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Ontario UMstoricai Society 


VOL. I. 






5 foo 


THE ONTARIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY herewith presents to its mem- 
bers the first volume of what it is hoped will be a long list of valuable 
records and papers. The Editorial Committee regards itself as fortu- 
nate in securing copies of the Langhorn and McDowall Registers, which 
have been obtained through the good services of Mr. T. W. Casey, of 
Napanee. These covered what was known as the Midland District, 
but, as the descendants of the persons mentioned therein are now 
widely scattered over the whole Province, they will doubtless be of 
great interest and of increasing value to a very large number of 
persons. The existence of these Registers has been known to very 
few one of them, the Langhorn St. Paul's Register, came to light only 
after part of this publication had been sent to the printer. It is now 
in the safe keeping of the officials of the Kingston Diocese. 

It is known that at least one similar register exists in connection 
with St. Mark's church at Niagara, a copy of which, it is hoped, will 
shortly find a place in our published records ; and it is not improbable 
there are others. The Editorial Committee will receive very gratefully 
any information respecting such from readers of this volume. 

The two Thomson letters are particularly valuable in shedding 
light on the apparently haphazard way in which our lake and river 
international boundary line has been drawn ; and for the first time 
Canadians will have an opportunity not only to respect the memory 
of the British Commissioner for his work, but to feel thankful that we 
were, on the occasion of the settlement, represented by a man who 
was thoroughly capable scientifically, and who so firmly stood by the 
treaty -rights. For the privilege of copying these documents we have 
to thank Mr. Aubrey White, Assistant Commissioner of Crown Lands 
for the Province of Ontario. 


The character of these and of the other papers in this issue is 
sufficient to show in a general way the scope of what our Society has 
in view by way of publication. There is no lack of material. Several 
municipal records of early date have recently been unearthed, and 
from these much may be gathered respecting the development of our 
present system of local government. 

A large portion of this Province is now beyond the mere bread- 
and-butter condition ; and, with an admirable school system, the time 
has come when our old people may, with dignified leisure, recall the 
days of old, while it is the duty, as well as the privilege, of the 
younger generations to study by-gone events in the light of the present 
day, and to lay the foundations of the future aided by the experience 
of the past. 


Honorary President: 

HON. G. W. Ross, LL.D., M.P.P, Minister of Education. 

President : 

JAMES H. COYNE, B.A., St. Thomas. 

Vice-Presidents : 

1st D. B. READ, Q.C., Toronto. 2nd J. OJIJATEKHA BRANT-SEEO, Hamilton. 

Treasurer : 

B. E. CHARLTON, Hamilton. 

Council : 

J. H. LAND, Hamilton. I W. H. DOEL, Eglinton. 

MARY A. FixzGiBBON, Toronto. A. F. HUNTER, M.A, Barrie. 

T. H. PARKER, Woodstock. 

Secretary : 


Editorial Committee: 




Members : 


His EXCELLENCY THE EARL OF MINTO, Governor-General of Canada. 

His HONOR THE HON. SIR OLIVER Mow AT, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario. 

HON. CLIFFORD SIFTON, Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs. 

HON. GEO. W. Ross, LL.D., Minister of Education for Ontario. 

DR. DOUGLAS BRYMNER, F.R.S.C., Dominion Archivist, Ottawa. 

REV. G. M. WRONG, Professor of History, University of Toronto. 

REV. GEO. D. FERGUSON, B.A. Professor of History, Queen's University, 


REV. O. RIGBY, M.A., Professor of History, Trinity University, Toronto. 
REV. ALBERT H. NEWMAN, D.D., LL.D., Professor of History, McMaster 

University, Toronto. 
A. R. BAIN, M.A., LL.D., Professor of History, Victoria University, 


REV. D. SULLIVAN, O.M.I., Professor of History, University of Ottawa. 
J. W. TUPPER, M.A., Ph.D., Professor of History, Western University, 

DAVID BOYLE, Curator of Provincial Archaeological Museum, Toronto. 




REV. CANON BULL, M.A., Niagara Falls South. 

J. G. HOBGINS, LL.D., Historiographer of Ontario. 

MRS. S. A. CURZON, Toronto (deceased). 

WM. KINGSFORB, M.A., LL.D., Ottawa (deceased). 

GENERAL J. S. CLARK, Auburn, N.Y. 


J. Ojijatekha Brant-Sero Hamilton 

Augustus S. Vogt Toronto 

David Boyle " 

Wm. J. Robertson, M.A. .St. Catharines 

C. C. James, M. A Toronto 

Hon. James Young Gait 

James H. Coyne, B.A St. Thomas 

A. E. Lang, M.A Toronto 

Rev. D. B. Macdonald Bendale 

Mary A. FitzGibbon Toronto 

Geo. N. Morang " 

B. McEvoy " 

Mrs. N. E. Manning Tyrone 

Rev. W. Briggs, D.D Toronto 

E. S. Caswell " 

A. F. Rutter 

E. J. Hathaway " 

Hon. Jas. G. Currie St. Catharines 

Alfred Willson Toronto 

Lucy M. Ellerby " 

Edgar A. James Thornhill 

Janet Carnochan Niagara 

Richard D. Baxter Burlington 

David H. Price Aylmer 

George Allison Waterdown 

Frank Yeigh Toronto 

Charles Durand, Q.C " 

G. W. Wells, Q.C Simcoe 

H. H. Dewart, M.A Toronto 

Prof. Adam Short, M.A Kingston 

Albert Britnell Toronto 

J. C. Hamilton, LL.B " 

Geo. A. Howell " 

Angus McMurchy, B.A " 

J. H. Fleming 

Geo. E. Casey, M.P Fingal 

J. B. Mackenzie Toronto 

Willis Chipman, C.E " 

Thomas Southworth " 

W. A. McLean 

Thomas Conant Oshawa 

Mrs. J. Rose Holden Hamilton 

Joseph H. Smith, I.P.S " 

T. H. Preston Brantford 

Dr. W. C. Herriman Hamilton 

Dr. Thomas W. Reynolds " 

Thomas Brough, B.A Owen Sound 

Mrs. Anna M. Coyne St. Thomas 

Mrs. C. Fessenden Hamilton 

S. V. Hutchins Toronto 

W. B. Waterbury St. Thomas 

Hon. G. W. Allan Toronto 

Prof. Wm. Houston, M.A " 

B. E. Walker " 

Dr. P. H. Bryce " 

Wm. Williamson " 

Wm. Scott, B.A " 

J. E. Orr Fruitland 

Geo. E. Laidlaw Victoria Road 

James Bain, jun Toronto 

Rev. J. F. McLaughlin, M.A. . . " 

Dr. L. E. Horning " 

David Gillies, M.P Braeside 

J. J. Murphy Toronto 

Dr. Geo. Kennedy " 

Robert Bell, M. A., LL.D Ottawa 

Moses O. Hart Cowansville, Que- 

H. S. Blackburn London 

James Fletcher, LL.D Ottawa 

E. C. S. Huycke, LL.B Cobourg 

CHAP. 108, VICT. 62 (2). 

An Act to incorporate The Ontario Historical Society. 

[Assented to 1st April, 1899.. 

WHEREAS "The Ontario Historical Society" has by its petition 
represented that a society under the name of " The Pioneer and 
Historical Association of the Province of Ontario," Canada, was organ- 
ized at Toronto on the 4th day of September, 1888, and the same was 
maintained under the said name until the 23rd day of May, 1898, when 
it was reorganized under the name of " The Ontario Historical Society " 
with a wider basis of membership ; that the said society has been 
maintained since the last mentioned date, and that the objects of the 
said society are : 

(1) To unite the various pioneer and historical societies of the 
Province in one central head or organization, thereby the better to 
promote intercourse and co-operation on the part of all such societies, 
to form new societies, and to promote and extend the influence and 
benefits thereof. 

(2) Also to engage in the collection, preservation, exhibition, and 
publication of materials for the study of history, especially the history 
of Ontario and Canada ; to this end studying the archseology of the 
Province, acquiring documents and manuscripts, obtaining narratives 
and records of pioneers, conducting a library of historical reference, 
maintaining a gallery of historical portraiture and an ethnological and 
historical museum, publishing and otherwise diffusing information 
relative to the history of the Province and of the Dominion, and in 
general encouraging and developing within this Province the study of 
history ; and whereas the said petitioner has prayed that for the better 
attainment of the said objects, the said society may be incorporated by 
Act of the Legislature of Ontario ; and whereas it is expedient to grant 
the prayer of the said petition ; 

Therefore Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the 
Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows : 

1. The Honorable Geo. W. Ross, LL.D., Minister of Education, 
Honorary President; James H. Coyne, B.A., President; D. B. Read, 
Q.C., and John Ojijatekha Brant-Sero, Vice- Presidents ; David Boyle, 
Secretary ; B. E. Charlton, Treasurer ; the following members : The 


Reverend Henry Scadding, D.D.; The Reverend Geo. A. Bull, M.A.; C. C. 
James, M.A. ; Alfred Wilson, Mary A. FitzGibbon, Janet Carnochan, 
The Reverend P. L. Spencer, M.A. ; The Honorable James Young, 
Douglas Brymner, LL.D., F.R.S.C. ; John Henderson, M.A. ; W. J. 
Robertson, M.A. ; Jas. G. Currie, Q.C. ; Very Rev. W. R. Harris, D.D. ; 
Ernest Cruickshank, Geo. H. Mills, Geo. R. Pattullo, H. H. Dewart, 
M.A. ; Wm. H. Doel, J.P. ; His Honor Judge C. 0. Ennatinger, R. E. 
Kingsford, M.A. ; Frances B. Brant-Sero, Clementina Fessenden, The 
Reverend W. S. Blackstock, D.D. ; Alfred Ball, Adam Shortt, M.A. ; The 
Reverend Geo. D. Ferguson, B.A. ; D. H. Price, Wm. Rennie, John H. 
Thompson, Sara Calder, Jas. C. Hamilton, M.A., LL.B. ; R. G. Baxter, 
Geo. Allison, Chas. Durand, Nellie E. Manning, Lucy M. Ellerby, J. B. 
Mackenzie, Frank Yeigh, Jas. W. Tupper, B.A. ; M. MacLean Helliwell, 
The Reverend A. R. Bain, M.A., LL.D. ; A. S. Vogt, Edward S. Caswell, 
The Reverend Geo. M. Wrong, M.A. ; A. F. Rutter, E. J. Hathaway, 
Angus MacMurchy, M.A. ; A. E. Lang, M.A.; John D. Servos, The 
Reverend Oswald Rigby, M.A. ; Geo. N. Morang, Bernard McEvoy, 
Geo. A. Howell, Andrew Pattullo, M.P.P. ; Willis Chipman, Thomas 
South worth, W. A. McLean, Geo. W. Wells, Anna Matilda Coyne, Cecil 
F. Lavell, B.A. ; R. W. Sawtell, Edgar L. James, Francis R. Ball, The 
Reverend A. H. Newman, D.D., LL.D. ; R. W. Sawtell, Wm. Munro, The 
The Reverend W. A. McKay, B.A., D.D. ; together with such other 
persons as now are or may hereafter become members of the society to 
to be hereby incorporated under the provisions of this Act and the 
by-laws made under the authority thereof, and their successors, shall 
be and are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate, by the name 
of " The Ontario Historical Society," hereinafter called " The Society," 
and may by any legal title, acquire, hold, and enjoy, for the use of the 
society, any property whatever, real or personal, and may alienate, sell, 
and dispose of the same or any part thereof, from time to time, and as 
occasion may require, and other property real or personal, may acquire 
instead thereof; provided always that the annual value of the real 
estate held at any one time for the actual use of the society shall not 
exceed four thousand dollars. 

2. The society shall not hold any property except as aforesaid, and 
such as shall be derived from the following sources, that is to say, the 
life, annual, and other subscriptions of members, donations, bequests, or 
legacies made to the society, and such other moneys or property as 
may be required by and from the ordinary transactions of the society, 
or may now belong to the existing society, and the moneys arising 
from fines and forfeitures lawfully imposed by their by-laws ; provided 
always that the society shall sell and convey any real estate acquired 
by them under the provisions of this section, within ten years after 
they shall have acquired the same, unless the same be required for the 
actual use of the society under the provisions of the next preceding 

3. The affairs and business of the society shall be managed by such 
officers and committees, and under such restrictions, touching the 


powers and duties of such officers and committees, as by by-law in that 
behalf the society may from time to time ordain ; and the society may 
assign to any of such officers such remuneration as they deem requisite. 

4. The society may make such by-laws, not contrary to law, as 
they shall deem expedient for the administration and government of 
the society, and may repeal, amend, or re-enact the same from time to 
time, observing always, however, such formalities as by such by-laws, 
or by the by-laws now in force, may be prescribed to that end, and 
generally shall have all the corporate powers necessary for the purposes 
of this Act. 

5. The present by-laws of the existing society, not being contrary 
to law, shall be the by-laws of the society hereby constituted, until 
they shall be repealed or altered as aforesaid. 

6. Until others shall be elected according to the by-laws of the 
society, the present officers of the existing society shall be those of the 

7. All subscriptions and penalties due to the society under any 
by-law may be recovered by suit in the name of the society ; but any 
member may withdraw therefrom at any time, on payment of all 
amounts due by him to the society, inclusive of his subscription for the 
year then current, and shall upon such withdrawal and payment of 
amounts due, cease to be a member of the society. 

8. The society shall make annual reports to the Lieutenant- 
Governor and the Legislature of Ontario, containing a general state- 
ment of the affairs of the society, which said reports shall be presented 
within the first twenty days of every session of the Legislature. 

9. Any historical or pioneer society now affiliated with the said 
society may become incorporated, with all the powers and privileges of 
said society, by passing a resolution to that effect, stating the proposed 
corporate name, and forwarding a copy of such resolution under the 
hands of its president and secretary to the Education Department and 
to the secretary of said society. 

10. Any historical or pioneer society hereafter becoming affiliated 
with the said society under the constitution and by-laws of the latter 
in that behalf, shall thereby become incorporated by the name under 
which it shall have become affiliated, and with all the powers and 
privileges conferred by this Act upon the Ontario Historical Society. 

11. Each society so affiliated shall send copies of all its publications 
to the Ontario Historical Society, from time to time as issued, and shall 
also make an annual report to the said society, containing full infor- 
mation as to the officers, number of members, and work done during 
the year ; and section 8 of this Act shall not apply to any such society, 
unless so directed from time to time by the Legislature or the 
Education Department. 


12. In the event of any such affiliated society ceasing to exist, its 
library, museum, and other property, if any, shall immediately become 
vested in the Ontario Historical Society, which may by its officers in 
that behalf take possession of the same, and retain the same until a 
society with objects, similar to those of such former society shall have 
been formed, in the same municipality, when the same shall be handed 
over to such new society upon such conditions and provisions for the 
security of the same as may be agreed upon. 

13. In the event of The Ontario Historical Society ceasing to exist, 
its library, museum, and other property, if any, shall forthwith become 
vested in Her Majesty, for the uses of the Province of Ontario, and the 
Minister of Education may make such rules and regulations as to the 
custody and care of the same as may be deemed expedient. 



-*> Rev. John Langhorn Personal Note _.., 13 

^* Marriage Record of Rev. John Langhorn, No. 1 ------ . 14 

- Rev. G. O'Kill Stuart's Register at St. John's Church, Bath - - - - 18 

Marriage Register of St. John's Church, Ernest Town, No. 2 - - - 19 

Langhorn's Book No. 3 24 

In the Parish Register of St. George, Kingston 29 

A Register of Baptisms for the Township of Fredericksburgh - - - - 30 

Rev. John Langhorn's Records, 1787-1813 Burials 59 

Rev. John Langhorn Register of St. Paul's Church, Fredericksburgh - 64 

Rev. Robert McDowall Personal Note - 70 

McDowall Marriage Register - 70 

A Register of Baptisms by the Rev. Robert McDowall - 95 

Marriage Register of Stephen Conger, J.P., Hallowell - 109 

Some Descendants of Joseph Brant 113 

Remarks on the Maps from St. Regis to Sault Ste. Marie 117 

v Sketch of Peter Teeple, Loyalist and Pioneer, 1762-1847 122 

The Cameron Rolls, 1812 1 32 

The Talbot Settlement and Buffalo in 1816 139 



Rev. John Langhorn was the first regularly sent Church of 
England Missionary to Upper Canada. He was a native of Wales, 
educated at St. Bees College, Cumberland, England, and was Curate of 
Hartwell, Eng. He was selected as Missionary to Upper Canada by 
the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, in England. He reached 
Kingston in 1786, and at once proceeded to his mission-field on the 
Bay of Quinte, making his headquarters at Ernesttown, now Bath. 
He was never married. He remained in this country until 1813, when 
he left Canada, intending to return to his native land. It is said the 
vessel on which he was returning was lost, and no tidings were ever 
heard of the passengers. His real mission-field was Ernesttown and 
Fredericksburgh, but he is said to have made frequent trips in all 
other directions, especially in Prince Edward and those parts of 
Hastings county then settled. He divided Lennox into parishes. He 
was the first minister west of Kingston authorized to solemnize 
marriages, but insisted that all must come to one of his churches for 
that purpose and before 12 o'clock in the day. His churches were St. 
John's, at Bath, built in 1793 and still in use, though several times 
renovated and repaired; and St. Paul's, in Fredericksburgh, built as 
early as 1791. The latter was a log building and was burned on 
Christmas morning, 1816. A third one now occupies its place. His 
record of marriages and baptisms is preserved in Kingston, from which 
the following extracts have been taken, January, 1899. 




" Banns of marriage between John Davy of the second Township 
of Catarakwee and Sophy Hoffnel of the fourth Township of 
Catarakwee were published on October 28th, 1787, and November 4th 
and llth, by me, John Langhorn, Missionary. 

" John Davy, widower, of the second township of Catarakwee, 
called Ernesttown, and Sophy Hoffnel, spinster, of the fourth township 
of Catarakwee, were married in this church by Banns this twenty- 
second Day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven 
hundred and eighty-seven by me, JOHN LANGHORN, Missionary. 
" This marriage was solemnized by us 

This marriage was " JoHN DAVY 

solemnized in Presence gopHY HoFFNEL 







NOTE. The register of the following was all made out in similar form, with 
banns and certified notice, signed as above, for years. Only the names, dates, etc., 
are copied now. 

2. Andrew Buis, of the second township, bachelor ; and Betsy Hort- 

man, of the same township, spinster 22nd Dec., 1787 

" Memorandum of the proper names of the Townships or Towns of the District 
of Mecklenburg in the Province of Quebec, made on October 13th, 1788. 

4 'Kingston, the first; Ernest Town the second, Fredericksburgh the third, 
Adolphus Town the fourth, Marysburgh the fifth, Sophiesburgh the sixth, Amelias- 
burgh the seventh, Sydney the eighth, Thurlow the ninth, Richmond the tenth, 
Camden the eleventh. There is another north east of Catarakwee or Kingston called 
Pittsburgh, but I do not know its number. Cadarakin, Cataraqui, or Catarakwee, 
formerly Fort Frontenac, but now Kingston, is at or near the south east corner of 
the first Township, or Kingstown." 


3. James Bradshaw of the third township ; and Peggy Bowen of the 

same 15th of January, 1788 

4. Christopher Fralick, second tp. ; and Catharine Smith, third tp . . . 

22nd Jany, 1788 
Witnesses : Jacob Smith, Peter Bowen, Margaret Smith. 

5. Michael Bartley, third tp. ; Mary Peters, same .... 12th Feb., 1788 
43. Christian Abrams, second; Evah Amie, same 12th Feb., 1788 

Henry Finkle, Paul Corner, Elizabeth Snider. 



7. Timothy Porter, eight tp.,; Nancy Simmon, same, .llth Mar., 1788 

Henry Finkle, Tobias Walden Meyers, Lucretia Blaker. 

8. John Caldwell, second tp. ; Juliana Miller, same. . .llth Mar., 1788 

Archibald Fairfield, Zechariah Snider, Hannah Davy. 

9. Henry Finkle, second tp.; Lucretia Henderson, same . 25th May, 1788 

John Howard, John Donovan, Anne Jackson. 

10. William Ashley , first tp. ; Margaret Buck, same. . . .6th July, 1788 

Sheldon Hawley, Hannah Johnson, Hannah Davy. 

11. Lambert Van Alstine, third tp. ; Anne Bell, same. .22nd July, 1788 

V. Monizal, Laurance Sills, Elizabeth Finkle. 

12. John Diamond, third tp. ; Kathreen Garnire, second tp. . . . , 

23rd July, 1788 
Jacob Rose, Peter Bowen, Janosha Garnire. 

13. Jacob Schmitt, third tp. ; Elizabeth Frez, same . . . .3rd Aug., 1788 

Peter Bowen, Margaret Schmitt, Nicholas Schmitt. 

14. John Howard, second tp. ; Anne Jackson, same .... 2nd Oct., 1788 

Jno. O. Donovan, Mary Howard, Thomas Jackson. 

15. John Blacker, eighth tp. ; Catharine Walden, same . ,7th Oct., 1788 

Caleb Gilbert, Augustus Wright, Rebeckah German. 

16. Richard Cotter, second ; Experience Rose, same. . . .23rd Oct., 1788 

John Burley, Elizabeth Lawson, Richard Morden. 

17. Abraham Snider, second ; Rachel Amey, same 18 Nov., 1788 

John Stover, Peter Snider, Elizabeth Snider. 

18. William. Cottier, second ; Mary Williams, same llth Dec., 1788 

Sheldon Hawley, Norris Brisco, Hannah Johnson. 

19. Daniel Morden, across Catarakwee Bay ; Elizabeth Lawson, same. . 

24th December, 1788 
John Devy, Sophy Devy, Eleanor Dusenbury. 

20. David Harris, third; Catharine Palmer, same 30th Dec., 1788 

Elizabeth Huffman, James Wells, George Detlor. 

21. Gottlep Maigal, third ; Elizabeth Lott, same 2nd Jan'y, 1789 

John Lott, James Kemp, Elizabeth Finkle. 

22. Charles Barnhart, third; Catharine Fosyuar, same . . 16 Feb'y, 1789 

James Fosyuar, Henry Bartley, Jinny Huff. 

23. Sheldon Hawley, second ; Hannah Johnson, same. . 16 Feb'y, 1789 

David Johnson, David Lockwood, Amarilla Hawley 

24. William Rombough, third; Margaret Schmitt, same. .16 Feb., 1789 

Nicholas Schmitt, George Detlor, Anna Bowen, Eliz'th Detlor. 

25. James Gerolamary, second ; Elizabeth Dulmadge, same 

19th Feb'y, 1789 
Jehiel Hawley, Nabby Lockwood, Margaret Dulmadge. 



26. George Shriver, third; Catharine Pickle, same. . . 3rd March, 1789 
Henry Miz, Nicholas Schmitt, Anna Bowen. 

29. Augustus Wright, second ; Margaret Dulmadge, same 

23rd April, 1789 
John 0. Donovan, Daniel Johnson, Isabel Johnson. 

30. Paul Comer, second ; Phebe Buis, same 28th April, 1789 

Philip Hortman, Jacob Comar, Elizabeth Charters. 

31. George Walden Meyers, eighth ; Aleday Van Alstine, fourth 

5 May, 1789 
Anne Williams, Tobias Walden Meyers, Alex. Van Alstine. 

32. Jacob Hover, fourth ; Milleson Fergusson, third. . .19th May, 1789 

Henry Hover, Juol Fergusson, Cathe Vandusen. 

33. Frederick Swardfager, third, widower ; Margaret Harmens, same, 

widow 9th June, 1789 

Adam Clady, Adam Bower, Catharine Clock. 

34. James Mordoff, third ; Lois Charters, same 18th June, 1789 

John Howell, George Mordoff, Eliz'th Charters, Mary De Forest. 

35. John Cummins, fifth ; Eliziana Allen, fourth 21 June, 1789 

James Grant, William Ross, Rachael Hare. 

36. James O'Conner, first, widower ; Elizabeth Howard, third 

8 July, 1789 

Archibald Grant, Timothy Thompson, Mary Howard, Achd. 

37. Daniel Johnson, second ; Zebiah Shorey, same 2nd Nov., 1789 

Joakina Clocker, Isabel Johnson, David Shorey. 

38. John Mitz, third; Yanosha Garnire, second .... 3 November, 1789 

Thomas Richardson, Peter Bowen, Anne Bowen, Sus'h Pickle. 

39. Robert Williams, second; Elizabeth Charters, same . .31 Dec., 1789 

Anne Williams, Elijah Williams, Nathan Williams. 

40. James Williams, second ; Amy Perry, 1st 31st Dec., 1789 

Robert Perry, Nathan Briscoe, Ruth Williams. 

41. Owen Richards, third ; Dianah Spencer, same 31 Dec., 1789 

H. Spencer, John Peters, William Mackay. 

42. Henry McGuien, second ; Christiana Simmon, same . . Feb'y 4, 1790 

Matt'w Pruyn, Moses Simmon, Mary De Forest, E'th Finkle. 

43. Andrew Rusk, third; Elizabeth Cook, same 1st March, 1790 

Adam Bowen, Gilbert Harris, Jacob Carpenter. 

44. Daniel Young, sixth ; Dorcas Conger, same 2nd March, 1790 

Mary Conger, Peter D. Conger, Henry Young, Mary Young. 

45. Abraham Lorraway, third ; Catreen Dies, same 6 July, 1790 

John Dies, John Keller, Isaac Lorraway, jr. 



46. Cornelius Brass, second ; Hannah Devy, same .... 31 August, 1790 

Thomas Devy, Russell Hawley, John Coldwall, Henry Davie. 

47. Jacobus De Merest, third ; Anna Bo wen, same 1 Sept., 1790 

Betsey Detlor, Gilliam Demorest, Peter Brown, Danl Bowen. 

48. John Longwill, second ; Margaret Lake, same 15 Sept., 1790 

Mathew Clark, Samuel McCoy, Jas. Languil, Abrhm. Lake. 

49. Johannes Stover, second ; Jemina Hicks, same 28 Sept., 1790 

Debrah Hicks, Mary Walker, Harman See. 

50. Peter Ruttan, fourth ; Jemina Sloat, same 5 December, 1790 

Conrad Van Dusen, Mary Moore, Alex. Van Alstine, John Van 

51. Bruine Hough, second ; Mary Walker, same. . . 16 December, 1790 

Huldah Hough, Abagail Hough, Job Elsworth, David Walker. 

52. Robert Perry, second ; Anne Rogers, same 23 December, 1790 

Nathan Brisco, Nathan Williams, Catharne Rogers, Amarilla 

53. Jacob Comar, second ; Debrah Hicks, same ... .28 December, 1790 

Moses Simmon, John Stover, Huldah Huff, Jemina Stover. 

54. Richard Morden, sixth ; Anne Williams, second 28 Dec., 1790 

Nathan Williams, John Morden, Lucretia Morden, Ruth Williams. 

55. Elias Huffman, third ; Nancy Reed, tenth 31 Jan'y, 1791 

Betsey Detlor, James Carscallen, George Carscallen. 

56. Timothy Thompson, third; Elizabeth Fraser, same. . . 6 Feb., 1791 

William McKay, John Fergusson, John Howard, sr.,, Jane 

57. Gilbert Harris, third ; Mary MacDougall, second ... .31 May, 1791 

James Wells, Jason Harris, Barbary MacDougall, Jerusha Harris. 

58. Conrad Van Dusen, fourth, widower; Milleson Hoover, third, 

widow 31 July, 1791 

Henry Hover, Jonas Smith, Jane Hover. 

59. Frederick Kellar, third ; Elizabeth Peters, same . . 10 August, 1791 

Isabella Johnston, Anne Shebley, Mary Bartley. 

60. Henry Young, sixth ; Nancy Dyre, same 30 August, 1791 

Elijah Miller, John Richard, jr., Archd. Campbell, Jennet 



NOTE. The forgoing completes the first book of register of Rev. John Lang- 
horn. It is written very plainly, the notice of Banns, full certificate of marriage 
signed "John Langhorn, Missionary," and signatures of witnesses in their own 
handwriting, are given with each marriage, making two to each page, written on one 
side of paper only. On the opposite sides of the last three pages are the following 
entries of Rev. G. O'Kill Stuart in 1816. The place of marriage is not given, but 
probably at St. John's Church, Bath, as it is in the Marriage Register of that book. 

" Married on Thursday, 9th day of May, 1816, Jonas Snyder and 
Helen Snyder, both of Ernest Town, after the publication of Banns 
by me, George O'Kill Stewart. 

"Married Thursday, the 23rd day of May, 1816, James Parrot & 
Snyder, by license, by me, George O'Kill Stewart. 

" Married Saturday, the 20th day of January, in the year of our 
Lord, 1816, Ira Billings and Sophia Davy, both of Ernest Town, by 
license, by me, George O'Kill Stuart, Bishop's Official Minister of St. 
George's Church in Kingston. 

" Married on Saturday, the 20th day of January, 1816, Lester H. 
Forward and Joanna Fairfield by license by George O'Kill Stuart. 

" Married on Sunday, January 23rd, 1816, John Brock and Ruth 
Hawley, of Ernest Town, by license, by me, George OKill Stuart. 

"Do., do., Monday, Jan'y 29, 1816, Rev. Wm. McCarty, Minister of 
the Lutheran Church, & Clarissa Fralick, of Ernesttown, by license. 

"Ditto, Sunday, llth of February, 1816, William Bradshaw & 
Debrah Herns, by license. 

" Joseph Amey and Catharine Parker, of Ernest Town, by license, 
17th of November, 1814. 

"Dec. 13, 1814 Abraham and Rachel Snider, 'both of this 

"Dec. 23, 1814, R. Pollard, curate, and Miss Smith." 

All that are thus entered. 



TOWN, No. 2. 


1. John Van Skiver, Adolphustoivn; Isabel Brock, do. .21 Nov., 1791. 

Peter Cole, Garret Van Horn, Sarah Cronk. 

2. Samuel McCay, Ernest.; Amarilla Hawley, do 27 Dec., 1791. 

Russell Hawley, Ann Way, Nabby Lockwood. 

3. Elisha Miller, Sophias.; Jennet Campbell, Adolphus..29 Jan., 1792 

Mary Lazier, Mary D'Long, Jonathan Miller, Archibald Campbell. 

4. John Sager, Richmond; Elizabeth Van De Burgh. . . .2 Feb., 1792. 

Charlotte Kimmerly, Jenny Van Alstine, Isabel Johnson. 

5. David Brown, Adolphus; Catharine Van Dusen, do . .2 Feb., 1792. 

Joseph Allison, Philip Shorts, Katreen Shorts. 

6. George Smith, Sidney; Gerdrant Friend, Amelias. . .12 Feb., 1792. 

Elizabeth Smith, Barbary Smith, Johannes Lott, Henry Frint. 

7. Elijah Williams, Ernest ; Roby Jenckes, Sophias . . .13 Feby., 1792 

Mary Jenckes, Rachael Jenckes, Samuel Merrell, James Wells. 

8. Mathew Clark, Ernest Town ; Anna McKay, do 28 Feb., 1792 

Nancy Lockwood, Benjamin Fairfield, Samuel McCay. 

9. Daniel Hicks, Marysburgh ; Susanah Dawson, do . . 28 Feby., 1792 

David Lockwood, Isabel Johnson, Daniel Johnson. 

10. Jehiel Hawley, Fredericks. ; Amanda Cass, Ernest . . 13 Mar., 1792 

David Lockwood, James Wells, Nabby Lockwood, Davis Hawley. 

11. David Lockwood, Ernesttown ; Hannah Fraser, do . . . 1 July, 1792 

Nabby Lockwood, Daniel Fraser, Joshua Booth. 

12. Philip Hartman, Co. of Addington ; Huldah Hough, do 

16 August, 1792 

Norris Brisco, Loderweight Hartman, Abegil Hough, Margareta 

13. David Hofman, Ernest. ; Elizabeth Moore, same .... 28 Aug., 1792 

Norris Briscoe, Isabel Johnston, Rebecah Sager, Isaac Eccelstone. 

14. William Curtis, Ernest. ; Isabell Johnson, same 8 Nov., 1792 

Nabby Lockwood, Isabel Bell, Joseph Grant, Dan Pomeroy. 

15. William Cook, Cambden ; Keziah Babcock, same 17 Dec., 1792 

Adams Bowen, James Wells, George Andrews, Rachael Jencks. 

16. James Morden, Sophias.; Margaret Parliament, same, 27 Dec., 1792 

James Colter, Isaac Parliament, Phebe Crokhite, Margaret Mordoff. 

17. John Holcomb, Fredericksburgh ; Magdalena Shewman, same .... 

20 Feb., 1793 
Baltus Shewman, Alex. W. Ross, Mary Dafoe. 



18. Henry Storms, Ernest Town; Hannah Sager, same. .26 Feb., 1793 

Jacob Storms, Rebekah Sager, William Parry, John Wells. 

19. James McNutt, Fredericks.; Sarah Dingman, same. .12 Mar., 1793 

John Woodcock, John Schermerhorn, Sarah McNutt, Catharine 

20. John Wells, Ernestown ; Content Castle, Fredericks., 27 Mar., 1793 

John Patrick, George Lucas, Jason Herns, Jerusha Herns, Sus'h. 

21. William Rancer, Kingston ; Elizabeth McFarlane, widow, same . . . 

6 June, 1793 
Wm. Cook, David Kelly, Benjamin Babcock. 

22. Petrus Sharp, Fredericksburgh ; Margret Sharp, same, 4 July, 1793 

John C. Yosburgh, Jacobus Sharp, Maria Pruyn, Nabby Lockwood. 

23. David Wees, Ernest Town ; Katy Rogers, same 16 July, 1793 

Gerrany Wees, Ester Els worth, Robert Perry, Jun., John Wees. 

24. Dan Pomeroy, Ernest Town ; Patience Perry, same . . .1 Oct., 1793 

Robert Perry, Jun., David Shory, Esther Ay les worth, Nabby 
Lockwood, N. Law. 

25. Robert Perry, Jun., Ernest.; Esther Aylsworth, same, 24 Oct., 1793 

Elizabeth Aylsworth, Patience Pomeroy, Norris Briscoe, Dan 

26. Robert Havens, Ernesttown ; Abagail Hough, same . .24 Oct., 1793 

Margaret Hartman, Reckah Sager, Isaac Hough, Isabel Bell. 

27. James Simpson, Ernest Town, widower ; Margaret Russell, Freder- 

icksburgh, widow 14 November, 1793 

James Colter, James Falconer, Isabel Bell, Margaret Bell. 

28. Jacob Snider, Ernest. ; Catharine Cole, Adolphus 15 Dec., 1793 

Jacob Storms, Barnard Cole, Rebecca Sager. 

29. Daniel McDaniel, Ernest Town, widower ; Susanah Marcles, same . . 

17 Dec., 1793 

30. Henry Bird, Marysburgh ; Elizabeth Holding, same . .7 Feb., 1794 

John Allen, Nathan Heald, Alex. Van Alstine, Maria Pruyn, 
Ursula Allen. 

31. Johanes Sill, Fredericksburgh; Isabel Bell, same 23 Feb., 1794 

George Sill, Andrew Embury, Johanes Bench, Duncan Bell. 

32. Colin McKenzie, Amherst Isle ; Mary Howard, same, 15 April, 1794 

Jane Howard, Mary McMullen, Thomas Jackson, Thos. Howard. 

33. Petrus Bo wen, Fredericks.; Maria Diamond, same . . .9 April, 1794 

Jacobus Sharp, William Bowen, John Diamond, Sush. Lucas. 

34. John McDougall, Ernest; Catharine McCarthy, widow, 1 May, 1794 

Abraham Cronkhite, Ann Cronkhite, David Lent, Jane Campbell. 



35. John Wees, Ernest Town; Jane Campbell, same 7 Oct., 1794 

John M. Fralig, Ebenezer Williams, Nancy Russell, Nabby 

36. James Colter, Fredericksburgh ; Magdelena Hoffman, 4 Nov., 1794 

Nathan Brisco, Petrus Hoffman, Catharine Simmon. 

37. Francis Pruyn, Frederick. ; Catharine Simmon 20 Nov., 1794 

Maria Pruyn, Petrus Hoffman, Daniel Simmon. 

38. William Wager, Fredericks. ; Elizabeth McCabe, same, 8 Jan., 1795 

Elizabeth Dingman, Gred. Dingman, Jacob Dingman, Rebeck 

39. Norris Brisco, Ernest. ; Elizabeth Aylsworth, same, 19 Jany., 1795 

Nathan Brisco, John Patrick, Robert Perry, Jun. 

40. Francis Hogel, Ernest Town; Margaret Hartman, same, 3 Mar., 1795 

Nabby Lockwood, Margarite Hoffman, Loderweigth Hartman. 

41. Jonathan Fairfield, Ernest Town ; - - Rider 22 April, 1795 

No names of witnesses given. 

42. William Eadus, Amherst Island ; Nancy McGuines, same 

19 May, 1795 
Shelden Hawley, Cornelius Briso, Nabby Lockwood, Isabel Curtes. 

43. Samuel Williams, Ernest Town ; Lucy Wait, Sophias., 2 July, 1795 

Nathan Brisco, Niel Aylsworth, Mary Lennox, Wm. Cottier. 

43. Joseph Peters, Ernest Town ; Dorcas Watchman 6 July, 1795 

Samuel Peters, Mathias Rose, Elizabeth Parry, Gerany Wees. 

44. John George Schmitt, Fred.; Susanah Lucas, same. . .21 July, 1795 

George Lucas, Malchert File, Lydia Gordineir, John M. Fraleigh. 

45. Samuel Peters, Ernest Toivn ; Elizabeth Perry, same, 16 Aug., 1795 

Ely Peters, Isaac Snyder, Gernay Wees, Lydia Gordiner. 

46. Pierre Le Rougue of Enest.; Betsy Marcles, same. . .1 Feby., 1796 

John M. Fralick, Lydia Gordinier, Geraney Weese. 

47. James Felchett, Fredericks.; Elizabeth Young, same. .9 Aug., 1796 

William Russel, Barnard Forshee, Jas. Forshee, John Forshee. 

48. Nathan Durkee, Sidney ; Phebe Harris, same 3 Jany., 1797 

Rachael Sherwood, Elizabeth Bell, Caleb Palmer. 

49. John Rogers, Ernest. ; Gerany Wees, same 17 Jany., 1797 

Ruth Williams, Elizabeth Bell, Joshua Williams, Peter Wees. 

50. Andrew Spencer, Sophias. ; Jerusha Herns, Fredericks., 9 Jan., 1797 

Jaunolsha Van Alstine, Hannah Sager, Nathl. Parks, Jason Herns. 

51. Wm. Bowen, Richmond ; Mary Davis, same 14 Feby., 1797 

Gilliam Demorest, Hellebren Valleau, Cornelius Valleau. 

52. Thomas Howard, Amherst Isle ; Charlotte Richardson, Marysburgh 

14 Feby., 1797 
Thos. Eyre, Daniel Richards, David Brass, Colin McKenzie. 



53. Matthias Rose, Ernest; Catharine Valey, Marysburgh, 13 Mar., 1797 

Joshua Booth, Guysbast Sharp, Jeptha Hawley, Thomas Douglas. 

54. Benjamin Fairfield, Ernest; Nabby Hawley, same, 11 April, 1797 

Jeptha Hawley, Davis Hawley, Sheldon Hawley, Gonathan 

55. Silas Nichols, Ernest Town ; Elizabeth Heather, same, 3 May. 1797 

Ruth Brisco, Susanah Martin, Amos Martin, Thos. Fraser, A. Snider. 

56. William Willcox, Augusta; Sabra Fairfield, Ernest, 28 Aug., 1797 

F. S. Fairfield, Ichabod Hawley, Mary Ward, Chas. Haven. 

57. Rufus Shorey, Ernest Town ; Esther Hawley, same. .5 Sept., 1797 

Benjamin Fairfield, David Shorey, Nabby Fairfield, Barbara 

58. Boin Aylsworth, Ernest Town ; Hannah Perry, same, 21 Nov., 1797 

Daniel Perry, Robert Perry, Jun., Barbara Houghnagle. 

59. Jean Procet, Ernest Town ; Catharine Weant, same, 21 Nov., 1797 

Nathan Brisco, Elias Williams, William Cother, Mary Weant. 

60. Elias Williams, Ernest Town ; Loyreah Roys, same, 2 Jany., 1798 

William Cother, Nathan Brisco, David Williams. 

61. Gideon ShurtliiF, Ernest Town; Mary Ward, same . .1 Feby., 1798 

William Ward, David Lockwood, Rufus Shorey. 

62. Solomon Harris, Fredericks. ; Mary German, same . .1 Feby., 1798 

John Henry Busch, Martin Hawley, Solomon Tyler, David Harris. 

63. Darins Herns, Fredericksburgh ; Mary Gould, same. 13 Feby., 1798 

Jason Herns, Seth Burr Gould, Hannah Sager, Isaiah Herns. 

64. Isaac Secor, Marys. ; Rachael Fergusson, Fredericks., 13 Feby., 1798 

Royel Fergusson, Samuel Brock, David Fergusson, Richd. Hare. 

65. Johannes Bowen, Fredericksburgh ; Polly Post, same, 27 Feby., 1798 

Abraham Bowen, Solomon Tyler, Hannah Sager, Hannah Tyler. 

66. Johannes Finkle, Fredericksburgh; Maria Sharp, same, 9 Oct., 1798 

Jacob Finkle, Jacobus Sharp, Aaron Sharp, Thomas Murdoff, 

67. Richard Robins, Ernest ; May Raymond 16 Oct., 1798 

William Robins, David Williams, Nathan Brisco, Wm. McKenzie. 

68. John O'Bryan, Amherst II. ; Cathn. McDougall, Ernest, 18 Oct., 1798 

Peter Mickles, Wm. Curtiss, Geo. Gibson, Isabel Curtiss. 

69. Elijah Ferres, Ernest ; Rosanah McPherson, Fred., 17 Dec., 1798 

Francis Van De Bogert, John Ray, John Price, Martin Hough. 

70. Daniel Fraser, Ernest Town ; Sarah Sweeton, same . .19 Dec., 1798 

Abigel Fairfield, Hannah Hitchcock, Daniel Sweeton, Stephen 

71. Stauts Sager, Richmond ; Katreen Diamond, Freds., I Jany., 1799 

Johannes Henry Buck, Hannah Sager, William Sager, Sarah 



72. Nathan Brisco, Ernest Town ; Mary Huffman, same, 10 Feby., 1799 

Joseph Huffman, Neil Aylsworth, Nancy Staring, Elizabeth 

73. John Grange, Ernest Town ; Nancy McKim, same. .10 Feby., 1799 

Johannes, H. Buck, Win. McKim, Hannah Sager, Hester Lott. 

74. David Shorey, Ernest Town ; Elizabeth Lent, same, 11 Feby., 1799 

Sheldon Hawley, Rufus Shorey, David Johnson. 

75. Wm. Bowen, Fredericks. ; Antya Oliver, Richmond, 14 Feby., 1799 

John Oliver, Cornelia Oliver, Hannah Sager, Petrus Bowen. 

76. Stephen Fairfield, Ernest ; Maria Pruyn, Fredericks., 11 Mar., 1799 

Francis Pruyn, Robert Clark, Clary Fairfield, Danl. McSchuton. 

77. George Lucas, Fredericks.; Lydia Jenckes, Ernest., 12 Mar., 1799 

James Wells, John Simmons, Hester Lott, Jinny Scharmehorn. 

78. Henrich Ripson, Ernest. ; Abgail Fairfield, same, 1 3 June, 1799 

Ichabod Hawley, Robert Clark, Jr., Nancy Storing, Timothy 

79. Francis Bell, Ernest Town; Jane Detlor, Fredericks., 7 Oct., 1799 

Rachael Detlor, John Detlor, Aaron Sharp. 

80. David Williams, Ernest Toivn ; Mercy Karr, same. .11 Feby., 1800 

William Cother, Richd. Robins, John Gifford. 

81. Solomon Tyler, Fredericks.; Zelicia Jackson same, 13 Feby., 1800 

Phillip Smith, Alexander Gayer, Joseph Jackson, Hannah Tyler. 

84. Edward McCaffrey, Ernest Town ; Sarah Rose, same, 25 Sept., 1800 

Japtha Hawley, John Fraser, Daniel Rose, Robert Rose. 

85. John Smith, Fredericksburgh ; Sarah Fisher, same . .23 Dec., 1800 

Johannes Devy, Sophia Devy, Darius Herns, Saml. Cochran. 

82. John Gifford, Ernest Town; Sarah Williams, same . .8 April, 1800 

David Williams, Joseph Hoffman, Mercy Williams. 

83. John Nugen, Marysburgh ; Elenor Carson, same .... 14 July, 1800 

Alexander Clark, John Allen, Henry Bird, Rachael Allen. 

86. Henry Richardson, Fred.; Catharine Costlon, Ernest., 10 Mar., 1801 

William Richardson, Jas. Richardson, Jane Schermehorn. 

87. William Richardson, Fredericks. ; Jinney Schermehorn, 16 Ap., 1801 

Richd. Benson, Amos Richardson, Daniel McPherson. 

88. Jacobus Sharp, Fredericks. ; Katreen Finkle, same, 14 July, 1801 

Laurance Sharp, Peter McTaggert, Thomas Mordoff, Henry 

89. Joel Smith, Ernest Town ; Susanah Williams, same, 4 Feby., 1802 

David Williams, John Powell, Solomon Smith, Mercy Williams. 

90. Daniel Rose, Ernest Town ; Ruth Ray, same 4 Mar., 1802 

Robert Rose, Joseph Rogers, Jeptha Hawley. 



91. Amos Richardson, Fredericks. ; Susanah Sager, Rick., 9 Mar., 1802 

James Richardson, Adam Sager, Lanah Schermerhorn, Mary Sager. 

92. Stauts Sager, Richmond; Cornelia Oliver, same ... .18 Mar., 1802 

Edward Howard, Daniel Richard, Cornelius Oliver. 

93. Benjamin Brown, Brownville, N.Y. ; Clara Fairfield, Ernest Town* 

19 May, 1802 
Charles Everett, Samuel Browning, Casten Everett, Phebe Clark. 

94. Peter Miller, Ernest Town ; Sarah Roys, Sophias., 3 Aug., 1802 

Michael Miller, Henry Bush, Rebecah Bush. 

95. John Bush, FredericksburgJi ; Dorcas Ross, same ... 21 Feby., 1803 

Christopher McGraw, John Van De Waters, Catharine McMasters. 


1. Wm. McKenzie, Amherst Isle ; Sarah Howard, same, 19 Sept., 1803 

Daniel Richard, Duncan McKenzie, Thomas Howard. 

2. Robert Rose, Ernest; Phebe Huntly, Fredericks., 3 Nov., 1803 

Joseph Rogers, Wm. Rose, Daniel Rose, Alpheus Cadman. 

3. Solomon Smith, Ernest. ; Catharine Devy, same 9 Feby., 1804 

James Johnston, John McGrath, John Smith. 

4. Joseph Rogers, Ernest Town ; Nancy Wees, same ... 22 Mar., 1804 

Jehiel Hawley, Ebenezer Perry, Lavinah Ryder, Elizabeth Wees. 

5. John Robertson, Ernest Town ; Mary Parrott, same, 5 April, 1804 

Elisha Shorey, Joseph Rogers, Mary McKindlea, R. Perry, Jr. 

6. James Bradshaw Richardson, Fred.; Rebecca Perey, 24 April, 1804 

James Castelloe, Lovina Curtis, Samuel Brownson, Alexander 

7. Jacob Dafoe, Fredericksburgh ; Anne Phillips, same . .1 Oct., 1804 

George Sills, John Kemp, Jacob Hough. 

8. Elisha Shorey, Ernest. ; Charlotte Long, Fredericks. .16 Oct., 1804 

Katreen Valkenburgh, Sarah Herns, Miles Shorey, Joshua Long. 

9. Jehiel Hawley, Ernest. ; Lavinah Ryder, same ... .21 Jany., 1805 

John Miller, Miles Shorey, Rachael Hawley, Wm. Fairfield, Jr. 

10. Wm. Rose, Thurlow ; Sarah McKim, Ernest Town 5 Mar., 1805 

Archd. Rose, John McKim, Hannah McKim, Jane Rose. 

11. Manuel Overfield, Rich.; Sarah Fairfield, Ernest., 1 Aug., 1805 

Wm. Fairfield, Jr., Ann Hawley, Sabra Willcox, James Campbell. 

12. John Johnston, Ernest.; Rachael Gating, same 11 Nov., 1805 

William Juel, William Gating, Sheldon Hawley, Phebe Clark. 

13. William Juel, Ernest Town ; Mary Johnston, same. .28 Nov., 1805 

William Johnston, Daniel Johnston, Sheldon Hawley. 


14. Alexis Vaillant, Ernest Town, widower ; Marie des Anges du Charm, 

same place 22 April, 1806 

Jeptha Hawley, Benj. Fairfield, John Anderson, May George. 

15. Christopher Varty, Campden ; Abageil Sedore, same, 23 June, 1806 

Wm. Cother, Joel Smith, David Williams, Russell Hawley. 

16. Abraham Woodcock, Richmond; Lavinia Marsh, Fred., 8 July, 1806 

Isaac Cornelius, Johanes Cronk, Elisha Woodcock. 

17. Peter Vanderhyden, Fredericks.; Ann Kemp, same, 13 Sept.. 1806 

John Kemp, Michael Blanchard, Fanny Walton. 

18. George Dafoe, Fredericks.; Elizabeth Sill, same 30 Sept., 1806 

John Kemp, Michael Blanchard, Fanny Walton. 

19. Wm. Miller, Ernest Town; Hannah McKim, same 5 Nov., 1806 

John NcKim, Nancy McKim, James McKim. 

20. Ebenezer Perry, Ernest. ; Apphia Randolph, same . . 25 Nov., 1806 

Miles Shorey, Dorothy Thomas, Archd. Carscallen, John Ross, 
Dl. Perry. 

21. Benjamin Shaw, Fredericks.; Sarah Cannon . .same, 9 Dec., 1806 

David Hess, Frederick Bell, Joseph LeBeau. 

22. Robert Bush, Fredericks. ; Hannah Brooks, same . . 1 Jany., 1807 

Thomas Clapp, Benj. Jenkins, Wm. Garrison, Saml. Keller. 

23. Samuel Keller, Fredericks.; Rosanna Warner, same, 3 March, 1807 

Peter Koughnent, Peter Kidney, Sarah Hess, Elizabeth Pollurn. 

24. Samuel Williams, Ernest. ; Isabella McDougal, same, 15 Mar., 1807 

William Williams, Nathan Brisco, John McDougal, May Williams. 

25. Henry Cronkwright, Fredericks. ; Hannah Peterson, 28 July, 1807 

Peter Cornelius, Peter Woodcock, Ally Woodcock, Jr. 

26. Gilbert Sharp, Fredericksburgh ; Ruth Bell, same 29 Oct., 1807 

Henry Sharp, Wm. Madden, Margaret Fraser, Elizabeth Dafoe. 

27. Peter Woodcock, Fredericks. ; Ally Woodcock, same, 29 Dec., 1807 

John Cronkhrite, Nicholas Woodcock, Peter Cornelius. 

28. Darius Herns, Fredericks,; Nancy Parks, same 12 Jany., 1808 

Fred. Bell, John Carscallen, Lydia Sager, Debrah Herns. 

29. Peter Van Koughnit, Fredericks.; Sarah Herns, same, 21 June, 1808 

James Shaw, Christian Van Koughnit, John Van Koughnit. 

30. Asean Denys, Ernest Town ; Julie du Charm, same, 26 Sept., 1808 

Michael Gabourie, Joseph du Charm, Charlotte Denys. 

31. Chas. Wm. Hy. MacDonell, Ern.; Sarah Brown, same, 24 Oct., 1808 

Andrew Hawley, Wm. Clough, Mary Perry, Miles Shorey. 

32. Peter Cornelius, Fredericks. ; Peggy Dingman, same, 30 Nov., 1808 

Nicholas Woodcock, Isaac Cornelius, Ally Woodcock. 

33. David Barry, Fredericksburgh ; Sarah Poor, same ... .5 Dec., 1808 

Archd. Carscallen, G. Embury, Margret Poor, Ann Empey. 



34. Wm. McGinnis, Amherstl.; Margaret Howard, same, 23 Jan., 1809 

Wm. McKenzie, Colin McKenzie, Mary George, Eliza Church. 

35. Duncan McKenzie, Amherst I. ; Elizabeth Church, Fredericksburgh, 

28 Feby, 1809 
Thomas McKenzie, Eleanor Church, Johathan M. Church. 

36. Titus V. Sleuter, Ernest Town; Mary George, same, 14 Mar., 1809 

Peter Lord, Lyman Smith, Eve Davy, John Howard. 

37. John Campbell, Sophias. ; Alice Bristol, Fredericks . .12 Dec., 1809 

Lewis Fretz, George Rouse, Jr., Esther Bristol, Mary Perry. 

38. John Caten, Ernest Town ; Abagail Rose, same .... 1 Jany., 1810 

Thomas Caten, Robt. Clark, Sarah Caten, Daniel Rose, Robt. 

39. Elijah Carley, Sophias.; Mary Conger, Hallowell . .11 Jany., 1810 

Richd. T. Gardiner, Isabella Gardiner, John Bristol, Jeptha 

40. Lewis Fretz, Fredericks. ; Esther Bristol, Ernest. . .23 Jany., 1810 

Elias Smith, Jacob Smith, John Campbell, Barbara Fretz, Mr. 

41. John Dafoe, Fredericksburgh ; Hannah Sill, same . . 30 Jany., 1810 

Zenas Dafoe, Abraham Dafoe, Mary Benn, Mary Sills. 

42. Joseph Amey, Ernest ; Elizabeth Shibley, same ... .13 Feby., 1810 

George Rowse, Jr., Laurence Stover, Sarah Amey, Margert 

43. Robert L. Williams, Ernest; Catharine Airhart, same, 30 Mar., 1810 

Geo. Williams, Wm. Airhart, Mary Williams, Christeen Airhart. 

44. Edward Carscallen, Fredericksburgh; Rachael Lockwood, Ernest 

10 April, 1810 
Joshua Booth, Mercy Hawley, Nathan Brisco, James Abbott. 

45. Wm. Airhart, Ernest Toiun ; Mary Williams, same, 23 April, 1810 

Robt. L. Williams, George Williams, Catharine Williams, Chris- 
teen Airhart. 

46. Wm. Hawley, Fredericks. ; Mary Perry, Ernest 1 May, 1810 

Thos. D. Sanford, Jas. Bradshaw, Peter Perry, Anna Hawley. 

47. Wm. Brizzey, Ernest Town ; Rebeckah Lee, same ... .1 May, 1810 

Hannah Brizzy, John Phillips, Jacob Gordanier, Edward Lee. 

48. Hendreck Foroomand, Ernest; Martha Huntley, same, 2 July, 1810 

Wm. Brizzy, Robt. Rose, Wm. Huntley, Phebe Rose, Rebeckah 

49. Thomas D. Sanford, Fredericks. ; Anny Hawley, same, 3 July, 1810 

James Bradshaw, Wm. Hawley, Peter Perry, Mary Hawley. 

50. John Lake, Ernest Town ; Sarah Stover, same 29 July, 1810 

James Lake, Laurence Stover, Peter Benn, Elizabeth Stover. 


51. Joseph Peck, Ernest Town ; Mary Martin, same . .28 August, 1810 

George Baker, Jared Richardson, Betsy Baker, Elias Marvin. 

52. George Mordoff, Fredericks. ; Anny Forshee, same. . . .6 Sept., 1810 

Daniel Young, Michael Piercy, Jennet Clark, Sophie Nash. 

53. George Baker, Ernest ; Esther Ann Curtis, same . .11 Sept., 1810 

Elias Marvin, Peter Wetsel, Betsy Baker, Margaret Davy. 

54. Daniel Sheldon, Ernest.; Jenny Fairfield, same ... .10 Jany., 1811 

Jeptha Hawley, Barnabas Bidwell, Win. Willcox, Sabra Willcox. 

55. John Cook, Camden ; Aletheia Johnston, Ernest 6 Feby., 1811 

Hammel Madden, Elisha Shorey, James Johnston. 

56. Hammel Madden, Ernest. ; Samantha Rush, Camden, 26 Mar., 1811 

Wm. Madden, Samuel Scott, Elisha Shorey. 

57. Joseph Reneaux, Hailowell ; Charlotte Denis, Ernest., 6 May, 1811 

Jeptha Hawley, Francois Equey, M. Duplicus. 

58. Joseph Amey, Ernest Town; Phebe Combes, same . .29 Aug., 1811 

Peter Amey, David Amey, Nicholas Amey, Mary Baker. 

59. Peter Davy, Ernest Town ; Aurelia Chapman, same . . 5 Sept., 1811 

Margaret Davy, Seba Murphy, William Fairfield. 

60. Wm. Lighthall, Kingston ; Sarah Conner, same ... .10 Sept., 1811 

Aaron Conner, David Conner, Emanuel Waggoner, Eleanor Hogan 

61. Emanuel Waggoner, Kingston ; Eleanor Hogan, same, 10 Sept., 1811 

Aaron Connor, David Conner, Wm. Lighthall, Sarah Conner. 

62. Jeremiah Manter, Ernest. ; Elizabeth Ashley, same . .3 Nov., 1811 

Margaret Davy, Andrew Perkins, Sabra Murphy. 

63. Theopholus Lockwood, Ernest.; Sarah Amey, same, 14 Nov., 1811 

John Amey, Joseph Lockwood, Rachael Snider. 

64. Peter Amey, Ernest Town ; Mary Baker, same ... .28 Nov., 1811 

Nicholas Amey, Peter Baker, Mary Amey, Mary Snider. 

65. Frederick Oliver, Fredericks.; Dinah Woodcock, same, 24 Dec., 1811 

Henry Bartley, Nicholas Woodcock, Elizabeth Nicholson. 

66. Thomas Alldridge, Kingston ; Catharine Milton, same, 1 Jan., 1812 

Thos. Brown, Martin Wallace, May Ann Milton, Margret Williams. 

67. John Hicks, Ernest Town ; Anna Hogle, same ... .28 Jany., 1812 

John Stover, John Hogle, Bastian Hogle, Mary Brown. 

68. Laurence Stover, Ernest. ; Elizabeth Madden, same . .6 Feby., 1812 

James Lake, L. Vanalstine, Thomas Madden, John Lasher. 

69. John Huntly, Ernest Town; Mary Walker, same 7 Feby., 1812 

John Raymond, Benjamin Lane, Martha Foroomand. 

70. Paul Egnier, Amherst I. ; Margret E. Asselstine, same, 26 Feb., 1812 

Daniel Richards, John Howard, Wm. George, Jeptha Hawley. 

71. Nicholas Amey, Ernest Town; Mary Snider, same . .10 Mar., 1812 

Nicholas Snider, John Snider, Rachael Snider, Sarah Snider. 



72. John McKim, Ernest Toivn ; Lydia Switzer, same . .26 Mar., 1812 

Peter Switzer, Ira Beaman, Eleanor McKim, Wm. McKim. 

73. John Scott, Cambden ; Margaret Sweet, same 30 Mar., 1812 

Thomas Lewis, Samuel Lewis, Mary Scott, Sheldon Hawley. 

74. Andrew Bartles, Ernest ; Elizabeth Lake, same ... .23 April, 1812 

Justus Bartles, Manning Goodwin, Solomon Smith, Jonathan 

75. David Conner, Kingston ; Jane Waggoner, same ... .28 May, 1812 

Dexter Denie, John Waggoner, Bridget Waggoner, Polly 

76. John R Bleeker, Murray ; Elizabeth C. Richards, Amherst Island, 

8 June, 1812 
George Bleeker, George Finkle, Mary McKenzie, Eleanor Church. 

77. Nathan Fellows, Ernest Town ; Mary Lake, same. .6 August, 1812 

James Lake, John Lake, Benj. Lake, James Hicks. 

78. Jas. Barrett, Loborough; Debrah Peters, Ernestown,. ..26 Oct. 1812 

Jesse Barret, William Bundy, Rebecah Snyder, Prudence Barret. 

79. Leonard Dickenson, Freds. ; Mercy Hawley, Ernest. . .28 Oct. 1812 

Parker Smith, Sheldon Hawley, Elizabeth Carscallen, Nancy 

80. Francis Latimore, Ernest. ; Hannah Stover, same. . .9 March, 1813 

John Hall, Nathan Fellows, Henry Cornier, Wm. Latimore. 
NOTE. The last entry verbatim ; all previous much the same form. 

81. " Banns of Marriage between James Lake, of St. Thomas's, Ernes- 

town, in the United Counties of Lennox and Addington ; and 
Elizabeth Storms, of the Township and Counties aforesaid, 
were published of February 7th, 14th and 21st, 1813, by me. 

JOHN LANGHORN, Episcopal Missionary. 

James Lake, of Ernest Town, in the United Counties of Lennox 
and Addingtown, Upper Canada, Bachelor; and Elizabeth 
Storms, of the Township and Counties aforesaid, Spinster, 
were married in this church by Banns this eighteenth day of 
March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred 
and thirteen by Me. 

JOHN LANGHORN, Missionary. 

" This Marriage was solemnized " This Marriage was solemnized 
the Presence of us : between us : 







are the following entries : 

" The Rev. Dr. John Stuart, the first Church of England Minister 
of Kingston, was interred August 17th, 1811." 

"James Cartwright, of Kingston, was interred, October 10, 1811. 

" A Marriage by License : 

William Allan, of Kingston, in the County of Frontenac, Upper 
Canada, Bachelor; and Elizabeth Burdett, of the same place, 
Spinster, were married in this Church of Kingston, in Upper 
Canada, on the 29th day of December, in the year of our Lord 
one thousand eight hundred and eleven, by me. 

Episcopal Missionary and Officiating Minister. 

" This marriage was solemnized " This marriage was solemnized 
in the presence of us : between us : 










Rev. G. O'Kill Stuart's marriage record begins in the same book, following the 
above, with Sunday, Dec. 1st, 1811. 



being the Third Township of Catarawkwee, which is now called 
Kingston in the Province of Quebec." 

[NOTE. The following is a copy of the Register of the Rev. John Langhorn. 
The Registers of the Baptisms, Burials, and Marriages in connection with St. Paul's 
Church, in Fredericksburgh, were left with Mr. Peter Young, one of the members, 
and have been retained in the hands of some members of the family ever since. 
Similar Registers were also kept in connection with St. John's Church, Bath, which 
included the mission field east of the Third Town, or Fredericksburgh.] 


Hannah, dau. Isaac and Lydia Crowder, was baptized 

Fredericksburgh, Oct. 15 

Elizabeth, dau. John and Juliana Pallum. . . . Nov. 12 

Elizabeth, dau. John and Christine Neher. . . Nov. 13 

William, son Frederick and Hannah Keller. . Nov. 13 

Samuel, son Samuel and Susanna Brownson. Nov. 13 

Peter, son William and Jinney Von Kochner. Nov. 13 

Lydia, dau. David and Isabella Bradshaw .... Nov. 13 

George, son Amos and Susanna Lucas Nov. 13 

Susanna, dau. " " Nov. 13 

Content, dau. Gilbert and Mary Castle " Nov. 13 

Hugh, son Alexander and Elizabeth Clark . . Dec. 12 

John, son and Sarah Hunter Marysburgh, Dec. 1 6 

William, son William and Martha Carson " Dec. 16 

Kachael, dau. Samuel and Elizabeth Rose " Dec. 16 

John, son Donald and Margaret Mclntosh Dec. 16 

Elizabeth, dau. John and Lydia Keller Fredericksburgh, Dec. 29 

Elias, son Jacob and Margaret Hufman .... Dec. 30 

Benjamin, son Joseph and Susanna Marsh . . Dec. 31 

Nancy, dau. " " . . " Dec. 31 

Catharine, dau. James and Mary MacMasters. . Adolphustown, Dec. 31 

John, son Peter and Polly Woodcock Fredericksburgh, Dec. 31 

Mary, dau. Andrew and Mary Rikley Dec. 31 

Mary, dau. Peter and Jinney, Vallean Adolphustown, Dec. 31 

Joseph, son William and Lois Clarke Dec. 31 

Nancy, dau. John and Lois Dafoe Fredericksburgh, Dec. 31 

John, son Nicholas and Elizabeth Peterson . . .Adolphustown, Dec. 31 
David, son " ..." Dec. 31 

David, son Paul and Lene Peterson Dec. 31 

Mary, dau. Albert and Weinkie Cornel Dec. 31 


BAPTISMS in 1788. 

Henry, son Peter and Catharine Bower Fredericksburgh, Jan. 15 

James, natural son of Rhoda Frere, Fredericksburgh, by James 

Benn, as was supposed, Feb. 10 

John Collins, son Adam and Eunice Arhart. .Fredericksburgh, Feb. 10 
John, son Abram and Frenkie Woodcock .... Feb. 10 

Henry, son John and Mary German Adolphustown, Feb. 10 

James, son Albert and Catherine Williams . .Fredericksburgh, Feb. 11 

Frederick, son Thomas and Hannah Bell " Feb. 19 

Mary, dau. Thomas and Debrah Wager " Feb. 20 

Johnson, son Thomas and Deborah Herns . . . Feb. 20 

Thomas, son " " " ... Feb. 20 

Jason, son " " " ... " Feb. 20 

Darius, son " " ... Feb. 20 

Jerusha, dau " ... Feb. 20 

Eleanor, dau. Amos and Jemima MacKenney Feb. 20 

John Smith, son " " ... Feb. 20 

Amos Bonnel, son " "... Feb. 20 

Samuel Sherwood, son ... Feb. 20 

Losina, wife of James Lendsay and dau. of Simeon and Sarah 

Wright, Fredericksburgh, Feb. 24 

Sarah, dau. Simeon and Sarah Wright Feb. 24 

Margaret, dau. of Mary Davis, Marysburgh, by Willard Casey, 

as was supposed Feb. 24 

Peter, son John and Susanna Low Adolphustown, Feb. 24 

Betsey, dau. Abram and Anne Mabee Feb. 24 

Jinney, dau. Matthew and Betsey Steel ...... Feb. 24 

Deborah, wife of Peter Dop and dau. of Stephen and Charity 

Farrington, Marysburgh, Mar. 9 

David, son Peter and Deborah Dop Mar. 9 

Anne, dau. Thomas and Mary Lloyd Mar. 9 

Michael, son William and Sally Blanchard Mar. 9 

Jacob, son Henry and Elshie Young Fredericksburgh, Mar. 9 

George, son Abram and Catharine Dafoe .... Mar. 9 

Rachel, wife of Michael Dafoe and dau. of John and Rachel 

Holdcomb, Fredericksburgh, Mar. 9 
Lois, wife of John Dafoe and dau. of Joel and Debrah Prindle, 

Fredericksburgh, Mar. 9 

Lavinia, dau. Joseph and Susanna Marsh ... Mar. 10 

Jane, dau. William and Elizabeth Fraser .... " Apr. 7 

Daniel, son Daniel and Catharine MacMullen May 18 



Joseph, son Joseph and Mary Soper Fredericksburgh, June 1 

Andrew, son Samuel and Jemima Thompson " June 1 

John, son Frederick and Hannah Keller .... " June 8 

Henrick William, son Fredk. and Maria Ludwick, Marysburgh, June 1 5 

John, son Luke and Nabe' Carscallen Fredericksburgh, June 15 

Sarah, dau. John and Esther Carscallen " June 29 

Robert, son James and Lucy Russell " June 29 

John, son Samuel and Eunice Sherwood .... " July 7 

Sarah, dau. Silas and Rachael Reynolds and wife of Roelof 

Vandelar, Fredericksburqh, July 8 
John Vandelar, son Sarah Reynolds, by Burgher Houk, as 

was supposed, Fredericksburgh, July 8 

Lene, dau. Roelof and Sarah Vandelar " July 8 

Peggy, dau. Philip and Hannah Schmitt .... " July 9 

Nancy, dau. John and Mary Pickle " July 9 

Malachi, son Oliver and Jemima Church .... " July 9 

Katharine, dau. Amos and Elizabeth Rombough " July 13 

Ernest Hinrich, son Tobias and Christine Snider, Marysburgh, July 13 

Catharine, dau. John and Rachael Bliss Fredericksburgh, July 27 

Gilbert, son Gilbert and Catharine Herns ... " Aug. 25 

Rachael, dau. Simeon and Sarah Wright and wife of Zenas 

Ross, Fredericksburgh, Sept. 8 

John, son John and Rachael Holdcomb .... Fredericksburyh, Sept. 8 
Joel, son of Doctor and Margaret Prindle . . " Sept. 9 

On, son of On and Katy MacGraw Sept. 9 

Agnes, dau. Alexander and Sarah Nicholson " Sept. 21 

George, son John and Margaret Ben " Sept. 21 

Elizabeth, daughter John and Sarah Sayger Richmond, Sept. 21 

Aaron, son John and Sarah Connar Marysburgh, Sept. 21 

William Bell, son Elisha and Elizabeth Phillips . Fredericks^ gh, Oct. 19 
Robert Lord, son Albert and Catharine Williams " Nov. 14 

David, son Richard and Sabra Gardnier Sophiasburgh, Nov. 16 

John, son Joseph and Catharine Kemp .... Fredericksburgh, Nov. 30 
James, natural son Annie Kemp by James 

Bradshaw, as was supposed Nov. 30 


Ruth, dau. Duncan and Anna Bell Fredericksburgh, Jan. 1 

Elizabeth, dau. Andrew and Mary Rikley. . . Jan. 12 

Joseph, son Joseph and Mary Prindel Jan. 12 

Nancy, dau. James and Polly MacMasters. . . . Adolphustown, Jan. 12 


Christopher, son Henry and Eleanor Young. Fredericksburgh, Jan. 12 

Peter, son John and Cornelia Cornelius Jan. 12 

Catharine, dau. Samuel and Mary Welch . . . Jan. 13 

John, son James and Hannah Lindsey Jan. 13 

Gasper, son Peter and Catharine Bower .... Jan. 13 

Hannah, dau. Thomas and Hannah Bell .... Jan. 13 

Mary, dau. John and Mary Embury Jan. 25 

Nelly, dau. Joseph and Elizabeth Hicks Marysburgh, Jan. 25 

Elizabeth, dau. Donald and Isabella MacDonald. Jan. 25 

Mary, dau. William and Louis Clark Adolphustoiun, Jan. 26 

John, son Peter and Margaret Philips Fredericksburgh, Jan. 26 

William, son John Young and Mary Parliament . . Adolphus., Jan. 26 

Eleanor, dau. Josiah Yanotshy Herns Fredericksburgh, Jan. 27 

Mary, dau. Daniel and Jane Wright Marysburgh, Feb. 8 

Isabel, dau. Peter and Isabel Collier " Feb. 8 

Anna Carolina, dau. Hinrich and Christina Schmitt " Feb. 8 

John, son James and Losina Lendsay Fredericksburgh, Feb. 9 

John, son Michael and Rachael Dafoe Feb. 9 

Elizabeth, dau. Thomas and Deborah Wager " Feb. 11 

Anna Maria, dau. Conrad and Susana Bongerd. . . .Adolphus., Mar. 8 
Charles, son of Philip and Elizabeth Zwick. .Fredericksburgh, Mar. 10 

Peter, son Peter and Deborah Dop Marysburgh, Mar. 22 

John, son Nicholas and Anne Hagerman Adolphustown, Mar. 23 

Betsy, dau. Michael and Sarah Snider " Mar. 23 

Abram, son Daniel and Mary Cole " Mar. 23 

Benjamin Conger, son Hazelton and Margret Spenser . .Fred., Apr. 5 

Jacob, son Jacop and Elisabet Schmitt Fredericksburgh, Apr. 12 

George, son Michael and Catarina Schmitt . . " Apr. 12 

Mary, dau. Moses and Jinney Foster Apr. 19 

John, son George and Nancy Singleton .... " May 31 

Helen, dau. Archibald and Elizabeth Thomson " May 31 

Mary, dau. Alexander and Elizabeth Clark . . " May 31 

Juliana, dau. David and Sabina Flynn " June 13 

Susanna, dau. Coonraudt and Hannah Van Dusen . .Adolphus., June 14 
David, son Richard and Experience Cotter . .Fredericksburgh, June 28 
James, son James and Nancy MacTaggart . . " June 28 

William, son Peter and Phebe Fikes July 3 

Lois, dau. James and Peggy Bradshaw .... July 3 

Elizabeth dau. Roelof and Sarah Vandelar . " July 3 

Mary, dau. Joseph and Rachael Jenks " July 3 

Sylvina, dau. William and Anne Cadman. . . " July 12 


Amy, dau. William and Anne Cadman Fredericksburgh, July 12 

James Riler, son John and C. E. Howell .... " July 12 

Jinney, dau. John and Catharine Diamond . . July 1 9 

Margaret, dau. John and Anne Howard .... July 20 

Daniel, son Stephen and Anne Young " Nov. 1 

Eleanor, dau. Oliver and Jemima Church .. Dec. 26 

Hanndh, dau. John and Lydia Keller " Dec. 27 

EdmuAd Westropp, son John and Mary Arm- 
strong Dec. 27 

Mary, dau. Daniel and Catharine MacMillan " Dec. 28 


William, son William and Layna Thomson . .Fredericksburgh, Jan. 1 
Samuel, son Frederick and Hannah Keller ... " Jan. 1 

William, son David and Isabel Bradshaw .... Jan. 1 

Sarah, dau. John and Sarah Connar Jan. 10 

Sarah, dau. Jacob and Margaret Hufman .... " Jan. 25 

Maria, dau. Nicholas and Anne Hagerman . . . . Adolphustown, Feb. 16 
Katreen, dau. Gasberus and Anna Van Dusen. . " Feb. 16 

John, son George and Catharine Shriver .... Fredericksburgh, Feb. 24 
Ernest Duncan, son Gottlieb and Elizabeth Meegel . . Thurlow, Mar. 7 

Henry, son Michael and Mary Bartley Fredericksburgh, Mar. 7 

Elizabeth, dau. William and Anne Bell " Mar. 17 

James, son John and Esther Carscallen " Mar. 17 

Nelly, dau. Felix and Margaret MacPherson . Mar. 21 

George, son James and Lois Mordoff May 16 

Mary, dau. William and Mary Carsen Marysburgh, May 16 

Margaret, dau. Reed and Winifred North May 16 

Mary Barbara, dau. William and Margaret Rombough. .Fred., May 30 

Ruth, dau. Luke and Nabe Carscallen " June 6 

Jacob, son Jacob and Millison Hover Adolphustown, July 11 

Peggy, dau. Matthew and Evah Dies ...... Fredericksburgh, Sept. 26 

Samuel, son Charles and Katreen Barnhart . . " Oct. 3 

Margaret, dau. William and Jane Shaw Oct. 12 

Rachael, dau. Samuel and Mary Welsh Oct. 12 

Dorothy, dau. Peter and Katreen Bower. . . . Oct. 12 

Samuel, son Adam and Eunice Ashart Oct. 12 

Sophy Elizabeth, dau. Tobias and Christine 

Snider Oct. 17 

Nancy, dau. James and Lucy Russell Nov. 1 

Frederick, son Cornelius and Mary Oliver Richmond, Nov. 24 


Juliana, dau. Nathaniel and Tabetta Owens . . Sophiasburgh, Nov. 29 

Jacob, son John and Yanosha Mitz Fredericksburgh, Dec. 10 

Roby, dau. Joseph and Rachael Jenckes. ... " Dec. 21 

James, son Asahel and Agubah Bradshaw . . " Dec. 25 

Clarinda, dau. Cyrenus and Elizabeth Parke Dec. 27 

Katy, dau. On and Katy MacGraw " Dec. 27 


Edward, son Daniel and Dorothy Lloyd . . . . Fredericksburgh, Jan. 9 
Susanna, dau. Russell and Diana Pitman. ... " Jan. 10 

Marian, dau. Russell and Diana Pitman .... " Jan. 10 

Thomas Fraser, son Russell and Dana Pitman " Jan. 10 

Martin Butler, son Russell and Diana Pitman " Jan. 10 

Ales, daughter Joseph and Elizabeth Hicks . . . .Marysburgh, Jan. 23 
John, son Johannes and Cornelia Cornelius. .Fredericksburgh, Jan. 24 

James, son John and Margaret Stalker Sydney, Jan. 24 

William Malachi, son Oliver and J. Church . . . Fredericksburgh, Feb. 5 

Jane, dau. John and Sarah Huyck Adolphustown, Feb. 7 

John, son Cornelius and Jemima Van Horn . . " Feb. 7 

Nicholas, son Philip and Hannah Schmitt ..Fredericksburgh, Feb. 9 

Elizabeth, dau. Konrad and Sarah Sills Feb. 13 

Pob, son Nicholas and Elizabeth Peterson Adolphustown, Feb. 21 

James, son James and Mary MacMasters " Feb. 21 

John, son Owen and Dinah Richards Fredericksburgh, Mar. 6 

Sarah, dau. Ebenezer and Sarah Washburn . . Mar. 6 

George, son John and Catharine Blacker Ameliasburgh, Mar. 7 

Mary, dau. George and Elizabeth Rutter Adolphustown, Mar. 7 

John, son George and Elizabeth Rutter " Mar. 7 

William Bell, son Asa and Elin Hough .... Fredericksburgh, Mar. 20 
Casperus, son Jacob and Mary B. Fretz .... " Apr. 17 

Flora, dau. Duncan and Anna Bell Apr. 17 

George, son George and Anna Maginn Apr. 17 

John, son Elisha and Elizabeth Phillips .... Apr. 1 7 

Anna, dau. Abram and Anne Loucks May 1 

Jacob, son Joseph and Katreen Kemp May 15 

Henry, son Daniel and Mary Cole Adolphustown, May 16 

Ernest Tobias, son Johan and Anna Dreder Marysburgh, May 29 

Peter, son Andrew and Jane Embury Fredericksburgh, June 2 

John, son Andrew and Mary Rikley June 2 

David, son David and Molly Embury June 2 

William, son Henry and Annaka Loist .... .June 2 


Peggy, dau. James and Hannah Linsey .... Fredericksburgh, June 7 
William, son James and Peggy Bradshaw . . " June 7 

Mary, dau. Barnabas and Katreen Wemple Marysburgh, June 12 

Peter, son Peter and Mary Woodcock Fredericksburgh, June 14 

Jinney, dau. Abram and Katreen Lorraway . . " June 26 

Deborah, dau. Josiah and Jinney Harnes .... " June 29 

Sewantha, dau. Andrew and Elizabeth Rush Cambden, June 29 

Jacob, son Michael and Catharina Schmitt . .Fredericksburgh, June 29 
Eunice, dau. Alex, and Sarah Nicholson .... " July 10 

Marcus, son Jacob and Margaret Diamond . . " July 10 

Isaac, son Abram and Anne Mebe Adolphustown, July 10 

Mary, dau. Jobst Henry and Mary Davis Marysburgh, July 10 

John, son Stephen and Anna Young Fredericksburgh, July 24 

John, son Edward and Margaret Power Marysburgh, Aug. 21 

John, son Alexander and Elizabeth Clark . . Fredericksburgh, Aug. 22 
Jacob, son John and Katreen Diamond .... " Aug. 24 


John, son William and YanothSa Von Kochner Aug. 24 

Phebe Gilbert, dau. Thomas and Asenath Goldsmith . . Sophias., Sept. 5 

David Conger, son Thomas and Asenath Goldsmith . . " Sept. 5 

John Barnabas, son Augustus and Sarah Spencer . . " Sept. 5 

Guy Henry, son Daniel and Dorcas Young " Sept. 6 

David, son John and Jane Stinson " Sept. 6 

Mary, dau. John and Jane Stinson " Sept. 6 

Catharine, dau. John and Esther Carscallen. .Fredericksburgh, Sept. 17 

Sarah, dau. Moses and Jinney Foster Sept. 18 

Mary, dau. Daniel and Elizabeth Dafoe Sept. 21 

Elisabet, dau. Paul and Layna Peterson .... Sept. 21 

Magdalena, dau. Doctor and Margaret Prindle Sept. 21 

Michael, son Michael and Rachael Dafoe .... Sept. 21 

Rosanna, dau. George and Katreen Shriver . . Sept. 23 

Martha, dau. James and Anne MacTaggert . . Oct. 2 

Maria, dau. John and Lydia Keller Oct. 2 

John, son Hazelton and Margaret Spencer . . Oct. 2 

Peggy, dau. Jacob and Elisabet Berger Oct. 30 

Anne, dau. James and Phebe Kemp Oct. 30 

Richard, son of Pomps and Nelly, a negro 

living with Mr. Timothy Thompson Nov. 13 

William, son James and Susanna Parke Nov. 29 

Lucy, dau. Abraham and Katreen Dafoe .... Dec. 1 1 

George, son Albert and Catharine Williams . . Dec. 21 

Gilbert, son David and Katreen Harris .... Dec. 21 


Elizabeth, dau. John and Mareikia Detlor . . Fredericksburgh, Dec. 21 

Margaret, dau. William and Margaret Rom- 
bough Dec. 25 

Betsey, dau. William and Nancy Reed Thurlow, Dec. 28 

The new church of St, Paul's, Fredericksburgh, was opened 
and had Divine Service performed in it for the first time 
on Christmas Day, 1791. This is, perhaps, the first 
church that ever was built, new from the ground, in the 
province of Quebec, solely for a Church of England church ; 
excepting one of the Mohawk churches lays claim to a 


Daniel, son Oliver and Weinshay Cornel A dolphustown, Jan. 9 

Oliver, son Joseph and Susanna Cornel " Jan. 9 

Nicholas, son Christopher and Mary Peterson Fredericksburgh, Jan. 9 
Jacob, son Cristopher and Mary Peterson .... " Jan. 9 

John, son John and Christeen Diamond Jan. 9 

Jacobus, son Jacobus and Anna Demorest ... " Jan. 11 

Deborah, dau. William and Anne Cadman . . . Jan. 15 

Lawrance, son Henrich and Elishia Young . . Jan. 22 

Martha, dau. Mathew and Mary Pruyn Marysburgh, Jan. 22 

John Cyremus, son Cyremus and Elizabeth Parke . . Fredericks., Jan. 23 

Peter, son Peter and Margaret Philips Jan. 23 

Thomas, son Thomas and Mary Wager Jan. 24 

Peter, son Adam and Elizabeth Bower " Jan. 25 

Thomas, son Thomas and Hannah Bell Jan. 25 

Adam, son Peter and Katreen Bower " Jan. 25 

David, son Samuel and Mary Welch Fredericksburgh, Jan. 25 

Thomas, son Daniel and Dorothy Lloyd .... Feb. 5 

John, " " Feb. 5 

James, son Mary Young, by Daniel Young, as 

was supposed Feb. 5 

Bridget, dau. John and Sarah Connar Marysburgh, Feb. 19 

Philip, son David and Mary Dulmadge " Feb. 19 

David, son James and Mary Parke Fredericksburgh, Feb. 20 

Nancy, dau. James and Lois Mordoff Mar. 4 

Rachael, dau. Augustus and Margaret Wright Mar. 4 

Helen, dau. William and Anne Bell " Mar. 6 

William, son Peter and Isabel Collier Marysburgh, Mar. 18 

Elizabeth, dau. Daniel and Catherine MacMullen. . " Mar. 18 


Elisabet, dau. Jacob and Hannah Froalick . . Fredericksburgh, Mar. 25 
Alexander, son Donald and Margaret Macintosh . Marysburgh, Mar. 27 
Sarah, dau. Comfort and Margaret Smith . . . Fredericksburgh, May 29 

Debrah, dau. John and Lois Dafoe " May 29 

Elishia, dau. Abraham and Frankia Woodcock " May 29 

George, son Rhoda Frere, by Jacobus Ben, as 

was supposed May 30 

William, son Lambert and Anne Vanalstine Richmond, June 10 

Katreen, dau. Adam and Elisabet Sager " June 24 

James, son of Asa and Elin Hough Fredericksburgh, June 24 

Mary, dau. Jacob and Margaret Hufman .... June 26 

Katreen, dau. David and Diana Parke June 26 

Jinney, dau. William and Layna Thompson . July 3 

Peter, son Charles and Catarina Barnhart . . July 8 

Jinney, dau. Petrus and Betya Lorraway ... " July 8 

Esther, dau. Asabel and Azubia Bradshaw . . Sept. 9 

William Richardson, son Adam and E. Ashart Sept. 11 

Zeaus, son Zenas and Rachael Ross Oct. 2 

Magdalena, dau. Michael and Mary Bartley . . Oct. 2 

* Christopher Alexander, son Nicholas and 

Anne Hagerman A dolphustown, Oct. 2 

Daniel, son Daniel and Ebenezer Washburn . Fredericksburgh, Oct. 28 

Jacob, son Abraham and Anne Loucks Nov. 26 

Mary Anne, dau. John and Mary Anne Peters . . Marysburgh, Dec. 3 
Nancy, dau. Andrew and Elisabet Loist . . . .Fredericksburgh, Dec. 11 
Joseph, son Fredericks and Elizabeth Keller. Dec. 18 

John, son David and Isabel Bradshaw Dec. 18 

Susanna, dau. John and Yanotshay Mitts. . . Dec. 18 

Divine service was performed for the first time in the new 

church of St. Warburg's, Fredericksburgh, on Dec. 18th. 
Anny , dau. of Cunrad and Sara Sil Fredericksburgh, Dec. 23 


Nancy, dau. William and Jane Shaw Fredericksburgh, Jan. 1 

Elisabet, dau. Alexander and Sarah Nicholson Jan. 7 

Hannah Barbary, dau. Cornelius and Mary Oliver . Richmond, Jan. 7 

Mary, dau. William and Mary Williams .... Fredericksburgh, Jan. 7 

Katreen, dau. Frederick and Katreen Walrath Jan. 8 

*He became afterwards the Hon. Cristopher A. Hagerman, Solicitor-General of 
Upper Canada, and later on Chief Justice Hagerman, and father-in-law of the late Hon. 
J. Beverley Robinson, a Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario. 


Anny, dau. John and Katreen Diamond . . . .Fredericksburgh, Jan. 10 
Anne, dau. David and Elizabeth Barnhart . . Jan. 20 

Jacob Goelet, son Matthew and Eve Dies . . Jan. 20 

John, son Moses and Jinney Foster Jan. 20 

Samuel, son On and Catharine MacGraw. . . . Jan. 21 

Elizabeth, dau, Andrew and Elizabeth Rusk Cambden, Jan. 22 

Timothy, son Felix and Margret ^lcPhQYsou..Fredericksburgh, Feb. 2 

Anne, dau. Daniel and Elizabeth Morden Sophiasburgh, Feb. 4 

Rachael Wilson, dau. David and Juliana Conger Feb. 13 

Jane Stinson, dau. Peter Designea and Nancy Conger " Feb. 13 

Sladay Meyers, dau. Geo. and Elisabet Rutter .Adolphustown, Feb. 14 

David, son John and Sarah Conner Marysburgh, Feb. 1 7 

James, son Joseph and Catherine Kemp .... Fredericksburgh, Mar. 3 
William Frederick, son Martinus and Margaret 

Sherman " Mar. 4 

Nathaniel, son James and Susanna Parke . . . Mar. 4 

Margaret, dau. Lorence and Monykey Sill . . June 11 

Nicholas, son Johannes and Cornelia Cornelius June 11 

Mary, dau. Albert and Catherine Williams . . June 11 

Margarita, dau. John and Christiana Diamond. June 11 

Henry, son Jacob and Elisabet Berger July 7 

Mary, dau. John and Margaret Ben July 7 

Peter, son Daniel and Treinkia Bowen July 10 

Elizabeth, dau. Jarnes and Hannah Lindsey . . July 10 

Nicholas, son Peter and Mary Woodcock .... July 20 

Elijah, son Stephen and Annie Young " Sept. 1 

Andrew, son Andrew and Mary Rikley .... Sept. 1 

John, son Johannes and Lydia Keller " Sept. 15 

James, son Elisha and Elizabeth Phillips .... Sept. 15 

Richard, surnamed Pruyn, a negro living 

with Harmen Pruyn " Oct. 6 

Jacob, son of Petrus and Margaret Sharp. ... " Oct. 13 

Elizabeth, dau. James and Phebe Kemp .... " Oct. 13 

Henry, son George H. and Katrina Lloyd . . Oct. 27 

Mercy, dau. Jehiel and Amanda Hawley .... " Dec. 25 


Joseph, son Michael and Mary Bentley . . . .Fredericksburgh, Jan. 1 
Elizabet, dau. Richard and Mary Lloyd . , . . " Jan. 1 

Thomas, son Josiah and Jinney Herns Jan. 1 

Katy, dau. Daniel and Dorothy Lloyd " Jan. 5 


Asa, son Asa and Elin Hough Fredericksburgh, Jan. 5 

Cyrenus, son Cyrenus and Elizabeth Parke . . Jan. 6 

Margaret, dau. Chehan and Annoka Loist ... " Jan. 6 

Chehan Baltus, son John and Mary M. Holcomb.Adolphustown, Jan. 6 
Katy, dau. William and Katreen MacGraw . . Fredericksburgh, Jan. 6 
Alexander Simon, son Alex, and Nancy Chisholm . . Thurlow, Jan. 13 
Elizabeth, dau. Henry and Mary Young .... Fredericksburgh, Jan. 20 

Rachael, dau. William and Kezia Cook Cambden, Jan. 20 

John, son James and Anna MacTaggart .... Fredericksburgh, Feb. 2 
Jochum, son Lambert and Anne Van Alstine .... Richmond, Feb. 3 
Thomas, son James and Peggy Bradshaw . .Fredericksburgh, Feb. 5 

Thomas, son William and Martha Carson Marysburgh, Feb. 7 

Jennet, dau. Alexander and Elizabeth Cl&rke.Fredericksburgh, Feb. 16 
Abram, son Abram and Treinkie Woodcock .Fredericksburgh, Feb. 17 
Mercy Lauder, dau, Augustus and Sarah Spencer.Sophiasburgh, Feb. 26 

Barrat, son William and Catharine Dyre " Feb. 26 

David Conger, son Daniel and Dorcas Young . . " Feb. 26 

Nancy, dau. of Barret and Mary Dyre and wife 

of Henry Young " Feb. 26 

Alexander Van Alstine, son George and Eliza- 
beth Rutter Adolphustown, Feb. 27 

Anna Maria, dau. Wm. and Katreen Fairman . . .Marysburgh, Mar. 2 
Jinney, dau. Jacobus and Mareikia DemorQst.Fredericksburgh, Mar. 2 
Margaret, dau. Peter and Katreen Bower .... " Mar. 4 

Rachael, dau William and Sarah Lewis " Mar. 4 

Abigail, dau. Duncan and Anna Bell " April 27 

William Sole, son Henry and Elishia Young . " May 11 

Margaret, dau. Gottlip and Elisabet Maigal . . .Ameliasburgh, June 8 
Margaret, dau. David and Molly Embury . . Fredericksburgh, June 24 
Jacob, son Ryneard and Maria Quackenbush. " June 24 

Mary, dau. Johan and Elizabeth Loist June 24 

Elizabeth, dau. Jacob and Margaret Huf man . " July 8 

Mary, dau. David and Diana Parke Sept. 23 

Mary, dau. Jacob and Margaret Diamond .... Sept. 23 

Katreen, dau. Cheban and Margaret Sherman " Sept. 23 

William, son Johannes and Isabel Sill Sept. 23 

Jesse, son James and Content Wells Oct. 28 

Elisabet, dau. Abram and Anne Loucks .... Nov. 2 

John, son George and Sarah Loucks Nov. 16 

Mary, dau. John and Lois Dafoe " Nov. 18 



Samuel, son William and Layna Thompson . . Fredericksburgh Jan. 6 
John Smith, son Petrus and Betya Lorraway Jan. 11 

Peter James, son James and Susannah Parke. " Jan. 12 

William, son Jacobus and Anglesha Demorest Jan. 14 

Huldah, dau. Timothy and Huldah Prindel. . " Jan. 14 

Nancy, dau. George and Lucy Mordoff Jan. 18 

Garret, son James and Sarah McNutt Jan. 27 

Dinah, dau. Nicholas and Hannah Woodcock. " Jan. 27 

John, son William and Katreen MacGraw . . Jan. 27 

Elizabeth, dau. Alexander and Elizabeth Ellsworth . Cambden, Jan. 28 
Mary, dau. Johannes J. and Katreen ShrivQr.Fredericksburgh, Jan. 29 
James Benjamin, son John and Jannokha Mitts Jan. 29 

Jacob, son William and Jane Shaw Jan. 29 

Katreen, dau. James and Hannah Lindsey . . " Jan. 29 

Henry Young, son Heinrich and E. Zufelt . . . . Sophiasburgh, Feb. 18 
John Henry, son Henry and Nancy Young. . . . Feb. 18 

Sabra Ann, dau. Thomas and Asenath Goldsmith " Feb. 18 

Elizabeth, dau. John and Jane Stinson Feb. 18 

Agnes, dau. " " " Feb. 18 

Rachael, dau. Augustus and Sarah Spencer. . . . Feb. 18 

John, son John and Mary Anne Peters Marysburgh, Feb. 22 

Sarah, dau. Richard and Katrina Fitchet . . . Fredericksburgh, Feb. 23 

James, son John and Jannotsha Hart " Feb. 23 

Maria, dau. Neal and Mary Mac Mullen Kingston, Mar. 8 

Elizabeth, dau. Albert and Catherine Willi&ms.Adolphustown, Mar. 9 
Stauts, son Andreas and Susannah Kimmerly .... Richmond, Mar. 10 

Richard, son Joseph and Cicely Merit Fredericksburgh, Mar. 11 

Mary, dau. Chant and Mary Brant " Mar. 19 

Neil, son Job and Sarah Ay les worth Ernest Town, Mar. 2 

Mary, dau. David and Katreen Sager Ameliasburgh, Mar. 22 

Alexander Clark, son Wm. and Anne Harlow . Fredericksburgh, Mar. 22 
William, son Johannes J. and Margaret Sil . . " Mar. 22 

Barnabas, son Alexander and Sarah Nichlson " Mar. 23 

Isaac, son Asa and Elin Hough " April 19 

Edward, son Heinrich J. and Catrina Lloyd . " May 3 

George, son Stephen and Anne Young May 17 

George, son Solomon and Hannah Rosier. ... " May 17 

Isaac, son Abram and Katreen Lorraway . . . May 31 

John, son Lawrence and Monykey Sil " May 31 


Philip, son Joseph and Katreen Kemp Fredericksburgh, May 31 

Gared, son Samuel and Mary Dingman June 30 

Margaret, dau. Zenas and Rachael Ross .... " June 30 

James, son Cyrenus and Elizabeth Parke .... June 30 

George, son Andrew and Mary Rikley June 30 

Eleazer, son William and Mary Williams .... July 1 

Tamar, dau. Adam and Eunice Arhart " July 15 

Eliza, dau. Joseph and Harriet Blunt July 16 

Katreen, dau. Jacob and Elisabet Berger .... July 23 

Jeptha, son Asabel and Azubah Bradshaw . . . Sept. 3 

Elizabeth, dau. Moses and Jinney Foster .... Sept. 6 

Hugh, son John and Margaret Ben Sept. 6 

Mary, dau. Conrad and Sarah Sil " Sept. 6 

Layna, dau. James and Elizabeth Cushion Marysburgh, Sept. 6 

Simon Ebenezer, son Ebenzer and Sarah Washburn Oct. 18 

Duncan Bell, son Lambert and N. Van Alstine. . . .Richmond, Oct. 27 
Katreen, dau. Johannes and Lydia Keller . . Fredericksburgh, Dec. 1 3 

John, son James and Phebe Kemp Dec. 27 

Abram, son John and Mary Kemp Dec. 27 


Barnabas, son Josiah and Katreen Cane . . . .Fredericksburgh, Jan. 10 
George Campbel, son Josiah and Yannotshay Herns " Jan. 18 

Elizabeth, dau. William and Yannotshay Von Kochnot " Jan. 19 

William, son Johannes and Elizabeth Scarmahorn Jan. 19 

Caleb, son David and Molly Embury Jan. 25 

Jacob, son James and Mary MacMasters . . . . Adolphustown, Jan. 25 
Deborah, dau. Doctor and Margaret Prindle . Fredericksburgh, Jan. 25 
William, son Michael and Rachael Dafoe .... Jan. 25 

Rachael, dau. John and M. Magdalena Holcomb Jan. 25 

Layna, dau. Cheban and Annaka Loist .... Jan. 25 

Abraham, son John and Christina Diamond . Jan. 25 

Richard, son Peter and Mary Woodcock .... Feb. 8 

Andrew, son Andrew and Elizabeth Rusk Cambden, Feb. 9 

Thomas, son David and Katreen Palmer Sydney, Feb. 9 

Katreen, dau. David and Katreen Harris .... Fredericksburgh, Feb. 9 
James, son Nathanael and Jane Hurlbut .... Feb. 9 

Asa, son Thomas and Eve Richardson Feb. 10 

William, son Daniel and Dorcas Young Sophiasburgh, Feb. 17 

John, son Thomas and Asenath Goldsmith ..... Feb. 17 

Letitia, dau. John and Eve Ho well " Feb. 21 


Peter, son John and Sarah Fosyuar Fredericksburg, Feb. 22 

Andrew, son Johan and Elisabet Loist Feb. 22 

Jacob, son Abraham and Mary Cronkhite . . . Feb. 22 

Isaac, son Thomas and Mary Dempsey Ameliasburgh, Feb. 23 

Catharine, dau. Johannes and Elisabel Skinkle " Mar. 2 

James, son James and Christina Hennesy Mar. 2 

Katreen, dau. Joerg and Alladay Meyers Sidney, Mar. 2 

Philip, son Andreas and Peggy Lott " Mar. 2 

Treena, dau. Harmonus and Jane Simmon " Mar. 2 

Susanna, dau. David and Betsy Simmon " Mar. 2 

Anny Gruber, dau. Samuel and Huldah Rosier " Mar. 2 

Ogden, natural son Fanny Rosier, by Ogden Miller, 

as was supposed " Mar. 2 

Joseph, son Ebenezer and Fanny Green " Mar. 2 

Ebenezer, son " " " " Mar. 2 

Silas, son " " " Mar. 2 

Abigail, dau. Abel and Blondina Gilbert " Mar. 2 

John, son Ernest and Elisabel Meikel Ameliasburgh, Mar. 2 

Charles, son Charles and Ruth Soals Sidney, Mar. 2 

Peter Smith, son Petries and Mary Hofman " Mar. 2 

Mathew, son Matthew and Zezia Howell Murray, Mar. 2 

John, son William and Miriam Smith Sidney, Mar. 2 

William son " " " Mar. 2 

Susanna, dau. " " Mar. 2 

Mary, dau. " " " Mar. 2 

Elizabeth, dau. " " " Mar. 2 

Sarah, dau. " " " Mar. 2 

Jemima, dau. " " Mar. 2 

Betty, surnamed Levi, a negro girl living with Johannes 

Walden Meyers Thurlow, Mar. 2 

Philip, son Filip and Elizabet Zwich " Mar. 3 

Ashur, surnarned Hampton, a negro boy living with 

Samuel Sherwood " Mar. 3 

William, son William and Mary Kelly Sidney, Mar. 6 

Elizabeth, dau. Daniel F. and Dorothy Lloyd, Fredericksburgh, Mar. 6 
Richard, son James and Anne McTaggart . . . Apr. 30 

Nathanael, son Nathanael and Jane Hurlburt " June 5 

Katy, dau. Victor and Maria Bowen June 8 

Asahel, son James and Peggy Bradshaw .... " June 8 

Amos Lucas, son Johan Georg and Susanna Schmitt " June 8 

Daniel Weir, son William and Eleanor Dugall " June 12 


Tiras, son Jehiel and Amanda Hawley Fredericksburgh, June 19 

William, son Petrus and Maria Bowen " June 20 

Elizabeth, dau. Michael and Mary Bartley . . . June 21 

Peter, son Johannes and Isabel Sil June 26 

Sally, dau. Adam and Elisabet Sager Richmond, Aug. 21 

Eleanor, dau. Cheban and Margaret Sherman . Fredericksburgh, Sept. 6 

Phebe, dau. James and Mary Lockard " Sept. 6 

Lucy, dau. Jacob and Margaret Huf man .... " Sept. 6 

Kachae], dau. James and Susanna Parke .... Sept. 6 

Elizabeth, dau. Johannes and Katreen Shriver Sept. 26 

Katreen, dau. Henry and Mary Young Sept. 27 

Ruth, dau. Samuel and Mercy Luscombe Sept. 27 

Martha, dau. Samuel and Mercy Luscomb and 

wife of Jean B. Beaussele' " Sept. 27 

Magdelena, dau. Gideon and Eachael Rogers . Oct. 30 

John, son Abram and Anne Louks Dec. 11 

Susanna, dau. George and Sally Louks Dec. 11 


Mally, dau. Maria Woodcock, Fredericksburgh, by Jacop 

Dingman, as was supposed, Jan. 23 

Anny, dau. Nicholas and Hannah Woodcock . Fredericksburgh, Jan. 23 
Margaret, dau. Peter and Margaret Philips . . Jan. 23 

Elizabeth, dau. Adam and Catharine Rector . Feb. 5 

Anny, dau. James and Lois Mordoff Feb. 7 

Amos, son John and Elizabeth Schermerhorn Feb. 8 

Richard, son Geo. H. and Katarina Lloyd . . . Feb. 8 

Conrad, son John and Lois Daf oe Feb. 8 

William Frederick, son John and Christina Diamond " Feb. 20 

James, son James and Sarah MacNutt Feb. 20 

Christian, son William and Layna Thompson Feb. 22 

John Owens, son David and Juliana Conger . . . Sophiasburgh, Mar. 1 
James Potter, son Augustus and Sarah Spencer Mar. 1 

George Alexander, son Alex, and E. Clark . .Fredericksburgh, Mar. o 

Flora, dau. Asa and Elin Hough Apr. 16 

Nancy, dau. John and Mary Rector Apr. 30 

Conrad, son Lawrance and Monykey Sil .... May 14 

Rachael, dau. Conrad and Sarah Sil May 14 

John, son William and Eleanor Dugall May 19 

Mary Elizabeth, dau. Bruine and Mary Hough. Adolphustown, June 13 
Conrad, son John and Margaret Ben Fredericksburgh, June 13 


Allyn, son James and Content Wells Fredericksburgh, June 14 

William Dugall, son Stephen and Anne Young June 25 

Alexander, son Alex, and Sarah Nicholson. . . June 17 

Peter, son Samuel and Mary Dingman ...... June 27 

Jacob, son Richard and Lay yaw or Leah Sharp June 27 

James, son James and Hannah Lindsay July 9 

Nancy, dau. Albert and Catharine Williams . July 9 

Katreen, dau. Chant and Mary Brant July 12 

Henry, son John and Yannokyay Mitts July 12 

Henry Bertskey, son Joseph and Katreen Kemp July 23 

John, son John and Jane Mordoff Sept. 2 

Daniel, son Petrus and Maria Bowen . " Sept. 6 

James, son George and Mary Colten Sept. 6 

Pamela, dau. " " " Sept. 6 

Clarissa, dau. " " Sept. 6 

John, son John and Esther Price Sept. 17 

Elisabet, dau. John and Yannetye Hart Oct. 1 

Jacob, son Andrew and Mary Rikley Oct. 3 

Anna Margaret, dau. Jacob and Anna M. Diamond " Oct. 3 

Mary, dau. Oliver and Elizabeth Arnal Oct. 4 

Zelica, dau. Jethro and Zelica Jackson Oct. 4 

Catharine, dau. Jacobus and Anne Demorest . Oct. 4 

Elijah, son of Elijah and Hannah Ferris .... Oct. 4 

Anna, dau. John and Mary Kemp Oct. 15 

William, son James and Anna MacTaggart. . Nov. 12 

Asahel, son Elisha and Elizabeth Philips " Dec. 10 

Eleanor, dau. James and M. Cotter Dec. 10 

Margaret, dau. Cheban arid Elizabeth Loy st . Dec. 1 1 

Josiah, son Thomas and Eva Richardson. . . . Dec. 12 


Jane, dau. Abram and Katreen Lorraway . . . Dec. 24 

Phebe, dau. James and Phebe Kemp Jan. 7 

Katy, dau. Henry and Margaret Williams Sophiasburgh, Jan. 7 

Mary, dau. Peter and Margaret Philips Fredericksburgh, Jan. 8 

John, son William and Mary Williams Jan. 8 

Gasper, son Henry and Elishia Young Jan. 10 

Sarah, dau. James and Elizabeth Fitchett . . . Jan. 21 

Margaret R., dau. John and Mary A. Peters Hallowell, Jan. 21 

John, natural son of Margaret MacDaniel of Ameliasburgh, 

by John Soper, as was supposed, Jan. 23 


William, son William and Elizabeth Lewis Cambden, Jan. 23 

Sarah, dau. " " " " Jan. 23 

Christeen, dau. Adam and Eunice Arhart . . . Fredericksburgh, Feb. 5 

William, son, John and Jane Stinson Hallowell, Feb. 21 

Henry, son Nicholas and Anna Hagerman , . . . Adolphustown, Feb. 22 
Margaret, dau. William and Anne Harlow . . Fredericksburgh, Mar. 4 
Ruth, dau. " " " " Mar. 4 

Jane, dau. Johannes and Lydia Keller " Mar. 4 

Christopher, son Abram and Treinkia Woodcock " Mar. 9 

John, son James and Mary MacMasters Adolphustown, Mar. 19 

Abram, son Peter and Mary Woodcock Fredericksburgh, Mar. 19 

Martin, son Henry and Nelly Palmateer. ... " Mar. 19 

Thomas, son Gilliam and Jinney Demorest Richmond, Mar. 19 

Rachael C., dau. William and Rachael Bell. .Mohawk Village, Mar. 19 

Elizabeth, dau. Aaron and Welthyen Oliver Richmond, Mar. 19 

John, son William and Sarah Hannah Fredericksburgh, Apr. 15 

Sophy, natural dau. Sarah Hannah, by Thos. 

Douglas, as was supposed , " Apr. 1 5 

James, son Hugh and Mary Walker Adolphustown, Apr. 29 

Margaret, dau. William and Yannetshay Van Kochnat . . Fred., May 7 

George, son Jacob and Elisabet Berger Fredericks., May 13 

Daniel, son Daniel and Dorothy Lloyd " May 13 

Elizabeth, dau. Josiah and Y. Herns " May 30 

Laynay, dau. Frederick and Betsey Keller " May 30 

Hannah, dau. Daniel and Catharine Bowen May 30 

David, son Asahel and Azubah Bradshaw " May 30 

Nathan, son James and Susanna Parke " May 30 

Sarah, dau. Victor and Maria Bowen " June 13 

Asa, son Johannes and Elizabeth Schamarhorn . . " June 27 

Elishia, dau. William and Katreen MacGraw .... " July 24 

Elizabet, dau. Cheban H. and Anna Loist July 24 

Baltus, son John and Christiana Diamond ' July 24 

Elizabeth, dau. James and Lois Mordoff " Aug. 19 

George, son Johannes and Isabel Sil " Aug. 19 

Katreen, dau. James and Peggy Bradshaw Sept. 5 

Erastus, son Giles and Rachael Moor Oct. 1 

Polly, dau. Stephen and Elizabet Lewis Adolphustown, Oct. 1 

Nancy, dau. Johan and Catharine Shriver . . Fredericksburgh, Oct. 3 
Margaret, dau. Henrich and Anna Bertsky . . " Oct. 1 4 

Mary, dau, Michael and Mary Bartley Oct. 31 

Katreen, dau. Johannes and Polly Bowen ... " Nov. 14 



Mary, dau. John and Sarah Forsquar Fredericksburgh, Jan. 20 

Amanda Harris, dau. Isaac and Katreen Blofelt Sydney, Jan. 22 

Sarah, dau. Andrew and Elizabeth Rusk Cambden, Jan. 22 

Elias, son Cyrenus and Elizabeth Park Fredericksburgh, Feb. 4 

Cornelia, dau. Christian and Sarah Peterson. Feb. 18 

Isabel, dau. David and Isabel Bradshaw .... Feb. 20 

Hiram, son Henry and Nancy Young Hallowell, Feb. 26 

Eobert Ladner Willson, son David and J. Conger . . Feb. 26 

Hazel ton, son Augustus and Sarah Spencer Feb. 26 

Jacob, son John and Sarah Miller Feb. 26 

Rachel, dau. Daniel and Dorcas Young Feb. 26 

Elizabeth H., dau. Ebenezer and Sabra Beaman ... " Feb. 26 

Samuel, son Mary Huntley, by Samuel Hudson, as 

was supposed Feb. 26 

John, son John and Mary Woodcock Mar. 5 

Benjamin, son George H. and Catharina Lloyd . . .Fredericks., Mar. 17 

George, son John and Jane Mordoff " Mar. 31 

Abigail, dau. Ebenezer and Sarah Washburn " Apr. 14 

Isaac, son John and Margaret Ben May 26 

Hannah, dau. Harmonus and Phebe Lorroway ... " May 26 

Eleanor, dau. Duncan and Anna Bell May 26 

Charles, son Allister and E. Clark June 8 

Andrew, son William and Lydia Thompson " June 12 

Owen, son Robert and Hannah Anderson " June 12 

John, son Joseph and Cicely Meritt " June 12 

Azubah, dau. Martin and Amy Hawley " June 14 

Elizabeth, dau. Benjamin and Margaret Boice .... July 7 

Nancy, dau. Jacob and Mary Hough " July 7 

Mary, dau. Alezander and Sarah Nicholson July 9 

Daniel, son Johannes and Katrina Veder . . . . Adolphustown, July 21 

Mary, dau. Jacobus and Margaret Forsyua? Fredericks., July 21 

Jacob, son Richard and Katreen Fitchett " Sept. 4 

Timothy Thompson, son Peter and Mary Davison " Sept. 15 

Prudence, dau. James and Content Wells, " Sept. 18 

Mary, dau. George and Sally Loucks " Sept. 29 

George, son Johannes and Mary Finkle " Oct. 13 

Barnabas, son Asa and Elen Hough , " Oct. 27 

Anne, dau. Joseph and Katreen Kemp " Nov. 10 

Susanna, dau. John and Esther Price Nov. 24 

Joseph, son James and Elizabeth Fitchett Nov. 24 




Charles, son of Philip F. and Nancy Herner . Fredericksburgh, Jan. 5 
Elizabeth, dau. Oliver and Elizabeth Arnold . " Jan. 8 

Content, dau. George and Mary Colton " Jan. 22 

Hannah, dau. Jacobus and Elizabeth Berger . " Feb. 2 

Tobias, son Henry and Elisha Young " Feb. 2 

Joseph, son Heinrich Andreas and E. Loist. . " Feb. 3 

Jinney, dau. Albert and Katreen Williams . . " Feb. 3 

Isaac, son Samuel and Mary Dingman " Feb. 3 

George, son Henry and Nancy Young Hallowell, Feb. 24 

Asenath, dau. Thomas and Asenath Goldsmith .... " Feb. 24 

John, son Daniel and Dorcas Young " Feb. 24 

Jane, dau. Nicholas and Anne Hagerman . . . . Adolphustown, Mar. 2 

John, son John and Mary Kemp Fredericksburgh, Mar. 2 

Martha, dau. Abner and Lucretia Huntley . . " Mar. 2 

John, son John and Elizabeth Schermerhorn " Mar. 2 

Susanna, dau. George and Lydia Lucas " Mar. 5 

Joseph, son Jonathan and Anne Allen Adolphustown, Mar. 16 

Peter, son Stephen and Anne Young Fredericksburgh, Mar. 16 

William, son Jacob and Margaret Diamond. . " Mar. 17 

Lay nay, dau. Conrad and Sarah Sill " Mar. 30 

William, son Johanness and Lydia Keller ... " May 1 1 

Mary, dau. Lucretia Nicholson by David 

Spraig, as was supposed " May 1 1 

William, son of Yerrigh and Y. Von Kochnot " June 11 

Henry, son Ghawt Heinrigh and Maria Brant " June 11 

Margaret, dau. James and Elizabeth Cushion Marysburgh, June 22 

Cornelius, son James and Susanna Parke . . . Fredericksburgh, June 24 
Elizabeth, dau. James and Mary MacMaster . . Adolphustown, June 24 
Hannah, dau. Henry and Katreen Sinclair . . Fredericksburgh, June 24 

James, son Thomas and Anne Fegan Marysburgh, July 6 

Henry, son Adam and Eunice Ashart Fredericksburgh, July 9 

James, son Adam and Eunice Ashart " July 9 

Charles, son Asabel and Azubah Bradshaw . . " Sept. 3 

Mary Anne, dau. Johannes and Isabel Sills . . " Sept. 14 

Peggy, dau. Joseph and Cicely Meritt " Oct. 15 

David, son Frederick and Elizabeth Keller . . " Oct. 15 

Peter, son Cheban and Anna Loist . . " Oct. 28 



Daniel, son Cyrenius and Elizabeth Parke . .Fredericksburgh, Feb. 2 

Jared, son Salmon and Zelicia Tyler : . " Feb. 4 

Elizabeth, dau. John and Sarah Forshee .... Feb. 16 

Abram, son Peter and Margaret Philips Feb. 16 

Mary, dau. John and Mary Woodcock " Feb. 16 

Melinda, dau. Martin and Amy Hawley Feb. 17 

George, son Timothy and Sarah Fisher " Feb. 18 

Josiah, son Benjamin and Margaret Boice ... " Mar. 29 

Elishia, dau. Geo. H. and Katarina Lloyd . . . Mar. 29 

Adam, son Daniel and Dorothy Lloyd " Apr. 12 

Stephen, son Stephen and Anne Young .... " Apr. 5 

Eunice, dau. Asa and Elin Hough " May 10 

Margaret, dau. Jacobus and Mally Hough ... " May 24 

Andrew, son John and Christiana Diamond . " May 26 

James, son Jacob and Margaret Huffman ... " June 9 

Hannah, dau. Rynerd and Maria Quackinbush " June 9 

Marie Ann, dau. Jeremie and Marie Vize de 

Guarrie " June 23 

Eva, dau., Stephen and Elizabeth Lewis Adolphustown, June 23 

David, son Alexander and Sarah Nicholson . Fredericksburgh, June 23 

Frederick, son Johannes and Polly Bowen Richmond, June 23 

Elizabeth, dau. William and Jinney Richardson . .Fredericks., July 7 

Gilbert, son Johannes and Maria Finkle " July 19 

Nicholas, son Richard and Anne Woodcock " Sept. 1 

Elizabeth, dau. John and Margaret Ben " Sept. 2 

James, son William and Anne Harlow " Sept. 27 

Nicholas, son Abraham and Katy Woodcock .... " Sept. 29 

Paul, son Abraham and Katy Woodcock " Sept. 29 

Mary, dau. Abraham and Katy Woodcock " Sept. 29 

Samuel, son Samuel and Mary Dingman Oct. 13 

Anny, dau. James and Peggy Bradshaw " Oct. 14 

Daniel Smith, son George and Lydia Lucas Oct. 28 


Nancy, dau. Jacobus and Margaret Forshee. .Fredericksburgh, Feb. 14 

Gilbert, son Jacobus and Katreen Sharp .... " Feb. 14 

Silas, son Johan an Elisabet Loist Mar. 1 

Mary Anne, dau. James and Elizabeth Fitchett " Mar. 14 

Mary, dau. William and Elizabeth Schermerhorn " Mar. 17 


Elizabeth, dau. Adam and Eunice Arhart . . . Fredericksburgh, Mar. 17 
Cyrenius, son Nathan and Rebekah Parke . . " Apr. 12 

Jacob, son John and Mary Kemp " Apr. 25 

Peter, son John and Yannotshay Hart " May 11 

Elizabeth, dau. James and Susanna Parke . . " May 24 

Katreen, dau. Andrew and Mary Rikley " May 24 

Mary, dau. Barnard and Elizabeth Forshee. . " May 25 

Phebe, dau. Harmonus and Phebe Lorraway " June 6 

Thomas, son John and Esther Price " June 6 

Cornelia, dau. Daniel and Catharine Bowen " June 9 

Barnabas, son George and Sarah Cain " June 20 

Garret, son Henry and Any Van Tassal Adolphustown, July 19 

Jethro, son Salmon and Zelica Tyler Richmond, July 21 

Phebe, dau. Abner and Lucretia Huntly Fredericksburgh, July 29 

Lydia, dau. Johannes and Lydia Keller .... " Aug. 29 

Jinney, dau. Michael and Mary Bartley .... " Sept. 14 

Isaac, son John and Mary Woodcock Thurlow, Sept. 14 

Jehiel, son Ducan and Anna Bell Fredericksburgh, Oct. 10 

Margaret, dau. Chant and Mary Brant " Oct. 27 

Sarah, dau. James and Hannah Lindsey .... " Oct. 27 

Samuel, son William and Mary Williams ... " Nov. 9 

Abigail, dau. Joseph and Sarah Parke " Nov. 22 

Elizabeth, dau. Frederick and Elizabeth Keller " Nov. 24 


Elizabeth, dau. Stephen and Amy Young . . .Fredericksburgh, Jan. 16 

Robert, son Micaiah and Eleanor Janes Richmond, Jan. 19 

Charlotte, dau. Cyrenus and Elizabeth P&rke.Fredericksburgh, Jan. 31 

Deborah, dau. Johan and Anna Loist " Jan. 31 

Katy, dau. Henrich and Katreen Krimstone. . " Jan. 31 

James, son Christopher and Sarah Peterson . . Jan. 31 

Margaret, dau. Martin and Isabel Hough " Feb. 13 

Samuel Brownson, son Oliver and E. Arnold . . . .Richmond, Feb. 16 
Nancy Langhorn, dau. Stephen and Polly Conger . . Hallowell, Feb. 23 
Dorcas Smith, dau. David and Juliana Conger .... " Feb. 23 

David Conger, son Augustus and Sarah Spencer . . Feb. 23 

Frances, dau. Augustus and Sarah Spencer Feb. 23 

Mary Dyre, dau. Henry and Nancy Young Feb. 23 

Gloranah, dau. Daniel and Dorcas Young Feb. 23 

Jane, dau. Benjamin and Elizabeth Seymour . .Fredericksburgh, Mar. 13 
Cily, dau. Nathaniel and Rebekah Parke " June 6 


Martin, son C. Baltus and Deborah Shewman, Fredericksburgh, June 6 
Mary, dau. John and Christiana Diamond . . June 6 

David, son David and Diana Parke June 7 

Jinney, dau. Josiah and Y. Herns June 8 

Martin Hawley, son Asahel and Azubah 

Bradshaw June 8 

Samuel, son James and Sarah MacNutt Adolphustoivn, June 21 

Selenda, dau. Elihu and Chloe Lincoln Fredericksburgh, June 21 

Samuel, son Elihu and Chloe Lincoln June 21 

Esther, dau. Elihu and Chloe Lincoln " June 21 

John, son William and Anne Harlow June 25 

Jennet, dau. William and Anne Harlow. . . . June 25 

Rachael, dau. Barnabas and Katreen Wemp . . Amherst Isle, July 3 
George, son George H. and Katreen Lloyd . .Fredericksburgh, July 3 

John, son Stephen and E. Lewis July 5 

Robert, son Conrad and Sarah Sil July 1 7 

Mary, dau. James and Elizabeth Cushion Marysburgh, July 31 

Hannah, dau. Roger and Mary Burgess Aug. 30 

Ally, dau. David and Dianna Parke Aug. 30 

Margaret, dau. Benjamin and Margaret Boice . . Aug. 31 

John, son Jacob and Margaret Huffman Sept. 1 2 

Sarah, dau. James and Susanna Parke Sept. 12 

Margaret, dau. David and Isabel Bradshaw .... Sept. 14 

Joseph, son Richard and Anny Woodcock Sept. 27 

Asa, son William and Jinney Richardson Sept. 27 

Elizabeth, dau. William and Katreen MacGraw . Oct. 25 

Hannah, dau. William and Katreen MacGraw . . Oct. 25 

Nicholas, son Cornelius and Mary Oliver Richmond, Nov. 8 

Peggy Rombough, dau. James and E. Fitchett . . . Fredericks., Nov. 11 


Isaac, son Harmoness and Phebe Lorraway . .Fredericksburgh, Jan. 15 

Maria, dau. George and Lydia Lucas Jan. 18 

Tamar, dau. Henry and Katreen Richardson . Jan. 18 

John, son James and Peggy Bradshaw Jan. 18 

Jacob, son John and Hannah Dingman Percy, Feb. 12 

John, son David and Hannah Turney Cramhe, Feb. 15 

Samuel, son David and Hannah Turney " Feb. 15 

David, son Abraham and Treingkia Woodcock . .Fredericks., Feb. 27 

John Carscallen, son John and E. Neely Mar. 11 

Elizabeth, dau. James and Magdalena Cotter . . Sophiasburgh, Mar. 11 


Katy, dau. Albert and Katreen Williams Cambden, Mar. 13 

Abigail, dau. Peter and Leah Glut Fredericksburgh, Apr. 8 

Jane, dau. Peter and Leah Glut " Apr. 8 

Katy, dau. George and Sarah Cain May 6 

Jane, dau. Jacob and Mary Hough " May 6 

Margaret, dau. Jacob and S. Finkle May 6 

Juliana, dau. Hazelton and M. Spencer " May 20 

Elizabeth, dau. James and Katreen Sharp . . . June 3 

John, son John and Jane Mordoff June 3 

Jared, son Samuel and Mary Dingman June 5 

Sally, dau. John and Nancy Black " June 6 

Nancy, dau. John and Esther Price " June 17 

Britannia, dau. John and Jane Wilson " June 20 

William, son Baltus and Debrah Shewman . . " July 2 

Elsy, dau. John and Mary Woodcock July 3 

Sarah, dau. James and Asenath Davis July 15 

Florence, son John and Margaret Ben July 15 

John Oliver, son Oliver and Mary Church . . " Aug. 25 

Isaac, son Oliver and Elizabeth Arnold Richmond, Sept. 26 

Nancy, dau. Peter and Mary Davison Fredericksburgh, Oct. 21 

Margaret, dau. Daniel and Catharine Bowen . Oct. 24 

Mary, dau. Peter and Leah Glut " Nov. 4 

George, son Elisha and Elizabeth Philips ... " Nov. 18 

Elizabeth, dau. James and E. Fitchett " Nov. 18 

Alexander, son John and Catharine Lansing " Dec. 2 

John, son Asa and Elin Hough " Dec. 30 

Flora, dau. Martin and Isabel Hough Dec. 30 


Ankia, dau. Cornelius and Mary Oliver Richmond, June 14 

Lucretia, dau. Seth and Ruth Huntley Hamilton, June 27 

Cyrenius, son Joseph and Sarah Parke . . . . Frederickskburgh, June 28 
Hannah, dau. Cyrenius and Elizabeth Parke " Jan. 28 

Abram, son John and Hannah Dingman Percy, Jan. 28 

Stephen Hurlbut, son Stephen and S. Kelly Cambden, Jan. 29 

John, son Henry and Aphy Van Tassall .... Fredericksburgh, Feb. 1 1 
Katreen, dau. James B. and Rebekah Rich- 
ardson " Feb. 27 

John, son Michael and Mary Bartley Feb. 27 

Peter, son Stephen and Anne Young Apr. 7 

Anne, dau. Chant H. and Mary Brant " Apr. 21 


Francis, son of Violet, a negro woman living 

with Hazelton Spencer, Esq., by Francis 

Green Fredericksburgh, Apr. 22 

* Benjamin, son Benj.and Elizabeth Seymour . May 5 

Hannah, dau. Richard and Anne Woodcock . " June 4 

Peggy, dau. Johannes and Lydia Keller. . . . June 5 

Martin, son Johan H. and Annoka Loist .... June 17 

Sally, dau. Stephen and Elisabet Lewis .... " June 18 

Magdalena, dau. William and J. Richardson. June 18 

Sally, dau. David and Diana Parke " June 18 

Margaret, dau. James and Katreen O'Reily . . " June 19 

Esther, dau. George and Sally Loucks Cambden, July 14 

William, son Duncan and Ana Bell Fredericksburgh, Aug. 11 

Katy, dau. John and Mareikia Woodcock .... Aug. 27 

Rachael, dau. George and Lydia Lucas " Aug. 28 

George, son Asahel and Azubah Bradshaw ... " Aug. 28 

Henry Watts, son Harmonus and P. Lorraway Sept. 8 

Milton, son William and Mary Williams " Sept. 10 

Mary, dau. James and Susanna Parke Sept. 23 

Elizabeth, dau. Nathanael and R. Parke " Oct. 7 

Owen, son Owen and Diana Richards " Oct. 20 

Sarah, dau. Conrad and Sarah Sil " Oct. 20 

William, son Peter and Mary Young Nov. 6 

Jane, dau. Thomas and Charlotte Howard. . .Amherst Island, Nov. 17 


Andrew, son Laurence and Mary Sharp . . . .Fredericksburgh, Jan. 12 
Azubah, dau. James and Margaret Bradshaw " Jan. 15 

Cornelia, dau. Henry and Katreen Sinclair. . Feb. 10 

Abram, son Jacob and Anne Dafoe " Feb. 23 

Katreen, dau. Henry and Katreen Richardson " Feb. 26 

Jeptha Rogers, son Martin and Amy Hawley Mar. 5 

George, son Jacob and Lanay Zimerman Cambden, Mar. 5 

George, son John and Mary Kemp Fredericksburgh, Apr. 6 

Elizabeth, dau. Michael and Anna Young . . . Apr. 6 

John, son John and Nancy Black Ameliasburgh, June 10 

Daniel B. A., son Hazelton and Marg't Spencer . .Fredericks., June 15 

Abraham, son James and Asenath Da vies " June 15 

Elizabeth, dau. John and Mary Kemp June 15 

* He afterwards became M.P.P. for Lennox and Addington, and later on a member 
of the Dominion Senate. 


Adam, son Adam and Eunice Arhart Fredericksburgh, June 17 

Sarah, dau. Christopher and Sarah Peterson. " June 17 

Peter, son Abraham and T. Woodcock June 17 

Abram, son John and Mary Woodcock July 1 

John George, son Jacob and Molly Hough . . July 13 

John, son Daniel and C. Bo wen " July 30 

George, son James and Katreen Sharp Oswego, Aug. 10 

Nicholas, son John and Jane Mordoff Fredericksburgh, Aug. 10 

Hannah, dau. John and Margaret Ben " Aug. 10 

Elizabeth, dau. Baltus and D. Shewman .... Aug. 25 

Cornelius, son Cornelius and Mary Oliver , . . Nov. 4 

Grace, dau. Albert and Katreen Williams Cambden, Nov. 4 

Timothy, son John and Esther Price Fredericksburgh, Nov. 16 


Jacob, son Martin and Isabel Hough Fredericksburgh, Jan. 11 

Nicholas, son Isaac and Margaret Woodcock " Jan. 26 

Stephen, son George H. and Katreen Lloyd . . " Feb. 22 

Sarah, dau. Peter and Margaret Philips Richmond, Feb. 23 

Susanna, dau. Oliver and Elizabeth Arnold Mar. 10 

Asahel Bradshaw, son Martin and Amy Hawley . .Fredericks., Mar. 10 

Richard, son Samuel and Flora Davidson Richmond, June 3 

Mary, dau. " " " " June 3 

David, Hesse, son George and Sally Heen . . . Fredericksburgh, June 3 
James A. N., son Joseph and Sarah Le Beau . " June 3 

Abraham K., son Abraham and Ann Loucks. June 3 

Elizabeth, dau. Benjamin and E. Seymour . . . June 14 

Lucre tia, dau. Frederick and Layna Keller . . June 17 

Benjamin, son Benj. and Hannah Van Blaraker June 28 

Hannah, dau. John and Polly Woodcock .... July 14 

Rebekah, dau. Benj. and Hannah Van Blaraker " July 26 

Peter Hervey, son Harmonus and Phebe Lorraway " July 26 

Christeen, dau. Conrad and Sarah Sil Aug. 8 

Archibald Garret, son Oliver and Mary Church Ang. 9 

John, son David and Diana Parke Aug. 25 

Beliza, dau. Jehiel and Amanda Hawley .... Aug. 26 

Levi, son Samuel and Flora Davidson Richmond, Aug. 26 

Betsy, dau. Chant H. and Mary Brant Fredericksburgh, Sept. 6 

Cornelius, son Richard and Anne Woodcock . Sept. 22 

John, son Johan and Annoka Loist Nov. 2 

David, son Stephen and Anne Young Nov. 15 


Nancy, dau. John and Jane Mordoff Fredericksburgh, Nov. 15 

David, son Cyrenus and Elizabeth Parke ... " Nov. 16 

Nathanael, son Nathaniel and Rebecca Parke Nov. 16 

Margaret, dau. Jacob and Margaret Huffman Nov. 16 


Abraham, son George and Elizabeth Dafoe . . Fredericksburgh, Jan. 10 

Henry, son Jacob and Susanna Finkle Jan. 23 

Reuben, son James and Susanna Parke " Jan. 25 

George, son Samuel and Fanny Brownson . . . Jan. 27 

Peter, son Laurence and Mary Sharp Feb. 7 

Hugh, son Alexander and Jinney MacMullin. Amherst Island, Feb. 7 

Mary Anne, dau. John and Nancy Black Ameliasburgh, Feb. 7 

James, son John and Mary Kemp Fredericksburgh, Feb. 7 

Elizabeth, dau. William and Mary Williams . . . Sophiasburgh, Feb. 8 
Tamar, dau. William and Jinney Richardson . . . Feb. 8 

Sheldin Hawley, son Asahel and A. Bradshaw . . . Fredericks., Feb. 24* 

Peter, son Johannes and Lydia Keller Feb. 25 

Elizabeth, dau. William and Mary Williams .... Marysburgh, Mar. 6 
Isaac, son Benjamin and Hannah Van Blaraker . .Fredericks., May 1 
Martin, son " " " " May 1 

Mary, dau. Jacob and Mary Hough " May 15 

William Henry, son Gilbert and Ruth Sharp June 12 

John, son Cornelius and Mary Oliver June 14 

Hannah, dau. Peter and Ally Woodcock " June 14 

Nancy, dau. Peter and Elizabeth Barton Richmond, June 26 

Frederica, dau. George and Lydia Lucas . . . .Fredericksburgh, June 29 
Valentine Stover, son John and Margaret Ben " July 10 

Peter, son John and Mary Woodcock July 12 

Betsy, dau. Abram and T. Woodcock " July 12 

Susanna, dau. Johannes and M. Pickle July IS 

Samuel Badsley, son Philip and Rainy Huffman " Aug. 7 

Eliza Anne, dau. John and Elizabeth Neely Cambden, Aug. 7 

Jacob, son George and Sally Loucks Aug. 7 

Richard, son Abraham and Viney Woodcock Richmond, Sept. 4 

Isabel, daughter William and Anne Bell Fredericksburgh, Sept. 18 

Abby, dau. John and Esther Price Richmond, Sept. 18 

Elizabeth Lovina, dau. Daniel and Jinney Carr .... Cambden, Sept. 21 
Clarissa Smith, dau. Jos. and Elizabeth Jackson . Ernest Town, Oct. 5 
Eve, dau. Christopher and Sarah Peterson . .Fredericksburgh, Oct. 16 
William Bailey, son John and Y. Mitts " Nov. 2 



Albert Williams, son Peter and Margaret Philips . . Richmond, Jan. 8 

Elizabeth, dau. David and Dianna Parke " Jan. 8 

Johannes, son Peter and Peggy Cornelius . . . Fredericksburgh, Jan. 9 
Flora, dau. Elizabeth Rikley, by William 

Philips, as was supposed " Feb. 6 

Hannah, dau. James and Elizabeth Fitchett . " Feb. 6 

Christeen, dau. Chehan and Debrah Shewman " Feb. 6 

John Langhorn, son Daniel and Lois Palmer Thurlow, Feb. 8 

Mary, dau. Jacob and Laynay Smith Ernest Town, Feb. 8 

Timothy, son Timothy and Avis Chapman . . Fredericksburgh, Feb. 8 

Simoen, son John and Esther Ham Feb 8 

Albert, son Timothy and Avis Chapman .... Mar. 5 

Joshua Jacob, son Henry and Katreen Lloyd Mar. 1 9 

John Caleb, son " " " Mar. 19 

Nelly, dau. Martin and Isabel Hough " Mar. 19 

Flora, dau. Elisha and Elizabeth Philips Mar. 20 

Viney, dau. Sarah Warner, by Thos. Douglas, 

as was supposed Mar. 20 

Elizabeth Eleanor, dau. James and Asenath Davis . Fredericks., Apr. 30 

Peter, son Samuel and Rosanna Keller " Apr. 30 

John, son Isabel McDonal, by William Bennett, 

as was supposed Ernesttown, May 14 

Flora, dau. William MacCorquandale and Margaret Bell . Fred. May 28 

Jemina, dau. William Hatford and Mary Pruyn " June 11 

Margaret Eliza, dau. David and Elizabeth Foot " June 12 

Henry, son Isaac and Margaret Woodcock Richmond, June 25 

Russel Castle, son Martin and Amy Hawley . Fredericksburgh, July 9 
Rosanna, dau. George and Lydia Smith .... July 9 

Amos, son Oliver and Elizabeth Arnold Richmond, July 9 

Lucy, dau. Samuel and Fanny Brownson. . . .Fredericksburgh, July 12 

Lucy, dau. John nnd Mary Kemp July 21 

Paulus Sylvester, son Zenas and Marie Nash July 23 

Nicholas, son Etienne and Elizabet Louison . . . Sophiasburgh, Aug. 6 

Elizabeth, dau. Jacob and Ann Defoe Fredericksburgh, Sept. 4 

Hannah, dau. Cornelius and Mary Oliver . . . Sept. 17 

Mary, dau. Michael and Rachael Dafoe Sept. 19 

David Barry, son Daniel and C. Bowen .... Oct. 4 

Williams Watts, son John and Jane Murdoff Oct. 15 

Sarah Caroline, dau. John and E. Neely Cambden, Dec. 25 

Johnny, son William and Katreen Des&ronti&u.Mohawk Village, Dec. 25 



Katy, dau. Abram and Betsy Bo wen Richmond, Jan. 21 

Michael, son Frederick and Elizabeth Keller . Fredericksburgh, Mar. 4 
Gilbert Smith, son John and Sarah Clapp ... " Mar. 5 

Susanna, dau. John and Polly Woodcock . . . Apr. 15 

Nicholas, son Peter and Elishia Woodcock . . Apr. 15 

Layna, dau. Johannes and Lydia Keller .... Apr. 18 

Peggy, dau. John and Mary Woodcock .... May 28 

Catharine, dau. William and Margaret Bell. . June 10 

Mary, dau. Darius and Nancy Herns June 10 

Simeon, son Margret Rombough by Simeon 

Ashley, as was supposed June 24 

William Youngs, son Oliver and Mary Church June 24 

Conrad, son Conrad and Sarah Sil " June 24 

Susanna, dau. Cyrenius and Elizabeth Parke June 25 

Margaret Anne, dau. Jacob and Margt. Huffman " June 25 

Sarah, dau. Albert and Katreen Williams Cambden, July 8 

Elizabeth, dau. Richard and Anny Woodcock Richmond, July 8 

Samuel, son Petrus and Margaret Dulyea " July 22 

Peter Young, son Chant and Mary Brant Fredericks., Aug. 5 

George, son Peter and Martha Detler " Sept. 2 

Doctor Leslie, son Asahel and Azubah Bradshaw . " Sept. 2 

Charles, son Abram and Ann Loucks " Sept. 2 

Philena, dau. Jonathan and Submit Cummins .... " Sept. 16 

Eleazer Motte, son Albert and Katreen Williams . " Sept. 30 

Lucinda, dau. Albert and Katreen Williams " Sept. 30 

Marget, dau. Victor and Mary Bowen Richmond, Sept. 30 

Susanna, dau. Abram and Lovina Woodcock. Fredericksburgh, Sept. 30 
Priscilla, dau. William and Mary Garrison . . Oct. 28 

Jacob Finkle, son James and Asenath Davis " Oct. 28 

Jane, dau. Jeremiah and Mary Workman . . . . Ameliasburgh, Dec. 9 


James, son James and Elizabeth Fitchett . . .Fredericksburgh, Jan. 2D 

Elizabeth, dau. Geo. H. and Katreen Lloyd . . " Jan. 20 

Baltes, son Baltes and Debrah Shewman ... " Jan. 21 

Anna, dau. Adam and Eunice Arhart Feb. 3 

Daniel, son Daniel and Lois Palmer Thurlow, Feb. 17 

Francis, son George and Sally Loucks Cambden, Feb. 17 

John, son Harmonus and Phebe Lorraway . .Fredericksburgh, Apr. 14 


John, son John and Dorcas Bush Fredericksburgh, Apr. 14* 

James Hough, son Abram and Abagail Taylor " Apr. 14 

Hannah, dau. Christopher and Rebekah Young " Apr. 14 

William, son Samuel and Rosanna Keller ... " Apr. 14 

Samuel, son Peter and Peggy Cornelius .... " Apr. 28 

Peter, son Cornelius and Mary Oliver " Apr. 28 

Mary, dau. Thomas Dorman and Anna Sanford " May 12 

Lavinah, dau. Martin and Amy Hawley .... " May 12 

James Bradshaw, son Samuel and Fanny Brownson " May 14 

Abram, son Stephen and Elizabet Lewis Sophiasburgh, June 9 

Sally, dau. John and Esther Price Cambden, June 23 

William Church, son Duncan and E. MacKenzie . A mherst IsL, July 7 
Daniel, son Abraham and Elizabeth Cole .... Fredericksburgh, July 7 

Jane, dau. John and Jane Mordoff July 7 

Hannah, dau. Johannes and Mary Bowen Richmond, Sept. 1 

Leura, dau. Jehiel and Amanda Hawley . . . .Fredericksburgh, Sept. 15 
Cecilia, dau. Hazelton and Margaret Spencer Sept. 29 

Elizabeth, dau. Elisha and Elizabeth Philips " Sept. 29 

Hazelton Spencer Oliver, son John and Mary Church " Sept. 29 


Sarah, dau. James and Sarah MacNutt Percy, Jan. 5 

Sarah, dau. Robert and Magdalena Nicholson. Fredericksburgh, Jan. 5 

Henry, son Johan and Annoka Loist , . Jan. 6 

Abram Rowe, son Daniel and Catharine Bowen " Jan. 19 

Milly, dau. Peter and Elizabeth Barton Richmond, Feb. 2 

David John Smith, son David and E. Foot . . Fredericksburgh, Feb. 3 
Cornelius, son Frederick and Dinah Oliver. . " Feb. 16 

Abram, son Isaac and Margret Woodcock Richmond, Mar. 5 

Joseph George, son Abram and Anny Loucks . Fredericksburgh, May 24 
Jane Maria, dau. William and Mary Pruyn . . June 7 

Abraham, son Peter and Ally Woodcock June 21 

Katy, dau. John and Rachael Oliver Richmond, June 21 

Esther, dau. Gilbert and Mary Herns . . , : . .Fredericksburgh, Aug. 2 
Yannotshay, dau. Chant and Mary Brant . . . Aug. 2 

Daniel Richards, son William and Maria Church Sept. 13 

James Alexander, son Oliver and Mary Church Dec. 20 

Fanetta, dau. Daniel and Jennet Young .... Dec. 20 



Robert Russell, son John and Jane Mordoff . . Fredericksburgh, Jan. 7 
Milo, son Cyrenius and Elizabeth Parke .... Jan. 18 

Benjamin, son Abram and Levina Woodcock Jan. 18 

Hannah, dau. John and Hannah Dingman Piercy, Feb. 21 

Johnny, son John and Mareikia Woodcock Richmond, Feb. 21 

Rachael, dau. Richard and Anny Woodcock Feb. 21 

Elsy, dau. Cornelius and Mary Oliver Fredericksburgh, Feb. 21 

Anny, dau. John and Hannah Dingman Piercy, Mar. 14 

Polly, dau. John and Hannah Dingman " Mar. 14 

Elsey Eleanor, dau. James and E. Fitchet Fredericks., Apr. 25 

James Nelson, son George H. and Katreen Lloyd . " Apr. 25 

Jemina Margaret, dau. Duncan and Elizabeth 

MacKenzie Amherst Island, Apr. 25 


" A Register of Burials in the Township of Fredericksburgh : 

" This Township has one front toward the Bay of Quinty, two fronts 
on the back or Hay Bay, which Bay runs into this Township, but does 
not go through it ; and a front towards the Mohawk or Appenee Bay, 
or river. One of the fronts of this Township begins on the main land 
shoar north-west of and opposite the Isle of Tanty, and proceeds to 
the Bay of Quinty, past the opening into the main Lake of Ontario, 
which is between the south-west end of the Holm or Island of Tanty 
and the main land shoar of Marysburgh." 


Hugh, son of Alexander and Elizabeth Clark, of Fredericks- 
burgh, was interred Dec. 13 


Joseph Marsh, of Fredericksburgh, was interred Feb. 11 

John Hartwell Warner Fredericksburgh, Apr. 23 

Elizabeth, daughter of Wm. and Jane Shaw . May 2 

Catharine, wife of Gilbert Herns " Aug. 9 

Rosanna, wife of Levi Warner Aug. 15 

Antoine, son George Paterson " Aug. 23 


Daniel, son Daniel and Catharine McMillan . Fredericksburgh, Sept. 4 
Gilbert, son Gilbert and Catharine Herns . . Sept. 7 

William Bell " Sept. 29 

Elias, son Jacob and Margaret Hufman .... " Oct. 29 

Jemima, wife of James Clark, Fredericksburgh, Judge of the 

District of Mecklenburg Dec. 21 


Malachi, son Oliver and Jemima Church. . . . Fredericksburgh, Feb. 16 

Phebe, wife Peter Fikes " Apr. 3 

Nicholas Schmitt Apr. 30 

George, son Valentine and Catharine Detlor . July 2 

Anna, wife of John Kemp July 1 5 

Asa Richardson Aug. 4 

Mary Dafoe " Aug. 12 

Martha Crawford " Aug. 21 

Henrich Young " Aug. 23 

Jemima, wife of Henry Storm Marysburgh, Aug. 25 

George Singleton Fredericksburgh, Sept. 23 

John Jones Sept. 25 

Jonas Halstead " Oct. 9 


James, son John and Esther Carscallen Fredericksburgh, Mar. 21 

Nelly, dau. Felix and Margaret MacPherson. " Aug. 28 

Sarah Magin " Sept. 10 

Jacop Schmitt " Sept. 10 

Christian Keller " Sept. 12 

Anne Howel " Sept. 15 

James Rogers Sept. 25 

Peter Bartholomeus " Sept. 26 

Isaac Lorraway Oct. 8 


Richard Cotter Fredericksburgh, Feb. 13 

Jacob Loucks " July 30 

John Russell Aug. 30 

Rosanna, dau. George and Katreen Shriver . . Oct. 2 

Sarah, dau. Ebenezer and Sarah Washburn. . " Oct. 18 



Eleanor, dau. Josiah and Yanotshay Herns. . Fredericksburgh, Feb. 13 

Eleanor, wife Josias Bartley Mar. 10 

Samuel Barnhart " Aug. 24 

Rose or Rosenna MacLea " Nov. 2fr 

Margaret Rogers Sophiasburgh, Dec. 3 

Mary, wife John Armstrong " Dec. 3 


Henry, son Henrich Jerry and Katreen Lloyd . . . .Fredericks., Feb. 12 

Joseph, son Conrad and Sarah Sills " Feb. 24 

Jinney, dau. Jacobus and Mareikia Demorest .... " Mar. 10 

Elizabeth, dau. Philip and Hannah Schmitt " June 10 

Cheban Baltus, son John and Mary Magdelena 

Holcomb Adolphustown, Aug. 27 

Samuel, son On and Catharine MacGraw . . . Fredericksburgh, Aug. 30 
Mary, daughter Alex, and Elizabeth Clark . . " Oct. 18 

Hugh Clark, son William and Anne Harlow . " Nov. 27 


Mary, dau. Frederick and Elizabeth Keller . . Fredericksburgh, Jan. 4 

Layna, dau. Daniel and Dorothy Lloyd " Jan. 22 

John Kemp " Jan. 31 

Nicholas Hillyer " Feb. 3 

Frederica, dau. Joseph and Rachael Jencks Ernesttown, Jan. 31 

Mary, wife Daniel Smith Fredericksburgh, Mar. 7 

Jephthah, son Martin and Amy Hawley .... Mar. 19 

George Finkle " Mar. 29 

Nanny, wife George Mordoff Apr. 15 

Matthew Hartman " May 3 

Rosanna, dau. Andrew and Mary Rikley .... May 12 

James, son Asa and Elin Hough " July 23 

John Shannon Cainbden, Aug. 23- 

Margaret Clark Fredericksburgh, Sept. 2 

Flora Bell " Nov. 12 


Elisabet, wife Everhart Wager Fredericksburgh, Feb. 6 

Everhart Wager " Mar. 10 

James Cotter Apr. 10 

Richard, son James and Anne MacTaggart . . May 2 


Jinney, dau. Abram and Katreen Lorr8iW3iy..Fredericksburgh, May 17 

William, son Petrus and Maria Bo wen ...... " June 22 

Isabel Cameron ........................ " Oct. 14 


Katy, dau. Wm. and Katreen MacGraw . . . . Fredericksburgh, Feb. 17 

James Bradshaw ........................ " Feb. 20 

Jacob, son Joseph and Katreen Kemp ...... " Apr. 27 

Phebe Dugall .......................... May 19 

Tamar Richardson ...................... " May 26 

Cheban Martin Shuman .................. " Apr. 6 

Katy, daughter Wm. and Katreen Fielding . " Oct. 7 


Phebe, wife of James Kemp .............. Fredericksburgh, Jan. 3 

Mary, wife of John Smith ................ " May 7 

John MacDonel (no place mentioned) ...... June 17 

Katreen Loucks ............... , ........ " July 8 

John, son John and Esther Price .......... " Oct. 3 


Daniel Smith .......................... Fredericksburgh, Mar. 5 

Barnabas Caine ........................ " Apr. 2 

William Rogers ......................... " June 18 

Jane, wife James Kemp .................. " Sept. 8 


Peter, son Stephen and Anne Young ...... Fredericksburgh, April 20 

Alexander Simpson . . . , .................. " May 21 

Nancy, dau. Jacop and Molly Hough ...... " May 23 

Philip, son Joseph and Katreen Kemp ...... " Aug. 31 

Sarah, wife Stephen Kelly ................ " Oct. 31 

Joseph Peters .......................... " Nov. 10 

Johannes Sills .......................... " Nov. 21 


Charles, son Philip F. and Nancy Herner . .Fredericksburgh, Jan. 23 
Matthias, son Thomas and Eve Richardson . . " Jan. 15 


Catrina Young ........................ Fredericksburgh, Jan. 28 

Flora, dau. Duncan and Anne Bell ........ " Feb. 3 

Daniel Lloyd .......................... " Oct. 9 



Johannes Christophel Pickle Fredericksburgh, Feb. 17 

James Kemp " Mar. 23 

Catharine, wife Josias Cane Mar. 28 

Peggy Rombough, dau. James and Elizabeth Fitchett " Nov. 18 

BURIALS IN 1804, none. 

Josias Cane Fredericksburgh, Jan. 28 

Jonathan Miller " Mar. 22 

Johannes Hough Sept. 12 


William, son Peter and Mary Young Fredericksburgh, Jan. 10 

Francis, son of Violet, a negro woman living 

with Hazelton Spencer, by Francis Green, 

as was supposed Jan. 17 

Cornelia, dau. Henry and Katreen Sinclair . . " Sept. 5 


John, son David and Diana Parke Fredericksburgh, Sept. 28 

Cornelia, dau. Daniel and Catharine Bo wen. . " Oct. 6 


Jinney Cathalinah, dau. Philip and Angelica 

Yon Ness Fredericksburgh, May 14 

Jared Tyler " Dec. 16 

Samuel Brownson, the eldest Fredericksburgh, May 16 

BURIALS IN 1810-13. 

* Benjamin Seymour, Esq Fredericksburgh, Feb. 18 

No burials in 1811. 

Diana Woodcock Fredericksburgh, Mar. 5, 1812 

Frederick Fisher " Jan. 20, 1813 

Hazelton Spencer, Esq " Feb. 7, 1813 

Bridget, dau. James and Elizabeth Cushion Mar. 1, 1813 

(End of the Burial Register.) 

* He was the first merchant in the Midland District, west of Kingston, opening a 
general store on his farm lot adjoining St. Paul's church, on the Bay shore, in 1793, 
which was kept till his death. 



" Marriage Register of the Church of Fredericksburgh : 
" Banns of Marriage between Moses Crankshaw, of the Fifth Town- 
ship of Catarakwee, and Mary Rose, of the same Township, were pub- 
lished on February 17, 24th, and March 2nd, 1788, by me. 

JOHN LANGHORN, Missionary. 

" Moses Crankshaw, of the Fifth Township of Catarakwee, called 
Marysburgh, Batchelor ; and Mary Rose, of the same Township, spin- 
ster, were married in this Church by Banns, this ninth day of March in 
the year of our Lord one thousand, seven hundred and eighty-eight, by 
me. " JOHN LANGHORN, Missionary. 

" This marriage was solemnized between us. 

" This marriage was solem- , T HIS ~ 

. _ . ,__ " MOSES x CRANKSHAW. 

nized in the presence ot us 









NOTE. The above is a verbatim copy. Those following are abbreviations of a 
similar full form in each case. After the second marriage the name of " St. Paul's " 
church heads all. 

Israel Simpson, of the fifth township, widower, and Sarah Blanchard 

of the same, widow January 25, 1879 

Witnesses : Richard Morden, Joseph Hicks, Elizabeth Hicks. 
James Parke, third township, widower, and Susanna Marsh, same, widow 

June 14, 1789, 

Mary Schermerhorn, Margaret Smith, Comfort Smith. 
Augustus Spencer, bachelor, sixth tp.. and Sarah Conger, same, spinster 

November 1, 1789 

Owen Richard, David Conger, jun., Dianah Spencer. 
Bostian Hogle, second tp., bachelor, and Amy Cadman, third tp., spinster 

December 14, 1789 

James Hogle, Archibald Fairfield, John Carscallen. 
John Peters, sixth township, bachelor, and Mary Anne Rogers, third 

township, spinster February 18, 1790 

Alexander Chisholm, Peter Smith, Jane Howard, Susanna Johns. 


Matthew Pruyn, second township, widower, and Mary De Forest, third 

toivnship, spinster April 5, 1790 

Henry MacGuein, Timothy Thompson, Ebenezer Washburn. 
Asa Hough, third township, bachelor, and Ellin Bell, same, spinster. . . 

May 11, 1790 

John Phillips, Elisha Phillips, Isabel Bell. 
Johan Gasper Glaus, fifth township, bachelor, and Deborah Brock, 

fourth township, spinster May 17, 1790 

John Allen, Barnard Cole, Catharine Cole. 

Barnet Lewis, fourth township, bachelor, and Anna Metinye, spinster . 

June 13, 1790 

Abraham Bogert, Garret Benson, Buerger Huyck. 
John Ogden, sixth town, bachelor, and Waity Dyre, same, spinster 

October 4, 1790 

Rachael Hare, Eunice Hare, Elijah Miller, Wm. Dyre. 
David Conger, Sophiasburgh, bachelor, and Juliana Owens, same, 

spinster November 29, 1790 

Peter Designea Conger, Mary Conger, Dorcas Young, David 

James Kemp, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Phebe Van Siclen, same, 

spinster December 26, 1790 

John Kemp, John Miller, Elizabeth Finkle, Sarah Lyons. 
Jacob Berger, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Elisabet Finkle, same, 

spinster April 18, 1791 

Moses Simmon, John Finkle, Catharine Simmon, Hannah Finkle. 
William MacGraw, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Katreen Woodcock, 

same, spinster May 2, 1791 

Richard Wheeler, Sarah Dingman, Hannah MacGraw, John 


Richard Lloyd, Sophiasburgh, bachelor, and Mary Meby, same, spinster, 

June 3, 1791 

Henry Lloyd, John Peters, Frederick Keller, Betsy Peters. 
Andrew Loist, St. Cuthbert, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Elizabeth 

Bartley, same, spinster August 7, 1791 

Martin Shewman, Henry Bartley, Laynay Shewman. 
Frederick Cromar, Marysburgh, bachelor, and Marie Neevolt, Fred- 
ericksburgh, spinster September 18, 1791 

Ernest Noebling, Robert Middleton, Tobias Snider. 
David Parke, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Diana Woodcock, of the 

same, spinster January 23, 1792 

John W T oodcock, Katreen Cornelius, Sarah Dingman. 


Jeremiah Storms, Marysburgh, bachelor, and Mary Lloyd, same, widow, 

February 19, 1792 

Robert Farrington, Wm. Storms, Daniel Robinson. 
John Fraser, St. Johns, Ernest Town, bachelor, and Experience Cotter, 

same, widow March 4, 1792 

Nabby Lockwood, Hannah Fraser, John Burley. 
Abraham Bogert, Adolphustown, bachelor, and Mary Lazier, Sophias - 

burgh, spinster March 18, 1792 

Gilliam Demorest, Andrew Fobriskie, James Demorest, John 

Fosyuar, Mary Moore. 
Samuel Farrington, Marysburgh, bachelor, and Katreen Brown, same, 

spinster : April 15, 1792 

Robert Thompson, Jeremiah Storm, Eleanor Thompson. 
Daniel Reynolds, Ameliasburgh, bachelor, and Nancy Waight, Sophias- 
burgh, spinster April 16, 1792 

Rachael Jinks, Hannah Finkle, John Miller, Isaac Vallentine. 
Lorence Sills, St. Paul's, Fredericksburgh, and Monykey Schouten, of 

the same, spinster April 30, 1792 

Isabel Bell, Margaret Mordoff, John Sills, John Adams. 
Martin Shewman, St. Cuthbert's, Fredericksburgh, and Margaret 

Bartley, of the same, spinster April 30, 1792 

Henry Bartley, Baltus Shewman, Charlotte Kimmerly. 
Nathan Heald, Marysburgh, bachelor, Winifred North, same, widow, 

May 8, 1792 

William Carson, Martha Carson, Andrew Hess. 
Peter Designea Conger, Sophiasburgh, bachelor, and Nancy Stinson, of 

the same, spinster June 11, 1792 

Stephen Conger, David M. Rogers, Margaret Rogers, Mary Conger. 
Henry Lloyd, St. Paul's, Fredericksburgh, and Katreen Young, of the 

same, spinster August 5, 1792 

Frederick Keller John Peters, Rebekah Dies. 
Ebhart Weger, St. Warburg's, Fredericksburgh, widower, and Elisabet 

Keller, of the same, spinster August 19, 1792 

Katreen Young, Elishia Young, Moses Foster. 

James Way, Sophiasburgh, widower, and Sarah Cronk, same, spinster, 

September 30, 1792 

Mary Moore, Peebe Cronkhite, Jacob Cronk, Mary Delong. 
George Loucks, St. Paul's, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Sarah Lyons, 

of the same, spinster November 26, 1792 

John Kemp, Henry Loucks, Katreen Cole, Anna Finkle. 


William Fielding, St. Warburg's, Fredericksburgh, and Katreen Loucks, 

St. Paul's, Fredericksburgh, spinster December 10, 1792 

Katreen Cole, Phebe Kemp, John Kemp, James Kemp. 
Laurence Thuresson, Marysburgh, bachelor, and Anne Elizabeth Johns, 

of the same, spinster January 20, 1793 

Alexander Clark, Matthew Dies, John Armstrong. 

Jonathan Fergusson, Marysburgh, bachelor, and Mary Young, Sophias- 
burgh, spinster February 17, 1793 

John Miller, Sarah Young, Daniel Young. 

William Dyre, Marysburgh, bachelor, and Katreen Young, Sophias- 
burgh, spinster February 17, 1793 

John Miller, Daniel Young, Sarah Young. 
Jacob Corbman, Ameliasburgh, bachelor, and Jinny Fox, Richmond, 

spinster February 17, 1793 

Staut Sager, Victor Bowen, Charlotte Kimmerly, Anne Oliver. 
Leonard Walden Meyers, Sidney, bachelor, and Margaret Ackerman, 

Adolphustown, spinster April 14, 1793 

Katreen Cole, Jinney Ostrom, Alex Vanalstine, Tobias Meyers. 
Henry Young, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Mary Dafoe, of the same, 

spinster May 27, 1793 

Henry Bartley, Alexander Wight Ross, Mary Dafoe, E. Young. 
John Wood, Adolphustown, bachelor, and Rebekah Roblin, of the same, 

spinster October 27, 1793 

Stephen Roblin, Jacob Benschy, Abigail Osborne. 
William Babcock, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Allawdaw Cole, 

Adolphustown, spinster November 24, 1793 

Catreen Cole, Rebekah Reddick, David Fergusson, B. Cole. 
Garit Van Horn, Sophiasburgh, bachelor, and Rebekah Roblin, of the 

same, spinster . January 5, 1794 

Cornelius Van Horn, George Sil, Stephen Roblin. 

Peter Cole, Sophiasburgh, bachelor, and Jane Parliament, same, spinster, 

January 5, 1794 

Isaac Parliament, Robert Dailey, Abegail Osborne. 
Andreas Hess, Marysburgh, widower, and Mary Smith, same, spinster, 

April 28, 1794 

William Benecke, Heinrich Schmitt, Johan N. Kreokel. 
Johan Nicholas Kreokel, Marysburgh, bachelor, and Maria Elisabet 

Gisen, same April 28, 1794 

Andreas Hess, William Benecke, Heinrich Schmitt. 
Heinrich Brant, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Mary Young, of the 

same, spinster May 12, 1794 

John Mordoff, Thomas Richardson, Rebekah Dies, James Cotter. 


John Richards, Marysburgh, bachelor, and Jane Howard, Amherst 

Island, Ontario County, spinster January 26, 1795 

John Howard, Colin McKenzie, Mary McKenzie, Anne Howard. 
John Kemp, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Mary Defoe, same place, 

spinster January 26, 1795 

John Finkle, Jacop Finkle, Andrew Rikley, Margaret Huffman. 
Jacob Bensche, Sophiasburgh, bachelor, and Abigail Osborn, of the 

same place, spinster Nov. 16, 1795 

Nathaniel Osborn, Mary Osborn, N. Taylor, Garret Benson. 
Jacob Bayley Chamberlain, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Ann Embury, 

same, spinster, married by license March 20, 1796 

Timothy Thompson, Alexander Van Alstine, Alexander Clark. 
John Mordotf, St. Oswald's, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Jane Hurl- 
but, same place, widow May 16, 1796 

Johannes Bench, Thomas Mordoff, Duncan Bell, Nancy Mordoff. 
John Woodcock, Fredericksburgh, and Mary Cronkhite, same, spinster, 

September 4, 1797 

Nicholas Anderson, John Woodcock, Anne Marsh, Mary Prindel. 
Alexander Van Alstin, Adolphustown, bachelor, and Ursula Allen, 

Marysburgh, spinster, by license June 26, 1798 

Harmonus Windell, Duncan Bell, Nancy Dugall, James Dugall. 
Jacobus Forshsee, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Margaret Mordoff, 

same, spinster July 3, 1798 

Barnard Forshee, John Mordoff, Duncan Bell, Charles Barnhart. 
Benjamin Boyce, St. Paul's, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Margaret 

Shuman, same place, widow August 20, 1798 

John Finkle, Henry Boyce, Maria Sharp, Eleanor Bartley. 
James Kemp, Fredericksburgh, widower, and Jane Anderson, of same 

place, spinster August 19, 1799 

Jacob Finkle, Thomas Mordoff, Ephras Goodsell, Nancy Mordoff. 
David Gardiner, Hallo-well, bachelor, and Rachael Goldsmith, of same 

place, spinster April 28, 1800 

Abraham Steel, Ann Hodges, Stephen Conger, Richard Gardiner. 
Richard Woodcock, Fredericksburgh, (St. Luke's) bachelor, and Ann 

Marsh, same place, spinster March 1, 1801 

John Woodcock, Isaac Woodcock, Hannah Woodcock, Mary Wood- 
Benjamin Seymour, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Elizabeth Clark) 

spinster, by license April 13, 1801 

Jonathan Miller, Archibald Macdonell, James McNabb, Elizabeth 


Martin Hough, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Isabel Sil, same, widow, 

October 12, 1801 

Elisha Phillips, Jacob Hough, Duncan Bell, Samuel Neilson. 
Baltes Shewman, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Deborah Parke, same 

place, spinster April 12, 1802 

Garret Benson, Peter McCabe, Katreen Van de Waters. 
Cornelius Oliver, Richmond, widower, and Mary Woodcock, of same 

place, spinster July 5, 1802 

John Pencil, John Woodcock, Win. Cogswell, Margaret Gravelstone. 
John Woodcock, Fredericksburgh, (St. Luke's) bachelor, and Mary 

Gravelstone, same place, spinster October 4, 1802 

John Pencil, Isaac Woodcock, Duncan Bell, Ally Woodcock. 
Alpheus Cadman, Fredericksburgh, (St. Paul's) bachelor, and Sarah 

Taylor, of same, spinster October 4, 1802 

Joshua Cadman, Abraham Taylor, Jacob Finkle, B. Hogle. 
John Dingman, Percy, bachelor, and Hannah Woodcock, Fredericks- 
burgh, spinster November 21, 1802 

James McNutt, John Pencil, Isaac Cornelius, Isaac Woodcock. 
William Cadman, St. Paul's Fredericksburgh, widower, and Dorothy 

Lloyd, same, widow December 20, 1 802 

Jacob Finkle, Thomas Mordoff, James Mordoff. 
John Lansing, St. Paul's, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Catharine 

Fikes, same, spinster March 6, 1804 

Lawrence Sharp, John Lane, Anne Phillips, Mary Rikley. 
William Anderson, St. Cuthbert's, Fredericksburgh, and Mary Fickes, 

same place, spinster May 6, 1804 

Duncan Bell, Lawrence Sills, Ana Bell, Thos. D. Appleby, J. Neely. 
Lawrence Sharp, St. Paul's, Fredericksburgh, bachelor, and Mary Rikley, 

same place, spinster November 19, 1804 

Samuel McTaggart, Henry Sharp, Elizabeth Dafoe, Jacob Hough. 
Daniel Palmer, Thurlow, and Lois Bradshaw, St. Warburg's, Fredericks- 
burgh, spinster June 2, 1806 

Samuel Brownson, E. Bradshaw, Wm. Bowen, Hannah Tyler. 
Henry Young, St. Cuthbert's, Fredericksburgh, widower, and Mary 

Anderson, same place, widow October 19, 1806 

Abraham Hogan, Peter L. Young, Maria Young. 
Abraham Cole, Adolphustown, bachelor, and Elizabeth Pollum, St. 

Paul's, Fredericksburgh, spinster October 3, 1808 

Henry Cole, Peter Kidney, Sarah Cole, Rachael Bush. 
John Hosey, Richmond, bachelor, and Elizabeth Waldron, Fredericks- 
burgh, spinster July 7, 1811 

Benjamin Shaw, Thomas Bell, John Clark, Eunice Kingsbury. 


Solomon Combs, St. Paul's, Fredericksburgh, widower, and Mary Work- 
man, same place, widow June 7, 1812 

William Wager, James Fitchett, Elizabeth Wager, Elizabeth 


NOTE. Rev. Robert McDowall was the first regularly sent Presbyte- 
rian Missionary to Upper Canada. He was a native of Saratoga County, 
New York, educated at Williams' College, Schenectady, N. Y., and sent 
by the Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany as a Mission- 
ary to the U. E. L. refugees of the Bay of Quinte District, numbers of 
whom came from near Albany and points on the Hudson River, and 
were members of that denomination before leaving. He reached 
Kingston early in the spring of 1798, and soon went to Bath and 
Fredericksburgh, and settled in the latter township, where he remained 
until his death in 1841. During the first two years he worked as a 
missionary at large, and then organized congregations at Bath and in 
Fredericksburgh and Ernest Town, three miles north of Bath. He 
became the regular minister of these, and had churches built. He 
continued his regular mission visitations to Kingston and Prince 
Edward County, sometimes going as far west as where London now 
stands. He married probably more persons than any other minister in 
Upper Canada. His register was given to Queen's College, Kingston, 
since his death, by R. J. McDowall, his grandson, now residing in 
Kingston, and is kept in the vault of Queen's. The following are 
extracts from that register. Some pages are so dim from years that it 
is difficult to decipher them. In July, 1898, a centennial was held at 
the McDowall Memorial Church, Sandhurst, Fredericksburgh, where 
he died, and where his remains and those of most members of his 
family lie buried. It was attended by thousands. T. W. C. 



The following inscription is on the Memorial Tablet in the 
McDowall Memorial Church. 











On his tombstone is the following : 









" Gilbert Clapp and Elizabeth Bedell, both of Adolphustown, were 
married on the eleventh of May, one thousand eight hundred llth 
May, 1800." 
Jacob Zimmerman and Laney Seager, both of Napanee, July 22, 1800 

Daniel Outwater and Martha Morgan Hallowell, 3 Aug., 1800 

Hellebren Valleau and Elizabeth Campbell, former of 

Sophiasburgh, and the latter of ... .Adolphustown, 25 Aug., 1800 

John Harrison, Catharne Powers Marysburgh, 14 Sept., 1800 

Isaac Hicks, Elizabeth Clute Ernest Town, 21 Oct., 1800 

Martin Foster, Elizabeth Power Napanee River, 4 Nov., 1800 

* Samuel Neilson, Jane Maybee Adolphustown, 10 Nov., 1800 

Seth Huntley, Fredericksburgh ; Ruth Willard . Ernest, 13 Nov., 1800 

John Latta, Susanah Pitman Adolphustown, 17 Nov., 1800 

Epaphras Goodsill, Nancy Murdoff. . . . Fredericksburgh, 22 Nov., 1800 
Jacob Fraser, Ernest Town ; Elizabeth Jones . Kington, Aug. 2, 1802 
Cornelius Van Alstine, Rachel Dunham . .Adolphustown, 29 Dec., 1801 

James McNabb, Ann Fraser Fredericksburgh, 24 Mar., 1801 

Peter D. Conger, Hallowell; Elizabeth Stapleton . Fred., 7 Sept., 1801 
Jeremiah Chapman, Margaret Anderson. . . .Fredericks., 14 Sept., 1801 

John Benson, Mary Valleau Sophiasburgh, 17 Nov., 1801 

Isaac Fraser, Hannah Staring Ernesttown, 12 Jan., 1802 

Jabish Herd, Mary Hess Fredericksburgh, 19 Jan. 

John Ryder, Kingston ; Eliz'th Cronk . . . . Ernesttoivn, 3 Dec., 1802 
Nicholas Onte Cark, Cambden ; Eliz'th Bell .... Fred., No date. 

Wm. Prindle, Fredericks. ; Rach'l Dibble Adolphus., 17 Feb., 1802 

Samuel Miller, Fredericks. ; Mary Canniff ... " 1 Mar., 1802 

-(Alex. Fisher, Esq., Adolph.; Henrietta McDonnell. . . . 

Marysburgh, 15 Mar., 1802 

John Neely, Elizabeth Carscallen Fredericksburgh, 17 Mar., 1802 

Jacob Hiller, Elizabeth Boise Ernesttown, 18 Mar., 1802 

Moses Ward, Ernesttown; Polly Colton . . . .Richmond, 20 Apr., 1802 

Richard Henson, Elizabeth Barton Sophiasburgh, 31 May, 1802 

Thos. Douglas, Adolphus ; Carolina Sharp Ernest., 6 Sept., 1802 

* He became Dr. Neilson, of Morven, Ernesttown, where he lived and died. He was 
the father of Judge Joseph Neilson, of New York, who presided in the celebrated Rev. 
Henry Ward Beecher trial years ago. 

t Alexander Fisher was the first judge of the Midland District, and lived and died in 
Adolphustown. He was grandfather of the Hon. George E. Kirkpatrick, ex -Lieutenant- 
Governor of Ontario. 


David Perry, Elizabeth Ward Ernesttown, 18 Oct., 1802 

Edward Howard, Rosana McMullen . . .Amherst Island, 22 Dec., 1802 

Gideon Gardner, Mary Garrison Fredericksburgh, 3 Feb., 1803 

Ebenezer Washburn, Hallowell ; Hannah McBride, 

widow York, 24 Jan., 1803 

Lewis Latour ; Sarah Mason Sophiasburgh, 28 Feb., 1803 

Caleb Elsworth, Catharne Cryderman Hallowell, 22 Feb., 1803 

John Oliver, Rachael Kelly Richmond, 13 Mar., 1803 

Wm. Viel, Marysburgh ; Lucinda Althause . . . . Ernest. , 15 Mar., 1803 

James McNabb, Ann Fraser Fredericksburgh, 17 Mar., 1803 

John Black, Nancy Pickle 3 Apr., 1803 

Benj. Clapp, Fredericks. ; Elizabeth Roblin . .Adolphus., 6 Apr., 1803 

Thos. Lyons, Lanah Schermerhorn Sophiasburgh, 23 May, 1803 

Richard Gardner, Sophias.; Isabel Gardner . .Hallowell, 31 May, 1803 

Jones Kenny, Betsy Doyle Marysburgh, 17 June, 1803 

Samuel Shaw, Abagail Parliament Sophiasburgh, 7 July, 1803 

John Bull, Mary Palen Hallowell, 27 June, 1803 

*Philip Dorland, Adolph. ; Elizabeth Bedell . " 14 July, 1803 

Daniel McPherson, Ernest ; Jane Shaw .... Fredericks., No date. 

John Cooper, Mahetebel Hallowell, 31 July, 1803 

John Ackerman, Van Cleif Fredericksburgh, 8 Aug., 1 803 

Simon Van Mare, Jinny Foster 9 Aug., 1803 

Samuel Wright, Kity Dougall Hallowell, 20 Sept., 1803 

Timothy Prindle, Charlotte Bewell Marysburgh, 22 Sept., 1803 

Isaac Cole, Margaret Casey Adolphustown, 29 Sept., 1803 

Stephen Goldsmith, Hall.; Elizabeth Hagerman . Sidney, 10 Oct., 1803 
Charles Bonesteel, Sidney ; Deborah Row . . . .Murray, 13 Oct., 1803 

Joseph Jane, Elizabeth Spencer Richmond, 14 Oct., 1803 

Thos. D. Appleby, Fredericks. ; MeribaSolmes.$o^ms., 14 Oct., 1803 

John Dens, Farma Bareger " 14 Oct., 1803 

Jacob Finkle, Susanah Anderson Fredericksburgh, 3 Jan., 1804 

Elisha Ames, Mary Ockerman " 19 Jan., 1804 

John H. Angel, Rebeckah Ellis Hallowell, 26 Jan., 1804 

Conrad Huffman, Jenny Shibley Ernesttown, 5 Feb., 1804 

Oliver Church, Mereta Clute Fredericksburgh, 15 Feb., 1804 

W T m. Rogers, Caty Elsworth Ernesttown, 5 Feb., 1804 

Wm. Van Fredenburgh, Adolphus. ; Esther Prinde,. . . . 

Marysburgh, 14 Feb., 1804 

* Philip Dorland was elected to represent Lennox and Prince Edward in the first 
Upper Canada Parliament, but being a Quaker, he refused to be sworn and the seat was 
declared vacant. He was Clerk of the first Town Meeting in Adolphustown, March 6, 
1792, which was probably the first of the kind held in Upper Canada. 


Nicholas Lazier, Catharine Cog burn . . . . Sophiasburgh, 9 May, 1804 
Wilson Conger, Hallowell ; Sarah Osburn. . .Markham, 15 July, 1804 

Wm. Boise, Margret Comer Ernesttown, 29 May, 1804 

Benj. P. Stanton, Nancy Palen Hallowell, 17 Sept., 1804 

John Stickney, Rebeca Barker Adolphustown, 14 Oct., 1804 

John Cushen, Elizabeth Crea Marysburgh, 25 Dec., 1804 

Thomas Stickney, Sarah Conner " 25 Dec., 1804 

Elias Garrison, Katharine Van De Waters . . Fredekicks., 26 Dec., 1804 
John Trumpour, Elizabeth Dorland . . . .Adolphustown, 15 Jan., 1805 

Elizabeth Adams, Mary Washburn HalLoivell, 15 Jan., 1805 

Benj. Hubbs, Hallowell; Sarah Way Sophiasburgh, 11 Mar. 1805 

Neil Aylsworth, Ernest.; Charlotte Jinks . . .Hallowell, 11 Mar., 1805 
Ronal Alexander, Louxborough ; Mary Budge . . . Fred., 9 Apr., 1805 
Samuel Blakely, Hallowell ; Mary Caroline Smith .... 

Marysburgh, 15 Apr., 1805 
James Blakely, widower, Hallowell; Mary Smith, 

widow Marysburgh, 29 Apr., 1805 

Stephen Brown, Fredericks. ; Rachael Scott .Campden, 16 May, 1805 

Harry Spafford, Margret Platt Hallowell, 26 May, 1806 

Joseph Rattan, Ally Canniff Fredericksburgh, 3 June, 1805 

Chas. Stuart, Mary Ross Kingston, 18 May. 1805 

John Bowerman, Mary Bedell HaUoweU, 5 June, 1805 

Silas Babcock, Eunie Irish Ernesttown, 9 June, 1805 

Henry Hutchins, Lucina Bebins " 25 June, 1805 

Peter Parry, Mary McDaniel " 25 June, 1805 

Absolom Loveless, Harriet Roblin Spohiasburgh, No date. 

Samuel Hays, Elizabeth Hills Hallowell, 17 Sept., 1805 

Samuel Ward. Elizabeth Smith Ernesttown, 17 Sept.. 1805 

Samuel McTaggert, Mary Foster . . . .Fredericksburgh, 25 Sept., 1805 
Daniel Sole, Ernest ; Martha Huntley " 26 Sept., 1805 

Barnard Bougard, Marys. ; Phebe Palmeteer . .Adolph., 3 Oct., 1805 
Nicholas Peterson, Adolphus. ; Mary Dunham . . .Fred., 16 Oct., 1805 

John Bell, Katharine Sharp Ernesttown, 24 Oct., 1805 

John Wey, Caroline Fox Sophiasburgh, 17 Nov., 1805 

Isaac Smith, Jean Bedell Hallowell, 19 Nov., 1805 

Hazelton Walker, Katharine Ferguson . . . .Ernesttown, No date. 
Henry Thorpe, Elizabeth Ingersoll. . . . Fredericksburgh, 1 Dec., 1805 

Richard Prindle, Jane Prindle "... No date. 

Jacob Shibley, Catharine Daly Ernestown, 9 Feb., 1806 

David McWhirter, Marysburgh ; Ursula 

Van Alstine, widow Adolphustown, 13 Jan., 1806 


Noxon Harris, Elizabeth Maybee Adolphustown, 6 Jan., 1806 

John Thompson, Thurlow ; Mary M. Smith Sidney, 18 Feb., 1806 

James Farley, Sidney ; Deborah Borland . . .Adolphus., 2 Mar., 1806 

Henry Babcock, Elizabeth Brown Ernesttown, 22 Nov., 1805 

* Samuel Borland, Jane Huyck Adolphustown, 12 Apr., 1806 

Jacob Betlor, Catharine Betlor Fredericksburgh, 17 Apr., 1806 

Abraham Cronkrite, Eliza Tindle Kingston, 5 May, 1806 

Thomas I. Borland, Beborah Trumpour . .Adolphustown, No date. 

Alex. McBonell, Sarah Pierce Marysburgh, 12 Aug., 1806 

Paul Wright, Mary Taylor " 13 Aug., 1806 

Griffith Howell, Sophias. ; Elizabeth Lozier " 6 Sept., 1806 

Richard Huff, Adolphus.; Sophrone Snider " 17 Sept., 1806 

Win. Clark, Rebecah Babcock Ernesttown, 16 Sept., 1806 

Aaron Byard, Ann Hawes Camden, 25 Sept., 1806 

John Mason, Sophias. ; Elizabeth Bavis . . .Ernesttown, 16 Nov., 1806 

John Wright, Sarah North Marysburgh, 19 Nov., 1806 

Samuel Ostrander, Elizabeth Collier " 27 Nov., 1806 

Joseph Gunsoles, Nancy Clark . . Fredericksburgh, 16 Bee., 1806 

John Simeran, Elizabeth Loderwich Marysburgh, 7 Jan., 1807 

Ezra Buckbee, Mary Crawford " 26 Jan., 1807 

Baniel B. Way, Abigail Jiles, widow . . . . Sophiasburgh, 8 Feb., 1807 

Wm. Oudendyk, Mary Goldsmith Hallowell, 9 Feb., 1807 

John Stickle, Mary Smith Sydney, 22 Feb., 1807 

Henry Van Busen, Mary Huff Adolphustown, 27 Jan., 1807 

Benj. Bavis, Katharine Cushen Marysburgh, No date. 

Seth Meacham, Elizabeth Simmons Thurlow, 12 Mar., 1807 

Baniel Lewis, Cambden ; Nancy Wellanbee . Richmond, 5 Apr., 1807 

Gasper Bower, Martha Preston Cambden, 5 Apr., 1807 

Wm. Gumming, Mary Mclntosh Marysburgh, 21 Apr., 1807 

John Parrot, Elizabeth Finkle Ernesttown, 3 May, 1807 

f-Wm. Thatford Pruyn, Mary Church . Fredericksburgh, 3 Apr., 1807 
Chas. Everett, Kingston: Sarah Hawley . .Ernesttown, 19 May, 1807 

John Rattan, Mary Steel Adolphustown, 8 June, 1807 

Bavid P. Peterson, Katharine Brock . .Fredericksburgh, 18 June, 1807 

John Walker, Mary Van Lewen Ernesttown, 29 June, 1807 

Peter Rattan, Fanny Roblin Adolphustown, 7 July, 1807 

John Ward, Christiana Hough Ernesttown, 26 July, 1807 

* He became Col. Samuel Borland and took an active part in the war of 1812, and 
was Colonel of the Lennox Militia till his death. He was the first white male child born 
in Adolphustown. 

t The parents of the late sheriff of Lennox and Addington, Oliver Thatford Pruyn, 
and the late M. W. Pruyn, M.P., of Napanee. 


Peter Brown, Clarinda Freeman Ernesttoivn, 26 July, 1807 

John Sedore, Margret Thompson Camden, 2 Aug., 1807 

John G. Clute, Sophias. ; Jean Fraser . . . .Fredericks., 2 Aug., 1807 

Abraham Wood, Lanah Davy Ernesttown, 31 Aug., 1807 

James Gumming, Hall. ; Christeen Trumpour . Adolph., 11 Oct., 1807 

Peter Van Cot, Mary Gerrow Ameliasburgh, 19 Oct., 1807 

George Parliament, Mary McTaggert . . . Sophiasburgh, 20 Oct., 1807 

Joseph Losee, Eliner Ockerman Fredericksburgh, 27 Oct., 1807 

Philip Embury, Martha Van Tassel . . .Fredericksburgh, 28 Oct., 1807 

Henry Jacoby, Gertrude Hogedorn Ernesttown, 27 Dec., 1807 

Timothy McGinnis, Amherst Is. ; Elizabeth 

Hortman " 28 Feb., 1808 

Stephen Ferrington, Susannah Rogers .... Marysburgh, 28 Feb., 1808 

Wm. Rattan, Rebecah Angel, widow Hallowell, 15 Feb., 1808 

Wm. Rogers, Margret Lindsey Fredericksburgh, 22 Mar., 1808 

John Ben, Katharne Hoffman " 29 Mar., 1808 

John Ham, Ernest ; Ester Bradshaw . " 10 Apr., 1808 

John Genkins, widower ; Hanah Volkenburgh, widow . . 

Ernesttown, 14 Apr., 1808 

John Stuffel, Elenor Rogers Marysburgh, 17 Apr., 1808 

* George Simmon, Fredericks. ; Mary Gardineer . Ernest, 24 May, 1808 

Peter Carl, Dolly Miller " 26 June, 1808 

Phillip Height, Ann Dorland Adolphustown, 6 June, 1808 

Ezekiel Palen, Mary Lane Hallowell, 7 June, 1808 

Wm. Parliament, Sophias.; Margret Blawnelt.^LmeZms., 7 July, 1808 

Daniel B. Way, Sabra Foster Sophiasburgh, 1 Aug., 1808 

Philip linger, Ann Demara Richmond, 22 Aug., 1808 

Edward Ockerman, Meriam Garrison . . Fredericksburgh, No date. 

Wm. Pearce, Anna Winch Marysburgh, 23 July, 1808 

Henry Veley, Sarah Vanness Ernesttown, 28 Aug., 1808 

Bedell Dorland, Adolphus. ; Sarah Booth . . " 5 Sept., 1808 

Henry Jackson, Halloivell ; Ann Grooms. .Marysburgh, 7 Sept., 1808 

John Lapperas, Sarah Barns, widow Kingston, 12 Sept., 1808 

Jacob Cline, Fredericks.; Margaret Car . . . . Cambden, 2 Oct., 1808 

Bellyatte Outwater, Mary Clark Adolphustown, 1 Nov., 1808 

Peter Rightmire, Sophias.; Phebe Allison . . . Hallowell, 2 Nov., 1808 

Thomas Clapp, Sarah Jacobs Fredericksburgh, 16 Nov., 1808 

Nicholas Stickle, Sidney ; Mary Atkinson, widow 

Kingston, 17 Nov. 1808 

* The grandparents of Gilbert Parker, the popular novelist and writer, now residing 
in England. 


* Samuel Casey, Adolphus. ; Synthe Sharp . Ernesttown, 21 Nov., 1808 

James Shaw, Elizabeth Detlor Fredericksburgh, 22 Nov., 1808 

Benonia Bowerman, Hallowell ; Rebekah Hill. .Marys., 3 Nov., 1808 
Jacob Hover, Adolphus.; Margaret Steel . Sophiasburgh, 23 Nov., 1808 

f Stephen Niels, Sarah Flagler Adolphustown, 29 Nov., 1808 

Laurance Young, Jane Thompson . . . .Fredericksburgh, 15 Dec., 1808 

Benjamin Losee, Elizabeth Comer Ernesttown, 19 Dec., 1808 

Richard Ray, Rachael Hix " 18 Dec., 1808 

John Lindsey, Mary Brants Fredericksburgh, 6 Dec., 1808 

Peter Asselstine, Susannah Ball Ernestown, 1 Jan., 1809 

John Van De Waters, Sarah Clapp . . . .Fredericksburgh, 15 Mar., 1809 

Edward Wright, Martha Pruyn Marysburgh, 15 Mar., 1809 

Geo. Van Valkenburgh, Ernesttown ; Mary Bowerman, 

Hallowell 20 Jan., 1809 

Jacob Young, Anna Davis Fredericksburgh, 9 May, 1809 

Zacharias Stickle, Katharine Simmon (no locality) .... No date. 

Wm. Gating, Rebeccah Redner Ernesttown, 2 July, 1809 

Jas. Van Devort, Mary Meyers Sidney, 16 July, 1809 

Enas McMullen, Amherst Is.; Elinor Duesbury .Ernest., 10 Aug., 1809 

John Park, Anna Rock wood Fredericksburgh, 14 Aug., 1809 

Joseph Chatterson, Sophiah Kerlin Ernesttown, 29 Aug., 1809 

John Cronk Ernesttown; Sarah Vermelia.Zou#/t60roiw/A, 5 Oct., 1809 

Jonas Amey, Elizabeth Boice Ernesttown, 5 Oct., 1809 

Jacob Finkle, Hannah Peterson Sidney, 29 Oct., 1809 

Henry Bower, Charity Frymour Fredericksburgh, No date. 

Godfrey Snook, Hannah Hughston Loughsburgh, 2 Nov., 1809 

Wm. Teachout, Sarah Shirtlif Ernesttown, 5 Nov., 1809 

Benj. Booth, Ernest., ; Katharine Dorland ..Adolphus., 9 Nov., 1809 

Peter Asselstine, Barbara Car Ernesttown, 27 Aug., 1809 

Henry Sharp, Elizabeth Dafoe Fredericksburgh, 1 Nov., 1809 

Wm. Phillips, Elizabeth Rickley " 21 Nov., 1809 

Timothy Stancliff, Loboro' ; Jane Campbel . .Kingston, 27 Nov., 1809 
Barrant Outwater, Adolphus.; Elizabeth Van Valken- 

burg Ernesttown, 14 Nov., 1809 

Freman Burly, Mary Neil " 31 Oct., 1809 

Elijah Hough, Elizabeth Everson " 5 Nov., 1809 

Jacob Meyers, Sarah Storing 5 Nov., 1809 

*He was afterwards M.P.P. for Lennox and Addington in the old Upper Canada Par- 
liament and a prominent officer in the Militia. 

t He became M.P.P. for Middlesex county and the founder of Nilestown, near 
London, Ont. 


Archibald Park, Nellie Brunk Fredericksburgh, 4 Dec., 1809 

Peter Switzer, Rachael Rutter Marysburgh, 20 Dec., 1809 

Thos. Lloyd, Rachael Bush Fredericksburgh, 25 Dec., 1809 

Wm. Wright, Caty Moore " 20 Nov., 1809 

John Peters, Ester Perry Ernesttown, Feb., 1809 

John Watson, Janes Asselstine " Jan., 1810 

Martin L. Allen, Elizabeth O'Neil " Jan., 1810 

Stephen Bedford, Christiana Powers Marysburgh, 13 Jan., 1810 

Joseph Gaston, Anna Hawley Ernesttown, 20 Jan., 1810 

Jason Jackson, Fredericks.; Mary Wortman . Kingston, 28 Jan., 1810 

John Chatterson, Polly Ray Ernesttown, 23 Jan., 1810 

* John Singleton, Margaret Caniff Adolphustown, 3 Feb., 1810 

John Scriver, Elizabeth Lord Fredericksburgh, 3 Feb., 1810 

Tobias Lewis, Rachael Babcock Camden, , 1810 

John Dunis, Eve Hazard Fredericksburgh, 1 Jan., 1810 

Arch'd Car, Richmond ; Dorothy Thomas. .Ernesttown, 18 Jan., 1810 

John Perry, Caty Abrahams " , 1810 

Bostian Simmon, Mariah Simmon (no place given) .... 15 Mar., 1810 
Cornelius Gunsolos, Isabella Embury . . Fredericksburgh, Mar., 1810 

James McTaggart, Phebe Wey (no place given) Feb., 1810 

John SpafFord, Sarah Carscallen Cambden, 8 Mar., 1810 

Wm. Church, Mariah Nash Fredericksburgh, 11 Mar., 1810 

John Toby, Hannah Van Dusen Adolphustown, 19 Mar., 1810 

Peter Lazier, Jane Somes Sophiasburgh, 26 Mar., 1810 

Caleb Garrison, Lydia Somes " 26 Mar., 1810 

Henry Dellenback, Katharine Carscallen . . . .Camden, 1 April, 1810 

Burger Huyck, Phebe Clapp Adolphustown, No date 

Nathaniel Davy, Anna Storms Ernesttown, 7 Aug. 1810 

John Raymond, Livinia Walker " 3 April, 1810 

David H. Delong, Sally Cole Adolphustown, 31 Mar., 1810 

John Van Annan, Sophiah Brass Ernesttown, 15 Nov., 1810 

Abraham Taylor, Abagil Bell Fredericksburgh, 16 April, 1810 

Abraham Dafoe, Rachael Holcomb Richmond, 2 Mar. 1810 

John Keller, Sally Hazard Fredericksburgh, 24 April, 1810 

Orrin Ranney, Caroline Douglas (widow) Adolphustown, , 1810 

John Blum, Fredericks ; Harriet Falps .... Ernesttown, No date. 

Job Dunham, Elizabeth Jacobs Fredericksburgh, 10 May, 1810 

John Van Dusen, Sophias.; Mary Armstrong . Portland, 15 May, 1810 

Bishop Hannah, Sarah Carnahan Adolphustown, 29 May, 1810 

Samuel Henderson, Adolphus.; Rachael Allen. .Marys., 5 June, 1810 

* The first Postmaster at Brighton, Ont., a position he held for many years. 


Philip McGrath, Burns Marysburgh, 5 June, 1810 

George Benn, Susanah Mitts Ernsttown, 12 June, 1810 

Archibald Kating, Mary McKim " 28 June, 1810 

Daniel Abby, Hannah Gordinier " 11 June, 1810 

Samuel Martin, Debrah Bell (no place given) 7 May, 1810 

Joshua Crysdale, Sidney ; Jane OvercockQT.Ernesttown, July, 1810 

George B-owse, Mary Shibley " 31 July, 1810 

Patrick Morgan, Thurlow ; Agnes Nicholsou.Fredericks., No date 

Henry Cole, Adolphus.; Rachael Abrah&ms.Ernesttown, 18 Sept., 1810 

John Brown, Sarah Sager " 3 Sept., 1810 

John Windover, Lois Prindle Richmond, 18 Sept., 1810 

Robert Nicholson, Anna M. Banley . . . Fredericksburgh, No date 

John Johnson, Rachael Cook Camden, 14 Oct., 1810 

LotRew, Ogdens., iV.F.; Elizabeth Hagerman.^icfo/>/ms., 13 Oct., 1810 

Richard Grooms, Polly Benedict Richmond, 26 Nov., 1810 

Benjamin Salisbury, Elizabeth Fralick. Fredericksburgh, 27 Nov., 1810 

John Watson, Jane Asselstine Ernesttown, 2 Dec., 1810 

John Phillips, Mary Dafoe Fredericksburgh, Dec., 1810 

Ruliph Purdy, Ernest; Deborah Gilbert (widow).8idney, 8 Jan., 1811 

Daniel Bidwell, Mary Whiting Adolphustown, 1 Feb., 1811 

Titus Simmons, Elizabeth Sharp (no place given) Feb., 1811 

Michael Vincent, Lana Couleman Ernesttown, , 1811 

William Shulbs, Mary Irish " 10 Feb., 1811 

Wm. Woodard, Katharine Horning Kingston, 25 Mar., 1811 

James Van Alstine, Hannah Loucks . .Fredericksburgh, 1 Mar., 1811 

Adam Van Valkenburgh, Anna Dimond 2 April, 1811 

Wm. Babcock, Anna Felps (no place given) 16 Dec., 1810 

John Barry, Mary Boice . Ernesttown, 2 April, 1811 

Samuel Martin, Debrah Ball " 7 April, 1811 

Thos. McBride, Mary Detlor Fredericksburgh, 11 June, 1811 

Hyel Sanderson, Mary Sager Richmond, 11 June, 1811 

John Frederick, Elizabeth Peterson . . . .Adolphustown, 6 June, 1811 

Peter Cane, Elizabeth Burly Ernesttown, 28 May 1811 

John Clark, Rachael Stover " 12 June, 1811 

David Amey, Hannah Boice 5 April, 1811 

Conrade Crugle, May Cole Marysburgh, 12 Mar., 1811 

Joseph Trumpour, Lydia Dorland Adolphustown, 19 Mar., 1811 

Joseph Smith, Phila Fisk Ernesttown, 25 Mar., 1811 

Je thro Jackson, Fredericks.; Mary Wortman . Kingston, 28 Jan., 1811 

Try el Sanderson, Mary Sager Richmond, 11 June, 1811 

Archibald Campbell, Barbary Sager " 8 Aug., 1811 


Adam Van Winckle, Mary Boice Ernesttown, 29 Aug., 1811 

Benjamin Van Winckle, Eunice Hartman . . " 30 Aug., 1811 

John McGrath, Dorothy Benighart Marysburgh, 19 Aug., 1811 

Alex. Parraugh, Hannah More Ernesttown, I Sept., 1811 

Jacob Shibley, Catharine Fralick " 2 Sept., 1811 

John Windover, Lois Prindle Richmond, 18 Sept., 181 

John Quackenbush, Catharine H&nu&h.Fredericksburgh, 24 Sept., 1811 

Andrew Norton, Mary Jones Richmond, 3 Oct., 1811 

James Bradshaw, Mary Ben Fredericksburgh, 24 Oct., 1811 

Leonard Ross, Sophia Davis (no place given) 29 Oct., 1811 

Jean B. Brenault, Elizabeth McDonall .... Marysburgh, 25 Aug., 1811 
Henry ~H.&germa,n., Sidney ; T&biiha,G\8ipp.Adolphustown, 6 Nov., 1811 

Wm. Woodward, Catharine Horning Kingston, 25 Mar., 1811 

Joseph Hazard, Martha Barker (no place given) 19 Nov., 1811 

Joseph Gaston, Anna Hawley Ernesttown, 21 Jan., 1811 

William German, Catharine Outwater . . Adolphustown, 2 Oct., 1811 

Elijah Kellog, Hannah Harris Fredericksburgh, 20 Jan., 1811 

John Singleton, Thurlow ; Margaret Caxmiff.Adolphus., 3 Feb., 1811 
Titus Simmons, N. T. State ; Eliz'th Sharp.Ernesttown, 5 Feb., 1811 

John Asselstine, Mary Amey " 20 Feb., 1812 

Joshua Anderson, Lucinda Deible (no place given) .... May, 1811 
* Simeon Washburn, Deborah Trumpour (no place). ... 11 Dec., 1811 
Sam'l Van Devort, Sidney ; Catharine H.etis..Ernesttown, 8 Jan., 1812 

Amos Scott, Margaret Smith Fredericksburgh, 6 Jan., 1812 

John Coughnent, Catharine Shewman . " 6 Jan., 1812 

Ira Smith, Philomela Smith Ernesttown, 2 Jan., 1812 

Josiah White, Caty Crysdale Sidney, 12 Jan., 1812 

Daniel Ratan, Rhoda Hate Adolphustown, 16 Jan., 1812 

Abraham Stimus, Rachael Brown Thurlow, 6 Jan., 1812 

John Dingman, Marys.; Susanah Van Dusen.Adolphus., 27 Jan., 1812 

Seibley Taft, Catharine Wees Murray, 31 Jan., 1812 

Abraham Fry, Jean Lorway Fredericksburgh, 4 Feb., 1812 

George Huffman, Barbara Fretz " 4 Feb., 1812 

David Wey, Gennett Chisholm Sophiasburgh, 11 Feb., 1812 

Elijah Kellog, Debrah Prindle Fredericksburgh, 14 Feb., 1812 

Alex. Ross, Margaret Williams " 2 Mar., 1812 

Abraham Dafoe, Rachael Holcomb Richmond, 2 Mar., 1812 

Jacob Mitts, Jane Car Fredericksburgh, 6 Mar., 1812 

* Later on he became the Hon. Simeon Washburn, a member of the old U. C. Legis- 
lative Council, a leading early merchant at Picton, and a Government Commissioner for 
roads between Van Alstine's ferry, now Glenora, and Carrying Place, in 1830. 


Jacob Ho well, Catharine Fox Sophiasburgh, 8 Mar., 1812 

John Garritse, Rachael Ferguson Halloivell, 4 Mar., 1812 

John Cole, Patians Fergusson " 4 Mar., 1812 

Peter Stickle, Margaret Smith Sophiasburgh, 30 Mar., 1812 

John Everett, Kingston ; Margaret Wallbridge 

Ameliasburgh, 30 Jan., 1812 
Lambert Van Alstine, Margaret Maden . . . .Ernesttown, 7 April, 1812 

Nicholas Bowen, Elizabeth Haynes Camden, 27 April, 1812 

John Jenkins, Susanah Brown Ernesttoivn, 3 Mar., 1812 

Shurael Foster, Phebe Canniff Thurlow, 19 May, 1812 

Peter Switzer, Elizabeth Rattan Marysburgh, 13 May, 1812 

Jos. Caverley, Thurlow ; Catharine Workman. Kingston, 10 June, 1812 

Frederick York, Denehey See Ernesttown, 23 June, 1812 

Tunis Snook, Catharine Wartman Kingston, 31 July, 1812 

Jean B. Benaalt, Elizabeth McDonall . . . .Marysburgh, 25 Aug., 1812 

John Armstrong, Patty Stoutcliff Louborough, 21 Mar., 1812 

Peter Holmes, Catharine Strape Marysburgh, 10 May, 1812 

George Huffman, Barbara Fretz (no place given) ..... 30 Sept., 1812 

Lewis Mineur, Lydia Cole Isabel (no place given) 10 Aug., 1812 

John Zimmerman, Mary E. Fodwich . . . . Elizabethtown, 3 May, 1812 

John Park, Caty Brunk Fredericksburgh, 13 Oct., 1812 

Peter Huff, Fourth Tp.; Ann Hoald. . .Fifth Township, 3 Sept., 1812 

Wm. Martin, Nancy O'Neil Second Township, 31 Aug., 1812 

James Stalker, Hester Booth " 15 Nov., 1812 

Samuel Watson, Ester Bennett Fourth Township, 22 Oct., 1812 

Thos. Yarns, Third Tp.; Martha Cronk Second Tp., 29 Oct., 1812 

Nicholas Woodcock, Caty Parks Fredericksburgh, 19 Jan., 1813 

James Locy, Mary Garrison " 16 Feb., 1813 

George Demorest, Patience Howard Sophiasburgh, 2 Mar., 1813 

Bradford W'ood, Jemima Pomeroy Ernesttown, 10 Mar., 1813 

Humphrey Smith, Elizabeth Alberson Kingston, 16 June, 1813 

Peter Ross, Christiana, Jerolemy (no place given) .... 30 Aug., 1813 

Samuel Scott, Hannah Bower Camden, 11 July, 1813 

Edward Loyd, Dorothy Caldwell (no place given) .... 15 July, 1813 

Jacob Hand, Martha McTaggert Sophiasburgh, 20 July, 1813 

Robert Jones, Sophiasburgh ; Eliza Wilbert . . Hallowell, 20 July, 1813 

Jacob Post, Mary Quackenbush Fredericksburgh, 22 July, 1813 

John Piercy, Ernesttoivn ; Jane Post. . , 1813 

John H. Young, Rachael Spencer Hallowell, 5 Sept., 1813 

Mathew German, Margaret Smith (no place given) 13 Sept., 1813 

John Young, Mary Young (no place given) 28 Sept., 1813 


Conrad Simmon, Eliz'th Van De Water. Fredericksburgh, , 1813 

William Bedell, Peggy Bedell (no place given) 2 Dec., 1813 

Luke Barratt, Loboro ; Peggy Frett Ernesttown, , 1813 

John Loyd, Elizabeth Fralick Fredericksburgh, No date 

John Richards, Sally Stafford (no place given) 1 Nov., 1813 

Samuel Lapp, Katharine Keller Ernesttown, 4 April, 1813 

John Metcalf, Abigail Washburn (no place given) .... 8 Jan., 1814 
James Shoreland, Margaret England (no place given) . . 1 Feb., 1814 

Norris Switzer, Martha Collier Marysburgh, 2 Feb., 1814 

Benjamin York, Joan Hayes Camden, 7 Feb., 1814 

Elijah Storms, Sarah Ranons Marysburgh, 7 Feb., 1814 

Christopher Young, Lana Kellar Fredericksburgh, 6 Feb., 1814 

Samuel Neilson, Isabel Bell Ernesttown, 2 Mar., 1814 

Daniel Lee, Sarah Walker " 17 Mar., 1814 

Enoch Bedell, Sarah Casey Adolphustown, 5 Mar., 1814 

Oliver Crowes, Freds.; Mary Nester .... Isle of Tante, No date. 

Isaac Mourson, Mary Sprung Sophiasburgh, 20 Mar., 1814 

Reuben Preston, Helen Palen Hallowell, 21 Mar., 1814 

Thos. S. Wood, Fanny Pecins Ernesttown, 27 Mar., 1814 

Henry Kimmerly, Richmond; Marg. Fretz . Fredericks., 27 Mar., 1814 

David Stinson, Rachael Young Hallowell, 29 Mar., 1814 

Robert Grimmon, Rebeccah Rattan " 29 Mar., 1814 

Gideon Rogers, Catharine Lindsay Marysburgh, 29 Mar., 1814 

Alex. Hannah, Hannah Tyler Fredericksburgh, 30 Mar., 1814 

- Russell, Hallowell; Elinor Wilson. . . . Sophiasburgh, 12 April, 1814 
Jeremiah Lapp, Hamilton ; Sarah Perry . .Ernesttown, 14 April, 1814 

John Caten, Mary Snider " 19 April, 1814 

Jeremiah David, Rebeccah Powley Kingston, 3 May, 1814 

Jas. Shorland, Kingston ; Charlotte England, Adolplius., 4 Jan., 1814 
Abraham Prindle, Margaret Dimond . .Fredericksburgh, 20 May, 1814 
John Van Horn, Adolphus.; Mary Davenport . Sophias., 31 May, 1814 
David Hughston, Loboro'; Catharine Buck . .Kingston, 31 July, 1814 

Gideon Roger, Catharine Lindsay Ogdensburg, 27 Mar., 1814 

James Thompson, Rebeccah Spafford Hallowell, 14 July, 1814 

John Walters, Lucy Thompson " 15 Nov., 1814 

Daniel Dexter, Hepsey Collins Ernesttown, 22 Nov., 1814 

David Van Valkenburg, Jane Williams. ... " 5 Dec., 1814 

Alex. Van Burgham, Nancy Jacobs Hallowell, 12 Dec., 1814 

Benj. Boice, Hannah Stover Ernesttown, 13 Oct., 1814 

Albert Meikle, Mary Ferris Kingston, 31 July, 1814 

David York, Richmond; Peggy Scott Camden, 26 Feb., 1815 


Gilbert Somes, Sophias.; Catharine Kimmerly. Richmond, 16 Feb., 1814 
Henry Snider, Amelias.; Catharine Quackenbush, Freds., 20 Mar., 1814 
Peter Bower, Camden ; Deborah Brown. . . .Richmond, 27 Feb., 1815 

Jacob Van Alstine, Margaret Jones " 20 Mar., 1815 

James Hart, Subry Hawley Fredericksburgh, 7 Feb., 1815 

Wm. Caldwell, Abigail Boice Ernesttown, 30 April, 1815 

David Young, Nancy Stinson HattowelL 14 Mar., 1815 

Peter Detlor, Mary Grant Fredericksburgh, 19 April, 1815 

David Babcock, Polly Tryan Ernesttown, 27 April, 1815 

Thomas Fairman, Thurlow ; Anna Huffman. Fredericks., 21 April, 1815 

Benjamin Davison, Mary Moer Adolphustown, 23 April, 1815 

Michael Dafoe, Sarah Ackerman Fredericksburgh, 28 Mar., 1815 

Thos. Carson, Marys.; Phebe Van Dusen . Adolphustown, 11 June, 1815 

Ernest H. Snider, Dernechy Ranous Marysburgh, 15 June, 1815 

Wm. Sills, Hannah Fralick Fredericksburgh, 13 June, 1815 

Patrick More, Elizabeth Ockerman . . . .Adolphustown, 3 July, 1815 

Card Draper, Mary Seager Richmond, 12 July, 1815 

Peter Baker, Dorothy Miller Ernesttoivn, 2 May, 1815 

John Van Horn, Mary Davenport Sophiasburgh, 31 May, 1815 

Abraham Prince, Margaret Dimond . . .Fredericksburgh, 21 May, 1815 

Neil Gould, Sarah Brown : . . . .Richmond, 2 June, 1815 

John Jay, Elizabeth Mory Ernesttown, 21 June, 1818 

David Pringle, Hannah B. Oliver Camden, 21 July, 1815 

Lewis Fralick, Catharine Johnson Ernesttown, 25 July, 1815 

Jacob Rombough, Freds.; Catharine Milligan .. Camden, 12 Aug., 1815 
John Van Houghton, Kington ; Delilah Cronk . .Ernest, 6 Sept., 1815 

Orrin Ranney, Caroline Douglass Adolphustown, 15 Dec., 1815 

Martin Fisk, Janie Pruyn Ernesttown, 31 Dec., 1815 

Peter Simmons, Lany Sills Fredericksburgh, 22 Sept., 1815 

Chas. Alger, Hallowell ; Sophia Benson .Adolphustown, 14 Nov., 1815 

Jonathan Philips, Eleanor Bell Fredericksburgh, 5 Dec., 1815 

Peter Baker, Dorothy Miller Ernesttown, 14 Dec., 1815 

Dennis Hogan, Lucre tia Waggoner (no place) 21 June, 1818 

Elisha Martin, Thankful Babcock (no place) 6 June, 1818 

Wm. Clow, Elizabeth Davy Ernesttown, 11 Aug., 1816 

Henry Dingman, Sarah Snider Marysburgh, 1 July, 1818 

John Richards, Spafford Hallowell, 1 Nov., 1812 

Peter Thomas, Ann Barrant (no place) 18 Aug., 1818 

Paul Clapp, Margret Van Horn Adolphustown, 1 Jan., 1816 

George Hill, Lucy Minacer Marysburgh, 15 Jan., 1816 

Nathan Johnson, Ann George Emesttou-n, 7 Jan., 1816 


Cornelius Alcombrac, Mary Ann Mitts . Fredericksburgli, 10 Jan., 1816 

Chas. Minaker, Ann Hill Maryburgh, 15 Jan., 1816 

Ard. Benedict, Hannah Prindle Fredericksburgh, 16 Jan., 1816 

James McTaggart, Phebe Way (no place) 2 Feb., 1816 

Fred'k Bell, Fredericks.; Sarah Fralick Ernesttown, 3 Feb., 1816 

Geo. Fisher, Content Cotton Fredericksburgh, 7 Mar., 1816 

John Canniff, Nancy Dulmage Adolphustown, 19 Mar., 1816 

Benjamin Mitts, Mary Alcombrack . . Fredericksburgh, 20 April, 1816 

Wm. Burley, Hester Lee Ernesttown, 14 Aug., 1818 

Joshua Anderson, Lucretia Dewitt (no place) 11 Aug., 1811 

Baptiste Perrault, Elizabeth McDonald . . . .Marysburg, 25 May, 1811 

Jeremiah Lapp, Sarah Perry (no place) 20 April, 1816 

Edward Huyck, Elizabeth German . . . . Adolphustown, 29 Jan., 1817 

John Cannif, Nancy Dulmage " 19 Mar., 1816 

Samuel Dorland, Susan Henderson 1 May, 1816 

Nathan Parks, Freds.; Anna Dimond. . . . Sophiasburgh, 14 May, 1816 

John Hardolph, Debrah Wager Fredericksburgh, 26 May, 1816 

Isaac McLaughlin, Ruth Johnston Ernesttown, 26 May, 1816 

Isaac Jackwith, Mary Rose " 26 May, 1816 

Philip Hast, Elizabeth Dota " 27 May, 1816 

Jacob Kimmerly, Richmond ; Charity Bower . Camden, 26 June, 1816 

James Foster, Tabby Dorland Adotyhustown, 2 July, 1816 

Parker Smith, Ernesttown ; Rebecca Smith . .Portland, 9 July, 1816 

W. P. Luvan, Hannah Hortman Ernesttown, 17 July, 1816 

John Roblin, Sarah Snider Thurlow, 25 July, 1816 

Wm. Clow, Elizabeth Davy Ernesttown, 11 Aug., 1816 

Eli Babcock, Caty Snider " 12 Aug., 1816 

John Rightmyer, Sophias.; Mary Parks. Fredericksburgh, 16 Oct., 1816 
John Barnhart, Freds.; Sarah Clark. . . . Adolphustown, 26 Dec., 1816 

John Rogers, Mary Dimond Marysburgh, 15 Mar., 1816 

Jacob Roblin, Sarah Vandusen Adolphustown, 7 Aug., 1816 

James Cummings, Mary Young Ernesttown, 5 Aug., 1816 

Gasper Bower, Martha Preston Gamden, 22 Aug., 1816 

John Frier, Susannah N. Kinsley Hallowell, 2 Sept., 1816 

James Phillips, Catharine Oliver Fredericksburgh, 3 Sept., 1816 

Stephen Montgomery, Mary Snider Ernesttown, 8 Sept., 1816 

Wm. Tuttle, Ernest.; Malinda Hawley . Fredericksbivrgh, 9 Sept., 1816 

Bryan Crawford, Elizabeth Loyd 18 Sept., 1816 

Anthony Denee, Catharine Asselstine . . . .Amherst Isle, 16 Sept., 1816 

Moses Jacobs, Marget Harlow Sophiasburgh, 25 Sept., 1816 

Anthony Russell, Amy Raymond Ernesttoiun, 7 Oct., 181 6 


John Campbell, Lob oro; Hannah Bicknell . Ernesltown, 4 Nov., 1816 

David Wright, Marys.; Elizabeth ~H.oovQr.Adolphustown, 9 Nov., 1816 

Wm. Windover, Richmond ; Mary Peterson, Fredericks., 26 Nov., 1816 

Solomon Johns, Maria Finkle Bath, 2 June, 1816 

Henry Vandusen, Hannah Hortman Ernesttown, 6 April, 1816 

Bishop Hannah, Sarah Cornelius Fredericksburgh, 18 Nov., 1816 

Mathias Switzer, Elinor Bell Camden, 9 Mar., 1817 

Guy Henry Young, Susan Clark Hallowell, 16 Mar., 1817 

Wm. Lozier, Hannah Stickle Sophiasburgh, 29 Mar., 1817 

Jeremiah Buckley, Jane Thompson Camden, 25 Mar., 1817 

Daniel Wright, Charlotte Smith Marysburgh, 28 Feb., 1817 

Peter McGerand, Sarah M. Kingey " 12 Apr., 1817 

Jesse Purdy, Kingston ; Mariah Card . . . . Ernesttown, 26 Apr., 1817 

Nicholas Snider, Susanah Fryan " 28 Apr., 1817 

Solomon Barrager, Rachael Long Camden, 7 May, 1817 

James Hart, Anna Duseribury (no place given) 7 May, 1817 

Israel Ferguson, Rebeccah Alley Hallowell, 21 May, 1817 

Samuel Solmes, Eloner Cotter .Sophiasburgh, 22 May, 1817 

John Airhart, Margret Bo wen Camden, 7 June, 1817 

Jasper Fretz, Leonera Huffman Fredericksburgh, 28 July, 1817 

Christopher Peterson, Polly Dingman . " 29 July, 1817 

Samuel Brown, Lydia Peters Ernesttown, 4 Aug., 1817 

Asa Richardson, Hannah Bowen Fredericksburgh, 17 Aug., 1817 

Wm. Bartles, Mary Carscallen Camden, 14 Sept., 1817 

John Shorts, Susannah Loucks Sophiasburgh, 22 Sept., 1817 

Wm. Young, Margret Stinson Hallowell, 5 Oct., 1817 

Arnold Armour, Ann Hoffman Fredericksburgh, 20 Oct., 1817 

Jas. Peterson, Fredericks. ; Mary Howard 4 Nov., 1817 

Thos. McKim, Susanah Hoffman Richmond, 15 Nov., 1817 

Jesse Wells, Isabell Hawley Ernesttown, 28 Nov., 1817 

Jacob Fry, Elizabeth Hoffman Fredericksburgh, 31 Nov., 1817 

John Simeon, Mary Young " 1 Dec., 1817 

Robert Mac, Christina Keller Marysburgh, 1 Dec., 1817 

Rich'd. Ferrington, May Keller " 1 Dec., 1817 

Jno. Shannon, Camden; Symantha Smith Gyerton, same, 3 Dec., 1817 

Gilbert Clapp, Mary Roblin Adolphustown, 3 Dec., 1817 

Geo. Fraser, Mary Vandusen Sophiasburgh, 2 Dec., 1817 

Willett Potter, Mary Davis Fredericksburgh, 16 Dec., 1817 

Isaac Bell, Catharine Barrager Richmond, 10 Dec., 1817 

Joseph Rancier, Kingston ; Rachael Rancier, Loborough, 1 Jan., 1818 

John Joy, Elizabeth Morey (no place given) 21 June, 1818 


Elisha Martin, Thankful Babcock Fredericksburgh, 8 June, 1818 

Dennis Hogan, Lucretia Waggoner (no place given). ... 21 June, 1818 

Henry Dingman, Marysburgh ; Sarah Snider (no place) 1 July, 1818 

Peter Thomas, Anna Barnard (no place given) 18 Aug., 1818 

William Binlay, Hester Lea (no place given) 5 Jan., 1818 

John Cornelius, Levina Woodcock . . . . Fredericksburgh, 8 Jan., 1818 

George Westfall, Elly W. Myers Sidney, 15 Dec., 1818 

Samuel Thompson, Eve Merrett Fredericksburgh, 5 Feb., 1818 

Wm. Thompson, Cornelia Beatty " 27 Jan., 1818 

Orrin Jackson, Tenth town.; Mary Lard Camden, 9 Feb., 1818 

Joshua Waters, Mary Ogden (no place given) 24 Feb., 1818 

William Airhart, Sager Richmond, 8 Feb., 1818 

Straututs Sager, Sally Jones " 8 Feb., 1818 

Jacob Steel, Elizabeth Cole Fredericksburgh, 26 Feb., 1818 

Josiah Spencer, Sarah Baker Hallowell, 23 Feb., 1818 

James Toy, Sarah Yoemans Richmond, 23 Jan., 1818 

Abraham Woodcock, Loboro ; Hannah Card, Ernesttown, 5 Feb., 1818 

John Woodcock, Loboro; Hetty Clark " 5 Feb., 1818 

Wm. Reid, Thurlow ; Phebe Boice Kingston, 18 Mar., 1818 

Ely Bladget, Elizabeth Granger Ernesttown, 5 Dec., 1818 

Adam Croonly, Elizabeth Lazier Hallowell, 25 Dec., 1818 

Geo. Biggers, Mary Homes Camden, 21 Dec., 1818 

John Lane, Evy Richards Hallowell, 28 Apr., 1818 

Peter Sharp, Hannah Huffman Fredericksburgh, 28 Dec., 1818 

William Lewis, Elizabeth Bowers Richmond, 23 Mar., 1818 

John Mastin, a Corporal of the Sappers and Miners of 

Kingston ; and Sarah Strachan, of Fredericksburgh, 8 Nov., 1818 

Jonathan Allen, Elizabeth Blackman Kingston, 1 Jan., 1818 

John Warner, Elizabeth Howard 31 May, 1818 

Nicholas Smith, Margret Johnson . . . .Fredericksburgh, 22 Mar., 1818 

Elijah Allen, Ruth Hart Ernesttown, 6 Mar., 1818 

James Vannest, Elizabeth Card " 24 Mar., 1818 

Jacob Babcock, Mary Feeble " 5 Apr., 1818 

Wm. Scott, Camden; Amarelia Hawley . . . .Fredericks., 23 Nov., 1818 

Cornelius Van Horn, Ana Caniff Adolphustown, 1 Sept., 1818 

Zebe Babcock, Sally Snider Ernesttown, 18 Oct., 1818 

Wm. S. Williams, Sophias.; Hannah Harns, Fredericks., 1 Apr., 1818 

Simon Atthouse, Sarah Lake Ernesttown, 17 Aug., 1818 

Richard Lesart, Christian Esteltine 15 Sept., 1818 

Peter Thomas, Ann Barnard " 16 Aug., 1818 

Eliakim Van Valkinburgh, Camden ; Jane McPherson . 

Fredericksburgh, 25 May, 1818 


John Young, Mary Young Fredericksburgh, 28 Sept., 1818 

Jacob Bushlinder, Rachael Vanness Ernesttown, 13 Sept., 1818 

Samuel Ray, Phebe Warner First township, 22 Sept., 1818 

David Eraser, Cloe McDonald (no place given) 22 Sept., 1818 

David Canon, Susanah Chatterson Ernesttown, 29 July, 1818 

John Winn, Olive Benn First township, 10 Dec., 1818 

John McGrath, Anna Woodcock Fredericksburgh, 1 Sept., 1818 

Sheldon Hawley, Esther Walker Second township, 22 Mar., 1818 

William Bowen, Catharine Dernorest. .Fredericksburgh, 29 Mar., 1818 

Abner Wood, Sabine Didsort (no place given) 30 Apr., 1818 

Joseph Grooms, Rebecah Mclntosh Marysburgh, 7 Oct., 1818 

Thomas Lambert, Charity Huff Sophiasburgh, 20 Sept., 1818 

Lewis Clement, Sarah Carol (no place given) 19 Oct., 1818 

Everett De Witt, Kingston; Cath. Horning (no place), 29 Oct., 1818 

Edward Loyd, Jane Mitts Fredericksburgh, 18 Oct., 1818 

Allan McPherson, Fredericks.; Mary Fisher, Adolphus., 15 Oct., 1818 

Calvin Pier, Lydia Hill Hallowell, 20 Oct., 1818 

James Spencer, Catharine Fretz (no place given) .... 20 Oct., 1818 
Joseph Chatterson, Fredericks. ; Catharine Johnson . . . 

Ernesttown, 12 Oct., 1818 

Shelden Hawley, Esther Walker Ernesttown, 3 Mar., 1818 

John Egbert, Phebe Outwater Adolphustown, 22 July, 1818 

John Mitzler, Malinda Loucks Ernesttown, 15 Nov., 1819 

George Monro, Sophias. ; Elenor Palcote, same place .. 23 Oct., 1819 
John McTaggert, Mary Van Servier . . . .Sophiasburgh, 17 Mar., 1819 

John Peterson, Mary McDonald Marysburgh, 10 Feb., 1819 

Richard Riser, Elizabeth Keller Fredericksburgh, 17 Feb., 1819 

Jacob Cronkright, Elizabeth McGrath " 25 Feb., 1819 

Cyrus Barly, Adnah M. Randolph Ernesttown, 22 Feb., 1819 

David Chatterson, Betsy Windover Richmond, 20 Feb., 1819 

Jacob Snider, Lydia Wright Ernesttown, 2 Feb., 1819 

Amey Card, Sarah Scott Camden, 18 Jan., 1819 

Peter Wood, Meley Abrams Kingston, 23 Jan., 1819 

Asa Schammerhorn, Lany Dimond Richmond, 18 Jan., 1819 

Wm. Norman, Mary Babcock Kingston, 23 Jan., 1819 

George Monroe, Almira Talcott Sophiasburgh, 25 Nov., 1819 

Jacob Moore, Sarah Alexander Ernesttown, 6 Nov., 1819 

Albert Montine, Sophias. ; Nancy Gibba . .Ernesttown, 18 Nov., 1819 
Robert Oliver, Rich. ; Elizabeth Dunsmore, Lansdown, 1 Nov., 1819 
Dan'l. S. Way, Sophias. ; Susanah Bristol. . Emesttown, 3 Oct., 1819 
Bates Ketrum, Rich.; Betsy Potter ..Fredericksburgh, 3 Oct., 1819 


Frederick Peru, Elizabeth Grass Kingston, 19 July, 3819 

Alex. Robins, Hetibul Thutts Ernesttown, 26 Apr., 1819 

Joseph Files, Fredericks. ; Deborah Martin " 23 Dec., 1819 

Jos. Outwater, Adolphus,; Rosanah Rickly, Fredericks., 21 Dec., 1819 
Benj. Aylsworth, Ernest. ; Mary Simmons. .Ernestown, 28 Sept., 1819 

Charles Blanchard, Polly King Fredericksburgh, 10 Mar., 1819 

Stephen Ferrington, Susannah Rogers . . . .Marysburgh, 15 Mar., 1819 

Jacob More, Sarah Alexander Ernestown, 12 Nov., 1819 

Michael Asselstine, Catharine Fraser " 7 Nov., 1819 

John Sharp, Ernestown; Van Horn . . . . Adolphustown, 22 Apr., 1819 

Lewis Lucia, Mary Lewispan Amherst Isle, 1 Aug., 1819 

James Bradshaw, Martha Outwater Adolphustown, 1 Aug., 1819 

George Sills, Elizabeth Ram bough. . . .Fredericksburgh, 1 May, 1819 

Samuel Barnhart, Maryann Sills " 28 Sept., 1819 

William Miller, Alida Sharp Ernesttown, 20 Sept., 1818 

Cyrenus, Stratton, Lansdown ; Catharine Oliver, Rich., 8 Mar., 1819 

David Daily, Hannah Thomas Ernestown, 11 Mar., 1819 

David Boice, Ernestown ; Susanah Scriver, Fredericks., 11 Mar., 1819 
Isaac Smith, Kingston ; Sarah Babcock. . . .Ernestown, 21 Mar., 1819 

Andrew Loist, Elizabeth Pringle Richmond, 5 Apr., 1819 

John McTaggert, Mary Van Sriver . . . . Sophiasburgh, 17 Mar., 1819 
George McLeod, Catharine McGennis . . . .Amherst Isle, 28 Mar., 1819 

Win. Shewman, Margaret Lepboard Loborough, 15 Mar., 1819 

Wm. E. Norman, Mary Babcock Kingston, 1 Mar., 1819 

Simon Snider, Christiana Hortman Ernestown, 16 Mar., 1819 

Thomas Waldon, Hannah Potter Fredericksburgh, 20 Dec., 1819 

John Ellis, Fanny Oliver Marysburgh, 12 Oct., 1819 

Aron Sharp, Anny Vanvalkenburgh Camden, , 1819 

Daniel Silver, Catharine Brown , .Ernestown, 18 Dec., 1820 

Ellis Kelly, Adna Sharp Fredericksburgh, 20 Jan., 1820 

Russel Howard, Mary Cannon Kingston, 25 Jan., 1820 

Willet Ferres, Margret Grass 25 Jan., 1820 

Elles Kilba, Mada Sharp Ernestown, 20 Jan., 1820 

Wm. Turner, Sophia Minnaceh Fredericksburgh, 4 Jan., 1820 

Nelson Worden, Jane Willet Kingston, 2 Jan., 1820 

John O'Neil, Elizabeth Simmon Ernestown, 20 May, 1820 

Peter Cornwell, Ernest. ; Rachael Grant Fredericks., 26 June, 1820 

Daniel Heagle, Lana Fretz Richmond, 1 Aug., 1820 

Duncan Van Alstine, Phebe Purdy Kingston, 5 June, 1820 

Truman S. Clench, Eliza C. Cory Ameliasburgh. 19 July, 1820 

Isaac Asteltine, Mary Keller Fredericksburgh, 20 Mar., 1820 


Louard Barnard, Margaret Hough . . . . Fredericksburgh, 1 May, 1820 

Jonas Dulya, Ann Bowen Richmond, 1 May, 1820 

Jacob Althouse, Phebe Mattis Ernestown, 2 Apr., 1820 

Wm. Snider, Ernestown ; Daros Boice Loboro', 20 Mar., 1820 

Lyman Redden, Loboro ; Sarah Dimond. . . .Ernestown, 25 June, 1820 

John Wesno, Amy Perry " 7 Sept., 1820 

Henry McLarnard, Mary McAwlay . .Fredericksburgh, 29 Dec., 1820 
Wm. Wager, Fredericks. ; Elizabeth Hough, Richmond, 6 Dec., 1820 

Elijah Brown, Hannah Stafford Ernestown, 4 Sept., 1820 

Mathew Paterson, Sarah Washburn Hallowell 21 Nov., 1820 

Cornelius Hughson, Jeney Latimore Loughborugh, 12 Sept., 1820 

Benjamin Marsh, Christina Wager. . . .Fredericksburgh, 13 Nov., 1820 
John W. Sager, Rich. ; Chariot McCumber, Fredericks., 15 Nov., 1820 

George Drewrey, Keziah Roblin Sophiasburgh, 20 Nov., 1820 

Richard Abbey, Jane Gilchrist Ernestown, 27 Nov., 1820 

Andrew Quackenbush, Catharine Forsbee . .Fredericks., 7 Dec., 1820 

John Walker, Eve Davy Ernestown, 17 Dec., 1820 

Hughson Walker, Susanah Ball 17 Dec., 1820 

Peter Mattis, Ernestown; Eliza Williams . .Loborough, 18 Dec., 1820 
John Card, Camden ; Hannah Dolphins (no place) . . . . 26 Dec., 1820 
W T m. Densmore, of Elohars ; Cornelia Bowen. . . .Rich., 15 Jan., 1821 

Daniel Gold, Catharine Dimond Richmond, 9 Jan., 1821 

Caleb Boice, Loboro ; Rachael Snider Ernestown, 3 Apr., 1821 

John Mason, Kingston; Margaret Strachan, Fredericks., 7 Apr., 1821 

John Werno, Anna Perry Fredericksburgh, 8 Mar., 1821 

Jacob Van Armon, Rachael Dafoe .... Apr., 1821 

John Philip Baker, Elizabeth Bush . . 15 Apr., 1821 

Nathan Clark Rowe, Kingston ; Cath. Walker, Ernest., 9 Apr., 1821 

Fredk. Conway, Mary Loucks Camden, 18 Apr., 1821 

Weeden Walker, Jenny Prindle Jains Ernestown, 1 Apr., 1821 

David Johnson, Elizabeth Rush Camden, 17 Apr., 1821 

Benj. Wickman, Sophias.; Lavina Ruter. . . .Adolphus., 11 July, 1821 
George Brook, Charlotte Benedick . . . .Fredericksburgh, 30 May, 1821 

John Johnson, Tuny Gonsolos Kingston, 5 Feb., 1821 

Abraham Milden, Fredericks. ; Jane York. .Ernestown, 2 July, 1821 

Joseph Jerman, Margery Hess Fredericksburgh, 18 Feb., 1821 

Henry Johnson, Hallowell ; Mary Merritt. .Ernestown, 17 July, 1821 

Isaac Mintz, Levina Collier Adolphustown, 19 July, 1821 

Simon Smith, Margaret Smith Ernestown, 24 June, 1821 

John Fairfield, Ernestown ; Elizabeth Clapp, Adolphus., 19 Dec., 1821 
Wm. Solines, Sarah Burly Emesttown, 29 July, 1821 


Wm. Rancier, Loboro' ; Louisa David Kingston, 17 Feb., 1821 

Hugh Stephenson, Sophiasburgh ; Nelly Louray 7 Feb., 1821 

Bocin Asselstine, Sophiah Hammond Ernestown, 2 Aug., 1821 

Benjamin Files, Ehaim Detlor Fredericksburgh, 7 Aug., 1821 

David Hawley, Jr., Ester Perry Ernestown, 22 Aug., 1821 

Peter Scott, Charity Bower Camden, 8 Aug., 1821 

David Vandevort, Sydney ; Elizabeth Hess, Ernestown, 21 Feb., 1821 

Daniel Reckly, Matilda Robins Bath, 10 Dec., 1821 

Jacob Bower, Mary Anderson Fredericksburgh, 3 Dec., 1821 

John Brown, Mary Nicholson Thurlow, 6 Feb., 1822 

John Roblin, Nancy L. Conger (no place given) 7 Feb., 1822 

Tims Hawley, Fredericks. ; Hannah Martin, Ernestown, 7 Jan., 1822 

Nathan Hare, Eunice Hare Marysburgh, 10 Jan., 1822 

Joseph Gay, Polly Ash Kingston, 15 Jan., 1822 

Joseph File, Jane Detlor Fredericksburgh, 17 Jan., 1822 

Archibald Gilchrist, Mary Derby Ernesttown, 27 Jan., 1822 

Nicholas Rombock, Sarah Barnhart . .Fredericksburgh, 29 Jan., 1822 

Robert Dimond, Sarah Smith Kingston, 4 Feb., 1822 

John Brower, Nancy Nicholson Thurlow, 6 Feb., 1822 

John Roblin, Nancy Langhorn Sophiasburgh, 7 Feb., 1822 

Nathaniel Killoy, Polly McGuin Kingston, 18 Feb., 1822 

Hugh Oglive, Clarissa Warner " 18 Feb., 1822 

Wm. Connell, Hallowell ; Bersheba Van Valkenberg, 

Ernestown, 11 Mar., 1822 

And'w Patterson, Sophias. ; Jane Peggin (no place). ... 14 Mar., 1822 
Jas. Murry, Hallowell ; Hannah Lorraway, Fredericks., 25 Mar., 1822 
Abraham Fredenburgh, Mary Bower . .Fredericksburgh, 28 Mar., 1822 
Andrew McMain, Fredericks.; Amy Madden . .Ernest., 16 Apr., 1822 

David Freeman, Nancy Loveless Ernestown, 23 Apr., 1822 

And'w Kimmerly, Rich. ; Hudah Ostrum, Thurlow., 14 May, 1822 

Joseph Butler, Charity Hill Sophiasburgh, 26 May, 1822 

Nicholas Carter, Barbara Vankoughnent . .Fredericks., , 1822 

Peter Aken, Dorany Wager " 17 June, 1822 

Wm. Parks, Clarry Parks " 20 July, 1822 

NOTE. Here over 20 blank pages intervene, apparently left to be filled. In 
various pages some blanks are left at bottom of the pages, and in some cases part of 
these lines are filled in with a different shade of ink and a trembling hand, appar- 
ently put in years later. 

Owen Garret, Betsy Wessels Sophiasburgh, 26 Apr., 1831 

Jacob Bush, Christiana Rombough. . . .Fredericksburgh, 3 May, 1831 
Joseph Barker, Harriet White Hallowell, 4 May, 1831 


Cornelius Chatterson, Ernest. ; Nancy McGuin ..Fred., 31 July, 1831 

Wm. Gerow, Phebe Jane Cuning Hallowell, 1 Sept., 1831 

Fred. Creighton, Mary McPherson Ernestown, 12 Sept., 1831 

Elias Clark, Julia Morden Sophiasburgh, 15 Sept., 1831 

Jonah B. Clark, Jane Mills " 23 Sept., 1831 

Daniel Wood, Sophias.; Laura J. Washburn. .Amelias., 4 Oct., 1831 
Henry Seeley Thurlow ; Louisa Cutwaters, Fredericks., 18 Cct., 1831 
James Farral, Murray ; Margret Benson. . . .Adolphus., 18 Oct., 1831 
Hiram Buckley, Cramhe ; Jane Valleau. . . .Fredericks., 19 Oct., 1831 

Martin Cassidy, Hannah Hally Fredericksburgh, 2 Nov., 1831 

Oscar F. Poole, Ernest. ; Almenda Fralick " 9 Nov., 1831 

Henry Mayo, Mary Whepley Kingston, 16 Nov., 1831 

Isaiah Farrar, Cramhe ; Donas Whepley. ... " 16 Nov., 1831 

James Caven, Margret McCutchen Hallowell, 24 Nov., 1831 

Walter Stickney, Sophias.; Phebe Christie . . " 12 Dec., 1831 

James Gibson, Hannah Hyat " 12 Dec., 1831 

John White, Hillier ; Clara Shelden " 13 Dec, 1831 

George Minaker, Susan McGrath Marysburgh, 14 Dec., 1831 

John Harrison, Hannah M. Canter " 20 Dec, 1831 

Benjamin Hues, Mary Hicks " 28 Dec, 1831 

Daniel Morgan, Abagil Elsworth Hallowell, 3 Jan, 1832 

Peter Milligan, Elizabeth Frip Sophiasburgh, 4 Jan, 1832 

Stephen Bull, Elizabeth Brewer Hallowell, 9 Jan, 1832 

George J. Thomas, Margret Walters " 10 Jan, 1832 

John McLoughlin, Elizabeth Wright . . Fredericksburgh, 18 Jan, 1832 
Edward H. Curlett, Moriahann Thompson . .Adolphus., 19 Jan, 1832 
Danl. L. Burlingham, Rachael Brascomb (no place) .... 24 Jan, 1832 

Samuel Leavens, Sarah Brascombe Hallowell, 24 Jan, 1832 

Andrew Denick, Catharine Smith Marysburgh, 29 Jan, 1832 

Samuel Miller, Elizabeth Wager Fredericksburgh, 7 Feb., 1832 

Alexander Way, Jermina Jones Fredericksburgh, 9 Feb., 1832 

William Warner, Caty Grant Kingston, 13 Feb., 1832 

Henry Twilleger, Hallowell ; Mine McDonald. .Marys., 14 Feb., 1832 

Lukas Van Luven, Eliza Bower Camden, 23 Feb., 1832 

Malcolm McPherson, Perth; Elizabeth McPherson, 

Ernesttown, 29 Feb., 1832 

John Keller, Mary Lloyd Fredericksburgh, 13 Mar, 1832 

Thos. Davy, Charlotte Davidson " 15 Mar, 1832 

John H. Morden, Amelias. ; Mary Mason . . . .Sophias., 20 Mar, 1832 

Jacob Rickley, Mary Brown Fredericksburgh, 29 Mar, 1832 

Michael M. Shea, Isabel Keys " 29 Mar, 1832 


Lawrence Lyons, Sophias. ; Nancy Ogden .. Hallo well, 8 May, 1832 

Luke Vanhoren, Mary Skirkle Sophiasburgh, 24 May, 1832 

Arthur Elsworth, Dinah Spencer Hattowell, 6 June, 1832 

Joseph Morden, Sophias.; Levina Bikman . .Adolphus., "26 June., 1832 

Arthur Elsworth, Jennet Sheldon Halloivell, 2 July, 1832 

Geo. W. Baldwin, Harriot T. Booth Ernestown, 4 July, 1832 

John Lewis, Hester Howell Hallowell, 19 July, 1832 

Gideon Gardiner, Patience Demorest . . . . Sophiasburgh, 11 July, 1832 

Orren Foster, Rosina Ranson " 28 Aug., 1832 

John Dingman, Marys.; Melicant Hoover . .Adolphus., 25 Oct., 1832 

Jas. Greely, Martha Walker Hallowell, 29 Oct., 1832 

Henry Keller, Charlotte Scriver Fredericksburgh, 30 Oct., 1832 

Geo. Lteicoy, Kingston; Henrietta Jenkins. Sophiasburgh, 16 Oct., 1832 

Geo. W. Bedel, Susanah Brown Fredericksburgh, 12 Apr., 1832 

David H. Huff, Rebecah Fredenburgh .... Marysburgh, 18 Apr., 1832 
Peter Smith, Amelias.; Phebe Pine . . . .Sophiasburgh, 13 Oct., 1822 

Wm. Whitney, Elizabeth Wees " 31 Oct., 1832 

Abraham Peack, Amanda Wilson " 16 Oct., 1832 

Geo. W. Bedel, Susanah Brown Fredericksburgh, 12 Apr., 1832 

Asa C. Fergusson, Catharine Petit Adolphustown, 6 Nov., 1832 

Henry Somes, Elizabeth North Marysburgh, 13 Nov., 1832 

George Burrows, Camden ; Charity Kimmerly, Rich., 24 Nov., 1832 
Michael Keller, Margaret Schiver . . . .Fredericksburgh, 4 Dec., 1832 
Levi W. Nichol, Kings. ; Priscilla Douglass, Adolphus., 20 Dec., 1832 

John W. Williams, Elizabeth Gordon Hallowell, 25 Dec., 1832 

Joseph Keller, Mary Burns Fredericksburgh, 1 Jan., 1832 

Chester Hoskins, Elinor Magee " 2 Jan., 1833 

Abraham T. Bowen, Catharine Bowen Richmond, 30 Jan., 1833 

Wm. Keller, Deborah Slarks Marysburgh, 30 Feb., 1833 

Timothy Pringle, Marys. ; Mary Ann Blakely, Sophias., 4 Mar., 1833 

Thomas Wright, Phebe White Hallowell, 4 Mar., 1833 

Wm. Ostrander, Phebe Palmeter Marysburgh, 2 Apr., 1833 

Henry Ham, Ernest. ; Frances Fairns worth, 

Demorestville, May 6, 1833 

In presence Benjamin Ham and Rhoda Losee. 
Wm. Young, Mary Ogden Hallowell, 30 May, 1833 

Witnesses, Dier Stanton and Betsy Spencer. 
James Shepherd, Maryan Williams Marysburgh, 11 June, 1833 

In presence of James Harrison, Mary Card. 
Royal McCumber, Margaret Schermerhorn . .Richmond, 25 June, 1833 

Andrew Gold, Elizabeth Barton. 


John Moran, Mary Fortier, Sophiasburgh, 25 June, 1833 

Samuel Shaw, Absina Moran. 

Richard Merit, Anna Nicholson Fredericksburgh, 1 Nov., 1833 

Wm. Patrick, Latta M. Williams Adolphustown, 15 July, 1833 

Matthew S. Rattan, Anna Martin. 
Elijah Smith, Anna Jane Lafester Camden, 29 July, 1833 

Arthur Dickey. John Bower. 
Alex. Allen, Sarah Ann Both 1 Sept., 1833 

Hugh Allen, Elizann Brown. 
Ruben Madden, Sophia Smith Fredericksburgh, 3 Sept., 1833 

Luthur Smith, Elija Smith. 
Apollus B. Hill, Caroline Schriver. (No place given.). . 24 Sept., 1833 

Hugh Miller, Rosanah Schriver. 
Thomas D. Brock, Maria Fieldhouse Hillier, 14 Oct., 1833 

Thomas Borland, Jane Armstrong. 
Robert Hill, Hannah Juble Marysburgh, 15 Oct, 1833 

James Turner, Eliza Elmore. 
Jacob Wagner, Isabella Sills Fredericksburgh, 17 Oct., 1833 

Michael P. McCabe, Ruth Hough. 
Benjamin Smith, Jane Stuart Hallowell, 30 Oct., 1833 

Frederick H. Smith, Sarah Johnston. 
Reuben Gosling, Jane Demilt Sophiasburgh, 5 Nov., 1833 

William Fox, Lucy Gosling. 
Richard Merit, Johannah Nicholson. ...Fredericksburgh, 12 Nov., 1833 

Asa Richardson, Mary Campbell. 
Rueben Gosling, Janee Demill Sophiasburgh, 5 Nov., 1833 

Rueben Fox, Lucy Gosling. 
Solomon Bebee, Samantha Beech Ernesttown, 7 Oct., 1834 

Edwin Shibley, Martha Amey. 
Ezekiel Degroff, Temperance Rombough. . . .Fredericks., 25 Dec., 1834 

John Hough, Ruth Huff. 
Thomas Lyons, Cyntha Berdet Sophiasburgh, 16 Oct., 1834 

Larance Lyons, Peter Smith. 
John Chapman, Jane Armstrong Fredericksburgh, 4 March, 1834 

Wm. Armstrong, Ely Adams. 
Francis Van Tassel, Affa Burtis Ameliasburgh, 28 Jan., 1835 

Eli Smith, Affa Van Tassel. 
Edward Thomas, Eliza Hardy Kingston, 20 Jan., 1835 

A. D. Campbell, Emma Thomas. 

George Bowen, Maryann Neil Richmond, 10 April, 1835 

John Smith Foot, Eliza Barton Richmond, 20 July, 1835 

Wm. Huff, Mary Jayne. 


John Keller, Abbey Keller Kingston, 21 July, 1835 

Ann Young, Eliza Armstrong. 
John T. Wilson, Hallowett, Hester Pattingale . .Hillier, 12 Aug., 1835 

Francis T. Smith, Catharine Pattengale. 
John G. Markle, Catharine Nickle Richmond, 7 Sept., 1835 

Wm. Post, Sarah Maricle. 
James Prout, Richmond; Mary Stephenson .Fredericks., 15 Sept., 1835 

Andrew Stephenson, Nancy Stephenson. 
Elias Smith, Sophrona Welton Bath, 15 Sept., 1835 

John Smith, Catharine Crawford. 
Jonathan Aylsworth, Margret Gilchrist .... Ernesttown, 14 Oct., 

John Aylsworth, Jane Gilchrist. 
James G. Wright, Hannah E. Barton Demorestville, 2 Nov., 1835 

Jabez Powers, Maryann Demorest. 
Amos Potter, Amelias., Eliza Hetonis . . . .Marysburgh, 17 Nov., 1835 

George Boulton, Catharine McGuire. 
Aron Soles, Catharine Balfour Fredericksburgh, 30 Nov., 1835 

Hannah McDowall, Wm. Armstrong. 
John Brown, Rebecah Amey Ernesttown, 29 Dec., 1835 

Abraham Amey, Julyann Bown. 
George Martin, Catharine O'Neil Heling Hallowell, 31 Dec., 1835 

Robert Heling, Miriam Carnaham. 
Thomas Martin, Eliza Smith Adolphustown, 24 Nov., 1835 

James O'Shaughnesey, Margaret Nelly. 
James McMath, Amherst Id., Margaret Scott, Fredericks., 6 Jan., 1836 

Samuel McMath, Lowrey Adamson. 
Peter Van Sickler, Elizabeth Howell Thurlow, 11 Jan., 1836 

Samuel Shaw, Julian Peck. 
Jeremiah Amey, Ernest., Magdale Gunsolos .Fredericks., 19 Jan., 1836 

Joseph Amey, Emily Gunsolds. 
Isaac A. Worden, Sophias., Cecilia Spencer . .Fredericks., 4 Feb., 1836 

Wm. J. Sloan, Wm. T. Spencer. 

NOTE. The names of marriages entered in the regular register end here. There 
are some loose leaves here and there in the book in very pale ink, some of which 
appear to have been entered, but not all. It is difficult to decipher them. Most of 
the entries appear to have been made from slips taken at the time, no doubt, and to 
have been entered without much regularity as regards time and rotation. The 
register is a large book of unruled paper, and there are some hundreds of pages not 
used at all. The register of baptisms begins at the other end of the book and 
appears to have been arranged by townships. Some are not carried out nearly as 
late as there is reason to believe Mr. McDowall continued baptising, or of marrying 
either. In some instances, from the paleness of the ink, or staining of paper, names 
can hardly be deciphered. 



Minister of the United Congregations of Earnestown, Fredericksburgh, 

and Adolphustown. 

First entry, on first page, over the above inscription : 

Sarah Murdoff, daughter of James Murdoff and Lois Charters, of the Town- 
ship of Plainfield and County of Otsago, State of New York, was baptised 
February 17th, 1808. 


Parents' Names. Children's Names. Time when 


Daniel Blake 

Hannah Cronk Israel 21 June, 1800 

Denike Clute c Denike 4 July, 1788 

Katharine Shorts \ Hannah 9 Oct., 1800 

John Hart 

Elizabeth Eten Mary 9 Nov., 1800 

Peter Bond 

Mary Dunard Jacob Diamond 22 Nov., 1800 

James Gordiner C Hannah 13 Mar., 1786 

Eunice Soles | Eunice 30 June, 1796 

James 23 Oct,, 1797 

Lewis ? 20 Mar., 1799 

Moses Foster 

Geney McPhee (Fredericksburgh) Moses 11 Mar., 1800 

John Ham 

Elizabeth Donesbusch Philip 29 Mar., 1800 

John Hart 

Elizabeth Eton Deliverance 30 , 1799 

Wm. McKage 

Mary Parr Elizabeth 9 Apr., 1800 

John Chrank, Martha Chatterton John 22 Nov., 1786 

.... Delinah 20 Apr., 1789 

.... Stephen 17 Apr., 1791 

.... Martha 19 Mar., 1794 

John West, Geny Campbell Mary 20 Oct., 1799 

Stephen Buis, Elizabeth Conklin Clary 22 Apr., 1799 

Isaac Hough, Elizabeth Hicks Hannah 10 May, 1800 

Jacob Snider, Katharne Cole Catharine 19 Dec. , 1799 

Abraham Sharp, Jean Van Valkenburgh Margaret 2 May, 1800 

Joshua Book, Margret Eraser John Frazer 23 Aug., 1800 

Daniel Fraser, Sarah Scouting John 8 Aug., 1800 

Cornelius Van Dusen, Elizabeth Kaser Cornelius 4 Sept., 1800 

Philip Hortman, Alada Hough Hannah 8 Aug., 1800 



Parent^ Names. Children's Names. Time when 


Reuben Granger, Rachael Boice Mary 20 July, 1800 

Isaac McGuin, Katharine Barnhart . . Henry 12 July, 1800 

John Landon, Else Weddel Mathew Clark 27 Feb., 1800 

Robert Havens, Abagail Hough Hannah 29 Nov., 1801 

David Fraser, Rebecah Dice Euphamey 10 Jan., 1802 

James Rankins, Phebe Brown James 13 Mar., 1799 

" " Katharine 8 Sept., 1801 

John Van Valkenburgh, Hannah Pat- 
terson Bata 20 Sept.,1801 

Moses Simmon, Margret Allen Timothey 13 Oct., 1801 

John Brown, Anna Lee Elizabeth 2 May, 1800 

Paul Comer, Phebe Boice William 10 Dec., 1800 

John C. Vosburgh, Hannah Shibley . . Ellenor 19 Aug., 1801 

Daniel McDaniel, Jeney Marikle Daniel 17 June, 1804 

Henery McGuin, Christiana Simmon . . Owen 2 June, 1800 

Daniel Simmons, Barbara McDugal . . Henrey 15 Jan. , 1801 

John Conklin, Phebe Hough Joseph 3 Aug. , 1800 

John Snider, Ellener Boice Rachael 28 Apr. , 1800 

Anilius Parkins, Rachael Snider Sarah 6 Dec., 1801 

Nicholas Simmons, Sarah Hennah Henrey 29 Apr. , 1801 

Cornelius Chatterson, Vielete Davis . . Cornelius 14 Mar., 1788 

.... Elizabeth 7 May, 1793 

.... Joseph 29 July, 1794 

.... Susannah 3 Aug., 1800 

Andrew More, Hannah McKure Jacob 11 Jan. , 1801 

Abraham Van Valkenburgh Rachael 7 June, 1800 

Peter Sharp, Peggy Sharp Laney 6 June, 18 

Elijah B. Hough, Mary Wees Elizabeth 8 Sept.,1801 

John Wees, Jean Campbell Isabel 16 Aug., 1801 

John Dimond, Katharine Gordineer . . Robert 8 May, 1801 

Isaac Hough, Elizabeth Hicks Agnes 22 Dec., 1801 

Peter McPherson, Elizabeth McDear- 

mid Angus No date. 

Peter Davie, Mary Hiller Eva 28 Mar., 1802 

John Ham, Elizabeth Densbech Benjamin 4 Apr., 1802 

Cornelius Chatterson, Violetta Davis . Mathew 25 Mar., 1802 

John Simons, Jenny Gordineer Jacob 22 Apr., 1802 

Peter West, Hannah Bunter John 12 Sept., 1801 

John Snider, Lana Boice Jacob 11 May, 1802 

John Dimond, Katharine Gordineer . . Peter 13 Aug., 1802 

Elizab'h Thomas, baptized Aug. 29, 1800 26 July, 1785 

Ruben Granger, Rachael Boice Geney 23 July, 1802 

David Simmon, Barbara McDugal John 28 Aug., 1802 

Daniel McDaniel, Jeney Marikle William 24 Oct., 1802 


Nov. 14 Joshua Booth, Margret Fraser Elener 9 Oct., 1802 

Nov. 14 Daniel Fraser, Sarah Scouton Richard 6 Sept., 1802 

Nov. 14 Isaac Fraser, Hannah Staring Catharine 22 Oct., 1802 


Parent^ Names. Cliildreris Names. Time ivhen 

1803 Born. 

Mar. 6 John Poneet, Catharine Went Elizabeth 22 Dec., 1802 

Mar. 17 Abraham Sharp, Jean Van Valkenburgh Jacob 17 Nov., 1802 

Apr. 3 John Hart, Elizabeth Eten Elizabeth 9 July, 1803 

Apr. 18 Isaac McGuein, Katharine Barnhart . . Peggy 6 Apr. , 1803 

Oct. 3 James Gordineer, Eunice Soles Wilson Sole 26 May, 1800 

Oct. 2 John C. Vosburgh, Hannah Shibley . . Geney 4 Sept., 1803 

Oct. 2 Jacob Storms, Rebeckah Sager Gilbert 27 Feb., 1803 

Oct. 2 John Brown, Ann Lee Katy 17 June, 1803 


Jan. 8 William Wess, Mary Barnhart Saly 9 Nov., 1803 

Jan. 8 Peter Wess, Lana Bonta Jacob 22 Nov., 1803 

Daniel McPherson, Jane Shaw Maryan 30 Dec., 1803 

Jan. 29 Robert Maden, Charity Dimond Margret 30 Mar., 1803 

June 3 Barnhert Wiele, Sarah Vandeberg. . . . Barnhart 6 June, 1803 

June 3 James Alexander, Catharine Snider . . Sarah 9 Mar., 1804 

Daniel Simmon, Barbara McDougall. . Hannah McDowell. . 7 Mar., 1804 

June 24 Jonathan Fairfield, Charity Rider Mary 6 Apr., 1798 

June 25 John Van Valkenburgh, Hannah Pat- 
terson Jonathan 20 June, 1802 

June 25 John Van Valkenburgh, Hannah Pat- 
terson Gilbert 13 Mar., 1804 

June 25 Samuel Wiele, Lucinda Phillips Aaron 15 Apr., 1804 

July 22 John Perry, Alada Sott Alada No date. 

July 22 " ** Stephen No date. 

July 22 Daniel Fraser, Sarah Scouton Andrew 13 July, 1804 


May 1 Aaron Sharp, Jean Van Valkenburgh. Polly Van Valkenb'rg 22 Nov., 1804 

May 1 Isaac Hough, Elizabeth Hicks Deborah 20 Sept.,1803 

May 1 Robert Havens, Abagail Hough Richard Henry 8 Sept., 1804 

May 1 John Ham, Elizabeth Deushbeach Richard 23 Sept., 1804 

May 1 William Rogers, Katharine Elsworth. . Sarah Mariah 20 Nov., 1804 

May 1 Peter McPherson, Elizabeth McDir- 

nond William 10 Mar., 1805 

May 5 Cornelius Van Leven, Elizabeth Keefer Isaac 15 Dec., 1804 

June 7 Reuben Grange, Rachael Boice Watson 17 June, 1804 

July 10 John Dimond, Katharine Gordineer . . Salley 2 Sept., 1803 

July 10 Benjamin Boice, Margret Bartley Peter 16 June, 1805 

22 Sept. Daniel McPherson, Geney Shaw Elizabeth 30 July, 1805 

22 Sept. Martha Preston, adult No date. 

9 Nov. Samuel Hough, Hannah Hoffman Charles Just 26 Oct., 1805 


9 Feb. John Breezey, Geney Williams Andrew 24 Oct. . 1805 

9 Feb. John Williams, Elizabeth Simmon Hannah 22 Dec., 1805 

10 Feb. Peter West, Lana Banta Alida , 12 Dec., 1805 

10 Feb. Jacob Fraser, Katharine Jones Sarah 23 Nov., 1805 

10 Feb. James Alexander, Katharine Snyder. . Joanna 26 Dec., 1805 

23 Feb. John Snyder, Ellener Boice George 21 Jan. , 1805 


Parents' Names. Children's Names. Time when 


23 Feb. Eli Peters, Phebe Babcock Joseph 19 Dec., 1805 

23 Feb. Isaac McGuin, Katharine Barnhart . . . Lana 3 Feb., 1806 

April 4 John Brown, Ann Lee Jean 20 Nov., 1806 

April 4 Moses Simmons, Margret Allen Francis 9 Feb. , 1806 

April 21 Peter Bowen, Mary Dimond John 5 Apr., 1806 

Mar. 4 John C. Vosburgh, Hannah Shibley. . Delia 26 Feb., 1806 

Mar. 4 Henry Hutchins, Lucinda Bibins Sarah 25 Apr., 1806 

Aug. 21 Joshua Booth, Margret Fraser Charles Andrew 2 Aug., 1806 

Aug. 3 Daniel Fraser, Sarah Scouton William 9 May, 1806 

Aug. 3 Martin Salsbury, Eve Alcombrack Mary . , 7 May, 1806 

Aug. 3 Peter Perry, Mary McDaniel Katharine 28 Apr., 1806 

Aug. 3 Isaac Hicks, Elizabeth Clute Margaret 20 Feb., 1806 

June 24 John Groshong, Gennet Fairfield .... Sabiaminirve 23 May, 1806 


Cons Hoffman, Jean Shibley Elizan 9 Jan., 1807 

May 17 John Bell, Catharine Sharp Jean 

May 17 " " Elizabeth 28 Feb., 1807 

May 17 Philip Wolf rim, Catharine Moer George 22 Mar., 1807 

June 7 Peter Daly, Mary Hortman Thomas 29 Apr., 1807 

Aug. 9 Daniel McDaniel, Sarah Maricle Flora 27 July, 1807 

Aug. 9 John Amey, Mary Grant John 15 Apr., 1807 

June 1 Peter McPherson, Elizabeth McDearmid Elizabeth 26 May, 1807 

Sept. 12 William McKim, Nancy Nicholson William No date. 

Sept. 12 " " .... Nicholson No date. 

Sept. 12 " " Comfort No date. 

June 7 Robert Havens, Abagail Hough No name. No date. 

Dec. 13 Joseph Hurley, Sarah Hurd Sarah Eliza 5 Aug., 1807 

Dec. 13 Gilbert Storms, Mary More William Andrew 16 Sept., 1807 


Feb. 14 Nicholas Simmons, Sarah Hannah .... Margaret 12 Jan. , 1808 

April 3 Daniel Fraser, Sarah Scouton Mary 20 Feb., 1808 

April 10 Moses Simmon, Margret Allen No name. Mar., 1808 

Martin Salisbury, Eve Alkombrack . . . Susannah 7 May, 1808 

John Ham, Elizabeth Densbeaugh Elizabeth 7 Aug., 1808 

Jacob Fraser, Katharine Jones .Benjamin 10 Oct. , 1807 

Isaac Snider, Mary Newbury Elizabeth 13 July, 1808 

John Maby, Barbara Julia 25 Apr., 

David Huffman, Elizabeth Wemp Nancy Eliner 15 Oct., 1806 

John Jenkins, Hannah Patterson Caroline 30 Sept., 1809 

Gilbert Storms, Mary Moer William Andrew 6 Sept., 1809 

Abraham Snider, Rachael Amey Susannah 24 Mar., 1808 

John Snider, Elizabeth Amey Susannah 24 Mar., 1808 

John Bazzey, Jean Williams William J 21 Mar., 1808 

Justus Bartles, Hannah M'Dugal Janet Clark 8 Dec., 1809 

, Ann Hawley Ira Henrey 15 Jan., 1808 

Peter Wees, Lana Banta Mary, 30 Jan., 1808 

Eli Peters, Phebe Babcock Delila 2 Mar., 1808 


Parents' Names. Children's Names. Time ivhen 


John Parrott, Elizabeth Finkle Daniel 14 Mar., 1808 

Daniel McDaniel, Geiiey Miracle Katharine 9 Nov., 1809 

Philip Wolfrom, Katharine Moer Peter William 29 Sept., 1809 

Joshua Booth, Margret Fraser Harriot Rebecca .... 18 July, 1809 

John Brown, Ann Lee Mary 9 June, 1808 

Cornelius Van Luven, El. Crawford. . . Hannah 1 Oct., 1808 

Joseph Amey, Elizabeth Shibley Charles 14 Dec., 1810 

Isaac Hough, Elizabeth Hicks Flora 13 Jan. , 1811 

Abraham Amey, Charity Sager Amelia 15 Jan. , 1811 

Jacob Myers, Sarah Staring Katharine Staring . . 2 Aug., 1811 

Adam Hartman, Margret Staring Eve 10 Sept., 1809 

James Martin, Dolly Knolton Polly 10 June, 1810 

Henry Hutchins, Lucy Bibins John 8 May, 1810 

Isaac Fraser, Nancy Staring Charles 12 Jan. , 1810 

John McGillivray, Marget McKenzie. . Gennet 20 Feb., 1810 

John Brazey, Jean Williams Hannah 27 Aug., 1810 

Frederick Becker, Elizabeth Davy. . . . John Frederick 10 Sept., 1810 

Peter Daly, Mary Hortman Charles 7 Oct., 1809 

William Ross, Sarah McKim Nancy Phebe 19 Nov., 1809 

John M'Laughin, Elizabeth Stover Rachael 4 Dec., 1810 

Bennet Atwater, Eliza Van Valken'bg. Alenbelitte 21 Oct., 1810 

Peter Perry, Mary McDaniel Esther 16 Oct., 1810 

John Peters, Esther Parry Absolem 9 July, 1810 

Eli Peters, Phebe Babcock Hannah 1 July, 1810 

John Snider, Elizabeth Amey Rebeccah 6 Aug., 1810 

Jacob Storms, Rachael Sager Charity Amanda 15 Mar., 1810 

Gilbert Storms, Mary Moer Amerila 15 Mar., 1810 

Jacob Fraser, Esther Jones Rebeccah 5 Sept., 1809 

Martin Stover, Hannah Laughten Jacob 3 May, 1810 

David Fraser, Rebeccah Dice Katharine 8 Jan., 1805 

" " Thomas 22 Apr., 1807 

Cornelius Chatterson, Violette Davis. . Weyolette 25 Apr., 1804 

" Sarah Ann 27 Feb., 1806 

" ..Mary Ann 27 Feb., 1806 

..Katharine 20 Apr., 1808 

Samuel Hough, Hannah Houghner . . . Avilla Eleanor 18 May, 1809 

David Amey, Catharine Snider Jacob 29 Jan. , 1809 

Jacob Shibley, Catharine Daly John 14 June, 1809 

David Pulse, Katharine Sager Henry 28 Feb., 1811 

Daniel Fraser, Sarah Scouton Peggy 10 Apr., 1810 

John Perry, Katharine Abrams Elizabeth 27 Jan., 1811 

Israel Amey, Elizabeth Thomas Adolina 16 Nov., 1811 

Martin Stover, Hannah M'Laughlin. . . Adam 25 Feb., 1812 

Herman See, Rachael Stover Joseph 29 Mar., 1812 

Martin A. Allen, Elizabeth O'Neil ... Ira 27 Feb., 1812 

Theopholus Lockwood, Sarah Amey. . . John Amey 13 Apr., 1812 

Daniel McDaniel, Gennet Maricle Clara 9 May, 1812 


Parents' Names. Children's Names. Time 


Jacob Stover, Christiana Amey Valentine 1 June, 1812 

William Cating, Rebeccah Riden Patrick 19 Jan. , 1812 

William Morris, Jean Bell Catharine Moriah. . . 10 June, 1814 

Moses Simmons, Margret Allen Samuel Neilson 4 Mar., 1812 

Joseph Houghman, Hannah Hough. . . Harriet ta 29 May, 1812 

Henry Jacobs, Gertrude Hogaboane. . Salla Eliza 28 June, 1812 

John Amey, Mary Grant Margret S 4 Mar., 1812 

Samuel Wood, Lydia Smith Chester 27 Apr., 1812 

John Brown, Sarah Sager Anna 16 Dec., 1811 

Samuel Ward, Lydia Smith Sabara 25 Sept., 1810 

Wm. Clark, Rebecah Babcock Benjamin 6 Oct. , 1810 

Jacob Stover, Sarah Storms Levina 24 Aug., 1810 

Wm. Clark, Rebeccah Babcock Benjamin 6 Oct., 1810 

David Jenkins, Ann Enfield Amelia 10 Apr. , 1810 

David Pulse, Catharine Seager Henry 28 Feb., 1811 

John Brown, Anna Lee Robert 30 Apr., 1811 

John Brazey, Jean Williams Hannah 27 Aug., 1810 

Frederick Beeker, Elizabeth Davy John Frederick 10 Sept., 1811 

Benjamin Booth, Catharine Dorland. . Harriott 29 Oct., 1810 

Henry Jacoby, Gedenti Hogedome Adelina M 22 Mar., 1819 

Martin Fralick, Hannah Huffman Delilah 29 Apr., 1813 

Joseph Amey, Sarah Smith Simon 10 Apr., 1810 

Justus Bartles, Hannah McDugal Augustus L 25 Dec., 1809 

Archibald Carscallen, Thomas . . . John Thomas 13 Mar., 1810 

Joseph Amey, Elizabeth Shibley Charles 14 Dec., 1810 

Isaac Hough, Elizabeth Hicks Flora 13 June, 1811 

Abraham Amey, Charity Seager Amelia 15 Jan., 1811 

Jacob Myers, Sarah Staring Catharine Staring ... 2 Aug., 1811 

Adam Hortman, Margret Staring Eve 10 Sept., 1809 

Daniel McDaniel, Eve Miracle Catharine 9 Nov., 1809 

John Snider, Elizabeth Amey Rebeccah 6 Aug., 1810 

John Vosburgh, Hannah Shibley Mariah Ann 16 Jan., 1811 

Nicholas Simmon, Sarah Hannah Catharine Hannah . . 14 July, 1810 

Peter Daly, Mary Hortman Charles 7 Oct., 180- 

Wm. Ross, Sarah McKim Nancy Phebe 19 Nov., 1809 

Isaac Asselstine, Hannah Davy John Davis 25 Mar., 1802 

David Amey, Catharine Snider John Nicholos 5 Jan., 1812 

John Asselstine, Mary Amey Margaret 28 Nov., 1812 

Peter Amey, Mary Baker George Frederick. . . 15 Dec., 1812 

Abraham Snider, Rachael Amey Rebeccah 8 Jan., 1813 

Joseph Smith, Phila Fisk Barnabas 2 Feb., 1813 

Jacob Storms, Rachael Seager Abraham 30 Oct., 1812 

Loderwick Hortman, Eve Stover Mary 23 Jan., 1811 

David Boice, Hannah Amey Andrew 11 Feb., 1811 

Elijah B. Hough, Elizabeth Everson. . Phebe 9 Dec., 1810 

William Caten, Rebecca Redden Margaret 20 July, 1810 

Abraham Snider, Rachael Amey Hannah 10 Mar., 1810 


Parents' Names. Children's Names. Time when 


William Cronk, Jane Jones Solomon 16 Apr., 1810 

John Vosburgh, Anna Shibley George 2 Aug., 

John Brown, Sarah Seager Lewis Wesley 11 Aug., 1835 

Wm. John Darbey, Mary Ann Darby. Magden Ann 6 Nov., 1835 

Thomas McEwan, Nancy Davison .... Mariana 26 Dec., 1827 

Duncan Hough, Jane Johnson Duncan No date. 

Alpheus Miller, Ann Amey Charity 12 May, 1830 

" " " George 24 Aug., 1832 

Michael Assalstine, Catharine Fraser . Nancy Aug., 1820 

William Morris, Jane Bell Jane Eliza 2 Feb., 1821 

Samuel Brown, Lydia Peters Sylvester Peters 1 June, 1820 

James McGillvray, Margt. McKinney . Catharine 28 Dec. , 1820 

NOTE. The last seven entries were written with a very trembling hand, as in extreme 
old age, and are scarcely decipherable. 


Moses Foster, Geiiey McFee Moses 11 Mar., 1800 

Henry Betskey, Anna Kittlehine Mary 4 June, 1800 

Philip Wolfrom, Kitty Moore Eva 1 Aug., 1800 

Jas. Van Alstine, Rebecka Foshee . . . Cobus 9 May, 1800 

Wm. Williams, Mary Schemerhorn .. John Schemerhorn . . 10 Apr., 1800 

Harmanus Lareway, Phebe Watts Charlottee 22 June, 1800 

James Murdoff, Lois Charter Robert McDowall . . 19 May, 1800 

Abraham Loux, Anna Camp Abraham 28 Apr., 1800 

James McTaggert, Nancy Cooley Robert 29 Sept., 1800 

John Murdoff, Jean Watts William 16 Aug., 1800 

Peter Lareway, Elizabeth Smith Nelley 11 Oct., 1800 

Abraham Cronkheet, Mary Kail Nicholas 3 Aug., 1800 

Christopher Peterson, Sarah McNut . . Paul 19 Sept., 1800 

Benjamin Seymour, Elizabeth Clark . . Harriot 23 July, 1801 

Robert McDowall, Hannah Washburn John 20 Sept., 1801 

John Williams, Elizabeth Simmons . . . Jane No date. 

Martin Forster, Elizabeth Bo wen Katharine 13 Sept., 1801 

Asa Werden, Elizabeth Elsworth No name 23 Apr. , 1802 

John Murdoff, Jean Watts Thomas 1 Mar., 1802 

David Edgar, Jennet Bell Robert 24 Mar., 1802 

James Coner, Elizabeth Bush Timothy 15 Aug., 1800 

James Mordoff, Lois Charters Thomas Car 9 Apr., 1802 

Timothy Hess, Katharine Moyer Margret 15 Apr., 1802 

Wm. Cogswell, Susanah Bard John 29 Apr., 1802 

Adam Hoffman, Sarah Charters Elizabeth 31 May, 1802 

Henry Richardson, Katharine Castle. . Anna 5 Jan., 1802 

Joseph Lebeau, Sarah England Katharine 22 July, 1802 

Richard D. Clute, Catharine Shorts . . John 2 June, 1802 

James McTaggart, Nancy Cooley David Archibald. ... 21 Aug., 1802 


Parents' Names. Children's Names. Time when 


Alex. Clark, Elizabeth McCleve Isabel 17 July, 1802 

John Grange, Nancy McKim William 20 Dec., 1802 

Nicholas Brunk, Hannah Smith John 2 Jan., 1803 

Nicholas Quackenbush, Mary Pullifelt Rynard 11 Jan., 1803 

Richard Fitchett, Katharine Peterson Joseph 11 Dec., 1801 

John Vader, Katherine Delong, Ester Ann 31 Mar., 1802 

John Forshee, Sarah Park Katy 13 Mar., 1803 

Benj. Cornwell, Elizabeth Jackson . . . Nancy 26 Feb., 1803 

James Murdoff, Lois Charters Lucy 21 May, 1803 

Alexander Clark, Elizabeth McCleve. . Benjamin 22 Sept., 1804 


Jan. 8 John Finkle, Maria Sharp Lana 15 Dec., 1803 

Sept. 9 Peter Larraway, Elizabeth Smith Elizabeth 16 Aug., 1804 

Sept. 9 Jacob Post, Charity Forsbee Frederick 21 Aug., 1804 

Dec. 16 Samuel Foster, Mary Clark William 6 Aug., 1804 

Dec. 16 Simon Van Mere, Jean Foster Samuel 9 Oct., 1804 


Apr. 18 Abraham Loux, Nancy Kemp Peggy 3 Apr., 1805 

June 17 Stephen Barber, Huldah Norton Lucy Rice 26 May, 1798 

" Laurinda 26 Aug., 1800 

" John Norton 24 Oct., 1802 

" Stephen 26 June, 1805 

June 17 Timothy Hess, Katharine Moir Elizabeth 14 Apr., 1805 

Nov. 9 Jacob Finkle, Susanah Anderson John 6 Sept., 1805 

Nov. 20 Robert McDowall, Hannah Washburn. Sarah Washburn. . . 14 Sept., 1804 

Mar. 20 Isaac Cole, Margaret Casey Henry Davis ....... 18 Feb., 1806 

Samuel Foster, Mary Clark Samuel 19 June, 1806 

Simon Van Mere, Jane Foster Elizabeth Thompson 9 Oct. , 1806 


Feb. 27 Isaac Post, Sarah Huffman, Hannah 6 Dec., 1806 

Mar. 1 Robert McDowall, Hannah Washburn. Ebenezer 3 Jan., 1807 

Apr. 19 Peter Gunsolos, Margret Clark Allen 

June 21 Nicholas Peterson, Mary Dunham Elizabeth 10 May, 1806 

Jonas Garrison, Katharine Staring . . . Joshua 10 July, 1805 

" Caleb 18 Apr., 1807 

Alexander Nicholson, Sarah Hough. . . Abigal 11 Apr., 1807 

Peter Bowen, Mary Dimond James 18 Mar., 1807 

Dec. 16 Noxon Harris, Elizabeth May bee Wm. Griffiths 17 Sept., 1807 


Feb. 18 Alex. Clark, Elizabeth McCleve Harriot 27 Feb., 1807 

Mar. 21 William T. Pruyn, Mary Church Martha 14 Jan., 1808 

Mar. 22 David Edgar, Gennet Bell Susanah Johnson ... 23 Aug., 1807 

David Frymore, Catharine Lowe David 18 Mar., 1809 

Jacob Young, Polly Sprague Jacob Ward 23 Dec., 1808 

Simon Van Mere, Jane Foster John Henrey 9 Jan., 1809 

George Dafoe, Elizabeth Sills Jacob Dec., 1809 


Parents' Names. Children's Names. Time when 


Lawrence Sharp, Mary Rickley Peter 23 Oct., 1809 

Zenas Nash, Mary Brewer Fana Fatina 2 Sept., 1810 

Alexander Nicholson, Sarah Hough. . . Margaret 27 Aug., 1810 

Jacob Detlor, Katarina Detlor An Sophiah 12 Jan. , 1811 

John Dafoe, Hannah Sils Sally 10 Oct., 1810 

Robert McDowall, Hannah Washburn . James No date. 

John Pateson, Hannah Sixbury Claryann . . 30 June, 1813 

William Church, Sophia Nash William 24 June, 1812 

Samuel Keller, Rosanah Warner Mary 11 June, 1812 

John Camp, Mary Dafoe Mary 7 Sept., 1812 

Bilyate Outwaters, Elizabeth Parks. . . Elizabeth Ann 23 Dec., 1832 

Jacob Keller, Debrah Davy Frederick 30 Nov., 1827 

Abraham Fry, Jane Larraday Hannah 5 Jan., 1815 

Hugh Glen, Eliza Scott Robert 1 Oct., 1839 

Gabriel Belfour, Ann Armstrong Thomas Armstrong. . 22 June, 1838 

Edward Howard, Elizabeth Howard . . Eliza Thompson 8 Feb., 1840 

Benjamin Sloan, Jane Scott Rachael 20 July, 1841 

Andrew Scott, Mary Miller John 20 July, 1840 

NOTE. The last eleven entries are made in a very trembling hand, and are scarcely 
legible in consequence. In the last entry and one or two of the others the right names 
may not be given here in consequence. They were evidently entered in old age. 

January, 1899. T. W. CASEY. 


Gabriel Sprung, Mary Beard Richard 15 Feb., 1800 

Isaac Mourson, Anna Blakely Esther C 8 Jan., 1800 

Richard Devenport, Christiana Cole. . . Sarah 26 Apr., 1800 

John Snidea, Elizabeth Dyer Peter 24 Apr., 1800 

" , Isaac 24 Apr., 1800 

Abraham Van Blaricum, Rhoda Alger. Mary 14 June, 1800 

James Peck, Elizabeth Peck Maria 19 Sept., 1800 

Samuel Peck, Judeth Parliament Maria 24 Sept., 1800 

Cornelius Peck, Tenty Harris Willimpe 21 Oct., 1800 

Richard Morden, Anna Williams Robert 4 Nov., 1801 

Gilbert Demorest, Geney Davis Jacobus 24 Dec., 1800 

Daniel B. Way, Jamima Mosher Reuben 24 Dec., 1800 

Henry Fox, Katharine Brickman John 15 June, 1800 

John Covart, Rachael Peck Tunis 20 Sept., 1800 

Jacob Parliament, Margaret Fox John 15 Jan. , 1801 

Isaac Demill, Mary Dixon Daniel 9 Sept.,1801 

John Morden, Eve Bowerman Lorain 6 Mar., 1802 

James Morden, Margret Parliament . . Richard 6 Dec., 1801 

Peter Cole, Jean Parliament Christiana 17 Dec., 1801 

Gabriel Sprung, Mary Beard Hannah 6 Sept, 1801 

Cornelius Peck, Trute Harris Joseph 30 Oct., 1802 

Richard Morden, Ana Williams Sarah Lucretia 29 July, 1802 


Parents' Names. Children's Names. Time ivhen 


Harry Fox, Sarah Mason Henrey 9 Jan. , 1803 

Jacob Parliament, Margret Fox Katy 6 Nov., 1802 

Egbert Davis, Mary Cole John Cole 7 Jan., 1801 

Benjamin Smith, Sarah Peack Samuel 2 Aug. , 1801 

Samuel Peack, Judith Parliament Wilempe 2 Dec., 1802 

Henry Fox, Elizabeth Demitt William 28 Jan., 1803 

Richard Benson, Elizabeth Barton Andrew 7 Feb., 1803 

David Dulmage. Ann Roblin Thomas L 25 Mar., 1803 

John Covert, Rachael Peack Katharine 30 Apr., 1803 

Robert Jones, Hannah Hunter Abagail 22 Apr., 1796 

John Brookes, Eve Celte John 14 Jan., 1804 

James Morden, Marget Parliament . . . Lorrain 7 Jan. , 1804 

Gabriel Sprung, Mary Baird Katharine 8 Nov., 1803 

Henry Fox, Katharine Brickman Peter 12 Nov., 1803 

Lewis Latour, Mary Mason Richard 30 Nov., 1803 

Benj. Rouw, Mary Devenport Ann 31 Aug., 1803 

Hugh Clark, Mary McKee Elizabeth 10 Dec., 1803 

John Morden, Eve Bowerman John Howell 18 Sept., 1804 

Isaac Cole, Hannah Parliament . . Simon 18 Jan., 1805 

Peter Cole, Jean Parliament Sally 25 July, 1805 

Lewis Latour, Mary Mason Jeney 22 Apr., 1805 

Nicholas Lozier, Katharine Davenport Richard 10 June. 1805 

Samuel Peack, Judeth Parliament Margaret 20 Apr. , 1805 

Henry Fox, Katharine Brickman William 6 Sept,, 1805 

Lewis Brickman, Mary Wannamaker. . Jane 31 Jan., 1805 

Jacob Parliament, Margret Fox Harry Fox 7 Dec. , 1804 

Henry H. Fox, Sarah Mason John Howell 16 Sept., 1804 

Isaac Demill, Mary Dixon Sarah 1 July, 1805 

Samuel Shaw, Abagail Parliament Peter 2 Nov., 1805 

Gabriel Sprung, Mary Baird Hannah 7 Dec. , 1805 

Gilliam Demorest, Gennet Davis Elizabeth Grant 15 Sept., 1805 

Eduard Collins, Mahitabald Lozier Charity 13 Sept., 1805 

Ichabode Davis, Mary Cole Richard 18 Sept., 1804 

John Howell, Mary Fairman Katharine 4 Sept., 1804 

Jeremiah Exceen, Phebe Mason William 17 Dec., 1800 

" " Richard Mason 9 Oct., 1802 

. Frederick 14 Oct., 1804 


Feb. 19 Daniel B. Way, Jamima Mosher Richard Morden 19 Oct., 1805 

Feb. 19 Cornelius Peck, Tinte Harris Rachael 9 Dec. , 1805 

Aug. 12 Thomas Lyons, Lana Schemerhorn . . . Elizabeth 28 Jan., 1806 

Sept. 6 John Brooks, Eve Kettle Margaret 10 June, 1806 

Sept. 6 James Morden, Margret Parliament . . John Parcels 27 June, 1806 

Egbird Davis, Mary Cole Joseph Jewell 31 Aug., 1806 

Hugh Clarke, Mary McKee. . . Jennet Davis 6 Oct., 1806 


Feb. 24 Henrey Fox, Sarah Mason Jene 4 Jan., 1807 

Feb. 24 Daniel Lambert, Margret Osborne Elisha 10 Jan., 1807 

Oct. 20 Samuel McTaggart, Mary Foster Peter 26 Aug., 1807 


Parents Names. Children's Names. Time when 

1807 Born. 

Oct. 20 Lewis Lature, Mary Mason Mary Medline 11 Aug., 1807 

Oct. 20 Henry Fox, Katharine Brickman Katharine 1 Oct., 1807 


Jan. 14 Samuel Peack, Judith Parliament John 30 Nov., 1807 

Jan. 14 Nicholas Lozier, Kathrine Davenport . Nicholas 10 May, 1807 

Jan. 14 Gabriel Sprung, Mary Baird Sarah Mason 21 Oct., 1807 

Jan. 14 Daniel B. Way, Abageil Reid William 19 Dec., 1807 

Apr. 3 John Howell, Nancy Fairman Elizabeth Fairman. . 28 Jan., 1808 

Apr. 20 Robert Vaughn, Margan Howell Richard 19 Oct., 1807 

Apr. 23 Jacob Parliament, Margret Fox William 24 Mar., 1807 

Apr. 24 Peter Holms, Betsy Johnson Peter 13 Nov., 1807 

Apr. 24 John Way, Cornelia Fox Daniel 5 Oct., 1806 

Apr. 24 Benjamin Smith, Sarah Peck Phebe 11 Mar., 1808 

Aug. 21 Samuel Shaw, Abagail Parliament Lana 22 Sept., 1807 

Aug. 21 John Brooks, Eve Kittle Nancy Kettle 4 July, 1808 

George Parliament, Mary McTaggart. . James Henry 2 Apr., 1810 

Richard Howell, Polly Lamb James Nigle 28 Oct., 1809 

Robert Vaun, Mary Ann Howell Magdalene Cotter. . . 9 July, 1809 

Peter Cole, Jane Parliament Elizabeth Fox 28 May, 1808 

Egbert Davis, Mary Cole Elizabeth 14 Feb., 1808 

Lewis Lature, Mary Mason Charlotte 1 Mar., 1810 

Nicholas Lazier, Katharne Devenport. William 10 May, 1809 

Henry Fox, Catharine Brickman Sarah Ann 20 Feb.. 1810 

Elisha D. Chase, Sinthe Williams Henry Williams 20 Dec., 1809 

Cornelius Peack, Tinte Harris Thomas 19 Jan., 1810 

Jacob Parliament, Margret Fox Mary 1 Sept., 1810 

NOTE. The names from here down are in a very trembling hand. 

John Morden, Eve Bowman Lucretia Julia Ann. . 3 Mar., 1810 

Griffith Howell, Elizabeth Fralick Sarah 4 Apr., 1809 

Samuel Shaw, Abagail Parliament .... Samuel 20 July, 1809 

John Mason, Elizabeth Davis Jane Ann 2 Oct., 1807 

Jacob Bowers, Nancy Howard Nathan Howard 2 Jan. , 1804 

Jacob Cronk 9 Nov., 1806 

" " " George 22 Dec., 1808 

" " Jeremiah Barton ... 24 Jan., 1810 

JohnStickney 17 Apr., 1812 

James Morden, Margret Parliament . . Margarit 22 June, 1812 

Nicholas Westerwitt, Ann Blavent . . . Peggy 6 Sept., 1812 

Samuel McTaggert, Mary Foster Mary 5 May, 1812 

Wm. Parliament, Margrett Blawatt. . Caty 18 July, 1812 

Lewis Lature, Mary Mason Charles 24 Aug., 1811 

Nicholas Westerwitt, Hannah Blewell. Eli 13 Aug., 1814 

Wm. Parliament, Margret Bauvelt . . . William 9 Sept., 1814 

Samuel McTaggert, Mary Foster Samuel 29 Feb., 1814 

John Howell, Nancy Fairman Nancy Jane 8 Sept., 1815 

Cornelius Sprague, Mary Smith Amanda 9 Nov., 1815 

George Wilson, Loraine Howell Latitia 6 June, 1815 

Jacob Howell, Catharine Fox Griffiths 9 July, 1814 



Parents' Names. Children's Names. Time when 

1805 Born. 

Nov. 12 John Ferris, Christiana Taylor Ann 17 June, 1802 

Cornelius 31 Oct., 1805 


Nov. 6 John Dingman, Hannah Powly Jellis 21 Sept., 1806 


Mar. 23 Wm. Graham, May Wightman Robert 7 Jan., 1807 

Abraham Cronkrite, Elizabeth Finkle. William Oct., 1806 


Feb. 11 Adam Buck, Rachael Emmons Adarn 28 Oct., 1807 

George Harper, Margret Staker Esther 17 Apr., 1808 

George Horning, Margaret Huffman . . Elizabeth 1 June, 1808 

Wm. Graham, Mary Wightman Elizabeth 3 Jan., 1809 

John Ferres, Christiana Taylor Jean 1 Oct., 1808 

, Mary Collard Elenor Ross 19 Mar., 1808 

Samuel How, Jean Tensyk Andrew 14 Nov. , 1810 

Andrew Tenyck, Katharine Burn William 22 Nov., 1810 

Rich'd Horning, Margret Hoffman. . . . John 10 Oct., 1810 

James Ryckman, Sarah Zeufelt Tobias 23 May, 1810 

Charles Everet, Sarah Hawley Mary Ann Mariah. . 24 Sept., 1811 

Joseph Ransier, Rachael Ransier Elizabeth 25 Sept., 1820 

Isaac Davis, Mary Peters Isaac 27 Sept., 1820 

Charles Odel, Ruth Howard Wm. Henry 8 Apr., 1822 

James Odel, Martha Mars Charlotte Ruth 28 Aug., 1820 


George W. Miers, Alada Van Alstine. Alley 29 June, 1800 

Hermanus Wendell, Abagail Chase. . . Catharine 28 May, 1800 

Avart Benson, Jean Van Blaricumb. . John 20 Apr., 1800 

Johathan Allen, Nancy Dugal Phebe 6 Nov., 1800 

Wm. Robins, Mary Crawford William and Joseph . 10 Dec., 1800 

Samuel Neilson, Jane May bee Mary Ann 20 Dec. , 1801 

John Jackson, Mary Page Henry 17 Sept., 1802 

Abraham Bogert, Mary Lizier Peter Lent 14 Apr., 1802 

Thomas Douglass, Caroline Sharp Hannah 1 Dec., 1804 

Albert Benson, Jane Van Blaricum. . . Peter 13 July, 1804 

Abraham Bogert, Mary Lazier Gilbert Curtis 9 Oct., 1805 

Thomas I. Douglass, Caroline Sharp. . Alida 18 Sept., 1805 

Alexander Fisher, Henrietta McDonell Helen 31 Mar., 1807 

Cornelius Van Alstine, Rachael Dunham Peter 30 Aug., 1807 

Samuel Dorland, Jane Huyck Thomas 14 Aug., 1810 

Noxon Harris, Elizabeth Maybee Jane Ann 19 Feb., 1810 

Jacob Hoover, Margret Steel Milicent 13 Oct., 1809 

Andrew Fisher, Henretta McDonell. . Henrietta 27 Mar., 1811 



Parents' Names. Children's Names. Time when 


Micaheh Jayne, Eleanor Bartley Mary 11 Aug., 1801 

Jehiel Willoughby, Sus'h Thompson .. Elizabeth 26 Apr., 1801 

John Hess, Catharine Bell Mary 11 Apr., 1802 

Geo. Loucks, Sally Lyons Katharine 21 Mar., 1802 

Adam Sager, Elizabeth Oliver Frederick 25 Jan., 1802 

Strates Sager, Catherine Dimond Jacob 20 Sept., 1802 

Aaron Oliver, Weltheyen Bennett Katharine 22 Nov., 1805 

William Bowen, Mary Davis Luke 18 Jan., 1803 

Jacob Dimond, Margret Loist Lana 13 Dec. , 1802 

James O'Reilly, Catharine Miers Katharine 13 Nov., 1802 

John Oliver, Rachael Kelley Frederick 15 July, 1804 

Peter Porter, Hannah Stern burg Rachael 16 Sept., 1810 

Artemas Cushman, Ana Cook Artermas Wm 20 Aug. , 1810 

David Freenoyer, Katharine Loux . . . Elizabeth 30 Aug., 1804 

Peter Phillips, Margret McNutt Robert 20 Mar., 1805 

John Grange, Agnes McKim Hannah 10 Jan. , 1806 

Henry Walroth, Margaret Hess Hannah 18 Feb., 1807 

Garret Kimmerly, Katharine Love. . . Andrew 8 Aug., 1808 

Benj. Babcock, Susan'h Smith Rachael 29 Dec., 1809 

John Walroth, Sarah Lewis Anna 8 June, 1809 

Andrew Kimmerly, Susan'h Sager George 1 May, 1809 

John Young, Nancy McKim Thomas 15 July, 1808 

Ebenezer Perry, Christiana McPherson Margret McCaul. ... 11 Nov., 1810 

Gilbert Marikle, Elizabeth Sager John 26 July, 1807 

" " " Charles 18 Sept., 1808 

Wm. Seager, Mary Smith Nicholas 6 May, 1810 

Garret Connelly, Catharine Loux Abraham 12 July, 1810 

Strauts Sager, Catharine Dimond Strauts 24 Feb., 1810 

William L. Bowen, Mary Davis John Unger 2 Oct., 1810 

JDimond, Sarah Seager Milley 24 Mar., 1839 

Wm. Airhart, Elenor Seager Redley Allen 24 May, 1839 

John Merkle, Catharine McMickle . . . George 16 June, 1829 

James Wilson, Mary McMaster Mary Jane 5 Jan., 1838 

Peter Conger, Mary Smith Henrietta 17 Feb., 1827 

Wm. Seager, Mary Smith Elizabeth 2 Oct., 1814 

John Woodcock, Mary Grindstone Nicholas 21 Sept., 1814 

Peter Phillips, Margret McNeil Christopher Peter'n. 27 Mar., 1814 

Peter Woodcock, Elenor Woodcock. . . Gilbert 9 Sept., 1814 

Nicholas Woodcock, Catharine Parks. Triny 19 June, 1813 

" Hannah 12 Sept., 1814 

Arthur Youmans, Jane Kelly Mary 1 Aug., 1814 

Asael Airhart, Elizabeth Dirick George 11 Feb., 1811 

Peter Seager, Elizabeth Parks Nancy Mariah 21 Sept., 1832 

Peter Seager, Mary Zeal Sarah Ann 7 Dec., 1833 

" " " , Catharine 18 Feb., 1824 

" " Mary 8 July, 1825 



Parents' Names. Children's Names. Time when 


John Peters, Marian Rogers David Rogers 4 Mar. , 1800 

Ebenezer Washburn, Sarah De Forest. Sarah 7 Apr., 1802 

Hugh Robinson, Rebecca Dugal William 27 Dec., 1801 

Lewis Lazier, Elizabeth Fralick Nancy 1 Oct. , 1802 

Henry Zufelt, Elizabeth Young Daniel 2 Mar., 1802 

Caleb Platt, Lois Elsworth James 14 June, 1796 

Esther 22 Dec., 1797 

Jacob 28 Jan., 1800 

Caleb 3 Dec., 1801 


Mar. 23 Lois Elsworth, wife of Caleb Platt 5 Feb., 1779 

Hugh Robinson, Rebecca Dugal Samuel 14 Sept., 1803 

Joseph Grant, Mary Jinkes Sarah Hannah 20 May, 1800 

" Rachael 6 Mar., 1803 

" Merian 6 May, 1804 

John Stinson, Jean Stinson Margaret 13 Aug., 1799 

" " " " John 21 Dec., 1804 

Isaac Morrison, Ann Blakely John 18 Nov., 1804 

Caleb Platt, Lois Elsworth Jemima 6 Jan. , 1806 

Daniel Young, Dorcas Conger Rosannah 25 Oct., 1804 

John Angel, Rebeccah Elles Carolina 29 Oct. , 1805 

John Zufelt, Elizabeth Young John 17 May, 1805 

Elephalet Adams, Mary Washburn. . . Daniel 2 Oct., 1807 

Wm. Blakely, Hannah Mowerson .... Geo. Campbell 4 June, 1809 

James Blakely, Elizabeth Mowerson . . James Mowerson ... 20 Apr. , 1809 

Samuel Blakely, Anna C Smith James 6 Nov., 1808 

Thomas Stinson, Jane Stinson Thomas No date, 

Daniel Young, Dorcas Conger Daniel 25 Oct., 1807 

Elephalet Adams, Mary Washburn . . Lucy 22 Apr., 1806 

..Sarah 6 Oct., 1809 

James Cummings, Christiana Trumpour Isabel Mary 18 Nov. , 1809 

Caleb Platt, Lois Elsworth Huldah 17 Mar., 1808 

" " " " John 23 Apr., 1810 

James Cummings, Christiana Trumpour Ann Elizabeth 6 May, 1812 

Robert Johnson, Martha Armstrong. . James 23 Sept., 1820 

David Goldsmith, Nancy Shibley Davis 28 Dec., 1826 

David Wey, Elizabeth Brooks Jennet 30 Nov., 1820 



NOTE. Stephen Conger, Justice of the Peace, of Hallow ell, Prince Edward 
County, was a son of David Conger, one of the U. E. L. pioneers of that county. 
David Conger was a native of Pisataqua, New Jersey, where his son Stephen was 
also born. He came first to Upper Canada in 1786, selected and purchased a lot, 
with a mill site, in Hallowell, two miles east of Picton on Bay of Quinte shore. He 
returned and moved his family the next year, bringing with him the irons and 
castings for a saw-mill, which he erected there, being the first mill of the kind built 
in Prince Edward County. A little later he built also a grist mill on the same lot. 
There have been mills there ever since. The Conger Methodist church was built 
on the same lot in 1809, and is now the oldest Methodist church in actual use in the 
Province of Ontario. Stephen was a boy of fourteen years old when his father 
moved, and is said to have driven, or helped to drive, some cows belonging to the 
family all the way from New Jersey, being over a month on the road. He was 
appointed a Justice of the Peace and was sworn into office at Kingston, July 14th, 
1803, being one of the first in Prince Edward County. In the absence in the 
county of any minister legally qualified to marry, he solemnized seventy-six marriages 
between 1803 and 1823, some of whom became the heads of some of the largest and 
most respectable families in the county. During all that time a number of the early 
Methodist ministers regularly travelled there, but they were not legally allowed to 
marry then. Among them were Revs. Darius Dunham, Joseph Jewell, Joseph 
Sawyer, Thomas Madden, Sylvanus Keeler, Henry Ryan, William Case, Thomas 
Whitehead, Isaac B. Smith, John Reynolds, David Gulp, Ezra Adams, Isaac Puffer, 
James Wilson, Franklin Metcalf, and Wyatt Chamberlain. It will be seen these 
well-known ministers often published the parties, but they had to come to the 
Justice of the Peace to be legally married. Mr. Conger was father-in-law of the 
late John P. Roblin, M.P.P., and Registrar for Prince Edward, and father of 
Roger Bates Conger, M.P.P. T. W. CASEY. 

The following is the list from Stephen Conger's record : 

1. Married Charles Huff, of Adolphustown, and Eliza- 

beth Russell, of Thurlow, both in the Midland 

District of Upper Canada, on the 26 Aug., 1803 

2. Luis German and Nancy McKea . . . . Sophiasburgh, Mar. 18, 1804 

3. Michael Cryderman and Prudence Petti t, Hallowell, Apr. 7, 1805 

4. Abraham May bee, Amelias.; Polly Johnson " June 9, 1805 

5. Reuben Burlingham and Phebe Leavens . . " Sept. 9, 1805 

6. Daniel McFall and Hannah Cunningham " Dec. '16, 1805 

7. Robt. Huyck, Amelias. ; Eleanor McMaster Mar. 6, 1806 

8. Elijah Cunningham and Sarah Hyatt .... " Mar. 18, 1806 

9. Stephen Burdette, Marysburgh; Jane Steel " May 1, 1807 

10. Enoch Solomons, Hall.; Elizabeth Ryckmsm, Sophias., July 22,1807 

11. Abram Barker and Mary Hubbs Hallowell, Sept. 27, 1807 


12. * James Armstrong and Hannah Dougall Hallowell, Oct. 9. 1807 

13. Samuel Orser and Elizabeth Johnson. ... " Oct. 12, 1807 

14. Nicholas Peterson, Hall ; Peggy Van Tassel, .Fred, May 30,1809 

15. Daniel Leavens and Jane Blount Hallowell t June 27, 1809 

16. Benjamin Dunham and Betsy White " Oct. 17, 1809 

17. Stephen Palmer and Abagail Jones " Jan. 10, 1810 

18. f Richard Clute and Sabra Ann Goldsmith " Mar. 10,1810 

Produced a license from His Excellency Francis Gore, Lieut. - 
Governor of Upper Canada. 

19. Moses White and Jane Stinson Conger. .Hallowell, Mar. 20, 1810 

20. J Jonathan Greely and Harriet Wessels . .Sophias., July 23, 1810 

21. Aaron Carnahan and Sarafaria Sickles . . Hallowell, Aug. 29, 1810 

22. Luis Shombou and Mary Ann Cardinal.. " Dec. 15, 1810 

23. William Black and Sophia Peterson " Feby. 3, 1811 

24. Abraham Warren and Deborah Elsworth " Sept. 6, 1811 

25. Garret Striker and Lidia Bowerman " Sept. 30, 1813 

26. William Yourx and Lilius Travis Hallowell, Oct. 3, 1813 

27. Peter Secord, Elizabeth Winslow (licensed) " Mar. 9, 1815 

28. John Terwilliger, Hall.; Rosanna Vandusen, Sophias., Apr. 4, 1815 

29. Levi Bates, of Hamilton, District of Newcastle, and 

Fanny Vandusen Sophiasbwgh (license), Jan. 10, 1812 

30. Elijah Orser and Rachael Brown Hallowell, Jan. 1, 1816 

31. i| Gilbert Miller, Hall; Elizabeth Huyck . .Amelias., Mar. 11, 1816 

(By publication by Deacon Adams.) 

32. Gilbert Purdy and Asenath Goldsmith . . Hallowell, May 1, 1816 

33. Henry A. Johnson, Hall.; Phebe Casey. .Adolphus., May 18, 1816 

(Published by Rev. Ezra Adams.) 

34. Joseph Hicks and Elizabeth Hicks Hallowell, Sept. 3, 1816 

35. Benjamin Hicks and Sarah Geroe " Oct. 18, 1816 

(Published by Rev. Thomas Madden.) 

36. Ira Lamson and Mary Yourx Nov. 20, 1816 

(Published by Rev. Thomas Madden.) 

37. James Platt and Mary Hicks, both of ... " Mar. 4, 1817 

(Published three Sundays by Rev. Ezra Adams.) 

38. John Warren, Hallowell ; Nelly Ryckman, Sophias., Apr. 27, 1817 

(Published three Sundays by Rev. Ezra Adams.) 

*He was father-in-law of the late Rev. Dr. Egerton Ryerson, and of Dr. John Beatty, 
for many years a Professor in Victoria College and Mayor of Cobourg. 
tThe grand-parents of Roger B. Clute, Q.C., of Toronto. 
JThe parents of the late Absolora Greely, M.P.P., for Prince Edward. 
The parents of the late Gideon Striker, M.P.P., for Prince Edward. 
|| He became the Rev. Gilbert Miller, a well known Methodist minister. 


39. Samuel Wickam, Sarah Joseph (colored), Sophias., Aug. 27, 1817 

(Published regularly by Rev. Darius Dunham.) 

40. Charles Sharp and Caty Thompson . . Sophiasburgh, Dec. 14, 1817 

(Both Colored people, published by Rev. Wyatt 

41. Albert Ryckman, Sophiasburgh; Charity Warren, 

, Hallowell, July 5, 1818 

(Published by Rev. Wyatt Chamberlain.) 

42. Jacob Cooney and Susannah Pine . . Ameliasburgh, Sept. 22, 1818 

(N. B. traviled 10 miles through the mud and got 
nothing for it.) 

43. Jesse Henderson and Susan Eliza Thurison, Hall., Dec. 24, 1818 

(License, bearing date Dec. 21, 1818; rec'd one guinea.) 

44. John Black and Matilda Johnson Hallowell, June 6, 1819 

(Published by Rev. John Tuke.) 

45. John Goldsmith and Phebe Orser Hallowell, June 19, 1819 

(Published by Rev. Thomas Madden.) 

46. Robert McCamon and Elizabeth Wessels . .Sophias., July 22, 1819 

47. Samuel Ryckman, Sophias. ; Watty Dyre, Hallowell, Jan. 10, 1820 

(Published by myself, S. Conger.) 

48. Abraham Weeks and Cinderilla Hare " Jan. 11, 1820 

(Published by myself, S. Conger.) 

49. George Zufelt and Susannah Lawson, ... " (No date) 

50. Jas Potter Spencer and Catharine Rankin Mar. 18, 1820 

51. Caleb Williams and Gloranah Young " May 3, 1820 

52. Joseph Daly and Polly Benson Sophiasburgh, Sept. 18, 1820 

(Published by Deacon Medcalf.) 

53. Geo. Goodwell and Betsy York (Colored), Hallowell, Oct. 10, 1820 

54. Francis Yett and Jemina Goodwell " Dec. 12, 1820 

55. Daniel Williams and Catharine Howell ..Sophias., Dec. 18, 1820 

(Published by Mr. Wright.) 

56. William Yerrex and Phebe Herrington . .Hallowell, Mar. 18, 1821 

(Published by Rev. James Wilson.) 

57. John Phillips and Catharine Smith " May 1, 1821 

58. William McGrath and Mahitabel Simson " June 5, 1821 

(Regularly published by Cornelius Vanalstine, Esquire. 
Said marriage forbid by her father but not for law- 
ful reasons, and no attention paid to it by me.) 

59. Archibald Miller and Elizabeth Abraham, Hallowell, July 23, 1821 

(A very rainy day. Certificate given.) 

60. Abraham Hyatt and Phebe Cole Oct. 22, 1821 

(Published by myself.) 


61. James Cardinal and Deliah Darling . . . .Hallowell, Nov. 11, 1821 

(Published by myself.) 

62. Andrew Huyck and Mary Dyre " Dec. 12, 1821 

(Published by myself.) 

63. William Emerson and Rosanah Young . . " Jan. 21, 1822 

(Published by myself. Certificate given.; 

64. Joseph Rumbold and Phebe Smith " Feb. 14, 1822 

(Published by Rev. James Wilson.) 

65. David Conger Goldsmith and Elizabeth 

Carthy Hallowell, Feb. 26, 1822 

(Regularly published by Rev. James Wilson.) 

66. James Benson, Sophias. ; Mary Trader ..Hallowell, Feb. 27, 1822 

(Published by Rev. James Wilson.) 

67. Henry Bennam and Jane Hewlin " May 4, 1822 

(Published by Rev. James Wilson.) 

68. Hazelton Spencer and Harriatt McKenzie " Mar. 31, 1822 

69. Samuel Harding and Elizabeth Stanton. . " May 19, 1822 

(Received three crowns. Certificate given.) 

70. James Rankin and Elizabeth Johnson . .Hallowell, Mar. 26, 1822 

71. * John Conger and Maria Wilson " July 2, 1822 

(Published by Deacon S. Fergusson.) 

72. fElisha Miller and Elizabeth Tagarty an English 

woman, late of Montreal, but now of Hallowell, 
by my own publication, at his sons, Gilbert 
Miller, on Sunday (a very rainy day) Aug. 4, 1822 

73. Jacob Miller and Harriet Brown Hallowell, Aug. 25, 1822 

74. Modest Duplessis, Hallowell ; and Catharine M. 

Gempsey Sophiasburgh, Dec. 5, 1822 

(Published by S. Conger.) 

75. Samuel Hyatt and Jane Cole Hallowell, Mar. 18, 1823 

(Published by me.) 

76. William Bull and Jane Clark Ameliasburgh, Mar. 27, 1823 

(Published by me.) 

The following occurs in a Methodist Baptism Record, kept by James 
Dougall, Esq., for the Circuit : 

" Solemnization of Matrimony between John Carley and Dorcas 
Conger, both of Hallowell, according to the form of our Church 
(Methodist), Mar. 2nd, 1817, by Thomas Madden, Elder. 

" Solemnization of Matrimony between John Platt Williams and 
Mary Youmans, both of Hallowell, according to the form of our 
Church, Feb. 3rd, 1817, by Thomas Madden, Elder." 

* The parents of the Conger Brothers, publishers of the Picton Gazette. 
fThe grandfather of the late A. C. Miller, M.P., for Prince Edward Co. 




Joseph Brant was married three times : firstly, to Margaret 
daughter of an Oneida Chief ; secondly, to Susanna, sister of Margaret ; 
thirdly, to Catharine, said to have been the daughter of Colonel Croghan 
by an Indian wife. (See Drake's History and Biography of Joseph 
Brant.) The eldest child of the first union was Isaac; the second 
child was Christina. Of the second marriage there was no issue. 
Of the third marriage seven children were born. 

John Brant is the most notable of the sons of Joseph. He occupied 
many creditable positions with the N. E. Company ; was Superintendent 
of the Six Nation Indians ; and he was finally elected a member of 
parliament for Haldimand. Unfortunately, in 1832, he died from 

The object in view in preparing this paper is to trace that branch 
of the Brant family tree which seems to have almost disappeared from 
local histories. Probably this is owing to the fact that Isaac had a 
very unenviable reputation, he having quarrelled with his father and 
received a scalp wound at Dundurn Park, then known to the Indians 
as Bihserihneh. Many have maintained that Isaac was killed outright, 
but, as a matter of fact, he died in the vicinity of Brantford, in the 
year 1795. He was born about the year 1762, in New York State, at 
Canajoharic Castle, and was educated in the neighborhood, probably at 
Fort Hunter, where Dr. Stewart opened a school in the year 1771. 
His education, however, was said to have been completed at Niagara. 
After the Revolutionary War he married Mary Hill, (Athahondis'on, a 
Mohawk), whose brother was John Hill (Chief Sadekariwadeh, of the 
Turtle gens). Her mother's name was Esther, (Dekahondahgweh). 
Isaac's widow died about the year 1825. The writer's grandmother 
distinctly remembers seeing her at her house near the old Mohawk 

Two girls were born of this marriage, named Ellen and Margaret. 
Mention is made among some correspondence which has come to hand 
of two " lovely children of Isaac's " at the house of Brant, in Burling- 
ton, indicating that Isaac did not marry early, since he was over 
thirty years of age at the time of his death, in 1795. Both girls were 
born in the vicinity of Brantford. They were fairly well educated. 

Ellen, the eldest, married, about the time of her grandfather's death 
at Burlington Beach, Joseph Lotteridge, a half-breed, whose Dutch and 


U. E. Loyalist descent is traced to the Mohawk Valley. His mother 
was a Mohawk woman, named O'Weanogan. Joseph Lotteridge died 
in 1854. Five children were born of this union, namely, Mary (living), 
Margaret (deceased), Esther (living), Catharine (deceased), and Isaac 

Margaret, the second child of Isaac Brant, was married to Jacob 
Lewis, (Dakerhidontyeh). One boy was born who survived his parents- 
He died when quite young. Of Ellen's children, Mary was born on 
March 21st, 1817,* on the Waterhouse farm, on the north banks of the 
Grand River, near Brantford. She is still living. She was married 
three times : first, to Daniel Doxtater, a Mohawk ; the second time to 
Samson Hess, also a Mohawk ; and the third time to Rev. Abram 
Sickle, an Oneida. Of this last marriage there was no issue. Of the 
first marriage seven children were born, of whom but one is living, 
Chief Daniel Doxtater, born October 7th, 1837. He married Zeby 
Carpenter, now deceased. Ten children were born of this union, of 
whom four are now living, Daniel, Julia, Job, and Mary. Daniel 
married Susan Green, and had six children. Julia, married to Uriah 
Martin, has issue, three children ; Job, married to Lydia (Squire) Hill, 
had also three children. Mary is unmarried. 

HESS FAMILY. Of the second marriage, John, Enoch, and William 
are living. John married first, Mary Hill Jacket, daughter Chief 
David Hill Jacket and Eva, issue Samson ; second, married Christina 
Hill Jacket, and has issue five children. One girl, named Ellen, is 
married to David Herkimer (Objiwa). Enoch, married to Mary 
Magdelene George ; had no issue. William, married September 24th., 
1876, to Sarah Crawford, has issue, one girl, Nellie, living, unmarried. 
Of the third marriage, no issue. The marriage of Rev. Abram Sickle 
(Oneida), from the Thames River, took place at the Six Nation Reserve 
on March 13th, 1873. Rev. A Sickle was a Methodist, and devoted his 
whole life to christianizing his people. Moving back to his Reserve 
the year following his marriage to Mary Hess, he remained at his post 
until the fatal accident occurred in London, when he fell backwards 
and broke his neck, dying instantly, on the 23rd of May, 1884. His 
widow returned to her former home, and is now among those 
present here. 

The second daughter of Ellen Lotteridge, the grand-daughter of 
Isaac Brant, was born in May, 1819. Her name was Margaret. She 
was married to John Sawyer. She died a few years ago, leaving a 
large family of ten children, consisting of Esther, John, Alexander, 
Peter, Jacob, Levi, Dan, Sarah, Mary, and Isachar. Most of these, or 



all of them, are married and have children. Esther Lotteridge, third 
child, was born March 20th, 1821, on the site of the city of Brantford. 
She was baptised at the Old Mohawk church and received her 
education at the Mohawk Institute, which was established in the 
year 1822. The same year the Methodist Mission began its work 
on the Grand River. 

Esther was married, first to Peter Powless, a Mohawk. Lydia and 
Peter were born of this union. Both are living. Lydia was born June 
19th, 1842 ; married to Cornelius Cornelius, an Oiieida. About sixteen 
children were born to Lydia. Nine daughters are living. Jemima, 
Mary, Esther, and Susanna are married and have large families. 
Daughters of Jemima and Esther are married and have several 
children. Five living generations are represented in this branch of 
the Brant family. Peter, second child and only son of Esther (living), 
was born on the Grand River at Newport, which was formerly called 
Burch's Landing, in the days of the Grand River Navigation Company, 
on June 10th, 1844. He is at present the hereditary Chief, bearing 
the name of Shadekariwade, and speaker in the Council for the Three 
Brothers. He is married to Catharine Henhawk. and has a large 
family, most of them boys. Elizabeth, born 1872, is the widow of a 
Tuscarora Indian from Lewiston, New York State, and she has two 

The second marriage of Esther was to an Oneida Chief, the Rev. 
Thomas Funn. In his day he was speaker in the Council for the Four 
Brothers. He manifested great interest in the general welfare of the 
Six Nation people, devoted his time and energies in the Council and at 
religious gatherings. For many years before his death he occupied the 
Methodist pulpit, being, it is generally claimed, an eloquent speaker. 
The Wesleyan Methodists ordained him a minister of the Gospel in the 
year 1853. At the same time a call was extended to him from the Oneida 
Reserve, but he refused to accept it, thinking, no doubt, that the Six 
Nations had a prior claim upon his labors. He died in 1856 after a 
few days illness of typhoid fever. Seven children were born of this 
marriage, of whom Ellen, Elizabeth, and Catharine are living. They 
are all married, and have issue. 

Ellen, the first child of the second marriage, was born August 24th, 
1848, and married in the year 1864, on the 14th of February to Tanish, 
or Denis Shero or Sero, son of John and Dorothy Sero, Bay of Quinte 
Mohawks, who had left their former home, and travelled by ox-team, 
passing through York on the way. John lived to the age of 77. His 
widow, who died three years ago, is said to have been born in the 
winter of 1779. 


The American war separated them for a time after their marriage, 
for Denis joined the soldiers of the North and was stationed at Georgia. 
He returned to Canada in the fall of 1865. On the 10th of June, 1867, 
John was born. Juliana was born on June 16th, 1869. She died in 
infancy. Albert was born July 15th, 1875. Denis Sero died Septem- 
ber 3rd, 1876, and was buried at the White School House, where all 
his children were baptized. His widow, Ellen, is married to Peter 
Martin, son of Alexander and Eva (deceased). Two girls and one boy, 
the issue of this second marriage, are living. The eldest girl, Agnes 
Adeline, married Peter Miller, son of Josiah, in 1898. 

John, the first child of Ellen and Denis, was born about two miles 
from the south banks of the Grand River, in a log house, which is still 
there. He was baptized at the Methodist church, commonly known 
as the White School House. While he was in England, circumstances 
arose in which it was necessary he should produce a baptismal certifi- 
cate. This was impossible at the time. Under the guidance and 
tutorship of the Rev. Henry Henn, M.A., Fellow of Cambridge Univer- 
sity, England, it was decided that the only way out of the difficulty 
was to have another baptism, the Rev. Henry Henn, and Rev. Chas. 
Priff to be godfathers, on condition that the name of " Brant " be taken 
as part of the name, and to be hyphened with that of Sero. Accord- 
ingly, in the month of June John was re-christened at St. Paul's 
(Church of England), Preston, Lancashire, England, as "John Ojijatekha 
Brant." He married Frances Baynes Kirby, widow of the Rev. H. W. 
Kirby, rector Field Broughton, Grange-over- Sands, Lancashire. 

Albert, the second son of Ellen, is still unmarried. Elizabeth, 
the second daughter of Esther and Thomas Funn, is married to Samson 
Newhouse, Mohawk. She has five children, two girls and three boys, 
none of whom are married. 

Catharine, the third daughter, married Jacob Smith, an Oneida. 

Of this marriage five children are living, namely, Albert, Jonas, 
Emy, Mary Jane, and Cissy. Albert is married and has three children. 
Emy married Martin in 1896. 

Peter Schyler, an Oneida, was the third husband of Esther. Several 
children were born of this union, but they all died in infancy. In 
1869, on Sept. 2nd, Esther was married for the fourth time. This 
husband was a Mohawk named Isaac Claus. There was no issue of 
this union. Isaac Claus died October 19th, 1893. His widow survives ; 
she is seventy-seven years of age, and grandmother of the writer. 

Catharine, or Katy, the fifth child of Ellen and Joseph Lotteridge, 
was born in 1829. She married William Canada Maricles, a Bay of 


Quinte Mohawk, who is now living. Catharine died, July 25th, 1892, 
leaving three sons. She had one daughter, who died previous to her 
mother, and who was married to David Williams. The three sons are 
living, namely, William Henry, married to Mary Hill ; Samuel Daniel, 
married to Hannah Hill Jacket ; and John Peter, married to Mary Ann 
Gonwaninow Hill. All have issue. 

Isaac, the only son living, was born 1827. Married three times : 

first to Lydia Powless, issue ; second, to Catherine Ducan ; third, 

to Garlow. One daughter and one son are living, and married. 

Both have large families. 

HAMILTON, ONT., June, 1898. 



By the 6th article of the Treaty of Ghent it is provided: the 
boundary line separating His Majesty's Dominions from the United 
States shall be the middle of the River Cataraqui (or Iroquois). 

When the survey was undertaken to decide the place of the above 
boundary- line, several important questions arose not contemplated in 
the Treaty ; among which was that as the middle of the River is a line 
equidistant from both banks of the River, this line would often 
intersect islands, which would give a boundary line on land, under 
circumstances very inconvenient to each Power, especially on civil and 
criminal processes, illicit trade, &c., &c. It was therefore determined 
that to whatever power the greater part of intersected island should 
belong, that power should have the whole of the Island, and thus avoid 
all of the above evils. This decision was approved and confirmed by the 
Foreign Office and at Washington. It may be said, by following the 
middle of the greatest navigable channel, a boundary line could have 
been readily established ; but on my great surveys of this Continent to 
the Latitude of 60 north, I examined almost all the great rivers from 
their sources to the eastern seas or Pacific ocean, and found them all 
obeying the same physical law with the great rivers in Europe, and in 
a bolder manner. On this Continent, the deep channel for 5 miles out 
of 6 miles will be found on the North side of the River, After the 
survey was finished this truth was forced on the United States 
Commissioner, and he insisted on the middle of the deep channel for 


the boundary line, but was kept to the letter of the Treaty. The 
Treaty of 1783 gave peace to the United States, but their treasuries 
were exhausted. To raise money the State of New York sold to the 
Holland Company large tracts of land, among which were all the 
islands in the River Cataraqui from St. Regis to Lake Ontario, which, 
by the boundary to be drawn, should belong to the State of New York. 

The several naval commanders who had been in charge of Kingston 
Harbor, the vessels on the lakes, &c., had sent to the Admiralty from 
time to time their opinions on the necessity of securing to Great 
Britain certain islands for the protection of the Navy, &c., at Kingston, 
&c. These were transmitted to the Foreign Office and forwarded to 
the British Commissioners, and every place pointed out by the 
Admiralty for the safety of our Navy, &c., was obtained ; the 
principal of which was Grande Isle, opposite to Kingston. By the 
Treaty this Island belonged to the United States and on account of the 
Holland Company was considered hopeless; but at the time the division 
of the Islands took place, certain peculiar circumstances happened, 
which enabled the British Commissioners to exchange Grande Isle 
above the Niagara Falls for Grand Isle opposite Kingston, on condition 
of indemnifying the Holland Company by giving up British Isles to 
make up 13,359J acres the difference in area between the two islands. 
This will account for several islands in the River Cataraqui being placed 
on the side of the United States. 

As the obtaining Grande Isle near Kingston was strongly recom- 
mended by the Admiralty, I paid more than common attention to the 
depth of water along its shores, and found the South side to be so shoaly 
that in many places at 100 yards from the shore there was only 4 or 5 
feet of water. In order to have the free use of this side of the Island 
it was proposed and agreed that the boundary line should be 100 yards 
from the shores of all islands, and if the space between the opposite 
shores was less than 200 yards then the boundary line should be the 
middle between the two shores, and the distance of 100 yards also 
gives free space for the construction of Rafts, &c., to both nations. 

The field books and the books of the results of the triangles will 
show with what careful accuracy the whole survey was performed. 

The field book containing the notes of the survey of part of the 
East end of Lake Ontario, the Niagara River, &c., &c., is not now sent, 
as it is not half full, and can contain the field notes of the West end of 
Lake Erie, &c., &c., and will be forwarded with the second section. A 
book of two quires, containing the astronomical observations for 
Latitude, Longitude, &c., &c., is in the same state, and may probably 


contain all the observations made on the survey. The field notes, &c., 
&c., of the United States Astronomer and surveyor and party are 
forwarded in original as delivered by me. They made very few 
observations for Latitude, Longitude, &c., &c., and none were exchanged. 
The areas of the islands ordered to be calculated by the Commissioners 
in the River Cataraqui are as follows : Cornwall Island contains 1972 
acres; Barnhart's Island, 1716 acres; Lower Long Sault Island, 1969 
acres ; Upper Long Sault Island 1859 acres ; Eastern Cat Isle, 90 acres; 
Crysler's Isle, 54 acres ; Goose Neck Island, 414 acres ; 1st Isle, No. 1, 
8 acres; and 2nd Isle, No. 2, 45 acres; Hanes's Island, 138 acres; 
Rapid Plat Island (Ogdens.), 806 acres; Isle a Cusson, 91 acres; The 
Gallop Islands, No. 1, 33 acres; No. 2, 8 acres; No. 3, 66 acres; No. 4, 

5 acres; No. 5, 21 acres; No. 6, 2 acres; No. 7, 13 acres; No. 8, 22 
acres; No. 9, 21 acres; No. 10, 497 acres; Tick Isle, 12 acres; Chim- 
ney or Isle Royal, 6 acres ; Grenadier Island, 1,070 acres ; * Grindstone 
Island, 5,316 acres; Wells's Island, 7950J acres; Grande Isle (opposite 
Kingston) 31,283J acres; Duck Isle, 151 acres; Lesser Duck, 9 acres; 
Goat, or Iris Isle, 72 J acres; Navy Island, 304 J acres; Grande Isle 
(Niagara River), 1792| acres. 


Astronomer and Surveyor. 

6 and 7 articles of the Treaty of Ghent. 

MONTREAL, October 24th, 1836. 

SIR, The maps of the boundary line between His Majesty's 
Dominions and the United States now sent to you on 38 sheets of 
antiquarian paper, and numbered from 27 to 64 inclusive. No map of 
Lake Erie could be procured, the rough survey of this lake by Captain 
Owen not being deemed sufficiently accurate to be a national document. 
Numbers 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, and 32 contain the survey of the west end 
of the Lake Erie, which survey, on account of the pestilential Marshes, 
&c., took part of three years to complete. It was thought a matter of 
importance to acquire, if possible, a correct knowledge of the extent 
and nature of the Marshes, Fens, &c., &c., that border the west end of 
Lake Erie, and whether it could be possible to drain them into the 
lake. Captain Douglas, of the United States Engineers, and Professor 
of Mathematics at West Point, was for that year (1819) the Astronomer 
and Surveyor on the part of the United States, and we agreed, each of 
us, to examine the sides of survey, and give the best estimation we 
could form without any actual survey being made. Captain Douglas 

* This word is said to be a corruption of granite stone. 


computed the South- West side of Lake Erie, including the Marshes and 
Fens of the Sandusky and Maumee Rivers, to contain about 800 square 
miles of apparently incurable Marsh and Fen. On the north-east side, 
including the round 0, a very extensive Marsh, Point Pie', and the 
Island, I computed 120 square miles, on the British side of the Lake, 
all apparently incurable. Between the round O and the Marshes and 
Fens to Point Pie', the only barrier to the Lake, was generally a narrow 
bar of sand, seldom one foot above the level of the Lake, and in many 
places cut through by the waters of the marshes, etc. Point Pie 
Island contains about 27 square miles of area, of which 24 square Miles 
.are Marsh, and the Island is surrounded almost everywhere by a 
narrow Low Bank of sand or Earth and Stones. When Lake Erie is 
high the country appears healthy, but when the water of the Lake is 
lowering (as in 1819) the Marshes also lower, and each fall of an inch 
leaves from 40 to 100 yards dry, and the rich, oily, dense, vegetable 
substances with myriads of animalcule become in a state of dissolu- 
tion, and produce a most disgusting smell. Mr. Commissioner Ogilvie, 
and 2 men, fell victims to the lake Fever, and the rest of us barely 
escaped with our lives. 

Numbers 33, 34 and 35 contain the survey of the Detroit River. 
Had the middle of the River been followed the United States would 
have been limited to 100 yards eastward of Grosse Isle ; but the part 
of the 6th article relative to the Detroit River and upwards is so 
loosely worded, the United States Commissioner claimed the middle of 
the channel between Isle du Bois Blanc and Amherstburg as the only 
deep channel for ships and Steam Boats. This being refused he next 
claimed Fox and Stoney Isles for protecting their navigation. This 
claim was also most strenuously resisted, but Lord Castlereagh ordered 
them to be given up. 

Numbers 36 to 48 inclusive contain the survey of Lake St. Clair 
and its channels. The sides of Lake St. Clair were surveyed by means 
of pickets placed a distance from the shore ; the angles at these pickets 
were taken by a Sextant. The old ship channel through which the 
boundary line passes was formerly the only navigable channel for 
vessels drawing more than five feet of water. This channel, as well as 
almost all the channels, has now a shoal bar at its sortie, and the 
present navigable channel is the most western. All the Bars at the 
discharge of the channels into the Lake appear to be of decomposed 
wood, apparently brought down from Lake Huron, or the R. St. Clair, 
and from extensive shoals on the north-east end of the Lake. 

Numbers 49, 50, 51 are the Maps of the River St. Clair to its head 
from Lake Huron. No. 52 is a general map of Lake Huron so 


far as its shores could be known with accuracy. For most of 
the west side I am indebted to Captain Bayfield, who at that 
time was also on the survey to Lake Huron. The Trigonometri- 
cal Survey having determined the position of the shores and islands of 
the upper end of Lake Huron, it became necessary to know to which 
nation the 3 northern Manito Islands belonged. To the east shore a 
survey could be carried, but to the west shore, as the mainland could 
not be seen, a survey could not be carried but by means of tedious and 
expensive operations. It was therefore determined by the Board that 
the distance between the shores and the islands should be determined 
by astronomical observations, and as the United States had no practical 
astronomer, I had to perform it alone. The result of the observations 
is the boundary line as laid down on the general map of Lake Huron 
(number 53). 

Numbers o3 to 64, inclusive, contain the survey of the north-east 
end of Lake Huron, with the boundary line which finishes the 6th 
article of the Treaty of Ghent. The East Neebish Channel is the only 
one that has sufficient depth of water for ship navigation. The middle 
Neebish is the common channel for all lesser craft and has the shortest 
distance to the Falls of Ste. Maries. The West Neebish is shoal and 
circuitous. The middle of the middle Neebish Channel was offered as 
the boundary line, but the United States Commissioner demanded the 
middle of the east channel which was positively refused, and this 
refusal confirmed by Mr. Canning. The consequence was, the Blue 
Line became the Limit of the United States, and the Red Line that of 
Great Britain, until further negotiations determined the boundary line 
to the Falls of Ste. Maries, in the meantime each nation making use of 
all the Channels. With these Maps I have not forwarded the field 
notes, &c., &c., as I am at a loss to know how to arrange them so as to 
be of the most use, and easy of inspection. From the sufferings of the 
Parties from fever, &c., the west end of Lake Erie was surveyed at 
different times as health permitted, and L. St. Clair after Lake Huron 
from the same cause. To follow the order of time the Survey would 
sometimes be in one place and sometimes in another. To me it appears 
the best method will be to combine the Surveys of different times into 
one survey, and follow the Line of the Country upwards to the head of 
Lake Huron. The termination of the 6th article of the Treaty of 
Ghent, on this, I shall await your decision. 

Very respectfully, 

Your obedient servant, 

Surveyor-General of Upper Canada. 




(Read Before the County of Elgin Historical Society, at St. Thomas, Ont.) 

CAPTAIN PETER TEEPLE was born near Trenton, New Jersey, July 
14th, 1762. Bordentown is believed to be the locality. 

His parents were settlers from Holland in New Jersey, and he was 
the youngest son of a well-to-do and fairly numerous family. He had 
at least three brothers, John, James, and George, all of whom were in 
the Continental Army under George Washington in the war of Inde- 
pendence which raged from 1776 to 1783. About the year 1779, Peter 
was still living at the old home, and then in his 18th year. Being 
possessed of a very handsome horse, he kept it carefully hidden from 
view of the contending armies, rightly fearing it might be confiscated 
for war purposes. One day however, whilst leading it to water, he 
was surprised by the Patriot cavalry, and forced to give it up. He 
afterwards stated that, being at that time unable to speak English (his 
family, as stated before, being Hollanders) he was taken at a great 
disadvantage. The occurrence so angered the boy, who prided himself 
on the possession of so handsome a horse, that he immediately tied up 
a bundle of clothing and started on foot for New York, then occupied 
by the British, which he reached safely, and there joined the British 
cavalry. Having a good education and being naturally bright and 
intelligent, he soon acquired a fluent use of the English language, and 
being of tall and commanding presence, and a good soldier, he rapidly 
rose to the rank of Captain, and was placed in command of a troop 
of cavalry, being a part of the corps known as the "New Jersey 

He took part in several notable engagements, and many times had 
an opportunity to forage for supplies for his troop among the sup- 
porters of the Patriot army which had deprived him of. his beloved 
steed. On one occasion while scouting in Virginia, a bullet from the 
rifle of an American sharp-shooter killed the charger upon which he 
was mounted. At the close of the war in 1783, Captain Teeple's 
cavalry troop was disbanded at Halifax, and, owing to his fine 
physique, being six feet four inches in height, he was offered great 
inducements to proceed with the British army to England and accept a 
commission in His Majesty's Life Guards. He declined the offer, and 
later expressed misgivings as to the wisdom of his choice. He then left 

U. E. Loyalist - - 1762-1847. 

Captain in the "New Jersey Volunteers" in the Revolutionary 
War. Pioneer of Long Point in 1793. One of the first five Justices 
of the Peace for London District in 1800. Served at the Battle of 
Lundy's Lane in 1814. Died at Centreville, Oxford County, Ont., in 
1847, aged 85. 

The original of this portrait was drawn on the fly-leaf of a book by 
a runaway slave from the United States about 1840. 


Halifax, proceeding with a large number of other disbanded soldiers, 
and many refugees, to New Brunswick, where Loyalist settlements had 
been established at Saint John, and at a place called Waterborough, 
situated on Grand Lake about sixty miles up the River Saint John. 
From being a captain of horse, he now became captain of a trading 
vessel plying between Saint John and New York. 

At Saint John he met and married, in 1785, Lydia Mabee, one of 
the five daughters of Frederick Mabee, a prominent Quaker refugee 
from New York, whose father, Simon, a Hollander, and his mother, 
Marie Landrine, a French lady, had settled near Sing Sing in the State 
of New York. 

FREDERICK MABEE was a United Empire Loyalist, whose home had, 
at the British evacuation of New York, been confiscated, and himself 
and family subjected to indignity by many of his formerly kind 
neighbors, because he declined to swear allegiance to the new Republic, 
holding, as he no doubt conscientiously did, that the grievances of the 
colonists should be settled by constitutional means rather than by the 

Having heard of the wonderful fertility and natural advantages of 
the Long Point (or as it was first called, the Turkey Point) country in 
Upper Canada from his cousin Peter Secord, a U.E. Loyalist who had 
accompanied him to Saint John from New York, and who, being an 
old hunter, had already penetrated the wilds of Upper Canada with 
one George Ramsay, an Englishman, on a hunting and exploring trip, 
he resolved to form a small colonization party to open a permanent 
settlement at Turkey Point. Gathering many of his relatives together, 
including his son-in-law Captain Teeple, the " Mabee party," as they 
were afterwards called, set out in the fall of 1792, but they wintered 
at Quebec, and did not reach Turkey Point until some time in 1793. 

They brought some household goods, drove several cows, rode 
horses, and employed an Indian guide to pilot the way through 
the wilderness. The men drove the animals along the shore, the 
women came in the boats, going ashore at night to camp. During 
the journey through the wilds they sustained themselves largely on 
cornmeal, and milk from the cows. The party consisted of Frederick 
Mabee and wife Lavinia (born Pellum, or Pelham) ; Oliver Mabee, 
their eldest son, aged about 19; Simon, aged 17; Pellum, the youngest 
son, aged about 5 ; three single daughters, Polly, Betsy, and Sally ; and 
two married daughters, Nancy, with her husband John Stone, and 
Lydia, with her husband Captain Peter Teeple and their three children. 
His cousin, Peter Secord, and Thomas Walsh, also came with the 
" Mabee party." 


Frederick Mabee at once erected the first log cabin ever built in the 
new settlement, at the foot of the hill over-looking Turkey Point. 
Their corn was pounded in the stump of a walnut tree, the pestle being 
attached to a " sweep " like the " Old Oaken Bucket." 

One year after the arrival of the party he died of apoplexy, and 
was buried in a hollowed-out walnut log coffin. He was the first white 
man buried in the new settlement, and a large boulder marks his tomb 
near Turkey Point. His widow subsequently married Lieut. Wm. B. 
Hilton, a New York Loyalist of the " King's American Dragoons," but 
he died three years after the marriage. Large numbers of other 
Loyalists poured into the settlement shortly after, but the "Mabee 
party " came in advance of the rest, and became " squatters " until the 
lands were apportioned by the Crown to all the Loyalists. Polly and 
Sally Mabee, two daughters who came to Turkey Point single, married 
respectively Captain David Secord, and Silas Montross, U.E. Loyalists. 
The former was a miller at Niagara ; the latter lived at Turkey Point. 
The Mabee, Teeple, Secord, Montross, and Stone families became 
prominent factors in the early days of the settlement, but now their 
descendants are very widely scattered. 

More than a hundred years have come and gone since Frederick 
Mabee and his sons and sons-in-law made the acquaintance of the wild, 
painted, and befeathered savages of the north shore of Lake Erie ; 
and where they were surprised and startled by the bedlam of dis- 
cordant sounds, which daily rent the air, from the throats of the 
myriads of wild turkeys, geese, and duck, as these sturdy pioneers 
staked out their new homes at Turkey Point. To-day their great- 
grandsons are found in the ranks of busy men, scattered all over the 
American continent, and their great-great-grandchildren occupy seats 
in nearly every schoolhouse in the land. In fact, these descendants 
have become so numerous and so widely dispersed that they meet as 
strangers, never dreaming that the old pioneer mother who pounded 
corn in the hollow of a walnut stump on Turkey Point more than a 
hundred years ago was their common maternal ancestor. 

CAPTAIN PETER TEEPLE and his brothers-in-law, Captain David 
Secord and John Stone, were the first young married men that settled 
in Charlotte ville as Turkey Point afterwards came to be officially 
named; and when the settlement was surveyed Peter Teeple was 
granted Lot 8, in the broken front, near Forestville. His wife Lydia 
also was granted 106f acres by the Crown, being part of Lot 9, lake 
front, Charlotte ville. Near by still stands to-day an old tree known 
as the " Aunt Lydia Apple Tree," which yet bears fruit. It was the 


favorite apple of Lydia Teeple. There are trees in this orchard 100 
years old, and near the old house is still standing a walnut tree which 
must be very ancient indeed. It measures nearly twelve feet in cir- 
cumference and four feet in diameter. It is an interesting relic in itself 
with its immense spread of branches. 

Peter Teeple was one of the first Justices appointed, having that 
honor conferred upon him by virtue of the first General Commission 
of the Peace for the newly organized " District of London," dated at 
York, now City of Toronto, January 1st, 1800. He was also one of 
the original three, appointed at the same time, to act as Commissioners 
for administering oaths prescribed by law to the officers of the Govern- 
ment of Upper Canada. On the 2nd day of April following, he was 
sworn into office at the house of Lieut. James Munro, at Turkey Point, 
which house is still standing (Jan., 1899) and is now known as " Fort 
Munroe." On 8th April, 1800, the first session of the first Court held 
in that vast new " District of London " was convened at Fort Munroe, 
and Squire Teeple was one of the sitting Justices. His position then 
was about equivalent to that of a Justice of the Court of Common 
Pleas now, and he came to be regarded as a thorough jurist. He left a 
very large law library, and a complete register of the hundreds of 
civil marriages he performed. 

An amusing incident was related by his youngest son, Pellum, in 
connection with one marriage ceremony he performed about 1825. 
The laws or custom of that place required that where no regular 
license had been procured, the ceremony might be performed at some 
public cross-roads, at the hour of midnight, the contracting parties 
appearing in their night-clothes, the justice and one or more others 
acting as witnesses. In company with his son, Pellum, the Squire 
repaired to the spot, a lonely cross-road, on a very dark night. 
Presently two groups approached from opposite directions, one with 
the bride, the other with the groom. Upon meeting, and the two 
principals clad in white robes stepping forward at the hour of twelve, 
they were duly married according to law. Pellum, then a young man 
of sixteen, said it made a lasting and weird impression on his memory. 

But few years had elapsed after the Squire, as he was then called 
by virtue of his legal office, settled at Turkey Point, when the war of 
1812-1815 broke out. He had attained a goodly degree of prosperity, 
and he and his sons donned their swords to defend their new-made 
homes. The settlers formed volunteer companies, and in recognition 
of his previous military rank and experience he was chosen a captain 
of militia, being then about fifty years of age. With his command he 


met the invading American troops at Queenston Heights and Lundy's 
Lane. His valuable flour mill was burned during this war by a party 
of American scouts. 

Squire Teeple and his wife were two of the constituent members of 
the old pioneer Baptist church organized at Vittoria by Elder Titus 
Finch in 1804; and when the acre of land was purchased for 
2. 10. 0. " New York Currency " from Deacon Oliver Mabee in 1807 
upon which to erect a " meeting house," Mr. Teeple became one of the 
first trustees, the other being one Lawrence Johnson. The church was 
a commodious edifice for those times, and superseded the old log 
structure, and it was furnished with a three-sided gallery. The young 
people who used to attend the singing schools in that old meeting 
house have long since passed away, but they were full of rugged piety 
and simple faith. 

In January, 1851, a new church was built near the same site, and 
among the records of the members of the construction committee we 
find the now locally historic names of Mabee, Teeple, Young, and 
Ryerse, sons of the original pioneers. A few years before his death in 
1847, a pen-and-ink portrait of the Squire was obtained under peculiar 
circumstances. There came in that community (Centreville, Oxford 
Co., Ont.) a quadroon who had been a slave in the United States, and 
who had a talent for drawing, which his mistress allowed him to 
cultivate, and even procured for him some instruction in the art. The 
Squire's son, Pellum Cartwright Teeple, learning this, brought the 
escaped slave home one day and got him to execute a portrait of his 
father. It was drawn upon the fly-leaf of a book, and he was 
portrayed sitting with Pellum's child, Charles, an infant, on his lap. 
The original is still in the possession of the grandson Charles, who 
lives at Marengo, Illinois, and the writer is happily possessed of a 
photographic copy. The drawing is quaint but well executed, and is 
said by those who remember the old Squire to be a faithful likeness, 
the only exception taken being that the chin is too pointed. He 
continued to reside not far from Long Point (Centreville, Oxford Co.) 
during the remaining years of his life, and was finally laid to rest in 
the old Baptist cemetery near there by his son Pellum. He was 
methodical, dignified in bearing, of a commanding aspect, a strong 
advocate of temperance, and was erect and soldierly to the last. 

His wife Lydia was a very worthy woman, and they both lived 
long, she dying in 1845 at the age of 75, and he in 1847, aged 85. It 
is related of her that whenever she lost her temper and spoke sharply 
to anyone she would soon after be found alone, pacing to and fro with 


clasped hands murmuring to herself for a time, " Lord have mercy, 
Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy ! " 

Squire Teeple had thirteen children, of whom nine were sons, 
namely, William Bullard, Luke, Edward Manning, Frederick, Stephen 
Henry, Oliver Mabee, Lemuel Covel, Simon Peter, and Pellum Cart- 
wright ; and four daughters, namely, Louvina, Susannah, Mary, and 
Phebe. Some of these children met with stirring adventures during 
the war of 1812-15, and the Canadian Rebellion of 1837. A few 
details of these will be given here as follows : 

WILLIAM B., the eldest son, was born 18th January, 1788, and was, 
like his father, and enormously big man, and a captain of Provincial 
Militia at the battle of Lundy's Lane. At the latter engagement he 
had as an orderly a French Canadian of rather small stature who used 
to say to his towering commanding officer, " Capt. Teeple, you are a 
very big man, and when the fighting gets hot I am going to get behind 
you." In actual warfare, however, the little French Canadian exposed 
himself so fearlessly that he was mortally wounded early in the battle. 

A portion of the scarlet uniform worn by Capt. W. B. Teeple in 
that engagement, made up in the form of the quaint " knitting 
sheaths " of the period, is still in the possession of the writer, one of 
his grandsons. On the 4th January, 1818, he was married to Jemima 
Leek at Malahide by Mahlon Burwell, J.P., and soon after settled on 
200 acres of land, being Lot 1, Con. 8, in the Township of Malahide 
County of Elgin, the land being a grant from the Crown for military 
services rendered. 

He died on the 8th April, 1857, leaving a goodly estate. His 
children in order of birth were Jared Topping, Susan Celestia, James 
Jackson, Symantha J., Temperance Ursula, Lydia Ann, Stephen 
William, and Sarah. Of these Lydia Ann was married to James F. 
Waterbury, also of the U. E. L. descent, on the 22nd of June, 1852, by 
Rev. Caleb Burdick at Malahide. At this date, 1899, she resides at 
Cambridgeport, Mass., and is the mother of the writer of these annals 

LUKE TEEPLE, second son of Capt. Peter Teeple, born 12th 
September, 1791, went to New Jersey on a visit to an uncle just before 
the war of 1812 broke out, and he was ordered to take the oath of 
allegiance or quit the country. His uncle had a mail route from New 
York to some point in New Jersey, believed to be Bordentown, and he 
put young Luke on this route thinking that while thus employed he 
would not be molested. He was arrested, however, in the following 
February, and cast into prison with a about a hundred other British 
sympathizers. These Loyalist political prisoners were sorely tempted 


to desert their first love and join the American forces. One by one 
they weakened until only fifteen remained, Luke being one of the 
faithful few. At the close of the war they were liberated, and the 
uncle, although a patriotic American, gave Luke a present in token of 
admiration of his pluck and endurance. When he returned to Canada 
he, on the 26th of December, 1816, married Nancy, second daughter of 
Elder Titus Finch, already referred to, and settled at Vittoria, near 
Simcoe, purchasing the two-story frame house built by Caleb Wood 
(also a " Jerseyite " Loyalist as the New Jersey refugees were called in 
those days) and which house still stands, dark and windowless and 
vacant, in front of the Baptist burying ground, fit companion to the 
weather-beaten, mossy old grave stones which mark the back-ground. 

On the flat opposite this house he built a tannery which was 
operated by his son Alexander, after his death in 1849. 

He had seven sons Alexander, Jerome, Albert Gallatin, Thermos, 
Lysander, Titus Ridley, and Peter Latimer; and four daughters 
Mabro, Mobra, Clementine, and Almira. Alexander was accidentally 
crushed to death in 1867 while excavating a large boulder on his 

PELLUM CARTWRIGHT (originally spelled Pelham), thirteenth and 
youngest child, and ninth son of Peter Teeple, was born 28th November, 
1809, and was a participator in the Upper Canadian Rebellion of 1837, 
or " The Patriot War," as it was then often called. He was the leader 
of a band of young Canadians opposed to the long misgovernment of 
the country by an irresponsible body of men known as " The Family 
Compact," who ignored the statutes passed by the parliamentary 
representatives of the people, and frustrated their will ; and when it 
was determined to fight, he was chosen a captain ; but on the flight to 
the United States of the two principal leaders, William Lyon Mackenzie 
and Hon. John Rolph, all those who had been leaders under them were 
compelled to follow them into exile or forfeit their lives. 

Pellum, on attempting to flee, fell in with a party of soldiers who 
made him their prisoner. The story of his capture and escape is thus 
told by his nephew, Luke, son of Simon Peter Teeple, who heard it 
from his own lips : 

" The price set upon his head by the Canadian Government was 
1 $600 dead or alive.' He was determined to leave Canada, and was 
then on his way to the western frontier line. He was riding a horse, 
and had reached a point some seven or eight miles westerly from 
London, Ont., on the road leading from that city along the southern 
side of the River Thames. His brother, Edward Manning Teeple, 


lived on this road some two or three miles from London, and he was 
making for his house. On turning a bend in the road he came in full 
view of a sergeant and six men advancing towards him. He could 
neither retreat nor conceal himself, so he rode steadily on and met 
them. The sergeant halted him and plied him with questions ; and as 
his answers were unsatisfactory he was taken in charge, faced about, 
and obliged to go with them towards London. They dismounted him, 
and the sergeant rode the horse. Plodding along for some time, dark- 
ness overtook them before they reached the city. They stopped at a 
tavern and the soldiers ordered a meal, which was at once prepared. 
They then asked him to come and eat with them, but he assured them 
he was not hungry, and they left their arms in the bar-room and went 
into the next room and sat down to eat. He also went with them into 
the same room, and asked the waitress for a drink of water. He was 
on the side of the table next to the outside door, and as the girl gave 
him the drink of water she flung this door wide open. In an instant 
he was through it and running for the woods. The men sprang for 
their arms, and came rushing out, firing after him. He could hear the 
orders given to surround the cluster of tavern buildings, and see lights 
moving, but he made good his escape into the adjoining forest. There 
was snow on the ground and running was difficult, yet for the fear of 
being overtaken he kept it up until almost exhausted. Taking what 
he supposed to be a course between the public road and the river, he 
at length came upon the latter, but he did not know whether above or 
below his starting point. Going down to the water, which was frozen 
over, he followed along until he espied an airhole ; into this he threw a 
stick to see which way the water ran, then going down the stream, he 
finally came upon a house. By this time he was excessively fatigued, 
and very, very hungry from his long fast. He went up and knocked 
at the door, and a man appeared and began talking with him. He had 
no means of ascertaining whether this man was a * Patriot ' or not, so 
he feigned himself an urgent despatch-bearer of important official 
papers which must be delivered in London with utmost haste ; he said 
he had given out in travelling, and insisted upon the man's acceptance 
of and conveyance of them to London forthwith, as he was utterly 
unable to go on himself. The man demurred ; so, after an earnest dis- 
cussion Pellum said, ' Well, if I could rest a few minutes and get some 
food to eat, I might try to go on.' He then heard the man's wife 
getting up, and she protested that her husband could not go, but said 
she would get Pellum something to eat at once, which she did. While 
eating he became satisfied they were ' Patriots,' and revealed his true 


position. The man then said they could not keep him there, but that 
they would see that he was hidden and fed at a neighbor's over the 
hilL Pellum went with him to the neighbor's and was concealed there 
for a time. If there was any likelihood of capture one of the children 
at the first house was to come over the hill and notify him. He was 
alarmed one day by seeing one of the children come running over the 
hill; but it proved to be only a neighborly call. After a few days had 
passed, and he thought search for him had ceased, he worked his way 
through the woods at night up to his brother Edward's, and soon after 
went in the same way to the home of his sister Mary, wife of Andrus 
Davis, at Orwell, Ont. Several weeks were spent in this hazardous trip. 
" Mary and Andrus Davis were known to he staunch Loyalists, and 
there is no account of any attempt to search for him at their place. 
There he was supplied with food for a short time, but the danger of 
recapture was so great that he did not remain all the time in the house 
but kept concealed sometimes in the woods. 

" Still fearing arrest and execution, as some of his compatriots had 
thus suffered, his sister Mary Davis, nephew James Teeple, and sister-in- 
law Jemima Teeple, conducted him secretly in the dead of winter by 
sleigh from Orwell to the Niagara frontier ; and his relative, Rev. 
Samuel Rose, of Lundy's Lane, though a political opponent of the 
Patriots, espoused his cause, and under the pretence of being the 
employer of Pellum, sent him on a message to friends in New York 
State, and at once hired a man to row him across at some point below 
the Falls. 

" He, Pellum, grew very intense when relating this part of the 
narrative, and declared that had anyone ordered the boatman back to 
the Canada shore he would have thrown the man overboard and made 
the attempt to reach the American shore alone. But no difficulty 
arose ; he was safely landed in New York State, and waving a parting 
adieu to this relatives, who sat in their conveyance and witnessed his 
crossing, he began his career in the United States." 

Though the Patriot War thus came to so inglorious an end, it is 
now generally admitted in Canada that had it not been for that 
uprising by which the attention of the British Government was called 
to the intolerable grievances of the Canadians, and a just form of 
responsible government quickly conceded, it would in all probability 
have been many years before the people of Canada would have 
obtained that full measure of home rule which they henceforth 

We next hear of Pellum journeying down the Ohio River with a 


party intending to go to Texas, but becoming dissatisfied with the 
roistering habits of his companions, he left them and struck across the 
country to a place called Pekin, on the Illinois River. From there he 
eventually went to the city of Rockford, 111., where on the 28th of 
March, 1841, he married Mary A. Gleason. 

His father and mother were now so old they were desirous he 
should come home to Canada and care for them the rest of their days ; 
but he would not do this until a special amnesty was sent him by the 
Canadian Government for his part in the Patriot War. This was 
obtained and forwarded to him, and he journeyed to the old home in 
Oxford County, accompained by his wife, son Charles, and Luke, son 
of Simon Peter Teeple, (who lived with them), in a two-horse buggy, 
there being no railroads, and remained there till the two old pioneers 
were laid away in the churchyard. Later he returned to Illinois and 
settled at Marengo, where he died on the 12th of December, 1878, and 
where his son Charles, above referred to, still resides. Pellum Teeple 
left six sons, viz.: Charles Gleason, Addison Venelle, Levant, Jared, 
Lester, and Frank ; and four daughters Elmina, Elvira, Ruth L., and 
Lydia Mary. 

Of the other descendants of Frederick Mabee and Peter Teeple 
little or nothing of special note is known to the present writer, except 
the dates of their birth and death, and that Oliver Mabee Teeple was 
also a captain at Lundy's Lane ; but it is hoped that the survivors, 
should they read these lines, will, as speedily as possible, contribute 
their quota to these annals before it is too late ; and above all, that 
they will prove worthy successors of those sturdy " Pilgrim Fathers of 
Canada " who, for the sake of what they believed, rightly or wrongly, 
to be their duty, were willing to undertake, not only the perils of war, 
but also the hardships and privations of hewing out for themselves, 
and for their children, in the wild forests of Turkey Point, new homes 
and habitations, destined after one hundred years to become an 
important part of a great and mighty state. 

Compiled January, 1899, by W. B. Waterbury, St. Thomas, Ont. 




The MS. from which the following extracts are taken was sold to 
the Ontario Historical Society by a Mr. H. King who could give no 
information respecting how it came into his possession, beyond the 
statement that he " bought it from another man," whose name he did 
not know, some three or four years ago. There can, however, be no 
doubt as to its genuineness. 

It is written on loose sheets of small letter paper bearing the water 
mark 1809, and is mainly in two hands, some changes, corrections, and 
additions having been made by others. 

There is scarcely anything in the sheets themselves to guide one as 
to their chronological arrangement, but the " Rolls " of Capt. Cameron's 
company have been placed in their present order on account of the fact 
that in the first one, George Smallman (No. 12) appears as a private, 
whereas in the second, he is entered as a sergeant, the presumption 
being that he was promoted. D. B. 



Capt. Cameron 
Lieut Jarvie 
Lieut. McLean 
Lieut. G. Ridout 

1 Thomas Bright Sergeant 
5 McMurkuson do* 

2 John Thompson Sergt 

3 Edward McBride Sergt 

4 George Patterson Sergt 

joined Capt Howard's Co. 

1 D'Arcy Boulton promoted 

2 James Hands dismissed be- 

ing an appren'c 

3 William Shaw x 

4 Michael Doyle Dead 

5 William Myers 

6 Henry Hall Dead 

7 Jonathan Cawthrae 

8 John Cawthrae 

9 Alexander Legg served by 


10 Ely Ludden deserted 

11 Robert Bright 

12 George Smallman 

13 William Harley 

14 Thomas Humberston 

15 Thomas Simpson 

16 George How 

17 John Ross 

18 Henry Webster David Mit- 

chell sub'e 

19 Simcoe Wright 

* The name here entered is not in the same hand as the body of the roll, and 
seems to have been inserted at this place as there was no room after number 4. It 
looks suspiciously like an interpolation by some comparatively recent hand. 



20 Isaac White 

21 Charles Dennison 

22 Richard Graham 

23 Samuel Lewis 

24 Francis Lee 

25 Simeon Devins Dead 

26 James Finch 

27 Osburn Cox discharged 

28 John Couvillion* 

29 Isaac Pilkington x 

30 Johnson Yeomans 

31 Henry Johnson 

32 William Lawrence 

33 Henry Thompson x 

34 Luther Rawlins 

35 Edward Thompson 

36 Joseph Secord deserted 

37 Peter Stoner 

38 William Cornell deserted 

39 Richard Thompson 

40 John Kenedy 
4L Andrew Kenedy 

42 William Knowls subs. 

Henry Stiver 

43 Roderick Macdonell 

44 Timothy Webster joined 

Capt Howard's Co'y 

45 Adam Ward 

46 Seth Cook 

47 John Baril dead 

48 Peter Whitney joined Capt 

Howard's Co'y 

Cap. Sub. Serj 
1, 3, 5 

49 Joseph Crawford Dead 

50 Henry Powell 

51 Benjamin Reynolds 

52 Abram Culver 

53 Abram Stoner joined Capt 

Howard's Co'y 

54 Assa Lee 

55 Samuel Cochrane 

56 SheraidG f 

57 John G -j- subject to 

convulsive fits and disch 

58 John Matthews 

59 Thomas Major 

60 Edward Laurence 

61 Cornelius Flumerfelt 

62 Andrew Hubbard joined 

Capt Howard's Co.J 

63 Andrew Laurence ) 

64 John Stoner } two men 

joined Capt Howard's Co. 

63 Rueben Pattrick || do. do. 

64 William Jones 

65 Henry Ernest for a Drummer 
Matthias Tewilleger 
Ebenezer Ransomejun'r 
Abram Burkholder 

H.K. Cross 

63 Jeremiah Whipple 

64 Stephen Kaul | 2 black men~p'e 

65 John Kaul J [private] servts' 

Dr. Privates. 
1 6070. 


* This is no doubt the same name appearing on the following roll as " Cuveyon," 
No. 27. 

t Both names are cancelled and unreadable. No. 56 appears to be the same as 
No. 51 in the second roll (following) where it is also doubtful. 

J The name is cancelled but the number remains. 

In both cases names and numbers are cancelled. 

1 1 The name only is cancelled. 




1. Duncan Cameron, Captain 
1. Wm. Jarvie, Lieutenant 

2. Arch'd McLean, Lieutenant 

3. Geo. Ridout, Ditto 

1. Robert Moor, Serjeant-Major 

1. Edward McBride, Quartermaster Serjeant 

btaff Ser J eants 

1. Thomas Bright, Serjeant 

2. George Smallman, Ditto 

3. John Thompson, Serjeant 

4. George How, Ditto 

1. Henry Ernest* Drummer 

1. William Shaw, Private x 

John Lyons substitute 

2. Michel Doyle Private, Dead-)- 

3. Willian Myers Ditto 

4. Henry Hale Ditto Deadf 

5. Jonathan Cawthra Ditto 

6. John Cawthra Ditto 

7. Alexander Legg Ditto x 

Philip Philips substitute 

8. Ely Ludden Private x 

9. Robert Bright 

10. William Harley 

11. Thomas Humberstone " 

12. Thomas Simpson 

13. Matthias Tewilliger 

14. John Ross " 

15. Henry Webster 

16. Simcoe Wright 

17. Isaac White 

18. Charles Davidson 

19. Richard Graham 

20. John Quick 

dismissed, being over agej 

20. Samuel Lewis Private 

21. Francis Lee 

22. Simeon Devins Private Dead 

23. James Finch " x 

Jacob Miller substitute 

24. Osborn Cox Private x Dead 

25. Jeremiah Whipple Private ^ 

26. Hazen K. Cross " } 


27. JohnCuveyon(?) " 


28. Isaac Pilkington Private x 

29. Johnson Yeomans " 

30. Henry Johnson " 

31. William Laurence " 

32. Andrew Thompson " x 

33. Luther Rawlins 

34. Edward Thompson 

34. Joseph Secord " 


36. Peter Stoner deserted 

37. William Cornell " 

38. Richard Thompson Private 

39. John Kennedy Private 

40. Andrew Kennedy 

41. William Knowls H Stiver, 


* Name afterwards cancelled. 

t In a different hand, and with fainter ink. 

J Entry cancelled, and the next one takes this number. 

See 28 in former roll. 



42. Roderick McDonell Private 

43. Adam Ward 

44. Seth Cook 

45. Joseph Crawford 

46. Henry Powell 

47. Benjamin Renions 

48. Abram Culver " 

49. Assa Lee 

50. Samuel Cochrane " 

51. Stunard Gerau (?)* 

George Allen subst 

52. John Matthews Private 

53. Thomas Major Private 

54. Edward Laurence " 

55. Cornelious Flummerfelt ( ' 

56. William Jones. 

57. Ebenezer Ransome " 

58. Abraham Burkholder " 

59. John Tirey " X f 

60. Harden Ellsworth 

61. Stephen Kaul ^ 2 black men p'e 

Private rserv' to officers. 

62. Richard Kaul J J Discharged 
62. Philip Haynes 


Lieut. Jarvie 

Sergts. George Howe 

George Smallman 

1 Thomas Humberstone 

2 Edward Thomson 

3 David Mitchell 

4 Roderick McDonell 

5 Cornelius Flumerfeldt 

6 John Matthews 

7 John Ross 

8 Luther Rawlins 

9 William Lawrence 

10 Simcoe Wright 

11 William Myers 

12 Isaac White 

13 Robert Bright 


14 Adam Ward 

15 Johnson Yeomans 

16 Abraham Culver 

17 Francis Lee 

18 Asa Lee 

19 Samuel Cochran 

20 Simeon Devins 

21 William Jones 

22 Henry Stiver 

23 John Tyner 

24 Charles Denison 

25 Abraham Burkholder 

26 Richard Thomson 

27 William Harley 

28 John Cawthra 

29 Benjamin Runions 

30 Elias Anderson 

* This name has three cancel lines drawn through it, thus making an already 
doubtful name still more difficult to decipher. 

t These crosses after certain names appear to be used as check-marks, the pur- 
pose of which is not clear. 

J This name is cancelled, and the word " discharged " after the brace relates to 
him only. 

This roll is written by a different hand, and varies in some respects from the 



GARRISON, 30th JUNE, 1812. 

Capt. Cameron 

Lt. McLean 

Lt. Kidout 

Sergt. Thomas Bright 

Sergt. John Thomson 


1 William Shaw 

2 Michael Doyle 

3 Henry Hale 

4 Jonathan Cawthra 

5 Philip Philips D 

6 Eli Ludden dismissed 31 Augt 

7 Thomas Simpson 

8 Matthew Teowellegar 

9 Richard Graham 

10 Samuel Lewis 

11 Jacob Miller 

12 Ozborn Cox discharged 21 

Augt 1812 

13 Jeremiah Whipple D 

14 Hazen K. Cross D 

15 John Couvillion 


16 Isaac Pilkington 

17 Andrew Thompson D 

18 Joseph Secord 

19 Peter Stoner 

20 William Cornell D 

21 Andrew Kennedy D 

22 John Kennedy D 

23 Henry Johnson D 

24 Seth Cook 

25 Joseph Crawford 

26 Henry Powell D 

27 Thomas Major D 

28 Edward Laurence D 

29 Ebenezer Ransome D 

30 Harnden Ellsworth* prisoner 

31 George Allan deserted 

32 Stephen Kaul 

33 Richard Kaul dismissed 

34 Philip Haynes*|- joined 18th 


Present 24 

* See No. 60 in Roll 2 

t Number cancelled. 





Francis Lee 

Andrew Thompson . . 

William Cornell 

Luther Rawlins 

Thomas Simpson 
Matthew Tewilliger . 

Wm. Jones 

Win. Laurence 

Johnson Nuomans* . . 
Andrew Kennedy . . . 

Eb. Ransome 

Joseph Crawford 

Henry Powell 

Samuel Lewis 

Simeon Devins 

Charles Dennison 

John Kennedy 

Andrew Kennedy . . . 
Edward Lawrence . . . 
Matthew Teowillegar 
Joseph Crawford 

Peter Stoner 

Matthias Twilliger. . . 

Saml Lewis 

Joseph Crawford 
Richard Graham 

Peter Stoner 

John Kennedy 







15 July .... 

19th July . . . 

18th July 



18th July 



18th July 



1 8th r July 

16th July . . . 


19th July 

17th do ... 

25th July . . . 

25th July 

17th do ... 

25th do ... 

24th July 

17th do ... 

25th do ... 

25th July 

17th do ... 

25th do ... 

25th July 

19th do ... 

25th do ... 

25th July 

19th do ... 

25th do ... 

19th do ... 

25th do ... 

25th July 

19th do ... 

25th do ... 

19th do ... 

21st do ... 

21st July 

22nd do ... 

25th do ... 

25th July 

25th do ... 

26th do ... 

26th July 

9th August . . 

15th August. 

21st August 



do do 



28th August 



18 August 1812 



15th August 

18th Augt . . . 

19th Augt. .. 

19th August 

24th Augt . . . 

30th Augt. . . 


31 Augt 

31 Augt. 

29th Augt 

5 Sept'r 

retd 5 Sept'r 





retd 31 Augt 


3rd Sept 

retd 3d Sept'r 

* Probably the same name, the name that appears on Roll No. 1 as " Yeomans." 

1 Henry Powell 

2 Thomas Major. 

3 Ebenezer Ransom 

4 Jeremiah Whipple 

5 Henry Johnson. 


6 Hazen K Cross 

7 Andrew Thomson 

8 William Cornell. 

9 Joseph Secord 
10 Phillip Phillips 



Harnden Elsworth retd 15th August 1812 

the 9th August 1812 
George Allan deserted 

16th August 1812 
John Kennedy j 

Andw Kennedy & V deserted 16 Returned 21st August 1812 

Edwd Lawrence ) Augt 1812 
Thomas Major retd 28th August 1812 
Henry Johnson retd 27 do do 


Sergt McBride Thomas Simpson 

Saml Lewis Jonath'n Cawthra 

Michael Doyle Peter Stoner 

Seth Cook John Thomson Sergt 

29TH AUGUST, 1812. 

Capt Cameron 9 Samuel Lewis 

Lt. McLean 10 Jacob Miller 

Lt. Ridout 11 John Couvilion 

Sergts Thomas Bright 12 Isaac Pilkington 

John Thomson 13 Peter Stoner 

PRIVATES. 14 Andrew Kennedy 

1 Wm Shaw 15 John Kennedy 

2 Michael Doyle 16 Henry Johnson 

3 Henry Hale 17 Seth Cook 

4 Jonathan Cawthra 18 Joseph Crawford 

5 Eli Ludden discharged 19 Thomas Major 

6 Thomas Simpson 20 Edward Lawrence 

7 Matthew Teowelligar 21 Stephen Kaul 

8 Richard Graham 22 John Bright 



The following letter in the possession of James H. Coyne, of St. 
Thomas, is addressed to his grandfather, "Henry Coyne, Pleasant 
Valley, near Poughkeepsie." In the upper left hand corner are the 
words in red ink, " Buffalo, Oct. 30th," evidently by the postmaster. 
The writer, a brother of Mr. Coyne's wife, had gone to the Talbot 
settlement in what is now the Township of Dunwich in the County of 
Elgin, to take up land, his brother Thomas having preceded him. 
Thomas Gardiner taught the first school in the Talbot settlement, not 
far from Port Talbot. Henry Coyne remained in the State of New 
York for seven years, from 1810 to 1817, before deciding where he 
should settle. In the fall of 1817 he followed his brothers-in-law to 
Canada and purchased a farm on Talbot Road a few miles west of 
Port Talbot, where the settlement of Coyne's corners and the road 
known as the Coyne Road, preserve the name of the pioneer. 

The letter is interesting, not only as showing the hardships of the 
pioneers, but as illustrating the condition of the Buffalo flour market 
in 1816. Only one barrel of flour could be procured in Buffalo, after 
the hardy settler had come 150 miles in an open boat in a tempestuous 
season of the year to procure food for his family. 

" BUFFALO, October 27th, 1816. 

"DEAR BROTHER, I arrived here yesterday after after ten days 
passage from Port Talbot, a place I never would again see were it not 
for my family ; but I was obliged to come here for flour, and I am 
afraid I will not get what I want. I got one barrel and had to give 
$12 for it, but when done it is much cheaper than I can get it at Port 
Talbot. Just before I left home I had 104 Ibs. which cost me $16, 
viz., I had 4J bushels of wheat, cost $9, and a hired man at $12 per 
month was seven days to mill to have it ground, so the expense in all 
was $16. So you may judge what a comfortable place I am in. No ; 
it is the hardest place I ever saw to get the necessaries of life, and I 
believe, according to the number of inhabitants, they have suffered 
more for the want of bread than any other place I ever saw or heard 
of. Many persons here, I believe, have not tasted bread for two 
months, for they had not the grain, and if they had, they could not 
have it ground. 

" I have bargained for 100 acres of land off Colonel Talbot at three 
dollars per acre, and have got a log house 24 by 16 feet not half 


finished, and it has cost me about $200, for we cannot get a board 
without fetching them 130 miles, and no stone nor brick to build 
chimneys, nothing but clay. 

" All the money I got for my place would not build such a house as 
I had in P. Talbot. But God only knows whether I will get home 
or not for the lake is so dangerous at this season of the year that I 
dread the journey of going 150 miles in an open boat. It is a great 
undertaking, but I must either do it or my family suffer for want of 
bread, which they have never done as yet. Things were cut off with 
the frost of the 6th of July last, and about the 24th of August there 
was another which killed the buckwheat and corn, that grain is scarce 
and dear ; so there has not been one month this summer but there has 
been frost. I made a mistake in the firm of Townsend & Co., New 
York, in my last letter. It is K. & E. Townsend, No. 123 Pearl St., 
New York ; and get an order on Townsend, Brunson & Co., Lewiston ; 
and send the order in a letter to me to the care of John Warren, 
Merchant, near Fort Erie, Upper Canada. But the money is not to be 
paid to any person but Thos. or Singleton Gardiner, and to have a 
certificate from Mr. Warren that they are the person, for fear of fraud. 
I received your letter of August 4. 

" Remain your affectionate brother, 


" Take all the expense and trouble you are at out of the money 
before you send it, postage of letters and the like. My family were in 
all good health when I left home, and I hope this will find you in the 



F Ontario history 


058 v.l