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Full text of "Orderly book of the "Maryland loyalists regiment," June 18th, 1778, to October 12th, 1778. Including general orders issued by Sir Henry Clinton, Baron Wilhelm von Kuyphausen, Sir William Erskine, Charles, lord Cornwallis, General William Tryon and General Oliver De Lancey. Kept by Captain Caleb Jones"

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This part, where this book was found, now used as a dining-room, 

was built by John Moore, about 1660, and is still 

in the possession of the family. 


NO. 2. 




. JUNE 18th, 1778, to OCTOBER 12th, 1778. 













250 copies printed. 


The greatest problem of the British government, in 
their attempt to subdue the rebellion of the United 
Colonies, was the difficulty of obtaining soldiers. From 
early times, the superior condition of the British sub- 
ject had made him loth to serve his country either in 
the navy or army. The former difficulty had been 
overcome by the impressment laws, which, limited in 
their effect to the seaport towns and directed largely 
against non-residents and criminals, produced only 
passing ebullitions of discontent. To fill the ranks of 
the latter, however, no administration had dared to 
risk the unpopularity of a conscription law, and in her 
wars Great Britain had for many years relied quite as 
much on a subsidy system for procuring allies and 
armies, as upon her own troops. On the breaking 
out of the American Revolution, this problem offered 
greater difficulties than usual. Not only was the war 
one which did not inspire national enthusiasm, but a 
large per centage of the people and the Opposition in 
Parliament believed it to be unjust; and the general ig- 
noranceof the people of Great Britain of America, 
as well as its great distance, all combined to make re- 
cruiting a failure in the mother-country. Convinced 

(5) of 

of this inability to obtain the necessary quotas at home, 
the Ministry sought aid outside. The Hessians oi 
Germany and the Indians of Canada were obtained — 
troops so cruel as to actually preclude the possibility 
of conciliation — and from the Colonies themselves 
were drawn still another force — "the Loyalists" — 
who, embittered by past persecution, and by the fratri- 
cidal nature of the contest, proved scarcely less merci- 
less and vindictive. 

Upon the evacuation of Boston, a corps of the refu- 
gees from that city was embodied under the command 
of Timothy Ruggles, After the occupation of New 
York and the overrunning of New Jersey, the New 
York Loyalists were organized into De Lancey's Bri- 
gade, and New Jersey supplied the troops for Skinner's 
New Jersey Volunteers, making a force computed in 
May, 1777, to number about two thousand men. In 
this year General Howe carried the main part of his 
army from the head of the Elk, in Chesapeake Bay, 
through or near the strongly loyal Colonies of Mary- 
land and Delaware, and occupied Philadelphia. 
This city had an estimated population of some 
twenty thousand who were neutral or loyal to the 
King's rule, and large bodies of loyalists in the march 
had taken the opportunity to join the English forces. 
Upon taking possession of that city, therefore, further 
attempts were made to enlist loyalist corps, and among 
others, Sir William Howe gave permission to James 
Chalmers, "a gentleman from Maryland, who came 


into the British Army at Elk;"* "much respected in 
the three Lower Counties on Delaware and in Mary- 
Iand,"t to raise a regiment to be known as the " Mary- 
land Loyalists." J This act was afterwards criticised by 
an opponent of Howe on the ground that Chalmers, 
"though much respected in Maryland, was uncon- 
nected and without influence in Philadelphia;" || but 
his regiment met with as much success in recruiting 
as any of the loyalists, and so far as we can judge from 
the names of the officers, was drawn entirely from 
Maryland; though by General Robertson's evidence 
the rank and file of most of the loyal regiments were 
composed of newly-arrived emigrants. In May, 1778, 
Chalmers' regiment was stated to number 336 in all, 
and it is probable that, cut off from its recruiting base 
by the evacuation of Philadelphia in the next month, 
it never numbered more. A partial roster of the regi- 
ment is here given. For the commission officers it is 
believed to be complete :^ 

* Galloway's Examination, 67. 

\ Howe's Evidence, 53. 

\ In Montressor's Journal it was also called " the 3d Provincial Regt.' 
In the New York Historical Society's copy of Rivington's Army List 
for 1783 a MS. note records that the uniform was "Red Coat, Olive 
lapel white button holes." 

II Galloway's Examination, 67. 

\ The numbers following the names indicate the works they are 
given in, as follows: No. i, this Orderly Book; No. 2, Mills & Hicks' 
Register for 1779; No. 3, Gaines' Register for 1781; No. 4, Gaines' 
Register {ox 1782; No. 5, Sabine's ^w^'rzVaw Loyalists. No. 6. Riv- 
ington's Army list 1783. 


James Chalmers, Lieutenant Colonel, i, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 
James McDonald, Major, l, 2, 3. 
Grafton Dulany, I, 2, 3, 6. Patrick Kennedy, i, 2, 3, 4, 5. 

Caleb Jones, I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Walter Dulaney,^ I, 2. 

Philip Barton Key,* i, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. James Frisby, i, 2, 3, 4. 
Isaac Costen,! i, 2, 3, 4, 5, Daniel Dulaney Addison,§ 4, 5, 6. 

James Miller,|| 2, 3. James Inglis, i, 2, 3, 5. 

James Sinclair, i, 2. Thomas H. Parker, I, 2, 3. 

John Stirling, 2, 4, 5, 6. Levin Townsend, i, 2, 3, 4, 6. 

John Boswell, 2. 

William Stirling, I, 2, 3, 4, 6. Winder Cannon, i, 2, 3. 
William Bowles, i, 2, 4, 6. William Jones, i, 2, 3. 

James Henley,^ 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. William Monro, i, 2, 3, 4. 

John Coffman, 2, 3, 4. John McPherson, i. 

John Stewart, 4, 6. 

John Patterson, Chaplain, 2, 3, 5. 

Kidd, 2. ^ Ji_i£_;. Stafford, 5. 

* In Gaines' Register for 1781 he is entered as Phillip R. Key, but 
in the issue for 1782, as above. 

\ Sabine gives the name Costin (II, 500). 

^In Gaines' Register for 1782 he is Major, in place of McDonald. 

I Sabine gives it "Daniel Delany Addison." 

II Spelt in Gaines' Register for 1781 " Millar." In that year he was 

\ In 1782 he was Adjutant, Gaines' Register. 
\ In Rivington's Army list it is spelled Stuart. 


Quarter Masters. 
Joseph Gaeuelt, 2. Thomas Welch, 4, 6. 

William Stafford, Mate, 2. William Heuston, Mate, 2, 4. 

Zachariah Bailey, i, James Love, i. 

Joshua Merrill, I. Dimant, I. 

Thomas Gill, I. More, I. 

Stratton, I. 

Obediah Smith, I. John White, i. 

Jacob Rodger, I. 

Peter Brown, Private, i. 

The Maryland Loyalists remained in Philadelphia 
until the beginning of its evacuation, June 16, 1778. 
It crossed New Jersey with the remainder of Howe's 
army, being part of General Knyphausen's division, 
taking part in the battle of Monmouth, and upon its 
arrival at Sandy Hook was transferred to Long Island, 
and attached to the command of General Tryon. In 
this service they occupied different posts on the island, 
largely for the purpose of procuring fresh provisions 
and forage. From England, with the probabilities, in 
those days, of a six to ten weeks' voyage, only salt 
provisions were obtainable, and the English army was 
even at times on short allowance of these. To supply 
the commissariat was therefore a constant struggle, 
which led to much that disgraced and made the Eng- 
lish hated beyond description. So disagreeable was 
this service to the regular force, that it was largely left 
to the Hessians and Loyalists, who, trained to see what- 


ever was needed being taken by force (or as it was 
delicately veiled by words, "impressed"), and having 
neither patriotism or corps d'esprit to check them, 
plundered and destroyed at their own pleasure. Of all 
parts of the Colonies, Long Island probably suffered 
the most. Occupied by the British from 1776 to 1783, 
it was depended on for a large part of these supplies, 
but which the policy of the United Colonies was to 
destroy. It was therefore the scene of constant de- 
scents, skirmishing and harrying, in which the inhabi- 
tants were as the nut between the crackers ; and these 
have left a story of brutality and destruction hardly to 
be equalled, which finds narration in all of our town 
and county histories. These so shamed the finer feel- 
ings of the leaders of the British army that they not 
merely condemned the few ever convicted, but in at 
least one case paid out of their own pocket for the de- 
struction done; but the people for the most part dared 
make no complaint, and indeed both Howe and the 
Continental Congress complained that for the worst 
crime committed, but few could be brought to ac- 
knowledge its committal. In this occupation the 
Maryland Loyalists passed the summer and early fall 
of 1778, and seem to have continued near or in New 
York till 1782, in which year they served in Florida. 
A year later, on the conclusion of peace, the larger 
part of them embarked at New York, on the trans- 
port ship Martlia, for Nova Scotia, to settle there, but 
were wrecked off Tusket river, and over one hundred 



lives lost. It is recorded that the troops stood, drawn 
up in company order, while the women and children 
were ordered into the boats, and the few survivors 
among the men were chiefly saved by clinging to 

The orderly book of this regiment, here printed, 
covers the period from June i8, 1778, to October 12, 
1778. It begins with the evacuation of Philadelphia, 
and covers the march across the Jerseys, and the for- 
aging tour and cantonment on Long Island. For the 
period to July 5th, the General Orders of Howe have 
been printed in the " Kemble Papers," in the Collec- 
tions of the New York Historical Society for 1882; but 
there are differences in the following text even in 
these, and this includes as well the Brigade and Regi- 
mental Orders, which were of course not included in 
the General Orders. For the remainder of the period 
it fills a gap which has hitherto been vacant, making 
it of great importance historically. It is also, so far as 
I can ascertain, the first orderly book of the Loyalists 
put in print, and has a value, both to the genealogist 
and to the Maryland historian, who has even failed as 
yet to mention this regiment. It was kept by Caleb 
Jones, once sheriff of Somerset county, in Maryland, 
who in 1776 was arrested and only set at liberty by 
the Council of Safety on his giving bonds for ;^200 for 
his obedience to the self-constituted Whig authorities. 
He seems to have sought safety in Lord Dunmore's 
fleet, for he arrived at New York in the frigate Briuie 

a few 


a few months later, and for this flight the General 
Court at Annapolis declared him an outlaw. He went 
with the English army to Philadelphia, where he en- 
listed in the Maryland Loyalists with the rank of cap- 
tain. At the conclusion of the peace he removed to 
St. John's, New Brunswick, being one of the original 
grantees of that city. 

This Orderly Book was left in the garret of the 
John Moore house, at Newtown, having been presum- 
ably tossed aside when filled up, for the regiment was 
then in quarters there. Here it was discovered by 
Mr. Oliver Hazard Perry, the occupant, whose wife 
Maria Louisa Moore is a descendant of John Moore, 
the builder of the house. 

Paul Leicester Ford. 

g7 Clark St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Since the foregoing history of this regiment was 
printed, I have discovered that it was transferred to 
Florida in 1779, or the early part of 1780. At the 
surrender of the English force at Mobile to Don Ber- 
nardo de Galvez, March 14, 1780, among the prison- 
ers taken were "Of the Maryland corps. — i Sergeant, 
15 rank and file."* Not quite a year later, on May 9, 
1 78 1, a much larger part were made prisoners of war 
by Gen. Campbell's surrender of Pensacola to the 
Spaniards ; described in the " state of the forces com- 
posing the Garrison of Fort St. George " as " Mary- 
land Loyalists, i Major, 4 Captains, 2 first Lieutenants, 
5 Ensigns Staff; i quarter master, i mate. Serjeants, 
&c. 9 Serjeants, 8 corporals, 3 drummers and fifers, 
lOI privates. Wounded l private. Sick and invalid; 
I Serjeant. "t In "Farmers Journal of the Siege 
of Pensacola,"! are a few facts concerning the part 
borne by this regiment, Major M'Donald being at that 
time the officer in command. From this same source 
we learn that the prisoners were transferred to Havana, 
and on June 30, 178 1, sailed for New York, where 
they arrived on July 12, and were cantoned in and 
about Newtown, L. L 

* Almon's Remembrancer, 1780, II, 99. 
f Almon's Remembrancer, 17S2, II, 281. 
^ Historical Magazine, IV, 166. 


Head-Quars, Haddenfield [Haddonfield, N. J.*], 
June y^ i8th, 1778. 
Parole, Jersey. C. Sign, Brunswick. 

The Commander in Chief [Sir Henry Clinton] Ex- 
pects That the Commanding Officers will strictly in- 
force all Orders Relative to Disapline and Good Or- 
ders, and it being the Gen\s Intention to have the 
Army as amply Supplyd as the situation will or can 
Submitt of — He Desires that it may be Understood 
that he is fully Determined to Execute in the spott 
Every Man Deticted in Mauroding or who Shall Quitt 
his poast, Upon the March, or found straglin by the 
Advance poasts of the Corp without permition; all 
Persons who have permition to follow the Armey are 
immediately to Give in their Names to the Late Town 
Magor [Capt. Edward Madden] of Philadelphia, 
Shoughing Their Names by whome Recommended — 

*0n June i6, Howe ordered "Lieutenant-Gen. Knyphausen and 
Maj.-Gen. Grant [to] cross the River to-morrow morning at four with 
the following Corps (viz.) Yagers' mounted and Dismouted, Queen's 
Rangers, Hessian Grenadiers, 2d New Jersey Volunteers, Maryland 
Loyalists, Volunteers of Ireland, and Caledonian Volunteers." That 
day's march brought them to Haddonfield, about eight miles from Phil- 
adelphia, on the Gloucester and Moorestown turnpike. 

( 13 ) A Return 


A Return of wemin Actually with Each Corps to be 
Given in to Morrow at Orderly Time. The women 
of the army are Constantly to March on the flanks of 
the Baggage of thier Respective Corps, and the pro- 
vost Marshal had Received Possitive Orders to Drum 
out Every Woman who shall Dear to Disobay this 
Order. The Commanding Officers of Corps will at all 
Times, when they Cume to their Ground, post such 
Guards and Pickets as they shall judge sufficient for 
the safety of their Incampments — The Pickets of Each 
Brigade of Brittish are to be Visited by a field Officer 
Belongin to it; he is to Report al Extreordenareys to 
the Coll of the Day for the Infermation of the Com- 
mander in Chief, and His Excellency Gen\ Knip- 
housin* will Please to Order such Officer as he shall 
think Proper to Vissit the poasts of The Heation 
Troops under his Command. The Gen\ Orders of 
the Army will be Given at 6 O'Clock In the Morning 
Untill further Orders. 

For the Day to Morrow [Coll Lieut] [West] Hyde 
— M[ajor] B[rigade]. — Syms.f 

Head-Quars, Haddenfield, June ye 19th, 1778. 

Parole, Amboy. C. Sign, New York. 

Gen\ Kniphousens Orders — 

The Troops to hold them Selves in Readiness to 

* Baron Wilhelm von Knyphausen, the commander of the Hessians. 
\ Probably Lieut. James Symes. 



March on the Shortest Notice — The Adjt. to attend 
this Night for Orders at Genl, Grants* at 8 O'CIock- 
The Armey to Move to Morrow Morning at 2 OClock 
to march of from the Right by half Divitions when 
Ever the Road will Permitt it. The advance g^ to 
Consist of y^ 4 and 15*^^ Reg* to the Detatchmt y^ 
i6th Dragoons — The British Infintrey y^ 28')^ Regt 
49th _ 23d _27A_ 55th and i^th Regements, Teams & 
Vallentear Baggage shall of Pionears of Colo. Chal- 
mersf Corps — and jarsey Vollinteers Baggage of the 
Gen\ Officers Teams of Artillerys Baggage of the 
Army According to the Order of March. The Re- 
mainders of the Pionears and provition Train Pon- 
toons ye 10*.^ Regt with Coll. Chalmers and jersey 
Vollinteers| to flank the Baggage Artillery and pro- 
vition Train They all to be Equally Devided and be 
attentive That no stragler Commit this Order for 
which they will Responsibly. One Hession Regt. and 
5^11 British to Compose the Rare guard. One Officer 
and party of The 17th Dragoons to Clear the whole. 
The Flanking Parteys of the Collums to Continew 
Till This County Appear open. 

* Major General James Grant, commanding the second division. 

\ Lieutenant Colonel James Chalmers, commissioned Oct. 14, 1777, 
commander of the "Maryland Loyalists." A sketch of him is given in 

J Gen. Courtland Skinner's " New Jersey Volunteers." Cf. Stryker's 
TAt New Jersey Volunteers, Trenton, 1887. 


Head Quars Mores Town [Moorestown, N. J.*] 

June 20t)» 

Parole, Prauge. C. Sign, Colingin. 

The Army to March to morrow Morning at 3 
OClock from The Right in the same Order as to Day 
— The 28th Rigt. to form the advance Guard followed 
by the Detachment of the 17th Dragoons of which a 
Corpl. and 6 to March in front of the 28th. The iQth 
Regt. and Coll Chalmers Corps and The Jersey Vol- 
linteers to flank the Baggage Artilrey and provition 
Train — The Rear guard Donops Reg*, and ye 5*^^ 
British Followed by the Detatchment of ye 17th Dra- 
goons — 

A Copy of sir Henrey Clinton's Order. Camp at 
Evening [?]t Times ipt.h June 1778. 

The Right honnerable [Capt. Francis] Lord Raw- 
don is Oppoynted Adj\ Gen\ With the Rank of 
t/^ Lieut. CoUonell in the Armey in the Room of L 

CoUo [James] Patterson who has omittedj Leave to 
Return to Europe on his private affairs. 

*About seven miles northeast of.Haddonfield. 

fin the order as printed in the Kemble Papers (i, 595) it is " Ever- 
sham," but the word here used is certainly not that. 
J "Obtained" in Kemble Papers (i, 595). 


Head Quars Mount Holly June ye 20th 78. 

All Orders Delivered by Cap' [Thomas] Murr[a]y 

of the 40th * Regt or Capt [John] L[l]oyd of the 46^^ 

Regt. are to be Obayed as Coming from an Adee- 


Head Quars Mount Holley June 21^7 78. 

Parole, C. Sign, Passaw. 

The Following Corps to be under Arms to Morrow 
Morning and to March in the The Order which they 
are Mentioned ye 20^^ of the Mounted Hessions 
Waggons and all the Dismounted — The Queens Ran- 
gert — I Officer and 20 With Waggons of the Ingi- 
neers \^} Batln of Light Infantry. Queens Light 
Dragoons — British Granneders Hessions Grannedeers 
Two Medium 20 pounders. One Hautgers Brigd of 
Guard 3d Brigade of British 3d Batl" of the 4th Brigade 
of British 6 pontoons The Remainder of the Ingineers 
Intrinching Tools — Batt Horses of the Army Baggage 
of the Genl. and Staff officer and the Army According 
to the Line March— Cattle 5th Brigade of British 
HovendersJ Troops Provential Cavelry are to be under 
the Command of Brigr G^. Lisleylj The first Batl"? of 

*"48th'' in Kemble Papers (i, 596). 

I The loyalist corps commanded by Lieut. Col. Simcoe. 

JCapt. Richard Hovendon, commander of the troop of Provincial 
Light Dragoon Cavalry. 

||AIexander Leslie, commander of one of the three divisions of the 
English Army. 



the 4th Brigade is to flank the Baggage on the Left 
Lieu* Coll. Aliens* will flank it on the Right and 
Lieut. Coll Vandikes Corpsf will March in the Center 
of Baggage — The Remainder of the Army will Re- 
ceive Order from his Excellency Lieu*. Gen\ Knip- 

John Fisher DrumanJ in ye 28'^ Regt , Tryed 
for Dissertion and Bearing Arms in the Rebels is 
found Guilty and Centanced to suffer Death he is to 
be Executed to Morrow on the March Between the 
Hours of 4 and 12. 

Head Quars Black horse Monday June 22^ 1778. 
Parole, Linton. Cs. Essex. 

The Armey will March to morrow Morning in Two 
Coloms. Genl Lisleys Corps Reinforced by Hoven- 
ders Dragons Forming the Vance Guard of the Left 
Collom. Will be Ready to March at 2 OClock. The 
first Devision will form the Left Collom and Lay 
Ready to March. 

* Lieut. Col. William Allen's corps of Pennsylvania Loyalists. 

•j-Capt. J. Vandike, who by Howe's evidence had in May, 1778, 
"three troops of light dragoons, consisting of 132 troopers, and 174 
real volunteers from Jersey." This corps was known as the "West 
Jersey Volunteers," and was either disbanded or merged in 1782, 
when Vandike was transferred to the Roman Catholic Volunteers. 

:|"John Fisher, Drummer," Kemble Papers, 1597. 


Head Quars Camp at Cross Wicks June 23^ 1778. 
Parole, Exeter. Cs. Sunery. 

The Army will March to-morrow Morning — The 
Corps of Brig'J'^ Gen\ Lisleys Will if Possible joyn 
their Devission at Cross Wicks at 6 OClock. The 
Second Devission Under his Excellency Gen\ Knip- 
housen Will Begin his March at 4 OClock — the i^' 
Devission will Lie in Readiness to Move at 6 in the 
Same Order as this Day. The Houses of Swaill & 
M^ Tolmans* having Been Burnt This Morning. The 

*Mrs. Shreve and Mr. Tallmans" in Kemble Papers. "The enemy 
on their way through Burlington County, wantonly destroyed a very 
valuable merchant mill near Bordentown, the iron works at Mount- 
holly, and the dwelling-houses, out-houses, &c., of Peter Tallman, Esq., 
and Col. Shreve." Netu Jersey Gazeife, June 24, 1778. Col. Caleb 
Shreve was at this time a representative in the Assembly, and Peter 
Tallman a representative in the Council of New Jersey. Though these 
are the only two buildings mentioned in the Orders, the following ex. 
tract from T/ie New Jersey Gazette of Aug. 5, shows much greater 
destruction during the retreat. 

[Extract from a letter from Monmouth, dated July 18.] 

" I have been waiting from the time the enemy passed thro' this 
country till the present, in expectation that some of your correspondents 
would, thro' the channel of your paper, have given the public an ac- 
count of their conduct to the inhabitants — but not having seen any as 
yet, and as it has been such as every honest person ought to despise, I 
take this opportunity of giving a short sketch of it; which, if you think 
will be any satisfaction to your readers, you may insert in your paper. 
The devastation they have made in some parts of Freehold exceeds 
perhaps any they have made for the distance in their route thro' this 
State, having in the neighborhood above the Court-house burnt and de- 
stroyed eight dwelling houses, all on farms adjoining each other, besides 



Commander In Chief Will if The Destruction of the 
Houses Was in Untonly* Given A Reward of 25 
Guineys to Any Who Will Discover the Person Who 
sett Fire the Above Houses so that he may be 
Brought to A Punishment Diue to an Act so Dis- 
graceful! to the Army. The Commander In Chief 
Gives Notice that any Person Who may hereafter be 
found Committing such Disorders Will be Delivered 
to the Provost for Immediate Execution. Many of 
the Women who were Sent on Board the Transports 

barns and out houses. The first they burnt was my own, then Benja- 
min Covenhoven's, George Walker's, Hannah Solomon's, Benjamin 
Van Cleav's, David Covenhoven's and Garrit Vanderveer's ; John Ben- 
ham's house and barn they wantonly tore and broke down so as to ren- 
der them useless. It may not be improper to observe that the two first 
mentioned houses that were burnt adjoined the farm, and were in full 
view of the place where Gen. Clinton quartered. In the neighborhood 
below the Court-house they burnt the houses of Matthias Lane, Corne- 
lius Covenhoven, John Antonidas, and one Emmans ; these were burnt 
the morning before their defeat. Some have the effrontery to say, that 
the British officers by no means countenance or allow of burning. Did 
not the wanton burning of Charleston and Kingston in Esopus, besides 
many other instances, sufficiently evince the contrary, their conduct in 
Freehold I think may — the officers having been seen to exult at the 
sight of the flames, and heard to declare that they never could conquer 
America until they burnt every rebel's house, and murdered every man, 
woman and child. Besides, this consideration has great weight with 
me towards confirming the above, that after their defeat, thro' a retreat 
of twenty-five miles, in which they passed the houses of numbers well 
affected to their country, they never attempted to destroy one. Thus 
much for their burning." 

* " Intentional " in Kemhle Papers. 



at Philadelphia being Present With the Armey The 
Command"} Offir^ will Give in Returns as soon as 
may be Conveniant of The Number of Such Womin 
In their Respective Corps and They will specify by 
whome permission These Womin Regoined the 
Armey. The names Countys and Professions of all 
Followers of the Armey who are not all ready 
Regestred Must be Given into Cap'. Maddem of the 
iS'hReg^ Before to Morrow Evening — Army Genl. 
Kniphousens Orders Rechliston 23 June 1778. The 
Colum to March at 4 to Morrow mornS In the same 
order as this day: — All the pioneers to march in the 
Rare of the 2^ Batl"} of Light Infentry Pioneers of the 
Regts at the head of their Respective Brigades — The 
Rare Guards to Consist of the Reg'. Ducore* 49'.^ & 
4'.h British all The Batt [ery?] Horses of the Colums 
to March in the Frunt of the Generals Offr^ Baggage 
and on no Account to Mix With the Line of March. 


It is Required that any person That Lists A man 
that Want Two of His fingers on his Left Hand and 
has Mustered With the Armey from Philadel. Will 
secure him and Bring Him to Adj' Gen\ 

*<< Du corps," a Hessian regiment. 


Head Quars. Emelston [Emelstown] 24™ 

June 1778. 
Parole, Nazvfulk. C. S., Munick. 

The Armey to March to Morrow Morning at 4 
OClock In the same Order as this Day. The Rare 
Guard to Consist of The 55 & 58th Regt CHftons 
Corps* and The Jersey VoUinteers to flank the Right 
of the Artilreys Bagge, &c. The 5^^, 10*, & Chal- 
mers Corps to the Left. 

Head Quars. Freehold Town ship 25™ June 1778. 
Parole, Oxford. C. S., Manhaim, 

The Colum to March to Mor^ Morning at 4 
OClock in the Same Order as this Day — the Rare 
Guard to Consist of the ist Bat" Louesf Brig^e 27th 
British. Mounted yaugers 10^.'^ 23^^ & Chalmers Corps 
on the Left flank of the Artilrey &c. Cliftons & Jer- 
sey VollinteerS up" the Right. Half of the 17th Light 
Dragoons in the Rare of the Hessions. ist troop in 
Rare of the Artilrey to Give their Attention to their 
left flank, the Remainder of the 17^.^ Dragoons in Rare 
of the Light Infantry. A Detatchment of a 150 Men 
from Chalmers Corps to be in frunt of 4^^ Reg":, under 
The Command of Coll. Innis.J 

* Provincial corps of " Roman Catholic Volunteers," commanded by 
Lieut. Colonel Alfred Clifton, numbering, according to Howe's testi- 
mony, 180 men. 

\ Probably the Hessian battalion commanded by Col. John A. de 

\ Colonel Alexander Innes. 

Head Quars Camp Near frehold 26th June 1778. 
Parole, Leicester. C. S., Bonn. 

The Armey Will Remain to Morrow in its Present 
possition. One Days fresh and one Days Salt Provis- 
ion Will be Isued to the Troops early to mor^ Morn- 

The Gen\ Court Marshal which Lieu* Coll. [James] 
Grant is President is Disolved a Gen\ Court Marshal 
Consisting of 3 Field Offic; and 10 Captns. from the 
British to assemble at 8 OClock to Morrow Morning 
Near Head Quar^ for the trial of such prisoners as 
May be Brought Before them. 

Lieut Coll. [Normand] Lamont President. 
Lieu'. Coll Dunkan. 
L', coll. [Henry] Hope. 


British Grants 2 

is; Batl" 2 

2 Brigde I 

3d Brigfje 2 

4 Brigde 2 

5 Brigde I 

Total 3F. Offi'-s 10 Capt. 

Capt. Addie* Judge advocate to whome the Dates 
of Commissioners are to be sent Early to Morning. 
Field officer British Lines Lt. Coll. Trelaney.f MB. 

*Capt. Stephen Payne Adye. 
\ Henry Trelawney ? 



Stephens. Memm. the Pickets of the whole Armey to 
Mount to Morrow Morning at Gun fire. 

Coll. Chalmers will please to Order such Evidences 
to Prossicute the Prisioners Charg<^ with Burning 
Houses this Day, 

Lost on the March yesterday A silver pistole who 
ever will Bring it to the adj^ of 2^ Infantry will Re- 
ceive One Guiney Reward. Two Horses to be Sold at 
Coll. Lowstint. 

The Next Detatchment Ordered from Lieu* Coll. 
Chalmers Corps for Safe Guards will be devided into 
Non Commission^ Officers Guards of a sergt. or 
Corp\ and 4 privates. They will fall in Regulerly to 
be Ready to fall out when Cald on — and be distin- 
guished by G'l No I, 2, 3, &c. A Subalton Officer to 
Remain with every 4 of these Guards, and A Capt 
With Every 8, if any of the Houses they protect are 
fixed on for Quar^ for Gen\ Offi^;^ they are to admitt 
of a Gentry being poasted with them but are not to 
Move till Ordered By the Gen\ Offir or his Aide 
Camp or Brigade Major. In houses upon the Road 
out of the Line of Qua^sthe Safe G^ is to Remain till 
the Rare gua^ of the Armey passes thin to join them 
and proceed to their Detatchment. A Report to the 
Commanding Offic if any Disorderly people attempt- 
ing to force the safe Guards into Plunder Where they 
are poasted The guards is Imediately Make them 



Prisoners and fire on them if they should Make Re- 
sistance, if any Reinforcement of the safe Guards 
should be Wanting Application to be made to the 
Command"} Officer of the next Batt" — The Inhabi- 
tants Must be Desired to Drive their Cattel into a 
proper Inclosier that such as are fitted for the use ol 
the armey May be Delivere«J to the assistants to the 
Commissa7 Gen\ who will pay a Reasonable price for 
them — all Womin following the armey and Other 
Stragglers who attempt Coming on the rare of ye 
army Houses Barns or Other Buildins will be secured 
for Leaveing the Line of March wheather they Com- 
mit any Disorders or not. 

R[egimental] 0[rder] Every Officer in the Battn 
to have a Coppy of this order. 

R. O. No Officer or Solder to Quitt his poast De- 
vision Platoon or Command on any account What- 

Head Quars Camp Frehold June 27™ 1778. 
Parole, Berwick. C Sign, Coblentz. 

The Armey to Move to Morrow Morning at 3 

Genl. Kniphousins Orders. 


Camp Middleton June 28™ 1778.* 
Parole, Clinton. C Sign, New York. 

Collo Chalmers Corps Cliftons & Vandikes to Re- 
main on their preasant Ground till further orders. 

Head Quars Middleton June 29th 1778. 
Parole, Bedford. C S Lissa — 

Camp Near Middleton June 30^" 1778. 
Parole, Darby. C. Sign, Pina. 

Morning Orders July ye \^y 1778. 
Officers Commanding Corps Will as soon as possi- 
ble Will give into Majr Brewenf D[eputy] Q^ Master 
Gen' , A Return for Embarkation of all Horses in their 
Respective Corps Consistint with the Regularety, 
No provision Can be Made for the Transportation of 
any Other horses. 

Parole, Leeds C Sign Fulda. 

Headquars Camp [near Neversink] July 2^ 1778. 
Parole, C. S. Molwitz. 

The baggage of the armey to be embarked to 
Morrow morning as Early as possable — Two days salt 

* On this day the battle of Mwnmouth was fought, the chief brunt 
being borne by Knyphausen's division. 
\ Henry Bruen. 



Provisions Bread and Rum to be Served to the troops 
to morrow Morning to the 4\^ Instant at the Place of 
Embarkation — A Return Horses for Embarki} Be- 
long"} to the Gen\ and staff Offi';^ of the Armey to be 
Given in this Night to Maj'; Brewen DeX Q\ M\ Gen\ 

For the British Lines this Evening Coll Stephns. 

Packet Will Sale for Europe in a few Days. 

Head Quars Camp July 3P 1778, 
Parole, C Sign, Olmiitz. 

One Days fresh provision will be Ishued to the 
Officers of the armey to Morrow Morning. 

Chaddock Buttler* Tryed by the Gen\ Cort Marshal 
of which Lt Coll Lament was president for stealing a 
Horse is found not guilty and therefore Acquited. 

Michal Peperly and addam Derry Driver in the (^"^ 
Mas'; Gen\ Depar^. Tryed for seting to and Burning 
Houses are found not Guilty and Therefore Acquited. 

Mary Coulfrittf and Elizabeth Clark followers of 
the armey Tryed for Plundering. 

The Court is of the Oppinion That Mary Colfritt is 
not Guilty — But that Elizabeth Clark is Guilty and Do 
therefore Adjudge her to Receive 100 Lashes on her 
Bear Back and to be Drum^ out of the armey in the 
Most Publick manner — The Command^; in Chief Con- 
ferms the above Centence. 

*" Chadlock Butler," in Kembk Papers. 
j"Mary Colethrate," in Kemble Papers. 



All Horses and Waggons Belonging to Q'; Mas^ 
Gen\ Department in posseation of Difrant Officers of 
Corps or Departments of the Armey are to be deliv- 
ered up to Morrow Morning at 5 OClock at the New 
Bridge Leading to The Hook Where an Officer at 
That Department Will Receive them — For the B. 
Lines this Evening Coll° O'Harow.* The Pa\ Officer 
of the Line found a B"", Rone with a saddle and Cloak 
The Owner Will Apply to Lt. Coll. Worns.* 

R.O. For Duty this Evening Capt. G[rafton] Du- 
laney & Lt. Sinclier [James Sinclair]. 

Head Quars Camp Near Sandy Hook 
July 4th, 1778. 
Parole, C. Sign, Mintz. 

The Armey will hold itself in Readiness to March 
at Daybrake to Morrow — all followers of The armey 
who wish to Embark With it from hence are to apply 
for Passes to Capt Madden Superintended of Refugees 
— For the British Lines this Eveng. Coll. [Richard] 

Sandy Hook July 5th, 1778. 
Parole, Suffolk. C S.,fra7ikfort. 

The March Being Now Complated The Commander 
In Chief Desires to Return his thanks to the army for 

* James O'Hara. 

I Lieut, Col. Philip von Wurrab. 



the Cherefulness which they Have Supported The 
fatiges of the Duty. He wishes Likewise to DeHver 
his satisfaction at the Noble Orders Shown by that part 
of the Armey who Repulsed suppersition Numbers of 
the Enemy the 28th of June. And on this Occation 
The Commander in Chief Most begs Leave to Express 
his Sence of the Assistance Receiv^ from the Zeal of 
U Gen\ Lord Cornwallis & Maj*; Gen\ Gray Brigd^ 
Gen\ Mathews & SirWm. Erskins. The Commander 
in Chief is then with Realtery [reluctance ?] Oblidgf 
to say that the Irregularity of the Armey During the 
March Reflected Much Disgrace On that Discipling 
what aught to be the first Object of an Offi"".^ 

Attention — The flank Companys of all the British 
Reg'.s of this Devision of the Armey are to join their 
Respective Corps till further Orders. 

The flanking Companys of the 22 & 23 Regt will 
Remain Embodied under the Command of the Oldest 

The i^} & 2^ Brigd,^^ of British are to Encamp Near 
the water place On Staten Island butt They are not 
to Land till they Receive their Tents. 

The i6th §j i^th Dragoons and 73* Dis^ Troops 
the Guards flank Companies at [of?] the 22 & 43^ 
Regts. A Murricans Queens Rangers and all the 
Hession Corps to Be posted on N. York Island — the 
Tentsf of the Army will be Stationed Near Utrick On 

*"And the three Provincial Troops" in Kemble Papers, 1,603. 
f " Rest " in Kemble Papers, i, 603. 



Long Island — The Guns which have been Attach to 
particular Corps During the march are to Rejoin them 
as the Troops will Embark Immediately Their Provis- 
ion will not be Isued to them till they Gitt on Board 
their Respective Transports. 

R. O. For Duty this Evening Capt. Wal[te]y 
Dulaney I J [Thomas H.] Parker. 

Morning Orders July ye 6^^ 1778. The troops to 
Land as soon as Possable with two Days Provis"} The 
Commanding Officers to be Anserable that no man 
Quits his Camp and that no Depredation are Com- 
mitted on the Property of the Inhabitants — Either in 
Burneing or pulling Down fencing or taking furage of 
any kind as straw fuel and furage will be Regulerly 

The Regiments will not Land any Heavey Baggage 
Except Tents and Officers Nessisareys as Safe Guards 
are to be posted at Every House it is Expected that 
The Strictest attention will be paid to them as they 
have Orders to fire on any Person who attempts to 
force them. 

Officers will Take Care that no Women are Landed 
on any Account Till the men are In Campt. 

Gen^ Orders Gravesend Bay July 7^"^ 1778. 
Parole, Northumberland. C Sign, Gray. 

The Inhabitants of that Land Gravesend & Without 
Yallow Hook are to furnish troops with wood and 



straw According to the Regulation. But in the mean 
time The Commanding Officers of Reg^^s are to Give 
Receats for What they Receive — The 5*.^ Brig^J* to 
Apply to Majr Vanderbilt at flatt Lands. The 4'^ 
Bi-jgde to Mr. Cokerhove at whicht Land The Proven- 
cial Troops to Johanner Bergen at Yellow Hook. 
The Roads to be Calld frequently and Perticulerly in 
the afternoon it is Requested of Commanding Officers 
of Reg\ to keep their men from stragling out of the 
Camp in Case of no Commissary not attending the 
Defferent Brig^^ fhe Commanding Officers of Reg^f 
will give Recepts for any furage that may be Received 
from any of the Inhabitants Attending that the Quar- 
ters Dose not Exceed the Embarkation Return of 
Horses Given in to the Q"; M"; Gen\ [Sir William 
Erskine] to Morrow — Waggons will Attend to mor- 
row to Bring up Baggage of the Armey according to 
their Allowance. Spacefing this Days Orders. The 
Women of the armey are permit*^ to join their Reg^s 
to morrow — Sir William Arskins Bris^ideer Genl. 

Head Quars July 8th, 1778. 

Parole, Obdeek. C Sign Uxbiirge. 

The troops Incampt at or near Kings Bridge are 

upon no Account to Cutt Down or Distroy the Hemp 

or Spruce Growing in the Woods in the Neighberhood 

Except by an Order from Mr. Lutwige* Superintended 

■* Edward Goldstone Lutwyche, of New Hampshire, {^Parliamentary 



of the Kings Braverry Commanding Officers of Corps 
are Requested to be Perticularly Attentive to These 
Orders as the Preservation of the Spruce is of Utmost 
Consiquence to the Troops. 

All Convelants and Recrutes'at New York Paul[u]s 
Hook or Stratton Island are to be Immediately sent 
for by their Respective Reg^s . 

The Convelaisants of New York are under The 
Directions of the Town Adjt_ . 

Such Corps or Departments have not allready 
settled their stoppages with the Pervaior of his 
Majestys Hospittal to Comply with this Order Im- 

The Reg\ of Merbeck* to March to Morrow morn- 
ing as Early as Possible to New York and In Camp 
on the Ground Lately Occupied By the 33'^ Reg* . 

Head Quars July qth 1778.! 
Morning Orders July 12th, 1778. 
Regimental Coart Marshall to set Immediately. 

Register, xi. 198), who in 1778 was "superintendant of the Kings 
Brewery at New York," being paid at the rate of 10 / per day. The 
timber was wanted to brew spruce beer, for the purpose of preventing 
scurvy, very prevalent in the army from the necessity of feeding the 
troops with salt meats. 

* Mirbeck. 

f Here follow six blank pages in the original MS. 



Capt. Key* President. 
L* Townsin. \ t« «^ , / L^ Ingils. 
Ens Jones. / ^"^ ^^^' \ Ens McPherson. 

Head Quars New York July 12^", 1778. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Head Quars New York July 13, ' 

Parole, Sotza. C Sign, Atton. 

14TH July 1778. 
A Regimental Coart Martial to set this morning 

Capt. Key President. 

Lt Starling. "I ,. , f L^ Parker. 
„■ ,. > Members. S t-' ti 1 j. 

Ens Monrow. j i En^ Bowls, f 

The Batt" to Perade at troop Beating Every Morn- 
ing for Exercize Offir^ Servants to attend the Batt" 
Men and Pioneers to attend the Drill in the Evenings 
the Orderly Corpl. to Parade their men and the aukerd 
men of their Respective Companys and assist the 
Drill Serg"^, in Teaching them no man to appear on A 
Perade or beyond the Sentreys of the Batf} without 
being uniformly Dressed. When the men Perade 

* Philip Barton Key, afterwards member of Congress. See Sabine. 

I William Augustus Bowles, who afterwards became notorious as 
" Commander in Chief of the Creek Nation." See Authentic Metnoirs 
of . . . London 1 79 1; Public Characters for 1801-2; and Sabine. 



under Arms the Offices to have their fire arms. When 
the Batt'} exersize an Officer of a Company to be an- 
serablee that the men present are in Good Order and 
the absent men Duley Reported as the Compan^ Must 
Account for all their Arms by them Received they are 
forthwith to put thier Spear [spare] arms in the Best 
Order as the Whole are to be Inspected next friday. 
The mens accounts to made up to the 24 of June in 
Order to have them Cleared With how Soon the nes- 
sasars Wanting are Provided. 

No man of What Ever Rank to Leave the Camp 
without proper Leave. No Man to take his fire Lock 
to Peices Except taking of the Lock on Any Acc\ 
What Ever Without Leave from an Off*; who is to be 
Answerable that the Brich is not taken out nor the 
Stock Distroyed — 

The Q\ Mr to be answerable the Incampment is 
swept Clean every morning that is from Tents of Staff 
to ten yards Behind the Quart^. Guard. 

Head Quarti^s Durryees house Long Island 

July 14TH 1778. 

Parole, Bagshot. C S, Sticklinburg. 

Head Quartos Duryees house July 15™, 1778. 

Parole, Portsmouth. C Sign, Stettin. 

R. O. Officer for Guard is to March of the Guard 
and Contineu with it During the 24 Hours. 



For Guard this Day Lieut. Tovvnsin for to Morrow 
Ens Jones. 

Head Quartos July i6th^ 1778. 
Parole, Dorset. C Sign, Frelenhousan. 

R. O. For Guard to Morrow L^ Ingils. 
Morning Orders July 17th A Regimental Coart 
matial to set Immediately. 

Capt. Coston President. 
Ens Jones, \ _ _ , f U Townsin, 

L.Starlin, I ^^■"''^^=- j U 

Head Quars New York July 17TH 'j%. 
Parole, C Sign. 

R. O for Guard to Morrow En^ Starling-. 

Head Quars. New York July 18™ 1778. 
Parole, Northampton. C Sign, Mores. 

R. O. for gard to Morrow L'. Sinclier. 

Head Quars New York July 19TH 1778. 
Parole, Exeter. C Sign, Arras. 

When Small Detatchments are Sent from Any Corps 
the Commanding Officers of That Corps is to send 
With them A Certificate Spacifying to what Time they 



are Victualed as the Commassarys are Desired not to 
Give any Provision to them Till further Orders. The 
Troops to Receive 2 Days Rice instead of flower. 
The corps of Pioneers and Others so Acting in futer 
to Receive the Same Proportion of Rum that the Sol- 
diers do — The Packet will sale for Europe this Ensu- 
ing Weak the Exact time of her Departure is Unex- 
pected all Letters Intended to be Sent are to be Sent 
to the Town Mag\ in fair street on or before sundy 
Next at which time the male will be Cleared — The 
Commissary [Daniel Weir] Will begin Mustering the 
Reg\s Stationed on Strattin Island on Mon Day the 
20\h july^ and these on Long Island the Saterday fol- 
lowing the Weather Permitting. 

R. O. For Guard to Morrow En^ M^Pherson. 

Head Quars New York July 2oth 1778. 
Parole, Comwallis. C Sign, Frihiirg. 

Such field Offciers Commanding Offi^'s of Corps & 
Staff officers who have had their Herses keld in 
Action are to Apply for paym^ for the Rate of ;^I5 
Each — at the Quarter Master Gen\ Office. A Num- 
ber of Officers Tents and Marquees being Sent from 
Ingland For the Use of the Armey Such Corps as 
are in Want of them will Apply to the Qr M^ GenJ 
Office — The payment of Such Corps as Receive them 
will transmitt to their Respective Agents the Names 
of the Officers they are Delivered to in Order that the 



Proper stoppages may be made — Mr. John Craige* is 
Oppointed to Act in the Q\ M\ Generals Office. The 
Commander in Chief being Informed it Was his Ex- 
cellency S"; W"^ Howes Intention that Lieu\ Coll 
Simcoef of the Queens Rangers Should have Rank of 
all Lieu^. Collonlls of Provincials in this Establishment 
and Being Convinced of the Justice of the Measure — 
it is His Excellenceys Pleasure That Lieu* Colonell 
Simcoe should take Rank in Provencial Servise from 
the I St July 1776 — The Troops to Receive two Days 
provision to the 22<^ july tomorrow Morning flower to 
be Ishued instead of Bread. 

R. O. For Gd. to mw. L* Parker. 

New York July 21^7 1778. 
The Pennsy Loyalists and M^ Loyalists & R C 
VollinteersJ are to hold them Selves in Readiness to 
March they will Receive further Orders from Major 
Gen\ Tryonll Under whose Command they are to put 
themselves.§ Sign^J Rawdon adjt Gen\ 

* Sabine mentions a John Craig who went with his family and three 
servants to Shelburne, N. S., in 1783. 
fjohn Graves Simcoe. 
:[:" Roman Catholic Volunteers." See Game's Gazette, ]\x\y 13, 1778. 

II Major General in the British forces, in command of the loyalist 

§ This included Allen's, Chalmers', and Clifton's corps, numbering 
about 700 men. 

R. O, 


R. O. when the Batf} march all Officers servants 
and Batf} men to Carry their arms and fall into the 
Ranks — The pioneers to attend the Q^ M"; with their 
arms. A Return of spear arms in Each Company. 

For Guard to Morrow En^ Bowls. 

New York July 22 1778. 

Major Gen\ Tryons Orders U Coll^ Chalmers 
Batf} to march Early to morrow morning and Encamp 
Near Jamacea and on friday will Proceed by force 
Marches to huntington Where they Will Encamp 
and Waitt there for further Orders. The strictest 
Disapline will be Maintained — it is Recommended to 
the Officers to take as Little Baggage as Possable the 
service they are going upon making it Nessary. 

Fore Days provisions to be taken With the Regf. 
L': Chalmers will apply to Coll. Axtill* for press 
Waggons to Carry the same as also the Sick that Can 
be Moved which may be Left at the Village of Hirricks 
Bayt and Jameacca with a proper Non Commissioned 
Officer, till able to join the Reg* L^ Coll. Chalmers 
will apply to the Q'; M^ Gen\ for Such waggns as are 
Allowed by Gen\ Orders to Carry the Baggage. 

R. O. The Heavy Baggage of the Batt'} to be Col- 

*Col. William Axtell. See Sabine, I, 198; Thompson's Z^wg' ^/a«//, 
I, 226, 228, and Onderdonk's Revolutionary Incidents of Sttffolk and 
Kings Counties, 167, 172, 175, 184, 187. 

f In North Hempstead township. 



lected in the Center of the Regt_ by the Q^ M\ and 
Left in Ceare of the Q^ G'^ The tents to be struck 
at j4 after 3 tomorrow morning and to be Ready to 
March of at 4. 

Head Quars New York July 23V 1778. 
Parole, Cambridge. C S Narcea. 

R. O. for Guard to morrow En^ Jones. 
A Regtl Court Martial to sett to morrow morning 
at 9 O'clock. 

Capt. G. Dulany President. 

En^ Mcpherson, 1 ,-r u f L' Ingils, 

^ • •, > Members, ^ • fc- • 

Ens Starlmg, J L Lt. Parker, 

Head Quars New York July 25™, 1778. 
Parole, Falmouth. C. Sign, Lutzer. 

R. O. for Guard to Morrow En^ Jones. 

Head Quars New York July 26th 1778. 
Parole, C S. 

The Muster Mas^; Gen\ of Provential will begin to 
Muster the provencial Corps In New York Islant to ,^ 
morrow the 27*^ Instant — The Q^; Mas'; of the differ- 
ent Corps that Came from Philadelphia are to Attend 
at the Barrick Office in Mayden Ally New York Any 



Day betwen this and first of Aug* to settle their 
Barrick and fuel act^ with Cap\ Pain.* 
R. O. for g^ to morrow Ens. M^Pherson, 

Head Quars New York July 27™ 1778. 
Parole, C Sign, Lissa. 

No Soldiers is hereafter to Leave the Camp at 
Brooklin without a pass sign<| by an Officer and the 
Soldiers not to pay for their passage nor Officer when 
going on Duty. The boats are not to pass or Repass 
after 9 at Night butt In Case of an Express. 
R. O. for Guf? to morrow En^ Starling.f 
R. O. 29th 1778. The Tents to be Struck to 
morrow morning at 3 O'Clock and the Battn. to March 
of at 4. fore Day provision to be Carried with the 
Regt. I Subolt on and 16 men to Remain On the 
Ground till the whole Baggage is March. No man to 
Appear on the march without Arms as no Excuse of 
Being Absent. Battn. men Baggage men or pioneers 
will be Allowed. 

Camp Jericho Long Island July 30™ 1778. 
Parole, C Sign. 

The Regt to march to Morrow at 4 OClock. 

* James Paine ? 

•j- Two and a half blank pages follow in the MS. 


Camp Jericho Long Island July 30™. 
Parole, C Sign. 

The tents to be struck to morrow morning at 
Revallee Beating and the Reg\ to march of at 4 
O'clock Every man able to Carry arms to fall in to 
the Ranks and Contineu with the BatfJ During the 
Days march The sergen to attend the sick and to be 
anseable that the Mateneos[?] are not allowed in the 
Number of sick Reports to the Commanding Officers, 
It is again Ordered the Officers march with their 
Companeys and be Anserable that No man Quitt his 
Ranks Except in Case of Sickness. 

Head Quars Huntington July 31ST 1778. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty this Day L^. Coll [Richard] 
Hewlett,* for to m^ Major Minzies.f 

Comp G^ and sentres as usu\ for the securety of 
Each Corps to furnish a Cap\ of the Day as in the 
former Encampment who are to Superintend and Re- 
port the Inline Picket Besides which an outline picket 

* Of Hempstead, N. Y., Colonel of De Lancey's 3rd battalion. See 
Sabine II, 532. In 1776 he was reported to the Committee of New- 
town as "an active and bitter enemy of his Country." Cf. Thompson's 
Long Island, I, 200, 205; Onderdonk's Revolutionary Incidents of 
Suffolk and Kings Counties, 65, 70 ; Onderdonk's Revolutionary In- 
cidents of Queens County, 42, 192. 

f Major Alexander Menzies, of De Lancey's 3d battalion. 



Consisting of i^ is 2\ & 20 pr^f will mount at Sun 
Sett at the Cross Roads Between Platts town and 
Wickes Common, i^} Batt'} Dulanceys giveing the 
Outline Picket this Evening, at the same time the 3^ 
Batf} will furnish a guard of a Corp\ and 6 privates 
at Brigdr Gen\ Dulanceys* Quars which will be Re- 
leaved by the ist Batt>} to m^ morning. No Inhabi- 
tants to Receive more than 4 Coppers pr Quart for 
milk — The fencis are not to be Distroyed nor Burntt 
and the Q"" Master are Desired to Apply to Justice 
Piatt for fuell for the Necessaryes of the Camp. No 
tavern keper or Inhabitants to persume to sell Rum 
or any Other spiritual Licquers but By a written ordr 
produced from an Officer. 

After Orders A Corpl. & 6 to mount Immediately 
at Major Gen\ Tryon Quar^ from i^} Batf} Dullanceys 
and to be Releaved by an Eaqual N^ from the 3 
Battn tomw Morning. 

Head Quars Aug^ ist 1778. 
Parole, Cavilt. C Sign, Boyn. 

Field Officer for Duty tomy L* Coll. Cruger.f 
Adjt. for the Day V"} B Dulanceys for to Morrow from 

* Oliver De Lancey, Commander of the three batallions of New 
York loyalists known as De Lancey's Brigade, numbering in May, 1778, 
according to Howe's testimony some 707. 

■j-John Harris Cruger, commander of DeLancey's ist Battalion. 
See Sabine, I, 344. 


" 43 

the 3^ Do. Outline Pickett this Evening On the Right 
of the Encampment 

S S C R&file 

I I I & i6 . . . from 3<j Battn, 

o o I & 4 . . . from i^' Do. 

I I 2 & 20 

Gen\ Tryons Guard of a Corp\ and 6 to morrow from 
ist B Dullanceys. Brig^r Genl. Dulancey D G^ from 
the 3d Batt" . 

Brigade Major Waller* to Act as Adji; Gen\ to the 
Command under Gen\ Tryon. The two field peices 
Escorted by Coll. Chalmers Batt"} to be sent to the 
i^t Batt'} Dulanceys as soon as they are arrived in 

A Return to be Given in Immediately from Each 
Corps of the Names and Numbers of the men who 
have been on Command with the artillery. Returns 
to be Given in at the Same time of the No of men 
who have not Recieved Cloathing in Coll. Chalmers 
& Cliftons Batt"} as also what arm are wanting or Sup- 
pernumery to Each. — The Maryland Loyalists and 
R. C. Vollinteers to march to Morrow Morning at 5 
O'clock to Smyths Town where they will in Camp. 

The troops will Constantly March (where the Ground 
will admitt of it) by half Companys. The Gen\ Ex- 

*John Waller, Brigade Major under Tryon. Sabine erroneously 
states that he was a Major in Delancey's Brigade. 



pects the Officers will March with thier Devissions 
and not suffer their men to straggle from them under 
any Pertance. 

An Out Line Picket to be maned[?] on the Heights 
on the Left of the Encampments of the Batf^ that 
Arrived to Day Consisting of i^ is 2^ & 20 p* from 
Mf Loyalists at sun set this Evening which will Joyn 
its Corps at Day Brake. 

In the Morning. 

The Assistant Qua''. Master Gen\ to furnish 5 Wag- 
gons to the ist Batf} Dulanceys and Coll° Corps Each, 
and to the 3<J B and Coll. Cliftons 4 Each — Orderly 
Sergt tomy to Gen\ Tryon from i^} B Dulanceys Do 
to Major Brigde 3d B. Do . 

R. O. for Pickett this Evening L* Starling for the 
Inline Pickett L' Ingils — Cap*; for the Day Cap* G<^ 

Head Quar^ . Hunting — After Orders 3 OClock. 
I Subalton i Sergt. and 20 Rank an file from M Loy- 
alists to march to Ridoupts at Loyds Neck to morrow 
morning in Order to Embark on Board the Union 
Armed transport as soon as she arrives and Releave a 
Detachment of Loyal A Merricans Regt* Now on 
Board which is to join its Reg* at Flushin fly. 

* The regiment commanded by Beverly Robinson. 


Camp Smyths Town Aucf 2^ 78. 
R. O. A Regt Coart Martial to set to Morrow 
morning at 6 OClock. 

Capt. W. Dulaney, President, 
Ens Bowls 1 Men,bers.|En^. Monrow, 
Lt. Sinclier J i U Starling. 

for guard this Evening L* Townsin for the Inline 
Pickett Ens m^ Pherson. 

Head Quars Smyths Town, Aug^ 3P 1778. 
Parole, C S 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Lt. Chalmers 
adj'. 34 Batt" DuUanceys. 

The field Officer on Duty to Direct the poasting of 
the Outline picketts and of the Orders Respecting 
Rounds and Patroles. 

The Inline Picketts of i^} Batt" and Mariland Loyal- 
ists to consist of IS IS id & 25 Rank & file Each, and 
those of the 3d Battn. Dulanceys R. C. VoUinteers 
js IS id & 20 Rank and file under the Inspection of a 
Capt. of the Day wich Each Corps will Constant and 
who is to Report Every Morning to the field Officer 
on Duty 

C. S. S. D. R&F. 
122 I. 50 

from the two Battn. of Dulanceys Brigade to Morrow, 



an outline Pickett this Evening in the Rare of the 
Camp. Detale 

C. S. S. D. R & R 

1st B Dulanceys. . . i o i i 30. 

3d Battn. Do 02 i 20. 

Total .... I 22 I 50. 

The Mariland Loyalists and R. C. V. to mount on 

outline pickett Consisting of the above Number 

C. S. S. D. R. 

Maid Loyalists . . . o i I i. 30. 

R. C. Vollonteers . . i i i o. 20. 

Total I 2 2 I. 50. 

Sr. Henrey Clinton has been Pleased to Order that 
the three Militia Light Troops should furnish their 
Own Provision while on this Service and while Em- 
bodied both. Officer and men are to Receive full Pay 
as Light Draggons and have a wagon allowed to each 
Troop to Carry their Provision Gen\ Tryon Orders 
the 3 Troops to be formed in one Squadron undr the 
Command of Coll. Hamelton* who will make all Re- 
turns Cal'J for to Major Waller adj'. Gen\ The Troops 
to march to moroy morning at 2 O Clock in the fol- 
lowing Orders R. C. V. and Capt. Kenlocksf Troop 

* Probably Archibald Hamilton. 

•)- A troop raised on Long Island early in 1778. Cf. Onderdonk's 
Revolutionary Incidents in Queens County, 156. 



to furnish the Vane Guard — The Infx to lead — The 
two Battn Dulanceys and Mariland LoyaHsts to main 
body — Coll. Hameltons furnysh the Van Guard. 

The Common Commissary and Waggons as Or- 
dered yesterday A Sub"} and 20 men of R. C. V. to 
Advance in frunt of the Vane Guard — on the mareh 
eaeh Corps to furnish its own flanker. 

R.O. For Duty this Evening for the Inline piekett 
Capt Key and Lt. Sinelier — for the Outline Pickett Lt. 

Head Quars Satuckett Aug^ 4TH 1778. 
Field Officer for Duty to morrow Major [John] 
Lynch adj* M. Loyalists Gen\ Tryons G<J this Day 
IS' B. Dulanceys to morrow M — Loyalists Brig'J'' Genl 
Dulanceys G^ of a Corpral and 6 privates from the 3^ 
Batt"} Dulanceys to Morrow R: C. Vollonteers — De- 
tale for outline piekett this Evening. 






1^} B Dulanceys . 

. I 





3d Batt" Do . . . 

. I 



M. Loyalists . . . 






R. C. Volunteers . 





Total 2 4 4 2. 100. 

Orderly Serg'_ at Head Quars this Day i^} Batt^ 
Dulanceys to morrow M^ Loyalists — Two Days fresh 



Provision is to be Delivered to the Troops to Morrow 
— A Pickett from Coll. Hameltons squadron to Consist 
of i-S -i-S -i-P & 19 Rank & file to Mount Every 
Evening at Sun Sett at Crains Neck and to the Report 
to the field Officer of the Day. The squaddrens will 
also furnish patroles for the Camp The Quarter Guard 
to furnish each a Sentry towards the water side from 
hence all Boats are to Be Drawn up so they are not 
Liable to be Landed without the nowligee of the sen- 

R. O. for the Outline pickett this Evening En^ 
Mcpherson and L* Sinclier for the Inline pickett Cap^ 
Coston and En^ Bowls. 

Head Quars Satuckett Aug^ 5™ 1778. 
Parole, Clinton. C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Lt. Coll Clifton 
Adgt from R. C. Vollinteers Gen\ Tryons QA_ from 
the IS' Batt" Dulanceys Brig<^r Gen\ Dullanceys Gf 
3d Batt" Do Orderly serg' head q"; from 3d Batt" D^. 
Detail for the Outpickett this Evening. 





R & file. 

I St Batt" Dulancey , 






3d Battn Do . . . 






M. Loyalists . . 

. I 





R. C. Vol"s . . . 

. I 





Total ... 

. 2 






The Gen\ Expects that every Officer will keep in 
Camp and that no One puts his name on a house for 
the Purpose of taking it for Quarters. — The Qua^ Mf 
Gen\ only is allowed to do that for such as are intitleed 
to Quarters and who are to Make applytion to him in 
Order to Obtain them. 

Prices of Provisions in suffick County to be Observed 
By the Troops till further Orders. 

Weathers at ... 32 shillings. ^ 

Ewes at . . . 25 D° 

Lambs at ... 20 D^ 

Turkeys at ... 5 

Fowles at . . . 3 Do. 

Geese at ... 4 Do. 

Ducks at ... 2 / 3 Do 

fowles at . . . I / 9 Do 

Chickins at . . . i / 8 D^ 

Beaf at . . . .10 pr. Pound. 

Veal at . . . i shilling. 

Pork at . . . I Do 

fresh butter at . . . i / 6 Do 

Eggs 8 for I / 3 Do 

Milk pr. Quart 3 Coppers. 

Wheat pr. Bushl. 12 shillings. 

Rey at ... 7 shillings. 

Indian Corn at . . . 7 Do 

Old Oats at . . . 5 Do 

New Do at ... 4 / 6 Do 



Flower at ... 35 Do. 

Cyder Pr Bal . . . . at . . . 30 D© 
Do Pr Qr at . . . 6 

R O. For the Outline Pickitt This Evening Cap* 
frisby and En^ Bowls, for the Inline Cap\ Walter Du- 
laney and L\ parker. 

Head Quars Satuckett AuGf 6th 1778. 
Parole, Hess. • C. Sign, 

Field Officer For Duty to Morrow Major Mc Dan- 
iald* adjt. M^ Loyalists. 

Detail for Out Pickett this Evening. 

C. S. S. D. R&F. 
M. Loyalists . . . . o 2 i i. 30. 

R. C. Vollon* . . . o o I o. 20. 

Total o 2 2 I. 50. 

The Troops to be in Readiness to March in An 
hours Notice. 

R. O. For the Out pickett L^ Parker and En^l 
Morrow. For the Inline pickett Capt. W. Dulaney 
and L' Starling. 

Corpl. Thoms Gill of Cap*. W. Dulaneys Company 
is Oppoynted Sergt. in Cap\ frisbys CompY. 

*John McDonald, of the "Maryland Loyalists." 


Head Quars Weiden River Aug^ /th^ 1778. 

Parole, Weiden. C. Sign, Hudson. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow l^_ Coll. Hulett 

Adjt \^} Batt" Dulanceys The Out pickett Ordered 

this Evening as Last Night — A G^ of a Serg' and 

Corpral & 12 to Mount at Head Quar^ Emmediately. 

C. S. S. D. R. 
Mar^ Loyalists , . . o i o o. 8. 
R. C. V. ...... o o I o. 4. 

o I I o. 12. 

A Pickitt of an Officer & 30 from Collp Hameltons 
Squaddrun to Mount this Evening On the hill In the 
Rare of the Camp Sentries During the Night. The 
Gen\ is so Sorrey to have Occation to Take Notise of 
the Sorrey Scanderlus and Irregular Behavier of Some 
Disorderly Soldiers. The full Confidance he has in 
the Spiritt of all the corps under his Command will 
Intitle him to the Zealus Exertion of the Officers and 
a punctual Obedience from the Soldiers in the Reguard 
of thier Duty. 

No Soldier to be allowed to go In a House — The 
troops to March to morrow morning at 4 O'Clock — 
The Order of the march is as Strict as yesterday. 

R. O. For the Outline pickett this Night L^. Par- 
ker and Ens Monrow — for the Inline Duty Cap^. Jones 
and L* Starling, 


Head Quars Matituck, Aug^ 8, yS. 

Field Officer for the Day L* Coll Cruger Adj' i^} 
Batt" Dulanceys. Field Officer for to Morrow Major 
Lynch. Adjt 3 B. Dulany Gd. at Head Quars this 
Day one Sergt^^ j Corp\ & 12 from ist Batt"} Dulan- 
ceys. Do at Head Quar^ to Morrow M Loyalist 
Brigdr. Genl. Dulanceys Gd. of i Corp\ & 6 Privates 
from Do to Morrow from R. C. Vollinteers. 

Detale of the Picketts this Evening. 

1st Batt" Dulys . . . o 

3d Batt" Do . . . .0 

M<^ Loyalists . . . . o 

R. C. Voll" .... I 

Total I 4 4 2. 100. 

Orderly Serg\ this Day i^} Batf? Dulanceys for to 
morrow 3*^ Batf} Do The Light Dragoons to Mount 
a pickett of an Officer & 20 as usuall which are to fur- 
nish Patroles for the Camp as usual. 

R. O. For the Outline pickett this Night Capt. W. 
Dulaney and En^ Jones — for the Inline Cap* Key and 
Lt. Ingils. 

Head Quars Matituck Aug*. 9th 1778. 
Parole, Farrine. C Sign 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Lt. Coll. Chalmers 
Adjt M^ Loyalists G^ at Head Quar^ is* Batf} Du- 
lanys Brigdr Gen\ Dulanceys 3^ Batt" Do. 


. s. 




) I 




> I 




) I 







Detail for pickets this Evening. 






ist Batf} Dulys , 

. . 





3d Battn Do . . 

. . I 




M. Loyalists . . 

. . I 





R. C. Vollins . 

. . 




Total . . . 

. . 2 





Cap*; Kenlocks Detachment to Take the Cavelry 
pickett this Evening which will furnish Pattroles to 
the Camp — 

Genl. Tryon has Ofired a Guinney Reward to any 
lahabitants of Sauffuck County Who will Apprehend 
and Bring any Diserter to Camp. 

The Commanding Officers of Corps to be Anserable 
for the Cleanlyness of their Respective Reg^s and 
Camp and that Proper Nessisariey Houses are made 
Immediatily. No Horses to wartered at the wells Nor 
is thier Water to be used from them for washing, there 
Being a pond on the right of the Camp. That this 
Order may be puntially fulfilled, sentries from Each 
Quar^ to be poasted at the Wells to which the Regts. 
Drinks warter. 

Sergt Antiney Baster of Brig^r Gen\ Dulanceys 
Battn is oppointd Assistant provost marshal to the 
Troops in this Service and to be Observed as Such — 
A Gd of a Corpral & 6 privates to mount Immediately 
at the provost Marshals Quar^ from 3d Batt" Dulan- 


ceys provost g^ to morrow M<^ Loyalists — The Genl. 
Possitively forbids soldiers stragling from Camp and 
any One of them who is found half a Mile from it will 
be sent prision'; to the Provost. 

R. O. For the outline pickett this night Cap* Keys 
and L^. Ingils — for the Inline Duty Cap' Coston and 
Ens Mcpherson. 

The Commanding Officers Expects that every 
Company's tents will be properly marked and that the 
Commanding Officers of Companeys are anserable for 
the Cleanlyness of their Companeys streets and the 
Qr Master for the whole Incampment. 

A Reg\l Coart Martial to set Immediately. 
Capt. Key President. 

Ens Jones. I Members. I Y' Y^'"^'' 
L\ Townsin, i I L* Parker. 

An Officer of Each Company to be Always in the 
Regem^j Incampment. 

When any of the Officer means to go to the next 
house or the Reg^f in Camp he is to acquaint the 
Orderly Serg^. of that Company where he may be 

No Servants Tents to be seen in the Officers streets. 
These is to be standing Orders. 
R. O. Aug'. iQth 1778. 
A Reg*} Coart Martial to set Immediately. 
Capt. Caston President. 

Ens Mcpherson, \ j^je^^bers. | ^^' ^^^^^'^' 
Lf Townsin, J ' ' L\ Starling. 



Corpl. More of Cap* W"", Dulaneys Company is 
Oppointed Serg*^. in Capt. Costons CompY Instead of 
Serg', Statton. 

Head Quarts Matituckett Aug^ io™ 1778. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty tomorrow Major Lynch 
Adjt R. C. Volnters Guard at Head Quar^ to morrow 
Md Loyalists Brig^J^ Gen\ Dullancys Qd D^ — Orderly 
Serg'. I St Batf} Dulanceys — Fresh provision to be 
Isued to the Troops for 4 Days in A Weak untill 
further orders. 

Detale for out pickett this Evening 






I St BatP} Dulys . 

. . I 





3d Batt" Do . . 

. . 




Md Loyalists . . 

. . 





R.C. Volns . . 

. . I 




Total . . 






Cavelry pickett as useual from Coll. Hameltons — 
Gen. Tryon has Received Information that Some Dis- 
ofected Inhabitants on Long Island have by Base and 
fowl Insinsiation addressed to With Draw the offec- 
tions of the Soldiers from the Sollom Ingagement they 
have Entered into to Support the Honner of his Maj- 
esteys Crown and Happy Constitution of the County 




by Incurregeing them to Dissert the Service he hopes 
Therefore to Detect all Such Villiness Practise and 
Recommend it to Every Soldier who shall be So Dis- 
honestly Tampeard with to Shew a proper Indignation 
for Such an Insults on his phidilety by approahending 
Such Person or Persons and Bringing them to his 
Commanding Officer who will Send them to the Pro- 
vost that they may be Tryed by a Coart Martial of the 

R. O. For the Outline pickett this Evening En* 
Mc Pherson, and Lieut. Sinclier. For the Inline Duty 
Capt. frisby and Lt. Parker. 

Head Quars Matituck AgT i i'^h yd,. 
Parole, C. Sign, Lisly. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow L^ Coll. Clifton 
Adjt ist BattiJ Dulanceys — Guard at Head Quar^ i^} 
Battn Do Brigdr Gen\ Dulanys Guard 3d B" D*? Or- 
derly Sergt at Head Quar^ 3»;<i B. D^ provost Guard 
M Loyalists. The Corp\ and 8 Men that attended 
Major Holland* on the servaying Bisness to attend 
Every Morning at Head Qua';s for the Same Pur- 
pose till further Orders Without any of them being 

Detail for the Out Line Pickett This Evening. 

* Samuel Holland, Surveyor General of the Lands of the Northern 
District of America, and Director of the "Guides and Pioneers." 








IS' Batf} Dulys . 

. . I 





3d Batt" Do . . 

. . 

2 • 




M Loyalists . . 

. . 




R C V 

. . I 








.2 4 4 

Coll Hameltons Squadren will furnish the Pickets 
this Evening as Usual. 

R. O. For the Out Pickett this Evening Cap*. G. 
Dulaney Ens. Monrow, 

Head Quars Matituck AugT i2th 1778. 
Parole, Gray. C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Majr M^ Daniald 
Ad]\ 3d B Dulanceys guard at Head Quarters Mf 
Loyalists Brigdr Gen\ Dulanceys Gd 3d B Dulanys 
Provost Guard Ro. Ca. Vollinteers Orderly Serg' at 
Head Quar^. M. Loyalists. 

Detale for pickett this Evening. 

I St Batti Dulanceys 
3d Batt" Do . . . 
M. Loyalists . . . 
R. C. Vollinteers . 

Total . . . 

, I 
. I 
. o 
. o 





2. 100. 


Cavelry Pickett from Collinell Hameltons Squadren 
as Useual. 

All Hay, Straw, Corn, and Oats are to be Received 
for the Commissary of Furrage. All Officers Soldiers 
and Others Persons are forbid purchising any of those 
artickels from the Inhabitants without a permitt from 
the Said Commissarys Obtained for the Quantity 
Wanted officers attending Furage viz Gen\ Field and 
Staff officers will Receive it from the Commissary of 
Furrage from the Day they arived into this Camp — 
Thier Rations to Consist to the 8 Bushals of Oats & 
no Hay till further Orders. No Quar^ or Stables to 
be taken unless marked by the Q*; Mas'; Gen^ — all 
Horses belonging to Camp are Expected to be kept at 
Grass or picketed. 

A Disobedience of the Above Orders Will be Taken 
Notice of 

A Corp\ and 6 men to mount to morrow morning 
on fg^ [?*] Boats at Gerdeen Bensons who are to suffer 
on no pertence any Boats to go out of the Same with- 
out an order from the Qua*; Master Gen\ — A Corp| 
and 6 men will be allso furnished for Cattel Guard. 
The Quf. Master Gen^. will give their Orders — all In- 
habitants whose Cattle are Devided on the Kings 
Service May not withstanding Sell Them to Com- 
missary Gen\ who has Liberty to With Draw them at 
his Pleasure. The Qua*-. Master Gen\ Will Allow all 

* Probably an abbreviation for forage. 



Waggons Retained in the Kings Service Attending 
the Command at one ShilHng starling Pi" Day in Lue 
of Rations. Cattle Guard to my ist Battn. Dulanceys 
Guard for the Boats M Loyalists. 

R. O. For the Outline Pickett this Evening Lieut. 
Parker and En^ Monrow — For the Inline Duty Capt. 
W. Dulaney and Lieu^. Townsand. 

Head Quars Matituck Aug^ 13TH lyy?,. 
Parole Kingston. C Sign, Naivfolk. 

Field Officer for duty to morrow Major Minsies 
Adgt M L Gd at Head Quar^ ist Batt" Dulanceys 
Bdr Gen\ Dulanceys G^ R. C. Voll. Provost i^t Batt" 
Dulanceys Cattle Guard M Loyalists G«| for the 
Sergt. R C Vollinteers. 

Detale for outline pickets this Evening. 






ist Battn Dulys 






3d Batt" Do . 






M Loyalists . 

. I 





R C Vollinteers 

. I 





Total ... 2 4 4 2 100. 

Cavelry Pickitt as useual. The Genl. Posatively 
forbids the Burning of Rails or fences — Commanding 
Officers will Give to thier Respective Corps Actually 
as thier Can be Pretence for Such Devistation now that 

a Plenty 


a Plenty of Wood is Brought to the Camp for fire. 
Such Cattle from South Hamton Town ship as are in 
good Condition the Commissary will Mark for thier 
use the Armey Two Markett Days in a Weak. 


Wensday and Saterday are Established near the 
Widdew Hubbord. Soldiers who shall mollist or In- 
terrupt any Persons Comeing or going from the Mar- 
ket will be Sevearly Punished, a Coart marshal of the 
Line to assemble to morrow morning at 9 O'Clock for 
the Tryal of all Such prisoners as Shall be Bought 
before them. 

President A Capt. from the 3 B Dulanceys i Sub- 
belton from i^} D^ i Subbelton ^^ D° a sub. from the 
M. Royalists i Sub. from the R. C. V. Members. 

Detale i C 4 Subaltons. 

The Prisioners to have the useal Notice the Evi- 
dences warned to attend. 

Mem. Only such prisioners as are not to be Kept 
in the Reg^f Qr G^ will in futer be sent to the Pro- 

R. O. For the outline pickett this Evening Cap* 
Frisbey & L* Townsand — For the Inline Duty Cap' 
Key and En^ Jones. 

Head Quars Aug"^ 14TH 1778. 
Parole, Nezvport. C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Lieu\ Col^ Cru- 



ger Adjt R. C. VolHnteers Qd at Head Q\ 3^ Batt" 
Dulanceys B"; Gen\ Dulanceys. G^ jst Batt" Do 
Provost Gd M Loyalists Cattle Guard R C Vollinteers. 
Gd for the Boats M L. Orderly Sergt ist Batt^ Du- 

Detail for Out Pickett this Evening. 

C. S. S. D. R & F. 

i^} B Dulanceys .1 i 2 i 

3d Batt" Do . . I I o 

M Loyalists . . o i 2 

R C Vollinteers ,0 i o 


3d Batf? Do . . I I o o. • 22. 
M Loyalists . . o i 2 i. 29. 

o. 17. 


442. 100. 

The troops are Acquanted that a Safe Guard is Op- 
pointed to Pertect the Houss in Property of Mr. John 
Gerden on the Right of the Camp and that who ever 
Forcable takes Owing [?] anything Under his Carged 
will be Punished as the Articles of War Dericts in that 
Cause. The arms And Ammunishon to be Cearfully 
Examined Every Morning at Troop Beating. 

R. O. For the Outline Pickett this Evening Enf 
Jones. Out Duty Capt Key and En^ M«: Pherson. 

The Officers to pitch their Tents Emmediately and 
Remain in Camp Constantly Agreeable to former Or- 
ders. The Commanding Officers of Companeys to see 
their Companies Tents properly pitched a Return of 
Tents Wanting to be given in Immediately to the Qr 
Master as soon as Possable. 


Head Quars Matituck Aug^ 15™^ 1778. 
Parole, Plemmeth. C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Major Green 
Adjt* ist Batt" Dulanceys Guard at Head Quar^ M 
Loyalists Br^r Gen\ Dulancey G<^ R C Vollinteers 
Cattle G^^ i^' Battn. Dullanceys Guard for the Boats, 
ist Batt" Do Provost G^ 3d Batt" D?. 
Detail for Pickets this Evening. 






ist Batt" Dullancey 

. I 





3d Batt" Do . . . 






M Loyalists . . . 

. I 





R C Vollinteers . 





Total .... 

. 2 





Cavelry Picketts from Collo Hameltons Squadren. 
In Case of an allam in the Night The inline picket of 
ist Battn & 3d Do will Repare to Head Quar^ Those 
of the Others two Batt^^ viriU form on the Gen^ parraid. 

R. O. For the Outline pickett This Evening Cap^ 
Coston and L^. Ingils & En^ Mfpherson, For the In- 
line Duty Capt. frisby and Lieu"; Parker. 

Head Quars Matituck Aug^ i6th, 1778. 
Parole, Luninburg. C Sign, 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Lieu^ Colo Chal- 

*Joseph Green, Major in Delanceys ist battalion. 



mers Adg* 3^ B Dulanceys G^ at Head Q^s Do Brig<Jr 
Genl Dulanceys Guard 3d Batt^ D^ Provost G4 R C 
Vo Cattle G^ M L. Guard for the Boats 3^ Dulancys 
Orderly Sergt R C Vollinteers. 

Detail for Out Pickets this Evening. 






ist Battn" Dulys . 






34 Batt" Do . . . 

. I 




M Loyalists . . . 

. I 





R C Vollinteers . 





Total 2 4 4 2. 100. 

One Non Commissioned Officer & 10 Privates from 
Coll. Hameltons Squadren, A Coart Martial of the 
Line to sitt to morrow Morning for the Trial of all 
such Prisioners as may be Braught Before them. 

Prisident Cap\ from M Loyalists 1^} Batf? Dulys, 
one Subalton 3d Batt" Do i Subelton M Loyalists 2 
Subaltons. The Prisioners to have thier Useual No- 
tice and the Evadences Warned to attend. The Com- 
missary is Derected to Percure from the Inhabitants as 
Much flower as Possable and to make a Return of the 
Number of Cattle Sent from the Respective Town Ships 
in this County — A Sergt. and 12 men the Guard over 
the Rebel Privateer to be taken of Immediately. 

No Officer to press Herses but the Quar^; M^" Gen^, 
Expects a Return of the Number of women and Chil- 
dren Belonging to Each Corps, to be Given in Im- 

R. O. 


R. O. For the Outline pickett This Evening Capf 
G. Dulaney and En^ Starling, for the Inline Duty 
Capt W. Dulany and En^ Bowles. 

For the Coart Martial of the Line Cap\ G. Dulaney 
and L* Sinclier and En^ Monrow En^ M^Pherson. 

for the Q\ G^ to morrow L* Parker. 

Head Quar* Matituck Agt ly™ 1778. 
Parole Durham. C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Major Lynch 
Adjt M Ls. Gd at Head Q. M. L: Brigd"- Geni. Dul- 
anceys G^ R C Vollinteers provost G^ ist B Dulanceys 
Cattle Gd 3rd Batf} D^ G^ for the Boats M Loyalists 
Orderly Serg\ i^' Batt"} Dulanceys — Provost Guard in 
futer to Consist of a Serg\ a Corp\ and 9 privates 
Detail for Outline picketts this Evening. 






ist Batti? Dulanceys 

. I 





3d B Do . 






M Loyalists . . . 






R C Vollinteer . . 

. I 





Total .... 

. 2 





Cavelry Pickett from Capt. Kenlocks Light Dra- 
goons — Mr. Daniald Ozbern, Selvester Lesister are 
Oppointed Commissaryes for Vitualing The Extrey 
Waggons Imployed by the Gen\ Order. 



The Qr. Mr. Genl. will make a Return Every morn- 
ing of the Number Retained which will be for the said 
Commissaries Devotier. The Q\ M\ Gen\ will make 
a Return Every morning of the Number Retained 
which will be for the said Commissaries Devotier. 
The Q\ Master Genl. to Give in a Return of Oxen 
and Teams Retain^ for the Importing the Commis- 
saryes Stores & the Oxen to be Constantly kept to 
geather and not Seperated The Cattle Guard is March 
with them Breake of Day Every Morning to the Best 
Pasture, Those two or three Miles from Camp and 
Return with them in the Evening. Dureing the Night 
they are to be kept in the Swamp on the Right of the 
Camp — The Drivers are not to Leave their Quarters 
without the Qr Mas^ Gen\ Permition That the whole 
may be Ready to march at the shortest Notice. No 
Provision to be Drawn for Either Women or Children 
not preasent with the Camp— who are to be shown to 
the Commissary to morrow morning at OClock in 
the Rare of the Severall Corps Distinguishing womin 
from Children and will wait on those Officer who have 
families for their Names and No. 

R. O. For the Outline pickett this Night Lieut 
Sinclier. for the Inline Duty Capt Key and En^ 
Monrow. For the Qr. Guard to morrow En^ Bowles! 


Head Quars Matituck AugT i8™ 1778. 
Parole, Eddinburgh. C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to m^ Lieut. Colo. Clifton 
adjt R C Voln. guard at head Quar^ \^} Batt" Dulan- 
ceys Bdr Gen Dulanceys G^ 3d Batt" D^ Cattle G^ R 
C Volinters G^ for the Boats 0° Orderly Sergt. 3d B 

Detail for outline pickett this Evg 

C. S. S. D. R & F. 
ist Batf} Dulanceys . o i 2 i. 32. 


3d Batt" Do .... o I o o. 

M Loyalists . . . . i 2 2 i. 29. 

R C Vollins .... I o o o. 17. 

Total 2 4 4 2. 100. 

Cavelry pickett Millitia Light Dragoons — A Return 
of Carpenters and Black Smiths to be Given to Day 
from Each Corps — The Commissary Appointed for 
the Extrey Waggons are to Victual the Countrey 
confind [?] in the provost The Persist [?] Martials Re- 
turn will be thier porshon. 

R. O. For the outline pickett this Evening Cap^ 
W Dulaney Lieu^ Townsin & En^ Morrow — For the 
Inline Duty Cap\ Coston and En^ Jones. Qr G^ to 
morrow Morning En^ Jones. 

Head Quars Matituck AugT 19"^." 78. 
Field Officer for Duty to morrow Major MpDaniald 



adgt ist Battn Dulanceys G^ at head Quars 3d Batt" 
Do Brigd Genl. Dulanceys. Qd R C Vollinteers Pro- 
vost Qd M L— Cattle and Boat Guard i^t Batt" Dulys 
Orderly Sergt r q Vollinteers. 

Detail for Outline picketts this Evening. 

C. S. S. D. R & F. 

i^'Battn" Dulancys .1 i 2 i. 32. 

3d Battn Do .... I I I o. 22. 

Md Loyalists . . . o i i i, 29. 

R C Vollns . . . . o I o o. 17. 

Total .... 2 4 4 2 100. 

Cavelry pickett Militia Light Dragoons who are in 
futer to perrade at their Own Quar^ an Houre before 
sun sett and March from thence to their poasts with- 
out going to the Gen\ Parade and they will Report to 
the Field Officr of the Day. 

R. O. For the Out pickett this Evening Lieu* In- 
gils for the Inline Duty Cap' G. Dulaney & En^ Mc- 

Head Quars Matituck augt 2oth^ 1778. 
Parole, Cathcart. C S Rawdon. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Colo Huwlitt 
Adgt 3d Battn Dys Guard at Head Quar^ R C Vollins 
Brigd Genl. Dulanceys G^ 3d B Dulancey Provost 
Gd I St Battn Do Cattle and Boat Gd M Loyalists Or- 
derly Sergt ist Batt" Dulancys. 























Detail for Outline pickets this Evening. 

C. S. S. D. R. & F. 
I St Batt" Dulancys 
2d Batt" Do . . . 
M^ Loyalists . . . 
R C Vollinteers . 

Total 2 4 4 2. 100. 

Cavelry pickett Cap*; Kinlock Light Dragoons. 

The Sentance of the Coart Martial of the Line of 
Capt. G. Dulaney was prisident will be put in Execu- 
tion this Evening at 5 O'Clock On the Grand Perrade 
when the Troops will be Ordered Under arms for that 
Purpose. A Sergien to Attend. The Commissary to 
Deliver the Kings Allowance of Rum to the Troops. 
To pertect fals Allarms No Officer or Soldier is Per- 
mitted to Discharge fire arms in the Neighborhood 01 
the Camp. 

R. O. For the Out Duty this Evening Ens. Ster- 
ling, for the Inline Duty Cap\ W. Dulaney & Lieu^ 
Sinclier. Quar^ Guard to Morrow Lieut. Sterling. 

Head Quars Matituck. aug^ 21^7, 1778. 
Parole. C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Major Minzen 
[Menzies] Adgt M Loyalists G^ at Head Qua^s M L 
G^ at Gen\ Dulanceys Quar^. i^} Batf} Dulanceys 




























Provost 3d Battn D^ Cattle Gd Do G<] for the Boats R 
C Volunteers Orderly Sergt 3d Batt" Dulanceys 
Detail for pickett this Evening. 

i^} Battn Dulancys 
3d Batt" Do . . . 
M Loyalists . . . 
R C Volns o 

Total 2 4 4 2. 100. 

Cavelry pickett Militia Light Dragoons. An Offi- 
cers an 20 of the Out Pickets in the Rare of Hd Quars. 

R. O. For the Outline Duty this Evening Capt 
Jones and En^ Bowls, for Inline Duty Capt Key and 
Lt Parker. Quarf. Gd to morrow Lieut Parker. 

Genl Orders. 

The men whose names are on the Other side are to 
be perraded at 2 O'Clock this Afternoon With 4 Days 
provision and Rum they are to be under the Command 
of Capt. Coffin of the Whale Boats. 

After Orders 21st — 

The 3d Batt" Dulancys to march to Morrow morn- 

They will Detatch an Officer and 20 men with the 
Teames at 5 O'Clock and Receive the provision from 
board the ships— The Q\ Mas'; Gen\ will show the 
Battn the Ground on which they are to In Camp on— 



Colo. Ludloe* will Order Such Guard for the security 
of his Camp and provision as he should think Nessary. 

Head Quars Matituck aug^ 22^ ^77^- 
Parole, * C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty this Day Colo. Cruger for to 
morrow Major Green adg'. R C Vollins Guard at 
Head Qr^ i^t Batf} DulanX^ Brigd"; Gen\ Dulanceys 
G^ R C Vol^) provost G^ to morrow M^ Loyalists 
Cattle G^ Do Boat Guard of a Corp\ & 3 men i^} 
Batf} Dulanceys. Orderly Serg\ this Day M Loyal- 
ists to morrow R C Vollinteers. 
Detail for out Pickets this Evening. 

C. S. S. D. R & F. 
ist Batt" Dulys . . . o I 2 I. 30. 
M Loyalists . . . . i 2 i i. 30. 

R C Vollinteers . . I i i o. 20. 

Total .... 2 4 4 2. 80. 

Cavelry pickett Melitia Light Dragons. 

R. O. For the outline Duty this evening Cap'. Key 
L.\ Sterling and En^ Jones for the Inline Duty CapJ 
Frisby and L*. Townsin Quar. Gd. to morrow Lt, 

* Gabriel Ludlow of Long Island, commander of Dulancey's 3d 
Battalion. See Sabine, II, 34. His estate was declared forfeited by 
the act of Oct. 22, 1779, and this forfeiture was confirmed by the act 
of May 12, 1784. 


Head Quars Matituck Aug^ 23^ 1778. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Lieu\ Colo Chal- 
mers Adgt i^} B Dullanceys Guard at head Quar^ M 
Loyalists Brig^r Genl. Dullys Guard i^t Batt" Do Pro- 
vost Guard Do Cattle and Boat G^ R C Vollinters. 
Orderly Serg' i^} Batt"? Dulanceys. 

Detail for Outline pickett this Evening. 

C. S. S. D. R & F. 
ist Battn Dulanys , . i 2 i i. 30. 

M Loyalists . . . . o i 2 i. 30. 

R C Volunteers . . i i i o. 20. 

Total .... 2 4 4 2. 80. 

Cavelry pickett Capt_ Kenlocks Troops. 

Officers are not to press or hire Horses of the In- 
habitants without Permission for which they are in All 
Immaginations to apply at Head Quar^ or the QuarJ" 
Masf. Gen', where they will obtain it. 

R. O. For the Outline Duty this Night Lieut 
Ingils. for the Inline Duty Capt. Coston En^ MfPher- 
son Qr G^ to morrow En^ M^Pherson. 

Head Quars^ Matituck aug^ 24th, 1778. 
Parrole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to m^ Major Lynch adg' M 
Loyalists G'] at Head Quar^ ist Batt" Dulancys Brigdf 



Gen\ Dulanceys M Loyalists provost G^ R C VoUin- 
teers, Cattle Guard M L. Boat G^ i^.t Batf} Dulanceys 
Orderly Serg*^. M Loyalists. 

Detail for out Line pickett this Evening. 

C. S. S. D. R & F. 

isi Batf? Dulancys . i i 2 i. 31. 

M Loyalists . . . . i 2 i i. 29. 

R C Vollins . . . . o I I o. 20. 

Total .... 2 4 4 2. 80. 

Cavelry pickett Militia Light Dragons. The Troops 
to hold them Selves in Readiness to March at the 
Shortest Notice. 

R. O. For the Outline Duty this Evening Cap* 
Key and Ens Sterling & U Sinclier for the Inline 
Duty Capt Jones and En^ Bowles Q\ G<^ En^ Bowles. 

After Orders 4 O'Clock. 24^^ Aug^. 1778. 

The troops to March to Morrow morning at 6 
O'clock one Days Provision to be Immediately De- 
liver^ to the Troops which must be cook this Even- 

Head Quars Waiden River* augt 25TH 1778. 
Field Officer for Duty to morrow Lieu'. Col° Clif- 
ton adgt R C Voll'-s Gd at Head Quar^ Do Brigdr 
Gen\ Dulanceys G^ i^} Batt" Do provost G^ M Loyal- 

* Probably intended for Wading River, in Riverhead Township, L. I. 



ists Cattle i^} Batt" Dulanceys — Provision Guard M 
Loyalists Orderly Serg' ist Batf} Dulanceys Guard 
Ordered Yesterday ye Total to Mount Immediately. 
Detail for out pickett this Evening. 

C. S. S. D. R & F. 

ist BatfJ Dullys . . o o 2 I. 19. 

ML o I I o. 18. 

R C Vollinteers . . i i o o. 13. 

Total .... I 2 3 I. 50. 

On Account of the Great heat of The -Day and the 
Driness of the march The Gen\ has thought proper 
to Order Each man A Guill of Rum which the Officers 
are Desired to see it Mixed with a Proportion of 
Water — The troops to March to Morrow Morning at 
5 O'clock, The Line to move of from the Right 
Colo. Hameltons Squa^} to form the advance Guard 
Capt. Kenlocks the Rare who will furnish a Corp\ and 
4 for the Cattle Guard. 

HeadQuars Millers Place,* Aug^ 26^", 1778. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Major MfDaniald 
adjt I St Batf} Dulanceys Brig^r Gen^f Guard R C 
Vollinteers. Guard at Head Quars M L provost 
Guard the i^} Batf} Dulanceys Cattle G^ R C V pro- 

* In Brookhaven township, L. I. 



vision Guard of a Serg\ a Corp\ and 9 men from i^t 
Batt"^ Dulanceys Orderly Sergt M : Loyalists. Orderly 
Sergt forthe Adgt Gen\ this Day i^.^ Batt"} Dulanceys 
for tomw R C Vollinteers. 

Detail for the pickett this Evening. 

C. S. S. 

isf Batt" Dulys ... I I I 

M Loyalists . . . . o i i 

R C Vollinteers . . o o i 


R & file, 







Total I 2 3 I. 50. 

Cavelry pickett from Capt. Kenlocks of a Corp\ and 
4 who is to pattrol the Beach to the Eastward of the 
Camp. The fences are not to be Burnt or Distroyed. 
The Q\ Masf. Gen\ will order the Inhabitants to 
Carry fuel to the Camps for the Nessary use thereof 

R. O. For the Outline Duty this Evening En^ 
Jones. Inline Duty Lieut. Townsin Quar^; G^ to 
Morrow L* Townsin Cap* for the Day Cap*. W. Du- 

Head Quars Millers Place Auc'y 27, 78. 

Parrole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Lt Col" Cruger 

ad]\ M Loyalists Guard at Head Quars. i^} Batt" 

Dulancys. Brig^r Gen\ Dulanceys G'} 3d Batt" Do 

Provost G^ M Loyalists Cattle G^ 3d Batt"} Dulanceys 



provision G<| R C Vollinteer. Orderly Sergt. 3d. 
Battn. Dulanceys. 

Detail for Out Pickett this Evening. 

C. S. S. D. R&F. 

1st Battn. Dullys. . . o i i o. 19. 

M. Loyalists . . . . i o 2 i. 18. 

R. C. Vollinteers . . o i o o. 13. 

Total I 2 3 I. 50. 

Cavelry pickett Militia Light Dragoons — The 
Troops to March to morrow morning at 4 O'Clock. 
The Order of the March the Same as from Waiden 
River Excepting Capt. Kenlocks to form the Vance 
Guard and Colo. Hameltons the Rare Gd. The Teams 
and Waggons to be in Readiness to Move with the 

R. O. For the Out Line Duty this Evening Capt. 
G. Dulaney — for the Inline Duty Cap\ Keys L'. Ingils 
to morrow Before the troops march off. 

Head Quars Satuckett aug^ 28th. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Offi"; for Duty to morrow Major Green Adj* 
R C Vollinter G^f at Head Quars M^J Loyalists Brig<|r 
Gen\ Dulanceys this Day M Loyalists to morrow i^} 
Battn Dulys provost G^ R C V provision G^ i^} Batt" 
Dulanceys Cattle G^ this Day R C V to morrow M 



Loyalists Orderly Serg<; this Day 
morrow i^} Batf} Dulanceys. 

Detail for Out Pickett this Evi)g. 

C. S. 
I St Batf} Dulancys . 2 o 
M Loyalists . . . . o 2 
R C VoUinteers . . . o i 

■ M 

Loyalists to 












Total I 3 3 I. 60. 

Cavelry pickett of a Corp\ and 6 from Militia Light 
Dragoons. The 3^ Batt"} Dulanceys to march to 
morrow at i-C^ this Day the Rest to hold them 
Selves in Readiness to march to morrow. 

R. O. For the Outline picket En^ Mfpherson & 
Ens Sterling for this Day Cap\ frisby Q\ G^ to mor- 
row Lieut. Sinclier. 

Head Quars. Satuckitt Augt. 29TH, 78. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Lieut. Col° Chal- 
mers Adjt IS' Batt" Dulanceys G^ at Head Quar^ Do 
Brigdr Gen\ Dulanceys. G^ 3d Batf} Dulanceys Or- 
derly Sergt R C V. 

Detail for Out pickett this Evening. 

C. S. S. D. R&F. 
ist Batt'} Dulanceys .1 i 2 i. 24. 

R C VoUinteers . . .0 i o o. 16. 

Total I 2 2 I. 40. 



The First Batt" Dulanceys with the field peices and 
the Detatchm'. of Colo Hameltons to march this Day 
at 12 O'clock — Capt. Hewlett with the Remainder of 
Militia Light Dragoons to Escor-t the Cattle he will 
Receive Orders Derectt from Colo. Hamelton. A 
Corp\ and 4 Light Dragoons from Cap'. Kenlocks to 
parrade Emmediately to Escort Mr. Cutler* Assistant 
Commissary to the Eastward. The Corp\ will Re- 
ceive Derictions from Mr. Cutler. 

R. O. For the Out Line Duty Cap'. Jones Lieu' 
Parker — for the Day Cap' G. Dulaney Q\ G<^ to 
morrow En^ Bowls. 

After Orders 29 Augt. 1778. 

Devine Service will be performed at 8 O'Clock to 
morrow morning and the Troops to March at 9. 

Head Quars. Smyth Town. Augt. 30TH, 1778. 
Parrole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Major Lynch 
adj'. M Loyalists G^ at Head Quars the Detachment 
of that was Left with the provision G^ M L at Brig^ 
Genl. Dulanceys D^ provost G^ R C Voln. Orderly 
Sergt. M Loyalists. 

Detail for out Pickett this Evening. 

* John Cutler, " collector of forage and horses at Long Island," under 
Daniel Weir, Commissary General. 







R &F. 

M Loyalists . . . 

. o 





R C Vollonteers . 

. I 





Total .... I 2 2 I 40. 

Patroles from the Q"; of Militia Light Dragoons to 
Head Q^; During the Night — Do from Capt. Kenlocks 
on the Road in the Rare of head Q" 

R. O. For the Outline Duty L\ Sterling and En^ 
Jones for the Day Capt. Jone^ Q\ G^ L.\ Townsin. 

Morning Orders Augt. 31ST, 1778. 

Regeamt Coart Martial to Sett Immediately 

Capt. Jones. President. 

Ens Jones. | Members. / L- S'""^'"'' 
Lieut Ingils, ) I En^ Sterling. 

Head Quars Smyths Town. Aug^ 31ST 1778. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to my Lieut Col^ Clifton 
adjt R C V G^ at Head Q*; M Loyalists provision 
G^ R C Vollonteers. Provost 3^ Batt*} Dulanceys 
Orderly Sergt R C Vollinteers. 

Detale for pickett this Evening. 



C. S. S. D. R & F. 

ML I I 2 I. 24. 

R C Vo ...... o I o o. 16. 

Total I 2 2 I. 40. 

Cavelry pickett as Last Night. The Troops to hold 
them Selves In Readiness to March. 

R. O. For the Out pickett this Evening Cap* In- 
gils for the Day Cap\ Key for the Q\ G^ En^ Mc- 
pherson. Corp\ Merrill of Cap*^. Jones Company is 
Oppoynted Serg^. and Obediah Smyth Oppointed 

After Orders 6 OClock. 

The Troops to march to morrow at 6 OClock 
Leaving an Officer and 30 men of M Loyalists to Es- 
cort the Cattle the Officer will Receive Orders from 
Colo. Willit* Commissary for the Same — En^ Ster- 
ling for the Above Duty. 

Head Quaks. Huntington, Sep^ ist, 1778. 
Parrole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Major MfDaniald 
adjt IS} Batt" Dulanceys G^ at Head Quars i^t Batt" 
Do Brigdr Gen\ Dulanceys G. t,^ Batt"} Do Provision 
G<J M Loyalists provost G^ R C Vollonteers. Orderly 
Serg\ I Batf^ Dulanceys The two Batt"} Dulancey 
with the field peices to March to morrow at 5 OClock 

* Halijah Willard, "Commissary of Cattle at New York." 



and in Camp at Witberry till further Orders. The 
Remaindin Batt"} with Capt Kenlocks to hold them- 
Selves in Readiness to march when Ordered — The 
Remaindin Detatchment of Coll. Hameltons has the 
Gen'f Permission to Return Home who Desires Coll. 
Hamelton to take the first Oppertunety of Giveing to 
the Respective Troops his perticular thanks for thier 
Regular Behavour on this Service. 

An Out pickett of an Officer and 30 men from the 
two Batt'^ to Mount on the Right this Evening. 

C. S. S. D. R & F. 

ist Batt" Du\ys . . .0 I I o. 18. 

3^ Batf} Do .... o o o o. 30. 

Total o I I o. 30. 

R. O. For the Day Capt W. Dulany for the Q-; 
Guard Lieut. Sinclier. 

A Reg^^ Coart Martial to Sett Immediately. 

Cap^. W Dulaney Prisident. 

Ens Bowls,! ^^^^^^^ f O Sterling, 
U Parker. J I En^ Monrow. 

Head Quars Huntington Sep^ 2^, 78. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Lieu^ Colo Hul- 
ett adjt 3d B Dulanceys G^ at Head Quar^ M L to 
morrow i^} Batf} Dulancey's provision R C Vollin- 



teers provost G^ M L orderly Sergt M L to morrow 

jst Batt" Dulanceys. Detail for pickett this Evening. 

C. S. S. D. R & F. 

ML o I I o. i8. 

R C V I o o o. 12. 

Total I I I o. 30. 

The Troops to March to Morrow Morning at 4 
OClock. Two Days Provision to Be Isued to them 
Immediately which must be Cookd as Soon as Re- 

R. O. For the Out Pickett this Evening. En^ 
Bowles, for the Q\ G^ Lieu* Parker for the Day Capt 

Head Quars. Witberry Sept ^^^ 1778. 
Parole, Ludlo2v. C. Sign, Cruger. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow L* Colo Cruger 
adjt M Loyalists Brigd^ Gen\ Dullanceys G^ this 
Day I St Batf^ Dulanceys to m^ 3d Batt" Do provost 
Gd this Day 3d Batf} Do Provision M L Orderly 
Sergt ist Batf^ Dulanceys. 

Sir Henry Clinton has been pleased to Signify his 
pleasure that Such Fresh Provision which in Lieut 
Colo Cliftons R C Volln. as are Desireus to Serve with 
Lord Rawdon in the Vollinteer of Ireland have his 
Excellincys Leave to join Lord Rawden and are to 
be Delivered to Lieut. Colo. [Welbore E.] Doyle the 



lOO suits of Cloathing Sent to Camp for Lieut. Coll. 
Chalmers and Lieut Colo. Cliftons Batt^s will be De- 
livered Betwen those Corps the Respective Quars 
Masfs Giveing Recepts to the Inspecter Gen\ of Pro- 
vincial forces for the Same — The Commander in Chief 
has Derect^ that Brigfli^Genl. Dulancey take command 
of the Troops now under the command of Gen\ Tryon 
who will march and Incamp on the Most Conveniantest 
Ground at Flushinfly and Waite there till further 
Orders from Lieut. Gen\ Cornwallis. 

M : Brigade Waller to Retain with these Corps till 
further Orders The Eight Extrey Waggons taken up 
for Transporting the Commissarys provisions to be 
Dismist at Flushin Fly? The Q\ M\ Gen\ giveing 
Recepts for the Time they have Been Imployd Re- 
spective by. Gen\ Tryon Cannott Quitt his Command 
without Returning his best Acknowligement to both 
offirs and Soldiers for their C[hjearfulness which they 
Supported the Heate and phertuage of Long Marches 
at the Same Time He must Express the Great un- 
easness he has from the Frequent Disertion* among 

* " We are informed that General Tryon, with a detachment of troops 
from New York, has lately been on the East end of Long Island, plun- 
dering and driving off all the cattle in that quarter; and that in this 
excursion he had lost a great number of his men by disertion; who, 
after they had deser.ed, hid themselves in woods and bye places, in 
order to embrace every opportunity in coming over to the Main, which 
had been greatly facilitated by our people sending boats over for that 
purpose." — iV. y. Gazette, Aug. 26, 1718. 



Some of the Troops which he is Persuaded is arrove 
from an anxious Desire to See thier absent Fameleys 
and [not?] Disaffection he therefore Recomends to the 
Soldiers a patiant to perceive are [persevere?] in their 
Duty which will Intitle them to honor and fame [?] 
in the field and Hapiness with thier famelyes whene 
his Majusty Shall no farther Nead of thier Volintears 
Service The Gen\ Returns his thanks allso Capt Ken- 
locks and the Troops under his Command for thier 
Active and Reguler Behaver The Above Orders to be 
Read By an Officer at the Head of Each Comply 

Brigdr Genl. Dulanceys Orders. 

The 3d Battn Do to March Immediaty and Encamp 
at Flushing Fly The Quarr Masf. Genl. will Show 
them their Ground. The M Loyalists and R C 
Vollinteers will march to morrow morning at 4 



In the Same pors' The Strictest Dessapline to be 
Obtained on the March. 

R. O. For the Day Capt. Coston Q\ G^ to morrow 
En^. Monro w, 

Genl. Court Martial held on fryday Capt^ Jones 
Cap\ Key and Lieu^ Sinclier. 

Head Quars Flushing Fly Sept 4^17^8. 
Parole, Vmighn. q Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Major Green adj' 

R. C 


R C Vollinteers Brig<|'' Gen\ Dulancys G M Loyalists 
Provost G^l of a Serg', and 12 men from R C Vollin- 
teers. Orderly Serg\ 3*^ Batf^ Dulanceys. 

The Gen\ Expects The Commanding Officers of 
Corps will use thier utmost Exertion to Pertect the 
Property of the Inhabitants and not Suffer the Corn- 
fields Orcherds gardens or fences to be Distroyed or 
Damaged without Sevearly punishing the offinder 
Each Corps to Send to the provost for thier prisioners 
and Confine them in their Respective Q>; Guards. 
The field Officer of the Day to Order the Rounds and 
Pattroles and Receive the Reports of the picketts as 
useual — which he will Report accordingly. The 
soldiers not to be Allowed to Stray from the Incamp- 
ment, and if any are found i Mile from Camp without 
a Ritten Pass Signed by an Officer They will Be taken 
up and Dreamed as Disserted No Officer to Lay out 
of the Camp without the Gen\ Permission The Gen} 
Coart Martial to assemble to Morrow Morning in the 
Camp at Such place as Col*? Ludlow Shall think 

R. O. For the Day Cap*; G. Dulaney for the Inline 
pickett this Evening Lieu^. Sterling allso for the Q^ 
Guard to Morrow. 

Head Quars. Flushing Fly Sep^ 5 yS. 

Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Lieut. Colo Chal- 


mers Adj* i^} Batf} Dulancys Brig^"" Gen\ Dulancys 
Guard i^} Batt"} D^ Orderly Sergt M Loyalists the 
soldiers are not to pay more than 6 pence p'". Quart 
for milk. 

R. O. For the Day Capt. Jones. For the Inline 
pickett and Q\ Guard to morrow En^ Jones — the Offi- 
cers and Companies to Receive thier mens arms and 
Acutrements and Nessaryes to morrow morning and 
Give in a Return of what may be Wanting. They are 
to make up thier Mens Accounts as Soon as Possable 
that the men may be Settled and payed off. 

Head Quars Flushing Fly Sep^ 6™ 1778. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Major Lynch 
adjt. 3^ Batt" Dulys Guard at Genl Dulanceys L. A. 
Regt provost G<^ M. Loyalists Orderly Sergt R C 

R. O. For the Day Capt. frisby Inline pickett and 
Q>: Gd Lt Ingils. 

Head Quars Flushing Fly Sep^ 7™ 1778. 
Parole. C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Lieu'. Col^ Clif- 
ton adjt. L A. Regt. G^ at Gen\ Dulanceys Quar^ 3d 
Batt"} Dulanceys. provost G*! R C Vollinteers. Or- 
derly Sergt 1^} BatfJ Dulanceys 

. R. O. 


R. O. For the Day Capt. Coston Inline pickett and 
Qr Gd to Morrow En^ Mf Pherson. 

Head Quars Flushing Fly. Sep^ 8™ 1778. 

Field Ofificer for Duty to Morrow Major M^Daniald 
adjt M L Gd at Head Q\ M Loyalists Provost G^ 
ist Batt" Dulancys Orderly Sergt. 3d Batt^ Do. 

R. O. For the Day to Morrow to Mount at Troops 
Beating Capt. Kennedy. Inline pickett and Qf G^ Lieu^^ 
Parker Officer of the Guard. 

To Search all the Tents and Hutts Round the Camp 
and take Prisioners Such as have Sperrits for Sale — 
and Secure thier Licquer. The Capt. of the Day to 
Visseat the Hospittals and Report whatt he finds amiss 
they are to See that the Encampment from the G'^ to 
the Rare of the Officer Tents is Swept Clean the tents 
Properly pitched and the arms Neatly Sett up he 
Should Vissit the Guards early in the Night. Exam- 
mine the Sentreys that they have thier proper posts 
and Order Derect. The Pattroles for the Night & See 
That the Fires and Lights are putt out The People in 
thier Tents and Hutts Round as well as In Camp are 
at Rest he Should Before Day Light Vissitt the G<^s 
Gitt them under arms and not Suffer them to Sett 
Down Lay till Revalley has Beat, any Thing amiss 
with respect to the Batf} Should Be Reported to the 
Commanding Officers of the Reg* as that of the Duty 
of the Field Officers of the Day. 

Head Quars Flushing Fly, Sep^ qth, 1778. 
Field Officer for Duty to morrow L'. Colo Cruger 
adjt R C Volln. G^ at Gen\ Dullanceys Q\ i^} Batt" 
Dullanceys provost G^ Loyall A M Reg\ 

R O For the Day to morrow Capt. Frisby Pickett 
& Q"; Guard to morrow Ens Mcpherson. 

Sept. ioth, 1778. 
The Spear [spare] arms and Cloathing to be Sent to 
the Store at Brooklyn by the Waggons to morrow 
morning The Officers will Observe that on a march for 
the Futur they are to have Only three Waggons for 
the 7 Companeys and therefore had Better nott En- 
craise their Baggage. 

Head Quars Flushing fly Sep^ lo'y" 1778. 

Fueld Officer for Duty to mor^ Major Green adj* 
jst Batti? Du'ys Guard at Gen\ Dulanceys Q^^ LAM 
Regt Orderly Sergt^. M Loyalists. 

R. O. The Officer of the Old Guard to Give a far- 
well Report of the New with all Prisioners & Names 
and Respective Companies & by whom Confined pun- 
ishment Inflicted to geatherwith a Detail of the Guard 
No of Sentries by Day and Night Another of the Same 
form is to be Delivered as Soon as Relevved adding 
the Parole & C Sign, 

Head Quars. Flushing Fly Sep^ iith 1778. 
Parole. C, Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to mory U Colo Robertson 
adj":, 3^} Batt*} Dulanceys G*^ at Gen\ Dulanceys Q"; 3^ 
Do provost G<| Do i^} B Dulanceys Orderly Sergt Do 
Gen\ Tryon having Directed That 100 & 10 Guin- 
neys of the Money arrising from the fines Leavied by 
the Court Martial of the Line at Matituck Should be 
Distributed in the following proportions to the Com- 
mandin Officers of thier Corps — For the Bennifitt of 
theWomin and Children They are therefore Requested 
to Call on M. Brig<|^ Waller for the Same to morrow 
at 10 O'clock 

Genl Tryons Distribulation 

The ist Batt" Dulancys 20 Guinneys. 

" 3d Batt" Do 20 Do 

M Loyalists 20 Do 

R C Vollinteers 20 Do 

Capt. Kenlocks 10 Do 

Kings Loyall A Regt 10 Do 

Prince of whales* L. A. Voll. . 10 Do 

Total no Do 

All Officers Soldiers or Inhabitants are forbid Dis- 
chargeing of fire arms Either in the Neighbourhood or 

*The Prince ofWales Volunteers, commanded by Colonel, afterwards 
Brigadier General Mountfort Brown, See Onderdonk's Revolutionary 
Incidents of Queens County, 142. 


R. O. For the Day to Morrow Capt. Kennedy 
pickett Qr G<J En^ Jones. 

Head Quars Flushing Fly Sep^ la'r,", 1778. 
Parole, C. Sign. 

Field Officers for Duty to morow Major Barclay* 
adjt L. A. Regt. Genl. Dulanceys G^ i^t Batt" Dulan- 
cys provost G^ M Loya'. Orderly Sergt 3^ Batt^} Du- 

R. O. For the Day to Morrow Cap* W Dulaney 
pickett and Quar"; G^ Lieut. Townsin. 

Head Quars Flushing Fly Sept 13TH 1778. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Orders the Commanding in Chieff has been pleased 
to Make the following permotions ye 27^^ Regt Lieut. 
Richards Norriss From ye 17^^ of foot to be Capt. by 
Perchuse Vice Burley who Retired the lo^^ Sept 45 
Regt Charles Inniss to be En^ by purchase Vice 
Rafters Disseased the 30th of May 1778 The Pur- 
chase money to be Imployed in bying the adj'ancy 
and Sergt. Major Darkins as a Reward for the faithfuU 
Service — Sergt. Major Darkins to be Adjt Vice Tayler 
by purchase nth ggpt. 1778 34th Regt. Lt. John 
More to be Capt. by Perchase Vice Tydwell who Re- 
tired the 2d December 1778 — Prisioners Tryed by the 

* Thomas Barclay of the Loyal American Regiment. 



Genl. Court Martial of which Lieut. Colo [Ralph] 
Abercromby was Prisident John Monk Waggoner 
in the Q\ M\ Gen\s Department Tryed for Stealing 
Severrall pieces of Broad Cloath Blanketts & when 
posted to take Cear [care] of Said articles is Found 
Guilty and Sentanced to Receive looo Lashes John 
Connelly private Soldier in the 64'h Batt" Tryed for 
having Disserted from said Reg'_ is found Guilty and 
Sentanced to Receive 1000 Lashes — John Morgan 
Sergt of Ship Gen\ Vaine is Tryed for Plundering is 
found Not Guilty and Therefore Acquited John 
Nathersall Mate James Creaton Gunner and Thomas 
Arrowlin Carpenter of the Said ship Genl. Vaun Tryed 
For plundering and Secreting his Majesty stores and 
Doth therefore adjudge him John Nathersall to Re- 
ceive 500 Lashes and then to be sent to service on 
Board his Majestys Navy — James Creton and Thomas 
Arrolin to Receive 100 hundred Lashes Each and to 
be sent to Service on Board his Majestys Navey — The 
Coart is of the opinion that they are not Guilty of 
Plundering and therefore acquite them of the Same. 
Y Peter Brown private Soldier of the M Loyalists Tryed 
for Dissertion and found Guilty and Sentanced to Re- 
ceive 500 Lashes. The Commander in Chief approves 
of the Above Senta^e Prisioners Tryed By the Genl, 
Court Martial of which Lieut. Col° Clark* was prisi- 
dent Viz. to Lieut James Ryder Mowatt of the 38'.^ 

*Alured Clarke. 



Regt of foot Trj^ed for staying Out of New York with- 
out Leave and Saying before a Reg* Court Martial 
that he had his U Colo Leave for two or three Days 
absents as well as for his Direct Breach of his Orders 
Given Out the 19'h of July 1778 — The Coart is of the 
Oppinion That he is Guilty of the first and Second act 
of the Charge Exhibited against him and Do therefore 
Judge him to be Repremanded by his Commanding 
officer at the Head of the Reg* it further appears to 
the Court the prisioner is not Guilty of the 3 and Last 
Part of the Charge and do therefore Acquite him. John 
Summerten Martyrs in Capt. Richfords CampY of the 
Royall artillery. Tryed for Disserting from his post 
and taking away with him one of his Majestys Horses 
is found Guilty and Sentancd to Suffer Death. Joseph 
Calvert Serg\ James Mason Corp\ George Howell & 
Thomas Corner Private Soldier in the Kings [Orange] 
Rangers Tryed for Disserting from board the Ship 
King George being Guard at Harlom where Sergt 
Culvan Then Commanded the Guard and by force of 
arms Carrying a Boat from Along Side — the Coart is 
Oppinion that the prisioner Joseph Calvert Sergt. 
James Mason Corpl. George Howell & Thomas Cor- 
ner Private Soldiers are Guilty of the Crimes Laid to 
thier Charge and Do therefore Sentence the prisioner 
Joseph Calvert — James Mason and Thomas Corner to 
Suffer Death and the prisioner George Howell to Re- 
ceive 1000 Lashes — the Commander in Chief approves 
of the Above Sentances — 



All men Actually Invelleaded by the Different Hos- 
pittals Boards are to be held in Readiness to Embark 
for Europe on the Shortest Notice — and a Return of 
all Such men in each Reg*:, is to be Sent to the Adj^. 
Gen'f Office by monday Next 24^^ Instant. An Hos- 
pittal Board will Assemble at the Genl. Hospittal on 
Friday Next the i3tMnstant at 10 OClock in the fore- 
noon for the Inspection of Such men as are Considered 
unft for Further Service and who are not allready In- 
villeded. A Packett will Dispatched for Britian in 3 
Days here all Letters to be Sent to the Town Majors 
Quars by Sunday Evening Next — 

N. B. All Returns and States of the Provincial 
Corps are to be sent to the Inspecter Gen\ and not 
Thier Office for the future The Sentances by the Gen^ 
Court Martial upon the following Prisioners are to be 
put in Execution at the Discreation of Thier Officers 
Commanding the Corps to which they belong Viz. 
Reg\ Sentances. 
^'' Richard Jasper Pensilvaney Loyalists . 1000 Lashs 

Stephen Beachem 500 

Francis Bouchet 2^ B"} Duly^ 500 

John Gosan D° 500 

Calib Boyle 2<J B Jersey V 500 

Wm, Warden D^ 500 

Peter Brown ML 500 

George Howell Rangers 1000 

The followers of the army under Sentances are to be 
punished by The provost Martial. 


Camp Flushing Fly 13TH SepT 78. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow L* Colo Chalmers 
adjt M Loyalists Gen\ Dulanceys G^ L A Reg*^. pro- 
vost G^ R C Volunteers Orderly Sergt L A Regt A 
Corpi. & 4 from the i^t and 3^ Batt" Dulanceys & R 
C Volunteers to mount Daly at the Widow Graunts 
House to protect her Property for this Duty to Day 
ist Batt') to Morrow the 3^ D° The Quarr M^ Geni 
will find the Most Conveniantest Ground Near the 
Encampment of the M: L: to Encamp the Loyal A 
M Reg', in Order to thier being a nearer Compact [?] 
Situation with the Other Corps the Ground to be 
shown to the Commanding Officer of the Reg' as Soon 
as Possable who will Remove and Incamp there Im- 
mediately Frunting East. 

R. O. For the Day to Morrow Capt Frisby Pickett 
and Q*; G^ to morrow h\ Ingils. 

No Bows or Trees to be Cut Down on Any account 

Camp Flushing Fly Sept 14™ 1778. 
Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Major Lynch 
Adjt. R C Volunteers Brigdr Genl. Dulanceys G^ M L 
Provost Gd L. A. Regt Guard at Mrs. Grants R C Vo. 
Orderly Serg' M Loyalists. 

R. O. For the Day to morrow Cap^ Coston Pickett 
& Qr G^ Ens Bowles. A Return of articles Wanting 



to Compleat the Drums of the M. L. Sept. 14th, Cap* 
G. Dulaneys Company a Drum and A Carriage Cap\ 
Jones One Drum head Capt Coston one Drum head 
and Sticks. Cap\ Frisbys a new drum and sticks Capt. 
Kennedys a Drum Head and Carriage & Cords It is 
Ordered that the Above Artickels may be Immediately 
furnished by the Respective Companys of the Batt^. 

Head Quars. New York Sept 14™^ 
All such Officers as have the Commander in Chiefs 
Permission to go to Europe are to Send in thier Names 
to the Q": M\ Genlf Office The 17th Instant that A 
proper Arrangement may be made for Thier Imbarka- 

Camp Flushing Fly. Sept. 15TH, yS. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow L^. Colo Clifton 
adg'. 1^} Batt" Dulanceys Gen\ Dulanceys G^ D° pro- 
vost G^ 3d B. Do Gd at Mrs. Graunts 1^} B. D^ Or- 
derly Sergt. R C Vollinteer. 

R. O. For the Day to morrow Capt Kennedy 
pickett and Q*; G^ to morrow L,\ Parker. 


Strayed from A Field adjoining Major Wallers 
Quars a Bay horse about 16 Hands high with a Long 
Tayl and a Small mair with a Flaxen main and Tayl 



about 14 Hands high any soldier who Brings them to 
Major Waller will be Hansomely Rewarded. 

A Red Pockett Book Lost Between the Incamp- 
ment of the M Loyalists and Gl. Dulanceys Qrs Con- 
taining only papers that Can be of no use to no one 
but the Owner— who Ever Brings the Above Book to 
Capt Key of the M Loyalists will Receive one Guin- 
ney Reward and no Questi^s Asked. 

Head Quars Flushing Fly Sept i6th^ 1^778. 
^ C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Major M^ Daniald 
Adjt. 3d B. Dulancys Qd at Genl Dulancys '3d Batt" 
Do provost Gd Do M Loyalists and at Mrs. Grants ist 
Battn Dulanceys Orderly Sergt jst Batt" Do 

R. O. For the Day to morrow Capt. Wak Dulaney 
for the Pickett and Q\ Guard to morr^v En^' Monrow. 

When any Orders Relative to the men are Isued 
the Officer to Communicate them them to Every man 
of their Compy Perticulerly to thier Sergts . 

Head Quars. New York Sept. i6th. 
The Flank Companys of the lo^.h, 44th^ §1^2^ are to 
Join thier Respective Regts as soon as' Convenient in 



Order to thier being Drafted into Other Corps Each 
Regt of Brittish to Send to thier Adj' Gen's Office by 
fryday Next A List of thier men who Have Named 
for Garrison Duty by thier Different Hospittal Boords. 

All persons not belonging to the Armey who have 
permission to go Europe are to give in thier names to 
the Town Major who will make Apply cations to the 
Qr M\ Gen's Office For thier Passage. 

Camp Flushing Fly. Sep^ i/th, 
Parrole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to mory L* Colo. Cruger 
Adj'. L: A. Regt. Gen\ Dulanceys Qrs D^ L Provest 
Gd I St Battn Dulanceys G^ at M^s Grants R: C. Vol- 
linteer Orderly Serg' 3^ Batt'} Dulanceys. 

R. O For the Day to morrow Capt. Frisby pickett 
and Q"; G^ Lieu^ Townsand. 

Camp Flushing Fly Sept. i8th 1778. 
Parole. C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to mor^ Major Green Adj^ 
M: Loyalists Gen', Dulanceys Guard M: Loy^s G^ at 
Mrs. Grants i^} Battn. Dulanceys Orderly Serg*. L: 
A : Regts. 

R. O. For the Day to morrow Capt Coston Pickt 



and Q\ Guard En^ Jones Regemtl Coart Martial to 
set to morrow morning at 9 o Clock. Capt Frisby 

L' I"gi'^. I Members, i ^' ^''^"^ 

;iis, I 

owls, i 

Ens Bowls, j I Ens Monrow 

Camp Flushing Fly. Sept. 19T". 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer Major Barely adjt i^} Batt Dulanceys 
Gen\ Guard 0° Orderly Sergt ]\/[ Loyalists 

The Field Off^l^ when they obtain Leave of Absence 
are to Acq'. Major Brig^e Waller there with thier Re- 
turns to Camp all is be anounced. N : B. the Same 
Rule to be observed in Case of Sickness or any other 
Henderance from Duty. 

R, O: For The Da^ to morrow C. W. Dulany 
Pickett & Q\ Gd to m^ ^L* Townsand. 

Camp Flushing Fly Sept 2oth, 1778. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to m^ L' Col*? Chalmers 
adjt 3d Battn Dulanceys. Gen\s Guard L: A. Regf 
Guard at Mrs. Grants ist DulanYs Orderly Serg'. D^. 

R. O. For the Day to Morrw. Cap'. Kennedy 
pickett & Q\ Gd U Ingils. 


Head Quars New york Sep^i^ 20th, 

The Commander in Chief has been Pleased to make 
the following permotions 9'^ Reg* Cap', Neal M^Lain 
to be Capt Vice Montgumrey Disseas*^ 11'.^ July 
1778. Lieut John Smyth to be Capt Vice M^Lain 
permotd D^ 45'^^ Reg' Major Night Removed from 
the 35th Regt to be Major Vice Saxton Disseased the 
Majority of the 35^^ Reg' to be Sold at the Regulated 
Price. — for the Bennif' of Major Saxtons fammely in 
Consequence of an Order from his Majesty. 62^ Reg' 
Capt Lieut King Herrington to be Capt Vice Cam- 
mell Promoted i8'h of Aug\ 1778 — Lieut. George 
Valaney to be Cap' Lieu^ Vice Herrington permoted 
18* augt . The Cammander in Chief is pleas'^ to Or- 
der the private men fitt for Service into the lO^l^, 45^*^» 
52^ to Incorperate in to the 4'.^, 5'.^, 27th, 28'.*!, ^S^K 
40^}, 56'.^, 491'^ & 55l^j Regt_^ 01^ Thursday 24th In- 

The Provision Act^ of those men are to be Immedi- 
ately Settled to the 24th Instant and thier Other Actf 
are to be made up to the 22^.^ of October Next. In- 
cluseff as Soon as the Draughft is made the Com- 
manding Officers of the Regts that Receive them will 
apply for his Majestys Bounty of one Guinny and i^ 
P"; man and Give the useual Sertifficates and Creaditt 
at the Rate of 5 Pound Sterling per man. Prisioners 
of War Invelieds and men Returned fitt for Garrison 



Duty by the Severrall Hospittal Boards are to Ex- 
cluded in thier Drafts. 

The Genl. Court Martial of which L* Colo Mfpher- 
son is Prisident is to Assemble at Brookline to mor- 
row Morning at lo: To perseed in the tryal of all 
Such prisioners as shall be Draught before them 

Head Q^s Flushing Fly. Sep^ 2ist^ 1778. 
Parole C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Major M^Daniald 
adjt. L. A. Regt Brigdr Gen\ Dulanceys G^ M. L. G<^ 
at M\^ Graunts 3d Batt" Dulanceys Orderly Sergt Do. 
R. O. For the Day to Morrow Cap^. Frisby Pickett 
and Q^ G'] to Morrow En^ Bowles. 

Camp Flushing Fly Sep^ 22° 78. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to morr^ L* Colo Cruger 
Adjt M. L. Gen'f G^ 3d Batt^ Dulanceys G^ at M^s 
Graunts i^} B" Do Orderly Sergt l, a. Reg' 

R. O. For the Day to morrow Cap"; Coston pickett 
and Q\ Guard L* Parker. 

Head Quars Flushing Fly Sep^ 23^? 78. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morr^ Major Green Adjt 



I St Battn Dul. Gen\ Guard Do G^ at Mrs. Graunts 3^ 
Batt" Do Orderly Sergt. M. L. 

R. O. For the Day to morr^ Cap* Kennedy 
Pickett and Q'; G'] En^ Monrow — it is again Possitefly 
Ordered That No Wood is Cutt or fences Destroyed 
on any Pertenc what ever or any other Injury Done 
to the Property of Late widdow Waters in the Rare 
and Left of the Incampment. 

Head Quars. New York Sep^ 24. 
A Gen\ Court Martial Consisting of 3 Field Officers 
6 Captns & 4 L.\ from the lo^h, 45th^ & 52^ Regt. is to 
assamble at the City Hall in New York on Saterday 
Next the 26^^ instant at 10 in the fore noon For the 
Trial of all Such prisioners as Shall be Braught Before 

Lt Colo French is Prisident 

c, s. 

the io\^ Regt 2 I. 

45th Do 2 2. 

52^ Do 2 I. 

6 4. 
Capt Adie judge Advocate, En^ Crackitt having 
Obtaned the Commander in Chiefs Permission to Dis- 
pose of his Ensignsy in the ly^}^ Regt. of Foot which 
he Purchesed. A Blank Commission to Made out 
Vice Crackit Permoted 10^}^ Sept ^g 



The Loyal A. Reg* to Relave the Corpral & 3 from 
the M : Loyalists at Flushing. 

R. O. For the Day to morrow Cap* Frisby Pick- 
ett & Q*; Guard Ens Jones. 

A Regt\ Court Martial to set to Morrow morning 
at 9 O'clock 

Capt. Kennedy Prisident. 

Ens Jones, 1 Members. | L^- Townsand, 
L', Ingils, J I Ens Monrow. 

L* Sterling & Serg* Dimant to hold them Selves in 
Readiness to go to New York on the Recruiting Ser- 
vice in Order to pick up any Straggler from the Regt. 
that may be Thare. 

After Orders. 

The Orders of the March of the L: A: Regt. is 
Counter Manded. 

The 3d Battn of Brig^r Gen\ Dulancys Brig^e to 
hold them Selves in Readiness in thier stead to March 
to Floyds Neck. 


Head Quars. Flushing Fly Sep^ 2 5th^ 78. 
Field Officer for Duty to morrow Major Barckly 
Adjf M : Loyalists Gen\ G Do Guard at M^s Grants 
i^t Batt" Dulanceys Orderly Sergt L. A. Regt. The 
3<? Batt"} Dulancys to March on Sundy morning to |_ 
Floyds Neck in Order to Releave the Detatchment of 



P. W. A. VolHn" and L : A : Regt. on Duty on that 

Head Quars New York Sep^ 25T^ 1778. 

The Offirs and Non-Commission«J Officers of the 
lot.^ , 4S^y , Regtf are to hold them Selves in Readiness 
to Embark for Europe by the first Oppertunety Thier 
Camp Aquipage to be Returned to Qu^ M"" Gen} 
Store Upon the useuall Respects as Soon as all thier 
Draufts are Delivered up The Officers to Apply to 
Bar rick Master to Provide their Quar^ till they Em- 

The Commander in Chiefe is pleased to Make the 
Following permotions 43^} Regt En^ David Roberts 
from the 38^.^ Regt to be Lieu^ by Purchase Vice 
Townsand Prefered iit> Augst. 1778. 

Head Quars Flushing Fly Sept 26^". 
Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Major M<;Doniald 
Adjt. i^t Batt" Dulancys Gen\ G^ Loyal A. Regt. G^ 
at Mrs. Grants i^t Batt" Dulancys Orderly Sergt. M: 
Loyalists. The Sergt and 5 Privates from the 3^ 
Battn Dulancys who have Part of the Guard Over the 
two Field Peices to be Immediately Releaved by an 
Eaqual number. R. O. For the Day to morrow Capt. 
Coston Pickett and Quarter Guard L^ Townsand. A 
Field Day to Morrow Morning at 7 OClock No man 
to Absent. 


Camp Flushing Fly 27TH Sept 78.* 
Field Off'; for Duty to morrow D Colo Cruger 

Adj'. L. A. Regt. Gen^s Guard i^} Batf} Delancys 

Orderly Sergeant Do 

R. O. For the Day to morrow Capt. Kenedy 

Picket and Q\ Guard Lieut Inglis. 

Head Quarters Flushing Fley Sept 28'rH^ 1778. 

Field Officer for dutay to Morrow Maiger Green 
Adgt. M Loayls Genarals Guard L A Reg' Orderly 
Sarjant Do the Commanding Officers of Corps is to 
Bee Anserable that the Soalgers under there Cummond 
Dou not Cut Down Trees or destroy fences the Dead 
and Brush Wood to be Used for fuel and the Other 
Necessary purposes for the Campe. 

R. O. For the Day to Morrow Cap* W. Dulaney 
pichet and Quarter Guard Ensign Boles A Return 
from Each Componey of the Men's beeing Cleard off 
to the 24 of Augt Inclusive agreeable to former Order 
to be Given as Sune Aas Possible. 
* * * 

Camp Flushing Fly Sept^ 29™ 1778. 

Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Major Barely 

♦The portion between the asterisks is not in Captain Jones hand- 



Adjt ist Batt" Dulanys Gen\ Guard M: Loyalists. 
Orderly Sergt. Do 

R. O. For they Day to morrow Capt. Frisby 
Pickett and Quar^ Guard L'. Parker. 

Head Quars. Flushing Fly. Sep^ 30^^. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow D Colo Chalmers 
adj'. L. A: Regt Gen^s Guard and Orderly Sergt 1^} 
Batt^ Dulancys. 

A Court Martial of the Line to Assemble to Morrow 
Morning at 10 oClock for the Tryal of all Such Pris- 
oners as Braught Before them 

Prisident from the i^^ Batf] Dulancys 


ist Batt" Dullys I 

L : A. Regt 2 

M. Loyalists i Members. 

Total 4 

The Prisioners to have Notice and the Evidances to 

R. O. For the Day to Morrow Capt. Coston Pick- 
ett and Q'; Guard Ens Monrow. 

A Court Martial of the Line attend to Morrow 
morning L*. Parker. 


Campe Flushing Fly October ist, 1778. 
Parole. C S 

Field officer for Dutay to Morrow Maige McDannel 
Adgnt M : Loyalst G. Guard and orderly Saejant L. 
Amer" Rigt. 

R O For the Day to morrow Capt. Kannaday 
Picket and Quarter Guard Lieu* Starling.* 

Head Quars Camp Flushing fly Oct. 2^ ,1778. 
Parole, C S. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Lt Colo. Cruger 
adjt I St Batt" Delancys Gen\s Guard & Orderly Sergt 
M. Loyalists. 

R. O. For the Day to morrow Capt w. Dulany 
Pickett & Quarter Guard Ens Jones. 

Head Quars Camp Flushing Fly Oct'^ 3^ , 1778. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Major Green 
Adjt I St Battn Delancys Genls Guard & Orderly Sergt 

R. O. The Articles of war to be Read to the Men 
by thier own Off^s to Morrow Morning No Man to 
take Arms out of the Bell Tent from Evening Roal 
Calling to Revellee Beating The Offic^ of Companys 
to Call the Tents Roals at 9 : OClock at Night and 

* This day's entry is not in Captain Jones' handwriting. 



Report to the Cap* of the Day Such men as may be 
Abs* The Cap*^ of the Day at the Same Time to give 
the Sentrys Strict Orders to Suffer no non Commis- 
sioned Offi\ or Soldier to Pass them from Camp Un- 
till he Gives his further Orders In the Morning Such 
as attempt it to be made prisioners. 

Lieu*. SterHng to Return to Cap* Frisbys Company 
to do Duty For the Day to Morrow Cap\ Frisby 
Picket This Evening L^^, Townsand Pickett & Quartf 
Guard to Morrow. 

Morning Orders 4th Oct. yS. 

A Regt} Court Martial to set at 9 O'Clock. 

Capt Jones. Presidt. 

Ens Cannon \ ivr k / ^* '^^^^^^"^ 
Lieut Sterling, / ^^"^t>ers j ^^^ Bowles. 

Camp Flushing Fly 4 Octr. 178. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morr^ Major Barclay 
Adjt L. A. Regt Gen\s Guard and Orderly Serg* L: 
A: Regt. 

R. O. For the Day to Morrow Cap* Kennedy Qr. 
Guard En^ Cannon Picket this Evening L' Ingils. 

Head Quars Camp Flushing Fly Oct^ 5, 1778. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow L* Colo. Chal- 
mers adjt M : Loyalists Gen\s Guard & Orderly Sergt 
Do The Troops to Beat at 9 OClock till further Orders. 

R. O. 

I ©7 

R. O For the Day to morrow Cap* Jones Q^ G^ 
Ens Cannon Pickett U Sinclier. 

Head Quars New York. Oct. s"^.", 78. 
A Subaltons Guard from B. Gen\ Delancys Brigade 
to be furnished for the protection of the Wood Cut- 
ters on Long Island Upon Applycation from Lieut. 
Waugh* or Eaither of the Barrick Masters Deputies 
and the Commd^; in Chiefs Trusts that the Off^. Com- 
manding that Brigade will give every Necessary assist- 
ance for Carrying on that Service. 

Head Quars Flushing Fly Oct^ 6™, 1778. 

Field Ofifr for Duty to morrow Major MfDanald 
Adjt Gen'f Guard and Orderly Serjt i^' Batt^J De- 

Regtl Orders. 

A Serjt or Corp\ of each Company to Parade the 
Men for Guard of theire Respective Companys an hour 
before Guard Manting and see that they are properly 
Dressd & Clean. Whatever Serg'. or Corporal Parade 
a Man Improperly Dress<| will be Confined for Dis- 
obediance of Orders — 

For the Day to morrow Cap\ W. Dulany for Guard 
Ens Bowles Pickett L' Parker. 

*See Rivington for Sept. 9, 1778. 



Morning Orders y^y Oct^ 7 OClock. 

In Consiquence of the Orders from the Inspecter 
Gen\ Office New York two Detatchments of a Serg* 
12 Rank & file each are to March Immediately, one to 
harlem as a Guard to the Gen\ Hospittal in that Place, 
& the Other to go On Boord the Kings George Lay- 
ing in Creek, i^} Batf} Delancys Takes the Hospittal 
Guard the M : Loyalists the Ship Guard. 

Head Quars. Flushing fly Octr. /th, 1778. 
Parole, C Sign. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Col^ Cruger Adj^^ 
Gen\ Guard and Orderly L. A : Regt. R. O. For 
the Day to morrow Cap*; Key Q"", G<^ L* Parker Pick- 
ett Ens Monro w. 

Camp Flushing Fly Oct^ 8^", y8. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow Major Green 
Ad!t &Gen\s Gard and Orderly Sergt M Loyalists. 

R. O. For the Day to morrow Capt. Coston Q\ 
Guard L* Sterling Pickett Ens Jones. 

A RegtJ Court Martial to set to morrow Morning 
at 10 O'clock 

Capt. W. Dulany Preset 

Ens Bowles. 

E"'-Ste'-""g. I Members. (L*. 
Lieu* Parker, J L En 


Head Quars Flushing fly Oct^ qth 1778. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Major Barely 
Adj', Gen\ Guard and Orderly Serg\ M: Loyalists. 
Each Regt^s to Construct Proper Kitchens or Cooking 
Plac^, and No Soldier Suffered to Cook from them 
which the Visseting Officer will be Cearefull to see 

R. O. For the Day to Morrow Cap\ G.'Dulany 
Q\ G^ Ens Jones Pickett L*; Townsand. 

Head Quars Camp Flushing Fly ioth Oct^ y8. 
Parole, Nix. C Sign, Less. 

Field Officer for Duty to morrow L^. Col° Chalmers 
Adjt Gen\s Guard and Orderly Sergt ist Batt" Dulan- 

Regem\l Orders. 

For the Day to Morrow Capt. Kennedy Q\ Guard 
for Pickett 

Head Quars Flushing Fly Oct^ iith 1778. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Major M^Daniald 
Adj\ Genres Guard and Orderly Sergeant L. A. Rege- 

R. O. For the Day to Morrow Cap^, Jones Quarter 
Guard Lieu* Ingils for Pickett L^ Sinclier. 


Head Quars. Flushing Fly Octi^ I2'^h^ 1778. 

Field Officer for Duty to Morrow Col^ Cruger Adjf 
Gena'f Guard and Orderly Serg* i^} Batf} Dulancys 

A More Punctial Obediance of Orders of the 17th 
Sep*; 78. is Expected Relative to the Leave of the 
Field Officers Their henderance from Duty by sick- 
ness or Other ways — which Orders have been Payed 
Very Little Attention to by some and Totally Disre- 
garded by Others. Such Neglacts and unregularritys 
will in Futer be taken notice on in a More Perticler 

Diserted from the 27^*^ Dragoons a Dragoon with a 
Black Stallion about 15 hands high with a Regement- 
all Saddle and Bridle of the 17th Dragoons The Hol- 
ster Cap Made of white Goat Skin & the Dragoon a 
Short man Marked much with the small Pox. Five 
Guinneys Reward will be Given by the Paymaster for 
the Recoverry of the horse besides 40 Shillings for 
takeing of the Diserter. 

R. O, For the Day to Morrow Cap* W. Dulany 
Q\ Guard En^ Cannon Pickett h\ Sinclier as the Batt^ 
is to be Inspected on Wednes Day Morning Early the 
Capt^^s to be Anserable that thier Companys Make a 
Clean and Uniform Appearance and that thier Make 
no fires in Thier Tents. 

ths Books Orders Out Last Octr. 12th, 1778. 

Capt Calib Jones his Orderly Book September 11, 




god gives him grace therein to book[?] and not to 
Look But to under stand that Learning is better than 
house and Land. 

Zacriah Baley Sargant 

James Love Sargant 

Joshua Merrill Sargant 

John White Corpal 

Jacob Rodgers Corpral 

Obediah Smith 

Learning proves most Exolent 

when house and land is gone and Spent. 

Head Quarters Camp Flush- 
ing Fly Septr. 
30th 1778 

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Historical Print! 

97 CLARK ST., 

-^ BROOKLYN, N. Y. Ik^ 

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When in comma.nd of the Eastern Depa,rtment, May-Oct. 1777 ; 

with some fragmentary Orders of Major-G-eneral 

Putnam and Lt. Ool. Wm. S. Smith. 


Quarto. 12S pages, paper, uncut. 

Only 2SO copies printed. 

Price, $2. SO. 


This is a combination of three Revolutionary orderly books, thereby covering 
most fully the movements and incidents of Heath's division. It treats of the period 
of Howe's movements in the Jerseys, and his attack on Fort Montgomery and 
Peekskill, as well as Burgoyne's invasion, and the side movement on Bennington. 
The supplementary^ orders extend the period to March, 15. 1778. 







Small 4to., pp. xiv, 157. 

Only 250 copies printed. 

Price, in sheets stitched, uncut, $S.OO. 

In cloth, uncut, $6.00. 

These letters, now for the first time printed, form a most important 
mass of historical material treating of revolutionary and subsequent events. 
The writer, Joseph Jones, was a mcmher of the Virginia House of Bur- 
gesses, of the State Convention of 1776, of the Continental Congress and 
the State Convention of 1788. Among his correspondents were Wash- 
ington, Madison, and Jefferson, and his abilities and surrounding make 
his opinions and information of interest and value. 

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LqUm fmm Mmk Wilitii to §mfm WmUi 


Bmtm WaiMiit®! t@ I@al Wilitii, 

Quarto, sheets, uncui. 

Only Forty copies printed. 

Price $3.00. 

In 1788 Noah Webster, who was engaged in writing a history of the 
American Revolution, wrote to Washington asking for the secret history 
of the Yorktown campaign, to which Washington repHed in a most vakia- 
ble and interesting letter. This correspondence is now for the first time 
printed from the original manuscripts. 

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Quarto, sheets, uncut. 

Only Fifty copies printed 

Price $3.00. 

Two contemporary letters, describing Benedict Arnold's attack on 
New London and Groton, the burning of the town, and capture of F'ort 
Griswold. The first was written by Zabdiel Rooers, the commander of 
the first regiment to come to the assistance of the garrison ; the other 
by Thomas Mumford, a leading merchant of New London. They are 
both printed from the original manuscript. 

rm\B \&Jm\^\ WM^ [^-iWWl f^- ^^ Pf ?5^-^ ^J • -f^ ,^fr^^ PlfS] \^.FrF^D\ fSUvMyT] ^j^s\ m \ 

5] Wm^ m -MH 1 ^"W^^ [t-f^ltrTj ,ri^ifm^i53 1 fKirv>^l Cnj n?jm51 [Sj'vp 5] fnllgpri r?..r^l5 j [iiiFS^^ I'clfv^i' J 

Society of the Cincinnati. 

An Oration in Commemoration of General Nathaniel Greene, delivered 

before the Connecticut Society of the Cincinnati, at New Haven, 

September 12, 1786, by William Hillhouse. 

Small Quarto, paper, uncut, - - 75 cents. 

Address of the Rhode Island Society of Cincinnati to George Washington, 

and his Answer, 1797. 
Small Quarto, paper, uncut, - - 50 cents. 

Address of the Pennsylvania Society of Cincinnati to George Washington 

and his Answer, 1797. 
Small Quarto, paper, uncut, - - 50 cents. 

Address of the Connecticut Society of Cincinnati on the death of George 

Washington. By Benjamin Tallmadge. 

Small Quarto, paper, uncut, - - 50 cents. 

Or, the set of four, printed in uniform style, $2.00. 

The Society of Cincinnati was composed of the officers of the Revohi- 
tionary army, and the publications of the Society have always been a 
favorite subject to the collector. Two of the above are printed for tlie 
first time from the original manuscripts, and the remaining two from printed 
sources of much rarity. 

Only 100 copies of each were printed. 




— OF — 

1^©: 1115 MAJE5TY^5 PKIYY COUNCIL, -m^ 


Octavo, pp. 20, paper, uncut. 

Only 250 copies printed. 

Price $1.00. 

"The lack of material for the study and history of American trade 
and commerce before the Revolution is so great that it hardly requires 
mention. In the writings of Charles Davenant, Josiah Child, Joshua Gee, 
William Douglas, John Ashley, Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, and in a few 
fugitive pamphlets, is more or less matter on this subject, but it is at 
best imperfect and fragmentary. Yet is this topic not only important from 
an economic point of view, but equally so for the history of the causes of 
our Revolution; for the trade restrictions and Admiralty Courts on the 

one side, and die illicit tradino- and nullificadon of the Enelish trade laws 
on tlie other side, were a most important element in the origin of that war. 

"In the library of Mr. Gordon L. Ford, of Brooklyn, ISTew York, are two 
volumes of practically unknown papers which throw much light on this 
subject. Originally belonging to Chief Jusdce William Lee and Sir George 
Lee, members of the Privy Council, they consist, for the most part, of the 
printed briefs in marine cases arising in the French and Spanish War of 
1 739-1 748- appealed from the Admiralty Courts in England or in the 
English colonies to that portion of the Privy Council severally described 
as the 'Lords Commissioners for Appeals in Prize Causes,' the 'Committee 
of his Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council for Affairs of the Plan- 
tations,' or the 'Lords Commissioners for hearing Appeals from the Plan- 
tadons in America in Cause of Prize.' As in appeal cases now, only 
enough of these briefs were printed to give the Commissioners and the 
opposing advocates each a copy; and this probably limited the edidon to 
a dozen or fifteen copies, which sufficiently accounts for their rarity and 
neglect as historical matter. In these legal arguments and statements, 
however, is a great mass of American naval and commercial history; and 
these particular copies are given especial value by many long notes of the 
two Lees, giving their opinions, the posidons of the different members of 
the Privy Council, and also the decisions of that body. 

"To make these papers better known, I have prepared a list of all that 
treat of American trade, to which I have added a few notes. The titles 
are taken from the printed endorsements, which in each case is given in 
full and lined as printed. In a number of the briefs the dates have been left 
blank, and in others have been filled in with ink, which in this list are 
bracketed and printed in italics. The arrangement is by the ship in ques- 
tion, and chronologically by the date as written by the Lees. All matter 
in the notes in quotation is taken from their manuscript notes." — Preface.