny/AO z | 
coTtv Bni^] oro ej Or-gr Cyr-codd|^: post fftuM, AFM rell ftJ6 
Cyri-ed| | to /njMo] sub -?- S: om £ | xv/Not a<>] pr o m*' | 
oj^oiraMrir] post 07(0 Cyr : ovorov^'eir h^^s | om 071a d | twj 
xvyMovCyr-ood^ | ovpcor] -t-ovpcor Bo | ear i*^]ai> FMa-dgfajln 
ops-W3f-ba I wwffifr€ weo-o-rre] vf^^ifrt wf^oipe y: irenfrf 
ireoifre q : wwonnai rco'orroi m : vtrciroc l(pr wwtvrai 1*1) | om 
xoi 10 (138) Cyr-ed} | eoy a« Bikmqrx] or AFM rell | q^i?re] 
ff^^rrt h*a,b,*(uid) | e^rrc] e^^ot m: o^^tTOi n*: om dip | 
om xoi a<* dp | xoroXcirere] xoroXctirere FMabckmnoq(-Xiyir-)r 
vwyb,* Cyr I : xoroXiirore d : xoraXci^trf h : xoraXenrerw A | 
ovro] avn§ n*s : cavrc# c : ovroir Cyr |- : om 9S1/ | c(f awo- 
Britcfip] fct oxv^iyo'xfiy m: om iSMM^: om ecr Cyr| | om e«t 
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Xeix-oo'OF kor : xorcXeiiror AFMbc*hmnvwya,ba : xoreX«ro» 1 : 
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Cl/^ Cjrr-cod : (ovrw 30) | tit ro BMinorv(txt)29 Cjrr-ed] «*t 
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mp: KoBawtp AFM rell Cyr | o-vrero^ir] ♦»»€•• h | ovroct i®] 
post M^un^ bw : om (64) W \ fuawift] pr o Cyr-cod : fMaiit 

17 xoA lo— eXorrov] ^' et collegerunt ilk quidem multum Hit autem faucum iS 

z8 XOI x^ — iiXorronyo'er] 0^ et mensi sunt id ^oand^a neque inuenerunt plus qui mulHpUcoHit nequi qui pOMCum 
defecii % \ rw to^ao^] a' ^osn^fisa^ c' B* ^oano^ Sb \ tKOOTOt — eovrw] cxo^rot xor... ^7... avrov F^ 

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az (exooTot TO xo^xor)] exooTot TO apKovp 11 ivpaTop j | {to koSiikop ovrw)] o' secundum os ciH sui o* secundum 
uerdum cibi sui (f in edentibus id iS | (ro xo^xor)] to apirovp F^ | myxcro] oveXvero F^ : cXvcro F^ 

aa ro teorra 5cirXo] o^ovt (apTOP F^) diirXovt F^: a' panem secundum (s. duplicem) 9' tanem dupUcem % \ 7o^ti^] 
5f xoXirpor F*» 

a3 reo-o^e] tif/utayrre fi o«TifO"ere F*> | c^^e] fAaytip... F** 



XVI 32 

95 hrm^€tnv, ovSi atcwKvf^ ^fhfero iv ainw. ^^Airtv he Mtft;o^9 ^^SfsrM oiifKpov' iariv yiph 

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39 fiov\t<r0€ elciMCoAeiv rct^ ivroXtk iiov icaX rip pofiop fiov; ^Ihere, 6 yap tcvpw^ SB^/cep vfitp rijp 
'fllUpap rdvTffP' Sid tovto aitrd^ SS€»/c€P vfup r§ rjpipa Tg itcrff Aprou^ Svo ^fiep&p* /caOi^a-eaOe 

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53 auToO ikav* ^p Si m^ tnripfia Kopiov \evic6p, t6 Si yevfia avrov (09 ivfcpU iv fieXiri. ^^elirep Si 

M«»vo^9 ToOro rd fnifia h avpira^ Kvpio^ nXiJ<raT€ ri yofwp rod fidp eh airo0rftcffp eh ra^ 
yeved^ vfA&p, tpa iSmc^ top iprop hp iif^dyere Vfieh hf .t§ ipffP^ &^ ifi^yarfep vpA^ Kt/pi09 iic 7^9 

15 fu»vaji%\ +wpoi avTovt B»*>°« | ovx B**»] ovk B* | wfudiw A 17 ovk B*(<m;x B»*»)A 

7% PovXtaBai A 39 Ka$fjff€90ai A 

30 €V9paT'rta€P B* (e<ro/J/JaT*T- B*) 31 (aaxepfui A | eyxpis B**»AF 

aekmnx: omd | <ricwXiff-^evroif 3°] [«>#t««^Vl/« | tytprro 
ffKwXf^ a, I tytprro] ero sup ras w* | er avroit BdmptB] or 
atrrwr c: er avrm an(ai;ro)£ : er uvrv AFM rell HCl^^iS Cyr 
26 fuav^i] pr tis CB : a«*wt7» amnx : + rpot avrous B»*>"« | 
^ttym] ^eiryrrat g : ^yta$t h : + avro acn)x^U6(sab •:^ V ) : 
(+apror 138) I ffiifupo¥ i<»] omi*: +avro b | «rrw yap] yap 
crriF z Or-gr : ^uia £ : om yap s | ffapfiara] post vrnupow 3<> 
(30) fi : ra int lin X* : aapparoif fiS Cjrr-cod^ | ffrnupow Y* B 
ackosfiilS Cyr] om bnw Or-gr : post jcvpcw AFM rell ^BCl/'' | 
rc# ffvyKw] Domini WL" : om rw 1 | ovx] pr ^/uc^or ej5 (sub 
•^ Y^ I evpetfi^rrcu] evptBifarrt t: evpi^eroi ghos^a,: tvpif- 
<rrre AFMe(e 3* sup ras)jkl(f 3» ex coTT)q8^vytbJ6lE% C)rr( + 
^M«por^) : €vpfiv€Tt aw amxS^avro sub 4> y) : cvptfatrai avro 
c: tfnunUis hodie iUttdUL | om rt# 30— (36) o^i/XXc^e x* 

26 (^XXc(ere ly/ucpat 78) | <rvXXc(cre] avWe^art fopt: 
oiMrycre 1: tf-uXXeloTt avro ai: +avro F*>"«cmx*^ | nj i* — 
ovny] n^i a$ttem imtenietu quidquam septimo du qma tab- 
batum est quia non formatum at in eo <E, \ ffofipara — avny] 
nullum,,,, 1/* I wafiparotf FWn | om ort AFM(txt)acdeghj- 
npt-ba^H5El/^S Cyr | e^ot] f^rcr ejs Cyr^ : earri c | avru a 

27 eytprro St] koi rycrero a, | ey] ex corr 1 : om dfinwag | 
ny nt^pa] bis scr f* : om ny Cyr-cd | e^\0offai^] t^Boir AF 
Ma-egbjlnpt-b, : («^X^orref 76) | rtref] post Xoow bwl^^ : om 
akmJS I (« rov Xoov] (om 35): om ex lo | om ^XXc^cu a, | 
evpoffop w 

28 fitmw^w] fM^Tfw aknx: fuoffti m | rcrot] iror« Cyr^ | 
atcouetp la, Cyr-cod^ | om roi — km Tyc | fiov rat erroXat 1 | 
Kcu] irara w | om fiov 2^ ^ 

29 iStrc] tdc ac : eidfrcu km : om Cyr-cod ^ | 70^] 70^ 
n: on acl/(uid): (om 76): om yap £Cyr-edi | eSwcep i°] 
Seiwtctw Cyr-codd } | vfuv i®] fi/up Pijv : om n Cyr-ed^ : +<rei/3- 
para y | om tti^-^v/um t^ mw | nyr rifupaw ravripf] sub -?- Si : 
TO ffafiparop F^^k | ravniv — c^rrovt mutila in %/ \ ravn^r By] 
TO ffappara a, : laMatorum M/ : +n7ir ^ ciri rou (rafiparov c : 
+roo'a/3/3arora: +Ja^^»m9MnE(-/»') : + ecu ra o-ajS/Sara A : 


+<ra/5/3oTa F^bfinor Cyr : +ro oappaTa M rell : ^saMaia SS : 
+sab6atorum B | ^m] +70^ C3rr-«1} | ai/rof] ai/ro A(ttid): 
avro Cyr-cod4: om bdfCE | t9mK€9 3«] post v^ur 3® y: W6>- 
icei' b Cyr I | v/uf 3®] lyfu' g: om i* | (riyr lyM'pcu' ti?" eKT^ 
^5) I "y i7Atepa i®] nyr fiti€pap 1* | Jvo] post yifupuif bw: om 
m I KoJOricteBe—vtuav] unusquisque uestrum sediol in dome 
sua C I KoByiatirdt] pr ircu bnw: jroc 0riff€ff$at o: icadwto^ 
M: KathfiffoirBt m: KaBiaa<r0€ Cyr-cd |: ja/!;/^ i6: u^ sedeaHs 
l/«: f<^ JA/^a/ 1/' : ^ J^dSm/ £ | m—vijmv] pr irap eavrci F 
oql^*: Tap eavrw M(mg)dnpstv(txt)xz(txt)a2b,IS1El/<iS(txt): 
+ wop eavru a(-Tftw)bck | pnidtit €KTOpev€ff$tit] fiti tKWoptvw0w 
fAijSeit ac(pr Kai)xSS I Ai^Seir Bnw] pr et H : /ui^tfett bm Cyr-cod^ : 
Mt^^ect vfMw koq : /iiyr** WM^ fir s + »'/***•' AFM rell IWl/" Or- 
gr Cyr ^-ed| I €irrop€V€ff0ia] (pr €KaffTos 14): +€Karrot AF*M 
degbjlpqstvy-baB* : + uestrum %,'' ] «c — owrow post e/Sdo/ciy l/« | 
roTov] irorovd : otirov Ahl/*(uid) | om awow— (31 )aw^w i^{\ av- 
rov] eai/rov a*c : avrwp W | rri tpdofiii] rww ouppannf F*% Or-lat 

30 om totum comma gnl/ | om rtf riiupa s 

31 erwro/ioo-oy] truwofiaaep a,*: tvu^fM^arro d | wro] 
avrw i : to opofjua avrov p : om AFMadegfajlmsv-b,9C^ | om 
ot di*l*n I om to oro/m avrov npiSCuid)^!^ | fie^va bwxS- 
coddlSCSl^ I IF '«] A^o ^ lyy ackmxS^ | lyr] /ic p | om 
8e i<> 1^ I wf crtpiAa KopiOv] wrrep Kopioif fir(iro{pcov ir) | c#t i<>] 
tac€i Fkm | Xewor] //irti^ et album ut gelu £c(om tenHe)%^ \ 
ywpa] ppuyua a, | cm 3°] cM'ei mn | ei>icp<t er /AeXtri] lucuneuU 
cum melle 1/* | erirpct] curpct f : «nypot m : intrita IL* \ luKixi a, 

82 fUMHTf akmnsx | om^rro^] -^-uobis C | «rvp<of i<>] 
+dicens C™ | irXiyo'ercu 1 | to 3<»] rwf f : (tov i6> | yopuop] yofmp 
1: 7(MA«p Ft>*k I lukfpa bwxftBJSSl/iS Cyr^ | ect aToifftnip] 
et seruate «f C | c(t i°] pr ^ /^iff/^ ft/ B : om l/« | tit 30— 
vMwr] pr et seruate fL : in progeniem uestram %'' \ tdtMtr] ct- 
6wcip Abhioza, : uideatis % \ t^yvrt vpuut] vfitts t^ytrt bw : 
ediiis uos l/« : edere feci uos £« : om vputit b'C | i#f ] of a, | 
e(ifya7ev v/uit Kvpiot] eduxi uos C^ | v^t] post n^MOf 79 ackmx : 
iy/AOf iop I jrvpiot 3«] Dem 1,^ : om qa,!^ Cjrr-cod 

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31 «tff lo jt.T.X.] ffapL, m TWfp/ia opvjyif to eyxpis tp fUKiTt j | icopcov] iroXttu^pov F*»; to tov8,,, KotfuurbpoKOKKOv F^' | 

TO 3*> — ^ficXtTt] ff' ri bt 7ev0'» avTov ftrt cMivXXot (suprascr rXcurovf F') «f fteXxTi F*»: to $€ ytvpua,,, tyxptb,, putra fxaytbot F' | 
m tvKpii] TO lovb,., o»s fteTa cucar... F*: a' simt ^a^o9»^ 5 | tPKpis] a* aftvXot ^ c| cXoiov Mc(om ^)Tz(8ine nom): a' 
c^ivXot €( eXaiov /xeXixiypcov j : afivXot c( cXa . . . fUXuciipiOP s 


XVI 32 


B Alyinrrov. ^tcal ehrev MtiHrrj^ vpi^ *Aapfiv Adfit otoimvov xP^<^ovv Iva teal ififidXere ci? avrov 33 

WXfjpe^^ rd yofiop fiav, teal dwoOijae^^ avri ivamLov rov 0€ov etv Sianipff^ip el^ ra^ yevea^ vfjAv^ 

^hv Tp6irov awirctfep Kvpio^ rfS Mfl»t;<r^. ieai dviOfftetv *Aapa>y ivavrlov rov 0«ov eh StanipffCiP. 34 

35 Oft Bi viol *Iapaif\ t^a/^ov to fiav irtf reaaepJucovrOy Sfn^^ fjXJBov €49 t^i' oucov^ih(ffP' i<f>afyoa'ap 35 

t C TO ptiLp Jbo9 vapeydpoPTo eh pipo^ t^9 ^oufUrf^. ^ro Se yofiop ro SeKorop t&p rpi&p fUrpwp ^p.^ 36 

' Kal airripep waaa avporfmyri vl&p ^XapaijK iK rtf^ ipijfAOV Xelp Kara irapefiffoXeh avr&p Sub i XVII 
/nifuiTO^ Kvplov, /cal wapepe^dXoa'av ip ^Fa^iSelp' ovk tjp Si UBiop r^ Xa^ irielp, ^icaX iKoi- t 
Sopeiro 6 Xai^ vpi^ Mmvaijp Xiyopre^ A09 17/ui^ iScdp Xpa irUi>ii£P. icaX elirep aifroU Mwucr^ Tt 
XoiBopetade poiy ical rl ire^d^ere Kvpiop; ^iii^<Tep Sk i/eei 6 Xo^ vSari, xal iyiyyv^ep ixet o 3 
Xao9 irpo9 Mtovaijp Xeyopre^ "Ipa rl rovro apefilfiaaa^ '/jfuh i^ Alyvrrrov, airoKTetpai ripm fcaX 
rh riicpa iipAp leaX rh kt^pti t^ Bl'^ei; ^i^offcep Si M«»i;or^ wpo^ Kvpiop Xeycoi/ Ti irovri^^ 4 
r^ \a/^ TovTfp; &n fjuxpop teal tcaroK^ofioX'qaotMrlp /i€. ^/eal elwep Kvpiop irpo9 Mmwrijp 5 

t ripa^ert A 

33 r\ii/nis B 

3 €d€i\lnfffep F* 

35 TtffaapaKorra B**» 

XVII I <rir AF 
4 ^torpor B*>] frnKpa^ B* | KaruKti$ofio\iieovai9 F* 


33 KOI fivey] uwtp de MC | /tuaris Bakmnx] it dpt: 
fi^wiit AFM rell | wpat] t« fir | tuipww] ^/ratrem suum C | 
cmBiufW y*(md)aa | ^vffow era] XP^^^W A«*«' ^ I Xfiwow^ 
sub T iS: xpvtf-or ir I om era jBCl/ Cyx\ | tfifidkert Bo 
Cyr i-codd i] /9aX«g: t/i^eit 1^ : e/i/3aXXe Cyr-ed i : cAc/SaXt 
AFM rell B(tiid)CSl/ Cyr} | eis avror] ovrw 1 | ai/ror] avro 
bhi*now: awnjr f | wXiipis] rXiy^t Blm*(uid)stvzb3 : rXiy^ 
m*' I to] Tor f I Tov a,: om egj Cyr-cod^ | yo/M>p] yo/iMp 1: 
yc/iLtp F*>>k I flap Bi Cyr}] manna ^ISCElLiS: rov /torra 
bdewz Cyr}: pr tov AFM rcU Cyr} | om /cot 30— ^eow a, | 
aro^f tt] (eiri^eif 76) : repone % \ awo] owror f | crorrtor 
TOW e€w]palam Dmo i* | vfwm hi*w Cyr-cod^ | rfM\ pr «w 
X I fit liiKn\ffn9af\ et urtidur 1^: om Cyr} | om ect Tat w | 

34 Tw fM'i^^] ^^ ^ • om m | tw] tot c | /twMny] yumtcu 
qr : futf^ aicnx : + eXo^ 3e aofMir Tip vraiufnp koi erc/SaXer ctt 
aimfr fir tov fiar rXiy/nyt to 7«Mop do* [tijf] tof | a\nwf\ p | 
a»eiif/reF] ore^fTO AFM(txt)dcghjIp8"«(uid)tya3b, Cyr}: (e^e- 
^fTO 71): aire^ero avro abcx^lS(iri6(a vro sub ^) : +avro frof- 
T«or m I aapc#f] pr j | erarTioi*] eparT* bhsvwxz Cyr-cd}: 
om m : +Tift o-mpiyt o | ^eov Bb,] /iaprvpiov AFM rell WMM 

36 oc df ] +oi cf I /Mif i^] nawa F^': fULPwa AMfh*wxa,1l 
9dC£l/i6 : fuufpn €9 Tn €fnifw b' I mj] pr eirt q : post rwatpa- 
Korra ackmxiS | o'apaxorTa p | ccm i°] +ov f | eioiyX^or w | 
Tifr Bf iqrx^a^C] + r?" o : Tiyr AFMx* rcU ^1S£l/iS | om e^- 
yoaw — wapeytvwTO 1/* | e^OYOO'ai' ro iia» B] ro iia» 9^yoaa» 
Ui«oqr: tderuni manna BCS: ro luipva c^Tor bfwxa,iS: 
manana edebani % : om dmp : om ro im» %" : ro /lar c^tot 
AFMk* rell | ewt i«] irat d | ropryei'orTo] (FapeTiyorTo 84) : 
vapryerrro o : ryvorro d | /ucpot] pr ro f | nyt ^ruciyt] Feni- 
cum 1/ : /^rrti^ Pkoenicum iL!* 

36 To^op] 70/i«p I : yoymp P>*k | om ro 3<» Phil-codd | 
rm Tpunf fuerfHaw] mensurae tphae S^ | om T«#r a, | rptim 
It^rpttif] rpifitrpttif q | fitrptrnf] /urpow c : /tepwr m : tifuptaw 1 | 
i|r] «/ 1/ 

XVII 1 «o4 anyper] anype ^ dC: om icai l/< | onyper] 
anypor abckwx: lypor m | roo-ar owayaryiir cs | ffvpaytayrf] 
pr iy Fdfil*»nptraaba Cyr | vwr urpaiyX] pr rwr Cyr-cod : ruw 

toudautw Cyr-cod | riTt] ynt dpt | o-ety] ci sup ras a: oi» n: 
{jilfu 18): <r(ra lBC*ed Cyr-codd: Sinae 1^: Sur 1^*: era 
m I ropa/SoXat P(-a/u^- i^) | piy/iarot] (puiftarta^ 73) : Tpoarvf 
Itarot h I irvptov] ^v y | vapere/SaXoo'aF Bik*oqr] waptwt- 
paXow AFMk* rell: (ropeFc/SaXXor 84): mmntniiBXM^ \ €p] 
fit ht I pa^^ir] pa.^^iT c: (po^i^iyr 33): JfapAaMtn BC: 
Rapidin 1/: pa^dufi a: pa^i0i/c ox9 Oo}: "^:b&^ S: 
pa^f i fin | ovir— Xactf] populus auUm nan inurnit aquam C | 
OMC rff de] jcai ovic ip bnxIL Bus}: om ^ i* | tm Xa«# irifir] 
rifir rw XoM ackmnsxz^i^ Eus : ut uiberet populus %/ \ ruui] 
pr fcwre bw 

2 ffoi fXoidopfiTo] fXocdopfi 6f m | lumnnpf^ futwffri W: 
fiMOJIP aknx : fuoari m | Xeyorrft] dkfns Hi/ : irai fXfTor AFM 
acdeghjIpstvx-b,IS^(txt) Eus | om ^— (s) XcTorrft m | vfup 
b*cdlp* I Jtai ftirfp] firei' de w | om avroit wC-ed | fuoffrit 
aknx I MOi] M« bpw Ath | icoi 3«] fi Eus | ri a<>] pr ira svz : 
quarc 1/ : om S Ath | irvptor] pr rop fx Ath : + Deum uesirum 

8 ae] Miw 1/^: (om 30) | e#cei i«») post viari Cyr: post 
Xoot lo bdegja,l/< Or-gr: om F*(hab F'«w)hwl^^ | om i® w 
Cjrr-cd | vdan] (vdarot 3a>: nimis 3/ | ryoryvfo'] eyoyyvibr 
1 Or-lat Cyr-codd : duyoyyv^w esyz(mg) : murmurauit 9ISC 
1^ : murmurauerunt S | e/cf i a°] post Xaot a<* t Or-gr : om A 
FMe-jlnprsvx-b,a-edBC-edEl/«iS Or-lat Cyr | o Xaot a*»] 
om nSlC* Or-lat Cyr-codd: -l-vdart ^ffrw p | irpot BFlpl/] 
f Ti AM rell Sb Or-gr Cyr | mwiwi|I'] /uav^ bdotwy Cyr-codd : 
/iCMn;r ax: fitacri kn | Xf7««r Macl/* | ira ri rovro] Tt tovto 
ori b : quid hoc Iw : quid est hoc quod fecisti nobis C-ed | 
(iFa] ^ 71) I rovro] hue 1/*: om egjSISC | aif€pifiaaat iffuit] 
eduxisti nos WL* : coegisti nos uenire Hi/ \ fifMt t^] v/iot 1* | f|] 
c terra IS | arorre iroi] pr rov b | 19/iat !<> sub ^ iS | ra rtuwa 11 
sup ras e(uid) | (rewa] icnyny 78) | vfuop c* | «n|ny] (Tfirva 78): 
+flfuip MaodmnptxftiSCiS Cyr-cd | om tm Si\/m b, | tw] Tif 
f iknmop(ex corr)qrsvz(txt) : om Mw | 5(^i] <i^ a(ex corr) : 
ityfril Mcgkmoqsvwa,* : it^ffa z(mg) 

4 arc/So^o'f r abckmx | om 3f a,* | /tuaris akmnx | \eyt0r 
irpot ir 1 I om icai aJ6^ \ \i$ofioKifaovat chn Eus | /u] /c sup 

6 jcai firer] e iircp St bwCl/^ | MMvoifw] itMvaji h* : ft4oaifP 

36 rctfr— ip] rov fto3[iOv] ipr P> | rwr Tpiwr /icrpttfr] r« oi^ M : a' row ot^ j 
XVII z pa^^ir] oi y' sicut oc 0' (jyuxu^S) 5S 


a eXoidopfiTo] e^jrao'^ F^ 


XVII 12 

npoiropevov rod \aov tovtov^ \dfie fie aeavr^ otto t&v irpeafivTiprnv rod Xaov^ zeal rifv pdfiSov, B 

6 iv ^ eTTOT&fav rov irorafiov, Xdfie iv t§ X^^P^ ^^^ **^ vopevay. ^BBe iyci> Sarv^ica ixet irpo rov 
ai iwl T^9 irirpa^ iv Xa^pi^fi' zeal irardfei^ rifp irkrpav, Koi i^eXevaerai i^ avr^^ HScip, ical 

7 TrUrat o Xao^ fiov. hroiffaev Si Mcot/o^? ovt€^^ ivavrlov t&v vi&v ^laparlK, 7 seal iirmvopuiaev 
TO SvofjM Tov Towov iiceipov TleipaafAo^y xai AotSoprjai^t Bi^ Tifv XoiSopiav t&v vi&v ^lapaiiK icaX 
hiib TO ireipd^eiv Kvpiov XiyovTa^ El ioTtv Kvpio^ iv ffpXv tj ov; 

5 ®*HX^ev hi *A/iaX^/c xaX iiroXifiei ^lapaijX iv 'Va^faZeiv, ^elirev 8k Moi/cr^? ry 'Ii;<rov 

^EwiXe^ov aeavf^ avhpa^ hwaTovs, koX i^eXdmv irapaTa^a^ r^ *Ap4iKrftc aipiov ical ISoif ^a> 

10 loTffica errl t^9 Kopvifnj^ tov fiovvov, teal tj pdfiBo^ tov 6€ov iv t^ X^*P* P'OV. ^*^/eal iTTolffcev 
*lffirov9 icadairep etirev avT^ M^vaij^, xal i(€\doi>v iraperd^aTO t^ 'A/iaXiJ/e* ical Mwvcrij^ /cat 

11 *Aapmv ical ^ftp dvififjcav iiri Ttfv Kopvifnjv tov 0owov.^ ^^koI iyivcTO OTav iirfjpev Mfijvaiy^f 1/' 
17 tA? X^J/>a9, KwrUrxy^ ^laparfk* STav Se Ka0fjK€v tA^ X^V^^» Karia'xyev ^kfidh/iK, ^^al he x^!p€9 

6 virrt F* 

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aknpx: /iMiret m | rporopevov] rpoffwoptvov s: {wopevov 14.16. 
150) I rov Xaov rovrov] avntp Cyr-cod r om rov Xaov Cyr-cod: 
om Tovrw AFMacdhlmnpvx-b,^C-edSl/iS Or-lat Eus | Xo^e 
— irpe<r/3vrepirfr] adsumf attiem seuiores 1/ | Xo^c de] irat XojjSc 
Am Or-Ut: om 1: om 3e g | <reavrw Bo] |iera vov h: intra 
<feavrov AFM rell Eos Cyr : tfcum SlSCSl^^iS Or-lat | aro 
TUP wpeafivT€fMp] maiores ttafu id est presbyteros Or-lat : (om 
wpefffivreptm' 78) | pafiSop] +0^ov acmx9S(uid)^(sub <g> V) | 
er i<* — icvraiiaif post Xc^3c 2<> m | cr ij] unde ft*: (om cf 77) | 
(irara^tr 74) | rw vora/ior] njF ^oXoo-crav wU Eus | »oroMw] 
reiXoi' k*(mg) : Xoor g | om Xa/3e s^* — o-ov Eus | ircu ropevo^] 
sup ras a : om 9-cod C-ed | vo^vmi] ropevov bn Cyr^ : uadt 
1^ : tM»^ anU eos ad rupem Choreb IS 

6 oit ryw conyira] ego autem stabo IL*: ^ <^0 adueniens 
stabo % \ M\ uU b-gj-nszS(md) Phili-cdf : tdc £us|: 
c^ov F*>"« Cyrf-cdi (pr irot cod^) : et ecce <I-cd : ecce autem 
Ccod iSi om pBl/'Cuid) | ry« conyica] ffrat ryw Phil^ | 
e7w](ica7<tf 107): om C-ed Phil(: +^e piS: +7ap 1 | ecrn^a 
— 0-e] ov 0T«3 m I eonijca] post c/cet Phil-coddf : stabo H^i om 
Phili I €««] f/reure Phil-cod-unic i : om A*«WF»Macdeghjln 
opstvx-bgCi^ Phi]|-cod| Eus | rpo— verpat] uersus rupem 
£ I irpo rov ere] rpot irov w: [tfff//] te H/ \ irpo] vpot Phil- 
cod i | ifc Bq^BC Phil] eX^cv Cyr edicodd): -heX^ec^ A 
(eicet wpo TOV o-e eX sup ras A*)Fbdfiprtl/* Cyr-cd ^codd ^ ; 
-k-ffK€tw k: -heXtfcu' €««• c*eg3nsy**z: +««« eX^fir c*: -f-eicci 
My* rell iS Eus | om ert nyt irerpat s | cr x<*V^M <>X«*/»«"' 
Phil-cod-unic : om ey C | X'^pc/S Eus^ | rara^w Eus | np 
wtTpop] pr e«-i w : ■\-uirga B | e{ avn/i] post v^wp Cyr | : om 
Eus I I €|] a*- b, I wtntrrta Cyr-ed| | /mv BM(mg)fioqrl/ Cyr] 
om AFM(txt) rell %WSMS^ Eus | twoirfatp 9t] eirotiy de w: 
icoi 9w<Hffff«p AFMacdeghjlmnpstvx-b,)3^ Eus | ovrtat /UMWiyt 
afkmxSiSCiS Eus(/A«Nn|t akmx) | fu^ris n | ovrwt] ovrot g: 
om I* I t^/MiiyX] -f- biberunt omnes C-cod 

7 twvpoiM9fUf gj I ro orofta] post eicecvov m : om l*n*w | 
om eireiFov F*(hab F'"«) | rcipao/Aor m Cjrr-ed | om Xoi3o- 
piyo"*f — njF m I Xocdopiyo'it] Xoc^op^o-cft Ak: XoiJo/wftf-iF c Cyr- 
ed : Xoc^pca a : +Jilian$m Israel IS | om 6ui — koi 3** C-cod | 
Xocdopcor] Xoc^opi^u' Cyr-ed | om rat 3° ac | ro a**] rov Eus^ j 
irecpa^eiF] -havrovt ackx9ISiS(sub 'i^) Eus | irvpcor] pr rov ac 
kmx I X«7orrat] XcTorret bdfpqtw(uid)2a3b3 Cyr-cd : Xryorra 


1 : om C-ed | ec] 17 r | Kvpwi] post ly/ur bn^ : iri e sup ras c* : 
9i Eus| I «r riiup] €p vfup 1* : ne{bis] l/« 

8 Koc eToXeM««] C**^ exjpugnaret 1/* : f#/ pugnarent cum 
filiis W I om rroXe/im — (9) ii^rov g | nroXeitet] eiroXe/ii^o^eF ej 

C : €TOp€V0rf A | i^poiyX] pr r« a, Cjrr-cod | : pr ror Fcdf inp 
rt : pr rpos axlS^(sub •*• trT : om (15) W \ €p pa^itiw] sup 
ras i: (om 30) | pa^B€ip] pa^albtuf q: Raphatin IS: fta^vp 
Cyr-ed^: pa^ittfi aw Cyr^: pa^^n noidl Or-lat (er pa0. 
post (9) iiyo-ov) On\ Cyr-cod I : -^:b&^ iS 

9 luaarit akmnx | rw tiyo-ov] r/>ot tiyo-ovF acxiS : ad losue 
%/'. [ad HUsu] Naue l/« | ertXe^cu egjpwx Cyr | (reavrw] 
90MTta M : o'cavroi' c | dwarovt jra sup ras x* | ^vi^arovf] 
dvraorat m: om AM(txt)egjklsVwyza3lS£l/iS Or-lat f Cyp: 
-l-«r omnibus Jf His Israel Or-lat { | (vaparo^ov 18) | Amebk 
IS^ I avpiop post C7W 1 I ircu idov cyw] ^ /M/m ^^e{^] iL' | idov] 
post e7w FhjtbjIS : om a, Cyr-cod \ \ tyu\ (post tvTJiKa 84) : 
om ex* I «rnyifo] stabo ^(pr ^ufiiMYMPif j)IS Cyp | tijp Kopv^p 
h I /5ovrov] opovt a, | rov <>eov] Dni Cyp-cod | om funt Cyp- 

10 €W<nrfa€p'\ +avrw f | tiyo-ovf] o ijurovt f: ciyo'ov a,: 
/<ijt^ 1/* : jci s* I ifa^arep]' -»- ciirep n* | avrw ctirei' Cyr-ed | | 
om avrw fn | fuawnit i®] fUMnjt akronx | om €^€\0iap AF*Ma 
cegjlmsv-ba^lCl/'^ Or-lat | raparafirw c | rw] ror f : (irpof 
TOP 31) : om o I Amelek IS^ | koi fiwvoiys] Afoyses autem CI/ 
Or-lat {Moses) \ fuavarit a®] fuawnip s : A^Mnjt akmnx | om jccu 
wp k I aPtfiifffOM] steterunt C | rTj^ icopv^iTr] riTi Kopv^ n : 
nji' ice^oXiji' Cyr-cod 

11 €7frero Mb-fik-npqrs(txt)v-aalSl/(uid)5S Or-lat Chr 
Cyr-ed |-cod I T-A Cjrp | orar i®] ijFijta of Hip Chr | amipcp 
dms I /wwn^] post x«P«» 1° P^^i* Hip Or-lat i T-A Cyp^-edi: 
ftuerit akmnx: om Or-lat) | rat x^^P^t i°] om h*: -havrov 
acmx(eavrov x*)3[|SC^(sub ^^ Y) Or-lat } | rarto^vcF i*>] pr 
icai Or-gr: ras (i) inter v et e v: icartoT^vFeF m: Kariaxvaep 
ly: vrepco'xv^ef' Hip | om i^paijX — jrarc^xvcF a® fl*(uid) | 
urpaiyX] pr 3w Hip: Xao» b' | (orar «<>— o/AoXiyir post (i«) 
avrov i<» 18) I oroF dt] fipuca S op Hip Chr | KaOfiKtp] irare- 
^/rcF Hip : m^eiXc m : demittebat ^IStSb \ Tat x^'pat ^**] ravrat 
m: om Phil Hip: + avrov acx^lSCi5(sub •» 7') Or-lat T-A: 
•\- Afoyses Cyp-cod J | iroriOT^veF 3»] xariirx^^ J^* farurxvo'CF 
l*'y: vrepc^vo-eF Hip | aftaXi^] pr o m 

5 TOP vora/iOF] ro p€i$pop F^ 6 rpo rov at] a' 6' tfi.wpoa$tP aov bS^i 

7 tp iff^p] a' im interiore nastrum : 9' in medio twstrum : ^ ut 0' 

SEPT. 211 

a* in faciem tuam % 


XVII 12 


B MoDvafj fiapeuu' koI Xafiovre^ \i0op viriOriKOv iir avTov, xal iKaBnro iv airrov* koX ^Kapi^v 
ical^tlp ianipi^ow t^? x^V^^ avrov, ivr€vdev ^U fcal ivrwOeif eU' koI irfhovTO at X^^P^ Mntmj 
§ u icmipirfiUvat &09 BwrfsAv fjXlov. ^^ical irph^aro 'Ii^aoS^ 'toi' 'A^X^/r xaX wdirra rov Xaip 15 
avTov iv 4^ov(p fjuix^ipa^* ^^Elwev Bi Kvpio^ wpo^ Mwucr^v Kardypa^v roOro ek 14 

fjLVfifioawov €h ffi/Skiov, leai So^ eh r^ fira 'Itfcot, Sri oKoi^ i^aXtl-^m to fiAnnkOirvvov 'A/aoX^ 
iic T% iirh rov ovpavop. ^^xal f^Kohifj^cev Mcdoi}? Ovataanipiov Kvpl^, icai iirmvofuta-ey r6 15 
Svofia ainov Kvpto^ Kara^vyri fiov ^^St& iv x^H^^ tcpv^Uf woXefAel Kvpio^ iwl *AfAa\ifK am-o 16 
y€V€&v ek yeved^. 

^''HKOvaep Bi *loOop o iepeif^ MaSiiifi 6 yafAfipo^ Mcovcr^ wdpra o<ra iirohicev Kvpio^ i XVIII 
*lapa^\ T^S eavTov Xa^' i^iffya^ev yhp Kvpio^ rov ^lapatfX cf Alythrrov. ^fkafiev Be ^lo0op 1 
o yaiifipo^ MoDVcn} %eir^p<iv rifv yuvaStca Moit/cr^, /ier^ rijv afl>ea'iv atnif^, ^koX tov^ Bvq vioif^ 3 

13 avrov B'**] om B* | fAaxaapV^ B' 

14 c^ct^w B^n €$aXifw B* 


12 fuavffri !<>] /uavo'ti t: fAMv^etn b: fui^ akmnvx | mu 
Xa/3orret] iraraXa/Sorret de f | ertBfiKOM Cyr-ed | | tr i<* BAls 
jra^] vw FM rell {vw avror xoi sup ras t)^BC(ttid)Ji^ Cyr Cyp | 
avTOp] avTww cm | tira^iyro] {€Ka$iff€P 18 : eKoBifaai^ 74) : i^i^- 
^OM/ £ I er a^'] crai^w bcegjwy | avrov i**] avrov Afo | kcu 
oopwr] oopwr 3e AFMabdeghjlps-wy-b,C : om koi Cyp-cod^ | 
vrtTimpij^ blw I om avrov «• A Cyp-ed^ | {iPTtvB^v I®] pr 
«o4 30) I om f*f I® «o Cyp I om jrai (^ Cyp-ood^ | wywotno ^ 
Cjrr-ed | fimvc^ a<*] 17 sup ras t: fttav^eun q: /AiMiy aknx: 
avrov f 

13 €Tpt^€P p I cifo'ovt] fiuvnif Fg CypH:odi | OAOiXifjc] 
+ etre <e if ir/wt /M^ei m* | irarra] sub -r S(uid) : om S | 
ror Xoor] exrrclifum] ft | om avrov B*f* | om €W ^w fM- 
Xcupat Cypi-ed|^ | Ataxcupat] [^]/tMA'^ 1/ 

14 eiirer de] pr jcara7pa^or rovro a, : irat ecvtr AFMacdeg 
hjlpstvxyzb,B5S Cyp: om fc a, | rpos fiwvffiip] fimfo^ a, | 
fiuvarip] iiMvcji h' I futffyip aknx: /MM'ct m | om KaraypK^w 
TWTO a, I rovro] post funffioffwop Cyr^: rovrm b,* : Aatc 
Or-lat I €it /Anifiocwov] post /3(/3Xiof B Cyp-ood^: (+atMvtor 
64) I ett /3c^Xcor BquH Cyr}] er /3i/3Xw adklnpt: er fiifiXM 
AFM rell C Cyr} | koi dot] koi Suctis ir: dices C | ra ura] 
rat X'*P<^s k*93 I irfffoi B] irv b : (i^o-ov AFM rell (lo'ov a*)l^ilS : 
fius Cyp-cod} | aXoi^] e^ct^ 1: e^Xcc^ei F^"« T-A: om 
fk I ej^aXet^w] e|iyXet^w F* : araXei^ (3a) Phil | to juny/io- 
avwotf] TOP AS T-A Cyp-cod} | afiaXriK] eius Cjrp-cod} | om 
CK — (16) aiioKfiK b' \ e/r nyt] pr irai w: pr in sempiUrnum 
Cyp-cod}: e terra ^ : om C | vwo top] vw fjn Phil Cyr-ed }- 

16 fuaeift Bakmnx] funnnrft AFM rell | xvpivi] pr rw dfp 
Cyr-ed: om AFMacegjlmxya,b^5S Or-lat: -l-rw ^w h | (to 
OPO/UL avTov] avro 76) | avrov] rov rowov A | Kvpioi] {0€ot 73) : 
om S: +MOV F Cyr-ed} : +/«)v irai e | /aov /rara^vyii AMdf- 
jln-wy-b, I om MOV (18) S 

16 oTi] pr icai etirer acx9£<=ji^(sub <8> 7O * <^< t | om er 

wxl/(uid) Just Or-gr Cyr} | x'^ K^v^oia] xpv^ xupi Just | 
jrpv^a] Kpm^ia ehkm : irparoia d : -l- irv ackmiflJSCsub ^ 7') | 
iroXcMCi] post Kvpiot Or-lat}: roXe/Aiyovt AoyB: expugnabat 
Or-lat^ I KvyMot] pr o Just}: o ^coi Just} : +mov 1** + virep cfX 
f(4if ex corr f^) | om eri f Just | o/iaXi;*] pr ror af Just Or-gr 
(o^oXeic): ofiaXiy^ a, | (om a*-© — ytPtax 18) | (aroTtw**'] cit 
Tcveat irat 71) | airo] eiri c | ytPtw] yercat acxl/ Or-lat | om 
fit n I Tcreat] ytPtap acox Or-lat 

XVIII 1 riKovff€P] OKOvrat fir | to^p] totftip ab'gijl*' : ut$op 
fo : M#tfi#p qu Cyr-cod : tatfwp m : top^op a, : post fiodtafi p | o 
cepcvt fiaiiafi] post futwni A : om d : om en | ftoBtafi] Do- 
mini ^ I om ya/ifipot ft/uivwrf k | o «<>] ort h | yafifipm] Ttp- 
09pot F^^vdlp'^w^ I fi^vfffi] fAMv^twt qu C3rr-cod(-eot) : /t»»ffri 
amnx | irarra] pr ow x | KVfMt i®] pr j : o $i Cyr-cod : om 
s: -f-o ^ a, I t^paiyX i<>] pr rw f»/^vaii km acx(/A«Mr- ax): pr 
$UMni Kai km(-«'f() : pr Afasi et £^iS(sub ^) : pr cum Mou et 
^ : pr TV dgnt : om bfw | rw eavrov Xeu#] t«# eavrov sup ras s* : 
rc# avrov Xom Mow : rw Xa«# avrov ab'ckmx9%^uid)5^uid) : om 
n: om Xa«0s | ttn^y^ 7<v] ^Tf^ »«P ras (8) M : m t^yiyaytP 
FMhnptlS(pr e/): cum educeret tt: 0Ti#t tfifyaTf f: et eduxit 
S I Top] 9e e : om g I om «i^ot a<^ f pit | ror urpaiyX] avrovt 
nl/ : Tovrovf p : (om ror 30) | e| atTvrrov] de terr\a A'^g]ypii 

2 eXa/9cr de] nu eXa/Ser ackpxiS : om te f : ^ gauisus ad- 
prthendit % | lo^op] pr jrai Cyr-ed : wdrnp ab'ijl Thdt : iw^op 
n : utSup qu Cyr-cod : ta#«ifp m : lop^p a, : om f pl^ | om 
ya/ifipos futwni dfpl^ | yofifipot] rcrtfcpot Fb"«lw^ Thdt | 
fuavffii I**] futvatm qu Cyr-ed(MMo^-) : Ammh^ amnx : fivmi A*(i# 
suprasar A*') | etirimpap] vew^tipa n : o-efi^wpar w* : anr^opa^ 
df ghp : Sephdra C : Seff^ram %, : post np i<> x | nfr yvraura 
ftMMny] JUiam stiam % \ /Mtvffri a<*] /AiMiy akmnx | /ura — 
avn^t] postquam remiserat iiiam Moyses %, \ om ftera nfr 
a^atp 1 I Atera] lau m | o^o-cr] o^t^tr n | ovnft] avnip 1 

3 om xai— avnft lE^ | avn^ BF^ Cyr-ed] avrov AF*M 

za eoTifpc7/ierai] a' cremipiyfupai M : €Wiffryfp4yfAtpat j : a' wirris z 

z6 ori — irvpiot] ort iy ivpa/ut exi $poPOP axporror roXe^Of rov iv F^ 

XVIII X toeop] a' o^^ ^ ^ ut 0' (^q^^) 5 | /M^toM] et 01 7' ^asntl | 7aM^pot] a' ^^^ (=rvAt^evnff) 
(/ socer ^ ut o' iS 

a /irra — avrift] /*cro e{aro^roXip avnjt ^ | /iero np a^crcr] a' ^j/ missiones eius 0^ Ut 0' ii^ : /iera nyr wpouca F*> : 
/trro rof rpoticat (uid) F« | a^wtp] wpoixa 6: e^woeroXat j 




4 avT^* Spofia Tf» hi avr&p Ttfpadfjk^ Xeyav Tldponeo^ ^f*V^ h y§ oKXtnpl^' ^tcal to Svofut roO B 

i^uripov *£Xi«t€p, \iymv 'O 7^ 0€O9 rod varpo^ fAov fio/fidi^ {jlov^ icau, if^tKaro fie i/e x^^P^ 
$ ^apam. ^imU i^^KBev *lo0op 6 yafifipo^ Mmwrq zeal qI viol xal 1) yupif irp^ Mtova^v ew rifv 
€ Jfp9/4oy, oi vap€94fiaXaf hr Spov^ rov 0€ov. ^avffyyiXtf Bi Mnvaei Xiyovre^ ISo^ o yofi/Bpi^ aov 

7 *lo06p vapmrfiperiu irpo^ <ri, kai ^ yw^ Koi oi ivo viol aov fser avrov, ^i^Xffev Si iAc^vofj^ w 
mvpJumiai^ r^ yofifip^ §cai TrpoaeKV^ffcep avr^ teal i^tXffaiP ovtop, teal ffowdaavro dXXi;Xoi;9* 

8 amU eiaijyayep avrov eh rifp tncffpijp. ^Kal Siffyi^aaTO M»arj^ r^ yofifip^ irdura iaa iirolfftrev 
Kvpio^ TfS ^o/MM^ ical waa-i tok klyinrrloi^ hreicep rov ^\irpari\ icaX irdvra top fi^x^op top 
yoAfktPOP mirrcHi ip t§ ii^, seal Sri i^elXaro airroif^ Kvpio^ i/c x^^P^^ ^apai> teal itc x^^P^ '^^^ 

9 Alyvwrlmp, ^i^anf Si *lo0ip Ari iraai toS? ayaiSclk oU hroltfaep avroi^ Kvpio^^ iri i^eikaro 
!• avroitt itc yeip^ Airfvwrtmp imU ix x^H^ ^apofk '^/rol elwep ^lodop EuXoyi/r^ Kvpwi, in 
II i^lXaro avrov^ im x^^P^ Alyvtrrltap koI iic x^^P^ ^apato* ^^pvp iypa>p ori fiiya^ Kvpio^ irapk 

8 €K xnpot a* A*] exeipot A* 


7 fiwnit akmnx | r«# ya^pta Bo] rov ya^Afipov turrou acp* : 
T« wtvBtfHii avrov F*>"*ip*»w*>: avrov df: ai/rwy m: {avna 71): 
to$op k^: +ain'<M/ AF*Mk*w* rell ^WPL&{md) Cyr{ + loSop 
ed) I avrw] sub t- % : ain-or celm : r«# yafip** avrov f | om icat 
e^iyo-er avror kn | icare^iyo-ey (30) Cyr-ed | avrw i°] avrv 
W{ I lyovaa-arro] ifffwa^aro w: Karrf^woffturro m | aXXiyXoi;t] 
+ e(t tifniniif cx^liS(sab •^): +er tipnivyi a | eiffjfyaytw ai/ror] 
intrauerunt S | avror a^ BMeghjxl/ Cjrr-cod] ai/rovt fiuvaiit 
y: ai/rovff AF rell 9B<(S Cyr-ed | eit tijf tf'mymp] m /oA^* 
naculum suum % 

8 diif)ny0'aro] +ai;rw p* | ftMoris Bakmnx] fUMfcrp AFM 
rell I om tu — twoiiffffp p* | rw yatippui] post roira l^uid) : 
(om 30) I yofippv] weifBtfm ^^(yafippfa p*)w^: wt¥$€pbi avrov 
dl: + avrov abcfrnx^BC^fsub 4> V) Cyr-cod | Torra i<>] pr 
^i/r X : om bdm | irv/Mot i"] pr Cyr-ed | (om rw a^ 84) | rcuri 
B] om AFM omn SBCSl^ Cyr | rou] rw en : rw vuop b | 
yufOfi€¥oif bw \ €p mi odui] in terra Si{ing) \ om xai 4*^ — ac7i;r- 
rtAv p I ori] ore F* : tas kmx : qucm^ IL \ e^cXaro avrovt 
Kvpiot\ liberoH essent ipsi a Dmo ft | e^iXcro Mdegh^nqstuz | 
avrovt] post /rvptof ««> Cyr-cod: ain-or a, | cff i** — fio comm] 
sub ~ V : om Fhla,b,9B£1.5S | ^apaw] nap aKyvwrvop svz | 
row fluyinmiM'] ^apata svz : om r«r ny 

om totum eomma f | ioBop\ loStap abijim : iwOop n : lioBiap 
qu Cjrr-cod : lopSop o \ om ircurc w | avrois post ici//kos AFMa 
cdeghj-mpstvx-ba^ | Kvpios] pr o ir i om n | om ort — ^pa» 
b'dp I oTi] pr Kotift: ^/fi | e^eiXaro] e^ciXcro Ma^egh^jnqstu 
y*»z: -f-jcf A I avrovf] -hoiic: -h /rr a^knoqtuwy Cyr-ed | eir 
|0— icot] pr av n* : om h' | eic x^H^ ***] '''Jf manibus 9B | cu- 
•yvmwr] pr ri*' AMegjy : ^apa» ir | Kai — ^apau sub -7- iS | 
Xec/Mt «o] x^t/M^ (31) ^ I ^opow] acTvrriwr a* : rwr OiYi/vricMr 
ir : -h ifoi <« x<</>of "rwr ai7irrrtcMr h : + rt^'s Aegypti C 

10 om totum comma y* | to^op] io^w/> abTilmy^' : ua9op n: 
M»tfw/> qu Cyr-cod : wp9op o : om dp | on] ot bdkmnps(txt)tv 
z(txtKISE^(uid) I c^eiXero MaMegh^jknpqstuy^'z | ai/roM B 
xiiS] u/Aai ac: ror Xoor awou AFMy*>' rell BiSTCl^ Cyr | e/c 
X€i/N>t f«] di manibus 1^ \ cir i<»] oiro n : a-wo rr\t bw | aiTtnr- 
rioir] pr ^apata irflu Twr n: pr nap bfgikmoqrsuwzb, Cyr: 
Farao 1/ | om jtm a* — ^pa» mn | eic x^*po' ^®] '^^ manibus 
%% : om p I eir i®] airo w : airo 7171 b | ^apa»\ Ae^tiorum 
M/ : -f- *r» e^iXaro tot Xoof wroirarwtfer x^*/^' aiyvwritiP cx(ot) 
^pr bimtHcius at Dominus)Sb [wf] ^ 9* is ^ qui^ 

1 1 rwr] pr mu eirer lo^op d | {rfp» 76) | /rvpcot] pr b* | 

5 KOI i«— /utfwnj] «' cat ifX^or m^^ rv^t^tvnit /iMurf jsvz[«««/M js | /m#m^i r]: ^ i^Xtfer ovr to^op w€P$tpot pnawnf 
J8Vz[om ^ 8 I totfwp jz I pMvatvs s : fuwfftt v] : ^ irai lyX^er io^op yafifipot pmvati v 

213 28-2 

XVIII 6 ropaTet^erot B»(-7i». B»>)AF 

rell BCC^^ Cyr-codd Thdt | orofia — avnop'^ opofiari a, : quo- 
rum alteri nomm erat % : :toiti ci»iy.^ iS : om p | orofia] pr 
w X : pr ^/ S I Tft» cyt avnap]/ili0 Mosis uui S : i#/tiW 1/ | avrwr] 
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m I om ort «« AiWE Cyr-cod | ei-etfero dno*ty*»C | avroit] 
avroi/r o : ovr« Cjrr-cod 

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Cjrr-ed J | yafippot] vepStpot F'^^'lw** | fMav^ii i®] /uoffti ak 
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fura nip] inf Cyr^ | eravpiop — \aop mutila in JL | avpwp nw | 
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iSTTiKet p)SC : • 'St^tit] % | rat — /uovo'ei] /iwwnf ras Xoot h : 
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to-Ttpat AFM omn Cyr 

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to^o/>] (pr 84) : to^oip ab'(o sup ras)fgilm : iio0op n : luSiap qu 
Cyr-cod i: 10^0^ a,: +0 yafiftpot pMcii x | Twei BfirC] 
er<MV(re g*qu Cyr-ed^: €irotei AFMg«» rell SlBiliS Cyr^- 
codd \ I XcTci] pr km acx^ JS : ecvc dl : et dixit ei B : dixit 
autem ei C: -^avrta bfir: •\- lothor Mosi £(om lothor C^) | 
TowTo] pr TO pi7/ia F^^acmx^U^isub 4p) : (pr rovro /mj/mi ia8) | 
0*1;] w n: om bwl/ CyrJ-cod^: om w 9-ed S | rw Xaw a^] 
^fifr populo B : om y I om o'v 3^ y I Ka0ti f | om /Aorot <!D | 
rat — ^Xaot] bis scr g* : et hie populus omnis B : populus autem 
C I Tttt de] KOi rat p | om 1° s Cyr-ed \ \ TapurniKti dnp 

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ed ) | cwf sub <5> 7' S(uid) I dwXiyt] deiKunft 1 : det/Mi^t a, : w- 
Tcpac Ffj(mg)ms(mg)xz(mg)iS(txt) 

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rw yafiPpu] avru fiuwnit d | /uoMrtTt] (post yapifipv 71): fuaciit 
akmnx | om rw ya/ipp<a p | ya/ippv] W€p9tp» F*>"V w** : xtwO^pt^ 
avTov 1: +avrov F«"«abcfmx^BC1^5(sub •^ V) Cyr-codd | 
rpos fu] post Xaoj cf ioqrsuvza^^C Cyr : rpot tfu dt | eir^ctr 
c I row ^f ov] rw ^w w : rov icv h Luc \ : om rov b' Cjrr-ed 

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Kptrw] pr «r «^^ ^: xpipu b' | cira^ror] avrovt F»"«C | ffVfA- 
j9i/3ao-w (130) Phil-codd | avrovt] sub -r S^i avrott b'egjp: 
(avrov 18): unumquemque £: om k Phil | ra vpoffrayfuiTal 
pr irat m : mandatum ^-ed : iudicium £ | om rov Phil-cod^ | 
(«r<u 3^] Kara 14) | om avrov m Phil^ 

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io$op h{'0^p b')dp I yaftppot] wtpBtpos F^"«lw^ | /iwvffi;] pr 
rov f : pr rw i : /mmvci qu : M«Miy akmnx | Tpot avror] Tpof 
pLvvariP b : om dp 

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O'v i^ — rovro i^] ro piffui rovro ov rocecf acxi6(om xSb) : ro 
ptl/M o ffv Tocecf rovro m : om crv voittf k : om av wC | om 
^opa — rovro i®p Cjnr-cd | ^Bopa — mu i^'\ /eries MA}itd) \ ^o- 
pa} ^opv g : + 7af» n : -H o^v m | Kara^apft^ri] Kara^9aptffftrai 
M(mg) Cjrr-codd : om B^ | apvwofAOPirnf] sub -:- Sb : (orwro- 
fiopyfrop 30): orviroroiTrw A*(sup ras)dh: om A*F*(hab F*"«) 
^klyS Chr(uid) | koi i^—Xaotltibietomni populo huicSb{fsv^ \ 
om Kai lo bej^BCS | om xas ex | om o t* | Xaot B'opA^b, 
^C] -h tFov ovrot Aqu : -f ovrwf rat c : + ovrot B^"»FM rell B 
^Sb Cyr-codd | ot ] o-of m | om fiapv — (19) aov A | (om ftapv 
— rovro a® 71) | fiapv o"o«] ^pvffvf b : papif^ cf(-o'ei) | o-ot] av 
<r^pa n | rovro i^\ sub -r Ski om k | ^vny o^B | toccit B* 
m Cyr-cod] pr ov B»'M Cyr-ed: post /iorot ^C: -f avro gBC: 
+ avro trv dejnpstvziS: (+ ovrot trv 32): -l-o"o< F*: +o^v F*»* 
rell I /uv'ot] +rovr«c 

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avnap 6^ ort vrtprf^optv^airro tw avrovt v | CT^crro avrott] a' o^ vwtpif^apevaapro rr avrovt bSk \ e»€^frro] ot ^ vwtpti- 
^aP€wrarro F^'MjkszCsine nom F^j) 

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a' Ttt XoTot ovrot or O'v yot€tt jsz[om o^ | om trv Toiett] | n rwro\ a' rt ro pvifM rovro jsz(8ine nom) 

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avfAfiouKevan aoi, icai Iforo* 6 Oei^ fAerit aov. ylpov ah r^ Xo^ rh irpo^ rw Oeov, tcai apolaei^ B 
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Cjr-ed^ I H eoi b'co: <om 76) | t« Xow] populo huic C | iru^ n | f xt irc] «/ /f 5 | r* de ft»x««] ''« ^ Pp^X» F«»: om 

{^€©r lo] Xttor 76) I iroi ^—$t<m ««>] post («o) avroit i* f : om «e <i6> B | fipaxi^a k | rwr irp^4aT«#r] (n** /nf/AarMr 76): om 

b'egnr^ | oFowreif] ayourei m: +/te^ | awrwr] sub -r JS: om E(uid) | om avroi C | «ow^<w«rM'] kov^owfip Ab^kmw: 

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om akl)(uid) | cvM'irt^ bw j om rarrot C | (om rov 30) | f imnqni : roror twtw a,] : {uim}^ in su$im l€{cnm cum pact 
OMipat iwarovt tfeo^e/Seif ] (pr xaraonio'ai 8e 30) : post vrff/>iy- st f]ff damus suas S/ 

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ovrwr] [/]g^<<M 1/ : om I Or-lat | avrwr] avrw g : av- etrer avrt# abcn^lU&(avrii sub -;-) Or-Ut 

roct fir : avroit qu | x^VX^f P I '^m cjcarorro^ovt] om 1 : om 25 twMkt^'] creXc^aro C3rr : e^cXt^ro mb, | /utfoiff Baek 

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aXXot TXcore^tav j : on^ty TXcore^wy «rcyo^o(uir k : a' ff* $* anariiiam % 

aa TO vrcpo7«ror] o« ^ ro /ueTa j(oi oXoi)k(sine nom)z | vrepo7«roir] 01 \ /Aeya F^(sine nom)M | ra ^ /^x<«] ''^ ^ 
ftucportpa k | irov^covrtir] eXa^M^ow^u^ k | ^vramXif;i^f<orrai] o^ ^ av/ifiarraffovnM Mjk(sine nom)8Z 

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a4 tivtw] ed. Sam. + 4^ // </f4»y Mous ad populum Non possum ego solus fern uos ,^»^ Deus uesUr multiplicauii 
uos et ecce tstis hodit ut astro caeU in multUudine ^^tS^ Deus patrum uestrorum addat nobis sicut estis in duplis dupto* 
rum et bentdicat nobis sicut locutus est nobis quomodo potero solus ferre nohtntatem nestram et patientiam et contentioms 
uestras date uos nobis niros sapientes et intcUigentes et prudentes in tribus uestras et constituam eos principes nestros et retpon- 
demnt et dixertmt Pulchmm uerbum quod locutus es facere et cepit principes tribuum eorum et uiros sapientes et intelligen- 
tes et constituit eos ut essent eis princ^es ekiliarchi et centuriones et qmnpiogenarii et decuriona et inductores scripturae in 
indices eorum et mandauit indicibus dicens Audite inter fratres nestros et indicate iuste inter nimm et inter fratrem eins et 
inter proselytam eins non agncsces faciem in iudicio secundum pamum et secundum magnnm indicabitis ne timneritis a facie 
niri quia indicium Dei est et uerbum quod durum sit a nobis qfiretis ad me et andiam id et mandcmit eis nerba quae 
facerent % 

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rawni] avni i^M^^ f | om lyX^o^'or — (1) iroi i* a^^a^*** | ^9oao» 
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a I efftaOe] eris Sb | Xoot sub -t- JS | xepcovo-tot] perennis 1/ : 
+ in aetemum B | roir bis scr e* | om 7op Luc 

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Xcior teporev/Ao] pr «tt Thdt : in regnum ei in sacerdotium ^KC 
(om in I** 1°) : regnum sanctum B : regnum sacratissimum 1/ 
Luc I leporev/Ao] pr iroi Philf^^: te... U5 | om jcOi egjnC- 
edE^ Thdt | roct vioit] domui B 

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rorrot a,C-cod | (ovt] oit 84) | o'vreroler] eraser b, : (ererec- 
Xoro 76) I avri# #eot] Bi ovrw b(ovroct b* ■*') : ^t o<t g | 
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XIX 2 Topere^oXer] ifrXiyirc.. F*> 3 eit — 9eov] i-pot ror ^ F^ 

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nlS* : rov Xcov AF(Xa sup ras F')M rell (Xaov port sup ras b,) 
^n^TSi^S I ror tfedr] pr ir ack : «y F^^IL 

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om idov— (xxi 11) ro vat g | om ctov C-edS | om eyw \ j 
rpof fft !•] post rc^Xift m\ ad mos C-ed | om er — wt i® b'f | 
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rot iMOv] uerba mea quae dicam C-ed : om aiov nl/ | a* i<>] -f ui 
fi€mt US uerba hta C«ed : + er orvXw yc^Xiyf dp | xai] era p | 
roc] {<nf 30) : re s : om finC | rtorevrwrv] Turrt wrovny ak*xl/ 
Etti-cod^: (r«rrfvror 30) | om anf>7CiXer~(io) Xaw C^ | 
om amjyyeiXeF — (10) fu^vnyr d | om ainryTccXer — xvpcor mw | 
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xvpior] wp9t rvif Xoor f | xvynor] pr ror qiuyx : Deum IS 

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i* I mi mywtww avrovt] utult ad ios C-ed : om xai %^ C3rp-cod | 
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i3«> I '?A»«P<w] P' ras (1) i: 11/1 A«»»*«^ | 7a^] de p: om Cyp- 
cod I iw<epa] +ras (8) x | xara/97ro/Mu m | irv^cot] pr Cjfr- 
ed i : om Pm | en — reira pott Xaov ackmxjom to i9 km)9liS | 
eiri] {en 83): in 1/ Cyp | to ofot] tw op€i Cyr-edi | to i®] 

(rov 83«t33): om Adefi^jpd, CyrJ-cdf | riro* n '[ eramor] pr 
xac e : crarrc h | om rarrot wa,Si/(uid) 

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ror Xaor 18) | cavroct] pr v^if bkn: pr vfiuf Fi*jwd,: vfuw 
avrott dpt : om l/(uid) | om tov i^ a | oro^ifrai] pr iiti klm 
B Cyr: -f rtra Cyr-ed | n] ny b: rira Cyr-codd | rat] pr 
quod Ik I '\-eHim WL | a^a^rot] ayj^ofuwot M: arroMcrot F | 
om SopaTu p | reXevnTrei] Xe et TTfoe sup ras F' : reXevrifr^ x* 

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sub T- JS I oi <raXTt77et] tuSa % : om m Cyr-ed : ( 4- vavoorra* 
71): -^-abeant Sb | vac 7^ — o^vt sub -r iS | om xai 1} re^Xiy 
b I aw€\$ii fl wt^Xfi c*i5 I ai-eX^] arcXtfoi i : to^X^ a, : 
om w I awo] ex F*>*"« Cyr-ed | cxetroi] pr tot* 1/ Cyr-cod: 
post aifofiiiaorroA H: exeirov x: exec dpt: om IS | opoptiooif' 
ra«] opofin'rttoaif (37) B: are^i|0-ar c | ei-i] eit bh | ro ofot] 
ro opov a, : rov opovt F*f 

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amnxd, | ex rov opovf post Xaor nyd,(aro ny)Bl/(utd) | ex] 
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%lfiS^(sua sub ^) : 4- avrwr F^abcejlmw : 4- eavrwr x 

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eX^e] Tpoo-eX^ere bi* Cyr-cod : {Tpoaefp/orrrt 31) | ^vraixc] 
ad tmdiires ft Cyp 

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mutUa in % | Teni^errot] 7en;tferref 1: yewmtBtrrot A | om 
xai lo AFMbd-hi*jlnp8tv-d,ftBS^ Cyr Spec | eyttwrro Fee 
fi«'jmnp-suv»-d,B Cyr J Spec | ^wrac] pr ai F^ | om km 

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It TO recra] a' <r' ^ similiter yjufion Sb ^ 

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Tpoo-exere eavroct] a' cusiodUe uosmetipsos iS | ^iTetr] ^av^^oi F*^ : ^avo-oi 17 a\J/aff$ai j : ^aveir eTTcfetr k 

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TOV Topa^porrot </ orar a^Xxv^*^ traXi-tY/iOt vJS: 0* tw tti aTeXevtret rov iw/SiyX ^(om ^')vi5 | exetroc — opof] a' avroi 
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vap€fA/3o\§. ^7xai i^ifyayev Ma»va% rov \aop e»9 avvavrriaiv rov Oeov iic r^v irapefAfioXfj^, 9cal 17 
irapiarfiaav vwo to 6po^ %ipd. ^^ro Sk 6pos to Xtvh ixairvl^eTO Skov Biii to KaTafiefifiKivfu iir 18 
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a^o&pa. ^^ifftvopTO hi at ^o»i^l Tr}^ a-dKirtyyo^ irpofiaipovaoi i<r)(yp&T€p(U a^ipa* M(im7% 19 
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Q/rrpawm F*>* | rc^Xif yifo^ti9ff9] Pt^Xai Tro^Mdeif blwb^B 
Oyr-cdi Spec : ye^Xif icot yvo^ a,£(aid) | ypo^o9ovt n | «r 
opovt] ew opot htb, : ere rov ^vt Fackmx Ens : eri to opot a, 
Cyr-codd^ | o-cu^a] ^utu n: V yjUfiDH -t- JS : om Eus | ^wny] 
pr ecu FackmxHScjf^ Ens Spec: pr er a, | rrfs] ru Cyr-edi : 
om a, I irx« A*n«] nx^ a*«7«^o« 1(0 i^exrf) | /ie>aX n* | om 
KOI 4« — wap€fiPo\fi f I 90] Of lyy dinptd, : om Abclmo'svwzb, 
Ei/(iiid)5 Eus Cyr-cod 

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pr njr B^^^AMacdeijknoq-vxzb^d, Phil-ed Cyrf^}: nfr 
wape/ifio\ilP y I om cff Tiff raptf^pcXfit y Cyr| | wapemfffw — 
o^iro] €^opii0fi was Xoot of f r ev nf Topefifiohi f | Topeo-nf^oy] 
r€Lp€arfiff€w ft C)rrfKXxid ^ : xopeo-Tiiirev Cjrr-ed J : Topeony d, | 
wro] €vi i*'r Cyrt-ed|: (ropa 31): a</S | om opos d,* | au^a 
B^cd, Eus(md)] pr to B**>M(mg)bhioqrsuvz CyrJ-coddf: ro 
iTiFcu n: (itvicXw 3a): om AFM(txt) rell iSSl/(uid)i( Cyredi 

18 TO o-wo] TOV ^ e : om l/(uid) : om to Ab'fm | o-iro] vtwcu 
nx : mu. Phil-codd | oXor] rov avro Phil-codd | 8ia — wvpi] quia 
descenderai Dominas in mcnitm in simiiitudintm ignis Spec | 
cr ovTO Tor Btop *Bmr] «r a}^^ rw $w x: «r avrou rw 09 k 
Ens : tr avrov ii ror ^ a : tot ^ «r avnt bdep Phil-codd : 
Tor 9w €W avrou qu Phil-codd Cyr^ : 9p ct avro o: top lew €T 
OVTO F : «F tr avTo M(mg)s(mg) Cyr-codd } : icy ev avror Cyr^ : 
KP tr ovTov Cyr-ed } : topBp tv avro M(txt)s(txt) rell ftSl/(iiid) 
Phil-ed Cyr-ed i Cyp : (om top Stow 37) | €w avro post tv/h A | 
om CF z I KOI oPtpaiMtp] aw€pat9€P de AFMac-jlDpstv-b,BJS : 
orc/Sif de d,: (om koi 30) | xarrof !<>] aT^tif M(mg): +avTov 
FWicmxft-ed5(sub 4>) Eus: +evrum ft-codd | «f] w<r« Ma 
c-kmnprstvwxz-d, Phil Eus Cyr-codd | | irairvof «»] pr aT^iCif 
c: aTfut b(pr if *)di*j(txt)n8(txt)vwz(txt)d, Phil(-Atof codd) Chr 
Cyr-oodd} | Kofupov] camini magni Spec | e^Tif m | (om 
Tttf 64.76) I (om cr^pa 33) 

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bant % I rytrorro] tytpopro bef i'^jkmprswza, Cyr-ed { : tyiwrro 

Y*('POPTo F») I Oi ^«roi] pr ira^oi b': ^Mrat mi Cyx\x if ^i^nf 
F*>': om Oi Eus | Tiff ^oXrcyTot] ttOarum ft-ed : «^ /v^or E: 
om b' I rpopatwowrai — ^««nf routila in % | Tpo^oirot/voi] r^o- 
paiMovaa F»>»: Tpofffiatwovffai 1 | i^uipoTcpot] laxvportpa F»»»: 
i^v/Mu 1 Cyiji I o'^odpa] -f ^0o^ CyrJ | /uiwiff— areir/MJWTo] 
^eof eXoXcc fun/fffit <c areirpcFaro Chr | AUM^f ] pr «/ S : fu#vtfiff 
AFMc-jlo-wy-ba(pricat e : -»-«« Mlqua,: +aui£m 1^ | eXo- 
Xilfftp Bo] eXoXet AFM reU ftlSSiS PhU Or Eus Ath Cyr j de] 
jrcu Phil(om o codd) | artxptptro FkHb^ftlSCJ^ Phil-ed Or- 
lat Cyr-ed |-cod^ | ovt«] post ^tnmi d : om b1 | ^wri] pr €p 
Phil-codd: ^tiPiipf: +ras (1) F(uid) 

20 KaTufie^Ktp Cyr J | Kvpiot i®] pr o B'^fiqru Cyrf | 
e»4 I®] €tf f : in Mf Hil | om ro 3« AF(oporwo F*)fjkmp j 
fftpoi nx I «ri 30] pr ffoi m I (nfr Kopv^p i<» post opovf i«> 16) j 
om KOI i^— opovt 3« bdfjpr*|^ | (Tpo^cicaXf<re 33) | om tcvpiot 
30 F*(hab F'»")h*l | /iWMnfr] pr rpof e: pr ror F*»b/ Cyr |: 
futffjfp aknx | rifp Kopv^ 30] (nff KOjpv^f 71): nfr irc^ifr 
ir* I /iwfffrfs] puoffift aknx : -l-ei-t nfr ire^oXify rov opovf f 

21 o tfeof Tpof /Awu^r] avTW tfi n | ^eof] pr if ac: lei 
F*>"w bw Cyr J I /mvcjip] ftuvvri b: /ua^riP akx: /UM'ec m: 
(avror 71.83) | Xc7»r] sub -1- ji^: oro iroSl/ | Xa««] +aiov m: 
-k-TOvr^ (84*) B'' Thdt | eyywia^tp] itn^v^ip a,: (€77»ov^t 
76) I rpof ror Btop] ad montem £^ : monH %, \ top $€op'\ pr 
KP ack: -I- en ro 0^ ej | woari AFMdehjl(if ex corr)p8tvx-ba 
E5SCyr-edi | e{] or f ir 

22 xoi o«] Oi de y | iepecf] + dc A | om oc 3« c | om Kvpim 
Abfhkwft I oroXXofif] oroXXo^ b: oroXeo^ ftBiS Cyr- 
codd I : oro X* I om or km | rvpiof] rXiftfof A : -t- ^ m 

23 xot lo — ctufa mutila in 1/ | mu ecrcy] ecrcy dc bw | 
pMOflt akmnx | ror ^or] pr o ac : ir F^ | ov dvnfo'erai sup 
ras r* | rpo^oyo/Sifroi] rpoara^^yoi V: apafhifpai fir | rpof 3<»] 
e«f Fbd-jlqrub3ft(uid) Cyr-cod: en c | (om to opot i® 16) | 
TO <reiyo] ro o'lyoix: o^iyoi n: om km: om ro fhjpa, | dcofte- 
fiaprvptiaai] duLfioprvprfa'at fw: dioftaprvpaaai ir: dte/uLprvprfaat 
mf 3rr-ed | v/up c\* | o^opco'oi] amrs // 1/ | ro opof %<>] 

16 ^vpfi] To v rwTi viov ^wni yap Kai \oyot tov xp% o viof F^ 

18 efe^nf] crroif^ F*» | dco— ^eor] o' oro vpoawwov ov icart^ er ovrov ks 0' 8ia ro KaraptiPOi er ovro kp v 
aa KOI Oi icpeif] o' iroi o< Tpwfivrtpoi v \ oroXXo^if] ropoicXo^^. F*>: o' Stojrofif MjsziS: ff' dio^et^nf M^sziS(sine nom 
H) : ^ /erda/ & 

33 ror ^or]iy ^jb^fi, JS 



XX lO 

24 *K^6piaai TO 6po^ tcaX ayiacM avro. ^elirep Si avr^ Kvpio^ BdSi^e ^Kardfif^Oif icaX ivafiridi B 

av ical 'Aa/Moi/ fj^rii aov* oi Bi iepeU Kai 6 \a6^ p,ii ^ui^iaOmaav apafiijvtu irpo^ rdv deov, fii^ '^" 
15 wore airo\i<rff air axn&v Kvpio^ ^^Karifii^ Sk Ma»i;o^9 irpo^ top Xoop /cat elirev ainol^. 
XX J 'Kol tKoKficev Kvpio^ trdvra^ rov^ \6yov^ tovtov^ Xiytov ^'EYci eifu Kvpio^ o Beo^ aov, 

3 o<rr*9 ififyayov ce iic 7^9 AlyvTrrov, i( oIkov hovKia^. ^Ovtc iaovral aoi deol frepoi w\^p 

4 ifiov. ^Ov 7ro$i^a€i^ atavr^ elSaXov oifBi iravro^ 6/ioU»p^^ Saa iv r^ ovpav^ dva teal Hca 
i iv r^ y^ tcarm tcai ova iv roh iScuriv vwoKara 7^9 7^9. ^ov irpoaKvvrjaei,^ ainol^ ovBk fiff 

Xarp€va"p^ airroU'^ iyi> yap eifn Ki;/>i09 ^609 (tov^ 0€o^ ^17X6)71^9, airoSiSoi^^ a/uiprla^ waripo^v^^ 

6 iirl ritcva &»9 rpirtf^ «ral rerdprri^ yepea^ Toi9 fjutrovalv ^e, ^/cai ttoi&p SKco^ 6*9 x*^*^^^*^ ^oJ^ 

7 arfawSHrlp fie teal toU ^vXaaaovaip rk irpoardyfiaTd /aoi;. ^Oif Xvfi'^ to 6pofui Kvpiou 
rov Beov aov inl fiaraitp' oi ydp fii) xaOapiatf Kvpio^ 6 Oeo^ aov top Xafifidpopra r6 Spofia 

J avTOv iirl iiarai^ ' ^Mpifa-dtfri rifp ^fiipap twi' aa^fidrap dyid^€ip axnfjp* ^Jf ^fjUpa^ 

10 ipyf fcal woiYfaei^ irdpra rh Spya aov, '^t^ Bi rifiipa r^ ifiBofifj aafifiara Kvpitp r^ de^ aov* ov 

7roii;o'6i9 iv airrp irav ipyop, av tcaX 6 vio^ aov leal 1} Ovydrrfp aov, 6 iraU aov Kal rj tratBia/erf 

14 JCAi a9afiii$i B*^"^^ om B* 
XX a dovXciai B^AF 5 /uaova-w] iuiffov9t» B*: /u^ovci B^F 

6 xct^Mi^t B*A I ayawiitffw A] ayaw»n B^: ayariOffH F* | ^vXatraowi B*^ 

ror Xoor b | 07400*04] satuiificaturum te 1/ | ovro] ovrw b: 
om Cyr-ed 

24 (om ffCTCF — Kvpt,ot i^ 71) | eiTer de] koi cctcv AFMacd 
chjlnpstv-baBl/5 I cm ovn* y | Kvpiw i"*} Ds IL \ fiaiift 
jrara/9ir^c] descemU ad populum % \ KaraPriBi] pr «roi Fdptb, 
S I «ro< wapviBi] om B*ac*hn<2D: om koi Cyr-ed^ | oopwi^] 
+ o^X^ 00V bl/ I m <c] KOi oc w I piajyaOtM'uif'i /So^i^- 
Svffw fikr Cyr-edi-codJ: paZi^iaaa* KC*oSh | orojSi^ot] 
apofiatptof Cyr-coddJ: rpoawafiifwai svz | ror tfcor] pr kp 
ac: Kw F^ \ (om fiif 3^ — cv/Kot 3^ 14) | oroXcoiy] ovoXc^ct fn : 
oi-oXXo^ ack(txt)mxb, | o»] €| M(mg)nsvz(txt) | irv/not a® 
sub -7- & 

25 fUM^ oekmnx | iroi civcf oi/tmi] ei eduj^i/] ilium de 
cas/ris et adpliaUt ad montem 1/ :_(om 15) 

XX 1 (icoi cXoXiytro' «rvpiot] irt dc B% cXoXi^c 30) | om 
icoi m Spec | irvpcoi] 9\ F*>: +0 ^f ackn: +»/»<» yMwrnw Ay 
fie : -I- ad populum 1/ 1 (om yorrof 30) | (towtow] + xpot fAvvffifw 

2 cyw] pr 0^1} n | om cc/u Clem Eusf Cyri Thdt^ | 
om Kvpiot f I om 0'ov nEH | offrit t^tfyayo^l ocrif e^ir/oTer 
M(mg)moqsuvBC CyrJ: o^Tif onryoYor Jul-ap-Cyn e^- 
707«iip AFM(txt)acdehjklptxyz(mg)a3b,i5(mg) Clem Eus Cyr) 
Thdt I <rf ] tf-ov c | c/c 7171 o«7vrTov] pr €| oiirov r* : de Aegypto 
Spec: om Prise | c( otirov dovXiot] (pr iroi 18): om Thdt 

3 oiMc— e^v] non erii tibi deus noum IS | om aot 1 Or-lat \ 
CyrVt I om ertpot Slcodd S Thdti 

4 <reoi/rw] coi/rw n | ei<c#Xoi'] \idy>la ILi yKvwrw b, | 
ovfc] ode n : secundum Ik \ Torrot ] xom al^-edBl/ Or-gr-cod |- 
lat Cyri Prise Spec-codd | om orw BOr-gr-codd-omn^lat} | 
icoi i^] 1} Theoph Or-lati Spec-ed: mque Prise | om ooo 1^ 
Ath Cyr-edi \ tw rri yi\ twi rrtt 7^» xC(uid) Ath Thdt| | 
om JCOTW Or-lat} | om koi «"— 71^1 Spec | icoi i"] ri Theoph 
Or-lat^: neque Prise: om e | roit vdaviw] rw v^orc FM(mg) 
i»»qrs^(aid)uxCOr-gri | v»o«or«— {5) ov xpoa sup ras (9-10) 


A**' I vroKOTM TJit yiit\ pr et quae Or-lat ): pr n^ue quae 
Prise : om Or-Iatl | Tiff Tiff] rov ovrov n 

5 rpoocvnfoccf] adarabitis IL Spec-ed | om ov^ — ovroit 79 
B* CjrrJ I ovdf fiii Xorpevoiyf] neque seruietis 1/ Spec | ovit] 
ov8 ov mop Cyr-ed^ Thdt: icoi ov Cyr^ | fiii Xorpcvoiff] foi 
Xorpcv^eif Mb'emo3ra, : Xorpevoecf dnp : yap Xarf»evoci f | ryw 
7ap] on ey» Thdt^: om 70^ Cyr) | om ^tof Spec-cod | 
^eof 7^] pr Cyri^: post ^X(#nff p: irvpcof Eus|: om k Or- 
gr) I a/uipfriai] oro/uof Phil | wartptarl oFwr 1 | rttcpo] viovt 
Phil I f«*f — 7ei'COf] ewi Tpiniw^Kai, TtrapniP ytPMO* AFM(txt)a- 
ehjlnpstvwy-b,B5(7f»'€oi' sub 4^ a') Or Chr Cyr^ Thdt: in 
ires et in quaiuor generationes % : nrt rpiTovs /cot «rt reroprovf 
Phil I ec#f — rero^mff post Twcot m 

6 x<^<«^'] M<//^ generationes SBS' : + jroi iivpioMa Thdt : 
om TOif 1" In Cyr Thdt) | to i'pooTa7/Miro] rof erroXof a,: 
(to hiKouaiMtra 76) 

7 om irvpcov fir | rov ^eov oov] om Bam Clem Cyp-cod : 
om Tov dtw Cyp-codd : om oov ya, Jul-ap-Cyr | ov 7op] ori 
ov Cyr^ I KaSapui km | 5eof oov B] om AFM omn ^BiSlEiS 
Clem Eus Cyr | to oyo^ia avrov] rta atfia avrov c : (om 74) 

8 fun/ieBriTt bw Cyr-cod^ Tract | (Tiff ifMc/wf 31) | rttp 
oa^/SoToyr] sabbati % Tract \ \ ayta^ti¥'\ pr tov ackm JS(sub 4^ 
o' o') I ovrifr] ovra a : ovto Cyr-cod J : om f* Cyr-ed \ 

9 (if/Mpoif 136) I fp7o i«] tftyafov dp | voMfoei d | om 
oov Cyr i 

10 Tif I® — oafipara] sept/ma autem dies sabbatum est Tract- 
ed I Tif ^] (cy Tif 78): 6m de vz I oa^/3ara] oo/S/Soror F*»» 
S(uid)<inE(uid) : oa/3/9aTifocif q^: oafifiarop oroTovocf Thdt: 
+ 0710 C)nrl: +ayaravoif Cyrj | Kvpuo rta Btio] kv rov $v 
M(mg)ns(txt)vz(txt) Hil Vg: om xvpcw A | om oov i** b, | 
tp ovTif] sub -I- JS : post cp7or a : ey ovna i*sz : cf avrotf f : in 
illo die Hil Tract | (om top !<> 30. 76) | €p7oy] opus tuum 2t | 
wof] corr in o« r*': o< wo* A* «*<> (0 wof A»)cfh*ioquy | i» 
—oov 50] pr «r«« acejmt : om C | om roif oov Tract | om if 

24 /Sodc^] Topfvov k I aroXcoif] a' Ztaxo^ o' dio^cipif k(sine nom) JS : ^ caedat % 
XX s oorit t^yr^ayop oe] a' c^7a7wy oe s 4 ftdcAor] oi ^ 7Xvirror Mj(oi ^ /9')s(-tov)z 

7 ci-i /iOTOiw |(>] a' etf ci«nf Mjsz(sine nom Mz) 9 ep7a i^l dovXcwetf F** 

10 oafifiara — oov i<»] ^ a' oapfiarop rtt Wii 0S oov o^ oufiparoo JcH tw $» oov v 

SBPT. 219 29 

XX lO 


B 0*01;, o fiotk cou Koi ro inro^vyi&v aou ical irap scrffpo^ aoufcal 6 wpoai^Xtno^ o vapo^icmu ip aoin 
^^iv ykp i( ^fjUptu^ iTTolffo-ev Kipio^ rip ovpopop icai rifp yijp xal rifP OdXaca-ap seal wavra tk ii 
iv avToU, Kol tcarhravaep r§ vf^pf tJ ifiBofirj' S«A rovro evkoytftrtp Kvpio^ ripf ^fAip€tp rifP 
i/SBofiffp Kol ffilaa€P ainrip, ''T//ia top iraripa aov xal rifP fitfripa, Zva ^ coi ySpffnu, teal 12 

ha fiatepoxpopio^ yipjf hrX 1% 7^9 rrj^ oyaArj^ ^^ Kvptu^ 6 ^€09 o-ov hituMrip aoi, <*4) »30i; 13 

/iOA^^et/o-Ci^. <'5) *40u «Xe^49. ^'3) »SOv ^P€Virti^. *^Ou yfrevSofiapTvpff' 14-16 

o-ci? KoriL rod TrXtfa-Cop aov fiaprvplap ^^evBfj, '^Ovat iinOvf^i^frei^ rifP yvpauca rod wXffaiop 17 

aov* oute iindv^i^a-^t^ rifp oltciap rov vXtfclop <rou ovrt top ay pop avrov oiire rop iraSBa avrov 
oire rifp iraiZiaieffP avrov oijr€ rov fio6^ avrov oiire rov inro^vylov avrov otrrc irapro^ tcrijpov^ 
avrov o6r€ otra r^ wXtfaiop aov iarip, 

'^Kal ira^ 6 Xab^ impa rifP ^piiP icaX rk^ Xoft'O'dSa^ teal rtfP ^p)fP 1^9 aaKvtyyo^ teal rh 18 
Spo^ ro icairpi^P' ^^Ohrre^ Bi ira^ o Xao^ ia-rt^av f/Micp60€P, ^^xal elirap irpo9 Mwwrfjp 19 

II m rffp ^oXswar B^"«] om B* | lyvXryiyo'er AF 

i« Aiiyrtpa] +roii B*** 


«» Cyr I 3»— ^ov 7« sub t- S | • /Sovf ^wr] pr «r Tract^cod : 
jroi roF KTiiPot aov c: om S | (om <rov 70 16) | om xai 50 
Cyr-cd | xripfot] pr to Cyr | (om koi &> 25) \ 40— o^ot] ad- 
tuna tuus et pertgrmus tuns qui in U 9(om 4uus 3^ codd) | 
om 4<> A*(hab A'"V) | rpo^Xvrof] *+0>oi;acmiS(sub 4> ^P^ \ 
o 5<>] pr KOi m 

11 (om totum comma 136) | irv/not i<»] pr o m Cjrr-cod^: 
o^f: +o^idnpt^Thdt): +0 ^eot o^ovHidtl | ror] +reA 
FMdhkopqs-vyzb, Eus Aristob-ap-Eus Q>yx\ \ om mu np 
^aXa^tf-ay B* Ari$tob-ap>Eii8 | aurott] avny a^S^ | ny i<*] pr 
ffy a-ejkmnptw | om dca — cpdofiifw en Thdt | cvXcTiy^'cr] +0'c 
b* I irv/MOf i«] +0 9f bw I jcoi irytoo-ev avnfw] om y: +<r^ 
iyi;Xo>ijO'«F avrriw it o ^ n 

12 rc/M ror rarepa kcu nyr M^<pa Mt xv 4, xix 19: n/itt 
ror i-arcpa o^ov ir<u nfr /iiiT€pa vv Mc vii 10 : tc/m rw rarepa 
crw KOI njif ft'VP^ Mc X 19, Lc xviii 30: rcfta ror varcpa rou 
jcoi npf firirepa u^a ev 901 yewrirai kcu eoiy fuucpoxpoPiOt evi nyt 
7i|f 1, 3 II Tor rartpa] post o-ov Jul-ap-Cyr: om top 
Phili Clem | om <roi; !<> Phil Ev} Clem Or-grf Iren | iroi 
nyy /iVT€pa] om Cyr-^: om nyr Phil J Clem Cyr-edyV I 
fiilT€pa B*AF»»»i»l Phil Ev| Paul Clem Or-gr| Cyr A Jul- 
apCyr] +<row B»»»F»Mi*» rell «1BC5S(uid) Evi Athen Tbcoph 
Or-grf-lat Eus Ath Cyr-Hier Chr Cyr A Hil Vg | tra !•— 
Kot «o sub -r JS I om era 1® — ytPiirm A | Tcnyrai] 11 Eus^ | 
om Kot 3° dpt ]S£ I om ira i« cfS Paul Or-gr Eus Cyr-Hier 
Chr Cyr Spec | funcpoxpopioi ytPif\ ytni fiojcpoxpoinot Or-gr: 
€ff7i iMKpoX' f Paul Eus Cyr-Hier Chr Cyr f -cod |^: c^ /laicpo- 
pun Cyr-edi | yemf] ytnit p: t^ aej Theoph: -^ii u/ agas 
mulia tempora IS | 'fi\%\ + o'ov a | om n^t ayoJhft aS^iS Theoph 
Or-gr Eus Vg | irvpcot — con 4^] fya dtdiapu ooi Kvpiot o $€Ot 
Theoph I icvpcof] pr ma, | om dtot cov m | om wov 2^ op 
a^S-edE' I didwru^] iwoet en^HBC 

13 — 16 (cf. Deut V 17 — 19) ov ^eiwcit ov fun- 

X€Vff€is Mt V 31, 37: ov ^oreu^ecf ov fioixevatit ov icXe^eif Mt 

xix 18: fmf ^oi nw nyi fni ftmxntc^t /iii «rXe^ Mc x 19: ftif 
^iocxevo^ /111 0orev07^ /117 «rXe^^ Lc xviii 30 : ov fioixevcus ov 
^orfvo'cct ov «rXc^ct Rom xiii 9 : 70^ ecvwr fif /ioixcv^iyt 
ccrer xm ^117 ^orev^t Jac ii 1 1 

. 13 ov — (14), irXff^cii post (15) ^cv^cit AFMa-ehklmpit 
v-b,«16E5 Jos Evf Did Clem J Eus-syr Chr Cyr Hilfuid) 

14 ov irXe^ct post (15) ^orevo-cct jn Phil(om ov ^evo'eii 
arm) Ev^ Paul Athen Theoph Clem} Hip Or Jul-ap-Cyr I 

16 ov ^l^eviofuifiTV/nictu Mt xix 18: fiti ^€v9otiapTvfnfcrit 
Mc X 19, Lc XTiii 30 II Tov] ror f 

17 ovK twi$vftrfff€tt Rom xiii 9 || ovjc i^ — o'ov i® post avrov 
i*> ac^SJS I om OVK 7^ — avrov 3<' m | om ovir 30 — o-ov 3® b'denp 
z* I OVK tri&vfiffcttt 3*] ovT€ F*>*: ovfc k | ocjcetor q | rov 
rXi^cor O'OV 3<»] avrov k Theoph | ovre i® — avrov i*>] sub -:- iS: 
om F*>» I ovTt i« BFMh] ov f : ovfc A rell Theoph | ovre 3« B 
FMh] ov^ A rell Theoph | ror Ta«te] ro racd n : n/p waiBa 
p I ovre 30 BFMhp] ovdt A rell Theoph | om ovrt 4** — avrov 
50 fl I ovre 4»] owJe dnqsuvxb, Theoph | rov poot] ror fiovp 
m: (rovs poat 136) | ovrt 50] ov3e dvxb, Theoph | ro trwofV' 
yiO¥ dim I (<»m avrov 5** 16) | ovrf 6^ — avrov 6*»] sub t- &i 
om u I ovre 6*>] ovde vb, Theoph | rorrot] i-or ms(mg): ro 
s(txt) I mjrovf] myrof m : o'irevovt bw | om ovrt 7^ — eorcr n | 
ovr< 70] ovde hqub, | r« i-Xi^tor o"ov post corir Theoph | eoruf] 
+ 9eKa XoYovr ^tyo"* if tw opti eiwa rta tMwni Oi €uruf ovrot f 

18 Tat o Xaot] Xaof arat Cjrr | tiapa"] €vpam Cyr : ewpar 
s(mg) : etaptop M(mg)z(mg) : audiehat B | (om rr\9 ^«#n^ koc 
16.138) I TTfP ^vpifp i«] rat ^rat F*»i5 : Tiyf ^vpyft n : om njr 
Cyr: -^-rov 0€ov Or | om koi 2° — ^utnjp 2° n | XaAtraSat] 4- rov 
Tvpof Cyr I TO 3<» BAiqruxa,] om FM rell 9(uid)£i^(uid) 
Cyr I iravrti'or] irarrt^)M«''<'r dpta,b, : -fiyrej | ^pri$€rret dt] 
4>opri$€it 9e ackm^BdEiS: Kot e^/Siy^ar Cyr | Xaot 2^] 
■\Kat oaXcv^it ack^^sub '^ a') \ eornyo^ar] tcn^tP h*l : «OTif 
ackSS : KOI ai-eon^ar Cyr | (jLaKpo0ep'\ pr aro 33) 

10 «i-or F*»*bcdnpw | /iwv<n7r] iua<niP an: iiucJi nn [ XaXif- 

17 rrfP 30— O'OV 30] o' domikssocii tut ^ ^ ut 0' S | eorir] cd Samaritano-hebraea •{■ ^ H tril si inducat t4 ^Ska^ Deus 
tutu in terram Ckananatorum in quam tu itttras iUuc htreditart it stattus tibimetifisi lapides magnos et deaibMs ms colu 
et scribes super lapides omnia uirba legis huitts et erit quum pratkreaiis lordangm statttetis lapides hos qtsot ego prmscipiet 
uobis hodie in monte ^j^\\^^ et atdijieabis ibi altare ^^•^•^ Deo tuo aitare de lapidibus turn inicies super eos ferrum 
lapides comptetos aedificabis altmre ^a^^ Deo ttto et ojferes super id hoiocausta yj!kA9A Deo tuo et sacrificabis sacrificium 
pacificum et mandtuabis ibi et laetaberis coram ,^»^ Deo ttto mons iUe ultra lordanem pone uiam occastmm so/is in terra 
Chanacm habitans super occidentem prope V\^\^^«^ quercum aUam prope "nuSkae. ^ % 


ES0A02 XX 26 

lo Adkffaop crd fifUP, fcal /i^ XaXetrc^ irpo^ ^fM^ o deo^, ^tf airoOavrnfUP. ^ical \iyet avroU Ma>o^9 B 

Sapa-eire' iveicev yhp rov weipaaai vfia^ TrapeyevijOtf o Oeb^ wpo^ vfia^, Swm^ &tf ^fivfirai o ^/9o9 
If axnov iv vfilv, Xva fAtf dfutprdptfre. ^^ianj/cei Bi o Xao9 puucpoOev, Man/0^9 Bi ela^Xdev CiV toi' 
«i y¥wfH>p o5 ^p o ^€09. ^Biirev Si KvpioK ir/w Mw/arjp Tdie ipsU ry ol/c^ ^JoK&fi xal 

2$ apoyytXtiU tok vioU ^ia-paijX *T/t€K iti>pdicaT€ ort iic rov ovpapov XekdXMftca trpb^ vfia*;* ^^ov 
14 iroif^cT« vfiiv airroh Otoif^ apyvpov^, xal 0€ov^ j(pvaov^ oif iroiriaere vplv iauro!^. ^Bvaia- 

^njpiap tie 7^ voii^o-fTC /i04, icaL fivtrere iw avroS rk iXotcavrmpugTa vfi&p icai tA awnjpia vp&v 
itaX rk irpifiara tcai roiW p.o<rxov^ vfimv iv vavrl tott^ o2 ikp iwouofidam to Spofui jiov iiceP teal 
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9im] XaXct Cyrf Thdt | 9v ifM^] cxnf rifwf z(txt) : iy>ur (14.16. $€ws 3^] v ex corr i^: om ad Phil-edi-coddi^ | x^uo'ovf] apyv- 

77.78.83) Phil-codd J : oi; rpof ly/Aai Cyrf : r/w ly/iat <rw Thdt : /ww 21 Phil-cod ) Cyr^ Cyp-codd | om ov a«— cawrott dfp^C | 

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post tfcot f Thdt : ly/u' Cyrf | om z \ firii^ Bm Phil^-codd}] om ai5(uid) : + iJolum Spec (om eavroct codd) 
pr era bejnw Eus Cyrf Thdt : -^-vvrt AFM rell Phil-ed| Cyr- 24 vovnaert] voiiiamu dhoa, Eus: Tocif^Trc b': vonfo-are 

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tftot pott v^t 99 m^ I tfffot] Xoof f I T^M v/Aos] tub T- i^ : Tm» 9wrwi Cyr-ed | v/Mfr s^] vfur e | iroi 30 Bacb J om AFM 

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uuwpoucmi* I Kcu — f^pai|X]omq: +<2rr/ifi Spec | Vfuit] +rc ro— AscAuarroi] fMM Mcies ferrum super ilia id tmm mptr 
m I XcXaX^ca] (XcXoXf cff 76): '€XaXi|0-a ej quod inicieiiirf errmm poUutum est Wi nenimcia ferrum super 

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dpt : eavriMt viup a : vpuuf nw Phil-cod f : uodis 1WSCS(txt) om FcjlqruCC Phil-arm | e«-c/9e/9XiKatl «#/3e^Xirirai 1 : ^ara- 

Cyp Spec : avrocf m*u : cy avroct bl : tavrovt z : eavrott AFM /Sc/9Xiy«at f | <t ovrtvt] i«f/^ ti/Si^ Phil-arm : inid% | ev] 

m** rell Cyrf: o^avni Cyrf: c/iot Phil-cod f: iut cam Phil- ctt a, | ovrovf 1® Bfi*'mq*»r) awrow i*q*ux: own* ch*j Cyr- 

cod: /i«r c/mv Phil-ed: om Phil -gr-codd f -arm f | tfcovt i<>] codf: 9.vtwp eU avrn: avroAFMh^' rell C Cyrf -edf Thdt | 

(om 77): -^rvpuup k I o/rywpow] xpv'our ^ Phil-cod f Cyrf /ufuoprai] polluisti id ^^ 
Cyp-codd I iNu tfcovt] ov^ m | kox] iy d: uefus Cyp Spec | 20 aya/9if^] a»ap^fia/9ti n: (twipii^ 33) | om er A* 

xg airotforw/icy] ed. Sam. Hebr. + <9^ A-r< estemdit nobis ^Ska^ Dtus noster glertam tuam et magnitudinem suam et 
uoctm eius amliuimus de medio ifpu's die hoe uidimus quod loquitur Deus eum homine et uiuit et nunc ne moriamur quia 
eonsumet nos ignis hie magnus si addamus nos Hudire uocem yj^A&?i Dei nostri iterum ei moriemur quis enim omnis caro 
uel quis audiuit uocem Dei uiuentis loquentis de medio ignis sicut nos et uiuit appropistqua tu et audi omnia quaecunque 
dicat ^b^Sk Deus noster et tu loquere ad nos omnia quaecunque loquatur ^Ska^ Deus noster adteet audiemus et faciemus < S^ 

ao oMo^a*^*] 7' similiter JS 

ax tfcot] ed. Sam. Hebr. -h 49> «/ locutus est ,^»^ ad Mosem dicens Audiui uocem uerborum populi huius quaecunque 
loeuti sunt ad te recte omnia quaecustqme locuti sunt quis dabii ut esset ita cor eorum hoc (-k-quod %*) in iis ita ut time- 
rent me et custodirent omnia mandata mea omnes dies ita ut bonum esset iis et JUiis eorum in aetemum prophetam statuam 
iis de medio fratrum eorum sicut te el dabo uerbum meum in ore eius et loquetur Us quomodo mandem ei et homo quicunque 
non audiet verba mea quaecunque loquatur ille propheta super nomen nteum ego requwam ab eo sed propheta ille qui impie faciat 
loqui uerbum super nomen meum quod non mandaui ei loqui ei qui loquatur super nomen deorum eUiorum morietur pro- 
pheta ille si auiem dicas in corde tuo Quomodo sciemus uerbum quod mon locutus est ^Ska^ quaecunque loquatur propheta 
super nomen yj^A&,ti et non erii uerbmm neque eueniet hoc est uerbum quod non locutus est ^Ska^ in impietate locutus est id 
propheta non abstinebitis ab eo uade die iis Conuertite uos in domes nostras tu autem hie sta mecum et loquar ad te omnia 
mandaia et iustitias et indicia quaecunque docebis eos et faeient in terra quam ego do iis in sorts ^ Sb 

«4 -eK 71^] i.e. cU gleba o! terra* a' in humo 9^ de humo iS 

35 TO — avrovt 2°] a' ori /laxaipop oov cfiypei €w mvro{-roo s) ^ nyr yap pAXinpur oom cffirifraff ew avro ^ ort nfr 

111 29 — 2 

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B iv avafiadfua-iv iwl to Ovaicunripiov fiov, airo»9 &p /i^ aTroKaXvyfty^ rifv aaxv^^^vffv aov hr 

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Bepo^ Bo^pedv. ^ikv avro9 fiovo^ elaiXOrjt fcaX fjL6po^ i^tXevaerai* ikv Bi yvvif avveuriKdfj fier 3 
aifTov, i^tKevcerai teal rj yvvif fier avrov. ^iiiv Se 6 Kvpio^ B<p avr^ ybvdttca, teal t€Kjj axn^ 4 
vloif^ fj Ovyaripa^, 1} yvv^ teal rit ircuBia l<rTai r^ icvpiip avrov, avro^ Bk pivo^ i^Xevcetoif. 
^ikp Bk airoKp^eU ciirtf 6 iraU ^Hydmiiea top Kvptov /aou koI rifp yvpauca koX rh iraiBia, ov«c 5 
aworpix^ iXevOepo^* ^Trpocdfet avrop o icvpu^ avrdv irpi^ ro tcpinipMP rov Oeov, teal rore 6 
wpoad^ei airrop hrl rifP Ovpap hr\ top ara&pyoPy teal rpvirtjaei 6 Kvpu>^ avrov ro oi^ r^ ovffrlip, 
Kai BovXfvtrei avr^ eU top al&pa, 7 'E^ B4 ri9 diroB&ra* T^y iavrov Bvyaripa oUiriP, 7 

oifK aveXevacra^ &<nr€p aTrorpexovatp ai BovXai, ^iav p,^ evapeanjay r^ Kvpitp aini)^ ^^1^^ 8 


XXI 7 aroBtoTt A | oiKmr] oiKtrttP A : otKerrfP F*(uid) 

8irr]if B 


(suprascr A')y | cva/Sa^Aiott (ji) Cyr-ed | o»«f of] era Cyr | 
om OP AFMabcehi*jlnsvwy-b3 | om ;iif p ft-codd | arotcu^ 
Xw/nit niw M^fiy/uotf'vri^] reueletur dedecus £ | aroicoXv^f^] 
aroiraXv^etf F^hnopa, : oroicaXv^nft ef i**jr | aaxniMffVfnfif 0t»v] 
3ta 9wt curX' c : oiffxavynf^ aov a | om aov dp | cv avrov] coram 
eo Sbi om c | tw] ar dl | avrov] avr» bw : avro afm Cyr^ 

XXI 1 iiKaitaiJua.ra\ +/aov ej Or-gr | a rapa^iyo^] aira^- 
BlMi9ut ejm(-^f) I om a bw I vapa$iiinf B Or-gt] vapathf- 
ffoiuki p : Tapa^^f x : vapa0rfo-€it AFM rell : {rapoBeit 76) | 
avrov F**l 

2 ear] +9e f | f/9paiof n | dovXevo-ci] dovXcv^ fz: dov- 
Xev^fif o: ^vXevo-w a, | om o'oi kS | ru — rrci] -r anno ^ 
autem septimo % \ tpSofiw erei] rrti rw tpSofjiu AFMdehjlprstv 
y-b, Or-gr Cyr : om rrec bkw | ai-cXcuo'enu tXtvBtpot] a^iyo'ect 
avror tXtvBtpo^ aro oov Cyr : e|airooTeXcit avror cXcv^epor AF 
M(mg)di*j(mg)lptyz(mg)a3b3]S£ Eus: + c^roo'reXecf avroir 
cXcvtfepor ft | areXevo'eroi] c^avooreXeit avrovt s(rog) | eXrv- 
$€pop a* I om Swpcaf Eus Cyr 

3 tap 1**] + de lief jyC | avrot] sub -r iS : om k(SD(uid) | 
^AOfOf i^] post cio-eX^ ni bis scr 1 | eto'cX^] tiaijKOt \: uo€- 
Xevtrerai b | om rai i*^—yvpti a® x | om irot i® — o'vreureX^ e | 
jrai i<»] om a^^S: +ovrof b | e^Xevo-erai i*] €^eX^ i* | 5e] 
+ jcai o I o'weco'cX^] -7- simui ^ tniret Sb : cvptwriKBtp b, : 
((Tvreto'eXevo'rrai 16): eweX^j-ma, | om f^cXfvo-craii® — avrov 
i9 m I c^eXeurcTOi irai 17 yvprj] irac 17 yvpji c(cXcv^rra< AFM 
b(om iy)f hils(txt)vwy-b, : icoi 17 yvpji ovpt^Xevoerai ejs(mg): 
{koi fi Tvnj o'ov c^eXevo'erai 2$): Ktu ff -yvny avrov c^cXevjcrai 
dpt : (irat if yvpii avrov cffX^ 74) | yvpif 2°] + avrov acn^ 

4 irvpcof] vpio sup ras F' : + avrov abcm^BCiS | dctfiy yb, | 
avTio i^] avTW n : avny s(mg) : om m | rticri] rexpa a,: TtKPWff€t 

f I avr« lo] post vtovs o : om A | i| i®] iroi Abcnoqs(txt)vwyz 
SiSS I ra raiiia] nul^ Si I <^cu] torw db,: tormmtM cfi*' 
r I (ny irvpta 76) | avrov] avn|f AFMabce-m(eavnyf i*)oqrB(mg) 
uwxya^bgC^ : om B | om ^e «• a, | e^eXevrrrai /lorof ackmJS 
6 van eiwii a, | iry«»i?««] pr ore n : nyawifffa acdw Phil- 
cod ^ I MOV ror Kvpiop Phil-codd^ | om xa« i<> Phil-codd^ | 
yvpouca] +au»v FMac-jm-^vy>b,9BC5S(sub <|9> tpp.) Phil j 
irai9ia] +/iov Facdejlmnptaa^Bd^iSCsiib 4>) Phili | ovir a«-o- 
rptxv] arcTptx^ ovjcer ci/u Phil-cod | : ovircr ei^u Phil-codd ^ | 
ai'or/>exfii'] awrft^rria nw: avecfu Phill-ed): c^Xcvo'ofiai 
Phil-codd i 

6 om avTov i® e | rpoi] cct b'c9(uk]) Phil-cod Thdt : <«rc 
15) I Tov 5eov] (om 73): om rw p | rore] sub -r )6 : om kS | 
Tpo<ra|e( «•] rpoaa^eit r* | «rc i*— ^ra^A*or] ad postern iannoi 
ft I om eT( nyr ^vpar p | eve i»] T/>of AFMace-jlnorstvwyza, 
B(uid)i5 : va/M b, | nyr ^v/>ay] ny ^vpa n : Tifl Bvpat m | crc 
)0] pr ri F^': vpot qux | top oraOftcp] tup otoBiimp an: rov 
rraBfiov m | rpwi^iy a,* | arvpiot avrov 2^ Backmn] avrw 
Ft f : avTov o xf AFM rell : om ft | ro ovt] top Xi^p tov tnot 
1: + avrov acdkmDptftB<SDiS(sub ^ a'$') | om rw on7rcf# kl | 
avrw] avror 1 

7 rif ai-odwrai] aTo^vrai rcf ack(rog)fti5 : awodw rii k(txt) 
m I ai-odcoreu] aTodorw dp : aro9<afffi(: aro^lt | cavrov^vya- 
T€pa] Bvyarepa avrov ac(cavrov)fikmft(uid) | ourcrtr] pr cii 
F*»*»^i {iKtTfiP 16)! oixeny lma,b/*: otxen^ c(aid): oixeriSa 
F* I (avor/Mxov^ai 30) 

8 ear] -hspat 3-3 litt o: +de AF>bejptwxa,b,BC£ | om 
fill w I €vap€OTfifffi] €vap€(rT€iff n : tvapeoTii qu : apt^Tii 19 w : 
apeony eorir F»>»: -her o^aX/UKt F»»'n«ackfti6(sub -Jg^ eft».) | 
rca] pr er qu | avn;t rjp sup ras (7-8) A* | avn^t] sub 4> iS(uid) : 

pofi^aiop <rov ei-i/Sc^Xi^xat er avro(-ror 8)jsvziS(om yap) | tpxttpiiiop] ^i^nn F^ : JiHum manus i.e. ferrum quod in manu fk \ 
xai /if/uarrai] a' o*' ^ xai eptfiriXwoas avro vz(sine nom)JS 

XXI 6 i-pof — $€ov] a' ff' vpot tovs $tovs M | ffraBfiop] vapaoT.,, F^ | ovt] urtop k | owyfrtml Tpvwiynipiti F^ | ect ror 
aifan^a] co'rir ewf ror cwj9i}Xaior eriavror F^ 

7 ear — ocxcrir] a' xai orar rwXi^ri; arifp nyr ^vyarepa e»t oixenr jsvz(sine nom }s)& IniP BvyaTtpa ut\Jiiiam su€un\ \ 
tap — ^vyarepa] ear rif twXi;o^ ttjp BvyaTtpa avrov F*» | ovx — 8ov\ai] a' ovx e^eXevo'crat wt e^o9ot twp iovXiap s(sine nom)vz 
Si: 4/ ov TpootXtwrertu Tpoo'eXev^tr dovXiicriP jsvz(irpoeXev0'ir vz) : o' non exibit exiium ancUlarem fkx B^ owt c^eXev^eroi ttowtp 
€KTOp€voPTai oc ^ovXoi jsvziS | OVX aveXevo'erat] ovx e^cXev^'crai j 

8 car — xa^w/ioXoT^aro] a' ear ( + autem J6) xaxio^ er o^aX^oif xv avr^t ot (o s) ov xa9w/ioXo>i}0'aro avnyr s(sine Dom) 
vziS: o* €1 fiff apeoKTi er o^5aX/toci rw xw {domini Sb) avn^t 1} ^117 xa^w/wXoyiyficri} B^ et Tonfpa eorir er o^aX/toif xv avnyt 
(4-OMr s) Up ov KaBw/ioXoyif^aTO avnyr jsvziS | airoXvrpcMrci] eXevtfep*frct F^ 



XXI 19 

ain^ KadafjLoXoyi^a'aro, aTToXvrpia'^i aimjv iOvei Si aXKorpltp ov Kvpio^ i<mv woalXetv aim^p, B 
9 Ihi ^Oertfa-ep iv avT§. ^ihv Se rf vi^ ica0ofAo\oyii<rffrai avn/i^, Karii ri ^SucalafAa r&v OvycL" 11/' 

10 ripmv iroM/faei avT§. ^^Hlp Si iWtfv \d/3ff iavr^, r^ Siovra koX rhp IfJUiT^fihp fcal rifp ofA$)dap 

11 avT^ oiic aTToarepijaei. ^^ikp Si rk rpla ravra p^ woiiycriy avr§, ifeTi^vaerai Smp€iLp ivev 
J' apyvpiov. '^*E^y Si irardfy rU npa icaX airoOdpff, Oapdrtp OaparowrOa* ^^o Si oifx iiCfiPf 

aXX^ o Oed^ wapiS(»iC€P eh r^9 X^^P^^ avTov, Siaoi aoi roirop oi ij>ev^€rai exet 6 ^cvtvaa^. 

14 ^^ihp Si T«9 iwiOffTiu T^ vXffalop airoicrelpai avrop SoXip ical Kara^vym^ airo rov Ovaieurrfiplov 

15 pav \rip»'^ axnhp daparAa-ai, 'S^O? rvirret iraripa avrov fj pofripa airrov, dapdrtp Oapo- 
j6 TovaOfo^ ^'7) 16 'o KaKoXoy&p iraripa avrov fj fitfripa avrov reXevrija-ei dapdrtp. ^^ '^^O? 

iiip tckiy^ff rk ripa r&p vi&p 'I^-pa^X Koi KaraSvpoarevaa^ avrop aTroS&rai, xai €vpe$§ ip avr^ 

18 Oapdrtp reXevrdro}. '^ *Ekp Si XoiSop&prai Svo ipSpe^ /cal irard^atp rop irXriaiop XlBip 

19 fj vvyfA§, zeal p^ dvoOdpjiJ, KaraKXiO^ Si iirX rifP Kolrtfp, ^^Otp i^apaarii^ 6 ipOpoyn-o^ rrepura" 

9 KaBtatMKjorfticyfrw, B*(-^o/i- B*) 
13 <wx B**] ^wr B* 

10 €avria B*^] om B* | o/uXioy] o/uXecar A: oiteiXcar B*(o/uX* B^)F* 
14 erc^ifrc F* 15 rarepa B***] iirrrepa B* 17 ^To^ftr^ B 


eavnit ik | ffP ai/rw «ra^w/AoXo7i|«'aTo] cut conftssus est dare earn 
C: cui disponstUa est % \ Jii9\ y^ Bfb/'S(ttid) : om a | amw 
jra9w^coXo7i}0'aro] «ra^ofioXo7i^aro aun^r f(ettWTiyi')i**r: ovira5«#- 
/loXoT^aro atn-w A(w 3^ sup ras 3-5 litt A*)ack(cavrw)m : ov 
xa^/uoXoyi^aro avnyy F*dhlops(txt)tvy-b,IS(uid)iS: ov ira^»- 
/AoXoyiyo'aro oxrrn €p o^^oXftoct ej | avru] tavna F*': avrot bw: 
ov M(txt) I aroXvrpowci avnip] pr Xvrpwo'ci z : om f | aroXv- 
rpv^ ce*(ttid)msv | avnjr i»] cavriTi^ k* | ov Kv^of <otif] 
ovircrt n I ov] Ta^ I TwXeiy] toKv f : (rwXi^ai 76) | ovti|f «»] 
avnft f : om ^ I ev avnj] cavnyr f : avnp dk-nptzb,^ : om er 

om cor — avnpd | rwbtsscr r | vu*] + avrov acfhi*'mrsv 
x^]SC5S(sub -Ig^) I KaBofuiKoyyicJiTat] KoBofioKoryjjfferai A(-0uft-) 
Mqi*y : KoBofuiKcyiiaaTo r* : KaSo/ioXoyrfffrf ej | avrrfw] ovny a, : 
(om 76) I TO duaiw/ta] ,,,titiam%i ra dcKatw/xara szB | rotiy- 
o-fi] pr «ac a,: TOtiy<ny af: toii^oi c: dowci n | ovnj] +ras (i) 
m : avry(¥ cl : om b, 

10 Xa/3ij aXXi}r fk | cavrw] ovrw AFMacdehi*j-npstvzyz 
b,: om B'a, | deorra] +avn}f acki5(sub 4>) I iAtarur/ioy] 
+ avn|f ac^iSiS(sub 4>) | o/uXcoy] oiuoXoyioy svzC | om avri^t 
9(S I aroo'rcpiyo'ec] abnegabit et JL: +ad ta^ 

1 1 om taw—roiffaii n | ra rpta] i-arra s(lxt) | om rovro 
F*>' I M^?] pr Xo/3ij jfoi f I avny] ipsa % : avnyi' 1 | a^tv] pr irac f 

12 B«] om Macf hikmorsyz9-coddi& : -fras (5) A: (+irai 
35) I om KOI avoBoPff \W | om dwarta ejs(txt)v(txt)z(txt) | 
$a»aTovff$ta] BwarwOriorroi M(mg)ns(txt)v(txt)z(txt) : +cyaAtiy 
un ipwfvt aroXciroi ft*'i* 

13 de] quodsi %, | !<*] ov s : et k £us*ed : eai' fi*^r | om 
^ (1 36) S I ovx cirwy] X ct «r sup ras A*(fortasse c ex x) | 3<^] 
orm I T<v>*Jc#«i'] +avToi' AFMkptbjlMPL Phil l-ed^: +avrw 
Phil-codd ^ I €if — avrov] in dextram uulneratoris JL : om rat m 
Phil-cod): om avrov Phil -codd | | dwow o-oc -fQww\dabUMr ei 
locus ^(uid) I dcMTw <roc] dcMrwo-i n | dcM'tc b'm | om ooi F^^'m* 
qu I Toww] pr ror b I (cccc ^cvo'at] cxcirof ^evf 136) | 
om cirei Ay9(uid)S(uid)l/ Phil | ^yev^at] sub -r- JS : om k 

14 twiBiirai rit ackmft Eus | arc^rai b' | rXffaiop] 
+ avrov acmflt]SCl/5^(sub 4^ c)9p.) Eus | arorretyai] pr toy 
fi»*r: (^rcvorai 73) | avror i®] avr« c: om m | (doXw] pr ew 
33) I ira< icara^vyiy] sub -<- )6 : om k : om jcoi a, Phil-cod } : 

-|-€Ti TO BvntkmipMw lqnx<m: +€« rov tfwrto^nf/Hov (71) 
Phil-codd-omn) | awo rov tfvo-iatfnrpcov] pr // ft : om 11/ Phil- 
codd-omnl | om imv 1 Phil | Xi};ifif] pr imU 1/: pr ov 

15 om totum comma 1* | vartpa] (pr ror 136): /irrrtpa 
B* PhU-codi I om avrov i^ dp Phil Or-lat Cyr Spec-cod | 
om 17 /J^nrcpa avrov q | iy] ^/ S | fiiTrepa] (pr nyy 136): r^ 
Phil-cod) I avrov Sam sup ras A* | om avrov 2^ bfnw Phil 
Or-lat Spec-cod | om ^ai^arw Phil | Boparov^Bui] reXcvrarw n 
Phil Or-gr Cyr : reXtvnjoft f : morietur Spec-codd 

16 KaxoKvyw rarepa 11 fiifrtpa Bavarw rcXevrarw Mt xv 4 
Mc vii ID II — (17) rcXcvrarw post (19) carpcca dp | hoc comma 
post 17 acejftS^i^ : om fW \ 0] pr «rai F>^ | Kaxriyopw Phil | 
om avrov 1^ b'denps Phil £v Or-lat | 17] iccu fe,^ Phil | om 
avrov 2** bw Phil Ev Or-lat Cyr | rcXcvn^Ci OopaTw] Bat^arw 
reXcvnio'fft kmr : niorte morietur 9C Spec-codd : Oofarta reXev' 
rar« AFMa-dhnptwyb, Ev Or-gr : morte conficiet s. conficiat 
% : 9a»arfa BoparovcBw ejlsvza, : morte moriatur lBi'§L(fnorti) 
Or-lat Vg : reXevrarw Phil | TtXtvrrioji i 

17 Of — iraradvyaoTcvo-at sup ras j* | om ot Cyr | ear] a» 
AFMacdehjlpstvy-ba : om bw | om r»f F*»'a-dfkmnpstwxza, 
bgftlSiOLiS I om rtra xfIS | raw vttap co'paifX] pr rwr ۤpaii*P 
b,: sub -r iS I om irai i^ bfi^'iir | om jcaradvraoTcvo'af WfL 
JS I om avroy kmftl/iS | arodwrai] rwXi^cc km(-l- avror): 
arodpa 1: (arodc^o 84): + avror ad9l(SD5S(sub 4^ t^p,) | om 
5ararw M | rtXtvrarui] TtXevriaarw n: r«Xfvn;<r€i fi*': morie- 
tur %\ $amrovc6ta AFM(txl)a-ehi*j-mps(mg)tv(mg)wyz(iiig) 
a^bj^ : Occident eum C 

18 om de I'* fi*'ftB | Xoi3o/Ktfrrai] Xo(do/>ovrrai nb,: dca- 
/MXfarrat b | dvo] sub -7- i& : om k | (om irac i<> 18) | rara- 
Iwo'ir BbmquiS] iforairaraf iy c : rara^iy afb^S : rara^iy rit AF' 
M rell fL{+ejc m)(OL Eus Cyr Spec( + ex Ais) : i-ara^i; «t F*: 
waraJ^ onyp F*» : percusserit unus eorum B | roi\ r« b | irXij- 
aior] -h avrov acm9Bd/iS(sub 4p €pp.) Eus j \i$ui] (pr er 136): 
}a$wp a,: Xi^or 1 | om 17 la, | Tvy/Afi] iigno ILi baculo S: 
-^-autferro Spec-ed | twi rifp icocnyr] in Ucto 1/ Spec(-f rtw) | 
niP icocnir] cocnit Cyr : rriw tCKcprpf M(mg)chw 

19 car] pr iraisl/: -fdc Aflwya^B | e^ara^rat] e^raony 
m : araoraf r | 09Bpw9o%\ post i-eptiranyaiy 1/ : sub -:- iS : 

10 o^tar] o/>(?)9iriar F*> XX ra r/»a ravra] ravra rarra F»M : rarra ravra vx 

13 V^ — eirwr] a' irai ot ov fit06»dtvatv Mjsvz | raptSuKtw] a' a^irer Msvz: o' a^jcer j 
18 Xoi3o/Mtfrrat] dciraj'orrai F^: a' ^/iax«M^ai j: o' dcafiax«vrai Mksvz(siiie nom ks) | jrai vara^wo'tr] a' ^ 9^ it feriat 
aliquis fk \ inry/iiy] ypopOio ¥^ 


XXI 19 


BTf^ i(to iiri pd0Bov, aO^^ iarai, o ward^of:' ttX^ t^ apyiai; airrov iiroTiaet teal rk 
UtrpeicL ^''EAi^ Si t*9 vard^fj top iratBa airrov 4j rtfv inuSlatefiv avrov iv ffdfiitp, teal «o 

dvoOdpij virb r^v X^ipa^ airrov^ ZLkji €kBik^0i^9». ^^iky hk Biafiuitrff ^fiipav fuav ^ St/o, oif/t ii 
iicSitcffdijc^eTar ro ykp dfyyvfuov avrov iarU. ^'EAi^ Si fidxoiPTiu Svo avSpe^ ical irard- ii 

§ g ^€iHrtv yvpduea iv yacrpi i^ovcaPf xal i^ikffrf rb ^iraiBiov oyr^ ^tf i^ucovi<rpAvoVy iiri^i^pMP 
J^rffuwOi^aeTar icaOori iUf iwi^dKri o cmip rrj^ yvpoiKo^^ Sdnru fperh a^Mi#fiaro9* ^^ikv hi i^ifCo>- 13 
vurfU¥mf ffVf S(iHr€i ^vyifv dvrl ^vxl}^, ^o^akfiop oinri o^dKpav^ ohovra avri oBopto^, X^Jpa 14 
dprl xeipo^t woia avrX voho^y ^^Kard/eavfia optI icamucavfUiTO^^ rpavpM durl rpavfun-o^, fuiXmwa 95 
dvrl fuiiktoiro^. ^*E^ Si tk irardftf rov o^OaXfibp rod oUerov avrov ^ rop o^cCKfA/ip 16 

r$9 Sepawaipff^ avrov^ icai iterv^XtMrrf, ikevfiipov^ i^airooTeXel avroif^ dprl rov oij>0a\fAOV 
atn&p. ^ikp Sk rop oSopra rov oUirov fj rop oSipra rtj^ $€pairaipff^ avrov itcKoy^p, i\ey$ipov9 17 
i^tnroarekei avroif^ dprl rov oSopro^ avr&p, ^'Eir Bi le^pariap ravpo^ dpSpa ^ yvpaixa, 18 

/cal diroOdpvj, XiOoi^ XiOofioXffd^a-erai 6 ravpo^, xa\ oif /3poi0ija€r€U rk tcpia avrov' Bi Kvpio^ 

H y rov ravpov dO^o^ iarai,. ^ihv Si 6 ravpo^ icepariarrf^ f wpb r^ ^^^^9 fcai trpb^ rij^ rpirfi^y 19 
ical Stapaprripaprai r^ KVpitp avrov, /cal fi^ d^ptarj avrip, dpiXtf Si avSpa fj yvpatxa, 6 ravpov 

>3 t^^Ptfffuv99 A 

19 tllKWifftU9W A 

19 x^et B^ 


om k I om c^w d Spec | pOL^hwi] (pPiPSim 136): pafiSa Cyr- 
cod: pa^iw avrw fm: pafiiw avrov a: + avrov F^:i*'ri^(sttb 
4> tpp») Eus I tortd c Eus-codd | rXiyy — iarpeca] uerum/amtn 
quod cessabit et metlico curam ilUus dabit %, \ nyt] rat dkp | 
om avrov wy | arorto'et] post tar/>€ca IMidahit) : ai-orinf x : 
aTo^owet F^"V: decree niS: daHt £ Spec | kqa to, tarpeta] ra 
larpcKa Cyr-cod : uel curatiofum Spec-codd | ra iar/Kca] rat 
MTpuasyi (n^ tarpciat 16.78): tarpetai e: sanaiionis JS 

20 om de {136) S(uid)S | ret] post rara^ ackniS Eus: 
om V I rwr TaidtMr s(mg) | avrov i^] cavrov FMi*]*'svyz: om 
dkml/* I iy nyy] lyr s(pr ras i litt) | avrov «*>] eavrov i* : om 
bfw J om €F Fn I aro^ai^] niorianiur B | vro rat Xiipai] 
suh menu Spec: e manu ^-codd | vw6\ eit p | {htmnp 14.16. 
130) I €K^iKridiiru] $ tx if w*: Btitu ex corr i: eicdiiri^^ifo^erac 
AFMa-ehjlmpstvy-baBCD Eus Cyr 

21 cay] ct f I Biapiu<nj rifitpoM] fifupaw dca/S^ k | iiapnaoji] 
post Svo acSJS Kusi^uxnf): post i^Atepar m: tiaptoffof A: 
Pitaeii Cyr-cod | (om fuai^ | om ovc e/rduny- 
Brfffercu w | ro] arai w | om yap adkoa, Spec-codd | avrw 

22 {om 9e 136) | dca/MXwvrat k | 9vo] sub -;- iS: om k | 
om twdpit Luc Spec-cod | irara^uffuf] vara^vfftp r: irara^iy 
rti Idi-hforum) Phil | om cat 1^ s | cfeX^ij — t^eucopifffuvoif] 
abortiuerit non deformatum Luc: abortauerit inmaturum 1/ 
Spec I rocdior] ...9ioy g | om avnyt hqux^B | ercfij/uor] 
dimidium damni % : om d | ci-i^/uci^ifo-erat bb, | ara^o ach | 
twf AFikloqux | (T4/3aXi}] ert/3aXXiy 1 Phil-cod : + avrw ac^B 
^JS(sub •^•) I (n/t 7ui'aiK0t] avnjt 76) | (om Sciwcc ^^era o^tw- 
/iarot 15) I 9«Mre( Bnorl/ Phil-ed Luc Spec] pr irac AFM rell 
^]S^(sub 4> €^/>-) Phil-codd Or-lat Cyr | <a|twAuin)t] ^^/uw- 
/Mirot 136) 

23 ijr Bfior] iy AFM rell lk% Phil Cytifuerit E Or-lat 
Luc Spec I dwo^eO pr jca* h*>(uid) | ^vxi»»] pr nyt s : f vxi}r d 

24 o^a\fiO¥ arrt o^aX/iov ircu odorra am o6oprot Mt v 
38 |1 oiorra a^ri o3orrot] pr jcai n Ev Adam Tbdt : om Cyr | 

o^orrot] o^omw q | om x^H^ — ro^ot (76) Thdt | XHpa am 
Xccpot] post i-o^ot Cyr: om A*(hab A^™s) 

25 om carairav/fta ayrc mira«av;iaTot Cyr | gavfta F^' J 
cavftarot F'^'y* | rpavfui opri rpavfjtarot] prioat F*"«: om F* 
i*nvb, 'ITidt Spec-cod | /ivXanrot] fuaKwriaw Cyr J 

26 fc] rt m | rtt] post vara^ abcfkw ft-ed )6 Eus C3rr- 
cod : om m | om ror 1° A | rav oucerov] rov i<> ex corr p: serus 
1/: rift $€paraants b, | urerov cs | om avrov 1^ e Eus | om 
roi^ o^aX/ior 2^ egjp£ | nft $€pavaunjt] rov -ourrrov b, | n^] 
avnft n* | 0€paraiMfit] B^pawaiPiBot f : raidco-anyt n | om cat y | 
ecrv^XoMTiy] rv^XoM'ec 1 Cyr-cod : €kko^ y : rv^Xwofi avrw m : 
-havror a Eus: +avn|r cS(sub ^ c/S|p.): +ros fS^ | cXcvtfcpovt 
e^roo-reXci avrevt bis scr s | eXevtfepcovt Cyr-ed | e^ai-ooreXec] 
e^avooTcXffit A : e^avoorcXXa f : c^roorciXiy In : dimUtent Si \ 
(om am — avrcor 18) | rov o^o^kov] rwp o^dK/jLtnf dfi>'r: 
(o^aX/toir 14.16): om rov o* Eus-cod 

27 om totum comma a, | U] (om 18): +nt f | (om rov 
I** — Btparaunp 136) | rov oucerov] nyt Bepairairtft avrov €kko^ 
Cyr-ed: + avrov Ma--dkronptw^iSl/5S | om rop odowra 2*^ C 
S I TJit — €KKoy/nj] rov ouctrov avrov Cjrr-ed | Bepawawidot f | 
om avrov (14. 16. 7 7. 1 30) 9 | ckko^] eyico^c n : (om 76) | eXevi 
Btpovt c^TooTcXet avrovt] dimittet libtros {Hberum ed) S 1 c(- 
ayooreXei] e^rooreXXei f : (airooT€X<i 30) | rov odoi'rot] rwr 
oit»rw¥ f I o3orrot avrwr sup ras i*k J avrwy] avrov b\n 

28 om de i^ (136) £ | irepari^] Kparrfffji m | (om koi 
aroSar^ 76) | aro^ay^] morianiur ^B: aTotcrtani £ Cyr- 
oodd I Xi^oit] (post Xitfo^oXiy^iyo'era* 18): om d9( | ra irpea] 
ra irpeara n : ro Kpfat egj : caro % \ aBioot earai] afipuBiffftrai 
t(o ex « r*) I forat] sub -r Si : torw p** 

29 eay de] 17 dc /: -Hirai o I K€pariffnis 17] iceparifffi y | 
Keparumis] +rtt q | ij i®J ffP a-dmnpqtuwxl/i& | rpo !<>] »pot 
F*mw I mt I®] ro m I x^«» B^^hklnpsuvz \ Kai 1°'} ff o \ 
om rpo «• dnptl^uld) | om rift a° d*sv2 J rpinii] -^iificpaM 
dkptl/(uid) I Sia/uipTai a* | na Kvpua] domini %, \ avrov i^] 
V 2^ sup ras a : avrwy A | /tf ] pr ov n | ^xo^oyi^ dp | om 

aa wara^wffw] iiBifaoi»4w F^ | ra«5cor] epifipvop sz | fitra a^fugrot] fura wapax. 
15 xarajrav/ia] 6apti.,t^.. F^ 





50 XiOofioKtidi^aerai teal 6 tevpio^ avrov wpocanroOapeirai. ^iaif Sk Xihpa ivifiXajB^ avr^, &O0'C« B 
31 Xirpa 1% ifvxn^ airrov Saa idp iinfidKwatv avr^. ^^iav Be mov fj dvyaripa tcepariaij, /card to 
$2 hucai^fAa rovrrtk voti^trovaiv aur^. ^id^ Si iraiia /eepariarf ravpo^ tj TraiSitr/etiv, dfyyvpiov 

33 Tpidicorra tvSpaxfAa hwru r^ KvpUp avr&v, tcaX o ravpo^ XidofioXffO^^eTOi. 33*Eay fie rt^ 
dvoify Xdtcicov ^ Tutro^iiaj^ Xatctcov, icai fiif /coXv'^ axnov^ koX ifAiriarj iicil fii<rxos fj Svo^, 

34 34o Kvpio^ rov XaKicov carorLaef dpyuptop Sdaei rtp itvpitp avr&v^ ra Si rereXevrtiKO^ avrqi 

35 itrrcu. 3S'Eai^ 8i ieepariarf rivo^ ravpoq rov ravpov rov vXtfcUPf teal TeXeimJaiy, otro&i*- 
sopr(u rov ravpov rov ^&vra k€U SieXo&rriu ro dpyvpiov avrou, icai rov ravpov rov reSvffKora 

36 SteXovvrM. ^idv St^ yv^pi^rirai 6 ravpov on KeparKm^^ ianv wpo rrj^ ix^i^ tcoL wp6 rrj^ H 1/ 
rplrryi ^fiipa^^ xal hiap^pkaprvpfiiukvoi wnv r^ tcvpltp avrov, moX ptif a^avlari avrov^ aworUw 

XXII (37) ' ravpov dvrl ravpov, i Bi rrreXevrqKo^ avr^ ecrrai. ^*Ekv Si ta9 tcXir^ lUHrypv ^ 

rrpofiarov Koi a'if>dfy ^ dwoSArai, vevrt pboaypv^ dworiaei dvrl rov fi6<rxpv teal rio-aepa 

PCXII) (0 « vpofiara dvrl rov rrpofidrrou. ^idv Si i» ry Su>pvyfiari tvpedfj o fcXiirnf^ icaX irXffytU 

(2) 3 awoOavrf, ovk Sariv avr^ ^vo^* ^ikv Si dvaretXff 6 ifXio^ iir avr^, evo^o^ iariv, dvra- 

(3) 4 TToOaveirai. idv Si pri vrrdpxo avr^, rrpa0riTo> dvrl rov icXip,p4iro^. ^idv Si KaraXffp^0$ 

30 o^a tap twipaX sup ras B' <«•<*> 33 X«ir«for i« B"*>] om B* 

34 aroreurci F* 35 xepart^] +Tif B^'^Com B*) | ror i» B**] om B* | TfXcvnjtf'et A | T«^wj«©rTa B 

36 x^«» B** I iuiMi(nvpfmuwoi B*(«ta- B*"") | avrov B»*>] om B* | ^c<ny F^(o- F*) | arvrturn F* 
XXII I rttfirapa B*« 3 ororiXiy B*(-TCtX. B»»») 

ravpot \iBofioKifijiatTaA C | \iBo^oKttBna€Tai\ pr mu g} | avrov 
9<>] tauri ft I T(>o9avo$a»€iTai\ TpoffawoBumfrai M : ffwaroBa- 
P€iTai fi^'r: aroSatrttrai aa, 

30 om dc f I €wip\Ti0ii] twiK\v$ii d: tripofnfOii qu(md): 
{trt^apwOi^ 83: wpoa€vipKrt$ii 71) | (Xi/rpa 8<aati 16) | Xvrpa 
ao] TuTpop 8 I Tiff] pr orri kmnftll | avrov] avnyj F* : + icara 
Tarra aceg)m(pr jrai)ftS(sub ^ a'&) \ oaa — avr«ir !<>] gtiod- 
cumqtte oiitimaium fuerU 1/ | o^a] wf a,: n<f(aid) | ear 
3<^] w AFMa-«ghi*jlptwa,b3 | tw^ia>sm9i»\ c^oXwo-iy w : cvi- 
/SaXXowcr fm : €vifiKfi$tafftw F : mpaXtf A 

31 om de It* I 1} Buyartpa Ktparuni] Ktpart^ f Bvyartpa 
AFMce-npstvza^bgiS : Kepan^^ o ravpot f ^v^arepa a: +0 
ravpof B Cyr-ed | cara — rovro'] secumium quod iustum tsi sic 
1/ I (dixaior 136) I om rovro Cyr-cod | voiiiata^tw biqsuwz 

32 raife] i-acdiov n | Ktpariffrf ravpof] post vaidiff Kifp ft : 
om Wi om ravpot £^ Cyr-ed | racduciyy b' | opTvpcov] post 
MpaxfUL %%{di'dragma\& : apyvpioP s ft-codd : {apyvpia 136) | 
9i6paxf^ rpioKoifra f | Mpax/ui] (post JfaM-ct I3(^: Mpaypui 
Fabdegijmnprstwxa, : dtdpa7/iara 1 | ai-odwo-ec a | avrov b'p 

33 apoiiri rit ackmftiS | om 1} Xaro/iiy^ Xairiror Amn Cyr- 
cod I XarofAiiffij] + rtt aciS(sub ^^ a'tf") | om Xoxkop 2** B*k£ 
Clem I M-l] pr ov egj I «aXv^] iraraXi}fei b' | jcai e/iwwH 
€pLr€ffJi 9€ n% Clem | exec] post iMVxot 1/ : om b, | fto^xof] 
pr Cyr-cod : oi^ot mn | oi^ot] pr o Cyr-cod : pMaxm mn 

34 rov Xajcirov] laa Wins 1/ : -I- avrov f | arori#«— avrcor] 
domino rei reddit 1/ | (arorccei a^vpcor dcM-ec] aToUoftti 7 1) | 
arorurec] arorcoij c : arorrio'ei s | om apyvpiop — avrc#y £(hab 
apyv/Hor S^) | apyvpcor] pr 1} dhpt | 8«wei] pr irai b'ft Clem : 
dorroiftomF'ackm: •\- apyvpiop b* | icv/Kwavrwy]i'Xi;o'iorClem | 
avTwv] avrov abcwfti^ | rereXevn^Jcot] rtBvriKot AFMacdeghjln 
pstvwza,b, JS Clem | avroi] post e^rai ackmiS : avrov ^*ftl/ 

36 om 9e qa | rti^of ] post ravpot ackmnft^ : om (7 1) CS 


1^ I ror ravpoo !<>] om SI/: om ror B*acf | rov rXi^tor] a/i- 
cuius (SD: + avrov acegjmnftiSl/5S(sab ^) j rMKtvnioji] axo- 
Bami h | aro^wo-orroi] aro^o^oi^rai m : aro^ofo-erai a,Cl/ | ror 
3»] pr 19 d I Kac a® — dicXovrrai «<»] sup ras circ 100 litt A*>': 
ei taurus qui morluus fuerit dispart ietur 1/ | dceXovrroi i®] 
dicXovrra w : (dceXovo'c 136) | rop ravpw 3^] sub -r- )6: om k | 
duXovrrai 1^] hioipovrrai o : (dteXoivc 136) 

36 ear dc] quod, . 1/ | Trwpc^ai — iiAiepaf] pridieet nudius- 
iertius nouenmi iaurum ft | ywwpi^trat dfmnv | eortr] ijp h | 
mt i^]rin I x^<« B*»Mbdnik-npquia/» | rpo 30— ij/uepat] y 
fifupw n : om rnupat AFMegbjlsvza,b,& | icoi 2^ — avrov sub 
t- iS I (om ira* a" 35) | awir — avrov] rw icv/kw wo"i w: om 
avrov B* | (om i^fu ^ 2^ \ (a^ortoij] tf^apiffew 33) | avror] 
4- it avrov acm ft-codd(om avrov)i&(sub ^P* ^) | aToriofi grv 
w I rav/Mv] pr rov ae: -ho it avrov (-h f e) ai'orio'ec ro apyv- 
piOP (-h avrov 35) arrt rov ravpov egj (35) | ro it rereXevnyifOf 
qnx I avru eorac] eorai avrw niS: eius erit ft: eorai avrov 
ac(uid) Cyr-cod 

XXII 1 om <ff Fl I rtt post irXefif acegjkft^ Eus | wpo- 
parop f p^oaxop f | ff^a^rf BuoftS Cyr] -I- avrop ik : -I- avrw cf 
rz: -havro AFM rell WES Eus Spec | f 3<>] (koi 84): om fi*: 
airodwrai] aro^wf : aarodio 1: -I- avre acmlSCiS | om avorurec 
— lutax"^^ * I OLTorriff€i\ awornoiq bw : om f | arrt i» sup ras A* | 
om rov 1° rx | fioaxov sup ras A»'*' | om rov 3° m £us-ed 

2 om er a, Pbil-codd-omn | e^ai F* | avrw] pr i/iud ft : 
avro FM 

3 it |0] -hicaA Phil I arartiXiy] post avrw !<> (118) ft: post 
lyXiOt fqux Phil: arareXiy r | lyXiot post avrw i** bnwB | ev] 
er egjsvz: om f | e^rai M Cyr | arraro^areirai] arotfarecrai 
A(-re)F(-l-o ^rev^at F*»')hqux: non morittur suwutur ab to 
quiniupUx B* | Mn] Mi?^ kmft | avr« 30] -hrt 1 | cXcM/Mirot] 
-I- avrov F*acfi*mift5(sub 4p^ tfip,) 

4 xaraXi^ii^] pr piri c: xaraXet^Brf Eus: Kpanfiri k*: +0 

30 \\npa V*] t(ayopa9fi. 
34 aron^ei] awoiioffti F^ 

F*> 3a itdpax/*al o' ffranipat M 

XXII a iiopvypiari] +00 icXevr.. top^tp F^ 




B xal eifp€0§ iv tJ ^^tpl axnov to tcXi^fui diro t« 6vov &»9 irpofiArov ^Apto, SiwXa ain-h 
aworlcu. i^Eitv Si KaTa/3o<rteii<rfj ri^ aypop fj ap,Tre\&va^ kcX o^^ to /ct^w? awToS 5 (4) 

xara/3oa'icrj(T€u d/yphv frepov, dworlaei ix tou djpov airrou Korh rh yhnjfia avrov* ihv ti 
irdvra rhv aypop Karafioaicriari, rh fiiKriara rov arypov avrov koI tA fiiKrurra rov dfure" 
\&po^ aifTov dworiatL ^*Edp Si i^ekOov wvp eiptf dicdvda^; koX irpoaepkirpria^ Sktova^ 6 (5) 

^ ardxv^ fj weS/ov, dworiaei o to wvp iKKavaa^;. 7 'Eay Si ta9 S^ t^ irXtfclov dpyv- 7 (6) 

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aTToriaei ro SittXovp* ^idv Se fit) evptO^ 6 tcXi^fra^:, wpoireXevaerai 6 tevpto^ T179 oUia^ ivd^triop 8 (7) 
toO Beov xal ifieirai, fi fiifv fitf avrop Trerrovrfpcva-ffai i^* HXtf^ rrj^ trapaxaraOijtcff^ rov 
irXfiaiov. ^xard irav fujrov dSLetifia, irepi re pLotrxpv icaX tnro^vyiov xal wpofidrov zeal 9 (s) 
ifuiriov /cal irdoff^ dwaXia^ rtj^ ivKaXovfiepff^, S ri oip &p ^, ivwnnop rov deov iXevaenu ^ 
teplai^ d/KJ^oriprnPf koI 6 dXoi^^ Sid rov deov dworiaet SiirXovp r^ irXfjaiop. ^^*Edp Si 10 (9) 

T19 S^ r^ wXfffflop inro^vyiop fj fi6<rxop fj wpofiarop fj trap kttjpo^ <f>vXd^ai, ical avprpifi^ 

6 f{cXtfwr F* I rraxvf F'] roxwf F* | rcuaior A 8 o/acctc A | avrot B»»«»»> 

9 awmXetat B^AF | tyKoXou/itnit Bf» »>AF | acrXor A | rw v\fi<nim B*»»] om B* 


oFof bw I («r<u tvptBif] post «rXe/t/ia 76 : om 130) | €p ny x*H^] 
in mafUbus Spec | om to a Cyr-ed | re] rov djs : fto^xov koi 
ackx9U&(stib ^ ^), Ens: om AFMeghlmnpqtuvza, | orov] 
+ K(u iiorxpv b{jag) \ t i#r] pr «ra4 Cyr-ed | TpojSarov] pr fuovxov 
jcoi m I om ^ra (136) SS | (avra ai-ori^ec] arodtaa^i aura 
30) I aura] post aTorio-ei C3nr-ed : avr» b'dfnpx : om Aacma, 
^SiL j& Eus Spec I arorio'et] arorc^ b : arodcM'Ci svz : (arra- 
TodcM'ti 136) 

6 om de i<» H I KarapoaKfini i^] post rit r: Karapoaicri 
d Cyr-cod | a/AircXwra] afiireXi#rat n | kcu !<>] iy w | irara- 
/So^in^aA] Karapo^KriOiiPai acr: k<u iraro/Soo'in^i; m j aypof 
2^ post ertpo^ z \ rrcpor] aliorum ^ | arorco'ci i<»— irara/3oo'- 
injoTy 79 sub -r- iS | ai-orw« i«] arorcoij bpx | (tic] am 136) | 
om avrov 1* ea,C | ifora — avrov 3<»] pr rov dp: om 1 | ra 
ytvflfiara n (76(-7ei'i'-)) | ytwnifM f Cyr | om avrov 3® ^ | ra 
I®] pr iy Megjkl | peXrwra i®] iraXXi^ra egj | avrov 4*] + icora 
ro ytni/ia avrov c* | jcoi 3<>] 17 AFMbd-jlnoprstvwza,b,iS& | 
om ra ptXrtara t^ np | arorio-et «•] -f ra ofiota 1 

6 (om dc 136) I Ti^ i<>] pr ro e | axai^^at] campum £ | 
Tpoet/JLVfniwil] rpofff/t^pi n : {rpoatfiwvpiffri 136): €/ivfyii^ Cyr- 
cod I aXwrat] pr a/AircXcarat 17 f : aXwva AFMa-eghj-mpstvwz 
a,b,1H8C)6 Phil | ^raxvt] oraxvw F»>»cha(uid)E : <ajfaF^a 
73) I om 17 redcor (136) S | (om 17 «• 73) | airorfO'ci] pr aTori- 
9t» pbt. p,. aroriyrvc#r acm9U&(sub ^ a^B') : arodofo-ci r | o ro 
wvp eKKOvcas] tKKavaa% ro vvp ackmiS: jcauo'at ro wp f: 
ro rvp e^iravff'at C3nr-ed | cyiravorat n 

7 om de acfl | rit post <c#acfkmJS | vXiyo'ior] + avrov acko 
9BCiS(sab 4^ e/3p.) | om apyvpiow 19 ma, | apyvpiop] -hus/ 
aumm C | ffKtvot F*I | «fXa»i;] JcXaviyt w: .,,fuerit IL | om 

rov— <8) ounat g | tor a®] ft f: +lt d | «rXe^t] jrXerriTf abcfr 
wl^uid)JS I aron^ec] aro^ftwei b,: -havrw f | ro dtrXoi^ B] 
dcrXa bwISC: om ro AFM rell 

8 icXemyf bl/(uid) | i^'\ pr «rat r | kojl oyutvrox\ sub -;- %\ 
KOI ofAPtirat fl I ij — ira/Kucara^ifmyi] i[^] « iAi7 mm/i]^/] fecisst 
ex omni commendato % | "n amt^] «( Mi?)' bi(-u^ i*)Dra3b2 : ly/uur 
d: (ov iktpf «5): ci F*>M: om fk | m^ ovror i-ev-oyiypffto-^ai] /xij 
r€woniptvff$ai avrot M(i8(/ii7irore)) | fiff avror B*] {avro¥ fiii 
73) : avrof /irf aegjmo : avroi Ac : M^? k ; fiij avrot B*'*'*»F rell | 
rtwomipevcBai] voiniiptvff$ai b: Teron;pevc<r^ai dop: irwony- 
/>evrai fin | e0 oXiyt] tmiiterse i&(txt) j 0X17 nj Ta/Murara^iny 
m I irapaitara^«ri;t] va^i^in/f dk*npt : (irara^inyt 130) | irXij- 
<rioi'] + avrov acm^<SD5S(sub ^ c)9p.) 

9 «rara — aducrifAo] <^u}t de omni rt qua accusahitur 1, | 
Kara] pr irai b | fntfrw adunyfta] piy/ui a^my/uirot h : noxium 
uerbum ft | (fn}Toy] ro 76) | re] rov m | om «rai i® «<> 3« p | 
{iHaruTfiov f'S} | (raoijf] pr eir 136) | arwXccat] (ai^tXo>«af 
136): om d I tyicaXovfupiiisl -^quam uituperat % \ n ovr or 
17] quoniam IL: om C | ovp] post or c: ov Abwb,: om q: 
4-n npt I OM Backmn] om h*: eai' AFMh*> rell | (om ri crw- 
Twr 76) I 71 I®] (post cfwrior 16): Ofiiy qu: i^mp m | (^eov] 
Kvpcov 76) I cXfV0'erai] (post c/NO-if 77): e|fXev0'ffra4 n | (ir/KO'Cf] 
Kkifffii 71) I (a/t^orepwr] +M^ /itraffX^iP avror ira^oXov njt 
rapocara^inyf 136) | dia] airo x | $€ov arorc sup ras F*^^^ | 
(arorto'cc] pr ovx 76) | ra» rXvo-tor] om B*(hab B*^) : + avrov 
acTi^'miftBCEiSisub 'iP' efip.) | rw] rov b' 

10 om tap — TXi^tfior g | om de (136) iS | ret] post ^kmr 
^: om JS I rXi^Tior] -^ avrov acfkmftiSCl^iS | 1? Mocrxo^] post 
Tpofiarop AF^Md-jlpstYza^b^Bl/ | rpofiara n | avrrptfiri ri 

4 orov] /3oof orov F*> 

5 ai'orto'ec i^— caro^in;^ «<>] t- reddens reddet secundum agrum et secundum fructum eius cum omnibus rebus agri 
qui depastus est (leg tfu^^^e^^^ Haec sicut in additamento erant in Hebraeo quae ex exemplaribos uenerunt cum sint 
super ea obelisd % 

6 aXMrat] $i/iotna ¥^ \ rcStor] x^tpiop F** | avorio'ei] arod... F^ 

8 KOI o/ieiroi] dc o^ov nrr«# rw opKit /3e/3a<«# k 

9 Km, 5<» — BtQV 30] a' «< quern dammmt dii ^ d quern damnautrint dii ^ ... damnabun^ dii JS 



XXII 20 

(lo) II fj T€\€VTii(rp fj alxfidkcoTov yivTfTcUt ical fAtjSeU yv^, ^^opKO^ ear at rov Oeov ava fiitrov B 

afjA^orripmVt ^ fi^v fiij avrov irerrovrfpevaOat KaOoKov rrj^ irapaKaraOrjicq^ rov TrXtfaiov /col 
(ii) II o<Jtw9 wpoffBi^erai 6 Kvpio^ avrov, koI ovk diroriaet, ^^iav hk kKott^ irap avrov, dwo- 
(ii) 13 rUrei r^ Kvpitp, ^^iav ik OrjpiaXcorov yivrjrai, a^ei avrov iirl rrjv Orfpav, Ka\ ovk diro- 
(*3) '4 Tto'Ci. '^'Eai^ hk airriari ta9 irapa rov ifK'qaLov, koX avvrpifi^ fj dwodavrj rj alxf^- 

(14) 15 XftiToj/ yevffrat^ 6 Si Kvpio^ fAtf fi fier avrov, diroriaet* ^^idv 5e 6 Kvpio^ y fier* avrov, ovk 

(15) 16 diroriaei* idv ik fiiaOoaro^ ij, larcu avr& dvrX rov fuaOov avrov, '^'Eai' 5e dTranjarj 

(16) 17 T«9 irapOivov dfitnjtrrevrov Kai Kotfirjff^ fier avri)^, i>^p^ ^epviet avrrjv avr^ yvvaiKa. ^"^idp 

Bk dvav€vwv dvavevari koI fiij fiovKrjrai 6 rrarrjp avrrjv Sovvat avrtfv avr^ yvuauea, dpyvpiov 

(17) 18 dworiffec r^ war pi Kaff oaov iarlv 17 <t>€pvrf r&v irapOivtov, ^^^apfuiKoif^ ov irepi- 
(iS) JS ^^*'?^^*« ^^Tlav Koi^(ifJL€vov fi€ra KTqvov^y davdr^ diroKT€V€lr€ avrov<:. ^'O 

II wpoalk^ert F* 

14 om ftij B»^»") I airoriaa B*»><'»J<»)] pr ovk B* 

nXevnyoi; Bfioqnx^Ul^ reXevn^o-i} 11 kXhtti bw : om 17 reXeimjoiy 
x: reXfvn/oT; 11 cvptpipri A(-nyfl'e*)FMa(-/3«iy) rcll 1SS2JS | 
(rcXein-i^tf^] aToB<urn 136) | om irat /uiydett yp*a %, | ftii$€it a*'c 
quw I ypui] tihf cs(txt)v : idi| anwz(txt)i^(txt) 

11 opKOt — wapaKaraBTiKrii] D's inter uiros it. . nihil metligne 
fecisse dt omni \re\ {{o\mm€ndati IL | eorai tow 5fov] rov Ov emu 
am^BCiS : rov $v taruf ck£(uid) | eorcy r | afi^orepwp] pr 
T«r p: avrtop (13(5) C | om iy— irXiy<rioi' a, | rj — rtwotrfipewrBan] 
quod non particeps fuit JS(txt) | t^ ili\9\ ei /irip Irb, : ei ftii fn | 
(jiil post ai/ror 78) | avrop] pr furturx^^ ac(avrwi'): avro. 
F*: a wot F^^bklquwxb, : (aww 16*) | vevonfpevffOeu] rci-onf- 
pev€ff$ai dnp: i-eiroi^pevrai f 1 : om ac | Jca^oXov] (pr ro 73): 
sub -r iS: xatf oXor b/'(uid): KaO 0X171 M(mg)dri*'prt: c0 
oXijt A : €«•» bw I i-apa^Kift n | rXiyo'toi'] + otrrov ab'cmfllBC 
l/JS(sub *ip e/9p.) I ovrwf] sub -r- i6: owof cqw | TpoaBe^rwi] 
{rpocBe^ai 30) : ^rft/iP/ eilS: + ror o/wcor F*» | o icupcof] uicinus 
B* I om ircu «» — (11) Kupcw c | ovk arorto-cc BbJ +t« icw a: 
fiTj ororioiy rw «w k(-<r« k*)m : ou /ii? arorwif A^egjqstw(i7 «» 
ex corr)z : ov fjtri aTorurei FM rell : (ov /tji aTorurei irupcof 
avrov 76) 

12 om 9c S I K\awii] pr irXoin; akm^JS (sub <$:• ^) | (rap] 
air 136) I TW icvpcbr] t« rXiyo'ioi' Ah : uicimf sua W : + ow/row F** 
ad-gijl-qtuxz(mg)a,b,S]S^iS(sub 4Sf €j8p.) : -^eorum C : +r[tf»i] 

13 9e] ro d : ror p : om c | a^ei] pr iccu ac : 0(17 n : ly^ci 1 | 
at/ror] awo f: /^j/^m ^: +fiapTvpa acmxiS(sub •:3^): (+fiap- 
Tvpow 126) I ert nyr 0rfpap] ad locum ut uideat %, \ om nyy x | 
^par] ij sup ras F*: Bvpop dmn(-pa)pq*(uid)a,i( : +owov 
M(mg)s(mg) I aroTfO'et] restituai % 

14 (om de i^ 136) I oinio'i; rtt] aliquis accipiat iumentum 
C I otnyo^] pr rt n : post ret )\WL : aprrjffni m : sumfiserit IS | 
Tit] + rt (^ I Tapo] pt «<w ^ : oro egj : asimtPt B | i-Xiy^toi'] 
+ avrou acm^B(IiL5S(sub 'i^ ej8p.) : + n I : + irnpot b : ( -f wro- 
iVytor 71.76) I Jfew] pr ji#^L/^]«<(r<i]/tfr[f]ji<i« <7mM/> posl %, | 17 
aro^anf post yeyifreu dhnptJS'"'(uid) | om 17 <uxMa^<^o^ 7«i^' 


rcu A*(hab A^jF^klwa^B^El^iSCtxt) | om 17 «<» i» | o4Xf*aX«- 
Top'i BiipiakiOTOP eg: BfipioXioros j | (0 de] koi 16.77) I '^t'/Mot] 
+ owou acf imnr^Bi5(sub -jg:* ff'tf') | iiri]px m^\ 17 3®] ijr fh : 
om m I om arort<rei — (15) avrov i^ u | arorio'ei] pr aToruriP 
F*»: pr aroriryvcM' acfi*'mrx9L^(sub •^« 0') 

15 om car 1° — arortaei mB'E' | ifvptot] + avrov aefgi*'jk 
nrx^B^Csub -^ ^): -^-reilL \ v '** post avrov i« AFbdhCv)! 
ptwa^bg^lL I om /jlct avrov egj(i7 ovic sup ras }^)W | orenjo-ft 
c I ^uo^^fi^ot] pr asinus B: (post rj i® 78): /uadtarop n | 17 
a°] 17^ h : yfprirai avrw b : + ear fUffBiorot d | e^rai avrw] post 
avrov lo ^: f7/ri«x «nV IL | eo'rai] (corcii 136): O'crat m | avrui] 
sub -r JS : avro m : avrov c : om kx | om rov t 

16 (om 3« 1 36) I avar^o^ rit] rtt aran70'i7 f^ Cyr : aro- 
riTOTTTc h : ttrai'n7o^i7 rit o : airoriO"« rtt m : (aroo'n7<n7 rtt 136): 
quis deduxerit % \ om irat n | avn7y avrw BArs] om avn7y dm : 
eavrw avn7r Fn : avn7r eavrw M rell Cjrr | yvwaixa"] pr «t F*»h : 
sup ras F' 

17 car «c] ar «f sup ras 7-8 litt M(apa bis scr A*"") | 
ararevctfy ararevo'i} KOi] mutila in 1/ : om ^ | oravevcay] bis scr 
s : om C I Jcai /ii7 )9ovXi7rat] post avn7t n : om Sb \ om pLi^ f | 
om avn7t w | om avri7y egjm | avrta post 7vraiKa Cjrr-cod j 
yM^oiira sub -t- )6 | apyv/xor] pr Kat 1 | arorto'ci] airorto'17 b' : 
axeriTO'ei c: ar<iBfUffei F**: ( + avrot 83) | rw warpi] avna A 
M(mg)z(mg)aab,B: om FacmnJS: -\-eius ^^ \ KaB—wapBe- 
vwf mutila in IL | KaB ocov] xaB 1* | eorti'] -^-avrbf s(mg) | 
TopBewur] [uirgi'^is % 

18 ^apfioKot q*' | repti-ociTO-erf] wepi^uavirt AFbdtv*w 
bj : Tepipua^rrai M(txt)ach*i*''npqsuv*r : repiKttofferat 1 : rcpi- 
ppwBfiffCTiu a, 

19 i-ar Koc/iw/ieyor] (rat KOiiuafUPOt 76.136): ot ar KoifitiBii 
Cyr-ed | waw] irarra FWuxifi»»kmnprs(txt)tv(txt)xz(txt) Cyr- 
codd(-hroi') I ftrra Knfvovi] cum pecore omni "^ \ om Ba^arta 
a,b,B I aroirreretre] aroxreii'iTre k : aro^ayetrai np | avrovt] 
avrop b'dfi»»nrtBEi Cyr-ed: om AFM(txt)egj(Ut)pqsu-xr 

10 TTw] a' 9^ B' ttidens Sb 

XI rov ^eov] a' a^ B" ^Ska^ % \ if — ire»'Oi'i7pevo'dai] a' si ncn misit manum suam iS | avror Teiron7pevo-5ai] o"' /xcrco^- 
ircyoi avro svz [om (/ z | avrop v : avrtap z] | irc«'on7pev0'5ai] furetrxflKepai M : /Kraffx^^ Vi ^ B* txtendit % 
z6 a«xin70i7] a* BthJ^ Msv | ^pri7] rpoim F^: rpoiira BuptaM c 
z8 ov rcptrociTO'erc] ov ^woyoprifftrt F^ 19 avoicrcrcire avrovt] opaBefiarurBiiaere avrovt j 

SEPT. 227 30 

XXII 20 


B dvaia^(»v Oeoh Bavdrtp oKeOpevOt^trercu, irXifP Kvpitp fiowp. ^'Kal 'O'poatjXvrop ov 21 (to) 

KaKaxrere ovSe fit) ffkiifnfre nvrov iJt€ ydp irpoaijXvroi iv yp Alyvimp, ^irSurav X^P^^ ^^ «« («i) 
op<t>av6p ov Ka/c<iMr€T€' ^^idp Se KOKia Kcucoiaffre avroif^ Kai KCtcpd^apre^ tcaraffoiia'ma'i 7rp6^ 33 (ai) 
fUf aKOff eifTOKOvfrofiai r^v ^(01^9 avr&v* ^KaX opyiaffi^trofiai Ovp^ teal awoKrevA vfia^ 94 (35) 
p-axalptfy icaX iaovrai. ai yvvauees vpAv XVP^^ ^^^ '''^ waiSia vp,&v op^nwd, ^^ *Etiv 15 (14) 

hi dpyiipiov cKSaviajf^ r^ dBeXify^ r^ irevixpip irapd aoL^ ovic Icff avrov marefrevfwv^ ovic 
hriOriaei^ avr^ tokov, ^idv Se ivexvpaafia ivex^pdajf^ to ifidriov rov trXrjaiop, irpi Sva/i&p 16 {t$) 
'/jXiov d7roSaM76i9 avr^' ^larip ydp tovto irepifioXcuop avrov^ fiopop rovro to IfioTi^p daxv «7 (*0 
fjLoavPfj^ avTOv* ip tIpi KoififfBiiaerm ; iap oip xaTafioi^ajj irpo^ pA, eiaaKOvaopMi avTov* 
IT i," iXe/fp^p ydp elfii, ^^©60^9 ov fcaxoXoyijaet^, Kai apxopra^^ tov Xaov trov ov tcatcw «8 (a;) 

ipeU, ^airapx^^^ 0X0)1/09 fcal Xffpov aov ov tcaOvcTepijafi^' r^ wpc^TOTOtea t&p vi&p aov 19 (18) 

20 o\oOp€v$yi9rrai B*» 11 xeurcM^crou 

13 KtKpafyan-t A*(-rft A*) | Korafioiivvaiw AF 
«5 €Kdapeiaiis B*(-rar- B*) | Kartwiyuw B*(-r<i7- B*'*»)F* 

it KOKUffrnu A 
34 opytff0iieofu A 
37 Tc/M/SoXeoF A I a^x9/io sap ns B*' 


20 0] pr ei WL : om egjln | $vffia^w] Ovwf Or-gr | 9eoct] 
pr 9 d: pr roit ov F**: +eTepoci Abfi*'rwxlSCl/(tf /«'••) Or-gr 
Eus Cyr4 | Sarana—fjuma mutila in 1/ | eoMarw Bb'i*»kor) 
4 oKeBpv f : om AFMi* rell HJ&fSlESb Orgr Eus Cyr Cyp Spec | 
(o\€$p€v$rfff€Tai — ^^oi'Cii] TXifif Kvpiv fiowta e^c\o$p€v07firtTai 18) | 
€^oKt$p€v$riarnu AFMb-cghi*jlpqs-ba Or-gr Eus Cyr | irupcw] 
pr T« ka, I (fu>yor 77) 

21 om ircu ^ | ov ircurwarre] ir^ ttexautris Phil-arm | (ov] 
+ M^ 25) I om ovd« — (13) rcurbwerc gm | om ovbt — avror 
Thdt I oydf] ovr€ AFdcjlotaab, : oi;^ 01; f : ov c* | m^?] MV eo: 
om pw I ^^^e] 19 sup ras o*: ^Xi^ere A(-r<u)ace*nrwza, | 
avror] avrovt s(mg): om (71) Spec | ijtc — aiyvwrta\ pr i»tfj/i> 
fif/>i animam proselyti 13: om a*f | ifre 70^ rpooriyXvroc] 
rpoo^X. Tap ifre ckiS Phil-arm : on Tpoo^iyXvroi lyrt Thdt | Tap] 
+ ifat v/Kif w^lSCl/ Spec: -HvAicct b | t^] ny Thdt J Spec | 
oiyvwrov qs(txt)uvz(txt) Cyr-ed 

22 o/>0aror] -Vonitum IS 

23 KOKKO. — irara/3oi7<r(iro- sup ras a | xajcia] (ara«car 16.130): 
om ba,bg]S£ Cyp | om iroi dir | wrpoloi'Tei] Kpa^rret b(fai' 
bis scr b')kmmWX Cyr: arcc/Mi^orref il: irpa^orret f: rer/M* 
(orroia,: ^rwriii«/^j Spec (mwffl^/ codd : excruciaii cod) : om 
BC I JfaTa/SoiTtf-ciWi] Kara^covai c*fkm : Pori<rwn Cyr-cod | 
om aifoij 1/ Cyp Vg | eto-aicovo'OAMu] axov^oftoi abw Cyr-cod | 
TTjs ^tmjt] exciamaiwnes 1/ Cyp | ^««'ij»] /Soiyf FMdhiklmpst 

24 om irat i<> a, | Bvfiui] -H i-pof vfiat egj : animo in uobis 
Cyp-cod I /uaxaipa] pr cy ac | vtuav !<>] i;^wr e | xaidca] rexya 
ackm5S*^(uid) | vyjiav i®] lyfiwr e 

25 om de acm | e/cdayco^] (fjcdayetiyt 136): daycoiyt F*(eird- 
F')b: tK^oMojfifinfl atx*(uid) | t« 1°— aw] pauferi tfe tuo 
populo Spcc-ed: fopuh pauperi de tuo Spec-cod | adeX^] 
XaM A*(corr A»)F*(corr F»)M(txt)dhlps(mg)twa,b,M5iL : irXij- 
ifiow Cyr|: -^-cov F*akmn9C5S Cyr-cdJ | om t« i®— aoi 
Cyr J I om tw «® a,* Cyr-ed J | om trtin-xp^ e | om i-opa <ro< 
k I rapa] pr rw Machjmb^ Cyr|: pr ro qu | 9ov bw | om 
ovic I® — frarcyeiTCMT b | avror] post iraT€irciT«*» tk\ ovr« c | 

om ovic t** — rotiw k | ev«r trctfiyovct] ov irarevttffacit r : ov xarr- 
Tt^ec o: (^VK twiBvfiriaM 84) | ov«r t*"] ovdt ^Sl/iS Cyr-ed | 


26 tap dc] ovde m: om ^ JS | tpexvpaafio] tPtx^puurfui 
i*'r Cyr-cod: eyexecpo^/ui d(-M«)p: cT^vpoo'/xa vz : rfxnpo^iaa 
t: cyexvpa<r/Miri F: om f^<C(uid)S | erexvpaoiyt] (crex^^P^i^^ 
136): <rexiv««^'»» cgi*'jr Cyr-cod : crcx^pca^ qu: (evcxi/pcoor- 
^f 78) : cFcxecpamTt ps : twtyxfip^tu f | rXiyvior] + <rov acm 
8z(mg)91SfllLiS C3rr-ed Spec | vp6\ vpot bcdfmn^ | dvo-MMr] 
9vcfMt mJS(uid) | om lyXtov x* | avrui] pr avro acfi^'mrxBCiS 
(sub <5> ^): avro i*j*'klz Phil-codd Cyr-cod: avro avroit 
i«'(uid): om^ 

27 eoTU'] post yap i® f: (eo>rac 76) | tovto i® — a^x^lM^ 
o"vnyf] ei hoc solum opertorium paupertatis Spec | tovto i*>] 
iltud solum JL: -{■ solum iSTS | Tcpi/SoXaior] pr to f | avTov i^] 
avTW cgjlsvxz(txt) Phil : om n Cyr-cod | ttopof — t^wTtor] tovto 
TO t/MTtop avro fumop Phil-edJ: tovto to ifiariop futPOP Phil- 
cod^: TOVTO ifMTiop avrta fiopop Phil-codd | | ftopop tovto] fi 
illud est^x «/ S : om CI/ 1 fiowop'] iiopov b : fumta 1 | om tovto 
10 Phil-codd i Cyr-cod | om to dgi«'plxaa«'(uid)b, Phil-codd 
Cyr-cod | t/MiTtor] -tf avrov ac(avT«v bis scr) % (sub 4^ ej9p.) | 
a^ax'llioffx'prii] pr Ti;t k Phil-cod^: post avrov i*» m: tvrxruM* 
cxmjft fi*'r : a«rxvn;t a | tp tipi KotfAriB-iffftrai] ubi dormit Spec | 
(p'\ pr ira< Phil-codd \ \ ear ow] quodsi 1/ Spec | ovp^ ov F* (ovr 
F'): om Phil-codd | jcaTa/Soif^i}] KaToJ^on^trox (73) Cyr-cod | 
rpot /ic] aduersus te % \ tic] -f ^top 1 | curaxovo-o^ioc] pr koi 
ackiS (sub 4^ a' 9') \ avrov 3°] avTW f | tXt^itAOP yap «fu] suPt 
eftim misericors ad uos Spec | ci/u] ego \, 

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$p dp*tC : tf « w«» : irpcTi^ p»> : proceres tuos B* : -h <rov b^ : -h aX- 
XoTpiovf km 1/ I jcairoXoTi?0'e('] maledicelis % \ apxorrar Baco 
vz9-codd C5S Phil Eus Thdtf Did] apxorra AFM rell ^-ed 
BS Acta Chr Cyr Thdtf Cyp Vg : principe, 1, | ov kokw epect 
Bkmo] OVK epetf xaKvt AFM rell i6 Acta Eus Chr Cyr Thdt 

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ffov 1* egj^ I vKOP] povp 1 I (S<aff€is e^ioi] XvrpcM-i^ 71) | /mm b 

ao $vaia^up Beoit] a' ^ & similiter sacrificans dns )6 | oXe^pcv^o'CTat] oc X apaBifiariffBriacTai Msvz(sine nom) 

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a8 ov «rairoXoTi^e(f] a' 9' 6' ovk antAoatit jvz : a* 9' V ov KarafAOffeis s : a' mm maledues </ fwn contemnes 9* ni 0' % 
apxoprat] a' sublatum a' ^ principem )6 

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(50) 30 iaurei^ ifioL ^oirta^ troif/^rci^ top fiocxop <rov ical ro irpofiarop trov ical ro inro^vyiov cov B 

(99) 31 hrrk fffjUpa^ larai vtro rifp firfripa, r^ Bi oyBijj ^fJiipff airoBa>aif iioi avro, ^^ical apBpe^ 

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B&pa oif Xf^/A*ifr27« rA ykp B&pa i/crwpXoi 6<f>0a\fJU}v^ fiXetroprwp xal Xv^aipereu pripura hltcaicL 

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10 Xvroi ^T€ ip y§ Piiyvvrtp, »o^Ef en; awepeU rifP yrjp aov xal cvpdfei^ tA yep^p^ara 
ti avrfj^* "r^ Bi i/SBoptp &<f>€a'ip troiijaei^ seai dpi^aei^ avn^p, xal tBoprai oi irrtDypl rov effpov^ 

30 oinrw F 31 wtcBw, A | idt^Bai A | rvret F* XXIII f ffvyKaroBiiffii B*'^A 

2 <»* B**»] tp B* I wpoffTt$ii^ B**»] wpoaBifffri B* | *KK\i»ai] ejcirXetyeu BA 

3 Kptfftt B^] Kpiai B* 4 tf-vroj^n^ect F | rXorw/ieroi A*(t suprascr A') 

5 WtWTttKVt B I 9V^€y€ptit B***] 9Wap€it B* 6 K(M€i B**>] KfMl B* 

8 Xif^ B*'*»' I \vii€PtT9A A 9 ^X«f€T€ B II flu^ctt B*»>] aare^eit B* 

30 (ovrc#f] pr ecu 76) | woniaift i \ rw — rpo/^aror] ro wpo- 
/Saror ff9v tot luocxtm d | om ecu 1° — ^ov t? (E> \ KOi i<» — 9w 3® 
sub T- J6 I iitupai] yuitpait Cyr-ed | wnu] woiii^oi c | vro] 
eirc egjln: (rpot 18) | my^^] -r avrov Aacroft]SCS{sttb ^ 
tpp,) I oylofti riiitpa Boqrawx Cyr] rnu^ rrf oySmf AFM relli 
{nfitpa rri tfidofini 16: om iifupa 71) | awodioffri B] doM^ett A: 
awoduatu FM omn(-tfi7t f ) Cyr | /ioi post avro 9C 

31 om irai i<»d | Mot] om egj: -^^ quod ego sum Dominm 
Deus uesUr ft-ed | om uaiY^lL \ Kptat] Kpea mnpsB : gtid- 
quam C: «pea €p rw a7/>w ak; xpea €p aypta r: +ey rw 07/^ 
c : + CF a7pc# f i** | 0iipiaKttT»] $vfpia\wra mn)S : quod »f^ a' if 
in agro V captum est bestia J6 : 4 m raw/^ 9 | airopi^rc] 
airopc^rre AFabkqtuw(-ra()13CiS | avro] omia cp : avra mn 
B: omd^ 

XXIII 1 ov \^ — ^ftaroiaar] ft famam mendacem ne accipias 
VSL I rapadefiy] (iropaXiy^ 136): ai/^Vx Spec-codd | ov 3°] 
ovdff Clem I o'V7iraratfi|^] ffvPKaTanBiitfri b,: ^wKoBtfori Ft, 
]S<aid): avPicoBwii nqu: o'v7ira^i|^ift f: ffvyxaSiffttt egj | om 
rov bnquwx | adurov] arrtdiirov ks(mg) | 7er(0'^ai] post a^ucot 
tj : {yofwSai 30) 

a irXeiorwr i°] woKKw bnw Phil Clem Thdt | om en— 
irXciorwr i<^ m | eirc] er B*i : iu Luc Spec | ov] ovde S Clem | 
wpocT«$iiari\ irpoff$ii(rfi B*dhpr*sv» Clem : eulpones Luc Spec | 
licra rXiy^ovf] cum compluribus S Luc | (om €kk\iw9i /lera 
irXccorwr 76) | eytcXu^ai nqu | om fura 3'' — cxirXci^ai bnb^C | 
fiera rXttorwr i<^] cum turba Luc | wore eirirXci^a< irpco'iv] iv/ 
excludaris Spec | drffXcto-oi B] ff7ffXira< qu : ccffXirat A(-Xeij'>) 
FM rell J6 Cyr Luc: (icXira* 76): defiectere ^B: /«-<i^ C 

3 iremyra ov«r eXeifO'ctt] ;y^«i contemner pauperem Spec (<^tf/r- 
/^yM^i'x cod: condemptus cod) | (cXecit 71) | er r/MO-ec] (pr ovir 
77): €it KfHff IP Pbil-gr-cod: om tp Phil-gr-codd : +m'i#x Luc 

4 om dc fsB I rc# /9oc] onr^i Spec-codd | ro vro^VTtor en | 
om avrov Fjkm | ir\cuftifA€POii] irXa^wficrw kmS: irXaFw/UFor 
n : errantem Spec-codd : + o ny 0^ Cyr | aroorpe^at aro^A*- 


9€i% avrw] arooTpe^ect m | vwoarpiyj/at dp C3rr-cod | arodowctt] 
avo^ciO'ei n : rapa^fMrcct avra a : + avra cB : + id 9Sj6 | avrc#] 
avro fn(aro)s*z : avroct c 

5 om ^ fk I (i3iff Fhsa, | rov ex^pov] socii 9 | yofiop] 
pofiop m I om avrov i^% \ roprXevoi^] wapafilKt^yft f | avro i^] 
avrn ^n | ovreTVpett] <rvi'C7ctpctt o: (o-vreTVipi^t 76): e7epe(r 
A : potius diriges Spec-ed | avro a°] avr« ns 

6 dca^pe^ctt w | irpifui] irpco'U' c | rcnfrot] + o-ov cmiS(sub 
^ e/9p.) I om avrov BiE 

7 rayroff sub 1- iS | pnMarot] irpcMarot fira^^nE: om F* | 
aroony^iy] airoo-n^c f(om <rnf f*): r^r^« Spec: duiiroo-nio^et 
Theoph I a9»0P irat dcraior] pr irai acfkm^(sub ^y')*, et iustum 
ft innocentfm %: om jrai j | om irai if* Theoph Luc Spec | om 
tP€K€P Iktptap Facdhmnpstvza^BS^ Theoph Spec | tPtica eg 

8 om KOI lo— Xiyft^ Luc | 9i*pa i°] 9»pop %S^ Phil-cod | ov] 
om s : + Mn q«x I 'ra yap 8<apa] donum fnim %% Did | airorv^Xoc 
Theoph Chri | o^^aXfioir x | /9Xerorrctfr] voiMP (71) £^ Chr( 
Cyr: opepiowt^p Chr^: eorum W \ Xv/aurerax] Xv/teyctrai a,: 
coinquinantur Spec | piyMara] hwpa a, | duraxa] iustitiae E: 
'\' ft iudicium B 

9 om KOi fnsvwz | ov BFachmi^£iS Theoph Spec] +«o- 
ircM'erf ov6e bw : + iraxworrc ovd ov ^"7 Mfqux : + raxwocre ovie 
pai A rell (ovrc 1 : -;- ante ov z) : + uexabitis ntquf B | 9\v^rT€\ 
9\v^yfrt defjklnpqttt : uexabis % \ (v/uit yap] exti v/ictt 83) | 
octerc] ctXcre 1 | rov — atyvwrv] avrov f | irpooiyXvrot] rpo^Xvrax 
b' I yn] Pf ^ Theoph: om c | aiyvwrov ai*'kqr^(txt)uvz(txt) 

10 ti] pr icai acmi6(sub ^. €pp.) : pr irpoj f | axtpeis] ffirtprit 
n: <riretpetf o"a,: ffwttprit o*: (o-ropeit 32) | njr 7i;r] agrum 
BC I (om o-ov 78) I o-vra^ctf] pr ov n : o-vro^f coa, : <rvre^ct f : 
eco^alett A*(o"vr- A*)FMegi*jlsvwz | ytppti/iara c**f Cyr | avr^f] 
avroit g* : aov bS 

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egjlptwagb,BC£ I rotfiaett i«] roti^^f c | (an^etf avnip] 
aptfftp avnit 77) | op'ifaeit] oroc^rtt dp: aptfati b'(-oc^- b*) | 

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4 airoorpe^t] a«i»»rpo^ svz 
8 /SXcirorrwr] a' ao^top F'Mjsvz(sine nom) 

XXIII 3 ovir — «pcoei] ^ ov ri/ii^rir €p Ikmi avrov Mjsvz 
5 eaar dc] irat ear s 
tfXi^cy F* II o^o-ty] aareo-ir F*» 

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B aov tA Bk viroKeivofieva ISerat r^ aypia 0f)pla, ovrtD^ woti^a-ei^ top a/xireK&vd aov teal top 
\ ^^ iXai&pd <rou, ''^If rjiiepa^ iroiija-ei^ rk Ipya <rov, t§ ie fifiipa r§ ifiBSfirj apdiravai,^* Xva dva- i« 
iravafirai o l3ov^ aou koI to viro^vyiop aov, icdl Xpa dpayfrvfy 6 vlo^ rrj^ waiSiiricff^ cov xaX 6 
irpoarjkvTO^, ^^irdpra otra etptftca Trpo^ vfia^ <l>vXd^aa0€^ koI Spofia Oe&p eripap ovk dpafiptf- 13 
aOrjaeaOe, oihi firj aKovaOfj iic rov arofiaro^ vfi&p. ^^Tpeh icaipov^ rov ipiavrov ioprd- 14 

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ip€T€iXdfif)p coi, Kark top Kaipop rov fitfpo^ r&p pitap* ip yitp avr^ eft/Xtfc? ^f Alyvirrov. ovtc 
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lpya)p aov r&p iK rov drfpov aov, ^^rpet^ Kcupov^ rov ipiavrov oif>67fa€Tat 'trap apaepiKOP aov 17 
ipdnriop Kvpiov rov ffeov aov, ^^'^Orap ykp ixfidXto iOptf dtro irpoa<i)irov aov koX ifiirXa- 18 

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fiov €6)9 irpm, ^97-^9 dvapxd^ 't&p TrpayroyePffpArcDP rij^ 7^9 o'ov eiaoiaei^ eU rop olteop Kvpiov 19 
rov 0€ov aov, ovx ey^i^aei^ appa ip ydXaxri firfrpbf; avrov, 

II inroXiiroiU£ya B*(-X€tir- B»*>) | tdert F* | tXaua/ia F* 12 aara^^ B**»] oyarauffip-oi B* 

15 e«e<r^ot A | e^dci A*(.i;Xd- A') 16 irvirTeXtot B*(-X€iaf B*»») 

19 T^i rn^ B»*»] om B* I 9VX B*»>] ovk B* | 7oXoict€i F* 


cdfairrcu k | om 0*01; i^ t \ ra Se vroXeiwofiepo] ra inroXeXt/u/icra 
d€ a, : f/ reliquum ex its 31 | vroXctro/Aeva] vwoKixofUPa B* : 
inroXcXet/iM^ra qu: vwo\iirotit»a axrruv i i +ain-{i»' aci*?inrJo(sub 
4:» aV): +oim;t egj: (-Hoi/r<Ht 15) | tirraC] tborroL qu | ro 
aypia Otipio, Bbnor] to $yipia rov aypov F**qux : to ^/mo to aypia 
AF*M rell: best toe agri 3WS | o\ma%\ pr iroi a | xovr^tn ««>] 
xoiyfsi\% cf I om kox 3° — aav 3° fw | om tof a° A | cXoibyr s 

12 i;/iep^s] tj/t^pcus f I rj/iepa rri t^Bofiii] t^^ofiri ri/upa a: 
om rj/i^pa rrf p | oyaroua-tf lya twawawrriTai] requiescet IL \ aya- 
rouo'tf Bovz] oroTouo'ecf qu: apawavari AFM rell: requiesces 
1S<!n£lLi6: +<ra/3j3aTa icw na 0<3 aov b | om ci'O i^ fi^'rw | 
arorov^Tot] ayaravo-eTai dprw : ( -r iract aov icat rf xaidiaicri 
ffov /roi 71) I om Kai 2*^ HL \ iro 0^0^1/(17] requiescet IL \ om tro 
2^ bw I oyo^i^i;] oj^a^v^ec w: ^i/f ex xav9 M(uid): (oj^orauff^ 
128): ovoirownp-at B*qux | om wof — (13) royTo j (spat relict) | 
irotdticiys h,* | om 9q% 4° F*(hab F') | om /roi Tpotf^XuTot iS | 
(om «rai 3° 16) | xpo9i\KvrQ%\ aduenae (gen) 9 : +iroi op^oyof 
ffot at x^pAt at ev v\Li¥ b 

13 TOKro] pr^/ ISE | ctpijKo] XeXoXiyfo AFMaceghj-mpqs- 
vx-bj : cXaXi^o-o d : locutus sum £d(mg) | 0i;Xa^a<r0c] ^uXo^etf-^e 
Ab'dg*'(uid)ijkmnpq*txb3<SDlLi6 : ^vXo^o^^ot ctto rifiepas cSccr- 
Oai aj^fxa c \ wofuk] nomina Spec | ora/tyija 9i^re<r^c] avufunfictoOt 
egjlra, Or-gr J: ^-tp rait Kopdtats vfiuu Or-gr | ovie] ovS ov df 
i*'mpqrux Cyr-ed | firi aKowr6rf] firi ayaturjirBri Cyr-ed : opofut- 
ff$fj<r€Tai Or-gr | om rov n | vfitop] aov n 

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n I om xoieuf AFM(txt)aceghjlmwa,b2iBE1LS Or-gr | aj^fia 
tieffBt wS I aoi] vfwf m9£ | om icoto b' | om rov firfpot f | 
TUP P€ti»p] TOP Ptop f : TOV P€ov u | ovTW yop Cyr | outw] tovto 
n I t^v^0€Te dnptaCE | e^] eic mt (31) mS 

16 0€piafAov xporroyepijfjMTiop'] xpuToyepfifULTiOP Bepusfiov svz : 

TWP xpwTorf€P7iiiaTWP TOV BepuTfuov bw | SepurfAov"] pr tov AFMa 
cdeghjlnpqtuxa^b, Or-gr | Cyr Thdt: mmsit H | xpvToyepfi- 
fULTuni] pr Twr hx Or-gr J Thdt: xpwToy€PPifi/AaTitP efl Or-gr: 
xpvTUP yepiifULTVP nu: vpo Twr ytPii/uiTutf m: '¥tuorum 9)S | 
iroti^ett] sub -r- J6: iroii|tf^f x | Ttop €py»p aov i<»] (om 76): om 
Tbir Cyr-ed | om up coy tnrec/nyt (iT | cm^] (0 76) : om 1 | or be 
gjnw I awiifTfii] ffirepiyt 1 : ax€ptit f : seminetur ^ | om <rov 2^ 
5b I ffWTcXetot] ow T€Xf tot m | cir t^o^ov] ep t^o9u i*k : tp Tif 
t^odu m : t'lf exitu & : ^xf/ilr ^B | cir] oir u | t^oSu AFabegh 
jlnwb, Or-gr Cyr Thdt | om tow i** d | om aov tvp €k 1^ | om 
aov 3® bi*w I TUP 3°] toi; i^a^: om £ | c«c tov O7pou] cr tu 
aypu M(mg)hlnos(mg) | om o-ot; 4° ackm^iS 

17 Tp€it KOtpovf] T/Mf Or-gr} Eus Chr | tov cpulvtov] om 
mW: om cvtouTov n | om aov i<* AB Cyrf | crorrtor w | 
Kvpiov — aov 2^] fiov Cyr^ | om Kvpiov a*fmr | om aov i<^afm^iS 

18 (om totum comma 31) | otoi' — <row i<*]sub ^ j(uid)vz: 
om Fhmnx^£!Ld | ckjSoXXw dp | €0prf] pr to Abqsuvwz | 
xpoauxov] pr toi; f | om aov 1® o | om mxt — aov 2** a, | c/»- 
xXaTVPu] {(KxXarvpu 84) : irXoTvrw i*'r | aov 2°] + owe cirt^w- 
jui^ct ov^ctt TTjt yrjt aov b, | ov] pr et ^15 | ^wrcti] ^o-cit A^'^r: 
$ria€i h': Bvaiaaeit Fptb,: BvfAiaattt A*degjs(txt)vz: <r0o^tr 
Cyr-ed | cirt j^V/iri] super azyma % \ (fvfirfi 71) | ot^iOTot bqux 
W I BvfuoMATos] dvaiaafMTOt A*(0vfuafi' A^')FMacdhk-ptvwz 
*a^a Cyr Thdt : o^totr/MiTOt qux : immo/ationis H : sacri^cii B 
(SDS Phil -arm : sturificiorum 3[lE(uid) | itov i<*] aov fghi*'kr 
9 I ou^c] 01/2 ov Ffma^ | jcot/ii;^] Kot/ti|^i70'CTai b, : iuun\ qux | 
toffn\%\ bis scr 1: (eoprrip tov xaaxci 7') I f^^ ^°] ^^^ ^' ^^ 
F*(hab F^n**) 

19 xpuToyePfifuiTUp] xpuToy€Ppri/MTUp e(l Phil-ed: xpoye- 
prifiarup m | rrfs yiyi] (tou o^pov 31) : om B^el^ Phil-cod | om 
aov i*^ e I cto'ot^r b | om xvpiov fpw£ Phil-codd | om aov 2^ 
% I ovx^avTov] pr et ^5 : om ovtov Phil : -i- art irocwr Tot- 
avTTfp $vatap fuaot rot xapapaait tanp tu Bu lOKUp k 

II o^pio Oiipia] a' ("ua rift x<^pa< Mjsvz(sine nom): ^loo... k 13 iroc it.t.X.] y' similiter iS 

15 TUP ptup] TUP xpuifuop F*» 16 trvrTcXctaf] o' av\){oyris MjsYz(pr rtft svz): a" avyxofudrit Mjsvz: 

aoLfi. avp€ia^pat j 19 appo] cpt0t[oi'] F^ 



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atcov<rffT€ T^9 ifitj^ <f>(avfj^, teal Trotifo^ irdvra oca &v ivreiXafial aoi, Kai <l>v\d^T€ Ttfv BiaOi^KfiP 

fjLOv, ia-ea-Oi p^i \ao^ ireptovaio^ atro wdvrwv r&v iOp&v ifitf yap iarw iraaa fi yrj, vfiei^ Bi 

eceaOi fioi fiaaCKeiov iepdrevfia leal eOvo^ aytov. ravra rit pripAra ipeU tok vioh ^Itrpai^X 

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20 ryui] om inBC Phil-gr ^ Eus} : + «au Phil-gr^ (sed banc 
totam citationem omittunt codd plurimi) | arocrtXu dinps(ing) 
txBC I om T<0 Phil-gr^ (v sup) | xpo wpoffwrov] ctf wpocwwo9 
Phil-gr^ (v sup) I 9ov\ fMu Eus-ed^: om e | om tro — odt 
Eus^ I tra 0vXa^] tow ^vXo^cu Phil-gr^ (v sup) | ^vXa^] 
^Xa^ o: ^vXoffffJi Just EusJ | eurayayif] inducam Cyp-cod: 
070711 Eus^ I rtTOiiiOffa] rfroiftavtp tW%: ijTOifuuca n: wftoo-a 
km I o-oc] sub t &: om k 

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eicaKovae d: ettf-oiro vo'or fi*lpa, £us| | ai/rou] eai/rov la, : avrta 
n: om^ ed Phil-arm | om koi 2^ — oin-« !<> n | om koi a° AF* 
Mbdeghjklpqtuwxa3b,)Sli6 Phil Just Eusf Cyp-ed | avru i®] 
pr €¥ ack Eus): avrov f: om mb, Phil-arm Cyp-codd | ov — 
(11) fiov i® sub ^ i(uid) | ov — <r«] nihil enim subtrahtt tibi %, \ 
om JU17 10 e I vroorecXiTTai] vrooTciXercu In: vwoartKrrrai b: 
avoTurtrai f | <rt\ o'ot efp | to\ kca w | coriy post avrv 9° 9 
Cyp-cod I eir avrta] eavrw m | er] er nqux li/(uid) Cyp(uid) 

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sub ^ js: om Flb^^El^ | fOK i<» — a7tor] sub -^ vz: (om 64) | 
tap aicori i^ sub '^ Sb (cay i®] + Ac f | om axoti 1° fhia, | axov- 
rtir€ lo] aKovffTfs bhwx: aicovin; Am: audias Sbx €iffaj(OvaijT€ 
egjsvz(eay axoiy eura sup ras) | tfirfs i^taiffit] ^vris fMv Aab 
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c-gkn (-ere )pstvz: aKowrrft m: serues C | irarra i<»] bis scr c: 
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fi*'kqux errrraXfiai bw: enrwrell IS^: (etToy 16.130) | <roc !<>] 
vfuy k: om f: +«'ayra g | ^vXa^i/rc] tt>v\a^(rOai g: ^vXa|€<rtff 
mo: 0vXa|etf hi6 | /mv i*>] -^-quam statui uobiscum "^ \ tateBt 
t^—ayiop sub •:5:' ^ | (aro] «« 31) | om r«r s | {tBwvp] + jroi 
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sup ras A* | ^e] 7ap i* | patriKtiw leparcv/ui] pr Xaor ireptovo-iot 
m : regnum et scuerdotinm C : reptum sanctum )S | om nai 3<> 
Mm I om ra g* | roit vioii] domui 3S | tar 3<*] pr ^/ 9 : ^mm/ 
j»l^: I om airoiy 1® AF*Mbcgi*jlwaab35i5 | aifov<nrre i® Bfi 


mor] (i^axovtfip'e ack: axovoi^ AFM rell (-017 dqnx) IkWLSb 
Phil-arm I Luc: om C | om ftov !<> 1 | om icai 40 — 0*01 2^ f | 
rociTo^r B] iroci/oiyt AFM rell (-o-wi a-dghjknoptvw*a,) SiBC 
%,% Phil-arm Luc: custodieris IE \ a» ctirw] ikxi 9 | or 3<*] 
kap kmova,: om egj | <roc 2^] sub -:- &: (v/up 130**): +<ca« 
^vXa^r rrip diaBnimitf fiov tfftcBt fUH Xoor ire/xovo-ior airo raar- 
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vioif t^ F»"«(reprobr F*>') | cx^pevaw] ff7Xoi?f>ev0'w b: c^oXo- 
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rotf orrtxet/Acroit] rovf opriKtifUPovt h' : roif arrueco'o/ieyott w | 
o-oc 30] ( sup ras q : ffov Meps : <rr cw 

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wpowopivfftToi hli/ I om yap dW | 0] sub -7- iS : om k | fu>v] 
om m : ( + irpo wpocvwov aov 71) | cio-a^t] (f^ci 30): a^ci a | 
om ff€ o I Tpot — itpovffatop] in tcnram Amorrhaeorum ei Phirt' 
taeorum et Chananaeorum et Gergesaeorum et Euhaeorum et 
lebusaeorum ^ \ vpof] cif b : (eirc 31) | a/iop/Muor] OfAfioppoiOP 
h : afiftopaiov d | om xo« 2^ y* 4° 5^ 6<* p | om k€u 2^ — ^ptfaiop 
t I om xa* «o 30 d | x<^^«*»»'] pf '''O" d j ^epc^acoi'] pr roy U | 
om «fOi 5° — evacoy C | om Kat ytpyttratop 1 | 7ep7c<rator] 7ep- 
ycffffaiop k : 7e7eo'aioi' w* | om xac 6<* — itfiovaaiop kq | om xai 
7» — avrovf s | lepovacaiop i* | exrpi^c#] delebit B : contere W \ 
avrovt] + airo vpoffunrov vfuop b 

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adorabitis deos Spec | ov6e] ovd ov dfi*'mprt Cyr-ed | furi 
XarpcMnyr] firi \arp€v<rri a, : Xar/)cvo'e(f egj : seruietis Spec | om 
avrocf ov roti^eci Cyr-ed | avroct] avrovt s | ov 3<*] pr ^ ^£ | 
aXXa] +xat A | xa^aipe^ec^o'vrr/H^ct] depones et extermitiabis 
et eanfringes Spec | xatfaipeo'ct] KaBatpeatit d : xa^eXi^ei a, : 
KaBaipwp w Phil: xaBeXvp n | xatfeXcct] xotfepctt d: xa^aipeit 
m(-l-avroi;t)o: xaBapett i*pa,: -I- avrovt acefgi*fjrx9)SC£iS 
(sub <S>): ( + rovt /9«fiovf ovritfr 83) | o-vrrpi^t i | rat onyXat] 
rovt ocffovt f I avriM^ 30] + et colttmnas eorum 18 

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avrc# lo] a' B* similiter in eo Sb | vroo'rciXin'ai] avyx^p**' F*> 

aa ear fo x.r.X.] ea supra quae positi asterisci non inuenta hie in traditione hac septuagintauirali J6 | xa< 5® — o-oc 
3<>] a' KOI (vhicu rovt crde<r/iovrrat <r* M(om xa<)sv(^ pro a')z 

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B apTOp a-ov fcal rov olvov aov koX to vBc^p a-ov, koI awoarpi^v^ fuiKcuclav &^ vpAv, ^ovie Itrrat 76 
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KoX &&(ro> trdpra^ roxf^ virepaprlot)^ cov <f>vydSa^, ^scal diroareXA rd^ tr^fiKva^ irporipa^ <rov, 38 
fcal iKfiaXet^ tow ^AfioppcUov^ teal Evalot/^ koI Xapapaiov^ ical roif^ Xrrraiov^ drro cov, ^ovk 19 
ixfiaXA avToif^ ip iviavr^ kpiy tpa fitf yiptfrat^ ff *yfj Iprf/io^ teal iroWk yeptfrai erri ae rk dffpla 
rrj^ 7^9* ^Kard jiiKpop ix/SaXA avroif^ dwo <rov, &»9 &p av^Off^ koX xXtfpopofiija'^^ rrfP yfjv. 30 
3<ival Brjam rd opid trov dwh t^9 ipvdpa^ daXda-arf^ &>9 rrj^ daXda-atf^ rij^ ^vXttrrieip,, leal dirb 31 
rfj^ iprifjLOv fci>9 rov fuydXov irorafiov Et/^/oarot;* teal irapahiatD ctV rd^ X^^P^^ vpAp rov^ ipKa- 
OflpApov^ ip rff y§, koI ifc0aX& avroif^ diro trov, ^ov avp/caraOi^irff avroU fcal roi^ 0€oh avr&p 39 
BiaOijfcrip^ ^leal ovk ipfeadijcoprai iv rfj y§ aoVy Xpa p,if dp^apreip ae iroirjawnp irpo^ pi* idp 33 
7^^ 8oi;Xev<ri79 T0i9 6eol^ avr&p, oiroi taoprai coi irpoaKoppLa, 

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ifiBopi^KOPra t&p trp€afivTip<ap 'lo-pai/X, Kal wpoo'/cvpiia'ovaip paicpoOep T(p sevpltp. ^koi iyyut a 

30 fuxpoif B*>] iJMKpov B* 31 opiA B*»] opeia B* | tow A'] rov A* | eyxaBiifiafovt B***»AF 

3a ffvyKOToBiiffii B***>AF 33 eyKOjffrffforroi B***»AF 


ffov i»] v/iwr nC | apT»] aypw h | om ira« 3®— o-ov 3« A*(hab 
A*="«)ansv2(txt)^Cii6 Phil-arm Spec | omircu 30 d | <rov 30] 
+ irai TO eXator cov k | om icoi ^^ i* | om <rov 40 Phil-arm |^ 
/MiXaiciaar] pr wamrw egjC | a^ vfiAap] a^ ritivw x*: (e( vftorr 
39) : airo ffov eghjS' 

26 ovk] pr KOi F*>bgm9]Sl^ | aywot] pr er vfup areicrot oi/Je 
b I ov^e VTtipa post o-ov i^ e | ot^] et 9 Phil-arm | twi — oov 
|0] «r Ti| 717 <rov c(om ci»)uxa3Bd5(mg) Cyr-cod : in uoHs 
Or-lat I i7/*«pwi'] ercirr M(mg)z(mg) Thdt | o-oi; a^] mov x | ai^a- 
w\iifMffw'\ pr completioite C : orarXii/Ktf^eit Phil-gr (orarXiio^etr 
codd) : irXiypiM'w c 

27 0o/5or] -f-fiov FWicefgi*'jmi^S(sub 4Sf «/3p.): +<rov nil | 
aroorcXXitf cf | eironTO-w] errcffw m : (awoffniata 3 a) | cit out] crov 
a,: om ect c | out] rovt \*: a n | om ffv km9£ Phil-arm | 
€iffvop€vri] etffrop€V(ni adS(uid)]S(ltl/: ejnropcvi; efhijru : {hcto- 
fKvrft 14): €Kwop€vaii gm | «t i«] ir/)Of M(mg)/«vwz: tr (31) 
B(uid) I avra n | doio-w] ((^i^rw 3a): -H<roc bnB | irarrat] post 
ffov i® b : om cgj Phil-arm | ffov 7^] tustros % : om a, | ^irya^at] 
+ afacU tua IS : -^-anUfaciem tuam C 

28 airo^rcXXw f | rof — eic/3aXcii] ^/// stuptfaclat ante te fi | 
rporepat] tiirpwiBtp Thdt^ | e«r/9aXctf B] eir^a c: ck/SoXw Abn 
uwxB Phil-arm: cic/SaXXec f: er/SoXei FM rell 9: eia'eni C 
li/iS: c^oXo^/>€Wffft Thdt | rovi i<» — x^""****^] Amorrhaeum 
et Eneuum ei Chanancuutn et Chettamm % \ rovt i® — X^*' 
paiovt] Chanamos et Amorreos C | aMO^>patovt] a/Mpcuovf d: 
aAt/ioppcuovf h: -^-expeUet ^-lUs W") \ om k<u 3«> 40 s^dp | icai 
30 — xc^t^oio^ post x*''^****^ 5 I «o« 30 sub -T- J6 I cwuoi;f] 
pr rovt AFMalx:eghjklnpstvwza,ba: CethaeoslL \ xa¥waiOvi[ 
pr Towf AFMabceghj-npslvwza,b,: (x'^rroAovt 18) | om tow i* 
dmrux | xtrraiovi] Euhaeos \,\ (xavoj^aiout 18): -Hiro* tow 
le/Sotveuow .Md(om Tow)pi: ( + icoi tow ^epe^cuow itai tow 
ic/Souo'fluow 18): +<cac tow 0e/x^eow jccu tow Te/ryco'aiow irat 
TOW upovcatout n | crou 2**] pr xpojuwov u^-ed: +kcu tow 
^pe^oiow Kot Tout y€py€ffatovs kcu tow ufiowrcuovt egjsvz3S(om 
TOW 1^ egj) 

20 ovk] pr et WE | vie cK/SaXw awoi; rescr A^ | awow] 
-l-aro wpoeuwov ffov acefgi*'jmr^i6(sub •:3> e/3p.) | ot ci'caww 

26 ayorot] aTcxrot Mz: a' OTcicroi s 

37 Tor 0o/3or] a' 9' rrfv itarav\ii^t9 fiov Mjsz(sine nom jz : 

n I ert o-e 7en;rai bw | fft] 90i f : om m | om to gj 

30 iraTa] pr sed Bl/ | /uirpor] +fuirpor AFMabcfhilnr-b, 
^nBi6 I om aTo aov In | om ccw — (31) o'ov i<»d | ccw] ovii^ b, | 
au^ccf o I K\tipovotiiii9€i% afgkPnpa, 

31 om vov 1° — ^aXoo-o-i^ «<» f | nyt epvSpas tfoXao'o^t] 
BoKaanis nit epvBpat ac : BoKoffffrit €pv0pat km : Tift ^oXoo'o^t 
rrit €pv$pat n | om BoXoffOTit €m nit A*(hab A*)ejb2 | ccw i<>] 
pr Kot nsvz | nit 3®] TCrfr (31) 18: om h | ^vXtoriciit] ^iXto"- 
TtttfA b'filnpa, : auA& i6 | ecw 9<* — ev^parov] usque ad mag- 
num flumen flumen Euphraiem C | «w i°] pr ifo* fi*'r: -I- tow 
roTOftov i* I /iCToXov roTo/tov] roTo/iov tov /teyaXov AFMabc 
egjlnpstvwzb,JS(TOi/ fteTaXov tv^parov sub -r): om /icyciXov 
f k I tv^parov] pr tov ma, : t^parov b'g | om Tar Ar | vpMp'\ 
<roi/ ptuxa^bjiS | er T17 717] e«-4 Tiff -yiyt ux : in terra tua 1L | avo 
30] t¥ajfriO¥ (31) 1, 

32 01;] pr et tu%i pr ^/ £ | ovricaTa^iyoi;] o'lfyiraTai'i^ctf 
e : ffvyKaOjiirri ar*sx | awott] awow h* | 6taBriKiii¥] pr et non 
pones %ii pr ov Byiaiit b : pr m^if statues C : (dcatfi;«ny 76) 

33 om irat 1L | ovir ei^ica^orTai] ovk cyKaraBrifforrai v: ov 
o-tryraTcU'i^orrat dptb, : mfn possident 1^ | om vov m | a/uapTccr] 
post fft d: afiapTapti¥ fi"'rbg | roiii<rveip] xotiiffownM rxa,: 
irodio-w ff€ ps: roMio-a) f | xpot fit] (rpot at 18): ante me '^^fb \ 
Topj dc p: om £ I iov\€vari mu | (awopr] -t- dtotfijciyy 118) j 
owoc eo'orrcu] herit ^ \ owot] (post o^oc 31): awoi M^(uid) 
£(uid) I wpoaKop^uil pr etf (31) ^(uid) 

XXI V 1 1:04 pMwrn ecrer] ^/ dixit Dominus ad Moysen WL : 
dixit autem Dominus Moysi C | p.iavc^ pr tw b,: luawrti ru: 
/iiiM'17 ak : fuoaei m : /UMn^f n | om xpot top Kvpio¥ IE Phil -arm | 
Tor Kvpiotf Bux] Toy B9 h Cyr: /te cegjosvziL: icr AFM rell 
Phil-gr ( + tfoi/ ed) | o^w] pr jccu n | om koi 1° n*' | wadafi] 
¥adafA fm Phil-gr-codd : padoK s : ra/Sad u9 Phil-arm : ro^r u : 
A dad C(uid) : ^da/3 F* | afkovd] {o^ovB 78): a/3tad 1 : (a/Stdov^ 
18): Ebiud 98": +<coi eXea^ap w | r«r vpeafivTepiap] seniores 
natu 1L: twi» vt«r b,: ti;i Yepouo'tat Phil | koa 6°] pr ifot irpo<r 
r* I puoLKpoBev] (pr airo 31): post Kvpita ^BC£ | tw KiYKCtf] sub 
-I- ^ : Tii» BJa Cyr-cod^ : om k 

2 e77i«] post pLOPot Or-gr|: <77*c«s ux : €77*017 h : ascendet 

om <r' s : om pjov s) | if^ov/icvor] ti'wirtor F*» | Kak eKOTiyo-w] ifo* 

raTO^ F*» 

31 rift ^i/Xio-TMi/i] Twr a>CKo^v\vP F^: a' ^ ut 0' i6: ^ ^^'«iAft^?l % 



Mm<rrj^ liovo^ irpo^ rbv Oeov, avrol Bk ovk ^yyiovaiP' 6 Be \ao^ ov avpapaffi^aerai fier avr&p. B 

3 ^€tatj\0€P Be MoDva^^ teal Bttiyfja-aro r^ \a^ irdpra ra pijfiaTa roO Oeov Kal ra BiKoitofuiTa* 
atreKplOrj Be va^ 6 Xao^ (fxap^ fii^ Xeyopre^ Hapra^ roif^ Xoyov^ ob^ (Kak'qaep Kv/Oio^ voitjaofiep 

4 teal oKova-ofjkeOa, ^/cai lypa^^ep MtDvarj^ irdpra rd priiiara Kvpiov. opOpitra^ Be M{Dvaij^ to 
TTpm ip/coB6firf(Tep dva-iaari^ptop vtto to Spo^ ical BdBeKa XiOov^ eh tcl^ BcoBeKa <f>v\ct^ rov *la'pai]\' 

5 S/cal i^aTrifrreiXep roif^ peapiaKOV^ t&p vi&p 'lo-paifX, koI dpi^peyieap oKoKavrdfiaTa, tcaX edwrap 

6 dvciap aoDTffplov r^ Oe^ fioa^dpta, ^\al3a>p Be MoDvaij^ to ^p>i<rv rov aifiaro^ ep^x^ep eh 

7 /eparfjpa^' ro Be i^futrv rov aX^aro^ irpoae'xeep trpo^ ro Ovciaarrfpiop. T koX \al3w ro fi^/3\lop 
rtj^ BiadiiiCfj^ dperfptD eh rk wra rov Xaot), teal elirap Tldpra o<ra eXaXria-ep Kvpio^ iroiriaoiiep Kal 

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9 BiaOi^Kfj^ ff<: BieOero Kvpiov irpo^ vfm^ trepl wdprtap r&p Xoywp rovroDP. ^Kal apififi Ma)t;o^9 

10 Kal ^Aapa>P Kal Na8a/3 Kal ^A/SioifS Kal e/SBop^fJKOPra rr}*: y€povaia<; 'IcrpaiyX, ^°Kal elBop rop 
roirop off ioTi^Ke^ 6 Oeb^ rov ^lapaijIX' Kal rii viro rov<; iroBa^ avrov dxrel epyop wXIpOov aatnlyei' 

11 pov, Koi wtnrep elBo^ arepemfAaro^ rov ovpapov rfj KaOapiortfri, "Kal r&p iiriXeKro»p rov 'Icrpa^X 

XXIV 2 vwapnatToi A 

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% I itwrnt Bamn] <rv ux : fJLuv^t AFMa^Cpost fiot^os) rell | avrot 
Jc] oi 8€ Xociroc Or-gr | fTyiowtf-tr] eyyiffovctp h : ascendent % \ 
— ov] ov^ Xoof p : sednec populus 1^ | ov] pr /lov a, : 9w l*mu : 
om g I at'o^iyo-ercu m 

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Mwvo'cwt wojfTi rtii \aia Xafiuw to aifia tup fiorx*^" "^^u '''^^ 
Tpaywf fiera vdarot koi e/Mov kokkivov kcu vaawwov avro re to 
/3i/9X(or KOI woPTa tw Xoor eparrco'ey \rfta9 Tovro to tu/ia nyt 
SioBriKrit i|t €P€T€i\aTo Tpot vfMt 0€os Heb ix 19, 20 

3 i|X^e nl^(md) | tuierit amn \ dirfyeiTol \ rw Xaw] pr royrt 
H Heb: post duroiw/iara a,: om g | om ptiftara — ra 7** m | 
fnifULTd] SiKOAUftaTa h' : fnifia tov Xaov s | ra 2^] pr rarra acS 
^(sub 4>) I SuccuvfiaTo] prifjMTa W | av€Kpi0ri] dixit % \ om 
irat ga, | om Cyr-ed | ^im^ fua] /ua ^wni c(pr ei')fn : ^wmi 
ti€ya\ri ah Cyr | XcTorrei] dicens li/ | rowt Xo7ovf] uerba hate 
% I om irvptof w(uid) | ojcovffOfMda xai iroci|<ro/Mv ci|^(a«rovo'. koi 
sub -r ) I roiffaofiep] woirfcufitp bdgiknpta, : iroti^o-o/fte^a Cyr- 
cod I a«oi;<roMe^a] aKownay^Oa b'dghklnpa,: axovofieBa m: 
((^laaKovffOfjLiP 71.76): +ras (2) i 

4 eypa^f^a g* | /luwrit i®] fuaffjis amn | Kvpiov] pr tov fsvz: 
{tov 0€ov 78) I opOptaas—irpvi] sup ras A>(o^io'af) : mane 
autem uigylauii Afoyses et % \ fitawnit 2**] post irpw, o i nuaris 
amn: om k | om to vptat A*(uid) | ro I®] rw afnroa,b2*(uid) | 
Bwriamipioir post opof H | tnro] eiri fn CyrJ-edf: (cit 71): 
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begjsvz^ I om tov w 

6 om KOI I® — t^parfX mu | €fair«OT«Xei»] areoretXci' a, CyrJ : 
+ Afoyses % \ om rovt x | om tvp viup 3S | Ktu 2^] pr oi Cyr^ | 
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c^vo-or] €0vfftp A(uid): om Cyr J | 0vfftaw} post ffumipiov Cyr^: 
sacriJUia IL : hostias 1^ : om j | ^ wnjptov] salutare \, \ tw 0€ta\ 
pr Kvpita Cyr-ed } : tuku Fkmoa,li/ : kv 0ta b, : om n | /to^a- 

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om m I om ro lo m I om €p€X€€» — ai/Mirof 2^ gn | erexc*''] 


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(mg): om C | ect Kpartipat BsikWSW% Phil] ctt ror Kpartipa 
CyrJ-ed^: ert ro ^vo'caony/Koi' m : (rpot ro 0v(naffTiipiop 71): 
eit KpaTTiipa AFMi( + ras fere unius lin) rell i8E*=ll Cyr-coddJ | 
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tX^ip s: eirexew nin: tpex^tt' a,: (rarcxcey 71): rpoaex^* 
^ j • (eirexwrci' 3?) | irpot to OwrioffTiipiop] ante altare Hi (ett 
Kpanipa 71): ftf rpanypar ra | irpot] cri cfi*'r Cyr-cod J 

7 (rax Xa^dfy] Xa^c^r de 33.76) | rov Xaov] /^y/inx populi 
Phil-arm | ecirar] etToy F*»'cfmn : €vw€p i*'r*(uid) : responderunt 
C I eXaXi^o'ei'] etirei' i*svz | irv/xot] pr Cyr-ed | ajrov^Ofictfa 
cat iroci|0'o/ier Fs(mg) | wov^voyxv^ voi7fffiati€P b'dgknps(txt)va, 
%: Toirfaofi€0a Cyr-codd | om koi aKovffOfu0a Cyr-codd | 
aicov0'o/i€^a] aKovoutfuOa b'cdf^klnp : (oicovo'OAiey 16) 

8 tiwvaris] (pr 73) : fiMarjt akmn | to oi/Aa i^]a sanguine 
% I om KaT€ffK€9aff€P — at^ia 2° c | Karco-xc^ao'ei'] pr €pamff€P 
avrovf €K TOV cuftaToi tov ep Tta Kpanjpi f : habet eadem i(mg) | 
rw Xa«i» m | tiwop p | cJov] tovto C Heb T-A | ro a®] pr 
rovro fi»^r3[ | dte^cro] wcretXoro (71) Phil-arm Heb | Kv/Kot 
rpof v/Mit] fitf^f> Dominus ]S£: rpof v/iat o ^eot (71) Heb | 
jrvptot] ds dC : + ^eof if/i«tf»' T-A | tiyjM cdo* T-A | irc/n] 
(pricai 71 : eirt 3a): om l/(uid) 

are/9i|] ascenderunt HXt j Atwo-iTt amn | icai 3<> sub -r iS | 
poJbo^^ podafi fH: ra^air s: pofiad w^: ^<i^ C | (c/Sdo/ii;- 
Korra] •{-aj'dpet 71) | Ttft ytpowrtat] tup wp€<rpvTtpiap AFMa-g 
ijlpstvwza^bs^luid)^ Eus: seniores % \ tcrpaiyX] pr Ttop vwp 
n: pr tov Xaov Cyr-ed J: pr tov Eus Cyr-codd ^ 

10 tidop] etday v: €ido<rap bw: tdorret a, | ov urn^icet] ovov 
€ffT7iK€P Eus I 0] pr €K€i AFMd-gijloptuxbj | om tov 1° b Eus 
Chr Cyr-ed I | ciMrei post (pyop Cyr-ed J | €pyov Phil-gr-cod | 
rXii'^ov] Xi0ov eklmt*'x Phil-gr-codd-omn Chr(uid) Cyr-ed J - 
cod|: XwKov F^ | o-air^ipov] (rar^ipot Abdhiprtwb, : o'a.ireipor 
F* I weir€p] wt ay Phil-gr | €idot] €pyop Cyr-ed j | orcpeufiaTi 
p I om rov 2^ bcmpwx | ica^aporiTri Adfjlc-npstuxa, Cyr 

11 (€kX€ICTWP 14) I TOV I®] TUP CI VIUP F*» | Ike^UPTIfftw] 

XXIV 6 tPtxftP ett KpaTTfpat] a' e0viK€P er xpodvfiaffur Ms(sine nom)z: o-' ^ ut o' J6 | tit KpaTijpat] ecf rat Xerarat 
F*>: ftf xcp<'** i 

8 jcareo-ffcdao-cy] epa^r... F*> 10 wo-irep— ovpapov] ^ ^ sicut ipsum caelum J6 



B oi St€<f>(ovffa'€V ovBe eU' teal w^Bfiaav iv rtp roirtp rov deov, leal €<l>ayop teal hriop, '^Kal ii 

§ ^9 ^elirev Kvpio^ irph^ Mtavaijp *Apdfir)0i trpo^ fik et? to Spo^ teal XaOi ixet* teal &o(ra> crot tA irv^la 
tA \idipa, TOP pofiop Kal rh^ iprokh^ a? iypay^a pofiodenjaat avroh. ^^koI apa^rrh,^ M(k>(i% teal ii 
^Iffaoik o 7rap€OTtficoi>^ avr^ api/Sfja-ap etv ri Spo^ rod Oeov' ^KaX roU irpeafixnipoi^ elirap 14 
*Hauj(^d^€Te aifTov ft»9 dpaarphp'ODfiep tt/do? vfia^* teal ISoif ^Aapi>p koX ^Cip fU0* vfi&p* idp npt 
avfiffff Kpiert^, irpotTiropeviaBfatrap avroU, ^^Kal dpifirf lAoDvaif^ teal 'Ii/crod? €19 t^ Spo^, fcal 15 
iKoKv^ev rj pe^iKti ro Spo<;, ^^tcal tcaT€firf 17 Bo^a rod 0€ov iirl to 6po^ ro ^tpd, Kal ixdXtr^p 16 
avTo ij P€<l>i\,ff If iifUpav teaX etcdXeaep Kvpio^ top Moii/o^i/ Tp rjfiipa rp ifiBofip i/e picov t^9 
P€<f>4\ff<:. '7 TO Si elBo^ T179 Sofi;9 Kvpiov eio-el wvp <f>\iyop iirl rfj^ tcopv^nj^ rod Spov^ ipavriop 17 
T&p vl&p ^la-pai^X. '* Kal elarjkBep Mcoimt^? w rh piaop rrj^ P€<l>i\ff^ teal ipiffri €tV to 18 

% ©■ Spo^, Kal fjp iKct ip Ty Spei rea-a-epdKOpra ^fiipa^ Kal rea-aepdKOPra pvKra^,^ 

IT d, * Kal ikdXijaep Kvpto^ irpo^ Moava-fjp \iyo)p^ ' Eltrop Tofc vtoU *I<rpaij\t Kal \dl3tre dirapj(ii^ J XXV 

iraph irdpToap 0I9 &p Bofy r^ Kaphltf* Kal Xrfii^ecBe rk^ dirap'xd^ p^V' ^^al alrnj iarlp ^ 3 
dirapx^ fjp \ripk'^€a0€ irap aifr&p* ypvaiop Kal dpyvpiop Kal 'xoKkop^ ^koX vdKipdop Koi wop- 4 

u XtiBtpa A 16 ycl^eXfXiy F* 18 reaaapaicwra (bis) B*» 

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cvP€^wrnirt» nS(uid) : f^eriii 9l3(uid) Phil-arm-cod : laesit 5 | 1? «° Eus | ef post rifjApat p | om irat ^^—ftiovayfif b* | cicaXe^er] 

ovde etf] ovdcct cehj Cyr-ed|^: ovOeit w: ovdc rtt g | ertor] +ejret e\a\ii<rep Eus | rvpcot ror fuavcrip] avror xt f | iri/pcot sub -r- iS | 

Cyr-codd toi^] t« c: »/)oj Eus: om Ab» | fuavariw] fiuvffji ck: fuoffriv am 

12 Kai etrer] •fir«i' J< bwCl/ | /tww^r] ^towiyi' and,: A^cififfct d,: fiufffi n | (ny i°] pr w 37) | om fitaov IS^C 

m I tff^t] 0Ti7^( d, I (€«««] +c(at oi' «r« <roi 18) | dioffia «•«] 17 irupcov] iff r: pr tow c | wfl-c*] un r | ^\tyon€Pow nsvi | 

dttawffi f I ra ru^ta] iabulas duos %\ om ra a | rov ro/iou f | t¥arrtov'\ prirai z: cyarrt Ab, | nap] w ex corr x: om m 

rw] pr KOI ak9£^(sub <§>) Cyr-cod | €rro\at\ irXajraf Cjrr-ed j 18 tuac7i% akmnd, | om ro i<* AF | /lecroi'] opof fm | om 

typa'^jfo] +ra8 (i) A: eypa^w n | rofto^en^crat] //Iw^/r m 18: *ot 1° — opot m | cwc/Si;] -^rMoyses \, \ 171'] exa^i^ro A | erei] 

legem pones % \ avroct] avrovt n : //^f C (post opet 84) : M<i^un;t a(/ifi^-)ckmSiS(txt) | om tw ru op€i dS 

13 fuacrit Bamn] fitavffrit AFM rell | koi iriffovt ex corr i | i | €> bis scr n* 

KOI tri<rovt] om A*(hab A*) : + rov row n | (ti^ovt post avrta XXV 1 kou cXaXi;0-er] cXaXiT^'c dt d | >Uiyu0i|r] fittvari w : 

18) I ect] en AMegi^jIptb^d, imochip and, : fuavyf k : /iwret m 

14 om «« lo 1* I rott Tp€ffPvT€fioit ttirap] dixit ( + Afoses 2 om eiiror— (8) ica4 i*>dj | om ecu ioF*>'mp | Xa^re Bb,] 
O senioribus ftlSIE | eiTay] etiror F'^'acdlmn: tiirtp AF*Meg Xa/5«rfcwaj' F*»': XaperufffOM fioi M(mg)i*'r96: oyaXa/Sexftwoi' /mk 
jptaab,d,lj6 I i7^vxa<rare n | cwf] +0* Fdrimprsu-a^d, | oro- f: +fioi AF*M(txt)i* rell WEM^Sb Phil (Xo/8ccod) Cyr | airap- 
<rr/)c^wM«>'] oMcurrperl/ofitp ehjkbj: twiffrpt^ca/iey fid,: reueriar xat i«] apx^* P I 'Of** irarrwi'] a^ w ^: om g Phil-gr-codd | 
% I v/Mf] i7Maf o* I tdou] Oi vtot rov f | tap] pr ^/ 9-codd | (^a/>a] av'O 3^) | om ocf — /mv p | oct] o<ra a, | cor w | nf 
rci't] post Kpiffts r)8: (ritft 31): rt c | wpoaTopevtaSwrop] rpo- Kopdia] in cordibus eorum %\ (om 25) | om KOi 1^ — /iou £<= | 
voptv€ff0tacap F*»'(irpofl'ir- F*«')bcdnmnp: aduemat%%i koi Xif sup ras i | om kcu «<» AF*bdcgjlnstvwzaabjBC^i6 Phil 

15 fiuffift amnd, | kcu, 1170-01/1] post opot i** IS': om AFMa- Cyr | (om rat 18) | fiW] miAJ%: om ISW 
eghj~mpstvwz-d,9C£^l^iS Eus | om Kai y* — opos i^c | om rj 3 om tartp n | rfp] ri np: +ay m | rap ai/rwr] (ar avrctfr 
kmux I opot 90] +<riiHft xat e«aXi/^c avro iy I'e^Xi; m* 16): om f | om irai i<> FMbd-jlnpstvwza^bgl^ | apyvpop r | 

16 rov ^eov] irv a, Eus: om rov p | ro i^ — o'ci^a] rov opovf om koi xaXxor kb, | kcu 3<> BacmftlSlL] sub <g> tfip. Sb: om 
Eus I om TO 2° AaVlmpd, | tf'U'at nU^ \ avro ri P€^\ri] ri rc^Xi; AFM rell S Cyr 

TO opot n I ain-o] avrow ej^^ Eus: avrw ilM,: eas 9-codd | om 4 om koi vaiawBop b, | Kai i<>] sub *^ y' S^: om befgijnprw 

II ov dit^wniatp] ovK are^v^cy F^ 

la iffOi] ytpov F**(sup ras) | ro wv^ia] a* 9' 9^ Tat rXaicat F*»(sine nom)Ms(om B')sz \ Po/ioOmfcat'] a' ^wriffoi 9' inrodet^oi 

13 rapco-niicctff ot/rw] a* 9* (f o XctrovpTot avrov F^(avrci»)Mj(om ^)svz(om Mvz) 

14 170'vxa^crc] tt' Kadi9aT€ F''Msvz(sine nom F^): 9' wepifut^aTt M: (r' Tpo9fUiPaT€ svz | ir/Kwiro^veo-tfciway] wpocty- 
yi9,,. F*» 

15 exaXv^eir] €9Kiaff€w F^ 16 rare/Si;] o' €9Krivw9t9 9' eroj^craiMraro Ms(om <r^vz 

XXV a KQi Xo^e] a' B' et iumant % \ Xaji^ere] 9^ [Xo^cjrwo-ar F' | aitapxfl-% !<>] a^ocpe... lopATa F^: a' a/^p€fAa 
^vziS: a' o^pe^iara Mk(sine nom): 9* ^ ^«uaB.^ (sarapx^O ^ I ^* — Jcopdta] avBoiprrov d: a' qui uuU 9^ qui de 
uoiuntaie sua J6 

4 voKUfOw] iitra^., ny xp^^i ptper,, F**: fortr ircu oro/ia \i6ov voKtpdos T^: hoc est autem ^ a^A<\flO^:i iS | 
wop^pop] rop^vp,, F^ 



5 <f>upav tcaX Koicicivov hiirXovv Koi jSvaa-ov fcetcXtaa-fiivffv xal rpl^a^ alyla^, 5 teal Sipfutra tcpi&p B 
(7) ^ ripvOpohaytDfiiva Koi Bipfiara vafctpffiva teal {i;Xa ooi/Trra, ^tcal \l0ov^ aapUov ical XlOov^ eh 
(s) 7 T^v ykv^rjvt 649 riiv iirmfdha Kal top iroBi^pff. 7 teal ironia-ei^ fioi ariUuTfia^ Kal ^^rjaofuii ip 
(9) 8 vfup^ ^Kol ^troiijaei^ fiot searit irdpra Stra aoi Zencpvm ip r^ Sp€i, ro trapd8€uyfia t^9 ^rieffpij^ §da 
(10) 9 teal TO wapdBeiyfia irdprtop r&p a-xev&p avrij^' ovrta irotija-ei^, 9 Kal irot^r/cei^ icclStarop 

fiaprvplov iK (vktop aai^wrtoPf Suo 7n]j(^eo>p leai rifdaov^ ro fi^/co^, fcal mix'^o^ ^ol ^fUtrov^ ri 
(11) 10 irXaro?,^ xal viix^ofi xal rffiUrov^ rd 5^09. ^^xal Kara^pvadaaei,^ airifp ypvaitp teafiapif,^ m 

i^toOep Kal SataSep ^^vo-c&^ree^ avnjp' Kal iroirjaei.^ aifrrj KVfmrta frrperrroL ^^i/o-a KVKXtp, 
(la) II ''ifai ikdcet^ ain^ ria-capa^ BaKTvTdov^ Xpi/croS? Kal eiriOija-ec^ itrl rd riaaepa KTdvq* Svo 
(13) la BaKTv\iov<; iirl ro kXIto^ to &/, Kal Svo BaKTvklov^ iirl t6 kTUto^ rd Sevrepop. ^^iron^trei^ Sk 

4 ai7etaf B^^'F 5 ripvdodaifufupa A 

6 ervtutda B^('/u8a B^) 8 iropo«i7/ia (bis) F» | oi/nyi A'] avrt A* | ovrut AF 

9 ri/uffvt (ter) BA | wrpctos i°] xvxton A*(sup ras) | koi 50— w^os B»"«'n'] om B* | in/xeot «**] ina««*« A 

If Ttffffapat B*^] T€ffffap€t B* | rt^aepd] receapa B**» | /cXccn; A | jrXetrof (bis) A 


1/ I voKUfBiPW Cyr-cd | ireu a^] sub ^ y J6 : om FMbd-kn-rt pr km F*a-dmnps-vxiASl/J6 | rotij^reif a®] Totri<nitdc: facieUs 

uxajbaEl/ Cyr | om kojl 30 FMbd-gi-lnprtaabal# | ^ir\ow\ E: woiriintTe F»»: + quaecunique tibi dico % 

netum Bl/: om F': + duu^cruffieyor fir | om ecu 40 ux | «€- om /cat roci/o^ett mp | om irai !<> ^ | roiiTO-eit] rocijinTt i: 

icXcM'Aifi^] 8ub -;- J6 : om F* Toifiaovci F*» | /iaprv/uoi;] pr rov j : sub -j- i5 : om F | o<n7Tr«r] 

6 om K/Kwr e | voKUfdiva] uufBifva n | a^i|«Ta] + «ai eXator + fades B" | om to i<» — iifuffovt a® F*(hab F*>™«)w | om irac 

fit njr ^vcuf KOI Bv/ua/JMra «f to cXaior Tiyf xP^o-etf t irai ctf ly/u^'ovt i° 1^ | M^^KOt] (»XoTOf 30) : + avrrit acm9U6(sub '^ 6*) : 

TTfv avp$tffuf TOW $v/uattaTOt acmx95 [rat i® sub -7- i5 | etf i«] +avTov F*>"« | (nyxeof 1°] njxtw 30) | ri/uffovi a®] iifuo-v F''"* 

ffi-i a I om KOI 9® acm | cat 3<^— ^iz/uafuiTor sub •:§> J6 | om irac m | om to a<> — rjfuffovt i^ hx | irXaTot] (/uiyicor 30): +ai;r9f ace 

l^ x]: +^ tfZmm tif lucemam et aromata ad ungutndum et gjm3US(sub 4sr B'); +auTou F^ | om xcu 5° — (16) rXaTOt m | 

incensa in ihuribulum B^ om /cat 5® — v^oi iL | /cat inyx«o» «°] *>is scr r* : /cat mTxcc*^ ^a I 

6 om o'opdtow /cat Xt^ovt w | 0'a/>5tov] a'a/>5tot;t F*b'^mg)cd om /cat 6<> kvz | v^ot] +aim7f acegj^lL^(sub •:3> d*) : +avTov F*» 
egjknsuza^^l/ : +/cat eXator etr Tiyr ^vaiw OvfuafMra ett to 10 xaTax^vo-woi;? b | avnjr i<*] avro F*': om j | e^^cr 
cXator Tijt xp^^^f f^^ ^'' ^^ ffwBefftP rov Bv/uafULTos bfi (niy /rat eauBfi^ Brj6 Cyr-|] wuBtp /cat t^toBtw AFM rell ( + /cat ,.uBtp 
I® int lin) r | etf i* sub -r- iS | om Tijr i« i^a^ | etf 1°— c) 2l[18Ell Phil-ann CyrJ | xp^ff^^^f] (x/»»v<«wi7» 130) J 'tt^a- 
ro^i?/)!;] pr /cat A: abumbonem et poderem 1/ | tot] pr ett bw xfivouMn%yot3i \ atn^r i°]atn^ d,: atn-oF*': ■\'Xfi^^^ I om/cot 
C3rr TotiTO-etf avn; jd,* | avn;] m Ai9-ed£: wm\9 cxd/': awnyf o | 

7 om totum comma fn | roti^^'eti] rotiyoiyt Ai: rotiyo-ovo-t /cv/taTta] /cv/taTa 1: /ci/fuiTtor F': (/ctjSc^Ttayi): tfuiTtaf: oma, j 
F*» I a^tat M | o^^o/tat «r wfuF] fif££? uidebor uobis Or-lat | crperra x/^vo-a] (xpvo'a rptirra 15) : xpv^<^ ^^^tt P I flTperTa] 
v/uf] lyiur o* : /teo-w avTwr F*» sub -;- iS : post xP^a F*(oTpeTTor F^)Md-gijlnortuwxa,9(uid) 

8 om /cat votijo-ett /tot F' | rotiyo-ett i®] et ex 1: roti|o^r BfE*^: om F'kC'^ | xpwra] xpvffow F*>: om Asvzbjd, 

n I om /tot fu Phil-arm Thdt | /caTa irarra oo'a] secundum quod 11 eXatf-ctf] cXao'i^t d : ekewnjt p : iroti;a'ett g : immitHs 1/ | 

«^0 1/: om /caTa )S£ | oo'a BnSIS Cyr] -(-€71^ AFM rell £iS avTi^] m ^a ^-edl/: ai/nyr c : avra e | xpt^ovs— '^^^^l <^ /a/^r^ 

Phil-arm Thdt | o-ot itiKvwa] detKPvu <rot A(8t7i»-)F(8t*r- F*)M 1^ | eirt^<rctf] tiriBrfffrit x: rotiyo-etf a | om eirt i<>s | rtafftpa] 

ac-nptb^dgJS Phil-arm Cyr-ed^: <rot ducwvtAio: deucpvfu 001 (2^) Svo a | /cXtTiy] pr /cat 1: -haimyf ac3[i5(sub ^ ^ B'): +avrov 

Cyr-codi Thdt: Stticvvt eoi a,: ar o-ot ^et|« Cyr^: fttcnstrabo F*» | Juo i®] pr /cat F*> | ^a/cTuXtovf !<>] daxTvXovt Ipu: -^aureos 

tibiUlB I cr T«# o/)€t] sub -r- J6 : in monte hoc%\To rapa^iy/ia H | kXitos i°] -havnyf aci5(sub 4>) | om ew — to 4° Mcfg | dvo 

lo] pr /cat nsvz : Ta ra^Sety/taTa o : to vroSeiytia a(om To)bc a° — iewcpoi'] iif a/io angulo duos %/ | darrvXtoi/t 3®] tow sup 

k(mg)m I om nfi — irapa^et^/ta i® ml^ | to irapadct7/ta i°] to ras z : 3o«tvXow pu | om eirt 3® b' | /cXtTOf 1°] + avTi^t aji^(sub 

vwobtiyiia abc : om p Phil-arm | om traprtap eg) Phil-arm | ^^ ^ ^') I l^vrepopl enpop egj9C(uid) 

om Ttiw n I om avrtft IS Phil-arm | om ovtw iroti|<rett k | ovrui] 12 roti^ett Je] /cat roti^o'ett F*»egj | aj^a^opett] pr XmrTovt 

4 /co/c/ctyor dtrXovi^] a' o^/cwXi^/cof Sia^pop Mk(sine nom)sv: ot X ^/Sa^es M | /co/c/ct^or] tpvBpoif F*»: xov/couXt.. fiera^., 
F^ I /ce/cXc0^/tcyip] at »po /trra^.. F*> 

5 iipv^po^arw/tcya] rf^otmy/teva p€pafifAepa powria F*>: ot J> rewvppiafupa Msvz{-Tvp(a- svz) \ vofftv^tya] a5iy... F*>: ot 
taar^tya Msvz | a<nprTa] +€Xator cts xawrip (suprascr Xux---) V^w^f^ra ctf eXator tiji aXot^iyf irat BvfuafAa nap niiwrtuiTw F»» 
(BvfuaiMTa)] a* c' B' aromata J6 

6 <rapdtov] oPvxjMvt F*>: ot J. 09vxfi% Msvz | (^v/«o/taTa)] ot 7' apiOftaTo, b \ etf Tiyr y\v4mp] ot X »Xiy/>fi*^ectff M8(sine 
nom)vz I ftf ao— »o5ijpiy] ett to e^tovS /cat ett to Xo7tor F*»' | tot rodi^pi;] to wtpffi... F*»: a' ^ ett to Xo7tov M: ot ^ to 
XoTetor svz: ^^:io& uestimentum sacerdotum est quod descendebat desursum usque ad pedes J6 

7 o^Bficottnu] ot ^ o-rTTWo^f F^(sine nom)M8vz 

9 /ctjSorror] y\ia<rffOK0fAOP FH: a' 7XaKr0'OKo/tor Mv: ot X yXitffffOKoiMP z | irXaTot] evpot Msvz | to w^ot] to oMOffTfifia F^ 

xo /caTaxpvo'CM'ett] »«t«X... F^: hoc est autem obdtues eos auto & | Kv/iaT(a] ^ rrt^MPtjp F*> (sine nom) M 

XX ffXotf'ctt] ftf<rett F^ | /cXtTif] ytmtur/iaTa F»>: t^pri z: ^ irXtvpat V fupvi M: a' (t* /tepif %i ^ B' pxpni v | itXtTot i^] 

»Xeu... F» 

SEPT. 23 s 31 

XXV 12 


B iva^pth ft/Xa icffirra^ xal xaraxpvo'wrei^ aira xpwrl^' ^^ical eUrdfti^ tov9 ava^opw 13 (14) 
€^9 Toif^ SoKTvXtov^ T0U9 hf To?9 ic\lT€<n 1% /ciffwTov, oIpMiv TTfp /ciffwrip €P ovToS?* ^iv roU 14 (15) 
BafCTvXloi^ T^9 fCijSorrov Icoprai oi ava^peU iuclvrfroL '5 /rat i/ifiaXeU ek rrfv icifimriv ra 15 (i6) 
fiafnvpia & hv S& co^ ^^tcaX wonjceK tkcurrripiov iirl0€fia 'xpvirlov icaOapou, Svo in^et^p 16 (17) 
I no seal fifdaov^ ri firj/eo^^ icai 71-1^609 /caX fniiaov^ ro irXdro^. *'7ical irovfi4T€t^ Bvo %€poi;)36l/A 17 (18) 
XpvaoToptvrd, fcal hnOtjaei^ aura i( dfjL<l>orip»v r£v kXit&v rov iXcumfplov* ^^iroifiBricopTat 18 (19) 
X^poiffi eU itc rov tcXlrov^ rovrov xal x^P^^I^ ^^^ ^^^ '^^ tcXirov^ rov Zevripov rov tKturnfpiov 
leaX iroiri<T€K roif^ Svo ;^€/90V)9€l/A M rd Bvo KXirtf. ^^icovrcu oi x^povfiel/A iicreivovre^ rd^ 19 («o) 
wripvytK irrdvadep, o'vo'tcid^opre^ hf tok irripv^iP avrwp ivl rov iXaarffptov, /eat rd irpoC' 
anra axn&p els StKKiiKa' els rh iKaanjpiov Icovrtu rd trpoaem-a rmv X€/w)i;j8€/v. ^icaiX ao (ai) 
hridriiTeis to tkaan^piop hr\ r)fv Ktfiwrov ApfoOev, /caX els rijp Kifimr^ ipkfioKeU rd fjMprvpia 

14 aKtufrjToi A 16 «i|x<^ F | fifuffvt (bis) BA 

17 x*povfi€tfi B'T xapov^af B*' | XP'**^^ roptvra B» 

18 /cXeiroi/r (i^) AF* | era A 


fi**: awa^opitit g: +avTris a | fi/Xa a^frrra] pr koi n: pr «« 
fi;X«#r o^iyrrwr fi**r: €k {vXi#r o^i^rrair AFM(mg)a-€gjldps 
(mg)tuv(ins)xz(ing)a,b,d,ft!SSlJ6 | <om /ecu 83) | avrovt dp 
tb, I xp^^] + KoOofHa b, 

13 ei^o^if] |fif sup ras F*> | tow i»] rot c | aara^pett] 
ojra^o^tt g: +tf /i^fwix impuiribilUms B^ | aairrvXiovf] tow 
rap ras z : dacrvXovf cfhu | rovt 3<»] priroi d : om flC | roct] 
TOif r I oipeci'] pr rov a: cupetriF p : wepuuptuf u | avrocs] eavroit 
bw: (atrreuf 14) 

14 €> TOif] pr quod ^ I (cf ^e rotf 18): om gE | hoKrvki- 
«40«f f I Kifiiorov BF»««uxE«=] »ta^«;f AF*MbhkIowa,b,d,B 
S^(aid)l/iS : + nyt dca^in;? rcU 2I[ | evorrcu] «r^eu u : + a«/^m 
% I oFo^pMit g I OKtMirroil +f^avnn acf[J6(sub •*• ^ 9') 

16 tfifioKrit n | (fit nyr Kifiwrw post ^ot 130) | «tf bis scr 
F* I Tou fioprvpiov (15) E I om a no | a» 6ia <rot] e^ dado tibi 
S: ffoi iwffv a, I oj^] ta9 ack: om f | 3w o-oc] oi sup ras k*: 
iiocti c I dw] hwrta did, | om ca dj,*(uid) 

16 roti^njf b I (XaoTi;p«oy eritfe^ia] friBc/ia iXcum^/Mor bns 
vwz: i« /osi/tonem emeritionis 1^ | eri^c/Mi] sub -7- iS: tkuri- 
bu/um a : om F»>»k Or-Iat | <xpw^ow KaBapw 76) | xP«^*«u] 
pr f « nsvz : xpv9ov u : + xvroi; k | ly/tu^oi/t ro ia>riKO%] demidiutn 
cubitorum in longittidinem %, \ rifu^ovt i®] ri/uav a, | M^'Of] 
+ ttwrov F*>ac^i6(sub ^ $') Or-Iat | (ii/uaovt a*] i;au^v 71) | 
wXaroi] +ovrov F*>acegjfl[ Or-lat: ( + avnyf 14. 16. 73. 77. 130): 
+ ^ eius "< 4p et cubiium et dimidium altHudinis eius ^ J6 

17 om «wo f I x'povfitifi] x*povfi€i¥ B»'FMhr*vaa(-/Jty r'a,) 
1/ I Xfiv^oToptvra B^obJ Xfivtra x*^ol i*^ XP^^ ropiftxrra, F*»'f 
Ima,: aureos tomaiiUs ^BlEl^S Phil-arm Or-lat Cyr : xp^^ 
Toptftvra Toi7fff€it avra n : xpv^a ropevra roiiTO'ett avra dpt : XPt'^A 
rop€vra B*AF*Mi* rell | om ecu evi^i^eit avro w | eri^'iTO'cit] 
evi^^iyf i: rociTo-rct b'd | om ovro H | e(] er F*(€f F«"«)b3l 
B I iXcum^piov] tf iwiamj^v j Phil-arm Cjrr-cod 

18 om woiffirifforrm — iXoonypcov f | rodT^o-orrai] et fiat 
1/*. et eruni 9: iroc roi^cct F^: woiffificrrm, nS: rociio^orrai 

w : reciy^reraA «e dpt : om m Or-lat : + de Megjxa,b, | x^PH^ 
lo] x«pot;/3iM a-«gj(-«M)k-nr*sowf[(uid)B» Cyr-cd: ckerubin %, \ 
ctf I®] tv F*m : om 118 I om eit i«— «f 2« F*d | om irat i« — 
aevrrpov n | x^P^P «"*] X^povfii/i abccgjklmr*suw(-ci^ ej)l3^ 
Cyr-cd: ckerubin %: om hJA | ctf a®) tr FWn: om glB | rw 
icXtrot/f i®) om m : -¥ rovrov uv \ ^ewrcpov] rrepow abckmft(akl)J6 
Or-lat(uid): (om 71) | rov tXoonf^u] pr awo F*»p**: om dm: 
om rov V I om ircu a° — icXtni m | om xcu i® — x^povfitifi F* | 
reti^ett] oti^et ex corr f*: »oti^rrc F*iB: (»oti^owrt 71) | 
rovt — (19) x'poi^^^] ^ cherubim duo sint ex duobus laterihus 
eius Or-lat | rovt] pr irat V: ra F*>f* | 9vo i«] v ex corr f*: sub 
— J6 I x^povfitip] x^povfietM AFMrvaa(-/5tr) % \ om «rt— (19) 
X^povfitifA f I dvo irXtn; (19) taomi sup ras (i i — 11) A» | icXtn;] 
+ avrov FWu:egj9iS(sub ^ ^ ^ 

19 eo-orrat 1®] pr koi F*»m3l | om ot x«PM//9ct/i p | ot] ra 
FWn I x'PO*')^"/*! pr ^«« bcdiln : ^vo x^povptw F*Mr8t(-/5ir)vz : 
X«povp€tM AF^aJL I eicrctrorra cflo ex corr f*) | wrtpvyas] 
•{-avriop acmft)SJ6(sub ^ <r'$^ Or-lat | erow^ei'] pr «ri rov 
iXooTifptoy m* : opttBtf jnu : om Or-lat | avaicic^oirris] pr et Or- 
lat: (ov¥ <ricta^Brret 71): o-MO-Jwaforra fm | om er — avrwr i» 
Or-Iat I ey B] om AFM omn l^(uid)J6 Cyr | rat rrepvyat 
n^ I avrwf i®] avrov f | om ert — aXXijXa k | om ert rov iXa- 
mipiov (71) 1^ I ««] emrrtor h | ro i®] icora d | avropr a« — 
wpoaura 2^ bis scr g | oXXi;Xo] •\- respicientes 1^ | «t i«] pr 
fuodHi et super IS: ert c Or-lat: rpoi F*> | tXaonyptov] tfwt- 
aarripioif c : + J« k | om ttrorrai a° — (10) tXomyptoi' m | om ra 
a« — X^pov^uf n | ro a®] pr // Or-lat | x^po^fpf^l 9vo x^povfiin 
dt: 8vo x^povfi p: X^P^^^P^ abce-losuwxb,d,(-et;t bhowb,)1S 
Or-lat Cyr 

20 irot !<*] pr cot eirt^ifO'ett e»t rov tXo^njptov rot ro rpoo*- 
wro ovrwr ftr oXXiyXo k | ariBiiffrit i \ Kipvrow 1^] Kt^aXtiw 
CyT\ I oarc^ey] pr rrfp p: (Ttuna$€p ac: om kIS Or-Iat | ett — 
o-oi] ro iMfnvpia o dwo'M o-ot cAt/SoXctt ett n^r Kifpvroif m | ets 
n^ jrt/9cirror post e/t/SoXett 9 | om eftfioXeit o \ /toprvpto] AiV0'* 

la ai^o^opeit] aj'o...^ov Xoorop.. F* 

16 tXa^nyptor] ffKtwafffUL F^ | (et cubitum — attitudims eius) non innenimos in duobus «xemplaribus traditionif huius 
septuagintauiralis et propter hoc imposuimus ei asteriscum J6 

17 -ropevro] eXoro F*>: o' cXorovt bz a' contusum it' tomata Sb \ nnw Kkervii\ ^ rui9 axpuv M 

19 enrretyorrer] o' einrero^brref Mjsfsine nom)vz: a* cv^Ktaforrtt z: ^ trrero^'orref M | <ruo'/cta{brref] a' o-zcera^orret js: 
o' o'ffcrorref kfsine nom)v | e«-t rov tXaoriyptov] eiri rov <rircir... F*» 



XXV 28 

(la) 21 & Af Bci aoi. ^^KoX yvfotrdtiaoiiai aoi iKeWev, koI XaXifa'a) coi ivwOep rov IXaarrfpiov dvct B 

fiiaov r&v Bvo ;^6/90v/9€li/ t£p 6vmv hr\ rrj^ /eifimrov rov pkoprvpiov, teal /carc^ iravra Saa &v 
(as) 22 ipretk^fiai trot nrph^ tou9 viob^ *Icrpa^X.^ ** Kal 7roi^cr€t9 rpaire^av ypvarjv ypvalov IT d, 

(14) 25 icadapovt Bvo irrix^tav rh ftrjico^, koX 'Jnjx^^ '''^ eipo^, koI inix^^ ^^* fitdaov^ rh iyfto^. ^^tcal 
(35) won^cet^ avrg arpefrrh ^KVfudrta 'xpvaa KVicXtp* ^^^^ icaX troirjau^ avT§ areif^dvriv 'n-aXacarov % q 
(S) S f^^^' ^fcal wotija-ei^ ^arperrrhv tevfidriov r^ areifxivrf xvxXip. ^^ieal iroii^aei^ riaaapa^; ^1U 

B€Ucrv\iov^ 'XpwTOv^, §caX hriOiia-ei^ roif^ rea-a-apa^ BaKrvXiov^ M tA riaaepa fiiprf r&v 

(17) 26 iroB&p avr^^ ^^vtro rijv 0Te<f>dvfiv* ^koI ecovrai ol BatervXioi eh Oriica^ rol^ dvcuf>op€vacv, 

(aS) a; SoT€ aXpeti/ ip ainoU rifp rpdwe^ap. ^tcal Troiifcrct? roi>^ dpa^pel^ ix ^Xiop daijTrrc^p teal 

(19) «8 tcaraxpva'a>a'€i^ auToiW ypvcltp KoOapf, seal dpOrfirerai, ip avrot? ^ rpdire^a, ^koX iroirfaei,^ 

rk rpvfiXla avrrj^ seal tA? BvLaica^ icaX rh airopBia Kai rov^ KvdOov^, ip oU oirelcei^ ip 

22 mnc^ F I niuffvt B*(-<row B**>)A ^3 itoXmtow F* 

35 Ttffaapas (bis) B**»<'»*<*>] rtwaptt B* | Ttffvtpa\ rtvcofM B*'**'F 26 cmttcu F* 

2% €P 1° B*»»] om B* I (TrMfetf B*(^Tcur- B*»)A 

rripuL e I a ajr] arep b,**' | om a dn*(aid) | a» dc#] dabo %, Or- 
lat : ego dabo 9)S | o»^ ear ac : om in** | i<a\ post aoi r : 3cm-w 
dfir*(uid) | om <rot i* 

21 ypwffofteu i*m | <ro4 !•] iw^w Phil-arm: om 1 Cyr^ | 
om ffot 7° Iswz I cXcumypcov] Bwnamipiov dgo | om ^vo o j 
Xepovfi€i¥ BAFMrvzl, Phil-cod i] x«/>ov/5iai rcll (-e«ft bhiowb,) 
B Phil ^cd \ Or-lat Cyr | eirt rrjs Kifitarov] €¥ ny Kjjpiaru m | 
/uc^yrvptov] aprvp sup ras i* : tKaarripiov h | om ircu 30 Mabj*(uid) 
kmnsvwzdg^Cl/iS Or-lat Cyr | Kara] super 1/ | oo-a] a m | 
09 errciXai/dOi] mandaui 9-ed C | ay] ear Isvzb, : om m | er- 
TciXw/Aai] trrecXo/Acr d(iild) : crreXXo/iOi F*»*m | ir/)Of rovf vcouf] 
pr XaXiTtf-eit dop: pr </iir/fv B: (roct uoct x6) 

22 (ifa* 1°] pr rodio-rit rpawe^ (uXov oo^tttov 83) | XP*'^*' 
B] om AFM omn 9)S£l#i6 Cyr | xp^^^ov Ka$apov] tx ^v\up 
Qffuprrtaw F*>°«acm^E«=5'*' (sub "%• ^): om k | xpt^^ot^] P' «« 
F*ntz(mg)a3 : xp^^ Cyr | KoJdapov] + irot (vXwr a^rrciir b | 
Aii7«cot] + ovnjf acm9[i6 (sub <5> a'^) : + owrou F*» | »iJX«ot to 
ei;/>of] cuHtum IcUitudinis 4^o! 0^ eius V J6 | om to ao— myx*®* 
1® F*(hab F*°«) | cupot] +airr^f acSt | njx^o* «® — v>^q%\ cuH- 
tum et dimidium altitudinU 4^ o! V eius < et inaurabis earn 
auro 4jfpuro ^ & \ iifuffovt] (ly/uoi; 71): -t-To Tifuffom 1* | v^of] 
•^avrrfs egj: +icat raraxpi^c^eir KartoBof koi oMta xpv0'«*' 
KoBapta h' : + auTijt koi Karaxpvattacit avnip XP^^^^ KoBafM vMc 
km^£^(om aimyi ^k) : -i- koi xfi^vtavta avr . . yjw^"" ««^ . . . F*»°« 

23 aunj i°] avnyi' c | crperra Kv/Aoria X/^Mra] irrperrw 
KVfMTiop xP^o^ AF*Mdegj(txt)lpq"^<*(...Ttor xpv0'ouv)s(txt)tu 
vz(txt)a,b2 : KvitJOLnw xp^ow tfTpcvror ackmB : oram t- uer- 
stitilem ^ auream & : (^wrovp icvfiarioif 0T/>cirror 76): orpcrTor 
/cv/AaTior bw | rrperTa] post KVfULTia hn : post XP^^ 9(uid) | 
om XP^^ nE*=IL j kvkXui i»] om sv£(txt): +Kai roci^ett 0Tp«r- 
Tor jcv/MiTior x^wow «wfXw x | om irai a° — kvkXw 1® f j | ro«;- 
o-ftf «®] TOiiyo'ei b' I ovny a°] (avn;r 16.130): om 1/ | ort^oi^r] 
pr crperrQW Kv/jLoriw XP^^^ '^^ P* ^re^opow c | raXaurrov] 


24 om totum comma dm£<^ | roci^etr] rociyo'et Aa : om p : 
+ avni c%^ I ffTfKWTw /cv/uiTcor] KVfJMTi<0 xP^^o^ ffTptrroif c: 
tfram -:- uersatilem ^ ^ ff* ff' auream ^ J6 : om vrpewrw g : 
-l-XP*'*ow' Aa I Tif ffT€^rri ri/irXw] ici/irXw Ti;f OTc^anyt f | tt; 
rre^oi'i;] pr // 3/ : post irvcXw b'c( + ovTi;i)il/^ : Tiyf ffrt^ajfui M : 
(Ti|t 0Te^ari;f 18): -f aunyt aji^(sub •:3> a' tr') | om itvkXw pC 

25 irociia'ccf] -havn; FWicefgi*'jmrsvz9IL^i6(sub ^* e/9p.) | 
Ttffffapas i^] id' a | ScucrvKiovt i^] damvKwf f | om x/^uvovt — 
doxTuXiovf 3<> 3/ I om xac 3^ — daxrvKtovt 2^ A10 | twiOrictii] 
ewi0iieris go* : + etf t | om Tovf rarvapat darruXioi/t dS | rovt] 
pr /coi b': avTOvt b* \ rco-^apat 3° B(-p€f B*)fi*'r] om FMi* 
rell 9[l/'i5 I da«TvX«owf «<>] darrvXovt g* | «rt — ai/nyi] super 
quatuor iatera •%• 9^ quae sunt quatuor V pedum eius % \ eirt] 
per 1/ I om Ta qu I A^pi?] +a eortr acm^ | W9bwi\ pr rcv- 
<rapwr acmS£<= : anguhrum 18 | vro Tiyr ore^onpr] jraTeyarTc 
Ti;t o-Te^ari^f F*»1E(pr rf wW annuli W,^) \ (wro] eirt 78) | ore- 
^tearriv] pr trrptirrriv ^i^'rl^ 

26 om jrai J6 I om ot 1 | doirrvXoi f(uid)mpqstu | Briicat] pr 
Taf F^ I Tott ara^opevo'tr] supportatorum ^J* : bastacterum 1/ | 
aaro^opevtf'tr] apa^povfftp i : a^epowrtr f | bNrrc — Tpaw€^p'\ ad 
continendum mensam 1/^ | cM-re] cof to m : om bw | er ai/roct ] 
post Tpare^ar A*"*©": eairroct f : er avTw a: om A*Fbklsvw 

27 om totum comma a, | ara^opett] pr Xo^Tovt fi*^: ara- 
0opie(t g: -hai/r^f s(mg)z(mg)l/ | KaTaxpvo-wo^ i | ai/rovf] 
auToct m : aimfv f | XP^**'] pi* <* t* : post Ka$ap<a b | ira^apw] 
sub -7- i6: om (71.76) %," 

28 om Kai I*' g | woiriffeis i®] woiri<nit c | to x® — kvoBovs] 
thuribula et cistulas eius et cyathos et libatoria eius 9 | atrr^t] 
sub <S> 7' J6 : avTOit n : avriav i* : om VM/ \ rat Bvuncaa] rovt 
0wffKQvt s : + airriTt acm J6(sub <g:* e/9p.) : + irat rat ^uiXat Mdn 
ptIL I KOI ra ciroydia] post Kva$ovt C3rr: om m: H-avnyt ac 
iS(sub 4> f^p.) I TOVf] rai Im | xva^oi;f] + ai/n^f ackj5(sub 4> 
e/9p.) : + ey avroct m | er ott] ereir g : evtfett qu | ffweifftit'] 


2Z 7yiM'9i70'o/iai] oc ^ o-vrralofuu Ms(-tfAAai)vz : oc oXoc awra^fuu j 

aa xpv0-t<M; /catfapov] a' l^gni -WLfio:! 0^ ^ /ignis spinosis Sb \ (a^«T«r)] ^ oicaar^ror ^ 
as jrvMA^to] ^Tf^OTi.. F*> I art^euriiw] irXei^/ut F*> | iraXac^rov] OYi^OMi^f 1? ypovB,, F^ 
34 jcv/ui'''(or] xXet^/ta Fb(int lin) as np rre^oi^i'] rov kXetfffAarot F*» 

a6 Toct aara^opeiM'cv] Toct Xooroct F^ 

a8 ra rpvjSXia] a* rovt iruftucat F^ | BvtffKOt] coxXta.. F^ | rai ra trirordca] ^ &' et phialas J6 
I KVoBovt\ fifwf,, F** I oirtiaeit'] ffvyictpaff... F** 

o-irordia] eri/SaXr.. Ktpa,,, 


xxr 2$ 


M mir^* ;|^iwiW teafimptw insM^cif aitr£, ^tuu Ati^jyr tfw hn rij^T0 

MuXapLi CM^ T^f Xii%rM»f he rap tckirmH airrij^ rwv hof, mmk rpdf mmkmpiamm t% Xv^^pmt 

im rc6 mXirov^ rov ietnipav. ^mmX rpm tc pm r ^ ptu hmrvwmpJ^m rnnpmtnntn- cr t^ oi ^s (33) 

Xvxna^^ ^Moi h r§ XxrxwLf riacaptK mpartipef ijcnrvwmfni^m mmpvu rK wrn i ' imr^hi mrnXm- 33 (^4) 
id^M^ c^a4fwrript% muu ra Kpipa airrift, ^0 a^ipm r ifp vwh rmn Urn mdkmpiammf^ ^ «vnft; 34 (35) 
Moi ^^aipt0rffp irwi rem fiaaapa^ tcaKapucmmf^ if avriff' otrmt rok ^ mmkmf$iamm9f tvSt 
i»W0p€vo§U9fOi/9 i/t riff Xtfx^la^ ^Koi ip r^ XvxF*9 ria^fe^ Mpmrifpoi i xr rr w wmpipm 35 (34) 


3* 9ftft0r^ F* 



0r4Wffi i: r«M^<4f a; €Wtr9e4t r: rimf m: Ubahmni B | cr 
9^ #v q« ; <i«i 4* I x^wri^v] pr « P^MiegjopCa^, 

90 #ri#iK*^J ^^*^ Mp nok V* \ Tift r^wtfip F | cfrM* 
«rwr imp »• f* I c^mv] on I: + 4»«'XM'^ii^iM'#»f f: -^ J<r^«^»- 
ir#»f H' I fw^wtmft twmrrtit^ ft4v] in faekm cumfositn comira 
nu W/i prpp^iiiofUi in eompedu mto 1/: $am<tos coram me 
in tpntpteiu IK -f- m€0 W) \ om twwwtom b Phil-ftrm | <y«y- 
tmt] \n pamm fPcorld; ewwwim bfiqn | #/i#» w | 3mi warrot] 

30 om X«xrMi^ i* — woKtfan% «• w | Xvxrui^ i*] Xnx^^ui f | 
X^i^««v] -fnw (1) A I TOparrfftf] rop^tvnfp f CjT-td : tamaium 
WBMJk Fhil-Ann : /ly tftfr^^ tornatUi B | X«xriar 9<^ Xvxnat F* | 
iravTUf «vri^] uapkui 1/* : r»/W/ ^tf/jv/ JL' : %9»\9t sap ras 
i*; on M/nyr ll( | ««Xa^M^«M] KpaTfiptt tvz: +avrifr aaiilSJ6 
(tab 4* <^') I ^'''^ Hfmmiptt iMu M a, I «^ny;^f] coAa/u^xot 
•rx ; 'f «vnff «cmS(Mb 4* V ) I ^^tupionipef] ^t^tm/pei m : /r^-A- 
nuchiM/^', '^atfnrfMcB^{ + ffmms)i{wh ^ Y) | /r^a] +avi7rf 
•cmS(Mtb 4* V) I ••^'^ **1 «^**' *a I tfforrai b, 

31 ««] M4 «««« qtt: om AF*blwt,b,91^Bl.^ Cyr | cc- 
y«^«v»>i4ro(] bU fcr ^: €Kwop€vofMPtu c: txeuntiinu 1/: ro^cv- 
tf>UMi V: om d | €k wXayu^i^] f« r«#r v'XaYitfr dope : de lateri- 
bus tribui Ir' { om a, : -f aun^t F^m1l[BiS(sab 4> r^/>.) : + njt 
Xi/X^MM •(rog)r(mg)i^ | r^t |0] pr «mu a, | «aXa;a^<ot i^] 
Iac 11-15 lin inter «aX« et iMatt^t c | om rift Xt/%ruit i<» (77) 
1/^ I K\trovt !• — #rof] crof «Xirat/f hinoqmxSl^ | om ovnjt — 
ffXirovf «• B*f I aimyf ] pott •I'Of dpta^b, : om ktvr C3rr(aid) | 
om rfff XvxfuM 1* AbegjkmwSl^ Cyr(aid) | r< 3<»->d€vrepoi;] 
d* uno UUtrt candelauri tecundi %/ \ «X<rot/r Y^ + atmTf am 
j|(itib 4^ V) t + ftvrov c 

32 «a< f <^ tab -r Jl : om k | ticTtrvwttfuyoi KafwiffKovt] icra- 
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/m modum ntuMi %/^\ om m | ci^] pr oc c^aipwn\p%% npt | 

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i« B>*-vi^{<ViTwrU oa B* 
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n# Kmka^u^Kt* rm 01 acdkmS: (s«A«^u#xw 01 35) | am #^«t- 
^vr^ip— <33) cBXM>^a# d | #f«^vrvl pr </ 9 : ##«ififr^l: 
sperpitrem %/-. fyckniukmt 1/*: (« r^i^^ryu 8^ | wpk9m\ 
{rm s^mi otmrt • r^w^i^r^ rr* TMf aw aaXo^ncOTf c( wryi 
84) : +c^ tna crmitrme in nucit m t dum/m mm imi: in aUtrw calm- 
miuo €t tphaeru et lUimm %-. •¥ ^ et ires crmterm finmmtae 
nmea in arunSne mnm spkaera et HKmm V % \ Mrwt] pr mn 
n : -^faeia !/• 1 «r -nft Xnx^wf] de calamii[ds] §,• 

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quarto cratetrt 1^*: in grmteres H/: in crat,,., 1,* | er r^ 
Xvx^uu A I tprervrtofuwoi a, | KOfwncm] au ^oi#c«vf b: fim- 
pviPKOvt f : KopuoKoit kjnz : nmeHoHs M/: Kopmmi p : nrndfioV- 
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M ff^pteniptf p I mXo^u^cv Tt# 9i Anp | om n# ac | m aXm- 
fuoKto] nKofu^nt rw m Mt I ofoipttr^pet Bh] pr #f«i^vr^ 
«a4 «^flr roit «^ caXa#u^Mir To«f €MwopevofUPms oc r^s \wxnns 
au €K nit Xvxnat rtffvapn Kptaiffiet trrrrvruiuwot, mpiMowm 
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9[l#'i5: et lychnuekis l/»: o^ptonip ect r: ff^aiponip p: pr 
M FM nU: (pr m 2$) +avrrp F^acmS(sub ^) | ra icpipa 
avnft] Kpa^im p 

34 om totum comma g | o ff^aipttnip] tyehnnchus M/^ 
( + «««/ !/•) : speroteres 1^' : to «e xpcm rw e^p^rifpot p | o] 
m 1**: KOi F** I e( aim^r i«] om xS: om ^ n | om «ai — ovrifr 
a<> Acdbnnpwa^bgSl^ | o^aipvnfp i^] pr o Mz: ff^aifMentpts 
o I rctfo-opaf] duo F Mabefijrst vxz^iS : om W | aim^ 30] 
-f-<roi ff^aipurrip vwo rovs 9vo KoXafuaxovt t^ ovn^f F*>"«i6(e| 
aim;? sub ^) \ ourm — Xvxi'iat post (35) KOfwiffKovt dp | ovrwt] 
sab -I- iS : '\' fades IL \ om roct e^ iraXa/iM-ircMf 1/ | ^two^tvo- 

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35 om totum comma AFMabcefgijInmstv-b,9ISSl/iS | 
Tt99apn jrpan;pet] €VKpQtnip€t dp(-irpor-) | jra/>w^iroit qu 

%g apTovt tPtewicvt] [t^r,, F*>: a' aprovt rpoffwrov F*» | trunriovt] o' wpoowwov Mjk(sine nom)svz: 0-' wpocwrov M: ^ 
wpo0ta$iet F^jksvzj|(sine nom Jks): ^ vpoStfftttt M 

30 TopitfTifp] a* tXarffP F^(sine nom)^S : ^ ^' ut 0' J6 | /ccwXot] 01 ^ m^/x^ M(om o)svz | Kparripei] a' ckv^ F^sine 
nom)Ms(-^)vz | uptita] a' pKaoroi F*»»W(gii,e nom)Mtvz: y omBti Msvz 

3a 0MTtTVWttfi€roi KOpviOKOvt] o' r|i;Mi'>daXt^/t€ro( Msvz: ^ tvrrropotvftevoi afAvyStiKa Mv: ^ errrro/»rev/i€roc . . . sz: errc- 
TvirwM'i'Oi o^iT^^ n I (craterae formatae nuces)] a' mactrat (f<^H^.) /»/^ ^imx x»»/ similiiudines amygdalontm o* 
craterae formatae amygdalis ^ craterae super qtias sunt similiiudines amygdalorum J6 | (lilium)] a' gtrmen ^ ^^ ^ ut 0' 
il I Xi/x^tAf] •¥ v^ip*itnip99 avrrit km itaKafiurKOi avnis e( atmyt ctf'orrcu... F'^ 

93 KpaTffpit] a' 9Kv^ V | iKTtrvnafupot KapviOKovt] i^ra/i... F** 





36 napuiaicov^. ^oi c^pwriipes /col •/ tcdKafucicoi i^ avrris ianoaav* Skti ropevrii i( li^ B 

37 XP^^^^^ leaBapov. ^moI woi^a-^i^ tov9 Xvxvov^ avrfi^ hrrd' zeal eiri0ija-€i^ to^ Xv^vov^, koX 

38 ^povaip iic Tov hh^ irpocrmwov. ^Ka\ top iwapvarifpa avrfj^ xal tA vmOifuvra avrrj^ im 
3J j^va-iov KaOapov Troti^fK* ^irdpra rk CKCvrf ravra rakaprop 'Xpwrlov icadctpoG. ^Spa Troiif- 

aei^ /carii top rvrrop t6p hthetrffiipop cot ip r^ Spei, 

^Kal rifp CKfipffP iroiij^'ei^ 84Ka avXala^ i/e fivcaov KetcXma-fAhnf^ tcai vaxipOov /eai irop^vpa^ 
1 zeal KOKicivov Kekkmcfiipov* x^/^ot/^Scl/A ipya<ri^ v^ivrov iroii^aei^ avrd^. ^fMrjKO^ ti)? avXaiai^ 
rrj^ fjua^ oierii /eai eltcoai Tn^e^y, icaX eipo^ rwadprnp injx^mv ij auXaia ij p^ S^rai* ph-pop ro 

3 airh iara^ iraaroh^ rai^ aiXaioi^. ^irepre Bi avXaSai la-oprai i^ oXXi^Xcoy ixopepai fi hipa in 

4 rrj^ eripa^, ttal irhm avXaiai e^oprat avpexofi€Pai iripa r^ iriptf. ^xal ^Oii/crf a^ awraiH 
dfpcvXa^ vaiupOlpa^ hr\ toS %6^t;9 Ti)9 avXaim^ rrj^ fua^ ite tov iw^ pipov^ eh rifp avpfiokrfir 

40 opa B«»**>] oXa B* | Miyfuww B*(-«ei7- B»»>)A 
3 ef— worroi «• B^Bwtof] ©m B* 

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4 ffit B^] om B* 

36 CM i<>] pr ffOA VxSb : pr quodlL \ ff^fHorripet] xakafuffKOi 
bfiE^: -^avrm aaMS6{sQh •:5> o' ^: +Kai ra x/Mra Mdnpt 
W/ : + Kpu^a 8z I KaXofUffKOi] tr^pomypcf bfi : fychnuchi 1/^ : 
■\-avTWw acinj6(sab 4> a' ^) : +irai ra /cpcfa C3rr-cod | trrv^aw 
ohi] ..f>i/«[/mm] 1/^ I etfrcM-or] ta-orrat oB: om 1^* | 0X17 
Topewny] oXoc ropevroi 1 : oXoropcwroi m : oXot roprevroc f | to- 
pcvn^] TopevToi g* : rofrntvinf Cyr-ed : tomaium WEM^('ta %'')% \ 
f( fFOff] cic IS^ Cyr^ (repugnante contextu) | Kodapoii] + eorcu b 

37 rociTtf^cr] »oiiytfT^ i: eiroiif0>fir a*(uid) | row Xv^i^ovt 
aim^] ei huemas% \ om row i® 1 | awiyr] own; l*'(uid): om 
1^^ I ert^iio'rit] cir t f^y/tfi; ! i : eirc^utfvcr wa, : trt^voiyt p : mpcna 
super mm l/^C-mj 1/) | row \vx99W a®] a wow b, : row Xt^ow 
awi^ m: +owT7t AFMace%h*>ijloq»-vx«aaBi6 Cyr^: +«awiff 
dp: ^r super candelabrum % \ ^orovo'ty] ^atftvtw h*>*k: ^eu- 
rovo-cv ca, : ^oret n : /i/r^Mt i/ \ cjc — (38) tamfs a^ mutila in 
1^*^ I €K — Tpoffttwov] de una parte 1/ | evot r/iootMrov] wpocw' 
wov TOV €Pot n : + avnift F^^abckm^i^Csub ^ 7') 

38 ror erapuon^/Ki] suffusorium 1/^: row eira/9u^n;pat F^ 
ij: emuncteria 9 | ror] np f: om d* | om axmfl 1° k | om 
KOi 2^—avntt «° efg jl/ | om awTjf «® r^ | e«] pr /kwj 31 : 
om acml/^ | voMyo-eif — (39) rawxi] pr raXarror xpv0'M>v jra^apov 
dsvz: post (39) ffo^opov AFMabcegjklprtwxa^b^ftl/JSIraXay- 
Tov ac9(aid)E^'^ | xaBapov xfiwriov c | voii^wtf] +aw^ acj6 | 
om rawa 9-cod]| : om n | roiffaeu] + awi;v roXorrov m 

30 rawa] avrrff fK | om raXaarrov xpvo'tov KoBcLpov mW | 
raXarror] raXarrov Cyr : raxoror f | catfafMw] + roii^e«t irorra q 

40 XaXfarr rv fjuevnf rociyotu awip^ irara ror nnror or 
€<epaK€i Acta vii 44: opa yap ^cim wwifetit warra Kara rw 
Tvwow ror decx^erra o'oi €9 rw op€i Heb viu 5 || opa\ a opat m : 
om n§/^ I ronTO-eti] pr ^i«i^ 1^' : [J^rmyi %i^ : + rarra Fb 
rsvwza^lS Phil-gr(uid) Heb Cyr J | <cara— dedery/tcroi'] secun- 
dum exemplum qui datur 1/^ : sccundulmlfom^am] [4/]^ 

mciny/ratdimi 1/^ | om roi» i® f | ror deitiy/iepim o-ot] eorum 
quae tibi ostensa sunt Or-lat-semel : eorum qttae uidisH Iren | 
MctY/icror] ^rtx^ffrra acfikmrsvxz 


XXVI 1 n;i' o-inyri^r] post voci^O'eir i® 2I[181/: nj o-inyi^ efg 
jquS I avXocof] a/rierum 1/*: cubii§rum 1/^ | om ex eg | 
fiwrffovt g I om irai wurtr^v 3/ | xoitiarov icfffXwo'Mcv^v] ^vrr« 
fw/^ %r I rexXfti^fiii'ow — («) mfx'vif a" mntila in 1/^ | X'P^v- 
/Scc/i f/rya^'ta] <;^itfrr cherubin 1/: ckerubin opus %"* \ X'pvv- 
/SccAt] x^P^vp^^ AF*Mrt(-)9cF)vz : cherob %\ om m Phil-arm 
(uid) I epToo-ta] epTo^cav degjn8vwz9(uid) Cyr: (epTo^cat 77): 
ep7or c : opus J6 | v^arrov] textile IL^ : (v^orriy 18) | awat] 
earn W/: avra koi o^aipumiptt wro row reovapat jraXa/uo-Jcow 
ff awT^f dp(om irai — awi;t p**) 

2 foiKot] pr ro p» | n^t i«] aw-7t c | avXaiar nyf /tt«»] >**«• 
avXear m | orrw jrai eucooi] euroov irai orrw bwl^'J6: tiKon 
OKTto nsvz I wjtx^vv I®] inyx<*« (*5) Cyr | om «u a® — v^TX'*'*' 
1® A*(hab A«"«)s | ei^»of] pr ro bdnptw | om if 1° — eoroc i® 
m I ri t^^^^ua] a/m unius % : f^/f tmiWx 3W5 | avXam] 
avXiy F*qu | eora* !•] sub -r- Sb : «rrw d : irai k : om S | tierpoir 
ro awo] mensura una 3S : om s | ro avro eorac] evrai ro aw^ 
A : om 1/* I eoroc ^] post avXauut m : sub -r &i om ks | 
ra^ait] ceteris 1/^: om A | avXait g 

3 (om totum comma 83) | dc] ^ p: om egjw^Sl/^i6 | 
avXacac i<>] avXac el : tria 1/^ | eo^>i'rai i®] (eoTttfO'aar 74) : om 
CT/^uid) I om €^€909rai i® B*e | ef — ere/wt] ex aUs alio 
contendentes ex alts alio %^\ ex alterutrum 1/: continentia 
all(}trulrum 1/* | om e( aXXi|Xwr A | cxoftcrat] O'vrcxo/Acrai 
AFMacdfik-npstT-b, Cyr | ij — rrtpaf] om ^(uid) : om ly AF 
Ma-dgj-nps^M), Cyr | Koi—trtpa 30] et qmuque etiam aHa 
inter se coniuncta ^ : om cdmnpwa, | wtpre !<>] pr at gjtv* : ai 
b I avXacai 2^1 avXai 1 | tooorai 2^^ — rrtpa 3<>] continentia ex alis 
cUium 1L'*(om continentia 1/) | eow^ai «•] + f{ aXXiyXwr F*>"» 
bt I ov9exoiu»aC\ ow€xop*9a b' : om eghj | n; eT9pa\ rift erepaf 
fik : CJC n^f erc/wf AFMablstvzb^iS : (crc/>at 25) : cffarepof egj 

4 awacf] awar A*ah: -r ei < %\ om bft | a7/cvXaf] 
avXaiat b,: +Z 1^^ | ytaiawBkvwn x | evi rov X'(^<m;' i*^] <Vf 
/routes %'' I «Tt i«] e« n | /iepow bis scr 1* | etf] pr rov n : 

irara h: om B*r | ovfipoXriw] ovfAfiovXtiw fsv* | om ere tov 

38 irai 1° — awiTt i<>] ^ /cai Xa/9(^t a wov d (sine nom) J6: a' ^ AlSLti ^r^SkSnuSno i6 | erapvo'Tiypa] dtXo^id.. F*>': ot 
^ Xa/3t^t M I ra vwoBt/iara] ra wvpia Bv/uarovt xawviarifpui V^: oi ^ wvpta ra xaXov/uoa r/w/SXta M 

39 raXarror] jremyrapior F** 

XXVI I mikauu] /SiyXopca F^: a' dtpptit M | *k fivaow] avrofia^t F^ Iwurtrtfov] fieifrr., F^ | icojcircrov] irovcovX. I^ | 
v0arrov] araXerr.. F**: ToortXrov M 

4 a7/cvXaf] oyKivotn eit ow ejujSaXXorrai oc Kpixoi rrft Kowiit ^Xvjcta F^ | ovii^\ipf\ ovptfiaK/ia i 




^irepn^fcovra arficvXa^ iroi^^aei^ t§ auKala rfj fua, zeal wevniteovra arftcvKa^ woii^aei^ i/c rov 5 
fUpov^ 7^9 avXaia^ Karh rifv avfifiokifp rij^ hexnepa^* avri'!rp6iT<iyn'0i avriirhrrovacu, oKkriXtii^ 
eh itcdoTffp. ^feal iro^tiaei^ KpUov^ irevnJKOvra ;^iKrot)9, /caX arvpd^ei^ t^9 avkaia^ iripav rff 6 
Mpf roh /cpltcot^' xal (arai 17 a/erjpif pia. ^Kal iroirifnt^ Sippei^ rpixivd^ <r/chnfv 7 

hrl Ti}9 a-Kfivri^' fpScKa Sippei^ iroiiia-ei^ avrd^. ^ro pSjtco^ rfj^ Sippeto^ rrj^ pM^ rpulKovra 8 
wiiX^taPy zeal recadpfop mix^^v rb eipo^ t^9 Bippeto^ rrj^ p4a^* to ovto pirpop iarcu rah IvSetca 
Beppeci, 9ical avpd'^ei,^ rh^ irhre Sippei^ iirl ro avro, teal rh^ Jf Bippei^ hrl to avro* seal hr^ 9 
tiirKa><rei^ ri^p Sippip rrfp ItcrtiP Korh irpotrmirop rrj^ aicfipfj^* ^^koX iroirfaei^ iyKvKa^ ircprtficoPTa 10 
hr\ rov x^fXot;? rrj^ Zippeto^ rrj^ pM<; rrj^ apk picop Karh ovfAfioXijp' ical irevrriKOPTa a^Kxtkas 
iroitfaei^ hrX rov x^^^ov^ rrj^ Sippeo)^ rij^ avpawrovo^^ rtj^ Sevripa^, ^^ical iroificei^ icpiicov^ 11 
%aXicoi)9 treprqicopra, koI cvpdylte^^ roi>^ tcpUov^ itc r&p dytcvX&p, xal a-vpd'^et^ rk^ Sippei^ seal 

7 itpptis 1^] deppif B I dtppeit 4® B*^] Seppit B* 

9 d€pp€is (bis) B*b] 8€pplS B* | d€pp€i9 F* 

8 njr 8tpp€wt 3« B*>>] om B* | dtppwip AF 
II 89pfm% B*b] d^ppit B* 

Xetkovt a® f I eirt a®] ejc e | om rov xetXovf «® ma, | nyt 3® — 
^wrepat] aiibi ixirinsecus 1/ | om nyt i^ s | avXaiat i'] +n;r 
/uat h I om njt 4<* — (5) avXoiat d | ^wtpat] e^tw n | rpot 
— dfVTtpa] ad commissunum secundi %^ \ wpot n;] xfto rov n | 
n|r ffvfifioKiiP 1^9 dtvrepa^ m | avfipoXiii] ffv/tfiovKri fs 

6 vtrniKwra i® Bho>'r^i8£iS] au/em M/: +ae AFM 
o*(uid) rcU 1/* | ayKvXat roci/o-ect i®] woiifffiji ayyvXat c | 
{ayKvXas i®] ay KvXait 84) | woiifffctt i<>] irociyo^ i : om p | om 
Tif I® — iro4i^«tt «o f jl/'^ I Tif 1° — ^^a] ^ir /artf auhei unius 
H^ : ad atrii tmus 1/ : ianua^ uni 1/^ | om itoa g | om aynth 
Xat TOii^ett a® p | a7ia;Xat a**] auXaiat a, | om irociyo-ett 3<^ — 
/Mpovt 1S^ I roci^rct 9<>] ir(Ki9<n7t i : H* n; avXiua n; /ua w | rov 
— avXfluat] n;t ffv/ifio\rfs a, | /iepovt] pr erot nptS | n;t avXiuat] 
iamte 1/*: om w | Kara — dein-rpat] secundum commissuram 
secundum %" \ avfipovXiip gs | n;r dcvrtpap mS(aid)1L^ | 
ftrrtrpotf^wroc] oarrirpo^cMror eta, : a^/ ah's alium S/* | am- 
vfrrwffaC\ post oXXiyXait 1#* : fumrvwrovoai a, : am-vnnrrwffOi 
oi a^irvXai m : + at a^jcvXat acx(om ai) : + eruptt eae ^ ansae 
"< J6 I ttXXifXttif e«f cKoarrfP Bnof^{ + ansae)] oXXi^Xoct etf eiro- 
ffniw hr : oXXijXaf ett cffaanp fi : oXXiyXeut ff/caony qu : aXXi;Xat 
tKoani t : ctf aXXiyXovt dcaa-n; mp : ctt oXXiyXa eira0Ti| ss : ect 
oXXiyXoif e/ca^ny c : fit aXXiyXat cffomj AFM rell iS : admuicem 
in unamquamque S/* 

6 om ffcu i<» fi I Kpixovi] post wtvrtiKomra F^km^(aid) 
iSi6 : KpiffKOvt pt* : ^aicrvXioi/f M(mg)n | om iremyirorra l^' | 
ffwa^Mis rat] o-vr i* | o-vra^eir] tf-vroleit n : omms iunges 1/ | 
rat avXfluar] ianuas 1/*: rat a7icvXaf r | erepai' n; erepa] ad 
a/is alium l^"' | ercpay] erepa o | ny trtpa] post xpucois f : njf 
frepat egj | x/uiroct] darrvXiott n | iy o'ciji^] eit vmiPTiv b | /ami] 
pr i| a*^ 

7 rpcxcvat] oiTctat F*» | VKtwttw AFabjtxb3£(uid)i6 | eirt 
nft 9Kfpnit] «ri nfF 9iniirffif f: tabemctculo 1/: tabemacuili] 
%i^\ om eirt dS: +iestiinanii Or-lat | crdeira] +de c | Stpptit 
9^ post ai/rof Cyr-ed | om voci^eit 3<^ — (8) S^ppttat 1° m | 
roiffa€i$ a«] pr ^ 1/* | om avrat CI/* Or-lat 

8 TO i«] +ae klS I d€ppeiat i«] Seppi^ d | fuat i® Bbkrl/"^ 

Or-lat] +€^ra4 AFM rell fl[l/*J6(sub -:-) Cyr: +es(o IB | rpto- 
Korra] '¥erit 1/^ | nixewr jrai rc0'<rapitfy] n;x'*^ ^^ ^ppevt 
nyt /uat eorai rpULKOirra g | wrpcetaw 1°'] infx«<M qs : om z | iroi 
rM-crapwr] bis scr 1/: om irai qu Or-lat | rtvvaptiv nTX^w] 
post /uat a® 9 : post cvpot ackmi£j6 Or-lat : rtvvap€% nfxo f : 
om iHTxcw p I «wpof] + ««TOi svB I nyt 3° — ^^uat «•] aW 1/^: 
om p Or-lat: om n;t 8tpp€ut B*l/: ( + ca< 71) | ro avro 
lArrpw B] mensura una Bl/: lurpoif avro ra,: putrpop ro avro 
AFM rell SU^: ro avro M^rot C3rr | ernu] sub -:- JS: «0n 
Cyr-cod : e»4 Cyr-cd : om k | rott eydeira ^ppeo't] j[i utlarum 
1/^ I rait] pr er m : ai sup ras z: roct cdn : r^t f | ey^xa] 
deira o* | litpp€ai\ pr rott f 

(oin^a^ect 16.77.130) I rat i**] rait x | Stppeit I®] itpptvi 
x(f «o ex et) I om ciri i«— ieppcct a*» A*(bab A«"«) | om ro i» 
f I om iroi lo — avro a® dfiqwl/<*) | rat «* — avro a® sup ras j* | 
cfl iiv^ l/^*'^: om n I om ^ppeit a® piSl/*^ Or-lat | tri ro 
avro a®] pr coniunges B: om r | om mu 3® 1/ | wpoektwop] 
uelum 1^^ 

10 a^rvXat i®] post werniKomu i® FWu:km(-Xovt)B^ : 
a^/cuXovf a, : a7icupat f | iramiKOirra i°] »««•« h | rov i®) rovt 
n I om nft a° — Btpptvt i<» n | om n;t 3° — o'v/i/SoXiyr Or-lat | 
om nft 3<* i4l(uid)1L'* | /ico-ov w | o-v/i/SoXijr Bacm] pr nyr AF 
M rell Cyr | a>jrvXat a®] a7irvXovt ma, : a7irvpat f | »otifO'ett 
i«] sub -7- JS: om Or-lat | en «"— Jevrepat] super frontem 
ueH quod coniunctum est ad secundum uelum H/ : ueli huius 
qui coniungiiur ad secundum uelum S/* | {rov ^eiXovt a®] ro 
X«Xot 16.77) I ^* 5°— devrepat] alierisis per queu cpniungantur 
una ad alleram Or-lat | om nft 5° d | oi^rarrovvift] airrovoift 
e: (o'waararrovoift 14) | nft ^vrcpat] rat Sevrepat n: nf dev- 
rtpa fm : -^quod est in medio secundum commissuram 18 

11 roiifo-oi c I Kpucovs i^] xpiff kovs ds: Kpucowra W: Snicrv' 
Xtovt n I x^^o^] P^^ vtmiKorra bw: aureos 1.*': om f | 
om rovt — o'vra^cit a° 1 Or-lat | KpiKOvt i<>] Kpiaxovt ds(mg): 
darrvXiovt ns(txt)vz | (ek] crt 71) | ayKvkuif] ayicv sup ras A*: 
darrvXwr r | rat] pr ex ipsis Or-lat | evorrai AM(mg)dnpt9 | 
er] pr cit M(mg)dnpstvz : /ua ac : unum totum Or-lat 

5 a7irvXat i®] O7icci'ovt ^ifXv... F*> | amirtrrovo'ai] 0^ ^ occurrenies Sb 

6 ff/Mirovt] aararroX.. Kopifiia F*» | koi 3® — fua] a' koi trrai. if o'xifyif cf nf o-xifnf M 

7 tkpptit r/MXC'^at] /^ifXapia ai7e(a F^: a' 0^ iraXvmfpat rpix*9^w M: rpixvoi xaXvimipn ysz \ Sepptis i^] jriXiiCia i 

9 <r/nfinff] o-zcerift F^ 10 ayxvKas i®] ^ifXv... F^ 

IX Kpucovt 1**] aaraoToX.. FH: KopLpia F^ 



XXVI 20 

vTroXeKeifi^/jkipop inro/eoKv^^ei^, to irXeovd^op t&p BeppeoDP r^9 cKfipfj^^ inrofu^Kv^ti^ owUrto rfj^ 
IS aicffptj^*^ ^^'jrfjxtnf i/e tovtov teal irrj'xvp itc tovtov, itc rov inrepixopro^ r&y BippeaoPf iic toOitE'^ 
fii^Kov^ T&v Sippetap t^9 CKtiprj^* larai cvPKoXihrrop ivl rh irXarfia t^9 ai^fipfj^^ ip0€P leaX^l/ 

14 epOePy tpa KoXvirrjif. ^^koI voiiia-ets tcaroicdKvfAfia rff afctfp^ Bipfiara Kpi&p lipvOpoSapmfiepa 

15 ical hnicaXvfifiaTa iipfiara vcucipOipa hraptoOep, '^Kol iroiiia'Ci^ arvXov^ vrp aicrfp^ itc 

16 ^vXmp a4nfirT09P* ^^Biica mix^^^ iron^aei^ top otvXop top fva^ icaX TnJxeo? ipo^ icaX fiiiUrov^ to 

17 irXiTo^ Tov <rrv\ov tov ipo^* '^Jyo orfKoyplaKOv^ t^ oTvKfp t^ hfl^ aPTuriirroprm^ frepop t^ 

18 hripip* oirto^ ironia-ci^ irSici, toV; crriXot^ 7^9 criciyiW)?, ^^Koi iroiriaei.^ aniXov^ Tji aiefjvff, tc cmJ- 

19 Xot;9 ifc TOV mXItov^ rot> irpo^ fiopp&p. ^^Kal TeaaepcucoPTa fidaei^ apyvpa^ woii^aei^ roi9 ettcoai 
oTvkoi^^ SJo jSdaei^ r^ aniX^ r^ ipl ch afufyoTcpa r^ P'ipv at/roS, koI Svo fidaci^ r^ <rnSXip 

«o ry hu «& ap^orepa tA pipri axhov. ^icaX to kXIto^ to ieiTepop Th irph^ p6top elxoci ^tvXjov^' 

tt d€ppwi F I om ro «« — ^Ktimf* «° B | inroXeXifificyor A 13 ffvyicdKvmtf B»**>F 

14 carojroXv/^Aft B*^] iniXv/ifta B* | Kpeutp B* | fipv$odaMtinu9a A 

18 lO fiico^i AF(-o^€i F*) I TOV I* AT rowf A* | xXetrovt A 

19 TtaffopoMorra B* | jcoi a® — ai/rov «• B*^"**^] om B* «o cXcirof A 

12 vwoSiiant — ffKffmit y] pones superjiuum taii {uelarum 
codd) subier (s. intra) idbemaculum dimidio uelc (utH codd) 
superfiuo reliquo oferus eras uihrum tabtmaculi a tergo % \ 
vro^ftr] repiicabis Or-lat | w rait Upptoip] ex pellibus Or- 
lat : uelis 1/^ | tp\ cri sz | rcuf] toci Ap | om n^t vmivyft i« 
Or-Ut I om ro a® — o-m^nyt a® Bho | om ro 2^—d€pptut AF* 
C I ro 10] pricai ^ : ircu b' | nyt aep^»cctft] /v/Tir »#fi«f Or-Iat | 
TO 3** — ffKffmit «•] afronie tahemaculi et ex alia meduiaU quod 
superest Or-ltt | om ro inroXeXeiftfifvoy 1^ | inroXeXctft/ici'or] 
vroX(iirof(«yor acf(bis scr f*)ikmn | inroiraXv^ect i®— <rinyM7t «» 
sub -:- J6 I vroiraXi^ftr i<^] vroiraXi;^^ fi : (aroicaXi/^etr 31) : 
eruraXi/^eit acm( + ecr) : + ect r | om rtaif — inroiraXv^it %^ m | 
roir Scppewr] ro ^epp'or f | nfi o-mTTift i®] pr infX*'« 1 ^ o™ 1/^! 
+ cri c I om vroiraXv^tt a® — (13) OKtimit i» d | om vroira- 
Xv^it a® — fncfgwrit 3® pt5 | wroifoXv^cii «•] crtiraXv^ett AF*M 
abefgi-lnquwxa3b3(-^t fi) | ori^w n;t] pr e<c rw n: wro... 
c : om nyt w | ffKipmis 3®] + owiau c 

13 m/xw i°] inyx«» i* I ««* J® — rovrou a®] bis scr m : om 
a,b,iSS I «« rovrou «<»] («/c exetyov 83): om n | om cir 3® bm | 
vrepffxorrof ] + /AiiKovt a : + <9^ m longiimKne ^ ^ | om rwr 
i<» — row a® cm | nm^ dtppew i®] om 31 Or-lat: +dimidiam 

parUm ueli quod superauit ahscondes sub tauemaculum cubiium 
hinc et cubitum illinc de quod superauerit de uelis IL* \ om fir 
4*> — deppetifif 1° AF(hab rov iitiKovt cic r«*r d€pp€iap F*°«)aklw 
]SfEJ6 I tK rov fATiKOvs] rov fi.fiKovt €K ^npstvx-b,: longitu' 
dinem 1/^: in longitudine Or-lat: om tK M^: +eir fhior | 
now d€pp€<eo a®] rrjs itppcm qu | om n^ OK^tnit i® m Or-lat | 
r^rcu] pr jcoa abcmSUS(sub ^ 0') Or-lat : om hk | ot/r/raXinr- 
ror — OKrpnit a®] adopertum tabtmaculum ex lateribus Or-lat | 
owKoXvrrow] ovwkoKvwtwv bfhiklmrtwxa, : cooperire J6 | eri ro 
wXarfiol in atq^o %J' \ €»Bt9 i^ — iraXum;] u^a icarairaXinrrei 
vfBtv KOi €P$€P n I tw0€P xcu tP$€P post ffoXinm; svzIS | tra 
iraXinmi] om 9 Or-lat(aid) : om era gS(aid) | iraXinm;] oiry- 
iraXinmi M(mg): uperiatur ^i* i -f aim;r acmxj6(sub 4>) 

14 /caraxaXu/foa] icarairaXv/viara ii9(uid) : raraXvfifui b'c* 
f*go*x: iraXu/i/Aa B*F^: jcoi ro erucoXv/ifia e | nyt o-Kiyri^ f 
(om omiPiit f*)ilmqa | Stpfiara !<>] dtp/ia k* | om gpuow 1 | 
iffm0oKapt/A€Pa a, | cruroXv/iftara] cperimentum JS | dtpfiara 
7**'] dtpftartpa Kputw dpt: +irpi«y n 


15 woiriorit i \ oniKovs tji omfni] tabemaculum W \ orv- 
Xowf] pr wnfiforof dtxa f i*' : pr j^jt IS : pr rout ack : rof ocundas 
F^ I ny o'xiynf] nfi o-mTTif en: nfi 0-1071^^ F^efikmquxS^j^ | 
vunprrml -f •orwrai acm3US(sub ^ o' ^'): +irra/i€voi;t F*>: 

16 infxewr] -l-Ai^'Of m3US(sub ^): •¥altitudo C^ | irony- 
0€i% — era] MmW columnae facies SS^om fades) \ roo^ir] 
sub -;- J6: ora AFMdegjlnpstvwzaab,)S*£^l. : +mit«o» » | ^or 
I® — era] ro fiiiKot rrft oopidot F* | (ror orwXor] twp otvXuw 
16) I TOP €Pa] sub f J6 : om k : -^ro /uKOt c | erof i°] sub -r 
JS: om fk I om rot 90 a, | lyjui^ovt] lyfturv f: dimidii ^ 
cubiti "^ iS I TO vXaroff] pr erassitudinem et % \ rXarot] (raxot 
118): waxv w: woxn b | row i®— eroi a®] nyt o-ori^ nft/oat 
F** I om rov otwXow f 

17 dwo] pr /cat a,9B | ayxmiOKOi b | r« i*» — ert] n|» 
O'artdot nff /oaf F*> | arr«irtTrorrof] orrMrwrrorra f : arrtir«T- 
roiwat F^: arrtrwirrorrat 1 | erepa ny erepa F** | rrtpoo] sup 
ras (uid)j*: rrtpuw f*: edits % | roii^fit] rociyaiTt i: roii^ei 
b' I (rarrat rowt oTwXowt 71) | irao't] pr er s: (pr en 18) | 
OTwXotr] (fwXott 14. 16. 130 txt): o-ario'ir F^ | om nfs — (18) 
^rvXowt M 

18 om K(u — otniPTi w | orwXowf i«] pr euroo'c b® : pr rowf 
F*acrhinquxj6(uid) : rai o'aridat F^ : omk | n^ o-mfriTt Fafim 
nqrsuxl.J6 | om k' orwXowt b^ | orvXovs 2^] otvidat F** : om 
mquS I TOV ««] njf X | fioppaw] vvrow F*iB<= 

10 reo-o-epaxorra] o-apaxorra p: uiginti ft-cod | apyvpovt 
p I ro«f etxoo't orwXotf] roit orwXocf rott r* n: in ipsis xx 
columnae alis % : om euroo't dfi | orwXoct] oamoiM Y^ \ (8vo 1^] 
pr xa« 71) I r«# i® — ert !<>] ny o'ortdt nj fua F*>: nape; om rtt 
OTwXci gj : om rc# ert 1/ | awrow i<*] awn^t F^: om 71 \ om xot 
«o — awrow 1® B'Ab'efgmnortxl^ | om /Sao'ett 3® J | r« 3« — 
ert «•] TJI otufiBi tji /ua F*»: (om 7(5) | awrow «•] awnyt F^: 
tabetytaoili ^ 

20 om totum comma f | xat] xara de ackmj6: -hxara 
b I TO t^ — dewrepor] a secundo latere tabemaculi % \ xXtrot] 
rXarof nyt ompnit m: +nfr OKijinit ackj6(sub 4^) | ro wpot 
worop] post OTwXowf A: om ro i^uid) | roror] pr ror ss: r«»ror 
bo: avTow c: fioppop F%^ | orwXowt] rart3at FW^' 

14 waxtrtftra] adripL,,, F^ 15 orwXowt] a' o' 6^ rat oawiBat bSb 

ly Svo OTxwrto'xowf] a' ^ 9wo X'^/'a* ^ I a^cwrio'xowt] orpo^yyat F^: ^ xarox«tt Mjfvz(ane nom sz) 
18 orwXowt lo] a* o' 9' asseres Sb \ ex rov xXtrowt] ex rov fupovs i 19 /foo'ett i°] trda... 



XXVI 21 


B ^loaX r^aatpoKowra fidaei^ avr&v ifrfvpa^^ hvo fiacei^ r^ trrvXtp Tf» M ei^ afji^irepa rit fiifnf si 
avrov, ^Kol Bvo fiourets t^ arvX^ rcS hn eh afu^repa rh fiiptf airovK ^icaX ix r&v inrLav^ 7^9 aa 
atcfjvfj^ tcariL ro fiipo^ ro vpo^ ddKaacav iroiijc^ei^ Jf artiXov^. ^^fcdi Bvo tmiXov^ troi^aei^ itrl «$ 
T&v yt^vi&v rtj^ CKffpfj^ ise r&v owutOUdv, ^ical iarai, i( Itrov tcan^Oev* xark to airrh iaoimu 14 
§ C"" taoi iie r&v /C€<t>aK&v €19 cvfjLffXrjaiv fAuw ovrca^ iroiiiaei^ afi^>oT€pai^f ^raU iva-lv ymvUu^ itriw- 
4rav. ^^/cal Icovrai oxrit arvXoi, teal al fidaei^ avr&p apyvpoZ Sifca £f * St/o fiaaet^ r^ evX %$ 
arvKtp eh &fMf>OTepa rk fieprj avrov, leal Bvo Patret,^ r^ crrvXtp Tf» ivl. ^seal iroiiia-ei^ fioj(Kov^ 96 
iK ^X»p iatfirrmif whrre r^ hi cmiXtp ise rov ivb^ fiipov^ t^9 cicffvf)^, ^koX irevre fjLOx^^f^ «7 
TjJ a-TiiXip T^ ^1^1 tcXlrei rrj^ criciyi^^ ry Bevripfpy icaX warre /io^X^^? t^ otvX^ tj* ovutOI^ tjS 
tcKirei T179 (ricfivfj^ r^ 7rpo9 OdKaa-a-av* ^koX o iio')(Kjo^ o fiitro^ avk fUaov r&v orvKtav humveladm 38 
afiri rov ivo^ kkirov^ eh to Irepov icKiro^, ^/cal roif^ on/Xot;? Karaj^pvatiire*^ 'XptHrUp, koX 49 
TOV9 hdKivXiov^ irotTiaei^ ypvaov^ eh ot^ elcd^et^ roi^ fioj(koi6st /caX Karaxpvawreis roif^ 

II /totf-ti (1°) A I om /reu i* — ovrou «<> B 14 €$] eit F* | ivci AF 

16 MoxXovf B''^] /io«Xovf B* 97 fioxXoi/t (bk) B«^] liOKkom B* | cXirct (bis) B«<>] xXirt B* 

18 /ioxX<^ B***] AiojrXot B* | iiunwdu) B* | irXirov|eit A »9 /ioxXovt i« B**>] /imcXovf B* 


21 om totum comma f | o-a/wjcorra p | avrwf] avrott AF* 
Ma(sup ra8)degjmopqs(mg)tuxz(mg)a3b,1Si6(txt) : avrait F^k : 
om dw I cipyvpat] apyvptu FWi(snp ras)bckmS : + iroci^tf'ect roct 
tiKoai ^TvXoif 1 I T« I® — ert i®] n; trainii ny juia F** | r« 0ti/Xw 
!•] roTtt <rrwXor x: om o* | «f i® — avrov a° sub -r- J6 | om ett 
lo— avrov I® F* | avrov i®] avrwr b': avnyt F*»: om 91 | jrai 
30 — avrov 3°] bis scr t: om Bb'cemn^Sli/ | fiofftit ^^] om 1: 
•k-t^avrm k | r« 3°— eri a«] (r« tr* orvXw 16): nf trai^iSt ny 
/ua F*> : om T« orvXw s | om etf «® — avrov i9 F'kp | avrov 9°] 
avnyr F**: +ifOi ro rXirof to itvrtpov to rpot voroif tucoai 
OTvXovf KOA TWffapoKovTa pofftit avrov Bvo poffnt ru ffrvXia na 
ewi ett afji^ortpa ra fupvi avrov kox 9vo ^ao-eit ru eri eit aft^ortpa 
ra /upvi avrov 1 

22 Kai — (95) owiffBuMf bis scr 9-codd (interposito cati^ et 
omisso icoi 30) I oiwwBtw r | om n;t axyfrift 1 | icara to /i€/>of] 
/ /a/ffv J6 : om f I Kara] jroi x | om to i<> m | ^aXoo-o-oy] pr 
nyr f I (roiiyo-eit] pr /cat 30) | orvXovt] o-avi^f FM*>^ 

23 ^TvXovf] o-ort^at F*>: <om 76) | om roiiyo'etf flE | en 
T«r 7urii#r] oirto'v a, | e»t] *k c | ytainw] pr Jvo egj : yo^ifuaw 
m : ayKWfiWf t | e/c] eirt ackmiS | {owia$€P 3a) 

24 fOTOi e( lo'ov] 9av9€p owicui f | eorot BhrfE] eo'orrat 
AFM rell SiBILiS | ef — i^ot] tuquales ad eorum ad ipsum con- 
tunientes in se H | irara Bchor] pr irai AFM rell 9)B5 | uroi] 
pr 0*04 b : ^oi qux : urot F^ | ire0aXci»r] ire^oXaiCtfr f : Kt^aXidwr 
AFMbdegjklopqtav(mg)wxz"«(uid)a3b,]S: ice^aXcdciir avrcur ac 
m9(m<j)iS(avr«tfr sub ^) | avfifikifauf] {ffvfxfiaffip 18): ffvfifio- 
Xi^cy a^ : cvfifioKrjp Ar : ffvyKXri^tP f | iroiiio'etf] rotiyo^t i : wotri 
c I afi^ortpait — ytawtait'] duabus attgulis & : uiriuspu angulis 
1/ I afi^ore/Ki»r h | ^vo-tr Ttanatf] Ton'catt rati dtvcv bw | (<vo 
84) I ecrrwo'ay Bah] iroi eo-raio'ay to'at kn : 1// J/Vf/ aequaUs 1/ : 
om fm : + lo-oi riS : pr jcat coxu dpt : pr lo-oc bcw : pr i^at AFM 
rell ^aid)S'J6 : aequaies S^ : sianUs IL 

26 (orrw] pr irat 14.16.77) | oTvXot] o-njXat n: cravcdef F*» | 
om ai AFMabce-morsvwza^b, | avrc^r apyvpai] rwf ap ext Hn 
F' I avrci^] avrw g | apyt^pat post e( M | ^eica e(] deira icai c^ 
a,: di^xa f: +^eif F'^^'C + rarw^ ..)iiS(sub 4>) | om «vo 
I* — ert !• m | {ivo i«] pr cat 76) | t« ey* ^tvXw B] om otvXci; 

o9-cod C : TW OTvXw rw en AF*M rell %iSb : ri; o-onti nf pua 
F^ I eti— eri a'*] icai Jvo /Soo-ett rw ew orvXiir etf a/t^orepa to 
/te/>if avrov a^* : icat ^vo rw ere/Mtf etf a^u^orepa ra /cte/>iy avrov 
d I etf — avrov] post e^t 2° AMbiovrtiw b')cgijln*o'pitvwza,*>ba 
S(uid) : sub -*- JS : om F'k | avrov] avrcio' b'f : avnyf F** | xat 
30 — ert 2®] bis scr s(om rw orvXw): om FfruBIL | om rw 
OTvXv sz(!D I ert 3<*] + etf apu^tpa ra fupfi avrov qxC 

26 /ioxXovf] + qui in medio cdumnarum IS*' | rerre] +A(ox* 
Xovf MbdnptSCl/ | rw eft o-rvXw] rw ^rvXw rw ei^t nJ6(TC# evt 
lub -r) : Totf o-rvXotf fi(ex corr) : nj /ua O'aart^ F*>: om en C | 
om erof ackmiS | o'/nyr^^f] +tov evof ackmJS 

27 jrat wtrrt 1° bis scr t* | re* ^rvXw i®] rotf o-rvXotf fi: 
om E I OTvXw lo] pr ei^t ^vz: +rw ert bdknt | t« en irXtret] 
Tw irXtret rw eyt F* : t« /tepet na re icXetret f : om en AF*Ma-« 
gi-nqs-vx-b,18C(uid)Bi6 | ^Xtret !<> — devrepw] e<c rov erot /icpovf 
rov 6€vr€pov p: et ex alia parte tauemaculi 1/ | om rttf 3° — 
OTvXw a® m I n7f devre/Mf F*» | om irat 2° — rw 50 k | tc# ^tvXw 
a®] ii/ri column<u%\ rotf ^rvXotf fi: Ti^traytdt F*» | t« ovto-^tM] 
post <rKtpn\% 1° ac : post icXtret 1® J6 : r«i» oTiffOiwf m | om ray 
6o__rw 70 km I om t« itXtret (77) 3[(uid) | om rw 60 AF 
M(txt)dfgilnpqs-bai5 | ritf 7«] ro nsx: njf ba,: om aca(uid) | 
$a\affaa¥] -^ ad occideniem C 

28 I® — ^^o-of] sera una IL \ pi^coi] luaw m: lur^ai x: 
om d£(uid) | aj^a/teo-or] pr npt : om f | o'TvXf#r] ffaiftdiaw F^ | 
duffret^f^w] ^ticFvo-^ctf g : (Juiceff d« 31) : ^tiryiTfr^wh: disponaiur 
pertingens 1/ | airo] vro f | eyof sub -r J6 | irXtrovf] irat rovt 
F**aaa I ifXtTOf ] sub -r- 5 : om km 

20 rovf V* — xfivoiia 9<>] columnae eius obducentur auro et 
uncini serarum eius obducetur auro W | rovt orvXovf] raf 
o'ayt^f F*>: +^/ seras 5*= | XP*^^ 1° — fwxXovf i® bis scr d | 
Xpvtrua fo] +Ka0aput nC(eqcOT1l) | ^airrvXtovf] ^airrvXovf s: 
daicrvXovf avrtai^ c: +avritfr F^amCi6(sub 4^ 7') | »otifOT;f f* | 
etf — ^fioxXovf i°] qui erunt domus seris S*= | etf ovf] pr aequaUs 
H : tiTovf 1 I et^a^etf ] a^etf a, : indueent ^-codd : ^ + etf avrovf 
3a) I om icat 30 — yjpvfflia 1^ E« | om cat 3® — /toxXovf iP m | 
om /rat 30 w | raraxpvo'ctfO'etf !<>] inaurabunt 9-codd 

ai avrf#r] pr vtomitw F*» aa ro wpos $0X0^909] ro rpot 5v. .. F*» 

a4 e( urov KaT<a$ew] a' ^ ^ geminatae ab infra 5(uid) | ef t<rov] JtirXot F'^ | t<rot] ^*2k^ J6 | ice^oXwr] 9o»kh^ F»> | 
etf ffv/ipXfi^uf /uomI ett to ^oicTvXtoi' to €p F^ 

as /Sao^ett a^J +iraTwtf.. F*> | Kot 3«— ert !<>] cat <vo /Soo'ett iraray^.. n; (ra»i3t ny /tta F*> 

a6 fioxXovt] aco^ry.. F*> a7 t« i^— en] ny traj^tdt n; /ua F*> | xXtret 1°] /Ae/)et i a8 Stiicreto'^w] /ioxXev... F' 



30 ^loxKoir^ 'xpvaifp, ^icaX avaari^ei^ rifv ateffvifP /eark ro cZSo? to SeSei^fUvov coi iv r^ B 

31 Sp€i, ^^Kal 7roi9^€i9 tcarairiraaiia i( vaxtvOov seal irop^vpa^ koX teoteicivov fcetcKdoo'fJtipov 
31 Kal /Sva-aov vevfja^Uvrf^' epyop v<f>avrdv iroirfaet,^ avro ;^€/)0t;)9€(/i. ^tcal iwidtjaei^ avri iirl 

rcccdprnv otvXmv aariwrtav KeypvafOfiivfav p^i/o*/^* koX ai /re^aX/Sev avr&v %pt;o'a7^ leal ai 

33 fidaei^ avr&v ricaape^; apyvpdl, ^tcal dijaei^ r6 Karairiraafia hr\ roh^ crri/Xoi/?, ical elaolaei^ 
i/e€l ia-drepov rov tcaranr^rda'fuiTo^ Ttfv Kiffforov rod futprvplov zeal Su^piet to Karairiraafia 

34 vfup aph fUaop rov ayiov tcai apk ftiaop rov ayiov r&p arfltDP, ^Koi KaratcaXvy^et^ r^ Kara- 

35 irerdapAri rifp Ki/Borrop rov fiaprvplov ip r^ ayiip r&p ayltav, ^/eal Oi^cei^ r^p rpdire^ap 
i^faOep rov Karairerdafiaro^, teal r^p Xv^piap airepapri rrj^ rpatri^tf^ iirl fiipov^ rrj^ a/effpt)^ 

36 rh TTph^ porop* teal rrfp rpdirel^ap Oi^a-ei^ cttI fiipovs t^9 (Ttcffptj^ ro irpo^ fioppap, ^Kal won^aei^ 
hriawofrrpop^ i^ vatclpOov Kal irop^vpa^ Kal kokkIvov KeKXwapipov Kal fivaaov KeKXdxrpMpri^t ^ ^^ 

37 ipyop irotKCkrov, ^Kal iroii^a-ei^ rip KaraTrerdaiiart iripr^ otvXoi;?, koI ypvird>tr€i,<; airrov^ 
XXVII I XP^^^V ^^ ^^ K€<j)a\iB€^ avr&p xP^^oZ* koX X'ovevaei^ avroU iripre /Sdaei^ ;^aX4ca9. 'Kal 

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(corr F«»*<*) | VKJtniv] -^taHmonii ^-ed | Mtiytuvw] dfitday- F»»"«) | om rta «<> 1* 

ftcror k: diarrrayfiepw F: Mo/upoif f 35 BtfffM i®] crt^i^rrct Cyr-cd: +ras («--3) q: +€ti n | 

31 K€K\tifffie9ov] ptriifftitwov fil^(uid) : om Phil-arm | om e{w b' | ri}r Xvx^cor] pr/^iM'jIS: -k-poms (S^ | areroFrc bis scr 
K€U 4* (71) %, I i'ei'i^A'«''?«] «ejrXfcw/ii«i^ f(-yov)himnl/(uid) | 1* | fi€povs i«] pr rov (84) Cyr-cod : /icpof benw | om ro i« — 
v^orror] (u^orrwr 76): v^optov B* <"***> *»klo | roci7<re(f avro o-zn/n^ i® f | ro 1°] sup ras (3) z: rov m: njf Vpxa,: om 
XepovjSetM] chtrubin facUs illud 1/ | om roci^etf a" p | QMrr<i\ (25) ^uid) j vwrw Ai*o | om cot 3«» — poppaw r | jccu np rpa- 
ovr« F*'ckn : own; F*»* : ro Cyr-cod : om e | x^pot'/^^^M] X'P<>»'" «•<^u' bis scr g* | $ifffns «•] ^01^ c | /upovt a°] (pr rov 84) : 
^eiF Airt(-/9ti')v : r^^ny^^: t^AO*^ i( ^0 /**/>«« m /*«po» F*>*bcew | njf atcnwris i®] sub -:- J6: om 

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et r sup ras A': {vX«r hrb, | if€xpwr«/*erw] Kwxfiwrtaiuwop dp: ^6 1roc1^n7r c | twivraffrpop] vwutwa^froP f : i^A/ipi ^i«»</ 

Ktxjpo<r^l»j€rnw i»: («oraicexpwr«M«^«r 76) | « !<>] recTirapet f ^'w/^'^/ osHum tabeniacuU lE^ x -\' rri Bvpa -np ir^pnyf B«»»"«ac 

i(reir<ropoicorra i* uid); <om 18) | icc^oXidcf] kc, Xi ex corr f^: n««i^(sub ^ ffip.) Cyr-ed : ( + n, ^upa 83): +nyt ircijnyt k | 

<«0ttXo* 74) I avT»P 10] r« sup ras I : <om 64 txt) | r«r<rap€t ^exXwrfUPOv] KtK\uHrti€Pvt I: P€Pfiir,uPOv fi1Sl.(uid) | ^wr<nyf 

^€tf avrwr ackmiS | rc<r<r«vef] (post opywpoi 73): om « | « I ««X«<rM€in,f] «eicX«<rM«»'ov f : P€Pri<r^tprit Fbra,b,a: (rein^r. 

apTwpcu] argenteas % M^^ou 7 1) | (e/ryoy] tpyaatop 31) | »ot«Xrov] ToortXroi' faB(uid) 

33 eirt roi/f <rrv\ovs] pr // impones \\ vroKaru tup xpiKwp ^u»d)l/: («-oci:iXrowr 14.16.130) 

F»» I rri] wro n I rmn arvKovt] roit <rrvXoif c(uid): tup ctvXup 3*^ om «« a | icaraircrcwrMart] KaTOKoXv^ian F*>bkn8(Ut) 

B» Cyr-ed | wourrft i | om c«t «C | «rc.n-«/t>or] c<ra^er F»: ^'(^0 I <rrvXovf wiPTi n | <rrvXow] +a4n;Trovf F^^acmxaS^ 

€p8vnp<0 qux | nyr w/Sorror] pr icoi Cyr-cod: (nyt «/9wrov ^(su»> •» ^0 | om 04 j | ^eu^oXiaoi n | avrwr] eius E-cd | 

71: nji (Ticijinjt 76): om nyr F*(hab F'«»«) | Jioptei] Siopitit awroti] pr er r : omBCyr-cod: -|.ras(5)w | x«Xitof] fl«^ww 1, 
B*kmqu: diopurat hr | to KaTaweTcurfia 2° post v/ur S)B | row XXVII 1 $v<ria<mipiOP !<>] pr ro F»>ackiS(sub <S> <r' ^) | om 

•7*01; !•] r«r o>iwr r*» | om «ai 4»— a^cov «« cfmnpqstub,!, «» lO— ^^ew^ i<» d | om to !<> AFMachiklorsYza^b, Cyr-cod | 

Phil-arm | tov ayiov i<»] sanctorum ^\ om k | om r«r o7t«r 1, Mi?«ot] +ftt* ■•«»^< «-irc*«»' ro rXorof q : -l-«W « | om ro 1° 

34 om totum comma s | (ericaXw^cit 33) | r« !•] avrw AFMg-jlmosvra,b, | (c v/)of] »Xarot 15) | om ro 40 jl | avrow] 
m I icortt»*roo'/Aori] icareuraXv/ifiart F | (ici/Swror] fftniPifP 76) | awri?» k 

31 ({ voKtwBov] ejc /iera|i^ fiewerov F^ | irat royy^v/wf] mu wop^vp.. F^ | ira« kokjcci'ov] kcu koi ipvOpop kovkovX,, F**(ircu 
tpuBpop del F*) I Ko* fivaaov] koi Xevicov fie... F*> | v^orroi'] ayoXcrr.. F** 

3a ffTvXupl a' y 0* similiter co/umnas dixerunt hie ^ | XP^^^] +Ka$apu M | jcr^oXiSet] aopid., F^ 

33 Ki/3wror] 7X(iWtf'o/c... F** 34 kcu — ki^utop] </ et pones propitiatorium super arcam J6 

35 poppop] Hebraeo-Samaritanus post haec habet ex eo et fades at tare thuribulum thuris de lignis imputribiiibus et 
fades id cubiH longUudinem et cubiti latitudinem quadrangulum quae et hie post haec inuenies post et scient quod ego sum 
Dominus Deus eorum qui eduxit eos e terra Aegypti ut uocarer super cos et essem Deus eorum Sh 

36 tTiffwoffTpof] pyjKop 11 KovpT.,, i: a' ff* wapaTOPvafiop Mb('fffia): KaTcurKercur/M ect ojroiyna Tift o-iceinjt F^: vara- 
rmafM nj Bvpa nyt oxipnit s | »owwXrow] v0arr.. vXov/uffT,, F*> • 

37 (ooT^rrovf)] o' -hb^m^^ ^ spinosos Sb 

SEPT. 243 32 



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•y* » X , ' >^ ^« r ^ M» •»y#* If* ni ■ vn «* ^ - 

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w*fHi^*4 »t I f»f *^/i«^, 4ffh^rt$mi*^ el H^/B | r«##4i^«#^ ^,*; 
Af/^^*# 'A' •^z ^1 I 4«^r«^^4**f f I x«A#«vfj xp^mn f^n^lL \ 
i0/f tfWtt H*'P ( r/rf/^, #^4 »^j/ fM ^4 f; b'. '^mm.. f"^; 

^•(M^l ^'^ ^^^/^^ ^ \ f/m f^ t*' Mgm0t 1^ 1 ^0^i000w] m^i00t0 
in, 1 «#^«tf l«) h^f^0 $4 p; (Mltm iritqui % I «#f] 4#f /|<i I 

# 0m r ^^<^) j/f // /du fiuai$44fr ann$4lot a4n4ct in 

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im*%m4m^ k*f I np ^^WW* ^^ I om r« y* ■ | vp«f] kktb dmftt \ 
iu$a y/r/ir Cjr* wp ras A»: ^tffnt Mrmgibdcp^t: pwnr oq: 
r«T«r yM'*%t,y^ rcil | irrw] pr ca« Cjr-ed: tf mdmm ft: 
«#ra# e | «AXiff Bbl] -- cr ^wm w€r^i»er^ F^ : + ok fimmm 
M4tAi0^it^nt9 AF*M rell (t^-^)) %WEJb Cjt \ m^ns] pr crW 
Ej prM Fifx«rak/pr r»/aBiS: on F*(liab F»"«)c | wifXe^ 
/ ftfifgrn m \ rt0 ewt kXitu] rw cXcrci rw cpi akam : i^ais mmims 


4 untkim $fim $t0fv4^y\ m' 0^ (t ihut tritftts 9I 0^ rtU % | '^opo^] dMrrvor F*: « J Kocnpwfia 

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xxvii 17 

10 ^^fcal oi arvXoi avr&v etKoai, teal cu jSdaei^ ain&v elKoa x^^^^ ^^ ^< feplfeot avr&v Koi ai 6 

11 '^^uKiZe^ apyvpat. "ourw^ np irpo^ aTrrfXtdnffv larla iicarhp irffx&v fififeo^' koI ol arvXoi avr&v 
el/eoci, ical ai j3da€i^ avr&v tlteoci x^Xteat, icaX ol /cpl/eoi ical at y^aXlSe^ r&v arvKwv teal eU 

13 j3da€i^ ain&v irepirfpyvpeafiivai dpyvp^. ^'ro Bi eipo^ rtj^ avXrj^ ro Karh daXaaaav laria 

13 wevrijicovra wffx&v arvXot avr&v Sixa, Kal ai /Sda-ei^ avr&v Sitea. ^^tcal 6S/009 rtf^ avXrj^ ro 

14 wph^ vorov iarla v VTrij(€mv* arvXoi ain&v Si/ea^ zeal ai fidaei^ ain&v Sitea, ^^leal irhne koI 
Bifca irrixemv ro i5^09 r&v iarltov r^ KXlrei r^ evl' arvXoi aitr&v rpeh^ teal ai fidaei^ avr&v 

15 rpeh. ^^/cal ro /eXtro^ rh Sevrepov, Bixa irivre irrix&v r&v iorliov ro iy^o^* orvXoi ain&v rpeh, 

16 teal ai fidaei^ ain&v rpeU. ^^leal rp TrvXjy 7^9 aiiXrj^ tedXvfAfuiy etKoai irtjx&v to iJ^o?, cf 
vcuetvOov icaX irop^vpa^ ical kokkIvov leeieXtoafiivov koI jSvaaov * /cekXtoafievrf^ r§ ironciXia roi%y 

17 JKi^iievrov* arvXoi ain&v ria-aape^f ical ai fidaei^ aitr&v riaaape^. ^^frdvre^ oi OTvXoi rij^ 

II np^ewr AF | uKoati (i<») F 
13 om totum comma B*(hab B**"»«^ | rT retrniKoma AF 
15 icXeirot A | wiixtfi» A 

10 om K(u 1° bnw | om 0* i<» AFa-^gjl-pstvwza^bg | 
avnuf lo] awnff (32.71) S(uid)l/ | eiKoai 1°] (pr eicaror 78): 
+XA^<u n I om icoi i^ — etjco^i 2° I \ om ai i<> AFa-dmopstv 
za^b, I /ScuTit o I om avrwr i<> f* | om eiKOffi 2° b, | oc KpiKoi] 
T€., ice^oXa.. F^(del al man): m iaKTvXot n | cpuroi] ras (i) 
post i i*^ q: KptffKOi X | om avrwf 3<> p | om xeu 4^ — (11) 
KpiKoi m I faXidet Bfio Cyr-ed] +avrwr AFM rell ^Bl/^ 

11 (om ovTtas — awiiXutTriv 71) | rw Bh Cyr-cod] rw k\it€i 
f ia, : rut kXirti to qu : tw icXtret t« AFM rcll %iS£l/^ Gyr- 
ed I Tpot] pr T/H>t poppw i*^: om o | anyXuim^r BM(mg)hin 
Cyr] vcTQi^ bg : ainiKiwrri xai ovrtat to xpot 9vro¥ b(rw b') : fiop- 
pOM Tpot arfiXiwnfif fr : /Soppcv AFM(txt) rell %1B>WLSS : +iceu 
Tcurat at /Scuretf rtpiiipyvpof/itpai apyvpua koi ovrta rpo$ yoror d | 
lOTia — /iiiKoi] /iriKOf unia ecaror v^ebiy F**: n^ewy urria 
tKaroif /iriKot ack | /iiiKot] pr ro dnt | om kox i^ — apyvpia F^' | 
om KOI i<* — aTvKwf k | om oc i^ p | avna¥ i^] eius £ | om 
eiKOffi i<» — avTia¥ i*> A*[hab A«">«(oi /Scurett] /Sao-tt)] | tiKoai 1°] 
{d€Ka 71): -i-xa^'rM heQVf^W \ om Kai 2° — x^^^a^ wC | (om 
cu i^ 74) I om avTtaif 2<> C3rr-cod | eucoai i°] (deira 71): om p | 
XaXicat] a 1° sup ras A*^: om b | /cat oc icpcKoc] om f : om kcu 
£ I oc icpiicoi Bh Cyr] eu Kpucat p : oc dcurrvXot d : oc daxrvXiOi 
n : + Tfcw oTvXwF F^ : -I- avrwK AF*M rell (xpciricot wx) %B1^^ | 
at ^aXi^cf] -l-ras (3) i : doses %-codd | tw¥ arvkur] nvTWf mB: 
avTWf apryvpcu F*» | om km 5° — avrw^ 3® ^-ed £^ | ecu cu paaeis 
a* sub -7-5^ I cu 30] pr cu ToaoL t : pr roffoi n : -I- ira(rcu kp | 
9kvrw 3<' Bdma, C3rr] om AFM rell %-codd Bl/iS | reptrtp- 
yvpu/ieptu apyvpu] argenUoi S<^ | apyvpta Bago Cyr-cod] c^h 
^vpcw AFMc(p« ex corr uid) rell C)rr-ed : -h irot oi/r« to xpot 
fcrov iffTia f/ xrix^iop to iiifKos kcu ot <rruXo( ai/rcor k' koi at 
Pcureit avTWf tf x^^^ ^^ ^ dcurruXot avrcor icai oi ^aXidet rc^r 
gTvkbiv Kcu cu /Scureif avrcuy vepiripyvpiafuvai apyvpiw nt[om ro 
|0 I om avTWf 3°] 

12 TO de ei^Mf] ^ry'NX om/^ot 1/ | to de] jccu to cBSS : kcu 
Hkm : TO n I nyf avXi^t] avn^f c | to a°] n}f dkmnpt Cyr-cod | 
iOTca] positio eius H \ xemyicorra] oirTw f | OTt/Xoi] pr /ecu oc c : 

12 TO 2° B»**] om B* I T7ix€ia9 AF 

14 KXm B*(-Te4 B*b) | rp«i (bis) A 
16 €iKo<r€i F I wip(€ia¥ AF 


pr Ot egj : -I- Je b' | avrwv i®] atm|t qux | om iccu — deica 2° dn 
p I om at AF*»*bhioqs-ba Cyr | paff€ts] fioffts o: •{-argenieae 
B I 3eica 2<>] -^-argenteae W^ 

13 om totmn comma B*e | om /ecu i^ n | evpot] pr to 
achkm : gyrus % \ n;? bis scr n | to'\ pr to wpwrov ac3US(sab 
•5S>): TT7f Mfgin: om m | roror] araroXaf AFM(txt)abcgj-moq 
sa-h^WES^ I t^to] sup ras (5-6) A* : sub -;- 5& : positio 
eius 1/ : om Fr'a^BE | v' mfx^iow post orvXot n | ¥"] oktu f | 
o-ruXot — SeKa 2^] sub t- SS: om F*»* | orvXot] pr icat sz: (pr ot 
16.32): -i-de W I avTwv i®] aimfs qux | om cu AFb'cdghjopq 

14 om 4rcu i® hm | {werrt — mjx'w] in?X««*' ^*«« 71) | 
ve¥T€ JCCU dfjca] Jejco rcu T€rre qsuvxz: te' dp: jr// 1/ | to — 
tarwv] TWf iffTuav to wf^ot AFMa-eg jklnprstvwzaabai : to 
toTtoy TO wj/of m : positio oiHtudinis 1/ | tortciw] irrvKw f i(<rT 
sup ras i*) | t« i^ — wt] laieri unius fL,: om n | (on/Xot] pr ot 
32) I avTbfP 1**] avrw c : eius 1/ | T/>ett i<>] dejca m | om cu A 
F*** Mbceghjklnqsuvxz 

16 om totum comma m | dcica wtrrt] t€pt€ cat deica AFM 
bchnsvwz | vtvTt] pr jcot k | wrfx."^^ +i/^ot c | om tw — 
(16) v^of S/ I Ttaw unuaif post i;\^ot iisvz1SiS(T0 v^ot sub -:-) | 
TO i;\^of ] TW icXtret rw ei^t k : + r« jcXtret rw eyt ac | on/Xot — 
rpett 19"] (pr ot 32): om p | om cat cu c£ | om cu AFMabehil 

16 TTi 1<* — koKvuiulI to KoXvfifAa TTft avXiit nj xvXiy d | nf 
i<>] nyt w I av\fi%] nvTTit w | icaXv/ifta] icaXv/tfutra cB* : Kara- 
KoKv/ifjM Fa, I ro v^oi] sub -r SS: om F' | om jccu 30 t | 
KOKKtPou KeK\(ifaii€POv] cocco neto 1/ | iceicXctf^Mcrov] KtKkva- 
fumis bm*^w: vevrfaiuvov F^': SiaMvrifffUPov M(txt)dfiptx a, 
b, I om KCU pvffffov KiKKuffiievfif mw | xeicXcMr/ten/t] ...myt 
y : jreicatirXcMrfien/t s(txt) : KexXwr/upov f : Fcn^/tcFiTt qua^^B: 
(Kci'i^/ieFOt; 77): dio^ctniafuvov s(mg)v(mg)z">«(-i'a) | tti 2*' — ^po- 
0tdcvrov] e/yyor xotirtXrot; F^ : uariatim consparsum %i \ o-rvXot] 
pr ot e : pr ^ % | a.\ma¥ !<>] aurov bfinw£(uid)l/ | om ecu %^ — 
Teffffopet 20 Im | om jccu 5° x | om cu AFMa-^lhikopqs-wyz | 
avTWf 20] avrov bf iw£{uid) 

zo ot jcptKot] Ta Kt^dKid.. F^ | cu ^oXtdet] x/MxrjroXXij/i.T. F^: a' commissurae S | ^aXtdet] ^lyXtceta i: psedides forcipes 
sunt aeneae uel ferreae uel argenteae et cet. quae cadunt et retinent aliquid in alio i6 
zz tOTta] xXeirrat M za ei^f] icXtr.. xXarot F*» 

Z3 Kox eupof] JCCU to rXtr . . xXar . . F*>(to jcXtr del al m) | {to irpc^or)] a' ^ in lotus 0^ contro faciem JS 
Z4 TW i*> — crt] a' 0^ ^ humeri unius SS \ rw /cXtret] o' 0^ nj w/uta M8(om o^)vz 
Z5 JCCU 1^ — 8€VT€po¥] <r* B' et humero secundo SS 16 KaXvfifUi] a' a' rapaTOMVfffia Msvz 



XXV 12 


B ava^opeU (vXa Afrrjirrc^ kclL KaraypvaJiHrei^ avri^ ')(p%HT(4p* '3/cal Mo^i^ tov9 ava^pek 13 {14) 
ek Toi^ SatcTvKtov^ roif^ iv T0J9 K\lre<n t^ icifiwrovy aXpe^ rifv Kifforrhv iv ovtoJ?* ^^i' rok 14 (15) 
haicTvyloi^ TTj^ KijSearov laoprai oi avcL^pei^ iuclvriroL ^^icaX ififfaXeh €h rifv Kifiwrov ra 15 (16) 
fiaprvpia & hv S& aoi. ^^icaX woirfaei^ tkcurrrfpuiv iirldefia %pi;cr/ov icaOapov, 8vo irrjx^fov 16 (17) 
\ m tcaX fifdaov^ to /A$iV09, icaX irrixeo^ teal ^fiUrov^ to irXdro^. ''^ical ttoaiJ^c*? 8vo x^povfielfi 17 (18) 
XpvaoTopevrd, /cal hnOijaei^ avrct i^ afJL^xnipwv rwv /eXir&p rod tXafrrtfplov ^^irovqOriaovTai 18 (19) 
XspoifjS eU ite rov /ckirov^ tovtov leal x^P^^fi ^^^ ^^ '^^^ kKitov^ rov Sevripov rov tKourniptov 
fcaX iroiria€i^ roh^ Svo x^povfielfjk iirl t<J Svo Kklrtj. ^^laovrai oi ;fe/ooi;)9el/A iicrelvovTe^ rd^ 19 (10) 
irripvya^ iwdpmBev, ava/eia^ovre^ iv rdk irripv^tv avrAv iwl rov iXturrtfptov, leal rd wpoc- 
anra oArwv eh oKXrika' eh ri tkcunripiov iaovrcu rd irpoamira rmv xepovfielv, ^icaX 30 (3 1) 
hriBriaei,^ to iKcumjpiop M rifv /Cifimrop ipeadep, teal eh rfjp Kififorhv ififiaXeh rd fiaprvpia 

14 aKetprrroi A 16 na«r F | Ti/urvt (bis) BA 

17 x^povP^M' B'T X«P<»v/5eo» B** | x^iwa roptvra B* 

18 irXetTow (lo) AF» | era A 


fi^^i awti^opuis g: +avn|f a | |vXo cunyirra] pr <c«u n: pr eic 
(vXwp offuwrw fi»»r: e« |i;X«r o^iiwtw AFM(mg)a-€gjklps 
{mg)iuy(mg)xi{mg)ai^h^d^<XBEW,SS | <om koi 83) | ovrowt dp 
^^3 I XPMTiCii] + ica$CLpia b, 

13 cM-afcif] feif sup ras F^ | roi/f i»] rat c | OFo^opeif] 
aya^^ptctf g: +e lignis im^ribilibus 15^ | aaxrvXiovt] loi/f 
sup ras r: SairrvXovt cfhu | rowf 30] pr jccu d: om SHE' | rocf] 
TOif r I cupriy] pr rov a : otptirtM p : vepiaip€tp u | ai/rotr] eavrwf 
hw: (ain'atf 14) 

14 ep roif] pr quod %: {tv de rotf 18): om gl^ | toKrvKi- 
««Hi f I Kipwov BF*"WuxSc] «to^«iyt AF»Mbhklowa,b,d,» 
C^(uid)l/i5: +Tiyt ^a^myf rell f[ | eo-OKrcu] taBifTcu u : -k-auteni 
1/ I aya^opcect g | axiriTroc] +ef awT^t ac3[i5(sub -jSs ^ ^) 

15 f^aXi7t n I (c4f tt;!' Kifittrow post <r<H 130) | «i bis scr 
F* I Tov tMprvpiw (15) 1/ I ora a no | a¥ dw ffoC\ ego dabo tibi 
%\ 0-01 dcMTw a, I or] eoF ack: oro f | Sm o-oc] ot sup ras k*: 
JftHTci c I 8«] *<iw« dfda I om <roi da*(uid) 

16 -wfiLifntt h I tXaonypcoy rrt^cfia] €Ti$€/ia tXa<my/Mor bus 
vwz : in positionem emeritumis %, \ nriB€nnk\ sub -;- % : thuri- 
bulum %\ om F^'k Or-lat | (xpvtrour KaBapoif 76) | xpvo-^H 
pr eir nsvz : xpwrw u : + xyrov k | rtfuffovt to /iiyjcot] demidium 
cubUcrum in longitudmem 1/ | rffuaovt !<>] i^/am-v a, | /iiyicot] 
+ awTov F»>ac^W(sub ^ $') Or-lat | <i|Au^oi;t i«] i;/u^ 71) | 
irXarot] + ovrov F*>accgj^ Or-lat: (+oimyi 14. 16. 73. 77. 130): 
+ -^ ««j ^ 'if' ei cubitum et dtmidium altifudinis eius V iS 

17 om dvo f I xtpovfittfi] x^pwpttp B^^FMhr^vaaf/Str r*aj 
1/ I xpv0'<n^P«('^ B*ob,] XPwa x«^« i**: XP*^'* Toprtvro F*>'f 
Ima, : aureas tomah'les ^ISBl/iS Phil-arm Or-lat Cyr : XP^^ 
Top^tvra roiriatit avra n : XP^^^ roptvra roci^eit avra dpt : xpt^a 
ropevra B"AF*Mi* rell | om icat ert^i^rcif avra, w | eiridi^ett] 
ext^tfiyf i : TOiffff€H b'd | om avra 1/ | e(] cr F*(«^ F'"«)h^ 
18 I tXcMTiypiov] BvaiaffTifptov j Phil-arm C3rr-cod 

18 om TMi^i^o-oiTai — iXatmjpiov f | irotiytfi^orrai] et fiat 
fL : ^/ «yiwif/ ft : mu TOd^creif F^ : woiriBiiaerat n£ : Toci9(rornu 

w : roiiiBrifftTai de dpt : om m Or-lat: -f de Megjxa^b, | x'povfi 
i®] x^povfiift. a-€gj(-«Ai)lc-nr*suwft(uid)B* Cjrr-ed: cherubin %, \ 
eif 1°] €P F»m : om IB I om eic i® — eti 1® F*d | om xat i« — 
dtvrepov n | x«pw/9 2°] x^povpifi abcegjklmr*suw(-«Ai ej)18» 
Cjrr-ed: cherubin i: om b^ft | eit a®] er FWn: om gl)S | tov 
xXirovt i<»] om m : +Tovrov uv | detrrepov] ercpov abckmft(uid)iS 
Or-lat(uid): (om 71) | tov iXo^nypcov] pr axo F*>p**: om dm: 
om TOV V I om iceu «<» — icXiny m | om mu !<> — x^po^^c^M F* | 
T<Hi70-eit] oti^o-ei ex corr f*: iroti^o-ere F*»C: {roiffaown 71) | 
rovt — (19) x^Po^P^^Mli ^ cherubim duo sint ex duobus lateribus 
eius Or-lat | tow] pr jcat b': Ta F'f* | ^vo i*>] w ex corr f*: sub 
— Sb I X^P^^P^^\ X^P*"^^*' AFMrvaa(-j8iir) %, \ om cti— (19) 
Xepovp€ifi { I ivo JcXinj (19) eo-orrot sup ras (ii — 11) A» | rXtny] 
-l-avrov F^egjftiS(sub ^ o-' ^) 

19 eaorrax i<>] pr kcu F^ft | om 01 x«pov/3e{/i p | ot] ra 
FWn I x«P««^«/*] pr ^t'o bcdiln : dvo xepovfittp F*Mrst(-j8ii')vr : 
Xepovp€tP AF^aJL I tKTeiPoirra cf(a ex corr f^) | wrepvyas] 
+ avruv acmftBiSCsub '^ v'6^ Or-lat | twoMvBew] pr cxt rov 
iXaonypcov m* : orw^cr jnu : om Or-lat | o'wricioi'orrei] pr et Or- 
lat: (ovf o-icia^orret 71): o-wnctaforra fin | om tr — ovtcm^ i® 
Or-lat I eir B] om AFM omn l/(uid)iS Cyr | rot irrepv^at 
n^ I avTVP i<^] avrov f | om eTi^-aXXi|Xa k | om rrt rov tXa- 
onypcov (71) 1/ I eiri] emrrior h | ro i®] jcora d | avrwr i« — 
vpociova lo bis scr g I oXXiyXa] ^-respicientes 1/ | eif ?<>] pr 
^mm/ ft : rf rt#/^r B : m c Or-lat : irpof F*» | iXo^nypior] tfvo-t- 
aimiow¥ c : + de k | om caorrai i<^ — (lo) iXomypcor m | om ra 
i« — X^povfictp n I ra 2<»] pr et Or-lat | x^P**')^*"'] 3wo xepoi^M 
dt: dvo x^povfi p: x«po<^*M abce-losuwxb^d ,(•«(/& bhowba)l8 
Or-lat Cyr 

20 mu i<*] pr icai rri^ifO'etf ext rov cXaonypcov kcu ra irpoo'- 
iM-a avrwr eif aXXiyXa k | «rttfi?OTyf i | Ki/San-or I®] ice^aXip 
Cjnr^ I «'«*^«»'] pmyr p: tvapioBtp ac: om kB Or-lat | ett — 
o-oi] ra /Mprvpia a dc#0'w o'ot e/i/3aXeit «it nyr my/Sc^ror m | eif 
nyv Kip«eroP post tfipoKtit ft | om e/i^SoXeit o | /uiprvpca] /mv- 

za aya^^pctf] aFa...i'ov Xoorop.. F* 

z6 iXa^ny/Kov] ffxewaffna F^ | (^ cubitum— altitudinis eius) non inuenimns in duobus «xemplaribus traditkmis buius 
septuagintauiralis et propter hoc imposuimus ei asteriscum % 

17 -Topevra] eXara F**: a' tXarovt bt a' contusum ^ ^ tomata % \ rum icXirwr] o* ru9 atupium M 

Z9 eirreiyorref] a' ecrrra^srref M]s(sine nom)vz : a' o'vo'ffca^^vrrer x : ^ ffKewaftmrtt M | OTWKioibrrei] o' ^rtraforref js : 
a' (TiceToi^ej k(8ine nom)v | eiri rov iXocnypiOv] eiri rov o-ireir... F*» 



XXV 28 

(11) 21 & tbf SS COL ^^icaX yimcOiiaofjLai <roi itceWev, koL XaXi^<ra> <roi ivmOep rov IXaarrfpiov ava B 
fUaov T&v hvo xepovpelv rSv 6vt^v inrX 1^9 ieij3oinov rov fjutprvpiov, /cat /cari iravra 6<fa hv 

(23) 21 epretkwfAai cot irph^ Toi>^ vloi^ ^lapai^X.^ ** Kal 7roAi7<r€A9 rpdwe^av XP^<^^ 'xpvtriov If d, 

(24) 25 KaOapov, Svo irr/x^fav rh fifjieo^, fcaX ^nf^^o^ to eipo^, teal 9nfx*09 fcal ^fdaov^ rh ir^ro?. ^^ical 

(25) 7roAi;^€i9 airy OTpeirrit ^fevfAaria XP^^^ kvkX^* ^^S) /cal iroii^aei^ avT§ (rre^dwiv 7ra\ai<rrov § q 
(2) Js ^''f^' ^^«i 7roii;<r€i9 ^arpeirrip fevfidriov r$ oTetfxipjf KVKKtp, ^^kcu wonjaei^ riaaapa^ § 1/ 

SoKTvXiot/s 'Xpwrov^^ koX hnOri<rei^ rov^ rea-aapa^ SatcrvXiov^ iirl rit riaaepa fiipff r&v 

(27) 26 woS&p avTfj^ ^^viro rifv arei^vffV' ^feal laovrai oi Sa/crvXioi eh Brfica^ T0i9 dva^pevaiv, 

(28) 27 Sirre aXpeip iv axnoi^ ri^p rpdwe^ap. ^tcai iroirfaei^ roif^ apa<f>opeU i/c fvXcDv aarfirrfop kcX 

(29) 28 tcaraxpvawirei^ avToi>^ 'xpy<rl(^ /eadapfy zeal apBijceraL ip auroU ^ rpdwe^a, ^/cal TTOn^aei^ 

rii Tpvfikla avrij^ leai 7^9 dvUr/ea^ teal rii tnropSia xal roif^ KvdOov^, ip oU aireicei^ ip 

22 wrfx»if F I Tifuffvt B*{'ffovt B»*>)A 23 waXeffrov F* 

25 TtffffCLpat (bis) B*********^] reffffopet B* | rtafftpa] rtvaapa B***»'F 26 wrrai F* 

28 €r |0 B*«>] om B* | o-xureit B*(<nr€ar- B»»)A 

ny/Ma e | a ay] axep b^^' | om a dn*(uid) | of dw] <£id0 1/ Or^ 
lat: ego dabo ^B | ay] eay ac: om in*^ | dw] post o-oi r: hwrw 
dfir*(uid) I om <rot i* 

21 ywtoffo/iai i*m | <rot !<>] im^ij Phil-arm: om 1 Cyr^ | 
om ffoi 2° Iswz I tXaony/Hov] dvo'iaffmipiov dgo | om dvo o j 
Xepovfi€Uf BAFMrvzE Phil-cod i] x^povfiifi rell {-€i/i bhiowb,) 
18 Phil i-ed| Or-lat Cyr | tn n^ Kifitarou] €p ny Kfj^TW m | 
;ta^v/xov] a^rv/9 sup ras i* : cXoonjpcot; h | om irai 3<> Mabj*(uid) 
kmnsvwzdg^Sl/JS Or-lat Cyr | Kara] super fi \ offa] a m \ 
ar trrtiXwfuu] mandaui %-ed C' | ar] eay Isvzb, : om m | er- 
TffiXw/toi] erretXo/A€y d(uid) : €rrt\Kofiai F^'m | xpof rout inovf] 
pr XoXi^cretf dop: pr dicere B: (rotf wott 16) 

22 (jcoi i*»] pr iroii^rett rpaxe^ (vXov acnTrrow 83) | xp^tariP 
B] om AFM omn ^BSl/iS Cyr | xpvciov KaBapov] €k ^vXwp 
offuprrum F*»"«acm^B'5J'«* (sub 4^ ^): om k | xpt^"**^] P' «* 
F*nU(mg)a, : xp^rov Cyr | noBapov] + irai (uXoyy affiiwTWP b | 
/ii|«or] +avr7f acm^B (sub <S> a'^: -l-avrov F^ | Ti|x<ot ro 
eupot] cuHium latitudinis 4^ a' 9^ eim "< %\ om ro 2®— mjxcot 
2® F*(hab F*"w) | tvpot] +owTiyf acSl | inyx'w 2®— wf ot] wW- 
/»m «/ dimidium aUituditiis 4^ a' B' eius < ^ inaurabis earn 
aura 4p puro '< % \ tiiU9o\n\ {rffuffv 71): +to iifuffovt I* | v^ot] 
-l-avn^ egj: +Kat naTaxpvciaatit KarwBof KOi omw xpvviv 
KoBaptit b' : + avrrit kox xaraxpvo'wrtis avrrip xfvffiu KoBapu ^Jfc 
km1Bl£^om aimyf ^k) : + koi xpvcwrtu avr . . XP*^"^ *^^^ . . . F^*"' 

23 a\mi i<*] avnfp c | ffTp€irra Kv/iarta XP^'^^] rrpnrrw 
KVfULTiop xpvo^our AF*Mdcgj(txt)lpq"'<*(...rtor xpi^ot^)s(txt)tu 
vz(txt)a,b3 : icv/uinor xp^^^^ (rrperrop ackm)S : ^^am -1- »^- 
satiiitn V auream JS : (xpiwoi/r kv/ultiow arperrop 76): arptwrw 
KVfAariop bw | tfrpcvra] post Kv/Miria hn : post xpvo'a f[(uid) | 
om xpMra n£<=l/ | kvkXw i<^] om svz(txt) : + cat TOii^o-eti trrpeir- 
Tor jrv/MTior x/mmtoiw jcvkXw x | om ira« 2° — kv«Xw 2® f j | toci|- 
fl-eit 2®] TPtij<ret b' | avny 2°] (awn^y 16.130): om 1/ | ffrf^an|i»] 

pr ffTptWTOW KVfULTlW XP**^^^ '^^ P* OTt^POV C | ToXaiOTOI/] 

atbiii unius 1* 


24 om totum comma dm£<= | iroci^o-ett] iron^o-et Aa : om p : 
+ovny cl/* I ffTp€WTOP kv/mtiop] kv^mtiop xpt^ovi' ffrpewTOP c : 
^<wf -;- uersatilem V 4> op* ^ auream "< Sb\ om irrptvnxp g : 
-|-X/>v^ovr Aa | ny art^pri kvk\v\ KinrXw ri^ ffrt^arifs f \ nf 
rre^cwri] pr ^ 1/ : post jci/jcXw b'c( + avnfs)iW/ : rT7f tfre^ariy M : 
(n^ ffre0ayi7t 18): +avnyf aj6(sub "ag^ a' 0^) | om kvkXw pW 

26 Ton^o-ett] +avny FWu:efgi*'jmrsrz91/^^(sub ^* f/9/9.) | 
reaffapcks 1°] 4^ a | daxrvXiovt i°] daxrvKovt f | om xp^rovt — 
dorrvXioi/t 2^ 1/ | om icat 2° — dcucrvXiovt 2® AB | €Tt$iiff€ii] 
tiriBriffffs go* : -h ett t | om rout recro-apat SaxrvXAOVt d£ | rovt] 
pr KOI b': aurout ^* | reinrapas 2® B(-/>et B*)fi*'r] om FMi* 
rell WL'SS \ SoKrvXiovs 20] dairruXovt g* | rrt — aun;t] super 
quatuor latera 4p B* quae sunt quatuor V pedum eius % \ rrt] 
per 1/ I om ra qu I pMprii\ -t-a errty acm% | vo^w] pr r«r- 
0'apM' acmf[£c : angulorum B | uro nyy ^re^ai^] KarwoPTi 
Tjft ffTt^oPiit F*»E(pr «^ JiW annuli S«) | (wro] eiri 78) | <rre- 
^prfp"] pr 9Tp€irrnp Hx^^xIl, 

26 om icat ^ I om 01 1 I SarruXoi f(uid)mpqstu | ^icat] pr 
rat F^ I roct aya^pei;(r(r] suppcricUorum %f : bastacterum 1/ | 
990j^p€\)vvp\ opo^powrip i : a^povaw f \ wrre — rfrnxe^y] ad 
continendum mensam Hi' \ wore] c#t ro m : om bw | er ovroit] 
post Tpartj^op A*"*©*: eaurott f : ep avru a: om A*Fbklsvw 

27 om totum comma a, | ara^opeit] pr Xotfrovt fi*': wa" 
00/Kett g: -l-avnyt s(mg)z(mg)l/ | KaTaxpvawnp i | avrovt] 
auroct m : avrrip f | xpvo-tw] pr ex t* : post KoBapu b | KttBapia] 
sub -7- iS: om (71.76) Wj' 

28 om «a« fo g | TOirfoets !<»] iroii^^nyt c | ro i^— Kva^ovt] 
thurihuia et cistulas eius et cyathos et libaioria eius % \ ain-i;t] 
sub 4> 7' S : avroit n : avnap i* : om Vlw \ rat BwffKat] rovt 
BvtffKovt s : + avn^t acm^(sub <^* e/3/).) : -h xai rat ^laXat Mdn 
ptl/ I Kat ra ^rordca] post Kua^ovt Cyr: om m: -k-avrrft ac 
J6(sub 4> e/9/>.) I rovt] rat Im | icvatfovt] -|'aun;t ackS(sub ^ 
tfip,): +€P avrois m | er oct] wett g: epBeit qu | o^tto'eit] 

az ypwoBifOOfuu] oc ^ ovpra^opm Ms(-wMa«)vz : m oXot ovpra^vfuu j 

aa xfi*f^^^ KttBtipov] a* ligni "nuLfiOTI 0^ ^ lignis spinosis % \ (cMiytrrwr)] o^ cucopBrp'OP b 
a3 icvAiaria] ore^ayc. F*> | orc^oi^] jcXciO'Aia F*» | xaXotJToi;] owiBafitit v ypopB,. F^ 
a4 jrv/iarior] xXcM-Aia F^(int lin) 2$ nyr are^aniy] rov kkufffiaTot F^ 

a6 roit opa^opevouf] roit Xooroit F'* 

a8 ra rpvp>ad] a' rovt vtpcucat F^ | Buffxeu] icoxXia.. F*> | jcac ra o^ordca] o' B^ et phialas Sb \ ovop^ia] exi/SaXr.. Mpa. 
F** I iruatfovt] fiiup,. F*> | ovewett] ovyMpao... F*> 

237 3I~2 

XXV 28 


B avToU* ;^pi;<rtov /eaffapov woi^aei^ aitrd. ^icaX iwiOi^aei^ iwl r^v rpdnre^v dprout iv^nriov^ 39 (90) 
ivavrlov fiov Siit iravro^, 3°Kal woifjaei^ Xv^vlav i/c XP^^^^ KoSapov, ropetn^v 30 (31) 

§l,w iTTotifo-etv rifp Xvx^lav 6 tcavXo^ avrrj^ koI oi KcCKapitricoi koI oi /cparrjpe^ ical oi <r<f>aipoi>* 

TTjpe^ feai rit Kpiva i^ avrfj^ Itrrai. 3z|^ ^ KoKafda/coi iinropevofjLevoi i/e wXayU^Vt rpet^ 31 (33) 
icaKafiUrKOi rrj^ \\r)(yla^ iK rov kXItovs avrfj^ rod ivo^, /caX rpet^ /eaXapdcfcot r^ Xvxvi^^ 
ife rov /cXlrov^ rov hevripov. ^KaX rpeh icpaTrjpe^ itcrerxnrwpivoi /capvtc/cov^* iv r^ hi 3« (33) 
KiiKa^iiaKtp at^aiptorrip icaX fepivov otrro>9 T0i9 ^^ tcaXapdc/coi^ roU imropevopAvoi,^ iic 1^9 
Xi/^i/ta?. ^tcal iv t§ Xv^via rea-a-ape^ teparrjpe^ iKrervirtopAvoi, KapvUncov^* iv r^ ivl icaXa- 33 (34) 
piatctp a-^tupornjpe^ ical rit tcplva aifiij^. 34 o a'<f>aip<0T^p inro roif^ Bvo KoXafda/eov^ i( avrfj^, 34 (35) 
ical <r<f>€upwT)fp vvo roif^ ritraapa^ fcaXafiiaKov^ i^ avrrj^* o£t(U9 toU i( KoXafUatcoi^ T0i9 
itcTTOpevofUvoi^ i/c rij^ Xvxvia^. ^tcal iv t§ X\r)(yia riaaape^ /cparrjp^^ i/crervrrmfUvot 35 (34) 

19 €9<aTtOVt] €V0€lOVt fic'™* 

31 K\iTovt I®] t sup ras F | avnir 

32 ff^pVTTIp F* 

30 (r^epomypet B*(<r^av- B«»*»»)F* 
'kkiTovt 2° B**»™«'*^(icXeirovf)] om B* 
34 Ttffffopet B*(-pof B**>) 


ffW€i9Tfit i: roirfceis n: o-xevdetf r: xiffrct m: libabunt )S | cr 
1®] er qu : om d* | xpvcriov] pr eic F*>adegjnptaaba 

29 rrt^(rett] exi^ sup ras F' | njt rpawe^t F | afrrovt 
ffr&nr sup ras i* | aprout] om 1 : + 6iv\owpoawrovi f : + dtx/xHrw- 
irovt i*' I eronriovt erarrtov fiov] in ftuittn cumposUos contra 
me 1/^: propositionis in conspeetu meo %^\ sanctos coram me 
in conspeetu )S( + ^/^ BO | om evciiMriovt b Phil-arm | erar- 
rtoy] ipi panem ft-codd: twunriop bfiqu | e/iov w | dta rarrot] 
om b' : + Tpofftfwov n 

30 om Xvxpuuf i® — roci^o-etf 7^ w | Xt;x>''A' i**] Xvx''** b' | 
Xpvo'iov] + ras (1) A | ropcwrip] TopvtvniP f Cyr-ed: iomatum 
9£1^ Phil-arm : f if ai^(9 tornatili )S | Xvx*''<^ >°] Xvx>'*<>if I^* I 
/ravXot ain-i;f] scaphus I/*' : rM/iAr ra/j#/ 1/^ : /cat/Xot sup ras 
i*: om avnii % \ jcoXa/u^icoi] Kpanipes svz: +aim^ acm)S^ 
(sub 4:* fjSp.) I om jcpan^pet kou m a, | jcpariypet] JcaXa/ito-icoc 
svz: -t-ttimjf acmB(sub <5> t") | cr^flupwri/pet] ^Kaanfpet m : /j^rA- 
»«fAil/^: -|-ownjfacB''(+^»«iwj)i(sub.:gy 7') | jc/KFa] +aimyf 
acm^(sub ^^S^ 7') | avnyj a®] avrov a, | eawrauL b, 

31 ae] Kox b€Ka qu: om AF*blwaab,aiS5i/^ Cyr | cic- 
iropcvo/icroc] bis scr ^: €Kirop€vofJtepeu c: exeuntihus 1/: xopev- 
Ofieivi b': om d | €« TXa7ifc»'] eic rear irXa7tcM' dnpl : de lateri- 
bus tribus %7\ om aa : + avnyt F*>acm%)Si^(sub 4^ epp.) : + rrjt 
XvxPias s(mg)v(mg)l/* | rptts i°] pr kcu a^ | KoXa/JMKoi a**] 
lac 12-13 lin inter icoXa et /uto-irM c | om nyf Xux^tat 1° (77) 
1/* I icXirovf i<* — epos] ewf icXirow hinoqrux^l/ | om ovnyt — 
«Xiroi;t a° B*f | avnjs] post erof dpta^b, : om ksvr C3nr(uid) | 
om Tfis Xiar^f «® AbegjkmwEE Cyr(uid) | €k 30— devrepov] 
de una latere candelauri secundi 1/^ | irXtrot/t a<*] +ain-i;f am 
JS(sub -ij:' y) : + ovrov c 

32 KOI i<^] sub -7- Sb : om k | eicrervxia/upot KapvusKovt] i<rra- 
fjuepoi F** I €Krervvtaii€POi\ {eprervnayxpoi 25) : rmnrw/ieFoi sr* | 
jrapuMTicovf] icapvt(ricoct Ipqux : jrapouo-icoi b(-po(0'- b) : KapwKOi d : 
t'lf modum nuelioli I/*': om m | ei^] pr m ff^aipvrriptt npt | 

rw ci^i KoXaAUtf-icw] xaXa/u^/rw rw eyi AFMegjl(-<rffoif)pttyx-b3 : 
Tu KoKa/uffKia rut en acdkm^ : (raXofuo'/cw en 25) | om 0-^- 
pftm7p — (33) JcaXo^AWifw d | o-^cupcimyp] pr «/ f[ : ff^piorifpi 1 : 
speroterem %/\ lychnuchm %J^\ (0* o-^cupamypff 84) | icpu^or] 
(ra Kp<ya ain-i;f o-^cpomjp vro roi/t dvo jroXo/uo'icout e{ avnyt 
84): -l-«/ /»vr craterae in nucis modum formatae in altero cola- 
misco et sphaera et lilium %\ + 4^^ et tres craterae formatae 
nuces in arundine una sphaera et lilium V % \ o\nw\ pr ireu 
n : -^r fades ILT' "| eic rris Xi^^^tof] de ca/amislcis] W/' 

33 om totum comma g | €p i^ — icpan^per] in eandelauro 
quarto crateres M/: in grateres %/i in crat,,,, %^ \ eic nyj 
Xvxrcat A | cprervrafitPOL a, | KopviffKovt] kcu poiiSKOUs b : /So- 
pwffKovtf: JcapuMTicocf Iqux : nuclioHsM/i KopviaKoip: nucllicy- 
[t] WJ' I om (p 2° — icaXo/ttcricw Fejlsv-baftB^fEl/iS | er 2®] pr 
M ff^piorifpts p I icaXa/tto-Kw rw evi Anp | om rw ac | eri iraXa- 
/uo'icw] icaXa/AM'icw rw eye Mt | a^atpiarripet Bh] pr (r^oipwnjp 
ffcu xpcyor rocf c( iraXa/uo'icotT rocf ecxopevo/Aerotf ex njf Xvxi'iaf 
icai ex n/f \vxPMf revaapes Kparrfpes txrervwuftepoi KapvusKOVt 
Oi A{KapvtffKovt — (34) avTfit 1° sup ras circ 105 litt A*) : pr et 
^IL^'SS : et lychnuchis ILr* : v^pwnup eif r : a^ponip p : pr 
M FM rell: (pr wj 25) -l-avnyf F*>acmiS(sub -ig:') | to icpiro 
ai/nyf] icpci'or p 

34 om totum comma g | o-^cupfamyp] fychnuchus %^ 
( + «»«i 1/") : speroteres %'' : ra Je Kpcwi row v^pwrt\poi p | 0] 
wf !•': icat F*» | ef ovnyf i®] om xfi: om e{ n | om /ecu — aim/f 
2<> Acdlmnpwa^baSl/ | tf-^acpcim^p 2<^] pr Mz: ff^pior/fptt 
o I Te<r<ropaf] Jwo FMabefijrstvxz^^ : om W ] avnit 2«] 
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aimjf sub '^) \ ovrtas — \vxPian post (35) KapvarKovi dp | ovnat] 
sub -T- ^ : ^r fades % \ om rott ef icaXa/turiroit 1/ | ef eropei/o- 

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ag apTovt eronrww] fetrr.. F*>: a' aprot/f wpoffwrov F** | eFunriout] a' wpocwrov Mjk(sine nom)svz: 9' wpoaawov M: o^ 
wpo$€C€tn F*5ksvz5&(sine nom jks): ^ vpoBcaem M 

30 ropevn^r] a' eXanyr F^(sine nom)^iS : 0^ ^ ut 0' JS | iravXot] Oi } /ii;pot M(om o)svz | icpanypet] a' vkv^ F^(sine 
nom)Ms(-0ot)vz | icpiFa] o' /SXcmtoc F*>"»***(sine nom)Msvz: o^ aP0ri Msvz 

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rinrw/xerot a/itry^aXa n | (craterae formatae nuces)] a! mactrae (f^saH^) super qucu sunt similitudines amygdcUorum o* 
craterae formatae amygdalis V craterae super quas sunt similitudines amygdalorum % \ {liliutn)] of germen 0^ fhs ^ ut 0' 
5^ I Xvx^taf] -^ ff^aiptenipes avrtft iccu KoXafiurKOi avnyt e| avnyt c^'orrcu... F^ 

33 icpanypet] a' 9kv^ v | e«rcrvrwficyot icapwcncovf] Mra/i... F^ 




36 MOpvUr/cov^. 3^ol tr^cupteniipt^ /vol •/ KoKafdincoi i( avrrj^ Ifrrmaav SXjii ropetm^ i^ iph^ B 

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1 ical KOKicipov tmckma-fAepov ^^epov/Scl/A ipyturia v^dvrov woi^aei^ avrd^. ^fMJico^ rfj^ avXaiaq 

rtf^ fjua^ o«T«a teal elteoct 7nf%€tt>y, koI eipog r^aadpmp 'nrij(€mp 1} OfuKnia 1} lUa Scrtu^ fjUrpop to 

3 •i/ri iarai wdaoi^ toS^ wiXaUu^. ^whrrt 8i avXaSm iaovTCU i^ oSXti'Xmp ix6fA€Pa$ ij irepa i/c 

4 T^9 MpaSf itaX Trhrre avKaiai i^opTai avpexofi€Pai hipa ry erip^f. ^teal TTOniati^ mvTaU 
cppcvXa^ vatupdipo^ iirl tov p^e/Xot;? rQ? avKala^ r^9 fjua^ iie tov ivo^ pyipov^ eh rifp cvfifioKil^ 

40 ofta 6<'«^] oXa B* | Miyfuww B^'Stty- B«^)A 
3 e(— to-orrot 1® B^mfflnf] om B* 

XXVI 2 wrix^w i»] wrrxfi^ F 
4 fit B^] om B* 

36 M i^] pr K(u fiiS : pr quodH \ ff^fximjpei] KaXafUffKOi 
bfil/*: +avrtai' acm^dfsnb 4^ a' $^: +«« ra xpipa Mdnpt 
1/^ : + KfHwa sz I KoXoftiffKOi'] ff^purrfp€f bfi : fychnuchi 2/^ : 
■k-avrwf aciniS(stib <j> a' ^) : +iroi to Kpipa Cyr-cod | wrttvaw 
oKii\ ,,ini^gnim] 1»* | etrrcM-oF] cirorrai oB: om 1/^ | oXi| 
T»/»evnf] oXoi ropevrot 1 : oXoropevroc m : oXoi roprevroi f | ro- 
pcvn;] ropevroc g* : rof^tvnii Cyr-ed : tomaium HS&L^-ta %"*)% \ 
ef wpf] ec B^ Cyr| (repugname contextu) | ica^opov] +effTOi b 

37 iroci^tt] itwrfnft i: erociyvey a*(aid) | row Xvx^'oi/t 
ovn^] « htcemas % \ om row i<» 1 | avnyj] owny l*'(uid) : om 
Ir* I CTctfi^O'eit] ffTt^iyffiTf i : eri^Mrett wa, : twiBwnfi p : inpoms 
super mm l/*(-ifij 1/) | rw% \\f)(9wt 1®] avrovr b, : rovr Xi^ovt 
oimjf m: +aimyf AFMace%hWjloqs-vxza,)SiS Cyr|: +eown;f 
dp: -¥ super candelabrum % \ ^OMovvtw] ^araMrir h^'k: ^oi- 
roMTir ca, : ^orei n : /i/r^f i/ \ <ic— (38) «vri|f 1® mutila in 
1/* I eic — vpo9wrov\ de una parte M/ \ ewt wpoawrov] Tpoa-w- 
TOV TOV epos n : +awnyt F^^abckm%B(sub <^ 7^) 

38 roy iirapwmipa] suffusorium S/^: row empvarripat F^ 
^ : emunctoria % \ ror] nyy f : om d* | om aun^f i® k | om 
KOI i®— ttvnyf «» efg jl/ I om aunyf «<> Hi | ««] pr /wwx ^ : 
om acml/^ | iron^o-ett — (39) ravra] pr luKarrw xptvu>v jca^apov 
dsvr: post (39) xaSapov AFMabcegjklprtwxa^bgftl/iHEraXay- 
Tov ac^(uid)l/^ | KaBapov -xfiwiov c | Totifffvit] +avn|r ac5S | 
om ravra ^-cod] : om n | xon^crf cf ] + avriTv raXarrov m 

39 ravra] avnyt fB | om raXarror XP^^^^^ KC^apov mW | 
raXarror] raXaprov Cyr : raxarof f | ira^apov] + roirfO'eis wama q 

40 XaXbrr rw fiwwrn Toiifoui avrrfp Kara row rvror or 
eupojcei Acta vii 44: opa yap ^vfvtp woiiietis rarra Kara tow 
rvwop TOW dtixOtrra o-oc ev tw opti Heb riii 5 || opa] a opat m : 
om n§/^ I Ton^o-cif] ipxquaelL'i [/]^rwf ]a l'' : +Tarro Fb 
rsvwxa^B Phil-gr(uid) Heb Cjrr^ | KaTa—Mtvyyxwoif] secun- 
dum exemplum qui datur Mj' : secundu[m\form{am\ [d\t' 

m€{n\ttratc^m\ i* | om roi' i** f | ror dedtiyfiepow aoi] eorum 
quae tibi ostensa sunt Or-lat-semel : eerum quae uidisti Iren | 
dedeiYficyor] ZtvxBwTO, acfikmrsvxz 


XXVI 1 TTfr 9Ki(9i\iw\ post TOii^retf !<> f[|Sl/: ny o-myyii efg 
jquS I avXacAf] atriorum 1/*: cuHiorum 1/^ | om eir egj | 
plveffovt g I om icai vaitu^v 1/ | KoirinFov KexXtifffAtPov] cocce 
neie %r | wicX«#yfi€rov — (1) njx'w*' «** mutila in 1/^ | X'pov- 
/3ei/i epyatf'ia] £;^)^fv ckerubin 1/: cAerubin opus 1^^ | x^P^v- 
/5ei/A] x'povpetp AF*Mrt(-/9tf')vz : ^A#r0^ ^: om m Phil-arm 
(aid) I tpyoffia] epyoffiop degjnsvwz9(uid) Csrr : {epyaoms 77) : 
epYor c : epus JS | v^ovrov] iexfiU l/» : (v^ovriy r8) | avrat] 
earn Ht/ : avra kco. e^aipwnipn vro row Ttavapea KoKofiuncovt 
ef avnyt dp(om ico* — ovnyf p^*) 

2 /ifiKOt] pr TO p* I riff I®] avnyt c | avXoiaf nyt M««»] Mmw 
avXeat m | o«ctw koa tiKoai] tucoffi koi oktu bwE^iS: €iicon 
0KT» nsvz I inyxewr I®] inyx**» (^5) Cyr | om koi 1° — viyxcMr 
I** A*(hab A«"«)s | «vpof] pr to bdnptw | om ri 1° — wra* i« 
m I 11 t^^fua] atrii unius IL : ueii unius Wl^Sb \ avXoia] 
avXif F*qii | eoroi i°] sub -r SS : wtw d : xai k : om £ | fterpop 
to avro] mensura una B : om s | ro avro eorac] corac ro avro 
A : om 1/^ I e^rai 1^] post avXaioct m : sub -r S^i om ks | 
irao'ait] ceteris 3/^: om A | avXait g 

3 (om totum comma 83) | de] ^ p: om egjw^d^^iS | 
avXaiai 1°] avXat el: tria %!* \ tffOPTm i<>] {wTtta'aw 74): om 
^[l^^(uid) I om e$— eo-orra* «» B*e | e$ — rrcpaf] ex oHs alio 
contendentes ex alts alio %'i ex alterutrum 1/: continenHa 
al\tyrutrum 1/^ | om e( aXXiyXwr A | exott/epwi] wprxpiuwoi 
AFMacdf ik-npstr-bg Cyr | 1^— rr»pot] om 9(uid) : om ri AF 
Ma-dgj-npstv^a Cyr | irai— ertpo 3"] et quinque etiam aHa 
inter se amiuneta % : om cdmnpwa, | irei^re i«] pr oi gjtv* : a« 
b I avXaioc i^] avXai 1 | tffowTai 2^ — erepa 3°] continentia ex alls 
alium l/*(om continentia 1/) | wonnat ««] +ef aXXiyXwr F**"* 
bt I ffwexofupai\ ffvprxofufpa W : om eghj | ny rrepa] nyt rrepat 
fik : tK nyt erepaf AFMablstvzb^iS : (ertpat 15) : CKarepor egj 

4 avraif] avrat A*ah: -r ei "< SS: om bft | a7KvXat] 
avXaiat b,: +Z Wj^ \ vaetpBiPOvt x \ ert tov x<^<>vt i**] in 

/rtmtes 1/* | eri i®] e/c n | fiepovt bis scr 1* | ett] pr rov n : 
ifaro h: om B*r | o-v^^oXip] vvfifiovXiiP fey* | om ewt tov 

38 icai 1° — avnyt i^] $* koi \api8at avrov b (sine nom) iS: a' 0^ aJuti t^^^rty^n iS | eirapv^rrfpa} HiKafiiS., F^^: m 
^ \afiidas M | ra vro^e/iara] ta wvpta BvfuaTovs xaryionypia F**: oc ^ wvpuk ra icaXov/idNi TpvpKia M 

39 raXarror] Komfpopiop F*» 

XXVI I CN/Xoiaf] /SiyXopca F^: a' deppMt M | ex /9vff^ov] avro^3a^t F^ | voiriytfov] /Scrtr. . F^ | kokkimov] kovkovK. F^ | 
v^arrov] aFaXexr.. F^: xouriXrov M 

4 a^KvXat] oyKtPovt ett ow e/A/SaXXorroi oc irpurot nyt Konit OriXvKUk F^ | ffVfipoXrip] ffiz/i/SaX/ia i 




B icai otrm^ iroiiyo-cw M rov ^^e^v? rrj^ avXcUa^ rrj^ i^mripa^ irph^ t§ avfJL/3o\§ tJ Sevripf. 
^mpniiCovTa officvKa^ von^aet^ ry auXcUf rfj /ua^ zeal irevrtjicovTa a/yicvKa^ won^aei^^ iK rov 5 
fUpov^ T^9 avkaiiK /carit rifv trvpfioK^v rrj^ Sevripa^* aimirpoo'WTOi ivriiriTrrovcai iWfjXai^ 
«i9 ifcdcrrrfv. ^ical Troiijcreiv fcplfcov^ wevnj /copra ;^uo'ot)9» ical <rvi/^eA9 r^9 avKala^ iripop t§ 6 
Mpf T0i9 KpUoi^' KoX iarai 1} a/ctjv^ pia. ^Kol 7ro»97<rei9 iippei^ rpix^vct^ aieeinjp 7 

hrl rfj^ aKfjprj^' fpBe/ea Seppei? iroiii<r€is avrd^. ^rh p,rjtco^ rrj^ Zippem^ t$9 /Aia9 rpidtcovra 8 
7n^ca>y, ivol reaadprnv 'jnix^^^ "^^ eipo^ 7^9 Sippew^ T79 /ua9* to oiJto fUrpov f<mu rdi^ hfheica 
tippeav, ^Koi avvd'^ei^ t^9 wipre Seppet9 ^^l to avT6, zeal t^9 if Sippets iwl rh air 6* icaX iwi* 9 
SiwXoKrei^ rijv Bippiv ri)P l/errfP icarh irpoatnrov rrj^ aKffvf}^* ^^tcal iroiijaei^ iytcvXa^ ireprrf /copra 10 
hrl rov ;^e^Xot;9 t^9 Sippeo)^ rrj^ fua^ rfj^ apii pAaop Karh avfifioXijp' /cat ireprrfKOpra arfKvka^ 
won^aei^ iirl rov ^^f^ow t^9 Sippea^ t^9 iTVPawrov<rq^ rrj^ Bevripa^. ^^/cai iroifjcei^ Kplxov^ 11 
XclKkov^ wami/copra, /cat avpd^ei^ toiW /cpUov^ i/c r&p djKv\&p, tcaX avpd^ei^ t^9 Sipptt^ /cai 

7 9tpp9» i*»] «e/>p«f B I 9€ppM IP B^] fcppif B* 

9 fcppeit (bis) B^] inppit B* | te^w 

8 njf ^pptm «» B*»>] om B* | ^ppwip AF 
II dfffi^f B^] Ikp/M B* 


X«Xovr 2** f I €wi 1®] e/r e I om row x'^om *** ™*a I ""?* 3* — 
t^cpat] a/i^f ixtrinsecus 3J \ om njf 30 s | avXcuaf 2^] +n|f 
luas h I om njf 4*^5) oi/Xcuat d | c^on-epat] «|ii»tfer n | xpot 
— devrepa] a/ commissimem secundi %^ \ wpot ny] xpo rov n | 
np ffVfipoKffP TJiw dwrtpop m | ffv/ifioKri] ffv/ifiov\ri fs 

6 vfi^^orra i® Bho^'HIBSi^] oai/^m l"": +ae AFM 
o*(uid) rcll 1/* I a7rvXaf xoii^rett i°] iroiiy^iyt ayyvXaf c | 
{ayKvXat 1^] a^KvXflut 84) | Toitiaeit i^] xoci^oiff i : om p | om 
n| !<» — Toi7iff€it a® fjl* I TTf I* — ^fua] «■ part^ auliui unius 
9S^ : ad atrii tmus 2/ : ianuae uni 1*^ | om jccu g | om ayjrv- 
Xaf roii^eif i9 p | a7irvXaf a<^] avXaiaf a, | om Toti^ecf 3° — 
fMpovf 1S^ I roii^^eit 3<>] Toti|oiyf i : H-ny avXcua ny /ua w | rov 
— avXauit] njf ^i^i/3oXi|f a, | ficpoi/t] pr crot iipt£ | ri^t ovXaiaf] 
iam$e %/x om w | xara— 3evref>at] stcundum commissuram 
secundum 1*^ | avftfiovXtip gs | nyy devrtpop m9(uid)l/* | 
amxpoo-onroi] awriTpoacnrw eta, : /w/ a/ij o/wm 1/* | arri' 
TivTOvaai] post aXXi|Xacf 3/^ : arrirvwrowrai a, : arrirvrrovo'cu 
cu ay/cvXai m: +cu aYirvXac acx(om at): -^-erunt eae 4^ ansae 
V % I fliXXi|Xa4f fit eKOffTTiP Bno'S(+aifXtf#)] oXXi^Xocf etf ejra- 
ffnip hr : oXXi|Xaf eif ticaffniw fi : aXXi;Xait cffCMn; qu : oXXiyXat 
ejrooTif t: ett oXXiyXovt eicaony mp: ect oXXiyXa ejroo'ny sz: eif 
oXXiyXoif eira^nf c : ett oXXiyXaf e/raoTiy AFM rell iS : adtnuicem 
in mtam^uam^ue m^ 

6 om ira4 i<> fi I xpucovi] post rcm^jrorra FWu:km1Bl(uid) 
BiS : KpiffKovs pt* : dcurvXioi/f M(mg)n | om iremyirorra 1/ | 
awajf^eis rat] o^vr i* | ffwarf^tis] avwa^is n : omnes iunges 2/ j 
raf avXcuat] ianuas 1/*: raf aycvXat r | erepor ny erepa] ad 
oHs alium l**^ | rrepor] ercpa o | n| ertpa] post Kpucoit f : nyt 
crepat egj | irpuroct] dcurrvXiOtf n | 17 ^in|i^] ett VKjfwyfw b | /ua] 
pr If a*^ 

7 rpcx'i'at] cuTciaf F*» | ffxtrttp AFabjtxb3£(aid)^ | m 
n|t o'jnpiff] eri nfr ffKifmiif f: tabemaculo 2/: iaifemacMl\i'\ 
W/'i omewitfH: •¥ iestimotui OxAtX \ cF^eica] +dec | deppcif 
3^ post ovrat Cyr-ed | om irociyo-eif 2<» — (8) Seppeus i<> m | 
vociyo'Cit i°] pt eiW/ I om avraf SI/* Or-lat 

8 TO i<»] +3« klS I aeppcwt i®] fcppiyt d | fuat i*> Bhkrl^'' 

Or-lat] +«rroi AFM rcll 1MLrS^{sah t) Cyr : +«A> B | rptn- 
Korra] -heri/ %"* \ wi^ttav K(u rtffffopwf] njX'*" "l« ieppem 
rift fuas €ffrat rpuucwra g | wtix^w^ i^] ^X*^^ <)s : om z | ecu 
rtaffapuif] bis scr 2/: om jccu qu Or-lat | rwvapwf np^ewr] 
post /oaf 3<> % : post evpof ackm£^ Or-lat : reffcapet wiixen f : 
om njx^mp p | eupot] + f^reu svr | nyt 3® — /uat a®] «rW 1/^: 
om p Or-lat: om np deppeus B*2/: (+«« 71) | ro ovro 
puerpcuf B] mensura una Bl/*. /lerpof ovro ra,: purrpow ro avro 
AFM rcll ^liS: ro avro /ii|icot Cyr | e^roi] sub -;- %: 9m 
Cyr-cod : nri Cyr-ed : om k | rcuf twdexa deppco't] x/ uelorum 
1,^ I roif] pr er m : cu sup ras z : rott cdn : nyt f | €if9€Ka\ 
dtKCL o* I ieppeffi] pr rocf f 

9 (^vro^eit 16.77. 130) | rat 1®] rcut x | ^pprit 1°] depperi 
x(t a® ex et) I om ert i®— ieppetf a® A*(hab A«"«) | om ro i« 
f I om iccu a® — ovro lodfiqwl/*** | rot 1** — cu/ro i« sup ras j» | 
efl dSflf* l/****: om n I om deppeit a» pML* Or-lat | «rt ro 
avro lo] pr coniunges B: om r | om ecu 3<* 1/ | rpoo-onror] 

10 ayirvXat i°] post varniKorra i® F*'ackm(-Xovt))S^ : 
a7«rvXoi;t aai ayKvpa$ f | v€miKwra i®] xerre h | row i<»] rom 
n I om riTt a<» — dtpptm a® n | om njt 3® — cvp^oKffP Or-lat | 
om nyt 3<» i^uid)!/* | fieo'ow w | ffvfipoKrpf Bacm] pr nyr AF 
M rell Cyr | ayjcwXat a*»] a'yevXowt ma, : a7fft^f f | voirffftit 
a«] sub -r- 5S: om Or-lat | eri a*»— dewrtpot] su/er frontem 
ueH quod coniunctum est ad secundum uelum %* : ueli huius 
qui coniungitur ad secundum uelum I/*' | {ro\t xeiXowt a<*] ro 
XeiXot 16.77) I ">» 5° — Jewrepot] alterius per quas coniungantur 
una ad alteram Or-lat | om nyt 5<> d | owaarowoTyf ] airrow^i|f 
e: (o^vrcu^avTouo^t 14) | nyt dewrepat] rat dcwrepat n: ny fcw- 
rcpa fin : -^ quod est in medio secundum commissuram B 

11 Totiyo-cu c I Kputovt i<*] icpiO'irovf ds : icpurorrab': dcucrw- 
Xiowt n I XAX'^ovt] post Ttfmyjcorra bw: aureos 1.^: om f | 
om rowf — o^vyafcit if* 1 Or-lat | Kpurowt a**] Kpuncovt ds(mg): 
dcurrvXiowf ns(txt)vz | {ex] cri 71) | a^icvXwi'] 0710; sup ras A*: 
dcurvXwr r | rat] pr ex ipsis Or-lat | co'orrcu AM(mg)dnpt9 | 
€f] pr ffif M(mg)dnpstvz : /ua ac : unum totum Or-lat 

5 a^irvXat I*] oyiupwt ^Xv... F*> | curtTiTrowo-ac] 0^ ^ occurrenles % 

6 jrpixovf] oFo^roX.. KOfifiia F^ | km 3<> — ^fua] a' ecu eorcu if VKtiPri ev ny o-xiyny M 

7 Bepptit rpcxu'at] Pi^apia tuytia F^ : a' 0^ icc^wmypat rpcxu'ovt M : rpixd'oc MiXwmypet jsz | deppect i^] ctXieca i 

9 o-inymit] o^/renyt F*» 10 a^/ri/Xat 1°] ^Xw... F^ 

II Kpucous I®] cu^o^roX.. FW: KOfipuk F*> 



XXVI 20 

II iarai &. "icol inroBifaei^ to irXeovd^ov iv to?? hippetrtv t^9 o'^ciyi^?* *Ti J)ipo'i; t^9 Sippec^ rh B 
{nroXeXetfipUpov viroKaXv^ei^, to irXeovd^ov t&v Seppemv 7^9 <r#w;v^9* u^roiceXtA^cA^ owta-co T79 

13 ^iciyi^?'' ^^irfixuv i/e tovtov leal ir^xyv ife tovtov, Ac tov inrepixoPTO^ T&y Sippecop, iK rot) If 1/* 
^ritcov^ T&v hippetov t^9 <ncqvfj^* larai o-VPKaXihrTOP iirl ri wXcpfia t^9 ©"/ifiyi^?' IvOep leai^lL^ 

14 &dey, Zya /caXvirrtf. ^^teal 7ro»i7<r€i9 tcaTOxdXvfjkfui Tp <ncqp^ SipfiaTa /epi&p ripvdpohapwp^a 

15 KoX iinteaXvfifJMTa Sip/iaTa vaxlpdi^pa iwdptoOcv. '^Kol woniaei^ otvXov^ t§ aieffp^ iic 

16 ^vXtop daijiTTODP' ^^SiKa irff'yeoiip won^a-et^ top otvXop top fpa, koI tnix^o^ ^•'^ '•^ ^fiicov^ to 

17 w\i£to9 Tot) OTtiXov TOV ipo^' ^^Svo atfKfaplaicov^ t^ arvXtp t^ ivl^ dpTinriiTTOPTm^ frepop t^ 

18 iripfp* o£t(U9 7roti7<r€W 7ra<ri T0Z9 <m;XoA9 Ti79 tncfjprj^. ^^koX woirfcei^ aniXov^ t§ afnfv§, k <m/- 

19 Xot/^ i/c TOV kXItov^ tov 7rpo9 fioppap. ^^/cal TcaaepdxoPTa fidaei^ dpyvpa^ Troi^aet^ toU el/coci 
oTvXot^, StSo fidae^^ r{5 (rriXtp r^ ipX eU ap^Tepa Th fiipff avTOV, leal Svo fidaei^ t^ aniXtp 

10 T9J €pI eh afk^iOTepa tA pipri axhov. ^icaX to kXIto^ to Seth-epop ri wph^ p6top eUoci irniXov^* 

12 9€pp€€i F I om TO i^—axrinis 2^ B | vroXtXifititwow A 13 cvyxaXvwrw B^'^F 

14 KarcucoKvfi/ia B*^] KoKvfifM B* \ Kptww B* | fipv$o6(UKantwa A 

18 lO €iKoai AF(-<r« F*) | tov i* AT row A* | irXeirovt A 

19 TtffffapoKorra B* | Kot a® — ai/rov 1® B**» "*'*»'] om B* 10 /cXeirof A 

12 VToOifffeis — ffniPiit y] poms superjluum ueli {ueUrum 
codd) tadier (s. inira) tt^emaculum dimidio uelo (ueH codd) 
superfiuo reliquo operies oras uelorum tabemaculi a tergo % \ 
tnro^fit] repiuabis Or-lat | er ract depp€ffuf] ex pellihts Or- 
lat : i/*/w 1/* I f •»] eiri sz | roit] rotf Ap | om nyf ^/n/nyt i® 
Or-lat I om ro i*— <rifipiyf i» Bho | om ro i« — 9eppecM AF* 
S I ro 10] pr ica4 ^ : iccu b' | nyt de/ip««#t] /r//» i^ ifu«f Or-lat | 
T9 i^ — fficipnit 2°] afranie tabemaculi et ex alia mtdUtaU quod 
supenst Or-lat | om ro vroXeXetAtficyor I/*' | vroXeXci/uMCi^or] 
inroXfiro/Acror acf(bis scr f*)ikmii | inroiraXv^eif i*» — o'lnyn/t i® 
sub •;- iS I vroxoXv^eit i°] vroiraXi;^^ f i : (airoxoXv^ect 31) : 
fffrocoXi/^eif acm( + e(f): -heit r | om row — i;iro«aXv^etf 30 m | 
r«#r 5ff/iy>ewr] to depp'W f | nyt o-fn^f «<»] pr n^C*^ ^ i om 1/*: 
-Hcrt c I om i/iroKoXvfeit «®— (13) ^^^f?*^ i** d | om vroKa- 
Xv^if i<» — fficifnit 3« ptiS I wrojcaXi/^if a"] erixaXi/^eit AF*M 
abefgi-lnquwxa3b,(-^^ fi) | orto-w nyf] pr €k tw n: wro... 
c : om nyf w | o'inynjt 3°] + owuru c 

13 np^ur 1°] TTixeif i* I KOi 1° — Tovrov a®! bis scr m : om 
tiJbJSJE I ex rovrov 2^] {ck CKciyov 83) : om n | om cjc 3° bm | 
vrepcxorrot] + firiKovs a : -f 4^ lit hngiiucHtu V iS | om rwr 
i<* — rov 2'^ cm I rbir Ikpptwf i<^] om % Or-lat: -k-dimidiam 

partem ueli quod superauit abicondes sub tauemaculum cubitum 
hinc et cubitum illinc de quod superauerit de uelis %^ \ om ex 
40 — d€pp€cw 1° AF(hab tov /itfKovt f« tww d€pp€tap F»"«)aklw 
iS£^ I €K tov fiffKovt] TOV fifiKovt tK egjnpstvx-b, : longitu- 
dimm M/i in longitudine Or-lat: om €k MIBl: -he/r fhior | 
rtw deppewr «®] nyj ^pptm qa | om Ti|t o-mfnyt i® m Or-lat | 
cotoa] pr KOX abcm^liS(sub 4^ 0) Or-lat : om hk | o-uricaXvr' 
ror — ffKfimit 3®] adopertum tabemaculum ex laterUms Or-lat | 
(rurffoXvirror] oiirxoXMrreiiy bfhiklmrtwxa, : cooperire % | eirt ra 
xXaTM] i» astgulo 1/^ | er^cF i® — jcaXifin;] ira icaroJCoXwrrw 
ertfcy /ecu ey^cr n | fr^er kcu cf^ct post koKvwtji svz)S | (I'a 
icaXinmy] om f[ Or-lat(nid) : om era gfE(iiid) | icaXvmy] oiry 
KoKvTTJi M(mg) : uperiatur %^ : -t- avnyi^ acmxiS(sub «^) 

14 /caraxaXv/i/ia] xaraicaXufi/iara nf[(uid) : iraraXvMAMi b'c* 
f*go*x: jcoXv/ifia B*F**: «u ro exiicaXvfifia e | rtfi ffiapffit f 
(om o-inyFift f*)ilmqu | dtp/MTa !<>] dep/ia k* | om jrpcayr 1 | 
lypv^oXovw/iera a, | erixoXv/ifiara] operimentum Sb \ 9€p/MTa 
3®] 9€pfiaTiwtt Kpum dpt: +Kpimw n 


16 TOii^ffiyt i I oTvXovf nf o^ffi^] tabemaculum W | ^rv- 
Xowt] pr wnyjcorat deica f i*' : pr j^x B : pr row ack : ra» ^ayiSat 
F^ I TTf ffKTfpii] nis ffKifni en: nyf o-myi^rt F^'aefikmqnxS'^iS | 
cunprrwr] +fOT«Taf acm9iS(snb ^ a' B*): +tffTatupovt F*>: 
+ efb 

16 viTxewf] -hMiy'TOf m9US(sub 4>): +altitudo E<= | vony- 
o-eif — era] imiMx columnae facies ftS^fom fades) \ voai^it] 
sub •;- iS: om AFMdegjlnpstvwza^b^B^S^ : -l-M^«ot ft I f^i^ 
I® — era] TO firiKOt njf o'ai'idor F* | (ror ffTvXov'l Trnv TniKMf 
i6> I ror era] sub -r Sbi om k : +ro lUKot c | erof i®] sub -r 
Sbi om fk I om icai 3<» a, | miiffovt] jiiuov f: dimidii <9^ 
ftr^i/i V B I ro irXarof] pr crassitudincm et % | xXarot] (xaxot 
Ii8): roxv w: raxi9 b | tov i»— erot «*] nyj owridof nyt /uat 
F^ I om row rrvXoi; f 

17 hvo\ pr Kai a^SHB | aYicwrio-ifot b | rw i« — eri] Tiff 
O'ortdof nyf /uat F*> | orrtxtrrorrof] arrtmnrrorro f : orrtxix- 
rovo'at F*>: orrirwrrorraf 1 | erepa ny crepa F*> | rr€poi\ sup 
ras (uid)j*: rrtpnav f*: aJUs 1/ | xociyo'eif] tmi|o^ i: xoii^rei 
b' I (irorraf row orvXowf 71) | xoo'i] pr er s: (pr eiri 18) | 
^rvXotf] (fvXotf 14. 16. 130 txt): ffowiotp F*> | om nji — (18) 
OTvXow M 

18 om KM — ffKijm/i w | ^TwXovf i»] pr euroo'i bfl[: pr row 
F*acfhinqux5&(uid) : rot ^ort^af F^ : omk | Ttit ffmpn^ Ftlxm 
nqrsuxHiS | om k' otvXow bf[ | otuXow 29] o-oriSaf F^ : om 
mquS I TOV 2^] Tilt X \ fioppaw] potop F*»C*= 

19 re0'(repa«rorra] o-o/Nurorra p: uiginti Hl-cod | apyvpout 
p I roct eiKocTi OTvXoif] roct orvXoif roct ir' n: in ipsis xx 
columnae alis IL : om euroo'i dfi | orvXotf] o'arco'ir F^ | {dvo i®] 
pr Kot 71) I rw I® — ert i»] nj ^aridi ny /ua F*»: t<op e: om rw 
oTvXw gj : om rw eri 1/ | avrov i°] avnyt F^ : om ft | om /cat 
1° — awov i« B^Ab'efgmnortxlr | om paotis 3* ) | r« 3« — 
ert a»] ny otiri^ nf A^a F**: (om 76) | avrov 1®] avn;t F*»: 

20 om totum comma f | kcu] /rara de ackmiS: +«ara 
b I ro 1° — devrepor] a secundo UUtre tabemaculi % \ icXirot] 
xXaroff nyf O'mpiyf m: +TTff OKtpnft ack^(sub ^) \ to wpot 
worotr] post OTvXow A: om ro ift(uid) | roror] pr ror sz: Pteroif 
boi avror c: poppas F*€« | orvXow] otandas FW*** 

14 uoictrtfira] odifM*** F^ I5 ffrvXow] 0! e^ 9t rot O'orttet 3iS 

17 9ve ttTirwrco-Kow] a' ^ 9uo x^tp*^' ^ I a7K«irco'irow] orpo^cyyot F^: 0^ xarox«t Mjsvz(sme nom sz) 
Z8 oTvXow i°] a' 0^ ^ asseres % \ ex rov xXirow] ex rov /upovt i zg /Soo'ett !<>] crda... 



XXVI 21 


B ^Kol rmraepoKOPTa fidaei^ avr&p apyvfA^, Brio fiaa-et^ r^ ^^^^ ^V ^ ^^ ifi^repa r^ ftipv ** 
avroS, ^ical Svo /3da'€i9 r{5 arvXtp rw hi eh aii^orepa rk fUpff avrovK ^tcal ise r&v iwlaw t^9 22 
irtefjvfj^ «c«T^ TO /*^09 TO wpo^ dd\€ur<reuf woiijirei^ Jf OTrvXoi;9. ^xal Svo arvXcv^ irotrfaet^ iirl 13 
T&v ympt&v T^9 CKffpff^ iic r&v murOUdv, ^icaX lorai i^ taov icarmdev* tcarh to avri itnvrai 24 
§ C^ Icoi i/c T&v Ke^aK&v eh aviiffkriaw fjUav" ovtw^ 7rotf^ei9 o/i^orepai^, *Tai9 Svalv ymvUu^ i<m»' 
cav. ^^K€U itrovTcu oxtw aTt/Xoi, teal ai fidaei^ avT&v apyvpaZ SiKa i^* St/o /Sdaei^ r^S ivl 95 
OTvXtp eh oLfA^oTepa Tit fieptf avTov, ical 8vo Qcurei^ t^ oTv'Sjp t^ iU, ^koX iroiTftret^ fjLoj(\4nf^ 96 
iK ^vK^v oai^irTmv irhne Tqi hi o-tvX^ i/c tov hb^ pApov^ t^9 o-«i;i^9, ^tcaX irhTe pM-xki^ 97 
T^ o-TiJXy T^ hi fekLTei t^ <ncffprj^ t^ SevTepip, teal irhre luyxkoh^ Tf oTiJXy T9J cnrurBlf ry 
tckiTei Ttf^ oKffvfj^ T^ vpo^ Od\a<r<rav' ^fcal o ^oj(\o^ pAao^ avk fUcov t&v otvXmv huicveLoBm 2% 
aftro TOV ho^ /cXItov^ eh to frepov kKIto^, ^/cai tov9 otvXov^ tcara'xjpvfrmvet^ 'XpvcUpt teaX 99 
T0U9 hnKTvkioi^ iroiTjaei^ ypwroih eh ot^ eltra^ei^ Toif^ fw^Kmi^, teal leaTaxpv^^ei^ roi^ 

91 fioffit (90) A I om Kat 9° — avrov 9° B 94 «fl eic F* | Hvci AF 

96 MoxXovf B**>] MoirXowf B* 97 fAOX><ovt (bU) B*t>] /lOxXovt B* \ K\im (bis) B*^] kKitl B* 

98 AU>xXot B**>] ftOKXot B* I 9uKwia$w B* | icXiroi;(ecf A 99 /loxXovf 1° B**»] /iocXoi/t B* 


21 om totum comma f | ffopaxorra p | nvrctfy] avroct AF* 
Ma(sup ra8)deg)mopqs(mg)tuxz(mg)a,b,)S5^(txt) : avrats F^k : 
om dw I apyvpai] apyvpcu F^(sup ra8)bckm1Bl : + Toci^o-ecf rois 
€iKoai ffrvKoit 1 | rw i®— eri i®] nj 0^01^1^ nj /ua F** | r« drt/Xw 
!•] icoro aTvXoir x: om o* | eti i<» — avrou 9° sub -r i5 | om «if 
I® — avrov lo F* | avrov i<*] avrwK b': avn;t F*>: om % | ico* 
30 — avrov 9°] bis scr t : om Bb'cemnftSl^ | p€ur€is 3<^] om 1 : 
+ c#^avrwf k | r« 3®— €rt 9®] (r« cFt ^vXw 16): ny (raridt ny 
/uia F*» : om rw o-rvXw s | om eif 9<* — avrov 9° F*kp | avrov 9<»] 
avnyt F*>: +ifai ro xXtrof to Stvrepw ro xpof •'oror tiKoai 
OTvXovf /cai reo-(rapairorra /Sao'eit avrov dvo pafftit rw orvXw rw 
€Pi fit Ofi^oTtpck ra fic/>i7 avrov ica4 dvo /Sao'Cif rw evi ett afi^)OT€pa 
ra fufni avrov 1 

22 irai— (93) orco-tftwr bis scr ft-codd (interposito caue et 
omisso icac 9<>) | owtcBtw r | om nyt atcrfinft 1 | /cara ro /ie/>of] 
^ /o/^/ iS : om f I Kara] jcw x | om ro i<^ m | ^aXacro'ar] pr 
rifp f I (Tovfffftis] pr KOI 30) | o-rvXovt] o-ayidat F*>i*>' 

23 ffrvXovt] o'aj'tdaf F^: (om 76) | om woiriaett VE | «« 
rwr 7wrtwr] ovio-w a, | nri] ei: c | 7wr(wr] pr 3vo cgj : Tori/uwr 
m: a7ffwycwi' t | tjc] ext ackm^ | {oviffBtp 39) 

24 e^roi e( lO'ov] cffotBev owwta f | e^rat BhrS] eo-orrat 
AFM rell ^IBl/B | e( — co-oi] aequales ad eorum ad ipsum con- 
utnUnUs in se % \ Kara Bchor] pr koi AFM rell 9)S^ | i^oi] 
pr o-M b : o-oc qux : io'ai F^ | ice^Xwr] ice^aXaiwy f: ffc^aXidwi^ 
AFMbdegjklopqtuv(mg)wxz"<«(uid)a,b3)S: Kc^aXtdwr avrwr ac 
m%(Ai#j)i6(avrwr sub ^) \ ffv/ifiXriffw] {(Tvfifiaaw 18): vvfifio- 
Xiyo'cr a, : ffVfifioktfP Ar : ffvyxXrifftM f | roM^irctt] voui^tis i : Toiri 
c I a/A0orepatt — Twriatf] duabus angulis % : utriusque angulis 
S/ I CLfM^orepup h | dv^-iF Twnait] YWFtatt raif ducriy bw | {Svo 
84) I tffrwrop Bah] icai effrwrop ((rat kn : m/ x/m/ a€quai€s % : 
om fin : + to-cu riS : pr jccu (O'cu dpt : pr co-ot bcw : pr co-cu AFM 
rell C(uid)W^ : aequala £<= : stanUs % 

25 (ocrw] pr icat 14.16.77) | orvXot] cryiKax n: o-artSet F*> | 
om M AFMabce-morsvwza,b, | avroiF a/yyvpoi] rwy ap ext lin 
F' I avrwr] avrw g | apyvpai post e( M | dcica e(] dexa koi c( 
a^: BiaStKa f: +j8ao"e(f P»"«( + «ar(tf^..)^(sub •^) | om dvo 
I** — wt 9® m I (Svo I®] pr irai 76) | rw eri ffTv\w B] om orvXw 

a I avrorr] pr viromirw F*> aa to wpot BaKaffffOf] to wpot dv... F*» 

34 c( co-ov KaTUfdtp] a' 0^ ^ gitminatae ab infra 5^(uid) | e{ «rov] dtxXai F^ | iaoi\ .>^>g^ iS | m^aXwr] (rariSwr F^ | 
eit vviafiKfiauf /uoy] ett ro d««rvXior y^o cf F^ 

a5 /Sao-eit 9°} +«aro»tf.. F^ | ircu 3**— eyi 2^] koi Hvo paatit KaTwB,. nf o-oytdt n| ^ua F*^ 

a6 AioxXovt] dto^fy.. F*» ay rw i^'—fvi] tti <raPidi ny /ua F*> | xXltci 1°] /uc/mi i a8 duKwet^Bui] fbo^Xcv... F» 


o^-cod iS- : rw ^rvXw rw en AF*M rell 1/iS : nf o-on^i ny /ua 
F** I fit — €91 9<'] KM dvo fifurcit Tia en orvXw eit apL^ortpa Ta 
fupff avrov a,* : irat dvo rw erepw eit api^ortpa ra putpmi avrov 
d I ett — avrov"] post ert 9° AMbCavrwy b')egijln*o*pstvwza,H)a 
S(uid) : sub -t- iS : om F*k | avrov] avrwr b'f : avnyt F*» | nai 
30 — fPi 9<^] bis scr s(om rw ^rvXw): om FfruBl^ | om rw 
tfrvXw sz(!r I ert 9^] + ett a/i^orepa ra lupmi avrov qxC 

26 /AoxXovt] + qui in medio columnarum 1S^ | xerre] +/iox- 
Xovt MbdnptSCl/ | rw ert O'rvXw] rw orvXw rw ert n j^(rw ert 
fub t) : roit OTvXott fi(ex corr) : nj lua o-artdt F^ : om ert C | 
om evot ackm^ | o-inyriyt] +rov erot ackmiS 

27 Kflu xerre !<> bis scr t* | rw ffrvXw i<»] rott ^rvXott fi: 
om S I OTvXw i«»] pr ert egjvr: +rw ert bdknt | rw ew irXtrei] 
rw irXtret rw ert F* : rw ftepet na re icXetret f : om twi AF*Ma-e 
gi-nqs-vx-baBC(uid)55& | *Xiret |0 — Sevrepw] eicrov tpot/upovs 
TOV Stvrtpov p: et ex alia parte tauemacuU 1» | om rw 3«> — 
(TTvXw 90 m I nyt devre pat F*> | om icat 9° — rw 50 k | rw orvXw 
90] uni colutnnat % : rott ffrvXott i\ : n^ (rartdt F*> | rw oirur^tw] 
post CKtiPTis 9*^ ac : post icXtret 9<* SS : rwr oviffBiup m | om rw 
6°— rw 7«' km | om rw KXirei (77) f[(uid) | om rw 6<' AF 
M(txt)dfgilnpqs-ba5J | rw 7°] ro nsx: nyt ba,: om ac9(Qid) | 
^aXao'O'av] + ad occidenSem (£■ 

28 i^ — /teo-ot] sera una H \ fuffos] fuffop m: pieyat x: 
om d£(uid) | opaficffop] pr npt : om f | O'rvXwr] aatud^p F^ | 
iuKpetaBio] ZtucPvaBw g : (3uire(r^w 39) : dirrmirBu h : disponaiur 
pertingem 1/ | axo] vro f | erot sub -r- % \ icXtrovt] xai rovt 
F*»aa J I jcXtrot] sub -r- 5& : om km 

29 rovt i^ — -xpvaK^ 9<^] columnae eius obducentur auro et 
undni serarum eius obducetur auro W \ rovt orvXovt] rat 
o-artdat F*»: +^ seras %^ \ xpvaw i« — /toxXovt i** bis scr d | 
Xpu0'tw i<^] +ira0apw nC(eqC0Tn) | darrvXtovt] dcurrvXovt s: 
darrvXovt avrwr c: + avrwr F^amCiS(8ub 4^ y*) \ rotiyoiyt f* | 
ett — ^/ioxXovt 1°] qui erunt domus seris £*= | ett ovt] pr atqualts 
IL: urovs 1 | eto-a^tt] a^ett a,: im^ent %-codd: ( + ett avrovt 
39) I om Kai 30 — XP^^*-^ ^° IE* I o™ *** 3** — A^xXovt 9° m | 
om Kai 3<^ w | jcaraxpvo-w^ett 9^] inaurabunt ft-codd 


30 fjLOxKoi^ XP^^^V' ^fcoi ivatrnjaei^ t^p a-tcfjvifP Kork to etZo^ to SeBeiyfUpop aoi iv r^ B 

31 6p€i, 3xKal wotijaei^ Karairirciafia i^ vaxtvOov teal irop^vpa^ koX ko/c/clvov /ee/eXoDafievov 
31 ical ffvaaov vevrfafiipff^' epyov v<l>apTop won^aei^ avro jfepovfieifi. ^koI iwifffjaei^ avrd hrl 

reaadptov oTtiXtop darjirrtop Kcxpvatofiiptop 'xpv<rl(^' koX cu K€<f>a\lS€^ avr&p jfpvaai, teal ai 

33 fidaei^ avT&p riaaape^ apyvpat ^/eal Oijaci^ t6 /earairiraafia ^l to^9 arvkov^, teal elaoUrei^ 
iKci i<r€OT€pop rov tearaTrerdafiaTO^ rtfp Kiffeorop rov fiaprvpiov teal Siopiei ro KarairiraapM 

34 vfMV avk fUirop rov ayiov teal &pk fiiaop rov dycov r&p drfltop, ^ical KaraKcCKir^ti^ r^ Kara- 

35 irerdafiari rifp tafiomop rov puprvplov ip r^ dyi<p r&p ay imp, ^^Kal Brjaet^ rifp rpdire^ap 
i^mOep rov tcarairerdapMro^^ teal rifp Xv^yiap dirhfapri rrj^ rpawi^tf^ eVl p^pov^ vfj^ <r^i/^ 

36 rh wpo^ poTOP' teal rifp rpdire^ap Oi^aei^ iirl fiipov^ rrj^ aicqprj^ to irpo^ j3oppap. ^leal Troii^aei^ 
iwUnraarpop^ i^ vatelpffov teal irop^vpa^ Kal kokkIvov teeteXcoa-fUPov Kal fivaaov te€te\o>ap4pTf^, f €<= 

37 Ipyop woiteiKrov* ^Kal voiiiaci^ r^ tearairerdaiiari, iripre orvXov?, teal ^t;<re&<ret9 avTOw 
XXVII I xpvaltp' ical at te€<f>aXiS€<: avr&p xpvaal' koX x^^vcvaei^ avroi^ iriprc ffdaci^ ^aX/cfi?. 'Kal 

wonja-et^ OvaiaoT^piop iic fvXcDi/ oo^ttto)!/, iripre Tr/fX€WP ro firjteo^, teal irivre irijx^o^p ro eipo^' 

30 de^YMcror A 31 wpoMTOi^ B*] v^arrov B* <"*<*'*> 

31 avTWf I®] owl F 33 Tovt ffTvKovs B*'*»] tup rrvkup B* | Biopiti B***] itopuis B* 

34 Kfi^fOTov A 35 Bufatii 19 B"*»] exi^fl-ew B* 

36 erwTTcwT/KH'] €TtwaffTpop F*: +T17 $vpa nis ffKiiPrft B**»"« 37 avroit B*T avreut B* 


30 oroMnyo'ett] oj^ajny^f Ab'i: woffTiffftt n: orao-cit F* ep^ayivp] in sancta sanctorum 1»: om m | om er F*(suprascr 

/Acror k: JioreTO7/A<i'0i' F: dtdofupop f 36 ^<retff i®] ert^i^^eit Cyr-ed: +ras (a — 3) q: +etf u | 

31 KeKXufffUPov] Ptnifffiepov fil/(uid) : om Phil-arm | om e|w b' | nfp Xvx^iop] pr ^ms IS: + pones (S>^ \ arerorri bis scr 
ecu 4® (71) 1/ I pepri9iuprii\ ntKKiooiupyit f(-i'ow)himnl»(uid) | 1* | /ie/wvf i»] pr tow (84) Cyr-cod : /uepot benw | om to i® — 
v^orror] {v^amtp 76): v^oarrov B* <"'**' *»klo | Tovtiotn avro oKtiprit i® f | to 1°] sup ras (3) z: rov m: nis b'pxa,: om 
Xipovp€iti] chumbin factes Ulud 1/ | om TOiyfO€v% !<> p | omtq\ (15) %(uid) | pwtop to*o | om icat 3<* — poppop r | koi rrfP rpa- 
avna F**ckii : awnf F*>* : to Cyr-cod : om e | X*/^*')^**/*] X^po*'" ire^w bis scr g* | ^tif 2®] ^^f c | fiepowt «<>] (pr tow 84) : 
/9eiy Airt(-^)y : f>t^n>^^: f^Ao*^ ^ to /xepoi n: /xepot F***bcew | rrit OKrjpris i<»] sub -r- iS: om 

32 awTo] ftWTw b'cdfhpi*(uid) : om 1, | orvXw] <r in mg ^^^ I ''o «°] row fm : Tiyt x : om ^(uid) 

ctTSupras A': ^X«r hrb, | K€XpvowpL€Ptap] K€XpvowfUPOP dp : 36 xoii^nyt c | eriowaoTpop] ewurToprop f: «</i/w ^i«h/ 

K€xpoo»iuprip i»: <WTOir«xpwr«M<^«*^ 76) | oi !<>] rtooapt^ ( cooptritt osHum iabentacuUWi -^ tiii Ovpa rrit OKJiPfft B*«»a«ac 

i(Te<r<raparorTO i» uid): (om i8> | ice^oXi^cf] «. Xt ex corr f^: n«^t^(sub * c^/k) Cyr-ed: < + ti7 ^wpo 83): +Ti;f ir«iyn;f k | 

(ice^oXoi 74> I awr«r lo] t« sup ras r : <om 64 txt) | Te«r<ropet «e«fX«<rA*«'ow] KexXua^rfs 1: peptfofupov fi»l.(uid) | pvoont 

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71: Tijt (Ticiynyf 76): om rqp F»(hab F'"«) | «iop««] dto/KCit awroif] pr » r : om» Cyr-cod: +ras(5)w | xoXitot] ounjoj E 
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€pv$pOP del F*) I KOI pvooov] koi Xcwkow fie... F^ | w^orroi^] oroXerr.. F** 

3a orvXtop] a' y $* similiter eotumnas dixerunt hie Sb \ x/>wt«] +KaBapv M | ice^oXtdef] O'ond. . F*» 

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35 poppojf] Hebraeo-Samaritanus post haec habet ex eo et fades alt are thwnbulum thuris de lignis imputribilibus et 
fades id cubiti longitudinem et cubiti latitudinem quadrangulum quae et hie post haec inuenies post et sdent quod ego sum 
Dominus Deus eorum qui eduxit eos e terra Aegypti ut uocarer super eos et essem Deus eorum j^ 

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Ttrao/ia rri Bvpa rrft OKypnft % \ iroaciXTOw] w^orr.. xXowfuor. . F*> • 

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SEPT. 243 32 



B rerpdf/mvov Iotcu to dvaiao'Ti^piov, teal rpiAv irYiyemv to £^09 avroS. ^koX iroiriaet^ rk teipara % 
iirX T&v re^radptov ya>pi&v' i( airrov larai rit tcipara, teal tcaXv^c^ axfrk jfoXtc^, ^xaX woiijaei^ 3 
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riaatpa tcXirtf, ^teal inroOijaei^ aifroif^ inro rtfv iaxdpav rov Ovaujurrtfplov KdrtoOev* iarat Be 5 
IT 1** ^ i<^dpa &i)9 rov ^filaov^ rov Bva-iaarrfpiov.^ ^tcal ironja-ei^ r^ Ovaiaarfjpl^ ^pei^ iic ^vXtov 6 
%%' daiitrroiv, xai Trept^^aX/ccoo-ei? avroif^ '^^aXiic^. ^/cal elard^ei^ rov^ <f>op€h eh roif^ Saxrvkiov^' 7 
zeal i<rr<o<rav oi t^opeh icarik irkevpii rov Ova-iaarrfplov iv r^ alpeiv avr6. ^tcoTXop caviSwrhv 8 
7roii^a€i9 airro' xarh ro irapaZetyjSiv aoi iv r^ 6p€i, oirw^ woii^aei^ avro. ^Kal iroirfirei^ 9 

avKr^v rf tncffvp' eh ro cXiro9 to 7rpo9 Xlfia iarla rrj^ avX^j^, fAfJKo^ i/earov irrfx^^ '^V ^^ ickLret* 

XXVII 3 jceaxpaf A | rvpior F 
4 reffffopas B***] T€affapt% B* | en] eret A: wo B*(eir4 B***™*) | reffffopa B' | JcXeiny A 
5 fifuffvt B'C-fl-owf B'^'jA 6 oro^opett B"*> 7 oFa^o^it (bis) B»*» 

8 vap<L6i,x9ev B*(-5«x- B*»») 9 ^Xttrof A | n^ew AF | kXitci B*»>] icXn-t B* 


2 jrepara i<>] xpeara 1: + airrov acm^liS(sub «^ ejS/).) | om 
en — Ktpara Y* e | (m] eir 71 : ec#f 76) | om rwr ac | ytawiw] 
+ avrov ackin9US(sub 4p tpp,) : -^altaris B | eorai] (post xtpara 
Y 30): cffTt 1 I jrefwra 2**] icpeara 1: + avrov acmS(sub <8> 
ej9p.) I KaXv^etf] icaraXv^eif o : (rrpuraXv^cit 31) | avra] avro 
svzS-ed S(aid) 

3 om mu i® — avrov i<» F* | ore^cvor m | ror iraXvmjpa 
avrov] /ac uUnsilia aliari polos et lebetes %^ \ jcaXvmy/m] ras 
(a) post o I® w: (icararaXvimjpa 71) | om i:a4 30 — omtov 3® 
sz*(uid) I om raf i^ z^ | om avrov 1^ ftl^ | om /ra« 4° — 
amov 3° m | rat i:pea7paf] cratuulos H | om avrov 30 %£1L | 
ro rvpecor] ro vvnfpiov m | om avrov 4*' p^£lr | om icai 6° 
AFMacfhiklro^osvwzbgSB Cyr | om avrov 5° Aft | xMiyo'etf 
30] pr a M : +ea% \ x^^a] aurea % 

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rvci^w] €p7« durrvci^ov b,: tpyia diKTvrv m: epyw diKTVoruw 
m(ras i litt inter t et ic, r ex corr n*»): epfyoiucrwana k*p: 
epyodvKTuama f: e^ryor ducrwarw F^: t'lf modum retiatU 1/ | 
XaX/np] i| ex corr ii»: xo^<>vr f: x^^'^ m I voiT^atit i°] 
T0(i90>ei o I rri foxapa,] escharam{jpt ei B*)B | reo-o-apaf— {5) 
effx^Lpav bis scr d I darrvXovf c | xa^'^oi^] Xpvo'ovt g*n*l/ | 
eiri] vro B*k | jcXiny] icXi sup ras (4 — 5) bi +ovr.. F*»: 
+ avrov acmiS(sub «^ y) 

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avrri9 mi6: +kcu wuBtw f | vro] exi (128) S(nid) | nyi' «^a- 
pw] ^ «<^«f>« F I om rov i®— eo^apa B'' | (kq.tu$€v] wnaOtv 
18) I forat 5e] (eorw de 71): otttem eritqtu 1/ | eci»] ^m qu | 
om rov 2° Abmqawx 

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quaitior ongulis eius ui sint thmUs uecHbus ems W : om a, | 
rw OiffftoffTifpua ^op€i% B*h] pr ueeies SS : rw Bvcuimipua a»a' 
^op€LS B*^oqnix : ara^. rw ^vo". F^^dknptb^B : opo^, rm Bw. 
ara^peif ac: ^peif rw Bva, AF*M rell ft | rw Bvdoarripm 
post aoTprrfcw £ | om irai 2® — x^'^*' S I irep«x«^<*^«*»] *'«P*- 
XaXxwoi^f M : (xepcxoXjcwr 76) | (om avrovt x^^w 76) | avrovf] 
avrw c : avrti n 

7 om totum comma g | eco-afi/t 1* | ^opeif i«] ara^opett 
B**>F*>acdko-rtuwxagb, : + avrov FWu:mi6(sab <9^) | om «f — 
^op€i% 2° 1 I (eif rovf darrvXAOVt] rocf dom-vXiOit 76) | dairrv- 
Xovf t I ^pcit 2°] aya^pcif B'^F^cdkpqrtuxa^b, | (cara] icai 
84) I xXevpa Bo] pr ra bfhir: pr dvo adlmna,: dvo vXevpat 
qux: duo IcUera ftiSSiS: pr ra dvo AFM rell | rw Bvaia^- 
Tifpua \ I ev — avro] ut tottoiur in /ix 1/ | ev rw] pr wvre ej : 
(etf ro 32): wcrre rs(mg)ft(uid) | cr] cwt z(mg) | avro] avrw 
dp : avroir o 

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avro icara] kox Tociy<reif j | avro V] avrw F*cmB | ira^Kideixto] 
rapa^Xw^er dp | avro 2®] ovrw n : om AF*Macegj-mqsu-b, 

9 xai Toci^eii] +avn; a,: om s | avXip] pr np F^k 
(avXaiaF k*) | nyf o-inpi/r F^ | om ro 2*^ m | Tpoi] Kara dnpt | 
Xi/3a Bfhir Cyr] snp ras A*: poppop M(mg)bdnp*t: rwror oq: 
roror FM(txt)p* rell | taria] pr kcu Cyr-ed: et uelum %i 
coTtw e I avXi/t Bhl/] + €« pvaaov wenfirfiepiis F^ : + eic fivevou 
KtKKwrfitprit AF*M rell (liSC-ra)) ftlSSi^ Cyr | MKOi] pr m/ 
1/: post m^x*^ aMpr ro)ftBi5 : om F*(hab F«"«)c | n^xcwr 
/>' Miyicot m I rw CFi xXirei] rw irXirei rw eri akmn : laUris unius 
JS : xXirw ro (rw c*) /uicof rw eri c 

XXVII a ra xepara i®] ro «rpa F*> | KaXv^it] xcraXw^cit F^ 

3 ^caXat] Xff/9rr.. F*» | avrov 2<»] +jca4 rat vovfSKw avrov icat ra jcarFia avr[ov] F*> | irpcayfMif] apray.. F*> | rupetov] 
KawPiffT,, F^ 

4 €9XBLpojf ep7w durrvwrw] a' ^ ^ jiVii/ cribrii o! a* B^ reU % \ e^opo^] durrvor F*»: oc ^ Koo^xiyw/ia durrvwror M: 
0^ ^ KoaKfiwo/A, b 

5 evxopay] ervr^eov M 

6 ^peit] XooTovt i : a^apoffra^oma'i F*» : a' a^ B^ portatora % 

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9 avXiyr] xpoTvXor i | eif ro irXtrof] etf ro fit pot F*» | iotmi] ra ^iceirorra npf VKfpryp^ a»»B€9 Y^ \ rw...«Xiret] aXXot nj 
wfua j 



xxvii 17 

10 ^^/eaX oi a-TvXoi avr&v eiKoa-i, koI cU fidaei^ avr&v etKoa-i x^^*^^ ^ ^^ fcpitcoi aur&v Koi ai B 

11 ^^XlBe^ apyvpat "oirc^ rip wpo^ dTrfjXiayrtfv i<rria ifcarhv irffx&v fifjieo^' Kal ol arvXoi avr&v 
etteoa-i, teal al /SdaeK avr&v tlKoat ^^Xxai, xal ol /eplieoi zeal ai ^aX/Se? r&v arvXmv koI eU 

n I3da€i9 avT&v ir€piffpyvpci>/Aivai dpyvptp. ^^t6 Si €ip09 t^9 avXij^ rh Kark daKjaa-cav larla 

13 rrevniicovTa irrfx&v o'tvXoi avr&v Si/ea, teal ai fiacei^ avr&v Siica. ^^/cal ^ipo^ rrj^ avX^9 rh 

14 irpo^ v6rov iarla v TnfxetDV arvKoi aitr&v Sitca^ teal ai jSacei^ avr&v Sitca, ^^/cal wivre teal 
SeKa irrixeviv ro in^o^ r&v iarltov r^ icXlrei, r^ kvl' arvKoi avr&v rpei^t /cat ai jSdo'ei^ avr&v 

15 rpeU. ^^feal ro K\lro^ ri Bevrepov^ Sixa irivre trrfx&v r&v iorltov ro i^^o^^ otvXoi avr&v rpeU, 

16 zeal ai I3da'€i9 avr&v rpei^. ^^tcai ry irvkjf rrj^ avXrj^ tcdXvfifui, etfcoai irtiy&v ro iy^o^, i^ 
vcuelvOov KoX irop^vpa^ ical kokkIvov /eeieXaafiivov Kai fivaaov * ice/cXtoapAvrj^ r$ ironcCKia rod%y 

17 JM^vZevrov* arvXoi avr&v riaaape^y zeal ai fidaet^ avr&v rio'cape^. ^^irdvre^ oi arvXoi rrj^ 

II np^ewr AF | uKocti (1°) F 
13 om totum comma B*(hab B***™**^ | rT xemyifOKTo AF 
15 jcXeirot A | intxfiiaf A 

II TO 2° B*»>] om B* I Tiyxew AF 

14 jcXm B*(-re4 B*»>) | rp«f (bis) A 
16 €iKoeei F I W7fxf<^ AF 

10 om KM f<> bnw | om m i® AFa~egjl-pstvwza,b, | 
avTitif fo] cLvnit (31.71) S(uid)l/ | eiKOffi i^] (pr c«aror 78): 
+xaXjccu n I om iroi a« — eiKoai a® 1 | om eu i® AFa-dmopstv 
za^b, I /Scurtff o | om avnaw i<> f* | om eucoffi 2^h^ | oc jcpcicoi] 
ire.. jre^oXa.. F^(del al man): oc daxrvkot n | Kpucoi] ras (i) 
post I i^* q: KptffKOi X | om avrbiy 30 p | om km 4^ — (11) 
KpiKoi m I faXtdet Bfio Cyr-ed] +ciVTtap AFM rell ^Bl/^ 

11 (om ovrcM — tuniXutniP 71) | rw Bh Cjrr-cod] t« JcXiret 
f ia^ : rw kXtrti to qa : rw JcXirtt rw AFM rell 9iS£l/iS Cjrr- 
ed I wpot] pr Tpot poppw i"': om o | anyXuim^y BM(mg)hin 
Cyt] POToif b, : amiXivni km ovrut to wpos wcrrop b(rw b') : pofh 
pop vpos ainyXuimyy fir: fioppw AFM(txt) rell 9)S£l/5^ : -{-km 
TOffM M paaeif v€piiipyvpoffi€rM ap/yvpua km ovrv Tpot yoror d | 
WTttt — fLJiKoi] /ATiKOt iffTta tKaTOP wrjx^wf F**: ttix*vp laria 
eicaror /iiiKot ack | fuiiKot] pr to dnt | om km i<> — apyvpu F^' | 
om KM i^ — tf-rvXwr k | om m 1° p | avrwi' !<>] eius £ | om 
eucoffi i<» — avT(ap a® A*[liab A«"«(cu /Scurett] /Scurif)] | eiKoai i<»] 
{d€Ka 71): -i-XA^<K begjw^S'' | omirai 2^ — ^x^Xkcu wS^ | (om 
CU i^ 74) I om airrwr 2** C3rr-cod | eucoai 2**] (dtxa 71): om p | 
XaXxcu] a 2^ sup ras A*^: om b | kcu ot KpiKoi] om f : om km 
£ I oc K/Kicoi Bh Cyr] m KpucM p : oc dcurrvXoc d : oc ^orrvXioc 
n : -^Tup ffTvKtav F*> : + mnw AF*M rell (/cpccricoi wx) %B1^^ | 
oc ^aXi^et] +ras (3) i: btues ^-codd | tw crvKuv] ainvv mB: 
uvTWf apyvpM F^ | om km ^° — airrtop 3® %-ed £^ | irac oc pavtit 
2^ sub T Sb I oc 30] pr CU Tcurcu t : pr irwrM n : + ircurcu kp | 
9^vTta¥ 3<> Bdma, Cyr] om AFM rell %-codd IfftiSb \ weptrip- 
yvptaficPM apyvpu] argeuteoi S<^ | apyvpta Bago Cyr-cod] c^h 
yvpui) AFMc(pc ex corr uid) rell C)rr-ed : + iccu ovrw to wpot 
fOTOP uTTia p' iTfxtwp ro iiJiKot KM oc OTuXoc avTWf k' km m 
pMrets avTtttf k! x'^^^ *ac oc dcurrvXoc avrwr km m y^fkKihtt Ttop 
9T\i\wf KM M pMreit avT(Mf T€pirfpyvpoffuvM apyvpua nt[om to 
I® I om avTVP 3®] 

12 ro dt evpof] gyrus a$ttem S/ | ro dc] iccu ro c3S^ : kcu 
lUcm : ro n I nyt avXiyf] avn/t c | to 3<*] nyt dkmnpt Cyr-cod | 
iOTca] positio eius IL | TemiKorra] oktv f | orvXoc] pr jccu oc c : 


pr oc cgj : + if b' | mjtw i®] cumft qux | om ircu — dejra 2^ dn 
p I om CU AF*>*bhioqs-ba Cyr | /Soo-ecf] /Scwcf o: •¥argmieae 
B I *e/ra 2«] +argenieaeW 

13 om totum comma B*e | om ircu i<> n | evpot] pr to 
achkm : gyms 1/ | n7f bis scr n | ro] pr ro Tpwrop ac^it^sub 
4^)% njf Mfjg[in: om m | potop] awiroXaf AFM(txt)abcgj-moq 
su-ba^BCiS I t^to] sup ras (5-6) A* : sub -r iS : posiHo 
eius IL : om Fr*a,BB | p' rrfx^wp post orvXoc n | p'] 0KT<a f | 
ffrvXoc — 3eico 2^] sub -t- i5: om F*»' | orvXoc] pr kcu sz: (pr oc 
16.33): + Je b' I avTUP i®] avnyf qux | om cu AFb'cdghjopq 

14 om iccu I® hm | {w€rr€ — Trix^fop] wrixeoip ^1:0 71) | 
T€PT€ KM de/ro] 5e*a jccu r€PT€ qsuvxz: ce' dp: at// 1/ | ro — 
coTcwr] Tiop tffTuop TO w^of AFMa-^ jklnprstvwza^bat : to 
iffTiop to w^ot m : positio altitudinis 1/ | c^rcwr] orvXctfi^ f i(<rr 
sup ras i*) I ror V^ — ere] UUeri unius 1/ : om n | (^vtv\oC\ pr oc 
33) I cu/rctfF i<>] ai/rctf c : mWj 1/ | r/>ect i<»] deira m | om cu A 
F^ ' Mbceghjklnqsuvxz 

16 om totum comma m | Seica xerre] Ttrr^ km deica AFM 
bchnsvwz | xe^rf] pr xcu k | inyx'*''] +«'^o* c | om rcw — 
(16) v^of S/ I rarr iffTtwp post v^of iisvzBiS(ro v^ sub -r) | 
ro v^ot] re* irXcrec re* ei^c k : +Tia icXcrec rw eye ac | orvXoc — 
rpecf 2^] (pr oc 32) : om p | om km cu cS | om cu AFMabehil 

16 ny I** — KoXvfifia] to koXv/i/m ttis avXtfs ny rvXif d | nf 
I®] nyt w I avXi|f] cMnjt w | KokvfifAa] KoXvfi/JMTa cB^ : irara- 
KciXv/cfM Fa, I ro vrj/ot] sub -r ^: om F^ | om kcu 3** t | 
jroic/ccrov K€K\taafi€Pov] cocco tuto 3/ | «e/cXw(r/icrov] xeicXwo'- 
/Acnff bm**w: ptptfaiupov F*»': diopepifc/Jtepov M(txt)dfiptx a, 
b, I om KCU fivaaov K€K\ua/i€Piit mw | KeKXciw/ieyiyt] ...nyt 
y: KeKOCxXwo'/cen/t s(txt) : KcxXwa/icerov f : Kem^fienTr quag^B : 
{p€prfafUPOv 77): diopepiiafupov s(rog)v(mg)z"«(-i'tt) | nj a*» — ^^- 
0cdevrov] tpyop xocKcXrot; F^ : uoHoHm consparsum 1/ | orvXoc] 
pr oc e : pr ^ 9 | avrwr i*^] aurou bfinw£(uid)l/ | om kcu i^ — 
Ttffffopes 2^ Im I om KCU 50 X | om cu AFMa-dhikopqs-wyz | 
avTUP 30] avrov bf iw£{uid) 

zo 01 KptKoc] ra Ke^aXcd.. F^ | oc ^'oXcdef] x/MXTKoXXii/i.r. F^: a' commissurae S | ^aXcdet] ^XcKeca i: psalides forcipes 
sunt aeneae uel ferreae uel argenteae et cet. quae cadunt et retinent aliquid in alio % 
zz coTca] irKtKTM M za evpof] kKxt,, xXarof F** 

Z3 Kcu evpof] Koc TO cXcr.. xXor.. F*>(ro KXcr del al m) | (ro rpc^or)] o' ^ in lotus a* contra faciem JS 
Z4 rw 1° — ere] o! ^ 9^ humeri unius SS \ rw KXcrcc] o' ^ nj tofua M8(om o^)vz 
Z5 KOC 1*'— detrre/>or] a^ ^ et humero secundo S z6 KaXv/c/ui] a' it* wapaTiiPwrfia Msvz 

245 32—2 



B aOkfis K^/eXq) Karrfpyvpcfifievoi apyvpup, zeal at Ke^aXCSe^ avr&v apyvpat, teal ai fidaei^ avr&v 
XoXkoZ, '®to Se firjKo^ rrj^ avkri^ i/earop €^' iicarov, Kal eipo^ weinijtcovra iirl wepn^Kovrat feat i8 
5^ro9 whrre Wfjx&v itc fivaaov iC€/e\(o<rfiivr)^, koI fidcet^ avr&v x^^^^oZ. ^^Koi iraaa ij icarao'Kev^ 19 
teal irdvra rh ipyaXeta koi oi vdaaaXoi rr}^ avXrj^ x^^^^^ ^Kal o'if avvra^ov T0J9 vloi^ «o 

'lo-paifX, KoX XajSertoo'dv aoc tKaiov i( ikalwv arpvyov /eaOapov tcefcofipApop eh <l>w icavaoit 
Xpa /edi^rai Xvx^o^ SUi iraprb^ ^^hf r^ aicffpy rov fiaprvplov, i^a)0ep tov icarairerda-fiaTO^ rov 21 
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cod J I KaifTcu Ba,] KcurfTai AFM rell 5J(uid) Cyr | Xux**©!] pr 
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Tow fi*'r Cyr-codJ: ttis KifitoTov tov fiapTvpiov h | diaOiiKTis] 

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IBi*' : + 8€ d I om jcoi 3° — aapiop 3° f | kcu 3<>] sub -t- ^ : om 
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Ttwrai. avTOP e/404 (m^ s) a' tov i€paTev€tP avrop e/Mi j(sine nom)s \ €p rf] lya M. 



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m \ om Kcu 4^ W \ KOI ^tm^iip] kcu j^tacnipa bnw : (cm 15) | 
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avrov d | etf ro] pr icat 1 : om n | ce/wrevecr] + avror cin^(sub 
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fupov ckm^liS(sub <g>) | om np 2^ Cyr | jSvo'o'oi'] ^tortam B 

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cmf[5^(sub ^ y') | €^pTifffuitai] t^prifffiepoi p: e^prtifupat 
F^efgjlmoq^ : t^pnifttpa Cyr : conparati 1/ : confirmati % 

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eir avrw] ex avro i: eiri ro avro f: super ipsos CHL: it/tr 
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erini £1/ | cjc] prira« M | XP^^ xpocov Cyr-ed : + jcatfopov 
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lupov 33): iTficXw^/Acyov nsv(txt)z(txt)E<:(uid) | jrcicXwcrAieriTt] 
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dum Momina eorum JS | tol i<>] sub ^ a' Sbi om F*bdnqruw | 
om e{ 20 ckm | oPo/MTa !<>] om WESb : +ras (3) i : +Ta e( k | 
ra Xocxa] om kquBS: om ra n : +ra e{ c : +e0 m | irara] km 
B*(uid)fin I om rat b, | yeptat ox 

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rovt] pr ert 1 | 8vo Xi^ovt] Xi^ovt tovs ivo a, : om dvo Cyr-ed : 

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z(om ro Mv) : aXXot xcpi/SoXatoF to TtpurniBiop y, a* $' iK^^ti^ ^^:i& est instrumentum constructum reuelationb quod 
ponitur super pectus pontificis JS | tirtafuid] a* rrcydv/ta i \ kmtop voiripri] km ^Xw... F^ | x*^^*^^ Ko^vfAfiurop] er rw tppoMcm 
KM i/jMTiOP ffVfifia\TOP I I x*^*""'*] ir«..OTi;^... F*» | jcoo'VAi/Swror] v^yKTOP F*»: a' 0^ vvc^yKTOP MiS(sine nom) | Kiiapw] 
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{Ua^topop s)sz : 0' km to kokkipop KeKXtofffUPOP V km to kokkvpop to dio^pop a' km vvp aKtaXiiKos to Sia^opop 0^ km to kokkipop 
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bis tiftcto B* ... diuerso & \ viparrov iroiiciXrov] XP"« k^ptjitop F^ 

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auri fades circa eos^^ n | (xP*^^*'] + KoBapov 76) | om km i<> p | (voKiwBtPov 35) | 

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banum fb \ om \i$oi — avrov W | \t0oi fu^fioavifov euruf] ut fi | K€k\wa/i€Pov] KeicXcM'/iCFi^ bm : ren^/ifrov F^Miy: 8ulm€- 
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Xi^ov dh I funi/AOffUfov'] funi/uawoif bf imw Cyr-ed | om tiftp fiewov An : Ptnifffieinit aJS 

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avra r : pr eit Y^% : memoriae causa IL : + twam lev A | xe/M F*>cj&(sub ^^ a' ^) : ( + eir xp^rtov eir vaKtp$ov kcu Top^vpas irat 

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F^^p I Kpoffura i**]Kpoaffura F^Mabcd'^^-lnqtuv^: (xpoa- wPKoBv^optit M(mg)dn*pt: avpv^awtts Phil | cr] ex a,: om 
ffvrov 77) I eic I®] eirt egj | iraraM«AU7/i«ra] jcoi ra fufuyfupa 1 | u^ao'/ui jraraXi^^] \i€op Phil | v^o^/ui] v^ar/Mra fquf[(nid) : 
dop : /iefuyfitpa am : (xeirociccX/icra 3a) + koi dvo Kpoccwa F*> awayo/AOfffi, . . F^ | iraraXi^or] raro rop \i$op Cjrr-cd : om a, | 
(del al m) I om er el)S(uid) | apBtfftp] vaKipBwtP kn | €py<ap cd onxot \i0vp] \i$tap ffrixof k(txt) Phil-codd : }a$op ffrixot m : 
ps I KOA twidriirtit] mt eiri^i^et y* : (0ri<r€it 73) | ra jcpoo'on'a] Xitfot o-nxof c: i/9' Xt^.. k(mg) | om \i$t^ wrtu F^' | Xi^wr] 
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om ra T9T\eyfiepa b, | om ra 2** FMdf ilmops-vx | wepi- payiot] smaragdus d sardium et topauum % \ vapUvf] sapdium 
wtrTiey/iepa egj | ao'rtdto'Kat] pr d$tas ft : aaaridat c | icara — a,* : o-op^iov c : sardius H | roiwa^wp] pr et BiE : UpoMynus 
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umbotus 1^ I Kara] pr Kai m : kw c Cyr-ed | om raf 2** m AFMabdegjlnpqs-wyza,!^ Phil-ed | tmaragdinus 1/ | om o 

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iS : 0^ praeparatos %\ $^ kojl irvpeff^yfitpovt svT^-ir^payur- sv) 

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paraorum & » 

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irXoKiyt] a' 0^ ppoxvrop Mvz | aoYtdco-Kat] a' c^yxnipat k(sine noro et indice ad Kpoaurra i® posito)z 

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a' Kara ro Toaiiia F^(sine nom)M | njt eirwAudor] rov €^oiv9 F^ 

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F^(ras ffvp al man): oc ^ TXifjpiaatit svz(sine nom) | ffnxof t^] opdtpo,, F*>* 




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iirX tot) arriOov^ ^Aapmv 8rav eiciropevrirai eU to &ffiov ivavrlov Kvpiov Koi olcei ^Kapwv 

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13 rou 1®] TOW F* I tureiomi F* 15 cwnretdwifof F 

18 om 9Ttxoi p I 099pa^ pr Phil-cod : owOfM^i f | om 
KM2^ d I ffaw^ipot] pr f Phil-cod | toffTimn f 

19 om i^ o I om XiTHfior — (oo) rercLpTin f | 'KiyvpuHf] 
lygyrius IL : Xvytpcot n : X«7t^ cgj : apyvpiw qu : voKwOtn d | 
axari^ BcdkopILiS] X^^t m : pr rcu AFM rell 9]8£ | a/te- 
tf iwTot Bol/] iroi fieSvaot z : koi a/ttdveot abc^h*(uid)ijlmqsa 
w: KOi a/uSvffTos AFMht>*rell VBfE% 

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Xiov] post orvxior ckmJ5: om IL | /3iyj9i^XXcoi»] /ScpvXXcot d: 
/Sv^MXXtoff f : (/^lypvXXoff 76) : /9iyXvptor bw | ^noctor] oi'uxtot n : 
onycynm % \ TipuccKoXvfifUPo] {wtpiKiKaKvfifmww 76): xe/K- 
xeiraXXv/iei'a B^'^^x : Te/)afeicwifXw;*«roF»**>'ba: #^^ficX(iM'/tcya 
dnpta, I ^wSelktiewa ey xpt^^c] swb -r iS : om F^^acfejkrolS'' | 
ffwititfupa] pr KOI AF^Mbdilnp-b^Cfl : pr ei sint 3S* | ey 
Xpvo'tw] om A*"***(y XP^^^ eoTfcwoi' sup ras et in mg A*)bwy 
A(aid) : om ey F*npqrul/ | om trrwrap — avrtaw d | trrtt&cu^] 
om IS: +oro/iara egj : ( + oyo^ara icara rat Tereo'cct avrbry 14. 
i6.77.i30(pr ra)) | om Kara — (11) effrwrar i® 1 | irrixop] 
ffTtxovt ci8 : sittgulos uersus 1/ : (rat ytptvtit 18**) 

21 cdTwaoy i<»] -^uimti auro B'' | rwr w«r] <# !<> et mm 
sup ras F* : om rorr mq | deica dvo i<> Bor] i^ cmn : om a : 
3a»dfira eyarri irv eirt rwy dvo w/bu^y avrov iuitica qu: dci»deira 
AFM rell Cyr | Kara i®] pr Kara rat ^eyeaeis avrc^y Abw 
y(om rat bw): pr et IL \ ra oro/iara] rat 7ey«rett fij(mg) 
oxa^bglS: om ra p | avrwp] +«rara rat ycpeirtit avrw qu | 
7Xv0ai] ^Xi/^it bimnswza^: ^Xu^ot f: ykvfA/ia h | {r^payi- 
d<ap] pa^bioif 16) I cira^rot Bhoi9(uid)lS] singulis 1/: cmmtov 
AFMm(uid) rell Sh Cyr | icara to\ icor bfw: om #cora a, | 
ro oro^] ra wofiara f ik : ra wofiara avrwf hn Cyr : + avrov 
cA)85(sttb 4^ e/3/»*): +ear<iway m | deica duo i9 B] 1^ dm: 
dci^ica ho : rat do^eica AFM rell Cjrr | ^vXat] + Kai xoniceit 
KaraKoXv/i/ia mi cktipji 6€fffiara xpnop iipvBpodawufuwa xai cri- 
iraXvAt/iara depfiara voKvBiwa €iraif<a$€P tavrt KoXvwrev cy auroct 
nyy ffxrimfp h 

22 om totum comma c | ewi — ffvpverXeyfupovt] emeri- 


tunum crinicuias conpUctentes IL : cistam unam pUxam Jim- 
briis 9 : om ere n I xpoffffovs F^Mabd-gi-mo-rtUT*>wxy | aXi;- 
fftdturov Bch] aOenae H: aXuridctfroy AFM rell 91S£<uid)iS | 
om ex AF*Maegjnqsuvyzi6 

quae in aliquot codicibuB (F^'off McdegjkmnpBtvz) 
et uersionibuB (^£<=iS) hie interposita aunt uide in 
Appendice ad Bzodum 

23 (Xiy/A^erai] \rrhl i<^ I ^a oPOftara] nomen 9-ed | om 
rvnf m I om uspaiK f | ro Xoycoy Ay* | rc#y xpifftwf e | nyt] 
rov d I om eiri 1® — (14) Kp^ff€6n s | ert row ani$ovt]JimMas 
caienaias B^ | (eiri !<>] +^e 18*) | rov on^tfovt] icap9iaM avrov 
F^: +ai;rov ckm^lS'S(sub •^ «^pO I eM'torrt] cM'iMr dfi(-ioy)np 
tX/ : + avrw cm | fumifAoevpop] pr cit F*'m : memoriae causa %\ 
in memoriam (utemam H \ evarrtop ac^lmnqruxb^ Cyr-cod | 
rov 3®] pr Kvpiov Cyr : sup ras w* : om b'f | $eov] + dta xarrot 

24 Kai^€iri0iiffeii] sub -:- iS: om F*(uid)£<1L | ^ci a, | 
rovt Kpoaovt EAF'MmsxzbJ om a,: row Xoyout h: rout Kpoff- 
rovt F^ rell | ra aXvo'tdvra] pr irai r : rovt oKwniwrovt k : om 
b' I rov Xoycov] ro Xoytoy af | cri^i^eit] + €W apu^orepovt rovt 
w/iovt nyt CTo/udot exttfiyo'ect c: +^/ pones ea super uiraque 
laiera rationalis IS*' 

25 xai — irpwrtawo»\ sub -r- %\ om F*(uid)£<1L | om irat 
— eirctfiTO-ett a | ao-irt^at f | om eri^ctt cm | ait/^tpwp hi \ 
om rovt — nrupudot c | row w/iovt] rov ovpuarot n | irara irpoo*- 
bnror] om )S*^ : om xara s : + irarc^ey ck^Si5(icarci^ey sub -:- et 
+ •:3^ 0^ tf' in omni tempore V) 

26 om xai lo c | crttfiTo-eit] eirt^ m : pones % | om en !<> 
c I TTjt Kpiff€wi] rtop Kpurtvw Phil | nyy i«> — aXi^etay] lucentia 
et signacula £<= | om kox 3° (16) 1/ | eorat] erint £<1L | ere 
rov vrrfiovt 1°] eit ro onf$os e : wrt np xapdtaw F^^ \ {aaptn 
I*] avrov 130**: om 130*) | om oray — aapvp i9 % \ eunro- 
pevi^roi] ecoYo^verai bckmnsa, : eunpXTf* Phil | ett ro aTcoy] 
post Kvpiov |0 f : in sancta 9 : om k | ^»wtnap !<> Bcknor Phil] 
evojm AFM rell Cjrr | oc^et] ^ct qu: e«^M^ei F*'*>'"«kmra, 

19 aMctfvrrot] vaxty^ot F^ 

ai Ttt oro/iara] rat Ttycat v | irara ro oro/ia] a' ^ 0^ o' icaro ro oro^a avrov v | ro oyo/ia] rat Tfyweit M 

aa Xo>u)y] wtptri.,, F^ | irpo^ow] oc ^ aXvo-ect Msv(sine nom )zi6: catenas ^ ^oi&Sl (=xaXaffra) iS | aXv^i9wrov] fipo- 

XUTOP F^: o^ ppox^*TOP e/9/xuot eao^y j 

a3 ext i<* — eio'iom] a' «rt ira/>dtat avrov ey rw eurepxtffOai avroy(-ro s)8v: 0' tiri rov ffrrf$ovt avrov twiotm awrv v 

a6 nyy I® — aXiytfeiay] oi ^ row ^wnofiovt icat rat reXoonfrat ksvz(sine nom kr): a' a* $* lucent et perfectionem % \ rov 

orrfBovt i°] o' nyt icapdiat sv(om nyt)! (sine nom) 


xxvm 26 


B tA^ KpUre^^ r&v vl&v ^laparjjk hrl rov arriOov^ ivavrlov Kvplov 5^ Travro^, ^Kal 

iroiiia-€$^ VTToSvTffv TroSijprf SKov vaxlvOiPov. ^koI iarai ro irepurroiuov i( avrov fUaov, 
ipav e^ov ievK\tp rov irepurrofilov, Ipyov vil>dvrov, t^p avfifioKifv avpwf>aa'fJb€Vffv i^ avrov, Xva 
l^h /^<*7^* ^ical iroitio'ei^ iirX rh \&fia rov viroSvrov Kdrtodev &<r€X i^avOovarfs poa^ j>otaKov^ 
i( vaKlvOov Koi wop^vpa^ teal kokkIvov huLvevftafuhov Kal fivcaov KeKXtoa-fUvrf^, irrl rov 
Xiofiaro^ rov viroSvrov /ev/c\tp' rh avro etSo^ polcKov^ %pv(roi)9, /cal K<oB(ova^ avk ftiaov 
rovrtov irepi/cv/cXq^* ^iraph poUrKov ypvaovv Koohfova koX &p0tvov eirl rov Xifiaro^ rov 
iirohvrov KvicXfp, ^koX iarcu *Aapoi>v iv t^S Xeirovpyetv a/covar^ ij ^1^ avrov, eurUvri €*9 
rh Srfiov ivavriov Kvplov kqX i^ioprc, tva fii) airoddptf, ^Kal TTOiiia-ei^ irirakov 

j(pva'ovv KaOapop, Kal iicrviroiaei^ iv avr^ iKrvTrcafia a^patfiho^, ayia^fia Kvplov. ^koX 

«7 (31) 
18 (3«) 

«9 (33) 

31 (35) 
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33 (37) 

17 vTo9itTri9 A «8 wow AF* 

19 eirt i« B**>] vwo B* | avro €i9oi] avroffidot A | om iccu 5® B*(5aprascr B**») 30 eirt B**>] inro B* 

31 \eiT0vpyet9] yarovpiytip B*(X«t- B*»): \tirovytiv F* | cM-ctorri F* | efyorri] e^tioirri F*: a^iorri A 


S Cyr I rat icpcireit] iuduium IE | rttv] pr eyarri a^ | ere rov 
OTi|^0Vf i°] post KVfHOV 2^ (73) Cyt^{ + avTov) : ert nyr xapdioM 
F*»: +awrow cm^Bi^sub ^^ o' ^) | eyorrior i«] orayri AFMa 
bdeg-jopqs-wyia, Cyr 

27 tnrodi/n/y] pr ror F*: ^Xorr... F*> | irodiy/ny] post oXoi' 
A : woiripim n : rov €^v9 F^ ] oXiyy a^ | voKtfSiPOP'i vukvpSw 
m : voKurSov Cyr-cod 

28 coTOA — rcpcoTOfuov] collare limbo factum rohtndum 
finges circum % \ (errw 76) | irepto^'CAuor c | om c( V* — re/K- 
OTOfUOV f I e( at/rov fieaoy] pr rtft Offxv^ ^ : riyt apxns avrov 
IU90P avrov ciniS(n^ ^POCI^ avrov sub «^ et avrov i^ sab ^ 
c/9p.)* om c( ai/rov k | wuf — v-cptOTo/buot;] ^^ suspensum 
(«i^ii:t 0<n) infilio colli (=tov wtpurroiuov) 4^ y' eius ^ in 
circuiiu % | om wuf exo¥ k | exoi'] ex<^'' b'deo : exw n : (ex^^ 
45) I irvirXw] post w€purrofuov m : /icirXw n : om c | rov wepi- 
OTo/uov] om k: +airrov.ic... c | v^Kirrop ca,l^ C3rr-cod | np 
0i;/i/3oXiyr] pr ^ A : ira« ffv/ifioKtiP e : nyr cvfifiovKifP s : njy <rv/i- 
irXomyr qu: labium & \ ffvpv^afffi€injp'\ rrip v^afffi€Prjp (71.84) 
Cyr-cod: v^aafuprip F*m: {e^v^affixtwrip 15) | ef a®] /irr h | 

29 om ffoi i<> ^ I ert i<*] inro B*n Cyr-ed | Xw/mi] dw/ta 
m : airoX«0'/ia n(mg) | rov vroJirrov I®] tunicae talaris IL | i/iro- 
ivrov I®] tnro^/iarot m : ^\iap . . F*> | irarw^ei'] icvicXotfer A | 
wo'ei — pouTKovt i^'\defloribus maligranatifloscella IL | owet e^- 
BowTfi poas] sub -r iS : om k \ ia% Cyr-cod | c^oytfovo^t] (e^- 
Qowa% 16): c(a4ray^ov0i|f m | poat] pocat m | om poccrirovT V* 
F* I {jaox If* — dtiveini^/ iceirXcMr/ien^t 78) | (fiwPtPifa- 
/ttpov — K€K\iufffi€Pifi] diawtpyifffKPrit 30) | 6iaP€PiyfUP0v s | xai 
fiwFcov K€K>M9iuprii\ sub -r &i om k I om ext i*» — xp^^^ 

C^ I €»t a<»] wro Cyr-cd | row Xw/iarot] rov irXw/Mirot 1 : row 
dw/iarof a,: ro dw/ia m: om rov qu | rov vro9vrov 1®] post 
Kvkku ns(irv«rXov)vz : talaris IL | om ro 7? — poio-irovt 3<> k | ro 
avro eidot] et uisus eius 9 | ro avro BlS(uid) Cjrr] + ^ bhow : 
ro de avro AFM rell Sl/iS | ct^] vdc# s : ep9op m | potffKovt 
2^] roct poiffKois cm C3rr | XP^^^*^ Post icco^ctfrat ckmfU6 Cyr | 
om /cot 5® B*o I icwdctfrat] -l-xpw^ovf F»"«dnp8tV2l8 | rovrwp 
wepucvK\ui\ w€fH rovrtop kvkKv b' | rovrwfr] avrc^ (31) ft | repc> 
itvicXm] irvicXw fi 

30 irapa — KtaHtapo] wapa poteicop Ktidvpa xputf'ovr k : Kttdtgpa 
Xpvaovp m% : Kiitivpa era xpt/vow c : icw^cM^a xp^ovp kcu pot- 
airor F^ : tintinnabula aurea et mcUum granatum tintinnabula 
aurea et malum granatum W | poiaKOP] pr rop f : powxwp gl | 
Xpvaor b' I iccrfddira] pr ica« F*bdptwx \ om kcu ^ Phil-arm j 
omBipop] +Tapa poiffKOP ckmiS(«rat cu^Bipop sub t-) | tfi] vwo 
B* Cyr-cod | dta/iarot Am£'(uid) | rov vwodvrov] tunicae 
talaris %: om h 

31 Kai 1°] pr et erit super Aaron ad ministrandum W^ | 
aapiifp] pr evi ck^US(sub ^ 7') | ey rw XcirovpYeir] XetrovpTwr 
KOI f I cr rui] ext ro b' | ajrovon; — ovrov] uox soni H \ axov- 
ffrri\ oKOVffOP 1 : audietur % : Kai OKOveOricerax ck | iy] r^ 1 | 
cio-iorrc] post xvpcov f : cio'torrof ll/(uid) Phil: om i*: +avrfi# 
cmiS(sub •:§:•) | ro ayiOP\ ro \oywp egj: ra ayta Phil | om 
€parriop irvpcov a | tparriop Bfh] om eh: eyayrt AFM rell 
Cyr I K€u €^iOPrt] Kat e((orrof 1: om f: -^avru cmiS(sub 4^): 
-^sic C 

32 woiffffop m I eirrvrcMreit] exrvrwrifs i: rvrwo-cit bw | 
(ey] eir 31) I ayuLfffiarot Eus Cyr-hier-cod | irvpcov] pr oTtor 1 : 
Kv bckmnsvwxzb^lEl/iS Phil Or-gr Cyr-ed : ^ov Cyr-hier 

ay VTodvniP woiiffni] ro nrvnpop ifUiriop nixpi wodw KarepxofWOP F^ : j9 (?) i/uiriop i : a' epdvfui rov ewtpivfiarot s 
98 ro— /wo-oy] 0' ro repcoro/uoy nyt apx^' ovrov fi^op avrov a' ff ... n^ ire^oXiyt ovrov er fteo-w ovrov s(om ^')vz(sinc 
nom): 0^ ... njf opxiyf ovrov er fteo-w ovrov v | ro wepierofuop] ro oyeory/A. i | wtpt^ropuop] rpox.X.. F** | war] oMoiyfia 
F^: rovr€9riP ovyiOM i | rtfp <rvfipoKiiP ffvpv^offfuprip] a' 0* ... irpo<rirXoinp ^ ... ^eiptarriP M: o' ... irpooirXo«n7r(-«'Xoin7f v: 
•irXoiff s) 0^ ^ ,,.9ttpurop svz 

39 ro X«#/ia] ro Oicpor 19 iro^.. F' | Xw/ta] Xw^ ro ett ro xarurtpop lupot rov ifiariov eiri/SXij/Ao eir fiwnrov «rat wop^pat 
K€u KOKKtPOV F^ : o' oiroXi^/io Msvz(-irXey^ M) : <r' (7' xpot wo8w Msvz5S(om ^ Msvz) | vrodvrov i®] vrodvnyt ro vro- 
jcorw ro Mwrtpop iftanop F^ | imtcc — poto-xovf i®] owct pocdtov irov^vr.. i | dioPtPfiafiePov] a' dto^pov dijSo^v ^: o' diuersi 
9* per tincturam 9 mutabilis (^«uiAl\^\aen:i) iS | rov Xw/iorot] rov oicpov F^ | pousKovs 3° — iccrfdc^rat] poi^r XP^^* 
K€U Koviovpw i 

30 iroi a^BiMop] Oi X irat pooi' v | apdufov] apOifpop pawrop F' 

31 ooptir] 0' 0* firt aapMr a' </ «rt rov(r«i» v) aopc#r js(o'' (/ pro o' ff')vz 
3a rcroXof ] o' 0^ a^opusfUL M 




hrtOrio'ei^ avrh hfi vaielvOov KCfcXMafUvrfs, fcaX iarai iirl rPf^ fiirpa^' Kara irpoa-emrov rrj^ B 

(38) 34 fUrpas tarcu, ^/eai iarai hrl rov fierwirov *Aap(ov, teal i^apel 'Aa/wi)j/ ra dp^ipn^fiara t&v 

iyUdv oca &v arfidafoo'iv oi viol ^lapaijX, irapTos BofuiTo^ r&v ajlwv avr&P' xal icrai iirl 

(39) 35 "^^^ fieronrov *Aapoi>v Bia wapro^, Setcrop avrol^ ipaprt Kvpiov, ^leal oi tcodrvfififoroX r&p 

yyroivmv ite ffva-cov zeal iroiria-ei^ KiBapiv fiva<rlprfv, teal ^dvrfp woiijaei^y Ipyov ttoikiXtov, 

(40) 36 ^/cai T049 viok *Aapo»v ironia-ei^ xtTe!)va9 fcai ^cova^, teal /ciBdpei^ iroiriaei^ airroU el^ rtfiifp 

(41) 37 Kol Bo^av. ^KoX ipBvaet^ avrd ^Aapcbv rov aSeX^y cov koI to^9 vioif^ avrov f^er aurov* 

teal 'xptcci^ avrov^t koX ifiifKrjcei,^ avr&p rd^ '^(^elpiKf ical dyidcrei^ avrov^, tva ieparevwclv 
{42) 38 /LU)». 3>^Kal iroLi^a-ei^ avroh frepitr/ceXtj Xiva, KoKvyftai, da^tffioavpffv ;^ft)T09 avr&v dirh 
(43) 39 o<r^t;o9 &>9 puqp&p Sarai. ^xal l^€t *Aapi>v avrd /cal oi viol avrov m dp eltnropevcDprai, €49 

rifp a-KffVTfv rov fuiprvpiov fj Srap irpoawopevo^vrai \eirovpyelp rrpo^ ro dv<na(m^piov rov 

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avrip fcal r^ (rrripfian avrov fier avrov, 
XXIX I *'Kal ravrd iarip & 7roii7cr€*9 avrol^* drftdfT€i^ avrov^ Aare iepareveip fiot avrov^' Xrfp,'^ % C^ 

35 KtTio^taw B I TOCJceiXrou F* 
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37 XP^w'w* B* 
39 "n B»»»] om B» | Xirovptytv B»(X«tr. B»>) 

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eirt i<>] tnro e^ \ vaKwOov «rcirXw^/ieyiyf] K€K\wriA/ePov vaKUf$urw 
cVm('Bov)S^ I KautKuctiLwov n | om «rcu 2^ — coreu 30 q | om 
KOTO— c^rreu i® mpa, | {wpwfarov^ pr to 77.130) | Tn% furpas 
errot] om fnWE*^ : om eorot % 

34 jcoi 1° — ovTow bisscr e* | om icot eoroi i<»^ | eoroi I®] 
ecroTTOi F* : om mp | om km e^opet oopwr o*t* | e^apu] c^o/ny i : 
c^OTCt a, : e|et h : tpti d : + idi )8 | aapwf 2^ post ofto/my/MtTo 
X I om otf-o — ayuMf 3<> f | om oy o* | om ot 6\nw Cyr-cod | 
Tiop ayifow 3*»] 07*01; b' | €0to« 30] + mifra )3 | tow i°] pr oicpo 
l(o 3° ex corr) | JeKTor] deicTor b : dexTo m | om ovroif— {35) 
KOI 1® f I ovrocf ] pr ev t : eilL \ €Pa»rtop Cyr-cod 

36 Oi — x"-'''*^^^^ ffvff^iy^is TOP xinava ¥^i talarem tuni- 
cam % : faeies tustimentum £<= | oc iro<rvA^3an-oi] iy KOffv^ m | 
Koffv/ipvroi B] KOffffvpoi e i xoaffvfipoi gjl(-^i7)os : KOffvfJLpoi AF* 
M rcll lSi&: cirri % | {tup] aurwp 18) | pwffou] ^KexXwr- 
fupfis svz I om JCoi 3*> — pvfffftPTiP Si \ KM 2° ras v*^(uid) | 
Ktdapiw] ^MctoK . . . F^ I pwr^ufrfp] ffVPiruntiP m : eir pvffffov F | 
woirffftit I*'] post TocKtXTov bw: (iroti^o^f 16.130): om p^)8£ j 
tpyop iroufiXTou] o/crc uario IL \ ^pyop"] eptor h | votictXrot;] 
iroufiXTor f3[(uid)lS(uid) : (xotictXrot/r 14. 16. 130) 

36 Toti^ect 1°] TOciTO'of s | om «rai j^topat fl | ^of] pr 
woiJiatit ovroif ckmiS | om km 3° — do^ e | iroti/o'ctf ot/rocs] 
^/ «V C: om (71) ^ I axmxn q | eif] eirt b'fi 

37 erduo^f ci | (oin-o] ovrot 118) | tw o^cX^ fl | roif 
Motr cfl I lur avrov] tier ovro i : om a, | XP^^'O ^^ (3) post 
I i<* f I om ovTovt KM tfjLxXriatit s | ovTovf i<>] ovTotf px I 
e/AvXi^cif] irXiTO-cit xb^ : evXo7i;o-€(t h | TOf x'^f avnap cfikm 
91/(uid)iS(uid) I ovTovt 2°] ovrwr TOf x^^P^^ ^^ I itparewofftp 
BMw Cyr-ed] uptwrwn j : ie/)OTev<rov<rty o Cyr-cod : le^Tcv- 


o'cMrir AFM rell 

38 woiJiati h I ovrotf] ovTovt m : om 1 | irepto'iceXo B**>"^f | 
icaXv^] iroXv^t c : ir«pticoXv^ai n | a^ty/uoo-vriyi'] pr ttjit m : 
post avnap ck | xptarot ovrwr] o'w/iOTot F*>n« Spec: sudoris 
% : om XP^^^ i^ I ai'Twy sub -r iS | e(tff Atiy/Ktfv] pr 4> a' o^ ^ 
>^ i6 : usqui ad gmicula Spec : om ccm h | M^pm^] pr twp dnp 
t I carat] (co-rw 76) : om ^1/ 

39 e^(] o{€( mn : su9rut IS | ovro oopcay ckmftl/iS(avro 
sub -T-) I om Oi en | c^f oy] eoit ai> km : eif or n : oror AFMa 
bd-gijipqs(mg)tuwxy£(mg)a,b, C3rr-cd | ec^iropevwrTai] ctirro- 
pevorroi bcdfhklnopsvwyz^a, : ( + XetTOvpyety 76) | om cif — 
wpoffwopiwaPTM ef | iy] irot MIs(mg)z(mg)£fL Cyp : om B*qa : 
+ icoi ag I irpoo-fopevwrroi] wpoawopevoPTM bchkosva, : irpo- 
TopevfMrroi mw : irpoxopevorroi p : wpowoptvawTM d : xoptwaw- 
TOi n I XccToi^eiy] post 0710V %S^ : post tfvo'ioonypcor c(pr rov) 
m: sanctificare 2/: rov XccrovpTecr ey tw o^cca k | rov 0710V] 
rw o7iw m : rwf o.yKia» (71) IS* : ey rw o7tw c: om k | om iroi 
3® Cyp I xpof covrovt Bor Cyr] irpot ovrovf h: om k: nt 
ovTovf sz : c^ covroct Abcdlnwxb, : c^ eovrovr FM rell : super 
se ^lSEl/iS(sub nr) : in st Cyp | Pofuiiop] pr ^/ m/ ^<v ^f»» 
m obseruatione It | otdvior] ctt rop Miopa nsvz(txt) | ovrw] w 
ex corr a : ovrwy F^'s | (owrov a®] ovrow 71) | fter ovror] iroi t« 
oirtp/iort ovrwy m | ovror] avnap F^: ovrov dnpt : (ovrovt 71) 

XXIX 1 eoTty] ^rstcUuta C | ovTOif] pr ciri rov Svaiaarnf' 
piov n: ovTOvtl: -Hexi rov Bvciaarrfpiov M(mg)dpt: -f-ext to 
BvffMffrripiop k | om o7tflM-etr — ovrovs 2^ m | a7too-ctf Bchoq 
uxiS^iS] et sanctijicabis % : 07*00-01 r : 07*00-0* AFM rell iS'C 
£1^ Cyr I ovTOvt i°] ovro*f t : om 1 | ioart] wt z | teporevfty 
/jLOi ovTovf] ovrovf *epoTcv<(y tfioi n | om a«o* f | ovrov? 3<>] sub 
-;- & : ovro*f s: om F^'bkw | Xiy/A^ de B] km Xiy^ kmn(uid) 

33 fir* n|r Aurpot] o' ^ ex* nyt ictdopewf jsv | rtft lurpas i®] n|$ To*y*of k | furpat t^] ^oxtoX... F^: furpo diadiifia 
Xpvaovp c*f TO /lenawop ^povfMPOP ri i'wpri vXoA*a F': o-Te^ayoe*def de/M j | icoro — pxrpat 2^] o' $' Kara wpoaiowop rrfs Kidapeut v 

35 ICO* i«> — pvaaov] a' et compritnes tunicam byssi c' ,,, tunicas,,, Sb \ km oi Koavfifiunoi] a' km cva^iy^eit b \ 0* koov/i- 
fiuroi] 0* ^ o* o'V0'^7^*r Mjsvz | Kidapip] v^offfta,. rpix^^ irtptOepua Kt^oKrit e*dot icoa»7Xovk*ov km rtopoy e*T.. 0o«(oX*oy 
,,riP v^opTOv F^: o' ff' furpop B' wffWfM M 36 ir*dape*f] KOfArikav . , . F^: a' a' furpat 9' v^w/aoto v 

37 KM c/AvXi/o-e*!] y et complebis (t^A^nacilo) ^' ^ ^^ implebis (yC^sg%^^ % 

38 irtpWK%K'i\\ ppaKat k 

39 ^ioprt^Kov] ofiadevfAaros F^ | otwytoy ovrw] a' mwpiop ovr. s: o' o'(?)^ o*wy*oy ovrov v 
XXIX I o7(ao'e*t] a' $' e*t ro 07*00*0* 3(om o')iS: 0^ m/ m sancHficcmdum (=fl#ore 07*00-0*) iS 





B Sk fio<rxdpiOP iK fio&v ip teal Kptoif^ Bvo ofuifiov^f ^/cal aprov^ i^tifiov^ ire^vpafUvov^ ip iKala 2 
fuu XayiUfa a^vfia tcexpurfUva hf ikaifp' ccfuBaXiP ix wvp£p iroi^ei^ avrd, ^Kal iiri0fja-€i^ 3 
avrd ivl kopovp fp* fcal irpo<ToUr€i^ avret iirl r^ icop^^ koX to fuxrxdpiop /eal roif^ Bvo xpiov^. 
^/cal *Aapo»p koI rov^ viois avrov wpoad^ei^ iwl rct^ Ovpa^ rrjs atctjpff^ rov fuiprvptov, koX 4 
Xovaev; avroxf^ hf SSari. ^koI Xa/Smp rd^ ardXa^ hfhiaei^ *Aapwp top aSeX^i/ aov, /cal top 5 
XiTfipa rip irohrfpti Koi t^p iwmfuBa koI to \oyiop, ^Koi avpdyfrei^ avr^ rd \oy$op^ irpoi rifp 
hrwfiiZa, ^icai hnO^aei,^ rifP pirpap hrX rrjp iC€<f>a\^p avrov, /cal hnOrfaei^ ro ireraXop ro 6 
afyiacfjut iirl rtfp pirpap. 7 seal Xy;^^ toO ikaiov rov XP^^P^'^o^ >foX irnx^eU avro iwi rtfp 7 
K€^a\ffp avrov, /cat yplaei^ avrop. ^tcal rob^ vloif^ avrov irpotrd^eis, tcaX ipSvaei^ avroif^ X^tcS- 8 
pa^' ^Kal ^waec^ avrov^ rai^ ^cipat^, Kal Trepidija-ei^ avroU ra^ KiZdpei^' fcal iarai avroi^ 9 
^ C^ ieparla p^i 6i9 t^i^ alSva*^ /cat reXeioia-ei^ ^Aapmp rd^ X^V^^ avrov Kal rd^ X^i/>a9 rSp vimp 
avrov, ^^/cal irpoca^ei^ rop poaxop hrl rd^ Ovpa^ t^9 a/etfpij^ rov fuiprvpiov, teal imOria'ovirip 10 

XXIX 2 irexpci^MO^ B 3 wpoaoiffu B*(-etf B^) | xptiavt B* 

5 €w<a/uda (bis) B*>] €wwfia9a B* | om xai 50— Xoytor 3« B 6 eiri^ett i® B^] ^eit B* 

7 xP^iffiULTot B*F*(uid) I xp^urett BF* 8 x^f^M^at F 

9 Kiiapni] +ras 3 forte litt B | upartM B^^AF \ reXutcw B*(-Xei- B^) 

IS : et sufiu IB: om de AFM rell ^^SM^Sh Cjt \ ck fiowp er] x*^«*'« > - fo «^w9 F^ | om ircu 40— erw/uda !<> f | om koi 50 

€wa tK fiow kfcK k*^m^WJ | er] tva dn : apM/iof A : om hqulS \oyiw a« Bqx£(uid) | oi/rw] avro Adgijnp : om F*»»ho®C f<om 

S I afutfiovt ivQ AFMadegijIpq9~vx-b,£ ro Xoyiw 30 71) | om ro 2^ dg | xpot] iroi F*r | np emfuSa 

2 aproxn a^iiovt] aprrwf aiiffiop koi KvXvpat afiffiotn m : a<*] to e^vd F^ 

+ ifeu KoXKvpas afv/iovt c3WS(sub ^ y') \ aprov F* | wt^vpa- 6 eri^eif i®] €irt$riarft fi | om rrfP i<» — erithf^tit i» g | 

;ierovf] irc^upo/uraf m : we^vpa/upa c : W€^vpfUPovt ev* : (xepc- nyr i<>] pr eirt n | om crt I® — crt^eif 2^ n | avrov] +jrcu ro 

^vpafitpovi 74) I om cr i^ eghjl^uid) | om k<u 2^ — tXaua 2^* Xoytop trvmiifupop rtf eirw/udi f | om iroi !<> m | twiBifo^t 2^] 

AW I XoToro] Xaxoi'a gtxa,: \ayaPOP 1 | om a^/^A fi I ext^iyt ^: /aci€s i5 : om p | ro !<> — ayiofffia post furpaw i® 

K€Xp^P^9, €P eXau#] consparsa ex oUo IL | ovojctxjpwttxpa fi j {30) IL | ro 3«] pr ei % \ 0710^/40] o7tor F*>'ckmfl[ | om ert 

om cr 1° ef I o-cfu9aXiy] pr ira« gn | wvpup] wvpov Ms(txt)v* rifp furpop n 

(oid)zlS : +coctam oUo % 7 row cXoiov] pr airo a, : (pr eir 3a): oUu IL | eirixei^ ix* | 

3 om icoi crt^cct ama Ayb, | ciritfiTcrect] exc^ecf x : ain*o] pr eiri g*(aid) : bis scr m : om akxf[£l/ | ext] irpot qa | 
9n9tvi b' I aura i<>] (avrov 74) : avrovf fi : u/£ : om ft | irayovr] Xpiffu a 

icayov Apqax(ex corr)y | er] era f : crot x : om qu | ica« 30] 8 viovf bis scr q | avrov] avrovf A | irpo^a^it] (pr ttax 

pr oiO'ett qu | (irpoo-oco-eit] wpoawoirfireit 18) | avra i'*] avra$ tt8): irpoora^tt m: ei stattus eos C | om kox 2^ x \ twdv^yit 

A I tn i»] w n: i» 181E4L | r« icarw] rwr iraycM' 1 | om i | om x^''^^^ — (9) avrovf s | x*^<tf''as] pr rovt F*"«Mdfpqtu 

dvo o S(uid) : om y 

4 om irai lo A I vtovr] pr dvo nW \ avrov] avrwr I* | 9 om iroi i^ — ^wrair a, | (h^fffft bi | (om avrovt i^ 71) | 
wpoffo^is] wpoaa^ 1* : wpoa^pttt m | raf Svpat] nyr tf i^pay rait ^att] raf i^M^t fh(uid) : tcnas % : (er i^^ny aopwr 3a) : 
bwCl^: rat tf vo-cat egj : ro Bwnaumipioini \ Xov^^ bdinp(uid) +aafN#fr kw, rovt vtovt avrov cmft(pr ^)iS(sub 4>) | ire/K- 
X* I om w Fnxl^uid) | v^rt] -^etfinies^ tfi^cit] 1re/K^^rett f: ewiBriCiis sz | avroit i©] avrovt b'mxz: 

5 ^roXat] +rat crroXat rat a^iat g: +rat a^tat acj : (om 71) | om rat t<> m | avroct i®] Aaec mihi C: om dp | 
( + a7cat 77) I wdvo-etf] erdv^iyt i : + avra A : + avrovt c : + ^S^ ttpana m«] i^li*d mihi in sacerdotium ft | ce^rta] in sacer- 
(s' eos "< % \ aap«r] pr rw ej | rm i®— irai «*»] rw a^eX^ dotium % : (c/K&rtat x : lepartvfia bw | fioi Bx] sub t- iS : e/ioi 
ffov sub -r- iS : om F*^* | ror x*''^'''**] ''^'^ firwfuda i | top AFM rell | aiwra— ^10) ftaprvpiov 2^ sup ras A* | om aaptop — 
wolhiptfi] pr KOi F*>ck1B^iS : uarium C : ro ^eXc^r . . . rov e^v8 iroi 50 m | aapow — avrov i" Bh C3rr] om avrov bwx : rat x^^P^^ 
F^: +ica« TOP vwodvrrip n/t iwvfudot c(ror «roJvn7r)k (118 {nfp cMpup A^FM rell ft18£l/iS | om rat x^^pat «<> dp 
€wepdvnfp)): +tov eireydv/iarot egj : -k- super subuculas %i + 4p 10 om icai !<> 1 | rpwro^et r | rat 1°] nyt b1/i5 | fiofrrvpiov 
qui super uestem V iS | om irai 3® i* | Trpf erv/uda i®] ror i^] +jra* Xi;^ axo rov ai^arot avrov c | om oc b'enx | avrov] 

2 tkpTovs a^fu>vt] 0' tkpTOvt a^fJMvt cat icoXvpat ajV>tovt v: 0' KoKvpas a^fiovt j(sine nom)sz | ire^vpafieyovt] 0' xe^vpa- 
fiepovt V : a' apafufuyfitpa j(sine nom)s(-rovt)vz : 0^ ayaxeroiiy/icrat j(sine nom^ : $* aMarewotr/fxepovs svz | XaTava] rirrapca 
irXaicovrrapca ctft xawvpui,, aro ac/buSaX.. F^: wervpa h: iroXXovpcdat k*: ica« xoXXvpat tp cXatw k^ 

3 icayovf ] KOPiffKum F^ 

5 irai 1° — rohiptf] 0* icat ror x*''**'* **" ''<^ rodiypiy rov exeydv/Mirot jsvz : a' ror xtTt^ra km ro erdv/ia rov crcrdv/Mirot 
viS: 0^ ror x^Ti^ra xoi ro excrdv/ia rov firerdv^arot (vxerd- v) ^ ror x^rwra irai top twwpivrjfp (ext3- v) nyt €TWfudot jsvziS | 
ro Xoytor i®] ro rcpo'c... F*> 

6 nyr furpop (bis)] ro ^aictoX... F*> | ro i*» — a^cafffia] a' 0' ro xrraXor to ayiop jsvz(om a' jsv): 0^ a^opc^/ia... jsv 
z(a' 0^ pro ff* v) 

9 rait ^wrait] 0' rait ^«#rait aopwr $' ^(wny aopc^r o*' ^6»rat aaputp a' ^^wn; aapwr jsvz | Ktdapttt] Kafiri.. F^ 



XXIX 20 

^Aapmv fcal ot viol avrov t^9 X^H^^^ avrAv hrX t^v iC€4>aX^v rov fi^iryov tvaim Kvptov irapA B 
II Ta9 Ovpa^ T179 <rtcfjinj^ rov pAprvplov* ^^koX afxi^ec^ rov fuoayov evavri Kvplov iraph rd^ Ovpa^ 
n T179 ctcffvrj^ rov fiaprvpiov, ^^/cal \iifi'^ff airo rov aZpLoro^ rov fiotr^ovy /caX O'^aei^ iwl r&v 

/c€pdro»v rov dvaiaoTrfplov rip SoKrvkq^ aov ro Sk \017riv irav alfia i/cx^ei^ iraph rtfp fidaw 

13 ToO OvaiaarTfpiov, ^^koI Xrfp,'^ irav ro ariap ro iwl rrj^ KotXia^ Kal rop Xo/Sov rov ffiraro^ 

14 Kol T0V9 ivo veippoi^ koX ro ariap to hr avr&p, Kal imOricei^ iirl ro Ovaiaan^p^ov, '*tA Be 
tcpia rov pLotrxpv koX ro Sipfia zeal rifp Koirpop /earaKava-ei^ irvpl i^m rrj^ irapefJkfioXrjs* a/Aap- 

15 r(a^ yap iarip. ^^fcal rop Kpiop \i]/Ay^ rov Spa, teal imOijaova'ip *Aapoi>p xai ol viol avrov rh^ 

16 %€ipa9 airr&p iirl rifP KetfKtXtfP rov /cpiov' '^icoi a'if>d^€i^ airrop, Kal Xafiwp to alfui 7rpo<rx€€U 

17 Trpi? TO OvcruumipLOP KVKXtp. ^"^koX rop Kpiiop S*;^oto^»;o-6*9 Kark fUXff* ^<*i irXvpeh rh iptoaBia 

18 KoX rov^ 7ro8a9 vhan^ Kal iinOiiaei^ iirl rh Si^^oTo/ii^/^aTa aifp rp KC^aX^. ^^koI dpoia-ei^ SXop 
rop Kpiop iirl ro OvauurnipioPj oXoKavrwfia Kvpitp eh ocfiifp evmBla^' Ovaiaafui Kvplqi iarai, 

19 '9|cal Xrifjk'^ rop Kpiop rop Sevrepop, Kal im0i]a'€i *Aapo>p Kal ol viol airrov rd^ X€!pa9 avr&p 

20 cVl r)fp K€ipaXi)p rov Kpiov* ^Kai a'<f>d^€i^ avrw, Kal XiJ/i-^ toO alfiaro^ avrov, Kal iwidi^aei^ 

fo owrftw] aviavrctfr F: om B*(hab B*^) 
11 cyayrt B»"*<*] tparriw B* 15 irpecor B* | irpciov B* 

17 wifioaBtUL B*(-9ta B^) | om ert B*(suprascr B*^) 
18 eiw^cat F* | 0vffia/ffM B^T Bv/uofui B* 19 icpecor B* | irpetov B* 


l*(uid) I om rat x^'Pa* avr»v xfL | avrww] avrov o*: 
om B*p I /lOffx^^l + *«* o-^a^etf avrw p*> | om crarrc — lULprrv- 
puw 2° ckmiS I evorrtor agj | (icv/hov] pr rov 15) | om wapa — 
yuaprvpiov t^ d | rat tfvpat a<>] rjfw Bvfuuf bwfL | (om n/t 
a«Tjnyt a® 71) | om rov fMprvptov 2^ g 

11 Kcu — t^prvfHOv] bis scr s: om A%nptl/ | o'^o^tt] 
ff^a^flf cd: ff^a^ b | om wcLpa — futprvpiov x | om rov fULp- 
TvfMtov abijw 

12 om totum comma i | om /loaxov — rov i° A*(hab A^^ \ 
$rfff€it] dJtaJit p : €iri^«t Megjlqo : inponis 1/ : illines IS j 
twC\ oiro g I #cepor«tfr] pr Ivo Qjt \ Bwiaanipiov i<»] + irac exi- 
^if0-ect exi TWif K€paTWf rov BvauLffnipiov A | Xoiiror] sub -7- $S : 
om k I Tor] arar h : om Afmxa, | eirxeiyt g | om nfp f 

13 om iroj' Cyr-cod | ro a«>] ror x | rw Xw/Scm' !•* | rw] 
nyr X I row] pr rop ext F Cyr | ex] vr dp | avrwr] + ^vfua- 
<r«t egj I om irot 5<> ^ I exi^eit] xoii^ett y : (^eit 2$) : 
Svfuoffttt F^ 

14 (ro d€ Kptat 76) I ra] ro qux | om de x | icpco] irpn; f : 
icpeara b C3rr-cd : xepara F*acgj | {fioffxov] +icat ro artap 18) | 
dep/ia] +awrow FN:egjm^lSiS(sub ^ t^p,) \ rr^if] rw ens j 
iroxpor] +avrou cegjmlSi6(sub 4^? 7') | icara«rauireit] icarairav- 
<nyt dip : irartticauo'et ahw : icaraxavo-cM-u^ x^ | xupt] pr €9 ^k 
wis (sub 4^ o! ff)\ om aeghj^C' | o^ukpma ckrvz | 70^ e^riy] 

15 Xiy^ror irpcor £ Cyr-cod | roi' era Xi;^ckmfU6 | ojOLpw 
— airrov] sacerdotes filU Aaron ^-ed | om oc el*nx | atrrov] 
OMTfOf A I om rat f | om o.\nwf Fb' | np ire^aXiyy] ny ire^aXi; 
I : om nyr w | row x/hoi;] avrou b' 

16 a0a|i7t dp I avroi'] rw Kpiw AFMa-egj-mpq»-wyia/* 
bafl[d/5: rwr ifpiw a,* | ai/ta] 4-ovrow ceg}km^iS(sub 4p 
ej8p.) I xpo<rx«««f] wpoffx^* P* '/hjx**** bdfknw Cyr-cd: 
xpoceit s : exix^^tf x : e/rxeett qu : x^^*' ^' +(<^ iS | xpot] exi 

17 iroi i*»] pr ras (i) w | irpior] irXi/or k* | (icara fieXiy] 
fieXi^doF 31) I Kara] koi ra dfimpx : ra g | fitXif] X19 ex corr 
f^: /AtXot Cyr-cod: A&epot e: +aurov ckmiS(sub ^ e^p.)j +^' 
cLuferts aures eius IS | xXurcett a, | erdoo^ca] eydooria f : cy- 
ro<rtfca Mh*^»: +oin-oi; cegjmlSiS(sub ^ tfip.) | xo<at] +avrou 
F^:cmaiSi5(sub ^) I om w«ort A^(hab Ac"«)F*lquxya,balS 
£fLiS I ext^eit] +^afL I dixo^o/*i9Ma'r«] (^X^'^^M^^'^a 3^) : 
+ 01^-01; acmiS(sub •:$> cj9p.) | ire^oXiy] +ain*oi; acegjmfU6(sub 

18 om irai F* | oKop] post Kpiop AFMad-gijlpqs-vzagb, 
% : om y | om ror v | txi — eorai] in sacrificium (aitart £^) 
oblaiio { + est £<:) Domino £ | oXoicatfrw^ra dfgpt | Kvpita !<>] 
pr tffri r« c : pr core miS : pr r« AF'abegjlquwyajb, Cjrr : 
#c ex r r* : + eortr ej | om ett — eoroi c | om ett — Kvpiv 3® g | 
ett ootirip'] offfiri miS : in honore % : om ett kx | om Bvcioffyua, 
Kupiw eorai e^-cod | Bvffuia/ia] Svfuafia 6*f Cyr-ed: oXoirav- 
rvfw, a, I Kvpiw 2^] pr r« Axy^a,: kv nsvzl/: (cronrtoy irvptov 
30) I e<rrai B Cyr-cod] effrip x: eortr AFM rell 91Sl/iS 

19 om Xi7/i^ A I om roi' Kpiop a, | exi^ifo-oMTcr y91S£ | 
om oi b'enx | om avrtop egjx 

20 o'^a^ b'dp | avrop] avro n: rop xpiop F^™i^ekmfU6 | 
rov I®] pr ras (i-a) o : bis scr j | exitfi/o'ett] exttfiyoi/t x : Oriatit 

xa ireparctfr] airpwr F^ | paauf] $€/u\iOP F*> 

13 rop — ijxarot] ro irarciyrepoy fiepot rov ifwarot F*> | rop Xo/9or] a' ^ ro xepirrop M 

14 afiaprcat ^ap e^rir] 0' afuipriat yap wrip svz : a' xepc aftaprtat tonp sz(om c^rcr) : a' afiapriat (?) eorty v: (/ 0^ xepc 
aftopriat eorur v: ^ xepc afiapriat z 

16 ro ai^] 0' ff c' a' ro ai/i[a] airrov v 

17 3ixorofii70'e<t] /ieXureit F*> | ra ei'Soo'tfia] n;r icocX... avrov F*> 

253 33—2 

XXIX 20 


B hrl Toi/ \ofiop ToO a>T09 ^Aapwv rov Se^iov Kal hri rh aiepop rrj^ Be^ia^ X^^P^^ '^^ ^^ '^^ ifcpov 
rov 7roSo9 rov Be^iov Kal iwl roif^ Xo/Sov^ r&p wrmv r&v vi&v avrov r&p Se^i&v Kal iwl rit Sxpa 
r&v x^^p&v avr&v r&v Be^i&p /cai iirl rh &Kpa r&v iroB&v avr&v r&v B^^i&v. ^^Kal X^fiyjtj^ airo ai 
rov atfiaro^ rov airo rov dvcuiarrjpiov koI wrro rov tkaiov t^ Xp/o'e(i»9> Kal pavu^ iirl *Aapi^v 
Kal iirl rtfv aroXifV avrov, Kal iirl rov^ vioif^ avrov Kal iirl rh^ aroXi^^ r&v vi&v avrov fier 
avrov* Kal arfiuaOrfaerat, aino^ Kal 17 aroXri aifrov, Kal oi viol avrov koX ai aroXaX r&v vi&v 
axnov fier avrov* to Bi atfjta rov Kpiov irpocx^eU irpo^ to Ovauumjpiov kvkXi^. ^koI Xf;/A^ 11 
airo rod Kpiov ro areap avrov koX to ariap ro KaraKaXtnrrov r)fv KoiXlav, Kal rhv Xofihv rov 
ffiraro^ Kal roi>^ Bvo ve<f>poif^ Kal ro areap rh irr avr&v, koX rhv jSpaxiova rov Be^iov hrri,v yiip 
reXeimai^ avrrf ^^Kal aprov iva ef iKaiov koX Xdrfo^ov hf airo rov kovov r&v a^vfi^v r&v irpo- as 
r€0€ifA€vwv Ivavrt Kvplov ^Kal itnOi^a-et^ tA ir6vra hrl rh^ Xe!pa9 ^Aapinv koX iirl rk^ X^^P^^ *♦ 
r&v vi&v avrov, Kal a<f>opi€U avroU a^optcfia evavri Kvplov. ^S^al XrnA'^ avrh iK r&v X«»p6i' as 
airr&v, Kal avolaeis iirl ro Ova-iaan^pMv rrj^ oXoKavrtoaem^ €^9 ocfiffv eifmBia^ ivavri, Kvplov 
Kd/yircDfid i<mv Kvplip. ^Kal Xi^fi'^ff ro artfOvviov awd rov Kpiov rtf^ reXeuia-em^ S i<mv 26 

ao axpa i®] tucpat^ F* ai xp^ifftm B* | uptiov B* 

aa Kp€iw B* I reXeioMrif] reXiwcrtt B*F*: reXeiiMrcit B»^A as er] ero B*^ | xpoT€$ifiepwif B*(-^</t- B^) 

26 Kpetov B* I reTuwribn B»(-Xn- B«^)F* 


Cyr-cod | tot Xo^w] nap Xupw x \ aapwr] +iro« ex* Xofiw 
vtctfT avrov F^<°ff: +Kai en top Xopw rov vror nop vu»p avrov 
cmW(8ub ^ 6^ [#ccu] pr rov 9€^iov c^J | rov de^iou i«] rop 
dt^iop qua^Cro)!/: om k | om iroi 4® — de|c»r i« m | om icoi 4**— 
it^iov ao g I om ext ao H I nis ^^wj x^^po* Bk Cyr] tow 
wodot avrov rov ^(tov dp : rrfs x^'P^ avrov nyt ^^of F»"«nt 
a,^: nit Xtipot avrtop rr/t de^iat c&{avriap sub ^^ efip.): rrjt 
X*^pos nyt deltas AF*M rell : manus uestrae 1/ | om ro a<> 7 | 
TOW 4» — ^e^iow a«] pedis uestri % : rrft X^^poi avrov nyt de^car 
dp I ro^of] +awrow F»«wknt^: +ftwr(iw ci6(sub •:§:•) | koi 6® 
—dtfyfop 3° sub -T- iS I om XM 6° — de|cwr !«> ^-cod | rovt — 
9€^iWP $°] rwp viiop avrov ofiouat n | rvp wrup post awrow a<> 
svz I rvp vuap avrov] avrvp h : om nap q | (om rwp $^ — axpa 
I® 71) I nap Se^iwp i«] dextras % | om icat 7° — ie^twp a*> cgj | 
om eirt 5° fi | ra i®— 3e^i«#i' a®] ro cucpop rtft x^^P^' avnop nyt 
de^iat ms(txt)vz(txt) | ra axpa i®) row eucptap z(mg) | rup 4** 
bis scr f I x<V<^] »'o3«i' y | om avriap i® s(mg) | om kcu 8° — 
9€(uap 3® X I ra a® — ^(iiiv 30] ro airpoy row iroiof avrwp rov 
U^iov ms(txt)vt I {ra aicpa a»] nap aKpm 30) | {nap 6°] pr icot 
71) I wodiap'] x«t/x^ y I owTwr a*»] awrow j | itfyiap 3® (dc^tow 
msvz)] + KaL rpoo-xeeit ro ai/ia ext ro Svffiaffrrjpiop kvkXv ckm 
(«r»xce4f)s(mg)v«w(pr <3>)t(mg)ai6(sub •*• ^) 

21 om ai^rot — row 30 s | rov oro] rov ert F*M(mg)dlnx 
a^b^^Bl/i^ : row exayw fi : twi Cyr-cod : om AF*M(txt)bcem 
opqtuwy£ Cyr-ed | row 30 bis scr b' | (^wo-taonypcow] tfwo-iat 
3a) I pareif] panit q : papuis h*(uid)aj: (parrtccf 71 : +exi ro 
Svaiaffnipwp icoi 30) | icai 4° — avrov t^]e/ super uesits eius C : 
om Ay I om ica« 40 m | om ert a® bnwit | koi 50] -^post eum 
£ I om cTi 3<> y I oroXai] on^Xat a, | nap vttop avrov i<»] 
eorum S | nav i^] (pr awronr 74): avnap c*: avrov c* | om 
fjutr awrow i® bw£l/ | om Kai 1° — avrov S" cdep | Kai 8® — 

avrov 5®] post awrow 6® i: om f | om ica« 9® — awrow 6** Ag | 
om Oi nq | vtoi] wtor b* | om cm 10^ — awrow ^^ f ] rtop vutp 
avrov a*>] awrwi' nIB Cyr-cod | avrov 8**] avrw^ xfi | ro i® — 
itwkXw] sub -7- i5 : om k | ro Se] k<u ro cmJS | row Kpiou 
xpo^eeit] rov xpiov wpot ro| A» (sup rai) | wpoaxfta] (pr ow 
74.76): xfwxeett bcd(jm(uid)nyz | xpot] eirt cdemnox 

22 om Kpiov q | awrow] sub -r i&: pr icai n/r KcpKor mJS 
(sub •*• e^p.) : ^/ caudam ^ : + <co4 nyr icepiror cj(mg)s(mg) 
z(mg) I KaXwuTOF f il* | nj*'] pr irai x j icoiXiay] + awrow qu | 
KOI, 30 — ijxarot] post re^povt A : </ ttr<?r IL | ex] wx Cyr-ed j 
awrwf'] awror g* | avrti\ apri g 

23 era] + ira« ico}OivpaM aprov c(om 4cai)k(-pi^ mg)mi^sub 
•^ 7'): +^/ coliyrida unam % | c^ cXcuow] $ «X sup ras F* : 
+ /uay ckmiS(sub ^ 9pp.) \ Xa^aror] Xayapap r: Xaxaror x | 
ev] era B^^or : om filSS | xarow] Torow b | xpore^ci/ieywy] sub 
-r SS: wpoT€$v/upiap p: {irpori$€fi€PWP 71): wpoar€0tifuptap o 

24 om totum comma d | (om kcu i® — aapvp 14. 16. 130*) | 
exttfeit o I om ra af I ex* 1° — xai a<> bis scr 1/* | rat X^^f^f 
i^] rrft X^tpo* s£ I om aaptop k€u p* | exc rat x<<pc^ ^**] ^in p : 
(om rat x^^w 14. 16. 130) | om icai 3® m | a^pto'et 1 | awrott 
BF* «»w b,] awra bckmnps(txt)tvwz(txt)ai81/ Cyr : awrowt AF"M 
s(mg)z(mg)reU E(uid)iS | {a^purpuop 18) | tparriop h' | icwpiow] 
-h K€u €wi$ri<r€it ra wapra cxi rat X^tP^* aapow a(om ra) (64) 

25 om 4cai i<* — irwpiow p | Xi^m^ 6nuorb,ft(uid)lS(uid) Cyr] 
df|erai x : 3e$iy AFM rell WL& | awra] ra y : om ^ | awrwr] 
avrov dls(uid) | aroto-eit] apoiojis cgix: -f-awra AylSl^ | riyt 
oXocawrwffcwt] rtft o\oKapTia<r€ias nx : hclocaustomatum ^IL | ctt 
offfiTfp] odorern \, \ eporriop do | om Kapwiapa tanp xvpua b, | 
icapxwfia] Kapwop x : frtutus % : oXoirapxw/ia n^ | JcH eorir qu 
^B I Kvpiv] pr na C)rr-cod : <cw n 

26 ony^^wnor] on^tf sup ras (6) 1 : twiBvfuop x : tf wo'iaony- 

ao ror Xo/3oy] ro aicpor i^yowr ro axaXor F** | ro axpop 1°] a' rop arriSaicrvkop F**(sine nom)Msz(om rop F*»M) | ro airpor 
2°] a* rop apri6€Licrv\op j | irai 6^* — dt^up 3°] ea super quae positi obeli in Hebraeo tanquam non posita in Hebraeo-Sama- 
ritano Sb \ ex< rovt Xo^owt] exi ra aicpa F^ 

aa ro OTcap awrow] -^ ro oreap xat rrip K€pKOP avrov a' ro trretLp irat rrfp KtpKOP c' V ro areap Kat ro K€pKiop v | rop 
ppaxiopa] 01 \ rriP KpiifiriP Mjsz(sine nom z: om rrip Mi) as XaTaror] aiVfurip apros F*> 

24 awroit] a* ios ff* 6^ eas & %$ Kapwiapui] wpoff^opa F^ 

a6 mfSvpiop'] mf$ot F^ | rtft reXeaiwe<tft] a' impletioHts (n^AaSDTl) 9* B' compUtionum {yi^sncXJ^ ^ 



XXIX 36 

97 *Aapfiv, tcai cu^pUh avro of^pic/jba hiavri, Kvpiov, fcal iarai aot iv fieplBi. ^koX ay^daei^ ri B 
(mf$vpiOP a^pKTiia koX top fipayJMva rov a^ipifjbaTo^^ h^ a^piarai teal ftv 0^/917x04, awd rov 

38 tepiov T^9 reXeuotf-eo^?, airo rov ^Kapmv Koi awo r&v vi&v avrov. ^tcal icrai ^Aapin^ teal roi^ 
iHoi^ avrov POfUfiov aHviov iraph r&v vl&v *I(rpai^X* i<mv yhp a<l>6pia'fia rovro' koI a^lp€fia 
iaroi avi r&v vl&v ^lapaijK awo r&v Ovfidrmv r&v aciirfjpiiov r&v vi&v ^la-paifK, i^xdpefia 

«9 Kvpltp. ^/col 17 OToX^ rov aylov ^ icriv ^Aapwv iarai toJ? vioU airrov fier avrov, ypwOrivai 

30 avrov^ iv avroU /cal reXe^Aca^ ri,^ X^^P^^ aifr&v ^enrii fffiipa^ ivSvaercu axrrk iepev^ 6 hvr 
avrov r&v vl&v avrov, h^ €ta'€X€V(rerai e*V ti^i^ a/etfvifv rov fuiprvpiov \€irovpy€iv iv T0J9 offloi^. 

3a ^^KoX r6v icpiiv rrj^ r€\€nia'€(0^ ^V/*'^ ^^^ h^aei^ tA xpia iv rowtp arfitp* ^tcal SSovrai *Aap€bv 
/cal ol viol avrov rh tcpia rov icpiov Koi roi^ aprov^ rov^ iv r^ Kav^ irapk t^9 Ovpa^ rtf^ atcffvti^ 

33 rov fiaprvptov ^SBovrai avrh iv oh ^idcOfja-cuf iv auTo*9, reXei&aai tA^ xclpa? avr&v, 

34 cvfuiaai avrov^* /cal aXKoyevif^ ovk iherai air avrov, iariv yi^p iyia, ^ikv Be /caraXei^^ aTrd 
r&v /cpeiSv rfj^ Ovala^ 1^9 reXewio-ecw /cal r&v dprwv &>9 wptoi, /caraKavcei^ rh \oiwh irvpl* ov 

35 fipmOi^arrai, ayUurfjta yap iariv. ^^Kal Tron^aei^ ^Aapi^v Kal roh vloU avrov o6ro>^ /card irdvra 

36 Saa ivereiXdfitfv coi' iwrd fifUpa^ reXeioxrei^ avr&v rd^ ;^etpa9. ^/caX ro fLoaj^dpiov rijs dfiap- 
rla^ TTOii^aei^ r^ 'lipipa rov Kadapurfiov* Kal /cadapuih to Ovaiatrn^piov iv r^ ayid^eu/ o-e iir 

46 a^ptfffM B*(a^op- B^) | om aoc B*(suprascr B*^) 

«7 a^etfnrrai B*(a^/>- B«^) | xpeiov B» | rcXiwo-cc#t B*(-Xet- B*»>)F* 

99 yjKurerivai B | rtKuaaax B*(-X«- B**>) 30 XiTwpTcu' B*(Xc4T. B*»>) 

31 reXMi^fMt B*(-Xet- B**>)F* 31 jc/xtov B 33 reXiwo'et B* 

34 icoToXt^ B*(-Xei^ B^) | r^Kutatw B*(-Xe«- B*»>)F 35 T«X4«<rctt B*(-Xei- B**>)F* 

fU¥ bg*(uid) I 0] Of X I om etfrir W \ a^ptfftif qa | avro] 
avrw cs : avrwr x : to m | om o^oc B*g 

27 ayioffi^ bx | om npopwiia — m^ptftarot x | a^opt<r/Aa] 
pr myinrim kcu a, : a^opia/wt M : om m | ror] ro s | ot !<>] wt 
f : m I om a^mpivrwi rcu ot t Cjrr-cod | a^pc^roc] a^pit- 
roi a, : oi^pnirmL x | ot a^piyrcu] quatcuqut dimseritis JL \ ot 
40] ctff fx I a^piircu] a^pifro Cjrr-cod : a^piyrcu d(a^/»-)x | 
n|f bis tcr f | oro 'k'*^vkw\ Aron etfiHis H | om aro 3° b,* 
Cjrr-cod | avrwr d 

28 om iroi i® — avrov e | om icac 4® m | ira/w] pr irac m | 
(r«i» WM9 I®] rott MOit 84) I t^paiyX 1°] avrov c: -^-umo tup 
9v9iw X I om tarw — wpaiK «o b'f | tortr] e^a« Im \ 7a/>] sub 
-r 5 : om k I ai^ptaiiA Bhkmo Cyr] a^aipt/jta AFM rell IS | 
TovTo] ro\ma9 x% \ a^atptfia I® BAhkory Cyr] a^ptff/ta tvwos 
I : w^opiffiJta FM rell IS | errai a*>] + viup x | axo i<> B] om m: 
rapa AFM rell Cyr | airo 4<>] pr kw. Mbw | tf v/iarc^y] Ovfua/ia" 
rm egj : Bvctfow rm x | rov ffpiov y | rvw wap iffpwiik 3'* BA'""* 
fhior Cyr] avrwir M(mg)cdmnpt^£(uid)iS(8ub ^ a' ^) : om 
A*FM(txt) rell ISl^ | om a^cupe/M irvputf k | a^pefta i^] 
-[■avrmp cm^US(8ob «^ ej9/».) : +coti f | irvpcw] pr rw acmiS(sab 
^ ej9p.) : iv 8x1/ : 0S Cyr-cod 

29 oTifXiy A I rov — aapw] aapttp rj eorat rov ayiov A | 
a7tov] Xoyiov 1 | om iy a® m | rott] pr koi ox | vtoct] pr oc m j 
avrov] avTMT \* | fur avrop] fura ro m | avrov] avrwir nx : 
avrov c | x^^P*^^V^^ ^ I om avrovt k | tp avroct] {ep avroit 
35) : eavroct b' | om koi. a® — (30) avrov i» c | reXetwo'ai] r«- 
Xeutf^ctt h : + <v avroit m^lLiS(sub ^) 

30 eirra] pr rat n | epdvffrfrcu x \ avro] post tepevt f: 
avrat n : ravra dpt | (tepevt] + fieyat 83) | om 9<> x | r«r 
vtup Q,vTov Bone] pr xai h : pr €k AFM(txt) rell : pr eic M(mg): 
(om 18) I ot] ctft X I etovXevo'erat] pr ^/ iS: eXeuo-erai eo^w f | 


^KfiPffp] ytfp a, I roit a^toct] n# ayiu bckwx: (avroct 71) 

31 nit] pr ror r I om Xi^m^ 1^ | efi^eit] q^^iyoi^ pt: 
e^nytrec n : ^n;<rect m : ^if^ect x | ra icpea] ra irpeif f : +ras (i-«) 
w : ttvroi' e: + avrov m^JS(8ub ^ e/3p.) | om €p — (31) irpea n | 
rowui] pr ras (1) i 

32 edorrai] edet £1/ | oc vtoc avrov Ktu mapttp m | om oc 
el I avrov] (om 84): +Aier avrov r | icpea] rpeif f : irpeora b | 
Ktu 3<> sup ras (6) V I om rovt 9® p | rapa rat ^pat] et ad 
ostium % I rat tf vpat] n/t $vpat j : rr^p SvpoM A 

33 om eSorroc avra p | inrtao'^aay] ifytoffBii V£ | tp 2^"] 
ex X I rcXetitfO'ai] reXecoM'or x: reXecn^t n | om oycoo'ai — (35) 
Xecpat p I a^cao-at] pr km AFM(mg)cdegjkmiistvyz91/ | avrovt] 
avroi' Cyr-cod | Ktu] xat bw: om fhimnrx*^ | aXXoytri^] 
+ ras (10) o I avrov BS] avrwp AFM rell 9181/5 Cyr | (om 
effTcr Tap a^ta 76) | e^rai d 

34 jraraXei^^] mraXet^^Mu o: avoiraraXci^^ x | n|t 
tfuo-iat] rwp $vamp m : om ek | nft 1?] pr ira« n | rvp aprwr] 
rop aprop x: om rwr qu | om iraraxavo'ctt — Tvpi ta, | irara- 
jcavo^eit] pr koi qu: comburent % \ ra Xocra wvpi] wvpi ra 
Xoiira egjsvz£: {tP irvpc ra Xoiva 31) | ov] pr mu kmA£ | 
ayiofffia yap] ayia yap Cyr-cod : •¥ Domini (s. -nt) % 

36 woifiayit i | apaiv b* | avrov] avrdu^ h* | om ovrwt egj | 
oo^a — x<*/Mt] avnop f | 00-a] a nx : -h ov r | re Xtuiwi|t b' | avn#r] 
post x«*^< AFMdegijIqtuya^b^^l/iSiuki) : om b 

36 om ro 1^ e | rrft a/Mopriat iroii|0'ett] xociyo'eit ro nft 
aftoprcat r | rrfs] pr ro AFMbdegi-lnop8tv-b,^ttk])i^E(uid) | 
araprcat a | (xociio'eit] ^vo'ett 31) | ny iifitpa] ro cwtppua a, j 
ica^apto'/iov] e^cXao'/iov n | ica^apieit ro] ett ro sup ras a | KoBa- 
pceit] pi sup ras M : Ka$apiff€tt Fgl : KaSapi^is m : KoBapiu f i | 
Bvaiamipiti W | er — o-e] pr km ayuunp n: icat a^iao-eit avro 
g I tP Tw] eit ro qu | aTca^ecr] aYrc^iy x | om ae la, | ex] er 

98 a^pe^ lo] rvx[ot] F*> 2g reXecow^at] a' impUre ^ compUri % 

36 ffatfapMf/tov] aW e^ t^Xacfiov Mjks(-<r/ia)vz(sine nom ks) | xatfapcect] parrweit F* : oi ^ repca^caprceit Mjsv2(-tat jsvi) 


rz;x f^ 

'Ktfj(f^ft0tm 4M 7VM0I i^ 

? < fa ^4V^ ^4W* irpmwm rtf^ mwmwmm rw 
^ ^ r^, ^ A ' «rif*; * A>* 

♦I U»v AJ 


#^# A* ** :«A w^ «• <f * Ji^ A*«9vrrC •^*^I r» « 

^ <tf 0j#i ii r ^ >r M» «S: # m^ cw )< : ibJm r«< km r» owl ri =x, ; #w f : «b ;v^ 
Ptwtm^fil0tm r, ye *w%. xU|; -^ Inmmm 9 'jm am r — 43 ^ivwr^ *mmK xi ilr *cdiB Er 

^jt ^4* •>«»", ^4^ #7Hir U .xi^^i T^ •' J^T^ ^"C ' •7—' ^ [ > ^ »»t ^ pr tw] • ov^ pr ev <*«* anaB ■■. s: «B x 

vv tmm^Urmm 'W^H . ^i/mrm % wm r» wi » i^ <p x vn feo-ir.^ pr nw x : pr *TBi AFM rcL. -Ir-jr «»» ^■■■•Z mi aOmmK 

f^ ^i fmwfn t»tm v» «>«##«^«r*^-^ j;* finar'i^n lw «cr I , «»»^ a* c 1 *mmm B«c] #1— ■ O-frt tif ^pht «-«« aF^-: 

>{**^«, pr -p fim : ?r tiw ATM mtsL . rsFvI r sbc a* 1 k ! om 

M 't«^«, ♦ ##« ^/ , 4mr M-^ rr S ' < MB AFMoic Tw ^«^n#M» 71 i u i i ' — ipc I J ■1*11111 I M, ; aB «« 

1^ ^m;/'^ -r/ '%^^ i rm ^•wmmrmttm^ r* #i#iia< ^i— a^ : r* r* c t cu'^ BAaTxaexuaiiK ^ cub FM^mr rel BBxni.^S 

^; <riiir««|iif •;#.i»-» mp*0mm^, yM ^m* fsx-. lor, -3- S: 'jo. 43 «Bi r* — tws «f ns xai : i^— — ■■■■I ■ rwrri'*»*» 

»^ f,jf . ">» fc* ^>fr-<//4 i v« r^^ — CF^jM^ftT^M k : 'm^pm^ t»ki ^m \, \ tm^wmm \ -^xmm b»: f rm k\ ipm m I: f»mm.ifiu 

i m f9 *0m m a «^ <» w^r r*i -yr-s 14 , rr A* ) €V» r» fi r iar- B I rmtn wmmm bcx I m^ r*^ pr cm n \ \mw^^twmm ^ rms wma 

r^0tm |;A**vhyvr ^jt^ Cyr, ♦•'i r#» #iiriarnyii> « : *ai -:- «» j amssab 4- tz : pr «Bi cTMvtf^rwpai ^ mMrms m | bt 

#; *VB f M !>-. HCH I mU»^/m, n^M^im x; -». F''*^*: #»irin«i] w»n^» anr B | fc^*! pr tt err f *w3 *■» 

mmff^fprn,^ tm^m x^'. h4iUf-mm§i9tmt % | tm^t^x^^m', crfeA^- 


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XXX 9 

TO fA^tco^ ical mix^^^ '''^ eipos' rerpdrfiovov iarai' koX Svo 7n;;^€a)i^ to iy^o^' i^ avrov iarcu ra 

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Svo BcuervXiov^ ^^i/o-ow /caOapoif^ ironja-ei^ irrro rifv OTpeirrifv ar€ff>dvfiv avrov eU ra Svo Kklrtfy 
fTOnicei^ iv roU Sval irXevpoi^' koI iaovrai '^jtaXiSe^ rai^ aKvraXai^, Sore aXpeip avro iv avrai^, 

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avTo airivavri rov KarairrrdapMro^ rov Svro^ iirl rrj^ KificDrov r&v fJMprvpicov, iv oU yvaadi^' 

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9 Ovfuda-eis err avrov, Ovfilafia ivhekexi^p^v hth rravro^ evavri Kvplov eh yeveh^ airr&v. ^koI 

XXX « wjix^ot lo] vrixeias A | rrixfot a®] rrix^iat F 4 daxrvkiot F*(-toi;f F") | KXeirri B*(-iTif B^) 

6 mtfittrov A 7 ^v/ucurei i« B**>] evffu B* | firt^icevai^ B» | rovs Xvxiwf B*] Xvxi'ot B* 


6 $7ic€t 7* I avro] ex corr s*: avrw bcgx: avrat hnb^lS 
1/: om p I tPOMTt Cjrri | orrof] sub -r- 5: om k | «ri] ore- 
P€jm x^(aid)iS | ruf fioprvpu^] rov /Mprvpiou xaJE(uid)fL 
C3rr} : rov /Mprvpiov Kara, wpoaiarov rov (XcMti|/Kovo €9tiw eri 
rov /lapTvpiov m : testimonii (ontra Usiimomam quifd est ad 
testimonia % : + icora vfMVioww rov cXa^nypcov 99rw exi T«r 
/lapTvpunf cdhptv"«(n>f Kifiurw — twi tup fMprvpu^ sub ^) 
iS(8ub ^)i { + KaTa wpofft^wof rov Bv9ia9nipiov €9rw €Wi rwtf 
/iapTvpwp 130 mg) I yw»ff$fiff»fu en | om ^oc emq£^ | ecet^ey] 
iK€i AFMbcegj-mqsuvwy-bgABSS : eirw $€ot Cyr-ed|^ 

7 Bvfuaatt i«] $vfuaff €it h: Svati B*: tfiyo^ci fi*(ex coft) | 
ex avrov !<>] post aapwf giffttpvp g*)qux: ey avrw m: ji(^ 
a/tare IS | avrov i®] ex corr I : ovro f : avrovt n | ffw$€T<m] 
avp$€fftwt blwx: composUionis IL | X^ttw] pr ro I: (Xifirror 
130*): Xcim;f bwx : (ommitmium partium tattquam puluertm 
% I ro irpcM rpwc] maif« Mi/aSr IL | ro] rc# aib, : om n | om 
irpcM 3<> )8 I oral' — (8) Xvxvovt] et ubi f octet lucemas S | cm- 
9K€\)Qait B*r] exio'icevao^t l(ev, 1} ex corr) : evto'iceua^ct Abdi*kn 
ptx : circo-icM^ Cyr-ed : erto'iriafet y : emo-ircva^ B*FMi** rell: 
parebit % \ om Svfuoffei 2° — (8) Xvxi'ovt % | Bvftuurti 2°] 
Svfuaatit ch: ^v/iiaftir i**: Bvctoffa i* | eir avrov 29"] €p ovrv 
m: t » ^tf IL I avrov 2°] avrovt 1: +8ia varros ej: (+^vfua/M» 
eydeXcxc^Mov 30) 

8 (om KOI 30) I €$awTii BA*ahior Cyr] amy A*FM rell 
(-re< kx) : {oLwawni 31.64) | aopwr post Xvx^ovf anoBl/ | 0^] 
pr TOT€ bw : pr ro M(mg)cdiklpstvz C3rr : pr n# fx : om iW | 
om Svfuaatit ex avrov k* | ^v^ioo'eif Bgh] Ovfiuurei AFMk* 
rel](tfvAu sup ras i')9[|S£l^ Cyr: (Svfuoffii 18) | om ex— 
er^Xexco'/iov m | ex avrov"] ex avror bw : om x | {om 0v/uafia 
— xorror 30) | Ovfua/ut] Svfua a | ei^deXexco'Aiov dia xorrot] 
semper IL | whtKtxyryuov] post xarror dnpt : tv^tkxx'^l*'^ x | 
dta xarror] pr Sv/uafUL c : k<u l(uid) : om A*(hab A*)Fsvx-b, 
3SSi6(txt) I ect] pr irai X I ^eyeaf BM(txt)aoqux] pr rat AF 
M(nag) rell Cyr | avrtaif] v/i«r i* 

9 om icoi i<> bx I awotffei B*fhi] aroi^eit B**'aor Cyr: oi^o*- 

XXX 1 Kai — anfxrwysub^v | xotTjo-eit] +/iOiSC3rr-ed | 
BvffMffnipiw] n# Bwiaffnipiu Bviuarjipioir a,: Bv/uarripioif m 
( + a7»or)n: '\rBv1uan1pu9 M(mg)vs(pr ^ et corr ex Ovffiaffni- 
pcor)9L5Msub ^ (/ 9*): + Bv/ifiaftanipioif c ] Bvpua/iaros — a<nyx- 
r6»r] KU rw tfw aov ec IvXwi' aajfwrtap Ovaaarjipioif SvfuofiaTOt 
X I om tfvfua/iarot f 

2 om Kai xoiifo-ett avro bwx£2/ | om Kai i*' c | avro] 
avna g | om ro i<* m | iifiicoit] + avrov cmi6(sub 4^ a* d') \ om 
ro 1" d* I evpot] xXarot h : + avrov cmiS(sub 4pa' 6^) \ {rrrpa- 
yww] -^yap 12) \ v^ot] + avrov ckmftfL5 | e|] pr cat (84) 
9[£ I avrov I®] eavrov F** : om ^-cod 

3 iraraxpvo'fiMirt i | avra] avro FMbd-gi-mpquvwz^-cod 
VESh C3rr : avna cnst : avror a, | nyy] pr not knstvzC : + re 
bw I e^a/My] tvxaptZa AM(mg)degjnps(txt)vyz(txt) : eo7c<^ 
qu I om avrov 1° Cyr-cod | roixovt] orixovt s: orvXovt c | 
avrov 2^] oAnta g*a, : om % \ om kvk\u \^ F*(hab F') | Mpara] 
Kptara z* | om xai 4® x | avrta] avro kz*: avn/w h | om 
arp€miP — (4) xociyaett i® m | orpexnyr] sub t- & : rpexnyr s: 
post ore^anyr F*: om F*>'k | art^vip] -^^ avrov g | om 
Xpvcjff (14. 16. 130) IS I kvkKu 2^] hvkKww x 

4 om KOI t^ n \ om ira^apovt xoMfo-eit £^ | xa^opovt] pr 
KOL f: sub T iS: (xpvcvov Ka0apov 84): om F^'k | xociTO-ett i® 
BahrxS] + avrv €p rtut dvai xXevpatt dpt : + avro oz* : + av- 
rovt Afy: +avrfi# FMz** rell ISCl^ | om vxo— xoti/ffeif 2^ 
n I (om vxo — avrov 71) | vxo np] vroivnip c: om nfp m | 
OTpewniP OTi^anip] art^apfiv riyr ffrpewrffp fi | <rr^)exnyi'] sub 
•7- iS: om F**'hkr | avrov] avrovt a, | icXtny] pr avrov dpt: 
K04, TO avro m: + avrov ciS(sub '^') | xotiyo'ett 1®] pr km vS: 
+ ^' B^ I er i<>] pr e/ 1/: om hx | roct] ratt M(mg)dgnptx | 
om dvffi IS I xXevpoct] xXevyMut M(mg)dgnptx : + avrov ckm^ 
lSiS(sub ^) I ^aXidet ratt aicvraXatt] f Offices lamHlatae IL | 
^aXidet] (pr ai 16): €9^9., F^ | rait bis scr t* | ^xvraXatt] 
pr ivci X I «MTe] 6^ ro a, | avro] avrw f : avror t : avra ^s 
y^ I om er a*> e | ovrait] avroit M(txt)a 

6 avra Aadfmq-ua, 

XXX z dviuatMTot] a* suffimenti % 

3 ^^ ^^Ap^)^] ^0 lyXioiror F** : wxapa xvrpoxovt 1; wvpo^opor <ricevot exi eda^vt OMBpoKia F*> | e^apaw avrov] 0' e^apar 
avrov o! o' V Sttpta avrov v 

4 ^aXidet rait airvraXait] $* ff' ett ^cat roct awa^op9vaip Msvz(sine nom s: om 0^ vz) | ^«Xidet] a' 0^ ectf'o^ Msvz(sme 
nom s: oro a' vz): ett ^irat ^iS(pr 0^) | ratt aicvraXait] a* ^ 9* rott apa^op€veuf F^(sine nom)^ 

5 o'icvraXat] pafidovs X«MT.p.. F^: a* v' V uectes (=rovt ara^opeit) % 

6 axerorrt — tULprvpuav] Kara xpoo^wxor rov iXa^rifpcov eorir exc rtit xipiorov now fULprvpuip M | icaraxera^/iarot] /3Xi|^rot 


7 BvfuafJM <rvP0€Tow] $' Svfuafjui aptapuarttp a' o' Ovfuafia fidva/jtarup s(om a')vz | <rvrtferor] ffdwrtuirwp F*^(iiit lin) 


XXX 9 


B ov/c avoic^i iir airrov 0vfuafAa frepop, tedfyfrmfuiy Ovaiav icai awoviffv ov air^la^i^ hr* avrov. 
^^Kal i^kXda-rrai irepl avrov *Aapoi>v iirl r&v tcepdrmv avrov Unra^ rov ipiavrov* otto rov aXfiaro^ lo 
rov KaOapuTfJtov fcadapiel avro eh yeveib^ avr&v SryMP r&p ayU^p icrrlp Kvpl<p, 

''Kal i\4ikffa'€P Kvpio^ irpb^ Mmvaijp Xiytov '^'EAi^ \afirf^ rop avXkoyurfiop r&p vi&p " 
*I(rpa^X ^i^ T^ hncTfcoir^ avr&p, xal hwaowriv iKO/rro^ \vrpa rrj^ ^^0(^ avrov Kvpup, koI ovk 
iarai ip avroS^ irr&ci^ ip rp iinc/eoiry avr&p. ^^Ka\ rovro iarw h hwrovcip Sa-oi &p irapa- 13 
7rop€vo)prai rtfp iiriaKe^tVy ro fffucv rov hihpdxfiov 8 iorip Karh to ilZpa'XJiop ro &y$op* elicoai 
ofioXol ro SlBpaxM^P' to Sk fj/iiav rov hitpiyjiov eio'^opk Kvpl^, '^^£9 Trapawopei^fiepo^ €*9 14 
r^p iiriaKe^ip airo eltcoaaeroih fcal irrdpta, Sdaovap rtfp eia^piLP Kvpltp, '^o ir\ovr&p ov 15 
irpoaOrfaet koX o irepoiiepo^ ovk iXarropijaei airo rov ^fiplaov^^ rov SiSpd^fiov, ip r^ BiBopeu rfjp 
ela^opkp Kvpup i^iXdaaa-Ooi irepl r&p '^vy&p vfi&p. ^^teai Xi//^^ ro apyvpiop rrj^ ela^pa^ 16 

^ iraph r&p vi&p 'lo'pai;^, fcal Bd>a€i^ avro eh /cdrepyop rrj^ atctfprjs rov futprvpiov' koI iarai roU 
vioh ^IcpaifK fjkprifioavpop epapri Kvpiov, i^iXda-aadai wepl r&p ^r^cSi/ vfiwp. 

9 cvoi^ett B**» I cm kcu 2^ B*(hab B**») 10 e(eiXa«'crcu B* | wtpi avrov] ex avrov B*>: ex avro B* 

I a evXXoyttfffiop F*(-7W- F') 15 wawofi€vot A \ vifuff ovs] vffuffvs A: ii/uev B | e^iXatraoBai B* 

16 e^iKaffaffOai B*»»<*] pr icai B*»>(e|«X- B*) 


^eroi Acdgkna, : at^wrerai x : ayoc<rere FM rell (ai^f • e)9]8£ 
1/iS I €T I®] ttir e I avrov i®] avro F*Mdfinq-vzba Cyr|: 
ovrw blmpw C3rr|: ovrcM' x | Kapirutfia $vaia»] et frtutus d 
sacrifida % : et sacrificium fi*= | 9v9ka% FMbd(uid)fglprtwaab2 
P Cyr I oireto-cif Baor C3rr] o'xeiO'crat Acdikxa, : cirtiprrt bw: 
ireco'crai f : iroii^ect h : iroii/O'rrai n : woiriffrrt 1 : trreurert FM 
rell ^18£l/iS | eir !<>] ax e | avrov 2°] avrw 1*: avrovf a,: 
+ awa^ rov €Ptavrov m* 

10 om KOI — avrov 2^ f* | c|cXa<ro|uu c | w€pi avrov B*] ex 
avrov B*^ Cyr: ex avrta f^: ex avro B»A»(sup ras)Mah]o: 
om F rell A)8£l/iS | om aapdir A | om ex< — avrov 2^ x | 
exc] pr KOX exttfiTcrei A*(exi rwr sop ras A*) | avrov 1®] rov 
BvfftaffnifHov nlS | om awa^ rov tPiavrov f | (om awo — iratfa- 
pifffutv 118) I rov KoBapuriiov B] rwv aitapriiop rov KaSapifffiov 
rov t^iKaafiov axa| rov epiavrov ck(om rov KaOap, )ransvzl^om 
rov e(<X.)i^rov KaSap, sub -1-): rov iKaff/AOv rtaw aiiapnwp rov 
KaBapifffiov awa^ rov tPiavrov 1 : rov xe/K aftaprias rov e^Xo^- 
fiov ami '»■««' ft'iitvrov x^X[rov e^tX.] sanctitatis et propitia- 
tionu\ ( + rwr aiMprivw rov t^CKafffUiv 71): +r«i' ayMffrwnr rov 
e^cXaa-fMV axa{ rov €9iavrov AFM rell 1S£ C3rr(om rov e(tX. 
£"*<*) I ira^apcei] KoBapwti Iny : Ka$api€tt Ac | avro] avru o : 
avrc^ h | Tertof B] pr raf AFM omn Cyr | avrcur] vfiw bw 
IS I 07(01^] pr guod 9 : sancta % | om r«#y 2^ F* | eo'rtr] 
eoTot 1 : om W% \ Kvpiu] pr rw Abdf ipwy Cyr : om a^ 

11 futvffjfp'] futwrif blc : /uaaifp nsx : pMaei m 

12 ear] guodsi IL | Xa/9i7 m | om rwr n \ €p rri t°] om m : 
om ny k I om avrtop i^ x | dwawaiP ftx | \vrpa] pr ra Ay: 
Xvrpor finis : abruptionem % \ nyt] pr xept qu | V^vxiyt avrov] 
avrov infxn* »▼«! ^«OCT» avrwp M(mg)km Cyr-cod^: ^vx^t 
eavrov cMlptyb, : eavrov fvxn^ bnwx | Kvpua Bahnwx Gyr- 
ed J] pr r« AFM rell C3rri-cod|^: -¥€9 rri tmffKomri avrm 
c(-rov)m^U6(sub ^ <r' ^ | om er avrott IS'' 

13 om iroi S I eorw 1°] sub -s- Sbx trrai Cyt^: om k | 
iufffovfftp} dwroffftP s(uid)x: H-^iOi f: H-o-oi ai Cyr^HX)d|^ | oo-oi 
aw TapaToptvwrrai] quodquod incendent % \ om 00-oc all Cyr- 
cod ^ I ear cf isvz | xa/MXopevctfrrai] xapaxopevorrat bcdgikln 
opsv*w: xpoo'xopevorrai h: wpOTopewrowrai m: xopevwrrat 
Cyr-ed| | ro iipuffv post Mpaxftov i®. l(-dpa7-) | MpaxjMv 
i°] Mpayfiov abmnrswx: dpaxfiov p: StSpaxpjarot e{-9pay' 
e«uid) j Qin a«> — Mpaxp^w t<^ m | om !<> k | om ro !<> a 
Cyr^ I SiSpaxM-op i**] Sidpayfiop ablnorwx: Mpaxjui Aa,: 
MpayfAa s | (om eiKOffi—lkdpaxfMP 4® 18) | o/9oXoi] o^oXectf: 
ofioXop c I ro SidpaxfUfP 1°] axM P&rt tup ras e : ro Mpay/iop 
almnrs*x: ro didpayfta bw: om C | om ^ Cyr^^ | Mpax/iov 
2^] iidpayfAov Fablmnrwx: +iifuav k | nff^pa Kvput] afferent 
Domino IS: om m | jcvpiw] pr r« F Cyr-ed|: icv f: rov «v 
Cyr-codJ: om a, 

14 om etr eghjnxl/(uid) | iwrtavip x | om nyy 2^ Abwy | 
om Kvpiv — (15) €iff^pap d | Kvpua] pr n# (18) Cyri : om x 

15 i°] pr Kot ex: om Cyr| | eXarron^ci] eXarroMMrei 
AF*bhorwy: eXarrwo-ei npta^b^ Phil | axo rov ii/uaovs] ro 
fffuav m I rov i°] rovrov o | rifuaovt] iifiuv Br | didpayftov Fa 
bimnrwxa, | tp r«] ext ro Cyr-ed|^ | Kvpua] pr r« Cyr-ed|: 
(om 77): +xapa ntp vtm irpi dhknprt (83 (xe^)) ^1 e(tXa- 
aao-tfat] (pr «ra« 77): e^cXao-tfai f^na,: e^tXao'eo'tfe r: e^etXa- 
ffiffSat o I xepi — v/mp] pro ammas suas % \ jiiuop dgio*pa,* 

16 om «rai i® — fAPii/ioovpop m | n^ i®] pr ro n | avro] avrw 
cgn* : avroit Cyr | om ett flnx(md) | xartpyop] pr ro AFMb- 
egijkpqs-wy-b, | omvcoctw | /u^^ioovyor] pr nt ^n | eyarrt] 
pr xat m: eparriop Cyr-ed | Kvpiov"] om q: + ftpjifUHrvpOP yap 
€ffrip dknpt | e^cXao-ao-tfai] pr ira« B**»P(uid): e^iXacrao-tfe h: 
e^tXflureo'^^ai Mo: e(iXa<rire<rtfai kn | v/iwr] ifpMP fix: avrwr 

9 erepor] aiienum % \ Kapwtt/ia] wpoaf/>opa F*> | ffvop9fjp] Swrtop 11 (KxvffiP oipov F»>: frurytpaaiM, p 

10 {nop afioprtdir)] rov xepc nyt afiapriat Msvz 

la oi/XXoTt^ftor] ^ly^cr F^: ire^aXaiov i^'oc ^vptw^opop M | eirtffKoni i®] awayp,,. F^ | Xvrpa] Oi ^ e^tXa^^ F^Mksz 
(sine nom F*»k): aXXos e^Xofffia j | €p 3® — avr«r i«] aXXot in'oi irara ror apiBfiop avrvp j 

13 Kai — extaice^iy] (^ rovro iioffowriP xat wapairopevofiepos exi rat exto-«roxaf 0^ rovro d«M'w^r (•<rov<r- v) xaf waptp- 
XOfAgpot exi rat exwire^t svr : a' rovro dioffovci ras o rapepxofiepot ext rovt €TurK€fipi€POVt v | oo-ot — exco-ice^iy] xat rapitop 
ext ror apiSfioP M | MpaxfMV !<>] e^a^tov F*>i: a' <r' irrarripot M | o/3oXoi] {oXoiroic«roi F*>: (vXoKO«r . v^. . i | ec^^opa] re- 
Xeo'/M F^ 15 dtdovai] axo^^orai M z6 ett irarcyryor] a' S* ext n/p dovXecar o' ett ra tpya d{om a') iS 



XXX 26 

\l ^7Kal ikaXffaev Kvpio^ irph^ yitowniv \iy»p ^^Tlolff<rop Xotrrrjpa ;^aXicot)v moX fidciv avr^ B 

j(a\Kfjv, Sore vLnreaOai,* icaX dijaei^ avriv avii lUcov 1^9 tnenivrj^ rov fiaprvptov Koi avit pAaov 
19 rov Ova-uumfpioVt leaX itcx^ei^ eh a\hiv ihnp* ^^kcu vL^^^rai *Aapii>v koI oi viol avrov i^ avrov 
«o ri^ X^^P^^ ^ ''"^^ woSa^ SSan. ^irav eltnropevwvrat e/? rifv aicriviiv rov fjLaprvpiov, vl'iftoprai 
iSan /eaX ov fii) airoddvto<nv' Srav wpo^nropevwrrai irpo^ ro Ovcuurrrfpiov \€irovpy€tp Kol ava- 
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ra& eh rifv a-tctfpifv rov fiaprvplov, vl'^vrai SSan Xva p^ iiro0dv»aiv Kol iarai avroh vop^fiov 
«i aUovtov^ avrf Kal rah yeveaS^ avrov ikri avr6v. ^Kal i\d\ff<r€v Kvpu)^ irpo^ Mcovarjv 

«3 Xeyeiv *3Ka* aif \dfie ^jSvtrfjuira, ro &vOo^ trpkvpvti^ iicKeicrfi^ wevraKoalov^ <rU\ow, teal tcwvor 
«4 fJL^fiov ewiBov^ ro ifffuav rovrov itv\ teal icaKdfiov evwSov^ Buiteoaiov^ irevrriieovr<i^ ^Ka\ Ipet^^ 
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a6 ^ytoy, p,vpov fivpe^ucov r^i^ pkvpe^v' tkatov Xfi^P^ iyiov iarai^ ^icaX xpi^^^ ^f avrov rifv 

20 wpoairpopewMnrai F* | XirovpyccF B*(Xetr- B*^) 

2$ ojfBtm A I rovrov — cvwilovt a® B» | cp*] Auurotrcovt vemiKoimi F | duucovtMft] ^ A»"« 

14 eXoiwr] atXau#y A 35 xP^t^iia (bis) B*(xp«r- B»>)F* a6 XP^*^'** B*(xpw- B*>)F* 


17 iutvcrip'\ fuavofi bit : /utffiip n : nuaei m 

18 Toti^or] Toci^cct cl^ : mu irooy^ett m : + veuvrm Cyti \ 
XaXirovr] xoXir^ d | «irrw] avrou qti^QS£l^ Cyr-edl | w^rc] 
Mt r I piwTtir$«u] {tKPiTTtffOai 16): +mamHS suas W \ 0iiciit 
q I avrop i**] avrvp f : avro y : avnp F*k : oro IL | tkPa /wovr 
nyf anyiTyt] in teibfmaatlum IL | om iroc 3° — tfujiomfpcov e | 
BwiOffTJifMv] pMpTvpiov a, | ctx^'** bw | om ett n | avror a®] 
avro dx : avnjr f* 

19 Pijffrrai] ri^orroA Cyr^ ^ISiS: w^ n | km «• — avrov 
lo] vdvp m I om oc Inw* | e^ — X^^P^^] ^^f X*^P^ avrup t^ 
ai*rov AlS I c( avrov] fitr avrov a, : om w | x**^* BaboHl 
Cyr] +avrctfr FM rell 1^ | (om rovf n8) | vodas] -k-avrwp 
F<>b-gjkmnpdllS5(stib ^' e/9/».) | vdart BA«"«ahorx Cyr|- 
co<1d i] pr eF fi : vda4rc Cyr^-ed } : om A*FM rell A)SS5 : dt 
aqua It 

20 ecoYOpcvoyroi Abdfg*hikl*(uid)nopyw | om rov iia^ 
rv/Hov b, I om pi^optoi — Ovffitumipiop x | om pi^fwrai — airo- 
Bopwrip bw I om n^orrai vdart m | (rc^orrat] + ctt rovt Tifimt 
avfiop 18) I om oray a®-— (11) aToBainacuf f | oror «• BC] pr 
II AFM rell ^ISl/iS C3rr | irpooiropevwrroi] xpoo^roipevorrai M 
bcghikopvw: wpowoptwoprcu m: irpoffirop€VffOPTm dn: ropev- 
corroc Cyr-cod | om wpos ro Bvaiamipiop bw | r/wt] cit cgj 
^uid) I XcirovpTciy] +cit ro Bvffioffnipiop z | om ra ikn | 
oXocavrw/iara] oXoirapirw^ra F*gjls(txt)v<txt)z(txt)iS : KOfnnt- 
fjMTa nxS/ : Koprufui k | icvpcw] pr rw Acdegjkt Cyr-cod : irv 
bw : om x 

21 om yi^orra« i» — aroOopuHriP mp | rt^^orro* !•] pr kcu 
dnt : Piy/ftoprai giz | y^rat rat — Aier avrovt (pro avror) sup ras 
paucior litt A» | rat x«*poi<] ''o*^ irodat nsv: +avrciif' F*»cegjk 
lSiS(sub 4> «' ^0 I ''ow yodaf] raf xeipat nsv : + avrwr F^bce 
gikwS]Si6(sub •:§> 7') | om vdan !<> MckIya,b,^QS£iS | orar 
— viaTi 191 pr 17 M : om Fbilwya,b,^)SSfliS | ctairopcvorrai 
cdhknosv | pi^I/optoi vdari] pr ov c: om degjnqs-vxz CjrrI j 
tro] icac ov A*n | om irat 1** m | avr« — ovror] e«t rof Ttreat 
avrciv nx | avrta] pr kcu f : avro dm : avrttp y : sisH: om A*: 
+re Cyr} | rait— avror] fier avrmp nut ytpetut avrvp m | 

roit ytPtatt avrov post ovror ck5 | rait ytitait] rat Ttreat f : 
Ji/us^L-edi gtnii IL | avrov] avrwr A*S | avror] avrwr F^*: 
(avro 30): avrovf Mi avrov F*"*<* (avror F')gy 

22 /cMwiyr] ^iMwiy bliw : fUri^irr f*n: ^M«rci m | om Xryi#r 

23 om irai on rv(mg)IS^ Or-lat | Xo/lc] +^favrfi# cmtv"« 
(Xa^ acavrci sub <4^)zflllSi6(sub ^ ^) Or-lat: +^avrM k | 
ilBvfffAaTa] ffivffitATot ax : rfiwriM m : suauUati H : om Or-lat j 
ro i<* Bcfiknr] pr /tera m : om AFM rell Cyr | ortfca x | ^ur- 
Xovt] sub -I- 5(uid) : om X I om irat 9^ qu Cyr-cod | xtppafuapup 
bkmp Or-lat | cvb^dovt i^] t v«#<fft m Or-lat | om ro a« — evw^ovt 
9* fh I om ro ifio^v rovrov a, Or-lat | rovrov] (rovrwr 84) : 
avrov F | op'] 3uuo^tovt km ircmfirorra Maegi-lop^'stvy-b, : 
vr' m: dMuro^iovt A( + jrai p' A*"«) : «ta«oo'tovt km ffmyirorra 
^urXovt b(om km h')m Or*lat : cc su/as % \ om km 3 ^ — y t r riy- 
icorra b'jnv(txt)x | om ifa4 3»— «ta«o<riovt A*(hab A*"«) | caXa- 
/Mw] ^wAmpumi iJS Or-lat : ceXa^ov g | t vc^dovt !<>] cv«#<fft m : 
suamm Or-lat | ircmficorra] pr rat AMaeghiklostv(mg)y-b, : 
•I- /«-/«/ Or-lat 

24 cpc«#t] icpcMt Mbgh*(uid)jr : irao'atat n : (xotrrot 130^) | 
O'cicXovt Tcv] icara ror aiicXor rw F** | ^irXovt x | rov a>cov] 
secundum sulum samtum Or-lat | rov"] km x | a^cov] oyior 
F^: a^TvyMov F*(a7tov F')b, | cXaior] eXaiov x | c| cXaiftir] 
di diua fl | om c( dp ft-ed | ecr] 1^ d Cjrr-cod : er k : ira 
w : ^irar i(mg) : tra |coti^ 1 : corai Cyr-ed : om mnpxCl/ : 
-h iryovr Xirpat *ff k 

25 cat] pr et infuudes IL | fivrm clx | cXator !<>] post 
a^cor fo f : eXcot n : om A*(i^eit avtro eXaior in mg et sup ras 
9 litt A*) I x^t^ ^^^ <^] XP<^Ma^<^ "• f^'^i^f^^f's samti 
Or-lat ! om aTtor x | XP^H^ i°] XP<^M«^w li' Cyr-cod | AAvpor 
— ^^u/yie^'ov] unguenium mare ungueniario cueumariae unguen- 
tario iL I m^\ wolriful F'': om F*(hab F*»»)x | fufpti^KOp] 
fwpetf^Kov slS(uid) : om Or-lat | rcxnr] rcxr^t Fx : om m | 
om eXator i^^orrM pS | (cXaior !<>] pricM ti8) | XP^f^ ^^1 
pr oXccfi/ia bw: xP^f^^^ F^IL: (xp*^'*^*' 71) I e^^t^ ma, 

20 xp<^^ ip I om c| X I om ffa« 2^ — /uLprvptov i** VL | 

18 iroci^or] a' 0^ ^ ei fades iS | Xovnipa] Xera... F^ | /fa#ir] iroda ^nypt^^ F^ 

23 ifdv^MA^a] apwA<[a]^a] F^: aXXot apM^ra j | ar^ot ffftvfiPfft] fi'OffX^ KuBapvp F^ | ^ucXovt] €^.. F^ 

24 tpecot] (vXaX.. F* | ^urXovt] Mpaxfiop tfr. e^y.. F* | cir] |€^.. F^ 

SEFT. 259 


XXX 26 


B tTKffv^v rov iJMprvploVf koX t^v K^fic^ov rov fuiprvpCov, ^Koi rijv Xu^vCav koX irdvra tA c/cevrf 17 
avT^S teal rifv cKtivifv rov fiaprvpiov koX irdura rk aK€Vff ainij^, koI ri OvaiaaTfjpiov rov Ovfud- 
fjMTo^, ^leal TO OiHTtcurrripiov r&v oXoicavrmfiartov koX irdvra avrov rd c/cevff, koX rifv rpdir^l^av 38 
Kol irdvra rd a-Kevtf avrrj^, icaX rov Xourijpa^ ^koX dyuiaei^ avrd, koX iarai ayut rwp drfCmv 19 
IT F* wa9 o dirrofievo^ avrwv^ drfiaa-dijaerai. ^koX *Aapwv /caX to^ viov^ avrov ;^p^€i9» Kol dyidati^ 30 
avroif^ itpareveiv fJuoL ^ical roU vioU ^la-parjik XaXiia-ei^ \iymp ''EKaiov aXififJM ypic€(o^ 31 
arfiov iarai rovro vpZv eh rd^ yeved^ vfiwv' ^eirl adpKa dvdpdmov ov 'XpitrOfiaerfUy Kcd Kord 3a 
r^v avvOeaip ravrffv ov TroiffOijaercu vpXv iavrolq maavrm^* dyiov iariv, zeal d^Uurfui iarcu 
VfAiv. ^h^ dp 7rotii<ry dnravrm^, koI &9 dv Sf> dir avrov dXKoyevei, i^luOpevOriaerai, i/c rov \aov 33 
avrov. 34Kal elirev Kt;pu>9 Trpd^ Mmvtnjp Ad fie aeavr^ fihvc^ra^ ara^KTrfp^ iwx(^9 34 

XaXfidpTfp ^Bvafiov koX Xlfiapop Sut^pfj* taop tatp larai' ^Kal iroii^aovcip ip avr^ dvfdafia 35 
fivpe^tfcop Ipyop fivpe^ov fi€/uyfA€Pov^ KaOapop epyop Syiop. ^Kal avpKoy^ei^ €k rovrcDP Xewrop, 36 
zeal di^aei^ direvapri r&p fiaprvplcop ip r§ aieffp§ rov fuiprvpiov, S0€P ypmcB^aofuii coi €K€20€P' 

30 XP^UTM B*(x/>«r- B*») 
3a xp^urOyivrrai B*(xpt<r- B**) 

31 aXei/«/Aa B**> | xft^urem B*{x/m- B*>) 
33 €^o\o$p€vdiiafTai B' 36 ffvyKwffeit B*^ 


KiptoToif] + TTft ^Ktpnit r Cyr-ed | row /utprvfiiov «<»] njt dia^nyt 
b,: (om 71.76) 

27 {km i**~~uvntt 1° post Bvfuofta'ros 16) | irat nyr Xvxrtor] 
K€u wiurra ra ffxevii avrrft y*: om gt | iroi !<> BahkmlS*] pr 
Kcu woMTa avnis ra <rK€Vfi kcu rtiw rpawt^eof Kot irarra avuft ra 
ffK€vti n : pr rat r^y rpaire^ jcoi watnra ra ffKtwi avnft d3LW 
S^iKOi Ttiw rpaw, sub 4^) : pr km ttip rpair . . . F*Hnw) : pr km 
irarra ra CKtvfi avnyt AFMy* rcU \ra. CKtmi post avn^f svr | 
avrou o] 1ME1/ Cyi-tA \ Xvxvttuf] rpawtf^ m \ om km a® — 
avrrit i« fjpy | om irarra 1° bckwfJLiS | ra ffKtvii avrris i®] 
avnyt ra o-k€V9i ns(av int lin s*)vz | om iroi 3^ — Bv/uofULrot 1 | 
KM 3« — avTJit a*> Ba C)rr-cod] om irai ir. ra vk, Mmjt h* : om 
AFMh^» rell 91S£!Li6 Cyr-cd | om km f^^Bv/uafiarot g 

28 rov oXoKavrti/iaTOt {2$) IS | irarra !<>] ra a, | avrov] 
post ffK€wi 10 bc(om ra)kmw^(^0r»m cod)liS: avrwr 1 | om 
KM 3® — avnyt F^'ckmnft£cl/iS | om rarra 3« bw | ra ffK€vtj 
7^ post avnyt t Cjrr-cod | Xovnipa Bahx] + icai n^r /Satf-iy avrov 
AFM reU AIS£fl5 Cyr 

29 (ffopTM F*> I a^ia] satutitas % \ irai] pr rat or Cyr- 
cod: et S | avrwr] avr« g* | a7cao'^aerai— (xxxi 18) avna] 
deest unam folium in F* quod supfdeuit F^ 

30 xp^^'i '^o* a^tao-ecf post iioi h | XP*^^ x | om ira« 3° — 
(31) XP^^*^ d I om avrovf h | upartvtuf'] pr rov F<=' | (om 

31 irai] pr km roct vtoit avrov f | vioct] pr ot m | (om 
liTpariX, 30) I aXififUk xp^^*^ a^ior] in wutiongm unciionis 
sanctae % \ aXi/i/ia] xp^f^ cgj: (xP*^t^ XP^f^ ^5): <><" 
F^^clmxlSl/ Cyr-cod | xp(^«<^] XP*^^« c: om nsv(txt)z(txt) 
iS(txt) I a7coi»] -^ayiwf F*'(om F*=*)dnptfL | earai] eort m: 
+ /ioc Msv(txt)£(txt) : +MOV n | rovro] post v/ur v(mg)z(mg): 
om 1^ I vfup] fioi cmlUS: om nsv(txt)z(txt) | om ras fix | 
vfutp] v/uy m : avrwr n 

32 firi] -f ^ c I ffafHci x | om ov f<> k | om km i^ rl/ | 
niP avw9ww ravnir] ro ctdof rovro k(mg)n | o-vreo-tr w* | ra.v- 
Tiiv] eavrtr c : mitov km | «'Oiiytfiy0'erai] roiiTO-erai Abcdhnpqrw 
xa, : irotijorre F^Mklms-vyzb^^BSl/^. Cyr-cd | cavrocf] av- 

roit f ima, Cyr-cod : om FmhlS(uid) | wo'avrwf] ets rat ^crcat 
viiwf d : om k | corcy] eorai xb, 

33 ot i<>] m dpq*u | (ar i<»] ear 3a) | rotct n | cM-avrc#t] 
•hciWTf off^pM»€C$M bw I ot i<>] pr ^mifij iS: wt vx*(uid) | 
om ar 1? dnz | ax avrov post oKKoy^vti, m Cyr-cod | air] irap 
a,: om a | e^Xctfpevtfi|0-erai] t^oKo9pgv9trM d: 6Ko$p€v$7faop' 
TMX ] €K rov Xaov] <^ popilis % | cic] airo ms(txt)vz | avrov 
1°) rovrov egj : om Afr 

34 /uMMnji'] futvari W: fuoffrip n: /um'ci m: ^-dUens IS | 
Xa/^] pr KM ffv % Cyr | (reavror x | orvxa] pr km Mc-gijkmpq 
s-vza,b,^]S5(sub •:^) Cyr: km /Aaorix** Ft>: unguetUis IL: 
om 1£ I x«X/9aFi7y Baho] pr icai AF^M rell (x<V^- Ay) 9)S£ 
1/iS Phil Cyr | iT^Mr/iov] ridvofffiov 1: ijAmt/mi x: etpta/iarup 
Phil*codd : om m I dia^Mnf] et prcuclarum IL | co'or c^w c^rai] 
pr e^prrop e|aiperw Phil-codd: aequalia in mensura eorum 
IS I to^w] co'wt Mlm : e<t X | e^rat] eorcr Cyr : om Phil 

36 iroMTo-ovo-ir] woiriataatM x : /iuies ^iS*" | €p avrw Bahr] 
om €P fgitx Phil-codd Cyr : avro A(avro — Kodapop sup ras circ 
75*litt A^')F^M rell ^ISSl^iS Phil-ed | Sv/ua/ia] evfuarripwp 
s* I Aivpc^ucor cp7oy fivpt^ov] /ivpop /ivpt^v epyop Phil: un- 
guetili unguentario opere % \ fivperf^ucop] pr fivpop dpt : post 
/ivpt^ov x: +fjivpop F**(om F<^')n | €/>7oi' i** — KaSapop] opus 
purum compositionis ungutntarii %\ om n | tprfxp i<*] +a7tor 
ffVPSfeem dpt : -I- a7«or F** : + cwdtctiat egjsvz | (jMfp€^ov fie- 
fuyfupop] fitfuyfjLtPov fivptyf^ov 78) | fivpt^u] post fu/uyfitPOP 
dpt: fivp€\laKov qu: + <rvrtf eaectft F^c | fiefuy/i€POp] fiefuy/upov 
j: ffvp$€ff€m bfiklmquwya^bg^fL Phil: +e/>70F KoOapop o-vr- 
$€ff€tn M : + fftfp$€a-i(as A**' | KaSapop tpyop ayiop] ay top epyop 
KaOapoP (30) IS(uid) | ica(7apor] Kodapw (i : iratfapat 1^ Phil : 
om o* I ipyop 2^] sub -r- i6 : om k | aTtor] a7tov x : in 
scuutUaUffi ^ : om p 

36 9VPK0\lnft X* I tK rovrwr] ex eoWi \ rovrwr] rovrov c | 
XeTroy] Xtmop s* Cyr-cod: X«irr«t Cyr-ed: +Xeirroi' avy- 
iro^tt k : + \€wrop m | tfi^ect] -I- c{ avrov c9iS(sub •:9> ^M | 
axeyam — o-iciyriy] <mte tabemaculum £ | om rwp i<» — ffKffpri 
h't I rvp lAOpTvpiiap] nap ftaprvp^p w : rov fiaprvpiov cmx Cyr- 

3a Kara^ravrrip] ft' B* Kara rrpf ffvpra^ip ravnyy v | Kara rrfp 9V¥9iirip] a' Kara rrjp avfi/irrpiap v | <fvr^e<riy] a' avfi- 
ficrpiap Mz(sine nom) 

33 rov Xaov ovrov] o« y' similiter (de) populis eius % 34 i?3i^Mara] apwfiara tvoatia ¥^ 




37 iyiop r&v arfimv i<rrcu v/juv. ^0vfdafia tearh lifv cvvOeaiv Tavrtfv ov ^Troii/o-ere* vfiiv avrai^' B 

38 aylaafia itrroi vfitv Kvpitp* ^^9 &p variari waavrm^ Sore oa^paiveaOai iv avrip, awoXetrcu 
ix Tov Xaov avTov. 

XXXI 9 'Kal iXaKrfaev Kvpio^ trpo^ Mmvaijp \eywv ^*lSoi> avoKiKkfffJtai i( ovofutro^ rov "Bea-ekeifk 

3 rov rov Ovpeiov rov *flp t^9 ^vX^v *Ioi;Sa, ^tcal iveirXtfaa avrov irvevfia 0€lov ao^lck^ /cat 

4 a-wiaeo)^ Koi iirum^^tf^ iv iravrX fpyto, ^htavo€ur0ai, teal apxireKrovfjcrai, ipyd^eaOoi ro ;^V(r/by 
leal ro apyvpiov /cal rov x^^ov, seal ri^v vdxivOov fcal rifv vop^vpav koX ro kokkivov ro Vfjar6v, 

5 ^Kal ra XiOovpyi/cd, leal eh rh Spya rit retcrovi^ick r&v j^vKav, ipyd^eaBai icark irdvra tA Ipya, 

6 ^Kol iyw ihmtca airrov teal rov *EX4^^ tov rov ^Ax^^ap^X '^ <l>v\fi^ A^i/, koI wavrl avvir^ 

7 tcaphla BiScDKa avvetriv koI iroirfaoviriv irdvra Saa aoi cvvirafa* '^rijv aKffV^v rov puiprvpiov, 
teal rijv Kifiwrhv rij^ SiaOij/eri^ Kal to ik<um]pLov ro iw* airrris, teal r)fv Siaatcevi^v T179 <f/effvfj^, 

8 ^tcal rh OvfTia/rrripiay Kal rifv rpdire^av teal irdvra tA aKcvfi avr^, Kal rifv \vxpio,v rifv KaOa- 

37 iroiiytf-rrot B 
XXXI 1 ovpiov B>> 

38 aroXetre A | avrov B*] avnft B* 
4 8uufO€iff$€ A 5 Xeitfovpyiica A 

ed I cr ny a/nyny] ecf nyr cmf^w x : nft ffxriwris m | row fULp- 
rvpcov] maw /Aaprvpuaw bc**m(pr ert) | ypttaOiiffOfMul {pr koi 
14): ypwff$riff(afMU c: innctescai % \ ffoi] vfwf a: (om 77) | 
co-rot] coTw o 

37 $v/uafia] pr kcu to cmiS(Bub 4^ a' ^): pr ro f : +0 
roiiyo-cit cmiS(sub ^ o' 0^ ^): +id quod facielh % \ ovreo-cy 
w I ov] iroi k I irotiio-ere] iroiiyo'crcu BAcdf-imoqxa, : roti^tfiy- 
o-eroi aenr Cyr | v/ur avrott] cavroct vfuv o | avroit BF^hkmn 
r] pr cr f : om b, : eavrocf AM rell Cyr | or^%aaiM\ pr cif s(ing) 
z(mg): pr incensum %\ Bv/juoL/jia b,: om m | eorot] core nlL | 
om v/uM 2^ amnrlL | Kvptui] pr cr j : Icvn: om mx 

38 Off — oMravrwff] ai^rip wravron off or xoii^ny m | off] pr 
ojnfp F<='cs(mg)z(mg)^liS(sub •:§> a' ^): o^ff o: -^autem IS | 
or irotiTo^] roii^ei d: +^f IS | ear k | cM-avrwff] om r: +ai^/> 
egj I om «Mrrc n | €v avrw] {eir avro 16): ^jt ^^ ^: om m: 
om cr 1 I avoXeiroi] + iy ^o^ci? eiceimy f i (83 (cicciyov)) IL | avrov] 
avn^ B*fil^uid) : om 1 

XXXI 1 iiuwnip] /luvffri b' : fiwnfp kns : fAwr€i m 

2 tdov] + e-yw g | om cufoxiKXiiftai — roi' 3® f | aroireirXiy/uu] 
aroireicXijica egjnsvz(txt) Clem: xeicXiyica F^ Chr | c^ wofMTOf 
TO0] TO wofM X : nomen S/ : om e( oifOfiaTot Clem : om ror n | 
jSco-eXei^X] jSco-eXiiyX eft : p€ffff€\eiiK gn : ^^v^^/ 1/ | ovpeiov Beg 
hjo Cyr] wpcov a: vpi a^: opt p: opet 1: opet/t m: ovpt AF^ 
M(-p€t) rell fL Clem Or-lat | Toif 30 Bahnox Clem] vtor m 
ft(uid) Cyr: om k: vtov AF*>M rell S^ Or-lat: qui dUiiur 
1/ I wp] pr TOV n ; pr vtov Cyr: Antor%-coA \ nyj] pr toi^ egj : 
pr 9K bfiw Chr : eic n | tovda] pr rov b' 

3 everXi^a] ca int lin w*> : ererXiyo'ei' x : {ordrXTjo-a 33) : frc- 
dvo-a f : erXiypwo'a Chr : replebo ft-ed | wP€Vfia tfetoy] wcv/taroff 
tfctov Phil Chr ( + xrev^aroff) | tfetor] tfctas b': sofutum 1S£ | 
om ffo^at W I om cat i<* b, Phil | ffvpeattas koi etrt^ri^/t^ff] 
firtony/ti^ff irat otatfi/o'ewff Chr | om irat 3® Phil | ey] pr icat cq 
vz5(sub "i?!' V) Cyr-ed: ewt Phil 

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icot a, : om Cyr | om rov dpta, | oxto-oMox] oxco-o/toic hkmr 
l/(uid): axwatuMx a: oxi^a^a F^i[(uid) Cyr: oxtoAtox x: 
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Bl« I 9] <v c: om m | ««rw] amy Acr: ^tmt^ 71) | <i X e 
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port marrm z | oa iy ^*xf ««>»^ « I «■ ^^w* F^mmMB | 
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zz : c^7«r mA{^adt%3 : rm cr)« #«v tBC | oai y «y r^ t« p | 
#a^^«m] wmfidmrm bbzSCE: o« 1,: +#«^3Br« a: -l-#i^^ 
fimrum F^ I «9«r«a«ts] (ayansras 71): avavav^viff wSBE | 
«7«a] «7ur aiSS: («7w 14): ooi z | rw cvj^u*] /¥!, | ob 
ri# M(txt;xa, | m\ bis scr m : •ms Abv : + ns < i) ▼ | {« 

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Bsrwzl/ I #a9«n«#9#rTai Bb*] pr #»«rw AF^Mbhc(-««v#u) 
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, ^ara] saUaimm £^6 | r««<iy arra] pr rw F'': om z | avra] 

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matrms % | Ica#ipr9 atMn«t] l«a#iyrfr a i a^fr Vn,: iia#fK^ 
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99 €0M 1* 1/ I om CF I* dgijksTxzCE | rms] pr cf aiifl<iud) 
J6 I M«Kt] pr « f I crriF cf c^mc] mettm est 3: an!i> ctf C | 
cttif] poft ai«ri«r dS: «m# m: m'/ 1^ | 9 c^« 1*] post 
aMiTiCF f(om cf): om AP^Mbdegjklsp-b^lSdJS | aiMPMF] 

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degjnpqs-vz Cjrr: vttm v/iw ml/: +vAu#r dllSCiS(sub ^ 
e/5p.) I {wpoaeptyKart 31) | wpot fit] fun (3a) Cyr-ed 

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fmx^l^ I ^A 1*^] pr anuios sues et'9u\ ra 3° — «#^<r] ex auribus 
%i om TA g I avrup] r^m ^urcuirciiy ain-orr koa r««r 9vyaT€p699 
avTww x(i4.i6.7i.77.i3o)d/ [om avrw^ 1° x | om oirrctfr 2^ 
14. 16. 7 1. 77 1/1 : T«tfr 7i;Faii(wr at/rwy AF*M(mg)c-gijnpr8tvy2 
^-ed Cyr : avrov o* | i^veyicay] periit in 1^ : + avra xBCl/ | 
aapoyr] pr roy z(mg) : avrw m 

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TaTor ^viatoy rtt eiiuikw k«u tv^poMKurro cy roit epTOit rwr 
Xe*pw ain*«#y Acta vii 41 

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€ic I® — avrtatr] om C : om x^^P^*^ avrw a* | icat a°] pr ^ mist/ 
in igrum % \ crXa<r€jr— x*»'«vr«'] fig\.urauit auyum illud in 
[uituium] 1/ I €w\iuftp]formatterunt B* | aura i®] avro AF* 
Macdegijl(-rw)ops*Uvy-b9^(uid)Si^ : avrw s* : om 1/ | er nf 
7pa^dt] in scupturam 1/ | om ey s*x | om r^ Adegjnpstvy- 
b, I pa^t5t F*aa | eroii^cv] €Wovif9a» qu : «ro4ij d : exocei p | 
aura 1° BF^hnx Cyr-cod] ai;roct f Cyr-cd : a\nw bi : airrw b'm : 
avTQ AF*M rell 1SC£5 : i//tf/» 1/' : om ^ | om jcai 40— oi-yvr- 
TOW xl/ I «trfr] etray AF^^Mabcgi-lonvwyzb, Cyr-ed : tivw 
FWi : dixtrunt CE'iSS : <flri//i/ ^ : -^popmllp] 1^ | ovro*] avrw 
s: +ci<riy a9[(md)BC£(uid) | om oc cik | wnfU^av] eduxe- 
runt BC£ I cic 717$] c{ egjns(txt)vz(txt)l/< 

5 — 6 plurima mutila in F 

6 idov cdqu I wxo^/ti^cir] pr 9Tk h: (wicoro/ti^e 130) | 
aircyarr( bwx Cyr | avrov] {pMxw 16): iv d | (cjcifpv^ei'] 
tKpaJ^tp 83) I rov icv/Hov] Domino % \ roio\ rw p* : om AF(uid) 
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pipoffOM g: omfPtyKev ck* | oKoKavrufAara — ounipiov] Aloh 

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et rw QMSPa F^': om r | er 3"] sub -r 5: om B*f9[(aid) | 
(eT04i|0'cy — Tify] tfeot rw ovpa^or km nfr yifP twovifot 16) | 
icvpior] (pr 35): ^ X ^-ed 1/ | ror] -r-re B**>AF*>abd-jlop8 
tv-a, I 7171'] + KM TifP SaXaaffap km xarra ra er avroit x J om 
KM 30 — eraviraro f | irai ny i^/m/m] </^ <ii//^m 1^ | icoi ny] twt 
X I xarexavirci' irai cirav^aro B] Kartwavoep axC: exavo'aro 
o* : crawraro icai icarerav^f r AF^Mk(ayc«'avo'aro)o* rell 

18 KM — <recya] a cum cessaret loquens cum Moyse in monte 
Sina decUt ei legem et Hi \ om km — irarcravo'eF a^ | e^irer] 
+ «t km I fJMou Bm] pr rw Eus : fuacri kn : fuovffu F^qm : 
futuffifif xy : fiuwni AM rell : Moysi Dm lUDms 1^) | xare- 
wavcew] twavoaro avrot c : + ^ ^ ipse ^ Si \ XaX«tfr avrw] ipu 
a sermone suo Hi pr qa | avrw] avror x : irpot avroi' AF**M 
bdhlps(mg)tv(mg)wyz(mg)a9b2 : cum eo WL : om m | rw i<>] 
(tov 71): om Fcfikmx Eos | (rirai dnt | rov fioprvpiov] testa- 
menti i^ \ rXaxait \iBiPM ytypafifUPM x | om irXaxat 2^ 1^ | 
(om rw 3<» 16) | (om rov «» 16) 

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pevo-orrat rifiup Tap fuavo^is ovrot or t^yrt^y^ Y/mi* c'c fl^ 
Myvrrov ovk oidafuv n eywrro avrta Acta vii 40 || km idiop] 
KM €id(p Cyr-cod : iSiow de d | i°—K€XpopiKew periere in 1^ | 
KtxpopiKtp'] tardabatur 1/ | finav9rf%\ fiMorft mn | ex] airo cf i | 
ff vreoni] pr km Cyr-cod : et surrexit % : surrexit C : o-vre^nj- 
^OM cdkm: ffvptvtoni a: consurrexit 1/: ownfipowfhf Cyr- 
cod : conttersus est 1^ | om Xaot dm | (eirt] icara 3a) | Xeyov- 
o-if] eXc7oy A : dixerunt 181/ | a^ao-ra ^svz | om km 3° (25) 
18 I i7Auy] vfu» Im | oc] ocrcrcf a, | wpowopevouPTM y* | rifiwr] 
vfuop 1 : iifitp mo*(uid) : fi€0 vfuop g | 3<* — cw^pcinrot] fuod uir 
is (hie uir S) Atoses ^£ | 30] a x | om ^ap Cyr-ed i | 
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1^ I aytfpcinrot] ariyp F*'™«n: om Acta Chr | v^t 1 | ef] 
tK yiii Abfiquwl8C£l/ Acto Cyr : eic nyt (71) Chr | >ryorer] 
eycrero Acta | avroi a^] avrot ex 

2 KM Xeyec] icac edrer b^Sl^: ^/lti/ autem C | om avroct 
1^ I aapwr] pr Cyr-ed | ra i^] pr anulos uestros et % \ ra 
3® — ciM-cy] «r auribus 9 | twi» TVHUicciyr] (pr icac 130): om t | 
rifufp gx I 9vyar€piop] pr rwp vtw vfuop irac rwi' F^: pr vtc^y 

XXIX 20 


B eirl TOP \ofiop rov mro^ ^Kapw rov Se^iov teal inl rh aicpov rrj^ Se^ia^ X^H^^ '^^^ ^^^ '''^ cucpov 
Tov iroSo^ rov Se^iov teal hrl rov^ Xoffoif^ r&v wruiv r&v vl&v avrov r&v Be^i&v teal iirl rA &Kpa 
T&v X€ip&v avr&v r&v Se^i&p tcai iirl rA dtepa r&v iroB&p avr&v r&v Se^i&v, ^^teal Xi^/a'^ airo ii 
rov aXfiaro^ rov airo rov Ova-utcrrrfptov teal airo rov ikaiov rrj^ j(P^^^^^» ^^ pavn^ hrl ^Aapibv 
teal hrl rifv aroXifv avrov, teal hrl roi>^ vioit^ avrov teal iirl tA? <rro\h^ r&v vl&v avrov fter 
aifTov' teal dyuurO^o'erai airro^ teal 17 aroXff avrov, teal oi viol avrov teaX al aroXal r&v vl&v 
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reXc^cDo-i^ aun;* ^^teal aprov Sva i( iKcUov teal Xdyavov ht airo rov Kavov r&v a^vpMv r&v irpo- 13 
Te0€ifAivf»v ivavri Kvplov ^koI iinOritrei^ rk irdvra hrl rh^ xeipo? "Kapiav teal iirl rh^ X^^P^^ ** 
r&v vl&v avrov, teal a<f>opi€i^ avroU cuf>6ptap,a havri Kvplov. ^^teal XijfJH^ airrh ite r&v %€i/>Ay 15 
avr&v, KoX avolaev^ iirl ro Ovaiaan^piov rrj^ oKo/eavrdxreo^^ eh ocfiifv €Vf»Bla^ Svavri Kvplov 
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«o axpa I®] axpw F* 11 xp^ifftm B* | Kptiov B* 

aa Kp€iov B* | reXecciwit] rtXtv^it B^F*: rcXecMO'cif B**»A 13 tr] era B** | rpore^c/icrwr B*(-^ei;A- B**») 

a6 xpeiov B* | TcXtuwewf B»(-Xei- B«>»)F* 


Cyr-cod | top \ofiop] now 'kupioif x \ aapw] +ifeu «ri Xo/3or 
wuw avTw F**"«: +ifOt ewi top \opop tov wrot tup vwp avrov 
cin^i$(8ub •:S> 6") [icot] pr tov de^cov c3[] | tow 9€(iov i®] top 
de^top qua,(ro)l^ : om k | om rcu 49 — de^wp i® m | omircu 49 — 
St^iov i<> g I om €«•! t** % \ Tjjt d€^iat x^tpot Bk Cyr] tov 
wo9ot avrov tov de^cov dp: nyt X^^P^ avrov Tift de|<at F'"«nt 
a,f[ : Tijt X^tpof avrup rrft Sc^iat cB{avTUP sub ^ €/5p.) : n^f 
Xecpot nyf de^iat AF*M rell : manus uestrae 1^ | om ro !<> y | 
rov 4<> — tt^iov ao] pedis uestri % : nyf x^^P<^ avrov nit ^cat 
dp I wodot] + avrov F*°«knt3[: -\-avr<ap ci$(sub •4>) | koi 6® 
-—it^up 30 sub -I- i6 I om rat 6*>— ^|i«r !<> ^-cod | tow — 
8€^iup 3<^] rwr vkop avrov oftoiut n | t»p wrvp post avrov 1** 
%rt I Tiop vuap avrov] avrup h : om tup q | (om rtop 3® — axpa 
I® 71) I TUP d€^i<ap 1°] dex/ras % \ om «at 70 — ie^iup a® cgj | 
om en 50 fi | ra 1°— de^iwi' a<»] to axpop Ti;t x*^P^ avnop Tiyt 
defeat ms(txt)vz(txt) | ra axpa i^] tup ojcpup z(mg) | tup 4? 
bis scr f I x«(fx^] ^odup y | om avrup i^ s(mg) | om icat 8° — 
8€^iup 3® X I Ta 3° — de^iwr 30] ro axpop tov roiot avrup rov 
dc^cov ms(txt)vz I (Ta airpa i9\ tup axpup 30) | {tup &*] pr rat 
71) I wo8up] x^f-P^ y I o.vrup !<>] ovrow j | dt^up 30 (de^tov 
msvz)] + rat vpooxeett to ai/ia ert to Bvataffnipiop kvkXu ckm 
(eTixeetf)s(mg)v"«(pr 45')2(nig)aU5(sub .*• ^ 

21 om ot/taTOf— TOW 30 s | tov a»o] rov ert F*M(mg)dlnx 
SL^hJiWL&: rov ewapu fi; ert Cjrr-cod: om AF*M (txt)bccm 
opqtuwyC Cyr-ed | tov 3° bis scr b' | (tfurtoonyptov] tfvo-tat 
31) I parett] p€LPrft q : parteit h*(uid)a,: {poprieit 71 : + ert to 
SvaioffTJipiop rat 30) | rot 4? — avrov i**] et super uestes eius £: 
oro Ay I om rat 4^ m | om evt 'i? bnwl^ | rat 5<>] -{-post eum 
IS I om ert 3<' y | oroXai] 0Ti;Xat a, | tup viup avrov i^] 
eorum S | tup i®] (pr avrup 74): avrc^r c*: avrov c* | om 
fur avrov 1° bwfSl^ | om rot 7® — avrov 8** cdep | rat 8** — 

avrov 50] post avrov 6® i: om f | om rat 9® — avrov 69 Ag | 
om ot nq I vtoi] vtor b* | om rat 10** — avrov 7*> f | tup wup 
avrov ao] avrcM' n5 Cyr-cod | avrov 8°] avrup x5 | to i» — 
kvkXu] sub -I- i6 : om k | ro «e] rat ro cmi6 | row rptov 
wpoax^€it] TOV rptov wpot ro\ A* (sup ras) | rpo^eetf] (pr ov 
74.76): rpoxeeif bcdfjm(uid)nyz | rpot] ert cdemnoz 

22 om rptov q | avrov] sub -r- JS: pr rat ttjp Ktpxop miS 
(sub 4' e/5p.) : ei caudam ^ : + rot nyr xeptcop cj(mg)s(mg) 
z(mg) I roXvrror fil* | rrfp] pr rot x j rotXtor] + avrov qu | 
rot 30 — iTrarof ] post re^povf A : e£ iecor 1^ | er] vr Cyr-cd | 
ovTMr] ovror g* | ovn;] af>rt g 

23 era] + rot roXXv/>ay oprov c(om rat)k(-pt5a mg)mi6(sub 
•*• 7'): +^' collyrida unam % \ e^ eXatov] | eX sup ras F' : 
+ fuav ckmi$(sub 4p (pp.) \ Xovoror] XaToror r: Xaxoror x | 
€p] era B**or: om fiBiE | rorov] 701^0 v b | wporeBtttupup] sub 
-r- iS: xpor€0vfupup p: {wporiOtfUPUP 71): wpoartOei/itPUP o 

24 om totum comma d | (om xat !<> — aapup 14. 16. 130*) | 
ert^ett o | om ro af | ert 1° — rot i^ bis scr 1^* | raf x^^pat 
lo] TTjf x^tpo' sB I om aapup rot p* | ert rof X'^PA' ***] o™ P • 
(om TOf x*^P^^ 1 4. 1 6. 1 30) I om rat 3® m | a^piatt 1 | ovrott 
BF*"»<»bJ ovro bckmnps(Ut)tvwz(txt)ai8E Cyr : avrovi AF"M 
s(mg)z(mg)reU £(uid)i6 | (a4>opur/MP 18) | epapriop W | rvptov] 
+ rot ert^o-ett ro rorro ert rot X<>pAt oapciyr a(om ro) (64) 

25 om rot i^ — rvptov p | Xi/m^ Bfhiorb,^(uid))S(uid) Cyr] 
de^erot x : de^ AFM rell £lLi& | ovro] ra y : om ^ | ovrwr] 
ovrov dU(uid) | aroto-ett] oroto^ cgix: +avra AyBl^ | rift 
oXorovrwffewt] nft oXoKapwuacut nx : holocaust<fmalum %% \ ett 
oo'/iijr] odorem \, \ tpapriop do | om roprw/ta eortr Kvpiu b, | 
Kapwufia] Kapwop x : fructus \, : oXoroprw/to n^ | ro) eortr qu 
^IS I rv^w] pr Tu C3rr-cod : rv n 

26 on/^vnor] or^ sup ras (6) 1 : €wi0vfuop x : $vaiaaT7i' 

ao ror Xo/3or] ro axpop fiyovp ro aroXor F^ | to arpor i^] a' top orrtdarrvXor F^(sine nom)Msz(om ror F^M) | to ascpop 
lo] o' TOP orrtdorrvXor j | rot 69 — dt^up ^°] ea super quae positi obeli in Hebraeo tanquam non posita in Hebraeo-Sama- 
ritano & \ ert rovt Xo^ovf] ert ro arpa F^ 

aa TO oreop ovrov] ^ ro oreop rot nyr K€pKOP avrov a' ro artap rot rr^p KtpKOP a' 9* ro artap rot ro reprtor v | top 
Ppaxiopo] ot X T7fP KPfitunp Mjsz(sine nom z: om n>r Mz) 23 XoToror] aj;vturfti apros F*» 

24 ovrott] a' ecs o* 6^ eas % 25 roprw;<a] wpoc^opa F^ 

86 ony^vrtor] on/tfot F^ | n/t reXetctfO'ecM] a' impUtumis (f^^i^cSD^) 9* B' compUtionum NCt^^nojUii) % 



XXIX 36 

17 *Aapwv, teal a^pieU airro a^p^cfia evavn Kvpiov, fcal larai aoi iv fieptSi, ^Koi ayidaei^ rd B 
tmidvviov o^parfKi kclI rov fipaxlova tov cuf^aipifiaro^y &9 cufxapiardi /cal &9 a^pi/rai, aird rov 

«8 fcpiov T^9 reXeiwaem^t airo rov ^hapmv KaX arro r&v vi&v avrov. ^/cal larat ^haponf ical T0J9 
viw airrov vofUfiov cdiviov iraph r&v vi&v 'lo-pai^X* iariv yhp a^oparfia rovro' /cal a^ipe/ia 
iartu airh r&v vt&v 'lo-pa^X airo r&v OvfidroDV r&v atorffpieiv r&v vi&v *lapai^, cUfxilpefia 

19 Kvpl(p. ^Kol fj arokii tov aylov ^ iariv *Aapo>v iarai rotv vioi^ aifrov fier airrov, ^^pur^^yai 

30 avToif^ iv avroU teal reXeiAatu rh^ X^^P^^ avr&v ^kirrh 'f/fiepa^ iv8v<r€Tai avrh 6 iepev^ 6 avr 
airrov r&v vi&v airroVy &9 eiaeXMvtrerai et^ rffv atetfvf^v rov fxaprvpiov Xeirovpyeiv iv roi9 cvytoi^, 

31 31 /If at TOV tcp^iv T^9 T6X€£ci<r6«9 Xiy/A-^ teal iy^aei^ rh /cpia iv roirtp ar>fl(p* ^leaX iSovra$ *Aapibv 
Kal oi viol aifrov rh Kpia rov Kpiov teal rov^ aprov^ rov^ iv rip Kavip iraph rh^ Ovpa^ rrj^ a/etivfj^ 

33 rov fjMprvpiov ^iSovrai airrh iv oU fffida'0fica;v iv avroh, reKei&a-cu tA? ^eipa^ airr&v, 

34 a^idaai aifrov^* Kal aXKioyev^ ovk iherai air ainovy lariv yitp iyia, ^Olv Be tearaX^i^^ diro 
r&v tepetSv r^ Ovaia^ rrj^ reXeuiccei^ teal r&v apr<ov &>? irptoi, tcaraKavaei^ rit Xo^tt^ irvpi* oif 

35 fiptoOrjaerai, ayiaarfia yap iariv, ^^Koi iroii^aeK; *Aapwv Kal roU vioU aifrov oirto^ Kark iravra 

36 iira ivereCKdp/qv aor iwrk ^fiipa^ reXeuoaei^ airr&v tAv X^tpa?. ^koX ro fioa^dp^v t^^ dfiap- 
ria^ iroiijaei^ r^ ^p>€pa rov KadapurpMV' koI Kadapi^eU ro 6v<na<rrripiov iv r^ a^id^eiv ae iir 

16 a^fHfffM B*(a^o^ B*^) | om 0'ot B*(suprascr B*^) 

17 aitetfnrrat B*{a^p' B»»>) | xpeiov B* | rcXuiNrewt B*(-Xei- B*»>)F* 

«9 XP^UT$JI9W, B I TeXiUKTcu B^(-X«. B*»>) 30 XiTw/ryeu' B*(X«t- B**») 

31 TtKiwrtm B*(-Xet- B»^)F* 3a xpetov B 33 rtkuofftu. B* 

34 ifttToXi^ B*(-Xe40tfiy B*t>) I TtXtmaem B»(-X«- B»»>)F 35 TeXwiweit B*(-Xei- B*»>)F* 

piov bg*(ttid) I o] Of z I om errcr S^ | a^purtit qu | a\no\ 
avrw cs : avrmv x : ro m | om (roc B*g 

27 a^co^i^ bx | om o^fMiuL — a^ptfrnrot x \ a^opur/ia] 
pr nyuLTfia kcu a, : o^oyN^/Mt M : om ro | rot^] ro s | ot i^]vt 
f : m I om a^iiipumu xtu ot t C3rr-cod | a^/M^rat] a^pcc- 
rcu a^ : a^p/tircu x | of a^p/rircu] quoicuque ditdseritis iL \ ot 
10] CM fe I a^/nrroi] c^fiipftiro Cyr-cod : a^pfffrai d(a^p-)x | 
n;t bis scr f | o»o jo— w«#r] ^fwi etfiUis % \ om oro 3° b,* 
C3rr-cod | avT(i» d 

28 om KCU I® — avrov e | om mu i^ m | xapa] pr kcu m | 
{rm vutw 1*1 roif vtoit 84) | wpariX i*] civrov c: +o»o rwf 
dvcivw X I om tariw — wpaiJK a* b'f | •orii'] eorai irtt \ yap] sub 
-r %i om k I Q^piffiAa Bhkmo C3rr] a^aipt/Aa AFM rell B | 
ro^ci] rwTW x^ | a^cupc/ia i* BAhkory Cyr] a^pur/4a rvrot 
1 : o^opifffM FM rell B | «rrai 1*] + vfuy x | aro i<' B] om m: 
wapa AFM rell Cyr | aro 3*] pr rcu Mbw | Ov/mtuw] OvfuofAa- 
rwf eg^ : ^vo-cwr rw x | rov ffpiov y \ ruw www iffpa^K 3* BA«°« 
fhior Cyr] avrww M(mg)cdmnpt^£(uid)i6(8ub •^ a' 6*) : om 
A*FM(txt) rell WL | om a^aipt/M xvpua k | a^pe/xa i*] 
+ avrcM' cm^B^(8iib <S^ cjSp.) : +eoTt f | irvpai»] pr rw acmi$(sub 
<S^ «/9^) : Kv sxJL : 0S Cyr-cod 

29 ^nfXiy A | rov — CMpcor] ac^MM^ i; errcu rov aryiov A | 
a^iov] Xo^iov 1 I om 19 1* m | rott] pr cat ox | vcott] pr oc m | 
avrov] avnof 1* | iier avroy] /*era ro m | avror] avrc#r nx: 
avrov c | XfipiaBrpnu x | om avrovf k | €w avrott] (ev avrcut 
15) : cavroct b' | om kcu a* — (30) avrov i* c | reXeiciwcu] rt- 
XeMM'cit h : + cy avroct m3LiS(sub 4^) 

30 eirra] pr raf n | erdvoijrat x | avra] post itptvt f: 
avrat n : ravra dpt | {itptvt] + fityat 83) | om a* x | nav 
wc#r avrov Borx] pr kcu h : pr ck AFM(txt) rell : pr ck M(mg): 
(om 18) I wi] v% X I ctovXcvo'erac] pr ^ iS: eXevarrcu €ev f | 


amivriv] yjfp a, | rotf a^toit] ri# aytta bckwx : (avrott 71) 

31 rni] pr roi' r I om Xrifi^ H | e^eci] e^^iTOiff pt: 
€}fniff€i n : }fnf(r€it m : ^lyo'ect x | ra Kpta] ra Kpni f : +ras (i-i) 
w : avror e: -^^ avrov m^U6(sub •^» </5p.) | om er— (31) Kp€a n | 
rorw] pr ras (1) i 

32 edorrcu] edei IEM4 \ ot wot avrov kcu aapup m | om ot 
el I avrov] (om 84): -^fAer avrov r | Kp€a] xptJi f : Kpcara b | 
KCU 30 sup ras (6) V I om rovt a* p | vapa rat ^vpat] ef ad 
ostium % I raf Ovpat] rijf Svpat y : njv Svpa^ A 

33 om fdorrat avra p | ipriao'^o'cu'] iprtcur^ b'£ | tw 1*] 
tw X I r«XecciM-cu] rcXctcM-or x: rcXetAit n | om a7tao'cu — (35) 
X<(pat p I a^tcM-cu] pr kcu AFM(mg)cdegjkmDStv3rz^l^ | avrovt] 
avror Cyr-cod | Kot] rat bw: om fhimnrx*f[ | aXXoycriTf] 
-hras (10) o I avrov B£] avrw AFM rell ^iSl^iS Cyr | (om 
eoTtr yap a^ta 76) | eorat d 

34 KaraXec^^] KaraXct^^rat o: airoKaraXet^^ x | nyt 
^vo-iat] roir OvauMf m : om ek | np 3*] pr kcu n | rc#r c^>rwF] 
row aprow x: om ruw qu | om Karcuravo-ett — wvpi ta, | Kara- 
Kavo'ett] pr Kat qu: comburent % \ ra Xotra rvpt] rvpc ra 
\oiwa egjsvzC: (ev rvpt ra Xotra 3a) | ov] pr kcu kmf[fS | 
ayt^apua yap] ayia yap Cyr-cod : + Domini (s. -#w) % 

35 Toti7<n^ i I apiow b* | avrw] avnaw h* | om ovrwt egj | 
oaa — X^PA*] avrwr f | oo-a] a nx : -h ar r | reXctawi|t b' | avrw\ 
post x^^Ptt' AFMdegijlqtuya2b,^l^i$(uid) : om b 

36 om ro I* e I rtfi aptapriat votiyo-ctt] rotiyo-ctt ro nft 
afiapTiat r | r^t ] pr ro AFMbdegi-lnopstv-b,^uid)B£(uid) | 
axapriat a | (rotijirecf] ^vo-ctt 33) | ny rffitpa] ro awepfia a, j 
Ka$apiafiov] c^tXa<r^v n | KoBapuit ro] ett ro sup ras a | Kcitfa- 
pcect] pi sup ras M : xaOapiatit Fgl : Ko^api^it m : Ka^apcet f i | 
dwnarrtipiw h' \ er — <re] pr kcu ayiotnit n: kcu a^tcureif avro 
g I €w rw\ eif ro qu | ayia^tiw] aywi^iw x | om ffe la, | er] €p 

a8 a^pc/ia i*] rvir[of] F** 29 reXetwo-at] a' implere ^ compleri % 

36 Katfa/KO-fiov] a' 9^ 0" €^\aa/iov Mjks(-^/Aa)vz(sine nom ks) | Kct^aptett] pawrur€it F*> : ot J vepiofiapneit Mjsyz(-taf jsvz) 


XXIX 36 


B avr^, KoX 'Xpiaei^ avro &<rr€ ar>fidaai avro, ^hrra ^fUpa^ /eaOapt^eU t6 Ovaieumjpiov teal 37 
drfuurei^ avro, /cal eareu to OvaiacrripLov ayiov rav ayiov woe o airrofiepa^ rov Ovauumfptov 
a/ytaaOijo'erat^, ^Kai ravrd i<mv a woiiiaei^ iirl rov dvauurrrfpiov* A^ipoif^ ivtavatov^ 38 

afiwfjLOv^ Svo rifv f^fUpav iirX ri OvtruKTrrfpiov ivhekexSi^t /edpircjfia ivBeT^ex^^'fiov' ^rov afip6v 39 
rov hfa iroirjaci^ rh irpc^i, teal rov afivov rov Sevrepov Tronjcei^ ro Seikivov ^teal Setearov aefu- 40 
BaXea^ 'n'€<f>vpa^vff^ iv iKaltp xeteo^ifiiv^, r^ rerdpr^ rov etv, koI a-'irovBtfP ro rira^rov rov etv 
oIpov, t^ afLv^ T^ €vi' ^^Koi rov afivov rov Sevrepov 7roAi;<re^9 to SetXivov teard rifv Ovalav r^v 41 
'rrpoi^vifv Kal xard rtfv <nrovSifV avrov ironjaei^, oafiifv evmBla^ tcdp7ra>fia Kvpl^, ^Ovalav ivSe- 4a 
Xex^^^f^v eU yeved^ VfA&v, hrl Ovpa^ rrj^ a/cr^vrj^ rov fiaprvplov ivavri Kvplov, iv oU yvmaOriaO' 
fial aoi iteeWev Sore XaXtjaai col ^^Kal rd^ofiai iteei toi? t;/o49 ^lapaifX teal drfiaa-Oija'Ofiai iv 43 
Sofy fiov ^/eal dyidaw rifv atcffvifv rov fiaprvplov Kal ro Ovauumjptov, teal *Aapci>v teal roit^ 44 
vioif^ avrov dyuiam Uparcvciv fioi' ^^teal iinKKfiOtjao^i iv roU vloU *I<rpo^X, teal iaofiai 45 
avr&v Oeo^. ^^Kal yvwcovrai Sri iyw elfAi Kvpio^ 6 0€o^ avr&v 6 i^ayay^v avroit^ ite yrj^ 46 
AlyjhrroVy iiriteXrfOrjvai avroh teal Oeo^ elvat avr&v. 

36 xftifftit BF* 
40 eir lo] ir A I eir «»] u» AF* 

37 KoBapiti B*(-€it B*^) 39 dcXxror A 

41 diXiyor AF | avrw B*^] om B* | evw^etat F* 


kmr*x£(md) | airrw] avro ab'f^: avrov h | om cat 3® — avro 
i9i \ om KOi XP^«<' ^^^ z I om Kcu '^^ 9-ed | xp^atii] x/Mo^f 
b : Xpwtrt s | avro i°] owrw bs* : avrow ly | om owre ayioffai 
avro A*»*<*(hab sup ras et in mg A*)equy£ 

37 ffo^OfKetf] pr irac n^ : p sup ras M : xadapifftit km | ro 
Bvauumipiow i^"] pr ert xl^iS: + Domini B | om ircu i^ — 
dvffioffrripiow i® %i | (om to SvffiaffTtipiow i® 71) | ayiotf bis scr 
qu I rov ttTcou] rwp ayuaw M(mg)j(mg)ls(mg)z(mg) : ayiuv F*» 
bw : sanctorum Cl^iS : om rov h | tom ro awrofiepotr x | om 
rov Bvcioarripiov bw | aytoffOiifferai-^^S) Ovcuurrripiov bis scr 

38 {ravra] + oca 30) | «mr sub -r- i6 | a] o<ra AFMcde 
gj-mpqs-vy-bg | rov Bvciamipiov] ro Bvaioffrripiov a^: ro 
$vataffrjipiOP bwx | twtawriovt] post ofua/iovt dpt)S : ov sup ras 
r* : tpiavcioiovs ejkmx | ofitafiovs] post dvo cm : sub -r- S^: om 
ak Cyr | om 8vo C3rr-cod | om nyr — eF5cXexi<r/iov k | niupoM 
— KOpwiafM in mg et sup ras circ 24 litt A* | eirc ro Ovaioff- 
rripwif BAHichior Or-gr Cyr] ert rov Bvciaarripiov m : sub -:- 
iS : om FM rell 98£1^ | erdcXexwt] nyrdeXexcM x : om F^* : 
•f np riiupoM F* | KOprufia cfdeXexM'Mov] sub — i6 : om £<^ | 
Kopvu/ia] Koprrw a,: holocaustum % \ €w8€\€x^afu>v] eydcXe- 

X^l*^ in : erdeXex^M<x x 

39 om Tor i® m | to i<*] t« ac*j*lsvba | Tor a/tror i°] 
ariitem 1^: om p£ | tot Scvrcpor] tot rr^pw z: unum £ | 
votiyo-ccf a*>] rotiyo'iyt i : om p£ | to deiXcror] meriditu % 

40 ^iranfr r | wt^vpofitnit] r€^vpafi€Priw r: xe^vpfumit 
ev* : ajrawt^pofxiPiis ckm(-^up/i*) | ireKO/i/ieya;] KtKOfifievow F^* 
x : K€KoiipL«pip bj : om Cyr : + t« trt cgj | om t« i® — (nrordipr 
3^ I T« Tera^w] rov reraprov A(-t« A*?)qu: ro reraprov F** 
n(om To)pt : et quartam partem 9£i6(om et) : to devrepoi^ d : 
om T« ckmsvxz | tow cw i<>] om dp* : + owov ria ap.pta rta tvi 
e(om T« eFt)j: ( + otrov t« oapow 15) | om iccu 1° — etr i® g 
^-cd Cyr | Kot (xwov^ bis scr s | ^ri-orJiyr] airovhi no : <r»or- 
dor w I om TO ejv* | tov 3^] Tor d | eir oirov] er oifw m : om 
ourov F*f : '\'Odiatiomm ^ | om t« 30 1 | om evt 1* 

41 om Tor i® a | ro] pr cif a | wpwmiw] wpurrip r Or-gr | 
om Kai 1® X I avrrif Mls(mg)x | roti^o-ett i<>] pr ecu b': rotiyo^ 
q: Toifi$rfa€rai x: +awTW c3US(sub ^ a' ^): +avTO mB | 
offf'^w] pr «« FMb-egj-mpqluwya^ba^l^iS | KavrmpLa F*' j 
irv/KCtf ] KV ca, : ^ s : om bwx 

42 ^Mrmv] ^uo-iaf x : de hcstia % : holocaustum %(Xxi) \ 
erdeXexiO'/Mv] cy^Xexur/iw f | eit ytvtat vfun^ post Kvpiov c 
[yereot] pr Tat] | €if ] pr cit Taf curoat kcu qu : om x | Tcreaf 
Baho] pr rrn x : pr Taf AFM rell Or-gr | eirc Svpat] cut ostium 
% I twi] Cif c I Ovpas Bao] Ovpaxs Or-gr : Tijr ^u/Niy n(-pa n**) : 
pr TTjf fisvx : pr TOf AFM rell | amiwrit] t sup ras (a) h | (om 
rov naprvpiov 71) | tpom'iop dpt | ywuffOrfeta/uu na, | om o'oi 
fo c I €Kei$ev BAafhiors(mg)] exec FMs(txt) rell 9)SS(uid)l/i6 
Or-gr I o-oi 10] o-e m: -J-eirei F*'ci6(sub ^ epp,) 

43 KCU I® — Totf sup ras uid i | Ta$o/Mu — wotf] constituam 
tibijilii 1. | Ta^o/ioi] To^/itcu bn : praecipiam £: praecipies 
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aynoaBr^opML er Tott vuHt 1^ e : +TOtt ucocf t^ M(rog) 

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45 om KCU !<* X I €wuc\fi$riirofJtM, — vtotf] Aaditado inter JUios 
S* I €wiK\ri$fio^ofMi] ewiaKfiPwcia F*> | er] om cfi: -|-/te.. F*>: 
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vcocf sup ras g | avriai\ post $€ot %, : avrotf ci8(uid)£(uid) 

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!<»] airrwr Kf o ^f s* : avrofr ^f s* | ck 717?] c( f i | om rriKXiy- 
tfijroc — avTtow i*> m | avrott] avrovt r: om f: -\-$i dnpstvz | 
om KCU i** — avrci»r 2^ x \ 0€ot tufoi awrwi'] esse eis Deus B: 
eci'cu avrtav Kvpcot ^eot(ia8)^ | Btot cu'cu] ^ cm' ns(txt)v(txt) 
z : oir ^f dpt : eircu Kt 0t c(om o)kiS(Kf sub 4Sf) \ Beos 2^] post 
avrup 2^ AFMbeghjlqs(mg)uv(mg)wyb3 : post eci'cu aJL \ 
avrtop i*>] avTwt f 

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40 deKaTor] dcKoKLrp,. F^ | ve^vpa/nei^f] aroinny/Acinyf k | wy i®] ^trr.. F*> | ffxord^] ...xw<riy F*» 

41 awTOu] ^ (^A*^ ( = ai/ny») a' ^ ut 0' i6 

4a ^u0-tar] a' tf' hotocaustum <r' oblaiiomm & | ei'd«X€X*<rAM)w] eon/oi' p 43 ra^/uu] avrre^ofuu F* 



XXX 9 

XXX I 'Kal TTOiTjaei^ Bvauurrrfpiov OvfA^dftaro^ i/c ^vXtov aatfTrroDV* ^fcal 'iroiiftrei^ avrd ^^^Tnfx^ovB 

TO firj/eo^ Koi mix'^^^ to eipo^* rerpArfaitvov iarcu' teal Bvo irrf'xefav to w^o^' i^ avrov iarai ra 

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4 avrov KVKktp Koi ra tcipara avrov, ical wonjaei^ avr^ arpeirri^v trre^avriv XP^<^^ /cvKX<p, ^teal 

Bvo BaKrvXiov^ ^^i/crow KaOapov^ iroiijaei^ inro ri^v arrperrri^v aretfxipfjv avrov et^ rd Bvo /cklrrf, 

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avro diripavri rov Karawerdafiaro^ rov Svro^ irrl rij^ tet^/3a>rov r&v fiaprvpia>v, iv oU yvtoaOij' 

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9 Ovfuda-et^ err' avrov, Ovfilafia ivheXexi^^Tfiov hik iravrh^ evavri Kvptov el^ yeveh^ avr&p, ^teal 

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vrixfoi «o] mix^iot F 4 daicrvKiot F*(-toi/t F») | icXeinj B*(-iTif B>) 

7 Bvfuaffti I** B**>] Ovff€L B* | maKtval^ B" | rout Xvxrouf B»] Xvx^of B* 

XXX 1 KOI — aaufwrtiiv s\xh 4^ y \ roii^o-cit] +/iot£C3rr-ed | 
$vffMmipiMf] rw SvffMffTTipua Byfuanipiop a,: Bv/uarripiow m 
( + a7cor)n: + evfuanipiop M(mg)vz(pr ^ et corr ex Bvaiami- 
fM»yfLSb{s\xh 4sr 0^ ^) : + BvfiviofMTifpiw c I Ovfjua/MTos — cunpr- 
Ttop] KV rw $w ffov €K (vXmt uuniwTUfw OvffiOffTnipiwf 0vtua/iaTOf 
X I om Bvfiia/uiTot f 

2 om KOI WQirictif avro bwx£l^ | om xai i*> c | avro] 
our« g I om ro I <> m | ftfiKot] + avrov cmi6(sub ^ a' $^) \ om 
TO «• d* I cvpot] vXarot h : + avrov cmi5(sub 4;» a' 0') \ (rerpa- 
ywot^] +70P 31) I i/^ot] + avrov ckmWLB | c|] pr irat (84) 
315 I owov X®] eavrov F*» : om ^-cod 

3 Karaxfvcfa<nit \ \ avro] avro FMbd-gi-mpquvwz^-cod 
98£i6 Cyr : avrw cnst : avrow a, | nyr] pr koi knstvzfS : + re 
bw I c^apar] e^a/uda AM(mg)degjnp8(txt)vyz(txt) : €ffx^da 
qu I om avrov i" Cyr-cod | roixovs] trnxovt s: arvKovt c | 
avrov 1®] avrta g*a, : om ^ | om KvxXta 1° F*(hab F*) | xepara] 
itpcara z* | om xot 4^ x | ai/rw] avro kz*: avn^r h | om 
^rpennyr— (4) roci^cif i<> m | orpcimyr] sub -r- iS : rpennyr s: 
post o-re^oj^ F*: om F*>*k | ore^arTF] + avrov g | om 
Xpv0^ (14. 16. 130) B I ifvirXw «o] irvirXwr x 

4 om irai i<> n I om KaBapovt woirfatit W^ \ KaSapov%\ pr 
KOi f: sub T i6: (x^voiov xaBapov 84): om F^'k | i-oti^o'eif i*» 
Bahrx^] + avr« w roif ^wri wXtvpoAS dpt : + avro oz* i + ov- 
rovf Afy: -^avr^ FMz** rell 1SS^1L& \ om vro— roti^retf 2^ 
n I (om wo — avrov 71) | wo nfi'] vToSvrrfw c: om nip m | 
crfitwrriv ore^ayijr] ore^arijr riyr crptwrriw fi | <rrp€xrriv] sub 
-r i6: om F^'hkr | avrov] avrovt a, | irXiny] pr avrov dpt: 
K<u ro avro m: + avrov ci6(sub •:g^) | irotijo-ect i^] pr irai v^: 
+ ^' B*" I cy i<>] pr ^/ 1^: om hx | rocf] ract M(mg)dgnptx | 
om dv0-< B I vXev/KHt] rXevpoit M(mg)dgnptx: + avrov ckm^ 
)SiS(sub '^) I ^aXcdet ratt o-jcvraXait] f offices lamdlatcu % \ 
^aXcdef] (pr at 16): cffttB,. F^ | ratf bis scr t* | o-jrvraXoif] 
pr dvo-t X I owTff] us ro a, | avro"] avrta f : avror t : avra egjs 
vzW I om o^ 3<^ e | avraif] avroit M(txt)a 

6 avra Aadfinq-ua, 


6 Sffffet y* I avro] ex corr s*: avrw bcgx: avrat hnb,l8 
1^: om p I eroj^rt Cyr| | orrof] sub t- iS: om k | crt] avc- 
9arrt x^(uid)iS | rwr /ioprvpittp] rov /ioprv/Kov xa,S(uid)l^ 
CjrrI : rov /laprvpiov Kara wpoffwrop rov iXairtJipiov eortr cvt 
rov fjMprvpiov m : iestimonii contra testimonium quod est ad 
testimonia % : -4- «ara vpoffuvow rov CKaarripmiv wrw ert r«r 
ftaprvpuop cdhptv°«(n;T Kifiwrov — twt ruw fiofrrvpuu' sub ^) 
&{suh ^): ( + cara xpoffbnro¥ rov Ovout^nipiov tartM twi runf 
IMprrvpuaw i3omg) | ywioaSrfffvfie en | om o-oc emq£^ | cirei^cy] 
e/r« AFMbcegj-mq8uvwy-ba^985iS : <*f« S€ot Cyr-ed^ 

7 Ovfuaatt i®] $vfuaff€it h : $va€i B* : Orfcti fi*{ex corr) | 
er avrov i<>] post aapw g{eapw g*)qux: cy avrci» m: sut^ 
a/tare B | avrov i*>] ex corr 1: avro f: avrovt n | ovwderoif] 
ovpBeeetot biwx: compositionis % \ Xeirror] pr ro 1: (Xi|«Tor 
130*): Xeimjf bwx : comminutum paruum tanquam putuertm 
% I ro Tp<M t/kim] mane ualde 1^ | ro] rw aib, : om n | om 
T/HM 1^ B I orav — (8) Xvx^ovt] et ubi f octet lucemas £ | ert- 
o-ircvcM^ B*r] cruriteva^iTt l(ev, iy ex corr) : erio'irevafcc Abdi^kn 
ptx: «rar«taf^ Cyr-ed : eirunrca^et y : «rto'ifevai^B»FMi»*relI: 
parebit % \ om Bv/uaati 7<* — (8) Xv^rovr % | Bvpuaaei 2^] 
Bv/uatrnt ch : tfvfuafcir i*': ^v<rcaa'cc i* | tx avrov 3^] tw avrw 
m: in eo% \ avrov i<>] avrovf 1: +dca rarrof ej: {'\' $v/Atafta 
erdeXex(0'/Aov 30) 

8 (om Kai 30) I efaimy BA'ahior Cyr] ami A*FM rell 
(•ret kx) : (araimy 33.64) | aaponf post Xvxi'ovt anoBl^ | o\p9] 
pr roT€ bw : pr ro M(mg)cdiklpstvz C3rr : pr r« fx : om rW^ | 
om ^v/Atoo'ctt er avrov k* | dvfuoffett Bgh] BvfiMurei AFMk* 
rell(0vAu sup ras \^yXB&L& Cyr: (tfv/uoo^ 18) | om er— 
er5eXext<r^v m | er avrov] er avror bw : om x | (om Ovfuafta 
— rai^ot 30) I dvtuafia] Bvfua a | erSeXexto'/iov 5ta roirot] 
semper % | er5cXext<r|tov] post rai^ot dnpt : er^eXexto'/tot x | 
dia rarrot] pr Bvfua/ia c : irat l(uid) : om A*(hab A*)Fsvx-b, 
B£i6(txt) I ett] pr rat X | Tcreat BM(txt)aoqux] pr rat AF 
M(mg) rell Cyr | avrwv] v/iuif i* 

9 om icat 1° bx | oMoicei B*fhi] avot<rett B»^or C)rr : orot- 

XXX I $v/ua/iarof] a* suffimenti % 

3 rrf¥ co^A/M^] ^0 lyXtaicor F^ : co^apa x^^P^'^^'^ ""I xvpoipopw exevof crt eSa^vt OMBpama F^ | trx^pop avrov] 0' tvxp-ponf 
avrov a' a^ B' dufia avrov v 

4 ^aXtdet ratt o-KvraXatt] B' 0^ ett Bfinas rott ai^a^opevoiw Msvz(sine nom s: om 0^ vz) | ^aXtdet] a' 0^ cto'o^ot Msvz(sine 
nom s: om a' vz): ett ^rat ^i6(pr (/) \ rait o-icvraXatt] a' 0-' B* rott ava^optwruf F^(sine nom)^ 

5 0-ffvraXat] pafiSovt \to<rr,p., F^: a* a^ V uectes ( = rovt aya^pett) % 

6 arenirrt — yjoffrvpiMv] Kara xpoaiovoif rov tXao'n^ptov eortr ert n^t Kifiiarov rttp fiapTvpunf M | irarairera^/tarot] pkiifiarof 

7 Bvfjuofia ovifBerop] B* Bvfuafia apfa/iariay a* o' Bvfua/ia fi8vafiar<ap s(om a')vz | ovifBerow] rfivoiiaru» F^(int lin) 



B iwl *T0t9 opofiocriv r&v vl&v ^laparjK, ^^koX OtjO'ei^ roif^ Svo XlOov^ hrV r&v (Sfitiop rrf^ ^^c»/itSo9* it 
XtOot^ fiinjfAoa-vvov elalv rok vioU ^lo'pai^X* Kal dvaXiifAy^erai *Aapmp rh ovofjuvra r&v vl&v 
*I(rpa^\ ivavTi Kvptov iirl r&v Svo SfAtov ainov^ fjoffifAOtrvvov irepl avr&v. '3 Kal wot^ij' 13 

0*6^9 aainZiaiccL^ ite 'xpvmov teaOapov' ^^teal Tronja-ei^ Svo iepoamrh ix ypvtriov reaOapov, Kara- 14 
fiefiifyfiipa iv dpOeaiP, epyov wXoKr}^' teal iindfjtrei^^ tA Kpoamrk rk wenXeyfiipa Arl t^9 aairi' 
Sunea^ Kork rk^ irnpto^a^ avr&p ite r&p ifiwpoadlcDP. '^Kal jronitrei^ \6yu>p r&p 15 

icpla-eap, ipyop woiKikrov' tearii rbp pvOfWP r^9 iir<ofu8o^ won^aei^ avT6' etc xpvalov koX 
vateipOov teal irop^vpa^ §caX kokkIpov KeieX^a/iipov xal fivaaov teefcXcjcfiePTf^ ^^Tronjaei^ avro. 16 
^^^Werpdyci^pop iarai, Siirkovv* <r/n0afji^^ to firjico^ avrov Kal inridaprj^ to eipo^. ^'^KaX teaOv- 17 
^ap€i^ ip aifT^ v<f>a<rp,a icaToKiOop TerpdcTixop. ctIxo^ \10c9P iirrai' adpSiop, Tond^top teal 

II om Toif — (11) «ri I® B 11 eiffi F 14 €/iwpoa$ewif B*{-$ua¥ B^) 

16 Toti|0'e(t] «f sup ras B* | awi$afirit 1° — koi] om B*"*«*(hab gup ras B*) 17 icarw^oreit B*(«otf- B*) 


•^dwyXtnl^fA | cri rott oro/io^iy] iVi nomimW^i om eiri roct C3rr^(om n^) | tpyoi^ votKiKrou] opere uario % | epyov x \ 

n I roif MOCf qu | lapariX] +wepuctKVK\ufUPovt k€u. cwta^y- votirtXrov] pr rw f: voociXrovr (16) ^uid))S(uid) : u^orrov 

pjtwwt xt"^^ voiiy0'C(f avTovt cmy^*^i$|[ircpureitXw^/ieroi;r my^^ Cjrr | roif pvBfiw] rw api$ti09 b'gLs(mg)s(mg) : rigorem % \ 

S^uid) I cww^pwyuriiMPOvt cnA \ avrmn sub*:g;* iS]: •\-palam woirfceit 2^] vociyo-ei f | avna f \ €k^i6) avro post (16) evpot 

auri fades circa eosW^ n | (xRvanov"] + KaBapov 76) \ om kua 29 ^ \ {vokipSwov 35) | 

12 om KOI I® — \i$ovt W I TOP witw f | riff cirw/udot] um- om xcu S** 4® p | kokkivov — «€xXw<r/ienyt] ^yJJ^ forto et cocco tuto 
bonum % \ om Xi^oc — avrov W \ Xitfoc pjffifioffvifov cutif] »/ 1^ | iceirXciM-/i«you] KexXtacfiewfit hm : pemfff/tewov F^Miy: dioyc- 
sint lapidis meptcria(nt€mori€uc(Ad)%i memcrialeWt^ \ Xt^oc] infffxepov f | om cat $^ — (16) ai/ro m | KtkXtaff/itmii] KeKkttff- 
\t$ov dh I fumi/ioffvpov] tunifLOffVPOP bf imw Cyr-ed | om eio'iv /tcrov An : wwriafumit a^B 

351^ I om KOI 2^ — lapaiiK 2^ I \ apaXiitiyl/rrai\ aya^e^erat m : 16 vociftf-etf avro] ^x et %\ om 1^ | rociyoiyf c | om cffrat 

Xiy^erat Cyr | rm wwr urpaijX] avrcM' nB«l/i5(txt) | wamov ^irXovr ^ | om o^i^a/iijt i® — cat B*"*<*j | avrov B*F*H»[i] sub 

b'cdfkprt I om dvo n I avrov"] avrup c | tuniiiuoawoi] pr apei 4> a' ^ iS : om AF*M rell WS§d Phil-arm Cyr | cvpof] + avrov 

avra r: pr ecf F^^: memoriae causa 1^: +erarrt rv A | rc^ Fbci6(sub 4> a' ^ : ( + €jr x/)!^*^!; ex voircy^ov rat vopi^vpa% Kot 

avrwr] sub -r % : rcpi avrov b: om F^* KOKKUfov KexXuaftepov koi pwraov KekKueftenit roti^o-ctt avro 18. 

13 affviSat d | €k xp^r^ov xaBapov] XP*^"^* ^ I X/>tvov 30) 

Cyr-ed | ca^apov] sub -r- &: -^ Kara/itfuyfi€pat C)rr-ed 17 (om rat i« 76) | ratfv^arett er avrw] rarv^ai'to'e avro 

14 om rat !<> — xaBapov f | rat rotiyo'etf] om k : om rotiyo'ett k | ra^v^arett] pr ov n*' : ra^v0ai^t cl'a^ : (e7ratfv0ayett 31) : 
F^fp I Kpoawa 1**] Kpoffffwra F^Mabcd^^^-lnqtuvNir: (xpo^- o-vrra^v^orett M(mg)dn*pt: o-wv^arett Phil | er] cr a,: om 
o'l^ov 77) I cr i<»] eirt egj | raraAiefU7/tera] rat ra fUfuyfieifa 1 | v^a<r/ta raraXt^or] Xt^or Phil | v^a^/ta] v^a/9fULra fqu9(tiid) : 
dop : fUfuyfiMwa am : (verotrtX/teya 3a) + rat dvo Kpofftrtara F^ atfayo/ioafi . . F** | raraXt^or] rara roif \t$op C3rr-ed : om a, | 
(del al m) I om er el)S(uid) | ay^eo-tv] vortytfco-tr kn | ipytai^ cd <mxof Xt^oir] Xt^wr ortxot k(txt) Phil-codd : Xt^or ortxot m : 
ps I rat ert^iTO-ctt] rat ert^et y* : {BiiatiS 73) | ra Kpoffwra] \t0ot cnxot c: i^ \i0., k(mg) | om Xt^on^ eorat F^' | Xt^cor] 
ra Kpoaffwa F'(uid)Ma-gi-lnpqtuv^wy : (r« Kpofftronu 77) | Xt^ov p | corat] sub -i- iS : primus %i om k | o-a^or — ^/ta- 
om ra vtwXtyittpa b, | om ra 1® FMdf ilmops-vx | irepi- pa^Sot] smaragdus et sardium et topcuium % \ vapiimr] trapiunf 
verXey/tera eg) | ao'rtdto'rat] pr ducu ^ : ao-0^t5at c | rara — a,* : <rapdtov c : sardius % \ rora^] pr et 98iB : tepazjmus 
tfivpoaOivif] sub -r S^\ om fS^ | Kara rat ropw/Atdaf] secundum % : roiradtov F* : rat ra^oi^ xb, : ra/kor k*m | om rat 1** 
umdones % \ Kara] pr rat m : rat c Cjrr-ed | om rat 2^ m AFMabdegjlnpqs-wyza^l^ Phil-ed | tmaragdinm 1^ | om 

16 xoimatit 1°] Toti^o-ct a | Xo^ior] pr to c | nyt Kptaeiat a, i® Phil-cod | om a^ m 

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roti^ett avrovt kou. Bffffeit jsvz|[rwy] pr 0^ v | reptrcrXfav/tn'ovt jz: o-vreo'0t7/terov»] ovweff^iff/iMPOvs z: cvwev^payiffiuvovt j | 
Xpv^tctf] pr rat j | om rat Qriaeit v] | (rcptrervrXw/ieyovt)] a' /Aerearpa/jLfiepovt svz | (rat 0'M'€^^7/tcrovt)] a' eff^uy/tewovt sv 
iS : 0^ praeparatos %\ 9^ koa avpca^yfieifovs syz{-ir^payur- sv) 

la n^ ewvfuSot] rov e^vS F^ 

13 oo'Ftdto'raf] 0-^7... /A oT. F^: a' 0^ ff^iyKnipat Msv(om <r' sv): ^4\:iiiosn sunt omamenta aurea figure scutorum 
pamorum iS * 

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XaXaora Mi6 | Karafie/uyfuwa — rXonyt] ^ complexa faciet ea opus catenarum iS | ev wBetrw] am ex x/>****^M •'''•• F^ I 
rXonyf] a' 0^ ppoxurow Mvz | ainrtdco'rat] a' a^yKrripat k(sine nom et indice ad Kpoaurra 1° posito)z 

X5 Xo7toy] wepaiKfiP F** | VotrtXrov] a' XoTtortrov ^: a' 0^ artificiosi (leg t^ui^lLdlsnTl) ^' ut 0' i6 | rara ror pv$iio9] 
a' Kara ro roiri/M F*'(sine nom)M | nyf evwfuSot] rov e^ovd F** 

x6 omBa/iris i<» — avrov] a' </ 6^ ffvi$a/xrit ro firiKot avrov v 

17 ra^v^aretf — rerpaorixoi'] 01 X rXiypoM-ctt fF avrw rXi^/tara Xt^wr reccapiop rayiuartav M | ra^v^arett] ffv^oMayefuaett 
F**(ras o-w al man): ot ^ rXi^pcM-ett svz(sine nom) | o-rtxof i**] opdipo,, F*»' 




Jj <riAdparfho^ arixo^ eU' ^^koI <rrlxo^ o Sevrepo^ avOpa^ koX adir^eipo^ koX tturrn^' '9^al H 

10 o arixo^ rpiro^ \tyvpiop, dx^Ttf^t dp,€0varo^' ^teal 6 trrixo^ rirapro^ ^^i/o-oX^^o^ /cat 

fiffpvXKiop teal ovvx^ov wepiKeicaXvfifieva ypyfrltpt avvieicpMva iv xp^<^^* iaraxrav tcard ctIxop 

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(•9) *3 ^^i TO \6yu}v tepoa-oi^ awTrewXeyfievov^, ipyov aXvaiBmrov i/e ;^v<rtoi; xadapov, ^^teal 

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KpUreto^ T0V9 tepoa-ou^' rd aXvaiSo^rd iw dfi<l>OT4po}p r&v k\i^t&v tov \oylov iiri0ija-€i^, 

15 ^^teal r^9 Bvo aawiBlatea^ iirid'^a-ei^ in afiit>OTipov^ Toif^ difiov^ t^9 hrafiiSo^ tcaTd irpoao^- 

(30) 16 TTOir. ^ieal iind'^o'ei^ iwl to \6yu>v Trj^ tcpiaea^ TifP Si^XfoaiP /ecu Ttfv aX^Oet^av* zeal icrai 

hrX tov fm^Oov^ *Aapoi>v iTav eltnropevtfTa^ eh to Sryiov ivainlov Kvplov teal otaei ^Kapiav 

18 tfreixof F* | cawwipot F* 
la ffviMTtwKtypmfwn B**F 

ao /9tpvXXioy A | wtpiKtKoKvfiiupo. B^] ve/KxeicaXXv/LMya B*»*<* 
13 Tou a«>] Towf F* I eurciorrc F* 15 o^rec^wicat F 


18 om tfTixof p I ov^po^ pr Phil-cod : awOpa^i f | om 
coi !<* d I ^av^cpof ] pr f Phil-cod | mm-ti^ti^ f 

19 om I** o I om XtTOfcor — (10) reraprot f | Xi7v/uw] 
lygyrius % : Xirytpcof n : Xi7i;pc» eg] : apyvpioif qu : vaxcy^ot d | 
axanff Bcdkopl^i6] x^^^ m : pr ecu AFM rell 998£ | ofic- 
$vaT09 Bol/] ecu fi€$vffot z: kcu a/M$vaot abcegh*(uid)ijlmqsu 
w : KOI atudvoTot AFMh^^ rell ^B£iS 

20 xpv^o^i^otl Xpvff^^^o^ Mn : iadtUAus fl \ koi /9iypvX- 
Xtor] post wvxiop ckmi6: om %, | /Si^pvXXioy] jSipuXXiof d: 
/SvpcXXtot f: (firipvXkot 76): jSiyXvpior bw | tfrvx^or] orvxtotn: 
onycymis %, \ repurcicaXvAifiera] (rcpcicfiraXv/x^Mi'or 76): repi- 
frexaXXviiera B*'»***x : ve^ecvicXw/icya F*'^'ba : irtpiKeicKwviMPik 
dnpta, I avwdtde/iepa «w xpvaiui] sub -r iS : om F^^ae^kmB*' | 
awitiefiepa] pr koi AF^Mbdilnp-b^Cl^ : pr ei sint W \ cy 
Xpvo-tw] om A*^^v xpvotw (trrtaaw sup ras et in mg A»)bwy 
^(uid) : om €P F*npqnil, | om terwaai^ — avrtai^ d | tmt&w] 
om 18 : -J-oro/toTtt cgj : (-h oy<^ara Kara rat y€P€ff€it avnap 14. 
16.77. I30(pr ''*)) I o™ **'''* — (^') trrwraw i® 1 | OTixoi'] 
^nxoui ci8 : singulis wrsus % : {rat Tcreo'cit iS**) 

21 carw0-ay i<>] -h »iifr/r o»f;(7 B^ | tcm' uton^] u i<> et uiw 
sup ras F' : oro rwr mq | dexa Bvo 1^ Bor] i^ cmn : om a : 
dwdexa tPOMTi Kv eri rwy duo wfiup avrov BtoBeKa qu: ivdexa 
AFM rell Cjrr | «rara 1®] pr Kara ras ytwtfftit avnair Abw 
y(om rat bw): pr ^/ 1^ | ra oro/tara] rat ytvwtit fij(mg) 
oxa^b^iS: om ra p | avrctfr] -t-itara rat yepwtvt avrtaw qu | 
7X1^4] 7Xv0att bimnswza^: ^Xv^ot f: ykvfifUL h | {ffi^payi- 
dwr] pa^thiop 16) | (Kaffrot BhoHI(uid))S] singulis 1^: emurrov 
AFMm(ttid) rell i6 Cjrr | /rara ro] «:ar brw: om «aro a, | 
ro or^fAa] ro o¥OfiaTa fik: ra oro/Mra ain-«w hn Cyr: +avrow 
cfl[ISiS(sub 4> »/9p.)- +e<"*ftwaj' m | deira 8vo i® B] i^ dm: 
5ci»fcxa ho : rat dwdtxa AFM rell Cyr | 0uXat] -f cat rociytf^ect 
ffaroxaXv/i/ca n; (Tici^in; StpfMra Kpiotp iipv$po8apt»fi€Pa xai cirt- 
coXvAMiara depfiara voKUfdu^a €wa»w9t9 wm KaXvrreiy €p ai/roct 
njr (TKTiPTfif h 

22 om totnm comma c | ert — o-i/yreTXeY/ici'ovt] emeri- 

tionem crinkulas conpUctentes % : cistam unam plcxam fim- 
Mis %: om €iri n I Kpoffffovt F*>Mabd-g:i-mo-rtuv*>wxy | aXw- 
(Tidc^ov Bch] catemu % : aXwiSwrow AFM rell ^1SS{uid)iS | 
om €K AF*Ma^iiqsuvyzJ5 

quae in aliquot codicibus (F«'«« Mcdegjkmnpstvz) 
et uersionibus (^£<=iS) hie interposita sunt uide in 
Appendice ad Exodum 

23 (Xi7fi^rrai] Xi;^ 16) | ra oro/Mra] twmen f[-ed | om 
Tiop m I om lo-pai^X f | ro \oyi09 Ay* | now Kpurtuw e | nyt] 
rov d I om ere 2** — {14) Kpurtiat s | art rov fmi0ov%]fintbrias 
catenatas iS* | (exi a">] -J-^c i8») | row ony^owt] ko^mv avrow 
F**: +avrov ckm^]8^ilS(sub 4^ tfip,) | ci^torn] ei^'Mtfr dfi(-iov)np 
tl^ : +ai;rci; cm | funfffjLoavpop] pr eit F'^m : memoriat causa %: 
in memoriam oitemam % \ erarrcoy ac^lmnqruxb, Cyr-cod | 
rov 3®] pr Kvpiov Cyr : sup ras w* : om b'f | Btov\ + 5ia varrot 

24 KOA — cTt^iy^eit] sub -r i5: om F'(uid)2*1L | ^ei a, | 
rovt Kpoaovi EAF'MmsxzbJ om a,: rovt XoTovt h: rout Kpoa- 
rout F^ rell | ra aXucrcdci^a] pr kcu t : rout aXurtdcirrout k : om 
b' I rov X0710U] ro \oyiop af | eri^creit] + «r ck/A^ortpovt rovt 
upjovt n|t erofudos eri^ett c: +ef poms ea super utraque 
latera raiioncUis B*' 

26 irat — wpoffi^oif] sub -^ i$: om F^(md)lE^ | om Kai 
— €vi07iff€it a I arrcdat f | om ert^i^rcit cm | afi^orcptop fh | 
om rout — ertififudos c | rout ufiovs] rov rw/xarot n | irara x/knt- 
bnror] om B*' : om xora s : + Karw$€P ck^iLS^(Karta0ep sub -;- et 
+ -'^ ff' $* in omni Umpore V) 

26 om KOJL V^ c I en^iyo-ect] ert^ m : pones 1^ | om vkk i^ 
c I n^t K/MTcciit] rwr Kpi<rtvp Phil | n^r i<> — aXi^^ecov] iucenha 
et signacula £<^ | om Kai i^ (16) 1^ | errai] erint £^ | eri 
rov errfSovs i®] cct ro orrfiot e : eri nyr KapBuur ¥^^^ \ (aapow 
lo] auTou 130^: om 130*) | om orar — aapw 30 %, \ tunro- 
pewfra*] eioxopeuerat bckmnsa, : etov^x^o^ Phil | ect ro aytoif] 
post Kupcou |0 f : in sancta ft : om k | tnun-tow i^ Bcknor Phil] 
erarri AFM rell C)rr | oco'ec] tfiyrei qu: etrM^et F"'*»'"«kmra, 

19 aM€^urrot] uaictrtfot F*' 

az ra orofiara] rat Tereat v | irara ro opopd] a* 0* </ 0' Kara ro otfopua avrov v | ro oro/xa] rat yoftout M 

aa Xoytor] xtpoi,,, F^ | Kpo^ovt] oc X aXuo-ett Msy(sine nom)zJ5: ca/enas 0t ^^Jts^Sl (=xa^a^7A) ^ \ aXurcdbn-ou] fipo- 

XvroiP F*': r' ppoxurop tppaun €0<nip j 

a3 eri a<^— eco-tom] a' ere irapdtat avrov €p na €urtpxt<T0ai avrop('ro s)sv: 0' eri rov onfiovt avrov eio'iorrt avrv y 

a6 n^r i^ — aXij^ecar] 01 ^ rout ^tariff /lovf koi rat reXcton/rat ksvz(sine nom kz): a' 9* 0* lucem et perfectumim iS | rw 

orrfiovt I**] a' nyt Kap^Kat sv(om nytjz (sine nom) 


xxvni 26 


B r^ Kpitrei^ r&v vi&v ^IcpaifX iirl rov arriOov^ ivavriov Kvpiov Biit wavro^. ^KaX 

iroiijaei^ {fn-oBvrrfv Trotripq Skov vaKivOivov. ^fcaX icrav rh wepiOTOfuov i( ainov pAaov, 
{&»/ exov icvK>jp Tov irepuTTOfiiov, Ipyov v<l>dvTov, r^v <rvfi/3o\}fv <rwwf>aafi€Vfiv i^ avrov, tva 
fiff f^cvY§, ^fcal wonjaet^ iirl to X&fui rov viroBvrov KdrtoOev ^trei i^avOovarf^ poa^ fkolc/cov^ 
i( vaKlvOov KoX 7rop<f>vpa^ koI kokkLvov hiavevqo'iJLivov KaX fivcaov /eeKkfoa-fiipff^t iirl rov 
XdfAaro^ TOV vwoBvtov KVKXxp' TO avTo elSo? poitr/cov^ ypvaov^i KaX icwhtova^ avk pAaov 
Tovreiiv wepitevKXtp' ^rrapk pouTKov ypvaovv Ka>S<ova koI ivOivotf iirl tov Xcofiaro^ tov 
iiroBvTov KVfcX^, ^^/eal earai ^Aapwv ip r^ Xe^Tovpyetv ateov<rTif rj (JHovif axnovy etaiivTi ek 
ri Sfytov evavTiov Kvpiov teal i^iomt, tva fit) airoOdvtf, ^Kal iroi'^aei^ iriraXov 

j^pvaovv KadapoVy koX itcrvird^aei^^ iv aifTip eKTvirtofia a^parf&o^, a/ylacfia Kvpiov, ^koI 

«7 (31) 
«9 (33) 

31 (35) 
3^ (36) 
33 (37) 

17 vwohfnip A «8 tauuf AF* 

19 ere I® B"**] vwo B* | avro eidot] avroffiSot A | om «:ou 5** B*(suprascr B***) 30 «rt B»^] vro B* 

31 'KeiTovpy€w'\ \iTQvpy€iw B*(XctT- B**): Xeiroiryeir F* | euretopri F* | efiorrt] e^eiorrt F*: o^torri A 


S Cjr I rat Kpiff€it] iudicium £ | rw] pr ci^am a, | ere rov 
ffTufiwt a**] post Kvpiov a® (73) Cyr^( + ai;rov) : tin Tfi9 Kap9icaf 
F*»: +avTov cm^)Si6(sub 4- o' ^ | warrum !<>] erom AFMa 
bd^-jopqs-wyzaj, Cyr 

27 vwoivryiw] pr tw F* : ^eXon^ . . . F*» | xo^^upvi] post oXor 
A : wolhipimf n : rov e^vd F^ | oXiyr a, | Murir^iror] ueucur^oy 
m: vflunr^ov C3rr-cod 

28 e<rra« — rcpcrro/buov] collare limbo factum rotundum 
Jinges circum % \ {taru 76) | xtpia^t/uow c | om e| i® — ire^- 

rro/uov f | e{ avrov fuffow"] pr nyf 0^17) egj : n;f apx^n OLvrov 
lUffov avrov cmiS(n7t apxv* avrov sub ^^ et avrov 2^ sub <S^ 
</3p.) : om c( avrov k | way — rcpurro/uov] ^^ suspensum 
(w^^i^tl oa>) infilio coUi (=rov wepiarofuov) •:§> y ^W < in 
circuiiu iS | om way ex<»^ k | cxor] exwr b'deo : exw n : (exet 
15) I irvjrXw] post vepcrro/uov m : /tcjcXw n : om c | rov rtpi- 
OTo/uov] om k: +ovrov.«... c | v^arror ca,1t Cyr-cod | ryiw 
cvft^Xriw] pr ^/ ^ : Kot cvfxfioKriw e : nyr ffVfipovXriy s : n;r o-v/i- 
rXor^y qu: labium & | oi/rv^ao'/iea^r] nyr v^aff/i€PriP (71 '84) 
C)rr-cod : v^aafieniP F*m : (e^v^oo-ficriyr 35) | «^ 1°] fter h | 

29 om mu i** egj | cri !<>] mto B*n Cyr-cd | Xw/xa] dw/xa 
m: aroXiO'/ia n(mg) | rov wodvrov i^] tunicas la larir% \ vro- 
dvrov i»] vro^Atarot m : 0eXwy . . F*» | icarw^ef] KVK\o$tw A | 
wo-et — potffKovt i^ldejloribus mali granatifloscella % \ wo-et c^- 
Bovaijs poaf] sub -r i6 : om k | wt Cyr-cod | €$ap$ovffiis] (e^- 
Bovaat 16): e^ay^ovo^ m | poaf] poias m \ om poctfrxovf 1° 
F' I (irat lo — diaFen^/ KtKXiOff/Jkewijt 78) | (Jtaremyo-- 
/icyov — ireirXw^/icf^f] dtawewrifffienit 30) | dcayeri7/ieyov s | irac 
pvffffov K€KKb9aft€rfis] sub -r i6 : om k | om ert 1° — xp^o^ 

2* I «ri «o] vwo Cyr-ed | rov Xw^arot] rov kkufiarot I : rov 
du/iaros a,: ro 5w/ia m: om rov qu | rov vro^vrov i^^] post 
irvirXw iis(icvifXov)vt : ttUaris 1^ | om ro i<» — poio'Kovf «*» k | ro 
avro ei<of] a uisus eius % \ ro avro B)S(uid) Cyr] + de bhow : 
ro ht avro AFM rell WLfk | <c5or] v^ s : erdor m | powKovt 
i^] roit poiffKoit cm Cyr | xp**^o^ po^^ jcw^wrat ckm^B^ Cyr | 
om KOI 5® B*o I itw^wrat] +xfiVffovt F*"«dnp8tvtlS | rovrwr 
re/KKVicXw] rept rovrwy jrvicXw b' | rovroip] avrwr (33) 3^ | wept- 
xvkXw] kvkXw fi 

30 Topa — irw^wra] rapa poiffKOf Kwdwra xpvaovp k : KuSwifa 
Xpvaovp m& : Kwdtopa era xP^ovp c : icw^wya xp^ovr koa pot- 
(TK09 Fmi : tintinnabula aurea et malum granatum tintinnabula 
auna et malum granatum S^ | pot^/ror] pr rop f : pourKtw gl | 
Xpvffop b' I Kwdwra] pr icai F*bdptwx | om koi fl Phil-arm j 
oy^tyor] H-rapa poiaxop ckmi6(«cac oy^iyor sub t) | eifi] vro 
B* Cyr-cod | Stafiuirot AmfE'(uid) | rov vwoBvrov] tunicae 
talaris 1^: om h 

31 KOk i**] pr et erit super Aaron ad ministrandum £<= | 
aapwy] pr crc ck^i6(sub 'S^ y') \ er rw Xecrovpyeir] XetrovpTwy 
irat f I ey rw] ert ro h' \ aKOwmf — avrov] uox soni ^ | eucov- 
crri\ OKOwrop 1 : audietur IL : itac airovo'^iTO'erai ck | 17] n; 1 | 
eio'corrc] post irvpcov f : cio-coyrot ll/(uid) Phil: om i*: +avrw 
cmiS(sub 4>) I '»'« ayiop] ro Xoycoy egj: ra aTta Phil | om 
tpawnop Kvpiov a | cyayrioy Bin] om eh: eyayrc AFM rell 
Cjrr I KOi c^com] icac e^torrot 1: om f : +avrw cmi$(sub ^)i 
+sie E 

32 rotiyo-oy m | errvrwo'ett] eirrvrwo^t i: rvrwcrett bw | 
(ey] er 33) | aytofffMros Eus Cyr-hier-cod | Kvptov] pr aTtoy 1 : 
«w bcknmsvwxzbgSl^d Phil Or-gr Cyr-ed : $eov Cyr-hier 

27 wodvrrfp wodfifni] ro eo'wrepor tfuvnov /uxpi ro^wr irarepxofieyoy F^: /3(?) ifutriow i: a' tpivfui rov erey^v/iarot s 
a8 ro— M«<roy] 0' ro T€purrofuo» njt apxv^ avrov fieaow avrov a' ^ ... nyt ice^Xi7$ avrov ey /ieo-w avrov s(om ^)vz(sine 
nom): 0^ ... nyf apx^/f avrov ey fteo-w avrov v | ro wtpuxrofuop] ro awtwy fi. i \ vepi^ro/uop] rpax^'K,, F*» | way] opotyfia 
F^: rovrtariw ovytop i | rrfp ovfApokyiP avwv^afffuwip^] a' 6* ... rpoairXoKriP a' ,.. fftipcmiw M: a' ... rpoorXompC-rXom^t v: 
•rXocf s) ^ ^ ...^eipwroy svz 

29 ro Xw/Aa] ro airpoy 17 rod.. F' | Xw/m] Xw/ia ro ect ro Kortartpop fupot rov ifiariov erc/9Xi7/Aa eir fiwraov koi rop^vpat 
irai KOimyov F*' : o' airoKtfyfUL Msvz(-rXe7/Aa M) : tr' $' rpof rodwy MsvzJ5(om $* Msvz) | vroSvrov i®] vroivnyf ro vro- 
icarw ro wurtpop i/iariop F^ | wo-ec — poio'icovt i*'] wo'et poidiov kov9ovp., i | dcayeyi;o'/ieyov] a' dca^pov 5c/3a^v ^: a' diuersi 
^ per tintturam 0^ muiabilis (^dUlal^JKaen^) iS | rov Xw/iarof] rov axpov F^ | poc^icovt 1** — Kwdwyaf] po(6cy x/M^^y 
Kai KOvdovTiy i 

30 KOi apdufop] 01 X xai p09;p v | apOiPOP] apOrfpop panrop F' 

31 aapwy] 0' ^ ert oapwr a' 0^ eri rov(rw v) aapwy jr(^' 0^ pro a' ^)vz 
3a reraXoy] a' 9' oj^opuspja M 




hridrjaei^: avro M vatcivOov tcexXMafUvrj^, tcaX iarai hr\ rrj^ fiirpa^' teara irpoa-mirov t^9 B 

(38) 34 fdrpa^ ttrrcu. ^teai iarai hrl tov fierdirov ^Xapdv, teal ifapel ^Aapwv rd d/Aapn^fiara r&v 

ayitap oaa &v a/fiAamaiv ol viol ^IcpaijX, Travrb^ Bofiaro^ r&v ayicov avr&v xal iarai, iiri 

(39) 35 '^^^ fLermirov *Aapi$v Sia iravro^y Scrcrop avroi^ ivavrt Kvpiov, ^koI ol Koavfifimrol r&v 

yiT(i>vwv iK ffvaaov koI iroifjaev^ xiSapiv fivcaCvfjp, ical ^dprfp wo^ijcre^?, epyop iroiKtXrov. 

(40) 36 ^xai To*9 1/4049 *Aapi»p ironiaei^ ;^4Ta)i'09 koI ^dopa^, teal tet^Bdpet^^; won]aei^ air oh eh rifii^p 

(41) 37 Kol Bo^ap, ^/eal ipSvtrei^ avrd ^Aapcop top dS€\(f>6p trov teal roif^ vioif^ avrov fier avrov* 

Koi yplaei^ axnov^^ koX ip,ir\ri<Tn^ avr&v roi ;^€4/>a9, ical ayida-ei^ avrov^, Xpa Uparevctaip 
(41) 38 fJLOi, 38/ifai iroiTjaei^ avroU irepLaKeKri \vpa^ KaXif^ai, aaxniJLoavprip ')(p{oro^ avr&p' airo 
(43) 39 ofT^vo^ &>9 fi/Tfp&p iarai. ^9/cai l^ei ^Aapiup avrd ical 01 viol avrov (09 &p eltnropevaprai €49 

r^p ciCffpffp rov fiaprvpiov fj Srap Trpoawopevcjpray Xei^rovpyeip irpb^ ro 0v<na<Trripiop rod 

arftov Kal ovk iwd^oprcu 7rpo9 iavroif^ afiaprlap, ipa ^ff diro0dp{D(rt^p' pofitfiop altopiop 

avr^ leal r^ (nripfiart avrov fier avrop, 
XXIX I •'Kal ravrd iarw & iroitiaet^ avrol^' 07400-649 avroif^ eiare iepareveip fjLOi avrov^' Xijfiy^ § C*= 

35 jrcrctfrwr B | rocKciXrov F* 
38 ire/H^ireXei (? «-epMr/reX«a) B»»>"*** 

37 xP«^(re(t B* 
39 V B*»>] om B* | Xtrovpyeu^ B^fKnr- B»>) 

33 €Ti0fi(Ttit] €Ti$rfffrft i : inrotfi^ccs egj | avna b'cfin* | 
eiri 1°] vwo egj | vaKUfBov KticXmafAtwiit] ircicXcMr/tevov voKtwOufw 
ckm{-$ov)SS I KOiKXuMTfuifov n I om ffcu 2° — eorcu a<» q | om 
Kara — eoreu a® mpa, | {wpwrunroif] pr to 77.130) | -nji /urpat 
eoTot] om fn^S^ : om corcu H 

34 irac 1° — avronf bisscr c* | om icat eanu 1°^ | errai i®] 
eaorrcu, F* : om mp | om koi e^opet aap«#r o*t* | e^dpet] <|a^ i : 
e^aytt a^ : «^t h : e/>ei d : + r^' B | aaptop 2^ post oftopny/iara 
X I om offa — aycwr 20 f | om ay o* | om oc ^Inw Cyr-cod | 
Twr ayiup 3<'] ayiov b' | eareu a®] + mi^ra )S | tow «°] pr cucpa 
l(a 1° ex corr) | Uktw] Seicros b : Hexra m | om ai/rocs — (35) 
Kfu2^ { I ovTOif] pr CF t : « Irf I tvwTiov Cyr-cod 

36 oi — X*'''**''*"'] ^wo-^Y^if Tor x*r«^a F**: talarem tuni- 
cant % : fades uesHmentum £c | oc Koaviifiwroi\ 11 Koav^ m | 
KoavfjtpuToi B] KOffffvpoi e : Koatrvfifioi gjl(-/9i7)os : Koavfifioi AF* 
M rell )Si6: cirri fL | (Tc^y] ai/roM' 18) | pv^aov] +KeicXwo-- 
/tcnyf svz | om irai t** — pvcaitfriw & \ koi 2<^ ras v**(uid) | 
Ktdo/xy] ^curtoX... F*> | fiwrffunip] awKrufJiv m: ejc pvaaw F | 
Toii;o'€it i<>] post tocxccXtou bw .* (rotijo^t 16.130): om p^)S£ | 
cpTor voutcXtou] 0^^/ uario 1^ | cp7oi'] cpcor h | rocirtXTOv] 
votiriXror f9l(uid))S(uid) : (rotirtXTOur 14. 16. 130) 

36 voiiiffut i°] Toci^o'at s | om iccu fan^ot fl | jWrat] pr 
Toti^cit avroit ckmiS | om mu 3° — do^oy e | voii^cif aurott] 
^/ jiV £ : om (71)^ | axnovt q | ctt] eve b7i 

37 tp^vcift ci I (avTa] at/raf ia8) | tw aScX^ fl | rott 
woit cfl I ^ur ayrov] firr avro i : om a, | XP^^^O 1^^ (3) post 
t 1° f I om aurovf k<u €fiw\ifC€ii s | ai/Tovt i<*] avrocs px | 
efivXiitf^ecf] rXi^ctt xb, : cuXoyiTO-cit h j Tttf x^^pc^' ain-wr cfikm 
93/(uid)i6(uid) | at;roi;t a^] aurow Tat X'^pA' ^^ I itpartvufffiM 
Bddw Cyr-ed] upcwtaai j : uparevaovaiw o Cyr-cod : upartv- 


ataauf AFM rell 

38 Tociyo-et h | avrotf] oirt-ow m : om 1 | wepurxtka B*^"*<>f | 
KoKwf^ KoKwJrtis c : wepiKa\v\//ai n | OffxVP^offwiip] pr n;r m : 
post avrwF ck | x/wo* avrwr] (na/iarot F*>"Mf Spec: sudaris 
% : om XP*<^^ ™ I avrc''' sub -r i6 | cwt /i^pow] pr 4> a' 0^ ^ 
< iS : usfue ad genioila Spec : om ca»t h | fniptaw] pr rctfr dnp 
t I cirroi] (ffo-rw 76) : om ^1^ 

39 e^<] a^ei mn : tumet B | avra anpww ckm^l^i6(ai;Ta 
sub -r-) I om Oi en I 0^ ay] ttn om km : cit ay n : oraw AFMa 
W-gijlpqs(mg)tuwxy2(mg)a,b, Cyr-ed | €iarop€warrai] cc^ro- 
peuorrat bcdfhklnopsvwyi*a, : ( + XeiTou/)7eii' 7(5) | om ctt — 
rpoffwopewarrai ef | 17] /cat Mls(mg)z(mg)£l^ Cyp : om B*qu : 
-hmu ag I rpoawopewam-ai] rpwrvoptyomu bchkosva, : wpo- 
woptwoPTOi mw : vpoiropcvoyTai p : wpowopivaom-at d : ro/Mvwr- 
Tat n I XeiTovpytuf] post a7ioi; ^& : post Bwrtaarripiop c(pr tov) 
m : sanctijicare %, : tov Xecrov/)7eiy cy rw a^iw k | tov aTcov] 
ray aytw m: rc^y ayiciw (71) Wi €p T<a ayu» c: om k | om km 
3° Cyp I *'P** eavrovf Bor Cyr] rpot avrovr h: om k: «r 
avrovf sz : «0 cavrotf Abcdlnwxb, : e^ eavrovt FM rell : super 
s€ ^iS£l^i6(sub -T-) : in se Cyp | wofufiow] pr ei erit hoc Aron 
in obseruatione 1/ | acorytoy] ect row axciwa n8vz(txt) | avrw] w 
ex corr a : avrvp F**8 | {avrov 3°] avnop 71) | /lirr avroy] icai rw 
mrtpiian avrww m \ avTw"] avnop F^: avrov dnpt : (avrovf 71) 

XXIX 1 coTty] ^-stcUuta C | avrocf] pr eirt tov ^uo-tamy- 
pcov n: avrovf 1: +e«'t rov Ovffiaffrjipiov M(mg)dpt: •{■fx^ ro 
Ovffiatrrjipiop k | om ayia^eis — avrovf «*» m | aTcao'ctt Bchoq 
uxB^'iS] ft sanctificabis % : a^ta^'at r : aytoo-ai AFM rell B^C 
£2/ C3rr | avrovt !<>] avroit t : om 1 | wrrt] wt z \ itpartvnw 
fioi avrovf] avrovt ttpareveuf efioi n | om /lot f | avrovt a°] sub 
-r- iS : avrott s : om F'^'bkw | Xij/i^ 9c B] icai Xi^ kmn(uid) 

33 €wi nyt furpat\ a' $^ €wt rrfs KiSapem jsv | nft /urpat i®] riyt rairiat k | furpat i**] ^a«rcoX... F*>: furpa 5cadiy/ia 
Xpvffovp eit TO fienawow ^povfi€POP 17 ^iwyiy rXaAca F': are^awoeidct de/ia j | irara — pirpas i°] a' 0' Kara wpoawwop rrft Kidapcvs v 

35 Kai 1° — pvaeov] a' et compritnes ttmicam byssi 9' ,,, tunicas.,, % \ koa on. KoavfifitaroL] a' icai awr^iy^it b | oi kocv/i- 
puroi] oc ^ ai o-vo-^tY^cit Mjsvz | Kidapip] v^aafia., rpix^op T€pt6(/ia icc^aXijt ctdot ico/ii^Xavxiov iroi rtapay etr.. ^axtoXior 
..rty v^ayrov F^: a' <r' /urpap 6' wf^wfia M 36 Xidapett] ica/iijXav... F^: a' ff' pur pas ff v^wftara v 

37 iroi e/iirXiTo^ctt] 0^ ei compiebis (5r^Ai^nK.4\o) a' ^ ^^ implebis /t^AsDi\o) ^ 

38 vcpco-KcXi;] ppaKat k 

39 /iaprvpiov] ofu&^v/Aarot F^ | auoptop avna] a' aidwioy avr. s: a' o'(?)^ oiwrioy avrov v 
XXIX I a7ta^ett] a' 6* ett ro aTtao'at ^(om a')i6: 0^ «/ fit sanct^ficandum (=A#OTe aTtoo-oi) i6 






B 8k iJLO<r)(dpi'OV iK fio&v iv teal Kpioi>^ Bvo afMOfJLOt;^, ^tcal dprov^ d^vfjLOv^ ir€^vpaiiivov^ iv ikaiip t 
Kal Xdyapa a^vfia Kcxpf^f^va iv i\ai^' ae^iZaXi.v ix wvpSp iroiija-et^ avrd, ^Kal iiri0i}a€&^ 3 
avrd iirl teavovv hf teal irpoaola-ci^ avTct hrl t£ teav^, teal to fioaxdpvov teal roit^ Bvo tepiov^, 
^teal ^Kapiav teaX roif^ vioif^ avrov irpoa-d^ei^ iwl to? Ovpa^ rij^ a-Kffvrj^ rov fiaprvpiov, teal 4 
Xovtrei^ avToif^ iv vBari. ^teal \a/3cbv to? aroXd^ ivBvtrei^ ^Aapmv rov dB€\(f>6v aov, teal rov $ 
'Xf.T&va rhv iroBriprj Kal rffv iirmfuBa teal to \6yiov, ^teal avvd^jtei^ avTip t6 Xoyiov^ irph^ t^v 
iirtofiiBa, ^teal iiri^Orjaei^ rifv fUTpav iirl rifv K€<f>a\ifv avrov, Kal iir^OrfO'ei^ ro ireraXov to 6 
drfiaa-fia inl Ttfv fUTpav. ^^al Xif/i*^ tov iKaiov tov ypiafJMTO^ Kal iwix^^U avTo iirl Ttfv 7 
K€<l>a\^v avTov, xal yplaei,^ avTov, ^xal Toif^ vioit^ avTov wpoad^ei^, Kal ivBvcei^ avToit^ ^^reS- 8 
va^' ^Kal ^dxrei^ avToit^ TaU ^wvai^, koI wepiOijaei^^ avToh Ta^ KiBdpei^* Kal iar'at avTol^ 9 
^ C^ Uparla fioi eh top at£va*^ Kal Tekudxrei,^ *Aap^v Ta^ X^^P^^ avTov Kal to^ X^^P^^ '^^^ viAv 
avTov. ^^KoX irpocd^ei^ tov fuoaxov iirl ra? 0vpa^ t^9 aKrfvfj^ tov fiapTvpiov, koX iinOi^a-ova-iv 10 

XXIX 1 Ktxpeuy/jL€pa B 3 rpoffoiff€i B*(-«f B*»>) | Kpeiovt B* 

5 ewiafuia (bis) B**] ewwfitiia B* | om koi 5® — \oyio¥ i® B 6 triBrfatit i® B»*»] 0ri<reit B* 

7 xP^icfAaTos B*F*(uid) | xf^wtts BF* 8 x«r«^Af F 

9 /TiJopetf] +ras 1 forte litt B | lepartM B»^AF | reXuMreit B*(-Xci- B*»>) 


)5: et sumi IS: om U AFM rell ^Cl/i6 Cyx \ €k powp cv] 
era CK poiaw k(eF k*')m^KS | er] era dn : a/ua/M» A : om hquB 
S I afua/Aovt 8vo AFMadegijlpqa-vx-b,S 

2 apTOVt a^fiovt] aprw ajV/iAor irai Kvkvpat aj^fiovs m: 
+ Kai KoXKvpat ajVfiovt cSUS(sub ^^ tO | fiprov F* | we^vpa- 
/Acrovt] re^vpo/icrat m : rt^vpa/itpa c : wc^vp/upovt ev* : (vepi- 
^vpatievovt 74) | om er i** eghjl^(uid) | om kcu 7^ — €\aua !<> 
AS' I Xa7ara] Xaxora gtxa,: XaTaror 1 | om a^fia fi | 
K€XP*^/**^^ er eXatw] consparsa ex oleo 1^ | araxexpt^Atera f i | 
om er 3^ ef I <re/udaXtr] pr xa« gn | wpwr] irvpoM Ms(txt)v* 
(ttid)z)S : + coctam ole^ % 

3 om «at ert^i^ecf n.\nn. Ayb, | eri^ija-eif] eirc^iya-ecf x: 
9i;0-etf b' I avra i<^] (ain-ov 74) : ai/roi/tfi: m/£: om^ | K9»owf\ 
icarou Apqux(ex corr)y | er] era f : erot x : om qu | irai i**] 
pr ourti% qu | (Tp<Kroc0'e<f] rpoffwomiffiit 18) | ai^ra i<*] auraf 
A I ere !<*] er n: in WEi^% \ na icarw] rfaw Koptay 1 | om 
8vo o 

4 om KM i^ A \ iHovt] pr dvo nfE' | ai/rou] avrcM' 1* | 
rpo^a^eif] vpoaa^t 1* : vpoff^€p€it m | raf ^vpaf] nyr ^vpar 
bwCl/ : rat ^vcriat tQ : ro OvciOffrripiow n | Xoutits bdinp(ttid) 
X* I om er Fnxl^(uid) | u^arc] -^etfinies C 

6 ^roXat] + raf oroXat raf a7iaf g : + rat a7taf aej : 
( + a^tat 77) I er^weif] erdvoi^s i : + avra A : + avrot/f c : + '^S^ 
^ tas ^ i6 I aapcor] pr ror ej | rw \^ — kqjl 1**] rov aJ^tk^w 
ffov sub -r- & : om F*** | top x^rbira] niw exfafuHa i | ror 
ToSripvi] pr Kai F^ckC^iS : uarium C : ro ^\<ap . . . rov e^ovd 
F*>: +/ra* ror uirodvnyr nyj erwfuSot c(ror eirodvn7r)k (118 (n^ 
eirerdvn;r)) : + row erer^w/Miroi egj : + super suducu/as ^ : + 'Jg:* 
f«i jft/^ uestim ^ i6 | om icai 30 i* | nyr erw/u^a I®] ror 

Xirwra i : ro e^vd F** | om koi 4<» — erwjuida 1° f | om Kai 5«» — 
Xo7tor 3° Bqx£(uid) | ain-w] airro Adgijnp : om F^^'hoSC | (om 
ro Xo7tor 1° 71) | om ro 1° dg | rpof] Kai F*r | Tfip trttfuSa 

6 €WiOria€it i»] e«-t^i^nyf fi | om nyr i<» — eiri^ett a® g | 
rrip fo] pr en n | om en i® — ert^iTO-ett a® n | avrou] -^-kcu ro 
Xoytor avpyifitpop nj ewvfuit f | om Kai !<* m | ert^i^o-eif !<>] 
€wi$itarft b : /xtj^j i6 : om p | ro 1° — a7tfli^/Aa post furpop i® 
(30) Irf I ro a®] pr ^ Irf I a7ta(r/Aa] aTior F*>*ckmf[ | om en 
njp furpop n 

7 rov eXaioD] pr awo a^ : (pr eK 32) : oleii 1^ | eirtxei/t ix* | 
avro] pr en g*(uid) : bis scr m : om akx^£l^ | eirt] xpos qu | 
X/KO'ei a 

8 vtouf bis scr q | avrov] avrovt A | xpoaa^tt] (pr Kai 
118): rpooTa^eif m: et staitus ^vx C | om Kai i<> x | erdvnyt 
i I om x^ruirat — (9) ain-oi/t s | x*r«»'ft»] pr rov% F»"«Mdfpqtu 
£(uid) : om y 

9 om Kai i<* — fwrait a, | ^ioarit bi | (om awrout i^ 71) | 
rcut jliirait] rat ^rat fh(uid): tonas %i (er ^n; aaptop 3I): 
+ aapwr Kai rovt vtovt avrov cm9(pr •^)i6(sub •)$>) | re/n- 
^o-eit] i-e/H^TO-eit f: evi^ett sz | ai/roit 1°] airroi;t b'mxz: 
(om 71) I om rat i<» m | airroit i®] haec mihi C: om dp | 
ieparta /uoc] fV/iM/ mf^f tn sacerdotium ft | ieparta] iif jo^^- 
dotium fk : iepariat x : lepartv/ia bw | /iot Bx] sub t- iS : e/Aoi 
AFM rell | aiwra — (10) fiaprvpiov 1° sup ras A» | om aapcirr — 
Kai 5<^ m I axipwf — airrou i<» Bh Cyr] om avrov bwx : rat x^'P^t 
aap<ap A*FM rell fti8Sl/i6 | om rat x^^pa' "^^ ^V 

10 om Kai 1° 1 I rpoo-a^ei r | rat !<>] njt b1/i6 | fiaprvpiov 
!*»] + Kai Xi;^ aro rov oifMiros avrov c | om oi b'cnx | avrov] 

a aprovt a^/AOi/t] 0' aprovt aj^ftcvt koi xoXvpat a^^vt v: 0' KoXvpat a^fiovt j(sine nom)sz | ve^vpa/ierovt] 0' xt^vpa- 
fupovt V : a' wa/ie/uy/Jkepa j(sine nom)s(-rovt)vz : 0^ ara»€»oii;/ieraf j(sine nom^ : $* opavexoiTifiepovs svz j Xavara] virropta 
rXaKOvrrapca tas Kaxvp<a8., axo ffcfudaX., F*': vervpa h: KoXXoupt^t k*: KOi KoXXupat er eXoiw k^ 

3 Korovr] KOPiffKiop F*> 

5 Kai 1** — xoivipij] 0' Kai rop x*r«tfra Kai rop xohjpti rov txtpdv/iaros jsvz : a' ror x'^cora Kai ro epSvfui rov txtpdv/iarot 
vi5: ff' rop x*«#ra kcu ro ererdvjua rov ex€PdvfULrot (wrer^- v) ^ rop x^rc^ra Kai ror ererdi/nyr (exid- v) n>t txtafuSos jsvz& \ 
ro \oytop i*>] ro repo'i... F*> 

6 riyr /urpop (bis)] ro 0aKioX... F*» | ro i*> — aTtcM'/ia] a' 0' ro reraXor ro a^tor jsvz(om a' jsv): o"' a^opta/ia,.. jsv 
r(o' o-' pro ^ v) 

9 roit fwrait] 0' rais ^cirrait aapcar ^ ^(wn| aapwr 0^ ^on^at aap<i;r a' Stai^topri oapwp jsvz | Ktdapcit] KO/ii;.. F^ 



XXIX 20 

*Aapii>v Kal ot viol avrov rct^ 'Xjsipa^ avr&p iirl rifv Ke^xikiiv rov fi6<r)(ov Ivavrt. Kvpiov irapd B 
II ra^ Ovpa^ t^9 (r/crfvr)^ rov /juiprvptov' ^^fcal a'<f>d^€t^ top fi6<r)(0P epapri Kvpiov iraph ra^ Ovpa^ 
II T179 (TKriPf)^ Tov fiaprvpiov, ^^teal Xijfiy^ff airo rov atfiaro^ rov fi6<r)(pv, xai Oi^aei^ iirl t&p 

tcepdre^p rov Ovaiaarrfpiov r^ Sa/ervX^ aov to Bi Xoi'irhp trap alfia 6^66*9 iraph rifp /Sdai^p 

13 TOV OvctaoTfipiov. ^^koI Xi^fi^^ ir&p to trreap to hrl Tfj^ /coiXia^ Koi top Xofibp tov rfwaTO^ 

14 teal Toif^ Bvo P€<f>pov^ teal to cricLp to hr avT&p, teal iiri^Oijaei^: iirl to OvaiaaTtipi^op. '^tA hi 
tcpea TOV fioaxov Koi to Zipfui KaX Tifp Koirpop /eaTaxavaeiq irvpl ^fo) t^9 irapefifioXrj^' afiap- 

15 T^9 yap ioTip. ^^Kol top Kpthp Xrip,^^ top Ipa, teal hnOtjiTovaip *Aapwp teal ol viol ainov tA? 

16 %€!pa9 avT&p iirl t^p K€^\rip tov Kpiov' ^^/cal a'<l>d^€i^ airrop, teal \al3wp to atfia wpoaxeeU 

17 W/W9 TO OwrutOTripiop icvK>jp. ^'^KaX top /cpiop 84%oTO/4i7<r6t9 /caTh fiiXtf, Kai irkwei^ tA ipSotrOia 

18 teaX T0U9 woSa9 vBaTt, teal iiriOija-eL^ iwl t^ hixorop/rffuiTa a-xfp t^ K€<l>a\$, ^^teal dpoiaei^ SKop 
TOP tepiop iirl to dvaiaanipiop, 6\oKavTo>fia K.vpi<p el^ oc/AffP €V(o8la^' Ovaiacfia TLvpitp icTat, 

19 ^9^al Xi^/i'^ TOP Kpiop TOP hevTepoPy KaX hr^Otjaei ^Aapcbp teal oi vioX airrov tA9 X64/)a9 aifT&p 
«o ijrX Tifp iC€il>a\ifp tov /cptov* ^Kai (r<l>€^€i^^ airrop, xal \^fi'^ rov atfiaTO^ avTOV, teaX iwiOi^aei^ 

10 avrtap] av\avTtap F: om B*(hab B»*>) 
II tpom B* >»*<*] mfa9TW¥ B* 15 Kpecor B* | Kpctou B* 

17 ep8o9$eia B*(-^io B^) | om ext B*(suprascr B**>) 
18 eiMi^^caf F* I BwriafffM B**>T $vfua/ia B* 19 Kfmw B* | Kpeiov B* 


l*(aid) I om rat x^'pA' avrufp x% | avrwy] avrov o*: 
om B*p I fUHrxov"] + xeu ff^a^eis avTu» p*» | om warri — /ioprv- 
pwv 7? ckmiS I cForrior agj | {xvpiov] pr rov 25) \ om vapa — 
]jMpTVfHov 1° d I rof 0vpat a®] n^ 0vpa» bwi | (om nyf 
trKTpnit «® 71) I om row /la/nvpiov !<> g 

11 KOI — fJMpTvpiov] bis scr s: om A%nptl^ | a^a^is] 
ff^a^fft cd: ff^a^ b | om wapa — fiaprvpiov x | om rou fiap- 
rvpwv abijw 

12 om totum comma i | om fMrxpv — rov 30 A*(hab A^"*) | 
^lyo'ctf] OttffJtt p: erc^iTO'eiT Megjlqu: inponis %: iUines B j 
•Tt] OTO g I iccporwr] pr ivo Cyr | Owriaarrjpiov i«>] + icai eri- 
$flff€it en r»9.Kepari0p rov Bvauurrripiov A | Xoiror] sub -7- iS : 
om k I voy] arar h : om Afmxa, | cirxn;! g | om rji¥ f 

13 om Ttti» Cyr-cod | ro «<>] ror x | rwr Xw/9wv !•* | row] 
Tfiw X I rov\ pr ror ert F Cyr | ex] vw dp | avrwr] + ^vfua- 
o-ett egj I om koi ^^ % \ nrc^i^o'eit] rociyo'eit y: (^lyo-fit 15): 
0vfuaff€it F*» 

14 (ro de cpcat 76) | ra] ro qux | om 5e x | Kp€a] xperi f : 
Kptara h Cyr-cd : Ktpara F*aegj | {fioax^^] +««« to orcap 18) | 
depfui] + avrov F^cegjm9)SiS(sub ^ cpp.) \ nyy] rov ens j 
Kvwpw] +ovrow cegjmiSi6(sub 4^ y) | KaraKavc€it\ KaraKav- 
inp dip : xaraKawrti ahw : irarcucav<rctf<riv x^ | wpc] pr ei' ^k 
wi6 (sub "^^ a' ^) : om aeghj^IE' | afiapria ckrvz | 70^ eartp] 

15 Xi7^ rov KpiovT/Cyr-cod \ rov eva Xi^^ckm^ii | aaptav 
— avrov] sacerdotes filU Aaron ^-ed | om oc el*nx | avrov] 
avrwr A | om rat f | om avrwr Fb' | ry\v Ke^aXi/y] ri; K€^aKr\ 
1 : om nyr w | rov k/mov] avrov b' 

16 o'^alijt dp I avror] rov Kpiov AFMa-egj-mpq9-wyzaa»* 
hJB,lE%&: rufv Kpiwv a,* | oi/to] + avrov ccgjkm^i5(sub *^ 
€pp.) I irpoo^eect] xpooxeijt gi: «-pox««t bdfknw Cyr-ed: 
Tpo€€its: eTix««»x: e/cxeettqu: x'^^'i^: +iVi6 | vpot] cxi 

17 irat 1°] pr ras (i) w | xpiov] kXvov k* | (irara /icXij] 
fuXrfdov 31) I jcara] irai ra dfimpx : ra g | fitXri] X17 ex corr 
f^: fieXot Cyr-cod: M<po» CJ + avrov ckmiS(sub 4- e/Jp.): +^/ 
auferes aures eius B | rXwieit a, | erdoo'^ca] cy^ooria f : er- 
roaOia Mh*j' : + avrov cegjm)Si6(sub 4* «/5/>') | iro3at] + avrov 
F»>cemai8i6(sub ^) \ om vdari A»(hab Ac°«)F*Iquxya,balS 
£l/i6 I eri^aett] +^al/ | 3txoroAM7/*ara] (3txoroAii;i?erra 3a) : 
+ avrov acmiS(sub •:§:• c/3/).) | ire^aXiy] + avrov acegjm^U^(sub 

18 om xai F* | oKov] post «^or AFMad-gijlpqs-vzaab, 
1^ : om y I om ror V I eirt — eo-rat] in sacrificium (altare 5*^) 
oblatio (•\- est ^*^) Domino'^ \ oXoxavrw/iara dfgpt | kv/mw !<>] 
pr toTi r« c: pr eori mi6: pr rw AF'abegjlquwyajb, Cyr: 
If ex r r* : + eo-riF ej | om ett — eorai c | om ett — nvpua Y* g | 
ett oaiittv] offfiV ^^ * i" honore 1/ : om eit kx | om OvciofffUL 
Kvpifa €<rrai e^-cod | Bvaiaff/JLa] Bvfuafia B*f Cyr-ed : oXoirav- 
ru/Aa a, | xvpua a^] pr ru Axy'a, : kv nsvzl^ : {evuwiov Kvpiov 
30) I co-rai B Cyr-cod] teriv x: co-riF AFM reJl ^iSl^iS 

19 om Xi7/i^ A I om rov Kpiov a, | eTi0rf<rovffiw y^)S£ | 
om 01 b'enx | om avrwf egjx 

20 o-^a^iyt b'dp | avror] avro n: rov Kpiov F^'^ekmH^ \ 
rov fo] pr ras (i-i) o: bis scr j | tri0rf<r€it] evidijffrit x : ^170-cct 

xa Ktparw] ojcptav F^ | /Sao-iy] OtfAtKiov F^ 

13 rov — i^arot] ro Kartartpov fitpot rov riwarot F*> | rov Xo^ov] a' B' ro wepirrov M 

14 ofiaprias yap corcr] 0' afULpriat yap eorir svz : a' repc a^iapriat emv sz(om corci') : a' a^io^cat (?) corir v : ^ ^ repc 
afAapruLS wriv v: ^ rcpc a/xaprcat z 

16 ro aifui] 0' 9^ a' a' ro aiy^a\ avrov y 

17 dcxor<^i|0'€(t] /ieXurcit F** | ra o'Soo'^ca] nyr koiX... avrov F*> 



XXIX 20 


B iirl TOP \ofiop Tov a>ro9 ^Aapii>v rov Se^iov Kal hrl to atepop t^9 Se^ia^ X^^P^^ '^^^ ^^^ ^^ a/epop 
Tov 7roSo9 TOV Be^iov ical hrl tow Xofioif^ t&v wTf»v t&v vi&p airrov t&p Se^i&p /cal iwl Tit dxpa 
T&v %€ip£v avT&v T&v Se^i&v teal iirl r^ dxpa t&p ttoS&p axn&v t&p he^i&v. ^^koX Xj;/*'^ airo ai 
TOV olfiaTo^ TOV airo tov OvcutcrTrfplov teal airo tov ikaiov t% 'xpiaefo^, icaX pavtt^ hrl *Aapil>v 
ical iirl t^p aToXifv avTov, Kal hrl to^ viov^ avTOv zeal hrl t^9 aTo\h^ t&v vi&v axnov fier 
ainov' /cal ayutaO^aerai, airrov /cal 17 oToXtj avTov, /cal oi viol avTov /caX at aroXal t&v vi&v 
airrov fj^er avTov' to Sk atfia tov /cptov irpoayeei^ rrpo^ to Ovcuumipiov /cvk\^, ^/cal Xijfiyftff 11 
airo TOV /cpi^ov to ariap avTov teal to trriap to /caTaxaXvuTov Tifv /coOUav, Kal Thv Xofihv tov 
iJwaTo? Kal T0V9 Svo P€<f>pov^ Kal TO (TTeap ri hr axn&Py Kal Tbp fipaxtova top Se^iov iimv ykp 
reXc/oxr^^ aun;* ^^Kal apTov Sva i^ ikcUov Kal Xdyavov iv airo tov Kavov t&v a^vpMv t&p irpo- 13 
T€0€ip,€vct>p IvavTi Kvptov ^Kal iiriOiiaet^ tA irdvTa hrl tA? Xctpo? ^Aapav Kal inl tA? X^V^^ *4 
T&v vl&v avTOv, Kal a<f>opi€2^ avToh dif)6pia'fia ivavTi Kvplov. ^^koI \1]fA^^ aink iK t&v ^€ip£y 15 
avT&v, Kal apoLaev^ iiri to OwriacrTtipiop ttj^ oXoKavTtoa-eo^^ €i9 ocp^ifp eif^Sla^ ivavTi, Kvplov 
Kdpin»fiA ioTiv Kvplqt. ^Kol Xi^/i^ to tmfOvviov aird tov Kp^ov lifs T€X€MiSo-e«9 i i<mp 16 

10 aKpa lo] flurpar F* 11 xf^urtm B* | ir/wiov B* 

ai Kp€iov B* I rcXccciwit] rcKuaait B*F*: rtKumcnt B**»A 13 tr] era B** | wporeBifUPw B*(-^«ai- B**») 

16 Kpeiov B* I reXtiiHTewf B*(-X«- B**»)F» 


Cyr-cod | roi' Xc^] tow Xw/Smt x | aapw] +ifot «rt Xofio^ 
viwp avrov F^°«: +irat eri top Xo/3or tov wtos tup vuap avrov 
cin^U^(sub 4> $') [««] pr tov de^iov c^l] | rov ^|tov i«] tot 
dc^toi' qua,(ro)l^ : om k \ omxtu 40 — de^iwr i« m | om kcu 4? — 
d«(iov i<> g I om «Tt i<» Irf I nyf ^{taf x^^P^ Bk Cyr] tov 
vodot avrov tov dc^cov dp: n^t x^^P^ avrov nyt 5e^t F*°Vnt 
a,^ : njf x^^P^' ovrwr T7ft defeat ci5(avr«r sub •:3> «/9p.) : n>t 
X€(pot nyf dc^af AF*M rell : manus uestrae 1^ | om to !<> y | 
TOV 40 — U^iov 1^^ pedis uestri 1,: nyf x^^po* aw-ov n;t de^tat 
dp I iroM\ +ovrov F*"«knt^: +avrair ci5(sub <3>) | ircu 6*» 
— 3e^Mr 30 sab ->- i6 | om kcu d^* — ie^tiop !<> 9-cod | rovf — 
i^iiop 30] r«*r View avTOv o/AOuat n | rwr wrup post avrov 1° 
svz I Twp vuap avrov] avrup h : om tup q | (om Ttop 3^ — ojrpa 
i<> 71) I rwi' ^Icon^ |0] dexfras 1^ | om irot 7® — dc^cwr a** cgj | 
om €«-i 5® fi I TO i®— defifcw 1°] ro axpor nyt x^*-P^ avrwp nff 
de^iat ms(txt)v2(txt) | ra axpa 1°] rwr tucputp z[mg) \ tup 40 
bis scr f I x«*P<<^] ^od<ap y | om avrctfi' i® s(mg) | om iroi 8° — 
dc(u#r 3® X I ro 3® — S^^iwp 30] ro aicpoy tov woBot avTVP tov 
Ufyov ms(txt)vz I (ra aicpa i9\ tup oKpup 30) | (tup &*] pr rai 
71) I Todup] x^^P^ y I avrotp a®] avrov j | Bt^iup 3** (de^tov 
msvz)] + KOI xpoax^^it ro cufut crt ro Bvaavrripiop kvk\u ckm 
(eTtxeetf)s(mg)v"«(pr <S^)z(mg)ai6(sub ^ 9') 

21 om ai/iarot — rov 3® s | rov airo] tov ext F*M(mg)dlnx 
a^ba^BHiS: TOV trwu fi: eirt Cjrr-cod: om AF*M(txt)bccm 
opqtuwy£ Cyr-ed | rov 30 bis scr b' | (^vcrcaon^/Mov] ^vo-tat 
31) I poLP€it\ poPTfi (\\ pai'tect h*(uid)a3: {poirruit 71: + eirt ro 
BvcMmipiOP Kfu 30) I irat 40 — avrov i^] et super uestes eUts IS : 
om Ay I om icai 4® m I om eri a** bnwl/ | koi 5<>] +/9x/ ^nm 
£ I om ere 30 y | oroXaf] 0Ti;Xat a, | tup viup avrov i<*] 
eorum S | rcw i*»] (pr avrwr 74): avrup c*: avrov c* | om 
fur avrov 1° bwWL \ om xai 7° — avrov 8*> cdep | km 8** — 

avrov 50] post avrov 6<> i: om f | om irai 9® — avrov (5° Ag | 
om ot nq | wot] wor b* | om icat 10® — avrov 7° f | tup viup 
avrov 1°] avroir nE Cyr-cod | avrov 8°] avrwf x5 | ro i*» — 
irvicXw] sab -c- iS : om k | ro 8e] Kai ro cmiS | rov Kpiov 
rpoffx*^"! rov Kpiov xpot to\ A* (sup ras) | vpo^eeif] (pr ov 
74.76) : rpoxeeif bcdf]m(uid)nyz | xpot] eri cdemnox 

22 om ffpiov q | avrov] sub -r- JS : pr jrat nyr xcpiror miS 
(sub .^j:- e/5p.) : et caudam %i + icae nyr ire/Mror cj(mg)s(mg) 
z(mg) I iraXvrror fil* | nyi'] pr xai x | icocXiai'] + avrov qu | 
KOi 3<» — iprarof ] post rc^povt A : et iecor 1^ | er] vr Cyr-ed | 
avrm\ avrop g* | avn;] ofwt g 

23 era] +Kai xoXXvpa^ aprov c(om irat)k(-^da mg)mi$(sub 
•ig:* 7'): +// collyrida unam % \ e( eXaiov] | cX sup ras F' : 
•\-luo9 ckmi$(sub •:8> ejSp.) | Xa^aror] XaTarar r: Xaxai'oy x | 
er] era B**or : om fi)S£ | kofov] 701^0 v b | rpore^et/tcrwr] sub 
-r- iS: xp0T€6vfi€PUP p: {xpoTi0(fUPUp Ti): xpoaredetfttpup o 

24 om totum comma d | (om icat jo—aapup 14. 16. 130*) | 
exi^ecf o I om ra af I e»t i*> — irat 2^ bis scr 1^* | raf X'H^* 
I**] njt X**4>^ sE I om aapuip icat p* | eirt raf X'^PA' ^®] on* P '• 
(om raf x^'P^' 14. 16. 130) | om /cat 3® m | a^purn 1 | avroct 
BF^"»<»ba] avro bckmnps(txt)tvwz(txt)ai8E Cyr : avrovf AF'M 
s(mg)z(mg)rell £(uid)iS | {a<popurfiop 18) | €P<untop h' \ icvpiov] 
+ KOI €xi$riff€it ra xarra ext rat X^P^^ aapuip a(om ra) (64) 

26 om KOi I®— cvpwv p | Xijm^ Bfhiorb,2lt(uid)IS(uid) C)rr] 
ht^oL X : 5c^ AFM rell ilL& \ avra"] ray: om ^ | avrup] 
avTov dU(aid) | avoto-etf] ai'oco^ cgix: +avra AyBl^ | riff 
oXoxavrcM'cwf] rtft oXoxapxuatuf nx : holocaustomatum ^1^ | etf 
oapurip'] odorem % | eparriop do | om Kapxufjta trruf Kvpiu b, | 
Kopxufia"] Kapxop x : frtutus 1/ : oXoxa/>Tai/ia n^ | irw coriy qu 
^IS I Kvpiu] pr ru Cyr-cod : kv n 

26 on^^vrtor] CTr\Q sup ras (6) 1 : €xi0vfuop x : ^vo'iaon;- 

ao ror Xo/3or] ro aicpop tiyovp ro araXor F^ | ro aicpop i**] a' roi' am^airrvXor F^(sine nom)Msz(om top F^M) | to atcpop 
1^1 a' ror arrtdairTvXor j | xat 6^ — S€^up 3°] ea super quae positi obeli in Hebraeo tanquam non posita in Hebraeo-Sama- 
ritano & | exi rovt Xo^vf] eri ra axpa F^ 

aa TO ffT€ap avrov] ^ ro vrtap icac njr xepKOP avrov a' to artap Kai nyr KtpKOP 0^ 0* ro areap Kai ro KcpKiop v | top 
jSpaxtora] oc ^ niP KpiiUffP Mjsz(sine nom z: om njp Mz) 23 XaTaroy] a^VvMn/f apros F*» 

24 avrocf] a' eos 9^ 0* eas % 25 ira/>TWMA] xpoc^pa F^ 

a6 on^^vrcor] arriBot F^ | nff rcXctciM'ectff] a' impleticnis (ti^i lO" in) ^ ^' compUtumum i^^y hot 'i) iS 



XXIX 36 

97 *Aapaiv, Koi a^piel^ axno a^pio-fia ivaim Kvpiov, teal iirrai aoi iv fieplSi. ^/cai dyidaei^ ri B 
OTffdvtfiov a^opiafia Koi rov fipa'xiova rov cufunpifiaro^, &9 cufxiparreu teal &9 o^i^pi/ra*, airi rov 

«8 Kpiov T^9 T€X€MJ<re(tt9, airo rov ^Aapiup teal awo r&v vi&v airrov. ^fcal la-rai *AapQ>y teal rw 
vloi^ avrav POfUfjLOV aldviov iraph r&v vl&v ^laparik* iariv yhp a4>6pia'fAa rovro' /cal a^lpefia 
loTOi awo T&p vi&v ^lapaifX airo r&v Ovfuirmv r&v tranffprnv r&v vi&v ^lapaifK, cUfnilpefia 

tg K.vpUp. ^Kol fi ardkii rov aytov ^ iariv ^Aapi»v Sarai roU viot^ airrov fier ainov, ;^pMr^va4 

30 avroif^ iv avroh fcai reXei&aai t^9 X€4/>a9 avr&v • s^errr^ 'f/fUpa^ ivSvaerai axrrk 6 iepeif^ o ivr 
avrov r&v vl&v avrov, t^ ^laektva^rai eh r)fv atcrjvf^v rov fxaprvplov Xetrovpyetv iv roi^ a^flo^s* 

31 ^^Kal rov icpiiv rrj^ reXeitAaeto^ ^Vf''^ f^^l e^crci? rh tepia iv roirtp ar>fl(p^ ^ical tSovrM ^AapSbv 
ical ol viol avrov rit icpia rov /cpiov /cal rov^ aprov^ roif^ iv r^ tcav^ irapk rk^ Ovpa^ rrj^ cfcfjvfj^ 

33 rov fJLOprvplov ^i8ovra$ avri^ iv oU fffidaOria-a;v iv avrot^, rekei&a-M rh^ X^^P^^ avr&v, 

34 arfidaai avrov^' leal oKKoyevif^ ovk IBerai aw* avrov, i<mv yhp &yui, ^iiiv Si KaroK^i^Bj arri 
r&v tcpetSv 1^9 Ovcia^ 1^9 rtXeuoceto^ teal r&v aprcav &»9 irpwl, Karateavae^^ rii Xoivii irvpi* ov 

35 fipmOijaerai, a^Laarfia yap i<mv. ^teai Tron^cei^ *A€ipwv Kal roi9 woU avrov olir€i>^ icarh irdvra 

36 i<ra ivereikdfujv aor iirrk ffp,ipa^ reXeida-ei^ ain&v rk^ ;^6i/:>a9. ^ical ro fioa^dpiov rrj^ afiap- 
ria9 rroii^a-ei^ Tff fipipa rov teadftpurpMV' teal teaOapieU ro Ov<na<rrripiov iv r^ 074^60^ tre iir 

a6 a^fHfffM B*(a^o^ B*^) | om <rot B*(saprascr B*^) 

«7 wpetfrtfTOi B*(a^fh B*>») | xpeiav B* | TiXiwrtm B*(.X«i- B*»>)F* 

39 xP^urOiiPai B | rcXuiNrai B*(-X«- B**>) 30 \irovpy€Uf B*(XeiT- B"*») 

31 T€Kutff€tat B*(-X«i- B»*>)F* 3a xpeiov B 33 T€\tttaai B* 

34 ifttTftXi^ftj B*(-Xet^ B»»>) I T«Xa#«rewt B»(-X«- B»»>)F 35 T«XM«r€it B*(-X«i. B»»>)F» 

pum bg*(ttid) I o] Of z I om trrcr S^ | a^opiaeit qn | avro] 
ovrw C8 : avrwr x : ro m | om o-oi B*g 

27 aTcotfift bx | om a^ptafua, — a^ptfMTot x | o^ofM/ia] 
pr arfULTfia koi a, : a^opi^/Mt M : om m | rw] ro s | ot !<>] »f 
f: m I om a^fuffrtu xcu of t Cjrr-cod | a^^c^rmt] a^ptt- 
Ttti a, : a^pftfrat x | of a^pifrai] quoidiqw diuiserUis 1^ | ot 
7f>'\mbi\ a^pi^'Oi] a^pnp-o Cyr-cod : a^mpnfrtu d(«^p-)x | 
Tiff bis scr f I awo i**— uM*r] Anm et/iHis %, \ om awo 3« b,* 
C3rr>cod | avrwr d 

28 om Ktu i<> — avrov e | om mu !<> ro | wapa] pr ireu m | 
(rcM^ viup i<>] ro«s vtoif 84) | urpaiyX !<>] avrov c: +awo rv¥ 
Svauaif X | om (rrip — i^paiyX a** b'f | trrip] e^roi ^ \ yap] sub 
T- i6 : om k I a^opta/uL Bhkmo Cyr] a^aiptfUL AFM rell 35 | 
rovro] rovrw xH \ a^tupt/ia i® BAhkory Cyr] a^ptapua rvwot 
1 : a^opiff/JLa FM rcU 35 | e^roi !<>] + vpup x | aro !<> B] om m: 
rapa AFM rell C)rr | awo a®] pr kcu Mbw | 0v/ULrww] Bvpxapua- 
rmp t^ : Bvaaaif ror x | rov ^pibv y | r«#r vuaw tapa^K 30 BA*""* 
fhior Cyr] avrw M(mg)cdmnptiE(uid)i6(sub ^ a' $') : om 
A*FM(txt) rell WL | om a^oiptpua Kvpua k | a^pt/ia 2"*] 
-^avrw cm^KS(sab ^ «/9p.) : +e^r( f | irvpcw] pr rtf acmi$(sab 
^ epp,) : Irv sxl/ : ^ Cyr-cod 

29 oTifXiy A I rov — aapuw] aapwf iy eorcu rov ayiov A | 
ayiov] X07COV 1 I om 17 30 m I roif] pr cat ox | wott] pr oc m | 
avrov] avrcrir 1* | /xer avrov] fiera ro m | avroi'] avrwr nx: 
avrov c | xopiO'^rat x | om avrovt k | cr avrott] {tw avrata 
«5) : «avrott b' | om Kai a® — (30) avrov a® c | reXctcM^ax] re- 
XctMo^ccf h: +cy avrott m^i6(sub 4h) 

30 eirra] pr rat n | crdvoijroi x | avra] post cepevt f: 
avrat n : ravra dpt | (t€/>evt] + /icyat 83) | om i<> x | ruw 
vtwr avrov Borx] pr xac h : pr €« AFM(txt) rell : pr cir M(mg): 
(om 18) I Of] (»t x I eco'cXcv0-rra(] pr ^ iS: eXevacrai tata f | 


ffmivjpf] yjfp a, | roct aytoct] r« aytta bckwx : (avrott 71) 

31 nft] pr rop r \ om Xiy/ufi; % \ <^«tf] ey/n^^ pt: 
eV^« n : ^o^rfftf m : ^lyo'ctt x | ra Kpta] ra Kpni f : +ras (i-i) 
w: avror e: + avrov m^B^(iub 4p^ <j8p.) | om er— (31) xpea n | 
roirw] pr ras (1) i 

32 edorrat] edet WL \ ot vtot avrov xai aapttp m | om ot 
el I avrov] (om 84): -^pter avrov r | Kpea] Kpeii f: Kptara b | 
rat 30 sup ras (6) V I om rovt !<> p | vapa rat Bvpat] ei ad 
ostium % I rat ^t^t] n/t Ovpat j : niP BvpoM A 

33 om tio^rai avra p | ipriao'^if^ay] ifytao*^ b'C | ey i<*] 
€T X I reXetciM'at] reXctcM-or x : rcXctctft n | om OTtoo'at — (35) 
Xttpat p I a7taoYu] pr irat AFM(mg)cdegjkmn8tv3rz^l^ | avrovt] 
avrop Cjrr-cod | icat] rat bw: om fhimnrx*f[ | aXXoTcnyt] 
+ ras (10) o I avrov B£] avrc^r AFM rell %WLSb Cyr | (om 
coTtir yap ayia 76) | errat d 

34 iraroXct^^] iraraXet^^rat o: avoraraXct^^ x | n^ 
^vo'tat] rvp BvauMf m : om ek | np !<>] pr cat n | rtitp aprwp] 
rop aprop x: om rttp qu | om irarairavo'ett — iri^H ta, | irara* 
xavo-ett] pr rat qu: corn-rent ^ | ra Xotra wvpi] wvpi ra 
>kOixa egjsvz£: (cy rvpt ra Xotva 33) | ov] pr rat km^S | 
ayiacpiA yap] ayta yap Cyr-cod : -h Domini (s. 'Uo) % 

35 Totiyo^ i I apc^ b* | avrov] avrwr h* | om ovr*»t egj | 
oaa — X^P^*] o.vnap f \ oaa] a nx : -h ai* r | rtXeti^oiit b' | avnnf] 
post x^^P^^ AFMdegijlqtu3ra,b3^1^5S(uid) : om b 

36 om ro i^ e | n^t a;taprtat rotiyo-ctt] roti^eit ro nff 
apuapmat r | nft] pr ro AFMbdegi-lnopttv~ba^uid)|^E(uid) | 
avapTtat a | (rotiyo-ctt] ^vo-ftt 3a) | ny iipLtpa] ro awtppia a, j 
Kadapuxfiov] t^tKofffiov n | jcatfaptctt ro] «tt ro sop ras a | Ka$a- 
ptcct] pi sup ras M : ira^a/Mo-ett Fgl : xaBapi^tt m : xaBapitt f i | 
Bvataarripiw b' | er — ae] pr Kot ayiaffip n: cat a^tao-ett avro 
g I €P rw] «t ro qu | ayta^cty] avrt^ty x | om <re la, | eir] er 

a8 a^oiptpua i^] rvir[ot] F^ 29 reXetiiNrat] a* impUre ^ compUri % 

36 ffatfa/KO-fiov] a* a' V e^Xa^/tov Mjks(-(r/ta)vz(sine nom ks) | jra^aptett] parrtveis F*> : ot ^ vepiopMpTieit Mjsvz(-tat jsvz) 


XXIX $6 


B auT^), xai XP^^^^ avro (Sore arfida-av avro. ^eirra tjfiipa^ teaOapteU t6 Ova-icum^piov teal 37 
a/yuiaci^ avro, teal eareu to BvauLarriptov ayiov rov dyiov' ira^ 6 airrofupo^ rov Ovaiatmjplov 
a/fioaOijaerai, ^^Kai ravrd i<mv a iroi^qa-ei^ iirl rov Ovcuurrrfpiov' iupvoip^ iviava-tov^ 38 

afimfjLOv^ Svo rifv fifUpav hr\ ro OvauKTrrfpiov ivBeXexWf xdp'tt'f^fia ivSekexio-fiov' ^rdv apofiv 39 
riv hfa iroitjaeis rb irpmi^ ical rov afipov top Sevrepop ironiaei^ to SeiXiPOP' ^koI BitcaTOP aefu- 40 
SoXcoof ire^vpafjiApri^ iv ikai^ tc€ieop,fUp^, t^J TerdpT^p tov etp, Koi <nropiriP t6 rh-apTOP tov etp 
oIpov, t^ afip^ T# €pI' ^^/cal top afipop top heinepop iroiTjO-ei^ to ieiXiPOP' Kara Ttfp Owrtap Tifp 41 
wpa^pffp Kol /caTd TtfP airopSifP avTov iroirfo-ei,^, oap^p evcoBUK tcdpirc^fia Kvplq>, ^Ovalap ipSe- 41 
Xex^^a-fiov eh yeped^ vfi&p, hrl 0vpa<: t^9 <ncqprl^ tov fuipTvpiov tpaPTC Kvpiov, ip oU ypfoadriao- 
liai <roi iteeWep Sore XaXtjaaC col ^^koI Td^ofiai ixel ro49 viol^ ^lapa^X koX dyuKrOi^a-ofiai ip 43 
Soft; p,ov* ^tcal dfyidtrw Ttfp axrjpifp tov finpTvpLov koX to 0va-taanipu>Py koI *Aapcl>p /cal Toi^ 44 
vioif^ avTov dyuiact UpaTcveip fioi' ^Sxal iirtKXffOijaofiai ip toU vioU 'IcrpaiJX, leaX Scofiai 45 
avT&p 060^, ^fcal ypdxropTa^ Sti iyd> eifii Kvpioq 6 0€o^ avT&p 6 i^a/ycpyobp avToif^ itc 7^9 46 
AiyviTToVf iTrnckff0rjp€u avToU /cal Oed^ etpcu avT&p, 

36 xfttfftit BF* 
40 «ir i»] tr A I cir «»] w KF* 

37 KoBapiti B*(-«it B»^) 39 acXxror A 

41 MKWwf AF I avTQv B**>] om B* | evM^tat F^ 


kinr*xS(md) | avrv\ avro ab'f^: avrov h | om kcu 3® — avro 
i® f I om KOI XP^^t' «'"■© X I om ifoi 3° ^-ed | xp^vai] x/no^t 
b : Xpiff^f s I o-vro 1°] owrw bs,* : avrow ly | om owre 07100-01 
ovro A*"*<*(hab sup ras et in mg A*)equyS 

37 KaBapi€it\ pr irot n^ : p sup ras M : KaOoipurut km | to 
$vffMmipio¥ lo] pr en xl^iS: + Domini 35 | om xot i^ — 
BvaioffrripiOP 1® %i | (om to Bvaiacmipiop a® 71) | oyior bis scr 
qu I TOV 0710V] rwr 0710^ M(mg)j(mg)ls(mg)z(mg) : oytwy F^ 
bw : sanctorum WL& : om tov h | xop to awTOfitvop x | om 
rov BvcuiffTfipiov bw | O7to0'^i70'erat^38) 0vcuumipiov bis scr 

38 (rovTo] + offa 30) | tffTUf sub -r- iS | o] o<ra AFMcdc 
gj-mpqs-vy-bj, | tov Bvaiamipiov] to Bvataarripiov a,: to 
Bvffuumipiow bwx | €wiavaiovs'] post ofuafiovt dpt)S : ov sup ras 
r* : €Piavaiauovt ejkmx | ofiufiovs] post dvo cm : sub -?- i$ : om 
ak Cyr | om duo Cyr-cod | om njr — ewSeXexurfiov k | fifiepop 
— KapwiitfJM in mg et sup ras circ 14 Htt A* | ewi to Bvaiaa- 
Tuipwp BA*achior Or-gr Cyr] en rov ^tHnoon^pcov m: sub -r- 
iS: om FM rell 98£1^ | erdeXexwt] nyi'deXexoyf x: om F^^: 
•f np iiftMpaw F* I KopTVfM ef^Xexto'fiov] sub -r- iS : om £<= | 
Kaprw/JLo] Kopwv a,: holocaustum % | ev5eXex(0'/£0u] ci^deXe* 
Xtffiufp m : ev^Xexi^/MK x 

39 om TOF I® m I to i®] t« ac*j*lsvba | tow af/jfow i°] 
arietem ILi om pC | tot dewrepor] ror erepor zi unum S | 
voti^ect 2<>] wotyfcrit i : om p£ | ro detXtyor] meridiae % 

40 ^icanyr r | re^vpoiieinyt] rt^vpatiepriw r: wt^vpfumit 
ev* I opaTt^pa/itnis ckm(-^vpfi-) | xeKOfifuwu] KtKOfifiewow F^* 
X : K€KOfitAewfit ba : om Cyr: +t« ert cgj | om rw i® — <nropSftP 
% I Tw rero/)r«] rov reroprov A(-r« A' ?)qu : to Teraprow F*» 
n(om ro)pt : ei quartam partem WESh{om e/) : to devrepor d : 
om r« ckmsvxz | rov ew i<>] om dp* : + otpov t« o/ww r« ei^i 
e(om Tw eFc)j : ( + ocrov rw aaptop 15) | om xoi a** — etr 9<> g 
^-ed Cyr | km (twop^ bis scr s | inroifhi¥\ oiropdri no : o-iror- 
dor w I om TO ejv* | rov a°] ror d | etr oirov] er oirw m : om 
oirov F*f : -^-oblaticnem f[ | om ray 3<» 1 | om ert 1* 

41 om ror lo a | to] pr eit a | rpwcnfr] xpvniw r Or-gr | 
om Kat 3<> X I ovn^f MIs(mg)x | roci^O'eit 19] pr irat b' : rotiyo^ 
q: rotiT^erot x: +ovr« c3US(sub 4" «' O' +««'^« n»15 | 
«^M7»'] pr ««t FMb-egj-mpqtuwya^ba^l^iS | covrw/to F** j 
rvpcw] irv ca, : ^ s : om bwx 

42 ^uo-ior] ^v0-iot x: de hostia %: holocaustum i6(txt) | 
erdeXexur/Mv] crdeXexco-fiw f | ect Tereof v^Mvr post Kvpiov c 
[Tereot] pr rof] | ecf ] pr ecf rot oxoos koi qu : om x | Tereof 
Baho] pr nit x : pr rof AFM rell Or-gr | en ^vpot] ad ostium 
1^ I en] etf c | ^vpot Bao] ^vpoAt Or-gr: nyr ^i^or n(-po n**): 
pr Tjfl fisvx : pr rot AFM rell | o-mynyt] t sup ras (a) h | (om 
TOV iiapTvpiov 71) I erorrcor dpt | yptaaOtfeiafuu na, | om o-oi 
I® c I eirei^er BAafhiors(mg)] eirei FMs(Ut) rell ^i^uid)l/i6 
Or-gr I <roi i®] <re m: +e«e» F»*ci6(sub ^ tfip.) 

43 KOI i^ — rocf sup ras uid i | To^fuu — vtoct] constituam 
tibi filii 1. I ro^o/ioi] ro^/MU bn: praecipiam S: praecipies 
35 I rovf viovt bqu | xcu 2^] pr kol aytatrBrfaofiai er rott vio<f 
c^ gjstvz(sub ^ vz) : pr nu ayt<ur$iiaufuu er ovrotf n | 0710- 
o-^i^o-OAuu] sauctificabo eos 35 | do^] pr ny cyz | lunvl -t-Koi 
a7Mur^i70'o;iOi er rocf vtocf (^ e : + rotf vcotf c^ M(rog) 

44 o7tao-w i*] O7io<ror x: (-hovrovt 31) | np' bis scr b' | 
rocf vcoct hip I O7coo'w 2®] a7(O0'or x | teporeveir] pr etf x : pr 


45 om <coi i^ X I enirXi/^ifO'OAuu — vtotf] habitabo inter JUios 
%^ I enirXi7tfi7<ro;ioi] tirwicuvwTia F*> | er] om cfi: +/te.. F*»: 
+ do^ \Mv icoc o7ia(rw nyr ffmiprjw tov g(del /cot — tov g**) | roif 
vioif sup ras g | ovroir] post ^eot 1/ : ovroct c35(uid)£(uid) 

46 ypioaofioi A | ei/u] sub -r- iS : om cgjm | irvpcot — ovrwr 
i"] ovrwr icf ^5 s" : ovrwr $i s* | e/c 717?] ef fi | om eirticXij- 
0i;rac — ovrc^r a<* m | ovroit] avrovt r: om (: +0t dnpstvz | 
om irot a® — ovroyr a** x | ^eof eiroi ovrwr] esse eis Deus 35: 
eiroi ovrarr irvpcof ^eot (1 18) % | ^eot ecroi] 0i opt ns(txt)v(txt) 
z : wr ^ dpt : eiroi Jci 6% c(om o)kiS(Kf sub ^) \ $wt i^l post 
avr(tfr a® AFMbeghjlqs(mg)uv(mg)wyb, : post eiroi tiJL \ 
avTWf a^] ovrmt f 

37 ico^opceit] 01 ^ e^tXooi; Mjsvz(sine nom) 

38 crdeXexMf] dtiyreicwf F*> | xopirw/io] ^v<rco F*» | erdeXex«rMov] WKwonfrot o-vrexetot F^ 

40 deicoror] dexoXtrp.. F*» | ve^vpofien/t] oronn^/ien/t k | e»r i<»] ^or.. F*> | o^ordiTr] ...xv^ir F*> 

41 ovrov] B' oAa?! ( = avn7t) a' o^ vX 0' Sb 

42 Bvfftaw] a* $* holocaustum 9' oblaiionem Sb \ tpdeXrxiofiov] (orritw p 43 to^/mu] avrra^ofuu F^ 



XXX 9 

T^ fiijteo^ Koi TTjJ^^eo? to eipo^* rerpArfmvov iarai* kcu Bvo 7n;;^eo)v to {r^o?* i^ avrov itrrai, ra 

3 /cipara avrov, ^koI KaTaxpva-faaei^ avrct XP^^^V tcaOap^, rifp iaxdpav avrov teal roif^ roixov^ 

4 avrov icvK>jp K<ii ra Kcpara avrov, Koi Trotiyo-ei? avrip crpen-rifv oTe^dvrjv x/:>i/<n}v KVKX<p, ^teal 
Bvo SaxrvXiov^ ;^V(rot)? KaOapov^ 7ro^i;<re*9 viro rijv (rrpeirrifp a'r€if>dvffv avrov etv rd Svo icXirt), 
woii^ei^ iv roh Bval irXevpoU* teal iaovrat y^aXlBe^ rat? atevrdKai,^, Atrre atpeiv aifro iv avraU, 

I 5 teal woti/aciv cnevrdKa^ i/e ^vX^op currjTmop, KaX Kara^pvaoxTev^ axnk^ ;^vatf>. ^Kal Oija-ei^ 
airro dwipapri rov xarairerdafiaro^ rov 6pro^ hrX t^9 xifimrov r&p fiaprvpiap, ip oU yptocOi]' 

7 aofial aoi itceWep. 7fcal dvfiidaei hr* avrov ^Kapwp Ovfilafia avpOerop Xeirrop' ro irpatl rrpm, 

8 irap eTTurKevdoff roi^ Xvx^ov^, dvfudaec irr airrov. ^fcal Srap i^dirrp ^Aapibp tou9 Xvxvov^ o^fti 

9 Ovfuda-€i^ irr avrov, dvfilafia ipSekextfrflov Bik iraprb^ epapri Kvplov eh yepeh^ avr&p. ^tcal 

XXX « vifx^of 1°] UTTX**** A. 
6 Keipvrov A 

rrtxtot 1®] in7X««» F 4 ^«TvXiOf F*(-tovt F») | kktini B*(-iTi> B*>) 

7 BvfiMaei I® B**>] Bwrti B* | ertffKeva^ B* | rout Xvx>vus B*] o Xvx^of B* 

XXX 1 ffoi — o^rrwrsub^^y | ronyo-eit] +/iOi£C3rr-ed | 
tfvo'uumy/Mov] roi Bvffiatmjpifa Bvfuanipiw a,: $viuarjipiow m 
( + a7cor)n: •¥ Bv/uarripioif M(mg)vz(pr -^ et corr ex ^wrtckm;- 
^or )^BU6(sub -35^0^^): + Bviiifafianipiow c | Bvfuofiarot — cunpr- 
rwr] jrw rw $w <rov eir (uXmt cMiprrcir Bvcioarripiw Ovfua/iwrof 
X I om $viJLiatiaro9 f 

2 om «u woiiiveif avro bwx£l^ | om icat i^ c | avro] 
axrna g \ om ro !<> m | ftriKot] + avrov cmi&(sub ^ a' $") \ om 
TO 1* d* I evpoi] rXarof h : + avrov cmi6(sab ^ a' &') \ {rerpa- 
Twror] +yap 3a) | wpos] + avrov ckmSEiS j e^ pr rat (84) 
312 I awTow 1°] tavrov F*» : om ^-cod 

3 Karaxflwrtaanis i \ avra] avro FMbd-gi-mpquvwz^-cod 
iS£i6 Cyr: avru cnst: avrop a, | nyy] pr koi knstvz£: +re 
bw I €ffx^^f>''»l e^a/wdo AM(mg)degjnps(txt)vyz(txt) : c(rx(^a 
qu I om airrov i** Cyr-cod | roixovt] ffrixovt s: orvXovf c | 
avrov a®] avrw g*a, : om ^ | om kvkXu 1° F*(hab F*) | irepara] 
Kp€ara z* \ om cat 4* x j avrw] ovro kr*: avrqv h | om 
ffrperrriv — (4) rocijo-ctf i® m | arpevrrip] sub -r- & : rpeimir s: 
post ^rt^ampf F*: om F*>'k | rrt^pipf] + avrov g \ om 
XptA0^ (14.16.130)18 I icvxXw 90] KVjrXwr X 

4 om rai !<> n I om xaBapovt woiriaut S^ | xo^apovs] pr 
Kai f: sub t SSi (jcpvowv KaBapov 84): om F***k | woirf<rtii i<* 
Bahrx^] + avrw <r roif 9vai vXcvpoit dpt : + airro oz* : + av- 
Tous Afy: +aimi» FMz»* rell BC^l/iS | om vro — roiifo-ctt «<» 
n I (om wro — avrov 71) | vro nff] wroivnyr c: om nyr m | 
arptwrriw arti^oprip] ore^arijr rijr ffrptwniP f i | orpemyr] sub 
-r i5 : om F**^hkr | avrov] avrovt a, | kXini] pr avrov dpt : 
KOI ro avro m: + avrov ci6(sub -^) \ irotiyo-eif !<>] pr xai v^: 
+ « 18'' I ei* i<>] pr </ 1^: om hx | rotf] rait M(mg)dgnptx | 
om dvo'i B I rXcv/KHt] rXevpoit M(mg)dgnptx : + avrov ckmS 
)8i6(sub •^) I ^aXtdcf raif o-irvraXaif] f Offices lamtHat<u % | 
^aXidet] (pr at 16): €ffv0., F^ | ratt bis scr t* | O'irvraXatt] 
pr dvo't X I A^OTc] 0^ ro a, I avro"] avrc# f : avror t : avra egjs 
vzIE' I om er ao e | avratt] avrott M(txt)a 

6 avra Aadfinq-ua, 


6 ^170-et y* I avro] ex corr s*: avrw bcgx: avrat hnb,l8 
1^: om p I erai^rt Cyr^ | wroi] sub -7- i6: om k | crt] awt- 
porri x^(uid)i6 | rtitp fULprvptup] rov napirvpwv xa,S(uid)l^ 
CjrrJ: rov fUiprvpiov Kara xpoffwrop rov tXao^piovo corty ert 
rov fiofrrvpiov m : testimonii contra testimonium quod est ad 
testimonia % : -4- icara rrpoawww rov tXaonyptov wrw rrt r«r 
lukprvpiwp cdhptv"«(n7f Kifiwrov — ert rwr pMprvpuop sub -ig^) 
iS(sub 4'') I ( + «aro wpoowwop rov BvcuL^nipiov eortF rrt rup 
fMprvpuop i3omg) | yptooOjiwfu en | om o-ot emqlE' | eirct^cy] 
eifct AFMbcegj-mqsuvwy-baf[i6Ci6 : ewt ^«of Cyr-ed^ 

7 0vfuao€i i»] ^v^itao-ett h: ^wrei B*: Biioei fi*{ex corr) | 
er avrov !<>] post aapCM* g(o-a/)wr g*)qux: ev avrw m: su^ 
a/tare B | avrov i®] ex corr 1 : avro f : avrovt n | ovpOerop] 
avp$€oevs Wwx: compositionis % \ Xerror] pr ro 1: Qiifwrop 
130*): Xeimjf bwx : comminutum paruum tanquam puluertm 
% I ro rrpw. t/km] maii^ Mi/dSr 1/ | ro\ rw aib, : om n | om 
npw. a*> B I oraJ» — (8) Xvx»'ovf] // ubi faciet lucemas S | rrt- 
OKtvaoJi B*r] eirt<rKeva^t l(ev, 17 ex corr) : erto'iteva^t Abdi*kn 
ptx : eirto'fftaj^ Cyr-ed : exto'Ktafet y : ert<rireva^7 B*FMi»* rell: 
parent 9^ | oro Bviuaatt. 1° — (8) Xv^rovt % | Bv/uaoti a<>] 
Bvfuoff €it ch : vfuaf ctF i»*: Bwriacft i* | <«• avrov a®] cf avr« 
m: in eo%, \ avrov !<>] avrovt 1: +dta warrot ej: ( + 9v/««aMa 
evdcXcxc^/Aov 30) 

8 (om xat 30) | e^wmj BA'ahior Cyr] ami A*FM rell 
(-ret kx) : {ai^arrri 33.64) | OApw post Xvx^^ovt anoBl^ | onpt] 
pr ror€ bw : pr ro M(mg)cdiklpstvz Cyr : pr r« fx : om rfi^ | 
om Bvfuaotit er avrov k* | Bvfuao€it Bgh] Bvfixoffti AFMk* 
rell(^Au sup ras i*)9)8£Ei& Cyr: {Bvfuaori 18) | om er — 
er^eXexto'/iov m | er avrov] er avror bw : om x | (om BvfuafM 
— raiTot 30) I Bv/ua/ta] Bvfua a | eySeXe^to'/iov iia rairot] 
semper %, \ ei'deXext^Mov] post ra*Tot dnpt : erdeXexto/tot x | 
dta rayrot] pr Bv/ua/ia c : rat l(uid) : om A*(hab A*)F8Vx-b3 
B£iS(txt) I ett] pr rat X I Tereat BM(txt)aoqux] pr rat AF 
M(mg) rell Cjrr | avroip] vfutp i* 

9 om rat 1® bx | avoto'et B*fhi] ayoto'ett B*^or C3rr : arot- 

XXX X Bv/uafutrot] a' suffimenti iS 

3 niP eoxiH^^} ^^ iKuucop F^ : eo^^apa x^po*'ovt 17 wvpo^pop o-revot ert eSa^vt apBpoKia F^ | e^xapap avrov] o' eoxopov 
avrov a' (/ B* SttfUL avrov v 

4 ^aXt^et ratt o-rvraXatt] B* 0^ ett ^rat rott ai^a^pevo-tr Msvz(sine nom s: om 0^ vz) | ^^aXt^t] a' o' €io'odoi Msvz(sine 
nom s : om a' vz) : ett ^rat ^i6(pr </) \ rait ^rvraXatt] a' </ B* rott apo^optwrtp F^(sme nom)^ 

5 o'rvraXat] pafiiovt \uar,p.. F^: a' o^ B* uectes (=rovt aya^opett) iS 

6 arerarrt — puapfrvpuap] Kara itpoowww rov iKoarr\piov eortr ert rrft Kifiiarov rup fMprvpiup M | rararerao'/tarot] pKti/iarot 

7 Bvfjuafia ovpBerop] B* Bvfuafia apw/tarwr a' 0* Bvfiia/ia fiSvcfiarup s(om a')vz | ovpBerop] Jibvapuarup F^(int lin) 


XXX 9 


B ov/c avolaei hr eUrrov Ovfdafui frepov, Kapvmfia, dvaiav' icai airopSifV ov airela-ei^ hr airov, 
^^/cal i^iXAaerai ir^pl avrov *Aapwv iwl r&v Kepdre^p avraO &ira^ rov iviavrov* (iwo rov aXfiaro^ lo 
Tov tcaOapuTfAov xaOapiei auro €£9 yepeh^ avr&v Srycov r&v ayie^p itrrlv Kvpl^, 

"Kal ikdKffO'ev Kvpio^ wpb^ Mc^vaijv \iyo9v '^'EAy Xdfifj^ top avKXoyurfiop t&p vI&p |^ 
^la-paifk ip r^ hrkaKonr^ avr&p, teal Sdaovcip ftcaoTo^ Xvrpa t^9 ^vx^i^ avrov Kvpiw, teal ovk 
€<rrai ip avroS^ Trr&a-i^ ip ry ivia-KOTr^ avr&p, ^^teal rovro itmp h hwrowrtp Saoi &v irapa- 13 
wopevmprai rrfp iiria-teey^ip^ to ijfua-v rov BiSpdxf^ov S ioTip Karh to SiBpax^P to iyiop^ elteoct 
ofioXol TO StSpaj^p* TO Sk iifiurv rod SiSpdjQJi^v ela^oph Kvpl^, ^^ira^ 6 irapa7rop€vop£Po^ Ci9 14 
T^iP iiriiTKe^ip airo elteoa-aerov^ Kal iwdpoi), Stiaovap rifp tlatfwpitp Kvpup. '5© itXovt&p ov 15 
TTpoaOija-ei teal 6 irepofiepo^ ovk ikarTOPijaei diro rov ^iipiaov^^ tov hihpdyjiov, ip t^ BiBopai Tfjp 
ela^opkp Kvpup i^iXdaaaOai irepl t&p ^v^&p vpAp. ^^teal Xif/t^ ri apyvpiop Ttj^ eio^pa^ t6 

- wapit T&v vl&p 'Icrpai/X, teal Bdaei^ avTO eU tedrepyop t^9 a-teijprj^ tov fiapTvpiov teal iarai T049 
vloh ^lapaifX p^prffioavpop ivapTV Kvpiov, i^CkdaaaOai wepl t&p ^pvx^v vp,&p. 

9 oMoifftit B**» I om K<u «» B*(hab B*^) 10 c^ccXa^erac B* | wtpi avrov] er avrov B*»: ex avro B* 

I a ffvXKoytuTfMw F*(-7W- F') 15 raufofupos A | fifuffovs] fifuavf A: ri/uav B | e^iXcuro^^oi B* 

16 €^iKaffaff$ai B^^] pr mu B»>>(€(«X- B*) 


0'erai Acdgkna, : ariwcroi x : apoiaert FM rell (cu^f- e)1l9S£ 
%& I «r i«] o«- c I avrov i*»] avro F^Mdfiflq-vzbj Cyr^: 
avTv blmpw Cjrr^: avrtop x | xapwufia ^Mriay] et fructus d 
sacrifida % : et saarificium S« | 9vQ%a% FMbd(uid)fglprtwa3b3 
5*^ Cyr I OTrewetf Baor C)rr] fnrtiotraK Acdikxa, : cwtiperM bw: 
reurrrot f : woitfatit h : TOii;<rerat n : voii7<rere 1 : (rxturert FM 
rell ^98£ltfi6 | er a<^] ar e | avrov 79] avrta 1* : avrovt a, : 
+ o«-o^ rov evioi/rou m* 

10 om ifot — avrov 1^ f* | c^Xoco/uu c | tc/h avrov B*] er 
avrov B^hrx Cyr; er ovrw ^: er ovro B»A»(sup ras)Mahio: 
om F rell ^iS£l^iS | om cMpuw A | om eirt — avrov 2^ x | 
«rc] pr Kai cm^i^et A»(€irt rup sup ras A") | avrov «•] rov 
Owruumipiov n35 | om aro^ rov €Ptavrov f | (om awo—Ka$a- 
picfiov 1 18) I rov KaBapifffiov B] rwr a/taprtup rov xadapurfiov 
rov €(i\aff fiov ara^ rov ertavrov ck(om rov KaOap, )mnsvzl/(om 
rov ^iK,)Sh{rov xaBap. sub -r) : rov cXa<r/iov rtaw afiapriu» rov 
Kadapiffnov aro^ rov ertavrov 1 : rov repc a/Mpriat rov e^iXtur- 
/lov awa^ rov eriavrov if^llilrov e{tX.] sanctitoHs et propitia- 
tionis\ (+rair atuLpruaw rov e(cXa<r/AOv 71): +rwy atiaprtuw rov 
e^iXo^/Aov ara^ rov ercavrov AFM rell IffE CyT(om rov c^X. 
W^^) I KoBapiti] KoOapioti Iny : KaSapuit Ac | avro] avrw o : 
avrof h | ytptat B] pr rat AFM omn Cyr | ovrciv] vfjuop bw 
B I a^tor] pr fU(Hi fL : sancta % \ om rwp 2^ F* | eoru'] 
coTOi 1 : om W% \ Kvpwl] pr rw Abdf ipwy Cyr : om a, 

11 fuav^p] fuavoTi blc : fiutrriw nsx : fitaff€i m 

12 eay] quodsi % \ \apn m | om rwr n | o^ n; !<>] om m : 
om ny k I om avraw 1° x | dwffwffw ftx | Xvrpa] pr ra Ay ; 
\vrpop fmB I abruptionem % | njf] pr rept qu | ^vx^f avrov] 
avrov i^vxn* ^yrz: ^vxn^ avrwr M(mg)km Cyr-cod^: ^vx^t 
eavrov cMlptyb, : eavrov fvxn^ bnwx | Kvpiv Bahnwx Cyr- 
cdj] pr T« AFM rell Cyri-codi: +er nj eirto-^ony ovrwr 
c(-rov)m^JS(sub ^g^ ^ ^0 | om «r avroct B'' 

9 rrepor] aUenum iS | irapirwMA] Tpoa^opa F*> | OTroriiyr] ^vo'tay if txxvaip oiwov F*»: fftpytpaafM p 

xo (rwr ofu^rrtctfy)] rov tc/k n;s ofiapriaf Msvz 

za oi;XXo7«^/uu>r] ^'ly^or F^: ice^oXoior ip-oi avpetff^popap M | erio'covi; I"] arayp... F*' | Xvrpa] 01 ^ e^iXa^/xa F^Mksz 
(sine nom F*»k) : aXXot e(iXao'/ia j | cf 3® — avrwr «*»] aXXot ip-oc icara ror apiOfiop avruw j 

13 Kai — eirta'ice^u'] 0' rovro hwrovcip raj vaparopevoficpot en rat ewuxKOwai a* rovro dtita^Hnp (-o-ovo-- v) irof wapep- 
XO/upot €wt ras eirurxe^t svz : a' rovro Bwrov<ri wat wapepxofjttpos en rovt eiricKeftfiepovs v | oo'oc — erancf^cy] ras rapcoir 
ert roir apiOfiOP M | Mpaxf^v i**] €^710 v F^: a' c' crarripot M | ojSoXoc] ^oXoxoiciroi F^: (vXoiroir. v^.. i | eio^^opa] re- 
XefffJM F*> 15 ^i^rat] aro^donu M x6 eif jcarcpyor] a' B' en niP dovXeuw v' eif ra epya ^om a') % 


13 om irot £ I earuf !<>] sub -1- iS: e^rat Cyr|: om k | 
ttoffovffip] iioatavip s(v\<d)x\ +/uot f: +0-0C ai Cyr^cod^ | oaoi 
ap wapawopewprai] quodquod incendent % \ om o<roi afi Cyr- 
cod ^ I car cfisvz | iraparopevwrrai] rapavopcvorrai bcdgikln 
opsv^w: xpoaxopevoprai h: xpowopevaoprai m: ropevwrrat 
Cyr-ed} | ro i^fuo-v post di8pax/iov i^. l(-dpa7-) | MpaxM^v 
1^] Mpaytiov abmnrswx: BpaxfMv p: iiipaxfULros e{-dpay- 
e*uid) I Qm 2*^Sidpax/i^ I* m I om ao k | om ro 3<» a 
Cyr^ I MpaxfMP i°] didpaynop ablnorwx: Mpax/M Aa,: 
iidpayfM s I (om eixoat — MpaxjJuop a^ 18) | o^Xoc] o^oXott f: 
ofioKop c I ro 8i8paxiu» 2**] axM P^rt tup ras e : ro MpayfMP 
a]mnrs*x : ro didpay/ia bw : om 1^ | om dc C]rr^ | Mpaxjujov 
2^] Mpayiiov Fablmnrwx : + muav k | eta^pa Kvptw] efferent 
Lhmino 18: om m | icvpcw] pr rw F Cjrr-ed^: iv f: rov kv 
Cyr-codji om a^ 

14 om eit eghjnxl/(uid) | dwauctp x | om n^r 2^ Abwy | 
om Kvpiia — (15) eiff^pap d | xvpita] pr rw (18) Cyr ^ : om x 

15 i°] pr irai ex: om Cyr^ | eXarronTo-et] eXarroMiwei 
AF*bhorwy: cXarrfcwec npta,b, Phil | ai-o rov fifuffovs] ro 
Tiiwrv m I rov i^] rovrov o | i^Auo-ovr] nfuov Br | 9i8parffMv Fa 
bimnrwxa, | ep r«] en ro Cyr-ed| | Kvpua] pr ru Cyr-edJ: 
(om 77): +«'apa rwp vaop t^ dhknprt (83 (repi)) ^1 c^iXa* 
o-ao-tfoi] (pr KOI 77): c^iXao-^ai Pna,: e^cXao'co'tfe r: c^etXa- 
ffeaBai o | wepi — v/uop] pro animas suas S^ | thjmp dgio'pa^* 

16 om mu i^ — fjo^fio^vpop m | nfs i^] pr ro n | avro] avru 
cgn* : avrotf Cyr | om etf flnx(md) | irarcpyor] pr ro AFMb- 
egijkpqs-wy-bg | om vio<f w | fumifAoevpop] prcif egjn | craw] 
pr Kai m: epotn-iop Cyr-ed | Kvpiov] om q: -^ iiphiuoovpop yap 
eeriP dknpt | c^tXao-ao^^ai] pr jcai B**>f*(md) : e^tXao-oo-^e h : 
e^iXaffco'^at Mo: €(tXa<rjreo'^ai kn | vfUM^] iffuap fix: avrwp 


XXX 26 

yakxTjVt Sort vlmreaOai' teal Orfati^ avriv avi lUtrov rrj^ dcffptf^ rov iiaprvpiov icaX avh fUirov 
19 Tov Ovauurrripiov^ ical i/cx^^U eh aMv CSmp* ^9tcai vl^^ai ^Aapi>v leal 01 viol avrov i^ avrov 
10 tA9 X*V*^ *^ '^^^ iroSa^ aSari, ^Srap €iinr6p€i6mvra^ eh rifv O'fcrivijv rov fAoprvplov, vl'ifroPTai 

iSari tcaX ov fjtif airoOavonriv* trap irpoawopevmvrai irpo^ ro Ovtriaan^piov Xeirovpyelv ical ava- 
il if>ipeiv rit oXofcavrtofiaTa Kvpup, ^^pl^oyrai tA^ X*V*^ **^ """^^ fr68a^ CBan* Srav elcnropetmv' 

rai eh rifv incffvi^v rod fiaprvplov, vly^vrai {Ban tva fiif iiroOdvwaiv leal earai avroh vofupLov 
« aUipiov, avrf KaX tok yepeai^ avrov fur avrip. ^KaX iXAXtfaep Kvpio^ irpo^ Mmwnjp 

13 Xiymv *3Kai o'if Xdfie ffiwTfjLara, ro SpOo^ <rfAvppf)^ ifcXeterfj^ trepraKOfriov^ irOcKov^, ical kivpc^ 

14 fjLmfiov ewiBov^ ro fffiurv rovrov <rp', koI icaXdfiov evioSov^ htatcofrlov^ wepnj/copra, ^leal Ipew^ 

15 irepraxotriov^ cOcXov^ rov ay{ov, teal Skanop i( tkaUop elp* ^^icaX troiri<rei^ avri fkaiop XP^<^^ 

16 iyiop, fivpop ^vpe^ucop riypri fAvpe^v^ !Xaiop ypl^iui &yiop iora^. ^«a* XP^^^^^ ^f avrov rifp 

ao vpoawpoptwmu F* | Xirovpycii* B*(Xf4r- B**) 

33 or^or A | rovrov — timSovt i<* B* | O'v'] iuuconovt irevn|icorra F | dcoico^covt] ^ A*">< 

34 cXai4#r] tuKauiP A 35 xp^twita (bis) B*(x^- Bb)F* 36 XP^*^^^* B*(x/h^- B^)F* 

17 futwrti^l funw^ h\ : futniv n : fiueti m 

18 iroiiyo^or] roci^ect cl^5S : k«u woti^ett m : + O'cavrw Cyr { | 
XoXirovr] x^^tV* d | evrw] avrov qn^mEUS Cyr-ed| | ii^f] 
CM r I viirrro'tfcu] (eirvtrrco'^ai 16): -^mamus suas W \ 0v^iit 
q I ttvror i«] avrwv f: avro y: avnfr F*k: om 1^ | ora /mow 
Tfft VKyimp] in tabemaatlum 1^ | oro iroi 3* — 9v9iMnipiov e | 
9vaiaTrnpwv\ fitipTvpiou a, | eyx^f^f bw | om ctt n | avror i^] 
ttvro dx : ovnp f* 

19 vc^ac] vtforra«Cyrl9B5: w^ n | ircu 3«— avrov 
30] vdc^ m I om oc Inw* | e^x^'pa*] '^t X«V« avr«#r c^ 
aiTov AB I e( avrov] /itr avrw a,: om w | x^^^ BahodI 
Cyr] +avr«*r FM rell 1/iS | (om rovt 138) | rodot] +avr*w 
F''b-©kmnptaBJ6(sub 4^ tpp,) | vdan BA«"«ahorx Cyrf- 
codd i] pr tw n : vdao^c Cyri-edi : om A*FM rell VBES^ : de 
aqua IL 

20 ccoiropevorroi Abdfg*hikl*(uid)nopvw | om rov lu^ 
TvfHOv b, I om Piriform — Bv^ioffnipiim x | om woj^mTw — airo- 
dwfvffuf bw I om n^orroi vdart m | (vt^orrai] + cct rovt rqtet 
avrcM^ 18) I om oray 3*> — (31) aro0apwcuff \ oroF 3* BS] pr 
17 AFM rell 9)B1^5S Cyr | irpooiro^vwrrai] irpooiro^vorroi M 
bcghikopvw: Tpowop€V<airrai m: rpooiropevo-orra« dn: iro^v- 
c^rrai Cyr-cod | om irpof ro Bvaioffryipiow bw | irpot] cit egj 
^utd) I XcirovpTtcv] +cit to Bvcifumipiw x | om ra ikn | 
oXocavrorAiara] oXoiraprw/uira F*gjls(txt)v(txt)z(txt)5S : iropirw- 
IMTO, nxl^ : Kapwufia k | irvpcw] pr rw Acdegjkt Cyr-cod : irv 
bw : om X 

21 om Pitfrorroi i^ — aro^orwo-cr mp | vc^f'orroi i<>] pr k«u 
dnt : Pt^vrrai g\z \ yl^wrtu rat — fur avrovt (pro avror) sup ras 
paacior litt A* | rat X<^P<t4 ^©w iro*at nsY : + avrt«r F*>cegjk 
)S5S(sub ^^ a' 0^) I rovt ro^t] rat x^^^ "^v : + avrwf F*>bcc 
gjkwai8S(sub 4s^ y') \ om vdori !<> Mcklya,b,fl[]8S5S | ora* 
— vdort 30] pr 17 M : om Fbilwya,b,fl[]8Sl^iS | nowoptwmrat 
cdhknosv | vc^oyroi vdart] pr ov c: om degjnqs-Txz Cyr| J 
ira] icat ov A'n | om irai 3*' m | avr«#— avror] ctt rat ycycat 
avTvp nx I avrw] pr icoi f : avro dm : avrwr y : eisW/i om A* : 
+re Cyr j | roit— avror] /ter avrc#r ra«t Tcrcait avrwr m | 

rait Tereait avrov post avror ckJS | rait ycrcait] rat Ttrcat f : 
jUiis^-tdi genii %, \ avrov] avrup A*S | avror] avrwr F^': 
(avro 30): avrovf A«f: avrov F*«*<* (avror F')gy 

22 nmvvyfp] lumeni blew : /Md^ip Pn: /um^ m | om Xryi#r 

23 om icat w rv(mg)iS^ Or-lat | Xo/Sc] +^favr«# cmsT"« 
(Xa^ ^eavrw sub ^)zi[)SiS(Bnb ^ o^ Or>lat: +^avrM k | 
ifivfffMTii\ ii9va/iaro9 ax : ifiva/ia m : stiauiiaH IL : om Or-lat j 
ro 1^ Bcfiknr] pr Mtro m : om AFM rell Cyr | ar^ca x | vuc 
Xovt] sub T- iS(utd) : om X I om irai 3<> qu Cyr-cod | irirraftWMor 
bkmp Or-lat | cvwdovt i<*] cvw^ct m Or-lat | om ro 3«— «M»<ovt 
3® fh I om ro fifuav rovrov a, Or-lat | rovrov] (rovr«*r 84): 
avrov F | ^T tiairo^iovt cat rcmficorra Maegi-lop'»»stvy-b, : 
vr* m : dtoffortovt A( -»• irat r' A*"*) : dtaxoo'tovt koi wnmiKwra 
^t«Xovt b(om xat b^w Or-lat : cc siclos 1^ | om irat 3«— rtmf- 
fforra b'jnv(txt)x | om irat 3^— 3tajf«riovt A*(hab A*"W) | caXa- 
/tov] c€thmum 14S Or-lat: tcXa/tov g | evM^ovt 3<>] ffv<#dct m: 
suamm Or-lat | rcmficorra] pr icat AMaeghiklostv(mg)y-b, : 
+ j^/«r Or-lat 

24 t^wt]tffpewt Mbgh*(uid)jr: irao-^tat n: (iroo'rot 130^) | 
o-txXovt rov] icara ror O'txXor top F*» | ^trXovt x | rw a^ycov] 
secundum sulum sanclum Or-lat | rov] icat x | a^tov] oytor 
F^: apyvpioiv F*(a7tov F')b, | cXator] cXcuov x | e( cXatwr] 
de oiiua il | om e^ dp fl[-ed | ctr] tfp d Cyr-cod : tr k : tra 
w : ^trar i(mg) : tra (corip 1 : corat Cyr-ed : om mnpxS'l^ : 
+ ifTovr Xtrpot t/3' k 

26 irat] pr et infundes ft | avr<# clz | cXator i<>] post 
a^tor V* f : cXcot n : om A*(iyo'ctt aviro eXator in mg et sup ras 
9 litt A*) I xp^y^ aytop i®] xp<^M«^Mr n: chrismatis sancH 
Or-lat : om aTtor x | xp^l*^ 1**] XP^^iMrot IL Cyr-cod | /tvpor 
— Itvpt^"] unguenium m^re ungueniario cucumariae unguen- 
tario \, I VMpw\ rotifMa F'^: om F*(bab F^')x | f/Mpn^m] 
fUfpe^/ftKov xlS(uid) : om Or-lat | rcxi^] rexi^ Fx : om m | 
om cXator 3<>— ovrat pS | (€\atop 2^] prirat 118) | XP^f^ ^°] 
pr oXct/A/iA bw : xp^l*^^^ F^l^: {xP*'^^^'^ 7i) I <0^<^ ™^ 

2© XP*^^ ip I om f| X I om icat ^^^-^fiaprvpiov 3« 11^ I 

18 rotiy^or] a' v* ^ et faeUs % \ Xovnjpa] Xcica... F^ | /tartr] irote wntpiy/ta F^ 

23 ifdvo'/tara] ap«i»/t[a]r[a] F^: aXXot ap^ftara j | ar^ot fffivptmit] /tA^op KoBapop F^ | o'urXovt] €^7.. F^ 

24 tpea»t] (vXaX.. F*» | ^urXovt] MpaxfMP fir, e^^.. F*> | etr] ^rr.. F*> 

SEPT. 259 34 

XXX 26 


B ctcffv^v rov fiaprvp^ov, leaX rifv Kifiwrov rov pLoprvpiov, ^/cai rifp \vxv(ov icaX irdvra rh <r$C€urf 17 
avrrj^ teal rffv tncffpifv rov fiaprvpiov koI iravra rk atcevff aurij^, teal rd BvtnatTTripiov rov Ovfud- 
fiaro^f ^seai r6 dt^iaanjpiov r&v oKoKavrtop^rwv icaX irdvra avrov rd ctcevff, seal r^p rpdtre^ap 38 
teal irdvra rh cteevrf avrrj^f teal rov Xovrtfpa^ ^teal ayidati^ avrd, teaX iarai ayia rSv arfl^v 99 
IT F* iras o dirrofuvo^ avr&v^ aytaaOijaerai, ^teai *Aapwv teal roh^ vloif^ avrov XP^^^^t ^^ dyuiaet^ 30 
oi/TO^ itpareveiv fioi, ^^teal rw vloU ^lapatfX XaXi^<rei9 \eymv ''Ekaiov oKififia ypLaew^ 31 
ayiov icrai rovro vpiv eh rd^ yeved^ vii&v' ^hrl adptea avOpdnrov ov ;^i<rdi;<r€rai, teai teard 33 
T^i^ avvOeaiv ravrrfv ov wo^ffOtjcerai vfuv kavroU dnravrw^' iyUtv icriv, teal djlaa-fui iarai 
vpiv. 33^9 Ay iroirj<rxi dnravrm^, teal ft? &v 8^ dir avrov dXKoyevei, i^XeOpevOrjaerai ite rov Xaov 33 
avrov. 3^K«l elirev Kvpio^ irpd^ Mmvaijv Ad fie ceavr^ ijBvafiara, araicrriv^ ^wyat 34 

XaXfidvffv ^BvcfjLOv Kal \ifiavov hia^avrf Itrov itrtp iarai' ^Kal won^aovav iv avr^ Ovpiap^i 35 
fivpeyjtitcov epyov fivpe^ov fiefJuyfUvov^ teadapov epyov Sryiov. ^Kal cwteoy^ei^ ite rovrtov Xeirrov, 36 
teal Oiicei^ dwivavri r&v fuiprvpltov iv r^ ctcffv^ rov fiaprvpiov, SOev yvwcOijaofiai coi iteeWev* 

30 xpftfftit B*(xpw- B*>) 
31 xPfie9i^tTiu B*{x/M' B**) 

31 akd/ifia B**> I j(P^tff€m B*(xp«^- B**) 
33 €^oKo0f>€v$7fffmu B' 36 avyxo^etf B*^ 

ici/9wror] +nfi ^xipiyt r Cjrr-ed | tou /iofirvpiov i«] nyi 9ta$iiKJp 
b,: (om 71.76) 

27 (iftti i^—ovriTf i» post 99/uatiar<n 16) | koi nfw Xvxruuf] 
KOi Torra ra ffiettni atmft y*: om gt | irai !• BahkmIS*] pr 
K«u warra aimyf ra aKtvri km nyr rparcfay Ktu warra ai/nyf ra 
^iceiny n : pr xac rr/w rpairr^ koi wopra ra 9K€Wi avnyt c^S^ 
&{Kat nyr rpar. sub ^) : pr kcu nyr rpoir... F*^««): pr rai 
irarra ra aictvii avrrfs AFMy* rcll fra CKtvri post avrrif svz | 
avrw o] IMBI^ Cjrr-ed | Xvxrioy] rpavt^op m | om iroi i«» — 
ttimff a* fpy | om rorra !<> bckwl^5S | ra ffKtvri avnyt i®] 
avTfif ra ffKwti ns(av int lin s*)vz | om kcu s^^^vfuo/iarot 1 | 
KOI 30— avnff 1® Ba Cyr-cod] om irac r. ra ^k, avnyt h* : om 
AFMh^' rell 1ilS&L& Cyr-ed | om irai f'*—$vfuatiaT9t g 

28 T9V oKoKavrm/tarot (35) )S | waifTa !<>] ra a, | avrov] 
post ffKtvti i« bc(om ra)kmva{e0rum cod)lJ6: avrw 1 | om 
Kot 3»— avnff F^^ckmn^S^iS | om rarra !<> bw | ra ffKtvff 
a* post avnjf t Cyr-cod | Xovnypo Bahx] + icai nyr po^ip avrov 
AFM reU fl[ISSl^ Cyr 

29 eo'orrai F*> | a^ca] satutiias % \ rat] pr irat or Cyr- 
cod: £i !E I avr«#f] avr« g* | a'ytatf'^^erai— (xxxi 18) avna] 
deest unum folium in F* quod suppleuit F^ 

30 xiM€it KOI aTta^-cct post iwc h | xpiffyfl x | om ic«u 3° — 
(31) xpiffttn d I om avrovt h | teparevcir] pr rov F«' | (om 

31 icat] pr jrai roct Mott avrov f | vuMt] pr oc m | (om 
t^paiyX 30) I aXififia xjpMtwi a7ior] t if wuHontm uncticnis 
sanctae % \ aXift/ia] xp^f^ cgj: (xp<^AMi XP^/^ ^5)-* oro 
Fc^clmxBl^ Cyr-cod | x/m^«(^] XP«^«« ci om n8v(txt)i(txt) 
i6(txt) I a7ior] -HaYcwr F*'(om F<:*)dnptl^ | taTai] tan m: 
•\-/un Msv(txt)z(txt) : -^tuw n | rovro] post vfuw v(mg)z(mg): 
om ¥^ I i^/My] /ioc cmUS: om nsv(txt)z(txt) | om rat fix | 
v|Mir] V/JU9 m : avrwr n 

32 m] -Hdc c ) aapKi x | om ov j<> k | om km i^ rl^ | 
n^F avw9tw ravrip] to ct5ot rovro k(mg)n | O'vrco'tv w* | rav- 
nyr] cavrcr c : avrov km | rotiytfifo-ffrai] rociyo'erai Abcdhupqrw 
xa, : iroii|0^cre F^Mklms-vyzb,fl[|SS]/5S. Cyr-ed | cavroit] av- 

roct fima, Cyr-cod : om FNlh)S(uid) | cMravroit] ett rat ^crcat 
v/Mw d : om k | eorir] eorat xb, 

33 Of I®] vt dpq*u I (ar 1®] ear 31) | rotet n | wo-avrwt] 
+ woTff oa^pai»€a$ai bw | ot a®] pr ^miftr 5S: ci»f vx*(uid) | 
om ar i<* dnz | ar avrov post aXXoYcvet m Cyr-cod | aw] wop 
a, : om a | e^Xc^pev^iio-crm] e^oXo^pevo-rnu d : tXo0p€vOifaoif' 
roAX \ tK rov Xaov] dt populis % \ cic] avo ms(txt)vz | avrov 
2°] rovrov egj : om Afr 

34 /Mivo^r] fUiivffTi b': fiweriv n: ftwati m: +due9ts IS | 
Xa^e] pr icai o'v %, Cyr | o-cavror x | orvxa] pr xoi Mc-gijkmpq 
s-vza3b,9]BiS(sub 4^) Cyr: icai fiaariX" F*>: unguentis 1^: 
om IS I x«X/3ainjv Baho] pr icai AF^M rell (xo^* Ay) fl[)BS 
l^JS Phil Cjrr | lydu^/AOv] ly^vo^/iov 1: lydv^/ia x: apc#/iarwr 
Phil-codd : om m I dia^am;] ^ praeclarum %, \ tffoif tffu emu] 
pr e|aiprror e^oiperw Phil-codd: aequaiia in nunsura eorum 
B I to'w] (tf'Ci^ Mlm : fit X | corai] eoTir Cyr : om Phil 

36 rociyo'ovo'iy] irociyo'tM'ir x : ftuies SB*' | cr avrta Bahr] 
om ei» fgitx Phil-codd Cyr : avro K{aMro — KaBapop sup ras circ 
75*litt A^f)FbM rell 9ISS1.5 Phil-ed | evfua/ia] BvfuaTifpiop 
s* I /Avpe^cffor tpyop /Avpe^v] /Avpov fivpe^v c/ryor Phil: im- 
guifUi unguentario opere 1/ | yMpv^iKw] pr fivpov dpt : post 
fivp€^ov x: -^fjLvpw F**(om F^*)n | tpyov i^ — ira^apor] o/us 
purum ccmposiiicfus ungutntarii Sbi om n | c^ryor i<*] -l-aYior 
ffVP0W€(at dpt : -I- aTior F** : + wpBtcttat egjsvz | (jivfK^f/ov fu- 
fuyfutfop] fiefuyfA€Pov fivp€}pov 78) | /ivp€^v] post fUfuyfuwoi^ 
dpt: /ivpe^iKOv qu: + o-vr^eo-eo^ F^c | fu/uynewop] fie/uy/iepov 
j : 4rvp0t9tiat bf iklmquwyagb,^!^ Phil : -H c/)7of KaBapotf o'vr- 
0€a-€iift M : -I- o-vr^eo-cwt A*»' | KaBapop e^yor aTtov] a^cor cp7or 
KaBapwf (30) )S(uid) | ica^apor] KoBapov f i : ica^o^t 1/ Phil : 
oro o* I €pyop i°] sub -r 5S : om k | a^ior] a^tov x : stt 
s€tPutUat€m 9 : om p 

36 ffVPKO}lrrft X* I €K TovTiop] fx tolE \ rovTiap] rovrov c | 
\€wrop] \€wrwv s* Cyr-cod: Xeirrc#t Cyr-ed: -HXexror o-vy- 
iro^ct k: -f-Xerrov m | ^eit] -f-c^ avrov c^U6(sub 'i^ €ppJ) \ 
awtpoum. — ^KrfPii] ante tabemaculum S | om rwr i® — o-ffiyri; 
b'r I rwp fiapTvpibtp] tup fioprvpvp w : rov fULprvpiov cmx Cyr- 

3a irora— ravnjr] o"' $* Kara rrjp ffvpra^ip ravrriP v | Kara rrip o-vr^eatr] a' Kara rrip avfAfAtrpiap v | ffVPBefftv] a' ffvp.- 
fjLcrpiaP Mz(sine nom) 

33 rov Xaov avrov] oc y' similiter {de) populis eius fb 34 lySwr/Mira] apu)fiaTa tvoafia F** 




^dvfdafia fcarh r^v trvvdetnv ravrffv ov *woti7<r€T€* vfuv aifroU* B 
3^&9 &v TTOii^afj Acravrw^ Hare 6<r<l>paip€a0ai iv avr^, awoXeinu 

37 iyiov r&v offimv larai vfiiv. 

38 a^UuTfia ifrrcu vfiiv Kvpi^ 
i/c rov Xaov avrot). 

XXXI i 'Kal iXaXficev Kt/pto^ irpo^ Mfovaijv \iywv **ISo^ avatei$c\fj/iai i^ ovofiaro^ top BccrcXc^X 

3 TOP Tov Ovpeiov rip ^Slp rrj^ <l>vKfj^ *Iot;$a, ^tcai ipeirXtfaa ainop wpevfia Oetop co^la^ teal 

4 <rvpia'€C9^ teal iw^anjfiff^ ip traprl ipym, ^Stapoeia-dai teal apy^treterop^a-ai, ipyd^etrOai ro xp^^^op 
teal TO apyvpiop teal top ;^aX«coi^, teal rtfp vdKipdop teal rifp wop^vpap teaX ro teoteteipop ro ptfo-rop, 

5 ^leal ra \i$ovpyited, teal eh rh Ipya rh reteropitei^ r&p ^v^mp, ipyd^eaBai leari^ ndpra t^ Ipya, 

6 ^teal iyw ISfotea air op leal rhp ^EKihfi rop rov 'A;^ura/i^;^ iie ^i;\i)9 ^dv, teal rraprl avper^. 

7 teapBia SiSmtea trvpeaip* koX iroLrjcovaip rrdpra itra cot cvpira^a* ^rtfp a-tcffp)fP rov fiaprvpiov, 
Kal rtfP Kificrrhp T179 Biaffi^tcfi^ Kal ro tkaan^piop ri irr avrtj^, teal rifp Biaa-teev^p rrj^ aterfpr}^, 

8 ^leai rh OvaiaoTiipuL, teal r^p rpdwe^ap teal wdpra tA <rieevff avrfj^, teal rifP \vxplap rifp teaOa- 

37 WOirfff€T€U B 

XXXI 1 ovpiov B^ 

38 aroXetre A 
4 Ika»o€iff0t A 

avrov B»] avnfs B* 

5 \et$ovpytKa A 

td \ €P ni ffictfwfi] fit nyr amfPTiw x: nyt aKrfwrit m | rov ftap- 
Tvpiov] Ttop fAaprvfnup bc"'m(pr cri) | ywua$rf<rofiai] (pr kcu 
14): yi^uffSiifftiftuu c: innotescai IL | <roc] v/uv a: (om 77) | 
c<rrai] tcrv o 

37 $vfuatui\ pr coi ro cm5S(8ub <§:• a' ^): pr ro f: +0 
rociy0-cct cmj&(sub 4^ a' a^ ff)\ ^id quod facidis % | awtffiv 
w I ov] iroi k I rociyo'erc] wotrffftrai BAcdf-imoqxa, : rotiytfif- 
ffrrat aenr Cyr | vfuw avrocf] cairroif v/uy o | avroit BF^hkmD 
r] pr er f : om b, : eavroct AM rell Cyr | ayiaa/Ao] pr eit s(mg) 
z(ing) : pr incensum 9 : $v/uafjta b, : om m | eorcu] eorc nlL | 
om u/ur 2** amnrl^ | KVfHv] pr er j : iri; n : om mx 

38 Of — toffavTiot] opiip ttffavrtas ot or rociyoiy m | ot] pr 
anip Fcfcs(mg)z(ing)^l5(sub •:$»> a' ^O ^ (^ o: +aniem IS | 
ayiroti|<ny] rociyo-et d : +«ilS | twV \ wo'avrci^] om r : -hon/p 
eg) I om wore n | ei^ avrta] {tw auro 16): ex eo H: om m: 
om cy 1 I aroXccrm] + 1; ^vx9 c«rc(nj f i (83 (ciceivov)) 1^ | avrov] 
avnit B*fil/(uid) : om 1 

XXXI 1 /idwffip] fiuvffii b' : tJLwniv kns : /miwci m 

2 iJow] + e7« g I om aroiceirXiyftat — rw 3® f | araireirXi;ftac] 
OMCLK^KKviKa egjnsvz(txt) Clem : jreicXi^jra F^ Chr | c{ owoikarot 
7or] 70 oro|ia x : nomen 1/ : om e( oroAuirot Clem : om ror n | 
iSco'cXei^X] pf9€\iiiK e^ : pw^tXtiK gn : Beseel %, \ ovpeiov Beg 
hjo Cyr] vpiov a: wpc a,: opt p: opei 1: opct/i m: ovpi AF^ 
M(-pei) rell 1^ Clem Or-lat | ror 3® Bahnox Clem] vwr m 
a(uid) Cyr: om k: vcov AF^'M rell i5 Or-lat: ^«i </i^i/«r 
1/ I «/)] pr rov n : pr wov Cyr: Anwr ^-cod \ nyt] pr ror egj : 
pr €K bfiw Chr : eic n | cov^a] pr rov W 

3 ercirXiTO-a] ffa int lin w*» : ertTXiTO-er x : (orerXiyo-a 31) : ere- 
dvcad twXiiptoaa Chr: replebo^-ed \ vptvfUL Beiw] wpevfiarot 
0€iov Phil Chr ( + rrev/uirot) | (7etor] (7ctat b' : sanctum ISS | 
om 90^% b' I om iroi a® b, Phil | ^vreo-ewt iroi €Twrriii,ti%\ 
rrurrjipkfp kcu aicBiiatm Chr | om KOi 30 Phil | er] pr iroi cgj 
vzi5(sub •*• 7') Cyr-ed : ert Phil 

4 (dcoroiTa^ai 71) | cto^^cu ircu sup ras i*' | om ircu apXir^K- 
Twiftnu tpya^€<r$ai Cyr | apx^rcirronio'ai] afX'^T^KTO^tiv AF**M 
bd-jlp-wy-b, : omni arte paratum ft | epvafeo-^ot] pr «« ht: 
€pyaffaffB<u x: +Te 1 | ro i» — a/ryvpcor] itrgmtum et aurunt 


Or-lat I om ro a° egj | roif] ro dfo | xA^<^ovr f | iceu nyr 
voiciri^or] jroi ro vcurir^iror d : om k : om jrcu fl[-ed | nyr i^] 
Toif eghjmr* | om koi 6* — prtaroif k | to 3®] ror ^*(uid)w | 
ro wrfffTOp] pr icat qu : om Clem | vnfrrw Bacmxfl[] + iroc tuv 
/Svo-o-or (-l-irai s) npr xeicXw^Aicnyr AF^M rell iSSl/JS Cyr [cm 
n;r vcur. — ireicXci»^/Acn|r] sub t- 5S : om F«1 

6 re !«] pr tit F«*ri5(uid) | Xi^ovpytica] XecrovpYuca ai: 
+ ri;r pvffffo^ nyr KticXfoo'/urifP k : + irXiy/NM'ewt ciS(sub 4* ^) : 
+ wXfipuffOA m I ecu a<* — €pya i^] m perftctioium optris % \ om 
jroc ect rvk bw | om irat a^ AF^hab F'^*)Mdegjlnpqs-vy-b,ISS 
]/i5 I <it — rerrorofa] rciicrortinTr Clem | om eif — ro 3® x | eit 
rtt e/yya sub -:- JS | (c/>ya !•] fvXo 30) | om ro 3® — epTo i* y | 
ra 3^] pr icoi AF^Mbdegjlpqs-u'za3b2fl[|SSE5S : icot n | reic- 
rorura] rerroircxiTt n | tprptau/r^fu x | irara rorra] eoif irac 
arorra Clem-cod-unic | icara] (irai 71): om a, 

6 icot lo] -hidov cegjm | e7w] om efgjx : -^-ecce 95S(sub ^ 
o! ^) I ihiOKfk Bagho] tKdedwca x: aeawira AF^M rell Cyr | 
ovror] avTv F^^flnl/(uid) : avroit qu | koi 2**] sed et Or-lat j 
om ror i<> 1 I eXta/9] cXiafi f: cXtcuc s: tKip h* | ror 30] pr 
KOi a,: om Cyr | om rov dpta, | axto-a;cax] axto-ofiair hkmr 
S^uid): axiffa/iaax a: axio-a/ia F^(uid) Cyr: axcfl^iax x: 
apxi^<MA<ur 1: Achimasach IS^ | dor] oar x | irorri — ^€^Ka\ 
dedi in cor omni prudenti Or-lat | rorrc irvptru xapdia] cr 
Kapdia irorri o-vp€Tu ckm95S | 01/rerw] pr rw g Clem | KtipduL] 
KopSiatf abfnw : om qu | ^^iro] pr £701 f : koi dialklkaKa i* : 
Mtaxat s : eiwxa egjkm : vtipaikivKa qu | o'vrcvir] vw€tji9 a | 
ifoi rotiy^ouo'ir] ut faciant Or-lat | rotiyffoiv«r] pr ron^ovo-t 
iroi qu : irori|o-ovo'tr mx | rorro] pr iroro a, : om t* | 00*0] o 
n I o-oi Babiox] om bfhw Cyr : post o-vrero^o AF^M rell fl[]/ 

7 npf 9Krpnpf\ nj VKipni f | om iroi 2^ 1 | nyj dio^iymyt] 
testctmentorum iki -ntt /laprvpiat F^' | tr] vir m | iroi $^] sub 
^ i6(uid): om k | -nfif 3<>] pr o'v/Aroo'or cm95S | SiaffKevrfp] 
KaTOffKtvriP km : -k-et uasa IS 

8 jroi ro ^iwuumi/Ha] sub -7- 5S: koi ro Bvauurnipiow egj 
98£ I rpoire^] -¥ koi rriw XvxyiOM y* | ovnyt i<»] ovrcor s(txt)v 
2(txt)]/ : om k I mu 4* — ovnyf a*] bis scr w* : om dghi*pya9 | 

37 ffVpBtttiv] ffVfifAerpia M 38 of or] o' ^ <S> «^/> ot or 0^ orot ot or v 

XXXI 6 KOI eyv] a* 9' 6* ^ xai eyv idov v: -Ho' a* i6ov s 





B pi^v Kal irdvra rk afcew] ainij^, 9tcal rhp Xovr^pa /cat rifv fidcnv avrou, ^^tcal TA9 crroXi? tA^ ^9 
\eiTovpyi/ei^^ ^Kapwv icaX r^9 otoX^9 t&v vI&p axnov i€par€V€ip fioi, ^^leal rb IXaiov rfj^ ypiaee^^ u 
KoX rb dvfiiafia rrj^ cvvdiaeta^ rov aylou* Kari^ irdvra oaa €ya> ivertiXdfirjv aoi wo$i^aowriv. 

I (2pm Ixa Kol ikdKi^€v Kvp$o^ irpb^ Mwvaijp \iy»p '3 Kal aif trvvra^ov roi^ vioU ^l<rpaif\ Xiyfov " 

'Opare teal rk trd/Sfiard fiov ^vT^Afyade* afffieiSv itrriv irap ifiol /cal iv vfiiv ch r^9 yevei^^ 
vfi&v, Xva yv&re ori iyw Kvp^o^ 6 dyid^oDV vfia^. ^koX <f>vXd^a'6€ r^ adfifiara^ on &yiop rovro 14 
€a-r$p Kvpiou vfiip* 6 fiefitfK&p avrb dapdr^ daparmOi^ercu' 7ra9 h^ iron^a-ei ip avr^ Spyop, 
i^o\edp€vdi]<r€rai ij V^t^^ i/ceiptf iic pAtrov rov Xoov ainov, ^^i( fip,ipa<i Tronjcei^ Ipya, r§ Bi 1$ 

%^ fjpApa rif ifiSofifj adfifiara ivdrravai^ ayia r^ icvpitp* iras 69 '7ro^ifa'€^ iprfop r^ '^Mp9 ''V 
i/3S6p>rf OapartoOija-erai. ^^tcal ^vKa^owrip oi viol *lapai]/K rit adfifiara, iroielp avrk eU ra^ 16 
7£veA9 ain&P' BiaBi^tcff aiwpio^ ^^ip ip^^l xaX roh vloi^ ^Itrpa'^K, aripLHOP iarip ip ifiol aldptop* 17 

10 X€irov/)7titttt] XiTOvpyncat B*: Xeirovpytixaf A 11 XP**^**^ B* | crmXo/iiyv B*(-TeiX- B*»') 

14 €^\o6p€v$rffftTtu B* 


om nfw t^ k | KaSapop] satutam IS | om icai 5<> — avrtft 1^ f b, | 
avnit ao] +ico4 to $wnaarnfMv rou Ovfua/Jtarot F«*"«cmiiS 
(sub 4> 0') 

9 KOA i^] pr Kcu TO Bvaiaanfpioif tov oKoxavrufULTot xtu 
wcana to ffK€V7i avrov F«*"«cm^WS(sub 4> $*) frow oXoc.] nyi 
o\0KavTUfft4at cm : kolocausiorum ^Ui \ om kol ante toi^ Xov- 
njpa 9-ed] 

10 om icoi fo — avrov f | rot i<» — Xccrov/rycirat] njr CToKtpf 
X I ttestes gloriat W \ ffroXat i®] oroat y* | oopwr] pr if04 to 
i/iorco rov oTtov cm^|j5(sub ^ $') : prirot gj : pr to iMorto k : 
iCoi Tot OToXof TOV OYcov rov aapvw tov itpetas F*'"*: '\-tov 
(cpewf mS : +rw tepcc c5S(sub ^ e/^.) | (rot s** — vcwr] roct vtott 
77) I ^^oM» ^®] tfToot y* I ovrov] ovrwv b' | om i«porevfii» 
fioi m I itpaTtvttp Bahi*krx] pr cit ro AF*>Mi* rell: (pr «t 
84) : in quibus sacrijuent %, | e/Aoc k 

11 eXaiot n | xpiaewt b(icx* d) | cw$€9€wi\ cw€9€m w: 
Stamt c I TOV ayiov] Tttw aywv Irs(mg) : sancti sanctorum ft : 
om ma^ | iroro] kqjl bcw9£ | rorro] iroo'a n | om ryw abcfh 
iknrwx^Sl^S | cFeretXafii;v o'oc] o-oc crrcXXoftat qu | cycrec- 
Xa/ii7v] eyrrroX/iOi Abw : erreXXo/iOi F^Mciegjln(-w/A-)pstvx-bg 
£ : pratcipiam )S | vov f* | woiiiffovat¥]/aci€s ^W : Tocctr qoC 

12 /luvarip] fuavari b1c : fuaoTfi^ n : /iw<rc( m 

13 om KM i^ — \eywp g | om iroi o-v fC | o'vrro^oF] ro^or 
1: XaXi7<roF M(mg)bdefijkmnps(Ut)tv(txt)wz(txt)a3b2^]SiLJ&: 
XoXi^o-ecr c | om wpaiiX M | om Xeyoir np | oporc — ^vXa^eo-^e] 
eUtendiU seruare sabbata mea C | om icot 'i? ckm9£l/iS | ro 
— ^vXa{c<r^f ] ut sabbata mea seruetis 1/ : seruare sabbata mea 
^^(sabbatum meum) \ ^vka^aBtl ^v\aao-ta$€ h: ^vXo^oo'^e 
ac-gj-moquwxa^b^BiS : ^vXo^orc n | o^/ieior eorir B] pr ore 
ckm^£5S : co'rir ffiifneiop ah(pr o)x : eoriv yap oJifAciop AF^M 
b(c0Ti7) rell 1/ Thdt : er$t enim signum Iren-ed : erit in signum 
Iren-cod | oi^^coi^] signum enim BC | rop] (er 31): om 
Thdt I iroi tv v/uy] uabis Iren: koi roct vioit wpatiK Thdt | 
i'/uf] pr c/Aoc KOi n | ect] pr «/ 1/ | v/Abry] lyiuir w* ; v/ur a, : 
ovrctfy n | om ore d ) ctw] post Kvpiot fi : + ei/u i^uid)|S£ 
l/(uid) I irvpcot] ■\-Deus IS | 0710^01^] icoi a^ta^w b': om 
fg I v^iat] ly/Aot l*(uid) 

14 0vXa|e0'9e] ^vXofoo'^e A(-9ai)aegj-mqsuvxza,b.JE: ^v- 
Xo^ore f : ^vXo^rrox n | ro o-o/S/Soro Bahonc^(uid)l^] to aafi- 
paTOP AF^M rell 5S: sabbata mea C: sabbatum meum WE \ 
(ori] TO 71) I o-yio x | rovro] post vfwf M : post eo"rii» FMinpt 
a^bgS : rovrw g : om AbcfklmwxySl/iS | eoriF] co-rat Abhw : 
om quC I om xvpiov — rat m | icvpcov vftv] v/ur kv n | icvpiov 
BMa] om Abchklwy£5S: Tut kH ft: iw F> rell lS(uid)C<r | 
v/uw] pr xat er d-gijpstvzaabgBCom koi IS^) : pr iroi FN)nifl[(Er 
1^ I 0] +ae ragS-codd £ | jSe/SiyXoiv] pifhikwraf c | ovro] 
ovrw cin*t* : om x | om ^oMirw dpt | ^ayorw^eroi] ^oro- 
Tia$iiata$ai x: BoparvBriTu bw | ot roti^ec] o irocwv x | ot] 
arrtt AF*>Mbd-gijlpstvwy-ba | iroii7^eO pr of k : woiff f : or 
voiiiaii m (3a(cov)) | cf ovtw cp^oF] tpyw tp ovr« egjsvx(-Tiy)2 
ISl/ I cf] nr c: om m I avTia\ ovny Aor: (v/uf 71) | e^oXe- 
$p€v$iiffmu — avrov] Ba^aTu SapaTwOitatrai f | e^Xe^pcv^erot 
post ovrov z I om If rf^vxn eicciFi; x | om fuffov F^aino)SC | 
ovrov BahoxiS] om a, : avn;t AF^M rell ISCCl^uid) 

16 rodjoett] rotiyffei qs: om d | epyo] pr ro cdegjlnpstv 
xz : cpyoF m9(uid)]^5S : ro epTO 0^0 v r3SC | om 17/tepo n; i*' p | 
aappaTa] aafiparop mnx9(!PiE: om IL: -{-aap^To, u: +^o/9- 
pariop F^ I oForavoit] (oForovo-eit 71): OForovo-fwt mWE \ 
0710] o^iOF m9S: (o^tw 14): om x | roi irvpcw] Z^ 1^ | om 
r« M(txt)xa, | ot] bis scr m: wrrit Abw: +ras (1) v | (irociy- 
o-ei] eoF roiiTO-i; 31) | nj 3<>] pr cf ckmo | nj tpSo/iri a**] rov 
aafifiaTov AFt'Mcdkmptya3b39)BSiL'J& : rwF aap^aTw begjl 
nsvwzl/ I BwaTiodjicrroi Bh*] pr ^ofotw AF*»Mh*»x(-o'e^do4) 
reU 9IS(uid)e:E].j& 

16 om ffoc b I ^vXo^owiF inx | om oc ^klnw | ro o-o/S- 
• /3ara] sabbatum £S | rocecF ovro] pr rov F^^: om x | ovro] 

TO oafi§aTO¥ F«': ut &: om 1/ | «t — ovtwf] in progenies 
uestras ^ | dto^in; otfavtot] ^o^iti^f oitawiov b'ra,: dco^myt 


17 CF I* — lo^poi^] inter me et filios Israel li^i om r | om 
CF c/Aoc fo l^*" I om CF lo e%ijksvxzC£ | roct] pr cf cm9(uid) 
Sb I vcoct] pr ot f I cortF cf c/tot] meum est ILi mihi est C | 
cortF] post otwFtoF elS: wtw m: erit E^ | cf c/tot 2^] post 
otctfFioF f(om cf): om AF^Mbdegjklnp-b^lSSl^iS | occiW'cof] 

8 ovriff 9®] +0' r' ^ icot TO 0vffiaoTifpiow tov Bv/ua/MTot sv(sub <9^)z(sine nom) 

9 irot lo] pr o' 0^ ^ icoc ro Bvaiaanipiop nyt oXoicovrwo-cciw irot roFTO ro o-jrcvii ovrov svz[sab 4> v | sine nom z | ovnyt z] 
IX Ti|t o-VF^cocwt] TUP fi6vafAa,T»p F^' 

14 ort — v/of] ^ B^ o* vn ayiop cortF v/uf o' ort riyiaafupop cortF v/*tF v | Kvptov v/ttF] r' ^ v/ttF s 

17 CF lo— t<rpoi7X] o' 111/^ »i^ /►/ inter JiHos Israel a' inter me et /lias Israel V in medio mei et in medio Jiliorum Israel & 




or$ ip if fiiiipai^ hrobicev Kvpio^ rhv ovpavov koX rtfv yfjVt fcal rp ^fiipa r§ ifiSofijf xarhravaev B 
i8 tcaX iwawraro, '^Kol iSmk^p Moure^ ^vuca /carhrawrev \dk&v avr^ *iv r^ Spti rtp l^ipd, f F * 

r^ Bvo wXdfca^ rov lAoprvpLov^ irKixa^ \iBLvas y€ypafifiipa^ r^ BaKTvXf rod Oeov. 

XXXII I 'Kol IZi^p \a!6^ in iC€)(p6puc€P Mcdimt^ Karafirjpiu i/e rov Spov^, avpearti o \a6^ hrX 

^Aapwp fcai Xiyovciv avr^ ^Apdcrtidi teal woiffaop fipip Oeoif^ ei irpfmopeiaoprcu fi^&p* 6 yip 

1 Mwrrj^ olrro^ 6 SvBp^iro^ ft^ ifiiyayep 17/M9 i( Aiyvrrrov, ovie olBafiep rl yiyopep airr^^ ^tcaX 

\iy€$ airroi^ *Aapmp HfpUXarOe rk iworia rit ;^i;<ra rk ip roU i^crip r&p yvptUK&p vfA&p Kal 

3 Ovyarip»p, teal ipiyKare irpo^ fU, ^leal wepieCKapro wa^ 6 \a6^ r^ ipina rk XP^^^ '^^ ^^ '^^^^ 

4 inrlp aifT&Pf teal fgpeyieap vpo^ *Aapwp. ^teal iSi^ro ix r&p x^^P^^ avr&p Kal hrXaaep avri^ ip 
T§ ypa^lBi, leal iTroiffccp avra iA6ax^v ;^»i'eirrov teal etwep Oiroi oi Oeol cov, *Ia'paii\ otripe^ 

5 ipefilfiaadp a€ ite yfj^ Alythrrov. ^teal iSi^p 'Aopoiv ^tcoS6fnria€P Ouciaarrfpiop iearipavr$ airrov' 

6 Kol iicijpv^tp ^Aapi^ \iy»p 'Btoprif rov tevpiou aipwp, ^leaX opdplaa^ r^ iiravptop aptfilfiaaep 

17 ey 30 B»»»] om B* | row] +re B*»> 
1 w€pi€\€a$ai A 

18 ffiwa B^AF 

4 OlTtlPtt A 


5 €t9ttp F* 

tOw F 


ei Tor outfra F«': om r \ tv 3*] sub -r 5S: om B*f9[(uid) | 
{(troififftp — Yfp] d«at ror ovpoi^or irot nyr yiiw nrotifO'c 16) | 
irvpcof] (pr o as): ^ x 3^ed 1^ | tw] trt B***AF*»abd-jlop8 
tv-A^ I 71^] *f Kot nfv BoXoLffffOP Kot warra ra (w avrois x | om 
KOI 3<* — twavffaro f \ Kcunj ly/Acpa] du auiem 1^ | iroi ny] ere 
X I Kortwavctp KOL rravcaro B] irarcravo'eF ax^: nravcaro 
o* : trauo'aro icot KaTtwav9€¥ AF^Mk(aycirau0'aTo)o* rell 

18 irat — 9twa\ et cum cessartt Uqtuns cum Moyse in monte 
Sina dedU ei iegem ^/ B | om koi — Korrravctw a, | e^icei^] 
+ it km I AUMrei Bm] pr rw Eos : itMffii kn : /luvffu F^qru : 
fjMwnff xy : fitavffii AM rell : Afoj^si Dm M^D/ns 2/*) | Kart- 
wav^tp] twavoaro avrot c : + 4^ ^ ipse ^ ie | XaXary avrui] ipse 
a sermone suo 9 : pr qu | at/rw] ai/ror x : rpot ain-oi^ AF^M 
bdhlps(mg)tv(mg)wyz(rog)aab3 : cum eo £]^ : om m | rw i^*] 
(rov 71): om Fcfikmx Eos | o'ci^ac dot | rov ftaprvputv] testa^ 
menli 1&^ \ irXaxflut Xi^u^cu ytypa/itAtPai x \ om rXairat i<* E^ | 
(om r« 3® 16) I (om tov «<> 16) 

XXXII 1 ctrorrct rw aa^MM^ roii^or if/uv ^eovt oc wfMW- 
ptwrorrai nyMp o 70/) /twvo^ oi/rof ot c|ifya7ffr if/iat eic yil^ 
fuyvrrov ovk oiSctfup ri tytvrro avru Acta vii 40 || ecu cd<iir] 
K€u cidfr Cyr-cod : (5wv 5c d | i<> — k€xpopik9p periere id 2/* | 
jrcxporucer] tardcida/ur 1/ | Atwuo^f] /tcMi^f mn | ex] awo cfi j 
ffwetfnj] pr km Cyr-cod : et surrexii 5S : surrexit (I: ffvpfffnj- 
ffop cdkm: 9wtw€<mi a: consurrexit 1': ffvinii$poiff$ii Cyr- 
cod : coMuersMS est 1^ | om Xoot dm | (en] ifora 33) | XeTov- 
^ir] eXe7or A : cUxerunt ISl^ | turner a egjsvz | om kcu 3° (a 5) 
iS I ^M*''] ^1*^ I™ I <k] ocrtFet a, | wpowopevfftnrrtu y* | ly/utfy] 
i;/i»r 1 : ly^m' mo*(uid) : /u$ vyMP g | 3° — or^/xinrot] quad uir 
is (hie uir E) Moses 32 | o 30] « x | om 70^) Cyr-edJ | 
/ut^i^f Bkmn] /itavarit AFM rell | ovrot or^pwror] iUe uir 
Hi^ I a»$ftwwirt\ oyif/) F*»°«ii: om Acta Chr | vmas 1 | ef] 
eic 7ijt AbfiquwlSCSl^ AcU Cyr : eic nyt (71) Chr | 7e7orei'] 
e7cyero Acta | avna a**] avrot ex 

2 jrcu Xryei] ircu e(irei> b^Bl/ : </iJrfV <iM/^m C | om avroct 
IL* I 9uaLfHap\ pr Cyr-ed | ra i<>] pr anulos uesiros et \, \ ra 
30— «ffii»] ex auribus 3 | naw 7vyaiirwr] (pr irat 130): om t | 
rituop gx I 9v7arepMir] pr rtav vwv vfuop icac rum F^: pr Mwr 

vfAUP KOI c%{Kat vuap vfttm sub ^ S*): pr vccm^ irai k9 : pr rwp 
degjnpqf-vz Cjrr: mmt t;/u#r ml/: -^vfJMP c3]SC5S(sub 4> 
e/9/».) I (rpotf'evryicare 3«> | rpot fit] tioi (3a> Cyr-ed 

3 repceiXarro] wtpttCKorro Mdh^'(uid)jnpq5tu: wtpitiKaro 
fmxSE^ I ra i^] pr cumios sues et1^\ to, ^^ — moip\ ex eturibus 
9 : om ra g I avrwr] rwr ywaiKVP avrttp xai tup BvyarepttP 
avrt» x(i4.i6.7i.77.i3o)d/ fom avrtop i<> x | om tumop 7** 
1 4. 1 6. 7 1. 7 7 M/J : rwy yvpoucum avrup AF*M(mg)c-gijnprstvyi 
3l-ed Cyr : ovrov o* | y/ptyKOp] periit in 1/ : -f- oyra xlSd^l/ | 
aapofp] pr TOP s(mg) : avror m 

4 — 6 KOI €fiOTXOwoififfw tp rait ii/Atpsut ejcccrait irat orif- 
7a7or 0vaiap rw ec^wXw icai €v^paiPOPTo €p rots epTOct rcM* 
Xec/>wr ai;rc#y Acta vii 41 

4 €S€^To] c^edefiro aap<iw 1 : -I- avra bhmwxBC Cyr-cod | 
9K I® — avTtifp] om C : om x^H**^ ovtup a* | km a®] pr et misit 
in ignem %, \ €w\aff€P—x^^^^} fi^uremit au)/rum Ulud in 
[uitu/um] Iti^ I tw\eur€p]/ffrmaueruut IB" | avra i®] ovro AF* 
Macdegijl(-rw)ops*Uvy-b,9(uid)£d : avrop s* : om 1/ | er ny 
7pa^di] in scupturam 1/ | om ey s*x | om ny Adegjnpstvy- 
b, I pa^c5i F'a, | erMiyo^ey] croii^av qu : rroiJi d : eroiec p | 
auro a® BF^'hnx Cyr-cod] avroct f Cyr-ed : avror bt : airrw b'm : 
avro AF*M rell )SC£5S : iiium It/i om 3 | om kol ^^ — ai7vr- 
rovx§/ I eireF) eirai' AF**Mabcgi-lorfvwyzb, Cyr-ed: enror 
FWi : dixerunt CE'^SS : dieutU % : ■^pofml\p\ 1/ | ovroi] avroi 
s: -Het^iT a9(uid)BC£(uid) | om oc cik | aptpifioffap] eduxe- 
runt iSCE I eic Tijt] e( egjns(txt)vz(txt)]^< 

6 — 6 plurima mutila in F 

6 liov cdqu I utKodofifiatp] pr ore h: {uKOPO/iiiat 130) | 
areyarri bwx Cyr | avrov] {avrup 16): in; d | {unipi^^p] 
tKpa^€P 83) I TOV Kvpiov] Domino & | tov] tu p* : om AF(uid) 
M(txt)bfiqrtuwbg | Kvpiov] v a° sup ras q 

6 €Ka0W€P Xaot ^7etv mu rcir koi OLPt^Tftaop vaiftip 
I Cor X 7 II op$piffas — r/>o^ve7ircF] wpoatiPeyKfP oXocavrw^ra 

KOI oPtfiifieLatp X I op$piffas^aP€Pifiaa(p] uigiimuit i[n\ 

et inposuit i« | op^/MO'as] + F*(om F*) : -h oopwr 

rS I Til eravptor] tt\ av(HOP n : ro vpw, hrC | optpipofftp] ai^e- 
piPoffOP g: ai^vc7ireF ck* | oXoiravrw/iara — O'wnfpcov] M[oio 

17 Karevavfftp irai eraiwaro] a' koi 9it\tiW€P koi opt^i^fp Mv(om icai i®): a' dceXtrer ira« aP€}fn;^tp sz 

18 irarerau0'ei>] eratvaro Msvz 

XXXII I wvp^ertil a' ^ koi ciricXiy^ta^^ ^ : a' $* et congregaii sunt ^ ut 0' il^ | ora^n^^O 0' a opoffniBi ^ oro^ra v 

4 Kot etrey] a* 6* et dixerunt 0^ 11 «til^ dixerunt Sb 

6 icac op^pc^at] a' ^ // anteuenit 9* ubi anteuenerunt autem & | ore/Si/Sao'ey] a' ^ ascendere fecerunt 9^ et adtuiemnt % 


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ir\i]0ei, Koi iraaap rtfp yfjp rcwTtfp tjp elira^ Sovpai airroh, fcai KaOe^ova$p avr^p eh top oI&po. 

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ca$tsta] salutaria 1/* | wpocrp^eyKOM g*J6 | Bvaiw attrripiov] 
SvffiaffTripia h | Svcuu^] $y..,F: BiwuLt n : sacrificia %Sh (sub 
-r) I atimipiov\ a-pio^ m: 7» iw f | txaBtetP — rcu^cf] tf^7« 
irai €vcev Xaot kcu avcony rov wai^iw Just | ^Tecr] pr rov 
Chr| I om icat 4(> q | (om kcu 5** 18) | aptffnfffop] exsurrextt 
Cyp-codd : surrexit Cyp-cod | ireu^cr] pr tow Chr-ed| 

7 /iwv^y] yMyt9f\ b' : fuavrpf kn : fUM'cc m | Xc7c#r] sub -^ 
5 : om k I pQ.hiit\ c-K^wtm Thdt : om ISl/^uid) Barn | to— 
KarapTfOi BaorC Cyr-ed^ KarafiffBi to raxot bf(om To)iw(pr 
Koi) Bam Or-gri KaraprfBi x Eus: (to Taxoi 118): to tuxoi 
KaT€Lfiti0i €rr€v$tp qu^{aid) : dtscendftukituceUriier^i koiw 
fiti$i TO Taxot €rr€v$tp AM rell (pr km egjsvz) BEil^ (to toxoi 
€PTev$€P sub -r) Cyr| Thdt: to Ta^of trrtvBtw jroi xaTa^Bi 
C3rr-cod|^ | 1^0/iiyo'cy] i^rofnyicej^ ao : ifpo/irft^ | om7af>1^(uid) 
llidtl I ffov] /iov Eus-cod: om Cyr-ed^ | or Bakoqu^l/ 
Sftmi Cyr{] ot p: ovs AM rell i8C5S Bam} Or-gr Cyr{ 
Thdt I o^irya^et m | €k yyit] ef px Thdt 

8 wap€^Q9\ pr «/ £: +70^ cgj Cyr-coddJ | Taxv post 
oAov c I tx] awo m \ om avroct Cyr) | om croM^or eavroit 
m I ciroiiTO'ar] pr icoi b'x£: +70/) Cyr*cod| | eovrotf] ai/rocf 
n I Atooxor] +x<^«vro*'Cin95(sub 4>«^P*) | rpoo'iccicvn/icao'ir] 
wpofftKvrtiKoatf Bcdfh'a,: wpoaticwiiaaffip m: rpoo'cicun^ay 
bnps(mg)wz(mg) Cyr | airrw] avror mu TeSvKOffiP awnt c : iroi 
Tc^viroo'ir ain-w n : +jrai Tc^vKOO'tF avTw AM(pr «^)beg-kmoqr 
u~b,fl[)SS]/S^ Cyri-edi | ccror cdnvx 

9 om 01 k I om t^paifX — (10) avTovt a*' x | aptpipaaop] 
periit in 1^ : eduxerunt ISCCi' | ex 71^ cuTinrrov] i/ir Aegypio 
9-ed E^: +ircu firer if rpot itMvoriv cwpoxa ror Xoor Toin-or 
jroi idov Xaot o^jrXiyporpaxiyXot cotif cmp^'b, (1)8) ^|J5(sub «^) 
[irt] ^ b, I /uMWip] /iw^cc m : +Xc7««i' ia8 | ewpcura] v^ p^*] 

10 icai vvr] Fur ovr mC | ^v/u^cit — e/cTpc^oi] animo 

.... f/ deUam 1^ | opyiy] om Cyr) Thdt ): +m^ c^lUS(sub <S> 
o! ^) : +MOV m | om ett ain-ovt (83) S Eus Chr Cyr) Thdt| | 
fit 1°] nr oB'l om koi 30 — (11) ett f | om «f a® — (11) futvarif 
X I fAeya] + kcu cti oo^v €$v/M$fi lei a^o9pa tov t^\o$petfaai 
avrop Ktu ifv^aTO luaafft ircpc aoLpiaif k 

1 1 /utffTit kn I CForrc — 9eov] ZVm JTm S9t{t/m] 1/* | cyom 
Kvpiov] vpot Kv c*^ \ tporri] €¥aMTW¥ ra, Cyr-cd : KaTtPurri A 
Mbegj-nsvwyz Or-gr : jtoti c* | Kvpiov] pr tov a, : om AS | 
TOW $tov] om h : + owrow AMb-egj-npstvwy-b^fliSSl/JS Cyr- 
ed I om iroi tiwtw l/*(uid) | Kvpit] post opyii Or-gr: lei a | 
$vfioi opyif] tram irtucere £ | Bviuoi] {Bv/mhs 71): 0v/uoi a: 
$v/ita bh^'V: 0vnovaai dps(mg)t: BviutBiiivvrax ckJS: o ^t /tov 
fft X I opTful opyifti bw: if o^ry^t <rov cm(om if) : om 1: +^ov 
k^|J5(sub '^ ej9p.) | cit] nri lx)0i£(uid) | ovt] ot p: or cfkmS 
iS I e« 7i|f] e^ rl/« | tr 1° — v^Xw] in radore alto et in brackio 
magna Wi in rodore ualido et in brackio alto et magna ^ \ 
t^xH +^ov bdnptwCl^: +^ov Tiy x | om tw i^ AMb-gj~nps 
tv-b, I ffov Tw] om AMbklmwa^b, : om <rov fIBiS : om tw 

12 ot acTvrrioi ecrtM'cr f | oiTvmoi] +unde eduxisti nos 
IL I om Xryorret fEl^(uid) | e|inra7cr] c^if^aTct gs : c^iryaTor 
f I awrovt I®] -k-e terra Aegyptim | arorrcircu] +avrovf cdijn 
ptx9Bd/S(sub ^) \ €v Toct opeo^ir] t'lf monte ^ | om icoi 1° 
r I om ovrowt i® M | rav^ac] +ovw x \ Ti|t 1®] pr oro adx | 
iXffwt] cXcot s I om trt yl/(uid) | om Tif g | tow Xaow aov] om 
g : om aov dpta, 

13 firifo-^eit] funia$iit ego : tunnaBrfn bmSISS | om Kat i® 
(130) l^(uid) I laKvp] viiK x | ataw ouceTwr] ocxeTwr aov f : o-wr 
dovXwr X I tfifwaat -~wo\vw\fi0vi^u periere in 1^ | v/Aoaas Bhn 
rx^i/] +awroct AM rell 5S(uid) | o^avrov AMfily | om iroi 
3^ — ^Xc7c#r C I cXoXif^at] cXaXi/o'ar s : (eXaXiyo'or 16) | avrovt] 
awToit c I \eyttif woKv sub -;- 5S | om \gyiaw xS | roXvrXiy- 
Bvpu] pr et ^: ,,,$vpv F: iroXwr w\ff0vpv f: roXwrXif^wroi 
bwx: w\rf$vpv km | om awep/tm — ^vroi d | v/u4#r] v/ur f: 
awTwr bwx | vati] tat f iklm | tw rXif^ci] sub 1- 5S : Ta rXi|^ 
x: om k I om iroi 4<* f I roo'ar] roo'ir sx(-0'() | om Tawnfr 
fi**rx^*ed]/' | i;r cirat ^vrcu] dado £ | om ip^ benw IS | 
etirat] ctror b*: utfitaaat x: +awrott m | awToct — eit periere 
in 1^ I awroit B] tv awep/ian avrtaif AFM omn (om t« d) 
^li€M/&i semini uestro S | om irai 5<* ya,^ | ica^e^ouo'ir] 
possessuros "%/ 

8 /io^or] a' 9' l^tax*^ X"^^^^ «' V^^^x^ x**'«^«'» v 

9 (jroi ccrcr — corir)] a' 0^ lau ctirer iTt irpot fuivaifp ttaptucm roif Xoor Tovroa koi i8ov Xaot O'lrXifpoTpaxifXot eorir svx[irai 
i»] pr ^^ V I /uaafiP v | om eoTir s] | {lei)] a' 0* p%,^^ JS j (otrXif^KrrpaxvXof «#Tir)] o' aKKtipartpm frrftr] v 

13 iceu ica^c^ovvrcr] koi kXiipoifOfi... F^ 




J^ ^$cai tXdaOff K^pio^ ^irepl T179 icoKia^ ^ elwep iro$rja'ai^ top Xaov avrov. ^^Kai airoarpi'- B 

^09 Mfovaif^ fcarifiri awo rod Spov^' $cai al Biio irXdice^ *rov futprvpCov iv rah %€p<rli^ ainov^l^r 
7rXa«€9 \lO$vai, $carayeypafifAipa$ i^ ap/^oripfov tAv fiepAv avrAv^ ivOev koX evOev fjaav yeypaftr- 

16 fihai' ^^tcal at wXaK^^ ipyov deov ^aav, xal 17 ypa^ ^po^ Oeov K€Ko\ap,pAwi iv ral^ irKa^lv, 

17 '^icol oKOvaa^ ^Iriaov^ rifv ff>»yifv rod \a4>v icpa^oirmv \iy€$ wpo^ Mwvtr^v ^mvif iroXifAOv iv 

18 T§ wap€fA/3oX§. ^^tcal Xiyei, Ovk icriv ifnovif i^pxovrtav kot la^ifv ovBk it>wvif i^apxovTfov 

19 rpoirrj^* aSXci ^taviiv i^apxovT»p otvov iyoif cucovm. ^^fcal ^vUa ^JTYiJley r^ irapepfioK^^ opf 
rov /Aocxov xal Toi>^ j(Ppov^' koI ipyitrdcU 9vp^ tAfawrrj^ tppi^^^ev diro rAv ye^prnv avrov ra^ 

10 hvo wXama^^ teal trwirpf^ev avrd^ viro ro Spo^* ^xal Xafii>v rhv funrxpy hv hroifjtrav tcari- 
tcavcev airrop iv irvpi, /cal /eanfke^rev avrop Xeirrop, /cal i<nr€ip€P avrop iirl to iSo^p^ /cal hroriaep 

11 axno rov^ vioi^ ^lapaijX. ^^icai etirev Moi/cn/v t^ *AapAp Ti hroifjtrep a-oi 6 \ad^ oSro^ Sri 
i« iwfjyaye^ iir avroif^ afiapriap fuyoKrip; ^icaX elirep ^Aapap irpo^ Mfovaijp Mi) opyi^ov, fcvpi€' 
33 ci> yap olia^ to SpfUfffJM tov XaoQ tovtov, ^^Xeyovaip yap fioi Uoitfo-op fipXp deoi^^ ot wporropev- 

14 wtpi — woiriffai] W€(HWoififfat B 17 np ^cm^ijv B**»] njf ^xarrit B* 

10 ert B*] wwo B* | nrorcwer F* 

14 om Ktu l/(uid) | iKeurBifTi dmnpa, | ice dna, | ircpc 
— rociy^ai] W€fHwotif^tu B Cyr | irept — iff] en ny xaicta iy qu | 
oKaKios g I eiirci' woiriatu] wtwoii^t n | eirer] eirci dm : +it 
b'yl^ I Tor Xoor] pr wpot orx : super populum S : tw \om Mc- 

16 — 10 plurima mutila in F 

15 aroorpe^t] (inrmrrpe^at 84) : ewirrperf^ai 1 : awtarp€\l^ 
f I /uavoJit] post Korepfi cmiju9^t)xSi : /uoffip kn | Kartpri] pr 
KOI f I aro] €K FM(mg)bdeghjlmpstvwz | om at egjxz | rXairet 
i<>] tabulae lapidtae B | rov futprvpiov] testamenti IL (...menti 
]/*) I avTw\ avrtmr n j om rXaicct 2^ k | Xi^i^ac] sub -:- JS : 
om kx I KaTayeypafifuvai Baqu] etryrypoftfupoi r : ytypapifiewai 
T« doKTvXu TOV ^ b, : om f : yeypofi/iewai AFM rell | e^ — 
avTw] ex ttiraque par^e] digito Dl Wj^ | ff(] cr qa | om avn^w 
^C I om €P$tp I* — ytypa/AfUPcu 1»« | om iiaaif i(CT | yt- 
yp€ifi/upai] (eyyeypafi/iiepeu 71): iraraYrypofifierai qu: om C: 
+ e( a/i^w n : ( + c( afi^tpt^ y^pw 18) 

16 om totum comma l,r^ | tpya egj | lyo'ay] ijv d | mu 
i**— rXa^iv] scuiptae %/ \ om 7pa^ a" 1^' | ^cov !<> B9 Phil] 
+ tf/'a/ BC: +i;r 7pa0i} f : +e^Tir AF(uid)M rell S(uid)l/J6 | 
ircffoXa/uftcFiy] iceiroXa/ifieyai a: icciroXX«/Aeriy b'(if i<»cx f): irc/roX- 
XuMcnj n : iceiraXv^i/Mn; l(om /a a<» 1*) : iceiro/i/Aeny fi 

17 Tijy ^wnyv] nyf ^c^riTf B* Phil-ed : om Phil-codd-omn | 
om rov Xaov b' | u.pal^wrwf\ Kpa\^wro% f9[ : irpair)'a^orrc#r a, : 
K€KpQ.yorm Phil | Xcyct] eire 9SC1/J&(uid) Phil | /MMn^F kmn | 
0irfn7] pr iMff ^x/ "^ (est punctis deletum) | rape^oXiy] +audi- 

18 Xrycc] <^jr// BCiS(uid) : dixit Moyses 1^: +^^^0^ F* 
dfknptxfl-ed (fiuwiyf kn): +«* il/<v/x S | om ^«ny i® 1/ | 
^Wx®*''^''*' *«^ *^w] ^ principibus cum uirtute M/^ (prin- 
cipu 1^") : KvaKVXv^trrwf v^fx^smav x | om /tar — t^apxoifTwtf i® 
h I Kar urxiv] iraritf^xcu' d : €(t wapara^tw a^ | 0<m^ 3®] ^wnyf 
x: ^«tfri;r a | ti^pxoimaw rponyt] </!; pHtuipum (-pium l^**) 
y«t^n^ 1^* Principa fuglientyum 1/* | om rponjf — e^apx^*'- 
Tftw 3« dpt I Tpoinyf] pugnat IS' : iVi uictoria ^ \ ^wnf^] ^hopiis 


£(mg) : ^wny m : ^«rif ijv gj | t^apxo^*^ 3°] principaius M/^ \ 
ocjrov] sub -7- JS : pr tnr Phil | : £r triiMy 1/ : uiui tudentiu ]/* : 
lyr X I ryw] pr wf m : post ajrovw fl[S 

19 irai ffnnm 1^7*^*'] cumque adpropinquasset {-sent 1/) 
1/* I Mu i^rura Bahor Phil] ifpuca 8e AFM rell % | in7»fcy] 
iry7*^«' AFMcdfiklmptyz(mg)a,bafl[lSJ6 : ryy^Kew Phil-cod: 
inTwer fiMvffjit xE | ti|] pr er egjsvz Phil-cod | : 17 Phil-cod | | 
op«] [^«rW>*J [««]^ 1^1 ^'^ Wpr ^/)»eE: fWflfiw/ 1^ I 
om ror r I fio^or] oxXor F* | x^^l -^PopuH 1^ | om iroi 
3® ^ I vpyiff0ri x^-ed | om 0v/ut bE | fu'v^f] <pr 18): 
/MMijf kmn* : om l/'Cuid) | om aro— o-vrrrpc^ 1* | om avrov 
f I Svo] sub -T- JS : om mx | om ai/rat x | vwo ro opot] aro 
rov opovt f : om m | irro] nrt qu | rov opoi/t s 

20 ror] bis scr w: ro d | om or erotiy^ai' Phil | icare- 
Kowrtp] pr cat n : irareiraiway ^*(uid)hw | om avror i® Alm3ra, 
b,^!,'' Phil I om ffr AFMabcfhiklmoqruwxya3b,l/(uid) Phil | 
KOTifKtfftp] Kani\aff€P AFMioprtya, : iranyXewo-eF h : irarc^a- 
ff€P m: jra^eiXao^cy f | avror 3®] sub -r &: om Ay Phil | 
\€vrop] sicut puluerem C : om x | huvwttpw ckm | awror 3®] 
avro an : om fl[ Phil | «r«] wro B*fit | avro] sub ^ 5S : ex 
corr c : avror hlms : om F^^Clr*' Phil | rocf ucoit sx 

21 fuaajfi kmn | rw Bahor] rpot ror qu : rpot AFM rell : 
ad %,fh I ri twol'^c€p] wrwoi7fff€if h*: n reroiiyKcv h^* | om 
(TOi i*l^* I om ovror dpA | ore] irac m | nr avrovt] post oftap- 
rw9 y : om d | avrov o* 

22 rpot itAav9J\ii\ sub t- S : om k | fuavinp] pjiavypr n : 
/MiHrei m | m\ pr Xeywr Ay | opyi^>v] -f-tfv/iw cm^(sub •^) | 
irvpce] om k: -H/iov cmfl[lSS'^(uid)5(sub •4>) | ^v] 90i b: (ov 
138 : om 18) I om yap bwE | ro — rovrov] rov Xaov rovrov nyv 
opikipf c I ro opMi7AMi] post rovrov abhkmoquwxE^ : ro ptiiM n | 
om rovrov fl[(uid) 

23 cf ad comma i (Acta vii 40) II Xeyovo'ir yap] dixeruHt 
enim 1SC(om emm)%, : uH dicunt S : qttod dixerunt % \ om 
IMi g*^ I riiuv] v/up el**p* | wpowoptvoprai x | i7fi<>»'] pr «M- 
wpoffBtv p : vMcmr 1 : 17/uF Fh : ii/iat s | i® — ar^pbnrot] ^ma/ 

17 er ny rapc/i/SoXiy] cf r« ^ffar. F*» 

x8 OVK — axovctf] a' uon est ucx eorum qui praecimtnt in uirtute (\eg -fa 1 m"!) im^m^ er/ //^j: eorum qui praecinunt e 
uictoria sed uccem praecentarum ego audio o' non est clatuor eorum qui manda$U fortitudinetn neque clamor moHdantium 
uictoriam sed uccem malitiae ego audio ^ non est uox belli praecifuntium in uirtule (leg ^^JLua) neque est uox praecen- 
tricum uictoriae uocem eorum qui praecinunt ego sum audiens Sb 




B aoprai ^/a£p* 6 yap Mmwnj^ otho^ 6 dvdpmwo^ ftv i^vfoytv ^fAa^ i^ Aiyuwrov, ovic othaiuv ri 
yirfov€¥ ain^. ^koX elwa avroU Ef r$vi tnrdpxf^ Xpwrla^ wepUKeaOe, leal iB»icap fioi' $cal u 
ippi'^ eh TO irvp, Kal i^Xfftv 6 fiocxo^ oiro^. ^SkoI IBmp Mo»ii0% top Xoop Sn 8i€<rtciBaaT(u, 35 
Sieo'tciBcLO'ep yap avroif^ ^Aap<op, eV^x^M^ '''oh inrepaprloi^ avr&p* ^lartf Bi Mmvarj^ M 7^9 16 
wvkff^ T^9 iroLpefifioXfj^ koX etirep Tt9 rrpo^ Kvpiop; fra» irpd^ p,i. avprjXdop oip irpo^ avrip 
irdpTC^ ol viol AeveL ^ical \iyei avroW TdSe Xiyei Ktipia^ deo^ 'I<r/9ai;\ SiaOe ftcaara^ rifp 17 
iavTOv jiofA^aiap iirl top fifjpop, zeal BieXBare ical apoKaiu^are iiiro irvKris hrX irvKriP hid r^ 
irap€fifio\rf^, tcai diroKrelpare S/cacrro^ top dSeK^op aifTou ^koX iicaaro^ top wXtftrlop avrov* 
teal t/eaoTO^ top lyy urra airrov, ^koI iTrolfftrap oi viol Aevel KaOk iXaXi^cep ainoU Mwi/o^* a8 
ical hretrop ifc tov \€u>v ip iiceipp t§ fiiUp^f eU Tpurx^^Xlov^ &pBp<K. ^ical etwep airroU Mmvaij^ 99 
*Vnr\aipAaaT€ r^v X^V^ vpAp triifAepop Kvpltp, ficaaTo^ ip r^ t;i^ 'tj r^ dBeKt^ hoOfjpoi i^* 
vpJa^ evkoyiap. ^^Kal iyipero p^erd Tifp aipiop elwep Mc»o% irpo^ top Xoop ^Tfieh 30 

^p>apT^icaT€ dpMprlap p^dXtfP* ical pvp dpaffiitrop/u wph^ r^v d^p Ipa i^iXdtr» irepl 1^9 

36 etrw F I irpof avT<m B^"*] om B* | Xew AF 

38 Xew AF I rpw7CtX»owf] rpio-xfi^ovt B*: rpet^iKiovt F(uid) 
30 vfus F* I e^ctXoo'Wftat B* 

35 etdiiw F* 
37 $€ff$M A I om ircu 5^ — avrov 3<* B 
39 wwv F* 


uir is {Jkic uir S) Moses WEi \ /MMiyt MmD | ovras or^pcMros] 
oTof ovrof m | or^pcM-oi] ojnip F^°wx: (om 16) | om of 
b' I v/Mt 1 I c(] cff r?> Aegjqs(txt)ttvi(Ut)]SCSl^^: air k | 
oiywrrw c» | ovrot z 

24 fftra] ciiroF cdf imx : ciirfF n | wtw% x \ cc Bckroqua, 
fl[] cr x: om AFM rell BJS | XP^m^I 7CP^9, a,: xpvo'^ be: 
Xfiv^w flnxz(mg)b,^nB(uid)l^: aurum ibi B | irc^Xc^^e] 

<Umai%r'{-\'SiHlJ)\ aufirateay^i toffat gd lm]e ^ : 

+ ei/frtt ( + «^ «i/ cd) fl[ I iceu 30] pr Kai rcpceiXoyro cmCSl/'^ | 
cdwiray] dit ea^ \ ^oc] avro x(pr /iti x*) | eppc^] +avra ex 
]MU(8ub •*■): +i//i«</§H/* I om TO F I om owrof H,** 

26 ctdcF x92/^5S I /utfvffiyf] pr g : post Xaov h : luawytt 
kmn I ror— dceo'ircSMTai] ori dcco^ircda^rcu Xoot (73) ^S | 
Scff^iretarrau] dispersi sunt Sb \ avrovt] airror z(mg) | («vrMr] 
avrt# 18) 

20 eonj <e] eon ^ ^: iroi conf F*edeghjkDstvzb,1^5S : 
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partas Luc | nyi rvXi^] nyr ruXiyv M(mg)f iz(mg) : (om 35) | 
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egjs(txt)vz(txt) : +ai;ro(r cm | ret] pr ec ^kmxl^*' Cyr: pr 17 
b'r : CI 7t w : re n | rpot irvptor] (irvpcov 33) : o^ Dm [paraius 
est] E^ : -k-paratus est 1/ Luc (om est) \ irw] ip-w hkpr : C77(- 
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Luc : adtieniebant 9 | rvyifXtfor] o-vrifXtfcv n : o'l^i^X^oo'ai' AF 
Md-gijlpqs-vyza, : lyX^or w | ow] de jj&(mg): (om 14) | rpot 
avrw] post rorrct s: om B*fqu | om rarrct n | om ot Mel | 
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cavrov po^^or] pr cct h : nyv pofi^aw tavrov AF(rov ext lin) 
Mkpstvz : rrip pofi^auuf avrov b-gijlmwya,b, : giadios uestros 
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uestris] H* | rw fiiipoif] tw M^pwr qu: +avrov cmxSBd/ 
5S(sub <8> 9') Luc I om jreu 3» f3[ | ^fX^ere F*'Ma-hjmnp-uw 

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!• 3«) M«»o^ V I om ttwrot s | om corir s | ovrtM^ 3»] awror s: avroitfuid)^] | iroi— di<o'icc5«tftoi] ^ mmA'/ tfM/^m if/tfj/j 
populum quod nudns % \ ^onrcdaorai] c(ciraXv^#i; i 

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z I (om icoi 3^ — wo^pfidKfit 18) | araxa/*\^rf] orcuca^eroi g* : 
woKoii^^wrrtt i I airo rvXiyt] <»/ portas It* : om ^-cod | aro] 
inro h** I rvXift] pr nyt d | (m rvXi|r] cjr €pkwpoff9€9 130^) | 
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irvXi^] wvKift A : iroXir x | om dia a^^S | om ircu 4^ f | om 
cicci^rof 3* — KOI 5<» g I (r«r adcX^«#r 130) | om ovrov i® (30) 
9 I om ircu 5® — avrov 3<' B | om cm^-ow 3® Phil-cod | om ircu 
6**--ai«'oi; 3« nil* | om cco^rot 4* pa, | C7710T0] c77t^)rro x : 
^Xor a, I om avrov 3® Phil-cod 

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Xcviy qu: (i^^iyX 35) | cXoXijo-cr] dixit 1/* Luc: cwrrrofyw 
Ff i : rpoo'cra^c Phil-cod | om avroit m95S Phil | pMorm kmn | 
c»c<rcp'] cxco^or bcdnp-uwx : «rc^er m | cir — 9Aicpa] cr nj i^MCpa 
cireinj cic tqm Xcwv r | om cr AMbfilwya^b, | circiny Banoqux 
%, Phil Luc] post ij/icpa AFM rell fl[(uid)S | cit r/)«rxiXiovt 
cu^apat] cuiimtu quasi tria miliia uirorum 9: ciiroo-i rpcit 
XiXiadct ordpoir rJSl/**^'*** : X'^**^» ^P*** «"** ciiroo'ir Cyr-ed: 
XiXiodct enroll rpcit Cyr-cod : xChaift rpta Cyr-cod 

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kmn I w\fipu9ar€ 1 | rat x<*paf po^t 0'17/icpor Luc | om vfutp ]/ 
Phil Luc I Kv fffifiepop (83) CE | «rv/Hw] pr rw Adya, : om IS* 
It* I circurrot] pr irai SiJSi | €9] ffvp f | viw] a^cX^oy f : uicimo 
suo IBri -i- avrov cmqux9)BiC5S(sub 4> a' ^ | 17 Babwl^* 
Phil Luc] irai f iB* : «cu ciraorof cr x^ : -I- cr nl^ : icai cr AF(om 
Kcu F^*)M rell lS'fi5S(irai sub ^ a' 9*) \ adeX^] viw f : + avrov 
F^cmx^lSC5S(sub ^ tfip,) | c^ v^at] post cvXoYcar xBC: e^ 
i7AUit dgopsv*(uid) : (om c0 18): +ffJinepop cmf(5S(sub ^ y') 

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ricw ftryaXrfp] peccatum hoe magnum % \ koa, 3®] sed ego % \ 
cuM^9i70'0/Mu] opaprfffUfMu en : ara/9i/3curo/icu f | ^cor] kw F*^ j 
ira] ircu xlr* | cfiXoiro/iai A F» <"'<*' "dghikoprvxyba | rcpi — 
v/un']propeccatis uestris 1/* | n;t] rot c | vfutf] v ex corr 1 



31 afiaprla^ vfJL&v, ^^inriarpc'^ev Bi Mmvaij^ irpos Kvpiov xal €l'rr€v £kiofjLai, Kvpu* fjfJLopTff/cev 6 B 
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elirev Kvpiov irpo^ Mwvaijv El t$^ '^fjtdprrf/cep ipdiriov ifAOu, i^aXei'y^ avroif^ ix rfj^ ffiffkov 

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oi hrolffo-ep ^Aaptop. 

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XXXIII 7 eir/3aXci B>'«n e«c/3aXe(t B* | cc/Soiw^cuw'] +ica4 xft*'a''cuor B«^"« 

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s(txt)vz(txt) : (ifot opfiFTpa^ 15) : [et conuersu\i est l/« | inrt- 
flT/je^] €W€ffTpe}ff€9 AFMbcdklmprs(mg)twyz(mg)a,b,: awt- 
vrfte>lf€9 X : {airtcrpa^ 31) | pjucrfi kmn | m/ptor] Deum IS*' | 
dco/uu] oro te 91S<SS | Kvpu] sub '** Sb: om achlosvz Cyp- 
cod I I rifiapT€v km CyrJ | Xoot] -k-aov bwx | om ovrot x | 
om fuyoKiiv Cyp-cod) | om kou a<^— xp^^^^^^JTi I "^'^ tiroci^ 

Vol'] e«-oci;^ai' 7a/» Cyr: om ircu 1/* ^ypi I «iroiifa"eF b'fpB" | 
eavrott] cavrovf b'mnx : eai/rw f: +ras (4) a, | xP^^^vt] +*/ 
argenieos Cyp J-cd i 

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rovrw 17 ico/ic e^oXei^or eir pipXov ^tamop Clem-R | (om icoi 
rvp 15) I €« lo — a^et] Jf delicium remittts Cyp-cod^ | om luv 
Phil-cod I o^it] o4n\% cdejklpqax*^(ex corr) : o^ieit m : a^i;t 
brn : a^iiyt b' | ain-ott] rw Xaw Or-gr : om dx]/*(uid) | om n^r 
Cyr-ed \ \ ai;rwv] sub ^* 5S : ravnyr iS : om AFbefklmpquw 
yzb,!/* Phil Or-gr Ath ChrH Cyr Thdt Cyp | ei 5e it.t(\ cFct 
ChrA I Ml?] +7eaox: -Ha^i^f Ath^ | e^et^or /ue] e^aXei^or 
ira/ie Aabwy^-ed Ath| Chr^ Cyr}: ^^V* c^aXet^ ox Or- 
gr-cod Ath J Chr|f Cyr J | om f ir k | ^ov] ravnyt x Cyr| : om 
finquzl^'^ Phil-codd Or-gr-ed Chr|| Thdt Cyp|-edi: -l-Taw- 
•nfl Ath I Cyr J | rypa^ai] peritt in 1^*: eypa\//ts n 

33 fuawniw] /jutaifw k: /twcni n: /miwcc m | rifioprep d | 
eFbnriov e/tov] om B* : om cycinrior f | e/tov] fiov AFMb-eghj 
k*lmp-wy-ba Clem | e|aXct^ Clem | avrovt BM] tti/ror AF 
omn fl[lSC£1^5S Clem Cyp j eir] aro F | om /tov w 

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pfldi] pr Jf04 Mhqn: om AFb--cgj-npstvwy-b,IMBl^J6 Clem 
Eus I (om iccu 73.78) I rovror] sub -r 5S : om VW Eus | om 
rw 7^ mz I ecra] ciror ajmn : ei^ica ck Etis | tdoi/] pr «/ 9 | 
om (78) EusJ I wpowofKverai — cov] periere in IL*: praecedet 
U M/ : i^it tecum Or-lat | wpowopeverai] post <rov F : wpowopev- 
fftrai AM^ce-hjklopqt-wyzb^B Or-gr Eusf: wporofKVffwrai 
X : wopevfftTou n : idit 9C : om d | om vpo wpofftaxov x Clem 
Or-gr I aov] v/jmp Or-gr | 11 9]€pii x: omdS| firttf'irerrw/uu] 
nriffKtiTTOfiai dhikopra^b, : €wiffK€\f/v/Aai g* Ath : tfirurice^oMat 


1 I CT avroi/t] auTM dp: om rr t : -I- «ca( ^aw f | nyv] pr irao'av 
Thdt: omd» 

36 firarofey] irora^ b' : eraro^a P | (irept nyt irociy^ewf] 
nr< ny rociy0-ei 33) | fio^ov] +^ai'arw 1 | ou] ok AFMbdegj 

Inpstv-b, I twottf^'tp aapttw] nroufffw eain-oit F*( aapvp 

Finidac) . jr^j^ ^> Aaron £ 

XXXIII 1 /utfuffiTv] fiuvayi b' : /MMn^v kn : fiwrei m | ropevou 

— ffov] et perges ift[de cum popu^o l/« | om 

iropevou IS | wra^f^C^ pr icflu rS Eus Cyr|: woaryfii b: 
KaT€Lpri0t Cyr J : om b, | om o^v t | ow] ^«^wi ^1^ | onry«7Cf 
Cyri I €K yrft] €$ Cyr| j tw i*] r/w x : om am | uraaic] pr r« 
brw Ath Cyr | | om irot tairw/3 n | Murw^] pr r« brtw Ath Cyr | | 
Xeywr — aunyy] dovrat avrrfv tw awtpfULTt avna^ x | oimyi'] 
Tovnir qu 

2 ffwawwrreXia—trov] praemittam attte te angelum meum 
%, \ttTk{emittam) \ cwaroar^kta] oi/raTOoreXXw hx : coi aro- 
0TeXw 1: aroirreXw Or-gr Thdt | top i<* — <rov] wporepop aov 
ayyeXor x | row aYY€\op fiov post O'ov ahkmoqu^|J5(M0v sub -1-) 
Eus Ath Cyr I | rpo wpo<rwwov] (pr rporepop $7): wportpop 
AF*Mbcfgi-lsvwy-ba | cov] +wpoT€pop ffov dpt Thdt | er- 
/SoXct] tfir/SoXi; i : tfic/3aXe(t B*qu : €«c/3aXai h)B : eic/SaXXet fin | 
TOP ao] pr ror xorayaior iroi A¥M\tSL^hJS3SE&{Ktu sub '^) : pr 
TOP xo^^oxop cdkmp | a/ioppcuor] ck/ifAoppaiop d : a/iopaiop x : 
-I- irat ror x^^^^^" ^^ I om reu 3® dkmp | x«'^<**<>''] P' ^^^ 
AFMcdegi-npstvx-bj | om ircu 4<> p | ^pchuov] pr top Fde 
gi-npstvzb,: Fereteum 1/ | iccu 7cp7«<raior] post cueuor be 
f ('yepa'otoi' P)ik(-7«r0^-)mw : sub-^-ij: (om77) | y€py€aaAOP — 
lefiovaaiop'] €ppatop Ktu epoveoaiop km xo'^ayaior koi yepyeoaiop 
X : TOP f uotor jrou top upovacuop Kai top x"""^^^^ '^<^ "^^ f^P' 
ytcaiop egjnsvz: Eucheum et lebusaeum et Channaneum et 
Gergesseum W/ : Euueum lesseum et Cananeum et GergessetJim] 
1^ I om jrcu 50 dp | ytfrfefaiop^ pr top dipt | om kol 6° dp | 
euacor] pr x°^^^^^ r*(uid) : pr top dpt | om jroi upoveaiop k 
W I upouffcuop] pr TOP dpt : +iftti xoi'cu'cuov B**>"«afhi(-/5ouw-) 

3 icot e(0'a|w <r€] pr t- JS : om xl^ | tiaa^ta] ti^a^ei AF«"« 


31 vwwTptylftP <e fu#u0iff] ^ a' 0* twtffTpe^p ik luavrtt ^ koi 09€9Tp€^tP iiMcrp v 
XXXIII a ICCU i<>— ^ov] 0' icoi tftvairoffrcXc* irpo xfnawwov <rov top ayyeXop pav v 



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tre etpa^t Xva fiif i^apoXdurm ae iv rf} 6S^. ^ical atcovcm 6 \ao^ to prj/jta rb Trovfjpov rovro Kare- 4 
Trivdffaev iv wepOi^/coU, ^Koi eVirev Kvpio^ roU vloU *la-paifK *T/t€49 Xao9 a-KXTjporpdxv^^* B 
Spare fitf irXtfyifv iWfjv iird^m iyii> i^^ vpJa^ koX i^avaXmato vpA^* vvv otnf a^iKecOe t^9 
<rroX^9 T&v So^&p vfi&v xal top KotrpLOPf teal Sei^to aoi & iroititrto aoi, ^/eal ireputkavro oi viol 6 
^lapaiiK TOP Kotrp^op avr&v teal t^p wepioToXifP airb rod Spov^ rov XtopijlS. 7Kal XafioDP 7 

IT H" M<ot;(r)}9 rf/p atcfjpifp avrov ewrj^ev ?f »' rrj^ wapefifioXij^, p4iicph,p airo Ttf^ Trap€p,fio\Tj^y «ai 
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lffo> T^9 wapepfioXrj^. ^^pUa S' &p elaeiropevero Maxrij^ eh ri^v <ncfiprip ?f(» rrj^ TrapepfioXrj^, 8 
la-n^tcei ira^ 6 Xab^ a-zcowevopre^ iKocro^ irapk rk^ Ovpa^ rrj^ trxriprj^ ainov' xal Korepoowav 
airiopTo^ Maxrrj ta>^ rod eltreXOelp avrop el^ rijp a-fctfpijp* 9^^ J* Ap elarj/XOev Mcoo^v €49 rifP 9 
cfefiPi^p, tcarefiaipep 6 irrvXo^ r^^ P€<f>iXfi^ teal Xararo iirl r^p Ovpap rrj^ a-xffvff^, /cal iXaXei 

5 Ti^ d<^um B«»>««] om B» | dei^a B*»*>] 8t^v B* 

7 naKpa» — waptfjLptXiit a° B»**"«] om B* 

8 ei^nyicet B^F 


Mbcdhipstvwy-ba^-edS : et<ra^ f: ci^a|e<t egjl | <re !<>] ucs 
C : om egjl | yaSa xai fu\i] fitXi (fieya f) Ktu yoKa fmp | ov — 
tf-vrora/Sw] ei non ascendam S : sed ego mm ascendam ^ | firi 
i<*] fifip c^' : om Ay | ffweufapui] ffwapw g : oi^a/Sw ro Cyr | fiera 
ffov] uobiscum S-ed : om Or-gr | 8ia — eirai] propter populum 
ceruicatum 1^ : propter populum tuum qui rigidum faciunt 
collum suum £ | m BAFhryz(mg)J& Cyr Iren>ed(uid)] rw Mb 
cdlmn*opwaa : +toj» n«z(txt) rell ^(uid)l^' Hip Or-gr Thdt 
Iren-codd(uid) | \okw\ populum hunc C | ^irXi7po/cap8tor e 
Hip-codd I om ^e a* aefgjkmDqs-vxz(txt)bg9d/ Hip Or-gr 
Thdt Iren-codd | om fiiy )B^ | e^oXoNrw <re] c|avaXw<rw0-i f : 
c^aXtM'w 9€ n : c^ovado^ciHrtv x | 9^ 3<>] uos \,* : eoslE: om dp 

4 tucotfaarrtt clE« | to wwrfpow] j)ost rovro {31) f(l/'(uid) : 
tarn mtUignum %/x {ro ffKvBpiinrop 15): durum C: (om iiS) | 
Kar€Wt¥$rf<rep Bxza^lS^l/'JS] cfrcy^er Cyr: xartwevBiiaiuf AF 
M rell W6^(SMM/ \ ev W€w0ucois] sub t- i^: in lugubri 1/*: 
jrcu ovK t$iiic€P (unip KOfffiow avrov ar avrov k : om IQ^d^ : om ev 
g£(uid) : + icat ovk €$fiKt¥ awrip Kocfiop avrov aw avrov F*M(mg) 
cdmnplv(mg)(76 mg.130 mg>^ [pr '^^ M(mg)a : sub ^' v(mg) 
j&(uid) I om fcoi n | tBrtKoif i3o(mg) | om ainip i3o(mg) | om 
avrov i^ mv(mg)i30(mg)<2j& | aw avrov] a0 avrov dpt: a^ 
tavrov 76(mg) : nr avrov F*M(mg) : er avrop miiv(mg)i3o(mg) 
fLSiJ: -k-atftip KOfffMP avrov aw avrov h(del h^'uid) 

6 irv/KOs] -k-wpot iJMvc7i¥ \a\riffo» F*>quy**: -f irpot utovoriw 
etiroF cdkmnptv(mg)9^ Luc [ircu i^* — t^pai;X sub •ig^ v(mg) | 
wpot fJMVffTfP sub •:gs> SS \ /uawnip] fMocriP kv(mg) : fjuacti m] j 
Xaos] pr 1 I oXXi^r] aXX s: waXip x | tro^w cyw Bfi] tyw 
twa^ bdptw: tyu twayw Aquyb^: tyta cwayayu F^osvz: 
rwayta na,: era7a7Ci» Mckmr: twayayw ah: twawaywp x: 
incbicens 1/ Luc: inportans 1/*: om €yw I^BiS^JS | e0 
viia%\ uobis E^ | om icoi a^ ahxl/ Luc | v/iat 30] pr c0 m | ovv 
o^X^^e] a^cXere ovr s | ovr] autem H* | o^Xca^e Baoqru] 
a^Xere a0 v/awv M(mg)degjnpt : o^rw x: a^Xvrt AFM(txt) 
rell : aufers 1/ | rat — /rai 30 sub -;- i^(uid) | rwf do^ww vfuaw] 
glorUu uestrae Luc: gloruu 1/: honoris 2^ | rwv] v/twy 1 | 
xipMw gz I iroi 3<>] /ue X I KOffftow] 4- 0'ov afro 0-01; ckm^l5&(sub -^ 
c/3p.): -^uestrum ]BC: ( + e{ u/iwr 130 mg) | om iccu 4® 1/ | 
o-oi i^] uobis ISS : om fiquvxa^b^^-edl/ Luc | ro<i70-(u] roMTtf-ci 
h: rodyo'cit M(txt)dlpt: rooyo-rrc f | o-oi i9\ sup ras a: vfUM 
(130 mg> 1S£I/ Luc : om F«»"»*<>M(txt)dflpt 

rfpcetXarro] rcpcecXorro F'Mdegh^^jnpqstux : repceiXcv 
k I om lapariK n | om avrwf IS" | nyr irepM-roXiyF] ti|I' oroXip 
fi: stolas (^i+eorum)^^ Luc: omnem amictum i«: +avrMi' 
ck3HB J6(«fat Ti|r wcpirr. avrw sub -r- ) | awo-—X'^(»IP] «« «PW»f/^ 
Choreb lE«E*(Cor-) : mi Choreb monte i-cd : a m^M/« Chorebon 
M/ I om row «° AFMbd-hjlpsvwy-bg 

7 Xa/3wv post /iwvo^ ckm(Aiii»a- km)il^ | fUMnfs n | nyr 
o^ffi;i^v avrov post ein^r egjnsvz | aicrfinip avrov] avrov omgifiiw 
bw Phil^: eavrov ffKtiPriv mx Philf: avrov ^roXip^ b' | avrov] 
sub -^ j&: om Luc | em^^er] +avnji' ckmlSd/5S Luc: +€m- 
wpoff$€w t I om fiaKpap—wap€ftpc\fi9 3<» a, | om iiAKpoM — 
wap€fipoXrit 2^ B*mqtub,)S' | aro nyt wapt/ipoXiit] aw avnyt d : 
om fhp I €KXri$ri] ey€¥ii$ii b^ : + avny cm3U6(8ub ^^ tpp,) : -I- 1| 
ffxriPii dknpt | o-in^my] pr 17 my Phil^ | /iAprvpcov] pr rov cefgi 
jksvz: -h^m/ autem tabernaculum eius extra castra IS* | koa 
r^€9€ro\ et fiebai 9(!D1L( + ut) Luc : om A | om w | jrvpcor] 
pr ror fkror : quidquam a Domino ^ | e^tropcvero] c^cropev- 
orro ao: ibat IL Luc | eit] evt fi: a</ 2^ Luc | 9Krpri\¥ 3°] 
+ np rov fiaprvpiov t : + rov fMoprvpiov cdmnp^l^ j^(rov fiapr. 
rrjp sub -jg^ o' 0^ Luc: ( + ovrov 16) | om nji' 3® AFMe-jlrsuv 
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fioXrit ^^] -H Kat €KXrf$fi OKtiPfi fiaprvpiov \{Kai €kX, sup ras) 

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pevero I4) | puooris — oxriPrfP l*»] eif rrfp otnirrip ftuvffrfs slJL: 

foras de tabernaculo Moyses Luc | fuaciit Bkmn] /jMwnis AFM 
rell: om J6 | OKipmw i®] + rov ;*aprvptov d | €^ rrfs wape/iPoXrif 
Buwb,S] pr rriP MabdfhiorlSC : om AF rell ISMJh Luc | om 
cjraoTor dha, | nyr Ovpop uyl Luc | om coi F*^-ed Luc | 
Kar€PoowTap — avrop] intuebantur Mosem donee iret intraret 
% I Kartpoovp AFMc-gijlnps-vy-b, | artorrot yM<n\\ euntem 
Moysen 1/ Luc | arto^rof] artorra 1 : awwprk n : a rotec f | 
pMcy\ Bkmn] pmvoiip 1 : iuav9€V% iu : fuownit Kat f : fuovffJi AF 
M rell I €«f rov] owre x : om ewf u | eco-eX^eir] eX^etv AF**»' 
(cco'- F')ah I avrop] avrovs n : om g 

9 om 6^ — oKfipriP la, | wf] nfPiKa Eus | 9 av] dc bwx : ojf 
r I /U00^t Bkmn] fuovorfs AFM rell: post amipyip ft Luc | 
irare/Saiyev] pr icai ahm | en] rapa a, | njv (^vpoi'] raf Bvpas 
a, Eusl: rijt (7vpaf x: rtop Bvptop AFMbdegj-nps-wyzb,iS5S 
Eus I I KOLL i<>— (10) OKyfPnit i^] bis scr 1^: om Eus) | om koi 
cXoXfi fjMffJi F' I luami Bdkn*'] pr Dominus fi*=: /ACM-et m 

3 iroi ciO'olw o'c] 0' irai cio-alctf 9t v 

5 e^araXtM-w] [c^JoXc^pei^o-w] M: tXtvBtpucw sz | a wovnaw o-oi] a' quid faciam tibi 9' quia faciam tibi 9' ut 0' 5S 




10 Mwa^* '°«al iwpa vav o Xao^ top <rrv\ov rtj^ v€if>iKfi^ ioToira iirl rrj^ Ovpa^ t^9 a/cfjin}^* teal B 

11 ardvre^ ira^ 6 \ao^ irpocetcvvrfa'av f/caaro^ arrb t^? Ovpa^ rrj^ <r/effvtj^ avrov. *^^$cal ikdkfftrev ^ d^ 
Kvpio^ irpi^ Mo^vcrjv ivmrio^ ivanrifp, m el ri^ XaXija-ei irpo^ rov eavrov ^CKov koX iirekvero eh 

11 riiv nrapef/kpoKriv' o Bi Oepdinav ^Ifitrov^ vlo^ Nat;^ veo^ ovk i^ewopevero ix T179 atcffinj^, '* Kal 

etirev Mwvarj^ irpd^ KvpiOP ^IBoif av fLoi \iyei^ ^Avdr/aje rov \aip rovrov <rif Bi oiftc iBTjkmad^ 
fioi hv trwaTrooTeXei^ fier ifiov' aif Bi fjtoi elnas OlBd ce irapk irdpra^ zeal x^piv I^€i9 trap 

13 ifioL '3ei oiv eipfffca x^P^^ ivavriov aov, ifufnivia-op fioi aeavrop' ypw<rT£^ iB<d ae, Swo>^ &p 

14 eS evpfiKia^ X^^^ ^ivoprlop <rou, Kal Xpa yp£ Sn \a6^ cou ro eOpo^ ro pJ^a rovro. ^^koI Xiye^ 1 1^"^ 

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16 fiTi fjLe dpayayjf^ iprevOep. ^^leai trtS^ ypa>a-r6p itrrat aKtfffw^ 6ti eiptfiea x^P^^ waph cot, iyw 
re Kai 6 Xao9 <rov, a\X' ^ avprn'opevofiepov trov pjeff i^fimp; /cat ipBo^aadtftropLai, iya re tedi 6 

17 Xao9 (Tov irap^ irdpra tA iOvff itra hrl rrj^ 7^9 iarip, '7 Kal elirep Kvpio^ irpb^ Mnvaijp 

10 €opa A 

16 aXX— <rov «« B**'"*'^ om B* 

EusKprrw): /utf^t n*: /juavati ru: fuavciit Mfx: fiera fiwfori 
c: t^voTi AF* rell (ia8(pr r«)): Daminus cum Afose %i 
^^st.^sny ^00 "^ 5S: itrpot ... F^ 

10 om Kot i*> — Fe0€Xi|t y* | firi] irapa ha^ | njt $\tpa,% i" 
Borux] rat $vpaf ha, : n/F 0vpap afi : ruv $v/w¥ AFM rell ISC 
B EusJ I axyimit i**] -^testimcnii IS | om icai a® — <rin7njf a« 
a, I ffTorret] icraxQ bw: stans%, Luc | om rat Eus^ | rpoff- 
tKivfiffaif — avrov] ad ianuam tabemacuii sui tubrabant S | 
irp099Kwrf9aM\ wpoatKvmrffftif bdtw(pr iroi bw) : {wpofftKVPei 71) : 
adonU>ani 9C | aro nyt 6vpa%\ ad ianuas ^ : ad ianuam BC : 
ad ostium Luc | om nft 9vpat Y* Eus| | n^f omiprit a°] n; 
9KfiPfl X I avTov\ + «rai Kartpoovi^ ariorrot /itavaii A : om Eus I 

11 eXaXiy^fF] ioquebatur WE \ wpot /uawnpf] ru fuavan 
Thdt I lutvffjiv} iMoariv fknd, : fMovti m | eftinriot] tvunrio^ s*x | 
cycvrtw] tptiruop u: om x | ret XoXi^rct] XoXi^tf-ai rit ckiS 
Eus I XoXi^et] XaXriaai AFMbd^jmnostvwy-d, Clem : /o^ur- 
ntur 1/ : loquitur Luc Prise | wpoi] rpo b' | rw Bb*ow Clem 
Chr] om AFMb* rell Eus Thdt | eavrov] post ^Xw' ckm Eus 
Thdt (avrov cm Thdt): eavrop s | om icai 3* — waptfipoKifif F* 
Luc I ifoi 3°] -f ovrtot f i | arcXvcro] on/XXarrrro Eus | $€pa- 
wtiv] + avrov F^cm9j&(sub 4> e/3p.) Eus | vtot] pr ra, : ox | 
iravi|] pr rov bs(mg)wz'^ff(yav( ^w) : Favc m : pa^ff d : wafii px : 
F017 n : Fvr F*> | reot] om ku9 Eus : + wv bw : + ov s | t^o- 
peviro] + ras (3) i | eic] oro x : («^ 73) | ^rnymyt] rap€fifio\rit 


12 fuoffJii kmnd, | irvpcov] pr roif x: Dm % \ o-v i^] post 
/MM fo a,: om 9 I /Ml i^ post Xe7€it ckmSISJS Eus | ava- 
Ta^f] ut tducerem 1/ | om 01; de 1° km | /mm a^] +de km | 
or — «rat bis scr 1^ | o-vrorooreXeit] 0"vroirooTcXi;t h : vvpawo- 
OTcXXect cf: ffv aroorcXett mou Eus: o-v aroo'rcXXcct a,: aro- 
oreXcftt w | om Sf a** x | /mm 3<>] sub -;- 5S : om klna^C | oi5a] 
pr ryw k : pr on (73.78) 9(uid) : yiPioaKw Ath | x^'^ «X"»] 
exeit x^'' km95S Eus : X^^P^ '^P^* Cyr(cv/>i}irati) : cv/wt x<M>^ 
CS Ath Thdt T- A | x*^ bis scr g | wop c/mm] w f/MM Ath : 
(jAtr tfiov 71): anawioit /tov T-A | c/mm] e/iov fS Cyr(: e/ie 

13 ft] cdov Eusi I ovp] dfi Eusf : rotrvr Thdt: om Eusf | 
cv/>i}ica] post x^P^ ^* tvpof Thdt | eyoyrcor 0-0 v i**] irapa troc 
Cyr I crorrMw i®] CFcmrior F»»"«c Eusf T-A | (^cavroir] <re- 
avrw 16) I 7J'«#^r«t] « «• ex corr 1: yruerot bcfsd,(i): ut 


fuidenter Or-lat | (5w] pr ira mCl^: ci3i# Fpra,: <»dci^ o: 
iioifu x(oc et 4 3<* ex corr) : de (dor f : »/ noscam %: it noscam 
et uideam S | o-c] o-oc s : om 9 | om av Afl | oi] post evpifKiat 
fldg^uid) : on m : ox: om s | €VfnfK<os post x^P*^ & I «>'<V' 
nor 1® Bahnoru Eus Cyr] crwrior AFM rell | om on b, Eus | 
Xoot] pr abdgjksvz*b, Eus Cyr | fov 3«»] + ras (4) v : + ovrot 
egjstS I ro i<» — rovro] in gentem magnam erit%\ est gens et 
magna %/ \ ro /Aeya] post rovro Cyr: om A*(hab A^"«)F*cef 
gj-msvy-djl^^iS Eus | rwrov f 

om 14— le dart) __ 

14 irai XeTei] irac ctrer avrw let xl^: (ecrcr ht it ir/M>t 
fikfvaTiP 37) : ^/ <A>i/ Dominus IS : <^ijr»r aM/^M m' C : + avr» 
« FMkn(«avr-)ptd,rt)S : +« egj | ovrot] (pr C7« /*€r 13a): 
pr ry« dknptd,(i)a: ryw M(mg)lS(ra5: +ry« 1,'^-A | 
r/mropevo-o/uu] wpowofiev^w/tai ca, : xpowopevoftai gjruxl/^ : 
avfiropevffofjtai T-A : (ro/wvo-o/cai 14) | o^ov] v/ur T-A : om k Eus 

16 Xryei] etrer AF*Mdeg-jlpstvy-b,d,(i)CE'': etfrer 
/uavffTif fxlSSl/ I rpot avror] «'/M>t irr xS^: om HE' | ec 
fill] 17 /A^r u I avrot o'v ropcviy] /«/ mecum ambules Hil | avrot] 
post o-v AFMbd-gijlnpstvwy-b,d,(J)aEl/ Or- lat Chr Cyr J: 
om <a5> WSMJ'S | om <rv h*> Or-gr Ath Cyr J | ropeviy Bah*r] 
ffvfiwofievfi h** Phil-ed Eus Cyr J : ffv/ixop€Vffri m Phil-codd 
Or-gr I : ffv/i.rop€Vfi ijfup x : O'v/iiro/>ev0i} fie$ 17/utfr Abdfw : it/mh 
woptvfi fA€$ fifuav egj (i3o(-<n7)): (rporopevei /*€^ v/*«r 35): 
av/Axop€vri /mm Chr: ffvpLwopivfi /ler e/iov Or-gr ^ Cyri(-0i7): 
ropcMnj /ier «/m>v Cyr^: +/ie^ 17/Mar o9]B<!r£J&: -H/tc^ v/im 
u : ueneris nobiscum Or-lat : jiVvm/ comitatus fueris nofnscum 
1/ : Ji'mi// comitaueris ntecum %J^ : ffv/irop€Vii fAt$ rjfuav FM 
ba(ev sup ras)d,(J) rell Ath | /le] post oraTOTiyt ckmnx^ff<ix 
ed)l/ Cyr J: *wj IS | aroTayijt] 0707171 Phil-cod : educas Or- 
lat: ex/eUasUW 

16 eoTOi] eoTw df | 0X17^0^] post on kmfl[C: om JS Eus | 
ori] ec u I rapo o-oc] eronrior vov x : crorrtor o-ov a, : rtfr(a/» /# 
9S I ffoi] ffov c I om tyw i® — o^ov i* f | om re i« ckm Eus 
Cyr^ I (<rov i<»] ovrot 76) | om oXX — o-ov 3*> b' | om oXX — o-ov 
a<» B* I oXX 17] oXXo mn* | cov a®] pr ras (3) d,(J) | om ico4 3* 
9 I tvdo^aireriaofuu BM(txt)^*niik)B*1 er^o(d^%ro/ie9a AF 
M{mg)d»n(-av/i-)d^H) rell ^)B^^Ell5^ Eus | o^o] a emr n | 
tvi — wriv] or effrai en n7t 7171 x | ert Ti7f 7i7t post torir ^lE 
1^ I 'n7t] (pr wpofftawov 71) : om f* | om eortr nw 

17 irai fifrer] eirer *e AFMbd-gijlpstvwxz-d,C | *fv/MOt] 

II ercMTiot ertonrtw] ir/MWcmror frpot wpoffiowov F*>i | arcXuero] ar(?)eoT/»e^. F*> | ^ff/wrwr] vrovpy, . F*> 
la Topo rorrot] o' ^ nomine 0^ nominatim & 13 tpwtnop trov i«>] rapa o-ot F'(pr 0^ uid)Ms(ffov s*»*<*)z 

15 ei— -iropevi7] «' si /ados tuae non eant a' $' si facies tua non eat % 

269 35—2 

xxxiii 17 


B KaX rovTov aoi rov \iyov hp etpri/ca^ iroirf^rta* evpfjKa^ yi^p X^^^ ivmriiv fiov, tcai olBd ere 
irapit frdvra^. ^^Koi \irfci *lEifiif>apia'6p fioi (reavrov, ^^icaX ehrev ^Eyi) vapeKniaofuu wpirepo^ J* 
aov r^ ^o^ff fJLOV, /cal \a\ija-oi> hri r^ ovofutrl fwv Kvpio^ ivavrlov cov /eaX ikerian hv &v 
iKe&f KoX oiier€ipijaoD hv &v olKrelpct), ^koX elirev Ov St/i^o^ ISeiP fiov ro irpofTwirop* ov ykp 10 
p,i) tSff &p6pomo^ TO Trpotramop fiov /cal ^licerai, ^^tcal elvep Kvpio^ ^IBob riiro^ itap ifAol, 91 
a-n^a-ff iirl rrj^ irirpa^* ^^pitca S' Ap wapiXOtf /aoi; iJ Bo^a, teal Oi^ao) a€ eh owtfp t^ wirpa^, la 
teal a-feeiracoi rp X^^P^ M^^ ^"""^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ TrapiXOta' ^^koI d^XdS r^p x^V^* ^^ '^^'''^ ^'^ "^^ ^3 
IT d, iwlam fiov, to Sk irpotromqp fiov oi/c 6<l>$i]a€Tal aoi,!^ 

' Kal elnep Kvpio^ irpo^ Mti^vaijp Ad^evaop treavr^ Svo irXdxa^ XiOlpo^ /vada>9 fcal ai i XXXIV 
wpSyrai, koX apdfiriOi, wph^ fik €t9 to Spo^, koI ypd'^w eiri t&p nXax&p rh prifiOTa & i^p ip TOi? 
TrXa^lp raU irpdnai,^ ak trvpirpi'^a^. ^tcal ylpov froifio^ eh rh wptol^ xal dpafiijcrfj iirl to 6po^ 1 
Th %ipd, Koi arrjari fioi i/cei iir atcpov tov 6pov^, ^koX /ii/Sel? apafii^Toi} /act^ o-oO fiffBk o^rjTio 3 

19 cXoii^tf-w A 

«o iieu'] cidctv F* 

XXXIV I (Tvrer^i^t B* 

9 OKpOVt B 

pr Eus^: om b, | /i«vcn;r] iluotip knd,: /iiM'ei m | koa i9^ 
Kara h : om B | tqutw — Xiryor] rw Xoyov tf-ot tovto¥ m5S(a'ot 
sub t) Eus}: tow Xiryor ffov rovrw ck | rovrw] vror A*^"*** | 
90i Tw \oyo¥] TOV Xoyotf aov Cyr-hier-cod | ffot] vov F*»*jnaa^ 
£ Ath I oj» €ifniKai] or ccpijira ffoi t: om Cyr-hier-ed T-A | 
Totrfffta] +0-6 m: +iidi £*^ | cv/n^icat 70^] tvpviKap W: evpet 
yap Cyr: om yap cex* | tvunriov fiov] tPowTkov fiov u: trap 
e/Aoc Phil Cyr | «/tow AFegjsvyz | varrat] +<fai extif x^pu^ 
rap tfiM Eus^ 

18 Xeyci] Xr^eif n : i/tlc]$s %^ : etre cmdf ( + ^i*) j&(uid) Eus^ : 
etrcv M<<>>0^ klS Eus^: e&xi^ Afoyses ad Dnm 1/: circy irt 
rpot fuav^p x: +avrw /M»v<ri7r bw: +/Mi»i;0^f dpt: +/uim^ n 
d,: -^^ Moses Dmnino £ | ffi^oFurov fun fftavrov BahrC(uid)] 
pr dcc^ov ^uK niP ffeai/rov ^o^v o : iei^ fioi rriv 60^ ffov ck 
m(ff€avrov)^tSl9lSS Eus^ T-A: Seizor /am np a-eai;rov 5o^ 
AFM rell (77.118) Eus} (om nyv 77.118): ostemie mihi glariam 
tud 1/: ntonstra nUhi tuam claritatem \^\ (+^c(of /aoc n^v 
<rffatm>v do^oy 71) 

19 eXeiycrw or or cXew icai oiKT€ipifffu ov or oncreipu Rom ix 
15 II KOX eirer] d^V a»/«m m' C: +«t xl^: -k-Dominus Mosi 
£ I irapeXevo-o/iOi vporepot aov] pnucedam prior \te\ Wj^ : aif/^- 
r/^m te 1/ | rapeXcuo-o/iac] rapeXeuo-w/uu cn{ + aot)d^*(\): 
rapeXeiwor /if f : irpo«'apcXeu0'o/i«u e : wopevaoftai u : wpowopev- 
ffoftai M(mg)js(txt)v(txt)xz(txt) Eus^: -^wov h | wportpot] vpor 
sup ras (6) F' : wportpov Mceflmnps(mg)w*^(uid) T-A : wpo 
wpofftnrov s(txt)vz(txt) : om x | om o^ov !<> Eus^ | ny] pr er 1^ 
Cyr-hier-codd | /tov i^] -|- iropeiwo/uu wpo wpovwrov aovTJi ^o^ 
Aioi; egj (15.77.130) (om ffov 15.77.130) | XoXiyo-w Bahu]B] 
KoKtiru AFM rell aiCTi/i^ Eus Cyr-hier T-A : uoca^or E" | 
frc — Kvpws] ad Dominum m nomine eius C | tvi] €9 F'^ckm 
^(uid)lS(uid)J&(Ut) Eus Cyr-hier: om AF*Md-gijlnprstvx-d, 
£l^J&(mg) I om rw F*'ck*m Eus Cjrr-hier | oro/tart] oro/ta 
f* I fMv Kvpun Barul^] fMV kp bdk*nptwxyH]a Eus^: om 
Kvpun h: Ki F*»i5^(uid): 1^ AF*Mk«y» rcll «»£j6'«»(uid) 
Eus} Cyr-hier T-A | tPt^iov F^'^neck T-A | oov i**] +ras 
(14) i I eXei^o-w] pr eXcdrr Clem | (or i® i*»] cor 31) | ourretpw] 
oiKT€ipffffia X T-A 

20 Kai eiirer] eirer 5e FiK + w*): +it rpot futvcjiv x£lL' 
T-A: -t-e7(tf rapcXcuo-ofKu wportpos aov tti 60^ fiov aXX a, | 

fiou I** Bhnoru] post wpoffwwov i^ AFM rell 91/ Eus T-A | ov 
i« — ^eroi] if^m^ ^if/«i »iVftV Deum et uixit Tract | ov i« — 
fMu i« bis scr w* | ov 1° — or^ponrot] ov^ett o^erai Clem Or-lat 
Eusf Ath Cyr-hier Chr Cyr( + t«eir edj) Thdt Iren-gr-lat i : 
nemo uidtt Iren-lat) | ^op post M^ cgj \ iv^ c^] o^ai Or-gr: 
om iki\ Eusf I c^] c(d^ F*fhn | ar^ponrot] post pjov 7f* kro5S 
Eusf : + w Or-gr J | to wpoauwov >tov] /tov to wpoowwov Clemf 
Eusf : TO wpofftowov tov 0€ov Clem): $eov wpoounrow Cyr): 
TOV $€ov Chr) Iren-gr-kt 1 

21 etrer] +ei d^ \ Kvpiot] +wpot /uaviniv bw£ | i^v] 
-I- dvf T-A I wop tfioi] coram me % : apud te B | o^tijo^ Bho 
r*] CTJiBi ar* : iceu ^tij^tj w : pr iceu AFM rell %WE,iLSb Or- 
gr(uid) Eus T-A 

22 om ifrcjra — rrrpat Eus | lyriica 9 or] <6n^^ £ : irot o'lce- 
To^w Tiy X'^P* f^i' ^v*' ^^ ^*^ or m I 5 or] or aS : de ej : om g 
k I fiov ff do^a] ti do^a Kvpiov T-A | fiov i** Baeoni] post So^ 
AFM rell WL \ koi Brfcu] (ira^iyo'w 16.130): iSov Btfcu Or-gr: 
idov TiBfifu Cyr-hier : ecce posui Or-lat | wi] iot n | onyr] pr 
Tiyr X Cyr-hier | t7i—o€ i*»] o€ tti x«*P* A">v 9]/*'(uid) Thdt | 
om Tii—twi m I €vt av] usav F'Ma, : (eror 15) | wap€\$u] 
wap€\0if X T-A 

23 x'^Pa] +MOW ««■<> tf^o*' x9(Kuid): -f/iow F**Macdfi-m 
n*o-td3lSJ&(sttb ^ e/3p.) Eus | owurBia fi Thdt | ovir o^^- 
o'CTcu o'oc] ov fill idrit Thdt | o-oc] sub t- j& 

XXXIV 1 Kai filter] eifrc 5e d | fitavaiiv] fiuffrfv ku : fuoffti 
m I om o-eavTw — ireu 3<* f* | ff€avTui] pr /loi n*(uid): o-eavTor 
cl^: ovTw n"'(uid) | om duo n | rXcucat] +irXaifOf 1 | KaB<at — 
rporrai] jraTa Tas wptarat T-A : secundum primas tabulcu % \ 
KoBm\ KaBa h: xaBawep bef^jns(txt)vwz(txt) | om koi 1** xlS 
C£ I rpot fu post opoi A I (eif] eri 31) | ypa^ui] ypayf/ov cl | 
om a x I rfv] erant scribta %J \ tv^ nri AFb--cgjlmnpstvwy-ba 
lS(uid)(!r(uid)i^ I rpctfTOit] irpwrtpaii h | cut] at AFMac-fjln 

2 om KOI T<* 9 I Kak 09a!^'tfoyf\ et ascende "§/ : koi aveurrat 
avafiriBi rxC: om n: -Hto irp«M Fcdeghjkmstvz91/^5S | cri] 
eif AFMb-gjlmnpstv-b^ : in ^WL& | om to 3® pa^ | o-troi 
n I om fUH h.'i/' \ ew aicpov] rravta x 

3 oro/SaTw o | fiyfi€\ koi firfd€it AFMb-egj-mpstvwy-ba3t 
£J6 I ev rorTt] crorrt sz: (om rorr* 71) | t« opet] totw tov 

18 («ofor)] o'(?) oftr F' _ __ 

19 eyui] avrot M | XaXiyo'w] irvpcXXov xt tov woiov tcv KoKti /SXcrett ori tvixeKaXvfifuvtat t9i6aoK€ to €va€pn irepc wpt koa 
viov Mayfia F^ 

aa ect owrfv] a' €v tw icoXa/uiT... 3: a* a' ff in rimam (lege T^lNciii^) il^ | onyr] oxifffi.. F^: rx}fffia9.,. i 




4 iv wavrl XfS 6p€i* leal rh irpofiara xal cd /9oe9 /i^ v€fiia$<oa-av wXtfalov rov Spov^ eKeipov. ^koI B 
{kdJ^wrev Bvo irXcuea^ \t0iva^ tcaBairep koX ai Trp&rai' ^koI opOpUra^ ^townj^ avifitf eh to 6po^ § d, 

5 T^ Siy^ ica$OT$ awira^ep avr^ Kvpio^' koX iXafiep Moivaij^ r^v Bvo irXd/ea^ rh^ Xidipo^. ^Kal 

6 Karififf Kvp$o^ ip pe^tkri icaX irapiartf avr^ i/eei' xal i/caXetrep rip opofiari Kvplov, ^xal TraprjX- 
0€P Kvpio^ irph Trpoaayirov airrov, fcal iiedXeaep Kvpio^ 6 deo^ oltcrelpfuop ical ikei^fimp, ftatcpo- 

7 $VfAO^ ical TToKviXeo^ koI aXfiOiPo^^ ^leal SiKaioavpriP hmrfjp&p koX IXeo^ eh %tXu£Sa9i ifl>tup&p 
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Xi^irat i*» k I K€L0aw€p — frporrat] secundum exemplar primarutn 
iabularum % (om tabularum codd) | om icai a® AmlSiinBS | 
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emd,: +to wpm AFM rell (rw cfgos^ubjilSE^ | to a<»] row 
a : om dp | ffuftu n | om xaBon — Kvpun p | koBoti Bhoru Cyr] 
xaSarMp n: Koda AFM rell | aurci; post Kvpwt cm5S | Kvpios] 
pr f: om Cyr | om km 4** — \i0ipat i*»d, | fuavctft 1° Bdfhix 
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F^tui -{-tuB courov AF»>M rell aiSC(uid)SE'5S | om «vo i» 
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ta^Bii y I om avrta x)S£ Cyr| | «««] -[-fiuciii d^ | eicoiXcoer] 
cXaXi^er x Cyr J: -k-Afoyses IS | t« opo/mti] pr tw egju: er 
oro/tari Eus A-T(aid) : fif nomen ^ : ro ovo/ia m | cvpcoi;] irr 
F*>dptC(uid) : (icv/MOf 131) 

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wpoaiawov Cyr^: vpoaunna e: €p ovopuiTt Eus | avrov] Kvpwv 
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fd^ I yuokKpoBviiJoi] pr «/ Iren | om Kfu 4^ 91SC 

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ducoioo-t/ytjv] pr irotii»r c | dtany/xiv] TT^piop b, | om icat 1^ ckm 
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roiwr ect xCKnahai eXeot e: pr rocwv AFM rell IIXS&J Eus 
Ath Cjrr-hier Chr Cyr| | ett x^Xtadaf] in milU generationes IL 
{^•{■diligentibus eum codd) C | a^cupMv] ai^/^^j IL* | ai^o/uat 
lo] iniustitias Iren : iniquitcUe M/ \ xai adiKiat] post aftapriat 
bw : ^ nequiticu Iren : om irou 1/ | a^prtat] ftaprvpiat p | 
(om ireu 5** 30) | ov — cvoxov] KaBapt^fiw top €poxop ov xaBapiei 
dpt: (roi' tpoxof nadapurpM ov xaBapiti 18) | ov KoBcLpiei} pr 
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Gfoxw] emundans eum 1/ | KaBdipiti] KaBapun f : purgat % \ 
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Mbd-gijInpstvwy-b^iSd/ Eus Cyr : iniquUates ^-ed | irart- 
pwf] /i/Kiir p I TtKwa i*>] TtKPUP mn* | om irai 6<» — t€kpup px 
Cyr|^ I om firi a* Eus | rrt 3** — 7€i'€aj'] ewf rptriyf Kai TerapTJft 
Yci'eat Cyr J | ert 3®] pr cwt 1^ | TpiTffp] pr nyr m*': rifp 
TpiTiiP ytP€ap m* | k<u 7*'] -^g^ a' ^ el super V iJ | ycptap] sub 
-^ 5S: +M i: +TO(t fuffovffip lit Kfu wotiop eXcof eit x^^a^* 
Toc$ ayarwatp fit koi rotf ^vXao'O'ovffii' ra irpooTay/ULTa puov x 

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Ti;r 7171' post wpoatKVPfifftP bwy | vpoatKVPitiatp — (9) o-vnro^ev- 
Birru mutila in 1/" | rpoo-eicvi^o-ev] adorauii Dm if : + rw iw 
f idg : + icw ckm : + Domino £5S(sub -?-) : + tin ttjp yriP F 

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tvpop A I ei'wirtov] tpaPTWP fi^'ra^ | o-ov] +ice FN:m^U^(sub 
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ptvtoBv f: (rpoToptvBirrta 71): +3iy c5S(sub •4>) | irv/not au)v] 
ici AMcegjklsvy-b3^(post 17MW i^)&: Kvpit Cyr-hier: om m: 
om Aiov fiwl/ I futB hiiuop] iitB vfuap gh: tp iipup n | om o 
9° akmn | Xaor] post yap x: +Aic C | a^Xetf] a^Xi;f x: 
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mnor^iBCH^i | om tj/aov «<» AFMabdeghjlops-ba^tl/' | opo- 
/uas] a/wpTiat ab'chkmnoi^)S<SnL*5S | iifJMP 3^] +// iniusti- 
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o^oi] iui %, 

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sub T- & I rpot /wuvoTyr] sup ras A« : om kyl/''(uid) | fuavffrip] 
/idwrip n : fjuacti m | iiaTiBrffu F | ffoi i<>] sub -r- j^ : om A | 
{SiaBujKiiPl +aitopiop 16) | om trov adnptClir | rociyo'w i°] pr 
irou Mbdkmnprtxaafl[B£l^^ | tpSo^a] pr M«7aX« «"» bl^ | 
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om rat W | ei o'v] tivt fna,: [/n ^]/Xj] l/**: ttfftp tP lucu 
avrov m: om o^v C£ : + tP futffw avrov ciS(snb 4S>) : + in medio 
eorum ^ | Ta tpya Kvpiov post eorcr k | om tyta 2^ filSC | 
woiifffu «*•] roiiyo'ovo'tr f | o^ot 1®] itodis 3ll-cd : om Afxy4l-cod : 
+ tKti bw 

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paiov ical Xavavaiov koX ^epe^aiov teal Xerraiop teal Evaiop koX Tepy€<raiop icaX ^lefiowraiop* 
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fiii aoi yipffrai irpocKopLfia ip vpXp, ^^roif^ fitafiov^ avr&p tcaffeXeirt, teal r^ cmfXa^ avr&p 13 
avprpl'^ere, teal tA Skatf avr&p iKKSy^ere, teal rit yKvirrii r&p $€&p avr&p KaroKavcere ip wvpL 
14 ou yhp fiif irpoa-KVPi^a-ffTe OeoU iripoi^* o yitp Kvpio^ o Oeo^ ^ffkonop Spofia, d«09 ^rfkom^ 14 
iar$p» ^^fjkij irore 0$^ SiaBi^Kffp rot^ ivKodfjfiipoi^ wph^ aXXoifivXov^ iiri t^9 Jtj^t teal iteiropp€v- 15 
trwaip iirUrti r&p Oe&p airr&p, teal 0v<ro)<n rol^ deol^ avr&p, teal tea\i<rm<rip (re teaX ^07179 r&p 
OvfidraiP avr&p, ^^/eal Xafiri^ r&p Ovyaripo^p avr&p roK vloU a-ov, teal r&p Ovyaripmp aov S^9 16 
T0i9 viol^ avr&p, teal itciroppevtrwaip al Ovyaripe^ aov owiao^ r&p Oe&p avr&p, teal iterroppev- 
awffip oi vloi aov miata r&p Oe&p avr&p, ^'^ Koi Oeoh^ ^a>i^ei;To^9 ov ironiaei^ aeatmp. ^^/cal \l 
rifp iopriip r&p a^vfifop <l>v\d^' iirrk fipApa^ ^^^79 ^C^Am», teaOdwep ipriraXfiai troi, eh rhp 

11 wpoaxit X \ av] ovp A \ Tama oaa'\ qiiae C | rai^a] 
(pr Kara 71): pr ro dnptx: sub -r & \ oaa] a bglnw | om 
tyw fiu9-ed)SCl/ | errcXXo/ioi] crreXXw/ioc n: errcXw/Lie c: 
imptraui %'td. \ ffot] -^-aniupw ciii95S(sub 4> V) | eic/SaXXw 
Booux] eic/3aXw akmC: «7W wfioKxa dflpr*tb,lS]/^ : pr ty^a 
AFMr* rell a«l/5S | rpo] aro A FMc-gh^jlpstvy-b^a | 
v/MM'] bis scr i* : trov AflL*' | row afAoppaiov] row a/Afutppaiow d : 
rww aiuapamw x | om koi xai^cu^Oior m | om irac i^ dp | x"*^^' 
FOior^-X'^^Aioy] [Chytieum et PA[f]r[fseum] et Chamtanium 
IL' I xa9a9aiow\ pr row AFMb-€gjloprt-wy-b, : xo^o^outfr x | 
om KOi i<> dp I 4>€p€^aio¥ Kai xfrratow] xtrraiow koi ^pe^cuor ah 
noru : Chettntm et Pherezeum ^BOTEl/iS : xtrramw kox 0€p€- 
^viw X : x'trraiow iccu row ^pc j)uor s : row xerraiow row 0€pe- 
\aAOw dp : row xcrrotor irat row 4k€p€iaiow AFMbcgj-mtYwy-b, | 
om ^p€^aiow icoi c | x^"*^^^^ pr ror c | om icoi 40 dp | 
evcuor] pr row AFMbdegj~mpstvwy-b, : efipaiuw x: om c j 
roi ytptywoMw] sub -r- i6 : om WL^ | om xai $^ cdp | ytpyt- 
ffoiow Kot upovffoiow] itpowraiow Kai ytpyeoaiow {\{'Povoe')n'§/ : 
row upovoaww Kai row ytpytoaiow egjsvz: {row y€py€oaiow Kai 
row upovaaiow koi row ^p€^ow 118) j ytpytetuow] pr row AFM 
bcdlptw(7«7e0'- w'jjra^b,: ytpytvcaiow k: ytpytatvw x | om 
rat i€povaaiow C | it^otfoaiow] pr row AFMbcdklptwya^b, : 
iMpovffvaiow k : nt^owrvauaw x 

12 wpooext — iroTC di rescr A** | $ift 8ia$riKiiw] rtBrj BiaSffKri 
1 I $iii] $ri nya, : 6ia$ii AMbkm«vwx : ^a^ cjsz : disponas 1/ : 
ZiaBriKni g: om cm* | iia^ifiyF] [testa]meft[ttt] m[e]um Mj^ | 
€WKaB7ifiewoi$] +wpot oXXo^uXoi/t M(mg) | rrit YP] pr rpoffuwow 
bw: rrfw yriw n | e«f i*» — <roi\ koi tKWOfiwfwrvoi <re owiata raw 
0tvw avrww n | tiffwop€Vfi] pr ffv bckmw^U^(sub •:gc* a' ^): 
tKirop€vri fi : ingressurus es 1^ : intraturus es Spec | eit ttunyr] 
eir avnyv km5S : cf oi/nj dprt : in eos ^1' : om Spec | /iij a*» — 
v/uy] pr ira y : ii^ /a/ t/<^/x scandalum % \ <rot Bao] post 
ytwttrox (SHL : irci^ h : om xylSS Spec : wort AFM rell ^(sub 
^ y uid) I Tcnfroi] ytwy\ b': +ai;rw f | om ir/M0'ico/<Mui~(i3) 
ro^eXffirc f I rpoififOMMa] pr etf M(mg) : eyKo/i/ia ns(txt)vz(txt) : 
twKVfta X : -^eorum Spec | i;Aur o 

13 ra^cXetre] xaBtXtrt u : KaStXtit n | ovrrpi^art ch*kmn 
ttxa, I om ro4 a° — irvpc x | om jtou i*» — eicico^eTe Au Cyr | 
ffiTiro^e— rv/H] sucandetis 1/ | cicifa^eTe] cicicoferai g*o: eic- 
iro^arff co : flvyco^ort m | om ecu 3® — ri'pi k Spec | om rwr 

[5 tyKaBriiuwoix B*'^AF | Bvvtaavw K^jaoiw sup ras A*) 

dtiaw C I om avTiow 4® I Cyr | KaraKavc€ri\ KaraKavffcrai Aco 
a, : KaraKavoar€ fa \ €w Bn] om AFM rell Cjrr 

14 ov — irpoffKVwyierirt] et ne adoraueritis % \ om yap V* n 
1* I irpogKvwrfarfTtl xpooKvwrfvert arw*(uid)a3: wpooKvwife€it 
X I ^eotr ertpois B^-edl/] ^w aXXorpcw bw: <^ot aHenum 
Spec-codd : Bui rreput AFM rell ^-codd SiS Spec-ed | 70^] 
(ore 71): e^ enim sum Spec | 0to9] sub t B: om k : om 
ax : + oov 1 Spec | ^Xwrov] (pr avrov 138): ^Xw to a, : HXm- 
nit l*'(utd) I om owofia — tv^umif 1 | owofia] -^ avrov cml/JS 
(sub ^ e/3p.) I om 0tot i^Xumyt IS*' | i^Xwnyt] ^yXc^ot c 

16 fjLfi — SuLBfiKrpf] fifiwu r€$7i diaBrfKni 1 | /iri wort] pr koi a : 
firiwuf n I ^lyf] rf sup ras b,: ^etf x: 0rf F*(^f F«"*<*)aegijnovy 
za,: {diaSip 31): diai^etr f: dio^i; AMbckmw: disponas 1/: 
constituant IL \ rott — aXXo^vXovt] ^i^m (Uiemgenis qui sedeni 
C I irpot aXXo^vXovt Ba] aXXo^vXoif u : om A*(vo(f irpot aX- 
Xol^vXov in mg et sup ras A*, twoit wpo% oXKo rescr A^)FM rell 
9I8£U6 Spec I en nyj yifi] ny 711 c | tKwofiwtvctaffiw] tKWOptv- 
oovai <re k: woptwrtaaiw m: fornicemini )S: fomiceris Spec: 
+ o'c Oi ^vyarepct <rov M(mg): +«•€ degjnpstvz | orco-w — avriaw 
i^] /0j/ ^j aiien[os] 1^^ | rwF ^ewir] (om 16): om ntfi^ km | 
om ifoi 1" — ai;rwr i® 1/ Spec | Bvoovoi m \ rott ^coit ovtiiw] 
eis C I Kot 3*> — (16) Xafinit mutila in ]/* | (om koi xoXccrwo-iy 
et 30) I icoXco'OM'ii' cfmy | ^717 mn | (^v/iarwv] Bvoitaw AFM 

10 Xa/3i;t] ne capias ^-mg : suma/is Spec | riiw^ Bvyartptmf 
i«] ^/wj 1^^ I raw fo] pr tK ckm | avriiw^ i*»] avrov {%'' \ oov 
i*»] uestris Spec : aimtfr 1 | Kai 2^ — avrtaw i*»] sub -r- SS: bis 
scr l/''(ttid): om F***l | rvw Bvyartpiow eov] Ji/ias tuas 1/'': 
filias uestras Spec | hm] dot d: htaatit Achkrooruya, : thao^it 
a: om f: nedeslL-rngx delis Spec | tKwopwtvffioffiw i<>] v i<>et w 
ex corr ^ i tKwopwtvaowriw Abdwyi" | at Bvyartpts ffov] (post 
avrwr 3^* 16): om l^*(uid) | rtaw Bttaw i<>] rtaw vnaw w: om m 
^1 om irat 4* — avrww 4? Afghxa^l^^ Spec | tKwopwtvouoiw 1"] 
tKwopwtvaovoiw abcwyb, | ot wot B5S] rott vtott ejk : rout vtovt 
FM rell 9)SC£1/: (at Bvyartptt 18) 

17 rotiyo-ctt atavna] fadetis nobis Spec | o"eavr«] eoi;r« d 
pt : ctavrow x 

18 om irat cf im95S | 0i/Xa{i}] 0vXa^t x : ^vXa^ett bluw | 
^yi] «^ ckm: 0uXa|i; d | errrraX/tat] erreraXrat x: twrtX- 
\oiuu mu: CFeretXa/tiyv n | O'ot] oai c | ett row Koipow] Kara 

1% rott — Tijt] 0^ rott eroticoMO-t n^F yifw v | wpooKOfifia tw vfuw] 0' wpoffKOfifia tw vfuw v 
13 /Sw/tovt] Bveioffnipia F*» | aX^] ovwdtwdp.. rowoi F*» 14 jyiXurow] /taicaptoTor twaiwtrow F*> 

15 icat 1° — avrc#r i®] 0' J Kai tKwopwtveuoiw owiota raw Btww avrtaw v 
16 at BvyarMptt o'ov] rat ^vyarcpat eov sz | tKWopwtveuoiw i**] fMKpvwovct F^ 




19 fcaipop iv fjt/tfvl T&v vimv iv y^p /Afjvl r&v viwv i^\0€9 i( Atythrrov, ^^wav Siavotyop fiijrpavt B 

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^vyiov XuTpwcff irpofidrtp^ ikv hi fitf Xyrpwa-tf avro, rifi^v Sdxret^. irav wpfororoKov r&v vl&v 

11 trov XvTpfoafj" oifie 0^^170-17 ivayn-iov fiov /cevo^, *'Jf fffiipa^ ^PJff '^V ^^ ^fi^^M'V fcardiravat^' rip 
ai fnroptp Koi r^ ap/i^rtp Kardirava-i^, ^/eai ioprifv efiZop.aZwv irotTjirei^ fioi, apxv^ Oepifffiov 
33 TTvpov^ Koi dpxhv trvvaymyfj^ pLecovpro^ rov ipuivrov. ^^rpeU Koipoif^ rov ipiavrov o<l>0iia€Tai 
^4 irap aptrepitcop cov ipwiriop Kvplov rov deov ^lapai^ ^Srap yhp itcfidXm tA I0prf irph wpoad^ 

wov trov icaX nrkarvpfo rh Spui aov, ovk- iwiOvfu^a-ei, oifSeU t^9 7^9 <rov, i^pitea Ap apa/Saipj^^ 
15 o^>0rjpcu ipapriop Kvpiov rov $€0V <rov rpeh Kaipoh^ rov ipiavrov, ^^ou c^Mi^ei^ hrl ^v/xp atfia 
96 Ov^afidrwp fiov, Koi ov KOifi/rjOi^aerai, ew to trpoDi dvp^ira r^v koprrj^ rov irdaxa. ^rk irptoro- 

ycpijfiara rrj^ 7^9 trov tfi7<r€i9 eh rop ol/cop Kvpiov rov Oeov trov. ov irpocoiaei,^ appa ip ydXtuen 

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a3 Tovpiavrou A*(rou tp- A") 


iccupor fi: ift tempore suo % \ (om cy /Ai^n 71) | ysuwi 1°] pr rw 
Mc I rw9 9twf I**] rw vttup x : rw rew In | om er a® — axyvwroM 
f I t9 a«— rcwr a®] in ipso mim ft" : om nsa^b, | cf 70^ ^ijfi] 
rw 70P fiiyri achkmor: ep fxp rto /tapn AFMbdegijlpt-wyz : 
om yap W/ | rwr vcwr !<>] rw r«^ b'lmx | c(] vc yP biwBC-ed 

19 mp i<^— optrfFura] «mi«^ mastulum (om masculum codd) 
ffM^ a/m!^ uterum mihi sit et omnia mascuia peeoris tut Ik : 
mastulum omne qnod aptriit uterum erunt mihi C | diayoi7or] 
de ojfoiyw c | ra apo-ffvuca] pr jrot irarrc#r rwF imififuv eov m 
j&(sub <S> ^ : pr frojma^ rtm icniwfaif k : icoi frorrwr 7»v Knpftmf 
ow rwr opffMPuntif c : ^ri^ maseuUna 1^* : «r»^ mascuHttum D9 
M/: (+irai warrwf r«r Knfwiap trov laS) | frar «• B] om AFM 
omn ftBCEl^: <«« 71.78) I trpwrorwcor i<»] pr Uc 3 lin 
initio folii 1 | /moxoi^ e(uid)l/ \ om koi- rpworoicov wpofia- 
Tov fb, I om wpttroroKotf ^^ bckmwxl^5S | wpoparw] fjtoox^ 

20 om Ktu H*^*) I wporroTOK<0 vwoj^tov] aiyiov f | xpo- 
paru] rpo^Twtf s: xpopara 1: xpoparov cf: om A****** (Xw- 
rpwffiy wpofiarw in rog et sup ras A^^x: +ras (i) b, | om foi 
F*(sapraBcr F') | Xvrpucri i*»] XvrptM^ I | om avro — Xvrpu^ 
30 w I avrti] avrw cmn: rpofiaru hs(del s**): om AFMbegjl 
yx-bJUS I Ti^v] (riAttf 71): TOftfiv c | dcM^eit Bachkmul^] pr 
avTov nfl[]SC : dtMiit x : dw^i^t avrov f i : + avru a^ : + avrov 
AFM rell 5S | utwr] rticvuif n | om Xvt/hm^ 3® 1 | om ovir — 
K€Pot k I oiMc] priccu cm9£j&(icai — icerot sub 4> uid) | /iov] ou 

21 lyftffpat] VM^po* *^ I e^do/ii7 Bao] pr lyftepa n| AFM rell 
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Tavofi s(mg)z(mg): oyaraiwctf n: ofavavaii egJ8(txt)v2(txt) : 
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ex corr) : ^v/to FMeghj-nsvy*'zaab,iB : immolatio WL*' : i«- 
molationis 1/ : sacrificium £<=^ : eu^ra x : BvfuafjLa Ad : y?r- 
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f^paiyX] pr miki 9-ed : miAi fPcodd 

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ik]iiio-iiwxya,b, Eos C3rr-ed: cronrcor c | aproif] aprov Phil: 
( + 3< 31) I om iroi 3^ f Cjrr-cod | v9wp] pr ro d : sup ras k* : 
{oi¥oif 16): om a, I ra — wXaxw^ BqmC Cjt] om rcu/raaho: 
ffvc TMT rXairwi' ra fnifULra ckmnx^l31/i& : evt rwif ( + duo A) 
w\aK. ra /nifA, ravra AFM rcll (i4.i6.i3o(raim^ 14*16.130)) 
S I om Ttit 8ia$iiKii9 f*S I om rous f* | dwJcira 1 

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Cjrr-ed | /utfiwi^t] /umi^ kmn | e« i«] sup ras (3-4) i«*: oro A 
Cyr I opowf i« BahnxiHL Or-gr Cyr] +o^tFo AFM rcll fllSSiS 
^^jUfiDll) I a« ^uo] pr t^ov fir^S: i9ov ai AFMegjIsvy-b, : 
(idov 30) : tdov duo dpt I rXcuet] + n^ dta^in;? ckmSU&(sab *^) 
Or-gr: •¥ lapideae erani B | crt — ^^iwu0^] «' ratt x*P^^ avrov 
Gir : in manu sua C | en] €k x \ /uavffri] fuavattat qa : /umh; 
kmn : avrov x : a^/tmj gran^ % \ om Karafiavorrot —fjuaetit m | 
KarafiaiPorrot 3c] /rai iraro/SoiMrrot x | ffaro/Scurorror] koi ra 
patpot c: KaraftoimMf 1^ Eus | om d< i<> q | avrov I®] avrot 
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futvffjft AFM rcll 1/ Or-gr | ti—Tpovvrov] fades eius ei color 
aspectus %\ color uuUus S: i^o xpwntxotf 18) | om rov 3<» — 
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avrof Eus | avroif avrto] avrw kp dca re^eXijr x | avro*'] (post 
avrw 14): Z>Mm B: om In | avna] tavrta a,: cum Domino S 

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b-^(om vi j*"")k-npstv(txt)w-baaBB14S Or: +rw vitai^ 
Eus I om iffpariK h | om toi'— (32) i^/)ai7X E | /uMn;i' kmn | 
fiv] pr ^r^ (J: -»-3€ F* I 1; — wpoo<arov] fades eitts et color 

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a' o' (isiimctm (f iestimonii SS 

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Mi(-l-ras 7 litt) rcll BCi5 Or-gr Eus Cyr | <om rov wpo^^rou 
i6> I wpoaeyyvaai a, | avrov i® Bhi*oaJ av, ex corr t^i 
awrm c: avr« AFMi*» rell Or-gr Chr Cyr 

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cXaXiy^c lumtrnt wpot avrovt 130) | avrovt /u#oift Bkmn Cyr] 
fuevnit avrovt c%jsz : avrovt /uovojit AFM rell j nu freorpo- 
^9^0^] («tt arerrpo^ifo'ay 31): erwrpa^nfaap de ^z twt- 
rrpaifni 3e b': </ conuersus ^/ B | om rpot avror f | om 
aoftw irai C I Oi a^x^^c'l post ouraTtryirt s: om z | eXaXfoey] 
ccaXto-er c | avrotr futvarp Br] rpof avrovt /M^v^ip achoqux 
Cyr: futvarit wpot avrovt AFM rell (^Mnft kmn)9U6: vpot 
avrovt Chr 

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sub -7- JS I om varrct sxb, | om oi c | vioi] wpt^ftvrtpoi A 
(sed Oi Tp€fffivr€poi ifX xoije sup ras ct in mg A*) | om 
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crerciXaro I® B] eXaXi^er AFM omn fllSIEUS Cyr | Kvpiot 
post avrop Y* (18) 91/ Cyr | avro¥ i<> sup ras o* | om cr o | 
^cira] pr na ms(mg)xz(mg) : r« <rirai n 

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13 II (irai «r«taiy] erciaiy de 31) | tvtihri] ewti F^'Mdcijlnprstvz: 
exi F^fgajb,: ore x: (ryerero ore> | xarrravaew] 
•^fiwwrit Ac Chr: -^-fuofffp k | XaXwr] pr qu: XaXetr f Cyr- 
cd I ovrovf ] avror i* | eretfiyirer] etfiy/rer eg jsvyz : erttfci Paul : 
-H de a, I ewi — avrov post KoXvfifia 9IS Paul | om ro qu 

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KoKv/i/ia 2 Cor iii 16 || ijrijra d or] ijrtjra or q(iptdar q*) | d or] 
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om Chr | erarrt jtv/kov bis scr p* | ofOMri] epoMriotf ab Chr 
Cyr: cronrtor c | irv/Nov] pr rov Chr | XoXcir] XaXttp h Cyr- 
codd I avrw |0] avro d : avroif x : om Chr | wtpitipotro] reptet- 
prirta (p ex corr ^) f: wepiiipei anr Chr Cyr-ed|: w€pi€pp€t x | 
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p€V€<r9ai n : e^X^eir avrop km : -I- avror c Chr | rao'irj sub -r 
SS: om fkquB | om roit a | vioit] pr oi a, | ooa] pr rarra 
dhnptyB£(uid) | erereiXaro post avru 40 km | avrw 30] avro 
X : eavrw a, : om c | Kvpiot] pr %** Cjrr-ed : sub -r & 

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or* fc3o|a^rac] om n : + if o^if row XP<^of ^©v wpoattwmt avrov 
cegjiiUT(mg sub 4^)zi6 h 0^ sab 4^ ^ JS | rov XP<''^] ^^ 
XpM^rot m: om egjss | om rov wpo^vrov m \ om avrov e]: 
■k-uisus coloris uuUtu Hus 9 | om mu s^^-avrM m | w^^^- 
^ccf] imponehai % \ /M#vr^] ^w^ift kn | xoXv/^ia] pr ro AF 
Mo-gijll»tiry-b,J6"W(ro coXv/mm sub 4^ o^ ^): «ara«aXv/i^ b 
o(pr ro)w I om cvt ro wpoatawoif nEf(iud) | om ro ^^ bnp | 
cavrov] avrov Aa-dhi*lnpqrtuwzya,b, Cyt \ om ei#t — avrw x j 
ffCM] i#f m,S<= I fto'ffXtfiy] (eio-fXtfoc 16): cc^X^c t: +avrof c 
S(sub 4^ a' ^ I <rvrXaXcty] ^vXXoXwr ^*(uid) : o-vXXaX^ac fi 
s(mg)z(mg) I avrw] tavrw Cyr-cod : Domino B 

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rwv w: om oh I om coi 4« 1^ | etver i« B] +rpot avrovt AFM 
omn TOSSMJh | om ovroi x | rociyo-ac] vomc x : wouw bckmw 

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wxlSSHLiS] irararowiyt c : iraravavo'ctf AM rell : (avavov^ 
33): requiesca %\ rtquiescdis C*^ | avtor ffofipara] ot smb- 
bahtm sanctum B | orp.99\ ayutif h*x : a^ta M(mg)df inpqtul^ 
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bccgh^-monvw7-b,^£(iud)i( | om ayarawit irvpM# m | ora- 
vavTit] araravo-cct Ahn: ai^avavr^t cq*: (caravaw'ett 71) | 
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AFdtg-yp-yyzbJEMJb : t^ avny e/ryMr a, : er avny tpya f : er 
avn# tpyao 1 : cf cavny fpy^ o \ avno M(mg)a | rcXevrarw] 
rvXc^arw 1 : om % 

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(irarairau^ere 16) | xaroicta] pr ny ra, : (ny ouoa 16) : ouct ca c | 
iltuo¥ X I n| ly/M^] pr CF AFMb-«^j-nprstvwy-b, : + n| tpdofui 
f I rov otLfiparov h | om «>«# cvpcot F^*fmxS^l^(txt) 


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np 31) I vcmt] pr riir m, : om h | om XcTtrr 1° — \eytw a® m | 
om X«Ywr i<» x | om ro F* | «v/Kot] pr ws | om XcTtir i» 

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pr r«# cdegjkmnpttx | om wm—Kvpuo i» f | (<cxo/«erot 31) | 
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ffuf] aforotHi Ojfirat Or-Ut | Kvput a«] pr r«# cdinpt : om xfi | 
Xpwor X I apyvpior] pr koi cmlSSiS : upyvpoo ex : om f | 
XaXiroy] pr ^ ISS : x<>^«<^ ^ 

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cmSBJS(sub 4^ V) : vop^vpotf q | om kokku^w 3crXovr diOPt- 
nivfitpoif f I coiririFor] pr koi bcimqawABJS: irociror gj | 3c- 
wXovif] dcrXov A (divXov Ataydnfo^^icyoF in mg et sup ras A*) : om 
F*>'xlr I om 3iayen^fMyoy Fckmya,mSi( Or-lat | fiva^ow B] 
pr irat AFM omn SIBSUS Or-lat | cwXii^/ienfy] sab t- JS: 
mtrXM^AAemyt x: om F*>* | ifai r/Kxat acytaf] om tx: om cac 

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dcp^ttara i^ n \ om koi dtp/iara vaxufBtwa a, | voKu^tpa] v sap 
ras F I om ca« 3<> Or-lat | o^ifrra] +Kai tXaior ctt iravo-iF koi 
apunara koi cXoior rov xp^r/uirot koi $vfua/ta riop yfivoitArmw 
pbnf . ^.jcai cXoior cif ro ^m% cat apw/iara cif ro eXocor nyr 
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bulum S^: ( + irai cXacor «if ro ^mt koi apttfiara 18): +kui 
ffXoior nyf xP^**** '>< "V^ $vfuafuk nit ffwOt^emt egjnsz (133) 
[om nit 1^ 133 I om nyt vwBtvtm s] 

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diovf Mbeklmpa,9l (-^ot lapida smoLragdos) \ eit s^] pr cat 
egj I ror] pr ect AFbdegjlps(eirw/uda cat ctt sup ras s*)tTwy- 

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ftt ro ^tn KOI aptt/uLTa ttt ro fXator rift XP^^^ f^^ ^' ^<> 0vfua(M nit ^wBwowt sv (4^ ante /rat 30) z: o^ cat (vXa OKOJfdufOL 
Kou eXator at ^avauf koi apttfiara ctt ro t Xator nft XP^^'^ "^x «*' '''O ^vfua/M rvo nfivaiiATtop STZ 

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^ s I om ro svz] 

SEPT. 27s 36 



rots ^rrvXats, "xal rifw mfimrop rov fioprvplov koX rois awa^opu^ airr^ «al to iXm4rr^pia9 ii (ii) 
f 1^* t^Mfff Kol ri KOTOfwirturiia^ ^^scal rk wria t^ ovX^ koX rms orvkav^ wt^, •'^ gal ro^ J^ ^»»> 
XiBev^ rfft aftapayiav, ^mal to Ovfiiofio^ teal to iXtumw tov j(pLaiia'nK^ '^mU Tifv T/Nnrt((ii9 ^ |j^ 
«al wdrra tA o-zrct^ 0^x79, '^luu t^ Xuxpi^u^ rov ^mm tcaX witrra tA o-icevif wr^, '^jmI to ^ |^ 
0vauurTfipiOP €€U irdpra rit a-Mewj airov, ^koI t^9 otoXA^ t^ a7MK *Aapmw rcS Upim^, mL 18 (19) 

10 Mu ra a»Tg«iXiy/MiTa B^^ on B* | p mAm n B* OwX' B*"") 

«4 X^w^^^'w B* 


9 on «u— €X^«<r x | ^o^] pr o r | nf ] (pr cr ii8>: 

oMt %: (om cf 15) | ippur o*S(tzt) | cX^i#r] €\Brrt0 a | c^7«- 
ft##i#] >«ye##i# x: -l-cv tr^ur a: +v|ur o | rorrm or«] aperm 
qma€ 11^ : M#a eg) : om vcfts AFj | MfMf ] + oj^ur x : •¥faure 

10 np €Ki(piiii\ cv nf #xipif f | om ra i^ tg) \ wmpfvi»aTa\ 
wupapt^fUirm 1 : wmpa^fmipmra e : wmpm^ptfy/tmra t : +atfnrt F^ 
doAUHwah ^ €fi^) \ am Kturm KmrmnXvit^mrm B^(txt)m | 
Kmrmn\9ft0MTm B*Hor] KmnXvfi^amrm d : nrmXwfimrm. p : ^Xaiipi- 
IMm A: ceraXi^^rs cimpt k: ccXayMwr« ovrff FV: mXiipt- 
|i«r« F*M(mg) rell: +««k/ 4U5(sab «^ c/V-) | ^rorui] auiTM 
n: +«vn|t ca« r«t wmwtimit avni9 F^cmfltS («vnft i« sab ^ V 
ct «vnff «• iob ^ y 0^: -^mrmt wmptitu ovrff »(mfMwag}: 
-l-MU TOff rsvi^ k I rtvf ^mx^mw] c^ammu mtf S^: +«*r9t 
F^cmflUSifob ^) I rai rwf wrvXmn] mb -r S: imc^ tarmm 
C^: +atfnrf Mu rat ^a#nff avnft F^»cm(ftimrf 3<* bis serfiUh 
(•vnff i<> sub ^ V et ovrff 3® sab ^) : -f coi rat /fa#0it k 

11 in» (15) ovnff sab -t- i^iu^) I ^•v fui^rvpMv] pr np 
p: ikfiiMMfiri 1^: om F^'k | om mu y» o w riyi i® W | tm«] 
rot b': rft g | «>a^<fi >i f g | ovnyt i«] sap ras o*: avmr dp | 
om uu 3« — «n«ycra#^ g | om mu 3* wir ip i i® F^ | iXorrf- 
^mt] /tmfrvptm d | om ovnyt 3* hxft | r» w i r mrf ra#AMi] airAriii 
tpertuHit c^htmnas titu d kuamrumWi^i +atfnrf flS 

12 om totom comma F^'cgkmS^S | ro — a«X^] e^mp^H' 
Honem altarii % | rft avX^] avn^ y \ rovf mikmn oirnpt] 
tutits IS I ovrff] YTff atiX^ a, : om F^* 

18 om totam comma F^^'S^ | om ««< k | r^ #/ia^arie»] 
provnff qa: pr rtvt AF*MfUof*ty : rovt ^/tap&yimn l^mA) \ 
nit] TP9tr* 

14 cat i« — (15) avrift in nig et sap ras A* (om comma 15 
A**^) I om totom comma FMbegjk]srw7-b,lSfi | ro Bwfun^m. 
Bfll^] -^nit €vw0€9Htt coi ro twiswarrpm nit 0vpas nit #xi|nft 
o: ra 0viuafimra A* rell S | om ««< f^—xfur/imrm cmSb \ ro 
3*] ror d: om r | rmt xp«#Marof] rift xp^^^n x: (+cXaior c«t 
ro ^i#t m tLpmftmra tit ro eXocoo nit xp^^ttt xmi cct ro $wfuaf»a 
nit 0wB9C9m 64.83.118) 

16 om «Bi I* k I rparefiar] + nu root a^a^opttt avnft F^ 
C^: -!•«■< ro eXcuor r^ xf^'*^ M | avnyt] om F^': +nu ro 
#wrffMi^ np rpart ^ ««< root mm^opnt atmft ki wwrrm, r» 
^Kttfii avnit mfiJ6fpm koi i^ Sb \ avnit 79] -k-et pamm umiius 
f[: +// pana uultus % (ca« ir*—uuUus sub 4>)]: + rat ror 

10 Kox ra m^a^ftara] ecu rat rtpd... F^: 01 X cat ngp avewfiw atmft Msvz(sine nom) JS («' o^ ^ pro oc ^) | coi t^ — 
/ioxXovt] ffoi ra tcarorca ^ irm rat fftunBtLt avnit cat rovt fiox^^v ^ S' icai rat wtpomt atmft «u rat ^ayi^at cat root ^M^Xovt 
a' cat rovt Kpucmn atmft cat rat o-ari^at ... t | irat ra dcaroria] irac m Kput . . . F*^ | 3iarorta] a' nputmn 9* wtpmas MsvzJH (a' 
^ ^ pro a' et ^ ^ pro oO : Mpuccvt h \ kui rwt orvXovt] 9* 4i^ koi rovt rrvXowt mu rot ^a^eit atmft a' rowt orvXovt atmft 
cat rot fi9€nt aifnft ^ cat roi^ aa#^aXovt atrrft cat rot pa^nt atmft t 

11 cat I*— atmft i*] 0' mu nfr Kifimw «u roi/t ara^ofwt a' #«r ro ^Xci^vom^tor irat roiw apg^ywi o^ nfr Kifittnm cat 
rotit ara^opfit atmft t | ara^O{pfit] Xorr... F^ 

la «#ria] irrap(?)ia(?) F* 17 (wn^yaorpor ) ] ntwm^ffu F* | (coc ra trvpc^^] a' • d ftma % 

18 cat I* «.rX] ra ifiana rft tnrov|p7<af rot; vwovpyeuf tit ro a^tor F^ 


ofTor ror criMr . . . F^ : + sot root a ^row roo y ^ o ms o o c 

16 cot f«— «aTift post (17) ovrov A ) om totom comma cf 
lii*jlsx I om roo c | om cat s* — atrr^ k | vorra sab -r S ) 
atmft] om F^': + cat rovt X«xroot airrft «a« ro tXaior roo ^wrot 
aii9£'S(sab ^ 0')i +m rovt X«xrovt avnft . . .ro cXator nft 
<avr... F^: { + ... sot ro eXoior rov^wrot ««< rovt ya#oaXovt 
nft avX^t rat rat rroXat ia^MV t^cwt cat rot oortlot atmir cat 
rat fiarms atrmr cat rovt o^najta^ras nfr rpmrt^ mm rovt 
o^roOT rov v^oowov cot ro tXaior rov ^w r o t 130 bd^ 

17 sac i «* avi ov ] sot ro hm»0t* viff 9w0 tm t m so* ro cot- 
wwmrr p m nft #sy af nft rv^rft d: om z | rat ■•] pr sac ro 
foraarrffior rov 09fumfmrm sat rovt (rat c) ara^ywi avrsv sot 
ro cXotor rov Xfi^^^ovv* *at ro 09fi»0» rmt€w0 tm m n sot ro cvi- 
O Bo o i^ or nft #ii^t nft rv^rft F^cmflQE^S(rat i* av rov s^ 
^ #^ : pr rat ro cXator rov x^<^^Mtrof rat ro #»^a^ nft wm- 
#f#fwt MH ro cy«#ra#r^or nft #sy at nft O'Cfrft F*Mcgjklpstv 
ia^,<64. 834^)186^ [om rat i«— XP>^^>««^ M | om rat i* 84 | 
rov xpi^itmrt] nft x^>^««w ^^S' om p | x^<^^wrot] xf^- 
/tmrrn F' : ^wrot 84 | Tift3*]pr^]8]: prratro ewww n^ r p m 
nft #sfat nft ^Kfr^t bw(om ro b^ | #tirarr^^ior] +nftoXorav- 
nr ro w t sat ro sornmi^ ro xaXxovr ro atrrov rovt ara^ofot 
avrov F^"'ckms(mg)T(iogMing)VS<J6[sab <^ #" ^ i( j nt] 
pr ^ T I nft oXoMurrMrcwt] rov oXosotrr... F^ | sornr^r.. 
F^ I ro avrov] rov avrov sat m: rat F^: +«/ S' | om rovt 
aro^ atirov k] | sat t ^ av rov ] cot ra wtpi^wm. atrmr k : ror 
X oviya cat nfr /ta#tr atrr . . ra trrta nft atiAft cat rovt #rvXovt 
atmft cat rat /to.... airrft cot ro t www mrr p m nit 09fm$ nft 
avXift cat rot/t vaXovt nft #cfrYt cat rot/t va#iraXovt nft asAift 
cat ra rx9ii9.. atrr.. F**« | om ra F* | avrov] avrwr w*: 
{atrrft 16): + cat ror Xotmfpa cat nfr /Sarcr atirov cat ra irrta 
nft avX^ cat rovt rrvXoot avnft cot rat ^a#ctt atmft cat ro 
fvcrra^r^or nit wXift nft avX^ cat rovt «a#vaXovt nit ^c^nft 
cat rovt va#iraXovt nit avXift cat ra tnpt^wm, mtmrn cms(mg) 
v(iiigyE(mg)9S'JS [cat i« sab «^ #" S | Xovrf^] +sat ra 
o'cvvif avrov m | cat 3«— ovrwv sob ^ S | tona] t^iona m | 
om cat 40— avnft i« c | cat 5«— avXift i9 post avXft 3<> m | om 
cat 5«— avnft «• cs(mgH>Dg)<(<Dg) I ••''V «*] ^armm W | om 
cat 69 — avX^ 4<> c | om r^ avXift 9« s(mgM>DS)<(>Dg) I on 
cat f* y c yfi ms(mg) | om cat 8<»— avXift 3* s(mg) | rovt 3«] 
rat m | avrMr] atmft c] 

18 cat i<» — ce^Mft post avratt (er rw aym) ckm^Kom cat 
ed)i( I om rat aTiot S | sa^wv rov uptm] <pr cot 83): rov 


XXXV 24 

19 r^9 oToX^9 ip aU XtiTovpyifaova'tp iv avraS^, '^/roi roif^ p^irSi^av roU vloU *Aapi»p lij^ iepa- B 
(IS) M x£a9, <'5)/ifai to i\mop rov 'xpuriiaro^^ teal to OvfdafM 7^9 aifpOiaem^. *^Kal i^\0€P 

91 iracra avpof f my i l vt&v ^la-paiiX awi M€a<n), "icai Upeytcap Icoorov tip i^€p€P avr&p 17 tcapSla^ 
xai Saoi^ iSoftP t§ '^tvyi avrmp, cufxUpefUf xal ijpeyxap a<l>alp€fAa Kvpt^ w vdpra r^ ipy^ 
rfj^ a-icffPfj^ Tov f$aprvplov koI eh wdvra r^ xdrtpya avr^9 xal eh irdca^ r^9 trroXi^^ rav 

93 aylov. ^icaX ffPerfKap ol ApSpe^ tropin r&p yvpeu/c&p* va^ f iSo^ r^ Buufole^ Upeyxop a^pa- 
'>fihcL^ KoX ipwTui teal BasrrvXlov^ teal ifiiwXiKUi koI vepM^ui, wop aicevo^ ^^i/o-ovy* xal 

33 wdpT€^ iaoi i^peyfcap a^aipiiuna xpvalov Kvpi^. ^^xal trap* ^ evpidti /Sva-ao^ koI hip^ra 

94 wuclpOtipa icaX Sipfiara icp^&p fipvOp^bopmfkipa, ffpeyxap, ^ical irav a^ip&p rh i^uUpefAa 
ijipeyicop apyvp$op xai ;(aX«R(y, rh Ju^pi/Aara Kvpl^* koI irap oh evpiOff (vKa iaryirra^ icaX IT 1^* 

18 Xirov^Tiitf'ounF B* (Xecr- B**) 

91 lyprynv i« B^] wnf^KW B* 

aapMT f I rroKoit !•] +w»«r airrov F*» | Xarov^Y^waw Bafir 
S^aid)!^] XnTwpywcaf AFM rell Bi((uid) | ai/rcuf Bah] +«' 
rv ayiw AFM rell 91SC1.S 

10 Tur Mwv cmlMS | (nyt i»] pr tow 71) | om coc 9«— 
our^M'ffM FMcdegj-roo**pstvza,b,^nBi( | tov x^^^a^ »^ 
XpctfctM o*x I vwdwtmt] 99$99€m n : +«« to twiffrairrpw Tiyt 
#i^f rft o'npiff qa 

20 vo^or o-vra7«r)n|r x | cwayvrfii] pr ij Mejkmnsvza^b, | 
aro /u#0if Bn] mwo iimva^m qu: a facie MoysisH^x a Moysen 
l;* : vpot yMvoyff zl/ : om m : aro mc'vo^ AFM rell 

21 ifrryirai' i«] yfiftyatv dfia^b^B : onfrrycar B*h : ci^ijrry- 
ror mz | ciraoTot] pr fit x | wr — ca/»^ia] quibus quod dahat cor 
torum % I iM^] or cf : ocr bnwz : sicul m | c^/mt x | avrwr iy 
ffopdia] iy Kopdca avTi^r AFMdegj-inpqs-vyzb,9l(aid)i&(uid): 
fl KapSia avrov c: tp rri KtipBia avrvif m, | avruw i®] ovto** x : 
avr» f : dtis IMS | iy] pr cu oct edofey Tif f vxif avrw x | coi 
oo-otf] ffoXocr X I oo-oif] oit AFMb-egfajlnoprstTwy-b,l/(uid): 
sicui S I Tiy] 17 h I ^iocy] ira/)^ e | avmw 9<»] «vtoi; c*fB | 
o^cupe^ cm iri^fYcor] om mx : om a^ptfUL kui AFMb-egjkl 
npstvwy-b,9]SCi^S | a^iptfta i^] pr iiftygw qu : + «<# qm | 
ifyeyitar «•] ferebant ?l-ed : + ai/Tocr f | a^aiptfta a*] pr to k : 
pr Tw c : adla/[io']^tcm Wj' \ Kvpitt] pr t« bdnptw : £>mi Wj^ : 
om qu I vorra i®] sub -r i(: om IS | ti^ ^inpnift] rov iv cr 
Tif ffinini f I ecu 4« — avnrt] et omnia sicmtdum opera ei$is B : 
om b'l I om kui «f rorTa 1 | Kartpytt] tpya Flmr*y : cepaTa 
a, I avnft] avTMr hiS : Tiyr 71ft x | eir ro^of ] roo'ar sub t- S^ : 
om k I TOV ayiov] pr avrrit rot qu : Tar 0710? f : sanctitatum 9-ed 

22 Ktu fiwrfK99'\ KvnivrfKW c (ex corr uid) : et acceperunt 
Or-lat I 7vrfluiri#r] + owrwr Abnwy Or-lat | irot «] ror m : 
vo^wr wr dprt : omnes quibus Or-lat : quod % \ ui\ fhqnxi& : 
m h9S: +ras (i) o | c^er] tSo^ao€P o: (die^o^ 71) | fifty- 
Kop 2"] pr KOI fiS Or-lat: om m^: -i-o^aipe/ia M(mg) | koi 
tpuru. post dcuTTvXiovff egjsvz | ecu daxTvXioi/t post cfirXoffia 
fi I iroc 4<* — rcptde^ca] km bt^iovt Km €fiw\oKta x | jrai tfiwXo- 

' cm] post Ttpide^ia bnwl/ Phil : sub -r- JS : om F^'k | tow] pr 
coi bdeghjkmnprstT--a,9ll8Sl/ | (k€u &* — if^eyKotf 3®] Tftoffif- 
9€yKajf 71) I coi vorret oo'ot] [ef\ quodqttod W/' : om F^xl/ | 

a I ecu o^oct cdo(ffr] 0' ca« o^oif tdc^ v | oroit — airrwr 9^] a' 00 tKovamoaro vr« atrrov M foo] ov or] v: ..trfcoivioo'aTo 
vra avrwr z 

aa w — dtoroia] a' cxoviriot KopSia Mvz: oXXor ecovo-ior Kopiuuf j (indice ad (31) tdo^cv posito): avtfa«/>crof T17 diatom 
or tKOvaaro wpa avrov tKovoiot capita] s | €fiw\oKia] rfrnxi^Ka i | wtpidt^] /SpaxtoXta i: wtpibtppta k 

33 ecu i^ — Kpi%tw] 9t KOJL rat onyp w tvp€$ii vop ai/rw vocir^ot cot vop^pa koi kokkwo^ oKKowvfuvw koi fivooat koi 
aiytuL ecu dtp/Mra Kpuop a' roc vat cunfp w tvptBif ovp ai/rw vcucu^ot cai TOp^pu koi o-cwXifcot dia^poo koi fivooot koi 
aiytia koi dtppAra ... o*' ecu rat cunfp rap m tvptSii wop avrw vcuro'tfof ««« rop^pa cot KOKKtwoo difia^ koi /9vo'^ot cat 
Tpcxcf coi depftara Kpuaif st [cot i<»] pr ^] s | (jrocciror)] a' uermis SS \ (aXXoiov^icror)] ^ bis iimtum 9' Htutum S | 
(ifrr^rcar Murcr^tra)] adif/i..ifr«7ccu' F^ | ifpv#po3ayw;tcra] a' o* ^ vrrvprnputoa y 

24 Q^aiptfia] o' (f primitias (wTVaX.^): a' vX 0' Sb \ Ktu 30 — wptOrf] o' ca< Torn oroit cvpc^ srz: a' <nu rat w 
tvptBfi wop avno a' koi rat atip w ci^p«^ rap avrw ^ cai rat or evpe&fi wop avn# t 

^77 36-2 

19 x^t'v^^A' A I icpaTciat B*AF | xP^i^/mi^m B* 
93 fipvBobaMuiuoa A 


rcu'Tft] -l-oi ar^t c^li((snb ^ a' 6^) \ oaoi\ om mC: -l-i|Xtfor 
a,: -{-eranili | iprycar 3^]yWvi^i/ lt-codd | om a^ptfukra 
Xpvoiov cvpcM m I a^ipe/iaTa] Oi^pt/JM AFMbce-lnrsv-ya^lS 
WM/&1 [ayi[ad]i[ayiimemM/' \ xpv^<ov] xp^^'^bxa: xp*^^^ 
cf (post Kvpuf i^)S: xp^o^ ^a • 0°^ ^ I o^vpitf] sub 4^ >' S : pr 
Tc« cktx : om P 

23 om cat !<> m | rap] rat AFMbegjlosvwjr-b^BSE: 
woMTi dnpt : rat anjp ck9il^(an|p sub ^ a' ^ : om ro | m] mn | 
tvp€$fi] pr ear a,: -hrap avrw AF^bckloptwya^b^^nid)!) 
%{u\d)Sb: +rap avTOV d: -I- rap ai/roct m: (-!-«' cuttm 71) | 
/Suo'O'ot] pr vaK9$ot irat rop^vpa cat cocciror aXXocov/icror cac 
Abckmowy^S^JS [vacir^ot cac sub 4^ o^ JS | om oXXocov/tcror 
Abkowy]: om FMa^baWB': + rop airrw F*»Megj: -hrap 
avTwr n : ( + rap avn* koi rat m ei^pe^ rap avrw 83) | cat 9* — 
ifyrjrcar] cat btpfiara Kpuaif iipvOpodawfitpa ipcyccu' ecu btpftara 
voKvBipa M(om cat i®)egjsvz : cat dtpfuira cptwr i|pvtfpodar«»- 
/icva cat dtpftarm if¥rfK99 voKUfBtwa F [om ecu t<> F* | om 
iiycTCcu* F^^ I ecu 9<* — lypv^podcu^/Mya] ecu btppuara Kpiuif 
ilpv0poSa9WfUpa koi Btpftara voKUfBtwa cdklmptagb,9]8fii6 [ecu 
i<»] pr cat Tptxet cuytat IdHS^i^sub 4^ ^ : pr ecu cuTta c : pr 
ecu cuTct m : om UiJaJSW | om bepfiara 9® p] | om cot btpftara 
voKUfBipa f I lypvtfpodcu^/tcra] -¥ ecu depfiara aiyta ACa^ta A*) 
y I om nfPtyKOif — (94) a^ptfta m | ifrrjrcar] ei atiuHi C: fire- 
bant 91 : om r 

24 om ecu i<> AF*MceghjklsTy-b,918SS | a^atpwr] 
a^aipttpMPot n: [fifi] ajferleba^ Wj^i qui adtuiii i/ | to 
a0atp€/ta] om x: om to AFMbnegjklnpqs-wy-b, | tiprfKoif 
fo — x"^^ B] ecu apyvpiw koi x^^f^oo m : apyvpwv eat xoXcor 
iprycar AFM rell ^1SSl/i6 [apyvptor] pr xfiwriop hnptB(+^) 
1^^ : pr xpvo-Mv d : c^»7vptov c : c^»>vpta x | om cat nb,l^* | 
XaXeor] xo^'^v c: xfi*^^ ^' I 9''<7'^a*^] pr ecu qui/: y^^- 
Aim/ 91]: (apyvptor if x<^<>'' rp^tycaw 71) | Ta a^aipe/taTa] 
rarTa a^ptfut n: OL^aiptpa b^Sl/*: om m | cvptw] pr t« 
Megjrsvz : (cvptov 64 mg) : om m | rap ott] rat «^ c : ram 
oo'ott km : omnis apud quern % : omnes apud quos % : apud 
quern Or-lat | cvpetfiy] inueniebatur % : -(• rc^» avrott Mcdegi* 
j-npstv£a,b, | a^iprTa] /«/... 1/'': +irrff7car n | cat 4* Bacq 

XXXV 24 


B €A9 ^dpra ri fpya t§9 tcaraa-iceinj^ tjpeyKav. ^^Kal waaa yuvij <ro^ ^r^'imvola rw xefwrly 15 
S ^* vijOeiv ijpeytcav pevrfo-fUpOf rifp vcuavdov teal rifp wop^vpav koX rh kokkwov icaX rifv fiva-aw 
^tcal wcUrai ai yvpaixe^ aU iBo^ep r^ Biavoia avr&v iv co^iff Ivtfirav r^9 rpij^a^ r^ alyla^. 16 
^KoX oi apxoPT€^ fjveyteav roif^ Xidov^ rfj^ o-fiapa/fBov Kol roif^ Xlffov^ rrj^ ir\ffp<»a€»^ eh r^P v 
iirwfiiha teal rh Xoyiov, ^tcal t^9 cwOiaei^ koI to Skaiov rfj^ yfiuren^ kclI rifp avpOeaiv rod 38 
dufuafiaro^, ^koX wa^ aptfp teal yvpif £p i^epev ^ Sidpoia avr&v elceXBopra iroulv wdvra rh 99 
ipya oca avpira^ev Kvpio^ iroirjatu avrh Biet MMV{n), Upeytcop oi viol ^IcpaifX a<l>aip€fAa Kt/p/fn 

d^Kal ehrev M»vcr^9 roU vioU *l<rpa^\ *lSoi> avatceicXfficev 6 0e6^ i^ ovi^iaro^ top Beo-eX^X 30 
TOP rod Ovpeiov rov^Qp itc ^t;X% *Iot;8a, ^^tcal ipiwXffaev avrop 'irpevfia ffeiop ao^ia^ koX cvpi" 31 
creay? xal hnartuji/ri^ irdvrwv^ ^apx^^eiCTOPeip icarcL irdvra rd ipya 7^9 ipx^f^^cropla^, voieip to 33 
Xpva-iop ical rh dpyvpiop ical rop ;^a\ir6i', ^tcal Xidovpy^cai rop XlOop, tcai xarepyd^eadiu rd 33 
(vXa, Kol iroieip ip iravrl fpytp <ro^ia^' 3^/ral irpoftifidaai ye eBmKep avr^ hf r^ Buufol^ avr^ re 34 

16 cuTeiar B**^ 
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31 ^<ior B**>] om B* 


rux] om AFM rell WOK%& | e<t — tpya] omnium operum fk | 
om etff xl3 I c^a] <rceinf hx | nyr xarod'mvip] nyt 9Kyfift\% hn : 
necissiiaium iabemaculi S | i^rjrKor i?'\ferebant 9 : om n 

26 raif — nnvrfKOM] mbat manibus suis etferebat % | x'P^^l 
+ avn|f cmBi&(sub 4^) \ n^cir] nierunt et 1/* | i^enya-fiffra] 
wtm^aiiMPJiif F*(-i'a F«"«) : neium ILSb : om B | voKtpBw'] -k-tor- 
tarn B I cm xoi 3<^ p | om koi ^^ dp | KOKKiPcuf] + ro aXXotov- 
fuww cm9U6 I om cat 40 d 

26 om a( yweuKtt x | ait f^ofci'] ai ey^ofoc f | ott] oct n : 
a« a, I e^o^or ib, | dtoyoia] KapSia ckmSS | avrwr] -favroit 
k I tp ffo^ia twfiffap] nebant sapientia %\ laborauirunt in 
sapitntia B: nfO'u m | w o'o^a] +avrait c | rat i<>] ra 1* 

27 lyi^Kor] ferebant IL \ nyr a'Aiapa7dov] pr roi/t b: ny 
fffiapayicf d: n^ ^ftapaydiot p: rovt ^fiapaySovt x9(uid): 
smaragdarum Sb \ nyr i<* — ^Xo7ior] in maieritm ephodi et ratio- 
nalis % I nyt 4<*] pr rovt F*dfiprtw | wXttpwrtwi] wvptofftwt 
n*: evfAxXiipwfftwt (16) Cyr-ed | om ett nyr e | om xot 3" a, | 
TO XoTtor Bab'hnqu Cyr] ccr ro*' rodiy/ni y: pr eir AFM rell 

28 KOI rat ovpBtaeit] rif r ffvfdtffoat A : ^/ oteum lucemae 
C^ I rat 0-vr0e0-cif] pr cir bkrxW(uid)l/ : roit awBwtfft f : in 
conpositionem %'' : + xac ro apu/ia Ktu ro c Xoior nyt ew9(fftu% 
F^: +mcens$ 3[; +if04 ro cXoior ett ro ^«m ck(pr ai/roi/f)^ 
i&(sub ^ ^) I om ffoc 9<> — irwd€9Uf f | (om koi 4® 35) | ro] pr 
ecf crl/ : om j** | eXocof n | om xoi 3^^-— tf v/ua/Miror ^ | rify — 
tfv/ua/iarot] ro BvfuafUL nit ffwOtaevt egjy | nyi' <rvrtfe<rty] ^^m- 
positionis ij^ \ aw$€fftp post Ovfuafuirot ckm 

20 om totum comma m | koi a<>] iy AchkptxjragbgB | 
yvnj] +omnis B | wr] oif x | c^fpcr] + «^ ^^^j < J6 | avrwy] 
avrou o* | ei^c Xtforra B*ar] c i^cXtforrct F*f ix : twtKBwrwf 1 : 
ecoiyXtfor rov B*'^ : t%ff%\Bv9 yap a, : tictXStuf eghjsvz : airrovt 
eureX^orrarc: tifftXBoirrat AF'MrtnE{u\d)W/^^>^Sb{n\d): in- 

trabant % : ingndiantur B | om wwra eghjsvz | om ra F* | 
oaa] a fq*>x: om q*u | avra xovtfioi h | om airra kft | ^ 
AU'vo^] ^/ <» manum Mods % | /iwvoi}] pr x^^9^ b,: yjmicjiv 
x: /Mi^iio-cwf qa: M*wiy n | lyyrjrJtay] pr koi b^l^: ferebant %\ 
+ 3c f I om o( eqr | (ora^ai/MAui 18) 

30 fiwffi^ kmn | k%k\jikw f | tfcoi] (0 in/pcot 30): it egh 
jsvz : Dms %^ \ ^ o»oitarot\ nomine 1/ : nomen 1^* : om Feg 
j I om roy fOx I /3e^eXei|X] Beseliellkx BeselelH^i Beseel 1/: 
/le<ro'0Xei|X n : Beluleel B^ | oi/pcioi; Baegj] opiov lo : ovpei Mk : 
ov/»iy m : wpt a, : ovpi AF rell : Uri 1,': £/r 1,^ | ror 3<» Bahn 
ox] qui est %: om egjl : mot Fcf i9l : viov AM rell B(uid) | 
«p] pr rot; n | om ec y | ^vXi^] pr nyt AFMc-gijkmpqs-vy-b, 

31 tPtwXfffftp] (aprrXffatP 31): + ^ f | ai/r« 1 | tfcior] 
intelligens B | om koc a<> r | ffvpt^mot koa rrioni/iii^] mtellectu 
ei scientia % \ varriiir (33) a^ircrrorecy] rai^a a^crerrorctr 
rBl/(uid) I rai^wr] sub -r J6 : om f kS 

32 a/»x<reicroreiF] post epya ck^l5S: pr rov f: arcAiteeti 
W/': a txti rtKTowucifi' x: om m | om irara — a^creicrortat 
dpt I Kara] Kai aoa^ : om hx | om nyt m | XP*^^ apyvpiop 
mnx I om koi to apyvpiop a, | apyvptop] xP^*^ o^^x j top] 
ro dfn 

33 (Xt^ov^ciy 33) I KaTtpyai<iff$ai] icaTtpyaaaffBai M(mg) 
degjlnps(txt)tvxz(txt)a,: KartpyaaBai b, | ra (vXa] ra (uXora 
degjnps(Mra sup ras s*)tv*(ttid)z(txt) : lignum WL \ (om woutM 

34 KOI I** — dtai'oca] quod dedU in ear eius {eorum codd) 
sapientiam 91 : et dedit eis censum 1/ | Tpofiipa^ai] -wpoafii- ' 
jSoo-ac bnx: iiwwonfiri i*': om k | 7*] pr a qu : spat 3 litt b,: 
re m: rat i**iixC(uid) : quae 1,*: otrrot i*(mg): om Afkpy | 
{M»K€P 71) I oi/n* I®] avTw o: ai/ror a: om AFMbcegh*>*j- 
mrsTwy-b^BiS | er ny dcaroca] om x: om ny y: +ai;rov cm 
i&(sub 4> f/3p.) I atrrw re] eius B : et os^J'i om% \ avrw 3«] 

25 rait X'/*^^] a' ^a(' X*^^ avnyt v | (ro aXXocov/tcroi')] a' uarium y bis tinctum Sb 
ay Xo^ior] wohipti wtpo',.. F^ 

99 ci^fX^orra — tpyo>] a' rov cFryrcir <it rar ro f/ryor sv: a^ urtPtyKtiP ett vurra ra f/rya $* rev 
€pya T I AO'cXtforra roceir] 0' eto-tX^orrat voifty s {-ra) v | a^pe/«a] a' ^ uoluntarium 9' uoluntarie % 
50 tf«ot] 0' ^ ^ it V 
34 wpopifiarai] aXXot ^lyo'ti' vro^c^ j : 0^ inrodcc^ MrsTZ (sine nom rsz) 


twtyxai c«t voi'ra ra 



35 teal ^Xidfi T^ rov 'A;^Mrafui/r ix ^i/X^9 Aai/* ^iviirXtfirev airroif^ co^la^ leaX avpicet^^ Biavola^, B 
Trdvra awiivcu irottja'ai r^ fpy^ tov a/ylov, teal rd v(f>avTd fcdi irouetXrci v^avcu r^ KOieielvfp icaX 
XXXVI I T^ fiwra^, woutv iray tpyov a^vr€iCTOvla^ iroucikia^, ' Kiu hroiffcep BecrcXtf^X xal *E\id/3 

teal iro? a(Hf>o^ T§ hiovoUf^ ^ iB66ff co^ia itaX iwumjfjifrf iv avroi^ cwUvai woi€W irdvra rd fpya 1 1^* 
1 teard rd Sjia teaff^^teopTa, leard wdvra iaa auvira^ev Kvpio^. ^KaX itedKeaev Mcnnj^ 

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teapStft teal irorra^ roi^ iteovaU^^ fiovXofUvov^ vpocnropeveo'ffai irpo^ rd epya &ar€ awrikiiv 

3 avrd' ^teai IXafiov irapd Mwai) irdvra rd d^aipifiMra & Hveyteap oi viol *lapa^\ eh wdura rd 
ipya rov dylov rroufiv abrd* teal airrol irpoaehexpvro^ iri rd irpoc^poiieva wapd r&v ^€p6vTmv t F* 

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nvnm b'(iiid)g* : tm n : om x | om re bg*w | cXui/9] pr rw Ab 
dnpqtuwy : ffXioc s : +rw rov eXui/9 d | rw] tw 1 : /l/io 91: om 
cfin I axtffofuuc Bkmoyl/*] axw^iAOP h* : axi^cMioax a : Achi- 
sama%i axM'CMuxW: •x<^ayaxbw: o^i^ofuur 1 : offxuvaiaax 
f : axivaiiAx AFMh^» roll M/ | ^wXiyi] pr rip FMd-gijlprstT 
za,b, I 5ay] luda 1/ 

36 om tFerXtftf-eF — ewtepoi f | ti^rrXiytf-ey — duuocar] guas 
impUmt wunie sapientiae % \ tpewXii^ep Bacbi(] pr Ktu AFM 
reU Vm I 0'o^r— Atayocat] menti sapientia B: [ly^ixM/vi ^/ 
intdUctum 1/^ : j/ium intelUchu 1/ | <ro^r] pr via tf eior h : 
<ro^uur F**^*lm: (^o^ 71) | om ircu irvrfo'ewt iiarocat h | kw, 
vvretf^ffwt] post diorocar F: ffwtfftm Koir: om AcklmwxyaJE 
i( : om coi aboqu | warra, o'vricnu roci^tf-cu] iroi O'l/i'Cf 1^04 roiiy^ai 
wturra M : ffvpuptu km woifiaai vtutra m | wtutra post wonyirai 
AFb-«gjklnpstv-b,9!8SlJS | ^^vrtci^at] sub -r J6 : om knxl^ | 
woiffaai] pr row f : +rarra h | om row a7iow F*»' | om koi «** 
AFMb-cgj-npq8(txt)t-wy-b,iBl/'J(S | ra i<»] rawra a | ro*- 
ffiXra] pr ra AFMbd-jlpqs-wy>b3J6(uid) : rouciXrura x | w0a- 
I'ttc — pvwu] €P mi vatcuf$w kcu er rif wop^vpa koi ey rw kokkiww rw 
aXXoiow/Acrw kcu rif pva^tt w^aru ck(om rw aXX.)m9S^(w0ai'ai 
ante tf i^)SS{ti' i^-^at 2^ sub 4^ ^ et rw oXXoiow/icrw sub •^) | 
w^oroi] pr ff«4 x: w^arra q: +cum purpura et hyaciniho et 
1/ I wpoKOKKUftt a, I ny] n/t s : om ao | toi^ «P70*'] rorra ra 
epTa X I o^irerrortar] a^crerrorca m: opxirtxTWiKW qu | 
vouriXiat] pr k9a fijJS: vourtXar dp: rociriX^ n^uid): om x 

XXXVI 1 om totum comma x | eroci^rey] fecerunt AS | 
/ktffXfifX] ^if/M/ %\ BeseUl l/«: ^\v9vi(k n | cXio^] ^/m^ 
B: fXiac s I rat] +a»iyp cm9J6(sttb 4^) \ 90^$ nf diovoia] 
sap[u]ins[se}n,.%^ | w] ohn | tdoBif] + va/Ni icw ckm9US(sub 
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