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Full text of "Oliver Cromwell's letters and speeches: with elucidations"


This Js a digital copy of a book thai was preserved for generalions on library shelves before il was carefully scanned by Google as part of a projecl 
lo make Ihe world's books discoverable online. 

[I has sal's' ived long enough for Ihe copyright to expire and the booklo enter the public domaLn. A public domam book is one that was never subject 
to copyright or whose legal copyright tenn has expired. Whelhera book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Public domain books 
are our gateways lo the past, representing a wealth oF history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. 

Mai'ks, notations and other marginalia present in Ihe original volume will appear in this file - a reminder oF this book's long journey from the 
publisher to a Iibrai7 and finally lo you. 

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VolauiJ Nine 

Xew York 




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VEKDiucai scmu^OE 





emo> Xn. Ta cb* Wd Uuiiaa III PurltuEiitfit; ^rpcPioK ul tli« Memul ik»- 

ttonctf llw SiKi'LLtl rrii^rtii^'i'At'- ribflUJiiL^nL .,... | 

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Lclecr l« Dtt^r Houk i^tmniHtcL- Mivch lotfi tkvtlMid, iMfi-, ,•....>■■ ... MH 

Uttarln1rt|i>Xr<4\<'>^ngCli»tiHl7 ....„, VT 

Cana*(WHl«no« ^».li t.tv> Vfejor vt Witiiurj>T(it -^---- --.-.-'-.■-•»...,>■ flt 

Kccbaaf* iif l^laonrtm: tc^nvt^li Wiifiut .,..,.,. 4*.^—.'..4'» HI 

ttiBOMi AmtngmrfM* rir tiir .t^lmlDVtimcJDfi rfJnAkwtban.,*. ,...,.-.. lU 

lirttnflr ^jpcnitftjrn in Ttpymry , ^..«-. ■«.. iU 

tUwIrV nd DoQiHr DavlIf ... - ^.<.,...H>b.M. ..»'•<■ .,.<.><.. 119 

Fht U«lcn to llie tlpmlur. tn ttduM »f bt4i^t6vmi VUlUrr OcntlenMC, 

■DAlbdr OlALiAK..-. „- ,,-....,.,,,.,., ^ --.,.. 11A 

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AflwVdrmlitr IUtU#- L*ttf«« lo th*^ji*fJiflr ..... ....^.^...^„ '.. ., TB 

Leittr l4 MHT'^f Klluualt] .. . .. ... ..,.,.. ................... IM 

t*Lew lA thfl i^ianlitdfi fur «vqD4Aiiiiti«ii«, lb biduir of VPi ud Hit. 

rtnchAin .-. -'.,<-^ tt , >•.».»..... ,.... >*.•.... UB 

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Fliri: l>iur tathepntWUivr; >«« BnciiinO. >-> *.- ■>•..** IH 

9- Sulfi>lu V*<icaanfy„ ■,,-,, - - , ».».... ■ IK 

». Spnca •hoLiJa M-'IV' .., 147 

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■L Two lUAdMA l« Obabndft Unftonllr '.. t »»^.». Ul 

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VtL Iti^tin orijLHrTrnFt'GMPii Itt 

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KIL oar Ito Tr*wi^l. Wwtnu. HiuBfort, an J tMind III* Ol tm&m .. . .- ...^m 
ZUL Vjwdu* Itw mjnJ. llnn^M Cfrtlt, uirl UulHl MitBMUOO Vf lb* BMr- 

Xir. ttwrriruit Df4c wluiUt lo flAl«a 1^ CU. .,„..,.,. -,»... IB* 

IV. BrtnathnOldHl Ut«L , ^ «H 

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Pa>t T. Hi>hLiif>r4 vmiih kr^na-rTM' , . . - ..■.....-. -wn 

Put TL fmai tfa:hUI«'* t^^LUr-uicui ^t HbouIihid to 111* IbalWaiaL tti J«u 
PjATin. Prvmbk^UlauKulalJaEulQliliDMUi (TnO-ndDl « 

I. narruhpr. , . «i 

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3, ChM HdhDhMt .....^. « Ml 

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& ^wuvolp vHrtOovl^ .b. •»«•<. ,iA, iti»i««»k«iHit*i>tifi«taH.*pi««i*4*4**i-» Ml 
«. lV-Ubo<'»wlm.iMA4«|pfav Ml 





TneTitTt Sp-Rton ot iUJa railtAraent elofted, }aAi June, im^«t 
■oclb AiiHpi^tous Rirt'iiiu.^toncca aj wo «[lw -, l«avmg tb« People 
and tke Lord Froivctor iu tb« comfortAblo iindor«tAXLdiD;r thj^t 
tb^rv wui now a 8t*r'l1<*m^nt airivitd ikL, 14 (lOTunuuoat jXMtsiiljlo 
by Lav I that iiieinil&r exercises uf Autkurilj, M^jfiMiMEurrUa 
ftii4 wwh like, would not bo nrcdrd henceforth for ettvicj- of 
the CommonveaUli. Our I'ubUe A^minj in the Nfllhorl-uidB 
hud ets0irhere> have prospt<r^tl In i3ie InteKm; nochlTig linjt 
miffEOfie. Why abculd not this Soooad ScAsion be as aucc^ss- 
fal ft* tbo Finit wu? — Ata«T iuoimmi, «#p<>oifJly od anch ft 
bOAii A* tltc huiaora iiu! ji;^]i;uncatuy titlldtigv and solf-dcvul- 
opmvntJi tit fuur huiidrt<i] im^n, h wry mmerUdn I Aud imleed 
thb S«cond Soaaiou me^ta now xmdor couditiona somewlut 

For chia thinff, thnru i« t'> be a new House of LordH^ we 
know not bow that amy miAwt^r! For another thing, it ia 
Dot now ]K>rmi8»it>lo to 8to[» our Hasetriga^ Sootts and AabJcy 
Coopora at ths threshold <?( thn VjxxUKXDtnIt tuid any^ Yi> ahall 
not tnt^f : if tht^j (ihooxn ti> t;!)!"" the OalJi preaci'il^ed hy lUis 
new Tustnuncnt, they hai-e powM (o «nter. Aud only tho Pa^ 
liamvnt ilwlf can reject thorn- Thos*s in Ihi* Sreond S<-«Hion, 
ftTT n^'W I'lPtn^TiU ; on wliiflh ast w« huvi- Hvan, r.lie t;tiii?ra.ti(ju 
oJ Pkrtteni atu otrtuKty ff[KH:uluti:if{ ; on wbich uaturalJy his 
Hifbnc«e too La« hu anxLetiua. Hia HixbncaSi wc tnd, u 
h^rrtofcrir, ttttugf^w to do bin b*fflt and wuott^ not yielding 
much to anaitftlflftt but tlw rmult ii^ tliiH S«i>iion }jruvetl eu- 
tlrdjr uiuaooeMfn] ; perlwpb the vuniucocftflfiiledt of nil Scn^ionv 
or PftriitnonU on roconl hithoito! — 

Tbfl now Hotigo of Tjnril^ wm MTrtiinly a mther <jueMtionabl6 
oilrenUin;. Vmi i)i> Dot uiiptuviBO a Pcicrji^; <^nc>r its ILijcb- 
n««a ia w^ll awar« of thnt ! Ke^erthGlofls *^ aomowhat to Ritand 
botweon mo and tb« Jlonto oi Commonft " Imi MjctnLil n thing 




dc^inblfi, ft th'tog U> bo doo^dod ooi : au'l Uiis new Ho^uo oC 
Lordjy thU will b« a *'itottitJvr1i;it,^* — th« b^«t Ihbi ^Jiri Iw had 
in prenect cirouiuat&iuita, Vvr^ weak anil nmuU «» yet, Uka 
a txte n«w-j>Uut«d j but v«jj certun to ^'^^ atrouj:»T, ii it 
bAT« rool Uia ia U, if Uraro tv in cb4 BfttVf^ ol thingx a it?^ 
nt'ifiwhy Tor it. Ptiut it, try h, thin nnw Puritan Oiiveriau 
l'e(i<a4;i:<J-F<tct, sudi u^i it luA lieeTi girot; ua. Tlitf oU L^i^ 
ftge-uf-J^aciiulr villi ita tlwuaouU J4>an of etrongtb, — wbnt of 
to old reon^e Laa PnriUn HiniwHty, suid nukjihrxxl anil tdu^ 
tott ui ite bones "^^ ■» ^^^ coui^v of yeom, imllj tuuiid lui 
Olirct a&d h>> UQvr Lrei'as«-of-I^ttct, — tto it b lUro&dy, by 
BULuy symptoiOBf aIiowui£ a Uadoooj to do, li tho lUiiv'ciut 
QTiiaiTi ttiat ntivOT <V]ritimie mid srncoeed n« hitbitrU^ utidoubu 
sJly hU iii^u PiMi-age luny Jisnoimd lions ^^^ ^^^ ^'■'^ gather 
to it wlu(b!ver ci the oii ifl vrmtlt gath^iD^-. In tho mvtji 
vhtU it bu 1>«W «aaotM by tha pHrh&m^Lt and htm ; liU jicut 
Is bow, To put it in efleot the test be uo. 

The LUt of Olitvt'fl Lords c&n bd nad in muij Books;' bub 
iitn'rig u tbot viktt«r did, it niHid net iutoiia uft h^re, Puhtan 
Heo of Enii]iduM>, mah as Um TIulu hod yii?ldud : SIdppco, 
Dvsborow, Wli^i^y, Pridti, Hewsou, theM ave wtiat wv may oall 
the Xup^jUoTfMiini^iU of dktt biuinoM; Wlutlouk«. Uaaelrig^ 
LoQtluLU, Uayiuuxl, old Fnmcu Bou««, SootoU Wam^toui 
Lockhatt; XofbbiUci^ of Parliaiiwut, of JUli^ons Foljtiec, 

or L«wr. MuuUffUt^ JIuvAC'd tin? tbtrrv; the KotIs uf U«tt- 

ohc#tcr, Wwick, Mnlicniv*^ — Horn's aix IVera; of vrhom only 
QMt tbtt Lord Euju from Yorkfthirc, wodidr for th« ptvMintt 
tak« hiA maL Tba ruHl of tfi^ nU iMt yni ktood aloof; eviui 
Waivick, M uoar as be ww to Uie U^rd l'fi>U!ctoi, euuUl 
Mt tliick" of sUu&j; vith lYtdi A Xapoliwik-MAralul u Major- 
G^duteU IlwioQjWbo, caoD uay, started a< aShoocnalur in early 
Ufv. YcA^ iu Ibab low f^^re did Httwvuu atwi; aud liaa bad 
to &^ cTery boli of lud w^ cp Mlhornikrd, doiii|E lufuiifold 

* O aa 4 il*t 4 s k« /^vfuuu'tf'vy Ui^ifjt, III HT-io ; ijocnnipJvtf^ivith uiny 

JltoftH9>*i^440-«7l. An 4>l<i (upt.jf iliB vAciAl^'rtHuMmituihMiiLorilAU 
to AdiiOand A^HAi^ MiiA dcl 3M«. 


Ttctoriofu bnttlt frith thr Dtri\ and tb(> World as he went 
along, — provmg bimaolf u bit of right good atuff, think* tho 
LorJ Prot^citorl You, Waivicka and ollL^ra, acuonliug to 
wbal woAG of manhood jou m.iy hnvc, ymi cnn look into tUi> 
Hcwa^n, and aoo if you End auy miuiJjoud or worth in hun \ — 
1 havif fouud sonftl The Prot^tor's Lbt, «>mp[l«d under 
great diifii^tiM|' MWms, no Tar m we caii ikiw read it), vriy 
lUMiioeptioQAble ; practice, aubstaatijil, tvilh An ^ye for thr 
N«wuid for thfi Old; doing bQtwora tht)8o two, witli |,'0od 
iiuttglitt the to*t it ciuL Tli^rt^ irDr« flomo Riity-thn^ euni- 
nKKied in &U; of whom ivomtr forty ainl iipw^irdK mt, mostly 
token fr.'inj the HouM of Conuoond ; — -tlie wo»t oKi:ot of whkii 
wuM, thaX hii Ifighn^Afl th«r«by tost ioine forty farorablv voted 
la iLat otlvdt Honte; which, »« muttor* vr«}nt| proved highly 
MrineDtoi theT«> 

IlDW«vpr, Wr^lneaJay, 20th Janunry, I6fi7-S, hu arrived 
Tlic Excluded Hc&ibura ujit lo hiivt reuduibiHiuiir — ^'' ^"t^^y 
of tboia M C£i& talcf^ the Oath afcordicK ^ this New instru- 
Dunt. Hi« Iltghncfiic hop«a if tbcy voltintonr to iwuur thin 
CtaLbf tlu!j will endeaiv^r to )taap it; luid iweru tt) h^ive no 
misfiTuiga About them. He to govoru uid admiuUtcr, uid 
th^y U> dtbat<f a&d Io^lat€i in nonf^i-mity with thiA Totition 
»nd AdvicL*, not otb«rwiAO| ttua is, in vord and in easeiioe, Uie 
Uiiii^' they and ho havn mutu^illy with alj Bolumuity biirgaiiieJ 
to do> It may be rationally hoped that in all miaiindrrrtnnd- 
ingi^ ihoiild inch ftrivo, aniha gnod Ifuis of ugre^munt v\U And 
tntmt unfold! itaolf tn'twci^n purtiffS so reliLtetl tjj ^llcL other. 
The ootciuou dAD^-«r»r an his Higliuesa kuowa aad will in duo 
tiAo make knovn, arc njc^ii imminent ] HoyjiJint I'lottinge 
oTvi^ more Hfo, Spivilih Chttrlos-Stuart luToalou orwe mOM 
|trvpanii|- iiaalt. 

But Doir the Parliament reaasemblLiig, on this Wodnoodftyt 
tbo SOtli, thoto bpjrinflj in the *' Outer Court," *ince oidled the 
Iiobfay, an imtnotisi^ '* iidminiKterlng of the Oath/' U^e whole 
r^Ument taJcitig it^ f^x Onmnisauineni ^ppcu'i^ig ''ej%r]y iu 
the mor&uM^*' with due ap[>u-«tLiri and soJemiutj, miimtcly 

1 Tbsrliw, VI, MIL 




d«wribfld la the Joum&k And Old Books ; ' and Ibrti Uboriiig 
tiU bU ftn fworn. Xtiot n tba lUiit g»^ ftkp. WhioJi dona, 
tb^OommoTtf HuuBe count jtu tea iu«lf; ftjipol[it8"Alr. ^idjUib" 
Clf-ik, luatv^iiil uf 8cobriI, who Lu |p>uo to tbo Lovds> luid with 
whom tUcro U cQutiaiuU ooiitn>vct^ tiicnocforUi at>ottt "ftur- 
igudoring of Bocordii '' tuid Uu like. Ln a litUfi wliild (hoiit 
not luiuHd) oomtfM Black Bodj rapDtU thai Uw Tli^liimRs is 
iu the Lorda Uouae. w^Ud« Cor thu noii«c- Whcrciipou, 
BboulilBr MwMt — J^> ^ ^ ^''^ t^*^ d^uuu, — aud u^aroh. 
Hi> Tfi|[h«ftf^ vomcwhiit itidxapos^d m Iu<idLl), it?aviii^ iW 
muiu biudtiu ol llie t-xpubittuji Lo ^uUiuiIel Fic&uc* of tlw 
Qrutt S«ft1, wbo u Ui fellow him, spOAk« to this effect i ^ 
.ilw iayifnCic Coimoou JonnuU jritid it fot us^ 


"Ht Lobi«, Affi> Qextuuib^ [<]ir] -ruR Houak or CuMMOva: 
"I triifi^t yoii hnm ia tliin cujNu^ty by thn Ad^^ce and Ppti- 
Uon of tlu9 prtttAnt Pikrliunititt. After to tnuch r*ji|^j(-.iLKo 
uf blood and trcftfiuro [ve art.' now] to March aod try whjit 
bl<tBBtn{{9 Qod bath in stcro for tbcw Natioiis. I <uuluoI but 
vitli gUilmviA of hft^vrfj rpm^iiubcir ajul £,okQDVledgiO thu labor 
and indiintry tluht U poat [your poflt Uliur]. vkliicli batli been 
spent Ttj«ti X buutiii.'Vi-; worUiy of the U'-^t men and Ukc bcit 
Obriitions. [^/'iJ/ U jmnn /ntitfiit Q 

"1% i% voiy vrcll known unto yoa &1] wbskt difllonltieft we 
b&vi? pcuoijd tlirougli, luid whnt [iMva] ve ura oow anii^ ak 
Wp hc^ w« niaj «&y we havd oiri^ if not fiUtw^tJui] it 
whnt wti lumed at, yvt at that vttoh U tnocli boj'oud out «& 
peMfttiona. Tlio Ek&tioc of tbia Cs^ue^ and tiie Quarral, wh^t 
tbat vaa at the fint, jou xll voiy woll know t I ua poraaaded 
miwt of you have bean aatcra In itt It woa tho maintaining of 
the Librrty of theti^ Natioua; our Civil LlUirtLaa aa men, out 
Spiritiuil Libottiaa ai CbmtiaiL«. [7/arc W9 arrwed ai iKai?2 
1 AaJl not muah look baok; but rathor nay onoVord oonoam 
inf the state and ooncUtlon ire iirv all now to. 


•"Ton know very w^IS, the firat I>oalarjilion,' nilrr Uio twgin- 
Iking of thifl Wit, that apakr to tbo Jife, vm a a«Dde knld forth 
fay tbB Pikrti&tneut, Thrit tor Aomti mcooffilon of time (lesions 
}i4id l*eeu laid to Luutrvale ii|^tu llw Civil Rightn of ihfl Nationa, 
[ADi] to innovnto in mattora cf Ri?ligioii. And those very 
perviui who, & man would liiLv<> tkuught, should bav« b:ul Uio 
Imm huid in middling: u(Mi Civil thmgt, did justify them all. 
l2oah%t$ VifOayKant Prtc^U, Si&ttf/rp. Mnnwarintjy ^f/rUi{/u, of 
fA4 Laud frattr%iijf ^ /irrctd-ioans, mompQliet, Mp-irtoMt/A, nJi 
CiM Tymn^if WiU right a4X^rtiinjf to fham/] All th« [Civil] 
tnimacTtianB tliat wnn-, — [itiry jiistlRt'd th^m] m their pul- 
pily p m ee o , and cthenriftel Which w.ls verily thought [luid 
tluj taoo^^dad in it] would hnvo l>cLm u, very good nhc^ltcr to 
tbfiio, to innovate npfm \in in mHtt»n of Beligion also. And 
to lo innorato aa to eat oul the oare aud power And hr^uit nud 
ttfo olall itelixton 1 By bcLis^g on ua a f^oinpuny of poiaoa- 
Ona Popiah Ceremonies {S^iMii'ft^ animated, ymir Hi^hruvu/Jj 
and tmpoHitig thnm tipon thoaii^ that wnre ncr,<iiiut*^d ' thi: ViitU 
tana' of the Kation^ and prorca*ora of religion among us, — 
driring theon to seek Iheir liread in in howlitig wildcnujiia ! 
Aa ^raa instanced to our friends who v-ere forced to t)y for 
Holtarnl, Xeir Bn^lAnd> atinoitt ajiy-n hither, to finil Lihvrty 
for iheii Conwri'^n^'eL 

"Now )f thin thing hith been tha gtate and aom of our 
QviajTOl, and of these Ten Yearn of War whpn'iti wn wito eKnr- 
M»d; anil if the gi»ud hand r>f GoiL fnr wn ata to attributo 
H to no othfT, l^th brought thiA buuineas chua homo ujjto us 
■■ It it now wttlod in the Petiliou and Advir^^, -^ I think wn 
hiLVt all cacae to blesK Gtid, liteiI tlie KLitic^nj^ haro nil rauno to 
bl«M HlnL t^"'' ^''^^'^ "/rlt'trifi^irtijttitt hrurt, — j/ea /] 

" I well riTtnambor l did n little fcnidi nj>t?ii the Eighty fifth 
PaaJiD wben I apaho unto you in th^ begii^niiig of thin FarUn- 
n«Dt* Whieh eipresseth well what wft may aay, u truly as 

1 nccknkUan, Sd Augiva* 1043, wont ihtnoiEli llm liOnU lliitw iluc dftf ■ 
It In la fiiffiaMifnry flutorf. r], Mn. A tliln^; »f tinlhrlty m^Xurifx] alatwi 
Ipipkiwitt iIm tljaa(«<i D'Ewn's Mt^^ Jvuruil, t23i JuJf}; corrdflpoiuli ia 
pwvygrt bo «tuil U Mid 4l ^t hrn. 


itw wM of old tif Ui4 PoiuDUk of tkftt I'Mlittl rUfl &ret 
wrao ifl wi acLnowIeilgraent to God tlMt Eln ' hid bMn fnvan^ 
bLs onto Ilm laad,^ uid ' Uiiragbt bftck the; captivity vl tUj 
peofife; and [tlien] Uow th^t Hfi bad pardoutvd all thoir iu- 
iqoitMS Attd cov»r«l ftU t1j«ir oHf mid Ukeii avav aU }li« 
nrnth ; ' — und indmul of tliw iiiDtpnuknUn luitrniu, bl«»?iit]f(», 
juid di^livrTTTLiiccv dtit of <fjjiptirit^» imnlnuiuff of itattUDid oiiu 
luui uutioii:Ll im4u;Uoe, I'lUiioiiiiig. ua God pvdon^ ciio 
mau wliom He justiti«th ! He bleaks thmu^h, and overlook* 

tiuico Uod {Mrdonech NAtioiisi altto!-— Aitd if the e.QJQyia(::)t 
of our prcaaut I'dace and other iaerci«« may tv ^vitnesa^H tor 
God [tD m], — V0 frfll atul wp sah thnm rvnTj d&/, 

'* The jpr.;itr«t tlemcmntfatiou gf Ui» farur ami love appoan 
to ua in thia : That iU h&Ui given ua i^dodo ; ~ and tho bltis»- 
iDga of Peaoe, to wit^ the dnjofroentof our Libertiei CivlI and 

wmtlmt/*, nU n«n Jh* thit ; ^^ and wc in mtnw nd9*wn hmm 
£l/] Ajid £ icuoinbcr well, tbo Churdi [in tlut flomu Kij^y* 
firth I'aalm] falls into prayer and httc pcaUw, gr^ki Mpf«- 
taliona of faton lueroieav and muoli tUaakfulnaait for tiie 
enjoyment of prosoitt tnorciea; aiid break* into this txprca- 
AtoD r * tiurclj aolvatioD i« ni^h unt/> them that Coor Him ; tliAt 
glory may dw«)l In otur lnod/ lu th^ be^mnLag it U sailed 
Hialaiulj 'Thuuhaab becm r&vorabl« to Tby land' Truly I 
hope tbU i$ Hin land ! In som^ ae^BO it mny bfi giTen ooi 
Ihal It u Uod's laud. And Im that hnth the veakeflt kikow^ 
ailgc^ and Uui woist meniiury, uux «iVLly tall ^aa we are 'a 
Badoeoiod People^' — [£roui th< tuc^] when God vrai tint 
pleaaud to look favorably npon lu [to redoom tu] ont of tho 
liandft of Popetj*, m tliat ntftr to b*t forgotten RerormaCloD, 
Uuit tnoat algidfiaua au<l i.Tt^hint [lurrav] the Naliou bath 
foU or Uat4^ I t miiU but Couch upon that, — but a touioh ; 
If^v (rod Lath rcdoaiuod u»^ iu wo ntaitd tbi« day ! Not &om 
tronbln and torrov and nngnr only, htrt into a bJeaaisd nnd 
happy «tivtp and conditicn, pfnnpifi*hrn!iiv« of rM Ititi'rFMts, of 
ertry aao&ib«r, ui -jver^' iLLdividual j — [an impnrtuiK to wt] 
of Lbow m^rewx £th(f * Kjultva of], ti8 j<Ai rory wall aaa I 


" And ttnn in vrbot wiuw it U 'our Ixuul;' — Uunugli tliw 
grftco &iLd £ftTQr of God, Tliut Ho Ikcith TOochsafcd onto uiv 
umI b«6U>wed Dpoti U4, wiUa tLip GoBj>eI, Teftc^, ajid rutt out 
rjf Tftn VfurV War; ktud ijivm uj> wIlaI wii would ilesii^ ! 
Njkjr> vIk> cocii LftTo foicthoii^Ut, whca vr w«ic plungod Loto 
this i&MitfioC our txoublo^Tiuit cv^-r thu people o/t' God ebouUL 
baT« Ind liberty rj> ororiihip Oi^t] witlioLit fear of enemSeiK? 

U>* j^rtot/or iiUU/i to IM if Acu ^Mumc cm r^mvjK'n iu £JU li^ert^ 

h U fhe ttng i4'iVA ttU aitnianutntji nrut conftt4vt4 in thit w^rid. 
Do ! ihin^ (^ Cttdmu*, vr if» old iMiLwfU'f» GricntttU, irArie / 
tmlo vtiA LinTMBJi 7 Th^ tvarU u i/uUt t^/Mut l/u m^re dmi vf 

Mufif / Mjho uot9»Urp v^V, /(ti-ffDUMti ^y tU rk,^Lr Afirn. — " H'ii/^ 
vtu /«ar«/ cnnahu" ^ *^!f»] Wliicii in Uie vcr/ (bcknowlcdg- 
Bimtof Uw Proviidu c£ CiirtEl Uial ' Hu v^oulU dulivu' His 
bom Um £eu of toojnii^a, thai tliey mlf^ltt won]ii|] Hioi ia 
boliinA» UiUiJ ta ri^^LtFuti^tiettt ^ ibe da.va of Ibeir liftf-* 

" Tliia ift (he portion tlmi Ood bath i^ivon itt ; and i tru&b 
«a iUulU forovar boatliljr iu:kDOwlG<iK« it I — Tho CbiiicK goijt 
oa tUcn [tn thut I'kuIiiiJ, :ujd mAktfit tir^r buaat ym fftrtlMr} 
'Uib nlviitboQ b iii^U tl^uui bli&t Ffuki^ Hiin, lltut glorjr may 
direlLiaoiirlADd-' /Jwk^'^'?* "<^^ ciuiial, nor onythtuf; rcUutvd 
liMMto : this glor^' of u FriM PoMOtiion of lh& Gospel - thu i> 

tlufi wbkfa U'u lUJL/ gtorjr ill! ^BmMtiM. iAtfU rwf/a mtrtdf'^ 

H%jfJk4tt hjxr* ittvpid^ cantMtf^ eatton-tpinrnj^^^ parlrid^t^t/wotin^ 
nuntai^JiUicnt vuci thai Janwir^, UU>8 IJ And ll b «aul fftT- 
tliei, ' Jl«rcy uhI Truth ato met toK«tbcr ; i£ighCooiun«Bs nnd 
^ms9 hAv« kuNcd vieli other/ ^Vud [uotc], it stiijl lie s\w)l 
ngkUausneoH aa coiim iktvfu Cioiu ll«av«u : ' Tiutli sh^l ^rovr 
out ol tlM CatUi. aad Ri^htconsuGu sh^lJ oom« dotm frooi 
UltikTOa.' U«tv U t^ TrLttJi ni alJ [truths]} horo is tho 
TigbtOOQSnoau of G<)df vrtili^r llii? notion of ri^htH>iiHTif^iu i*i>n- 
firauig &ur uliQititt», ^— aimvromble to tlie tiuLlj ulilt^lL H^ luLth 
ib tbc Oo«pol rcrcfticd to ns 1 i^Ao^rdiitg to C^lein atvi PauL \ 




And the 1'ulm clowth v*ilt Xh\s: * Righteous tiees shall ^o bo- 
fonHim, aiid sliall mit. n^ iu tbi.- irny of Hi» ht«|iJ^ >' — iIiai 
njihtooiuium^ that mfrroy, thjLt lore* and tba,t kimlnrain vrhifh 
wu bavo eoeu, and becm nuul^ pArUtkers ot trom tio Lonl, if 
shall be our Gtiide, to t«ach tis ^ Icoow tJi£ ri^ht and tlie ^■ooii 
vAj' ; whicL is To iiesA in tlw iit«p8 of mercy, iig)jteouAuea» 
ftxid good&«M th&i cur tiod batb v«Jkcd before iu in. — 

*■ W« [too] hftTb « Pouoo thii day ! I beHov^ in my vciy 
h^art, you all thirik t1i« tlitB^ tJiat 1 speak loyou tbia day. 
1 ajD aoio you Lavi^ cj&iuio. 

'"Ai^d j«i wn ore not without the niui-mariiti^ of many poiv 
yilf, who turn nil this grace uid gc^uPHs into wormu-ood ; who 

lluleiTd Mv ilisdipjxjiiitMl by tJir wchtk-fc of O^kI Ami tha%e. 

mca ju:^ oC wvend raiiV^ and condLtlocift; gre&t one^. lof»»«r 
ono*, — of all ftoct*. M^^n ttmt ar« of tho Epiaoopol spvril, 
^vith^ thp bnuiTilies, ihc* roni unci ihi? brinohiyi; — u'ho gaw 
Ihifuijwltv^ a fitUl lluw u) lluB riiu^p* tvhttn tli«y would Ui'min 
make ft 'Prot^etation tliot do L&>va wem good, which vrerti 
msda by thit Hou£« and tho HoniMf of Commons in thri^ ib- 
ieawf'uid m without injury to oth^rn cut thmiMi'lTiffl offt 
[Hml of au Episcopal »ptrit;] iuJ«cd vxvu thit kuow twt 
Qod ; tlut know not bow to a^otiat upOE tho woTk« of God, 
how to mooKure thoiD out; but will trouble Nattont fL>r aq 
lulvn-st which in buL mired, :il thi' brat, — mnda ui^ of inra 
and ^Ift}^, like Ihci fcot of Kebuohadti€£KAr'« Ima^ ] wbctJ^er 
tli«y w^ro moro Civil or Hpintiul wai hard to My- But th^ir 
i^unT.itLuanoe wiia liko to ho known befOreband [ Td$, yauf fftffh- 
mu* /] ; ixon and cUy make no good mixtures^ they aiD not 
diMblefttnlll — 

*'7on bftra Qow a goilty Ministry ; yo^ havp st knowing Min- 
btry; »iiufa a one ;u, witlumt vanity Ih? it Kprihi^n^ Um wnfid 
baa not Men knowing th« tbiugB of God, uid able to aoaroh 
into tlio thinj^ of God, ^ by tbat only which cati lathom 
llioftA things in M>nie measuro, Thn spirit of a boast known not 
the thiagaof * taaa; &or doth Uie spirit of man know tho 

' In tlita HEQB Itoiuc »f Lo^U* OB the lOih oi Dnamh¥t^ 1C41. Boqr 
WilUuiu iTir Lbiiolii 1>t<ojr*^(LLk' *hh hU Klenn Um haa&j Hivbup*. leaiUug 
ttu^ v4/^n iliAi inirlilr JAaiA^ Tcd.xtH. jk IIKI 


ikia^ of God ! 'Tbc Uun^i^ nf Qodai^ kuowD £y fJb i%«H/.' ■ 
— Traly 1 will KuMEabor tmt ono thing of those [U« uo^- 
guJ-Jml jiL^nButm DOW csui out from tu] : Xbelr grettOHt j^roe- 
uuUu;i Itaih \Hiea uf tLir I'm^pLn of Uod ^ — uoen reoUy uf the 
epuit of God. u I tlittLk vrr> cxpuricaco Lall uuw «LilHi!^t:uUj 
itaokonstmtod I — 

■* Bui wliAt *fi cho Muon, thiak you, that loeD iili|i in ihjs 
Agi? wb«rei» vo live f As I toM you befure, they QntU-ntsod 
not tlic vof ia of God, Tlicj coneLjior uot tl>0 opttraiion of llis 
Lttw». They consider DotUtatUodrMUtodttftdbroktt ri pi«oea 
tkw r4>vet)i that wisn, tliai muu mt|{lit fvar liim; — might 
h^ve liUarty U> du aud ejjuy ^ iUat lUhl «re liavu been Ape«k* 
mirof f Which ocrUkiuly God hua maai(«MGcl to have bc«n th« 
«ml ; and «c> kith tin broiight tho thiAf^ to puAtt ! 7'^t7vf«4i« 
it Li UiaL uieu ytt iiJi(i, and t-i^^-a^ tbeiitaelraa a^alnbl God. 
Aad for that veiy cauM. flaith David (PWn» Tw^ntsf-^yhth^ 
' Ho abaU break thciu (l(»^u, and not build thois up I ' 

"li, th*roioF«, yo4i ^rould know upon what foundation j^a 
tbLnd, own your liTunJatiuu [tu In^] froin Oud. Hi* hfttb Ml 
Jon vJme you arv : lie hath »et j'ou iu tlio fLJoynnnit of 
joor Civil «»d Spintiul Lib^nios. 

**l dtftl olearlj with 7i>tiT' 1 have been luider some infimHtj 
[iftf iTi^AAOx vfk^ £Mhbi imspfl^ ; tbet^fore dare not spfak 
farthfr to yon; — ^xoepft to Let you know thus mneh. That I 
hm trith Crath luvl BimpHcity dm^Liircd the Btate of our Ciitiwi* 
nudour attiUiimrmU iti i^ by ilu* itiilu»Lty aud Ubor uf this 
PuUuaent aince they hat ujot ueiuu thia fooudation — Yoi 
•bAlt find I moan, Fovmdalion of ft Causo nnd Quorrtd thiu 
ailaincd to, whomin wit art thuf Attnted.* I ahomld lie very 
glad to lay my bonra with yimm [WAu^ « tone-']; — aad would 
hftTO dono it« with all bffitrtiB«sB and *oheorfttlllC«^ in the 
OMUuat oapMity 1 ever y«l vsus in, to sr-rvo thir t^Uauiant 

"ir God givo yun, ai 1 Uiui He will, — [''/fw hlftting'* 

* Tlti* PurlUtrufnt'jf " fmiDiliUuiii/' tbd gt^an4 ihU I'aflijuncoi look lid 
■la»i apMi, ■>■ ■ ncdjcujiiuu itMl du Caiuc Ivd b*OD k> atiil hl thai nnr 

or "^trtiigfh : " hU /Ar Sraecnrf m jwrrr] — He AotA giwft ll 
70U. for what hare I bocu npuftking ol liut, what jou hBTO 
done f np hjith giv«» you HtrL*o(ftb to do what jon luive 
6nnp ! And If Gvd should bicaa >ou iu Uiia work, and muke 
tbb Meeting bappf ou thia account, yon i»>iiUl all It uxll«d lli» 
Bloas^d of th« Lord. ^Fwtr O^ivtr.'] — The jjeneraiions to 
aamti will hltfrt w. Von ftliall hn the '»fnur*r* of hrc^i^hr^ 
and tho rtolortTB of jtaths to dwell iu!" hn^ if tlittc l* 
any higher work whicih mortaU c&m ntt^n unto in tlio world, 
beyond Ibi*, 1 a<^kuowI«dgu u^j' igimriinoi* [of tIJ- 

"Afl I Uild yuu, I have ^oiue lufirmicitis upon mo. I hare 
not iibvrty to spoftk more unto youj Iwl I havi* dcsirod an 

Hoiii>tnbl6 P«nOll lMt« by Cmi— [Gfawrrn^ tou-^rds y'itU'iHit)l 
F'igmum, Uim mttk fhf Pitni« ofid Sifat] to diBOOiiFB?, a littln 
more particiilarlj, what lu&y be uorc proper for thb ooouiou 
and Uiia itiuvting." ' 

fJAthiiniel IHcnnctt follows in m long higb-flowm iTLgcaimu 
DiBCOurf#>' rharaoteHied hy Prj'aBdiist, ir» his Parliani*»niary 
ilintoij nnil othrr WorXAf jia falMt, i^ncitinif, niul littUt li-iJi thikii 
imour ; for which th^ Anti-dryoadiut rvodcr bn« by this tiiQd 
iMrned to ioigir^ that fatal Doctor of DarkntM. nennes'g 
8p«ar-h i» «Mil^ reoogviijLAbl^ aorou ita CaJvittlsticfllaWt, rm 
fidl of nnwo and strontrth ; broad manful th(rui:hL Mid dear in- 
0i([h^ oouchod in ft irorgooiu lijipjirativc itylc> which a fri«adly 
Judge night aliaoat oall poetle. It ii Iho lirtt time wo thor- 
ou^ly for^ve the Honorable NaL^uuiiel for snmndtrin^ 
BrtJitfil to Prince lEupert loDg a^jo; aad rejoice ihat rry&tic and 
Indcpondcncy Walker did not gvt him fibot, by CourvMartiaij 
on thai oceaalon. 

Nathaniel comparer the preaent state of EnifUnd to tlw 
rifling of Coamofl out of Chaoe na rocoorrlod m (iatwit .- Two 
" fimunenta " ar* tnadef two Mparate Uon^es of Pari huneot ; 
moth i> bumIb, but much y^L reniaJua to be made. He is fnll 

* Camm/mJaanHtit.Tll t>T« tW lithBOrir^il*— niwrtvil hj WMdiittj^ 
■ m paWi ^ OwMW Jcunuih, vij. A««-Hr, Va»4V, f5(h Jia, l«>T-& 

ftPCEt:il X\'T, 


oS figutttivo iBgWMiity '. full ol r«Mlutioti, nt toltisiuc, cf 
diacnUout and i^riMui Miev good qualitied not rery rife in 
Uk« wmLd. " Whal bloU to done to out Sister t^ial baih oo 
btAftsm r ** ho A«k8, in tlio UngmiK^ <i£ ^M>toiDoiL'8 Sodjc. Wlmt 
aliAll IMC dr> vUh tlioH0 ifood di^d, lri<»idit to our Cauco, vbo 
3i«t njcGtOflt *JiJ sit &t liomavti Uicir cutoLn ? W13 iviU 
eooilM tlufia, wc will antHiail to tliuui, wc will in&ll ways 
invito thou (4> u». Uttr litUr SuiUTf _ •> if (ho b« a wlUI, wc 
wlJI \m\\t\ u )ttWe ur ^iUlt upon lier; li' ulin be a duor, wo 
vkU oncloao W iritli UhirUs uf c^hUt;" — our LitllD ^iatcr 
nholi oot bo cctroBiccHl froia uj, ii i( piwAo God I — ~ 

Then b, in tmth, utivd ctiough of uiLMiimtty at prtfHcnt. 
Obo of tbeee dayB. ili«rc imme u man ridiu^: joi^trot tlirougU 
Stn&^ml-al'Ui^Bon', vrith "n grt?fn iflasod cover ovor hi8 
liA(i" ft " mfttitcaf» under it/' and ■■ hit vuKno buhitMl liim j " 
■ HMtic-luiikuig mjui; n-SHigiit»aLiUf Lo vm. uuid llii* v;uii)ihwl 
popuUtMififl who l&k« m> uutici: of luiu aa he jv^ lUiutf iim% 
— for tike Puko of Oruio&d, ClaarLe« Quart's heoid ann \ ii8 
aat ap» at Colohetler, ths night bpfor^ *' pUjiDg ihnSllrtKiurd 
with fotw farowEs^ luid diiukiug hni ijix^' ih: ia fmh frt>ra 
FiwMkm. uid the Ex-Ki&Kt ^i^ib aniv-^xl here to i>rguiue the 
&p«tUb ChAtJtift^luut l&v^ioiir audsee whai Ki^&list Ijun^ 
IMitlat^ or other 4om«atic mirwhi^f thtvn may Im; hci|Hi9i nL 
LodW M^f, " wiUi ilyod hair,'' in n m^vch dUguised tnauner, 
u ^ ^if, hotukv of a i'ttpbt Chirurt^uu 111 Drury Lane ( '' oon^ 
aartartiOB rith th« tiagl^adere here." 

Ttivi 3{aiiUh 0haili»-8tuart luvB^ion ta Jig&iii ou foot, and 
w> Cafak^ JU had Four KngtijiU Irkh Kc^ini<^ni0; thu iov- 
ainded Dtitob. ve imd^rslaudr lu^vo hired him cwi>«nd- 
t wwi ty nhipit, which hopfi to nsrape our frigiitcj name dark 
oi^lit; aud Don John has |jMjmiAcd « Sponivh Army of euc 
tltfiiaaad or ton thouaatid, it tiiv dt^iuof:tiu J^ya^iata will bestir 
HiOMfilTOi Xilke the wavfiii of the s«^ that <»iiiiot rest^ 
that have to go 4jv thiowiug up mira and dirt I FraBtio-Aua^ 
ti^itiati too aro o^wakeniitKi Ihc Rt&orftl Biigliah Ilydra ia 
■aiiyfa^g itasU a^Dia, oa if Ui try it ou« othar Liat tUno* 




vttujit mau. Swede and Ihui4 In op«a vut i invxtrioable qtmr- 
rela beirflderiTiif theKin^of 8weileu, Kiiigof Deitni^rk, El*-utJ)r 
of Brandenburg, «11 miuitif^r of PoiriKn rrot<flUiito» wLora 
Oliver never j^l ouuld rccoui^ilv ^ uuil tliu Dutch i^ayitig folw ; 
And tbt^ Sp^nUrda^ tbe Aiutrians, the Pope anti Pap bit8, too w^ll 
QDttfld ' ^Kf«d oikou^i that thU rurllunfrnl be iJuanirnnuH- 

Tbe bopc^ of Oliver and Ficnnc^ and nil pmctiukbtc I'uritiui* 
nmy hxvxt nnttirnlly fitcKx) high at tliU mifvting : — but If so^ 
K mu not fiiLLnj boors till they begsn fatnlljf to amk^ Tb^ro 
exiaU abtu jtn tm/^nuftra^/^ »«t of l\tritaD &kcn, -^tbe old 
Excluded MeiLibcTo, introditcud novr. or now HmI Duliuiticd 
bito thu Parliaranot, — vhuni no beauliful^t *-tyro triat^ 
nentB " ae^fn ovenpanniog C^ioos, no f^puiUh Invojtiun 
thvealeniDC to briiij^ Cbauuv back, uu bojiefuleat and lui fcar> 
fulvt phfliLOtaonou of Xfttur<i <»r C\*nflT.il«tiotnil Art, will orer 
divorce from thinr cue ItAptiblifMn Idoa. Intolftralnhtj of 
IHo Single l^trwiii: this, ju»l tliin nnly, will N^tarp in her 
dumb chaci^-eH, iinil Art i^ hior spoken inteTprctaticmji thereof, 
fcved u> thoMi ni«n> It U tboir ore Iftra ; wliich, in Uu% tbej 
will oarry witb tbrnn to — tho ^llowa At Cbariag Ctvrsa, wh«n 
no OHrer uij more is thtfr? to rostrtiiD it and th^m ! Voor 
vindy ftngrj Ua^elnf. iioor Httlo pe^^pory Tbonw Soott— 
And yet th«M were not tint pocn*tft Soott yrtut only faaQKed; 
but wlint ihAll v» FAy of ft Luko HobinfiCD, aXto v<*r}< loud to 
tiite Farluunonti wbo hwi to tun: hU oiAt thnt In' tiukIiI 
cw»pe banji^Dg? The bidtory urthia I'ailianieut in uut edify- 
ing to CoiDttitntionjil mea. 



^V Wk »aid, tbn Two Houses, at least tbe Fim Hoiue, teiy 111 

V fulGUc>d Kb IliKhitRM'it oipectations. Hardly had tbey g:ot 

I into tbeiT reepecttro loofklitioi after bt» 1fiizbneM*a Opening 

I fipeeeh, vhaii the Nem- ilinue, eendlnK th« Old a timplo mea- 

I wi^F nbcnit mjiMutin^ bin Ht^bneve to have a (Say of TTaaUng, 

I then aroM a Debate a» to Wbat annwef sbould \m hivkd; 

L Ae to Wbat '^naiM^" fiiat of oU, this mud New House woa to 




li^Tv, — 'OtherviM wbot aiuwor oo«Id ]poa gtva t Debate CAt* 
rivrl oo with gruot rigor; ra&tuiMd, Te-ntnanud cIaj after d^y; 
— aai 06T«r jrot termiDAtvd; iiob destined U) be; tnrmiiiAT.t^ 
ID tbu vorld! How QJoquout were pvpp^rjr TLomaa Soott 
&iul oUion, liwt wt» should call theja a Houee of l^rtf^r — Dot, 
aha>, leal Iib tlm ptfip|>f'i'^- CrmjtntntionAl Dplmtitr, and nth»T« 
■nuh, ahould Iom tbifir Qim hr«fia, ;ii]d iittriul tlicu' CutMs 
with ti}\ iU tioApela to iv nt^v vt^iy ourioiu l>^feudet of tho 
Paitb ! It i> M>ni^vh:tt sad to «ee- 

C)d t1i«- niijfuiitg df ?krondaj, Jnniiuy 2rEt{t, tli* Writj<r nf th« 
Diarj called ^Hff0 A V — Natkimel llaoon if that were he,^ 
fiodf, OQ eiitonug tho Hoiuwy Sir Arthur Hii^uln^ on hn fedt 
thpr^ inying, " Give mtt i»y OaT.h ! " Sir Arlhiir, an :vi» trait- 
nicntljww, was tiumnii^iii'd to tho ?mn Houm:^ but he luu 
deoidod to eit Jbcre, U ia Jtfi triaiTicifiB Hymptom. Aftur ^^Ur. 
p0t«r8'' has tfon^lnded bia momiu}; i^xerdve,' tho iutemperAto 
Sir Aitlmr again dwniwid^, '' (iivo nn injr i'tnih V* ^ •'^ dara 
niJt,'* aiiKWcr* Franci* Ifjwon, tlio ofKcial prraon; Brother of 
tUfl Iharitft^ But at Inifrth Uioy do i^vo H hnn ; and he sitn: 
Sir Arthur U henoeforth hi-it'. And. on tlio whole, ought ire 
Dot to call thia jirwlc^iitpd l^ora H(?ii»<' tho "OtWr Hyose"* 
uitrcly ? Sij Artkor, pcpi^oiy 8cott, Luke Uobin^QU luid Com* 
puiy, ftrd oloorlj^ of tftut luuid 

However, the Speaker has a T.ettfr From hU Hightipjw, Fum- 
noDEiif ua all to tlw Bari<|uotlnbf-Hmi«r at Whitrhfill thia 
af(«ntoon at thrco ; both Hnuncd shall mcot hiui thvii-, Theru 
KiWOirdiDdly doi^i hie lji;;taii;it«, do both Uuusea and all tha 
Official wofhl make appi-u noiei*. Olooiuy KlisIiwuetIl, ItLinoit, 
aod on* " Siaj the." with Kote-booka in their LiudB, uig thvrv. 
Hi4 HiichDffsa, in th« folbwiujc ^arir^ manful mauiiuv, looking 
bvfun and oft^^ looking abroad and it home, with Ww nohle- 
oem IT we uuimidor all Lluufpi, — s|)eakfc ' — 

"Mir LoaiM jUfD tiufTLieuFJi of thk Tw« llnr^En nif PaJt< 
" (For a* I mutt own you,) in whom tot^ther with my**?lf U 
Te»t«d tbB Leglalative Pow^r of the8<> Hations ! — The impre»- 

1 BnrUA, ii. 347, 


PAirr X. s£eoNi> pahliament. 

aniMl tofttbar It •Mb tiMt I eaaU not with ft^ good conacScnoa 
Miisfy myHolf, if I did not r«iuonHtr&to ii> yon narnvwliM of 
QLj apprchmuona o£ Uio State uf tho Afiftua of time >':kUous ; 
togoUk^i wnih. th& ptoponU ol ttuli »iD«d5 u ufty oaom, w ths 
<lw]f;or« now imminfinl, upna us. 

" 1 coQDciYo tho Wcl1-bciuj(, j«& the Itciag of theac Nmtioiu 
ib BOW at stake. If God bU-e» tiiia Moutiug, — cur tmuquilUtj 
and ]«ao@ m&y bd leogth^neil o»t to as ; if otAfrvii*^ — T ntudl 
o9i*r It b) jonr jiiii^cicfTDU and oiuiniciRVfttincnr liy llio Liiui: J 
liATc done, wlicLhct- tlicm be, aa to nm,^ [w ULtuoh uj ^ pooid* 
bUity oC diMJuuKii^ tbat Triut wtuob is tacukibeut upou Oft 
for Um Bafl0^ and prMerrninciii of them XatJoiLs! Wl^en I 
liara told you what occurs to my (lum^htst I wMX Icnvu it 
to nob on oiicrutioa on your hiea^ as it shall plcaao God 
AllDtghtjrtc work i]|>uii voil [i/u i/jpAN«n, /fAMijC% /wJU fitr- 
natt eTKfViffi t^y-daif. Opj*Ft<t*Md ^tk many tkittft, itrtd mm jk 

v.aif»/ti/l <fffwhi* riUnt tarrotr, of afftetion ^nd fntj/ mnd tmt&r, 
what d Hefih t0-dn^ of ihou^kU that Cmnntt 60 tp^kt^ J SoitW 
€n'>u^^deptAmifm^h,^and thit dmp«^ ^itaiimmUt depU, ta regl 

■*i look upOD tk:« to be tbiT gMat duCy of my Plan, as 
Iwiag Mt on a vt&tch'towei- to »ve what m^ be for tbe good of 
thsso Natiuu«i ULil wti;U amy be for the pTcrcatiits of evil; 
thai so, by the wlTiiM; of m wiso and i;r<'at tk Couaotl as U\>5» 
wkkti kith Ui it Cfa« Ufa and spirit of thaso Xatioiu, sucb 
'good' may bo aUain«d. aud F»iich *oTi]/ whaisTor it in, nuiy 
bo obviaiML [ Truitf f} U'c shali luudly snt our sbotddora to 
Uu« work, unloM it »JiuJI pluufee God to wurk some sonvbothn 
upon our heartB ttat fj^rw ic a«dd of oiir most serious aaJ best 
coiiufwl» M such a tiiao oa this w 1 — 

*< I LaTfl not prvpon^ any such matter and rule of spoodi to 
driW*T myself unto you, as |ierhap> ntigfat baro boon 6tUr fot 
iii« ti> tijivci kli>ii«ip and Dior« seffirii>^jLJ*« fur you in u&d«retaQd- 
iu]c ur t — but slttU oal> sjvcik plainly and Ijonestly to you ool 
of vuoh ^oiioeptaouo DiS it b^th ph«.ied tUtd to >«4 upoa bik 




"W# hter^ not lw«* now fwir yrare ftnd upivftrds in thia 
OovernDQent, tu l>e totnlly ignonmt of whxt thing* may 1h« 
<if th^ i:r««tirst CODcrrniDCnt to il«, f Jtfl^ fnorff^ fAtnJb irot 
ytmr JUgAn^M !] Vcuf dii&Kcr« — for Uwt 39 tbd head of njy 
>p#««li^ai^ cither with roippct to AflAirt AbrcMt unil l^air 
diffieuttittBy t>r Ur Affairs a L Hume uml lUmr cliflWlttfS, Ynii 
ue tome iLOir» a.» I maj sny, mto the pud [ ir//< A rwi|/ 6vf 
p9>ot€ fhs WW 6o;7*i*'«'>^ -'] of ^ RToot difficulties fuid btnitto &9, 
1 thm1i,erDr Nutiun mut I'trgaiTAil in. I Lad in my IboughtA 
to hfere sittde ttia UtA mechiKl iif my SjirrrL ■ To lmv<t 1<»t ytm 
act the thia^ wbklk h&enrd your Being, imd [thosQ which hn^ 
!Ud] four WAll-Mng. But wh^n J cjtiue aenovisly to ooHSuler 
Iwtti-r of itf I thouglil, KH 3i>ur nfT^tir* Kbuii^r a\\ thinj^ w^^iilil 
rvaolvr Uj«maclve3 into very Hniti^fl Yqu ait not ■Nation, 
^oa irill not bo a Nation, if Uod atrenlthen yrm not bo meet 
these ^Tlls tKiC ar<» niion lisI 

" Flrwt, from Ahroad t ^Vhat are the Affalta, I beswcrh you, 
abroid? I thonffht the Pmfcseton of Ibe rrotcaUiit Reli^iuu 
wu a tttiit^ of ' W^lUboiii^; ' and tmly, in a fC9^^ M^nac. so it 
ic. And It ifi no tyiof?: thouf^h it U^ el v^ty high thing, it m but 
a Uiing of ■ Wi?ll-b*iu^/ [A Nnfiim rin tiifl hk. rvm u'ith<tut 
Pn(f4ianii*mJ] But takm it with n.U tW coiuplicatious of lb, 
with aU th(J coDCOmiti^abt of it^ with rciipc^cTt bcul to the Na- 
ttooa ibrooKl, --* T do Mi>«Ft>, bd that look^ vrell about him. and 
eonsidvTi-Ui thu ftitfttc of the l*rotr:^AtAnt Affatra all Chri^t^udoLU 
OTttr i ho mujt ueodv oay and aokttowbdgc that thr RT&nd Do- 
ftigti tio»oi» foot, in orompariBou with which nil olhor Deslgni 
An^ but low thiti^p h, WHifthpr the ChrlHtian worhl hIihII bp ali 
Popery ? 0% wiicthei G^d hnlh a 1o*w to, and wc ou^ht to 
liA7a [a loTo to, ojid] a brotht-rly fellow foolinf; of, the inter- 
oMA of all tho rrot^xc^iut Chi'Utlan.« in the world ^ [ Yr». ^/ou^ 
Bh^ntM: thu mjirty urn xhitr. oat f/t/ ifour iabor and vtttor 
and d^atA'perUt — vktA 'rAftt Ituiifftrrcfica <h im n«ir «a/e at 
ttto fvn/vrM*' f/uWa^ hc-k Inek upan iu hartit^ autHbU *o far 
^ff, — uii^ra/c/\f/ «u ^£e urr <] n« Lliat HtrikeA Ht but i^no 
A(«cii9 of A i^ucral ' to infiUc it nothioff^ etrikos nt nil 

"la it not »o now, tbut thf* Protcataut <?uuse iitid Interest 



nbtriAiJ ]■ quiK'li nt ; uftd U, in <^inioa anil npffn-hAwioii, qait'- 

yw, WJtetlwr it bo (o or »o. -Vml Umu, X *iU ymy you, coti- 
«id«r hov fu- «m aro coDoi?nt<d io ih^t d'tug^r, 3i£ to (^our 

"Wc hiivc knnvH very well, ti»e rrotCflUnt Cause is so- 
oouuti'd Uk« boati«t and r«>ti^-io«a lituro«i of thU ^alioiD. It 
vaA not tnxldttii uniW ff lot aJJ at oner, but b> dcgrocMj -» that 
tliis luWrc^t n^i^l^t Ijc t-ottJ^iuiicd u witJi aoaukirr infiunAibl^'t 
Lu jDn;tir« f^ratii nu, tilt it wutf quiti} uithvrecL U U »t 
another nid now I for c«Ttaiidy Ms, in the general [i« tfan 
f;hct] : TU« I^^u;;y, muI iIiom tU^ ar? upholden of it, tii^x 
hnro opciily ,-uiil i^vovr^lf trodden God'ft people under foot, 
on Hint viry motion and aocon^it, Uml tlu-y vftsa ProtabUQU. 
TUu [U4iaL'^' yuu ^tlMl widt in tlmt uobl« ClikHty whic.Ji wa8 
exercised tn tliia Nation, niid llSc ja«t ociim? jou had of Uiom 
pcHJi Piodmoitts, vim wt4a£acU<]it tnon^h U> yoiirecl ire* of tdiis,' 
Th;U if aU tlH^ rroustaatsi iu Euro]w hvl had but that Iwodt 
Unit hiau\ linl Uvii lUiL nft, ami on an nud af rJui wlhodeu Itiit 
U tlus [of Picduiont] all? No. Look b<>v Uii^ Hoivw of 
Auatrjo* ou botb »iJoa of Cliri^kudoiu [boUi Ja AnntriA lYoper 
tmtX SpAin], ar« armsd aod pKpand to doKtroy tlie whole 

"U not — to boffin tht^e— tli« Klu^ of llua^kiry, vbo 
i»p«cti>lU vitb bii p^rtiaaufl to mak« hinm^lT Emperor of 
Uermaiiy, and In t)» judgneot of all in«n [witk] aot only a 
poaaibdlity but a nvtamty of Uie afquuitifin of it, — la not far, 
aiott! he hath taaatereil the Puke of Bnukdoobnf , oim) oC Uie 
Eiwjtcn [aa good «■ aura of fcho Emporonttfp] ? * No doubt 
but h^ will ]tn%^ thrw of tli« Bpiaee|Md Elaoion [on ttia tide]. 


bail illffi ifil» jcof liU HCAbd ton, t#i[PiOiJ, tfj tbs riMih ol tb« An! ho. hn>] 
laoB nad« King of ltaa|ary In l«3>^ to wtt. arvirtlr ■ft*T thk^ f^Wu> 

iian Muuucli/' 

spKECii xvn. 


aod t^o Ihikr ^f D*rftriap [7%«ra am but Ei*jht BUet^n in 
a//; Hiuwp^ n^ y*i matU^} Wham wUI hr thnt bAvn to con- 
tent vith him aLroud, for Utktii^ thr Empfri^ of OiTiucuiv oijt 
of bift LduiiA? Ia uol h« tlitf BOuuf u FutW' wliuae pHucn- 
ploit inten^t uid p>^r«otlaJ c^onscicnm tcuidcd him to cxil« ftll 
the Prot«eUiuts out of hifl own patnmouuil ctnintrj, — oiil of 
IkibfTcnUt got w'iili rhtr awiird; onL. -if Moturm nwi Silt-tmf 
[/Vi^iKoml lA« iSSf^nfH^', Aa 0ruTW/ri^A<r ; yen, ^ottr Bighnt4M; 
— and krott^t ih* tfttat fritfiaW4 u^ti ktm in AHU^^Kt/nM. 
tfot a fwrf ktnJrrd^ th^ttf — And] rt ift t}ii> rbily (fkitvplumt 
which CoinQfl oret tu ud, — u^w rvibaruLioua uf wIiil'L wu hrivt! 
but roc«ived witbia thoao two or iUroio 4n>'8, hcirkK conveyed 
by tome godljp HinUt«ni oi tho rtty, That tlie rrotottnntfi nw 
touod (inbof Pol&ml Intf) Um Kiii|i]rt*; aiid out tht^ni-^ whttlier 
tosy am dy to get their Liroid ; mid are twidy to poriah for 
want of food, 

* AnJ what think you of lJn» other uid* of Kuro^o, THily to 
wil^ — if r mny cnll it t.he? irther si<l« <if F-wroiw^ :u 1 Uiitik I 
may, — ^taly,] Spain, aud all thos« udjaceut paHn, with the 
OmoiM, tho Piedmont? Iwfom mrnlioLO*!, thft Switjf^rg ? Thfly 
ftl),— -vhflt fiK> ihc*y but .1 pTiiy of the Spiiiwh pi>wri nn3 
tnterf^tP And look to that that calls liaeU [A^^f^r ycfirfer] 
tlic Head of «U thte ! A Popo IJttoi, — 1 hope iitdoed ' br>m ' 
tiot 'tn' bat out ol Muetime/ tc ncoomplish thii bloody vork^ 
Ml thai hr tnay fill up hh nip to thi- lirim, ami maV*' himtrnM 
ripo for judgiup-ut! [Surtr-ufkot ^m of look,, ymir /li^htK^sf] 
Hft doth u A« hath always dfme. Uo icSuouoPe nil tha Pcw^rra, 
idl thtt rHuoftt rf Enrop** to this vwy thJnp [ Roorin/j nut nf th^ 

Fr^iMMt^f^M- ^ 7*A« jwv Ufkif-h jm ju>vj urtinrrlif auMffle to UJ, fiVfl 
«^ Mmimrw <fff, how i/ rvarji tirui dcvouringhj rat/c* while tAi§ 
yalS^mt On^ w k^raimUjf tntttf to Utnk ft in / — Ha pronp^g, he 
dcB* Itf Jtin^ kit liff into (A* y^p, — rhJit wk /ar a/f yrmhg 
t^aUmiet km^ ft« nr/V uW Hu^^f^^/] ; — and no tua& like thifl 
prewckt mtui,* 8o th^it, I boaMoh yon, what U there in aU the 
putt of Europe but a cotiaeot, a oo-operatirg, At Un« I'Ary dme 
Odd ■awon [f»f ali Popiah Powers), to snppriyw trt'erylhing that 
stftddfl in tboir way ? \A ^rmtf* epoch ijidrr/i.] 





"Bui K maj \k. AftiJ, 'TLtft U uh |;M<at way <;fr, in tbir «x- 
trcmcst t«rU of tbc w*>ilil ^ * vhiit u tbat to as ? ' — If it bp 
DoUituj to yoUr lot it be notliitig to you I I hJLVit told joii it iit 
sonawhftt b) j'i>ii. Ttooiiueruft aU jour religions uul aU the 

*■! hAV£y ] tluvnk Goil, ^n^ldcrcd, and 1 would bag of ygu 
to ooft«id«r a littlo with wa ^ Wbat tb^t i^esUtjUioe is Uuit is 
Ukely to ho miulu tu tliin tni^^Jit^ ouireiit, wMrli seems lo lie 
ooBiiug from all \aaUi uijoei aM VtoK^ila^i* ? Who is thf^rc Uiju 
koMoth up hie km^ tooppoeo Uiii diwger? A jioor rrioeo 
[<^baW«i X Ktn^ ^ S^i**dtn : at pra^nt attacked by the Kin^ 
^f Dmmrrk ; ike DtUrh nJjta aiming rU ftim] ; — iudeeU pour ; 
but m PBU ill Hi« petMOi is i^alUiit, und tniLy I think ) Difty my 
M good, u any theae but a^w hav« brouicht forth ; a mui t^^ 
liAf^U udvonturod hist M agnirt&t tho Popiitli Tntereat lit Poland^ 
aud mndv hia Jioc^uisitiun atUl ^uihI [tlict«J for th« Prot«a44lit 
Roliieiou. Ho 13 uow leduood iiito a corner ; and vbit addoth 
to tli4 ^rief of all, — more ^iovo^ than all thfit hfttli 
spolcrn of bi'forr: (I wtEh it mny hit be tcxi tnily mmd !) 
That men of oui lUlifii^n foJ^t tht»« and veck hia ehIb. 
{iW«ii afM^ Atnctf : liU Ho nci §ov\a of iu Iwt f&rgtH ? '' i vM 
U ma^ n«l6« too t>nr/^ 4aitt/ ''\ 

"^ ] liewech yon ron^di^r a little ; oonmilrrr tbn ronsorjii«nM9 
of all Uuit ! For nbat doth it alt eignify ? Is it only a iioifo T 
Or bifch it not withal hn arti^ulaU^ Bound in it ? Hen that 
are not truo to the Kj^ligicn w« profess, — [profess] 1 ani per- 
aitad«d. with grvtaUi tniUi, t(|)Ti^:hine» aiul aiuoerity tJiau it is 
(pniBMedJ by any oolloclcd body, so nearly CThtltetod tojtHhcc 
M tkoM Kotioiu nro, in all the v^rld. — (Vod will find ihcm 
onlt [Tft« law'tnind^ Dtitfh : pftti/btfyin^ for *' Stmnd ihumi" 
far " Pamtuion if tke Sjmtd" and mfrr it/iopke^Br htcrel] I 
b«oc«ch yon eoaaidfsr l^nw thin^e do 0(K>p«rat«-. [Uouflidor,] 
Jf thia mty uma but a doftign afpu»At your WeU-boiagf 
It is a deaigEi agadiiat your very IWinjj ; tbi« artitic^ and this 
ooniika deeiflA if^nat ih« rroloeUut [uterwt, — whonifi 
MO many Protwtaats ar« oot so n^it as wore to be wiabtdl 
If they oan abut w out of the Baltic 8o% and mafc« themaalTM 

SPEECH xni- 


lBHtM« of Uiat, whon U joar TvAdar Wbete are jour nu- 
t»riEl« Ui pns^Tc your Sbippukg f Whori will joa bo ftbla 
to dwJknfu aojF Ht;li^ Iiy »^ or justifj yauntclfw Agaiiul 
a Foirei^ tavsaioD in jtrar o^n floiJ 1* TUiuk uj>on tt^ this b 
io ii^sigii ] 1 b^Iioro, Ef ]ra« vi)X go aocL ibk tia* it^itt tn^aner 
\n his rorl f^ and omr [ **€Oat'' i hopti, i» net "wwl:"-^ hut 
•«« Off in Artj/ff], aft he piMnth irmn ship to shi^ you vill 
hiirdfy fiod iu MXtf tlup bat tht^y tvill toll j\ja tJai9 ifl doAiipitd 
iif;nin*t ¥040. So cbviomi in It, by tbu nnd othnr tbi&gn, thjit 
you tfo lUe ob^ecU And in my coiucUai'e, I luiow tiot f^r 
vIi4L vLt» \jon are ao] tmt bet^^uw at tUe iiurity ul the iii-u- 
IfMioa woob^lt you s ''^^o l^vo not yet xaada it yout trado 
to pvoto yoor pioltt bft£o«i 3rour godbiift** [ Whautt^ arfiam 
Dtttfh itnd Uoiu* nutf fUi f]. but r^obuii fiijdliiujaa t1i« ffrfioUr 

" Bui fiboi&Jd it happoQ that, M odDb^roDoofi «taA<l, ytAi 
flbooid not ba aUo to Tivdi<Mtt«» younolv^a agsiinKt tdl whons- 
■VHT, — I nann tio aop Hlnti* iiiKm Uiin luud [/Jo nof fwin^ 
/>HCfA, Wi'/A tkfir pi-Ui/vij'jinyi fvf ih< Sound: fl^/j, Lut 
Chmk a^ ftoknuwladgo ZAfttoB o^ «agft^ in (ho oombin^ 
I, — jod^ you wli9r& yon weroF You hnv^ fttinountiid 
youTWi}TT9 liAlli? ID boiug fiDviruEitd with n great Ditiih frooi 
■Ml tl>o wodd boscidc. IVulf y^)vt will ut>t be >fcbl« to k««p yout 
^^pieh, boi ywt hhipping. — uuleaa yon turn your Ship* and 
^Bhipplftg into Tnopsof Hor^n &nri CmnpAnint of Foot; juid 
^Tglit to defe&il joumotriMi OD ^m ^nrto / — 

''Aud tbesc tKfUf^ vtAted* iifrerari artinuim mean; and if 
tfan* bv * Do.danger ^ m [^'t] tbit, I km iifLti«6i>d. I ht.rt- told 
ycHi; ycm «iU jiul^ if no danvi^t 1 H you nli&ll thiuk^ Wo 
tony iliMvtmtd uf ;ili UunjiEB nt plciunrcr, — * [^^efoto /or eia^ 
«nJ «v<J^ r4»M*r it thaii ^ -V/orau o/ U^s^ ^r '*Ofh*r 
ifpum,'* pM tii^ptaiioH, t^'Attker Oiu ^wtti*m ^hiU hf put; 
«W jw^ jfy, fny iK> ; ^mt thnuA th^o^irwUk Ulfl _^arF*?n/],— 
I and tlut it u a tJDic -jf »Wp ^nti cm* and rest, witbout ftoy 
dve MOM of tbO0n UuD^sk — 1 bave tbs cookfort t£> God-ward : 
1 baTO told yo« of iL [ Ym, yottF Hijhnm I ^ O {nc*iKp«niXtf 
i-'jfiM Sir Atfhut. jmpptrff Thawiiiis SartU anti f€ vtk«T dMUffts* 
lifRAi i*i>frM£4j u iJUrKwsKMB of pfuth Mym, eAoi; na 4fi«- 

3,2— Vo3. 9 





Asm yoH nAthitt^ lut tehirtp^^U of eld pap^r^ipjtinya, and a 
frayveoii^ t>/ PariianeaUijy cfmstitutumai h^U? Swh heai>k, 
tC6 €9Ttimf>n I'i thf. w&rtii, u>iU nfn a fhantv. in tAnm tinu^ to ffet 
thema^vna — sti^cJi: up itji Te/npla liar /] 

<* BcAJIy wen it uot tluit Ft^oo (give me leav^ to ^y it) 
ii A bftUooB Rgniiut th&t P^ty At tliix titnn — T Should thnia 
bo a F«Mta made (wkicb h^th l>ern, »[lc1 i.i sdill IjUmtoI 
au(l aimed &t> ^i GcDcrAl Po&cti'], tUoii vill EagLmd bn the 
' goncml ' object of all tbo fury aud wrath of all tho Suemioa 
of God and our Religion In tli^ world 1 T have nohcidy to 
aiwunts; — Lut do luuk. on tLe other side of Llicwauft Vou 
luve n^hborfl there ; ftomo that you aie in amitj with; &oiu& 
tkat have pwUned malioo ooough against y oil. t think joa 
ara fully aatisfird in Ihnt. ! Uji'1 niUii'r you would mmt your 
enemy than huihq (jij?iiil&, — 'timt :h, Talhcr bflii^vi? ytjut i^iieiuy, 
and tnu^t him that he mcaiia your Tuin, th:ui have c^uBdfi&co 
In aome who p^rhapa msny b« in «oine alliance with you ! [ ir« 

hfiVS VMtrhjid thi\ IhUrft, and tAfiir i/euZ/By* in tht ItafHc 
/aifl/y/] — 1 perbapa runld enforce nil tJiis with .lomc |mr- 
tioulats, nay 1 [corUinly] -jould. For yrin know that your 
enemies h« tha Aamn who havie been acoonnted your enemies 
prrv litntw Qu™u Kli^ilwth rxmr xa tho ^rown. An nvnwpd 
deaignod eaumy [all along]; WAQting nothing of cotuise), 
wisdom and pmdeooe, to root you out from the f^oe of tho 
Knrth ■ and when puhlic att^finptii [^Spii.iii*h Arnnniun and inirA 
likr\ would not da how have tbcy, by the Jcauib^ lUid othfT 
thoir Emiaearies, laid fouudaliona to perplex imd trouble our 
Qov«nini«nt by taking aw^y the UveG of theia wliom they 
judgin) tu bt? of any Uiw for pmncrvin^ our pwuifl T ^Gvy f^'tKe 
aad Jc^uU Oam^ wart a poir of pnttsr men i U ^ no further. 
Jtor4iiU<K m tAeltn^ihU /Sfrmn^Wa, <Muf SUdtholiUr }fiiii<tm*s 
Jomti : ^tftd Iht Xifht of Si^ ItartMUm^tc ^ A«7« and tlMtwhvr^ 
th^y hiiv9 mtft vanUd " artMOtij'' o/ a ttfrt ,'^ And al this tini« 
I uk yoa, Whether yon do not think thrr arc dcjiisuinK aa 
boiity a« ov«r any people were, to pruuiwute the aamo counaclt 
anil thtugM to tbn uttrnnna ? 

'"ThiC boalMM <Arn was; The Dutch needed QuMu Elu» 



beth of lamowi memory for their protecckn. fht-y htid !t 
[bad proUctioD fnjtn lu^r]. 1 kopc they wiU never ill requita 
itt Kor if tbry nhi^lct forget either the IcbdDcn that wm 
xhnt vbowfi tb>;»i (wlti<iL ir;u ilmir nsl gafet^X ^^ ^^(^ rlea&roft 
(iiui K&ticn tuitb kul to be at pcooe tritL tJiem, — tnilj I 
tolioT^ whodvor ezercigee amy m^mtitudc in this nort irilL 
budly fifosqwr in it. [/r« «>^rEv^ ,vf>ur H\^hnm»: un/oM God 

opi/] But Uua mAy awiUcrn you, how«ocvcj: 1 hope yon 
will 1)0 avskcci«d, upon ull LhuM couidfrntjotu ! It \a tertniiK 
tb»jr {Tke$s AfJrA] liave profeaaed a priuoij^le which. Uianks 
bo to Godf wc uovei kficn. Tbtry kUI twU aroia cu Uiclr eai> 
nib*. fttKi lood their ohips to tlxcir cncjnicv. Thry will do so. 
Jkad traiy tlut pnudplo is uot u uLAttt-r of dmpitto At thia 
time [nn- aire ii»t tierit in fir^att with Ihem »t>out it] ■ only Ut 
everything nrigh ^ilh yuui spinLs u it ought ; — let it do au. 
AnI vo miLBt kU you. ire do knew bh&t thia [of their baring 
noh a priuoiplcj i« tnt^ I dju^ assuro you of it; tnd I 
think if bnt your >^xthHJi^ ht-ro [in T^indniij wrm n!iu>rUid 
tow it would li;t rou kiic^vr, a^ deadly »( yoa oaai desire to 
kaow. That Ihcr have IuiilL — ^loo^a, 1 think they a&i\ tJioio, 
or aoni« t)lher name, — they haire hirc^d sloops pat vlc^opn on 
birti] tn tnnnport npon you four tliiHimLiid Tocit hlehI a thou- 
u&d Horse, upoa the preteitded ii3t«r<^9t of thnt youn^ mau 
Hat vraa Uie lato Ktn^s 8od. [fPAol « jMiffn^tim /hr 

"ObarfM Ay fV 5«« n/ G^f" The •^u'Om'" may pomJ/iif 
h9im laen '* ij '' vkai sjiok^n ; but ti^s t^rtno/ ufffni 6> c^un^ 
fttj Attil tbia !», i tUiiUt. a thinic far from boins ronkonablo 
U & EOg^Gtun to any i\\ nnd or prir|)c»u< :<— a tfiinj; to no 
odwr flnf] thia tJiai it dj^ij «iw^«n yuu to a jUAt t-ouaidera- 
tion of your danger, and to uuitiag for a jaat aiid natural 

"Ifedood I tourer did, 1 hopo T never jihallftiHe any artiKco 
vith you to pruy yoti to help ua iriili money f^ir d«-feudi]>ic ooi^ 
aelree : tut d moiiey be needful 1 will tell you, < Pmy h«lp ua 
vkh laoney, thai the lat^nwt of ^ Nation may bo dofended 
ahr<ijbl ;mf1 at hoior,' T aUI uan no :tr^uments; and tbervhy 
viLl dinjipiiuint the a^tid[^e of bad men abri>ad who ^oy. It ia 



a Sao, 

foe aotiej' Whofloeror «hAH ti^ink to jmt things out ot imme 
upon luch A mggvatioii — [Hit /tit^ wif/ be tpt^a^ ; hnt iha 
A>n/M7jv u off] — For ymi will lliid I wi!l b*? n^ry plain with 
juiil)efonf I tiiivij duut- ; auil that with all lorn iUid uirecl30& 
GJid £&itLIuLD<4i8 to you A&d iLoht ^ntiouS' 


*'lf thU bi- Uie eoTiditlon of your alFurs ^brtnd, F pray » 
liLtle C'Misrili^r wliai is tJi» «9iat« of jrour aET^rs ixi hvitrn. And 
if bot : i' ratio KB [oi home atfairei^nd foi-rrign] hnvc 

but T.L^^ «;^--s L, U' ^>j a cott^idorxtioii ftniong you, » duti ciud 
jnHt ooriciicleratioti, — K'l fknl aiuve joiir }ii?artA for tlit? auswar- 
ing ^ of aaythbg thil sti&U be dti^ uuto thi* Nation, jla Uo shall 
pt6ft««t And I hope I shaJl uct be eolicitoiis I'J'ki* " artifie**' 
and ^' notiif^ " of thfi /o'nnfr parojfraph stiU xaumling ttmipwhat 
hi hi* IJi^hnft*'it ear*] ; 1 ^hJLlI look up tu Him vrlvj hath l«eii 
»y God and my Goidu liilhcrl->. 

" I say, 1 beaeech you look to your own affairs at hOTuu, how 
Ui^y atand ! T am pei^tnadei! you ar^ all, 1 >tppr«h'»nd you ar» 
all, houMt anJ ivorlhj ^^kjU m&u ; aud Ihat tliuru b ocit a mac 
of you but wo^dd dosiro to bn found a jcood patriot- 1 Ittiovr 
you would 1 W« are apt to bou»t Boaotiiucd that w« aru Eng- 
liahiatri) : aud truly It itt no ali^ue for uh thrxl we an- KngLiab- 
ii^en; — but it iaamoljve to us tu du like Euj^liaLiuou, aud 
Be*t tho real good of this Nation, aai Iho totcrc^t of it 
[TVii^;]*— But^ 1 beaeech yon, whut ii our cu«v nt boiue?<^ 
( profi?AfL J do uot woll kiiuw when* to begin on thin bead, or 
vhfrt to cjid, — I do not But 1 uxmbX uo«da aay. Let a Dsan 
b«^ whor* li* will, h** shall baldly bo out oJ that drift I am 
vpcakin^ to you [npoaj Wu uto im full of cnlainitios ^ud of 
dirUioiks AtiioEig ufj in respcdt of tbt- Hjiirita ot mflu [aa we ocnUd 
wtU b«], — thouKb, throuKh a wonderful, admirable, and never 
to be cufi\ci'?ritty udnvircfd pvovi^liruo^ of Crod, [^^^^] ^^ pooioa \ 
And th^ fighting w« liarn hail, ;ind the j»ioon» wn havu htul ^ 
jea, wo that aro bore, we an an leftouinlimt-nt to tho world 1 
Jk&d tako uti in that temper we «i« in. ur ratlier in that dia- 
ltei|wr, it Sh tbi- gtvftteift mjraclv that 4vor befell the foni of 
tttn [that wc aro got afjiun tit jvi>u^r>] ^ 




[** BMvtifti] gTOftt Sonl,'* cxc^niokA a modem OoBauiccitaUjr 
bon^ " Beautiful ^p^m Sl>u1; to wiKua tlk« T<imporAl l« aU itr»- 
tliated witli tLe CMruAJ, ami Ooil k everyirbiftrfi divi&elj' viaibU 
in tbt ftSun of mcu, tuid mnii iLim^plf 1ia& u iu wrtrv beooniA 
diviDol UjrcetoriLd UcuTciiv, lutvc those dnjsjuid tboMsouIi 
pMMd a»«y wilhotit t^tam 7 ~ i^atteaccf : intriiuiooily they 
mn iwvn poaa away ; ititnn^icftlly th«y moaiA vith ua; and 
will yti, im ooblot uji«xpcctvU foiin, reappear amoog us, — if 
it p l o ff fl tfttirfiio* There Aciif* ^mki Divine Soub ill Enffiuul i 
KffglMfcd too. poor mciling toilinc; jMuryUdiri^ tUick-oyiNi En^ 
lu4 bas ItMn fUuiaitiated, tliough iu ur^re bat truo«> by die 
Hcavffoljr OuMi — Audf/nor. io a tteume^ Uaiwft>»r'3 

— that we aru got of^aui to p0a«l^. And whotrvor *hM s«uk to 
break it. God Alm&ghLy rait Uiat mau out of this Njition ! And 
He will do it, let the pivteucca be what they uiaj ! [/^nVi'^yv 

i^ i'oHt«tntf«l| or w^^ifflvr «J«0, my ^pipar^ /rttndt /] 

^ [PcaM-bticakaftT do th^y ^'unailor wlut it ix thny at« diiv- 
iag tdwanlN 7 Tlirj* iihntjlfl rli> it !] Hi; ib^it rniiHulrrvth 1x4 
the ' wtjviau with child/ — ihc suckixtt; uUildrcu of tliia Nation 
thAt know not the ngUt boiuJ froiii thtr left, of whotu» for au^bl 
I kaow, it may b« asid tbia Citj ia as full aa Nin^iieh was iai4 
to b« ; — bii th:Li cnnitidrrBth nnr. thin-ii, and thi? fruit tliut » 
likfi to come of the bodied o£ tliono now living addi-'d l^ thaae; 
b» that aOQSidOrMh tot thc^e, moat h^va th? heart of a Cain ; 
who wia mt^kedr and jnad^* to b« an enemy to nil men. :uid aU 
man TfMTttrPff to kiu ! P<^r tiii^ wrAlh And jutlio; of (}od will 
pcoaac u te aaoh a man to hia gruve, if not to Hell T [ PTAtfrtt it 
te» Oteptr, w •£»*# *'prino9 o/AVifwjw." to titl-e i" ^Aa/ faofc of 
Air tf^Msw^ / v7.rTiU ^a my (*» Aa« Ifi^h^Art FmtitingM 

1 tay, look on tbia Nation ; look tm it ! ConHid«i wiiAt ar^ tbo 
van«tlMo( lotereeti in tkia Natioa^ — if th^y bo worthy th* 
tiarno of InOTeata, If Go<1 did not hJadar, it would all but 
mak^npotiO oo&la«ion. Wo shouhl find tluve would bo bat 
caa Cain tn EnK^and, ii Uod did not restrain I Wa aboold 
havv aaotliai more bloody Ci^ll Wiir than avpr wh h^ in Gnt;- 
laad. VbT> I haia oo b jou, ivbat ia tha scncxal apirit of Uua 


N&tlOQ ? 1J" it ool that rjwh itcft of pccpk, — if I jnny call 

them amjU, whelboT acoia upou a buHgiuuH ajMaount or Mpon \ 
CSril Uiucoi]iil^[&oiA*wv (^tme ; rnetirtinff t^ dt^vr ^hdinjf 4] — 
r» uut llu« NatioD miicrablc in thit re,ipcotT ^Vliat is that 
which poKftcAMtli oTcnr scot 7 Whut ta it Y That ov^ry seat 
IDA7 b« uppcTinost T That every son of rami may gf>t r^ho 
power iulft tliei? Uajids Aad ' tJity wruiM um it wpII ; * — that 
ATOiy sect Kiay f:rt Ihc povrcr into their hnnU! [A rtjif^tutn 
C0 RMlAv O^if ^rtftndt-r. — Lf^ fhmn thank God they h^viE gGf <t m«n 
t^U W hit aitti britile them it !i(tU ; iht^ tinjifrrvnittr, ji^^t^rri/f 
hwt^nMliii'/ inditriduaU^ ttutk «■> much ^oit tit thtirt too, whU* 

"It wero a happy thing if tlie Nation would be oont*iit with 
rule. [Cout^nt villi nile,] if it were but in CivU thiu}^, and 
with thc«e th&t would ntlc in&r^ ; — bdc&nic mittrale ib bettor 
thaa no rule- and an iU Govcmmont, a bad Oovi^rnmttnt, ii 
b«tt«r than noc« ! — Xoithor tc thii all : but w« bai-d an appe- 
tite to varirtjr; tu In* nut ou)y inak.iu|j woiuida [but wvileuiuy 
tboso already made j. Aa if you should seo ono making wounda 
in a man'it Mdj>, and cagor only to bt^ j^opinfz and ([Tovrlhng 
with hia liugtm in tbojie wouikU ! Thi.t Is what [iuch] men 
would be at ; this ia the «ptrib of those who would traiupi« on 
mcu'e libcrtioA in Spiritual roApocU. Thoy will bo utakiag 
wouncis, and rnndiag and tnarin^, and mnking th^m wider than 
tht^X w«re. la nut tliirt (Jlc^ t'iuir. ? TXiLh thcrr wniil lujything 
— I speak not of sects in elu ill sense ; but the Kation is liugoly 
mad** up '>f thtrtn, — aDd what is the wnnt that prvventa titasa 
thingK from lM>ing dt>na to t^a uttormott, hut that mim havo 
more tm^t than strength? Th«y hare not power to atLain 
thoir ends- [There wa^ti nothing else.] And, T beseech ywtj 
judge what tuch a company of mon, of thMo soata, aro doing, 
while they are oontotting rma with anotlier ! They are conteal* 
iBf in the tnidat of & geoe^tion of oien (& uaaliguaut Kptsoopd 
Paity, I mean); oonttating in the mid^t of the^ <rtf united. 
Wbat miul bu iha fvftua of nuoh a thing iu thiA ? [So standa 
it ;] it ia xrr. — And do but judgr «hat prc^a havr bven mado 
of the spirits of these men. [£^p«6fiWin rpirka: biv took a 
'* SUmdard " ;«fWy, «t PaiiU4d <m^ tMd u J'rinUdf trUA ttPtuiran$ 



n9F,v,rTf xvTf, 


app^mfit* f»ekindiff] STimTiioiiiiig men to tok^np arms; ftni 
eKlicirtiii^ iitrn, cw^huirlnf Ui>^m,li> llj-''^ fiirtlipirnrJUoaii; oach 
Mnrt thiDkinit thcj are to try it oat by tho sword; and ewrj 
ii>rt tbinkiiii; that titet; arc tmly under the biitm^ of Chriat, if 
they btit rr>rti^ iri^ and h\u*\ thcmselres in such ft proj^ot ! ' 

"Now tlci but jud^ vhfit A liai'd coiLJitii>u lliLs |juot' K^UpLoii 
IK itk. TiAu i.i Uir sbitir nnd rondilioTi wo kg in, JudLTCi 1 sxy» 
wlut A hflJd cotiditioti this poor Nation in in, and the Ciuisn of 
God [ia 111 ]r —> ani diet ^^urli a \y.itty of men ns ihc Qavalirra 
&re^U)d their partiuipfiuts! N(>t only witli ren^iuui tci whcit 
tlM)U — ["GHwiifl* «i»uf Ihetr PartictpatUgt^' both eqimUt/ a* 
firttf hut it l^e^mu tk% tatti-f chieflyt ctnd at Ungth exe'tvtirefyt 
b^/^A tk^ SmUmvK «nii«J — uj'k Uki? to do or Uir^mHrlvt-Jt : biit 
iODM of th«w, yeft some of Uiose, bliey c^a not who carry tho 
good [F^J»t\C'AnGh<iptUi Serlrf/, di^ad tha olkcr dfx^^ ko wa« fvdf 
Mry ^iTP^i/Jt — ftomit of tJiPsr hara mvited thf Spuiitrd 
hlniMlf ta furry on hhn Cuntlif^r Cruise, 

" And thU U trut. [This] and mivny other tbin^ thftt oro 
QOL l3t to bo susgOBtcd unto yon ; beoiiAO [ao] wa ahouJd bo- 
tray the int«Mtt of our int«]li$mii?e, iSptj^Boptlitt Sir fiithftrd 
Willis itml fA« lOct ambifftwu* pmtan/,. if wit xhttv* thrm. in inj^ 
lighi, tKeg i«ani«A firvvsr^ — *u Manning, whnn thtty $h&t Am iii 
JV>u^rs^ duf.] 1 ttiy. thiii is yonr oondltiou f What is your 
dpfpnr^ ? WhiU hintl^rAth thn irniptinn of nil tlili npati you, 
to your utter dc«tmctiou ? Truly* [that] you have wa army 
in tbo»o partii, — in Sootlund, in England uud Irdaiid. Tako 
fAtm ftWftj to-morrow, would not all th««e Intf^re«u rrui Into 
omftiiOth«iT? — 1 know you «r« rjktioitid pnidi-nt jj^rin, TTnTn 
you uy Fmuo or Modol of thingTi thi;t would HiLti^ty tho 
oiiiHitf of mcut if '^v bo not the Frame^ [thUj which you ftr» 
tl£>««aU«d togethe? upon, and ^ngagftd in, — 1 ni«iin, thr Two 
TToudco of Parliamettt ntid mysoH? ^"h.^t hiiuI«rTi this Na- 
tion from beififf an Aceldama [a Held of bloodj, tC thiB doth 
not ? It i«, without dottbt [Ihu] : ffivo the glory to God ; for 
iritbuut tills, H would prove* as ^^at a pla^^oatt all that hath 

> "udeblltf" opan thu vf DDiTt " IA ar^- 



Bnh tpoken of. b h this, wiilmut 4o.ibc riut Ic^cpfl lHi» N*- 
lioa itk jMOM and lou^tnet*. — And what m tbg «v» of yonv 
Arin^ fvith-il] f A poor an|i:ii(t Armj; iho soltliMii i^ing 
lamFuul :iL thia iime^ iii ibU aitj, tliu wr^iber! [?Wfl/|h 
J^A 9/ t/ivtuitrtf,} And jTYt K }ic;u^<«hI>1^ v«o|ilo (IIkem »o1- 
dkra}; SMtung to Mrva yuu with tb«tr liT««- jading th^ur 
poina uuj hoiinlw and nil vail bMUiw«d, h olH^yiu^ thrb 
ottoen uiil eervini; juu, lo kt«ff libe Peac» of tb<^M Nntimja! 
Ym. be n^ast La a ixian with a b<virt n4 hard a* Ui« w^Yttlicr 
wbo iuLth iMit :i dug 9ati0u ol CliU ! [J Mc^nv /rojtrf fhott^A fA# 

'^So llmt. 1 My, it U DiiMt pUio and eridnnt, thia i» your 

tke Ar^f U tf pott (^ fAoi.] And y^ At thU day. — ilo bat 
ywi jndgip : Tlifl Oiv»Ii^r Pjtrlj, imd thi.» »pvi;nl htiiixtm of 
wu««MKi;ibio men [of other sorts], in liume vtrctnl vraja, 
buTiug [conttunaUj* ) nxftdc haUory ftt tluB dcfvone ever sinCtt 

thty UMile tlMir biuineM but thi^ To spri-ad HbL-DuLis Buolts 

dUny thin^ hei^t^i^ ta that *>rf of I'twirMiru} Liitrinhuvj\ 
X» uut pmtvnd the ■ Llber^ of tlL«f Siibjeut ' — [.'^vUffw* 
pone Kpuinj — T — vhbch nal\y wiiter lueii lUui tlte/ uia^ prfl- 
tCDd ! For let bu; wy thin to ycni &t orxv , 1 Dcvi^r look to 000 
tb« Pec^lft of England coma into a Juitt LtbArtv, if anoth^ 
[Civil] WftT orvrtskH us. I Lliiuk, [T] ftt luMt, tint Ujp tiling 
bkoly 10 briiiff a« tato our 'Liln^y' b a oois^islener ftnJ 
a^vwinr^nt dkt thin HoAtiUfcT — Thmrefore all 1 cnn fti^y to jnti 
b thU < It will bn your wiadom, I do think tnily^ naA yoar 
Jwtioe, Uf k«v;i llittL i^tiiK^Tni 11 j«?[kL titiBi? Ut you ; Ui u|i1wUl tlivi 
9tttlen<«il [&OW fallen upun]. WhieU 1 baT« no cuu^ but to 
thank you tm agrMd to ; aiid th^t yoo liko it. Tm X aasiuv 
^on I in Tery griotly siutaJwn •]» [for mj own ^nrt]; Imt* 
Ib; UktfD thli vhifK in now Uir ^^ttlrmont mmnijf lu u my 
oUof tikitAoemcttt to bou th<^ burdr*n 1 bMi, and to s&rre th« 
Common weal Ui tu iha pla^fo I am iai 

'' And tht-rftfore if you judgo tlai all tlkin lio tiol argtunnnt 
«[>oui;ti to pvraaadj> you lo he senaibk of your dwgsr— f 

sniKCH xva 


fA djuiger] which [all maniior of ooiieideratiduft^, faojiidr^ii good- 
DaUire and iii^rjuit^ £thi'mM?1veH], v/wi\\] iiiuvi* h ttt^irie Lo b- 
•ctttibl^ of 1 — Qi70 US ksTo to coaAid«r & LiUl«, Wljat tvUI 
beccuBti cl ud, if our nptriU should go oth&ncvc [and brcf^ 
ihta SetU^mant] f If our >piriu bti tUauLtiflfied, wbftt will 
become of tbiogs ? Heiv U lui Atujj five or t^x luutiUm bt^* 
kind in pay; jcftiUi Armjr in &c»tlaikd ntiaras louch [behkudj; 
lui Aruif in Irelftiid m\Uih tnoro. And if thoao tbiiign bfi con- 
tidtwd, — I punuot tloiibl lm£ thi^y will Iw ruiTisiLlrrpiI : — 1 
tty, jndf^Q wiwt the stale- of l»ljuiiJ U if £cei:-(|uarlec cotoe 
npOQ the Irish Fooplol [Frc^uarttr must mme, *f ther« f« 
m« ^y frtivided, *tiid that Mo-nf'} You hav^ a company of 
ScoU in tbft NorUi of TrnUnd [fnrtn/ or fifty rJtouaiULd <if ilnim 
MUled therej ; who, I htipo, ari: Iti^iieat uieu- la th« Provluco 
of Gftlw&y almoBt all thu Irish, tronspI^oiMd to tho Wcet.' 
Yoii have tb© Interest of Eng!iiTi:l newly begtm to tm pkntod. 
The }peo^\e there [in these Kng)l8h settlements] ar»- full nf 
tMoeuitie& and compkliLtA- They bear to the uttermost. And 
ahottU the soMicRf mn upon free-iiUiutDr there, — upon your 
£agtiih Pbutore, as tbty must, — the £u^li»h Pkniora must 
quit the ociuntry througti iuer« beggary : ami that which hatit 
faMn Um suooeos of 90 tauoh blood and treii^nre, to get that 
i^MiQtry into youi bauda, vhat i;ajt bofomc of it, hut that 
tbi English miut nv«ds ruu iiwa,y for pure beg^ry, and the 
Insb mukt |>ii-Ht-fln the country [ag^] for a roocpUiclo to tho 
Spumh Int«reet ? — 

" And hath Scotlund bM<n lortg i^ottlod ? [MtddUt^$ High' 
land /Anirr^rfbon, with iU Mit^stroapifij and mvtery, in not daad 
dbrtc y^tir$ y.*] EUvr uot thry a Likij seuao of poverty ? I 
Bpttk plainly. In good ciimctst. I do think tho Soot# Nation 
luit^ btca under ts great a flufferiiig. m point of livuliliood luid 
nWatenpe outwardly^ as any Pflopl? T hav^t ywl uiuned Ui 
70a. I do Ukink truly thi^y nii^ a vnry ruined Niitioti- [ T'^m 
Ip pipaoi Mn^A "wvr ruvir SV^ri/y I'aarv qf fl^n^viua/ ll^at*, and 
fiHign atut imtMfvu w^nyitiy uu'rh ihem^t/v^^t and trith all th^ 

1 - An Kiba Mib : " All Uio Mali^iLiiDt ItUIi, thi) tliiglwJen uf LL« n>i»iib 




ip«irU.]— AndyaiUiftwi^ (I ban cpoken irith aonw 0«il 
men oooM IroiD lh«iiw>> ho|H*ful ciunigh ; — it bftth p1*u«4' 
Oo(t to ^rc that jitcutifu) irouounigtiintmt to tlio mu--uict wart 
In SooU^ad. I must aay, if it ^Icbsa Cltsd Co eacouiuee bha, 
mMDor aoTt ^ [7%a A^AMynottrv^ rnay ^ /ortvMA, 6Hf «p0 
xTflftt/ A*ir.] — The in«;4Bnr Bort [in Sratland] 1 w a« wMl, ftnvl 
arc hkiily Ut rcnai* ihUj sut tkriTWg it caoclituiu mulro' jour 
Gi>Tcramc£)t, lui when they w^irc under ibeij ovra givvit LordiH 
vho &iftid« tbum v^ork for tli^^ livins do b«U«r tku) the Tea** 
auto &f Fnuiue. f ^in loatlt Ui n^wak aujtMug whicli uutj 
ufleot upou thai NolioU' bat tbc rj^ldJJo Borl of }ieople ilo 
KTOv ap there inU^ aucli ■ r^ulii^t&itco un muket tbcir livc« cciB- 
fottabk, if iK>t tc-ttcr Ihuu thiry v«>rt* bi-fon. [Seotiami ispn$- 

" if now, aft«t mil tLi*, w« nhall not bo acneibJd of all 
iloaigtui UiAt uro iu tho tuidxt oC ui : of tho ^uiUmi Cnvsiivrfl; 
of tJie livaigu i*1iii:li &r« autmoUil avcry day fniriL Flwiilifn 
&ud St'tiiii ; fthik nc Ik&vc to luok tipou ouradviut ju & 'Hvlded 
ppoji^i — [,Srtt/'iw<<fJ^]— 'A man c&niiot cortainlj t*}!! vbei 
to find cotmiitfrrmy autywlicrtf in £n(;l^inri I CVrtAuily Ukem E« 
no ooobUteiioy in anytbiug, that uulj be trorthy of tbc nunn 
of ft bod.T of coiuiatviKT, bat la tlua Company vrbo 4re xndl 
hon»! llov cun any nuin lay nis bjvut on hie b«u-t» and [ptf^: 
ntlt liimw'lf Ui] tnlk »f tliiiigK [/Soou of CtrjMiiutymat 

to bo Eojujlc out by tho light of Soriptuto nor of Bouon \ nnd 
dnw ouft anotbor off from oor«i]«nng of thtm thingg [nhkh 
vo Ti;ry jntjiobln UiiujfaQ ^ ^ ^''^ l«&v« thpui with you, and 
oofluuit tbem to yuiu boaoin* Thoy bft'^c a Tcightt — a cr?«ter 
WMgbt thdib any I har^ yi>t suggeM^d to you, ln>in abroaU or 
al hoiii*! If annh bn otir oaae abroad and at home^ That onr 
Being awl WclUlioin^ —our WoU-bdng ia not wcntli tJio oam-^ 
be ooiJiparatiTcJy, — I say, if »ncli be our cww, of our Hoinc 
at hone and abruty, TLiU thxvufjU wma to boar up our Uoiuwi 
ml Anft, Mid OiroogU want to invautntn wbat it our I>«foauo at 
Hove [v« stand exposed tu »ni^i djui^un] ^ and tf Lliruii^ oi 
ahtnhi^ wo abaU bo l^ ofl from the couaidoralion of tbaN- 

dPCEcn xvn. 



things^ anil talk of nrc;<iin»ULntLft1 thln^, mil qimrn>1 abiiut 
clrcamiitknr'ca i and Ah^I Dot iritL Jjc^rl iLud s^ul iaU'uU afid 
cinycai tteitt thingji^-'l 1 coiikito I c^n look for nothiu^ 
[other], 1 oaa Bay no other tb^ui ivluit a foolish Book' ot- 
prcs»rth, of one chftt hfivinif coiuulud ev^^LytUirigi euulil luild 
to uothiug] noitli«r l-'^fth-MoniLrchy, froabytcTy. uor liidep«ii* 
d«BO/, ttolbUigt but Hi Ungtli <Kjn(!ludo4, Hk.^ is for nothmg; bot 
ftn 'orderly confuaiuu'I AjhI fur meTi tbut hiivt* wonderfully 
lovttWJr coDAcienccs aTid thtir wiU, — I spe^uf uieu guing 
aibout who cannot tcU wA<ti tho7 wouUl bnvi.\ yet ikrL< wiUing 
to kbuUo ooAli to dutiirb otbori — ! ^An " orderli/ twifu^vin," 
and f^acrai /fr^fonxummntwn : what nUf inpaxnifj/f.^ 

"Ajid DOW hiring said this, 1 h^vn dionhar^d my duty to 
Godnnd to you, in m^ing tUiM (itmorkfitratjun, — and I profeaa, 
not u m ibetonoi^u 1 My btuinc» won to prove the irr^rity of 
tlM Deaigiu from Abroad ; liad the atill unztivtiafird npiritn of 
th* CaTtiiera at Home, — who from the begmuing of tjnj rcaoo 
la Ibis day bav« rot been wanting to do what they could to 
kitKlIo a fim it fiome iu the midst rf us. And I Aay^ <f ^^'* 
ht ao. tbo truth, — I pray God ^Jntfeot your bcivrU with a duo 
SOftM of it! [rnt/3 And gi^e you ouh heart jiuU miud to 
carry on thlx irorV for whirh we arc rueh r^||E»ther 1 Tf th^so 
tbingibo CO, — should you meet to-morrow, and accord in all 
tkiufs tcDdtng to your pv^^nf^r^'ntiou nod your ri^'btB and liber- 
ties, really tt will be faared there Is too inuoh tiiue ela^jsed 
[alreAdy] for your delivering; jourai:lrc« from those dangers 
that haug upon youl — 

"Wo bavo had now Six Yoon of I'cu^e, and have had an 
iDtemiptioa of T^n Yciir* Wur^ Wo have seen aud beard 
and felt the otIU of W;Lr; and now Qod ialb ^iv^^u us a in>w 
taate of the bono^ of Peace. Hav'O you not bad :iiich a Pcaoo 
in Eogland* Ireland find Scotland, ihixi thc^ro is uoi a man to 
lift up bis Anger to put you intu disti^miH^r ? Is lu^L llite a 
mighty hlniraing frmu the l*ord of Ueaniii ? [/ZcrA/] Shall 




wfl uow b« prodif^ of tiiiM ? Sboukl tttiy m&n, ftlvUl »«, UBt«a 
to deloflioDSv to hraak jjUkL brttermjit tJiis Pviuw ? I'b^ra Ia not 
aay man. that hath boea Iriw to tlii» Causo, m I bvli^ve you 
b»To boon All, vbo con look for anyUimjc but the fn^^toet rend- 
ing unJ ]>cT«ecution tti»t or«r vu in ihi« rotttl ] [pepfutf 
SaOt^a hot kond nnU jTo up on T«mpfc Bar, and I/aaidri^ witt t!o 
tftttf to die »vfrH?'\ — I wondor Kow it ca» eiiU?i- into the Il^at^ 
of aum to un<l«rvnl«o lho«n thing«f tii nh^-ht Pfrtwn ftn4 th<i 
6<»p«l, tie graatfitt nirn^y of <Yail_ Wo h;«\^- Pmuw luid tha 
QottpeU [IF4a^a fo^Cfry] Ll^Lua hurAotif* becbrtA&tl -lou! ; oiw 
lai&d to muiqtala the honest viad Ju^t ri|fht« of this Kftllon; 
not to prff^nti to them, to thd d^etmction of our I^otce, to tiio 
ilriilnLC'tiitit or thn X^ion ^ [.4jc ,vr/ Ih^rA h omt Iferst4iitaft 
amenif ptm, jft MoMtmuy cimUjilifmii riMtti ; one Sittd Ua^iny as 
A Uyh^'tc^Bevn in thu rinidM of Ckaoi. firh utMn^ C'Aatu yet t« ^ 
fMjbfvm^ /n 4 tirtk t^kU^ thnt frtrx vvV/ i*^ ivft wf ; onrf fM^ti /] 
R«ui11t, [Jivumd what vtt will. If j'oii ran ftnto vniVi^u* flooil of 
blood nttd Wat, Iho »ncws of this NutiOB bviAK vAPt^ bj tho 
hi*t« tt inc«t sink (ui4 p«nAh vttttrly. I tx««ccit] joti, »id' 
charge yOQ fti tko name uul pre«>uc!iA ot GocU &ad oa befor*\ 
Him, be wmalt^o of thes^ thicgH and lay them lohwLrtT Ton 
hare a Day of Faitiiif comiiiiron, 1 beseech Go<t touch your 
iMutA >&d open jour oAn to thti trath ; nrd Uuit you may be 
tt deaf 4dd«ra to utop your mn to all DiuwiBion I And may 
IooIl upon Uieiu [who wiiuld Buw iliss^iibiDii], wUoevr^r tJH^ 
may b«, m Fakil soith to tho Church of Coxint^* aa I r«nepi- 
boir: ' Jfaf^Jt cuoh u ctttiAe divisLoaR and oOmoofif* and would 
dutLirb yon tram th«t ftiundndoTi of Pr^acii you arc npcxtj undtr 
Utty ficrk'noo vhatooeTer ! — > 

" 1 aKhJI oonolttdo with this, t wba fre^, tha lost tino of 
tmr mcccing, t^ toll yoxi I wculd difiOOiit«<^ ii]>oii a Psalm ; »Ad 
I did it.' I Ata nat ^isKtiitf'd nf it at ariy timi [ ITTtf/ thonM ymt, 
jTMir IlirjAjiet* ? A tmrii tAai litMt tp\m.k to ttn /^m tk^ «i«mi«i 

> Ua di«| ID tbv ^mu Mif^ihOin M ItUi ilviir, •«/ <li« lUrwmtitgn, Won 
to d«NMl» il ■ ]tk*t bj thfi frii^ilful riciiniliirJM (util tluimctiiiir cjidlcOMDl ol 

Ml HunbL 

> NiM -r4nnEh''ijnifi«rl5. bal Hiaa*(Kci«*M rrL IT), 
• Tbp Eiglity UUi 1 4At«k pp. SM flt «^<|. 

ftpREcn xvn. 


Uori qf f.hia^ *' ifiof^ of God " at j/t>^ wfH t^U It. U %A^ 
v««1ft <f «m<m' JBjT ii/Kri*/} — csrpfcially ^Iic-d I lutH^t witii m^n 
of ffiudi ootuldoT'idoa &s joo, 'ih«r«j you hftre oqlo Vf^^S1^ irbieh 
1 f<>rg0C ' [ will h«ar whut God tbc Lord wU) ?p«nk : for Hq 
will aiwuk prww unUi Hia peL>|ili? ;lnd t<i Hm JointA; bnt W 
them t>o4 ttjm ftffun to /ott^.^ DibUMisioit, (iivwii^n, dMtnio* 
boTi, in % poot Xbtion under a Oiril Wat-, ^linviuf; «IL Uic 
elTvcte of A Civil War upon \i I iDdoinl if we rdtnra ngftjn to 
* folly/ kt rrery uuiu coimider, l£ it be jun liki? tumiafr to d»- 
stmotion V* If God sh&lL unite jour ikoafU and blooi you, tnd 
ipw you tJu) Uoniti]^ of nnion and love one to mootlMr ; aad 
trt-Kd davn (tvrirytlLiiig Uiftt riKKUi up :n yniir bv&Hs iknd t^Qd- 
ebh W dcceire your cvq »i;fulii with pTctrnfcn of tbui tiling or 
UurttMfro hftVD boi'U Bflyiu^',-- [7'j^ .SiMtoitoe A^^ntM at <b f kmj- 

wow^ ^LTr n7uj«j^ Mf Mr: ftfii^Mhs Me], — Mid not }iTef«r 
Ihc kce|}in^ of 1'c30p» that vr uta> »l^i? tho fruit of vtglituovti* 
iM«ft IB thoia tLut iovo piiaua And cmbaacc pcwo» — it will be 
mad of tliia |)oor ^ntion, Artum «fr d« Jn^C* [It rt all ovor 
witl» Efi^'^lAudjr 

*^ but I LruAt God will never itvirc it to aocb «h flpiriL And 
wbik 1 tivo^ ftnd tun ablo, 1 flhall be r^^ody — 

[Courage, my bt^vc one I Thou hn.-a bnt ioinc ScTca Zdoolba 
more of iti and tboQ tbo u^ly ouil ia ail civur | and tby pajt io 
It tnonfoUy duue; manfully aiid fruitfully, lo at] Kterniiyl 
Peppery Scoirs hot. Li^ad ean ininjiil (*( Ti^^nnhle Bar, whitber 
it is bouud I aud Eu^Uod* tvitb immtrcL^c cupcniitnrc of lii^uor 
ftnd t^r^bfUToU, can clI) in itft ^"^oll-Gw-yiiQ Dvttudtr of tbc 
Pskitb^^ftnd mulcA out u very uutubtt? Two Huudttd Ve^ra 
inid«r Aij gnidnnfTL-; ;iud, Jkidtiij; iUelf now ueLuLy yuf to tUv 
DevUf nkay [>«rluLpd |i&xi90, and rc<^oiI, &nd rcmciubor; who 
luioire T Xay wbo cat** ? nia^y OIIt^t miy. ff« in hoaornbly 
f^iiit of it, bn fcTT ont; ami tbu Su^iraiuw Powers will guide it 
fartbcr acootdtug to tboii pleasure] 

—1 i\tA.\\ U? ntfkdy to Ataitd ami fiill with you, in this Mem- 
to^j promunig Union ' which God bud vrouicht unonjt foo, 




which T hopo Hiftitber tb^ pHili^ Ttor i>Tirr of inrn Ahall bp ;ih1o 
U» mftku Ttit*1. 1 \iA\v t^k'fn my <y\ih [/n rr^.i^wiiM/iT //«^/, 
Tm^yii^Uth ofjur^ M-rt] to E<»Tern 'ai^cordiiifi to th« Lawa" 
th»4 nrc now mode j aud I truftl 1 atiatl fully answvv it And 
ktKJV, I MOiight liot this plio^ [ irArt w^'sr^'i Ari»f/^ "jwwjAr '* it, 
thai nrald have ia nohfjf uvfritird tT ? Ver^ *(vrr^ tr^Qtwrv^ only* 
77t6 '^pi'tce " is it'^ yrftt things, I thit^k i — ft'ith i^th^r* //f«r>rn 
OT- 4U9 iftU 90 ^et<« upon rA* rtur 0/ it, a man inifjhl do frUhotit 
iht ^j^lnm " / Knew aU mfu, Oliver f\"rmf''^ff tfirl rw? Hfirk ihU 
place, Luf tra* aoti^ht to it, nnd lad itid tirrr-cn to it, bt/ the Nf^4*' 

tiiU^t the Divine Providt^u^os, the Et^-nnU ^^f*/.] I nfx^ik it 
bofora God, Aiig«<lf, and Men : I Dti> mjt. You Kou^bt iii«i for 
it, jau brought mtr bi it ; luid I tiiuk my ChitU tu 1m faitMu] Lo 
tlie luUrencif tlipwr Katioa«,to be faithful bo the Qovenauent 
All those thiii^-8 wore implied, in inj i^yo, in tho Onth ' to bo 
faithful to thiK<>ovprnm*"nt* tipoti whiohw^hamt m>wm*?C. And 
I tnmt, by iJin grano fif GikI, a* 1 hnvi* Utlton my Hiith t^j Mrrv« 
Uua Coiamonvcjdth oa such ^n account, I ^hnll. — 1 muat ! ^ 
iiM it dono, aooording to tlic Aiticl«e of GoveniiDmkt, Thftb 
(Tvery just !rt'?rpfll may be preserved \ that ii Ocdly Mii^lstry 
ismy be npbi'lil, aihI not affrciited Ivy sedudiig atid eeduci^d 
tpiritd; that idl men idaj bo |>rt«rrrcd in their jiui rightOv 
whether oWil or epiritucil. Upon thia i\«<*oi]nt did I toko cotb, 
and swear 14> thl? OovemmentT — \^And fntan to mntin^t ad' 
j/tiitieffriny it i^ifAu/-} — Aud so ha^rtnji' declared my beatliijid 
mibd to you in thit^ 1 htkvc nothmg moro to aay, but to pray» 
God Almighty ble*s you/* * 

HiA Higb&e«0, ft few days after, on occaaion of aomo Reply to 
ft Ueuftge of bio *' com^cmtiife thm ftato of the Public Moneys," 
^WAB foriuully r^uetted by Uio C^inmDnft to furnish them 
wItiiaCupy of Lhia Sjweeli;* hn jiri-iwftrrd fhut W did not 
remember four 1i»o« of it bi a pteoe. and that he ixnJd oot fof« 
iiUhn Copy, Scnncr Oopjwoul^n«vorthetle8sbavi^ b^n ^t up^ 
had the VarliamiTtit continued ilttia^- '^usbworth, SQ]}rth9,aiid 

> Bimou» lL »l-d: 

> TTiumUv, VHlb Jul 1H&T-« |AirfEawi4v> Bt^ar^ xmL IMj ku«Oi^ 

aPERTR xvm. 


I" (dw Writer ftf flturrW* Di/try), wp, A0f>00n u ttv SpeeeAi 
WM donc^ wcjk! to York ll^um' ; FjurJajL'jk Touii-UtmH^ wliera 
HiitMM^ John, broodiBg over «ik<U«wi I'ftper'inaiBftcs, and di>> 
iiig ooosaiODal Seott^Ury Mfotk, Bldl loJg^tt ; bvrv at Vork Houee 

Spmcb i ** «oulid uot fiuub Uie Umuas Uiat uigliF., uiir XoU^k 
bene ^ little cmmp. tt wu ffftsfwn quite dark Ijcfum lua 
Hlg|lift««» tuid dou« ; io that we coitJ^ hardly &oe oxu ponoUa 

T1j« Copy (^rea kens bi fttna ttm /Wf PojMn, und in pfut 
ham ui earlier Oripimt ; fint printed by DiuUkn's Editor ; and 
DQW raprodaccd, vith elj^ht Alterations of th« pointing' &&» 
iiUfJi SN WBTA nrraawiry lirrr uiii tlic^nr in Urin^, cmt ihi^ nAnae, 
but bot such Oft could ctiiage aujtliiLLif tluU had Lko Idtit UUo 
to nuaufi qncbangod. 

SPEECH xvin. 

V Hu HigbMi^ iMt nob[« uppcfal, tht^ words w of « stron|f 

I groikt GftpUio addmscd in tlir liuur of iiQiutmnt ^ipwrBok* 

I prodaoed no adt^fiuAto ^ffe^^t. TW dr««.ry Debate, suppotied 

I ohieSy by intemperate Hsiaobijf, peppery 8or>tt, aciiE fnture- 

I T«M^d RobtnMU, went 011, traihn^ its «low Imij^h duy aftcs 

I dfty; daily winning ll«elf, tno, ititn m?w drtsmncsix lum quHii> 

^^H tionaUlity : jl Iciud of pun to rood wru at thb di^tiiDt'o, aod 
^^P with view of tlio mtcQipurntQ lol hevula autuaily «jiur^ on 
TuDp&fl Bat f For tke vmn b " green oiUkin hnt with niftht- 
ctp under il,'* the Thikf^ nf Onuoiul riAiiinly^ who luderw at tlw 
P^ftft ChinrfeotiS ir Xtnirf liunc- i* Tory bu^ til thlft while. 
And t*lftivMonarcl;y and othur VvtktaOD^ ato getting OODOOOted 
In the City, U> a grvat length indeed;— > and thdresirfi ntirriii^ 
in die Arny llself ;— and, in brief, the Eitglmh Hyilm, che^- 
ietod bj the &p»ai«li Chailce-StQart Invnaion, will shortly hka 

dyhilrit Hl^XSii ^' '^^ coutiuiio ! 

Aa yt-t, bowvTtr. lUero ttuudit one strong; Man between 08 
ud that iaau& The atrou^ AUu (t^iiiev tliftt iuue, we sftF 




gQ^*, will \» laerMh\& ; btit ho i« not ytit ^on^. For t^ ditys 
more th« dmuy TJ«ibatc Imn lAntod. Viainun ([ciod llilU iutd 
j^oticwa of BilLn have bo«n miroduccdi AbteoiptA on the port 
of «6ll<afroct«d Mtnabere to do 3om« useful I«gifiUtii>u )jcrc ; ^ 
ILtUmpte which could not be ncc©mpliKh*»(l. ^^^l,^t -?ni»li be 
occoniplUhcil wu, to open the fomttftinaof consti trail onal logici 
ftnd dobotn this igticotJon day after day. One or two intentporalt 
p«rftou», not «jc«luded a.t t)i« th^'CalioM, &r« of grent tnoment in 
a PupuUi- AadPEiibly The luinil of whic^h, tf It h&re auy mind, 
iaoueof UkeTa^eat entities j oapablo, in & very singular dej^reti, 
of bcinfr mode to f^riacnt, to froc£4>, to take tire* to develop 
itcclf in thii slupc or in thtt I Tho liiatory of out Seeoud 
Sttifciiii], Jutrl mdeed of thftfw Ollveriaii TjirUauxeiJlA ^iiendZyp 
is Qot exliiUrAtini^ tc the Constitutional mind I — 

tiut now on tbo t«Dth day of tho Debate, vith it« noiee grov- 
iijg evi*r noUinr, on tlw Ath of February, 1657-ft, "about 
rlnvni in tliH mnrning^" — wliile pqiiiery f*i-nU U just ^hnut 
to ntbeinpt ^elpini: out aome new Aeocind apeeoh* and there tue 
cTioA of -'Spokflo! spoken !'^ wbl«Ii Sir Ai^hur Atrugglca to 
ttTgue down, — nrrirwi th* Black Rod- — " Th^ Rhok Rod 
ataj9["irry soini*, irhilo f^ir Arthur ia arguing for Srolt — 
" Wh&t oarff I for the BiMk Rod ? '^ anarb he ; " Tht^ QciLtlciuM 
[pAppery Soott] ought to be b«ard/' — BUdc Hod, however, 
is hiurd frsl, ; fii^iflps that " If i^ Ilighnpsa ia in cbe Lords 
lIoiiM-, and do«it^a to speak with you." Under way therefore I 
'' SLfill wo t&ko our Maoe / '' by &11 means, if you eonsidor tt 
likely to be useful for yoti f ' 

They takn their Mact"; rangfr themsflven in due mas*, in 
tiie '* Other lloiiso/^ Lord* Uou»c, or whatcTer tliey oall it; 
and hif) HigbncM. with n eounteaaaoo of uuueuol comeatncsai 
fuirmw, r^soTntioD ainJ severity, says : ^ 

'< Mr LoKiM, jlw GtcifTLKiiieie or the Hocsb of Coumobi* : 

*■ 1 had Terj conifortnbte expeotattom that God woulJ make 
tbP meeting of this Firliament a hlofsiug; and, tho Lord bo 

' FariKMtfiiarf V/iBfor^, lid. BUS, VU4, 

V FurtoD, u, 4«afli«D^-|. ; — ■MKl»Iiuui*r UBK 1], 1, for ■ nar* B[ii«<i» 



Nm)u M thAM fitiil«[ TUa bieuiiig wbifk I intTan, mail 
wbtrK W9 ever climbed atl, waa ta^ny, uuLh, righteouuuna 
and peiQ^— whicb 1 dosiriMi raijebt be uu|Hoved. 

'*Ttiftt Tlucli brou(;lit tuii ttiU» tLc caiAcUy I dov atfttd 
ia wu the E'eiitMMj and AjItIc^ given icrr Uf jou ; whft, in 
T«f«MttM t4j tho ftocj^Lit OnufittUiL^uii [■* H^u-Jk A^uf Tu^d 
AaMf 4UmJ • Kiitih' — l>M4yA mw ^ r^^ ^ KunJ« uunli^m 
lAai '], did df«w mv to unafit UiO plao» ^ t*rot«ctor. ["/ 
4MU a kiftd t/ PnXMt^r fJr^ie^y, / o/imyr umt^rtl^odj hvt lei 

wtw itii itf'tCA 7W liou^ra and tdJutr oppfitdajj^j itnrl tktr^ 
iiu ik4 giH ef tA€ mti^r at jtf^s4ul."} Ibire IS out n lufia 
liviog cnn fLAy T sought k; no, not a oiAn nor «iMi;an tr^^- 
L&4E upon SnglwU ^uuELtL But curitriujiULirLf; Uiit huJ iHj[ii^»- 
Lioa ol Ut««L* Na^i(3iid« njlievi<d from lUi late^Liue War inuk 
& tui or 4i?ven jours'' y^tuXf L dad tlLtiilc thu JNutiuii l^ppy 
tltflVi^iA \ ('^ / did iJUrtU even <ny Jirjtt /'mf<r//>riT£« u-^ij a muv 
'Vt^n/ jfctW '»f tkin^l "] &jlI ttf Im p«tiUon^I tbvtt:tiulv, Acd 
jbdviKd by you to ttiulcxtaU« inch & Gowruoiciit, a burdiA 
Uw iMATy tor auj croatuiu ; Aiul thU t^ bv du:io by tkft 
Hfioae UiaL tb«i h^ ttie Lt^iJativti cojiaiHty : — part^kiuly I 
did Luuk UoL tbfi faotuu uku vbu iix^c bho Ftiuuc sthould uak^ 
it fyt>\ unto lao ! 1 can «aj in tha prcMfioo of God, iti ooca- 
putton with vboan ird njv but likv jiovr erge[iij»g nuU u|)on 
ttwKtuUi,^ T wuuki hiiv? Iiteii }^l;uL Lu luve Itvril ttiiilir my 
HOOdflklic, Ui havv kept a. EUtck vf slu-^^p — [Y^> J^wr i/tyV 
mcc; «£ had h^on u^niutif ^ai^Ur, AwtJMtv, J\^er^ Hut it U 

4ind jTW' stiil rAaufjliSf tttut gliTnpMv- g/ itt/d *' fn tfie ivul 4/ 
fAt tmniMif icaJJiMif umany tkn treaa : " nothing lui toU <%nd 
trv^dU^ doti^ don^^ tiil CA^t dUekArgd f^rriirtj nt^d tk* EUr- 
fbxf Ftviali aptt^i yiig 40^ tJi^n hy your \taodMe, yon hod 
nai bun Kap^ ; U4f yor^^urtC^ ihou*jhu tjolny ttattn Ca ikt 
D^ath lcinifdnm^[ oud Jieaven a> iw«r ysu an iftrU AftiH^ tmd 
£Mf «p fMwr yim (m f/^, iCay wAti tc/tujtt rjrtut^t d 'ifl/« ten- 
ptfftiry Tf^i^hit^ whtfi h* Artn r/a n Arryir jvjui/ of /^rrnat fFork ? 

Wvfk tJkit u trm^ and uiUl iit4t tJuvugA uil £i<niitu ^ Cofj\t 




"2b haM Itapt a Jlo^ 'i/tht^,*' h4 *fl^*] — rather tb.au a[ld«^ 
takoo Kiidi a OoTerniuBDt u tliie^ But nnilnrtjikitig It b/ tbo 
\dvioif :uul PctiUon of you, 1 <l]d look that you who bid 
O^cifd it iiato m« aboald mtkt it guud 

"[did tell yoQj at a Cotxf«i^jiC4> > coucemlu^ It, that I 
would QOt unifrUkft It, i]ii1««8 there might te some otiier 
PeiSDBs to iiitrq>(Mn betirecci iu« and the House of Com- 
monsr who tbra bwl th** powcrr, ia»d |ippivrnt tumultuftiy and 
ftopoloT upirxUi and it wiut grmitL-fl 1 abould luimo itn{>thcr 
Houm. T namefi It of iin*ti wlio tUall uat»el jou wliL'rtfm>evor 
^uu ^o, antl fibiikn biiLdri vitK you; ufid tcU you it is uot 
Titles, nor Lordd, nor Parties that thoy valur*, but a Clirie- 
tiAn and an EngltHb Intercift ! Mod of your own rank and 
quality, wliu will not only be a balance unto ynu^ Init a new 
fon?^ adJr^cl to you,* while you lore ED^laud aud Ucligioo, 

'^Hai^og proooodod ti[ion tlieao terms; — and ftoding aacb 
a efiirit aa U too much predominant, ornrythiitg being boo 
higb or too low ; whnrw virtm*, hnTH'«ty, pii^ty and jiisitinrt Jire- 
omittrd : — I thought I h^ tjri-n doing that which vaa my 
dnty, aad Iboogbt it would hav« fiatinfiod you I But if ovcrj- 
thing miut h« too high or too low, joti ajN> not to he satisfied. 

f T^^rr ia nn inntir^nry nnd rAiMUkf ffatufnr^Jii in thrxti poor Jiril* 
£ffnc«, wAioA d/>rriA« C(^ lu iVi n/zife f^rA«f(7riV,] 

'■Again, 1 would not have accepted of the Government, 
unlnHH 1 know ibirn would be a Jurt aoeord betwoon tlio 
GQWrrnor iuul (Jtrrrniisd ; iinlpss they would take an Oa^h to 
make good what thu !'iirham«nt'0 Petition and Advice adviaed 
tne unlof Upon thit I look an Oath {On th^ Twentj/^ixth of 
Junf Um"], Aiii\ thpy [On rh^ T%Piintuth &f Jinuar}/ lotf, at ihiir 
hag Ta^ic xn M' Afiifrwun'} ItnA Mnotbt-r Oatli ii\ton thtnr putt 
anewerablo to mine : — and did uot every on* know upon what 
oondltlon he twore ? God knowe, / look \i upon Iho ooodttions 
e3i|ireued In tK« [Act r>r] Ooremmect! And T did think wo 
tiad been upotj a fonndutinn, and upon n b<Jttoin ; luid there- 

^ Outk ot tbo K^nphl]' Confcmjcc^ of vhliL ihttr is bo fteiioit' 
* ' Sol to thBTTUf^m," liirn'Rvrir Luljttusl/, muil mtan tlila; >ud « £Ot/d 
■vpaM«r wfeld lu<^ rti liaiTtQtfd ttila. 

spsGcu xvia 



Dpcm t tbousKt mjsrif ^kkiihI to initio It, &Di1 to b« ^aitrb^il )iy 
tlko Twc HoudCfi of Parliiimtjnt,* And wc »tandLjii[ unsrttkii 
ttU w# unvRd at th&kt, th« ccu»equenoes would ueccAsatity hjvvo 
Imnsd confnHion, if th^t had not bnnn i^4?ttlpd. Yet there wt^ro 
not ctnutitutcd 'Ilricditftry Lords/ Dor 'Hcraditary Kuign;' 
[no,] Xht^ i'ov^ oonflitibcUi in tho Two Houses euid inyj^cir — 
I do not i^y, thai wa« th« muauiug of ycur Oath to yoti. That 
wern to go At:iiin»t my own principleB, to enter ujion &uoLher 
tnAo's coiiia«iciioc. God will judge between you and me! If 
tbere had bw» In jou any iutsution of SMitUmcnt, yoi: wm»Id 
hrtTp settle npon this basia, and liave offorod your judgment 
ftod opinion [aa to minor unprofviueiLtv], 

f^God ia my witness; I speak it; it ie ^vidont to all Um 
world &nd pooplo liring, That % now buftineaa hatb boon loek- 
ing i.n tbo Army ng^ln^t thla actual Seltl^iiient nmile by your 
conacrL I do not si>eak to tbese GentleoieD I'^PttiTUin^ tQ AU 
rtyhi hiMd,^* Mj^ tht Jieport}. or Lord*, or whataoever you vill 
call tbom; Iipcalc not tbis to them, but toy^u. — You advised 
nm to r^iDo intu Uiix pluco, to be in a 0JLp»iity ^ Ivy ynnr Advice. 
Yet inMend of owning a. IViugT fomn CLunt bu-vrr T knuw not 
what i — and yJu Kavs not only diajointed yourstU'eB but the 
whole Nation, which U in likelihood of running into more con- 
riision In tlieu f^ft4^en or sixTjteD dayn that ynii liiiVe sat, thjui 
it hatli been from tbe rising of the last Soaaiou to this day. 
Throtif<b the intention of devising a Commonwealth again I 
That 8on»e p«opU mi^'ht b« tb^ va^n that might ruin all I 
[hitm ip tmtf Hiwirtg^p^tf^rt/ iS'-urt, anti vftrh like : ivrjf intid^ 
^wUc th^ " mlc :^* Irf^tdr^ptfUti to k<^fi tkrir oxun hradi <HI 
tkmt iiiAMtd*r$, if th^jf uvfa not ui.^l.£l>^ thejf!] And they are 
nidnToring to engage the Army to carry that things — And 
biUi that man been 'truo lo thi» Nation/ who»ocvfr he be, 
«^MCMlly that batb takou an (Utb, thu^i t^i prcvnricato ? 
Tb«M d««igikii hav« bMn &ad« among tb« Aimy, to break and 
diridA u>. T spe^ tbis In the preaenvi^ of some of the Aimy : 
That these thiu^ havo not beou accordinif to God> nor accord* 
trjtr to truth, protend whjityou will I \Nq, your Hi^lttiAfut ; they 
4dtf( H^-j Thnac tbin^i; t4ind to tiothing uUe but thv plaj* 

■ * of iuiiieiiJjr " u delk*ld/ vudtniood, bat dob aipruivd^ 





ing o£ tkfl Kbf of Scobi' leAino (if I miy » »II hiin) ; and 
] think nyfiftlf boinul Mom U<k1 to do wbftt [ cao to prercnt 

"Thatttbidi T tuldyuu m Lfati Bt nqMutHig- Htmm [ben lUvt 
4E0] ttf^ Uiae* Tlttt Ihen aro prapanlioiM of foroo b> inrado 
lis. Godu my vltii«<8,it hatbbMuoouAnMdtoiMUBM, DM 
a day Ago. Tb9t th« Rla^ of Scot« baUk ui Army at th* vasn't 
side. T^aAj to be shippeii Cor Gni^laitcL I hav* it from ikom 
irhio have btcn rj-c-witacaMH of iL Aact vliilc it a doi&ir, tluvo 
AM ooduavor* from acme wbo ar^ not far trov% tUu pUoo. to 
atir op Hm P^.^^ ^ ^^^i" Town into a tumnlting -* [City I'H^ 
trottg art moantipy rerrj hi^k.^iu p^rfutps Sir Artkttr and 
^Ui^rs fencrtc/] — whnt if I naiil. Into a irbrUion 1 And 1 bopo 
1 thall nakbitapjMartobo no bvttvr. if Uod EuuiUt mit. \.\oAU 
«vm amd indvfn^titm it grmdttail^ 'titfing tka battr cf '»r^ otJt^ 
fttii^ lit hU liiyitmeat ortd ui.} 

" It katb been jMOi only your codcavoT to petrert t]i« Araj 
vIkiU you hava bata aittiai^ and to dnw thun to tlato Um 
quBiiioa ahwi % ^CuimmJiiiv«alUi;* but imm» of yo<a haw 
been liating of peisob«» by eoauiuatioii of OharlA» Sbuut, to 
join with any iMurrvctioii HuA may b« »a4o. [VFAaj a cM 
^wUm in iomt <-oii*«hni« iforf iAof fL«e«iW £p ihit t L^ 4«a 
(r«mU«j 99frjfjoitd v/kin ;*— or noC ruA^ OitaM* ,- hmane^ 
A<md r« Jbw pforVf and npatl ; <ii*d ttm4Wihtr im tfAiM« hand hU 
4agffQf^ opidien^ in fAiA ^nt'-td ii^ I^ Aiid what i« like to eoiae 
Upon tUi. Ibo Knf*my Hpin^ roaAy In tnva^le v^^ Init ev^n f^vs' 
•ntUood and oonfiuton?— [^« imucC finrf /aW Stnttnn ii 
fmrtttf ^n Jir*] — And if Ihia bo ao, 1 do nwi^rti [it] to tkia 
cooMf ¥oair not uaentuigto what you did iavit« mo to by 
joor r«Ut)ott and Adricc, aa that vhiob mi^bt prore tb« 
fleftHeaeniof tU:* Naimn- .\nd Lf tUa be tbe end of yomr 
tlMag, and thid bo toqi^ carriAi:* — [^S<nfenee nam ttU leanti' 
/Wfy fr^4wu>jr]r I thiuk it bigb tini« tbat an trod be pkt to yo«r 
litting- And 1 on ntwroLVK Titia PAHLiAArnrT 1 And let 
Oodba jkidgo bctworuyou and me!'* t 

^goio Uio lookjt of Uuelrig, Soolt aad CL>Enp(uiy 1 *'T1m 
Kaeo A-UH ebipt nudec av c-lr>;tk: Uie Speaker witlidnw* and 




cxU ParK^kmtntnmj' Wic Tnlkitijc-AppAntuii r&nhben.^ **Gol1 
be jud^ bclw«(fu you luuI lad I '* — '^ Ameti I '' answered th«y,* 
tLougltt tliey, iDdi^tianLly ; atid Bank into etcmiLl sil^o^ 

II viiA lii^li t,iiai9i loi iu tnitU Uie Hydra, ou m-rry «fde. ia 
stirring iU tWiBond hMwb. "Boliore m9"»ya Samticl lUrl- 
lib^ MiltOEi'fl frioiLd, writing t« an Official o^uuntanoo ncait 
wecd^ ^ bcU«TA mc, U weu of nnch npoi?4Bity, that if their Se*- 
sion had continued but twu or tlitvo days looger, all had baeti 
in blood both in City and Country, apon Charloe Stuart*a 
aooouat/' • 

Hb I^IighuesA, before dxiu Monday** sun nets, luu begun to 
lod^tf Ibc AitiniLir^ Itiiigloiiilora, Hoyjdi?'l, Kifih-MdnjiroluflUin 
tbe Tower \ iiia Hi^-tme^ i« bent once muru with aL hid fftcultj , 
the Talking' Appar.iCua bdng gono, to fnn^t this Hydra, and 
tracQple it clown oncn again.* On Siiinrday hft i-'timmona bis 
Offlcpra, his AetiHg-Apfuinitun^ Ui Wliitrlj*!! rouiui him; ex* 
plains to tlicm ''in a Speci^h two houRf long'' what kind of 
Hydm it U; nska, Shall it conquer ua, iiivoWe lu in blood and 
confiuiou ? Tlicy -jjivwer Ti-om their hearts, No^ it shall not 1 
"We will *^aiiA anil Tall witli your Highness, we lyll live and 
die with you ! '' ' — It ia the last dncl this Oliver has with any 
Hydra fomented into hfe by a Tal kxng- Appeal uii ; uid hit 
Again conquer* it, inviueibly compresaee it, as he has bereroforo 

One day, in the e^ly djLya of March nest, his llighne«a aud 
to Tx^rd Brogbil : Ad 6\<\ fricMfi nf yourn in in Town, the Duke 
of Onnond, nf>w lodgwl in Dniry T.;ini*| :it the PiiptnL Sur^ou'a 
there: you had bettor tell him to be gone I* — Wb<'ieat hia 
Lordabip ttored I found it a fact, howover; nnd his U-rooa ot 
Onnond did go with expmpUrv «p^*jc), und gpt again to Briigd& 
and th» Racrad Majrwty, with n^port That Oromwell bad luauy 

> Borton. K 4fi4, 

* 7>«pifiitton Lh wLoni mcilerD finokt [PtvUttmrnttf^ Hiteoni, ^xu MM : 

Ke«* te Burton, U. 4?e) i ooc «pf»:««d. ituu J cia find, hj nay ccntoDiponry 

* HanllMo LoTiilon (Mlh F«b. lc:»7-«) bi M'tHad'] *1 Ovofva; jirlinK 
in Paf/iMHiary Hittvjt x^i^ it05. 

* Appeudui. Ko. 31 * f JanUli*i Leeiar, iifji vuprft. 


«Mmles, bnt that Uw tk* nf tho Rii^-alisU v^ raooDfibiiM. 
Awlontbe ISlh of tho inouUi bu llighuras luul tlii' Ma^yor 
ftbtl Conuiioti Cottncit with him in a body at Whitehall ; mai 
"inn SiM>ooh at krgu " «xptaio«d to them tbiU bid Gra^i^ of 
OnuonJ wiu gono oril^ "ob Tumday last; " Chat th^re were 
SpiiuUb Idvasiiuixs, Koj^isb In&iiTtectiona uid FrantiiyAija* 
hft|»twt t&AUTTcctioiM npidJy ripntiiiiici — that it wmiM veil 
bMMm tiio City ol Louden to bsve its ^lilitm tii good order. 
To wbii^h the Ma^tir iind CoiitTnoti *Viujk il, " Iwing veiy ieii^tW 
UiL-m^f.'* tiiiulv xtiiV-tia Tex^iou^o' by ^pooch tm^ by acL Iti a 
vord* iJie TaJkins-AppAratUB bciuR t^>El^, uxd oa Oliver Pro- 
tftctor now at tho huad of thv Actlii(;-Apparatuit no Iiiaurr«o- 
tion, la tliD eyet oF reiUKMi^&^jlL* penviun, hail aiiy olunuii. TUb 
leading B^iyalifita ahrank clc«e into ihcir t^riTftt^ea A(aiD>-« 
ocm^dor4bie ntualjcre of them had to thrink ixito durflJioo In 
Um Toir^r, Among wbich latt,nr oIaa*, hin !1igljn<-«fi, justly 
iticfTDsed, and " considrriuFf,^* nx ThiirloR ^yw, " thut it was not 
fit thofc should bo (h riot of thb kind rrcry winter," K»d do- 
t«nidii«d Uiat u High Court of iVuutiw should tAkt cogaxEKtco 
of BOm^ lligb Court of Jnitic^ U ftc^ocdlDigly nomioat^d * » 
the Act of Pajliaincnt prescribes: among the parties marked 
for trial by it arc 8ir Henry Slingal);* Iouk Unati pri«onor for 
Penraddock'a bnfiucjtft, a&d tha Rtjx. Dr. Itcvrit, a man of 
tnnoh forwardnoi* in Royjliiiii. Sir i|i.-TiTj', prisoner in Hull 
luul Ufxioatulwl wiUi the Cblef OfTiLVTM ilii-^, hm boeu brttaunj^ 
with theia for betrayal of the place t« hid Majesty ; hts even^ 
to that cod, ifivrr onn ct th^m a. Mnj^etj'a eoauaiasion ; for 
wbOM SpoiUKh friTuion Miob a ll.tvpn and Kortr«o would 
hnvo been i»atrvmijly coDTeniPDL ]{pv. Dr. Hi^witi pnweHing 
bp Buff«tviM, according to tlto old ritual, " in St. GreBorj'a 
Choreh near Wnl's,'^ to a Aoleot diaaS^Krt^ audtetice, boA far- 
ther sp^n good fn distitigidsli himself reiy mut'b by seoolar 
Eeal in thiji buAint^s of Uw Royalist Insurrection and Spaniih 
CfcarloeBt qn it limgion ; — which haj< now oomo to notbinfTt 
ud left poor f)r> Uewit lu a muvt qu^itionabl* potition. Uf 

> ?0«««fiqi>*r« {in Crammiliftma^ ^ in \. 

> fTfh Ap«a It^ft. AM of Fbrlbmmie, wilt I.ifl *i ihft KuaM, i* m &«h 


niGiT rniTRT op jr'STiCE. 


EheM t«o^ And of others, n High Conrt of Jn«tic« shall tftk« 

Tlic IfisiifToi^tiDa luving no ahnrtce in the eycn of rra«oniibU 
Kor/aUffU, and thi^y iu (roiiBequL>nce r«fufeiii^ to \vixd it, the 
Is&rgv W)y of Uhr^'u^onnhlp RnvAlistE nnv in Tjon^loD OU' nr 
galheriQli Ihillicr ilcci"l% vrit\i bilignfttion. That they will try 
it on tlii:ir (iim acorc, 4iid Ic^td it ttioma^Iv^). JiuncU to vork, 
thee, ytf uiir^iuotinli]^ ItcyftlUu ; pi^^r ^^^ himde ] Saturday^ 
tho 15lh of May, thftt. fs T,l*i> ni^jlit. ap^iomted : T*^ ri»r» tint 
BlttunUj nijtht ; hrnt dnimn for " Koyfilist Apprf^nliccV " fire 
)ioi»*« ftt the Tow«r/' fllny this mun, nUj thnt, and bnnjt 
miit^n to 1 good iAsii^. Ala*, oc the v^ry 4^dgL< of thf* up- 
^oiiiltiil bimr, ,iA ufiu^l. we am iill Hei^eil ; the ritif^lvi'mlurb tit u^ 
Brt all Hciiicd, " at thn Mrrninid in Chcapaidc/* — for ThurJoc 
and ba IlighncM buvo loit^ Unowii whut wo wore upon ! ]^xrk< 
■ttf^d GoTernor of lh« Tow^r ** nian^heft iuia thi' (^ily with fiva 
dni)(T9," Hi Ibc raltlrt of whinii Hvi-ry KuyaUftt Aijpn^iitiirr. and 
partjr bnplicat«d, fthalc*fi in bis bhw» : — ajid tUifl also haa (?>tio 
to vapor, leading oTily for r^ultc^rtsui new individiialfl ol th© 
Civic cUn to giva »ty*oarl of it to th<* Hi^h Court of Jiiatioe. 

TkopJu^r 2!kk Mfny, lOof^t Ihr fTi^di Cniirt cji' t)u»tioir< BEit; a 
formidable t^anhedriuv of abovfi & hutdrcd and thirty bends, 
Mmflbtin^ of * all the Jadg^a/' chi^f Law CHflcijilfl, and utbera 
nam^ In tht* Writ Bi'wirding t/* Ant nf TfirliAHiont; — »aL "iu 
Watraioatcr Hall, ftt "S'mn in the mornins, for the Ttial of Sir 
HoDfj Slin^by KnightT John Hewit Doctor of Divinity," and 
tbiv« olhura whom we may forget.* 8itt day ftfW*r day till all 
were judged. PoorSirHenry>«mt,hp finttday. wiuKTicdprnia-il; 
he pleaded what he could, pcxn- K'>iitl'^>'U)>^f '^ ^^^y oonetaut 
Bo]rflti*t fkUalonfc; biit the Holl busiiKMB was too palpable; 
Km wa» eondenuied to dio. Rpv. l>r. Hewlt^ whjwipr jimi^nedings 
also had become verj ^Ipiiblt, refused to picftd nt a\\ ; refti>*ed 
erea " to take o0 bia hat>" 'wyri L'arrioii Hcjkth, " till the officer 
vraa eoming to do it for liim : '' -^bad a Pajjer of DemurwTS 
praparod by the lea.rn<-<l Mr. Pryniie," *hfj U now agnin dmng 
buiineM thia way; — '* coadiicted himJ^clf not I'cry wisi^lTi" 
il^ Bolstrodo. H(7 likowinc n>ooivud 3f±ato<noG of death. Tbe 

^ E(«vif«per» (la Cronisatiianci, p. 171}. 




oUieK, by ruur^w inicfiioKf f^capH ; Xty jcooil Uiok^ or Uio I'm- 
t^ctOT** njcrcy, niiiTorrd bothinj^^ 

As to Slin^by uii Httvii Qm ProtMtor wmi Locxormbkb 
Hovit h2S Already nklEen ft i^or/ hl^h line: kt Ikim per-Mi^Dro 
iu it. ! SUiigsby was the Lonl FnucoftlK^rif'A Uncle, uihiri^ lo 
hit Xtiht Bclljui^s t>ut thiit ooiiM not otc-od liiin, — pcrhapa 
thtt wu but A nt^u- KiocitiOD to bu atri^ with kiEn. Tht> C<im- 
nkoiLwcaltb of Eiiglfijiil au4l ltd I\iaoe are cut tjolkiog! TWeaa 
B^jftlUt yivXt ovt^ry winlei; dolireiioe of irwriso&A to Chut«i 
Stoarc ^ud Tockloaa *'^b«riii08 of im into blood,'* «1iaU c&4I 
Uewit Joid Slm^b/ nuEfvrod on Taw«r HUl, ou 31onday, ^h 
ihiSii- ; umvl thii ii];«uirii]il rumor ikiti! emotiou of meu. 4if th« 
CUy Imurrcotioiiistt »ix tr<;r« coodeouied i tlifoe of whom vcro 
OKMoMdf tbv«o pwdosLod* And eo tbo Bi^ Court of Justioo 
^di<«olv«d itwlf ; ftftd itt thi« and not nt raor« exprru4 of blood, 
le huge InmirroRiJoniuj moioiiMrut ciided> luul Uj silut 
itliiu ila cAvrA again. 
Whether in uny futum yvikr it would htkTc tried ftnothcr 
rliing against such a Lord Prot«ctor, ou« doM aot know, — 
oaa guoaaea raUur io ibe negative. Tbu Royalist Cuiut^ aflur 
io naay CailiUQ«, tfkr ««(:h a »orl of entorjiru^ " ou tbe word 
of « UhrieiUQ King*" hul naturally sunk vory low. Boim 
t««lv«moDth hoLco, with a Coauiioiiw«^tli not note tmder 
CrtnnwvlL but nniy uiidirr thn impiiUn at Cmmwell, & CliTt^ 
tian Ki&g luutonlnc dowD to the Treaty of Uio r^Touees, where 
H^BDoe aud >Spatn w«re nji^n^ FeaM, ioood ono of tbo ootdest 
fptioita. Cardinal MjLurtu *'3eut hisooaoboa andfoardaft 
r'a jounwy to lamrt Ijockhart t\vs Commouw^alth Ainbamu 
i" but rvfiincd to meet the ChrutUu Khig at all; would 
«rea oao«t Urmood except aa if by acddcDL " od Ibf^ pnblio 
," to Bay that ther* wiu no hope. The f^paniBh Mm**tw. 
Luw dt- U\n3, wita dTillnr in manner- but n* to SpAiilab 
Chftd«a.6tuart [nva»icna or tbr libf^, he atae dM?1siTe1y sUrnk 
•d.' Thi* Koyuliut Can-iu »iw aa eood as d^spflrttto In 
;laBd; a nvrUticholy H«iiimiacnno<?, fMt fadintf awey Into 
th« realiB of !ibwb>w«. Not till Purrturiam aanh of Its nim 
MCOrdt oonld Boyoliaai tia© a«aiE). Btit Pnritanbm, thf KSuff 

UI6U cocrr op jukticb. 


r wn 

of it oQCc 3vnyt f«Jl looi( ^crj lutumllj b CTory Hbn^ — frJt 

into &t/tyJ**tn^ji, what vc rail AiuLroliy ; crumblnl dovn, «v«r 

a^ur^ Tor Siiti-i-ii Itouthfl^ in ihaX nuioide, ftnd ii»iT«nal clAft1t< 

ADil L-viUuioai p'^v^il. by brial a^Ut Lrud, Ih^l tbere bj 

oot in it cither Govoruiaont cv c^ niufli as 8«U-k^>vcnllnt^t 

tD5 r I r 1 Gf^mr-uTBiT-it of ETi^Und hy it wua ticD(>4-fot1h 

an iij , y Amid ilii* gtTut'ra.1 ■wnsvk ol Uihi^'*. »11 t'«»- 

iis«i]t Ujrt^i^uiug ouw to b« iutiKjaAibk, the lUiuiiiiMjeBoa 

f koyaliy ki«^ fHT^n, " IatI u^ talw roingo in Ujo IVtf tbo 

ntnr^ i.4 not pi>«siil>li> t " — unci Nfa}<ir-O«nioi%l Monk rmssud thti 

wvnl at (A>tibUiaJui, wiUi ^l!^u]lH wliiuti nn? well kmrvn, 

BmuIu *Iuc1i we viU nut qiuirrei witU, riery tuutuuful M 

If haw bMBl If it flea^ llcar^^k, ih@8o Two HunUnd 

mn or tULJvajrwil Ouit tvi AfuMx^h, WTth ui idurI) of CutUiift* 

lUUiitLif, CtiiU<twciiifi. iX»(i]t»eri:iu^V uid utLur vulualile dinoer* 

of Work, going on itu* wbiK ^koll uot be qaitc lo«t to na \ 

Cuit Till vxuiiili, our vkolc boUffnl eonmEiKlf ccmpttotdd 

ne of Cant, a> it(j«« a hc^vy Migbttiure Dream. We 

vfatkU ttvrakeu -, s&i Jlud uurai^lvua in a wdU i^rf^tly tcUirn^d. 

**Wb5 ItiriUuiuiD ccuJd uoc contluuic? My Fri^n^l. I'uritftD- 

Ifiu WM m^ Xha Coaiptctt Thoofy of this uauccuw Univcffle ; 

DO, aulf ft port thcroof ! To toe it lUfOuii, in mj boim of liopo, 

M if tlic I)i^*(t4nita uii?Ji:it noinL^Lliiikf^ j;r&zider with CivUiid 

UiAii (*wn OliTcr I'roUctor did? Wo will not qonml with 

tl^ Doobniva ; we will ifork as wn can lowftids fulfllxneut of 

Bot in thow Riun« June days of the ytar H>&8, whiio H<iwil 
4iiO SliiiKslTj Uvi!«wu tiiiwr hcada od Tow^r Hill, and th« 
Eafiliab ilrar* Bn-l* lUat ite Master b niH hevv, ibe» nrHifl 
tb« Bew« of Ihuikirk ulluaed if> alKiTOt Dunkirk glorioualj 
tiken, Sp«EEUTlft glork-iwK hiit^^n: victories aiwl miccosm* 
oLnuttil; wbkb are a n^w ill^imiiiation lo the U^rd l*rotector 
til iht tyn of EnKlaml. S|>K-ndid Nopliaw* of ihfi (Cardinal, 
Ma^nk, Doct dw Crequi, conip twwisn the Ctunntd to con- 
gmtcbte '"1110 most iiiviiicjiilo of flf>\ereigM ; " young Loxiia 
Pmirt^.-ntli Mnjsi?!! w<ji]l<] liavr ccni^. bad not thfl fittack i>f 
tDiall'pnx pi»vefil€.i.' Witkwli*>Hi thf^ ol^itant Lord Pancoa" 

> IEv*T«uM» (IB 0>H*'<JfMi"a, pp^ns-mL |Mb-3tM.lnAK, I6S6}. 

a-3— Vol. 9 




herg and others busj lUeiu^lv^a: th^r j^ti^^Hiitry auJ gilt 
njAnhov, much gazvd at 1>^ Ihv Met ii\\iluui*]vn, in^tA not 

(IctAlll QA hcfc 

The LuM I'rot^otcr, luB PariiajDMit IiAving licen dismal 
\v\th «iiirh hrpvit/, U soRiewliat ^mbairass^rl iti hU fin&ikt 
Bvit otherwise )ii> affairs auud well; visibly in au imp] 
condition. Once moro lie lioa saved I'untoii ICiifjiundi m\i 
more ^proT^ Muselt invitmiUo abroad utid m hoiu«> lie 
look? with oonGdence towards summon iiig a tifu" P&rliameni 
of justcr diapoflition towards Puritati Engloud and tiiiiL^ Wilb'' 
n Fdrliuu^'iitf or if uxtrvinity of ncred anivc, witliout a Pihrlia- 
ineut and in spite of PaHbinenta, IW Puritan Go*pel Cai 
saiictlouutl hy a Ili^Uur tluui VsuXmiujula, tlmXl imt njuk nhila' 
Jtfc n^Luaiiu in tha Man. N*>t till Olirtr Cromwell's heul lid 
low, tthail Kaijiliiib Puntn^ism bend iXtt head to any cnnted 
thing. En^rt, wlLh ittt Toot on tliu niwk of llytlra Itiittjhin, 
w^tli ita Djmu Dible nAid drawn Swoid^ ^Ivill PuiiUmKiu fiUuid^j 
and with p^ons lUl-dcliancc ri^toriously front tLc world. TliatI 
wu Olivcrr Cri>niw«U'tt ap|3oint«d fuiu^tion in this |»oca ol 
Sublunary Stiooe, in this seuiion uf swifl-flowing 'nmi>; timt 
noblCi pdriloQS, piainful fuui^Cion: und Ut9 has ojaufully tlontj 
it, — and u nuw Jicnr ondiug it, and getting honorably raliaved 
ttom iU 


TiiE poor l*roto«tanta of Pii^dmant, it app(^an, oro iflaha in 
ftitai« of gilevauoe, m a %t&xe of [>«rd. Th« Lord ProteotOTi^j 
in thn thickaiit jinoiK of dnm^stii? oiiarchipg, findx tiinf* to ttitnlc 
of lb«9e poor people and their coso. Here is a Lott«t to A&i* 
baaaadof Loolihjut, who iA now at Dunkirk Sic-f^, in the Frant 
Kinif and CardiiuPs n^igliborliood : a ^'uu«rous piouB I>ttor|' 
dictated to ThLrlcir, portly p^ha|ia tjf Thiirloe's coinpoBition, 
bnt altogether of Oliver's mind and scnM; — fit onousb, anco 
it m> ohanoas, lo oonfflud^ our Serio* here 

I thBtiw, rti u, tft, %%$. 40- (April. Uhf , 14WJ, 


AiDMig U)D Lookbdut LeU*n in ThtiHwh wliiob are iuU of 
DunkUk in thirMt irrvk^ 1 can tiad uo Lnwe of ihU n«w Piud' 
■oot biudacos : but in Uilb>n*a L»t4a 8ULt9-LcLt«rn, oinoitie ibe 

to Lli9 6v1s8 OuitamSr to tiio_Ciinliusl, nhiiclt all tr««t of it. 
TLr Qnt of wluek, vas^ U uiily ;u a BniD|il« of thn Mihai- 
Ulircr Diploottcies, «c will hero ^py, anJ tnaalnU* ibat ftU 
maj tttd tt> An onphatic ^lato-LoU'^r ; vrhi«h Oliver Ctook 
weU tBeauitf anil Jotm Miltati ihuaglit ntid irn^t« into wordi j 
Bota imvocthy to be iomL It ^'odcl by tic umn Rxpreu as 
tlio J-^itt^ Co Lockhut biiascli ; ftad u v«rj specinlly n^f»rr«d 
lotbttni; — 

*Strmir»iw>paUMi^imt>^fi* Fnn^'pi hud9vu» QMiarum Htgu 
■ScKCMMivE ]■lrrE^Tt^HlMlaJt^c Rex, AjctcK AC Fikderatb 

** McmiuU«o |>jUdl Majeslaa V^dini, quo ttiopore iittct &oa 
dtranoruMlo PcHi^r* kg^tntur (quod opttinie aufl]>*au» iuitma 
oiulbt iitnuu|Uu I\fp(ili comimxla, mnlta Honttuni ci>inQiuBiuiu 
caiiilie uuLi tcita&Uir)^ occdiliuv uujwraLin ill&oj Ci>:iv:LlI»ri»ium 
Ooouiovvin \ qoanuii oaumia u&ilique <lM«Tt&iu atqtie ulSiotaiiL 
T««tT« miMrioc<nllA atqiic totelw^ aummo Qum nirlore auiiul aa 
miprrftlinMt, r*niaiBpndnvimiiA, Noo ilrfulsftc prr Mr ni-hiirantur 
liitJGatatcm Vcittruii ofikio torn pio, iiniuo rctA tniu Iinmaiko, 
|in> c6 qui ikpuii Dueont ^ALttodw valcrt dtbuii vtl aurtontato 
?•! ^atta: Not oectb alUqu« mull^ Prinr^lpM ae CiviUMi, Uga- 
boaibiu, tiUru^ predbna int^Ti)08iti«, nnu cIcfiiriTuiK, 

^PiMicn^ciitiaainuun iitntW)uc acxLtn anixwi^ ji-utin Trac;d*- 
tioii«n« Pax ton^l-MQ d^Oacett vi^l poute iadttOM Paoiv tiomino 
heatiUtaii qofodaJn t^otior. ConilcioDes PAda iTMitfi in op^ido 
rm^miLiisuui bLfi: duivqiiidifU] UW. «ecl iiullu^ jui»frj ali]u« 
i&opeai dim onaiftatqnc imruauia perpCMi, S^^^ acqaicAc^rcut, 
iB0d5 ii*, dnna at iiuqua* at Hint, ataretur >'oa etatur ; w*d 
ttiiQ caram qnor|iiB stni^iilarujn fahft intuqirtftAtioDe varlla^iue 
dtrcrtMniUa, fiitea eluditur uc viotatur, Aiiti>qai« aciiibns utiUvi 
ilejleiniibxiri Jicli^o Fetria miLltin iut^Trdioitur j Trrbata ntiva 
im g upfy j An Dova ou^kibiu Impoukur, uude nilii^* rr«brd 


cruupeDtea obrios quosque t<<] iliripiout rcl trtiGid&nt; Ad 
hicc riu|>cr hotod ocpkc (ilacoulcm contrsi ron pcirantur; quii^uo 
inli?r ro* llomstTtAm Roltgiorn>in rAlmil^ mij-rrtre ad tifiiipim 
julwaiur: ul uiiinm immt rur^uci videauiur ad illoruiu iuL^r- 
necioueni inu^roruiu apectorc, i^uoa illA jirior lanicita roUquo« 

"Qucid FTg& pc?r <1extnun liuia, n«x ChriHtlEUiiitsimi-, qu» 
Ktfidiia noblxiuii «t amicltiam pvrcuftflit, obsecro ^tque obt^stor, 
per illud CLTUtianusinki titnli d«cu» Biiiicti«siiaii&w Hm DC 
div^m : n^i^ taAt&m smrinrdi lim^ntinru, non d\c.o Prin^ijii 
«uiqiiun (ni*r|tic eriitii lii tilhun Priiii^i|HfQtr laiili^ iirnio-H in 
ntateiD i1Iiu« Prineipia tCQcraiu. aut iu mulit^bieui Matm 
Sttimomr t^iuta anvktia cad^ro potest), e«d Racerrimu iUia 
SicAtiis, ae pfirminnris, Qai ci^m ChTi«ti SrrriLtorui noMtri 
BctTon nU\uc iinit'itoii^ ki-ai^ profih^ujlur, ijui vi^nit ir; liojic 
inuDflum ut poooatoresd Dorvan*t, Kjus mitbaimi Notame atriue 
liiBtittitifl ad miki>ueLitium crud«hMiDU <wdc4 ftbutuntor. 
KHjMi qui pot^H, i^iiir^ut* In tstiito fftfitl^o dl^nfl es pcfise^ tot 
flupplicco taos homioidaruQi ex monibus t^ui cTaor« cuper erbrU 
anc^in^ni nirnbit aitlunt, »iuk|ii^ iuvitimm cmdolitotis in 
Pi'iccipes derivare oonsiiltisslaiiim ^ihi dueuDt. Tu v«r6 neo 
TiliiloB tuos nut li«^ii fm^A htk Invi^lk^ tieo Kvaii^-e]Itim 
ChriAtJ pft(?atis»iiaQiR ustA crudclititc fA^dari, t« r«gnaiit« par 
tiaris. Mctnint^rict hon ifocn Avi tiii llonricti Protr^^tantibiid 
Unidnbni Derlitttiosi fiii***? ; o£uu DigutfriuM per v:i I-ofi». quit 
etiam comiitodifteimus ui Ilaliatu ti-ausilua i.^U SaTisuidum tRtrin 
Alpo-s ccd«ntcm rioter c»t itiAocutus. Dcditioiiu lUiiu Inatiu* 
mentuiu in Actit Ra^jx v«Btri PubltciA otiamnum oxtat: in 
quo exceptiuii Atque cautUTn tnt^ alia Mt. nr rut pD«tcii 
CoQrall<rus«s IradnrvutiiTf luni iiadeifi uotjditifinibiiH quibun tm 
Arua tuiu invicUe^itkUs id Adoni r»ooplt. Banc fidcm nanc 
tnplonuit, atitam ftb« to N«pot« aupplioM r^Jinimnt. Tut 
^m& quhai «*uju4 iitixii* anntr n4 |ii*rtrLUbitiaaD aliquA tii fieri 
pouit, niaUat atquc opUrint : id si nou Uc^t, patrocluto mi- 
toa, nkiieratki&« atque p^rfu^o. 

"Sunt «<t rationes re^'-iiL (jum^ bortati pmalTit ut Convalleoaea 
ad tc confiiKicntoft n*" rf^ji^iaa ; sod nclim M, Uf x tontus c^um 
•i*v aliiA TAtionibus ad dcfentiioLicm oaiumit^aoruia quka tide 4 




nitudiBB pennovert Itii iminhftrrimi f;u^i Inos atquo ghm% 
lUibttA Mquc intv^m tua eril, ct ipcw Patrcut Mis^rxK^nlian 
cjuflqiui FUiom CliTUtiuu K(^f;cl&, CMJod ^^u^u ji^uc Doctn- 
nam ab unmaTiitato nofvift viadieavoru, «^ magia jEircottfoi 
ULii «L |mrj>;Uaiit par otiuipjn viUun rx]H>TVTHH 

" I>:iifl (,>|'i' ^f&x. ad ^lonaia n'^tuiu tiit umorrntUsiiBoreai 
bocni&iini ('hri^ttniwrum tutoiulAn:! faluteoL V«dttuju<jiic ToruiD 
doeoft} 3[u}(4t4£i Va*Ir*i huio mncitcm injioiat. 
[MajesUtift Vcabo; StiulioKissimuB 

OuvRRit-a Pfto^rcTtm Ukip, Anolla*] too. 

- iTf ilMHJfrrf^ Jtfmi- lie* *!■ OM* I M«.'" » 

01 wliicK here is a Vcnicni the most lit«raJ wa caa loake i — 
" J*» f A<» flbMf 4^r«n4 and jB*f-m* Pfinttt Ltmis, Kinff of Ft^sko, 


''YMir IfaJM^ nay rooollcct tliat durio^ tJi« nea:otiAtioa 
b«lv«aD Qj for tho rowviiig of our League > (vrhich tajkXij 
idnniagm to both Ka-Uoiti^ and iDuob damage to th'iir t^vx- 
mca tSncBJifts ranUtuis tKerefioiii» now teatify to havo bom 
my wiM^ doai«), — ihvv^ feJl cut that miaerablo tjlauiciiter 
«ir dM P^la of tb4 Valleyfi \ whoM CAU»di oa all »dci da- 
■rrtnl ruHl tnaldrti dfiim, wn, with tUr utiDCWt nurmsrtJiean ajui 
pity, Tvoottiivendod to yoni racivy and protection- Nor do w« 
tliiak Your Hajca^, tat your own paH, has bMa wanting m 
VI olBoe ao ptooa and todeed 00 huirAa, iit to r%r t^ rithtr by 
aathorliy or Cvrar yon miglit have irfltinnct* with tUr; I>ukb 
of 8aroy : 11% ocrtojnly, and many otbcr Ihriiicoa and dtaM^ 
b>f «ubaauciH by kttern. by ctitruativa directed UiitUer, bara 
Bff bm wanttng, 

•■Ariffr ifcal a«»t win^Hiinr)' ^fivv^n^T^, whif^h spared no 
afr- Dor «ilbpr aea, tlierc vaa at lut a Pcac« Riwn ; or rather, 
ajukr tlia ^porrkiu noma of F«aoa, a oartain tnc^ diaguiMd 
WiaaUlty. Tbo bdnnii of the FiKirra u-i^iv settled in yaut Town 

* Tki Aw irVt< o/'.^i-ii. .V^Aon [Loudon, t»«3), ^ 61&. 
I«a>. wfln^W. «rriE. p. 491, 




of Pipwrol : hftTtl t«nnf^ ; hnt siurU ha thime \tQoc People* in- 
digcnt tutd wTotcbed, aiter jofferuig all inaim^i' of cruelties 
flAil atrocities, uigLt ^'ladly ooqui^ESCo in; if t>n\y, hurtX aiv\ 
UDjiut aJi tUe hargaiii U, it, weri* adhnriK) t:i>' U ih not luUiriviL 
to ; tbott tcnos »rw broken ^ tbo purport of evr^ry ooe of th<m 
ts, bjr !aUo Littcrpn»b:tLioii and vuioua •ubtertugos, ohuieil nod 
vlolAtod. Tkrany of ihee** Pwopk cjjtj eji>cw<1 tvnm thnir Old 
TIjibitALionA ; tljr^ir NatiTn Rttli^ctn \n jjroliibitCHl tti oijmy : 
new 'riuLL*(i ftie exacted; a new FortrCM baa bouD built over 
th4^Qi, out of vrhioh io\dien Frdqutully Ballsing plunder or hill 
wljpinsoevCT tlipy meet, MorpoT**p, iw»w PorwB hare of late 
l)ccn iniTiljr got rcndjr k|faiu»t tbcro^ nud such ta follow Ibe 
Komi»h H^li^on aiv dirccicd to withdraw from ojnotiK them 
wiihin a litaiud time: so fhul ^ivrytUiiig 0«eiaa dov agidn 
to jioiiil tuwuitbi Lbo BiterininalLoti of all unong those uuhappj 
P«op1«, whom thft former Momacto had Ufl, 

" Which now, U Mont Chruttinn Kiiikt I bc»ccch tind obkut 
the^, byihy Hgbt-hajitl wMeh pledged n Lciguc and Fmad' 
ahip with ua. hy the 9^r«d honur of Umt Titli? iff MmtOhrijf 
tion, — pcTmU lict to be done ; uor l^t Axich Ucouae of sAva^ierj-, 
1 do not »ay to any lViiio« (for indwd no oniolty litui thia 
(loiikl ixinie into iht ruifid of auy Princii, mtieh Um intntho 
toud«r yeara of that youui; Priuccv or into tlm woman'a ht^rt 
of bis Mother), but to thoac iiiost accutrMd A^aaafiina, be given. 
Wbu while they profwts Ihenji^vlvps tho »eriraijt« And imitators 
of Cliriift our Saviour, who eaiEi: iiiUi t-hin wnthi that II0 
micht aavo aiiuier&, a,Wie Ria moat tm^rciful Niuiic a^id Oom- 
iiiAiidiBODts to tho erucrkftt alnxiy^hteringj, Soatoht thou who 
ait ftUe, and who in ancli nn fTfratiim nrt worthy Co be able, 
thoab poor Siippii;mLa of thini? ittitn thn hfuida nf Mttrtlrrwr*, 
who, lately dranlc with blood, are agaiiL atbint for it, luid 
thiuk oonT^nlrDt to tui^n the discredit of tli«<ir own cruelty 
upon thpir iViiiorN jic*tu>. SuflfCT not f itber thy TitW« and the 
Enviroiisof thy KinipJcnu ta Ik; soilrtl with thiiL diacredit, or 
tho peaceable Oo«p«l of CbriM by thai enn^ltyj in thy RcApi, 
Rf^mnmlvr thnt theM r%ry People became mbjeeu of tby An- 
c«&ior. luxury. iiiJist fri^tndly to ProtAKtanti ; wh«n t^^di^ii^res 
victcrioualy pursued him of Savoy a.oro» the Alp», through 


t^woonftinfi Vallcytir' wlivrn hulcml ihc iu<wbpomiRadiouspii£a ti> 
liatyit^^ Tbo Inatruuivnt of tWt tlLcir roctioD ttXid &urr«uiLer 
bj«ti»Uni ill »he Public AcU of youi Kiugdt»m r lu which 
iln« tuning othpr thtngnu «pe>MllM and [»ioviUvd»gaiii3i, Tliat 
Xhc-'^ i'copW of th« Vallfjs sliouttl uol iliri-eaflvr hv deliiurod 
over to oajr OQO «XM|jt on tliL?;innic ccTiilition^ uixkr wtiich thy 
inrincdlil^ Ancestor bod rcc«ii^M iheat into fealty- 'IhiK prom- 
bed [JTOttctiou thiTj ituw impldpu; promiftrt of thy Anf^ontar 
tlwy iiow, fr^ini tlicc lEit; (fr.iiid-Miii* niijipliiuilly dtr'iu^uicl. To 
bt; thine mthcr than hin whoHt- Ihoy now uto, if by auy ineaiia 
exchaub-Q i% could be doD«, t^y wociJd wish aud prefer : if 
MUf not bo, Xhme at least, by nuniuir, by nommi:itTrLti<m nnd 

" There fiw likeviau reaaoiia of aUlo whidi might give in- 
duoecMEit not tt> reject these Pecplo of tho Vftll<iy» flywig for 
shelter to thee: Irub T vould not have t.bee, no great a Kiug na 
tliou ArU lje moved to tbu defL^ncc of the uafortuoatc by othnr 
rcftooiM th^n the t>roiaidc of thy Aiiocstota^ aiul thy own piety 
and n>yBl b«niguity aind gr^^tueat of inSnd. 80 tliall tho 
pr^e ajkd faine of this most wortliy aelioii be iiniJiixcd and 
dear; and tkyedf Ahalt find the Father of Metros and HU 
Son Chriit tha King, whoji(> Name cind Uuctrine thoti thalt have 
vindio«t«d, the more fivorubte to tlie«j and propitifiu* through 
tho toutm of lUtt. 

"Itttyth* Almighty, for Itis own glory, for the saf*^ly of 
•o many most iunocc^nt Christian in«n, and for your trne honor, 
^pOM Your Majefity to this drteruiinntiou- 

*' Yrjur M.ije.ityS tULiit friendly 
*• Oliver Pbotbctok op tiii: Voti^onvnLxvtu 
OP EjrauufD. 

' Wb«TUI'«t», HtK May. lASfl.* 

<"|WnjT>njm| tetn Hhy. U&l. 
■<Sin, — Hi* oontuuul b^ublea «nd vuxmionfl of th« poor 
reo]^e of Pi«dmoDt profeftsing the Reformed RflligioHi — 


and that aftei' so many serious iuatanc«s of youre in the 
Couit of France iu their behalf, aud-alter such hearty reeom- 
memUtious of their most deplorable condition to hia ilajesty 
in our namef who also has heeti pleased upon all such occ^ 
Bions to profess very deep reseatmeuts of their juiseries, and 
to give \iJi DO small hopes of interpusiug his j>ower and inter- 
est with tlie Duke of Savoy for the accommodatiu^r of thoae 
aifairs, and for the restoring those poor distressed creatures 
to their aucient privileges and habitations, — are matter of 
BO mueh grief to us, and lie so near our heart, that^ uotwith- 
StanJing we are abundjiutly eatisfied with those inatiy signal 
maiks you have always hitherto given of your truly Christian 
zeal and tenderness on their regard, yet the present conjunc- 
ture of their affairs, and the misery that is daily added to their 
allliction begetting in us fresh arguments of pity towards 
them, not only aa men, but as the poor distressed Members 
of Christ, — do really move ua at present to recommend their 
Bad condition to your special care- Desiring you to redouble 
your instances with the King^ in such pathetic and affection* 
ate expressions as may be in some measure suitable to the 
greatness of their present sufferings and grievances. Which, 
the truth is, are almost inexpressible. For so restless and im- 
placable is the malice ai^d fury of their Popish Adversaries, 
that, -^ as though they esteemed it but a light matter to have 
formerly shed the innocent blood of so many hundreds of 
souls, to have burned their hou^ieSi to have razed their churches, 
to have plundered their goods, and to have driven out tha 
Iniiabitauts beyond the River Pelice, out of those their ancient 
Possessions which they had quietly enjoyed for so many ages 
and generations together, — they are now resolved to fill their 
cup of aitiiction up to the brim, and to heat the furnace yet 
seven times hotter than before- Amongst other things : — 

'* First, — They forcibly prohibit all manner of Public Ex- 
ercises ^ at San Giovanni, which, notwithstanding, the Inhabi- 
tants have enjoyed time out of mind : and in case thoy yiehl 
not ready c>bedience to such most unrighteous orders, they 
are immediately summoned before their Courts of Justice, 

1 Meuu " Poblic Worship." 




kod there |ircoM>df>d a^idbI Ju ft i-.ioat v^rvre aod rt^'orous 
maDEM>r, ftad aoeu^ tlLr«at«iieil to hv wholly deutroyod and cxtcr- 

"J: And foHMaocli cl«, Id ih& skiti XHhy^ tLere &r« uut 
Found onoflig the 2<ativ<(t men fitly r|uaUfiod utd nf ohiUtio 
for TkllitlsUrial FiinrTioiia io ^"PP^J* ^ tDuc<h o^ o\x<f half cif 
Ltieir Chiin;fie^ muI ujioii tljia Ai^i^tJiiut Lliv^ art- ti^reaHiLited 
to tititnrtai-a >ocnc out of rVnUioG and GcncTA, nliich are tho 
Pak« of &LVYiy*it friondti luid allicfjCr — th<rir Popiiih £!ii<Tmiofl 
take lu>ld ttt tliis iulvMiiLi^'t ; ami inu-ke ust? of tliM ■tnitiigem, 
Ei^uu^l^i to bauUli and diivu uuL ihu Hlu^jilierilH itf LUe OuckH, 
that so tlic wolves ntay tho better come in and devour tho 

'■S To iUw w atUl, thrlr sfrir't proliibitimi of nil Thyrti- 
ciaua vid CturiupTK>im c^ tUe ItcfonueU Religiou lo inliabit in 
tbe VAllejrt- And thus thoy attempt act only to stfvrre their 
wwla foF want oi f|>iriti3al food Jind nourifthmeLt, but to do- 
sf;my thisr Iwidir* likrvitp! for want r>f tViOSP nntward nnnvt^n- 
101104 iknd helpt wHoh Ood hath Allowed to all mankind. 

" 1- And iM a sniipkrac'iit to the former grievAnaeft^ thoee 
of llie B«fontt«d Beli|^it>u ai-Q i^ruhibitod all iaant>i>r of Coiti> 
meroe and Tnrle wlih tlieir TopUh nmgh1«Tfl; thai ^o l1t^y 
may not be able to flubAixt acul lauiuUiu tht^ir families ; o&d if 
they oHend Lerein ia ihd If^t. thoy aro iiamcdiat^ly appro' 

•"il Moroovrr, to givf* din world a <dnrir IcaUmouy what 
thrir nuia dmga in aU t^imt^ opiirf'^ntutm it, lh*^y ha\c issacd 
ont Ord*T» wfeetcby to force th<^ pi^or Protostfinte To *oll their 
lAndfl and Hoosofi to thoir Popuh neighbors: vrhereaa tbe 
Papiflts &r» prohibited upon pjtin nf uxisriiumuutoaliou to htW 
any iinmovablr to the Proto?it>mtA, 

^&. B«idca, Uke Court ol Suvoy have roUiilt the Fort o! 
laTorro; contrary to tlie forninl and MiprMH promLic- made 
by tbetn to thtj Aiut>aHiuk'I(>E^ ft thi* Kt^jnU^lioal Caijton»< 
Wh«TO th^ bavc nlso jilniccd ComuiaadeL-a, who oommit thd 
Lord know* hov mmy uxce^ati^^a and otiCragAft in nil tin- neigh- 
boring partt ; without bi-iag pvor taIM Ut iiii**>itiiiii, or oom* 
p«U«d to make neUluUun for tlio ramo. If by chano« any 




murdor Ije coniiJiltWd In Om VfJlcj> (iu» U U>o-U)0 oftMi pra«^ 
Uwd) wboroui Uia author* wet not didcovcr^d, Uio poor Frat* 
irAUnCs u« &iuui«ihul«t> accused m guUiy Uteroof, to mkUr 
Uiein odlOQfl to ilteir neighbors. 

"7. Tbm& aco MaL laUly iiito th^ sud Volleys scvcml 
Tn^pa of Ui>r»o Kftil CoiupaiiiM ol Fooki tf bi«h liatk caused 
the poor People, out of fear of & maa8BCT«, with ^roat expense 
and diflSi?uUjr to i^ttd their wives and little on«i, with all thai 
Wttre b^e and 0i«k amongst tliciu, irito tbo VfJlcjr of Porocw, 
uador tha Kinir of Fr^iucr ht» D^iuuuom. , 

''Tlieia an, in abort, the cfrlera&oet, and Uua U tho pKSetit 
Btatf) and uuiidiUou of UiOAe poor I'ecpk ev«ti m Lhid nery ib^. 
WhcKof you arti to luo jour utiuoet cLdeavoi^ ti> laake Lis 
llfl^iefitx tiiordugtdjr tuniiblo; and to pomiade him to givo 
Rjiccilj' And uffciilQul onddm [t<j] liiu AmLoAaodor vbu rtvidoa 
ju Uio Dukti^a CourU To aitt'vi^^rou&lj in tlicir twbalf. Our 
Letter,* wluoli you duil ptMeut hia U^jeifty for thia ebd and 
pnipoap, oontauu ■•vanU iwuona in it wbi«k wo hope will 
moTiiliiH hciul to the? [vrfijirinLUKvt of thLcchaHublcmad m^rri- 
ful mork. And wc d«!.-iin; you Lo MHwnd aiii] iiuiiuato the aamc 
wiUi your uioat i>aru4dt adIk itaLiuu^ ; repieocnting unto bim 
how mudi hia own luu^rflsi and hoi»or ia concerned in tbo 
nkakiiag gixid that Aroor<l of Hmiiy the Fourth, h» tojml 
prodooeasor, witli Uic AinUu^^Lora of thoso vcoy I'cople, io 
the y&ia 1^2, hy tlie C'OiJttabkT ol L^'edi^ijirta | wliiok Aeeonl 
isrftgiKtuciHl ilk Uhi FHrhnnifiiit of Dnnphin^; and wh«4Feof y«ti 
bro an authentic Copy in your own hamla, Whorehy tbo 
Xifiga of Oanoo oblige tkeinaelT<ia anrl tlicir Sncccaiore To 
— intaiu and pcetacve their ancient jjnviltTf-es and concMaion*. 
BoaidM that tho ptiniii^ to himaelf Ui« hearta of th^t Pec^e^ 
hj so sraieiou4 and rcniarkaUo « pral«otiou and delir«nao«h 
inlgbt bo of no liUle aao uiotbrr day, in relation lo Pisienfl 
and Uie ctLei adjacent pbo«it under hia Dominiooia. 

*'Oe»a i^f tlM mottt ^ITeetnal KnuNliei, uhioh w« coneeivu 
tie fittcTFt to bo api>lkcd at [iVMeub la, Tli&t the KIu^; of franco 
wmidd be plc-uMxl to uake an £xehange wiUi th« Dtike of 
Savoj lor thoao Valleya^ leaigDiDg oror U> hua eouo othor 



part of hu Doountoiia in Leu thereof,— ai, in the rciRii of 
llAfvy tha FlMirtli, thA M^i^uiaftte of f>a]Licva wu cxuhcktigod 
witU ilie Duke for Ia lltiw^e,' Wliicli cortabily eoM not but 
i» of $»it odrantugc to his Mftjcatj, u well for tLe b^el^ i>f 
I'l^eTol, uA for tUt u|)(Muag of n I'lm^aff*^ for his Porcca inU) 
Itolj-, — whi.'h [Piiasage], If undtrr the dominion, and in th^ 
llUkdsaf «o poivvrfiiJ al'rinee, JL>t[it>tl with Ihi* n:ituml streiigtU 
of tbeae |iboes by reuDii of Uioii ^ituatbu, tuu^i aeeda ba 
Fvodorcd inipn?^abl4t. 

" By vrlui ve bavo alroarly «u<l, you see our iat^ntioiLH ; and 
thftnefore w«! )ntVG all othKr ikiirLictilArH tti yotir xjM'ci;^! (iir« 
4nd OQoduoti and not^ 

[Your friend,! 

Lookkutp bothCrfiaerU ^id Amlafl&ador in Uie»o moatbs, 
is, u wc hiuted, iufiuiUjljr huay with Lia ahai'c in tho Sloip of 
Dunkirk, iiow juet in its agony: ^^^ before this Li^ttur caa 
wrU utrivi', 1iV( rione his f^iuious iait. of Ft^hting^ wliicU bring* 
Tureniko and him tlidr victoiyr omciig tlio 0;uidhiUa tUvre.* 
Uooh to the joy of C^LrdiiuJ and Kii:^- 1 wJio will not 'readily 
nlfnw him iu &ny re:isoimbl« point a^ presdot* Thtir* pjuno 
no new MaMacro nj-on ihr \tonv r«>})Ut of tlio Valloya; thoir 
grieranc«3 were abgain '' rtcUlc^L'^ Boajcd uwiiy foe ;v tfcuaon. by 


TiiKnn TcmAin no morft LctUra and SpMfJt^ "/ 0/**w CWwi- 
iMfJ (6t U»; til* above tH the last of tli^ui of rir.lipr kinil. An 
ft Bpeaker to Kfeii^ lie lukts l^is leave of the worH. iu thc^e 
finil vordA aiidr«;Mcd to tin Second I'arliAtnEHit, ou tht' 1th of 
Ptbmftij, IG67-S : ** God bo judge bctuouu y<m and me 1 " — 
So WW it appointArl by tlie Dfrstiniea aud l.lio Oblivltjiis ^ tbt^o 
«tte hb bat public «otd». 

^ Inieoi [iliiuiult, li. «IS1, *A5*wvg:hM83., no. 4to:,L«». 




lUvcJuly burd of; -'tipeoot of two hoar* ^ to bit Ufliavj* in 
WUlebaU -, Speech U* iUa haul MajoT^ luul C4>[[iuiofi f^tmuoil, 
tft tlio samn ]>1hi<i.<p mi Ui« HAme mbji^ai: bul Uicv hnvi: u^t 
l>mn npartcd, or the rtpo^ ^f lliein Iim not come down to as. 
Tliftn! vera dDiac<ti« lAl^^et^ ^It^if, ^t^ "we ^11 ttDd, vritttiti in 
iboM mna tuntilcuoiu we«k(^ lifttnra tn tliu t^H of War- 
■mkkt aa ovc^iskta of Ui« deatli of Iiiji Onmilwii, thv I'mteclor^ 
Sot»-iii-l/iw. For poor yonuK Mr. Tlich, whom wc *«w woddfJ 
1D Xo%vii)l>9r lait, IS dootL' tlo divd on tho tnuLdtt day aft«r 
tliftt DiMoIutloQ of tliu PArliiUD^ut ; vbile uU7«r aud t^e i'ct> 
niouvht^allL iirt? ^«mtliu|i: agoiuM. boui;dJ«Mt Auorc^leci, UUtvr'i 
ovn HouM-Wi) L&& iu visiutiona and dark day*. I'oor litbU 
Fmocod CtomcTvIl, in tbo fourth Pior^th tft hor inarriAK^, «UU 
only aljLiLit inv^tlM^ii, %he Hxtil* Iwru.'-lf itiddifuly n wirlow ; iind 
IlatDpluii CouH )ii;iH iKoom^ a Uuu!<ri of moumii^g. Vnunf; Ktch 
waa uiu<li laiucutod- Oliirer drtilolcd with tl* {rniDdfalWr 
■*in 6«3fl<Kmble aad Kj'mpKthmrg IMten;" for vhui^h tlia 
Imrr oIiIKai'I nillirsihtiiiArir tAinnkn itotni* ^^'AtiifiiWt Ri-plj' ;' 
^ " Caimot eiiouch couFku inj cbli^ioii* EiiiK.-b Ii^^h dlM^harge 
it, for your Be&«QEiabl<* imd ^nupalhiciii^ lyr-item; whk-h, be- 
)iid«is th^ raluo tli«y derive from ao irortby a k^ud, vxpr«ei 
■ucb fAithfol afTnritiooai, wiil sdminiAt^r Kncb Cbristi^in .'LlIviom 
aa reudnrJi thfim Uyond tnfrMiirc dcnr to xat" nicsAinpfi and 
uoble euli^i^ Hjo oulpouriTig of a brave old heart, conch«!« 
thi» heUi^r *.f Warwick's, H^ bimaolf died *kortly after ; • a 
new gntt to tho IVotj-ctor. ^ Tbo Protector waa iHiverifiif 
tbe Commonweoltb from llydnyt and ftgbtiof a world-^id^ 
battk, whfla k« wToit' xhwiv Lutteia od tbo death of yrmiig 
Rich, tf by f]b«ni?«> they *d)1 lie b1dd«u iu tha anhlvit of 
fomckiiuinanof tbc Warvicka,tb(7io^yet be dl^iiufriscmM 
atkd PLxlu audiblcL Most probobly tboy too an lott^ An^i ki 
w« bavn now nothing raore; — and OUvi^r bat isotbiiiR mot^ 
Hb Speaking aiid alao his Actla^. a!l hh laaaEfbtd Htrtig^ 


■ Earlof VTuvldiioihDl^^nl PrutovWr, clal« lUbMArck.1017-1; priotei) 

to Gtim». It> &». 
* iKh April. lUe rtburkic* tIL a&]. 



ffUoga, mon^ or Iva* victonc^m, to utter thf? ^roat God*8-M«8U6e 
llkat VM in liim. — havo Ii^iv ivli&t v« coll uudcd. Tlii» 8uEn> 
vurr i>f 1lV»8, lik^wiwf vicli>n<mH af^r ftlni^gU*, U liU lut iii 
OQAT Wovlil qE Time. Thonccfunli lut taU^zA tbe EtonuLii*ii i 
Bad n»tB upon hie unna f A'rc , 

w<>re Cifty-niiM InM April TJw -'tlu«»BMn« wd fam jeaw," 
III* I'Ml»i*t*» liibit, which probably tcA8 oftL>ii b OUv<t's 
IhouflliCs Btul iti tlut«fl iif cti]ki>ri tlu^ri*^ tnt^ht h^ve been astici* 
p«t«d for liim : Ten Wai-n mmv ul l^ifn ; — wIiIrH, wp may 
00Bi|»)tei would have v^ren aooihet liiatorj to all tLc Ccntn* 
riM of KufclATid- Bat tt wn^i col to b» w, it w&s to be other- 
wise. OliTpr'a hrtoltb, lu wr mif^hi obscrvt, wha but tinc^rtain 
bi 1at« ttmca; ufUn ''imllipoBiHl^* tUe sprint; bt^foro Inst. His 
oovm> of Iif* Lad not baeu favorable to hc^ttJi 1 " A Imiden 
too b««Tj Cor man ! ^' sa ha lums^If, wjtli a fligli, vrouid bdiso- 
tlBtefl f^l'. IncRnaaTit toil ^ innoniwivabln U9>or, of hejid and 
kfi*rt and band ; toil, poriK and sorrow maoifold. ooutitmod for 
ftcu br«ntr yciiTH now. bod dona Lhuir part : thoac robovt lifc- 
•n^rgice, it afunrrinJfi nppeared.^ liad beeu gnulujUly t»ai*xi out. 
Liko a Tow^r strong to the «j«t, but ^vith lis fuuiidatiutK itml^r- 
niiiod; whkUhfes not loiiif to stand; the faJl of which, oxi any 
flbocki maj bo Buddoit, — 

Tbe MauiioU %jt'l Duofi d^ Croqal, ^th theU ffpkndort, 
utd J.-unsTniiilatii)Wi abouL Dnukirk, iutenvtiuK Il> Lbe elreetp 
pvpcdation^ and c«n«ral public, had not ytt witMnwn, iHteu 
ftt Kafiijiton Court tfcflro hft^! bo((»n n pmtilc scene, of much 
dfwpnr and rjitito oppr^Jtc ititcri^nt ihain^. The Tdciy Claypcdo, 
Olivrrr'n fnvDritct Diui^hter, a biTudlc; of all llw votVU lind 
Ulleu akk ire know not when ; lay Hick ncnr, — to d«athi aa iB 
|iror#d. H*T dJAOAfte wo* of iiite<nial fomale nature ; iho pAin- 
fiih<3»t And iu<iot h-tnuwiTiif in miud ntid »HiKnf it In cnrlvntoodr 
that f-'iLi;( to the lot vf a hiiiiuuj msitut^ ttamptoD (!cmrt wo 
ton fencT ooco more, in thoie Jul}- daya^ a hoioo of Borrow; 
pftlo Death kuoplElnt; th>>rOf cu at the door of the meanest hut 
'She kad great infrvrlrifts, great PiorriHOS i>f spint'* Yra : *' 




and in th« d<>['th« of xh<* olH CpntiiriML, w» «oc a pair lutxiout 
UoUicr, aitxioiiA ftiistAMifi, niiJiiniiH woe^^ng SintPis, a poor 
3roui)£ tVanoi-a woopinff &ni^w ui her weeds* "For the but 
fovlueu days *" lu» HigfliiiMfl hiu iH^a by bor b«dtide ftt 
I(ftin|)tan Court, nn.tM^' to nttfrml t<i siny piihlin hriAinnsfl vluit^ 
ever.' Uo «till, my Child ; trust thou yet ia (rod : in the nuTtA 
of tbu Dark Kiirer. Uicre toe iu Ho a Ifod of ke)p! — U& Hie 
5th (Uy r>f Aiiguvt Bbd kj dew); at t^t {i>rt*'f^. My foviif^ 
my Ijf^utiful, ttiy br&vir! Sliir lk t^ilti^ri fnan m^*; ! aiw left 
b«re&veJ of her- The f^orti ffivcth, and the Lord Inkcth ftv^y j 
bleaaid bo the ^euno of tJio Lurd ! ^ 

"His Hig!me*s/' *ays Hin-ey,' ''tjeiug ai H:iiii{>toii Court* 
aickeued £l liitle befun.- tli<* \jaf\^ Eluubf-th tlteJ. tier deocue 
WM on Friday, Gtb AuaiuAt, 16^68; 9hc hiLvirij^ Uin lon^f iindcv 
great «xtrvmity of txxltly |kud, wUoJi, witlj Iruijutflit And vio- 
lent ooiivu1gimi-lHA, bnntt^^ht hvr to lii?r L'lid^ IfutHAlohis Hlgli- 
iifF4», Lt waA obeerveil that bU seiute of Iter ijatwEird inisety. in 
tbo pains nhc onduttd, took deep ^inpTf*«Aion upoi^ him; ^o 
Indeed ira4 ever a noit indnlfferLt .'tnd tender Father; — hte 
affi^CiT-louA*' too 'M>e!ng regula.l<v] and htmndt^i liy Mich O^tw- 
\\^ii wiadoiu and prudcoce, a« did tTiiinieiitly nhiau iu fiUixig up 
not only tbftt rolatioit of tx Fath&r, but olao all other relatione \ 
vbcrein ho was a moiLt rare and slagiilar example. And so 
duuht liuL th« Hym[itit]iy nf hU Hpin:. with hm Horply afHictt^ 
and dyicijj: Da-ughteT *' did br«<ik bim down at this tioic ; ** con- 
Bidering also,'' — icatimer&ble other eonmd^mtionn of Buffer- 
inga Jind toil% "wbioh mrtde no oft^n wonder Lo wae able to 
liold up HO long ; i'K(i^pt " Imlri^l '■ (h.-il he waft [jonie up by 
a Si>|3etDatural l'owt>r at n more tbrin crdinaTy rate. Ae a 
iMfCy to tlko traly Cbrifttian VVcrhl, and to ua of thcac Nations, 
had we bRvm worthy of htm I " -^ 

> Tllvloe, «U. 39a f^Tth Jult, IQMJ, 

* A OjUoctian *d m^^rA Pvnfm coDmrnttig hJi faiA BLghCOH OMnr 
Ctomwall la th* TEvb ^r tiU fiirltDnu h *\9t^n U rrlu«d muv of hi* E«- 
pr«A*toni Qpcn Mi t>«Kh-»Al,li>Kvrhtr wiUi hi* Pwtw wIDJri (^<* r<f ih™» 
Difv Wore hit Dcilb. Wriuou br uov lb>t «>aB thm Grwm of 111* Hnl- 
fhvftW. (King** rampblc^ nti^ 4ta, na run, iirt iv ' Lomjon, «ih Jeu^ 



Till) umi) auUmrity, labo Dnh>]i|kiLy H not clironologica], 
adiJfl el»evher« UtU liuU |MCt^.iro, trhidi wq miutt Uikc irith 
tu£ *' At HnmptiHi Court, a ft^n djtvH aflL*r Uio ilt-utli c>f tbo 
(Ady Kli-fiibutli, vLiiUi Uniclnjd hiM iit^rly^ — bviii|;Ui«u Itixu- 
■df amlcr LmiiJy <linh--iu|Ntn, fitfirninnfm of th»t SirVnpsA 
wbicli «'Aa W ^Mtlii aDiL iik liis bcd-cbaciber, — hr caIIcI for 
tii^ Liibki, aj)d d«8ir«d ui liOkOMbk nxvd f^xLly ^icruin iLera, 
vttb oUwrH, pr^wiu, To lead iinio bin thst fOJMHfo io miip- 
fiwjw Fnurlli; ' ,V** lA*U t tjtt^k i'» rftV'*:* p/iunt«f ; far t kttWB 

oitaf j^y tii/ fUrnff*, f tim imanui^d ; AofA to he pdt 4uuf |« ^ 
AarAjTiy. W^ iv a&Nfjvi/ uW ftf tfffer nroL I am ii» ait Ikinjfg, 
tki^wjh CkriM u-Xkh Afrcnji^Anior/ jva'* Wliiob rcad,H — Mud 
be, to uw Itis owti wordd M oimu ma 1 oiu tvnwtnber chom; 
*T1iis Acn|ftiirv did oiice «av« my Ufe; wh^u luy eldvAt Son 
[poco- Hobcrt *j died f wbwh iT«i)t u a di^'ger to my hurt, mdoed 
it did.* And Uj«n rcjH-atiiit: the vrorda of the txjxt himaelf, 
and reudii^g tlw tenlL ami elevontli viot«M. of Pturi ccntvnttt- 
lioa, jLiid tubcuuaiuu lu ilm wiU m{ Gud in aU tMMiiUliunit. ^ 
8ftidli«: 'It*o true, P^. y^>*i, liavo |«Aiued tUis, uud ^ituiued 
to Ibt* BMiuuM of gnico; but wLat 4htill /do? AL poor 
nnatim^ k b aIiuyI ]<»tc<m for ulu U> Uiki- mit ! J flml it m!' 
Bat nodlikg lui to thu LliirUwatli T«nio, wbere £^llul «aith, 
'/(MA <£« •// Mui^< (hrofi^k ^hriat fin* rfirn^/A^rt^r^i m*,' — 
thco f^lb began to vt>]-k, ;iitd bi« b«etrt tt> fud Kiipiiort and 
^onLfon, ftud br? niuil Uiuh to bimuir, ' l[« thnt vaa Ffttilli 
Climt u my QmU too!' And ho drt!w H-ttLcn out of tlie 

veil of iSatlTAtiOlL" 

In 1^ iMnn dark duys, oc^tirivil G*orgo Fcoc'd third Jv&d lost 
tnbmrifiw widi OU^rr Tlieir llistt mtvtvirw we Imrv aten. 
Tbn ivoiitd. wbiid* lad fUleu out acme tiro yeaiB ftgo, ilid ool 
]iro8)irT qnito oo wtU, GcorRt, riding mlo Town *' on? <ii'cti- 
fcug," «Uh Mine " Kdwiud Fj-ot " or otli*r broad-br hamuli m^m, 
«t|>ied tlM Proieotor "At Hyda l^l^k Corii«r oniDiitf lii» Guard Sr" 

> PhttpiiiuiiT. II. u, M 

a A Uuk in div l^nrphlM \m^\ iiiJC*'irJlli«f " m fahhwto **|i|ii>wl fiM 




Uid m&do up in Lje^ c^kxtingr^wiJittow, in yinta of oppos^tuon; 
tkoA wu ftlto^'cthcr ouvchitly ivcloomod thero. But on th^ 

he BRt down lonvwly "oii a tuhW* and "hp>tkn 1ij{liL ibiii^ to 
moB** in fact> ntlicr <iuix£C(l mc ; dmling luj' e&ormT>iis itu^ttd 
Bclf-confiic-iice none ct iLo leoMt Qt nay attainmi>nu 1 ' 8uoli 
haid boon onr swcnd int«Tvinvr; hwti now u thf Uiird tind 
LuL — OoorgB dsiftc notliing^ rtnr] hid fAcbo everywhere 1» 
round him like the Wutbrr'punD^» pf hi» old ahop: bat if« 
jndge it mfty linv^ bt-vu about the time when the Uuiainifl 
Vld Duod do Creqiit voiv pnrndhig Iti xhpxr gilt roxchcK^ Tli:it 
Q«Kir},'e ajid two Friends " k*^"'? ^^^ "^ T«wn,'' on a Miinmcr 
day, "two of Hft^kcr'* men" had met tUetn, — Ukeu tLetn, 
brougitt Uicm to tlw Mewa, " Pnsonert there & irhilp : " — hni 
ihtT r^rfl*A ^wer w&a uver Hacker's ujea ; they bftd to let nx 
ga Wboivupou i — 

"Th? ^nm^' day, Ukititc bnut 1 wont Aovrn \»p\ to Kutf^ 
toai, and from th4^nt?(? to ffamplou Courts lo A]>ealc wilh the 
PndveUir about tlie SidTertn^'s tif FHvnclK, 1 luet him rtdinif 
into Hunpton Court Park ; Aud before 1 caavi to him, m 1i« 
rodo at th« hoftd of hi« Life-^ard, 1 «aw And felt n vttft 
[irAiy] of drath go ff>Hh agamrt him." — Or in furor of him, 
Ge4Jigr ? His lifi*^ if tliou knrw it, haa not Wn a in«rry thing 
for this man. now or h«n?tofore I I £&ncy h^ hiui ticim lookiiis:, 
thtfl lon^ iffliilo, to ^ive it uy^ whenever the Comumud«T>in' 
Chipf rpiqiiirpih Trt c]uit hiB Ubortona aentry-poat; hoDOT»bly 
by aphinann^iuid b^gonir tohia rest? — all Klernity to rest 
in, tieoTKCl Wn bhy cwn hfe merry, for example, in the 
hollow of i)ie troi>i d:id ^-trmunvntly in loather? And dof^t 
hingly pnrple, and goreTnicg rofraotory worlds Inatetd of 
fUtohing ooaree ahoea, ui^e it luerrLt^i ? Thu waft ol death 
le Bot against him, I thinh, — pcrhapt aictun^t t\v?t\ and me, 
an<1 others, O Oeoige, when th*: X^U-Chvynn Defends and Two 
Gonturiea of alUvlctorlourt Cant liave imine in npin um ! Mj 
uufbrtunatD G«ot^ — "a M&ft of death ^ forth againfit hLin ; 
and when 1 wimo to him, ho look^fl like a doad man. After 
I had laid the Snfferinga of FVicndx before biu, and had 



wanwd hiai wcovdbg m I Wiur inorod to «pei;k ui h\n, be 
b*ik ne oume to bid bo«ft«. So I retiuncd to KiQ^ftoi; ; paX 
Ui« D03tc day, vfat up lo Hftjajjtoci Court to ip«ak fftrUivr 
witb biuL But viviii I KkOiVt H&rvpy, wlio vxs one (hoi 
wftittfil on bitHy told mo iht l>c>ator> wi^rc not wilting tbftt 1 
ftkoolil «p«*k with biui. f^o f fiaeMd hw^jr, tuid dctc/ mlw 

FtUlnj, Oiir 3<Hb of Aogiu^ 16.18, tbJJi was pruh&l>l}- the i!u/ 
on wbkib ltL<OTS« Fox Mtw OUvii riiimfi iitto H&mptoii V&ik 
rUh liU Uuimb, tot ibt! ]:ut tiuir. X'hat Ytiiiuj, tu v«i 6b^, 
lii» Mkgh&eM fiMvied nuoh better: but on thtt morrow a Mid 
c^Vi^t hmA tttiteii phce; fcvrriab !»yiii(itoiiu> for whkh the 
Docton fiKorowiy frrc«tribcd L^uiot. Sittur^biy to Tiieftdnj 
Um rnaptcm* oontUiuad twr vLoricning: a kicd of L^ijui 
ague, " Ijwtart) tetU&n " ut cJie old Tkoctiira name it ; lor vbicb 
it VM ordend tbol bU IfiisbiicsM i4iouH r«turu iv Wlutvballt 
ia to ft more fn\xr«bUi iklr in Ib&t complaiui. On TuomIajt 
ftMoHiagly he qaiUcil Elumpton Cccrti — na\-«> to ite« it 

''Bia tinowftfl come/' Attya H&rrey; ''adJ niritbcr prayen 
oor tear^ cookl pKv^t) vfixh GocI Ur ItD^-thc^ii ouL tua lifi^ und 
QOOtJiHiP htm k)0^ to tiK, Fr^yer* nbuntlantly find tiMee* 
noUj pout«d out an liix IwltaU'T bcitb |ii]b1irly And |iTivat<ily, 
■■ wmii olsenrcid, in a xdcu* tb^CL oTtliuAty wfty- B«*idc0 ma&y 
a>MTvt Ak^b, — doctct and unheard by uieo, yec Uk« tho cry 
of Mo^es. now loud, and strc'iiirly lading boM oti Gn>}, thao 
ouuiy tpoheti fiiipplicatiinia. AU wbich — thp }»-art« of Ooi]*« 
L'tOfife hnimg tbu mightily vtimH up — did jl^i^iu to bci^ 
noQ&l^Mo in •ouiQ, ami hopac ia uli; yea boug ttougliti m 
hlm>«lf, that Ood woubl natoK hitn/' 

"Pfayirn pitbUc and private:" iLey ara worth imaciibiatf 
lo tHitBeIr<^. Mcotiaca of Preachers, Lhaplaiikfli nn^ tiodty 
Dttaonj ; "Ow4iti, Goodwin, Sir^rry, «)th a Dota[)U;i)y ot others, 
ia an ailjinning rixtiu ; " tu \Miltc<ba1K ami rlaewLt^re ov«r 
rttil^M*' IjiDiloa und En^UftcLt fcTT«nl outfjouiiiik-a of nia&y 
a Loyal b'f&rt. F<« tboK* w«r« Iicarta to whom tlur »ableaaM 
Ol tbtj man wva knoiffzi^ atid his wortlt to the Punun Ouao 




wu 9ridoDt- I'myvM, — str«a^ onoogb to us; ia a diolMt 
rilt«D ubnlfltti^ rur^LLan now. Authenlia wrBsUiitsnof aiid^nt 
Ilumau SouISr — vho wei« ahve tLen, witU tlieir ftCF«ctioDat 
av«-»track j>ioticos with ihfir Human Wiohoo, n»cu to bo 
rttmseHut^Nrj buptug to prcxail witli tbo luustoiubl^. All awAt- 
ton-nl now in Ui^ iti;;>Lti9 ot ilAtk Tiiiti? ; which in full uf >iucbp 
«xuo« Uie tci^Uiiim^! — Truly it u ft grrat scctie of Woild- 
Histoiy, this ill oU WhiUibaJl : Dlivor C'roinTTll ilmu'iiLi; uigb 
lo b» pntL Tbn mit of Oliret Cromwj^U anil of EngUnli Fiiri- 
Uniua ; a gnral Li^t^ oo^ of our few autbentic Solai Lui&i- 
Oftiioft, soiitg dowu now atuid tbo clouds of Douth. Liko tbt 
Mtting of % ^nt vicuiriouji E^ummor Snn; iU coiir»< ntiv 
flnifthr^L "^jifcrAtf rin //*!&//' Hnyn fliiiillnr, ''Hu iIU'3 a Hnm* 
Sigiit woitlijr to be woraJiip]ffitl 1 '' — Ue dki Uiis Hero Oliver, 
io Bttignatiou to UoU; fta the Brave kAv« all doni*. ''W« 
oomld not b« mora desirous b^ sbouM Abides" fiHVH the pioait 
Harvey, " than bn whm coiit4»nt aTid willinj; tnO hp gonr.." Thn 
•tiujEglo Uftcd, auiid hopo duid ft^r, for ten dftjA. —Somo 
enftU miM«llan«oua ttaLu^ ukd ooatuaud glo&aiuga ol lost* 
wovds; ftnd tbou our poor Hutory ea^ 

OliTcr, wo fihd, epoko mucb of '*lbc CoT«iaatui" vkieh 
l&dcod arc the ffnuad luifl of uIIt in thnt I'uritfui VDivono of 
hU, Two Cov^taiits; ono of Works with fourfut Jud^ont 
for our «bortoi>aiiiJ};s tliereini one of UrLU» tmd tiuA|>tinJiiiIile 
xucrtj ; — gradoutt Eu£UtfOEU«iitft. " Co^cnauta/' wbicb tbc Et^r- 
luO Uod bM voucbMfed to nuiki^ witb Hit fcoblo or«>turo Moo. 
Two ; niid by Cbriftt'a IMaib tlifty hav« b«oomo Ihie : iJwro foe 
OltTor U Uie diviiL« solution <A thl» onr MysU^ry of Lifo.* 
*<Tlwj wen Two,'' lio wu board ojaculatinj^t "Two, but pnl 
IntoO&e before the Fditudftttou of th« Worlds' Andftgtn; 
*' ll U boly and Irutv it ia huly :iud ttiic, it iii holy njtd tnn 1 
— Who mad^ U bolyft^d true? Tbo MeduOorof the Coms 
nttitl^ And ikir^: ^<'ni« CoT^Buit ia but One- Taitb in 
tiM Omotot u my only tiifiport. An<l If 1 hfliov^ not. He 
abtilfiA faithful ! " Wb^u hia Cbilclreii Atiil Wiffi mood wctptng 

1 Hifh hirifiHIain— injirwiinatn itiii D9Kt,oo ihU nbj«ct, u Qwia^ 




round biiSi be >aid : ^ Love not tJiia world. £ daj unto yoti* 
it Ui tiot gwNi that you nhonld lovu tlm world I " No. '^ Chi]' 
tUvD, lite tikis CTiiULlueia : — 1 krti-e you the Coveitftat lo furd 
u|)ou!" Vea, my U-ar* ouci even eol TW CoYimftnt^ and 
eternal Soul of CovcB[uit3> »mauiD euro to all the fo^thfid; 
d4«p«r tlan thu FoaindLitious of tbU World ; oftrlicT bhoii iLcy, 
And Jiiutv t^sLitig than ih*.-j't — 

Look jdjo At tUo foUovrmifi dark Lues aiid bri^fht ; tiAinorlal 
Jight-bcwns atruggUog amid the block vapors of Di!ath. Look i 
md oonceire a grmt Bur^d soero, the sacredt«ttt thU world 
Mit«;-»AniI Uiink iif it, tin not iix^stk of it, jn the«e taistm 
dajB which havo no Rftcrcd word, *' la thrrc noije thtii au^vh, 
AVho will (Idivcr mc from the [leril "/ * mo;mod ho once, 
Huiy hearts nr^ i^rayi^g. O w^Ariect one t ''Man iitxn do 
nothbijf/' rejoins he; "frod can do what He will."— Anotliet 
timot isoin thinking of the Covenant, " Ia there dodo that will 
cofUft and pmi»o God/' whotw mereice endurn fotercr ! — 

Here also iLte ejaculations caught up at tuUirvaU, undated, 
10 tbo«e final days : " Lonl, Thou knowefit. If I do deHitv Ut 
live, It is fcD tbow fortli Thy praisio uid declare Thy works ! '* 
— Otftce be wjue heard nuymg^ ^' It ii a foniful thing to fall into 
the haads of tbe Living Gtxl!**^ "Tliis waut sjiukFU t^irtMi 
lines/* says ILitvey; "hXi repetitioiia usuAlly Lviii^- very 
weighty, and with ^ETcat vchenicnoy of spirit/* Thrice over 
he laid t^ia ', looking ;nto tho Eternal Kingdoms : *• A frfuinl 
thing bo fall inta Hiir h^iiirls uf Ihe Liviiif; Oocl ! " — Hut ii^^in : 
''All the promiaeo of Gvd arc iaJ/im; yes, and in Hun Amen; 
to the glory of God by ua, — by u* in Jeeus CLiiBt," — "Tho 
Lord bath filled roe wtUi as tauo<h lu^itnranoo of His pu^doc^ and 
His lore, aa my soul eaii hold." — '* I think 1 am thn pooiY«t 
wrelcli that lives ; but 1 love God ; or rather, am beloved of 
Ood." — "I am a contineror, ftnf3 morn than n conqueror, 
thiOQgh Christ tliat i^tnmKth(innth meT*' 

So pMH, in thtf KLi'k-TOoni, in thtf »i(>k>bed, these Wt heavy 
uaoertain day». "Tht? Oodly P«r«ons had ^eat aAsuraucea of 
arstam to their Prayen:'' triuBoeDdeat Human Wishes ^d 



la tbeix own edio ft IdKiil of ftLswer ! Tlic<>' ^rts te njulukeM 
ntoo tomo usuruM» ihWi hu lite irivaid U? Ic^igUtviuod. Jlopv 
larui sitrfiEig in imini' to thv vory tml- 

On MtMiibi» Ati)fusl 30ih, Uwm rutmd au<l bovM ^l d^ 
A Aii^ty atorm of vind, Ludlow, oocaiBe up to towii bom 
Eimj:, oould not aUrt in tlio nofDin^ tot wind ; tried It id Una 
aftomooQ; HtiU ociDkl noL gt-t ^tmg, m hu ooocH, tftr h^tuA^ 
wiimI; ItAd to atop at Eiipiug.' On tha mottw^ Flcutwood 
cuiM to him hk the PfcU'otor'A n&mu, ui ^uk. Whftt h« wanted 
1l«M7-*Kothi]lg of pnblic ooo^wi'Dinrnt, only to ««e mjr 
lklDtJipr4ti^1iiu- 1 AUK^rntni] tlir solul sijul For tm^trd Iwt dil 
not kiM>v thftt ^>livcr wbe dyms > ^^t ^ Glorious honr of 
Ihftvothr^DiMit, and tnjoorUil '■Libet^" to plimgo or«r prc^ 
dpU«« wttli oop'ft s^r gmd on^'« 0tii«9 was co nigb! — It 
dune; nnd lie took thr pn^ripicnt lUcr n sEtrtmif-boDod reaolato 
bliiid ffis-borw rojotcitii? in t±io breulugi- of ite Wtcr, in & 
T^rj gallant ocm^ituUoiuil rnvm^r. Adii^n, mj lolid fritnd; 
if 1 go bi Wvay, 1 wilt mut thy MiiDumetii Lb«rei pefbaps 
witboat emotion, After nil ! — 

it wiA DQ tbfl Bfconny UoodAy, while rock^Dft wiiuU, 
in th>e Bkk-roon and evArywhoru, w«n pipuxfr aload, tbftt 
Tliurlotf and an QffieLil jut^iiti niMnd to inqnirv, Wbo, in 
diae of tlio wont, wv to be bij Ilif-liuess's Bucouoor? Tbo 
SneooMor la &&m&d in & Mnlcd Papor already tbava op, above 
R fdtt a^ at Hampton CouH ; now \yivii^ in ftocb and rack n 
pbua. Tin p«EiL*r watt teui fitf, vciirdml for; rt <*xvuld new 
be fotuiii Ricbard'a in tbo tiaine aciiWmtwNi to ha\x boon 
wiitbm in that fapor: not a good UAue ; but in fact one doea 
not know. Id t4^ yeavf* time, bad tvo yoaia novo been 
gnuatod, Ku^lLord nii^ht Iu-ita Iwnjiiiff ji fltti^r man; ntigbtbavw 
baeii cawvLcdt if pal|Miljly miiit. Or i>crJiApi it wast Plmt' 
wood'i anno, — nnd Ui« P^iKir, by mrtain partico^ wi stolen? 
NiHii- kiMi^s- Oil lb- Thiirwlay aigbt folt^yvlng. '*uud not 
till ibon,^ hia Higlmou U ujidtnctouil la have foiiunlly nainfd 
** Kiobofd s " — or p«rbftp» it naight only be ecme Loavy'iihdan 
"Vet, yml** ipokeo.ont of tbe tikick deotfe^tambon, in n»< 
ewer to Tburloe'a ^uMiton " Richani ? " TU thing la a little 





unccTtAici,^ It mis. once mf>i«. a mtttter of muck monient ; ^ 
Hiviai; color probably to alT tlio dLibseqv«iit Ccnturice of ^^ 
lund, thU tuiftwrr ! — 

Ou or iieiiT UiR niglJt «f tJi* witnt* fit^miy Miinday, " ftwo or 
three dny» before lio di<4," vc im to place that I'raycr hia 
Hij1iii«4ft wnji hi»anl utt^E'iii^-; wlilcli, Hi tak^i dowii by hie 
■ttvtiHuits, vxUtA ill m:iny (>U1 Nni.e-l)ooh8, In th« nunnlt of 
the wiDdi», the djiiig Olivrr w Iioartl utt^rin); tbU 


*Lonlf thoii]i:h I am a EiiiecraMc and vrrttched cxeaturo. I 
UD ia COT«ii%ut with Thou throiLjch fcraice. And l may, 1 
win, «OQke l4> Thee, i'or Thy 1>iT{i]r_ Thau hiL<it muiU me, 
ttKM^ii ^rjr uuwortliy, s me^ii iiMUuai«ut bo tlo tli«iu souie 
good, luid rh«« sorrioe ^ aud many of tlj«m b&vo ect too hi^ 
AVftliM upon mo, though otli9r« vri«h atid AVcnUl bf ^lad of 
Bj dvaLh; LdfiI^ li^nvnvi-r Thou rin i^lisjuwr* uf mn, t^iinf.innR 
osd go on to do good for them. Give them conaistexicy of 
Judgment, one heart, and niutiml Jo*r«; and go oti ti> duLivcr 
llwOr lad with the work of refortontlon; &nd mnk<> thn Xnm« 
of Citriftt glojiuiLK in tht^ worlil. Tntich thoHC vrho look tixi 
jadcti on Thy itiatrumecta, to d^pe^d niore tipon Thyuelf. 
Pardon iDisli aa desire to trampU npoii the du«t of a [loor 
vanti, frr thny an* Thy Ppfipls too. And pjipilim t.h« fully 
of thb *!ioH rrayci; — KvciJ fot Ji^ivi Chrinf:! aike. And 
give ofl A good oi^tt. if it be Thy pUufuro. Amen," 

"Smnm viuuition Uict« Ib/' sftys Hanvy, "of thin Ptsjrcr, 
V to tho acoooiit dirrr^ ^^ivi^ of it; and unmething ia here 
oniUcd. Itut BO much U ci^rUiiii. th;it theso ^^i^re hu ro- 
qaeetfi. IVhperelii hk bean u'aa so e^rn^d out for Gad xnd 
ili» Pi^pVr^yf^ iri>Ieoi1 Miiur who h^d fulili^il no little sor* 
row toLim," the AiiitbaptLnt fS'^publiciuio, 0.D1I ntlicrs, ^*''thut 
ai thi» time bo McutH to forget hivowv iTuinily and neftreal 
rolatioiu." Wliij^i luiWd h to hf ivniarkejl. 

1 Aiit3ianliHiaCn<1win.i«-ttT3;t?3^ Bu(*uaI*o niirfh^TU.STft: PonooQ' 

kvtl* »RtUu4 LiUW LtlDT*. 



TUomlAj oiEUt tbu WrlU^r uf our l>Ii1 P&uaiilil«t «» liim- 
mH in aU4.'tuijuioi< o& ha Jli^mdM; and lta« pvMc*rwd a 
trait ot tvo; vich u-hit^h Wt uj: bsut^n to oonoJodi*. Td- 
nu>rrcw \« i^^mhv^t Third, alirajrit krpL as » Tliuika^-iv- 
ioff iliiy, »inoc tho Vi«tock9 of Dunboi ttmii Worct^Mr, Ika 
vvoritid Oho '^ tkii vur> ukglil bvfore the lord took him &■ 
Ua ^v^lMtiDg T^i%*' v» board thw, wKh oppn?«*L-d toi^t, 
■jMnkiiig : ** 

*'*TnJy Goi! i* ROo^U in«!i>rci He i-i , Hf^llDOt— ' 'J'hon 
tiii »p«4^li foilod hiUL, buL Xi 1 iip|irvli«itd»l, it Wks, -Ho wit] 
not leave me-' ThU saying, -Gwl ts gnoil,' 3u? fri'ijUp^tUy 
tutt^l all ijvug; bod woiilJ sj^cak it wiih tcuclt dtccrfnlnean, 
&i)d ft'rvor uf ayiirit, in UiCr muint nf hw pouu. Agoui lid 
Mid: 'I irould be wUUof; to lire to li^ lutln'r servlc^aUo 
to God iuiil HlH Peojjte : but my work is dontx Y«t God 
wiU bfl witb Hie P«>pK-/ 

"He WAS r«ry lestloM noet port of Ike ft^t, epeakuiit 
often to hiutfclf- AekI tkorc being mmetbiDg to drink offered 
biin, lie VMJk denirR] Tv Uk^ Uif Muaer. :iiid tfiuti^Tur to Bleep. 
-" Unio whicli be a&avvred: ^It \s uoi my dt«iKu to driiik 
or aleep; Iwt aj dcniira u^ to tanko what hjule 1 eon to bo 
g»vip/ — 

'* Aftomnla, iovarda uiotninsT lie luwil ilii'T<r» lm\y vx^fe^ 
Mooe, iiaplyia^ mucL iniriinl con^olatiorL find peaeo; anaoBf 
tbo rett he Bpake tooko viu^Qd'tini fH'U-^L^im^ng wordSr tttmi- 
JkiLainf/ Knd JTMlging hiiiLirlf. Atn\ truly it wui nhowiRl^ 
tkst a publio ti|iiiiL to Gvd^fr Ozuute did bnAtbe in hnUf^ei 
in liiB Lfrtiuir, BO dov to hift vtrry La^t." 

Wli^n ctio uicrrcv's etin rou', Oliver was flpec>eb]eet; b^ 
tviv-n clinw itnd Totir hi (lin Aftemono, he Ky deed. Fridsy, 
3d S«pCcuib«r, IGC^ 'Tlw tou«teniiUioft end Mtoiiiskt&«iit 
ot Mil ]>eo]>le/' irntea Keiiounbers," "ere iaeiprvHiUi^ ; tfaeir 
hnort* itDViii ou if »imk within them. My i^oof Wife, ^ I 
know iwjt what on rurth to do with h^r Wbeti s/'euiifegly 
luieled, sh« bnreta out i^n into a poMion tlut ttvnt Her 
Tftfy hrnrt la pieoe*.'*— Htisht. poor weeing UiiijI Uetv 
in a Life-hAttle riglit nobly dloii«. 8»r«t ihoy Dot, 


"Hiv •tumi in f lioiJifi^J Luio • ^Mhti, 

So i|iE4- i1m watv vtuch Mg*d bofOM 
Kuw nnifi nm aod idll 1 

" Thrn *n uS'y jctit^l , ^ h«ir&oaf> ki Nvt 
Attrl ijuiff* lic/w th^ bn - 
SfrliJilw hjtvfu Etc ibrni hrinjcn 
VhfcU tlipy dOAl E«<I Ut >m" 

"HLiwsd ftrt tUd d*ft4 that die iii tLfi Lord ; " bl<»a(i«d aro 
tlw Talisnt that h&VR livrjl in tht^ Lord. "Aiueu, xjiLlh ihy 
Sfilriti"— Ajaeo. " They do rest froui their Ubov»» and their 
vorks follow th«in," 

^ Thrir works follow ihanj/* An, I think, thu Oliver Ctcrm- 
»»lVa WDrlts h*¥tt iloiiis imd art' still iloin^l W» have hsA 
CAT " Berolatioik&of ]^L^hl/<ojgbt,'* officizilly oklled " gloriouis ; " 
and other B^volutiona nc*t y<^t called glorious ^ njid aoini^wLit 
has bMD gaio^ for poor M^ii^kiiid, Men^s ear« {Lr« nob now 
idit off bpf nuK Ofilrlaltty ; OtHH^LHty wl11, for long heiic^ 
Coribr be more ooutioua about mcru^n rnrA. Tltr tynujiiou^ Atnr- 
ohiinbcrs, bruuduig^iroiis, ehimerit^ Kin^ imd Surpht^ca at 
AII-bAlTovttdftj th^iy jir* gon«, or wk.h immetise velocitj' ^oirig. 
OliTer* vorkn clo follow him ! — TUi^ worltn (if ii ni;in^ Imry 
thom imdcr frhit s^iiuiomour tail 1:1 and ubnc^cne owUlroppings 
yoQiAriUfdonotpvnab. caniiat ju-iLhL. Whatof Heroism, what 
irf Eternal Llgtil was in a Man aTirt hi* Life, U with vprj 
great MaclnoM itddc*^ tn thi^ Htrntitii^; remains fort^rvr a 
now diTiDo portion of the i>nni of Things; aud no owTa 
roiee, thinwftj-or that, in the luast avails in th* tnatt«i, — 
^Qt we have to end here. 

OUrer ia gone; and with Link Eii^Und'^t Pnrituunn, lahori* 
OMijr hailt tofpetbor by this miukT and mwh n thing far-shiniugr 
BnttKBlotu to iU cvm CvQiury. ani ittemor.ibin to all tlio 
Cmturieft. %oon ^es. PuritAnii^Di, wiUioiit iU King, ia kin^' 
W, anarchic; folU into dislocation, adf-coltUion ; ato^crs, 
planim into Rvor deeper anarchy^ K-ing. I>eroiidpr of tint 
PuntOfi FRjlh tTiew oan now n^no he fi-'iind j — and imlhitig 
11 left but to recoil the old disowned Defender with Ibo rem- 


I'Airrx. SECOND i-arliameint. v^t. 

n^nts of till Four SiupUoes, aud Twu Cfintutica of H^yxri^U 
(or I'byKurtiug nof uo fall>*d), nad put up with nil thAt> tbo 
U;*t we iiiay. The (.ienius cf Ei^Jand nn langrr »oani Stiiw 

ta^ h«rr luifiht; ycuth,'* m iJolin Milton dftw htx do ; th« G«iiitiA 
of EttK^^ii^'r i^uch Uhcf & j^rocclj Untrioh mt^Dt oo pvuvtnder 
aud D wholtf skiu muoly, stands with it* <ffk*r c:Ktmnitj Stu»- 
waitl; vrlUi Ha Ostrirli \\v^ fltuek intu Ut^ reutl«ffl buslj, of 
old Clkur^Ji-t^ppets, IvinK-vloaka, or wLftt olher "tbcltcrinit 
Follikoy" iIkto niftj' bo, and a> lwulU tbo i«mc Tbu tit>ii« 
luu bot& aiow; but it U iiov leoa to hi^Te be«D tuevttftble. 
No Oblriflit intent mi ^v^^h Leneui? [irtivfitiilfrrr liud ftUckUig 
its boad itit'V FalLKic'-A. bot will be Avrakvncd one d^^. — in 
A tornbl« ^f«#|lcrMv« niftn&Br, if not ctborwisp* ! — Jt«r«kc be- 
fore it cocna to tliat; gods and rn^^n hid iu Awnhe! X\m 
Voioea of otu EfttberSt v^t^ Uioua&ud-Cold t»leni iDOcdtion to 
OQO luid all, bid us !XW&ko> 


Na L 
Lrttkr to T>i^W«a*LL. 
(T4L irril. p. fi«.) 
TiEK VdW Ltftuv of th* Aihinn^r T^rntnim h»» hcwd fiiniiEl prlntod, 

X^rtw it levturiou 1-1 ll«<WTiti(Ul tn ii^uiJ '■ IJ4.4>i1iiiEL(r uiiU- mj Chili" 
IfAa-ehJU mm Icd ilajn irld,' vhr^ ji^ tFA iiyij 9et\ Li diibimrd " mi 
Thnrhiii^ OMt* \ry tto djiiii« of [l1('1lAll:^ — ^d had itrango tipi unJ 
duTu lui a Man vtbcu U c^nv lu llist! 

" 79 tiy d f i p r W fJ pood fWitd Ifr. tl<*"y IhttmhnS, at Ai« <TAiTM&crt 
«n St Jshm't Voltei^. Cambrvi^ ^ Thfi^. 

" Ht-vnuDihiit, mil OctoUr. lESI. 

" Ij^TTVa Sn,^MK]G« 1119 tn imrih ymr arn-HTiI »a Id Iv * GnflFiirhn 
iMiei arj Child. I vouM uijwlf Uoiw oimin u^rr !■> hi^^v mnAt n rnrpinl 
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MV tiTcn lliHTL U> tfi-tv iny tlmr\k(ti\ut^Mi Tor lti» lirVA I hav* Almd; 
Uiit I knuW jonf f«lit<u(i) ikh) roar f widacM coaaai be ei- 

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ti ZhiMiMI ; vrhMi^mondii his Hs,tiii, >>nrfi us If. Ia^ tt> hnmnri r^mrai- 


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bnmro aa l\fi ftbtiro •mull Not/ htim OliTrT, ^ « hfllphl h«i4 W, 

nmoant nlini>«l to an (luttitu? nf a liislory of UwmWlJ* vcfr tiii?h ncrdod* 
Ho u'M »f N'rirtliAmiibJiutiirr. ixiTiii' uf ^bndr-folkB in iImI Couuly. 
AdinitU^! K<iU->Wfif St, J»Ut]'« (Vlh^^, Dmi !>ri^liz<f , It^b A|iTnL UUA: — 
1iJi4 hnnviN OlNxii luiij A|ipinnillj lA^m iMpfuI ctuil iutl/urlivo bi tiiio, 
iwa jun uftfT lb«U MofV blClii«naK MiJi, be lhi» taino DoriruhftlJ wm 
Vicai uf Sl. !vo» wIwo OU*tr caiat liiiUnr ju Jfi35 j ttili Vii-ir wlictt 
OUftT 1^ ii, though with Oir I'Jhor tcmlftiniii*! Chan Oti^^K* n»;« f 
iLuJ )i*J, oliWi t*» Iw ** oiPclcJ vi\\h hi* CuMl-.N in li'A2," m wi Aaii- 
Pnntitu Mn]^Ki>M^^ ii^'Ohvcir'^ «uufhi ituit ili hnirlijg flUofftfthi^f putod 

Vrjiini* '* ArvhilviwiTi of |trintiDgi]i>n '""m IWl* ; ftfty-"npyM™;iip<lift timl 

M Afc'hcIojiniEi, — wiih ki Vftrjr iirniiff4> u^ t»f AtmaU vHllnQ In hli rJd 
hc«Ll, pixir DipwiiIiaU I Hii ilicil "»t (.'Ottiuichiua In NiinWiip1on»hircf 
hLi imtitv rrgj»Uf 1u lL« wialor-tiiuc of 1^109^" — and >o, villi 
AahtDoi« Letter, tuAM,* 

Jfto. 1 
At £Lt. 

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Tmww 5» flC Ely n ChAfiinhlo Fouuilacian now nbovo Pmjt M«tari« 
ii]<l; wtiU'h ku OL^rr's tliuc wan luuncd llw E^/ FaUTas' i*Vnff, iiti'l i» 
nuw l(u»fwi» VI /'ATiiOWfH C.'A«r»ty ; th<* i-|.i K<f <»rdfl of whifljj though 
luiiU'whHi iiiUlibLU'd ilunuif Uimw yiuuii, iilT^r irrii^ nr iwj fnlnt |iut 
ittflubitAbliJ TMliv^ ^ UlUdr, not to tM> DCffl^Ud on th« prwont 

TKiJl CAnnf^ of ftoniiftil wudhy Tlimniv i'QrfcirbiT h j^ipcon, ftftijf 
ihonJr li*^!^^ Ollrnr'* afrirnl b Ely» bora ■omnwhat rv?mo4*lkd bj« 
IU>« K^yal Cburlrr: To br hi^nci^Tirtb moro B|wcially ^trvotol lo Ihtf 
Put rif Etf ; bi be |;civvnir4j ^>jr Twlvp Proff^H i luunolj^ hf TfaiM 

t <Vi|«r'« j4*«iri£t 4/ OubAi-Mfj^. Ill, 1ST I and HfL o««fnuntdi*4 by Mr> 
Cbtpvr fWi^inii mi tbi foll^wiiif tunit^Alj^ dbh af JacnmteUjy Anlboriiiai ' 

Ai<i« tfti filji^q^ P««l?< vAiUiuK ■■ Idth ib* 111 ibd Sd), |L Um 




nliu Hfi* jwnujuirul. vj>i lUI Li|i(Lrlr (>vii vu-Ahirifv.'^ nf irliHi riiilT 
th^t (kJiTcr L'n>rnwell Lt<^i:im, ifit*t likclj clecb«i In tiix (JnrV* aWK^, 

fwtivo i» tbij«f j«irA ; *■ ]i;4Ti> linft 'in or TjIJ \mv^ aI ib« ^il i-pT Mot>U X^, 
and Tii IvKTtv M t^u bf^iuuJLJu «<f TkniK 11./' — Iii^vn rut mil fcir tbif 

rhfrriL, Ihfucivri tldi lUiluuW lUat Oiivcr vvaa (iew iff llio tVilbigh, wjil 
• ipo^vnMlj djiigmt «nf<, AlmotL frvtn Ujh lim twidcned then- Uorc, 
nailer dato Buian six ot trvcu uH.iifl^» aftrr fali airinbl, u a luinll Entry 
Is <vftAlii lif)«0 I'Ap'nt, l«boJ]n| " file A<t)OMpU> of Mr. JfjhH lf«iKl 

ISmmw o/ Stt/" (thil is 1^* Pi»rH>n»'» CtiitrjJy iq El^) ^ anil "iiiW ihia 
ifniiiT 1ji?l>1. " The iXt'irr-Frrn^'t c^ JtfV- John Ilitndj fnm th< — of 
J«fwr, IfCVi, mifr> tV — <!/— Ti>l| ^ — 

■ G\f*n *o div*n Poftn? TVopl" « j* Wotk-haaw. \a 
ijtt ^ w i ai fe of thir AirfKltiiuon tif ETy.^ Mt- 
m|v«rL>nnm1i. htr JnSn(Kiorlricli*iirnI nthCT*. 

£ta 14 a' 

Ah'I dbi^ct thi« <*thor h^hi, *' JV Di^tfr^rgonentt <^f_ Mr. Crav/ord," 

•Ueh iin^aftiij »re not ^Wi-d, miil run vH^riHy from i03fl tu if>I! : 

' Il4m tn Jfrnftt, h^ \it- t^it i m^ntll'm rDnvral . >C1 0-" 

Twi*a ai UaiiM alBHwtiviv Ik's tm^vB [if rrnimrptt ii tncmliriLN!, hat, 

pHtvi^ .'-'Hiiw}^ U ll>i- fnUvwiiiit iii^miii'if. whtirii tliorv \rM^ »Ufll 
M lAAil Lffll«« <J kb. *'Mr IUu^Ih" u ub bavc •mn^ u cmt uf ibv 
''CoUroUow* IiIeumU li^vivuK a Fi>i9lif vt QvTvtmrr, tUo Guvoraan (it 
*«aU >ppcw} takli^ (hal nflli^ in ivra. 

I Tb Mr. B'ltfli, Of ^y -- Th4$t.'\ 

"UA- nAXi\— 1 JouU aat W I BbAlI be 4W Kifml an m; wiird for 
yatr M-Mof. I duJre jnd 1i> lUlivpr Forty S^hitlin^of llic Tc^vn Hunoy 

I Jie^«4 ^fAc OfiMiMnun onrwurf^ airiruj (Ij^iuIdh. lft^|: dtatlnet 

Wrtu,*' tPc^fuviM r«r Ui I^rtpWb CvadlM u4 oilivr fRppvrivi^ wlid Uv luittf En 
Iht iWm flii>fv«ni». HiBH wrf* ib« Ant CLnnoBl VwtfH* in Olini'A fiba, 
> KucnHawt i>p?»ii»*nLa ^tblifiiivlj <«awuaku*l bj Uh LJMa«( Kly,— bdv 

ArrasDix- NO^ a 


h> il(b« Ikftfnf, lo p*y rbr Uio plifBk fur Fkuaon'* cam. If il»« Gm- 
tJomi^a vitl )u<t ulTmr it Jkl iIih tiinM 'ir nii^vkiint, k*«|t ihU Xolfk, unil 
1 vrlU piy il i>ul uTiuy uu-u pTjrn^ Sn I r«#i, 

PMr*'B«lUoii" i* An oldiDt^d. An>oi»if Mr. lljiiir]'* DUtmnrKWQtv 
" ?ur (JiJai^kD Mul iuigcrv fur ol^ Btu-tm . £3 T i * 

Lfli him hAvn fun/ ttiUUnifii more, |Mir "Id tnau} auJ if theUttilb- 
looQ wuuH *U-j» it, Olivet Ct<rtDwrdJ will pay it out of hui owu jitUM. 

(UimiDOB: CoKPORATioK itai); WiiuXNncs (16ISV 
(TdI ftvu. ni. lu; - tao, iaa.1 

Tv^rf«ifjCf« oTOIii^ATHl CHinhriclflio, in hi* pvltftiDtncaryftricI )n Mi 
millUij fUfUKrily, llitrv sUil ntv* 

L Tho Ana, wblrh rv^tM tii « univ vary puMk AEblr, b lili Imni^ 
(bin Aud Ujwtj"*) to ihc CambHilgv AnttoriUc**, m Miy, IftJl i Loiliv 
v«iim|Rk]iyiR^tho«vlfibruu^i '* TnklfviiuEnTj html Prr-ninlilc ^'Jnvi vctiI fitfth 

111 4]4l|Jt tbl> UtTlllf, 

"W#, ih* Knighl^ Clliw-tu hqlI BurqrMc* of Oi* Cfimmon* Ron»e. 
in Porfiamenl, flndiiig, to ihr gM of 'i^ir bonriji, ThM tbc dndfins «! 

I JftiHirf r/ M< Pr*tteif>f, by OUvrr 4>ciRi«*1I, k r>H«nn4«n1 Jbr, (l^Dd«i 
U8BK I- l^t > «b«n *1k (p. *M> U fonaJ, to > rrrr lad^Un-'t >i>ir>. ft* khor* 

Iks LMkr tv tUnd "hMiMlmi uawMlite ytvtlfn' I'Apvn 'w ifrwrf 
Md i» OOB |1M» BOM lntn>T «bm. 




tlio PiihU %ttd J«voiUr wid nlhvr Aiibf^niaU lo ibo &w of Bomu, bovo 
hma of kite lavra UiUlj ^nd InqQSuUf put iu jincAim tluu tormcdj, 
t* A» »ntomlftiiy> abJ dftTi|t«T uTnilnT of lh* Tnitt Ktffnnniid BHrpoe 
1> hl« Ui^ciityV DoinlcLlmui ^MflbltftLf^l : And fiiuhntf bIh> llud Ui«ra 
hnlh hran. «nJ hfiTii^ ahivp 1^ larpwt Ibprc vtili afo ovitrt dnr^iitf |li« 
ttltiDg b I'AtliKKiml. oudAVon »o nibrcrt th« FnoiknimiUd I^Avrk ul 
tUgkaa arid IrolJiftd, Md lo lutrntuoo tbii «nfvlv» of mi ArtettwyiBd 
TjrviiiiiuAl iiuTViBittvai, by mwt |K«iibiuiLt ;uid irickvd oiunatABi plcHi 
md^am^pbrn^aat And Uuu thv koog li^ttmaiiitcHitMnil iintjii|ij<iwW«ft«h, 

SnbjMtt ti«v(>lKvii jirtJuMUt^d And ^crcd r Aai tliniflivan IopuvbUoim 
w4d«vMn<it«iMioLAV«b0ro brcM^tibloUMCliarcfa; iDuliUadeB dfiTvu 
QMof hti ygjHty'*4oniinbinH; JwlMMifl* rm^itfA Hiid tmn4'HU<\ btHuvTO 

nk« briMifthf IfitoUi^ bowbi nf tliu Kln^nm^fn tho hAExril of iktu MaJ- 
«f^r^ rof«t Pf nvhi, ihf ri>n»an.^plii>Q <<f the roTcmc of ibe Crown, wnl 
lk« iTieo iim of Uik Bofttm : Acul Ifwtlv, fiadin^ fi"wt muRM of Jmku^ 
that rbilc4Tiiiri* httTB beoa and arr; nud lo Mtig Uio Ba^^luh Artny bdi> 
iMlMilMidiig <if ll^ I'nrLiuMiil, thprtNy lo inj^lin^ thai Ann; tiy 

our onilcid ajjacukua aelJ tc*uUtl<iitA> auii W tvtikc lUi* «u»uiijjj 


"I, A. B.., da Id tbo PiiMnnea of Almi^tjGod proinkic, xov wl 
pCutcM* T<r mAlDlAin nod doftit^E ob fnf u UhIuUv 1 iDaj. wiLb m; Hft. 
fMTvr kod oUAOi (h« Tnw K^t-nnwl Prv>t4«Ufii Hi*IJj{iori, ciprHKd in 
ikv IhKUiaa vf ibf Churdf ivf KtijEttLud, ihtfiub>t h11 I'oiHirjr .uvi |\>|ruiU 
lukivjtUAot, &vt >A'i>riliji)i; t^ thtt iliity t>f mf alloginiioc lo hi» MAJfimy'D 
fofft] Pcoob, Uvoor nnJ EuaIc: u ftl»u th« J'u^r«« ui4 I'ftVilftfa ot 
PufiKDrfli, ibe J^urful Kighu and Llb«ni«« oT Ui4i Saljn?l« ; ud «v«ry 
Pmnb ILm to^krib iLld I^^)laUtloD in n'bat>')'iv(r hri jhnll ^o in tbo 
hwfbl parnxiuu^' rtftin* uirtio. Aud to iry fNiwr, a^i far m tikirftiHj I 
■ttjf I will iipi^tft^ nnU hj C^J'l wnr^ ihod u^iwiui ^mloAVfT Vj l-ring; W 
BMkd^ pnUbmunl lU iqch jw th.ill, t>> fnf<v. pm^lM* coutlmI. plau, 
ff> t»| faiA» or oibomiBcv di> ou^yD^ to tho oontnoy xu ilus prc«cpl 

f&x«4 IB Iftc oilgmiil^ 




*'Aal AutW 1 thai], id all jii»t ihml Litnirul^l'^ wnja, viict<wv(tr u 
Qipvf^B tin* union jintj |mti^- iHHtwinL llii- Thrt^- Kmuilmiih of Kii|rluiilf 
ffolifebJ UJil li^Ianil ; mid otithrr Tor ImpCf f>^nr nor otlicr nvporfff ibftil 
nlinqtibih tliti PromtiVii V^iw 4n4 PrnrniAllnn."^ 

Thin U <m Moridnr, .Id Ujijr* IMI, whUr iIjp Aptitimtiry* hpt iKrlloir- 
loic iu P&luco-^orJ I Oromwc'U it ut4l4 (>E Oionif lli»l Uikfl thn Prot^viUtlon 
thin Mifni* Mii[i(lA}r, j>rwir'til iu l\w Honm whih lUn rMm^liDg vt tl gon 
90, Li>n(; ILhU of Mi.'iiibirnf Likti it* — nut Juhn Lowr;, wbo ] «oa- 
dn4i< iniiKl LiLTH btmti rttiwiui. On W«ilDi!jnJAy, Alt ^ay, thorn Ja Uub 

*' Onttrniy Th^a Ihfl PmiMUtlon maAt by ilie Mrnubvn t»f ihU Honat, 
with tho PfooiiibloT aHuEI bt> to^thor prinl'il t ^' Clrrle l^^ lUU^ lliv onp' 
Ua; ftTl Mt'irliPrt Ui lU'iirl (Iif^ni rlowrj Tn tin* n«|>(*rtivrt SlKiriJft, Jithtifru, 
to ihr r^irpri:tiv<» Cili<:n, H'lfoii^hfif tihil "STilimal/i w'llh wluil viHiDif' 
UMU iTir* MHinlHTu rriH^t« Lliipi Pr(>tAfil:bOoii ; ft^iJ t1i»t nn 'h^y Juhtlfj 
this toiilDjc iit ix lu th<rn;frJvut Mt tlirj coaai^i bat Approv« li tn thcro 

Btrwt (MicTi nl tlto mrno tJmo, That all Mcmbori *' no?^ Iu Tovn /utd 
tul ufK elmll n|]pfar hrn? Tr-iiicrKiw nl Li^lit <.ir Clwk." iind lake ihM 

IIociMs" AUiL rl|K>itri LfEin U> Ixi iTX|iri1hii!, nr 4(Jri9*S -^ in ^|>IUt of vhlrh 
John Lonry ttiH doM niA nlgn, cx>t liJI FriJiiy nmnting, iiflfT trvoa 
"PliUll. Wnnrlrik"' mid " EuJjfP*cio r^iiU'r " Um A^tped; whiucfl I 
infer hp WHD nut ot Town ct iianclU* ThU hotter, vhidi Mcnm to bo 
cf Cr<iiTmi'I!'i irritln^, ntill BtAiuU uii i}w CurpLirallrtn Iknika iif Cahi- 
brldffu ; nnbt ^ti (Viiunoii I'tiuikril thitu <tv thi> Itth Majt ; M irlnph 
Llnin* Miid Linti*^ hTJiig riflil, iho Tuvn Auilji<r1tii-Jt ttld (lafi ituA nil 
■ttdoualf Ac^upi the xLino, nud ugDpd iho Pfi>t4](ituiloQ on ihit pi|h'L Tbo 
Lvttiit b wit dM«d; Imi v Lrwrj ^|[Dtd oo PrLdjiy^ and iW rorfiorm- 
tkm fBMlnig ii clu Trimdnyi ihu Ihb, wi> iruf MfvLy ^ch th« Ltfll^r to 
havo wrivvd ou Mutidsy, uud Lu lutiti Umti wnlU-u va Siuunla). 

*'ri> Ue iJiyJii Won/^pffil lh€ Mayer uwf Atdrrmm of Cambridfit^ 
trtih UU rme «/ that Body ; Pretf^ fhett. 

'■ iLoJiiHiJt. Mdi) MhIt, ]04t 

'^QniTLMiatfi— ^Wi> hF&rti1y atAatt j«u ; cjid bt-rr*iih, v>*>irJtaiC Vt 
iW dIfvrlkiQftiif 4bn lli^ui'i ofrifiiiimriin in ihti |KtArtiT. pHrtiiim4»Ti1 m^ 
ibbd, aeoi «nto you n IVju«iuUL>a ^ — tlia ovnUibU vbcccuf will 

* tHi. iL laS, ^ <, T. B«h«cinb. Iv. XI *t mq^ 




liMi «pp#Af ill UiO Etunj; lb»ir. Th< Pr^mblo ihm^iHth fiiaiet] doih 
4^lin* ihr w-iijhij mflBun* rndtjciui; Ibeai, ill ihdr own jiciwHm, to 

^* W^ Btmll 'iiily lol j^i^u kuiiw ttiftl, viih JiWrltf urid wLUiu^cBi, ihe 
M^tobmof th,itBod<raat«rodihfra]iito. It wcm Lu tham 4 Tj^^t hcrnon- 
bl« and «eavur^ Ml ; cot UDWonb^ your biUtaUon, Yuunlmll livn^Uyiw 

fijnuity j» m itM^f pr«iw*wt>illjy; sail will h^ by Llivm appn)Vt^d. TIhi 
n^\ niAj, thmitgh tiii> Ahiil^lity'K kk[i«vtiiii(;. In^nno fUkbilitj nud aq- 
fiojuy to the whuk Kiu|[iti>U). Cum [■mntiou iMrrJ'u btn<u^tb witli It, 
h *a 4nradfnl ti> iidvvrunc*; c-ipodally wJiau iCt in ord^r U' ili» ijijty wo 
aitc U> Ovd, to ttkl^ IrjjnlLy wo «wp Eo um lClii|f jiiiil ^ovf-rrlt;!!, mid to 
til* »ff*cTion rliH* In our Cnontr; uid [.ibciriiH, — ihf^ Dioin odUa <.if liila 

" U> «I5 njk ninr^: bril fvimfiiU ytiii t^ Thp prnViution of Him vho v 
•bl* <« *V^ JOO ; ilr«iriiJ|j ycpur ]in*y* r» fur tlxi> ^ihuI puicri"** nf nut pnt^ 
<aa ftOUn AAd Mid^rorv, — wbkrh iudndnro ual ours, but tha Li>nJ'A luid 
jmtn* WlKm wo Jmiro Ut ^rw in iult^^rUy ^ uiJ biddbff yi^u biwtiljr 
FudwoUt rcMf 

'* Yoor loving friood* to b« oQinuumdod, 

"Ouv^Kic Cromwigli* 
Joun Lowjtv,"* 

£ Th« Hvmnd Id a fmjiU amIqunrtAn n»lli^ {Auu*, Spring, tr>4^) ; dim 
tad rjf IlIiIh worth tn i\m tXrtM-'hvii fi>mn, bal (vi|iAldD of lig^hUag ItMtf 
Dp* nnd tho TV^vr'i ftux7 along with It, wbmi ttit tn tho nght «oni- 

•"Mr. Abrnhftm Whelo<*lfV* 'I'hr*!^ imiin. ntd wnrk« Mm •llEI tr#U 

Antbk ftl Oxfi-M; " anJ Is aaw, w« pmv^'lvp^ lii ilil* Spring, UUll, 4 
Sodiml al CunhridKO t "J^ locdiUtlVQ pcripalotiii b^blu ', often walkiof 
Into ihv ooantry viih a littlu Arable Tolttnw iti bia porkM : — apt v> b* 
BvlkTtd *l the Tovn GalA by ihcw uow military Arrnr^jj^fmi^uw. la 
thia dURfiilly hn rHJiH »ii f:ikUiri«<1 (?romu-«lL ; itTid — Hitt hiA lltLlr Vfil- 
uve itaelf is Ffill « Ttniit, Hnd ulbt lla ovn atcry and hui# A tiuo d[|i>- 
d#HmA, tn vhlTf bog.tVlfi binding wtw fpttvn Tory bmwn ; tim handy 
lor tlifi MnalloM rual-pnckot: — and oa iho fly-lmr la OlWrr^D hiind, 
M«ftda irHttm rrigniH nurvtviivHy hy Ihri-v utUi^r Coirir»3ll<ii'-iti«u 
wboDi ^VhfltiHliv would noun BPiirch nut fur lliv Uat} 1 — 

I C^nliPt^ rVirrnniJiHi niy-Rnnki in Coapvt'k j«imIi (/ Camdr^fft, III. Jit. 


Ai>l-fcLNUlX No. 4. 


*<8ofrr Uio IWAm- liovcnf, Mr Abndutm Wlidwk^T u- fuM yetor 

gnftrd* Ki dbioi m ho uttJl haVf* ovriuitriit into iluI "ill of CiuiiUhil^ 

kfVAAlft Uuk tttidiofd cir uiy utliir I'lhtv} And tbii kWl In jvur 


"Tito. CVnirK, Ouwa CtayxwnuJ 

Bow. CuixGifs. jAias Tnowpflnw." 

Ko. 4- 


[Vol. x*lL p. IM.} 

£figrat prwatAfffP in rh* btTlh^tm« of tbi« Kn«tf<m AmxfihtTiW. 

- 7b oiv (wAtf iVimdjr, Str JoJm Uobtrrt, Sir Thamas XtchaHttm, Ar 
M^ F^itt, Sir John Paft/niTV, [Sir \ John Sfrtman, KnighU imd 

2forf*lk : rrtMtU tha^ 

[CHtviiiitE<fiK.*nbJ*D«uj, iiHaO 

Inlo iLvir C4TV lliu pncr nijj |rrot4iL-tiv(i uf theHT &vtent |wc|# vf lli« 
ILiugdvoi j And iv Uuit oDi) biirc »Dt JinnL hJfhor uiiiu poi/t ct Uidr 
FurccB, — Jift lUiPwlic a Comimaaii^iu. wilh onlaJu lutfructiuiui tn tn avI 
otbon iipPClHl; til whicOi Jii KigliEj f/ituvni th* pnw** And fafriy f4 

ft iu««i-lijtg n: MllJouhixU ' In Sflff^Ik, on T<w^*isij, ^ha 3|ii of iMi !titt>m 
Jauuiirj' Aqi) In the me^u ti^n' lluil yi>ii w^mM iiwkf sM pourililr 

> irMwIi^AniAk Valiifii*(ft Ttmwn Inltf Amb^ vf vti« aT iMtvnikaiV Paaby 
hf «*■« AlPittiUn hilrUnh. ^' i^tittt fif On Ui«lkc*. Hniitk 303?, — irltliilicfat 
aiBA««f Vrh>l>c4a oat Iteallitf ij-lnvuh Talwnr naa iii tte |iuna»hja «< P^ 
l4a,IUnvcJL Bwkl^{fiBnBkirr,*bn bu klLiU/ gtirtn iv« ilfbLBf IL— NtiL jw, 
kftLUrUik*ru>i'r01iTTi'k.l'ivM \ialU4 Ihc Wiv lljr ^Hr. Ibf n M ■ lUnml of II, 
•f Cbp; la ■Inflat pPHlHl^ ttir Hiiw ir^nii, wrllrra biwT iTifTitd b^ Iftr Fjtt of VaO* 
cbaiBv CIh Ink iwn ^rvh* ^«r p*^, <Hitlt Olrv**"* Iih y Mpj^p^ V4 MrMiif ntT'h<«wB)t 

' ■-HiaMB'-b««r4lM. 




■lLl'<'rnb1n ftiix*fl *ff HorsT aq-I Foot to jom wirli ns, lo koep ahv Enf^rcj'e 
Aim< Itoiq brvnkiug in upon your jvt jKinnMiMr- C»iinirj. VifT wtbA^« 
couId laW^Sfciion tliiT, *<iiAi- of Priii(?c Itiij^rcl'^ fji-r>r« n^ lmiiii- iU fur 
Aj WrifingboTOogh in North iiiii|itou*!itro, cutd lh*t Iho P»piirt« In NorfoUt 
•fif Milidlfd to rui« procrrilj upriQ fou. 

" T*^^ ItfOMutiQg «11 our ncii^bborlj Md Icv'm^ ivvjicvU^ wc* nvt. 
'' Your r««p«ctiTu Trieuilci lo svtw |^?u, 

'* TitiunLL JocnLr!«, Ftmvo. Rnis^r.ix. 

Johtk I*otUj Sir J*>hn t^lgraiv. Sir Jbhn Upeitnan, /imyhte <iHd 
B^rotKtt. Prfttnt that : 

" GBicit.i:iiii!fr — The groundu of your J«Ehl0ud«4 *w rtol. TKo;^ 
OMicar with out Lu1«11i^vuoei4 fKjru Wludttor; t1i« num wlifireof w« giv« 
nwo jpvo: — 

" Fniiaft prlMnner ukimliy ?ilt f^AmmiT Liihi» {^tun Mr, Ojimlyt aC4i]i< 
tain f4 DfnffOaaon) Ihli MOfcmtm voj dnivn. That the I'npuU l»j 
dlf*«lltm ftnm OifiTTil ihould ritn in Nurfulk. Whi'iv-upoti H wuk du- 
lind fnsm thcnoa Thftl Sir Henry Etciinin^t^M Jiiid Ur Uundj^ tlmlr 
prop M ahou]^ tii? wiinl, and llrnt wt «ljrm]<l i|c> i.iur ^udftavdr i4i iii&ti« 
■Ixjr of Ih* JVrviriit HTLiI l»l1or wliich fioniAinevI tliiii flnonarAgnmotlt to 
d»n, — ti« U-ici^ ■Irnr-Flbrd hy Mn hi>r>(i iiiiil clulltcd, BelI Wif MJovr 
[ko] irv piut iu b«for« wo Lud iioD«c, for unr I^ooutu cguJd not U^Eit 

" As fir t>r& olhor eoiiBtd'* ratios <ir Witt MAjc«ty^« furcB* being invited 
blti» tljwtf pnrlflr "^^^ ^"^v ixiuliritiatjvu lLrit<ur fwui nil Iij^^ilIa ; — kuiI 
1fcT> b tljJJt ntiM'n ti d«iil>C It mil bo av, Ittx-aiu^ )ilj' Mitje^j is voAf^ 
dI OiiiirJ; thrnr Imuifi: Ditlti iu Ihiwr pjirl* IrfE lu >ii#U^a bi» Ani;y, — 
ml KRolf ibf? ftdOH* lit ihpio pnn« hod fibitwi of them for Hnrn are 
iPi^laM* good ftrguTTiFtiU to invittf b]in tltbor. ThUR nv tu^CM m tho 
g^onda of mir (i^nht «;i<l f'<^r. 

"Th« a4*ii iLnut^hi it Tif R'fiiii.^y. Anil lii thta wk aon^iiiif It ovt 
hipplnnM to t^nvult with jan of flommon •afftl^T lo ba hftd either by tb« 

■ Otiflut io TftoiMjrUSa Ui«H 113, 




tkn of ftttliUDcc, ACtfonllBg 10 tsrcsarity^ Whnrvm T bopa jpou itLiU Aod 
aII rcftdifir«i Mul cbcarfblDCM in ui, 1<3 mum yov to bmk Mty itrcagUi 

thai ihiJI b(^ fpitlicTod; ur W prvvi^iit Jl, If JiMirod, — h»Tirjf| tUn^ljr 
node* siTfrQ from jvu iJiiTrw4# TlH> wfty wiU Iw bni «tt1^, if jov iciv« 

Wura w noaivvd ji/un, uid uuvr tc^t uulu yyii fui UuLi pufpc««to- 

" Tbl« k«U wfi 1^01 my t>i Itic {ircAcat ; but that wi> ntt, 

"Thi^u^ MiRTvv- F^n^xc, RiTsmcu^T TKitHKt.r Jnc>:ury. 

WiixM- MAuniK^ IbininiT Clvhkh^ 
Bow. Cu'j^tiQH Jautm TnovTBO?!. 

*< (P.B.) We inri to Str WHIbirn Sprfryr to offer him our 
fer thr apprch^tLuoa of Sir U* DvaiilugfivMi icfi. W» Latv ml j«t 
iVivLT*it jiiij AiiKvor. — W« knew m-t !n»w loaiWnHt i-urtfllfw to joil 
It ^ our doiiro ti> uiL«l y^a lu that m- mot utW vuUic Berried*" 

OAivcnoROUQn Pioivr- 

(Vot itH- p. IM-I 

Hxna on other d«tnll« mnM^rQlnx Qnf"»1»"riiii|:h n^^ht^ Twu Lotton 
gpon ii lliot hate *u?rcMilTr1}r tumrd ti(>. 

I- T!ii^ fiT>rt i« a L>*it«r tiro dayi wu-ricr in dafo; ovfiltntlj noi 
WlitUu bj CromwvU, cllUU^h aifzittii hy \im aliJ tnij L'iiL«f LIdooIs- 
ilrlr* Caainnltlo*-fnaD, m (i« pBuvrv ihrough their City oa hii ^nj t* 
HumiDfiJrtii. Sir Edvanl AxKy^u^h* or " Apev^hif** lu he hen w^hm 
hinivir. -^ prsyhnJAy a klnmum r^ S^r (Iv^v:^ il>v f4*11or>, pAulblj tha 
fatliiTT <>f the "CftptaJP AjBcugtw** mrndoai^il hnrv, — ho lutd Jotin 
Broih^Im*, Eftj,, Iw^h cf tho UoctiltKbiw Cbtuintttoo,* ar* tlotrlj 
the irriwcw vf lilt jitoicm LvLtcr^ 

^ Onvw* lo Um tttrl vt As riiHt uU mm* la tfi* in«rffni> 

■ fnadiku ljtU»\ Mwnti^r> «' cvAbt Copy ol JL 

* OniflbiL tn Cmnvtiiri owu tiiDd ihrauftiuui, m Tannei 1159- UW. IH^ 




" For Ou IltmtrJihk WiXam L<nftuiU. ^n^rr, Spfahrr of the Cbnt- 
Menu liOuM <^ ParUaaient ^ J'fieat. 

"Ll?tE»Ul, Knh JuLr. lfl43<IiUqVlw1iiilnlfhl), 
" NouJC Sib, — VTc, hnvii^g >uUdi4iil n cfUjuocU^ru of l^^in^vih vrnrnnlK 
tb» mi^ng o( tJio Sic^ of UftiuBbi>ri>H(:b, iliJ appoioL n gi?n*'nd rroJr*- 
Toua at Knrlti ticwjlf^ In bw ii|Hjn Thiiptiluj-, ilu- £7(li fif Jiitj. To thn 
wMcli pLooTt ^ir J»hii Mdllrum villi hl>4>iil Tliiv Hi^tiJnsl IlLirtn.' uxd 
DrH|(4H>iifv HLil {liilixii-l riiitiiAi']! U'llli rilnxit l^ii c^r Srrvi'it Troojm of 
IloTAO (ifiJ n1»nit Oflc IluiiJri'ii Dnitf*'-m!*, oinc*. WiiK tlnw ihcrjr 
mnfxOitti (owimi!* RaiTiiibnroiinli ; nic3 MirH'iliifl trtth n fraoA purry ^f 
tii(» £fi0fcj ilWuI a milo from ihn Tovrn, ht^nt ihcin biLclt, — buf w-l 
with Hnj niiiinir-iiituIinTtrc U» <i(ir DrHiU<H>iiH. Wv ttilvHiii.^i1 titllE lutriinlii 
tt« KooiBY, aU iblonjc brtili*r llir Oony-WiiTmii, wlili^h ij* ri|M}ti n hj^h 
mil Abiiv« GiiJji«l>itrt}iijcti. Tfw ]jiu(iJ(i Troip|ih hnd Itir vnn, twik 
Noiili4U]ptuQ, *nd lbn« nuiuU Troopn nF NotUughmn tha butUu, luii 
ColoM!! rVimwnll ihn rvnr ; thf F.Ufimy iii thu iiinjia time with hti btnlj 
k^pinjE iho top of \ho HUL 

" Soma oi ihti liiwolo TrDDj* bctg^n in iidvnnrc up tbc lllll ; whli^h 
won oppow*! b;f a f:irv« of th« KnciDyj but our ui^n rr|HiUni Lhc^iit, 
iinLiI «U (iiir w^n?i» bridj waa g(H up Iho HHl. Tho Kiu'mij ln'pi. lita 
^udJ ; wdUh hv oliMO trr hia l>(«t ^vclhIok'** witb a body uf Hfrnfi nf 
Abiuil Thrive Rf^iinnau ut niiri*i>T ituil Jt FL-u-rNi- bolitud tbt-in cuu^bliiig 
of Q«ncf>l CnmiillBU hid LEt^^^iinont, whjcb vm n riiry riill nv^iarnt, 
VTa imseDLljF pui our Horeu lu urrW; wlilcL wu couM hanJly Jn bjr 
ffOfiaii (fFtbfl ciin^'hito uul lKk tUlhcidt tuvint c^ tho KlU; 1h« Kiiniuy 
bMi|[ wtthiu uiunkiil-iliLtt (if iul. illhI ju1vuiiinu|{ twordi uh bL'turb wd 
nwkl ||«!t oqnalivA mlo auj gc^od order. But wrlh tfiovc 'J'riKipi ^a 
oodU gel up, »D cbargcfl ilii^ ijiviUi Wly uf <be Buvujy ; uijjif up to 
t^ nrord'i |k4Ii1 ; Hud dinpiitpd it *i> n ViMl^ vrHh ihiiirt, Uml <irir ith-d 
pnntal^ hcftrUf upna thriu, Ihey mulil mil Wiif if., Imt nil tbtir ItiHly 
rn a*>7r tiriQir f^i ihtt 'iiio Jitdii uf theif lUtvrvD, othon od (ho othor. 
Divtfn uf nur Tnri>pM pUfTiiiiiu bud tbv choMi nbout rix iJiHc*, 

''G«n«Al CftTKDdkh with bin ncgimotit ttnnding firm aTl t>w vbilc, 
lad bii&ng •unu- nfoiu TruupA that did tot fu1l<Hit ihts i-liwitf, — Culouul 
GNrawn, witb hu Magor WhflllL*; Hnd nm* itr Uvo Tru^pn murv, worA 
Uknrhig ihe chooc &Dd wi;rf< iti Iho rwar ^'f iIjal it<iKtrti(?ut. Wbiu 
thfj Mv Ih* boJy ttADd uubn^kcii, {tbfv] uikilt>4?i:fnHl. vith tn^i-h 
>dii, 10 gitl tPl» • WI7 tbi-Kiv three ur f>ur Tr'^ojii which ^nvrr dividtiL 
Whkh wbM9 th*j hiul done, — porwJviDir iho EnHjiy to i-hv^.- i^n uf 
Ant of i)t« IdDjxrlu KAtlcfod Ttuvpp, ftud tu ui&ko ibci» rBlire bj 


APPKXDIX }i9. 5l 

ntttoD of tbrv beii^ niftoj mor# thftn ihoy Id niintVT; ftn^ tho raM 
bdif llit^fMrri «UMfJ i^d falWfag tLo diMO, — C^omI CmtrmU 
wilb Ma thn* Troopi ftdlcwoA tlwm biib#TMVi ImlBothk Ru^mvEiu 
ttml fVin^^ tboir CrmcmK, vtith diTrn of tbctr m^n. inlo & «iiusmir« in 
ih0 botUim of the HIIK W1ict« rmo «if CnlnneJ I'roinvfill h^A tii^ cut 
Qeiiran! CAvendUb on the hmd; by msoa Trh*^nx.t bv li^Q off Lk 
horn ^ adJ tho Otoi>«4^ * Ciipia^fi-IjimifnaDt tlinnn lUiu mui iha 
nilut whprwff »jtJii» t*t» lioUf* liiT lird ; — the rr«l chMiini; hi* ICcj:^* 
mmLt ']iiltfi 'tilt of tfaa ttaM, having f3r<Mit]iiD of tliiTn^ » lliAt tbD fUM 
ttik* Ta^ wLtjllj nnio tra. not a maa oppfanog. Upotk thv* JiTcn <f 
our men voat intn tli^ Tc'Trn, mrrjing In Xt* mj l^irl WTTI^n^hby tvm^ 
oftb« Aniiiiiiiiiticii wc brodi^M f-irfiiiii ;^l>^!i^vT(t^ that our wyrk mn 
al nn mcl; M^Tig in (aIa r.tm lifir M Fnng fiirth^r prwIMnnn InutthA 

(imir up irlili hii Anny r*» Jiurjnpi It- 

Thnt ttifn* TTHH h mimn iTiiitt1iL<1><r nf thn KiMwriy'ii rfFiv^ twit ynt iiiirfdiivl 
wkbi Jtbod « milu brj-nuil Gniii«^^<^rmii{h, vnth vo«it> T'^Ht and twit 
plooM iif l>nlTEannft- Wr hAvliikC ii" TLhili clntlr#fl f^i !itv« nimA ont of 
the Tuwu 1 ^hicU my LoH WlUun^Miy i;mut«il, Ami imtt ua oK-ut 
Sii fhmilrvd Fnrit: iritti thna wi^ iLdfftu'V'l i^wnribt ih* Enfimf- 
Whon ffc twmo ihttU«T tiy Iho lfi|F cf the hiHr w^ t*nt fliTm Tn-nps 
rrf th* EmnyV Hurw hjuih ■ Tint si l*n* VrTfTrn wf ww a Rf^tnfml iif 
F(»l[ iftor ihflt aiifTtltifr C'ny I>ff^ N^ircwflt*^* own K<*K'ni0at| con- 
idflttn^ flf ntfimmn rrilnm) jiffMwrIng nln, viil iniiny Rnrw; — whit^h 
indeed wfi> Ills Armyp Seeing thrM there ■) mMTpf^Adly, ira «drtsid 
wtiot tn Ja 

*■ CoTotifJ CVimw^lT vw «nil in omnmnJ lfa« Fool to rdvv^ and to 
draw off tltti Ffor»p. By thw litno bo «»inff ti> ihf^D, th« Kmtrny wtm 
mnnrtiluft up thi^ htIL T>ia FaoI (Kd nitirv Hirf/Ttlrrly iriti» the Town, 
whli^h wiu mrl mikJjh iit>i:ivir ii qajiriHr uf n uiib' fnnii tlivm; vpiiu whriin 
the EaemyV |li>ni< ilLl »oinc 11111111 «DCOiitluEi. Tlio Q^jtm aIia did n*- 
lire in nrnw Obiinlir, abiTOt half a iuHp, — > iiTitil thry mtm tin Oia r-nd 
of ft &iJd irhorn ■ piung* ww; whiTTr, by the* r^n^vor nf C<!iloi>rl 
<?n>mwlV [.if] MjjiT WlinUcy am! Captiun Aywuj^lTo, h bnly WM 
dfKTn np. Will, ili«i> ir» ftuysj thu Enemy; nUyiNj thdf pumlli 
and opp«v4 ihczn u-iOi iilmut foirr Tmop« nf CVdnnH CmmvirlPii and 
fcor LAnMtln Tnxip* ; th4 Ea«my'« bo>ty fu th« nwM timr mi?TTwdTi^ 
rery muoli frrmi tJio Army. Bitt *a«ti wm X\9 gnntn''* Af fioil. 

I OHtfail hH '-Um" Mi Itr -OtHnI CtantdU" te flto «««<«»■ Uo* 






giving ea m gc md Vklor lo «it m^n >oi1 oiflwn, that vrhUit Hnjir 
WbvUvf MiJ CnpteiD Ajrse«^h«, MiDedmei ili« one wiUi foor TrDvpt 
bmd ibft ftnf*ntj, H^rnKtiTHvt rha 4Ai>t»r, in lh^ nxw^iHng g^iry r>f God bo 
il llioktQ, And the icr^Jkl hiiooT of t^iHiti liro Gcntlirinro, ihrj vitb thia 
hMJfll fbriftPd Iho Enanf nn, nrut ibutd Clwrn ^ ttulf If^'tlk tn ftf 1b« 
Inat cifibl «f tino a^p?*! n^fnotc*, — lie Gii^^in^ fi^nt^a^ctf *« Ifaair 

is onipT, DPAr nrbiat^-ihot (f tZio Kiu^tny, vKo thuti f:fUcrtrc<] thcKOi 
drliig u]iou Ihrm ; Ct'l^Jtid Croinvti]! gjiiZi'Trini; up Ihii mnln Indjr Mtid 
IWctu^ Uiout b^LiinJ tliom twu iami budH't, -^ ihot, ui devpito of the 
ElLcmf, wn brrjii^lil off «ttjr Unrt-H Ici lliU i^rilor^ irUhiKil Tlii^ Ua»A <if I4>i 

" Thna h«» 70a n tm* vrlAiinn of ihfs n.itiililfl Mirrkifi z trbriPdn God 
If li> h*ra tQ the fflotfi Aurl catc mu^i be IjiIioq jifVjNtiy to rf^liove 
iH)b1't Ijurd frorn hU rti'] ttu^ Sbitr'it Ennnis. by n vipri^df force 
nnio IIP, ^jiTi4 l^^t without ahj drbiy ; or dnr tr will be loVl* 
,1hjU [iii|^t1:Lnl Tiixrn, juji kUI Utntn pirf^ , U-iul u-ay luwti^ fur lUiA 
Aitny LtiiuaiJy u> ^Jnuro Uiio tUo Suutb. TLiif« r4Liu«c u^jon ^r^ur 
(vv ta v^mdiTig |iri^ii«ni ^ucvajih hidiftTf wtt barnUl; uka out l(iar<>)y 

'* Your hnukbb mtt^du, 

** Ki>w. ArifvxiRK, 
Jo. Kibo ioi.uk. 

Z T\}f StronJ t^tt^r, iht DriifiriAl <\f vbieli itlll oibU, li of much 
p«ttl«f IntortA: bfiljigfh^n Cfiiiimvl]*! >iwii h&nd^ jhnd ^vUlvnlJj t^rmi-u 
C0 Ia D quite 6a:iilur aoA cteo \utMy fiuibloa- WriltVD, m woulii np- 
pfftr, na ilxf muioti Tmm Lii)n>1ii u> Mtiutlii^iluu ; uii riLi^nvtini prit^iM'ly 
■krn* bot fiTobabljr itf i1l<' Annyn t^Qurtort on tho ovtynlug of their 
drci tlAx'A murrli TinrnfiViin!!. tn llu* nrigtiinl tbu irufnun^ of tliu 
"B*f Jobu '' lo wbom fhc LciUr ftddf«K» iUclf ku bvcn. probably by 
■nnw rrky«11fli dnA^nrUnt (f\f mlxad DmidoiiB). k> iudufltriuntly cnnaeJ 
nai vitJk UMMV MnvUea '>f t^o pea. iIiaI (i"t odI^ in it vntirnir Hlt^iblv. 
but Ihit jHiTltr [cMABur of llii^ Ai]t->g;rapb rnuurrt tJiub'rtHliH t> j^vm for 
IbD lu*w m*l;y )ci|cni[k*v hnvc bofu ax lbr> wnrJ- Ou i->thor |£ToUtiUa 

I imMf omfldifUtJy imd^rtakp vi>rlbrl4tf8, Ui ruitJ HVaj/* ^i^ Julm 

WfAf ol Gltbtivoitb, Hcrnbf^ f^ Litioc<1ii«Lilt4V Ami on Uio Ccaumltlcff 
of thHt CoiJiiiy; m prr«filj T saii^mi^, nitriHTinff lii* drilj in fifi^d-^ik 

1 JtaamMm^ bdi. IMi bo il, with imb or an nimiBii, lUkM Mfi& nrrlU. 


Al'r^NDIX N'(xa. 


nUnttvorth Eloaw ia aIini>Bt wiUiln >ight &(id Mujid of (bear tniiitt- 

^Idlbfv, 1 And by the Drjukliut TMordi > vu n Mciiilu^ii« nf Bnag^* 

lou ; » iKftt *' ytniT noUi* KmHmAn " Jipir !ln' ■•nil <»f iliia I*f*Tt(^ will 

mas wdl <]iijilififld to iri\% lu^irriiikiii>ik. 

" lb ffljf nobfe FritfuS SSr Jchn [ Wrcifjf], Kni^hi and Barcndi 
Prtfntt rAAV 

"[I^AviCHii A«oci-fcrio»,l aOUi Jui*, 1<W. 

ADcih (il>l^j;'< mil, l>ut lliiT ^rAAl nlTootioii ym Utaj to llic finLliu iiiaf>li 
man : f>ir ilmt v^mta! I ut^i IxiM lo ncqiwiiit you nrilh >oidc l^ttf PftKugr* 
wborom it linih plauod Ood In fkv^ i»; — vhlcHi* T am BMnrNl, vfU 
In w^tlur])fi \tt yirn. 

'* Afl<7 litirl'>;j|;h HoiiAO WM inlf'ht w» went t.i>vrkrE^ Uainiboraag;b 

ir* wrw NiUfTnflj 4>r Tv*«hty Trrn^w, wtit-n wo wpti* t^kjtfiil^i^r, of 
Horai» luifi Fch-t, ftud iilrtiiil Tljrvfl <ir Tour TrtrtJi-p i>f Dnk<<iiJLi<riP' We 
TiiHKihul vit.h thin Kijmti to (rftiUhtHirou^ti. 1j|kiq Kriitiiy innmlQg, 
bdu^ tlio 29th vt July, vre met with a forliini-hgfrc i>f tt^c £al^mJ• 
and wtth j>(ir men brake It In. Wc morcbod on io * tb« Tonn'i md^ 
Th« EneiEiy hHag □poo tho top of a rcry slH<p ITlll o^er orir h^uiii 
••wi« nt i^iif mmi ntk^mi'tftl t*^ Tniin^h up tluil Hill ; lb** Ernvmy n]i|ii:i«>il ; 
our mpa diuTr tli^^i ll1^ And fMi-r/nl thrir ]juai|^ By iKo Ijulti ' Wf* 
cnmp rap, wn b»w tho Bnpmy vrt-ti wi In two IrfnHp*: lb* forvm-Mt a 
}ax^ fair b*>lyr tbo other a ntcrm c<iQiilfitiu|c of aii nr •cvcii 1inv« 
Tftxi|nL. Erfio-rf wi* t-oiilil ^ our form tnio ordtrf tJic grT^at bi>d/af 
l1i« Eacmj nd^u^d ; ibcy vrcrv wLtbin muBhclnhot of tiA ttbcu wc 
eamit Vi tba plti^h iit lliti Hill ^ u^ Hjlvjinrnl lilcHwiiirt Ir^wjinfH lbi*m ; and 
both chivj^od, Miob U]wa tbd <>l]irir : TtiiiK ndrJiTiC'EiiCi vri' i».itif W \i\tUA 
and iwijrd'a piilntt both la Ih4i rlmf ^irrii^r lUai tr. irai dUpittHl wtj 
MrxiDgly vh<f 4hoal4 brvak Ihu oi1jtr> tlul uur mm pr^sf^a>< a lilUo 
Viarlly ii[ttiii thbm, tb«y bf^n Uy givi* bnr4( ; wlili^h <iiir Ti)4*n per* 
Miving, hkfluilly ftmd bmrn, — Vafc^ thut wh^vl^ IWy ; «nmr Aftbem 
flying Da Ibbi fJdt, whtih nn iliA hiIktt tidf, f»f tliu mmrvik, O^if Tii«n, 
poivrang Ihvm In ffmit db>rdrr» hnd ibo cxoruEL-^u iboQt four, or uttat 

I Uaut^'Iuitird* 



ittf aix ndto** TTith mwk ixloi tbui ^oi^iv Aud atl Urv^r £>i«« Ikuo^ 
ipm^ nvt •Of' Mm i»U«t1iii>e, hn\ all 1i««tU«i wii "t ihn lWMp« uv Jt>w 
iqi *w bojj lo^otbdr, ftiiJ inipt ilic flnid, — Ihc half i>f uut ni.:a htAat^ 
wpII wotn la tia- duvr uTtho RtMif, 

" Upoo tfaai v« VDilnTrmKl thir Brmnboa w mini> for ^ whiab wu 
lb* nlltfoTUiu Tvwn wii^ Aiuuiiii»ti"iii Wp Miml iu nme E^owJi^r* 
whlok wu ll^fl fltvwl WfLiit I'f tlirit Tou'fi. \T>iirh i!i>tiK, uvinl wim 

■Imr Bouir aufketrcrt uue «f (lie Town. uii<T wilh oikr bivTj uf h<ir>ii 
tn«rplH>i Vfw*ftU tb*m. W<* «w tw» TrtXi|W f<<wjirJ* (h** Mill ; vrhi«b 

vhdb m [irt tfrb|ibft1ic] oamfl u'lih atir h'lrvt to (ha t-ip nf thai Hil!, im 
nw irj thi' Imiinm m whulo rL-jjim<-Kl \^f Pin-it* iflrt ihal iiuoifirr run) 
nn-'lLWi — »ud^ ■« tame voimtt^l, ubnuC Fif\y Ciflnni nf y'^t. Wliiuli 
bdMd va« inj Lunl N«wouiJt<V Army; — wilh whi^jh h« dow b^ 

"U> ItfiU WiLluui:hbf <^aiLa&ii<1vd »»< to lninK <'1T t1te Pcmt Huit 
Eonor trtiu^ I aoiiiiavam]; bal tho Ftxii [rha En^iny pronslnff .tii 
vnlk tkt An&jJ tntrvjkU'd ia itomr tUiiofikr iui'i the Tfwu, Mi^i;; ^if 
l&Al Ganunti. Oar Horw aLm. bcini; *AV>uriixl, bD<I atiDicpcotciil^ 
prtMtJ bj thu iwur fL>TT>F, 00 gftnl, — i^arv olT, t]i>t lH-iu|^ abh- t» T>mVT< 
Ih* rtnritP- Btit, irieli amu^ <Unii-ulljt wi> gnE inrr Hnthf- itil» a li-iilfr 
(uU wftJt limn rjKfd tliv Kuon^j ; aitd rctn^iW In «uch iinli^r that 
thrtjgh ihff Efi^tnjr tiDoWfil hnrdr th*y wmt* nnt nliV t'» <1ijwt<Jw 
tn. (xiC »« ie"t thcui a9 nkfr, Iv LiDOoIn, fiviin thin frivb ff>rH, atkI 
lont mt Ani nnii- Thn li<'n<ir nf lUU n^rrv^it, cf^i^l tii Hiiy (if lufck 
limM, b lAiA R UijiT n'lijillej ADcl CnptaSu Apiiy>uj|T), ncil UbUcr 

**Ttiiji IUIjiii<'ii I offct ^Q fur 1)10 bonor 'T God (to vhnm t>o til 
ilw f<«Si0) F 1* <>^ I0 1«1 Tou ItDaw jFun bnTi> »iiiDf> «vrT»nta GifthM 
l<i fixi, |f> jiidl« to anloD. 1 bfWMh jiw )ri iliJa fiiW hucecm qidckra 
jnor emmuputzn lo Itiit upgagtmum ! Tl > frrmi pTiilriLr<> (^ GocI'h 
favrir. L<"t not your LunEoM* l»r flljLrTpJ, I knov, if nil Ic 'f yoiir 
tniid» «* fJmll bii^p all hniiarjililf n-dim, II N yr*iTr anTi 1"t«ih**hi — 
* fRMOiaAbtv ainu^h ninr nuBT^ eptv<1ily tnay dt/ tViut «U«h inneb 
rmirv vlC odI du «Aer >riiiw lii»e. ruiTinibtciIlj, tf tl^rj nutivwl Iiktv^ 
7** wm i«« Vtmo Id thq WwIm nf jmir XAc^toLttlon I [^\>] for ik* 
ia*, 7«t will bfnr U ftam joirr noblir Keuitdjui nud fTrJun^i Pjil^av*: 
if m be utA tyiti hi t^D Jm^i 1i> rx'liv^*' (rLui>Dh4ir4<uj-b, h uublr hufii 
■uuj (Dud FvuL BDil » ouatkluriiLr^ Pan uvur Trwt iu 




ym pnnuBt my bumLle wrtviD- in the liigh Uouonlilc Lady^ Sir, 

*' OhPiMR CkOVVKUj, 

" P-S> — T fhtayixl [tioiit ihf tUhtt^ n/ter oar Ami nai^aalcr] ivk> *vf 
my »«iJ Trcipn, ami mj Mnjor Anyt^A hlni in ilII thrco. THftV woro 
In front uf l1i': lL»(iii)^*t rncivu Itm ur f-mr of IJjl^ LidcoIu Tntupv yet 
unbrtikvu : Ihv Ewmti; obftrv*^! Xht^tta TroiipA ; nCl^rl}' broke nna nhoaed 
Ui(tin; B41 thjit ii»u« i>r lhi< TiiHi|rff un mut |ffiri »t'>ijili Itui m; thm^ 
Wbiiftt th« tliJi'iny wum f^dJowia^ our tlyinpf U'rvop*. J i^hu/g^l liiiu «fQ 
tbv tmr wHh my ilinr Timip ; ilruro bliii Jruii Uj<i IIJI, brake bii» 
ftU to Jpitcimf fuTo&tl Limjtt^nHEi^GcupraJ CArondiith luto n Hi^t ^bo 
fougbl in iIjL* rrMifVG ; w* Otilft.T cut biia uu llii- btbd i auJ, w be Uf, 
mj Ctptaiik'Lj<>utoriADl Ht-ny ibruvl hiiu inu- thu ulitirt rih<, i>f vhidi 
Iw tHtnl, ablaut LwiJ b'jtjiT oTtvr, iu 0[UU»Wrtjii,^b-'^ ^ 

Dj t^iii PiHiitrript U iLi Ijihi nt-ixM ih« <tno»l!i)n, WUu hlllr-d CbftHn 
CftTcndith f It whM '*my Oaptniv-Lipntoiiiint Borry ; " ho nnd Ttoothar, 
il nny nno »ttl] with to kDovr. Bubud BfUOer^B ftioad oaoo; nxA 

OtbOrVlBA ft kDDVTl in^u. 

Lrtib two Djivh I'uinii Til t:«*t Cjhthiudav OXE 

[Vol, ktH p. ITT.] 
f lb Sir Samwi LuJUf — MfmbrtT pt tifffford, toa/Ju^ Coiff^ifUt-MM, 

" [XodAu L.f pbrtj e UiiTTb, 160. 
" XouLK 3it£> — I bflHwh yrxi rMLiwi Tbrw Uuiidi«a t^xit, osdv a 
Caf^ftiri, t4 uiorth tL> Buckii^ulvniii nyun Muuday uxtrrjliig, tbeiQ Ift 
qOftnor wJlh Fiiur Huiidn^ F<«( at X»r|liJitT)p1on, irhioh Mf, Cww 
»nida diilbcr upea U^itdny DtiL Tbon* will lir ibc Mnjor-QoDoml 
fCmvTard) to oxaaia&d tlu>rn. I niM giJng f'T « Thftnum! K<iot moro 
M lM»C (O bo mit ftmn €ambridirq and oui of iho Ap«'>cisliuiiB, If 

ti PV«<^ ^ fft*/aik 4fTA«nJL>>Mj ««fHl (Kurwicb, Jan. Ill«}, pp. Ift-H. 



*»jn9n ba totaa to jaa £hiui Cuiibniti^r, I Wt^tcb jou tend Liim lo 
hm Bo Bedford with ftJl ApnvT ; lot liloi lUy fi:ir ma >i ifa« SwuL 9ir, 

" Your buoble •etrftW, 
" Piwni m; tiQiof»1{» M^ofl to CotmMil Ajtift^ 4iid mH bim ha 

Two Larmaat Actio:* at laLir-BkiixiK «(t> ButrctimoTOX* 

I. Wnnmr the night beioro tbat Iq tho Tcxl, on the unift iiutiJMt. 
[JW r^ Siffhi BWrnaide 8w Tltu^riaa Fmrfrnt. Oenrral trf tin Aur)^ : 

"[aurcHiJHkTun.] 1^4Ib Aiinl> IMA. 
BinnT H/>KA1IAm-lt. - I mt-l M my ^*lnll>*TmlB nl WofUtruI'm, cm 
Wi^TieihLhj libit; wlinre I *tByi4l ■oincwjint Ini^ Tor tho rmmlng Tip irf 
tfi? Bodjr of HijTE^^f whifli fovr Hodof itm pifwifd Uh ^vo mo Ibr r^m- 
Ittutrt i>r Af(rr tbu cutuiui: ulivrvif, I uion^ieil wixh aJl i*ipr<lTtivii lo 
WtuaUvj-BridgA} haviug bfDt bnfora to MHjiir-U«n»ml lirowntv &« 
■hoi imeUlifCEioo fii^ omiU tffvtti uvf nf ih(< Atkio tit jilFUir* lu 0\fuiil 
(I bcv^ not Kf tti?U acqaaiiilKl ia tbov^ )mTtt,l, — rf lliv ^omlitioD, rnul 
MmW. tif Oiv Eucrtjj IJI Oi^finiL Wtnf luinsilf luformi-d xiv^ Kt IrtU-n, 
Tllttt Pmor MkUrioo fu* f }rv« ^arvnt Drrt in Oifortf, h* 1 fciT[ifMn^l ; MhJ 
Itui* — juLu wuB iLtfcini}r^ liy fnur tvry tiuur^l 4ml rnir'ifitl Oi'iftli-aii;u 
iW «MiiO oat «f UxTjril Lu Iiim a liltio b'-fore lli*^ ppc.ijpi trf inj- Ioiht, — 

ntdj Ibr Ihoir matvh: noil !n annih^r fJa't^ Fifo mcTp pirpM viih ihHr 
isnrlapa, nwlj to lulinnixi w^iS Uidf Cuuvoy. 

^F^DMr tf 


** AIWt I nocUvil fJiU MlinfiifilloTi from Mijur-Grni^rnl BmwniTf I 

thU momipi-. — boitg Thupidnj, SKi- tw^otj-fininL tf Apnl, 

to Oifanl. Thitfir I lay brftiTiT tlii? Eul^iuJ ; whn |M-]VFivifig H 

tt Oiforlt ODil IkIdi; hi nadin«M ^ nHnituv^i >wit nut a P'^Ttjr of Huim 

I iu^ ^r»wrf JUiMn OlMmlfK ^^ Knvli^\ tTt^tor^ fUn^on. 1M« », \x. laSk- 


AITEXniX, No. 7. 


ft^fUiifit Hie: |iancf Lb»< Q'u^ji'h Kt<^E(mmi, \tf\n t/ tlo RatI of Koith- 

modi! iia tiiAill upon x'lr^ 

*^ Wbci<c4]f i:^ i drrrn' fortli jrour IloDOi't Kt^^nK^ntr — UiUAy ad&a 
nn-Uf ^ agaliifll iliv Kutiiiy (ttliu hoJ drtiwii tWiiH*lvn i&ti fivvi^ 
Htttitvlrafm, U hii ri^iulv for iinUoa};— ftuJ oominaQdal Jtjur tioQdr^ 

frmiiDd It to ^alUntJy that, nJti^r d Hbort tiritig, tlif<j vtiU>niri ih<> whi?ta 
Squodrou. nui] put tlitm lo a ootifiiflioi]. Auil thtf nnt uf mj Hcwn 
prmaurlj^ I'tiLHriui; nflrr th^'iii, limy iiifedi' ih I-AkI i^mt vf Iha £atfiiij ^ 
•ud hwl llifi cliHMJ iif Llivin l]^v^'i.^ vt titat iiiibit ; -^ Artil IciUvd iwu Lua- 
■irol; look ai mnrj^^ priujaen, HOd fcb-.iit four huTidrpd IIorKaL 
[AIw] the Qnrcii'i ci>ltira» Kobl/ eiabnMdrTi.'J. ^-ith the Crown Ja Uir 

ft l^'Mnu «r>M ou itiv h.<p^ Mouj wtoupd U> OxlUrd, juid JiT«r* wutw 

'^PntI of ihvvn lihcsHiv bfiimik l1i<tiMnlTr« t^ A tmkQf Hoqii In 
DUt^hJngton : tt-heru Colonel Windabaiik kept a QnmKifi, wllh amt 
mo btudrrd hont Mid Thxit ttitrrlD. Which* a^r fiirn^undiiiff it, I 
■mrnnnnnt ; ^ Ihti l>my *.'*iitiiil vptj dilmnr/ id fln»ir iijinwcr. Al l«»t, 
Ifcej Mdt Tjiil Artid<> l/j iink «f 8un>*Uilrtr,^ whirU I bnvc BPUt joui 
Honor DHoIoud:^ — anil AfUrr n lAtgn (r«n1y ilii'mMpriu, th^i Si]rr*ikd«r 
■TM aiENcd Upon bctwccij lu^ Thvy Icfl bcLind ihcin l>otwe«u twu 
Mod ihrto bundml muilicU, HTooiy horwa; bc«ld« other inni and 
MUQuniLbut — 1 buiaUj net, 

" Tout honnr'w hiMriUli> wrrfttil, 

Sh a (ow iDfiQih* *ijins in l^>^, thf(V< hiw boiilvmlAllj t(irji*d up» 
Among tho M^itiitiin^tpts of ttv titytixwt^f Lnfd^t and bwrti rtfnwaknTirtd 
lnti> d4]rlu;tit ftcii pul-lioUj^ f^^n" it* dark t\f^> -^ti ^SteA ycur». ito " &>»■ 
iMniiortiiKiiiii r(n>ir*' r»f n J^t«r hj 01iv<?f hiuiwif; whioH wiriouilj 
bdjiMU ltM)U 1o ItA uJd rvmb^tjAtJou hrrc, voinpUtflLjr otucidAtiii,^ for U« 
LlM«n kinftlJ BbiAhm|(triii-H:Li(])>TJiii i,THntffkrUi>ii>i; uv! U "f ](H«ir(}th^r- 
wife wunlx AAdiiiK. h ta vf d^tv tLv daj htf<>ft tbvt Fomu|cd<« 

1 GiTvn [ii RiuIiirvTlli> v1- 14. 

• Ubf^ ruapblnu, null «f«. na. «0l^ | r. 


" To Vv Jii^k3 Jlf^mffrabit the forAtitUpff of Ji>!>ih ^tt^dotM, at D^by 

■» [F4ftJicini>o>il April tt Elk, tqt£. 
■■IIV L0&D« AXI> GkX'N.KMKH,— HLUdir Eiyjiiat U liUL I^KdM-dGiMt 

Id 1ikd» m« trfEh m<irQ iikvhwi in yniir turvtri*. In immniLaiw *.€ jtttit 
«ctDmandB I marched from Blctoluii^tjn lu MiiliiUilun SlunlM, luiJ (ecm^ 
llieiKQ UiVTBtilft Wituej, u p(iiat«tjp uf uciuld. l^uIk■dD^j£ llltJt t" Iht a 
good ptii«« 5>r ini4T|KiHiig l>t<Tu'#vu tli<* King lati xhtt Wut, ^Itcilior ho 
lalrndtiil OiTiMi; miil Orf iivillr, f»r IJni twi» Prim;«, 

" la my TiiiLrHi 1 vnt9 iiif»rinud cif » btnly *iT fnof whioh nom ToeuNsh- 
lag IdWRrJ* Fii^IujfJon ; wJJnh lailr^ vn-tv h cii(jjiii:i(iil»i! jiMty >.>f 
ihnm buodrDdt ^^toh cAmo ik Jay bfrfLTo froui FArTiu^J^jUT iiitttor (..'^iLxkai 

*' 1 iJinl*Tn»l<>«l Uicy wrfti uot iilifivn ilirei> liiifif*' lunrch Wfotu lutj. I 
woC flfUr iJioui. My fLtrk>n] <>vi»l»*>k [Imitii h4 liit-y hnJ g^itlirn iJiV> ■«- 
duaiirii* out ^ ftuiii D)Uii]iL<>u Biinli, luit itLiiuiihWI witLi Llmm. Tbv/ 
kiUfU ftoDuiM my lirinttf iiiino kiDM nn') got tonio of Ihomj Imt lb«y 
TPHiTtniO the tirvu [BamptaUt 'i,t^\ bi-'fun? riijr 1x>dy carne up, anil Diy 
forlnni Tilt lH>iTt^ rtrring ith'Ij^U v\im Ti'it lUilt* (rt il<> m'>r(> tUi^n thi^y cliH, 
'Hilt Kn<^mj I'rr'hi'iirlH^ IrjLrrif'ndiU iifi \\\v U'Wti, ^ol n protLy nlmitu tiorinv: 
my IkhIv Anijiiiff up nhi^iit rlfipi^n tn clio iii^ht, 1 %i-it^ thi*m n tuiniTionL 
Tiwy kliffhui] it 1 jfut mj».*lf In a p«turr> llial they slioulJ col wcapc 
nu, Soping In jIoliI with Ihrm rn thd nmniing. My innri diiiFj^nil l.hfciii 
nptetthcic btmioivie* ia llic aighi, but truly they won? of »o ikii*m1 rn»i>' 
Ijtthin iliut iw r-iriM \uA (-is:k iIikih fr^iri It; j<ii4 iit^lAt^ ib<<y kiUo'1 noTno 
•J my Imimbi vuJ 1 wtvt r^Jtix^l ttj ^v^il imr'il llio mtfriiicit:; lirrflilr-A tb^y 
Ind ^ a p*« <«vr ft Immk. In ih» night rhoy stfv-ngThrniMl theniii»*lrp« 
a» vrJL *> Iticy ariJil lu y)if ntA'jrhi'Vin^.. In tbc iiiomisg I ai^ut n drum 
lAlbotii; btJt thrit uijBWrr wnn, they wOuU Tint <^<lH ftfl*lff th*y inlghl 
niirch i^ai tjpoTi hmmriibk tciiiu. Tli^ tmni I *>fTrrofl wi^rr lomlipiil 
aII Irt mi-n*y. Th(»y nrfrjFU'rT srirh untrnr. l Inn^irt.fld Tipiin thpui, nnrf 
prtparrd %o ffli^m. T trtil tlioin v^nl (» tLj^lrti them to drliycr out 
th» c»ntlAman *iirt hU fainily ^ whi'^h t^cy AiA : for tln^y mnsl «iji«rt 
anrcmily, If ilicy pni mc in a al^tn. j\A4>r (ic-mc time flTh-Titt all wi* 
yicUod 1o ETicrry. Amiii I uwk* raunkrln nmr £00, hi^RuleB olhi-r Hnns, 
aboat tVD barrsb of poirdpf, fioldic>rB iuhI uflioi^n w*t £00< NLueftoura 
bvuliVn -iffiravn, th* nM bvin^ *rHl1#rNt Miid h^ftvd Wfirf^- The rlilof 
prWRimi vrrrr OolmelSIt HWiAnl Vftu^^ hitti, LWti'nAnt-Col'iftol 1-iltl** 
Ma, and Major Tjhi. nrc or ThrtM ripuloA, niid ot^'.^r UJCotfrsn 




^' An I VMM apon m^ tsjuvh, T hmA trt «ome hone of th» Flurmf 
wluch ftrovwtl n» towmrdt £vv«^Ain. 1 •oul OoI'IimI PSmiim *ftor 
tk^m; u'liorn G<h1 h>» Mt'iviiul iIlRI hi> toiU( A>>onT llitriy prlbinon, tOCI 
h'>rT«, HDil tiin>c honis fviilon^ Tnilf 1il« dlliifqnf^ w i:nnl ; na'l thl« 
I fniiiL Ti4iify« l>]nt T find tlo mfkn mofn tnvtjT ui 4II ■rrvlm ihjiQ htm* 
•cir. [ TiotiU liot piy po, iri illd uul Hci it I If 1tl« men w«f« iit nil «oa- 
Blil(>rrd, I sltnald ti«pe jnu mi^ht i'Xpt<-l riTy fmiI wrrk)»< fn^m ll"*iii- 
1 Bpcok this tbc rBih«rbMhiUK t tinil him a ^ftivU^inAQuTUiut fitkliij t« 
ji>u, and tni mnariraiJrriWt l^i*^ ^w vmulil nil fji* tr>Mi|i wvrv ■* r^l^rXM 
and civil u iiijJt uiil imkki^ II » |[TMikl pun ■ if tiin rtifu to fCr^T- liuioi acl 

"In iMn mATtJL my ninnal*! (jui <kuf itf tlio Qur*m'* Tnxip#f*, anil of 
UumAndoihon about 100 Iranc*. T^ta ukomjui: Culonol Joliu Plontkoa 
«iiD( Tor in (be gn»li!^ui UuU walta ui'ou iliu Li>rd D[gl>j lu liii chnm- 
W, vli" n-[k« ^t»mg to Gcncikl Goring abfiut rjunTknue* r-f a ]iri*>Qor. 
H« t«l]H TiLr> 1^1- Kj%-% f rwH vv^n* <1rtvu nut Uio liut ul^l to nmn« to 

abnat 700 hant* and AOO tatn ; liiti I hflllnro thfj jim p'Ti'J W<k- Ha 
MJth mnay of the horw fPOfO VolaatMf f[«udr(iiGb : for I Utkrc I ba.Vt 
Ml biiD fvyt i.ithvn Ihti-. 

" I lirtkvd i;poi^ Ilia It^Urm, and Igund tbc^ dirmiod 10 Marlborougk, 
ll» lellf oi* Oiiriojf IJt tthvijt tht< Di'vian, I Mkt^l hnn wlmt raithar 
««dfla h« hwl to hiiD. Hu lulJn nw l»f wtui ^tJ^ iv liiJ him r^ULnr ftjr- 
mor v-pUn. I ^rameii liJiu !■> know wluit iJivj' wtrit; hdJ all iliat 1 
OTOUjI*! wiuff ttut it wiu t(> Fiimtfti v\ih ^I lio liji4 (^|i v* \.U*^ Kio^ lo 

OiJbfd. H* AfiUUk Ir tiM Atxiut :hN)C) lM>f><> achI lorxj f.kir ; ilmt Ka b 

^MgDtrDlod tjiut PnMo fiupcfft ocnumiLudcx] awfLjf lii* fui* 

*'Ibiij ui>w iiuuju<i^ ii|>tDFVrinf{iIi.ii!. 1 UlaII hnrr an (7* tnrard^ 
TiliTi, I hiw Oitii which wiu icj rrgitnr-ntt and n po-rE of C^Utmi Sj4' 
li*j'» flirp tri>o[H 'ihnl] WPW nvprra-Wl, aiul ^ pnj-t r»r (V>lmn*T Vi^ntiy- 
dftt'ftf aud flvn tri»>pt r^('n|ntii^| r^^ub'«'« ; llinv whvr;>r>f nnd !4i-T Jf^D 
(llnnruf^Hp aud CaptaUi HikitiimkiHr* 1 hcnt uitK ItK^ fim iiritunpra lii 
Af^mhiirj. il'ff gr«at |Nt^ vrc wAut lin^unA. I bclk-ivu mul of ifacir 
poltj lEJuriauuB 1x^441 havo bnu Ukua U;, aud vthur wrvlrv^i ibnp : Tor 
til* KuwDjr U in U^b Etur. God duce torrir^ tluxu* lt'« jt»o*] tu takv 
the M^aatm; nulI aurali Oud d»1IgliUi ihnt ^m hare <?(vli*aram[ tv 
fvfiDOa fikur aniiica j Hud I bii||; it maj be ^lojio m<irr and inort. IM 
iiiaaa&ddiw(«l«ui«cliAf ii'4 AKitiiiu. I v~i»b U> l-foT ihi-fiu'lTnn ibal 
di«;n« ^t «*njd Ibe i^rvaoou <ff liio ihuit |iOi>ii1(i t/t lU» itjJBfrablf^ 
Ka(i>/ii, upiui ul^iuurbu «n bxili Hfihoni a blnodlng hi-n-rt t Truly 
It gfi«VM m; aubl, uixr mwi itirpold «iilj 1» upuo frw qDaftorVf aa lliej 



BA'rfLK 0*' NASCHV. 


■r«h I bMf><K^ 70D bfJ]> it whM nuii tm ahou im yr>it i-ak. My Lord»j 
I tvrvp T>>u, that Hi' dois nfJ- t pr^ifvu lllft wry hn-oJ hn^ IM iiir>, ] 

No. 8. 


(a.) Tm foUuwItig very miigh ICot^ of » BiodlniA Touriil will jw- 
tiape be ibcccpublf to vimr ic-Jutr^L-A. Nolo* Jjiabod Juttij t'^LiU'uO} 111 
1h* iN<«t miigh'tnil'mtfh m»ntif?. Twit witJi & vi^ilurt cvr baih md rltfr 
QU 6i>olt nod ua tliD actual Gmuad of Niifrbj 1 lukvu, aa nppoari, iti 

"BaMle^/jroMdy, Hth Juur^r l^>*3: Fn>in Sprlffijt ({.(Muhn, 1^47); 
A»farar(A, vU (Loiidnn. 1701); OJii /*om7iAif Cd ; tind thr Gnmrtd. 

'*Fii*'/nj'»iSKaVKf tomrnir JViWC^y (Spri^^, p,30rt»qq.). We^et- 
day, II ih Je]1ii4^ & miny iLhj : Mhn^hiiil ' rV>tiii T^Tnny Slnlfiird I0 Woot' 
loo/ — lbr<v niilr-« ^iilli nf NortiiPLinpton, RaiJ 'iiiArtpn thon* ; ^Tint 
thfl UAfor euna/ Jit — Thiirartjif, I2th Janet tVnii Wi*i»n<*Ti in (not 
' OnUaboraof^b fflur mxln vest of Northcunptoa/ na >>pKggc wriicfl, bqi 
nUmly) KMingbvTy uiiil t)io PmrniitfiiiHs munr!. Thf* King ' Um 
«MUnp«il on BciTTotitfh Hill* ffivi- mili^i off); hu botro ^ luintintr/ tbu» 
J«y : ' biM hiir>OA All M gnu0t.' Tin? niglit *gn\Ti wet ; KHlrfHi, ndirp 

t 3f^M 9ittl Qmri'^ 9 Anf- ItM. {irbiltd Ihcrt, u 1 lum on bn^Bl/Ji "trntn 
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ou h ft: "A* 14 l^ferrliiKOoiJ [LrlUi kkvJ, of l>KlJp llioufih Cruinvtll 
V* tf qppi Uw drei. and «m quartflnd up to the plvK. Iia rc> uui In adi^ 
fMn foe ndodng ir. 'Ii'i ^nu pii^ va raiidiifforiM.' t»M* n-mfcrk [n 

Ma IJdtVi HiU, »9rnnti(]^ [i> lEuBhw^nh'* «UlMi#i)1-p Tip* hul Alrruly tdul Tii 
Abbgdn fn tni^r nt flr* Mimpun^Mi nI inUnifT- IIut^wi tdpv «v<ry fmLJ, tb'n iM 




About, ftll iiiicbt, un lli» t|J7 b Mopptd by tkao of hU rr^a Mot^'CA, ^« 
■*t Flmrrr* (nmr WoHuti), ■«• tbn Kln^'ii Totm aU •■lir on 
Bnrroofib Uill, otovt fbnc ia Unrinamuig; ' Smig ihdr hnt*;' nfddlx 
inahlD^ off, — Ni)rthurhn1, M it pmT#H. A% vtz^ a Cmzml of Wrt 
CMmiiroll, irr««iJr hi <iar jav, hfk« ja«t «vin« iD frtm tli« AaMtbttod 
Cfnrailn, — 'm^vivivl A-hh tihonu' Majnr Harrlaiiri. wltfi hrin4», U wmH 

*>nl, iftAiT ili» KkUj^^s iTiAin bod;. ' W«/ FalrflLi'i mi^n bod^, boir 
•Dl fbnmrd ^towarda HiU-borouch/ flnnluai; tbo King; niid tbai nij^ 
^ Fiiiluj, l^li JtJnH. — uritr (imc at ' Ciilltiiy:,' lut ftprifC^i' bin 1%^ 
is lh«ro jwy sgoh plww t — but) 4t Guileil'ur^Liffh/ WbkL it tbe la«t 
of tb« SXafffift. 

ti rjnn/t'TTrl !n \upl)y. — whifr Ifi'icij bpctji iTicm Tifi (pn^fiTjMf «hr>i]t 
balf-pcut iiinr)i ' tnkiii^^ jirinoQprr.^ &^ ^ ubd w Ihi- f(]^tiv« rouiv the 
KSngiTUt uf liiH linl ni Lritif^iilmni;'^ — wlifn ilii*r«U|Hiu driTMoff to 
Princp Rupert lU li«rh(>r(ruirli < ^rriTr.* libc'iit niidnicKt ; «JU n Ouxicil 
(*riMiiDi{ htfTiw^ir in A ohair in u liw nt^iin,' lUI Rfifi^rt luid tho rr«t gm 
fiD tkcLr Dlothi-«J » and llicn^ alUr dfibfttc^' Jotcnu! uos t^u InmisiE bac4 
to tKM tbp Boundbwulk fot iZiifi ll^pi. — Itvtau lim ut XovZty, lhar»> 
forr ; ' wi>^ (ritlrTui oihI tho Ann;), at Giul«buTOUgh^ all tHa uigbt 



tlifi nuTijiu^, nil ^urin^ Hbtfut ftvn Ht NMtnby. KIri|r ' n^fHirtAil ta hf 
ILirJtoniUifK,' uiMinjun whillihTwd dcjti j bcbTjldi * ffrtat btidic* of biA 
lri»tn :ui> ittn waning ovar llift IfUl from lUrbiimEigti [a^aMi Qs;' 
— hn Km tunuti, and ia ^ fif^tiai; n^ ihonT U'^j put our Aruy bi 
«iW. — * Urifi^ Oiltuw [NrJ iKirlhweM wf Nhwliy/ ' Up* hr^mr ut Um lliU 
nnini%( AawL «iui whI' * hivr ^vmetbiiig like n irll«^ * Krnt; Im kutik rmt 
ctf iir^»t in « biillow ; bui rotfjMi dp a|r*in (ikatvt tin,' juid umiv rvkkqiiiy^ 
drnvH uui r>ir bAtUri. W4 full buhf * itbuul a buodroil |«««i^ fr«ai lb» 
bctiB of (be UUl/ to blitir iJoniTliiA jujJ out pluin; h* rwbvft ia ihft' 
fulrr* Ibiukijii: vt run i' mn^h nF Itii orduanoc Uft buhimJ \ -. tii*> BsUl* 
jwnB 1IU tliT rnj l<mtf uf thv lljlb Tbpir utmJ. I^^tfcm Mfwy; wtn, 

" About lfar«« bundrvil Mimki'irtn nf otin ^m tbr l>'ft Wiug, an ft^* 
YAuMd » btik, as ft CotIotti, dwfi tb<* j<f«9 vf UiD Kill ; Iboy rHin fldttgt 
M Ktfpnt cbvfiM Oft Ir«<>jii luul ftkippou ruuitniukJ ki ihk ijuiintf p' 

« Biatawurih. vL MiDwptiii^ hvm Thi PwlktMBl CaiwiiMi l i ni ). 





' liRDcrord H'tlftMi* A Mini t*f ihSeXttfl vl-d^b nin* rigtii 3r>vnt lh» Hill, 
U UoaI irilh (ViLiudL Ohny «(iJ Ti w iln^rr jiih, - hll oufofd M prMVUl, ftbd 
fircg ttiidly OH Ruf pTi ns bn gfillopH pwn. — rrjiriwnll \» *in xhf ciff ivme 
Bight (ttulmMnnB^ pnn of the Hii!) : hp, MpMifllly Wlmllcj utirii-r Mfn, 
linflhtB Hnwn ftrfiHT Tbi* EriPiiiy*ii rljurgr' (ipward.t (wKkb L* Icyl hy Ijing- 
i1:lJ«> rHd Uk* i>tti^Ti - 4A4tt(nx uii] charur- ii> E.h^ w'miit^ ; nvit vrjtfi>iril hard 
eunlag: % ifiHiit Ji'al iin^HiUi'it ' by ftttmi-lMUitLr-'i' anil * n. nririy-wnrrr^n.' 
7A«e RjifiiLitt ilomo, LiiuffdfiU'ii* Wixi alj WUml thfur iWn i-Vit, ' n 
qvtftFT of n [iiDt froiD tlir Biiltlo-fCFoniidp' — i.f. uuir to Om [inwiii 
Karin <if L>iut Itillt or Iwwikmi thnt iuilI Clipetiw ; nnd tiovcr fou^bl 
«ipiij:, Su lliHt Crtjiiinrll httil <iu]y u.r kn.-j> r/<fm m dicck : nud uU bin 
own MiUn bnttla 1<:k Iho li-fl nt him t wlin'h 1h< [iiJJgVDtJj did. 

''OiJT EtJifltt WtLtfj;, Mk'ji, Lu liinb-ii l.in^iLili'- But Buiitirti on iJw 
v^*r (iJiJrif ibf lifld, liwirK Umk iiur L'ft : *vct ' Butpnl likJl/ * F-miiy 

on In nur lUgga^ii tnLin (vTiivh «tundi nn t1i« w>HAvwt ivJv of tha H&m* 
rf iif uii] ' Rut^JLJt * JLijcl ' Fi'iinj/ but Dtirtljvurd uf ' LiiEmr^ 
,' vtry shIht ' HilU/ J jHiTrvnTu !}, Out oxtf<.*»io Lt^h wna 
mcoffre! try |Nt« Mid iliii-lir>' iu rlmr^iui: ; ai nuj nLir\ it |i>bi ilui 
duu;^; fled ^ and KufM^rt uu«p t«>>>k i<j jit^i-kiu^ th* HitgfrHffii nfiJ itii 
GiunJ, — \n vaiD, ^ud with vrry HJUitiTrid JirUy, Tot uiir MhItj iMltla 
»-lM iWi ia ■ Cfitirol it&tc ; and might hav« Lcci) ovenot, nt Ihu iru- 
Uaiti battles — vu' H<.itw> uti ilio Lcfl vf il gWbii; vitj i 
tK0 Klit^* K'Kkt ' rvirriiii|^ (]}i iiiN< Hl^fit*^ r>vvr tlio brav of fbfl HiL], 
'nhh ot^ii (rmblc «i>!l(*y/ *\i<\ Uini with 9WunJ» tiud mittkot-bult*, -^ 
' rrtfittly all llr<|.' Mmlly nJI : av<vtj>t lbi' OSt^t?, who ' tnnt^bvd tho 
fivlui>.' ' fell tttUi tlifl IlMrrTc* wiih tTicm/ &c- Aod then, mid ikvei^cs 
THrtff nrthioi; otij and the -^ibir* fjiHt-iiiu tj» Tb-iH ; ntiil C■p>pn^v^ll Iwing 
virTlorirnn nnd (iilic;c:<til oh thi^ KJKht, Attd Ittti^^n iilln inntiufc iIl<i Bnif- 
if»g* Oh thf lii^ft, — thtt uhidrt ImfcrnftiJii wit* *tpo Imfl rffriWi<7J ; nnd tUa 
KXo^t F'hil A^iil itLbcr Ftiriiri vt4n-;i11 driviiu iirll-uicll down iho HUl : 
iov*rtb Hum Hill (vt nufjcrr/rff of iho jniVHUt Fbnii-hmiBi>, T think), 
Thi^Ff* iJjc Kliij; aljll Tftuoil) — ji'iD^d Al Ufil by Itcrpurt, A)»d Tinj^lin^ 
to nitr hu llorfi* fur micil^rr bnixh ; tmf ilx^ Fihii w«ii]lit imt bnir, Thit 
Pout wcrv >U uff: niKi tlir' llnr-i- i.Htt epi^iii^ Cniiriwi^H wttb aU oht 
HoTM Aiul vlfTtorti>iM Fixil D'lW infiiln r.uulj r»r n wcmid cbnrifi*. a-uuld 
lot tHaoA U : btti l>Kjhv ; *aA diwiuicd^ lowtinh llArljor^-ngh. Lcicca- 

"Th« FiL'ht VcdD nt Ua o'ctnok ; ' 1uti*d 1bn« bouni* ther« woro 
VTrw At* lh<tri«tTtd Privincifft ; hfiw rnanj HlJhin I rhnaot telh" 

< Cljwridcni^ 

t CnrnnJI'i Lamr. 


Al'I'KNUiX No.@. 


(Ik) CoIomI Piokftnag, A .U^t>giidhi>d Officer, wIh^ kut jmuUo 
avplottWM M Ihr BbM-m iif BiufiQ^ HniLMs hiu oiught die Cfddtotl^ 

i*j bul doring thntfp W44 vnnVtr-AfiMaitnn* ; ami iLfiar » fpw ^p^ 
UlDMfl, <«t Atrlnr" (At. Mvy G<kry) wh^ru th« h«»4-quanfTirM, « 
dsftd Sir t^itth^n, U\* hnnhpt, k»ji li«iditig »«« in PiulUiiiiiii, wifi 
Btoc^ Mmi:v yd bcfuro him i - Coooin Drydcb. otm <luj In Iv l*«<i 

(p. IW> bu A p»JiiW <DRf of ''wnvwfiil vi.ff»o tiVFf Hi'*! Cok4U)l 

'*&1», — It's tilo doain ofSIr Gilhwi Vj4k4.u-iT]j^ UmL bi» 4ahvM«> 
Bruthofi CoTubtl J'iuluirinfE, tlii>ijl<l hn intarr<.U Li; ytmr GnfTt^m i auJ 
U> tW 4itrl hU ruiiiini] imy Im nokmriiiiv) u-itU Lin uKjnh Ui-t»it ilh kn 
uicmurj cikll* fur, j<m arc 4»Lrc<l U> jfivv tUL pi^MEbk Mtf^iMiuiiv Uiifvlrb 
Itw (ivtieQlum tFill W ufff^ivd ttk you hy hln Ujifnt. MAj^ir -lolibdi,* with 
«Lc«a I dcwru jvn to ^irocur bt-neiQ' 

*' Ami bifTlL'vtt Si, Sir, juu vrlW tuA ciu^/ la; « hiigi* oMIgnticin Dpon 
nja^lf lui*! nil \\i« OlB^nt eif lltb AtTtij, bu'. T >lnn> aH'iirr> j«a tb« 
Ouunr&l UlnMilf wUl uki< It tir lUi fttjiviitl fLiinr, nml will ootlnl Hgi» 
mUnvt a foil (wknowlgdipnMl^ — tUii vhul urxnl [ prompl him lo *> 
honomlln an actl^m wiuwD ovn hig«nukty vlU W nrfpiin^i tiMffloWt 
hmctu t WhfTvo' fMU AMurvi I 


IMI) afrtdimUIIf toroad up, too Uu for iit*eKioD b tbo T*it, m&j Qod 

r TTit* r>r«t, ffhfch 1A fiklTy Amh) (Ju*t «ngt^t 'lap hoA^m tbo Hittl* 
tXNivIr)^). liut !iiu bj«it li# ^|■^■jCv AdilnUf inuj wHlinut urnth doobt 
Iw rvferrrd to Elj Bikd tbii '^ PoniAfloHOni " g<iag on thflr*,* 

t •'QutiiW'~ Im vTiL*>. 



wam^tme^^l mvI Kkibnl ismu. Lol « ncv lirt-Mtwork ha mb4o whottX 
i^^nxvl,^ Md A UP* »\-'rk half inuAkcl-ihoi bcMoJ ihft old wrn-k ; 

Kroo^ pi^t. - Ni>t hATiog ukorv, J ivtti 


Z "^ir Uvitli^Kirtti,'' B^mnot, of Catlidt^Ha!liiMrX<rwmar1u>i, 
li Nei»tAT f'fi Cfujibridj^rfliire ; »iIh ivo, tliere 10 emdJl iltiuM. tn tbe 
filf^ CotomitMO Bt LuiuIoq;*-!* wnalod nav fbr & nuriflll Ciruntj 

Thfl " TOth »f Hirch," M w* tiKRf-, i« Inrt th^ fifth doy of ih<r then 
!(pw Yp-ht : OljTfT, ^ r fiod ftfl«rr »oin0 rtagpriTL^, St Iiin dnlr wi!T not 
nil vtll (itW ■hiuifH, — Uk'*> 1hf> rij>hiT I'f Ihfl l>M Y«Ar, n« oqi* it apt 
loilxACidfui Ifkt? ttin trriliT '' |i>1rl* A* thin Rnlry, nhniVil fmru 
ihfl CoavQiraa JonrnaN,* irill tnvfm^aUj ppirvitf, c<v nMdcn of hU Loi- 
ttr: •'John flt'bsm Eu^. Jisuii»ed from U'jn« fl WilT uf Oambridgr na>t 
Bimtia^oa Shirw, and THitrfim /h/mnywf A'*/, flp/inwiW m Mt 

Kd: of MatuJ] f^dtow^n^, mmnH Iii47. 

^ JV CAf HPHora^bk Sir Dwtity X<yrth : ThfML 

Mwvl b tbv Jftl« I'f Elf. — mill K'AUD uddygn* 4a jon idajt ponvivc; 
»«w l*fl I'ln ; ifliljr Mr. Dliimond, now Higfi Slipriff nf llw Cnutilj, «nd 
»} BivlJiW I>e»b»iDn', oddrd. Iltrrv belug (T«ftl WADl rif ^ii« In Oinl 
put *€ ih* bio vturc 1 Uvt^ ^ 1 d»ir« jnu 1ft join vridi m« In a Cvc* 

*' Your tmnMf" f-rvimt, 


■ OriffinJ noir ( If^.v, IMH) m tto DHpikl CbUig«, BnCoL 

* Ortgipid la Ihf poHew ji4i nl Uk Kjj^, W. 5> «pLUi« L'ubacna, (if I'BkaiiUftU 
L ■ ilMrrmliTir od tb« Niirtti r«iiiiljr. 

ft.fi— Vol. 9 


No. ft 

LAijoiviuT Battlb (lOib July, 104^). SiruuoHa to WorcHifnia 
\a «ar Ten : *- 



thA goodnnm of OnJ, «hri nttn jLjp]^i«iftm fur nt- A]i4 an far ii)i» ivo lmr# 
■MO |f»^ th&iijr* in tlib luM [iicruy, — !l b nul infcilw to auj Vc ba 
bod : ^ n» HltnTMh. 
*^ Wo «(«r? fuJ^ADccd to Li>nff<8ulMQ| Dcnr & t^j fltri>D|c pbww of 

tauDlllon, In a (iLlcw cxIroniDlj WAi^tinc &» prHividiooo, — the ^talLxixuM 
Clubinuu liilcrpcHtng. who »m miidy m taXu lUI julviuiugva a^^obI ouf 
pAftiotr uiJ vroulil ubilcubicdly tJikc iLtui iigiuii4t our Annj, if thcj 
tiaJ u^i|Hjr1 unify. — Q<irtDg rlihul u|Hni llii< iirUuiiEiWO* "f »lrt>ug punum^ 
tO^j^Uft iinttl ihtf nvl 'if liiv f^wim&Ui miiKi ap i<> h» Army, vilh 4 rmolu- 
ilon iHii iDifitEayn until tin'(tvill>» hiuI Priuiw CltArliHt liii mi^a ^v'C[v ixium 
np to him. Wc cocM 0**1 ir*"!! Uhvo npwjpiUilDd him 1o &a Engftg* 
tiii-ui, u(ir butr sitA/ed om- ilnj- VhTignf ttUhoui fvtmatm^ lo cnir •mm 

" In iW nii"ruii]|i, w'iril «»* UctHi^lii un, Tlml thw Ewflmy Ar*w auw 
Ho i!id «o, with iL roB-^luiLon (u uikd motl of hti i?4Qacia riuL hB^nMir* 
Ut biidgemtcri — which ho rffcdod, -^ but wiili a riwiliuloD aut lu 
Bghit but, truitmg to hii ground, thjuluag ho ooQld uutks vway At 

^^ Th* pHl WHi 'ti'hit tH<twi."']i fuiri Ami uv ; h^ briau^ht tvit ^omi^ml 
to oerurc hU, fttid IaU Iim Munhi<t'<i'r:t pLrtiii^ly lu Ujc* h4'ili:<4- Wi' |ii-il 
nif hU nAiiumi^ ifl]\ ddirn upfiu hit M'ukKocn, l^nt tlioni off fmm t 
•Udiirtlif AhJ, whnri wv IIoth rinild trdTcrlj p«u Ivo nbrf^Al, I coid- 
piu>d«d Major Itflthtfl xa rhnrpEn lfi»iTn vri(h \wo Troftj^ (if About oft* 
buDilr^ And twrijly llLinr. Which h* |>rrfi>ttiipd iffith tl^r |ErMt««l 
llslUiitry itiinj^iiinWr : — Ihsi bnrk (Wo 1»«Imi« i>f Ihu Kuftiiij't H<va«, 
Maje Oiirii^tr'Mwii HfiinidF \ l-r&kc Ili4?iii At nfiord't-poLDl. TKa Entoiy 
fiu0gnl hlin slih n^.if 11)0 frHli Me-tm- ^ wf th«ni >I1 gning. - nnUl. 
cpp^wni with tnallilij^<v, U bmlcy llirciui;!! itiPtn, wilh the htw unt of 


III- 1 



alwrtv tbTM or ArM t*<ai- Sln)tfr D«»b<.>nkW ac^^qiM liun, wich wiuc 
i<k*r<tf ihnAii Tloi^B, whlrli iTi^ oboni Ihna. Bi^ibrl fiii-Ml ntHiiir; 
■ibd ihef both muv^J. «i irvrord'^'poiDt, a ex^m tody «f ibo Eucirirfl 

t^ il »M Umbp till A'mafiiiv- ^'ur FiMtt, iii ibti iiirui liirw, ckiiuui; na 
lirtVAif, Jtml hfuiltt^c ih" KiTfin^ fnmi llinJr vimi^Ui. #■» [inw^nllf hail 
ikr c^AM la LAiig]Hkrt (Uid Ilridi^cvalcr* We Uqik Mud h^IUil nbojit 
2(IIOp ■«- bni1i>< alT h1« FniL W^ 1iiiv« uihm Tvry iftiiEiy Honii>4, ttnii 
eij<lliifanihi» PiiMMtj*. Whnt «« eJuia wr tn<nv iiuC- We Ljivc iIiq 
UmnuBl-OvOVisI <if ihv OrrliunKi' ; (^iloiml I'r>'M-ki). HiUiiirl H^iViw. 
ipcten, Colon*! SIkmaby, w* lu^fv uf, bt^idcn i\-r^ nmuy 'itixr Uffiocrv 
c/^cvlliy. All AUJiir^Gf^nml Muiwr'j ^ny vnuu-ith liiui |Mi>«^j|, 
•PTsn <« <if;kl milM frau tUi - lud about lw-p]vi> luinilrnl of oaf FiHil, 
■mI thnv KfinwatB iif our tl'>nw- S» lb»( wv lad htft Sr\f^n Kcgl* 

"T^B* jtiu Hia wliat iIm Tdiir^ hjilli vrimiifbl f«r m- Ciia mn jr rmMuro 
Ueribo uiylUnA Vy tlaeKT Xow f«ti vd je<td tho ftbry lo Ond. *i>d 
ik«fm nU cmy di>». fbr tt :iitUiIiip unia niin! — Tlim jn; Unvc lAmgC' 
SyllM nC««y A4dM4 La NiuMiby uMJTVf. Aud tv vlv tbid, it it QoC W uti 
ibcr iii^ uf tiod ! Y<ju bdvp hnid uF Nueby ; il kvus a 1i4|ipj vjctary. 
A« is liw«i »'» iu tlialt U"H wibt jilivutod ^l iiho 1L« fiTrvnuijv: nuJ if men 
vtm W iJiJilIi'ii'Etiit uimI nvvitQ wjtli ci>vy, wv knirw Wlio )i;li}i -dliJ, ir ilwy 
frill dot HCf ^pl thoy mhiill B4*o, nnd \>t> unYiMiioA iur thoir unvy al Ills 
rco|jlb -- ] «iB aay ibk of Kurb^, T1*l wfcen t hwp' :be Euoniy ilniW 
^ Afld muT^ m ffallftoL or^kr tc'WiinlK ii«. nthl i^'n .t Kritrkpntiy ^tf poor 
VDOtaart iiiim. Ui «<^h lit^w L^i hiiUt uur bnlllti, — ibu Gi-nvn^ lmvju|f 
qwiii»*itl*d mn tA «if«r idl Ibo Uorw, — I cnuld not, Hdinff nloiw obout 
ay bwiiifM, but nune o\xi to Ood In fndacv, >a iwurBbcc or vv^lof^. 
tuimroi bod voald, by thhi^ thai an colt bnnif to nfeiitflif ihitiirs tbat 
m. Of «b)idi I lutA gtrat asaurbDCc; ajiJ OcU iliil Lt Oli thni mva 
vould cLnx'fcir* fimiAo Ui» Ijord. ami divlnm iho tvaudc-n: Out TIp lUrrh 
far tbv diS)<lri>ii uf aum i 

"1 foBnui write morr piirtii<ij]cui nciv, I tm g^Lng lo ilio i«ci- 
iletTOQ* «f utl our llorvr* ilirw milN (tdiii Bri JflEPvi^lrr ; vr march 
rtoil vrsy.— U k (1 *n*ainiib1? ni>>rrt, T rnnnoi Iri^ti^r mil ynu ihna 
write, That OvA vnW gja <iu! — W* h*vp IaIhij ivr» (run*, three air' 
ftaf^ i£ itmnmniU'M- In tho fhuc, th* Ennny qirttpd IjingiHifi; 
wfaoi ibry rfeft utit I'f oio? cud of iLc T'uwi], wc cDt<n<J tbo oi^r. 
Tbi<9 AmiI lli>l At uhifih in^ nThjiiiliI riuucT Hliirh hlinli'ml out fmr- 
tntl i twrt w tfvni'wk Tunay ol tl^in- I bolieru wc jgvt TKakr fifteoa 

buadf«d IIOCM- 

1 FMI, 

A f^upli? of rnontK* ihArr ihii Imttlc^ OUvor b bvforv WiucbMUv, ui4 
'* 2b the Jtfi^w *i/" «A* nrj^ f/ WiHchairjr. 

'Sllf^T ooTQ^ QnM'> IfiiK ClTylint wlih A falL rfliulTmciU 14> ntTik U, 
md tho InLnbirAUffl t3i<ir<'>ft rn>i(i ruiu- 

■■ I h»V(» OJiinnuu}rir«l thi* mrildlrn^ tipcni (ku^n nf duth^ Tlial nt» WTniig 
W ibnn: — wlibli I *TjftU Mrintly obHTVi?! only I pxpffot ymi prt tn« 

if I do, iinii il wilt Dol be in tny powur tD Mva ynn cir Jt. L «xp«cC yi>ar 

^' Voiir humbbr acrvfttit, 

No. la 

Abkv TRr»ii»LE8 IS I5I7* 
[VoL xvtl. fj. SQJ.] 

vcU* OominiBury-Cf^urriLl Irobun Jkiid CVJub^l Fk'Ptu'L>od," nil UnubHi 
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vU ytta VuU«t' — to mUmy uiy Ul*<wutf<uti tl^t cnti^ V- UDung iho 

"We Jodp^ thia way m<«t likdy 1c bv V^p<n^ to yonr Mrvltc: 
AMglk it mkm «rui« lunc, by rwu^m of ib» diitnnn^ of ih^ qiiiLncri, 
WImm nr««lMU bMTO auytlutiK worthy «f ynflr luinwlfvf^o, «v «h«U 
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«coffpt Caloivl WtiiLildy'B jirttKJtJt lU uur Mo<-itn^; — which ffu aptm 
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*' AAur *in»u «laM<>[U'io oflervJ ncto Ibcnn, About the n<vn«inn of tho 
Ml Hfwjty, l u y^iwr iHib iLe Jei^jt bciuk? tLi- Puriiaiui^ut liai] iif sunji; Dja- 
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HoEiflA of romraoiu' Vol« iiiit'i U^om ; iirlipn*hjr tlifllf[tho ParUjLmrnrii] 
mxt of i^vIdk the Army MlisTiirll'^u Eni^lLt n(>poar : dcwiiDg tttm [fur< 
lheTtna»] Tniiw their nrmiKt Hillgmrf* wllli &11 good ntuv^r-nw And 
offuTl. bj improTtui; thtli iiileroU in ihc SoMirM, /f r thdr mtics&elioia ; 
And that iT^iy vonUI MinmiiniMlr Uy tlwir f^iMlfra Ihw VotM, lof^thw 
vrtilk Buoli tafjmi&tMiu aa ih^j^ r^'-riin.<i| ili(<ih frrco tin, lo ihr mJ tbvir 
itJatttm|ri«r nil^^c bn aIIajivJ- — AfUr ihU h^il Wn uUd. ftnl n Copj «/ 
tlio V>iMi Jelivorcd Ui tin? ChJof QfflMir of ovcrf frjqv-FTlvc RogimcDt* lo 
bo mrnmuTilQiivd ni AfoniuM, wd il«trvd iheiii To p^vcv ai a ipMilf hob 
onunt i>f tht- lUivtw <<f their ciulD&t'urB ; i^J ifin aD7thin|r thirf ucnM 
orir HfK'ir^wir M'fwJKlHiiiV' l^ir furtl^rriiitf lb» u'nrk» we i^lntiilil \t^ fVtdj 
horv Jkt Sikffroi; W^dftci 1i^ jfivii tt t-lium* v\i-v\t uoli'^i frucn thtfm. 

*' W" ^Miiuit ^ti» yaa a full nrnl |iiiTLi-timJ lu^n^i^iil nf th« pftrt1<^nLtf 
diAfiiii{)orv withtko cn>uiLd> *A llicui^ bocjionci ilic OiBoon wctt Ao^ir^vu 
to b(f tfAjin] thrrolQ hj uft, qiitU they might maMo & f&ftht^r tnqutrjr 
Ainoti^ Ihc Sa|ilW»» Jhnil #re wbnt tflwt your Vot44 nnd their frbdrovori 
mit^Ul h»v* witTi tbrni' Wi- lUnirt' ■* kimh-iIj nt\ iutvuith ft iSEv bntl- 
IWM M rii(;h( WflJ bo i but. upim ilic deiire of iho iMQecrs, th<»UKl)l U 
Ti»'fi«W!ify fi>r tJip tPTvipp Tj> giv(* ibrin until SiilDnlHy kmI * tn bnng a* 
ftu RiCi^uutit of tliiTir bu«iu<»», bj rtsawiu thr* lUf^iinoata war* *(* iv 

*' A* AUjtLiag foElfl out vorlhy ofyour kaowhsdac^-tfc sIuUJ rvprCMUl 
It; Vid iu the inoJiu Umt^ «liidy lo JLppr<iv<^ mirKlvm. 
" Your mo«i huiuhlc wrrTADiSt 

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Commons iloHSf: Theitf^] 

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" 6tBa — ^ Wc hariD^ mruh* somo progpw in (ho Uu«i d^bb ywJ COtn ■ 
uauiImI ub ujivH) wi*iifv »M iv^lv* jou thiH wsoiiiit. Whioh, uhhiongb 
Ur<>ni>> bol vfllh tLai •xpAdltM^n you luay oxpctot ilil(1 yt'iir lAhUT ftfljiin 
rixjubv. yci irv hii|>c yim wtU W ploiuuiil if^ i}xiT(tu> Tin uidi tho tvrigtift 
of lb* A9ur 1 in «>inpiuuoQ vharouT uolhlag that t^tr yot wo undvr- 

Aity rud" (OnMjl j >- Mf H Tiiwlay, llUi Mm>, H4T>. Iho UiUr hu* Ui 
b« si Cnonili vrJtiDC, 



th^lHUO prove, oor KrcAli'fl r-tMiifirl t\ Tli&l Mir Ti>wiL-k<iio« bp&r tu 
w1tiM4« iw hnw, wording ti oiip fibilliitu, fwloavrTftd fidllifiillr to 
MTT« 7i>u anH the KiD^om. 
" Til* ni!lrfn m|ifilr«il M lU 4t SAffrfm Wdi!«ii rjpon Sntordi^ Inat, 

friW <>■ U oar tui M^'Mlnv ; wtiirli wnit. To mnil yniit V'it«* l" ll>r 
Svldiem andrrr ibcir rf«|M^-lLtK mtiiinAmU Ttr ilivLr Mhtl^faotlon, (tpJ fo 
IvproiD ihfilF tntofdAl friithf»1[j Htul hntii^iiily vrlib lliAm lit chjtl onrl ; 

and « true rt(>n<ff*titjinnn of ;tiv ti>ii]pcr of t1ii> Army. 

" At thill \ErclJii^ wv Tiwivrd wliit thtiv hjtd In nff-T to m. Wtiicb 
lllij d^lirtrvd lo tu tn vniibg^ by tlti< hitodi f>f tome ch<-*ru by ihc tvtX 
vJtbe Officerp thflu praapul, t^a^ in lIid namp vt difi n^it of tl^p OffiMn 
end of th* S«1iSore imdvr llivir t-^imiiiftnJft- VV^ifh wna ckA AofiA till 
8«mUj in 0]« r-vmiiiiir. At whjcli tuiu% adi] Ijkottljia Wi^ro i)|>on Sftior- 
Aiy, w* MqnahitAt thftm all with a l^iii>r (mm tbo Kurt of Mn.n*h^rt«T, 
*¥prf< * fim that ui Art uf luilemQitj. latat- Mf\ fall b-'kJ p«ah'J xhc 
lloaaa rf C'rtmmooi;* BOd that two woekt* pay mur« wi< toI*i| to thwM 
ifut wore ilinbaDdASp m «I» to tficiu tljut uudenaok the acrrifo <£ In- 
lanJ^ Aud, thjuking fit to rljiiom thv Offi<wna lo ifidr ftT>vc-niI eota* 
luaadat " m\\ but Kiiiiu tbnt worr M iilny h^n aboDl fnrduT buoiuMai ^ 
V* H^vi' thvin lb eliar^o To MirimiiniCAtn ihuo ImiI Votw to thMr Sol- 
ifirtit, *ud tt> tijiprvve tticir ut(uu«i iJiUifoncc Aud bLrrcut fur tlidr l>«M 

*' VTtf mttflt rurktiovWgD, w( fouDd tbv Army uaJeir a df<4ip tww i-f 
«mfi ftirffifriTi|E«, unil tlio or>iniiifiTi ^ildl^n rnnrHi iiiwetllnl ; tvh<rrfn^f, 
Ihat whkh wii hnvc to roprtHnt to yoa ^^411 e\y^ y»*Q a more pfrfoct 
tIav. Whiffh, Iw^^nw li AMUiiElii of many puprr^, a.Di\ iipi?<1h ^p^mr moTC 
mptkod tn ibfl reprucntktiou of them to yi>u tlmu cnn W -lotii? I>j l^^iti^r, 
■nd IbiwimelL lu wv wi'n< Hviiit ilnwn hy ymj tih injr HfTiinil dmrtE*^ ta 
do 0tr hai to jtwf '^ iSrV'/ifr- v'n «frfrr, —wo -ir» tml vol! talutloJ, 
■uy uTiu^ ii> ii^w UiH filiti^ii Liir iluLj yuL) nent iia Ut, until wit havL* it^n 
■i^ttcaUon fif your pIc^tLftiLM la lu. T« whiolt 'vi: ahidJ moct rcnJUy 

eontvn; and mo, 

'' Your mfat Imiiibk* tt^n'nnts, 

" l*ji. Sritpos- 

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U;o tlEoe whoa it *nwftmt»Iu<u. i» A^irvmu, L64&;^ and, ox^ mnj inf.r, 

Of Kdwnnl*, Mid hn niJOilovJii, ait'l h'w w<<i]er«T«i uc» f>tb(Td<*Ar |ru«hAi 
occumd Ur luis Dut mi Mvjliv*v OniurU lUntuiuutluliin?, thv malvriliU 
CoUio«) X^ioiAi Hagb«a, thu lolJointL^ old >iot«lukJtDED«dDp,Aad w 
pHnledlu IT91. 

[Tb Cb^fTHcF ffitffhes. Chrjiiitov Coatte-] 

Aabf^ tlci uUfiLil Lhn Cuuncd of Wai, id ouku gniHl vtuu ihaj itj ai 
Ibd^tnfiU. Ifitt if Iju favr wfHXdiil '&(«■ Ur g^ th«iD into Mi'Uixioa;liAliUl 
lbi<n«uu£i). IVhftl Mr^ ll<-rburt tLLnl Mn^ (-jiul^Hik huh (nic) proaa*ad 
Id tliMn ill jHtltit nf iiulifiiiDiAjr, J tmll <uJfihV<:ir t-f ti*vn it [H^armo4 } AtaJ 
I JnAm 7i>u l^^cvitify u inacli IhiLlcli fur tluif ruicuu^iTiiiKiJl, I jirmj 
4otfUB •pccdUj ofuif receipt hnr^^of, And 1 ihnlk Kmmn 

" YL>ur VL-rvAUi, 

ft. A ihort Lmmt 10 ;fat ConnainoH '■( Ctimiiinh«ii. The uneifiiit 
** Iroa-Amaou*" nt OaroDftithM, Iho " Cvinciotlcc "^ uUing Lhcrrs tKo 
** IVpvt'* ur PrvcbuuAii- ju fhiin ibp Lraifiirt : (hiitei, And UiaulJitrr poiuu 
of Utu LcUrr, viU b» iutftUifiblo to Uto rooJor. 

"F«r i»5>tuM/VimcU'Aff OmniVfart/Cw-intirtiM.- 21k«M 

hA» y<iur Tuft^A^r^uM Mid Miifluuio* lu j«o>curiiiiG nui^o luw^tfaKM lo 
iw cMi In tfic- Iran-fbnuMs in yoar vtutilj ii Cnrr-uAnhan, vhleh will 
iko bttior onuUif m i4 rriucw 1b» 1 ovu bihI Cietlv <if Pcmlfiulub 

t ^Wwh»« Jvmm^s Ir. W add V. 11&, 

> Th« JWyr^cr. «d>l«d 1^ Sb £. lltiiifiB 4 UlidaD. Uirc^ Jjai J, if , Ufr4» 

\vKr„*^n msTiiKiiANCES. 


thvB vc d<>03Tv mnj be lif Aaurtccn idc^cm fLod I^rcc-L^garscn nf An 

ich. HiHt whtiJ^ 1 dfHirt kI jriTtr IihiMh ii< T<» r.iijiip tlin Ftrvlw to Im 

'rfanrii^t, Aiirl l^tU with aH piwhit^lf cxTN^dtlJ"!! ; t^t^'X f^i if tl hv ihv 

it] i^f fidt tho wrvEi^p iKilrifl: ilono, iIima p/mr vmuvl rainTJiri^-* timy Ih" 

riatd from the burdcu <YIhl^ Arit>y. 

" In th0 nntl ptiuv^p ir(s rii?(in' nnmr* D oi&Tinr>n-th'n, ind tmni' fijh 

v«ria'ali<it| may wUh iiU poBaibtu tfpvml Imt oiiit for oa, nod tutted to ub 

" W« i^vo yuTi ihj4nkii ^%r your cnr« In lii>l]>inu ilj^ nith bmuJ «id 
[wnf ttf]. Voii *ln hcrrJn a vrrry *jnvlnl unilcn li^ t!io Swf**; And 
I do DiMt nanj«tly ^omri? yi>u to ointjiiuc hcrr^ini (i«GorJiuir ui our 
dctKA? ill ibc l&U' LcUura. [ dr-hUt thut F(i|iii<d uf this PiLp^r' jawf hn 

hr iliff M*e ff tluf MKiniyt nnd tc> AviiUt ilio kvp>iigtug of iIjc i^iinuy 

*^ Not diiubtiug Uie conUutiAiiac nf your nin> Id giw nwioUdoo to tb« 
iu tlw Borvion wc hrnvv iei hand, I n^ei, 

'* Your tfiTL-otiLimm Mrvtrnt) 

"0. CBOkEWBLL."' 

& l««Vl0r foiiudt 9^tnt y<iftrv A|f<p, nmuug Llm 1fitub«r of '* Bt> JUIInti^A 
(Ju^D**] old FAjitlA (^ iUt^ Tfordia Horlwn in Mnniroiiihuhkro : " AAArvtA 

IlpnepftfidaoteoaJcctankW whb«oy MrUioty ; Litlvr <Tvidoi]t|y pvcnino, 
r**«ud ktHI hnriging ctihMitly ah piiAi«>ir1pt ht Ijf^ttAr LX. (vnh irtt. 
^ 314) i^ cUl0 th« dAy bi^fcm. 
r [?Wtt^i/tmtffi*6fc/r>!^ft(*rJ//fr&rrl,or .5f. JiffianV: That] 
I '* Sfn* -- I wonid bftV* you l*- bo iufun^uid thnl 1 \n\Vf ifrt^l puj^iTrt of 
[four tMivt pnu<liro» i^iiinht Th« publiit niLvAaiJi|r<' ; by mmim whorwd 
VtM urob-iTAJi'jr ^ NirJii>lA« Kohlcvti. vith hj» Uuno, did Mirpruio Uio 
4'-iJitl0 iif riitjiwii-iw; hill wo Imvi' iioiitljli* dWoviTy, frvtn the pftj»r» 
uk*^ by C'»it'Ntl E^cor ■ ^'H Nii>fv<Tin4r thv CutJi', 'J'TnH Sif Troror 
WulUiim of l.lnit^hby iViih iIk^ MuIujuuliL wlui »i^I 4>[i fiHil Chu ploU 
" NuW I 9&ve yoa thid pUlu vrunuuji by Ciijtliuu Niisliu^Ai luid Ckp- 

> Itnrlir'* '^■^¥»^i' nnd /Itiivr^MJ /tTwrnu^f n LomhiiK 1MI>. p. Aft*. 


100 APPFrXDIX. 2io. 11- J^ 

ufai Bnrgn, Tlut if ym hnrlinr nr ninri<ai1 (fiiJa«ir«f tb*|«1lr«ar sVt 

jotir Min, 

fltdlawLng l}irv» Psftrr* ; rmiUiuirhH. Mlli vi^hLi>, nt i}\i\rt'» inadt 
through iliu^>i \'tktu TwfUlU J alj, JiiTo of xhv firiT I'aiicr, li itt qkv- 

"Wtt fMklnjf iui[hnrl3E»d hy Pjirlliiiniint u- vji-v Aiid noniMnr vtiM 
Gomjooa And PUecA of Strvb^h mv Gt lu l>o Jfniiuljdbui i and tto find' 
lug that l)u> C^jrtk of Huierfurd iH not l^]Uib1i< fiir ihe wrri«9 of thii 
Scau* and jbl thai 'm m*y hv pouriMtxl Lj UI-dTvctuit |Kw<iit, lo C^ 

auujiLit'it iri Eh<? EIiai'lrE^l cif ItfHJM aii^l ilu- lufiAliltiAU uf iTir Titwr n!\h 
Comiy of llavirrfortlw^i ; Jind tliat ihcy fHrihwUli linnmlUh ih^ wwrsl 
WbUr !!□ J Uwcn of tlio Hu4 CoffUr. to ru that the >aH Cootlo ina; uiA lo 
pOBtwnd 1i; thi< Knrrn j, tii tdi' I'li'lnncv'^fJ^ '■f ^h<-> jinu-ir of tZioift |iaftl. 

'* Room r^-'RT, J<>ini Lovt* 

WW, Vj Sntunky, htitig^ the ISlh of July iiuUbt-^ 

To vblnlk OliTrt •ppcnl»; — 

"TP * t|H>^y ntsnt bp nrtl 1sk«il 1i> fn]i\ tho ivkminniula of tUl 
Wwrao^ I kIiaII bv tWMniUlvd In cooudu ofEvtllinc « Ivamton. 

I "JfjiMBl U iifl Jrfrtte (WtU Nn«pspv) Cor St^rnl-vr, 1M^'^ lif 
MrtMl iiM>^ a innU uppHr, alDiiB vriA «1ti«r Mllqitfrf an f rKl'(^>rL^ U vbj ig**- 
iRnt«ao4ftkin, byr ah* Mr- W U- IVvubaiuL U Atwmuf ii Xfvf^Nri, vbo b n#v 
4UU)4ad HMMjtfn itace.^ ■'St. JnUtaV "»fr * lviri-b>wt inr Oivrbpn, 
UHHhovi^btn, *u t^ iHiuii>ii at Ihf Ur^ S«rbvt, «f ihv cvliibnAaA Lord 
Kil^iTiE <if ninkiiry Int our, — tu wUtroj mr bo bit ■!«— or. ta the Atttn^f 
tl-ink») itii* KiFii' via «1iln*Ml- Hit* jitckpl up In oimninff Uia uld Ukmit- 
kB^ «Ti> ft rftrmbrnH C«itkb It Bill III, ud |wblhh«l ttag wiUx 4lbtf ur^ 
^wrtiU iii^wmrtt» la « tcy 4414 ftjul hri;ikiH nuimv, bj tto AOcns/ vto lal 
bMD In cbiffi of IkU «iicf itJui, . 



" HMConai 8tr, — Wc rMuvinl no OrAt-f from ytfor Hon<>r And Uis 

!omiiiiit*i<, fur timdviualialuugcf OiuCodiTcicf H4VfirfMv»t Anwml- 

teg tci wblflh w hDir« ILU duj wil ibirjui w»rhiD'^ about h ; bi:t »^ Sn^ 

tW wwk VQ JilSfrdt (o lie bn}U|(til hIhiuI allIiiiiI |H.iuiivt III h\itw i^lij, 

tlui i; will fkhaul ad [bugo] aam of luunay, Ami will not in a' l^og 

*' VThAT^^rrt vo b<i«^in« i»uit«n of your Il^rnor ibiLt thorv maj a C4>m- 

1% qiwjtlijr Iff ptirtitiir liv BjMuvd out <if Oit' i^hltub fur Tlt« vpvedjr 

log th« wrrk, Aikd lh(' Cr-nnty p*ytu^ 1'»r lb@ ajLniH- Ai>i] m^ libo- 

4ciire thnX your tTpniir aart Ihr f'lMiiinitljrfi (ir p!rjiw-i cIiaI Uj« 

LoV Cfionty may joia niih ub in rhi> Vi^k : unfi ihnl nn Onlcr bo <fia< 

Birlrrrd ^>r tfio 1«t;iU|; f>f n i.T>iii|>rtf<ul autn of iiiuiirj ctj l!iv BOVirtBl 

HondnyJA iif thf- Ct^iml^i for tlitf |iHjirit{ fvr tho )'4>ijvil4ir, nnd (hifrAyiog 

" Tb&f t«in^ o^r-bold t^i ti« tr(mbli«0(n» to yoar Hmur ; t^cvtriog 
la lubttW yoor £IoDi>r'* rc*u1vu«, — wir iv»tj 

" Your UoDOT'a humWo tcrv^nli, 

" Juu» PitYK}it, JIfciyw, 


OvBpowdtf «Annoi be Bp«ted ott %HL oamnon; at>d "Uvying of 
It Hiuu " luiVD bod lIloIt dlflbultJn MiMta unv i Ltro la tbo 

(*.) ■■ TV tSe Jfoj/Ht arid Ai^rrtrum t>f ffapfrfurrUcrst 

l^tfl, jUirl thn MnyifT Jiirl AUprrniti of ttAV<>rfijr{lwi<Kt, It !■ 
tboa^ht 111 for iht proti-miit^ uf ^bv pn\<e of this Cnuulj^, that th# 
CiiilK nf HkTrrfnrr|wr«t tihmil.l W' F|»Ms!ily dumnTitihfrl : 

*'T1ww hTv Ut ntithiyritty jo^ Ui rnll unl<] yt^ur n>t<lKtAiTl^<T« (n \Uo 
pw ia c mm ioa iif tlii* i>ti'rcti*> t>, Uio lnh^MtAMi of ilto Hnarlrvdk uf 
thoffb^j, Dcw^Uuil, K«a^r Hococ itaJ KiLff^mti ] irbo art htTObf 
»ni«|f*llla^in you ub4Uji|ic«. 

'^CHtco vnder o>ir boiuli UiLd t Itb (if Julji KUd. 


APPrN'pix: Ka It. 


. y Ku 12. 

hxtiJt rUj wHh ihAt L4>r*nr m Uio Text, urging tho Tork Covtim^ 
lAc |ii httlp la piUMdi (iT Duke UiuoUtoa, Olivor write* hotjov fi 

" Wiuui, ftxd AnfuM, IMS. 
"My Lokiih avu Gks^-u.hek, — I did not (iwiui: mnuutunl wiik 
till#) Mud jiHi Alt ArcMUut iif Uc K^tvt UoBlitv uf Uu4 QpM fOCiP 

"My IvOTiLt. U ckUiiul Imt LUutgLUi<d that Pu gmtl a bmlltrflB m th 
wtjid b« wjtitoijt wiaoltvdj— ftllhoo^h I [coafMa] very MxtXb wmpikrrd 
■riih thi* ni-'tjciiJiiwA c/ Lb« Cufpi^^nvut ; thHn:< botnj; uii uur port not 
«A Uuftiln^ HlAAUf y*A miuiy U'ouuJrul And to nur lUllo It la a imI 
vfAki-.niiiM ■ ^"' ^niU:rA wn nrv Imi n liu-adfiil. ] Auhmlt Uj yonr [.onl' 
flib|«v wticiti-r ynn wiil think fil or no To rwnrit onr Uiwt wn hftrkjc 
htn Pivit )nof Ec^lmi-TiiT iif ('wA, KOcJ adr himiv w etniDdiQfljr hUlcfAd 
kit I n*-\ti t»v tb^m ]Li lU^ U'j lif'*. 

Bluw viU KDJtk^ tkntik vrry Mitfry: tTi<i priuf-lpW Ui^j «r<mi ob tn^ 
fOeb M «!iuuli| a Il1l!ri AivnliBii Englbhriitn ; int I hant linflrd h frtvn 
v<i7 good baqdfl of <hiir ova pMrty, ihnt ibv Diik» lovle thb» Uio wip- 
nxot to liiir Anuf, Thni Ih*' tAuiifl -^J Clic Cuutitry anrl — [iSqpAlf fJfct 
fifcTf fknr f>f f iro, /fom nn* of fhf papfr , |A* iNrdt liuf mftm rfaarl^, 
^ TW lAf SttT-it i£«n lo thart i/tir Zimb nmortjf /Arwt irmf onv lo 

whiirh luxunlbi;!^ hdoTtf in pirt. then* 1i«^iff n Tmrmplnnt Ailnn nf tiMief!' 
itonivn ftnd chllftrain nml of vh"Iv f-iJiiiliM in WMtin'^<-liiiid nnd <^mi* 
barUii<l< u 1 niJi erwliblr iofiinEicd \for Ihf vwmentfj — Min'li niiir* 
BilgUt b« «uJ : tut 1 firbfv- [ cficr t1 tu ;^ar Lortiikhiju ilmt ^iutt«j 

* In LMtor LXIV, («ff>A, raL nti. pp. VO-MA | 






tb*t nrfi h¥H- VtvottXf liftjH Ivi^inw 1 irHirf<hi-4 fn-m AViiiilAttr liflo VTjhfHt 
havv n>i| KbJ AAf }|t47 : ikn'l Aauin^at i\u- hi^nt^, \sty "^a lUniiU'^ni noil 
ftoirw iiUk^r^ iFT^ tniuh beliiti^. 1 wnb jvar Lord>hi|ia niAy tnjuii^fo 
it fur ihr hrn r^d^anlaip^ acd not W warrtinc ^ yourM'lvt*^ in vhal ia 
aiHMHftry: vljlnh U ihp (^rl nf mv nfTmiT^ ihitM^ tMnipi In jrnnr My 

tvr^ muif thkngi u> do w\ioh nklgbl hf 1if(ii>r iluno if w^i hiul whar^^ 
wUhaL Uur Fool Vfnal Cl<^hc0. Bbow ftQii i^UicUiugB ; lhft»c Wfly* iw.d 
vniiiW kat* ^AlirfTfil tl]«iii nil to piv<i^; tliai i^hirti vnn tba (^reiit 
Uov lu our HuTM wu (tr^iili; iho *rn4bvr and UcfWuiit luiituhn) cur 
Uucfa icu teiim U> Clghl vliU tljo Eofitny, ttuA % t'i^^it A^ntlEitiiug U-ut 
haqn iu u itin^ a |j]aiw aa ever I ukv hun« fUiid lu, iiu4, ti^HtD llja 
niUlf*rp lUi* tfomlririLUiiw of tliii F^^Tii ivo d.aj^ imjm l-'jjvibor in <mr 
Mli-^0^ t\ut Kurmy^ uiil Ijiug cUi«r hy him ibUio mirv — [ntfAJu Og^iK 
mti vtHdae . . , uutU al lifo^'tlj W»» lunltu bjin »i| h nr-AT . . . h j^mit 
party of our (i'>nA likHn^ . , . miU« |ovrnr<]H I^irii^iAUT : uliu ramo 
up . , . idi nfl, ftQil wpfi* wir.h ti* lii *!! thu Aj-Tlon]. — 'l'(ii-» tMiips 
I ihoa^lu fix W btinifiu, aoL khuvjug vhat i^ fit tt> o-sk, l>r^.^aiLH 1 koow 
DM hnw jrour AflUn lUnd, lk^t wbut y ctq c&o Kupplj^. 

"I kava pcut MaJut- General Lftiubort, upou Uic dAj £ r«xi[r«d the 
Eaoluvedj with ubovu ii»'ii itiuTisuiil htiVM ami dingiiurw uid nbuut 
fiwl«<ft tlious4hd foot m profl'Uitliou of iW lluko tf^l ll^n Noliitity 
<J&COtUnd wHIt hint; ir1ii> vill, I tlcuhl not, tj>LSr i)hi t>kpikj|jjj ^f Gud 
iHl^ hita la iIlf' 1)1lt1nc<3d^. Bui i^fkoj hit h^ina ost ixwtytiag wi^ 
bdI wn«j- — I lirtvc irul Ti> Y<irk^liinr vud tu mj Lord Cirej to aX&rm 
«II pin* to a pri>*«cutian i tmA If tLt^y Im not wu-oUog lo lh« v»rk, 
I »•' n'jt h'fW iTiBiif *Hn rw-Ji]*', I nrri lumvliud tay*f\T luuk li* 
Pn«hv&; — Mitti »u All VivrnnLt M^iip' or otbcwlMi, om G^od sboU 

"A« Ibiikfii Ul OUT, J iibaU rof^csoot lb«m to jout Aud n«t, mj 
Lwf^ mud GcoUicimrji], 

> TkiiAiT Ild9> hfl. ft,) ZV. Oi1kI»I, dcHd iiulLle ud «iit b/ Cnntf^U i 
bfiind br mOddV ud nwUi»> 




No. la 

LvrrvR to Tire Drin*T*ITopn» CfiMutrritfl jtt W48i 

BSQAirrCtATnro what ia ilreuly tnntt-Ti ^n l.h* IVvt ( Snil* it« ^Tm* 
'^ To the l£is^( Honortklte fAc *IS>B*mi^(*e 0/ Lords and Commons, at 

" K»HiUM, SOtl. i^it\. lUB' 
'* Mr Lonim as(t> OajrrwawENj — I diJ^ from Alnwifk, wrilo to Sir 
VillUin Annyu' aei mvonm uf our cnuilitU'ii ; hehI refixnn^tiiiiltil m him 
4iv4<rB pnrUculol ojUudcniti^iiB nbrul jotjr utfiiin lurri in thc« Xi^b, — 
wJtU M (jri^lm <if [wrtlculHr iIi&hkh U> lie il»ii»: by jiiur l^irvUhiii*' njiijoliii- 
iiKfut, uj tjr(t(rT W Uio oorryinfc on uf ynnf nffiurv. I kdA yi>u hcrvaoopj 
fif iTifi ^i^inmiiiu xhai wu* iumi u* lli*nrl<ilt ■ wUon I wm ninic m (Wr M 
Alu^iok 1 OA &Uo of a LirttL^ nrittrb 10 tlic Comtnitt^' of tetat«« vf 
&DUlJ«iid ;'^I lUHUi lL<w? wliu wr.' OiJ |>rvifumi? werr otrLtiiifi] aa &b- 
IhtML, and vofn tho ttiDn thai ihahr^hI ihn biiHiDi'Mi of 1hi> Wat. Bg| 
tJuiirv bdiL0. ju> I IfUTDod lAaf*, ciuuii «arli; tlin Kiirl of iWbtjryb ^nd 
KM9« otben h«Tin^ dMnn^Mj, 10 thjii tuoj ara n^*! obJo to tnnkt A Com- 
mitl«;^I Lolir™ ilw ftfcid Lntlei tji hup|invHid/ lUid fvLAlnod la ihif 
LjumIb of I7«j]ijncl Drighl aod Mr. Wiilj»m iCf>wu. h\\t whom we [boil] 
obtoijiwl a nSn C\nivuy tu ^i> lu tliu EktaU'ft uf tliBl Kluuiloin uitL oui 
Aiiid LvnoT ; Ibc (jirvumuruf Jliinvbk^fk Auh^V4l^ t<j mir l^i]inii*oiih hiuliiig 
UH lliT<ii-uEitr.>. By ftdvAulu^t wbcjt^uf WL< ibd liuitrupt Cf'tu bi )(ivr aU 
uaunuM* Ut thv MjrquiH of ArgjL« and ilic Uoac^t Puty in ScoiUnd, 
— wUo we iMwd wvn galLtn^l lugt^iber in a ci-traldtiablD Ilojy t}wi,\ 
£din1]i]rgtif IA inAkn npftnitirni to t1u< Kjirl of l.^nArh, M<mrf^, and llifiif 

^ Ande*, — 'tT imr i^^hiJ afffTiliit u> lb<*H>- WliotwiUb ibtj wuul iLt 
Ifirh if iHrh tnotiih. 

" Tpop i}tr> ITib of ihiB ni'TOlh l>ir Aodi^v K(^t *nd Mnjor Sitahan, 

;WilH diTffn <)i>Liir Sr^^U G<'DilumriJ, bMUifbt m* tbi« imj'luhvj Lcnsf. 
■IgAcd tj tl^u horA CliAUwIlur of ticullnud, u jvur I^ad^bJpo will 

^ OHcIaaI B(vinr*cr U\t Gmilliun; mis of Ih* CninahiM. aud fmuiikf vU JtM^ 
In llio«c LiictLtBrkmrtnl rocLL'pn*. 

• Umr LXX, (vM. ivii, |L X»>. * Unctr LXXII. (nl %y^L f. S5»). 

4 Vot " n^irvwd I *' thaofJi Li«nD4l be n»in4 4X4AjH unudldnlljf (vot. xrlL 



Ifaa VhMUt L^i/iUoir IVni; wild Ldsuvk \ni Uood; u alftnnn Eiposlg- 
latkn n|ioo LHuurk** tvowh with tlinn, ^ In blUnjf ufnin Arjfyli* and 
la* Btfu, C011UV7 to i^^roamciut, vbenJa ^^ UMquli hAnUy ««»poi, 
Iki9 lm\iiij; ImM vf him, but aowa byodrei of hb nirn wore kHlod 
»m4 uku^> Thtf»# fftjfvtv 1 alaa Mud bcrr coK^oofii to joui Lord- 

iWnvtl vkcnwf VM tlic Letiicr din^icd ui ilio I^jril (Tfuinrvthir; ■ % 
C0|ur «tMf«of /■'Ur Uirdtbi[« h*r« licm cDd«»d. WlUeh I .ItJivvird In 
Sir Auilfcw K<r dkiiJ Bl^et SrntliJiuj ttiUi tttLlch lk?jr roianicd upoti 
tha isit, bomff tti^* Mil Jay. 

*' DpoQ prlr«l« iU*uuitov ■ !ltk l]i>*o QiijUrmi'ii, T du find tW amdi- 
iIbq «f Ifccir AflunBJT^ th-^rr Annv lit \ie ihrit; Tha Kdrl of Larutrk, tl)(» 
£vl ul C»«^^ 4i»(l Liii'lKi5, Moitru. djid tliru Armjr. hrnrju^ itf par 
ftdiflaofi, umL TTt-UfiraiMVurmg Ihn i^imtilj^jri miiA tii^himvcir* r>f lli4*ir Advm- 
wnof, — mnrdtiiMi wilh nil itiTrO ki ip^t ptmi»iiiu (4 Btirlitic- Und^ ; 
HhttC M UkDf vu^ht luTo tkr«a puU in four of ftoMUad at th«lr bMbi, 
l»aiMiiiea.Mid lo cfinllo theiudvcB to cury oo ihclr ikwfua. Tb*]r 
ttar« HboQt ^.OnO PfWt, and ^^IiOQ TTotk TIk: End t>f Lm^o, wbn t> 
■boeaq G«unl ; iLe Uarqub ^if \rsjUt vith tho Uoqdm L»nii and 
Q#atKniinii: llavid T^ulny Mng the l.iikrtennaii1-C^D«nkt : [iIlmu] haviii^ 
abool "rflOO Foul, but very wi'iik iu tlonw, — 1ia abcxil idx miltiB thi« 
ri^ the* Enrnn^. T hear that thvir Tnfanrry c^iuim rif rnnn trhn nrimti 
|»|fcatti <Mtt of ActEHeititcc ; and ^trr (frDrJiilly of ihi^ GixlTy Tcopli? ikf 
Aat Kotinn, vhioh ihAj AT]in'fLj4 hy thulr piHy nfiil <WoiUin In fhivtr 
^oartera; ab4 indotil I )j«ar th«y arc a very tfudly aai lif>iic*t liody 
flf iDita- 

"^1 iUbIi It bi not nnknoiwn to yocr Lurdahlpa vhai ctirfctionl T tara 
MocItc^ frvm J^u £^Uic pKwvution uT our Into VicCi«j. Wfafin^jf I 
■hall hf (mM t^> n>inf<mT»7 % c'tiLUhn r»r ym^f I^^Unr , wliinh viui, ' TIiaI 
] BhouU proaMttta ilir miHiuiuit Party In Ow North, and vol icu^t 
aay of tlimii, vrhpr«aivfi-r<r I'l^f ^o^ lo tn a b«{fhiiilDg of Jt uow Ana; ; 
ftdr o«aM CO pomoo llic Vkt:Ty till I flaUh nud folly ««>in|dHi> tt with 
tftf rvadtl^m nfthiaM T:iWTi)( of Bmriffk siifI Cnrt&ptli*, vblrH mntX uit- 
Jnidy, BQil iMf&invi rill nblipjktioTW, nud thv TriMilkivi thvn in ^11^11, ihfj 
raqviif^l and gArritirijttl ji;^iuHl wC 

" III orAft irrJirir*'"Uto, I lunrnlmd ^J ihr H'^rdon of ^4T>ailflud : when I 
i)and the vhoWi (Vionuy Ui h&mued aail h^i pL>TL'riaIjcxl by Mauru aud 

' Ibbcr ^Dlbry'i JtfVpbTfn- 

■ L*(tcr UUEUL lTDl< ivU, p. MO). 



Ibe Fonist vlth bim, that tlic i^ounlry vm nit v^y Me l> b«*r t)A cm 
the En^lisL side ; bui vr mu«t tuMmnATtlf barv miavd both jr^inr Armj 
AuJ tW SiiTtjitiA of Ihii Kiagtlf^in, vU" wnnhl niki hitvr hji/l bmAfl I'.^ft 
<]ai if wv lind A>aitiJiiciL iiiijijuv ih^'U, In (irtisrfulloit of your On^r-n, 
■nd in nunrf-r to tho tuwHiirii-4 »f ^riur frivnrb io Swilpiijrl, nrtH rTjm 
d«B<ri.4; Ami ocajfiidiTrinc ^1^^ DKo^itT of tnurvhlnc^ iato SoollaTid, tn pro- 
r«nt tlj« lf»*vnHT ^ff Ji4.>nt'i4ik fmin g^iJllin^ of |iMVlHtiiii« inu> hih liA/rl- 
•on* 41U ibti ficvU r^Vf ^vLit^iTvf he b nt firrrritl tu mtiiiD TranI, iw wo 
«i> tafitniUHl, — I mjuvhni n good pnri of Ib*' Army ovpt Tww*J j-««l«r* 
d«j abou: uicuu, tbo rcuda? tviog io ooiuv uftvc u oouvouitutlf M w« 

•■ Tbfl* liftw T ^vnn yorir l*nnl»hlp* nn rirmnni of finr pfpisflni ivinrii* 
tiub tad ou0Nff^Eiictit, A&i hifmif docc », I inusl JiMlmr^ 1117 ilut jr tn 
mmi-mbcritif^ la ^oiir l^fiT^fhipt thi* Hr^irm fnnniTrlj pxprouMl In mj 
Lrtterr to i^ir William Annjo micI Sir Johu KvolfOi for etnppliM ; ui^ 
iti pirlirulur fitr ibnt "f S1ii^>|riiijf U\ \ii' u|mid ilaf^hi^ ('i>ju1m, u'bo rrmjr 
fiinivH u< witb AiiiriimjiT^^ii i-r nthi^r ijiVivKtrti'^ vrbiTlw^x^Ti^r GihI shalL 
lff»4 uii ; thore bring pxtrcm*' dlfflmky t<> ■iijiply im by lanl^ w^thcHit 
grnit BH^ nr^iTi^' conv^'ya, tt'hich wn3 wwury oin and dr»lwj our Horw* 
and oButuA v«ll wuMt Uj\ul^i)i'f Ttfi'in] bi? up. vtiLhiiut going ntfj fltf 

" Hftvkg Uil thoM iJiInx* bofbra jva, I n^l, 

'' Your Lardridpa* moat huiubk «>crrnni, 

"fh,i%-ini Ciinii(w»t,T-v 




'*P.fl. WUkt wp nn* Wre, I wjsb ibvrvV uuni*i;UTtijf tht? Buiitnrtf 
la UambvrUod auJ V^'oitrii'\rvliinil, 1 bHVii uvut Orii'TH b<itb into I^lxi- 
oublrr auJ bi tlia Hunt' Imforc Pnnuifnct. I nbdiilrt Itr* j^lad joqf 
Lopdibi|H vuisld K»oai ihcui, and tbou otb^r ooaaid^rutioEu nifpr«**«d 
iu is; Dcvirfv to Sir Wiiliiun Armju ditTtaUiiLtd>" ■ 




No, 11 

WwTTKS on thw iiitim)i ftwii Cafli*!-* vi iVioToFrifi. 
'^ 7o lAc i/ORoraEf£s H'lZ^m LoiMf)^, KvpMirt, Spraktr t^ ihg Uouw ^ 

'■ftik, — I do nfit ofira irou1ili» job In |mni(<tiUr Uiiiiiin>c«; tut 1 
•Wl He KJJ Duv, nptm ibo dulro cf a imrlhy GcnUamiiQi UeatvuaDl- 

t^ GfdlWiRuii Pifkil] iiirril<^ irrM frmn ynu. Sjimm* bib J«<ntb, hui n^ 

hi* fOkdoAion 14> iinHTuro thi> iiZjicr^ fr<r a ToLiiiKor 8oi]> whu huA tjk^vriw 
bfitn la jnar vrirlmi, Andri^ulrtiifcic aThaId ciij I^ii*r tnuimt»fAi*iuU 
»U«t h, ^id aoqamat jm cuKM^ndnf of thfrpIm>o K>r bU Sua with ibU bi* 
pdipnAV Tofnmff U> inv t) Ote biirrlf-ni nf 8(«T,1nnd lo obUln thoni^d LuU 
Ur: — wKiftd tbt" tauj MTviiut [or i«>ckirtfl(m(il[ djj saj", Woa rcry well. 
'* Afiil H^HJi tht^ unJtL LiiiETli'u,tiiu('»liitii'l ^'im< ivuiw fur luj IjTiivr, 
lU» icUMil UDUkoiutiJ;^ hii^UiUf) aA^y lo Luiidoaj wLnvlie, in n very 
drauttvutiajg iT") divdifiil helj . i-Ttr^rb n Pciiduu lu tbc HimM ur Coiu- 

tf tb* IBi<l I1I4U [iIjii utultini'ikiinl) Uy l\iv lu^ilmliou iif liiiiifl Kmtlrmcia: 

"ily fcumblc «U to j€,n U, TIiai if Gibmc) MotipiQ 'l> *ah "^Mra 
jvm >kwl Uiiv buMUMB* — 1 fiavitig giwii i^»ii tbU icitt* lufunnaiutn of 
lit itjitE at lE, u 1 hA\T n<A«i^ K, — juu wimU 1« }jlrA>o] to furtlir^r 
bti d(Kf# «utif«nuu^ KibuCDDjun-OotoDol C'boliDDlf'i yoLiQgcft Son, 
iLit hr umy La^v i1»t ]il4«! cmf<<mv| upciu buu; and l^uU you wouU 
v^OAiol toiBO of my fruuiii I'cri^whh 

"Bjr wfaddi jrou uill icry much (>ltlj^t^, 

■■Oi-iTKH CnouwtU^'* 

■ Apivf Uoorv. t nippv*. <rt]>!ii lid indnl bu 

■ Thbt Ua:^ Ofi CvT, ii. WJ. 

nitfiUJiltgt ID Oai I^UBflBf 




CoaREfiTOflDDCP wn-u ins JJayok or WATUizoiWi 

[T«L «vll. p. 101,} 

Piu-^itvvED Id Ibd ADonj^Lriiu Ptvgmnit cif « NikmuJvii, mam ih«ii 
once rafcmd top an thaw LfUcra oai Bc|>Uc« i — 

LemiB t. *■ TbiA* Jlfii/'>r*i»vl ^WmwM of the Cirycf WtUtr^trd^ 
*' VLii^axnint. iftAM WAmro*n, Uii K«v. I«4»- 

fiiH A Q&ni«i»ii iif ibo En«in^ ta ba iin[iciiifd upon j^n] na fUaa tbat 
•on* Fw^tlcim In Uu« Tffvn ar* vfirj nflivir nJl, iicitwlOiBUudiiig jaur 

*' Bving (^mo into thno pAn^, iir^ tc> iIi^um/ |KVt|ilP luA ]iIjw*^ liii] 
lo vairt) tbrtn, ihAt muu maj Iivo o^mtjrtMbl; aiiil b^ppQ; tj lb<ilf 
md«i tf thn innh ho ncit in thamwilTtu ; uTid pnrjxuilTijt a1«i, hf God^ 
aMJrtriTinr, to rodaoi) Ojit Ciij of WnlirrfurLl tn ku iluo olioJicUiK, M 
H»ahftUdU|NMo tbftiiuUtfV, b| Fonw, nrhy .^£m>m(■lL1 nith jou ti^ii 
Tcow wtioroin jLvr own gv«d and Iapiiidou^ ami tbjtt uf your vritios, 
dULdn'ii »(i<l fHiEjilJ'4 may musMl, mitwithrLUiiiillDg [wlinl] f«>iiiv W*j' 
horu^od iK^n-tun isfty |in>liiiid lu thr^ <iititlrujyi [und] kmrivinj; that If ^^ 
After hU thix foij Hhjit] ntiwlvt a GHfrthMii [[ w\\\ yttthMy pni J<>u ^H 
out <kf n oap«£lty 1<> xusikv aay iiaAh Acv^rd fi^r jri^iiruLTf^T vbicb WM i 
ihp *iiiiw of thfl rola of ibo Town jmd pivipio of Wrifonl, — I tbon^hi 
ttlto k}' Uic>H things bcfjr* youj lo^viiig ^^lu to OM f^or own jnd^ 
luvul tlitfrvlu> 

*' And If flfLj hhull buvf' #i> uiud) powir ii|iuii yoa m W f>mujul4> jua 
1hd£ Uuvc ftiu lUu tHJuuMiU (tf an if^irtnj, I duubl il tvlll Ijjinllf ^ivn, 
in Llic i-tid, tiiut I'ky i{*vi? j^wu buttor. Y«u did cmofl Uvu flipuriihinglj 
GUiliT Uit< puittr (flic) Aiid iu (HjiiJiiJi?riM.< wiili Kuf^lAiiJ, ll bIibI) Ih^ 
jhrur ovn 6tiJU it yttM du ik'>( H' :i^nlu- I hi'ti^ tlir^fi* iuUiimboua 
liTacgOBlf ta jod ; wc^k llirtjj wi<El; i[ »i> fH<U^K^vtiH yvn. I nwlr 
" Your loviDg fiiond, 

"Omvck CnoKwwx-" 

Ebplt h "For GtftMTol Cronm/r, Gfufrnl of the PttrUatnent Famr$ 

in Jrcland. 

<■ WATUiroRTi, l£X4 XevmibPT. LMdi 
"Mr LoKiJ< — Tour Lvl\*^t vt t\\v tin. dinrlvO W uiir amd vji 


MAYOtt or WATEliraEO. 


MtVis jm ut ilo :i]l iilh«ni vl< vtf\fi\i Willi iho oondilJoii tT(tmi uJclf | 

^M «i> w^U Lj mII prtwbhio TEidAafl nu^CAVor tiMt uarnrnl dvifiono- aj*aiiwt 
lit* BiKlf HO hB^ifilly ivilt wp not ttr itvnru eo %ht> htier, * jf «i> nhMll 
find it t<4 ikUotvorabU mn dMirartiv^^!. Aud for lli.it |Hif]Mrfi! [wc| d<j 
4ealn jour [^TilBlitp vitt jl^rkui hi a lV«7irL<in. Ut Urti^Ti ifnft, £nDm 
nil MtJi iiT hfJttiUt/; unci pt^iid uj* rkil«*<oijrlui^a, with blnalu for lh« 
maa w* aliAL i^tt^iloj, lo irtiia wiiJi ynur IjtrilAhi|i ; itml in tin* luteriui 
brifii^ y*jiif Amij no uotwr tti* Cjiy thmi now tt U. 

" W* liftvr knmu) unL itf illghi ailviff* If w^ flnJ U whfil*'* pm«^, nvnn 
km AQ oQccuy^B hand; titt to deny him tuiahi thanhD ru II looriu. Aul 
If jDor UirdiUiji aliuulJ Jc-ay t]<( tfic tiiiif- Lti' look f^ir, ^v'^ (Vrutit nal, 
^*rith lh» in*'D w* h*v« j»|pputly lu Towo, ihrf^iglj wo sh-'iUi rwwivo 
w mora, — to cnako jt^XhJ tliln I^lnw, ilU the Power ftf U»» Klu^dora 

''Ti» »Lsaiff whLoh Iq yoar Loriliitilp» iho CouucU nod CuiiimniiR hmn 
lud ibdr couunandA on mrt, my Lord, 

" Yi>ur vcif Imlo^ friend. 

I^rrxRl!. "For iKa Motfor, AttUrnun, or other Governor m (hfpemon 
[/ fAe Ciiy of WaUrrMd^ 

nth \in'«mh>T. lrt4*J. 

ayTrnmfot; biil bubot romJng tupit^) 1 tliou^itt lit tf>nt>fiJ, Thut I 
Mtatit hmw ail :uNy«iint i-ivMii me, limv j'lui biivr iljj»|Hi)ipd uf liirui Aui 

"H^roby tn i«i»rmiim ywn Ti iiti:ftu.W Iho Chy lUiJ Fort into mj 

** 1 •xpM« to mv^vp yoirr AikHwor ui ihinn tliuj^ ; juid rwiLi 
** Yoat Mf^iHil, 


BBn.7 S. " J^dr the L<4U,tr»nnl-0trMrat t?romweiL 

" W^TiULronis 3ltL Nuvcnibefi 1UI^> 
"Mt Lord, — Yow l^tlor of Iho 2Jih I h»v« ivm<ivc>(I ovca n-iw; 
In which yrm dAslrpi ad juvount nf youi LotditEiijrti 'TVuiiipvkTH w.-ot with 
aftnbrc Ixlter lo «; and stimutou U4 W d«liT«r joQf LoHihkp tbia 




sirtnd ^VBMnlnj mtrang; aud do donbi^ bj iLt- Tminpcrtci^ not 
aflttite^ lo yon, !» imghl hii^c vHAwtd ivfiifi i«Hi*>iKnnv Vf giHOg 0>i> 

r«or(T» vUcb, v« eamiut raakn tutt^er &iifwi« ic ike Mm of rcW 

**Jirtis LwEiT, Umror^ W^trnM^"* 

" [UFmni WtrrirAH[»,J Wirt No»wi>h«r, 

*^ Soul — Hy &ol Trumpot niA bfunie r<i onrn* w inN «aiLv» ok aoa 
pr«t rhut, u yuti luy, be tiiui fiuflL-tioi kudu ioih^do* g*itbj^ by the vvf 
uTt'ir? C-juuly uf Kilktuuy. 

*' It I tijfeJ favaiVHl yuor J^ttvr •buncr, I rJ't>iJil nifvonhf^lnt, by tbv 
tivJ|i Lif Qud, Ljtvu ijijircbrai uji iv llii* (iluf'ii ui I tnkvi* iluiifr. And m &t 
jMET dnan of » Ttattf . I wn tpuft wUli&ff la thai way, Lff Uio pnp««* 
tion of btix-I ftod ruin. tluK) tu iJie olfjtTi^ F«itiv ;^ nUliou^h I? orcw* 
■ilfUi^ lbi-r*ijat'>, jroi iiiij a-p kit Dtii]r>r iho o>wrniLi^< iViu'Dr i>f CM, 
hIiii ttill cUi^iuie of fM mill ua at Ho |i1fiw)vttu 

** AffV> ■ CMMCinQ for FJUni Pmyjt. I tlrnU TUit f^rrop Uuffwunfai} k^ 
oaiur n fnr iJiiirtiv Euih: iilm^ him^ tJiU Dmiar'H t-t « ojut^lunjia «■ wvU- 
But ti>r ¥t -ur <v Flv* Dayi 1 wa t^onWcl tbiu iht-nt b«< 4 1 'cu«quq ikf all 
Hn« (if boaUliif bi^wUt yt^uT City auil tbiB Anny ^ — pn^^i^rU yua ^Ito 
tM ViHWM* Tbatt tc Uw Duui Uiii«i no auIiLudi duI oov in foa 
CSly b« rDcdvod ioW it, dtiriujc tlw CwiiJu^ uur Cvr tmutj-luur bran 

'^1 upvci lo liATC your |tftwuui utfwer bcfcio: bwaaair ^ ^^ 
■ffivnl to, 1 ibidl l^iniiiiif HHj m>rif npiiimiicTi driMn^ ihn ^tilCdwillui 

*' Vow wrraiit, 

"Tluwtby tliiftB<wmr rfrtimrrdaSafn-^mT^yiWlvu Ji.-*irs, for 
Ocmmkibiiiffw yon think fit la aawl Aut lo no. < 





Ka. III. 


(Vol, iirii- p- tftl.J 

TuK Kacmliie Fragimnil aboTc illcd Itu tfarwi wunlik, iu n^rrir«n4w tn 
ihB Jttliir Mi i'4JBtugtf mui lie cjhhc-^uouimv t " At thm time, tkifrro bi^iUfc 
von Cii|itBiA iUttiiffld & |<iu'*»4'i Hi i'luuuiut, II vLmi^cr Lu thv GflacnLl. 

kdiY* fiiT hiiTj. Aud mi u C<riiucll of Wh|- cflfiluljt VuU« wvtt {tattvdt" 
vhUb VF <Jinl1 •non nnd : — 

[C«nii,4t)i Jiamrr. tflU.] 
"At iJio r.HiTiflll i^f Wur brt(!»tllift City <-f t'ofli, thi^f-mrth 'liiy <»f 
JaniUFj, Atiho DonibJ, 1640, whrroat ihr Ixnl-LboUinhul *if Im- 
Ind, tlioL>^nl Prnidcnit of Mnniitor.^ Sir HftTi™** WaiW km^ht, wii! 
fivecB other chtflf OS«n of thoAnny wun prntmi, it wiu reM>1vnd m 

^ I. Tliat A L«tl4*r be srul, 1>t LiPUtvnaat'Gvnfiral Fnifrc^^i Trnmpel* 
to 1h blEn hnov, Thnl for uviry privntH Kont-mklEhi-r of c^iir pmiy, |iri«- 
hMt with liEtu, whiruj ho itliall relviM«i kio flbutl Iihv^> cki imtrij i>f liU 
prirtte Ajldicrr, prinotiiTrs with niL, rcLi>MDd fitr ibum; ailiI fnr dvotj 
Trvtrpci vt ^fun wlur>h lie ahull roleuo, bo dmll hAT« UVo pHrit« 

"St lliiil tbu LoEvl-Lii-ut«nAiit b riwly 10 mlt^cuin OfBoen <if lili* 
qulSlT frr inith Oflfi'vn nf ouri u njv In ihnlr power : and llint Kp will 
icttrcr a MdjoiT f»f P'HiI fi-r « Captuin of n<.<rti^, nod two Cnpthias of 
Fwii f.ir A r*p(Aif] nf M-^ii** ; imil no jiri)pr»rT.ii*Tiiil!ily. 

^i Or ihat be wiH deli^nr Mj^or-QiTHflniJ Hu1l<^, ihe Karl t>f Of* 
UraUifir, Tnr thniw Olfti?Am of oiin now In ibdr awtadj.^ 

■^Bni,— Hating Uttflf nwnired on udvumsement, ikal *Dm« of ih« 
fcmdpil Officer at Ibt Irub Army diJ Ai?iid nioEutr.^ip^ Ordi'ix ti> Lb« 
Quvmvr "f dnnuiMl, i» Im fociunLttiiiVLlM h' thd I^rrd DniKlill, That jf 
v#£d pnl U» d«Alh Coltvrn'I Wi^fynii. tlji^y were r^d/ lo jiul CapUiu 
Caaftf^ U'dmtlj, — I tbiiu^bl dL lu^-itTiT Ut joii tbi-t^^uaJ Ejiebnij^^'a be- 
fcrr tDcuiinw^ ; Wvins yt^a U> your eliN-Uan- WhivU vh^u ^ oii iwrTrinn, 
tbm iftiaU be jutf uid booMt pi^rfirumnue uu iixj pari- And wilhol tg 

I Inton. 


APPEsnix. Nifc. ir 


\vi yt>n know, Thnt if uij *XixW think !a |iin ifirh rv^odllioiu on niBdiil 

] mttj i*«A »'i"''ili' ft PrmiEi M. olinjiritfftft ** W^^ftDj — who <1id not ouTy ^^ 

knii hah cbutt. coocrKr; in Uin utd tmsi, mlvu up unn* twn; -» Tbjii 
[itiea, I Mj] «» 1 am ivUticc 1o the £cchiijit;o« niVtraaHl ; »o [if ) ilut 
.^oUtjr bo dtnud in«, 1 wouid tliMi ikll n-iii'^ii'il thvuld BndeiMaod. 
Tlut E aui naolTfd to demi wiik Colotxd H'^ipko ^ 1 bIiaU mc <Me> , 
nm) Itf hHihtAMi In my nuukdonro unil Ju(t|tm«Tit tA ilii- Aiiil If xij j- 
Uitrix liiii'i'Hti'Q fliAU be -iouii to Capuub UmBrU a* b mtuoucil, I Iblch 
fli t<i)rt ypMi kuuw, Thut I ahatl. as QihI almll riinlilu ini-, |iu1 all tlwM 
iW uo with mc ai n«i^ Ut tdu, bui Ui^^ wiao cvnditiua. 

" Yuur MTvrtnlt 

H(k 17, 


" ^r my very ttw^htt Fruni J^n &viUr. £if h. imciif Aa M* 

"Sib. — To pill » hoiinc** etf wright mutdf^vfj bn f furtvuttrdMntim 
(najr ftrrhjifit Ix'tfi't Bii mui^h prrjudiw •« Kitty e*aw p>ii vithor «Pl 
llifalk uf k al aIL- or U> kit'Jiux t«i iTtp wiintfT |wt vh«n yo^i pr«r^lv^ 
HTw thJtiff I h»vo <<» oft'f ItftlJi bwn ibtni^ht cpoo bj- uWf «^ ti»« will ' 
fwroetiv hy lliv rvn»^n uhcrrwlih Wft f^nftnw h ; irnd wr dn uilJitigff 
|M4«r U lio jpa j ihurif;^ fSi^d, Qi:* ywi, winy ipvp tjb thv aiu-wrr, 

" Tli^l It Diviri*- l'r*war» |i4th griup. aJmip irlth n* In 1l>f Ut* erml 
InuMMioiu hi tfcii KfciKiii, 1 l-K-IfAw.' irnwi p.<ml into tttK wtiHiblr ff, mjd ^^ 
I h Mi U iJ to (>ud for : und xtt (wnuMlrd iLat H« hnth ■ fkHhor Htd: Bcd'^l 
1IMI M by ihia fliapraAtMD ik luA ututifMltfd His e^rarty aod }Mb«« ^^ 
a» Aorv urlU W « ikne wlimin B* wOl inocntfafli ^ruv unit mvny, tn 



vhkh H* an irijrh JrlighiR. To iin wto nm Mnplt;^^ ** inatTiiTncnti 
b thiivi^rk lh^ foiiUititLiicct that itppDora U, That vr nn: Jcjitije unr 
HiitBirrr'i wiivk ; ihHtwi* h^iMs W'a (irramtw ukI Mmniiig wjth lu; — aitil 
thnt wt- hv'i Id biJpif to Ki^ Him fnriHi >ir»ra (-> fn'Mc^ ivnd VhiglUi^ la 
thai. KkTi^tnm of If Lor/ juirl P<-.kr^ wMi^U Hi> Tuttfi iifiiiiiiiUicL Thi^ \t9- 
hMC «V( ** Uk) hopo thereof <>wa>iooA ourmmfurtt *o thoaoftibj; rvrnr mj 

to TMi this pD«r Ldand' Tbcfcftifr in whai w tuaj wi |K>cir iufiiru* 
mmUi [w«) Mirniit lint W i<(iiUiAParlTi|E t/i aniwr^r tht^ rniud lif Gcid u 
■Bj oppoftnaity otfirre ile^lf- 

•' Kip« tft im* U'll Jim. in illvun pbfi** wlipr<> wn ivinn^, wn flmi ih* 
pMi^lc vrrj icri'iHij *f!*r fKo W^^nll Jvnd fli-sUlDfi Ut C'htWiiHi niinJUuij*; 
mmrH uf ihxi j^rvjuillnr tliAi lira ii|hju [Mini' fH<<ijilu in diulnnil 1>r:lTLg a 
•IfUiiCfit t* ihcir TTibJ*, And mtlf w hnvn hnpt'd miicH i.f it h dnuo 
In vlmplHty ; it-jul I nim) y«» ibo miWr nf iliU bnuuMr iL la a Hwwit 
ipnptoin* if a<>l aii •AmrAl^ <,>r itiu ^(uod wo oxpccL 

'* [ii till* iM'Xt |il(iiVT, iiur cHiuUitkou WM KLii^U at our arhiAJ IjentT — bj 
na^tnt ol tha W^r, and pn>TiLlrvay of iho Kncmf, — ihut ihtra vju & 
riteAtudmi of xhe wbukv frauic! of Quvuriiiiitui; i\itJTe heicg ncr vrait>1« 
ftaibotily roridiDg id prrvom intrtJal^d t'- jvt ncooriibg to iho ffrms ul 
bs, rufq'l iLi Iwi* nH|ii}niiViii» [ihJitm luci J)irrty at out arrit^], in 
Ihk whi>l«« Latid. Aud ahh>hiiffli it hath }doiu<iv| (W in gir^ n* miuA 
iffTlkirj. ycrl huv Ut fjJI AthUunly luio ihm wny iiiCAln, 1 Kt'ii i.iiit ; mtr U 
ktfbrihA prrocDt pracliciiblDn Wht^rvfori^ 1 boi cotiiUiuupd, -A my own 
Vtthurity. lu inu« ogt CVnuiniujuiia U- ihtbuuv Iu Lphf huJ iJvU*nnrM 
iho pr(<**Til ruQtrovitrfliM Ihjtt Uii ariji«, u ihoy in^y, 

" l?ir. Ll »(wiiiif 111 T110 i*« IjHtv A ^rt-nC npihiftLjnUy U> «ot up, unlil t!j« 
Pu4lAla0Pt ihili lAhvTvitc AeinFiittnf. a wjiy of drying jiiriico umntigvt 
ihcv* poor people, ffhiobi Jot ihc o|)rigUici*i» cLiid cbeaptiMo <*f lE. may 
txwHingly gua Qpon Uinn, ^vpbo Lkmv\> luwn luv^iiJitDMii-d U< n* nniflb 
iujuitint tjnmuy And i>ppimaii>ii froui ihrii luudli-Al^ ihn t:n4l iiava, 
ud tb(>«« thsut NhtjQld ftuvt* d«u4- thfiii ri^ht, lU (I tiaU»poJ any poopl* 
lu thai «rbidJ Wii 1^1 C^iibltmU'tii' And tiidcc^ [l^i^yl nrc nrieuuQtod 
Iha brtblngfot [m t(t tpta/: '] |j(*i(r|»r tliMi uxo ; Umy bavtn^ bvou lonrMt 
Uwrcku Sir^ if Juntin' ^n'tt ffi*r|y nud ImpiutiiJIy mUoiiiiflliMrd hne, 
Ihc forogviLQg <lurl;ucw ucut i<'»miptH>n ivovld nmkn it look tci niLii^b ihv 
Riore £lnrii>UB ftud W»ii)rirul, »ilJ <l(nw m-rv hi^aitA n/tt-r it! — I itm 
loAlb lA irrKii wbnt tho '>oTikiH[iii>TU'iu ni^hl bn, nr U'Tmt may Thi fluid 
trp<Mi ibE* MlJ9Ct ; '^ Mid thnrefi^rr I ftUall lot you knuw my drilra In 

" TW« a»« l<> bo » Cbi^f-JiintiCT' in tho Prmooe of MiinatiT, wbo 
hiTtng RMao olbeDt vith hiui Li aflnUliUii.'^ i]^« lo ^i>A^ (iiid dfttormto* 


APPENDIX. No. 17, 


FrUynonL 1 dftlmlknc^ UiM ni>ihiu£ «iU nil ffior miod b«4U« 
liMTtuie » lUui^iiiE iWiftff In ihe «unr ; Uud )u jh« mftf "^ ^ tmubleil 
vrilhia eCMHnoD aUoWBDMay «y«k luv« baua Ir crfbtfrv (1 Juabt) KqI a 
ntirr li> OiidrvDvMDaui |iniotin& E iJurvsuart* jnu |tifl ;ClpWMt h yvai, 
Ittlf-^tiQfljr, tu b*p^Ll lij '<'V«o pan*, aft your rUovabmi : -^ lUid &llhad^ 
Uhlft lif« ituHv UufeU lutila dvoftlljr bnn ■lluvoil, jM iihBll wn Lavb ivtis*»> 
wMft n«dUy Ui nuUio jwffoinniiniVt if jxc BOiwpt. 

*' [ katiT oai bw iiu tkia fiuire erf inns wiU be ijittTptrttd hy jwi 
W > ^U : but lurv I Jim I hHV4> di>1 tli>iK< nnylliib^ niilt a cltorrr UnuO, 
HOT vlwrnu 1 ik) umrv a(rprvv« uiy linut (o ttiv i,.iinL wul lib |>Wfilv in 
feinc«ntf Aftd QiiRtfhtui^M : — Iho Li>ri| ilifivt fua vhnt Ia da 1 telR 
A Cvir UiilMCV uf jiiij '- Ik iixy L«n[p| be a* lilili? akd m yiku auyi^'yiaa 
knuv vlut cjTulTVctx'bf if>F DtunJ^j piit nfwii tonjit mi>n'« ti^tioBi: hkI 
<nn It At to be cumuiittrd lo |«pcr) wwiU |b«] t/ 1 tth^HiM mj Thai 
tlijji biiktTi>-A*, bj t>iv blm>i"tc 'kf Gi|4t mlM^t hn « niuu^rx] nii HiJgM 
■1m1<* inuirli ftupftriliJiLy- I di>»irv jvu DOl U> dbduuno -A the ■Qu«rAr]i« 
bol to •»«• «biUi.-4 fritruJ^ Noxi 1 «4]iilil lU^irti. if joa hftV* iluj »^ 
qiiaklnnrr wltb Ur. Gr^rM Ui« LAi*7cr, j^u nuiUii uwre tiiui lo Uui 
•tf««ptftno» of a plaM bcrb> vhirh ihunlil bv liunurmbloi, aaii not to tu« 
flvmrd Jiuhiuiu^e. AbJ aur otlitT 9(4ij a&d *bU n«A |uu kii»« 
bfv Lm to* hair* J«u^ miod •■> •B«b «• «uuT«iii«»tJ]F fuu n»^ ; Mil 
viMlbcf jvu buf« tned •«; ■» b iMi^d, aaJ wbow, Aod wbot ntuni 

'' Vonr A^TlkiuaU Irisud adJ mwadI. 

8adlv£dM4|pf 1 John Conk. AdTCmre famnl in tb« KroK** idalp 
«■«. OrGfATM I kDrmr nijthlnf^. Sultrr ha« Itfl hhm Book* : tadl- 
MltauC ^ oUiiDfif bJirncr oi drmoiy uiuyeumivcocnii itt bJArtWrwrJAi AcdUr 
liidil HJiil |iiuii« miird. A mAb mu«h Attnceed by U»tiifa| IUim/^ 
ffWOii, ADd by tbv wurU Lro^ bud «llwr. Uo wadAiH<l vim uf din 
IdAMem in OUvct'fe a«w ChanivTy, vrhm th* uumW vma mlacnd 
111 ail. 

I 4h*fni ItuiUfrwf (br Blrvh. Brmjtrd, te^- Ijindnn. 1'^). vnl, |^ pp, ID. 90. 

OPlJ:KATi0973 JH TlPrClLUlY, 


Ko. 18L 

Tuujunt: OpOEATtnitH i« TtPT>EftAJl7- 

E^^rn W So Cork, '"wiOi mat £rp butidnd lUi^'rinn 
kui; BtagkHf T^xaaa, xad their mWuti to him, vtn «J*o 

Vohttd Pha^, <kvirfU>f of tWk ; TJune, fTiritf, Ad«l^ 

^^K " K■TU4Hl^ Utb I''iibiui7, 14ML 

^^P^fiini-^ft hftlh pinud 6n4 t^ 1« lory pnuaoOA lo CM l]Uban«s *^ 

riito «■( nt Hi iviK fniir f^ tiri^ mrti ; Init wv ut poHMMd «f It >Im^ 
■ril «f 4iMn ^4ker piMiv <jf ^^d impgituio*. Wc mc la djc wrj 

" Umuj p^jun lAka op oar uiim ' irtkwi'fVjtir I iniui o«<%b Tim •onoat 

■(VT 'if jonr R'-^mont to MnTlnv^.' fI'i it. Tf iiol, nm^ m iW tr^At; 
ItiAt •!> Hif t^>rd lltxi^:M1 iiuj spMrr ua tvr> or t>irv^ cif CoJgoct EvrcraV, 
1* QM41 Mm vlLh thm mM ^Mii* ltf«irriAM Ht Kiviiinj. 
^^e" Q1t« Odosel Ewen vluii MibUnoo jmi 'vtt in ilt« BueJnoM I hw^ 
^^^ita Usi «bnot S^ni« dl ra^ Prtviulji wich jiui, M7 MWlon Ui Kir 
■^Wllli^ fcotoo. Prnr lur ch i T?l^ 
^^^^^ '' V<nir vtrj lonag frwtul, 

^^V" IPS*] Vir, IT fflo think thai if* 4nit tad foA low la man «U1m 

^^W«n laaitirq, —I imiiiu* jvu nrv in a* diuiffrr: kowtrrnr, I Jcaira 

fiB w^iMlrt riWn ltd* na* c/ tt. To n<l ihi> Tovn nf Cirk of raflptnou 

itti dl-«A!ct«i pcnvka m £»! m yaa tuA. JU>4 b^roJn dml viih 
■ 4 

1 1^^ cxnr. CIV. 1^ x<fl. pp- iw, m. 

Wd iW* b >W vi4ti4* t'H Am mir&rd' " Mkl^> f ■ u i." — iiii^niBg, |<p:ibAb|y Tor 
iWi-t h^f itiga, JliiLw^aHAHl 1p.L< lti<l hold «0 



IIkug, by the kiuJuns dFR. OnnsUm, E^., N>wiN(«clff-OD-Tjrii0, are 
now (for our TAirrf *[|ii all iitUi^r Kditvnu) Ihi' Lriien ihtnmalTiA. 
Thia Gt-utlFiTnAiit Or»fiiJ"M*o of the ** Stcw-ird of the UutJHgv* rioh* 
UciDod In vol. imii- (r^ 142. [>ri«a<>«iiM all Iho Tiiur CTdinvolJ Lottati 
attndcd to ij Un-nd ; nnil liu Dnw (^aj, 1^7) hvaf^^evaUj Curouhed 
uimiDt <wp^ of Thi*rn> privitti^ly prtiifur lA<iU*r CXXXIX. aloitA U 
iktitu^mpb I thu olTirr Thmt anr Id a ClrTrk*i» lutml, I^iuv CXXXIK^, 
lMl*T UXiJ., IhAUk Anri \ho T»n vlikch fLilbw huHy tl apjNun, Ur. 
0>V OntuilfnlliRr '^bciTK^^'^^ ^^'^ flrt. on a ^ny vrbcit iua«h d««<ni^ 

LHlcrCXXXlX- And nil Euf^lacddroauuLVwEiatijbligcd to l^l Utn 
4Mi tb« iiThnr Twij ; ^ 

'*F<fr Uk HirnorabU Sir Arthur UoAelng. Gourni/tr ofXi 


^'8iK,— Afl4rt mofth dnUhpranlon, wi* ran floil no way how to ilkt- 
poM of ihfiH Ptiioiioni thnt wiW hr oonmvtlni; Tdih tU«« tvo cndi (l* 
wtif iLrj vot Lmtuu; lUi^ui and tbr* tiut al;irr]iii; tlivm* iinJlZier oT wbhft 
v<>tild wi> wlUiiif{lj \ao9r) but bjr MDd;u£ Ilk'H^ iuto Euf^likud ; vbrre 
lb« Couucll of SiAio ninj »t»rclM iJj^ iriHiliiEii nurl Irf^iu-r JDilgtn<riit In 
fto di«poniu|f ood ilUpiiAiuK of Ihom, oji that ibi'j uiulj not «uJdtiEiij 

*■ Wv liavii ^c^pnt^kiod nwny CMf 5.000 poor wrrt4>1iM of thcm 1 vttj 
ttmaj iif wbkb. It % |irob«bli;, wilf dJi- ->f Ibmr uronndt, or be n?Dd«red 
lanwrvlutfbbi £nr ttioA to «n(iiA hy r*iuum t^njvor, 1 hHt« vritt«d to tb« 
CnitacU oT i^Ut*, dfdrinn ihmn 1ii ilJm-i Imw (ln-y iilial) br ilispotid i/l 
4od 1 uiubc no f|ucatifln btityou vitl IiuIod tho }'ruoTt«ni up Soutb* 
WTifd*, lad M*ouud m^ dosirm with yoiK oiini lo thf^ L'oundl. I kxiuff 
jviL Jim H in«n <if biivtn*** Ttiif. not b?mg i^r^nljij'a work, viU 
wOUngly W iwrTiinnnl \if yvur tc]MKJuUj cuu^jJ^ny yvu hmn Out 
ooDinaiM* i*f yfrfir Hujifr^ur^ 

" Sit, I Juiigr k riMwiJog nrcwAuy you tend it* Qp vhitfL \lvne imd 
Port jivn m«> viUi nfl |ii«iikl4> pip^flinn ; ««]H«ijLllf mncidttiliig ihtt 

nA?«ELB]a Asn dunaak iiattle. 


tDchwd ow laen lUJ vviy nick i Jiuil U" iJiit L«tfi1 ithhU j>1ai«« Iu 4<uji)iTr qS 

fmri>tuh « Hiij. DO lUAti Lh^ap liui Oial h ti^n^ imKlurrt « Vf^iiec t>> Kng* 
Utiif And ifiTH'li weonly Hnd &>Tiifi>rt t** fi>Mr« f*'v>pip, Wborrfwro I 
)mjr jtni cottuom id i^ta whnt funUL^mm'- y*j>i r«{i bj this Wurk, bj 
qi ii fl og Meh MppbiN ii> « M jrou wa pombl/ qiui]. — .Vol Iiarli^ 

" StU* — ^1 fODBOtfcal hiifit«D yen" i» *rcidiiiji: u|» u-W rijrwti pri*#ilj|f 

ttvf ontniv 

«licnwitlL to keep Em^bttrgh and LtHh. — uoiil wo «[icrupi» ojid nro 
■ifin^i GmrjirdB. We haw uijl« iu tlwm^ |ku-I« {jI eui!L ■ Hiuun af Qw 

"1 bujiB yiiQr Norilii'ra Guwta orr c^iuih l" yvn, Vj tEiln tiiur. I 
fvty jmj Ift hi!ii;iit»iljr ha- ifx-ei-UttA lnt^ftnLfl tTii>Qi ; I aij^ jH<tfiUU;l>^d it 
itil 1w ciiiiu'lj- L^l Um3 Ofllc^urs W Lti^il at XcwcAntlc. luiiie >cut tu 

** I hAtv bo mtiro : but rtati 

" Ouvnn CaoMwn.i- 

"Idiito, tf&m* vama op, I nuij honr firom timoCfitim« m)tMX littf 
»rtt1ii>v (H*lr luiii-link ate tviit, aud whcu I mnj expect tli«ui, 
** My MfiiK lo tho <i™f Ladr." ' 



Four Lbttww tc Tire ^irafAKcit, w KiritAt'7 or m tfrn m Ah 

[r« lAtf J^M ffono'^AI^ H^/fMm I^thaU, Eit^wt, Sptak^ €>f \h* 

" i;iki}(mw]H, <J"ib iif<., imo, 
''Ruiiti' 11(1011 HAHMUr -* 't bnviug plmar^il (fikI lu t&kfi Hwny bj 

di?alh Ciil'nt^l John Molcvtmr, n Ti.ir^ iifH-fuT inombpr nf thin .Vnnj, I 
tLiiu^ht it nHiuiiitu? ti Er)MV(> yuu mj ihi^ U>U>k]f uF h)« Mil Widow auA 
MTCD SinrJL Ciiililnm- 

■M tiwil not, nay rnni^h. His ftnthfijlDf** In jour flirrvJpn, wiil bto 
oboerfaliic«B to bo ipcnt m tho (amei ii vciy ^cU InLowa^ AdiI inilji 
be hikd « spHt ^rry aiui^b bL-yuud his natunj itnuglh of bodjr, ImHo^ 
QTidrrifCftiio miuiy KtH I'f AJokiuM flu-rin^; lliln h.vd iKirviou lo jrour fioU^ 
VivTjiim bfi WMh ciKUhiikni iinJ dUigcnt In hl« chftrj^n ; uidt notwUhalMtdl]]^. 
Iho vmkDeai of bin boJy. thought hfniHlf boqtul in 4oDMd«nc« lo ecra 
tlniio to ibc uLiQCKit, priifofriug thu i^uLiUc oorvjco bcfijrv bli priTil* 
roUtkiM, And (oj J havo bocn ctvdibly inform^) bia |o«d« by iha 
Ruyul tiiul >titliifutuit Fuity libvu bteu vpi> ^tl^ui ; iKUig uuaHakiiwil by 
bit apptULriiifc vfil'i Uiu tirti Ivi hii Ci'ttiiiry f^-r lh<^ furliiLinMiut- 

'* J \\i\tti (IjiicfLm^ UJJiUc bulil (II rt'|rfr*iriil tbi-w Lbtiijc* 1ii<f»n< jiiU, 

Uial y<ni njfly tiiiipJy «>i«idcr i^f tfaoK that lio hiiib lofi Ldnni hjuii 
uid bcaluw EKimc mvk Liffftvoi aud nwpuct upuc (bciu h^VArlB ibrir 
«aiulbrtftbJp «Qlvi«uiHw, J rwt, 

" Yoar xuMt bunbk Mrrtmi, 

'' OurER Cbomwblu" ' 


Z^fter ibj, m bcl^lf of Jobn Amodol of Tr«ri««. 

QliTCf U ru^cr in ^ifloiUn^, busy i<nnu;fh wicb grout mattom : miut n<il 
I>Ci;|Ht ibe uiitJ] clthn. MilStarj Q<.-»i|rri>i'[L, Li^'Roynlut tvi'ii, applj* 
iDg In 1h« Lnfd-Gnbv-ml in tbclr chHlnw, w^tn to fw a frvqnvBt lUca 
JuM nuw- Tu Hb<mi b'»# iwi bii ti^ ib'fl<,irii la uutltet^rvoililblrMBf ^- 

1 TvoncrUM. On Cuy. It- Itf). 

< aid. IL US, 



AtimM ti Tne^f» In Comwull ; Atid r*Uu« in vTiM li aci« «a «1d 

IS46>; te wliirii Mr. John, bjr ilw «riiitnvf niiitDDi of « nmiJit PaHIa- 
winUfy Offi<-UJ, ntoHcn liug* <l>iaa^ a1 th» tine, — fe fine of n^ !««■ 
IkftA f I0,00(h '^ i|ailr niionm lu mj ptor ntaCo*'^ JiJid clrsr tt^^haX 
b«rp;UA ■£ tb« rvAAUloa nl P«Qjl«&mVf bimu^ ¥»» Ujil tipcm Kxm by th«' 

J«rtto», hm% Xbe bouor af tb» Anuy u flovcvnwd, Ur^ Johu tiM «>iitM 
10 iba Li>nl'<jcuurAl, — the TmncB Aiumld*, be allegi« £icnbi«imiA, 
laving <rtt(u " ^Jiil Ihf ^luixjr (l> «Cuuii m w>ini> fri«tiiialiip< or tAysti kiD* 
■kip^ villi jiMir uifble hiuflj.* Otivvri ituiirjK tliai liurrinl tint viut lu 
tibagov, wni«B la cwtwjiiMiefr : — 

ir» tttf Jh^ UtjvffrahU Wiii¥tA LfWh/iil E-^iHf<, Spfti^ f/ tht 

'(ii^www, twn Afrtl. urn. 
" 8IH. >-* RiKHJiiii^ thin Eui^lfhflLH]. Hill] fiiictiu,bi; Lht- ruuurutB of it 1i» 
MpOfbalM* fic jutflMO mid fnith-fcoi?^iiii;, nud ihv 4irpetiuD not itii|iMip<3r 

&Ub uf tl^iJ Ar»ij diij^«(^"J unlu h pvrlDRQftiiB* ; ftuil iiuil«r*tAiHlia|; hf 
«lu| 0op* iL bktb |RittOOibil, iiludt ibi* «D<l'jdii:<(l Lcltvr trt Ltiir Gr^iillv-' 
ttu^A «H1 rnoko mmkin unto you : — I U3ali« bold btunbly V> prc«q:it 
thr DiuuiRH 1i> Hiv Tathaini'M. 

M If II tajun KTjil hrMioTtttlo, and I«QiU to tnnkopivid t>u^ fnilh nf yiiur 
•vnAVlB. T Inkr ib« IxMniru Ititii to praf hv ii^ay »lnnd or £fJJ atrotiiing 
III tfiAt. And thia 4SAiir«, I ln^p**, k fn AtiUifc^hiME* |» yoti ; mint will W 
ivjad^psA' 1 lAko k4T« ^ ud rr^tt Hlr. 

**0UV&» COOICWBU..'' * 

(Ik Mt B^ JVtftvmJ^ ITrfft^m Lm^A/ijr, E^piirf. iH^brt/Oe 

''Sntt^I UP vtry 4hvdri>n*I« iTiJiho on ljbjnbb> nmtUfU uuiu you on 
IbMairrif Oitunrt ILiniinll CtAyran : — vlio, hr'ijig utea prtwuer* 

■ tkifffK *^- SMU. |i^ ^>- <ii4 Whttroclw. p, US. 




whtsn T VRi In fMljiad. wiu iriih lottte mhrr Offiiwn Judged to rtlo, m 
UiMc tlifti had funnwlf irrvoJ ihr CnrlionioDli hnt vtn Un*n paniilien 
will] tha Ixird Inrttirjiiin l» IiLa Rpvi^Ii ^ flnil nlihuii^h ThA mvr, itnlbrMi 
jMdlding to th? ««iiti'ii'v, piuvi^J (]|NfD ttifluit fot, with iJici uJrit'v of thtt 

CUjIfrti, lib 1jfi>t LX« f^Tic ihnL U frimJBliod wllh ljLre« nbilium £jr tim hr- 

ntoTH, and of a work of iu;ni4(i u|m^u bi« npiril. iliul [ .va npl bj hclMnre 
1i6 vill licmi/ltv jirwv ui iijmful uii^inbAr uQt» ilu* fltaui, ujiou lbf> brat 

doff 1 thna pn>mUcd hiiiL tF> h<^»Halc with thi? J'Artinrnont ht IbcUkUag 
iifflbt! »c^untrttiLi[i tliAL iv i][k<ii hv ^Ftuli-, iihidi JLiJ*<vd 1% Lut vcr]r 
imall' I do tfKTK^^r^ himiM/ fldtroM ynii T^ {nvik «<ne\i a Jt|wnid ftol of 
&Yrrr lowArdi^ litrn, «lLf'ntt>y liir will 1h» iTngHgnd and iinEil»|(iJ tn iropran 
hb intonwt iho mon vifT'iivualj^j in hia |ilac«, foir lh« frdrimiA^ of 
lb A t*iM\t-. 

'* 1 ^r«iild not oddrM* cnoh ftp OT«ftiiro tr> joa, did 1 noi aappOM IkM 
t1i« ^IjlcIii^ of itiih r^vi>r u|H.iii tliift |>r;m;ii will be uf vorj guud u*«, JUld 
4a ut of umcfa diunly 9.ud tcudomov^ t rttti, Stf, 

'^ Your uiuaL buuiblo sairv^ui, 

Ltti^r ut^ltf^n (whiLt mt; b« noied) jutt in tho bf^inning of thml 

dAuj(T>niuit FiL t>f Sivkuim ^ ^ fu11i->ttt"iE LeLUr jutil hbuul thv wd uf lu 

£r«rr4A, In bohiilf of CoI'hwI BotLua. 
{Ih ikt Miffht tTonoraltf %VH^iixi» trpth^Vi, Enqtiirt, S^pdaher </ tkt 

"8ift» — HaTlnff rocdved tli«[iiK!'*oJ rVlhion uud Lcticr tsvm ih* 
OfQnm of a dmrl <jf War at Wlilfnbnil, repiMwnTing tmto luo thil th* 
fiiilh uf tbv Antij Ampfininf; Ibv ArtlrlM gf Tnxri>,^ In ifi« piuiifoW 
rMK <irC4t)»iii4 NiAboldf Br>rtnop. \t vioUmI ; kuA Ihf Prtlil^^nttr him- 
bpirhaiiDU oiiiDO bilhfir t*i 8on(lnnd, dofftrioK "*^ ("V UjtrurrK-iktAl tliM 
(h« laid ArUr,li>« 1w jwrfuxmul, Juid llmt t)io fkllh of tb* Ann;thrFnau|»il 

I Tn^niT »SS. (In T^ry, Jl. BTlJ 

r Ro|4»»'> 8«rrto^ir, Kill MaivIl, Ki^S-il unu^i. vdU k^lI p.^Sl), « hiirritd 




l^.tfriAiii«i]r viH ukf 111* fOM/t \ato (vnA^iliYmDoFi, ftud that hia lintiooiw 

mlii'U thTr^i.Q ; rlml m jiirti.vi mnr Iki dono Uota Jilui, and 
Ujiil ihf fMtb "f tb« Army rrirtj Lr prtf^-rv*^. 

I OAT* pardon finr thl« imiilttc ; Ami ri>at, lAEr^ 

** Vcfttr EDOkSt htiinble ncrvnat* 

No. 2D». 

OsamtAL KABiiTfiOft, wttb ^imA forcoi 1« <iti th« Bordflr, Inwplug 
vpvb iirjr <^fmlImui»llL>(ltf> Alvn^ wUb that L«Lt«r lu &lni' Croiucrull 

"P«Aft IlAuitiJif >>r, — I nvv?!T^ thlnoof thv 2%] of Aprtl. Thj 
Lctfan &f« nlwaytt vory wolwjtnn lo miv 

" AlthongI] yiiir rtAV mlliiJH A^rmt arw an had lui yoii mflntlon, jM I 
ftta £lad ihM you an ia the Iit^ of thom ; boonuaw I bdJcvc Ood vlU 
gtvo ytm A bmrt to rofunn lIil^ch ; xk [iriai^likul moiiiu whrru.^ will bo, 
br jitaciug fC:"^^ ^^wn wvr t^K>rii, 4iiJ piillm^ out tbi^ t>ad ; wbof«- 
iiulM ji>ii wttl tun WJLEJt my Ijim ruTt.Tii'rHiiiii anil iMinriirriTiiV' T 1iiir« 
bml mach nn-h fltuff tv d<^] wilh^l, Lu ib<jH^ H^ut Id uio iuiu >^i!<itlaLid ; 
ItQl, bb^urd be ttit LuH, vv<< 1i4il* [Wto] ixu3 t-Te refonjiiu^ tbdia dally, 
Hading innch OQautira^iucmt from Ibo Lord tfinrvtn : onl; n^ do yiH 
vaut wimn biiriT^it nicQ lo wiiJi* If? ufi bi luako OJlinrB. Autl Ihls ia 
tbn ^rf, iTial thiK bvini^ ihci 4^it!i« nf {.ri^i nijd of HLm puttplf^f a^ inmiy 
wbU ^liiLiibl ^w m UiHir hri^mily iirnl (>iuin, And sot como oui to tbft 
work of liifi Li'td lu Ihi* ifPOftt Jtiy o( tIjo L-ifd. 

" I ht-iu DOlUng of iLic iiiyn you pruiniMrd ui9- Truly I ihiuk you 
tAonJd ^ wffll to u-rii* ti> fnimU in l^indnii ivnil oUdwhdiv, !<> ^jiiK-hrn 
diru tBtne ill ibis >rrt-al Irutiiu-u. I lutvc wdttcii ibU n<c«k U> ^t 
Hnirj Vaaev ju^d ^ivoa him i fuU Mcount of yoar ^ffiun. I liope ll 
<ri& not b« ui vAiu. 

I Tuuur USd^ flu C^, IL ITQ. 

" I UudJi it viB b« tnnoh bettor (lit you to dnw iti^hirr ti> CoriUlO) 
vtien [uv] tvolre trwps of huoei vUorvof su uv old tii»|«, u4 
8ta ur rix of dr«g<>onfL Batiiiii**, 1b« trvopB jcnv n«utios npoa Ui» 
Hunlom wiS bv nvtdy U|>ui) a dnf's luiVJcr U> tali iotv ooajunolioQ 
unifa jcLi : u that if mij paniH vhoald think 1« br«*k bil» £aglMi4 
(which, ihroQgli lie mcr^ of G^hI. wc Kc»pc to Iuvd an f^e Lt), jou 
vilL btf, upon that onajaninirtn, in a ^ocwl |KVTrjrr t^y obviaic [thflm}. 
iWj I tloLk Umt if jrwj cuuld bo at l^uri^L adJ iIjosu puu> it 
WuDtd dii very vol], Aad I (l» tbtrrcrorD ilmird jnu, m uton u jnn 
can, 10 uiATch tliHlii^r. Wl^ortby nlto jou ud wc olioLl. havw lJj« 
mur* frDquooi and votJUtAUt oarrcvp'jndeno; m^ with motliiv. Aad 
il will be btttcr. If A party of the i:ugu]J abould lioppc^u io mvkt Mcb 
Lfi Htlvirijil, to figlil faiiu Murv ho htxh an ii[>jrfErirfuily tn ^nt hr tola 
oitf iMruiiLrjT' 

" 1 Iwvn otlktrmt a ouvud^radoo x\v> t^ nnr frVATid at Lottdna, 
ycm mi^ht hart iiro nirtinaDU gf fixit voul too* [p^ wfudi 1 am txoI 
*Tlh©T]t hopp. 

" Tbil Lord 1>1h yoq ojid konp yi>D, aal lncrea«« the tnunbcr ^r Itli 
laltLftil one^ Pnj fur lu. and for him «'ho Miun^ you Ihi in 
** Your afiMUOOBtc fiutbfat Frjcikt 

** Ouwn CKomrxLL.** I 

Ounnt, b hJ« ffiHH Mnnb frotn BoiUaiid towanli Won«itfr, lakv 
npiiD aad Dvutinjiut m blagn : Prorfilan for m inmit bo " ta riatfinwi 
•fiiinat ov •oinuki;." 

rnilM JfoyoroMlCVfpTraeiOfic/ZbjKaffcr; 7%ew^l 

*' G£KTu-3nuv, — r inurd, God viULaK, vi Im at DoMMlw witli lliv 
Ajuijr au WtdovnUj* nb^ht ur Tlianda/ nkjmiTijT ; aad ronaniaik ■« 
Uw Mdien iriU dohJ a «Dpply nf vietaal, 1 iktt» jw t» fivo t>o1k* 

I tjttrr la pvM&m of IL K Elm*. Eiq,, af Hrlor-lVk BaOdii^B, Bilh (>'«d« 



APTEB W03Cli:^£R BATTLi;, 


ito iht ttooatfji and l« uu> your but niif1ttLTi»n to miitw liK«d, Wiicti 

doriillsgofypiircjirD limriu, I nul, 

'* Tonr Tfliy k.vhm friond, 

" Ouvna Cflouwiui-" > 


Am» WoftOEaTKi Bw-tlf : LtrmmJi to run Spraxkl 

[Vol. KtilL p. ttM.J 

|7b Uv Hiffht UtTiiorabU WiHiajn I^ntJnJl, l?»quirr, ^ftikrr af t\g 

Pttrlutvtent of Erigliinii r 21ute.] 

r, wUeb oqr good tiod (lo whom ikmo bn luwribort nil thn fl;lf»ry) 
iraa plM*»d to vouchabfo your Km-outB n^fuust the Scoitbh Army at 
WcnwMi doth, lu 1 «n(ioriivis Jutftly it^uj^ tnn hiiiiihly tn [invuai 

■rk wqoiterfully In llli' inordfa tiiwari!* y(Jii» «( U will Im vurj JiiHl in 
uUnd infircy tv HU |hi»|>1c, otir Fiicuda tbftt eufibrod in thcBo puru 
njion (hU nrcAiloD ; nrjd thrir. smaa U'paiaU*ni iiiny bi< mnAv Llieui gut 
of fbc SAquortniliofi or Ketat<>fL of SDoh us hIh^IUuI iIuk ICnuuicviiitrDt 
aolBjrl jrti. T1)« Iou'ti liHni; r-iifJTml hy ttMriii, Aoiud liiuii^kt Hiring 
rumofl^ly And ^thaul diHtiuotittc, aat^rod by jttvr ^oldlr^r;^ 
>hHi iM>Q^d iiot At Lhftt tJmd {Hwilbly bo pnvrtiled, la ibc! fury nad hc«l 

'' I «bn Iiumbly |)m9t?nt lu your idiuity din poor diHLmHBwJ WiTa dcd 
(Udmi ot Olio Willlum Uiilve, of Xho City oT WuroAiter, who wSi 
rbafiiualy |Mit ti> du4iL b^ tl)fl Euoiuy itv hJ* TitithfukiCiH lo tbo Par- 
Tbo laiut (u I am ^rulibly iuAirmodJ f<>iin^ llir» Ixird ; aod 
thai acooUDi likuwiM ^IcwrvFtlj mure ooTibid'^mtiou. 1lri*ny, 8iri 
I in abundantly utlaflMl, thikt dlvon honiui fn^n, Wh In oily and 
^tmrjt atdfi^rtd cxcvfiJiugl/ (own lu Iho ruin i^f ihrir Ciirulin). by 
|Mirt« botug thi? »iit of tlio War ' and ii will bo m vrroumg^ini'iit 

1, lUUi OcuUr, UUJ), 



l0 hoimt mm, itIikd thi^^ arv ELrA ^vi'd oT*r to b« bbtaHowhI up la llw 

JiMCirsirjff m the ^i>*.rJi>Lt[r4iTj i-r" yintjr chikniy^ I <aiidoi but doobl^ mj 
d«i!fi*. ibK Vmio »p«<1j niurw tnny In? taliru hc-n-io. 

" J hftv^foot the H^Tor iuj-I SFi^riffoF Wi'r?4«[i'' Lo Wnrvrick Cm^ 
Uii'P.' Irt itl^iiTil ilu* plea*«n- iif t*«rlmrTi*nii rjniivniiiij: [h*»ir TrUl; I 

toccuity iif UiiT uLl^ir AlJtinuifu whL> rcuutlaod id ihc t^f* lo be fiitUi* 
oomipg vEiou J ihuU rc4|Q]rc thorn. 

*' II may hv wrL trurthj juur i!iiu[itdiiratJi.iu, Tlml auuuj mvurjlj btj 
•howB 'lo tua^ <if IhdM of lliifi Conotry^ ** wflitl nf <f>i»i1iTy u kvhdm 
«M«b who, h&viaic Uwu uuga^i^ in llii> r^mL-r Waf, did a<iw 

" Voiu DKiM liomlilc nrrnut, 
(2V tlti E^hi U^MifraiU W^Him Lcnlh^O, Etqmrt, ^Koktr qf UU 

"SlK. — I hAToBniltjiAftfaRT, CnpUiirOfpjv, widi the Colon Ufcm 
In thr l&ir Piffhc: —At luun nk in^^y oi thtfiii fttt rMoa to mjr fca&dt, br 
I tkmk Trr> fiLuvr nf thrui Irnvti miK-rtTTw^l- I InrK^Tf ih* io«lb«r of 

■bw viiV «nU lie itxKit an Huudn^d ; ihc- rt>iaiuD<l*r el1*o huui|f forty or 

VOtibOng yon l>eri»vrilh ; unri i«*itj 8ir, 

■■ Y^iur tnwfi ban.hlp ••'rtiat. 

Lvraut TO Sunn EusAiviii. 

ler Elhabctii.* <if wbipm, t^tnn^yt Un> Jam* i/ ht*T bfTth aod ihat «b« JM 
■ Tubfir HAfL (bi Cur. b.3T»). 
> TttBu-r H^ (to Caij, II. tm^ 


uuntarrWili' Almtot outhlnt; bknowuT o<imo vUllklj/ tcill^^it liin^; "liv- 
ing At Elf/ iti vvry Injth {m Kobk^ haJ rupuo*! iho cliJ) ; qairtir 
bounkiJ itt fnmv frnrndly Drx'k^r'b tii*.^rv, in t\ir hm<ui< i-LEirl iiijioug tho 
pcvffilv altfHfH TAiTifclinr Ut hi>r, Hliv i« ds yvvrr MtT fhns Olir«r; xvrvr 
«1id thra hmi» fniru him, wi^}li«* i:UuJ Iri rv. ami rxrm^ivn '^tfuudl lokriui 
ti M# Iovq" of A ■ubiUiitLiI kiud, Var tha nnL HHii daw* Iti thli> i^- 
utrf Sto Ifciua iaikmlof feviir iu Irnliiud ; tiiit TiilJa||« ririuilLOcl LiintloD 
JoA » vrrvk na^ 

■■[CocMm'.l IBlh DocicnlxT, 1»1. 

" D1U8 ^wnrB, — I btvo nHuKcd dLv^n l^itlf'ra frum you ; I miui 

dffirv jou lo nf^iinc ni) nt>t wTlItiL)^ stt i-ftou jik yuij i^xpcct . my bunlcD 

i* not nrdinntyr nnr arc tny ffrnkurivb.'! d k>vf In gi> thttnigh th<<n>with ; 

but E Law tiifpL<iti ab4?Ltcr!^tri?iJ^tlu — Hlatv hm^ttUlu iWDtyou Twenty 

I witili yuu au^ I itjdy 1iav(*rjiir mvl uutl aafb fauliuu lAlivreitll Miiuicbavu 
Ibdr^ Whnt In of this Ki't\d v\ii ho f'^nd tnnillory; ftd«Ar«TirlvDO« 
nittnot U my Si^n Irctoa'* dvutL. [ tt*\, clnnr f^Uiwr. 

'Olivkh CuoMvrBLL.' 
•' [P-i^-1 * My MothflTj Wifo, nnd yonr frt6tid> hpTC rcmrmbpf iholr 

No, S4, 

to T6B CovmTTTna mu SfrarK^TRATi^Ns, IN niiiAtr or 
Mr. «id Mim- Fixoii^m- 

{Vol. irill, p. ri.] 

Tmcvmab Fischau, Eo'tinns *'f (^Htviill> Thin nf Ely. U ua ilii? Lut 
of I>rUaqLjcuu ' OikVpr, u aii oM fmad or al IcwiC aoiij;bbur, wlIL do 
*hat ho eaa Uyr hwu 

« Vnl- *ni. p. fli- ^ Q-^Ty. not ""^ ' 

• OtUm*! *Ihw*> m^ *nd oopM *» n» fWi»k 0(<-lwr, UWj, Itr Mr- Patlifk. 
Aucli««H. [Bl PiocBiUlJ.r. — wlio iciU it, vilh »ttutli»r fLtFTcr [n />*i'>< Hrf Aprii, 
iCtff CorrW^H tfUT Uu<i<XXXXIt.U»>-iit J*y. ^ forP e^imf*!, to Mr, Hctlowty, 

Ifl Mr* JotU toutt. a atH Land, OuuUofpbury/' 


AJ*PENDtS- No. S3. 

noo Ur. INbPlihiD «a4 hi* Wi&, ifHrii^f duiV if it wctr in four pow<T 

tii|C trv itvF n)iitiy uf llkiir U4«h AuiJ fL>r**iiiiiiJi ■* tltoy bmv v«IMd 
lon^ In IVm'ii fjjr i hmriiig, u> Ihi'ir j^niit HiLr>-r &ud npMUM, vrbkh 
Uicir fitHViit (4>Dilitiou will net vroil benr, L a|-iaij «ftni«lJjr ^^'"^ l^'^ 
yuu vIltgmTit tKf*iii yiiiir &niT nr h ipfWj liivirtTig oT ttirir biiuiii«i»| 
•od M rvliuvo i^u'tb wwijrdlnit u* the mi-rit* And Jurtico of ihcif cmc: 
«lu«ib][ jrnu win Ttff iniudi cib%c, (■i^nibmoD. 

■Ouvut Chqmwkll." ■ 

or WAjriUHrk*; rvi4;iDi<. mt \t bif'jHUJi, U> ll^v rmir^mijix^ of M 
mLicIi Olifr wa« CbtuuvLlur. Ttiit fint u n Lvller lu Uxford. 

dupcndr^t, 41 tTiiB tbio rn^ijclit vf Magdoleu Cullqcc Of ** 2^diVf 

Kcvnnt itt Wmxl, irilli ojiprvu sllunun \v llio l.titlor whuh fu^lliiWB.* 

CSlj : Doi iinilncrvtvjK >a«h a ^vor : w4io llvul fwmi ^Mn In ^ iMflublc 
omnTfiaciAii vVih {for^jwln, Ow«0 Mid tbd oibcn : tbon, a: iho Ri«i-Tn- 
ci<Ki| £>U roto iKrtjbtni inw w»raria^; bat f'lidvd pr^^&itjf u Mtuf 

"Sit, — Mf. TbtiakM O'-^lwIn h*tb nwHiim'-ndH md^f m« 



i^pcBvd with Air Um miui of wo at Xhrt* trrva bi Iho Lukhf|i: of hie 
Pfi^MO M &4eli«kir [ am Bttdrrd that ho U tiutDoaUy godly, oi «bl« 
JHV% aud vriliiuic to pFrfunii al] Ijift t^ivrouva, U[)ou vrhjdi BMouiit (If 
il mEJ mM drew ak^ witli It tA> gt««1 ■& inDDbTvniMiw) I iniiv thbl 
k» toftf hniG iJjR imrUiTiUaf fATor Ui bo Adtoiiud lu tbv Bstd Iltvm, 
Wfcidi I intobd boi to druw tat» « j ifw dwit, bui ihall ba r«j tpuiDg 
iWriu I rnjouui. bir. 

'* YuUT nrrf bvujg frmd. 

mmj comrrn. 

"Tben ar* W Hiur^ noA n*i]uin> jou, upvo tigbi hcreoi: Xoi to 
ipAtflcr auj DlHcvn or SuIdJL'n In unj irf [bf> Ci^lle^'^, ncitla or ciihri 

ImJutt or viubiioe ki nnj iir Ihu ^tmbriile ur Mtfiuliiirv nT JUf nf lliu 

" tiiveq midot my haod Atid wftl, thp Finrt of July, 1652. 

ir«*p. In ih'> ArehirM of Tpiiiilj Cnllcgn Cfttnlirtd^* In n Pmu^it 

OOAb'v, 1/>M^" hpfinlniin^ Rti^^Hri] ('rtill* " whn. ju we nn^ Inftirmrd, 
il vcfT );Kifr aod DcrcA^Jbriii^'^ a Scdam/n^t, (vmall pfuaioncr fur UTo) of 
Ihftt Colliign. Wljlrh inurfJy ulKf^ial P'jt^s u EildiArd Pimtl lor\, 
>ni|l Uu* of bcdng pooti ua without pbyHiugnomj A^r oo, w« di> not 

Tbe Tbirtl >jid Fvonh art fur ViSevd Ag*in : — 
1 " Ay Ml Bjt<tnfttcy Ac Lof J (AwmJ CVomcvR, duncdkf ^t\e 

'* WbrKOft diTcrp hpfilifauoti* bate bMD nuido unl« mo, from >rr*nil 
nf ilf U««nh^Pi d" iht' Uniri'mtf ijf Orfbrd^ cviiwtfminjf itHTrrpum 

> Fninfia ArrfilTnt/OkftirdUfdi'vnhr^ CvnuuiiuJuiUJ brtbvKrv, Dr. OIIm- 

■ Ooipir"* d la nh crr^twfrnc/^, ill. tt8, 




APPEXnrx. Ko.23. 


4iTWB nifcttp™ wMflli fnll fjnHcr mj «^Tiimn» m CliMimllor: And 
fliTiwmiiflh u i]lir<*n'tiix4 iitirl r<«i»ti|]LtiiU uf lIjc? tiki* uaLurv loay [utfaiii] 
linppni and imM^ botv'i^'n llivia : Aad lymAiiicriTt^ Ihfil U vvonM b^ ^"7 
croiiMvAOTiiif Mild obfifKwbl'f U> iLt^ |wrtJii»miioi*fiJoJ I'lAti^ml utct ai thli 
dunAQn* Afroni iho mhw : Ani the (^mnil bard{>n uf fiubUe aOiun not 
pormhilo^ lue Kt fally to hear auJ undcnuLZiil tho wtuc w lo bv tfldo to 
givp rujr jud^vEit ftTid deannDiutttiuD thi<i>iri : 

" I dij hi^Tf^lt/ diwirv u;j^ DiilU'iriMi Mr^ Jnfiii Owou, i;iiw Vicc-dmi^ 
mILot uf iJHt UiavunUy, and ilm ll«dd« -^f thu ftotoral Collc^fcs aod iLdk 
thorc, or iboy PWe or uxon? of ihpin (wb^-n.'of ihi* )4ilil Vioc-cU*u™Ilor lo 
tw VT*'), T*i Jii*Jir niH^ »'K*inirn» nil biio!i JilTiTi-noi'* arid (^-ifupbiint* which 
hnrv (ad»fii.] or ^Imll ixnn^. Ix'twct^ »tijr nf llio vniil H<-fJi*»iTV ; ci^a^ 
ihpm u full pi>w**p iiTirl ftiiihorlijr aa in ifi4i lipn la onlnr »Tiil HrlmnituJ 
UiTtcEa u, m tWt Ja(lff*=i>^nl9i, thry t\iid\ rhiiih iiimI ani iurr»tLMf la 
Joittrp and f^iiiCy. Ami ihi* \^t»Xft iknii f '-ommiHiaD tO AOVlimio dmlDf 
Ihn Pfnior of Aix Momlia iinw nrit cniiiiug. 

*' Gir«n ij]id«^t m; bnuJ luiiJ viA, lKi*< Itilti duy of OAtober. ItlSS- 

4> ** S]f Ma Exceilnut^ the Lord Of»frtil Cromufdl, Chnn^ior (^ftke 
Vtti^rnrif of Q^ord. 

*'WlMnifl idthln tbo Uni vanity of Oxford ihort fr*qa«nllj 
■»v«n^ ihlogn Id bu dUjxtfiHt, gmnuvl aeu) ocmAnntd, wUntnwtth 
Vicv-otukimUor* DuflUm'Uvgiiijt, Muitory uud othori cf iho luld Urn 

iliH|>inj^i-, [(raul ur ruuArm, tvitlmut l)«|i u^j^iit i>f li:iciir Clianci-llcT ■- And 
fiini>{rji]i-fi MA i)i« jirvjwtit vtt\^\t\y ufTHlr* uf ihn diiiiniiiiwnjdih du caH 
fnr aii'l c^^^}ii-<i n\ri ti> fruhli^. iLnd fl[i^o my poruvnnl att'^dann^ tn ^ 
Uou Lond'Kj ; em Lhiit itin ScTioljirif fif tlir 5ii1d t'liltcnlty Hud i>thm nni 
put |4 Tnuph pKrtr^tf i\Tirl irr^nMii liy r*(initnif %it ]w)tid'>n lA (>buin Dif 
■Ment lu ihc tAMv biTdfn titniUuiinl . Tt4<nTiifT\ UhLiiir iIit iirfimlMi liil# 
•tmiidiir^ioii, Fnr Iho inoro iuh ^j\A bonofil f>f th<^ miil Schalnrt tsd 
iTaK-tittity, luii ibal 1 may with liw avuuLjuu uiJ diiiunjuu oUebd Um 
fiattDfBl* Mill ■*<rtio« of till* L'(>iiiuioTi«'iuhJi : 

Mr Jnhu Ow-tn, DvMi of Cbruifhuri^ atiil Vic«-chanoollor of tbo inld 
Unitrnitj ; i>r ^'Khinr, WnrdtD uf liV.idliiun CoUc^ ; IW. JoiuibAB 
Gabbird, W#hkn *ti M'*niiii CiilU*^i' ; Mr, Thitiniw G<in]Tin, PrcdJil 

•I If MrdftlMi OUvtft I «iui Ur. Ptt«T Frcocli, Piebcccd of CImvtpcliuKlif 

HKNKY CI£0MWI-;LL~5 mabkugc. 


or taoft iiT than, To uLuf Into ixiUMiJumtlno all OQi] rvfry 
iMtt— of <U»ppiii*lloii, ii-ntot «r eoi>ArmiiCkiu tfrhnlAOfivfir wlilcli ir^qalrc* 
Dj nmnf ns Cbftti««11oT to the ukid nnltcntif, nnii ihm-niHjn Th m** 
pntc, gruit, ooafirVi fr othrwun ititpMo thcrvot m to dirrn »1iall 
MMB mm ; aod In a.flirx Unf mnei in thr CuawMlurii. And nil jirui 
««<«ty i»«h iUiip(4iittlkiiar lZ**nti 0>vdtmiii(i»u nr <li«fiontJOTJ moilfl by littt 
a^mmld Mr. Jr^iP ChnD, Dr. WakldN l>r. Ji>D]tAb*i» <h>diiHnt, Mr 
IImm* GooJiria. and Mr. PoUir i-VoaL-h, or jcq^ l'hi«oor tavn iif U»oai, 
i^all be lo all ioimitd uid ptiniuBn &iD BPd Vftliil, tu N« full, 1m)[U Bud 

^ntiiiE iiu<i<~( my basil und vtil, u; I hml bvcu (lenuunll^ pn^wut &ad 
h«d |Lr^T#a mjr vduw oail HifMffp i6cr4tiTLl .h. 

" lit wltDCM wbcrrof I lur* boivunW ict uij bonil 4uil trnl. Uw ICUi 
Jft7ofUQU>bcT, 1G5G2. 

No- 2a 

Lnrsa to Loac WnAirmic imxir UcMfir CBOvnxLL'B 

|V«I, iThL, p, M«.| 

"FkiLtf fijulf«b M&Q,** vrbuta itd ^caaod \a the T^xi to bn iiu > visit &! 
WhublugtJ>U. vik* \hoQ hotj thfM>>, it v'lubl hk^hl, and La now a^aIii 

bttTf, iKj a »«7 imiKinaot taahnri mliriiir -if mafriii^p bttwocQ ber 
btJibff Hvurj, ninr tu In^Innd, ^lui b(<r r^lr Krl-idd hnni, t.trr^l ^Vtiar^ 
k«> Djhue^iVTi — tU^ LiMlir Hlitiktmtb. bU dii««t, aa urn/ bi> cltwlj- 

BOM boQumMr; »b*ll m-l fail Wwimt »if mmirr oq bin fiftTt tlijfw, 
hdnd. *' ibn jdul «Tnipl» "f th<' IjuIj "|iti»t# iinmnnflnnUbWI WTiWi, 

Wcfato-Ujtddffd &iflLlnibdr:"HiibTy Cnlr^l»B]l■'-l£lM-o]■fC[lip' 
t«1mm;* ott iHikb blltf fvout. the -^DhUbf aud Ilrviu,-|Li.4a/' hiim 
noPtkinHl, iirrrr nrtnvHf tritkd apm Utiiqr- Burkigli uuii Okkhjun 
«e%i (0 lui brother Hi^h.irit. 

Iht AvTbIrM nr Onfj^l ITuSvitnilTy- iVminttiiirKCMl h^thit Hrr, Dr. 


AFrKSDIX N«l27. 

" Hv DEA& Lii>iii». — Indf^Hl I dorvt nni ■iid'lL'nly uiiikv up huj ju^ff" 
mi^aL vlui wnulij bu ti\ fur luu loJo t'r<lmiiV| iu ibo Ouaiuiw jrou kwrtT' 
of. ititt liftiuK 4>TihmtVi^ !'■ u* ^1* y>u ui AiXvxtDt upon our Iaic (unForcno*^ 
1 %l\\\\\ \>n lii>Jd Ui du UiAt, And mlJ a wiinl nr lwi> ibfuvwitk* 

" for th« l^»ial4 1 DiDQtK'bAd, 1 cannci do« (by roMoo laf Suward 
b lu^ bu;*) bi?BU exaclu ] Wi>uU; but tbo Lild^Ia I dHigu im ihUvoCi^ 
■t^u iiro lEurksifb, CJultlinn^, uid tvr<i <i|hr-L- bltlo UlIei^ UfjL t»x iliirlaui; 

£l»K(N> p r ■[iij[»ii. BurJoilgh bull Mout eJiiu^o upon it^ vhioh viU m 
oonvt'ijivui ilujii In} rvuiuvtvL Thl» i* aiiaj tvloc ■* Bmoli a* I iolradod 
m;^ Son : vot aU ii natrovtiiy of the hiKmrablr I'^rv^n. 

'' My IaitiL give me Icfttp tu <luiibt thai tliv Ljidj bitli w mAo; jurt 
>nn)pli«t wliloh if nnt t^ frfi>j}' rvntiifiU^tl muj bi Uhi ^Mkt r luntftUMi 
W b«r tpliit, xnd fkl»v linv^i AfUir*im-uuvf)uieu<-c«. And nlihoufih I kmjw 
your LorJihip sa rully.* j«t J bf ]i<i\o y oi] mAj have ^our aham of dlffl- 
cuhiMto ixmlliot With; wtiii."h njftjr miiko iLe UuoiuL*** uncnay :-^»tbcre- 

in the uublo Pcrviii), ]|ii lhi> Albir blidu <^l>' iilT, iuid uui n wurU UKin 
be «pi>kFiit jkboirt ii, — u fnur t^rsUfatf/n [own] ihuii|f1)U m«^ ^ hiult 
All, uid aav« iho kbof vf UlUe Mnll'* foolJu^E, — li^ >br loeiu- tbo Imi 
iif A |fiH4l F'rrhitd iuf1n.«1. Mj Lord, I vriu tn^ bcnn pluialy lo jou, u 
bocotu<«, 01} Xrtird, 

*' VutLT moat ibflvctionabT »fnrjint, 




Ko, 27. 

8<TiUM moil L65& 

PMiUou eoaocrftioK tUc prtutinic oj" Dr. WhIwd's Pulj^lvl llibtc> Al 
Iht^ilofUiDPeEltiaiuU thofnUoidDg: — 

* OHhImI bi BadkUn UbnrrL oidanvd Irj- fx^pd Wharr«D. " Mj Lonl l}u* 
mil la mm dba«l Ui Saua." PrJnMd a tH^r^aU LvtJn Ifimt, TUi Xoi 



-' I WiMTKirAU. 1 Kib Mar* Ua3. 
'■ 1 TRUHK fit iKai thii wcvTg cif pritirbg tUf Bible- tn itto Onj^luol jUkd 
«tZi«r Laafiui^o«p> on vrithout vijr lot vr iatcmiptigp. 

•■ By t»or of whr** GorprnTMCl," m WM»n m lii» Prvfaw IbrUivf- 
mon rt«dTi|^ **irf hki mir pA|WT frrr iiT ttni^t ^^■■>'v* /^''Xt fJWi/f m w 

2> H<n-\ l»«t Miif dffl riionJd Iw agnln n'-nt hiititlug tfimiigh '■ Pnggtfn 

r>it»<, furir irw%:7i iif^r llrfi DiKTriEFKil nf ^tl« ]tmii]i; wIipij tlw " Ccim- 
ViRM of lb* Am»jr," itii'l Olirof " C'WMiibnAirr '*TnX] fhc P»irOf** mlH^if 
«nd In bfi Tklwil." nr* nAtnmllf ilpiif'^n^ tA trnnvrtfif vtniA of ihA Army- 
Awotttits. W))pTt ^IiU^idl <Njminni]i!« nf- ptt^nU 1 do n^ \uo« ; nnr 
wkMbsrbAml/^litlwtlii^ " r>i[iuin Milrfmll " v\\n vm knov»n mmn yntn 

toA iib(B« Aoeaauu iiuy be nthcf ii|T(vlu11y n rnnttor of lutrml- 

" ftr Z^fuJefHmf-OVMvf .\fitehtll 

"Wm-itHALU iStliBU^* 1403. 
T<ia ^tt JMirtJ uriib nil jfTftf^iLhii^TL <■■ prMitoro iind viraj fo 
ftir thft Atmy mi Aivnimi nf all Mmn?yii bj yiMi rMolvnd 
iht\r WnrT*ota l«twr*n ihc Flftficnlh <* Jmiunry, llM?, »nJ the 
TnntlKh f^ Ortol^rr, Ifjfll. tur rhp "m> '/ thfi Fof'-n^ u-hhin lh(» tlinn 
A w u tod Q&<Ior 5<?ur ni^tuinftiKt. or ^ tlio u&7 i>f Aiiy uttLvr jCi'i;ttEiuiJl« 
Tmnp (It <.Tiiinjmyi b/ or J^tt ul>i>iii yini r^^n* iiitni*|iid nr ii^jiuliitJil ut 
rppflvr ABy pionoy. 

" Aal In mil* yi>Ti p:inTioi fn-rti^ yi^ir A«i»<HUt. ■nri »rnfl ihf am*. 
Hi yott Nfo |i«T"by dt«»?t->J, b^f^-tf* th-? S^Ti^ntb of Juno ncit, you bit 
■MiH by thrtf Hmr ii 0»i fjuiH"*! u* -I'li-l in irrltltii- mnJif yrmr linnri 
**tho SmJ CiiihiniU*v, Wtini Mimi^fl by yrn, rciKW-J «« BforwA^d da 
noubB It; jour biitilH. 

"IkCtflf yiXKLFC cut ti>6dl, 

• Pin*'" >tSS. <lb tlrt C»b*c« «l Am, L4Bit«j>, vi[. Ift. 



3h AiDong 1^ SlAto-Pipin lu i'»m tlicn h»vo ^tolj bi>«n l^t 
T?xttvniuili NoCento MtttziriUh uift uf iuucli» ifimlMdof almusl nay uh 
mi7Li1, bitt vL>Tib pn«orviiig HiiiM> ihaj &r* hor*. TwL>vt ibom bdf 

lu ttHOftliUfld for BIazatiti^h fcndtnff* wenld cot bp wbotlf nittiput •ig- 
nlflcAUCC if wo bjul \l in Uie origlJtAl. It U dalcd jtist tlirM dnjB after 
Uftt Smnmnn* 1i> ihit PuhUn \'"Ubt<w ; ' — nrnl thn L<>nl Uwuvftl, «« 

" Dk WxrrxiXffTKit, <c fr-ie Jiilo, UAIl 
" Mo>9iaiBun» — J^ai ftS surpna du Toir *\\w r*Aro KminonM 
voula pi-iiwr h um* |hith<>iiii4< »[ |ipu cf nuMil^niiMH c|iirT imii, tItmhI 
qUOl^iM t^'ii r6Urvi th^ Milti Ju intmdij. V«t buiiiii>ur « hit ftToo JaiM 
r%l««i inu' Hi ttnn iatjunAJihii mir iikjI, ^lut Ja i^h mum iit>1igi£ Jn wtrvtr 
vulr« EiaExuRUo on Wuioi DoaMiao* ; ot comoio Jo m'Mliiuonu bfunuK 
do In pciuTiitr rvticuulrrr, j'np^rc c^ufj M. do Bflur^ntut nu fjuiliuv* 
Im uiiijou & «*lul ^iii («t, M^mviour, 

" Do vrrtrv BudntrniW 

'■ Lv U^v-bumblii Mrril^QT. 

Of «lii<^ lakf iLia Vcnkni :^ 

^Ses,^! haTO b«Aii Mirpn^m] tl^nt yuijr Kmibiiicj' iru plniwd to 

iritbdnwta rr<.L|» tbo mt of tbo wtirid^ Thla b^uur huii ju«llf ncfc • 
mruCdtcul witJi lu? ibat [ fcrl uijTittlf bi<uud, by nil r'|i|junQQltkv^ lu 
bn wrvlrtmKl^^ ii> jTPur hIriiiTH'nrT; mid m I hUaII W bappi^ t^i mnC vHb 
•obb, «rft ] bopo M. dt^ IkniHoaux Tlhir AiiibuNduLir) w^U h«Jp to pro- 
«ara thorn %o, Sir, 

*' Voiu EtoibctKx'a umtt bucablv BTViuii, 

" OUTKn Cw^nwmuJ^ 

N«j hciT Tinw (fOHM Ids?) I> th9 DiisbiLl ItwlT; p*^\My f.ir 
ttirdnl T« iDp, tbnoo jMtn Rgo^ bjr lb» Tmc«l»iior of M^ (> uiiufi £*^- 
iitk Oommormva^ wbcro doobtlcM k bu ntoo* cfiiMVvd in priot ; -* 

vai«>l by rbMw Wnikk &«- F.5.A. ^. 


m;kai'!j ¥Ron IG$3L 


<tWk>THu<HTKit, lb* Uth Jun*, 1<UI. 
''It^ ■Qppd'O 10 tun ibjU jnur Emktinm>i' Hlxml-j Uiktf ti-iiicc cf a 

Xhv iviirM- TLis hoiKrr htut^ a^ it ciighl, [miide| a vary ilcoi> Un- 
ptntiuu U|>ou tatf auiI dow oblii^ [mo) to Ktre jmtt Uxoincaay upoD 

ttot very hcfiMtablo pcinon, Mt^unirur Itiinlot', ivU) ibitniu bo holplijl 

** Tour EniiTiisu07^ tbriM-buinhlii ■nmt.ni, 

"0- Cvjv^nu^" 

Tha nngododoiui wiih Whitlookc for liolng ou tUM |:)orilouii Kiti< 
Id Sweden Uavc Itfitjr ilh thv ffiittnriu^ olTlinud »p«timtu of on 
OAelal Noto fnnix Olivtv- Oliver and I'wVifing ha4 ftlr^tnly b«ffB 
eftn>r«ttj ilmJjp|c vAxh tbu learnt inua ihaX Ikt wudiJ i^u; »! l!;«ir 

fV^criutf '* voalil Qf^oJi wr!^^ n \rry flue I«<'llrr ; uuil wLvu Iim hul 
4ine, iliH iMit like li btin»lf I ibcQ luok p^D juiil ink Aod ■triogbl- 

[ IV Sir S^iUtr<idt Whithckt, Lor'i CWmwAWncr 0/ £V ^r*at SlsaJ. ] 

fDur lAirdship I'.r iliv Iiiiu1i)it uF liritiu KxirAordlnnrj Aubiuudcpr tu 
tbo QoacB of SwtHJelikDd, dul ihiTili Al a^l to nnpoic that i^rviH vpou 

7M«r iMrdililpt dqJ hereby wc cao oMiire y™i of a vcrj Inrp* ^nfi- 
4fb«»ln fonr bonor mn^ kbi1Ui^«^ir thm i^inTibtjnrL^nt. To vhirh wp 
Wi|(i;icf; root auvcr, di> nwt. my 1.^'ml, . 

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GlLBH&T FlOKSaiVO.'' ^ 

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"My LnwD, — UauAiour dr Vaoa ^ Iiuib dc|irf<rGd mo the Ltitot 
VfauJi 7uar KmiDHLOf Wh l^^-r p]f^Hv<d (a wtM,* io inA; nrul klsa 
eMnui u-uifutrd b/ word rjf iir.>ilLli yt'ur iiwticuLkr nffitn^^Uoivi adJ f(«d 
fIi«po*iit;'i(i loVftnU mi^ Am) thv kflktm at thnn NiLiiaDu lu now mu' 
titituU'iL WHrlj 1 «f (miu ft very fircA^ honor ; And hold infMlf 
4)hhg«dr tiftan iho rtciini <if lliU Gautlcnuu lo jpoa, lo biuii) taj tfiAulU 
(0 four EfuioKioj fcr to e'msuL&r n fntiT ; my jiiet rawutmcot wlwmjl 
I tUxnU ri|xjri aII ofvutnn* n-nUj i1r>(ii>>iihimi« ; And ha rwulj tit t iynrn t 
thr ^tvnX viiu(i I bavu vf yuar poraou uod luoriu, «« juar ftflkifv ud 
lEit^WMt «hftl1 nM|aira tmm, 

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far Drutio^ the ^nt BtdTor^ Lvrcl oT ihn FnuL Ttic? OfldreaMit 

Ure ffood mf^utniciila I hAtf o4 your T««pooU ; -^ Mwri iw yon ihut f 
■lull W a}vAy» riAdj 1» nuuuTnrt m iMidi^r }-iVi* unA rant <if yna and 
ymr «W£\r«, ftn4 id prtrtifii)*r of tlui (^^iticcmuieitl of y«un relalli^, 

" Oouimeadific you to iho grmce of (Wh T mikftiui 

" Yoor Iqud^ frl«nd. 

■ Frmn tlif ArrliivH dii WMliiE^n du AtDUioi Emoffflia*, «l Pirit- OBonwi* 

vowtL^ pu/r. 


qitut; ]'svftui>iKioic'« Plot; Lbttkii to tub PonrWAiiFBi 

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I- Avivrui^ vhotff liiaigTiitirnni omrUl N<^ ^> Mainrin^ in rogftnt 

D« Btai. whomwjrnporiLI 1>r> Bajli. or ri^^1|J l,r Uoa, w%* a kiitil uffiub- 
BiriinTf AfiiMii dofpatchcd hy NUforia ctviij iu the ^piiu^i (if IIj53-1 ^' ti> 
mognUibil* th« i^cw Pntuvinr/'^ Ihnt U, U* amkUi llmiriloBriK. wUixwkv 
aAv got did r0s(al»r t'Al< of Ai»V>tu«iii'li>r, at jiM-i^rtjtiijmi: li<^w a Tr««ljr 
oooid bomiulo with iho nirw Pftju^^or^ oi, ..n tIh* n-holn. wlini «ai to bo 
with EagloDd 4aJ him- Ilitbort^^^ duriuj- the Dutch War aod otttdr 
i^lWMiluJo, tbrmhzkl IxH-n iL mixM m mi- Inn Mir P<tHiii>n (i'I^IpTIML th(^ lwi> 
CfmctrirAf rathrr hoBtilp ihan nctJiraL TIjp '* TVatj nnd firm Amitj," 
M vi> kriHvr, hAi! itH iliniAiilT.i^it, iU ilnlftyn ; In tVi(> i^mifw iir wh\e\\ H 
«CVDfn>l fj M^ \jC BiJi (h-it |ii-rKiiiM thi' RrAtorAti»n ^r Chnrlci* StUArt, 
hf Voval ftnd Ci^mpAn;, mi^hi ha a ihortrr f^iit to ihc rmilL Eiitiiil- 
iiadfW of WitDoon la eoiu^qiiuaoo i i>iiunlaat]t^ of L<^ Bu bimMll 
hf lh« Pixriivtor nn<l Corrupt]. In t^Hirtf^riui^uM ; Titlld hint tu Le Bm ttmt 
bo tDOot laudixliaU'lj: |E[i> hiuno ngun.^ 

[RmimtrnfUiriim flanHnaii J^axaHna.] 

** Eiuxnmmicm Cahdikauk, — Id Litlcrb Kootru wj ti^^in tlm- 
dM^ CftiUU Dl mikiiJM rpiviBiiLmUH «(iiAn^ Dmninnru Vv Bhju vt hAj-. Ht)- 
pOb&A BXCpdcn) jiuwitDtiB, ct M^^i'SUlT'Tn !5imiu luirtfiin fatrtttiuVf Ncv, 
DM <i1mi»0Ii» hAe (^«ii Dr Bam lOMliiuMiK^nCt I'uji!" ciLl|Jhiu d hrlum- 
lDOdi> traptitaoiiu, b (uEUlorn mllitic »cntontiA pontkro, tinniim hntinnqiifl 
hcfon m Amlt'ttiam irnm G*11fci crikucU ot irapiHWtaJi. Aniut- lAc ucwi- 
■ooe pn tuu nahio offt priun iHji pr'^w^uBa* novtrv ur^ vii« tat rcn to- 
Ins Tt4ailtJlLi9 itulzcln pi tvtiiiiiiiiin triKivniis ■|uaui *-liAriiH ilalA Aublnde 

CutinrtJfiii'n Tivlnirri Dirhiii' fN-iiit;minliM pr^vtldht nmiEiiiTmlihmuv- 
*' PftU ox Atb& Ania, vlmAiTiJo nouo Jusu uu 10A4- 

itf ttf flnnnmt^ iFrlrniKiy. IfU^Mh ib' UJ^. SeQ *1» ib. 37 0. W 
fnmi ibc ATi1ijr« Uu Mi»i*ii'fL- da AlUim BrkugCrc*. ti VBriw- CvainnAl- 




OfvhJ^b, if il W wortl) ImcaUiing, ihii u Uui KngtUh : — 

" Moot Kuisittnt (;AhMi4AL, — In out hcttor to thu King w« hav* 
wi ftvUt iha unmadii And t»i!biouA mi^ving v ta orAttt Id. <le Bnav to 

vnWiHtfUiuAii^g llii» i^uiHiiL of lie noiii Dv Uaju* tlic bUuio vl wlubh !■ 

Fpinw. AnJ It fito* us* pl<"iiitin\ on ttit owwdoQ, to roiww tfaOM 

and cKi:<r1y 4t^^^vnHtTnU■. lu fjit- uttani uliilei we comuitnid ^ui En^- 
q#Q» t> llifi knt^itn^ <<f I!i4i Almighty. 


"ouvzn p. 

''Olinr. Lnnl PiotwUr vf iliv C<jiiiinuuwndth uf Sctrbukl, Ikodjud 
«jsd Lrtliib]. a^kI Ui« LkiUkLnluoM tk«tiMiD*4i bolDbfia^, I'f iLo Cvu- 
ikU»ii'in<i> ttwil^vrijccd by » Iftte OiidJiuaf^ Era A|ifvvWu>iu vt PtiUk 

tn Uif* JftKbtry of lluuclitua CtuMfimA in tbi? Cuoaij of Bodfwrd. t\«J 

uUieatiii be in«j lie ftpyriivnii-if by ilimi, ivdaduiitliiiltbvreiHilo, vUh 
«ll lu iff ht«i wtnU^T^ mttA «pprir«OfuawH wtwU i MTgf, **-**■ V]g |a tht 

1 aivb iisj. no. rtoa, c m. 


& Drinnn a^ain^t tiiic Spanibh Wkat Ndhes* 

[VaL uvUt ppH iio i ifiiM, p. J J 

Oor f^roai D»Jt;n Ju;n£Dat tTio Kfiaui/inh ifi the Wvet Idi1I«» U Mill 
fflDrJ only ''■ n<*ti5H hy Sim/' nnil krpt vtij *i'fwr. P^"^|H^, liri\n*rnT, 
» tkt} Tttmcirn probably nrp louJ, lo giTo the PiiiliniLn.iin. iniv flJnitig^ 
•i>tni> hioi nf li. II"'Tin" tUh Ijl'IXvt; *>?«.» inompTii nthnrwliift, Un- 
laokity "iha ri|rhl-hjiuii b1l^iAr of tb» P»por in u<.>wi»mi>h wufn uwiiy;" 
no UtJil vcVfUlil wonb JU'iF v/intlngt'—o.ortjwiEii rally fiiij>ii1j4v1 iir^rv, m 

** To Qnr nght fruSljf and tefJt-htlovtd Wditatn Ltnt/mUj Lsquir^ 

" WuiTBiuLU rai AcptiuntMr, JOHp 
" Uft. SrSAKSR, — I hfiTc, by ftdvicc of ihc Cvnnoll, unilrrtttkra & 
D«idga hy Ann, vifry rnuHL <iw wci lu>pr ami ji^i'^^) f»r tlii> hurnv itiid 

ikfl* fwquiidiv fumah ail uudr^rukkbg^ Bm Ih^ri^m I iirLi<?A<<i] ui thn 
fOCVBliOiQ ihvrcvT tlic Porliaincnt K^ing Ddit convcncii. I ihoDf^ht It 
«l^iMbT# lo mj UiJ»1 U» i^iiiiTiiiLuiciiu* (^> iinnn ifie urirwiiLtit n^n-^liiiiuii, 
And not to dittlro tb<i iltiUy Uuiroof Any lunncir f uUUough I Hrip|>f)«« j<iq 
innj Iw tfaj{afcr-i1, nx llui (inrjuTia^ tn nmilcra of grr^ftir^r wrigbt) : iHOitnihi 
cnaay misfiarrvigfm will fnU oQl la thh Bii^in^'M through dtflnyp aa well 
tu pn>ri^~ii^ of lbf< dinrgn lu titJiprviw ; tW wol]-liiLii)i|f uf nudi a 
XAtti<rn Iuhiti^ ju n<>nqiili:<r»blii rv ntiylhing itbonl tt- Aud tharf/or« / dO' 
ftkr» yi^(i U» Ulu' yimr hnt iiplMirTimiiy tn >u^|1lai^C f/ir Iloutc vLth ihA 
eoelOHU cf ihU Loitop, wJiptoiu I bare /orbome to be TDi:ir<> p^irliealnr, 
b«miM» tberv ore iwiTr»d /^rr^nj iu ParEU^iicnt who kuuif tlib whuJo 
Bqhium» uiil Om tv^^n^ tbu Umum <-f all [larlifiilni^, if lh(i Hl>iiiw 
^JiulgO il<U ^cuLuiflU^iiL with lIk^ uatiii« vt llit^ iK-aiffU U> liuvi^ il 
cQ^rrtfd to th»m pAtlicuTArij : ^ which 1 rpf^r to tb«ir oaud Jnratloo j 

and mil 

" Tour luiurcd fronds 


UM) lur Uir BvLutn mwJh 




4t Ncir ArroiNTNtti^iTA ; A^XL^udtcfiVBrr or tvsm to tub 
Pa ku Aiu:A-r. 


*' fb 0** f4^ frn«^ ow? '«?^' t"^ IfUi'rr.I WxHtam Jj^Hik^, f'f^vjr^ 
Spmkrr iif thr Prrriinwmt. 

"BtanTTSiri^fT axdiuoii^ wkll-sklotro, — W«^<nj<miTvU. 

tba Chjuu>»Qur, Kovpcr or CrtnTiiinai>rieTi i>f ihc Gfcai SmI, iho Tr«ii- 
matT. AilmJnd. Chief Guvyrnwru i»r IrrlnuJ uuil ScNiUaod. Aud ilm Chkf 
JiutiM« of both the ll(![iri}iM, ih^ll \^ *^hi^KiyQ br U^c Af|>mba^oD nf 

tho mr^or pan tftbc Oaumil* ^^ to bo ailurwunb npjimrf^ hy th« P>t- 
lliummt ; *inl wvcml P*n»niB of iiik'^Uy rirnl ;*lHlity bKvh^K bmti up- 
polMvd b; ll« (wUh ih<i Oiniifv]*« Afjprt>hiiilim) fir t-iuio rif iboto 

PtnvLUB, cci ib« tuid iJut tliu tmolutuiu tif tbn pBtliiuiiuut vaii; ba 
Jnft>wn MittBuniiD^ th«iii : wliiu^ 1 dwuo iimj b« viih mica apMiJ oa IUa 
■ntur public noEftitiiiw i/f chit CucuEucmwrnlih Hitl luJudt A^ii mi 1 bdd 
jou bovtilf ^mFcU. 

" Oim »: Whiichiia. tUtM r\(^k day ^ Onobur, 1654." » 

KudLHum III iTu4anial ; '' Tb« Scholuli; LnaJiBod m his Bj^mtn Lcft- 

BuutMOB WiirrLOCKft, Baqniv . 

j0m Ll»E^ Ha^uifv . , . , . 
TbA Ttrw Cammu4ci»fia of cb« Unai 

SmI «buV« BdKMd .... 

Tiw T-oan CiirrF Jrsticn Rolu: 
TriF Ix-WQ Ciim^ Jtwnct ^. Joiur 

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m JmwftvU, tit m 0«lb OciotRi, lOtiJ 

Doptitf of JreUsi- 

CoouiiufticiiMn of ibc Trtftivj. 

CikMif JuaiJeo of tW Couit <jt 

UpfMT BMvh. 
CLiif Jwlii:<» <4 tJw Cvtut of 

7«Aiwr Uj>S„ 111. lay 8« Oa- 

^ tWiKUDDOCK^'S PLOT. 13» 

'Safedfi. Tht Mto wft m Twj Uticn.oiieoCwbifbb>drar!5ufTbu- 

fl»l tb«ir pittflo hH& 

8ar g P «D t WiUih notr bcv« pnpcTl; Li*rd Chiof Bwn WlUo. Ua 
Wi«i7i*|flr m&u ; aa( iu ^w b.iuj£ Fotluuuuii foi Ui4i Citj'. very prr.ini- 
DfOC bU ftJong LD Law iJiOiogIua* uiid oHioidUitw, —in ]ULni«iilirt 
dlmctl^ on ibc bnd uf tl» SnMnJ CIvJ Wrtr, Auiiirnu, Li>4H, bi> njilu 

ioft oa die pu1>j(?cti wliidi wjia ibaugla it an^nl fml utJ hji- pjii1.' 
Skertiy a^c* wbi«b lif> w* di«J« Chief Ujuod, usd ni coDtaian, 
Udini; ««>« iwir tlu' itpring AjUVM ■( VVo^Cti^U^[-, I Uiiulc TlurliH, 

■gaatiBv AuJ mvHuiiiK oiui b« Cnhuu u OUwrV Uuluckily Uro, vUbrr 
■nc WMnwr itiii EdLtma mam Iwtv mifr«nd Ibedato'^adth^ &T2li(, 
V vlw Tliurlji; ^ijinh-lf io liia bsctir (un luiiiwntlcnt ibt|Eottuig thai 
k VM Nc* 1t~«4.rB Ilnj ovtirDi|;lLl, |li;it. il Ia iiM lU'Vr Iti&l hut 14SA.V 

Wv win titkv ibr fill iiivr b jjHrOt<»b ; »ii(i i><rrp<'t Urv. W»ni<fr*s " d^b|'^ 

Ifitf d«r JoAw iVitdtf Sryrom^at-Lavrj and iht rttt </ f^ Ju$ticta t^f 
iViacr /»r lA* CVuii^y t'/ TTffrocflfer. or ann i/f thtm, tf br turn- 
mmmcagrd Iv iht tat; or, m Av u6v«hmv tif ^'i<JivifU Lfcfirn^tj, 
*'Wlim.nLia, Uth H^rvL, lOJ^i. 
'■ QtMttXMiO!. ^ Wc dcxibt DOi tiut yatt hikve he^ hatvtv tbb ttiio 

«& c&cMmI oooitv wiil ^v* ukoa fur Ltip h»t*l ilLsAtP'^^^'^^"^^^^ ^^ ^^ 
vbals Dfliicii- Yoi knav^n^ tho rumlullnn ^if tKo ooTiimoQ tlnfUiy to 

ttdrmtrA Wtth {nru»rviti{f tfm |iHaw «f Hw NaiJfNi, obUgivl to 
rof' Id tiicb pUwa W pn^vrtil tai 'Wttil ttiti Lutin/iPt iutculiOiiiJt: 
toA tk#fi*fitrt^, tf • ww b t riri* <'i4|»nfLll; ixautiuing to tbai ncu^t 

'' SVr X' 4-jfiuMilf rue- tuiuuiintl tv ft^u Ti^ imIc ^ntcr ibat JUifi^out 
Watp)iH* (iiirh MA iltr Imt hMb a|iputulAi> 1j<i ilnltj kf'pl^ for lakiri^ 
« Mcki Mooaui of aU fltfiMigcn in the CuUEfirj. \V1dch will oul oqJj 
br A nttUM iffirt^owi all li.ir«>' uid Iil^ |iifmiiifl; liut nmy pn>bii1iJji 
oftOM ^vMiV uf UhJA' whu c^imc frum uLctJuil W LiuJlo fimu lii^rvi 14> ha 
i^lMlMnilMl ud BiUful iipou, — npr^aiuilj it cari^ hi* utki-ti to oci^nn 

7.7— Vtfl. ^ 


IFPEjmiX. Nd.38. 


aIm hrviik nil dAngriroun ini>Miu^ miil dratirolilltiii^K ut^ifllm* Htri-ia 
thftt, ir >vluit liy Law ou|^}ii i^i Ui <L)1Lij w<'n> i1otil< wild iliUgium la 
bo fnutnitcd in ihtlr bad, or Itopt b>uj ^rvwiug to a iDMurtQr. I 


" V<rLr aJbatiooiite Head. 



ThU MVMmd Letter, to thoGloticvBter Authoridw, on Mipnuiiii bu1ij«4. 
wt ju<lg« b^ lliv «t;l« of it V> bi> lAokftlf or aJroifHtlior iti« Prot^dM'a 

"Ft* Jtf^ TTo*^, M^jor Oafrf. uml fA* Jtfayor and Atdtmim ^ ttt 

"WirtTKNAU, aiih Matt4i, IBM. 
" fiKxrLKUKN. — Wb dnuH not btil yau hnvfl limn! Mun- thin iiin* 
of rht' good ]i4dJ af God ffAnff ftlODg vil,h ui id dcfintiu^ Uic JUt* 

reWUktuB luprirrcrliorj ; at> thftl, be wi< !iavu {N-rtiUn tniulli^uw fraat 

M.irnt liULJiliviiet uf pn»uiiflni in <?ufklioi)y. nnd ddlj mor^i mro (tlMUVfirvil 
ftnd wriiriKt, AnH w^ Iwipo tlint, ttiroLi^h th« \Atmmng of God U|MO 
nuf LilKin, lui r'ljfi.vlutfl c^urw wiit bu lak<?u for ibe UrLnl JiBApprnuUacqtf 
of tho vhiia |J«1^ 

" Tlifl rcailiai^M nf ibc IIiuif^I rotiifl* to n|>|i4iir hnth (hvh a itrval 
en^fimguiiiprjl t-i oi, and of no 1n« Jucourj^i^iiioDt to iho Kiu-iiaj; 
who, hpbl Ikii i»r(ivull^, wuuli], with<>itt ilnubtn have rnji'to na tlie moat 
mivi-Ablo uti-I hjmujmil Salii^n in |hi> «f>rld AtiJ Th*r*^f'iT« v* HaU 
OonelTe* ckblijffi] li> nfluni ^nii hut TivATtf tbjmkii f»r your imhl md 
fbnrirdima In xi miLdily Appoarmif anil i^mtiibTiUnff y^ae •■■UlaPMl 
wh«ivint filthotJffh your Coaotty and your own parti^nlur u to outwarj 
ftnd inwRrrl h)ippinr4« w^iw onticvmrfl , yi»t iri* ntr My jwntMilH ihU 
B moro gcatinbl Priiiri|tTi' r<f-TH-''iuii: thi^ H^^''^ "f Ooit, diiH tho C^khJ nf 
^L thnan Katlnnn. hath b^fu tlir^ in<itiv4A u« fnrlv y on : nnd ihnrrAu* 
your w Uoit ffoct upoa the hiiElior rkod mure Dublo «fcaQiit. 

*' Yriu fiAVD d««ir«d that wp w-iu1i] oonniilfrcif wnyifaiiwto flnil moiiry 
to WTTj on thu vorkt If iho nuaiti«» hbJ nnt bMH ftlUffi^, n ^wd 
bavo ftmod out a vay nrnl irt«atu to allay ifml vranL Tint otlipniM 
hieipd «« miJtfi h, a* wd hop* wv orer flluiU, utir drtlj^n tu m#r tUl 

( t*h««ft WvHr'* J^tUr> Ornttkitt, ftm S^tUm (D*ih, IIIDh pIk 11-M^ 

man steward op gloccebteb. 


redan. an4 U*^ t^i bufdta ii ; kmA atth ti>EiJitr, -^ ju wc Funtyiv^ jronr- 
mIw lmt« bcM, — of fpitting tht? gond yi!t\\da l1iTr«f>f t<> any ion- 

jun mftj ro^-irimvud our lliunkfiiliiHE to your hoDcal wiUJQ^ Ooijtttfy- 
UFUr an b-r livirlvy Ao tu y^mctnrlvrr, fnr ikui Ihc'it P>Tmirdaf^a : rnirl Inl 
IhtMD kiKnr Thjtl n'hftj any iluiitji r nLMl Appnxi<*h. ■>« vu nhoU br wnt^hfoL 

aid «c warn Uion good b«»ru wUL bo mttl;\ (ucj bolnf «oUQd fiut by 
fou. lo Appcof upon aB «ac^h ur<:naiouH. lu iik<9 uinra ibno tJii^y amy 
COOCivw ftt thftr hoiDW, blcwing Uud fur llii mcrvy. and AEi}oyiQf( Iho 
frvit a»d opDtbri uf tbia bbi^VJ' dcUvcnuicvr?, AOii tbo otbcv boDcflla of 

" Atrif I 4it (m*by I«t jnu Imow Ihiit Lirllen an^ ilirvctoil liO dw 

Ilka L»v lutli npftoAatad fi>r UliKng « «Irir\ nc^^tiuDl uf aJI itranp^^ 
cupwirill^ QOiir tho Cout. Whtah u-ill nM fnily b« a in««i» lo iiipprw* 
«U loin- mid idle |jfnoiu, 1jdt xnaj \tvthA\tij •ijmBt mmv nf Ibun* lltnC 
mil* friim ftbrovJ [in iT^or] V> hiiiiih Hr^i i)or«, to b« a^prwbffDdM nod 
Monl, ^wp w iinUy Kf cftiv In Utkvu \Af wff-um nil ihvin tlist Gmmi.tt ki^^ 
& §wid JuauuDt ; asd in*j abii> brmk «II duigB«<oiM lnMlind^* iind 
MMPiUtaii* ta^Mlwr. And lnd««J IT ivLai by Ljiv ua^Ut >r bi- dijiiis 
«m 4oW) wulb ASn^jmatmm l^ f^ roipKlf the tfonliniEnDca of lUcb dna- 
IJVraOft DAd^DM «« tbOM woalJ bo rnvtralrd in the binh, or krpl frvDi 
gntwfftg Ui mnturity- 

" Hftvlnf; Mil! thl»« — ' Villi letaamUtunrt ^r lay bno^y Uivo to yon, I 


'* Yoai uwry alfcrliotLM* Wmw*. 

or tiM Mine dnici ihD (AULc Li?ttur (w\^h iiuiiiriific&Dt iHri*Ev>na'), 
bfBrli^t th* uddp*«*, frjf fln(fltt// Ifiimphrfy Jinvt<fr and CA* ratfi/the 
Ommimiamen f» ihe Milttto far Out Coitnfy <<< SttfoH, and dutod oa 
v^l A« ilgnad In OirTDr'i hund. m nou- in rlir pfw^-^irm ttf rimHuK 
Haaifova. E*ii<< Grmt bcallni:^, Wi»dbridgc, n hinjiTTLim <ir rr|>r(7«>DtA- 
ttta of Ihu Hiiii]|ihn>y iLf^vrnt^ir 

Tbacmv fvEwiduikblu vnrintinn 1j v bUo^Ti. P.Lm«;nqib vreoudr uf 
tta Ccp^^voa ben, tnd ihr^fim iwn KatinkAOfi of [lArngrvjili ihtrd, bji? 
nppranod in BmrMt?'* Copy, aud thcfn jtiuidii iu^lcwl, — &ft«r *~ Do- 
M^ I " " Aod liow forjuiiitioili at it holh pluivd God than to olliiy ihiA 

> FanpiliV LEfivr. Ttt VTHdb lor mo. 

t naiipcfctfj (;i>ftuvmi^ itaMittTcr, latii^— tm viMit, «nl. mL p^ imj^ 



HoR&iuiM ; dtid maHtig |t^ ht we h*^\>" un mhiti (*fc) ^fiitll, fliif dftttga 

Hy thitdif Ro^nli Jiut dti^ fruTD, it appem tli«t«0ii^«Tf < 

ToorkiKjItiiry fur tbtt liiirsl (.tiruiTf^J Cn^i^iwiir* Anikjr* thiruua hiiiidp^ 
uiul ^iJ I)i)vii|j« ^r Urviul lU a KtiMag Ibodoacn, AmuunUng w£r>i^.; 
Eiriil tJiitt lijr MAji>r lUid iithurt, ua llju l«t f^ptfriiiburi 1051, atml Funy 
SurtvlA uf rtrong Voot to Ihv Lurd Gannml, ■ praj^log ^nor r4Vi7rablo 
u'crptiiLiLW lliHrnofi bH an uf^UEuuut of lbi> |[ih>*1 afFn:tkfU i/f l\ut Cor^io* 
rutu'ii, who ctot^ oongmmUte yoor udntuiblij cuimiig into xh^m pArU, 
fi>r llt« relief IhOToof n^pUiiMt tli<i vIolHtiivi itf ilifi OHniiKiD Eii^mji uid 
wi*h pronpopout aoeooiB lo you adJ ynnr Army,**' ' 

Funhdnnuri', lIlai uu lUo ttlh OcTnobfr, Iti^l. dicwtty hAdt tlw t«l4 
H^ttlv, UldUGiiBtcr cLd ileulf t^io hi^Qur of appotutlD^ the Lord li«a#ial 
Olivui CroLLitfvU, *' til iwjiiiiidviuLLf.m uf lIxu iNigulor fftvar uid bnainv* 
laiioti vUieb LtM Kxcdlnnni' hnlh iiuLuifnUid touBtuid Xa thia City ^ '' UlgJl 
SlvvAid of UiD uiuii% ''^ witli iLU niiuuu) rvul of 100 akUlJu^* bautoff vul 
nf riijr Mitiom;" — fjr At l<<unt ono payiiKait of wMoh ltivi« eki«to tbt 
UJrJ OiMwrftl'* r«o*t|Jt, in tbu form ; — 

" Bary] of iha Maiar uid Burg* of Qlouo' by iho h«od« of 
Mr. Dttn^i^y Tuwafllurkc *»f the aaij Cuj. ibe A^y Mkd 
ji«ir *Ia>v<*' ibfl iiinn* of flivB jwyudii ni btnng a /m 
duD to Oiti At Ltird llif(]i dicwaid of i\n» ftaltj Chty^ 

"0- CW^WWEIX.''" 

09 ODOO 

7. Tlio TolbiidnEf hriof Nnt« lo ih« Poet WaUct* whi4*h hu Unnly 
tontftd up, ^ft* ■ p'rd.\iii ptVTdUr ititcmt, on two gronndii: J5"f, In a|] 
tndora, u n(Vr*nTLf{ antnfJ minn<^it4irr ^liirrp«i>, rnfunoalnrybfit unique itid 
ladMputoblo, of OlSvpr'* fr*lh»« .m ri-udln^ ibc Port'« uuble "IWtfyrilt 
to mjf S/ord ProtwUrr:" nn.) inw>«di^, u^ Aiitiqmtrlliu pvapl«, •« fiiln|r 
vbat wo |iith^rl« trf^ tl^uc, the AF>pnJ4.iiuuu> dAB« of ibrt v«l«bn£«d 

> JiUU4<oi QlaK*0*mdt, p. ttO. 

■ Tb.p.4U, 

NF:w EXGLAXa 14$ 

>^ To IB ftBduil'iUH sni'^b^r ii migl^l «JmiMt SMiui, ihiM Xi 
bft4 rr^vfkcd Olmr, bj iimaiii|i;r'rr A day ^^r iw-i Wurv, And Uic '^ aa- 
kfe|ipj ■rirtiJiii*' w«n OUrvr'a, in H<iuhTig, on Uu iniimiw, lu Ti«v^< uu 
|U«mfvwHli WAlbf^aadfiDtlmg him to t>e at NorLhekuiphni bMiul! 

" &EB.^tiCl iX niTtttiMiblfl ji>u tltiit. by Aouuliappyi^ luiaUkei youjuo. 

'' 1 liBiv m< fC^J^I^ ii|H]ti iiitf ULflt'v^ U Iw Lt> b« crvvugwi fur jvut w 
[Villii^f mu^akiaq mc tp your V'crtuc* 'l^liU odioQ [of luiDe] will pni 
^^m lo rodMn luc &c4a jouriDlf, a* yuu tiave Alroad>' from tKo vr«>rld' 

<' YoQT fn^J And terrMi* 

8 md0. Tttv |xxir Anvricvi miApa. whlub oat Now EiLgluoil frivodi 
(Mfl^l 10 Bi«lro BKtfo burat far <u ; wonU llMrir pftji^r kh^I ink U iJiin 

7b Ctor InM^if aiul wti4*bek^>f^i Hit PrenS^nf. A$tuft%nf't find Inhn^- 
$aiat» q/ JOunit JAtaitd, tuflffhcr ici(h ifv rrs( "f (hr Frt'trii^nct Ptm- 


" OssTTIfOIZX, — Your Attco! bero !»»rti in^McnlwT ual" tip whuc p*r* 
fSnUn (yina«nmig foor Gofi-nriititit^ trlucb ynu Jud^i* DPrttwnry to t« 
MUfil by HB hrr^ Hot by rm?»ci rf (Iip othn errwtaad irftliEbiy affUlre 
ff thkiCAfraiionw««]ih.«rfi)iTv l^oAD niWHwBlntAd tndi>fbrthif «nDiiM«ni- 
4aa of than (o « 1^rt^rrnpfKr^tr]l^ty> 

" fm ih* ni«io whilf wf wfin» tpilllntf rn Inl ynn ktviw, Thut yiwi nro 

irOMvd in joor GoTrmmcDl .ior'«(xIiti< v> tho tvnor M yciiir CKarter 

kra*t}y gmntnl on llmt SAh«If ; ukir^ mm nf ib« f*Mi> uid uf#<fy Mf 


• Cvpf lai " Fd*vd " H r^ 

• FiMMT* IP*!^-'-. pp- na v>4 cU- 

« b llifl ITaUrr Anhiiv, UHnwlhld; nplad by 4 'Bat. L. B. UAlDi:^" 




ttirci^T Iff 

EsoDn-^hli i.^r }'niJrH>ln«, ■« ^ n* yt'<i ^y toiir I'j^r* AUit diM^PTico cbH 
pivvvut* And lus tor l1>u l1ihii£« wliiuti Km hf'Unt* at, tbcv ahnll, vt xmci 
u tho tJttMT occamota wlU penult, roooivo » juA oiid fiitiug dcicnnto*' 

" And to V« bid you furawr^il ; und mvt, 

'* Vouriwry loHiv A^^nd, 

'■Uj.ii,-mi P,»l 

Ti'rvitrtli tli^ pnd nf ihn Diili'h W^r, during that andftI1iiFi1di> mUlloo 
wtili FfAiJiv, '' lii^tit'i lAtlit^i I^.ll) uc'ittrEtl," which ^U not vml rn Trniiy 
titi OctoUpr. ItiAa.'OUviTr'* MojopSodgunok, whom we hawnnw kntrtni 
ID Jninj^oa. bod Ud bold of onrtAin " Pnmch Forts." uod indeed <tf a 
Tholi> Frpn«h r«^on, tfae rt^'ir: Huv fuHihI i^^cirA StcHa, tlifn tnlM 
j4<nrii^ H~ -'f whiih Ft^rt? ^nd ff tljfi tri^'nm t\n*y vHimuuuidi fcl U OUvniti 

" To C^pfoift ./oAn Livereit, Conmttndtr of tha ForU takt^ teJfan/m 

*' W* have r«tiT<?d an awouui fn-ia Mnjoi Si^ljfwifli <ff Ms taklnf 
>c\rrul Pnrbi rrcrn t1i<5 t>riii>h in Anicntji^ and ihnt ho \t%ih \cft yov 
lo oomiDUjd lujd otfCMiro tht^m Tor U« and thU CumjijoDir<riilth i Asd 
AjLlioiiffh Wh iiihIik ttn doii^l ttf yriiir fldfilJty liTiiT dlliigpu«- In poffans' 
ttnw iif y"ur lnj*t, y^l Wo bn^fl t]»i>a«ht il uivnury X^^ li't ymi kitnw of 
how gNAt Hiitiin^iLfiiim )t ii. Ihwt yoTL HHK y»iiT DtmiMl nttn' iM>d Piicnn- 
vpcvtifnii ft« vrrli to dorvud And kfop tbc PurU ikliov^xud, M A^AO lo tan- 
priLvv tho r^gikiiiiTJi^ nrih^m inui Our htiudn Vo ibn ndviintJMfn ^if 1U And 
lUl 8ttl«, by «uo)k w0ys oai muim« a« you ahall Judge aondDOkldr tlior^ 
unto. And bn Wt* idinll iiDdonl«i>d frr^in yon thr luif and c<iitdiiiob i4 
x\icm/> pUoes, W« abill from litne to ^o jBivi^tfiioU dinwlioa* a* thaJi b* 

■'GiTtviM Wbltchol], lhL«3d.)fApril, IG55. 

> OrlKliMl Id Lie IUh>Ud Iilaod ArJiItci i Prrnlpd In ItiilditaiBtMi'i Ctfff«flb«, md 

> 'Haila*, iT. TA. 

• In Htarrorri HtiiOFy t^f lU C'nittri m/itn fBMtan, ISffT). ^ ^tt^ ia ion«4h« 
■Dri nnt very «ftMl DrtTip* of tl« feffAlr. 

■ Oruin*! In fha poMBAicn cf iha ViMfffihiiuiit IIMcfiHl 9«4Myr PrinlBl 
In Oaj yJhiW nSanVfr vii, Uh— Id ^1- 1^ uf ih« t«oo Wtck (BHtM, 


To which ihere an p^w, ft*«i' thia aJd of the W*t4jr. tha f«Uoiring 
null Exf4^i M iKt jkiU^Hl ^ ^ 

Gratti *>f Priiy Semi: "€ili Juno, lf>A.\ lo MnJoT Jt>Wr( Sodj^'ick. 
£1^7^! 7*, >vr.^ in full of hLi AMomat fof Kjm™ don* AgAinut tb* 
FrqhL," AuJ 

Difto^ "2Ah Jul;, ir.Sf;, loCjipbdnJ^tLii I^VAr^ti, i:4,Ja2 3t, U^rf^ 
i& fiill cMiafucioa of lUl Jiumn vf iih>m<^ diii> tij liiiL) u|xji] AccvudI of hi» 
TMiplA KaA iVnhtintitnpau Bhant itii' Pnrts uiLuiD ftirm fhn Fn>nnh !q 
Aiii«ri», iumI of bu Seh^j Sot 700 dayi, at I£a jkt iwn," ^ 

Ollrnrkqii Mil Fiirtji unff filA ^rfufitr, tlinm^h nil Frvrmfi TroAiki*^ 
for WLoof of hk^ NDW'Eii^1iuuli<nr: n»l till aFUt iIj<; RrK^TalJon did tbv 
cvuDUy bwtjuiu Fmach ji^ij, ntd luiciUnun jiuch for m cjiutui; or ao. 

JO. U ft mudl floraoatld mncuv : — 

**F&rGiU>nfit Aihan Car, in JtfrifnrdjiKirf, 

" Shl -» flttUng iw^Um TO apoak «1xh jou upon Acmit Altnlr* rsbUng 
l» Ibc Publldi I Toolti tiavc you, aa »i>oii u tMi oomo* 1u your hAuik, 
lr> npilr up hither; and upcrn jt>ur ooioing, foe ihall ha iifV}nEUnt^ with 
Aft psrticuUr rcMOU of n; soodiuir fur ymi. T rT«t| 

" Tout Iav^tl^ frlMid, 

"Ouvnii P."" 

At BlAfkilnvrn HniiA0 ID Siisdfx, nr>w anJ for long past lh<» tcviiIvdm 
<f a ^ililj iMri]i><] Viddwln, &rp pntsfTrnl \^K^^ \A\\\i'v* VvtWiiX hIj^tioiI 

win E»^." Illch 3liBrltr Ljf 24iiMiM- PriHioj lu DidUway's ^pe qf 
Antndfi (f^ Ul)^) ; iiwd not he rc^nntpd bcrc- 

PurHmMt «rni ««raat if Ntm YuHi, » vhiab Kolioa vqghl lo ^ i«pnm[l»d tit *n\t. 

odftKHi*! Tlt« ftiriBJJngl*.' ourli^LiA **lt<f<or4« *' mL ynr Vai-k liirn out l4 t« 

MlblDX but MttO »dd TQ|iim»<ir tli> rvfrnntw X'trnt-^ fif (llAL [•tr^aiJi tbv ODllrt 

MftVtaBiN] u ttrri(jmttM>u iml'^'Hl. lu ilin FtutCri'liopa juid nlitvitiiortf ! 

II. p^ in : /'^rU Ari'urf ilxnulon, iMi>, ApptaAix U. p, 200, 


APITNDIX. So. 29. 


Ko. 20b 

BurroLK Yeouaxvy. 

Tub Eiufrulli CommUaiciQ for ft *eloc( mounled Comity- UHitU* «illl 

H^fmemi fhf l&rd ProT^^at to b« Oiptain «/ a Troop of Sorm to 
ht riufitf mtkin Ih^ C'ovftfy of St^i>U:, f<rT thf itrnos of Ah< iJ*9A* 

"I. Tou bhnll U^rXhvitU nd9i>^ Anllii, And hnvoln rondlaav iin(J«rfour 
fowixuud u C^ilnin, siul *u(^h Llcuicit^Qt, Coniol Aod QaiutM<llA«lcr 
u M» inghnoM ibMU iMminiuuoDitu? fot thM paipoBdt ooe hondnd hUa 
dr^liiior*. Iho three Ci.pqKpra]s u]clui]<>J. vtii moULled fur 3crvicc« and 
&niio<l q-ttli CHIP gTHul nvnnl nxl nU" of jiuUilft, hvlflMnt, buMlvs bridle, 
auJ %>lh*7T fiirnUuTV fii At wu, Ui «flrv<^ H4 » Trtx^p nT HarM b th* Mr- 
vicd or thf CammoQwoalth^ ni U horvnfltr irc^iilrcyl. 

"8, You otuJ] use four utmoot «ndvAtor that tht- wU Tro^ •hiQ 
baman «if good lift* ftaJ wnvontaUtm : suil hpfuni rbrrlr M-iiig tliAcdihalt 
proioiM tlut tbi>]r will b* truD nui ritithful l^f hir^ Hi^lLn^ti* tK« LcriJ 
Prfri'^t'ir Mill thA rx.mmonwnftlthf £jeaIpp(L iJI whn lOuTI ilmlifii nr ai- 
tampt ACftlUujc n^vun hi* HIa^iuub's Poivod, or cuilcavcir ui dijturU 
ih* PitbUR Povw, AdlI thv IJiu i-tupWi'[ii<Mii iliiill be ukva bjr iJin 
Liontrriuiiit, Cnnifl njn\ (JirArtt^r^M^jiUT 4>f ih<i u^ 'rnK>p^ 

"li Yi>u iihnll li« Tfwly hi dniw fiirili uid mit^lMT ihi* Mid Trpc^i, 
wmod iLfid fitud M aAirnuulf upon th^ SSlb di^ of DAOOtnbn- n«3ct ftik< 
sirinir, frrtin wLlidt Xhao ihr M^d Truojr, Oficnn ftod Si^dlofv, thnll V 
dremtvt Uj bo in th« ttctaal aoTTMe r4 hh llj^hnon ani) thi< Conrami- 
wBtiUfip ntjrl f>v |«Jrl mNMrduaKlj^ Awl jim (Juill &!■'> iSnw furth iba 
Mid Trtwp« four bicfa id ovcry jttir w4lliLn tt)« wontj <if fttf- 
lolk, oookplciul; ftmtkh«d a* Wioro ajmitiunal. i<r bn raiMil and moa- 
tarol by nrti pmiaa ■* ifaaU frmo timo to liina bo nppcdnUd by Iha 

"4. Yon »hjiTl ftl*c M all nibf^r time* ht^ tha raid Tranpa !■ iH 
rwdtmaa aa ATarcaaid u foitj^tiichl b»u;i' irarnk^, or kMoar if ?t maj 

1 AMM,p*17k 



W> wbenpijcvcr lu> US^uuv*, or tiudi lul be ibal] appoint for tbnt t^ur- 
^oMr'thnll rr<imre th« ujne fur tTirr tiippn^jjing at nn; invjuimip nibnt- 
BoDf iunntvtUtUi or ViiJiiill. or jUTTunnri)^ iif .nay trthcr wrvic* within 
1^n^»i1 jkiiiJ ^ViJail Ami in rwti» dml Miij itf |)iH uiH hnrvfiNj Bb&ll 
eqxi^qp nboic iho vpjMO of nrimtj-dxlit dftj* hi <me 7i«r, the niJ 
Offlorn npii SoldiflM thM. «flrr iho irxptmtion of thn mlrl tv«-nij-«Lght 
^p» bo puJ MdorHiDg to tho cotftbluhiucDt of tKo Anji^r thca la foioo, 
om And bwD^o* vth*i i« ii|;r?^ tft (if ititU (tnTn tlii^m by thr^ki? pnuoEUi, 
ftar » lung m llit^ «^1 OMilimii> iu ^hii aniA wrv'u-i.^. 

"5. XhM isi ejit* niiy ith-tJ iimkii ilrfMiiU Di Aji^iiiujxtiiHi, nUliout yu\ 
MhI mfficiml cauicc. cir tint}} not be mcfoutcdj otuichI and |>tii\'idi,<d u 
■inUMJil, or thzH ufTi-uJ ui^UAi ^-utjd uJZLunitn ur lIil- law* uf W4tr ; thai 
fVtry parHDQ »u (jjfondii^ tbsil Imj ]ia.\i\o to bul-Ii pUQiB^nitut lu tho 
CsfilaaB ur ohiwf OlHccr pr«H*iii aUIi iliu Trrx^p^ AiLb Jvdvk-u uT Ibv 
ptlftuni ttpfOlntod to Uko Uw catd muatcnr '^nil Itiiuk tit: provkdoil 
lli0 MJi puniilimoat cxic^di no fartber tliou lupd uf pUoe or oac jwii''4 

" 6> That ID cunudttrMniD cif tbtf Hin'ii:« to be pi*rfurui0il tib nfijiYHaidi 
^u iImII mvivo for iH^ ubo of Ihu M^ii IVo-tp tfi^ snm of ono thuuvnnd 
piuftdtt pvfr aimuni, to btr piiUl vut (tf t(jv public luvtiiuv by Huwlwly 
fayvMOU, bo b« dtouibutod At-curdtug tn Hie pn:i}ti>r1iijTUi foUiiTUig x To 
jDOnfdr, Ml (?>^itA]0| mu huudrtnl (xtuuda pvi uuuurji ; lo tbfl LbutAuout 
Mtj pounds por annum; to the Cumut iwcuiy-tivu poiiurlf pi-r ftnnnm ; 
to ibe <toimvr-BfMter tfairtDca iKruods ux eMLliu^A aulI dghtpvnov 
f4r AVDUta; t>>*t«li of t&o tljt«a C<>qxvralH, Ew<t panndu |iuliliTii>nit]] 
fff aAiiuiu i Ofi« TrQlii|»PtT ^vc iKnitiila «<■ jtli&lUugn nnd foUTprcino pet 
mnnn : nad to «acb Soldlor eight pouDda twr sddliu. 

No. 30. 
ftMn^rm imnin.n nit " XV<* 

[AuUiM-p. SITO 

FiKAL Spocob ou Uial Euatur uf tliu Eliii:»Llp (ct'UccnuEtj; tcAidh M 
fa ^mn-fully idtogvlh^r i>;li>»(} ; tliut i^ t<> A^y, Sp«»i-h on oiTv/irtrfy th« 
Bambls Prljtiou «ad Adruts with Liu* Tti]it ^f Ritii£ \«jtTti1nLv ii, ooj 

^ li 111* iiOHtHLoa 4>f Chutw UhJowi, Eiq., Grul Bulibji. Wi.*jdljriilga ; A 



'■ Uc ApRAinTK, — I ilHlm ta nlfrr s fK<ni of Itro unlo ^"Ui «kk^ 
i^n ^ but n vorJ. 1 did well k<?tbiDlG Tnp?^]/, bcfnro 1 euD* faitlwr 
ihbi dnf. thai I nomr u-:^ u lu B triumpLi, tviiL whh lUo muA tcnMi 
ili«ii^fato tbol i*vvi- 1 badmaJl ojr lift* lu nodMiak* no* «f th»y*lit 
umkB Uiatetnr niut tidil tipr-ii thfi hntk rd a LuriHA owaUbi*. Ami I 
uutkr DO qtifidU^iEi but you wii^r ituJ »» vtii aU nMn* roatf]j AgrM v^ 
me Ibot idUiuu; Ihc nup^i-ja uf ilin Ktul^lj I «iiaU nranirilj ilbk 
miJ#r iL« tiunlini uf it; O'A tmlf wtiti BiuuiM ud pqrmiiJi lo myvelf^ 
but wlUi ihaC tluU is tuoro a lliuUKUid tiiLiira, auiil iu cvia|»neuu uf wbicb 
luy fni»ily AJi> u«l worih/ !■) td ui»iiliua»d, — vub Uio tu«ii ami 
|iid1i^^ iif i1h^> Tlm«> XjitloD*- And. that l>oitttc •»< 1 mup^ jok jour 

Ip. aud till- 1ii>1p <4 aQ thow that r^HAr G<>d. that b^ ih-lr rimfur* I iiwf 
rcrif*irf< lu^i-laiiofi frriin ibo hvxd of Gi>d. lli* frti^runtit jrninic •loQlEi 
will *afthlt ti) v^Jk dlanhvito nf u |frn%i p datjr lind train u* thli 1> : and 
DoUilcg cite [wLDV 

** IfowWiT, I linVP KHDV OtflFT thlU^ to AoKtV J\H1, 1 llk««ll uf Ul« 

l^rrliihtnFEil ; — Thai m.^'ai£ thiB ia buL* u it wrrr, ah UiUodt>cUuu to UiO 
I'ufryiBj^ tfiufif thii ^tvnnmii'nt <J Ihfw Kft1^>n«. and rnraimuch >m tlitPiv 
Are iMAsy ihiii^) « h^i caqeui b« MppUnV f*" ^^ cuUiUime t'' itic •i^nj- 
tiif m AJ fhii ttMrk. whh-tfn fOOr hldp nc<l unUUhUoa, 1 thlah it U tnj 
gulf I-* Atk yam help b Uiem, Not tt*Jrt t douUj?-i i f-T I Ulicvii th* 
amu* Hplrii \hiU lyil?i W j-iiu in iTib will ntfiljr sti^:gc«t llii* md bi* you. 
1% Iritik \*, nn-l T r^Mi Bay fit] m th« prr«ni«« of Ood« thai uudiiaf 
^mi^lJ TtJivi' Imliiivit nw tn havA nTKli^nAkt^n ihi* iriani^inrtaUt^ ImrAfv 
TO fln^li and li|»^id, hod tt aot bnr^u ibni I hnv<! fHi^n jd tiiiA PuBamnI 
■11 iNiii,^ n OAfc of dn'tng nil thtm^ thIni-T thM mlirH imljp and f«dlf 
■nflwirr ths mdii tfaat bam bnti cni(BtcF<l > for you huTc oa^Bod' fUOf 
%irWAnlueMMHl nadlnoviheiviri vrry futlj nJrNulj^ 

" 1 ihonyjrhtltinjpduij^wliori jvurCouim;tU'<* whk'h juti irtir pkaofd 
tu vend ID iDi! tA give iho ^iudiU ^uiil rnwoiu of fr^iir prv»*dii^[* ii> 
btlji mf «0D«d>rnM and jadfriacal, — I vw Ul«a told if *.4kr tu thttm 
mivrvX c<>N»td«r«dvu» : wYiinb wt-rp rv^Ivtd bj ibpiu. and harr Txra 
pvMMiUd ti> 70U- tti Ek£iffv«r 1c whiflh, Uiv(VinimtU4did briu^ MTcnl 
MttttM uf |<oum, whkh I hart hf ino^ T tbiitli l1ium» nm nnt jroi mad* 
•■> aulb^atic aud auttoiititivp iw voji dddrod ; wid th(»rpfi>w, thi>ii^b I 
lut Jtiiibi li, >'ts I iLiiumIiI it uijr dtiLj t'> luk it <^ ji>u, thai tboit 




my vHD«Cftin tb«0l^lilf Uud, Ihnl Ti(-lhmg wnnll hikvo bmn mi urgU' 
mem to m*, howiooTtr dnelmila igtrnt \i\iici-i* m:ty w^Ain la Ih^ tn iitTietr 
men ; I mj, bothioff voold Iiato brrni ah nrxu'n''iit u> mr^ lu Imvtt miclor- 
t$kt^ ihii; but, HA [ ra\A brfnr*^, I «vw mrli ihiiign tli'l/'fniin^'d by you 
at n»kM f^Mir^j for the Uborty of iho Xationfl, nud for the lihtfrXy und 
luMiBl mi6 pTMurvalJCFD of all eUEb u frur God, ^ <<f ull llial fem God 
ttfidvr VAriiiLW funnii. And If Uix) innlui uut tli««i> Nuliimji llLAnkfnJ Ia 
jvu fur yuurcATv iJ^cmLD, it will fit\\ juji bIh mi lliclr UuhIsh jiud iIjov 
br« I uj, ihAt bMb b*<m OIW moiD <ini^oiirapciDi?ut. 

'* I ouofma ther« ajro frttLcr ihiuga iLaI U'Uil tt> lefonDaLiuu, Ut Uiu dia- 
0ODlitilMaoiiig of viMi to the i-DrHiiir»g0iii«nt of ^oud meu Htid rirtuii, 
■fid tiK fumpldlicjc (if itimi' tlitu^s itlfKr* ^^ ni»iin;r[i][ig B^fiui; t^f wUiiih 
jon hnvtf aM ^ motved nnyf hlnji : eavo In 1r<t mc kiir^Mi' bf ^onr Com- 
OUlk« 1^1 jn» woold uot be vanticig \d EuiytliiD^ for x}w s£o\n\ vf tliOM 
VaCimu- Nut do 1 «pMk il lu iti tU'* UuimE ilc^ubtitig It : btif I <l<] fwr- 
BMOj*aiill«flrt&Lrd«<dr», Ic ibii ttid IJmJ ttxay rri>wii jiiiir work Aud filrM 
jMi aavA ttiia OovontD«oi, ibnt id your awa umt^, Biid wiiit what Apoed 
jou jad^o tit ibcso tluag* iiim^ W i^n^vidud fur." ' 


1G57. Last Rctauat PLf>f. 

|. " 7b Ont Imvly ami w*ll-bf^armi rtie Vkf-chanEeilor and QmKitatiim 
e/our Vniv<Taitif o/ O^ard, 


"TtL'wrT A*» TTbll-bklovkd, — W* gr*wt yon wall Anmngil 
tilB Muif pftrta i^f ll^At QuvcrttiiicaC whWb in lUiruiUid to tv, wo do 

k ii|ioiii il^ft irnlvArvlil^K im mrrtring icry murb «/ i>ur cikir* and 
U: And floding ihfti the pbiM of Ch&ac««UoT of our Ci»ivvreiiy uf 
Ovrnnl i« AE pTDunt lo Oi:ir»tr: itTxd williiJ Jud^ng ihmt \\\v rimtinuuifc 
Ibfrrvf ill our hjinJn tanj Qi>t bo 00 conwrtoHl with Iho present 000- 
MUMtan of Nflkln, — 

** We httTalhorefcm thouffhl fit l« n^M^ th^ Aald Office, » ve h«r«1lfj 

1 Ommofu Jo«naU. rU. iA9, MO. 



ti .iirir. 

■hi ; tod to IfwTC jron lU frMdmn lo PlMft Home indi othfv p«nut] th«i^ 

^'Odr urll] nnil plfMmrw iluirHiiPA b^ Thai ^mi ihi pr>»(Ld Ui tha 
«1«Cticrii i/a CliHUMllar vrtib jcmr flnt coaTiMikncj^ N^X dm>b1ln£ but 
jod iHll. in jtiirr r^inl'v. b;irr* « Juit rrfnm) t^ ihit adnnrfmiinc and 
ttacounccTnoQt of l^<^tJ «id LcaniJnf;. ^nA to tbo flootimuiig and krthm 
mnilOtr {>f frrvHl Ordir utvi (ru^-rmiUL-ut kUiuDual jvd ; wbiflh juu VHf 
«iLulf find yonfKlriv fiMi<i*d t<i Imvi* (irinci^hiUy in your OHini^tHloB 
nud i]i«ij|nii wbKlier /mi r*»iqvL il^n Ijbjvrjitfi; IihIT, or ilw pM^ vtf 
Cho Cviuii)LLUWi.4lth uprm wbdt it baxh ■> i;rval ui influouc*. jLdi 
nilbin^li bur rfJnUjuu ki j^im maj b^ thU iii'<auh iu BUiun acrfl bn 
oluwgtd. fct feu 11H17 bo «flASdcoi 9ft- «LaI1 eull roUin n rvol Mifaotiaa 
to jou^ And hi- nuAj upoti uU oc^uiii'iis tv M«k vid [iruuiolo juKr 


ft " 2^ Our «nM^ Old imT/ Itekir^ t\f Baxltfi t»d Ftw 

"TRL'ATTAyii WEU^nnLovnr>f — Wn, biding mfonncd tbAtlbe Fxm 
Scbuol iifoiir Tiiwn tj Oiwottfj U iujw viiU iif a Hf<Hil Ai-1i<>n1iiu»icr 
•onl^ ihprr, bj pDBflrtn of ihc Jclinquonay ilQiI rj&:lU>u of EJv»rd P«ilie 

<* lUvH ihoEijjTii til Vt ntfiriiTiiaoutt naio yon Mr. Jnbn Etsda, lb« eoa 
of MAllh«"ff l^vuu Ijlf^ cif Pt'Tit'cVii in tbn CoilDlJ (^f MoDlg^mnv, u & 
Bl fonMi, bi>Ux Tor iHtrt^ And ]«QnuD|c» 1j> bo lln^d Sffboglinttt^r nf Ibtt 
AUAdirml: nnd Th4t, *o frr ui In jmanolvM [u], tha nUd Mr. EnM 
lOftj bo forthwiUj MtltbfiJ AEii] iavciKU^ tbcrc niooofdilniclr. 

" WMdi Xci i}S jcura ire «hftll ho iMidf Ut oonfimi, If it bo nAjrt^i^aA 
minMAt' ud \'nfm fbt lao. And um Joob^AK «f ^ porfLTEiiBiioe of 
ibk MU plc^auits wv ooiiimil yo\i %a Itod. 

'^ QivEOi M WltlultiJI, tkb lailL .Uy of Jvly, 165?.' * 

■ ArdJrH at OifuAl UaJitnlLy. CoDimuntrUfll hy Hm lUr. Tir, T1U«<- 
* £W4iMtf OroniTur^iAoff^ by H. CulJito (Uadou, 19l8>, U^ KS 





'OUVEB r. 

"Tnvrrrv Aict> WBU«-linOTKi>i — W* cmrt jmi wtU 1 Ho Ti*nr 
on aU hitiih thjki ihii OnMlUtr pnnj anv dtw^rni: tn pat fia Inm !iI»chL 
W« an, 1 hofK^, taldcc tli'i bcM mro vfc mq. by ihr Hi^Jaiiti; cf i^^^d. lo 
'^TT^ilv thit dftiigv'r; fvijt cirr Iiiu4l3i^rirv 111] nJ^ huiitii hcinif, thnT thrjr 
haw k ili-<i|ca uptu jivaj CiXj, w* i<i>uUJ iKt; bai wani jvu ihcfrufi ROil 
^IvD j«iu nmhuHejr^ iw wk iIo laf>T»b^r 

'■ To put jodrwil<r«t lata :b« W«t pcMarc jon «a fi^ jmv oivq 

mfvfT *t*iit I" ymi, Mid pTitiinij Hii-m in a rmdimwp fr-r th<» par^ae 
■ftiTffiQild, T^|ltti|* rnn Hli*t knnn ilinr ftir jnnr Iwil^ f timnrnc^mcTit 
hPT^m,, vol ihall hfiVk> r »n»:»p flf h"f»* wmit /«« l« i^tiitrtAr In ir dmt 
jocr Town, 

^ We dftriro jou t*^ l^i ub h^ar frcm ymi, fr-im timr lo tirao* what 
oQpnn to ^uftt umdilutr tlir MftM^ruii purt^: ruid h wo tdd jaa 

A PftjNif flf llio uiiiio <lAto. (if ]invi>i^y ihfi maoo purpi^n. dJrOcto^l lo 

4. I,irtler wrhtoa dSrwtljr ciu di»*jlviiig tlw? Porliamool ; probaW j cat 
of luitif, te lh» lifc* *tfNi, dwpMl'-h<>H ttuii <\^y ■ — 

" JW Oetmai Foe CrjptoiM p/ tAe If i/<4«i Trw in p«r £^iiiilv V 

'^ 8lRf — B5 oar UM Lrtl«r« I0 jrvri, w^ b^iuitri^d ynn whnt rlnn^ 
Iho ComiULtDircaltii Vnv litU lu frirui lIia uld Cn<rtiluT Pvlj (vrbu vrFro 
4vi^Bii^ Dov iii»iirr*^j»iiH viihln na, whilii ehalt H«id and Multf 
W ouiilri*bi|^ III iut^'i Ljfi fTuni iiljjtwl) ; ^and tberoupoti d<«iAd 


APPl^DIX. K<xm< 


jtmr car* ud TlfftUo^r lar tif4**rrii« iht P*m«, ftiiJ a p pw hi Jif all 

"CKr ■iiklliatnM ijf thai llM oKll antitiiioM. A»4 i** »■ mtira 
■tfarH >T 'lii-ir rfivilntlnnv M idI l« i>xi>niiion lh*lr <M|i:« afumMliI 
vllhiiQ A r^ aliDrt tlitir ; [th^] tifiBif mivh r««uvmffvl frOTP >ffiiiQ ULa 
artk<« nr*irn« torbolnl ju4 cmqaM cpiiftip.. jMwrfl In Uii> Tvwii m 
tbrit^trro, vbc^ |o lVnitPBl« and miiifC T«ift Afid fraiUAM aU Ut>««gDad 
bofv* vi 6«ttfanMnt frhidi vr« k^ cuDotiTBd in^a iha |ifMifn<iiitfi «f 
PuLftiiuml Ub» ihf^r ActJonr*ii>*t>t id Jnmm Uit, IrnoMd k ti«tt»QftU* 
roiit^xi hr tW ll<HMv of C-MiraoDn, by the uvk «! tiw ' I Viui;»-at «f 
til* CbOJUuuw n^lili ot Ei^luil ; ' dtfeigniiif l^fwh^ fwJt ncilj ifiA nvre- 
'Uiiwr pf tWUlo JPeAihMi ««f a<ic«« of lU PulittvcM, Ixit «l aH I^aI 
lial^ b*va dotio tb«vi M>vnik j«un : bafihig Ibanb; to bring kU llitiip 
bid coDfiMkjd i —aoA wen in 4 trry Inntiiltoon* matwfr pret Bri wg 
■■ I wwt ii l fci gi AMmmca, gMng nat thai 1^17 wm ««nun^ lo h by 
MOM Itakbcr* id lie lUuc of Cvnmoas* 

'• AtiH lli» iTQlJi {^ th« l>«bAeNi thai hupf> liflon t« thai Hnum vino* 
tbah kn m«««iai( b«To bul * iradvocy fa ibc Mlrrinic ap nod <h«nil»- 
Jif ndx liunafB; — huTlaf dona nodibigin tnrnwD dapbtudnbaU 
Wbcfth^r lli«7 ■UoEild oini lW Q^rcndnoDl td tboM NaAkttt, at it it 
canuiiurtl in ihf PeUti/m 4ind AtM», vtiioh ihu ParUsnasl at Uinlr 
fORAcr bJtiln^ haJ bviioi na lo AOMfii of, oad had avon at onto f Awj 
ihanunlna ^aa haTiag lakni an Oath npoa IL bofiifv iho^ noMkilo Um 
Uvuaa And w«^ jnd^ng thaM thifig* %a h»v« in tbom vttj dangfrow 
cQfiaM|u«aG0v Ui the Peara vt ihU Nathm, aud to the looMrtunf all ifao 
honda of 0<iT«raaiHil ; And Mtt§ hopDl««a nT ^bt^uing aoppliM vf 
DKn»j, hr tawn^Dg th>^ i^xjicruriin iif ll"* SalioJi, Tn>ia wa^h lueu aa 
«fe not aoUAad vill ihu FoundAit^D «\> RAbd njxiD. — thought It of 
aWiluftc DiKB9iit;r to iUhhIvd itiujKmnt Partkuacul ; — vbic^ 1 haro 
di>a« thM day : — Aikt tA givii jon n>Ki«f Ili«nmr ; that j -»)« nith joQr 
lVi>o|r, may bo inuit Tisihuji f<jr dm tapynuwag ti any dulurbnuc4* 
whwh vAy ahw ffoiTk uixy \mny whalarwiT' AehI If yuu mji hmr of 
Mjjj (jiTTtoiu vtUo Imic Iftca m.-tiv4.> :i> pniOiaftQ the dvccaaij InaaontU* 
l'4?ttJriEi, thill }^trj ■[t[»ivhfiiil ihvtn, jici^ |pT» nn aiviMiTit themif t> iia 
fintwitli' Ajm nu ilo Gmlirr 1^1 jrou know, Thul uv^ an* ^ooAtbla 
iif yijrir wx^it of |iiiy Fir yut^n^lf ni»| TyiMit; and ilo ^uium fan that 
dSMjloal oar< atjall bo lakcu ihrrclu, «jtd iluu vhJir^at ^IflUy. And ao I 


" Yonr lavtn^ frUrorlp 

1 ArartbMfl'j JTi^um- (LcotAn, iieS), MU. Ill 

rOfili OF MA!<[>AT£. 



*' WlUTVIUU, Jllh WlUtfl. IftBT. 

"OmrUBClSli -'We &» InfoniK^ tLjtt tho Ruf<oiy (njux rUudm 
lM«DdtninrA4« U tor; AUrMi^nty, :4iiil bn thja ^inqvHUi lmvi<Tvnirit3r-tWi> 
Sbff* gf W*r tmij hi Uie Harbor of 0«lQuil, aini «rc |irtpihriiijK i^tbcn 
ftiv whiista tK«; luv« bun^ht In ULktloDd. ^nd mama m^Q am ICad; to bit 
|MM«olMnff4 UteiLi. AqiIul thb aiuuv i^iuo u luaurrwtiuD in bunadcd 
1> lUl MfttioiL Ami (Ut; Uiijo r^ir llu< i^iiAMiUii^ Ibmu ilifli^ut) !s lu- 
Uad«d bj ti)«ixi lo Ihi yi'Ty »ii<Mr^ii. 

''TflTo h»vn ihcTtHiirr ilKiughi fii ui gltn jcm nollro Winf; and in 
kigMlly to jvn oTir yXt^imiiTv. Tlinl ;<■» put yciimc^lT^^e iolo the boot 
yamm jvo oiu fur Ltif VLvmrlug lUf City uf OluuctviMt "^^^^ ]*^^ ^^ 
•f«i btUt loob buidt dA uv irxif vid fiLiihfLil lu m uid Ihii Commoik- 
iiViJUi. Wa dMiro ju« to W vsiy uikf^Yul, jluJ to lot n* Lcrt ftxMn you 
<€ Iho rae«i|rt of tbw, oad whAt yoa itxAU do in pai«qjMi«fl of thU Lrtter. 

'•Yoof wry u»uri^ frkud, 

No. 32, 
Two Maxdites ti> Cambrhmg TTsrvsafliTT. 
L That John Cjttirt^ bn mflilo MAJtlr^r of Afu t — 

Our rH^nrvtly 4/* CarjjArKj0«. 

"TViwrr Avi» Wn.i--niri>»wD, — Wh«va> by our njy^mtmmi 

•fTtfnl 9tUiloaU In our tfiilY*r*ity rf Oambridfi* have bo*n InTiiM 
i^TDftd to preach tbo 6<«p«l in ^^r Ft«<'1, und for tl^tfirvtipoiin^mnn 
1i*tQ boru bf UB AHuiml ihaC ihcy a^iuliM iii>1 MilTpr any ^vnijiidic* 19 

vWrvM a [i0^tJ»tt tiAth hnrn «xMbllf>l cm lb« btholf of Mfn inhu CnoUo 

164 APT^EKDT3C. NaK 

«f TrlniTj ColJiW, ihoTin IT ihii: whibt lir waji nbroad u MiaiMirr 
tLti SuMtWtlD Frigate, he wu rlieiipjKriuU^iJ of Ubjuj^ liU d^jntoa 
ItHMicr of Art* (fu lijr rarirM he ought), tfiMl tlwi Iii^ ivujiiui wiw, »bi» 
hk rctam, oiiumcQce withcnt Ui^ low i>r ono yoar'A Miuciriiy, hj i^uim 
<>f « fUtuu of Iho UniTcinriij cli^jing A*-gn^t^ m nny unn-naiilmii : 

■^ In perforinnti^ of o^rmd promiw, atii fiir iho flitare rrKAumtio- 
mtml nf lll^|Tn in thit ItkA MTvi»s ^Va dn hi^nhy r^f^lfy unui jrnii. Ttvtt 
il kB vui ttill HUii ]>litpu»ikrr thia iho MJd JcliD Cutio he tj you uratcd 
IAfM»T of Aru, «nl Allowoil tta aamc anmortiy which, hwyinling to Ihti 
«u«iiiiii of ;<«» UiiiT«aritx« h« had cDJoy^l had h« b«a ruwkmi Kt 
unal tiib* of ttkfng dvgivi**- 

"iJiT«b at WtLtclukll, the 23J ibj of Jan«t, vm." * 

CiuUct t^^ BiH>kH lnr]lr(itc-i \\iu\ cnU>roi] Tiiaitj at the u^mct time, aj 
Wu iindiT ihc uTrr Tiii/<r. tHt1i ii vrry fjiinnii* {mtmoti, *' .ftftn Dnttft^' 
2fortkampt. admis^ue Poivt.'" — both, uataelji woro cuhmttoii 
■burn,'' lu S«iiU, I04{'v 

LThnt BniJAimD Boffor* be iwiJd BocbdorciMD^, — ''a ¥i 
of OUv(<r Cruuiwell'i Mandate/* siyi B&k<T, who hoa r^vqiud thl>^ 

*'2b Oiff (nfc«^ awi tOfiit-bfhiffd i^t Via-chan^Uor and SmoAi t^T 
Ottr Unmernty qf Canbridge^ 


"Tritbty iSD Wei.i^upt/*vet>, — Vi*^ pnwi ynn trrll. W>irm» 
we are infrrrm«d that ymi uniiot, by the slntutm and {uvorJiuf; to tbit 
cmfeloiue of ynr Ufjivyrsiry, lulinii iwiy %v tlw ihv^n'i- «f Eta«hr1ur of 
Uuivri (iiil'^M hp bml »mn' y-nra lHif(»n> [Wii] Adniiil^d iti h oU^^t 
Aud whi'n.*!* Wfl nre nJsci ftiniflwl tliai R^-nJninln Rogf^n hnxh atlAlnaJ 
ti- «nuDi<uey and akUl io that fiuruUy : — Wo, vriUiof^ lu ^vu oli eaeoun- 
a^iiieut ia ihe ■tudiw ud aliUUJn uf mru iu limt i>r nciy oilier Ingvo* 
«vu« Caeulty, hnvr thought lit l^ ilMlttm eiir uill mirl pleoavi^ by tbo*e 
our Ict1en», ihui, iiolwllliKtanttluiL yt'Ur AtHtilU^ hihI rtJAlf>iri», ynu niu«« 
Bn^aiiiiii Bog«ri Io be luliniTfAi and ertiatf'd IWhi^lrir in Muiio, In aw»4 
<a[C or man i if your Dongrc|[fLtluuii aurnihli'*! In that uiir UolTi^ndiy; h^' 

1 r^nnbfMtf* AnhltH, ' r;t«r*.Uook It. i^ W {JnamoDLMi*-] by lUv. J.. 





paying eoflh dues as are beloDglog to that degree, and giving boiii« 
proof of his accompliBlmieDl^ and skill Id music^ And for Bo dQing, 
these oar letter? shajl be your warrant. 

" Given at WhitehaU, the 2dth da; of Ha;, 1G58." ^ 

i CopyinBjiri. 1188. no. 70fi3, f. Ifia (Buer MSS, x- ^S) -, — uiA a twfor*. 
in " tince-Book H- p. 190,^' — The Ori^mUa will never Cum pp. In the lame 
BegiBter of "GncOj" or Decrees of Seoate- u one (of date 1G61) for btti-ninff 
■luUoeTeT HudfttflB or HlBsiTu ther« are from Cmmwell ; wbereby doubtlaa 
Uw Onginili <witli smill duiugB to tJum, umI «ois* utUfictloii to tbt Head* of 
HovHt) WBi* dntng<di 


Th> TcfllftDdan, in their bag wioter, had a gnat habit of writiiig; ud 
mn, and Btill are, dxceUeat in peomjuiahip, sajs Dabloiana. It i» to thii 
fact, that aD7 little hlttory there [■ of cbel^orM Kings uid thoir old tragodiaSt 
erlmea and hflroisnu^ is almoflt all doe. The Icelanden, it Beema, not onlj^ 
iD*de beantifnl latten on their paper or pojchmeDt, bat were Uudablj ob- 
aerraiit and deurooa of accnntcj ; and have left m SDch a coUec^on of uarm- 
livea {Saga*. UtenU; "SajA") ae, for qnuitity and qnoli^, u unexampled 
aaioug rude natiooB. Sdoito Stnrleflon's History of the Xone Kings ia bnilt 
out of th««e old Sagaa ; and hu ia It a groat deal of poetic flre< not a little 
faithful sagAcitf applied in aiftiDg and adjusting tbe«e old Sagaa ; and, in a 
word, deaerTea, were it once well edited, f Dmiahed with aecnrate mape, chrono- 
logical aazomarisa, &c.» to be reckoned among the great hiatorj-booka of tha 
world. It IB from theae aonrceB, greatly aided bj accurate, learned and mi' 
wearied Dahlmann.i the Oennan Professor, that the following rongh notee of 
the «rlj Norway Kings are haatllj thrown together- In Hiatoriea of Eng- 
land (Hapin'A excepted) next to nothing haa been shown of the many and 
■iroDg threada of connection between Engliah affairs and Noise. 

i J,O.DaUnuiui,OHcAicA'««MiJMaA«winb,3vola.8vo. Hamburg, IMO-IMS. 







Till about tho Yooi of Graoo S60 thoro were no kinge in 
Norwav, r»ithing but numrwm* jarla, — I'SHfriituiJly JcingloUj — 
vsirh pri'stirUrig ovrrr u kiiifl of rffiniblK^atr ur ii[irlikni4mr,ary 
littte temtorjTi g^nerfillj iitriviug Cjbcli to bti on Home tcvma 
of biunfta nr^ij^bborhootl with thos« nboui him, butf — in epito 
of "/^a-tf Thin^n" fPcilk ThiugB, little parish paHjan^ente). 
JXlid smnll (Njiiiljiiintioiis <jf UieaCf nbiuli had ^rudiuiJly formiTii 
bhemHl^a, -- often rttluood %o the utthftppy aiutc of qimncl 
with theuL Har;Ud Hnui'I'^t,'!' wll£ Uw lirst to put an tiid to 
thU 6tAt^ of tVilng^i anil lipfiomfl niPmoraMo nrtd pratitelilp l<j 
his cOQutry by nnitiLte it wahi one h^'^vi and lOAUiag a kiag- 
doan of it; which it luu onntitmod to he uvtT tiime. ILa 
Fither, HMfdoB the Flock, \\^\ already 1>?gT)n this rough btit 
nlatary jiraceM, — tiittptroi^ by th*^ lujpiditiiTv aiul liutiiictH, 
hf Hm fAcaltict luid oppoHuQitius, wbicrh thti good gtmius of 
ttni worid, honefiooDt oft^'<ii enough itudet savage formd, lind 
dlUgent ftt »n tim^H t»> diminiah anarchy ^ r.hp world's »/ffjr*f 
mni^eryp usually appoinu in »uch cbaca. — n/rnjuc^it bfud 
BfihtiDir, followed by thsa guidnnoe of tbt^ oocqucrod ; — but 
U vu Hiirald the PairhaLred, hii sou^ who t^ouspi^uouiily oar- 
rwd It o» aud ooriiplHt^d it^ Harald'c birtb-yf^r^ dt^Atb^year, 
DDd cbroiiology in gi^ocrn], ate known only by inf^rt^itoe and 
oomputatjon I but, by ih& lat«gt r<<ckoumg, h« di&d about tk% 
jear 933 of our «ira, a mAu of ilgbty-tbr^e. 



T\:v lii^irjis'* '»f foinjiu^^t Ust^il ILLr^lil aboiut twelve 
{A-n. $<Xi-87l V}, in which Lc tubdiLcd ilI?io the vikingi oF l^ 
cut>isbiuU, UrknoyA; ShctliUKbL, Uc-LriLltfa, iuid Man. Sixty 
laoro yean* wtro giwti luui to ooqboIkU;^ and regulate wlmi 
be hwl t'oiuiut^it^, wliieli lie did witb k^v^^ jud^euU Uiiluv 

Lecn of ov(?r,«ov«iily yuan^ 

Tim beginiilfig of bib great ailv«Eiciire was or a rvmantta 
cbaracttr. — youilifitl tovc fci thi? Wanttful CjriU, a tkoi) 
glorious niid fojuonn ycun^ l^dy of Ulo»« rt^gioat, whom tb« 
^cmng lUnld aspired to marry. Gy<Uv aaiwered his embasij 
unci |ini>'(-f iu a dibUutt loft> mauuer; '' Hcf it would npt 
btsemi to wed any Jorl or poor creature of tiat kiiid ; kt 
hitn do 3fi CJoim of Doiunark, Erio of ^vedeL, E^buft of 
Kiigl;iiidj ajtil aih/ertt liad tlou«, — ^ Hubdue into yemeo and tpga* 
Uliuq tL« ciiiifuAoi^i coiitoDtiooa biu of jarla rotind Ikim, aud 
Leccmc a kinjc; tLcn, |>orhA|.«^ nbc siigl^t titmk oC hid pti>- 
{iocut: till thvn, uot" Harald wa^ atruok with tfiU proud 
naawur, wliii^U rexul^ivd Gjrda teufold loore itoaijuble to liinu 
Ko rowed lo l«t hi» htir irow, iicter to cut or crru to comb 
it till tbu toat ver« doao, aiid tli» [«er]cu <tyda but own, 
llm jitoor^vdod acNturdljigly Ui cauqu^r, itt fierw kittlt^ ;i Jari 
(ir two overy >«tttr4Uid. jU the end of tw«lv« y<^u~% had kia 
lUik^aipl (uid aJmott uniaiairiaablo) hood of hmr dipt (4 
— Jftrl Bffgav'ftld (fU^iAaid) of M(ir«, tbo laoAt valu4Kl atid 
vahialilu nl all lu^ butrjuiJt*jarUv bviug jjrunaolfid to Uiia 
aubliow borher CuDCtioo ^ — aftci which Ktug Handd, with 
lK«d iJioioii^hly okauc^il, and ha^r i^owtj, or growiftft 
14^1:1 U\ t\\v luKitriLiiit bi-auty th^-i hud do ct^\ial iii bij 
dajr, btvugUt huiue hia Oyda, aiid mada her thv bn^tcat 
quaeu ui all th^ aorth, U« bad oftor Wt, tn sucooaaiot^ 
or ptrrhapt cron nimultauaoujly to eomt ca^c^H^ at Ivast aix 
tAbiT wivHBi and tij Oyda hervvlf una daughter ami four 

Uanld waa not to bo <«a»ldarod 4 fttriot-UTiDg ttftn. find bf» 
Ewd^pvai d«fd of trouhl^k, jua w» shall •«><*, with t1>« tvunvil- 
tnom luLjitkia of hik tii>ti-i ; Inct he oianagr^i bin ^ivnniinaii, 
aided by Jarl Boguwald and othrra, ;u a laigo, qui«tly poCvoli 








ftorl SKtoece^J ro^jn^r; And it IjwM [& tliia royal fovmtU] 
bijf di?alh, aitt' »utiy 3'«4Lrii or it. 

Tbpse were tli« timeft of Norat- raUmbaUon; proud Noirgw- 
mm ilyicig into other livudsi to freer ai^iiua, — to li-i-lujii^^ to 
tho Fartfo lalaniU. which were hitherto qmtc vacant (tcu^iit^ 
only by aoin« niouroful h«niut, Irish Chri»tiui /a^ir, or so) j 
lUI rocTT copiously Ij> ihe Orkney aiid t^lifrtUnct Ittitit, the 
kbridca ptid othin* cnnQtrics where Norse aquattexs ^tiil snU 
tten »lreaidy were, ^(*ttLcm4»nt of lo«bnd, wo sny ; e«ttl^ 
nwnt of lh» P»rfl© I*laudK, ;iuJ, by far the DolftbUsat of all, 
0eUl«iQ«Dl of XtrmAudj by Ikilf the fMcij^r (a.i>. H70 ?)* 

Holf, Aoa of Ki>|piwal<i," wa« lord of three UiHe i^kta fav 
noEtli, avMT th« E^otd of Foldi^n, oallod thft Thr^ Vi^oD 
iBlaoda; but lii& «hu?f Dii-'Utik of living wn^ Uiut of «na* 
robbery t which, or at least Rolfft (conduct id whioli, lljinild 
diti not Dpprovo of. In tlio Court of H&reJd, sraa-robbery wae 
litrietly forbidden as betweon Harftld'fl ovn eountrioA, hut 00 
a^bat fi>fi*ign c^ouutrini* it runtimipd tn br tlir mir. iiTofflSKtim 
for A pfntleiajTD; thtu, I read, Huntld^s own cWf ^on, King 
£ho chat.'Lft^^rvarila wA8r hfid been at sea m suchoEui.^tuvuienta 
itvit miu!e hift twelfth yoor, Rolfs f^rime, however, was tliat 
in coming homo from one of thncie expeditions, hia crew hav- 
ing fiJlea bhort of victual. Holf Ijvndcd with tli<iiQ on Uio 
ihoto of Norway, ani in his i^trflit, drove in some cuttle there 
(a orlme by Inw) ;ind pnii-jri^led to kill luid nuL; whiiih, in n 
little white. h<* hoard th&t King llaraUl wafl oti foot to inquiro 
into And puniah: whereupon KolF tho (Ervnj^or ^pn^dily koI) 
into hiN ihipa ftgam, goi to thct AOAJit of l->;mc-f) with hiit ir^ 
Tobben, got tnfeftrnent by tlio piHir King of Fviuic« in ihe 
fruitfuh shatzgy desrrt whicib b aIucq called Normandy, laiid 

tJic Northman; and there, gi-iinnUy (filling th^ foreal*. 
:ing the rivers, tilling fhv fields, iH'ramc, during thr ni'it 
twfi <«iituriej!, Willivlmn^ Coii<^LUv:itor, the nuin foiuuua to Eug* 
land* uidmocK^CitoitD^ttbbday^ not toKuglaudalono, but to all 

J " S«nleinflDt," doM ^It^ ly ^Iniidi, Il^aault. &« The Su<^u Ch^ruipU 
mjt fuiDD ^Tftf , '^ In tLJa jou Kirlf i^vctr^u Nonuuidj' ivlih liu *fixjf, aqiI 

1 1k»ltliauq, H. BT. 



•pnkwsof tbfEiie1iilitoftgiiir>,now»pM»itd froiii»id«to«>d« 
Ihe world in ftwoitdfirrul i]cgi:tv. Tjui^rod of HaitltfrUlo and 
hit Itelion Nonna&fii ihougb importADt too, in Itelj,4renM 
worth niinicg: in oorajMLfieon. This is % f ertudcnu ooitb, aod 
tbd f^in nf tiiaHtan1<Hiwi3 will ^rov to tninwulous uteut ib 
Mraia oaves. 

II>rmkl'& crliiel holpor. oouuBCUor, and Jicobmant wm iht 
abo^*c-tD«ntioTieit Jarl Rn^rtwnl^ oC MOre, vbo lud tbe honor 
to CTJI Harald'd rlrivullul hnad of bw. This Rognwiiid «nu 
iaiUcT <pf Turf'Kinar, who first uivcntod i>4«t in Ibo Orknoyiv 
fintUng xht vood all p^o ther^^ aud ta r^mfimbertd to Uui 
diy, Eii^ar, biitig oom^ to these IsUndu by Ki:!^ Hnnild'ft 
|mrmiiuioa, to see >iphat lie could do in llieju, — iiUndi i»- 
bak^ted by vhsi miwrtlimy of Pi^^ Scots, Norao sqttUt«» 
irtdo i»ot knoWr — Eonnd tli« indiipensablc fuel aU wMtAd. 
ToK-Eln&r too m^y bv re^iird^it ua & beneturUjT to hii kind. 
Hr w;l<It lL appm;^, n Ui&tartl ; jiud pit iiu ciKtdlm^ from liii 
ftttLef, vbo diatikcti Iuid, pdkrtly porliJipSt becauto ^'ht waa 
itgly uAil bUi^ of ui oye,'*— got no flsttoting e*«in on lu« 
iMMiqtwvtof tliiiOrineTs and toTeotiou tif peit. lUrv U lb* 
fMwtiof «p00ch b» Intfc^rr in&de to him tm KUut^ lum imt vitk 
ft "lon^^hip" (ship of wnr, "dra^oii'ehiii." ui^ent »ev«atf- 
fonr), kod sending him forth to make a IJnng for binia<>If in 
thn «.irM ^ "It were brst if Utnu ncfTitr ouoMt 1«ck, for 1 
luTc raDiilt hope tliat thy pMiplo nrill bAT«r honor by tht^i 
t&y ttotlber's kin thfougkotit u sUrieJi/' 

Banld Hn.'U^Rgr b:id % lEOod many sod^ and <1aiichtet«i 
ikm dBnghtrr^ he marrinl moitly to jarl^ (tf ilun merit who 
wen loyal to him; with the lotu, as itoauk^d above, 1m had 
ft Sroat dettl of l»tible, Tboy wero ambittoo*, ftarriait feJ* 
lows, and grvd^ at tbi^ir flridlng so IrtUc ]iroi»otkiit from 
A fatbffr K> kind ta hi« jiuls ; eak-robbery by no m«ui8 wi 
aikqn»tc coTffr for the sons of a i:t«m kim:. Two of Ibeoi, 
llalfdaa Haa1«g (Long-leg), and Gudrod Ljcim^ (Qleon), joa]> 
ons of the favors won 1j^ tbs grvatn Jarl R<»gnwn1i1, surroundid 
kini Ln hU hoos^ one nijcht, and burnt liim and sixty men to 
d«ath tberei. Tbut wha Xh& md of Hj(£tiwjhld, the iDvaloablo 
JiiL, always true to Hnarfagr; and diatiiigBSihid ia world 



V by prodtici&g Itolf the (ianff^jr, ftuthi>r of tbe Nvnaui 

uiaL of Eugland, *ml Turf-Kin:Lr, *lio mr^mtcd peat in 

Orkcejc. Whetber RoU Lad left Nurway at this tiiue 

is tu> cluoBoiocy to t^ll la>^. A^ to Bolta siimam^ 

OnAger/' tli«L'« aro various UypotbaefB -, the iLkt-ht«t^ per- 
1li|w, tlLit UitU wm «n wmghty n in;in nn hrjrsp (8I0a11 Nun 
vrcgiun Iwnra, bi^ pODice nktli^r) niultl ^Nirry Iiiri^, aiLtl t^itit 
lie tmudly waUkod, hftring a mi^lity atnUii viUial, atui ^^vot 
TP^ocitj- oa fbot 

flon nf tbnicn mardnnrra of Jtirl Rn^w^ld qiilntTy r^l bins 

If in IU(f:i]wald*» place, the other making fcr Orkitcy to 
fttirri? Turffciuar lu !Jto f^liion. Ttirr-Eiiiftr, Ulien by acr- 
pn^^-, AM to the roairiland ; brit ri*^Tirnflrl, (lays or [^erhapt 
■eels sJter, rundy for hittlc, fought with Hulfiliiii, pan hia 
party to 0:^^^ <^d at next mornini?':! light sfarohecl the tjiland 
iDd tltw ail tliv men bo fonDi^, Aa to fiAlfdau Lan^-lf^rr 
himself, in fi*rp* meiDory of hitt <:wn murdert'd fatliT?r, Turf- 
Eiiuu* **cut au qs^o on bis luck/' tliat in Uy suy. Iirwnl tlifl 
nbfl from «aeb eidc of the spine aad turned th^m cut liko 

f winttfl of a eproad-cnfik : a mode of Norac vwiRcanco 
bfhioaAbte at that time m r^xtri'mnly aggmratflU caxcx! 

Harald lisarfugr, in tlie mean timer, had ilo»cctidcd upon 
lUe Kti^iraJd ttrvna, not \tt mild mood tov^irrlii tho arw jiirl 
di«tn ; indignant] J dTSToi^spd said jari, and .ijipointofi a brother 
of lUVgnvhld (hrothpr, hvte^ DaUlmartn), tliouKh HA^iwaht 
had tnft other sons. Which i!one, Ifanrfit^ sailed with all 
tpttd to the Orkncya, there tu ftv^^n^- that t^iittm^- of itn i.'ai*lo 
tin (h« horaaiL baclt on Titrf-Einar's part. Tnrf-Kin.tr drd not 
miat; aubniisf^lTP^y mft the Jiu^ry IhuLrfiL^r, s;ud hi: 1i?ft it 
alL what hod he<^ done, what provocation theT<^ hud hoen, to 
Hoarfai^-d uwn «qmty jiud gmutnest^ ol laimL M:igDauLUiOXU 
fagT inftirrtpd a fine of eiiry marks in gold, whrrh irrut 
i& rea4/ ucocy by Turf-Eiu&r, jind so the xniLtter 


a*i— Vol. 9 





Iir luoh violent oouraea Haar^gr'n nonn, I IcTtov not bow 
maii> <jf tJieiii, ha<i como to nn iintitiieljr tad; onlj Eric, the 
ncooLiijlijihod »f*^o^rr, xaii three otli*ra romaincd to hluL 
Amon^ theoc four Bom, tftthor iinpfttiont for proporty und 
uuthority of their own, King HamJ^I, in His olH ilu^-s, tried lo 
part liiH klngilotik in 8onti» «>1i];^iht(? jind pqiiitAlilr vra}\ and 
retUt from iho constant prc.vi of bii^inrctn, now bocoiuiiii; brit^ 
donaomo to liiiu. To eaoh of them ho ^ve & kind of Icia^ 
dom ; KHc, his ^Id^st son, to be hefid Mag, ^nd the oth«<r> to 
W feiidiituj'j uuder hiui, ajid jm.^ :i i^trrLJiiu y-rarly t^^mtributioii i 
an atrnnfffiiDcnt vhioh did not aoswor ir#U at all. Hoad*KiDf 
KHc ifittLAtud oo his tribotu ; qiuirrols Rircmo <ts to tho ^yin«<a^ 
ooimiilerable flghtlriff »kiid difttiirkince, hringitig fiprco dojitnio- 
tiou (roni KIu^ Erie upon mauy vaHmit but too itnbbom 
JCorso spiritSt ojid amonjc tbo rest upou aU hia thr«« brotUorAf 
which got him from tha Norte populntions tho fmroanio of 
Blodii^/tf "Erii* BIoud-*UK/' bis title bi hiBlisTj-, Om? nf hiH 
brothers hv had killed in battle before bis old father's lif« 
«iidod; thU brother waa fijom, a poaoeablo, improving, tnkd- 
in^, Aoonrimio TTcdftr-king, vhom tbc oth^rft mockingly rallttl 
"Hjorii thr* Chiipuuin/' The gioikt-gnuLilAoi) cf thiA Hji^ra 
bcoAiiic oxtruiualy diAtiuipiibhod by a&d bj aa £atnf Ulaf. 
lluud'KlQ^ Erie ceeniB to hivr« had a rioli^nt vifo, too, 9bo 
vu Uiougbt lo luivft poiHOiirtl fmn nf brr otJifT bmtbf-n^-in-iiv. 
Brie Blood^xe had hy no meann n ffcntte lifu of it in thia 
worlil, tnimod to aoa-fobbery on th« oomtd of Euglaud, &00& 
land, Ireland and France^ eincf* hi» twelfth y^r. 

Old Kuig F^irbifcir, »t the n|^ cf M^Trnty, lind luiotfai^r 8011* 
to whom w:aa ^vcu tho i]:une of Hiikoii. Hb mother wm A 
slava in Fairhair'i hou«« \ elavg hy ilUuok of itir, Uuragb 

^CUr.tL KBIC flfi>Ol>-AXK A»0 BBOTHERS. 


aoblv ^noa^ ii Niu, A ^tniTj^c^^ ^lvvrjivir« oonbects tlunUAkon 
with CdsliLijil luiil Kiii^- Athid^Ubj^, vvlio w.LA thru t'titrfriii^' ii|H]U 
^ fO^Mt C4kit}vi thi3T& Sborb while tifbcr tbU IIiLkou camciuU) 
tbo VToHOt U>dr« «&t«red Khirbair's fieJaocv oai« «v«aua^ m Fbir- 
hftir Hit fe;uting, an Ki^lish ambMSutor or mvftMit^er, be«Tiiig 
iu liU luud, A* liifi Smia King AlkvUtaa^ a BkagnlHoecDt avvorU, 
wiUi gtAd hilt mtid other tiix« tnmtnlD^, to tlie fftnat ilj\nild> 
King of >orwa>. B^niU took the a^rurd. drew jt, cr wm lioll 
diKvin; It, aduiiringly frr>iii thi^ 8i\tl>bard, vrhmi thv KTigltxh 
cxoclUncf brolw into a Mornful laustij " 11a, ha; tliuu «rL uoir 
the (eudatory of my Englinh king^ tliou hont accepted tl>« 
awor^l from hiiu, oijd art uow hia uiiui!" (atcepUinoo of u 
4irord ia lli^il lULiuiwr bblu^ tlia ^^viubol uf iiivt^LiLurD ii^ thttva 
days,) Hatoli looked a trifle HuiHrdf it 13 probrLblo; but bcld 
io Lw vrath, luid did no dumagu to tho tricksy Kuglixhmiui. 
Hif ki^pt cli« miitt4.-r m Ui^ uiiiiil, liow^ver. ftrtil tifxi auznuif^r 
liltle Hikmi, lL4i]E]t^- goL bin wtauiu^- done. — uiie gf Uie jjrwt- 
lia*tt b^thioM Utile crcataros, — Harald sent bim otT, uarler 
tfcaiga of " Hauk " (Hawk r.o colled), one of his priRci|>a] var- 
rioirs, witJi ordw^ *"Tiike }Mni Uy KoglarifL,"' *nd innttiKtirinH 
wliaC to do vilh him tLicn?- Atid ;tcoordiii;;ly» one evtutug* 
Hauk. with thirty mtn oaoortinf^i strode into Atli^tlataQ's high 
dwalHiig (wb^re sltuat>^, how built, wbf-thor with logs tiko 
HanUd% I canTHJt KjhviBtnlly t^y'h '"^ AUielslaa'a Ui]{li pretk 
mee, aail aileatly act tho wild litUe cbcrub u]>on Athdatwi^a 
kiH«> ''What U this?'* aaked A thaUtSJi, looking attho littlo 
dblVQb, *'ThiB ia King 7Iara1d*K wnn^ wlujta n EMmring-niald 
bdro to himr aiid vhom hr iiow ^Wra thee ^ fubtt-*r-chLld ! " 
IndiftiyiBt AtlipJiituii drew his aword, ua if t<i do tbo gitt a 
aui»vh>of| hat Uauk ^Lud, ^'Thoa ha«t takett him on thy kaw 
[ooiDmon symbol nf ivli^ptik-m} ; tboTi i^uiHt kill htm if thou 
wiUi but thou doel not thficby kill ail the Bona of Hanld." 
Ath«litnit attaiffbtway took milder tboairbts; brought uf , and 
CMfullf adncatod IUeou; from whom, and this tnngnbir ad- 
tOBOans BatB^. hpfot« v«Ty lon^, tb« HnX tidinipi of CbrintiiUiity 
iato Norway. 
Kandd Uaarf^^tf lattorly withdrawn troak alL ki&diof hnEt- 
died at the agv of ^j^hty-three — ahrait 1,il HCi^ iv la 



(*oia|mt*U ; nearly coatemjiorary \a Unith with t^i» fintt Dnniih 
Kiii^ QoTUt tlir OI<t, vrho h;&d ctirnc -i currea puuilb g Irstt lu 
rciiucui^ Demoark under ono heu.iL UL*iujLrlcaUo old mcu, 
thcoQ two tirnt kia;^ ; and posflOSBed of gifts for brioging CJiAoa 
n litlli? iiciirer to thp form t>f n*i*inn»i posHHsKi^d, ill fvl, of 
loyaltiM to Co>im<M> tbab ia to »Ay> of authrmttc? virtura iu ih« 
MVtt|i« «t«tc> such od luLVCT boon ncodoij tu ^11 sociotiofi at tK«tr 
inelpieace iu this vorM ; a kind of -* virtiiiv " hugely iu tHscrmiit 
at ]ire4e)tt. bit iii>t MiJikely to \m nv^rd agaiu, to Llifi ulouUh* 
raODt of oftf«k» pcnuta, before bll ifl doiM 1 



Sttro BifOOi»'Axii, wboac praotToul rcdgD ia oounted to liaY« 
bagun fthoiit a-p, 930. had by thU i{m&. ov vUhlii a y«&r or «o 
of this diR^ pretty ranch rKtutj^iUhrd dl liifi brnther km^ 
fuid crushed dovji nsoUcitraQt nyiirit?, iii hi^ rioWnt vft)' : bnl 
bod naturally bocomo imtirtsty tuijiOpiUur in Xonray^ n&d fillcid 
it with silent dititiouieiit. ami ev4-ri r-t^ a,guSD«rt M[il Hiikovi 
Pairhair'ti laat Acin, tli« litlle foitf^r-child Cff AtLvl^L^i ui Kug> 
land, who had ^locn baptized and oar«fully <xIii4atod. trt« oomt 
to hi* fouriconth or fifteunUi y*ar at hia father's d^atli ; a.vory 
aliinin^- youth, as AlhelaUii ^aw with jiiat plea^ttr^. So soon 
tts the fcv preliminary propiimtioos b^d been ^titled. HakMk. 
fumuh^ with ji ihifi or tvo by AtheUtan, nuddonly appealed 
ta Iforvay ; got ucknowlc»dg«d by iht Peisx^il Thing in 
Troadhjeio j * the aewa of which ilew ovtr Norwj.y, Uk^ fire 
tbrou|;h dried cmw/' K^yt an old cJironiclor. So that Eri<.\ 
with bis Qtt«oo GuiUiUd, and »v«n bdiaU children, had to ruD ; 
no otli«r shift fur Eric. Tb^y vetkt to Llie Orkrit-y^ first of aIIh 
the& to Engl&ui, ftad he ^^ot N'orthuuborlaud aa oftildooiT*' 
I vnicuely knar, from Atb«i]iitan. Bat Eno «ooii di«>d» and his 
qntttt, with h«r childNrn, voot b^k to thr Orknays in Beai«b 
of relugo or help ; tu Utile pdriion* thum or KlMtfwhimi From 

Ckuv nr 




'Hho vcut to Dv&nuk, «iivr« tlurald BJttMootb took 
i^l^lrsl hoy »A fuat«r*clii]d ^ but I fi^or did ntit v«fy 
litiibfuU/ keop UiJiL pcmiuML Tbe Bkmofi land bc^en robbing 
exicxuivfly iluriDK tbo late tumnUs la Norway ; Uiid the Clim- 
tjui Hakojk, now ««tablifthcd tbcro, paid io kiiiij^ and Uie tivo 
amBtiTM wcrv ttl vriir ; %it UiuL Cruiilnld'y litllfr boj was ;t wb1< 
MMte card in Uie tuiid of Biii<.-Uii>Ui. 

il«ltoii proved ft brilbiuit aud Biuceeaful kin^; K^latod 
Qlftiiy thiT7g«, pitbllc1a«ftlii0li9oUi»rfl(Ou^^rAi>f^ L^w.J-'ratU- 
Thittf/ TjAk - tlti<Mi arc iitik^ rodra <if bi« uv-^tili'd bj: Ib^if t^ 
ApeotaTC Things, iuid li^ a Aaluiar^ t^Efcct in tbcir tinw): vitk 
pnOMpC deiUi^fUj ku dufV« bock the Bltw tocAb io!.icr-«o& in- 
Tuioftft ■■v^ry cicw t]i«y Autid; ftod on tbe wtinle gained lot 
kittiMirU eJk* namo of Hakon liie Onod, Thc«o Danish bva^ 
Hocd were a liti)dcnt ttoarcc of trouble tc IsJia. but bis groaM^I 
ftn4 «ouluioal trouble wait tUit of extirpating beatUfla idolatrj 
fion ICoriray, uid tiitrodticirif; t^ie Cliristiiui f^vongel in i£« 
■tCjdj in» trwiautnduat Auxit?!;/ lo mzliiei i: Uiitt ulIuUli^ laittitN 
prao VM all aloni; ^ii« ^crcrad dtlhcnilty and ^tvuiibliiic-block ; 
thi baatli^n oppc»sitHJn t^ it bcitif? oUo iXKiind and grJhLt. 
BUliOpi aiid privata fruin KngLind llakun bod, prfcuobtng nnd 
kaptimtE whfti t^cy umld. but m^kiu^ oii3y slow pro^rea»f 
Mtieb too alow for JiiikOD^A z^iL On tl^c otbirr bjuid, cYcry 
Tnl^tidt^ wh«o tbe ohicf bcuntboa w«re u^ousUL'd in hiic own 
ptUce on tbetr ^runA ncTilii^jal fo^ljv^ ilier« wae yrvait pn»^ 
n» put upon Hftk^ro, as to BproikUng witk borac-blood, drink- 
inf VnU-bMt, pntin^ boim^doaha and tho otbor UbitrcAfiiDg 
ritr*; tiif^ vbdli? rif wbiifb HiUtuTi abhorrud. mid with M him 
afeeadfasLuein dUotu to n:jcct uLLcrlj:. Sigurd. J^ of Lude 
{TraadkjeiaX » liband keatben. not openly a CbhstiaiLt wa« 
•vtr ft VIM ooitftMllor &od rcncili^uiT ia turh aflftin:; suid 
pfwid of gnwt lialp to HiJuJii, (tnnr, for etrtiapli-, Uitjq 
liariiqr Hmcm nt a Vule-fca^t, lond. almott atorLoTal demjtud tktt 
H&koot Ukie & true auui oiid brotki.^ri sjiould drink Yu.b?'beor 
villi tbem in tht^tr Msrod hightidc, fiigiird pnrsfniultHl him to 
aovply, for pnrr** Rikr, nt \r.ii%ij id form- lUkmi tank tbe 
ttp ift kit left kaad (exct^llttit Aw ^mt), and with bt« n^bt onl 
tk« aien of tke ctoas aAwrvo it, th^n rtrwik a draught- " Tea; 



but irhnt la tbis vriUi tho kin^'t ri^ht hiuid ? '* rricd tht 
paay. ^* Don't yoti sao?" an^wrrcii *hiftj Hij^unl; "hft 
the sign 4>r T})(ir*K Iijuuiuri- befure drmkiuf ! *' wLidi quMuidud 
tbc tOAttcr for the timtu 

HoreU'tleah, horae-brotb, and the bor«o in([rAdi«nt gcmomUy, 
HaVon all 1»it inf^xrinthly ilrnlintii), Tly Sigur<l'H pressing nx* 
LorUtion niirl cutreAtv, hi? did cmcw Uk« U keltle of Uurso* 
bioth by tho b^iddlo, i«rttb u good deal of liiicn-quilt or towel 
iuterpoj^ed, and did open his tips for what cf steam could ick- 
ftbiu^to itddir. At ^rkotlii^r tirae ha oonaonted tti m pArticla of 
livrae-liv^r. iutrudu^g privately, I guestt, to keep it outstdo Uie 
gallct, nnd smuggla it away "trithout eioatloitfing ; but farther 
than thiH not tvea Sigurd oould perAiiaxIi^ him to ga At the 
Thlnga held in regard to this matter Hahon^i sQCoeM wia 
fllvays incomplcto; now £bnd then it wm plain failorc, and 
lUkoa hud to draw baok tilt a bottur timo. Hure b Ottft 
i|inoixatsi] of tht peft|«iuio he got on auob an otcaaioi] ; eurioas 
npiTiTiiuet], wiLbal, uf aiiLtque pailiamentury ekKiueui^a fivm an 
Anli-ChmUan Tlnnc- 

At a Thing of all tbo Fylkott of Trr>ndhjoc[i, Thing hold 
ftt Truiit* L11 that region. King Hakon, with ull the etoqtitfnca 
he bad. fljgniiled that it waa im|iorativ«Iy uci^eaAary that all 
Bonder:? !wd nuh-ItoDdcra should become Chnslians, and boli^Tt 
in on« God, Cbriitt th<i Son of Mnry; renouncing ci^timly blood 
Hhfnlk^QH and Iieathfu idnU ; ahould ki^q> every w vent b day 
holy, abstain from labor thai day, and otou from food, devotui; 
tho day to faatin^ and BacrtH] mifditation. Whorc^apon, by way 
of univi^Txal :ui*wi!r, artun- a ojufusod nnironal murmur of 
entire diantruU ** Take away from xxv- lair old beUeX, tuid aUo 
our time for Ubor ! ^' tunrmur^d thoy in an^y aatcuaknieiit ] 
"bowcari (^vcn tbn lan^i \y\ got till sd in that way ?** "Wo 
twrntit work if W4f ilim't gi<t fuul,^* mid tint band iLbnrrnt and 
ftlftTDA. "It lie* in King Tlakon^i lj]oo<V* romarknl otnen; 
"hifl fathi^r aad all hia kindred wuTl^ apt to bo atingy About 
food, though liberal onougb with momey.'" At Ungtb, oim 
tisdijfirn (nr Rpar of thn Anim or Gods, what; w«t rkow oaJt O*- 
bornc), one 0*bjt^^^ cf MndnlhnKtn Oulatbol. ttflpt fonrard. and 
foldt in a distL&ot mannor, " Wo Uomdon (pouotit proprioton) 





htm tn TronilLjeiii, niid we took th^e fur mir king, tLa\l riH-etved 
our bef«dit&ry lan^ from theo ftpiiu, Uiat we li^ got licaven 
itaolf. Hot now wc koow not how it in, wbclhor wo bjivo wou 
fntedom, or whetlier thou inuiuduat um^w to m^ilc? us vUiVfifi, 
witti thb MimiilKrrtil |>r«|>ivii:il iliji^t we -lUould mtioutK^n unr fiiitli, 
which our fAthora before ua h&ro holil, aud all our aucvntori 
as well, first in tho ago or burial by buriiiu^, and Qgw iu that 
of MTtli Inirial ; xud yi^t thi^Ku {hq>:irt«d oasa were much oar 
mpnnonif ;uid their fjutli, tuUr hmi brought pm&pr^vily in an I 
Tbee, fti the a&me time, we Iiare lovc^d so n)ai:h that wc nuftcd 
UkSd to manage iill the tawa of tlid laud, and spi<d£ li^ thvir 
row tn us alL And even now it 14 our will Jiod T.lie vote of 
■11 Doiulcrs to keu^ LhiLt p^L'timi which thou ^rtvebt \in hara on 
tho Thing At Frastc^ and to tuaiutaln tliee aa kin^ 00 lou^; ua 
any of tis Bonders v^ho are here n^n the Thing Las life left, 
provided thou, kiog, wih gt> fairly to wotk, and demand of us 
ouly siioL tiling* a« are idjI luLpoaaible. But if thou wilt iix 
Qfton thia thing niti) !h> great obstincLcy, nnd employ foroo nud 
power, in tbut cade, we Bonders huvu tukeu the roitolution, all 
of m, to fall away fruut ili^ and to laki- fi^r oaiiteWed another 
headt who will «o behave th&t we mny enjoy in fvoodom the 
belief whirli is o^^tenhle to uh. Now shalt tliou^ kic^, uhooae 
one of th«^u two eour^^G^ b<]l'oru tbe Thmg diapei-ae." *' Where- 
u|inti," addn tha Chi-ooiele, "all the Boudors raised a tuii^hty 
t, ' Ves, we vill have it eo, aa bos boon Aud.'" So tbftt 
1 Sifiorti had to intervene, and Kmg Hakon to ehocee for 
tiu nomi'iit Ltii« milder lirAnuh uf the alternative.' At other 
Thing!! Hakon vrwt more or Itas flucceasful. All his day»j by 
auoh methufle ae there WQ^^, he hopt prcoflitig forward with this 
grtttt enterprisn; and oi) thir whnic did thorouf;liIy uhake nutin- 
<W th«" old «li(ii?e of hciLLliL-iidom, unil fairly intruding Hoiut 
CotuuUlion for the uew and betU^r rule oT f^th and lUe uuoog 
bis people. Sigurdn Jarl of i4u\«t his wiao oouusollor in all 
thefts mfttt«K, IK aUi> % iD»u wt>rtliy of nntio.f^, 

Tluknn'H arrangeriir^itf^ a^*aitiat the oiiniinu^l iur3A(oiLi «f 
Eric'i 5011ft, with Danish lMfic-tc»oth backuijc them, were mani- 


iok\, Aihd for ft long tuna ftuoMmfiil ri«t ftppoiatod, ^tor 
nulUilJun :iitii u/tiMTtti ia tbe Turioat. Tlji(4'e, w> iiumj' var4>lt>i«, 
fiiIJ> nwaoed ood roftdf, i> be furai^ud iuitttadr od Ui* 
iCuig'M doauuuL bf OAcb proviacu cr tjord; wotctitirr*^ on fit 
pkoo>, from hill to bill rII along th^ cumil, v^tis to be carefuUj 
ltd 11]^ t^rcTnUy lu^unuiuied iii ruuliuuoi^ and kbtdled mi tutf 
Alttiuj vf vv-^ii-. By ^nth taetiiodA Bim^-iootli tad Col's invuioaa 
Wvro for ft long wbilc triLunjtbaiitl^/, nod cvtia tmpidijr, one iiikd 
ftllof tliftin, bftfttftn bftckftill at length ttej )HWfii«il» :f iou-mi- 
iu|; bi nf«R) nkdgclLusrt uid loftro IkJtau ftWc of tlirm- bttt 
ftiich wtttf ikI tlueu- iuttft »ftor all Tbt sods of £rie bad otil^ 
akiki<^d uEidir votiHULiit diHccjarftgtmattt, hnd not &iftlly I«ft off 
frtiffi vhliat >nMui-4l Uirir luu^ yroftt fcftMbilitjr in Hfiv Gunkihl^ 
tbttir uioUtta, wftfr aiUl witii Uiem: a JDoet iouUivui^, fierce 
miuilcd. trrv^oikOLlftUo waijiam liili^Dt aud uig«nt en Umu, ia 
««ftjoii ftiid out <tt seaeon; and ft* for Kin^ Blo^uotb, ba «m 
fti all cim^ Tf^ti^ lo Wlp, vrirb bU gnod-ujll at lf<Mt. 

Xlubt of tbr nlarER'firc* on Uakotk*a put nan found trotA^ 
BOVC hf hift pDcijdu; Domutiincti it wa-i even hurtfvl nsd pco- 
vakjiig (Ugbtiu^ yont alrn'on^tims and nmitm^ tba vbola ooael 
and |x»]mlatiu9i, wb^i (L »:■& uvtliin^ but fioma paltr; tiking 
wHh » ctwplc of attpB) i ill ibi>rti tb« aUfu^-fti^nal aystem Ml 
into diftoaOi aad fcood Xini: llnk<»ii hiiDdclf, in tbc fivat plaoi^ 
pftidtbff peualtj^. It in roitutod. b^ tbo iateat oommatiMoii^ 
ftD liftvn Iwup abuuL JuV^ IHU, nUtMfntb or bwetuUvklUi jearof 
Bakoii'ti pioiu, Ti^iacit, aiid woitliy ro^^n, Bring at a fcoH 
Mio day, with uauiy ^{utflLi, cat tbo laland of StotdtMildott 
MUHKinoenmt Cftaia to faiiD tbat ubipt ituta tbr tomb vrafa 
appnaadhln^ lu <|LiAiitit7> and endrnU^' M{ib of war. This wm 
tilt baexc«c of ftll thr Blu(>-tD(Ab fogbpr-ttm inTaaioiia ; oitd it 
waa fatal to Uakoa tbe Good that aight. Kyvnd tbe HkaLd- 
atpUlir (aanUiHator of fil oUier Hkalda), la hit fai&ed H^km't 
Am^t ^^^^ Mvuuati andi still mora pvrUji«mtlji tbe alwaja 
inattical Sborro, Ibu;«» in f^nt rniiltttadt!, six to oa*, aa 
p«opU aft«rwunlti ooiupiitM, Hpnnj-iiig hviftly t<» laud, iwd 
milciaf cfacmaelvaa: HAkoii, ri«v«rtbe]4to, at on» it^rlding not 
ba take to hn ahipa and run. but Xq fi^ht tbcTTi ooa to aixi 
ft^ing, MCOidingJjp itt bit nuat a^ilaiidid aaiiDCr, and at last 

Ciur- tIL 




glurbuKly pmvaiUrig ; routing inn! RtrnttfriTig hock to th^ir aMps 

ftrogglfi of tho lightf'^ sjkya Siiorro, *^ be waa vcrjr oonnpicBoiu 
Among tAhttt mon; ntid whil? th» gun shone, hk brigUt ^Idcd 
hnliDi't gliinci'd, EUiil Un^ri^by mtuiy Wf^npnng were directed %t 
huD. One of Ilia heDcUmen. Eyrini] Fitkn«on (<Lf. dkalJaAiiilUr, 
the i>0(st}» took a hat, ^ml put ii ovor thu king's botmct. Not, 
AEnong th* hostile fii^t 1«ii4der« wore tvo uoclea of tho Eriovona, 
bffothcrs of Ouahild, grn?it cbuupiona fxit.b ; Skrvya, the e1<l»r 
of them, on the duappeanuioo of the glittcriag tclmet, shouted 
boutMly, ' i>OGe the kiu^ of the Noreomen hidio bimiolf, thouj 
or ha* h^ flejl "* Wh^r^ nnvr U the golcl^ helmet? ' And to 
viying, Skri^TA, and hU brother AU with him, pushed on llkfl 
fbola or juddmcit. The king aavd, * Coma on in that way. and 
jou»haU tiuil the king of tbe Noraom*ii/" Ajid in a tUort 
ipftce uf tluie braggart ^kreya did couie ni\ sviu^'ing his sword, 
Uid tnade a cut at tie king ; but ThuralF llie i^troii^'j an Ii»- 
loadcr, irho fought &t the kii3g^3 sidc^ do^hod hie shield so Lard 
■0inftt Skreyo, thnt he tottered with tho thook. On thn K^me 
lutuit tho king tokea hh aword " qneriiLiF^r " (Mv Ui cut 
fMnw or mQlfttonea) ifith both hiinda> and hews Skteja 
tiuougfa helm and h^od, oloovirg him dovm to tho shouldora. 
Tlunnlf ftljao ulcw Alf. That w[w what they got by sul'U ovor- 
hutj ju^on^h r<]r tln< king of tha Norsruitiu^ 

800TTO conaid^TS the fiill of these two champion uncka aa 
di4 craia of tb« fight ^ the Danish foroe being mnch diaheftit- 
t»od by %-nch a »igbtr and Ring Ifnkon now prttijiing fin so hiird 
that all mfin garir wa> brfnrr hini, the battle on the Ericacn 
part hecoxno a whirl of rt^uod; £iud in a few ininnteH more a 
Uxt^Dt of ra^re Sight and kute to got od board theif nhij^, 
sod potto «dSi Again; in whlnh o[H<r^HoQ many cf thi-nj wem 
diowiied, aftya Snorro; «uiA'ivorEi making itistant soil for Den- 
mark in that Bad conditionn 

This MOTUt to hnve been King Hakon'e finest battle, and tho 
mnst eonapiouous of his victoria, due not a. little t-o hin own 
grand qnsditiefi ithown on fhfi occiWEion, Bnt, alas I it woa his 
last alao. Ue was otilt vcnlously direeting the chase of that 


and Itaiall Siglit» or vhifl <if n-coal towAriii tkeir llun vbn 
an im«-| dtoi nmt likdy ui n Ti]ati4n.\ hit bim uodet tho Ivfl 
4na|iH') A&d Ud« proved hia destli. 

H«< vran hilped into hU chip, And m.-idn i^ul for AlrdtscUid, 
wLcrc his chief ronidciK* in tliow inltU vju ; but hod to stop 
&t a Muall«r pUco oC iitt (which hod bv«Q lua maUi«r'j^ and 
wLgtv h*f hiiu^M vaa borTi) — a place csdled Ueila (tbs fiftt 
Bock), atil) >nowii a& '^[lakoiiV Httllo,'^ faint inmi lorn of 
Uoodf and cnuhcd down a« he hod tu^L^t Ix^foro TcIU Iluviajc 
no ion and ooilj onu d;mf-UtvT, h^ a|>po[iit«d Lht«tf iiivuiTv 
lona of Kfic to U seat for, and if he died to becoiae kln^i 
iKtt to "simrti hk friwida auJ kindreil" "If a lon^r life be 
pruit^ uicp'* he uid, *^ I viU go out ol tbia Innd to Cluif-tuD 
B3eD, and do pena&oo for what 1 haro oanmittnd ngaiiut UtHL 
But if I die \a the oooDtvj of ttv h««iUien, 1«t m^i bare imch 
burial u yon jotusnlrm think flttcvt.'^ TLcmt are Jiht laat 
recorded wordd. And in hcatticn faahion he vraa bntivd, and 
besnng hy £jmd and the i^kalds, though hiiueU a naLoaal^ 
Chriniinn king. Hukcn tho Good; m oiifl >til) findii Hm 
woith; of bcTjEig called. TIlo Kim>w du Hakou*ii death, Bnorro 
lelU 001 Wtt oo ^cai and nnin-r«al, ''that ba was hunented 
both \ty fnenda and coeuiea ; and th«;}' said that never a^n 
wondd Norway aee such a Itin^." 


vaaauk okctfkll urn BR4>naai. 

Eaic'a acinM, four or Rvi^ of them, with a Uamtd at the top, 
now At oncf' ^ Norwaj m hand, all of it bet Trondhjcm, u 
kinf; and undorkiagai and iniub a ncvcro time of it for tki»(> 
win lad b^pQ, or seamed t^ be, their eneaaiet. £x«eUeDt JaH 
Sicnrd, alwayi no a*rfal U> HaVou uti'l liJtt oouDtrjTp ivaa killed 
hy tkem ; and uhe; uac to ir|<«nL tLftt bcfon vcc? long. The 
alun SigaTd Uft a son, Uakcn, &» -l:Lrl, who become faaouf in 






vrorltt by and bj. ThU Hikr^n^ and him only, 

)|idl]Jt*uif9rK iLCVV^l it& H(>vf-rrigii. " Di^ttth U) hh^i, 

ihMB,'^ aftid the eoiu of Etic bul oul/ iu »ei^rot» till bUtry liu^l 
^t their handji froct ond wcn^ ready; whiot tvua not yet Tor 
Bone y<>ani^ Nay, Ha^kon^ wboti outuuUy attacked, ihjuIq good 
rasiatanctf, aud LlutfLitefml to uaiui- UmuIIu. Nur ilid he; liy 
&ny iiu*Q« ^t hifi d«utU froiu tbtfae «oiib oI Eric at tbU tiiue, 
or till long oitcTwsLrcU sX allj from oao of thoir kin, oa it 
chaiKvd, t>n the t-tintrary, h« flod to Dflnmirk now, stnij by 
^d by ma^ia^Ecd to oumf; bAok, tii tttnir cocit. 

Arnouj^ their other ebief Yictims were two eooniu of their 
OVQ, TrygfgT^ and Qudrwl, who had been houeat uudar-kiu^ 
to Uiif \n,tP huod-king, HakuD the Good; biit vci'b dcw bGcome 
ucpect, and had tu fight for their lives, ^iud lo:^ thi^in m li 
tcBgie panner, Tryggre hud a aou, whom wo ahaU liuar cf. 
GodMd, aoQ of worthy Sjoru tho Chapman, was ^I'^iiid father 
of 8ai&t Olaf, whom all m@D have heard of, — who hju n churo.h 
is Soutbvark eveu, uiid LuiotLvr m Old Jcwrj, to this hour. 
In ftll lliCM YioJciicc3f Gnidiild, widow of the laic kmg Eric, 
vtts uiid^retood to havu jl pnuuipul hiiiid. Shi} had con^o back 
to NonrAy with lior eoiia ^ ^id imtui;Ll]y jiitssed for Llir -incrtrt 
idviMT and Mfttt^nol Frvsid^nt in whatever of violoooo w«nt 
onj &]wa}B reck^iuud a fell, vebeioeiitf i^el^ntlesa pcnGonogo 
wbcrr In-r i»wn intflrrtsU were irouferin-'d. i'luliiihly aA tliiuKB 
aettlcd. her iiiliiience on alTairs grew leaa. At K-auit oue hopes 
M>i and, lu the ^agiuh hears toos and leas of her, And iMforo 
locig nothing, 

Hsndd, i.h(T hfMjl-king in tlJi'* Eri.^ frntfiniitj, doeo uut sei^ni 
to Lare benn a liod ituuj, — the conttuty mdfxrd; but his po- 
sition WiU uiLlowardly, Fall of difficulty and contratiictiwii. 
WhflMver Harald could ai*»jom|jliah for bphoof nf ChmUmiity, 
or rtttl bonctjt to Norw^;^, ui thc«o \mos9 circiuu»taaL't7A, ho 
wents to have done in n modest and huDc^st mEmnur. He fnoi 
thi> tiame of GrvitJ'tU from liia peupk oa a very trivial aee<iont, 
hut e«^ti:in(!]y with [lerfec^t ^id humor ori their |»rt. Some 
lool.md ir^iiler hnd bi'oiitrht a oiu^o of fuv« to Trondhjoni 
(l^ide) for dule i twdc ht-iDg alackur tJun the loelaoder wi>L«dr 
h« pnse&tt^ ^ choacQ apecifn^n, cloak, doublet, or whrtLi^Tiir U 


wu, to Hamid ^ irho wow it vith ocosptanoo in paUk^ 
rupodljr brc^ught dinpi^ivU of tUr IculmidcT^ Btouk, onrl the 
nami; uf fhr^dl to kJnuclL Hia aailtr-kti>g» and he wcxa 
oextuuily nut popukr, tliooirli I almost Uunk Oiojftrll Iuibm)^ 
i& ab^eiicft <.\l his noUwr and Uu ondv-kingH, nughc &av« Immi 
■o« But ^wvn tlirj all wvin-, njiil Uju) wruiif^bt griUkt trrKibUi in 
Norv^iy. "Tou muij of tbifui,*^ aaiJ everjcbody ; ^'ioo auuij 
of tke^ ootuts Aud ccmrt peopLo, eatLo^ up any nkbetuoe thftt 
there is. " Forr t)ie wnsons withiil, two or thir^ of tiMn lu 
unnciif^i^ion, -w^in b;ul Tni' pnuH, miicU miirr fur tfTain ; no A<v- 
ri/^ cnmn cither; rery cW&QCoa of teetli waa Uko to ooow in 
Uyrind Skaldu&pUiii'a ^iuiuu: Tins st^^roity becaiao at bifc 
tho&r Alt^ro of iJi'* j^it FajTiiDe cf a.d. 97ot wh{i:-lL ileiaUt«d 
Weateni Europe (wh the [Kwm m Ui9 Siuon Ouorikle). Anid 
all this ly EjTUid SkjildAspiUir, and tb« hrAthf a Norf« in i^vo- 
•rol, Tiw OAcribed to ou^r of tho bttithvn tT^Iv. DiJuoat««t 
la Sonruy, biad btp&t^iAlly in Eyviml SkaUUtfpJlUr, fan* to 
lianf been very gifat 

WbcMupon cacilc lUkoxiT Jorl Sijcurd's aoa* btstin Limself 
in Deflunark, booked by old Kiii^ Blue-tootb, and bo(^9 in- 
vadiiii^ ftAil eticroacliing Ln a miaotllAnMrud v^y ; iwpveinUj 
intn^injf and contriTiaj; plotft all fomiil hiiu. Au wifiiUiDin* 
nbiy oannintft ^i^^ <^' f«lk>ir, va well n« at) AuduHxaa bimI 
■teon^bandod ! latrigning in TrondlijumT whurA he gvu tb# 
nsilcV'kia^ Gniyfeira irutttrr. faUiiD upon vid murdert-d; iik 
ttijfutTij: with Q<J\a\ HariLld, a distuj^oi^liwl coueiii or fiepJi«w 
of KiitR l^]uo-t(H>thV, nho hn/l ilonc fine viking work, and 
gaJVLftl •tn?h w«»lth tHut he pot t1i« *^pirhrt of "Gtdd/' and who 
now W4& iii£iuu?ly drairou^ of a »)iaro m 15h;u>tooth'» kingdom 
lu the proptr 1ini«h lo tbcac sea-rovinnt.. Hfj orrii vontnnd 
ono dny to umIip publicly ii diHtmct prj>poi4l that wiy to Kin^ 
Hjunld Blua-ttioth lunuvlf ^ who Urw inio Lhuiuirr nod U^it 
ning >^ t^ 01^9 naention of it j 40 that uoue dor«t speak M 
him for aownij dayn afUrwnrds. Of both th«§» UaraUa Uakon 
Vai eonBdonLtal friuml ; and luirKlrkl all hii iddll to walk with- 
out iiijiimtLit« nrtnihilation bptwocii muih a psiir of dta^niv 
and WQirk out Konray for hiina«lf witl^l. In the f nd ho fouad 
ho niD»t lako ft>Ud)7 to Blna-tooth'* >»!« of tht ^nMCioat mid 




tJuC ihcj tro miut proviJe b rcc:p« for {.Md Ufttftld ocil 

"It U aft much &S joar Uiie !« vrurtb to «]i«uk ng^uu of nbai^ 
fsi^ tius DftaL*h kingdom," «iud Hokon vory privalely tiy GvM 
Hftfild } *" but oould net jou, tay ffoLdvn f ri«ad, b« oonUnt vith 
Norvaj for » kio^mn, IT v^id ludpml yuu Urtt f 

"TbiU couia I ««a" anAn^eittl ilMuR 

"Tht^D keep mo ihoBo tieoo wai-aliipa you kare Just bMli 
H^ng ffir a arw rlkinj cniiiw ; h\vi» Ibt^se in TeAdlueai whtfn 
I lift ra> tingprt" 

That wna tbe rocipo coiatrir^d for GoM f tirald ; ttcipc for 
King (Jrc'yfeU go^ into fcke same vial, und lk nlso ruaJy, 

HilbiirU^ thr Hnkoii'Bliie-toDth diKTitrki^tni'es In Nor^rny iad 
Ufioanted to but little. King Qieyffdl, ?^ vuiy uctivc <uul val- 
iant 11100^ bua conattuitly. witlioat mucli Oltficultjr, ropcUod 
l^Mo >pot^e bits of trciibles; bat Gr«7Fi*U< aU the same, 
iPO«}il willlnglj bAT6 peAC^ with dan^i>roti4 old Bluetooth 
(rfvr a&xuiu» to got liis c1utch«s over X^nvA/ uu ajij tcrnis) 
iC peace with bitt oould bo had. Blufr tootb^ tuix profa^dua 
•vtvy wiUifiizQeSfl ; inT^igl^s Crayft^H, h^ Aud Hnhon do, to 
kftve a frkndljr mpvtiii^' on thw Pnrtisb TwHpr^^ ftiid not onlj 
BtttUe nJt tJic4C «iii4tTeU, bat pfcucTouily jiottlo OToyfell in MN 
taJB fiofs which 1i« ol&imoO in Peniiiu*U iF^oIl ; udi] eo sv^ar 
eT«tla*tLiig Irier^dtiMp. Or»*yti»ll jo/fiilly rrtmpli™, piinrtii- 
aHy appmni at tho ftppointcd d^y in LymfjcTd Kcmnd. thft 
afipointcd plnro. Whcrtupon HiLkan s;iv'.r4 eigiial to Gold 
IiMld."Tu Lynafjcrd wiihth^se nine fihips of your;, *viftT» 
GaUI HanU Aim to 1*yi)ifjor<1 villi hii »hip:c, Hi,i11rii|^ 
Kiitg Hjtralil QteyfcLl to liuvl and tif^ht ; irbick tlic unduuntcil 
Qreyfcltt tbonffh lo Car outjiutobered, does; and, fighting his 
vicyboGt, pemhflt ther«, he and atmoBt n\} kin pfwpV Whieh 
diB«p Jari Uakuu, who ia iu rcadinese, attacks Gold ITnrnlcI, 
tkfi victodrioaa bat tbc wcikHcd; easily bcatft Gold tlaroid^ 
takee liliu pru^nfiv^ and iosttuntly hungi and ondH h^m^ to the 
hOM Joy of iCing Bliuvtooth aud H^ikou; who now innk^ 
iMlant \oyngjp to Norway - Jriv^ aU ibo brotber UTtrlerkiii^'^ 
lato t»pid flight to tlic Orknoyrs to any readi^at flh<*Iler ; qhJ 
Ki» imdor Uw patioaago of Blue-tooth, Hakon. with the titla 



of Jwl Uoomfts luler of Nurway, TLU foul trcftdtcty di>iie 
on the bravo and ln>neat HftttJil Urtiyfoll U by *om« daXed 
about J..V. %D, by Mnti'?t», ^^^ t»y otlitfrft, fOinjmtiiig aul of 
Snorro nnjy, A,n, 07^. Vur iherw is always an uuixitdinty ia 
thf«e Icelandic tlfttts (suy rfitli*T, rare w*d rvido utt<mpta At 
datini;! without e von aii *' a,]i," oi" other fixed '* yi?ar ono " to 
go upon in Tevlsind), thuogb sKldum, I ihiak, *g large » di»* 



Hakoft Jaiel, Buch the style bo tcok^ hod cngnffod to paj 
BOtno- kini of trihtittf to King Bine-tooth, *'if he oould;" bnt 
he iii-vfr did imy tuij, pleading alwA^a the tivcv^ly tit \u.% 
o*Ti itffairfi ; ivith whitih (excuse. join<^d to Hshon^a TeadinMB 
in thini^ \oii importiint, Ktiig Hlucf-tooth inaoo^fAd to ooulciit 
hiinjttdf, Hilsuti l>fiin- Alway* Ii^h giwid riL'ighb<ir, :»t leut, uid 
tbc two mutu^y doji«ndeiiL In Norway, Elakoii. without 
the tilla of king, did in a etroo^-handud, Atoidfut. and at 
iMi^h sut^cA^fifal Why, tlio offlcu of onn; governed Norway 
(aotnn rnjitit) for uImjvi- twrtiity yi'iitM ; ntid, hoth at honw and 
abtoAf]^ hftd miKh conszdrration through mont of that i\iac\ 
ffpeoially amongst ihc h«atlion crtliodox. Icr Hahcn Jarl him* 
s«ir WA« a xoalons 1i«ith«Ti, f\xt>([ in hii mind against thet* 
ctiimrrical Chrivtiau mnovulioim {ind nnsalutary changes of 
creed, and v-oulc) have gladly tiamtilcd out all truce* of vrhal 
t1i« h«t two kingft (for Groyf*!!, ^00, wa*i au EoffUfch Chri»- 
tUh aftflr hi* Witt) hnd dnnp in this respect. But 1i« wisely 
diAormrd th^t it WM ntrti powibU, and ih^t. for pcai^i^S taki, 
We mu&t tiot evon &tt4[^mpl it, bat must •ttikc prvforably iiUo 
» iwtf^ct t4»lf ration/' aiid that of '*cv«ry one getting to hoa-vni 
or ^Vf»n to tho otheir {[o&l \a hia own wny.'* H» hinnafilf, it 
b well knoTQ, rc|iatrrd many heathen ti^m^ilrs (a ge^t ** dmnfa 
builder " in his way I), aanniActmcd toany spl^itdtd idol% 




with ivodi giMiiig and suob sirtistio omAirrf-at ha thft*^ wits,—.* 

biBBer aad «fi>e»ilafiQ8^ luid fiu<^Ji & volUr (eupposed of fti^id 
goi^ irbidi it w!U ikoit qurte, as we ^bftll Kmj in time) ra\mit 
Uu iitck (kf him ik V'Ia Ttrivr nrj'n m all t1t«i Nnrlh. Ilov he 
did luA OVB Vulc fotivulK, with vUit tunent^i^rat »ol<ii^i£itj. 
the lMia&<atiat;8, blCKHitfpnEiktiu^ lutd other Buori^d riU<ei> 
M«d Dot b« ioliL Soiuothmf^ <>1 st '^ Kitu^Hal,'' cue may }>4?r- 
astrvi perhaps lad 8cftQdiiu«TUiL PuaeyUma in liim, ;^ni1 itih^f 
do^icnte heathen noUcnn. He wew iinWeT«fLlly bclicvori to 
have fEOM i&to tnOBio, lor ouc thtfiR, and to havo d&ngoTiQflid 
pocendea ilert^ed from th& iK^vLl hiiuf^lf. Th^i dark healheit 
flUBil of Liui fttruf^yliu};; vvht-Liivutlj' in th^i ttranjcv rlemcail^ 
ncft altoccther so aD]ik<; our own in romc }>ointn. 

ForUi« ra«t, ht w.-w evjclcutlj^ m pra.cLt«al mtitlvn. a man 
of ahmqj, clear iiisight, of sU-uirwt mibolutuMi, ilili^rKiff 
pCDDptitudo; and lAaua^d his sr^cular mnUcrn iin4?r>nimt)D]7 
vfrU. llmi sistocn Jarl* undov bim, though tmniMtf onij 
Uakon Jarl by citle; and got abedieno« froui them vtrict^r 
ttfluv aJiy king alnoe Haarfagr hail dt^wK Ad*\ to vrhidi thst 
tb« rountry haii yetn cxccUcut for ktiuw iwd crcip, and that 
thi; hcrrhogB oamv in cxubemuc*^ tohena, Co Iho thiaktn^ 
mind, UahI Uakon Jarl wxi a favurite of H^von. 

fi» G^hi with UtB f:ir-timed JomflTikiug* wna hi* Rritnd- 
Ml exploit in pnbUc ntmor. JomahurjC) i^ lofii^litj not now 
known, fotcfpt that it wadi nnar thti mouth of the K&ver <!id«r, 
dd'notvd iij thoM» ng<!i thi? impre^ijiblv Cji^tle of a cvrtatu 
body oorpur&tc^ or "8ea Bobbery AMocUtion (liiait«d)r 
^kifih, lor fomo RKicmtioiks* h^Ld tbi> \ialUv in Urrt>r, and 
l^nndotttd tsu bayond t)te Belt.— in the ooenn Iti^U, Id Flan* 
dtim And ihv upulriiL tr;Lilii]){ Lfivrnn Lh».'i«, — ahove all« in 
opulent nnarohic Englund, vhioh. fur forty ycor^ from abnnt 
thu tluo, VM tho pirfttM' tit^nhnn ; cicd ritddod, rvgulaily 
fmy «umtD«r, iTarftt, Danc^^lt. and mUiTi?tbLnt^otia |ilunder, 
hk« BO oiher oountry Jonuburj^ ur bho vikiog-world had orcr 
knovn. Pnlnatokc, UuOi and thti othor quik«i-hort<t(3 b<4wl> o' 
thia Mtabttahlii«nt nn^ utill rooKimberod in the northern parts, 
/'oAvcmU Is tlto tiUe oC v tr:igwly by OnhleaadiLi^t, which 



had its rim of icoi&orijJit^ in CopcnhAgcu sone i*i^ or 
icTCDty y«ATa ago. 

! judf^ LliL- iTitiLitutiotL to hftve been in Ita flowerieat Atat<^ 
probalily uuw Lu It^kon Jarrs timi;- II&Iloii Jarl aud ttwn 
ptT&U'^, TcbbiDi; Hakon'ji Aubjoots luid merohiuita that fro- 
qoftntod bim, w^ro lajiturany in quiLrrel ; and frequent fightings 
hiftd fallfii out, not ^iivrall^ tri* t)ie jirolit uf ilia Jouialiur^ri^ 
wlio at lut determiii«d 09 reveogei ftud Uic rooting out of 
this obfltTuott^o Hakon JarL Thoy ouomblod in forco ai Uio 
Oipa of Stut), — in the Fird:i FjUte ; and ths %tit vwt drud- 
ful ill tbe exin-'tLii*, uoisf:' of it Ulliu^ all ihv tmrtU for king 
»ft«rward3. Hakon, fiKlitiDjc liko a lion, oould ecarcfiljr bold 
bis QWOf — Peatb or Vkrtory, tb« word qu hoth tides ^ vben 
Btiddirnly, tho hravun« ^rew liliv^k, and tlien) broknout a t^r- 
ritit: nturui ol ibuudct and bail, ap^aUini; tjo the bniaaD mind, 
— ^«niT«rtc awallowod vrbollyin black night; ouly the momen- 
tary fcrk«d-btaic<8, tbo thund^p^aling ai cf Ra^nat^ and 
th«^ bAttprinj bail-totTr^nta, hatlNtoniM fUxiut the sIm of an Agg. 
Thor witb his hammer evidently acting ; but in bdhall of 
irbom ? Thd Jdnuliur^Ta ia tbo hidooua darkncaa, broken 
only by flaahing thunitor^liolta, had a dianial ap^rvhemion that 
it whA proinbly not oa their Iwhalf (Thur having a sonao of 
juadco 111 him)i and bcforo tho storm ended, thlrty-flre of 
their screnty ithipn «hoorrd aw^y^ Icavinf; caJhmt Ituir, with 
th« otlufT thirty-lit*i>r to folloa- ua th^y Uked, vbc rvproaoh- 
fiilly hmlod iiwav fu^itkvet», and coiitiiiued the now hnpi!- 
)c« battle, liuv'ft noio and lipa were enkaihedor cutaway; 
Hut nuDBged, half-orticulatoly, to exeljum, "Ha! tbo maida 
^'tnayA*) of Fimtn will uwer kiia me morf. Ovt^board, all 
JO Boe'a men V Aud taking hiA two aea'dit^itta, wiUi all Uiu 
g^d ho had gained in cai^ liro-atmgglo from of oM, sprang 
or^board arcordingly, and finiahod tho affair. II^od JuVs 
vrnown ntte natiiralljr Ut tho ImiiHwtiili-uL pitolj after thia 
eaploit. IIU pooj>lc, I suppoao chiefly the Cbriatian lart of 
t1i«<m, whiaperod one to anothor, with n shudder* '' That in the 
blackest of the Ihuikd^r^uirii], hei had takain hicyouiigeac hlUe 
boy. and laade av^y vt ith him : aNiiri&wl him to Thor i>r mm*' 
derd, and gained hii viotory by att-magic^ or aomotbtag^ 

Our. V. 



Jwrl £ric, Hnkon'* vldt^nt wr, without ntipqcKft of 
ftrtFi:a^. but alr«bdj' a ilifltiiiguiHlinl rUcin^, becnm? thriM 
diitiiictttth^ hy lits etyJo of 9Vfl-G«litu)$ m this botub; md 
umkentd frnut cxpoctiitiotift in the vikiniE pubUc ; i>f Jiim we 
a^^ hear a^fUn. 

Tlie Juuiuliursn^ trnv miglit r^titi/. nftcr UiIk m^I rlap vnnc 
ri^iily Jowa ta tbe world ; btit tUi' fact is uut alU>Ki:tiuTr no. 
Old King Bluo-tooth «&■: m^vr dend, di^Hl of a wooi^d ^l in 
buU« Willi liiB vnniLttin] (•o-cclM " natiival ") mq Ukd bu^ 
e<0«or> V>ttci Svi^in tit tbd Ftirkeil Utant, n^fUmmrd* Itinj; %nd 
Muquciov of Kuj^iUtd for « little wJule ; uid mldoon. pfirJiaps 
i»i'«r, bjid rikLDfpAm bMn i& exioh fli>wer as qow. Tlim hiad's 
nsuftff m >Sv?ji iu Swi^dis-li, Sri-tid la iS^^rman, nad mrnrti itfif 
or Jo^— ibe EngLbli ""stroiti." it was at vld " FalLrr Bl»9* 
tooib'i f«iEH<Mi«Jtf ** (dfubkan buriui-foaat)* tliat tivom, oaroit*^ 
in^ wtiU faii Jocwhurg «hMfB aad other i-U:>iccbpiriL«, goDflnillj 
a[ Uw futibtr cUn^ ivll riiwn iirbi ll<^ight of ttighrsl robbAF 
Qotiwaiaiioi, pUxi^od the vow bo ouc Aootbcr; Svcm that Im 
■Diikl oooquer Kiif;Uftd (whiclk, in a. acnac, kc. niter long 
Htu^gling', did) ; And thi.- JcmHbiirgi.'rft tluit ih&y would ruia 
ud root oDl Uakoij -TajI (wbicb, a^ we Itave jiJHt ^a^^ii, tlivy 
ooQld bj no luuaus i^}, uid other icacBt» other foc^lUIi things 
which pfOTod oqiiaUy utilra-iibto. Soa-robbor vohmtoeiti aft 
aspoeiaHf abouodiiiK in iltiH time, one pOTCoiirea how easllj 
the Jotmdiufgcm ci^iild n-crait theiuAelTCf., build or rctic now 
nbbcr deete. man them ^^'ilh tl>c pick ol crcwa. and steer for 
Opoltnt, Eruitfai EnffloJid ; whcrv, undE^r ICtbt^lt^ tV* Unroady, 
wut «nch a flcli] for pTafitablu eiiterpriie as tUo viltiag j^iibUe 
iKVtrt had before oi mooe- 

An idle queation sonifliuioe riacs on JDOt — idle cnoniirhf fo? 
u Beror out be an^wcr^d lu thn nJSrm&tivfr ar thtt ticf^tivo, 
WltiAfatt/ it waa not thnLi? :«;uni< nifittri) JoinnbiEreirr:) whu u(>< 
pcsrod >unii3 whilis after Uufl ftC Fl«d U»ad Point, on the ^ii^To 
tl Atkgua, SDd raatauied a noir Mvcro beating;, m what thtt 
ta«di «riU fftblUr fwmembrr ns tbrir •* Battle of Lcmt'.-irty " T 
Ikjnw^ dnoht A iMiwarfid Nor-V'pinitc armaiurat drapt utif bur 
at the Red Head, to the alusoi of pcuocalle lucnta]^ aoont 
Qial time. It wab tJiougbt and hoped to be on its way fat 



EnglUidi but It viaibi; htiijg m tftr Arrnml dnyi, dcOibrnHn^ 
(aa w&S tliaught) whrtJii^i thcj- woll)<I do this poonri' is^ju-^t tliD 
hoQOr to loud on it Icforc goint; farttier. Did londi and vigor- 
OQslf pluodoT tnd fauru so nth westward a^ far m l^dtth ; lAid 
•lege lo Perth; b«t brought out. King Ki^nnrtli on t)irm, imd 
[iriKluw'd Uiat " BotUo of Loocartj " w hicL rtill dvelb in Taffoo 
mfn^ioTj anaong the SootEt. I'crhapti it might be Iho JomO' 
burgers; pi^rljupfl aUo uoC; for thero wera maDj* pirftto aawwo- 
tiona, Ifttttbig not from cei)Uirj to cnntitry likr the JoniHliiirprrv, 
but oaly for very liinitc<j periods, or from yrair to year ; indeed, 
it vu mainly by audi that the «pl«iidid Chief lmrr«et of Eng- 
land wui n-upMl In this dU^3trou3 time. No Scottish ditont* 
qJ» glvra Lhe leiuit of exact date to th«ir famed victory of 
Loucartj, oidy that it vnj* (ichicvcd by Kenneth III.* which 
will moan itomo tijnc botwc«n x,v>. !J7£> ^nd ^^i ; liod, by tho 
order ttiey pi:t it m, |»rcj|>^h1y mooii afti^r A.t>. 975, or tho 
begimiiuif o£ ihia Keoiieth's retail. Bur^hanun's uarrativet 
carf^fuUj dintillod from ol! tho aiici«Dt Scottiah souroeat id of 
admirable <^uahty for style and oth«TwUc ; qul«, brief, with 
perfect clearness, perfect credibility even^ — except that semi* 
miiaculoiie appendji^ of the I'longhmei^ Hay and Soda, always 
boniniiff to the toil of it ; the grain of poegible truth in wfaieli 
cari now never be eiuaoted by nion^s art 1 * Iji brirtf, what 
wr kriijw ifl, fru^-muiiU of ani'ietit humaji Ikjul-h and arnxir 
h&rv oucaaioually l>cc-n vlougbcd op in this locality, pTOO^ 
poeLtiv4 of luoiont :5ghttii^ h»ro ; ind the %ht fell out not lon^ 
aftor llukou*fl beatirtg of Lbe JnmHbi:rgcr« at tho Cn]>a of Stsd. 
And i:t »uch duu gltminer ai vravi^riu^ tvrili^bt, thv qucstioai 
whether these of lAjncirty worff rofittod JoaiaUir^-ra or not* 
mnflt be luft hanging, Loncany it now thv bigg^gt blaflcb- 
iuf\d iuQuwn Vivlcrru'iiOcrmiEiiaiis; nrt Hllfifjr or bamlfrf. th^nt, 
only the bujcc bl^Mhin^-houae and a beautiful t^cld, nome eia 
or sovon foiloii northwe«t of I'ortbt bortlerod b>- tho bcantiful 
Tayririrron the 4»ut^ Ajiln^ and by ttn bfiautifiit iHbntAry Almond 
ou the other; a Lcuicarty £ttcd f^ithrr for blriirhini; Unpn, or 
for a bit of fair duel between uatxonA, in thoae aitnple timea, 
> (1- Bachmenl Oprnt Omnia^ I KDt 104 (Cnrut* KnddlriiAU&. &tlBbDr(^ 





Wbeth^r oar refitted Jomtbur^rtt hhd iho leut thtn^ to do 
witl^ it Ib oidy matter of fancy, Uit if it werr thi?y wliu lurru 
a^b fot a socd beating, femcj^ would be ^ad to flud heiaelf 
C^ Tbe old piratiocil kitLsa of Doninark bad been at tbo 
foundiDg of Jomsburg, luiJ to Svoin of tbe Forked Bonid it 
was aiUl vitnlly imiKirtouU Wt iiuL m U> tlie gre4Lt Kiint, or 
aoj kini: that followed \ .ill of whom bad bettor buaiueM tJiau 
mere tbienng; and it vras Ma^UE th« Good, of Norwny, a 
mJLQ of !itill biE[hfr auti^iiiiLrubii; qttatttica, that :tat:ibilatrd It, 
about a oeuturjr Uu*r. 

Hakon Jarl, hia cbicf labors in the wotld being orer^ b Ball 
tobava b«cotao v«ry dissolute in bia &\^&r dajp, efip^i.illy io 
tb*? maltpf nf woipiin \ the wrtW'-beil olt3 fool, I'^d away by idlo- 
iiees atid fuliien vf bread, irliicb to all of us are wvll said to 
be tbc partata of Euischief. Haviu^ absolute powor, h(^ got 
into the habit of opwly plijudenng m^it'^ pretty dnughter-a and 
wirw from tb^m, luiH, after a few weeks, i^arling them baxrk< 
grtatly to the raye of tb^ tierce ^ot^o hearty bad ther^ bdea 
any n^canq of reisiating or nfvcngiag. It did, after a little 
vhi]«, jirui^fr the rul[] and destmctiou of H^oii Uii> Klr>h, aa 
be wa:t theu uallad. It i}]>Biied tlie door, ua:iiely, for i>iitry of 
Olaf TTyfl:KTeaoD upoti tba scene, — a very miLch jcnLndcr man ; 
in nicvd to vbom tho wiles and trapa of llakon provi'J to bi> 
arvcipo, not on Tr^ggvc^soTif but ou Che wily Hakou himaelf, 
aa sbali now ho mtia atTaij»;btway. 

jt.Ar -riivi^iAvitHoiE- 

Hakox, in late timoB, bad beard of a faiBOiis atirrinf; pereoDt 
Notorious in rarioufl bndtL and s^as, Utterly anit^^d in eea- 
robljery witb 9wii, Princi' Koy*l of Dciiiniirk, Jiflerwards 
King Svelu of tbc DovibWbrard (-^^vtifi Skiar'jt^ Twa Sh^y) 
op fork'beard, botb of whom bad alroaJy dono liaiisci'iidoiit 
faati in Ibo Tikirig way during this eopartm^ry, Tba fume of 



Sran, and Utis lUmaic. [KinioiiAfEo> wbcoo nftBC w«b "Old,* 
ODdf ncontly, tbcir RtufJC&douB f«MU in phtad*r «f Kvf^tib&d, 
iiaptof lunidcii, uul ttOtcr wondem licil Hplfmdom of rtkhif; 
gkkry viil »ut?eeii(, liiul ^lua ovtir all ilie NorUv itvraikcuitig t^ 
sttcction of Hakon aod^refybody ttorc TboiMaid of ''Ola' 
vaa eaiguurtio, in>~«ti'rio;is, and ctmi dukgoroaa-looking id 
Hokou Jar] ; vrlio nt Wngth M^nt fmt a confldsntHd 01)5 ia 
itiTr^ltgiitu Uu9 " 01^ ; " IL fffti wLich tbv mnfuIcDtial »|i/ did 
oeaapJ«4^f ftoeomplisl), — by ik» inraoft Ui lUkoo's profit I 
Tlie mytlGrioua " Ole '^ prov^^d to be net otb«r tban Uto/ vcm 
of TrygFT^i dMtinpH to binw llaknn Jarl ituildnnly mtA ilft- 
structiorit aad becniae iuaom iuiK>Dg tttc bcroov ol th« Kom 

Of OUf Trr^rgviiKOB one «lwayii lio<pPK ttere nngbtr CSM d^, 
Bimi* rtiid outline of & liiogmplty b« writlMi ; Ilft1)«<*l fron thft 
AbjMM wLere (04 uaual) it w«1t«ra d«ep In fbul rieiglLborLoc4 
for tbe preoeat. F&rtl>«T ca ve ict^ad sl f«^«■ ironb Ukon upon 
tiM matur. But in tlu9 plmoe &1] that conoernd m bi it IhaiM 
Haolf t« tUn twn fi)I]nving ^te : firaC, tJiAt Hakim^ «oilfr 
daiUiftl »py ^ found Ok in DubJm ; *' pkkvd iK^nuinlaiicc with 
UbQi ^ kiD) to «9ureM tlut he ym^ uutuullj Olaf, Mm of 
TrjggTO (th% TryggTO, wliom Blood^ox^E fitiK^ widow and k«r 
imtEK had iTiiirflpmt) ; pA him grHdiiatly to oww tlud |NrrfaR|a 
wb oxiK-dition into N»rwfty mt^ht liavc iucba&OM; u>d finftlly 
tii&t, andor Atich a wiM and loyai ^nidvioo u his (ttt ^nnfi- 
dontinl spj'a^ who«« fnvndahlp for Try^^^aon wsa ao Ubdo- 
bitablo), he (Trymprofton) would aotumlly try it upon ElakoD Jmri, 
tlie diMohit« old scoundrel. F:ict .icrond i^, that about 
dtno they two ^t vail from Dubiiti uu iltvir JConruy expeditioi^'l 
Hftkou Jiirl rumored to Trondlijem» tlien called lade ; i&tenil- 
ing to i«M ftomo montlk* tk«ro. 

^ow jut abont the time when Try^K^^^^^'^) *py< *^^ 
hid liodrd in ^orwny, tind w«fo advuMrins apMi Lndo, «1 
wist unpjiort hi/m tbo public oonld be ^L, dirtsulute okl Hal 
JftH bad bpard of one GadTiin>a Bondor'a wife, uppwallcM 
bnuity^ who WON callfrd in tboaa pari*, "8iinl>otini of tbcGrov*' 
(•ri iMTpt««tib1y loveljr): and «*nt off a '»'>uple of ihmilH 10 
btisf kar to liUiL "Kevvr," iiiiJiw«red l^ndniu ; "weTcr," bv 






buBbAD J i In a tone dun^rmiH ant) dinplp^igiTig to 
thralb; wlio had to lea^tf cui^di^. but thr<^nti»m-ii 
toraturn in better etTCD^hbnfr>ic \on^. A\'hoireup(jrj, inatantlj, 
tho iudigtiniit BoQdcr and hxu SuDb«JLin of th« Grove s«ut out 
Ibrir wjw-flirruw, ruusing aJl iXw t-imiitry into juigrj pr^mptii- 
tutl«, 4ad UiOre thau out pvrb;ipa inio greedy hcFpo of roTciign 
for tboir o^^n injurioA. Tbo rest of Hoitou'a luEttorj nov 
rushes on trith «xtivnio rapidity. 

Snnbcanj of the Grnvr, whi^u nr.xt il<"iujimled of her Bonder, 
laa tKo wLolc neighborhood tunnabbd in ttrtas round her; 
rumor ol Tryggroeoa is taat making it the wliolo (vjuntvj. 
Karon's insol^rit Etras^ogers are cut in pli^^cen ; Hakan l^rids lie 
cauuot fly under coT«r t<») sooil With a fii^^lc slavo ho fllcfl 
tiiatMDi« nigliti — but whitherward? Ciui think of no vaf c 
pbod, except to aoiu« eld ituAtr«ea of big, who lives retired io 
ihai itetghhoiLuiMl, imd has some ]>ity oi' rejfard for th« wfi^ked 
old Hakou- Old mUtre&b d^wa receivfr hiui, {jilies Lim, will do 
ri] she con to protect nud hido him. Jtnt how» by Avhnt uttcr- 
EDOflt £tretdi of female Aftificu hid« him hifre ; «v«ry ono will 
search hew ilrat of :i.n ? OM fiiislrcss^ l>y the ftlave'^i help, 
eitempomei ^-cellar ^ujder the floor of her pig-hovec ; flticks 
UaJtca luul (iUvc into that, ut the one 3;ifo seclusion Khe oaa 
ountriv^.*. HakuD aud sUvt-. liegruiited hy 1.h» pi^^s altove them, 
IfsTt-iirpd !ry tliti devilH wtllii[i and Eiboiit thrm, Trao&ed tvo dftya 
in circan» stance* more nnd more hotTiblr*, For they bc^atd^ 
through tboir li[iht-«lit and brL*uibi»g*«Ut^ the trium|ih of 
Tryj^SWium prarrl:iiiai[ig ilficlf by Tryggreson^s own 1J}>B> who 
bad mounted a hi^ bouldi^r near by and >vfui -Hctoriousily »pcal<* 
iu^ to the people, wioling up with a promise of honors aod 
imrardK tc whoowr should bring him wicked old Hakon's head- 
Wn'lrh*4l flH-ikrii. justly suspnTTling hih nkve, tried to at least 
keep biiaai^U Avake. ^Ure did keep himself nw^ikr till lUkon 
diOted or al^pt^ then swiftly out oH Hakon'n hca<l, and phmgtHl 
cut with it to thft pr(f»enc4 0f Trygiiv«s(fjn, TryggTi^Miti,dt^t;*»t» 
tUK the Lmitor, useful aa tliv treachery w^, cut off tho slave^a 
head too, had it huDi; up alotik' with Hakon'fl on tho pinniu^lo 
of the l^id^ Gallowi, whcsrc the populuee pdt^ both heads 
with vtmui* and many eurses, eapeolalljr Lhe laore Important of 


EAikLY r]i;gs of NOBWAY. 

tbe tiro. " Hakon tbo Bad " Bwr hcaict^ft^itfa, iartmd 4>f Rikon 

Tldtirttntiu cod of lUkoti JiXrl, tte last aapport of JicAtliOft- 
ty Su If orwajr. anoQ^ oth»r ohAraclt^rlftirs h4» h;ul' a hItod^ 
hAadcsdp liiU^-liEad^l, very raloulWAft^ E^rccily and vick^ bctnf> 
He is rcckoDcd to have mlcil tii Norvniy, or ujkialjr ruled, 
ciUirf in thc» KtmggUiig oi tnucapbunt atate^ for aboiil ihttxy 
jeaift (0<U-1H><^ ?)■ He and bU flfwrned to have formftd, hj 
chaaco xotkbor thfto design, tUe chirf op|«fliti&u vhidi th« 
HaarUgt pcrct^nty throogbout iU wholo oouno oicponciwcd m 
Sorvay. Such the cost to t]i«m cf IcIUing goodJarl Signrd, 
in (rreyri?ll*s tiiiiti I For '' imfww, hkn diickeuflf" do aofueticnee 
Tunbly ''com^ bcme to fo^d," aa they a)i^j«, ottb«j- visibly or 
oleo uvi«]ljly, an» piuictii-iUy miM to 4o. 

Elakon J&jI U oontidnr^ibly c^tLntrirtiNl with the FtiHiw Sa^ , 
often luciituibcd tlirTL-, »itd i^uiuos oat pvttcCtly in cluuwiter; 
&Q alt/^^thcT wurUUv-wific m^vx of th^^ rougbeot typo^ noC 
without ;i luru ^or pn^ottcaJity ol kinduu^A lo tho$© who would 
roally be of iu^ to him. Hi« Ci'ndoncles to ningio ulso are »ot 


HakoD kfttvro iK>n», 2^riiR imd Svi^a, often alw iDCntioned 
in tiat SogVk On tbeir railier'« dimth they dm) to Svwiru, u> 
^SmiBDark, and were busy »tirrlng n|i tTvnibU'x In tlio«in ormn- 
tri«a a^iOflt OUf Tr^gievnsoiii till at Iciigtb, by a farontbU 
combination, tinder th^ir- ^uHpici>!i chiefly^ they got hift brii>f 
and noble K^ign \i\\x an end to. Nay, fnnbercaore, J^rl Krie 
left »ODS, eAi^fr-i^dl^ ari Hiti>r «on, named also Brirv who jirorrd 
a sora afiictioi, An<l a contiiiiial ati:)iir of stambling to a new 
gonoratioa of IliuirinifrBt find «o ooxtttrino-l thi» oufm of SigmiPi 
tnurd^^r npoit tliein. 

Yowanis the «nd i^ tbib Ilakon^a reign tl w» Uiat tbe di*- 
«ovcty of AvHri«a to^k pkoc (d8Jj). Actual diacoTery, it ap- 
peifi, by Erlo tbo 3«dt an leolatidort oonovrninft wbiob tb«f« 
liaa br«u mbuiidjint invertci^tion and diMtuMion in onr tlm^ 
(hnwMtiguiftip tfltoariui: Abju) ie tbf-uglit to b« tbe raoutfa of 
Babring^ Strarte in HtLlHn^ l^ny \ B\f iJeUoimttdt the eoast from 
Capa WnlAingfaam to tip;tr X^vfonndlnad ; LiffU ttfiUtmmd, 
Nawfoondbai itaetr. Markiand wan Lower Canada, fkm 

Cur, Vn. RF.IOX or OLAF TRrGO\"ES0V. 


BruDfviek, and Hov^ Sooti^^ ^outhstanTd thMico to ChatapMko 
Kay WU calW I'Vnff /,'^rtr/ (wil'l grsfie^ Mlill ^ruw in Rbotle 
UUDd, and taott: kxnrvftotly fiirthcr aoutli}. tnUe JfartV 
i^Mrf, <ialle<l ixlsv Great fr^/ijidj ia mppoai-d to mean tho two 
Ctrolln&A. down to th» SouthcrT^ C^pu of KIorid^L In Djibl- 
nanii's opiuioa. Lho Irish tLeiuaelves jui^'bt ewu preteiiil Ur 
liavo probably bnnn the liivt <JiAcoyerera uf America ; thoy had 
•TkLcDtl; got to r<i<*lani itctnlf bcforo th^ Nor«o vxilno foiiml it 
out. It ajijieiirh lf> 1"^ (H'rt:uii thiil^ from thw imd of th* (iMith 
ctfoturj to t\x« Wirlj pJirL uf thp fouttrreiitlL, ttiere n'^aa a clim 
knovlodjco of those (li^taub ahoroe f>xtaut in the Norse mindi 
and ^vcn Koma «tni^glin^ i^nrina nf vUitH thither b^ roving 
Nurw'Tnrti ; tlKHiKh, lis only ^lang1■^, <]iiHuiiUy, a.rvl m» pmfit 
ratiUtod, the viKitft Li^nsecl, and the whulv matter Kituk into 
obUriou, and, but for tho loelaudio talotit of writing in tho 
kmf irinter lughtfi. would nerer havo been heard of hj pot- 


nnox OF OLAT tutootebov* 

OtAF Tftr»oTX:(ox (a.d. M^IOOO) alao mok©fl & irroat fi*nir* 
in the Fafi'Vt Stija, and ri^ouiit« there bis <uirly troublcA, which 
wero Htrange and raanyr Hp la «ti1l T«(f1coiied a gmnd h^rn of 
the NoKb, tbouph hU Twj^oj now in only Stioriu ^lurleao^ of 
IceUiid, TTy^gvi^son had iodocd many advciiluros in Iho 
vorid. Ui^ pour mother, Aatrid, w;;« obligoct to fly, on murd«r 
of her hntband by Gnnhilt^^ — !» fl? for life, Lhrw mmithb 
before ht% !i>f UlUo OUf, ww Ixitn. She lay concealed iti 
ftcdy uUitdfl, tied tlirousla trackio«8 forQste ^ ronohod lior 
EatboH* with the Imle baby in h*r armttn wid Uy dtfup-hi*lden 
Utetv, ttfiidod only by hrr fnthrr hiin-itrlf; Guuliild'a puratut 
b«inf «o iuccfl?urjt, rmd keen ^ with aleutli-honnds. Poor 
Aitrid hmi to tij again, deTiontly to Rwndcm, to ENthland 
(Etthonbi}, to Ru^Ia. In Esthlaud aha wu nald nd a alavflf 



qtnte parted from her bo7,^>«bo ftUo vas Aold, uad a^n 
iolil ; but <lirl ftt We bll in vilh » kludiuAii bi^ Ui the Buft- 
eiaiL e«rTic« ; illd Erom litiii find Kdomption tmd hc}pt ood bo 
roftc, in a dutineuiahcd mnnoor, to mA&hooii, viotorioas sclf- 
fanlp, nnd rocorory of hU kingdom at Uat H« «veu mot hi* 
motKer >givLu» Ijp su kiiis <^t Kurwi^jr, alu? U oue iKiMderfuUv 
litUd out of darksMs into nf>w lifo and happmtfM fuU ui 

Grown to iraiiIiikm^, TryggveHon^ — nov beoom^ •cquaintMt 

sia I'll tlir onk; profcMifji^ opCA to kimi tbftt of jicft'toUltftir ; 
and did ttaXtt vithunt nttmbor in t^t i|u«fttioR4Lle line iu biubj 
nu ADd wicflcnr"UJ Eu^Uiid Ittltw^j. ujid iuu«l iM>iibpHTiuiud/ 
of all. Ii; one d Iiia coutBoa tliitlii?r, afi«r loag labors in tke 
H«bn>i'*a, Man, WnJ-^^^ Oixnl davn tho wtntem skot«« to tk« 
vsry Ijmd'fi Cnd iind fjuthur^ hu piiwnl at tk« Si-tUj Uliuidt 
ri>r u UuIp whilf^ Htr wuj luM uf u wuiiderful riirvtiaui lic^ 
mlt living strangely in tk**d M^a/^olitudea; kail tbc cutiooi^ 
to teek him out, eitiminflt qnofftirm, ind dUcoufW with him; 
And, ftftnr Bomi* n-ftrFtkiii, urn^ptifd CUrintiuj] hijiti»tn frcitn tktf 
TrnrntMr iimti. In Sa»rro tke atorjT b iurulrml in minicH 
nunor. a.Tid fahles but tho faot itself «cexr.a cerrain, and b rerj 
InWrestirg; tk« ffr<t^ wild, nolil^ <onl of fiiTcp Okf op^nin^ 
to tbift viJTidrrful ffOKpid tit i\d\n^ from Itfiyuiid Lhu wurkl, 
Mmffa -vkick intititt^ly tmnfloeudiod all el«« kr k«d erer heard 
or dmant of I It evems ccitaiii k« wa« ba|iU£eci bore; dftia 
not flxnblo; ihonly kwfAtp poor ho&xt-hroli»n IXimtton'o dffsUk, 
ortkortly afu^r; mcitt KriKliiili ckiin:b<7:ii monutcxica caproallj, 
lyiitic fcurnt, tiader t^ointiniiiU riMtation of the Dbam. Ola( 
nub bapdsiB notwilhalaiidinL;. did not <|uit kii vikbg |uolia- 
aion; tndatdp what otbrr wna tk^ni for him tn thoworid m 

Wo mentioned bis ocoatfiooal ef^purtmmt^ witb ^T«m of the 
l>Qubl^baanlT now bpooine King o\' Deiimatk, but ttao gnaUlt 
of dic»» aad the aIodp iiitcn«tin^ ak thit tinier is tkeir Joint 
mvauon of KnEfbind, a&dTryinnroaoii'i axploil* tmd fortmwa 
tbcta iO»e r^m alter tint adventure of baptiam m ike SoiUy 
lalat* fiwtnftiut tw««re above a year in Kngland t^^atlMt^" 




tU* Itofti tli«7 «t«er^ up Ui« Th:uui» vriUi Uitoo bundml 
ships snd riaj^jt Agbters^ s^^g^r ^^ ->^ I>*a8l ftirictu^ a^s^tak, of 
Londoii va« tbeir ttrafc or fnain CDtcrprijc, but it did not suc- 
Doed. Xho AJtiion Ohnmiolc KtTca <Utc to it, a.d. W4, Mtd 
Dunes i-xpn«aly, v Bvi'm's ed-partDLT, -^Ohiu. king of Nor- 
w^5.**^ whicli iiH wAA an yeL far Ir(ju:i baiuj;; but in ri;f^:anl tu 
tho Vcju of Gr^co the Soxoq Cbroniclo is to be h«Ld bc^liai^ut- 
ftble, nnd, iailiwU, hai tho finlU to itscU m tbiu naUnr. P&m^d 
0)af Ttjg^v«4Ciiu ttevTt TiHibly tkt Uie aiU'^ uf Ivinilon. yrnf 994, 
It Uirows a kiud of iDuni^utitrj liu^t io us orer that diavitroixs 
whirlpool of iniscriftf and confusiona aU dark and p(unful bO 
tiift fane^ otfatrvw! Thi* bii; vcyof^c anil funuTU nogo of 
Londuit U SviFiQ D(?uble-lit'djj(l'-i JitsL ri'^L uttt-iiipL tu fullil thnt 
rov of bis At F&tber BIue-tool]^> •' fiiDrral ale,'' and cunqiicr 
EnslMnd, — whioh it in a pit^r ho ooald not yot do- Hiid l-coi- 
dt^ri Duv fullm bo Iiiiii^ it i?t pretty tvitleiit all Knglancl muMt 
liHTiT Tultuwcd, and prutr ED^l^ind^ wit.)] ^Svriii lut kini: i>v<rr it, 
be^D delivered from icaine-^urablc n-ws, whicli had to Isurt 
aouo iwo-oad-lwontj y«ir« furUior- before tlus TOiuli orriiM tio 
arrirnd at l^it furling Londtm iinpregnal^te for the uiomeiit 
(dd s!iip nble to Kvt athwmt tbc bri^lf^ and many Dnuer^ |t^p- 
oKihk in the attempt to do it by swimmitiR), 8v#i& and Olaf 
toroed to father ^ater|i'ii»s all Kii^-Und in a [ULiTiiJUr lying 
apm ID tben, turn wtiirh w^y thi^y likni], Thnr hiirnt nnd 
plomdcrcd otpx KctiX, over HampnhirCf Siissci; they »t«nnod 
br aiidmdo( world lyin^ oU btiforo th^m wliero to rhoo«>> 
WKlobMl Etkelrpd, od tb«oTi« invi.<int-Lon h*^ ooiiM IaU rjpon, 
oflatttd them Dwj«<^i'U (fl'UKKl i>f r^iUc-r thi« yritrn but il r(«ft 
in otli^r ycATv lut h:f;h xi JLMK,ii01)) ; the dc<-*ipcratc Kth«lred, k 
oImt mocbod cf quencbui^- fia'* by pouring aii on Itl Srobk 
BXMKJIar su'efl^ted; wlth^lrBW t^ Sfiiilhampton, — Otftf at traM 
did, — till thr iDoney was got irAdy. 8tnir£e to tbink of, 
6crai broiti of thie Double- btsord, and ronqucst of E^frbind by 
faliBt tfai* had at last becoroe the one aolutary reonlc which 
ramttiQi!d for that rltstraet^il, down-trod dpfi* uow attJ^rlj chonrio 
iml aoordiic country, A conriueiing Srcin, foDowcd by an 
•Uy and eam(?(itly odminiatratiTfi, oa v^I na couqucrinf;, Knut 
(vhom DahlfBooii oompftn^i to Charlvm&^i^), w«rB thua by 

9.9— Vol. 9 



ike inyKti>noiiA rlt^tinin up]M>tnted f.lie ^(Tectird nvlon 

Xryggvofton* ob Ihie occ^ion, w:i9 i Ri>od wliilc At Soatb- 
UQpton; and ronutod rxleanivoly abuoit, tasUy vi(*w>rio\U over 
BTorythiiig, if nwniiini-tr wtv. Aiivin\>lvd, bvit fmdiug liltJi? or 
none ; aitd octHiiiff uovv in a ^H.-ai^cEtblr- ^r ctph fticndly capacibyn 
In ihts £>outbaitiptcn nouDtry he (vliqq in contuct with tho thoti 
Bijiliop nf AfinchiWtcr, nftTwjtrda ArL»hhitttnj|> of CauiUfrlmry, 

UTO&t Daturd diaoerBonent, pic^ty, find tubom vftiucL^; » h^TA 
soul, probably of twil brotherhood with Olaf* own. H* *v*ii 
mnd** ivjurt vWits U) Kin^' Elli*i!rei.l ; one Tbit to hitu at Aa- 
dorer of a rory «eriouA uaburo. By Elphcfrua. ta wi^ can dia- 
Oo^er, h€ Tr&» introdiiood tntj> tho rrni dnptha oE tho Cbmtiaii 
fnitb, KlphtttfLiHf wUh dun iM>Iuniiiit;y rif ^i|)])aTiltiia, in prvMiiea 
of tK« kiii|J[, at Andorof, baptiiod Olaf aucw* and to him Olaf 
<}n[Ca(fcd tLat he would never plunder in Kn<lnnd any iuor«; 
whit^b promtH, too^ ha k«?pt In fact, not loitg aftur, Svoin'ii 
ounT|ui-^ of Knglaad beiii^ in an widaiitly fnrwcui) ntiittv 
l^nm^^^^i^ {haring made* iHthal, a gMat Enifltab or Iruk 
nmrriAge, ^ a downer PnncMe, who had volaxitarily fallcti in 
loTB with him, — »te »¥nor™ fcir tlji* tirn* romanlic fad ?) miinlj 
Teflidul in our inland for twu or three yvara. or tlao in Dnblin, 
ill tho precincts of tho Danish Conrt there in tho 8iat«r Isle. 
Aeer:irdti3;fty it wan in Dublin, tu abci^v notod. that Hakon'« 
fipy found biiu; mid fruin Ui« LiiTi->' tJiat hitt »iiiiaj1n)ii aaiUid, 
tbrou^ tlie Hebrides. tbicuj^U the Orkneys, plundering and 
bapti2in|( in Ui«ir straag^ way, towarda such suooosa as w« 

Tryt^ifv-enuii mjida n nlouC, and, in nfT<<4it, victorioni and 
jcIoiUnu »trat£»£]v for himaeir oa king. Daily and hourly ri^ 
ant to do so, oft«ti enough by soft and evtu merry 1Ilethod^■>^ 
foT hi< wa> a witty^ jot^Lind mun, and had a £a« ringing 
in him, and t^lear pregnant wordu vrtr T<wly, — or Lf 
mothoda would not aerrc, th«n by hard and crtn bonloit h< 
put down a gr«at deal of mUoeUanecuA anarol^ in Novmy t 
wnx iwfiwiblly Imxy a^net 1i«9tbe»iaio (daTD.worBhlp and Iti 
ritot) : this, indoedf may be otdkd tho focu* and hoart of all 


Our. Tit. 




bia fojral endfaror hi Norvay, and of ilt ttj« tnmbto bi> nnv 
M vitk Uu p«o(»lc Utcro. For Uiib w^ & ««tlcfiu, vit^iU nW 
coHtprohctiflmj? mutUr; dfivil-wr>rAhip> & thing uot to be tol- 
mud ouu momvTit kitg^rr th^iu jovi «oiit8 by anj oittlbod help I 
ObTs ttuoDein wjui mUrtuxiiUmU «r viiryi:ig complexiini ; buL 
baa aiort. sirilt ol' alow, vm aiiojin %iid coutinuiLl ; oxiJ on thft 
wbol« b« di4 «uocM>d. Take a eaiaplo cr two of UuLt ^vond4l^ 
foL fonrcnioQ procMus ? — 

At one of bb fiiat Things h& fnuud llie Boudera nit iiA!S(;n> 
blod to anns; resoJute Ui tuc dcauli ^CFmingly^ ogmtitit bia 
pmpouil njtd biu. TryggT^soB said little; waited im|>a3flivt« 
"■WbAt jraur rniuom &ri% got^d mpn?" ons senltffw Bonditr 
iterted up in pionoostc pLiliAiQcatarf eloquence ; but aitcr a 
gwitcuoo or two, brake down f uuo, tLiid tli<SQ uuiHbur, aud etiil 
ukoUi«rr ftjkd ramamod UL thne staring in opAn-moiithsd sileooe 
ttatl Tbo p«MftQ^>rt^4^tfira mcct^pud tbo pbonomnivaD wi 
Indicrow, p«tlAps putly m miraoubun witludr and coasootctl 
to baptism tbia tuoo. 

On another oooasl^ni of a Things ivhiub fa&d iLsseintJed near 
Mme heathon tPiap1i> to incirt bim, — t'lnjile where HaJton Jar! 
Imd done much repainus, iLnd net up tuoMj idol tis^rcfl and 
■UDptQOVi oraameBOr rogntdleaa of (^xpenae, uspeoUIly a v«ty 
Ug and fplvndff] Thor, vEth niaaalvf> gokt iH>1]a[- mtiml tho 
■cdiof hitD, not the likoof it in Karartji^ King Otaf Tryi^s- 
*«Hm was cLuaoToualy lavitod by the Bondere to step \n thct^ , 
«iiHgfat«ti hiM ejo^ and fuirtuki* or the sacred tUba. Instead 
of wTiich W niBbod iitto tLe t«(upl« vltb bis aTin«l iii«ii; 
KUaJwd dovn, with bia own battlo-axc, tbr fn>d Thor, ptontmte 
OB tb# f^TOund at oo» ntrokK*, to ■ot uti oxmupio ; acid, in a lev 
ttinu^ had tb« wbolc Hakcni ranUieoD wrecked ; packing 
itp mouivbiJe all the gold atnl pn-uiifHiLieji accuuiidaU^d there 
(oot foCKetting Ttior'a iLLnstrioiLs i;obt collar, of whbb vrc jvholl 
bcu ^^aiii), aad victoTioui^ly tf^ok th<^ ptcadcr home vitb hboi 
tor bis own raymi tutoa and beluHif of tlu? itjite. 

In other oaaee* though :i (neuU lo fltiuui; meaaitree, be bad 
to bold in, and avrait tbe farorabln moment Tbits ohOOr in 
bo^omnir a parliamontary addron, «o soon as bo came to toutJi 
apoo Cbtiatianitjr, Uur Butujen rcitie iu inunuun, in vooif^ 



tione and jini^liiig of aruis, which quite drrtimfrd ihi roy^ 
Toiiifl; doclni-Arl, iWy had takrm nrnui a^f^trnKt king Hahnn th* 
Gflntl to L<oinpti1 him to JunUt friom hm Clirintuui pnj]Mwa]4} 
anci ttnr ilid not tbiiik kiu? Olnf a higber aaa than him 
(Hakoii tlii^ Gou4l> Tilt* ]Liag tbeo aiiiL " He pnrpotdd ooming 
to them nf*Xt Yi:1e Co thrlr gn^nt iinrnf^nml fiiawt, to mhi for 
himi^lf what llit'ir ciiiitunm w«;n-,^* wUicL ptiei£ed the Doo' 
dord for thijt tiiTic, The appointed plooo of naeetlng wu Agoia 
^ Hakoij'Jarl Temple, not yet done tcr niin ; chief shH&e in 
t)io«o TtLLndiijetn pfvrts, I believe ; tUprp nhrtidd Tryggv^fton 
apiwar At YuK lrV«ll. but bcfor* Yiilo cajn<^ TryggvMoii 
mikdc n ffrcat hfctiqitrt in hin pa]fbO<i ut Ttcndhjom, imd inritxt 
far mid uridt*. all mauncfT of impuTtaut persons out of the dis. 
trict AS gne^m there. Bajicjuet hardly done, Tiyg^osoo gare 
come tV\^\\t fli^d, tipoa nhich Armed men Jitrode in, sdiwd 
e]cv4>ii of ihoAo primripcU person*, and Uiv kmg 2i&id: "SiitM 
he KimKolC wu to b(?<Himu n htiLthoTi Pig^iii, ajid do aocrificov 
it wa* Ilia ptirpi^be Ui d(j it in the bigUeflt funu, uanji^lj, tliai 
of Human 8acritico : ju)d Ihia time not of slti^'^s and maJefao- 
tcTR, but of thft bett nMn in tho country 1 '* In whic^h ctrin^^t 
circumataaCM Uid ele-nm aj^IxhI ptirKon-tT and i^onijiany nt lar^ 
^70 UDavimciuA conaeut to baptijam ; atraiffhturay reocirod the 
aomCi and Abjured their idola; hrit wcro not permitted to go 
home til) thny t^jid Mt^ in ioti4, hrotht>mf am) oth«r pr«eioui 
nT)Htivi*H. ■fiilHrHt'nL hoHttgrs in t)]e kiiig^n buida. 

By tiiiwefljitHl iudufitry tif thia and bettor 1(ind«f TryggvaKiii 
had tminplcd down idolatry, so far oa form went, — how far hi 
Kiibitaiit'fl mny ht" grvntly doitht^d, Ifnt it h to b« r«rDom)>«i«d 
withal, tint ftlwayn oEt thr back of tbi-m' (<fmipulK>ry adnrntnroa 
ihtjv rr>llowcd English bisliopA, pncMts aiul ]>r«ioJient; whirrfby 
to xhv 4>p(Mi -minded, cont-ic^mn, to all d^gr^ea of it, was attain* 
Mvj whiln »ileticir ntu] piLjuivity hrtc-^tmn thi^ dnFy nt nMonJly 
of the nncoDvinoed paity. 

In about two ye&ra Norway v^a ftU gaaa over wttb a roujrh 
barrow of cfonvATidon. Ht^nthf^niftni at leaxt eonsir&tued to be 
-iiImiC and oiitwiirdly nflnifi^riLi^tlihT^ TiyggvfiMon n^it Mirnec) 
kift atKintioQ to loetaod, aciil oni* Thtutgbraad, priest fVom 
HtKooy, of woncletfal qualities, mOiliu-y u well oa Uieologioalt 

Ciup. TIL 



to lr>' &!»! ounvrTt loeUod T^miigbrAtii] mxilo a f^w eoomlV} 
for OW i^ lUr'ady Uiuuy tstlltuablG IcrLuid lVii:ud«, vhom 
be likod mucL. nnd wn8 mucli liked by j uud couvoroiou wja 
Uia read}' nxid to lun favor. Thangbron^t I f Dd, lodg«d witii 
HkII uf dida (fjuuUiftr HDqufttntoiuui i^f " Ifitrnt NjkI," vrlioso 
Saga baa Us ftdiairara among ms c^-m now), TUanebrMid 
00il*«rt«4 tUU aad CM or two <;tLtit kadiiif; mcu; bot in 
gNiani] 1i« vns raokcmcd ^iiarrclsouio oud blnaierociB ratliar 
iban pUniurnt nikil |jitniAlj r<]»riDoiiig, Twi> nkali.l3 of prjiQte 
aade bibtog lampoons upon Tlia&gb^ftad, whom Thoucbrand. 
b^ two oj^ioitaiutiM that olForodf cut down and did to dcnth 
bf«an«p nf thnir gkaldio qiiSLZity. At]oi:lier be killed w^Ui bia 
Ovu luad, I know bot for wbaL i\\um:*ii. In bri«f, ^ftor abouL 
a jroor, Tluui|ibi'a&d rctunicd to ^'orway and king Oltkii, dcc;lijr' 
ing the Icolandan to be a ptirvuraQ, e^tirical, &^ bioutirertlUo 
[BOples huvkni* lititiHeir, Lbe record aays, '^lieon tbvr death uf 
throe mcu ihvri^*' Kiug OM vra^ lu Li^ i^^ at ihin leault ; 
but vna pcnaadcd by the Jcclandcra &boat hint to Uf farther, 
and b^ d taildor iuirtiuiELOTit. Ho accordingly choid ont* ThoN 
nod* a paoiu, jKitimt, ^.tril kindl/ man, who^ within the uvxt 
jvu or IBP, ilid ;ictiml]>' uct^ompUsb the XQAlti^r; uutiioly, g«t 
Ckiittianitj, by opom vaio, cU^darod at ThinK^-nlla by tho 
§llicial Thing of Iceland thtfrc ; thv r<mr of a liig tliander-t'Lap 
iit]» right tuiiinmtratber JiMpLiif; the i^LiuckEfiitfEi, if I nrculleut. 
WlfeaenixiD UlaTd )vr v» do dctibt }:rttAn. 

One g^a^r^ result of th^Bo suoooHHfii! opirration* u':ut iJur 
dinODtont, to all ininnAr of doffrwfi, f>n thr jjurt of iniiny Xrrrstt 
indiTiiliia1l,avHU)^thL3 slorionn ;uid vii'tunuuH. but pcreiiiiilor^ 
and tfrribU kbi|:of bhrirs. iVy gyve sou, I fancy,did uot much 
nQU^ all tliat ; a maji of joyfuL chooty temper, b&bitcaUjr 
rontpinptaovft of danpfpr, Atinthi^r Lrirl:il tniftfiriiuue Llmt 
brfptl in theao oonrrrnion oper.fctioaa. ^inud bci^J^ur; unportaot 
to him, ho did not ercD know of, and would haro maoh doapwad 
U he h«L It wat tbis; ^gnd, *{W»aa dowaf[or of Sweden, 
diotight to Lc ainonpt the ino»t vhiiiing wotura of tbt; world. 
wa4 aImt ki^WD fcir odq of tbc most impvriouA, revcuf^fiii, 
and rclentJess, nnti hMfi i^ot for hnrs^lt th« name of Sij^d tho 
PtowL In ber bigh tridowhood ftho bud naturaJty mau/ 




woocT**; liul tre&t«d tliem in a maon^r iiLicxAmplwL Traof 
Iicr iQiiorn, a s;iai|]tattooiu Two, wort, lung HJir^M {jra?imk« 
(« coiuin ot King Tryg(fv«3ou'», and kind of king 'm toioe 
district, by sufT^ranoo of tbn laj« Haktm's), — tliU lu<^klHici 
Gmasko a&d tho tb«it ItnuioiL Sovereign nd well, tMsae not 
wt^rtEi m^inttotiiuj?. wore KoiilDuft euitora cl Queen i}ow^gtr 
Si^itl, Aiid w«r« pe<rvdnely slow to aoc«[>t tlio Tief^aiiv?, which 
ilk hur boort wa« lUMloratde foi Iwth, though the eiprcwon 
of it could not be qiiito fto omphutio. Bj iU-luck fot Uicm 
th«5 ttunv ouco^ — from tho far Wcttt^ Unenake^ from the far 
Eftfit, chdRuBtrtan ^^uid arrived both together atSigrid*M<^o\in, 
to {prosecute tiielr iiuiiortiLUftUr, Hi^d Uj her odloun and Urf«>[iio 
tndi; much, how v^ry miu^h, to bor impnticmcc iind dudain. 
SIto luU^d t}wm both in some old maTUioLif which sho liiid 
ooiitiguouH, mill got i-'oinpemlitiUidy ftirh&stied for thein; and 
th«ie, I kiioAT uot wholbtir ou the &r»t or on the second, or do 
vbat followinif tiii:lit, thia iinp&r&lleJcd Qnccn Siitrid bnd the 
hotiifid Kurrauudifd, lot on 6ri% aud tha two fuitOTS aod their 
peo^ile burul U> flahea I Ni> wore <if butli«r frum IheHe two at 
Ica^t ! Thi5 appears to he a fact; and it oouhi not be urdmowM 
to Tryggvciion. 

Iii»pit6of which, howovur, tlii-rn wnni from Tryj^MOl^ 
vbo waa uov a vidower, aomi^ mci^jJi^Eit marriu^t propoiaU to 
this proud widow ; by whom Cbcy wore favorably received ; as 
ftoi:^ thi^ brightiT)^ mm lu nil tl^c world, tb«y might MS4D worth 
betu|f. Nuw, iti uiit- uf ihuMi u]iti-h<^iLlimi uiiHlAuglitu oT King 
OlftTsou the idol tuinpleftof HAkoa-*(I Uiink it waathatoue 
vh«T« Olaf » own battlc^«Z9 struck down the monstro^ia Te^a^ 
gvnt Thor, uid oonqu«rod an iuinonse gold ring fmm th«i neck 
ol him, or fruiu th« dour of hix tomplr), — a htige gohl ring^ si 
any rat«, brui cobw into OUfa h,imlft ; auJ tliia he betJionsI 
htm tnifht bs a pretty prcwrnt ti> Qu(*i>n Ht^id, the now fa^ 
able, thocifb the jirouJ. fliffrid rvpnivnil Out ring with Jojj 
fancied wliiit a coUai il woidd m^iki? Un hrt own fail nt^ ; bat 
noticed that ber two ^oldunitli£, w^if;tui|: it on Ihoir fiogccit 
HXohaiig4<i1 n gUccf^, *' What in th.-kt ? " exolaiised Queen 
rldi "IfothinK*'* itatwrnvi Uwy, ur nndtuirored r4> atifwwil!! 
dMovdini: auehief. &kt&igridcoiiLpeli«d them to break opoa 




I thn TiDg; ani! th«nf wais found, ilII :ilong the iniidi? of It, nu 

I uccaJt riug of eojnr*r, [iot & lieart of (joM *t all ! '* I!i»/' staid 

L Uie proud Qii*pn, t^ic^nnff U away, " ho th^it cDulci doceivij in 

^^^ tbis roatU'T t-AU d<<^L*ivii in xaimy ath^vsl'' And wax tii hot 

^^B wnUi vjtb 4)Ur; LlitntgU, b^ Jetfret?(t ^t^aln xtm tixik iiiilrli<r 

Hildor thougl^U, wc «iy ; amt cionMcrntnd to & m^ptiit^ n^^ 
antnsuir St 8(iiiie haUf-way KtAticr, whiro Llieir gri^iit buKfm^Kft 
iaiglitt>o brouj^hil'if chappy settlfRi«atajid 1>etrutliui?iit, llnth 
OlaJ Tryjtjrvoiirot^ rtnci the htj;h ilo^Tft^r^r ftppcar li> liav* heeu 
tolerably of viHing tniud at lhi« mc^ottng ; bot Oltif intrrpoe^U, 
*lwt w;iR uIwlivi oul? romUtlou avilU him, '^'Hinii must cnnsH^iit 
to b^Uiu. ainl give m^ tJiy id^J-^oda." "They art Ihi; goda 
of nJl my forf'fathwji," itnswprod thw Jady; "choose thou wliat 
grtU thm: |i1<<c»iitvL but b-uw mn minfl." WhrtMi^Kin an altpr- 
Gitiou; uuil Trygs^cMiUr iu wau* Ins wont, hiwi^rrd up inUi 
obituQg wTutb^ and r-3iclaimvd at Icutt, ^'Why should I cAt^ 
^K ofaoat thte thoo, old faiUid hi^otbon crt^Dtutef" Aud imp^ 
^^P It^Ktly vng^ng Ills glove. ]iLt h^r, or nlightly ^wltch^d her, on 
Die f^oe with it, and ct^nteitLptuously turning awny, walked out 
of tho ftdv«iitur«. " Thia is h fcftt that luny c€st thon dear one 
d^j,** Biud ^if^i^ ^^<^ *" tho ond it cune to do ko, littlo na 
tlitt uagniiknit Oluf <!f<l^iiM to think of tt nt t.\n> Tnoni^nt. 

Oew of the VM' tftcufllett 1 i-eineiuW of 01af*s having irith hia 
tefmctory heathens, was at a Thin^c ^n HcrfiAlund or Rog&bnd, 
tar in th« Xorth, whflM' Ihn whiL^f opposiiion hero waa oiio 
Ja#<m%k^u-y^ (" irtirilM'K.ivL.'"} Sififfirt^ (" AirTi^ha^'/" lw it weri? T). 
Ilcn^ ji^bi iraa a f,i^ad hf^athcu tempk* Hakob JtaV% bnild- 
10^ vith a flpIiBDdid Thor iu ii and much idol furaituro. Thfi 
kii^ 9Mfid wh.1t was bU <!onntaut wtKh here Rs eUewhere, but 
hiu\ Ko KioniT i-ntnTTt'd upon LliP HiibJBcl of (Ihtiatiauilj Uiau 
lUuveiKal omrmur. rising into clainjror and violent difificnt, in* 
lemjited hira, and Ironbcard t'njk up the diflCoiire<' in toply. 
IrODbMTd did not hfcak d-iwn ; on tha fionti*JLry. ho, with ^ut 
1)l«Tity> nmpluLgiis, and clraTCic5», aitn^iBt-'d '*thal thr? pt(BiH>[ia] 
to rejort their old goda wm in the highest dpjrroe uiiacceptablo 
to thjft Thing ; that it waa oontraty to bargain, withal , so thiit 
if it wetR inHiftUid on, Ihtj would have U> figbl with the king 



■l>out it I And in fact werv nour reodj U> do m>J* Ia ivplj to 
thicn niaf, without ivoiM illipnhI, litJt ui4<rt-3jr wEtJi Bona ■igml 
to Uw tni«t3' aiukCii kdcd h^ hod witU Lid:), ]ttfllL«<l off to U 
tomplc clOAo aX. ]mni] ; bant into it, ithuUitiA tho door behind 
hira ; uaiuhtfU Tlmr uiil Co. u> dvstru^iioiL ; Uion raapfMMrifig 
vicUinouT*- tifuiit\ luucli ctnifuhiiin oiiuirle, aiiJ, iji lortjirular, 

to do&th bjr OUr« ft>i*ti iu Uiij iiJt>?r]iD, Wliicfa eiibrtlj ili 
liAart^iird t\w ThiTip f roLii finhtiti^ a.r, that mcmsfftit ; hairing 
now no lc;u|cr uhn JiirnLi to head lIiuiii in kj ^tfta^vrriiiv an 
Mitei'VtbOv So tbftt «<vcr]r cot Oopajted to di^Mt hi» nge ia 
nl«iMfe 3M bo oouTd, 

Miutpn* liATin^ molrd tat 4 w*h or twn, thpr«i wsu 
Tliiu({ i^ld ; iti vrbi^h Kinif 4>Uf ttTntiiivd tvfiTct Tor tlia qiarrtl 
Ubit lutd fullru oot« Toodificttf to fiuy w]i*t mvitf wM due bf ^ 
tair for that iialnokj hooaioido of Ironlwtrd by bte peo|'1d ; aai 
va^A^ 10 tall'' the fnir daughter of Iranbeud Co wtie^ M all 
voutd comply and bo friends witli him in othoc maiterai wluob^ 
WOA ih? coUTfto nwolrrd ou m moat convctiioitt : accept btjitiai 
«6 i narry Jw^rn8k&ugg'fl daughtt*r« you. Tbii lnt>,'nin Md 
botb «idnk Tb« vnildiu^r^ um, wa» c«>]ebmttd, Lrui Uut toofc^ 
nitlic'r a ttraaco timi. Oti th« inoraiui; of tb« brid»tiisliti 
OUf, irlio liad not bitvn «I<<<'pitii;T tbou^fh his fait- partner 
tbougbt be bad, 0])ei3ed hia ayt^^, aitcl saw, vritlj utonuUnkvfit, 
tbe fair partner aiiniuf u luuir kuifv nr^dy l» *trik« linne nfvxi 
Ilia! Whinh at caco i:^ndtd thoJr wedded life; poor DonoiM 
Mli« IronbcArd ImmMLiatfrly bundliitf{ tjff wiU^ bfr 
botiii^ a^j.111; Kill? out' iabi tbe A)i:iTLiUf*iit cf but aerraBl 
aaeutiLjtdiii; Llicre trbit hud ba|i|H:a«d, and furbiddiiii; any 
tlicm to foilow bcr 

i^JInf Tryt*)^fSoTv though hU kingdom waa tbo aaaUcat 
tW NuiSL- Tlinrt-i had rispji Ui a rpnoim nwr all th« 
world, which ooitla*r bo of Denaiaik nor bti of Sinslrn cottid 
|ir«<t«oiL u> HmL A icagaifrsmt f^ir-8hioin|E Ban i mOfrt oaperi 
ir> all ''ivilily ni^frUca" aa thvXtJmPfall tbeu, tiaui any n^aa 
bad «ver br«ii bi*fora hinir or aftn va*. CtkuUl ki^tji flwr d^i^ 
Itrr? in ibo nil, nlwaya catching tho pn>reT fifth l-^y its h^adU^ 
ajidnuadiiig it aloft ugatu} oooU shoot fiqvtoiaely, tlirav A 



two togflthi^r. tliMo, wiUi nvrirumiitg, cUmbing, leaiiing, were 
th» tbwi luiniirnbW Fine Arts of the Nortb? b iUl which 
Tty^gtemn niipenntia Ijav-* l>i'<*n T,li** Rnphnwl Bud thft Mictia*l 
An^l'' at ouoft. K«i*i»li;iHy dcfinablf-, Xeo, if wc look wtrll 
into hl% aa a wild bit of real )i4>rOLtEiD, in such rude gniao ^nd 
^nvironmunr, ; n high^ tTvier and gi-pal liuiuan aouL A jovuU 
bunt pf Uu'cflitm' in bim, willial ; a hij^'lit^ airj, wise waj" ol 
Bp«c<b t dr«aed bcttuttfuUy luiij with cant : a man ndmtrcd naA 
koT«^ ^xceedlagly by thoao ho IJkod ; dreaded aa death by thoao 
hft did nol lik*»- " Hardly- any kin^.'^ says Snorro, ** was ever 
90 Wf 11 oh'yrd ; by oirt clasb out of te&i aud love, by tlic rMt 
cut ol drcoii." HiJ glofious oountc, howcvor, was not to IiiAt 

King Strtin of t.lie Dnuhle-Beai'd Imd Tiot yet oomj»1etf^il lifs 
cott(|ur»t of EugUiid, — hy no ]ii?a[iA yet, atrrue thirt€«D horrid 
joftf* of that ACtll before him ! — when, otet in Denmark, ho 
found that f^omjilflintn affftinat him and incnf^arif^n hod ariA«n, 
DO tiiR |i3Lrt |irinrjphi11y i»f citu- HiiriNlav, King of f>ir Wi-tidss 
(Ear u|i the BaltLl^)J and in a 1e:^A degrr^e vrith the King of 
Swodeu and othtrr mtnor individuals* ^vctD earnostly applied 
MiuBair to s^ttTe these, and have his hands free. BuHalav^ an 
npvl hpfltJmn pfltitlpmjtn, prnvo(^ rirnsooahlo and f^oaciliatfiry ; 
40^ too, the: Kiitsi of Swcdi-it, and Dowager Queen Sigrid. hia 
matiDgiog luothc-r Bari^atn !□ both theao caeea got seated 
ttftd ctoirned by maTTiage. St^id^ who bad become a widowof 
UtHy, BOW wedilrd Si^'rld ; and might thinkf [jfiwiUj mrtugh^ 
be biad f:ot a proud bnrgitin, thoagh rt hqathcn one. t^urialav 
also iDtiated on mama^ vrith PriuecBB Thyrl. the Ponbl^ 
Bdud't aiater Tliyn. in«x press Ebly disircllned 10 wed an 
a^rd bi^dtbi^n ct t^iat bt!LiJi^>. jilraded hai'd ^iUi bcr brother ; 
ImttJie Doublo-Benrded was iueioiahk ; Thyri*B wailmRn and 
OBtraAtiefl ^r^nt for nothini;. With lonifi i^ardmn fostor- 
brother, and a ^pmn^j-maid or two^nhf- biid Vi goon this hat^d 
Jocnwiy- Old Ilurislav, at sight of h^u Vlaied out into mar- 
tiagtyl'caal of Biiprctne ma^fuificoncei and wov charniod to sco 
1i«r j but Thyri would not join th^ marriage party ; refused !0 
eai vrith it or ait with it at alU Day alter day, for bii days, 



flotl/ TAfasotli puid iJtor nightfill at Uio aixtlif glulcd out vitb 
hex £o«4cr'brothcr into the wcoda, unbo by-paths m.m1 iiicoiic«iv- 
aHo vADd^riiigv \ fto^l, in fffTnnt got Iiomntn DrtiiQArk- Brathar 
^vrin WD* not for tin? tnuiav^iL ttiirrt?; pmlMtbly iiuini^b gimr to 
BnxUncl affuii. liut Thjri kuci^f too well he would not 4Uo«r 
Iter it* «Uy ttere, or ajayvrhi^i-^ that hn could b«lp, ojto«pt with 
chff old h^^Athan «li« Wl jti^t fliM^ firnn, 

TUyri. liKiking nmnd tins worlil, tmw no likrly nxul for kor, 
but to OUf XT>'^v«aon in Norway ^ to bog protJMtion iron t4o 
moit b«row mati eb« kn^w of in the worfdl OUt» €a«opt bf 
rvm^wn, was luit known Ui hm; bit liy rnnnwtiltfi wtnW inw. 
OUf, At niiEht of h?r, promised protection miid ftsylau ^igaiosb 
oU oiorUiU. ^uy, ui dUuountin^ witb fbyn Olaf poreoiYod 
mor^ Aui more clt^ttly what a tiue lm,tid&ome beings tool QAd 
boOj/, Tliyii \^iaa\ utuI in a sltort e|klo0 of tiiiw* winded up b^ 
propojrins mamofD to Thyri ; wh% Jkumblyt lui^ wc nuvy faibey 
with vhot Accrct joy, oouootcd to My yos, and boooiac Qucou 
of Norway. lu the due iDOUtlu tli«y h^ 8i Uttls son, UAral4j 
who, it lA ondibly rtcord»dr wua iIm juy uf bulb lus {mn^alEt ; 
bat wbo, to their in^^xprc^sibk sojiow, in about a yev die^ 
mul vanifihfrd from tbum- Thia, and one other Fact aoor to b^ 
m^TtLioned, is :UI th<^ w4Mli<'d bLntury we bavw of Thyri. 

Tbe oiber fact ix tJukt Tb>ri kul, by itdicnlAnci^ <v n>vv^ 
nont, not d>.>pcndinjc on hat m&rria^cc with old Bumlfttf coq* 
BifUr&blif piMpurtii-i iti Weiuitcuid; wlucb, she ofton roflootod, 
lat^hl bp not u. UUle Lwljooteful tu btrr hptK in Norway, «h«n 
bet ciTiMivt wu probably bnt Atrallcaed. &b9 opoku of tbb 
to hof bu«lirmd ; but her himlMULd wouU UlIco no hold, uiotely 
uiMiii bpT gittSy and luid, " Vnoh, pnob, can't wo Liv* vitboat 
old flLirifiluv 4iid bis AVirudtand pruiierLlm?^ Bo thjt t1i« 
Iftdy tank into evcf doorct anxiety aad «a(onieu about tha 
W«udl;Lnd objtM^t; took to tro^kng; lat vo«f)ing wbolo dAy»i 
nnd wbiTu Okf »kndf <*WbBit kiU tbo^ tbt^n?" would mi- 
swcr, or did answc^ ono«, " WlisA. a diffrrtnt man my fatbec 
KjiTuld Uonuou vu [rulgskfly cdkd itlue^tooth} romp«r»4 
witb tii>nj« LbAt ora cow kingtl For no King Sv^tn lu tbo 
vorld would Haiald Goruuon Lurti givpn up big own ov 
hitf wife's JQ«t riftbtti J ^ Wbercupou Tiy^rosoa atutod ^ 

Cnxr^ Vn. 




exohummf; in camo hcottt " Of thy brother Svoin I nom WM 
afraid; if ^SvHii iiml 1 miMTi in rtmust, it wJH not b« Svotn, 
I beliere, Uial cou^iucra ; " juii) went off in a tovrring Tumi:. 
CorAciiUd, lowcver, at la^l, hrni t« conMnt, lo j^t tiis find 
floot ctjiiippcHi and arm^d, and rlt>oide tc- «a]t with ^t to Wead- 
JaaU U) lijtvf* Kp<:iM!h and flnr;tlrnii'Tit with KiTig Buri&lav. 

Tryg^enaii bjul iilrr^l> nbipa juid »Avi(ift Lh;it woirc the 
irODder of tlie North. KEtpM^ciaJly in luiItUng vtxx ahipa, — 
ikt Cmiitj tlie HurjMTiil, lu*l of :ill the Umg ftrfpftntj' — lie 
bfti for a'vtc, faroutWAn) Wauty, aud luward perfaotimi of 
«qiiipiii«iLt. transcendod all example. 

Thia n«w Ma expedition t>wAmft an object of attention to 
■n Daighhoni ; n«pnri;iiiy Qurrn ^igrid tim Pnmd and 8v«iii 
ItouUl^B«>aTtL btt now kbig, wprc attentive lo it. 

"Thia insolent Tryi^^vefioii," Qacnon ^igrid woiJld often Bay, 
aibd ha'l Imi^r b»»cu raying, to hnr Svoin, '*ffl marry thy isiqtor 
vithnut liTAVP had or ajilcnd of thnt^ ; jlikI nmv tl.tiinltr^ forth 
his wot uHvI»b, iu» if he, kiii^ only of jialtry Notway,~wurtt 
the biji h«ro<»f tho North! Why do you oxiffpr it, yoKi hbK» 
t*aUy ffn^at V '' 

By Huuii p«TKu:uiioiu :ind reiteratioaft, IClng Bvetn of !>«»- 
Barli« Kia^ Olaf of Btf^deu, and Jail Eric, non' a irrcat niau 
Uierr, i(rown rich by proajx^rooo 00a robbery and other fpiod 
vaaagi>fucut] vtcm hrou^tht ti> taku tho inattiT up, aad oom- 
bian AtremionHly for destrn«tiou «f Kiri^ Olaf Tryg^veaon ou 
Uiis irraad WendJaud ^Kp^dition ot tiiA. Flcet« and foroo* 
wow witi: l)pfit dili^eoca j^ot rvady i and, irithal, a ftrntain Jar! 
Sifwald, of JuiUKbiirg^ (chieftain of thi^ Jonwvikiri^H ^ pou'Of* 
fal^plausihle, and oiitining auini woa a^ijiomliril Ui TiuU uieaaa 
of joining liiinsfH to Tryggvcaon's grand \oynj^, of gelting 
tDio Tryggveeon'a ooatidenffo, and keeping Svem r>oub]«-B«anl, 
Brio, and tho SwiHli<h Kin^ :LWnrp of a11 his mnvrmt^.nfM. 

Khig Ohii Tiyggvcnoia, uiiactjuaiatrd with oil thioy ttailed 
away 10 satomer^ with his aplcndid ticct -, wont through tK« 
Botu wiih pivi4|>i^ruii£ wkiitk* under biij^liC tfku<^. lo iIil* aduii- 
ntlon of l)Oth idtorM- Snoti a iWl, vrith itc whirling SHE-|>eiilA, 

■ HI* Lf^B^ ^crpcfii. juit/i'cd bj Mmo lu b« of ilio «» of o frigmtc 4/1 fortj^ 



loDs uid abort, and porfoctiou of riqiiiiiin«Qt and fippearanoSt 
the Bftltio ttorer law befon>. Jnrl tiigvjld jinuud w^h nor 
siii|iB by tfaB «aj : " Ha<)," he tuo, ■' :l rmtt li> King BuriaUr 
10 pay i hov could Iw cTier do it in belter cgmpuiy ? " and 
ttndioa!»ij and dkilfnlly U«ratiatod hiniscU with Kin^ OkJ. 
Old BnmUt. vliM thcty nrriv&cL proved altogetUet ooiutoous^ 
h&t)(lMiu]tf, iujd HJij »i liable ; n^^roed lit Liriuv tn OI:irq vlains Tor 
hU now queen, did the rit^a of hospiUiitj with a fciifai>aa 
pl&aitudv to OiaSi nrho obAorily ronovod acqiEiintaiice vith 
thai euuutry, kiiowii to him in «4vr1y dft/A (iJu* cnulte oT hit 
foftutmei Lu thcT vlkiii^- Liutrjp ami fi>iuid old frieuds th«rA ntUl 
rarviviiif, joyful U> racet him aff^iiu. J&rl Sigirt^d ouoour- 
flg»d th«M dolayH, Kin^ Svtin %a^ Co- not being j«t ^ta 
rwtidy. "Get Wftdy T" Sigviild 43ir«!tfil tlirm, juid th*y diii- 
gently did. OI&Tif men, ihtir buiuucos ooxv doue* were im- 
{sotiunt to be hoiA« ^ tutd gradjs:ed OT«ry day of lottena^ lh«t« i 
but till 8i^;Jd pWfi«xI, itioh hi» |-ower of flattering and 
iMJKiling TryEgvrssun^ tln?y oiiulit nut t^ ttiray. 

At length. Sigiraid'a iwcret mfT*i«c^ngcrN rcportinii all mdy 
oa tilt' jiwt cf Svi?iu and C^, Uhd tot'It farcwoll of BunflJav 
itftd W^ikcUaud, and alL gLidly sailed away^ Stitul, Eric, and 
the SvMlJHh kiiij^', witb Lhetr ooiflbiiit^J fleeU, laj in wait 
hehiud some capo in a safe bttlc bay cȣ sumo Lflland, tiiVM 
caiUcd Svoldc, but not in onr tunc to bo fouii<.l ; the Baltic 
tumnltM in the fourlHriLth oi.'^itury buviu^ utmUoved it, aa 
noRxt thick, and Ikiviux uh uuceriaiu ^heLber it wan in iha 
QM^lbovbood ot Kiisci; Island or id tbo Soood of Elainore. 
Tlltra 1^ Sroin, £iic, ntul Co. waitiu|f till TryRRVtioti and 
his float cam« up, hi^wftlils Kpy iiiKueu^ri daily ivportinf 
vlukL pro[^afe be mid il Liul luade. At length* onv tirtKhi 
■ttiMniTT inorniiiK» t^^ fl^^t made appconuu*, aaiiia^ in looM 
order, f^i^aJd^ aa one acr{uaint«d with tbo shoal plaooa, Etoar- 
tBg aht*ad. uiid ^Ilovi[]|; Llicijn iliv wiiy. 

Snorro ri^es iulu onv of hia |jjctoria] fit«, Belted vith anUn^ 
slacm at iho thouflht of eucb a f)i:et, and reports to tu laiisely 
IK what onlcT IVyir^rirsiah'ii witi^Til f:DiirvQtii of tha Tieep, is 
lottg anrtr^r '"' pPtbuiH an lufiit ir^ utim^ cnjiw un, and wha4 
the tbrec poteotat«\ from their hnoD of v^nt^u^, ukl of 


<^tf.TlL EKI07« or OLAF TRTrr6V?i^0S\ 

« It bov9 f& iigbt Svein ttirioe ovor guesMd tluk uid tlio 
oUkflt dobbin TfTMol Co be ike Louk Scfpccit; Erio aJ«tij-s cor- 
toctiBg hint, "^0, tliat u tiot tho Lonj? 8ctrpctiC jot" (»ml 
•Nitf oiw&ys}^ **Nor ubtUl jou bv Icid of it, ki&K* wticTi it 
dOM come." The Long ::^«r|ieiit TtseU dli iuak« appoitmiKso. 
firki Sniu^ fijitl tlie fiweilkh klu^ liutned ou bo^n), ua*\ 
pwlitd oot of tbcir hidiaif-plAcc ioto the opcQ Ht>& Ti«a4;b- 
avons dl^ftid, at t^ boginiung ol tdl thiAj tuul ftuctd^nlf 
doubled iliac mpft of th^in, luifl itnurk into ttie h&y out of 
rifbtt toftviiig tbe for«uioet Tryj^^eHoti ibip* jvitauUlirrI, nad 
Hwoftain vhot to di>, if it ««» not eimply U> atrike fiftU and 
wait till Olaf hitnApH with the Long Sortmct Arriml, 

Olaf*i rhiiTf i^t|>Tnii^H« Mn^iii^ tlin i-uHtny'i hu^ fli-^t comm 
out. and how ^ht mutter hy, atroiii^ly adviacd Ku^e OLtf to 
elflffto this 3tn>kiT of trtiuGLy:<rf, Mid, vritli alt naU, hold an bis 
erniiw, flpbt beiug row on »o itn«qLial termj, ftnorro sayfl, 
the king, higb on tbe qaarU^r-d'^flk wli^ip^ ha 9>tood, replied, 
"Strike tb« s&Ua; never f<UaXi mcD of miao UuAk of flight I 
aovvr lied froca btLttlc. L^t tied diapovc of my life; bnt tli^ht 
1 viU DOTor UtkcE.'* Anil rio th« iKttEU- iimuigeciiMitc iiitm»- 
dlAC«ly bagiui, lUiU lltB UtltlM u'ldi nil ttiry went looAe; imd 
luted bour after hour* tiU fdmo«t »iuiscti if 1 vrcll reooll«>cti 
"Olaf rtocMl otk tlw t^crpisnt'n iiuiirt<!T-dook,^^ ea^'s Rnon'c>, ^< htf^ 
over the otbvrL Ke UmA a gilt alileld and ft behoet inbild 
with ^'olit; uver bia ai'uiur be bad& abort r&il t^oat, antl waa 
M0i1y diatiDguifihcd fram other men." iittona^n ncoount of 
th* bttttl* is olto^ber ajiiiuiiiodi gmjibiQ, uiid bo inioutv tlut 
Uitiquarias gather fmm it, if so iltH]»^(\ (whkh we liul lilUe 
are^ vbat Uie tnetluHla of Korav aeu'bfbtiug wen; iheiT sboot- 
tftf of arrows, r^MtiD^ of jarclixis, |utcbiii|{ of htg iitoii««, ntti- 
toaulj bocirdin^ and mutaal do^binj aiu\ amiMiidr^i;, wh^cb it 
VDuld tuiL EivniJ lid tn spL^ak of \ietv. l*\ai tttuud cvnsuicM*rm 
•U day, tbrovifig J&velinn. v! deadly ^m, with botb baoda aA 
fiooet aooouragtDg, fii^htinff aitd ooiumioidicig Hko o highoet 

Thd IbuiiMh flerl^ th<» Sw<'dish firet, Wcrfr, l>otb nf thpJil, 

^kdkly dealt vitb. and fltiL-4Ttis«ivGly :ffitbdr«;w out of nbua- 
laoge. AikJ tb«ia Jarl 1^^ f^iiino xip, and t^eroely grappled 



with the Long Serpent, or« ratker, Kltli h«f Burrounding «om- 
rftdcA; An<1 jrradnfJly, a« tbey were be&t<*a cntpty of mett, 
with the? Lonff Sariiftot homclf, Tho liffht prcw uvnr tiCTO«T, 
iiion* fnrioii*. KrtL- wu ^uj^plied wiili ueu' iiieTi from tha 
Sveilt^s auU Daueti; Olaf IljuI ito Auch i-eAouK-^, ^xci^^t trum 
the crews of hiB own bcdtcn a^ips. ftTid nt Iciijcth thU alao 
C^lo] him^ 4U liiA Ahipitf ctxccpt tho I^mg Scrpont, twiD^ 
l>eat^ii Hiiil enEpti4*<L Ohvt fiiught on iiiiyii^Min^. Krl<) tw\i*& 
boarded him, «oa twice repuJacd OUf Vejit hi* quuUx- 
docki unoooqiM^rAhk, though Ji?Et Dovr morn and tnoTo liop^- 
leis, fiitaUy short of help. A tuH j'oimg mEin, ottI!i.'d Kinar 
ToiubBfulciTlfv-r, r»-ry uwlKbtnt^^l h.iuI itii[icjrLuit ;ift»nturdii in 
yerwt,j^ and alrttdy the h«8t arct«r known, k«pD hmy irith 
hU how. Twioo ho nonrly shot Jarl Erifl in hw ship, ''Shoot 
mu that ro.in," uud Jail Kric. U> n bcuvninn rirw bim^ ind, 
juat u TouiU^rakelvcr waei Jrawirig hid bow tlic third tune* 
ftn ftrrov bit it \ti the middlo aud broke it in twa '^ What ii 
this thbt hag brokftii?" AAkod King Ol&f. "Nwway from thy 
hjutd, kirift" iirj?iWMti'il T;inilM'n*kf^lvrT- Tryggvpsnn** nifln, hit 
obaerrcd with tturprifie^ wvtv ntfiking violcutlj oin HricU; 
hot to BO pnrpoflo ; nobody fell. " How is thi« ^ " luked 
TrjrggvMon. "Our twordi^ are notohecl %nd blunted, kiog; 
th*y do not cut." OUf 8tfl[il down ti> hie nrm-die*t ^ d»- 
lircTDt] out Uf^-w 4^word«; and it was ob«crvcd u he tlid it* 
blood nm trieklint' ^*>^ hU wrist; but noiio kn^w wh^ro 
th* wound wai. Erie boartled a ibird time. OUf> l(^ft with 
hardly morp than oner man, Hpning nvoThoaitl (oiw are* that 
red coat of bin still glouning in the i*rimiu^ auu), atid aank m 
the dvcp vnitcr^ to hm long rc9t 

KumoT ran aiaonghli people that be still ^w not deadf 
Ifronnding on Kimti innv»in«*itt by tb<^ sliip^ of thnt tmilMtms 
6i|nvald< tht^y fancied Olaf had dived beneath Uic keeU of hU 
owttioe, and ^<y\ away with Sie-wald, oa Sigwald htnkMif flfi- 
d«atlj did. '' Much waa hoped, aupposed, apok<'n," aays oiw 
old mouniintE Skiild : " bitt tlie tnitli nas Olaf TrjrggvcMO waa 
never aeon in Konwland more.** StrA&jfoJy he remains stilt a 
shlnlDg fi^nre to ns t the wildly beaulifuleat man, tn body and 
In loul, that on^i bas eT«r beard of In the North. 


JAKUi bJClC AND SV£i1f. 



4AJLli8 lt}!ClC ASlIi S^1C[3(. 

Jaiu. THaic, splenrlpnt wtt3i thi^ vitrtor^', not to Apeak of th;tt 
over the JomBburp;r> with hi» fftllior lou^ jl^ w.li iiLrw luiulo 
(rovcfuor of Norway: Govcrtjor or quMi^overeu^ti, with lilt 
brcttivr, J^rl St^Ui, aa partiicr, wjjo^ LoAtvar, t<>ipk but littld 
band lA leovoriuiig ^ — and. uudM'lh43j>;itruii;i^<if f^vrin Doub)^ 

Pronii, Lis luotliO-r'fi)} fuIminicUrtid Jt, il\i^y soy, with skill ajui 
prtiUeiu.'i^ fcr A^MA-e fEWrt^f^D /uutk, TiyggvHjfton'fl Li«ath ifl 
uttfJBTHUjoii ami l:il]uru>uHly i;iii]i|mLTii) Ui lt;ivi- !iiippi«Tiej] in tbe 
jcar lyOOi Lut tbcro ia no cx^ict chroinilogj in th^ac ihla^ 
but a roQtiauaO uociartain £[ii«&8iiig iJter auoh ; eo Umt one c^o 
it] ITifiUitj' 11% rr'gnrdx Uicui tu lui if put out ; — Dcilht>r iiidiwd 
hurt I jt-l \iad tUd Iiick lu Gild ujj Ur?(]iplicritblif ;inil .Qtelli' 
giblo in»T^of Norwap: qo tbnt thocthvr uyo ot lluitcry Umvjch 
Uladed withal, Hiid Imt path through those wild regions Aod 
spMihs » an rxivfiuvly dim ^id ch^mtii^ rmn. An f*7i] tbfit 
much dcrmandd rcjD«dying, and (^[feci;Ulj imnta sonie first 
sttnaptat romodjtDg, hy ioquireis iuto Ku^liah HUtoryt the 
vlkde period frtPin Kglmrt, thr Brtit 843toTL King i>f Knglaad^ on 
to Edwd the CcLiifi^uoi, tho LL.*tt, licini^ rvr'rywhi.ai? romplcWly 
iQtcrworcu with ihtxt of ttiuir mvEEturiuue* oouti&uully ijivtu»ive 
**Vaiimt" Ofl tUey e^ill them, and iui.^Ktnc.'Lbly tmiut^lUgiUo till 
tlM«e alio gM to bf' 3 littJp undpi^tcxxlr ^^^ ce^se to be Qttcrly 
dftfk, hJdeuuAi a^id mythical to l^ as they now are, 

Kios **l*f Tn'sj-\'oaoii U the tir»t Noncioan who ia ci- 
pfWHly mciitttjuud to have been in ^Dghuid by our EnglUh 
niuory hmiks, new or oVl \ and of Idtii it ia Di«rul> said that 
]i« had Au iatomiMr with Kiug I^thelrnd II. al Andorer, of a 
pacific Olid friendly nu-ture, — tliouf^h it in Abfurdly milled that 
^uoblttOlaf iraia^otiT&rted ti>Cbriatiaiiity by tlxat«3ttrem«1y 


stupid Rojml Penon. Greater oontnkst in an interviov than in 
thin at AnHowr, between Imroio Okf Trjf^weoii ftuil Eth«lt«d 
tile fotvver Uarcadj, wu uot ]jeihapa seen in tbo tm«8trial 
Planet that day. Olaf, or « Olaos," or " Anlitf." m thoy tttsio 
him, did ^^ogage on oath to Ethfrtrdd nui to Inrulo En^and 
tmy mnrfl/' rkiid k<*|)t Ijih iirnniUi?, tlii-y TarLlior ^u^. EuieiitiaUy 
a truLb, iui we akcady know, tbougb tb« circa mstAnc«a irtn 
ail difforout; aiid tha promi^^ was to a devout High Prteat, 
not to A crowijwl Ploobhpnrl and cowardljr nf^-notJiSng. Ow 
tithrr ^Olniin'* I fmii meottontid in our Buoluj two or tUrm 
0flDturi«3 before, at a time when thoro ousted no 0DCh b^ 
dividvLiI; tiot to speak of »eTf>nil Anlaf^, vho BonMtiiiiaB 
«i>^Tn to tnt*ai^ Otaf, luid ititi nft;rtii(*r tr> mnjui nnliodjr jKMriM«. 
Which ot^i'^LyioEi.H not ft littl<T Lib^cLirity in our exvlj llUtorj, 
•ayti thu l-Mrnrd MJon. A thinn remf^diablp. too, in whiol^ 
if mj CTi^li-Lliiuiku of <hxA g^nnis <(~^r ovru capacity forstaftdlDg 
Iflhrtf), who nn^ftrttniiii thn TrrliiTidli' a.nrl Artgf4>i8aJCOTl Uui* 

guiific«F would cnffogc ill it, he miijtjt do a arcat doal of floodi 
and bring the m&ttcr into n oompanttircly lucid atato^ Vain 
aapiratioiiA, — or perhaps not altcg(ithor va^n. 

At thfl tfmp of Olaf Tryggvosou's d^th, aad ind««d 1o^ 
bnfonf. King Brriu Doui>li>ItiTttrd hjul alwjiT* for chiflf rotar- 
priM tba ConqoMt of EngUnd, ami followed it by fita with 
€atr«m6 vlolonoo aad impetus -, otten advancing largely towarda 
asoooMsful ooncTusion ; but n^ver, for th1rt««n yean ypt, gn^ 
ting It oondudr^d. ITc pOMp^Kod long atni^n a!1 Engloi^d north 
of Watlin;^ Btreot. Thut ut to ntLj, NortbumlicrUDd, East 
Anglia (naturally full of Daai&h aettlera by thia time), woro 
fii>^i1]y \t\& I Mtinnia, liis oft«n^r tUan not ; Wasaez Itaett ^sh 
all the coaats. he wn» freo to visit, and to bam and rob in at 
diaorctiou. ihvro or clBuwhL'ro, Etholrcd tho UonoMly bad 
no battle in him wliaieT<»r; and, for a forty y*^n ktttr the 
baginiung of hia reign, England ^xc«lled in auAJchic sttipidHf, 
utnrderoua dcTMlAtioii, xittor miacry, p latitude, and tluggiab 
CODtMnptibllityf all tho oouDbioK ono hoi r«ad of. Appftr<aBtJy 
a Vfrry opuWt ootintry^ too ; a reaily flkill In aucb art^ and Hno 
ftftaai thrr« w«-TiT; farcin's very Ahipft, they say^had their gold 
dntgooir top^madt potmouc, aad other motallio «plc&dot3 gane^ 

JARt£ EltJC AND #>TR™. 



ally WTODffat Iftr liiBiii in Engl^ncL " rn^xsunpM pmoperitjr " 
tu tbo maaulactuie ^ajr nut unkuiiwu thi^r*-, it wi^tild Mwm I 
Itut c«^xi«ting wUh such frpiritual baiikrupttiy il> wa4 ^Iao 
utMoamphid, one would li^i^i\ R^-id Lujtu^ (^VuLlst&a), Arch- 
buhup ul Vurk*7& AOtJUCLn^ i^trman nu U)o Aubj^ot,^ aiJUlrv^SuL 
to oontOTpomry Audiences; mrttmg fnrth Kudi & vlale of 
tU&s*i — eouB a^lliog their faLhora^ niotLcn^ ood oixtets m 
SlavM to tho Daiiiiih robbor; th«iDseJv^ liviug Lu duittuchnry, 
blu44«roiX4 iflulUiny, Atid dpprnvit^ ; l)\e duUil^ of vklik-h-u^ 
Veli-Digb mcicdiblc* Utough cIcmIjt itvkt«d u) thiLifa ^uorjUly 
kaowiir — Ulo hittnor ol tLeeo poor wrotohot auuk to a »tat^ of 
vbfti w« may call gna^ d«8jwraiiaiv '* Let ua «at jui<1 drink, 
for tomorrow we die/' The mHiiuL*v Ju ifltich U;u> tn^U^tl 
tl^eir oim En^litii i:uus, if >oauK, fcootUo^^king, nod cop^iv« 
lo tbe UvuitfS; buying them oti n kind dI bruUAh or vitbttv*- 
bmlitdi ■'iirvuLbat Hai^tjnnni!i 1'riiiinple" (for Uie nioi;ieut), luid 
by « JumUStfiuk jin'^igriitvnr-, Tur IruuEu^vmU ^11 hiEiuaii ^vee^li 
oc ituo^lajiUou, 4iid ti«^LktfLk!i in out lU^ momcutuy icd-Uot 
Cboogfat, Th6 DuM liave ^ervod yon Tight, 70 ACAurMd! Tbo 
Kvcftlled aotdim, oiu find*, nka^U not \\m IcaNt Aght juiyw1utr« ; 
oould lankv iioi», lod and irnidnl ub Itivy woro ; aud tho '^ Gcji- 
attll ** ofboi e-Aoush tnutOAf alvrays igckonwt, ntid bloakhiuul4^ 
were Id tbt* haUt, vrbea exproMly oommauUe'l to fi^lit^ of 
taking pbyiie^ aud decUrinj that tiatLin! wjn luunjiAljle of 
caatoMid and lAtUu butli al €dcc. TUii ouj;bt to be rx^dniiiod 
a litUc to ibo iQodont l-jigliBh and Uieir Wstf-Si«r*tarietf, who 
UAdutake the ooitdiict of armies. Thr. tttideuiabltf faiOt la, 
dfifMt (ID il^fesLt wia tlif cL^uf^lAiit Tnlci ijF tlu; Bu^4l»!l ; duiiug 
tbeae fony y«ju^ not uuu bat-ttc in vhioh thvy vFi>r* not bculen. 
^o Kkiun of ricioTy or roftl r«»iitaiioe till tfao nobk* Edioiuid 
litiDtidr 4wiom it i« nlvriyi itrauge tn mti hou- kih^Ii ;iii Ethvli^ 
cmkt prndaui! far tmn) mudtj hU appntnujoc and riiit liU brief 
OMne. Uko a ^reat aiuJ fai-e^ci> m«tior, won oitiusuiilii^ 
Titl^oQt r<«n]L No rvmcdy for Englhud in Uiat htu^ Iiiikv iHit 
3iitu]y nuking tlw TictorioitH, plmidi^riug, hiiruiiig iwd muriltfrijii; 

< Tto *f»an wo* prilitril b j Hcnmrf : «xi'l 1< ITItW" "I^^ <? !*n^h*i bi 



Bsnfli^ "Ilow HJUoJi ijioii**v will ywj Ukr to po away ?" Ttiirty 
thouMnd pound* iii silver* w^ich iht annual Dan^cti soon 
ro«« to» contmaed to Ik- itx)ut tlie atvrag^ yearly Bum, thonglt 
^on^raJty on thn inj-rna^inj^ hni^ii; in Ihft Inxt yftar f thlok It 
bad ri«ci> to acrcnty-Uo thousand jwanda in sihcT, raued 
jcnrly by u tax (l[i«o«ie'r4x vl' il6 lEind, rudely bviod)* tho 
wonit of nil remedidft, gciiMl for tho day only. Nay, th^re wu 
OQO ivmedy «til] VGJJse, wUidi thi.' miwratile Klhelred oDoe 
tried : thjkt of mnaaAcrinf; ^' OlU ih*^ B»ne» acttlnd in Englaod " 
Ipmotioallyf of a few tliout&aiiEld ot huudroda of Utom), t»r 
tT«£ichf<ry and a kind of Kifiiiian V«ts|iera WhJch Issued, u 
flucli tluogs osually do, In tcn'iblo monitioii to you aot tu \s;f 
tbe liko OKftiDC lAj;uud, iiotaely, :n roclonblcd fnry on iUa 
Uftniali part; ii«ff fiercer inva^Lou by Sveiu'c Jarl Tliork^; 
\heii by Sv«lu hbuself; wliioh latt«r droire ibe inLaenlile 
^tibetrod, with vrtfo and fafaity, into Normoudy, to vtte'a 
brother, tho then Duko there \ mid ended thnt mUonblo atrug- 
gle by Sveio'* beoomln^ King of England timsolf. Of tidi 
diAiJEraoeful maskacrr, wticL it would apj^Kir has Uhth im* 
mo&Mly oxufifforalod in the EInKli^l^ boolu, we caa happily 
ffive the exact date (a.d. loo:^) ; and aUo of Svoin « vi^Corioiu 
aooesBlon (va 101,1),' — pr^lty mnyli tlie only bi-nuiit one fDti 
out of Qui^ tempi At iiig fluoU a set of objvoU. 

Kin^ Srciu's Hrst act woa to levy n terribly mcreaaod Income 
Tax for tho payment of hm army. Svom vu levying it witk 
a atroagliAndwl (Uli^nm^ tnjl Imd noLjuifloiiR Wyiug it^ when, 
at GalnaborougU one tiighl, lii^ audderily dted^ nnittcu dead, 
once naed to be said, by St- Edmund, whilom mtirdeied King 
of thfi K»c AiirIpa ; who nonld not hnnr to »ee bis shrink asd 
mcii^tali^r} o( Hi, Eiliciundibiiry |i]niic1eri'd by thu Tymnt*« tAX- 
ooJloctora, aa tb^y were ou tlie point of Wing. In all ways iio- 
pOfudhlp, howovoF, ^ t^mnwri own death dtd not ooeur till two 
years after 8vein*ii. SvQift'« death, by whatever cftuse, befeU 
1014; hifl flwt, Ihea lying in the HhiuIipt ; and only Knut^* hia 
etdcFt non fhorlly yet oij^hteen, count wmie), in charge of it ; 
who, on vhort ecnagel, and orrangeinent about this ^^ueetionable 

< RtDUPl, L er \ f(ji{ifu. ]. 119, IJI ffruiit tfjo .SimM CKnnidt botlil 
* Knm bora a-o. 9A0 BcconUag lo Moiu^h'i dUcnluioD {JL IM). 

Our. rm. 




kingdom cif hi;*, Uftr<l onchin' ; ninths for SAnLltriohj A sarer «tiL- 
tioa ftt tlu! moment ^ *^ out ulT ilii> fuct ftod Qoao» " (one shudder*, 
«n<l hop^ Not, tb^ro baing som^ dteorcpauoy about it 1) ol Uia 
tnimflrnun liivuji(fpa that hail hn<'ii rlpliv»tr(iii ti^ Kin^;; ftvein ; nft 
tbcm oili&rt* i — nud made for Dcnm;irk, hia Latur^l storchousr 
whI stronghold, M tit« bo]iofut<±bt lint thin^ ho csouid do, 

Kixnt foon ivtiini«d from Deam^rk, with iiiorc!U« of forco 
Eofficiunt for U^c Cn^^IUh prohLeiEi ; which lattur hi- now eoileil 
in 'ft rictorioiu, And i»9cntially, for himnclf and chfiotic Ehf;- 
bnd, bciiofioeiic mannur. Bi^oamo widul}' kuowii bj und by. 
(here and elsewhpr^r ^ Knnt thd Great; and is. iJiotigItt by 
judcovof <'Ur day lo have readily mvnteJ Lliat ltU«. A mast 
AimUc, shorp-atriking. olcfir-thinkinif, prudont iLnd cff<^otive 
ttuUT, who t«gtthled tMs di»mombor«d luid diatra^tud Ku^land 
In ilA Churoh inatters, hi iU Sl&te triafHlers, like a n<a] King> 
HmI a StftDding Army (/fi>r»r« Cfirit^). who were well paid, 
wtA) drtllod and disdplin^'d, capable of iDstAntly qnosohioff 
inmvrcctlon or breakage ot Lbo pt^nco ; and plonoly «a<leavored 
(with & iiigii;il i*;inH'Stiit.'*s, iuid rvnri dcvontnv?*R, if w** li«jk 
well) to do juiitictr Ut jkU m«n, uud to m:ikv all looa rest nalid- 
fiod with ju^oe^ I:i a word, ho euccessfully strappod tx^ by 
v^eiy tm9 method and rFiguUTion^ thin mt^araliLt*, diKlot^tedf 
and diur-VPTiul tnwm of blnrduig Anjirdiy inUr Humethtii|,' 
worthy to bo called on England Jigain ; — * uoly that he died too 
Boon, and a aooond "Conqueror " of us, «tUI woightior of atrac- 
tur**, and nuder impr<ivrid aiL^picins, Uimtni' jMJ!i»ib!t\ and waa 
DOo<lcd h<-rct To <t]jpifArniinfi> KiiiiL liiiuirtf vas capable of 
heiiig a Charlomosno of Kn^hbiul and the North (a8 has l>een 
alMadj said or quotod), had bo only hvod tivic^? as Icng tia ho 
^W- Eat Ilia wbolo stiiu of yeoK aeenis not to have i^K*a'eilcd 
furly. nis faUier Svitj[] of the rorkbeaid i» lockodod to have 
heoB fifty to sixty wbfn St, Kilmund linlihrd him at Gams- 
bOTOUgb. We now mtam to Norwayn aahnuiod of this long 
fiirooit whkb boa b«!6n a truanuy mor» or leA&. 




Kura OhAV THR mr^R-Ai^ft vtKixn DiTt. 

Kuru IL^BALT QBMXMnMt who. with another from R«aA 
aooidontoliy lodicn^g twiiidv him, ^l burovd to <Ii±atb iq ttvcdfin, 
Gonrtiag that ontpc^lukbk Higtid Ihv Ptuudf — mtxs tliird cotuin 
trv HO tij Try^ifTi^ TaLtliar of our keroic OUt. Aocur&tol; counivUr 
h« iH t-rcat-fni&dson of Bjom tbo ChapmAO, fii«t of HoArfijcr^fl 
BoiiG whom Erio Blooduce m&dfi awfty withu HU littLa ''king- 
dom,'' an li« oftllod it, wnjc a dittrSut oamed tt^e Oraenljuid 
<(?fvifc«itan'/) ; be Ub&Mlf wha 0119 of tho»« littlo Iljiarl^'T 
ktn^eto whom HuJlou Jul. such moio OJaE X^RK'oson, «ru 
cfouteDt Co leave reigniitg, idiic«^ tlioy voold koop tin pMOO with 
hiiiL Hjinlcl hail % It^vin^' wHc of hii vwiij At^ta Uin ntuna of 
bet, soon rxpecttofc ^ birth of her and hift ptetty littbe, atmcd 
OUit — at tho tiiJA*> be wont oc that dcTplomblo Swedish ftd- 
vontur^, ihe rot:»1ifh, fa^t^i^ cmatnm, adiI ottdt^d nlf and kisg* 
dom alUj^thfvr. AbMji wili gn3;UJ/ ^hl>ckla] i composed hofwlf 
howcTcr \ BiAirifHl a new huabcutd, t^i^rd Sjrr, a kin^krtr attd 
a grevil-gmndAoii of llnraJd FnirhoirT a mua of great voaltlif 
pndaiao, and icAoence in Ihone cnimtH^A ; in wbme honMf at 
favorllo Mid well-Wlnvrd nUpflont littlo Obf via wbolMOQiidy 
and akilfullf brouffht nji. Ii: ^i^nrd^n hooao he bad. wiUiali 
a apocial Color cnterUiinod for hiux, cn« bane, known m ECaao 
thd Fur-Lnv«ll0d« by H-hoiii licf ouuld be tmiiMvl, ftoni dw lurii- 
cstba«ia, id Ko»c ao:oiupliHhaieriU and airU, New ofaildran 
oauv, onv or two i but ^.tM. iroDi hiA uiother, soeuii ^Iivaye to 
have known that Lo was Uio distinguishod and royal arUda 
Uure. Ono da/ hia FiMter-faLtiL-r, hnrrying to UtAvn hoDM OQ 
bnaiooo, bMtilj" bade Olal, uo otlior bring by, aaddlo hia hona 
for him. Qlaf w<TOt out with tho saddb, choitv tho bigg««t bo- 
goat about HCkddkd that, ai^ hrougltt It to the door by ^ay of 
bon«L Oh) Signrd, a uioU cnrn miin, (friniinLl i^nnloii really at 
tko s%tit ^ Ha^ I sea tkoa hast no mmd to tAke comAiaiidi 



Cfom mo; thou art at two hl^h a h^inor to lake comiumdfc" 
To ffbich, mya Suorro, Boy tU.xf nnflwercd little eictpl by 
UnghiD^, till Sipird sa^'lled for biixiseU, and rodo away. His 
moUirr Aiutm ajijw^ra tn hnvp hf*PH a thoughtftiU prudent 
wom4D, thoi;gb ^l^vuyA with a fiurce loyalif^ia -*t,t tlie bottrnu ;:f 
bvr inamory, and a Mcri't impfncability cu that hotd> 

At Ui« a^ cf twelve OM v^Aut tc tea; fummhod with a littlo 
f^pi^t, and sliiUul Hoa-couiksetlor, expert oltl Rane, by lib Foster* 
father, Jtnd act out ta [iu»h bia fortuue iii the wcrtld. Hauo 
TM a etoorsman imd counflcllor in these tncipnnt timo«i but 
the crflw always called Olaf '^ KIor/' though at first, ui Snorro 
thiuks, rxccpt it wera iu lL« huur of b^lLlt. \ia laevAy (luDed 
on fAt. He cnxiftcd and totiffht in tbi^ (M^pncity o» many sraa 
and aliOiT«i ; ptuoftd ncvoral y^-atA, porhnptt till tlL« a^e of nino- 
teen or tireiily, in tkk wihi i-h'mL^nt itrJil WLiy of life ; fi-rlitinj^ 
alwajH iii a ^ItJTiuus aiiil diatitiguifih(<d ULitnuer. Iti lh<* Lr>ur 
of battle, dili^ot onough " to amaa» pL^pei-ty," aa tbc YlkiD^ 
t«mi«d it; and in th* Ifmg dayft ancl nrght* of Sftiltrg, pv«i 
4JTCT, it i:( likrty, tf) his own thoughts aiirl tb* iirtf;tthci][i;diU^ dia- 
logue wtib Uiu evcr-niD;!!!]]]^ Se;i ; ttot thcr wont lli^h School a 
inaa oould have, and iiidtred lutiaitcly pi-ctorallc to the nioet 
th*t ard goin^ even ric^w, for a high and <li»**p ymins soul. 

HIb finit rliHtiuFpii^hfil eipedttmn wli* in Su-witu : iiutuj-a! Ui 
p> thither lint> to areage bU puar father's death, were it noth- 
log BIOT& Which he did, the Skalds say, in a distinguithad 
manner; making victorioni nnd hiuidHonie bcittia for himaeir, m 
entering M»lai^ I^ke; niul in |p:»it[.i»g out at it o^-diu, after 
bcuv frocn there a3l winter, chuniiig atitl more surprising, 
almoat mirturuIouE contriTauco and d^Kterity. This w^ia the 
fijitof hi*filonoua victoHe»; at whidh tho Skalds n-rkon up 
ttiaie fourtetfu or Ihirlr^eu voiy glorious tndond, mostly m the 
W«8leni and &outh>?ru ooimtrica, inont of all m Uog-Iand ; till 
tha BaiDO of Olaf H.^rnldnou Uh^^uu^ quite famous in thr Vik' 
iny and rtrntt'Ei- workl. H*? aeem^ rvtiWy to liavc h-aniptl the 
aemtM of hia tradi;, and to have been, then and aftorwarda, for 
Tigilanoe, oontrivanoe, valor, and promptitude of «x«oation, a 
niperlor !ight«T. Spv*>ra] Axploita reuord*d of hlrti hflinknu, in 
limply fornift, what may be (Billed a luUiUbry gcuiua. 



The prLnoipal, uni U> uk i\[» alooa Liitere^tifif^, of hU Mtplotis 

alwujs ou tUd &utl-&veiu aiite. Eo^lieh book* do not mention 
biui at all th&t 1 cwk lindi but it lA Uirly crodibU that, ah tlw 
Nonit r«cvird« vopcrt, in tho odc! i>r Ktbelr^'i r«lgn, be vas Uie 
idly nr hin-i) gimc-r^i^ uf ELUelrod, uuil did 4 ^ratt dcuj of «ea- 
figkttuf,v w^cJjtiig, aailittg. and siegiftjf foi- thU uitenkUc kin^- 
aodBdmnnd [rotisido, ItfaAon, Snorra Anysoxpraaily, LondoD, 
thft impTQgDJLhld i7ity, bad to bg V«ivgi*(i iigum for Etli^lred'a 
bshoof (In thr iiiUrrvil bctwiwii Siriu'i dcJiUi uud yoiiu|; Ktittl^A 
getting \xKk from Dt^imark). aod thit oui- OUt' H«inldMm wm 
Cha groat eogineer uid victonons onptot of Londua on that 
■ingtilAT QivaAUiD, — I/ktiilon laptum! fur Uja ittal Leuiu. Tlio 
BcLdgi:, JU Daii^ Saionc )i:4>% offcrrnd iiltuoat iuttupcrftbld ob^t*- 
o!«e. But the (^gitiiH>Tii]^' gunLiu of Ul^ coQtnv«d hu^ " pUl- 
forms of waLi^ecotijig [oM nalU of vrooden hodaM, in fftot], 
bciu&d togelJinr by witlitui;'* x^tonty ^jlitimI i^i^ily tdnfi ftbOTB 
the fthipa, will (thinks llUi) C(JiiAi<lcrRbIy «ocure thnm ftad t» 
froui tikd destructive mldadeiir big bouldor dtonos, iind octm 
ulsoJLiof ptofas«ly ahowprod down od ua, UU wd get undet cbd 
Biidge witbtixci Ajad OKb]o»,ttjid ddM>m« good upon it- OUTji 
pUa wu iriod 4 moat of tbc other abipa, in spit« of their waia- 
iootjug atiiX witlk08, reooUed on r^cohing Uu Bcidgv, to dcifttnto^ 
Xite w^ve tb^ boidder viil other mliBlLo tthowero. Ifut OlAfs 
•bipa and mU gnt actualty under the Britlire ; fixed n\\ uLaoiwr 
of cikbliM tliotv ; and then, wiCb tbo tivtr current in thnir fnvor. 
Mid Uw (nghttiieU fiUipii mUyiag to help in thiik aalvr purl of 
tkd enluipruw, torv tjut t1i« Lutportaiit plW and projM, and 
Cftifly broke the poor Bhdg«', w)u>ily or poitly, down into ih* 
river, aud its DaainJi dcfcbdera inlo iiaiaediato surrondcr. That 
U SnorroB acroiiatH 

Oa a prcYiouB occasion, OUf bad bftBU deap iu a bopoful 
oombtnation vith KthcLrvd'* tvo yonogcr som* Alfred ai»d 
Ifdumid, afterurarda King t^lward thci Confonort That th«y 
twti dhuidd Bully out txtfta N'unikaLniiy in Mfong foroe, nutta 
vHb Olaf iu ditto, and, lALidiug on the ThauiAfl) do aooMtluBg 
ttfovtoftj for tbiiia.aelrc-«« liot impodinioutA, bod vt<atli«r or 
tha Uk«, diftheaneaed the poor PrLuoei, aud it aunt to nothing 


Ohi tru DiucL ill NofTDVitly* vvLiit tliL-y llieu caU«d Willuid; 
a num held m honor by tliOBO Norimui Dnkt^a^ 

Whftt ftmotint of '■ propertjr '' )ia had AiiiAwtpd I do not 
know, Imt uould proTH. wej-e it naiv^xiry, ILaI hn had nxiqvnri'd 
sooic tactical or even strfltofcic fti^ult,? and rpEiI taJciit for nar. 
At Lymfjcrd, in Jutland, but uomo yraJS Jifwr thi« (a,d, 1037), 
tie h»d n Mca-bauU- nrtth the grt^t Kniit himfitiUr — «hlpa corn- 
Hood with finod'gates. witli ruatbg, artllimal deluges; ri^ht 
v^U managed by KingUlj^f; wLiob vitrc wrjthin aUjiir'^-brcodth 
of dnstroying Knut, now J>ncoin» a, King aud iiroat^ and <lii 
In KntM^L Miud him insiiinily niiinici^ Hut of this rrtar^ piirti- 
Golftrly hy and by. 

What dtjil mf>re 0UTpriB» mo U tho saystery, wboro UIaJ, 
Iji this w&nderiDgp flghung, s«a-roving life, Sk^c^uirad hia deepl/ 
Rligious fonlitij;, hi** iuUi^isi? adiiPrcnt^i:^ to thr Christian Vftith. 
IwppoflO it hjid been in i:ne:]and, whcro many pioun pcrcKmOr 
pncEstl^' mid other, wore otill to bo met with, tbut OM had 
gatiittr«d th«4e doctrines ; und tliai in Usdao Mk mifathoimLble 
dlalo^fiieak wtLb the wtrr'mtjiLtimif Ocfu.n, lUcy h;id ntrai^k hkiI 
dovawitfda ill t}iO flciil of bim> and boriic rniil upwflidfl to thi^ 
d«gn» «o ooii«]>icuouA altorwtirdA. It iit/i>Ttum ha bifaanid u 
deeply piouit mau dnring thi*4fl long ViktTig rniiHe*; aiid di- 
rvcted 4II hi? Hti-eii^llj* wLi^n Hl[C-U|;th and authority weio l&nt 
him, to ««Cablishiiij^ the OLn.^tLnn i^cli^on in his conatry, nnd 
sopprMsing SLtid AhoUahln^ Vtlcingi^ni th&r^ ; both of whieh 
objtfoti, Mid thuir rMi^Hi'tivi- wottti und uuworlh, Ue uiLiaL him- 
aeLf have long kuuvrn h^ well. 

It was well OD in a^v. WW thxt Knnt ffa]a4>d hi* hut yictory, 
at Ashdon, in K«s«x, whi>rf* thr i^arth jiynuiii^la and jiiiLiqim 
c^nrch imjur Uy *tiU U-^tify tliR tli^inVTul piuty of Kuvt, — ur, aL 
lowcfit Ilia joy at having won inabaad of lo^t and perished* aa 
h0 was near doing Ui^re, And it waa £till tbi« as^idq y«ar when 
th« noble Kdmund Ironside, after forc*nd pnrtition-trr<iity "tu 
tlmUlc of jUncy/*got ^t^ajLdikhiualy raDnkivil.uud Knut bt-c;uut» 
induputAblfi sole Kin^' t>i EagUud, and dociAtvely sctttod hiin- 
mU to tiid work cl governing tb«r&< la the y«u before (!ith<!r 
of which ^vont», whMfl all ^tiU hung uiuertain for Kuul. iind 
ftvcn Liic Jarlof Norway hiui bo be auiumoncd in aid of hiuj — 



in tLu >0ar 101£, && obc mixht nAtamlly nuf^tft i^ixl m nil 
loblokiKiic liiikU nftd indieatiomi ImuI tu to dute Uiv UuDff, OJol 
had decided to giv^ up Vikbi^m tn all iU forms ; lo return to 
NorwftVT mid try vlji^Uim^ Imt coiild iMt ftswrt tlir pIiiT !md 
c&TMr Lkii bcloagctt tu him thflte- Jul Erie ha^ tutUiicd 
vHli ull fab witr foffvot CovanU Cnglftadt Icavuig only a Uj, 
HAkoQ, M a(M(«MMr, »ihL Sv«in, hi* own bMhur,^^ii qai«t 
tnui, who hftd nlv/ayn kvouM wiit. Obif haduil hi Konr^ 
without obsuclc I but decided t<} be quwt till be had biaseU 

HiB ruoepUon |]>' hts mottia^ A^^ta vas of tii« ki&dnst tod 
proudv8t, itad i* Iitviiijfly doscribod by Siiont), A pn-tty idyUio 
or tpio |>icco, of T^atik Homeric ^rpc ^ llov AuU, h4.^riji2 of 
hftr Mm*ft ndrontr wt all bor mudt uad mvEuUtt to vork at tUe 
to^ of theif »p««d; defipftlcbed ft ninner to tbo lurVQ8C*ILeUI, 
wkenr hsr ktubuid Sigurd wfts, to vara hluj to ooone Itome 
ood dTcfft. Hotr SiK^rd woe atAndiajt anonjc bis bwt«t folk, 
fw^pen and bondon ; tod what ho bud im,'->bTOAd vloudi haty 
WtUi veil (t(E&Iiiftr. tb« Ukidges), blue kirtle, hcu of I for^l vbnt 
coW, witli bci'd boota^ and in hu ha&d a stick wilii bilv^t 
hMd aimI ditto hn^f npon it ; — n punonkbl* old ^Dblotn/Ln, of 
the el«vtictb iMJituiy, in tliufte jKuta^ Sic^rd va» enutiouc, 
prtulvuliuUy tuuctaLory, Uiuugb LteuUlj fneodly in hbcuuuiad 
to UUfi AS to tbc Kins queaitioii. Austa h^ & &paiUD tOi»e la 
bur wiid lotttanisl boort ; and umrof Olaf that 9;hp, vitb % half- 
repnnuliful i^luiiou at Si^rd, will sioMd by biia U^ tbe ibetdh in 
thift Lb ju:it und uulltj triiUr^iinAe. 8i|;urd prouuM* to oonault 
farther ia bis neighbor hood, and tc covrwpond by laoMa^t^i 
thu r^AuIt lit, Obif, rvttolntvly pniibing forwanl himftirlf, nuolTM 
Ur cad ft TbitL^'r snd upviuly ctjiini biit kia^^bip ihevt^ Thtt 
Tbin^ itoeir wao willirti; eucm^h: o^poaitiou parties do here 
ftitd th«Te bestir thftnutflmn ; iMit Olof is tlwayt swifter tJiaa 
thry. Kmr kirigbfLi smiievbrre in bhi? ['plamh^' — all rlw««iii* 
liants of ILurfo^r i l«t aTerw! to break tliL* ]>eaci!, A'bkb Jail 
&ne awl Hbhort Jari boib h&re alvays willingly aUow«d U> 
jfAR^^atkle peoplo, — Mwm to b« thd main oppoaition pott^' 
Tbi>»r fivn tako tbo finid a^itijit Obif vith vbmt icrve tbey 

> S^nv. Ub^ TruuUitoD, iL p- 91 •! b*^, will noiBloly rp«tf|{f. 

cbat-ix. olaf the trick-sets viking days. 2H 

bare ; OUf, one night, by beautiful celerity and strategic prao- 
tice which a rriedrich or a Tureiiiie might have approved, 
commods these Five ; and when morniag breaks, there is noth- 
ing for them but either deaCh or else instaut surrender, and 
iweahng of fealty to King Olaf. Which latter branch uf the 
alternative they gladly accept, the whole tive of them, and go 
home again. 

This was a beautiful bit of war-practice by King Olaf on 
land. By another stroke still more compendious at sea, he had 
alieady settled poor young Hakon, and made him jieaccable for 
a long whOe- Olaf, by diligi'nt queflt and spy-mesBaging, had 
ascertained that Hakoit, just returuiiLg from Denmark and fare- 
well to Papa and Knut, both now under way for England, was 
ooasting north towards Trundlijem \ and intended on or abont 
ancfa a day to land in auch and such a fjord towards the end 
of this Trondhjem voyage^ Olaf at once mans two big sliips, 
steers through the narrow mouth of the said fjord, moors one 
ship on the north shore, another on the south ; fixes a strong 
eable, well sunk under water, to the ca}>stanB of thesd two ; and 
in all quietness waits for Hakon. Before many hours, Hakon'a 
royal or quasi-royal barge steers gaily into this fjord ; Is a little 
snTprised, perhaps, to see within the jaws of it two big ships 
at anchor; but steers gallantly along, nothing doubting. Olaf, 
vith a signal of " All hands,'^ works his two capstans ; has the 
cable np high enough at the right moment, catches with it the 
keel of poor Hakon's bargee, upsets it, empties it wholly into 
the sea> Wbolly into the sea ; saves Hakon, however, and his 
■people from drowning, and brings them on board. His dia- 
Ic^ue with poor young Hakon, especially poor young tlakon'a 
responfleSf ia very pretty. Shall I give it, out of Snorro, and 
let the reader take it for as authentic as he can ? It Is at 
leOJt the true im^e of it in authentic Snorro's head, little 
more than two centuries later. 

**Jarl Hakon was led up to the king's ship. He was the 
handaomeat man that could be seen. He had long hair as fine 
as silk, bound about his head with a gold ornament When bo 
nt down in the forehold the king said to him : — 

£ing, " ' It is not fals«, what is said of your family, that 

10,10— Yol. 9 



JO Ar«t liAiidsoni^ people ti> Took at; but now your laoV Iils 
dfiMrtcd you.* 

Hakon. ^'It bov olwiiys been the oue that sd(^bb is 
vharigeAble ; antt thPT9 U no Inrk m thp nmM«r- It hwi gnn9 
wIlIi your fAmil^' as with irieic to hnn? b)' hinin the Uitor lot, 
I aoL HtUc bojrond obildhocd in jcont ;ind at any rat4 ir« 
«oi>ld not havo dafeTid<7<i ocin^Iv^*, sia we riid not esq^eot any 
Attack on the vay. It may titm out bett<«T with us another 

A7n^. " ■ Do!^ thou not appreJ^end Uicit then art in sud^ a 
ooudilion that, ]ier«aft«r, tliere can be neither vi<TWT7 nor 
dtifeaL Tor Oiiw ? ' 

Hahm- " ' That b what only thou c&nflt dotormiiko, Kinfl, 
aoGordinit to thy ploiauro.' 

Kirrff. " ■ Whftt wilt thmi g!v6 nw^ Jarl, If, for thb lim% I 

irt th*ro gn, whole ajid uuhui't? ' 

Ilakon. "'WhM wilt thou take. King?' 

ff iVii?. " ' Nothings eitoept that thou »hftU leave th« oouMry ; 
give- up thy^ kiiigfloTii ; and tnlct^ an ciath that thou wilt never 
gtt into l^a-tde aguinst mr.* " ' 

Jarl Jlakon accepted th« gcn^ro^iH torma i wetit to Cnslond 
and Kiug Kitutr and k«pt bia bargain for a good few ycduv ; 
thongh he was at last (IHvtpd, by prrwRurn of Kmg Knnt, to 
riolalj? it, — tittle to Lis profit, lu "'o shall soe, Ono victoriuu 
naral hnttin with Jorl Svrin, Hakon'e uncle, and hin adboretitu, 
wbo flod to SwodPd, aft*t lua boating, — battle not diffictiU to 
a skilful, hurd-hiitkug king, -*wa« pretty nuiL^h all the autwU 
fighting Qlaf h^d to do In this mtorpri»o> Iln rarioua tlmce 
met luigry BoridorA nnd n^fmotory Thinffs witli nmuft in tHcir 
kaad ; but by ikilful, firm manag«miTiit. — porffWtly patii>fit. but 
alttu jwrfectl V svatHy to Iju aiTtivo, — ht- uiofitly maaaged wUhimL 
coming to strokea \ aud was univeraally recogniiod by Norway 
A« iti rcHil ktngn A proiDinitiH; yoimg mftn, niiil tit to bo a kin^ 
tbfnlu SnoTTo. Only of middle xtattirr. nlnioHt raChPT shortiuh ; 
but firm-«tAiidiug, ajid Atoat- built: ho tkit tlidy got lo c^ him 
Olaf Ui« I'hick (meaaUig Olaf the TMck-fOf, or Stoat-buih), 
though bin final lerpitb^t amon^ thotn waK Infiait^ly higlior F«( 

* Saync% li pp. M, ti. 


the nvt, '' a oocnelj, eiArucaL [arcfvcHniDfE took ; beanttfnl ye\- 
icw hair in qouitttjr j broftd. honest Ujt», (rf a eonirkxicjii yniitt 
sa nww luid pmo j " mrt finally (w airatiyj ** tho brigbtoflt e>-c5 
in Um ivorH; jturUi thn^ m his auger^ no oiui uould Mwtd 
thoBL*' He kkd * bcavjr tiok ohwl, uiJd uoeded M bia quli- 
tiM azkd fiiie gitt0 to g^ it <loiio. 


snav or icrxa <tuxv rnit ^akct, 

Tm lato two Jarls, uov gons about thoir bosinGDei had 
boUi lj^«D kapiiMvl, jod callml thi^Eus^hes ChriaLi^ui!!. But 
duiaff thm RorvnuiKPt Uiey did nothmg in the coiin-rsion 
Vi^ ; Wt erwy a&ii to choo^i? his qwii i}oii or God* ; eo ttat 
aoiDtt luid Mtuallf tico^ the OtLri«ti;iti Croii by luni, and At oca 
TbiJT, vbum tlitfjr DDUBulcnnl aafvc id that cli-trimt And tn 
eff«cl tb« mug of the pcopi? biid fAlIr.-ii b^uik into n slij^^)»li 
bwthnniwn or holf-hootJionUiLL, the lite-l^bor of OUf TtjHrg- 
vaum tj'in;^ ruinoiu or nlmiwt <|tiBtn f^vcntnt^ Th^ new OUf, 
Mm ol Il;uulil, art htuMlf vtUi all Lin strrugth to mf-nd Aorh 
ft sUbQ of mabtisrft ^ £uid atood by hia eiiterpriiio to the end, aa 
thfl coo hi^bMC tntoEyAti inohidin^ l11 oth^n^ fi>r liiu iVople and 
him. His neahod m bj- ro icpBn% soft; on th4» cirmtnry, it 
vw bmd,rApid, vorrrr, — 'NooiiThhat on Uib otodfii of Tryjy- 
TCfOQ'it thongh vith moro ol' blAhoplny xi»6. pMn^iiag eupoN 
added. ¥«t etill Uiere waa a great deal of nAitUiigr vi^wotti 
pttnlihlnf, andaaoatim intnlonuuui of th*satwothing*t He^ 
tlmiam and ?ca-ro1*b«jrT> ^ )»l'A of S^a-fobbcry in tlie old 
ftyle s irhothcr in thi? jitrlc w« modern* atiU fmctiAD, and call 
pivatiMring, I do not quit^ ki>ov. But vikingiata ^iFoparhid 
toaaaai En Norray ; still nnre, Hentlii<Di«nt, auder |wtiajtiea 
too aeTMQ to b« borno \ death, inatilntion of limU uoi to niru- 
tft»n r6rf<ijmr« and Iomi n^roLw onercioo. Olaf wns inexor- 
able agiUitfC Tiolation of the ]ilv. "Too aever^/* cried nany; 
to whom on« ausvem. " P«ihaj« in |An yet, pvilutfa aldo La 



great part ib>; lUpt^nd^i ;iltcgi;Ui«r on th^ pravioua queitiony 
liow far the Uvr vaa iUrr otertial one of God AJmighty m tbc 
iinivene, Jioi? far tb« law inor«1y of Ol^f (d'^Titute of right 
Inspiration) Ml to hh own pawstonM ntul wliiniK 7 "* 

Httny wciv the j.%xigt«a Ol.if biul with the refractory He^ 
thou Thia^ anil IrcnboartU of a iiev gE^iicration : \orj ouriouA 
to we, 8oa»eLy aret did it como to fighting b«tw(kOQ Kiag 
and Thlogr though oft^^n ^aou^h aau: it; hut thi* Thing du- 
ceTDUiKt a« it TUtualljr did in Hmc^ that th<i Kiai; van ntrongor 
in men, aoomud to aay tiaauimously to itaelff '' We ha^^ lost, 
then; b:i{>tlxc us, we most biim our olil gods and ooDform." 
Oii0 riDW ftuttiuti we ilo Hli);liL]y di^cciii , Leri; and theie a tuuch 
of thtological argumoiit oo the heathen sido- At oqc wild 
Thing, farupbi tho Dovref jeld, of a very ht^athen tvmper, thcro 
wai muoh of tbtit; not to W (|tJFm'lifi] by King Ol&f at thfl 
tDDiuont- phi Uiat it had to he ailjounied till the morTOWt and 
agidn till tho next day. H«re are aom« traitfl of Itp mooh 
aifiklgi^tl from Rnorro (who f^va% a highly punctual ac^^ouat), 
whicli vividly reprpauiil Olafs iHiaturn Jirid iiiiuinir nf pioopod- 
ing la Buoh tntricaciea. 

The ohicf Ironboard on this oeoaaion waa oni» Gudbmud, 
a jft^ty ragged ppnwuil} who, At^yn Snorrn, waa Iik« a kmg in 
Umt diAtriiTt ^jmr d;tyit bflfurr, King Ohif, iatirnding a tvH- 
gioiui Thiag in thoa? ilceply hejtthua partd, with alternative of 
ClLnBtiaoity or ooaflagTation, ia r«port«d, oa Jookiiig down iuto 
th^ vnlUy and thvt bnautifkil vill«^ itf Lomj Kt^ndlAg thOTCy tO 
hare Haid wtalfally, *- What a pity it in that bo b«ailtifll] % 
rilkgo abould bo lurot ! " Utaf eeat out Kia ni«Mago-tokoii all 
the flame, however, and met Giidbrand and aa [mmenBe aacam* 
blftgf*, whnxp hnmnr toWAirln him w%jt i in rxDn pliant to a high 
degree.- indec^d. Judge by thin preliiainary »peeoh of Gndbrand 
to hin Thing-peoplo, whild 01^ wa« not yet arrived, bat only 
advaaoing, haivlty got to Elr^iid«a on the other ilde of th« hlUt 
" A man tuw ooini^ to l^ar who vs oaJled Olaf," said Gndbraodti 
"and will iotcn upoa an aaothc^r faith than wc hod bofon^aad 
will broak ia pieoaa aJ) our Uoda, He aays bo haa a rnmib 
greater and morp povorful Hod 7 nnd <i U wond^rfol that tha 
oartb dooa not burvt A^uodcf under him* or Ltiat our Ood k4a< 



bira fD Ahonit uApanUivtl vfai-n be djitnc ia bUk tuvli tilings 
1 kftoir tbift for ccrtoiEir that if ire carry Thor, who boa aJirnj'B 
itcod lij' us, oat of oui Temple tbftC is Mandiitg upon Uu» f&nii, 
OUf's iiod wilt nwh ilv^^j, xjiti he nnrt TiiB iHr^ri be uiudc noth- 
IDCU MOD M Thoclooks upon UtfTEO." WhcivupLiii the Itoud- 
cn oil choated m odo miuif ^ Voft I " 

Which treiMEidimfl HMtsa^ th«y eron forwixrded to Obf, 
fay God bniT id's yoongnr eoQ at tJt^ h«M(1 of TOD armed iii#ij j 
Imt (lid not tc^fj i^lal with it. who* on thrr ooatrary, iln-w v]i 
his trcoftt, Tod« himv>U it Ui«? heod cl thi^m, cuh] h^trnn a 
«pe«ah to the BtKoden, ia which he itkvittfd thi?u) to adopt 
Christiaiiltj, aa tJi« o&e tru.« faUli for luci'taLs, 

Fv frotD conacnUii^ to thi*, the JIond^rLi rjU&cd a (cocfftl 
fthout, uKuliag ut tbu UUD« time th^r «lticldH with tboii w««p- 
o&ft; but UbkTft men advauciii^ oa thera aviltly. aud tliivging 
■pe^n, they turned and ran, W^ing Goilhcand^e eou hduiid. a 
prlpoiMiri to whom Olcvf icnvc hie lif«: '^CiO home now to tJijr 
UIkiv aad toll him [ mcui to bo with him aood-" 

Th» aoD gim wKiunliiigiy, utd jiiWims hU fiUihur rot In 
&f» Obf; bat GmltinuLd mi^TJIy rvpliea; "Hiicowiirin I 
Me thou* toov vt t4ikeii hy th^ folJy that u&ii is goiiif; abouC 
vith;**a&d ia r^Anlvr^d to A^ht Thut mKht, )towov«r, Gud- 
fatfsnd ha* n mnut lainafluihSi: Dniuiji, or Viixirii; a Man lur- 
ioand«d by Hifht^ hnngiuj,* ^rvut t«n-or with him, vfh<> wuniA 
Gudbr^Qil iitr^DAl dijiuf^ U'itUe with OlciL '^ If thoTi dost, ttwit 
ftDil alt Uiy peopl« viU fall ^ nolves will tjrug :iwuy lb4MT mil 
thinr, rArofin will Icnr thi^e iu sth^w^l " Ajid Iv. in tcUing this 
toThord IVtbcllyf a sturdy neighbor of h\a aniJ lieiiktUinui m 
tht: Thiog, tt to found that to Thord alM> 1ia« e^aiur tho mlf- 
tetrible AppsritioB t Hrtt^r ^tnpoaE tniec L» O^ui (who 
to Itftvo thc«i; dreadful Ghostly I'owern on hiti »id«), aiid 
tiic ^Idcmt of a Thinsi ^<> dirieai;.» jaattara hfrtwcun u^h TUiu^ 
MW-able*. oci jk d^y of hcniVy rsin^ Tti^iN^ all FeAtd'l, npri^^s 
King tJiafi and iDforms them: ''Thn jteoptc of Li^uw, Lnar, 
Hid Vaa^o. have ncocptcd CbriAtiinitv'i oud Ijrokcu dowu tlioir 
idoL'bDU*o«: they bc^li^ve tu/vr in the* Ttu<> UftdT who liaia iU4kd9 
Iwareii and ttuth, itnd Icikiww kU Utiuj^j ** and niUt down agMta 
vithont Bion words. 



"Qodbnuid rapliei, * W« know nothing ftbout him of wImoi 
thou ippaJcAMt. Doat thou udl Mm God, wluiin ni-lLlier tbou 
nor aaty one tiba <un »t« T Dul ire han a Qod vrlio cou he 
AMn isrety day, ulthouj^lL ho U not out t<^4jiy bocaiue tho 
m&Ui^r ie ^'Ot i AJi^l hn will app*>ar to thc^o t«Tribl« ftud v«iy 
^mnd ; aim) I I'XjHfrrl tlnit r<?ftr will mix rrhh tliy very hlcNxl 
whca be comen inU> ihv Thing. But sincu iLou b^jebl thj 
God U so grefit^ lot him tnakv it so Utat tomorrow w« bavft ft 
oloQity day, hilt wttboiit rutn, »nct tbrni 1i*t iu mtft nffnin/ 

"Thr king ii£i%rdmgly if^tiittieil borne tu hin lod^og, taking 
Oudbrand'a son as a hoeta^^ but ho ptrt theai a iium as 
ho»Ug^ in ^xcHsuigf- In thi^ prpnin^ Uta kiftg uked Gud- 
hrAniI'D xon Whar thnir HckI wtu^ likif ? Hii rc^M that he 
buro the likeiinvA of Thor ; bud & buiuincr l» bin haad^ iris 
of gft^bX aix«i but hollow within ; tmd had a hi; b atand. Upon 
vbich hn atood vrhm\ h^ wx^ out. * Neither gold nor bUtst 
SUA vnntiTi^ about him. anil i^Trtry dfty h«i rBoeiv^ four cakes 
of brrad, bnidos mi.*iit.' They thfrn vcut to bed; liut \hv 
king vatoli^ iLJ nif^Iit in [iTAjcr. When dsiy djLwn^ tbs 
king went to nian^ ; th«n to ttble, and from thouoo to ths 
Thinj{, Tlir wi^tithtfr wa» «ticb as tiudhrwid dMirad. Now 
tbi- Bl»bop »toixl up io his choir^robM, with hUhop's coif on 
his b«ad, utd bi&hup's ccoait^r in hit hondn Ht spoke to tbs 
BocidsTS of Utt^ true faltb^ told lUn manjr vondsfful ftMs o( 
QckU suil Goticludrd his speech welL 

*' Thord I'otbclly, ri^plies, - Muty things we are told of hy 
tttis Iaam(*d man wiih thu fstull in hin Itn&d, orookod at the 
top like a r&m'd huni. Hut winr^t^ you suiy, <M>[nrad?4, that jrour 
Qod ia so poiveiful, and o:in do eo ttuMty Mronder^ l«l] bioi to 
moJui it clcnr sunshinn t4viU(irrow fut^noon, and then vs sluU 
mf^t b«Te a^it. aurl do odo of two things, — «itli«t' agree 
with you about thib bualut&as, or Jtght ycm/ And th«y sepA- 
rated forthc day." 

0^'crnlght the king instnictctd Kolbein t^e 8tront an tm- 
mense fe11f>v, tho aama vho killed Otuihitd's tvre brothen, 
that hoy Kolbeln* luujtL st.inil u^At biin to-inomiw- peopTs 
vavt ico down to vboro the ships ol the Ifond<*rs lay* and 
piinetufllly bore bolsa in ersry one of themt it^m, to Um 


fnnuwh^rA ^h^ir bor^ea vr«re, and (lun^tiully tinhalter the 
vlKtlc nf tlicn^ uml Ictthrim loojitf ; nil wiiioli wujt ctoiLu. Snorro 
cioiitiii1iP5 ; — 

"Now the kmg was in prayor all night, b«eeealkiiiff God of 
his gnrdnpfifi am] int*roy tf* i-elea^o him frotn e^l- When 
maas waji cndcii, and laomi^iK was tirrny, tlto kiiii^ m^cdI to lUe 
Tbin?, When ko cauLU tliLth«r, dodoo Bonders bod tUroady 
aiHved, and they mw a great orovd oooaung ulong» and iMjar- 
inp ami^ii^ ihe^m a Ini^ i)taLi*8 fmage, ^laneLti^ with gald nur] 
iiilrcr. Whnn tho Uondci^ who wrrc at Hid Thinj: saw il, 
tiiey started uj>, imd bovrod tlioni»«lvuu down bt^foro the Uf{ly 
UW Tliflcreupon it wa* set down tijvmi the Tbing field; aud 
oikth<^ oi^e side of it eat tltr Boudi;^!^, and ou Ibe other the 
Kinf; atid lii:i i^copk. 

"Then DuIl* Gudbrnnd bIockI up and said, * Whero now, 
kin^, is tby Ooil ? ! liiitik he vl!1 now i;:irry bts he:i(l lower ; 
and neither thfin, iiur iLu mun witli Ibe hurL, niLlir^^ livoiUt- 
the« thcrCf whom thon called Itishopi are so bold to-day as 
on th« fomiar daya. For now our Ood, who ndAS over ibll, is 
00n»^ and b>ok* on yr^u with onnngrye/a; nnd tiow I see 
veil etiou^'li Uiat juu an^ terrified, aad scarcely dare ri^se 
your eyosn Throw away now all your opposition, and bcJievo 
in tho God who ha* your fate wh<il!y in his hands.' 

"TJin king ntiw wliiKpeps in Koll>*?Lu the Strung, without 
the BondfTO perceiving it, 'Tf it como ao in the eontso of my 
speech that tbe Jfondei^ look another way than cowards th^r 
idol, Ktrilcn him a* hard n* thou reinst wiih thy cbiV 

"Thr? king thrn t^Uax] op and ajjoktf; 'Much haat thou 

talked to na tka morning, ^^^ b"^*-'^^^y ^^^ ^^^^ wondered 
that thou canst not see out God \ but we eipeet that ha will 
won oorae to ns, Thon woijldst frigbtpn ii» xvith thy God, 
who is both blind and doaf, and cannot ovoii move nbout wLUi- 
cut boinif oamcd; but now I cxpt^ot it will be hut a short 
ticae before he meeta Mb fate r foi- tum your ey«is wwards the 
cast* — behold imr Gixl advunnug in grrgtl light/ 

''The sun w^ia rising- and all turned to look. At that mo- 
ment Kolbcin f^vo their God a ulroke, so that he qtt^te hunt 
asunder; and there nm ont of him miec vji big lUmuat iia l^iIo, 




tad nptilra snl Jidiloni. Tlio Ekmdcn wer4 to Urrifted tlot 
toane flt4 to tlxcir ihipfl^ but wboa ihojr «pnuig out a|K>n tlieni 
th« Abipft fiUt^d witb vralorr arij) could ii<it get nwxjr. Oi^er* 
nn to tli^JT UnviiHt, litit onaU) nu^ iiii<l Uit^ui. The Kbi^ Uivii 
Dfittrrtd tbir lloit^Ctn to l>« tilled li?ftftlt<r, ftayitk^ Jt< wwi(cd 
to »pMlc with tluna i oti wLidi Um Bo&dvrt «auft boc-lc, umI 

"The kiuK rrM^ iip itiid itjiid, 'I do iiot midentoi>d wluU 
jour iioi«c »nd runaiu^ ni«Au. Vou yoi]ra^lr<iA m« whnt y<jttr 
U«d I'an do, — tlL« idol jou adornvd with gold uid ntr«r, wmI 
Virou^be tnent arid jiTCTteiowi lo* Vim trr. nnwthattliB jimv 
Iveiing pawera. «bo used aDd got 0ood of all UtAt, vnt« tU« 
Miioo tMid adders the r«pUL«B and hnuds } Qiid »u»l^r tlnty di9 
ill who truHt to Biiah, aud wIU not ^imidoa thU fotlf. Tak« 
noirjrour gold and anuim^ntsi thai im> lyi&K aUcwtcI mi |]i« 
^raui Bjnd giire t1i«iit to your wivcA ^itd dmigbuin, but iievcr 
kAnff th<Mii h«rcfifttt upoa itockn and «tonf-», 1Jct« uv twu 
oondittoni becrveen us to chooM apon : either accept Chrla* 
lianlt^t or fi|;ht this Tery diy, and tin: rictury bo to then ko 
whom ibc God w« womhip ^rr^t it*' 

■'Thm Diite Uttdtiraad utood «!» and tat J, <W« bnvo >» 
tuiuctl gr«At dftinagft upon rmi God; but uiice )u- wtU wni 
help U3, ve vUl beliefs iu tAxn Gi.>d irlvjiu thou beliweit in,' 

■"Eb«D all receirtd UhrutUnity, Tito Biittop baptiDed 
Giulbriii^d and hU ioil King Oltf and Bi«bop 8i|niM Itit 
ImUui'I ihria tttwht*r^ ; ajuI tliey «hi> oiK ai vuenikv fortwi 
ai frituida. Aiid ^lerwanlit GiulbTaiid built a dhuvdi in tba 

Oinf wojt bjr no tn^ana tat uoia^rdru] fDon, — miuh tbn t» 
venr wlii<n? Ue vaw ^-ual «aiu<. Tbvrc wan a wicketl vlil King 
(Uerik, fr>r oxiuap1«, one cf ibo«« five kin^lete whoK* with 
Uwir biu of anuAm«tvt3t, Qlaf by stnttJtgKm hjbd oirroaaded 
oiia niglit^ ajKl at oncu bLgfud ;ind miijectifd whan nioniiii; 
roet", a]J of tli«iii n-iLwnbiui- ; all of thtiin exoe]it thU B^cxtk, 
M'hotn OI»f, ftg the readrafd flut^ o^rao, took h(>fn9 wif ji hiuj i 
blinded, nnd kopt itt hiA own houwj finding th*re whs oo 
alleniatin but tlmt or dvath ui tlir iibaiinate old (to^ who 



wu a Viail of dintojil t^ouaiti wiUi^iI, jidiI ivjuM iioi con^en* 
tiou»ly he killctl. Stoiiti^bUml old H;unk vtaa unt ti)wa,ya in 
tniudorons tL\imc>r, Indeed, for most part he worn -x pJiioidi 
i^HEV-ilmtJir^' liJiimi'tr hud anid iihrswd amiiHin^ things; Wtlmd 
thrice ovrr tnini, urith aimizing onimtiig of cQntiiv&nce^ ihoaKli 
atouebliud, to tbru&t a da^fevr intei Ulaf, oad tht; lut time biLd 
jdl btil Fiic^r^Adnil ^ tbnt, (Lfi Olaf »til] refttaed to liavc him 
killed, it luul bfTOi>me a problem wliat WAfi to be done with 
him. Ol&Tii good humor, jls woll its his i^nictf rr^fidy eciu« And 
pnioti«aUty, ofo mAnitoatod in hU Hual [E«tttcni<aut of thU 
B«H)e prohlpfTi, Olaf'fi l^itgh, 1 can paroeive. waa not so loud 
fts Tr>]fi: Vinson's, bul «quall,v hearty, comit^g from the bri^t 
mi&d of him ! 

Bcttidoft blind Exrik, Olaf bud iu hia household inie Tho- 
rarjh, an iL-j^tiinder ; a reiU'irkably ugly iriHin, aays SriL^rrfi, 
but a far-tibTclIed, shrewdly ohaervantf loyal-iuluded, and 
good-humored person, vrhom Olnf liltod to talk with. ^ Ho- 
markAbly tigly," ssiys Suortn, •■ eupeomlly in hifi hatid*r And 
fnrt, which wrum hirgn auid ill-nhap<^fl Ui a i]ftgrrtt-/' One mum- 
iBg Thonriii, who, with other trusted ones, alepL in Olaf* 
fl^artmQnt, woa tnzily dozing nn^l ynwniug, and had str(itchi!d 
OfM of his f^fit out of thp Ih*cI b.'fore the king awtiUf'- Tho 
foot wiKi utiU thffrr? whftn Olitf did optiu hia biight uyea, whioh 
itut&nCiT lighted en this foot 

** Well, hero 18 fl foot," sayii OUf^ g^jljj " which ono hpIiIoux 
Ni^Afi thn mntcdi «f; I durst venture thnnj is not iutothcr *i> 
iiglv in thii City of Nidaros,'^ 

^'Uah, king !" eaid Thorarin, '*th^ro aro few things ono 
comiot match if one seek long and take paina, I would hftt, 
with tJiy pprminftion, King, lo flnJ an ugliL-r,*' 

"Done!" cried Olaf Upgawhich Tlioiarin stretched out 
tbc olhcr foot. 

" A fitUI uglier/* eri^cl he^ " for it has loat the link too." 

"Ho^ ho!" saiil Obf; " hit it in T wiio hnvts goiEird tho ht^t. 
7lio lut of an u^Iy tliinj; tho Imn agly, not the motfi ! " 

Loyftl Thomrin roHpcctfuJly eubmitted. 

"Whal i» to be my ponn1ty> tlien 7 The king it ia that 
ouat docido." 



''To tiJce me Uut wickod oJd Knrik to Loif Eri(«oii b 

Wfaiob the Irelnuder did ; li^viiifc two rncsuit jh'hU lMt>oe> 
furUt At Ohrs ubic. Ijcif EncBot^ ton of Erio dioocivcTcr oC 
Anicncfv <^iiicUy mfuiagud Hwjik buvooiortbi »«&( him ta 
ladnod, — I tlilok lo f&th^^r Km himMiH^ f«rtainlf b> Bonw 
aafa Wid Uiprc, uj wIiokc Iwuh^ or in Kuan utiU qiUAlor mi^fa* 
boridK lod^iniCf nt hla own ohoiee, old Uarrik ■pout tho lost 
thrao jcan of hin lifu in a p^rfetstly qiuo#o«at maumvr 

OIoTk «truggl«« itt Uvt matt'^ of r»]]gloii bad Mttiully 
MltlaU iLzbt iiacsUun lu Norwny. Uy tbcec rofigh mctbii«U 
[^ hUi wbotCTct- tro maj thkok of thon^ McatlnsuUm bftd ffot 
it»olf Mnauihoddetd; niidv'&fitrc more heard of ihtLiit L'ouiitry. 
Ohi him»«lt was tridvntly a liigbly devout and pious maa; 
•*vboBOeT«r is bc'in witli OlaTi) U^mpt^c now vill adill 
And* a« Olof did, iutw nnd intinito &alil for it E (Jliri^aai^ 
in Norway hud Ibo liku furtUity u in otbor countrm ; or 
i?ven row tn a Uiglwr, maX wbjit D^ldotiuitj Uiiiikx, i-xoWmife 
pilob, lu tbo conrso of tb^ tvo oenturloa wbicL fi>noirod Uuib 
of oiaf. Ilun a.U. tmtumotif r^pr4itj^uU to iu ft* d mo4t rigbt- 
•01U no Ip*a thun most religious king. CoitiniMllj Tigilui^ 
jncty Ajid tiiforaiu wm OIaT* ■dmlubtrnticHi of tbv Uws; ro- 
preulon of robberj. piitiu^unttit of injujitkc, «t«m rcpaj^nent 
of eWl-dofifg, H*lj«T^rer hf oould 1»^ hoM c1 tbeiu. 

AflftODg tb» Bood»r OF opiikat rJaKH, und tnd^pd ^vipTyvher^ 
fov the pooT too CAQ b^ Aiooor* and n^^erT |*unUbiurr>t> nUf 
bfld, by tbia conrf^ of ^y^oduot. o&rur&Lly made otivmieti. Ilia 
«ev«rLtf ao viglblo to ail, and tbo jimiov anii i»bnit4> boiieA' 
o«no9 of it »o mviHi1d« oxc^pt to a Tory few, lUit* mt mj 
rate, bU m^ for tb« (intt ten rcva waa victorictta ; and 
migbl bavo bfl^u ao to tUe end, bwl it not beon irtcrttOtftttdt 
and intarfrred with, hj King Rniit in Ait far bi^rgfr orbit ami 
cnrreut of affaiia and iuton^sU. Kjiut't £nf;li*K a/Taire anrt 
Daniflb beltig all acttled bo bia mindi bo aocictt, eajt'^cuLlly after 
that jeor of pilgrifitage to Eomo^ and naaooiatioa vith tli« 
PnntiiTM %n*\ KnUktrt r»f tluj wi>Tld on tlmt woa^ion, to liavo 
mmcd bi« moro p«ni<-uUr ntbrntion o^ion Ncrw^iiy, aod Uie 
et&uOB ha biniflgJI bod there. Jarl Hakon, too, aiat^r'a aon bl 



Knat^ Mtd ^ilwars wvl) m^tn by hita, hoA li>»(; liven basy iti 
thia dirociiciu invich furgtittul of tliiLt oath to OUf wJil'u Urn 
biLT^ ^t p:iiiI«c1 ovpr hy thfi citbk of twn cnpatUA, and bia 
lifo WAK givmi him. not witlumrH rondil.inntt iJUigpLtiut ! 

About the year lOUG tbcro attired two splemUd prtriou^ 
out ol Eugl.'iitd, bfiMiicg Kiii^ Kiiut tbi?i Liroat'a Jt^tter and iiaal. 
wi;h s mi^wigf', likely enough to bn far fmm Wf^loami? to Ul^. 
For Momc day* 01»f rcfiwril U> aoo tLcni or tbflir letter, 
BbKwdlj queuing vrhat Ibu jturport would hv. Whioh indeed 
was coQobed In mild language, but of sh^|> mt>a]iiag ouougb : 
a nntirn lo King Olaf, niun^lyn TliJtt Korwny wtik propftriy^ 
by jaxt heritagv, Knut tba Uir^Vtki ami tliat oUf niu»t bo- 
cone Hit fiirat Kuut'a lii^j^tmau. and jjny Inbatu tti him, or 
irond wouM follow. King Otat listening to tb<?H^ two gpl«fi' 
did peTBons hikI tbcir lettfT, in indigiKtnt silence till they 
quite <tidcd, madi? answer : ^^ I bnvc heard say, by old oocoiiitt^ 
there tLTa. thcit Kinj; Crorm of Dmimiuk [Btue-tooth*i fathers 
Ktini't ^L-ut-gra,TulfAth^rJ waa oonaid^red but a ftnudl king; 
luLTiu^ D«iimatk only iud few jjeujile tu rale OTer. But the 
kings who succeeded him thought tluit Losufficleiit fur theiii { 
mid it hikA aiuact come; ao far that Kiuif Kmit nilcj; nvor ixith 
DoRmark and England^ imd hxn ooiujuervd Tor bitnrtiOf :i pint 
of BcAtlatid- And tiow he rl^iiufi ^litu my paterii^l bit uf 
li^rittt^ ; cannot bi> ooubentod without that too. Poco ho 
wish to rule 0T<»r .ill the /'ountrips of the North? Can Un 
PAX np all thf kalff in EogUnil itscH, thin Kinit thf- fjpnat? 
He nhnll do tliat, and r^ducv hia Knglund to cl dusert, brfore 
1 lay my he^ in bis hnndA, or thow him any olhur kind of 
vassalage. And so T hif\ yon tell htm theup oiy wonls : E 
vtn defend Norway with luittle-iixn and nwunl jia Iuil^ ua life 
is eiv'cn tna, and will ^Kiy tix t<i no man for my kini^om.^' 
Words whiub unturulLy irrit:ituil Knut to ;k hjgh degr^- 

Next year afr^nrdiiigly (yi-ar lO^Tj, U^nth or oLeveiith yniir 
of OloTs rci^u, there c!&uat^ bjbl niiiicj]-» out af EiigUud: TLaI 
Knut waa i^qnippiuR un imnjcnjic army, — land-urmy, aad ftiich 
A flMt 00 had never sniled before ; Knuc'n own ship in it^ — a 
Onld Drft^on vUh nn Towt-r than fixty U*urhi'x uf cmrsv t>liif 
tod O&uad Eitig of Swcilt^ii, wbotio aiater he hjbd »iarrii>J, wi*'l 



gOMsed uhitliei lliis umamebt wiaa liouttil. TLty wt^re friends 
wUbAt, thoy recogDuouL their cotumon p«nl iu th^£ iuLuiiorr&oa ( 
^irI hiuJ, in fopotad oon^atOktioinft^ Uikvn metwurt^ the Iwat 
thjit thpir nnitinj HkiU (which 1 find wtui inninlj 01b(\ bttb 
loyally Ofjcopted hy the other) oould suggwt. It vva ui Clii* 
^•»r tlkAt Uliif (vith hu Swedish kiixg auistin^) did hui grand 
f«at upon Knit In Lrmfjcrnl of JitUanI, whh'h ww nlnttd/ 
apokeu i>f. Thn «jK^nal rirniim^Unoi^ff ui uluch wero theM ; — 
Knut'ti hig Armskm&al arriving on Ui« Jatidli ooAttt too I4t4 
in the MftMiif and Ulo (lout c^u&tt^ ly>^8 all pli^ndvrvd into 
tempfirnry wnink by ttii- tvro Nurm- kint^, ^lo^jraiik liwajun 
night of Knut, tliere vtia iiotbiob' cuuld Ih: <1oii« upuu iKeu iy 
ituul Uu3 year. ^ or, tl ftnytlung. vehat ': Kuut's «hi|>e rno into 
LfRifjord, the sale-flbolter^ fritb, or intrioatfl longiCnifgU of 
fnthfl JUkil stTftiU, whir.h nlmoxtcut:! JLitlmixl in tw& in thflt 
re^on ; uni Uy jafi% iULy ronktog on tlie wntor» thet^ lUKier- 
tain what to do fortbor* At Ivt ho stoenxl in bis big ship otid 
wnw otben, d«<^ppr into thfi int.prior of Lyrofjcn-l, draper and 
dMper OBWArd« to U)c nioulU of a big rivci colled the liolgc 
(i/«lf»<oa, the Uiily Hiner, not ditKommblo iji nj poor mftpi^ 
but oertainly onougk vtlU cxistLUg &nd fttiil dowtug ftomowhor^ 
among thom Intricate etraiU aLd frith<(, tuwards tke boUotu of 
which Hclro rivoi Uy. in sorao h^^*-. iK^ck* tlic nnall combuwd 
Kwi'iiish nnd >Jonac dcNit^ uu<lcr th*? o}k;irgt? i>f l>uuud| ILc 
Sweilittb kiiig. vhtle &t tlie top or Aour'>e, whioli U« blggloh 
iLiiiiiiilHiTi Ijtir, Kiri}f OI>kf hud bevii doiii]{ ouiiAidorakfe «llgi- 
iir«hi^ir w'ork^. veil «nitod U> *iio^ an oocosion, and wm bow 
roady at a momenl'H notiocL Knufn dtwt hariag idly taken 
HbiLiiui h«ri\ iiiauLV fmni r1i« S^vdinh king WUA iaBtariLLjr aeatt 
instaniiy OlaT* w€U<i^uxiiivwr«d I1uoi1-)c^4M wera thrown optfii 
fnxa thonwollruhUwnliugcdchiifc^of wa^rvra^lct Ioom \ Olaf 
hlnuelf with all bis proplo huttfiiutgdovato join hU ^wudSsh 
friand, and ic«<t oo boaril in tltiia ; Helge tires all tlii^ while 
■loogMdo of hixo, vith ov«r4iiorca«ui^ roar, and widcr-flpraidifif 
dtlngv^ hnftloningdown th* ataopg in tho night-watohoo. So 
thaitv along wttli Ohif, or losie way ahead of htm, oama ioi' 
nif^aiiiinihhi raann^ wa^tv of vrMrm nprin Knut's nv^H^Dnt 
ficot ; ftlaUcrrd, trukc. aikl atrunliiHl inaiiy of hks sbiiiit aoil 



vMJn a trille of tksti^jylD^ tlie Gvlik'ii Ori^uu bersvlf, 
Whh Kllflt on board. OUf aud Oauuu, ao ixccd ui>b fray, v^ru 

of Uwr Gf Jiit'O Dra.gDu, homvcr, w*>ro tao higli for Uicir Uitl« 
■hipar; uivi Jsal UU, hiiabmU uf Kuut'K ibt^r^ ^t iha Uip lyS fm 
BpoM( ociiraifc^^y LuteiTcnin^, Spoiled their atvaftk^MD* and 
SftTwl tUiQt Irom Ltus vary daagoroua paM< 

Kmit (fid noitai&g tnoM this wintxtr. TLd two Xorsa kin^Sr 
qiiiu? Tiiiri|u.^ to ittJiicJL .'•uch -ti) jumnitkunl, rincpt In' nmlmAb 
ami L^nginc^iriag, nilMl 4wu}' ; U^u f' tun dc ring ;it tlionrv^tioa 
oa EhelteiLiali ooa»t; c^rr^in^inu^ S«*edeQ groat bootin smd 
mflny prUottnni; but ohligntl ti> lln ^xnil Jt11 wttEti-r ; fttwltntl^ed 
to leave tbcirflc«tn thrrn for America of "(riDtrrA, — Rnutfldpctr 
poMed at Siflinoria da tctU «Jd«s ol th^ K^ouiid, rcadDting oJl 
egTMS from the Ji&lnciu>}>o«ffibl«t, except at hUj»lpasurc>. t'lft 
opportniiff dnIiivrTuice cif lii« Tvjjd bmclwNin-law diil not siurh 
bestcftd i>oor Ulf faiibwir Ilf^ baci bocL in disfavor bcforn. 
ponknwd v-ith difficulty, bj C^(>on Kmm.i** t&t«TDi^Mion ; an 
anblUnts, ofOofoui^ pmsLiiig, ^iiniag, aiul, liotb in En^^d 
asJ DpRmarli, alaost duigeroiia laaii ; -.a\A thU confiplckjinia 
aceki^Dtal tzv^ only awoko ncvr jraloi^y in Kntit> Kiiut, 
fiading Dothin; pau tlbo Sound nortb mut^b hlookadinj^T ^^nt 
aatiovfi; "aiul t!w day b^forv SliL-tiai^tmas/' AiyA Snorro, ^'roda 
vkbo'gTwvf.i'cliiJua to liwuikilde." SnorrocoEitinDOflhi^traipa 
narrative of irhAt bcfcll th*ro : — 

"ThvTO KouL'k biotlict-iit'law, JarlUlf, h^id proporod a fcraat 
feaat for htm. Tho Jjirl am^ t1i« moaE ii^fveiiblf of h(»ta< 
but the Eiu^ vaankntiuid AuUcri, llir: JaH talhid U> him 
in i>rfty iray to niako him chotrfiLU u^t broujflit (i>rwud 
^roiytbing ha rould thinb cf to aiDCta him; but the Kijig 
nunBiptut 9(t«mr arirl npiTakinf^liUtr*, AtluAt Ih^f .Tarl projKiHnl 
a fame of chfl*a, which her ;igTtr:d to. A ohtsH-tio^in] n-jin pra- 
dooad, ami tbaj phiy^ to^t-th^r. Jarl U1I waa hmtv m trin< 
pfT, stiff, and m noChinff yielding; hut rvnrychixig ha managMJ 
w«nt on wirll in hia haiidi : ami hi< w&s a greafc warrior, abont 
tthoTiL thi^rv unf in;iQy atoricvi. U<? wna th<^ uoet powerful mna 
in l>miuark iwxt to the Kin^ Jiirt Ulfs f>iJ!tc<r. Uyda^ waa 
married to JaH OtiiIitL (<t4id:riii) UlfnadMiu; Htiit thtfir mjuji 



ir«re, Hu«Jd Kiii^ of EnxUnd, aii4 JftrJ Tovti, Jokri WftltUo^ 
JaH Mnuri>Kaar«, and Jtrl Svein. Gydu wu Uie name of 
tlivir dAiightcrr vIju wa^ niamed Lo the EuglUh Kiii^ Edward, 
till? Ooud (vliom vro coJl iht Cor.fcflsor)- 

** Whcb tlic/ luuL played a whiJo, tho King mada ft lolso 
moTp; on irliicAi the Jar! Look a k»i^-Ll Uom him! Iiut tbn 
King fict iLe pieco on tli« boonl a^aiti, and kfld Ult^ Jail U» 
make aiurtber uovc But the Jarl Bcw luifEry, tunblod tbo 
ivbata-board otot^ khm, aad wtut away. Tbt? Kmg said, ' Ran 
tky vayH, ITU tlbc Fi<arfuK' Tlit JaH turned ruuiid at tba 
door ind uid. 'Tliou would^t bavo run FarUier at n«]ga rinc 
^adrt thou boon UH to buttle Uu^ro. Thoa AidBt ooleaJ] laa 
ini t^a Fearful vhen 1 hatftjmvsd totliy b»lp wUk thii Swires 
wcK boating tbife like a dog.' Tbe Jail tlioa ureat out. and 
vnatto bod. 

"tlM following morning, wbilo th^ King wna puttinf^ oti hia 
cTnthi-n, hii HAid tu hli fiiiitboT. ' Gii tlimi to Jarl ITlf aiid kill 
him.' Tlie bd w-^nt, wjus away a vhik, and tiien oamo faMok. 
Ite KJDg 5^d, < HAflt thou killod the JaH ?' < I d>d iMt kiU 
him, far ba wai gon« to St Lu<*in«*fl cbtiToh.' Tbar» iru a 
man c^lvd Irar Qx WUitr, a NfTnrrgiiin by birth, irho wna 
UkO Kinc'a ooiaiixaau aad f^haiiiUilaiUH The King said to hinit 
'tio thott and kill tli« Jarl-* [raj want to tbo i^hunb, and in 
3U tbfi rhfiiFp jind thnmt hist nword thron^fh thp Jful, vhn rlifd 
on tlu! Apot. Thr:n Irar went to tlic Kin^;, irith the bloodj 

"The King caid, 'Haai thoci kiUM the Jarl 7' *l kara 
killod hinit' «iiid he. 'Thau biut donrv wolV aQawoi«;<l tbo 
King/' ' 

Vrom a maa vbo built &o many qIjuk hc» (on0< cu each battle 
fiitld wbpnr hv bjid f<Hi[{ht, Ui n.iy nothing of tho o^hj*rx). mid 
who had in hiia such dc^itlis of ifjd dcrotion aiid otbfr 
fioo ooaoBio qoaJityi tbb dooe aenm rather stit^g T ifut it ta 
obAraot^rlfitl^ wldial, —of the nan, atid ^rliapa of tU? timoa 
atiLl moro^ Id avy coaa, it ia an «vmtt worth noting; tlio Blaia 
Jarl DU and lua connections beinir of importance in the hia- 
tory of l>«ni&aTk anrj of Engliind uIao. VW* wlfo wu Aatrid, 




aUtor gf Kotii, «a'1 itiek ftnlj MM) vam ,^veia» stfM aftir- 
vardd ".Hrcin ICiitntluAa^ {"^ Aitftd'^ioii*') whcu bo IwcftDM 
noUd && th« vfotUi, —at Uiu bm^ fl^ WmtUM* youth^ wbo^ <id 
the back of thU trageil^, Aed luutlly &> 8ved«n, vlwre wera 
inends of Ulf. iVfter auiii« ton >«an' eclipso thcKtr Ivuut ind 
bolb bu M»u being now d^^-^ Svnin TonppNirrd in Ucanarit 
nader a io« And inainoat %uiv, " Jitrl of B«iuuLrk,'' bigbeit 
li^gemut to this ihvu att^ereigii tli^iu Hrohe UU oaUi Co said 
■orercvnt dednrcd hiiuvflf, Svoiu BstnthAon, to be r^iO KittK 
of DeuHUk; ftod, AfUir mi:cb prol iminary troubln, mid laaoy 
teaUn^ and dttfiutroutt tltghu to and rro^ Iwf<uiu> lu eSeo* 
vacb, — U> tb« vroiider of imiakiai; tvi b<- Uad uoL bad ueii^ 
TutoT>' to cbl^cr bid on, or arj jcood l^tck or vciit Uut ono 
■«««,exoei>t llut of iiumviugWigi'r timii lOluc otb«f». Nev«t» 
tlialeai be ounu bi bu ttw Kca&irur^ «f> iulIImV of Ihniiuh inde* 
pMdtfhCO; aoU rotuauiiuj; jvpr^e motive of Knitt (or Kniit'» 
«»ti^>i of t''i>ric-bcujrd, lUut^-l/xfib, ^thd tUd Gomi; aiid 40G«»- 
(OT of all tho BubsAfitiiftnt kio^ of I>?niKUirk Un Kiota 400 
jrcara; UUaMlf i?Dmiiig, iw wif wvi, only liy tlin Dixtiiff Kidif, 
All ol tbe^wotd Of male nide baring di«l «o tfoon. Eafly 
dMib, it hsu bMtt ob»erv«dt wt^ tko GriMt Kaot*« allot i&^iit, 
and all bi« privt«rity*« «a W0I); — fat*! Unit (Iwd tli«Tfl boon 
IM) i>tbRra. vbii^b wn w t1i«rir Wftre) tu bia booooiiuc '* CUatlo- 
aagnr of tbu North ' in any r^uaidtrabLo dOtfTMl Jvl Ulf* 
tf «e liaTo seen, ha<l a tatar, Ufda by numo, vifi; to Earl 
Qodvin ^"n>i>Ii(i ITKn^bwon," vt Snarrt> cMih bin) a very 
nwaiorabbi RujfliAtjninn, who*Q aon and hen, Hiu^ ILuiLld, 
il^nid in Kcgliab booka, ia tb6 UkeiD0rabl«»t of alL Ih«M 
Ibivffi ooisht (o be better known to ET>jli«b aittiqiiari^ and 
vUl pcrbapB b^ a-llndod to n^ain, 

Tlurt iir»tt> little ricMry or lAtmtt caiaod irrer Rum in 
Li/mjjtmt. WM amoui! tbo iMt mooudctf of OJaJ' ^Lgatu&t thit 
ttigjbty ntan- Olaf, tba Bklttnl ca]*tatii be wma, nt>t»d not luivi* 
d«ifalrod to d«foiiil hia Korwny a^iitet KuaL kkud all Lbo 
world. Hut bo lenrucd homTcfortJi, uontb by muntb ev«r mor« 
tn^tcailyr U*** **^* **'™ I'i'ui^ie, !iiK.tuf!i ftoftflr [ir<i8|>*irti: nndor 
Kiiut,nnd in pftltii™l»rili*» oMt-tii^f th.'m, tnfJui,ui™wdy In-ibc*! 
by Knut for y«ara t^*^ ^^ fallen away inna Lira ; aiid tbat 



bit WMXm of d(»fpno<» iv«ni gon^, Xoxt 99iimtii«3r, Knnt^ft ^cnwd 
fieM mlvil. unQppwt<}. 'tlong ;he ri»ut of NnrwAy ; Knul Mim- 
moninc n TKin^ orrry hen; and thor«, and m ail of thciQ mt^t- 
Ipg notliiug but «ky higli a<!clariutioii Acid !iccepUiiL^>. 01af» 
with some cwelv* llftlp ahipa, nil h*> now haj!, Ijij qmrt in nwatt 
sa!« FJoird. nofti LiDilcivr** what vn^ Tkov r&ll the Noie, behind 
vomc lUUu loUtarx ifllca ou iho »otttliea£l of Norway Uk-to; 
till triumphant Ktrnl bad stieame<1 home again, Home to 
Bngtaod agfthii: "Sovereign of Norwuy" now, viih ni'phow 
Htikon ii|ii>Q:iitcd Ju'l ATid Vtctf-r^ETRnt Ltntier htm! ThiH wftA 
tiw news Ului met on ventiinny out; atwI that his voret at;ti 
oipatlonft wen> not beyoud Ih** sjuI truth All, nr AlmoKt all, 
tJi^ cJiief Boinier* ftn<l men of vi'^^ight in Norway hnd di-rUnd 
fijCftiuAt him, ikEtii st<X)d with trmmrhntit Knut 

Ulttf. with hu twelve poor Hhips, steered vigorovialy along 
the vonjiX to ooUeut money md fpive, -^ if such coidd tiovr uny- 
vhnw be liwl- H? himadf waa t^aolute to hold oat aiid Irj. 
^Sfliltna gwLftly with a fair wind, moTDUij- cloudy with Homo 
ahowfTTtt," ht puaed tli« coa^i i>f Jihlderem, whicli ww Erhog 
Skjalgbon's oouittry. wht^ii he got si>re notlrw of aq endloai 
jDuttitttde of shtpf, wAMhipSn nnncd mei'cliaiit sli)|>a. jJl kinds 
of ihippiiif; -craft, do<wn to fichirrmfin^i; hontitt juet gcttiiiii; Tindar 
way Etgiitnut him, uiidi^r the lummArid of Erlin^ Skjalgtton,— 
the iKiwerfulent of hu suhjw^U, oiMve mnvL u friexid of 0!af*S» 
hut now i^of Ai^alnst him to thia Icnirlh, thanka to OWi 
«gT0nty of jURti(><i< and Kniifn .tbundani^i^ in p^old ftn<^ promiM* 
for yeaT!( hLu^k. To thit <w>Tti]Of'XK>ri hud it wine with Krling ; 
auilinj with thiH iniinpnae aafti*mb1ag« of the naval people and 
popuUoe of Norway to soiso KiofK Qlaff and brinj; him to tli9 
groftt Knut dead or ulwt^. 

Crhnt^ U»^T \i gr^ud new hhip of Ms own. whif^h far oiitEiilad 
tJbe geocral mi»ecllaiiy of rebvl ahipa. atid iraa visibly faal 
gaivitnft diotnnco on Olnf htnwiHf, — who woH nndfretood whal 
Frling'» [mull' w»*^ brtwreii tlip tail of hU grune (thfl muool- 
Itnj of reWI ohtpft. namely) that eould not coinn ti|t. atifl thti 
h«4bd or g^nei^l pme of the (camo which waa crowdtns all sail 
to g«t nvay ; and OM took niirantA^ '^f thn iiam#- " LowfT 
yfflir ttilA ! " aahl Otaf tu hi^ 01011 (though we muxt gn mIovik^ 



■' Ho yont, wn liAV« l<«t *igLt of them f " aoid Erltn^ to his, uai 
put mi hII hin iipMii; Olai goiLg, aoon After tbia^ ftltopcther 
iaviAbIv,-«-bvliuwl & Itttlv isUnit thai ho kn^v of, vbeu« tnio 
tt OBrtKui fjord i>T baj (B^y at Fxmcon oii tlw inapfl)* wliioli ba 
tbonght wculd Buit him. *' liaXi bOK, and Rd ont your annc,* 
fiud 01%r, an^ had iwc lo v%it long tUI Ei-ling vouu: bounding 
iot pwt tbtf TDCky fTiimoiLtory. ajid vith a^UiubliiniettL LelieU 
OlATsflMtcf ta^vc witii ttbcir batUn-4ucs and tiietr grappling^ 
irons all Id pfrfot^t nsadiaou. XtwM foil on htm, the tmroaclj 
KrliDg, vimiiluuieoiui, 1ifc» a okiaCer of angrj bee« ; uad ia a 
few ininuinf clciucd hui sliip of men aJto^Uier, oxee|Jt Ktlixif 
liuniOTJC SiAtody OAkt^d htu Life, nor prpbtibly would Iiat« i^ot 
it if li^'hail. Only Erhitg ftlill sUmx) en^ct on a hi^h p^MO 
en (be poop, fiereeljr ilefEinsive, aii'l vary diHiciiLi ti> gM att 
*' OouU no4 bo rc«cb«d at oil," anjs i^Qorro, " oxoopt bj apt^ca 
or arro««.MMl ttiCM luewofilod ofl wilh aiitirinjf duxteritsr; 
no dULii iri N'orwuy, it «aA Boid, had ever i3i-f«nitiKl himaclf no 
Ifju^ altfnu a^i»l umuy." — aa LilmoAt iiiviuciblQ Rrling, bad 
his cnn0o boon Kood. Olnf himactf noticed ItlthaffA l>o}iai'ior. 
and anid to faim, from thi^ fumdvcdt bolow, *'TJu)a hwt tnniDd' 
■gninat me to-day. Erhng/' '' The uosIbs Aght braaat to bMuut," 
anfwen be. Thit wits a apfTL-cb ot Uio km^'A Ui Ei-Un^ mice 
loot a^o, vhilc thr>y stood lichttn/. not u now, but side by 
ddfc Tho kinffr witb aoiifea traxi«i'>ot thonfcbt of powibUlty 
giiiti^tiiroughhta IjtkuI, rvjuiim, *"WilLUtuiii(urremW,Erliiig?" 
** 'Ih&l will J." answered \ii i t-^ok the hnlmot oS his ticmd ; l4ui 
dowT) Fword aui abmlJi and wrnt foTWonl lo tho fofooaatlo 
dtek. The king pricknd, 1 think tii>t v*ry hirahly, into Krlin^'s 
chill or beard Willi tho point of ht» batt]L*-axic, saTia>:< *^ X miut 
mark lh«« a« unitot to thy Sovomjcn. tbongb. ' Whrreopoo< 
o&a ol Uio bjattadars* Aalak t^ioaakaIJ«,_atapidly and freely 
■p ; KouiDi KHinif nn thft tuiad with h\% ass ; 9hi thnt it 
tk iaai in hia bmiu aud w:ui inatondy tho dcoih of IHing. 
QMiiok olt^nd thoc for tbul stroko j thou hoct »tnt^ Norway 
cint of my band by it 1 " oti«<d tlw king to Aakk ; biit forRnva 
thr fMxir ftdlow, who had donr it meaning welL Thn imiir- 
ruciioiarr lEonder flo^t arnrinc wo-m aft*r. « H foa- oertaio 
nc4arj, wna almck with aauini&lu&ent at thia Erling 



tfdpbdi And being ttovr vitboot fto^ laavler oC fttttboritj, Bud« 
not thft 1«i«t atwmpt »t bittJ«^ bat> fnll of dtsecntrageibent 
autl ccufltenuidou. thanlfallj allowed Okf to a&fl awajr du 
bi§ EKlrth«■.u^i vojufic, at ducr^tion ; ftod tboaaittlTM v«itt off 
lAm«utmg, u'ith EtUog'i de&d body, 

ltii« UD^U vi«lurj VJ& the I&ac Uuit Olaf liad or«r bU toany 
coewiiefl at pmont. tic auW lioDjCt still norlbw&rd, day After 
litky ; sOTomJ impcrtant pvoplo joined bun ; bub the cows frooa 
luidrard grow daily more omlaous : Bomtom busily ft/mlii|E to 
rear of biiu; and atund, Huliuu ttUlL aiurv busily at Trosdbjein, 
now now b^, " — and h^ will «nd tbj d^ys, Eiitc, if b6 h&ro 
Mr^ngth OQQiQ^I" Olftf pAtiMdt Mnt loguU b> a bill^p: 
■'K^uirsarmnent viji!bkiuiougb,Hnd mitW wiljt KtUienrtrd, 
about llie Islo of BjAmd. yonder!" Scon after, Olaf binuelf 
mxw tbc Bonder aitnuzicnt of twooty-flvo sbipa, from tbo iooUi- 
word, Miil piut in tb« dUmiuro to join thftt of Hakon; and, 
worM! vtiU. hb own nhi]e> rifte luid aiwUir-.r (Hifvi*n in nil), imre 
dipping off on a like errand I He oftde for tb« F^d of Fod* 
MX, montli of thc» mqi^ed etnth colled Valdai, — wbicb ! tbink 
«tin knows OlaF, iird him now on "Olofn nigbwayr" wtutra^ 
nine oenturiu u(fu, it acufcely hod % path. Olof entered tbid 
fjord, had bis Undent act upload aerobe bceide it, oa Uie 
bhiaII lernl ^afiji bebird iht prcmoniory Ibero, Pindiag tbat 
biH Lwclvr* [vxit Hhif !4 wrri' r>i>w rpdiitwrl ti> five, o^inM a wofld 
^ ris^ upon him, be ncmld ni>t but soe nnd admit to binuclf 
that tb^ro via no o>haii«e left; ood that be ranat withdraw 
Rcmw Ui^ icountninn ^nd wait for a better tine. 

HU jourU'^y Enlimutib tlint wild RounUy, lu tbfgw foflom niid 
straitened circumstanced, bcm a moumrul dij^ii^ and borncly 
patboe, OA dMorlbfld by ^norro: how be drew rxi hia flvn poor 
Kbi]K upf>n tbiT IteKiC-b, porbftd all th<dr fiimitnrp aw^, and 
with Iii^ hundred or ao of attendants and tlicir jonmey4iaggBge, 
undcT guidanoft of eome ftiondly Bonder, rode up into tbe 
d«a«Tt and foot of the nionnt^^tit; aealed, after tbroe days' 
■ffort (m if by mii-^ioti?-, tfoiight lii»4 Attendants and thought 
SnorTo)f tbu well-niffh prtcipitous slope that led noross, — 
varer wisbout mimicvloiis aid from Hearen and OlaT, ccold 
big^a^wagooA bare asoecdod that [Ath \ In short. How bie 


fared along, beset by di£oultie£ &nd the moumfulest thoughts \ 
but patiently persiated, steadfastly trusted in Qod ; and was 
fbted to return, and by God^s help try again. An evidently 
very pious aud devout maq ; a good man struggling with adver- 
sity, euch as the gods, we may still imagtue with the ancients, 
do look down upon as their noblest sight. 

He got to Sweden^ to the court of his brother-in-law -, kindly 
and nobly enough received there, though gradually, perhaps 
ill-seen by the now authorities of Norway. So that, before 
long, he quitted Sweden j left his queen there with her only 
daughter, his and hers, the only child they had ; he himself 
had an only son, "by a bondwoman," Ma^us by uaine^ who 
came to great things afterwards ; of whom, and of which, by 
and by. With this bright little boy, and a selected escort of 
attendantSf he moved away to Russia, to King Jarroalav \ where 
he might wtut secure against all risk of hnittng kind friends 
by his presence. He seems to have been an exile altogether 
some two years, — such is one^s vague notion ; for there is no 
chronology in Snorro or his Sagas, and one is reduced to guess- 
ing and inferring. He had reigned over Norway, reckoning 
from the first days of his landing there to those last of his 
leaving it across the Bovrefjeld, about fifteen years, ten of 
them shiningly victorious. 

The news from Norway were naturally agitating to King 
Olaf i and, in the fluctuation of events there, his purposes and 
fooapeots varied much. He sometimes thought of pilgi'iming 
to Jerusalem, and a henceforth exclusively religious life ; but 
for mcwt part his pious thoughts themselves gravitated towards 
Norway, and a stroke for his old place and, task there, which 
he steadily considered to have been committed to him by God. 
Norway, by the rumors, was evidently not at rest. Jarl Hakon, 
onder the high patronage of his uncle, had lasted there but a 
little while. I know not that his government was especially 
unpopular, nor whether he himself much remembered his 
broken oath. It appears, hnwi>ver, he had left in England a 
beautiful bride ; and considering farther that in England only 
oould bridal ornaments and other wedding outfit of a sufficiently 
njal kind be found, he set sail thither, to fetch her and them 



hilDMjU. Ooi: erectgi; of vildinh-lookiiig nvniHer lie wnt 
abunt tlM nottbwt CGtuijr of thft FeiitlA&d i^ritb; tho ui^ 
ti^iv t<J ht) Uia|je«tiiou« ; liikoci or any tlubor of hk &«t vis 
newr seen niorr. Had nU goiw Onwn, — brul(«m doUu^ bHibU 
liopw, and all cldvc; QiouaoAod iaaji, — inui tbe roftnn^: nten. 
Tlicrrr wQa no Foithier OpfN^stUvnliuQ ; lh« like of wlikfa kad 
Usud^T^r «liic« old h««th«t] HakoD J&rV dowti U) tlna liU 
tTaudfloii Uakou^a Jtnit lu tli« PeaoJaud FriUi, Wiik this 
liAkoD^s iL»f>pcnr(tixc«} >t dov ilU*ppi^4rGd. • 

l&dL^t^d Knat binuiolf, tLough of tka cmpirA muldeulj CO 
(^reac, wu but a t«mpor3Lry |.<he|]Citn«iioi]. Fat« bad decided 
Utat Uu ^raail uud «tMr Ki^ut wua i<j be iihui-l-livcd ; and tO 
Icftro ootbin^ ji* auccvat^ta but a-n iiiclFcctiiAl yoo&ff HnriM 
JlarftfocitT who nooii potiahvd, ond a. vtill itu|wlbr ficrovly* 
dnukiii^ HiLitlji-K cmt, ^htt muhad dcivu of iijHjpleiy (hera In 
LwuUtm Ciiy, OA I gui^4s>r vri^ the galilot at bid mouthy dtiuk- 
iuf beftlth ftod happiuca« &t a wcddin^feaal. ftUo beCov« long. 

H:ikon having vouiAhud in thU d^rk way, tboFO aofood ft 
jiMiu.-, Lxitli till KijuI'a ]vtxt aiid (jik ^orvAy*H, Pftum or intrr- 
ngBttin of sono iui>utbr^ till it beoiyiko oarUiD, ^ttU wk«lhcr 
HikcB w«ra ACttaaJly dood, sccondlf • till Nonray, a^d ccpaeioUy 
tUI King Kwtt bimaclf, oocikl dMida whAtto ilo. Kimt, to cha 
tlH»!p iti^;ip|Hi]btiE]rtii, whirh li^td Ui krnp LtHflf ttikiAEi, of tUnav 
or fou; oliL«f NoriTfty mea. named none of ihcso Uuec <ir foot 
Jftrl ol Nomy ; Ujt bathoof^l biia of & oertun tiTvjUr a ba*' 
Uud viu of bu own^ — who, »Md almom (^11 movn liia Kngliali 
DiUiiKrr, uticJk doiired a cArtvr In tbi: wuiLl £&tL.ci far him, 
LlKNigbi lk«y mdi^tuitly, than Uiat of cuptoin ovvr JcnnabBrs* 
whvre alono tha tapber had been ablu to provide for him 
httfavrhx 8vtiiii W3I4 apnt t4^ Nnrway as king or vio^kinf? for 
Father Kiut; and idonic wtlh hiai hia fond and rebtfDonc 
motbar. Neither of vhota guned any faror from tbo }>ono 
paopU by tba kind cf iittDa^ni«ikt tliey ultlm:iU4y <aBo to 

Uinf on ttcin of Ihia cbaoigt^ aiid auch uuc^rtaiutj prtrnil- 
ing BTcrywben in Xorwny an to chr future aonino of Ihin^ii. ^^ 
whaah«r Svvlti would oom«> aa wva miriomt oC at b^it^ and b* 
abls to maiiitAiii himaaU if ha dii^ — ihuv^Lt ikvra uii|{ht \m 


m>mcthiitK "^ i^ <>f => chnTKXi for himself niul hin righu. And, 
ftftcr )cugUi«u<j<lhD»ituticio,iuucl] i^iAycr, |>ioua iuvcK^tiou, mid 
ooDBUlPration, d«cid«d lo go ajad try it 'Ihv tiunl graiu llufct 
hml tiirtW'cl Ihr tuil;tnri*, it uppfiftrs, wii* a half-waktcg UKirniijg 
dtvaui, or ftlmoot ocular virion he hod of hia 4,'lurLuua coukui 
Olaf I'ly^TuMOf u'hi? M>t'«reLy jvliDoixisbcd, oxborUd, and en* 
oOKAgod htm ; and dt^appf-ared grauacUy, just in the inaiADt ct 
OlftTs awakening; 90 Uutt Olaf [dmost faoeleJ he liu^t setit the 
Tery fiipire of htm, 04 it melted into ab. *^Let ua op. let ua 
OQ I " Uiou^bt out always alter that. He left liie aon, not in 
RussIa, Imt in Sweden with the Qae^n, who j^roved very good 
uid CAxefitlly helpful iu vise vraja tu liim: — hi Russia Oltd 
laid nov nothing moro to do bnt give hb grateful lulicu^, £uid 
get ready. 

Hi» niareh loi^'iiTds .SwedvUj mid fioin thiit towfinlif Norway 
fkiid tht? pjiAd<;a of the taouulnlua, dowu VfL'rdjJp tt^WJirdt f^tLi.k> 
clst&d. and the ctisia that awaited, la lieautiiulty depicted by 
Snomx It has, alt of it, thn d»];oriptit>n (iiiul we see cleailyi 
the foict itsrir liiul). v. kind of [tJiUkeMc gr.'Liidi^ur, nimpllitity, 
and rude ucblcnvan ; ttouuiUilug I^pic ur Homeric, withuul tho 
ia?rtr« or the yin^iag of Homer, but vi'ith all thc« ainu<?rityt 
rugged Uitth to ramr^, and murb more of piaty, drtvoiitnoss, 
rHrrrrerro for wbj,t is foriM'rr High in tliia Uiiivi-isu, tbaa tiiKfbt 
ua in ihase old Greek ItolLid'-moDgeis. SiuguUrly viauoJ jtll 
of it, too, brought home iu every partioitlar to oue'e im^ginatioD, 
so that it stands out almoHt ns a thing oun actually raw. 

Olaf hful nlMmt fJiri'c tliouniJid Jta^u with hiiii ; saLhisrod 
inoatly aa he fared alou^ through Norvpiiy, Four huudred, 
Riiaed by one !>&$, ^ kiti^nian whcm he had found in Swaditn 
nnd perKiiadf^l Tji rfimr with hiiUr rnarrhrd iiKiiiLlly \ti n v^[kfiruti? 
body; and werr^, or might luivi^ hccn, rjitlict an important cle< 
ment Lt^nrning that thv Boutk^rti wt-fc uU iirmiitg, eiipt'uiully 
ia Ttondhjtfoi country, olaf sIreLtmed down lowafiJs th^m in 
tbe cloaeat ordur \m ^mM. Ih ii>» iiir;ki]h v*-ry r.loxe, i^utniat* 
CI1C4 even for three tliouaand iKHog dillicult in i\u:h a eouutiy. 
HiA epeooh was Aluio>4t Always frc< and eheerfulf though hia 
tliouglita always ri:iti>ral!y wniNf of u high tLnd rbmciBt^ ttltuuft 
MCrod tonf ; dcviinit above alL StiekiUtad, a umtm poot hdA* 


lei still ]ktaa4iu^ whurv tlw vaMej ciida, waa $««u by Olaf, amI 
UcitLy by ttu) JJouJcn M w^Jl.to bv th<> uaUmJ pUoo lor ofTor- 
tug UiitUe. ThOTd Olaf issuM ont from the hilU otin Aioraiiig : 
drew liiiUflelF up ^i^c-or^ting to ihe bwt rulnit ^if Nnrwi tucstin, -*• 
rulcn of IlUIq com^lcxitj, but perspiciiotialy tiiic to tbc fwita. 
I titick he biul a dear opf<(i ^cround tftiUmUkprr^ki^ftbov^ tlka 
pliun isL itnit ; h«» could ure hov tJi« Bonder ftna^ bad Dot yot 
quitti arrived, tint h'Hj' ^Kjiirujg forwanl, ifi «|KiDtaneom n>WB or 
ponpe, ooiiooilf by every patk This wu thought to be tho 
baK9C*t onii}' tlint cn>r met m Norway ; '*corC4Liii)j not nnob 
fflwer thHJi ft bucdred times n hundred irieii/' awording to 
Sntirro; i^tMt UuailiK-ft MrevaJ cj£ tlii-iu, ftiu&ll Donderft v^^ 
many. -^lUl of wUl&Dg mUid» a&imatcd wilL a bot ccn^o of in- 
tolor^hU inJTtriea. ** King OIaF hud f'unuhcd great mad BmaU 
vlUi rr|ti:d rigor/' uy« S«]oni> ; 'wbiuh ippa&rad U> the chM 
pvoplv <il the couotiy Un tperere ; amd aniluoaity vdm to tho 
higbovt wliQu tfiey loot reUtine by ibo Km|t'« JQ^t eentcaoc^ 
mlthoiipb iKi^y wnf*U]r«&lity guilty^ ll^ngain would rather i^ 
nunmi- hU di^'iiitj ituiti oiptt ri^htniiu jml^.'^mrnu Thi* u^iua^ 
tioQ aipiiaat lijiUr *>^ beiuc »tui(;y wiUi liia niut^vy. wad uot ji0l^ 
for lie wvL ft moet gvudroita iiiau townrda bid fritrude. Itiit Umt 
alon# wiu th^ cnuse of tbo Olvcontpnt rajwd ftg^iii*t bJm, diftt 
bp 4|>|)L>:htrd hAvd and Mivnns tQ hii trtributinrm. BnMda% 
Kiiig Kutit uficrod Irnrgc minui of moiiey, &b<l tbe i^T^ftt «b»fa 
Tor9 uorrapte>d by tbia, aud by his offering ihooi grvater di^ 
niiii?:^ thnu thpy hsul pouwBitd bnforrT/' (hi thowt graunda, 
AfiuuMt tl^Q ijiloicrftblc loiui, grcftb ftikd juciuil were now ponriug 
ftloDi; by i^rery patb. 

Ubf peruoiv«d it would ttiU bo aooo tliDo b«fon> ibe Boud«T 
ftjnay was in nnk- Ihn i>wn iHg of Swi>i]eik» Vm, vm m>t y<!t 
up; hi^ wtta tv Iiatt tbit ritfbt bommr i Kinc > W» own 
btlag tbft uudiJlr or ^raml ouu ( »uine utliiir punou Ihc Ihini or 
toft bunwr. All which bviikg ]'«rfeetly rafib«d and B«ttTed, ao- 
iwnlin; 1i> tl>r bf'»l ru1n.«^ aiu) wait.Liijf i>u]\' tli9 ftrriirmlof f)B|b 
Ulol Uu;u hau lut-n eit down, and fn^nbeft tbvnuielTcift with ft 
Little tmC ThNo w»rft r^li^Lous vtryw*)^ kod« tbrongb i * 
«uMJfu-wonhip iiurb aa tiiere 1iftT« ht^to f«w ; «U>m1y f^ifteit 
to Uw bcftft of it, aod doop aa dcatli aiul ctuniity, a4 fe«tt ofl 



Olaf's owTi ^lArt.. For tUfi rf*t TSc»nn'>(i eau^ u ntnvc of UiO 
fiercest Hkoldie poetry tluit wok in him ; all ttio anny Atruigbt- 
iray sang it In choma with flery niiTwL Th*? Bonder ol the 
ni-arvbL f&riii uuike op, to lei) OLif tWl lie :tlsi] wl.^bpil tn 6^1it 
for ill nu *- ThfLiike t^ ihcc ; but don't,'' tuid Olofj *' !tu/ at 
honM rathoT, th&t tlie woundod may hare som« sbulbt^r-*- To 
thJR Bender, Olaf di^Uirerui all tbf cnon^y he had. with Noleina 
order to Uy out the whole of it in lufUiscx and jirnyeTs for the 
Boula i>f such of hie «niMQi«a aa t'cv!). **SLich of thy cDciaicft, 
King ? " " Yw, duroly/' said Olaf^ '* my imnda wOl uU either 
ormqiir-r, nr gtj wliith'-r T alito stm (roing," 

At ladt tJic Bonder army U^o wtls got ranted ; Uiree vuuiaian- 
dicra, onoof thc^tn ^:th a kind o[ luoai- ohioF oommimd, having 
Mttlod to tuh« charge of it; and began to ehake iinvlt towards 
actual advance. 01^, iu the Mi«an vthilf^* liad laid his head on 
the kn^Cfl of Finn Antcson, hi» tru^tirEit man, and fallen fa«t 
Aftlcop. Fisn'« brother, KiiLf ArnoAon, onco a wnna friend of 
Olftf, wtu chiuf of the Ibron (-oiQmandtra on th(t oppomto ■Jde- 
Finu and hi- adUrraaed utii^ry *i[meL-h lo tJtiv ttnotUirr from t)w 
op]>OBite racks, vrhcD they caiae uej^r tfu-jujch. Kiau, seeiug 
the eaemy fairt^ approach, fatirrefl OLaf from liin )<]cnp. ^- l.>h, 
why hut thfni wikr^icd ma 1mm suuh a rlrrtiini ? " s;iiil 'Huf^ in 
a dnrply scdi'itin tm|I^ "Wlial ilrejim wiia it, ihr.iu?" ajiki^d 
Fiimn '* I drvainl that thcr*> rose n laddirr here rpoohing up to 
Tfiry Heav^ni" Sflid L>laf ^ '* I had climbed and climbed, tuid got 
to IHr vnry l.uit ilrp, nud should liavp pTiU-ivd ilivrv h:ulHt ihou 
pivcn ujc ariulhor moment. '' ■' King, I duuU thou art /j^y ; I 
do not quite like that dream/' 

The actual Hght iMigan abotit on© of the clmik in a Tnimt 
Inight laid. lUiy i>r July. iiTid wuh very fieti* and lioL, T'H|iw"mlly 
on the part of i^laf^ laen, -ivho shook the others back a little, 
though tierce enough thoy toe; and hiui iJag been oo tho 
ground, which hn wiwn't yet, it wrsa* thr>[ight rict^ry miflht 
han* ln^rn won, Wocn after hattk- joinvd, the sky grew of 
^ghastly hiiLDfl or ooppet coIot, darkc^r and tlarker, till thiek 
nl^t inTolred nil thingH; and did not cloar away again 
till battle was npflT pTuWng. Day. with his f<mr liunilrtd, ar- 
n-f#d ia the dftrknoaMt ajid made a furiotu diaricc what was 



tdttnna^ In tbo Bpf>9ob trf di« poopb, nAcd "Dtit^ tttonft." 
^Ylnpek tud DAUly proviulttd, but eouiil aol ijuitc; viclorjaiwn 
{nctiuhig Ki thu HD vvtij liirg«r fiiiit;. ti u DtKvruin Mill 
liuw Um iiuLLt*r -MuuM Iwirv ^iia; fur Olaf lucDaalf was now 
%]itiiix ^it^ \u» own kui«li aa<l doao^ lUixJly cjc^cuiiciii <w bis 
buji<?9t ncMiraitf£ to right xnd to l«ft. But onu irf tb<M diiof 
mbebi, Thorrr Hnnd (thon^liC to liiiv^ kmnit icfigie fRna Uw 
l^&odcm. wb(jm be Iod^' tmi«il «ilb< und uiftile faotie^bjh 
ID^stermislj wotil4 not &)l for OIaTa imrt PtrokM. B«t 
itKAas brought onlj dnfit from tho (rncUant«d)d*«r-Ekin cool 
at tlic fnlkiw, !» 4 )kr» niqiriHT. — whvj] uiritlirr tif tlw rt-bvl 
chiefs nub^d fcirvrivd. atruE^k Ul^if wit^ri lib» buttl^-Axe* a wild 
flJailung «rou&df and Bii^erably broku his tliUEfa, co tlut. h« 
iftafCfTvm! DT wfw iinpport4vi luiok to ika nnnntitt ctono; uid 
tiirrD iat diywn, bm^AuUkblj' c-^ing on Ood to bflp bin m 
th>ft bod Hour. Auotbcr rt-boi of Dole (tbo iMurue of him long 
rarinonbtc in NonrRj) elMbed or atiUibod U\tJ a tecoud Mmt, 
a» did then a Uiird l^fioii wbLc-^ tb« aobli) Olftf siuili doad; 
and foreTf-r quitted tLia duifboltv of a wofld. — IJldo wonby 
of fuch mon m U^Af, oiu? tometioiai tbiuli*. Bat tbat too 
1« a mulak*, uid ot%& vlxi import^knc on«, khoiUd ir« p«m«t 
in It 

With Olof a dcatb the lakj cl«m«d ocft^n- I3oUl«^ oov now 
done, coded with oompkto viotory to th« roboU, and noxt to 
no pORuh or rvcuU. «Ko«pt the death of Ulnf; ^vnjbody 
bjut^iibiff lione^ u toon m ih^; bii; T>url h.-ul drcidrd iUtll. 
ours body was MCfvtijr corrkd, ikft'^r iluk, ta tuatt oat-hioaaa 
on tl*v fatTi^ tt«nr the Kjiot ; wbiclic^r a paor bhiid bv^fgu-r eiaop* 
Log Ui fof fttH-1t<?r ikAC vvij ev«iiin|(^ w;ia inir^tib^oaly rmuiMd 
to ligbt. And, Xmly vitb a doUU«, aluiovt lAiraculoiUt spMiL 
the fccJiosv of aU NoTwnj for Kinp Otaf ohanifod tb«Qu«lToa, 
kind wno mnied up^idt* down, * witUm a ytfor,*' or atocvt 
witbln a da^. SopfTlLUiTe «iatnpl« of Kjtirt/ttu nmatitatt 
iUff«. KoC ''CHaT the Thiek««4 " aof longer, bot "OUT tb« 
Blatwi^ora^da^ now oloattjr m H«aT«ai soob thd Aamoaftd 
ttittnK<«r of bin fnan that tima to ttuK Two chnivhaa dcdV 
f-Ayd tj> biin (out of four ibat uoce sluod) ftUnd in Londdm 
at this DiOQMnC Andth« nifwUs tbat kavo btfta dooe Uun. 



not to 0pc&3c of Horwjby adiI ChrtrtcmloBk ebcwiwni £d fall 
Dame, w^ir^ aimwroua and great for long o^ntnriw %H«nna^ 
Vi^bly A Sninl OlsT evn* ffince; and* inrloed, in Bttltfftuhti or 
diwfrli«ri>, I 1iaT« »cMf>tn mnt villi bnttrr ntiifF ti^ mxkc a Sftint 
ol^ OT 1 trtji* ^Vuf Id U*^m in ail gufjii wctvnfr. 

SpMkking of tlie LoLdon Olaf Clnirche«r 1 thanH Ua^e ai^deil 
tbat (mm one of thi?t^* tlm fhrice-ramvm Tuol^y Street gMs ib* 
name —- n b«Te tbo«c Thn?^ Tfulors^ addr^AsInf; Parliuu^at a&d 
Uio Univpw^ nbhrncly ^tTW th«niftrJvofi, "Wa, thf^ Tooplo 
of EngUml/' Saml OUt© Sln^t, Saint Oloy :*lroi;l, Stooley 
Straet^ Tooley StrvK; Huuh arfr Lhe iiteUmiJr[>hu»«» of Luman 
fiune iQ the world ' 

Tho battlfM^Ay of 9ttr)c<>]atArl^ Kinfi (HoT* deuUj-day, ia 
gDr«r.i!l7 bftUtvrf^ to liavr Iv-en W*dn«w!ay, Jnly 3!, 1033. 
But on inrriti^-atian, it'tuniji out tliut tlien waji no total 
eolipM i)t tic 9UQ visiblo iu ^'om^ay that year; thotifcb thn>o 
jears before, th^rs wa« ouo; but an tbe !f9tb in0t«ad of tbo 

BBADti. the bteot critiCr incliniag for 10;PJ. and its indUput^d 



Bt. t>LAF te tho hij^boflt of thMo Norway Xings, and ie thg 
Uat th^t muoh Bttrv't* tiv Por tJiis n-aj^m, if a n^:;j(oEi w*rro 
not BurvrfTw>ii«, *r miglit Iter* end our poor rvmmioovDcee of 
tbow; dim ftorcreiffiiBH Cut wc will, n^vortheloaa, for the aakft 
of tJ)' ir eorui«:llon with btt« of KngUflb History, rtill li»tHy 
m*nttoii 111* naniPH of ""n "r two w)iu follow, ami who throw a 
moramtary gVair of life ami lUumineUton on ♦rrnt* nnd t^iM>o!i0 
thot hrtvo falkn » titinrt ainoug oiirevlwifi at present, thoiigfa 
one*! UH*y wurc ao uionK'Tilouii aiici mrmurtibla 

The new Kiug Sveiii frook Jni]iEdjurg> £utL|*» natiitnl :ton, 

CM KM lUiu iu ihicmr Ur hi> owu people, ud Vfwi Afiarwudr uint*fL" 

ILll— Vol. » 



hftd no raooou in >'onraj-f nor ^«nt to 1ia7« deeorved D.nf. 
Hill Eiigbah mother sjul he were fwind to tte graApii;^^ o^tjir«» 
tare panous; and &wclio, slmo*! from tho inetyuit tk&t Qliif was 
CQpprCflOcd ik&d cruithod uv&y froin ^c>rwtLy mto Hiwcn, utii- 
v«T«il odium mon*EUii wore in th&t country ^Ml-de^rveJly, 
a& bUU }i[i[iv»irp; for their taAUi^» and oxloiticiuft of m^t, of 
herriujL:. of nitaJ, unithwork and every utiol« to^Jiblr in 
ZforwAj, were oxtromij ; tDd their *ervic« to the oountiy otliot- 
v^ ii4*ar1y Smjwn^cplilli.'. In brifif tlieir oue boiAJtt tlivn* wm 
thft poirer of Eciut tho Groat; and that, liko all earth]/ 
thiUK^T ^"^ lUblf^ to Kuddcn collnpWr^and it cufforcil mch 
in a notublfS dogree- King Kiiut. handy y^t of middle ago, 
aud the gruiitrat Kiu^ En Uie Ihuu wijttd, died ;it Shiifteabury^ 
in 1035, &A Dahlmana think«,' — Icnvinjc two U^tiiaat« «oiia 
and a buny, tctn^int; widow (Norman Emma, widow of Ethol- 
red the tTorPUdy). mot^li^rof the ytmn^vot tUmtf twfi ; noith«p 
of whom jirnvwl Ui Ijuvu ajiy Liltiiii or any i^nnttuiwnMi. Tn 
tpitc of Emma's utmost cfforU. Ua/alct. the cidei Bon of Knii^ 
not b«r«, ptot England for his kingdom ; Emma and htr HanLk* 
Knut had to be oontftnt with Dt^nmnrkf and ^ thithpr, muob 
aitaiiut their will. lUr^d in Ktig1<ind. — light-jfrikntF liUk 
fiffuro liko hie fathw before him#— got the name of Harcfoot 
hers; and might hum done ^r^od work arnL>ng hia uovr orderly 
and fldttltd jBHj|ihi; Imt Im dinl almoHl- within year ar»d day; 
Uid ha^ loft Clo trace among ua, oxoept that of '' Xlarv^foot," 
from hie twift mode of walking- Kmma and her Ilarda-Knat 
now r»tuni(Ml joyful to Sn^limd. But the violent, idle, iiud 
dnuikon Unrd&-Kiiut did nn kootI tbortr; :ind, happily for 
Sogland and him* aoon 3udd«n[y «ndod. by stroke of apoplexy 
at a mamngo fofltival, aa raentioneJ abovt in Denmark ho 
had doue »ti]| IniA f^KHl- And ind'w]. iirder hiin. in a year 
or two, the ffrnnd imperial Miticc, inliorioutly built by KutiL'a 
Talor and wUOom, had alreaily tunjblod oU to the K^ound, in 
a most i;ii«x|Kvtnd and romarkable vfay. Ai we are now to 
indicate with all brvrity. 

J Sum Orvwir t^i. -Has, to tbl> rvf JM Kinr CdoL . . . H« 
difan«d tf ftbaftWxirr. Nc^Tcmkr 13. aod tlta^ <otxTMyd him it«D?«i« 
VlnctMMsr.aixi tli«t« barina him." 

Ciur.XL MAQXC3 Tltfi GOOD AND 0TI1£U$. 237 

Snin'jt tyrruinir:! Ui Nfinrmy hjtd wrotighL noch fntit Ui:tt, 
within tlic foar rMurs &ft«r Ol&Fs dcftth, the chief nocn Lb Kor- 
W4J, the rery slA^ers of lEiDf^ Olkf, K^ Ami^ftoii at tbc bcud 
of tlwiB, niiKl i^entUy onc« or iwiofi; niul ujiAttiiuiiiulj^ Mgtvvd 
^ut Kalf Amcttw umt gc» to tiwrdcn, or to Ha»»ia lUelf : 3u*k 
yoitu^ UAgDM, AH of Ulftt, boino: exeellcot Mai^iaftT to bo 
kln^ Oter aI) Norway vid th«ci, mstebd of ihia li tjlcnibl* 
STfin. Which vrosat once don«^ — Magnoa brougiiL hmnu In 
A kitwl of tritiniph, oil ^icrvi^ vr&itinn fcT hi&L Intolerabto 
ST«iu hid !dr«ady b««n r«belivd agaiuftt.- «omo y^n tK>fi)rA 
thu, A certain young Tryggve ovit of ireUod. authtHitle con of 
Olaf TrycKVOBon utdof Ibat due Irbib rrinccM w}io aLu«e Lim 
ill bit low babiUmotita niui Jow ofttAto, nod took bim over to 
twrowuGrt^uIjUnd, — tbEftroyH young Try^TToOlAfaonhAd 
invaded the umirptr Svciiir in ft fi^roe, v&Uant, uid ileteniiined 
muktier; and though witb too «inidl a part)', shoved «xc«tlcut 
fiirbt for some time; till Kreio, zcatou«1y bottirritifr bimsoif, 
mamutud to f^ him boatan and killed. But that vtut a conpla 
(if ymm :igi>; thn parly Ktill Um arnall, not }iK-!udin{f mie and 
ali OS now \ Srtin, without Btioke of hword this tini«> moved 
off towmnlfl Denmark \ Dovor ahowliifi; tao« in Norway n^tnln. 
His drunken broilinr, H^rrlit'KmitH received him bratber-Uka ; 
evcD gare him cionic t<ernUny to ritlo otim' and subsiAt upon. 
But bo lived only a abort wbUo; wha K^mc brforc llorda Knot 
himtvU \ and wa wlU m«aticn liim no mure. 

AUignm wiuft u. tinr lirlght yoniig fallow, aikd proved & valianU 
riw^ and AtiocR«jfu! Kiuf^ known unoub; hia p«opb v U^irniiA 
tho Uood. H« was only natarai Ron of King Ul^f : but ttiit 
tud* Ih^o dtCFarcnoo in tbn«« licnM and therc^ HIn atraii^re- 
looking, unoapr^tcd l^tiu n^iano bo ^ofc in th!» wty: Alfhild, 
hu mollieT, a «bve throni:li iD-luck of war, tbonjcb nohly bora, 
waa aeon to be m a bo|wtaL waf; and it woa known tn the 
Krnii'R bnviHiT bow tntlinitrly l)hi{ wiu 4Hi«ioootied wtUi that 
□nxiztvocv, and liow uiurL bt- lured tbU " King'aaatTbLf'ai^di" 
m abo woB oonmonly d«^K'>>dcd. Allhdd waa broai^ht to bud 
lato At niffbt; and all the world, okpu^ially KiitR Olal, waa 
aal»«p J Utor* ilTirt nilo, Ikon and alwayn, b«i!nir, Pont awaken 
mti arcniJTi^j a man sensitive about kU alcep^ Tbo obtld 



wsi a boy, of ralhfT w^akty ^lei-t; nu importont jwtsoD 
praMiilb cxvept Sij;vit> t!io Kl^i^'a loclftndic Skald, who Lap- 
petiod to be fitill awak«t and Uiq i^isliop of Nor^raj, who, I 
suppoMt, hAd bo0D «c&t lor in huiry. ''What la to bd dooef " 
lulcl thn Riithop : ** burs tn lui 'nJunl iu pr«bAiu]{ iieed of bap- 
tiam ; lud vr« know not vhut tlio name is : ^o, Sijn^r awftkoD 
ibe IUei^ fu^tl oflk." " I d&ro not for ray llto," anJtwtrcd Sigvnt ; 
■■ ICiJtg't orc1«rc am rigorous on tbjit point/' ^ Riit ir the child 
dk UDfciqjtu^," aaid thr [li.-(hrp. aIi udder ing; too c^rtsiiii. he 
Uid OTOrybody. irhcrv tht^ oKlU wutild ^o in that oa«e 1 ** I will 
mjMlf ^ro hiia a nain«,'* said Sigviit, with a doparAtg ooo- 
c^ntrsLtinn nf nil hin fiiriiUipft; '^ho kIuiII bif nsimi<Knki< of thr^ 
grcatcfft of muihind, -*• impcful Oiuolus M^ignui^ Ui us cull 
ih/b infrint Mofn^us T " King Oluf, on tho moirow, nskod nXhft 
sharply how Sigvat had dai«d take such a libprtr ; but dxoiuod 
RijfTTtt, Hrning whut thi^ |>orilnLLA Jiltr-i-n;tLire wiui. And Hugsm, 
by ftQch ncnidoDt, thi:i hoy was callfd; and h.\ not iULOthci, la 
th« primo orig:ia ^md introducer of that nanni? Magatifl, whioh 
ot^nn »fchff fmqanittly, not among tbr Kcirmnn Kingt onlj', 
fan^by fttid by among tlu? DonUh ^md .^wodixh; ;kiid, umoag 
th« SeaadiuaviaD pupalutioim, appeure to be rathut^ fre^quent 
to thi> day, 

liCagnnji, a yonlh of ^rfvat spirit^ whofi^ own, Mid nlAndin^ 
it hit book, all Norway now w. intmrdintr^y Miioto homi* on 
Denmark ; de^iroLiA DAturnlly ol v<<i]^-vau^^ for wh^it it had dijnie 
to Norway, and the aaored kindred of M^^ns- Donmark, ita 
|[Tnat Knnt ffon^ and nothinif but a dninkrn llnrdJi-Knat^ 
fdgitiTO Svein and Co,, th<Tre in bia stead, waa beoome a weak 
dlslooaC«d Country. And Magnua plundered in itj bamt it, beat 
it, wi oftpniuihp|>1PAMMl; Hard-vKikntstrnggUng whatbeonnlil 
to Biake reautance or r?pn*al«, but never ouco trrttuig aay 
viotory ovar Mafmis. Ma^mis, 1 pcrc«ivr, waat hkv hio Fatheri 
a akilful ai wi^l aa vnluini tighter by aaa aud land; Magnus, 
with good luctalion*, and prob^y baekeil by Immediatr 
ftlhaiwe witli Hcarca and St. Olaf. as was thoo the gemeral 
bali«f or Bunoiaa about hiuit «ould not asaily h« but«D. And 
tJwtniihimbiM wvitr wai^byKarda-Knniorany rtth^r Hatda- 
Knut's List tnuuof Uon vit^ him vaa. To make a firm I'ront 



and nteii ¥umilj'tteaty sanctloutul Lj fill tbo f^rmrtlMft of boih 
oouncncn, who did ijidocii ULftiulj theoiauhva oiuite it; their 
two Kinga tt^VllUl^J*: That th«ro chciuli bii porpotun] I'oaiMi 
Aiul uu Uiou^lit uf war murv, bctu-ei^ii Ltvniiuirk ojid Xdtva^ ) 
ftiul Uifltt U eilt^r ;jf the Kxu)pi di«d clulUlwut wliilc tba oUinr 
VB4 reiKniiiir, the othet should auccoed him m both Kinedoou. 
jL BugniEcotit ATRLnpomiwit, tfiicfa 4* hn^ BCveraJ Umee boon 
mM\v iu the world's hiitory ; Init vhlf^h in thi« irmtanc^ what 
10 vetj AiufoWftvuk acliul trUect i tlruukcu Itorciu- Kant dying 
^atpoodilv, and Magniu bein^ the maiL Lo wo^. Oqc would 
like to give thi% date of this MoDiftrkflblo Tr^at^f btit i^nnot 
villi iinsiiioit- (riie^n »;ntnnvh(irn fibnut 104Q:' urtvint frriHori 
of it came tc ^fA^iLs. bejood queation, la 10-12; yrlvoa Hardg^ 
Rnut dr&Dk Uiat w^asai) bowl at tho wvddtuf^ in Lombtth, and 
foU down dead; whij^ in di« Saxon CHroniclA ih dntvd 3d 
Juar; of th&t jivu. Mo^ucisat onco went to Dcutnark cm IicAf* 
ing tJu4 «Tent ; wm jojfuUj received bj' th« bwul men tht^n, 
wbi> mdood, witlx thm fetlows in Norwnj, hiwi bucn mnin con< 
triT^irs of th«? Tr^ty : both Countriee loiiglD^ for mntiul pi^co, 
tod the ctiii of ?iiirrli iLiceasiUiL bruilfl. 

HiiffiLU!! wu triuiDpliantiy rcccnred ta Kinic in Pctimrvk. 
The only uufortimub? thing w«, that Svei:i Eitritliium, tins 
axilosonof Ulf, Kiiul's Bratber-in-ljiw, whom Knut,ftM wt> Nikw, 
lad nunraofUy killed twclfe you* befonp «iner^d from hi* 
exile in Sweden inn tinttorin? form} &ud|>n>poaed that Magnus 
atjuiTld luiScL^ tkiiu JlltI o! IH^uiCArk, snrl ^nnr;tl ftdminiKtrator 
Uiere^ in hia own j^testd. To whtcli the A^mi^iiiiii:^ M/if^itu^T ia 
■pate of ftdvico to the roninuy, innitftud on uccL-diiif;. '*To<i 
power fu l d Jarl,^ «JLid Kinor Tftinberak^Wer — tho »iil« Eiau 

whos^ how \r:u liAi^nl t'> hr««k in OLtf Tryg^^fflnn'u Lftxt luittld 

("Norv&y lir«&kiug from thy haml« lvin^?*'X ^^ ^^ e^<>^ 
become Mafimnv's chief macL, and h&il lon$; been unonf; the 
lilgbMt f!hiof« in Korvny; "ton pow«Tful n J^vl/' «^d Einv 
earnMtly^ Hi;l ?i1u^iuh disregfu-d^nl [t; adi] & trouhledonw 
exp«ricnoc Lad Lo teiurh hiia tliAt it wna true In abont « ynor, 
OVftftT SvQiq, bringing ends to ta^iy got himself daolftnd King 
of Drnimark for hni ©wn behoof, ftiMrad of J.irl for viothnr^i : 

> UfiiKb civw tha ^U loae (i:. tW), Ad«a of Ilmnofe io*e 



Dad bftd to be beaten tad diiren out hy M:i^tts. B«at«n 
eveiyj«aTj butaboott aJways »tiirt]«<i U4<ici y^r, for n ti^w 
b«ftt4D|{, — almosty thoui^h iwt alto^tbor ; Ijaring vit lirat^ti got 
on« drttdful ■niiuhiixg>dowa uid hjilf-kiUin^, whioli heLd bim 
qutot for a wliilu, — 8olu«>gattMacDuelivtii. ^!iJnQ tha«n<l, he 
made good lits point, ha tf by merci pati^nCB in b^ing be;U4in \ 
tusA <Lid bocoiu« Ktitj; LiinHulf, ami pn>^'ctiiior of idl tl« Kia|[n 
that followed. King STt-iu K^trithooD: tii> called ixom MXrid 
or£<trith,lutaiultker, Lho gro^t Krtut'j lister, daughter of .Sv^ia 
Pork beartl by Uiat :LrriH./i(i^ Sij^id lKit Pmtid, who Afimtf thoan 
two iudijEiblo tiiitor* of hci« both at once, and ^ a dVLteb on 
the face from Ulof Tryg^^cv^ti, vbicb proved tbd d«atb of that 

hJgh CDOA- 

B(it&]1 tbis ftu« fortune of the often beatfto EstritbAon vim 
poMetiOT to &Ugna«*fl dontb ; who aovor wonld huTc auffeced 
It, hftd he been idive. Idjigniu was a mighty flgbter; & fievy 
nun; very proud ^nd positive, among other qnalitie^f, «ii& bad 
socb luck AA woA never icea bcforo. Luck invmuibly Kood, 
eaid everybody ; never oneo wne beaten, — which provAA, eon- 
tinned evtiybodj, that bi« Fotbor Olof and Use tnir^ouloiu 
power of If«av«n ware with him olwayn, Mo^us, I believe, 
did put down a icrcat deal of anarchy in thoee countrice. One 
of hit eorlicfft onterptineft was to nbcHub ^omnburg, and tiample 
out that oeM of pimtet. Wlizch he* itiuiiagii-d so completely 
that Jomsbur^ rviuaiiied a, mvxK rvminhtctsuo^ tbeuceforth i and 
ite place U not di>w knowrt to any mortal. 

One pervenw tbirig did &l lut torn tip In the eonne of 
Magnus : a new Cl&amoiit for ibc Crowu of Norway, end he a 
formidable pcsnon withid. This woe HoralH, hoLfbrothor of 
the lal^ H^iut Olof: uitt-le or hoM-wndr. tburefor^, of Ma|piiia 
bJmaelf. ludiftpuiaUt* b<jii uf itiif t^ixint'ti mutlitir by St. OlaTi 
tt^pfither, who woe hiiniLDlf do»o«iided straiKbt from Hirald 
Haarfogr. Thia new llondd wait nlrnodj mitoih hoard nf in 
the world. Aa tut itrAvnl Hoy of TiftiTeii tiu had fought :it King 
OlaPa side at BtickebUd; would not be ;idiiiomBbed l>y tbs 
Saint to ffo away. Got iicitt^i down Htcnt, not kiUmlt wOi 
■BMgSled away Uut a:ght frvm tlie field Iry STivtt*llj help; got 


cnml of hv woands, forwatded to BiuaiA, where be giew to 
m^'s KotuU% iiiiilcT bright niiApit^n ftnd «ugomms. Foil ui lova 
vnth the UiUdiftQ riinoeafti but could not ffct her to vif« ; wont 
qO th«r«upi>ii t« CoD8taaliiio|>lu as Kern'A^iM- (Life-Guardamftn 
Dftht^Grork Kaixi^^j bflcame Chi?f Captain of the V^HngPtfl, 
iuriiicibl« cbmupon erf the jiooT Kniscrns that then were, uud 
fillMl all the }Cast with tli-^ »hin« and iioi»o of l^Ln cxpLoiU. An 
ftntbmtic H'uriny or Baring, siicti tho fiurnimL* wc now tiavo 
dfrivcd/roni T.hr»ri people; who wei'i* an imporUut iiistitritUni Id 
those Gvcck cotintriiM for »0T«nila^ni VnTinj^oT l^kfe-Gunrd, 
consisting of Ni>rsem«u, vitb eomcticnrd & few Eii^j'liah among 
tJiAm, ITAniUl IvLi] inrii]mnni.blp nclventares iiRnrly^ itlwaja suo* 
oemful, ving tho Sk^ds^ gnincd a great i^cftl of wealth, gold 
ornataento, and gold coin ; had Qv«ai Queen Zee (eo tbcj aiiift 
though falMly) «iiaiiiorad of him at on^timp; and waa him- 
«c1f a Skald of eniui4ikco ; noiiMf of vhtwe Vf«r»i;»T by no in«a.Da 
Uio wont of thoir kind, remain to this day. 

This ohartvctnr of Waring muoh di::itkn^i[thcs Rarald to 
ma; the o&ly Vn-Hng^rof whom 1 could over g«t iho Uut 
Uf^raphji true or h:dr-true. It Mwmh Ibi? Grtwk HiHLorjr- 
books but irdiffercnUy €orre&poad with Hi^t Sogji records ; aud 
•aholara Bay thcro cnnld bnvc bciin no oontidorablo romacoo bo- 
twaan Zoe aiut hiiCr Zoe ut thut iUt« being 60 yaars of age! 
Harald's ovrn lajia aay nothing of any Zee, but dxc »tiU full of 
loagias for tie Ba»sian Prmocjin tav away. 

At hut, wliu.t with Zees, whut with Greek perT^r^ltles and 
jierfidieSr anil truiilileft that could not fail he dc^Urna instil on 
quitting Gieoce; packed up hvt immcuaitint of wtf«ltb in auo- 
cinct fihnpOi and actuall/ returned to Kosala, vrhara naw honott 
and faro» awAit^d him from old friaiid^, am) e4|>ec[atly, if 1 
miataike uot, th« Iiaiid of that adorable rriuceaa* ciciwu uF all 
his wialiea for Uio tinio being. Boforo loiw» howeTcr> he da- 
cidod fajthar to look after hi« Norway Itoyal horitagvA ; and, 
for tbut pnrpota, «af1ed in forf^o tc i\w J\ir\ or qu^^Kiitg of 
Dvniuark. the ofteii-beatUD 8veiu. abo wa* now in Sweden on 
Li0 aauai wint^^r oxilo after bcatiDR. Stdiu and ha hod ovi> 
detitly intnrqoit* m (>onimon- Svein waa obarmed to*M him^ — 
io varlikr, gloriuua aud fvutjwued a ataii» witb m aa a ca of monry 



■bovtiiim. too. STDi&difi b^ Aodbr bcoAm«i trcach^roiu; Ukd 
ov«n Att^nf^todt oua oii^at, U) >uu.-iiiu£« Jloroid in hu bed on 
faocinl vhifi : Imt Haraltl, TiiplttijC of Svetu, vid a mail of quiifik 
KDil ■uru Snaiglilf bail [iruiulvulljt ^■uuc Ui dlcep ebevlMt^ 
iMmg » lof iostoad of Iiim^lf amoDit tbc bkuikcto. 1& vbtcb 
log^ Tiojct nomiDg, tnocborotu Svirtn'* bottliMutc inui found 
dcwply vtickia^; acdcovld not Iw remoTMl wtUicnit diStcuItj! 
Bnt tdU woA ftfUr Hardid iuid Klu^ MiLsaus }uiDMlf had 
bcgQU trvoti&^i vitU the foirost pnwpoou, — which chid o< 
thu Svoiu tattl»«xu italumlly tendiMl lo forwiud, lu it aIU>- 
gi^ihtrr Eiiuled tlin otbi^r copiLrliierv. 

MAgntu. tm fimt bearia^ of VAriit]^r Hamid ami hu into<U' 
taons, made insUiit eqaipiuAit, «jid il»t«rmiTi.-iUon to 6frht bi8 
tittArmoAt ft^iwC ihc ta-me. Hut wl-tft pertomi uf inftaunoft 
round biiD, u< did the like tkorb roiuid Vaiiitger Harald, inud- 
catlj advlMd oompramiM and p«aooabU iin^ncnt. Wldoh, 
SOOD after that of Srciii't nocturn^Ll lxLtt)«-axe, -wim the <?0Lir«9 
adnptnd ; and, tn th« joj i^r tU) |urUi», did |imv« a mtPiwinruI 
■ointlon. Uagnus A^nrd to paft Ida kinEdoim witb Urtclie 
Uarald; imi^lv portitifi: bis li^fOAiim, or nciUns tbcni viib 
Magniu't porort;. Eo^h wna t4> be an uidcpendeot king, bat 
they vott to govojn sq «o>iiiiaii ; Magttm tmhet ynudxttg* 
lie, to sit> for oxAn)pl«, in tho Higb t^cat alont^ ; Kinc llaRkU 
oppo«iM bim in a Msat not qull« ao higti, ttiou^li if u utraagor 
Kbi^ cani« on a vUii* both iho None Kings were go sit In the 
H%li fW<At Witli varion* otbor pimctilunu r^iniUttooa; whicH 
ihc fiory Afa|[Tiiut wRtf ^xtr^niBlj t»tikct with; nndfltiiiK the 
mqttial relation a ^etj daftg«h>ua oat, bad not both tbe Rtnga 
bAcn hout«t tiirjir and HanM a Dicidi moro pr«d«iiL and 
lolcranl oue thnii Macnua. They, oa iho who\t, n^cf bad 
any veisbly qvurel, thanki stow and tb^ft rather tu JIartUd 
than to Uagnus. Mikgnna too vaa very &obl«; and lEajiiklp 
vitl) hta wble «xperieDOo and graat^r len^ of yean, caMuUy 
hHd hu ti'at of b«iprr w^U cov«r«d io. 

I'rkir t4i tJ^trle Jlarald'a eoming, Maflnua bail di«tiiignUh«4 
Idniwlf su a LH«giv«-r. His Code of law for tb« TroiMlbjan 
t^nmaoo van rvviAVdrri^d a fiTptty yieti^ of leg Ulfltkm ; and in 
■nbwqmot tiu« c^ the jtimn; of Ortyf^^M (Otigat) ; ooa of 



ih§ W0Bdcrfuli-*t uacwd ever piTua to a wimt Himk. Some eay 
it ouno from tJio gr^y oolor of ILo piaohmont, aoiap yivc oihitt 

nUDO meji-'Iy ileuuti^ ;iutiiqiiity ; iho witty 11,11111? tii Nurtviiy lor 
h m&n K^w^n^ olJ Jmvciif; bMD, in thoiti tim«fl, that he was 
now " bocoming agray-goose/' \>ry fanlafitio indeisJ ; oc'Tttiiii, 
liuwfnreTT tluiL GrKy-gocMn ui thif iinmn. i^f r.hnt venerable Law 
Book; Uity, Iheve i* a-uoUurr, fltiU minr f.inirmAj lA'loti^'ing to 
lo«laiid|]Uid not far from a ooutury y4^unsunUic Iccloiid Gmy- 
ffwt$^ Thfl Norway nnp U pftrhupa of daW about 10.^7, th« 
ttlJiur of ah lilt n |Ji ; jkK^u?!? bn with tlirm linih t Or, If aiiy- 
t>ody ia uicliutid to audi juatturEi let Liu go to DaiilnutEin, for 
th« ftmpWt information ind sucb mkDUt«aeAa c>£ detail us 
niigbt ;Omust pn;tlile liiui tj> Iw an Adv«citt<T, with f?ilk (iown, 
m aiij Court ^qieudmg ou t^e«e Uray-gecm:. 

Ma^ue did Dot hvo long, Rq bad a ilrvam one night of 
his FiLlh«r Olaf's comiDg to him In ghinio^ }>rc^«Tice, and a.n- 
noTinring^ Thnt u nm^ificent fortiinn and worlJ-^^f^^tt renown 
w« t;ow poasible for him ; biit that jierbapa it was liih Jtity 
to wl'uiM; it; in which oiise his earthly life would bo &hortv 
*liVliioL way wilt thovi i^o, then?" said the abining proHonoo. 
••Thou Jihttlt decide foi mc, FathiT, thi>u, not I '. '* Jiiid Uth\ bii 
Vn«1c Hamld en the morrow, adding that he thought h^ nhr>uld 
itow ■iooii dk' } wliJoli proy«d to be lhi> tact. TbrJ luaguilicvQl 
fortiin4i|, 90 ci^uestioniihlR othherwist, ha* roferpnce, nn d™ibt> lo 
the Conquf^nt i^f EiigUnd ; to which country S^lAin^us, fts rijfht- 
fiil and ^li^Uial Kinff of VaniTt/irkt M wcU ua undiflputod heir to 
dnmk«n Hard^i-Kniit, by ti^auy long ago, had now aorn^ evi- 
dent cl^m. The eiil^'rprisB itacU wan i>'HrL-v»i(l tj> the pfltieiit, 
Iffty, and prudent Uncle Harald ; and to hiio it did prove 
fatnL — And mtroty parcel tlic way for Anothor, tuck ior, not 
likelkT ! 

Sveiu Estrithson, always beatan ^iirinEf >Tagmis*a life, by 
luni iiy f£0t an rwECcmcnt from the pru(U-[it Hjirald to ^ King 
of ]J«nn)kikf then', and otid ihoM woariMon^^ and innffoctnal 
brabbles; Harald Iulvim^ other wurk to do. But in the autumn 
of lOGG, Toati« a youDjcor sou of our Englinh Knrl Godwiu, canio 
to SroiiL^* coiu-t with & uoflt important aiuiouuctjmeut j namely, 



tiMt King Edwoint Ouft Confesiorr m tmW&d, w^ l^eid. ftxtd thAt 
Harold, «a iliu Kn^liTili wrtut it^ his deli jtt lirotLrj ^ould ^lfo 
hifiOiTosti, DO lutScicnt «hu« in the kuif:slftip. Whit^h itloto 
of nwttvra, if Svi^in would f,-o (Uiiea<i with hito Uj r«etilf it, 
mnld bo gMAU)' t.» the advAiitAgu of Sroi n. Svnin. istjght by 
aaay beutlu^ vm» too wiso Tor Uus ptopoul ; n7fa«e«] Tqali, 
who iDdii:iiaiitly «t«ppod ever inbj Norway, and propoted it to 
King Hnnild thoM. Svcdu r«aUy bad aoqamd ootuldtftablo 
tMohing^ T aliottld tn^e^* fnim hu nucb bunting and httdsK- 
pcnciiofl iu Hit worM ^ <ino findjt bim ftft^riruda tbe wtMOMd 
friend of tbc foja^uA lEidtoriiui Adam oC Bt^swu, wh<i rcporto 
T«notu wbt hmitaiuU«», and plcduant diwotirAlDgA with Svein 

Aa tot Harald Har<ltad©» " Ilarsld tbr UaH or Scwro," w 
h0 ttOiS iK>w oall^J, Toflti'a propo«SLl nwnkniCKi in hini nil hit 
old TvringuT ttinbittoiiA &□() cmpiditiDn intti hiding vehatntmce, 
H« MuilDiinly i<uaiM!&ted ; niul ait titiv.f. with liin wlwle otrength, 
aibaric«d io th« ndTCofcuro. PitUcl out two b uudi^ abipSt and 
tbt boggMt army ba «ould oarry is thdm ; and auiJed with Tovti 
towartb tbu darfft-ri>U)L I'ronnvil I^ojid. Got Into the Tyiw, 
Bud book booty; ^t itito tbr Huinber, tbriicn ieito tUv Ouie ; 
•aaily tobduod ai^ oppoartiou the oHieiid jHioplif or tbuir popu- 
blio&« oottld makd^ viotoriouiLy AOartored t)iM4, vtutoHouly 
took ibe City cf Vt^rk in u day ; and ptvii got himnpU boma^d 
there, "King of h'orthumbrrlaodr'* a4 prr iH^vrnnnt..— * ToMi 
pronng bo&onblcs — Xoiiti and ho going with faithful strict 
aopiittMry, and all thiog* looking provpc^us aud gUMtJUB. 
Except odIt (-.ui in^|H>rtiviit *x/«|nion I) tliat Xhf^y l«an«t for Ctr* 
taiu, Kn^lub HoroSd wa.i advancing witli all bia strength i and, 
in a nuia8urabl9 spaioe of koura, txah^tm oar« wvre tak«ii. wwM 
be ill York himKEll IfanOd and Totti }iAAT«<nMl off to sniiw 
the peat of Stuuford Bridgi* on iVrnriit Itiivf, «ix or >r««ii 
Ailc« «a4t of York City, and there bur tbU dangcron* advenl. 
Their own abipM lay not far oD in Oaaa Hk«r, in oaao of the 
VoraL The battle that rn»urd llir< ni^it day, 8u|>tamb9r % 
10G6i M lorevvr mvaiotohlc in H<iKii-i^k biotory. 

Sftorto gires vividly Mionj^ hu ri«w of K from tha !(*' 
bwdM aidft: A riDg of atalwart jHoneneaf elooe ranked, with 



titoir it#*«l tnoU in hnn^ ; Kngllalk HAro!cl'« Army, mostly 
«aT&trji prancing aqJ prickinj; all fttound; ttykig to find or 
iD&ko Jiomn opening to that rmg. Jor n Lonir timo tryuig in 
vaiii, till at lt<ti^1i, jjettiiig them entloi*d to barrt ont 4oin9 
wbure ill iJUTftuit, they nfuicUy t^uird ruuniL Euid qiui^kly mudo 
an Olid of that matter, Snorro w^pr^ji'iits Etijjliali Ilarold, 
with A fir*t pirty of th«fte bond ootDtnff up, and, witli pr«- 
liminAry itiiUiiAtions aflkizi^ If Tosti v**Te tht'iv. and if HaraUI 
were j luakiiijr (Wnfti>iu( propOMla \a Toali ; lmt» in rcrgiirtl to 
Hftmld iLUd whut ihare of KucEtond was to bo tie, iLuowGriug 
Tonti with tho worda, " SeTun fool <ii EnffUiU oarth, or moTft 
if Lc rt4|uiTf< lit for d ^iTave.'' C|i[jii w!ji[!b 'AiHti, likn mx 
bononibb injin tind ooyttLctxiCTy naid, '' No, &gt«T{ M xim fight 
jofl ntthpr till wp all di^/' " Who is (hU that «)Mko to yotj ? " 
inquired Hanild, wlien the c&vnliera liml vritlidrawn. "My 
blotW Harold," anftwers Tosti ; which looks rathuf like a 
Ba^a, but may bo historical after all, 8tioito^3 history of thtt 
battle i* inWlligible only ftfb»f yon hav* pnrmia^d to it» what 
hv n^'ViT hints ^t, tTiitt the xn-nv was iin thi'. riwt nide of the 
bridgv utid of the Beivr«nb ; the great struggle for thr. hrid^c, 
tm^ at lu&t &nddi waa attor the fatl of HELroId^ and to tbo 
Snglisb Chroniclers, said struggk, vliiuh was abundantly 
WPtmtWf h >11 tliey know ul tlic bftttle- 

Enra^ed at that breaking loose of hiA etc«l rini: of iTifantry, 
Norao Harald blazed wp iuto tn]# Norao fury, nil th« old V»rin- 
pvrand Bf^rHPrhir raffia nwnkpning in him^ "pntng forth into 
the fvont rrf thi* hght^ nud tnaLilod arid cut and axuaeJied down, 
on both h[ui<lH cf him, ov--rythiiiK bo mi>t, in^eistible by any 
boT«e or oian, till »ri arrow out hia through ihn windpipe, and 
laid him Inv fornn-r Tl^n.! wa^ the t^iid of }Z.h\^ llai'aM and 
of his workings in lifiM world. Tho circuiuAtauco that hu was 
a Wariii); ftT BariRK, and had smittiin to piciN^Q m> many Ori- 
ental eohorlM or crowd*, wad haAl uiada lovi-.veraea (kind of 
iron ma^lHgals) tr> Iuh HuAHiaii rriu«A»4, and f-aught the fauoy 
of <in(Atioi)ablo Orcok (jJiCf^ns. and had iima«od »uch hcapfl cf 
muufryf white poor nephew Miignui hail only one gold ring 
(which hnd f)een his fntht^rV and anm hht fnthtVit m/>fJift^M, 
m UqcIo HaraJd noticed), and nothing mor« whatever of thut 




pr«cioTi5 iii«Ul to comlAAc wilh njirild'> tr«.i«]re« : — all this 
H i]«v to mo, notoraliy do bint of it m aujr KugluU Ix^k { nii4 
]«ndiB vo[uii gl^Jim 4jf Tfj^idLtiu M|iletiilcir Ut tkiL ihiu W^iuuis 
frf Sbunfurtl Jlrtd)^ now falleii ao dull uad torpid to uioat 
English miadst tnukMcwloiUly impoHo&t »a it once wea to aU 
BB^iflhaimi- JLdam of Brouien taya^ the ]£iiglbb ^ot aft mudi 
gold plmider from HAr&Id'ft |ieop1*4 » was & hcavj bordeii for 
twelr«mea;^a thiiijr cvii^leotly impcMiblc, vrJiieh uobodjttMd 
tey to Mi^To. Vounff Olaf, Harold'^ sim. ai^ about Kixteoo, 
itooricg down the Uum ut the top of liu sptedf t^cu^d Iiuom 
to Ncjrway with all bb altijM, aud Bub»ei|uetitlj ra^^ued Ui«r« 
with MufTiu?. hia brother. HamJd's bodv did Ik in ICiiKluih 
earth tor iibont a j^ar ; but was tlwra broitj{bt to Kiirrjij- for 
I bitnab n« iwoded morA than nrvt^n tt^t uf |^it». say ftoine ; 

I Ijuiiir, intrr prating dttorro^a nmmrejucuU, n];ika0 llirald«ifkl 

^^ fMt iu stalunN — i do hope, wUk modo error lu ■ a ot w 1 





Tub new Kmf; Olai, his brolLer Ma);uiu bti^iug feoon diod, 
boTA niL«k in Norv;iy for ioinii fiv»4ikd-Cv«iii^ yeora. K^ile 
vift nncl t^ntli?. n(>t liki* hi^ rutlH'vX mid inRliiiiitjf nt1i«<r to 
imp re v« mi til lu th^ ortu ami clcteanciiui Uuq to uiiythiiLg Hf^Toro 
or dao^rouAly laborious A slimbuUt. witty Ul lung, popular 
unc] pn-lty laaa, wiLli iincouiinoiily br)^lkt ^y^ and kair liko 
flooa f ilk ; tbej calltd him UJal Kyrr^ [ih^ Tr«Di|uil or Emjt- 

T1i«» c^r4^BiODia1a or the p4lao« w«» nodi inaprovQtf hy hus* 
>*ah»rQ stUl cioiiti&uod to b« iKiilt uf biigv lug* pjtttmld^ty 
klopiQK iipwar^l*. trith flrrjiUcc hi Uie uiid'lJu <«f the iloor, ftful 
uo <fraM lor anoko or tnjcn^M iox Lixbt «xoci>t ri^ht orerbondi 




whieb, in bad vottber, yctk oauld sbot, or all tnit shut, vith « 
bd. Lid origii^ljr Aiujp of men opGkqoo board, bat c^muRod 
UiWtIjt iaXn a li^lit fnuner c«ti?<o*>) (^an/, bo to B[ieu.k) wiUt 
eatejula q£ umnabi, cLitificd i&to vauctiiitis of peLluciiliLj. AU 
tJiiB OhkS. 1 hop<\ furtbur porfi^ciod, ixs ha did tlio pl^oiiifc of 
th» court lailLea. court offloinls. and tlve likt^; but I doubt if 
Uie liunry of a rIom wiMtioir w*ri* w^r knciitu to hiiii, or « 
oit|> to drink &Qin th»t wu not icftd^ of mf^tftl or hcnt la 
b£t it ii ahi«lly for hia aoik'i «ak« 1 m^ntinn him here ; itod 
vicli tlm SOLI, ton, 1 Lath liltJo fit&I urnmru. but cnlj n kind 

This son beus th^ iiaiD^ of Ma^niia Bar/od (Barefoot, or 
Buela^ ; and if jcle afth wbv »i>, Qiq answer \i : H« waa oaad 
to ippeftr m thn artroRtn ■>£ Xidarof {Trondbjoio) now and ibea 
ia eomp1«to Soutda iligblftnd dns«t. Autbcntio butoo plud 
utA ^Mlibeg, al ihat ^pocfa, — to tli*ircnd«r of Tromihjnm uid 
t»! Tlie LnilL b. he liad a mt^'iiLy laJU7 fur tbtiM: Hrbridrt 
find dhcr Scotch poascasioits of Jua ; a,nd Amns Ilogliuul dow 
quite tApoflitibl^ oa}{i>rtT ■p>?i^atf«d oii i4omt> c^^uquost in lr«- 
lldld « n&vt belt. Ho did, in r^iictr K^ diH^ntly vnya^ng and 
luM^iefrtiug amcn;^ tticiffO Orkuej and Hebriduui bli»; fuittiag 
6voi>thi&jc straiirht tborc, appoiotiis;; ttrinjcfTDt uuthoriticti, 
Juji, — naj. a km^ ■* Kingdom of tho SuderOor'' (Houtbom 
Iftl«H, riDU" i^altnl Sodor). — iimLus finl kaiff^ Sigur^jr hia prrtty 
litU« boy of nine y^Toj-s. AU wiucfa done, and soutr quarrrl 
witii Sw^fia fought o^t, bo soHonflly applied bimaelf bo Tjaic> 
log In ft fltill rk^m nmpb.ttio mnnnnr; nnmoly, to invadiuff, 
with bin b(^t hkill anil utriTnt^.b, tke cumKidrmblo virtual dt 
Bobanl kingdom be tuvi in IreUrni, intending fully to enbvgo 
U to tbo utoioat linitft of tho l^Und if powible. flo ^^t proa- 
peiDiiflly into T)ab)in (ga^m a it, 1102). Ondider?ib1« aiathoN 
ity hr alrt-'kdy hAfl, rrvrn ainoni; tUio^ |ii.<rr IrUk Kiagiy or 
ktnfflctq, in their f^Uba oiid ydlov-uSrcai gowna; atill morev 
I supfioao, ujnoLii; lh« nuiii«roua Nor«e FrLndpaltties tk«r# 
"Kiog Mtinlirur. Kirir iff Ir^Tbnd,^ says the ClmJniclo of Han, 
** Ittd obliicfTil hiniscLE', pvrry Yulo-daji to uko a pair of oboes, 
hasff th4B orvt hi* nhouldcrrp na your Mrmnt dOM on a 



«f Mntznud Bir^^foct^s nicaaongeT, bjvsy of homage to the aoid 
' King-'" Munlog on this greater oocaflton did whatcr«r homage 
•ould bn rfijuirnil nf hJni; but thftt, thnKph n-iiii f orUhln, wiut 
f&T from aotUfj'ing the gri^nt King^s ambitious ihIdiL, Tlio 
gTCfkt KiDg Urt Murilog; left tU cwd Ihtblini marchM off 
westwiini OQ il general conqoeet of Ii^Und. MArch^d tt%s\\y 
rlctJorious fot a time: and got, nome ka^t ■"tiJ ^hf^ viMm of 
CoDnjvUicItts IfXit tIicr?T kav hinu^i^lf brAct h)^ ambuflc-ados And 
wild Ubb counti^mwoce icU'Dt on niiitf^hifrf j and hud, on the 
Budd^n, to draw up for battle ; — plaoe, T rep'^t tfi say, al«i 
^■tL«r uudiACOTor^blo to me ; known onlj' that it was boecr ia 
the extreme- Oitoia enough, too ccrhuD and evident, Magnui 
Barefoot, cca^(^bing oagerlj, ooold find no firm footing there ; 
noT, fighting furioiu1)r up to the kneea or ilet^per, any result 
but houor&blti death I Date b conHd^ntlj marked '' 2^ Au|f\ut, 
1103/' — ae if people know the very day of the monUi, The 
native* did humwitfly give Kiog Magnus Chmtian buri^ii The 
r^uuantti uf hU tortx, withi>ut furLber znoWuilum, fuuird lh«ir 
ehipfl OD the Cout of tJletcr ; and sAiled boiae, — without con< 
<iuett of Ireland ; nay perhajie, loaving roynJ Murd^t; dUpofted 
Ui \w r«Ii«iri>d of hiH pnweasion with thn pa.ir of Hhfw?i- 

MjL^^iiEiri Barefoot Mt tlin-u Mutt, all kiii^ at uui?e. rei^uiug 
praoeabiy together. But to us, at prcflCLl, the only noteworthy 
one of thisn^ wm Sigurd ; who, finding nothing spaein) to do at 
hom«f Ipft his l}rut}]vrH to iiirLmif^i< Tor him. ami wt-iiL off oit a 
far VoyiHce. which hat reud^red hiui diAtint^uiah&ble in th« 
etnwd. Voyagn through the Straite of GLbraltoi, on to Jenua- 
liiiii, thrfici* to rcinntantanrrpUf ; nnd so hom^ through Ruttfi, 
ahiuiiig wilh auih reuown om fll!in! idl Norway for the time 
hcinjf^ A King calh>d Sigurd Jorsfdafarcr ('Tariual^Trter) or 
ftigurd thi^ CruMuUr hecicofortb. }ih voyage had be«ii only 
fjariiolly of the Viking typt; in ;7t»neral it wnjt of the Royal* 
Pn>;r«se kind ratlirri Vikingiam only inbrrvrning in ca.ir»Df 
iucivility or the like. Uib rt<eeptiotL in the Cotirta of Tortn- 
gal, Spain. Sicily, Italy, had been honorable nad Biimptuoua. 
Th^ King nf Ji»n)*nli*in hri^kr mit Int/i titjiifist HjjlL<»nrlor and 
fiTiaioa at aiglit of «ncti a piljjiia i and Coaotauti^ioplc did ito 


oi-AW, MAONiT?i, AND srouEn, 


liigh««t bobor« tc suoL il Prbee of V»riag«rft. Aj»d the trath 
t<* Si^rd ijitTlii4io&lly was h wi»c, nblc, luid prndnDt man; 
whc, jurriviiif; hath Im brothers, migvod a good while oloao 
xn a Aohii mid mcoodsful v^y. Hd ftliovrs leatur«« o£ aD-origi- 
iial, i[ulept!tiJt?tit-lJ>iiikiiig iii;u) ; Minit^LhiiLf; of lug^Eedly (strung, 
aiuoere, aud hob««t, wiib pcoultaritica that hie u&i&ble uid 
ovon pckthetic in the ohAru«t«T &nd CemperaiadDt of bim; as 
crrtAiuTy, th« cnLirw* of lifp In? took wai of htn own chooAing, 
And pcciUiar niiuutfit. llo haipiKjan fiirtheniiore to \m, wlint 
li« loafit cif sbtl could hai>f ohcACiik or expoctod, tb« last f>f thr 
Hflttrfagr G^ncali:^- thai ha4 niiy puc<^*>s, i:»r tnuoh de^^rved 
anjr, id tlii.i ^Vl.Jr1il. Tim UjtL af thu Hwf^igm, «r av gond xh 
tbe l&nt : So thut, aingnlftr to s£i^, It is !□ rttlity, foi ono 
thiiig ouly tliit J^kxurd, after M hu crauLdinj^n and w(itid«tfnl 
adTontares, U mt^morAblr to ui hnra: tlm lulvonl ar an Irisb 
gODtlftjjtan r:al1i.'d " frjvIU- KrUt''(<rLl-nhridt, Sorvant i>r Ghti.it), 
Tho, — mjtovrr wclcomr. 1 .tfiouid think, but (unconaoioualj) 
biff with the ab.^v.> Miault^ — U]ii>o^r^ lu Norway, wJule King 
Sigurd u'a^ fluprem?. Let iia eipUln a httlfi. 

TblB Gyllt- Kiisl, ltt« III iron ^<>iou«Iy fatid indiTiduAl, who 
" Apokc Nor>? imiicrfcctly/* dcclnrod lumaaLf to be the natund 
lua of wliUom Mitgiiuh barefoot; horn to him lher« whild 
euj{Ug»^iI ju ilMi liuUnUinnUi " ConquttxlDf Irc^Wid/' *' llero k 
lay tuothtiT couio with mc," said Gikhmt, *^who declares my 
real baftismaJ uiLtno to b:tv« bear H;%raM, ifirsa &i« by thftt 
gnat Ktugi and wlio will carry tlir r^d-hoL plmiKlishiirM op 
& Any reasoual^le cnkuJ lu tiwtiEiuiiiy cjf tliKHc fartit. 1 nm 
Eiag &i^ud*ii TiVTitablo hulf-broibfrr : irhjj,t vill Kini; Siifurd 
ttiiak it fill to do with ni« 7 " SLffuid cWrly ftopfas to bavo 
beliuvttd tht- ma.li lo b^ Hp^akiiijiE If nth; and inib*iMi Tii>1)ody in 
hfliTr duabtvd l^aL 1)43 wab. Sii^nrd said, " Honorable viiGlrnanoo 
sbalt tliou Ji4pVC from ni« bore UlI^ under pain of exbirpotiorif 
■vffAT tkat, neither in my ti]ni\ nor in tli.iE of my yoiing hoti 
Magniiiit wi]l tlioii L-vrr duiiit any i^liari> iu thin Govrmiiti^iiL'* 
OyUc! airon; ; &ud puu^buAlly k«pb hi» promlai^ dtiriuj^ Sisurd'» 
roign. Itut durii^K Majpio»«t he ooii»piriio'u*ly bfi>k« It; mtid. 
la rftiultf thri>iigli unuiy rrigun, Aud dunui; thrm or four 
ynB Taijr.nB aiterwudf, produced u&^pc&kabJo ocDtc&tiuauit 

CtlAt. XJIJ. 



^Uopiiig hu Tcry bcMt , Diid roaclwi Ui« goal moM p«lpftbly 
fEuefa-001 thaa vrcrr &o Uut M.^^ii.i hofi to j«^ his bel, ajid 
oduer daja^o au<t LumUiUioiL Asd got from his fftihtr, vho 
htttrd of it Aoon sitorwuds, flocifl^ Kbmlw ^ u aillj ibllov, 
mho did imt kt»>w thn Korth of men, birt only the olothcs und 
iwik of ihtaa, aiid tr^l doterrcd irlut he hud ^t fiuiii O^vlle. 
Ali tho time King Sigurd Uvtid, (iyUo «cema to have Lad ^oad 
MBOgnitioa mil proUotiou frmu that fainouA m^u ; auil. uvIl^, 
to \mv^ gained favor all niuud, lij hiji qaiut jioeiAl deuicJiQor 
«od th« quUilics he shovred. 


UV fUH llAAitVAiitlH, 

0» Si^rd the CtuttwleT^a detith, 3la^ua naturally enmt 
to tho thryice ; tijllo kcopi&g uLuico and a oho^ttful foMt for 
tlie lLrri«'. RuL U vfdA not loDg tiU uhliii aruKe i>ii tiyll^'N [tarl, 
till w^ aiid %ht aroet botve«t) Mainms and himt tt)1 the sVil- 
fttJt popular, ovor-nctivo and flhlfty (ayUii hud t^itirety b^^atcn 
3fagDiu; put out hU i>yoa: tnutilaiefl the poor body of liim in 
a Horrid «uid uuuaiuAbli< luauncr* aud ahut hiiu uji b & ooa- 
T4Dt aa out of vlii' if.tmc hcuc^foi".!!. Thcrr; in bin tLirk mi^erj 
MagDus Uvod now M n moiik ; called *' Magnua the Bhnd^~ by 
tlio«4» Norse po|^rulAtiotin ; King HiimUl (lyll^ reigidiig victo- 
fknuly m }iiA Hti-jvl. But t}fTM alao T^aa only fet a liiaa. Xhrre 
woMarvaging kwfplk of MasniUtVlio hat^ no Irish accent 
te ttioir ^orso, and vorc th«mft«Lvee Linger enough bo bttor rtilo 
1b tlielr naclve wuntry. Byouoof Miese, — itifmhly aUuag< 
buidei!, fighting, rtolent, &Tid r«-gardli>ki fcUow, vho aho waa 
a Bastard of Maeuua Barefoot'^, and bad bean loado a PvLeU, 
but lik'^d it unbe^mhiy iU, and had brckcn looae Smm it Into 
thf» wildest cumiti aC homri and abroad ; au that bia cunvDl 
name got lo ha •■&]cmbi<diAk£i," Slis or til Ddooout und«t 



vhicli bti iH much iioi8«d of in Si^mt^j an^l cli« S&yu : b^ thia 
St iu -Deacon, Gyllc vfti [njt an end itt (tuurdcivid bj^ night, 
drtutk ill hill ftI«op); and poor thud Magnus w%a brcKi(;lii cmt, 
and a^uici im-l to net aft King, or Kin^'i? Ctrinkr in hop<>R Gyllr'n 
poaterlt;^ wuuld uevur run to victoiy laovc, DutGjUc^s pos- 
terity dill, to riotorj Rnd tdao to dofci^ and woro the dufith uf 
SIkgDap anil of ^LiiA Doocori too, in u frightt'ul way ; and aJl 
gi>t f.Ur*ir own dunlh by iLud tiy in :l ditliL In bi'lef^ tlieat? iwo 
kmdf«dd (raukODod la he anliieutic enough ILuufo^ i'CO|>Icr 
lx>th kiads of thom^ proved now to hav<i booomc b vcribabba 
croj) of dTagOEr« tdi'th ; w^u> mutually fought, pIotti-<d, struggled, 
;tti if it Ijuit htwn iXmr Viicn Wiiiitu; ni<i'er eailed (lighting, 
ftud Addota lou^ lalcrmitttHl it, till they liod oxtcrmiu&tcd oiie 
ftnothoT, Aud did at UaI uU rif^t iu dvutli. One of th«4C Later 
OylW ti^mporary KiiL^ T ivni4*mbAr hy th« DAm* of Handd 
Ht^rd^lin^l, Ilarald <if thr Brrrml .SlioiildfiT!!. Tlia vnry l&»t Lif 
them I think was llatald Mund (Harald of the tFry-AIvtith), 
who gave riio lo tu-y liupotttoru^ pruluudiug to bo Sond of but, 
a got)d whiht afti^r iha poor WTy-Wont-h iistlf and all lea tranb* 
Imom^ belou^ngsi were <|tnrUy iiudrrgrouuil. Wlial Norway 
BoSoT^ daring that sad ocatury mnj be imagiued^ 


mftRib ASP i>BacK:«DA(rTa, to oaso^ thr old. 

Tini end of it wa«, or mther the fimt abat^mcot, and fre^r^ 
fivij7 of tJw «iidf Thatf wbun nil thia b<id ^nc on over wora- 
ening for some forty ynire tir bo, one Svenlr (a-d. 1177)^ M 
Lhit bead of an armird mob of |ioot p«o]jl« trailed ittrixAnrnt, 
ouno upon the BtH.-n*'. A ptnuge rnongh figure in History, 
thi* Srerrlr and Iua Itirkeb^ma! At Hmt n mvmi mooknry 
and diranl langfalng^Atock to the i*uUf;hteitcd Norway pablia. 
Konrthtlaas by Lohoarl-of tighting, buuf^ring, «<i«rttuii, and 
eBdnnnQO, Sremr, after ton ye^rs of »iioli a death-wrestle 

Cntf' 3C1T. 



iffftin^t men and tlimf;^ ^ot hiniMilf occopbcil &a Kiiu: ; and by 

ALid (it :im»t bo owned; t^viiut^fd haiiiaL faculty uml vulm- (or 
valtLo) ill the OTCwIoaded and dintorti^d stntc, did victorioualj 
coatinue ■m*h. AuJ roiiudod a iJtw DvuiLity in Norway, whicU 
Gilded only iHLtb NL?rwa^'b ^e^jaiate exiHlmiae, utter luuir Uii'cw 
bundr«d ycuB. 

Tlui Svorrir aallod bimfteU & Ffon of Hnrnld Wry lUouth ; 
livitp va^ iu n^alir.y tlit* ieoh of £, ponr ('uinlKiitAlifir in Kcinirt 
liUle toMu of Koivay ^ iiot,Lui|^ Iwnrii of SuiuLip to Wry*- 
Mirath till after Rood nunoosa otLcrwiae* Hia Hirkcbcina (that 
U to iftf , Birchh^t ; thv poor re1j«Uioui wretohOH Iiaving 
Ukm to tli« woodh; aud bvea obliged, bedidea Llj^ir inLoler- 
ikbU ac4rcilj of food, to thatch Uielr bodies from the i;olil 
will; whaUtvor covering oould b« p>t, and their lofc« cvpooiaUy 
with Hrnh bafk; aad «p«cidB of fe«cy hofii«ry ; wh«nw th«ir 
mnkRatn<^)t — liiH BirkcliiiinN T gatis* ftlwn^'Ei to havi* Uth a 
kiad of Norae t/oojiMj-Jb : dMp«rate lUing of thralta and indi- 
gent peopl«^ driven mad by tht-nr uueodurivble aulTenngs and 
famishijigSr — tb«trs the Jffpegt atialuia of misery, and th9 
dvnmt vid hcavirhl., in thin the geui;rsil misery of Norway, 
which had la.-(tcd towards thc^ third guntTution aiid lo(»kod as 
if it would laat forever: — whei^upon they had liacn proclain> 
\n^, \i\ thU ftirions dijiiih tnntuierj unintdligibli- ric**ipt tu 
IlcavcTJ, r.hat the same could not, nor would not, b« cndurL^d 
any luugorl And, by their Sr«rrir* etrau^ to flay> they did 
atuui ft kind of permanent jncoeas i aihI, from boring a dUmal 
laugh inp-5took in Norway, i^mo U> Ifli inij^ortaut, ujid for a 
time aU'im;)nrt4int Chores Th<iiT uppoaition nickiiam«af " Ba^ 
Ura (from BagiUJ, ^titndu^, bishop's stofl; tfifiliop Niobolas 
b^iug cliief Leader)," ^' G«td-itfft/' atid the Hke nhdcura t^xttm 
(for thero waa btill a uunnidcmble (^(Mintv. of coantrt^Ktrhting 
flhcad, luid c»p^iaUy of coiiutor<QickuJiiDing)r I tiku to hnv^ 
meant in Norao ptcligiircimifnt kqvimi c^nmries ago, '^blofltod 
Aristo<*rKTy," " tjru[i(ioii!i Btmry^aitie," — tJll, in the ntut 
oontuiy, lI;c:9c rcat« wero cloved again! — 

King Svcrrir, not tims»lf bred to oomb-making, hflJ, in 



bit fifth joftf, gnuu tc on uncle, Blftht^jj in thir Fvfto I«Inndi ; 
wad jot Kim6 ounsidi^nible viivtAtiuu froio liim, with tv rifrir 
to Pricalbooi] on Uie poiL uf Bvcrnt, Unti but Likm^ tli&b 
enn-*Qr. SMirnr l»d fled and UDUjnclod himsdi OT«r to CIm 
lJ^k«b«tiiai who, notioiug th» loarnod toufp^Or vid oth«i: mini- 
ciilcMV qiinJitiiB nf the inui), propiBnd to mftkr him (^ptiuti iJ 
Uieiu \ vtil rren tbreAiaoed to kill him if lie urould not iioeept, 
— which thua Ht Lbe eword'd jwint. u« r?vvrrir saya, he i»« 
olilifod to da It vu« Aftnr thin tliat li« though^ of broomio^ 
MO of Wry-Moutb uid nthrr hi^hrr thififpi. 

HiA Btiicobcio* nnd he kod cortainlj' a ta1l^nt cf campoign- 
iag vhicli bsfi hardly CTor bMn iMfUolltd, Ihey fout^ht like 
derili Agiuuat luy odds of Dumber^ and twfors tMl« ttiey 
hats been htuiwii to luarcb six day* to^tli«tr «dUtoiit fnod. f^a- 
COptt perh&pi, the iniwr bcukA of trees, uid in nui^h dothiog 
and iboMiifc Oft in«u^ birch bark ; — tA one tirao, »ome«bero la 
Ifae Don«fjeld, tber* vu sertotia cKmn£«l held among them 
wbeCibei tliey &hi>uld dcI «ilL« aa one niaik. Leap dowu ]»lo the 
fnaeiiffolb and pFocipicc«, qr at otioo mnaMoro ono another 
whoUff and ao fioiih, uC tlieir conduct in battle, fierM? tha& 
that of Avreaonit*. vhere waa LhM« aver ai^isn tha parall^rl ? Tu 
ttvtb tb«y arc a dim «tiAiJ^ object to oue, in tbat bUok timei 
voodfcaftly brini^jiic liffbt int« it wichiil i iiud provM to be, 
iindicr aucU imexpeuUHl circumMaaoiw, Um beginning of bctt^rr 

Of STcrrir's pu1>lio s^Mecboa thi^rc huII exi^t anthcntio speei- 
■koift; woacktrful iailiiioci, nud muoh ctiamoumtio of fwh a 
ftverrlr. A onmb-tnaker King, t-viitentty meaning imwal goeil 
and aulid ibinss ; aud eflteiiiig than too» etUvart aooli to 
alam^it ef Norwo^iiu) diaoa^omo-aitAjn. His daaoeodaBta 
and iQcec£for< were a eouip^amEiTcly re«T«cUb)o kin, Tbo taat 
and greatv«4 of ibeia I tJiall laeitL-uu i£ ir.UtOfi VII.. tir Hjikon 
Ihe Old I wboae Eaioa ia atiil UtdIj a4aon^ ua, from the Battio 

of lATgt et lAMt. 






Ji>ti|to NorsKi aiiitjila our f^Lmoua llbittle! of Largs makfj 
ftfiiA4^iiri?T or oliuout ooae ut all aiuoEig Urxkon'b htLttlea und 
feati. They do sfty indoed, tbeee Nono flnnaliffts, tbat th^ 
Kin;; nf 8rottind, Alptander 111. (who luwl Mirh a fate uinong 
Iht crags aUnit Kinghoi'U in lime oomiiit;), waa very aiiaiioua 
to t'luchaAO ftviu Kiuo; Hibkou his sovoroi>;iity o£ tho Woetom 
Isloe- but that Haknn p<^iiilod]j refused; anr] at length, being 
aigftin iiijjxirtiinei iiad hothtrrrd an tLc luiaiiieasT decidttd cm 
giritig A rcfuEul that coald not he inistaken. Decided, naiaaly, 
to go with a big «xpuiiitLou, uxid look tiiorcughly iutu that wing 
of hU Dominiona; wh^r^ no doabt much haa faUeti awry 
nin*iP Maffims BArefoot's grand visit ltitl]er» ami se<?rift to \m 
inrititig thi* i^upidity of bad neighbor* 1 '■ All thin wo will put 
right agmin/^ thioka Hnkoa. *'ani.l gird it up into a safe and 
dnfiiimivi^ poatiire." Hakon aaiM aivinvlingly^ with a jitmng 
Ef Qt ; niljkifitlniE ^nd rectifying among hin llrbtidca ii» he we&t 
long, and landing withal on tho SL'i>loti tMnt^i io tilunder and 
puxiiali aa ho tlijuyht fit. The SeoU tay ho hwl olaimpil of 
Ihem Arrart, R]tt«% ami the Two Cumhr.u-H ('* given my aiicoft- 
ton by Donald Rain,*' sakI HahoiXr t> the; atuuKemoiit of t)u> 
8oot») "aa part of the Sudoer " tSouthi-mi l*lea)i — so tar from 
B«Uitig th&c fine kingdom I — and tliaE It was atfter taking both 
AtTUii and Biit^ tliiib lie made liia iWt^nt at l^ar^. 

tH Larijs thcp'^ IP no m«ulion whatever in Norao books, 
But beyond any ciouhl, Bunh U tlici otlmr cvidenofr, Hakon did 
land t1»6ii^^ laiid iiud light, tiot roii'juet'tn^ pnjbably rather 
bcftte^i; and rery i;GTtaitily '' retiring to hta oliipo," u in oiUk«T 
OUi^ hn hi'lioovxicl to do! It if fiirtlior oertairi he vaa droftd- 
fully Ui:i!trL'aU*d by the we.ithiT r>ti th-iv? wild c*j»»U; and 
altogvther credible, a« the Sootth r««ord» bev, Uiat ho itm 



IK* «t Lvgn Tcry apociaUy. The Sicno KisoocdA or &kgw ft&y 
Uk-^r^ly^ he iMt n»DT of ItLs nhips b/ ilid t«aipmt8, auck tmukf 
4»i btfr men 1j>' land fijc^U&g iu various porU, — tscicl; iiicliut- 
iiij: LoTKN E)0 doubt, wbich wn^i tho liut of tlic»o luUfortttiMs 
t-> him. •' It^ iho bialo iMra ko lo«t 1^000 lueii, mj Um 
Ho^Ut, we J!i,i>»**! Divi<t« th^3B niuiibei'S hy leu, and tbe 
osoe1l»ulljr brief ftud lucid 8cottuh uamiuAiy by Uacliooiui 
mnj' bo t4)(( D 0.1 tiiu upprouuiatclj^ true &ud uxcwt.^ IMtc <Ji 
Uu Ut'Je i% x-tf 1263. 

Xu tbU lUyr oo A UMio plain to ihc smilk of ibe vtUa««v 
iiovr towu, of LvR«, in Ajr^irc, tbcrc on Men Atooc ctirai 
uDd iDonuuieiitAl liuapa, aod, until withui & cctntur^ ages 
iioe kig«, BPuliljiTy, upri^lil staiHr; mill uiiitfljr tfistifylog 
to4kbftttlc tWiu, — ^iUJiEeUier uLcul>t to tLLa batt4o of King 
liakoti^a ) vbo b}' Lbo 2Jotm rooonk^ tixi, iru tu tbcae ncigh- 
bartiood» at tJut BUue dat^ utd «videDtly Id sd ag^ravtva^ 
lugb kind of kvuor. For '' irlulc kj^ bbipe wkd aiiu/ weitt 
doubling xhn Mull of C&ntitc, Lo hiul biA owp buat act oa 
whODiv, Aod t^iorviD, 0|>l«DukUy eiioughr hid likoMlf drawn 
HnseH Um PruiiiODloijr At a l^atlor peiit»" no doubt wiUi harm 
MModiuvt b&Duera wjiriii^. "All to the kft of ow is mia* 
ftod 2ioryn^f%" oxdjiijibrd Itakca id kit trinmpiuiot boot 
pn>tfT«H«, wliiob ftiicli cliicaKUjr* moq followed, 

Uakvu ^^UutfruU kis wreokd ioi;rtber> mid aorrowfully luado 
for Orkney. It u potwbU coook'** ^ oi^^ Unido Books now 
•Ay, hu isifcy havv gone by Jontt, MnU, and the nuirciw noa 
iiUfdu iif Skyi*; and that tli» K^U-Akin, favorably kaowa to 
Mtt4tttbcr» iu thai r«^iuu> lojh)' aC.uall^^ nioui tbo iiT^rfa (cuinov 
fltiait) of Hflkoo, vhcrv Hakon niay Atavo dropped sochor, nitd 
rf*tt^ Sot a littlo vbil^i \u etaootb wal«r aod twaudfiil «nvirur>- 
iT^riitf Riff fmni rqninortial Kinrm*. Bat prmr t)akim*A iKni't 
was i>3ir brcrketi. No vrrikt to Orkntcry; died thotf in tlio 
nintert bctoc bobohiiug ^OYtrtj aiore. 

He it ira« wbo %^ T«i»1and, «^ieh b^ been n Repoblio for 
four ti'iiluritiA, nnitad to hie ktngdmn nf Xorvay : a long 
aiu] iiilnuaie opuntiou, — mn^ii prcstidcil ovca* by o«r finorTo 




&turk»otk, so often iiaot«>J hciro, who iDdoed lost hitt life (bjTM- 
■atinntioD from bis swis-uiUv^) tmd out cf grc&t vealth sLtnk 
at uuoe InLfj ^Kivtfiitjr of wro, — our* inidrLlf^Lt in Ilia uwn 4)eIUr, 
in the courat' uf tUat l»aJ liusiuesa. ll^ou was a great PolitL- 
cion in his tinto; aad aacooodod in mft&f things before he 
loct Largs. Socrro^s death by miarder hud bappc^ned ubout 
twirnty je&n before Ilaknu's hy broken ZitmrL. Hi* is i^letl 
HAkon the Ohl, thou^i oud finds his d^ vi^ but Gfty-niQOi 
probacy 11 ioupah hU for a Norway K.in^. Soovrt/fl aturv^ 
tivo C^UOI whn;) Snnrro hitnuifU wnj; Wrti; that in to say, 
ut Ui<-* t]Lrl.-^huhl fif King Simrrjr; uC whifHt? tix[iUiits ftDd 
doubtful birth it ii gui:aiwd hy some that fiuorro wiUiuiflj 
i!orbo» to speftk in the hearing cl such a H niton- 



TL&Asi'AOK'fl kindled lasted aoroe tHree centnTiea \n Nor- 
way; Svcmr'w tojitnd into iU third oir-atiiry thtrt! ^ how loug 
aftw this, ujaong the neigbborltig kloshlps, I did not Inqulra 
Pot, by reyal atUuitien* cunb^ui-LjiuLtiea, aud uaexpected cbancca 
■ad cban^Si the thrc^ dumdiuAvian ktogdon^s ff^ll all poooo- 
ably togeth^ tmdor Qik^oq Morirarot, of the Calabar Unica 
(a.d- 1397); ami Xfirway, iaeorpomted now with Denmark, 
neodird ug mum kiiign. 

The History of th^c FTaarfaj^* has awakened in mc? many 
tlu>ugbts '. Of I>9apotiJini luv] n<*iDocnLcy, artntrary gororo- 
mant by ona imd m'lf-fjnvnmiricTjt /which itirftun no (^vflrn* 
nant, or anaiahy) by all; of DicUtornbip with maay faults^ 
and UnJTcrao] Suffrage with lttil« poaaibility of auy virtiio. 
Tot tba ooDtrasI b^tw<»tn OKf Tfyggvonon and a Univenittl- 
SiifTnigif rarliAnmnt or im ''Traperial^^ Copp«r Cajitaiii ba<v 
in t\w9r n\u^ c^nturw*, (ffwrn to bo vtry great. And tha 
ctoraal l:VoviU«aoo tliat giiid«a all tlus^ aud produe«a alik* 



tbrM mfiEiea vith Uk^r i^podu, la not t6 nxtric itill UmMgli 
the gnat deep? Does not it ttUl ftpcak tj ua, if we hava 
eve? Here* doUiiod ia atonnjr «iu>ia^i pa£«ior« and iitsti&cU, 

DTlCODRcioiM of Mlf fths bttt Ul^LT OWD BatUfSlTtiOI), !« t^n hliWwd 

bciEiDnittir of Ilutnmn Onkr^ B^gnlotioD, fttkd r«al (icT«nini«iiti 
tii«ic, clothed :u a hifrblj difottit^ but ae»n euitablc tcs^' 
nlcUK tif pasMoiifl, iiidtineta, and aqsftltjr nnconscioit^ «« to 
fefi] aijQf iA tlie aoc:\ir«ed4oi>kiiig i<ndin|c (tBEnjJOniry eniltDir) of 
Order, BtffoJAtioo, aatA Gorcrrnmcnt ; — vcvy dbmcJ to thr 
■noo ootoolcor for tLv tnoi? twing; not diftijiil to him otber- 
VlMy bit hapttj UMj bpinj: HlJ'iidfxKL ! Bol l»^r. lU ATiy rcUn, 
in Uiu poor Nor«; th^AUe, one looka n-itb iiittir«£ <tq tlie firfti 
lituwfontuitioD, lo myiUrv^us ibQtl AbaUus^, of huiuai^ Cbara 
into ccinetliiug of arti'^uUtir O^sojor ; wfDTciis*'* lh« wild and 
strui^jr liirlh-pangc tit niJinnii Sor-ict>', uid r«fltfCU tli&t with- 
out »omfthing ttimtbr (lUtlo on rot^n Gxp<^t AQob now), no 
Cofioios of bumaii aociety CTcr waa got into exist^nc^, nor fitsu 

Tho violfTQOf^ fiyhtinss, ciimM — ah yc^ thr«« »^ldoTn Ml. 
luid tli^y are r^ry lanK^ntiUilou But nlwAyA, too, unomg tboM 
old populatioinsp therd waa oii« taking i>l«nienti t^O tiow ^f^iitit 
of wbicJi» rvpecially the nnl&mented vanl, tmiisoBnits »\\ lani- 
tntation. Hem b on(» of those ■Iranic^ iiicrdnir, wiijjftd- 
worda oi Kunkin, which hot in it o tcrnblo truth for va in 
thea« etpc<?hi now oouw r — 

"Uj fjitjuUiv tlifi foUttw of modem Ltbeialiiiii. many And 
ft«at thou^ thuy be* an ptaiettcAlly axinuncd i» thi« diiti»l 
or noft^Mt of th« (|iJAHty and intrimin valita of thtni;*. Jtt 
r^^'T.'irigiihir Wiititud*'.*, antl ^photf^al bpapwilerwv^^llwojogy 
of luiiTonal iiidultrvmip. hnd jtmHpruileiiue vbit^b will lun^ 
»o rofttrft^ movu onn Bbd all of thfim, in th^ rV)L iiimpoui^ 
of dUeeming, or trftuul to dtMOtn, worth tnid anwonh in any- 
tliingr ami Inuii of all in iti>n ; whmvciA X^itun* and nminrn 
oomnaijd vcm, at your |i^rtl to dt>oeni wortb Ironi unwurth 
ill nrflfyihiofr, uti mofltof all in man. Vovr mmn jiroblMB 
in Umt fuiairtit nnd iHtA on', 'Whc tm hf«l mui?' m»A tbn 
¥mX»9 Uw^va lutich. — ffrr^tv ihn wildeaL Aeroest, cTUff!f«t 
expfrimmti^ — if fai/ty nude for Uio d«lorntiAation of thob 


t'kip XVL 



Thtft and htoodgtuttn^n ai9 not plmuia; Jn th«lr ilgbt; 5*t 
tbc EATOTiog ]xiwcrs of dm ftptritiuil muj matffrini vnrlA will 
confian bo yo« your BtoLcn good^, nnd tlicir tioHVst toIma 
spptaad tha lUtuig of yuux spiULr, imd c^Ii'Mj-w the ;idilpCnro 
of joar shield, tf oDiy yoor robbing and nUTlng h^v^ bean 
ia fftir oibitisaeat of tbat qaofitioii, 'Who Ib h^U mdJtkV 
bot if ym Mfnw uBch inquiry, uid mninbiin nrvfy mas fov 
his Deighbor'ft matijli, — ir yon give vol* to the nmp1«> :md 
liberty Uj the vilo, the pow«n of Uiimb '^^intuftl :inrk mutifri^ 
vorid* in duo tuoB prtMOt you inc^ilAbty witli the euiua 
problcj]^ soluUo n^vr only wnaR nd» upvmrdn ^ and your 
robbing aad alajlng niust bd done ih^ti to find out, * \\*ho u 
wont luAU ? ' WliicU, ia KO wiile au urtlcr of uierit. ib* Ittdeed, 
no4 cAsy; bot ,1 comploto TfliL(iH-*uy Rtng, wid lowest circle 
Id th* Inlemo of ISomt, yoa &ie sure to fiml, and to bo 
p>Tflrii«d by."' 

All read«t« will Admit tbat there w&a somctht&g nfttunUly 
loyftj it) these Hftarfagr Kmgs. A vitdly great kind of km- 
drvdj cmiiittt in k two Henkes of a high, or almoHt highRit, 
type : the liTHt two Olafs, Tryggvuou And the Saint. Auil 
the riew of thonu withal. v>3 we chiuioo ti> btLTd itj I havo 
oftau thoogbt, hoi;r essectiAlty Ilomc^rif? it wiu r — ind^^l 
whfit if " TToiHAr*' himsolf buh t)]e Hkapaorty uf Gve ucuturititt 
of Grccli -^hnJdn and wtuideriiig BitlUd-fiiTi^vis, done {L ^ 
"ftlKchvd together^') Ij- eomobody icom* miisicol than Siiorro 
vwf OUf TrytsffVeflun and Olaf Saint plrajt** mi! qnitn ui 
well in tb**fr prosaiu form ; offering mc thr ttuth of thciu aa 
_ if Ken iu their real II&cnineat« l>y «omc miuroUoua opoiUD^- 

^^ft (through tlio nrt of Siiorro) ocrooft Ihv ll^k strata of th« 
^^V ngea. Tvo high, alnioat among the hi^jbest sona of Nntniw, 
¥ Meo HA tlie^ V(*ijt^l>1> hveio ; fairly uouj|ifLrable or superior 

I to god'lilic AchillijUFr soddcAS-wouudiDK Dionodoiv much tnord 

I to the two AtrcidiLi, Ka^IaIon of the }V«pIetL 

I 1 hare al^o thought often wha^ altook might be mftdo of 

^^^ 8norro, dill there but atiau a man furnished with duo literacy 
^^B hoktght^ n£id iDdcfit4|[al)lc ilitit^^L<i« \ who, taithfitlly acquaint- 

^^1 I ^V< Cfc»v«^. Ultct XIV. pp, e-iou 



Ing hims^f with thf> topograph;, tb^ monntnfmtAl t^Wcm ftn4 
illiJAti.itJvt? nrt»Aliti(*A af Nor^'Ay^ i\ii¥vfu]Ly Ki'nniiinK Uii.* best 
tcAtiiQOnies u to pluce and tijuc which that countrj cun itill 
givi> hiio, o&refullj the beat colbterol r««OT(b aod uUroui>togioa 
of other cmmrries, xn^ who, htmsoU |K)«Bes6lng the hi^heet 
fa<iulty of ft Poet, coaldt nbrulgi^ig, ;ur^ugiu^, clucidatiogt 
rodiicc i^norro to a poiisliciJ Uosmio sxntvj unwcnricdly purg- 
ing wny hifl much chaotic matter I A. moil^rii ** highest kind 
or Toel/' capable of mtlimited slavish lahor wiclial; — who, 
I fdbr, u cot «oon U> be rxpcctvd in thi:i wotM, or likely t9 
tifid bis t^k ut Uie Heirj^hrii^gU il he did appeur h«r&. 












for manj fwrrtcirktf trom tine oofnmou oblivioEi which toon 
overtakes th» mi^ of uttbora, u it iln»« tli^ infts^ of uUier 

8aoh hu been thr higli 4>^ntb>- of SchiHor Hia LUtoty aJ>d 
fihunctcr doat^rvi' uuz aluUy lur more tb^ui oae rt^HAoti. A nat- 
URll aud h&roileiH feeling attrauns nt Uiwnuh Hurh n Kiibjfltit; 
vreme juixUinm U^ kiiov hcviv fio {[mLta man paaspcl Ikrou^li the 
woHdi how he lived, uid movi^dT and hod hiti bt-iiig^ ADd tho 
qti«Ktioii, if properly uiv«iitig»tcdt miglit ^'iold advantiig^ im 
well Ail pU-aaunf. Tl would be tnteresiing f.o disnovfir hj wlmt 
gifU and wLal emiflojrai^at of dnfoi ho reached the eminence 
on which wc bow boo hitii; to follow the atep* oF hia intdl- 
ketnal ^nd mOTMl onltiurc ; to ^Lhi-^r from his life and worlcs 
KDULti piclurH i>r liiuift^ir. It U ftortli :ii<iuirtii;, whether he^ 
who could r«p[«6ent nobl« aotioua fto well, did bimnolf act 
nobly i how tlio«o powora of intellect, which in philoMphy and 
art ftehioTi^d no much, app1io<d theinnol^e* to th« ni'ory-day 
aniTrgvniurji uf life; huw the gr^urrtiii^i itrdnr, whiffb delighU 
uA VI hiA prxtrj, di«play«d iiorlf in iht nnmmon intOTCOitreo 
betWMO man and man. It would at onr^ti instroct and gratify 
V if IPS couhl midentand hira iharongbly, oonld tranitpfjrt oar- 
•oItos i&to bis 6iroiiaiJiUui<!C!i ontwunl and inward, could *oe » 
he aaw» and feel oa lie felt. 

ifut U the vaHoufl atility of ffuoh a taak is palpable enougb, 
Its difflcuh»<>H are not lew bo. We shonid not lightly thinlc of 
cnmpri^hciidiiiK the Xfiy Hiiii|i1rBt rharaetAr, in all itei beniingat 
aiiid it miKht ar^ic ruiU^- to boast of croaa commun ocquAtnl- 
ouoe with one like Sohillor*!. Sndi mon as h« ai« miaunder- 
stood by Uietr lUlly M>mpaniona| much more by the dJHtant 
oA^Mrvei, who gkana lua iofonaation from ecautj lecords, and 
oBftunl ooticca of tdiatru^rintio avr^ntfi, which biographcn ani 
often too indolent or iujiulicifms to pulk^t, and which tho 
poncrfnl life of a man of lettem usually siij)|rlkT» in littlti 
alxmdaEioe. Tho pobliahod detelU of Schillor'f hbtory nra 
IBMgn»and influlSoioat ; and hiji writing*, like those of ovary 
audior, flan afford bat a dim and dubious copy of his mluL 
Kor ia It tuiny to dooipber orua Uilfi, with luudvrate aocunMj* 
TIm bin of a fotoifD boBias^ of foroisu manners, and inodoa 




of thinking' strange to iu, «ihfTtae>( aivl olHciireA tht *^^% 
oftOQ mft^Lfyiu^ what b trivial, a>oft«niik|* irhab ia rtide* ami 
aODUCi&ies hiding or distorting vhat ii bOMitifiiL To takr tho 
dlnMndons oS Sclnlli^r's miud were a liard «»»U<rpriMr, in aajr 
cam; harder stilL wicU these impedimenta. 

Acooniiagly «ro do not, in thiis place, protend to nttf^ropt it: 
w« hav« iio fini^HiH) purtrtit of hit chanutor to oBvi, uo formal 
estimate of }\h work;^. It mill hv L'lioiigh for ui if^ in gtaTt:<iiig 
CTCt hia life, wc can tati^fy a aiiujile curioHitj-, about thu for- 
tiuui and obicrF pncii]>&ritif« of a man o:>rinPot«d with ua by 
a bond ir* kindly Aia tbat of tlie UKichor to tin* tntight, thn giver 
Ut tlid r«i;<^ivti of ixihuU-I il«li|fht ; if, in w:indf-ritig tkrmiyh hin 
intellectual creatiou, we can ontjoy onoe more the aiagaifioeiit 
aod tagnuit bmiity of that Cniry lan^f and cxproAs otir feeling 
whera wv do not aim at jtidglrtg and dncidiu^ 

Jfldiami Chrintopb FVifdrich St^hiUcr iraa a native of Har- 
faachf a amati town of ^VUTt4.'lQb(>rgt situutcd />ti tbo bunks of 
tbf» Nflckar. He was born on the lOtli of November, K*^9, — 
a few months Ut^r than our uvrti Itol^ert l*ijnj»- i^hillpr's 
early enltnro yn£> favored bf the dispoAitioun, bub obntrootod 
by tiiaoatttard «iraiimBtanoa« of big parents. Thcngh romored 
abore tlie ^ireiunire of poverty, tb^ir station wn/t dnpi^ridnnt and 
Qoctuotinj;; it involved a frctfucnt ohiuig^ of p!ao« and plan. 
JohauQ C^urpar SoUiilcr, the fathei', had been a tnrg^on in the 
DarariatL army ; he served iu the N^thprlanda dnrtnjr t.h« Siio- 
osssloQ War, After hia return home to Wllrt^inlirrg, ht; laid 
asida tho modical profcasion, having obtained a oommieaion of 
nMgD and adjnUint under hin native Prlnoa. This peat be 
hald snoumtiivuly iu two ref^tmetLU; h« had rhan^t into the 
soooiidt aiuJ WttB abauut oil activi? dutj' wbmi Frit^dricb ins 
born. The I'oaoe of Paiia put an end to his miUtwy omploj- 
mvnt; btit CnjpoL' bad abovn bimiwlf tin intfltli^nDtf uTUSstim- 
fng and twn-ful man, and tha I>Hk*' of WUrtt-mU^rjj Wiw willing 
to retain bim in his aervioc. Tlie layina: ont of rarions nnraa- 
Hos and pUntationB in tlie ptonsuro-gronndv of Ludvigaburg 
and 8olitnde waA intniutad to the rpti?*^d aoMier, i:ow advnnoAd 
to tbti ruik of oajtt^iu: he t«inovod from one cstakrlbhrnont 



to another, from time lu t^mo; sLod ooBdniud In tba I>ako*s 
pny tdl dcftth. In bu ktl«r ytu% he rwid«4 duefl; at 

Thji uiDiia of lifn wnn nnt iTin mni^t ^mpiticiUEi fur mlLKatiiUf 
BucL u bp}- OA Ftriodricli} but tbf; DAtivc vurtb of liui laruuls 
dkl store Uian oomponaato lot tho dtefidTaiitagos of Ui^ir 
woHdljr condition uid their limits jboquiNimi^ntji In kaovU 
tdgo. Tlt« taiCTolftnettr tli*^ [nodi'Kt auJ prudf^t mtevtitj, the 
Itno dcTontncM of tbcoe good \itiop\is shc^no forth at && Aitor 
period, expanded vid beanlilie'l in the chani/<tcr of tboir louf 
hw hj>nit wn^ taourinh^d hy a (V>rvitiuit ixpHSiinT U) sw^h iuilii* 
eooe^ itnd thaji tho bott«i p^ut of his udnofttion pra«p«T^ tqLI, 
The iDOlhor waa a vomim of mouj houeeiiold virtue*; to ft 
wma affecdoa ttyr her childKn and hnateitd, iho jt^ned n 
decree of tnalv and iotelligence nhkh i» of nim^h nutr occurs 
rCQOC 61ic i« a^M to luhvc boon il lover of poutrj' ; in pa.rliou- 
lar an adtciring render of Vtz and Gellcrt, writ«T« vhett it 
It creditable for one In her altnatlon to h^re rsli^ied.' Ilor 
kIndnoM oiid tettdcrnoBs &t h^&rt pecaliaily tndflind her to 
FriedricJL Hor huahond appenn to have been n penoa of 
greet probity and raeekn«Mi of totoper, oinoetely deeiroos to 
spprore Miudalf a ti^fnl member of aocdisify, and to do his duty 
oooaaieiitionalj to all njvu. The ae«de of monj voltuble qiuli- 
tica hod been town in him by nebne \ and thoaf:li hu» ooriy lifia 
huU bt«ii DnfnTorablo flor tbvir estivation, ho at a lata period 
loburfHl, nut witliout mi^iwok, to »in«dy Lhitt diAodvaalni^ 
Bech bronchea of Bcience and pbilo»uphy m lay witliui hie 
reach, he rtcdied with dili^io«i, whonrvf^r hi« profocotonel 
employ merit! Irft him hdsur* ; on % imhjcct connunt^d wit^ the 
latter he bn:uiiie jui ^utlicir-* Hat v/imi. diirtiy dititiii^i6k«d 
lam WM tile prnctico of a aiuouro piuty. wLidi eeooifl to have 
lUffoied ftoelf ov«r all hi> fooHngs, and giv«n to bis ol«v and 
bcneel diaracter that c^^ilin etltfv«tioii whkb, in sudi a eaa^ b 
Ite aaAuiel result. At his mlipon imngled itAolf with ererv 

' 8^ W M tvmblD iluaani tad Utllo ednatlion, tfio lUugEiUr of ft bftlN* 
la K<.>d>rt.« 

■ Hk Uuk h EdLldod A( B^naark te Omn itbc CalHtftUou of Tr«ei 
OB 11m Oiud S&Wh it CUM I* « i9voad adMM b ISO*. 


motirf and Mtikm cf bU 1ifo> the wisli which ia all his w&a^f' 
ing^ \»j nearoit hit heart, tho vUh Tor th<t ^dnc^tioa of his 
ion, wiM likelj to bo <1«4-plv LfjiKtur«il with ^t ThfiTv in yst 
prc^urvod, in hifl li&ndirrilLugr it jir&yer oumpased in adv^inoetl 
ifcge, whor«in hn mctitioDs how, t^i ih« child's birtb, lie had 
«ntr«iatOil the gtt-^l FatJjt^ vt all, "to mipplj in Htrurigth of 
ipirit vhat luubL needA 1» WTiiitiug Ju uulwiin] iijutruLTliim." 
Thr ^ny-hairrfl lumi. who h*! litid to ae<* tho maturity of hia 
boy, L<(nJU now rxprnse hug «cilcmn thankfulDeefli th&t ^< Gcd had 
heaH tlie prayer of a mortaL" 

FriedriL^li folluutTd Uu? uiovKniiiut^ of hia iMnsuto far wjhm 
tiioAi and hod to frath^r the i.'1f*ui«iit8 of iMurdng fvoza v&ri- 
oui mutant. Ptrrhapn it w^ta id part owing to this cirotim- 
»Lui(rt% that hia jM-t>piiKM, though r<*s|it'ttiiUe, or iiiiTrp^ vms ho 
little cuiameiuiur^U wiUi what he aftfrrw^a became^ or with 
th« cftpacitifia of which cvun hie tatlieet yeaw gavo pyniptoma. 
Thonghtlees and gay, aa a boy is wont i-> bo, ho woui<l now 
%jif\ th^ dl38iprU^ his time In chLldish sp^irts, rorKv^tfnL that 
the «tol«ii charms of kill and h^ap-fro^ must ho drarly boufifht 
by rtprooohca : but occasionally he wm ovi^rt^ikon with foul- 
Inp of d«opar import, and uaed to i^Kprefi» thi? agriUiHr^tiH of 
h la little lEiiml 111 wi IP I A and aolion«, whidi uriv [trnt n^htlj 
inl^rprtttd ythva they we» called t^ mJnd Itu^ ai'tevwwia. 
His achoolfcUows can nma rceoUeol that ovi^n hia freaks hod 
aomatimo* a pootif! vharuJJter; that n jH*rtiiin tTinivstnotta of 
tcmpvrr % fniHk uitftgrity, mi n^iivtit^ for things grand or lao?^ 
h^ wjw diacettiiblti acrorvi all the cjipriccs of hia boyhood- 
OuoOi it ia said, during ii ttvmeadjjuB thund<>r*toriii, hin fnthisr 
nlisad htm in thp rcmn^ ^t^^tp within doom ; nonn of Uio tiiatcin 
ooLiM ti^ll wlint vfoft bucome of Fritz, Mid the old tnau f^w 
at 1«nfftl; :k> :uixiuua that h« wot forctMl to go out in quest of 
him. Fritc WA8 Boarooly pfl«t the ago of infaaoy^ and ^ntpw 
BOt the dang^rn or a iwc^oh to Rwfiil. Hiii father foiind him at 
bat, in a solitary pLuw of the nfighboffhood, perched on thf 
branch of a tree, ^xing at Ih^ l-ini]»4tnJUB face of the Mkfp 
and watching the flaahea a« in smrDOMioti Umy eprmd thRir 
Inrid glftflnt ovr^r tL Tci tbv reprtiuanda of hia par^rut; tha 
vLimporuig traaaa pleaded in tiat<Auatiou, ''that the li^V 


wnjTwrui very beantif ol, and Uial 1t« wisbcd to tJX irh^rc it 
WM oomiiig from I " — 8uoh Aa?«o;loCc», wo Imv^ loag kutjwn, 
are In thecn-iulrt** of ftioAlI mlTin r Uk<( |ireijr<nt oqu li&a tliA 
ediLtiooiai defecl of beiiij,- fHJUicwbjd iJubioua in ivapect of 
authenticity. We luivo vtiTnturrHi lo f-iv« it, iv* ir^ cajm to m, 
notwitbttanditig. Tho pictONi of tbo hof SdiiUer, ccntom* 
^ibtmtr t1i« lhntKl«r, b not iritbont a cortiuii IntPrnt, for BiNrh 
M kuow tlifT man. 

SohtUoi^* Jir«t toa^li'^r wa« Uosor, pastor and floboolrauter 
in the vHUg* ijf Lovnh^ wtvni thir parvnti rMidcd frtm Um 
ffUtii to t]» niutli yvw of tlii'ir ton, Tliitf penHiu dcMrrea 
VMAtiou for lh« ia^ucooe lie excrtt-rl on \he oAriy hi^iotj ot 
hm papih h« mvule t^ lift7« given his tiamo to tbo ViwX 
"Movor'* in ^i? J?iiM0rr/ hts Kpiritnal calling, wtd Uic «m- 
TvraiitioD of Iiin Aon^ bimmflf jLTUrwardji u prettoher, arv 5up- 
po«od to huTc au^Eit^filed to 8cLili«r ih& iOea^of oooMcnitiuf 
kiiBBeLf to thff clerioai profvuiui. Thii Idea, whi«-li Uid bold 
of a^nd riwHuhtd ■tnmt* prcvlnTntTiAnt thniiffli rn^fnn {impsiuitiv* 
of th« boy^n dbpoaitinn, nuiUxl well with Uio rtliBiouA venti- 
liii>ntA of Lid fKtn>[rts. and wa« soon famfe&d inui a acUlod pot* 
pOM. In thp public nchciol stt Ladwiftbfirg, whither the bmilf 
fchd iiovr TitmcYrd, hi^ KtndiM w«r« rrfcnlftt-o^ witli tlu« vinrf 
und bo nndrrwriit, m font nutxeuure yeats, the i^nntuil exaini' 
IMticm bofon- t^e Sluttgard Commimon, to whiuL voiui^ uu^ii 
d^tined for tli« dinrvh am »ubj<>>«t«d in lltai rnimtry. SohiV 
W» tciafmr w(u ootimlly d»rout} witiL a Acikncf of feduig 
wlu':b tcmlcd townrds bAshfulncaa and tuniditj, tbtxe wm 
nda^iaii in him a f^r^ld imp^moaitj^ wtiicb waa 0T«r fltn^* 
gliDg lliroufjh Ittt oonoenliiwint, and indic-atio^ tliat be fc^t 
dMplj and rtrOBKl^t as well as dolicfttcly. Such a turn of 
mind ouiily took th« form of religion. pr««cribcd to it by oorLy 
cxunpitp and cttrijr affeotlonB, na ve^W ut nacare. S^ilUvr 
toolifd forwAid to tlio ucroil profniion with alacrity : Ifi ma 
tb^ iicriouA d^-dr^'Ain of ml\ hiji boyhr^, ni^d much of liu 
jooth. A* ynt, how(^vo^. lh4.' projcrt hi>veruU U-'Ii-r* him kt 
a grvAt dbvtuvfi^ and tho pAib tn its fuUlmeut offiQtad bin 
but little eutertainiaTnts ILs atudtoA did not aciu biA att«n* 
liM Sraly ; bo foUotred tlmm from a «odm of dotjr, not of 




pUunr^t Vb^ txtd Hohmto h^ l«^tmo4 to conftruQftoconiteljr i 
hat i« Mid to liar* taJiwi no deep iuterea In tiiair pootty, 
Tbi- tctiilifriii\vi Mn\ mi^li hoaiit^- of the fiffttj tlw humur ttad 
ngA<^iit> utiU c^upridou.i pathos of tlu la«t, thd mfttcJil«a» a-I^ 
ganod ^f both, wouJd of oijurac cucupc h'vA incx peri vq cod por* 
op|iti<in; whilo r.hn niatt&r of their wrlUrkgiiaaitt iiav« ftpp«at«4 
fngiil an<l shjUlow to a muid »ij aiucL-pUlilc, Hp loved ruthflr 
to im*dit:kto nn tho splmdi^r of Ujc LuJwiKaWrg Uie:itrtJ, nliicli 
lud tntloined liiii iinaguiutioo whrn ho fir&t a^^tv ;t in hia mutb 
jrvAT. atid j^iveii sha{)e and mjitrriult to mniajrof hi« siibwqu^Qt 
reT<?Tie8.^ Urnier the^e (sln^jcksLuniPEt, bb prngn-**, with aU 

' Tlift 4nl .Unplity d/ hi* ]ii*tip g^fU rvctirrwl i1m» in lii< Tinitb T^al■. titit 
loule lis ri« in a luiuli humbJar iind Ibm pumiTmn «i>EircB ihu (ho i]i«pii*«ii(in 
of thfl 'U^r- Hi« trjogmplton tiftVA i«ci>r^A| ihiB inuill nicnl ^itli k rnijocl- 
•Atluiu ai^iitiracf. twuEiii uuljr ui itiBl iif ttofwcll (Lnd lUwkinji In rvj^rl I^Jthn 
Lkr^Mdfl ifwl- "Th« llirrli? i>li>t"iiiifi ono of th^ni, " Ia wanh n-l&tmK; l^i* 
nshor ItkAt, After «b intoiml of inon Ikui ivviily jCAn, S'^ki hJnuKilf, an 
OOTllDg villi fail «ulj vvrundi f Orv loig Dr. KWert vf Kaniftmit] fur Lbr flnt 
lan^ linnt th^fr hn^hoi^t, rpmmrl'Ul hiiri nt iho ivlTi?ikttLtB. raconDClne iliodi^ 
r«DuBiiK» inth ^TBot minuunm* lutil gj««^ It i< oa Tollowi. Uurc Lq L7(a, 

In ibr i!haroh. T)mt irai-ii#T, ui tlkix^liLianftd. imrrfrv-mtiMrvl pieiln, )i[i4 
frfwlouilf llinftlDnM t\wn with n itii>ratigh B'lmriEijt if thav mi4«(t wm a 
tlagk *Md- T* imifcc slid nmitBr wr-riift, Oi« *rry tciu'liBf ch*a^p<l <o b& lh» 
pOTinii whfwe itim ii wjw l** i'AiwIiiw oa iTip uppniulQiI diij. Huib ihv b"iyi 
bfnn th0it iui4wnr> oiih iliNniftvixl U'^Ttt nriil Siltnin^ cmtfUM ; yi*t UiAj 
•ueowM ififtr<conip]iil]itit{i]via#li ; and word itl fvb*A)U0iiir'* r^mnrdtjl b/lhs 
■MJUlAd ptd&iC^l!^'' "i^^ ^^*^ krnuUur* *pi«'A- four kmitJiDrii I't miiy <A«ti 
«mt ■ mm i>f [ii> ttiinniEifj rijjt^iiLtmlv ; Im* [i ihuuJJ Exi iliRjuud <>r fciniiml h 
ptfinii' i^ntalion for ttm jdrli^ IntprMloil N-'hilEcl TDAml tlidil lUi^y k]i'ii|.l4 
fp> It nJkTl«*iirK-k. K luuulut in iho o^igbboThood, auil havfi n i1l«li of ^-uTOv-oud- 

fTMin wu ta Ipii tiiul Si hillcr tben nuulo oflcr for a qDBrur<*1tf af i^hrM* : 
but tot thU Ttiur eittire kfTiiiHn w<r« tloniBiiUal, lu*la|f nottLiug wimtvifv 
ia r<— FT t lar ItnndT Tvrii^ b^filor], (he ihtb giftatArb<-ina«, ijuu«li*fic-J Ja 
fli>iiiKli. wjUjJcfTtJ ou ii/ Ncckar<roJhin£i^ii, Mjirrc, At louK^h. ChuiiKli uui UU 
frtup nmrrb Lnqntry. tfiej did obnin n t^omfaruhla mbv ^r riiTilfrVii1'<-ri>i^in. 
HfviHl up \ii A fny pTniur. tkbd dE^oir tpomi* t'} i^X li w^ih, For ■!! lhJi« 
amrvvfiti. tijaj iT(>rD fbnrj;?*! l.uc three knntsf n » fo iLai Lbcro hob iitili uue 
Icfi U* iiru'-MD Lhuiji vlih B tiuQch «/f Sl Jubu jt^iim, l.tliklArutAl hj ■luli 
l|lw>«l t*tuwr, fSrhiFlpr f^v inli-i a jcl'W of tD'pinthm ]t»>iii2 b>ft lh<i viUngf^ 
ba EBviutfli] vjih bii «iDfKl0 to ib« Mtjueot haiijlil, irhwii oiHlwkfl both 



hill natural ibUityi conld cot bo vcrj Atrikio^; tie t«a^««B 
did not fail mir aivX then lo ▼!*« him with ;hflir flftT*ntJcw- 
jwt Hlill Uiere waa a neglijj^nt pinr«'jwi in hin jiit4^iri]rtA, vh'v: 
jouiHil to Mb honest unJ rivitl tomptfrr niulf^ tu^n augur w«U! 
of bin, Thv dtutticTird Kx&nimator« haT« nark«d turn m 
thffir rwi>rd» with the ruiU)inary fjjrmnl^ t^f »pptiiTJil, p», at 
w^fMt, Mr U>lTai:ii^». Tlipy iL»ua]lj' di^signft-tfl him w "a boy 
of $ood hopOi*' jmcr Avnor rpei. 

Tliv* pood hopo WW iMit, lnvwo^-or, deatiii^d t*> b* r«atb&r1 in 
the wHjr th^jr e«|W»otwt : aocUl^iiiU oix^uiTf^it wbi^h nhauspd thft 
ilirr^'tiijEi of &cbill«r^8 ecurtiouflk &ad UircnMnrd for n time to 
provcLl the evcccM of them altoifcthrr. Tbr iJiik^ of Wllr* 
braibi^ry had bl^ly fouudcid a Freo SeininLiry for certuiB 
brouclitti of ]>mre»]^nal aducatioD: tt vaa fliiit si*t up 
8idit«ite. oa^ of Ua couutt? nAideacwi and had uow he^n' 
tJABsUrr^d U> Stiitt|pu\J, whvrot uodor an improved forn^ 
and irith ihf name of A'-ifCf^fv^AuT*, vo bDlt«T« it ceill aaciaU. 
Tlie Duke projwwi:! tj give thv Bona of his miHtary rtffli*"ni a 
prefbrabb claim to the betteliU of this iuetitiUion ; and having 
fckrmed a |^od opluiou botit of Schillur and his faChOTt 
iavit«d the Tcra^ tu prolii by ihii fi^iporiuni^. The 
ocGaaiDaadgtvatttDiban-aaMiivut; tUd yuun^ iiuui and lik paf- 
OTitfl v«t« mlik« d^tAnxLined in favor of thv Church, a prujod^. 
with which thiii new ono wu inconatiUtfnt. Thrir «inl 
naaiuajiL wna bot iaor«aa«d, when thtt Didcr, on iK^iri^jnt' ^^i^ 
Botun of tlidr scTUpleB, deBirod tli«u to tLiuk vmW U^fure 
Ui«3F dMideii Lt waa 04t of f<*iu:, and with reluetabboa 
hh pmpntal van aecf>|itrd. SebiD*^T f^nru!li>d hiifiiGtflf in 1773; 
and ti^rnrd, with ;i tuMvy h&utj from frccdoui and clicri«hMl 
hop«6i to Iffovk, aud accliuioa, nnd Law. 

Ilia anckd|jtLtioDA pttivod to bft but too juAt: thtf sis y«u« 
whic-h htf fpiUtM. in thai rstabliahmitnt wrrn rhn aio«t hiinuuiinf 
and oomfortlaa* of bit lift- The Stinttgnrd itjatcm of rihrcck* 
tion sMins to bavc been fc^rmod on the [iiindplt;, not of dtciicdi- 

nvMaaeh wMd Kecbirvdbih|:«i] : mbcI dicrr in a tnJr p«tlc trffwi'in hr pn> 
M W M# i Id* fnftkdlrffuiL arr ihA mmnkKi nirim. ttMtvrwtng with ttirt lAmv 
pabaiilf li^ bUwIng m rV «» vWcli ted ikff 1.>^!lif hin thut Hvorjr nlmb. 


sciuLLEirs Yocra. 


rrlucUat fidelity; it wasoiUy ui kiaurai;«inedbj8i]pcru>t diU* 
gi^uc^ that ha wuLi yiold hisiMlf X*r tnoM lAvontir pursuiU. 
Q^ttins VIM bo c^rrn ha the onuxmnnt of tiiii liift-rior i^u^^itie^ 
ncit ;u nn rxr<4Hn Tnr Ui« wjuit of LU«iit, 

But if, fflii-u aiich Kiichfices v«r« lequirecU it wshs i>aLiiirul to 
Doiniily with tli« ilieUlofi of liis own tc^scia, it wu ttt]! moro 
io to vaduTo th« hunli ftnd fluperfluooH Teatri<*tioni of hU 
tewalKV^. Ho felt Jt hard i^nvngh U» bo diivtu from tUo eu- 
otuDtmeDti of poetry by the dolt realiti<sfl of duly; but it vaa 
intotonbl« ftnd (kf^radins to be hMnmod in Will farther by thn 
CftpricBS of sevew and formal podJigogtiM. 3(!!ii]li'r lirocnliMl 
glootnilj over the CKuatiaiuts and hardAhipi of \i\s aitu^ition. 
Many plmts bo fonncd (or dclircmQcCi Somctimea bo ivould 
MOtpe ia HWnt lo catcb n glimpse of tho free and busy world 
to him friHiiildeii ^ soinetiiiie* h« laid ^hetti^ for iittt:-ily a^xici- 
doni&y a \hco which bd ftUioTTcd^ and tmsliug to fortunt^ for 
tbo tOflt Often tho siKht of hid class-books and vchool-apparoitiu 
bftOftcna irkfiomo buyond ondurtuio^ ; h« would ft^ign Blclcncca, 
Gimt lie uii^-hL bir ML iii LtH own duunb^r Ui wnti? {luetry uid 
puraue lib darliui: Aluili^i witbxiut Uiitdrujcv. Sucli aitiiiced 
did not lonj^ artkil him j th« mostors iLotiocd tho rCf^^iUatity of 
hi« tirkniH*. niu\ itfnt hitn loikfl to bo diNW while it lasted. 
Krra ^^hilUrKa [Nitiitiino ci>ii1d not broolc tliia; hiE nntiim] 
timidity ^v« plA(?o to indigaation ; he tlucw the paper of ci* 
erei««s at tbo f«et of the iD«GMngvr, and said st«rnly that 
*" kfr^ hii would Cfboosn his r>wn >tudl«fl/* 

Uiulcr siuih conudinif iuu\ cnnttunat vexatious an ordinary 
spirit woxild hdvp sui^k at lon^h, would h&ro irredaally p^^^n 
op its loftier aspirations* snd taught nrfn^ in vicdouii indole 
gnDnr, or At ht^t hav« fmllerily liarn««sefl ItMlf into the yok^, 
BJld pbddod throosb «Jiiatoiice, weary, OumiuLeutoJt awl 
Iffok^itt ovet oa^Uns ba«k a hankerinic look upon the drciuns 
of youthf and «v^r without pow&r to reiUii^ thrttn. But Hchillcr 
WM jto orrliiiAry cliaracter, and did not net liko onn. BenAath 
a cold an<) pimple exterior, divided with no artificial aUia^ 
tion>, aod isnrr«d to it« nativft amUbl^^ncisa by the inceaeaob 
obMJUution, tb<] iioUtion and piinfTil d^ititntioEin imdi^t whii^h 
be livwlf there w^d ouaoealed a hunuug oni^rgy of soul, which 




liiirortBnnhadprvrve&tedllieimturalaovtflopQteiitof hUmuidf 
luB fiumltics had hmm cn^oiped arid miadirt^l^ ; but thay had 
Sttbordd atieagth by oppoMtion Mad tbu bablt of aeh-di^p«n* 
d«Doe vhioh it onoouragod. Ilia UioiiKhu, uuicuuled hf a 
twiclx^r, IiHcT bounded liito tbe tlupLlti o£ hi« own naluro uid 
tbo m>fltCTK-sof his Lrwu fftt«; liib k^rliaifii Nnd pnrarimui, mi- 
aoued by any otL<ir lir^it, had Ijcen driven book upon his owii, 
vbeve, like Uw vi>li*ai)ic tirt) tJuU suouJdeia ackti f uaea ui ficcxctf 
tb«j a^icumuUted till tbt-ir foreo gnw imftmibl^. 

ilitlicito Scliillet Wl |iaj&uid fur uti iinprr>f1t:xih]ft, & diaCon- 
tented and n disoicdiout Buy: liut tlio time wrw iw* com« 
Th«jiUx« gvTwcf school d:»ci])]io@oouM no lougor ciippio suid 
diHturt llie ^iniit migbt uf his mmnc t he stood torch ns a Xan* 
^d wr«achf*d a^undt-n' lib frttL-m with a funi- UiAt wul fi^Itat 
th« ^atromtttea of Kuioptu The publiavtbo ol" tiio JloOffors 
Stxnan on «ra not only }n -ScliLler's bUlory, but la Iha Liton- 
lutr (jf thn Wnrld ; arifl thi»re spptoh oo dcnbt that* but for ao 
mtixn a vanM as the porveitol duKipUno cf the Stuttf^anl 
Mhooti vo bud ncrur Been thia traffodj. Sfthillct comutoncod 
^ in hia nineiceutti j^ar; and the oirciuutancM under wlii<^ 
It viiut coiufKifit^d ar« l<i b*^ trai^^l in :i11 ito pai'LK. It bi Lba 
productio:) uf a atrone uiitntorcd a]:)int. conautncd by an oc- 
^vitf for whii^h thrrc in no outirt, indij^muit at Uio burricn 
wbiob roatntn it, und gmppliu^ <lirk]y witli rbe phauE<iuia to 
wbkrh its own raHersy tliiw p:iiiifully iiujitiscmed i;iYL-a beiuff. 
A ntd« suuplidty, vonbiii«d with a gloomy and ov*.t()ov«n)ig 
fOro«, are m chtef ohara«teriatics ; thvy romind us of tbo de- 
fMTtiv^ cnltivatirin, m vtA] ai of tlut forvid and haraiia^ feol- 
jogaof itN outhcii. Aluvr jd!, tlm Initt'T rpmlity in vUible ; the 
tnps intereat of the IMA^rii ia deep throughont, ao deep Uiat 
iMquMitlj It bordeis upon hooror. A giim iuespiable Fsit^ ia 
ins(tf» the nithig pHiir-ip1<4t it (vivt^lcpfi nnd ovi>n;h^ow« Llm 
wbolo; and uEidrr itA Invrrriitf; inllucrnc^c, tlif? iicn^rsi cffijiTta t^f 
Iwinan will nppcur but tike Ha^heu that illimiiDat4> tiii> v^d 
•ooca ihtb a bnt-f and terrible apUadct, nnd at* lost ff^revfrr 
Id thf* darbitntar TbmiikHniirc3iutil» ahysM-H of man'a destiny 
■ra laid o[Kn htiorc ua, black a^d profottnd aikd appalliiiA aa 


schilleh's vomr 

tut t 

t}i(<T WiPia t«j thf- yuun^- mini] vht;o it fir^t att^mpU to eiploro 
Uivm : the obaUdcti that lUvait out fuultiu bjiJ wishes, the 
il«<«itf Qlne«0 of ho|if*, iba nothin^oss of i^iiflt^noo, mo sketched 
in thu »il1)1» (mliti-i ao imtiirjil Ui tlw ifothtiKmHL wlu^it lu? first 
T«iitar6i upon lil^ And ooiup&T«« th« world tlia* u without 
liiia to tliG ojilieiiiations that w«te within. 

Karl voo Moor is a ofaamotflr Riioh ic young po9t« Al^-nys 
ilnli^ht U> RonlntnplAt* or rlvlinrittit ; Ui ^icllLll^r the axtoJciKy of 
Uitir situAtioiu iniut haro pi^cijliarty reoonimeudc<t bini* Bloor 
is uilDiat^^ bito ikciioii bv f4«1iDg« simibr to xhoM nnd«r 
vliii^ his iLiiUior wan thf n nufff^Hng %nd Um^ing l/i ant. O'jiiPti 
vith OTvt; nc^blii quality of nun hnod inoirtrtlDU'ingjibtknid^iioo, 
Hoor^ tint (rxpoctatioAs of Life, lad of tbi^ fiart Le vra« to p\Af 
to It, ha<t bet-n glorious aa a poet's dr»ain. Dut che misoT d«z* 
tn-ltitis of muiageinert won* nnt nninni; hi* t^i^dowmrntj^ ; in 
liift Vftgtrnoss to rfAch tho yoftl, he hnd forg^ritttn thnt the 
counc is a lubyrintbic nuiac^ bcMt with diftiouIticA, of which 
•ODM m«y bo tormotUDteU, some can only b« ov^d^U. rDiity mu 
bo neither. Borrled ca by Lbe hdadluu^' ImiittuiMiiLy of bin 
tocipCTi he entanRlf^ft him^^lf In tbc^tc perplexities ; and Lbinks 
to paittrabi; tbum, not by skUl hud pJitt«ROO, brit by opon force. 
He U baffi(?d, deotivptl, ajiU Stil! njori* [b**-ply mv^ilvffld; but 
iijjcii}' luid dtaappoiutiutfut ejU'ipcnitt' r^iLlier tlmu l^^tnJ1:t him. 
He h^ €ipoct«d bntwSt &&d ho finds me&u mi?u ; fri(.*tiiUf and 
ho f^ndt ixniling trftilont to t«mpt him ^\i\.p, to profit by his 
mbemttiana, and b«d hin onward to dritnirticui ; he hvl 
dnamed oC nukKiianiiiiity tuid every gcnt^rouH pi ini-ipk, he finds 
that iwudonoo is the oaly virtue suro of ltd reword. TOo Bcry 
by tiatuTOi the Ltit«iuity of hU lufteHnga has now modd^iiod 
him «til] f:inh4'T ; hn U himiK>1f incnpahle of c*silm r«iflec(tTon, 
and tbcr« ia do oomudlor at hnnd lo Maint hint ; QO&a, wboM 
sympathy nil^Lt aasoi^ hid niiiaoncs, whcao wtsdom might 
t^arh bitn to r^mody or to eoduTQ tb^m. H« U stuu; by fury 
into BOtioit, luid bis lOtiTity In at onfp blind ariil Irfiuecidous. 
^iact tbc world U not the abode of unmixod int4:>:iity, h« looks 
upon It OH a d«Q of thioToa; sinoo its institntiona amy obitruct 
ibo advano«cii«nt of worrh. and Hf'fvpn d4>!tni]i]i'ikr<y FMm pun* 
idkneu^ ko rogatds the social uoioa aa a peuUL^t iruieiauoet 




the mlaclilefa of vhiok it 1% fining: tMt ho in hi» d«groo oho^d 
do hi« bent 1j> re|)»Ir, liy mejim fiovr4ir(>r violnot, Ttovengo U 
tbc niAintpniiK of hi« oouilucti but lit? enuoUcft it in Vth own 
oyed, by sivmf^ It thcoobr o£*dfaint&reetod Cfliicjcrn for th« 
maintenance <»l" juUii^e, — iht» ELbtuu^mant of vioe from it* Uigh 
places aiul Ibe exallatiou of aalTering viHnp.. Singla againat 
the tmivorift, (o appi^JiI to ths^ primly Uw of the ritrongor, to 
"griwp Ite Miiltii of I'rovidunoo in a ruortal^B hnud," w fmntio 
aiul wLcked; but Mour ti^ n i'omv of mml whirh iEi:^kt>B it. Uku- 
wiec Awfnl. Tho interest Mva iu tlio ciunAlot of tbi» irigvitio 
aoal :i;^nnt the fcarfnl odds vrhich at I'MigUk orawhela it, 
aiiJ Imrry it dowa to ih* darkflat depths oi nnn. 

tnK! oriijiiud uuuf?KpLii>a nf nucib ji niJik tiK thin bntraTft 
to iAaxperionc^ no I«a» th&ii the vU^ot of youtti: it^ oxccq- 
tion giTOiasimUar t^etimonf. Tho ohajact<^ra of thv pi«oc> 
thmigh trat-c^d in glowinir ft^lors, nm ontlinos mriiv than ptot^ 
ui«h: tlitf fRW ffWiLursi wc itisiKiVAr in Uhtj hh' ili-jtwn with 
d&bomta romutenean i bat the n*^t arc wnntiniz, Evcirything 
indiftat^a the <>onditioL of a keen rmd powerful intoUnct, whinb 
bad i^ifiipd mrm in hooks only; bad, by a<*lf-*xiiciiuM.iou and 
thn pcninal of hiHtory, ihiti^irtpt^d rtiid Htrontfly f<r'iz4^l Home of 
the leiwlinfj pecu)taritipn of hamjin naturci j bat wjli yet itrno- 
ruit of all the miiiLiCe ^tcd Tuor^ corij.ilMX priiKiplfra whiob 
teigulat? iDen':^ condift^t in actual lif<% nnd i^hinh only a knnwb 
odgt of liv-int; men can uofold. [f tho hr^to of the pUy forma 
aoEnj^tbin^ like nn oxocptioD to this romarkr ho » tha solo 
OTceptiuii, aiid for riMi^ouB ixlhidvd to above: hla obaraet^r 
ri.'^a^riibli^H cbe author's dwii^ Kvee niUi Kaji, tb« auccerta Is 
i:iQOmpleto: witli tUo other per»ouaf^ it la fftr moro eo, 
Fr«.ti£ votk Tiloor, the villain of tlio Pioce, in im amplified 
eopy of Ia}(o and Ilichatd ; but tbo copy ti difitortod :kii woll 
lui wnplififMl- Thpn- i* nn air of reality in Fmnr,r he in a 
viUftia of theory, vho studios to nccotnpU.ih bis object by 
the PioAi Oi&bolical t^xpediuDta, luid sootbce hia oonectence 
by ariftiin^ wirh tbe prieat in favor of atbniun ard inftt«Hal- 
inm; nut ti^c g^auijie viDam L>f ^hakv^jtsttr ivad Natiiro, who 
employs hta reaMming po^ireta in crcatinic new acheme^ and 
dSTlB&Qfr niev means, ftod oonquon nroorae by avoiding it,*— 


RCinLLE»« Youxa 

Ftfff t 

fcj fisng lib hopM Aod fo«s on tho inort pr«iiinf; «m«r^ 
glb«M> of Turidly baiin«wi. Ho rHlActira ft misorvant :«g 
Fn^A ^ukl oot exist; liifl ciklciikttc>u& wuuld lead htm lo 
booM^, if OMnlj becuise it wu th^ boat pclioy* 

Anetia, tbg cnlj l^iaklv in tlt^ pUcc^ w a bevatiful cra»- 
tioti; biit AS intAgiimry an licr jienamttjr- Vntat, AUU ftnd 
4imlt«d in bor v^rm enUiibn^iu. dcrOit«d iu b«t 1qv« to 
Hoota »liQ xooTCA bcfoFC xiA 9u Lbc inhabitant of n t)iKh«r and 
8iiiipl*r WDtld than oiva. *' H« KoiU r>t] trouble ■ftflJ^" «ho 
tmslutnji, vitb u oaiifiuicib cif nctaphora, whici; it b oiuiy ta 
pttnion, ^be saila ott tnjuUed »«iaa. Amelia's l^v aaUa vitb 
bim i be van<l«ra in pathUK4 dosorte, AiDolm's }orf ntalue 
ihm bitmtBg K^nd (^mw |cnH«i Iwiii-nth ItiitIt ^-ieI thn iltitit^ 
iibmb» to bloiBDiD ; U^c aoutb scorcbf^ bl» bare bead, hia fc«t 
ore piiii:bcd tj tbo uortborn auov, stonnj bail bcalB round 
bia I^mplee — AineJ)fk*» Vyre rooks bim to Bl(«p In Uid ttoni. 
8e^ and hillH, and hon^niis am bntiTfi^D Db; bntsouU e^oape 
JroiB tlu^ir oU]r phjon*. aitd moot in the paradise of lovttl*' 
Bbc la a Ixir ruionf tbv /•oa« id4<Uid ii poct'4 linil miatrcte; 
but baa f«w aortal llnnaiaeDtK. 

Similar defacCa aro visiUv in almoat all tbe other ohamctom. 
Moor, Ui« £atb«r, ih a woak aad fond old man, «bo coold luve 
urired at gray liain in such a BUt« of i^Donnu nowbcro bat 
in a wcirV of tWtion. The inferior bajidittl are painted w1^ 
fmter Tiffor, yet atJll in rn^cO and ill-«liapeii foroui ; Lbolr 
iDdtTidoolity id kept up b^ an Gxtr^vsigant ou^gcnuwo o£ 
tlMfcr oeTvral p«ouUaritiea. S«bJiler bjmiolf pranooncod a 
wraro bol noc mifouTuleil cruAur^.-. vhieii he aaid of tht« wotk, 
in a matcrtr s^, tlat bit cAk;^ faidt woft in "preaumiog to 
dolinvnto num Ivo yoan beforo bo bad. m^it oiio»^ 

His tkill in ibtf art of c^mpoaitioii nupooood hia kn*-Tlail^ 
of ibo Torbl ; bal> XluiX tuu »-aB fui from porfintii^n- SrhilUr* 
stnrlo ta tbo HMc^ la imrUy «f & kind with thi> iocLdeitto 
and foalingi wliiob it v«ipr««cnta ; strong and aatoauobipg^ ai^ 
aometuuoa Tildly grand; bat likowiao biartifuvial, COtm^tod 
guMioaqttOi lUa AJMiieoMi^ bi tbrir nidn iunphaaU, eone dovn 
liko tbo olnb oC Hoii?uW«; the »tjok« Id often of a cnabiiv 
forai^ b«b its >vc«[f ia im^gular and awkvau^ Wben MiMB k 




InvtAvn} in tbo deepwt mtrioa(.-ie« of ths old qtiefltion, n«OMfiitj 
tatd ftcfywill, auU ha« cODnncd htnanclf that lif ia but an en- 
Initio iQ Uie liandit of noxac lUrk nui irrctijttLblts j^owrr, ho ciios 
out : " Why liLia my I'Hrillus m^d of mt; u br.i£^Ei bull lo rcA«t 
loealu m> ylowiu^ belly?" TTao*tag*-ilirectiiJu fiaya, '*sli4Jtaii 
with horror : " no wondct that ho ohook I 

SdiiUur hiu lutipitUMl thow fnnlu, and oxpl&inod th^ir oriinik, 
la Himn^ ami ^lint'^te lati^iu^, ill ^ pasaa^c of whUli wi> h4v« 
already quoted the coacluaiou. " A ain^ular iuUL\ilL-ula.ticu of 
nature/' he eajK, "had combined my pooticol tondcucioa with 
tho plaoft of my biitb. Any disposition i*> pootry did riolonco 
tu the UwH uf thi! uintiLuUou whtfe I waa eduuileil^ Jind cun- 
tradict«d tbo pUn of ita fouudcr. For oiscbt ycare my cnUiufll- 
cmh etrugglod with military diicipUne; but the punifm for 
jMwlry 13 vehemaiit, luid fiary oh a first love. What dic<!ipHno 
waA mtjfitit to ejcUuguiali, it blew into a Haiue. Tu Mcapd from 
ATranj^menia that tortured me, my heart aouglit rt^fu^ in the 
TorLd of id(3Ji8f wiwn ita y<it I wa£ uuacquikiutrrd vntli the world 
of r^AlitJes, from whtrh irnn bars exchuW rue T waa iiniuv 
qu^intod with men ; for tljn foni hundred th^t ilvfrd vith ni« 
were but repetitions of the tuLme creature, tnLd cssis oF ono 
vngLo mould, and of thjtt very mould whioh plaatio nstiiT« aot- 
IflDcly dut^'hiirumL . . . Thuit dicuinfitauct^d, a ar-zAitt^r to 
liumiiu eUjiraot^ra and human f^itunosT to hit th« medium line 
betwocm an^ch nnd dovUt -wm an oaterpriae in whioh I neoM- 
»fily failcwJ, In nttompting it. ray pencil rep*»5*arily bro^ight 
out a njotiati*r. for uhiuh by g«xnl foritiuij thv world had no 
on^tnal^ and whicli t would not wiah to bo immorbil. oxeept 
to pcrprtnfttfl nil cxampU of the offspring which Gcniua in lu 
unnuturnl uuidii uith Thraldom may ^t9 lo the world. I 
allude U} the Hiii^t^nr^ 

Ytt vritli all theee eicraaccncoe and defecta, tho nnhonndnl 
|H>palarity of th« iUtiws Unnt dil^cult to account for To 
vnrj rouAnTs tho otcitemeutof <?motiou muat i>w a chief i^on' 
Bidcmtlon ; to the nx;ifv» of readers it ia the aolc one : and tbn 
f^anu at'Crct ct nioTin« othora ia, that tlw poot ho himwlf 
moTfd- Wo hav« tiAon how well S'*hl]1fVa tenipcr and drmim- 

» DMkAm Ummm r. Ji^ I7M, clt«d by Dot^mg. 





TUuif?eA qoftUfM hEv to fulfil lluft condition; treiAiDcot, not 
uj li)A chUniDg; hid T&iMd his own niad into catnethuig like 
« Pythi&n hvnsj; uid his genius^ uutrftiuad u U «ru, nfflcsd 
to OOtDinuuiciitu obltoduic^ 'if till* fi'irliivg Ui ntl^erx P<*Tlkft{iA 
mom th;ui :ibuutluiw : to judsc fiom vnr iadiviiLLial imprflS* 
sioiif tht ppmsaJ of tlio .Aa^rv prwlu«e6 au ^ff^rt povorfttl 
«vo« to pain * w« art ataolnialy wonndod by tli* wuatrupiio} 
our minds skut lU/konod mnd difttTessed, m U ir« bnd iHlnsMld 
tlio czccDtJoii of li critnltuil. U U ii* ^ain lli*t wo wW flfpuntt 
the inco&siiitviidM and cmdiUes oi Um «^rk : its f;wltK axv 
i«d«*iaiyl by the living MiMgy tiial iiLrvn^^A it, W« mny 
exclaim fl^BEt thn liliiiil injulti««>i of t)i« 1ii>ni ; luit tb^n* m 
n fcwrrinE K^rniid'^r nhcxiX him, a irbirlwind fcrc^ of fonuOQ 
Kod of will, which «fttohM our h«^irt«» and putA thu aeniple* of 
oritMuB lo cUence. TL« most delirioM of c<iilorpHsM is thitt 
of Uoor, bnt tt^o vwrtiirui rif h\n Tiiind niiHlvr^ evf>n ttml iiitvi^ 
MttB^ Wo fidohim Isogurd idtl) dofper&dom directinR th^r 
mafo fltnm^h to utionf morv^ aail ntorc nu^nc^ouft; ho m in 
amu a^nit the conventlortK of meu aD<L (ho «ml4»tjiig Uvs 
of Pmbv: yt<< Wf' follow biiii with niixlety through IIip foTMUi 
•ttd dt a tri places. vh«rr lie wandon, «DQ9m]mMed with iwril, 
intfimd vitb lofty diinof^, luid torn by ^inc^asm^ rfrmonio; 
uiit wo wait vilb ava for tho doom whkh hu hu tnoTittHj uhI 
caaiaotai^d. Kor amli nil hb frigbtrnl AlnrrntiioiiFi do wr pvi^ 
OQMO to lim bin : be is nn "aKhAiig^^l thonxh in niins ; " and 
the iitnMiiit ni^ofty vith whiob i*^ focU the prtMatf thr ff^rtaiuty 
ai that flt«m fntnrt* wJiioli avails him, whic?h hU owa eyi- 
aCTvr locMB aigbi of, malv* ii» htiuisiit U> bta criuiTis. When lia 
pottca forth his wiUl tvooUectimiai oratjll wUd^r forobodin^i 
thars is a bfCFibfe Ytf^bninoficM in faU Mcprtfsions, wbidi ovi«r- 
]juvtGta lis, ill spili.- both of Ids and Uirir i-xtm^«gau^^ Tim 
sofno on lite hillt bnido bhe Dnntibe, wbero he Iik^Ica at Uie 
cotttjk^ ami, and Uitnks of old bopos, n&d tinif^ " wh<rn ba 
ruti^cl Tiot ilrrfi if his fv^ntft^ pmyiw had beM for^tti.^n," f« 
i-w. witli all its im pro jtnr tin's ^lat prrr cliniev to Ui»' lociaoiy. 
~8oe.'* tie paasionalcly ctmtinnca. ''oil tbiogs nrr giJDo Forth 
to buk in Ihe pivoefnl Imio <^f tb^ trprin^i why mu^t 1 nioflo 
jbal^ tli« Uwwilt* of hM cut of tbo Joya of bleaven V That 




tXL Biiou)d be go bapp>% all »i> married togtibor hy the upuil 
of pd»el The whoUi world one iimily, its Fatlier aljovt i 
thut Tathfictnot »»£«*/ I alone thft oa*tawi4j, I ^ooo struck 
cut ficjiii llii- nmniAiiy uf tlio jtirt ■ not for me llu> 4wo6t namo 
of child, neror for me tbe laiiipiixhiiig tc»k cf otM.- wbou X 
lovuj nevor, ucvct. tho embrticiag of i Uwiiii friffud ! TCtirir- 
d»d witli iiiiird4«r»» J gorpouts bbflinj; around mo ; riTcted io 
viae *?itJi ituii brindj^ ; Ipaiiitig on Ihp Umding rpod of vice ov« 
Uie (fulf of p<rrdiUon ; nuiid tliu BowrrK of thr gWi itrorld, ft 
howling Abaddon t Oh. tlmt l toisht rtrtuni bto uiy iuotli<tr'»] 
vomb} — tkit 1 mijcht W bom a bugp^r ! 1 uculd ac^cr 
morp — IJenv^u, Uiat t could b« a« one nf th^so day-laborvre 1 
Oh, 1 iroiild toil till i\iK tduixl rnu down from tny trmpl^ to 
bay myself tUt> ideaaurtt of one noontide nlrcp. Uil- blessing 
of ft tingle toax. TLero wcj^ a ticao too, when J oould wc^cp — 
O yo dnyn of pftJUH^T thou cstftl^ of my fathflr^ ye gT^^ea lovely 
vnllHyx ! — O nil y« KlyKiau jumtiflfi of rny phihlhand ! will ye 
nfiTer oomo ngnia, never witl) your balmy ti^hiug cool my 
bnrnmg bo«om ? Uoura with mt, Nntufc ! Thpy will nevor 
wmp iigun, nevet oool my burniug bosom with thi>ir hulmy 
ftigliin^- Thvy aifr goae ! gaae! luid uiay noi return I" 

^0 Icaa ntniage ia the soliloquy whirrc Moor, with the in- 
•trun^nt of tt«lf-de^nu<tion in hie, banda, tho ''dr^'^ key thut 
la to shut behind him the prij^mi of lifn, Jtn<3 to nnhclt before 
hint the dwi-llmgof eternal nigbt," — tnoditfttc* on the Kloomy 
entKnin:? oS his future d^cttiny. Soliloquioii on thi» oubjoat oro 
minjiMtjuft, — from the tiioo of Hamlet^ of Caio, and down- 
v^rdji. P*<rhap[i tlie wor^t of thrTTi ban more 'ut^piwiitj, per- 
h&pB the b'33t of them ha« l««» awfulnoiA than the prt-^caU 
St Dominic'k hijn:i<'lf night ahuddpr at suoh ft qu^tiou, with 
nucli an ntiKwur an thin; ''What if tbc»u abouldft Mind met 
rrjni^KiiiiunlpHA U> nom^ burnt and hlaafncd rirrilr iif Uit uuU 
verso; which thou lin,nt hnnishrd from thy sight; whoro tho 
loiw darkficae auJ thu mutiouUafi d<f&ort wortr my pTospocta — 
fowvflirt T would ]Ki3p1n the «il(-at wild^rueMi* wttb my fan* 
fcuicat I aLonld Lavo EtHniity for teUnro to exauiiu« tho 
perplcdod iioaito of thu ucivcraiU woo." 

8tr<^^6th, «ild impft««ii^ii»d strength. i& Ih^ dtat^nfriinhSng 




qo&lHy of Moor. All Iiia hiiiur/ fthnwt it; anif liia de^t\t Is 
of ft pi<foe witli die fierce Apleudcr of Lie Ufe. lUmg Gn- 
libtti t^ bloodj work of crimo^ And mafrncmiinitr, and IioffoTj 
be ChiakM thAt, for himjacrlf: jfiuicido would he t^io ftuj an cxiL 
Hr? fuH luitlinMl a jKirii' niin Ujiltiig by Llio wi&j'-ciiilc, fur elrvfju 
cbUdrf^D -, a great rvirard La* becD prombeij fcjr tHc head cf 
Uu? HobU^ii ilo ^U will jKJumd lliat fwor dnidgo and liia 
bcj^t, anil Moor govfl forth t>> gir^ it th^in. We part with 
bim m pitjr And sorrow ^ lookinjE I*3b ft( 1i)> uiiJMloGds tbac nt 
tlscir fiightfiJ C!Xpuition. 

Tbo suburdiuutv ptiraonngcrff ttioij^ cUmiDitihod in ^jEtott 
tmd v^pd (n ch«ir forma, ar? cf a simihr qtmlity witfi tbo 
boro; A utrATiifo nitxciirp i^f eitntFa^^ucH luid tmo eiieiiij. 
Id pcrosinjc tbo work irbiah Tcprmcnta ihtix «h(UiwUT» macI 
fot«i» m ftie ftit«nuu«]f shocked ond in^nml; th«rft U a 
perpvluAl coQflict brtwe^o our undv^ratandiDg am! onr fwl- 
ii^:^. Vot th« InitvT oil Uj« irliob coma off vtcUirloua. Tits 
MMtrt Li ft tmp?dy that will Ion; find roodcM fo a^tooiali, 
Mul, vitli :U1 ittt fftulta, to moro. It itaadjt, in our unagi* 
nadoti, lik« aom« ancfetit rugged p{le of a btrbcmnsir «ge( 
iir«lt:QlArr f&aUatiCf ttM!«3s; but GTMid hi It4» hci^ ft&d 
BMnvauefli and blw^k frowning etn^rKth. It nill Ions t«- 
mtiii ft tln^Ixr tnonninviit of ihv tsalj g«&in« uid ctaiy 
iartHJiv at it4 aniliar. 

Tbo (tnbliatioii of such ft work u thiii nfttnrftllj produced 
on vxtmordimirj footing in (Ll* literary world, InulfttMS 
of the JMUrt loaii afp^^arAd In almort all tk* !!Lii(fin^;#« of 
Eoropo, ftisil were r^nA h\ nil of tbrm with a drrp intor«fJ^ 
ocnpOQiidod of ftdminbon &nd arcnioii, ftcoording to Uw 
nlatiTo proporttoikff of foustbiJit^ uid Judgvtnt in tlie vanous 
miii4bi wUidi noint/rmplauiJ tk^ rmbjpct. In Gfirrnany, tb« fn- 
thBftifta m wliicb ike ZbMerv excit^^ wu extrfrmc. TIjv young 
SBthor luul tmnt upon tbv world likt? n tsctcor ; jiod mr* 
priMF, for & time, anHpendei tiie powvr of «ool ftnd mtloBBl 
critidAtu. In tbo fnriiiRnt prodnf«d by ttn* iiiii"T*jJ dJtKU*- 
aion of tbi4 tbii^fo topic, tbc< poft wm mngnifivsl ikboTn hitt 
tuUuttt] dim«n^on% great u thej vero ? ud Ikou^ tbe 
isaml walBDov wu kmdly ki Ui Araor, jet Iw found dotnu^ 

• I 





ton M «vU ut pnuMn, uiil both cc|tiiklly hayood the UiaiU 
of mod^raiticiiu 

One tibu^ broa^t a^Inet him muit bavu dunprnl di9 joy 
of literary r^otv, and »tuug ^chjUur'e pun^ auci rtrtoouj mind 
mom de^j thoa :ui^ other. He wii£ ftccnned of La^tug m- 
juried Uw cjiumt uf ii^orAltly hy bm wiirk ; af hitvinf; s^L up t4> 
tbo uapetuoua auJ fiCTj t<»mpeAmeiit of jooth a modol of 
iautfttion whioh the jowg vow too Lik«l)r to purauo with 
ta^gmotti^ ami wliit^h <on!d cnlj load ihom troM the sata aud 
bcalea trafJu of duty into cnor and df«trtictioa, tt Laa 
trttt bfMa vtiitcd, and uft«ii boen i^icat^il nincc, that o practi- 
caJ i^xetupliiioattou ut UUa dootriue cci^urrcdf about thU tiuMS, 
in (■rnnajiy, A younf; ncblmrt^tn^ it vfsi» tiiud, of th^ falraat 
giftrt and praniKV-taj hod cofitAnray all tb^Ac ELrlmuUiiKia » ba- 
Iftkon him.itlF to tbc foirusto, und, ogpjmjq Moor, Lad bogim a 
oovne of active opevatioaa, — which, also oopjin]^ Moor, but 
Imm urillhigly, Iio had endttil by a aUmmcfnl dvatb- 

£i con now bo bariily nocoveaKy lo cojiUadJct thosfj theories ; 

ot to show that none but a rAndidat'^ for Br^lEam aa well aa 

Tyburn oould be laduMd from tUr fLuJifiitaiitinI comforta of 

existenoe^ lu aeek dcatmctiun ^nd div^TaAe, for thn iiik^^ of 

such ima^ioury ^rUDdtrur. The Qenaao nobloiuaii of the 

thiraat f:ifta aad ptocp^ctc turni! out, on iuvcctt^ttoii, to ^vu 

boou a D«niiBji blncUguanl, vhom debani^Heiy and riotouB 

extra Vii4EajK:e bad rtilui^d ti> waaii wbo look lo tha highwiQr, 

when he (^^>uIl1 uko to no^ng dec, — not allured by an 

ebolljoiit ^TithusiociiL, or any horotcal aod raudlnwtvd itppatitc 

for aublimft afticmi, but drii'i-n by the more pTilpiibU' sLimulua 

of importunate iluiia, au empty purao, and fiva cnrinK vouAoa. 

FerhapA iu his lat^r dafs, this philoaophi^ wiayhavo refftrrad 

to Sohilt^r'M tragody, aa tlio voutou from vhSeh bo drow hiv 

thaory nf lifn: bnt if Uf wi: UliitTP Icin wiu miiUkm. Ktn 

tharactera like liiia^ the groat otcraotiou vaa the charms of 

revetry, and tbo i^roat Mfetraiiit^ thu gallowa, — bofora tbo 

pariod of Kvl von Mdco'^ jiut oa thc*y hure bepo ftinoc^ and 

win b« lo the Kud tif Liinv. Auiuu^ motiv«a lika thoM* tho 

inilacticf! of oren tho rooat maliicaaat bcwk could loairoaly bo 

diioanubte. and would ba Itttla dctriiaeatal, if it w«to. 

13.13— Vol. 'J 



Kothin;;, sit any nUo, ronld \n farthti- from Sckillor's tiktoi^' 
tioQ tluA KtKvli a i!€ii]iiimBiatuHL III LU jjrcfuco, h9 tptftlu of '■ 
th« iuot:&1 eflt-eta of tlifi ifo6&wj lu teriiu wliicL do iiuiiur to 
liift hcuitt nlitle tho)' »ho^ tlie iimxi^i'rmii^i.- uf Itiu hv^ 
Ridicule, tc «tt;iiLiic«i hoe Jcu^ t^ii^ii trinl a^iniftt the vickoJ- 
QMA of tbc tinio«, wholo caigovs ur helleboru linvn bMn 
expended^ — ill radii; &nil tiav. be tLitjk^ K-ucurMr nnist be 
had tt> moru (nuigout modiciaw. We maj £iuile fti tli? »im- 
idioity of this idctti Oktul Mftly ooocludo that, liko otb^r 
•pociftft*^ tbu prMOJtt umc would fuil lo producv u |'MiM-p|ibU 
dfiwb; but ScUiUtfr'a viudicatiou restd uu ht<bec ({ruuiida Uoa^ 
thoee. His work hu on tho wbolo lurtii^hcd notjriahincnt t9 
the mora «xalt«d po»«rs of onr nature; lh« Hont;inciiits and 
iniftgcdt whicL htt biU tlujwd aad ntUrnd, t«nd, in !<pit« of 
tkoir kllu>-, Ui vlcTvto the aouJ to a nobler pitch : and i\n$ b 
a Quffiuiont d^fc&co. Ad to tbo dan^r of misapplyinjc tJid 
Imjkiration bi^ oonnnnTkiofttM, of foi^tti&g tbo diptAt«£ of 
pnuIiMtfui in unr v.v.a.] Uu iJia dktati^H of pfii?trj'r wu lmi« no 
great cauec to fear it- lEitbiarto, &t Icut, tb<^^c had always 
boon enougb of dull reality, oq every A\do of q«, to 
nuch ffrrrom in good timn, and bring us back to tho inort' 
nobcc Lciml of iitune, tf ttot to aide U* bnlow it. We abould 
thank tbo poet wbo (j^rfoina auoh a servioi^ ; and forbear 
Uii|nir^ too ftgidly whErtlior thete b any " uoral " in Lis piMt^ 
or not Thii writer nf a work, whir.h intHnrosU And oicltra 
the spiritual feoUngs of locn. boa aa littk need to justify bim* 
aoZf by ahovring how it (^xomplUiee 6omo wibfi h^lit or l&od]^ra 
iMtuofl^ as the clo«T of a g^aeroiK aotion has to (knionstraM 
ita merit, by d<idudiiK It from tli« sy«fjiji of SlLartj-«bur/, ot 
Smith, or Talt^y, or whiohcrer bappcns to be the f^ivoritc eya^ 
tain for th« &go asd plaod* The iiutTuotiv«n»»t;a <ti the on«^ 
and thn viH.iiit <if tha oth^, exist independently of all qra*! 
touiA or saws, aud in s|tttc of alb 

But tlia trflgMy of the ffobUn prodttoad aome inooft^ 
vaniaDDT-H of » hind nnirh mora sen «i hie than blieai> ltd thoo- 
rvticaJ minchirfs. Wr bare oaUod it th« si^iia] of dchiller^ 
doUrfitaaoe from bcLodI tynnny aad oilitai; couatniuai 




bob )U ofieratioa In this respMrl wu not imoKidiaAe ; &t flrst 
it «eciuc(i tci iarolvc him more deeply uti d&nscro^ly thjui 
before. Ho luid foiulwd tbv origio^ sketoli of it in 1774; 
Ijui for fetir of offenue, lit* kept It »ecn>t till hi^ ir^dicAl vtu^l* 
iti wcio completed.' rJieac, in tbc uicaji limr , ht? h^ pursued 
witU tuflusiiMit M»ditity t<i aimt tUc u£uiil boaorH;*ui 17^ 
he bad, in coQ8ei}tteuoE>, obTaliiad Ut^ post of srirgeon to lh« 
rrEinicnt, /fujf/. \n lln- \VtiT|rmln:i|f :iiTi)y, This wJTaiK'j> 
mcnt enabled him to cooiplfrtr hU project, to print the Ho^ 
hen at hu own «xp('fia«, noi hviug able to find nny book«Uw 
that woqM und«rtak^ h. The n%tnrn of the work, anfl the 
iimv««ul int^jroat it AnsJioiicd, drew nttcution to tUc prtTatc 
eirciinifltmcCB of the author, whom the Ho^ctt, ucs voU n^ 
other |>Uce4 of hid wntin^, ttial b^d fouod Uielr waj Into 
the periodical publication's of ttiiT Xwf^, mfTicimitl^ sbowt^d to 
bo no eomroon iniUi. Miiny jcraro |>cTAnnA were offe;»dcd at 
the v^emeut ACnttmOTLtK ex]>Teas«d tu tht^ JCobbcrfi ; and tlio 
Uiiquectioned ability with uhioh th&ai> DxtnvAg&neoft weio oX' 
pn6««df but umdiH the miitter woAe. To Schillt-r's nii|H-ritint. 
Above all, such thin^ were iDcouovivable : he tuisbt perhaps 
bo A T^rj grOAt gennu, but voa oortcunly & dAngcrou scrmut 
for hU UigliDesti the Gmml Duko of Wiirtt^ich«r^. Offlt^kiu^ 
poo^lo ndii^d th«iUK-lvce Li the a^ir; ui^jt tho graziers of 

^ On (Ji^ >at|ecl Ducm^ ^Lru «ii vi«cdiDW, vl^h ooa; pwTufrs b« «ionU 
tnuBlating- " rinc of iSchilltr* ttEndieni lurphKd tiim on uui unvalga r^ 
<tttn^ a «nyaa frwrn ih* ^aAJ^vi. »i^t,irp «>in" d tii* intinuit* prjnuxmioM. At 
lb* wordt. irhicb Fnuifl vo» Wnt^x fcddn^wM 1*1 Mat<>r- //«, i^Aoi J cAm l^cw- 

thd AMivl n/ tkji muv ! Ai^ uff grmtfr f ^ih» ilour uponi^l. jlihj ihn nifu(*r 
u« ^rbtlliT mmfinjE in 4v|ArarioD up juvl ilovm Uia tuam. * Far thHin*,' 
)ib[| ht^ * (or '}ixmp Eo i^nt iaCu ■«'!■ a |iiUiiuii, ui4 ciUM k> ' ' Tbf^ ^^lljcr 
■rhul»2^ liLtiirud rnwtly M iliD wurth^ liopwrbur; uiJ SrhiUor called wTbur 
hi ui viih H MUM imllf^ ' A wmdlft ' (riii d^iOrjvbr KM} ' ** 

' llv IjUw kUny ua (b* i^s«|iAy y* J^neffl^ wiu wrftMtk In 1TTI; 
wtd fiir*Drpnab^L JlistaidvdiiMt iJU*^ «r» fAhluW ifMnUug lo ^utfEuui ] 
tba •ahjKl i* Arlaou* ououhIi, "iIh< ciniuufiJuM bfll«iwi Ihe aniiul Viit 
■jiWtnaJ HUora a( nun " — vh^h Itr i^h*nti hn* iriJirT cmitA] tn n<itFn- 
itft* AEuhiuo- ti«MUcr'« Uv:t wo ^n d«vw tt*'n. I>i4irinA Mt}** ti wa* Inn^ 
"mAoI priiit," lIU NuK n|iKidai:«4 b fa hk Uedk4l Juunikl |L*ipuf 
1020) : be 1* dkiA n«p*«iiag iu suuitfl* 




the Alp* wens br<«igbt to bc*r tip<»a it. 'Vht (Sriflon* ttai^lt' 
tratc^i it Appaonuif lubd ««0a Iho book: an^l w«r« nortDll^ 
fanf!iHl at b^ing thero djiok«ii of, accdirxllii; to a BwAhuiu luliiget 
n£ Mvtntfn hi^hitrij^mttti^* Tbcy cciuplaittf^d in the JfiirrtAur^ 
CtwTM/i^'W^i'w/ ; aad a SMt of Jocluil, \xi LuilwigBlnu'g, oiie" 
W&IUVf whoM haiuo deeervM to 1>r i)iii» kept in iniiul, Tnliin- 
tMTcd to plaoil tMr catiM boforv tLu GrnDd l)ukif. 

lufoniLril ijf u]] tLuao ciicumefbuicefl. Ibo Urtuul Duk« «x- 
proflAcd Kifl [Ii[ta|jpro1x4tioii of Sdiili^r'a poetical Inbort in tho 
iDcuft uiiequivooal loniu- Subiller wa* at Imgtlj flummniMid Ui 
ftpp^r befoM* liim ; luiil it tkeii turikod oot, Uut Kis lIigL&o9S 
was oatooly diMtbisfidd iritb tbe moral or poUtioat orron of 
tho work, but souidalited ntorooT^t at iu want of liUmi^ 
merit. In Uiifl lattnr ntflprctf b» vnji kind enough to {irolTer 
^iu oWTi Hf^mfM^H- Hut fk'liillrt n^j^ma bo luire reoetrod th» 
jiTopoeJil ^tli no auttioiijiil trralitude; and Uit isA&rtiew 
passed without odvautfk^ to either pad^. It termin&t^d In 
tlia IXiko'tt commanding Hohillnr to alVuli* by luwiictLl fltibjocta : 
ur 4lt liNtAt 10 btWiLTD of Writing auy luorit poetry. ^VLULOLLL sub- 
mibtijijf it to A£< inapootbn* 

Wo ne«d not oom3U«Tit en this i^ttion of the Grivnd Dnkit't 
hlttoij: I11M trealiueui of Skrhilk^r lin^ iLlri![ul}' N^i-ti laifH* 
cnttsUy aven)^d- B> tLe ffnBl Lody uf iiiunkinil, hu namo 
wUl be recollected, otiMiy, if at all, for tliP Bakt of th* ua- 
MMid«d yrmth whom hv now sohoolod ao abarply, and afur- 
wania afSiotod so uruully : \i will b» rooallvcttfd alio with tli# 
uigx^r triiLOLph which we fe«l agadnfit a shallow and devpotio 
"nobJa of oortv^nidon,^' who strains bimsolf to opproBs "on* 
of nfltutn** mobility/* aubmittnl by blind ohnnoe to his domizt- 
ion, and — (mt\i that lie r^nnut? All tlitn in fkt nion? Uian 

ftiltfoni. It w In ILib thini hhua nl Uii> AAsind ai-t : A[i1^>1h«f^ f\^onnh 
lag vfUi BSflawB, obMrvu, "An liojmi miui yau uinv fwnn wf urioilW 
*UaH»i bal lo make a nwcAl JQQ mwi Navc (Hit: THBidoa. iln^r* » 4 nMlnnil 
fMdi» Is U, a Dttiahi iwca] dtoiat*. *o u> tpeak-" In tha i!r«i '■Kiion, th«n 
WMuIdH : " ffolffl^ Gntmt^fir imtfaat^! tka inrkaJ I eat' fAetJi^/'t .InUu" 
Th« paEfiot irbr> pcood fofifi OD thn o«<««ijcu for ttio hunor vf lh» Ofiwa*, 
to 4cuj ibi> wf jj^kij cli^-it^r. And dnoaaM th« cr1iD4 -.f fuokla^ i\, *■• no! 




the I'n&o*! of Wflrt^^mbvrg diu<uTrvi:a. Of lUattod fAcaltictf^ 
Mkd edoeatM in tbu Frencb pria^plca of tA.M«, them oommon 
ba por«ODe ot hu t&ok in Qennuiy, Im tud peruaed the .So6> 
Act* vitb unfri^if^ iliA^mt; hn rf>ulcl iut in the anthor only 
ft nugiiidftd ccUiti»i;k*t, with taUiittA Wrclj cnoufik to cuaJLe 
bim dAogpOTQu. And thouf^h Ue utV'iT t'uUy or formally »• 
tTaoled Mi liLJu.4t(cE-, h^ did not follow It up; whcti SdiUler 
bvcamo known to ihc world at large, iJie Duke ot-aaMi la 
pnmoeuto bua, XIm fttUiet be elill kept ui bb scrTt<m, imd 
nowieo Eoolwt^ 

In th» in«ui tunc, bowcvor, various mottiiiCAtioiiii avautod 
8ohUt«T- It w»k iti vttiti t]iat lie dUtikirgiH) Uir In^mblr dutm 
of bU etotum viib Che nacxA strict fidelity, uid «r«i^ lb Is 
mid, witb fli^Mnor ekdl : bo was a TOJipocted ponoot ftnd bis 
moA inii<K«i»t ftctioTK ivtirr micf^nmArurd, bU itllglitaJit foults 
wt-rr ruitcd wiUj the UiW tucatMn (j£ ulB^^ul ncvrntj. His 
buoy ioLigiiu&ion i^rjinted tho «ini. He baH K'^en poor 
MHibtrt* wcoriag out Ms cedtouij ^gbt /oars ot dunuioa In 
tb« tonrMs of Aspergf beoanse ke had b&en '* a rock of ulToTiAft 
lo ibtT powtfint tliAt wurc." Tbe HUo of tha uuro]-liiii.ito 
«ibhor nppctkred to Schiller A type of his own. fUs froo 
■piiit nhnnk iit thn pr<>fipflflt of waiting it& ftlr*ngth tn strife 
a^Tut Uii.t jiiLiTuI uunvLratuW, the iiiiuutv %jul emllpM imrse- 
cutioii» of meu wbo Kiww him Dot, yot had kiA foitunc in 
tbcit kandd; tbo idea of dojiftoouA kod jftUem k&xuiLdd tad 
toFturvd hiK miml ; uid tbc ieiituis ^ eaoipLo^ th^m, tlie rfr 
nuiivuitioii of |ioetiy. thi> Kource of all hts joy, if Itkewise of 
mjkuy woM* tlie ndUiit iruidiug^ttAV ct his turbid and obioMro 
oxift«n«», f«oinod a «ontoacB of duatb to all tbac woa digni- 
fied, and doliffhtful, und -wonli wliiiuiug, iti hja character. 
IVrtaJlj l^nomtit uf m'IuiL u t^aJt^d Um wuiUi conscioiu too 
of tko ai^t tbae Bliuabi^rod in bU fiou), and prood of itp 
m kings ato of thw scApti^iSi imp Atnous n-bpu rotuut!, fmd 
ffponiing QTijuptt n^MtriJitt; rot wtLTAnDgAnd timid from the 
delioAcy of Uis aaliuCr &ud fttill more rastricttd in the fvoe- 
dora of his TQOTcinontfl by tbo oJromiKtanccE of bis fnthcr, 
irtios* all dopondcd on tba pIcasuM ot \hm court, 5i^U«r felt 

8cmu-Eirs Yorrn. 


mlurr^iAitf il aiiJi aj^iute^, Mid tormentod m no oooi' 
Vioti ilogr«o. Ur^d Um way and Unit by tho most powerful 
&fij oonilictiag Impubes; iinwn to clo^air l^ tho pftltij 
6b4ck3<n that ch.iincfl him, yi-t fnrbiiliim hy tin* moKt nfirn*!! 
cOKsiilcfalioDa to break them, hr knew itot on VfhaT; Iio ftlumld 
iCtolvQi bo reckoned hinuvlF "Uio most uulortunat* of 

Time at \«ngc\i gavo him tJie »o!ulJcitLi cittnimntcmcrs oo- 
currod which forec-1 him to dcoidtf. The pt^uliitity of the 
JtMwt had brought him iat^ eorrfripoui.U"i]oe with fioreral 
fri«ndfl of literature, vho w:Bheil to ftatroiii?'? iho Mithor, or 
CDgftffd him in new uudorioiioifs, Aiuons thin numbor wu 
the KirrihoTr tocl IhUbcrg, tuporiatotiilcnt of tbo theatre at 
SlAnuhiHca, iu]U«rwhoMeiieoiir«gemoutaii4count«DMioe SohU* 
ler renuiilvll^i Llii< J^Mfn, utiereil it. In somi^ ^aTt», and had it 
brought u|x>n th& stt^ in ITdl. The corr««|K>ndc^oo with 
l>Ubortr bc^fiui in litcrtuy duouwions, but icradiially dovotod 
luvlf iiito tlif* «xprj^atoii of mord uttorc^ing Kdntimftnti. 
D^dW^ tovel ^lud ft^'uipallii^vd witli tlit- ^^rjicrotiif euthudittitt, 
in^'olTt'd in tronblcs And prplcxitica whloh his iawperieooe 
WW to little ad«qnato Ui Ihrond: ho f^^v<^ him lulvioe and 
■nbiaDue; imd f^i^hiUer rt-pufl thii txvuT with th(» grfititml^ 
due Ic Ilia kiud^ Lia lirnU JJid Un-n iiltncMt hin only lH'0[?f;i«tor. 
Hi* Jcttora to thia ^ccullemaxi have bee© j^rflB^rveJ, imd lately 
publuJivd ; thfty exhibit a lively jiictiir«t of Sohill^T*a painfid 
Aitu^Uoxi at Stutt^irdf ind of hU unHhilfEil Tt wiOl wi ttngtrr 
a&zMty to be doliTvrvd Ctom lU* ll'mliulUn^ jn^jjitct woa that 
l>Ub«r; should bnxii; bim lo Mantiticiiii, aa tbeatrioal i>oet« by 
pennivlon of tho r>ake : at ono vme ho «r<«B thon^ of 
Uinttiii^* |>Uj«r, 

Nfith'T '^f tlv?BF' ^jTifj^-cts roiM tahe imm^diato effect, and 
Chiller'* cnibar'rnjsiiini^iLtA became more pressing than ever. 
WiUi the imtumi fMiltng of n yoimg author, he had ventorod 
to ICO ^D d^ret, imd witimn tim firi^t n^jirenentLtton of liia 
tngody, at Mnnubeim. Hie inco^itp did not oncic<-ft1 himi 
be vos put und«r arrvct dnringa week, for thie ofTe&ee: and 
aa tbe jiijnbluiwnt did tint det^r him fnun again trailsgrMalllg 




m a sitnittr m:uiiu*T, h^ !««ni«d tluU It ww in cont^napUtion 
to try more rlguroui mejjturttt wttli hhc, Diirk htmt wcm 
given to him of aomo eiemplary as wtll as imminuut 3iftv.?r- 
ity: And l>alb4^rK-E Aid, tl^o aolo hoi>e vi ftvortii^* it liy ^mct 
mcRR^, V3S dblatit and dublmi*. Sdiillot saw bim^ii^lf nj- 
(iniw^l t*i eAtreintUiH*, BKliagurml with jirrwr.nt d iKtrr-snnx, 
^nd Uje moat Ijorrit^Ia forcboduiga, on crery aide; roused to 
tho highest pit,nh cf inflign.ition, yd forced %o keep fiUcnoOp 
nnd u-nnr ihn Tu^i* of pattrnca, ha oould endura l}iifl taudd^n- 
ing coniitmiut ai> Imj^rt. He rffmWcd to Iw frso, at wlmlexor 
rUk ; lo abandon adrAntugcit wb)<;b li« oould not Imj At mich 
ft prto»: to quit hu etepttame ht^me^ &iid go forthf though 
frinndlnw nnd nlnnn, ta hpi>V lit^ forttinA in th« fp-fuit m^Tkot 
of Hfc, ^omfi forcigi) I>ake or I'riiico vrtis. arriTin^ xt Stutt- 
gaM i and aU the people were in niovtinoutj ownpied villi 
>«>elng tbe apef^taolo of hid entnutoe : Scthillipr i^ixed tUU 
opportunity of wtiring Irom the city, carpk'Ka whitJuTi- h» 
went, ao h« got bejoud tLe roach of t^nkcjs, and Grand 
lhikc6, nnd <!oratnAfiding officcra, tt wiu in tho month of 

ThiH Iwt Klcp tormut iha raUutropho of tlic publ^ciLtioii of 
the IMbvrt: it compU-t«d the dvliverotioe oF SchillcT from the 
gTftting thr^ildom iiudcrr which hin youth had hoon pufiod, and 
dn(*idod hi« destiny for i if**. SchiUtt w«a in liin twenty-third 
yriir wlirn hft Inft Stntlpntth Hr snys *'lie went euj|jty away, 
— 'empty in pumo and hope,'^ Tht future wa* indeed anfii- 
oiently d&rk hefrtr« himn Without patrons, t^orinertionE;, or 
country, ho hfid ventured forth to thn warfare! on hit own 
obarges; without moans, itX[n^oiicp, or iwtthfd purpoae, it 
wa« pi>Mtlr to bn fcamd t-hat the fight wonld go against h'na, 
V<>t his AituatioDf tl^ongli t-loomy enough, was not entirely 
without its brighter Bid* H« wm now a free m-in, fri*i?, 
howffivcr poor; and hi* strong soul i^uicheiieid 04 it^ fetters 
dropped off, and f^lctioi] within him in tho dim anCioipation 
of grvAt &nd fiLT-ettendiiig enter^>rises. If, e-ut ton n:d<^1y 
among Utt* hanlAhipH aiirt btlt^r di»<}iniTtnde» of thn world, hid 
paat naming h^d not been dfrlicate, ho w^ already tAujrht to 
look upon privation and <ll«oomfort nj hii daily eoinpaniona. 



Taw I. 

U li« kiMw Ti<yt bow to bona Ilk 00I1T86 tstong tlM perpl^ed 
▼IclftiiUdea uf Hut^iety, Lhere vras a foi'iso wlthiij him nliicli 
voutd trimaph orer many diffl«altk9 ; 4od it '* Ligbt from 
HoftTcn" liM ftbout hi.% path, wbicb, if it failed U> ooudoot 
him to wealth and proftTuienl^ woald k©ep him far rrom 
l»uu<:tH«i auit def^rndiii^ viLrea. Literasiue> aikd evrry great 
ftod uoblis thiii^' which tbo riieitt pumuit oE it implies, he 
loT«d with oM his bcoit ti&d iJl hU couLt to thia lovpltv 
in^ obj«^ hv wu hi*ucoforth i?xclusive<l/ devoted; ^vanciu^ 
towards ibiii, mid [xbhfiuoI of uimiuoii ut^ceanrica on tho 
humUeat t<aX^ there wad little oi£c to tempt hinw ll)« life 
imgfat be tiQba|^\ but woiilci hardly bo disgnccfnl 

flchilUrr gnduAlly fi-H All Lhiji^ wnd galberad eomfbrtr while 
better (bi>-!i bcfpm to d^wn npou hun. Fearful vf tnutio^ 
himsi^U 80 near ^tuttfjaiti Jka at Maouhcijai ba hid jMeeed 
ititc Kriinci^nia, and tras living paiDfallj mt Oggonheim, 
nndsr th« nune of .Schmirlt: Init Dnlberg, vho knrv nil hU 
dhrtm^iae, esppUed him with mcuc-j for immrilLito wontfti 
•nd « generous hidy madia him the oRur of a home. UodAOt 
von Wotog^iL Itvod en her ^tt-ite of Bauerbach, In the uei^h* 
ho/heod of MeiuuL^-ii; she knev Schiller trtan Ijis vorka, 
ftnd hie iiitiineo)r witli hrr aous, wlio Lad beeu hie fdlo^ 
MsdeatB at fitutteaid* She invited him to her boueot >■>'' 
UiAfo treated him wlrh an afToctlofk vrbieh hel|>od him to 
forget the pMt, Bud hx<k cbeerfully fonrarxl to tha future. 

Under tfaU hcApttol^e roof, SohiUf^r had leianre bo oxaia- 
too i!almly the perplexed and ilubiou^ upeet of hiH aHaiiVL 
^ppDy hb ^laracAer belong not lo Mte wbiiiiiig or aem 
timentai aori; be was not of ihuae. k vhooi the pretaare 
of mufuTtone produces nothinj? Wt onprotitablc paini who 
spend, tn eberiituui^ :iiid iurMtiguticK and dop^ojinfl their 
Biaoriea. the tuuu which ahoiild W ajviit ia pruvidui; a lo* 
Ibof for tl^cnu With him, ttroag feeUcg wae oouMantiy a 
ealt to vigoroot letioo : be poMOiaed i& a high defroe the 
teeal^ of ojikjuprtiig his oiSietioiii, by directing hti tboogbti^ 
MtA to maajmd for mdnring thrm, <ir moriM of nxptcaaing 
them with iaIereeU bqt tu ptau for getthig rid of them; mid 
loihitf diepoettKvn or hatdtr — luonre ac»0Bg men of gemna, 




men of a inudi higlier doM tlmn mrr^ ^futiui^TitAlisUp but 
wfeooe Miuibitit^ u out of |m>[)urtion tvitU tUrir iitventiv^ 
&eM or AoiiTiqr^ — wo stc to ivttnljuto no ttmuJl inflTicDcc in 
th« fonaooto iHMidoct ol hm £Obs«iqiieDt lif^. With miaib il 
turn ot iBtiid, SukiUur, now tlmt hr w^ut Kt lungth muuir of 
his own mov«uieDt8, cvitl^I tii^t tong bo &t it lota for pUina 
OF tuka. 0ttc9 «ettUd At Biiiiierbad:, bo immodtabdj ro- 
■6m«il lu« poeticn] i*r[ipIoynu-niK ; xni\ forgot, ia tbo rcgioua 
of iiucjr, the vaBuo uiitit-rtaiiiUoK of hi:* r^iil ooDilkion, or 
eav prospeota ol ftm«uiiD^ it in a Ufo of IitOTata». By 
nttnjr eafd and eagnoioiLt pui^one, thD prudcnoi; of hin Iftto 
|>rncP^ing!BL might bo nicrp than (juestioned; it waa tmturil 
for tDoXiJ to for^bodo that otic wlio loft tlju {turt »u ra.sht^, 
and foiled with finish ptYxnpiiUtKin, woA likely to tniilcc filiip- 
.vrei^ cro thv vo^^age bad extended (an but th« Uvptt of a 
fifw uiODthB put a stop lo i^kicb pr«iliutir:iis. A yi^uj hit^l nut 
pftSMd siuce hia doparbur^v wbca 8obill«r scut furtb liih I'er* 
MhuSrvng tUti J^Useo and Kibalt und Liehe i tra^ie* which 
testjiiad that, daa^rou* nnd arduon^ as the lif^ he had ^^ 
liHTtin) iTiigbt b(*, lie jHwuiKi.i.-d nv4£iurci('j( mnrr thjin adp^iiatn 
to Hn eu;vrgvaci«B. J^Ujco ho hoA ooQiinrnc-ad diirins tW 
period of \m ujrr^Mt at Stutt^fird; it waa publiebod, with tLo 
other plaj", in 1783; an^i soon itft-cr brought ujion tho Mnnn- 
hpjm th«HUv^ villi nmvr^rMil »p]iiijlKiliutL 

It waa now about throe j-ttirs auice th& composition ol 
elio Jio&lffn had beea Imished; Dro si&co tho lirst Hk«tch of 
it had bwn fonn*wl. With what xnul imd Kiu'ctsti Scliiller 
had, tiL Uinb iiitt^rv^l. piirKiitid thi^ wc»rk of hia lueul^ ou]> 
tunr, thoM two drftEuoA aro a atrihin^ proof, Tlio first nidor 
of jouth i& atill to be di^oeniAd in them; but it is now 
chftAt^ned i)y tbi^ rltrrtJitoA of n mAUiirer renaon, 3ind innde to 
naitnnto the prculucts of n mucb happier oiid Bioro skilfal 
Luvcntioiu i^oJuIlur'* ideaa of nrt had cxpnndod uid f^rown 
cl6ftl«rT hi» knowlodga of lifo hud i^nlju-gud. Uc cihibits 
more aoqtudutarirr ^itli xht^ iuiitlaivMiXv.} pHikcJi^les of hu- 
man aafroTC. tbi well ns with the cirounuitani^O!! nndcr which it 
unally dia|>lay9 it«filf ; And iar bi;fhvr naid invter rir^wv cf tho 
uajinjer in wlui^h its niuuIvklAtione ahoitTd ha r^jirtsetited. 



In tbe CnupirtK^ ^ PieMttt ve ti:ivo to ndratM nut oolj' tho 
eoersctic ATumAtion v^cfa iho aollH>r hu infused into ail hk 
uhoMOtar*, but thfr dif^tinctooM viUi tvhich Iio bu ducriai< 
QBtad, wiUiout ELggrtimCirig tli^in; Aud tlie vtviduoss witli 
vrliidi lie liij coiiTxiviHi Ui dFputL Uie w%iii< wUcstq Umjr oot wul 
moTo, The political &nd pcrmufiAt relutioua of tins G«iiocafl 
uoMLity i Uht luxunoua aptoudof, tlio iatri^os, ^w tQud«, 4iAd 
jftrritig itiuro^t^ whioh OMUpjr theto, on mndtt toIUa bofov 
11*: ve unLl(!r«UiicI ui^l nwj tippri^ciuir t1t« cotnplriiticfl of 
th« oonspanc 7 ; wi! nu&glc, am among rroUtii^, iti tbo pt^tnpous 
Aod impoainff morfimeiita wbicAi J»d to tibo cutafltrophfi. Tb« 
cabutrop^in itAr-U i< 43>sp1ay«ii iHrli peculUr dfTecl T)i« tnid* 
night vUciicc of tht; alovpiQg city* iatorraptad oulj bjr t^ 
difttat touiiidM of mtrinneii, by the low HcHtfso murmur of the 
Mtf or tii« steaithy footatept uii disguuecl voico of Fictuc^ ui< 
ooHVl^yect to our iiikUgiiiAtbik hy iome brief btit f;r^|.ihii^ timchui; 
vpc MdD h> iteod in tb« so1Jbud« Aiid deep stiUmTsa uf Geum* 
Mnitiiig the tijcnAl vhiob i» to bur«t no fOArfuUy upon tta 
ftLmnber. At letagtb die gun U firmt; and Iht) vild u|fl«ar 
which eikniBs is uo lass strikluglj exhibited- Tlui ditrdx mnd 
SOQ&di of violttOO^ «0tMaflbtiiftat and t^rmri iho volleyii^ 
einnoB, the hmrj toll of tho al&Tin-bcllA, l^ aoebuiution of 
novembled tbotuvidi, *'tbe voice of G«qcq upvakiag with 
Pjiwiu/* — a)1 in mude pn?M-t;t tu ui witU a fi^inn and elau^ 
&M8| irbic-li of JtMlf irare ooott^ to a>icpw no ordui^irj porer 
of oloM «id eompr^bouivQ coDMptien, no ordinAT7 iiaM in 
ktnuigiDg Aiul etpmuiiitg it« nmulta, 

BtA U i3 Tiot this f«licitcni!» drtiuerAtioii of cimiiiuCukocs aitd 
viiiUo soeucA UiAt cou^tttuti-'s oai principal ttijojtiKTat. Tbc 
fu»lqp of pAn^tnttihg through obeoitrit^ a&d ooDfoaiocir to 
mtn the cbentelvriittic fiuitiirM of an olijoct, afaetmrt or inAt»- 
hftl ; of pfodtioiDK ft Hrdj dcooription in die loctcr cmc, ad 
•oeonto and keen errntioy in the former, is tbe oMmtiai 
pvpetty of iatoltfNTt* And oroupies bi its bvet form & hfie^ 
rank in tlu^ ccair of nuinUl gifti; but the crvAtive facnl^ 
of tbe p4>ct» and op«oiaUj of tJui dnmotic poet, is aoracQitov 
•Oprradded to thia; it u for rarer, and oMrapa«a n rook 
for hl^ier. In this pftrtLou)ar, Fieno^ wiUiout approacbing 




tHo Limiti of pcrfcctJoHt yvt stan<lfe in ^i dfiviitiMl range of 
«3icoJloiic«. The cliarftcttfn, on tbe wbole* ore imi^ued And 
portmycd with gKaX impreciiv«acf«« &nd rigor, Trnoofl of 
old inulUt nm iiicirH^ aUI] lu hv divfi:tvvrvd: tl^orv idill ^eems 
ft rtiktit ol jilUnoj flbout the ^uiiu of the ;mMt4ir; a stniffuiTiyt 
uid heAviuosB in hu uotiont. Hie aubtiimty b nut lo be 
qnwinioTiprl ; bnl it doea uoi always diednm tha aid of rude 
ooutrAftttf and nkere th^fttiio^l L-fFoci, Hf* [aints in colore 
d^p&ud etowinfr, but without auflioirtit Rkill Ui UtiTd t-hum 
dohcfitely: be amphlipa tuituiu niF>ri; tlian punKc» it; he 
omit^ hiir does nat well coucoaI tbo oHiisflion. /W'.-^ has not 
tho complete isLlliiu of ri trur though innly^lHahcil rT'isi'iiihliLTino 
to reality ^ itn nttrnct^oii rutbor tiM in ft kind of colosaal mag- 
uitudo, whioh mofioroB it, if aoi^n to adTADta^, to bi> riowrd 
from u dUtftURp Yrt tbr? prevailing qualities of th<* j>ipf!fl Hq 
jucrre tluii mnk(? un pinion sqcH deft^cta. If thi* dnuimtio 
imilaticm ia Df>t always entirely 8uoc«B«fiil, it ia never vorj 
distant from sui^aMa; lad a o^msUnt flow of powerful thou^-ht 
■.nd ppntim*^Tir. cocDt^riote, or pre^dDtA ns from policing, Ihe 
failunj. Wo find cviilcTQce of gv^at phlli>«upUiir ijeinrlr^Ltoii, 
great Teeoiire» o£ invention, dirf^ctcd by ji skilful ^tudy of 
history aud men \ and every where a bold graudeui- of f^jeliag 
and imagpty g^ves Life to wba.t study baa coiubiiioiln The 
ehief tuddcnta huve a daezlini; magnificence; the obi^f choiao- 
terO) an ajipoot of ta^oviy and forot; which oorreB|>oDdB to it. 
V^mr ot heart, capaciocsrneit of Sulelleot ftod Imjt^iiition, 
pntfieiit themaelves on all sIdeH : the ^enerftl effect is powerfn) 
bnd exfthiuf, 

FioBco hliualf ia a fcrsonoge at onco probable and tm;;- 
Icolly interoflting- The Itixiitiouft diwipution, m which he 
^^_ veiLi liift dtbring pn>je<-cs, KrifteiiA th* nidiiuoHs of Ihiit fttiN?:iglh 

^^P vhloh it half eonceklB. Hiei iintnca«Lirab1e pride ezp&uds it- 
^^^ Mtlf not only into a. disdain cf eebjoction. but also into the 
I uictit lofty nr^M rf magnanimity ; hi« hliml ooiilidi?iioL* in 

I fortune eenntH nhiioKt w^LrrHntirtl by the nrdoutoest nhtcU bo 

I linda in hia ovn ftttjlcaancea and impertiubabla pieaenco nf 

I mind. His ^mbitaon partieipat*"* in th» noUonoM of hiB ether 

I qwdrtiea; he u leax anxioua tbat his rivub ahuuM yield to 

gcuiLLKH^ yorxH. 


pnirer tii.^n in K<^rLcrcaity and grortneaa ot tAiUftcteif 
Attrtbutvii ut wltich poir«c u with Ixim Uqt th^ ^mbol «)d tb» 
Ht ernploytaeuL Ambitkm in Ptraco U indeed Uie ooEmnoti 
visit <if cv^ry iQind to«l>ffusc its tudivirltul inQueiLoei to mo 
tto oint nctivilj tvflccfitMl bock ftoia Uio uAitc<t mtnds of dU- 
lkin» ; but It it tli<» OMninoc wiafa Aotin^ on fio common tnaiL 
He Oo«8 mil l^n^ tu rolt-, tli»l 1i^ mny f vaj iithnr wilb* oi it 
««r«, by the pliyaic&l oxcrtion of bu ovn , he «ouId lend na 
cciptivG 1^ UiQ tnpttlor (cmniiotit of ku qtialttL«B| ouioe fftirif 
xu&nire»U?il ; usd b« oitiu ut domtnifii. L'tuHiy »a it wiU niobla 
luuk to ludnife^t Uiees. '^ It i& uut lIic sir^uA thai be valuta, 
but vbat Lin in tliat fi»B&: " th« ■ovcroixnty i« cnviAbi** (Mt 
for lu Sidvtttititiouji ipluidor, not btpcaine it i* tin; <^Jeet of 
03«ne arid imivHrKU wonder ; Imt a>L tt offow, in tlie collected 
fo«oe of ti uaiioo. wmet^mg wjiicli Llio bftifet mortal may 
find MOfKi for all hid povran) iiL i^u«li»;t '^Sprood out tbjl 
IttandwTj" Ftooo «xaUini8i '*mU) iU »(iglo ton«s, and H bo- 
aanu a hiUnhy- for nhiidrca: jn^ur it f»rUi togetbor in ofta 
qofek pnl* and Ibc rojihl ociund aliaU move tho hakvou." Hltt 
offtotioD* 4n not loss T^bemcoit th^ua bia otb6r paaeiOQA t bis 
htaxt cftft bo nMltod tnto poworlooiioss uid tend#raMi by ^la 
tnlld persuaAioos o( liu Lvononk; tbo idea of totaltiag tbit 
amiftblo Iwiug mingles largvly witU tbft other motiroa to kid 
Miccrpriie, Ue ia, in faot, a greati and mtijht Lave bMu a Tit- 
taom ntan ; and though in th* putmut at grandoar bo nri^rvw 
from abaokte rcculvde, we atill reapf^ct bia splendid qtialitiais 
tod admit the fono of tk« alltxnmcELie vbiuh b&vo lod bia 
aAtray. It is bnt fftlutly that ««< cond^rati bis Mntiin«ntff 
wbm. aftor a ni|fbt spent In atrugglea between & rigid ftad « 
aorc occommod^tiag patrioUam, ho looks out of bb chftsibc^ 
ft8 tbo aun 10 risiQg in its calm biA&typ tml irildiniE tka vravoi 
and BOuntaiBK, and All tbe InoumoTulila palneot and doiMO 
ttod spiroa of G«aoQ»aud ex^UtiQfc witli mpturo: "TlilamaJiB* 
tiecitj — miaol To Borne over it ILko tbo kindly Day* to 
brood over it with a monarcb'i pow«r ) aU thow alcvpleaa L0119- 
Ingf^ all tbe»e nerur Batbt««l oriakaa to be dtr^irned iu tbnt ui^ 
fatbomabio tKtfon T "* Wo adiuiro Pbnco, wo diupprove of Liav 
I'tttd ^ympfttbuo with him : ht is crusked in tk« poodcroia im^ 




chiDCTj wbidj liiiHadf put in oioUon juui tbou^lit to control ; 
wo loni^at his f&t^ but oonfous thAt \% wns not iind«flcrre^ 
He IK Jt ftt "nfFfrring of imlirldiiAl frG«(i-w1Ii to tbc forc6 of 

Picsco U not tK« onlj strilcin^ obaraotor iti Uic plar which 
boors hU n^mo. The Danov fADAti^^ republican virtii« oE 
VntritiiiT thi< mihl mid vi-nprnhlri wisdom rf th« old norlHt Iho 
uulriillf^r) prijfiigficj of bU Nnjtbrv, rrrn tlir cM^ conUrulod, 
mt\ildimabl« ji&rvereLty i>f tbt cut-diroAt Moor, nil tlwdl in 
oor recollpTtiozt^ ; but vrhai, tioit tt> Ftosc^ chi^y attroe1« !», 
i* tbn ehajTUTp^'r i>f Leonora bis w*f«, l^nonom U of kindred 
bo Atar^IlfL in thr Rvl&erv, but lurol/ci in iiiott oomplifjit^^ 
r^tionSi and brought uooror lo ib« aottuU ooatiition of hu- 
OHUilty. 8Ek> in fiui'b 3k beroine ah Si^bilkr laoiit HitligbU to 
<ln«r. Mev); mil rr-tiniiic bv ihcr Miltnrisi ut bvr n;ituro, yet 
gtowlii|{ villi ivR rlhcrnft] nidnr for all that i» UtuBtrious ftml 
Joteky, ebe chtii^ abuat imr busbaiidf aa U ber b«uig voi« ono 
vlih hb- She dr«u]]S of remoto tad pou^efui scenes, whdn 
Fluoco shoulil be all iu liftr, hbe all tci Fiesico : lier iilt^ uf love 
ia, tboi '^ A«r ivaac »bould Uc In aecrct bcbiad orcry one of bio 
Ibouf^to, cbould *p<iik tn bim fTom ovory object of NfttOMt 
thai for bini, thin hri^ht iii;i,jt'ttiir miiveme ttmlt were liut as 
th« abinint; i«^'«l. oii wbi<^h Uei iinagev oa^y ^''i'- ^tood eu- 
fravcd," Hor ch&rwfe«r Mtou * TrHcctkm of KlcACOi't, but 
rcfinerl from hin gtoflMT 4trons|tb, riod tnutsflgured into a cel6>- 
tU form of imrity, nnd trnilf^rcTi-wt, :iu<l Uitt(!blu>; ^;rauft. Jeab 
otiiy o;iuiiot uxf>n> b«r lulo aii^r; abe laofVuheft in conc«ftl(id 
«ORow, vhon Bbe tbinka herself forgoUon. It is nffi^ction 
alAne that ctui rou«« hrr into ptunon ; but under tlio iiifluenoo 
ot tbbr ah« ftn^fth tdl wn^ne» anil &ur. She c«niicit stay in 
bor paJftcv, on the ni^t vhtb Fi»co*s destiny is deotding ; she 
tutb^ Icitb, as If inspiiod, to BbftM ia bor busbaod's daugen 
and mibUmp Hn«>ds, luid p«T}ab«a at l^t In tho tumult. 

T1i« death of Lcanora, so bmuzbt atuut, muI at Midi a Ume, 
is iMkooed amons tbo blcnusbei of the work : that of Fies^ 
Id whioh a^bUlar baa v^Linuvd tc depart from hisb>ry. i> t» 
Im mom favomUy jadgrd at. Fleaco is rint htrre aocidM^ 
taUy drowned ; but fduog^d int4> tbo vavca by tbe indigDaat 


who forgeu or ttiflut ih» fBolru^f of fH0iulflbi|^ in 
his ngH At poliUfiil a|ioBta«>. ''TL^ iiatur** tit t\m Dmnim" 
v« AM Justly told, '■will not suffer the opt^tntion of Chance, or 
of EUi imm^drntc ProvicLoncc, Hi^iur apinU tan ituoern tlut 
EDinntc fibcoH of jin ei*^ot slivtohluff iTiivjiigh ihrt vHoIp mc- 
lEuiw iif iLf^ Hjfitt^ui i>r line woL'ldp anil Lau^iiff. it maj be, on 
tho ramotcsC limiu of the future and thfi puat, irli«iv man 
diieorni notbuif; tuve tho action Itself^ hov«riiig unconttoot^d 
fit ftpaoe. But tlt& artint ha^ to [>Aiiit for tlir short Ti«w of 
ouot vhom ht iriahfrft u> mstruc.t ; not for the picrciug eye of 
iUporior powers, from whom ha Icorna." 

F In tlw cumjKietiUou of Fi^m, SuUiUer ilenvod the maiu fmrt 
of hisorigioul iitat«TxaU from hht»rj-; he conld incrr^LAO the 
vffoot by Korgoous ivprwiiTtibxtionii, nnd ide;^ prc^^xUting in 
thft fnijid of hi* rpAilnr. Euortnity aT iiu^hleut anJ hLriuig«* 
nue» of littmtum Icitt him u !iiitii]»LT uAainUnci^ m Uie ^offherx. 
K^AqU unii ^bf&a U UciBtitute of thcac advantages; It la • 
tngody of dotn^fltio lifn; its o)«aj» cf iutcrusting ue eora- 
priMMl within itaolfT wid rrjt on vrrj NimpU feelings, digniil^i 
by no vrf^ ainguiu' ai^tioti. The niiim*, Citurf-lniri^jini; <imi 
Low, oorrectly dv&if*u£itiJH iu luturo ; it oima at cxhibitinK iho 
wofiiot, Uk« viotoriouK ronfiiot, of f>olitioa] mancfiuniugf of 
«ild woThlly viMlnm, with thn pniv impMcionfpd inov^menta 
of tJuf young heart, an yrt uiisulUrd l>y tho toraiah of cvory- 
dAy Mtt, Liiex|A'ne[iiM?d iit its cMUuutatlono, aick of its empty 
fomialitivA, %nti indignantly det^^fnimed to cast olf tha Ta««n 
rtMUif^tionA it imposea, whii^h hiful t*(t firmly by their nnmlwr, 
though ninffly no contotnptihk. The idait i» for from ori^naj ; 
tbu is a conflict vhich moat meai hare fi|{urcil to th«niMlveB, 
vrliknh tii^ny rtPii of anient mind ore bi aoine degroo ooiHtantly 
waging. To loakc it. in tbii flliu|d« form, Llio tiubji-ct nf n 
dnuQA, aecou to bv a thought of SchiUcr'v own ; Uit the proiav* 
tfaovigh not the cnMit of hit undortoiEing, conaidnrablc rathoF 
a« perfomed than proJMlMl, Imn hiwn iMNooctl by a muhitudn 
of woitblGn or uoxiouA fmttationa. Thit ^^Ainn jmrnory oon* 
oq)tion has been tortured Lato a thouftind shapoa, and tnrk^ 
m With a thotuond tawdry d«vio6« and meMtnoloiu onia- 




noDtei bj tU KoQx^mea^ and other " mtellcuUuLl Jjicolnm,'* 
vhofio pcDductioD* hava brou^bt vhat we falacly «^ the 
*'G<-*rmvi ThFEiLrA*' into sii<*b <!««crvcd ooittc^nipt iu Eug^fuid. 

fajrtw^ p«»€ii», appeal^ to li^vf ActoJ on oettAiD ciLtic.i m 
eftim&Cing thi« play of ScliiU«r'8. August lVilli«iun tieJilogoL 
»pmka sli^TLtiiigljr «r tliu wiirk : hir mj-v, « it will bArrllj nor^ 
US hy its louf of ttrerotraiucil WDKiknlity, Init in^y wrU »f9ict 
tiB by Uto painlcJ uapreesiona vluch it ks^vco.'' Ooi own 
BX|N!ri6iioo bubMii diS^t^nt from that of SeMegflL In Ui» 
dianclerK uT LouikUh aii<t FifrEliit^rd Wnltpr wt> rllsoov^r«id 
little oToril raining; i thi^ir iPU*ibiUtY wc dui not reckon tcij 
vTUDin^ ; seeing tl united veah a cloamcBa uf judgmdntj ^luiat- 
cnffd by a purity of luMtrl, ftiid conlrol'.nd by a fnrcip of virtuous 
raaolutkm, in full proportbii with itM^lf, Wc nkllirr viinirrd 
Ibo eeouoa of tiio pot<t^ wliicii could cUrate a poor munio- 
m&aler'a dftngbter to tho di^'uitj of a bf^roiiio ; eouM represent 
vlthont woundicg our sense of propriety, tbe n.ffivdon of two 
nolil<< Wiuffa. created for uicL uULt^i bj iijirtui^, arjil djiid^ liy 
nhok ; wo nyiQpikthiicd in thotr acutimcEts cnoiijfb to fool ft 
propifr mtvr«4(t in tbcir ttitci, and aoo id tbt^m, wbat tJi« ftuthoar 
mutant we shutiUI S4*i\ two piir« and l<ifty mitids liivilvrd in 
bhtf mttibea of vulp\t ouDaiuK, and bomc to dciftruction by tlio 
•XOOM of tbcir own ROod qiixiUtios und this «rimf>^ of otL^rrs. 

Fordinand i% a oobk-ioiui. hnr. not oon winced tbit '* bin patont 
of nobility U miav ±iik<itHiil <it uf nioro authority than tlia 
priiiicTa) AcJi«ui« of tlio univcTjtc : " be spealn and a^ste liko a 
yoou^ rnaa cnU'TtaioiJi;; sn^li t^w^^w***"" - dispo«i?d to yield 
ftrpryUiing to reiuaD and true h^oor, bat ncArody uiiything to 
tDftm (jjw atii! vutit. ITin pasftioii for Louisa is tho sipt and 
the Douriabment rithcr tl^ii the miiso of aucha tcmpcvt ho 
lo7ea lii&f tritbont limit, as tho oaly cr^atura h« haa avar met 
witb of n tiki^ niinrl with hitnjH'U ; and tb)?t fueling biulte into 
ias|urAtiiu^ wbiit waa aJt^^wly tbt' lUt-tiito of bi* natarc. Wo 
aoeompoDr him oti hj# atraij^bt and jtls^ti path : w<: rejoice to 
•00 Kiln flii^^ aaid^ vitb a Ktroag ^to tbn artiftoo* aial a^ 
InramenCi with which m wortlikM father and uioce wotth- 
len aMOCuAes attail him at tirat in Tain ; thero ia Aomathinjf 



PA«f L 

dTO in tli« BpMtoolL- of WLiivt integrUj, f"«r]Mi thn^i^li 
letwad, IC war ytilh wlflnlitiHSA huiI trill; Hxiu-lhiug 

mournfol, Im>cjiii«« the victory will wlli jh .■ i.* w« irouJd 

IiOUiM ifl a m«Qt porUi^r for the goii^ifoaa Ferdinand ^ Um 
fiorL iias iloae juhUoe tu her cJuiraeler Slur is tiutid ouci 
humble i a fceliui; Aud rielily Kiftod fmal u hi4 in ho l^ th« 
nakiiidnMft of hvr txathly lot ^ die ii witbout eoiuu^Uoirt 
excejit lli0 iriTiatr Tmliiie^oi of h(<r lieart, atA tlii^ dictates of her 
keen though uuluUrrvil luiJerataitdiitj; -, ^Gt wb^n the hour of 
trial comci?, ftho cftD obof tho commruidA of both, nnd dmir 
tom lieTMlf a gomiin* nobtonus of i?ODdur^tf vLic-li aecond- 
luuid pnulrnci^ vul iraaltJij «diI litli^ would but rvuder Ic^e 
toueliiug. II«r Mid affeotiou, her «be«1io attechiociit Ut )i?r 
lOTOFp her sublime nnd artl»» pioty* ftt« boautifully oentrrutcd 
with thfl Ho^ikncwA of liAr pxt«rniil mrminuteQcei: she iip]>tf!ira 
brtfori? UH likr! tlin "'ojijt nrai? of ihi' w'lUlonicaft lefl vii iu 
»ta1k/* And we grii^TC Ui mo it cruahcd and troddoD down so 

Tlii? inTUHi'nM't Lho tnthTuiaflm, thn ozflltod 1if(> nud tt«ni 
fftte of Louisii ;ujd Pcrdtmiiid giro a iioworful nhorni to thU 
ttttgedft It ie oreTywhure iaterapfirncd with ptec<a of fi&9 
elo^QODOfli and soenea wtdch move lu by their digni^ or 
pothnK, Wp rncoll»nt fi>« ]mjuin^[Aii of a mom orArpowrring 
aattiro thin tlie conclDvioo. whor*^ P'l^rrlinArd, l^ifuibd hf tLe 
DOAt duLhoUcid mnohinaUoTui to diobclicro the Tirttw of bi« 
mlalreM, puta himMlC imi her to death by pcUon. Thito is 
a i;looiujr aiid «uleiim mLght iu Lis de^ft^nir; thouj^ ovct- 
vhttlmod, he aoeiua ittvlnciUle ; his enexoiee have blindi>d and 
iiD|}riaoaLed hina in their deocptioDit^ biitonly tltat, lik« ttem- 
■on, he may orertum hift priKon-hoiice, and buty himaelf, and 
iJ] that havi> vrouk'ed him, in its luim. 

Tho other chanbcteT« of the play, though in general jiroporly 
ined, w not jiuffici^-ntly rraiarlaible to olnitn mueh of our 
ntioii. Wurm, tin- chii-f ivmiiMllor and a^-ut of lb« an* 
priucipW, ealetiLniiig Kathtrr. ia wii>ked enough; 1>nt there 
i«t>o treat cinrularity tn his wickHnees. Ife b little more 
than tho dry, i*ool, aikd now lomewhat ruLgar mJacnMitt, Ui* 

ill the 




viU:uvj(Ls Attomn/ cl tnadata novuls. Kalb fldso U but t 
wufthlcBs ^ubjncl^ W(l what iti wurac, bul iiuiifforifiitL;^ luiulli^ 
Ue m meant for tlie feather-br&iiuxl i\tmg of tags and luccs^ 
wlUoh fnqneotly lakLbiU cooft^i but he vuita tbo graco and 
ngiliiy prapor tAUii«S{M>r.iPS} heUlesKafool than ablockheddp 
hm pcrrvrtod tWi toUlly iiuu^o. ^-hillor'« »treiigth \aj not 
in comedy* but iu ttomcthmit far biKhcr. Tho great mcf it of 
iJw [ji«K«it vrork cousiata in tb« oliiLniuUini of Uiu hero aiid 

ckm. A4 « tmfM? of common ltf«, wo kuuw ot few rimla to 
i^ oert&inlj dE no superior 

The production (if Uirtt? Hur^U luai^a as tlie Rnhht^it, FUico, 
and Kalaia vnd Lkbt^ Already onnomicod to tho vrorld that 
another grotit and original mind hod appoorodr from wiioAi» 
uiatuHty^ -wli^n sui-h wa« \X\v pnimSfte of ibt youtlf^ ^^ liighieat 
exfiootatiouA mii^hi 1^ furmvi]. TIu^sb three pUys stand r& 
lated to each cth«r in r«^rd to th^ir nature aiid form, 3^3 well 
u Aftt^ : thipy ftshibit the progrewiY^ stale oi SchiU^t'c cdnin- 
tion ^ fthow un thn fiery anthoNUuim of youthj cKa£]jDr:LUHl into 
wil^nmn, tuiUininhiiLff in itA tuijit^mrtLto rather thau tiublimo; 
ami thi> Aikokc fTithufti^ifiiu K^tidii^dly yi<>Idm^ to ^ho avrxy of 
reason, gTfutitally u^ing ttaelf ta tlie foiutrainti pn-!U?ribvd by 
notind jnil^ent and mnm ffxti^iiive kiiowludgvi. Of tho thi«c^ 
tUn Ft*tfAr>n ift doobtlMft thr moiit ungulaTi ami lilicly perhaps 
to bfl Uic mofit widely popular : but th& lattCT two ore of im>rfi 
r^iit wortll io th« tya of ia«t^ arid wiH birtter btuvr a ou^ful 
afwt ngorMiu study. 

With tlio appoaraTice of Fii$nf and it« companion, tbo ti»t 
ppTiod of ^fihillf^r n titmif^- hiAtoa^ may codQoludo* The ttormy 
ootifuaioQx of hiK youth wtft now lubalriiDg; nftnr idl hi4 
aberratitiua, p«puIsL-K, ajid perpli^xtid widarins*^ ho i^a* at 
l»n|:lh about to reach bia Lnio deatinjkti^^n, luui Umea of moM 
•eraniCy bcftnn to opon for him. Two duoh tra{;edi^ aa he 
hail luUdy tifh'nd to thu worltl mfld«< it pasior for bin fri«ud 
Dalberf to fit^Lvnd his pr^itou&ioiM. Schillor wan at bat grati< 
6od by the fuirinicut of hia favorito Krhemo^ in Soptomber 
17S3, ho w#nt to Uujuibeim, m poet to tho theatnv » povt of 



Toipoctahility atx^ w>a*onAhle pmft, lo ihft 4)uti»« of which 
lio focUiwitlL juiilicttM^l [iinitiL'li' witli M lil-i hrjirU 111! vu 
iwt long iiftttw^rdtk «ld(>t4}d ^ mtintbvc of Uic German ^odotj 
eaublieheii for tttorary objt^u m MAtinhoiun -^r^'i h^ raJued 
Uti* htmikr, Tint onljr lu a UrfttiuMitiv iif ri-K|Hf't fiviin jt hi(;hljr 
i-.Atm^tilc qiiArlctT tut «l10O aa u nji^uia of unitiag him utfirv 
i^ioacU wimAiciiol kuidrc^i pursuild and tont^i^rH; and wJuifi 
W3J inoro tliaQ ail, of ipioting fonrvar bit 3pprelt«n«ioii4 liv>in 
tUv yo^rDmeiit at Stuttf^urd. Siiict^ liiji ^rrivd ;a M.itiiJii^im, 
one or two saapicioUB inoidont* had a^in jdrLi-mrd hem on thift 
head -, but htms uon ac ku»wledged a« a fiubjt^ot ot th& Kltutor 
Palatiu«y RAmrAlb^ bj- Jaw iii his jinvr ivinnfry, h<* h:ui noth* 
itig more lo feu fiom Ibo Dalto of WiUt^mi>c-i:s> 

HAtL^tit^rJ wil.b hi* mnkratc incomi^ Hufc, Fr^e, mid nuc< 
rouaddd by fhendk tb^tl lov^d and houored him, Sf^Jiillet uow 
IooIgaJ roufiJi^ntly fcrw^rd Lo wli^t alt liU efFoTU li^d h«en 
ft hfttxi:]! nmX liitlie^ito h fiuitli^a^ fec&iT.li fur* &u uiidi.itiubcd 
liff* of iiitclEootiUii labor. What ctfoot thiA happy jupcct of bio 
clR?iinutAU(^i>9 muHt bav^ produced upon hSm may be a»Uj 
coiijj^eiiLred, Tbrongh ttiMiy yeaja he bati been Inured to a^> 
tation And diatrcMi oov pea» and liberty and ho[iei awed in 
thomaolvwa, weiti avcotor for thi>ir nevalty. For the fir^t timo 
in bit life, ho ttaw himticrlf liUowod to obey without rclueUuiotf 
tba niliiib' ^^^ "' 1^ uutuie : fur the lintL time imditiafjuri lutd 
duty wcbt liaad in baud* Hie actii^itj tkwoke with rcuovaivd 
1oK9 in this faronblQ «cnDe; long-thwart^i, balf-forfEoilfn 
projiMTtM iifpiUi kindlffd into bright3i!«iH lu tUi* |>o(AibiUty uf 
tlieir uceumpLiahm^ut biKvunt^ ;tpiiLvrr]Lt ; KchiUcr flowed with 
a generona pride wbcn he felt bta fju^ultii^s ^d hia owu di^poeal, 
and thotight of tho nm he m«a&t to vnako of tUpiiL '* All my 
cunaiHftiiniA,*' br Miil, "nm now di^Milrrd, Thr jmhlir h now 
all t^ me, lay btudyi my novprci^, my ooiiIidL^at' To Uie 
public aloAe 1 benolorih belong i U'for« thia and no other 
triboniil will T pbicr myself^ this alone do I r<'V«reno» and 
fnar. Soiot^Lhiiiu uinj««tio horrre i>eCi>rv tu^, »u^ I determiDo 
now to wi^ar no otlicr fettcrt bat ttic »cntcnoc of the world, to 
appeal to Eko other Uiron« but tbe euid of nuiii/' 

TheM «cpr<i*»h>nx an axtraeted from the ^irofaee to hii 




Thalia, a periodical work which he undertook in 1784, devoted 
to subjects connected with poetry^ and chiefly with the drama. 
In Buch sentiments we leave him, commf^^cing the arduous 
and perilous, but also glorious and sublime duties of a life 
consecrated to the discovery of truth, and the creation of 
intellectual beauty. He tpss now eioluaively what is called 
a Man of Lettergf for the rest of his daji. 



Ir to know iHscdom vnr^ ta poctiftB it ; It fame hraLigliL trae 
vtd puou o( miaii; oe Iiappixie4« coo^Mcil iu uootiAh- 
the Intellect wixh tt» appropmto food. And nurrouikdiiig 
the imaginftlicn with id«al baftntyt n litvTarj' 1if« would be tliu 
miHt ritTiAblr wliii^li tb» lot of thU wortil afForcUv Bat itiv 
tnitb u Iat otUvTwiM* The Uu of Lettem faaano ImuiuUblv, 
ftltconquehTig volition, naoro thiui othnr mccii to iiad^irataad 
ftud U) perform &l-o two fwry difFiircnt thingi with h:ni zs witli 
iTttpy ooe. Hin Duiifi lorvljr cjierta a fjivorable IiUIlciico oii 
Lis lU^itjr oi ch&rocter, and nevev on las jMsaoe of mind : its 
gliLtvr lA «>xt^T]i&l, for the eye« of otb^ra; vithuLr it ia but Lb« 
sUlinenc <if Qiirett, th« nil raLct upon tli* nrnr-^iwing Rtv* of 
ftmbitionf <juicli«iiung into fr»li vch?m«n:^rT the bloii) wk*ch it 
■tilld loT a, oxouttmL Moicorrr. tbia Mou ot I(Oti«ts b doI 
vboUy iiL^e of spirit, but of clar and 4piHt mixed : liU think- 
ing faoulti^ft mny lie nobly tRiJEierl and fx^rriMnl, bjl be nuil 
b^ve jtffccLioiu u w<ll jL% tbcmiflit* to mako bid b&ppjr, aimI 
food aoul miiu^'ul luiut bf> ^rou him cr ho dice IV from 
facing the moH^ iTiirlable, bU irajr of Uf^ la p^-FlaMpfl^ among 
tL« ajojxjr iiiiodi^ by wliich an anient luind eade&vora to «x* 
1>rc>» it4 nctivity, tbu moat Uuokly Wnc^t wi;h lEufF^riDij; and 
di^gndatioo. Look at thu bio^f ru]>hy of uu^hois \ Zxct^ th< 
• N«wgsiii Catfmdftr, It 1« the irto«t tkh^ninic rhapt'ir \n tbo 
LlatOTj of man. Tbo oalamiti*^ of tbcso peopb cui* a fertile 
lo^ S aod too ofUD th«ir fiuilta aud viooa have kept paoe 




uriUi UmIs caljimlUeti. Nor ia U difltcult Lo itnif how tliis hna 
hAppeoed. l^alont of tuiy eort £9 p^uoi-allj ucoompiuiiod vitli 
a pcriillnr flncnAi;^ of Homibtlity ; of grnm ihiA is the most 
tmcmtiuJ cuiiaiitiiriit . ami lifn tn miy ^uipr b^tji siirrnwn oiioiigU 
for bearta »o fonnoU. THo Auiploj-nifuta of literature ahnrpcn 

fri'f]Urtitlj ratiutiippHtji Jt into ii\orl>iH Bt>rnnpsa, 'Hip elites and 
tenia nf Utcnttirr- x^ii tin? biiHiim^^t nf Ufr ^ lis ^loligUta aro too 
etlif-rool unci loo Iraudiuut to furtnaU that percnninl How of 
BAtiRfnolion, coaT» but plenteous &Dd subataDttaJ, of which 
luippluRKiin thifi wnrld nf orir* ik ^1:ul<^, Th« thohI f^Dished «f* 
ftjrtft of tlic mind give it little plcuaurc, frc-jvicnlly thny give it 
pain ! tor meu^fi tLiuia are «v«r fnr 1x<vonil th^Mr ^ti-^jugtli. And 
tlir oiJtwi^d rdpompnitiu! [if thnsn unclitrt^kingiL, tho ilUliDCtlon 
blity confer, 1» iif atill sm^ilki valiii: : the dciDir? fnr h in m- 
soti^le eron vbon suoc^fialuli Kod when baJlled, it isaocQ 
in j^Alourr and «nvy, and «very pitiful and painful feeling. 
Bo kflPti a fPTnporanierl with so little to pestrairi or satisfy, so 
niTich to tUslTi^f vv t4.-mpt it, prodiu^a coiitifulictiuua vblcli 
tew art? lulc^qucitc to F'Toni^ilo. llc-ncc the nnliapxtinoni) of 
litemry men, honeo thair l-iulla and foUka. 

Thus literature is a[il U* form a dflnK^rpoui* and Jiacont-rniiii:; 
oooupatiob oven for thr ariiitour- Jtut I'or hiia whobe mnk. an^ 
worldly cctnforta doprnd ou il, ^'ho doe» not liv^ to WTit*»T but 
writes to live, Its dilfieultl'^^ anrl jifTilw am fnarfiilJy incn*iLSn*l, 
F«w spectacles &r« more afHictiitK than that cf :iiioh a miui, so 
giftrd anrl so fal^d, ho joitlod and tutttjid to aud I'ro iii thi; indd 
buFtle of hf«i the buffulinh's <^I which he ih eo litt]« titted to 
eoilure. Cherishing, it may Iw. tho loftii'sl tlioughts, and 
olofgod with the meanest want* ; of pure and holy put^acei 
yet ever driven froai the jAtnught [Ath by tb« prussnre of n<v 
OMgltj, or the impuUe of piuslon; thirattug for glory, and 
freqiLocitly zu want cf daily brea<l ; hovi^i-inj; betweeu the tui- 
pyrcAH t>S bU fancy and the si[nalid doarrt of reality \ craiDp<*d 
ft&d foik'd in hut most itrcnuoiui cxonions ; diesatiafied ^iih 
h^B best pbrfonnanees, d&H^iiaced witlj his fortune, this Mnii o\' 
IiOttcra too oft«n flponds L^ woary flays in ronflscta with ob- 
aouro miiMiry : baraasod, «liA^iA«d, d«ba«^j ct inaddMied s the 



rtctini &t onto o1 ttugedy aad £flMe ; tLo laM lorlom catpo»t 
lit tb« war ol[ Miiid agftiiut Uiittor. Mftuy cm tiso nobia moIi 
thai hATe iK^riaibvd bitterly, with their tanks luitmtalnnlf uDikr 
theM cotrodiug woca 1 Somo m utter fauunc, like Otvaj; 
loiuo in lUrk loeauityr Li^ CowpLT and Collins ; «ott», hlE« 
Chatt^Tton^ hftTB sought oat a morr MTt^rn iiuirUns ^uid bimtng 
lie inditcmuDt stqH nvay fmni & woiiil wliiuJi nfuaed Xhvm 
hMm lakca Tcfu^ju in tbot 8tri>U£ pDCtr«8«, wli^ro 
poreriy and cold neglect, and the Uioueancl nJAtiml diodit 

twhirii 6^iiih in lifiir to, ooLilii not rrach thi^in tuxj morr. 
Vet unoog tlicse mcA arv to he foaod the brightest speoi' 
hmm and Ihd eliel boneffl^jtorv of mankind ! It U tbey tliftt 
keep ftvakP tbe 6i»er parts of our mils ; that ^ti« ttt bea*»r 
uiDA tbui |H>wer or p]e8ann% aiad withsUiiul Uw totaJ sdvibn 
ri^tj of MniDuion in thii c«rth, Thcj <u<o the vaafnord in 
th« viEUtli u! mmd I Ui« iuuHvcUai aookvocdflmeii, rooUi*- 
log froni the tdltf wUdemeBA nvw teri-iloilea for lh« thought 
and the Mtmty of their h^p^ioi bielLieiL Pttj tlut froiu all 
iheir cmiquesto, »o rich in Lxnictit t4> otbora, thoouiclvca [thoohl 
V'np 80 Jtttle I But it Lv vain to iniiTiniir. Tkey aru volustMn 
Hi iXtUvsMA^ t lliey weigh«^l thi-t^jannaof U^gititiftCtiie perlle: 
id they most abide tte ivsulta of their dec^loD, u alt muat. 
|.Tbo har^isjhipa of the ooarao tboy foUt>« u^ fonDidabic, but 
'C all iiii^viuiblo ; nnd to anch tat ]>untit! it rightly, U k not 
uithout jIa ^-raut nwanla. If nxi ^utttwr'a life is isoro agitated 
an! moro painful tliaa that of others, it may also bo tnado 
imw^ •{^ril^ttirriD^ util raaltod : fortuao muy ronde'r bia im- 
Ki;v|iy ; tl kM 4Mi1y hiitm^lf that on iDak^f him detpieaUe. Tli* 
lntory vf genius hae, in tact, lea bright side na veil aa ito 
ADd if it is distrcesing to rarr^y Qta uiacnr, and what 
woHM*, the dcbaifrmrut of so laaaj fiftJ^^ inrn, it i> doably 
liDftiui^ uu tljF ollirr hiLiid U) ndlwA tin thr f^w, wbjy aaiid 
ttie temj)tatK>ii« aud Aorrovia Co vh;di life iu all itt ptoriaceo 
ikI moet in theirs i« liable^ bare tnvclliyl throo^b it in ealin 
ivl vlftuiiUA iiujt-sU-, rind are now hulhkVfid ia our nmmoriai, 
hot kaft lor Llwir oonduct than their writtnt^ ^ch meo aro 
dover of this lower vorld : to aueh alouo coa tbo epithot 
gf^it t« applr^H With itn tnip eBtj>ha«ii. Thore U a ooo- 



gtvity in ihtfir pMCAi^Lbtigt wUinh on« lov^s to contotnplaU: 
"lie; who would i4i]ti? lurruiu ihjtjihi, jditjuld mftko hia whoLo 
hf« a boroio povio." 

So tbouglit oxif Milton ; aufi, what was mo^ dUl^cixlt, he 
acI^h! ml Tn Milton, thit tnnml Icing of itntlifim, A Iterob mul- 
titttdc^ cut o! laa^ay Jhsns nxid comttrios, migLt bo joined i a 
''oloild uf witni'^floa/' ttui.t onoompiuii the true litornry num 
throughout Tils |iilgrijua^, Luapiriag biiu to lolly emulation, 
rlii^rriuif hkP4 i^nttUry LlioiigliU with hojiey tejtcliiiig lti[:i to 
dtriih-(;1f^, t<) mdurr, to coui^uc-r dLfflcralticat or, in (oiluiu &ii 
iMftvy AutT<iHDga, to 

With vtabliorii pilitDco tm vith Wph ftMl" 

To thifl auguflt 8erJd3, iu hk ovn decree* the namo of SolimeT 
uuy be add«d. 

Scliiller lired In more pt^sinAful tim*« than Milton ; Id* Id^ 
tory is Itffts distiugnJjtliBil by (iIixUll^Kh aunuuuiiled, or tacrificea 
made to priuoiplo ; yat he had hia aliaro of triitls to oncountCT ; 
and thd admirerB oJ his writings need Dot f«?l atshomod of 
the way in which he bore it Doe viitwe, the farciit o{ many 
othera, :iDd the utosfr e^^cDLuiJ of aiiy, lu bis uirctuu&Uucv», hu 
|>0«aQS6ed in a supremo dt^gruu ; h« vas dovoto^l with cntU'O 
and unchnnging ardor to th^ cause he hnd nuibatkird in. Tho 
ejitrut of hi« natura) endawmcnta luigbL hire si-rvtid, wltli A 
leu eagei obArMUr, m ai^ ^ icuj« for long pc^ioda of indoloac^i 
bTo1i«n only by £U of cuauul v^L^rtiou : with hiiD U wa4 but a 
now iuoit^m^Tit to improvo aud dor^lop th^m. Thr Tdotil M&n 
tlmt lay nitblu hiiii> tlio image of hiniAi^lf eui hr ehould btr, wna 
formod upon a» atrict and cuibuw standard ; and to r^uch tltia 
<wni:tan1ly aIJp^>aol*tt(l ind cumJtantly receding *inhlflm of JWT- 
fcj^tion, wiw the unweariyd vflort of hU Hfe. This rrownmg 
principlo of conduott n<»ver i^t^a^iiig U> inspire bin «nctgctic 
mini, iutrodueed ft oonsiateuay int^t hi« ftotiona, u ^rui cohv^ 
roiic?e into his ohurocUr, which tho changeful oonditioti of his 
butory Mudured »f jjKfnili.-ir impoHaniM^ HiM n^-stmrocrA, hin 
plttoo of tesideuor, bis A^ooiat^'*, hi* worldly pnwptfcto. might 
*«y n» they pirjutcd ; tJjiH T>urp<:pfle did not i^arj" ; it w*5 over 
fir^sent with hiia to nofe e^eiy botlex faculty t>f hi* hrsul «nd 



lo Invest Uie clinjuoryil rkiaAiiMilet (if hb fortune with 
dJCtni^ dttcivoil from hiuiM^lf* The tmX of hU u.itum ovrr- 
(f the trmptjitic^Eui Xc tliai loiUring niid Indc^iHioo, that 
f<1iiution I)i3tivefi;^ «li>th rb^I oongiimlng toll, Uui inTim^ltj of 
sululion, witb oil itA tarmcTttin; sixA (iife^bliui: coti ^i^tjvktijc^*, 
to which A litctiiiy mm^, workmg um hv liacn aX a j^ilittir^ t-uik^ 
uiictJkJ for hy iiiy pr^9*in^ Uii^t>le dvtnjUid, ;Liid Xa Iw retom- 

Unity of aim, wdod bj crdbirLry vigor of c-liarActer, will icco- 
«mlly iiuuTt- |>tirK(>vtir;uxo« ; a ijur^Uy not ranked luoong th« 
csrtUnal vtrtu^s, hnt »8 wsi^ntiAl ah atiy of tliem to the proper 
ooDiluct of hif^ Nmo-tcBth« of thi^ lumiitrs ujid vices of maii- 
kuul pro^'^rd from idlotiR» : •wilix moc of qutt^k mindB, to whom 
Hit MiN9Ci;kIljr p^mickti*, xitia ItMi i» cammonlj Um fruit of 
naay dU-iii^ioiiitiiieotA &fn\ ic^f^m*^ oft tiaJfled ; and men fall 
in timr ndiemes oot «> much from the vaat of fltrcqj^ m 
from thr- i]l-dii'4s:tioQ of it Iht wcoJicst liviog ctooturc, bj 
oonccnltnting his povrerm on fi imglo objc«ftf csm aceompliAli 
iKit»rUuni{: tiu? f<trt>^gci»t, by dU|ibrHtim bin oriar m^kny, oiJiy 
Eul to jiCCOJitp)i«b aiiythiji||> The dr^i. by ouatoniial fiiling^ 
boras iU pMM^ tt)it>ttR:h Ui* hviioat rook^ the basty torrmt 
fUilkOi OTBT U viUi MdnoTM nproAT. aiid 1oAv«« no tnu» boliitHl 
flev mnii 3)avi< u|i|>lu«d inor^ stciaiUtWtly to Lbr bujiimtfa oE 
|hdr life, or Imcu moriiT fvunluti^ly <tiligciit t^iim SchiUcr, 
Xbft prof«ssioi) of tbeatrieaJ JM«t va&, in hU jirea^iit cim^m 
■It, {nrtE«<ulArly f&TCimblc to thp maintfUUifH* nf thiv who]f> 
KKae ntiitn of mind^ hi Lke? fuliiliamt of ita ilutim. vlule bo 
gnlificd 1u» owa doorest prediloctioaa, bo tw lUuwiau vtraily 
SMondM by tho pn?r&iting tftsto of tbo public. Th« i n t oroit 
fixdtiHl by thiT BtngB^ uid thr inijK)rt«jic?p atljubmi to cmry^ 
tbiag oocneotri^ vltb it, we greater ta Gtruttny tban b uiy 
ocImt pAJt of £arop«, not »cepting Ftuaoe^ or evw FaHa* 
Xor, n« In Pnrti, in th« vtftgv la Oona&ii towog Doniidrrad 
ueroly Oa a ui«iital recrtAtioit, an 4?]a^guil aiul plcftiumt nodfl 
of fiUiog up tbo Tftcimcy of tedious ^rraiDc* in Gtrnftny. it 
lm< tbo idvAiitAg« of beiu; <?orji|uutttiroty new ; ind Hi «ctii< 
blUoni tra diroeted to n oIam of infads Attuned to a f^ bi^bor 
pitch of feetiag. Tht Gtnaani oro MCU4cd of o ptoacaow to 

K Xbi 




Amplifj Jiad ^Btt[B4aii«, to ftdmira witli tTtceoA, tuid to fiftd, 
Id frhai^vPT c-a\\% fortb thirtr ApjiliiuM, uii fipit/im^ ol u Ibon- 
RBELtl nor^lli^iJcati., wbioh no vu« «i«e ouu diaot>v<ir iu it. Thnit 
dJacnnaiooa i^u tii<) th«&t«o do oortoioly gire (xjIut to LbU 
ifcug0. Nothing, at Igost to ui £itgLi«b r«>adet, ctui uppcftr 
aioni iU)t|iro|>nrtitmate tWi tlir influrmu* they irn|jiice to Uto 
■iBgc^ ftod tlie i^cUkAtity of ^luuoui iuvcntL^A.tt&ii Ihvy (IpvqIu 
to ite <ioncerua< 

With u», ttt9 ([a^etion nhciut tho morAl ti^adaaoy of th^fri- 
C^ ftrauwrini^iiU LK now very guncriLllj' oofij»i|'nv*l Lu tUL> m^di- 
tatioD cf debotiag cIuU^^ itDJ apoouUtlvc »aci'-tie6 of jomig 
mec tmiler age; vith oar neighbors it i& a woigbtj ru1>j<ct of 
inquiry for minds of almoftt the highpHt ord^r VVtili u«f tbo 
sbigo ii ooOMidnrcd jin 4 h^tcmlvw ji^vittuju, wlLtilrMum- Im-minu 
it ooB»|>iCd Iho Diau bj occupying hU luonUxJ, not hi» aciiAu^ 
iaoulti^aj ooeof 1J30 mAny d«ipa,rtiaenta of JioCitwiui rvpniAen- 
tOtioD; peiha.p«i tb' tawt fxHHng. bntalao th^modt trati&iUiryj 
aouotUiWA burtful, Generally beutflkul, jii^t aa tUn usi ant; 
tmtitlod to no pct^aLinr rcffori^, And fju^ infeiior m it« vff«cb lo 
BUAJ 4>tLon i^hicb 1ulv« no »|iuQiaI ^pparrUui for tli^tr ftppU* 
OAtion. Th« GermuiiEt. on tlix i-oiLtnLrj, Ltlk oi ii ilk uf some 
iww on;&ti for rvStiiuK ^^^ hraTts and laiuda of bk& i ft >of I of 
lay piili^it, tbt* tvortJty aIIj nf tbo faCTod oiko^ and poihAps eveo 
bfltttr fittAii to «txalt ii<ima of out l^otil^r ft*ahugv ; )>vcjlijm itB 
Dbjr«4v aiv mn«U m^ire vuritiil. acij bticiiUJk- il r^^ika Ui tut 
throusli maDj ^rrnn^, Jrildr^i^int; tbo <^j« by it^ p^iDp and 
dooontionH* tbo <«ar by lU hormoniodi, iiud tbu hvart and int^ 
inatiaia by iU prx^tinal »nib«11L3Lhm'>TTti4, and hKruu- :hctff and 
aftuliaieatn. luHuf nooa otlll juorc uijut^rloiu ftw buil^tl ftl, if 
Dot dtrtctly liiiiiouix^KL Aa tdoa fiecina to lark cbMuraly it 
tbG bottom of r^rtam of thoir stbrtrtutt and alaborat^ spoottlit- 
tuiikfl. w( ir tbr Ata^T wert- dcKtiiitd to rpplucn miaiir- of ihaui 
AubUmc illusions which the progrvsa uf r^aaon ift i^i diiviag 
fJrOA th^ «artb ; «* il iU pogvonUy, nod aUugofuttf and figora- 
ttw Ahftdowin^-foTtU of things, mi|^bt ftupjtly turn's naJnuv with 
taiv^i tif tUiit c^iuckvnmg oourUhiaoiit wLieb wo OiMM debited 
£roak ih« auperfrlLtioos and mythologiM of chiikof asAa. Viow- 
iB2 tha matter ia thii Ugbt> tluy proofed i& tbo loaiLagomenC 

U. 11— Vol, 9 



Paat II 

of it irith idl dta<T cuiiDatnf^a. lUiiw their mkuto and peUn- 
ful invRutig:Ltioiiri of the origin of drstmado amotion, of Its 
vari'jiu kimU jldiI ilpf^rv^n ; thnir MilKJirUiniM of rmn.iutio and 
beruiiT sxiid iximautico-hcroic, Jind the othci CDdlcM ju^o ibot 
oucumlcis Utcir critical writing . TIiq seal of tK« poople cot- 
rflHpoiid* with that of lh#lr inslniolon;. The wuiit of mora 
impurtaiii imblic iiiter«ijl« natiinllj coixtnbuU*>i HlJIl farther 
U> the promlnejico of tbi», the di^cou^on c^f irhich is uot fot^ 
tudden, or aum to bo wiUiout ufT<«t. Literatnt-t} uttr.»ct« bou-lj 
ftll tbr jKjwtfpful tliouglit tliiit L*ireTikii?fl Su Germany; luid tlM 
tUejLlJ'p b llie grvit uitdfltu of Oenuivu litui'aturH. 

It was to be «c|>ected tluLt Schiller wo«]d participate b a 
fettling BO univonal, and so ncoordant with hit own wishes and 
proapsctx, Thit tliL*«tr« of BfAcnbuiin van nt th&t pnrtod oii« of 
the Lmt ia (ieriuAZif ; hv felt proud of the ^hAtt^ which he iiid 
in couducttng it, and ciei-lud bimaelf with \m usual ulacritj 
ia promoting its various objects. Connecte<I vith thu duties 
of hm (ifflon, w«A thn morfl personal dnly of Improving hU own 
fiboulties, And extending Lin koovledge of tbo art whluh Le 
had CD^^agud to cultirate. Hi; rtad much^ and studied iDoro, 
The perusal of Coraeille, Euaiu«» Voluin^, and tho othv 
Proudi classics, oould not btr without adr&nta|;e tu ono whoM 
•XUbvnnoe of power, aud dafoc^ of t&fit<% vtrro t^ only r&iil(« 
^Q had cvRF been reproached with ; atid tlic couadar ideas thus 
acquired, he va^ eoEistautly buay in ex^mt^Ufying by altoinptt 
of his own. His projected translations from Shakspeara and 
the Fre&ch w«rc postiKsocd for the present ; Uideed, «xoept la 
the instaaoe of Maelath; th«y were nciv«r fiatshed: his Crni- 
raJin tvwi .SfAtrt*A*fli, aiii a toeoud part of tlio A>M«fV, w*re 
likcviM aluuilojjL'd : but a number of luiiicrr uudcriEdtJnipi 
snflioiectly evinced hii dilij^nea : and />on Cari^t vhieh he 
had Tiow BeHouily eoaimviteed, was OQcnpyingall his postical 

Aa^jthct matter he had muuh at h»rt was the aetlin; forth 
of a prri^ioal work, d^vvtod to the conOi^rtia or th« stag*. In 
this #nt«rpTto^ Schiller bad eapeotad tha pattoa^o aud c^t- 
opnatbn of the O^rman flooiHy, of whirli h« wm a iii«mb^. 
U did not Ktrike him that a»y oilier notivg than a seouine 


BHKIM&l-HK -ntALlA. 


Ifftt tti ftri, liXkd JEC&I fur iU uch'an>^amf>aty could kftro iDduit«d 
mpn U' joiD euch & botly. but ttw uml uf Uw 0«rmaii Soaiety 
mi more aoconliitg u> kDovUhl^ Uiao tliat of their ntw lumo^ 
eiate : tbej lislcnr^d with ftppawijig ear to Lis Yivld rH^a-nusa- 
tulioutf, nod VLilc«prraditiff projects, but doclincd tAktai; auj 
pari ill thp (?Kecutioti of llieui. I^ilber; alomt tcoiiDnd willing 
U> 9^k^i|Kjrl Ijiru, Mui'liiinl, litit nob liinheiirtFnirfJ hy tlitnr 
«o]<liins«r Schiller rockoExd up his meaua cf auocwdiu; witfa- 
oQt tiiuin. Tbi) plim of bi« work was cootiraeMd wiUun 
uarruwt^T UtiuU; }m d&Li^nmiiecl to coniin«ico it on hig own 
r«HJLui.'«b. A£t«r luudi il**Uir. \hv iii-xt uiuuhet at tlie Jilmi' 
uUcJh^ TUcdiot corieliod by Uirco u^t^ of i>m C<jr^j, uppeftred 
ia 17S& It wa4 continaod, wttJi oait short iiLtcrriiption, tUI 
i7ft4- Thi" imiiti jmrposf of tbe work bciujj thu furthcruiico of 
linuDAtic ftrt, aiid tltc cxtvrLsiou aiid uuproTemeiit of ihe publiu 
toflto for «uoh oxitortiuiiitieQU, iu cbicf ooDt43iita are «My to be 
ipoom^ at; tboatrioal critioiuiii, assays on the uattira of tbe 
Mgfty it» bintor^ in iranrBii nnnntrin*;, jtA irorftl and intdleo- 
tiul sffDctB, liud the beat inctbods of pradneiuiE tbtm. A part 
of tbc^ publication wm cpcs to poetry imd miiocUaDcouB 

Mtrtliutin^ ao luaAy SDbJects so aaaidiiDusly, Schilk'r knew 
ftot trbat lb m.A to be tmcoiployod. Vrt ibc tjuk of ccia- 
pooinj; dntiDCi^c viuiotics, of tnumuff plnyora, uoi diUibomttui: 
Lu the ttcAtrionl aautv, or < ven of i^xprettMii; phlLosophfcally 
his P|iiij]iaiB on htieic ymuta, vould uut whoUy occupy Buuh a 
nilttl «a lus. Tb«ro vron tints vben, fiot«ilb»tanditt|C hU 
owii prior habits, and all tb9 Tftuntiuf; of drumatur^bt, b* 
fftlt tliAt t)ii>ir fiCAuic glories witrm \mt an rmpty Khufir, u lying 
vflfa^p nrbviw Ibnrfl itjut no alitding rvnt for Uus 8i>ul. HU 
«i9fr 9q»rit tnined ftwny &om their paltry irorH of pMtt&- 
boftrti, to dwell jliuou^ the doap und d«rioua inWr^Bta of ike 
livla^ trorbd of meu. Tbe n^^Hi^ Ijo^id^fi itn iln^rnutui ttiwuii- 
Istkcw niHl prrfonwiQiv*, oonUinn ^emrol of hb |jocms, irbicb 
fv^oate Umt bb attention, tbou^b oiBcialiy d)recTt4Kl okis 
vhtthpr, troa aUrfi to all the conu^on oonrDTb* of hni^juiily; 
t3l»t b« Inohfid on llf* nnt Oiirrv ;u a writer Uiaji «a a iiuui. 
Tine £aur>T. wkom be fir1«bi»t«a, m-w not a vuion of the tautdj 




but % llTing fair ooe^ wtom hd saw daily, uid lored in iIm 
seorecy cif his ]i?%rt. Ills Oftq^pf au* ffent TaHaru* (Grou|i 
from TwUnu^, lu» KiritUjtmiinitrtiin (lnfaQlicidi>), are pn>- 
duct* of A miDd brooding ovtv dftrk iui<i myatonoati tliin^ 
Wlulo improving In ilie art of poetry, In the cipabihtj' ot 
ttUcHag Ilia tlii>ii|;1il« lu tli« foriu brat adapted bo eiprooa 
tLcm^ he wAa likrwivc inij-rorinx in htit; mnrn vulunblc Art of 
UtoQffbt tttdr; ^nd applying it iiot only to tho buffiuon of tbt 
imAgiiation. btit nban t<] thm^ profmind and Muli'tnn infjuirin, 
vhicii tfvcty nsyramhir' cuEtrUl 'n rjiUn) l» ougH^ with- 
in partiCuUr, \Aie PhiUjiftpli Ufhc Bri^e* written About this 
p«nod, pxbibitfl Sobiller in % nnw^ and to as mora inUrPfiting 
|K>iiit of rifv. JuliuH and Rnplinrl urif thn (^Tablviiia of Itis 
CW11 fcarN ;uid \i'a own bopr^a; Ibcir /"Aa/^wpAm Latttrm un* 
fold to Ud many a gloomy ooiifliol that bad passed in tfao 
secret ohai£ib<^t« ol tbi>ir author's »oub Sceptic&l doubts on 
tbp most impoTt,-t»t rf atl >>abjpnu wt^m natural tn iiiinh an 
under* tan ill ng an EVliillrr^R; but bin bcEirt Wiui not of a tcniptii 
to r**t eatisfel wilb doubta; or to draw a fiorry eompeiiflation 
for them from tlie prido of superior acnt^nfss, or 1^9 Tulgai 
plctiisiir*' of producing an »ff(»ct ^rt otbnn by availing tboit 
dcAfTft ^d holiest iiorsituioiu. With bim the riuotion ftbotit 
tho c;t!!4i[ioo of our boing wji8 not a AubjLs;t for sbftUow spMvlv 
tlODf cbarimbly ii^itaod ttciontific ; still 1«S3 for vain jangling 
ftnd pol«mi(^ ricturiiv: It wuj> a fearful uiyHUry* wLiuh it 
OOncttMd ftil tJie d^put sTm|>^bi«0 and most sbbliino an- 
ticjpotioiu of his miEkd to hftro cxpLaiocd. It i^ no idio 
puriotily, bnt tho nhudrlcnnj; voia* of nn.tim» thai luik* : "If 
out liappintfAA deprnxd on ibi? barmoniouA pUy of tbc A«n' 
sonam \ if our conriftion may waver witb tb« bfiating of tbo 
polMt'* What Schinpr'ft ultimate opaoionn on tho** poinu 
w«nif WR ant nowbfire ipiffiiilly tnformavL That luB beart 
was ortliodoa, tbat Use wbok omrorAO was for bim a l>^nip]e, 
itt vbich Jwoffered up the oontinnftl «MriiLcc oC dovoul ndora- 
tionk, his worka vid lifo btor nobis t««tiiaony ; jrot, btrrs and 
tJian, hiK fainut vinionw fimn an if stiddiinly idAkliod ov«r 
with a pale caat of doubl ; a withering sbftdow aeenu bo fltt 
aoroH his iov)^ '^ ohiU it in his loMssI noods. Tbo dsik 


pim^oeorHic ucTTttta. 


eoddiUuo of tbtt man wbo loogi to bclirvc nnd loeig« in TaUt, 
he <aa ra]iT#s«iit witJi & veri«iuiiliLui|e and touching 1>ftauC)r, 
irilkli shows it to bavf been fumili&r to liim^lf. Ap&rt frmn 
tivur tnft^nuitj, tlicrc is a ocrtaiii acvoro p&thci^ lu aam« of 
thftM pauftgvi, irMch Jiffeeta u« with a pocubAr ajncition* The 
hero uf aiiutUor wurk in m»An ici cKjinuN hiimrlf in thmm 

•■ Whnt woDit bofOTA ftnd whnt will follow in«, 1 K^gard U 
two black impr-nctnUili? c[iTtB.ituiT whirh hang dowii at th« two 
cx£ri!iniLi<H of liuiiui] life, 'UmI wliicL no living lUiiQ bab jot 
diAWn aaidek Many buudrF^is of gencTationa Upivc &lrc«dj 
flood before tboni witli their tor«h&», gv^aeiu^E ^nxiouoly vthat 
])>■ hnhinil. On thp ciirtntu nf Futurity, many see their own 
ftiu4ov«j tbc fnriTi^ of thi^Ir paasiona fnUrgPil nnil put ill 
notton ; they flbnbk iu terror at this imf^e of thcmtclvea. 
PoetB, phUofophen, ftod founderfl of etatea, h4ve paiut^xl this 
««niin vitJi Utflr ditaniB, mofo vailtDj- or more dark, um th* 
Mkj aboTf thpmwu ^hcttrTul ctgUtomy; ajul Uielr pioLura« 
dooeiro the pvc wtcb riewod frota » dittane^. Many jaie£kM 
too siak« profit of till* our imiv«r«ul DuHovity : by Lh(?ir utrnii^ 
mumiiJCTifia, thtj hsy^ af^t lIib oiiltftrHti^^ied fajR^y in aiLL:i:etv 
mvnu A d««p lil^DM mgrrs beLiad tbLs cvrtAiit i no cu^ oucv 
within it will aniwnr those Im hu left vuhout; all you can 
hear f« a hoUow e<rha of your qB«i«tion, aa if yon lihante^ int» 
ft ehaam. To Lbf uihei ^iil? "f tlLt» cnrtMin we arc nil hound ; 
XMB crtAp hol^ of tt eii thoy pAKa* trrmbl>n& uno^Hiun who 
m^ fftft&d within it to reovive them, yuuf »it id ^ttod Utntam 
m^rienri irtif^f. Sutnd tinbehevhig |iPopl« Uiere b^vi W*!^ 
who have AWErtcd Ui^kt thin turUiti did but make a incckexj 
of tmrn. vtd that tiothiujf oo^ild bo i?ccn bocoueo nothinjf tt^oj 
behind it : but to cmrinco thAMi pooptoj the nst have tobod 
tkem* nad haMily pualivl llirin in," ^ 

Tho PhiiMophtc Lfturs pfttnt the stnjggW of an ajd«it> 
0nthiJAia«Ua, iniquiaitiTo spirit to doliv^r ite^ilf from tho hat- 
^M%u^% luio^rtaiati'^ to penotrate thf^ drnad obiic*arity, which 
«V4*rLi}iiiK« thii lot or man. The flr»t fiUTit Acruplrit of Um 
Dvubt4*T arr avttl«d by tb« nuutim; ''Iklicvo notliing but 

■ iJv CtfiAfwACT, Sebillfln Wvrkc, B. It. p, XxO, 



Pxiit IL 

thy oirn nuon; there u nothitiff Iiolu"!! than truth.'* But 
K«cuuu, omployi^d In &iioh aii laquiry, oao do bnt half tfao 
wurk : »\it* m lEhtt Ih^ Coiijun^ir that hA« pronouon^l tlin vimU 
of tavocatioiii but bos fur^fot tlj«^ cotml^r-vnrd ; spectre* and 
•hodowy forms como crowctii^j; nt hin summoa*; in ondUtt 
multitudes thoy pr««> und hover round hii mig^c etrok^ uid 
thf* teiT'ir-strtK^lc BhicV-artiHt I'^imot ta^y tlietck. Jidius finds 
thai oa u-}eci\\tQ the prba&ry diutates of f^clinp, the systrtn 
of dogmatical belief, ho is dri^n to tho lyctftm of mAt«TialiAn. 
Etcoilins in horror frrm thi* drsid and chLMirl*?** crctd^ htf toils 
Mad wjjulrra iti Lh<' InJjvriiiths nf p:Lt]Lh«i!im, seokiug ruutfurt 
aad rest, but finding nooe ^ till, b^«d and dn^, mid dek al 
h«art, bo soeme inclinodi u far u vo oaq jwlgo, to rtmomic* 
the dn^ftry pfohlotn Alto^thfiT, to ihnt thn oyoit nf hii tou koen 
uurl<;r»t-tniliiig, jiiirl Ukc irfu^n undrr thn nhrulti tA rtcrpUtiatu 
Th« auxidUcs and orroni of Julius ^ir^ dc^HcriWd in glowing 
tttma } his tbtelloQtiuil mbtlrtioa &ri> minf^ldd with tho elo- 
j^ttcnpfl nf intnniiA tppMn^ Th» H.nHWflre of hla frit>nd are in a 
niroilAT ntyin; intcndf^ tLOt morr to oonvtnoa th&a tu per^uadA. 
The whole work ie full of poiision aa wdt u acntttDeBS ; tho 
ilEi|)resfl of a philoBOpWo and po«tio mind rtnTinj; with nil it» 
vast energt08 to nah^ il« [ko^ry and Its pMtoHoi^tj ngrr^i'. 
CoiuidAred as oabshitinx the »1ate of aohillei'a thoughla at 
thifi p<^od, it pontcBQCfl a ]>^o:i]inr )&toro«t In otlur rospeoto 
thcFv u littl* in St to allure ii». It in short txnii inoompUta ; 
Ihonf ia little ort^iiiality in tlie o[>lniiniB ir. VTprpMt'ii. and nonvt 
in tho fono of its coiapontioTu An an argument on oither 
tidf, it ifi too rhf^toriciil to bo of mnoh weight ; it abandons tho 
inquiry wht-n it* diffioultiot and \tn ir.*lHf> ws* biirrointag 
great^^At, aud breakh ijfT .iliruptly without writing at any 0(*n- 
filuiion. ScHHer hua surTojod tho dark f^orbtvnijui bog of 
Inlidolity ' but he biu mujlo no oanaeway through it: tho 
Philot^pfttf LfiffTt are u fm^'n^t'nL. 

Amid employiaoata ao rariedf with liisJth, and freedom from 
tiw oowaet- hardshipg of tifo, SehilWct feetingft mijfhfc b« 
aainMt, but oould aearooly b« nntuippy. His cnild ami ntaiabia 
rnvtnHti, anitod lo s\u'h goodniuti nf hran, and tuoh hoight 
of a600uplkahmcnt>«adettT«<l htm to aU cIuscs of Auclety in 


IdJiJuiJwm : Dolberf wm still bis warm fri^rii); Sabwia and 
Xoun b& QotaTCRiiHi vitli iUlly. Ilu irenivtM wm £btft ciil&rgiD|f 
(U «ioptT<et mid £ast wsquiiiiig more oompleto commiud of it ; 
ka mu lovfinl aiwl wimlrec^ rldi bi Ui^ enjoymi^nt uf pnHivnt 
activity anJ fATuc, «Dd ricbcT in tLo lio^ of wliat wufi ouiulug. 
Yet ill |>ri>port;oii u hid iMiiiti«4 mid bis prospocU oxpiuidod> 
h« b^fta to view hbi octuol altwttton witb l«s« And Uk£ coa- 
tADtment. Forasesson afl«T bis &rnr»l, it wiw natural thiit 
Mattuhctro aboold appear to hita us luiii dws to thv s^ijj»> 
vivc^td ]iumii«r, full of gladn^s aud beauty^ morely because 
ititi land. It wan o^^unlly natufnl thftt,«ft«ra tim^^tbita taonti^ 
nieiit tfbuull ahuto und paKit auAy; that liiit jilwv 4if rt^futi) 
should appear but &h otberr plac<a, only with lu dtfficultiee and 
diaoomlorta oggraTati'd by l\i«it i;oamos«. His rov<^nu^ wfia 
iflOOD«id«rabJe ii#T«, aud d^pt^nd^nt upon ncoiJ^nU for lU <iQn- 
tinuaiaoii; ■ «har9 in i^ irr-i^tin^ tL«^ iionCL^rUA of a ptovini:Ut 
theatre, » twk not without its irritittiona, was little adequate 
to MitUfy tho wiflh«« oE a mind lik<s hia. Sehilkr hmj^d for 
a wider aphcrc of action; th(» vorld tvoi; all before him; hd 
bmiiinti.'d ihaL lie hLuuld utitl be? lingi^Hnij <m tbi? mura uuU 
aklrtfi of it4i buftiueaa ; tlmt he ahoiiJd wjuit« fu muub time and 
effort m oontendiiig witb the irasoible vatLtty <>f pb4ycr», or 
vatobicg the ebb« and fb>wi^ rf pnbUir tiatc ; id ivsi-iting siiiaU 
f^iit\n.ntv^^ and rmltxin^ a >ina11 renull. Hh deleruau«d upon 
IvATinr Manrtbeini. If df^ihtte vi other hold«t hi§ prud^oo 
ini];{ht niW hiwc tout;bt bun to staothBr thiK unruit, thtt nevitN 
laJliag inmate of every huniitCL bn^att, and patir^ntly rijiiliiiue 
where Im wim: but, various rnwjutvi^a r«iaJ^iied to hliu, and 
Tariooa bope« invited tini from other qnart^ra. The produM 
of hu woHeh, or even tho exoreise of hi? proffliwioo, would 
inaure him a oompotenTO anywhere; the formi^r luul alrtsidj 
p^ued him distLnetJoii and good-will \a eivery port of Ocmiany. 
Tbit fir«t number of hU TAfUi'i hnd arrived nt tb« coart of 
H«aMD'IhmiuUd* wbilo iha Duke of SuehRen-Wetmar Hap 
pened to be tliere - th« jierdnal of the first «ctfl of Dtjn Caw* 
te bad intTDdnoed lh« mitboff bo that cnliffhtoned prin^ 
who oxpKMMd bia aatiafaotioii and nspv^t )i}' lntii«mittin; 
hint the tltl9 of Cnuni^llor- A leva apleudid but not iem 






truthful or ptMainc UaUxaoiti.iI bad lately rcJMihed luu Irotu 

uul «gtcciUiJo ftiATpriB^. Tb<;n Ciiioc tc itic> uut ai lA-ivagp 
from iiak)M>iArD liaada, icur |i&rwU, uid u iuadj loU«n, TriMn 
witli Uie< Iti^livftl i?iifJiucLwiti bvwanlt nid, and irvprfiowing vritli 
]h^i.u\t) ili-vutii^k' Tljry wcir nrooBpiukied bf four miitAtiife 
portfnittf, two of trhiab mv vf rtrj buootiful j^nLiif^ lAdua, and 
hy & pook«t'U>uk ii^wed iu l^o flii«i4 taate. Sucli a |irc<ciiit, 
Swm \n\}ithi uho oLti liuvff no iotereBt lu it, Uut u> let ma kaour 
Uul Uiojr wiikK uiu weU, &iil1 tliiiik me fur fiuuio cLeecfuJ liOun» 
i ptixo cxtreiuoliTi the Icudoat 4pp]«uc of tto woilU couJiI 

cmu dlvoi la doadiit^ Uia cliuuw vi hxa faturc fe«uieiice> Letp* 
xic btti iho more Hubatftntial ijharm of being R conlro of aotivi^ 
«kil eoQxiMioa of kU ai^rtiL, ibat of litcr^tiirv^ not oxcApted ; uul 
H oiMiGuu^ tfomi* iminT ir[T«Tti;ihl fniuiiLi of i^iiiller tJuui Oinu^ 
hii itDBceii ftdi&ir^rt. lie rcsoLvcU oa goiag UiiUier. lUi 
wUhot) Aud iuteiLibOM w mmntfly deteiiod to Huber, hb 
thiol inLinifth* at Leipiig, in & letter irrittflQ ibonly b^fora 
liin miK>i'^, Wff UaiuUtff it for the bitite it giTc^ iii of Sohil- 
liu-'« tiutos vi4 hjtbibt ftt UuU pcrkxi of bi* lustory. 

''TIuBt ChL-Uf &« frobab^y ib« to*t letter I aliall v-ri^e to you 
from MauiUuuui. 11j« Umo Crow Ue iUleeuUi ijf Uardi )i4A 
lniE9ii]>oji mj hAad^t like ft trial for liC^iood, tbuik Hiwtii! 

I liJK tiour tnn wbcla daya UBuiur you, Aud oov, imj piod 
frinnd, nnjoii hnve ntn^ly couv^ntud t^j Udt<< my HUtireomfi* 
dmoe iipou yoiu Bhouldera* idlow uiu tlu! plija&un} of W'^^oy 
jo^i inio thri Mitorior of ny doBti:«tio vubeu. 

*-lnDiy npw<8labU»tMiitiitat LeipciiTtl porpoM toftroidon^ 
fliniTt «LHTfa liAi [lUf^tK'd mt? b ({f™t. iIimI horr in Tklftanlieuii. 

II is Uutt; Nil j<wger tu couluot my owu lioineAwepbiE, ant 
*l8D oo 1oaQi>r to iiv« nJoiw. Tbo foriMt i» noC by luiy manne 
« bnnnim I osoel i)i- !t mnti mr 1i>4i tA pxwDtr n whdfl Don- 
■pmoy, itt fina acU, ibu^ to ?«lUp my ilc>:nci*'ii^ jinwi^uieiit* 
ids n wcolc ; aad poetry^ you yoiutelf know, b but 4 diOgooM 




usbtlont in eil«iiIatbrLS of eoonomj. My mind is drawa dif- 
fcxcnt wayn ; T foU hsfidlijng uiit tif lu/ iJoil world, if n. holed 
atcckiog remind me of the real wortU. 

'■Ad to th« oCh»r point, i require for my ^irivatd b&ppLnaas 
to luLvn JL tniiT wAitn frirnd that vfanlil 1hi t^vcr at my lijuid, 
like my better uagcl; W vrbom I could comniLmicatc my atuh 
eaal id«^ iu tbv vury ftt^t of cuuoctivong tUtm, not nocdm^ to 
ti^nsmit th^m, AS &l present, by kitt&ra or loug vUita, N&y, 
wbtfn tills friend of mine liv..»H b**ytjnd tbe four ixjnitirs of nay 
IkOtuc. tbe tritling circnmsC^ice, thjit in order to reach him I 
Burnt OEoc* the tftroet, dret^ myself* luid ao forth, will of itoDlf 
dettroy the enJo^iDO&t of the luom^ut, ^Lud th6 train of my 

"Obiorv^ you, ay g.ood fcUow, these ore x<ttf mnttor* ; but 
pet^ mftttoi* often b«:ir thv tfifi^htLeet remit in thr-* mcuuige- 
meut at life. I kuow myself better tkiu perhaps a thonKond 
mothers' auuB luiow tUeinselves ; I uuderHUiiU how much, ^d 
frequently how litllo, 1 require to be oomplot>2ly happy. The 
t^Q^tioQ tberefote u : Cbo I get this vrish of my heart ful^lled 
in Leipzig T 

"If it were poeiible tli&l I could muke a lodgment with 
yOQ| Ikll my caree on that hca<l vould bo romovmi I aui no 
bfid neighbor, a« perhaf^^ yon im^giTinj I hnra pli^uicy etiuugh 
to »utL my«4ilf to nnotlii^r, and liere ;iml Llu*rti witbitl 4 wrtain 
kojkck, &d Yorii^ enyn, at hfilping to mitke Uim merrier tuid 
better bailing thiu, if you uoold ^ad me aiiy pereou that 
wonld oudertake my uil&U economy, everything wouhl still bo 

"I want notbiQir but a bedroom, whiob miglit aldo bo my 
vorklag room { utid auotln^r cb;imb4dr for ivooiviu^ VLBita» The 
boiu&^jear neoesaary for me are a good oheat of drawers, a 
dcab a bed and aofo, a uLle, aud a few obalra. With then 
oonrenicncea> my occcouiodatioD woro anfllcicntly provided 

■■loaimotlire ou the gnmnd -floor, nor oloie l^ tbe ridge- 
tfle; alfto mj viudowa pu^itWc^ly must not look into tbo 
ditttohyEud. 1 love men. ooU therefore iiko their buatleu 
If I ea^tnot KO airtnge it tbat we (mewing Um gnmO^U 




f*v IL 

«^mat ^ ilutll lUfQa tiigvUi^r, I vooU «ii(af» «t tlie fu^n 

^dU£« of Uw 

tlMB QOt wiUbOUt 

J Evr I Imd mibtr 
pftny, l4r^, or #]»<* |iiirtkular)f food 

*'I mnUi all Uun to j^on, bj dMngt frit-tiil, ba forevftrn 
jou of nj ^llj bitcA ; ami, at all «T»itK thui I najr put it 
ia JMU- pover to take sonta pKpantory «tep», in o&o pUoe w 
anot^or, for my «ifCtlwiutiL Mj^ ditmani^ii u«, in tntth, coo- 
fDUadtnilj iialvi;, tiut jour gotxiocas luu ai-oiluil lut. 

" Thfi ^t part of tbc ThiUU taMBt akcttlj be la your pcth 
sauiou i the dvoDi of Cnr^ will 9K now be piioiiwiEioe<i Vot 
I wiU U^H it frcini yau or&ll}\ lliul W4» tivvi not hr#rn rc^ 
^Militodt who knows but wo migltt luvc btxxUDc o os oocMtoiu 
of UuB ^tiry C*ir-U4 ? " 

8ohlU*r w«iit a«cor«littg:l/ to Loipsig x tbottfth whHber Ilnbor 
JicaiviNl hlui, or Il0 found bia Kuoibk iieonsarici riMwIieiv, 
va hava not Icanicd. JU amvc4 in tlw cod cif Morfih, li^ 
ftflcr dichtaoQ laootlM' tcaidcn^c at Uonaheuu- TiM rocoptioii 
Ita m«i with, tU annucmcnU, oaonpaticui^ aiid proNpaeta ia 
ddocribed iu ft kUt^r to Ujv KajnumrrvUi Sohwatui, a book* 
wltf^r at Maiiubcita, alluded to aborck Excr|ji Dalbarg; 
Bohwana had U^n bis 4arJiiHt friood ( ho w m>v eadearod 
Co hitn by cobi«qnriit famitiantyp n^c of lottMv siod vriba^ 
but fif duly iuli^riMura ; and wbu-t wiu mon^ tfinn nil, br Uiff 
oircumntoaoe tJu£ £aHr« van hU daogbtcr. The letter, it wiU 
b» fi^«fir W!U writtan viU a weishtier objeot tliaa tbo plouuro 
of di>Mriblng Lvipiig : it U dat«d ;Uth April, ITdSL 

* Yoo havr au iodubitabln ngltt to bo ADp7 at ujr Jong 
silciicc \ jct I know yoar goodaesa loo irtU to bo in dooibl 
that yojo will jvudoB ao. 

"Wlieu % maiv nrtskilM as I am La the IxJVj vorld, Tkhi 
Loipcif for tbp liiat tiuo, diu-iui; tlw TUft It ia, if aoi cx^ 
OuaaU«T at l«aat iotaUiRiblr, Uut anions tlw luuLtituie of 
>kmis« tliingi rtmniiig tbrougli liii haad, bo aboukl for a faw 
d^a Umo reoolUf^tioci of hiauelf. Saoh, my dromt fr^ad* 
ka* till lo-(Uy be«a JMarif nj caM ; aod nws ouw I harr to 
bom many avocabotia tbo pl«a«in^ awnoDtt wbicb, in 
idea* I in*aa to ipoud vHtli ro^ la ^lauaboiia. 

« Tf^ft ihi Nhir i>w< awn ii iwlwn f^HralMlj 




"Our Jouf&e/ hither, ol -nhiKh liar ^riKi will gJTft yon ft 
eirciUinetaQUkl doioriptioa, wan the aiobi diamaJ you can yoU 
inuigioif ; Brjgr Atiow ami E^in w^^ the tlir«e vicked foe« Uiitc 
bj Iniiw juajulal ua ; ;Lml tliaiif^li vn iixitfl An tu^ElttinnaHf piiir 
of h>r668 all Uif3 vAy from VficK yet our txavclliuff^ wliich 
a&oald bftT9 ondtfd on Friday, was spun out till buriUuy. It ii 
nnlvenally mcunbuiK^d tliiit th^ Fair b^ visibly sulTere^ bj 
Ihe nLockiag atut« of tlie roeids; at nil cfoDtSp even id tny oyes, 
tie crowd of sollon and buyua la fai leneaih the d^9Cii[^ 
UoQ I used to get of it in tbe KmpirtK 

*'In 0\^ vprj first wpok f>f my resiJenoe here, 1 made itma- 
mcTaUilc licvf acf^oniutanccs ^ lunoDg whom, Wcrisfro, Oeaert 
Uillor, Zollikcl'or, ^'rutcaaur Huber, JUQgcr, tbo fouiooa tiotor 
HcLidttef lb ttv m^rahants' familiei of the plaee, and som« Ber- 
lin people, are the motit iDtercsdng, During Fftir-Ume, as you 
kuow well, a pcrtob cannot get the /uU cnjoymoot of any 
ouo i DUX DttcDtion to tho indiTidual is dissipated in the noiej 

''My tnoit pltifu-tjint miirvutinn hitherto tiu h^an to Tudt 
Biohler'* ooffee-huuHe, wlcre I (^cBlaiitly fiud haU the world 
of Loipiiflf aeaombledT and extend my aoquaiutauoo with for* 
rign^Tt and iiativo». 

"Frumrariou* tpiftrt^T* I hav« hoi) aomft Alhintig inrita- 
tioofl to Berlin and Drcndfm ; which it wilL be difficult for 
oae to withBtacd. It is t^uito a i>oouliar oa«o, my frieud^ to 
ha^ a litorarj naine. The few men of woMh ami lYinsidFra- 
tion who offer you thdr Intuoacy on that noorv, ui;d whcMo 
TORTud i> Tcally worth cov^tin^, nro too dii»aeT<>cably ooimtet- 
««igbed by tho b:d4Tful swarm of cr«utureB who keep htuo^ 
ming round you, like so ruatiy flesh-flieB; gape at yon as If 
yon were a iu[JiisUi% and oondnoMHi nuveoverr on tho ;!trciigth 
of one OT tvfo blotted shovts, b> present thcmoelTts Ad eol- 
loa|^««. Mnoy p60]^to oacnot uuilbritand how a man ihnt 
wrote th» Hobbm bhould luok like aiuiUiL'T ^on of Adiua. 
CHoM-Cul hair, at tbo very leMt. and pobtUionV booU, and a 
ho&tor'a whip, wcm nipf^tod. 

'^Kany families are in the haUtt hrrtt of nfMndtng the sum' 
mer in fuute of tho adjaceul villago** aul eo oajoytn; tho 



Wawt a 

pjaBAttrM t>f tbA oountry. I fii«ui to |uua a tttw rconUtf in 
Ooklltt, whHi Uoi onlj- ji quAjtvr of a league fnira Lripoi^ 
with A rrrj- pWauit walk kuliuK to it. tbrtm^^h the Uoaen- 
Uubl. lit t4 I purpoae being wi^ diligoutf working at Otr/M 
ttwl tht; Tkaiia; that qo, wMfrh prir1]n|M will plrujw jon iqom 
tiiau uiythiug, I maj ^^uaUy mxA Bikntlj rctiun (o mj 
OkediflHl profcanoau I long Impttieiktly for that citoeh of mj 
lif<V vb4iii niy protpeota toAj be bMIIhI end livtetiaiued, vb<eii 
1 m^ loUow my tUtltiig piirsLiti« mer«ly £or mj own ploaaim, 
At Qne time I stmlicd BedjciDtt wn rniu^/v ; could I not du it 
aow with Btill K>'catcp luwarffiM V 

"Thin, lay best frieud, Eaight of SlUftU ooti»iiif« you of Ui« 
Inttli and finiiuea!! of cuy piir^ttf ; b<tL wbiit nfiuiild ufTrr you 
Ibe luoat ccui|rkt?- sr^urity ovi tbnt pcMut, wLat luu^t bcukUli 
tUyoiar dcubU about my Bte^fajbtnfwi> i bure yei kept i«Ot«t 
^Wer wrrv^I murt ipHjik it i^tit, DiuCo&ce alonii giv*« nt 
•oVBgr tit exiir«»> Lbo wikk uf mj liisirL FB«qu«iitly lutinigl^ 
when 1 used t4> liuv*^ the hApptiie^s of bf in^ near yciUi hu tbie 
eoafeM&Ott hovgrpd oq my loDgue^ but my oo»>>deiiiri' always 
ionook m*', wbrm 1 trinl to nitar iL Hy but frimd F Your 
gDOilfiKOf your offeotioTk* your geiinruaity of lieut, have no* 
Qoung^I mc m u Iiopo whkb I tmu jtialify by nothing but the 
fiieruivbip and rt^Apect y<fj )^ve olwaye ehown nic- >ly it^^ 
ttaeoaeuakin^ acc«e8 lo ynnr bniiui nfTord^d mo tbe «ppi>rtiin> 
itj of iDttmate Boqnaiataaco witb your mDiaUe dMigbteij 
mhI Um frtiik, kitrd tmitniecit witb which both you uul «bo 
boaoied m*i, t«i3ipted my htMX to entertain Uie bold vUh of 
beeomin^ yonr oon. My proe|>et?U bava hitherto been *\im ukd 
ticoB i Uiey oov befia to alt-^r in my fai^>r. T will «trivc witb 
norc cofttifiuoue rigor wbca the goel m cloAr; do jou decide 
vhoibet I nn reaeU i^ whta tbe deaioet vUh of my beazi 

''Tel tvTo Abort yco»^ mid imy whole fortuike will bo deter- 
taincd. I fr«] hk>w mmh I nek, bow boldJy, And with how 
little rigbt I wk It, A yunr i» pnit »niN? thia tbouglift iuok 
puaM*ui(i]t Lif my Huul; but uiy t^aUtem for ycni mid your t?x> 
eeUeikl daticbt^r wne tJX) hij;b to ^low tooiu for a ^uJi, iriiicb 
at tbM tMM I eottld foo&d hi tw vubd teit. 1 made it % duty 




with ujMlf to rmt yow: hMi«o Um Ereqneuitj, wntj to di«i 
fttle Hutili fceHngs I7 AtMonco^ but thU pooi- Mtili«9 did acpt 
ATikii me. 

'- 'iiiv l>uko oi W«ijn*t «u ihtt first penon U> vboia I di»- 
eIot«a m^Mlf. Hit antieipaitiig giXKlii«M, and tiw declaration 
that hv luuk AO ititMTKt in my tiftppbiMs, tivluMd A6 to ooo- 
fMft Uuit Uiis hftppancM depeadn^ ovi & union with yo\tt imlAv 
dMfhter; au<l hv cxiiroaaut] hi« rfbtisLictioii at jnj oLoiue, 1 
Iwr* rvatfuii to liop« that Im wUI do mom, »boul^l it como to 
tb« point of corophrtiiig my ha,ppm««i bj thin unioti. 

^i tiaii add nothing firtber : I kuuw ^rell tbnt bundnpdii 
of lAbetB iiiigtit ftlTnrd y\yav d^kUffhtrr n more spktutid fftt« 
tb&u I at tliK* tn[:i«noQt cuji promiHC ht<r; but Urnt nay othar 
A«avf E^3D be iLore wurthj of Uer, I v^uttire to d«?uy. Ymir 
dodiJOD, vbich I look for vtth Lmpfttiencv acid fearful ex- 
pocbLtEouT will det«ricLiae vtwUwr 1 XM^ vtmtmr^ to write is 
pofsou to joup daughter FOT9 you well, fowrw IcTod b|7 — 


CoMMmia^ thia propoaal. we haw no farther information 
to cOTumuuicnlfi i r-icoi*t that tlw pjirtin did imt marrj, and 
did not cc^»** bfljtif; frii'wU Thut ScUiitiT obbiiueri lXub prr- 
jDiiHKin Lo vi>iu^iuilei wibli reiitMbiiuy, appears irou> oU»er 
«MUn>ek Three yeaie alt^rvaic^^ ir wfitinK to the «aao 
parvoai bo alladea «inpli!itittally tci liix nX'h^xt dntit^htttr; aand 
what tA nkor« onunooa, /tpoh^irrt for IkU lil^tTini u> linr. 
dc^lei'K AJUiatiirm at tbia pr^nud wo-i aucTi oa tu pnrcladv 
tbe idea of prceent murriogt:; p«rh£^p»» in the proapeot of it, 
Lotira nod ho coiDi:t)eiwed oorre«pondiDg ; and before tbo 
wtshetl^for cbanf^e of fonvriB had arrtvcd, both of thetm 
aittfictcd to otivrr objects, had lost od« anctbc^ in the roi> 
Wx of life* nud eeaeed to ri^^^urd th<iii Hading ona another aa 

MiUl«r*a m4>dfeDl [irojfvfif tike many wbleb b? forroed. nere) 
came to any tiaue. In laoments of onxio^r nmid tbr flaota 
atioD» cf Ui« lott t^« Ujo\]jcht i>t Uus profee«ioa fioated througt 
Ilia miod, aa of a dUlaat KU^RKhoUl, to which, iu linw of neod, 



pAm IL 

ht mifbt rctiic. But litentute won ioo ititiniELU3j' iDtcrwoirm 
with hi0 diapoaitlotiB ikii4 bii habits to be ^rluiulj- luterfeE«d 
witli i U WAA nnlj at liH^^f iut^r^'^U iViui tUi» jilHaanw of 
p«ir«uiijje it 'fxclnaivol/ aeemeil ovei -balanced hy ita inoonvMi* 
luoocs, llu accdod ft more certain mootno tbftii poetry oould 
yieLfl hlDi ; but be viAhud to dcrix^ tt from toioa |mrftnle ]tm 
ttlkn to bi8 <]&Tling atudy> Mddieuie be never practised after 
IcAviog Stuttcnrd. 

In the tntsaa Einief wbatowr bo ciigbt nfUrwirds r«eolT« 
he det«tfxnlQed to eompktv bin CarUt, tli<> half of wlticli, 
» OQUbidc^ ruble lime LiL^rcirr* Wl luttly hoexi raativa^ 
^ ^tintlot of critkuoi in tJie Thatla.^ With tbia lot b}« 
ohivf occupation, GobUn or Loipclg for hU roudvnoOi and a 
circle uf chttwn fnuuli for bis entertainiumt,, ScbUlar^ day* 
weat bttppily aloug. Hbi Lied an dtA FttrntU (doaij to Jo/), 
occ of hie moflt iipiritcd and bo&utiful Lyiiool productiona, 
was ocmi^ticd b«r« : it 1>9<ip«iaLh .1 mind Impotuoua vvoci 
in ila glttduatti^ aad over3i)win|{ with wurm anil tmTEWit 

Btit tlie loTe of cbjmge ta grounded on the ditTeroncfi b«> 
twteo antii^ipation and reality, and dwells with man till cbo 
aps when liiLliit bocomiT» ^ron^cer tban de^ir*^, or antii'iiiatiou 
ocaaaa bo be Lopo. 8ebillrr did oct find that bia cstahliili* 
moot at Leipaigj tbcvgU picotfiuit wbit« it loBt^dt vronld real* 
i» hi« iilipricr rlew^i: hft jiF»Med to some of bU '*it]]urliig 
innUlii^iis/' and went to l>re»^dim ir tho ?nc1 of ^umiver. 
Dmden contained many porsoa« who admired binir loon) 
who admired hifl faiae, and a few who Iov«d biniKeir. Atnong 
the Utt4>r, th<« App'^llAtiorLAi'atli K->riV'r denervHs etifieeELid men- 
t«OQ'* Bohiller found a tj^ic frirud lii Kdnier, aitd uftdo his 
boiBM* a boane. H^ parted hi» time between Drendcn aad 
luAKrbwitaiv near \t, wher^ that gf ntlemau r«id«Hl 7 H wti 
bcrp thai /W fi'irWiw, tiir prlutui); of which waa t&eanwhtltt 

1 tn^M-lV ntbK tiAnh (uH iiot *<»> jbdicJoua HQtnn» ui It nuir be noB 




^rMMdtng ftt I^ipii^ rec^Toil its compktJQii uid Ja^t ora^ 
>«otMA3.^ It wtA fubliiLed in 1786. 

The H&^ry ^f IJoa Cculo« :;(wtn!f poculiju-lj adaptod fcr drn- 

bj hw talUeTf oi wLicli lia^^il/ ouf Europvui Annals furnifb 
but ftaotW exuuplc, is avooc^ tlie most UskIcaI tLot cau bo 
figsrcdi Um di^noUr of that yootli, Uk intermixture of 
Ugotr^ uid Jealousy, uid kirit, with Uic otlior ctroag yafgifmr^ 
which t)rou[*lit ou liis Cut^ lUTont u c4nubdQutti>n of i>ln&n^ 
•twjoee, afTet:4iug iu thejusejvea, vid w«U calculated far Lh^ 
to*!* of dMply Inteifl0l3fif^ 6ctioiL At^cordlnftly iIkij h&re not 
bnoi Dt^ctnd : Cfl3<lci« tu&j oftctt bci-^n the thcmo of po«ta; 
putlmlarlj' %iatvi tbr. timt? wIifu IiIh liutUiry, rooonlfld \vy ths 
AbU St lUkl, w» exix^etfd iu nuoro brUlkut cokra to tJi« in* 
ipartiip of rr^Tj writer, and aliittwt of trvury render. 

The Abbd Bt. R^l wss 3k dextermin iird«t In that faAlf-jUidC 
■puTM of rompnttmoti, the hisUirifi tidvrl : iu th« (roiir»» nf bu 

' Id 'ol. X, of iKo \^oftWi oJfitoD o| ScTJllvr rnn Kune Imflfrona Tctnai 
diWHf hU aula titein^ In lb* w»f f-f droUaij, b««rliif » ilile nfuiialnii to 
thiij " To tb> Hieht ItoQ^itthl* the DdbH of XThHivti^ tlic mmt liuinbla 
tUmorUJ of ft ^wiit»^ In^e I'oft, lU UUcbvit*;'* <if vhr«h X>>u£ag 

p^tfd. liv GAwliPJk. iii T'Cltnlp. tho poot, pruMAd fur tha mniniinJ^r. fnlt liliu' 
MF flM]|[Hl CfP inar S*h1i>rt frriin nit nxrnfidon whifth Ibv Hutiinr ftunllj trtm 
makiof^ £■ m Ah uUftun tlaf, irahiduly, th« lAd^-ot Hw houia, ttunluDg 

Madow, Kii pn-fncrH thcw llfitM," IW p€<mi l» uf iha kind vhlult cuuioc b« 
teMirtifil ; lilt &»( lhrp'< ffUiufV nn- w r<'t!«wi ; -> 

Sft Htelf rUUvB ULibf 

"Ifib am danb -Hi Gollrrla 

Mil ■ctaDBUoi Scurlit. i<:]iiuKbd 


MiOBanifl^vvliauir^i Tidoniil 

WiwhOr'|r<ti - *hi*i- ii*wB aiHiia^ 


FA» Up 

opvistfoDi, ba Ughud oft these iDOiiteoU; and, bj aiUn^ up 
accoH1ri(c t€ hit fani^y, what liistoriArkH hoA only sketchid ta 
bim> bj ajuplifyuig, tcautifyiUG;, »upprCMingj and arnutgi&f, 
ho vurkc^ tlw vhctla into a elrikm^ iiulo uarrutivc^ diftib- 
guiftbt^d hy alk the symmetry, the sparkling grxices, tbe vigorw 
outt Jmiu-ipLiou^ and k«ett tWisbt. which cltjuoctfiru^ Uia oUier 
vritiiics- This FTcncb Sollitst, as hh oouEttijmi-n b^ro [uuited 
luiD, hfl# beoa of iUq to miuy tlrxmatuti. Hut CmyvrouM 
offntrt Vfniifi rumkhtHl Otvay ivlih tiiB outline of Uiit but 
iragody ; Kpiaaitt kv lOGre Uuui once u^jjeutvi3 ujmju Iho 
•U^i ftnd i>cni CoWb* haa bcm drunatixcd ijj olmcr&t »I1 Ui6 
iKQguagM of £QNp«- Botidua Otway*! CaWiu, «a timous at 

wtitUiu; luucil of ihein nr^ ^aihvivi} tu tUcif fiaal rest; 110100 
ut) faat gotn^ thithor \ two b^d fair to Ifldt for agMi Sebillflr 
tod AlSeri bavo both ^wn tticir plot ft«)m 8t. Etol; tba 
fomif^r hvi RXpanJ«[| utd wldnd \ tlui Ijittot has oompreased 
ft&d abbrcTiatfML 

SclulUr'a Cur^ i& the ^t ot hia pUya tbi^t htoLn the ntomp 
of anything lilco fiilt mfttority. Tba opportunities be had 
ttijqycd for rxl4^Dditij^ hU knoirlcd^ of men and ihin^ tha 
wdolMia pmctioe of the nrt of oooQpoiition, tbg atudy of purer 
mod^ lud not hvtn without t^nr Full eflcot. lucrcaoo of 
y«DiK bad doue ftomcihuifj for bin; diligoiMW bad doao mvboli 
mora. The itliuUieut^e of yootU U now cbjiatcond into tba 
itAadfaM f^ttfy of manhood ; th« wild «aUiLiflia^t, tlai aiiuni«d 
at tbo <*tTori of the world, hu now bocomo the «iiligbto&ed 
mondUt, tiuit l&menu thnir ijiruFtuiityt or mdvarom lo find out 
tbnir tvuit*dy- A currc^ixiiidiiig iiltrri^iiiciu hi visible in tbd 
«xt(rTi^ fonit of tlic work, tb tte plot ai^d dictloD* The plot 
ii contrived vitb grant inganuity, embodying tba raault of 
mutdi studj, 1)otb dmimiiio ajii) hi»toriaiJ. Th«i liutgna^ la 
blank ven^e, tiut pi^o, u In the foinuei workn; it in moro 
Cftraful and r<*jful&r, \^*s ambitious iu iuobjoct^ botinore eer- 
taiD of attatnitif it ^^htllor*!! minrt had now reached ita full 
alatura : hi» f«ll and Ibougbt inqm juiLly ; lin coii^d Itrnj^r 
OKpnatt «kal k« felt axid thouf^bt 

Tbm B«Tit wa notmd ia ^toea^ tba fidetity with which tba 




9vtncvt a^tum i» bronfhc Wfon us, Is obiertxfat^ to % ttOl 
frtftt^r liogrwiii Don ConiM. ThcScaBUli oun iii the toul 
of th« tiiteeuth «eiitury t its rigid, oolii fommliUM; ita cneJ, 

uid 11^ili[\ it« bicod. L^e l^pmmu ai tUiix- uC ita j^uud Mill it» Uul 
quabtiM, to tU) bb coaaplt x intcn^eta, avc u&hibJLeU witli woo* 
(lerJiil diatinotiie^tH tiiul addro». Nov U it ;il th« bUi-l^M or 
tkc oncmni uKJtvtueitl^ alom; that wc look ; vc zc^ tM&ght tliG> 
iMchviniu of their duxrtkotetat sla wril ui nliown it ij) lujtioD. 
The vtotiy-heultid tKrttpot inmstU tauert harr. bcro nu object 
«f pocctur study to ikko tiuthor. Natn^v ui liib uiulL'nUiirbiiGi 
dead itt Ui-s iiITiHTntiiix, :unu hia birth thn 1r>rd of Kmope, Pbilip 
)u4 crxiaUU liU Lu daja OrboTc nbcu, not aiuo&s Ihcm. LockMi 
«p vtlluo liumoU, 9. atnaigcr tci evi'Tj ^Qurooa and kisdlf 
•JBOtion, his glooiuAT *pirtt hoi La^l uv «iuplr>yuieut but to 
«tft;iigilicu or iiicnauo its own elnvatiuu, no pleunuiu tiui u> 
(niify its own »cU'^ilI, Sufietetition, iuniKiuiziitif with tiLe» 
iiativa tvDiivticuKif hua Adicd to tboir forcoi bat ftctuvvly W 
tbcdr J^t^Eu3iM<«ta : It luoidji tticju a fiorC ^^f wcrodiiMfl m Uii 
«iwu ifjroH, aijil cveu & tort uf hurrint diifulty m uiirs. PIkilip 
ifl ExA witbont a c«a1am ^itiiAuvcja, Un: iEru&L^ut'«a ul' utiUiuit^d 
•jcMMtLl ixtiTi^r, unit of a will ratoatUMi ID Lt* «iJC(4t«e, ffiiuW 
hy pTUKrijilisij fjiw, but ixiLBisbent and ovultetatle. Tlip nit'iiv 
o/ Jiib QKibtiiniLi! in lut^g^in]. fitcni ui4 deauklc ^ but ib io all 
hU ovu,uid htr ui^'tud fitli-d £or it. Wc Iiftt*? him and fcAr 
biin^ Uit \he poot Ijae Uk^a cam to »bcur« Jiiiu Trt/m coo- 

Tbc oontiAnt Ujtli of hia £BUici*a fuflajAd aud cliai«cler azt 
tlioa« of Culoa, low ttitnaitou of A moro &Jfoc(i&g kind am 
W iJflBagiBtd, cImu tho eUuMkn of thU youngn ^onoroibs und 
ill-Mad piriiiff», Fn»m Uiyhmul hh Jinul hod bet-u U-iit un 
tBinlity thia£»; he hod looked ii()od tbo royAi gr*[id<jur Uut 
ftWftitodiiiB luiUurur yLHirtf.anly >* Uio ino&os of naLuiug thuM 
pniJ4H!tii fur tb(- guud of mtn, wliioh liiA beiwAoeiit. noul vma 
ever bunied vtlk li'ut intlmt'a dvipuaiiiorA, uad lb« l^juipur 
#f tJjd OOUftt which Auiiiiittr'd no d^v^Iopirjtut of Auoh id<B% 
(ftd pvoB th« chftrm uf couu^idwoDt to his fotiLiij^^; hm Ufo 
JmmI facBU itt lU'tm^'Octi Mkd «H9 ftU9 tto mom ftltoclKd to hiiEL 



TAta IL 

tiiat (feaervEiig to be ^luritius s.Ui\ hnjipy. lie had but Mperrted 
to W 4jUu)r. Bri|[hb dayt, iu>vr«vrr, Accroed approaching; 
9h,ui out frDEn tho ooaunuaLon of tbo Albu and DomitifcoB, 
among whom h« Uved a stTangerp t)i« oomuiutiiou i>i' lui^Uiat 
anil far dt*arer object vfafl to be franLed liliu ; BliulK*LU*H luw 
ieemad to iunk« bim indepond«ttt even oF tlic fnturOi wbkb 
it poiab^EJ with ctiU vichtr>T Imoa, But in a mclaoist she ifl 
taken frocii him by tlie rnuvK terrible <it uJl vlHit.-Ltlcinfl ; bit 
bndo bpoomoa ]m luolber ; ^m] the atroko that dvpHrca him 
of hk>r, while it niinH him forevfrr, i» niero dead];* because 
it oaoDOt be i?c»mplai&ed uf vitbi>iit nierilegej and cannot b» 
nltnrvd by t]|p |Miwiir of Tixic Itw-lf, C&rtoH. u-h th« ijont rrpr^ 
aente hiiiip calls fonb our tcndrmsit Ajicpathicn. Ilia wyvl 
seems onoc to bAVc bcca rich and glorioiUf Ukc tbu garden 
of Udcn \ but th(T drm^rt-wiiid bai paufid ov«r it^ und jtmitb^ 
U with perpetual blight. IX^apoir has ove»huduwed ail tbo 
fair TintDnx »f bin youth; ar if he boprv, it i* but iltn giram 
of delinajn, irhioh !<omrtliitig stetneT than crrn dufy cztin- 
gtsiabes in the cold d^kaf^as cf death, Uis vnergy surtrivoa 
but to rent itself in. wild gneta of reckless paasio^ or aimlcM 
indignation. Tbsre is a touching poignancy in his ezpreerioQ 
of the bitter mclancholj that opprcMos bim, in tho ^edneea 
of niaei7 tvith whioh be IooIlb upon tho Faded dreams of 
former years, or the fierce ebtiUitions and dreary panaoa 
of rcfiulutiuu, which now prompts him to rvLiirve wh^l htfi 
baa lost, now wliVrs into powotJeitsucM, aa nature and reason 
tall him that it cauaot, must not ba retricrod. 

EUxafcelb, no Ins moring and attraetive, i* alio di>p1ot»d 
witb masterly ddll. If she returua the passion of her amiable 
and onofi betrothed loTOTr ^e bnit Knees nt tho Fnot; for so 
horrible a thought has never onne boun whiJtjwrad to her own 
grsitle and spollcaa mUuL Tt^l her bnart blvi^dtt fur Carloai 
and we ^ce that did not the meet saicred feelings of bumaai^ 
forbid beTi there is no aaorifico she wotild not innke to rfi«toee 
tab peace of mind. By ber KUtbing Influerm^ iJie sUiviM to 
oiim the Bt&rony of bU ninrit ; by her mild wtnuiiig e]uqii«itQa 
abe wonld perenade him that lor Don Carlnn oeher objwli 
»iiat remain, when bJi boffH oE |»«aaEta) fetloitj have baitt 




ovt offt iho vould ohaiLge his lo^n for hor into love fcr the 
mUliuDs of bumim bvnngtt vhatc il^t^tinj depends <iu hia, A 
iae«k r«0talr yet willi tUo prudonw) of ii fpivcn, mid tbe cnuriLf^-e 
of a laftteOD, witL eTory ^raeeful and generous qaaJJty of 
wc>iiiAuhi>i>d hxrmonioualy hlendeiJ ia h«f i;utiirct ^ko iivcB 
jti a Ht'imf lUiii Is fnrrijpi to lipr^ ilte happli:**3 sha should 
liavQ liad is beaiUv bcr, the tniArry nhn mast ^iirlura is ai-ouiu] 
h&r\ yot she utters no rv^ret, girc* waj to no coiDplAint, hul 
seeks to dmvr ftom duty itself a compciiftaliou for Iho cruirtLoffl 
evil which duly ku iiiiirlA'd. SU^iy tragic niiw-rift are more 
impo«:ig tmd m^jtstic tUau tbb Kliiabcth cf Schillorj but 
tho» is none who nik*e o»«r ua with u sway no noft and fcmj- 
nin^ noue vhcm we fc^l do much di^pos^d to love 3<a well u 

Tl« virtues or Eliisaboth are hctshtotiod bj comparison with 
lh6 priDOiplsfl aikd actioas of her atteadout, the L^uio^Ka EbolL 
Th6 character of Eboli Je fuU of pomp and profession ; iujl^- 
n&uuuily &ud drvut,«ilite!is) are ou her li>ii(jue^ bum« «ljuih>w 
of them evoD BoiLte ia hor iiaaginatioD ; but Ihey are not rooted 
ia htt hcuK; prido, selfialmessf unlawful pnssicn unt th« only 
innuitM thftrn. Her Infly Ixxistin^p of g^-nerosity nre stxm for- 
gotten wticn the AucceoH of Lcr attachmf-nt to Carlos l>«com«A 
hoptjl«M i this fervor of a scllush love once extit^gniihAd in k«f 
bosom, ahe rogards The obj«ot of ft wUh uone but t'utgar fetil- 
in^ Virtnn tm longer adordiuK with EnLereal, tAiv evaHei 
to h« virtuaun; from a, reji'cti^d midtrcj^^ tho tmnsitioQ to 
& jealous epy U with heT natnnU luid cn«y. Yot wo do not 
hat* th9 Princr^ssr ihero ia A HL'duL-tivi> wannlh Aiid prime 
ahctut h4?r ctuiwliT, wlii>^h iuuked u» Iftuient h^r rioea ifvther 
than oondcmn ihcm. The ]M>et haa drawn h«r at ouce faioe 
and fair. 

lu d«Uneatl^g Eboti and Phlltpr SohlUeT se^irn mt if stnig- 
^tiug a^-aiii«t ilii< eurreiU of his ttattini; onr fr^Ungs townrda 
tiom aro hardly so ocvcto 9^ ho inUndedj thoir words and 
liaods, at Icoat thos>e of the lattor, i^^ viclcod stud rvpnlsivs 
enough; hut w^ 8tit1 hnve a kind of liiUftLt pmuiution th<vt 
thcyiiMtt&t bett«r thau they spoke or octoi With thn ilnr- 
quia of Vo»^ ha bad a tnora gtolal task. This Vosa, we can 

:a>i ' 

fk^lUiXKU JLT t>ECS1>t:X. 


atvl<?jat lore oC ueOt whi«h fomiti hin fuliog povitin. w Ilk*. 
«£i» ibe otKMlniit frarlini; of k» author ; liw gUnrinj; rlnqamiiw 
witb irliicL bo adTocabs the c^uuc of trutL, and josttor, utd 
iMtAHaity, WM lucL fttt tkJiillor Uio m>iiJd hare umpkrvcd m 
•ISklUr c4i^unitfUA0ttc. Il aooue reBj>eou, Posa is Um diief 
Aaiwtet vf Cbe pi^m; thiTnr i» a jjfffHiiui)ii4-ut uuigDificeikiw ui 
biM cbjortt ftod i& tbc fiKu3tie« nttA foclicifif iritK vliicb be M- 
t»w« H. Of m ipleDdid i&t«JI«ot, «id ft darikB devotod h«src, 
faie |KMP<er» are all combined upon & ringl^ i^irpose Evpii bta 
£netidiU|» fuj GirloAv (^txijided oa tbr likovon of Uicir muid** 
onrl fuUtful M ii ia, ytX acaatA to mcirf^ ia Uib pnmiuoimt caio- 
ticii, seal for tiM uiuvwmI inSerMU of mAu. Aijni;i^ vltball 
falft ffitr^ of thcnglit AZ]i] Lto1i(>)v Ui a(1vftiLi>>> the tLtpiMaeat and 
bftM rgclfU of hia fellow -crraturct ; |>ur£uiug tUu nestle ^lo 
vitfa ttw skill A&d dii:&itF vhiah it dcscnr^, hi« mind ie al 
onoA iisvonriftd, canwiit and >ur«itn. Tfo u aaotfarr Cnrlofi^ but 
auniewli44 oldv^r, moiv e^pf-rirouud. iuh) nr^^'r :*ri»Ql in tiop^ 
\m$ love. TJMte tA a c&lni atKngtli ui Poi^ wUifii do acei* 
4oBt «f Connne can ahakfi. WlMClkeT cbemug the foriora 
Cnloi iattt now aedvitj; wkotlwr tjfting tjp hit voi?» hi ti>e 
•er of tjmtnts and iviulaibRni, or tnkinf It-vro of Eifit anid 
Ikij ra^t tmcxccnted oc^wjoe^ tlierc is tlie moe tedale mimi 
aiott^ tiie Bunw fearlrae Mnpoearor wli«n tiie bt&I b^lot 
MOdm bbn, be dl(*B udtlt the cmioernfl of othen, txA his cnni^ 
itfioD bU li{DL Ifn h a rrfonnPT, thit (crf^tH>ii of r^orv* 
an ; nut a rerolutioaiit, but a pmdmt tliouirb drtcrmiiiDd im- 
piOTVr. Ula v9iLbu»ia>m doo* Dot bunt fcnb m rulmoi^, bat 
k mafjijr aad viili^toBed «iieigj; lu« eloqueaoe U not nvre 
aoFing lo tibe bftut tbia bk I0II7 pbHuBu^x is cDOTiucia^ to 
tbe bead. There in a majcttic TMtoee* of tbou^ht m bia pre- 
«»pta, vrbleh EeaMDmcuA* tbem to tbe mind indrfwadontly T>f 
ihe beatit; of their ilrcaa. Fvtf (ttiiaaf^ of |iui-t.rv :uv muro 
mk£^tirna% tLajo bia laat me««&^ to Oarlco, tbroo^li tbe 
Qneea, The ctvtaincy of dratli ^eemB to ewToand bie epirtt 
with a kind of martyr ifloirj ; bn b kindbxt into truttport, and 
fpflci witli A Doiaomiduih' I^wt- Tbe (uith^tv wiiidcun of 
1^ UdCi " XcU biiD, tkal wbe«i be ie a laauf be m»c n^vcreMt 



tbft ilmms cl Itis jontb,^ lui oflm bera ulmiNd : tfaat «•&• 

Th« inttirviow with Philrp ie not Iam ox(^olli>ut. TL«r(^ i» 
dOKK'tlimg 80 Btriklo^r mtlL«idcaof confTottttng tli« ool^ cUitaiy 
trrftnt with " th« <inly man ui all litH 9iUt»L that docjt not iirrd 
him i" of nkismg tli« voiM of tnw^ maiihooii for oaoo withiu 
the gloomy vhaiub^'irs of thraMoic :ittd pi-i<LRtofaft, tliat w^ con 
ft^rgiv^ th^ fitrf'Vh of pcwaii! lici^Tnin hy whi?h it ie efF^Kt^ 
rhitip and Pova &m aatipodca ia idl irsprxts- Philip thtiiks 
hU new instructor i«*'a Protostiuit ^ ^^ a charge whi^^h Potia 
nbiata mth oftlm digoiiyt bu object not beiii^ BepbnttRin ^Lod 
oomvution, hiit imion imd pvaAcfnt gnulniil 1mjjrrivpm<>nt. 
Toan occina to undtrsbuid the chnractrr of Philip better j not 
attempting to a^-»kon iu bia at^rU* ht-art any f<^cli»g for real 
glory, or the iQterF>9tK c^f hi« fellov-men, be atUi'^ks bis »el£8b< 
ness AEjd prido, repre^pnta to him the iiitrloaio Didumeea and 
miaery of a throng bowcrrcr dcck^ witli adTeiititiooa poiup, 
if bailt 001 aorvitodc, and isoLat<Hl from tho si^m^atbice and 
iut«r«st3i of otbom. 

Wo traiiHbite thi! rntim Hwrw*; tbonifb not by anj mn*riH 
tlio b«t, it U iuiioug iLt fitl<^'»t fur cxti^iction of any m th§ 
pieoe. P06ft bSS ho^n s^nt for by thn Kinfc, and ift waiting in 
a ohainbeF of tbp paliu^n i^ Icnow whiit Ih requlrt'i! of him; 
thp King ftiititn^ uiiiwn-wivwl by Poaa, wbose aLttnticn U di- 
rooted to a picture oa th« wall : — 

TuE KiKfi ami M-MtQtTiB nR PnSA. 

[The htter. on iioGicmif f^ K*»^* odcanoa ictctrda Ajim. AttrJ 
htHU- Ihn fiMK, ivwf tpfltt/ without any »^fnj>A?ni q/«m-f>arraM- 

KlVO lJrv>^af ^tiT) viiArai^firte]. 
Wn hav« mot bcforo, thco V 

Mail No. 

Kaso, V^tf ^ ^ 

8otB» •Drrifl*: -rnhfrt^r* h^v* yoa ibaua'd tny Uiukir 
Our mfOKfTT u bcolcv^ Vl cf««d« of noivn ; 




Omaivdeitl i* mint boL lie In llc«^<ii 

Ynu ohould huTr flight my k^oto ; wlif itf^l fnanolt 

UUL T is fcarwily jrM two dftjri, yoar Ujqnljt 
Sifir« 1 r^tiimiid in Spain. 

Rj>0> I lun uol UM>d 

Tn bn in; ■nrvaiLQi' dnhuir; nuk of mo 
Sonko &vor. 

Mail 1 ea^oj Ibe l&utt, 

KtMO. Tbftt riffal 

Th* vnry mnnUmr Uw. 

Matl And how rmph tOOfO 

Thn hnoHt rtdB'u I — 8!ti^ 1 in «micni. 

Kimi (ovKfrj. Muoh »tf-ni0pMl indofd, Aui loftj dufa^l 
Bni thla wiu to tw louktd fur : I winild hn** 

Hliiiulil (iv«r1l>iw rhnu rmt In* full, — J lidJir 
Yvu l'<n my Mr^ii.-4f Mftn|iii«- 

MaU. Making vAf 

Fur moD mora irorthjri I viittdrsw. 

Ki>Q. TUwroagt 

Wtiii:i spirits SQoh u fouf* pUy triiujt, 
Hf BtAto aiui BUtfer. T^ju niimw. pt^tdapv, 
Hnnif^ ]H«t iLDwoTtJiy -^f jmar niMilii 
Mitftil lio «0?r'd 54111 f 

Mail No, SliTO* I ojtiin'il iIlkiM 

Dut iiiM ft ]adK«arft «kQAil. And cx^icritau^ 
In ihc fpfiB of mon, )i4> »l ft gUao« dUMirnT'd 
WbcrcUi I mifiht do Kim oornoOi wherria imW 
I fwl vitb btioiliii) f^raxltad* tb« lB*»r, 

Willi vkjclj yuiir UftjtfMj 1« IduliQc VO 

Bj ltir>L]ghU Mt lirfty ; ful I un — [J7e JtOpiL 

Har, 8ira, »i iho monunt I ftin trmta/ |>nipftiM 
T« epttfth, in phnuee t^ n SpAnbli valjectt 
WTiAl fci « i^lllrun ti th' wnrld INw itimi^bL 
Troih ». In (HU-tiuic fnin the Cfirt ^>fi-vrr, 
f haTd irpolf illvhjuiTA! frrm «ll runwaMy 
Of troublinji it wlih fa4#(mf ftyr mj itl<wnr^. 

Kaa. Aiv jottf pvu^ni bnd, tfioo t Van you ooi Hik 

U hit. Mj liK u*1 y^iXlf^ 




*T m mit mjvrL' tint Truth thnt I rDitnngor, 
Should tht Kiuf; nfuBu in« u full b«fkr1ug, 
Yourbii^ir tir rjinlJ»in|il 1 fiiii vrnulrl thna; 
B<it f>rci«il Vt 9}ioo«4i bot#<^Tj Lhi^m, I had nlth«r 
fttom ui jmii A iiuui dMvrvlikif piinUhTiicni 

KiMi {vnih a tmk n/ erptctatitmi^ Wnllt 

] i-^Jumut bu. [ J^r /Cin^ ilwib of /inn if7ifA lUlonubni^iC- 

I will Oitl chvM tfiy riiirobLtul; 
If you ilci^ri Ui ^H iiii^ »« fiiijT Mrr;'&[k% 
Ti'U ri(t<xtT jtiu winh, nay fk^tXonv ouly ; 
Ton vfirh laj Jimi in figlil. my ihou^hi lo crinn«ri j 
NolbiDf; moec yoia «iil itMCT?t of: tmi Tnj iu?(kfQ% 

Ttio 4>bjfSTt of tny witini^' Now Utr ia» 
S%ht mniJijGl hjv» h ^Jilur* cif lt« <iirn : 

I VGvAA myjwLf iKVHtnrA ; jtrttl «nTiMi'W>iiH Jiry, 
Aad froo «ol«ctioa, out tlu) f<Tc« uf iluty, 
SlioulJ Jmjwl ma In vt thnit ynyxr M»y*itj 
Be^^oiiv* itf CoaJd joq suffer ocw ^lAior* 
Id jvjut ou^ cn-atitkn T Or <v>T]kl [ 
ConMot witb pAtioQOu to 1h>o»iiio x\\« ctUuil, 
Whfiii I bnpad iij b« Ulu Rtaliuu-y t 
I love mt^kiad ; ftcd in n monorahy^ 
Myviir ti aEI thni I out Iovh. 

ICis7ii, Thin tn 

1(1 Inriilnlrtn. Y"U U'ipiJiI Ji> i^v^hI to (jtlifm) 
liiw y<xi dii il, jiAtrUtU. true inon thmk 
Of link- iiiiJLtiiNil, iu h br liui tluue. 
Seek f»r j^undf tho officv Lu tjiy kiugihoitf 
T^iai iril] giiT yuu OAijn U> j^raliij 

TlLW uobU Mftl- 

Mab- There Eh no; ancS nn »lBc«. 

UaK' Whnt 1}ir kio^ ileum fai ipmHl abroad 

Thrmigli 1fa«M v«k liAmil, i« it lh# ncvd of mnn 1 
That Kocd whU'li m j mtf'^iUii'd k-vc wonbl wiik ibem t 
Palik uiAjftfiy would tflUD^Lo to Mi<^1d h * 
Nif I Pubcj bAa fitflliU'Drf) ID tiOT CVUrU 

AouUifiv 9an cif human g^^td ^ a hJit 



WliNi}> 4^ t» rkt cwuglj to gWi» awnj, 

Avmkttnlog wilk ii in th* hearla nT (a«n 

HXew eninii£«k iimIi ad tf can t^iafy. 

Tmli iba kfi»p« mining \tt hw mlnHf fliarih IrMh 

As ^iv rau UilvrvM : mA itrfwj Ah 

£xpA|>t b<v owa »bo faNftln «cii coxa ^waj. 

But li ttu? TCriTal boonty wide «tioii|j^ 

F^r KM ti> with nixl worli in f Mmki (hi* foVA 

1 bMir ruir lir^itbrr |»ImIpc« ilKilf Ui ho 

Mv lkn>Llj4<i • jiuli<r f CuTi I rail IiIiti ^Hfrpy 

Whoa li^ iinttt: uvt (klak f S^rP. c^ixjm shcuo Mbnr 

Tit dlBfioau xho j{ood vhloh you IkJivo tiHoipttd tor VM. 

I f^nrwit ht*. 

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VaR- \^tfltr*aint rejUttkyn]. 
ftn« yoiir emrd ii &!■> tnlnvL {Af^ '^ jviUM 

I «jn muuiHlf<n1vod : "l ift m E fMrei. 

Tou K« me draw U&« vtiJ frrtia im^jfvljrr 

An'l vli'vr lu m jnnrlMi with mutjulf^jti »iy» j 

Hov *IuiijU fi^u IiiL'-'V if 1 H f(«rd n* htAy 

Wliftl T fto i»Df* ^pgli^l M (CTTllJt't 

Dftogeroqa I im^, T^t hcarnig thoqgbu too lii|[b : 

My Klni^, 1 i»ik Ttot dvn^vnua t rnj- wb)i«« 

Lk bijrird hi^rt' [I,aymfi hi* Kawni an At* frrotul 

Tb* ]hriiT Jiml pitrbUrul ni^ 
Of intiiwiiti'iii^ tbnt b«l iVKHiriiu^ 
Thn «n*kffhi n' th' hjitiTt whinfi II Miinni bnttlr, 
"VVkU bcvcr bent tPty Uood. Ttio AT[iiafr 
Admit* iHit my idM0 : t \iv» n fit^wcn 
Of IbgM tli4i HTV Uf »*imo, Sire, am b picnn 
Brekk ^nr »hlT Yuur brrjLtli itlil^tontf* it, 
KlXO No (Hb^ knnwi jdq barW eucL idusf 

Km fnM«t tfaOtf o /ew jtCrpf, <ft«n «fo|P0 oppnniU ^\e JUor- 
4«i^ — Jt^fb]. Kmr«T iiwn, ttitiJtiilMlI 

A Itkl 'rflSr (>|»|><ttil«> t WK^ Dotf 
Ttie ■nngii lA cift Um ]««k j. — If w b* 

J1W nwi 



Hi* It your priaeipfo, v^y Im U iimaI 

I irin i^iiTifrvBi ; ill* onnm dull bATc a MniiQC 

Now ID £pUD| — ft l^fnl ! 

Uax. Sirr, I Ke 

Hovr vrrr pivobIj joa 4i>aovj^^ t>f mtm ; 
Ut^t in Um huigMMitf ^tbo frtuk true tfuHt 

YdB tiod but JkOOtJWF dfleiriK Ut^tMt 

Of * rituri? puicUi'iJ via ^Of^r : I v«u aho 
Ihfftij «o0 what «iuM ttLu> T ii eimd t 
T in iiicu liijti fom jruii lu it ; tbcj LbmuclTeB 
UavvcMt «*3y tbtflrown (lLl^JttJr 

TEii^crixli^'* luii< cnitt^h') Vf ihU iIc'i:th(Iii1 imfliir^ 

Tbcir pofcrtf voems ufity; tcHIj W><c -hill 
Tlw)' imMmenl tholf rfuin*, lunl r^E It vlrtfifi 
To vmir iboiJi willj bu Her vf 0m- *T wa* iIlub 
YoQ ffluiu! Uii^ *urbl; thiu frrnn jmor myal fuhv 
Cftinc it ti» ygit : hant in iJiJi distartoil, 
Ui^ilitod im^^Q o-ubl fou boDor buoi t 
KiMu. Si>u» initb Ui(?rc a b thki 

Tl«i is takiiw insft IShd tbo Cntttor. 
And rh^n^inf Ijim taU>^«vr tumdiwcr*, 
And KCLi];ff UjL> jDUwlf W be the ^;Dd 
Of thla nev-moaliM crrtttans jrc ^Itimlil li«if« 
Ponr^iv^n oij" n4t>iiii*J ; yoi] jimrwlf 
R>(iiHlTml 1 rnvi. n vor^ i^lU of Ad«m 1 
Yrni AP* *iill « ■iiflcmig, hja»fp9^ morlal, 
You («ll tar ■finpnUi^, and tv a kuI 
W««aD but, Mi^ntifWi And pmft ■<>■! tnvibUt 
O irnvrlHT KxoHiuiiftr I uublentM pitiicruuv ! 
When Jon hikfb Aouk f<jijr bnxSiCn L« Lv pUy'd 
A* h&r|j.*ihii|^ vtuj nill juiu ju bvTUduy 

Mail r'>r jMUg honwuTi thui m tfaaiiiKtfUai ) 

*Ti>i t\i" (THiv }viu jmy W Ihjldr iig«d. 

Aud Tfi^ttL^k wiTD U tf j^iKi ftuk*! in ibJil 

ir ft^r thi- ib*iAUti4 gcwl nf iiiiUiirii*, 

Ytm \h* UAi>lHt^<r iliuuU k^u~^ uuiibiug I 

J( Ui» iifflp l««i"U" r*u b*v^ bUf lu*^ 15 16 Vol 9 



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AhA Vtll M Tcr? ihot n^nm wlii?Ii ojuli oxolt 
Tonnrlf ! — Sin*, pnrdoa mi.\ I uw<t nnl nuij ; 
Tfit inj\l1>^r make* nw nxh : iny hnvt i» hill, 
T'H» AT.ivitiK ihfl rthHrm at k^ihln^ nn ihp oM 
Of livin^f iiiTu ki vrbon> 1 mL^UL unftiM iu 

[Hw? fiwnr <U Ijvma mteTM. and tehinpers a fm wor^ to 
Uu Kittg. The lattrf bxk(m.i to him k^ toiihtirait, and 

RiNU ^to the Mor^w, tt/Ut Lfrmtt i* gone]. 

Mas. [qftef fi pau^]. I fool, 8ipc, all Oiowoith — 

T' had tomoiKJDfi morv La t^y^ 

Mau. K<h luiJif >»)«% 9\i% 

8it n\ni\y rich mvi llniirUhiDK t'njviur-i-« ; 

All hcii\tmt pflrtjtli^I ^ Add IhJ* pDn[>lfT's Ftthvl 
TW, ihoQKhi I, lamt bo 4]\^aD : i» tliiakiDiEi 
] flluLiiliIrd oil u hvM[i nf tiuintia boun». 

[He pftHSfs; hi^ tyf^r r49t on th« Kin^y uAc mdtOHrt t» 
tfiurn hiA ffUmrr^ hut tailh an mV nf nkbtwrmtwtmi i$ 
fi/reed to took ttjt^m tkt ground. 
Ttii uv ill i1j|i ritflil. yipu mmi ypx-nei] »\i. 
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FCU inf tt^ili K iih FidilflrinB sUinlratirin, 
Ht; Ihkl ihi? riocim wt^llMnK Lo Itt Mood 

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Th« JUvutU (if lJi« Wfjrid ! SuraDCT a^M 

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lU^ P«M* ofm oiKirc^r«Ai ! And rn Lupv ta «Dd 




Wtuu y<ni hvn «aUv*d od t B(»pa V> wilhaUfid 

The timfnal «liNag» of dritfradom ; in vtrt|i 

Th9 iiiilv<irtnj Spring lbM«hidl uukv j<mne 

Tho amnuoiJumt o* ih' Bwth f Yim iiLiqxMi. eingle 

lo All Eiuopt^ aloDOt to flixw TAUTMlf 

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Tbi* rugiti%-«i and rich t)y f<jroi^ aklW, 

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It* flfxny iuut vHb pclf-hilUfltM) WHimda. 

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Will riiit KurvivK ibv il|jjrit uf ilit rotcnHl^ 

It YriW l« i& tnto thftt y(Mi b&vo labor'd | 

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AoH to plbtu of Ruin n»iiii.K-r-itnl 

A litgh Pitiil royiJ lifotLiiH'. M»n i' vrt^nl^ir 

Thrtn jaii th'^Dcbl^ 'I ho btctdafio of litur dumber 

III* wiM Vii'ali H li'up Mcrad rbchld hr irill rnlAita* 

Wktb N'nro uTtfl llticim wUI ha mnk 

ThtT uamo of FhUip. tatd — ihn* ctwtm mo. fcr 

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Tw. by III' Ali-M^Kird I y*«, 1 rcpoat ii, 
BmImw ^ IV vhit yiiu bti» Uik«« frc^m lU- 
Or-i^rriJti* u nljixig. I«t bnuutn bAppiomi 
8lT*«io fmttk yMT borv <if pbynlih lol Wknlx riTtOD 

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(fff opffl-oodka ftui b»J^/v. J^"4 Oh him^rw AW ^JAi^ih^ 
Ob, wubl Lltt cloqucitte W *U tb« luiiiuof, 




Who fwirtJdpftt* hj fhu fffWfti moMeot, 
ffi'Vi^r nn riif Up, anil ni\H* iai<> n nanitt 
Thai fll'^&Dn ihM hioijlci id jcmi ^jOiT 
Glw' tip ilii» iaUc idoUrtrj of tclf, 
WUoh nuibcQ jtrnr hmOtm noihiii^ ! Bo to OB 
A ptttleni uT Uw E^'«^butiu^ uj<E lltij 'IV^e t 
Vvr^tf P9^w, did a uiorud huld >n much, 
To tiMi It *c> J&viui^lji Atl tilt) kicign 
Of Europe r«icn-Q04 tlLL> uaejid of ii^tiiuii : 
Qo DD iu trout L'f nil ttif kiu^ of Kumpe! 
Ob« inovviiUitil of yniir ikh, auit iifw^t^rtAUd 
Is llw Ejirth^ ^»j Iml, 1^1 llicr« 1h^ frooilitm 1 

ttjigular poibawMrt? Yrt^rid?— I— 

Mar, UviIi niUQil mml viav I^ihI** Inrd); uotrotwi 
Oil l^n^liiu k b &»miiJoil. ftiid hiTvr ritfli 
Jb it with Fnudom ! Uo, the ffrral Ci^alor, 
lUd giT^u the \cj7- wonn it* sdvYaI dcwdrup } 
Ev'ii h% iW monUlfirlng vpwM lY !>«»;, 
Dn IP4TT« Frw-will ihv tilruuft* of a choiM, 
Tfilfl vorki of f/cun/ hriw iiami^c Hful lioxv poorl 
Tli<^ mnUlnjf vf a bW Atariria llir U>nl 
Of ThnjiIrTiiioEn^ Ynq i)Uak« nt trrry virtriaj 
Dc, nirt ifl mar iI^p gloiiiju* fonn of FHwdom, 
BiTdrfi xUm ihp hidwiii* hfV» of EtA 
Sh'iuU ni(j riol fn hi« fFkJr CrratliTDt 
111(11 ih'' riialKT W4h ftiohnM iifit : irAlna 
Ur ici.Jn Uipjurlf Id ■A'rrljiPlibic lukin. 
Whirh luifl nnl Ihni the uvpik ufiiijf otAUlmi, 
"WbortforeaUodf ITic WWW it«d/ b U*i" 
AdiI nvviT illik a f'}iri«ibn'« uduntino 
Bu findu bbb a* thk areptieS K1iisphf«iTir> 

KvM. And toch ■ mnUil jnn vnnld imflt-rtftk*^ 
On Earth, in izir driuiuii* Ia IrnlUU t 

Hjiti' Vim, jitii ran t irfan oIm f To lb* |MKj^tD% ff^ 
D#v<tt^ ihe klo^lT ficiri^r, irhici] ftkf too looj^ 
Rm fttmjqckd ftv iht pnuimna vfthe Ihroofc 
BoMorc lh« loll ficJalUj nJmm^ 
Ottem nuim nrnhn iif Uicr i.(ib)iiri whnt lii^ ffna, 
TLo poipoi* cf Um Cfwn; kt b^ Ui l>jul him, 


OOX CAHl/)!i 


UlA rittn. And W^Q. ffiVKl httCk Vi fiflf'l|l*|WniIfiO0fl^ 

Hod jLHnJtcD* to th« fcolfaig oT ti« v^rtb. 
And fn^tfUom's proud nod htij nnwa 1ilmDm« 

hi ih* Ettitlii U iiuy^ lii<rviuv< f uur dulj 

Klxr* [after a ItMjf ^v*c], 
J biLVv Lv«nl ywi Ur au «Dd' 
Kot oa iu comuiuti bc«aUt the wulld b fBlUlid 
In iliut lin4 <>f yuur> ^ sur «U I iiwt« groa 
Bj tlio 0(JiiiEimti «t4[iilAtil' I HUi Uhi GnL 
Th wbodi jour hourl Fmt hM-a iJiMoloMElt 

I kui>4 ihir. Air Wll-VM it, Fj] iW Mikt' 
Of «ncb forhcnmnoe; ^ jour haxinq lio|4 

Up 4u Uiift pnNVOt iiKjintfuE, ]b,r tfa« ttakif 
Of iKnt n>8»Tvi^, T^uxitf rijvk I will f>ircTrt 

Ariw> TliV lirxilli'iLit yuuiL 1 will ^:l liitlilv 
Isol w till •civcriMipi, bui ay hii cucdar, 
1 irilL because J wiU- Sii ! Imuo ItwU, 
I find, in g«<iVTOU« aumtM in*j Ihuh-hia 

Btfwxrv my Im^nuuton ! Ic woM gnr^o mo 

If JfFi] — 

Till tbi* hour 1 iji<vi-r «nw. Ko, Bf«rf]T]to I 
Nd F Ychi dci mo vrcKi^. Tai ycm T will ti^it 

ShnT CKft 1« fLl^ghti-4 >iy ini-r yntj yijrijwlf 
SKaQ bo p^itniltt^d V> rrtiiwu u ihah 
Bftiifin niA- 

MaR. [qtttekli/]. And injr fi>llivr-i>i]b)ivt*, SlfOl 
Oh, not for nw, tiM tR^ fftTtiA wn* 1 (ilMdiuy. 
And jiiur mbjoot*, ftircT 

How poiMfity irilJ jiLf1«,-<i nfmi-: ytroiMit 
ShftU iracb )i tow 1 trf«li)l uum » pdoo 

Aj 1 ha4 fiJULui oii^ 




Th« »ji>At jiisL <pf 1ili4:f, At tW •unr imtiKrt 

Rff Q4U rhn iitont uiijiiiii \ Tn your FUndtffi 
Am iiuukf iLoaiaadji v^nhirr iKkh ]. 
Tubiil jftniTwJf, — *haH I /■.iTifoMit, filmt — 
Thut aa(li<r Ihb mdJ iorai (Lm Lrulj «o« 
Whjit ffttfidiim Id. 

Kino IwilA «o/lEn«£J canMtJtM^}. 

Vouug ouLo, ni> luoiv of tlilfc 
Fnr diflcrumlf «ill ^uu tliiuk i-f icvii, 
Whr^L] Jill] hav(t »iiii]i hem! f^r.iitlif^J ihcm lu I hftvvh 
Y*l *»ur fir»l inri'Uu*; loiifll inl tw our Ual; 
H«m- *linll I uj to m»ki> jciu miuv f 

Mail Siro, Ut cw 

CnntJttiiit M T nm Wlmi gimrl wiTi< il 
To jrofl, if 1 libo *tbcirs wn- o^^rnifjtoJ T 

Ki>(}> Thi« ]irii]>i f will tiiii iiuir>>r. Fnnn lUa movcntt 

t will tiavv itmt. . . . 

Xlod the ckkTBctor of Toaa 1x;cn dr&wti ttn ycnrs labor, ib 
ironld huto been imputuit, u all thuif,-tt lu-e. Lt> tlie "t'»>QO^ 
B«7olatioiL ; " knd Schiller himaelf |>erhij>3 might hjiv» bvan 
called a Jacobm. llappilj, as mailers ^UinJ, thtrru 14 i^tjia 
for DO such imputotioiip It in pkAaing Uj beheld in i'o«a tUo 
dciibunitc cxprouioti of a great aad good xnan's aci^timuiita on 

libvnd lde^»of liui Liffv* 111 d fi>[m Waulittcil by Ulauwu^eclua, 
vi4 luUi^ir a« iba otbor producU,^ 

C0aaoot4jd iviUi tbo suponor exoelUBM of PoeOt orittoe b^Ttt 
ranurked » dr^m^no orror, vbich Uw uitbcr hJmself w«i tlkS 
fint td acknott1u3g« und acroiint for, Thn mngnitiidv of PoM 
thfov« Carlua lAto tho tkidc ^ the hnro of tho Jint tWrc Mto 
is no bng^r tbo boro of tbe ctlier two. Tlio couw of ttita^ wts 
Am utfoTniL<d, wikc that Sohtll^r kept the work too loog upon 
his OWD luuidd: 

" La composing tho piece," ho ob«orvofl, " atany inbcrruptioDS 

lUa FflM to lh« (i>vnT nt x bgiAhuum ~ .iigh, tar4biAUig. — ompij l ** (Ar«li 

nu im 


ooouired ; so that & coiulderftbk timo elapsed botvoco boins- 
nlQg and ooncludbig it ? snd, in the n^an while^ nincli within 
niysolf liFu) ch^zi^^. Tlici v^riotis alteratloiia wldcl]. iluriii^ 
iliis pnrioii, my way of thinking iui<l Ecclisg nn'icrwciijt, nat- 
uruUj Ivid upon tlio work 1 wa» «ugn^d with. What pikrta 
of il had at ^1-st ntrraoted n^, b^g&n to produce thi« c^fftfct in 
& vrcakor d^^xuo. Aiid> i» the «&d> scarcely at all Kew idv-aa, 
jtpri&ginK i]|i in tho interim, displaced the former ones; Cailofl 
binxjelf hiul loitt my favor, perbapv fur no other nuiju^ii than 
lie4^atifle I had hecoin« his sfiaior ; ^ad, from the oppottite ci»ia«, 
PoAa had ocGLpied hia place. ThkiA I ccmmem^ed the foiulh 
oncl lifth nctn with quite cui aJtorod heart Hut thn linit thiro 
w«r« okoidj in tbc hau<li of the lAibHo; the plap of th* whole 
(xnilt] not uow Lib rFfformcsl ; iiolhiiig th^refurr rt^iiiaiimd but 
Co Bapptets the piece entirely, or to tit the aooond half to the 
fir«t the best way I conld.'' 

Thi; unperfeDtioQ. alluded to is ooa of which the general 
mrulrrr will niuki- ao gn*at aL<i:mint ; thn iteni>nd half ik flttntl fty 
the first with iiddteM enough for hift purpose*. Intent not 
upon applyioK the dromatio gauge, but ^n biding iricved otid 
nxnttf'd, wf^ may ptrtifie tbe tragedy without notiHn^ that n^ny 
hiirh defect cxLhI?! iti it. Th<^ pity and Uiw wl< arr lirst taught 
to foel for Caflos abide with \is to thr lont; and though Posa 
riiu in importance as the piece proceeds, our admLratiou of Jiia 
trunaoendent Tinner do^ tiot eb^miet the gentler fueling? with 
whieh WD louk u[iun thr (aix- o! hit friend. A cprt^iii confusion 
and dovdiof lo^ther of cvcnt^^, ikbout tha end of the play^ i^ 
tbe only fault in itji phin that tttnkva u& with any foroe, Kv^u 
tills la loorEuty prominf^nt eiiou^jh to be ofTeuaivia. 

An EntrmHii* Luid ivei^bUer defect is the wont of ewe and 
lijclitneaa in the general oompoaition of tbc jAqco\ a defect 
whieb all it* othnr oaeollenctes wit] nmt provcnt ui from ob. 
»Tring. Tiieri! !.< fu±\an r^noiigh iii t!»H plol* eiitfr^,'y enough 
in the dialo|{Ui-. mid abmidaaus of indiTidual b^aLitie» ht both; 
but ther^ ii throu^ioul a o^rtutn ut of ftiffnonn nnd clfurt, 
whirh ahittra^ from thu thtfatHe^l iUuNien- Tho huigii:if^\ hi 
Ijenentl imprwwivi? and itui.|niifici9ut» 'n now aud then inOatod 
into bonibool. The oharactcrB do net, as it were, verify their 



rt-mr a 

Immdui nature bj xkwr xhaximad littli? viui'iics sn*\ imrasloa 
UtniAi Tbkli dUtinpiuh the gtDiua «dM-&tuillx dnuiulic from 
tlio |C«aiii4 iiicKlj poeUuul; tiw ProiL*iiM ol %h* itu^ fmm the 
pIxilociupliK' oliservcT&nl iminM imitator of life We hftra not 
llujuu EMmlua^ (clii^itUfBk tlivAv varj La|[& from Liiib Co \ov, UiAt 
^ ot Unnf; frccdotn whiah t^lulispcAro Lu nci^iutcmici) ut, 
iilt^ epoiloU ohildn^, to look for m eTory pftrfoct wotk of thii 
speciu. Schiller i^ too elevut^ toa re^liir unJ siisLimed b 
Ilia L-kvttti^ri, to b« atu>^ptlle^ imtural- 

Atatvly tiiM«iv«iittu about the itnioturc of it : thi^ locidcfutu xrv 
grand »iid arrroting.liiecbunicteri fMinRtiul, vividly i^ouftiTod, 
Mad iiDprc^ivcIj if ool completely LkiLii«al«ii Of wit and it9 
kiiL4f<Ml $Tfi«o0 8cfaiikr kji« but fl iJondor ■km: dot nmom^ 
groat povtJt b he imich c1iittiri|;mfthRH fcir drf rh or tinemtfKi of 
pftUioiL But wkxt ^ivi--i Iilm u (jIuti; of lux nvn, Aiul the loftl* 
dt o! iti kiud, b ilio r»tik«aB ami ioteuAC rtp^r of his mui<l ^ 
Uie spl4<i»dor of bta th4>LtghU and imagery, atid tJM bold rehe- 
ineTia^ of bin pandon for tbn tnin and tbp anbllnii, Qlld^r &11 
tiini farioua foriTii- Ht^ iIoth not thrill, but li« i*XAlt8 iu. His 
fsniiis 14 impetuous* ^xubcraot* nrnjeatLc ; and ■ heavenly fins 
glcODU tbroogk all bift er^ntiono. Hi- trikusportr ne into a 
ll6tt«^and hT£*ber ttmlA thui our rvi^ ; evvrythii^- luound itf 
bnatbea of forc<; aad iolomu beauLy. Tbfl looki o( hia bcroea 
may bv morv ataid Uuin thoao cf men, tb« BWVfin«iil« cf tliasr 
■nitidi amy b<- slour^r ami mort GulimUtcd ; biit vt yt«ld to the 
putency of tXiv'tt vadovtmvnlitj and thr lorrlinnt* of the sooie 
wbicb the>7 animate. Xba cnciaautcientaof tbo port un? ■troog 
tnioufih to Bilvim onr soflptiOMiii ; va forbear to itiqmre tf hrtbcr 
it i« tiiie or falMt. 

The iM-Iebiity vt Alfipri gmermlly invitm thn roiultr of /)tm 
Carlof to oQoipart it irith Fiititp^ Both vritcn tir^ tb« iu»c 
tnbjeot; boib bomw thoir maUrmJa from tbe mtac sonroc* tlw 
twuirW/j AfrtArr^u« Of St- l^^l : bnt it b iiupotfibto that tvo 
|»virrfui iniikdn cnidd hiive handled one f^Ten idea In noro 
divene naimcjs. Their oxcolle»0)r« an, in faot, toofipositc, 
thst thoy K^it>3vly eoiii« id vovipetitioit. Ailirn'it play i* ^hon, 
tiM charaei^rt are few. Ho deooribat no «e«n« : hii fm- 




VOOfl^ are n-ot the King of 14paia anil hta courtierB^ bui uiervljr 
mnii; tli«ir plao? of action t« not Uic EtcaviriELL or Madrid, but 
a I'itctuit, objcctlcvm [ilatforiQ aii^ivlt^re in Hpa<w^ In xW tbU, 
S«liill«r Uoxs a miuiifcat adT&nta||:o. He psuEiLtt m^uiunn and 
Opinions, Le »<Tta before nv a. strtkbif: poffcanl, which intfiesto 
11^ oi ibmlf, and yiv** a ii*»w iutftr^t tc whitdver is oombined 
with it Tlio iiriiicjiiltta of Ihu uiLiquK. or p<^rhnp!< mthpr of 
tbft Fmnoli cimmft, upon which Alfirri workiTcl, iii?rmittril no 
such ilelitivatjun. In the stjk tb«ro is tLu itamo dirt^raitjr. 
A mrsre siiu{J)i]ity uuifonnly mnrkft Alflerl'n stjrU; in bis 
whole tt^cdy tli«re ta uut a auii^le ligurrt, A httM nrnphatla 
breritj u oil that distin^iflbes hh lau^uji^ from tluit of pioso. 
Schiller, w« bar? nflen^ abountia witJi noble metuphorriT aud all 
tho w&rm 9XcJUDg eloquence of poetry^ It U only ii; catpruai- 
ing thn ohaiuoter of riiiltp tbat Alll^ri has a cWr superiority. 
Without iha Jiid of sapentittoD, which hia fiTol, •spocialiy in 
tbd oatastropho, frmployu to Esuch »dviintA^ Alficri haa cx- 
htbitfid in hiK FiUppo ft piotare of un^qualli^J power. Ob. 
SGority im jnatly »aid to be esbeulial to terror aud nublimity ; 
ind Sohilior bu enreebled the effoot of hia Tyrant, by lettiuit 
ui behold the inoat fi^cret rec^^^vt^s of hu spirit t wn nndcrttond 
bim better, but ve fear hiici lesi. Alfl^ri doen not show ua 
tho intera^ combination of Ftlippo h it i» from ita workinjcs 
aloiui that wo judge of bis nature. KyatoryT and the shaiuw 
of horrid onwlty, browl over hi 9 Filippot it in nnly a trariHitvit 
word or wrt Ihat i:ivcs ua here aiifl tbcrc a glinip:ic of hiB iiffirc^ 
implacab]o» trf^mcndrnn soul; a short luid dui>icjuH ^Itmiii'-r 
ihdt r^vfnlft to us tlie ab}'a3ea of bis being, dark, \\xr\<i. and 
t«rrlAo, "M the ihroatof the trifernal Pool." Alfien's Filipj>o 
ia periapt the mo»t wichcd man that huican imaffiuation haa 

Alfiefi and Sehiller w&re again tuiconitcioua oompotitora in 
the hiatory of Uary Sluartv But tha wirrku befon* us give a 
trncr specimen of their compantive njerita. ScbiUcr sociaa 
to have th^ ^r«at-^r gcnin^ ^ AlfioH the mora eoinmiindiug 
eharnetn*, Alfipri't f^-ruHtiiAss roita on thn stem eoiif^^rlmfHion 
of tler> pasfitun, under th« dominion of an adainaiitinn will: 
thU wna his own make of mind i and he repreeenta it, witb 



itaO^K in themMltoft devoid of diaira, but i& tbcir ociton 
teribu^ 4a a piupluitic »ciolL ScZiillvr'i mond forc« ia oom- 

Thp mind of tJie ouir in likt- Uuf uwftu, Uj&uiiful m iU *tiv&irtb, 
iiaiUns "* ^^ ndiiooe uf *iuiuiier, uul voahiiis hixuiijut uid 
voiDiuitiD aLotoai tlttt of tba other i4 Uk» Aomts bUok. un- 
tUbomatle hike pUood faJ oinid the melunrJialir ciatrntidoK : 
Ucakr soliUry, il(T»)olatG; tut girdled witlj grim akj^-picicuitf 
cUftii orvrskAdowvint with ntcnna, luid Ulumiuat^ only bj 
the nd gLu>9 uf tho b^tiiing- tioMller is xuaguiilcmt in tiift 
•xpuwloDr AUteri ifl overjiow^ring in his condeniml «tuff]g]r; 
the flr»t uupiTM uft with ^Tcn4or ndmirtLtioar the last witii 

Tib tmgedjr of Carioa vr^ reoetved with immfrdhtt 
ttaiTcxui Appiobaiuju. lu tho cloftut And ou the itftglV^ it 
«xcitod t^ woroic^t feppluuBee oquoiJy cuuoilk tho IcftTttod 
And oaluraed. SohUUr'a cx]X)CTtatioQ5 lud zwl beirji M> high: 
k§ hnev twtb tiM i»cuUeuiiiB& juiU Una DudU uC hin wurk; 
Init ho hortl oot Attticip«Atcd iLal th« [onuet votdJ txr reoof- 
ikiMd *o uutaiitonooiul/- Tho phumurrj of thu n«w colcibrit;r 
emtt U|iuu him, thensfcirc'^ liLn({UtrnDd by ttirjjHiw, Hkd 
llnUbiUic euimouc^u been hjn Wfi u1ijr?L'tT he tujglit ncior Imve 
vlAokcnod bis cxcrtiona; the pubbo kul already nuk^ hiu 
u tho 6r(i of tboir vrntom in that tavorit^ d«psutiik«nt 
£iiitbi4 liuiitnl uiubitinii ^34 liot fail mo'victg principli^; oor 
W Ut uiiiid g1 Ihiit bort for trlaiDli rcit b pnnided in this 
world. Tl^« ptiukojy dispoaitiou of kiia iinturu urw^^ lum to 
p«r[vtiul toil : thn gnut mim of hiA Iif«^ tho nnfoldittg of hit 
SMtiCaL [JuvrfrB, trw oiu; 4if tboni? whkb ndmit but >. n;Ukint 
ftoi an nbhcluto ppogreaa. New Idfliu of perfcctkio uitte aa 
Ilia famor kA*« b«on rMclwd ; tht itudent h always «tt«ln^ 
faigi nmwvt bna Atlnined. 

flobilkr'i worldly eiraniDttaima. tooy wt-ro of & kiiiil w«Jl 
QilSdltttod to proTvot cxofu «f qniMiBu. lie was EtUl <lrift' 
htf nl Urgw on tko tide of life ; hm waa crawDffd with lumla, 
bK withoul A huui'^. HU heart, waufm ^uA aJTi^r^iioniiter 
ititd to CQJOT ^'^ damovLic blootihga whkk it loni^ £a& 



WM allowH to form no permuituit attziclitnmt : tw Mt tHiaJt 
bo irtM unconuect^il, eoliUry in tho vorld; out off trera the 
«x«TdM of hU kindlier sympnthM; ; or if tutiTig s\tch pleas- 
nrvnj ir. whm *' Mi^ili^hing them mtltcr than |i;trtAltirtg kif tUem 
Oftlmlj." The \-ulear desire of wr^^th nnd ntiitioa ner^r 
9tit«r&d his miod for an inetAnt l but as yoar« v^re luidod to 
hU Bgp, tliP rt«1lghts of jH»a^i» and o»-^ntl nuouB coiHfort wera 
ftwt hficsoming iiiore Acovpublit than hh/ utiliET ; and hf. li-oked 
with imxicty to liave a resting-plikcc amid his wafidcriogs, to 
be X mun uncug hi« foUow-mcn. 

Fi>r ftll tbe^ wialifts, Scbille»r saw that the only chAii«» of 
fulfilment 4l«peud(Td on uuwcanod ijcraoreraikce in Ua litetary 
occ^ipbtionn. Yet tboagh his ootivity woo muibatod, und tho 
CjillB on it vtcjt iaoreasiiig rather thjui dkmliiishedj it^ dlreotloa 
wui ^r^liially ohatigin^, The Dr.imih h«) long \nton >Ution- 
ftty, vidof l&lo been f^LJliD^ in his ^ntimucioti : th<^ dithfiiiltins 
of the OH, OS lio viewed it aX \iTC5cnt, luul bOQii overcomt:, tuid 
HAW conqnQotA invited Mm in other quartern. The Utt^r poft 
of Carhx he h:ul written iis a task nilher Uuui at plt^ajure; 
he coateuiplatcd uo fartlitr unJerUkiug connected witJi the 
9tftg«(* For & time, inricod, he Bii^me to hav<» wavered unotig 
A rauhdplirntir of ifntr*r|]ri4<*n ; luiw sotkntvd to tfiia. ainI nov 
to tUit^ vitljcut ijniijg Mr U- fix df^i^idedl;- ou any. The TC»t- 
le38 ardor of hia uunii is '^viuc^J hv the number wid vuriisty 
of bi* attftt&pca; iW floetaatiori by the cireuiDflt;uiee Umt all 
af tboin fire nithrr ahtn-r. in Pttjpnt, <ir Mi iu the atuLa of 
&aSinentJL Of the fonmr kind arn hia Ijrieal |iToduclicn3r 
nuiy of whidi iveru coiapoecd ikbouL this penod, during inter- 
val* from tnorc* serious labors. The <^briniet«r of tjiese per> 
fionnuu^ji ii Hiudi oa hU ftirinor irrititign gAvi- an roaaoQ tO 
ocpect. With a deep iiinigbt into hfvj and a keeui and oom- 
preheium sjiapathj vith its florroiva uad enJo^E&ent*, thorn 
iji oomblnpd that lmppt;iioHlrr of filing, that prtmp of thought 
Atid injayvn" whlnh h<'loTnf jvciiliarly Ut S^^hillcr, If he had 
laow left Uie Dr&ma, it was dear that bis laind was still over- 
floiHog with the etements of poetry, dwelling atnoog tha 
gmndMit ivmriTptinrH, and thp hnhlfxt or Kneni smotioi»; 
thmkmg inteoaely lud piofouDdlyi but decotutiui^ ita thonghta 




viih tkoao p^iAftf. wliioli other fai^UtLM Uttii tkt mkdenliA^ 
ii^aiv requiKHl toatToH ih^m. With thuo sirallftr pLeoM^ 
SdiilWr o(v<upled hiruiwlf ^ itotitrral» uf WUtirc ttrougliuDt 
tli« rcLi^jiirMirr of bu Uf4\ Borne of Uivm art to be daaaod 
ftmouR Lbu inoflt linubed ^fforU oE btH guuiu* The ff«U, 
tbe Sonsi vf tJts HtJt, omit^in i-iqiiixitr. <lrliii<FAtionft of tha 
foiiuiLM anil iLiMb^ry of idaq; bU RiUer Ttt^yvnbtiry, hi^ CVvjbm 
o/ 7/rjfriw, bin //''/o iK'J'i LrtkKdtr^ ftr« unong the moat pcwtioftl 
ftod moving biUadiL to be found in luty language. 

Of \\\v^ pv^iuk. Oir innHt iKiUil wrttt>^n about thla tllBt^ 
tlie Fnethiakinff ttf Pmt^hn (Frtfit/fUrtrti dtr LM^n^ehi^, 
V «ud to bavt oMffiiutcd m n mtJ hUacLmmu llio Iftdj, 
vtea »oiiiii biogr:tpbt-r« <^t Sohlllcr ifitToduue to u« by U»fr 
nysteriouft dtai^rution ijf the ** Priiuloiu A —^ obft of tha 
firAt beauties iu Dtm^^u.'' aeeois to bavo oiftde 4 deop Im- 
pr«8Gicin on Ili4» b«aji of the poet T1i«jr t«U os tbatth* alt 
Iqt tba piMuro of ch4 priRc4«8 Ebol^ ib bis /ton CdWot ; tliat 
lui pciid Inn rrurt to hi^r with Uiti meat imj^uskkDed ttme, 
ftjod tbe eitT^m^ of gvnuroaity. They ndd oq« or two aii«*>- 
dotoH of diibioxm iiulhnnticlty ; wlUcJi. ^s thi^y ll)uMr«tc noUi- 
tDg, hut «liow v« r>nl/ thiit lov« could make Seliilkf ort^, 
« it b Kud to muke aU goihi and men, wa altall otw Ui^ fr«A- 
dom to omit. 

Tbi« d^DoMntiog and not ii>^ionibL« sp&nater pttliii)M 4i«- 
pbuvd till? MHimhuim L^nna fn^nn b^r thfona; bill tfia fnl* 
but Mviuitifla, wblch nbe required or AlUjircdt mmri nol to 
b»^ abetfld the <eal of hi^r ftdmlnr in bU isorc pvcflteblo 
VDteUMngB. Hpr telgrt, ve enppoM, waa briof, i^nd wltiKiut 
afaidi&ic iDAa'?W9». A<^ilI1<*r iterer wrote ar thoo^ villi 
greater diligence tban wbilc ftt Prt^nden. PartiaJlf ooodplad 
with ^iti'iuctwg his rA«;i«H or vitb tbow inort alipht pocti- 
ml pfrfnTmnTiciiii, his mind vraa h<>TQhii(r nmoiigft xnultuudo 
of w«i^ti»r j^imn, and mliing vltfa avldiiT any bint tbnt 
■il^it aaairt itt dir^ctiDtr it» att^iupu. To tliU litat* of f«al<- 
liiflr va an probahly itd<^bi>>d ior tbo frtfW«rafA^. a nord, 
aaMr^ixfid in our ctrculattrg librariaa by tho tKI« of Aa 
AlovfaMT, tiro vclaciiai of »hl4^h i«f^^ ^h^fih^l ahrniC Ihla 
Xho lua« of qoacka. tho roaowaod Coglioabv^ «aa 




now pUving 1il« cUxteroiu g:»ae at ?»mi : liarrryving «p the 
•Dula of th« riinouti «nd ^ilUtle of all nuiki b tliut rjtpitft^, 
by rarioiu tbikuiufttuigiD fcatn^ msbA: th« Je«l ftvin their 
giav«B; Midt what wtt^ moro to the purpot^^, raLeitt^ himMlf 
Crom thil Klation tjf A pnr.r ftirilian Incquoy t-^ that of ftj^iimp' 
tnou4 and ^tpr^T^gBLCt cQunt. The uuiat- oj hin «TXpLo[tii Ap- 
p6u« to ^Ave givoB riN to tAii« vork of Schiller^ It 1> «a 
attempt to ^xempltfy ^ proowt of hoodwinking im fl^ruto 
|j\it Urit st^jisitiTv Ktaii; of woriiiiig on tlif l.-itpnt gt^rm cf 
•apcntitioD, wKkh «xut« beoeath Lb ouLwjud nnqiticisxDi 
lukTaaaing )u» iDiu4 by the t^^rront of macio, — the magic cf 
diNBUtij uid QUtural philuetcfjibj* uid t].ttur:il outtning; till, 
iftaked by douibta and a^nuin^ ft^Krv, juid plimgin^? from 
OiM depth of duk uncerUkitLtj into nuobher, he i» drircn At 
loaigth to Mtijl hu AcrupUs in tho boeout of the luUUble 
CliKtrch. Thft inrj^pnW ai^ c-MitriT^d vith oonaderaLlu ad- 
dnwAf HtupUjring k fmniliir acx|iiAiDUnoe, not ouly with 
ttOTvrMl branchn.-i of scitnoo, but also with aoum uuriuua fonna 
of ttfc Mid bnmjm luttuvb. Ono or two chrvoctcra are forcibly 
drawn; partlouUHy lliat of the amiublcr but feeble Coont, 
%\m T»otiiD of th(3 cjienbitoii. T^i^ atraa^ Forrign^r, niLh the 
¥iMg9 of stoDfi, who coQ<Iuctii thc biiaitie»s of mystifiGatiGu, 
■triMi 00 aloo, though wo «<fO but httlo of him. Tho work 
eentaina aonio vivid dir-tcriptioii, som^ pa«jag«a of doep tra- 
BH&ldleBt: it Iiaa a veiji of kei^u ohberTatioD; in general, a 
oertain tUfsccd povor, wlilch uii^ht excite rcffrot that it wsb 
nrT<r fininhocL But Sohillor fciind that hitt. ricwo bvl bnnn 
mlittikrti ; It TJ» thought that he me.int cnly to ulrvjtrify tin 
naden, by an acim]itx;tiititiu vt ttujirintJig horrora, lu a uovel 
el tho Hra B«dolifTo faalnon. Ud fait, in oonacqaeucw, dia- 
goqtayd to proc«^ ; and foally abandoned IL 

8ohIU<-r W--U, in fiirt, grDvinj; tir^d of flfHtlons vrttlog. 
lni«iiiation waA with him a strong, not aa exclusive, perhape 
not (TToti a prodomitiatin^' fntuilty : in the aublitac^t fii^kit* of 
hu gonliiS) Iiit«l1«ct Ui a qiiality a« oorinpiouotu aa any othor; 
ve aro frr-qorutly not morn delighted with r.h^ ^vaiideur of the 
dn|>eTy in vrhidb ho ctoUt«A his tbou^hta> than with thn irmEK 
dtov ^ tho tboQghta th«inB«lvM. To & uuad ao T««t)«id«» tbo 



Vamt el 

ruMrfttion of all Ito pi.iw«ra whs a ])ereiii]>tory want; m oo« so 
earnest, thft 1ot« of truth wa« eQr« to bo iiraocir it# rtronfce^t 
I^MHionn. EvAQ wbU4> rcv^llmif, with ttnwoTii uidor, m tbe 
dreamy ie«i]«« cf the lua^uution, hu liad oft«u oa£t & longing 
look, &ulI sutiir?Limt.'s imuli; ;i liurTtod iiLmad, tuUi tli«i calmer 
province* of roaaon ; but the firat cff«rT«4coaco of youth wu 
pMtf SLiid now mori^ than r.vnr, Lho lovr of contrtnpUting or 
pi^ntitig tljings :us thoy utiotild br, bt^gkn ti> yi^l'l tu Oio lov« 
of kuowtug thuigs «a thcry a^t^ The tvnilency of Iiib mind wu 
gnuluallj ch&ngfln^ ; he «a8 about to enter on a new field of 
ent^rprifie, wb«F« n«w triumphs awaited him. 

For a timi^ hp luul h«iLit«tixJ wliut In pHoobp ; at length bft 
began to think of llUtory. Aet a leading object of puEscit, 
thiB pronkiaod him pociiIi:ir advantu;:eB. It wua neur to him \ 
and fittfld to employ eomo of hia ludst Tiiluable gifts. It vtju 
IfTounilnl on rfudii-y, fnr which, iw ww bjivM naid^ hi* Ijirt*^ wa* 
now hecominff atrooirrr, its uiiKbty r«Tolulloiie and tfv'euta, 
asd the oomnaanding ohamotvrs tbjit lignrt! in it, would Uke- 
wlao pntMnt bim with thing* ^T«kt £iLd D>oving, for wbioli hiJ 
tOAte bwl olwnyn Ini^ci utrong. As Ti?coriUng the pnat tranaao 
tioiu, and iadieatlns the ptvnqTccts of natioiUj it could not fall 
to be delightful to on<^. for whom not only human nataro w» 
aimttorof mont fuoinating ftpc^frviUtioa, biLt who looked en 
all mankind with the Heutiuj^iila uf a Imithv^r, fmdin^ truly 
what he often laid, that " ho bod no dr^oror wUb than to eM 
ereiy Uvtog mortal happy nnd cunt^iiti<dwich his lof To all 
these idvnntagea another of a htimhlt-r tort wm addled, hat 
which the natnre of hia eUuatiuij forbad« bim to loan aight of 
Hi* ctndy of History, whil« it afforded hiuk u ^ubjoot of oon- 
tLnnoua and ragular t^xcrrtion, wmild aluo afford Kim, vhot waa 
BTPii mora ekM-iitUli the MHiwnaj'y cciinimlrni^n of tnnaniA for 
which ho felt rolitcUtnt any loo^^r to depend on the reaouroea 
of pootTj, bat whinb the* produo« of his p^u woa now the onlj 
mauia he had of roalinng. 

For theee rcflaoni^ ha decided on oommonoing tbe bualaMi 
of hutorian. The eompoeitton of iXm Carht bad already led 
him to iaveitigatfl the iUte of Bpdji «nder Pliihp 11. } (lu<I, 
htdng Iktln Na^find with Wntaon^f dear but shallow Work on 




that rvigii, Uo hftJ turoed Ur thu ongliiAl aonroM of inforimft' 
iuui, iLv writlixtE^ of Gn^iuh, Sciidi, De Tliou, luid ihaq^ 
othait. laTC»iJx*^i^ thcoc wiUi liia usual IVIclitj uid ea4p:^ 
iMMj tha li€T<>Lt of Uu3 ^cthorlantit ItaJi ^y dvgrtion, beeotnc 
familiut U> hU lliou^to; diMiuc^t in iLuutj parU where ic wote 
prnviutuljr olwcurc^ aiul alUautivv, jm it njktuniUy mnsC be to 
ft leiQpcr oucb i»« lo^ He uow dL'tvriubcd thtt ku fiut bt»- 
torioftl perforauLUCO ebouJd bg a lunativo ol that evcnL H^ 
n8olv«d to explore the tntnat^t oirouju^i^uict^ of its ri^u lud 
proj^rifH; bo nrrajige the JiiAterjolft h'* might iwllwl, in a loure 
phiIo*(f])hic>kl order; to ioWwcnrc vfith thriA the stiDor^ 
opiaiuQd hi* liud lorzii^d, ^r vas fi^roiuit^j oi; looit; pouitB ol' 
politj, arid natioTL&) or individual oharacter^ &jid, if possible, 
to &jiiuj&l« ibif wholo iritlk lW wftrm «jrui(ifttliy, which, io ft 
loTor ^f Freedom, thid mocit ^lorkus of her triumpho autumUj 
Mllod forth. 

Ill the Qiliug-up of mich am outlio^^ there waa scope euuui(h 
fofdili^iiua liuL il watt juit iu SdiUkr'v uatuTQ Ui coubenL 
lumMlf with cirdumry vffuotd; do boonor did ft pTojc<ot take 
hold of lu£ niad, tliftB, rftllyiiig round it all hi^ acoompli&h' 
nwBtt ftnil ntjiftblllti«ii, he ntrt^tRhud it nut into ftotnrtbiug %o 
unguifuwut jiiid i:oiD|itvh«iuirt:, Uuit liltLe le^m tkui a lifetime 
vouid hftve boon buIlitjiLnl to i^fik>Qt it Thia History of the 
Keroltof Iha NeUierlojtdc, which foroivd hiK uhtuf »tiuly, he 
loolLctfl upon Imt lut unr. hmwh nf the grtnt HuhjcH^t h« was yeb 
deitLDod to engage ^ith- Hieitory Lit iai>[e, ui aJl its bcariu^^ 
WW now UxA titml aiui ; aiii iiiB inimi wa^ oontinii:Uly oocupiod 
with pl^DS for ftC^uirLug^ improviitg, and di^xvtia^ Ui» klujwU 
9d|fe tjS it 

Of thc«« pJaiM many never reftchcd a dcflorihftble shape ; v«tj 
fowMaohedeven piutiii] extiouttgii. Que d the latter sovt 

ami JieetflutivTu in the Sluldlr mnd LtAt^ A^. A firat voliuno 
of the wvik yfim puhliaht'd in L7ST. tichiller'a part \n it ^aa 
triAiUff; licArotily mure thiui that of ft trumlAtor and edttur 
dL Ib^al'd Ctmi^r'Uffy vf Hrdm^r ii^titt^t FrmiMrhftn: furninbcHl 
with ftn ext4»udeO iulrodurtioiL, ia ibe best piece in the boolu 
Iftdeed, Si. lUftl eociuw lirac C^j liuve sot him on this taak i tte 




Xlht lud alrraily fif^*tilfi<Hl bis preiliWtEori for p!oU and rvrrv 
hitioDAj «iil ffivea a fUiu saxnplo ot his povers In trcaUn^ bucIi 
nuLtttfra. Whnt Sdkillor <hd woe to •xpond this idem and cctn- 
iDunicatfl n JiyKtooiitic form to it. Hut work migljt havo bMu 
cnridiuuurl v^ilunhlfv ^u^ it fitwu cuiiipleted ; but ttie pruMtun 
of oUiei «iig:t^ioputa, th« iieoessUy of Umitiiii: )iU viows to 
tho Ncthorl)]tutlfii prevented this for thi^ present ; it was Aftor< 
WAnlfl forgotten, nnd n^^vpt c^Lrricd fhrtlicr. 

8ucJi ircTt Scbiller'a occup&tioius while At Dreadiaii their 
«xt«at and variety &n pfoof ti^oough that idleticea vaa not 
arnong luii Tirns. It wiut, in trTirnh, thn rppnaiti^ *iitrpnie In 
whirL hn nrmd' Ito wtotc and tlioiigKt with an impi^tuoAity 
beyond whiil oatuio alw&jf could vudurc- Ills intulenuxoc of 
InMmjjittcnA liret pttt tini oti cha plan of stTulying by night ; 
an ftHiiiing hilt, pf^mirujith jinuitire, which be^AD A% Ttn^en, 
aod WM t]<TT«r afterwards fOTsaken. Hu Tccreatioiis Lr»thGd 
ft Airoiiar Hpirtt; b« loved ia bo much clnnc, iknd s-tronifly 
morbid. Th^ banks of the Elbe wer& the fuiroritv rt^Jiort of hii 
tiiumin(f3i : hty.rn niuiilnnng in KtHuide nmid gnivea and Iavus, 
and £r<fon and braatifiil plaewa^ ho aboudonciJ his luuiil to il^ 
liaioni tnuiingv ; wutchod th« fitful ciurrmit of his thDagbta. as 
t1}^y t&xnQ fiw«ep4Dg tJutnigb hU hou) in their Ta^i\ fatitaitio, 
gor^voud forma \ pleaaed buu^U with thu trvutieitt Itmigf-si of 
moiaory and hope ; or mtditat^d on the can^ ojid 0tnlIi(^a which 
had lat«ly bam om|>loyitig,acid voro again toon to employ him. 
At tiiii^»T ^^* tnighi br ic-^mi flimting an tho river in a gondola, 
feasting himsvU with the lavi:tiuE?» t^i earth and kky. Ho do- 
Ufbtod tnott to be thoro whvn tonapcat^ wcm ahrooJi hiA un- 
qiii«l tpirit found a koIuco in tho ojcpnrii^ion of his own unrest 
un lh« liux of N:ilurt< ; d^ingcr )r*iit ■ chAmi to hta aitnatiaa ; 
ho felt ID harmony with tL9 Mone. when thi,* rack van «wcc]k 
inf; nt/irnifnUy acroM tbo booTMia, and the fonota wrrv ao'uod- 
iJig tn thi' hPTTjr'r, and thn riror wiw rolling its chafed Wjiterft 
iulo nilJ wldyiug h<?ap(i. 

Yet before the <l&rkii«M ft^iraiaoned him exclufirely to hia 
taaka, Hchitlf>r JvuniooTily rlnvottacj a i^ortion of hia day to ihn 
fitoaanri of audatiy. Coiald hi! hkvit found vnjoymont in the 




flHa«n«« of ad^triag hofpibilit;, hie pr«fi0nt (saws would baro 
(vuHUwi Uif^lu for litni la ubuiidaticc. But ihtM* thin^ wntft 
aot to SclalW'a tatte. liu o|aiudii of Ui« "^-fle^l^-IIin" of 
Laifoiii wft bikV4 AJnuLy neo : lii» roCainod the Muao mnt*- 
atACi throagbont nil lii» IUl-. Tht* iiloa of hoing «'hat v« 
(mU h ^10*1 i* ciffeiuiiv*? t;auiigU U> jiiijr niMi, uf ant vxuw than 
oommou v^mty. CI leaa tliau codamon undi-^ntamhog ; it V4ji 
doubly olFi^nMve to hiiu. HU'iirido Aod Lid modesty alik« fo^ 
bttcf* it. The (]oIi4>A4^/ of lus nutiiro, B^^ftvau<l into flhyawv 
by hm odncaCiQit eud biH lui1ntn> n^ndurad situations of dis- 
play more thnn usu&lly p*uiful to hici ^ tbc r^tyifv pr-rterffao* 
tmm WM Ik »ort cf cdetotioo li« viaa Ur irova cuveting. In 
the circlm of fftftbloii hn aj'fifva.md i]rLn'intiij*lyr uid nelrlniii to 
MlwitUijfo : Unur glittfr And parade were foreign to Uia diiipo 
Utaooi t^AJr tCnct ecrvnx^Qial crtuupvd the jjlay of hie mind. 
Hanmed 10, m by bvmble Jenivs, nicion^ the iatrieaJM bftitieci 
of BtiqQette^ao feeble, «i> ii)vii^iUlil«^ ho f«]l, t^xiTiMtrainwl &nd 
hdijloM; aUeraatoily cLu^riued and mdi^iubfitp It wu tko 
ItiBBt nmoDifc |»|ciBara; Gulliver in UUipnt,, tied down by ft 
thouMDd pnckthjmulji. But itvui wer«3 inure «cug«iucil miad% 
witli wbocn h^ ctnM aMoainte ; more fiunilinr B<ierieF«, hi which 
be fbuud tlio plMattre« he vu acckij^ Hero SehiUor was 
him^df ; frankt UDBiabarrAMod, pliant to tbe hutnor of the 
hDur. HU oo&vnr«ati4)ii won dellgUtful, abnumliug At onira irt 
nu% iiurl vtin|ile! c^luixmn, Ik bjilt's Lhti intvUcctoel ricL«» vhiob 
it Oitrrinl with St, ihem wjtt Uiat Sow of kindlionfti and unof^ 
feetodgood htiinur, nlji-Mi <-aii tcninF dulnvt^ tt«vU Agme&bk. 
Bi^illAi hftd injuiy fri<»TicU in DrrwJtLi, who lov^il hiiu ms mu^ 
whiU they admincil luin &» a vrrttec, Ihrir iatcrcourso wu of 
Uu' Jcirii ho Iilccd, aokr, ad veil ne froe uul mirthful. It woi 
th^ ou^ltNiA, i^altti, honest tfffiuion of HU fvdiitgv thnt he 
wuiMd, tiot the Tirriay tnmnltsi and r^MttM dMirioui of dlbaijjdp 
t*oD. For thia» utnlci sny of its fonn.i, he at m^ tiaie ehovred 
the imnlioart r«li«h. 

A viiiit to Weiaini bud long J>een one of ^rhUlorV prnj^-o-ttf 
Iw nutf firHt ki-'OouipiiflLed it in I78T. Suxuijj' Lad Irrco. for 
M^m, tbe Attica of GeriuAny i and Weioi^r bfwi. of 1at€» be- 
ooao itn Atbcu. lii tbi« htvtaiy cdty, SehiUet found whath* 


ocmrxm at wethar. 


roindn. To Oootha hr wax rot irjlicrlu<!rd ; ^ but UurdcT and 
WioIoDd wooivoJ him vitknourdbl wtlcomo ; with Ui« l&ttar 
liAflOoa formed a. most friendly ititinia^y. WiplsLni^, the N^b- 
tor of Qfrriuau ]i-ttors, was ^lowii gioj/ in tbo Mrrico : Schiller 
TOTOFOftocd him w ft father, and he wu troAtcd bj him 04 a 
wn, ''We jJmll hato bright hour*," he ftiid ^ '-WlflUnd ia 
nt\\\ young, when hi* tnv«b." Wieland had long Mit^d tfaa 
DntUcAc ^sivitr; in cvuMqiioucc of thciroooDoction, SchilW 
Dov toi>k |xtrtr in contrtbutiiij; to tli»t work. Sooic oF bi4 
smaller pociDH, one or two fr'Agmerita of the History of tho 
N«th«rl:uiil «, aiiJ thtf Lattrra on Don Carlos, 0nit :i]ip«ar4d 
hero. Hi« own ThaiUt still couliLucd to coiue out at Lcipug, 
With tttOM for h38 inoMintAl cmploymoctH, with th^ Bolgiaik 
EoTolt fi>r hi* ehii^f stiirly, tinil Iho bn*t mvjpty in rHirmany 
for hifl leismi', SdliiUtrr fnU Ho wisl) to Itatd Wcinmr. Tho 
}>Uce and what it hold tjontented him 9f> muoh, thil he thought 
of voUotiDg it for hia parma-n^nt abode* '' Von know Lho 
inftii,** he wntiifl, "at whntn G^rmAny in prnnd; a Herdirr, a 
Wieland, with their lirfrthrva ; and our wall new <inr1a<ir« me 
end them. Wbut exctiUeooica are in W^jmarl (n thui city, 
■t 1ea«t in this territory, I meaL to settle for lite, imd at 
length onee more to ^t a oountry." 

80 occupied aod bo iuteutioued, Le ooDtiuued tu ruKide at 
Weimar. Some monthe after bis arrival, ho rocoiv^hd lui inrl- 
Ifttiofi fMm hit early patroiLBKi and kind protcctrcttttT Hodoia 
rtm Wollcogen^ to oowe urid vbiil ^ler at Uanf^rliiu-'h, 8chi1ler 
irvnt Bix'0rditij!;1y to t^tB hia auoi&ut oity of refugo^ lit a^f^a 
foaod all tho wnmi hospitality, which hn had of old oxpoH- 
eni^wl wh*n ita chiracter couM 1«» Iw mutakonj fcnil hiM ox- 
euralOQ thilhvr jiruiluL^ed laurr* lasting effirntH Ih^ui thin. At 
Bttdolstadt, whero ho stayed for a time on occaaion of thia 
joum-^y, b** mot witli a nov ftiond. It waa horn that ho flrat 
ia« thu Fniuleiti l^ingcfold^ u Itidy who»e attra^oni made 
him looih to l«uTe BudoUtadt^ aud eogrr to return. 

Next year he did return ; he lived from Uay till Norombor 

> r^nrrlnf^ np, "G««ha *■« U this dm* abmii ta lu7y ;"* aa«mr, h 
vCn by uit by Appaia 




ihsK i>rln the vieighbcirtiutHl. ITe waa busy aa ndna], Kcd Tia 
Tbitod ibo Lnnffcfcld fftiuil/ lUiaMt ovorj dftj. Si^iller^ 
novs on mamftgii, hU Loogiug for '^a civ^i^ ojid di^mostio ox- 
istnice,'* vro alreftrly Ieuow, '' To Ua uiiltvd witli ^ puri'^b," hm 
had eaddf "ih^ Hhueahour sonowa ;iml uut j^y^p Uixt TRMixmibi 
to our feeling that mi>ulilji hcrcclf oo pliauUy, ho c}o&ely to 
ow bomor*; rtpotiiig i3u hLTcuJuiand worta affeotiou, tci r&lajc 
our ftpint from a tluiu^iaud dLslmrrLmEis^ ;i tliaimind wild wishes 
and tutuultuoua poMtoua; to drtam uitj^^ oil tlio bitterness of 
fortun*}, iti th« bo«om of dotaostio oajoym^<riti thb the true 
d«U([ht of Uf?/' Some yiiurfi hiid ckpsicd &IDC0 hd ^zpr^^^sed 
thi-ne FHTiitimeuUr wliii^h Luui- liml uoitlirmnd, iiut we^tuedi 
the !>mMioo of tlie FriiuUlti Leugefeld avroke thtnn iuto freak 
»olivity. Ho lo'rod V\is lady ; the rotum of love, witli whioli 
*}io honor^ htm, diffused a aunsbine over fill bis trottbl^d 
world ; mwX, it tbo wUli ai beiug hera uxcited juoro itupatieat 
t}kOUghtfi about the acttlemcut of bia cojjiiitii>u, it jlIk[> gxv^ 
hint frooh ctt^ngtU to attain it Uo wu full of otHJuputiun, 
wblte in Ktidolstailt; ardent^ a^rloQft, but not unhappy. Hta 
literary ptxijecl» vi;l^ prur-^frdin^' aa btifunr; ajjd, bf^iitea Uio 
rDJoyiactit of Tittuou^ lore, he hod thnt of inborcoarac with 
many worthy and uorao kiadwid miudfl. 

Aini>ii|5 tbvir^ th>? c\iwt iii all reapeota was QooCha Jt waB 
tluriag h'm preaeot riail^ that^ Schiller first met v^itli thia illuA* 
trioua poraon; ooocisminK vh^>niT both bj reading and raport^ 
hij expectation* had been r;Lised so higli. No Iwo men, both 
of exalted genliui, otfuld be |Kia8e«8ed of iiiurv different ^utXa 
of cxctflleacoi thaa tho two that vce'o now brought toKctlior, 
in a huge company of thoir mntnjiJ frinndx. Thti Kughili 
reader may form s^rme lipproximate conot-ption of the «ouUaj(l^ 
by figuring an inU-rdew lH<twrL-n ShakM^H^m? and MilUio. 
ITow gifted, how direne in th^Jr gift*! Tho mind of the 
one plays oalml^, in ite OiipHtiionti and inimitabhs gvaeeSp orer 
all th« prorineoi of huiuiLU interest; tho other vooouuiruUv 
power* aa vakI, hut tar X^sa various, on a fnw »ubjooU ; the ono 
Sa eatholic, the other is ftootarian. The first ia endowed with 
an all-oompreihendiikg spirit; skilled, a« if by personal eape* 
rivn(u>, in all tbu modea of bumau piuuioii and oplui^n; tb4;ro> 




foror tolonuit of all; jmuxttil, culLccAcd; lightLiig for no tilaM 
of UAn or priuuiploe; nthor looAung ou tbo wurld, '^■l tbe 
Vlriotii bttttlea vLt^ng ia i^ with tho quu-t ej^e of one nlrrady 
fWO110ll«i1 to thi? riidlilj nif thflJr iiiviim ^ hut pouring ovi-r kit 
tiie fbms of liiaiij-colorcd life the U^ht ol ft <U^ uid fobUc 
intellect, a&d tho dcoomtiotu dF act ovcrtlovrtiif* fancy; nnd 
jiliovtug DMA aad things of erci^r thnpe »&d hu« to b&T« Uioir 
own free scope iu Ma ouuoaptioa, ba tbejr have il it; the world 
yrh/en rrovidotioe but pliccd therin. Tk« oUi«r is ciiniMt> 
dovotMLj Mrsgglutg with & thounuid migb^ pcojcoU of im- 
pcovmteot; feolLng mon ioteivtly mb he feels moT« oarrowly ; 
rtjecluji: vrhejEJctLtl} , cljcitmiu^ veliciueutl^' i &t war wiLti Llie 
006 bjtlf of thiuici. in lore with tho oliior half ; brnc« di9t»[Ui«- 
flodf tmpiTtuon*, without intcmnJ nutU And acu^t?ly couooiTiiig 
tbe fxrtiHiliiliW of siicli u at#it4.v Apnrt frnm the ditTeruuce of 
thair opiiiictLui aud diauW culture, Siuikifpc&re and Miltuti eeoSk 
to havQ stood in »oino «aich rchkUoD aa lUis k> each othor, in 
reR^trd U> Uie primary ttmcturo of th«ir mind«. ho likewiM, 
in aiiuiy (uiotis vrt^ it with (jocthi! and SrJiillot. The tOL- 
tenial ctrcunutaooca of l]ic two wtrrc^ tuutcnTcr, such as to 
aof^ont thflir eorerftl p«cuiiari^icb. Ooetbe waa in his thirty- 
niniU >tar; ami hofl lotig tlnon found hig proper rvtk and 
vetilouiL-ut in liXu. ^Jiillnr w.-ui trti yiyim jouiigcr, lUid sliU 
without a luod doetiuy ; un hoth of which aoouaute, his fim- 
danuntal scheme of thought, th« prinoipLei hy which ho 
judged and votf-i], juiJ uiaintaiDDi] hiR in^^ilmdity. nltltnugh 
^ey laight be wttlt^d, w«iv lem likfdy to b? solx-rrd aiiJ uui* 
twed. la thoee ctnnuititamxis m onn hurdJy woudc^r that i»i 
SohUte't part the first Impreiston was not rery pleasant^ 
Oorthe tmt talking of IiaIj, and art^ ami tnTnlUng, and A 
tthoovaud <jthcr ttubjccta, nith that fi^w of briUiattt and deep 
ien^o, saroaftic huuiut, kuovUiIgt, i'aijcy and ROod nature, 
which ii MJd t^ reader him the best taU«r i^ow alivei^ 8«liiJ- 
lor looked at him in qutto » difr<-r»iit mood: he felt hit nft^ 
«m1 oonBtraint inctcoscd audcr thv inflttonce of a uu so 
Opposite In etunioler, so potunt in reeeurcofl* so nngulor and 
00 oxport ia mbg then ; a nun wljoin he oould not agree witti^ 





ftud knew [lot bov to <oiitnuli€t Soon after tli^ir iat^rrlev, 
he thM writhe ;— 

"Otk tho vhoUt thifl poraonnl tni.'vtiu^ 1i3tf not at ftU di- 
□linUlied tho idnn, groat sut It wa«, which E \i^ preriouelf 
£unu0d of tiuKh<?; Init T rlotiiit w>ii'th<*r wn «ha11 Ain*r ootnd 
into nay oloae cuounuiucatiQn vilL cnch t^tli^r. Muoh that 
still intereatA m« has already bofl lU fpi3f>b with him^ iiio 
who!" nfttow? is, from iti very origin, rthpTwia*» constfuatOil 
than mine; hirt world in not mj world ^ our modcH of con- 
oeiWng things Appoat to bo eaftuiitiaUy diiforcut From suob 
ft oontbioation, no Mcnre, s'Qbataiitiat inttmaoy ooo roeult. 
TiroririU try J" 

The ud of time wu not. in tadt^ umi«c«atiary. On Uio 
put of Goetbo tli«rv (Kiciti^d pi-ofiofieeeeione no \e&& hoatil^i 
uod doriTftd from Koaroes dier and deeper than thn present 
tmuiitory nie^liDg, ti> thi; iliscunti^iits of whlah thu^ prolxibly 
contributed. lie htmarlf hjis Jntety EUt«d them with hu 
aocusEtomcd fruEikacse and f^ood liuiaor, in u puper, port of 
which soma roodcnt mzy pL*ruse with HD interest mors tbim 
merely biognLpbiiuJ- 

"Oa my return from Italy.'* lio sayflt "^l^«ro I £iad boon 
omtMyoting to tradn myvwJf to ipwatti purity and pnictsiou in 
nil dapaitraenti of art. cot heP4ling what nie<4uwhile was ^lu^ 
on in ClemianyT I rimiid i«re aoiiie older and •ome more roccut 
Forkfl of ]>oetryt enjoyiu^ htfch o^tcnm and wide cirouUitioii, 
while aobappily th^ir charnptot to me wa* utterly o&^nsir^. 
I Khali only m^ntinri Urinsp'* Ardinyhfflo jtiicl Strliiller's /'rt** 
ftwjr. The first 1 hnted for tta bavinjc undrrtaUcn to exhibit 
Bonsuftlity and myetioEd abHtfa?ono6«t cunoblod :md ffupportod 
bj oreAtiTe art; the liut. hacauw in it^ the very paj-adi>Kutt 
moml and dramatic. fr»in whirli 1 '•k-^ tttru^gling lu ^i 
tibentcd, bail Wn bud hold of by a powerful tboit^li on im- 
mtuio getiiue. and poured iu a bonn'Ueu nuhiog flood over 
all oar 0011 ntry. 

"Keitb^r of the«o ^ftcd individual did I bljiuio for wbat 
bo bod performed or purponod : it is the nature and tho }wivi- 
Uf^ of CT«ry mortal tc attempt worlcirtd to his own p<*ci[liEU' 
wa^; b« att«uipta it f^ivt withtmt culluri^, Mmrcely with tUo 




eottftoioiaiiMS t>i wLut he U about j &ud oontiauos it vith Ma- 
te icAi.im-i-i iiiiTf^ixJii^ iu fiLA inlturti iii^jruuHeii^ whtircbjr il 
^ppeuft iliat «i> niiU^jr exqubito tani eo mftfty i^luy Uilngt 
ftrc to U fotutii ciicuUtiog ia tbc worlds it&d odc p«rplo3Lity i« 
«vvii to rijii^ front thi- u^hci ot AnoiUtir. 

" Hia d^ ruEiLPr whicL Lbi-Mf thLr^iti^ ^jilimUiinut hml cji- 

(lass M pcr»oii3, irou tbo ^ iKi elu<K^Qt U> tJ^c poIi&hMl CouH- 
liidy, frights Qjyi urj for 1 novr Uiciught all my Ubor w:u to 
proTQ iu T4ih i lije cibjectA, iuul tlio wuj of hiuiilliii^ thump to 
wUkb I iuul be«a e^crcieiuK «I1 niy pow««, appeared u Lf 
dofa^d juid set sfiid^. Aud wh^t ^ov^ me etiU mor« waa, 
tliAl ikll thii ^uuiiin cionaoobiHl wiUi tiir, lIvijiriiTb lilf jitf atirl 
]Iotit£, u vrftU u iheir fullov^TtiflU TiacLlxsin aaiI Buq-, 
■MuuhI in d^ngrr of the liLci ooat^igioo. I woe mvich hurL 
Had it l>firn ji(if^Ukli% 1 vodU kftvn ftbon^lootti tlut «tudf Of 
cn&lirr iirt, auid Hw [iriuitii^; nf poi^try &Ui>g<--tb(^r ; fnf wh«rc 
waa lino pru)|it<jt of iiorj^Udaiag Uiou pctforiooiiccn of gcxiwl 
ViUth and vild foruj, iu the iju^tlitiett v'Ui«h rt^ooouTLeud^d 
tliem? CoaQvix^o my vir^uitioa Tt had bMia cny oUjeet uul 
l^y loftk U> cliefUli ftiid iju|)Art the purest rxhilul^iAiW of poetic 
&ft i aod lioxc wtu 1 lumiuvJ ia bt-twccti Ardiagliollo and Fmm 
TOtt Uoor ! 

"It li;fcp|jeii«d aUo nbant tliU tiin« that MoritJE retundd 
EroiD Ital>, and stayed wilh mvt awhile^ duiiu^ wtudj, Lft 
vioJtiftitly uunlirmvd Liuii^If and ao in tbc«o ponuuioM. I 
•TOkled Sc^iUt-r, who vu nou uL Weinur, io ulj nviglibOF^ 
hood. Thu ap|>^Ar:kiicrt of Don Carli'^ w^a Dot o^cuhitHil to 
fl^proxiiAAto i:>; t^ aClcmpti cf oiu ooauaoix frictodA I 
ICiiii(od| U14I thu* Wif Mill coiitiiiucd to |[o oa Oiu way 

By dogreevt bovrcTcx. Uitli jortiiM fmind tkit thuy Iiul 
boca ittirtakrtu Tbr courvc or acoidoutb hrou^ht uuuy tJiiiiga 
to light, vrhkh bxul bvL-U liiUdon; tlic tmo i?hut;i'r 1 T ^^uili 
becaiitw uufiiUW mor« <ui(I uiura coraplotcly Uy -.''.\' ii.lL^r; 
■tod tho ooh^ aMMBrtHl tribuM oT ru&piHl wiui on buUt AittM 
UUSkUod ftttd exjiltc4 by focltiiKa of kindb«M, and ultiiutUoly 
of aftoctiou, Kr^< long, Sdiillvt kid \ij gr^l^yiii;; viuoU 




GoetU^ ta Ms tove of gunius, lutd zeal for the inUrcsts of 
llt«rata»^ va^ j>erfonalug Tor ScKiU«r IHa c^vnntiAl <!nti(w 
of ft fneod, oreu whUo his jiecauu^tl ivjiuguiuiue ooiitiniiud 


A strict vfrni^skiity of (fhaiAcb^is » not tL<>ow«afy, or por- 
b&pfi very favunibJe, In f riAiubl] iji, TVi rKudHr it lUHnjili't*, 
coch party lauat no dr>Qbt Le ooiupettut to uudtM^tJitiU llio 
other; both mnnt be poseosaod ol diapoaiticue kii^diod in 
their ^<(it Iinir4incnt« ; biit thir pt««uiiiro of cotnpaHrg our 
ideaa auiJ «umtu»nh ih ti-ijfhti-ii.*(l, wh«n tlirr** is "lilii>npHs 
in nnlikcQCR?-" The J!<nrnj scrif{/ii^ntjt, diffeirni <ipinion^, It<JiuH 
ai^u co*ii?ttirv» to \)c thr teat maU'rial of friendship: rooU 
procitjr i>f kiJiJ worilK :iiiil ui'tKitiK m nior^ efrfStrtuJiJ than all. 
lAther loTtd U«ldLnclboL ; JoIiilaoo was not moro the friend 
oF Edtnnnd Bork^ than of poc^r old JJr. Lovittn Goethe and 
Bduller met a^tn; u ibvy ultunutol.v ciunc lo live togetherj 
;uid to lUM Mich otbvr oftnnrr, thny \iknd iicu'h (itherr-- ht^tter; 
th^ bcoftme a.tAOciitea. fncntj^i &a4 the hnrnjcuy of their 
ittUreoun^, etreiigtk«ned b^ mCLDy tfubacquuQt com ni unities 
of object, va» nev^r iiit«mLpi:«d, till d«:Lth put aix ^nd to it 
Go«thR» in hift titnt\ ha» dono mftny s^orious tlUD^s; but f^w 
on wLmh he ehonld look bock nitb grcutor ploDdorc tlmn hi^ 
trofttment of SehiUorn Litamry friBiid«Ltp« are suiJ to bo 
pmriEtrioiis, and of rar»? oooupreiice: tfw rivftlry of Interest 
disturbi thf^ir contiuuatico ; & rivalry i^rcatcT, whcio tho sub- 
)ecrt of oomp^titioD is one «o TfLffuc^ impolpohto and Suctuot- 
inf, aa the f:Lvor cf tJia ptibliC} where tli« feeling to bo 
|[tBti9»d U oap im nearly a^llitnl to vanity, the uost irrttabls^ 
arid fend aelfiaU fi^r^liu; of the huinan heart Uad Qoethe*a 
pciiao motive beco tho love of fame, ho lattst have vioived 
vhb rvpuj^imon, not the mUdlroction bnt tho tnltntaof tho 
Hiing geutiiH* ftilrtktivhktc wiili nunh rA|iid KlriilHt U: dbpute 
witii him the pubu of iiit«ll«ctuaJ pritiiacj^, uay a« the million 
thoiight already ir^ poBSofioion of it; imd if a bodso of hia 
own itiijnity hnd witbhirld him from offtrrlii^ obstroctiono, or 
ntu*riii^ Ally whimper of dbouuteui, (hare U tiuiie bat « truly 
polrkioo spirit tlu^t would oordJAlly hnYO offirred aid. 1>» 



biQIkf Mcretlj 1i<Kitili? und t>pcalj i&diCFerrTit^ ihe next re- 
ioim* «u to tnua lliv (uUimi ', lo iolac« v&iutj, Uy Wiping 
ibe rirtl vbum he ^mmIiI iml liiniWj tiikd wlio could do wltb- 
oat Uih belib Uootlie adopUd n«itli«c of tboM plau. It re- 
flocU ULU<;h crodit t^n hiio thftt bn neted ju be did. iUgcr to 
lonranl S^iiJkr't viowv bj «xcrUc^ all the Lufluetioe wltliix 
hU ptfVtfT, tiir aneuDnled iu «ilMi^iig Uliji; iibd what wu Ui3I 
moiu diilkult. in saffeHns tli« diaitctev of benefactor to 
Bt«r^ in thjit of oqnaL They boiume not friccda only, but 
foUov-lAboten : a coiiti«clicm prodtictive of u&purULUt ooomn- 
qnmoiai in the bktary til botb, jiautlcuUily of tl^e jruuugcr 
ud more iutdir«ct«d oF tlid tiffo. 

Hmuvhilift thA SiMtor^ of tl« J^n^f a/ th^ Cuir^td AVtU^ 
£aiii/t uru in pnit. hi fnn- the vt^M ; thti ilrAt volusie cuae 
out in liaS. Schillt-^r^tt foiazici vrritiagu hod giroD proofs ol 
poirerB «o grrat nod ▼anous, ennb un extent of genoTftl intel' 
Icetiu] ■tronglb, and «o d»<^p an ftcqti.-iEataiici?. boCb practlml 
wd Kientifii^ with tbo ut of couBLxmiiiLiu, tb^t ui a nbjflCt 
like hietunv ^u> ordiiuuy work wav to be looked For Frora hit 
huids. With dUlgoaee in ajwumnlating mciti-rtiUN, aud pstie&t 
cam In «1abantiBs than^ he could searerly '^11 to ftttaLn dlfr 
tfnjrilbnil ■Tfinllrnno Tin ffffMotTolttfti* vaa veil t^lculated 
lo fulfil aoch copootationa. Tba &M»£f ^ikc X<th^rUnd§ poa- 
MMeft all tbe omtunuo Tt^viiites of a ^ood biEit4>Tj, aud taimj 
vUdi an is aoow depHO pe«aliar to ilaelf^ The tafomttioii 
it oonrvys ia nUuote Kid copkioa i wt htyt all tba 
itatioefi of th« oajyT, r^mot^ aad n^ar, X't dUtiitotly bAfora na. 
Y«t, tmeb U tho «ktU of tbr amugeEaatit, thate nm at 
briEflir and iai|rn«iiiv<i1y pn^eutRd. Tbe work ia nui stretcted 
oat iot'^' a ooaliAaoua iiArrativc ; hot gatlioxed up uxio 
vfaich an aueeeaii^j exhibitod to vi«w, tbe lainor faota boiBf 
gruapeil around aniae landlcg ont, to whinhr sa to tbo canUal 
abjaol^ our attmlioa ia olneAj direotod. TIuh mi^thcxl of oook* 
Ualoff the delatla of «T«nti. of proceeditii: as tt vere, pir 
mUmm^ fn» cn^nanoa to eDniaenoai and tboDoe «urvpyia^ 
ifca Kurmui'diTL^ nn-an, it nndonhuully tbe moat pbiloeophtnal 
at COJ i Uit few aan am equal ta tbe taik ol effbotiBfl H 


rigbtly. It ouMt bo cJtccuteJ hy a miad Ma to look on tO 
its fncu a£ oouo; to (U^ulaaglu ihcir porpli±xitiu«, rcfvmag 
each Uj Itn prupi-r Lc^l j ^lud tu ^JiouHe, ofLeii vritli cxtrtintf 
juidrett, ibe ftUtiDU tram. wtiicJi the ceader ie h> viev them. 
Without thi», or ivitU tbu ijLJUIcqufttcIy deocv & work od such 
ft plot] vouli biJ tiitok'r4bZc- 5iijill<:r ba^ aecKiniplLshpd U ui 
gma pei-fi.*x:tbii ; (Jib wWv wjetiu uf i&fTmn wis rvk^butly 
oktf bcfcrc hu ovm ejUt ood bo did aot irftiit cxpcrtDcoJi to 
dtecrimiuau ftud seUo it« dutioctiro fQ4tttr««. Xh>o boud ot 
CdMkSe aiid cciii>tf<ijiienvi- In? iie.vi^r Iokt^k Higlil^of; mid ovtr^^acli 
aucceflaivc innti^u at lui luurativD W pu^rs that flcod of ia- 
tcUootnal mtd inuwaatiro Irilli-uicyi wbich oU hin prior viit- 
logs hftd diaplaj«d. iJU ruUuctioitt, expr«&sM or Implied, aid 
tlie fruit of tiLrxiut^ uuxupreliL-tuiive, ptriK-LruLui^ thought. Ilia 
deiiCiiptioQs &rr vivid ; bu cbaractpr« arc studied mth n koen 
Mi^&city, ojid i«t bcforo ua in theu tno^Bt nttikin^ powtti i;f 
Tiew ; thtiMe of E^giDout »iid UrAiif-i^ ooi^iir to ovi-ry ivader us 

ft look of ordr>ri of beauty jcHctod to calm ropo^mji force, 
Had it h^ii n>isjilAt«4, it mi^t huve runkint mt Uie very l)««t 
^I BchjllcfA pro«« iHttnpoEitioiit. But no second voliim> vnir 
ooioe U> Ijtfbtt aod Uic JlrHt cu&cludta jit tUo «;iUildcc <^f Albtv 
UitO Bnmok. IVo fropueatd aloao, IbJf £m^ 0/ jfnlb'<7p, 
and iho PtMttiiQc of Jibc^t Araitf, liotli living pkiuros, ^ow 
tw Jitllt TiirtLtt wluii lir nijgbt \i.tvr ilcme luul be ^droccrdrdi 
The aiupAfafcUig Aud oftr^ bighly pictorcstquo laji^Tcmrotn of 
tJufl War, tbc dcvotcdncu of tlnj J>ut<>i, tb^ir horoio iu:liit?v©- 
inftnt of iiborty, wcm not dafttia«d to br p&inu^d by tlie gl<«- 
i£^ pon of Scbillrr, wboae Itoart imd laiad were ftlikc «o 
qiuli&ed to do tluiu juali<?e* 

Tbo MMttftion of i^jiutotionr whioh tluA work profiurci 
It* author, vcM not the only or thu principal Adr;int;(^ ha 

' If »v mlttabr nol, M^Utha dn RU*I- In h« R/^nlutiM Frm^^tt, hid 
tUi icrfbnnuic? nf RchHInr*- iti h.^r fTr. Hot work I* *on*irao<*l <ni n 
itmllar (hoti^ih a nalinT !fn»»T |tliui uJ wmupuntu^ . iln- o*«utioJi of it br*n 
ibiiiaiiit Tvl*ti"Hl.Uhai<rfSchi]Ii>r; h »• l«» irrrpdiir, mow (uubliltniB in 
liw rketofici mfuwt la |irt<iUDO, thtujh ofUu do4 iu Iotob of Iftnnghl And 

'°'"«^- 16.1B-V01. 9 



Fam II 

dnrlved from it. KkUburn, Profetjior af Hurtory, wna At thik 
time »Uiut to Wt« ihe UuWemty of Jenft^ Goetbo bad 
Already ictrctiuood his rev noquauitauco Scbtil«T to tbo spt>- 
eiol Dotioo of Atntrlu, llic ftff*OQtj>]isb^<l Ec^ut of &i«Ks«ii' 
WinmAr; Ur now juiutd wiUi Voi^t, the Ueud ChjipUiu i>f thv 
Oourtv in lolidtiog tb« vacftut cliair for Lim. Socondotl by 
the gviic>^ Vi:>i<*>', and thn ppTjuiafioii of thi> Pnitof^jiii hon^U, 

wontthithur in 17391 

WUb !:^chiJlor'« remor^l to J^na begins a new «|KXrb ia hU 
pobUc and privfttf lifi*. His oiiiinftclioii with Gnrl^hit hm? finit 
ti|>«n>^d into frirrkdj«itii|r, nnd IfCH^jimc Mviiicd and ccmriitvd b/ 
(Tc<iuoDoj of i^t<^rca^m^' Joiia la but a fi!w miloa dutant 
from WLHiuiir; a&d tLe two I'rkmd^, botb aeUled in piLbH<i 
4>t1io^(i t)>^1i>[igi^k^ lo tlic iAiii« Govni'nmi^rii, hftd dni1^ oppor- 
luDiUea of iDlcrchaiiifui^ vieitflH Schiller*!! wandctinKv were 
uov concluded: with a bcort tlri^d of so duf^tnatitif? tn ax- 
UUiUcc, but QOt [leajjuiled of tta capacity fur relUliiug a calmer 
one : with a mind «x]>erieDced by idiiqIi and varied inlercourBa 
vith men ; full of kncwlod^ and of pUtis to turn it to ocv 
oouct, ho oould DOW rcpoMr htm»olf ta the havon of dooioiitiu 
Oomforts, and toulc foMvari:! to dfi}'A of more uiibr{>k«n ^Xftftion, 
and tuuni wtuluhouiv aitd pmiuatieut uujcvyiut-iiL Uiau Uitlktrrto 
bad ittlUii to hie lot. In the Fcbructrj following hia aottlo- 
nk^nt nt JiTTiiu ho obtoimsd th« hand of FTilnlniu l^mff^fflld; 
a happiiL4-3», witli thn pnwpeptof whirh hi? hml IcMig ii9M0ciat«d 
all the ii]f.-4auroa wbicli \m hoyed for from llw futim. A lev 
montha &ftcr this rrTect, Iiq tbiu oiproeeea himselfi in mltlas 
to a frkP:nd ; ^ 

" Life [3 ^luJlo a diffcrput thttiit by thfliiidpof abriavrd wifit, 
tbau AO forsaken and a1ob«; twu \n ^ntiimrr. Beautiful 
NatiintI 1 now for tbo fin^ttimo fulty enjo^ it, ILvu in it Tho 
vrorhl agam i^lothcA itflp}f aroiicd tno in pnoti^'v fonos; old f^U 

I Tie ^baUfW «» llieir ttnion liat« dttady bMU d^^ril^r'T Sn iSf^ vonb «| 
GovUm I ibe lUrpi t^ ntiii-h IUijh wen ranuoiuited. arv iJi*«rrltxNl tr> him ta 
Ck* MQii pif ^^'Ih •h|iihL miimi'iiaw vul •ffnfl- It k intHr«iiilin|*^ hut m;^ 




iLg» trr Kgaiii fLWAkftnihff in tay ljn)A«t What a Hfe I am 
ieaditig h«r« ! I I<xfk with a gl^i^ mind aroarLd mc ; my h^xrt 
finds H pereiiuiAl ooiiti^iilinerjl wilbmi^ it; my ajjinl Hti Wtif, so 
nftfroflhuiK a uoorulmiont. My Bsisurace la aettlvd hi bjirmo- 
nioufl oomporuros ctotatniiied Ottd inipiUAioiiod, l^ut p^aoirful 
Jind d«Ar. I look Xc my Futaro dc«tict/ witb a ohiFL^rful tii^ort j 
oow when staiulin^; nt Lbo witilied-for^iitl. I iwimdis'withmyr^r'ir 
boir it ftll baa ba]>pcu^, so fiir b^yvu'I luj cxpt^iUtiuDa. Vule 
bttt Mtiqutrad Um dilBriiliiaii ioi mo j it hm, I utay wy, foMtd 
to t.hi* mark- FVf>m thr fuUir^ I oxport «T?ryUiJng. A few 
t« iUid I ?iluil1 live III t-hu fuU aajoymiijit af iiiy spirit ; nay, 
I think my tery youtli will bd rvoewod ; an inward poetic Ufo 
will ^vc it me Hg1Li^/' 

To whnt rxinnt l^rnr Kmilin^ hoptm wprtt rrutiard will bs 
WMu ill the noxt and t^itcludiu^' r;irt of this Ijiogruphj 




Xtaldo^Mof hU Ttow ofRw natur&lly Oftlled upon $cMll«t 

from oliuico he li^id aUea<dy entered on with «o much c4)4fer&M». 
Id the atuily of it, we havo accn abovx; hew hii^ atron^ost foool- 
tiM and liutce vera #xdn;ihO<l and gTatifi«d : ;md now oppor- 
lunitiM wore now noinhinM with jiaw ajotivcG for p^rclsciD^ 
in his nffortft. Coniiornirig thn jiUn nr thfl mio^cak of hi» acad«- 
iDic«J pTolDctumOy vo havc Etoarnf^ly anf nctioo : in hi« oiHO, it 
li tald, hi» usod moat fi^qu&ntly lu opuak uxtmnporc i luiil hiH 
doMvQry was not ilistiuguiHlied by Hjit-rify nr f(raft«, a oircum- 
hUjilh? U) bti impuUMl lu the u^ib^Uuu uf a [mUm ii]>pi!anuici ; 
for< a« Woltinauti oscmrcs ii£, '' tho boauty, tho cle^acr, evM^ 
and tru<? infttructiVflnefig with whifih he could oohUnuouflly ox- 
prttiH hiuiAtlf in privxr*^ won? ai'knowlficiffrnj and adniii«d by 
all hJa fncnd^H" His itiattet. wc BUppcMtrT would ntnkn aiiinuls 
for theaiy dofkoioaoiMoi tuaimet; to judgo from hi* introdnc- 
tory loniijr«, pnecmFttd in hi« worh«, with tho liile, fF'A^ii ^ 
t/nieenul I/Utafy, and witk tohnt vitwfit thittUf U b^ $iwiitdt 
thero pfirhape boa nerci bc«D ia Europo Auothor oounro of 
bbtoiy tk«tch«d outou pnnoipleB so magmHt-cnt and pkiU>^ 
•ophunL' But co1t«gA nx9Toiae0 v«>r« tar fro^jL ociitg his tUti- 

' TLe p«pcr eotitlful //in/j w fAc Or^'ii of /iunnTi Sorittif. lU <tid^arf ta 
rlf i/mnr Tirf<w\U_ ihr Ifi^ffOA <if Mont, Kha ijtmttf Sofem tnd LffVfftit, wa^ 
pi»c«i of thft v«rr ll^hflri >M<r ; fhll of Mnniftli itcid fwinir , li^liHomt totha 
lownof ibaiplHtif p]>i1«(ifty. vhjch tiUH^>« iijair iti in*^pv rMriiiiu>4 Ilia 
to l]l« "AryboM*" of ttmo utlc|ue qthiiU, LhALlLir b&fan ni aa LDAipllcaUa 




aiUe object, nor did ke retl Aati^fWd viUi mere rUiooa of pof^ 
feclioa - ilu* ooiujm** of dift 4uUmo be had traoed, fur a jirojHpr 
Hiatorioiir ran ocafcclj jfrc«Mr Uiau Uio MuduUy viLli >ihkJi 
bo Afovc to tUl U u|^ HU leU«iK bn?atb0 & iipirit ocA onlj of 
d(li^'iic4) but of lador; Ik? aaeaift liLtuiLt with ^ km nirvugth 
u^MJU tUut fi«aiti iJHrauiti uid tlclljfhtod with Lliif vaal probptKrba 
of untoncbod [Uid ultiik«Uvo dptMuktion, tviuch w«ro cpcnjn^ 
around liiiu on ctqt/ «id«. Ho pro£«>»«l iuaiMlt to be "ttC' 
oaediagJy oooteDtfid vjtb hu busiucsai" Lis tdwui on tba o^ 
tiirv of U woro mc^uinog both cxt«iti&iio& and diatinctnraa i luxd 
CTory momtoit i>f biu ktuuie Km eoiploji^d in roducing tbcm 
to pnueuc4i. Ill; wM now buaied wili tlie Hittofy «/ i^ 

Xliis worltr whidi i^jpaared itt 170]» ie ci>aaid«rod fcpy tb« 
0«nfU4a cjUica it« lu8 c^iof pcrforuiuuo ia thU dopiLrtiiicat 

vhicL Duuld Wv« TMd wiUt it, lu^vnr w;u iximpli-Uid j oUiMrwuir, 
b oar opioiotH it mi^ht b.ivo hocn isu^riot. Eithu of Ibe 
Uro would kava suJIk^Lid U) DQaurc for SoluJiiir a diiitiQguwtuMl 
oak Among liiitDtliuiiH, of tb^ cUutt <l4.'uu;i^Uiuti.^ jkhilottopluGal i 
LhoQgb enu boLb togcllmr, timy lilTofd but 4L tvUc 4rxriD|ilil*- 
M4400 of ibo hLd«4 wkitti lie ent«rtftiu«d ou the imuuicr of (tow 
ponof buioij. In tie Tifiu-, tbo buniuE^M of tutor^ u not 
OMLMly to rooord, but to ioicrprvt ^ it inrolrus tuA only a doM 
ooutitfjitwu juhI m Uvtlj fxjfUKitiuii of t.'wt;t« ;iml iTLiiru<.-tj*fi^ 
but a AMuiti, uuliglii^iLcd tU«ory of lAdinduai auU u^lioiiAl 
iDOralitj, a gonvnl pliiJoeopti^ of luiuuui IUq, whoroby to jod^ 
of tbuB, Mid nuomm tliAix DtfTvcu. Thi* hiatorian now ictard« 
oo btghrr froiKid, imktat in a widr-r nngr thou tluMc tkit went 
b«to^ kioBi Lo oi^u oow j»urirt.-y v-jAt tra«to d human aati(»u 
aad dadtacv iu Uws Iroiu ^a t'X^n^tim exUjidiug orer mbsu^ 
dlmitn Asd Bgi'ii. MTuh hin ilra^j moK^irer, hU ff4*Uii^ ou^t 
to bb o&brgol > li*^ »bou1d nvattl tL« Uit'.rvbtd uot of any acct 
or atato, but 4jf im«Dkibd ^ tkw prosrcjii a(>t of u«y oliiAa uf urta 

In die trrl^f *o<1 «nl|:;tmit1f< f'^cm i>f ibctr chivatclrf* T%n CTim^v owr Fvrmp 
yWvMw Ai fruifc>,M»fttwiDMMrl|ritairhWvh»<to;aw«aiiiiiOr»ewiBWO 




f Av tn. 

or opiniona, Imt of nniv^ntb) luppiooBu luid refincuncct. Hb 
Bftrrotivi-, in nhort, 9I1011L1J Ih; ini^utiltd ttccording to Uie science, 
mid iaprcgTiaUd wilb th>> liberal apirit of hia time. 

VolCftu« kA genoroJJjr ooooM^Bd to hfi^-o iuTODtod and iaui> 
doc«danew m^Tiod of iwrnponingUintorj; t.hndiinf hi»tnriAn« 
Uiat have followed him hnvn t«<& b^ wnj of ominf^QOfi dcuomi- 
satcil philo!»DiJliir?a1, Thv% ia haidly oorructi Voltaire wTOt«< 
hifltory with grt'^tur tiLlcot^ but aoaroely with a tieiir species of 
taltiQt : 1i« applii^tl tlie Ideas of the eighteenth century to Ihe 
fl\ibj(TCt ; Ifuti in thia there wm oothiLg radically dcv, la Ute 
lukQda of a thinhinK writer hiotory h^ (Uwayv bco& ^'piu- 
Icwophy t«achii)g by cxporiocco \ " that i«, such philosophy as 
tilt Hg»^ i>f till" IiiittoriMti liw iiffciril«l. for ;i Gruek ur Eomaii, 
it waa natural to look npoo t^veuta viLli au cyo to th«ir cffoot 
c& hie oT^a otty or oountr^ ^ and to try tboui by a codo of pritt' 
cipluA, m wliicii thd pTDBpority or oxt^oAion uf tbU formed a 
IfwliTig nbji<i^ FoT a monktHh i-hmnidW, it w^m iiRtiirnil to 
estimate thft pro^T«M of afFaira by the niuabcr of abbeys 
foiukd^d} th« TirtUQ of men by th« suui-totiU of dDnatioos to 
tl}c clergy. And fop a thinker of thn preaeot day, it ts equally 
uatoral to mcaaurrs the o<iourr<en(»^:< of hrsUiry by qiiito a differ- 
oat standard: by thoir inllucnoe upon Ihv ^ncral dcatiny pf 
mnti, thnir toniUnny to obstnjot or to forward him in hi8 ad- 
Tano^mitnr. tritw^^nlK lilwrty, knowledge, tnie TPli^on and dig> 
nity of mind. Each of t)jni« namurrs Himply nieafoma by 
tbv eoul« which lu oonaidcrod for the time aa cxprcaaing the 
gr^nt coDCJ^mn and duUes of hiimani^. 

Sohilt^'s TirwH on thia matter were» as might h»iTe been «a* 
pect<xl, of thr fno»t rnlargH hintl. ** U »f^f^mA to mo/' Miid ha 
in mit of hia lutt^rs, ** that in writing; hiiitory for tho modania, 
wi* HhDidil try to commTuilcate to It s^eh aa interest as tfao 
JltAtoiy of thr rdopooneaian War had for the Qi^eks. Kow 
tbij» ja tht* problem : to cbtjotie and arrnatrc yonr raatohalfl so 
thai, to iat^rMt, they aball not iie«d tbv aid of dooomtion. W« 
modcrDi have a aourue uf iiiCt^reat ilI our iJiei[](J!(^> which no 
Qnok or liuman was acquainted with, aud whiuh tbu patriatia 
latonat doo« not nearly equal, Thid U.it^ in ict^nctali 18 oblfl^ 
of Impoiitaiiw for onHpe uaticTta, fur tljv youth of thv wofld 




But w» n%y ettnite % very diff?r»Tit «ort o( InUi^tt if w« rapro' 
ifcat eiwh rrtjnArkable occiurt'-ncc thai )i:hpp«ii^il tL> jni»a 4-^ of 
inporbvux) ta ntwk It is o poor and Utile «un to i^ntti fur 
OD^ nation I a pliiloaophio spirit ctuuiol tolciato floah limits, 
Cflnnoc bonnd it« vleirt tn n. form of human uatuie so lurbiiruryj 
lluetuatiDK^ accideiiUt. The m*jil jioweifu] uuiiuii jti lint a 
fraffmccit; ahH thinking min4» will not ^dw warm on ita aC' 
count, exe^-^pl iu to fftr a« thin nfttton or itA fcKunoa bavo baou 
Iniluentiul on tti^ progresB of Ihd Hptfoius/^ 

Thitt ther« is not Actne «xce«8 in tliio ccjiajirchirnslvo coftmc^ 
politan philosophy, m&y pcrb-tpsbcliiiblo to que8tiou. Nature 
honvlf 1ut«, widely no douht, portitiouod us into " kuidrodfi, 
nni! nations, ami UmgLii*^:" it in Hujongciur iitttinutu U> grow 
vmrm in WliaJf of our country, nintply for its owu sake i and 
the liusin^gfi of Hoaaan eocnns to bn t« duul^rii iintl diroct our 
hntinc^t*, nrv<ir to dontroy thfm. W« rnrniire individimlitj in 
nur 3ittM3]iiii4»ntM t tUn H)'m|r!illLy wlilrh 1% exp^uilinl ovHr all 
men will commonly he founi so much atteuwktifd by tLe pro> 
«««, that it cauQot be eff«otiv& on any. And aa it is iu aatviro^ 
so It fa in nrt, vhkh ougtt to be the iicsige of it. CuiversAt 
phi^AEitUropy forma hut a pTvcarioiib nn\l vi-ry ptjwerlcBH rulo 
of condwatt and the " progress ol' tlie Bp<=cied '' will taru out 
^uaU^ nndCMd for d^ept/ oxcitltig the imAgiiiSition. It is not 
with fro^otn that w«t can syiupTLthize, but with fttie men. 
Tbort ought, indcod, to be in hiatoi-y a spirit «uporior to petty 
dittinctionn and vnlj^LT porUoJiticB ; our paitioulotr affootiona 
ouEfht to h« «iiLighteued and purified ; Hit th^y vhonld nnt ha 
abandoned, or, Hiioh is the condition at hiuuAtiiLy, our feeliugi 
miut eTAporatti and fado away in that eictre^mo dlffnaion. Por- 
hapa, in a certain ^oado, the sureat mode of pleaaiB^ and m- 
stmctin^ all nation* I'jt u> trrite for on?. 

Tliu too Schilkr VAS avtLK of, and had in (lart attended tcx 
Beaidos, the Thirty- Veani War it a aubjoet in which nutioi^ 
ali^ of f«*«bug may be eren wholly spared, better than in 
albost any other It is not a G«nnan but a European suIk 
j«ct; it forme the oonclut^ir^ portion of the Reforinatioa« 
and thin in an event i^cIou^iDg not to .my conntry in parti- 
cular, but to the hnmau rar-e. Yet^ if wd mistake not, thie 



£4>T IIL 

ovorlcudawy t« t^cra1ij:4'»ioiL, both u> tho^f;ll^p uid otnfci- 
iDUit, bu ntlu^ JiLU<t tUo pr««>«iit work. The phUowpiiyt 
with wiuob Lt b Ltabued, now and th«u t^ruwft vu^im front 
ks ftbntaioUiMi^ uteUccCiuU froui lb« ntliD«n>oat; the onthu- 
«iasm wkich (lerradM it, ulCT^ted, tt^ni^ fraligbteiiod, would 
kiro uiliL botwr os our hearta, had it boeu ouiiHiwd wUhin 
a rm-rrowet aioa-. uul diwottsl u> a luoru S[it<«illQ l-Lasa of ob 
jcwU. lu hia cxlttuic atlmtioa tu Ukj iiliilosopbicttl a^jiwitt 
of iha \tvtiifd, ScliiUtfr hm ue^lcritJML to tdu AdTOuUgo of 
Bum^ intorostiiig circumKtnuc^JiT whidi it offoro*! uiidcT oUmtf 
ptiiuu (»r rirw. Tl]«i Thirty'Yeam Witr aboiimU wiili wUai 
BJaj' be cutlijd pJctnic3<jurQea;i iu itn cvcdU, uiid ntdll isor« 
itk Uk* Oi>DdiUi>a o1 ib<> puopl^ ivh^ Ciuriai il uu. Hut«'ft i/v- 
lory «/ Otftltfvu^, ft vild«ii«ss vhidi iu^pa humvi p ati m t 
■oejM uunMif to oxplon^ is >#t oulivoucd lu-ii; ami iluirv 
ni^ a diccrful •|»t, wh^n Lo tclbi lu o£ ttomo noi&ltttU or 
cdJuiEtudo, or spocuIatL<0 on troopera roaderetl biUlui-proof bjr 
Art'ina^ir, Hin cibaotlo reoortU luivi^ iu fiict, Afforde^S to •■r 
JiovvliAt Ui'^ la^ff luAiieriuls uf Duj^^d D^^Uy, ft cavoUvr of 
Ui« moot ait^^'oUr «4)uipiu^nt» of chonuitcr luid nutinon irhioli, 
for laftay rcasotu, morit flCudjr anil di^icriptiou. To laoeh of 
tLifl^ (bou^r aa be afterwards proved, it vu wpU knoini to 
kin, Scbilicr pAid oompftntivcl^ AinaU atUntioQj hii woiL 
kaa iotft in JirelmoM by tho omistfioD^ more tbon it luu guiiaed 
in diguUy or iEi»tni«4ivia)MH. 

Yetr Willi all it* iiii|itfrfHuliuiJb, tliuii a iii> ordiEiJUy biHUiryr 
Tbo spKxtlo^a, it is true, is nut ^ln^js cf tbe kiiid wc viab ^ 
it oxelndcM mora inoviiiif or caUiruuiitif U'pic*, and Ktnotimofi 
■avoni of the bitupeHimiiixl tbr'oriAl vho hoA [UUiWKl bU tlafft 
tKiuuU; (rota (uactical nUiltfanicii ; iLe AubjtfCl liat iiot vuCE- 
«icdii unit/i in spite of tfvorj effort, it bi'oalu iutty fn^pBtolt 
tmranb tluo oonduslOD : but Btill tb#ro in im ctiorgy, m vigop 
o«s beauty ^ tbe work^ wkidi fiir moiw tliim nnlt^ini im CmI> 
infCi- Gnat tbongbts at eT«rjr turn arretit «ur attculion, and 
mako us p«iao to ooaiirtB or oontnuJiot thosi ; ii^ppy tA«te- 
pbon,' vuiDc %'ivid dcieriptijnn of ovotits luid ui«it, rcniod as 

wkMvbB iabhw Ui^kumuf (bt yhmiqt AilMH«Hiil Hamg 




of the luiUuir of FSmo* vnd Dan C*ifh». Th^ chunoUin of 
Qiutama and WftUenatcio tint finely dcrdopwd in Ui6 ooan6 
of the mi.n'ativ^ Tillv's piuajL^ r>f lli^ L«oh, the biittles of 
lj^ij)7i^ )tm1 l.iif.xi^ii Et^ur^ iii our r«ioc>lWl,io[i, ra if (Hir «ym 
hftd witncs»cil tbcni- Iho death of Ou«Uvn« is described ia 
torma wliiuh mif^ht draw '' ipcn tcof^^^ fr^m thi^ ej'co of 
70t«nuu.' II *?biUcr Ijjid huUmed to dwuU upon the mer^ 
vi&iial €r iiji^iiijttlve dt-pa^i'i^iut^iii of Uia aiibjtii.'l, mf nivin fUJitld 
have paintvd il wore ucapbically, or better ci.l\&l forth our 
ttDc^tione, flyiQpatlictia or romADtic^ But ihi^t vc havo aoctiii 
was not by any m^^ms his laailtncE itim. 

On ttii^ wluiln, tlio prv^-U-iiE; Mcirk i» nttll lbi< bant liJubiriuttL 
porfonujvnof: which Ocnnany <an bout of. Iliillor^e hiatorioa 
&ra di^tin^uhod by uiurita oi another koH; by oond^naing, 
in a gii^Q Bpace, and fi'pqn*^Tfct.ly in lupid firdor, a qu.^ntily 
of InfonDAtioiif ~cci]>LOU« jlmiJ ».uthcntk liE^ytJiid c^x^mple; bub 
u intcUeotujJ producttoPN thry caiinob rank with Schillcr'fl. 
Wolimuin of BcrliD haa ikddud to tbo TAirt^yofm (rvo- 
tnother worlc of ^quil eE^e^ by vmy of continuation, t'Titltled 
Bwftfvy ft/ the Feaer <if Jilunttrri writh tlie firiit ii«t'i»tiatioDS of 
vidcb troaty the fcrmor ooncludca. WoUmnnn is a pcmon 
of ability i bnt wo dare not ray of hiin^ vhul Wi^iland said 
of SuhUli-T, thttt by hii lint hiHtorlral atteinjit he ''tuu clin> 
««rar»d & duoldod cupaUUty of riaing to n. level with Huiae» 
Bobortson and QibboD.** Uo will rather riBt> to a levol vrth 
Beisham or SmolUtt. 

This firet oomplete npa^zmeu of SchiUcr'a art in th9 liia* 
toricol d^partmobt, thoii^'h bnt a jamall fractioa of what he 
meant to dOj and ttouW have doa^*, provi>d In fai?t to bfl thn 
but ho cTcr undertxKik. At pr^ftunt rnrj different cai"<?» 
awnitod him : In 17dl, a fit of Bickn«art overtook bim \ ho 
had to exflhang^ the iF:epiring l&bors of bCeraturo for tba 

l|i«i PBlirncd \t> nrnHpla no th** ftrit ontFUnw i^f A1»bi. hf Ihlii «riliiiJij *imil* : 
'*>fuw tb«l ttiv rn^ Kul tn^nivhl clix Spam*'! (iunnrtl viUiJu tti unllpt, ii hul 
Ihtk Air w 4rf 1 num thai lutii ilrunk 4 t^it]! vf luinuai and with aliudUcHD^ 

> &c«AppcQdix«Nik4 




vliidi tuuX ita taat In the cb«6t, viw rLoUat ud Uiro>t»niiifi; 
tuiU Ukough UMtiuv cvirruLTOti It Itt thv pn*Aeut iiLabuK^ tlie 
hiifniiif of «ntire boalib nercr mtuo rAtoriuMi to hiDi. Thi> 
4U0O of this soTcra offliotion ^'ihuihI to he thu uncoasifi^ 
toil ftttd vixidiy of mlniil, tn wMdU hla daya had httherto 
hmta |kue«d: tiia fiwiis* wlifcb, tbuufb toll, had neror Imui 
robufitv WM too Tciik for tho velioment fttid aloopUaa soul 
that dtrolt vritbiQ it j iLiid thv h^ibit uf uootiunAJ study had, 
zw doubt, u(fgr^vau*d nil th*< utlier mifictiefa. Erer idooa 
liitt r^^id^iK^u ±it Dretdeu, tua cou^lituUou liod been weak* 
•nod: but tbi? rvdc Khock iit once fhftttnrcd jU rcim^ininj; 
Mt^ngth; fox a Itmo Che ktri^o^t pruCAJiiioiu vcn- rctjciiried 
bar«]jr to |in!Ai^rvv eiUt**]ii>u^ A toUJ utiHfiutuiEi from every 
intoljeottal oSoit waa oEie of the most pef«ia|jtarjr lavs |>i«* 
MTibod to hinu SohilWs hMtB and domeatic cUvucostwiaeo 
i^oallj- r»balUd ag^b^t thin measure ; with a heloved ^ifo 
dniuiidjiig CO bim for ftii|]iH>rt, UKurtinn ltKi>lf onnid luim 
pnwur^d him littlo r^t. lib case vcoi&cd baid> bis pro*- 
pc>cli af inQOCOat felicitj had bo>oii boo touafuUy obaooittd- 
Ymi in thij puinful and dilEcnlt jioaitioii. hp <lid not yield to 
dutpondeany; and at IrDgth, juis^ikLuitt, aud pnrtijj d«liv«i^ 
aoco^ readied him from a verjr ui^pxpeoted quarter. Soliillcr 
liad tiot loTig bei}fi ALok, when the tiiereditaty Priueo, aov 
ridding 7>ii1ga <]f HAlntpin-AiipifitATiburg; jointjj nith lbs 
Oount Voti Sc--hiini]ii7lm<-uiii. ix^nfcm^l on hiia a pftDJUO& of a 
thouaand oro^rna tor iiir*^e yi^urti.^ Ki> PtipulatJon wu add^, 
but ipflrely tlkat he shoaJd be oaretial of Lu h^aJth, and nse 
avflrjr altentioD to reeovtir. Thie speedy aitd ^leneroiu aid, 
jDOEcot^er, vm prMcxttcd wich a delicate poLilvw^u, whicb, 
ai SoluUtr enii^^ towliod him aicns than evpc the ipft itaeil. 
W9 Bbnold reraemht'r this Couut and ttiia D^iku; they daaarra 
aoma adoiiratioQ aikd Koma esivj* 

Tbia db-^rirr bt™d[io«l a mflUncbolT cliinff into fichilleT'a 
efrenmstacccB : ht^ bad now aaothor aiunny bo atriTt «ith, a 
aaot«t and fiHUful impediment to Taii^uiMb, in whi^h mweh. 

^ h «» u> DtMfk Ukt/wim ibM JLL^vMikJi o«Md Ui« aitTff* ol «aB|lifr 




TPsolnt* Dffort ranat l» flank without prodDoing aoy poflitlvt 
rrstulL rftin u notf ittirdy nyntiiiviiiouft witli ¥.v\] ; Hit hoi\t\f 
pftin aeems Icsa rodtWDicd by good thim nimoat uny other kind 
of h. From the lo«t of fortune, of fame^ or ^*ei] o( fn^odv, 
fhilfwopby prflt^ni^fi to ilraw n ci>rtniii comppusHfing h«iii?ifft; 
but in gt^dcnil thi^ prrrrLLncnt losA of hr^nlth m\\ bi<) dcfiftncQ 
M h^r Alchemy. It is a. ii»tv«r«^l liimiuution; tlio ilimiittitiOR 
eqtinlljr of oat rwrnirciM ami of mir capacity to guide them j 
ft peojilty uunkiliKi^tfu), Knvr- by IOV0 of frirniltf, vhicli thep ftnt 
bnomC0 truly dcftr and i>rrf:]ou3 in ua ^ or by i^omfort^ brouiclit 
tnm bejoncl thtii ourtliky 8pheri% from ttMt £(.'rciii> KoantniD of 
pMOn &Dd hop^t to wliir)) our wni^k I'hilrmriphy oannot thIbo 
bcT winy. For »n mro, in it^plf, diJirAAr in mistry ; but ehiofly 
for men of finer ft^-lingn luid cnit^^wotoutaf to wbonij iii rotom 
for euob tupanoHti^ft, it Beems to b« nofit meet frequently and 
In Its moet distresslug fornix, Uisftrruc? inU^ for the j»Qe*t 
to havo tiM s^uikDy laod of bi« imaginatjati, often tbo 0OIO terri- 
tory bo U lord of, dinti^^tcd and dsLrkcnod by the shjultis of 
paia J for one who«*i highoat bapphi^a* Ss'tliC! rfsertwu of }dt 
miTfitad fjurultiirfv t4^ ljfiv« Uii.-<m i^ij^iiiiDil :LJid punily'iAed in ilia 
bn()ri80Dini?itt of a diateinpen^ fraiu^. Wit>ti ^xt^rtjal ^tlvity, 
with fka}pB.bla pitrfluit^T nbriTi> ntl, witb a tuitubic pliu^idity of 
nutiuvT iniieli ovan hi rrrtiLiti itiLtt^A of KLckneKS wtiy lie per* 
fonu«d wid eiijoytfj!. But fur biin wbofle ht^ri is already otcp* 
kecD* who«e world la of tbo miDd* ideal, internal ; wb<?ti thn 
mUdiewof liDgehng diaoaae has utrut^k that world, ami br^n 
to blfick^n and consomi* it* bnaHty, nothing ftPHna Li> n^initin 
but i1i<-X|»n(3eniTy mid tiitlnrnf^K^ and dci^olatc aorrotr, fi^lt &ud 
antictptited, to the end. 

Wo« to him if hts will blcewise falter, if bia T«eohitioD fail, 
nfiA bifl spirit b^nd II8 ripck to thn yok« of thx% npv pncmy I 
rdlcneas aod a divturboil im^oation will gain the niajiteT>- of 
him, and list looan thr-ir thou^Jind firnds to hiirasB him, to tor- 
ment him into madn^Aft. Alas! thi^ tK>cutage of A.1^pr« \% tTPp~ 
dom ooniparPLl with this of th^* sick msui of grniaii, vrhann luMit 
has faiiit<^d and ituuk beneath it* lMtd> His day dwelling i» 
ohjuitj^cd itito a gloomy priaon j every ncne is Ix^cnie aii av^ 
um of difi^fust or ai^inii^b; aod thct houI »itx within, in htsr 



Ptfcr HL 

nduicdioly toDclSniwi, a jiray to Ili« ajieolTOA nf desfttir, or 
Btup«fi«l with cKocoa uf asftcnog, doume^ w it w«r« ti> a " Ul« 
m deotb^" to • omsbcvoqwom of A«:oaitod oxUt«i»«, without tht 
ffffttfk'nfttf of powor wbidi Khunld ftocoioipiisj iL Happily, 
^Lesth, or etitins faUiitjr, at Ivu^Lli pnttt mi oud to Tiudi aumea 
of ifDoblo muerr ; wbidi, howuve«, l^noblo w ikaj m^ w« 
0«|^ bo Tiow with piljr TtkllMr Uk^n eoDt«inpL 

Saoh ftro friupittntly tlm itnitst nf protnbcUHl ai<ikii<«i, in laan 
othvrviac of nttinablc i^Djditiea and gifts, but vkooo Ncciulitliij 
exceeds tb«ii etrv^^Ktb [>f mind Id SckUIor. iU vcral e0«otfl 
vvrv rtiHieted tjr tLo uuly availing aiitijlot<>, a ttrmaoud iloc#r' 
nloation to wglwt thrin. FltK spirit wa^ too vigormia and 
Mdettt to flcU] •Ten lU tliia cmcigcncy ; be dudAined to dwtlk> 
dlo into ■ piouig ynlotuflitwriaii ; iu Uio luwUt ut hia infinnitiafli 
ba panermd with mialnt^il ihlI tn \h^ graat biuibese of bia 
lifiK, Aa bo pATtially n-Miviml, bi^ nttiiruod aa atmauuiixl^ wi 
avu to bi* ist^Hoctual ooijapatioDi ; and oftcD* in tbo i^or of 
poir4ii?al Donocpticu, ho alcaost forgot hia mahuliAa. By jiucb 
naoltLte and manly ooiiduot, he disarmed aiokoesa of ita tsrwaU 
«t jiovfrr to vomul ; hh fivo« mitflit. Ifu in piuti, but hbi spirit 
retailed iu forar, UDCXtiEfc|nuab«d, abaovt uuimpadad; he did 
Dot luov hit ruliitli for tbo btautiful, the tfrand, or tba good* 
in any of ihi?ir shapes ; he loved bis frivDila as foroierly, and 
wroia hia fiuwsl ami auUiiuost vroria wLou lu» bealUi v«a 
ga&«. Pcrh^^M no period of hifl lifo didplayod more bcroiasi 
thau tha (ireaant com. 

After ihh mr&rt attafk, iLDd t^in kiitd provlaiini wbiuJt ha 
had rftoeivnl from DaajiiArk, boUUnr aofiiia to Lave reJajwd 
Jtia ooniM>otioTt with th« UniT(>raiy oC J«nii: thi* vniKbtiaal 
dnUea of hit vlaaa appnar to bav^f boon diaobargcti by proxy, 
and bis luAtDfi<:iO sLudivH tu luivi? Wen (unjdieji. Vet tbia mm 
but a dionjcv not as abatcaueuli io tbo aotirity of bia miod. 
UiM^e puitaUy fT«o from paiE^ all hia fotraor dih^aoe awokh} i 
ao«I \Kiag also frtTT fruiD tin tnure prrvaiug ituJU of diUy and 
aoDOomy, ho waa aon alloatjii U> turn liia altciiLLun to^ibjnctv 
whidi attm^iod tt aaor«. Auoog tbaae oua of tbo mottt alitt^ 
lag waa tho rbiJoaopby oC KmmiI. 

Xha *™^*"— "*-'''^ ^jabamuX Lho KAuigKixwg Proieaaor ha^ 


tmhwm. HANTS pmLosopfrr. wr 

for tbu lut U'tt yftin, been *{veei1iiip owr O^nnuj, vhlnh It 
lud uow filled witk tht mo«t viokut cocLtentiontf, Tito powers 
ftad MoooipltGhBiratfl of Kutt wen uuiTortfiUy noknowlodged ; 
ths ttigli |ir«ttra«Mns of hbt aj-st^ni, ptHopaicwd, tt it crvo, such 
IB had been a thoucand tiiii«s puL fortli> a tLuutivMl tijiirs TmrKl 
woutiiig, still cx<fit«d tioti^ vfa«n #o bacJiod by fcbility mrtA 
IQfNiMLfoD. The ^ of mystioUo oonDocted witJi theao dmv 
triiHV T«8 atinviUvii to l1^^ G«nriA» miiifL with vhich tb^ 
T««n>c And tfao r^ut are always pl«asiiis iimhbicv; tbr drradfol 
■nnj of fintt phncipl^ii, tho foroet hup^ of UtFLiiitioIO}:^ nnd 

Ui ill pvLlitt-M Lhi'.'ki^, »f]il [fct. IcTCigtb Binkn pLiweHrim to thn 

eartb, <ippTC«ae4l with fatigue, and siUTocabsd with aobolvtixo 
niaama, so^mod s«b1tRio ra^b^r than appallmg to tlM OvnngDi i 
nno who Nhrink not at toil, and to whom a oertidn d«gr«o of 
(UrkuRM np]M!urH a natire elenwul* oaseoitial for giving? plaj to 
Uiat dfe]> nxHlitattrD «otha»uum which forma so tmportant 
a fmbun in th«ir ch^rwstvr, Kanffi fhtlcaoikhy, aooordi&gly, 
fmind niim^rouB disotplas, and poaaes»«d them with a leal 
nnt^KAinjtled autttf Hve days of Pytbagorea, ThiH^ in faot, lo- 
•nnbled S|nntval faiiaticism mtbcv thaa a calm ardor m tho 
«nitaof wdfmGO; Kaac's wnnnett adtaiKTfl Meaicd tongtrd 
hbtinoMlu the light of Ajifi*[ilwt ihjinof atDonj oarthly aspi. 
Baeb adiDinOioD was of coanr oppowd by ootrwpoading ceia- 
mmj ; tho tnasooBdontal aoophTtoa had to eaoount^r soeptioa) 
0BiBM^«rs as datoFmincd aa tbansalrAH, Of thin Ifttbir^-Tuji 
the ntmt TvMMirVnhlv vtrt- Kerdvvttnd Wiobuid- Hcrdcrf Lb^'D 
A clorgyinan uf Weimar^ stTOoia nrre^ to bavc co&iprobcDdcMl 
what bo foQi^ht a^junit «o keenly : ba dcnouaoed and ooa 
dcinii«d tha Knntiaa prietupiiy«i<;8, 1#caiian hv found lli^iii 
birtrnrtflax. Ttin youag divinca CHiue badi from tho UnJTei-tity 
of Jofia with their isindA w^ll a^h dolinonA ; fall of atran^ 
doctnuGSv which tbey ^xplaioed to tho uxaminatort of th^ 
WHfnar OonsUtoriwm in plirutf« that excit*d no idea in the 
Imjida of thcvo rcrprrnil pentoiis, bnt CDUch horror lo th^ir 
buarta.* Hcoco rcj^nihaaris, and objur^tiouij and iMccsfiiva 

u>hii ■tu^vni^"Tu^Hffniw,^itiJ*Rwa. IibiUcri»tcisat''iikb(riratBMuas 



PucT nL 

btttftrn^SH tK^tween the a|'|>lieia»t« for orilttLnticii fttiil tlio^v up- 
pointed to oouf«r it: oii^ yonag olcrf^vjuiin at Woimftf abot 
hinuaolf on ihttt ooootint; hore^f, unU jarring, aitd nnprofilable 
logiL-. wurtf uuJT4-rsaL H^jce H^Mpp'h ¥*hflmflnt attackn on 
tUifl *' jwniiduua yuaclwry ; '* tliid dclt^sivc and (dcntTuotive 
''ay^toua of wordu,"' Wicland otrovo agaioBt it for wiotber 
roa«o». Hp bjul, nil bin hfo, boeo liiboriiig to give min^ory 
tunoiig hU ouuiitrirmeik to a Kpeaii^e nf ililuttd e|iLi-QHFni; U> 
«r«ct A certfiii^ Bmootli* And flcgnnt, aiid Tcry •londo' scheme 
ol tMtf^ ntid moraU, barroncd from our !^h4iEltabur7 and tUe 
Trtnoh. All thi« feobli» wUfito lbi> new doouine was aw««p- 
iij^* Ijel'urfl it U> utU-r ruiiif wiUi LJi^ viuleuoe uf & toni&do. It 
lETieved Wieland tc aeo tho vork of half n ccntnry destroyed : 
1m fondly ima^ad Ibat but for Knnfn ptiilunopby it mi^ht 
^TQ bnnn pt-rmmil- Witb itn<T|>LLr'Hn] qiinki'imj int4> luitiuii 
bj niioh molitra. Herder aijil ha vent furtli u brolli^r cli&ju- 
pJonii ttgainat tli« traiiJc«:ideiLtal nK-tapliysica ; tJiey w«t«T Dot 
long mthout & mnltltuile of hot a<i«ailauU. The uprotf pffo- 
dmwd Mnoii^ thinking mirn by the n.imtlirt, htut i;raratly biSHii 
fl(|UAll«d in (irriuonj sinmi tho clayn of Ltitbcr. E^ii^liU were 
fcufUtt and victonnt lost aDd von ; noarly ali the minds of the 
natloii wer^r in Bccrot or openly, arrayed on Ibia side or on that 
Gnnthp alnnp n^iriiid altAgnthnr to n^tAin hU wontcul cnmptw 
Mun ; he wod clear for allowiuir the Kantian «cheiuc to " have 
iti dajr aa all thinge haTo." Qoetlic' htm already lirod to boo 
the wifldotD of this M&dinent, so obaractorUtio ot his gonhia 
and turn of thoughts 

la thwd contxoTexoiee. soon pushed beyond the bouudji of 
tamponifco or wfaolveom^f diaoossioit, 8chiU>?r took nr> port : bnt 
the oolae they foade tfTordod him a frvnh tndurfftni^itt to iDvovti- 
gaU* a set of doctriucH. mi lm|)artini in thn gwnt-nd mtimo-Uim. 
A ayatem which firooUod, or«n intli a vtry littU plausibilitji 

^ Sn Ilfrdrr't t<4m.hT MaVTidow^ Tfiiu 11'mSpr«uin'»l mnftllirtmilikd 
with wiir tuiphllrAtphlml nrqptErliin, or fetMnimi u* nirinKj, inMf ba lafemd 
imm hbpalMBii^g t>p. (;&]]'■ •jfttDtn H I'lffvinjlugr, ur " KLnJl^uttrbt " u 
thtj Cttfl h io Q«niuuj But (iaU WE ruff-rrrd with fechtiir*v1nlKiuaQ( Bod 
&rn]JnAbii ut Ibc Phiiampkle (At fJmtAltttt ^r JVdirAidt llm hy a 




of; Ui «>xj)]aiTi Uify ililft!rBQoe Wtw(«n MALlvr unci Spirit, to 
uanLVoJ tbc |>crpjcxitjca of Kecoasity achI Freewill ; lo kh^ir 
ua th« trutf froundu of oiu boLof in G«d, lUid whAt hop« nature 
givvA m of iLe AuuJ H uiuiiorUltty ; and tbtui ftt tengtli, After 
a Uiouttft^ XaJluiuo, iv iiileriritt itiv t-iii^-ma of our beiiij^** 
tuLfdly Qcoded diftt additional induocmont to mako eooh a man 
ai SohiUar grup kt it with oager cruhoBity. His progroo* aUo 
«M fuciliUtAd by lib pnueiit eirQiuiiHbifitr<!4 ; Jrtin Imd bow 
bMOttM tlie chief wrcU-flpriiis of KttuUjiu clut^triiic, a clivUfictimi 
or ditynwo it ba« crcr eiooo wnlicuod to doai^rvf. E^iDliold, 
o&o of Kant'i ablt'Et follovci^ wu ftt thiai iimo Si:]iill<rrV fol^ 
low4i<«c1inr mDil duly ctomp^iiinn : l}n did acit fnil tri I'lmiuTHg* 
•nd AMifft hill fnaid in u path of nlndy, whioii, tu* he bcUcred, 
•onductod to »iLuh glorioijd rvaulta. Uo^lur tt^i» ttiition, ScLiI' 
ler wft* ikot l^ng in discovering, tbat At li^wl: thn "tn^vr phi' 
lumpUy vriut iiumT jiocTtii'^ titan that itf lit^ihiiit*^ vid liod M 
fTJUkdcr cLuLtoctcr;" pcnouious vhic^ of ooimw ooniiniied 
liiis iu hie rrwilution tfl cxomino it. 

How fir 8«iiill«r pe ut^tTtttod into the mrcavA of tnti«iM>n(l^at' 
attra it ta impofltikle for us to say. The m*^]ihyfiiojJ lutd 
Io^qbI branches of it socoi to have afTord^d hiiD no ewlid i»atid- 
faotiofi, or tok«ii no firm hold of Iuk thoughts; thuir iiiflaoiitt> 
ia flULTcely to b« trftuod ta any of hiM ALtlwur{ti«iit wriLiii^ 
Hw ouij dv(unmeiiL to which ho attached hiuiA«H with his 
«Tdi&U7 DT^i wftd l-^iAt which iv-iatcci to tli« prini;iptofi ol tli* 
umUtiv« art*, vith their moral iuflueuce*, and vrluch in tlw 
Kantian nonu*Ticl»bure (uia l>^i<ri deHlgiiotod hy Uil' tvrm ^ji^ 
iMim/ or the dootrlue of ««ntiuic&t4 luid nu&tioiis. (Jn thtf«e 
aabjoots be hod olmady actuuiiidMl n loultitndp of th^mgUtii; to 
■v« whii^h oatpr^Bsed hy u^v byniboU, and nrriii^yrcl in s^aU'iti' 
atif< Until, and held lugvUier hy Houie ooiuiDon tiicot^', would 
■cooiiariiy yield enjoyment to hia intclloctf And inspire biui 
vilh ixttt aldoTTty ia proaouutiDt; *uoh weearchLHL Die now 
ii^t which davo^d, or aer<inml Ui d4wa. upoii him, in the 
^onne of lhe» iiiTfietlsatioas» in rttto-rU^d. i» vririonp creatiace, 




rxn 111 

ovinctng, nt least, thn honoft dtlig«nci* with which h^ ttudlod, 
and tfir fi^rtility tritb wtiich he tsm\i\ j>ru*iuce. Of t]t«8i^ Ui« 
W^-Mt Aiki] moat el&boT&to are the ossnyfl on Gmtf ttnd f>i^ 
nity ; en ^aice and SontintftUiil Poetry ; and the Letttrt tm 
the ^ttiutic Culler* 0/ Jtfan : tho Gthcr pi«ovtt are on Tra^ 
j4if / OD tlid Pat!tvt\f. ; oa the <7au«0 o/" aur DelxffhC in 7Vu£r» 

ikitt^ CftJit in tho tnouM nf Kanti^m, or nt tocut olothod m 
ilN gnnnrrntft, ttiojic pnvJui'tifinat^ to rvndrrn unuivjuaiTttrd with 
tbat aynl^nin pU'f rtir!UEiilH<red heiv bni) \X%kxv witL difficulties 
^raater tWi ^)e1oi}ic ictriiidi'^llj to tho subj^t 1q pi^ruftiag 
iinmHj tliA nntnitiated i:tiidotit in mortitUid nt Mwia^ %o mudi 
powerful tli'iTight di^tnrtnl, -u hu thinlu, into ctit-h fiiiitJUfUa 
forma : thn ]}riiid|J<;)( of m;k.io]iing, on wliich tliey reat. are 
appu«nlJy not tho»« of common lo|ric; a dimnees and doubt 
ovQrhaiii;^ their ooQdu»loD3; soarooly atiythicg i« pTOTmi ia 
a convtnoing manner. Rnt this \^ no fltTniigfi qimiity tn itunh 
writuitr*' To an CiJtotcrio rf^jiidi^r th** philosopliy of Kant ut- 
most cUwiijft uppocvre to invt ti tli<) «omD^oa taaxim y ite 6ud and 
^A aMm Dot to be "to make abfltTuae things simf^lo, bnt to 
maVn timplr thin^ abslnwi*," OfVn a pro|x^sition of inMni* 
tabic and drrad Mpcct, irhnn molntcly i^rapplcd with, and 
torn from itA fth&ily d«ii, hat ittf bnatling oiitTcuclunFD.ta of 
imcouth temihiolci^r aud dragged forth Into tli« open light of 
ilay> lo bv aeti^u by tb« tiatitra] eye, aiiit lri«d by [iier«ly humaa 
nDdantAndinK. pro^*** lo bo a very haimlps* tmth, fckmiliar to 
na from of old, lomvtintfis bo Eamiliur an to be a traitm. Too 
fre^uonilyr the anaioua novic# i% mmindMl of Dryden In the 
BtUUd 0/ the Bo^k* : then< b a, brlinrft of rusty iron, dark, erim, 
gifpuitto} and within it, at tli^ farthest corner, ifl a htxul no 
bigger than a walnttt. Th^o are thn f;^>nrnU cttot* of Kxnttan 
Critici«iu \ in tlic pr««?iit woiVh. Lhey u-b by no meaiia of liio 
wor*t <n moat p^rrndinic kind; and thoTc is a fnmiHXnental 
mf^rit ithi«h does moro than count«rl>[Uunco thnm. By tbo aid 
of ^tTidy^ ihf* dootrititf iMt bi^fori^ urt uan, In gtn^ral^ »t h^ngUi 
be (ompr«he tilled ; and Sdiillf^r's fluo luLellect, r^^roufiiLukbla 
0VC91 in ita oia«<|«cntd<^, ia crrr and anon pcciinK forth in ita 
nMfivtt Com, vUah all may twderataadf vhiob all muat relial^ 

KASTS rniLosoi'inr, 


And p^K[]Uii|[ qji witU [ABUgut Uiat siLuv like bri^^lit vradftat 
idUiuift in Iht ^iatf aea of ibctapliyftic&, 

Pliilnaapliy ; but it U ri(;;hl to ^litl Ui»I r-Ui<y un^ tbn nwulL of 

vmIi Uiul itny iutlueiio« ol cuts should adU a ai^tc, howpTer 
ftteld6^ lo the loud imd not at all melodious orj wMch Kxa 
bmi iWMd agaiusl U in Uiis oouiitry. Wlt^n a class of doc- 
tiiikfii to zftTolrcd ic diftioultici, >(^t ao ftuictioncd by illu*- 
tno«ii BUnei^ U «4t before ii»j oiikrioxity mudt bavo a theory 
mpeetittg them, and Indoleooe and other humbler ftreUn^s ar« 
too ready tu afTonl hu? ouo. To cidi K2uL*« sytU^ai a likboriuu^ 
drG&m,ud its odbcjwita ctnaj tiifAtictt, it a brief method, bri«f 
£UaiL Th« ontbf vrhosi> pbiloacphy iiiclu<ltfA tb« C7ra4jnc4« 
oitMi like lh4<6f, ail euJiW} aiuI tLtaoothly hi Ite fonuuU^ 
tlMWld rciKl«r Uiaiiks io TIcat^^b far hnving gifted Viat vriih 
■donon DAd amiucDf ^ fnw in fmy o^ or country havo bcc^Q 
giftod. BUonor in«ii, howiJvcT, ought to iccuUact thai, when 
we diu Dol itudenUuiil. vv nliuuLd [>i«tpoue ileviduig, ur^ til 
kaaU k^ep our decisioa for our owd oa&cloaivo boue&t. Wo of 
Kbj^Lasd m&y roJMt UkU Kautioik Aystom, ptirhkpA vrLth ioa»nf 
\mt it ciught to be un othi't gNmuda iliou are yet. before ua. 
riUoa^lJiy it scktioo, nud ^twact, it& Schiller lu obaorved, 
cAunot alwayi* be oxpUAnod ia '^ ooov^rBAtionfi by the parlor 
fira/^ or In Tritt^ii craittUos that rasomMe such- Tbo ciU h^no 
of thflfto dfHTtrinpA mny not, it in lotp, bu a^xprva^iililt! by lallii 
inettnl Gampotulionn i the subject »lsu Li jt^rpkj^Ml wiik c^ 
tooriCuu, ftnil probably n-iUi tn^uifold d«Jtuiont i iiud toL> often 
iU i&£iftTpr«tcr» with ua 1uw« Ujitii tiko ''t^^brifto sUrs,'' that 
"did r)^ out darkrie*!*' «n a matCtftr itoelf MillirirtntJy Jitrk. 
But vlcftt tbeu ? Ii» Uit^ jeTol aJvoyn to bo found AiDODg tJio 
oOBXDOD dust of Ibc hiiphway, tod Always to be wtim&tod by 
it* TftliM" in t)io forotoon judgmt^Dt? It liee embosomed lu 
tb« de^idki rtf the iiiilte; rooks imLHt h» rent before tt c&o be 
teaahod; ekiirul eyes Mid heitdt miut Mpanit^ it front tho 
rabUeh trlHm it iien oonooolcd, auai kiiigly purvbtMrft alone 
ttiB prlie it Ajid buy IL Tbts biv 4if lUTruritoi is ^ub dAn^nfunn 
bi Miencc u it wu of eld ra poLiUcd. I^ ub uot foiget t}ul 




tniuiy thIu^-8 u^ tn]t> triilcli cuLinioC bQ d^iuOTifftretod by tlte 
mica of >TW> LtJr;iV ; tlut io;iq; truths u^ valmihle, fov 
vhicb no prioti m i^irt^n in t'atpmfMt4>r How, uid no pteftv- 
mc!ut offt-n-^d ut 8t^ St^pben'fi f Wlioever raaxie th^e treatises 
uf ScJiiUer wiUi uttdfitiuu, will perceive thht thcry dopcud on 
pruiciploa ol au immoiiBcly higher and inoro oomp\f»x chitnctcr 
than our ■< EttKiyfi on Tiuttc/* iind our -MuqviirifrA ooDcemins 
the Prevdom of th« Will" TU« lawrt of cHlifiism, wfaEch It Is 
their purpcae to prstftbUalif Mn dcnved from tho inmcrt natore 
of man ; Uio echcmo of taotnlity, whioh they intnAloato^ ooora 
Into a, brighter Mgion, vtry to bojond Uid ken of out '* CtilU 
liftt" :uid ■* Itrrtex-siiiiwflt*' Tlipy dij nol twurh ua "to judgv 
of poetry and ait a3 wfj judge of dionet," mofoly by o-boorviog 
the intprr^nioQs it prodiiood ia v.t\ and thry <io d^rire tho 
jutiM :ind ohi^f -vid of nun from nthpf nfroiirulfi tliftti tho phi- 
loaophy of Profit lUi^ Lous. Tiifwr F.ftfrni <rn ^Jinthrtit^ i\dtutm, 

iHtiiotit thft fud of anything irhioh tlie diceA !K)erptio4l could 
dtfijtiiiito »fi Knpt^ratttbn, trace oi:it and attempt to taaotion 
for UM 4 HysiHtii of inonlitj^ in whiHi thi* mihlimflst f9ftlfft|ra 
of th« Stoic aud tli« Ctiriituui ine rcpTc?wnttd hut lu iitAerfi in 
our progrflM to the pinnoole of true human ^'ruudf^ur; and CDan, 
bf]Uti>d on this frai^^nt of tho univerae* @nconip.^saed vith 
the liriiiudleni dr-jmln-tr TTaknnwn, at war with Fatn, tn'thont 
help or the hope of h«1p, 10 ocajfid(?ntlir trailed »poii to rise into 
a calm oloadJotu height of mti^Tnal activity and peu««, cuid Afl, 
wbnt hrf h^M fondly cuuned him^olf, the god of this lover vorld. 
When niii-h arc Iho KinillA, wh<i would not maki* an effort for 
ll« atq)H by which they arc attnined ? In S<:fciLlQr*iv trratisi^a. 
it must bo owQ^il, the r^idiT, after all exertions, will be for 
tnnatr if hp rnn find thi^m, Ypt ^ 4Aiy>nd pemnal will vatlflfy 
him brttvr thoii th« fimt . and anioDi; the shapeless imiaeaal- 
tie» wLiob till the Night of Kaniidm. and thr m*>teorio cotnv 
fst«on% whloh pprplpx him rather than enli^ht^n, ho will fancy 
ho dMorira nod'- fdn'^n of n norenor radiiinrtf. whirli he will 
pray devoutly tJial timt may pnrify and ripen into perfect day. 
Th« Phtloaophy of Kant la probably oombiaed with erron to 
ibn rprycvipc; Ihi! p^rhnpn nUo, rhi>i ponderous nnmanageabta 
diou in^jr hcu in it th« ovcflaatiug gold of trudil Uigb^ 





npintH luTA nlrftauly bbond in tefining hi is it triae 111 w to 
teka up Willi til'? ba4« pewter of UtilJly, ajid ivnounoe such 
projoctfi Eiltogothfrr? Wo truat, not' 

Thftt R<ihtU^'« gtimiuA pfofit«d by this laborious and ardent 
HtniLy of ^ICaithrtfi^ Miftnplijrxuvi, liwt fNt^iKrntfy been <loul>tad, 
and 8ometiiii«« denM. Tbat^ &ftcr atich iiivrf^li^jLJuu^ tbo 
prooesa »>£ ootnpoaition wotild Income more difHmilt* mijjht; bo 
taf«rr«d from the nntum of tbe case. Tli^t lUiu tho prinoi- 
pl«i of lluK critirail llMiory wrrfi in part erroiiwiui, jn still 
f^Teutct pjtxt Urn fur^fctchtid tmd tincvupiiij for apptk^alioii lo 
the LuBim.'£9 of wntiiii,", wo may farthL*r venture to (uincrtn 
But eiwllpnwj orrt ease of compoaltlou^ 1* the tliiuj^ to bo 
de«ircd » nad in a mind like ^^illcr'a, so full of «u«t|C7» of 
im&gu and thonfilitiv iii<] cirativ^a j^owi^, the more aioduJouA 
prftetioa of tolcction wiu little Uktfly to bb detrtm^ntal. And 
though couaifltirubk i^rnti-4 might mingle willi thif rulaft by 
wUlch hu jaJ^I liinibetf. tie luvbil of jtid^'tti^ laielesaly, or 
not at all, Ls f&r worao than that of uonictiiiios judjfing wrong, 
B>^a:d^, oiio<i ftwn«lom^d to att<Mid Hirirtly tu th*j opuralions 
of hifl ^niun, atilI ti^ornusly tci try h* pi-uliuitn, hurH % nian 
aa f^diillcr ci>uU! not f^iil in time to diMxiver wlut woa falao 
m Uic pnnrripkd by which hi; tnod thorn, and coneoquontty, 
in the fwl, to r«t&tn tb* beni'ftta of thi* prfH.'eclura witlimt it« 
eriU. There u donbtlmit » puriam in ta^tu, u ri^iJ fautdatical 
dttnand of pcrfwfcion, a horror at appronchinK th*^ limltwcf 
iiapropriftty, which ohalni<;ta tbd fron impulii*^ of tho fn<cii)ti««, 
nnd if oicAfifiivi^, wrjutd nltogothnr dwu]<^n tbem. But tins 
cjuaesB on tbo othrr Mr In luudi mote fi^iueut, and, for hif^h 
oDdowmeiit0T fntimlely moie perniciotis. After tho etron^rfit 
nfforte, thdra may be biiti« rcialifcid; without strong vffortSf 
Lbrrm mnfit be tittlr. That irm midi rarv iIoth hiirt In nity 
of <mr tai]i« is * doctrino m fluttrrinc to iaiolencc, that wo 
ought to munvo it v;itb ^itremo caution. In work< tm- 
prmod with iLtf at^iup of tru^ guniuft. thnir qnnlity, not 

* Xr^ <mr Ti«pH fwm M». C«Iodflg» alway* t> 1* fruiliiiw • SnMn M thi* 
C0BDI11UP4CUK ^jfiiluMpTi V oT tLt Si^U^b UA of litlle itM : it i* a ^ur phitoao- 
phX' prrhnpi: Eiut Qui vi pMVuanwai ail, vbUh •Ota* lo b« tiawaunt 



Pam Dt 

tMt «zt«Btf ifl vhat ve mliMi a doll tntu a^j spetud KU 
UMinu writing UUI0; bettor ho tlum writkig nadt) but a 
D!an of jiowj^rftil mind U lijilile Co no «iic]i i)iuig«r< Of »U 
OUT Mithon, Grujr in jwrlufis llie only aur ILaI rrom £uti- 
diouaau of UfiU; liJti ii*ritt<ik Usftt tbetn he ^ihould bAve dooo : 
. ihma A» Uiou8uid§ that h%v%* ^trtd tlw uUier way. Whikt 
iroaUi ft 8puit«h ruftdmr ^rc, hii/l Li>p« de V^^-u omapoeeJ a 
luuidred tiuuB &> little^ oiid ttiat little a huiiilrod tiuiofr &» 

dckilUr's own idea« on tl^ew pr-intd app«^r to be flufflomiUy 
KOkiod: Uu'jr ftiTR nki'biliPil in tlw f>ilUfWiTif{ nxtiart nf ft UttBr, 
&ut<rrc9itin(r nlno nn a record ot bis puq>Ci>c« mid i^taWocUud 
ooudiUvD at tills poriod: — 

^Criticiim muai Qt>v mike good to me the dimugie ite 
liQrHiTU luks doiMX AiiJ ilaiui^^ oiir sluf oiuat oartfttnlj ha^i 
for the boldnnu, tho living gli>w whicb I Mi Mon a rulo 
«n« knovrii to ta^ hu^o for s^^n^rfti ycvt boon w<vntaci|E. I 
r>ov ««f niyfteU rrMr« ftird^rm; I vnU-'li llw [>biy tif uii|iir^ 
lion; lutd uy faucj, kuuwiujc she ia nut tvitUruL vittiirnvs of 
kcr mov^meDU, no lonEvr moTot witb <hiwiI fre^ooi. I bope^ 
bovever, ultimiftt^ly la odTauod v> fiir that of^ ibaJl boooon^ 4 
Bflcoiid no^jtvs a* polish*^) ii3uuiie» xrv Ut «reU-l>rcd mra; 
tbt'Tt tniJbi^iwtiott If 111 rr^aiu ber /uciui*r frmNloni, nail aubmil 
fa) vtou^ bat Yoluntuy ItnutiaiGni." 

SdiUlvr'a aobiv^ijeDt vrititigK are th« bo«t prooJ th«t il 
tbaae ezpi<ot4tu}ii« bti bad nut muk^uuXaivd. 

Tbc bistcrioai and critical Btudifs^ in which be had bMB 
ao •JCtemivid}- ftnd ii^riously angB^ml, entiM not renudn witlh- 
oni tsffiMii uti ^Lillrr'n ganend intoltti'tiLst] ch(fcniict4»r, H« 
haft ipi^ lit ^vir attire ycAn in atudicA ditroted ftlnutft aoMy 
to dia undarst&ndirig, ar tba faooluca ooEL^octed witb it| and 
a«eh tnduKtry unitnd to vii«b ofdoe had prodLic«id an immetkaa 
aowiaiop of idcaa. Ilivtory ^ad furniAbad Ulin wiCb picUtfvs 
of iDACUkers and ere^ilA, of ntr^n^ ixinjtnaoturos and conditiona 
of axiit«n«* ; it had glv«n hvai mor^ i&icLUto and tmar oonMp* 
tioM of hqmaa nAtura in tta many ftiriiin, nt^vT attd HKJr^ 3hO- 
cnrata o|)Uiiou ou tbc oh&iMtci and end of mau. Tbts diuaftua 





of hU mind vrsut Ivth rnWg«d anil etiti^'1)U<ue<l ; n fDultitud« 
of uDag«^ and dcUthnil fft^U ^nti itf^r^^ptioTiA had been hid 
up tn h(<L lu&uii^L-y ; :Lnd his intoltoct vra* ftt on^i onhchdd by 
u^qttirM T,hjiLi|^hi>^, arid »iT«n(^h«uetl tiy iuonioced ozereiM on 

Hut to undoroUind wn* not crnouicli for Schillct; thflr© ve» 
in him fa,onUl<-s whit^fa tbil oouM not ainplorT nnd th^rflfoM 
GOuM r>ot iifttisfy. Thr? [rriniury voE'ation of hU natiirn vu 
poetry ; the AcquUitiuuiA ot hity other Taf ultit^ wtwd but u 
Iho mttorinln ior hia poetic faeulty ta ttflt upon, nnd seemed 
imporfc'ct t:ll they had b^^n aabhmatixt inlo t.ho pure and pe^ 
font fnrmit of tMMiity, whfoh if^ in thfl hnstnp^s nf this to i^IWt 
Cimn them. Neir tht^LtEhbi fwo hirth to new feeling*: an<t 
both of theao he wua now callod upon to hr>dy forth, to 
npmwit by viiible t^^p^. lo siniinA» aitd ftdorn with thd 
RM^o of ereftlivi^ gt^iihi^. Thr? first youthful lili/e of p<ietia 
ardor b&d loDg einc^ p-us'^d aweij ; liit this lar^ iucrejL»fi 
of knl^vledge awokoncd it onev-^ ri^lini^d by yours and ex- 
perienm into i steadier :iiid cli>arer flame. Vague shadov> 
of uiuiecomplMhtHl tfxcellenoOf |;]i.'HniH of idwil beuut^', wrre 
now boveriue fitfully acrosA bis mind : hff lotifc^ to tura 
them into shapr^, ^nd f^vo them a lueaL babiiation ajid % 
tiaino. Crititnvtn, liUrwiHtT^ had eialted hU notions of firl: 
the modem tvriterH on siibjects of tutc, Atintotle, the an* 
dent poet«i be had 1at<ely sti^dM ; he bad rrirefully oudeavorod 
to extract thn truth from oaeh, »nd to imnlgamate tbeit piin* 
«tp1es writli hilt own ; in r^fiioninng, li-ft was now mora dlfTScult to 
Mlisfy, Minor poema hod all along been partly cocui-yirijE hia 
at«<iutions bnt they yialdod no spftoo for the intensity of hts 
uD|mIa(iAr>uid thAiiift^iflejjnt idnaitthat worerininginhtKfonoy. 
CunBCunin of bin vtri'iigth. hr drrudrd not rn^iging vrilb the 
Ucbeai >peci<« of his art : the peniaal of the (ttoek trajL.'edians 
had pv<tra na^ t<i gomi* lato Er^nelAUons ; ' tho f>enisal <}i Hom^^r 
tei-ms now to )i9Vr iiigge^t^ thi> tdon of an opdtr ytvcta. Thu 
hero whtim be first i^ontcmplnti^l wu4 Gu»Uva4 Adolpbu^ ; 
he aftnrwnrdfi diungi'd U> I'Vetk-ri'^k th^ Gir^^t oi Priifiain. 

M«DBf uf lib PhanituM. 



Fur ttt- 

mju/ai, ;Lriri flupecuUlj liiu^ thnl of Bomo more inoptit atLujn^ibi, 
WvQ vUk UA beooaic u iciglily dull uEair. Tbat ddiUlM 
Auaod 4i aoaiethiitg in&iitely Uiglicr Utau tbew funt ud 
SupCT&nDUAted imitatiotiAi far biglier thuji e^^ou Rtof^tock feua 
AUaiwut, will nppeftr by this fnllnwing extrv^l. from onp of Hi» 
leU*ri: — 

" An c\tic po«m >ii the eighbccotli ccnturj abould bt* qniit 
ft ctlfT^reot tiling ftom f>u<ih a poem iu the chvldl^ood of Ow 
varlil' Ami (I Ih tliiit vArr drmiiinftLkho*^ mliii-li attnu^b: mr 
m> raudt toward* this project* Our lUFLnncrv. the finr^t nucnoe 
of our philosophical^ oar politic«, ooanouty, arts, in sborb, of aU 
w^ kiiow and ilo, vonld rtquir^ to b« inCKMluoed without, con- 
uraiBtr Biid loterwaveu tii aueli a ooiiijicksUioD, to live Uieie In 
bMUtifat bAimotiiouA fivcdvui, u a11 the braache* of Qntk 
cnJturv live and utra uiAd>? mibie in Horoar't Iliad. Kor ub 
1 diaiTiduiLVl to invtrnt a tpvoirs ol nutobiitory for Mh pox- 
pM^r; Wi»^ juiKitJUB Uj fullj], wiUi baiiBlkniwUh wknimcy, ftll 
titc roquisitiona that an> iiLude of cpia poeU* cveu on Ibo aide 
of foniT. BuBLd^A, thia imahinory, which^ id ft BofaJMi to 
AiiNii^Tii, iu uiAgtf »» fircuiatc, itppcarv to pnwnt tho grfiateat 
dilBcultji nusht txAh tUr iut^rest uj a bigli degr«a^ van it 
•niUblr adapttd to this «iUM laodom BpUiL Crowds of 
Oc>hftt*t4l Ml^aaoa Uiis mflpttAr aM TolUng to aod fro witlaii 
luy h«ad ; iHriiirtitiuff diM.iiK^t will mtnat out of th^m nt IiaL 

** As foi tlie sort oi nirrtre 1 would cthooiBf, thia 1 tbiuk yov 
viU btrdjy gu^M ; no olber than <^ive nW. All th^ r»t 
«xnpt iunbti?, k.n^ become uianfferable lo m^ And bow 
btmlifoUy mi(bt Uia ciirDefct auO th^* loftj \m uuulo U> pl^y 
fin Iheso light f^tt^n I What attractionft might llm opii; «h^ 
sfMtfi saia b^ tlM >o(i jislding /ih^ of Utis lui» rtiyois i For, 
Uh posBi muKt^ cLot In nftmo otily, hut \n t«vj dc«dj be (?»p*bto 
tdbtdagmt^; an tho //unf wusuiLg tiy th« pcawut^of Gr n cc ^ 
m tbc statiMS of JanuoJtint iMiWW sfo still suAg by tbo 
Toovtiaii goiidolien. 

■■Tim f^pnrb of Predflnok'fl life that would flt mo tant* I 
liare «oo«idcr^ aUo. I should wish to lelf^ »oinc vobappy 
eifiiatiofii it would allow mo to uufold his luind for Bum 


£PI€ POUHi^ 


pooticAlly. The otiief aotio:) ebould, if poaaible, \m vtty 
^mplf, pMTiliJxeiJ with no oomphcated Rirram»U&oc8, that 
the wlicilft might etoi!j tm coinpn*bendei! at n gUrjpi*, though 
the 0|>modi>a wure never 50 nutocioas. In tliin rw^irrt tbrw 
ifl DO bnttfrr model Ihaii tlio iliad*" 

)^i-^u\\i'.t thd not ftxrcute, or even commoDCf>T tho proJ«cl be 
ku K<re >o philo»optuca1]j sketL^lkcd: thr C(in?^tniiiitA of his 
present dilualion, tht ffreatncs* of tie *iit«rpri.ie PomjjsuTKl 
vith Ih* uncertainty of ita coccoflii, w^ro sufficieut to dctor 
him. Beuiles. 1i« felt tli&t aft^r ^dl hU wid« etom-sionB, the 
tme home of his g«mua iraa the Draixuv i\x^ (U^ptirtmont; i«-hnra 
its powen hnd fini bc^o tried. And vcre dow Lj habit or 
TmtUNi \t^.il ^tinliticd to ft<-t. To tho DrAma be aooordirigly 
tHtiiruwL The HUtary of the Thirty*YrnrR Waf liod nncv 
«il^S«et^ tl^ idvii of Gnataviia AdoIpliuA u^ the baro of vi 
opifi pD^m; tho eanio work afforded him ft euhjtet for a 
In^judy ^ ho now detiikd en Ije^aomg (VaiUMt^n. In thia 
uoderliklEing it was no t'a&y tnik that bR rnnTj^m plated ; a 
comoioji play did a^t uov comprise hi> aim; he requirml aoiiie 
MigniSoent and coaJp^(^bl^ualv^ objout, in whit^b he pn\M m- 
pond to RidT&nta^ tbo new ]iooticAl and inteJeotoal trcunun-s 
which heh«l for yrjiE'n 1>crii Am^huiny; somethiitg that fibotild 
lit otxcv tixumplify his cnlargod idcna of art, and ffivc room 
ftad fibape to bU freeh stores of knowM^ uid aeutiiuent- 
An hp Atndied t.he bislory nf Wa,11pnxlj*in, lULd %-iffWnd Its 
CktpAbi Utiles on ci'cry sidfl, iitw idoui gAthrrod round it ; tho 
subjcot K^ir la nkAgnibadc. and cfhin cbftDi^d in form* ihs 
progroes tn actual (wnipoaition wa», of «onf8e, irrngnlftr and 
math T«t die ililHciiltiKfE of the suiijv^ct, incirrMiag vritJi his 
own wider, motfi EimbitiouH oonorpHonit, 43id not abat« Ma 
diligcnci' : ty^tHonrteitit v^lh niLuiy iuU.<rrii|)tioiia and uianj 
aIt«ratioru, tometlmes statLoaary, sometlmiM re<trogTade, eon- 
tiuuvd on thfj whole, though eluvrly, to adrauce. 

This VM for wvcral years his chofrtn ocenpfttion, the task 
to whiiJh lie con«eorau-d hi* bTifihloJt hour*, and tho fia«at part 
of his faculties. For humbWi eiiipbi^ytaents, d^mandin^ rather 
ilkdostry than insptrntio]). there B^till rrmaincd .ihiittdnnt Iruiuro, 
of wbi^h it wotf ia^iisiat«nt with his habttu to tranio n nQgU 




liour. llift iMQftAioiuil Ubor^ fteconliikj^ly, w«iyi numorooa, 
TviiAd, mud •omftiiaw of ooa«i4ankbl« riEmL In Uic c&d of 
ITSffi^ ft DAW oLJr^iTt ««eiiji«l Uj uttU for bU ttUeuUo* ^ he oboo 
jilKintthip tiiMfl spriiTixiy mediltttod miugUuK iu polilke. Hw 
Krcoch lii'voliition l**d ftoin tiic tiwt oflwtua lutn with no 
ordinary liojwe ; vtuob, liovevcr, tho course oF tfVvnU, par* 
tioiliaHy til* imptisonmOTit of Louiv, ^pm nonr fant conrtfrtuty 
iato fWuv- For the iU'fntoJ monairli, ai^il t^u^ aaiu^ of fni^ 
dois> which ict i ncd thrvotf^ncd iritli diaj^imee m the tnfttBcnt 
1m woe UJmIj to rowLv^ 8cbill«r l«lt eu deeply ifitnvet«d, that 
ht bad daOtrminMi, Id bis «^&»f« a clpt^rniiifiaibn not ihilioiil 
its tUu, to addrETfls an appeji] on tbc«e subjccU tj> thf? Fn^och 
poopla Add the vorld at ha^. The ^oioo of roasoo odrociAtiufi 
]ibttt7 u well OK order cnL|-Ut ttUlf h* «onealv«dp maka a 
Balolaf^ Impreaaiou in tLin jierioi] of ti^rniranrl delunoa; tbo 
▼oioa of a distio^aiahod num would at fir^tsoMnd \\ka ihft tomo 
of tbo Q&tiDn, which be occtaod to njtmaot 8ctull«r ww 
inqairiog for a. proper Frooeh trumlLitor, And wrolvlug in bif 
iimiii th<] Tuiitjub ±u^iiiut!iibb tliitl mi^lit bo uunli and thv uou^ 
patatirr propriety ('f \innu or forboirinc to uflo thom ; but Um 
pTogrOM of tbtQ|*« su|>i?iuadpd thfi nccnuitj of itwU dolibetK- 
liocL Tci a fiMT luonUis, I^uin pt-ritthed on Uk neaHold; tibe 
Buuibou fjiiuilj ivf ns uiurilffitHl. ur frcalUm-d ovi'i Ei]ri>|7e ; and 
tbo Frroch Kovt-niiscnt ww obaDKC^t into a frij^htfuJ cUftOl, 
amid tiio tiitnaJCaotu ajid bloody borrora of wbkb, calm tnitb 
luid no lopgvr a fJuiUL^ tu ho bvanJ. 8nhil1or t ariwd amj 
itota tboM r«ipiibiT« acdappulllDg aocuos, into otbcr n^ifioftf 
wb4>n bis hieihrt was ntorn f ani iliaf , aad bis povrnni inarv Jikoly 
to prAducn flffm?t Tbr Frnnoh ICovohition bud dbtnuM^ and 
ubuekuul hud; but it did mit lonwn his attaobmeiit tu liberty, 
tbo ixamo of which hod boon «o deeoarfttod in ke wild eock- 
nlaiooa. Porhnpn in hia Di^wDqiiMit wiiting» wo mn trmoA m 
more racpeetfnl fiselin^ towunlA uld Mtalili«bmi^nlii ; Bum 
^•vomMM for tho najovty of Cuatum ; and wilb an cqnftl Mai, 
m vmkor foith m hUDan p^^KooLibiJily ; (rbminiB indood wbioh 
■TO tho coDUDon fruit of yoara tbemMlvff, in whUf^Tcr ago or 
ofciinab^ of Uie world our tixitrricurr uisvy ht^ f^thrrwL 

Aiftifflf tbo niunber of fluduutiD^ ctig^igemDnta, ooe, whioh. 




tor ten ycttn had been coiutaut mih htm, to tUc edition 
uf thfi TAd/tir. 'Hie priiwiplett uud |)urlomuu:«fl of tJuU irvdi 
ko bftd Jgu^ looked fijion as bieulftcieiit : in pNTticmltt, snr 
Bmcc hu MitlcincQt'ja Jcoa, it ha4 bi»o Kmong liiii feTOrito 
pn>|MtH to cxoLKu;g« it f<rr some other coniuHcd on a mam 
Ebonl echAiAe, ntiitisif more ftbibtj ia ite tuj^i-mtf Aud embra*- 
in^ A munli wilier cunjMM of lilnrnry intriviinis Manj^ of Ite 
■li«tii)inii«li*vl poru>i» iu Grxmaity hiul ag-rced to aflsist 
in cxecat;uif meh % f^Ua ; Goctho, binuclf a lioot^ uttdoj^ 
took to ^ bund in band witli lUm. Xlie TA^tlia WM In oooM- 
qUPTkM r«1fn<)uiAliM nt tli*» flnrt of 179.1 ■ and tha ftrat numbet' 
of Che Itorwtt C4AUir out mjly iu ih*^ foUowicg year. Thi» pub* 
liontion wu «nricb«d witii muny Tiiluixblo pL«e«e on points oi 
pfailoeo^j and oritiui^ni ; Mtae of Schillpr'fi finpHC ^seayc Ant 
t^pearad hore : evmi wiilioiit i\w torcinta u^ids wbich bad hesn 
piomisod him, il alnmdy bwk fair to oiitd^*, as he had menot 
H lihoold, ovoy pTorionA w«)rk of thiit d^rsia^ption. 

Tb« M ^pH'ASm^inafsh, of wtiich ho Ukewito undertook tha 
aii|itrxiiti^ili-rtc?i>, did not :Liiii an higli: \ikif t4ltrr workM rtl thit 
aarao title, vbkch nre uv^wttTCxm in Oennanj. it wa« iutonded 
for prMCTTini^ and aeniiftlly dv'lmnnff to th« world, a Mtioe 
of Eliort pOAtical olfufticittKH ^r nthRr fn^tivr compontiona, ooU 
ItsoUtd from vanotiH quiLrtm, >uid vliea bariiiif no conuoctioa 
but Ihcir juxtaposition. In tLu« work, aa mil m in tho Harcr^ 
«omA of Stfbiller^K hii^n «nmHi*r poi^mn nudt* tlioir fint :ip[ica^ 
mrwD^ munv <>/ Uvw |]iiv>j<ii U^mg ivniLnij ubuul iLia pericid, 
«»pocullj Uic (rntitcr jiojt of hia bnlUdv, lh« idc« of atumpi^ 
ini^ «ht«h look ita riM m a fncodly rivalt^r vtth Goethe. But 
thL- nuuct iKibtd cottpn^itiom amt fort^ in tJbe fAgfiH nf tlw 
ifhm^,^/Attfjwf^^ was tlir AVadu;* a cnllretvin of epngnon 
vrbrtJi onginatcd partly, a^ it aovms, in the incua or irritatuig 
ooDdvot of variocu oonteoiparary oatJiioit, In apiie of tho 
nratt ftnttoriiif ptoinln^ nid of Itt oiwn int^inAir rtiamcnr, 
tbe flitiva, at ita fkxt i^ifioamMO, tnAoad of hviixg ktiird with 
vroluon^ b\ tho L«drfituif mladi of tbc cctuntinr» foET whom it wns 
iiitdu^d aA A raUyi&g ijcint, mot ul ca;Liiy quartvra with no 

< BooZkd frvm t'tu*- wiaw Wjtf'At.'r: n ditv Ivtrif *nd frmii MatUalnWlM 
bai ilkiu dcilgiiBC«d a avka of pcn»r«1 PT>)gniB> Is bM Tlitrtnntk ttwok. 

17.17— Voi, M 



F^jtKT in. 

aoDtimwit bat ooldnns nr hnftClliij. Thn conLravrniiirM of the 
dAy kftd M>wn diAcarrl amonic iitcnuy mm ; Scbiilcr and GouUie, 
OAiociutiog tog«-tlior, tuul prov^kixl ill-vril) from a boat of pev» 
•oiUi w}io felt tbv jiutLco cE AiicL tnumal preference, bat liked 
not Lbi- iuft^reowtt t^ Ix? drHwii fmm it ] sLtxl ejrod this iatttUect- 
dft] duauTiroU-, boiroir«r iqmJi in the dlachftrjcc of tt« fisnottons 
and th( wcarinjr <jf itn honora, with joidcmsy and ducontenL 

Tlie c'XTiltiiig of thvdw ])ei>ple, iLwkwiirdly iwotrasiMl villi 
ih/tir jjcrHouuI aibuiUity uid iii^ipxilitj^. U kugth jiixir^kod U^v 
MTious iioCici> of lli« XVQ ilhidtriouB aa»oct6tc9 ; the insult was 
tkk O^rinan Duuci;i4; a ptoductwn of vhi(^ Uw plan wa«, 
Uial it nlmulil c^impnrfu ttu tuiuienflc uiultitmle uf deUclutl 
coupl«t«, «^li coui'(7iH^ a <roiupkt«i thought witbm itself, and 
tnriushed by one of the joint operotore. Xb« ftubjwta wnrv^ of 
TinHimti'd viirifltyj "the moxt," i* Hohillnr nyj^ ""wi^m wild 
FotLirr. gl:uuiikg »t A-mnrs ani vntin^ intcruiixt-ii «iti> Ijenr 
and thor« a dwU of poetical or pbilooophio tbouskt.*' It wo^ 
at lirat intemlefl to provide about a t^iouaaud of tliMd pointed 
numiHlLstidin; unit; in j^vh ^ work nppi^ann^ to consist in a 
certaiu boundlastanccw of sixir, which »hoiilil buk tlie h«4ero- 
g<«D«oas uafctue of th« iudiridnal parte : thi^ whole w^^rc th^n 
to be arraii^od nnd elaborated* tilUhey had acquired the propar 
dagTM <if C4>n«if>tettc; and symmetry ; each aaurificifig som^ 
tidtif oi it» own peculiar spirit to preserve the spiitl of the 
TCot Thin number nev«r wm oomplrtcd: and. Qoothft being 
now bn^y with hii H'Uhetm Mtuter, thi> projont of cotnplttuag 
it was at length renounoed ; uid tlie XeniVw w«rn pnbliitbed aa 
uftOOD&Mtod particles, not pratenUing to confltitut« a vholOb 
Enoufh appcarrd to croato iinboTinflcd commotion aiaoaig tll9 
pikrtles iitipliL^atod! the Xtni^n wortr oxcUimcnl nffaiost, abOMd, 
•nd replied to. oti all handii; hitt ^u thr-y d<H*Urt-d w>Lr not xm 
pftTWDi but on actiotifl ; not ofibiiiflt (jleiiii. Nicolai, MMt»fS but 
Agaiiiflt bail tAste, dulnou, and fkffor^tion. nothing crimiiiftl 
eonld bo siifBctaiiUj iD«1e out ^^gaimtt tlum.^ Th^ Ifwifft 
Mmanceh, wliet« ibej appeared in 1707, oouliiiucd u> be pol^ 

* Thb b but * bimc Arcoout ti ihn farfunnl .Trmr'rt ud lh«ir mgjt*. 8ae 
ikWT ^4 the (aHU«r in Knuu If-^iu'* PWwt luii &rcifuuaiibot ; iu Caib^b^ 



liati«4 till tht time of SoUilkr'* hok^rjiig Ja^t. : the ^i>r»ii ««tecd 
votnt tooiktlLs befi>n?- 

TtbT co-€]irmt»m nf Gnif^hi;, viucU Schill«>r hwi ohbain»d fo 
reaAilj in Hmc pnrfruito, vtu of isui^niiikT mc to liim in tiiAijj 

Mviioud aiid traiDBil in t)i» mo^t opposite modea^ emah h^d 
much iLol «&ft valual/lc to Iaaid of tlie ulber» umJ miggiTHi ta 
jam. Uiiltirutin? diSiTi-Dt kindit of oxndkncr, tUey could joy* 
faUy luliiixt v4cli i>ihLM-^K itiL-tit; winntcbnd by tnutiml Acrriccdi 
aiii] nvw by «ointiiuiklty of limajy inUr^tt^ few nnkiiidly 
icctinvB could hare plfiCo bntwcMi Ujcul Fur a. mui iif hi^^i 
qMliitw% It is ruxo ta> £]i<l a meet o>tapiLnioii ; fiaiLfu] and 
ifijurloui t« wil one. 8oliEml« cxiupurjttcd or dtwUaG Uj* 
JuftTt, porvsrta or «n«rv&t<u li>« facuItieH; aanoumtjou witii 
iftferiom Itftda to dofffutbm in thoujcbt, nud scIf-wiU even m 
ftfieoUuuA^ ik>u»eaa never ftbould hnvo lived in tho Vai do 
VojiiiDvr«uui ; it Jwd Usett {[ckkI for VVurbuituu tliut liimj h&d 
iKib bxuUfd ; fur Jubtiauu never tu liaw ktiown B<wwhU vr 
DftTlw* FtMBMi^evila Schilkr fuid Ood^br vcrc dpliwrcd; 

from tlMi f>ontrA«tA mil tho frudowittifnta of their niind», it inuat 
luivr^ btul peculiar ckuma. lu liu rrititrul theories* Schlltni' IjjiiI 
doriT^d miv^ profit fTom ct>iuiuiiii3c;itiii^ with lll iiittlli^ft u 
oxnuniw tn bu own, but tm ooclor and ntore sc.&])txQk] : a^ lie 
bipjHHl iifT fr*iiti hiN rnwv] llip i^cnsisnTiCfK uf K^titisuj^ Go«lb« 
aod br, on cowpH\riii{ tboir idnAn, often found in them m ntilk- 
iBgtinslarity i laoruutriluutc Jmd Toorr.' ^ratif ruig, vboo II vu 
coikiidwed from what <1iv'9mo pr«mi8?8 thfst' hArmonlout oon- 
elmBioo* had bv»ii drawn. On «uch f^ubjcHOA tiit^j i>tUii comw- 
poiid«d when ftbsiMii, and canvencd wLeit together. Tbcj 
vorc in tfao h»Ht of pftym^f long vinid to each other'i boiuea t 
frequently ihcy uHL-d to trai^tii in 0OEa|iuiy battrtwn Jena ntid 
W«i»fti'. " At TrienniUv ft cuup34! uf En^l Jfdj luiW itvia Jeaa^ 
Goethe ftfid be,*' *re en told, '*uii^-bt dojuoiimn* he obFcrvtd 
ftittiiig at ttth^L-^bunrjAththoKhftdeof a«frcodiiig tree; tklkiikg, 
end W^ttTiff hL ibir enrrr-nt of |jafi8e[ni£i*TK" — Tl^^re an? moju^ 
vdio would har« ''tnTtUcd £fty milea en foot'' to ioiu tho 




Bfttidna thi* \nXMfrva\iTtU5 with G^jcLlie, he wns I'^I'V^ ^^ 
kindlj ccirincuti^^u with ui^uy ullifrr c^tiuubla moU| botb La UU 
cmy auiliii »itiTotifo. I>nJbotK> iLt AcliHtulOa, wutothc loAt 
his fn«DiJ[an<lTnjtD«]itJidmiri>r, At Jt^nii. lit- had ^chdU, I'lul, 
Hnflandr RclnhuUL V^'illtclia vuti HiuubuidL, :il»t>, UoLUer of 
tbf celebrated tr<-LT«11«r, bjul <M>me tldthcr about t}kU tia^ aad 
voa uow unouff his oloMrt aseodatos. At Wdniftr, fixdudio^ 
Uaa iiui^rtAXkt p«raona, tlmr« were ntill Kordor and WMUnd, ta 
divide hia altontioa witU (VifrLhi*. AniJ what to )ii« afl«otio» 
ate iMttrt miHt hare brpu the inixit gr.itofiL! cUcamatuiCQ of allf 
bSa agod pannti; word y^^t Li'm^ to purtjcip!it4> iu ihib aplt^odir 
fortuu« of tlieson whom thoj liaul fmoe lamented and defljiMir^i 
of, buLiieverc0M9ii to ]ov4i, 1nl793ho paid Uiem a vinit in 
Swabi^ a&d pMKd aiiti^ cheerful month;! amoos the aocnc« 
daaMM to hia raooUcwtiou : i^DJoying the kiudnoai of tlio»« oik 
alien^ilo frletidA whom Nature liaiJ f^ivLm him ; and th« admlr* 
\u^ dnfervnue of tlioHU by wLoiu ib waa iDOfft deU^tful (o bft 
honored, — thoKc who hjul known him in adverMv and hlUEh 
blof <!ircuinitance», wh«th<*r they might havo rvflpont^d or «Ott^ 
temned librL By rhe Gra.(id Duki*^ bitt ancient ofrnsor and 
patron, h« w&a not mt^irf^red with^ thai priitc«T in juuwr tA 
a prvviouA ixpplit^ation oc tho acbjoot, havmg iudircollj a& 
gagud to take no notjco of tbU jouraoy. Th« Grand Duk* 
hjul ulmmlj Luttirftrri'd Uki luiuih with him, and bittprly ro. 
pQateJ of Kb interference. Neat year ho died; an orenl 
which f^hiltifr, who had lon^ forgotten paat iLl-traatmcnl, <b4 
not If^rn without nm^ snrrow, and grateful rceolL^otiona 
bysmno kindnotw. The new :ioTpreri^n, unaions to repair ibl 
mjuationof hi> p^ed^Rf^^«l^, n1in<wt inittantly ma^hr offer of i 
raoant Tikbin^ii protc«jH)Tnhip to Solullcr; a jiroposaJ flatter 
la^ to thn lnit«^r, but which, by the ponuaaiou of thft Doka 
WeimAT, be reapootfaDj ;leolined. 

A>aid hibon and anapcmeaita ao multiplied, amid aucli 
riety of tnUilleotual «aortiDQ and of iutnreouM^? with mtn^ 
Schiller^ it waadeur, had not HuffDrt?<l thu PiLCTf^uchmi^nta 
bodjlj dUeoM to nnderniine the yi);or of hia lui^nul nr tuun 
povoa. No period of hia Ijfo diaplayed in flroojcer colcna th 
MQaMtdeteralned seal of ^ charaetar. H« had akead 





TritMB moofa ; las tuna otocKl upon ih ftrsi bitaU ; doinoiftio 
w«&U oo lojiger cnlle^d upon \im for InsoMuit ■effort ; and bis 
/rame wu pujius uiuioi lUv aIow ij^itkcr of au inr-tir^M'^ niaV 
ady. Yet ho E^eTot loitcrod, ncvorroited; bid frrvid ipiHt, 
which h^ raDL^iiiRh«d A|tpo«itiori ^iudopi^r^sftLOb :n bia yciithf 
villi;!] bsul KLrujfglJHl H^ivint hnJ^Kiiin^ nnivnaiiii.i^ anil 
puued unsallif^d thmiigh txtnny trxajirnxkint, in \u» cArlter 
nuLbood, did aot noir jioM U* thin lut imd most fatul cnctny. 
Tlie prea«nt waa thd boti««t, most proltictivo bl^osoii ot hit 
Ijteiv7 life; Mid wiib all its (Imwltwks k wm jirohablj/ the 
kfeppMt. VioLeat attacks Ukmu Mm diAordpr woro of rara o& 
oomBDo; nud ita eoojitiULt uxfluonou, tUo d;irlc rnpon vjth 
whldi it iroald 1iilv« ormbdulow^d ihe faculciM of \\\a head 
aaii beart, watij re^jelleil lyf diUgi^iictt athI a onuragtou* exer- 
tioa of hi* will Id olhof poioU, be hful little bo oompljiiii 
•f, and ctticb to tojoioa in. ilu wm huppy m hu familyT the 
«lio«<>Ei »o>ce of hk iw<e«tci»t, moat lai^g £utif»r»(,aio[i ; hy 
Ute vmld lie waa liciiiiirHl aud ailttiiral; hia waaU wertf pro* 
rided for; he h^ tA^ka which ia«pir«d uad ocOQpied him; 
ftiPDcta who lo7ad him, and vhoiii he loved. S«hUl«r bftd 
mnch tovnjoj^: and moat of it ho owihI lo him»a1£. 

Id hit ntodti of lifn at Ji^dii, sihijjIUiI^ and unifonuiCy w«<ro 
tho laoBt ooDSfdeuvue qtuiitio^; th^ Rin^lo <ixo^Rii whicih h» 
admitted bnog tliat of z^ul iu thi> purfiuiti of liu^ruture^ thu 
nin vhitrh all bis Hfe hai] mcuit cnj.'tiy lienut tiim. Hiti hr:illb 
had )iufTcr«d much, au4 priiioipaUj, it wjw thoasht. frona tho 
praetJOv of coiXkpoamKb)-]ij^'ht; yyrtth<:<cliArni4 of this praotioo 
w«K? itUl too gnat lor hi» BelM<>m-ii j and, rxn«pt in hot*?* 
iks of fickDHH, b« could not diwo:)tinue iL Tht tu^^htftt, 
praadcflt pl#««or« of hi» mind woa that ^iow of intellectual 
pradurtion, tbat'^Kiic- Trcnjiy," which n3ftk«s the |«*^ whiln 
It iMtl. B DOW anfl nohler ^reatruvt; Piiltirg him ifitj> hHght«r 
I«^oii4. adornod by risiijna of iiuiKDLfioaiico and bcau^, and 
dclifihttni: nil liin facaltion hy thn intemo conaoaouAaeHa of 
tbeir ^ierttd pow^r. To wijoy Ihlt plwaxup* in pf^rfecttion, 
the aoliLkry stilliH'fia of ni^L dilfiwiiiff iu lolcuiu intlutmoo 
over tUuught m wull u eulli and aif> bad at longtb in 6<ihd- 
lorV cu« fiTowi» indJJpcnafthk. For thia purpoe«, aooordin^ly, 




^ Vift MOiftemedt in tha prostmt, ^ in forner peHtxU, 
to lli?eit tha oommoQ ociler of Llitti^: hy thty \vb rea^l, r^ 
tmh«d hUaMlf witb the aspect of ojbtiixOt convoTs«d or oor- 
Tf^epondod with hi< Frtcndd ; but h« vroto and ntudicd m Um 
niglit^ Atid OS hU bodily feelings were too often tbose of 
lauifuor auil HiliAUfcliJUr he Aiiopted, ui iiu^tieuce of audi 
mean imped iiDciilf, the pcrniciouA expedient of »iimaUDts, 
whioh yJoM a momontaiy utrv^agtlj, only to wiuiiu out romoin- 
ilig fiiTii) of il mure ap^pdity and surely. 

"Diuin|{ bu;iiiuer» liiH \Aj^ of sluJy w^ in a ^uden^ 
which at length he piire-ha^cd, in the ^iibiirba of JcdBv Dot 
fftT from thn WMolhtffts* hotiM^ vIidfo at tiut tlunu wwt th«i 
nfSlcf at thn jl^mnWiw rMtrratwr^J^tuTig. Keckonini; frcuD 
tlie mwkct'ph&w of Jtftu). it liua on the nuutb-weat bonlef of 
Uie town, between tho Kiigelj^attur ikui th« N^^uthcr, ia & 
bollov da&i«, throtigli vhich a part of the L^atrabauch flotrt 
■oand ^e city. On thpiop of th* acclivii^. from irhich there 
ift ft bnEitifii] prospect into tlko volley t>f the &mO. uid tfas 
lir mountaim of th« ctiiglibonns foroet, S^shilkf buitt himt^ 
& £ioall ho(i»i', nith a (ingW ohsunber.' It vfju hi« farortto 
abo4o diuiii^ himiif of coiitjioKition ; a great part of iho worVt 
ho thgn wrote Wttne writttm bore- In innter ho hlc<^«o 
dw^t ftpart froon the iioifi« 4]f mocii in the GriocbiLohA' honvo, 
on the out«i4o cf Hkt cily-trench. . . On &ittmg down to 
lib deak at oKshtt bo waa vout bo k^ep auiue ativug oof 
Im> or viaochoooUte. but more Froqaciitly a flaok of old 
KhtniHh, or Cliucpagno, jftobdini:; hy him, that ho might from 
timn t<j limi* n?p:nr the ^xhiiustiun of ii%turi*. Ofb^rt £h« 
Deighboni U9r<t tu ht^tu him e;vtiitfatly OcclaiTiuug, b the 
eiloitf^ of the aiitht: and whoever b^l tia opportimitT- of 
vabolung htm on mob o(!04UtonA, a thitiff vvry cuy to be dono 
from ^ hmghUi Lying upjHJtfiLf? hia littb- gurileiL-huuH?, oijt tbo 
oUiet aido of tho delli au^isoo hiin now apL-aJcing aJoud uid 
wjUkin;^ sviftly to and fro in hifi chamber, thon cudddnly 
tltmwiTi^ himt^lf <Lown into hit chair nnct writing ; and drink* 
ingthn whiln, Acmn^timiw mom tlian oiuv, fniro tfia gloaa Hbuid- 

1 * Tba «1fvvi t<«ffini; fnun Sfhinor** iIwIlfqi^hoiiM tn thk. vw bj ao^t 





iiE^- uvitr luai. In winter lie w&» to Iw Foiiitd at UU desk tUl 
fiMiT, €f even ftire o^dook Id tho moroias} in summer, till 
towu^d thn^. H« t^n vent to bdd, ttom vhioli be teldom 
imn till rti»« or tj>n.'' ' 

Hod pnidcbce been the domiruuit quAlity iq ^^liilkr'a char> 
ftfittft, thtA pra^tioti would viidoiibti}<il} havo been abaadoDedj 
or T«t)i«kr n*fv^ tnkPTi up. Tt vtm a,u orror &o to vu-Ate hi» 
stron^tb; butoueof Uioso which uicjru^e raclier tliui dlmininh 
cur rt«poct; ori|;;injitiii^, «a it did, in gcncroua ardor Cor whjbt 
wuM but find gr:U3d«»t, they muat be ooLd ccnmirori) thAt Oft& 
OOndemn It bArebly. Tor oiirsi?<Iv^3r v^ bnt kmeiit imd honor 
this eXoeM of z^jil; its cCT^rcts were ULOuriiful, h\.\t lU urifpu 
woi noble. Who oon piotnrc SohiLlcr's fcoliojc^ i" tJiia soli- 
tude, without pavticipatlng in »oiii& fatat reflection of th«ir 
gRiiidcur! Tho toiLvoru hut. rlpvoleil soal, ii1uti<<, under Lhu 
sil«at atirry canopy of KiifLt, o^oriug up tlie troubled luo 
nejitfl of exiatcnco on Ihe aHat of Eternity! Tor here tho 
^]otdi>r that gleamed ncro*i> thn spirit ot a, mortal, tr&nsi^ut 
AC ntip of HH, vrnA mjirht ti) bi^ |vq»(aiinl^ tWHit im^LgnH ;ind 
tLoughtn TTtte to puiri into othl^^ agca AJid dutartt Ijxndri^ to 
glow in human bf^irta, when tho Tn^art that cuEiooiirad tli'.'m 
hftd long b««n mouldered into o/imnmn duat. Tu thf lovrrs 
of KVniUH, this littlr fiLrd^vi^htHiiMT tnigKt have Ix-pn u jiIocm? 
to vidlt u a cbo!i«ti ahrim^; ncr viU tJiej learn without rfl- 
gret that the valla of it, vLoldiiig to thn hnnd of tin^ir, havo 
ftliv.idy onjmblwl into rnin^ and atf. t\nw no h«Tg«r to i»i 
tru^nd. Thtt jiiiHur of jfrouiid that it aUxA ou Id itaelf hnl- 
lovrod wiU» A glory that ia bright, pure tuid ftbidinff; but tho 
Uurary pUgritn could Dot hstv^ lurvaycidr vithoTit ivooulinr 
Hmotion, t^0 simplft ohainl>rr, in whirh f^hilt^r wrotr tlu) 
Jittuh dffr SeAoiten, tho Spawrgantf, the Idwi^ ^^^ ^^ iui' 
mortal Moncs of W^iifin^rHnM 

Tho laat'Damerl work had oost Mm many an nnxions, g^Tifin 
him njauy a plna«Aiil, hi^ur. Tot Bcrt^n yi\hrA it hjhd continued 
ID a state of irregular, &Qii oft^u^pcndcd progretia t flomotimoa 
''lying cndli^Eift ;iiid t'onnloiM" htiTore him^ 8ometim«a on tho 
|H^Cof being given up altogrthitr, Tbn mLiltitiidi^ of ulvtutf 

1 D<»K«c, l<p. 111-1)1- 



whkib Kj* wtshor! bn inL^oqximb* ia the ilnirturij of tlie pi«c«, 
fnUried liiiii ; oitd thu (lifltculty at coittt^nti&if hiii tJUte, t^ 
speotiaff %hv mnniuv of ^^fk-cUug this, rotardi.U Liiu eiiU uuua 
In H'lit^njttin Uv wiah«d to t/iiibocly the morij <mIargod 
which pxj4pt1»'|]4-« hw) ^n-n him of lamv, (wponially 
hintonr biul triTcn bim qF g^nrrtiltf aud 9t^it<'sa(mr nti4 wki1« 
putting tkucli f?!]UK»ctt.-» in nutivu, Xo t^yiti^tniut vhiUrrct vrUr 
or «ouH be uijuI^j [rMfticaJ, in tlte atonii^ j>«nod of th# Thirty- 
T0ftr» War, As ti« meditatal od tlie subject, it ooDtatiw*d to 
cxpiukd^ in \uA fcUicj» it i^autiwd duooca^ivclir n thonMod 
Fortndi mid after aU i1u« »tnctn«w of ec]«utioiiT such waa 
atUI t1i« dtteut of mat«rin1s T«uin1tiinf; on liis Tiuidft. Uuit 
be rnuiid it Mtft*eHmLr^v tvi tlUtJi^ tire piny into thrae ]>arts, 
duitiuct ill their orraoicfinrDt^ but in truth forming a ccn- 
tttiiious dramn of cloven net*. In thi« itha^w it vra4 swnt fmth 
to the vorlt), in 1790 ; w«k of Ubor and pen^vring m^etjr, 
but of luixitrt^ mid labvr, no \l then uppnitrtiil, wkir^h liail fioi 
Von bcfltovrit In vtiin- W*iRf.^n^fin ta by fkr t^ b««t iMr- 
formuioa 1i« bcid y«t firodiired; it m^riu ft long ehaptor of 
critieiaEn hj ititttif; aqcI a few birrrinl pngtf* oro aII thit V« 
can speDil on It, 

Ad a porch to tho ^N«kt odifiof^ «tundD l^ort fmit^ vntitl^ 
ir<tU«Puf<tinV C'Tm/, a jiicon in one iirt. It pjimtSj Wllh imuoh 
ImnwT and j^mjiTiIt^ fi*.Ii<iit\-. Ihr. iiimini-n nf thnt, ni*lp tTirmilt- 
iioun host vbicih W;il1«tt5Uiii pnMjded ovtTr and tuud mAd^* tbo 
eoi^o of htfl ambitious jL^tictnca, Scbltlrt'A oirly experiOtHMt 
of ft militifx 1lfF> flMtnn nnw <<■ hnvt^ «tood him In good Mad : 
hb 8oMi»n An; drrlittcntnl with thr ilntiiiGtnras of ncltiaf oV 
^Bcrvntion^ in nigged »hflrpao«i of ffnturc^ Ui^y tomctimof 
reruini cb of Sn]<dLHVa huaiuien- Here aie lOI the wi^ lair- 
Ipah f]»riti of Rrttnp** susimiblHt witMn Th« i!(itiTidt of s mgla 
tt^ucL Violent. tcmpnstHOiLs itnstHhli* is thr life tbojr lead, 
lAluiMeI]te»» tltHr liand^ itt^inat evcrj mnrr, and Fvcry nos^ft 
fiAi>d ikgainst th«m: th« InstrtiuivntH '>r rapm«; ULraiBhed whh 
alfiHwt erery vii», and knowiug scarcely any vlrtuo but dboM( 
of rocklMi bravery and QncatcraJntiDir obcdioncc to th^rir Ivftdor^ 
thrtr KHi)ntif>Tf "till pn-««iita wtmt^ aap^rts whitfi ftfteH or fttnuM 
%jff ju>d tlj<>e the jMMC Ii4i seized ivltb bU aooustomed 

lined t^L 




Much of t)ic i?TUfflty and repulst/e hAratmeaa of thCM soldif^ 
we Are tiugiLt Uf frtgrt in contt-tttplaULi^ thuir forloro iKiuse* 
Ww wanderings, and t!io pr^ticol [uai^onimity, with which 
•Tflu th^jr contrive to wi'iDfe' Iiom Fortum-- ^ tol^-mbk' nrtuit- 
Hng (>f i^njoj-ment. Their waiiuer of exitienoe Wa1ti>Qfttein 
hjiOt ot ut afUi period <jf Uie juiUuu, r&lbei luuviu^lj^ tix* 

"Our lifb vui but « bfiUln «nd a iPftToh, 

Still fdiTtLcT to eoft4a the ftAperitica of tlie acene, the dlft- 
loffoo is vast into % rode Hudtbra^tic m^tre* lull of foro«4 
rhjriaui, uiul ittmngii dniihln PimHiit^^ with ii rh)tlim nvnr 
chftugiui^ erti ruuffh nud Hvuly, which might aliuual be cum- 
pared to the bard, irroKuIar, dtictuatin^ aourd of the rcj^i- 
mental drum, tu thia ludicrouft doggorel, vfiih. j>hnisea &xul 
figures of u uom-spOTid^^nt caav homely, ridiculous, gi-aphlo, 
theoo uieu cif twrviur ji^unl their hop«H djid tluiu){9. TUure are 
ranks aiid kindn among tliem; T^preeent^tiras of all the coo- 
etituo&t parta of Uio motley ciuititudo, whiiih follovrod thia 
phaoe ot Cfind^^i^rL Th^ Bolenm peiin.ntry of thn anniant 
Wachtmeistcr is faitlkfully given , uo teu so are the jocund 
feiodtjr and heedless d^iriag of HoLky'a Jkg«rs, or tho itoq 
MMinge and stem cQmp-pbiloaopbjr of Pflpp«nhetin'H Cuiraa- 
ftiera. Of th«i JAg^ the w>1^ pHncipla in mititary nlmiliHiiiM) ; 
ha does not reflm^ or oAlculAto; hta budineaa is to do what- 
eTcr he i» oTdered^ itnd to cijjuy wbatevor ho con rouoh. 
Tree wished I to Wv^" hd aaya, 

" Wm wuhvA J tc livr, ami cmj Ka^ ga^i 
And ei» iniucithin^ iiirer on amH di^w day; 
Is tfad Jcrf D of th« incHJjtiDt TufttUjr HllAf lll|£. 

'Boot iha putt vT tlia futnfo not ihtakmff ot OBildgt 
To ib<» KftUcT, thcmfnnTp 1 fidd luy Xxkou, 
And by him good ^hnrgi* '-■f tlio wIimU i« Ukoo. 
Ortlor iQP oti 'riiH thv ytUMtux fi*ijr *h"t, 
Otrr ih*> NtLFTiti'Vtnuuit mjild iiLid ruLrtog wide, 
A llilid »f il%v Iruuff UJ uflt gu li> pot, — 
WUboal I(«aof tiln^J T ninnnt hdiI Hde; 

fV;Hfl.1.KR AT JKTCA. Pan Ol 

Bm f«n^f, I l>»a vrty tunrhj riu yon mti, 

Tbjit ill «Ji ttiiiiipi flUe jrva wouJd Icnvc lUti ftv*.* 

Tho Pa]>prnihT?imcr a na ul^r mun, muro scdaSx and mort 
lci<iomitabt« ; Ue h^a w&ndereiS over Europe, and gathered 
Bettl«il lua-ntiua cjf floldi«i1y |>riDciplo and &oldip<ly prirUvge : 
bo 19 uc't '4'tUtottt a ratwnak ft lifo; tbo vi^ncm.s prufc^siotu 
ot ii:«& luive pUM>d ut tvMovr l>#for« hita, but uo coat thftt bo 
has aeeii 1mm plFiLM^ him IQi« Itis owii "»(te«i duiiblat/' cozsed 
ic wLicJi. it ifl hin wish, 

Yet at ti;nca wiUi tUJ^ iiiiliUiy tftoii::i5ia iktrt) is bl«nid«d ft 
daat) of homely pathoa; ho odmilbi 

'*T}itfr 8vr<inl »f nun !■ mi ploa^ch «r ipAito, 
Yuu cftuo'H tklT« cr nuff ihUi thi9 irun liliide ; 
For UH liiimt tulh an tw), di> foTiifiL-IcI |icow«, 
Noithcr hijuiii m^r klaJn.^ tliv foldict ki^uwi; 
Waadurtiig ovur ih<* fiu'i- ^Y Oi-^ furtli, 

Fnjtn it* ii«mp of inmui h* mun nnwan! rOAtt ) 
Is lb* ^Ibe^-grmi with in fWrfbl g^nv, 
Id fTiit mirlfi nf t^l> vfntng* nr b«rT»l-'li'Xti«, 
Ko priTl nr Inl nu tfm ftnldirt- fiUiin^ 
T«U Wd Uinii. In Ihfk plw nf ^h|« nr p^, 
Wfaai hw h« aDbM |« L^Atir liuiwlf t 
L4i«^ not eTPn |M< hU own, wliot wondfr 
Tlk« Bua «tuuU bun] ujj lull uii jiluuil^r f * 

Bat thf! ciuap of WntlniutAin U fall of bnitlf* a« wtU u 
vp^culntio:) i th*n> ai^ i^juiiblfTtis poMantt, ftutlen, ftoMiera, 
noruiU, capaohin fnara, taf>\-iii(f to and fru iu rv«t1i^« pur^ 
mnivt their hcvi^ral piiTp*«afl, xhe »*mnu of ik^ C'aptwhin 
if on lUipanilrW uuupcMiitinn; » a inoilkr of Uocta, |ra&a, 

^ fi^d Uf t« I7 OomIh; IliD nuivn&I* ftbllhfoJJ;- uiocmI tnm m ffwt 
MHwin fl^ 111* J*ibii SuteCUf*}'>f ll'rj*f;^ii r«fcr>l'>, — TlMn ««n 
v«rl«u J«rii# «»ntm CUm. «f ihal p^^ : ild. U Uii' tfmm> «». Al«i^ 

mwl. Iut« bean faprlntM in lM» /iwa, fur i:iUttuito par^^Mm- UVdte ^ 




uif'kiHUiir^ and vorbci] lo^c, ooit^IutinsLtfd by A stupid jcii3|>* 
[ueaU ^ud & fi^rj caUiolic tnnX. Il flccnia io bn ddiTrrirrl wiUi 
great uDotioa, ±nd to find tit ttudiciLCc in thd ootnp ; tcvArdla 
tbu coneluBiOD tbuir null upon hin;f and lie nftrrawly eeoftpcs 
killkig <iT OuL'XiiLg:, fur Itjivin^ vi^tttnTl tri gUitrn n c^7!gur« »t 
the GcDcral The ftoldiers tliaDift«lw« arc jeering, vh'rrmjfliu];; 
joaUing; di^u^ning th«ir ¥n«he3 aud friGp<<outioim ^ aaal, oX 
Uit, tUey fvmitiiiifl in n profi>iiiid dc^liberation oti th« atatc of 
Liieir AfEftirD. A r^tgue cKat*ger?ilril mtlliiLtt of tli^ coming 
OVCaitS tod |>«rfioiUigC€ U im&^ed t4> ua in their foatr-c oonccp- 
tionK, Wp dimly diwxivftr the prfloarioua iiowitioii ol' Wallcn- 
nlf in ; Ui<? J)UpI» which threnteD ti!i», wliirh h** u niPiiitating: 
wo Irftoo iha IcaUbg qualities of tbo prinoipal officer*; and 
form a high eatiniAtc of ihv. potest aphit which binda this 
ficicre dunordunt iDAfs to^-(»lher, M)d s«enje to be th^ object of 
lUUTonal r^vBrenoe where iioMniij; eUw i8 r^verecJ, 

la tbi9 TWv rvxoivmint, Uie next dirisioa of the work, the 
f^fbrnUe for wliou wo bavo tli«s bocn prcparod ibf>pcar io 
prt«on oti tbo f««iio, and npra^ out before \t% their plotit and 
iimuterplola ; WuJloiisttfin, ihraiiyli {wrHott^Ll ambition aiid 

evil cmui^el, slowly roaolviag la nfvoltj uitd Octavio Pit^olo- 
mibi, m Aecrrtft undcrminiig his in H nonce funong the Uadom, 
and prtfparin^ for him tb.it pH of riiin, into wliiisli. in the 
third FWt^ W<tUmisfHn'^ Dnaih, wa Bto tiiu bhik with all his 
foriuu«8. The military spirit which pcrvodco the former 
pi^o^ U h«ro w«]l cufltAin^d^ Tbo niltng inot^ir^a of these 
c^ptainn »nd «»olonrlt ar^ a littli? murp rellned, or nior* dfs- 
giiicD^dr tkm thane nf (be Cumutniera And Jj^cm^ 1»nt they 
ara tbo mme in lubHtatioc ; the love of pnxMint or future 
plounro, of action, r«pntntif>n, monny, pow^r; ftvlfidbneai, 
bnt MlRxliniMit distin^i^bctl by a viiprrlidal i<<xtenial pro- 
priety, and ifilded oyer with tl)« »p]«ndor of militau? honor, 
of ooni^ee iiiflffziblo, yot Imht, w>dI and uno^stiirting. ThoM 
arp not Imn^n'try hTo^g, but genuine hired tnen of wilt: 
wo do not love tliem; yet there in A |>uiap about tbeir Ope- 
nitioDft, whirh nf^e«abLy iiUa up th* uccne. This din of 
war^ tbtB olAJa;h of ttimntruoiis ennfliotmg intnrofltt. )« M% as 
a foltablp! luv'iinifADinii^ttt U» the offetttiug or oomaiandiug 


tAMT hl 

ntiwpinmTta of Ute ehkf chAncM* nrliinK *t curdop* a> 

Of tho iKidiTiilaAls tli^t figvm tn this vorU of war, W«l- 
locutti^n hiDDMlff tho RtroTig AUas vhich inpporU it «11, t^ by 
imr Uie Dtoat itupoifiDtr' WallfnBtctEL It tLu model of a higl^ 
8on1edj iTCAd lUKompluhcd man, whooo nUioK p—tioo « 
ftnibitiou. Uc i< dftring to cIm uCnttftt pitdi of uuuhood; 
tie u enttiucbicUe anil TeLflvmi; buL tlj>^ Ara rtf hit »dq1 
bnnu bid bf^u^rttli & dn^p bliattiin of pniideiiw. K^ilinf; itoelf 
hy cakulationn whirii extend to thi^ extreme liiuiU df hi* 
nofft minute ci>Qi.*L^nn. Tbii pnidt^nco, «omot^ra<vi aJvoffI 
Inrdnring im incBolution, fiinnt tJic oatwunl rind of hia 
ob&r4Mt«r, and for lb wliUe U Uio ouJy qu&lit]^ whitlt we <U»> 
oover LD it. Xbo inmcDAc influonop which bia ftmiuA appma 
to <^%PTt on ^vrty inriirithinJ of Kin mnav fnUow«rc, prppuv^^ 
tifi lo pjiiicot tt ^tmt man ; »nd, wln?n WnUTmBtpiu^ iittcsr long 
dduj aik<l iQudi forvwarnicK. U in fine preaffabed to vk, we 
wtt 6nt ftxp«rivTt«a Kfunethiag like a diBappoiutm^'mt We 
find biin, indiH-d, pi^KMWu<d at n ntAiil ^nutdnar; y^t involred 
in myaterj ; warering between tvo opinion* ; aodt as il 
aeeBi»> witii all Lis wifidom, blindly oradtiloun in mattcn of 
tfa« bigh^t import. It is only when erentt h^ve fotCL-d de- 
CBiJnna oq bim, fJmt. H» mpE iT\ Mb iinti^A nnlght, tliat hij gfiailt 
aplrit BtancU fmiolded m it» vtre&fftb before na ^ 

" Ni^lit Uia»\ it bcf en> IModlatiJ'ii «tAr vUi iH^ain : " 

amid fliJHnultie*, darkn^M aaiJ impeiidtnK <^iti. at wbicb Ibe 
boldest <ft hia folb>wi^r« grc>w jkO?, he btmttclf ia calm, and 
AkA lti tbia avrd crlftk t^eU Uie aenraity aiid cKUiaoioaa 
atrvoffth of bin »oii1 luUirn. WaIleuAt>-Lup lu ^t, tfcuv^ 
pre-eaiiu«<ut in power, both <^xt^mA] and iDt'viial, of hii-h b^ 
tellact aiir) f^otnmaDdliif wiU. «kiUibl in war and atat««m^ 
■bip beyond tbo best In Eun>fM^ tbn idol of aixty tbovaand 
£owieM heaft*, in aot yet fenovcd aUmi wt nympathy, W« 
■I* united with bim by fMlinga whieJi ba mJ^oae wtmb. tkaqch 
tb«y heloiii; to tliv moat gnaPiMui parta of hie tkatufiK Him 
indeftUion partly taKn iLa rim? in thp Mavibilttira of big liMOt^ 
•■ veil aa in ibaewLtiiOk of hu iiulipnient; bU bdiof in a»- 





trokigyp irliicli ^vm fowe »n<] twitfimiitioit to t\il» bendvnoy, 
oHglTUit«6 ill Bome toft kiu4\t mwHao^ va6 vld^ n ncir in- 
tend to th^ eptrit »f tW WAmor ; h burabl«t him, to vkom 
tH** f^AKh IK ftiihjrrt, twfmi' tliosa (ayitbDrionii PriH-am wH^oIl 
wrifili tli9 dcotiTii« of iDiiu in thtix boLiDoci, in vrtici«o ^yt* 
\ht f^vo1««t and thu Icaat of nurtate voareoly dtffvr in littlo- 
TiMft. TTaUensielri^s ooufidrnon in ttii? fripnilalklj> of Ul^Cuvt oy 
li^fi illslTitcrpHt^ tov« for "Miul FincnlominiT ]^f» {ntemal auil 
lirothcrlj kicUiicss, cue fcclinic^ wbict cojit on al^ctiiifj: lttfbr» 
ever tho It&nthorr idotc berolo qtuOttif^s urtiaroidth tboy nt« 
«>inbire<!. His iTna^on to ibe Rtnpdror h a ^^rtme^ for which, 
pnivuiktrd mil] lem|>t4nl oa be wbb, wc do Lot ^ii.'uUj bl&nie 
him; it 19 foffCoUcn in tyur tMdnumtion of Kis noblmoaa. or 
r«colIc*^t«d oiily at a TCniol trveposa. ScAUlI^ has «iicx»ed«d 
wpII wltti Wulletiittv^ii. wfifire it wa^ not «My to fcuritMH. 
Tbe truth of hiatory 1im been bot 1ittl« Tiolatod ; y«l Vf iire 
co>npd1f^ to feci thnt Wnllrnstcm^ wbo«c ikctions indiridu- 
&Jty ]i7« tnUxnff, nnAUf^imttfuL And uolavl'u), i« a strong, 
sn'bUntK* mmttiLUxlinf Hmnu^r; w«t Wwik at- liim with iotflP- 
Mtt our MBOeni &t kia fftte ie tiugod with a ohode of kindly 

Til OHamo Pieralnmini, bin wiir-ccmpRiiion. «e Ofto find 
1c0» fctult, yrt wo Uikc It^s plr%tnmt^ OcUv^o'n qualities kro 
cUcfly BOfaMro -, lie r«tber vrath^ by t^o letter of th« mcral 
\kw, than by it» t]>ivtt ; Iiib oondncrt i£ ezternftllj ocrrect, but 
i^it^tp k rM> toiirfi of gnncroirity within. n»4 iti irwre <>f tlie 
oo«rtier than of the xoMirr: liin iv^npon i\ li^triKiic, not 
force, Behoving Hrmly that "whatercr w» is bc»t," ln> dia- 
tnstB all n^w and evtraonltnary thiogt \ be has no faith in 
Imniiir) naT^nrA, An*\ ii»»mk Ui bp virtiioMif liimself More bv 
calculation tlian by iinpuW. W« eoaroelj tbaiik htm for bis 
loy^l^} it^rrinff h'la Ktnpcroi, hQ mina qimI bHrny* Uia friond i 
and^ bealdes, tlion^ he doea tif4 (swn it, {wrvoiu^ ambition ia 
aiiMftg bi^ loading moiivi«; h? wi«W« to be general mid 
princf, nod Willcnntiin in iiH only a trnitcr to Im eortreigu. 
but a bar bo this ■di'iiaoeai«nt. l". in tni», (Ktavio doM not 
pcfftonally tPTn^vt him toiR^rrin bin dpntruotioci ; but ne^tber 
doos be vain him from it^ n&d iiorbapa he kuvw that freab 


Vavt nt 

u-tnptatlon TTU ffuperfiuoiui. Wijlorjntrin did not dttorm 
tiich trv'Atincnt from il tnsm whom ho Imd trusi^d u ft bn?th6^ 
emi though «iiGh ^^utiIiiIoiilmi wu blind, uul gfoJiied by lisiiHifl 
Atitl alAti}' oEJiezia. Oclavio U a skilful, pntdcnt, maiiAfftXif 
»t&ttisiuuiu uf tlic kiud praised loutUy, if not riacaulj, lij 
thoiT fri«n^4t EUid d«t«uAod jcoply b^ tliuir «Ti«mi««. Hit 
obJMt muy bo lawful ar i-^-en UiiduMe; but Ills wajs siro 
«rookddt W6 dLdi)L« Uuu but tlie laure tlal wc luiow not 
poaitivcJy bow to btaiuv bim. 

Octavio Pircolotnitti and WalUtuitftin a.t9,at it wcn<T tbo two 
Q|ip<i9im£ forrii^ Ity wUiditlii?! wlii)!« uiiivurac ui miMu^ty P^^' 
tied u kept iu iuotii>u. Tbc sLrujc»;lo uf lungaaaiaii^ aad 
etre&gth ooinbmed with tretAOQ, against oi^nning aJid afipoMOt 
Tirtu<', hidnd by Inw, inve« ri&ii to & noriiM of gn^it uctAota, 
wbicb &rr brrn nvidly pn^jmntod to our victr- ^Ve tnioglo in 
tboelAttbiag inti?ro«ttf of tJic^ m^nof wart wuoeo tbomfttthcLr 
gor^oua fL^tivjLlfl aiid etori&y oooaultat^ous, jkud portidpfttd tti 
lhi> hrtpPH nr funn that agltAte tliAiTi. The subject liAd masj^ 
capalnlitir* ; arid Schiller has turzird ibcio £iU to profit Our 
nuuds &rtT kipt ajt^rt by ^ coiicitjuit nucciranion of noimfttinff 
SMnp« of fipectfbole, difklogue, inDideut : tlie plot thiok^ns ttid 
d«rkct]» iw w« advoncw; th« interest deepeurf and deepens to 
the rery end- 
But atxioiis Uxt tumutU of this biiiy mnltitTidc^ tboto arc two 
formft of o«lefitial beauty tbaC solicit our am^ntion, and vhow 
dMtioy, JavoWed witli that of tli'irm aTniiiiil ihfin, ^i\-vv it mi 
importaace in our eyes which it could nut otbr^twiee biiri< hod. 
Uax Ficooloniini, Qotavio** «on, ami Th^hl.i, th« doogbttf ^ 
Walli^iivteii], diffuw^ on etbnuul ptdi^inci* oT<ir all tbi* tragndy ; 
Ibwy vall forth thiii CuiVbl fetliuga [»f the lirart. whi^n? otbnr- 
fncliii^ hiul ulroady been aroujted ; th«j stip^rodd to tbe <tir- 
tii^ pomp of w«nM, which h»l already kindled our Imogiwi- 
tion«. tbn enthuMJiain of brtf^ht unworn humanit}', '*the bWm 
olyoimg dr«irr, the purple Ljjht uf love-'' Tho hi«toi7 of 
Mfts a&d Thi<kla u not a tar<« ono in pootrr; but ScbilUr 
boa ireatJid it with a ahiJI vhiob la ezCjvm&ly mre. Both of 
ihtux orv n*pn«eiJt«] tut oaathMn]^ fvory exrellenr^; tfaoir 
tfToetMa b instontoacoau and unlx>uuileil ; >H thn ciiulttt^ 




moat scepUcal reader u Xorood U* adiuirn th«m, ko^ bclicro in 

Of Mu tre are taught from Lbe firat to fi:Trm th» liighvst c^ 

aa t>f ft ptrftct Iicro ; tlwi Cuitu^ion lnwl, nt I'appcnhcim'a 
:h. on ttie field ol LiiU^D, appointj^d Iiiin tbcir colonel bj 
tmimitnmiH pVrrtnn, Ht« 7ippTO.rjiTirft Miswi?r8 tlieso tdeas : Mux 
U the vrry spirit of boiuif, ;llii1 iiai^Erltyriiiid young ftrdor, per* 
»oiu£cJ. Thoufli bub (Mt*^tLff into matorcr «fft, bo haa al- 
K&djT B^^ti a:icl suffeivrl much; but Che eiperlen«« of the maa 
liM Tint jTPi; dfSuJpriP^ or dnllp-d fhn pnthiiHiJiKm rf th^ briy. TT© 
hoA lircd, since ki* very chiMhorMi, ixiTMtrtntly iuni^ the flaxig 
of w^LT, And with few idM0 but thmc^ of iia,mpa \ yet here, by a, 
native Instlnctv his heart hau atirac'ivd to it all Chat was nohU 
and gmcrfnl In tbe tnulfr of anna^ rejec^tiiig all Uut was rct[Hjl- 
ftiro or f&roctoiu». n« lovc» Wollonfltein bis poti-^nf hi« jcnIUnt 
adU majoitic Irodor: bo lovci bin protcut ymj t>i iifo, Imjouiiao 
it U out" of pvril ftad oxubftmcnt, bocauM hft know* no otlb^r, 
1ml, rhii'flj Jiwiiuptt his ynun^ unvuUiitil nfirit *?an nhvd a ns 
a{>lead0ut bbWty orti tven the w;mtMt ragioQ in thr di^fttbi^ 
of nan. Tet ihoi^tgh a n;ldier, ftiid tho bravest r>f eo^dicni, bo 
is not tHa iJun«< H« tf««le tb^t tbrm atv' frdrrr Efiticii iti lift-, 
whieb cliesp seiTDi^ €f hnvoi:^ and di»tJ4;sa but dL*furiu or de- 
Vtroy; lil» firrt ftcqittintsitice irith the Princcsa Thnkla unvdU 
to him aijothur world, vhie.U tUl then hu htid not dr^aiaed of; 
aland of i-eiu-PHnd *rr»'ni* rlyHliu Telicitj, LhHi*h*fnuof vrlikh 
he [aIiiL^ u'ltfi liiiuphf and LiitrirolW ehff|ucnL-e. Max U iii>t 
niOt« d^riog Uinn Edfvutiuuuti^ j h^^ i^ nuriJIiil nnd cvntlc, 
though bU trniniu^ has hf^n Modvt t<tuU: inodi-ftt and alto* 
^tber aiipf«leikdin& tiinu^li j^oung and imivtnallv Adiuii'Ml, 
Wv coiioeive his B^pcot to hn tbuu^tfol bnt ft^tTid, dauTttl&a» 
but niUd; bv i« tbo tctj poetrj of war, the osseDM of 4, 
j<Qtbfnl b«*ra We sbooM bRTe bjvpil btm atiywbprp; bub 
bore, umld baLrri.'n bop&i.-s of Btnfo arid danger, hi; Ja duuhly de&c 

Hia firat ftpjwarftntw wina cur favor; bis ^loqTioncd la aonti- 
moot proixiitit tu to f-icp^ot uniHkinnum in.i^[niLuimity in Aotioit. 
Tt la ttoi fulloiiY; (kiatrio VLd tfuMtejufcry aic coAstiltiuj: 4>tl 



Past UL 

vife of iVicifam f , to lb cai&j> &t PileiBu. 

\IIe ^mkntcm him: on turmimf pow hJ , A«o|iM-t«» <M(r«cH6ay^ 
imrf dIrwM ootfljr boct, 
Buiodi, I poTPibvf T will &0I EntofniTit joc 

Oi^^ llow nov, Uat 1 Tl#v titl* •inftjiiv btttrrl 
An «U frira-l tlfnerrn rv|CK/d ami Titnilt— t 
ThA Kmwf'i ttMMi^fT ihoiilil bi» mvrtf'd I 

Max ^r^y). Von Qticricnbrrg f If U u KDodtluabriDei|OQ 

Qinwr. (Jkof lAifcfliiM JUiK^l. Nat, jr&ww« 
Yoar luuid Bvnf, Coont PbvAkanlDl f 
KdC on mJm i>wn HAooam daQo I gnuip % 
And nolliiiig ttnciumi wlB I Vftf ibaiMrtih. 

OaiftriL>t Mu, PlTOJomlD) E (Toi^ fioM ikeir hmd§ 

Nmi'i^* iif Titiuij;Ti)iTit- Jtntitinn hnpon ' Nptpt 
CtLn AuHtnitu fr^tjQ4> bail whii*f ivra tmth vtarv, 
To gafdo jui) giunL ber. gUam ttl^rv oar Lmt^ 

lUi. Y»a plAj U wnrng. Sir UIniMerl To piwM^ 
[ virt, juu otrriiP ma hitluir ; in bUmr mul WDiiiTr» 
You ftK istriiiti. Lid m> tw bo «i«cfilk<ti. 

OcTi (6^ Mnat]. Ill' c>iirn« ftun Cuitrti wliBn cmrr oon li aoi 

So Vull «OtLlCUl«4 with tho Duk« «A hltf«^ 

Maje> AaJ what new fnfth ttBV(» thuy ut chvgn lilm with t 

Cca on Jr^mUnd t Wr)l ! SbtJt^lit it not b« *o t 
tl iboujil anti mnM 1 TTkl* mm vut a*T«r mAdft 
To plj OQil iiK'iilil hlinulf likv w^K Uj irtlii^ni: 
Tl ^rtf< a^inM hii hf^nrt : h* ^antiot du it, 
Ro h*a thr^ sptril of a rrjtrr* ajiJ 
Tiw* fO/tUm hTm raW- WoTl tur ua 
II (m >ci [ Pel* C4a mlo ikctnMlTvi, ntn um 
Their wMiiv ipWIj : hipp^ for iSh* vrhi^ 
Where then ifl nut Kvon^ thirm tJtni <^in ba 
A 0«otr» uDd & hold fer tniuij ihnuaiid* ; 

wallensteir: »5 

Th&t. can plant liliiiMlf lik« a finn coIiudu, 
For thif whole to IfiBJi on safely ! Such a one 
Xa WaltenaleiQ ; some oth«r man inight better 
Berre the Cooit, aone ^m eoald MTYe tlie Armj. 

QuzdX, The Army, tndj I 

Max. And U i« a plouaa* 

To behold how atl avakst and etm^itheDfl 
And rsvivea aruund faioi ; hov men^w fitcnhiQa 

Come furUi ; their gifti grow plainer 10 tJoraiMlHil ' 

FroiQ each he na edieit his endowment, 
KU peculiar powar; and doeslt wimIj ; 
Leaving each to be the man he lauod biiUf 
Watching oaly tlut he always be m> 
1^ th' proper p]ae« : and thoa fae nuikea the taleuli 
Of all maridnd his own- 

QuBBT. Vo one denleft bim 

Skill in men, and skOl to ns« them. Hli lull li 
That Id the ruler he forgsta the eemnt, 
Aa if he had been bom to be onmrnandcr. 

Max. As^ i* 1m Dotf By birth be b investai 
With all gifta for it, and with the farther gift 
Of finding scope to use them ; of aoqatriog 
For the ruler's facnMee the ntler's nffioe^ 

Quest. So that how fer tiie ro«t of us have ri^fali 
Or influence, if Bny^ Hca with Friedland t 

UaX- He is do eommoa penon ; he requires 
No common confidence : allow him epHce • 
The proper limit he btmself will set 

QUEdT. The trial shows it I 

Max. Ay! Thns Hb wfthdumf 

Still BO ] AllbightaUiem that has any depth; 
Nowhere are they at ease but in the ehallowa. 

Oct. [to Quest.]. Let him haf« hia iray, mj Eckadi Tht wrgor 
Will not avtul ns. 

Majt, They teToke tlw aplrit 

J' tW hour of need, and ahndder when he riaea. 
The great, the wonderfnlT mnv* be acoonipHahad. 
like a thing of c^>aree I — In war, in battl*, 
A mometf b deainve ; on the spot 
Must be determined, in the iiMtvat dotUb 
With ev'ry noble i^nAlity cf natxm 



f^MTt UL 

The leider uioM be ^ftftd : let him livr, t^ionj 
Id thi*1r nobli* qihere ! Tlin omrlo wtEliiij hlnj. 

Not inrritlJ^rinfi; pAn^bmr-DUi mwi ho ukr in rH>[]iuaL 

OtTT- My Si'ii 1 d«pi*o cot ihMp old nurrow Tgrau I 
Uttjr ■» AM tirimn ifndou mlbi uoA huam, 
Which cp^nmcd m«rtab l»T4»«vMtod 
To mifiVrnUi lhv> nuh wiU of tturlr ui^reMm. 
Yav ilw ij iwuutrHiUed tuk* urcr ba^n <](«troBtiva. 
Till- vmy urOfiliT, tbiiuitli ii lead tliruui;)! wiuilh^s^ 
li iho U^t. Kigitt forv^anl ^ou iho U^hmipj; 
Ami ibr trauQuti'lm]] ; c^uiak. hy tlie utanui pui^ 
'I'Ucy <vtTiH^ cp'ciiug wUh rnqnion>uM tmuih tbrir vrnj^ 
Tu blii^L ttiid riiLu ! My 8(ju ! tlw quji't rund 
Whif^h rii«n f^imt, w!ii>rr ^wnca nud hlaAaianfk tr*viJ^ 
FmIIl^w-s ibe rivn^ onarMr, Ibo vuUcy'k bcniiliLijii ; 
If odMt skirta tho «oinifl*U uid tbg vntBjrvd. 
EeT«ri[ii{ ]>^Dpflrty^f ji|ipi)iiiiDd bciumli; 
Ad>1 iHadiDif •aiU xU'Mif^h vlowfc U> iLo usark. 
Qltkot. Oli« JiAu yuui Kallivr ! hiiu wUu at aX ooM 


Oct. Ji U cImj ohklJ 

O* Ih^ Dunp thU *p«ak* in thito, injr ]4i>a r a wnM 
Of flAivn TMrt liM uufmJ And louglit tticc; proo* 
Tlioa but aAv«r tMn. My Suu, iJior* i« n tv^nh 
Bejond the worth «|w*n1on: •¥%■ tii w«r itsulf 
Thr cbjftfit 11 xvA vnxt. Tlio nfid ilcMi 
Of (^>«fT» th' MtciQDding voiid«n "f iho UllHUf &1 ^" 
It U nut ih«»if thui (niniflvf to mun 
AujC^i QsrAilt Bujc^i btiJ^uaat orondnHag- 
In hutn ihD wAudtiirintf •iildlvt c>i»int<M, >iiiJ buildi 
With i!Afj\aii hift liicl^ luwu : borv lu > ukjiucdI 
Ib a ntihing wripouna; pijtrkelB opoa; 
Buvcb »ud rifpn orowd irtlt luerchAQiUM 
And |wop1n ; Tniffli? ftin bie himdnid nrnu. 
En kiivE, KfinD plidttiIdc, loob, — and it !■ ginw I 
Tb«< tMl« «rr nrruoh, Th# hoiit trim mnrFhiyl tvnyi 
D<«d M ft ohnrebjrBrd lint ibo tr<iiir|4i^l »w<l-ficLd, 
And vuti^d ia thft barvr^nt nf Iho jtar. 

Mai. Falhn-I thnt ibr lUuwr uusU tiuko |mm«I 
Tbr blifidj biim] I vfiuiM jc^Hdl^ r>)[Hngo 
For Hu flnt vlulcd ^^mm aiwuM uSit u% 



yiKX. PoKO I havo novOT torn f Vt<d, 1 have s«& Ul 

Tttron^h lamln «« jot bnvtftltoil 1»y. vat. 
O Fikibvr ! litkt }]^ j^hjrmai. ur vhkh wo kn^fV noli 
We luvi> bat E)0ifii ilic bAiTun couio of lifo ) 
Lthu Kttmt^ wU»l rvviiL^ cr^w -'f UwInb |riraUiia 

ITiMD Uto ruilu m*Jt, vrSt.li nidn tDiuiUHrH dwull ; 

Whi-^rt ihry mny rt*k tixHr hurdtid iWrtvljJ^ UniUi^ 
or thv LorollDCBd tViAl, m Lis pcMcfiil daXn^ 
Thv UuJ ^►uwalji — O Fjiiher! — Ob. (if iLiij, 
Iq our *r»ld vfljuir* w<t buvo (O'd no ^IjmpW}. 

Our, [ffiven iittreasnd atlentitm], 
A&d dtrl ihimjaantoy vhtnr thoo imudi of ItT 

BJax. 'T tra« tbc fim hi>ltil*7 ur my viunf.ao^ 
Tvti lA'), vrtcroV tbc end -jfaU ihis Ubur, 
Tbifl ^'liuilJiig Libur tLat !i^ Htulmj my j'uuiht 
Acif li>ft luy U«u1 uuulai'tfr'Ll and vuidj mj spirit 
Cbvultiiutod ii« A wibbT[i|]pi« f 
ThU cunp^ QoodwiQIf dm ; ibo miL^'hing ftuitvlaj 
The truin|N]t'» clnug ; ^ ocvrr-i^luLugir]^ luuui 
Of MTvit^, dkeipltno, parvlp, givo ccitbing 
T<r lh« bwt| th« h«ft tbat luuju;^ fur tini)ri«Uin«DL 
Th«rB Uootcml la ih^ InHLpUi rfUA'neaB; 

Got. Mij«h but ibuu lurn'd, my Son, in thl* ihtnt Jooniij I 
Mai. O blevod brlgbt ilaji when ai lul tZie «uldkr 

SbftUtan b«ek tolifVf Asd b*«^fHiLi * niJi^iT 

Thrmglt tb* merry iLiife tbo volun any unfurPJ, 

Ao4 n^iuiwunl bc-iu the UuUilDgBofL pi^ui?u-m[krc:h} 

All ImU luiij UoliiEciA divk'J wUh !caff *j>rLkfBr 

The Uu« -jHiiE oftJicflul<U! Tho fii/igiLbn 

Klj uj* i BOW ocpJd not l!ic pf?l4rr1 tu burrt thnni 
Tbo wnJl* »r« i^mTr(l<il wilh irj^^f^ing pftipl-*; 
Thwir abrjotf rint thpnTi^Ti the air : Ihnn pvf-rj tow«r 
IDllha b*!!* iiT" pAnliTiK forth Ihft mwry vmjwr 
Of thtt hlxuly dfly- From l^l^^^l hud hnmM 
FUw the Jociittd (hciiuindA : wiib tlii-ir hMrt;^ 
Kind impotuu^ij wir nutfoli Siu^wdisf • 




T^ old liuD, itvfpag UiHC b» •«• t^iit d«y, 
ET|]kar«« bw lMTi|e-li«t nm - a ttrun^-i 
Ra F*Tlfl|TB hU old hurno; vilh KpHndingliaagltt 
Ttii- Inw u'LTniJkfbdtm Um At liia relurt), 
Which vt^nr^d u n twig vhsn Ih* JqufMd ; 
Af«1 ntatet T>}niliime <uiD«e ■ aMcId U> iitf rt lrtn\ 
Whom ou h(ir nun»>\i biMM hit ML (l hAppjt 
FciT whom smt* ktudlj d^r Ijfc* Ihis, fnr wbvm 
Soft nnni tt ohof hivn ultflll trii»p«n'df — 

Th4 tiiiJiv you tpomk ^rf ihijuM bo m Ckf dbtoul I 
filbuulJ »>C bv L'r-vEHirrvv> br Ictloj ' 

Ma3l. AqiI who "^ <o HiJLini.- f^ir 1l bat jron kt CoQftf 

1 vfill (Wl j-Wnlf **^''^ y*"'- Qt>"»I't*1>Tk t 
Wbon I -WfrM innj hr^, n lwinj(o flf ^bwk 
AqJ b'tUrnLtiM writi lljnviigh mn- It i» ym 
ThAl liinJpf pnLDr: fafc, vora. Thp Gcnrml 
UuM ttn* h, And >ini nvrr h«?p twiaaa^g hil% 
OlHtnicHiitg aIE hii >t«pft. ftbniin:^ htm ; 
For wk&t t IWwjErrr thp j^""} vf Eiin>pii* Im 
H«v*r hilt h«MfT, cliMii whi4T.h«r ivrutn amwi 
Muru or ls«i c/ dlnj buid be Aaalm'* ! 
Tou otO bka m^ior, rvbri, GuJ kuinm irhMr 
BeoAOM b« trpvtm ilw biiutiB ; as If lW 

Tf duxiaf war, vu itud ii'H, «■« f«<Kie ftJIowf 
Q<i (o 1 gn ifi ! An I Irmt ^whIuma, Ar» I hM9 
Thb i»ltry vKirii of jpuont and hm I favr to Oodf 
Fiir Mtii, tfib wb^l, tndfor WaJlrnvtstn^ 
To «bed raf blnod, mf bvan^a blood, Avp fcy dropt 
Er« ] will M« fiTU IriTimfh Id bli full T 

Thn Prinravi Thptcln ifi pf>rliApQ still d«>ftrer to D& TMd% 
Jnflt cateruj^ oix Ufo, with "timLil stfrpa," ^th tbr brUbaat 
vinoof of a oloister y«t ucdijiturl(,'d by tlio oontrndictiona of 
luUtyj b«liolds In Uax, not mervlj bar protector and ttuort 
to lier fftUurKa rarap, bnt th^ living «>n)1v1en] of htt ahatpuJciii 
yot eJowinic drtaiaa. She known uot dcoeptlou, a^ (lu&U &u<] 
is trusted ; their spifita meet utd latDffU, uid * q1a»p tooli 
otb^r flniily ;in<1 foiVTu^ ,*' JUl (IhU U dv-airrllwd by tbfi po«t 
villi A ^uiei lUAiitralioUf vhMU iuula ilA yi»y iulo our rlaijiMt 



F^xnpfttJUM, )^uth beantifuL simplicitj i» irrcdictiUc 


£[aX- Thi0 luoniiui; Unit I rukf<] a wuni ^if iL 
Cony. K<il till ihiH uiomiii^ diirii^g twenty it,ja T 
Max. T vru *X ll^n cmUh whtirv ji>u ruvl u#, 'Iviit tUl 

Anii NcpunoU, ib^ Iiut il-^si^ "f ihv Jouftivy. 

On ji UlIcuu/ abc jiulI I wrm Ktauidiiig, our luulu 

Id 'ilf'ni'c turnM ufHui ibo vo^miI londaoftpv; 

Aud brffirp nb th*T ilmgooDn n-L^rc ndluga 

1/Vhrtm til* l>iiko h*-! «'Dt Uj liCr hflr PMOil- 

Dfrnvy o(i iity hiuft Wy thuu^bU (T ^tingi 

AnJ with A fAlIonng volcfl sA Ujt I «u4 : 

AJl tliu maiiida m«f FrftoloiQi that to-daf 

I moil b« pnnal from caj ba[ijjLDc««{ 

Id ibw bpurv juu will flud a fatlicr. 

Will i»M fonnwtf POoirtilM! by nvw ftifuili ; 

AuJ I bh(iU Lu lu jTua uuugkt but a atr&n^tfri 

>VgottiHi iu th#ciP>wd — *■ S|n.4iW flilU Allot Tocikfl* 

A f^uiVring in bcr vuioi>; a ffluiriiig bJuMit 

Hot «7M tciA mind : I <au\i oo&tfvJ myMir 

btU r^ot Puxfthntmi^ obnerting her. 

— [ cLup'd \v3T vildl^ ID my ojiai, 

My Upo 'BTcr* jub'J witL hen- Sumc f^wtstcpa rtirrin^ 

r th' Di<xt riioin jwrtml lu ; 't nwi y<>u ; wliHt lIieD 

Took pUco, yuu kucrW' 
CouH. And mn yoa bo b> modrirt, 

Or tni^nrioiis. m Hf-i ooci tu utk ino 

TffT rpf Hvrct* la rotnrn t 
Ma;i. TooTKvrrfhtt 

CoiDv, Ym, Aiirv! On MTTiInf in ih» mmneot ftftOp 

H<>w my nU^iw rncniv'ii mo, wbM i' Ik' Sufltaot 

Of her Anl BiirpriJH thn — 

Max. fUt 

TiirKLA [ntetM hostii^]. Sp&rojouneir 

Tho troublv, Aunt ! Thjit bv ohu Iovu from m*. 


T4m m 

bnTd tboia Uch «p«« Aa tn««b, 
M In hiM« (lur lofiMUy (vnwDMd 
An ir^m bf l■t|^' i 'f piltn* b? «ic^ thftii poittk^ 

WtU^M in tLik narrow priaon, lIoaiIj on oJl ud(tt> 

Th«n dip TtlirLnirrar ull'd i^t^u llidr liwliv, 

la Ink baClic, fnirly i" sumi^clor : 

Btii Culouul Himilvuiiui — [ TAdtJij* bieuritio, ctitckot by a jflEi£ 

— Wo ktiuw tuiQ 
D/ 's iLrlmut-jilurriiT oxul lii* long tuning bjux* , 
The rih^iil rido hwl IoomiuM tC ; tu lir Tr>frir<1i 
fit) (riitur^ ; leftjm fintl tiiUM-lf ha isnlLauil ulittd 
Cltiiuk UTM it; U>« ttwiji |thiTu|i> liWr iLim: 
Bui — Iti • itviiiUo \l iru U>«K*! -^ hb bonD 
Bqq llm^QtCfi vho body by a pnnkwif 
Etfirt tij Its hM«&7* nui pllotm hr 
Ita niirr; uid Gvreo lAr him Intvp thff lUAdi 
O' ill* n«iLi uuw kc^iiDU Oiffitlit^r liti utir liriJlv. 

IThtktu, v^/h} hill, itjtlm4ti hj tkt tojj teveth teitk intffiwify ai*> 

FfiifJ^ii iWW'rvitn hiiKJVminiArr, luid rrmtvs ^KT m Acrorau. 

Kicr. fjttJjt JMr<*t niMfMi — 

CAt>r, [norivq. ^ 1m tat btgcno. 

Tnwa.A. TbpMi; cuudmlvU. 

C^PT^ Spaing ihAlr iMidor U^ 

A sHm IncxaniUo ^e^ftrtdifiti 
M^<i th« tmtipa : <h<ir ova vacapo Unifotinn, 
Uk» villi tifsfe lh«jaUM4 ua: thflir faij 
Pn ivnk« <iiir fr^kUM*, aail llv> bikUla aruta niH 
Till ihc Ufl ni*n »f di«- PappirDlH^mcarK Inll*. 

Tl»:vtJL [«iih afiiiffTti^ low]. 
And vht^re — ttliiAt in — Vuu bat^g Dai \M ina alL 

ThU ^iitimiik^ iTi^ miiirrM hiiA- Ur trmt bucu* 

AdiI nil nvr boat n«nimpani«4 Uw Uor. 
A t-irfml iWkM fiia tvilfiii ; and upon It 
Tb* Uii4MiiiETnf likiH hiif own victorifvOR avurf. 
Ki>r uvrti ivfiin wvjtltjjf bi lib Attn : Av nunj 
Of IN li«4 kbym hJa ri ihL nindtilni^ 
Aoii fnoiicnioii uf inuiibrn; ftnd all Jntvu 




Tinctctji. 1 fiunAt Mp li. Qo, 1 pritfaM,0ol 

Kntr. Tbkik ndl whM jwi mt Mo^. 

TllKKl-t. All U tbl>l3gbt 

Ttoi MO fc* thotight. abv*^. 

Wbnl wnulit j<iiii dot 

I<EL\ Vour bciBrt bfiU or tntobk: uij UJjl 
Thin wftj Imda nol lo ptaoa. 

TllEiSl^ T» timt dcirp penoo 

Wljirfi liH h^M riirioil, Ob, l^«i*li-iif Gr^>\ Nr^vordit 
Tbm b anao f^m^ I knnw not vrUat to adt ll, 
PitlU roft IrfNdatlhly, inil ilmgn rrfi 

liDUirrtIf : the ■tntn^llng hin^ '^f v^rfw 

WUI U IcH«rQ''1 ^ tnin trill flow. Cb, hoArQ I 

Limg litre mil. wt (nic'it Jmvrt I>''Ht fi' lb' mnd. 

K(T mt fiTT 111° till 1 hnw tli^L tl^nvi wnlTpr : 

Thvf fnll rrjvkQ tn^, itntfn*<lHrk p^iwvT^jM^U Trt» 

Pr<4a Otem — H* 1 Whju '• llii* t Ttio cbiunbcr '« £lUi^ 

Uort I Toaft \ The oromfiiig v|i«Otfi« prtca «a mC| 

Ajiil [ii^li im^fortlL Trrriii thiKwvhinHid Uiuvft. 



tu flcTj Tongonnov f^ birn Thfj uf brvid na 
For thia Ini'rinfi: ttiv**" <*™'l' fct»>plt him ti.«, 
Who In diA^r llfi* hh<l b^l Ihmn ; thrir rriiin hAum 
Wtn* ni|*blA (jf (liiH : muJ / cm li^ V 
Kn [ \'o I Thai Uard-cmriiiiul whH^ th«j bl4 
Upop fiU l>Urr wu twmc<l for bodi of ua T 
Wlini iFi tM« Ufr viihoiii ihf l^^iiKif lf*»*t 
I OMtit from in«, iiKv ita vor^ U f^rao. 
T«A. vhm »• tmjtA «m1 Ifif'd wli utUcr* Ue 


The guliLjEi iiujrn : 1 kud ma hcnn oi H*Kvm^ 

ThoQ Mioodfltit 9A tiiu tbruaUoM uf ilia toto^ 
OTbuEij ILfci with tiJnid *t»fk« I iirum^ii ttt 
Huw fnir U Liy in muKuuii ^ijuIl' kulI idicca J 
Aotl ibiHi bititJu itiOf Lko Mm« EiQgt-l, ^^mjhiM 

Od to hft^% glikHi^iiig iiimn^lr hji^i4 iti fuiiKJ ! 
Mj ftrnt tlicriijcljt mi« ^j^T tW Um^itV oou U«1l| 
Uj lint Icxnk i>d % vp>il«« nf-mi Ml. 

ISUtnJaMi amvitt thtrt itrkh tigna f>/ Wror prooMdn 
And Falfi pat foHh fcia hnnJ ^ inmoniblpH ™i't* 
bf/ frloui] It iCTftdp'd And clutohM Willi u-i>ti LoM| 
And — UDdrr \W bt>i>f- r.«f rLiPif wild IjnrW"* hurl^: 
Bui:Jj in t1k« liH 'iif Iltvc^Luiov I^ tii' world 1 

ThekU ka» yet anolhor paui; to encounter ; the partiBf wUb 
htrr iaoUj«r : but «bd persists io ]i«r dotoriDinAticcL, and gOQB- 
forth to dill iHwiiln hrr loviTr*s ptiive, TImt bt^Eirt-n^tiiUng «ido- 
tiuun, wbioL thiji amiable crea.tu.re Im^ tu luidcr^. iuo deooribod 
with itiL aJmoftt punful o^oot: tho fate i>r Mn^x &nd ThokJa 
mis^t ilraw tJTftM from th^ *y^v* of :i stoir-. 

Lc^K» t^-ijilrr, bub not Itdn E»ublimr?ljr {Kirtif^^], ist Uie f&tD of 
Walknatt'in luuA«lt W« do cot pity WiLlIciiHteio ^ ctmi In 
niiu Le doi^ms too ^eat for pity. Hia tUn^ht^r haviDg VAo- 
ifihiMi likn n^ fnir TiHion fmm tlur M^rfit^, wt; )<K>k fartrjud to 
WolltTURtoiu « iiievitablo fate with liltlo feoliug ^aTo expMtanfc 

Tbi» kiagljr WAlleoMmiii wh^n«W hn Ukp 

WUl dng A vorld to rdn Aavn wW\\ him ; 
Acd M • pMplhni in tbe mhliit fif ot^al 
(thifilift lint. Mml 4hir*nng tprrtigi iDtii th» nlrf 
Aud in 9, mviQtni acatun bdvovu »d» and vkjr 

The L?TW tl baf«, >0 WlU ho bUTTJ lo llMtrUtitJOD 
Ev'rj OQO KtlOM filU VM JuUj'd witt hll> 

Ytt itill tb^ro U >om« Loach of pathos m hia glcomj ftlli 
]iom« vi.Hitiiipi of uaturw Ju l!i« MLst»^re ^.imUur nf Lift slawl^ 
oomiAg, but iOuritabU 4iid <moihiUlmy doom, Tho last 


of his life Is among the fLnest which poetry cAn boast <d* 
Thekl&'a death ia atill unkaowii to hijo ; hot he thinks of 
Max, and almost weep«. He looks at the atars : dim shadowa 
of anperstitioos dread paas fi.tfall; across his spirit, as hs 
Ytews these fountaias of light, and compares their glorious 
and enduriag existence with the fleeting troubled life of nsan. 
The strong spirit of his sister is subdued by dark forebodings; 
omens are against him; bia astrologer entreats, one of the 
relenting conspiratora entreats, his own feelings call apon 
him, to watch and beware. But he refuses to let the resolution 
of bia mind be overmastered; he casts away these wafnings, 
and goes cheerfully to sleep, with dreams of hope about his 
pillow, unconscious that the javelins are already grasped which 
will send him to hia long and dreamless sleep. The death of 
Wallenstein does not cause tears ; but it is perhaps the moat 
high-wrought soene of the play. A shade of horror, of fateful 
drearinees, hangs over it, and gives additional effect to the 
fire of that briUiant poetry, which glows in every line of it 
Except in Macb$ih or the conclusion of OthellOf we know not 
where' to match it Schiller's genius is of a kind much nar- 
rower than Shakspeare's ; but in his own peculiar province, 
the exciting of lofty, earnest strong emotion, he admits of no 
anperior. Others are finer, more piercing, varied, thrilling, in 
their influence : Schiller, in his finest mood, is overwhehningp 

This tragedy of Wallentieinj published at the cloae of tho 
eighteenth century, may safely be rated as the greatest dra- 
matic work of which that century can boast France never 
rose into the sphere of Schiller, even in the days of her Gor- 
ueille : nor can our own country, since the times of Elizabeth, 
name any dramatist to be compared with him in general 
strength of mind, and feeling, and acquired accomplishment 
About the time of Wailmttein'^ appearance, we of this gifted 
laud were shuddering at Th^ CtaiU Spectre f Germany, in- 
deed, boasts of Goethe : and on some rare occaaionSj it must be 
owned that Goethe has shown talents of a higher order than 
are here manifested; but he baa made no equally regular or 
powerful exertion of them: FauH is but a careless effuaion 




U ±n tho aMb ID miL Do AJt ^tuto in«1 

Krc. H«w jniT rvltiviTtf*! iiTi rout thitpr'^sta^f 

Knr. Tl» inMfcorx 

Of ihr vorldf the irkk«l tiJiri^ cf tUoilorl 

Am I, llvQ, hMfoJfJic M iri)- Ua^f** nnuM f 

O Oud ! I Aiu bul bMt'ciiij; b* ti> gisT«f I 

Nsi;. AaiwDalouwl 'l^[ra (MbJff, liolpl«i* worioq t 
TnSKLA. VS'v Hill nrui i>ur*<:lv(9; ntj UadJ UuH pinrd tbo^ 
Xti , Ic thy glx^oiny Ql^ltl-lilDO f 

Kvr. Id Lbii ruU Monn t 

TmXii^ W«« Ml W mAilc 0/ 3mrv 

Whm tiM boTM*' hoofli want cTor htm t 

Nbd. ilcntviil 

AnrI tlion Iha mnnf Svrrduh pcwul Thej will nut 

Titu:i.A. Ant ih4*jnot nkonf UijtftirtuiM 

Nui. fiofkrl 80 — 

Tbmxla. Dof« thv pif^m oount ih« miln. wlwa j o g MMjiag 

Enn get aut nf Kgrr ! 

TUSKIA. Q«ld opciu K>M^ 

Ngit. Jf iht; should rT«c^is» tu T 

ToEKLA. 1u » rujcitifi' iJreiwJrtug wtniiiiii 

Ho ODD viU loo^ to m«(it AiLli FriixfUndW daitj^hur. 
Kcu. Ami irhoro tXiuH vit gci hornia fur our flight f 
TaSMLA. Mj- Bqucrry irUI find tbom, Qo ftnd «]] htm. 
IfsC' XViU bu TrntUfD Killioin hij miurlFf'iT ki]i>wl(<dgi» T 
Turin-A. H« w^i, I udl th*«<. Uu! uh, lia^ DOit 
^EtT. Ak! And wli4i vUI jour nu'tlicv di> «rbea pu 

Are vMiii^M t 

O my mtuhttt 
Nko. Tmir goal mulbtirl 

She has alrpbif b«d «q icnch t> fufi«r- 
Huot tbi« Um boATicot nrok* too bll mi bet? 


Thekui. I csnuot help it Qo, T prithee, go I 

Neu. Thizik weU what joa are ddng. 

Theela. All U thoi^t 

That CAQ b« tfaoaglit, AbMdy. 

Neu, TFisre we tbore, 

Wbat wonld yon dot 

Thekl^ Ckid win direct me, there. 

Neu- Your hflut ta Ml of trouble : m; ladjf 
Thia way leads not to peace- 

Thekla. To that deep p«ae« 

Which he haa fouiid. Oh, haaten I Qo f No wordal 
Then b Bome tone, I knov not wb&t to call it, 
Pullfl me trreaiBtiblff and dra^ me 
On to hie grare : there I ahaD find eome aolaoe 
ToBtantlj ; the atranqling band of kottow 
Will be looaen'd ; tears wOl flow. Ob, hasten I 
Long time a^ we migbt haTs been o^ tb^ road. 
No rest for in« liQ I have fled these wb&» : 
Thej fiUl upon ine, eome dark power repels me 
From them — Hal What 'a thiet The«haiiib«r*flfl]ll]« 
With pale gaunt ihapee 1 No room la left for me I 
More I more ! The crowdiiig spectrce prow □□ meg 
And pnah me forth from thla accuned houae. 

Neu> Ydu frighten me^ my Ladj : 1 dara alty 
No longer; qniokly I HI call Roaenberg. 

80E3fE XXL 

Tb fk t^a- 

It iB h!a spirit ealU me ! T !s the hoet 

Of faithful Bonlfl that aacrlflced themseWee 

Ta fiery veageanee for btm^ Thej upbraid mO 

For thla loit'rtng: thejf in denth foreook hhn notf 

Who in thfdr hfe bad led them ; their mde hcnrta 

Were capable of this : and I can live f 

No I No 1 That laorel-gariand which they laid 

Upon his Mer was twined for botb of us I 

Wbat ta thie life without the light of lore t 

1 east it from me^ wooe ila worth is gone. 

Yasi when we &nnd and lov'd each othefi Uk 




Aotl VfA Iv^ forrrM tlkMii tark upon ibo ucod^ 

At In4i tkvlin* uT jilkni m titfp ihdr pwrnpa, 
Aii^^cro they Ouulij tctf nor rrtn>it a ^'^t 
"Wvi^d Id thtf iinn^tv fniwii, (l«nlli >r) all Mm^ 
Thrti llir R^riujcmr aU'iJ upoa ll'ftr )ittJ<<r, 

But i\fL>iLet PicwI^^uini — (TMIa, Mim#N7, MCnUv ^y « Mat 

Bj ^ h«ink«t'|Jnta« «ihI hi* Uvg llorvm^ liftir, 

Bti pJintfl ; Itiifd ant Sirarir IM |C»Abnl MMi 
CUao vt^T It ; tl;c Uoop pAjin^ »IU* liim : 
Bat — Iri A lv>iikJo il vnm Ann* I — bi« hon* 
Bon thr^Mi^b (bi- boJy bj* (NkrUmD* 

(T th' r«t. now k««diBg nuiAvf birt nor bh^lft 

Nkv. I^lf, ilcumt wUimi^ 

CaTT, |wmrf]. Uii IM Hrava. 

Thbxi^ Tk|iwi; oonoludrit- 

ScVd thn Inwpv t their ovt orapr larirMtoaT 

^mv'Fhiv <riar lottMK M»J til' bOUomdii not 
TLU thr 1j4«1 uiaij 'itttf ^{iiniMwm Ailk 

TllCCLA liMtt d ftavmrhv^ f«Mr|> 
And ntvn^^ vhoK U— Vvu luT* iHJi iiJ-l mo A 

Tlii« iM'-runiic wr i]]UTr*'il tiiiu. Ht vrwi burae 
By EVi'tTo j.]QtliA«lth« iiobUM GnnUiM, 
Anl il) oar bnil Bttomfttftlfd ihv knc^ 
A bvord ilivli'J Till «4flti ; mud vpcm u 
Tbc ItliriuAcnf Lud til vim TiclmicE* proed. 
Kor wi>rv trt^r* wnnliTitf U> Hi* fitt*" firnuiiy 

W«rv ku^v'a alLiflwil end. F«i]i w^mUJ Uit Bhracgiif 


B&ve tKv'd him ; but himulf prer^utod it ; 
T is aaid he wiifa'd to die 

Keu, [ir«AmMfiofstoZ%dUa, tnW>M(lvhr>bfl4 
dtmreot miHtraaif 
Look op I Oh, whj would you inAiBt on thia t 

Thekla. When ii hia gnre t 

Capt. rtVctu^olAcktoMr 

At Naiutadt is he Md, till we neetn 
iMrectioEm from bia father. 

Theu^ Whati«ii»iMaD«T 

Capt. St Catturine'*. 

Theela. !■ *t br from thk T 

Oapt. SevenlMpM^ 

Theela. Howgoea the wajf 

Caft. You come by Tirve^enrcdt 

And Falk^bergf and tbtnngh our fiirthest outpoata. 

TUEKLA. Who oommanda them f 

Capt. Colonel Ber^«ii(kprt 

TuEKLA Ist^M to a tai>i£t and tak^ a ring from Ao- jemd-hoxy 
Tou haPH fi«en me in my griefT and ehown me 
A syinpathiziug hoart ; accept a emaU 
Hemoriol of thii hoar [ffwit^ him the Ting\. Now leave me* 

Catt. [imrpomref]. PrinoeBil 

[Thelda silently makes him a fign to go^ and tmiMfivm Uim. 
He Hnffers, and attempts to apeak; NettbrtMtt npeoM tti 
sign; h^ goa^ 


Trekla ifaJU o» Nfiubntrm^s ttaij^ 

Now, go-<i Nonbrunn, ie the time to ahow the low 

Which thbo hast alwayH voVd me. Prove thjMlf 

A tnu fiioDd and attendant 1 We must go, 

This very night 

Nhu. Gol ThiBverymghtl AndwhM»l 

Thekla. Whither T There la hut one place Ib the w«ri^ 

Tb^ place where he liee btiried : to hia grave. 

Met. Alofl, what would yoa there, my dearait mist naif 
Theku. WhatthereT Unhappy girl I Thou wouliM vat ttk 

Tf thoD huibt ever lov'd. There, there, is all 

That yet retoaiDe of him» that inr imtB y* 

18-18' Vol. 9 



nuT nii 

We mjoim In tb(> nrdvat, pura nrtd cati&dJng «Atf4loi> of 
ihifKT two jiAgnlir_ tHiingM : bat aor fcvluig U dungiad mad isikdo 
moTv potcniLiitt wheD V6 think tL^ tbe Inesor&bk^ luuul of 
Iktittny vt olruaJy )itU>4 (9 dutiU tbetr vBojIti «ith bJnciiiMa 
and d«aolatiou, Tlu^kla has oajoy«d ^'tvu HuU boon of 
LeaireuJjr Inauftyj'' bui bor itA^ire gajoty giTc* pktw Co ^t^rioua 
intid)>attom and jJv«ki ^ ftUd fceb tLot Ibv vuti^ cf W^Jltiii- 
9<nii 11 ii^t A ptAO* foir ivpe to 4u%U iiu I'bo iAStniettooi ojul 
f-ipluiHtioiu of lier aiini4U0ulo0e clMworat: slwt ia no4 ta love 
Mai^ ft hi^Eirr, U m&> be a rojrsl, fU« awaits hfir: but dLois to 
UiQpt Litn itvtii hU dtUy, imd nnkc h^ci Imi<I hU iuflucoco 
Co ber fAU)i.T. wIkw.- dving ^iroj^otA uta tttytr Tt>r Om Unt tiod 
Jbcciv^ih. From di^r, moiii^Qt her liDpftA oT b^pj/uieHS bjivo 
v&iu«h(4» tt^ret moro to rotara Yet W otra aoirowa touch 
bur Um tb^n th^ ruin which sbo ««^ alM>ut to ovcrarhalm hot 
Itmdfrr ftnd affi*(.«tif>iut« mi>tbur. Fur liera«U^ xhc vaibi vitb 
^luum> jjotiouce llie <*U'vltie thai ib 1<j vnuth bisf* 8Le in noftk, 
uTid soft, Ukd BUiduirliko i but sbc U FriodlaMd^a dvi^lktot; and 
do«« not cUrink from vlwt u ntuiroidftbl*. llMfe m often a 
rvirtii'U'Ie, uutl quick aiifl*<^l)(tity of r<9K>tirtioo about TWklA« 
vhiob OQtiUwto beaolafallj vitb bet iaexpcrricticis and tiiaorou, 
MflxttikftM of feeling : on duoorenng Lor father^ tnvAOii, eho 
l«r«^!f dt'cidcy tkat Milx **s]ia1) ob^jr hie f^T^C impralM*,^ and 

Tb< re aro fov scenee In prntry '■^'^ mblimctj jutheUc Clua 
thia. Wg bttbold thd sinking but fitili IWry gWy of \Vall«b- 
atebi, cijijKMcd lu tbii imiietiiona dpAfuur o£ M-az PifOAlnmin^ 
Uff b aauudri- by \^^li claiias ui duty aud of lovp ; Ui<: na^ai but 
brokou-boarUd Ih^hlA, l>cbiide bet brckcabeartod mAher, aod 
ttirrmiiidifd by tlur bUuk fMw« ot WaU*i»t*in% d««poudius 
ftJlowen. Tbcn; ia m pbyaical jfomp corT««pondin^ to tho 
taottl gnunileur <>( tbc action; tbo vucccmivc rcToH aud do- 
tartuTO of tlie tnoopfl i» b«art! irithout tb» voUa of tbo Paluoo; 
tbft Immp'it' nf thn l^njipi^nhflrnen r^-«<?ho th^ MLd f^JUiga 
of tbeir leader. Wh^t fcltovrs t-m ir •el^la^^^ AiT<'L'Uj«|^ M^jt 
being for»d awsbjr hy lik t»klib» frwu ibc ddo of Xbckla, 
lides forth it their hetid iu a £bU« bordeiiLg on ftvuj. K«xt 
dtr coni« tidiu^s of Uls faU\ wbick do Leart b lurd viiough to 

CB> — fc 




of hU liffi is ninaiix tbo fitkctX wkkh ptwtry dn boui ot 
ThcUa's death id Atill uakaora fao him . bat lie tluaks cf 
Uai, aad aImo«t^ woepi. U9 Look^ at tli« aun : din thiulowa 
of vnp^nitltiiHis drviul pawi AtfHallj UTt«8 h\n cpitk, au bff 
viciTS thcMT fouDtiuikH of lighti oikd compAm Iheii i^LorJuua 
uid cadtiriog vxut«ai«c with tJic H<^vtm^ troublod liin of inuL 
The BtJOttg apMt of liis slater U subdued bv iLLfW forabodiiigs; 
QBMBs an Bgairut Iiim; bin Mtroln^r f'lii^rfAU, ottv iff the 
leloDtiiig coii«]>Uatora cutroato, his ovn (mUdss caJi upon 
bim, to mtch Mid b«wiue. But lit f^fuaes to lot tho r^«oLiitioQ 
of bb mind be-4<v«ituil«t«d; bo oasts a«^ these ranungs, 
■ad goos choorfiillj to sftoepk "wWk dnom* i:^ liopo about Kis 
pallow, unconaoiouft that lb« jav«liiM ar& &lreadjr grW|XHi wLicb 
will tmd him to his lon^ and droamU«« ele^ The doatU of 
WaBowtrta dovi not oaiuo t«&re ; buL it u piThspt the most 
higb'WToii^t aoeue of the pisy. A shodo of horror, of fateful 
drcttrimwa, ka&ffs oror itr oiid KiVct additionnl cffrat to tho 
fire of that btiUi^at po«trj, vrhieh glcwa in over}' lin« of tt. 
Eioept in MacUih or the QL>ncIu8Jo(i at Othtii^ wt^ know nut 
vhara to match xK. Schtilci^a crQioa is of a kind much oa:^ 
n>vcr thoo Shakspont^a ; but in his own peculiar proriDoSp 
tfae i*xcitiag of loftjr, eanwac, strung emotiou^ ho silniitH (if no 
■^evior- OUxore ve fbor, mora pa^reinj:, Viiriod, thrilling. ^ 
tbcir iuiluonco ; SchLllori in his tuicat moodrUoTurwhclmiaK. 

Thb tnfi'in]^ uT ITrf^Ziinffrrtti, publislied at the oloao of tbo 
ai^tesath century, uift,T Buf«ly be ntcd M th^ irrcatc^t dt«< 
matio work of vhiob tbitt o^^ntiiry can buo^t. Krcinco oovor 
fVMe into the sphsiv of StUiiller, even in the d&ys of h«T Gor- 
BsEUa ; nor oan our owtx country, since the times of Ellzabvtb, 
nana a&j druiuitiBt to b^ compared with him in ^aeral 
ttrength of mind, and faaUn^f and aoquirod accoicplishmont* 
Almiit tho timA (tf WalUnMeittft apptwrnicc, wn r>f thtu f^ft«d 
land wrre ahudderin; at The Ca*tU .^jpatfr^/ Qonnanj, in- 
deed, bnoj-tB of (icothe : and on some mro oocations, ft must h« 
onaifd that Gosthd bA« nhovn t:Ll«nta of a higher ord^r than 
sjs bprA m^tdfiutfd; but be bus made no i^qiuJIjr ivgular or ' 
poweffnl «s«rtion of them: ytxuH is but a cu«lo3S offasioo 



Past m. 

txaskp^red -Brith St'aff^tMtir^ Thd lattof i$ in truth u viut and 
ins^ificufLt work. W]iat 4Lia w»«iDblA(;c of iui;^e5, iU<;u, eao- 
tioiu, dJ9p(xiG<l iu the modt IcUoitouA utd tmprx.'3iiivi] order I 
We luL^i* uo^qu1^ronl, etatosiBeDf ambitioua gonpml^, tnAj^tidlof 
Bo1dl«r8, heroes, and hnrofiuu, nil a/ir.ing Ab<l f«Kliiig a^ tUuj 
voutil in tiAMircT. nil fttiUifijUy Ji-jjiltLi-iI, jet &11 cmboLluhed V| 
the bpsrltuf poetry, Mill a11 mode coTiditcivc to hd^htra onf 
pnjnniount uaprMftion, our «yiDj>athy with tho three eJu«l 
duirttfUirit oC tUa pieae> 

SooD aftor tho pnUiCA^oit of ITaffmfivfti, Schiller ooo^ 
mow ehjui^d hix abode, Tho "laountiiiii air of Jmiu *' wiui 
ouii^rivud by \w* phyicii^mii^ b^ bt- pri'judmial in diMunWrti oi 
llip lutjgB ; aud |»iatly iii ccioB«iueiico of tliLa ojiiiiioti, lie doter- 
iuiiii3d honoofr>rth to Bfwcd hU wintor« in WoimnJ. Porbftp% 
u weightier rcEtioD la Uvor cf thiti now atrftcgvicviit wu tba 
opptirtuaity it ^m Utm <if Imiiii; near tho thfutri^ ji flutiAtnoi 
attoud&nde ou which, now tli;it hu had orcc moro become & 
dnauitUt, softmdd highly uHnful for his furth'^r JinproTODD^nt 
The mmmer ho, for seTeml yeiirs^ i^ontiniiof) ittiU toiprod 1ft 
Jena; to whioti, cepeciaJl/ its bfi&uliful onTironii^ lu* drdaml 
hiBi»lf portieultu-lj attached- Ilia httlu gnrdcn-houM: wu4 
fltilt hL» pUc«kor Ktiidy during smnmer; till At laat he setUed 
CGiutanUy lit. WeiinAr. Kven thon ha tVitHi frnqii4>nt1y to visit 
Jen^i to which there wiw a frc^h attraction Ui Utct yeiuv, 
vbon Goi>tho ohcsu it for hid reeidenoftr which, wt? uDd^ratftocit 
it Mill o<«fuicDally is. With Goethe he often vtajed for 
mottthff. 4 

Thia ohntigv of place prodnoed little (>haD]^ In SeUlleA 
liabtta or t-iupluytncntT he wna now aa formcvly in tho p^f oT 

^ ITdlmfnri hat Emvi; [maliul [blo rrtavcU by M^ llDaJUalli ConMUil- 
nd th« hwi lira pvw of ti hMir* l>f<<ti fiithfnll/ r»nd*r«d inio KD^Ibh Ij 
Uf>Cokrlit£«. M to ih« FtvDrLi nndub.w* kbow notfahig, Mr* that U ia Mi 
liVrvwotf ODA ; tut [hut liu1<* v diiuu^b: 8rhi(lor>H n dnmioiat. imppovid 
t7 H. OsQBUni. Ia « tprrtiu-lp nv fi^\ no *l«h tu »lUm Mr i:^lor«ilf*^ 
trmailitlaD U abn, u k wbol*, udJcdowu t« n* ; bnt Jadging &oa iuaaj ku|^ 
ipodiMDii W4 >)i4dK1 proDOttiiCff It, 4Jio«pdtiK S^obj'i OlTftm, tu be iLr !>«■§, 
Isdevd ih* riEjIr vtirTr^rat^K truiiAiilvn frDia lit QernuiD nlih vlilrta our ]iM» 





«<jiii|>08(lii>ii ju tliK ^reat object of Ma lire- Whut thff axiiouiil 
of hia po^isiou w.'v^, vrc know not: that the Prince beb&vtHl to 
him in a jirinocly manner, wc have prtwf eiiWcit^iit I'our 
yenr* before, whtfu iurited lo tln^ Uuivemty of Tubingen, 
ScliUler )uuL r«uHlveU a promiBtf, Uial, ml ciuai^ t>f aicVat-ALti or 
any olbcr cfiuao pnTTcatin^ tbc oontinLiaucc of bis littM'arjr I&- 
bo:r, hi« Goljkry ihrmld bo doablod. It wd# lictnalty iiii;r<tnaod 
on fwcwion of t\\c pn*A«at rwintrndi «int iigniH uliU fttrt!i*r 
in IJM, soEne ftdvai^ta|;«ous ofFvrA beio^ mode to him from 
B'^rliri. Scliillor eceua to havo boeui wbait be miKht have 
wijti^d to bd, lu^itbor poor act rjfth : Iua niaaplo unoivtontTitiouj 
rcomimy wnut im writhout nnlnrrvvMmiTUt : iwd thi* wu all 
that he rwiuiied. To avoid pccuiii^xiv perpWiities waa coa- 
stODtly aiiionjc hi^ Aim« -. to iimius Vp'OiUtli, r«vor. We ou^ht 
aIdo to ndd tbut, in I8C2, by thn vj^hintAry Kolicitfttion of tho 
Diikfl, 1m wxK L»iinolilD<l ; a fmtt whidi w<< riumtiniij for }uk 
oolto bj who:ic kinJu^^ft this honor vtu^ prnourcd ; nob for tho 
Bftka of Sckiller, who a4>i>eptad it with ^lititudo, but bad 
ovlAftr needed nor dedred it. 

Th% ofBdal s9rvior« expected of him in return for so much 
kindnctts fpccm to hare been slight, if aay^ Chiefly or alto- 
gether of bis oirn AjGCOfd, h* np^y\^^n to bavo applifid himself 
ti> a cdotA iti39pnoti<^n of tb(» thefttre, and tv have nhurinl with 
Goctbc th<7 tuk of »iiprrintending ite concerns. Th« rohear- 
eald of aov pioccd »>tam<>Eily took pikioe Eit thf> koiise of out> of 
these frietjds ; Ihey ooiiAtitted together on all cuch suhjprtfl, 
frankly and copioujjly. Srliill*ir wa* not »low to profit hy the 
mcana of improvontr-tit thu^i nfFordi^i hua; in th« meehunical 
details of hi* art h& grew uio« skiUul : by a «oasranc observa- 
tion of th? ata^ be b«OATne morn aiMfuainted with \ia rapnbili' 
ties aud Its laws. It was not lon^ till^ v itb liis charade ristio 
SKpuuTcnoM of ontorpriM, ho itct about tiiniing thia now 
koowLnlgo to aooonnt, In eoujuti^on with tioethe, he r^ 
modelled his own Dan Cttf^* nnd bin friond'H C^funt fijpn&nf, 
albetioir hotb Bocordin^ to bi-i laU^at riowa of sconio propriety. 
It waa farther iisti^aUud to traatr in the Baiae manncT. the whoLfl 
aeriei of leading Oermaa jduys, Aod thn.« to prodiioe a natLotiat 


f^mhLTJt AT .TCKA, 


VBil jirojort, ill wliicib mtan prognw oontiDaixl to bn ntadm^ 
though otKor l&bor^t ofU-a iatcrrupt^ ;L Koc tlw prestnt, 
8uhiIlcT iv;;5 cti£a^*d with hua Mari^ Stuart: it Afr[>«Bi«d 
in isat. 

Thifl inu:«<ly wLD not dctiuu ua Ioi^e. It La ujioii a nbj«tU 
tbo inoidcntft of whidi ato dow gctttcir tntc, and the ittoral of 
which htm little that «iui p^Muhju^ rooommwid it- To uEbibit 
th« repetitADoe of a lovdy but errhig womao. to show ws Ziow 
her soul Di^ be Rstorad li> tt» priraitin^ tioblcnoes, by svSfci- 
iojr*T (Icvotinn and Hr^th, ift thpo object oE Mann Stuari. Il is 
A trftgedy Qf tombre luid cnoitmfu.1 r««Uri^; vlth an ftir of 
iDcloticluil/ uxuX ubftrurLlim |jvirr2Kliu|; iL; a tuukui^ Wk"Uil 
Ml ob|eeta of rtOtorM, u'ouud on imprisoauittiiti iod forwMd ott 
tiu ffrave* ItB objoot 18 untlouhtndly GOiUm^iL Wo ara fbtooct 
bo piirdou Ami to lore thn hi.*roiae * alie i-i bciuutiful, mid mui^r 
Able, aiiil UiCt/*t>iimlR<l ; Bad Iter cnmrn^ hxiwcTer cUrk, hxw 
bcwn r7xpi&ted by lt>D|£ yvAfSof voepuiff aad woe, Coiuidering 
also that thejr w«r« tba froit not of islculstioo^ bat of puvkML 
utiiig ou » li<^u.rt nut dr^A, thtm^h bUcid^cl for & tiati^ to th«ir 
euoruuty. thay smm Icea li^Lrrful thm the oold preniedjtatifcl 
rilliuiy of irhkh ehe k thd Ticttm. ElicabctU ia eol&eh, hefttt 
kM, eiiTwDs ; she vioUt^a no lav, but the hM do vlitiiet and 
tfwIiTn Dftimphftnt ! hvr arid, nrt.i^tal clumntnr aarrfia fagr 
«oatTa»t to brighten oar sympCbthj with her wona-bcartedT Cor- 
lom, ill-rat«d hvai Tbeeo tiro ^^Hmu, particalu ly Mary, an 
well dellnesttd : tbelr T«ep«ctiTi» qnalities aie Tividlj br«f ht 
uutf and the fMiiip^ they Wfre itteant. to ejicite arise vithin 
UA. There ia aleo Morttuer^ a fierce, impetuooe, hnpaaaioncd 
lorer ; dnTcn oowcud chtofly by the hr*ikt of ht5 blood, but atill 
iitterefltlng by hia rehemmce :Lud imhonoded dariu^^ t^ <lla* 
kj^e, BK>ceover, hafl oliuj bem^liehx there ore ftL«ii4rfl ahleli 
haro nenbnj pccnUai oo»inoitiUi;ion. Of thu kind k tiie 
faiterview be tw eeii the Qneena ; rutd taore cipecialiy the £r«t 
antnaoe of Vtay, when. aft«r lung cvlnKum, nht* Ift once laeva 
penahled Id b^li the rh«erfui tiky. In the joy of a ibd- 
mtmtwj freedom, ebo fences that ebc u etiJI a captive ; she 
iddrawoa the eloQil^ the *■ wkiK of the air,** who '< aie Dot enb- 




«f B&lfct^'' uid bid* th<^m CArry tiding ^ her to tiie 
boftrtft ^at lovu lior in ot)i«r Undi. Without doubt, in all that 
hff LuteDd«d, Schiller ha^ ^iictiwded ; M^tria Htwirt u a bt^tiiiti- 
ful tT&K«dy ; it would hftve formed th« t'lor^r of 4 lueuior n^ai^ 
but it cannot materially alter hU. Ccmpored with WttUffnttt-iny 
Its pui-poae U mLrrow, auJ its roi^ult ifl oommon. W(i have no 
m&uuers or true UbUirJcal dtdim-iUiun^ Hip figure of Ihn Kiig^ 
lish court u not giren; aud Elkabeth U depiuted more iJko 
OM of tbo FtodcIi MttdJci, than like oxv own politicv, oaprioioiUt 
coqiiettiKhj imperiott*, jet on ttA whok tmn-heart^d, "good 
Queeu Ife^s/' Willi ^bmuhuLi prin^f* t»f g*-uiua, ihLs irag<*<ly 
pvoduocft ft oomparatircly fiuali effect, ospocrtally oa Bngthb 
vvodere^ We have already wept ©noujb f^r Mary Staart, both 
over prosHf aiid vitrn^; unci tbn [lei^hiis likf-ly iu he doirply 
touched with tbcr moral ijr tlie mtcirL'tit uf lier ^tory, as U is ns 
coitlnd h(rr^ iiro rothor a Miparatc clajm than mt^n iu gou^r^ 
Modojco dc StMlj we obsen^e, is ber prmcipd admiroi. 

yrxt yna, Schiller t:>ok posBe^on of .1 pttmnoe moi« peca- 
Liorly hia uwn : m IWl^ appearLnl hia Jtfffii 0/ Orleans {Jun^ 
J^H «Mb Ortaui*}; tfa« first hint nf vhich was suggvstdd to 
him by avrriffKof dncamctitH, tchiting to the acnt<?iiceof Jri^anne 
d'Aro, and its rerersol, first publtsLi>d about thie timi> by Do 
VAverdy oi tho Afiadomif rfw Tnjirrtption*^ Schiller had beea 
ranvpA in pftmfting tbpni : Fhi^ ti^g«dy £Siv& voirr to hitf 

Considered oa on object of poetry or history, Jcatmo d^Aro, 
the moat alngular personage of laodem tim^, prc^senu a char 
ootpr naiiableof being viewed MT\{\eT ri ^pat variety of jUHpnnte, 
omI vitb ft comtpondinff Tiricty of cmotioti^^. To tbo Ktig' 
liab of ber own dsc^ bigotod in their cr^c^d. and batlt«d by bitr 
proves, ibo appeoried liiepired by the Dovil, and woa naturally 
burnt as & ttori;«r«sa. In thia li^ht, too, alxe u paLiitid Iu tho 
poems of Shakfipoaro. To Yoltairci a^taiit, whonc trade it ^ru* 
to wmr v^Ltli every kind of «apiantition, tbis uhild of fanatio 
ardor ■uH'iotul no betUfr than a loooustruck zealot; and tJia 
people vlio follMWtiJ h(^£, aud bi^Uirn^d in bcT, iometliing wona 
than Itiuatioa. Tho i^loi? o£ what aho hod achieved waA fot- 



T4^r HL 

gotteOt wtj^u the mfXkfti of ochicvinf? it V'Tt Ttoolloctn) ; $iMd 
tba Uaid of OrlftftnA-xtis dMrncd tbe fit subject oF ^ pMm, tb» 
vnttiest ftnd miHrt profligate Tor ivlue>i literaturs liaa Co lilu^h. 
Uitr UhmrioaH I>jn Jtuni hidos bii head irhen contn«l«d with 
VollitM^i Puoe^ : Jottn^a bioj^rAphnr, with all hb 9c«l, is but 
■n iiknocont, and a noTsce^ b^ t1>e side of tisti afoh^ccmttL 

8ufli :i nujiner of udTitiderijig thft Hald of Orlona ia €wU 
daaily tuii tli« risL^ <>ua- Padlosa so d^ji and oanieah m 
baiaaaa iww be an ohj^\t L>f tidied: vrhoorcx punu«s a 
pi&fpoat «f actj aort vitb itadi fervid <LcvotedticH, ia ctititlad 
laavkkeoi t-TuuUfiiin. ;ii leuat uf ^ Bt-riuuiK kiail, m the hautrt 
of otbtra. Entjituumru puta ou a differcat shapo in erorj 
diffeieat ^rq j always ia wina4 degno subliiaa, o^tdn ic is du- 
gfiraiii ; itn T<>iy ownnffi m x tohd«iu?y to trrror aod «zagg«^ 
atjon; yvt it U thi? fuirdaiiicaiUl quality of itron^ <oala; tho 
ma oobiUtT ol blocii, in which all grtstUieoe ol tfaongfalar 
action baa ita riM- ifniJT'piU vf^it vaiiU ru/i is «v«t tha tiitt 
und fii^rrs^t titf-t nf TuvntAl r^paktility, ThU pAasr^nt girl, irbr> 
Celt urithib ber ta&U ficrj rebcmmc^ of rv^olotioD. Uiat aho 
ooold dabdno Ui« minds of kia^ and cupUioa ia ber vill, and 
laad armiaa on to battle, oonqiiaring, tiU bar ooMoXry waa 
daaml of l£a inrAjlcrii. muitt oriiUntlj \mvt^ pouOMsd tbe^a- 
Baateof a aiajcfttic charactcT. BcDcrclent fteliais, mbliiBa 
M«a», aad U>ova all an overfioworLn^ will, are hare radabUabJjr 
»aH[^ Nor doen tbs ^irm, whinh h^r acttvl^ annm^d, mnm 
leu adapted for iIi j:7.]> in^' th«4c <^u.^litirAf than mnjjy oUi«r 
foniu in wbicb wc }i[ulj< ^iu^nu Tbc gor^'ooiu inapintiotu of 
tiia Oatbolia rcd&gion ara «a i«al aa tba pbaotoia of posUutSMfoa 
rcQowu; tlie lorvi of our Dative toll ia aa landabla aa amli^ 
tioa, or ibe priaciplc of militaTy honor. Jcaunc d^Arc lauai 
taava ba«& ftanat«ra of ahadowy j«t fivr-gLoDdng dreamj^ of 
UttnttenUa IMIp^, of "thoagbi^ that vandend thfoogli 
B4«nii^." Wbo csui tell tbr tm1« aad tba triuajptia, iba 
apUadon and tiia tttron. of vtucli hc!r aiuplc apirit wa* tba 
•Msar ■^Uaartlaaa, anaerinff, god-forgatttnsFTeuehr^ aa €iid 
ftawam>v f^llail thf^in, — thi^y at* iiot vort^by of Uda oMm 
■aidoa. Han vcm crrori, but cnmn nbicb a itcjaeroaa aoal 
aloiia aoold haaa ccncailtod, and wbiob geuoona aouia wwild 




h^ve d(m« mon than pariloo. \Ur iWkcefS uid deliuloDB 
veroof tlio uodurftoDdui^- on])'; thoy but iHAkfi the rcKliance 
or htT h«iirt moM touching iini iiJUKirenti iw rtlouil"* urn giidfltl 
b/ tUe oruuit lif bt iulo uoiuttlhluK luoie bviiuLi/ul llimi u^urn 

It is tincl«T this asprct thnt ScHiUer hju cootemplaUd ttM 
MHJii (jf Urinuu, vici t^ndc'A^-cnsiI to Tu;tko iiM i<ontccDpIata luir. 
Fur the btter puxposv, it app«ara Ui^ more thou oiio plun 
h&d oocurrod to him* Hid lirst iiioa wa^, to n)prL>HL-ut Joanna, 
ftad thotuae««h«U7odknT^tt^|'7A''t;i]&Uy ^vere^ tofixhibit ihd 
mpontitirni, ftrnTdt)-, iitid wrrtfhr^dcii'ss uf the pcHiHl, lu ull 
tli«iT ;^c:gTa^aiioD i &nd to ahow ud tUia p^triotih^ acid religious 
«:nthu£i:ut b«aiiCifying tlM teinpeatucu« floene by hor j>r«8enoe ; 
Kwajing Hx* fi«n?v juusions of her nimitttymern ; ditncHug tticiir 
fitry «giunat the inraders of Franco ; till ;tt linigtli. furtutkru 
&i»d QOud^iuTied to dJG^ abo porishod at tho dUUiV, retaiuin;: tho 
MUiM stoodfut and loftj f&tth, which bad eriEiobW and ro- 
dMm«d ibn prrom of ber life, HJid wam i^nw to glnrify thn 
iguoaiuij of her dcfttL This pro)ectr niter toueh delibcTatioOt 
he roUmiui^hed. oa too dtlfieult. By f^ nuw modu of maiia^ 
in«iii, mnob of the hocneliLess »nd nitte hcirror. tttai de^ed 
ODd eRCUiiLbei^l Urn reality, is lhri>ttn ftway> The Daiipbiu in 
not hero A volu[7taonn wr-Akling, uor ia hia court tUo ocDtru of 
f ioe vsd cnwity and iiubwihty ; the misery of the time U 
toncbpd bnt lightly, and thn MfuA nf Arr hcr»1f is Jnvesteil 
with a certain faint d&^oc of myi^trnourt dig&ity, alticn^lj 
repireiieatcd il> being ia trabh a pretvruibtur&l jpft; though 
vbether pmoraUond, and if ao, vbeth«r >«iit from ftbovA nr 
froiQ belov, neHher ve nor «h«t oxa^pt by futh, iiro >fcLntplutc1y 
Huro. till the cuuclunon- 

Tho proprirty of tbiA omuigcmont is liable to qaoetion) 
tBdeud, It htu been mure th^u qomtioued. But external 
blecnftibea ara lost in thf* tirlrinAic gnitid^ur of the pioco: 
the apirit of Joanua is prcef'iitcd to ua with ew cxatttDg and 
pathfitio foToo jiu^ctcQt to maku uft blind to far gi-»ali*r im* 
proprir-tiett. ■ToAiin^k in a jirire c:reati(fi^, of h alf-oel e»tia1 onglTi, 
GOi[ibiiiiLi>; the luild chiiiiii^of frnialc lovdiucAK with the awful 
tnAiMtj of a proplictcM, uii a sacritiiw doomed to perieh for 




kflToouitrj. SberoHEtiiLiUHL i» SehUlcr's view, tiw IpUf^vm 
«£ Um GrMka ; ftod «« amh, ic mouq je a pcot B t lio htt tMBtod 

ISlft vo«A qM ilpqr:>UTnrii of tbfi Inn^ havn kindM fa 
Jouinft's km^ -xnd fcncnt, hcsut ^ llic, which the Iodi^Imu 
of li^ life. Dad htic ducp focliiigv d reUgio% Imve nonririicd 
and faAood into ji IloIj A^ai^. 8^0 sits in lolitude vdth bar 
floekA^ bwide the moiaitiijii diftp«(l of tbfi Vir^i^i. under tfas 
ottcacBt Druid ooi, a irbnrd 4pot, tbc bnunt of tril spmti w 
«^ iw of gocH j find rienontt oro (Vw«lcd to her moh &a UnniaD 
Cjea behokl not It weata the force <tt hi?r own GpiH% «x- 
j T Mi ifaif iu fi^liujci in forua vkicii rcust iLpou itst'lf. Thft 
lto«Bffth of her impulftct p«c«iuKks bcr x^bat «lu^ u call«d freoi 
on high Co deliver her natiTo Frumo; thu ioCAimty of her 
own Uth pfirsB^tdien oLlii«s; ah*' |;ueii forlli on iMr vlvidoa^ 
«U (i«Bds to U>e fier^ Tobcmccnoe of Lev will ; alM u iiupiMd 
faecwiM alio tLinkfi iuTMlf »o. l^rrc u aoCKTtbiDic bc«ittifiil 
unii moriu^ in itm uApect of n noble «:ithunA«]n. £aftt4ired in 
tJie Ai'cirl tunl, aiiijd olibUiacUoua am] depnfwiciis, and >fc 
Iragth burstinr f^nh wixh nn orervrhebcmg force to aoooOH 
pluh itM appointed t^udi tho imfiodiQOiitia wliicb lonfc Hid it 
ttti now biMr'krn« le*(tiinc>ijtBft of iti powiff ; thn vety igmimzio*, 
IDd niMiUMae, and er/or. whidi tttill in prirl udUmr Ui it, in* 
orc«M our aympathsr witfaoi^t dimmiahiu^ our adnurutkio ; It 
•euDut tht? triumph, hardly coiitoned, and not whoUy carried, 
but still the trinmphT at Blind orer Fatr, of htinuut voJit^oo 
OVBT natciU neoBMitj. 

Ail tiiift 8chiU<c foH, and bu pmontrd vkfa orca moro 
tfaaa hit nnual »Iuli The Mciot meehnrantn of Jof^niia'* mind 
I5 ronof^^d fmin iiM tn a dim roUglona obeeuritv ; bet its 
•otam ttoreDenla are diittnci; wa behold Lhp Lc;ft]r hevofam 
of hmt fiMUn^ p ibo aflects as to th« vrrj bodH. The qviotp 
devout bnooenoe of her early jfron, urhnn ahe li^od ttUmt, 
^hmndid in hers^, meek aud kindly thuagh itot oonimuntng 
with oOwn, malua in love her : the ccleettal ajdeador vhtofa 
iilmniautfl bcr af«er4kl« adda mfrcriwiMo to oar love. Hat 
wordi anil aetlona oonM&e an orerpowwing force witJi n 
aim inmruieiuUniE dMcni^ : wo MUia to nndfinfeunl bmr they 


THE MAin or oilraxa 


^OBfioa is tilt- mi^t ttoble being in t^n^t-fly. We figure her 
with her ftlBudOr tovtily ioriiu Uor miJd but a)>;ritHipvftkiaf: 
ooimtonanL^^ ; " bdantiful and Iftrrible j '' tx*ajniy Llw biumci of 
tim Vir^ti tipfntt! thiT hiuvLK of hf^ ponntry ; tmri^Utng ih the 
olnngtl] cjf aTapt auul; irrcsutibJo bj-Cutb^ "the Jowly Lenls- 
BMd," KTf^^l^T la ttif ^;rarid<?tir of bcr Abapl^f spirit Uulu thn 
bm^ and quvms of th-i* world. Vet 1i«r br^^ut U nut euiimly 
in^'iTudblo to bumnu furiiu^ oor h^ faitl^ uvvf^r luible to ivsivot. 
Whea that iD(.-z&rnhlo vdogeooce, vUioli hod nhut hex &v 
agsuDst tb« TOLOA of ncroy to tho euoniiuA o( Krunoo, u eu»- 
p«m<Ud 3t ihfi Mgbt nf T^niiBJ, and b^r tk^aj-t. ^xpAiienceH Lin 
brut tooeh of luoTtzil «fTeotiou, A bilefuJ cJoikI orcrtpredkd;) ibe 
aeov^n^ uf Ut-r mind ^ it accou tm if lloo-vtrn bkd icmukkeii bor^ 
or from the b«panuk^ |ieniiitt«d d^moue or ^artUy dr^omn 
CodeoeiTe her, llio a^uy of bar a|ui-it, luvolred in eodle^s 
and horrid labyrintLs of doubt, is powerfully porUuyed. 0^9 
htu crovncd tbc Jciox at Khoims ; nad all ia joyi luul pomp, 
und jubtk«^ and almost AdorAUon of Joaoua: but JoiimiA'Jt 
Llii-tugbln am* not of joy. The- tiig\ii uf lii^r ptiur \mi kiiiU utid 
l;u«>buarted fii^tftn hi tho crowdr tuovM b«r to tbe souL Aiuid 
tb^ tutaalt md lUQgai^enco of tbis roycU poffuantf nho liiakft 
into a nfTuiiftj b«r araall imiivj? diilL* of Arc, U'twei^u its rjijit-t 
bilbr riini on het mind'* eyi\ witb ilb uti^w^roofed bubi, and 
iU clear gr^ensir&rd^ wburis tbc ftun is even tbnr^ »binm]f r.o 
briglitly, and the sky u bo blu^ and nil i> «q ualm llu(1 mod^Tly 
and ftalii. Sbo ttfEbii for tbc jHfncu of tlait ^^qui^gtered boine; 
tJicu fibuddem to think that :^b« ahxH iitv^r Boc it more, Xo- 
Oitfod of witobt^r^TL by Imi owu aao^tio lunlnQt^hoUc falb«r, thtt 
utc^rs no word of dt^nial to tbo olioiga | for bur bourt U dark, 
it u tEtmistbrd by i»,irt)ily lovp, *!ip laiw not raiJio bor tbougUla 
to llfofvn. I'artcd fron her suboni ; out cut with horror by 
til© p9opl« die had lately w.-d frum daajAir. -^hp w&nd^rfi forth, 
de«oUt«^ forlorn, net knowing urhitbvr. Yi^t bIm cbwa mit Hink 
iiDd«T this aont trial : na »ho rndTur* ftcui without, aiid ib for- 
•akcD of m>m, hci mod grow* clear and strong bor ooatidf U(vo 
returns. Sbe l« now movo ^roly £x«d iu our adinit^ation tban 
before; teodaiwum ia iuuiixl to uui other feelit;i:)ii oud bcr 




Mill hi0 l3f>oii proTPd by cbAtp vinisAftiitini!. H(t ooiintryinciB 
TCCOCDtze ilvi'it enor ; JoaiiUA Dkittcn hft caiciif bj A gloriotu 
ddOtU; vTfi uke ftucwoU ol lier tu a fioloma mood ot Iteroio 

JcmtiiaU thRiiiiiinAtingiiriiidpl<iaf thin tmgraij; thnsbc^tiM 
emploYcd in developing her oliaraot«r and feeliD0«,coiistituU 
Its ^nwt chann, Yot there tkw other pononaf^oe iii it, that 
Imivu u dtHtinct citid plfuuing impr^eaion of tb^m<0lv<4 in our 
IUCIU017, Agneb Sord, the Koft, brnguivhingt |fciM?tutbi mta- 
trees ijf thti Dauphiu, r«lkT«s and heighttrnn by oonipanaon the 
stonier be^iuty of the MalU. JJiinoi^, Ch^ Bftfetard of OHvaii^ 
Utn lovpir of Jonni^n, in n blunt, fmnk, EitgacinTis fuildipir, and 
well dcficnbrd. Atid Tftlbot, the gray Teternti, dcliticAtcA bu 
d&rk, un^licring, iodomitable saul, by a fvw eli^ht but ox- 
pTe»«ivQ touehee: be steinlj paMes down to tb^ 1«id, u be 
tbiiikA, r>f Tittnr notbingnesa, coQ.tom]>tuouH cvimi of tb^ fkt9 
ttkftt doittcya hink> uid 

" Oil lbit kuU uf FntQi-ii bo iIo^h A8 deM 
A bcro «a Oio *UifM Im wtiuld »ot qall" 

A feir w>Att<?Tt<d iMtruftH may in port f^xhibit nome of thes9 
Inferior peisonu^K to our reAdnniT ttunigli tbcy can Afford lui 
bo impNeBiOD of the Maid ber»ulf. Jouiuia^a ohivract<TT, lUw 
«Ter>' finitibed pi^cft of Ait, to b^ judged of muRt be seen in &U 
jtJi hftarin^. It in not in pitrr.E, hnt M a wbolts tbal tbe deu 
hiirjtiHioiL movcrt iiA , by light and manifoltS touches, It workfl 
npon our bearU, till they raelt before it into that mild npt«T«t 
trt^A alike from the ▼kdenoe and th^ ImpuHtiea of Notar*^ 
which it U Uio highest triumph of tbe Artist to commonloate. 

Act m. ScKMH IV- 

(lib DaCTtftit CitATELCM, ttitk hi^'ituilf; t^/lfrvdr^ JoascxA. 
8ht i» in arntt)r, Axf mtlvyut htr helmrt; and imat « fortmi 

Mj hrttri t^XAiU rlmijv uf h*r vtiiTr fth« inu Viwlj 1 

TUi nc* bvmaT nikea not lic^r vnnrit 

Or MJ bw. U«fr, In iha iitmvdiv urmy Kfiij£ 



And of ihU bely AralAWitfi% I cflfcr l.« 
AT; h&nd nud priixdf Tank, if flhr n?gardin» 

Thou iidilnA mfmrlo tn ntmrTn 1 
Bnccr^rranl 1 belifrn* ttuit Dnlhinff k 

lDci|iv«iiblir K) tliL-c. Tliou huM Aubdned 
TbiB haughty «|>Dii, tluil till fitftr ilirfiod 
Th* umiiiihrWiini of !-«¥ o- 

La Uiaa (4i<£^^?fi«arrf). U I rai«luJt»iM| 
JiMMitn^t r^nn «l Blind, wh«; inu»l adoru* >inr 
li hccr mad«t hoirt. I'ho nr'nnM «f tbi grc«l 
8hv nicrito; but hm iLnuf^HUi wU] ui'vrr tin* 

Tite Ui>o A^cinliia of « fniLbful urtiJ 
ContPDlfl hor, «kd Ibo BtiU. MqnrvtPr'J lot 
Which tHtb tUift bond I dBlt hvr. 

GBikleS. Thni) too» 

Ia Him f Tvo T«]faM euiWn, mjuDl lu 

^WSt tlwn, that luwi uuitDd my tUntituioaa, 
SoftonM m^ oppoMn. port taj finnnl fricbilif 
Butk toMf uot gAiu lLn> vuli dt^.'niit:; Uim : 
B|hml1l, thHEi ! Th^ TiKJiit iiitiM Iwrv \f xrhitm. 

1 §iK- iho bjuhful arimei:'ii liiJgf her trfircitfi 
Lm })«rhaw tiniv tn atk Ti4« htmn, u* npsA 
Upt cli»'d b<»"m in tmrilfal omfidrnrt* 
Willi miV Th* rnim*Ti1 ia arrlv'ri vbm I 
Ift iAMPrly oomiiHiiLi'iii ftlihi ma^ 
AppftHteh th<i n^miiiii Jkluid. mad tAh't ti«r 
The piAitct^ of iiijr (jiltbfoJ, mlcDl brwrt. 
Pint Lift iw woDMQ ■>! in <«<ti*i Jiid^eiit 
Od this matter ^aH pogovths ii«; lb«P trvpoet 

WhHC «• liMll tlAW d.inl.lAd. 

JcMVKA. \oT •ft, Sipp! TiTuptin* lb* i-inbeuiMmum 
Of rfrv-iij 9%imp f W dj'd mj cbmlw lo orim»nn r 
T<i lhi4 lii^ly I liJtTp TirilbinK *■> «4ijflji>, 
Wfitrb I Dfved Idaih la ipoak of hi'ton 
Uunb luik I btiDBc'd bjr tta prortHVw* 


ftC:ttri.rKH AT JKNA, 


Ofthm* lnviifiMj> Kniffhu; hm h wm dot 
To obiuc vMTt wctrlilly jfnnd^urvH tlkAt I kik 
Thi< thrphc^rtl ini^irr; nut m mjr hmr to t^od 
The bridal ga/Lu>dT lluil 1 Eirt injM'lf 
Willi whrlSlr# itniirhr. To Mr oiliAr wfirk 
Ain I u[ipi4iitod t And the vpodAfia ritnia 
Alimii coMi Aa it- I mm Uio uliliiti 
or ihb Gi.«l of Uattlw 1 li> tto li^Dg uoa 
Cuu 1 1h' wifv- 

AiLcnDi«BOP. A* kioAly hd^ l<i oma 
Widi Wimiiiu iHim^ ukI lU olmytEijC Naitiim 
Shir U»t oWj* aail rnvvmnoM t1c«vi.-(]. 
Whun ilir mmmnuil *>f fliiJ who jrannTnin'J tbw 
To hftltlo ii fatliUM* tbou v\H U)' ilowit 
Thj wmiHifm, ftM*l ri't.i^rn lit ilml Hift w» 
Wlkirh lh»Ti dunyVL tvliiuh U n<n niUM tu do 
Thii Uomlf nork i^fv^r. 

JoAKVA. Fjhchfiri M r^t 

1 kurw nui hciW Itie Spirit will diwwt roftt 
Wbvo tlu* uiH^'lfiJ tiiiiv oomoe r^uml) Uiv Tdieo 
Will tJiiL Im giU'iilt aliU I will vht^y h. 
Pot tlui ]iri«ici]l, I tun bid f<,iiri]>litt« Xliv Liuk 

tlu biiw) tiavvitc-A bj diD hoi; odl, 
Du is UQl 5r!L D Kiu^'^ 

Cbaki-CS- Wv CFd Jourar>;^f; 

TowAitb Rla^iiiis. 

Jii^?fN^ L4>1 oa not Utiffiv Ky Uia waj. 

Out foM tin bujiy rooud ui, tthull&uff u^i 
Tbjr puU£v : J will loftd tboa tbrttuifti il^crn nil, 

Dt'tfoift. Ami whru Uie work vlul] bo fuIOU'd, vhoi 
HliVO tiiAivhipJ lu Iriiinjpb into |UuiKi>| 

JOAK?(A. llOud •«« lB«il 

Thai \ ivium with U(b aqJ tIcIVt finjm 

ThMr bm&Ui, inj toik i« cojIaI. nnJ i1u« licnlflDiftU 

Qab uotbliig aiorv tu d(* in tmr KIu^'b p&Iacc^ 

Tl in ibt^ 8|iirrrii ri^Uv iiii^ielfi tlirif tn'W, 
And Lr>vi> 1* inoio li^tbjr Icfpirvd tK#i>m. 
BeliKv* mi% h wUi ikjI be alHik^n muln ! 
Oar vvottla wiJJ int; Atid Vic<i«7 inll laid 




H««)( IV*W* t»y ih* Wll4, nuj Joy wiU njuw 
Ti»*rt>7 bn'£«r.. iitid wifltr fMllnfCii wtUhi 

And iMiw f>f «rrr-fP4i limrhij^ vfh ih'V) ^vnopb 

N^r HUM Hy llrjiv'ri wTU fioftlw f^uiti 
To uniD luTHlHnl l^i>«ft. Tli»ii luu^L t-cctiu 
By Mmtug ihnrjmtidii: but ihtm will coTir.liMl* 
Bj bkstcg one 

JoAKjlA. Dmiiifiiii ! Art Hum ovary 

Of UiO Loftvvnly vinJijUf tluiL xi»>tt Mi-jkvtt 
Tn dufkot- lu rbi^im vi^m^iL, w<'uKUi Uq^i^ 
To fomiJkoii du»( tUo Miiil wliimi CiM lidn rent tKraf 
V^NUiiil »f hftirL! OyrtilJuli' fjiJlM 

t^tirf jla llB vetmAmi AttA yt wr tit m? 
N<HL^bt tint a viiinHi;' V%n^ » w/i(nHn, thiiilr y*, 
CIiHIiv t^rftflf in inio b*nir«Hi nnd jiiJiif^U* 
Iv tto VTttok of boetbhl \\'tH<, Vno 111 ih0, 

If bn^if Id luy b>mJ ili* nvvti^itiit ^kturl 

Of (*i-i, 1 buru in mj \«n ht'^rt a Irira 

To tMtlily imm I Vt'i>t t« lac ! l\ yvnxv htntui 

That i bvvor hvt fNF^n luim- Kf> ^x\<•n, 

Nt» omre nf i!ii*l TnlrM jr nviiH A«nk<i lh« ifrMb 

Of Etiu that dwfrllfl In irt ! Th^ rjir nf man 

AdJ ■ h^rroT. 

CuAiUfEit^ Cca«c t *Ti9 *iuQ 1i> urir^ li^^r. 

JoimvA- Bid thi* crTtrriptft ar^imil I ThtH 1ri1t*Tlttg ^Tl0vei 
And tiarMMfl idc> SuuivUiintr cttuM* mo 
FVom aliilti) ftad ilrivoi u^ 'untj ti> ck- my inliiltin, 

Bum beck*biiig uo u> my appuiutod d'^MC' 

Chaujckh Il<iw nav t 

Thu «a-»wy baa pan'4 the JhUnw i 

U fnnnjng M frr hauli'v 


«inij.n AT JEXA. 

J — 4i«, wta* I 


Socn VL 

(7%f MOM Ammfm I#«n 0pA> jyotai wM tfitt Inaai. ZTvtuf BU 
vwi^ «DMMnanMnftu«4rrv«<Ml>iviKnH t^ hadt^mmd.} 

TAUTfT- Ilmr Ml ua iMrk li rwait liik« tnc, Kod jos 

Lmk, ttbu ft tJcht AVmiU /vn, Lkml E 

Liom. XoirOodl(«4il4! Hi**, »)^ Tilbot! Ufa 
b fto4 t ttmf for fmi tn U\nt «ad dnk^ 

B7 |iMf rtrvQpth <4 bKiJ, that 111* ^#fuA boi t 

Tlui priMtr«i4* viih Um iIobi vur pow«r in FnooiL 
Ib taUl, n Um Abtoo <la«^ tj iloapna« Iwulc. 
K«vH I rUk'd wv oimufll ii> itixhaUtfid it; 
Tlio UiXi htt« BttoM «»d cnab'd ia*v «al I Go 
Ti> iW Hit nujvn lurnvtir^ Bbdnu In k*; ; 
Hkke liMitt ta raMn« Tam. 

To tti« 1)ikf>]ilila ; an «xpm» b Jiut wm^d 
WMh ildli^R. 

Talktt [tMTffWMy JUt fimjajrr] 

Thoa daw oni, jm Urn-jnmhmi i 
1 «ni irruvrn to li»Uio thia San. 

IjiONcu TI117 nAi too I 

FitfloU^ bw hktn !■> « pU«« itf §tJoiy : 
We fl«ii buU lliU fiwi Cbv lustiinu Icm^r, 

Imi&iUbU ttw Witoh b pTfHiitf ^cu 

mo-mtb. THE MAID OF OHLEANS. 4$1 

Talbot. MhUucs^t thou cunquereet, and 1 moat yieldi 
Stupidity can baffle the very gods. 
High Heoaonf radi&nt DaiighC^r of Qod'a Head, 
Wiae Foundress of the syRtem of the Udivptw, 
ConductrefiB of the tti&nf who art thon, then, 
Ifi tied to th' tail o^ th' wild horse Sapentidon, 
Thou must plaage, ejea open, THioly Bhrieking, 
Sbeer dowa with th&b drnnk Beaet to the Abynf 
Cuned who Kta hu life apoD the great 
And dignified ; and with ^recasIJDg apirit 
ForuiA wise projects I The Fool-king rates thie world, 

Lionel. Oh, Death ia near jtm I Think of yoor Crefttorl 

Tai^ot. Had we as hr&ve men beeti defeated 
By brave men, we might have consoled oorselvea 
With common thoughts of Portane^B fleklenefla : 
But that a sorry &rce ehoald be our ruin I — 
Did OUT enmeet toilsome struggle merit 
No graver end than this f 

Lionel [graepa hv hand]. Talbot, bTowefll 
The meed of bitter tears I ^11 daly pay you, 
When the fight is done, should 1 outlive iL 
Now Fate calta tus to the field, where yet 
She waT^ng ute, and shakes her doubtful nro. 
Farewell ! we meet beyond the unseen «hore. 
Brief parting tbr king friendehip ! God be with yon I [MsiL 

Talbot, Soon it is over, and to th* Earth T render, 
To the everlaaUog Sun, the atoms, 
Whiirb for pun and pleasure join'd to fonn me; 
And of the mighty Talbot^ whoee renown 
Onoe fiU'd the world, rettiains aought but a handfol 
Of light duet Thus man oomee to bis end ; 
And our one oonqueet in this figbt of life 
Ifl the eonvictioD of life's nothiogneM, 
And deep disdain of all that eorry staff 
We onoe thought lofty and desirable. 


EtUtr Cbarles; BtTBOTTNDT; Dunois; DuChatbl^ MdaoUttor^ 

BuBOCiT. The trench is stonn'd, 

DuNOiB. TVe viotory is onn. 



lUl nljo El thij Ib^t Ii> Lhi- li^ *4A*j 
b bUiUng liui ogn«cnIa«l vtA sad Kk»v«111 

Hit Ht'Arinff ft}v^ftkiiv ai<> ci"»inon mui : ft>, tuirtA, 

[tit Qoa loioanii Aim. raiboT ^'u ;U»% of A^ 

amf duA. 

Wjkmwjr* on; Qar^T^l^ ! WilL t^' oipcct of a tniltf 
Poisoa not tbc ktft look of d hvro, 

AueI tliv wii|« <l"i»MD^ ^<i VrnticT [>L)iw ciUuid ttoi 

KoB- f^[ ibo Am limo, Hire-, t cjJI you Kk^c : 
Tho ^roinj but loUof'd uii juur hciul, ou iuug 
Ab iu Ibiis Uk]7 Jw 1i A to^. 

^pre nn (he ml uT FntiiCA bf ilAfp*! k* JoM * 

A bcrr? on tbc abkbl he vonbl ii*jI qnlL 

BtIji^ bim »v«;. (£VkUlu» lift th4 carpt*^ 4Nif f^rty ft ^, 

Aui fVATv b« with hia dmr t 
A fair innnf^rlAl *1ifil] nhw l» hlin 

Aiul tifn wore Aninhnl, let hU bonna rcftfj<» 
Thai iv lie oihor fu« bii* o'er *id\dAuol 
QIa epltupli BhAil be Uu) |liaob bn IdU OIL 


iOMTt«/AJMM«illiui4mrtirflly rjWiWi. 

JOAVKA- Dwviwrl NortT 1 tMf tbj «nA. Tbou 
Bj 1 1 uwJBg fli^li aniknl »w !»>■» tbv bkltUj 




And vv>Jo<l dmth uDd rlr*ilDf from i4tih^ (nud 
Of murtf a llriv-n. Nrr* ih**r rwir-h ihj own, 

KeCIouT' Why tl^t iln^u (»I]'ia mv, nud tuf.'k m; atfpt 
Vtlh nii)r>rriii» fniyl I :Liii ri'tt nf»]ii>mtA| 
T" Jii? liy tint' 

JoAMVA^ Dcop in my bwon Honl 
1 bale tboc na ihe Nl^tt, irbi^h U ih> oolor 
Tc^NvrMp il)"v fmiu iiii> tkUJ? uC Kartb, i fit«l 

W ha ATt llkiiu T l^jfl ihy vin^'T : hiuS not I 

5c«u TaIUji lill, E hIiikiIcL Ilavc uuiui!*! tPitxf TnJVtot- 

Kjcioiit. SpQoki Qui tho proplioiyiQ^ Spini in tiaeof 

Ju*?r<A' tl ttlU DIP Inutilj'. in iny iijHi'>st LoHqi, 
TtiM MiAfurtiin^ If at h«Tiil. 

KyitiUT, Jf>aDtia iI^At" ! 

Up t'* ll>i^ ^HtPft of Klifqm* Hurt thrin Arlvnnrtfdf 
Led vn bj viDbirr. L^tl llin tvnnw^ 
A]niiit7 gniuM nuffiro itivu ! A« n. nlnTO 
Uu Kiirnvfie ansn'A iIjm; «tiiincip'ii« h«r, 
Erv in vt^lIi hIia frvA l^nmnlf ; llili'lity 
Shti JmU-9 i QO vafr ubc^D *Lc lu Iho iioi, 

J(iAx?C4- Huw iuf'it thou, la iliD ntlddld of my oonrviv 
Tlml 1 ihonid pnuw ud lonra mf wctfk aafliuih*df 
1 v\\\ mni^Iudii il, Jtud fill 111 rny vnw. 

In (>v*fy linfllo tbrjn prfvaiWt- Hiit ffo 

lot" nn .JihiTf baiilnn Hoar fpy naniiri^ J 
Jraivkji. Thin rw**rA I c|ini urn. ijll lUv Euj^iali jrit'lJ, 
RxiciHT. Look t VcDcit'r lint.* ihv utwnn "f KbrtUns, tb« goal 

Of Uio <ttUtcdnl lelHUriiiic i» ihn ftuu ; 

TliOfv vimlibC lluii^ riih^r iJi irJi>mpLal [itflDp> 

To aiywu ihj iHuv'nrjj^iL Aod fulliJ Xhy wm. 

Eui«r mit ilinrC' Tiini liciiJtmiinJH- Umr nijr wnniin^ I 

JOUOIA* Who art lUnu, fii.lf.f>, <^(iiibl»-ton^iind ht^tnkjHr 
Tlial vuuldtfl rr4:hUiit ftuil per|ilvx uio f Diir^rt lIiou 
UtUr l;iTJ4| dracloi t>^ iivo T 

[rike £^c£ Kmight attempts Ui po ; tht »trp9 m hU voy, 

Tbou aluit Auawor ui«. ur ]>vrub b; mi^ ! 

fiCHlLLEie AT JEXi. 

paht m. 

Kioovr l*wdm hfr with ;■■< i^hd^ «A# teomtf tmma m b h ]^ 

Jo&VMA- Titi(J»riJi fi£ jGnf anocH .- bui«0(rf« r*aNia-« Acn atf]. 
It nvitf nalbii^i! i^irthly, 
Srtfn*" ijF:k»ivi> r?nn of UpII. somo tfJiHt 
Of Fftlmhodd, kphI frtvui Ih' »wir]iis<tiu|{ fool 
Tu ivinpb raid %vn\iy inj C>rtMii*auil 
JtMriiiir EbA word uiGai, vrhaidol hsrt 
VUuirwu iriU I cod tnj bud cduim \ 
Though H^ll EtMlf with hU ils t^uAv Avciil m^ 
Uj benn «vl Uth ^iaU otfrdr finiM t.t fult tob [iAt it foim^. 

Llo)mr>, Arrar«Ai] S«nwm<^ lav^vurr fur bfiCllffi 
N(H bolh of II* «hAll bftvft Ilia pUnMJ »]ivn, 
Tikiu] ha«i licmtrriynl ilx* ctmarD of inj Eii^en i 
BnTp TalUrl )ijM l-nnHirril mil bi« mif*btv Bptrit 
JjL my )KW>m- I will Jkvrui^u llm Unui, 
Or tluuv ilk Inl*. And vuuiibt thou know iIl* nuam 
Wliu LrS n^ thw ^Wj, lat him die t<r ocmiignT, 
I vn Li'>npl) Ihf' Iiwt mimvor 
Or«nr«Uifa : ami bUII nimuquiili^d i> tldn nnn. 

itui notfrtf /ri>n hu lirobi- 

F^lhUu fonnna ! | //# jtfm^^Jfv nih hrr^ 

Jo^MlUA lwB$$et him by the phtmt frojn hahifut, amd fHn JUa M- 

m»i «MpirfAv ^Apuxvh *a AoT W/aOf if gpaw«dj At 

ffte^fritf riin« aAe li/la A«r monJ wttk tht r^fkt 


f^uiTT^T whai ihuu Mmgbint 
Tbo Virgin >MEn6^t thrsa 1ll^u4l^fa m* > 

Lfofln*. WbjItoffrvMiihnta. anriitajntth»BCralMof dctUlif 

T 1* in Tfiy hniiilfto Ink'^ 11; I mat hai nivrwj. 




Fij fn>ui iha f DwL- thee ay lifef Dl« mlhcrJ 

I hUI puI nuicfalrtr ihtl tiioii owtfdfl 
Thy lift* to mo. 

Llt>JCKL* I h«i? t1)W iii]i3 thr irUt 

I tfani mtt Tnj>Hy, KUJ thr *ni>mj, 
Who mnut t> hill tdco, wlt<> AUiiorv tho« I 

JoAX\A. K-Lll mi>. luid fly! 

ThiiLi klll^'t n-riy llrlton, T TiaT*fiMTtl, 
Wliijui ihuii M*! Ju^rt In bfttiU \ why frparc mo t 

JiiJtIi*(A ('^ Ai-r ftrortf fmYA a rapifi vmieTn^t ngainHi him. M 

Oflol/ ViriflT]! 

Tlif Virgin t 5^0 kuuwa n^iUiug uf thrNr^ IIvumiu 

.lojm?iJA [in nofrnE nnj;i*i>A]. Whivi hjiTi 1 donol 
My V(nr, «iy vow is broliv I [ Wrin^fs ^r ftand* in ifct^air* 

LiuMd- llaata at her ndt^ s^mpiithi;, itnd tvma funnrr} 
1 pliy tliefi ; thou toDRLimt mr ; Uinu iihi^nf cilit 
U«fty 10 mo fduBP- My h\iic u going : 
1 urn oonrtmlaM to M ft>r tliiw. Wliw net lliwi t 
Whonc4 «nni«ftt thoQ t 

Liovcu Thy yooUk, 

Tliy W»r»rjTy inwlt »nrT luwiden rni* ; ihy look 
O*'^** tij my iimn : L oonli! ™h much t> u\t tho*; 
ToEl iiiif LiiiM- t mny ! (-onif. ocum milt uiv! Fomk* 
TbU borriil huf iitt^'i > 1^!h9t tivrtiy lUov^ JinuM ! 

JtuscsA- I iii-< uioK' ilpbriw tv bt'iir Uitnu I 

Aw»y. LhvD' Htxl oomr wUh mir t 

JOAWA [tpith hort^] C'>mo vith thM ! 

LiiiNKij. Tbou iTiuyot b« faVd ^ omnf witli tn<1 f vHI nrv tliB*> 
Bill <lolny ti-tl. A iirut»jip' ""Tniur Utt Ihao 
8pbn< mt, mill an riiML>eAkAL>lt dc*iro 


ecarLLi^R at jeitjl 


If xhfv lUiikiitil Hud tL(w l^ 

LlOXitL. F«Dr not • 1 wiU tfoaM tiuttk 

JtUKMA, I ibiMild di«, wen dwy ui lull tLn. 

Lio>nii- Am I 

Dcur bi ibrv T 

Lii iHKU 81uQ I vm 

8«o thtv. b«r of ibM| a^uj T 

i(hUi>4' Serpr ! Nevrrl 

lj4>vKu Thi4 rnrd fcir pbilgn liici J mil boo lh*« f 

( i2f icrei£« tite award from W* 

Ltomi^ 1 fifild to fbra* ; aiiilD T T m» th«L [K>ir. 

The luUuduutriuii of 6uper&ftt;ural ft^irintcy ia tliis plaj, ftjod 
tho tinal alwrratiiin from thc^ tnith of hLstory, h^vo been 
<!iOa«id*>rAhly MtctuTDd by ih^ GiTman crJtitv: S^lilvgel, w« 

mataiti^Lc duouaaioQi UMmoto ro^cr uf«J t&kA lui ^r4At inlet- 
cisL To nquirc oar Inltpf id apparitLona itcid tainwiM, Uilnga 
which wo r-JiniiDt ticrw bnlivTv, dv^ dcubt for ^ mcimt-nt disturbs 
aur lubiniaieijun to blie poet'n itlmiona: bat Uir- rojracta ia 
tbiA story are rare aiid tnmslerrt, arid of Bmall aocctmt in 
the gCT«nt1 rORulr ; fhoy gi^ci our Foiuon Iiai« tn>TiblPf sad 
pnrhAps nontrilKitirf tti rialt the he-rciinf* in oiir ImngrnsticiDS- 
It in Htill tlie mere hunun grotid^ur cf JoAnuA'A npirit fchoJt 
wc lore and WT^runoo; tbe lofty JL^votednesn with wlJcb ^ho 
li Emutieit«d| the gvitdroas beoevolonoe, the IrreeistlbU de- 
teriBlnAtlon. The hnftvi^rUy [ii&»ihite U lut the luvswui of 
uafolding tbcflfi qniUiticv. uui fiiriii»hin8 thcra vith a proper 
piuaport tu tTi<< mmdf of iior ftf{t\ To Iuitv prodooedr with' 
out the aifl nf f^rtlr>ns like tlih^^e. a Joauiia to beaotUM &iid 
ei&lu^d, vijdU uniUHjht4«il> lmir« jjeldi^ ^ater foittsChstiMi : 
bat it xnMj bo qncvtioii«d whether Mp difllcuhj would not haro 
iBonftted in a itiU higher mtlo. Tb» nontiineTitfL, the ehim^ 
ten^ uv nut orJy aootimtt;', hut exqtii>1te1y beautSfnt; tbe In* 
oideoU> exocpttiiK the very last, xr^ posalUi^ or ove& |>rol«fala 3 
wLftt ivujiii^ u but II rvrs alcodcr (ftil. 




AfWf all objretkrnik Wt^ hrrm uiifft), Lad lIuh mniong othiri 

oorttuuly b Uttlo woi^bb, tbe Kaid c/ (Mtfvnw vOl reaaia 

of ihm vary finoit ci mod«TD dnunu. P«rlup«i «aianf 

deliUUr^ p^yB» It b the oou^ whicfc «vbic» nio^t of ttutt 

qnolil^ deooiDUiatod jjrffniJca ia the «tiLtitVbl mt-aiiing ft thn 

word, ffaUoMfet* «DbocUu« OKJto tlipu^ht, more kbovlodgc, 

mote ^noapttoo'; bnt tt \ft only in parts iI]uiDJDAC«>d by UMt 

ietbere^U bnglttiiMSi which shin^ft orer erirrj portcif ihLd. Th0 
spirit of the romaatia okcah bcrciiua^xi furth; but t,b« vHf>lo 
ii •xmltcd, cmbcliuJied, aanoblod, it i£ v*iuit the critim coll 
SdeKlized. The buart mttft be co^d, lh« inia^natioii dull, which 

^K III {iirrniftojr Uiia COAG did not ucuur ; the n^ix^pUoii oi tlio 

^HvDtk TV U«y«nd ftxvsplo flutt^rui^. Th« K<4duic idea tujUd 

^^Bthn <f«rDUQ mind ? tho I'lecmioik of it inti&mnd the )i«ftria suitl 

^^^ImagiaolioDB of thsproplv; thsj t'cit prarudof thrirf^rfitt [X^t, 

I ftvd dvlightod to cnthuviaem with hjei p^otty. At thn tii^t 

•xhitatioQ of the pUy in L^ipaig, Svhilkr bums in thu thontrc, 

I thoo^ uot among the audldooi?. this feeling witit displa^«d in 

a TAther aUigulAT mauutfr When the ^uitAiji ilrujiped Ht thff 

end of the fit»t act. thn*? mom od ill udoA * thout ot '- /;'« i^Ad 

/ViMrvA SrMllirf'' Accompanied bj the aotmd of trumpets 

ftnd t^her mititarj mn*ie : z^t thv c-ijucliuion of ihe pieou, thi^ 

^^^ibo!c iMKmbly left tlirLr pliu-ea, weut out, .tad t:Xijv\td ruuijd 

^^nbft door throuir^ uhich tho poet irmi expected tn ^^tnc; nmi 

I n> toon^T did ho eho^ him»-ICf than his adiniriug ^pcetatonir 

ttnnnTvrinfr lh<^ir hrudv, madi? mb st«duii for him to |nfu ; n&d 

I u he WLilktxi jdoti^. >iia[ij, ira &n lold, hehl up their cluldi«iL. 

sail exolutticd, ^ TA^y m A<< / " ^ 
i This miMt hairft h«iM] a procd mcmmt for ScdiiiUr ; but kIbo 

I ■ lyMffLitf fi^ ITO) , — who ftddi n» fuUuir* , " AiiOihu t«Uiiit>aT <tt n^ 

I pRml. Toy iliffA^ni In li> nuauo. he rwHTtO bi the ftnt irrodartloa of the 
I |d^r b WtiiTAr. knoit^nlf Uid viMd^, m Iio rltd, tlia pnfiU^ r>f tflil rttf, it 

I crmlJ n''^ bul iiir|ir!« Mm j;r7*t1y, vbon a crtuik yioag IVrrtcr J( r4lM 

, oat M hbu. * Anjv^ MiUn-r' ' irotn the vmllvTT' f" ^ ^^T l^^l UxmW '<ilcvi 

Olbudtid aemirh imp'Rinnn-?. lh« pn«t hi«Ml ilftiiiirW, in vbk-b ihv HutlaiiCEe 
joia9d bin. H* lifcjwifgitpfiHii I ID AwAt hb ili^!ucur*Al ihiamidiKt; 
■Bd tka jvuthfnl apr^ of mikUetiiD wu. bj iiim«k«k of ifee l^mrt, Airtliw 
|*"irfiaT tat h&i fiiilTrTTTfi »|i|ilt^Bb if aome iJoh^Mjui Ckim Ub iivlkvb' 




aa AgiUtiDf:, p&iafnl one; ajtrl p^^rhjipii oa the vbole, the lat- 
t«i fei^liixj;:. for tlto tifuv, pruT3ul«d. 8iiah Doisj, turnkalf luid 
tiini[itm<)tix pliLudiisi w«r« 1iu]« bo hiA bute : tlia Iriiuaiili Ihsj 
iionft-r, iUtiu^-Ii |jluuliful> l* coonw; and dc^licr'i luodcat la- 
tun ntftde liim ^tuin tho pubJic L;wn.% utit nek it. Uc lorcd 
men, and did not nffwit to d^»i»iM.' their approbalton : but 
(imthi-r did this foriu hid l«adi)tt; mr/tivp. Tu bini artp lik« 
Ttrtue. WW it* own reward ; be doliRhtcd m Ki* Inaks for tko 
«&Ieo of tho fiuoLtk&tiiLg tooli&gtt whidi Lboy yielded him la 
tlmir pi*rfririi]£Lii(*fi. Puetry wau tin* ulioaeti urift uf liis mind. 
>vlii(!h bif jjlejiBurti Uj* lu i:ultiTutiu|{ ; Ui uUier tluu^'S ha 
wished uot that bis bnbita or cQJi>yioi:^nts Kbould bo dillereot 
front tlios« of othnr mon. 

At WVimEir bin pruaout way oi lifv wua like bU fonuer oo* 
at Jeau: bia bunincM waa tu study attd couipoae; bin ivd^ 
fttiotis w«re ia Ui« «ircl(i of bia f^uiily, wh«rc ho oould abao- 
don biiuftelf to ofEeetiouH, f^riivo or tnljiu^-, Unud in ftank and 
cbflprfiil irterronnft with a few fripn<Ts. Of the UttCT he bad 
lately formed m sooinl cIuIj, thr mcctinKn of which atfovdsd 
him a r«^[^ &nd iiiuoo^nt Euniii«mcnU Ho still loved *oti* 
tary wAJkA: in the P^rk at Weimi^r he might frequently ba 
•een wvitdenn^ anioi3|t th*^ ^roT«B aikd remote aveuuea, with a 
KLOte-book in his bond ; now loitetiiff slowly oloDf, uov «taiid- 
ing ftldl. uofv moving rapidly on ; if uny oao appeared in sijcbtt 
he Tould darr Inro anotlier GtTlej, that hit dream mi^^ht not be 
bfokfU'^ "Oj)c of ]i]& favorite re«orta," we are lold, ^'waa iLe 
thiokly OTetitbadowcd rocky path which Icadi to the H&mMkB 
Aituyii plea0iire-l>oufl<^ of tho Duki^'HT built umler tho dii 
of Ooethe. 'Hieif hti would ofteu alt in tJii- gloofn of 
Qiag^ orerg^ovn with oypr«eaes auU buxvrumi; nbady hodgM 
befot« him \ not for from the munnur of a littie brooks which 
thirrr ^«he« in a aLikoath tluty chouuol, and vrhiirB eotoe renM 
of Uoetho ta<t cut n^ion ii lirovn platif nt iitoiifi, and fbted to 

1 " WliBUTtr 1i« inlMiit«4 to write, ho fiisE rampa«>J in U« hc«d. Mm* 

Utf «iiak:Lu--e iu ti» ppiriG w complclc: Fidui'l' Iij Uiu |iul>1]i' ilmrv nflrti ivm 
report* Ihal ■ni>A &Cj| Dih'h A pifo* nf fi» w^a tnltht<iS^ wEiea. m U» oo^oaflB 




ttie rock * Ue etiU ^onUnofKl t^ aindy id Um nigfat : the 
tBomiikg wic Bpeut with his d^ll'Jren said his irlfe, or Ui |)U- 
tiniest KiK^h w wr Iihtp notinxl ; iu i\vrt BAflraooii )m reivi«Bd 
vrhot tmd been Ufft compwiod, wr<Hc Icttcn, or Tinted hia 
frTCAda. His €t«ii;s|^ w«rr^ oftf^n pUBed in tbo tijc&trc] it 
~wiui ttiA only piihlic plM*fl nf nmnfiPinf^t which hi* i^Tipr vi^iud; 
run tru it for Uic jraipovn of luniUiMnvikt that h« r^«iU:d Chu; 
it wu his obMrTAtoT)'. irhcn> U« wutJ>h«l tb« eff^rct of accnoo 
«od atbaitdoiN; <l«ne^ dqw sch^n^o^ of art, or oorreot«<l oU 
ooRa To thr pbyvrv hi» wm kind, friendly; on nighta when 
«Dj of faift pivoea hod been actod nuocevifolljr or for the firtt 
tnud, h« «9m1 to invite th^ bml«rs of tte comf^jiy to a tttippor 
in thp StAdthaiMi, whf^m th# Hmn wwi Kpflnt m Titirthfnl liiyi^r- 
uond, one of whkh waA frrH^ni-ntly n rrritotioa, bj ticiuul, of 
thu Copuchin^a Mrmon la H'd//tfiu<AVtf Cam^. lUxMpt on mioh 
rsin> lycuLlijns ho r«iinrnAd lioiii^ directlv from th9 th^tre^ to 

I Hfrht hid miilnight l;iuip, arid nnBiBirncv tlir mcifiTH cuinip!«i of 

j hit kbort. 

Tha iiMidEiitjf with whioh be «tni|;f^cd fbr impromra^At ni 

I tlnumtlo composition, had ntw proilTioed its ufttnriJ r«£i3lt- 

I thu toqDMitiaOB of hb tASto iw "k^n^nr hinilcrnil ttin i>p«ratioii 

of hii gcahH ; ftrt liftd at kopth bc<omu a scoond notutio. A 
iMtt proof at otiGki oi hia f«rci]it>'f and rif his solioitndc for fa^■ 
th^r imprrwpTnorrt. apj^ear^ in ISiiri Th« fimtrr t^fti MA^hut 

1-tna an uxpphiocnt ; &» aOeiupt W oxliihit a modern aithj^ 
Ami modcn) Motiin«mtA in vt untiquo giuU 'i'hn prmoipio 
•& vhtob th« iMVffOKt of thlt play rests Is the Katelism of the 
ftHciMitiT the plot is of PXtrpRt'* simplicity; n Ch^jnis at4i> ifl 
Intnxlaood, tat claboralo dintosniAti of tbe nature aitd nven of 
thjtt MooDpanlmt^tit being pri?lli^ by wny of pr«fa^. 'Vhn 
«»tppHiDf<rt wiui nnt Kurr.cuHAfuI : with & moltitTiiln of iudJTiiinfU 
beMties tbii Rridn vf Mr^iiiut in fmiful to bo i pt fl iect u i^ w a 
I vbole : it doc* Dot muvo lu ; tba j^mi objeot Of evoi^ cn^udj 
is not attabiML I'he Chorus, which HohflleT, cwfrrriDg fron 
^^K4h*i Ofeok nodeLi, hau^ ilivirM into two omibriidiiLK I'U'U^ mjvH 
^^K siade to fot^r and deport with the pnoci|Afe to whom tbcy 
r are atbiched. baa id hha ha&di b«coic« the madtum of oooT^y- 
I b)|E nasy hPATitifiil «dhunoni of paatry; but tt mtanda the 




proRTcea of Um plot ; U diflai|:iAt«B and dilfuft^s ottr sTapotbiOBj 
Chs int«r««t we slioiild toko in thii fat^^ ;im1 prtJHpaou of Mv» 
and Cnsar, U cxjH^dQd on t1i<; faUc m:d ^roctjHfcb uf ouiu. For 
beautifiil ind touohing deUneationa of Ufo; for peiwivQ 
pothotiu r^tiootions, fientinteDte, and imagM, convoj«cl in 
l^ago slmpln hilt nprvnuH nnd cmiih^itti-, ttib> tniffedjr atanda 
blgb in tbp miilt of tiiulcjEi compositicin!!. Tborc b in it 
bcMbh of jount' tondOTTiMft and ardor, toioglAd ixapvcoairclj 
with the fueling! of gray-haired «z|ierIeuoe, whose r^oollocUoi 
a-Tf d^rkdnnd with mt^lanrhoty, whivA vpry bopM nrt* i^hM^ucreA^ 
and jtoItiDn. Tlie unplnoJiblc J^RBtliiy which oonoi^i 
brotlu^rH ti> luutual oumity and miituut dentru'^tion, for 
^llt of a pa8t g^itfr:itic^ii, irviilviiig a Mol.hi?r and a Stflteriik' 
thinr niiu, i^pipadA aeoiabir hoc otrr aU the jioeni ; we ara not 
umoorrd by tbo oharacbera of the hp.itilc DroUtors, aitd wa^j 
pitj tho baple&a and amiable Heatri^o, Ui^ vlotiin of thaii food;^ 
Still cherp i« too little action in thp pbiy ; the tnoidenta aiv 
too aliond.uitly diluted "iritb rotlrctioii i thif iiitereal pHuWH^ 
Ua^ and f&;Ls to produce iU full tflr^t Fcir iu i^pcciRioiia of] 
lyrical poetry, tender, affecting, aonetunea exquinitoly boaa1 
ful, the T^niir 0/ 3f(uWnA will long deserr^ a oartfu! pvnmdf' 
bat aa axemplifyiiig a new form of the drama, it haa fouii<l no 
imitators, and U likely to ^d nono. 

Tha alight d^ijToe of failure or miaAaWlatlun whirh oocm 
in tl;c prcticnt iiistaiico, wna tifxt year almndantly iwlecniAd; 
H'iikdlm Teit, aant out Id ISOd, ia one of Sfihinc^r^ very flocot 
dramas; it t»xhlblta Botne of thu bi^haat triuiuphx which hia 
lEcaiiu, oombinod with Kia art, ever rv-alixed. Tlie first dr«oiiiit< 
of Kroodom to our modorn wnrldT thr tint unfarllDg of 
atandATd rtn ihn rocky ptnaado of Eoropo, 11 here c^al 
in tJie *tyle whifh ii deeerreil. Thtiro ia no fulKt- tinwl-di 
ratioti about TtU^ no sickly rvllneRieQt, uo dectfuuatoiy scnti- 
tD«ntftUty. AIL tH downright^ liniplo, and affi^oaUk to Natvftt] 
jct aU ic adcni«d aiuI purtQed ami ivodomd iK^uuiifnl, wittu 
loabff iu ntMrablaAoe. Aualrt-f fr«a]iDt!tfDaud whoLrsoiiuuii 
br«athea ovcf it i we ok amoog honwt, iuoffcnajrot yet foarloM 
poaaants^ untainted bf tha vl^ea, undaulod by tha tbeoriea^ ot 



ntorv conplei and p^rv^rtMl conditioDi of tfodoty. Tbo opw- 
Ittgot tht Aral sr«ne Acts us ilown ai[io%- Iht- Al^. It &« '*« 
high tccky ahot^ oi the Ltucm t^ilcc, oppoAJte U> Sclivjto. 
ttkO lftk« mftktf* A Littla bifcbt iti thxi land, a hut ttjuids at a 
iboFt diABi»m tfom the faftnk, ih? t^^her-boiy b roviiig hlmMlf 
■boat ID hm boftt Dejrond tic iikc, oq Uie oUirr tiilo, wq Me 
Ute F^rcoQ iii««iidovri, the luuckta mid farmn of Solijwta, lyi&f; 
in the dcdv mntthiDO. U» f^ur ]i><ft aro ot»Mrv»d the poalu «f 
tbft Rafk^D BiuTCHind«r<t w\th clonrU: to thu rights and far iii 
ihf distaooe* ftpp«4r the giacien. Wi^ hp«Ar the runtM ^m votJkm 
and th« tinldinffof ooUlc-bdit.'^ Tbitt firtt imprcouoD noT«r 
leftve* u; w« arv in a geene when* all ia grand and 1ov«ly ; 
bat it ifl Uiii loveLiueaa aad iemiid«ur of uapntendiiif, unadul' 
lemted NotiDu Tb«#e SiritstRt arc not Aroudian aturphardti 
«T tpcculatiT^ patriotft j tb«i« ia not one emok or b«Mjhea bovr] 
amonff th^iii, and they Mrv«r loe&tiuTi the Social Cont^ac^ or 
tlw Uifhta of Man. Th^ aro hoDcat pooplc. driven by opprvt- 
■ion to anart their priviloictt; n&d thoy jm to work like men 
in oaramt, bant on th* daapatohof buatnoMa, not on the diuplay 
of HmthnofiL lliay mns nut philoHupher* or InbimrTX ; Init 
ftank ftU^vart lanJmoii : ttto in tbv field ai RiitU, th^ do 
not foff;«t tfaair ooumon fMliajca ; tho fiurty Uiat arrivo &rvt 
Indalga In a barmlaac little rbuHitiuTi ai {larbh vuiiliy : " IT' 
art find- heiwl'" Ihfj >»y. ^" wp Ciitcrfl,iJduuoM!" They have 
not chartvn or vriil«a )aw» to Tvhich ihny can appoal; biit 
tb(>y havp tio ttaditioiQaty righu of thdr fattnen, and buhl 
haarttt and tttmttf^ armir Irj mnk'* tlit-^u gwxl. Th« rutrs by 
whieh tbry ateer are not dieduct^ frum r^u .>te prt-iuJMA, by a 
fin« proQRss of thon^t; tbc^y ore the aocnimaUtcd rt^vult of 
iTxpATMiMM*, tnmnmitrArt from pnamrt «iro to poaaaiii aoo. 
TliJtn* ia aamirtliini! KiiKftd.-ir))' plraAinj; in tbm axhiliiLioa nf 
(Pennine huniAnitj; of wudom, embodied in old adageo and 
ItvactMal uaxime of prudencei of UttK^nAniiuityf dLA{>lAyod In 
tho quiet nnpnutonding dU^harg^ of tbo kunibl««t arory-day 
dnlaea. Tntth U superior to Fiettou : nn fiacl at homo aaoaig 
tbe«e br&T« f^ood ppupi^i tbcir iortiinc iniCMetai ua move than 
that of all thd brawling, vnpid, senciKnont^l baroM in oreatlon- 
Tat to mako tbem ioteraat ui waa the vnry hJ^biMt problem 




of oit ; it w^ to fCtjiy lowly X;it:iir-p, to gir« m x «0[^f of 
emlx^UUlicd aad ratiund bj- tlie aguucrj (if gcniiu, yrt ptcvei 
ins ^^ bkfliieaa iu dvCEry Lineainont. Tbo tugboat quality of 
art IB to coiiooal tUeLf ; XhoM pea&nnts of SchilWr'8 Are what 
nrprp onp imaglnofl Up rrnild imifjtr* snni^pjisftinjr ; y-i^t in th« 
lutfuU of oaj l)ut A truf: aiul ntmng-mlttdttd po^t Ihcy dwinillQ 
into rftpulaivc <ioar«c^n«4a ur nuLwbtuli insipidity, AiUcXi^' our 
own writers, who bav^ tried such jiTibiftots, wp rfmemlx^T non« 
tliAC hA« Rucoofided equally with ^ohilW, Oiia ^HJt^iit Imt ill 
fftttfd goniu* hik^v in Far diifuruat circutuntutioo} vtid witb far 
oUier isuHUia, sbotm that bu oouiii have oqu&Ued hlnx i Um 
Ctitf.'^i' ^ttmitjA/ Nirjht of Bnrnft in, in ilfl own hnmUa W^j 
U quivlly bc-aulif J, a^ tifnpUj^ tnvitdiliUj oA tho acon^t of 2WL 
Ho OtbCT hu cren approiii^hcd tbout ; tbmigh acme J!:iftcd pom 
toQB havo atU*mpt«d U. Mr^ Wordnworth m ro orduuirjmiui j 
nor ftre hijt jjedlers, and l^et^h-^ttieieih, and dal»Fiiut><ii, vrithout 
tbcir ALtraL'liuuH acid their mura,! ; hul they aiiik into wbiniAg 
drivcUrra bpfti*!^ !i^Me£m<tntt tkr, Pricjtty Ulric fht Smith, Bam 
tffhc Wai^y and tbc othur »tim!jr oonftiderar^F of Etitli. 

Thv skill with wliliih r,h(^ «v4^iLt9( ara eon[?atnmit*cl in thii 
play corr«4iiH>ndA to tha tiuth oi Oh di^]iiir4tbn \ft cbnncter. 
Th« iaddonta oE tho Swi«9 R«ro1ution, aa d«>tail«d in Tschodi 
or KIuIUt. uTii hcrL' faithfully prcKorvcd, ovon to tb^tr iniiiut«ftC 
bmucliex Tlip lii-auly of ScbiUar's di'M^rij)tioTi< nil cjin relisli [ 
their fidelity i< what iutpriae^ crery readc^r vbo ha* bceo iji 
SwitEurland. SchiJi«r navrr ^v tho saaue of hi« plajrt but 
bla diUgence, Ma qui*-knr<H« und JnUftiHity of ootioeption^ wa^ 
pUftd this dofocl. Uountitin iind nicnintitiLeor, oon^racy and 
Cdtiont ar* all brought before v& m thi^ir true fdnii»t all (lov- 
itig in tb6 mild ttunflhtno of the port's fancy. Tbd tyruukj of 
Quaaler, aud the luinnry to whirth tt hajt Tpdnnni the Untl ; ih* 
oacaaporation, yrt patient c(*uniE« of thri proplnj tbrir ohar^ 
acUrt, and thoac of tbnir k'actr^re, Flint. StAuffiubor, And 
Meli^tha) ; their ^xftrtumH and ultimate ffviooMa, deavrit>o<l aa 
th«yar« hertv kwp up a oouMiUiit il)t4^^f1St m th<< [i\t^<te. It 
abonads in acti»>a. aa uuoh aa thu Brui^t of McMma is deft^ 
lii« In that point- 
But thtf CuMl deliiieation in nndonhtndly the cfaai«ctttr ol 





Wilbcim Tell, the Imux) of tbo Svi^it BcTi>1i, and of tiMt pre^nt 
ilAEnA* Ifk Xell are oombi&ed all the Attribut«« of a groat 
QXta, witbont tho b«}p of c^lacHtinn or of gva^t O{>oui<in« to 
devrlop th>cm^ H» knowledge hiui b(«n Eathcrod chiellj from 
hiD oirn vxporLcnoo. imd tliie ib boumlvd by hii nativ*^ modo- 
t^xiK: ba h^kS hail no lessons or examples of vplvndid virtue^ 
ua vlflb or op^rtumty to eotrn renown : be tan grown tip to 
manhood, a Birnplc ycanaui of tba Alps^ atnon^ 8uupl« jeomva \ 
aad hot noTor aimtd at being moreL Vet vo tmo^ Id him a 
dnifp, rirflective, *^&riidat spiilt, tblrAting for ar-tivity^ yet bmiud 
111 hy Ibe wbolesomo dictates cf prudence; ^ heui-L lH^ut-vult-i)tf 
j^n<::mup, nDConncumB oliloo of bcafltinfi: jit of four, Tt la tliU 
ulubrioiu AiTci Tiutlo^ unpreteadltig boucsty that fartnt tb4 
gre»t bwiuty in Tell's charactof : all la natST«i, all Is genniue; 
ho doe« not d«cUiia : he didlikos to talk of noble oouduct, lio 
oxhibitJ! it. Ho *pc&k« little of his iTOcdom^ h^o^iiai? hr? hju 
always eujoyed ft, and f**l» Uial hv cuu alwuys dt?fead it 
Hi* TfjuHinM fur de^ilroylug ncHnW^ins nt>t drawn from juris- 
con^ulU and writer* ou morality, kit Irom tbc everlasting In- 
atincta of Nature: the AiiHtriitii Vc»gt must die, burautto if 
not, th<i wif# and rtildn*n i>f Tell will bn deirtToyed by him. 
The ERccnc, wliere thv |iea<,t^ful but LadomitabTe arcbt-r Kit^ wait- 
ing for G^ealor in the hollow way among tb« rocka of Ktian* 
na<tbt, profl^ntA him in a striking Itgbt. Furmnr r<?<iiv(U) bad 
nbcjwn lis Ti'U under many muiitUti auil attrat-livu iispi^rUj 
we knew that he waa tend* r aa wi?ll aa brave, that he loTcd to 
hautit tbi.' inoiiiitaiD tope, ai^d iiihalf' in Eiilcnt dreams Ihr^ luHu- 
^uCi* "F their VI Id and rangni^cmt beauty: vfct bad *flpn hira 
the mo»t manly and wann-beatbed of father* ami hiiabiLudA ; 
tbtTcpid, mofloat, and decimvo in tho find«t of peril, and ven> 
tanng bU hfi* U* hnng help t« the opprfla»ed. But here hia 
mitid in rxa1b!il intii at^rn Holcnmtty ; itn pHnHflpH of n/^uoti 
come before ubi with greater clt'ameJTft, in this il» fiety contest* 
TImi name of mnrdor gtrilte^ a <ij^mp across hia frauk aiid fL-ar- 
1ea« spirit; while tin- rrraitlf^ftion of hh **bildri>n and their 
mother procUimaeiDphftUcally tliat thete ta uuirmoiiy, Gma- 
kr must penah i Toll swore it darkly in bis soeret soul, when 
thA monatAT foroad bim to aim at the bead of hia boy j and ha 




vriU kMfi hitt oath. His thciu^bu w^^icIpt U> And fro, but Us 

to become a MLultlor of blood : woe to them UiAt li^re mftdu 

Tnivell«T8 Dom» ftlraif: thi? p«iu ; thn iinr<ono»m of thnrir 
rverj-tkf eiMt- jitHr U strikingly ccmtUAtrd v^itk Uio dark uid 
fntcfiH purpose:! of TciL The aJiallow maoocnt gunUify of 
btU^fli U]« KorMtcr, tfac icfttfiinal vehemeDoo of Axm^flg^^ 
ITUe^ th9 hvd-bevted h&ughtiiiflu of GcnloTj mKCMBively 
•pjww t ted to to, ^rn oa air of truth to Uio dcUneitioDi and 
deepen the iiapiTettitvoxicas at the t««uJL 

Act it. 8aam IIL 

Tlu hcUoiP loaj/ al K4ama^. !'«■■ ttatgmt /fvn hthind ttmid fweb ; 
and tfarttirf, K<<itra ttfipmr i mg ch Ubr MtMf, dw mm /twi <i« M|Al 
tOiON- RodU meiftlt i\* ^-A^ tptur : im ww <^ tAt Jbnmaat i$ a 

Tkli. [ff!«nv WEh A6i hmtt). 

Hnv ihrou^ Iht* hili»w vmf tr- 11 pm ; thoo la 

N<j fitbur niod lo Kumaftcijt : h«rr I'll do U J 

Till* tj|t|Kirtikultj if K^Kul : th-r liut-fitn 

Of «JJfr lhr:n> will hSdu nic ; frout lliAl ^Krint 

Mjr amiv hlu him; ihrnmh piuv prrT<>nifl 

Pumuit, Now, GouJot, tAt&nH thy ooAonfit 

WUh Hrawo! Thna giubi Iw gout*: thy Htid b tvil 

BvcnoU s^d tukrmKw 1 \i>i*» Ilv^d ; my 1hii« 
li«r^r beat MTD «» tW wUd bmui iiJ ttii> C>r«Jt ; 

Fmn mj ponoir ; v* foil Oflp-poUoD luut ihoa 
Cluuilivd tJjv uJitk <if kmilly lrtupi.'r ia mi^; 

Tho Afdier who ooulil jum ai UU bo/* liMd 
CftD mij «ik umw Ia hu tDctny'« hoarL 

FcwrliKleb'iya? H; klndtniP wlft?1 I vUl 
Protfrt ihCTii ^Tiin ifivv. Ltlui^vih;! ! Whni 1 diw 
Tlat UrvftrlnCr ■""! i"f h"i>d wai« ^wT^nng, 

im-itOl W1I-HKT.M TELU 

Au't vtti) d««ilUh Jnf itaa mA'tl me palM b 
At (li0 fihtjd. AUcI I Ln ftuniiuac ftOjcuUb 
EOTfnat^d thr^f Is rjin l thru orllh A ifrlfil 
llTCTdcuhle ft»lh, ilrtp In my ioul, 
I V'M'A Ut Gftd in HMv'n, thai tlif n«Tf lum 
I took •faonld he Ihf hwirt. Thi* t(>w I rnad^ 

Bocuoo » 1i<>ly debl ; luul 1 will juuf iL 


Thod Mt v; huwUt, and my Evatr's Vogl| 
Tot WDotd thtf KnlatT ui>t liaii* »iifff*i''l tlw« 
To ilo nt Ihou haofi il"T]4. H<< punt eW liillrtr 
T<>Jiiil|pT Hit; rignroDhly^ An- ho In Angry; 
But not Ui lit^lai thy oATai^c Apfclito 
Wilb iEiiinli.'r, lad tljpiif Im sifb. ninun^ tui 
llMn la B God ti> poniiib thom that wruog oii 

Catno &rlb, (hoo brinpPT oijeo <if blttor tamrn^ 
Hy pnwLwmJcfwH now, my mtnty ji^wt 
A marie I H tvt Oxvv, vhich tho <ry ^f vtw 
Could UL-\-iT pcnrtTdU^ : lu fAnr h dhjUl ncit 
Bu imponvlnblh And, |;4kkI Ih^wvlriDg t 
Whlrli u <ift Id »j«>rt hji*C HT^'d iiii> truly, 
Pur>.ukfl riko mA in Ihu lut uvful 0ArD«t | 
Yh ouoo hold fiuAp tti<:»u faithful cord ; thrxi «A 

Nov Mfdd it mir> uml pu^rriiJir, Ufiif *>; novrrf 
Fftil thbf thnfV b DO toeobA lu my qurrir. 

Dcrv let mo ax oo tbia vtritir* WncK, lot ap 
SV bn«f rNi Vi ihii v.ijrr]Li\-T; fur her* 

BtfjfViItu^ ii^-t iIjc othor or bit vurrovt. 

]|aru (im the nuxiouii mcr^h^iit, nnd ihr llj^Ht 

CnnKfflpyH jiil^rlmi 11^ jwli' (tiitnH monk, 

Thp clwniiy ^d>1wr. And ihr* nurtljfjl nh'nnnAfi) 

Tha <&iTi«T vlih hU hoArj-Mm horH<, 

Wbd ccmiM ^-om ^t-'S IhdAb'^ fir cnN»ry ro«d 

WiU 1««il one to th»< »iid n' rh* Wifhl 

They pan t <v^ biwU'niup fonrud cici kU path, 




Thii^p ir^B n Tnemmoiit a| bin raturn ; 

For iftiUt '^Q or^aiuff bomvi he broiulit ^00 liimiwhil. 

Uight Ifi KJi Alfiirti' flfivmr, mrik li'trrl, nr#1f'biUlf 

8nob M Uw w^Lid'rcr liiidfi n^*tn H^tt muaaUms i 

K™ hi b ^iDA Id <|iinn iLrothT ipnU' 

Chi tic wild v«j Iw ail* witt liiuui^W <if nwnliri 

H' \» for hLi oDVny'a Ifcfe ilP Uu in v*Jt. 

Aiiil yoi uD ytij, JnuT otUdrtOt yaa ^loao 

Ilr tblnki u ihiia: fur jrriur Kik«i In hia him; 

To ^«rd 71OTI Ctmo llio Tfmut'a v^a^fijl inoodi 

Xi> ruuiiuua t[«ai« E vEMcb fur- Do«« the fcimttr 
Thiak it nmight to rcntrj tbe Ii?«-1'ir)fi: ^^J, 

0* i«r itlnr Mvcpi ETfilotE ^lif vii'tk'f liL *■ bluud ; 

AtuI aU to carA A ptttfti! ehani'iti t 

U«Tv b a rifiliTir yirizc Aflritd : tijo heurt 

Of in/ iViirn ^nnnf , thtl vi^iilrl Hntn^ me. 


All mir ilajB, tbv buvt bju btwn injr «imr«d«, 
1 hAV« Uwliwd uir»tfiXlo kkfvbfrj; oft 
IIa\« I luuk ibp bullV'Dji?^ Eimiij q iiriM 
Brooght h^ma fruQ euott^ Ahunitiu^ , but to-^aj 
I will [wrf"nii luy um««"fcuU 4ud M'Io m** 
lite bv>4 |wiMi in (hv cirmu <if tbc hilU. 

|jt touting otirtpttns ooucb rAf JWiWr mudmmunta up 

Adit ; ^httifi titt Foratft jfmv Jiifn. 
Kmwi. T ii Kr«(«nn4j'r of Jtl^rliHobuohun hiilita 

IlwbmirAMorvi^rirb^ivf til' A]|w, Th^-y' rv going 
Tu fcich ilio brulo £rum ItaJon ^ lo-nigbt 
ThiTti viU b« intnli ami uxAwil J^jau «c KOwtuuhb 
Came Jim T All buunil ;itfuple aj^ bi'ltnL 
TkU-. a Kfioiu giitt«t (H*fitA rn ft btiLil fcuta, 

BrCitai. If MTrvw (mM jruu» tliuli it frju^ jvui luArt I 



8dM vrhfti fOB oui : tb< timte arc bonj ; 0Dfr bm49 
Tn Hiuifi'lt f'Tiloyiin-nt nimM/ wTiiTc H pnua. 
lJ«ro '1 i» n liriiln), thor^ 't vrill hhj a biirinL 

9Tt%$h The wAj iV th* world *t pr«M«ctl Thvr* ia aoogh* 
But miwhjuf everywhom ^ m »vaUarJin 
Um ooiuv AWfej iu GUrue ; ludf ifacy uU mOf 
A «iil« u' ttt' Ql&ruub but ?fimk UEidrf gnkUDiL 

Tsu^ Dli, Uh^u, iliQ r^Tj luUi» givo wiiy J On eutli 

8Tfr«iii. la foroijHii pun/, lou, 

From lixlrn : a Knigbt. it m^oita, vmt riilrng 
Tw l>)(» KiTjt:; a n^Hrm oflnTUrt* uu'l Uim 
B7 tlio ^ny^ ttud f-^it od '« hoT*#> uni fitnng It 
Till li dropt ihiVD dtnd of very luruiiiic. 
And tbv p»or Enight vu fnfCtNl lo go ftfocft 

TsLU Wtnk c(cBlarT« Wu hnYo atiii^. 

[ Jm^urrtf tTt/^ #hJ^« infA emmti ekiUffn, and ptae§t 
/wTM^tit iU mJrunov 0/ (Ac /'^xwr, 

fyTtasT. "V k thought ;o boila 

Bmiiifi j^n-^L nii^f iduuv bf Uui LuliI , tuuu Mack 

TciJ^ KVrj liftjr »iJi1i ntnluui 

0«cur in plimty t ii«id» ]jh> li^ '^r vrindtr 
To fnr«h*]ir thnn- 

Bxf Hill. Ay. tfiily I Wt-ll ft.r him 

Thai iHIh hlH fli'Jd \a ]Muct<. adJ tindbturli'J 
fAtii kiy hit 4Tfln fiiwdo I 

Tu#u Thi] |H<iu^<ifiilf«t 

Dmill« mit iu JH4MI, If wUbvit DpitrJitfunc Iiiad«r. 

[Tt^J fwln q/Eerk urifA rcefirvd nj^fcbtfion* Ctwonjt fAc lop 

Brrtntti. Too irut. ^ Gnud b'jt I — Yau *r vatlkig ba>> for «cim 

TftLL. ThirtuuL 

BrtMl. Qlad ino«ttnir with TOOTftiond*! 

Yiiu ■«« frikdi TTrl * lib Omcfl iha Laudvogii 
li «X|M>^t<l thoii«o lo-duy. 

Tb« Lutidv^rgit vttw. Tho watur», from th9 rain, 

A/v QuuJi^t, niul bnto fwi^iit down all tlio bddgof. ^TtB ttanJa upi 



■Hi* Vi'gt o'*! omuo ! 

AniKiABT. Ah I re»> ^MU«d ! 

Cd ItiU «lnh p>M to Tntci tomt 

He oannot ttiru utJi^ frmn oitvi mu»t lutir mi. 

FRiKSSUAEivf |o>m«* hattH^ Juwn ^ Pcuj, and oUb laAp Cia 

Uikr- If .If ! Tiinbo vTAj 1 Hj lord thr I^uidvycft 
Ib rfdJTu; rl-i» ftt faflbd, 
AuinAK'J'' Tbi* LiLudtiwl niinlTiK '. 

[ tiht soet ifltlh htr ehiUin^ k> thf frrmi ^ fV Sdmw 0m^ 
irr artri fCttintfyk dtr liarratt appcur om ^aosbaot <tf Aa 

fiow pit yon ihfuugL lUu watw, vliaa U« flood 

WhJi tiie tdiknriv fnead ; wu hoed pu Alp-lUhuL 
8Tt8fai. Wen JUS o' board i' th' M««u t 
Ffti^Mi- Tluit wwB mi 

Oh, Kit mft! 

Fiitioiic r«inefi; tnnit ran vn f atiiviEuiM 
lib f'>r^hip in t>ir CoHlln. [XktL 

ftH^hMi. Hftil ihi"*' MI{nr» 

r ih* tndl boon h'^ri^tl |]OcipIoT 'l mxild Imvn iiTiak 
Wl(b n'rj Mul iif ibno. But tw wch mknheUa, 
KvlLhor ftn&uf lliMd inUklUUunii. [J/f tofa F o«wd,| WMihfr 

Gemltk Air wlnt rntt IUev^ I van iLc fUbv^i acmtO^ 
And mvtt think rf pli^wnff hur^ H* ppot nw 
Siii \" c«rrf«> i!i(vi Uinda, V> tciotlir^ nr uurso diMO ; 
OUdUiw* U tiift wurd 1 Th« potttt M Ivun U 
Stull BwTurlUdaBrhattb«lwl</lli'Ui«L 

Orif li^ V^U Hut. if. «i. 




A ftHaAlir> Now i« Iho uHnn^cil I Sfw tee ny pMitktt t 

GtMUft. Thi* HM M AUrvf, murk fuii, I ml up 
Koi ft.r tlio Joktf^ Hk«v or (o try ll»« hnttt 
O' th* p«nfilt*t tbno I know of nld; bin that 
TWy nuichl W tunfihl to Wiid tlii?b qccJe) 1r> uhs 
Wkkili trv UHt t^tmi^t mAd at^: ^nd tn lU' wftf 

TllttofllbDH, tliAT Ki iJuHr Bfu uwy fiJl ipa\, 

And fttnuwl ihem of thou Wd, wbviu Hmy fuf^^ 
RlTtK>LPH. Biil jft [JiD |HbifA» hnn bmdc rtghU — 

In nm ih ilmA fUr HHillnfi nr tttmlitlTij. 

Of tUptliiir^' intisl wni finwrrfnl : wIkU (h« PnthPT 
UEcTictLiHlr IhVnn^ Iko 8aa aivisl fnnnrt : 
'Hklh {TLipl^ lit M »li.trj«) Lif Muirlilmi^. vthMi 
Oaa vay or i^tahar bidM bv put nvi'lp' 

GntcLLdi. Wh; ^o jrou pbiguf mo Irto, Aud «b>p in/ w«y, 
r tfa' ripiii roftd T Off! l.Aine|«»; 

AkmOa&t, M7 Inntrmd 

R]'iiiiu-ii, WhoiirThRtBTi' y< n, ihrn f WhoU jmor huftlund t 
AxwiART. A pwf wiU-bay-mibn of tl^^ Rigib^, 

WliHi imdr liLfniclitTmwof the uby». 

To mov iho ccrnimou lenuu ^^i^n (^rt^ncy «1k<Jtv« 

Awi QiMkB la vbM th« alUa dm* tuA f\hoh. 

Kin^i-rfi IC^ <t'«ki£>r|. fly HavTi'tiT a ktlia uhI EanoFAhlo lift 1 

Du iiijw \ ilii k« 1U1 pH>r cUudifr I'm:. J jtrty yx^ \ 

WlkAl€>Tfir be hl» enu«s thai Lomd trade 

I'A rh« H'mimJ Von cduL bav«Jiiilio«i 
In rh# Ch^iIi tlien*. thaIw jonr pMklno ; 
Thifl i* ttnl the i^liinx 

AitiiiiiAiir. Ko* m \ 1 Mtu- qaI 

T IB thv kutli UM/utU kb tiBA bin i' Uk' iluD^ieoQi 



TMMt m. 

Wftlting fnr th« •^uf'rnrr of tomi^ JiJ'J^r. lu vaia* 

OcflfliHtM. WniDADt Wi^iil<L>| lay tibXLtk nti in«f BOfOMl 
Akmuaki^. JuHtJnr, LiiMiMitlT llitiu art )uJf» o* t1/ toad bnre, 

A> ihnu ivt|Hvitnit Juntm fmm kIkitci, 
Show it la US, 

(jhpfiLtu, Utr[ TaIw tlir [DUtLQitov niblbi 
Frtm tiif Bi^hl, 

AiLuuAur [citcfi^A Ok brvUe </f the hora^. 

No, Hu T t nnv haw notbing 
More to luw. Thou hIjuIl out mijve a e\c\t, Vi)^ 
Till iLiiu hart done lav riglit. Aj, kult ihy brDvrii 
Auit roll IIjj eye?4 ao «(vndj mm Uiuu vllt ; 
Wi» j*rrt •!> irf*ilcbnjlH wr^tcli^ lWr» wo cant not 
Au^IjI tTium fiff ihj nujfcr. 

Or tloD my hmrw ihoJl orush ihn. 

cijicnp <rtffr rA«H Iff Ai> irfl5r. 
Here au I viUj luv vhiLiEn'ik ; \n\ thu urpliAM 
B« innlrkii rMitJi^rutnth lb)- tone's hoofa I 
^ Kit ijut llm rtoiBL tJjal tliuu tiiiM duDe. 
Brti»M>ir VViiiiihQl Art iniiilT 
AhAOAnr [vif^ ^tiU gtmtrr >^lmct]* 

T i> Louir ihnt ihiMi ha«t ttodta 

The KoisfT'i people under fuel. IVm l»uy 1 
Oh, 1 lirn h(]l k vnmAii ; nrrr< 1 ■ innUf 
ItUouM llml m-iiHilhi^t: iImt to do than litt 
Herv nying In thv dust^ 

[ 7V iTHMri: o/ the Wtdding u hfonl oijain, ailhi^0 iht 
Pan, iMi BPflmed by dutattfr- 

Quick! Takr her hrnriH ! I may forget mpcl]^ 
Aihl du tb« thing I tlmll nT|ii^Tic. 

RCTK>].i-». Mj lorrl, 

Tlio •crvanp Wbfi'H ps«e : thv pUoo *buTO 
I* orovd'^l hj tt hriflMl ff tiiifiany. 

Thtjf an' tjMt lunM) mi liicy nhAnlrf h<»* thftir tnT-^i)*>» 
Art nCill at lkb«tty, I'hit ihal] bo ^icf'd 1 



I trlU lireak (lint nubboni bamor; Freedom 
Wtlh itt pOTt vmiQiiii^ thiH no ini>ro be h«u^ of i 
I vrill tatans^ a titir Lur m tJimo lands ; 

[jln euTtxpiavm Mn; kctUt^ hit harviitpon hit htctrtiOnd 

Qod be verciiul to uic 1 

imftfcWT [^rinfftng up), 
tkttd! d««^- lf>'iijtun, Alaki: Th»Utbl&il 

Borrtbl' ! — G*A li Utoxvu I — Hon KlUn, 
Cr7 to God £bt mcTtr ! Yaw *« 'lytaf ■ 

Tr'7- [oppfon aborv-^ on iht povd cf th€ rvcti\* 

TbiMi Ltft fuiujrl ihe AichM; 
Hetfk DO tttkir. t'rcv on tfw eulUipM* 
dfv^ure is InTiiwwttiv fmni thM* ; tlinii will 
Tomunt Uic IaoJ ah ujan. 

[ fJitd/ifWrir/ /roni the htifjhi TV jvnfklf rutk tt. 

AkMO*HT. Tha LuidvDgt ■hot, liill'J ij an imiw. 
PiorLi; IrwAiHfl in], W^t 

Wbo Ih <!»<« t 

[ Whiift tha fiyrmwpf a/ ih« veddin^ fompani/ «tor en Ac 
Vntf, r/ir !itHffiTvut BTr stiU an Vie htight, 4Miif lAc mft#icr 

RvDOLiMi. Up '» blort^rng. blt^^liug t£» cLwavili. 
AwbjS Keah balft; punniclbu murdm-rf 
LuM nmn I Mtjai h ht r^uil wUL i]ii<« F Tliixi VDulikl not 
Umt m; v&nung I 

HtC Ml- ^nn «iii3U£h I Thira Itiv hv 

Palo Aiid nt^Tiir bui- 

RtTti^i'T"' Art ibe pcopio niiid, tlu(thi>y inak«< mnale 
Offtf mmdvrt fitopit, luy! 

[TAtf m4«w WI9M *uddtfily; nwrr ptopU cmt croKilm^ 



FuT m. 

Can fm nnl icpnlc lu meT H Ht^tw uut^iug 
Vou nould cntniBt mo witti f 

[GguI^ majhcfi F^rui iKfA At« fiand, and vrJummtfy rrptaU 
CAeni, iM *hey are not umderatocd. 

WbcTuHliaJ] Trwif 
To KflssmiFbl ! t mtjncil UTi'lvr«lAn't von : 
Oil* t^ntv Hoi Hilary ' Ei^nv llm tliiuiC'' fif f^iLrtli* 
And ihink fiov yoTj H^iihll iti^ibo your ji«Ata nitb IIcavoQ I 

[ The whole liridai aimjiaitfj fftirrvund the dymg fflon witk am 


D«ub k 

Ai!«<?.MiT {ft/fJ up fmeof htr chttdm]. 
Btv, HiiUrpH, hcnr n iDurrranl drpartsl 

Krr-ni.pir, riiii ad ym, ttrvaj hnga! Hnve 79 no looeb 
Of fi^nliiijc ill 7"<i. that yn (fwl ji^iiT ''/M 
Oq ineb HD ii^TJikTrtt Hi>l|i Tnrt^ Uni) your baodil 
WiU Du oao holji to imll ihft con'riug orruw 
rri>iii liix bnsiiit t 

WoMBff (*tef| i«n"i]. B> Uiuolx tim wlioni Qod hia nDotvl 

SrOBMt [toyj M* Aoml on li^ifi^h't am]. 

Siiftlf, my good 8ttl 
Your ^rcromcTii i> al ad cml. Thp* TiTint 

We an inv. 

Aix [tmnultmuity]. ThA liini! In rVm ! 

RrrHiLrn. H* ! runs tl tol 

Aro twv'fnwifl sml olniUmw gwie uln^yl 

Yuij ft«i Uia incinl'miu ilw^ thhl liiu 1i>«ii <liii¥i. 
Our h*lp IB Tftin, vnio I* punno ihp in^fdVrj 
Olhvr C4nn il^tnuuii] uel On * To Knunvllt I 
To MV« Iba KjhUcq'* rcntrmi* ! Fur it pmoBl 
AU bKids <if ordrr, ^irly, km iciliK^fwd, 
Kn man*! fidHilf i* to Tp« inLftM. 

( ITAiJif hf deparU icUh tht AttmtlantJi, npptmf tix fV«flr«i 

AftVnAnT. li'miri! B«(<iti 1 Hen ooiuu tbc Fmrv uf Uizrcf. 




FlUTUrs Misnaicoiufts [/nrm a h^i/^^ir^ rowfd the tkaJ b<fdy, 
«uuf tittf itk a rfittp tent]. 
WHb uoUioUtt trnd 6ttah eonw on muv 

Ne» |iIqm< ilc> |inij<^ iMiven him ; 
Frdu mifbl of biui;y lifcr> d DtiixiAhed pkiii 

With «ui3duu Uoud. it uvam hrm : 
Aad nndj ur i«rt miJy, — o<> dchy, 

Purtli ti* lili Juil|£«*k Lht he masL nvrftf t 

Thn dealli of Gtsaler, wbloh romut the leading objeot oC 
tb« plot, lutppena at tli« end of the fourth net ; the fifth, o^ 
c^tpicd with roprescatin^ the CKpulsiou ot bii :(atc]1it«»^ &jtd 
Uw final trhxmph and Ub«Tfttioa of the Swi»fl, tbouf^h divcrsj. 
fini with unruTTcunsi ami Hpt^'toi Irn, oiovn nn with ItiferiOf 
uiinukUuti. A eortitin iraut of unity ia, indeed, distinctlj Mt 
throaghOMt ill tho piooo ; the inoidecta do net point one way; 
Clmra w nc fionnnt^tion, or a very slight one, between thL' en- 
teqirbv oi TfII uid thit nf thp iiten of Kdtli. T}iU is th« 
firincipAl, cr ratbor «oIe, dcEcictioj of the prcacnt work; % 
defidency inKponbto from tfao ftaUifiU diBplaj of tho hi«tori- 
oaJ erenti and far more thaa compensate b}- th« det;per in- 
tiriTsl nxid the widei ruige of ftctiojL und ■lolin^iitlou, which a 
fttrict Adhcrener to th<L ftictv allows^ 3y the present mode of 
maaflgemeut, Alpin* hit in all iU Teiigth and braadth U 
plarod h?foi'e na : frciQ the f^nilal halls □£ Attingbausen to 
Buodi the Fihher ct the hvxJtra Lahc, ajid Azmgairt,— 

"Thft ponr *lM-tifly-raan of ihc Rigt^K^rg, 
WboM tndcr b, ora ibA brvw rif t^io abjBS, 
Ti> mow thf pmrninTi gnuw fr>iu ftv^j khHvw 
And oooka to vrhiob 1h» datUo dmo not eUrabr'' — 

lie fltuid a0 If in prcKoce of the 9wiM^ belioldinf; thd Aahi«To- 
■tent of tbrir frfroduiA ifi it« muiut^'iit otrQumi;tuui.'v«, irith aU 
Its Binpllettj and unsttfectwl ifnatneiB. TIk? light of tlw 
poet's ^ikius » upoi^ Ihe Four Forent Cantooa, At the opetting 
of tbo Fourteenth Ceoturj : bbu wholo time and aoerte dune 
a» viththa MghtnUi, the truth, smd morn than ih* beauty, ftf 


^joff in. 

Tho tTAg«dy of T^ii vrnnkH unilj of irlfrMt lUid of 40ti(»n; 
but iij pipJtD vt tLUf il tony jiullj' cUim tLt Uij^lt di^-nitjr ijf 
r&nking with ih^^ rory boiat of ?c*JiilloT*s f laye. Le^e oompre' 

JwnQfmu. itp hiut i look uf iialurti aiiJ Butfllautiul truths wliirli 
ntith^Tr of ita ^iv^ild cun t)oni.?t of. Th^ fcc1i:i;^ it iTim lento 
ftad iippoalp to aro Uioao of univonuU humim nAtiirOi l^d pM* 
Bontt'd in tlicir ptircKt, nioKt un|)roLi*fii]]ng foniu Thord U no 
bigh*wrougUb »untuueuL, no poetic lov«. Tt-!1 UiTrji liii wifn 
u bonMt men lovo UK^ir wives; uiil tbe L>pbodc uf Bertha 
tnd Kudens, thou^ limittif id, ii vtfry bi-]«f, and vUhont «ffeot 
on thn gi'tirrjd n*AiiTtv Ir. iH (If.Ii^htfiil uml ft^hitAtj u» ihd 
licart tro ir;iiL<l<!r ftjuony tht- itct^nf^i^ of T^i//; aU ia lovely, jut 
all Ltt root^ l^hraical luid taor.it ^uiideur arc unitod \ y«t both 
Md the niiadom^^i^l gmndi^i-tr nf IfLitrirA, Thftrft ftre tbe lak64 
and ^nnik vjdlcyfl Irniclc un, tbr Schn^ckhotii, the -Ju^ifCfnUf 
ftod thnir Aintrr pcak«> with tlitir ftr^axiohca And their pftlactt 
of ic0| ;ill glo^LDg ill the eouthera autij aud dwellitig tuBonf 
UiAm ar« a mm of mniLljr hiiHtiaiiclm«n, heroic without ma9* 
ing to be Louieljr, pucllo&l without CL^a^iug to be gcauia^. 

Vie hare dwelt the longer on tbU play, not only on aooouot 
of It8 peo^liJtr ffui^^inAhiona, biit alho — aa it is our ]a«t \ Sohil* 
lot's facilities hnf! never bcca mon? brilliant thau at present: 
itvoTtjt in matujfl age, in rora und varzed LCcompliahmcnli^ ht 
was now reaping tb? fiiD fmit of hia ntLi'timif^ vigils ; th« rapid*, 
ity vith wbii'^b Itc wrote inch iioblr pcNTHui, at onc^ betokened 
thrt I'lubcrant riohcs of hi:i raiad and the prompt commaiid 
which \i»t vLjojed ol them. $t\U all that ha had dotw aecaod 
but a fTaction of hit appnlniju) tsMk r a bold Ima^nation wai 
canyins him forward mto dist^Dt uDtouchcd Gelds of thou);ht 
andpo«try, vrbero trniiiipbs j«t more glorious wo» to bo ;;nmed. 
Sobflm^e of iww wri^ingfi, WW kinda of writing, were budding 
in Ills fancy \ h« wjw yet. ax hn liad ev^r be'^n, surroundnl by a 
niuUitndn of projccta, and full of ardor to labor ia f^ilfUling 
them. Kul Sebil1«r'a labon anil triuui]>Uii wore dmwinir to a 
doWk Thp irviRihl" Me0iii>nger wsw almvly near, whi/rb ovwr 
tak«c alike tbc busy and th>& idle, which arrasts man in th* 



mIM of Ma iileaauras or his oocup&Uons* and cA/^jt^u Aw 
t^nitlfnan^ ctJid atiuU him ^way^ 

In 1801, lutring bMn ot Borliu witnetaitig Lhe exhibition of 
his WiiMm TWi, he vra^ fleb^dLl, while reluniitt|{, wiLlia parox> 
JOR of thflt DuJfld/ whkh for UBa/ yvan httd never wholljr 
loft htm. Th« Attack wud finroo and Tiolcnt ; it brought him 
to ih« TeTg« of t1i0 ^AVd ; bBt he eacaped once more ; wtu 
fvuidpred outof it anger, and a^ a r^sunmi his poeticaJ em- 
pJo7m«nt«> Dc-«idGs rarioiu tf»D»JatioDS from tbo Frouch 
and ItuItAn, ho hod akob^cd a tragody oa tho butor^' of Por- 
ktti WarUrok, :uid fitiiAhedtira ft^ta of one ou tLat vf a kirulnsd 
hut mora foriijuute iiupoaior, Dimtiri of Rii»4L^ Ilis uilud* U 
would ni^peor. wftn nlno frofioccatljr cn^mTcd with mcro tolctnn 
u&d vnUitno id«u. The uQirenM of hunum thought he bftd 
DOW explored aiid enjoyed; but te eeems to have fouud no 
pCT1Danl^nt <^ntcatiu«iit in ajiy of its provinocsn Kiiay of 
hit Utor |>oi?:iu iitdi(>-£Lto on iticoiuarit und it^r^rotuUntr lodging 
fi>i tomv colulion of tho myftory of Ufu] At timux it u « 
glucmiv rtsiignEittoii to tlir w:iiit aiii) tlm deHjiiur tjf uuy, Hix 
iud«&t spirit could not satisfy itaelf with things aomi, thou^ 
gi]dod with ftJI the glori«A of intolkot aod ima^innticu ; it 
ftoarvd nvny in HA^ircb of other InndA, looking with nuuttrrnlilc 
dMtre for some tiut^x and hrightct tioma Ix^ytiud tho horizon of 
thia world. Death bo bud no reason to regard u probably n 
noar ^roat ; bnt wa easily percoive thtt tho awful aecretft eon* 
nectedwltli il hni] long beeji familiar to hla coutCEopUtion. 
Tho Tcil which hid thciu from hi* <^yci wno now shortlyj whoa 
ho looked not for it, to ha rent cu^tioh^r 

Tli^ aprb]^- €tS 1S05. wlibh RrljiUf-r liail riirlicip^tM witli no 
ordinary hopea of cajoymeot and adirity, camo oa in ita 
conr»c Dold, blftikf and «toniij ; and nkmf; vi^ it hia Ai^nMt 
retum^sL. Tbe \tfA[t uf physiciuna w^ia vain; tlie unweariod 
aervJiiKS uf tn'mblEUk; dfftrttmi wert- vuiii : hia diaordor kopt in< 
cf«aaiii|t ; on the 9th of May it rcaohrd a onaiA. Early in thfi 
monuDg of that day, bo grow ioaonaible, and by degreae deli- 
Houa. Ainon^hiii i><X|iression8, the word fj^hitnhfrff w^ ft^ 
qn^ntly rotic<^d; n Vt.-m\ of tto tmpctt; indicating, aa emoo 
thonRbt, tbo wntor of that oMm^ whoea worka hm had laUly 




hata nwllmi I — nrdirgr tn otbi-n, tke c«t]e of LeuditeDberB, 
trIuob>» fotrdaya bbforo hia eiokniM», Li- hud )xcu propcting io 
7i«it Tlt« pMC sLftd Ui« wa^^ was soob Io Ua low ; bat Ua 
fricmtU vnm upAm) thr futhfr join of Hmittkg him dnpftrt ni 
pudDnaf, Th« ticry t&iDcpy of phyitio&l sufFen&gj irhicJi httd 
btvUdutd Mid biiikded Iiia Uittikm^ tuijult^cs, vas ilnwa 
Mdile; end Um spirit ot Schiller lc>ok^ forth in ia vootod 
■onmityj ciiinc A^ln b<;fi>re it piiHed « vilj forrvw. After dcxid 
luA dfrlmtim &bate<L( uhoat four o'clock hct foil iiito m Boft 
sleep, ftom vhloh he eielouf^ ftwokv id full poaaeegjon of hie 
iwttvaL Kjmljirfvl to foiMirionsniuiv in thftt honr, vhfin Um iovl 
is oaioff from hucoan licTii, Knd nuiu iniut froot the Kiaf of 
TDrran on luv awn ^tr^nKtiir SohiUor did uot iaiat or ftui in this 
ble IsM Andshupest triul. KaelUff that liis eud wis ocom, 1m 
addAUwI hiiDself to ni«»l it as became lum ; not wiUi aAectcd 
vittloHDCiA or vaperatitioDs finar, biit wiUi tbc qukt iiiipf»- 
tendiDf: inuiliiic^n vhii-h had mn-rkiMl the truoT of kis life. 
Of his frteuds anil f;uuiiy ha took a tixK^ii^g bnt ii tmnqvU 
mtwolt i be onl«r«d IUaL bis funerul obould btt irrirab^ witk* 
ooi poDp or pandfi. Bcmt oae i&quihug How he lelli he sftld 
" CWwsr dtwif t^lmoe, " simplo bat moBoorVkblo wordep expreoe 
Its of Ihfr mild huruiam of llip ?w v> , About idx bo luik ipto 
* deep ^eepi oDce fof a munwct h^ looVi-J up with a 1ive]jr 

eu*! aod said, ^i£jfty tkittyt wen ffrvrrijiy plain ditr^ tltar 

t0 kinf A^in hn ^lo4«d hU nycR\ sifid bu sleE^p deepooed 
and dr!i>ppnril, till it di^uignd ititn ihr >JrT*p fram whic^ tbore 
hi no awahenia^; and all thit Teuuuiii?d of Sdiitler vaa a 1if»- 
loaf fonn, sooa to be nlnglixl with th« olcds of th« valleir. 

Thn RffWH of Snhil1*y« doath fall «oM on mhnj a hMvt ; not 
Iq Germany alone, bat ovfrr Rniiropo, Uwas regarded aaa pnhUe 
loflt, hr nJI who nnd^^mtood its iii4MLniQF;. in Wi-^mar 
dally, thn tc<*nn of hiii tinblpn rfforu, th^ abod* of hU ohoeVD 
fneoda, the mrmation It ^trodutrtl vox derp and umvend. 
Tke pnbUe pboee cf aaiowmfint were ahnt; all ranks made 
hasbt tn testify tboir f««1in^ co honor thomsalvas and the 
dernvuil by tnbntMi Ea bi« nwrmnry. It wwi Friday when 
fiohilkr d>«d ; his f^iavral wao mecDt to be on Sond^y i bo* 




lilt- atAltf of hia remainfl iiuul« tt neeestATj to proo^d bpfor«. 
Doeiiuj; thus dvACribfe t\w CT1^T«uouy j — 

^ Aooording to his own diTcotion^ th« bier w&a to be bomo 
bjr privfttif burgbers of th« eitj ; but i»^vnral j^oung fl-rtists aud 
nt^Ldf^uta, out of rrver«afw for tli« ileoiuvstil^ took H frnm thpm, 
H wiifl Letwcrii midtii);ht Aud oiic b tin? moniing, whcD they 
approftchod tl»o churohyard- Th*» oToroJourlod hoavcn tbr«ftt- 
lined raiii. Rut n* tlie bii»r wa* aot down l>eside th© gtare, tko 
cloudfii autldrQlj «]iUt aaiiudet^ xnd tie ijioou, <^orrkiiit; forth in 
|)«aoelvl cbamesfi. thr^w bar tint tayii on tht- coflit: of tho 
D«pfttt«>d. TKoy lowi^tod him into th» gTstve^ Mid tli« tnooa 
agiiia rriirpt) U-liind lii-r CTlottcR A fien<e tctnpCHt <it wind 
btjgan to ht^wl, aa if It wero t^minding tbe bystuIldl^Ta of tKc^tr 
gnat, Irreparable Ioga. At this moment who oould lure 
«|i|diiad vlihodt emotioa the |M>«t*s own wordji :^ 

* Alii«t the rqdJjr ta^rniEig liuftca 

A wlect, p^ld, K'pulohrd iiU'nt ; 
And evcniag ibrorre hor odinHoQ Mngei 
BqI round III* ftlEiiiih«r dork Aud loDol * " 

60 Ured cu>d SO died Fmdrioh ^chilUr ; a man on whose hia* 
tory other luen will lonie dw^U wtUi & mingled feeling of lever- 
«DGc And Iov(\ Out humble record ol^ hiCL ]ifo and nritirLgs ia 
diAv'ing to ftnend: yet wv hIlIL Imger, loaDb to p^rt vith » spirit 
80 dear to 113- Prom the D4?ianty ftnd too much rjeglf'cted ^c\d of 
hia biogmpljy. a few alight facts and indicati^itia may £tUl bo 
fEloanod ; fUsht, bnt di^tLitttivo of him tm aji mUividuolT and 
Dot to ba di-^piiud in a p«nnry Bo^reat and »o unmerited. 

St-hillef*« M[^ wa« forty-five year* iLiid n few months wh*iu 
ho dicdj^ Sit.kiieaa had lon^ wonted hi» form, vhkh at no 
time cciUd bocut of fuuUk^n fi^mmetry. He voa t^dl and 
ttrongly botied ; but unmoscuUtr and lean : his bcdy, It might 
be jn^reeived, wad ^aj^tiug tmdur tbeenergy of a«plrit too keen 
for it. Hia face waa pido, tho chc^ek» &Qd t«nipk» rather 

' " Ub MTc n vidov. ivn imit, uiil two i^Mifrlitjm," of vbon vb njrvl to 
laj UL»t m hbVQ laun<^ noLhiniir " ■ >' ^ilt ibm* •iilon, ih* jtiougMl die4 

Cbc Hcool hj n*rr FjuuUj, iLm dortijiuiuj uf MfcliuiutLl. lu WvlrU?ujbcig#* 




no0p irrc^l&rlj aquitUtcv lu« hftir inoibied to ttuburiL WiUaol 
U»$ eouatoaaao* vu attr&cU^, and had a oortiiin nufifjr botwrty. 
The Hp« irera rurrpd Uk^^tiirr in a linn, nzpmnung ddr:atp 
Hid h<Mi«flt »«uibilttj' ; ft «Urnt ci'UkoaikAiD, impetiioiitjr aot 
MBcAkMkod by nwUncboly, glo&nwd in Urn aottEj kiiuUc^l eym 
Aad |Mla obook^ and Uw brcnf was lii^h and tboi^tfol. To 
judge fn»B Ilk poiTnJte, BoUlWe iaoe ftxix<in»^ »«11 t^ 
fMktv«9 •f Ilia DiiAd ; it b mildnoM tcanpcriDg 0t»iigtb ; ££17- 
vdor ftbtninK through tbtf dcnidt of iuSering And diM^^pciat- 
oMTttj dtcp but patJ«tiUf endurod, ?«do vaa its proper UbC; 
iko c4iwdE> wad tetuplcn ui^m hast IhfIIuh-, I1i«m m lev 
iMMtiutaSaatMiaore Uumi Sdullcr'a; it U M onoa tOMk, 
tMidirr, aapretp&riuig, md l>oroio> 

Iti hiM diwu ftnd mojituir, ui m oil thui([<, ho vas plvo «ttd 
uuafTnoti^i). Ajiiring Atnuij^n, si^metliiug sli/ and irtinng 
miglit occaflumiLlly be obarrvi.^ in bim ; m Itu own funilj, or 
amou^- liiH i^oli^ot trieud^ b« waa kiiid kootW, free, and gaj 
im A littli* nhilit. To publir, bin nib^ra^l Aj^p^ianince had notb. 
lag in it to strike or attract Of an uiipinitLimiiig aspect^ wear- 
hkg plAUi apporeJ, hb looks a* b« valkod wcrti ^^onntuvtlj Vat 
on the grt>iu>d \ so tbat fr^qneiitly, aa w« are told, " ho fOilod 
Ut ftotiri? the A-.tlEit^LUon of a |in8KSn^ aoqna^ntaao^; hut if hts 
W<ird it* ho iroald oalch htrtil^ at hia h.%tt aud glTv hid cuidtal 
' Gtti£m Ta^' " Uodoetj, simplinitj, a total wani cf all pando 
or affeotatlon were coiiaiticuout in him. Th(>Ec> nro tha usual 
coEWDiiitC&uta nf true ^freatiicss, anil aerve Ut niitSgnti^ !ia aptifiv 
dor. Conicaon thiof:* be did as a comsion man. His ocmdufifc 
In ffuob matton vu nncaloulated, tpoutoncoua; nnd thwoftoa 
naiiiraJ soil pIPMlng. 

ConcArnms hU in<-ntal character, the greater part of what 
wo Lad to sa}' hu£ b«on already (Aid, in Dpf«Akin^ of hia works. 
T1i« roo«t cursory |«nia>i1 of {ikvta will tatUfy ut tbat hu had 
a mind «rf the highest oriter; grand hy tiature, and aulLivat^ 
by tbo waidno^A »t'Udy of a lifetime. It ia not t&e predoiiu* 
n:irins force of any onn faonlty that imprmsoa ua in Hcbillor; 
but the ^sneral forc^' of all £Trry ym^ cf his writingK bccus 
tlw Jtamp of Internal riieor; new truLlts, uvw iu>t>t-tits of kaowti 




tnithf bc»Id thought, happy im&^^Ty, lofty f^EiiotioDL SctiUki 
vt^uU luiviT lw«u no couiuiou ruou, tbotigh he hoA alto^thcv 

deep, lutd o<>mpreh«&sivo ; ita dednctioiiSk freijueutlj dicttod 
from numerotti mud diittact prcrcniftcn, arc presented osdor a mflc 

mtillitudo of tuiiiur pruponlLiuiiA. Vet it s^eiuii ^Hjwr^ful aud 
vuitt rather Uion qnick ot kocn ; for Schiller U aot u<>ttkbl« fox 
wit, though hit fancy it cvor pri>ii]pt %rith its metaphorSi liluS' 
trpLtioiin, f^ompLiriAunA, to tie<r<]riittf luuI point the prrrrpticiiB of 
hia reuuu. Thv earuftitueM of I^Ih tf tuper fujthiir disJ^LuililiDd 
him for thb : hb teadcccy was r^tbcr to adoro the grand and 
the loftgr thftu to dOflpiic tlio litllo uTifl thn masta. Pirhnp? hia 
t'r<*:LluiL Ew-'uLlj wua Ui half-piJiTUcutl, liaJf-phUujujphuytl imiigina- 
tioDf a faculty ttwmiiig with luafcuilioeuce aud bi'iHiajiuy ; now 
adornrngj or aiding tc oroot, a stntcly pynuaid of aoiontttlc 
sptficiilfttioii : tirtw brooding ovur tbt* ;Lliy**rs of than^ht and 
fpflling, till thoughl* and frrlings, v.lsi: iinnl^r^rablflj vir.fp em- 
bodied in CKpiCCNVe forma^anil p^ilai^ciand Insdicapcvi glowing 
in ntbcraol bcaa^ roao lilte cxiialatiuud froa tho bgdom of Uiu 

Combined and partly of kindrorl wilb tli^^^o intellectual fao 
tilfcict wiu tlut vcbcmcnoc of tampomiii«jtt vhiclt is necessary 
for tboir full dovolopmont S^rhiU^ir'fl heart WA« at oiio& tiery 
and trnddTi knpatnoue, soft, affpi^Mon^fj^^j bU etLlljiuiiifni 
dotJwd tbe UJiiveiM with grandf^ur, and sent hi» .tpirit fortli 
to O3q)loro its secrots and mtnglo w&rmly in itd iut«»atfip Thua 
potfliy ia Schiller was aot one *ji(t many gJfM. It wm not tha 
*' lean and flashy aong'* of arj r^r itpt frr biirmonr, roEiibjnml 
with axnaodlin Mnaibility, or a mere animal ferocity of pod* 
aion, and nn iiriAifinrition cHutiro ehietiy beoauKO unbridtad: 
it waa, what tnn? pf>'-try is always, the quinteaaeMce oJ (fpTipfnJ 
uu^iiUd richta, thfT puillit^ riThult ot atiunj; tlKruftbt and con- 
G^ptloL, and of rdlned as well aa powrrtul emotion. In hia 
writinflH, wo bflhnlJ kun a moraliiit* a philosopher, a Euan of 
tinirenal knciwlfdgi' : in wu^h of thejtn tTa|iacities b« Js i^ri^JLl, 
but oJao in luorf ; for nil th^t hr ar.hic'Te« in thntt? ij brijcht- 
coed iLni [^Jdod with the touch of anotliei qaaUty ; b^s DiaJLiai& 


Rrimj.i» AT JE\A, 


%h trriiu^ bis A|inuonft art* ttanslonned from tbe liruleu 
ftbape vf (liUttctJc LmUu. iiiLu liviny ^upM tlut addisai fBoal- 
tiCQ tax ti&or Ui&n thu undentaadntit 

Tba gins bj wbiot mjioh traiisfoncJdioD u cffiDotodt the pft 
of pan, }tnlRRt> tpnd^r seiiAihility. Jolntd to tboM of finer 
•nd im&iritt^oa, oro pethtum not wlii;J)^\ dtuiiuil tu aui ouut 
odavcd vitb the poviT of Rwob ; Ti9«»?-Mcd iu TuiovM de- 
gr«4* of itr^nsith, Ibej add Ut the product* oE men uit«U«ot 
Oon^spOBdiiig tutu of n&w attractive jfhk; iu a 'iL-gree ipvttt 
«K»t|^ to bo rvaiaiflublo tbrjoomstitLUG a puat. Of Uus jiOfn.- 
har fMntty Jiov niticb hoid £nll«n to Hcbiller'A lot, wo noed not 
tftempt too nUntl«lj to ejipltio. Without tujimog bis T«p«- 
totioa* It vuj be adiwHtcd tluU in ^'uii^ful. IiIa vcu-Iu uxtiibit 
ttlbor extTmordiii4r7 rtro&ietb Hah extrLordinar^ fiuoneaB or 
vwsatthty, Uis powsr of dnmo^ itniution ir psrbftpa tionr 
of tlui nrjr bigbEBt^ tb« ShsJctjioanaji kind ; and in its bost 
RtatH, iL ia fdxtUer linuLr d to a a-rt^un nui^T nf irkmetenE. Jt 
ii witb tlM irravt. tb^ CAni«ac tlie cxAlt«d. tUo i&atioaate. tbo 
monrtifiil, cbsi bo meeosda : be iv not dL'iAt^tute of bumor* oo 
Ua ITaf/antftfMi'f r«nfj» will aKo^, but iMtlior tt bo ricb in fct^ 
auid fof spr^-liUj lidk^alu Ui aajr of its fornm be has sftldoai 
iIh>wb vttlior tMb» or loJait Cboacv pnodpaUj nado tlio 
dnAs bid dopftttnont} bv sdgbt bav8 abono ^^itulJj in manj 
othrm. Tb« TigonMM luid copaoan iftvviirMio, tli^ koovMg* of 
Itfi^ of Kicii and tbisffi. displaji^ in Uis thsfltrical fiiaoss, oii^i 
bftTO btfSO 4vuUmblo ID vtiv diff^iv:it pnrsutts; frccitientij tfao 
dnrm of bU works bss MU}« to distirtguiAh it fram tbc chino 
of iikteUcotUFil 4iid moral foto» m ^'riiinl ; it 18 often lh« capo- 
Qiooo tbongbt, tbc viviil imogvryt tho impotuous fndioic of ^o 
onUor, totlwr tboa tbe ^riid pathca and ccipneicnu cnobootoMat 
of dw pMt. Th tboi be VRS csip^le of rislag to the bMtst 
nfkns of pooby* no rf-^dcc of bis Maid c/ Mmn^ kU olUtt^ 
ootcv of Tboklo, or nuny other of his pieoco, ^Ul besitoto bo 
frost, fiovotinwi vs ouspset that it is the rory gmad^ar of 
Us gwoaul powsn vUob pntonb os fruan exoliisivoly sdiniHn^ 
Us poetio ifonJuo, W^uv oollniledby th«aynttooBgo(poatej^ 
hsr v^dodiM oro bkodod witb tbo doorar lonnligc 
of smoos nopoo. sni of bo ii s t tbongli nalt«d fieQliii^ 




Much kbdrioui diMiunoii hu bova wwatoti in dt^fiaiD^ 
gtnitu, iiUtiouUrly bjr iha uountrymen of tJcLilloTr ctotno of 
whoDi 1iAv« n-irrowMl U^ <joiidiUmi8 of tJi« Uriri fio fv, as 
lo fiiiti but tliiMt miH 41^ yiiiiiW Axrii'-e ifii' wiu'I^I Vk^iA crt^ted: 
ilotocr, ?^hAlcrv[icaiti, oud (jt>ctJi« ! Ftou &uoli ri^itl (jrccuion, 
upplusd to li nuttor ui itosolE ;iL«loliiitto, Uicru may be on ttppor- 
etitt but Lhar^ is no reul^ icore^^ of aoounoj, TIib creative 
pover, Um fw;ulty liot iMily of iaiitetuig ^reo fonoa of bein;, 
but ol imo^ziniQ^ iind reproaentiiij: new one*, vhicb is hcte 
oXtriLutud with »iuah di«^aotaees and »o Mpoxiugly, lum bociQ 
givet) by iULtiir« b OQmijli>ta perfection to do mau, nor eut^ly 
lievieil Ui aoiy. Th« iiliaiil«« uf h cajiuut be Uiftliiigiuebsd by 
so looss ft tt^o u lAitgQtt^. A dcfinitiofli of gimim which 
«xclad(is tDoh a niad lu fiohOlar'* will «ourc«ly be AgrtSft b lo 
to philosopbioftl convctnssSf i^nd it uil) tozid r:itlieT to low«r 
tlutji to e^ult thv (H^^ tif the woid. rcaacsaiiJir aU the 
general mental f&coJticfl in tbcir hi^bcst do^roc of stfcnKtb, 
AD intoU^>ct itver ootivt^t vn«t, powerful, £ftj-«i^httiEl ; lut imagi- 
untum nvvitr wiary <jf pnjdEiiTluj; ^Turicl or UTAcittful runnn; & 
beort of tlu? tioblcat temper, i:y&ipiL.lEiiea comprcheaairei jet 
ardent, iMUugs Ttrhirment, iiDp«tuot;t^ yet ildJ of Icra <uid 
IdiidUnese and tvnder p>t^ j ooti«cioviH iif tha rupi^ mini fr^rvid 
eiujcite uf all cbeso powers vitbin kiiD. nnd able failLvr to 
prtMnt thdr j^rodootft ic£n<?d ncd bannonuwd, &nd " married 
to immortul vaia^" Schiller tas^y or m&y not bo <is4ll«d n intin 
of g^niiu by bis orlt^cs ; but his mind ia rithet aaLA« will p> 
niniu one of tbo uoeb t'nrubble wluoh c&n fiill to tba AjiAre of n 

Ui ft poot worthy of thnt muno, the powon of the int^Utut 
SLCv iiidinWubly inturwovifu wltk Uie inorjd frrliiign; uid the 
«iercJM of his art dapewb not nior« ou the pcrfrotion of the 
ono thAD of tho othor* The poot, who dooa not fo«) nobly nnd 
ju»tly, UM well OA piuMLkinut«-ly, will acv^r p«tiiuneDtIy >ticji««d 
ill nuLkin^ oihur^ {t^e\ : Lh^ itiTitij^ ot i^rror«6d fnltteu^M. iufi- 
aile in umnber, are tMiwitor/ in diuntioni truth, of tbouffbt 
and ittitiotrat, but chivfiy of iiutLlimi^ut, truth nlone is ot«ni4l 
and anchnngCAble. but, happily, il d<^iicht in tbft ikroduclaof 
nsuMu nud iuu^iii^oa cau «carooly ever be diridod froraj ttfc 

tig. JO -Vol. fl 



Pabt OL 

lowtb, A loT« for nrene and p>:inini> gt^atoese. 0«r foelui^^ 
aie 11 fa7or of beratiBm ; vc viih to be pom aii4 p«rf«!t.' 
Hnjipy lifT whose nrsolutiooft Are sc atitntg, or whoaw tcmptft- 
tions are so weak, ttuit hn can convert tl;«te feelings into 
Action ! Hie soveiv^ttt ^ig, of whioli a proud aaiI aenaiuve 
iuilur»oaik bo oonsclotiB, in th» perception of Ita own d^baafr 
nient^ Thn HoiirnR* of miitery m lifn nrr iniuiy : vir^ U one of' 
the Atircnt. Any humftn croftturc^ t&rnislicd vriUi ^uilt, viU ui 
goTiurut bu wrotfihod; a mcji of g«uiuK in tliat com will be 
doubly 80, For )iEa idea« of exceUeiioe luv lilghtir, Ills a«fi»e 
of f^urc IB more k«OD. In such miMricai Schiller bod uo 
elutro, Tbc nf^ntitnonts, whidi onimittcd bin pootry, woro 
T«pt<id into prineiplcM of conduct; hifi tictiouA wore mm Uaiiiv-' 
leaa aa hla writlatpt were [Hire. WEth his situple aod high 
predilection i> vith IlU ati^u^ d«vot«dDea& to a noble cauae. hm, 
OOntriTed to Bte<^r through lifo, niisulliod by ite luDumeaa^ 
unsubdued by futy ol iu diflloiiltiea or Rllnr9m«<ntft. With Uie 
worldr in fftr.t* hrt bod not miirh U* do; witlimitp rffort, Iia 
dwelt apiut from tt ; ita prixes w«iri? not the wciiltk vrhich 
could norifh hhn^ His ^r^at, alinoat bU Hinglo aim, wa^ to 
unfold his fipirltiiaJ fstcnltiea, to itudy and oontempUte aud 
improve their inttrllnctual cr«fttions, BcQt npon tbia, with lb» 
atoadfastnesa of an apoatlc, the mcic sordid tomptatkina of; 
Ihe world paa«ed bannleoalj over him. Wiehibg ^^ ^ nen.' 
but to bK, «<nvy was a feeling of wbieh he lin^w but Itttle, ev^i 
before be roan nh<yxtt lU l*tv^L Wf'JiUh or rank he regarded at^ 
a moacfi. not an ond ; bin own homblo fortune aupplying hin 
with all the esaeptial convonicnoea of life^ the world had 
nothing more (hat he ^ho»e to noretr nothing more that it 
oould giro bim- He van uot rkli ; but \us hAbits were almpl 
and, except by rceaou of fala dcknoss ikod \t» oonaequeBi 
nnitipensiTe. At all tlmea lia wui fnr abov« tho moftnn«ai of 
eatMntMMt, purticiilarly ia lU meaneat cihapey m Itvra of 
nomey, Doerit^ tells ua, that a iKiok^eller having tr«vpUed 
torn a diitanoe expreasly to oSer tim a higher prko for the 
eopyri^ht of JTalUtuttin, at that titne in thit preaMr and for 
vhirh he waa oti t«rnu with Catu of Tilhingvn, SehilW 
auwcring, ''Cotta doala ateadily with me, and I with hiau" 





amit Away thii zu?w caiHvlkimL without «ve» tAm twipo of a 
fiitUM bargam. The iuaeedcte is uuall ; but fit iwenia to paint 
the inteRTity of the man, c^i^teea of peconiar; oouoonia in 
oompn Hadq with the «tnot«nt upnghtaaifts in bis^niiuotn lo 
liwt, libt rt«l vrvnlth lii^ in luting Mv U: piintitA h\% dnrling 
Blnilki9, and to tire in tbe nunihine of ln'^nddh:p nud domrvtic 
lov^ This b« bad ^waye loDged ior ; tlim bu ut Ui«t onjo>'«ii. 
Aihd thongb sickn^M and manv v^nAtiDng annoyed him, the 
intrinsic TxceUcncc of ht» nitturc cluM^ucred the dnrheMt ]^r- 
tiooA of tbcor gloom with lui cGolf^noo derived liom himnoU. 
Tiie Ardor of lu« fealinge, toinpoted b/ treoeToleaM, wu^ o(|mw 
bip ami pl&flid : hu tJtmjmr, thotigh nv««itf)wing «f Ch geaerous 
wmtht accms ftlDioat ocrrr lo bavc sbo'vrn iinj ba^oeu Of 
anger. To all men he waa buiaunc nnd sympV'tiiiimit} amooff 
his Mend*. open-beiLrt^Ki^ gcnvruu^. helpful; in the el»1e of 
hii^ family, kind, tender, Bportlve. And what ^ri^ &□ e«|>eeial 
chann U> aJl ibis was. the tinoblninveDcss vith which it waa 
Attended: thcra wu no pamdo, eio i^i«plnjr ^i^ fiortido of af- 
fectation ; ratini; and conducting himiiulf simply as an lioticwt 
man mid ottuBii^ bo bocauoe gniU«r b)r fargi-tting ihM.i he wua 

8uob ▼«» tlio proTuliD^ habitc of Sfdiiller. That in the 
mild and beaotifnt brilLiancy nf thrir 2up«*ct Uu-re rntiHt hutv 
becu Bomtt npeeks and hnperrtH:LLOtiA, the coioijion loL of pooi 
humanity^ who knowa not ? That thono were mnalt and 
trsufient, v^ j^idge from the oiroum^tanac that viiaruel^ any 
hint of them haa rnan-bi*d dk t ncr ar« fve anxiona tjo obtain 
a full tlcscnptiou of th«m. For praotical usea, vc can snffi- 
cioptly ooajeotur^ vrhal tboy were ; and tbu hoart ^IcairoB not 
to dwell npoD thou Tl^in mun i« pwtyed away from onr dim 
and tAraijihnil wicirld: lot him hnrv the lunrfit of dcrpattnd 
fnenda; lef him be tranA^gured in onr thought*, and ehine 
tliOM vrilhont the bttle blemiaheft that aluri}; b^ him in liftb 

8eblller five* a t^ne example of the German tihnractorF : be 
Laa all lis gi>of1 qualitin iu 4 higb degree, with rerj few of 
ibi defeota. Wo trace tn him all that downrijthtnem nod sin- 
fliei^t^''^*'^'''^^^^^^^'^^ '^^"^^ for which the Gcrnaot 
at>6 remarked ; tbeirenthnaiiiauLttbeLr |Ktiont, Icjng-rontinning^ 




eofnoit dcTot«dnoM} thdr inuigi'iatiati, delighting in th« 
lofty :Lnit iiiJignififWiiL ; Lhetr iiit^llt^-l. rialii^ irlo nftoed ab> 
»l»cliui]H. Blrotdjiug itflelf iulo coiupipli^uairo gwiiWtlitttiOML 
Bot tli« axoca»i?:i to which such a tiharfirtrr lA liable tat, m 
lum, prarontQd bj x lirm oiud wutoUful svumc of frvprioty. 
Win HJiuplioitjr never dy^tieriitea iuU> iiiejiLitiida or iuaipiditj; 
Kii entKoaiviu must Ij« busfd on rcasou; ho mrcl/ sufTcn lib 
loTo of thd vast to betraj him into tclomtinn of tho ragu^ 
Tho bcty 8cliillnr woj nxtrnfUgOJit; hut tht man aulmiU no 
l»m>>uit in hU iityle, ii{> iriflatitui in Itifi thoughts or actions. 
He b the povt of truth ; our undoretandings and couoionoos 
ftr« BAtisfiod, whil^ c>ui' hc^artx uid inui^citioni &» niorocL 
Hisi fielicinK arcs em|>liativiLl1jf iiiitiire copied iiicl embulHaliM ; 
his uintiiiirDtJi tav rdined and touchuigly beautiful, but they 
tro like^t'Lao ui^^uljp and corn^ct^ tboy exalt and inapin, bufc 
tli«7 do Qot mifilood. Above nJl, ho bts do oaut \ in anj of lis 
thoTiAajK^ hmnnh^, ridiculous or h;it9fal» none. Ha Atjptu not 
difltctl h-id character or genius into shapes, which he thiaki 
more beooiaing than their natural one : he doi<« not haog oat 
pnnoiplra which vq not kin, or harbor beloved persuatloiDS 
which he hivlf or wholly known to Iw fakc- K« did i3ot often 
ap«ak of whotMoiiK; prcjudicctJ ; hn did Dot ^embrace tho 
Roman Cai-holio religion beoausa it vnut tho grandoat and moot 
AOmfortAhlft/' Truth with Schiller^ or what seemed suoh, waj 
m )QdijiprTn»ab1<* riTqui^M : if ho but suspected an opiiuop to 
hb Um, however dt-cLr i1» may have been, he tooiDf to tutva 
«sa^iMd It with rigid somtiuy, and if hd fonnd it guilty, to 
hftTft plucked it out, and resio1ut«1y cast \t forth. Tlte bi^tv 
fioe night caQ*c him pain, permanent .pain ; rtaX damagivlio 
imagined, it could hardly conso him. It t$ ifkftomo fu>d dao* 
firons to tniTnl in thw dark; but better so, than with an /^V 
jtettu to guide tift. Considering tho warmth of hia M^iialbilitim, 
SohlUer'a merit on th;B point in grcal'^r than we might at &^ 
nippots^ For a man wltk whom intollDet it the ruttnff or ez- 
ahum faculty, whose sympathies, loven, hitn'di, eu« oomparti- 
tinly ooorso uid doll, it may be easy to uvuld thin half-wilful 
MMltAlBBOttt of error, and thin r.\nt which i^ the eoaaequoikeo 
•f It Bat for a man oi ke«i tutw, a luf« tiad 9i 





inMiUT probity la nccouvy l<> pnTvol hb siting tlie ^Tf^UifPpw 
whiob bo loves fto much, yet u uoablo to aUitin- Amon^ per* 
flOQS of tb« Utter tort, :t it nxmmtly ram to mcot with ouo 
eontpl^tolj uiMLff«Gt«tl. SobUlor'i oUw uottti qiulitiirv would 
Dot hav* jnf Uco, did vo uo^Uct to uuUoe Uiiia, tUe Lrii««t ^iroaf 
of tboir aobiiitj. Hoboctr uapvrtcudiiij^, rtniily sim^lidlj 
|>«rTiMltti J4U i^UtU of Uij cbankcUrr ;i&d jreniuH atid hftUte 
of lif& We nut culjr admire bim, v« trust !j]m luid lovo 

*TikA ohftiAotor of «Mld-lika Himplicity^" h« baa bimaelf 
ob6«rv«d,> "wbieli genius inprattes on lis wotka, it «howt 
ttlAi> iu ita priviitQ IiTh Ai^d oianjitfrs. K in bulJul, kit uiiliiro 
it over ooj but it id not praiiisb, for onJj corruption 10 ptv- 
di^ It ift oJe«r4igbt«M], for naturo caii novitr be tho contmy ; 
but it Is fmt ciuuniii^ for t^iii oulj an oiui be. It in fjiitltfiU 
to it^ cbamcter aod iucliuAtioa^ ; but not tw luucb b«(t;Lu»<; it 
in dtrcctod bj pnnuplcfl, m bccauao sdier sd^ vibrAtictus iwtiui« 
coMtanUy nrtvrtt to hmt oFigitta} posttioo^ ooiifltaiitly icoows 
Iwf prJittitirr 4leruiuid. It U mtn^ml^ ixny timid, for g^lku k 
alirijft 4 ti«oret to itaclf ^ bat it ia not Atixiou*, foi it knows 
AOt the djutgon ol tho v^y wUieli it Ui^veUv Of the pHr»(e 
habits of tho pvr^ns who harp b^n }>Oi'iili&rly diBtiuguittlibd 
bj Uuir p!«iu4, otii iiifurEUAtion Is tmuM , Imt the little tLat 
liM IwMi reoonM lor 11:1 of the elitef of iLtm, — of SopihoolM^ 
Atohinedda, Hippoorfttea -, luid m raod^ni Uia^ of iJwitt 
and TftAio, of KiifAelb*, Alhrot-Jit Dllrpr, Cflrvcittm, Shnk- 
apoaiK^ FieJdln;, And <jttL>erii, — ooufinuK tbu oL^crrUioiu" 
8«]iiUer hinwdf ooil&i&« it i parbapci more atrotigJy tban 
moet of xh$ waioplca hew ftdduc«d. ^0 luao evier wore bis 
fkonlUM Bore loeekly^ or |>ertoiiied greitt wocks wJlK Irss 
OMUCMMAMMt of tbeir irroatfioait Abetractsd fioui Ihe coa- 
tompUtioD of hiDuclft hie asjti w&o tiirsod upoo the objcctf 
cf UU laJ>OTt Afid b« punawl tbvm with Ihft oAgtrn^Hti, the 
mUreoeM, Use ^uniluKvnu Biuu^rity, of a lioy purvaiu^ uporU 
Ucttcc tbu "cbjU'like eiuplidty," th* Iiut iicrfoctjoii of lufl 
other ex^Ue^cimt. Uia w^n a loigbty Bfiirit unlt««dful of iti 
migfaL Ud viUked tho eartZi InoaliB pover: 'nbeMftffofhto 

* lima md te*itimBUnLmir D i tMvta- 



F4BT m. 

ape^ wu Ifkfi a wearer's beam ; " but he wiet j«d It tik« a 

Such, so to ae 7& can represent it, if the form in whifth 
8ri]i]Ier'» lif(> and works have gradoatly paint&i thi^fr char- 
aoior it) the mind of a src]udf>d iudmdua], ^ho«Q toUtude 
bo ha« often oimrmL^, whom he hiu inatnictcd, and ch^'vred, 
iLDd moveii. The orig:tnal im[]reaskori, we know, va« faiut aiid 
i&adequ&t«, the ]>r«seQt <soyy of it \b still mora so; yet ve 
have akctchfHl it m tfe could; the Q^tuo of SchiUar, uod of 
the tif^uii^fl bu L^:>niH:iv(ul and dvow ora then ; himBal^ **aad 
In his hand a glasi which ahowa us many more," T(> thow 
who took on him m w« have wi^h^l lu m^ilie Lhem, Schiller 
will not nec'd a farthci iianveTvic. For the sake of Libiiatui^t 
it mmj »tiU bo Tcmcirkod, that his mrrtt itna )>ccu]iarly du« to 
bar. LEt«raiure waa his creiNl, the dit-ute of his conitcUQue; 
li0 was ttii Apustlo of the Satilimn and Bcmutjful, and tiaa ti» 
oallioic modo a horo of him. For it was in the spirit of a tmo 
roaa that he viewed it, uid undertook to t^nltivnte it ; and vta 
Inspiratioua eou?tUiiUy maitituined the nohlest frrapor in h» 
aonl. The «itd of Literature waa not, in Scliiller'jt judgnue&t, 
to amtiGO tho idle, or to r«croate the husj^ by ahowx sp^Otaclea 
for thtt imagination, or <]iuunt parftdove^ and opi^amtnatio 
disquiititioriH fur tbn nndpntanding: t«aHt of all was it tn 
irratify in any shap« th« sclfinhufwi of its professora, to mio- 
iotor to thf^ir iaai)|L:n]ty, their Icvo of mcn^y, or even of fame. 
For t^ntson^ whn drgra^ifl it to such purposes, th« da«p(t«t con- 
tempt of which his kindly natnn* ixiiiM admit waa at all Umna 
io atoire. *' Unhappy mortal ! " says he to the literary tradw 
man, th« roan who uritee for gam, '^ L'nhappy mortal, wlu> 
with >oiBi)eo and artj thn EkoMe«t of all Instrnments, affaatWt 
and attempteat nothing more than the day-drudge with tba 
meanest; who, in the domain of perfect Firedomi bemrcAt 
abont in the* the »piHt of Slave I" A* Seliiller rjewed it, 
getuiiatf LitcnUurif iacludea the essonee of philosophy, ro- 
Ugiou, art; vhatevci spnika to U^c immortal part of loaa. 
The danghtfrr, she is likewise the nune of all that ifl apritoal 
Shud eLaJt^l in our chanoieT. Th& bocn ahe bestows is trutii i 








trutli not merely pbynod, politioal, oconomical, noch as the 
MDsnal iXL&n lu &a u perpetually ch^mimdijig, «T«r rcMy tg 
iWArd, ami likd/ in ^*«ut*ral Ui find; but truth cf moral 
leeling, truth of tMle, tLsit iuvorct IruLh lu ila tLvuBoiii] 
modifio&tiE)!!^ vhloh ortJy the most cthcival p<^rticit of t^it 
nature oiau dtsoero, but wiUumt irhich ttuit jjortion of it lan- 
IfuUlw* arirl (lte8| jtiu] we jira IffL divi^Htipd of our LirCJin^Ut^ 
thenoefoirwftrd "cf the earth earUiy," in^chiQea for eiruiag 
tmd enjoying, no loitffer worthy to bo called the 8oiis of 
HeavriL The trefLSLiiruK of l-it<*r*tiir* arc thnn ct'li^ttial , irn- 
iwrinLable, U?^uad all firiiw; witli bee la llie aUHiiP uf our 
bn»t ho[>ce, the paUai^Uum of piiro maubood; to be ami>nj»; tbe 
gooMmju ftncj serv^ints o£ thU i« tbo noblvnt functiozt thnt oftn 
be Intrusted ta ft luortal Genius, even in iU Faioti-sL icinti)- 
btiona, ts " tbe impiied ^ift of God ; " a &olenin ua^ud&tti tu 
ite owner to j^o fortb acd labor in bis sphsro, to keep alive 
"the saUTdd 6re^' ftioong his brethrAQ, which tb* b^avy ajid 
imlluted HimofipheTe of tiiia world \s forever threatrrning to 
extitigniflh. Woe to him if he negloct this mandatei if he 
bear not its unuUl atiU voL^e! Wo<) to him if he torn thia 
inspired gift into xbd aervant of hU evil or ignoble paAAioaaj 
if b« offer it on the altar of viiiitty, if he ^ell it for n jiivnx of 
dODcry 1 

"The Artietr it ia tmty'' says SehLUeT, "\a tbe eon of his 
Jt^ ; but pity for him If he i» its popiV rir «v*tj itsi favontn ! 
Lot aoui« beueficeut Divinity ^iialch liim when a suckling 
from the breMt of bis mother, nnd nurec bim ivith tbe milk 
of m better time ; th:Le Iiu may ripc^n to his ftdl stature be- 
murtli a disLuit GmnAii _^ky. Aful having ^r^vrn to imin- 
boodf let him reluni, ii furvi^j fib^pe* into bin crntnry; not, 
however, to dclij^bt it by hi^ prcaenoe; but terrible, like tbd 
Son of Ag^inemnou, lo purify it The M^ittor of his works 
he will take from the prvwut; hut their Furin bi^ will ilcrive 
fron n noblci time» nay from beyond rJi time, from the ftbac- 
lute unchanging unity of hi« nixture^ Here from tbe pure 
ittlwr of bis hptritmil ps-if-iK^e, 11ow« iIowd tbe FounteiD of 
Beauty* uuvviitufuiiiAW by the poUntions of «<«• and ffrnetn- 
bMU, whieh roll to nnd fro in their turbid vortex iai beueatb 


SCillliEa AT JENA- 


It. Hb U»ittrr CHj>fun^ ciui diaJioTioir mm the Lm Bniuoilvd k; 
but the cLiMtc Konu j& w;tU4niHru from hur ututotuiufl. Tiio 
Uomon of tlio firvt t«nlijry hA<i twjy bnit the ^Luta bofgro 
hU CBt&rt, whiMi Uii? BtatiK'K of Itoin^ w^@ still ^Uuudiiig 
cftt't i tbt) tifiiiijlcb cuutluued hiAy Ut Um eyn, wbea tJwir ipxLi 
luJ luag beoo A l&ttg^tiff<«tor;k i and the ftboniRAtioue «f ft 
^DK^ uid a CoBJDoduft wsn »ilAUtly tobakod by tbA aCyto of 
die vdifksA vhleh iMit thorn iu coocDobnfait^ M&n liu kvt 
bis dignity^ bat Aj-t hsu »vvd it, ±ujd i^ttivrvtMi il for Ljm ui 
ttxpmcKve moibJca* Tratb still Iin!d in Action, t&d Iron tfad 
•op^ th* ongiiLjd v'lll be ?oitored. 

"But bow i» llin AniNt. to gnanit hlniMlf rmm the oar< 
niptio&A of bii tiinn, vrhicb ou vvrriy tide assul biaf Bj 
dfitpiaiuK its dcoinionn. Ijct him look upvurdji to bb dicikity 
«U(1 hiA miaatiKif not downwdi Vt bu hAppdii««t and bk 
wuiUi, Fr<i« ahk« frota tbe vaiu activity, tloiC loQga to Im- 
press itA tnoflt on tli4 fleuLins iual^at ; «a(l from Ute «lbcpD- 
tonMd tpint of «ntbfiiUBAin, thai mc&surc* b>- tbc bcbId oC 
perfeotioo tJEie Daeftgto pradiitt of nality, let lum 1b*t« to 
commom mwts which Is beri? si lmm«, the prorinOB <if thn 
aciiULi ; while Atf RtriTcs frcni the iimon of tho pontble vitb 
tb«t nco^^Atry to briDft oiit tho i^kiiL This Itt bin uafvitiC 
nivl i*3iptr.s2i in luTtiuu xi\i.\ truth, impri&t it In tho «port of bts 
uuji^niUiutL auid Uiv V2ntt*itt uf lib notiuoi, iinpriiit U In all 
wusiblri^ and apmtiLU foriu«, and cotft il silcjitly into cm^' 
liutin^ Tinto.'' ' 

Nnr ^iTu tliAitf »Ptitirk(.'OtH, be h rv4nrmb«rrad, tbo DMi 
boiistitig muntfcAto of a hot-fanLUicHl iiirxperkoord roatb, mt«t- 
m% ott litetAturo witli faelwgs of hoffou ardor, vrMcAt bU 
iiAonhics ttnd tomytatiostt would «ooa draulon or porv«vC: 
ikvy luv ibe cabii prbidplw of a tTrnn^ vrptvmnd vHtb hnnniit 
mwfiiltiQSfi, hi » period when \he irorbl couid oocapom ihau 
«iUi n lottg oocnc of oondoi:!. lu thb juat Aod bfiy npitit, 
3ektll*f nadertook tfav buviikess of IttvrAtiuv) tu ihM tttflM 
«pint be fHEVLievI il with uiitlBcbiDg: nmgy all t,h« daym of 
lUA Uf«^ Ho ooismoi*, and tone anccnuBiou, difficTiiltir* of m 
iMttmiinff mnd ib^Tidont «xifito9co conid »otqoctieb or 




kiB aasd ; sickoicss itAelf seemi^i) hanllj to effect blOL During 
Ilia Uifit bftt'vii, yuuxs, ho wrote Lin nobkitt works; yett u it 
liat b«0n proved too well, dc day of that pciiod could hii\'o 
puuml wiUioiit its load of pain.' Pain could tici turn him 
frcin his purpofltt, or 8ltA.kc hiA f^nuiimit/ ; Lu dcmUi it«cU hv 
vdi» onimcr and Mlmtr, ^cr tuut 1)« goiue without hia rocoui- 
p^AM^ Td tlM or«dit of th^ world it owi b« rtoordud, thut 
their finfrfn^m, whiuh he never courtet), wvra liberally b&* 
etoTod on him : hajJi>ior than the mighty MiUoa, 1l« fouud 
"tit h^awfCp" OTeu ui W litoiuuo, aod they were uot '"fewn" 
His sfloot ou the mi&d of hia own country has been deop icd 
uiiivf^ritAl^ and bids fur to bo abiding: Mb effect on olber 
oou^lricA must in time bo equally decided i for such iLoblcoea* 
of hoftrt And flciul shadowod forth in beautiful imperi^habEo 
emblems, is il trc^a«ur« vhieh belongs not to one nation, but to 
all. ill ^icther age, thia AchiUer will »r^L.nd forr.U in the ford- 
moat rzok among the laaatcr-apitita of hui century; aod bo 
admitted to a plooo among the ohoscQ of all centuries HiB 
wcrks^ the memory of what be did and was^ wiU ri«e afar off 
lik^ a tot^-ering laitdni3.rlc in dje aolitudt^ of thv Pruit, whtrn 
diaUuicc hLxH have dwarfed into tnmibility lLo kesor peoplo 
that cnoompaaaod him» and hid hun irom the near bolioldor. 

On the vbolc, wo may jivonoimce hiiu h:ippy. Hia dayt 
pUWBd in the coDt^mpIstticjn cS ideal gruudf^urrt, he lived 
among the ploriwi aiA Bol^^niuitica of universal >'aturc; hia 
Ihouglta word ol ta^'<.'a and h^roea, and HCL-nca of elystan 
b^uty. It ia true, b« harl no rest, no |>eaeu; but he enjoyed 
the fiery conicioiihiii^A i^f hia u^vu a*^U\-ity* wliich btanda in 
place of it for men iiko him, It ia tru*, tn was lonjf *ickly j 
but did ho not cvtn then conoeire and body forth Max Pio- 
ooloniiuSf and 'Hiekla, and tlic^ V.-iid of Otleamt, utd thd 
aoeuea of WiOtctm TtU? It ;a true, he died early^ but iho 
atudcot will exclaim with Charlcg XXL iu another oaao, '' Waa 

' Or 1 mn'l'^I InHfhVflnD of hi* Tiody iirur deACh. tht inoel viul oreuu 
««» fAnnil faial]^ rl4mn|:«r1. "Thfl ■tmi'Iiirif ni f.li» lungi wia In frrr^i 
T«rt d«rtrDTMl, the c«*It^ of Ihe lti»it w#n afiu-lr gmiru up, th* livpr 
bad bvnnov Lud. ud Uw s*^tihdd«< ▼!• aaWlJad W a4 AAin^rdi&vj 



Fabt tlL 

il uut enough of lif« wWii ha IumI ooLqoered kingdomsT" 
ThoM kiD^ioma which S<;Iilllet oouquurod w«rft not for om 
JUtloa at ih*i cTxpuiiJo of iuH«iiDg to fuxotUeri ihAj wan 
Boilc<d by ro |j&trlot'S blood, uo widows^ no orphan^s tear: 
Lboy aio kiiitEdoLua coiL^&kiered from the bumn roaLau of 
DiLTkueds, to iacroooc the happujcM^ uid diKOi^i «ui p<»vor, 
of all iDfiu; uvv fornu ^ Truth, new cuiximj of Wiidon^ 
aetr images axiil scimi^ of Beautj'f von froiu tJici " void aj!id 
foniLlcM Ia&&itOi"4 rr?/ui ^ olti, "» poifiosftion faTOTer/ 
to all tho gonflinticiiia of tho Earth. 



\tnfn D nrariiB's bthtioh-] 

Jr tbA «af1 of Aainmn Lut a HnuidffRitfrlf bnd