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Full text of "Origin of the Stark family of New Hampshire : and a list of living descendants of General John Stark"

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Jolin Starl: 


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To THE Dksoenpknts of CjKNKHai. Juun Stauk : 

At the last sessiou of the New Hampsliire Legislature, a de- 
sire was expressed by some patriotic members, to encourage the 
erecliou of a suitable IMouumciit to the memory of General John 
Stark, at his l)iuial j)lacc in the City of Manchester. To this 
end a Resolution was introduced in the senate, referred to the 
Connnittee on ^Military Ajl'aii s, I'eported u})on fav(jra]jly by the 
('ommittee, and passeil in concurrence by botli Houses. 

Subsequent to the adjournment of the Legislature, the follow- 
ing connnunication was received by me : 


Skcuktaky's Orrnu':, Concokd, Dec. 11th, 188G. 
Gen'l Gegkgk Stluk, Nashua, N. H. 

Sir : — Und r a concurrent resolve passed at the late session of 
the Legislature, the Governor, with advice of the Council, has 
designated you as a proper person "to make inquiry into the mat- 
ter of erecting- at an tsarly date a lifting moiuiment or statue in 
memor}' of Alajor General John Stark, at his burial })lace in the 
City of Manchester, the expenseOf carrying out anysuc-h plan or 
]).ans and how nuich of said siuu or sums \\ould l)e raised b}' the 
descendants of G.'iicral Stai'k, and hyllici City (jf Mancliester, 
cojitingent upon th(! jiaymoit of tin; r(!sidue by tiie State,- ;" and 
liis J<]x(;e]lei\cy requests you to make a re])ort of tlie residt of 
your inepiiry, to tlie Governor and Council, so lliut it may be 
transmitted lo the Tjcgi dat iirc al tin* beginning of iJic next si-s- 
sion, I am Sir, vi'vy icspcctl'ull y, 

Your obcdicid sci vaid., 

A. II THOMPSON, Secietary of State." 

In puisuancc of tlie alxnc commission, my in(|uii ics, (o this 
time, jiave bc<'n directed, liist, lo t lie sil uiit ioii of tlic^ liuiia! |)Iace 
i-i'fened to in tlie N'gislativc re.^oI\<', and sciondly, lo tlie possi 
ble di'sign and cost of such a nionuiiii ni as seems lo liiivc been 

The location of the little cemetery which coutuiiis the remains 
of General Stark, was selected by him for a family burial place, 
several yeai'S before his death and was enclosed in the usual 
manner b}-^ a wooden fence. The site is a (^onnnandinj.;- plateau, 
overlooking- the Merrimack river, uithin the boundaries of what 
Avas then his home farm. He was buried there, with military 
honors, Miiy lOth, 1822. Seven years latei-, on the KUh of Au- 
gust, 1!S2'.), being- the anniversary of the battle of Bennington, 
his family erected over the grave a small granite ol)elisk, suita- 
bly inscribed to his memory. This stone is not now in a good 
state of preservation ; relic hunters having, from time to time, 
carried away su('h pieces as they could hannner from its corners. 

In 187G, the OAvners of the land, heirs of John Stark, 8rd, a 
grandson of the General, conveyed this cemetery to the City of 
iMancliester ; together with so much of thn attaching land as 
would make a square 851) feet by 250 feet, or about two acres : 
bounded by certain projected streets, u,s shown on the city plan, 
to be known respectively as L'^xington, Trenton, Princeton and 
Bennington strecits. Tlu^ ])lot i-.onveyed to he kiiowii as ^[<)nu 
ment Scpiare. Th(! C'ity was recpiii-ed to eiiclos(! it suitably, ami 
to ])r('sej-ve and protect the premises, with tht? IMoiuunenI novs 
tlu^ro, or that Jiiay there be liereafter erected, and to keej) and 
maintain the premises as a Public Ground or Square : to be beau 
titled and adorned from tinie to time as may seem proper and 
reasonable. Also to maintain a suitable ijiclosure around tin- 
burial lot ui)f)n the premises ; oi' such inclosure may l)e provided 
by the fricsuds of those interred therein ; the design or plan bid- 
ing tirst apja-oved by the city. 

The deed also contains a proviso that the city may convey the 
premises to the State of New Hampshire, suljject to the same 
conditions. The conditions of this deed have not been fully 
Complied with by the city, but I am informed by the surviving 
g^rantors, that if the 2)ur])oses to which the Sijuaie was thuUcated 
are now carried out, the title in the city Avill not be bi-ought in 

The site is in owry way suitable, and having already lieen ded- 
icateil to the purjiose, no outlay is recjuired for it, except to make 
the requisite inqjrovements. The attention of the City Govern- 
ment has lately been called to tliis matter, and in rcfsjionse, an 
apjn-opriation of $800 has been made, for conunencing the prom- 
is(Hl im])rovenionts during the ])resent y<"ar. There s<'ems there- 
foi-e to be }io n(!cessity for further investigation as to the suita- 
bility or availability of the "burial place," for the* location of the 
pi-(q)()sed monument; unless, a-i lias been suggested l)y some 
]>romin(;nt citizens of IMiim-hesiei-, a nioi't^ costly monument 
shoidd l)e (hicided upon, to l)e located on oiie of the public 


squares, (»r on the ^luuiids of the new GoNeiuuieiit Buildiuy- ; 
the exti'a cost to be borne by the City, or tljc; Stiite, oi- the Gen- 
eral (Toverinnent 

My second iiujuiry has been as to plan and cost of "a tittiny 
Monunaent or Statue." 

It appears to be a very general o})inion that an Eqne>liian 
Statue, of Bronze, mounted on a suitable Granite Pedestal, would 
be the most iittiuy monument for a distiuj^iiished (jeneiai of tix; 
war of the Kevolutioii. 

I have therefore obtained from reliable and experienced par- 
ties, preliminary estimates for an equestiian bronze Statiu-, of 
heroic size, (about 12 feet hij^h,) mounted siiital)ly on ^;ianite, 
(muki'i}>- the entire liei^lit abont 25 fe(,'t,) and lind tliatthe wlioh; 
cost will ]n-o1)al)ly be Ix-tweeii If),!)!)!) and 2(),()()() dollars. 

The descendants of Gencial Stark may well ]n; proud of the 
aneestoj' whose name and memoiy it is thus jjrojjosed to honor 
and pei-})etuate. Historians have })laced him next to Washing- 
ton ill deeds of wise and patriotic valor that led to tlie estaliiish- 
nient of oui' nation ; all honor has been accorded to him as a man 
and a soldier ; and now, when the State ofi'ers us the ]( ad in a 
movement to erect a suitable and elegant monument ioJiis mem- 
ory, it should be our pleasure as well as oiu- duty to ha\-e a re- 
spectable share in this filial and patriotic undertaking-. 

I am well aware that, of the numerous re])resentatives of the 
family, few are ;d)le to j^'ive largely ; but it sliould be the li^ht 
and ])rivile;^(: of every descendiinl, however remole, to i<lcnliiy 
liimself or lieisclf willi lh<' iii-ojccl, by coni i il»u( iii^;' sonul liin;_';, 
towards its aceomi)lishme]it. W'lule many may from necessity 
contribute but little, the few, wIkj arc; nnjre fortunate in the pos- 
session of sulHcient means, should talce occasion to liberally make 
a]j the ^(MHM'al avera;..;e. 

I think it would \h: desiial)le, if ])ossible, to have the descend- 
ants contribute one third of tli(( full amount retiuircd lo carry 
out tlic^ project, at its estimalcd cost. I should tli'-n suj^j^cst 
that the City of iVianeheslrr contributL: anotlier third, l(;n int- 
one third of the cost to i)e borne by the State. 

There are a j^ood many of us. If we jmll together, and ])nll 
with a will, we can raise live or six tluuisand dollars for this pur- 
})ose ; and we ou^ht to do it. As an earnest of my sinceiity, I 
will pled^^c a subscription in my own himily, includin*;' only my- 
self anil my cirildien, of JJ^l.OOO. If all others will do the same, 
in propoi'tion to their nu'aiis, we wdl at least j^'ct the j^roposed 
descendants' sub^crij)tion full. 

I desire to have this circular i(ach every descendant of Gener- 
al Stai'l)', wiuitlier in tlu^ name, or lhroii'^]i iiiairi;i;_;<- \\ith. or de- 
scent fi'om the (hum-htcis oi- ■jiaiid (hiiiMhtcrs, oi' latcj- '•cnci at ions 


of female descent : but I cannot hope to learn the address of all, 
unless aided 1)y those to whom I shall first send. 

The f^euealogy. from General kStark downward, or list of living 
desiendiints so far as now 1 nown to me, is herein written out. — 
It is imperfect, because I have no traditions or records at hand 
from which to trace the fiimilies of several of the daughters, who 
married and removed from this vicinity. JN either have I been able 
to keep well informed as to the children of some of the families 
that are near by. 

It would greatly oblige me to receive from those to whom I 
now send tliis circular, any information as to descendants not 
mentioned herein, that will enable me to make my list more full 
and conqilete. 

You will find enclosed herewith a subscription sli}), on which 
y )ii c.iu, it so disposed, write ytuir name and address and the 
am Dunt that you wish to CDutribute, and then mail the same to 

An early response is desirable, so that I maybe able to season- 
ably present the matter to the Manchester City Government and 
secure their action in time for my leport to the Governor and 
Council, before the nn^eting of the Legislatui'(! in June. 

Yoit will observe that the sub.scription paper is conditional : 
and you will not be called upon for your subscri^jtion unless the 
City and State appropriate, tliis year, enough to cover the bal- 
ance of the proposed !^15,0()() minimunr outlay. 

GKORGE STARK, Commissioner. 
Nashua, N. H., March 1, 1887. 












Tlie name of Stark, derived from the German word starr, 
meaninj,*- stiff, strong, rugged, indicates the Teutonic origin of 
the family. 

Tradition accounts for the migration of th(i Stark name from 
Germany to Scotland, in 141)5 ; when the ducluiss of Burgundy, 
widow of Cliarl(>s the Bold, scuit a largo body <>f German soldiern 
iiiuka- General Martin Swart, to join tluj invasion of England in 
su})i)ort of the claim of one of the Pretim lets to the lljrone of 
Henry Vllth. The invaders wei-e defeatedon the j)lain of Stoke, 
and those who survived tied to Scotland, and were protected by 
the Scottish King. Among the German soldiery were men 
named Stark, who remained in Scotland after this disastrous 
camj)aign and are supposed tol)e the ancestry of the family from 
whicli Genl. John Stark descended. 

The books of heraldry contain a legend that one of the name 
saved the life of a king of Scotland, by slaying a wild bull, which 
attacked his majesty while hunting. For tiiis e.vploit he was 
creat(«l a baronet. 

The earli{>st i)rogcnit(jr of the New Hampsliirc family, named 
in extant history, was Archil)ald Stark, Ijorn at (ilasgow, Scot- 
land, in 1097. He was educated at the University in the cit}' of 
his birth, and nt an early age removed with his father and fahiily 
to Londonderry, Ireland, wliere he married Eleanor Nichols, the 
daugliter of a Scottish emigrant ; and in 172U they joined the 
conjpany of Scotch-Irish that came to America and settled the 
town of Londonderry in New Hamjjshire. 

The sons of Archibald Stark were William, John, Samuel and 
Arcliibahl. All of them held commissions in the British servi(;e 
during the ".seven years" or "b'rench war" of 1754 to 17()0, and 
thi sec >nd son, John, afterward-i became famous as the Patriot 
General John Stark, of the war of the Revolution, 1775 to 1783. 


General John Stark was born at Londonderry, in New Hamp- 
shire, August 28tli, 1728 ; married Elizabeth Page, of Dunbar- 
ton, N. H., Aug. W, 1758. They had eleven children ; live boys 
and six girls. One of the girls died in childhood, between two 
and three years of age. The second and fourth sons, Archibald 
and Cliarles, died when young men ; and left no issue. All of 
the others raised families. 


I. Caleb was born, Dec. 3, 1758. 

II. AvchibalJ " May 28, ITGl, died Sept. 11, 1791. 

in. Jolin, Jr., '' April 17, 17G3. 

IV. Eleanor. " May 4, 17(15, died Aug. 20, 17G7. 

V. Eleanor, Jr., " June 80, 17()7 ; married Babson. 

VI. Sarah, '' June, 11, 17(;!) ; married JJlodget. 

VII. Elizabeth. *• Aug. 10, 1771 ; man ied John Cameron. 

VIII. Mary, '• Sept. II), 1778 ; mariied E. F. Stiekney. 

IX. Charles, " Dee. 2, 1775, lost at sea about 180G. 

X. Benj. Franklin. b,)rn Jan. 10, 1777. 

XL Sophia, " -Ian. 21. 1782 ; mai'i'ied Dick*'}'- 





Miso Charlotte Stark, Dunbarton, N. H. 

Chailes Mollis Stark, " 

Jolm McNeil Stark, 

Charles S. Newell, Goshen, N. Y. 

Lieut. Com. John S. Newell, U. S. Navy. 

William C. Newell, Doroliester, Mass. 

William S. Newell, 

Charles Newell, " " 

Lieut. Francis Winslow, U. S. Navy. 

Harriet Winslow. 

Carlisle Winslow. 

Cameron McKay Winslow, (Master) U. S. Navy. 

Sarah Winslow, Europe. 

Arthur Winslow, Baleigb, N. C. 



John S. Moore, W^althain, Mass. 

Hyman Mt)()re, Quincy, Mass. 

Charles Moore, Waltham, Mass. 

John Milton Mooro, Waltham, Mass. 

Mrs. Heuiy B. Biown, Quincy, Mass. 

Mj s. Annie F. Richardson, StoDeliain, Mass. 

Mrs. Geo. H. Ferguson, Lawrence, Mass. 

Mrs. John W. Porter, Tjawrence, Mass 

Mrs. William Milldiis, South Boston, Mass. 

jNIrs. Chas. Sumner Jones, Woburn, Mass. 

Mrs. Josephine Howe, ])anvers, Mass. 

Mrs. Juliet Aver, Walthani, Mass. 
Beitha Amelia Moore, Chica<,ro, Ills. 

Ethel O. Moore, . Chicago, Ills. 

Mignonette Moore, Chicago. Ills. 

Ellcij I). StiU-k, Fitchl)urg. .Mass. 
Leonard SiaiK'. liarre Falls. Mass. 

L(M)nard Si»aiildiug Staik, Bari'e Falls, ^Fass. 

Fr(Hh Clifton Stark, J?:ine Falls, Mass, 

Nettie Mary Lackey, Jiarre Falls, Mass. 

]\Irs. Ann-'e Caroline Shattuck, I'itf.hbui-g, Mass. 

Heiu'v C;. Stark, I{yde Purk, Mass. 

Mis. Fllen J). L(-wis, Hyde Park, ^Tass. 

Marion l-'lizahelh Shaltuck, J^'itchhni g, ^ra>^s. 

Florence Amelia Shaltuck, Fitchburg, Mass. 

Fred. Arthur Shattuck, Fitchburg, ]\Iass. 

Ai thur Dinsmoor, I^aconia, N. H. 

Jumcs A. Dinsmoor, Liironi.'i. N. H. 

rjillian Hockwood Dinsmoor, Liiconia. N. H. 

(ieori-e H. Slaik. Lacoiiia. N. H. 

John S. Kiihlei', Maticliester, N. H. 

JosO})h Ki(hh'r, " 

Mrs. Susan Palmer, " " 

(!liarles S. Kid<ler, '• 

Samuel P. Judder, •' " 

NathiLii I*. Ividder, " " 

Frank Iudd<'i-, . *' 

Maria F. Kidder, •' " 

Sarali J. Kidder, '* " 

Annie J'>. Kidd(U-, *' " 

Mary McC. Kidder, 

Wilham H. Morrill, 

H<>]e»i M. ISlorrill, 

(leorge Fisk, Lisbon, N. H. 

Leoniird i?. K'i<lder, New Vr^rk (^ity. 

Sclw yn .1. Kidder, ('liarilon, biwu. 


Willis Kidder, 
Fifiiik V. Reynolds, 
Grace K. lieyuolds, 
iNIrs. Cliiules ^Irjore, 
Hattie Kidder, 
Florence Kidder, 
Fiiiiny Kidder, 
Kutli" Kidder. 

Nashuu, N. H. 
Pioclieste]-, N. Y. 
Rochester, N. Y. 
Walthaui, Mass. 
Manchester, N. H. 
Manchester, N. H. 
\ranchester, N. H. 
Manchester. N. H. 

I*:ii/.ah(tli n. Stark, 
Augustus stark. 
Builie F. Stark. 

Manchesttir, N. H. 
.Manchester, N. H. 
Manchester. N. H. 

(■Jeorj^c Stark, 
John F. Stalk, 
Geor<>e F. Staik, 
Mrs. Fnuua G. Towne, 
Edwd. Bancroft Towne, 
Ge )rge S. Towne, 

Nashua, N. H. 
Na!:hna, N. H. 
Nashua, N. H. 
West Newton, Mass. 
AV^est Newton, Mass. 
Went Newton, Mass. 

Charles J. (iillis. 
Frederick S. (iillis, 
Mrs. Mary Marble, 
Fi-ederick P. Marble, 
^[ary (!ath(!rine \Valk(!r, 
Mrs. Han i((t Ames, 
Henry Ames, 
Charles G. Ames, 
J. Newton Ames, 
^Ii's. Juliet S. GowinfT, 

New York City. 
New York City. 
Newtown, Conn. 
Lowell, iMass. 
Lowell, ]\Iass. 
Wilniiii'j-lon, i\TasH. 

AVakelield, IMass. 

Eleanor Gamble. 
Susiin .V. (iamble, 
John (lanil)le. 

MiinchcKter, N. H. 

Haiiiet Stark, 

diaries Si;irk, 

Jerome. R. Staik, 

John F. Stark. 

Mrs. Aiuauda M. Burpee, 

Pennacook, N. H. 

Ahiiueda, C'al. 
.\hinieda, (^al. 
]\Iancliester. N. H. 


Mrs. tSarali J. Richardson, 

Mt. Desert, Me. 

Mrs. N. P. Whittemore, 
Lew. Whittemore, 

Lowell, Mass. 

Fred. G. Stark, 

Mrs. Saiiiautlia Ordway, 

Levi B. Stink, 

]Mrs. Mary V. Mayiic;, 

Oharles Alvan Stark, 

Frederick lUissell Stark, 

Susan Auj^Mista Stark, 

Maurice Albert Stark, 

Manchester, N. U 

'raii;^fi])alioa, Tja. 
Frenclitown, M. T 
Taii^^ipahoa, Ija. 
Alanchester, N. II 

Kirk Stark, 
Nelnon Stark, 
Marj^^aret Stark, 

Cliiitou, Mass. 
Salem, Mass. 

Mrs. Louisa B. Robie, 
Solon S. Robie, 
Royal H. Robie,, N. 11 
Boston, Mass. 
Ravenna, Neb. 


Airs. J. B. Merrill, 
John S. Hoitt, 
Thomas L. Hoitt, 
Mrs. Charlotte S. Sanborn, 
Mrs. Henrietta Wurland, 
Mrs. Harriot Tiand, 
Mrs. Frances Johnson, 
Mrs. Sarah B. Thompson, 

Coniord, N. H. 

(k u 

u ;( 

Barn stead, N. H. 

North ]}er\vick. Me 
St. Stephens, N. B. 



John Ray, Auburn, N. H. 

John W. Ray, Lake City, Minn. 

Sumuel Hall, Manchester, N. H. 



\Vm. G. Cainoroii, Audubon, Io\sa. 

Mi's. ]<]liz;ibotli S. WiJliauis, S:iu Fiaucisco. 

Joliu S. C;iiiiert)n, (Jliifajj'o. 



MrK. Fjuiui(! C()n(!, '['(dcdo, Ohio. 

CliJirl(;s Giccii, " " 



RIi'S. Mary 'J'ennc^y, Ijondondcn-y, N. H. 

Mrs. Sai'iih (Jruves, Keadin;^--^ Mass. 

Mrs Charlotto Caiiiplx'll, '• " 

''^■. ■.■ '.-I': ' . .• J: ^^1 

A ..'.'.I ,.../.„',, V. 

4 . r- 1 ,- 

■I . I 

.-.v. ,,\: .. J, r r 

' ,• .-..j;';' . ,1 


.V.V, '..M : ,r.^" '■ / 

•»■.,;, ••••.V'm,a:< 

. 1',-',:.:. r..i ■ . :i\-\\\<,^