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Full text of "The Old Testament in Greek according to the Septuagint"


From the Library of Canon H K 
Coleman, B.D., 38, D.D., 62 




Cambridge University Press 
Fetter Lane, London 

New York 
Bombay, Calcutta, Madras 


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.- 1 RAM 




First Edition, 1894. 
Second Edition, 1899. 
Third Edition, 1905. 
Fourth Edition, 1912. 
Reprinted, 1930. 



1 - 

THE present volume completes the manual edition of the Cambridge 
Septuagint. The work was commenced in 1883; the first volume 
appeared in 1887, the second in 1891. Little is needed by way of preface 
to this last instalment of a long task. The general principles upon which 
the edition is based were stated in the preface to the first volume, and both 
the earlier volumes have been accompanied by some account of the MSS. 
used in the preparation of the text and notes. It remains only to add par 
ticulars relating to the volume which is now in the reader s hands. 

In the Prophets it has been possible to employ, in addition to the great 
codices BKA, the Codex Marchalianus (Q), the Codex rescriptus Crypto- 
ferratensis (F), and the Dublin fragments of Isaiah (O), as well as those 
edited by Tischendorf (Z). It is well known that in Daniel the text of 
the LXX. is preserved in one MS. only, a cursive, and not earlier than 
the ninth century. Before the days of Jerome the Church had ceased to 
read the Septuagint of Daniel, its room having been filled by the version 
attributed to Theodotion 1 . This is not the place to attempt an explanation 
of the fact, or to discuss the relation of the two versions to one another and 
to the original. But since the present is an edition of the Old Testament 
in Greek according to the LXX., the LXX. version has been restored in 
Daniel to the place of honour, whilst we have placed opposite to it at each 
opening the version of Theodotion, which, as the Greek Daniel of the 
Church Bible, must always be indispensable to the student of ancient 
Christian literature as well as of the literary history and the criticism of the 

1 Hieron. praef. in Daniel. . "illud quo- " ecclesiae iuxta Theodotionem legunt 

que lectorem admoneo, Danielem non iuxta Danielem. Ego quid peccavi, si ecclesi- 

LXX. interpretes sed iuxta Theodotionem arum indicium sequutus sum?" 
ecclesias legere."- Cf. Apol. ad Rufiu. ii. : 

Book. Daniel is unfortunately wanting in N ; but BAQ, together with T 
and a newly acquired Bodleian fragment (A) of a portion of Bel and the 
Dragon, supply a fair amount of uncial authority for the text of Theodotion. 
The Septuagint text has been derived from Cozza s transcript of the Chigi 
MS. ; but it has been thought desirable to follow Tischendorf s example 
and to give at the foot of the page the readings of the Syro-hexaplaric 
version, our only other authority. For this purpose a collation of Ceriani s 
photolithograph of the Syriac MS. 1 has been made by Norman McLean, 
Esq., Fellow of Christ s College, who has kindly superintended the pas 
sage of its readings through the Press, and has supplied the editor with 
a description of the MS., which will be found in the proper place. 

The great Vatican MS., whose text and order we have generally fol 
lowed, ends with the Prophets. For the Books of the Maccabees we have 
been compelled to look elsewhere, and since the Codex Alexandrinus is the 
only early Uncial which contains them all, the text of that MS. has been 
adopted throughout 2 ; in the notes to these Books use has been made of 
the Codex Sinaiticus so far as it is available, and of the important although 
relatively late Codex Venetus, which has been newly collated for this 

The Books of the Maccabees are followed by three collections which, 
if they cannot in strictness be said to belong to the Greek Old Testament, 
have some peculiar claims to a place at the close of the Alexandrian Bible. 
The Psalms of Solomon, though not actually included in any uncial MS., at 
one time followed the New Testament in the Codex Alexandrinus, and are to 
be found in several cursive MSS. of the Sapiential Books. The Book of 
Enoch holds an important position in pre-Christian Jewish literature, and is 
cited in the New Testament ; and the extant fragments of the Greek version 
of Enoch deserve for many reasons the serious attention of Biblical students. 
The Odes are printed as they appear at the end of the Psalter of Codex 
Alexandrinus, with the various readings of the Verona and Zurich MSS., 
the former from Bianchini s transcript, verified by a personal examination 
of the MS., the latter from Tischendorf s facsimile 3 . Some interest will be 
found in comparing the text of the Old Testament Canticles as they appear 
in MS. Psalters with that which they present in the Books from which they 

1 A. Ceriani: Codex Syro-hcxaplaris sary to admit a considerable number of 
Ambrosianus pJwto-lithographice edittts corrections from the other MSS. Occa- 
(Mediol. 1874). sionally all the uncial MSS. are at fault, 

2 Apart from the convenience of this and here a conjecture has been allowed 
arrangement, the selection is perhaps justi- to take a provisional place in the text. In 
fied on the whole by the character of the all such cases the rejected readings are 
A text of the Maccabees. But the copy recorded in the notes. 

which the scribe of A follows was so care- See vol. ii. pp. ix. xi. 

lessly written "that it has been found neces- 

are severally derived. The New Testament Canticles and the Gfj.i>os 

have been allowed to retain the place which they hold in the Psalter of 

Codex A. 

We proceed to give some account of MSS. not previously described and 
used in the apparattis of the present volume. 


Contains at present 416 leaves of thin vellum, measuring nix? inches, written 
in single columns of 29 lines, each line consisting of 24 to 30 letters. The first 12 
leaves, which were not part of the original MS., are occupied by (i) an extract from 
the Synopsis printed among the works of St Athanasius, here attributed to 
Eusebius ; (2) extracts from the Lives of the Prophets which appear in the 
editions of Epiphanius. The Prophets follow in the first hand, and in the order of 
Cod. B (i.e. the order in which they are printed in the present edition). 

In its original form the MS. was without interlinear or marginal additions, 
except a few corrections by the diorthata, and the Hexaplaric marks inserted in its 
text. Neither breathings nor accents seem to have been added by the first hand. 

This MS. was written in Egypt, and, in the judgement of Ceriani, not later 
than the sixth century. The characters are simple, firm, and free, with the 
exception of e, 6, o, c, which are narrow, after the manner of the next century ; but 
this peculiarity does not, as Ceriani has shewn, in the case of an Egyptian MS. 
require us to assume a later date 1 . 

The history of the MS. is of much interest. It appears to have remained 
in Egypt until after the gth century, and all the additions and corrections in 
uncial writing are by Egyptian hands. From Egypt it passed into South 
Italy, probably before the I2th century, and there the patristic scholia and 
a few readings in the text and margin, signalised by a preliminary yp[d(f>erai], 
seem to have been added in cent. Xin. From South Italy it was carried, 
perhaps by some Norman or French hand, into France, where it found a 
home in the Abbey of St Denys, near Paris. While in Italy the codex had 
received various Latin notes, chiefly renderings from the Vulgate and other 
elucidations of the Greek text ; and this process of annotation in Latin was 
carried on after its arrival in France. In the i6th century the book passed 
out of the possession of the monks of St Denys and became the property first 
of Rene Marchal (Renatus Marchalus Boismoraeus 2 ), after whom it is still 
named; and subsequently of Cardinal Francois Rochefoucauld, to whom it 
belonged about A. D. 1636. The Cardinal presented it to the Jesuit College of 

1 Ceriani, coiiitn. p. 36: "pro litteris e, utatur, in e, 6, o, c, formis Marchalianis 

6, o, c iam initia oblongarum formarum satis proxime accedit." 

reperire est in antiquissimis papyris ut in - Cf. I. Curterii frocopius in Esaiam, 

Iliade Musei Britannici etiam codex praef. j3. Kamphausen in Th. St. u. Kr., 

CaptiOAPutitSofltia., quern Hyvernat fere 1869, p. 743. 
saec. vi. dicit, licet crassiori typo scripturae 

Clermont, near Paris; a century and a half later, when the treasures of the 
College were dispersed, this MS. was purchased (1785) by Pope Pius VI. 
for the Vatican Library, where it is still preserved. 

The Codex Marchalianus has been used by a succession of scholars since 
the beginning of the seventeenth century, among whom were Morin and 
Montfaucon. It was collated for the great work of Holmes and Parsons, 
and portions of it were edited by Tischendorf in the Monumenta Sacra 1 . 
Dr Field used for his Hexapla (1875) all the materials for the presentation of 
its readings which were then available, and suggested and offered to defray 
a part of the cost of a photo-lithograph 2 . Ultimately a heliotype of the 
MS. was published in 1890 under the superintendence of Cozza, and a 
monograph upon the Codex by Dr Antonio Ceriani, which will take its 
place among the classical works of Biblical palaeography, was issued simul 
taneously by the Vatican Press 3 . 

To return to the MS. itself. A few corrections which are coaeval 
with the first hand may be recognised in the heliotype by the relative 
thickness of the letters as well as by their form; these are denoted in 
this volume by Q 1 . Other corrections in minute uncial characters, written 
by various hands and at different periods, are placed under the common 
symbol Q" ; and the same symbol has been used to represent the copious 
marginal annotations transcribed from a Hexaplaric MS. by a hand not 
much later than the original scribe. This hand has also inserted before 
Isaiah and Ezekiel two important notes evidently copied from the MS. 
which supplied the Hexaplaric additions 4 ; and to it is also due the writing 

1 Vol. ix. pp. 227 ff. (1870). 4 These notes, which throw much light 

2 Ceriani, p. 47: "de hoc uiro, Field... on the history both of the MS. and of the 
praedicandum quod circa annum 1875 pro LXX., deserve a place here. They are as 
codicis Marchaliani editione, eius prctii follows: (i) /neTeA^Sij o ijo-ai a? an-o OCTI- 
peritissimus iudex, ad me scripsit se da- ypou^ou | TOU a/3/3a ano\Lvapiov TOV KOLVO- 
turum italicarum libellarum quatuor mil- /Siap^ou | er oo KafHnrTcucTo TauTa | ^.T- 
lia, ut tandem codex integre ederetur qua Ar)<0i) o jjo-ai as e<c riav KO.TO. T<XS fKo ojo-ets 
meliori ratione fieri posset, photo-litho- tfaTrAtop ai Te/SATjtfij 6c icai irpos j tTcpov e- 
graphia nempe, si recte memini." aTrAout e\ov TT\V TrapaoTj/xetjtoo tj Tavrqv 

3 The volume is entitled, Prophetarum ] SiopdiavTaa ojcpt/3ios 7ra;<rai at e(c6"oo-eis 
codex Graecus Vaticanus 2125 | uetustate ai/Tt/SAijflijaai -yap Trpos Te|Tpa7rAovf TJ- 
uarietate lectionum notationibus | unicus <raia.v TI &< u Trpos efan-Aouy | n-pos TOU- 
aeque et insignis | heliotypice editus | au- TOIS icat Ta OTTO TTJS ap^7)s eios TOU | opafta- 
spice | Leone xm. Pont. Max. | curante i TOS Tupou arpt|8eo-Tepoi SiopSwTat | euiropTj- 
losepho Cozza-Luzi Abate Basiliano | S. cravTcs yap Ton ^e\pi TeAous TOU | opajuaTos 
Rom. ecclesiae uicebibliothecario | acie- Tvpou TOfiioi t^yijTiKuiv j etj TOV ri<raiav 
dit commentatio critica | Ant. Ceriani Am- toptyti/ous (tut oicpiu>s | t Trio-Tijo-acTes TTJ 
brosianae biblioth. praefecti || Romae I e fvvota. Ka.0 TJV e^7jyTj|o-aTO tKatnyv Atftv 
bibliotheca Vaticana | agente photographo Ka.8<u<; otovr[e TJI/] | icat irav a.p.<f>iflo\oi> KO.TO. 
Danasi | MDCCCLXXXX. The title of Ccri- rrfv cxfi[vov] ] evvoiav Siopdiaa-a^ea Trpo? 
ani s monograph runs : De codice Marcha- TOUTOIS av\VfKpi.6T] 17 Ttav e/36op.ijico> Ta ec- 
liano | seu i Vaticano Graeco 2125 | Pro- Socris | KO.L irpos Ta U TTO tuo-cjSctou ets TOI* 
phetarum | phototypica arte repraesentato | Tjo-aiai/ | ftpjj/nei/a ev ots Ste^ioi/our TTJS ef)?!- 
commentatio | Antonii Ceriani I bibliothe- yijo-etos TTJV evvotav ^Trjo-ai/Tes icai | jrpos 
cae Ambrosianae praefecti H Romae ex avTr/v iiop^ioo-ap.ei oi. 

bibliotheca Vaticana j anno MDCCCXC. (2) /ncTeAT)<fr^ 6e OJTO 

which covers the first 12 leaves of the Codex. Q b has been used to 
represent the cursive Greek hand or hands of the thirteenth century. 

It has been thought best on the whole to admit into the notes of this 
volume the whole of the uncial writing in Q, with the exception of the 
patristic matter at the beginning of the volume, and the memoranda on 
Isaiah and Ezekiel to which reference has just been made. In the Hexa- 
plaric notes the symbols a , cr (<n/), tf (# ) represent the readings of 
Aquila, Symmachus, and Theodotion respectively ; collectively the three 
versions are described as ol y or simply y , wavres (IT), or ol \oiirol; the 
last term is also used when two of the versions agree against the third. Oi 
o marks a true Septuagintal reading, where it differs from the text of Q; 1 
op stands for Origen, and the Hexapla is occasionally mentioned as TO 
e!;a.cre\i5oi>. The Hexaplaric signs employed in the MS. are the asterisk 
(*), the obelus (-), and the metobelus. The met obelus has not been repre 
sented in the notes of this edition, and the obeli in the photograph of 
the MS. are faint and difficult to detect 2 . The asterisks and obeli in the 
margins belong to Q a ; those in the text were added by the scribe or by a 
hand contemporary with him. 

By an elaborate examination of a number of test passages, Ceriani has 
shewn that the original text of Q, which agrees largely with that of Cyril of 
Alexandria and of the Memphitic version, is on the whole Egyptian, and of 
the type which, as we learn from Jerome, was current in Egypt, the 
Hesychian recension of the LXX. 3 


This MS. is a palimpsest of the Prophets which has long been in the possession 

of the Basilian house of Grotta ferrata, near Frascati 4 . The codex when complete 

ajSjSa an-o/Uvapiov TOV Koivofiiapxov fv la \ et acutos desidarant oculos, quia ualde in- 
Kadvima-KTO ravra fAeTeA.Tj$0T) a|7ro Tiav terdum euanuerunt, uel in margine scrip- 
Kara ras exScxreis f^a.v\tav xai | Siop6ia9r\ tura seriori fere obruuntur... primus fortasse 
euro Tiav upiyevow; avrov TelrpaTrAoj^ anra Tischendorf obelos retulit in partibus quas 
(tat avrov x et P SiopflwJTO (cat ecr\oAioypa- edidit. Locos alios plures contuli, et pas- 
<j>T]To- oOev eucre/Setos eyw | ra <T,\oAta 77ape- sim quisque facile conferre poterit." 
0T)ica- 7rafA<iAos Kac eu<re|j3eios Siop6u>- 3 Ceriani, p. 106. For the reference to 
cravTO. Jerome see the preface to the first volume 

1 Thus ojioiws TOIS o generally indicates of this edition, p. x; and for a discussion 
the agreement of one or more of the ver- of the Hesychian group of MSS., comp. 
sions with the Hexaplaric text of the Cornill, Ezekiel, p. 66 ff. 

LXX., as against the first hand of the 4 The library of Grotta ferrata, which 

codex. The interpretation of the marginal was founded in the eleventh century by 

notes is often a matter of some delicacy, Nilus of Rossano in Calabria, is rich in 

and the perplexity of the student is occa- Greek MSS., of which the convent became 

sionally increased by errors in the attach- a famous workshop(Montfaucon,/Wrtftf.r. 

ment of the notes to the text; see Ceriani, Graec. p. 113). Most of its Greek MSS. 

pp. 13 15. are palimpsest s. Cf. Mai, Spicil. Ron. t. 

2 Ceriani, p. 10: " attentos tamen obeli n. ii. p. 2 (cited by Rocchi, Codices Cryp- 

seems to have formed 54 quires of 8 leaves each, measuring, to judge from a 
photographed specimen, lof x 8 J inches ; the writing was in double columns of 25 to 
28 lines, each line consisting of 13 to 20 letters; the margins were of unusual 
breadth. The handwriting, as shewn in the specimen, exhibits the sloping uncials 
which are characteristic of the eighth and ninth centuries. Initial letters often fall 
outside the column, and are coloured ; contractions and abbreviations, such as if, 
r, /x, appear at the end of the lines ; the rough breathing occurs frequently, but 
accents prima inanu are rare. 

With the exception of a few fragments which have been discovered in 
other palimpsest MSS. belonging to the same monastery 1 , the surviving 
leaves of this great codex form part of a single volume (E. /3 . vii. formerly 
C. 4) entitled KovTa/aa /cat ol/cot 2 , and containing liturgical and poetical 
compositions accompanied by musical notation (neumes). The hand which 
has written these pieces over the older writing is attributed to the i3th 
century. In some places the parchment is doubly palimpsest; a hand of 
the loth century having written a work of St John of Damascus 3 over the 
uncials, itself to undergo the same treatment from the later scribe of 
the hymns. Other portions of the volume originally formed part of a 
collection of patristic homilies 4 . The palimpsest of the Prophets, however, 
supplied the thirteenth century scribe with the greater part of his parch 
ment; of the 380 pages which make up the present codex, about 260 
belonged to it. Cozza, to whom we owe our knowledge of this MS., has 
found it possible to transcribe more or less fully 191 pages ; but in 
some contexts his transcript 5 shews large gaps, and there are pages where 
the consecutive words are very few. Hence it will be precarious for the 
reader of this edition to draw conclusions from the silence of T, which may 
be due to the impossibility of deciphering its testimony. To call attention 
in the notes to all the passages where Cozza has failed to read his MS. 
would have been inconvenient and scarcely practicable. But it may be well 
to mention here the contexts where the transcript is conspicuously defec 
tive: the fragments of Hosea, Amos, and Haggai, Zech. x. 10 end, Mai. 
i. ii ii. 3, Isa. lii. 12 liii. 4, Iv. 3 10, Jer. xx. 3ff., li. 15 ff., Bar. i. 
12 ii. 3, iii. 32 iv. 3ff., Lam. i. 8 ii. 14, Ep. of Jer. 7 16, Ezek. xi. 

tenses, ttwn.p. 2): "illud peculiare Cryp- Greek offices; see Goar, Euchol. (Paris, 

tensium codicum est quod paene omnes in 1647), " z laud, off., notes 31, 32. The 

palimpsestis scripti fuerunt;" "etenim hoc fuller title of this volume is \!/O\TIKOV <rvc 

in more apud illos monachos positum fuisse Setp triavroO oAov jroi7)/ia Puipiavov TOW 

uidetur, ut nunquam fere nouus codex ex- jueAwSov. There are tokens that it was 

araretur, quin aliening prisci et obsoleti written for use in the church of the 

membranae huic usui accommodarentur." monastery. 

For further particulars as to the history of 8 A Trapa/cArji-cicdc on the B.V. M. 

the Abbey and its MSS. see M. Batiffol s 4 Amongst these were extracts from Hip- 

La Vaticane de Paul III & Paul V pplytus, Athanasius, Chrysostom, Proclus, 

(Paris, 1891), p. 95 ff. Eulogius of Alexandria. 

1 A few fragments were found by Cozza * Published in the Sacrorum bibliornm 

in Codd. Cryptof. B /3 vii and A a vi. vetustissimafraginenta graeca et latina, 

* Two forms of the hymn used in the vol. i. (Romae, 1867). 

to 17, xvi. 15 31, xxii. 31 xxv. 9, xxx. 24 xxxi. 4; the fragments of 
Daniel. These are large deductions from the usefulness of the codex, but 
it may be hoped that further examination may in time to come fill up 
much that is wanting now. 


These fragments contain Isa. iii. 8 14, v. 2 14, xxix. n 23, xliv. 26 
xlv. 5, written in a bold and somewhat coarse uncial hand of the eighth or ninth 
century, so far as it is possible to form a judgement from the specimen which 
Tischendorf appends to his transcript. Tischendorf himself is disposed to place it 
earlier, and considers that it was written in Egypt or the neighbourhood in the 
seventh century. Each column of the MS. appears to have consisted of 19 lines, 
with 19 or 20 letters to the line. An obelus is prefixed to Isa. iii. 10 (ein-o cTes... 
SverxpTjcrros y^w fcrfwji 

The fragments were found by Tischendorf during one of his journeys 
to Egypt and the East (probably in 1853), and published in the Monumenta 
Sacra Inedita, nov. coll. vol. i. (Lipsiae, 1857); the transcript will be found 
on pp. 185 198, and the facsimile (Isa. iii. 9 10) at the end of the volume 
(tab. iii. 5). The upper writing is Armenian, and the six leaves which 
contain the fragments of Isaiah were probably part of the Armenian Codex 
to which the palimpsest fragments of the New Testament and of 2, 3 Regg., 
also published in the first volume of the Monumenta, once belonged. 


These fragments (Isa. xxx. 2 xxxi. 7, xxxvi. 17 xxxviii. i)are bound up in the 
volume which contains the well-known palimpsest of St Matthew (Z), one of the 
treasures of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin. The volume consists of 
no leaves, and the later writing (? cent. XI.) presents extracts from various Greek 
fathers and ecclesiastical authors. Sixty -nine of the leaves are palimpsest ; of these 
twenty-nine originally contained portions of the orations of Gregory of Nazianzus, 
thirty-two belonged to the Gospel of St Matthew, and eight to Isaiah. The eight 
leaves which yield fragments of Isaiah were but four in the original codex. Each 
of the original leaves measured at least 12X9 inches; the writing was in two 
columns of 36 lines, with 14 17 letters in each line. With two or three exceptions 
the characters resemble generally those of the fragments of St Matthew, and 
probably belong to the same age ; the forms of the A and M point to an Egyptian 
scribe 1 , and the general style of the writing is that of the early sixth century. 
There are no large initials, the abbreviations are few and simple ; breathings 
and accents are entirely wanting, and the writing is continuous, except where a 
space denotes a break in the sense ; the punctuation is limited to the use of a single 

1 E. Maunde Thompson, Greek and Latin Palaeography^ p. 154. 

The fragments of St Matthew were edited by Dr J. Barrett in 1801, when 
attention was briefly called to the fragments of Isaiah 1 . The latter have 
been published in facsimile by Dr T. K. Abbott, Professor of Hebrew, 
sometime Professor of Biblical Greek, in the .University of Dublin 2 , to 
whose account of the MS. the above description is chiefly due. The Isaiah 
fragment was collated for Holmes and Parsons, and in their edition is 
denominated VIII : Lagarde distinguishes it as O, and his symbol has been 
used in the present volume. 

CODEX CHISIANUS, Biblioth. Chis. Rom. R. vii. 45. 

This MS. contains Jeremiah, Baruch, Lamentations, Ep. of Jeremiah, Daniel 
Kara TOUS o , Hippolytus on Daniel, Daniel (Th.), Ezekiel, Isaiah. Since there 
are no signatures, and both Daniel and Ezekiel begin fresh quires, it is impos 
sible to say whether the order of the books is that of the original codex. The 
present MS. is a large folio of 402 leaves, in gatherings of 8. The handwriting 
appears to belong to the Calabrian school of Greek calligraphy, and the date 
usually assigned to it is the ninth century 3 . 

The MS. once belonged to Pope Alexander VII., a member of the 
Chigi family, who recognised its importance and entrusted the publication 
of the text to Leo Allatius, at that time librarian of the Vatican. Leo pro 
ceeded with his work so far as to procure a complete copy of the codex, and 
this transcript is still preserved among the Chigi MSS. ( = R. vii. 46). A 
century later Bianchini took up the work, and after his death the editio 
princeps appeared at Rome in 1/72. Among later editions are those of 
Michaelis, Segaar, Bugati, and Hahn ; and the text was published in suc 
cession by Holmes and Parsons, Mai, and Tischendorf. Meanwhile the 
MS. itself had received little attention, until at the suggestion of Vercel- 
lone a critical edition was undertaken by Cozza, whose labours, published 
in the third part of his Veiustissima fragmerita, have at length provided 
Biblical scholars with an adequate transcript of this unique MS. 

The Oxford editors quote two Chigi MSS. on the Prophets, which they 
call 87 and 88. Field 4 , however, has shewn that their 88 is Leo Allatius s 

1 Evangelium sec. Matthaeutnex codice tere saeculi ix. Continet Prophetas om- 

rescrifto... opera et studio Joannis Bar- nes...incipit ab Osea Propheta." Praef. 

rett, S.T.P. (Dublinii, 1801): see prolegg., ad Jer. "87, Codex Biblioth. Chisianae, 

p. i. num. ii. (cf. Praef. ad Esaiam). 88 Codex 

8 Par Palimpsestorinit Dublinensiuni : Biblioth. Chisianae, num. iii. membrana- 

The Codex rcscriptus Dublinensis of S. ecus, in folio. Videtur esse transcriptus 

Mattheiv s Gospel; also the fragments of an. 880. Continet 4 Prophetas majores, 

the Bopkdf Isaiah. T. K. Abbott, B.D. cum Baruch et Abacum ; sed incipit ab 

(Dublin and London, 1880). Hieremia. Margini adscribuntur Collatio- 

3 The facsimile of Thren. v. 14 Erj. nes Aquilae, &c., &c." Praef. ad Dan. 
Jer. 2 which may be seen in Bianchini, " 87, saec. forte x, deficit a voce pijcrTeiais 
Viitdiciae, p. cclxxv, suggests a later date cap. ix, 3, ad n\v iroAcv crov, cap. ix, 19. 
(Jcent. xi). 88, saec. xi, continet te.xtum Theodotio- 

4 Praef. adEsa.: "87, Codex Biblio- naeum et Septuagintauiralem." Field s 
thecae Chisianae in fol. scriptus charac- remarks on 88 (Parsons) will be found in 

copy, and abandons the task of identifying their 87, while he uses the latter 
number for the true Chisian text. In this we have followed him, citing 
Chis. R. vii. 45 as 87. 

C. 313. Inf. 

Contains Psalms, Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Canticles, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, 
and all the Prophets, from the literal Syriac version of the entire LXX. made from 
a hexaplar text in the years 616 617 by Paul, Bishop of Telia dhe-Mauzelath or 
Constantina. The MS. is of somewhat thick parchment, and almost everywhere 
well preserved. It contains 193 leaves of 14^ X roj inches; there are two columns 
to the page, each containing about 55 lines. The character is a well-formed, some 
what thick Estrangelo, very easily read. The titles, most headings of chapters and 
lessons, ornaments, and sometimes the larger points, are in red; occasionally other 
colours are employed. The asterisks and obeli of Origen s LXX. are faithfully 
reproduced, and many extracts from the other Greek versions are given, in a 
Syriac translation, in the margin. The book of Daniel (including Susanna, and 
Bel and the Dragon) begins on the first page of f. 143, and ends with f. 151. 

The first volume of this codex was in the possession of Andreas Masius, 
but seems to have disappeared at his death in 1573. It contained part of 
Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, the four books of Kings, Chronicles, Ezra 
and Nehemiah, Judith, and part of Tobit. The extant volume was brought 
to the Ambrosian Library early in the 1 7th century from the monastery of 
S. Maria Deipara in the desert of Scetis, as we learn from a note at the 
end, which Ceriani believes to be in the handwriting of Antonio Giggeo. 
It lay for a long time unused, and attention was next called to it by Branca 
in 1767. After he, Bjornstahl, and De Rossi had published descriptions 
and specimens, it was examined by Norberg in 1778; and as a result he 
edited Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Bugati published Daniel in 1788; his 
Psalms appeared posthumously in 1820. Middeldorpfs edition of Isaiah, 
the Minor Prophets, Proverbs, Job, Canticles, Lamentations, and Eccle 
siastes followed in 1835; and the series was continued by Ceriani s 
edition of Baruch, Lamentations, and the Epistle of Jeremiah in Man. 
Sacra et Profana, t. i. (1861). Of even greater value than these editions is 
his photolithographic reproduction of the entire codex issued at Milan in 
1874. Finally, the readings of the Syriac codex have been thoroughly 
examined and placed in comparison with those of Greek hexaplar MSS. 
by Field in his great work on the Hexapla. 

Hexapla, vol. ii. pp. 567, 766 7 ; on 87 bus Codicem suum 87 testem appellat Par- 

( Parsons) he writes (ii. p. 767): "superest sonsius partim e paucis Symmachi et 

Parsonsii Cod. 87 (sive Chisianus ii), de quo Theodotioms lectiunculis quas versus finem 

in praesenti hoc unum affirmare possumus libri idem ex eodeni codice (nobis 87*) ex- 

eum non esse celebrem ilium Chisianum... cerpsit, cum Chisianum (nobis 87) talibus 

Hoc probatur, partim e lectionibus pro qui- accessionibus omnino carere constat." 


Two vellum fragments making a quire of four leaves, each leaf measuring, when 
complete, about 5^ X 3^ inches. The first four pages contain portions of Bel and 
the Dragon (vv. 2041) according to Theociotion, in upright majuscules of the 
fifth if not the fourth century. Underneath these on pp. i, 2 in slightly sloping 
letters of perhaps the fourth century is a fragment of a (?) homily containing a 
reference to Matt. ix. 37 8 or Luke x. 2. On pp. 3, 4 the original hand had 
written some Latin rustic capitals, among which the words PROCVRATOR, 
PROCVRATORES, or part of them, frequently occur; p. 5 has the letters 
DOM IT..., possibly referring to L. Domitius Domitianus, an Egyptian pretender 
in the time of Diocletian J . 

The substance of this description is due to E. W. B. Nicholson, Esq., 
Librarian of the Bodleian, who has very kindly supplied a collation of 
the fragment of Bel, and subsequently compared the proof of the notes 
with the MS. The scantiness of our uncial authorities for this part of the 
text of Theodotion s Daniel seemed to justify the use of the Oxford frag 
ment, which has been quoted as A. These interesting scraps were acquired 
by the Bodleian Library in 1888, and came from Egypt. 


A large folio velUmi MS., the leaves of which measure i6jxii inches; written 
in the sloping uncials of the eighth and ninth centuries, with the exception of 
certain portions of the text which are in the round but artificial characters of the 
same period. The writing is arranged in double columns of 60 lines, with an average 
of 30 letters to the line 2 . New sections begin with a letter (often an inch long) 
outside the column. The parchment varies in quality ; it is usually thick but not 
coarse; some leaves however are too thin to take the ink readily 3 . The MS. is 
gathered in quires of 8 leaves, bearing signatures which range from wr (V a ) on f. i 
to \t.f (V = jw V*) on f. 153. Thus the original Codex seems to have consisted of 
about 372 leaves, of which the first 208 have disappeared 4 . The present volume 
begins with Job xxx. 8 (xoi KAe o?) and contains the rest of Job, Proverbs, Eccle- 
siastes, Canticles, both Wisdoms, the Minor Prophets (in the order Hos., Am., Joel, 
Ob., Jon., Mic., Nah., Hab., Zeph., Hag., Zech., Mai.), Isaiah, Jeremiah, Baruch, 
Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel (with the apocryphal additions), Tobit, Judith, and the 
four Hooks of the Maccabees. After Daniel, and again after 4 Mace. , the scribe has 

1 Mr Nicholson adds: "P. 5 contains was written by one hand, Hosea to Isaiah 
upper writing consisting of fragments of xxvii. by a second, and Isaiah xxvii. to the 
(?) accounts in cursive Greek ; on pp. 6 8 end of the volume by a third. 

appear the beginnings or ends of lines in 4 A leaf, once pasted inside the cover of 

slightly sloping Greek majuscules (? 4th an earlier binding, contains in a Greek hand 

century)." of the fifteenth cr sixteenth century a list 

2 A facsimile of Jeremiah xix. xxi.may of the contents at that time, from which 
be seen in Wattenbach s scripturae grae- it appears that the volume then began 
cae specimina (Berlin, 1883), tab. ix : cf. with Job:+r) j3t /3Aos awn) Trepte ^ei Iaij3, 
ib. pp. 4, 5. Trapotfiias SoAonaii Toj, K.T.\. Klostermann 

s Morelli recognises three hands, distin- (Analecta, p. 9 f.) has shewn that there is 

guished by the colour of the ink as well ground for believing that Cod. Vat. gr. 

as by the varying merits of their calli- 2106 (Holmes XL, Lag. N) was part of the 

graphy; Job xxx. 8 to end of Ecclesiastes original codex. 


copied from his archetype a chronological table reaching from Adam to Justinian I, 
which in the second and fuller form ends ok Ojuov (cod. w/x.) yivfaSau. d-rrb \v ira- 
pov<rias eioj taSe eri) <j>oy (ut vid) : the margin adds ei<rlv eios <aSe tnj (Tire. An 
ornamental cross below these dates bears the inscription : Kv pie, jSoijdci (cod. -Or)) 
Bao-iAet w ^ova\<a TJyoufteVa) (cod. iy. ) rrjs Kapoi/ (sic, ut vid) TiZ o-Vfypa^/afxeVa) TTJI/ 
/Si jSAoc ravTTjf (ara?. TI /SijSAiw raurr)) ; and beneath the cross is added : TlapaKaAoi 

i64b a minute hand has written the Kusebian canons. 

This precious MS. belonged to the library of Cardinal Bessarion, by 
whom it was given with the rest of his Greek codices to the library of 
Saint Mark s at Venice. 

It was used for the great Roman edition of 1587, as the preface to 
that volume announces 1 , and probably supplies in great part the text of 
the first three Books of the Maccabees, which are wanting in the Vatican 
codex. Specimens of its readings were liberally produced by Zanetti in 
his catalogue of the Greek MSS. of St Mark s (Venice, I74O 2 ), and the 
importance of the MS. was recognised by Giac. Morelli, who described it 
at length in his account of the codices under his care. Stroth also gave 
some account of it in Eichhorn s Repertorium for 1781 (p. 181). A 
collation of the whole MS. was made for Holmes and Parsons in 1789 by 
Geo. Zoega and Nich. Schow ; the correspondence which relates to this 
undertaking is still preserved in the Venice library. The Oxford editors, 
however, were not at first made aware that it was written in uncials, and it 
takes rank in their notes as a cursive under the number 23. The prologues 
to the Prophets were printed by Tischendorf in his Anecdota sacra et 
profana, pp. 103 9, Lips. 1855. 

In the present edition Cod. V has been employed only for the four 
Books of Maccabees, where the paucity of uncial testimony rendered it 
necessary to depart from the rule which prescribed the sole use of such 
MSS. as are accessible in published facsimiles and photographs 3 . The four 
Books as given in V were collated afresh by the Editor of this work in the 
spring of 1895; but by the courtesy of Dr E. Klostermann he had been 
previously provided with a collation of the second Book, which that 
scholar had made in 1892 3, and Dr Klostermann also kindly compared 
the new collation of Books i. iii. with his own. Where the two collations 
differed, an appeal was made to the notes of Holmes and Parsons. 

1 The words are: "Ex omnibus autem leruallo accedunt, unus Uenetus ex biblio- 

libris qui in manibus fuerunt, unus hie theca Bessarionis Cardinalis, et is quoque 

[Vat. Gr. 1209] prae aliis mirum in grandioribus litteris scriptus," &c. 

modum institutam emendationem adiuuit; 2 See Graeca D. Marci Bibliotheca 

post eum uero alii duo qui ad eius uetusta- codd. manuscriptorum, pp. i 13. 

tern proximi quidem sed longo proximi in- 3 O. T. in Greek, i. p. xii. 


The MS. has been corrected by the scribe himself or his diorthotes (V 1 ), 
and by a late hand (V a ), but the corrections with few exceptions affect 
only the spellings. 


Four leaves used in the binding of the MS. of the Acts, Epistles and Apocalypse 
known as Codex Porfirianus Chiovensis (P), and published by Tischendorf with a 
facsimile of the writing in Man. Sacr. vi. 339, 340 f. Tischendorf ascribes the hand 
to the seventh century ; but the characters, which are large, coarsely formed, and 
sloping, are suggestive of the ninth. The fragments (viii. 5, 6, n, 12, 15, 29; ix. 
2 8 3 o, 31, 32), brief as they are, present some peculiar readings, which seemed to 
justify their employment in the present edition. 

The following MSS. have been used for the PSALMS OF SOLOMON. 

CODEX CASANATF.NSIS. A MS. on paper of cent, xii xiv, consisting of 310 
leaves, measuring 38 4 x 24*9 cm. , and containing the Psalter with a catena, the 
Psalms of Solomon, and other Scriptural and liturgical collections. The Psalms of 
Solomon in this MS. were collated for Professor Gebhardt by Dr J. Tschiedel. 

CODEX HAVNIENSIS. A folio MS. of the nth century, written in double 
columns. The volume was purchased at Venice in 1699, anc > in 1732 passed into 
the Royal Library at Copenhagen, where it is still preserved (no. 6). It consists at 
present of quires ij 39 of the original MS., containing Job (with a catena), 
Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Canticles (these three books with scholia), Wisdom of 
Solomon, Psalms of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus. A collation of the Psalms of 
Solomon was made by Professor Ryle in 1888 at Cambridge, where the MS. was 
deposited for the purpose by the courtesy of the Copenhagen authorities. Pro 
fessor Gebhardt has used another which is due to Ch. Graux 1 . 

CODEX IBERITICUS. A MS. 2 on paper of the i4th century belonging to the 
Iveron monastery (17 fiovoj I/Bjjpo)!/) on Mt Athos ; it contains Job, Proverbs, Eccle 
siastes, Canticles. Wisdom, Sirach, and the Psalms of Solomon, followed by scholia 
on some of the books, and other patristic matter. Written <rrix>)pu>?. Transcribed 
by Ph. Meyer in 1886. 

CODEX LAURENSIS. A MS. of the i2th century belonging to the Lavra 
monastery (novr) ^eyi <rTTj Aovpas rov ayiov A.0avcuriov) on Mt Athos. Its 310 
leaves contain an exposition of the Psalter, the Odes, the Psalms of Solomon, and 
a commentary on Canticles by Cyril of Alexandria. The Psalms of Solomon in 
this MS. were collated for Professor Gebhardt by AAe fai Spo? Aavption;?. 

CODEX MOSQUENSIS. A thirteenth century MS., consisting of 225 leaves 
measuring 13! Xii inches, written in two or sometimes in three columns. The 
book contains Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Canticles, Wisdom of Solomon, Psalms 
of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus; the first four Books are accompanied by catenae or 

1 See die Psalmen Salome s. ..von Oscar MSS. (p. 30 ff.). 

von Gebhardt, Leipzig, 1895. Dr Geb- 2 See Catalog ue of the Greek MSS. on 

hardt s Introduction contains a valuable Mt Athos by Professor Lambros, vol. ii., 

investigation into the genealogy of the p. 169 (Camb. Univ. Press). 

scholia. This MS. was brought to Moscow in 1653 from the monastery of Iveron 
at Mt Athos. A transcript of the Psalms was furnished to Professor Ryle and 
Dr James by the Archimandrite Wladimir of Moscow, and a collation was made in 
1874 by Professor Gebhardt. 

CODEX PARISINUS. A quarto of 495 leaves written on paper in 1419, con 
sisting of miscellaneous matter and containing inter alia (ff. 224* 248") the 
Wisdom and Psalms of Solomon and Ecclesiasticus. The volume is preserved in 
the Bibliotheque Nationale at Paris, where it is numbered 2991 A. A collation 
was made for the Cambridge edition of the Psalms by the Abbe Batiffol, of Paris, 
and another by Professor Gebhardt in 1877. 

CODEX ROM-ANUS (Vaticanus Gr. 336). This MS. which is cited by Parsons as 
253, and used by him for Job, Proverbs, Canticles, and the two books of Wisdom, 
is a quarto vellum MS. of the i2th century, containing in 194 leaves Job, Proverbs, 
Ecclesiastes, Canticles, Wisdom, Psalms of Solomon, and Ecclesiasticus. The 
text of the Psalms of Solomon in the first edition of this volume was derived from 
a collation made by Dr E. Klostermann in 1893"; in the present edition use has 
been made of the corrections and a few of the conjectural emendations supplied 
in Professor Gebhardt s book. 

CODEX VINDOBONENSIS. A folio MS. of the nth century, written in double 
columns of 26 lines, and in a semiuncial hand. The volume, which is numbered 
Cod. Gr. Theol. 7, and was purchased at Constantinople in the sixteenth century, 
consists of 166 leaves, and contains Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Canticles (with a 
catena so far), Wisdom of Solomon, Psalms of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus. The 
collation used by the Cambridge editors was communicated to them by Dr Rudolf 
Beer ; for the present edition of this volume Professor Gebhardt s collation has 
also been available. 

The text of ENOCH has been derived from the following sources: 

CODEX PANOPOLITANUS. A MS. discovered in 1886 in a grave at Akhmim, the 
Panopolis of Strabo. The wolume contains (i) fragments of the Pseudo-Petrine 
Gospel and Apocalypse, (2) a large fragment of the Greek version of the Book of 
Enoch; the latter, which is written in uncials of the 8th or gth century, occupies 
23 leaves and contains Enoch i. xxxii. 1 Ch. xix. 3 xxi. 9 has been written twice, 
before ch. i. i as well as in its proper place ; both texts are given in this edition, 
the detached fragment being placed at the foot of the page and distinguished by 
the symbol P 2 . The text of P in this edition has been obtained from M. Bouriant s 
heliogravure in Memoires publics far les membres de la Mission Archeologique 
Franfaise au Caire, t. neuvieme (Paris, 1892). 

CODEX VATICANUS Gr. 1809, a tachygraphical MS. described by Mai scr. vet. 
nov. coll. vi., praef. p. 37, contains an excerpt from Enoch (c. Ixxxix) printed by 
Gildemeister (ZDMG., ix., p. 621 ff.) ; a specimen of the tachygraphy may be seen 
in Mai pair. nov. bibl. ii., ad init. ; cf. Gitlbauer, Die Ueberreste griechischer 
Tachygrap hie int cod. -vat. gr. 1809 (Wien, 1878 1884). 

Fragments of the Greek Enoch are preserved also in the Chronography of 

1 The hand changes at xiv. 22, but the temporary, 
writing is consecutive and probably con- 

Georgius Syncellus 1 (Enoch cc. vi. i ix. 4, viii. 4 x. 14, xv. 8 xvi. i, and a short 
extract to which the Ethiopic version of Enoch yields no parallel). These are 
printed in the present volume at the foot of the Akhmim text, in a smaller type. 
For Syncellus use has been made of the edition of W. Dindorf 2 , who quotes two 
Paris MSS. (A, B), and the readings of Goar s text (SyncS). The single fragment 
of Enoch preserved in the Epistle of St Jude is given as it stands in the text of 
Westcott and Hort, but the readings of KAC are added in the apparatus. 

The Akhmim text as reproduced in M. Bouriant s heliogravure has been col 
lated afresh for this edition. Reference has also been made to Professor Dillmann s 
paper fiber den neufundenen griechischen Text des Henoch-Buches (in Sitzungs- 
berichte d. k. pr. Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, 1892); M. Lod s Livre 
d Henoch (Paris, 1892) and Mr Charles s Book of Enoch, Oxford, 1893. 

The Greek Psalters which supply the text of the ecclesiastical Canticles 
and of the notes upon them have been described in the preface to the 
second volume of this work (pp. viii xii). 

The pleasant duty remains of acknowledging the help which has been 
liberally rendered on every side. Official duties prevented the editor from 
devoting to this volume so much of his time as he was able to give to 
the two volumes which preceded it. The greater part of the preparatory 
work was therefore entrusted to two colleagues, the Rev. Forbes Robinson, 
M.A., of Christ s College, and H. St John Thackeray, Esq., M.A., of 
King s College, whose assistance the Syndics of the Press kindly enabled 
him to secure. Mr Robinson collated the photographs of BAQ as far 
as Jeremiah xxxvi., where his work was taken up by Mr Thackeray, who 
completed the task, and also prepared the appendix of unsubstantial 
variants. Without the patient and accurate labour of these fellow-workers 
the appearance of the third volume would have been delayed perhaps 
for several years. Students who use this volume will also owe a debt 
of gratitude to Mr Redpath and to Dr Nestle, who continued their in 
valuable work of revision. Mr Redpath again read through the proofs, 
with excellent results, and Dr Nestle generously volunteered to recollate 
the whole of the sheets of the Prophets with the photograph of B. It 
may therefore be hoped that a near approach to perfect accuracy has 
been made so far as that MS. is concerned. A similar service has been 
rendered by Dr C. I. Beard, who has with scrupulous care compared the 
apparatus to Isaiah and Ezekiel with the facsimile of Q, and the result of his 
labours has been to enrich the notes of this second edition with a large 

1 "EKAoyij xpocoy pai^ta; truvTayeltra. {nri> Dindorfii, Uonnae, 1829 (in Niebuhr s 
Tetapyiov nofavou <ruy<ce AAou yfyororos corpus scr. hist. Byzantinae). The pas- 
Topao-i ou TraTpiapyov K.<uvcrTa.vTivovTT6\ftas. sages will be found in L pp, 20 ff., 42 ff., 

2 Georgius Syncellus. ..ex recensione Gul. 46f., 47. 

number of fresh particulars chiefly relating to the Hexaplaric signs, as well 
as to correct errors which had found their way into the edition of 1894. In 
dealing with the textual difficulties of the second Book of Maccabees the 
Editor was assisted by the Revised English Version and by a list of read 
ings prepared for the use of the revisers, proofs of "which were supplied to 
him by the kindness of the late Dr Moulton. The publication of the Syriac 
version of 4 Maccabees 1 has thrown fresh light upon the Greek text of that 
book, and Dr Barnes has generously compiled for the present edition a list 
of its most important readings, which will be found at the end of the 

The great scholar to whom this book owed its inception and its 
inspiration is, alas, no longer with us. But the recollection of Dr Hort s 
keen interest in the progress of the work an interest sustained to the last 
days of his life remains to give strength to those who have entered on 
the more arduous and responsible task of preparing the larger edition of 
the Cambridge Septuagint. 

The death of Dr Hort on Nov. 30, 1892, was followed within six 
months by that of Professor Bensly, and the University has since been 
called to deplore the loss of Professor W. Robertson Smith. In each of 
these eminent Oriental scholars this undertaking found a warm friend. 
Professor Bensly was at the time of his death a member of the LXX. 
Committee, and he had hoped to take an active part in the collection of 
materials for the larger edition. Professor Robertson Smith s deep interest 
in all that concerns the study of the Old Testament secured for the Cam 
bridge Septuagint his steady support and occasional but valuable assistance; 
within a few weeks of his death his counsel was sought upon some doubtful 
points connected with the present volume, and most kindly given. 

In conclusion, the Editor desires to express his personal thanks to the 
Syndics of the University Press for the indulgence they have shewn to him 
during the course of a work which has necessarily been of slow and un 
certain growth ; to the Septuagint Committee for their consideration of the 
questions which have from time to time been submitted to their judge 
ment ; and to the officers and workmen, especially the readers, of the Press, 
whose unremitting attention has brought the printing of these volumes to a 
successful end. 

1 The Fourth Book of Maccabees. ..edited duction by W. E. Barnes, D.D. (Cam- 
by the late Prof. Bensly, ivith an Intro- bridge, 1896). 


X = Codex Sinaiticus (= S, Lagarde, Nestle). 

A = Codex Alexandrinus ( III, Parsons). 

B= Codex Vaticanus (= II, Parsons). 

O = Fragmenta rescripta Dublinensia ( = *VIII, Parsons). 

Q = Codex Marchalianus ( = XII, Parsons). 

V = Codex Venetus (=23, Parsons). 

Z = Fragmenta rescripta Tischendorfiana Isaiae prophetae ( = Z b , 


F = Codex rescriptus Cryptoferratensis. 
A = Fragmenta rescripta Bodleiana. 

II = Fragmenta Tischendorfiana libri iv. Maccabaeorum. 
87 = Codex Chisianus LXXviralis libri Danielis. 
Syr = Codex Syro-Hexaplaris Ambrosianus. 


c Codex Casanatensis. 
h = Codex Havniensis. 

i = Codex Iberiticus. 

1 = Codex Laurensis. 
m = Codex Mosquensis. 
p = Codex Parisinus. 

r = Codex Romanus. 

v = Codex Vindobonensis. 


P = Codex Panopolitanus. 
V = Codex Vaticanus Gr. 1809. 
Sync Georgii Syncelli Chronographia. 


A = Psalterium Codicis Alexandrini ( = 111, Parsons). 
R = Psalterium Graeco-Latinum Veronense. 
T=Psalterium Turicense ( = 262, Parsons). 

a i H E 

AOPO2 Kvpt ov 6s eyevrjdr) Trpos Qo-ijf TOV TOV Efrjpel ev i^/iepat? B 
Ofaiov KCU loiada/j. KM A^as KOI Efeia ov ficuriXfutv lovSa KOI ev 
Tjpepais ifpofioap, viov icoas fiacri\ea>s "icrpaTjX. 

?) Xdyov Kvpiov ev Qfrr/e. KOL etTrev Kvptoy irpos 
BdSte Xfl/3e (reaurai yvvaLKa Tropveias KOI reuva nopveias, Start 

3 fKTropvfvov(ra fKiropvevcrei 17 yf/ OTTO oiri<rdfv TQV nvpiov. 3 KOI 
enopevdr) nal eXa/3ei/ TTJV Topep dvyarepa A/3r;Xat/i, KOI (rvvf\a/3fv 

4 cat fTfKfv avrw vtoi/. 4 /cai eiwev Kvptos irpbs avrov KaXeaov TO 
ovop.a avrov "lepae X, Stdrt en fiiKpov KCU. e sfiiK^cra) ro atfta rov 
le^paeX eVt TOJ/ OIKOV lovSa, Kat Kara7r<iuo\o /SacrtXeiai/ OIKOV itrpajjX- 

5 5 Kat ecrrat ei 1 r^ rjpepa eKfivrj (rvvrptyui TO TO^OV TOV ItrpaijX eV 

6 KOtXaSt roi) le^pae X. 6 Kat <rvve\aftev ert /cat (TfKev Bvyarepa. KOI 
elnev aura) KuXe<rov ro ovop.a aiiTr/s OVK f]\er]fj.evTj, Stdrt ov fj.r/ 
TT poa-drja-u) ert e"XeJ)o-at rov OIKOV lcrpar]\, dXX ?) ai/rtrno-frd/xei ov 

7 dvrtra^o/xat airotj. 7 TOvs Se vtot/y e\erjo~<i) KCU <r&)o~aj avToi/s ev 
Kvpt fi) $ew a\iTU>v, KCU ov O~O)CT<B avTovs ev ro ^w oiSe eV pop.( 

8 ovSe eV TroXe /iO) oi>8e eV tTTTrots ovde eV lmrevo~iv. s Kal drreya- 
\aKTio-ev TTJV OVK T]\frjfj.fvr]v, KOI o-vve\aj3ev en (cat fTfKfv viov. 

9 9 Kat emev KaXecrov ro ovop.a avTov Ov Xads p-ov, Sttirt vpels ov \aos 

Inscr iio-7;e B fl<r. a AQ I 1 Kuptou] KS Q | Be^pt Q j Oftoy B b AQ| AQ 

Axaf AQ om /cat 4 Q* (hab Q m s) | wou] pr TOV A 2 ev] TT/JOS 

AQ m K j om paSifc A 3 Ae/Si/Xaet/a AQ 4 Ioi/5a] Ir/ou Q m | /cara- 

Trai iru)] aTToffrpftf/u Q* (mg ot o} 5 TOV Icrpa7;X] om TOV Q* 

(superscr Q a ) | /cotXadi] pr TIJ AQ 6 eXe?;<rai] pr TOV Q | I<rparj\] pr 

ron AQ 7 utous] + lovSa AQ | ovde quater] oirre A | ovde ev iro- 

Xe/ttw] + cure ev appatriv A ou5e ev ap/ot. Q* (oi;5e ev ?roX. Q 1 *" 1 ^)) 

I 10 Q2HE 

B p.ov KOI eyoj OVK tip.1 vp.otv. IO Kal rjv 6 dpiduos TOIV vla>v 10 (i) (ll) 

lo-paijX a>s T) TTJS 0a\do~o~T)s, r) ova e prj8r)o~fTai ov8e 
(api6fj.T)dr)(rfTai- Kal (o~Tai tv r<u TOTTW oil epptdrj avrols Ov \aos 
p.ov vp.ds, K\Tj0Tjo~ovTai KOI avTol viol dtov {OJVTOS. /cat crvv- 11(2) 
aftdqcrovTai ol viol lov8a KOI ol viol lo~parj\ eirl TO avrd, Kal 
BrjcrovTai eavTols dp^Tjv p-iav, /cat oVa/S^o-fli/rat f/c TTJS yrjs, OTI 
p.(yd\Tj rf rjp.epa TOV lefpaf X. etirarc rw d8e\(pa> vpuiv Aads p-ov, i (3) II 
icai rfi d8t\(pij vp.a>v E\frjp.(vt]. ~Kpi6r]Tf jrpos rrjv p.ijTfpa 2 (4) 

Vfifov, KpidijTf, OTI aiiTrj ov yvvrj p.ov KOL tyta OVK dvrjp avrfjs. 
Kal teapot TTJV Tropviav OVTTJS en Trpocronrov p.ov /cat rrjv fWl^fiav 
avrf)s fa p,(o~ov p.a(TTa>v avrrjs, 3 oircas av fK8vo~a> avTTjv yvfj.vrjv, 3 (5) 
xat aTro/caracrnyo-a) avrfjv K.a0a>s 17 rjp-fpn y(vfo~fu>s avrf/f (cat 
0T)o~a> avTTjv eprjfjLOv Acat ra^-a) avrr/v a>s yrjv avvSpov, (cat aTro- 
KT(vo) avrrjv (v 8i\lrei- 4 Kal ra TfKva UVTTJS ov p.r) eXfijtrco, on 4 (6) 
Tficva Tropveias eo~riv. 5 ort feiropvfvo~(v rj pr/Typ avrtav, KOTTJ- 5 (7) 
(T^vvtv T) TfKoixra avra, ort ti-inv oVi trw rcov tpa- 

(TT(ii>V p.OV TU)V 8l86vT(CV p.Ol TOVS tlpTOVS fJLOV KOI TO v8<i>p p.OV KOL 

TCI ipaTid fjiov Kal TO. oQavid p.ov, TO f \aiov p,ov /cat -rravra ocra p.oi 
KadrjKft. 6 8id TOVTO I8ov tyu> (ppdo-o-a) TTJV 68ov avTTjs tv <TKO- 6 (s) 
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Q2HE VII 12 

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SEPT. III. 17 B 

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SEPT. III. 33 C 


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35 C2 


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11 iroiyvwuev RA ] eiropveTO ^ c - b eirupvero AQ* : item 13 12 aurous] 

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(om TOV K c - b ) | om /J.TJ awo\i>}fjL6a...(rv Kvpif fcs* (hab ^ c - a ) a.iro\oifj.e8a K c - a 
(a7ro\w/i. K c - b ) Q | Stort] on AQ* (diori Q m s) | <ri>] ffou K c - a | j3eftov\ov N* 
(e/3. K ? ) 15 eepa\ov] epa\ov ts* c - b evefiaXov ts c - a A | (raXow AQ* (-Xou Q a ) 
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ACW K 1 ) | i]vt.avTo t* 1 (77^. K*) AQ II 1 /c^ret] rr;rei t<* ((ci7T6t c - a - c - b ) | 

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6eov (2) is* (hab K 10 -*!" 1 " c - b ) 2 TOJ ^eoj ] om TOV Q 3 etTrevj + ws Q m ? 

SEPT. III. 49 I> 

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SEPT. III. 65 E 

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K c - b (postea avrov) AQr 



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SEPT. III. 97 G 

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SEPT. III. 113 H 


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115 HI 


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H2AIA2 XXX 1 1 

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XXX 12 H2AIA2 

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H2AIA2 XXX 29 

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XXX 30 H2AIA2 

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ovre TO ITJ\ ^eperai Q m s 

SEPT. III. 177 M 


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XLV 12 H2AIA2 

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SEPT. III. 193 N v * 

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H2AIA2 L g 

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OV\K B v )] om Q* (hab Q ms ) | om 77 OVK io-xf< TOV e|eXecr^ai ^ f (postea revoc) | 
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L 10 H2AIA2 

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H2AIA2 LI 17 

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H2AIA2 LIX 1 6 

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LIX 17 H2AIA2 

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SEPT. III. 257 R 


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SEPT. III. 8() T 



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fiefsfi b\* (-^aivei K ? ) A (-j<^t) fioppav #.* | x i f J - a PP" ^* (-ppovv K ? ) | iroXtv] 
TroXts N* | Karou-owTcts] evot/coi j Tas A | Kpai;ot>Tf K* (Keicp. K ? ) | aXaXa^oc- 
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fji.7) Tjffvx- K c - a (-aets K c - b ) 7 ^(Ti ^ao ety A | Kuptos] pr o T K* (r 

postea ras) 8 
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improb A a? ) 

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Ktwrai, #.* (K\. K c - a(f >) | fir i.d-r] ffov<n.v~\ + crot Q m s | ^etpas K (X L P- ^* Xf-P- 
K c - b ) AQ 11 Kareffvpa] KaTrjpavvrjcra A | ava.Ka\v\{/a. bs* (aveK. N c - a < ? )) 

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Q m g | aurou] <rou K* (ai/r. K c - a >) | 7eirovos] pr /cat AQ | /uou] awoy AQ 
12 uiroXetTrecrtfat B afb K c - b Q | fi^ri/rai B ab | om /cat 670; frffo/j.a.1 Q | XW "] 
pr at A 13 eiTrep] Xe7et AQ | ots] pr t5oy Q | triv #.* (jrieiv K ? ) | eTriov] 

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AQ 14 om ort i A |] Karapav ^A | TroXts K* (-Xets K ? ) | atawa] 
pr TOV AQ 15 <jvva.-)(Qt\va.(. K* vld -rat K c - a < ? ) 16 /juxpov] pr t5ou AQ | 

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KQ* (-Ti)v Q m ^) | e7rt<TT77<rare] eTrtcrrT/crerat A | Trot^tijj ] pr o K | os (TTTjcrfrai 
(era sup ras B 53 " 311 )] ocmjcrerai A 

791 T 2 


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(KTfivft ray irrepvyas eV o^vp&j/xara avrijy /cat co-rat 17 /capita 
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K.a.TaK.av6rj(TOVTai, /cat TrapaXT^p.^erat "lo^pai^X r^v dp^rfv avrov. 3 dXd- 3 
Xaov, Ecre^d)!/, ort aSXero- /ce/cpd^are dvyarepes Paftfidd, Trepi^co- 
crao-^e o-d/c/covy /cat /c6S|/-acr$e, ori MeX^oX eV aTrot/cta /rJadtftrat, ot 
tepety avrov /cai ot ap^ovres avrov afj,a. 4 rt dyaXXtao~^e V roty 4 
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f) \eyovo~a Tt y fto"fXevcrerat e rr e /if ; 5 t6V>v e ya) (pep<a (po^oi/ eVt o~e, 5 

tj>icr0d:criv AQ + auTw Q "S j OUTTJI ] aurT/s t"i c - a aurT; A aurous Q 22 om 

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+ CTOV AQ | ^aXacrcrT/s] 6C 6a\acr(T7j AQ | om ou/c AQ 23 e/cret- 

vet] 6/cr6ct A e/crevet B ab K (-vt t<* -vet K c - b ) | om ttrxi pwv Q* (hab Q ln ) 

XXX 1 irapa.\T)\//o[j.evos B b Q a | ai/rots] pr ev A aura )/ Q | 5ta rt] Siort K | 
MeX^oX] MoXxo/a Q i r7;v FaXaaS] rov Fa5 Q | evot/cet AQ 2 <$>r\aiv\ 
Xe*yet Q* (<pfjff. Q n) s) | eTrt] incep fp K* I Va.fia.0 X* | TroXe/wou AQ | om ets 

irapa\tj\f/fTai B b | I<rpa7;X] lepovtraXij/j. X* (I7/X ^ c - a ( ?m e ) | aurou] + ^ <f>t]crl\ 
/cs Q 11 ^ 3 ctXctXtz^ot I ctXXaov B j j^(76/jctji / l ji tcrfpcoj ^ | wAtTol -j- 1 at ( ) 

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Koi/ acr^e]-)- * /f 5ta5pa/uere ev rots (fipay^ois OTI Q | ort 2] e?rt AQ | MeX^o/i 
A MoXxo/t Q | ev] pr ort AQ | |3a5tt ts* (-etrat K c - a < ? ) | ot tenets] pr /cat t$ | 
aurou i] aurr;s K* (-ron K 1 ) 4 rt] at X* on N c - a AQ | a7aXXta<r(?e] aya\- 

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it* superscr o~ou t< c - a rurs extinx K c - b * Stepeufre ra ?rat5ta crov TreStvots Zyfi 
traidiois aov Q 11 * | Ouyarrjp t^AQ | tra/xtas] pr rT/s Q | ireiroiOveia t$ | dijaav- 
pots] dTjaavpovs X rots dtjaravpois A | ns] cuSeis K* (rtj K c - a ? ) | 6to"J6Xei/(rerai 
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