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Full text of "The Oration of Aeschines Against Ctesiphon: With Short English Notes for the Use of Schools"

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Harvard College 


itepken Salisbury 











AND 377, 8TSAKD, LOin>OK ; 




In preparing tbe subjoined notes, the 
limself of the invaluable annotations of 
)f Taylor, Reiskei and other commentat 


Thb test of this edition of Machines* oration against 
Cteaiphon is that of Bekker, published at Oxford, 1822. 
The indioes at th^ top of each page ccwrespond witli tlie 
chapters of H. Stephen's edition, published at Paris, 1575. 
The sections of Reiske's edition are marked on tlie margin 
of each page. 


,e of Chsronen, atid the c 
on of tbe lihertiea of OreecE, helJ out 
mica of Demostheues to unite tlieir eJIbrta ^ 
f after day be was isBailed by n< 
It QOtoiious Bipcophants, Sosicles, 
itageiton, ind olliera,irerB employed by the ] 
^ ta attack him. Dem. de ( 
f«rei, Demosthenes found no difGcully in re 
ten Bsiumed a more serious aspect nheu Jl 
\k of his party, nnd the hitler and invel 
BDBlhenes, appeared on the field as hta : 
k^M^UhealtacIi was ns fallows, C 


him abould be proclaimed in the tlientre at the great 
DionjiUe fntival. " For thia decree ^scbiaes iodicted 
. CUdphon ai having traniigresaeil the law in three poinia: 
flnt, beeaaae it wai illegal to crown b msgiElrate hefare he 
had rendered an account of his office ; nent, hecaaee it wai 
Ibrtndden to proclaim auch an honour, when bealowed by 
Ae people, in any other place than the BSEembly-grouiid 
of the Pn;:!, hut particulBil;^ t° proclaim it aa Cteaipbon 
]iad proposed : and lastly, becauac the reason asEigiied in 
the decree, ao far at (elated to the public conduct of De- 
modhenes, wia fklae, insamuch as be bad not deserved any 
IBWird." It will be seen at once thai the attack, though 
BDimiuIlj directed againal Cteaipbon, wai really aimed at 
Demnlhenei : the latter readily accepted the challenge, aa 
it give him an opportunity of justifying his wbolE pohlical 
conduct before bia countrymen. Aa to tiie chargea Ihcm- 
■elTCi brought forward by jCachines, it may be remarked 
tiUI the charge of illegality appears to have been welt 
gtwmded. " Though the superintendence of the repairs 
WW piohably not a magistracy in the eye of the law, which 
tndead forbade any one to hold two at once, the treaaurer- 
■hlp of the theoric fund certainly waa one, and one to 
wllich the law wbicli I'crhade the crowning of a magistrate 
■lilt ■ecoonlable, applied with peculiar force. As to the 
mode of proclamation, it aeema donblful nhelher the taw 
on which the proaecalion reated had not been modified by 
another, which declared that proclamotiou might be made, 
Dsiphon proposed, if the people should so decree i 
ft fMblnw specionily contended, thnl this exception. 
it to reUle W ciq^b* \ftsMwA. >w- 'J**t»»** 

BBdee af bath the parties, of Ihc court, am 
Ht the trial, tho cseb ically turned. The 9 
was ID Eubslance, whether DcmosthcaCE hi 
or a bad citizen. It wBa on this accDunl 
wai thranged hy an extraordinary conHuj 
both citizens anJ strangers. Hence the pii 
abort discussion of the dry legal argumenl 
main Bubjuct, info a full review of the f^b 
life of DetnoEthcnce ; and Demostheaes, «. 
wai to divert attcnlinQ from the points of 
not his strong ground, can scarcely find 
his defence of his own policy and proceedii 
bitter attacks on liis adversary, occupies 
of his speech." It should be remarked, 
of .£scliinea agiintt Ctcsiphon, aod the or 
Ihenes in reply, were uot delivered till eigh 
case was brought forward. The reDS< 
unknown. It wns not, however, till 330 B 



vEocatKEs begiiu hU oration by expressiag hia hop« 
thttt Ibe factiouB proceedingu of Che supporters of Demos- 
thenet ntai; he frustrated ; and that the laws of the state 
Oi»j be no lontier hindered in their operation. The ad- 
ministralion of jiislica and the execution of the Uwa are 
pNTentcd b; parly influeticc. lUcgsl trials and unconsti-,' 
latiDiia] mcuurca are the charaoterisCicB of the llraes. One,! 
■odoua only, remedy foi these evUa remaisa, — t!ie 7pa^all 


Ijy proposing to crovn Demosthenel berorB^ 
[a of his oi£ce have baen scrutinizedj faae vio-' 
laled the laws; that law, namely, which forbids the crown-! 
iof ef a leapanubte magistrate, — a law of all others moat I 
caamtial to the welfare of the state. He has no e(sQa« 
to plead for bia viotalion of it ; he has not eren the plani- 
iUa ffDtext uuder which the law has been violated on 

nraordiuary appDintniEii', and nol, etrictly 
htrany at nil ; am] therefore that DEraoill 
tounlablo — is untenable. — [13— Ifl.) 

iaU<r untenable is tbe jiositiaa tliat Iiis a 
□enable to Ecrulhiy, inasmuch as the t 
ied while in office was liis own. All m» 
HtDuntablc. And DeuioatbeaeB, at tlie Ij 
tbon propoBed to crewn himt beld two office 
tlie lava regard aa accounuble.— (16— 32.] 

ither law Cteeipbon lias violated in hi« 
mation. The law commaude that crowna 
ited either in the cenate-housc or in the 
ihon lias propoBod to confer it in the 

I plua of Ctesipbon, lliat there is another: 
I crawDB to be bestowed in the theatre, is ina 
inultaneous existence of two sucb contradii 
eluded by the periodical revision of the II 
lesmothets. There is indeed a law BUlllori 

HU politics] life ie diTided into font periods i each of 
■hlcli ii reriewed is tum.-'-(Sl — 36,) 

Ai to Ihe Erst period ; his conduct ia essniled on fouij 
p^sands! firit, Tor the prevention of the pesee being con-i 
eluded in canjunction wit1i the common confess of the 
kai lecondly, Tor hia connection with Fhllocralea ; 
thirdly, for his flalteiy of Philip and hiB amhiuadan; 
fouithlf, for the sucrilice of Chersobleplea, the Atbenisnj 
lUy. to the interests of Philip. 

As to tlie lecond period : he hai shewn hiraielf a coward 
■nd ■ renegade ; for at aooa as Philip had appeared on this 
aide Thermopylie, had ditiiiantled the Phocian towns, and 
giren hii aupport to ThebM, ho ^uddenlj, through for of 
Ihe odium hia prace-policy might hring upon him, ile- 
icrted Philocrate* and hia former naaociates, denounced 
Philip, united himielf with the war-party, made a most 
diudvBntageoua and diigraceful alliance with Euhceo, 
caponiing the cauie of unprincipled adventuiers, and re- 
tanog btibei fat his iniquitous transactions ; and thus by 
the policy he adopted, preparad the way for rupture wiih 
Pluilp, and finally brought war upon Athena, with nil its 
dlaulToiu eoniequences. — (79 — IOC.) 

Ai to the third periud; he has brought a curse upon 
Allinu by npbolding the AinphiaseinB in tlieir act of 
■irittge i and by the alliance which he made with Thcbci, 
ha ncriflced Ihe vital interests of his country. ThiLi. 
I IMan aHinDce is repreheiisiblo on various ^to'i^vi'i ■. ^"^^ 

1 to the former, while the cjipenae 
solved on the latter i thirdly, it secured 
ice of Uemo«lhene3, and gave him of 
ing hiiDseir! lastly, it prevented the ' 
aking peace with Philip, oa the Buolarchi 
— (lOB— 1S9.) 

to the fourtli period: after the ballla ■ 
emiHthenes eicaped from Athens on a pa 
in to ealleot contributioDB fi'om the Orel 
nmsdiate danger wai over, he returned t( 
11 the death of Philip, he behaved with n 
Hty. At the aimoiineement of the death o 
Dwever, he recovered hia ajiaurance; and 
ree to pay aacred hoiioura to the murderer 
I offer EBcrifice in conunemoration of thi 
it first be pretended to despise Alexander, 
P to ridicnle : hut after a wliile be paid oi 
et-lected all oTiportunit iea of liberating tlie 

BUgCi frustrates the object Tor whicli the custoni Has iii- 
Irodueed, and is inpompalible "ritti tha true interoata of the ,' 
(lite. A general disregard for the laws has crept itito the, 
(Isle; the fornie of jadiclil adminiBtralion, the atieieat' 
pnclieee of the cdufIb, nre set at nought by such men na 
Cteiipbon and DemOBlhenea, nho, by ignoring the proper 
poritiDD and ranctiaoB of defendant end advocate, by the 
Employment otiogeDious aabterfiiges, hy dilating oil topics 
foreign to Ibe subject in band, and by appeals lo the 
feelings of the judges, prevent the strict execution of 
jniKce.— (177— 216.) 

With refcreace to the charges which Demoslhetiea in- 
Imds to bring against his accuaer, for having stood alooi 
tima public sBIitrs, and allowed peinicioua measures to be 
awied wilbout opposition, ^schinea onsners: first, that 
Ui vnanuDiitij; and retiring habits suffiuiently aocount for 
Ui geneul ailenco ; and secondly, that he did on certain 
■peiiUI occasions proleit against the measures of Demos- { 
itmes. And as to ibe charge that present proccedinga 1 
wire instituted, not from a regard to the welfare of the 
(Ute, but for the gratiRcation of Alexander, it is refuted 
by tlie &ct that proceedings commenced during the Hfe- 
Stoe of Philip, and before Alexander was known to the 
•ortd^Sie— 2S1.) 

The illegaiiiy of the motion of Cleslphon, the character 
at Ihc man himself, and of the individual whom he pro- 
id 10 crown, the calls of justice and duty, the lalvttioa 
e, the judicial oath, all preclude the posaibiliQ' of 
1e the JBdictmeut,— (231— ^31 .*) 




r^K iiir naiiaattuiiv opori, u iinSfifs 'AOijVmui, nol I 
' iTopanifii', ooij ytyivrjTai, icol Wir ■iorr'i T^i" oyo- 
■ S^^titt ait 'ixptnal nvm tmip tvv to /lirpia not 
mrtiffij fi^ yiyvfoSai in rg jriikti- eyi Si irnrnrwuiiAi 
>, irpwro* liin rott ^oic, iivrtpof Si tvii tVfimt Kill 
:r, Tyov^iivoc avSttiinf trnjmcriieu^i' /ififni' I<r;(V(iii mip' 
iv THf r6iiai/ (ul Twv 3i(aiwi>. 'EdouXii^qv fitv nSv, £2 
)pts 'kOijinttot, Kai T^f flniA^i' Tois TrtiiTiutoatovs, KiA 
r AiiXifofac vni tuv ftptoTijKjTai' dp6Sn fliuiinia'Aii, 
I Toiit pifioiic, nil ivopoBiTrfatii 6 ZdXuv injji r^c ruv 
lipitr rvKHTfiioi Icr;iuiiF, tMi ifj vparov iiiv T^ irjuo'- 
rttry Tuv imXiTWC, &inttp ol mS/iu( niXivouiri, crtoi^pd- {S4) 
t ^1 tA ^Ita TrapiKOuVTt, ilrcu Bopiffov Kiu rapax^t 
•litniputs TO |9(XTicmi r^ wftft mifi/JouXridi'' Biv- 
»» A* iftl, Nui TWV ^Xuii iraXiriiv riv ffouMfHVov 
0' ^Uiiap X»pi<i ■<■'■ '' P'P" ^'pi 'niimni yi^sfiqi' 
V^irteCai. Ourw yi)) Jv ;ini doni j n iroXic itpurra 
HKitaSai, at ri jt^iViti tXiijifiirTm ■yintaSai, iitriS^ ^3 
bra rk tipijtpor iiiiiikayiiitira itaXuc fx"" >^*''' "cu- 
Kvnu, Mul yuci^t'iKFi tii'k jiaSJuc irnfMi^tioi/c yvuipifi 

Siy SiTOt ^dxs Ai)poip,tvot irpottpra 
ipas ;((ipciTDi'iai op6as avayoptug, to 
Xinfov iniKfTi Kourfiv, liXV itlav auruv 
mriAouatv (ItrnyycXftv, miTiiSouXoufu* 

piv tK Tav PQfiiiiii icaraXfXuEairt rar fij 
fidrav litT o^^c ic/iiiMvcri, (Tdri-yTrni j 
Kal tra^poBftrrorov Kripvyfta t&v tv 
"dyapdtw (Soi/XfTcf rail' wrtp TMinjit 
" Tttii' ml iraXu' ir iicpti rar SKkar At 
t£v ptiJ-DpaJK (koir/i/aB oiit in KpoTfiJ' 
W^t, nud* ol n'fii/rnvnc, oCff ol irpiMi 
(Bpfiiouo'a ifmX^, t6 SinaTov ftipos r^i 
8* t)(iyTay ovras, mil r«i' xmpav 3vt 
oin'ui' ^iTDiouF avToiis u/uir u7TuX<i^ 
tinDXciVfTdi fM/)oc r^« Ti-oXirttat, tl 
yiiiiHrKov, al ruii trapBr«j/iuB ypaipai. 
KoTtAua-tTt, $ roil jcnroXvovcni' cmi 


EATA iran««aMTos. S 

frnif rovTO frpuTOP Ira^ev iv r^ roii' fliiHicrj-eJi' up/tu, 
"♦iI^dCjhu KOTi rois vafiaV!," ixum yt fS tiSiiT, ori, 
(rm> Burn)pt)6uatr ol i^poi t^ noXei criiCtrai Kal 7 
tqfiM^ri'o. *A x/>7 Siaiii^tiovtiovTas viias, luath ruiit 7 
t4 ir«pdiw/in ypaipoyras, Htt'i fujSiii /iixpiv l]yt'ur$at itmt 
TMV roiounvv aSuijfKiraiv, &X' fKatrtov inrcpiiiytSiS, 

■bI ToCd' iftUB t4 SlKOlOB /IljfltW <^t ' Ql/flpWUBl' <'£n(- 

fnirOat, fi^rt rar ri* orpnT'jyui' aiiHjyoptat, 01 (jrl 
saXfo fSq Xpovot avvepyoivTts Tia\ tut fHiTcpoii, \v- 
flofMinu Tr/y iroKiTflai', fii/Tt Tat rani ^isat Bt^iTHi, 
•(( (uvl^i^afii|i(i>i» rtvis i/fptvyovaiv tic Tuf fixu- 
mK»(«»'i iropiii'Ofiov ?roXtr(/oc miAiTevo/iti'Oi' uXX SoTrtp 
Ir ifi«* iwffTot olrxwflfi'J ti]'' Tafu- Xin-fiw ^e tat 
ivyllg (v Ti^ nokifHf, ovTot ul i^v oIirxiJi'dijTC tcXiirdv 
»^ Tofip Jk TiTaxSt VTri ™v pj/iaii', ^iJXq«(» rqs 81;- 
ItBKpartm tit'' nJvS* r^r ^fiipav. K^Ktivo ii XP^ ^"1' 
ftnifioMMU', frt i^v Stravrcc ol noXirai irapiuara^^fvai 8 
T^» fnlXir iiiiy, Koi rlpi noKtrtlan biaitiardnams, ol 
pip viptioi, Kai moKoioviri r^oBf rijr Kpitriai, oi Si 
Snurur rtri ruv (Siuv lpya>f oti? aiir^wiS/icnM, ■□! ruv 
((pntp, olt ujutirarf, ptfoiriiiivoi, xal rav fd/uic, c^v 

^rivA^, ui uiriinPopa i^ irilAft, Aim, i 'AftjwirDi, rat 
fl^Mrrf/unic yi^/iai, ^e^aioiin t^ ir<!Xfi t^v itiiaucpa- 
fiar, MiXiiftn rait inrtratrtut r^ nt^> nai r^ nAu, 
ml ry cvfi^ipurri t^ i^pri'pfi iroXinva/iiVotc Kjv 
TBVffr Ix*"^'* •^i' Bidvoioi', aitouijrf rSiv iu\\6vTmv(. 
i^i^moOai Xv/Bv, (v «(d' art mi fi'iccua, xal tSopKa, 
•al wit^poma ipiv airoa i^<j>itiir8t ital nrioj j" 



„Tiiyop,ns fiTpi. 
nponitijirOai' jrt/il Bt airaiv Jui' ii6)iioi', oi KfUrral 
rav vjTfvBivav, trap' otis to ^0iirf«i tovto rvy 
ytyparliSir Knjift^w, fiii ^paxif" ihtiiii ^uvKofiat 
yap Toir tpjipuuBiv xpovoit Jip^oyrfS nwe rii fiiy 
dpjijat, itai TQE jrpDffoSoDi iiuixoSin-ft, Kul SupoSoKa 
jrrpi wnoTa rouraiv, jrpDiXaf(|8ii«in-(t Toit rr it 
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Sunt fV zaii eiidvimts tuv ap^oiTciii/, els rqv ^cy 
piv anopirm a^tKVfioBai roiis KaTiffipov!, nokii t 

\Opa)Aov Tov! BiKOCTrdr. DoXXoi yap itaw riiu tnrtvi 
iirauriA^ioptp icXnrrat tup hrjp^friiitv p^pJj^ciruv 
f^tk(y\6ptvoi, Sutpiryyaiiop iK tS/b Suraorripitiiii. 
Rortiif, girxiroiTii yiip, ol/ioi, o! SiKaoTaX, d ^at^ 
o avT&s arffp tv tjj avr^ noKttf TV^ou &i Kai iv r^ 
(Viaur^, irpyrjrf piv ttot* avayopivopfviis tr roir dy 
Jtc OTt^i'Difrai upiTijs ivtKa kh! 8ii[niDuui'i)r ujri 
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ffEio-d' in ToC flHtnnnipiou (sXott^s tvtKa rat fv 
oKfihTjKai, 'QrTTf iji^ynrifon-o r^v y^0oi> ipiptlv i 
Marni, ou jrcpt ruti iraprivrai dbiKr/paToi, dXX' vtrj 

1 1 nlirj^iji^c rou d^pnv. KoTiSaiii Si rir ruvra vopoi 
tISijui v6pa« Kol fiaXn KaXir ejipn'a, row BiOfl 
diroyaptuowu rout inrtv6iintvs prj im<l>aiKivv. Kai i 
oSra? cS irpoioTfiXri^DT-oc TOu vapoStTOV, ftprtVTai. 
pij Tit upii ipti, X! 
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Dui, o! uiv, 0vini ul 


f^awaTi)6iiTts. TovTuii' yop 


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irxi^s' irpoiTfyypntjiovin y^p wpof ra ^r^^iiT/iara, OTf- 
ipavoiif T&f imtiiBvuov, iniiSar XoyoB ital ttiOivas T^r 
°CX5*.*S' "al ^ fttB jToXit ri loOB adlifjiia ajueirai. 1 
npoKirrnXafij9araiT0t yap twaivoit Kat OTc^civaK □[ tu- 
flu«jl- i B* ru i^lifjiuTiia ypall>av iviriKyvTiu Tois oKui/- 
ovfTiv, ori yiypa^}e fxiu Trapdvnfxaf alir^vvtrm fie ttft 
oil ijuripTFjiM. KTrjertijiaiu ii, & 'AftjTOioi, virt/iBTjiJJn-nt 
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vpotpaviv, ^v iyu npTiiet npofiwov vfiiv, avt^iiv, 7rp\i/ 
Xiiyoj-, TSpiu ilOivasdovHu., yiyfHUpt /ifrnju iirjjuiaCiv<iv 
Spxovra oTftpauoii'. ^ 

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arriov rif apTiae ilprjfiiuif, ac Spa aaa tic a'tperos i>v 
jrpd-mi koto •^ipuriui, oiiK t(m rniira (!/ij(p'(, dXX" tiri- 
fuXiid Tis, Kal SiiiKOila- ap)^ac Be ipijirnvirui iKiivac 

tivai, As ni ftn/iofltVai dnoiAifpoiiiTU' iy r^ Q\\ntltf, 

I K^imt, As 6 B^/iot t'aOe Xftpirrai^iv tv d/i;(ni^(m'a!E,' 

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ytir Tfix'Ti'i'ili!, iViDTnTi|r ToE ficyi'o-rDU riSi' fpyav'^ Ka't 

I^ivras, Siroi tiaxiiplCoviri n riiv T71 nuXtoit jrXf'ni' 
Hte^BKOtiff tlfifpac, Kal oiTot Xn^uvoiio-li' ^i/infi'iir 

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imipitf iiriib^ kqi aj lAijpojr-ai dpx"' ""' dSoKlft 

iyypdipiiv Jrpif riw ypapiiaria Koi Tuiv XoyiotA 
ftifffp cal rii SXXnt dpx^'' KEXfid. 'Ori it 
\fya, Tois Vo/iovc v/uv aimis avayiwa-iTai. 
.^ NOMOI. 

IS 'Oral' Tolmii, & 'Afl^mloi, c!s 6 ^o/lo5f'TJ)E apxb 
fidffi, oBtoi irpoirayoptineai Trpayparilat, KaX iinp.t 
v/itTipo!' epyov inTiv aTToiivrfpoviiav Kal ainrdm 
v6pov npAs T^u TOvraff dra/Btini-, Kol wro3'iXX«i' < 
oTi ofi nporrSix'a-Bf KOKoipyon (to^iitt^i', oicfiMKii' ^ 
Tot? v£fi<njs avaiptjfTtiVf dXX uinu fiv I'tr iifint/o$ 
Trapiivoiia ytypaffiiitV) ToirovT(f pft^ovos Spyrfs r^ 
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p. 780 

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2C0 'Eyi /lEi oil', i r^, Kal 'HXk, Kal 'Aprri 
o-ir, Kal IlatSeia, ^ durytv^iTKafxei' ri KoXik i 
;fpd, PtfforjSr/Ka, kqI ctp^KO. Koi (i iiiii koXcu 
roC aBiK^fioTor Kanjydpijica, f7iTDv ttr tjSouXj 
*w8«eOT(/Jiiir, 0)1 i&uvdiiTjv. i/Hir 6( unl (K rfl 
XiSymv cal (ic roil- napakiKfiftpimu, nvrol 
«aj ru ervp^ipovra imep rijc TrdXiaii <f^(fifa 



V rapnirKiuiii: k. t. it.. Ilie preparalina and Ike arrag 
ua«i, or miisler of the supporlerg of Uemoatbenot. 
eculiu coiislilutiDii of the Athenian courti, the 
t of the Diciits, their populn exIncUon, uid the 
B of s profeBiidiiil element in their educktion, 
put acopa for the influence of faction in the 
■tntioD of justice at Athens. See Thirlirall, Or, 
roL iv. c 28. p. 36 j LjaiSB pro Boni* Ariitoph., 

yiniT'i- Sec 3. G. O. 898, 2. 
ri T. a. «. Cf. Livy, iii. II ; Dem. Leg. 1. 
■Id, K. r. a., wliat it orderly and tuual; tht proper 
a erdtniey coHrtt •>/ proceedings. See J. O, O. 

See SmiUi's Dkl.^\.,^\'l,^l. 


faire alluded to had become obiolete 
Ariatophanea: Aristopli. Acham., 4 
iig. See J. G. G. 806. 
■ir Bou\6^triiv. See J. G. G. 711. 

. Sec Smith's Diet Ant 
, L e. upSfSpo,. The use 
//ara in this place U> stiiclty speak! 
used hj anUcipatiOD for yranas. hrt 
tale, i. e. io the Ecclesia. On the tw 
the Fioedri from Ibe tribe which hj 
the Proedri non-contribules, i 

oiit 4k toS SutaioTirou,.,. As (he Pr 
]Dt, great icope for deception wbb gi 
officer who managed the lottery, 
metilioned, aeoording to the opinii 
commentatoTB, were the Proedri noi 
would be greater oppcrtonity for i 
Tfhere the iniiividuala were chosen 


iKTcXoi^tifinBi K.T.ti,, reducing privnle inihliuali inte 
mbKrvitucg, and compassing despotic avthoHly for thtm- 
whet. Ilia i3i£Tai HEns Iboia who look no psrt in Ilia 
Ikeaaaion, op]>oiea to tlie ^Topts: no Smith's Diet. 
Kutiq., 994, b. 

riif it rZr it.! »Qoh special cases u were not provided 
'at bj the laws, Syfia^ Uw^^aro, bat lequired Co be 
leall with b; > special decree of the people uscmbled 
n the Ecdesia. See Smith's Diet. Aniiq., 41^7, and 
105. b. Sucb ipecial cases, being decided in the Ke- 

nurioD, than those which Here decided in the ordinary 

udicial eonrti. 

't — iri|pirr«M- See Smith's Diet. AnIiq., 412, d. 

il vpittpai: the Proedri noD-contrihuies, for tlie Proedri 

I die tribe which hid the pryiiny are included in tin 

rpvrirtii mentioned immediately before. 

\rptt9ftiturxipv\-li. See Smith's Diet. Antiq., 213, b. 

W liifei T.».. am tlemtHl o/o«r conalilutiiia. 

it tir raparifutr ypaijia!. See Smilti't Diet. Antiq., 


\4rvn K.T.A., jcti will imperciplibty, and Unit by Utile, 
itmsdeii ymr fmttHuHan. 

rA rpiwttt T. t., actordiog «o Ike cepricti or diipaiilioas 

Ht «^^(«t, llbtrls tf speech. I 

r«li»e(nt. Solan. ■ 

fv. >. i^. See Smith's Diet. Antiq., 102. S 

ratnSf BdiK — V{Bip<roeiu, oitrf not ii allow ans mite * 

nymij Ihla pmrjait prtuilfgr. \t, wOa ^5»Sum, 

ill ibc word if-, tlie word *Sai|>«iaOn vaasV "»« ■»*!- 

Tui' (ffaiv. Influential foreigners, wh 
producid OB witnefises in the Albania 
evidence to the merits of soma Atlmniai 
public cbaracter. Tbus the tyrunt J( 
Alhcui as a witness in defDnce of Timotl 
Nepas, Timoth. ir. a. Bremi. 
lli^iSafJ>(ti'iii, bringing tip at the bai 
wilnesaes. The word is used of a. pris 
his wife and children, tf> raise conipaBs 
IS, D; Ljsiu, 161, 9. 
imDiicD^i' r. r, , adapting an illigal co 
•riiv Ta{i>' \iir»i>. A hit at DeDuuth 

B. frapKnaTaSJiumh hairiag placid 
poiil 1 kmhig iatTusUd to you. 
oBi olffXM'if^"'!'', /foiB regard, o: 
VLTnffipSirroL. The attack, though 
jaiftitCtesiphon, was really aimed 


liare been Bcnstors Chemselres, whose 
^ged when iJie matter came befoic llie s 
farmer spoke in the Ecclesis. 
rpoKoTfhi/ABayiiv, used to Jareilall the scriil 

in)p6yiiaaii; — aach as this proposal of Clesiph 
Demos I hen es. 

plO. ilfKfyx^l'*'^!, l'io«g!i dearly convicted. 
Tvxi"- Sea J. Q. G. 700, 2, 


T^ tlBiras aiijiK'iiK^s, having Jailt 

btien found guiity qf mahen^Uoit. The cxpret 

in Lysiaa (183.21,) as implying the ebUgalion of nib- 

mitling to a scrutiny. 

1 1. Bia^^Jij*', in express tsrmi. 


The niy i 

red by the 9^ below : KriTffi^Sv 
y place a kind 

pii$ifAoirrat,.,, at any rate 
tjf icreen at leail bettceen Ihemielvei ai 
adoption of the qnaUfying clause — JmiSif \iyoii ml 
tbeinai T^( ipxit S^is some kind of screen to the 
■hamerulaess of the action. But even this Cttaiphou 
does not employ. AW' oji', at eerie j at any role. See 
J. O. G. 771, I. 
1. 2. Tfc» -rpi^iiuitii, the excuse or prcleil,~-Tb wpifiKtijittf 
i. e. die clause mentioned above ; ^rtii^f \iyor n.T Jfc.^ ' 
fifTa(b iaxotra. See 3. Q. 0.6 


lir^U\tii Til (Col Sial 

lie lenice. Demoellienet doCB n 

this diitinction bctneeu ordinsty a^ 

giitruiet. See BBckh, Fubl. F 

iiroKXiipoiiair. See Smilh't Diet. A 

o! Bieixaeirat. It wag one of the d| 

Iheta— the six inferior atchoni- 

temple of Thcaeai tlia lottery for 

tratea. See Smith's Diet. Aatiq. 12d 

XftpoTOPfir (. a. See Smith's D>cl] 

OTpOTiryxiii iral Imsipjcou: 

1073, a; imd4B7, a. , 

li. Tott ^urriiTai t. B. t. See Smlfl 
Ttixoniis. See Sniitb'i Diet Ad 
PQhL Scon., p. 203 j Oiate, HIbLJ 
Thitlwall, tlist. Cr. vii. c £6. p. Ijj 
Srytlioriai IliKiiimtpluv. The rigbfa 
tratea of iosl^tutiag prelimiou; j3 
BUth eases aa came within theil | 
by virtue of which cij;ht Ihej wfj^ 
™j. Smith's Diet. Antiq., p. H6, b. 


y.lot^ttalt. V^^^^^^*-*^ 

' fiTicri An^rrfl/rqi. Tills passage miiet eltlicr liikve 
II added afier the delivery of the oraliim in court, ut 
lliinei mBj have liearii that Demoithciies had urged 

plea among liis friends. Demosthenes makes use of 
■igument, pp. H3— 154, (2G2— 267). 
itSuMCa, gave a« an irilaais, or tialuiitan) gift. 
I Uar6r. The gift <xaa ISO luiiiK, or three talents. 
n. de Corona, 152, (267). j^ichines understates Ihs 
1 eilber purposely, or ftoin oonfouuding it with iha 
1 DenjOBtlienes gave as manager of the Thaoricon. 

Kol hanBuii .... ef thai Vila in any way whatever 
I come feruatd lo the manasfmejit of public affalri. 

rl riv rapiiX6lt>t, in caiei when you hkwU hoI txpect 

rulit lo hold ; In extreme easet. 

iJlgtv* —• »" callectatly, and each leparalelg and 

i«\T((ai col VJ\fuKat: two bmilies of ptiists devoted 
(he HTiice of Demeter. See Smith's Diet. Antiq. 
, as iS2, b. 

)ii rpaii!ifix.<»"- BeaSmitb'sDiin. Anliq. use. 
ri ttiri .,., tkaugt fhrg tailker middle mith the pvtlic 
tgt nar pif/ir largelg from your nneniui, ahilt they 
iMm btU lillU I nor prq/eii lo be making pretentt, 
rtae Ihey art but reilaring to you goar own ; bat cat^m 
HOg Jka« lipendiid their piilritnoniei for your glprmM 
s i> III intBuded as a Lit at Demostlieuei. )Ur. H. HH 

jl^tJL a. a. iin, J 

I Tuv vwiiplair, the Areopagu* 
). Kol liir ixi! atvBpaithy kb-I t. h. MtipW... 
Iribunal Hurt, arbiter af Iht miKt jnp« 
brings under !/our juristlicliiin. Anatber ' 
T^v iKfi VKyBptawbi' Kid t, /l KipiaVt ani, 
viasl iifjltirfilial Individual Ihire. A third 
iKii antipaTraiv Hal t. ii- Kvjilar, and thi I 

aye decided there. 

oiit ipa a-riipantHiaiTai...; Sliall, then, i 
AreepagM nol iw crowned f Ws ; /or jl ii i 
^re Ihey, thin, not ambitivuif Cerlahi^ 
they art net dmlent ^ bbs of tkrir tadg 
wrong, aihlle if he does wrmg llity pvtdt 
your oratort exceed ait boundt in the pursuit 
cDDduct of the orators is contraated hen 
duct of tLs members or the Anopagua, i 
insensible to an)biliDn, ace yet never croi 
is nitli tbem a cauie for punishiaent, bnt 
ofl^nding is no cluiin lot renard. The : 
crowning inenibcra of Ibe Areopa^i □!■ 
members fur life, there was no time whi 
:o render. Some conmientatc 
Ihcy could be crowned ; and they expl 
tlius: "Slialt then Vie council if thi A 
c-Bomtd^ Not not before passing thd 
your oratori give Ihemttlvei airs, and wli 
before pasting their tMippai." On tha 
ail before aitt yiip rirpiBv, Bremi obaerr 
Marklafidus el llcishiua negBUanem pi 
ut respondeatur ad flntccpdentem intern 
non opus. Tilp enim causam conlinet 
:-miis. He qua au[ip\enA;i ncma jiat^tt c« 


Ill I lie point in 

amble of tki laai, i. e. 

1, or of ilie parliculnr 
K v«riOU« prgvisions, Til. i(ij()i» vwii^uyar «)) 
tiir aiato n>i xaSitfoZv, aviiriita m<> uaStrrui 
Smilli's Did. Auliq. *78. 

tm ; Unit I net go ahrvad ? ivoSn^^Ti* is tbe 
Kt., nol the fuU iiidic. See J. G. G. 741. c 

upaAapir .... No, Ull baPmg appnpriaUH Iht 
itji, or Htgiignitly per/wnud yoiit dutitt, ytH 
1 rteeuru la fiight. TfB\aSi» in tnhcn bf 
ILh with ^(pitiiana and irpiEfoi. " irpg^cvAbfii' 
iiE ompare pecaniaw, iion illi Usui impemlsie, 

e»l. Per jeugmB relaUm »d Tpo£»it. eat open 
k Ft abEalula dcserere, u aont impetrecta iiee 

KaBiipoBe, IB dedkala hii propirit/ to tin gadi ; 

yttiaBiu, to bt adopted ,- ia pan by adoptiim 
null) to anolktr. A penon was uud iKwattlBtai 
'eDoe to tho rnmil; lie Un, and iIinrvKrirflcu 

JjcL Antiq. 1*, *. The reason >vliy n inon 

. be adopted into a family while intiiinmt nas, 

if he were found guilty of maWersatioii, he 

t hia citixenahip. 

vi lovTsv, io rfiipoie n/ Ai'< prtpirtg bg will. 

I, kelrft In pltdgi. 

^19, Tlie eulhyno wai oot confined In lho»e 

eewaa conuected with the aJmiiiislrnlioii of llie 

luey. Sec Smiih'i Diet. Aotiq. 47S, b. 

b»j /■oJlow Iftetn i* your poUHcal acM 

2't oEtoi! CteBiption and DemoitheiK 

;.,Xpia«Sp'*- SeeJ.O.G e«. ■ 

1126. . , 

i„,7pa*.ii, ehecking-derk. See 
B78 a; una BOckli, Publ. Econ., l 
IffEWTittTO, wed io d^/fwr o ;!™ 

Eelo""™' »" AthEnmn deraigOBi 
popular by a laviBh eipenOiturD . 
He pa«!ea a l"". ^^^^ '^ ""? ° 
theories Bbould be applied la Ibe ■ 
1,6 put 10 death. By his distri' 
money he gained great fsYOur w 
after M« death greal hononrs wan 
^,> strongly suspected rf being 
nnd wa. aoti^ely initrumentrf 1 
CQUntrj. BBclib, Pub. B«on., pM 
•Ht*^"'"": an illitemte oratw, ■ I 
j„ninn TiartT and a hireling of i 


*^iBokit M0a\Xf, impeied finea. The kriBaK-t, was a 
flue impoeed by a mngistrale fac a miBdemeiuiODr. See 
Smilli's Diet. ADtiq. 407, a. 
^~ ht\ Xaipiiiiaii ipxBvTDi. Thare is eviclenlly nn trcor 
lure in [he nama of the archon. The baUle of Chfc- 
XMUM KM fought in Ilie month MetagEJlnion, or liugubl, 
i. e. in Ihe jecond monlh of the year of the archonahip 
«>f Cbirondfls; Ctesiplioii. brouglil /orward his notion 
%o aiowD UemOBtheoas iu tho Oclobcr of the aanie year ; 
«r. Corona, p. 151,(390)) and .Savhinea loitgcd 
Xii accuaatton againit Cteiiphon in the folluwing Motoh ; 
«r. De Corooa, 6S, (243). No» if DemDathenea did not 
mave Ihe decree here mentioned till Thurgelioo, the 
elerenth month of tbe eame ^eor, *nd the TtixoirDioC 
were not appointed till Scirophorion, the Isat month ot 
the year, it followa that be was not Tiixoirolai when 
Ctewphon propoaed to cronn biiu. Tlie almplest method 
at aolving thia difficulty is to aup]hiaB the name Chic- 
Tondai a miBlake. At Chxrondas waa archon cjiony. 
inus in the ill-fated year of Chxionea, hii aejaa had no 
dmibt hecnme proverbid ; and being conBtautly on iIig 
lipa of the Athenians, £schtnes inadvertently atct, it 
inatesd of the name of hiB predcoeaaor. Dcmnslhenea 
■Msrdingly was Rppoinled rtixovaiii in Ihe last month 
of the year 339 B.c, two monlha before the battle of 
ChiBToaeti. Hii appointment to the office nni antcoe- 
dnit to, not coniequFDt on, the battle. 
aapTtiMSroi /*. I. <()., on the 29lb day of TharBelJon, the 
eleventh month of Ihe AUie year; from the middle of May 
lo Ihe middle of June. See Smilh'a Diet. Aiiliq. 223. 
tyefir w. tuv 9a\Sir. Smilh'a Diot. Antiq. 1 ISS, b. 
ra/jca. See Smitli'i Diet. Aniiq. 1096, (f, 

3S. iiiTiticurXtisti, aakri litis Icrluoia lepli/, vis. tliat be waa 


not elMted li;^ the demua, bnt by liis t 
repliai, "Nevertheless, your office wa» 
cnleriug which you had to pass » taHi/i 
expiration ot which jou were aubjBcte 
before the etieunii. 

ro\bi/ wai-fiaairrai \iyor. Demosthenea, 
nothing on the queBlioo, 

39. tirrt yif.... Three cIsEses of magi 
mentioned. The first class were thos 
and by show of handi at the regular a 
people : ol «*.ijpaiToi kbI ol x*ifOTBinf\ 
were the commia^oaers of public works, 
term of office exceeded thirty days, 
includes nil otlici niagistrales who li 
SwaoTupfou. The tno last dasBea of.' 
termed alptrol, being chosea on an erne 
a special vote of (he people assembled i> 
by the different tribes or deraea in the li 

30. af TfiTtits. The rpirrus was a thirt 
the time of Solon there were tli\|)^ tiil 
twelve TjjiTTuei: when the number c 
creased to ten, the nnniber of Tpirrits i 

DianD says the rpiTTvi was a division n: 
military purposes. Herm. Pol. AnL 
probably a division made for financial t. 
purposes generally, 

Z\. i ia«-~il—ti—U. SeeJ,G.G.T70; 
in. T^i BiDHf^iTfut, from Ike circheguer 
Siomiirius, Dem. de Cor. 47, (238). 
yfyfoj^iTOi. The first article in the ini 
illegality of proposing to crown a ma| 



luLd piiud bU euthyne, 


adiijilay ItfoTifon 

. gtiwiataiai ». I. 

i. e. by having prni 

p»tDiany«ic feBti vol, which wns allended bysltitngen 

hma all p«li ot Groeic. See Smitb'a Diol. Antjq. *12. 

IfjeXafitir, to trade an, ot aiake a in^c i/, prnclama- 

Ir TlnKl See Sn.ith"i Diet. Anliq. *40, b. The wc 
b Huif are opposed lo iiarrht ruf 'EJi^^.bv, fv Hi 
to ^ r^ Sfdrpy, anil t^ ^frjfXr^cr^^ to rpaytpBiiy Aryavi 
lUrir KoirSr. See SniUh'i Diet Anliq. 412. 

. taparvxif!' — , having been ia amcerl with Demt 
tinu, vilt aiiail Ike laai ailh arl^cei. 
A inifArrtai. See J. C. G. 7S0, oba. 4. 
tir AiorvffUKiv vifxuv. See Uem. de Car. lS4,(Se7). 
XMhin« and DcniDsLbenes diffeT in the inlerpretation 
if this law. Hhe Istler atalea that prai^laniation might 
be made in the Ibentrc on «peciBl Dccssioni, if the people 
thouU 10 deem ; he even tayii that he had hlTniotf 
ifteu been eroidied tbera before ; and that tlie thf*lit in 
meh cues is aeleeled inoie for the aake of the peoplu 
■bo kvird Uie crown, than to enhance the honour of the 
btdiTidual who receives it. ^Esehinei, on the other hand, 
EOnteDd* that the eicccptioD naa only meant to apply lo 
MOWiu beitoned on ailixeni, not by the people, but bg 
^nign ilalei. As the law in question is lost, it i< im- 
pnadblv for us to decide, and therefore futile lo spi 
UB^ ^ I^B correctness of its latuf te^&'^n. 'S^<: 


slating t 
eg., p. 18; 

. TUB ot 
tie bodyi 


41. yuioii4nm yip t&v I, k. rear/vtir : an odd enpteisjon, 
equivalent to ^yun^oiilrar — rpayifHr. It U uied 
tigain in p. \5i. H^ske calla it a soleciim. Bremi 
hu Ibne rcmarlEt: "Loqumdi quidem [orma non iciu- 
nU eit et lubliliB ; ie4 non obliyiicendum in rebua, gus 
populi aermonem exeroent, in aciibenda quoque pauU- 
lim adinitti, qua subtilior dicendi ratio rejiciat. Quate 
hiec, quanquam minimi; laiidanda, Loleranda lamen vi- 
detiu locutio." Compare tlie expreraion td7i jparyiftdii, 

Twr ir iirrti r. See Smith's Did. Aniiq. 412, h. 
Tfffci abrSv a. a. See Smith'i Diet. Antiq. 1036; 705, a. 
irfuffviai t., hatiHg oblained Ike priviUgti ^ pnxni; 
vf6\tr9i ivTts. 

42. inW^r X^'" Kwraatiumi, liauiHg ImJ up /or Ikeruelvei 
a l»rgt ilcri Iff gratilndti laanng icurvtd wilt cf yi. 
See Herod, vi. *1, vii. 220i Thuo. i. 3S. " Preclare 
nirill de Repalillca, fnnllit c^peiii Id eeiaeeuH. VuMl 
olim eam rem in magnl barficll txo nmnerimtti, leateniiaiin 
poliut ineam quam aiicloris verba aeciitua. Sed mine 

"pBtlquan aagnam a vobli iahtrivt groliam : priTflnra 
h Ml linifieia cmlulerint .- non, e™ rem in magnl ftr.i.- 
jU!i parli nuacranlei, qnaniudo multi (e. g. lUiike, 
Wolf,) ioterprelaiilur." Slocli. 

4s. ToJl xeptre^t- See Smith'* Diet Anliq. !Tfl, i. 

/mtifiei. If (he rending ^(I{'e<ri be retained, TifinTi nmbt 

be undecBtoud. 
M. Xfou iKi7yar, L e. the inw jiiat mentioned concerning 

infiWduili eniirned by tlie people. 

1fmx^>T9. On tbit uk of tlio augment before both thjs 

pnfDu'liciii and ibeTeib, leeJ.G.Q.l^i^'- 

ti/ amj other eicept tin aeaatc, the ptop 

of a man'i pariicular Irlbt er dime. " Ni 

Benilu, sed deh-aclo, excluto, i nusMfs exem- 

41). fij) Tip Bti ..,,/ar I will not taij no citg, 
MMdual; no, not tvm one. See J. Q. G. 
Bentence ii elliptica! : eame luch eipressi 
Tii, ^)) fiioXd/t^dnTfmuBtbo lupplied ; on 
would Chen run Ihu9 : lA ciroi rit Sti &> 
&\A' aiS' &r ISn^qi h.tA. See J. G. G. 7fl 
S^a iHUdip^TTfii' K. a., Id proclaim, at 
la lake it amay. See J. G, O, 752, 2. 
tRi iTBTpfBoi, i. e. )J fi)* t^i TarpBot See . 

47. /iilfu x- <-, mny /kI more gratitude to y 

^ivevai. See J. G. G, 782, e. 
Ti 7ip iMkoBt.... for argue all the dag 1/ 
thai IaAdSi Si fLntafinu, for you uiitl never p 
moiitm it legal. This is tiie coiicIiisIdq i 
count in l!ie indictmenl, riz, Ihe iUegalitj 
ination ia the thealn-. _ 

, _^ 1 



la at tari A. iTBimi. The preponition Kotd is similiirl; 
used p. 53, and p. 24!. C(. Deni. ie Cat. 273, 1'MO); 
see J. G. G. 628, 2. 

Htv fpo^'ltr oXi^crai, will ie comiielid on Ihc indlelinfHl; 
will Ime llie came. The more eainman expreuion ii 
aA£>«i ypaff, tbe crime or charge being ill tlie goni- 



public iltci 

rl fulit daeumcnU 

or this 

S^. riir T. T. ypai^i', the indirtmeut /ur 
particular cate notliing is linowi]. S 
Anliq H8, 0. 

T^i' T- 1' imBiii]v. " Cum ipsi aibimel 
inflixit." Brodsui. Cf. p. 213. 
iktfpl T^r Ki'f'UTiiSi^Bv a, CephiEodotua wnt an Albenian 
genersl sent oul nbout tlie year 359 B.C. wilh ■ iquidron 
to the Helletponl, for the object of re-snnexing the Cher- 
(Oiiesiu to (he Athenian dDmiiuon. Being unable la 
cope nlth ChAridemuK, the EuImcbii adtenlnrei, nho 
had tamed hii ariui against the Athenians, he made 
tenna with the mcmj'. But the terms were so diwul- 
vantageout, that he was recalled from his command and 
brought to trial for his life. Dem. c. AriHoer., pp. 674-^- 
076 i lee Smith'i Biograpli. Diet., vol. i. p. 6fi9. ^^ 

. m Ihh. 

T« ■wffl MdCIar. Sec Smith's Biograph. Diet, to), i 
pp. 982, 983. 

kr&era t. it., told, or toPiprvmUed, for thirty mintt. Sei 
Ptntarch, Dcmosih. 12. 
mraxn/vnelar. Sec SmilW»Xli';\. Kw<>^-1^^>«- 

S3. aUi Tiiv iTufa a., Ror Ihnrebg gieing ii|l 

iitB>-rV]i, /all iB my let ; if aaardti tt l 

£4. ainiHi i hiyoi &., loAen (As apporCniuf; 

tixTiifts KB-ipoU DcmOBtliencB silopU n 
He complain* that JEtcbina Lad addu 
lemote and wholly (biaign la ibe queatio 
(230). To the earlier periods of lila j 
only alludes iu order to answer the ol 
adversary. It is to the third period of 1 
divided, that he directs hit chief atteutioi 
iKtlnv— innXfyjiufuii. From the captiui 
by Philip, Sii s.c, to the peace of Plul| 
See Grole, vol, xi. p. 330. 4 

Tp ytvDnirj) lipifv^. See Giot«, xi. pp-fl 

B5. teuTfpar. The peace coatinued oonuiu 
SIObj:. See Crole, xL pp. 601— 634. 
rplrar Si.... From 340 B.C. (o the bnttl 
338 B.C. 
^7iia)k^7m«/uii n, a., hide my face from >ha 

B AwJmui.,., larmue you uiitb r^eratte lo aU tha four 

rtrie^. See Q. G. 501. 

^ boil, impartial!;/. JC d-di aivoiSa, which I know in coiw 

«iaa wilb yuu, 

■al Tokt fiAwCfxiirwi ..., attd Ihoie mho hate adopted a 

Hbital and tenperale Hat if polict/. 

\. litr TijioTfpav iKclinir tlfijimr : tbe peace of Philacrntps, 

B.C. 34S, as opposed to Ibe pcacze of \aXci date made nfler 

tbe bittla of Ch^ronea, B.C. 33 H. 

fUfth KDivau irwtSpdii/ t. E.: a geiiersi coDgrcas of Ihe 

GteekB nho had been invited to send rtpiesentatiies lo 

Atbeoi. A s/nod was at this moment sitting at Atliene; 

but it consisted almoit exclusively of tbe depoiideat 

allies of Athana ; very Tew otber Greeks were present. 

See Gcole, xL p. £38. 

<f rini V. (., i. e. Denmstbenes and Ma parly. See Gnte, 

xi. p. 544, note 2. 

■wtpti^lfm, ij urlaiu indwiduats had allowgd ^ou la loaif 

for tht Ttium iif the mmgi. Tbe clause beginning with 

UtToaxtii' must be regaided as &n epexegesis of the first 

clause of tbe sontcnCG, and tifraaxf'y itself as dependent 

on t^ryfrtre Sv : nnlesB we prefer to follow Bremi, who 

ismovea the comnia aftei ^fAiirrav, and makes ^iTiu';(tii' 

E. a. dependent on vapainiAoiii^ci : urging them agaiml 

Philip, to m la beernie parlies in a Grecian tangreat. 

Reiske leads rtpiiiilnnnat, and gives the following note : 

"Facillime potniC clausula iDcabuli In concurBU eum 

BTticulo Ti(i intercidere. Alias pendehit/uTa^iiir. Illud 

aulem qnod luadeo, si adsciscas, coliKiebit cum /tfTB- 

tr^i^ai. Si qui Dm sitisient expeclanda rediluia Ugalorum 

fartictpOTB conatnnH mdversiB Oritcia, Kd. e consiliis 

Onwarum civitstum fruotnm petcipeTB." t4j ir/Kffflefoi. 

jGiohiuer was bimself seat on an embassy on Ibis ocos- 

■ a. 375, *, 

,' ""'/''« t""" delay ^ 

"nent preseni ai i.k l 

. i'""^^"'- at Atheu b^ 

quesiion ; eeenndly, bj 

.rocunng the co.opciia™ 

i«*If clspwim 

c 25. Deu 


'0 Ihe charge __ 

safa for Demos,hen„ L, 
e years after tlie erenL" 

;''"e« UKerly fttile .y 
' '^""""Ol of Demosllienti 



SimiAoi — Bant. Seel.G.G. SS6, 5, 
Compare Aijyai nIptT. 

Ml tn T£f tftwpovSir,.., hate cona /ram yniir komei tm- 
fttttd witk mcA a ntthn, derived Jnm ymir kmivledge 
rfjemer timei. 

svrrii («Ti «iAoic,kItoi;i. Philocratea WM now a dia- 
gniced man, and both Machines and DemoBihenes are 
•■ger in tlieir endeavonrs (o shift the shame o! ron- 
nection vith bim frain themselvei lo (heir adveriariei. 

' €1. t3i i£ Sflxii 'W"!!. <*» original peace. See J. O. Q 
469, *. 

ICII0' iW(peD\^r .... lo hare fiatltred Philip wilh an fx- 
Iraragance of batfneu. See J. G. O. 630, 3. 
HtpaoB^^iwrrtr. See Smith'i Biogr., Diet. L p. 671; 
Grole, xi. p. 540, 5S9, 

62. typist tiXinpiTiif. B.C. 318. SeeGrote, xi. p. '^If. 
iy^^ iraiiayifutr : Ihia decree imi accused of illrgalilt/. 
Lyoimn diJ nol obtoin a fifth port of the voles, 
BurtBrtXiiytTjB .... Philoetalea being sick, and Iherefare 
unable to do juatioe to his own cauae, Demoathenea 
■load forward aa his supporter, and made a long apeeoU 
ia hia defence, ^schin. Pala. Leg., p. 30, c. 7. 
0(;uaTiw\ni SpX"'. In appoiition to 6 xpi""- ^'''* 
Themialoclei waa archon t.c. 347. 

a^r* Aaxtvr oCrt ijriKax^" '-.' having laheii his seal tieilhrr 
tl principal nor inbstilule, (" Meque lorte neque tub- 
■ortito," Biodsua,) but haeitig piitcha4ed if ty inlrigia. 
I Compare it irapaaxtiiii Koeiiiiui'at, tap. 3. Il appear! 
^^^ttit waa caaComary, in chooaiag membeia of tt^^ 
■^■b to elect aubitituUi to Oil the ^\aixi qC Uumk^^H 
^^^KLiie or be r^ected. ^^M 


p. fi'iS, This was the flril Rl| 

official character. 

■roiruy tls i' An/iMBii'm- 3«i 

JicraU. See Orote, u. p. G33r 

imtAouea »i\aKp<iT«- ^«B J, ( 
0*. T4Bi/«rlTo&ra..,. Seel, 

jxpiiTTCTD... Swa/s, itaai effeBt 


auKaif'iamiBJttas ih A., vii^ 


jic (UTttSoXS'i ort cftflBgB qf <* 

Ttpviilnff'- See J. G. G. SOJ 
85. +i(^.e759«. See J. G. O. 8| 


19, 0. 26, ttai tho aoiounL ho here give*, 
Eolusioii of KerBobleptea bad beea dlsEUaaid in (lie 
I luembly, and cejeclad. To Ibis decision, how- 
ihe Btnbasuidora paid no beed ; doubtless beoanse 
I WBi peremptoiy on Uw Bubjecl. In fact, Pliilip 
: the time sn the paint of leaving liia upital on an 
ition ogaioit KcraoblcpleB. 

" At [be moment when the envoja weca quitting 
to retarn borne, Pljilip was also leaving it at Iha 
if an amty on an expedition againat KcreobleptM , 
race.'" Orote, si. 536. 

— 'AAtJirBpeir. See De Cotoiin, 63, (243). 
I "if**i(r/in. Sea Grole, xi. p. S36. 
liliifot, Inlereeplivg. 

laari^r. The ^scnlapia nere so called, becauie 
nctory to the Dionjiia. " ProtBUiinm intelligo 
im, qui in hoDorsm Bacchi poBlerii diebus erant 
ittendi." Stack. 

raAo^fidwi' t. c, preoccupying, or appointing £tf>- 
vd the meeting of the Ecclesia. 
Wf«»pf T. x-i ""^'"'''"i' Me Interval r^ taut ya» 
w oclioB, Compare Jir. t^v iArlta, Xeu. Hell. & 

I tt Toi^Ta — IjirDr: not, bowevet, in t 
ig on the 8th of Elapheboliaa. 
trtpai iriHiiuiur. This Demostbenei doniee. D* I 
a, 28, (333). 

' 4^f Wfiv. Sec Grote, xi. p. Ml. 
iri«n T, >. a. Sec Sinilli's Diit. Aniiq. 413, b. 
M- "Compoailum est en imlel M' Qu«prqpt«i I 
fere quoque valel, quod simplen irtL 
m tempoiis cDnliuBl el sigDi&iito B9tf>B«'' 



Gr., p. 330.' 

"g»ri -- - 

p. 71, a» IhE apoJos 
iyitayra Si [o paeijafa,, .„ . ,„_ 
»!? oi^h '»' *'"* Th»se wontai 
f'yfiaifiu', i. c. ol ai/iimxei, 
Hai Ti» (Ip^vfli', «u8n theptme. 
see J, G. G. 7S2,/. 
?TfiTo. The W is omitted, b[_. 
ficieiUly implies tile opposition, 
iriintiaaii laai^ttm, interfere ' ' 
Supply mpiiSn. 
71. TrivTcs. Supply cruiieriroii, frora!— tV SeeJ.G.G.SBi 
' ■ ■ ■ in Dc Pd 


rpar, one of the BmbiiaMdora of Philip. 
V..., having lold him tr/ora the qaesliani he in- 
Used adyetbinUy. See J. G. G. S77, obi. 2. 
pBlrofTB! T. E., on the 24th d«r of EUphebolion. 
ilh't Diet. Aniiq. 223: Grolu, xi. S*B, r. i. 
, $lartid; a lerm iisuilly applied Id fleet* or 

ypJifnt, having inserUd a elaust fraudalenlly, bf 
'( T. ui. See Grote, li. p. SSO. 
■ t'i]/iiHrtmr y. (p. The Bichires were feept in tha 
of the molher of tbe gods (t* n^p^Miv), end the 
of it «a> inlrnaled to tlie preaident (irnrrinit) 

'attplat K., intiled to fhe frml MiiCt, or place of 
ID tbo theilte of Dionyeiut. Tliii courteay to- 
ibt vnroya la admitted by Deinoithenei biniHlf ) 
I it a circumatance lo b« ashamed of. See Dem, 
, Leg. 4U i De Corona, 3S, (234). 
tiiWia .... laid cvikiont and lyread earpeli fir 

e of Pbilip'a murder, B.C. 336, and Iraiitmi 
loatheDes the eHtliesI intelligence of the event. 
mi Li, PIuUTch lells Ibe aame story, Fhoc. ISi. 
Aiotlh. 22. 

the relalivos of Ihe deccBaed to appe 
were aIio occustotned to wear s bluli 
DIcE. Antiq. 557, b. 
^apT,ri^ti. See J. G. G. 179, 0. 
TJif /i6niii..,, haeing hit lut oalydiag. 
call him father. Plutarch excuses D 
nnluni! insensibility on this cccaiion 
the public welfare sliould be prefcTred 
tion. He however condemns him of ! 
a conqueror who in his Iriumph hiid»l 
niinoQS moderation. Phocion objects 
demon stration of joy as daitardly 
Plutarch, Phoc lli. See Thirlwall, v( 
ri* rfiwiir — riv Tpiiray. An«nc( 

70. twr a^rSr w. A. See J. G. G. 694, 
foyis iw' f., abieoadfi m being impe, 
Dial. Antiq. 447, a ; Grate, xL p. S9I 
rlf dTux'". tlie ml^orlHtifi / tht well 

80. fl™ nuXSv. See Orole, li. pp. fiO) 
ripaiTipa ..., more than r/ia aceaiion 

tr. Sec De Corona 3t, (23t). Theie placca were 
fotlreuea on ihe eooal of Thraoe. Dem, Philipp. iii. I£, 
(IH). DeChenoii. 8*, (103), 

B^ sUl Tit av^ftCTa .... Some of them nercrlhelsu were, 
frotn their very position, of no lillie importance. 
^tfmr, bif hli impelnruUg. See J. Q. O. SOS, 1. 

tS> 1<rf i»l ^Mu'f) J>"' °"<' Imparliat, i. e. a< an arbiter. 

'AAilintfTor AlSou. See Grote, xi. pp. 018, 619. 

iTTf^iu'iioot Toit — iiriffTpaniiToJTai. Sea Thirlwall, vol. 

»i. c, *5, p. 10. 

tV crufi^fitlr, the cataMrDphe at Chteronea. 
M. iAAi xB'^o*! ■'T'A. See De Corona, p. I IT, (S5S), &c. 

irtfil THv Eu&itW. See Grote, xL pp. 306-309,473^ 

H, Mniir^xov. tyrant of Chalcii in Eul>oea. What injuriee 

he iiad done la (lio AUieniini ii not known. 

KsAAlsv, See Smith-a Biogr. Diet., vol. i. p, SS7-508. 

eififffiwH. See Smith'! Biogr. Diet., vol. ii. p, 1023. 

fr aVm 4^'pati< Demmthetiea iByi Ihrte days i e. An- 

droL, p. 691. 

Ktfinrii)tbSaia.>iiriiiant. After Ihii expulsion of ll'o 

Thcbani rrom Eubtsa, I.e. S5S, the iilanci remBtned (or 

MMtie time Iti undiiturbed nonnei^lian with A then*. 

CbalcEi, Erotria, and Oreui, iu ihm piindpal oitiea, 

tent cHoh a member to the lynod of allies niKmbled (I 

Alhent, and paid Iheir annual qiiola to ibe canfederato 

fund. This ttale of thinga changed ahortlj allet Pliilip 

eontjUcred Theaialy and mads himself mailer of iha ?»• 

gMCta gulf (B.C. S&Z-M1), whenca he eltendad hi ' 

fluence to Eubma. 

TBI) mpoKitrattiiinus, la llieu trit had plaetJ fA 
urhaadti hai inlrMtc^l>imM^ 

Iter of iha Fa. 
tended hl^^^_ 

s. 6, p. 330. M 

Ziipiyrt (li Y.S$Biay. B.C. 3i9. See Grot 
Demoithenes luipccled Plutarebui la be i 
ifVerwardi proved himself to be, and therel 
compliance witli hU reqtieil for assiatan< 
p. S8. Sec Grote, li. p. 477. 
4Wl' bI,, at leatt. Sea J. G. O. 771, ohi. 1 

unfcM Ihty g 
vri irivToi 8. k. r., wAo now Aat a 


mfrceiinriei. " There is no ground for ii 
tliin passage that the Phociiiis themael 
Diillp in organiiing Eub^an parties »g 
The FhocUiis were (hea m alliance with 
would not be likely to eoncni in n step & 
ftnd offensive to her, and of no Rood U 
Bnt some of the mercenaricB on service in 
easily be tempted to cliaage their service 
Eubiea by the pramiae of a handiame grati 
si. p. 176, n. 1. 


., iHlmitlid himulfal tnet la ihi Tbehmi. 
ivov. The ancienli b«lieved Out the tide of tlie 
I ebbed and flowed leven limog B-dmy. Hence 
iyBpiTai yiat t proreibial expresaion far a 
g and uniUble chanclei : c£ AriiloL Elh. N, 

IT.. See J. G. G. MS, 6. 

itfo/iijirairra, the man vho ran hi Hit lifux't. or 

iru. Tbe iiKixBt Ku I)ie long race, opp. la 


amtletitiv .... That lliej' should not, like (he 

lie>i be bound 'o lenij Teptesmtalivti (ffiiviipiii} 

rnod at Atbeni ; bul miglit have an mdepenilcnt 

I of Ihcir o-u. See Grate, xi. p. 828. 

Tv avrtiitii, ibaulii not pay Iheir quota ta (he can- 


1. Demostheoea probably lapported Ibe viewi 

i>, because he Ihnugbt that Eubaa, united under 
^Dt, would preaent a itrong barrier to the 
of Philip. See Grote, li. p. 626. n. 1. 

L, Mlling off ai a balnuct a nere fomi of word'. 

Tin ..., at a itt-eff to tlitst /liingi having added 

ike q^(Hp*o»y. 

it de$cribing mott Mhamrfvl arliona under 
luei, and periuading you iy hie fair uwrifa, 
"it propolaL 

, — Uial lueh opporinBitid, and confrrenm, nnj 
r. A dijr to the north of Eubcea, calleil alM 

B.C. SH. See Orole, 



98. Tlf wtKiTixlu Suriiitit, farcet 
nalits if Bopt. Cf. inf. 147. 
(Ii Moxp'l'-- SeeJ. Q. O.fiSS, I. 

ee, (I) i.if f.' See J. G. O. 0«. 
KUrrciy titt Lxpiairir. C£ p. 36. 

100. invi'in^i'.i.. Lit., JMvfn^ Ud gat 
dtceplioH, ami nupmdid ynu /rem hit 
complilelg diverted gtur allenlfeii fivm I 

BiiffT(./i{oI, eclltclii Biriftiii; ailh all J 
phor jErivcd from llie action of d. I: 
spring on Its prey. Cf. Horn. II, it. i 
■ ■ Pinto, Rejiiibl. 330, B.; Demet 
I t4 Btipla ouiT/j^M-B lairri fu 
Si- (Tij aa/npoiptt t"! X070U. 
i)- oftTii- 'AeuJiaioit. See J. 0. G. 5» 
VdTQ ira4>afnTBi ..., N»J As apptarti 
iV.ii ccnceniing all ihe jiomla In Itit deer, 
Hat Ihe cuuii^i thuuld dtviiiHd llie fwe) 

li Inltrpntatira ia, hoveve 

r of Plulorchui in Erctria, 
irom, 101, (SflS). 

ixlamv..., thai fu did net mmi Ihtir watlhlei* 
M met the latent Ihrangli Calllai. 
.., mtrtgagrd la Mm tte jmblle rMutma /«r a 

Mr^amlbfir each mitia,^uiilil Ikcg paid vp llic 
Ai a itrachma irni the liuiidredlh part of a 
TTOuid b« twelve per cent, pet anniiiii. 

itaifwi'. ^Bchinea now pnsics an to the 
n1 of the pulilio lift of DeniiHtlictiei ; the 
ncly, which eammcnced with ihs^ tncrid wnr 

d ended with the bitile of Chteronm, 

•piitu, niiotd Iht eautt a/ tkt Qrwli aid 
umuixtiw. See J. G. G. 459, 1. 


! leauld J 
al Athn 


■ ht iKcolvei in irrelTieeablc evils. By receieiiig this 
icy, la has parlaken ii the CMirqueHcet of Ike aci ef 
•Otgi, and hat bronghl a en™ upon every one wiih 
m he hai had my dialing,. For the answer of Db- 
ithinei 10 this taual, see De Carona, 255. 
n^i^urSf H .,., olisetve aoui bow /ale and /eriHnt AmM 
•eonit lilt impieli/ of thi Ajnjihiiseani, V 

etD^iffTOK apxoi'Tor. B.C. 339. ^ 

i>iMi/(o»oi. See Smith's Diet. Anliq., 80. ■ 

ii OTiKi : of the deme Obf. 

IwwtmdiiaiTts rirt .,., viho mert Ikat fatenisg a/Mm 
TMniii had viilh abject scniUily diBolid Ihemiilici 

l^rpof Uy/io, were intrnduciTig, or inlmding In infro- 
t a diene. The fact ii ileuied by DenioillieDfs, De 
■cat, 192, (277); hUd aifirmi that the Locmns could 
brine '"y »^eh accuuiion aKainit Athens with- 
aeniting a foiinal Bumtnoiis, nliich they liad never 

(TBI iawiSa! .... •• This must have been an i^oica- 
■rarii rir iIvb^^eIt<iii', (eompace Plutarch, Demetrius, 
3,} lequiring u be prcecded hy solemn ceremonies, 
iltiloB* apseially directed by the oracles." Grote, xi. 
lei, n. i. These oSerings had very likely been in- 
id by Hie Pliociaiu in the late sacred war. 
' ^•V)""'^'. brfore the repairs e/ the chapel had be/n 
f ettmpleleil. Aamiiei mtding it /(afiiireadai: bifire 
t had dedicated tbc chaptl aiilh Iht cuitomary prayers. 

ttf iMMr n. /i(0<(m)xi^>r. The meaning of these 
daUobMUi;. Wulf renders them, "cietcris uoilris 
agoria alieentihus." So loo Stocli; "coilegis mcls 
Mtibllt." Cul /«9<ffTTl«iTW» low IrfA tor™. Wm^, 

except myiry having nfrsd. 

ffi^M«7»i but for «h.t «a,»J 
of ihB «™e P0lil'°»l P*"5' " « 
rated the Phocian allianoe anil W 
Smitli's Bmgr. Wet, "ol. ii. P- S 
JwflXfl.. OnthefatJrHulxrf^ 
M hert aeBoiibed by bitn=elf, sM 

110. «p.V.- '■ - •-. 6«i"«S«l 

ISO. i*o"ii', ^ "'"■« 
The niidillo votce 
the godb. 

I Elcctr. ll'H- 


.. miiidla farm witli pasBhi 
3. 0. G. S64. 

kiAi|7(ar. See SmiLh'i Diet. Aatiq., 
ItSiit. Cf. sup, p. 60, fiD. 

f tht final re 

J. O. G. 577, 

t Sr = bri? Toinait &. See J. G. G. 832, 

Mp rBu iiHTiyyvi\iuitos, in cnutqtituct af ike ptrJgi 

ntlid in hit hand, hf) AmpkiHa : aa alluBion lo llic 

w he ii accUEBil by ^Gsoliinei of Imping accepteil, 


rf>odsJA(i4ta, a prcllminari/ decree. See Smilh' 
Iiq,,210, b. 
ffAaftif, ft™»g /«(■£« advantage of. 

trarvrriani .... <ifltr the riling qf Ike Eccleiii 
I ill n., K-ho/rom lime It limt held Iht i^fiei. 
e i ilti fiairiAiii. 

1^1 .,.. The real secret of \h\i ohuige of poll 
ilUWd in Ctote, xi. p. SSI. 
|i)|fitr^X*<>'"7t — AifTwt. See I. C. G. SS7, 
■ri T. V. )., liOBi braughl the itale In Ihii ctmdilkn. 
wX^r Itiii vSki-ii. Thebes. The fact here mentioned 
Smhrnti is remarkable u cvinaing an iiicipieiit tcn- 
Mg lovuds conourreiice between Athens and Thebca, 
]t M Il»4 beton ntYnr eiisied. Grot<!, li p. UBS. 
tM/upOf^. Thehet vins dcetrnyed hy Alexander, B.C. 

' ft)- T. rfiroi^ iJpt—ilnnPTo. See J, G. 0. Ml, ^g 

dig. 082. 


found: oa llic ipol, immediaiely, _ 

120. Toiii a Z: iiai$tuw p. «„ but ralaiM 
Ihoae Kko had fied for cor.scieace «a*«,|M 
cipalion in the sacrilege. ^B 

iroAAlp xP^'"e BffTtpoi'. It was at Ilia ■Ott 
of the Amphictyona in tha same year, B.c 
iuMrveutiori of Philip wu iniulied. ^icl 
to appear tliat between the two altacka oi 
leans there elapEcd a long interval of Hi 
rare (hat hia Conduct on (be prior occiBic 
to do with the interventiou of Fbilip. Bl 
Corona, lOi, (278,) «q. 

130. Ii6t9g y ebic, laxtum tati ; almoiL 
il t£p jiuOTioi' ifKfVTfi, the dtalh n/ Ihe 
o-rai, oi iuniiTio6inyi)i. Fortasais aliqi 
morlui sunL" Walt 
^iMnffciv, WBI uader the infiaenee, 

i.inXaim' mil iiiiiiir\iiiinis, premmmg up 
viilh, Ihe aiilhon/i/ which you had given hitr 

m afl/,T„, j x„) *irnX *r.n«Tn.f. ixFormal md 


ilifoAoTia* T. ■., tctre born lo bta tale^ VHmrler '^ 

tuipi(ai. Xiixea. The kiug of Periia ia here 
of ui Aperpelsa perima. 

ATavifiToi. DariuB Codomannus, who had been 
r«d b; Alexinder nt Ccaiiicua in 33*. and bC 
in 331, II.C. This oration waa delivered 3J0 

E i^ui f. (ti'Bu Sue J. G. G. C72. 
Tail, Ihe MaccdouiaDi. 

il/i4pay itiau, in Ihe courie iff ene day. So fitri 
tl/iipar, BD till third day. iiif ifiiifw, inleriiif i 
or M the day ; betveen its beginnii] g and end. 
tutaimt..., hAoI if JHillg ptadihtd, tctiitg that in 
Itel did they caniuli wiiily for lit vital inUreM qf 
I ytlal leail infalualid and blinded, not bg human 
, hal by the uralh r^ the godt. tl kbI, (/* alio. Sen 
1. 361,2. 0eii\iwiutnii,w.o'ie)iBa7oi. StaB\i. 
i\faliialiim. Judicial bliitJaeii. 

f/ifum, lliongh thty only meddled with iheie Ihifgi 
in thi taking iff Iht temple. The Spirtiai hid 
Lccnied tbarlly alleT the battle of Leuctrn bj the 
at betore Ihe Amphiclyonii: coBncJI, for having 
nouily leizcd the Cadmeia or ciladel of Thebn 
; peace, and were flned the sum of fifty tatcnla. 
'purtuia did not ■ubmil to pay, but in SS7 B.C. 
y Mtittcd the Phociaui in leiiing Ihe temple (t 
i. They however touk no part in the irai that en- 
8m Orote, li. pp. 341—347. 

tt ^ Iheir diieasifitnre, are on llu point •,/ being gent 
(M(i>r. While Alexaudet wu Eiv^ki,«^ \k \:«:m. 
■Hit at Dairaa (bji. »A\\. KBUt&^Mit. 'bo «vwn^ 

atU wa« ordered In placa fifty I 
citUcnB ss hoitagcB ID ihs liand* «f A 
■cDil nn embuiy lo Alexaiiil«r to lear 
Tliis happened only ona year befors the 
or ilion. Tliirlwall, vol. »i. p. 2ST. 

135. iroAAiii 8^.... ThUpaBsage from Hesi 
V, 245— -250, is niso quoled by ^Eboliine 
DeFala. Leg., p. ffi liS- 

136. TrtpiiKimt, hailing itrlpped /roin aroi 

137. ipwAuSai, an Athenian pioverbial 
Dem. de Corona, 29, (238^ Ariilop 
Plftlo, Protag., p, 327. 

Evpd^oTai : " An Ephealan whom Crce 
large luni of money to Ihe Peloponneiu 
naries for him in bia war nitb CyiQi. I 
DTer to Cyras and betrayed the whole 
In ctinacquence of this (reoohery, )ii> ni, 
proverb among the Greeka." See Pkl4), 
Sinitb'a fiiograph. Diet., ii. p. 109. 
eqjSiuai tV aviiftax'iv, ^. ir. See Dg 
(ise.jaq.i Grote. xi, pp. 672— 678. j 


■ deme o( the tiibe Mgeit) is mentiODeil in i 
■ of DiDUchuB c. DemoBth., p. 30. On [he ci 
■ af Codmeia b; the Spatlans, he advocated ils lu 
Id ttu ThebsDB. Cf. EUpra, p, 133, notes. 
See Smith's Biograph. Did., ii, p. 780. 
loliDDed bj Aristotle, Rliot. i. 7. 13, and ii. 23. ■ 
p emb«siy la Thebts ia alluded to b; Plulatcli, ^ 
1. B37. 

¥rwfBi: See Smitli'i Biograph. Diet., i. p. £16. 
ft44i iToylu ofrrw, q/' Ibo TUbam. Tba cauie wan 
p aBtipattiy that exigted betweea the (wo italaa ever 
■ Ihe unpatriotic courie adopted by Thebts in the 
1an mr, aggtsvated as that TEeliog was in Iha nuDdi 
a Atheniana by the conduct of the T}tebBni in the 
ining of the Peloponneiian war at Platsa, and by 
Am UDgMeraut policy adopted by them in the period of 
tkair aacfliidaney eonsequeut on the battle of Louotla. 
It bad been alwayi the object of some Atheuiau politi- 
cians, e. g. of Eubuius and Arislophon, lo soften the te- 
dprocal dialike: jGs«hin. Fals. Leg. 46, 47 i 
Corona, S07, (3S1). An attempt at accommodation 
I the two dlies teemB to have been made in 
;, by thia Fhilo-Theban party (by Ueinoatlienei, 
Jngly, among others) ; but the odverae senlitnentt 
fn both citiea, especially iu Thebea, were found invinci- 
VU : Db Corona, 21-2*. (231). It wo may believe 

jtft of tlw tsvDi TOWV «aeij.'Q»i^'&^«' 


curity of tbe pa.BB of TliciniDpylce, It ] 
the hands oflheThebanB since the conqn 
Philip, in S4S B.C., thougli ivitli a Man 
EhiTing in the occupstian : DemoBlh. ad' 
p. 153 i c£ PhUip. ii. p. 71. Mot bdnj 
the concuirence of the Thebans, Philip n 
it safer to consign the place to the Thewi 
thoroughly depcn<l<!nt on him. Grate, xi 
Till oirir t6\fi^p. The wac condnded 
the present were botii " sacred wars." 
the aid of Philip was called in by the 
donn the Phociatia ; in the latter, it wai 
AtnphictyonE to punish the AmpliisEeanj 
the iiivilalioD was addressed in the nama 

'ZfiATfuo' KivraAafiiiii. On the import* 
Bilion, eee Orote, xi. p. 668. The am 
wiiich its occupation caused at Athens I 
Gaily detcribed by DeinDSIhcnes, De i 
(285.) aq. Elafeia had been one of thi 
in Pbocia, but had been dismantled ia 

Trpii' (Tufijiax'tts... . Tbia is not stl 
Athenian amiy marched to Thebes by 
the Thebans. not before alliance bad 
between the tno cities, but immediately i 

111. ms avTik t. *. E.: viz. tbo severe t 
Thebans, as contrasted with llie lenilj 
Athenians. Philip was incensed with tb 
tliau with the Athenians, because from 6 
pected assistance, or at any rale neutra 
the latter he only met with that oppositj 
pecttd. His hatred to \.\ie Tti'taatti -■» 


adaption of the Allicnifln cause, not antecedent to 

implied bjr the words of Machines. 

t4 mAwaSia t. ft : ic. the feelings of Philip, 

■Hag about oonditions. Indeed, il was mainly 
_ the geacroQs offer of uooonditional nlllsnce that 
triamph of Demosthenea at Thebes was achieved. 
See Grot^ li. p. 678. 
X42. Tovra tl rpoXa&ii', hauiag be/ore tecured till pmal, 
vis. that the alliance should he unconditional. 
Tpcl^vi ir 70 il^Iff/ioTi... . Nothing is said of Ihia ati- 
pitlitiDn in the document given in Demosthenes, De 
Corona 232, (!S9). This perhaps is another argument 
Isi favour of the supposition of its unaa then li city. 
Toli irinaai..., tran^trrlng Inlercitt, and dealing itmU- 
/uUy with IhHH by the change ef names .- an allusion to 
tbe use of the word BoihtoTi Jnitead of Oii^aloii. It may 
be answered that ic wss not to secure Thchan ascend- 
BDcy, hut to protect Bceotin, that the alliance was con- 

&t Tovt Bgun-oft--.. ni if Ihi Bm/Uant, teho leire tfaUi/ 
aggriiMd, mould be eonlenl Kilh the verbal combinalion 
adopltd by Dmmlhenei, and viould not rather /eel iiitltg' 
tialion at their virmgs. 
IM. *i/ijj Si7 Kit/iftr, i/I-muit ipeat icriaial<i. 

»rpOTi»tX5, Polycenus, the Macedonian author of ri 
OTponr/^fiaTa, also mentions Siratoclcs as the Athenian 
poenL At Cliieronea, however, we know that Chares 
•nd Syaicles were the generals: poisihiy Stratocles may 
kt*e been general at aome of tha Cocinn engagemeiils 
tf lb Philip. See Qrote, xi p. 691. 
' US. ft 9inA(i'T^r...,Aa ttt)rq>lifiowl)|t«in<nt& olV<iitv>.«i 

Tbebe* Ireing the bui« of military Dp^ratioi^ 
eon»Bnient that oounoil» should he helJ 
PlnWrcli, DciDoath., c. ]8. 
ro~t %Qurtdpxaii. See Smith'a Diet. Anti^' 

MS. tuaiKoalw ti^..,, laid he would try the q 
etdence belKeei% the roilran and the prittarli 
teolinioally dEaotes the prgceedings in a a 
fbreaoe between Ivo or more rival putiei 
fiance. In the cue of lereral claiming (o m 
to an utate. See Smilh'i Diet. Antiq., p. ' 
fuir$a^paii..., recelvisg pay /er blaHi pbtel 
cemtry force. JEscUata impiiea that DsBlJ 
pnj for a larger number oF mEreenarisa tl 
ploycil, and appropriated to hlmael/ thi 

pupfoui ^tvBus..., having hired out the ten i 
oeaariei to Ihe jimphUnant — he tuddrniy d 
danger on Ihe city by the Temorat of the mere 
this lue of ilptn; see J. G. G. ISS, oba. 2. 
H7. Tl-yiphvoittret—iSiaoBv. See J. O. G 
t\ iiAi Tuc 'EAAi^vaiP ivaiirinv. Ad altuaion 
to present the crown, not iu the eccleria, — i 



^^ItariDg behaiBil witli eiCrBme aowudice at Cbieraaea. 
"Boti" h;i Mr Brote, " ie see plainly, Trom the cod- 
tinued CDnGdence and raspect >)ii;wn to liim by the ge- 
nual liudy nf hii countrymen, that they cannal bMMj, t 
cndited the imputation." Vol xi. p. 693. ^^J 

vuldiu a. i. See J. G. G. 583, 125. ^^| 

■1 irtKn^itTox. See J. 0. O. 401], 3. 

:. SSJ to 347. 

I 140I tadn K^pvy/xi Ti..., by preulimi!i/ annimiiclag Ihia ai a 
I *W ^ prtclamalirm to Ihi Bieotarcla, he ihimld Ticover 
I fir Mvaelfhilponin, qfihe gain,. 

tr *f<9[ai, which PheiJiai, ai it item, made for Dcmot- 
Ikmi IB mate galnt and ptrjurt hltiicff by. 

ISO. i fi^ir : the regular formula in taldag an oalfa. 

KAfs^vTii: an Athenian demagogue of low origin, and 
K »trong opponent of peat* with Spart* in the Felopon- 
anion wac. Af^r the battlo of iBgospotami, while re- 
«tting the demand of the enemy for Ihe partial demoli- 
tion of Ihe oily walla, he is laid to hare threatened death 
to any one who should make mention of peace. Smith's 
Kograpb. Diet., i. 8D3. 
'mpaUKtimiaBi. See J. O. O. BOO. 

pt Chatonea. 

Cf. s 


. US. 

. See De Corona, aS3. (321). 

places whera it occurs the reading is b«d 
«e can hardly deny the exiatenca of tl 
altogether in Atlie Greek." See Euri] 
Aristoph. Nab, *65 ; J. G. G. 12*, J. 
Kut yip Or,.., /or even though lie sAaui 
aordi preieribtd by tht decree, yel the bai, 
uill «al *a liknl, but will teem to give thi 
•ifihe herald. 
1 56. lii) rpS^mor. .., da not raise a Iropbg 
your own sliame ; lo proclaim jorir awn dej 
alpitrt Taparoias, eoRtict nf i^faiaaliim. Si 

15T. iAXi rait yt iiiaolats, at ang rate, in 

liiimtySieiiVTas, anleamiHg I kamiag.,^ 
pnre the Lalia dediico, dedaceo. fM 

riv Saliioya k. t. t. Cf, sup. 114. ,■ 

jrope/tti. See J. G. G, 672, 3. ■ 

i^oirxfiiil^, make eiperimenli ufM^^ 

r':^ — 160.] IN CTESIPHONTEM. 1,1 

I ' to procure sjd from Greece waa merely an enciise to es- 
cape fiom the city. See Grote, xi. p. 695, n. 6. 
T^i iirponSoK^ou a. : tlie Isiiieacy Ghewii by Philip ta 

ttpnua^iiKaJtn K, r, A. ffischines >eems to be describing 

]ua own conduct; for after the battle oF Cheroiiea, 

. lliough he Imd before disclaimed all canncctioii with 

1 Philip, he now turned round, boasted of hii intimacy 

' with that prince, and oSercd to go as mediator to the 

^ Uacedoniau camp ; whither indeed he teems to have been 

^ sent, with Demades and others. De Corona, S49, (320). 

oAS* irl rik i^fils-^ra... . If it be true, bb .Sschines and 

" Plutarch relate, that Demosthenes so far distrusted the 

feollngB of his countrymen towards him that lie preaented 

hia decrees in (he name of his friend NaUElcIes, hia aa- 

■urance must have been very Boon restored, when, in 

spite of the impeachments that were brought against 

bim, he waa elected public orator to deliver the funeral 

discourse at the obsei^uiea celebrated for the slain at 


IGO. i^iiiii S' tTi\((mii!( «. See Grote, %\. p. 713, sq. 
rtaertui^ffos, indulging in the matmltaus. Cf. sup. 77, 09. 
i(p& ItjJiJa'aTa... , he cauied jacrtd ilalaei of Pausanias lo 
be erecled. Plutarch tells ns the Athenians decreed a 
crown to Ihe dead murderer Pausanias. Demosth. 32] 
Thirlwall, vi. p. 102. 
- <ti ii;^!^..., inuelved lite Boule in the offence af offering 
laerljleei ia Aanour of Ihe good tieuia, i. e. or the death of 
Philip. C£ (i^yylXm AJtu-. 

ttofylTTis: a hero of a moofc-hcroio poem of the same 
ne, ascribed lo Ho.ner. See Atist. Poet. *. 10. The 
l-known line, »^\A' ^iforiTo VV" ""k" f ^'otbto 
I, Demosthenes seems to have applied to Alexander, 

imAiT Durable. Cf. ^schin. Timarch. ', 
iaterview, however, Alexander had dial! 
ntChEtonEa; ofwhSch fact DemoBthen 
havo hern ignorant. Alelandor !« ui 
(treat admirer of Homer, and to have pn 
Achillea ai his exemplar. 
iv niM.'g wtpiiraToBiTB, acting (he pU 
The word TCfuvaTaOvra contains no del 
the early life of Atexaoder, which he 
Bu peril) tendance of tiia tutor Ariitotle in 
ntplntnToi, of Slagira. Plutarch, Alex, i 
t1 iTv}J.-fxva ^., mperiHli'miily itapeclm 
lo lee what he might undertake with ai 
nJ/iarJi iari.,., colour (i furcltaKd i 

16\. 'YOt) It f^iaiiiniv. Sec Thiriwa 

Tou viaAatiiy. Alexander waa 

inoipilc. Owitlg either to his 
danger of the tniBsion, or to son 
' ved of Aleaander'a intention reipe 



I vtr 'A. iitirrf4xt', iiuiHuatu kiaiul/ la ibe foMur <^ 

leS. itHHBii itrri 1. *., tlitfacl talliei wilh my allegiHlm. 
tti ■H|>' "AiriBy 8,, B.C. 33*, two jenrs aflec hii Hcce«»ion. 
W-^'""'. Cf. Thuc. i. I. 

fiaiMi irt flS... , mould you fiatt ntf inp^MM yOK ueri 
tfiiM, nnJ indulged ymir nalural impulttit i.e. youc 
habit or cowardicD. 

^iTTDpiicJ)i> ttAlar, cowttrdice In an eralor. "Non expfc. 
tat dutn nrnlDris ignaTis in *nima«titem ucenderit." 

IS4. 'A\y IwtMi..., before ihe battle of I>in«, B.C. 333. 
See Thir1«al1, c. xlix. 

rtir iJ tri}r itiSiar..., snd the BUto wiitd not brook yom 
ofAniiTS behivioar. x'V'"- HtctMj, Id amlnin. 
ii ittl^ninhvt..,, tohieh jinn carrltd about icilh you lui- 
ftniM fiiim ynvrfingeri, CC " Buspenii ioouloB Isbulnm- 
qae lacerto," Hornce. See 3. G. O. 619. 
Xpuritpur-; ealliHg mf a gill-Iianird rlelli, and layitig 
thai t had hten dnktd for Ihe lamjict. See 0?iJ, x. 
Met. S71, El pandia inductrB coniibuB aurtim concidc- 

■Ilnded to in the oracle addressed Id Alexander when 
he ilarted for Asia: tmnrrai /itr 6 raDpoi, fxn r^Ant, 
ta^cr 6 Biamt. Compare Juv. Sal. liii. 63 ; Virg. JEn. 

' IBS. SamtKiiiviiii While Alexin dn ma enf^^ed in 

the Ba«t, and dangen aeemed (o threaten the Mareilaiiian 
I tnqiire from tbt Scythiuta aTi&T\ttMiVtns,'<->iv %■«"<;»» 

by CotTagDS, of wbom ne do not kn 
Macedonian or an Arcadian leader.' 
ever, were anerwards vauquiahed b 
cliaini of Grecian bondage w 
vetted. Alexander contenipluoiiBly 
tutbancea in Greece " the battle of tl 
Tii. See Tbirlwall, vi. c. 51. 
T^t &fiKTat/, our kemiaphere, rf 
tBorldt a common expieision 
C£ De CDTaiia,60, (242); Ariatoph 

ISfi. i)actXtniifyi>vei... , certain in 

tlty like a vineyard i they have Itppu 
itate 1 the very lineuii qf ^ffairi ha 
tqtueted up at in a batket and straih 
mere, running needlei thraugh hi. 
detaplior from inirriiaitai ttvpa, fa ' 
Rep. in, B. Cf. tKvfvpi^u. Brenu 
T. T. aunt xji^/ioTO Kol eiiiiiuLxm" C 
2, " Quid est aliud, omnia ad beilu 
largiri? primum nenoe belli, penmi 
the latter part of Ihe paaiage Bren 
H ,iiata[ "HuDo locum deeperatiiairat 

M. TpSnar, prim {Nam mchd\ 

anguat[a Joi 

pivnumur, vernm etiam quiBi acubus pungimur. 
Tovra Si tI ian. See De Coronii, 162, (2GD). 
I67> t^HAn^u..., / cmifen that I organiiid the LacmlaH 
tanipirmy ; / to^feii I hidueed the Themli and Ptr- 
rtali la molt. An aDusion, it Hems, to the conspiiacy 
before mentioned, p. ISS. 
! J. G. Q. 7C2. 

^Tsi'..., but if my good lunk ihall occur ipan- 
fou ttUt etaim the merit qf it and inscribe yfJur- 
vtnl, L e. inscribe your name as tbe 4ut1iDr. 
L Bwurrw^ti pepularit ; Dpp. lo h}i.\~/afx^i'it '■ « ■■Ma^tf' 
'B ^democratic c," — " 

r, pUauibilily, 
n f^ laKcr principle, 

., avngiBg the niffarluiiea qfhii at 
I, b/ lauHd mind, f&yyH(ieairri is rendcfMl liif 
r, ixligrilai It probilai. 
ftirSai T. fi,. Id Kbi^t Me Aeif line nfpolicg. 

irlng perili. Coraphte np' 3/tat Tiv ptor. 

Sc^ ■Wocdsworlh's Or. Gr. 107. 

*rl irooi Simtlaii, on alljvil principlei ; on Ihe privciplri a/ 

171. Tc^y. Se« FluUicli, Demostb., C, 4; and c. 

B„ p. ess. 

Ar XtpofiiW, ^fA« ifme Keraneii. 

Kilttniai: in tbe Tauric CherBoneie. See Grote, eI. b, 

»69. n. a. ^^ 

^117^ a*' (117077(^1(11. C£ sup. 79. ^^^| 

173. ^sif <|M^.'(>it>-. A similar use at the word is fl^^H 

_ . L/siar, pro fjonig AristopU. 11. ^^^| 

i: aimn,^ 

• The individual was DemocharBB. Dn 
He must uot bs confounded willi the o; 
iMiue, wha vnh a. nephew of Deinogcher 
npiBciiv Toit tSuout. " QuibuB cautun 
omn extera muliere malrimaaiutn co 
fBcicotcs tnillibus mulctabantur dra 
Neirani, p. 1363/' Stock. 
irpayimr. Il was only one anceitor, nai 
had been ODndemned. 

] 73. Kayaypdipcs, a paid viHIer of apeecki 
Grolo, li, p. 380. 

Kal Tobt \iyoos ixfiipay, dlielmitig Uii 
poiivg partiei. Plutarch afEntis that D 
having compoBed a speech Ibr ApollodJ 
mio and Stephanui, wiotc a speech al 
thssamecaee. PluliTch, Dem. Cr.^l 
tie Pno-iAiitiJv jf-i ""' S'ng'' gild viipeM 
his exfeiuei. It ia acknowledged th(l 
ceived gold &om Feruai this he emi 
lal objects, but to prDtnole oppoul 
Diodoi., L xIvU. c. 4. I 


IT make betUT. SeeJ, G. 

^ovrayiiif. See Smilli's Diet. Autiij. 

the oialr 

i. e, llie proper use or rcKurds 

M ,- Aim hten /argaliea. " Ut 

acii et srie pingiLur, nimia lotione nilarcni 

it et elegantiatn, adeoque beta Csl obwIeliDi, 

B |iublicl> pnemiia stBtucnduui bbL Atlingit 

1 Nepoi !□ MUtiade vemiH finfliD at popuU 

:■ quonilfiiti fuerunt »ri et lenueB, ob eun- 

;lDTioii, nunc suteiu r^Hil al^us ebis/efi, die 

olim Bpud AthenienicB." Taylor. lUieke explains ths 

. Icnn niTiiir^AiiTiu somewlmt diflferently : " ■, non Boliun 

I IT* ahluenda, nie etiaai id, quo nd ablueodum utimar. 

Eat llaquc K, irfHMfJtur, firaiil;l(ur." 

17B^ tftcB- it,... Da von Mall Ihal any ent amald U viillhg 
for IJM OlT/mpie, or any eihtr nf Hit cormnl gamti, loprac- 
Umc al Uii paKeraliatB, or any other i)f the inxrtr conleilM f 

I The puiciBCium was an exerciie ithieh combined boTli 
■mtling and boiiug. Sea Ariil. RheC. i. 6. 14 1 aud 

I Bcrod. ix. lOfi. Piiidai celebnles aereral victories in 
the pancratium in hi> Mem. *nd Iilhni. Odea, 
T$ iiaxftiafkimi, the lucctufni nlriguir. 

tBl. al inh fiuA^i — KaTKtayiyrts : Tbras>bu1us anil his 

I UL M t^ trpv^Sfi. Ad illudon ti 
r ObBoo in Tbnat, 8 


(f Tp (TToo Tp 'E/i^iui'. " Porticns 

siToel lined with Mercuries ia ths A 
nicated betneen the Sloa Buileio 
Cramer's Anoienl Greece, »oL fi. p. 

184. ^y ipa. See J. G. O. 386. 
ifpwToi Buifid'^BJ'..-, K^re frii to pr 
the foe. " Inienemnt ralionfni qu 
inDpiam f\ deaperstionem saluIiB adi 

tE(i. yitfecStis. See Horn. II. ii. €S2 
i^^I. See J. G. G. 631, 2. | 

17- t^P oToia Thv jroiniKn"- " The ! 
called from the celcbraled painting 

aetiuB. The pictures were by Polyi 
PamphiluB, (he most famaua amongBl 
en : and Teprcsentcd the bailie of ' 
Amazons, and (hat of Maralhan an< 
menta of the Athenians. Here were 
shields of the Seionxans of Thraci 
Lacedieniomsns, taken in the island of 
Attic. 15). Itwaa in Ihia portico thi 

b I^ napat^^cuBi, read Mit together iiiith,o. 
to. Hit dlcret. 
ISO. *Aifiiiiva. See Deni. de Coion>, S92. It hai been 
niipected that thia poaugs in this Dralion WB> added 
after the reply of Demoslhenei had been dcliiered. 
TafcuKiims. Some individaal whone villainy had become 


T. II., whea y«a havt oflataerf «j 


192. fn«Xcy...,/<ir all had it ma /retb in me«oryi rt »o. 
tttU ringing in thn tars ^ all, lliat the drmectaes looi 
evtrlhrauiii of iwn ai any parly aAn/iiAed (tr hidiciaeiil' 
f»r illegal aotims. Compare ^iiyyoi travAos, a ipitch 
ringing in me't tan. Plst. Menci. 235, B. fravAvt 
tiBat. fresh /ear. Id. Legg. 678, B. The ypaipii rapa- 
niloH- vol regarded ss tbe msitiBtay of the lows and the 
Mf^guald of conatitutionBl liberty, iwimit /ktoo^c^. 
6ms on the other hand, the aecount that Demoalhenea 
^Tw of this man: De Cotons, 164, (270.) ^q- 
■Idw 7:pa94)v, enfer en on acfinii. So Detn. 840, 26. An- 
oUm reading is jpapii, 

IjpiMc*' ri Eni^ ..,, verbal illegaltis (ri nfidyouB \i- 
y*ai) and an oelual iUegalit;) (li wapdytiia irpimw) u/ert 

uicJ 10 eall batk, oi ttep lh» ' 
., Iht itfrndmU 



K^oAai : on emineal Atbeniui oratDT H 

who flourished at and after the limo of I 

lantB. See Smilli'a Biograph. Diet, i. Q( 

lona, 313. (311). 

al Staita\iTiv6iiivo', those tiilio look differe 

196. 'ApxT^oi. Cf. Buprn, p. 188. 
7p[£i^£UTa.... If the word oTt^oSi' bo n( 
paEsage must tie cDastiuEd, wlio had prof 
emlrary (o tht lawt, one of Chose who had 
him front Phyle. Cf. infra, 204, yp4^ain 

lfi7. /(anourrai T. 7., beg off iiopeachmeiiti 

19a. T^i oil &natiSeiKT<u..., vhat linn Bj d 
appiiinledfor a consckntioiis and diiereel ai 
■rh lih vpSntr ilSup. The firtt meaauH ■ 
KMi^^pa. See Smith's Diet. Aatiq. 61a. 


» filv oJv.. 

Ihg the pern. 

VT in tht firil qaeiliim eoucili your voles, aaH Jor a 
blimm/sourtalliiaiki/lira neglect rfthe ha, atktjar 
E ttmtitriaa rf the danocraey. 

^itiityKtlr, to givt j/wr leviral refit m (Ae 
" &A in hao coitipoBitians signtfioM t& 
usquiique aigilUtim auum BuSrigium iii 
tttlam injiceieC" Reiske. 

proceid lo Ike gneiliBn of ^xivg (he 

tfevt V lyaTC.... Sea Demoathsaea' repl; to this : Dc 

t> ■nurX t1 aonl'Sios, this link labht. On thit tablet wsre 

Inicribed the decree o! Ctesiphon, and atangiide widi it 
lied— ri ^^uriia • 

cBhuli tI 01 

n judicum cause uu, lignea 

Bolebat enim in f. 
r mpcndi tabula, c 

Jretiim, quod TrapajfAfmai/ irgueretur; sefltmdo, legea, 
H illi decreto sdveraaii vidsrenlur quiB leges quod ad 
■ decieli icribeTenlDT, idco dicuntai »d,uot trapur*- 

oatbence. ^^J 

u Sea J. G. Q. GOO, oba. S. ^^M 

yrmriu. Cf. ittpra, tSB, ^5^ 

woiqrw, friteni sot. Coropaie of f ilMi) nf M^ 

r. o. G. rs8, obi. 3. 

., nor Itt imy i/ ^ou cemider it nieHIO' 

aharner, ea the gneilioH betng put by 

mrl uhether ht ihull rail De<Mtlht«ti, 

''tmtt bt firti lo 4Biaim,'< Call him, call him." u uMi^. 

The reading is doubtful. See J. Q. U. %b^,<jbv\. 

204. fl wavTuy ii ii' 1 iliiMld betlmin 

SOU. xi-rn -ri Ttapira/uir, uill rifyU Ih 

207. Tipl Ti;i aririms. "De locD, mud 
■itua Ait." BrodxuB. 
■oi lA ^"Tf atrir..., and doiml mffir h 
mbficl n/ illegalily ta shirk Ihe question, 
and Ighig ■*■ uoil ahile you hpar Aim, 
tfiichjMon q^ the real qusuion, and look 
arindbigi c/Ai'i speech. If wc ndopt Bol 
Toir ff* T. ir. tiiyaai, th« passiigG mn 
no! a^ffer him lo turn onife mia l!)e d 
nmiti/orBi/pi la the jumMoh a/ilkgalilg 
qiTnm de teti, qua> in ullu aliquD a Te 

pero viclorius." 

£09. iniaiiii..., after hiniey he will hilr< 

I!T CTESiriIONTT:>r. C9 

fwu.,.. See De Corona. Si3, (31S). 

reads tl wfjuYpit^m. But isys Bremi ; " Potest 
isae, quA imperativuB nou imperet, >ed 
■liquid fieri. Tiiiii addit quid evenlurum tit ipii, 
■ irprctilio optima osl." 

'krewing b^ore it uthal ihietd cf de- 

C(. »npra, 159. 

portus quidam Sngitu 

stot, ilia i(op^t7y 

quadam tiba 

Bay from the eitti. " Urhs 

I, ad fugam parala." 

l> fix i fiy TJiv yfiaipiir.., Jt not the d^endanl CiMi- 
phon ! [You jounelf, Iheierore, hife aothing to fear.] 
AndliUBI till trial mt in lekichtki damages art not nat-lo 
bajixtdby the jadgtif i.e. Are not the damages undefined 
Iff law, M that you will hava an opportunity of moving 
the judges to pily t The iTiiirrris ley£rvra» one in whiill 
the penally waa nnl to bi fixed by (be judges, beiug al- 
ready filed by law. d^n iriiofis, not »(■ to bt fited, is 
cquiv*l>nt to Tt^Btrii, Tlie nbole senlenco is inteirogn- 
tire, and the ab before Kntti^r inurt be taken witli 
oidh clause. The explanation of t)ie passage given by 
Asiake must be erroneous, st it is incompatible with tliB 
Mstcment of Machines himself in p. 199: KtAtiaari 
atniis — irayrav tit t)j>' T/^i7iru'. Reiske's words are ; 
■■ Cauu tua nou est ex eo genere caaaaruin, quibui quod 
pceaa nulla ■ legibus dicta et definita est, aceusslori 
■KTO, ant judicibus inflammatis liceat immaneni pixnam 

inWrpreUBoa, but irreconcilaWa-w'ttVftie-^ii^'wnia ■»>»»- 

ml. See Smith'B Diet. Anliq. 865, b. ^ 

212. M Toiarfrrjj 4, on m mfiUmg an aeeai 
present period of misfortunea consequent 
■t CbiEionei, and the result, JEachiaeh v 
the polio J of DemoBthenes, 
feelpttTo : literally, cul off iU ftatr as > 
heocB Rumrnci 

^fUl. KiBufiia f. t, a wretcli who couriietfeiti 
Corona, 163, (269), ool ii ipir^s, ^ niBof 
ijTOTvxii' t3ii ipllTTtltiy — SiaxpfiffijT'"- 
ample of Ajair, when dcprirEd oftlieannt 
tSi "■, M. ^OTi/ilat, *oiioBr i« ffour egei i 


T(ioVoTO»'-i *? briagi'^ on acWon /or a 
fiicled. Cf. p. 61. 

6 jif Sitipietas...,foT ii is not a head the 
touroe of reveaae. Taylor pmpoGee to i 
ineCead of iipiiiaioir, and lefen to the aon 
madcB! aiifidijjt exiSimav Aij^ioirflenii' in 
7ovTa tix^^flni, 4m,' apyvpiyx^- Sea 
moalh, 25. 


m Sbplas ""'"V 'o '"•y ""> ■' *" recnmaend mieself. CC 
D. 375, 21. 

K ittpnTor. See Dc Coionm 241 sq., and 299. 

. haBi"'ny rtfflnxai.... Sea De Cotona, 102, (253). 
. fantr^a?).... B.C. 337, the ;eu herore the dwUi of 
Uip. Tliu orBtiDD. howerer, and the reply oi DoniM- 
re QDt delirered till 3S0 B.C. 
.. Cf. supra, p. 77. 
. TiF iilsurir..., aid laiing the principU, notfnmaie- 
) mxraey, but a differcal form of gacenmenl, you IhMc to 
Ucopr dtttetiOH. 

Koiri liir liixp^'"" >^^T"'-''i '""' occaiiimaHi/ to ipeak 
ii Iht iJg" if a man mka adcfU a policj/frtm a Ttgvd t» 
Ihl oecmloH and ixftdkney 
822. aavrlv ir„ you dtludf yoHTst]f. 

Tl ^ir yip Tcpl T. 'A. Cr. eupra, p. 107, sq. 
rlt Tijil TJ)V E6$oiaii. Cf. BUpia, p. S5, sq, 
S33. T^ SI nfil T^ Tpi^fHii.... See Dem. de Corona, pp. 
IS7— 1S», (200— 26S> BiJeth, Pub!. Eeon. W. e. xW. 
pp. S70— 576; Grotc, It pp. 6*0— BH. 
iffiKarra — £^pii)t>Vai. See Grole, xi. p. 6i3, D. I. 
(rt'AOiji'ibV... ThiBwaa a victory gained ol Naxos by 
tljB Atbenlani imder Chabriis aver the Sparlani ODdsr 
Pallis, K.c. 8713. " The Laeedsmoaians had Bent out 
Pallia wiib a fleet of rixl; ahipi, to cut oS tiam Athena 
heraupplics of corn, Chabrias, being appointed to act 
■gainit him wIlIi more than cighlf iriremea, proceeded 
to beiiege Noxoa, and, Ibe LacedieinDiuanB coming up 
to retieve it, a battle ensued, (Sept. 9, B.C. 376.) in which 
tlie Athenians gaioed a deciaife victory,— the first they 
Ii»d won »i(h their own stiipi ime* &* "^ Ao^swo**™^ 


laxiniia pnl 
1 spy of OI] 
regent of H 
5, (378). 

[ euadem d 
i^Ldd. from 

's Diet Am 
iriven bg eo 

ip "f Kordt, 

ike fhis of : 
■AoTi, £» tt . 
Bnrni. Cfi 

naaryivTuy. Supply ri tpiftarB. 
" mi. Il.ii.2l2,sq. 
iml0iirw, oiiigned, altribiiled to. 

233. KdAwt ToioOrrti, and desenedlj/. "El merila. Ita 
Oneci eleganUr logui Eo)ent, cum eveulum alicujui rei 

j' coinprobenl. sive boaia tena ceBseril, aivfl mslU male. 
Sic Dem. 290, (306). iiiiis koAhi iroiDEnci Tiibi Hap- 

! sctii Ktitiiiiirie." Compue Arialoph. Plut S04, KoAui 
miSv ^^AAtTTDi. " Mihi in quibuedam locla, u( liic, 
ineue videtur Icnia iranio, quemadmoilQin in similibuB 
ronaii^ e. g. &ya&p rixyir i^"* bona/orltind.'* BremL 
n^' it<t ^vmoiiiniiis, Ihme cmviclid in aei^aialimi nf 

I I trg. The accusativo vrith oAfffno^ioi ia found in 

I Anllph. 117, IS. The dative yp<vt^ or ilxj, is alao 
found ; u, iXatai fP'ip^ ij^i^oiiapTupimv. 
fualoS, genitive or price. 
tdIii ■imAi'si'I x'M'- Sec Suiitli's Diet. Antiq., 279, a. 

234. T^ tuarfaiatt^Ti '^ luenijfiil inlriguer. Cfl inprB, 

SSfi. Sonf^iv S'CMBiyc.-. Uteriilj, tFt uem, in mjittf at 
leatl, ^'AfNiuni, ioM to enjny luceeu aad In incnr riiki 
in our ^jcy-/<icl;inj priidnce, i.e. /I i«mi fs me Ihat, 
vritii regard In ear ptticy, bolh in orir juecfijcj and in ubc 
rfoii^eri, we lack prudence. The words ib irw^ipiiroiii^i t 
■re the emphade words in the lenience, and are ta b« 


ass, tSv TpudtoiTa, the Tlui 
Meira S. «„ » 

287. ,t-se,, Ti,u ipxi^. tfy^\ 
Khich yea formed the prmml 
formeil thepteamble (ff/aur dee 
-roSyif TaSra..., /or to haee be, 
being nfceiiary Ineelvei a culpai 
df having luccesifuUy compltted 
Til Bij/ufffai r. i. Tliia had b 
were built after the Persian vrn 
inistocles. Sec; Grote, li p, 69i 

238. iim t£v fyr*^, odkert tefa 

241. oJS<'fr!(,ai.,..: Wasilwt 
the waul ijf only five talents— Ih 
Juied to surrender the citadel ( 
Jobs J- See Thirlwall, T. c. 47, 
'ApKdSav..,. These events are 
Deinarchua, Orat. c. Demosi 
Alexander wna occupied in i 
otherB, took the opporluiiity o) 


ying the demanded ium lo the Arrradmna, 

■ailiuirWi VKmi of toiii, or propsr/ftliag. 

'..., the pain <J keariHg « more gritvaiu (AflB Mc 

Is yau Aavtr sii/rretj. 

lavTur t. Cf. supra, 50. 
348. rqt ArniirxvrTiiii v., Mfj thameltst bunatu, i.e. Ilie 
ealling upon DemOGtheneB Is speak. 

iwtuforas..., allnftd yoarself (g be chmen laabaHader to 
Cltapatra, U expriit lyn^athy vith ier oh Ihe dtath of 
AUimdv. T1i» Aleiander, king a[ Epirns, wis uncle 
■nd bralber-in-1n« of Alaiander Ihe Oieit; he was 
killed ia Ilal/j where he had gnnc with an anny lo anijl 
&a TannliDea oeunil the Lucaaiana, by a Lucanian 
exile, while crosiiug the amaU rivei AcbeTgD, ».c.^Sl. 
See Liiy, viii. 2i. 
furOoS, /u- pap, i e^ from Demostheaes. 

a**. Xafipla, Cf. supra, 223, notes. 

'I^ui»idT(i— iriiTdfi. This was in the year 392 B.C. See 
Sen. Hell. iv. c v. j Smitli'i Biograph. Diet., ii. p. C17. 
Tbe fiofi. was a diiiiion of Ibe Lacediemoaian anny, 
vfaich origiDally conuined ail ^pal See Smith'a DlcL 
Antiq. 483 : Thiilwall, i. append. 2 ; MiilL Doc. I. IZ. 
Ti^u?fta> If — ViifKvfn. Thii cruise round Greece and 
conqueit of Corcyra by Timothcus happened in the year 
S7S P.e. SeeXen.UelLv.4.G2— 60; Smilh-s Biograph. 

^ Diet 114d. 

I S4(. »*»•■, fi<iJof...,juBt before the battle of Chteronra. 

[ 4 ^"Wiifi. The three putts ot mi Mni«v\«>. riaia*s». 

^e^lapoi/^frol, ohjeuli iff fiiblie rtgatd, 
249. ih- THUS ■wpaKaTokaiiBirtyTia..., if J^ 

_ and philanthr^g, while in Ihiir pfjncij 

I ivarlhf/ of trufl. For the good-viti mi 1 

H erotic arnlimenti are prapostd/or c 

H generaUi/ the firit Id ham recmr. 

H iaee leail lo do tuilh them in riali . 

H <i>t ^itl ri ira\i, itepiicime. Breml 

■ i. 

H 250. Iiraiyfiv a!niv HtXfifrt Kot rhv t^iy 

^1 fir hii profisiioHs (ai the law commande d 

H laU of propertfj la bt made), to a resptcli 

H ptratt habilt : but u/kotvtr hai adI Ih 

m pn,u,. ii„. 1, 11.1 ... „>„ u «. 

^m care if the demneracij already tieajAng i 

H Bremi hia the roUowing rcmirki : " al 

H pignoTK guEO dari aolebsnt in etnendo et 

^L tesima eniin pretii pan deponebstur in 

^^^^^ jdTEtur inter emptorem el venditorem. 


L him In rr/er for ihe em/naaiiim i^ his pro/iitioni, at Hit 

I Joic commandi cmfraalimi hi the cate qf public pracltma- 

I litnt to be made, to a niptclable life and lolar habili. 

I BefiiTe Tur A^iiv lappl; rlt $tOiui<itis ttooi the Tol- 

I lowing cliuie. " Orstionis iatius populiiis coDGmiatia, 

I quemndmoilum ct in pitecoDiij publicii oblinieiidii licii 

iolKt, petatur ci monitrsU fittB mommqQe iategrilate." 

Stock. Reiake reads, "TuvArfrwrij^tSai^iitiAmpt 

Twr inipu7^TDi< d vifuis KtAtiti t:iiif7ritu: Jubttt ihm 

I iwrAi>niiii| ijunqve ttanm evictiimit rifftrre ad tUam ilia 

I nerbenaB nagnifiniilia digium, ul de praomiii fieri vail 

I -kr, h. t. Impeiste ei, ut demoniml; lilam a *a actun 

I mpondcrc grBvitati et aplendoii orationis tax, vel jac- 

tantise polius, venquc ilia omniB »ie, qiw da te prie- 

dicet, quemadmodum li quia ■errum aat domum> villain, 

allndve quid, per vocem prieconie vendat, lei ei irjungit, 

nt emptor! verilatcm eonim omnium quB prieco vendi- 

torii loco atqiie nomine priedicaverit atque ipopondcrit, 

prmalel atquc eTictam det ; sin minui, unptio rcscinda- 

tur." This cuitom la illusttalBcl hy the Roman usaga in 

the aale of alavci. C(. Hoi. Sal. IL 3. 286 ; EpisL iL 2, 

■ub init. 

'SJt2. utafar/iytipaKA!, hei«g the timrie for old age ; having 
btcime ehildiih or dititig. " Via aenio ad delirium spu 
deiipienliam delapsua. napi in pjusmodi compoaitioue 
diaceuum a nstura et a recto signlScat." Rciake. One 
codoX baa ica.TiiyvYtjpai!it. 

■wapmoiat iaXtiKiis, mBcicled qf folly i itffalualed. 
rial S" Ipyae,,,, while the reailtlii it hot surrendered (0 

tKrrtp Ik thv tpiyay.,., but at if fran a plenle, having 
Jutred the frogmenlt. " Ul ii qui reliquiaa couviviorum 
ecmmuiJium inter »e parliuului. tS. ■infiWiii.,fe«.>5^- 

WoU. fece Smith's Uici Andq. 475. 

■253. ijfyird Tit,... See Grole, li.p, 608, 
(Ttpoi V iSiiirv!.... Thi> was Liracrnta 

liis wife and projierty to Rhodw, where 
report [bat Athens wu taken. On this 
rthodisni sent out theii trimngs ts «si 
chant-veseela Ihey cnuld And al tea 
years afterwards brought to trial by L 
an onCion which has come down to ns 
treason in Tiolatrng a dearce which he 
passFd immedialely after the hattlo of C! 
ding any one to leare the city, ni to r 
t>c property. Though an intervnl of i 
plapsed between (he flight of Leocratei ai 
Athong, he only escaped by the votes tb 
^iid acquittal being equal. SeeGrote, xi, i 
■vii. p. IW. 
255. Ajjo-rif T. ...... Apolitical pirate, 

course throagli the constitution by help 
SBaumee. Compare Soph. Aulig. ISO, 
Tgi waTflto!) rKioi/Tts ipBijs : cl. aopta, ] 
ri nitia Kal t& •rtrcSpiof. The Pythio 

^^BHting of the Amphictyanic CounciL 


liTiBoy oi iriiyiciirjniTai ... . DemoElbcDes nas fiom 
I childhood of a weak and nivkly constitution, ind there- 
' ibre took little put «a a hoy or youth in nuuJy exer- 
ciici. See Plutarch, Dem. c. 4; ^Bchtn. e. Timaich. 
f. 17, 18 ; Grolo, xi. p. 371. 

imoBKir Tt'xfiu.... jGaotuiiea, in hii ontiaa aBain«t 
mmnrchiiB, (pp. 16, 24,) uccuscs Demoilhone) of inainu- 
«tiiig biiUKlf into Ihe lociety of wealthy familira, (such 
u that of Fiaion (h« buikec) and oaing his intimacy fbr 
the pucpose of defrauding and ruining lliem. See Orote, 
li. p. 3BI. 

iXX' tCi — iiTD^h^ai^d, nay, tmaing ymr eyti to his ar- 
roganct. The lenience ia an anacoluthon. ^Echinea, 
carcied STtiy by hia emotion, omits to finish what he had 
intended lo say. If jre regard the sentence na responding 
to the one precuiiitig, {liiRKi^arrts tls i. 4.,} wo may 
supply BovXcisanBf from that seatence: or, aa seetni 
preferable, we may regard the clauae from orerm to 
>dA« a> parcnihelica), aad make imoKaii^itvit ipaii \hB 
apodoais to the ivliole passage. 

iKHX^iu St enSaJoui. Ct. STiprs, 137—147, Plutaroh; 
Demosth., e. 18; Do Corona, 288—304, (304— 307>i 

Gtoic, xi. eja. 

tltiBi, the GoddesB of rerauatian. 

B9. 'kpimtl^r. See Thuc. vi. IS, and i. fC; Dem. a. 

Aiistocr.. pp. esfl-DO. 

fha 6iriaTtpu. See Plulan U, Ariatid. 27 : Dem.cLept 

491, 25. 

tidm; uUh dlfficutly r^toinidfrom kill 
33. wap' oKt-yan tiiiptvyor. ThuD. y