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Fif teenth - Century Books 

(Continued from the June 1936 issue) 




Hain ^8943. 

Printed with gothic type in folio form, have smaller margins and probably come 

in two columns, 55 lines to a column. from another copy. The title-page con- 

It has 360 leaves; the size of a leaf is tains the signature of a former owner: 

313 X 210 mm., while the text in a col- "Jaross Ponanski," in late i8th-century 

umn measures 227 X 67 mm. The last handwriting. There are numerous old 

eighteen leaves, containing the Registers, manuscript notes on the margins. 

THE Hortus Sanitatis or Ortus Sanitatis (Garden of Health) is perhaps the 
most comprehensive work on natural history produced in the Middle 
Ages. It contains all the knowledge then available on plants, beasts, fishes, 
birds, and minerals, together with their curative uses. In fact, the Hortus 
Sanitatis is first of all a medical work, and only secondarily a book on natural 
history. "A popular medicine book it might be called," Dr. Arnold Klebs 
writes, "but by 110 means in the sense we attach nowadays to this sort of liter- 
ature, for it served undoubtedly also in the technical education of the time." 
And this distinguished historian of medical science further reminds us that the 
entire structure of modern science rests on such humble beginnings. Indeed, 
the Latin language as well as the compressed style with its many references 
to ancient writers show that the work was intended much more for the phy- 
sician than for the layman. 

With woodcuts on almost every page, and printed in a handsome folio 
form, the Hortus Sanitatis is, besides, a very impressive book. The first half of 
the volume treats entirely of plants ; but even here genre-pictures and all sorts 
of fabulous designs enliven the illustrative material. Especially the woodcuts 
representing the animal kingdom of land, air, and sea display an immense 
variety. There is a distinct effort at fidelity in all these drawings; not only 
the animals but also the plants are clearly recognizable. Yet the pictures are 
quaint. They are the work of a medieval, late-gothic artist — or rather artists 
— without the slightest influence of the Renaissance. 

In all fifteenth-century editions, the title is given as Ortus; but unques- 
tionably "garden" and not "origin" or "source" is meant by the word. It has 
been suggested that the work became known as Ortus because of the circum- 
stance that in medieval manuscripts the space for the first letter was often 
left blank for the illuminator; on the other hand, we find that in many of the 
manuscripts as well as in the early printed editions the letter O is usually 
printed in a decqratiye manner. The contemporary French translation also 
calls the book Arbolayne, the equivalent of Hortus. The volume recently acquired 
by this Library is the fourth edition of the work. The original edition was 
printed at Mainz in 1491 by Jacob Meydenbach; then Johann Pruss issued 
three undated editions at Strassburg, probably in the years 1496, 1497, and 



1499. The copy recently acquired by the Boston Public Library is of the third 
Strassburg edition. 

Three great varieties of herbals were printed in the latter part of the 
fifteenth century. The first, in Latin, was the Herbarius, the earliest dated editiom 
of which was produced in 1484 by Peter Schoeffer at Mainz; the second, in 
German, was the Gart der Gesundheit, also printed by Peter Schoeffer at Mainz 
in 1485 ; and the third was the Hortus Sanitatis in Latin, first published, as noted 
above, in 1491 by Jacob Meydenbach at Mainz. The Herbarius influenced the 
Gart der Gesundheit, and both influenced the Hortus Sanitatis; nevertheless, all 
three are separate works. There has been, it is true, a considerable amount of 
confusion in the bibliography of these herbals. The Gart der Gesundheit and 
the Hortus Sanitatis especially were often mistaken for each other. Dr. Ludwig 
Choulant's otherwise excellent study of the subject, published in 1857, calls 
the German work "the smaller" and the Latin work "the larger" Hortus. Un- 
f ortunately, the difference in size between the two is slight. Joseph Frank Payne, 
in his essay published in 1901, largely follows Choulanfs classification, and, if 
anything, adds to the confusion by using titles like German Hortus Saniiatis, 
smaller Hortus and Herbarius zu Teutsch almost interchangeably. Dr. Klebs has 
dcne a real service to the lore of incunabula by clearing up the matter in his 
list, which first appeared in 1917. His nomenclature has been adopted in the 
present article. 

The Hortus Sanitatis, as represented by the volume in the Library, con- 
sists of six parts. The first is a "Tractatus de herbis" (on plants) in 530 chapters; 
the second is a "Tractatus de animalibus" (on beasts) in 164 chapters; the 
third is a "Tractatus de avibus" (on birds) in 122 chapters; the fourth is a 
"Tractatus de piscibus" (on fishes) in 106 chapters; the fifth is a "Tractatus 
de lapidibus" (on minerals) in 144 chapters; and finally the sixth is a "Tracta- 
tus de urinis." There is also a Preface and a General Register. 

The author of the Hortus Sanitatis is unknown. To be sure, the Preface 
contains an intimation of his identity; but it is difficult to know just how much 
credence may be given to the statement. Both the Gart der Gesundheit and the 
Hortus Sanitatis have substantially the same Preface. That of the latter was 
supposedly written by the physician-author himself, who records that — be- 
sides his sympathy for the poor who cannot pay for the doctor and apothecary 
— he undertook the work at the persuasion of a certain nobleman, "nobilis 
dominus," who made a journey to the Holy Land, studying on his way all 
such native plants, animals, and minerals as were used for medical purposes. 
The nobleman described his own observations and also procured pictures of 
each object. The writer of the Preface, on the other hand, compiled the rest of 
the book from the works of Avicenna, Hippocrates, Galen, Serapion, Pliny, 
Dioscorides, Vincentius, and others. In the Preface to the Gart der Gesundheit 
the supposititious nobleman speaks in his own person, relating that he under- 
took his travel to the Holy Land in the company of a painter, himself making 
studies and descriptions, while the rest of the book was compiled by a physician. 

Who was this physician, and who was the traveling nobleman? For a 
long time Johann de Cube (Johannes de Cuba, or Johann Wonnecke of Caub) 
was regarded as the author, for his name is mentioned in a suggestive manner 
at the end of Chapter 76 of the Gart der Gesundheit, although it is entirely absent 
f rom the Hortus Sanitatis. After a description of the "bolus armenus" included 



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A Pagc from the "Hortus Sanitatis," Printed by Priiss at Augsburg c. 1499 
Facsimile Slightly Reduced 



in the former work, there is a reraark that a mixture of this clay with "aurum 
vite" produces a medicine "dicke mail versuecht an vil enden von mir [often 
used by me] Meyster Johan von Cube." It is to be noted, however, that the 
passage is in contradiction to the content of the chapter itself — which may 
indicate that he was merely a proof-reader . . . As to the nobleman who per- 
suaded the physician to compile the work, it has been thought that he was 
none other than Bernhard von Breydenbach, Chamberlain to Archbishop 
Berthold of Mainz, who with several noblemen and ecclesiastics really visited 
the Holy Land in 1484, and whose Peregrinationes was published at Mainz in 
1486. Choulant, in his study, examined with great thoroughness the possi- 
bility of Breydenbach's identity with the "nobilis dominus" of the Gart der 
Gesundheit and came to an unfavorable conclusion. The Gart der Gesundheit ap- 
peared on 28 March, 1485, while the Peregrinationes was dated 21 February, 
1486. It seems impossible that within a few months after his return from the 
Holy Land Breydenbach, even before he started on his Peregrinationes, was 
able to publish the Gart der Gesundheit — unless, of course, in his absence the 
physician whom he mentions had already completed his part. Yet nowhere 
in the Peregrinationes is there any hint of the existence of the herbal, an omission 
which would have been altogether unlikely if Breydenbach had a hand in the 
work. It is true that Breydenbach was accompanied on his journey by a 
painter — Erhard Rewich, of Utrecht — but the woodcuts of the Peregrina- 
tiones, which also include eight animal pictures, are of a very different style 
from those in the Gart der Gesundheit. As Choulant justly observes, there 
were many pilgrimages to the Holy Land in those days, and thus some other 
"nobilis dominus" could easily have been the author of the herbal. 

In addition to the Pref ace, the Hortus Sanitatis — at least its first edition 

— contains also an Epilogue. Unfortunately, this does not offer any infor- 
mation about the author or authors. Jacob Meydenbach, the printer, states 
with considerable pride that the book "omni diligentia collectum et elabora- 
tum" was produced by him, without mentioning however who did the com- 
piling and elaboration. The fact that the volume extended also to the animals 
and minerals was, of course, advertised. But the printer was justified in 
pointing out that the Hortus Sanitatis was different from the Gart der Gesund- 
heit. For not only the treatises on beasts, birds, fishes, and minerals were 
new in his work, but also the section on plants was completely rewritten. Some 
chapters of the German work are lacking in the Latin; and yet the latter in- 
cludes nearly a hundred more chapters than the former. The text and the 
sequence of chapters also differ. Further, each chapter in the Hortus Sanitatis 
is divided into two parts: the first gives a description of the object and the second 

— under the title "Operationes" — mentions its medical effects. 

The woodcuts of the Mainz edition of the Hortus Sanitatis were made by an 
unknown master, probably by the same artist who illustrated the Ulm edition 
of the Vita et Fabulae of Aesop and the Speyer edition of the Spiegel Menschlicher 
Behaltnis. Some of the woodcuts of the plants were copied from the Gart der 
Gesundheit, but on a smaller scale, and even this section includes 151 additional 
illustrations. There are seven full-page woodcuts, the first representing an 
assembly of nine physicians. The woodcuts in the Strassburg editions are 
somewhat smaller than those in the first edition, and their execution is poorer. 
These Strassburg volumes contain only three full-page illustrations. In the 



third Strassburg editiori — to which the Library's copy belongs — the large 
woodcut on the reverse of the title-page shows a pharmacy, a doctor talking 
to the apothecary. The treatise on urines depicts a sick man in bed, with his 
parents and a doctor standing at his left side. Both woodcuts were borrowed 
from the Buch der Chirurgie of Hieronymus Brunschwig, printed by Johann 
Griininger at Strassburg in 1497. The page preceding the chapter on beasts 
contains four pictures: one representing land animals, the second birds, the 
third fishes, and the fourth minerals. The verso of the same page is occupied 
by the picture of a skeleton, with the headline "Homo natus de muliere brevi 
vivens tempore." 

The main interest of these woodcuts lies in the fact that it was the first 
time that the art was employed to depict natural objects, instead of religious 
and folk scenes, portraits, city views, and coats of arms. The effort at fidelity 
is the most magnificent feature of these pictures. The most amusing one lies, 
of course, in their imaginative quality. There are a few genre pictures even in the 
section dealing with plants. Thus under "Amidum" (starch) a man is pounding 
something in a mortar; under "Acetum" (vinegar) a cellar is shown with a 
row of casks; under "Aqua" (water) a fountain, with a monkey on its top, 
is playing. Sometimes the artist, indeed, needed all his ingenuity. In de- 
scribing the "ambra" (amber), for instance, the author mentions that accord- 
ing to some it is the gum of a fruit growing by the sea, while according to 
others it is the product of a fish. To reconcile these widely divergent opinions, 
the artist planted a tree right in the water, with a fish swimming by. Estheti- 
cally the most valuable are the illustrations of the treatise on minerals, especially 
on precious stones. The designer here shows all the characters dressed in Al- 
satian costumes of the period. 

There were about forty different editions of the three great herbals — 
Herbarius, Gart der Gcsundheit, and Hortus Sanitatis — during the fifteenth 
century. Besides Latin and German, they were published in French and 
Dutch. The Boston Public Library has also several rare sixteenth-century 
Spanish and English herbals. It has the first edition of Nicholas Monardes's 
Dos libros . . . de nuestras Indias Occidentales, printed at Seville in 1569, as well 
as his Primera y segunda y tercera partes de la Historia medicinal . . . de nuestros 
Indias Occidentales, printed at Seville in 1574. Monardes's work was trans- 
lated into English by John Frampton, under the title Joyfull Newes out of the 
neue founde worlde, first published in 1577 and again in 1580. The Library 
has copies of both editions. 

Bought in August 1936. 

lRNOLD ther hoernen 



tae Trinitatis super redemptione humani 
c. 1477. 

Hain H278; B.M.C., p 

Printed with gothjiefType, in quarto forr 
27 lines to ajifge. It has 24 leaves, 
the first an^-fast blank. (The last blank 
leaf is mjssing.) The size of a leaf is 


210 X 140 mm.,* -whjle the text measures 
135 X 81 mm. Capitals, paragraph- 
marks, initial-strokes, and - ijnderlines 
supplied in red. ^"fe^— 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

Boston Public Library 


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