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Kvil and strong seducing passions prey 

On soaring minds, and win them from their way | 

Who then to Vice the subject spirits give. 

And in the senrioe of the conqueror live ; 

Like captive Sampson maleing sport for all. 

Who fear'd their strength, and glory in their fall.— CRAB BE. 



VOL. m. 




Digitized by LjOOQ iC 


THE eiFT Of ^ 


« ^ t . 



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We shall now present our hero in the 
character of a husband. Uuitedj as he 
supposed^ upon a principle of esteem and 
rational admiration^ rather than of pas* 
sionate attachment with Lady Ellen/ for 
one year Osmond believed himself to be 
a happy man. At the end of that time 
he began to be haunted with slight, as 
yet but vety slight inclinations, a little 
Hi opposition to the preyaiKng tastes 

VOL. lit. a . 

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of bi$ ^vifcj; bu* as tbey^wereof a trivial 
nature^ consistitig^ chiefly in iatksirefoi: 
gneaAier gaiety, and partioipsttiQfi m th^j 
pursuits of fashion> tfaanber (q^iioit. habits 
and deiicAteiieabdiimiiderad h^r (tiiipoa^i 
ed to enjoys they had^ by thd tiutdal! 
saenficie of their own wishes^ contrived 
to arrive dt tbe^rst anniversary ef their 
union, without much alteration in ;thei 
feetifij^ which had on that day^ in thei 
praoediag' }'^r, Jed theLn te die ^aHar;. 
Op Lady Blfon's^|iar6/imleed> thfereiKuw^ 
an alteration ; but -it was oaly the. alt 
teration which alm^ wvMfabJ[y><<akjeB 
pfitce in the atUtobmeot of: the i brid«> 
arid the Willi. The fienderiiesa, UiegioK 
ry/ the deHgbt, the ttoosand iiew.«?d 
abarmtn^ embtioiis nvbicb liv« ini^tbe* 
heart of woman for th^objeetbfibeirlovey^ 
heretofoire rj^jfj^aKwdt at tiieiaog^esti^ns 

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of ma^ideldy tmervej iidw< beamed forth 
wltbuadkai«h1k^ foree; and itBffec^ 
MiiA, <ab fMi#%^^6o traty )fixed ^Xfom tlitt>tn« 
tdlleet|iilil«ii^iaiority of its objeet^ cumkl 
b«ceiM»^ied' Jiito ^i^wikoife&fl^ it was s^ by 
Biftdyi'J^llih. ^ Is it p«id« or parTerse- 
rie»> Drwhut^ tliat inevitable prmtipl^ 
imjnikn^e iiatore^ wfaidi maktehim grow 
iadifierent in proportion as ha peroeives 
that he esteites ia&ctioa f Bocb^M* 
eaohinfoitnaus,] thaty '' We are modi 
tiearer lovii^ thosr that bate »> Ihaa 
tUose iivho kwe us wonattban we like f 
Hfisd)thotf^h4hea«btiaMiitbis odioua/tbere 
ts'^sohieUking' in<>it wsbidi romiadii flb; 
K^fttu^; affil: wiMh may^ io a remftte 
de^re#, ccHinifiy' ati idte df the vague 
fadings which at this period l>^^n t<^ 
steat updriOsiqidlidr 
Sdklty iitfiweiiirj>l>4.ilimdai!stoodj that 
B 2 

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h^ was 4iay timg like iodifferci^t to JLady 
J|21l0f);> Hmi MiQrea3ed l^nowWge of bisc 
YJjrUi^, 91^ hisi . re^l ac^ooiFaA^n ; of: b«r 

Mroh^p^t ^ad moi^t ateadyroffJIii^i/s&A- 
^iment&i i 4mkJ. though, . at iimes^ ; d^ 
i^*QI^ i Qf.^seeang her WX' ,mm »%Hb 
«o<Hety> . and auxious^ tbat> ., ba; ^ 
wife^ she should be morie tf^^nlm^ 
Ji^aird x>f^ bQ cQuld not bu^»anti^i{}at9 
,\yMb{fe€iittgs of. e»,qui*U9 plea*tt>15> )tte 
^}o]Mr|ag weLconie-T-4ib^'deL|ghtfi4: mwh 

fri^UflQit a^bs^Aces tptawil it) ailbffiid«|«;^ 
<to bi8f parUwi«f6tary/ fl^kys \ b« lgfiie;Kvi^0 
iWfMli.te i^bc^Hlil -fee jF^ivjp^fiby Jw/ <» 
Jiis rtturo fp R«[rhiiH»i^.MTM*, as |be>' 
»t<:tagetl]ue«:.jBUJQyi«g: tb«[. c^Oit^Wip^ 
ti0n ©f tbe ^bcliiiifiig^^fatiiftftifis jj^, 
.ahfc if^mimSb^m ikfMmM^ ^<^m!iA,^ 

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tbe^e^cfi he had befeft 'mdking'iii the 
H^i*e;.orihe tHanner-iii whfali such or . 
)»ibb distihgin^hed persons 4rii9 cofrnplr- 
Inrtentod'hiin, hler attaehineiU; so viSi%lf> 
yet s(9^ !(w^tty beirayefd; seemed to Hirh 
ar^riafeY^payment for any' a4»sence' from 
ilto^e flutteriD^. pleasures^ in'whfdi he 
%cmierime6 sought tb induce her ta find 

«f-«^Siie oc^casioiittUy yielded to bis desire 
oPei^etfi^ kitdtheni t but it wis always 
^far i tgii^^b--^lwi^ys Ivitb a<gentfe>^r«« 
^;iiefc.— ^^^ Ah ( if Osfiflioiid ftlt tbe h»|^- 
4^^dfi^ >tfaAi I do here/^ she ^ould isay, 
(iddkAug round up^ the aitfeet. netrefttj 
'^^ttyk ^QiesLt \i> her, but fiow enMirjaed 
ia^lhet^ r€im<^inb»ri€Je> as the; s|K>t iu 
«4^h the first happy days of hev mar- 
j^age^bdd* beoQ epent-*-*' if he «aw^ the 
^iMrms^ Mfi t^is d^p p6i€« ^that I do> 

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bow ill w^Mdd he think thern ^ealohang^ 
ibr qoifi^ eroNffde-^bystiddgasKii^^ 
groups <tf pers£Mi8 wb^ cum wiihm§ far 
us •/'—fand then, with a&eMng akin to 
that wMoh Milton so beiuitifaliy^ de- 
fiortbes as : possessing £v^;she would 
walk^ round h&gi haikwk md r^pimsUHy 
. looking at ewry t>lattt and «re«^ «s i if 
^e ^K^emed new beauties, in tbeai uh- 
peroeiiied bi^oafe. : <r i. * 

But the nec^agsky lop;weatiing:her 
mod from what sb? ')«i^HingIyr s^l^wed 
to htey wbat Osmond exiled ity a w^ak* 
imA, now bedanii^ abtoltt^e; fop the tiitte 
.WW arrived wfam Jbady ArUttgtcmv wlio 
du»d» at Ihe dfisire'o£ihwekis8tis^il^ oe* 
cupied the fiimily^kone 3n {^iec^diily^ 
having met wkh li residettbe more suita- 
ble te hei' iuelimition, be^edtity resign 
her former habitation to Osmond ; mai 

d by Google 


'bi& l^odier * hm'mg conaehUc^^ it tvas 
4igF€ted upon ihtffc 1^ sbohld take mp his 
•abode^ duriog tbesitting o^ PtarliameiiC, 
^tireiy in town^ / ; 

, This intolligeDee come in the . form tif 
lha> first doud of som^w tb^tlnid visited 
IiAly Sn€Bl:aa6eiier nnwriage. It wtts 
ill -vain (that Lady Ariington (to wfaom 
die ventmned to exprew tbe repugnadee 
she felt to living in Lombn^) endea- 
vducBd ta ^reason it away« ; 3 

J /f^:Ii acknfo^ledgd the truth ofleveBj 
armament ymiipvddooe^ my jdeaireat 'mO'- 
thenr/'^ she replied; '' kmt my fB^hx^, 
cjntbis occa8tbn> arb sudi as. ha surgu- 
o«eqt (caa reaoh-f^lhoy seauDtd he/pii6- 
phetio^butl sea yoa are kiugfata^ at 
me/^ she ^tcmtini^d, - olisemag Xady 
:^^ngti>a^8. epdile.; f^ so 1 ^ill say 00 

B 4 

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; i547 J c!ih 'feiif kugh^ my dear gifl/'- 
replied Ladfy^ ^AtKtigtbft, ^^to hear ^ii' 
talk ' df pibphtkic feelii%s^^ renlarks 
alboruf fatef iind presentimeflt ar6 tfery 
well from tlie lips of those who hat* 
nothing^ to say in justification of *prfe- 
jfldices; hnt those who act fr^inr thfe 
suggestions of reason tiiisdiiin these* 
whims of imagination, as you will ffo 
in the course of a week, \^hen you find 
all these forebodings gone; anddiicoVer ' 
that they were nothing mote thfrii this' 
effii^ions of regret at leiELving a spot, to 
which you are naturally enough Vei'y-' 
much attached/' 

To such remarks Lady Ellen had 
nothing to reply; but they had no 
power' to soothe away her reluctance to 
quitting Richmoudi which increased; a« 
the destined time approached^' to' a de* ' 

d by Google 

^ee that astonished erenhemiU and 
spioewhat di9plea$ed OsaK>n4* - * 

. '' I aoi sorry. Lady EJiw/' aM«l he^ 
a$ they were . ridlA^ to town^ 'f I a^a. 
vwy sorry, kide^d, that you have been 
pr^yatii^ upon to agree to tha^ change 
ofab9dj&j since itappears th«t no con- 
sid^fc^tio^i.can make it agreeable to you, 
ho<vvevier desirable it may be for me." 

. " ^y dear Osniond," she replied, re* 
iqoyipi^ hqr> hand from her forehead^ 
aqfir disperaiogf the tears ^ ^ bad la-^ 
bour^d to ^.repress, '/ do not think me 
averse to this measure — it is desirable: 
for you— how can it then be otherwise 
ti^ agrecfible t# n^ ? ^nt t an), no 
fond of Richmond-*-! always was fond 
of it : — and there I have, spent such 
h%ppy . dftys— 1 ,wa$ ./narried^ there, you* 
knay^^ pj^mgi^d-" vAn(d ,si^e idoked at?, 

B 5 

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htm with aiiebgenui96iifii0citioa, that it 
seemed inipoMibb to Eefmin feom kies^ 
ing aw%y tlie tears which tmugled t^th 
her.tender sonle. ; 

'' God bless you, my dear EUeo/' 
be ^iiM,. '' I feel as if you were a 
million tioies. loo good for: me, artel 
as if 1 did not love you half euottgh ^ 
but who is there that could deserve you I 
—who is there that — '' 

'' Hush^ Osmond/' she replied, play- 
fully putting her hand before his mouth; 
'^ the time for these extravagant com- 
pliments is past— our matrimony is 
more than a year old ; and, mereoyer, 
we are now going into an atmosphere 
somewhat unfavourable to transports/' 

'' True/' said he ; '' I must learn the 
fashionable calm deportment^ of a hus- 
band :" be spoke laughingly, but she. 

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Ibmight his words had a fneatiirig be- 
yeodwhat met the ear ; and she*' sighed. 
f"^ But if tJie exteriori7fie#» change tcSgle, 
Ellen/' he continued, '' *behe»t%«he 

^f' God grant itl^uhe* felrv^tly pb- 
filled, and after a short «)il6nce/OM^hd 
feiliflj^n oth^r topics of disc6u)nsel 

- / ••-. •• 

B 6 

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M^:v: ?' ';^.•4^^, ^ .. .- ) r -.-.4 

,- : 

-;-f.i'» J>:jo.: { v;:i .' i '.•■. •;.«;:-'' <",; 

. .' i.i -s 

,. - :)%5-*f c: v- • .\: 'V ' •:; f •>. 


.,■: ..^ .,,pHAE,,U.,, 

^. <:. 

^'^^ ;'^ : -J ,[.. '.' •> ■ :• ■'•.:•■ A 

• >.: :>.;« 

'ir '^ 

occupy. tb«^ mind of Lady^ll€y|!ti;../pr 
^ t)me^ 30ras approaching wh«[n.,#be 
expected ^ bepoJrnie.^,mQth0r- 

;a*id therb^ppinis^^ of boti^qf: t^i^^^^ 
,fc^_a timecompic^; but j|i$^t|.h, qvc;^ 
additional blessing, additional . csii:^ 
spring up^ to .warn the too con^^ii^^ 
|i|pJLrit^ tbat^ ii) thf midst of. ti|ii| world's 
^oy, there wiwfit be imperfection^ this 
cbtld^ so dear to both, but to his mptj^r 
as a new and pre$;tou3 tie^ more firoUy 
binding her to »tbe love of O^moijiEid— the 

d by Google 

delight of her sdul-— this eheridied babe 

yras sickly^ and require the utmost care 

and. attention in nursing, to leave a 

chance of its being reared up. . This 

care andattentioi^it.was a solace and a 

pleasure to Lady EUlen to afford her son 

'^^xto hirdmg nurse wa& deputed te 

wate^ by Ms little bedi or do any ser* 

Tice that an aflfecljioimte mother could 

so much better peiform." Her anxiety 

^as more than repaid in every accession 

^cf strength which she delighted to^ fancy 

*he^cquired uuider her vigilant care~-and 

when, at the end of three months, she 

obtained from her physician an opinion 

that the boy was certahily thriving, and, 

be conceived, might now^ with due ma- 

hagement and attention^ be en^pe^ted fo 

get on, her joy was such, that Osmond^ 

who had never vientured to sugfgest (He 

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kim «tf h^-em^iflgl'irjtd' any' am^ife* 

: "i€foi©tt€* lid#te^i 6tiftl LajJy Jari^ 
nmftf^'Us^to <i»e' th««6 tWftioffdw;'' thy 
teve/^8lMd hej- " yoacrantrod ^db^tf€^ 
tlmQtftC(^t Ih^f inifitartfdn.'" • = ' '= ; • - 
> Bm she declitt«d it, iatfd OsmoiftJ; alftfe^ 
ineffectually ^glirihgftHe' poirtt 4 sfiiirt^ 
tlaiey teft;;tti« irooiftj tftj^^s^^ remaf kin^ 
aft J»e ^ettt ^at^ " Wfell, then. If ^du iWI* 

DOtv IlAUBt g» without you.'" "' - • : • ' 
' /' ite*^ go/' sHe*a*f ifc|)e*led; a»"th^ 
doOT dos^d 9ft<^ KifltJ J' a&d* tfee neces^ty ' 
did not appear t6r her sd Very Urgent fef 
UBj^ingatali/ ' ' ' • 

'iOsnlotid w^fiiiKa {ini« getting vety 
iuttmate Wilh«^ Tbk&y Jane ahil hef fjiis- 

d by Google 

]>§^4 ; a)k4 b)ii that Jii«» iityici Osmoflid 
^.|^p(ii&owippf^]LQQ j rp«^ ol^ km mmd 

*!?pyMt.. I#dy ifw^,l|oi?ftr4 «a$ in 

^i<^j^^.{L«4y J«q«;Eu6tace«; The^nri 
flippancy of se^t^frnk^ the nope digfai; 
9»f)^e|^ cH^tf^^nV i^ann^i! of going; 
^fll^Sl^ l[if<^rfbf|f]»<^»i2edMf!9tU 'Ai 

9p9ii^:^ to igive li^r apparontl-y one 
serious notiot\;4HHl )|aif . her eiyoym^nt: 
app€^e4c io^ eqii^!^ as it had. Always 
4QCU^vji)'«Uifa]0lffrei?^y tbiq^ tbat vtM^ 
rea^l}P important Iptqi a je^.' 

It had been, therefore^ a sub|eid oi: 
iofiiiitf .{|i#i:niiient p^jkm, l|u»t iLMjf.Bl^ 
i^n^l^^^ h#r ^wmidbttd. 

d by Google 


beUprl^.pacJforiKistli^ duti^ o£ be^ i^w . 
situatipB; ikiul a pro^iofi of .^ithad 
beea^ the comequaace^Qa* the part of 
Lady Jane^ whicb^ as long as it ap^ 
proadi^ only bejpselC the fpriq^r Ijij^ul 
submiit^ to with the mpst.poHteindif-^ 
ference: ^bi^itbad ^veo l|er^r^ . 
to. jrenmk how.^aUiog, these yarcatj^qs^. 
had proved to Osmond^ and how sea:»if« \ 
ble ail efiect they .produce^ MP9i^/lffa 

tei^pep. ,, , ; , :, , * 

. The.^>od,sci»sei^pf, Lia^y,EUeii':vvoqU; 
haiiietreiid^red.her. perfisetly awaneof the^ ; 
horror, most .niea^ .pacticulafly. fyoung.^ 
ineQ, .eiUertain.of tieiug^ iiQpUcated ifi 
the politics c^a qursery ; but her strqag*^ 
affectiqa foe her boy soipewhat Jb|iad^d 
b^rjudginent >in4i^^-pi;eseii)^ , V^l ^d. 
made beroonietifnes^ with anguish^ attri-^ 

d by Google 


b9(fe tA waril 6f aflfectioH^fer th* *Mia;' ' 
thfe *#e4f ihess '-«vitii ^fiich Cfertibiid had ' 
o^l^t^ HsteAeflio h^r iipbfe ^ «iis eWmid 
thfemi&',- ?aud wiiJchV though teSuWn^iit 
a gireat decree ^ofAt iM iHind heiitg t)6^ 
c6^d' Itiih^ subjects thft* h&'cOiwk*a*ed 
of iti<Mre itepottance, was hi ^K)me toea-^ 
siri*^'iattr?bu!ab}e^ as Lady Ellen slip* 
pdsejl it"^to be, t0 the raillery of Lady 
Jatie?.^ •"•'•• '. ' • "^ •-■ ' f - 

Buf <Hb ihc tbrnieilted herself vrith 
thinking would never operate to aflect 
his' eoddtict hi her LiLdyi^ip's absence; 
IPtbVbftby wan as dear to hith as to her, ' 
held«llild nof'be totisfied with those f6r^ 
xn^l ^liqtiiri^ after hSs healthy without 
aiiy*desire of seeing hitn, whidi for the 
lastireek or two had takism place of! hta' 
dfttty viaSt fo the nursery. 

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^But Lady Ellen in ttds iastenee^ 4iA 
her kfB^lMi^ iajofltiefcu He dearly loVed 
ll^ soft, ^dt lie eoncetved tfrBthiB M^fe's 
igc^ltoitudl^ on the^snbject 'wa» edrriedto 
ate ^t#eme tfaftt IbQvdbred uponr fetly ; 
and as sQoh, lie ooald not* g^iv^^iit^diia- 
tei^nde l^ytakki^ any share to it.- He 
^Itti^ared that her anxieties wenC be^ 
yond the oecasioD, and that the child 
msiis decidedly im|>rovii:^ ia health ^*nd 
strength every day ; and when his: -isjod* 
iiionwtts^ ocnfiriattdby that of thepiiy- 
flician, he imagiaed the time was eonve 
in ^hiohsheoagiit losaopifiee h^ own 
"wiriies a little moiie iakis^ and be mtdy 
to resotne soma of ihose pteaaures ivhish 
it was more agreeafaie to him to pa?take 
of in her soekoty. 

Hence^ wheo\ ahe:dediaed the iayjta^ 
tion of Lady Jane^ he left her in some 

d by Google 

^iispdeattiife wfakli .ha evhu^. : by^ not 

:;It 9i[as titoi&nk m iie had 

nrn^i 9bisw0 her ; laod :.lier ^aiiNrlioUate 
lydtet wa0 veTf .d0«[% - wouoded by U ; 
aod still more so, wfaefiy ciiisiiDtarpffeftmg 
tbf siii3M6) BAd real diitteis'at ihe idea 
-ai baying oflaiiKted him^^ inta a species 
^af^^ceprittob, Otaiond piesefved od tbe 
lAtUfMhig' day ar&aogjbAimss of« doRiea* 
-D[fiiir$^#hkdii though; Aetiftefi hucwihe 
^ oii^aihtd.^riio^gh of Msuoiia^ bdlore 
dioae who dist>laAMd)htin^ die little ex-* 
•peotedihi]iiil0)mioto.tbwardshar. . 
H jfihe borch it ^ta^ioa^ as fibe pogftihly 
iscrifld^ bat:ifli|et Ite sras ilenWog tbg 
hfadses ad riie taqte»3ted t« r^urii to it 
no more that day, it wssMb: vaifn she 
sougiit to eimitfealtherteflinr; / 

d by Google 

She faiatty; murmjiMlftd^r 'f.iNi>/* jNt 

. .'^ [J7hpn iiKhat ^»t|ie m^i)ic^'o£i^ky 

len, you— ^ot« are not going tOKjAesiwiB 
i^otp the ycapricQ^ o£ your; if^y ^ptto^us 
s» ?. I Mfa^ Ji»ppy iQtvbeUmiag illl^tiJ 
liad>m. myvtife a ;W^9«w yieryiif^c am 

be;fori& ^ oouH.vlnavev ttM«l^4)ft siglg^ 
him uokiijwVjrtVwWt! UrM*^^ ; * ^ 

d by Google 

"'Sutthte Was ndtthe oteej fee be was 
suflfering nearly asrtniKti ad-h^^ielf ; add 
iic^hiQg 'tut pride, tis bU€«ting» llii, 
restrained him • ft-orti damping- !i6r ■ tb his 
hearty Mrith real siilctfrity of'atfbction^ 
^fl ^0d«avouHng to soothe nway her 
HiatuMtifott. • 

«' fldthiof thertii however, did, as rtiahy 
iiad# simitar circumstances bad done 
befowthfiftii and yielding to a mistaken 
idea of each other's seutimdiits, wlfli 
l«a*ffe m^ost fondly yearning to be re- 
concile and htappy, parted; nevertheless, 
»^i«h/^*ld d^ilityr Osmond to pursue 
A^'ehga8tem*5h«*<3(f the day, anaiLady 
Bik»nt& '<attls»lie <h#8eff for more i«eaf 
tst-rtiW^tbdo' she 'had yet ejcperienced 
«&ff»i>A«' IteOHntitfthe^Ife' of Osmond; 
by indulging Irtthe itmif tff hef infant. 
It was a conisolatjon, indeed, most 

d by Google 

voiMd AUd il^ight&ly but now ittea- 
parble of so6lkiiig ifit« fieaoe iber ini^ry 
thut 4l«pres6€f^ |i^: . * » - j.< 

Osmoiid'i^ lo^& vnakB s^ mucti ckarer 
tojber ttmu a^y <>tb^r ear tbiy ble^kfg, 
that < when Estranged itom it; thmigti' ^ ' 
ever tsfa sUghtty^ all things lofit th^it** 
power to charm. Never hUd she passed 
so fn^ancboly a diay as this; as if the' 
real evil were fiot ^iBuffidient^ her iMa^' 
gination torta^ed her* with ten tiioasalid 
diimeraa* S^ piotured fo herself the' 
eai^y gaiety of Lady Jaae^ exerted §w 
the aaiusenieilt ^ O^nend-^-ihe- ooatiaM; 
ito must excite in his mii^^ with tbe^ 
9O0ibcia> .perhaps, asi be Mioold consider; 
it, the suIllM i^ifipfafiitioa of . the wife he 
liad lelt at hoilie; and then she -vnoirid 
deeply regret th«t she hSKi not dl^iig^ed 
bim^ by aecotnipatitjj^sg- him . asi he';de<-^ 

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^md^ JUke aU: tl^^ wbo :giKe the mm^ 
to foof y> f^lM; pirQ$^^ fr^^ Mirmi9e 
to certainty^ till she en4«4 liiei^viaiqQ^ ill 

:WI»i^ ^ wfis .4hiw Misitrewed^ Qir 

rMU)4.W9Sj]o^^bolty;Atbi^^a$ev TJhftt 
fin9,t]nQil»i^eiid9^ \fbi<^l»,does uQqiiMtHHir 
B^yx'^^^ti^.m^fi' a<mtdy ia tbow 
b^onp^ ^ which* have «io»i naed of its 
4i|?fAteisi,, jey»fi9l tiraesi wara^ .hiin of 
efMOsrs^iA mora than oncie .prompted him 
turnsttiijo^ b0m€r> dod i^aw aimie coaciHar 
tiaa %i»iyards hsa -ttut when^ >he. cc^^ 
sidftfid-ihai^ lor ihe last jthree Jiwciti», 
h^. Iiad: ^iddisd evccy widi of hh owa 
t9:bi6is»» be CKHild.not biA,Qiai«eiYebhnf^ 
salf a«.tho4iffiwited partyiJoi having the 
fiK$L.d0sir^ he. had expm»ed^ rejeciedv ^ 
When he came back^ tliergf<^re^ :to 
dr«Bs for hi^ ^mgagement^ tt. wm not 

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iotilf 'i^iitltottt seddng ' Her/ btft ivkf 
Mi^otiito»i«rliiqii!ry alteffter. ' '• '« 
Btit^^ VF«i irdMlius that He%iftk ftei^ 
miae<t-tb ^p«Alt ^Tlfe trtily corafbrt^rffll 
■wMctf LWy- ^len iiftd' sdlaced 'filfef 9M- 
qiRetttde; ^t^^tHi^ palWf^ i^iil§^, 
had 'been wt& 'iii6iilging' a ifliht^lfl 
thai' Onnohd^wduld ' se«k= KM* wftdR Ifb 
reltiiined td' di-ees. ' ' ' ■^'^ '«* 

ttft fa^'^tti^' iff ,-"^y i#hai^> th^AirlilKMr- 

for hrt^i^iAttci^ ^iu^%fdti^t%fer;'4ir (^ 

pmod of her acquaintati($e' "orith'^tdw, 

liad '^%ex^i^ti<k}'M!K!li tt^ittttHig' Mno- 

tiom, 'n^ ibdkf''<f|Khi'^ic^' shd' W4&l;«d 

thecbaiiift bf >1i&'lk{ipt«aehiD^ ht»'ii]fMitt. 

tiieht. "l^ in Vl^ ^h6 iistened fdf the 

^sotink} 6f h!i Vifell-fcnioiwh^ fobt^lKps^ili 

-MWsSifeht'-' -■• •••'■^ .v.... ;.. .? ^--A ?..' 

It was not in Aa^ nature to hie ^iffem- 

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^dJb^ 1^ dioUrteg of (iridcL honic in ito 
meat mpeet ;md ^j^k dwtacter held 
4M»^Wp.over ibcr breast ; and wheti^ by 
mi^ wmmd iodiMtioiis cm bii stde^ 
^ pOlreiii^iiiftt Dke bad indeed been 
MfprtwvAe^tmwgb te dofriease her bus- 
tipi#, .no: Pfiuams to eomMer bow for 
4l» mm j^mAbsii in UJem^ oflSence/ re- 
ilnuMd tfie tender dictate* of ber hearty 
vrlttd^ fMmpted ker to 9mk biin im- 
fttf^ri^i. a9)4 win biftck, by every cou- 
cQfsfipn, |||i^Ji#K:ilfO oQ wbt«h she migbt 


. ,0H9)fwd bud'juil JSnisbed tbe duties 
tB^lm VlUett!^ lUid ii^ti yr»A besitntin^ 
^iy^l^, or not ^ m^ke b»a a|tp««raoce 
.4if%e ber^ wben h^ gentle kn^cfc At tbe 
4Qbr^ ,maiie him almosl: blusb at tUe idea 
of having reduced her, by his iU-judgied 

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_fifl^ kmnli To- loiiBifi -'.hU j:.r.i^IO^^mor. 

jefibrtsisbe (ifade to address' hij^ij^'qHMte 

t" if it is:ijpt tpo lat?, I v\iU acc^^iq^ay 
d'iW iR-^^yo^sMtf'^^iWiiJSiaiAy^'*! no* 

;.!,;:-.!'-i) L/iB ^ giiJnoru viijeai loi sil-Jiiq 
2 a 

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■ ,'tr 

eoKnpronuse.thi& matter of diiiih^ byiV^ 
)oUi^4J«ft^ li. gtt{h^'(o^<<hti^0{i«iy to. 

aW^f^rtficrt rr--.'.-' t "J -'-"■■" ■'•'<■ -'■' '•'-' 

nMl>. ^htj^^Oon; ' to« WMicH '- iWdV E^ilen 
.^UMi^WA/' inj0>e pr«aentfta^x}rHei¥tbfVe- 

Osn)oiid^l^ii«r''yiffr !{| ^^roitii^e of 
Jt«l«fMliMlg#^b4lKDiV»«^ <(/<ll«<Mii*1[br the 

ton i^t^ijn^ 4^ridd "ttll^Pe'-MM^lf 'Mtb 
iig^lQC-ibtfrbl^' Vi^ wittj 'More: dbti^iUH'6'Hb 

l'WVfti»l«%|!> 'f«M t>l«!^8« b^ hUstbii^d, aiid 

jastUgr %i8 cfaoite itr-thie 'eye« of iHe 

:i*i>rU. -'It^Was ber ftMt'apf^raDbeln 

pufcAic.lor nuuiy months ; and Osaiond 

c 2 

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sufficiently mindAtl of fashioiixii^ jaj^jT 

lijai^ spevj; ifipjce tijtne j^id, *>^}f^^ .*ta! 
the . emhelUehment of h.^r .|^9r£^ .ff^ 
\\^\^ evening, tha^ she. h»d, ever b^^ 
tempted to bestow upon it before^ .^ - ^, 
J, ; .IJer Uboiir M»s,not )b?t,; j fof .Qi^ond> 
wbp, yfee the generality of his ses^^^ had 
l^prid^ iQ sieejq^ ev^ry things nearly .pif 
|-|;^o^fly, coane^ted. v^h Jiimseifj ,p>Sr 
|ii,^^f,e4 ii5| % bes^,j>p|nt of yiejy,?^*! 
^Uc^Iarl^ ;Striick wUl^ t^e iinprpv^ 
j,ig(;9ftt her as^i^upqs, carj^ to please j^inai 
h^ PfodHC^. • ; •: 

.. ':' I. iijpve,r . s?i\^ ,^op lool^ SO: well. 

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Ifcadf hfer by the atrriag;Gr; '* -onfy'l'^Iifah 

^t*i^' ^6 (io«((iiii^di with ^iadgli: 
a^ ftf %H'fei)r^lik' life '^Bsi amwhl^^Hef 
ib'<*^t^d«te ibe the pii^ of '< seafi 
Bjg ihe ciihtracl/* as he called' it/ with' 
aisalu^; livben tlve servant entered vvitH 
aletterr"*''^ "• '■ ''^''^' '' ' 'V- ^' 
^'*^ By'tie tWb^dhiiy Sli^^ skid 

lie, Ji^proacliitig- aiid giving it' to <^s- 
liioAd^ who; i^itirdQt iookin^ at thi 
ctf rectibn, tKras' tli rowing it aiide tEi 
another bppoitUblJty, vi^hen a' i^iMdefl 
{h6n^iit seemed to strike hmij atid( h)d 
took ir up agJAin. He diS not this time 
carelessly fliiig^ it from him ^ Tor haviti§. 
attehttvelj^^azed at die address and at 
tte sekl/ tW'cbiour frbfti tiis clieeks re- 
c 3 

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Lady I Mhsh, ala^iti^' 49y snoh! a^j^hah^i^ f ; 

folkaNfed bfiA iQlhe dbte/ ' • : j ■ ( ^ . I ,; • < 1 

^^-^M^hat- iiairtltei JDMtfter^ tovjf^id^ciOb^ ^ 

sij^ (>f4be iuittd4iivriini%4w ? /v j >. •: Aijf^n 
" Oh, the kl««r is iidailttg;/V?hb).»*t 1 
plted^ .wiftfa >a ft>rded 'sriiHej; which ribl^' 

ta (1 n ijpmni i^i i liiky^ oner: vndled o fttf Jaor 
Jf ^ It uciaifie b^>iheap^ 

h^k*S-6f tao^icbiiseqfttelteet^lhai^ not* 
to go ;'' aiid ia ciriiietit auxi^y to> 

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laughing pair^ thikt(five(mhiut«: h^09ti< i 
we^;jt]StabfMil ^o;tkNfeiid'llfiBStMir6as^. 

iElt^ijfilitiad^ ttlLebififlsrbe Oiityioild: kat. 
remm hi^ gHi^l^x i^. tliey rwenl fdoagv- 
rather revved t^ hf^ileiKthaiiii^Uay tbte;; . 
feasaof :h^.^ifo«.» m . .:. . 

8peiiti|ig|i ikN^^ rcoiiteMrofiitbe Jfi((^jmi« 

went ^ng: dliA/ WW. 6o;/lh6. pcnjl. 6& 
entreating him to read it by the'iigbl/! ti 
ofI»ifiie Iftftipii^ .l)i^0K Ihoy' eiiteredi tbw 
Opei-a-HtHW i ;buti8U^}feitIKtoi|*ilo» f 
a^tei^. frmu )^9cm(ii«9-4« i^ bfWfelC 
upon hn tc0afid«iiM^^^«n^.,}Qufl iiia|e:»JL 
mmd/tbe Jtip^ttwitttdj^iig: la^^l .«J*»ei»yv^ 

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■ }' 

sW was cohcfuctc^ by Osiftoftil to L'atty 
Jdae^s box. 

Stie foaQil her Lailysdiip m high 
spirits^ luu^biug and lalkiiig with a 
sehliemaQ to whom Lady bllen^as a 
sti'anger; whilst Colonel Howard \yas 
sUently an[ius]ii<|^ himself witl^ t^kiii^ 

a survey of the audieuce ^llh his glass, 

ri' ..: •;• •. -v-. ^ •■: : \ ..; ^-^i 'lo^ 
As soon as Osmond had joiiied lor a 

sliort tune m - the conven^tion which 

ensued oil 1 heir entrance^ he left t|ie 

T)ox^ excusing his aosence by saying. 

he saw a gentleman in the pit with 

'whom tie wished to exchange a few 


ifii vain the isearchiri^ glance of l^cly 

Blten followed hrsilepartiire. She wa^ 

satisfieci he did not go iiito the pit,, but 

that he retired for the purpose of perus- 

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111^ the inyBterJQUs dpcinn^nt he had not 
'yet found an opportunity of iopkin^ fit 

*^ H^r perturbation of spirits rendered 

£; kWui ;• ^ ■•• ' -■• ' ■• : ^ • ••■ " " ,• 
>t impossible for her to take any part in 

Uie usual flippancy of L<ady Jane's style 

^UY/ xm.iiA^ ^^ ' • \ > •^. ■■ 

of conversation. With a languid smile, 

as she besought her Ladyship's excuse 

for D%ing so outr^ as to attend to the 

music, she endeavoured to make her 

silence and abstraction pass for the 

effect of her being occupied in listening 

fo the opera. It was one which, at any 

other time, it would have cost her no 

effort to be delighted with ; but notall the 

cbaDHs of Mozart's music, or Catalani's 

performance, could distract her thoughts 

rV?/ •••■•-' =' 'J '.•,.-•. ;.-• •■- 7' ; • * 

from the suspense which tpriured them. 
The time of Osmond's, absence s<?emcd 
to her an age. It was indeed a very 
c 5 

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t^#illp!@b; dmiieiwmx^r mktmiimAatf 
to see, tbey left/the„box4ogMl»«J'VJi*4'.> 

d -J 

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yoli^wUiH^m TJtiiijidH^ltj^ ;di§tii^tM«$fi#: 

woekp^f fiiKfttti) ^rei^^'t^^ fh^fliM^S' " 

dE»til%VbUid:!n>i *^-'- ^i;-. ;iui ;?::■■ 2 .' -i^.d! 
c 6 

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i(W^-,^I.rf*l^«*''W^ei|e^(. rca -Mil ?ii 
, " Now I J(Bow that yoH ))^K<9>i$^t# 

raore,pf, tlvei««tHr9^tbemi:^lj#ff M, ^hs> 
^ke it ,«^,,li,,^r%|^i^lfg,A|«jifevijf m^ 

qut,,vr^(|ti|»vtlie,ii|?i^^.^t^ i^sm^p^^ 

f»^f9(9ai§&.n^iy4<,^ s^Wryg ^^^m:k^i ,^iijiB> 
I|fl»Xga kflftws, ;ti%, ]b 4l]|%t t »p tl»^, ^ffr 
<««^, if any there,, jb^r-if* b8»in|S5^v>-^ 
sij;k, ghiW^eq. Bfut f'f.^^)«ifl|,c<W}^fyKr- 
^S^ l>^ (^9iBf^'' piM»uecl,bppii^y^fa»p>r 
with mi ironical smile, observing the 

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as the hox-dhof dp6tMi^ikd''eitMM 
y^'^miete hftT^'ybwbefetf ?«Wfcfed^Lday 

<li(i« Jb ttM$ ^CMlljr theT«Htiy-df teard." ' ' 

Ottit JiHrefi^' £iidy 'Juttep^r^eired'thatf it 
^^'4MI Murntfitei^b/^ftitrtuMiig to 4 

l^VBH^ni ftliepke«d''b«r^eff'dp6n'it; 
^Ul»«i f«nidHe/t%at <*'sbe i^ould just 
Hdiik'tL Idok' at iilbc^i ^firf'ht 'wss- 'ihncfi 
lih'dffe *miwri»t'at-tfti* moment; sbe'1*e« 
««*e4,' llMiti Osmdnd/" ' * ' ' ' 
'^X^lbbteP HdWard at tiiis instant rd^ 
tm^il^/ Oiimb^d' dbserv^ to- bis %ife. 

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i:^nk^i9v«»^joyfaliKQtelIig«ra^-i»pli^ n 
K»r3in<ii«Rig^:fpr4liis*pibif8'((niciiMk)^ ^^ 
to<Ai fa^iSsajsrei wilcbvelnttti)* jttoO^ttin^; » 

UiTiMhe%iioidBiiK>%ilba« liiilll«(l<Hi8.t»Uiiyi'- 
back^ards!, corer'ing it with his iii^p^ 

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sueScieatly aceounietf, y^ifail^ fr«wt. 
aHilieriKfkBiptettgdiDtgulirn uiI%oi«iMW«ta 
ciiibarjras&meiit i/£^f ' i|it>i]|«|r . .uTas -Mtf alt • 
lili«^:-t0 tidKtTQiicif^dixQd in. ilia i a Airs. ^ 

^£,k^l@»>X^Mbq;^i>^.k«T|M«q9iabiiniiiei ivK/ 

qi»i#ded2 y(»tb.iiti «» soon atitA Ited la^- , 
p«M9(]i^ hiNoil it'^aB.iQiikftktdiiea, loun» • 

»«A»if^|)M(>fl«el)( aotlUejwiahinl^'jteakeep), 

ber feelings at the present momenfr^mmBr 
t<)e&fl£|cbieiL((il|ed> t^Ja^aubdued^ mti^t 
im»9k^kMii lot gmii^c^^mi J iSke,tfMitk. 
n^hhmniR i»«H^.aflari.ialie(rAadr,«l.. Uso 
request retired to her apartment, i^e- 

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o<bi)l4._^t!.tie,ar })Uri jiact^ji up and dpwnf 

i^U^^t))^ fventiijg iu, tears and It^m^n^ar 
tyijp^s %jWipef thai, jha^ > fajlfe^ 

solatiou^ as her afl^iii^ri;, at>d |)^s^ ji](|«^-, 
menV could propose to allevial;^ hi^ 
distress.. '• ^ ,.,••.,-.-.,• - . , ;•. T .. 

It waa^ the second tiqi^ tljiit /J^Jt^^t^ 
she.^4 intruded upou I>is,^lku^e.:; r.^n^r 
atlr^34 :Qf beipg impprtuiiate nis^<\e her 
pail^ befpre sbe laid her band, up^n? t|^<6^ 
lock of the door, , But at that mpfnent 
s^j^ .distinctly heard a sound,, low, ^ncj^ 
sMppr(^$8ed ; but It was the sound .of^ 
extrerne au^uisbj axid nat another iq«^ 
staht did sl^e deHy to j^ter. .Sl^e fo^^^jp^ 
in her zeal to tibotlie biin, to anuom^^^i 

< » 

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lief 'apj)>baih' by any pHe^tte' sffeWAI'^ 

tkS'Wkiib'i)', rose 'Xf^r §be^'[l^M^^' 
t}fli'1^^'hUl>^cU kuebliii^)V ai)^ «Wfdr^ 

ij^i^yt^Ieti Viii^bii bik pi-ivacy/fae s^«' 
^"nufclet- accents. " • , ' " ' 

" la it you, Ellen ?" he said ; " why" is' 
<|fiyiJ(^by i(6 y>6\r:ii'«'Bfe-^at«fedi iifeftire 
M'M'^'/^'ikTiiyab •y^Wpkribcmi iM»>'^ 

"^^ ^"<ibtn^''<d cbiHferfe'ybii, -0^«dft«l/ 
' l';fci<!>vi^ tliai * jd^fir^ m disttrg^A^iiil 
my tleai' hii^Uiid;' db hat ttirt'^frclfe iH6' 
ikui 'tf*^ rcdtinpt' coutisfel. ybiJ'; -I'^cilft^ 
\Vk]jfH«lth yoii rand^'-whiere shdttfd' aiiy- 
o^Srbtir 'lie'airs-fall,^bat JierCf Osoiond-U- 
^i^H-^to *e pf^drf^liiJi Mbd'to liei^ 

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i3MgpRid^4j|^ftd49cI]ifieM» :0£^!itl0S':c(x^M< ' 
''illy imh t&hn/f^ lmmA;''iiS[if: *Jfej '' 

ijt ,mtt7^««lr?a^*tfj^w;^^ it 

to Bmile'as he spoke: but it ^vm^lmmhMmq 
whJKKj^^tttdfilLftdly tl^ten raven iMo^'e 

di>Glad1t^r)beB libj^ttetioii^ jatod Idesirkrgv e 
bar abfa^ii»[^ cboolinattad) lyi^ mmk bkc^ i 

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Wha^Bthity,i (tfnyoiP^^liib "if<m^imm/! 

peat:itd yoQ, tliat. 'h^wevi;/ tbeynmnyo/ 
«e«rnitoiiinr« <JBl»turiMt^7iny^4-cpoitt) »it{B- < 

w(iiAiril^^b($ lUQ^MRry tot jpfve y<« iRfe- 

^riU^ee; wet rcMoliedcib'lfi^iii^y ^Hf > 

ed;i<{&okiiig^^ihiM[ ftaU fen%MJlfiil(r|ri^^ 
pattdifdl^xv il »,')<» :o>[^K.^ '.-• ^i:- eUi-n c? 

perceiving her absence wouVI'be<«t«4'i 
K«£to9-fa»q^i.^ie' aifii«6oaati^'loo)i Ui^ 
l^fiTjiadd fcetiredyM/f-Jviikt erecbt of>l^-< 
cooU dnbvmljlo fbentihaodr^RdfiiltiwisIi':;' 

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that Osmond should forget pie^^ But 
'Womaiv-s love is iH>t like that of mam- 
it is so entirel)^ lyeiv^l^-r^er very life—* 
her soul !" 

''Ah, it is too much I" she contiuued^ 
^ertd ^«vt ^on^/l 'i'tHj^ -Mltid iof 
1ldkigiiiBiqo^iiq]^rfedt^jbi^^^ i^felftliiidk^ 
JbMrj^ii id jm wi^i|^i-;a>gfr«e to^tbi^4tir@^^ 

unhappy/' /iOihfli^y 

BUr^^. £ (H Oil. odv iUi ibiif^/ imn .Uln oda 

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with her. ^ "yr;; :?;j 

But as heir .1iabit« wei*e those of vigi* 
iant exertion^ i*hetaeYerexertiofi becamift 
n diityy she ire^*eiteed the uAvriiMBg^nes^ 
die fblt^ and \¥hJch tilt i/vho arie in a stat^ 
of mentdl un^slsineas milst naturally 
feel, to force tb« Mib(}<^t|fn the subject 
of disqufetdlo, aii4 cornpel it t6 fnnH^^ 
if it cahnbt fiiidyan intei^st ill any thiti|^ 

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.■ '^0i]i^m'ioM¥ohmi' !qoiii{trsatio[L>i:to 
fix the attention; u{K>n ^niiviuNlEQMng lob- 

\ffic^«4'Wbirfi iialiin^ :i4>- 

fjteedi Qonduleiisi idtyitnAhi^irloi^^ 

pt\i0t^ lopcauiMis^'' 4ai4'viientoiib>i$ 
|b)^lfr«t^iso mBUyiwhoirbi^r'nittgiiA- 

$9|iable of supporting without. iiMMWMtrB^ 
<M| «Q|ine ' lii^icatiMi of <iilywiB«wi^>.* the 

forgetting, as the excettodt J^ri^i More so 

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goaMttidtitiolls jlnbHi8i^i4c«roii^>«li<l' fioilj 
dtafiMrj ^a^vMaoiti, HliitiioMi .bMsbtp* : 

b'ufiT^BBeiD^ ivraK.-iBoi«/ avftlrttJ thtm fjtkdy 

djM4ieqn|c«; «f i4shci.Ta)w!' of; Ibesb w^- 

adbnyio^ hiinUf )fo^J•(ftea.btd'](bert|cerr 

34i!t«>0f^teit befiieHiled -Wi m tbe^^w 

/|fi^|^ £ifiK]^^iBeaii)<il»%€dr> to ^ejpert 

<<p(»rH*ddttK^r|kb ^e:i»fiA«r«d bee^tadl• 
-«ll^drrtat.j^SlodBdf«WK »is{>lacad~H(M-, 

•t.'tQCbnnbadahe beeta ^roiosiBid Dn^ too 
^^b^ffslingrrecoUietAiooaiby a ailmmoils 

d by Google 

to attend somfedfetant 60^^ 
Vbote fehlonabte jargnii, fioMmif M^ 
meiinitig ari^ ihdKfortiit to im m mtf 
other period, bad a vtiMm it> wl»ii it 
^rved the purpose df ^itfiilg Iwr iPOM 
vain and dangerous cottt«nphUi*ttir| 

l%eiib had toen Iftoment* of puinfti 
lassitiide, so orerpoweririg, i*d«cd> llial 
the mere net of teadi Ag a page ifl a botffc 
of the most iritererting eharaeter, was a 
task she Sidarcdy knew liow tio «n^ttt^ 
tak€f. * Then it ii^ats that the sound of 
^'^ My lady, the garner is hefe for or- 
dtivt ;''-^^' my lady, the child from the 
school has oaHed," wis welcomed as a 
signal ftwr cxertiop ; and in the mere 
act of controlling inclination, ho^fever 
slight the iause 'which- excited the act, 
ishe gathered the itiward satisfhction 

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6mi ^^i .wiU-rrb^thiv s«^^« wver 

iMl|Bi^4i^W9Wa!Rq|t. huU}), I^dft Ja^oe ; 
for n9«iif;t)^,44)& ri^en.sp o^iffj^mfieAf bo 
«))fbl^>o^¥''V»«tU^ ,«pprebeqsu«s, rby 
4Mir 9fi^iDiPs,.b.y.4PAicipatioQ8 of «vil, 

fe* f^Wf.iS/iyfyiftS'.WI?' Pfsuranp^ to 

1!8S%ff«^y%<fi^o9Wl%* Osmond, after a 

Jlj^W^^jf l|i^,h>apift J?^ f^^<)|i^tly. betxayed 

ifii^, e^y Jftft)W|apa|[ja»^ati; aj^.vh^n, 
^1,3^/ fui^tjtinie ,th;^t .d^y^ sb^. hiui 
ajdl^jnoCyiQW ^^ pouateoaocyeii^ 
i^y. f|\<^^9t J>c«|dj;fo8|^^ its. bolUtw cast 
of grief, its asby paleness—tbQ traces 
VOL. in. . D 

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of extreme emotion which remained 
upon it«*-aml the tremor of his nerve^ 
less hands-^alarmed her beyond the 
power of speaking. 

She^zed upon him with feelings of 
Burprise that bordered upon terror. He 
met her earnest^ anxious eye^ and turnip 
from it with restless dissatisfaction^ . 

'' I am not well/* said he, observing 
her about to speak ; '' you are going to 
ask me, Ellen, what is the matter ? — I 
cannot tell you-«-I don't know — 1, am 
nervou&-^nothing more.'* 

^' I will not be questioned/' he con- 
tinued, in an impatient tone ; '' I tell' 
you 1 ant not well^--and I am irritable-^ 
juid I cannot bear to be tortured, with 
questions which I cannot answ6r~-for I 
know not what ails me. There now--* 
now I have offended you !" 

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''No, Osmond— not ofFeuded" — and 
she walked to the window to struggle 
with her tears^ or hide them. 

'' Upon my soul^ Ellen^ I wonder you 
can give way to this folly !" said he^ 
angry with her^ because she had made 
him angry with himself; till^ observing 
her tears to increase into sobs^ he burst 
out of the room with an execration upon 
himself^ which it rived her very heart 1^, 

This impetuous scene left her, at 
firsts so miserable, that she sat down 
to write an excuse to Lady Jane for 
breaking her appointment ; but, as we 
have observed, her prevailing habits of 
discipline restrained her from sending 
it; and having carried her sorrows to 
that fountain of peace, to those waters 
of comfort, beside which religion leads 
D S 

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her afflicted votanes, she went - with 
cqi|[^osed. feelings to indulge awhile in 
the contemplation of her child— ^to turni 
as pious and benevolent natures Vvill 
ever turn', under the pressure of Sjprrbw ) 

. to some cherished conifprt-U-some tc^ken 
f>f divine benevplence, which, ; in fevour 
to its suffering creatures, is generally, 
amidst the severest privations, left be- 
hind : for, if all else be gone— friends 
— fortune — health, — the sense of duty is 
not gone — the hope of immortality is 
not gone— •the. sublime and animating 
love of the Creator is not gone. Oh, 
then . how much is left, when all that 
the vain world so fondly idolizes is 
taken away — how much to comfort and 

,to ameliorate the heart ! 
. So well had Lady Ellen soothed away 

ih^r .ernotibO: by the time her: expected 

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visiibr arrived, that nothing; remaiircil 
of its vestiges: in her appearance to ex-? 
cite the remarks of Lady Jane^ which 
she was well aware wbiild have been 
without ceremony expriessed, had such 
been the case. . ' ' : 

Th«ir ride to Hainpstead would have 
been ati . entertaining one, to any pert 
son fond of, iwhqt is cbmmonly called, 
smaU'ialk and licaridal. Lady Jane dealt 
very much riri such wares of coAver* 
sation, and icbtnmunicated them; without 
reserve to any body disposed to share in 
them. ' ' 

After having discussed the private 
history of most 6f her acquaintance/aild 
informed JUtdy Ellen of the state of 
their; domestic politios, she proceeded to 
a subject which, amongst others of 
D 3 

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similar importaooe^ ixsupidl a consider- 
able portion of ber time and thoughts. : 
- ^' Have you seen aiiy thing at Allen's 
at all worth looking at^ lately ?'' slie 
inquired ; then darting off^ as she^e»&- 
rally did^ to something apparently quite 
unconnected with the subject she had 
just entered upon, '' by the way^ them 
is something there particularly weU 
worth looking at^as Howard tells me ; 
but being in the shape of a very, pretty 
girl> it is Mther mane in his line tkuM 

'^ 1 should have conceived y€fu to 
know better than Colonel Howard, what 
Mrs. Alien has worth Poking at/' fe- 
plied Lady Ellen, with a smile, '^ iivAe^ 
you take him mih ybu on your miliinfery 
expeditions/' • 

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^ Oh^ not I^but sofnebody ielse dote; 
I snppose : bis mother perhaps^ or Lady- 
Dover,' or Miss Ai^derson, or some de- 
solate old woman, who is proud dfbein^ 
able (o boa^ of <a man in her fram ; 
bowerer^ tt does aot signify to me bow 
begot there— there he has been--«-«idd 
Aete be ieMs me is to be seen the 
loTeliest cireature that ever your eyes 
bebeM«*-*taU**^le{ider--'HEK>, let me see, 
oottaJl-^]^ tbiit^k he said sbe wa« pe6^ 
-»-4iii>, j^ikedid, iTclm^mber, because 
he gave that as an objection to her not 
^ervug at a model to Sir ~— for bis 
prapoaed pictare of Juno— or M interval 
-^or some of those people; jjut he 
tbooght she wooid be the very thing for 
a Magdalen, for sbe is of the pM-^ 
serosa order ; and in a dedine too«^ 
nothing can be beiter-^he ^omised to 
p 4 

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take Sir.Thoaias diier^^ one toorniDg'/ to 
look at ber^'' . _ . 

^ 5' Swdy the poor jprl could not 
bear— .- 

; *^ - Oh^ that's all staff, you fcno w-r-hiB 
would : not: tjbiink of asldog keroj^mofi 
of thematter ; thegid watil^ be pipi^^d 
enough of having her bead stiicks^ainst 
the wall in Somerset House/' 
. '^ But the .coarseness of sipch a pro- 
ceeding, without asking her consent, op 
consulting her feelings in> any i^espect ! -' 

^^ Lord, my dear cveature, you amuse 
me infinitely!" interrupted Lady Jane; 
^/ yoii cef tainly are a most primitive 
persoux-you talk about the feelings c^ 
Mrs. Allen ?s young ladies; as if you^did 
not know what sort of young Jadies 
they w^e!". . ; ; 

'^ I should be very sorry to$tigma- 

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tizc any class of beings, merely beCaifse 
they are in a slate of depeodenee," ) re- 
plied Lady Ellen ; '' but if I really 
imagined there was any thuig seriouf 
in the insinuation you have thrown out) 
I should certainly withdraw m^counte- 
naitce from Mrs. AUen/* .; 

*' Lord help you ! then you must 
se^k for your milliner in the upper 
regions^ 1 believe !" said JLady Jane, 
laughing immoderately. 

^* I beKeve you must have your 
joke/' retorted Lady Ellen, good-hu* 
mpuredly ; /' and it is not worth attend- 
ing to bow much of it is founded in 

n^heybad now fiafssed through the 

town of Hampstead, and were c^oming 

in »gbt .of the ; inn which looks upon 

the bealh. j^ccidentail]^ Lady EUen 

D 5 

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famed her eyes upon the tKHlditi^, wA 
at thatt insttfnt a servaM tiatne out df 
the door whom she reco^nJMd as Os* 
Hicmd'« g<i^odm ; tmd then 'i^ie p^rddiv^ 
two borses to be in waitkig, K^e^ of 
Which being a remarkaMy tine ^t^y 
one> (She knew at once fts thM' ^k^ 
Osmomi generally rode. 

It was no nhustial thing for hiaft to 
take an airing on horseback ^very day, 
and she wouM have thotrgbt- it notiiiAg 
^xlraordtnary to have met him riding 
at so short a di^ance from tofwn ; tmt 
it strudc her «s shigirtat, that his ser- 
vant and hcrrses shotftd te waiting for 
him at an inn^ where she could tiot 
fma^e him to'b^e any |»di^^i1llfe'busi^ 
-ndss to trktrsac^ • . : ^ » . 

' These fdeM|>8(ssied tbrdugb b^Wlnd 
•very lupidly;. ^before «he hid tim^ to 

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eogsiii^r Vtiiem^ as they w«re' ^tummg 
4own an ayp^e ia the road^ sheperoeiv^ 
X^^oHD^^bwself 3l<>wly walkiBg from it^ 
9$ip4ur^iUy buned ki contei»idation>f0t 
4h^r mvm^e ^passed him^- and he took 

:Ui^dy GUea }iad nearly betrjayed bar 

surprise by prohouHCuig bis name^ and 

j^a^i»ig Jbady Jane'a attention 4o Hib ; 

^t lheAi«lK>le. thing passed so suddenly^ 

and the carriage moved on so quidk^ 

^thiit they left liim fat behind^ before 

she had cecoi^red from the strange eon- 

i&sion this ineident produced in her 

. reflections^ suflSciently io reply to her 

^companion'^s twice repeated inquiry of^ 

:^^ Mshalis the matter i" 

♦' The matter!" she repAie^': '^^ oh, 
.nothing-^ nothing is the mhtter ;*' foir as 
i the eoiisiderivtioi|^>of an instant bad dttf- 
D 6 

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fipecjl tp ^^w ber^ tliat. wfastev^; w«s 

Q3^oi)d's. )>ju^M»^»& at : HaioipiBt^auis bii 

xqeiJwA 9^ .pro^eadiug/ by kaviog kis 

^ry^^;M tb^. iuQ, :3eeaied to a^toonlsit 

.fide^ip of qot berng^ observed] ehe 

would not on any accouat ^xpoe^ faim 

to , JUady Jane's oiriosity^ wbi0b> 4^e 

dc^bt^^npt ber ladysbip \yould gratifyv 

by sending f be: footinan after bim to de*- 

sire bia return^ if she w-ei-e aware of bkt 

being so near tbenu > 

^' Well, I. tbongbt^ io be sure^ yjou 

saw sometbiag strange and wondeHul^ 

or were going into fa fit, or taken wi& 

tbe eramp, pr-r-*' 

. '^ I. bad a flight $pastn/Vs^id La% 
£Uen, to sborteil tbe .surmises^of Xady 
jJane by an acknowJedgment not very 
far r^rpQired from : the triAlb ; and the 
carriage now stoppiog at the door of a 

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iaivlyiKirt 6f dwdHing, tihe w^ r6li0iired 
Ironi the fUrthir continuation of the sul>- 
5Wt/byt finding they were ahived at the 
fdace where Lady Jane's children V^er^ 
atnuf^e; ' '^ 

The /business of. a nfother on h£r 
Ladyship*^ part was tery soon discussed* 
A few X)uesti6ns were hastily put to their 
att^fidant^ and Lady EUien's Opinion 
asked as to '"their improvement in 
healthy — what .could ail them ?" and 
'' whether her own <diild> abont the age 
of tbei youngest^ waa'alU^ether such a 
Riiseral^le :k>oking thing ?'' 

A smile of pity beamed over the iest- 
tU9es of Lady Elten as she took the poor 
h^hiHL in her arai^, and jh the tetideretst 
cavesses evinced the overflowing com* 
passioir she f(^t for its deserted state. 

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Lady Jane^ who afik^ed somewiuii; 
more iiidiflfepcaoe than she felt^ was re^ 
proved bfy her tenderness^ and qb if dm 
bad read her thmights, replied to tbemi 

•*^ Well, I really don't know wl^ttt> 
do for them/' said she ; '' I have hir^fd 
4hfis house, or the best part ofut^for the 
-whole season, at the Lord knows what 
a week, enough to ruin me, though/ -m^ 

Lady Ellen looked round updn the 
ihnbitation ; it was too humble to admit 
u4iope of Lady Jane's haviaig the^ credit 
:4>fTQhiing herself in providing unneces- 
sary luxuries for the accommodation i#f 
her >diildren ; but as «he perceived that 
her silence was a kind of refi^didn 
^hioh, though sb^ internally folt, she 
bad no right or interition to make known, 
she resigned the child to its aufse, aff|d 

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cmt^mttf; that Lady Jane had nothing, 
in fact; to aay that required her pre* 
sence^ she begged, while her liadyship 
was tiallking with her narse-maidi that 
die- might be allowed to take a few 
tarns in a pretty small garden at the 
bdick of the hoase, alleging a wish to 
tvy and dissipate/ by the air, the syalp> 
tomsofan approaching head^ach. 

^^ Oh by all means,*' replied her 
'Ladyship; ^* and in the mean while, 
'Tomkias, do see if you ckn "fitid me any 
thing to cat," she continued/ turning 
to the nurse, '^ for I came off ia a hurry 
to escape MrS. Howard", and forgot my 

'* If yoti are -disposed for -sacli pro- 
oeediiigsf,'^«h« ootilinlicd to^-Lady Bllen, 
who -was jirst leaving the door, '* you 
wiJl know w4iere tafind me." 

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Lady Ellen declined the proposal^ and. 
bent her steps into the garden* Her 
mind waB the seat of disorder and agita- 
tion^ and she laboured in vain to restore 
it to composMre. She was ashamed of 
the ill defined, scarcely conscious emo- 
tions; that darted like a pang of bodily 
Anguish through her breast ; it .was 
something like distrust of Osmond, that 
disturbed her so heavily; and made her 
sicken at the possibility of her becom- 
ing u jealous wife--of becoming all tbut 
man recoils from with liale less than 
loathing. . f . . 

'* I will not-4«I «^ iiot be this mean« 
this poor, despicable being/' she said. 

.f' W^t right^^what; gvound have I for 
suspic^^n pt-rsiispicion of wbom ?~of O^ 

. mond — of my husbaad I What^ because 
I meet him under circamstapc^ slight- 

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ly siifigular^ I cnuiBt descend to act the 
cbaractet^ of a paltlry — oh ! I cannot^ 
I Will not doubt him^ 1 have no caiise-^ 
I have no cause/' she repeated with 
en^rgy^ as if in assertion she could per- 
suade herself »he found truth. 

She wandered down a gravel walk;, H 
the end of which a woman was stooping 
down and gathering some herbs ; ancf 
though her form^ as .die pursued Iher 
occupation^ concealed a child that was 
peaking on the' other »de of her, from 
the sight of Lady Bllen^ (he sweet little 
infantine voice attracted her notice, and 
induced her to advance with a; view of 
discovering from whom it caitie. 

With the delight which children ex- 
hibit in catching a new sound, when" 
they firfet begin to. prattle, it was trying 
tp repeat the word '' father V* but blend- 

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ing with it another appellation more 
faioUiar to its practice^ it often substi* 
tated for that the woman desired it to 
utter^ the name of '^ mother/' 

'' Silly boy," .%he said with a laugh^ 
'' that is not w^at the gentlenmn tanght 
you'—now.say after ine, '^father.'* 

With nQttch effort^ and consideration;, 
heat ladt brought out the word, with a 
little laugh of joy, ^t accomplishing so 
gi^t afeot. 

Lady Ellen ««ras now dose upou th^rn^ 
aod the woman hearing the sound of 
footsteps^ started up« aad makiagajinor-. 
fouiid curtsey, was retiring with<tli6 
child J who clui3|^. to her gown, a^ed ^ 
int4i sodden silence at Hie sight of the 
stranger. i • 

The surpifise x>f all parties was some* 
iU^ ^rasit;* fcur Ijad^y £Um havuig 

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gbiw^ed Bii the^boy a few oioments mth 
adttimtioii^ was strudc with a rasem* 
Uaiice itwas scarcely poanble to over*^ 
look. YouDgAB be wm^ «aeBiingly net 
m^re tiiMoi iwo years .of a^e, evtery fea- 
tiiif^ WII9 the living povtMitufe of Qt* 
mend's! Thedarkeywheatnio^Uuroiigh 
their long iMhet^ theaquiliiiie Boae^ the 
Bioutb> iiw form of the face^ the dark 
curling faMT-^ 

^' Whose is!~tlMB child ?"' the^HtaSi^i 
the p^iitofi saying; biifeflibe^aiited^aild 
sat doiwn upon m beuoh 4hat was bear^ 
tryingy by ^ivdisniiiiiig her emotieiia la. 
ahMidj'to faatiiili or subdue them ; and. 
changing her question ii;ito '' Is this yMiit 
dlMd"^ die gavie a gfeater semblaucaQ. 
of indiiSerence to the in^iry. • * : 

^^ No^ ma%uii>" rallied iihe woman, 
again makiis^ to efibh to (go ; bni liady 

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Ellen motioned bW to siay^'and takin]^, 
the boy upon ber lap> she parted his 
pretty hair^ aad endeavoured by caresses 
to quiet his impatience to leave her. 

"Poor tbiij^, he's so used to me/* 
said the womaii^ 7 ^^ does not like ta 
jpp to anybody else ; I don't know how; 
rm.sure, he came to , be! so g;ood thi$ 
moraing tP the stt-anger genttemati; it 
was for all the world as 4f h^ knew ifc 
iras his . fath^-r-rtJbiougbr poor dear^ he 
tWGt saw hfmi Ib^fof e in ibis life/" . 
, . The heart ofilady Ellen died within 
her ! a sentiment of horror rusbedthrougb 
her veins— she turn^ paleabd 9ick with 

/'I aiKi afraid you are not well, 
ma'am ! " §aid the; w<>man> ■ ' shall l~'^ 

" No~g0^I shall be better presently ; 
don't gd"r-and striving with all he? 

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niighf to repel the. rifflng: throb oC'pas^ 
sion^ she asked^ as calmly ias she coiild^ 
the name of the child. 

" It is a very fine name^ to be. sure, 
ina'am^ for. such a poor boy— they 
have called him Osmond ; but^ dear mey 
ma*am^ I am sure you are going to 
faint!--!— '' '. \ : 

: Lady , Ellen: laid . her hand upon her 
arm> and now^ incapable . of cQncealing 
her. distress^ acknowledged that she felt 
unwell; ^'but do not call for assis- 
tance/' said she, '' I am subject to 
these attacks — it will go off. 1 am bet- 
ter, now/* she continued, after a short 
interval, during which the woman had 
left her to bring a glass of water; '' I 
am much better :" and she. spoke the 
truth ; for that sort of vigour and eoergy 

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wlndi siqifiorts Uie mtndf under injury 

^' Yon live here, do you ?** die conti* 
nued to the woman. 

'' Yes> ma'am/* «he itq[>lied^ '^ tfiis is 
our house; though we have now let off 
part of It for the summer. I generally 
take in children to nurse/' 

" This child lives with yon, then, I 
suppose, or with his niother*— does she 
live here }'' She blushed at the faltering 
of her tongne as she asked the question. 

'^ No, ma'am, his mother lives in Lon- 
don-<^but she is not likely to live long, 
any where, poor thing »/' 

''Is»heill, then?^* 

*' Yes, ma'am, she is in a deep de- 
dine* It is a sad tale, her's, I dare say 

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The remeiahraHee olOamoad's wreitsb^ 
edness^ not only of the preoediol^ ni^t> 
^ut of former times-wtbe hinto ibe had 
then dropt of his being ha^mted vriththe 
jtoitiiifies of remorse— the ciix^uinstaaces 
:^f 4.bis nnoroitig^ all coa6ptred4o.6lamp 
p9p.ylction upon her mind-^^-a conwetiofi 
fuU of horror-^^that the fair ^me-^the 
yirtue-^the honour of her imsband-r-all 
that con3tituted the pitide and glory of 
her life^ W9& departed* 

Her fat?d curboaity, too strongly ex* 
cited to be at this time under the^omi- 
uioa of her judgment, prompted, her to 
pursue her inquiries ; but the pause of 
the woman, in her reply to the next 
question she put, reminded her tb^t sb^ 
vras exceeding the limits of [irodeiio^ 
or of propriety. I >'^ 

''I beg your pardon/' she said); y*'l 

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do not desire to fciiow-— it is a subjeet-— ** 
she couliT not belie her feelings so tnach 
as to add, "^^ of no interest to melV 
..'^Oh, dear, ma'am," replied th^; wo- 
man, extremely! well pleased, jas are 
most of those in a low sitiiatioa of life, 
.withholding a conv.ersation with^ their 
superiors, '' I should have no objieciabfi 
to tell you in what part of London tlie 
boy's mother lives, if 1 knew— but 1 do 
not — I judge, by her coniing oi^ly once 
a week, and that of a Stmday, that she 
4s in some business/* . v,; * • 

'f And the fatbferV* said Lad^ EUeii, 
with uncontrollabl0 impulse, . 

'' There,. ma*am, Ilam a^ mtich at a 
loss as you to say any thihg; for as 
long as 1 have had the child to take care 
of, 1 never saw or heard of his father 
till to-day. His mother comes, ^^ I 

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told you, onc^ a week to see him, but 
no oue else, till this mm-aiug ; and theii 
came a fine, . handsome gentleman^ 
ma'am^ as you shall see ; and be de^red 
to see a child I was taking care oC ot 
the name of Oi^nond Lascelles." 

^VWbat name?*' Lady Ellen faintly 
iDiimiiired, one hand supporting her 
head, whilst with the other she vainly 
s^roTe to qubt the beating of her heart. 

The woman repeated it. '' And then, 
ma'itmi he took him on his knee, and 
kissed him, over and oyer again ; and 
];e desired nrie to leave him with him — 
Jbut the child would not be good without 
jne, and so I staid — and indeed, ma'ahi^ 
it would have made your heart ache to 
see him, getting up and walking away-^ 
and hiding bis face, poor gentlemaii, 
that 1 might not see him cry ;^^I am sure, 

TOI, III. 15 

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7^ ^ 

tna'am^ it made me cry tp ^ bi%.fBfid 
to bear him caUing. him / his l^o^r, ^!t?ia 
' his poor desert^ boy ;;\and tifyittg, tp/ 
teach him to call him ^ father/ *' ,. >., . 

Lady EUea sighjed heavily«~Ji^r h«f^rJL| 
did acb^^ indeed^ with mfiinjrt.^tBj^e?;:^^^! 
but pity for herself at tbi^ }p§l^nf,.^-i 
Xierseded every sentinient of conipAi;^9]E^,j 
for Osmon^. , ^ .. , 

*' How lon^ has he been ipput^ ?'* .^j^e 
asked, . . , , ., . . 

*' Not, lotigf, . ma'am ; lipt .b£^f^aa^ 
hour^ I dare say." . r ;^ 

A grtiff voice now sutnaioaed the )vo- 
man with ispme aktrip to the ;re€ollec«* 
tion of her husband^ and his being wait- 
ing for his dinner. ^ She was listening 
4iiway^ but Lady Ell^n detaining her a 
jpuMttent, seeH>e(| to have y^ something 
moie' to say. . . r \> ■ 

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fkdV ittfa'todtrdn/ \ihicli imprfs llie 
nniSt^ vfh'eU nbl repelled m iis firs^ ad'^ 
Yiiic^^io? a painful' subject* to linger 
over it with' fit specres of fasdinution^ 
hm^^^et her; and thougli it was for- 
tttF^/'little less thdn madness^ that fol- 
lowed cfvery word sheheard^ she knew 
tk6i\idv9i io forego the deep arid harrow- 
ing desire she l^d to know stilt more. 

iSut tHc woman who' had gratified her 
own indindtioos in telling all she had 
to^ ieii; findmg thai^ nothing followed 
Ihe effort Ladf Ellen made ta speaks 
but that it died away/ in an ieigonizing 
gldnce af the <^hild^ took him in her 
arms tor carry hiM away. 

- Once more Lady Ellen attempted to 

utter something. The power of reason 

was 4a1>du^^, but it was not extia* 

guisbed ; and a ray of tl broke forth in a 


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remertibtahce of the strange ctiriA^ty 
feer emotion must be exciting. *• ^ ■* i 
^ She cast one mofe * look updft ffie 
phild--it sickened lier td perceive 4jife 
' extraordinary resemblance to Osmfcmtf. 
/'Take him away V ^be said-^feUt;^ 
spisihg the Weakness which ti^tisieityA 
any indignation upon so: innoceWt^^ 
being— ''stay/* said -she, drawing him 
towards her^ arid imprinting a kiss iipon 
his chefek— *^^ poor child!'* she itttiN 
mured — '^ there — ^now go !*' — and "^he 
,waved her hand toth^ wbnian, \v1ib took 
the signal and departed! ■ ! V ^ 

lieft alone' antif- miiliiehred, ^Ihe flkt 
impulse of 'Lady 'Eltteh^s /o^fei-cliUFgkl 
sbul, would haVe' b'e'en * to caW M^felf 
prostrate upon ftf^' gVouhd, aiii' glVe 
xent to the torrent ;.of fan^iAsli^ tEat 
overwhielmed her, ' Bat * hef • piesetit 

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siMj^^pq .f4f»itted not of this relief. 
Lady Jane sh? expeqitfi every instant 
>ypuVi, ^uran^qn her to depart. Ali^ 
jt}>^r^fpre^ that she could do to q(icl|l the 
if^ff^pi^i of Uer sottlj» ^e found was iu- 
,djf;p^J?^ab)^; fqr iu jtbe inidi^t qf Ihd 
ggip^j§jl^,ij ^iipij .^evei-e eniotioiis heX^d 
^Y^^^^jt^d^ ,her tenderqeiss ,for Osmond 
r-,Jiep:. ir^f,ect ,fc(r . him, made her 
.^ink w^ih, recoil from tbi^. bare ppa^ 
^^^l^lity o/ La4jjf ,JaQe>,,discov9r|ag hjeif 

: '' I diaJlbave ti/aie enough for suflTer- 
ing~I shall hare ,tim^ enough, for th§t^'^ 
.^}jifi sftid, fts ,w^J!fing Yjfith upequal steps, 
j-77flp,\j(r n^id-^poiw |Slow-^partaking th^ 
,|ch^r^terof t^e id^^as that rushed upon 
\}fif; n^iad/jjhe struggled with her tejars ; 
,r-^;' buj^^.to^ think, pf/^his treating me 
,thi^?,|— b,at Lmv^it lipt ^bink— no, no— 

E S 

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'/ xa^ly far A Jifctle whilft, m^^ikm Iffen 

Yfhich chm<>wetl for jn(k)}^^fe,:iMi»e 

difficulty of combating delusioiia< ( ^ i> . 

^^' Wft$ it «> narteiftitb^t tMa^iUlbe- 

i^ngeJ tQ Q^fftp^rrrWifbli.he O0*^e 

lii^vS^tly igW9rw»t<of ii$'e;usteiiq07trwb«'t 

. p/raof ?/'r-Ali|s, these flattwii^ *ugg«s- 

.4lQ^sfc died even jq tb<^ iostanti of tlieir 

, l>iritb^ when tbe strogg evidence af ,.f<b^s 

avAs 8p 4ice()tlyiQppos€d ^to.them. . Mot 

for an instant could sbe derive any con* 

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sofetk>n id i!«m^ering'tli6ii' probability. 
•A^ lirt^il' 6f circoitistandea-'hid^ in^ste- 
TPfcHili^y ted' her to Ihe kabwfedg« 6f Wtmt 
•YMig^ieittbitter every moment ofiierfu- 
-*iitH}^ One week siftce^ and ihie s^un 
^dldl iWM sbitie upoit a hapipi«r wife or 
moUier!— Mother !— oh what pan^ ac- 
:4»mpivst^ (ihe idea hitherto so exquisite 
-itt^^bliiM N^Her cbild-^«*9o dear to her-^ 
;2pdg$esadd but adiTided share in his l^ 
i9ker3s^ love l^Hk midmihted right to a 
pHrent'^s whole agectkm and tendBi^cai^e 
wan die^Qted bf anolber ctaini^^^ess 
'&^fuU but perhaps to Odmond-i^ ftr^ 
'*fiir -dearer ooet'^'-'^nd she rtcdlfeetM 
i^lAi aaguidb> hbw often she had gti^ed 
iiftnifancy (for, aflerall, she tvouldttei^er 
a^toft it tb be m<>re tbtoi fariey/'^hea 
Osmortd laughed, ahd ^ws^ed- H\t^y 

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the-^rnni^)/>tbat"he' dul'^not. love> Ucr 
dbildu^fitlvitllaliHbli^itt mhdi ^ide[>itr 
^«ftld fciVd'gilirori Weir joy Id seeiiitn tent^ 

^ Irf tli^ti^dst/of'thisiieinotioQv^diiid'^^ 

9«y/'ffibe'Wtti^Teady'id=retiiFa^; land qaofc 

stale of' fiMinlaLiednfttsiaD^ni^ d^iswa/yii^ 

i»Ibc1i mocks dQseri|i(ioh> she fetaodtjhJMSn 

setf in a few* imnulea!0»ft^.;r^d-4^ 

te^i»;iroiidei]tnedi itb Vfrnt a^u^tcln^f^ 

ef jcompQsura^ and^ to lyetl ^le iwrcilcb^n 

ness of ber heart; in the sembl^n^ii^/i^f 

tuadquilUty, wUkt JLrfHijr, Jaufi^ al/i|irirys 

ViOlabH. ooqtiiii^d «ae$s^uily tp.l^af5p« 

liw lylrjU coqverpaliqik . .],. .,,.,, .i,— 

1 at ivas fiirtunnte; tlia^ l^fr,Uay8bip.m-> 

quired little'more in^ft c(>jn|>auion,t)iw^fln 

auditpr, ,H^r fj^culjties pf <ixV^prviftiQn,fl^o^ 

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^«icl*ee'H6Veir>inUok upon/ the ulertj^icbeti 
^Qimif tofiie as;jESteJlse<]ri.wlytU|^nt bdp 

fortune/ therefore, to escape any flfjliM 
pBmMA\(m, .wbid^ ifitboftit im'¥^ vifry 
|»fermiig',Tj»ight iiaveidlsMlver^) i\9\ti» 
deep taiid .feequent VigliswhidriMicw* 
s<n«Msijr HMroke from \ho bosom of bai^ 
c*Wi*wmott, .and the painful cflbrt she 
l^lis^i^jvidantly making: to fcarce; liop 
fhmigtbti^ifrorfi tbfeir cuoreafc; a fioucce^rf 
wh^sitiese, ^reteot, ' and altmisb ov£r4 
jfydvwi^ifjg. *• '^ • ■ ^ t- :: ' 

Y^^Thie tiihe Ws'Cbrrie'i^hat time wfeM 
ftrif'^h^tt' it'oecni'rsift 'the marHagfe kat« 
—the time when thefat^^ioe'^f^iialeh 
bttl^'wasii hiSithhl fellef-both t6'liAly 
BHtt^^htfJh^lWi^blTA!.' ' '-> -i' 

^:'''thdmti\f^tiifdHt <yv; rtorfe ^jii^tiy^lli^ 
call iti the only alleviation of her iriiser 
E 5 

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ff^k^teA Yts^^tD hen,. QUr}m rtiimn 

would not dioe with her «« tfa«t >iiA|ri 
iM^Aff |Ui 'asgttgiemdni, and tfaat'Jlhe 
i^iMM'ihtiBMdape bub ti& AeifKA^di^ 
«ided vipoA Hke imm of eendiiat^Hidudiii 
dftd«r thi^drtodfiil dniige of ^siitkttaBtj 
Abe ooght to ad^. » - • ,., 1. -i 

BOt what ooidd she daN-^&Xiew-LK» 
teiitineiit for wrongs she iindttrstomLfiii 
impdi^ectly S^^Do whhtjin thGictouts^ isS 
her Iffe^ it was thb swMtest of* renMoi?* 
braaces to think she had nerer duMes)^ 
accufie and jadge^ beftire she k»ewihow 
iar repedtanee ought- to diaarm adso^ 
sbtion and soften judgment j^^^aad^'ba 
ntvste with hita whom she had roirad 
at the altar^, to take ^"^fbr het4er apd 
for worse P''^--^th hinii wfcmi^ aia»^t it 
required no eiiM to ^ovgive^liuf aaiidM 

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tin Hlrongiest pangs of nntttinB,><t]M» Jb^vi^ 
iivibeirfe to. OanaBdcittRnoantQcl oiifiir 
(O^r ndtiniBnt^ : ; .> ■:' <• I*, -"t 

oiiOb/ioio-^no ;-4.thiacoiiffW^£beh9lvl^lM 
\»iBln^agaafaub alike to her ;rcii6aai.4M)ie^ 
bbniiaffetttkhMrr^PerlNpS/ itid iok,\kim 
tlufdiyJdid sbe>«li0g to: the :si«g8e»Uqni 
perhaps this mysterioul. :aftur,.>vhi0|k 
caused lier so mocb dottbt m^.^ivMsa, 
nagjhl'leii^ siacA 4t9ve been iK^fMntisd 
bf by.iQsi»m4>?-^HN (g^iag tp :<»& ^ 
ebM; wa> .aft dot 'X>f bumwityr-firAke* 
wortsby^^ itttbesiiihao ^deB^^rin^ ei Q&lk* 

ami;«he' paiiped: to 4:i»as)der itt.i<» tb«» 
Aciw>.f«int :q£ liew, gathering con^olAf 
tiMi'fr&tn.(8T«iry nem. Ughfc that biiofcftiii 
ti^E>n- bttr.-^-4Ss nevei hftTiag^- be«is> b^- 
fer4<^s b^g a slr^gec to ^ i»igbt 

E 6 

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^o bayp occviwqd hadjjfi iCpfltiuiw4 hm 

tfie.J^oy, ,^bip|i.a9qpltted.l?4>a fr<W }imr 

•p-^.oji, } bave ^i^een too Jnopetijqp^il!' 
$he.saicl^ '_M.hp.ire. judged biw. tpp^b^Sr 
tilyl"— 5iad^ in the^pverflpwingiotfjbopfi 
and relttriung confidence, sh;? ,al(nq$A 
wjshed for. hi^ preseuce, :to . tbrpw:, \^i;^ 
self at bis feet^ aqd tell liim. aji t)^^|' 
sbe.b»d sviriDJsed,flgjiinst him ;.^u5l,t,|)Len 
he would soothe. be'r,?ind rall^v^te J?4i$ 
own. sorrpws^ by revealing — ab-r+ut 
would be— would heb reveal this ip.y^tfi- 
rious, story ?"— and a paroxysm o^dpiibit 
again, convulsed her with anguish — alv5 
thought with niisery of his recoil frpm 
the advances she had .already naade tp 
gain his coufidenc^. : , ;../> 

'; TbM be wpu^ but trust Ja. m$V' 

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^6 ^M-^'' thai— itAaf'mu^'be tli6 te^t 
ik mffuiiik'hR'^pititss[ ^ Wlth'otrt llttfl 

dtlMJf^'^ill.'bfe gbhe-^our fair pt'6sj;)eetd 
blig!«yci-^i«lH-i^aIl^g6ne:--^Ori, niy God 
-^isp&i'^ lite Huis dreaaful trjai— ohj 'spire 
IH^4bW tefes of Osinoncl's lo^^et^'—artd* 
6ti* rier ktiees, Vith uplifted eyes and 
ftidviiig lips, but from ivhich no sounds 
iltit' tlibse 6f ' sdrrow pmceededj-^her 
Hfeki^t pitfrsuc'dthesupplieatioh her tdrigue 
fefaid itdi 1:he pdvver to' titter, 
^'"irfie everting came, arid found her 
iribrfefcoryi loosed; She had considered of 
fe4^l7 t^ing; and the result of the whole 
Was/ heir lielief; that whatever had been 
thetniscoiiduct of Osmond relating to 
this ' siffaii*, his dejection of spirits an- 
nounced the sincerest repentance ; and 
that her'part, considered in the light of 

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prudeace or of affection^ was to sacrifice 
. ^very severe and selfish emotion^ and to 
«tady by increased attention^ and con- 
sideration for his fatvM^^ to retain his 
love, and acquirejii^ confidence; to 
banish, as far as she could^ every re- 
lA^mbFanceiof the circtiiinstance^ ^hehjid 
so aeeklen tally beeri «nade acqiiaintid' 
Vfutb^.aad never^.tiU Osttiorid led fhV 
vmy to it by an unsdicit^ <itttifeSs?dii^- 
tOiJet biiH imagiiie she kn^w"^ ^i\^W 

against him/ -^ ^ 

' J • " .' . 

t. .: ;}. 

: '• '.}ir t.' . 

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. « !.i» 

' . rv ;t .•.,'..'. . 

1 . , • •♦^ "^'' * ' 


1 , 1 . • « i • » ' i ' • ' 

' i' ^ " f' i 

V. /'i 

....,• : ••:; i. ):i V '' 

:■: r'- -. 


. C^AP^ll^. 

... , 

r J^wipei^soa^^ aa im iuave beforelMdl 
OK^casioato remnrJk^ were more steady ia 
a^heriti^ to XhAt purposesr than Lady 
EHa%; »>1)H4 :i^ ;Wm. now called ta a 
tiifil. j^MT mor^ severe . tiian^ any: she' had 
yet experienced ; and was desdued most 
painfully to feel how terrible may he 
the conflict in the best regulated and 
subdued roind^ when it is at war with 
the strongest passions of the buxnaa 

A months unmarked by a»y confi<^ 
dence on the part of Q&mQBcl^ pas»€xt 

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away f*i*>^Bis general mamiw to her/^was 
kiiudi^bu^sbe sa*r little of hitn*-*ihqhwak 
aM<!)'9t-'always» from faonie, 

'Her* endeavwirs to govfem bersalf in 
he^ demeanour fo bim^ by the resbltttioti 
s^e'^had made of not betrayiiig hian 
ferio^lidg-e t^fhis mtscoiidcwt^ lu^asiiiidfr/ 
indeed^ wholly fruitless. . ' H«r i naJbomfc 
steadiness of temper^ aided by the'is- 
siBt^nce wbich her strong 8e»seKrf^<tet^ 
figibn gave td her efforts; enatbM h^t* 
to resist the» pressure ' of imipidsi^s 5^ 
resentment,' of impatience/ of all Jtbaft 
tbwaifts and pei*pleke8«lthe undei-staJttdi^ 
iug/ with' a heroism for' which ^e *f>al* 
dearly 'in her hodt^ iof 8(>IitadeiC'Wh»4? 
the tiecessity for restraint viras re«»6vti*f 
ahd'^^teeft: hry th^ tei^e :t)f.^4er teaby^s: 

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£b«frty to wcffir./unnoftioedc rTlioiij^iiH 
ae6d;'4here>iiaft ootkt^g^.aby f^tcuggAei 
•—ho longer an]i:Qppo6i(liQaf:(di;3i^frfT 
ifae kiritiKdie of hw child w^Mrftbb.r^QCf^ta- 
elerdfidieri toar»^tbo9e()teM9.: yvbit^ 1|49 
fiidke? doimi ewlised to: .floyr^rrtho^'teimt 
vrhicbruo raoniiions lof' reasaii MibQgt^ 
dim)d;wipei4way» . . . .*. 

->/09(^ evefaing;,. isolit^ry^; and ia. the 
dtptli.of'dQ&poqdmcy^tfrQm jmreemng^ 
n9ti 'orily . no : ad vdn<^^ to confidence 
bn >tb6i,part tof O^moady but la its 
^tetd }a mysterious <glo6iD> wbicb. iii^ 
Gtemed daily>>'aiid wbich .coiiainunAoat<*f 
ed .to tb^r intencourse a, charaot^r \of 
i^n^bsiicbittiug reserve^ sbe retiiroa^ 
from i^atchmg the slumbers of her Utile 
boy.iaiiid Osmond l>eing^ as she ima*- 
gifmd^ cng'ageicl/at the Uouse^ wbere he 
expected tb be detained till a late 

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i *<«*j j^hfe mai ioto the IHwrary, and tftHh 
ft* vtev^of<«driiJ»lHiig herseff 46 tfy^tid 
«bt/^rttitfetttiotV:«pon gprttetteng forfelga 
!<» iMi- ptedortiinftnt ideai, she tbdk 
>4k)Wa-ft bottk, aud eiHteavoutedtocK;* 
«af>y hep Attention in petwAng it. • Biit 
it.couU oot'be— hcrdejcction of'«|)irft« 
was on this ereniog poculiarty deOp.— 
ff My bappinew » gone— gone «ir 
0mriV*^«qt8:thieooly idea thai fves^nted 
itsdf. Tiie book- frfl unnoticiSd frwn 
•hoc. hands -^unoDBSoiDUsly he^^ bead 
•stropped upon heir •arms as'they Yedfeed 
ufMrn the table, and she M>bbed>. till 
^nature, er^powared'oiid exbaufited^ii!i>^- 
got her woes, and dbe iuaensibly 'Ml 

. ■>■) 

.JM-Oiis state of forgftfuii^n ahe wta 
ditcofer«dJbjr: ■Oanond* .^hohadbooken 
away from the House at as early an 

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\^n3J9q^ with the^3|peptMiDftof/jl>e«t- 

Ms ^^ ^^f^ ^ ^v^l^ipr ^tfiMn ii^, 

^H|; atiU too 4a»r to; be evmi ib^u^l 

0f .3^Ub€hi4t «motioh> be wna ^baui.'lo 

Mj'Vaif to tlfce place wb«r» bq beU^wd 

.b«:(idi4Hild 604 ber. AoeidentaUy eo-« 

4«ri|^ Ibe libfary^ oq his return, bone 

freiidUB to Mtiing off> be. mas af rested 

iA.U« jp«irpQ$fi hyjtbe uaiwpected aighl 

^]iis;wife tn^bisrapartment^ 

r. The watcbfirinew of many aa^.tmeaayt 

jaigbti aod (baccHittiiantstragg^^dbeivas 

l|}aiDl)aiiiiag «i^ttb griefs had to eoiii'^ 

pktitiyrwom her out^ tbotaleep, bemag 

Icmceliiaasped dominioa over ber^ it 

became uausually faeavy ; and not t^eH 

til* .afamfrtnean with ifbich * Oamond 

entaned^lhej rooni, iiodcmiciou^ of b^ 

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x^q^ 0^ '>is ,ap^ra^c]b iticr^asedy ; wj^fifU 

b^t cpming: nearer^ k.e.percipiyie<^j;^j^^ 
Mfa^ asleep, aa^d »,gs^ptle, §Q ca|}»,,^p<^ 
iol^ipg^, hut so rQsigne4 was the <^% 
raster of her sluQ]t>e|> tti^t, fo^ j9f|^ 
miputeii he^.stopd to §^f upou^ hec; with 
t^nckrness an<| ad^nlr^ti^^ ; ^_ _( 

Her pale face i^s|ed upoa aj^J.^l^qs 
of marble fairness, ^uV not ojore yi]k\y& 
thani tbe^cbeek 1$ |iilbvye^ ;.s|rid^dqwu 
tba( cheek; there \yere tears stUl ^ilHi^^v 
tboogii th^ eyes frora wbi^i they.feil 
tyere closed. But foraH tbait, riie wept; 
tbdre'iwas. something qf a sTnile about 

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i^^' mciutK— SWi^efhing that' ^pofce dif 
hope bef ond this world ! you' 'w6lild 
H^e* kid- •'* slie siiflfefs—b'uli they' are 
thd sufferings of a-itoiftt;'^— Stittderffer 
arid" 'hearer <>smond !btfnt his ft[<* 'to 
hS'fls— arid then drew back, Andcbntetti- 
pTated^ her at a distance — mid. then he 
turned away, and sighed from the bot- 
tom of his soul — and Jheu resumi^d his 
Ibcfk of earnest interest* . ' 

'^ Gentlest — best of human beings/' 
he said^ ^V would to 'God t were ttiOre 
worthy of you— or that we.had'never— 
never met"— and as be spoke, be lightfy^ 
treiniilously (oucliecl her cheek with his 
lips— but cautious as was (he caress, 
ufeeemed to vibrafe to her heart, she 
.murmured some indistidct expression, 
and struggling for* ia moment with the 
drowsiness that was again stealing upon 

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her;'%h(^sMrMd; frod wk^ ad eicfaMi- 
ti<m<&r'pteastedi3iir|pri96, fixef Her^jtife' 
iifion'Ostrtoii*. • ' t: t^n 

'^'U it you, Ibvef'" «he said; iisib^ 
aiid'«x1:eiicKng' fa€ir hand. • '*' ' "^^ 

ffe took' i\, add isaid*doitietbi%'^k ' 
jokit^ manner about havidg' 'ca<f^^ 
W napping— but hfe gaiety soon' fleft^ 
and he seemed to be fnreparing W gti 
out again directly. » -' * 

Tf%e sifdden serisatfon of plfeasure * 
with -ffhi^y the ^ilookJ^fc^f siglit ' of ' 
him filled her heafri^, t^tA^d ' as ' shb 
retnatked tte • Titrai^da! ^rai^ity; not to 
say Recoil oC- his manner ^'-^not, Sndeed/'* 
that it tfas imttsiial ^tor him (o wear ^'' 
ctfunUKmnci^'- erf" cai^i 'for of late 6e 
bad presented no crtber to hsc- riew; 
bat faKi^gfat it struck her as pecii- 
Jiajfly sad: :'•••*•• ** :••-'•• . - -- '■ ■'»'' 

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Aflg^ /}^ ^^ it wivB ao, , fiic Un flOMi . 

He felt at this instant^ as pa tb^Q^briitli 
of, fi^ffre^tj^cei aa y«tt he had not taken 
the fatal plunge, but aoothec jo^^wep^.. 
ii)j^Jl^tJbie^o1d bi*x, Jofit to binvMC m^ 

^pf) t|^i6^ jstate of mental warfaj?^ the 
iiiiha{>pjt irritation of his opgov^rn^. 
temper returned to lead him 1k> jd)^a|vui>. 
tion,. Ul, at peace witb liimaeIC iKfd 
belieyins. that the stru^le of hit >hoiit, 
mig^lit ^linoi^ be read ia his qou[itaiai»C0> 
hp popJd not epdure .tljKjB aearclUing: glaii^ 
Mi^b lyWcb^ wjhqijytJijpeaking^ Lady E|« 
tejQ l^nqg. ccintwued* to .regard hinu : . 

It ^s» i^dieed a penetrating glance^. 
^ Stoiy^e.. bef9i;e . ^ndwb his .^ouficienQe. 
inter^^lyfShijV^ed >-rft was Bat>e¥ere-t-» 
U waf not. reproachful«-«-but it wftSilecip^ 

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and warning ; it spoke mbre .plainly tliati 
the strongest language! *' Osmoml/' it/ 
said/ '' you aredeceiving me^-^yoa are 
tridiiig with my affection—^you arescpy 
vering both yourself and nhc With di$^ 
honour — you are bringing di^race' and 
wretchedness upon us both/' ' , 

V 'Something' of the same ex{H*ep^ion 
her features had of late worn ; so^ie- 
4hing that had imported to him doubts 
and dissatisfaclion ;' but his pride 4iii4 
caused, him to disdain an inquiry into 
the meaning of it, knowing, aS he did, 
-tbat'a^j^e*, he merited it not.. But thi^ 
boast was now in danger of being lo«fc; 
and now, therefore, it was, that her vir- 
-tuous speaking eye Ii^d a power in it 
of piercing hiin: through with appt^h^n^ 
sion and remorse. - But his ove^beftfing 
spirit revolted ffdm tbe groveUin|^- na* 

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. 97 , 

tare of the sensations that were stealing 

To shrink before the. glance of a 
wmnaa^ though that woman was a gen- 
tle> affectionate^ and injured wife^ he 
never csould— he nevei? would submit to; 

^' Better be the thing I am/' he men- 
tally e3;claimed^ with impatience Inr 
dNl^^d till it became almost savage^ 
f^ beljter be the decided villain that na- 
ture made me^ than thus halt between 
two opittions/^ — letting 

^. I dare not wait upon J[ would ;'' 

and as the thought passed through, his 
nrind^ he threw his roquelaure over his 
shoulders, and merely sayings '' I am 
going^ out^ Ellen, good night!" he was 
hastening away ; but she detained him. 
^ She had not watched him so intensei- 
}y««!«he^ who knew tb^ mei^qing of every 

VOL. HI, p 

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turny and every variatipn of tha(. sfteajk^ 
ingface; she had not thus Ipng dwell 
ia ag^oniziD^ gaze upon it^ witboivt dis- 
cQYering that some peculiar source, of 
agitation was wa^rring within him j; ,'$ome 
temptation— -some powerful impuls^B;:^ 
somethings in short .^ that gri^yed^ m}d 
tormented him* , <; 

Her hand convulsively grasped his^, ^^ 
she took it^ to impede .his de^^gii^ of 
leaving her ; but words sl^e copld uUisf 
none^ but '^ Osmonds— my dear Os-» 
mond !" and.then^i wholly aYerpowered^ 
sh^ sunk upon his shoulder^ and I3urie4 
her iace in his bosom. ^ ; . 

^' For God> sake^ Elleu, what 19 t^ 
matter ?•' he e^claimed^ ^^)ly alarinpij 
by a paroxysm of grief^ for tvhichj, uftt 
less she, were gifted >yi^h .in^pirat^op^ 
^nd could read his thougbt^^ ^be.^w^f 

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\i^W(y ^t a ios^ to asi^ign ad adequate 
causre.'^ * . 

''^'^ What'fi- ihe matter?'* he repeated f 
but a slight suspicion of ber not being 
wholly rernoved ffohi the indulgence oS 

female caprice and jealousy fettered the 

'-.'... :■ ■. .; 

His 'words were not given in a tone 

thaC harmonized with the burst of feel-* 

itig into which she had been betrayed. 

' Had they been pronounced with one 

degree more of tenderness^ she could 

have prc^ceeded ; she eoii/c? have relieved 

her overcharged hearty by asking his 

confidence-^she could Iiave articulated 

the request^ that how died away unutter- 

ed— ^le could liave called upon him^ as 

her Husband— ^her dearest^ best beloved 

of friends^ to be irigeniious with her—. 

lb pour h|S' sorrows or his faults into 

F 3 

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that bosom^ x;?hich bad no sentiment for 
him but one ;— no remembrance^^tio 
thought— no passion biit love! she 
cdu/^ have done it— but Osmond'ls cold- 
ness froze her very heart ; and she' Tose 
froni his encircling arms^ and'tttirned 
away. , ^ .-i <$. .. . ■ , 

Osmond remained a few minutes^ 
ivrithing with ten thousaind different 
horrors. He was ashamed of the want 
of tenderness he exhibited; he \tBs 
angry with his wife for being unhappy— r 
he was angry with himself for having 
made her so— ^he was miserable, beyond 
the power of language to desctnbe. 

While thus he stood, irresolute whe- 
ther to go or stay, Lady Ellen, with a 
just sentiment of self-respect, was la- 
bouring to subdue her emotion sttfKi 
ciently to speak with calmness. 

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: U0^.Mrfl(ahed har earnestly ^itb stoleo 
glances. He seemed as i£ be dared not 
((^.encoudter either ber words or looks .; 
hut stUlke. bung upon her ne^ ad- 
dreifss^Ao Inm, for as soon as she ^poke^ 
^b^.turned. round with quickness to at- 
tend to her. 

V .;'' Y^u ask me what is the matter^ 
'Qsdipqd," she said ; '' buti need ybu to 
'^^^ qie^need you — "she could not 

.pfOC9€|d. ; 

- JO:gr<5at<li?rtr(a?SjiQsqpppd {Walked up 
^nd.down the roor^;,and> once more 
believing, that she had conquered the 
rising,paag:» iadyJSllenj^ lyith less of ten- 
4*rpesfe which, , thougb still the predo* 
iDinant feeling pf :her gentle hearty she 
wished not^ at the present moment^ to 
Indulge^ again attempted to speak to 

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bimi but ere she had weU olteMd.the 
irorder^ ^' I once vfsm happy--*-" the come 
UaAofbat preeeat feelings uvuh Ihosn 
to. wUcb die alluded wholly over^ 
powered her, aod siokiog down ttpoo 
ber ^iesit> fcom which^ id the energy e£ 
spealuDg^ she had risen^ '' I caii eay 
no more/' she continoed^ '^ go to your 
Wgngemtttl^^go, fiiKi be happy.-«^if 
you can/' - ^ J 

She ii^A human, though as Uttle \vkh^ 
ill Uie ibfluence of auger or resepUtoent 
$a.afiy cmated beuig* The germs of «a*^ 
tiiml passion did ttist wiUan ber, aod 
this wias oae of tbe oci^ons in vbich 
hi^rsd^-Qoaimandfmd saint tike patienotf 
tailed hex, and giave to ber iast words 4o 
Qsntond a toikft of peiubince/as^iiew as 
it was displea^ag. 

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lIelo<^ed either some'tiine in sileiice^ 
as if ^ he vrorM penetrate faer inmost 
tiiodgbi^. ' Oiiee or tmoe he seedieff to 
be'6« the'poifkt of sayifig Bomethitig-^ btrt 
th6<\votti(» died awny toattered. Al1aiM> 
as if: km r^i^lutioii was taketi^ *witliot)i 
pranoQiiclng a syUabie^ he tush^d: out b( 

No sooner was he gone than Lady 
Ellen's woman's heart began its usoal 
wtiik of* woia. 4Sbe reproached herself 
ibr hBT "petalanee*; '* peiliaps gentle** 
iiim ainl sdothiilg mig^ have detuned 
him. Bcitsbe bad tried beih. Sfaejiad 
teied 4o Bootbebim with oamsses-^4)o de^ 
tnn hiottwith teftrs-^-^^id he had shrank 
fip4>Hi them. Sbe kad deiae all die onght 
tDdo*«^sarely sbe faad^^^-and if a slight 
burst of irritation had tseaped her^ it 
r 4 

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ou^tr.not to hare been wccived /With 
su^ prood tQdigIlatioQ4'^ ; 
..,1a firuitlos reflections eaid vain r«- 
greisy M>y9 laoaeiriiiig that slic bad be* 
jtray^.sp lau^i^ the stale of tear forf* 
ings^ QQW sorry thai she had ;iiot: said 
motei—nfiw . a^^gry with h^rselfit nieiW 
with Osmond— 4wit in every iraria<i#n.of 
thought beviailing> . with bitter^^ teafs^ 
the fatal Ki^hitaee wbiek had .road^^^h^ 
aequaiBlod! with- her :^husAi«od's^i fs^tdAs, 
and :wbich; bad thw ief^^^fices^ity^ .itH* 
{Htffied toiler. cxMUihict: to iiipn a .r^scnre 
and constraint th^ it imas not in hmpafi 
upturn to ejadicate^ '« however <i$tniN)g 
control might suppress it^ abd iVrbjeb 
tiw-eateoedtp imder«a(ine the whole -fa. 
brip ot^ their, felicity,-^— in these, racjua^ 
mec«tatiQup,th«Bgroatai^part /oCher night 
^i^as passed. , 

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of sorrow grddually' [iresekited Ms^lf: 

Osmond had -not yet retarndd^ k^me. 

&ki^ their l«iari1iige his ef^gagemetits 

*b^ neVer^ beeti protractled to so late an 

ihd%ii?^*^aTid:t3i0 iioi-pd^ of havifig dtiven 

4Mfi frbtn ti^r, byan ilNjudgped di^lay 

of^ifr^«Aihiess* and irritation— ^tbe alarm 

$b& fi^ltat the idea of bdtig the first 

^ b^gln^a kpeciesjof hostility/ whkb^ iti 

s^h ' a< (liiBfi^Ksytion A% Osmond'^, was 

ilkely to^ tead throngh very' swift gra- 

tiations to absiricite ertraogement-^now 

^gHated bfel-^Wfrti fears for* th6 future^ 

Stitt tnore oppresslv'eihan regrets for 

♦he'jyast*- * • '" '^ "'; - " '• ^' -•' - 

•^ Ittiaginat^oni - thft t cruel ibe td pea'ce, 

^^sented to her a long Vista of sne- 

*jetoMi% W^es- Shesaw in Osmond the 

fashionable husband^ uublushingly in- 

F 5 

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di^rtrifc .f^l*p9 ^loryiBg^ ie hh ^msn 

tiH»tt tbel^lloAB r}i«arir^tbe '©rfduiwriv 
feeUng mind-— which alone 4)obUb Mippf 
p^rithe.CiMftmptiof siipli asitnAtiatir 

/V Atid <iitsi i* ithe state <x(U^sL^n 
joy pay 4rpaiQhiewiis fancy dw^t iipon 

witUi $o WUCb «xul4Hitwl I'' €b« fifi|»r 

cliiinajBd. '' OJb> »»igltt I pQt;hay€t»fo¥5^T 
seed, .that some aUo; lias joaingli^d . m 
those .giitteiTOg / vWo»g^ with, whf frfi . t 
suffered myself to be 4elud#d?^ HaiJ^i 
no warning; of the danger I y(^^ caij^t* 
iag to ipy arme? Ww.. there no '' i^tiU 
sn»ll voice t*^' CWb, yeis, thei-ie was~ye^i 
in thehQur I thought raort happ.yr--i» 
the hour wl^u Gs«aaad:asHed piy: bli^otj 

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id^miMig^'^omi^Ung ^t^&feA tin; 
'^ fe^Wai%t'-^Ah*. who slialt «liuA that 
warning v6rce unpUninhed^^^hd sImU 
r4J0Ct the iittctarnwl monitor'^tlie liglift 
i^Mdi HMi^dti grants iii illumiimte oufr 

Ittw^dtfy^M^iidy^adlong been dnwn^ 
ifigl'Wsj^nefw bi'ightened by the beams 
of >th& f^higsun. It was a sofl^ eaiiy 
isutfifnei^'d ntiortiing, mid Lady EUen^ 
MT^ftiried' with gfi^fs r6^e from her sleeps 
1ms 'bed, and* having lightly dressed 
hbrsbli^; sat down at the window to watch 
fibr'^smond^s return. 

She opened It, i«id the cool, refresh*" 
\hg breeze was grateful to her fevered 
fratne. 14 overlooked the Green Parfc^ 
in which every tree, the water, and the 
vewla«l groatid, looked gay and charm- 
F 6 

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^ing ;m t^^e ra<lia«ce of, tJie suno.i>l4tti^ 
birds ,wer« dancing a)bo^li„ap5l,,.tiv,Ut^r. 
ingwitl^ excess o( bappjint/ess^. . , ;• j. 
^ .Some ^ b^apti fwl ; pleats ^^^ ftq^ffirs 
\yhich fillecj the; >\7|vdpw begun , \^ m- 
xlpsta their.^eads^ au^,y^^ld^j^|rrei^|ii,of 
fragrance^ that the pa$siog^g$^le>r»)lght: 
with it, as it breathed ijppa ^^lohflejc^? 

It was ^ morning . of , un^pi^aK^ble 
loveliness; it \vas.a morniiiig i^- >i(hiah 
the mnOTjeut ancl the pipi|s.mighJ;:lmye 
delight led to iCpgij^ fprt^^ . toJ,ux«;-ia^ iti 
the cont^mpjlatioa of tb^ir M^ker;^ bac^u* 
tiful worlfs. She .remepab^rei^l^i^itb tears 
'' thedays thatweregone;' —thi^ijays, 
in vvhic^ she, too, ra?p fyom her.ppUow, 
tp offer upi, amidst xtl^e, <;}iai:«jp of; Ma- 
ture, the incense of a grateful ^dadiwr- 

' ing heart. .TJ^oge tranquil days, wbicb 
dawned, perhapaj,. upoa sorrow ;:biu 

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ftorVow^so dia&tehed^ '86 ^ubduedl; as, 
*«ttMtJaite(f •wilft her presfeiit Vumultuou^ 
sufferiDgs^ : wofe an aspect to charm 
' petlhUv ihsLXi repel. IF sighs were then 
her*{Jortlof», they were nfore the aspira« 
tioirnvHiich Virtue, conscious of imper« 
{^tiori, makes &fter sublimer joys, and 
hi^er hopes— ^oft regrets, that, beauti- 
lUI a^ J5 the world, it contains not where- 
with to satisfy the' cravings of an im« 
miohiil- soul, — than like these emana- 
tioHS' of anguish— these broken heav- 
ings of a wounded/ and bleeding heart 
---4he vfeUges of " the storm tliat had 
g<)tfe over her soul/' . 
- *' Oh, that I were as in months past, 
iFti the days when God preserved me!" 
was»the*idea which, in the words of the 
siiifering patriarch, escaped her lips ; 
f"" oh, that 1 were stilt in that peaceful 

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dwelUng; #hich 1 feit thi^l oraM Mrre# 
laiv^mwfety! IkntJir tlittt tiaaQitf'4>€ 
dafl||^ers^«uid temptationB <wcmld 4ie' thfc 
tomb of my happiness. Ala»^«~wtryw**' 
why did I yield to my hearty and forsake 
the cDunfteh >ef my reason ^''- she e»a- 
tinued; reverting -with the tatttold^y of 
distress^: to the error she began so dis* 
tinotly to perceive she had com^mttted; 
in giirkig^iip to the importtinities bPC^ 
mdhd; the diutdtes of^ her' bette^ jtkS^- 
me«t, which^ a\v^re of Ms kti[)6tc(oM^ 
iiatdr^ and unidii^ipUned (empia^.'^sci: 
strongly wafned her to pause in Itef 
acceptance of him. ^ ' * **» 

But although this Was the honv of' 
triumphant reason, it was reason whieb 
had, no power to sabjiigate herlov^fof 
Osmond. It might, and did, too paivr-' 
firfly point out to her the conseqnenftfes 

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in inmtakeba bu* it Mmdi,mi::Mc 
theseTfiMfiis' poior Amson avor Jmq, /te 
adifiiiiklt^ ft. remedy ior: the; wib^tfltei 

• '^)^,^i^sh€ lend rtM ariri)i aft weH bb rules, 
A shsLTp accu8er-*but a helpless friend. 

tei:i[i|g(ed % bwcipg, St^ J^n^p's cl^cH 
sUikp J tti§ I ^BWlterSi as tjipei U?o slpiar^ 

pi«^ieti4y«0^B ;9f. hm -fi^^iPSS** . went qu 

Her anxiety amounted ^^gw^r wha^i. 
8if(:» ^even, eigUt o'fsjock sl;riipjk— the 
sQf^ants b^«in 4a moy^ aboijt iW 
howe^ and nobbing^ M'$ls yet lieard of 
Oi^iQoad! She framed all lYianapr q£ 
daRg^ St ixMo whHph he, m\gH have fallen 

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.«««^Me':wieaftif0om her i o; a tenaper '^jbtapdsed 
for qvapx^isviiyij (m Imsoinetiveim^spmU 
affi eveoiB^at Brookes's^ heMinight bay^ 
etig^ed in sofne dispute at the ^mkig^ 
table. Noibiiis of: horrible or alanniog; 
that ^iseited fimcy. could suggest ;i to 
torment her/ hut rose ia rapid' rsneoBs^ 
sion to her thoughts. Twenty times abe 
was on the point* of ringing the^bi&ll^ 
to desire one -of the sen^ants *o'go^to 
Brocket's atid see if he ^we^e thcii^ ;^ Jba4 
the anger with which Osmond itonid 
receive such a proof ot her anxiety! for 
birn^, restrained her^ and made hevy with 
that ^dred r^ard to his feelings wkidi 
she never lost sight of, rather sufibi'tbQ 
utfnost wretdiednesB of^ suspense^ than 
run the Iia:2ard of increMing tlie pi^e^nt 
pAinful esti?augement of their situntion^ 
by seeming to be importunate. ? 

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i? > litmus past tiiae in t}ie*HiDmiiigy:and 
Aeirvms 9»u\king, in a paraxpip of 
Mii^ry upancl ck>wa lu^ dressmoig'^rooniy 
vtjuenabe heard a knock at the docNr* 
^' flew vta the landing-place^ and locd^^ 
tiigtoii&ef> the balustcade^ in : the naHt 
osfiniM^it she perc^ved Oamond enter 
tUe house. f . 

iShe ivfa^ running doMrn wkh joy to 
^eet him ; but peroeiving tb^t he /^as 
aadendiog itbe jstairtasey she^Mtreate^ . to 
hto<dres8iogHXK>n];againi ii 

^>He>Bwnt into his Uhrary* flie doof iof 
Ai^htch sbelteaixi bim ndt only shut, ;bu| 
Ibck wiHi violence, as if suspectingjtbe 
pilsstbiliiy .of intrusion. : . 

Thii^io^petuoi^ action made the heai^ 
of Lady Ellw sink within her :, it spokft 
to her so intelligibly, not. only of eoi^ 
tiiiued and, deep resentment, but of 

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indfflferende and contempt for that 
JMlxiety, which he- must weM khow liw 
tAitttual' t^onduct^ i& abi^iiting himself 
so'Idng front his own hoiise> cwi\4 nb* 
btrt^ excite; and which civiKty, if no 
stronger pfindplfe^ called upon hirii ta 
^ endeavour to remove, by some sot* x^ 
explanation. '■ 

No explanation^ however, was ^e 
destined to reoeive. ^ The whole «om^ 
ingpMSed'HWay, Mid Osmonl still con^ 
tinned i^ut up in hig libimry ; and^ ladf 
EliM, aHved by his delemiined seclimott 
ffom venturing to approach him, stroire 
t# dieat herself into tranquillity, by re^ 
presenting to herself that, howevoi* snf* 
fyting, khe was not the emending party, 
in the strange disunion which had so 
unaccouiitably sprung up between them; 
for in whatever light Osmond mighty 

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i- i 

at 4he ' moment, tnke bei* last ,add|73»i.; 
t0hiiii> it wa9 iN^possible^ witbout^si^^ 
poaingliiin' to be equally devoid of hfiant 
aod «|Midei*staading, to imagiQebe would, 
brood over it, till he magnified it into 
a^ aflfr^nt ihBit iqerited ^sucb stubborn 

''It was not her conduct that proi* 
diiiE^hb/' she asfinred herself: '^no«*- 
sbr. had that satisfaction^ at least^^ It 
waa Mitb his o^n heart Ibat Oemond}tiftrrd, and in this uneasy state 
of scJM'-dissatisftietion, all things wore 
tobitt an aspeet of di6taBte-**eyen her 
devoted lore wee becoming tcksometo 
himr Yesr^tbat wretched hour is come^ 
ahi^ eontinued, breaking into a flood eif 
teari^ '^ when my attaebmetit has lost 
itftvaAve! Henceforth I see there is ao 

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hope' of confidence^no cominimioB joi 
soul ; my days are to wear avray ia 
doubts acul mistrust ; 1 know myself iri<- 
jured/but I must be sileftt/' 
'Tears "were upori her cheeks^ when 
Osmond entered her apartment. : . » . 

Had he come with an air of aot?ro«r^ 
of returning kindness/ of ^ntlenetsyor 
even: of gmyity, she felt as if she could 
in a motnent have wiped them aw^ay^ 
and m^t hir* with a ^«nuine 'amilo/^of 
^rg^iveness- arid . ddigbt ; to truly >yas 
he ^the beloved of her heart, so tntly did 
that heart yearn to be at peaoe: with 
him> as the only^ate of feeling 16 which 
an instant of real comfort enlisted -^far 
her. . 

But no human being, tortured as ^e 
bad been by him, could^ ukM^Mved by 

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reseotmant^ liave witnessed the «eX{Mje^f 
aion (antsumed iadeed^ and witli couhl- 
derable effort, but that she knew .aat)i 
the indication of cavalier indifference 
with wbich^ carelessly approaching. !her^ 
having just paid her the salutation of 
the day, he inquire J .whether they were 
not to dine at Lady Jane Howard's i 
' Lady Eileii^ pretending to occupy her- 
self in stooping for her workj waited till 
she had composed herself a little^ and 
wiped away the traces of {|. sorrow, which 
it ; was not extraordinary she just iiQw 
donsidered as unworthy of her. , 

"^^ I believe so/' she replied ; '' that IBj 
you wiilj I suppose." . , 

'' You will not, then, 1 imagine ?'' 
saidhe« : . - 

'^ No-»I am far from well, and shall 

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beg'to'be excused/* weisWi^oia 
iktiBwer'^ ' . .' - 

He looked at her' \tith a gravity thil 
was almost sternness, for nearly i tni* 
nute. The traces of extreme ^HeTWcrt* 
too visibly in^pritited on tier coiirite^ 
nance to admit of bis passing thetn 'oV^ 
without remark, unless he \vtdied td 
p9tss for something worse than ihdiB^- 
rent to her. . ' - 

'' I« ttiiy thing particularly the mat- 
ter/' be said, * '' oiw-*is it only'**--he 
paused*—'' caprice'^ was the wordlrt 
intended to have added^ but it seemed 
tittle les^ than an insult to apply such a 
term to one who, he well knew, of alt 
her sex, deserved it the least. 

'^ I believe it is not of much impor- 
tance what is the matter with me,'*— 

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^d sl^^, tuce^ awfty frqm hjg se«rctuag 
eye, with an air of offended dignity wbi/uh 
|^?,cqa|^ not.r(8?t!rain,.. • 
,Ji^ fpsp, fioqj the sof^.ot whi«;h he 
]^i9^i«ted himself by her side, and, with. 

9^^.iM^yim' >^a» ffo»«$ to leave her; 

^ e^|»e r^i^ed the door b^ chaqged 

his iintj^ntjoQ, and presenting to her a 

p^|lu»ten;H>ce i» which passion was Ia« 

bouring for a victory over reason,, till 

eii;efy fe^tjjre wa^ quivering; with agony 

rr" I bftve loved you. Lady Ellen," ho 

sfiid, " by Heaven 1 have valued and 

ireej»ected you, and believed. th»t the 

^Qi^d. did not contaiu your eqjiml ia 

yiftup and goodness ,• but my opitiipi) 

may change — the unworthy: sus|;Mcionf 

of me which these fits of. humour, and 

this coJdttMf imply, mjiy affect me ; Uus 

fesentment for nothingr^" 

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"Fbrn'otliing?" she'r^jiefetedl 
" Yes— for notUiri^/*' W r*p««>y Wn» 
petiiously i ^ for'wkrcto yan 'a*iise 
me bfl to justifjr ybttf prttent coW b©^- 

baviour ? 

^< Of nothing triors thkn tfettliNIg W^' 

with xoutetnptuou^ neglect,** Shfe '^^1 

plied, as calmly as she coiiW ^ ''*»/' 

certainly, Osmond, you must be a^HM 

that your absenting yourself, wi^wWrt 

alleging any cause, for so long a thtf» 

from your own house, could nbf bti* 

excite apprehension and alarm,^ though; 

I believe,*' she added with a faint silhile, 

that bespoke any thing but the Gompo* 

sure she wistied it to indicate, '^l*b6- 

lieveilwas absurd on niy part to gtVci 

way to them." '^ ' * ' 

Never was fury equal to that which 

• Osmond testified at this temaHt, thmfgh 

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he, like her>Jbui even with less suci^fts^ 
eii^eaV0iM«d to be calm. 

-'f Btifore you deal in insinuations/' 
mid k&,/'yovL should understand well 
what ground you go upon. You would 
llmi^, pediaps, blush for your surmises. 
I(^is*pa8stt>H however strange and un- 
ttMy it may seem, that this night may 
huve been passed by me in prayer and 
pCHiteQce ;~ria the bitterest remorse and 
Mgsuish^— it may liave been a night of 
affliction to me beyond any thing of 
sorrow that I have yet experienced — 
for what— •' he did not^ could not stay to 
add the Word? ''you know!** but in 
exLtreme emotion rushed out of the room ; 
leaving Lady Ellen speechless with as- 
tooisbment/ and almost doubting whe- 
ther he or herself were in the right 
pilMPf^epsion of their senses. 

VOL. III. o 

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In vain she sat dawn to ponder over 
every word he had uttered, and every 
mysterious circumstaace of his. beha- 
viour, and the strange particulars which 
she herself had becorx^e acquainted with ; 
for though perguaded that they; were all/ 
connected together^ her inip^fecl knoMr* 
ledge of them rendered her ineapableiof 
gathering ^oy iaforn^ati(Miy or,receiTi^g> 
aiuy, light from coneideiing them, ^ekher 
ittdividually or collectively r J3utn>o&^ 
notbingelae could ^e think — aiid»b«tfv^ 
ing pursued, her painful ideas^^ till hw-^ 
brain was bewilderedj, and she Mt^a^ 
if bf r senses were receding, siie dose^.. 
the whole with the mournful oertaiufty; 
in which, alas^ all .her reveries had lately, 
tkmipated, that,» '"^ she was very m^- 
Imppy." . • • 

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;:j; :>/-rf ' • I •••'-•••■'.•. ij ; U -^ I' 

/ixidrifa^ to j understand tiiie? rd]«Awb 
itoifidiict- ofi OsBiond^ we mqi^itlEilie a^ve^ 
tjfaspecitiYe<Yiew ol^aome^of the ineiddMatr 
ia ioi»r aflrfAtive^ an4 r^^vert to^th^dr-'' 
domstdfece&rin vriiiob we left CarollMr 
LfisiieUcs. I4 may be remembered that' 
Kei:^ tteLatjon Mrs. AHen^ had, with an* 
exptided: kiftdnessi promised to* asstst 
hMt thwdgli faer difficulties^ witiM^ut 
aay fiirtber solicit ode on the pari t)f 

This promise she sirictiy plerforme^j 
by removing. Caroline^ in amjile tkiie:td> 
save her from the mispieknistof her corn* 

G 3 

d by Google 


paoions^ to another part .of thq town, 
and providing her iiot only wi^h neces- 
saries^ but with comforts. In due tijne 
the unfortunate g;irl became the /i|Ottif|i 
of a son ; and so endeared to her was 
the little unhappy being, by^the.pip^^n;^] 
""stances of anxiety and di^cess^^^Y^ch 
attended his appearance in this.w.Q^j^d pf 
trouble, that it was with son^Je dijjficul^tjr^ 
and the use of all ma^nqer of inti;e^i[^^^ 
ai^ promises, and at last thre^^t^^j tj^^|; 
jVfrs.AUen prevailed upon her to agri^e 
tp bemg separated from hiiriji wl^pn Ijec 
health was sufficiently re-establjshed tp 
admit of her returning to St. Ja.mj5^'^ 
Street. ....»..,« .w='{^ 

With floods of tpars, ^f|4 heart- br^k-. 
ing sobst, the poor Qa^9^i^e ^aw Jier pijf?- 
cious child cpnsi^ed .tp .ptber afin^^ 
and, after jtoving, tajkep JppHmer^^ 

d by Google. 


fareWels, each of which was faithfully 
jiroinised to be the final one^ she at last 
lofe hersellF away from hiiri^ comforted 
oiily by the assurance of Mrs. Allen that 
bVv2e*a week, if' not oftener, she should 
li^^Afl'ONved to visit him. 
^'^Tflis' business settled, she soon foundf, 
IW Tier return to the establishment of 
hj^^'tbusih, that her promise of working 
Mt&, toYepay that excellent personage 
ihe^ fcin'dness she had evinced, was by 
ti<!>'Tti^a'ns to be taken in the light of 
'^^^Wbrds of course ;'* but was accepted^ 
ay tfhe only recompense she had it in her 
power to offer. ^ 

The London season was then in its 
pl^iirie, and Mrs. Allen had incessant 
occnpation for every individual in her 
hdtfse. A^ this Caroline did not repine 
jfi l!he^isHghtest degree. She was too 
G 3 

d by Google 


grpfttfffil for the senrices e^e bad re- 
ceived/not to r^oice in an opportunity 
of repaying them^ by every means in 
jher pow/srr. 

But with the deep senspe she really 
entertained of the favours M^. Aiien 
had JiiQi^ped upon her^ there was tstill 
(Qingled ;a seatimeixt of disapprobation 
of her generally rapa<^ious disposidou, 
Avtuch often made her reflect wrth asto- 
iiislunent upoo.t^e lengths she had gotie 
to serve one so bumble as herself, witfe- 
.but one inquiry as to the way or the 
degree in v^hich there was now^ or at 
any future time^ a chance of her being 
yemtfneraled. . 

' She had never put a single question 
io Caroline respecting her betrayer, or 
^aid, or done any thing in the whole 
jiffair but what .was calculated to i^^^ve. 

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-that, as she had told her, '^ it Mrf^s> in- 
4leecl^ the joy of her heart to see p^opte 
^happ^and Qomfortable about herj aud to 
do what she could to serve them." 
< SethfiK^tory as this conduct Yim to 
Cttroline; there was still something in it 
^Mrfeioh «he could not understand; but, 
toofaappy in having found a friend, ^heh 
131 fiiend M^as ^ essetftially neceseiary, 
^be gtiYe her tbougbts "wholly up to the 
lofem m4 ex^uififHe feelings "which accom- 
"paMedtev^y interview she had Mfith her 
'«lind, «nd which gilded the ihtervals of 
<a^^noe^ith fond hopes and sweet an- 
ticipatioas of seeing him still tnore im- 
proved, and still more like Osixiond, 
when next they met. 

More tba;u a twelvemonth etopsed, 
and tl^e bealtb of Caroline was begin- 
ning; tOiSn^froji) her intense and ocm- 

G 4 

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?^^^p ,#<;!c,J^BH:PeadiagiUi tbe.ii««8i 
V^m% ^h^m^msm of Qmoad j . U.^wa 

IMM;? .¥"^.^PstQK?fJ, apd, imppssiUiifio -issi 
dfifine^, , Iia4 siiggeste^iaAer tjbft ipii8aii>i 

stance, she assured hec^» .«bf)to<riyrcl»»j 
sired, in ^th^r^a^r^al >ir,i*.pf 'a«»tfiflgj|o 
her bojr th^.friei?^, ^pi.^^ppe- tjiHrnfsssi 
and proteqtiQp , ,Na|»c«t had- .giiiee,;|iii» 
the strongest daijn^,.. ,,;,.. j,;,,.,,,,! 
B;it noMT this ,desire pf,^ing Qi^niwdrf 
g^ve way to very opppsite. feelings. „ it./ 
was not, perhaps, extrao«liiMiry, . that 
suffering to sqch a degfeft ,as;^,e,fh^: 
done from her fonnexjpn vvjtJfc^J!f^,s<)ro«i4 

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€fi>^]OQ»o£pride"aHd reseHttilMit sHouIcI 
mikedt) H rtieaisure reVoIlih^ iri the ex- 
t9mn% otb hayse. to diippRbatf e' the assis- 
tance^ of i«' maW Htho> it '^asevideiitj 
yi^Af^yfyfwgikt€n^hS7*^r\6, sh^ would 
wxic itUif'haitterttWi} hard^, to f^lease 
heqcdilsitl,-«fld sdcai'e her 'kindness for 
UrehiU'i^iind if ttiy life ai^d fiealth 
U^.Bf^rei,'* dhe saki; '^^ oh, if mjrbeattli 
beiitae >spar6i)> <h(HV thdiikfuUy shall 1 
u«i»it ftat^i^ «enrh!e ! ^ ' ' 
oB^t^iin^M-mn vain tvfas'the supplica- 
tei^ft^bop^^ !-^'Hfef dehcdfe form was daily 
wBillnj^'8lwiiy^li6 hectic spot upon the 
languid cheek becathe ' brighter and 
bU^^> ^he^dBc i^e was engaged m 
6lfen f«Jl; • ^vt\' 'exieem^ debility, from 
the * trembfi^i^ * flrt^ei's ; and though 
iniMlfas-^pasiied away/ a'nd she still was 
foiind'paftieni at her cdnstani employ- 

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i9f»t^ H wa^ bec^ufie ^^ ^mM/^^ not, 
lather ttiAn. that 6ihe bf)d not ooc^i^n 
erHMUgh ito cotiipl^. : Hfavi visile lile* 
oU^^ at, l^igth alwiqad Mrs. AIWd, 
iwhp^ jiip4€«6st in bpr tetiouraioade her 
gnx^u^to^^ her hoalUirand fijtreoglii 
fpragtabtishp^J^— aod a&eywy thi^g <ttiiit 
)vrprtby womi^n dW, w^s^ by^ h^ ,o>jrn 
^caji^i^ frQm motive^of the purei^ftibe^ 
peYp)en(rej» she pn^ ^y told CSMplipe 
that it grieved herhePiTl tQSf)&..h«r..^ 
{loorly and low ; aqd g^^atly as it, M(puid 
iaconvenience her to part with \^ a(^ih^ 
{uresent mpoient ^h^ would wiUiaqgly 
make any s^rigf;^, fpr h^r I;>eae6t ; >he 
ill^ougbt^ therefor^i stie cpiild u^ do 
better tharvgp to Hajxip^w^> virhiei^ her 
boy w^s at uursi^, and spieAd A forlnigbt 
ftf ^hree w^H? witl» Vm, fpr the )i«o«6t 
of Qbangcjofair* 

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N6 propMitieTi cotM have been tiidre 
^eii^fatfvl to Caroline^ and but oneob- 
jectk)n impeded tier nce^ptftnde ^ it. 
It was her utter incapability oTfeiipport- 
tflg lierself for 'so long a time, without 
^e aJfl of Mrs. Alleti, which hariiVg *!• 
t^dy so much trespassed upoh, siie did 
tiot wish to encroach upon any fiirlher. 
IShe therefore dedin^ it, ikying, she 
'hop^d to be belter soon. But Mils. Al- 
leh 'Istitl Urging; the measure, she was at 
last compelled t^%ay> '' she could tlot 
aflbrdit.'' • ^ 

Hereupon Mrs. Allen, cotteeiTing her 
cousin C&rry to be deceiving either her 
6r herself— rather more abruptly than 
(Caroline liked, suggested to her fhat 
'^ she was very absurd.'* 

'' I am suffe, Oarry, 1 should ^ never 

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tiwted, " btfti.yiBriivrQjdljf- force >in*.tj< Hi 
(W*»«ft . J-W P«**A that / Mr. .J QtexiUe 
Wm^ BPt>gl<*%rr?j <> •:•../-, .J .! /■. 
It..'" ;lil<^- GWYiitte ! "> Gar!Qj«|eii»tfiro*pt«j^ 

AiifiUiim^fffifid, avijuitiedftM'ib^/pan^ge 
f pf . ffiblea^in^ her, ; stkpn i the- 4i«ie^ i iti^ 
[^ lhoi)gh|j,J|»ai>)Q9g >«e« «a^ in 
.^bic)) (h^r; cqupiniiou^t j^flols^tAMeen 
,4fffnj}jaf< I15M«!?4^ ,HfifjjLMUWP4fofcl4i«nte^ 


"S*yH f. ■'.;■'.:■::;■> Jii r.ftM'J'. llo :>-!;>{^ 

./. ■ '• V^, ! i^F. Gwy iUeif ' , $he tepl\^ .; 
l.f wby ajirely^ Oarry,>-yo« «M»t iak« ae 

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' n f <- -Vfeu ! h&v*- b oti 'b»«r i a^tyirtj^ ' ' ib 
Mr. Greville !" said eatj^hfe,- itt Wttmte 
wtfKjagtttiy^-'ltfj^fng her^lkfitl^Aipbtt her 
■dttn'jil"iforin©rcjBfs'salce'6» rtdt^ feH 'itife 

rmlQititirs, Ahe pipror gii4 sat^oWn iupdti 
>& iJtuAt, 0ir«^p<^>rebi' ^vitb^ttfttiine and 
iifffcltdie^eM^ >i^ '^infiian' iilBtant her 
'Mi*d>iPpl»tid}<ttUe<geK)^dti9<)iilbr^ of faer 
'»^8flrvtei*i-thtf ' 'gf ^f» ^jf^dbaWUty- Ihat, 
yflftteno^ji td tN^i>/1i&lmi^ht have r^eat- 
•:^fedl«heBnft<»>lilrfe' Alletf'befote^he im the 
^house on the day he called upon her^- 

ihe^qertainiy tba*i MftJ. Alfen Wild ac- 
<«ept the(nh*-the {suppetsttkiA thatf would 
Y naturally! follow i in hei-ibiiWU Every 

tdeailkk nmm^ACTamh^t/i^^okt of the 

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pamful' convrction that it was to Mr. 
Greville's assistance, so irftproperly, so 
HJoal'sely actepted by her rdation^ that 
«he was indebted ; and she sobbed with 
misery, till Mrs. Allen^ heart ret^ntod, 
and she began to see, not the impro- 
priety of the steps she had taken (fbr<o 
her imagination there never could be 
atiy impropriety in taking money when 
it was ojfifered), but the error of which 
She had been guilty, in removing JVom 
Caroline's mind the sense of obligation 
it had retained towards her, and which 
had influenced her in a manner so ser- 
viceable to her own particular interest. 

" I am sure. Carry/' said sfee, " if I 
thought it had been disagi^eeable to yoii, 
I would never liave accepted Mr. Gre- 
vine's offer*/' 

'^ Oh; pray do not speak of it/' said 

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% still SQb>^i%5 CJarolia^i f^ou^y let 
me knpw^ truly ajjd spw4ily*tbeawottnt 
,of ray .debt to .hijp, <aiid 1 wjtl wxite 
hoipe tamy fatjifir/.' ^ :^ 

. .'' Popb— poph! wlly^irl ; youxeilly 
file too ridiculous^" sai^ Mrs. j^|l^fi, 
s^gain relapsiag into augier,at;wbat^ 
^^ill believed tp bi? duplicity. ./' You 
canuot pretiend to make me thlpk tbat 
Mr. ,GceYUle,wpuld . have been so gene- 
rous, if—" 

.^' I can, an(l do 4^1are, as solemnly 
as 1 hope for merijy," exclaimed Caro- 
li|ie, '' tl^at I )um1 no <;laim whatever 
upon the generosity of Mr. Greville !" 

i Her earnestness somewhut astonished 
Mrs. Allen, in whose mipd Carotiuf's 
luAappy Stpiy had never borne \\)fi 
least appearance of mysfceryi since one 
^omtpg^ oi^Jy a day ^revipus tpCaro- 

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\i^ Mfsiih^.iby^ iaui.eldeiijr' g^^emaa^j 
M^hp, < ;b«^i6g iia.4tiired lif ^h^p tiamci «MiMi 
4Mi^ir^l^4f. shp biid ilot f^^yoong r^^' 
t^oii/Qf fke itaooQl of LauscdieB^^ttoii re^ 
sWiiHg-itlHi tiePj |M-0€eeded':iniiii (taifjy^ 

H is a^neees^f y to say tbhtrth^fu^a^'^ 
Mr. Greville/ wbo^ ia the Jbeiieirbl«.^^^ 
of bis hmrty bad not; felt. quite>'^ai^^) 
re^e^tiiskgfC^mltW!^: though :i»bieJ^(ti£tdl^ 
given him dijisdslbk^ifsi'j^ 
sonfow^ .to href? vehtiStm, ?awd fi?qufefS% 
h^A «i9St$tafk&: Ut (eit,tM% ikoMmtH*^ 
intttrest' inthhr ydunjgi ^anA tmf&ti^n^^ 
creatur^/i ^hicby : im ithcr (brea»t'o6;^i hrUiif ^^ 
of humane fadings^ ^^ouid-^splrhig^ft^''^ 
fo9 the being he bad .«i<ved'«frd^nfv difi^J^ 
Btt^Uon ; j^nd \aSjjJte:^wM»'«blkrtry; ^d -'^ 
hajd ^]ktU :Xq i\QM!6 Off toosenre.tbi^idei^^ * 

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iMBself^^ k occurred to him tbat; M^' 
pucse itiig^l^ be eteeiitiftUy lisefol in i^ 
bdialfi.ttfi Garoliiie. He hall M«n nU 
raitdy ^eoovgh of hei^ to^ dis^iyfer llMbt 
slm pnisesaed -(hd delic^i^ «if 'mind' 
v^icih jihrinks ftx)m oiwi»n^ ofbligMfkm - 
of a peottDiary kind; and ^IhitfiiioYbfd' 
f«iliiigw' under her cireumstancesy pit)- 
baMylJii^coperiy Jndalgvd^ fnig^' b^ 
il^i>jn^08|.of &till>. fwUier^ moreadnc; 
tllfi^dis^rdss^ (n}iioh «ip(H»Mtfy' was heaty 
^9lig^!mthput laoj^addilipD. 

^]^4f)^iinl<WiI> aftfiri a day'sitoiisid«i^ - 
rai^flNiw :fto ealiupon Mis. Aikor hemelf ; •' 
ai^,.:Wpposing .tl|at > Oirolitiei v^ouid* < 
hs|y(^|[rV9kd)e tbe.€Qlufntiiiication fibe pM«' 
mi^dohiitt: toinake^-^ideavoiir to' da- 
isur^/. for her the assistaaee of heir - 
relftiiv^/ byidesking that Aid* aid mig^t 
be>§Oi^bt, injeasct hw sorrbw was .<rf k 
description to require it. 

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But findiag^^ from Mrs. Allen's an- 
'lowers to his guarded questions, that 
'Caroline had as yfit been silent, he 
merdy specified his name and address^ 
acknowledged a slight acquaintance 
with Miss Xjascelles^ and a knowledge 
•df ;her being then oppressed wth some 
-source ctf -uneasiness^ >*bicli she had 
'|iromi«ed him to confide to her rek- 
lion : be concluded with ^expressing a 
sinoei*e interi^st in ber welfiire^ v^hibh 
induced him to desire^ thflft if her ^ea»e^ 
-wbSen <K>mmui1ica1ed to Mrs. Allen, re- 
;quired pecuniary assistance^ be might 
be applied to^ with a depefidance upon 
woeiving it. He added A desire that 
•U»s application might not be made 
known to Miss Lasc^les. 

(le then took fab leave^ and Mrs. 
Allen- after the firsrt;^ emotion of asto- 

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nishment was over, went about her 
usual occupations, Contented to wait far 
Garoiine's communication with all the 
patience which characterizes persons 
engaged in sufficient business of then- 
ow^n- to leave them neither leisure nor 
inclination for that of others. Besides^ 
this, her acquaintance with Loudon life, 
and two or three similar accidents thai 
had occurred under her own observation, 
made her as certain of what she was to 
hear, as if it had already been told. 

Wben, theretore,v Caroline, hesitating 
and faltering, oh thefoUowing day began 
her dreaded disclosure, the great com- 
fort Mrs. Allen derived from the recdl- 
iecftion of Mr. Gr^Ule's^ promises en- 
abled her to act as^ we have related, and 
with a resolution t0 ap{)ly imn%ed4atdly 
for th^ asftstaiico be had^romised ; she 

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iiacl ti J A^ffl(liiftyin poiirihg forth' a pro- 
fusion of the most generous assurances^/ 
fbl^ih^dcynsoiationbfCar^^^ ^^ 

^' She fkiled not very speeiJlly to aVarf 
hei-seH* oP tW a'cTdress MrGi^evUle' lia<^ 
l^'\i^i«i hei*; telifng h^itt'the'lerter 
she^ iatfdrtssed to him; as **ini!icli'*^lf 
Caroline's story as had been reyeiXe^ io 
her: Ihotigh she believed such a com- 
rfidnlcJalti6rf'wa;s soni^wliat oiP a^' j<ilce/as'' 
shW M6 Ho' dodbt ^r. Gr^Vilfe wa^ 'a-fefe^ 
tfW tSdll h^r rAtfch'mor^ thain she iitiparliell* 
t6'liim ; butthat^ sh^ Wisely corisidefetf," 
was ^nb. cdhcem of hers. Jn alt'tliese' 
ciiseri; the least that \vas saici the belter.' 
If'MK Oreville cho6e to palss rnerely^ 
for the friend of Caroline, and <lesired to ' 
have his name concealed/ her i^firt was, 
to be discreet ; and so long as there 
was any responsible person for.Aer to 

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look to,,shi5 had nothing tQ^9p^i^^Qr|i^?^ 

Mr. GreviJ^er's j^pl^ CQ^fir^i;K^e;d|,;fii^ 
pointed 9|li t t\\e ^ e^p^^s , ifjftpn^j? . in 

i^lyr,^q;i3fle^pQmip^^ely. «^y wpop the 

^prhepwre timps, to \e iafi?, livheq. 
shp v^!^ a. little pi^zled^to.,£^.cp^nt^ 
C^;j^lip.^'^ wf^np e&pif^^iq^^srof grfttilai^e 
*f^o^?:^?^^' supposiiqig^^a^^U^ dit|,l|tj}^^, 
al^hQi|^h il\e mifiG q( Mx,Gre)ii\l%}fp^y 
uevef^ujtt^r^d betwoeq thera^it >va§.pgF-/* 
fectljr jveH, juflderjstpod.Vy bptb,jb^a|..^^> 
wi^s th j? real bspefaQ.M).r. . Upyy pr ej-y/^ a^i 
pe9|[)l^; soldpm ^nd wucb. jdiQicwUjj ift^ 
award^ng^t^i fnU,pqq?^i?are pf merit, fq^f 
their , ^opd aptipps^ ^ |^rs. , AM^JT rejppoA ^ 

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ctM Gaiolkie't gnAeM* acknowledg- 
ropnto by agreeing with her in opibion^^- 
aiidy <ui reviewing: hnn pfitrt ^f tb^ tfaiiS''' 
antioti^ takingt'mttth 'satisfaction to h^^^ 
s^f|' in> reflecting mpen the ^ssebtiaP 
beoefiiihw frieitddup had affi»rd£ki^«K' ^ 
. Now that the. mistake wUeh tittdt 
operated to render her do disintef^t^' 
was cleared up, and Garotine^s'^emn* 
dfEjclaration left b«r vithotit any sol^tef^' 
fuge for cootiRuiag tfafirappiieatioh ^^ 
had been allowed^ imd' had never failed' 
to nmke^ upon. Mr. Gre'ville's boiinty;' 
bar tone of kindness wa« decidedly' 
Qhang0d>' especially vt^en she^'^fdutld^ 
Claroline cietcrmioed upon pursuing her* 
iatention of writing home for money;, t6' 
repay the obligations^ Mrs. Allen hatf* 
incurred lOn beraecount. 

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• * 

riV;ioug| and uupkaaant dialogue eti^' 
sued; bfttw^rif: ti^em^ M rsi AUeo accur ^ 
sip^. Qa^<>iioej oC duplicity^ in mislead^' 
JDgi;h6y^«r^f follj, k oot availing herself 
of M^^- GrerUle's offof^d friendship %»' 
long^aa^he wasdiifiosed to grant it'^and' 
llUtlingr ^very apiscieB of laugitage equally 
il$^|es9jr in. prevailing upon her either 
to disclose the name of her seducer^ or 
tq.^rQe.tOrlet.tiibgs remain in the state' 
t])^)|Ad )3€iep^talie proceeded* toalut 
re&oyrceaa adimnisteriiig af threat. In- 
deed it was a threat^ wbicb^ in the altered 
state of things^ she conceived it very' 
Ijli^ly. she shuuld put in escecution^^lbr 
perceiving that^ far from hariag steered 
clear of jdiflicuUiei^ and^ at uo expense 
to. herself^ reaped the credit of having; 
acted a noble and friendly part^ she 
had^ in fact^ involved herself in a very 

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'- " f ' . t'< .' f > • • .- . • . i * . . , i 

troiit^esy^if^e business^ Mrs« Allen Was 
suddenly visited with a gr^at deal of 
viitUQtJs i;epenlauce,.fpr ever baying su^* ' 
fered the liberality of her affectionate ^ 
b^art : to involve her in such a disgrace- 
ful affiiir. '^ It never had been fecon- 
ciled to her conscience/' slie told Caro- 
line, '' and, therefore, to [tacify the re- 
morse she felt, and to save her cousin 
CSarry from further ill conduct, «he 
would make an atonement, by a full dis« 
closure of. all she knew of the transac- 
tion to the injured and deceived Mr 

She found this was the only chord to 
touch upon with effect. The horror of 
inflicting such distress and shame upon 
her dear, and respectable family over- 
powered every other feding ; and while 
her heart recoiled ft*om asking any thing 

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like an qbUgation ^f a wemaoj whose 
real ani] -despicable character mi x6h'^ '^ 
vernation had so wholly revealdd^" Ih^^ 
poor Caroline, trembling arid ftUJppIi^^t^ ' 
ing, threw herself at nef feet;'and'/ vrlfh^* 
scarcely articulate acceiits/imptbir^tKiP'^ 
forbearance. ^ r.j 

'"' Vpii'shall not suffer/* she eidkJmi' 
ed ; — '' I will apply to-^I will write—" 
thep, not knowing, in her bewildered* 
mind, what she intended to do^ s(he c6uklt^ 
only add — " wait oile Week, mj dear, ' 
dWr iVlrs. Allen-^d liot destroy* me 
quite !— There Is <)ne capable of assist*, 
itig me— it is worse than death to me4o^ 
have to a^khis assistahce— but 1 wilWo 
li, if it will please you — and if you can*, 
not help me, a little lotiger— "^ > 

Mrs. Allen, a little softened, poured; 
£3rth7as tisuai^ assurances of the benevo^j 

vot.'iii.* "' H 

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9frtica% \she left ib6t miih *^ pV0mi»i«i£ 
noti- dlwlo$iiig tte alTdiir to liw tdU^iv 
|)>;92fiaMutb£i>t GaroEiia^ didi^is'lAi^flifldi 
suggf^todi a»d 9^B f^e^h^^j^^int^h^ 

ackKiowkdg^to/b9 capable 'fifrft^si^i^ 

V Th^t flaght Car^Une paegcdai^tfjSitHig 
|wi) l6t!bei^«^the fmitiDf '?er^fowlf(4 f^ 
aaxious* mi^itatiioiiv ' * , ; I r ; { 

/ -One was to Mr. Gpfe=irill!^ wli0nh*^ 
fiimiabed her^ on the day he hfid f^^ ifft 
terview with her at .Mr*/ AlJea>.:wilfe 
the meaas of aiq^yi^g td Wta '"by: lessv* 
mg:m address^ which he *9W her. tj^nW 
always find hhn. * ; 

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i%;ery?litllttwfbBtf to 

shtkA'tftibi lis wduld liquidate herd«bt' 

MUMiiNKpioioiup in her fathsifs Aiiid of 
lA^iMletiee oh bar Btdec audi iadepanH 
Aitffclf'df iiiit^ibimdienition^ she'slmifik 
iabibijpaktag^ any demands' upon hiaJi^ 

^ilfee?«laiiins o£ faia grc^ingikmilyi 

She could only, therefore^ expreaaiii 
llt^ifit^ttipH but! aiatsere /laiij^ttagiBJ 'the 
A^ ^hiimt and r^rat she^eh that the 
liberality of Mr. GrcWilte had been^^M. 
Iki^ety^ 'encmacbed upon^-aasure* Ifim 
tbaiit Waft) titl^liat metnent, aotreuttu* 
atUDree itirkttowri io her^^-^sEtad^th hearts 
ftte gratitude for^iAieaimBtancehe had 
already renderedber^iwpieBt himtospane 

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her |he. humiliidion of conUaiiing iMn 
its present sl^apeu 

The other letter ^as not so quickly 
dispatched. It was to be addressed to. 
one^ whose idea called back associations 
of the most varied character* It m^b. 
the remembrance of him who had breath*- 
ed at her feet his first fond vows pf Ipve 
— of him who had won her virgin het^tt. 
— of him who had, in the sight of heaven, 
plighted himself to her as her husband 
— of him whom she had once disdained; 
and renounced, but afterwards recalled 
to love him-— as the father of her child 
-Tf-whom she had sought in tears— but 
sought in vain-r-and no^Jie, in his turn, 
bad renounced her — ^had forgotten, per- 
haps, her very uame. How was this 
being, once so ^near and dear, but now 

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by fate and fortune so estranged-— how 
\vas he to be approached — distantly^ or 
aflfectionately ? — Alas! she knew not— 
l)ut approached he must be— for again^ 
she was friendless^ but for him. 
* it was in vain she pondered ovei* her 
pajper^ incapable of tracing upon it a 
single line. Reflections served but to 
embarrass and perplex her;— so, at last, 
tnisting to nature as her only guide, she 
gave vent, in the following effusion, to 
every rising thought, as it suggested it- 
self—careless of any thing but relieving 
the sorrows of her breaking heart. 

^^ So many strange and unhappy 
events have befallen me since last we 
met, Osmond, and they have sunk me 
ill such deep distress, that I hesitate to 
introduce, even to your notice, a name 

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so ioUen Irom wfaatUb'mis/ ^ttciin^^irfit 

* you bcicartfe acqimioled' Hfith ritj . >■ - • 

upQB ma ;.auid J am ^ot liviKig no^ yvilb 
' my kind parents^ inmy'^dear 0ll;tivle^Tlt* 
^iage^ bii^^here iQithis^ivettl toWn^t-r^Mt 

I sbaH'Qot tell ycm ^here, ibr^* is^o^t 

* for layself that I wsoit yow ktndoess^'biit 
fer^u&ther,.af whom 1 shall seonii^Qtk 
<^th0ft|^h I don't tUnk i shoull have 
b#oughtf myself to dpeak^f blin<toi T^tr, 
If 'I had been able to support him ttdy 
lofi^f'; but my health is dedimtig'v^Uid 

' 1 knowvtbat I cannot look for iMg tt£eK-- 
tor my heart is breaking r^^^-^^^d tbcutgh 
gVief 4s very «low in deiirfsroyiag^ it is^ 
^very aure ; and^ iodeied^ if I could hdpe 

' f p be forgiven for roy:sii)»^ 1 siiould^iiQt 
gvie^e to die^ biit rather Te|«^ ;^ oBly 

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&mi I.b«v&auch a very^ iVery fltrong tie 

to bind meta/tlke love of life.. Ydu>mU 

isiippo9e,-pfdttp3, that I ain;thiDliiQg of 

my d€are!8t father^ wfat was aliwa^.w 

kind, and good^and vecy dear beii 4o 

iwi^-aiid ever will be, as hing aa life is 

t^ic me; ;biH I have now aooHafeliiiig 

^'atiUrMicArerio me than even nsy fetlw! 

/frW^'€teBU)i)d! bow«haU I tall ymt^^ 

^jbnt SunaiMt tell x^-H-and I h^9p% aod 

4«OTt,aml'fMcay,/tbafcy]0U willbfiikiadlo 

rhkQy.AnA,}i>Ye^ bim«mfor /b^ is :]^>|ufs$as 

: fueeli'.aamlpe. You Wi we, OsniOBd, to 

-s^iett distress !r-but you did not lwo«r:it 

i«fnaikl Itdonotacicuse'yQu. 

• }V %ow ^ouU not haiie left fingiand^-r 

at. least, not till yjou^bad seea, and ad^- 

irised me, if you /bad known Ahat:you 

imre loaviog tae.jdesolate and; poor^iaad 

almost friendless — ^to tbe sad prospect 


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of feecoming a mother.' I am fedre^, if 

yod'hacl knawA this, you would have 

been tender and aRectiouate to me, ray 

deaf.Osmond^for, witH all yoiir faults, 

ybu always bad a kind heart/ Biit wlieu 

I wtotfe,totell you this; andy i'eCeiVtiig 

ho rinswer, went to seek you in persBn> 

you ' Sffrere * gone abroad . Ofi> When" ' I 

heard this, what despair took hold of thi^i 

— ^but the Almighty was hierciful^ aha 

isaved me fi-om destruction— ^^trd' suf)- 

ported itie througlrall my calamity* ^ " 

' '* It is now more than two years since 

I becamie the mother of the sweetest 

boy that 6ver lived; and since fiiat 

time I have been struggling with innu- 

itierable difficulties for his support ;-^for 

it was my prid^ and comfort, Osmond; 

b> owe no obligations to any one for 

bis maintenatice'r-and perhaps this wai 

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^in(ui pride in me/^iid therefore it ,was^ 
frustrated— for it has been fr^u^tc^te^-^ 
but of that I ciannot speak now, 
'. ,'" ] feel wi.y strength uQequal ^o the 
exertions 1 would gladly make for my 
4j?Rr babyr— and so, Osmond, at la3^ 
I,qfius|; come to you, as a suppliant ifi 
hi^.behalf-r-but not for myself. Do:not ' 
think about me— forget me;-^— but if ever 
1 was dear to you, be kiM to my dar- 
liflg^ child. Perhaps you woujd like to 
see him-T-it would give me great, joy 
that , you . shouldr—for I am siire*' you 
cpuld. npt see him. without loyipg, hnn^ 
T^-You will, find him at Hampstea4i. 
\vith one Mrs. Smith, who liyes not faf 
from the iim on the hea;tb^ Any hodyt 
c^ tell you her house, as she is well 
known. You must ask for him by the 
n»ine of Osmond IjasceUes:--7and.God 
H 5 

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gUiai he nuay be but half as dear to yau 
as he is to met 

'^ 1 hope you will forg^ire this appH^ 
catioo. I am aware that times are 
attered-^and that 700 are now distin* 
gttished in the world — ^and married to a 
greit la;dy*-atid have perhaps fbi^oitea 
that you ever knew me. * HeatferffbrBi^ 
that I ishotdd interfere to distoi^' ybi 
ill fvtiy shape 1 That I will never dcH- 
i repeat to yoo, Osmmd^ ft Is* riot ^ for 
myselfi but to ehsujte a friend for' *tty 
child^ that I once more cail your atlfen* 
tipn to 'the unfortunate . * * ^ 

• ^ CiiBoinrtei*' 

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^ o\h'.ih'' ,f'i V'". -'»''-'' ^ •' v'..(..'> 

{l^iiy^fta.iMtteQd bi» wifeta t^e «|)f m. ^: 

,ji^..(q^,^[Kie4: i:^, ifvas one wkicb b(e 
JjffjpsM^lf Jbi£|4 ;givea to Caroline/ an^ he 
recognized it immediately* 

Tji^ 9^tat^oii and remorse which fol- 
lowed his pernsing this communication^ 
have already been disclosed. 

It has been seen^ idsoy that he lost no 
time in complyijsig with the wish of his 
H 6 

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U{>bappy> and gtiU dear €aroliue, in 
yi^ing his. child. 

i .. T^e wpmau. who had ibe care of him 
4M4^ot ei^ftgg^erated m her s(a(ein«it to 
L^dy EUen> wbeqnsbe reprcsealicd^erw 
fpjf asisOtdeeplymoYed, by the agonyiof 
.f€6liDgrwitb(A^bich OsmcNEid greet9d)4lte 
j&dll 4ightof his unforLufiate litUe-sbn; u 
The beauty of tlie boy was o£ k^dif 
<suftici)eot to cDicile 4n iriteirest ; buithe 
iMSsoQiatiQps lootxibined with hislapfieGU:'* 
fkiiQe were of «i nature .a) niiort qwi)- 
^helu)mg, tx> a intense in its 
^oiotioas as Osmond's. 
,' la *^ moment it hurried over tbetsjDeiMs 
of sorrow^ through ivbich the deardet 
jserted girl he once had loved so fondly 
mu&t have struggled for tbe bare sitbt 
Mstence of tliis little ' creature. He 

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thoQght (Qf the;29ealdus cane^and wadidi^ 

ful attention with whicb^ irom th^ bour 

iof'his births his legiiiiniate off^iag *had 

'bcieo <mJised<~the iinmety that Tvta^ ifi^ 

^e^di»tly bes^ived^upoii his o^itifort*^ 

ttlie(M^niif«i3otts attetidants^ fhat vrer^ 

aniadijr Mirgbt and day to adtninsst^r to 

alli'iiis>Uttle wants and widh6S*-^wfailst 

Mvdy one^4r-a fair, helpless girl— herself 

sdaittely pasttthe age of childhood — had 

«hfd||d)»d' the'infanoyt^ of( this poor boy 

4rota atter negleMy afid worked with 

Heriown bands to <i^ed and clothe him ! 

*' Yes, even these mean habilhnents/"he 

thought, '^^^ these weife bought vrith labour 

and diificmlty !" aad, with tears streaming 

from his eyes, he contrasted the laca 

and cambric which adorned his other 

child, with the clean but coarse little 

coloured frock, just serving to guard 

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^n^hicll' tfairikaplted ibeing>.wa$i olad.^ 
J . ^">Obi my pow-deMrt^d^ boy '/' iisaU 
Osmond — '^ my dear, dear boy !— iiiwill 
«ifinrariforsaJfi« yoU a$?loTig)8ti liiivrff-^ 
itfidielaBptog ihiaitoibKa Jaareastyiiaigf^Vie 
MsitrtpfVi burl^tiof isonow "wihkk iM^dl 
asit be re^rainedl ; tMi ilAiec\hm<i^£^ikp 
ftaigk^Med efaiid oosapeUedfaimi-ti^iFP!:!' 
Itiose bim fronfi fats/adrdent embfa^,— ia$iid 
then /walking - up aod dowa/tb^^'Q^^rttf?^ 
B0W psmsias to k«Grk ^xfum ^im j^iiik 
m^bs»^io take him fia ilk ai^n^j^Mi^ 
^tb iBttore ;gaille i^awssesi *a » <ry, ; andl 
^m hii& iit4le^h€a«}t)ti|flovehlm'-i^^«ii^lf» 
ttt&cfavhina to call iiinibie '' &tiii^'''— ieMdi 
tiiEn breaking I aimy ^itfa? a ^-eah buitit 
0f a0gimh> it wa« tbos tlmt « iM^g intet* 
Tal after their meeiing^ pasted. * > ^ ^ 
But afi these fediings melted iot^ 

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moraidinpeHEiAe emoliaifs^ Osnioiid'StuiH 
terest in the isoo^ yielded in dome degjcee 
i^ihis tn^iety- to'learn »ti^ing§^ of the 
IrhMhfer.-: ^ ••• 

- Ife p<^uMd forth the^ niMt anxiout 
ttf^ftimsy^Minle^ of vrhitth Mra. Smith 
i^btM iiMBWer; but to hb iin{latieiit 
^bsiiom^ <as to hbr present re»4eiic0 
ite cuiild obtaiD .no^ tsatidfaetory iaibrina^ 
tioir:- She could only tell the plaioe^tt^ 
nrhidi she wa^ directed 'by Mrs. AUsd^ 
Hi^hea the di&ld i¥as eiitmsted to -faear 
i^e^ i^ address any commnnicatioafl. U 
tnight 'be iledessary for her .to make w« 
q^i^iB^ him; hvA this phce,' de tdd 
lum;, she irras weMr aware was not the 
abode df the boy's mother^ nor had shtt 
the^digbtest ^ue to aiake him better 
acquainted ^ith it. 

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• She comforted him^ howeverj, with an 
assi^anco that a letter addressed to this 
place would not fail of being duly re- 
ceived. She held out to him^ also^ con- 
fident bopes^ that if he visited the littl^ 
t)oy on the following Sunday^ in the 
afternoon^ be would in : all probabititj^ 
f^nd his mother with himy as on that 
day she seldom failed to cbiiie to Hamp- 

But to wait for this chance was not 
according to the character of Osmontl !, 
Caroline must be seen immediately, to, 
receive his repentance and remorser-to 
hear his vows of protection to the cbijd, 
— to. accord him hbr foi'giveness— bd, 
must— he would see her, without del«y. 
In this determination he returned to, 
town ; and had no sooner alighted from 

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his horse than he proceeded to* the 
piist-office ill Bond Street^ wherie Mrs. 
-Srnith's letters were left for A. B. 
. Btit here he gaiaed no light whafever. 
l^teyknevv. nothing whatever of A. B;, 
bill tliat letters wfere occasionally kft 
ifei^rb' for fiuch a! person, t«hich 'wei'e 
.call4drfor/ His only measure then was 
•io write to Caroline^ which he did. It 
was a letter flowing from his heart— 
eViiicing, in the energetic language of 
Iriith itself, the deep and sincere feelings 
df afiection for her, and for his child, 
.^Viiich assuredly filled his soul. He 
ttkik ujion himself from that moment 
the responsibility of maintaining him^ 
Olid added a promise of going constant- 
ly to see him : but it was of herself 
that Osmond the most eloquently spoke* 
He besought her by all the tenderuesa 

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:^iattitioiieimow iiiiterviewi-«>tot:)aN8/«*^-ile 

>bofannd'TriinMif b|^ tiie mestaofemh as*, 

•Msmaaoes to asL no more than one inter- 

Tiew^ '£f she ^i-esbictied him. to it ; but 

joace more^io behold .faec, ivajs jessentnl 

^ to> his ifaapptDesGH-'^Bd die niast hdt^iisbe 

t;GouId !iiot:have the h^rt ;fto Aetxy itiimu 

Me ui'ged 'it hy . every . plsa thakiais; am- 

^ittvin^, as be^beBevad, by hins impntimsk^ 
ied eioqaenoe^ aeciiBed. b» cempliande^ 

Jie Jeft the letter for ;hei:r at ^theipost- 

-nfficae..... ... .... • . /i.-ir 

I ! Biil> had tshefMHeesaod die imsbnatimi^ 

(IbeipofM^rito yield to hie iittraEiAies /was 
not. l^t >ber : foe at;the mpmrnt of .«k- 
ceiving bis letter^ . CaroHiie^ exhaustod 
load 0'\enpamne3iv§itii increaong illitess^ 
kept her bed ; and not till a wedi froia 

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mceiidng d(t had. 6lfl{i$o}, vms ish^\ Bbie 

4if hoff^ddtiglii in kSn proi^seiinbtibiitfiof 
^iheicbild. ;. 3V> JMSiraquiSsI she - jretueoied 
indchuUl biutideeidedvaegpAtivja*. H^^fpre- 
f4dQtri^Q<i|i»bUHy of leaTM^ her apurt- 
ijiiei:iti€ueDi4b«d iier-wiih ^ suffixkiant 

muiuse^, ;ttr\fa3 OfOt Ihai bar heaiit did 
-foot .still tiuraiwith ic^nil^nees to thefS^ 
i4aeinbraii6e<of Jiim. who wis^^an^J^o, 

dMriikmt^Capaliaei ibooghi esriiigp/hiid 
< :bi8ntqflmed in ( hsMt» of nrtoe^ wfa&oli 

iipo^ld n<A pennut har delibcaeately - fo 

risk the hazard of renewing an intisTy 
jrailmei ^wbtdi^ ia=^Qflwoiid%'pi»8tDt(cir- 
^'amiMl&aeesi could adt be eontetnplatiidd 

but as frangbt With impropriety^ - bow- 
'ievwidirested of actual gutk. 
/ ;r£lbr^neiirty- a txuofith^ ^di»iiii§^ \Thkfa 

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time ^e was incapable oif leaving her 
room^ he continued his applications to 
her/somelitnes changing his intreaties 
to see her^ into a sinnple request that she 
i?irould inform him of her place of resi- 
dence; but tb every species of import 
tunity Caroline was steadily opposed^ 
tin fate accomplished his wishes/ in a 
i^aniier too melancholy to niake their 
iaterview any thing but a meeting of 
e^tquisite febrrow; thus fulfiUing that 
inbral lesson which '' so often accbm- 
f^nies the * gratification of improper 
ile^ires. ! ; ' 

Some public affairs of ' importance 
had prevented Osmond for more than a 
Aveek from taking. His now favourite 
ride to Hampsteftd^ which he usually 
did at least twice in a week or oftener ; 

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for his ^rowiqg iutpr^st and delight; ia^ 
4he littl^ byy rendered it an object to^ 
be reckoned upon to visit him. 

It wa^ one morning after this intervaL 
of uriMsual absence tha^ he. repaired 
there, ao^d fo^p4.t9;W^Jg^eat, distress 
tl^t the poor, child had sickened oftfa^e^ 
measles^ and wa^ then in a state of ^^ 
iTiiich da,ti^er^ that Mp. Smith.^was o^, 
the point of sending for his moth,?r; 
but^ *' she feftred/f slie s^id, ,7, tj^at 
the poor thitjg would not be.abje^to. 
come^ as she had said in her last note to 
her, that she was^ though better, still, 
unable to leave her room." 

Osmond promised himself to commu-^ 
nicate the intelligence of the child's ill- 
ness; and after jiaving di^pi^tch^d th^, 
woman for the jbest m^ical ^dvice yvh^ch 
the place afforded, and seen the poor 

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^Nl^^swffictenttf jnftt 8lM«tti«fit«of tl^ 

m&teA vtoiild, if hef hietkik fMrntifjosd^ 
s^nd liter speedily dowfi< t» "Hmtpiiaeif 
to- watcbf over liis sick bdd. .•-■»'<!'!') 
It was trMi the ioHS'>itid|ilgedc«bia> 
anxious expectation of finding Ca'rttll^- 
atibfe, ihid, prerious to hims^ stating 
<iff to'vi^t the'<;hi!d again in the'&rdft^ 
ing, he hjq>pened aoeicleRtally to i»i^ 
counter Lady Elleii^Mn' the' HbraryvtW 
j^HiGOlats o# -vrfai<^b intenriew Irn^ 'ij' 
ready be^n detaited' to thereader. < " '^ 
'.We ihmt proceed; UierfjfiDC^'HHdr 
Osmond — the impetuous, anxiotts> trera- 

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<lf(ibis[«^lj(„l6)<9r-^e^ sbouM se«r ijer 

l»«ii8o^i>f/JMwi. .Smith / bul not wflitjog 
^rannWMiitQr* sha.hattfiied ojj t<> thfo 

* 'Tr.i u* ..^'•.-">t/. ' 

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^'' b(Jtf'/h«WHig" «ieydillte'>(bttriM«||f 

: ^o'entlMlr Waif iil»^^mi9kf'^*Mi 
Ositiond appfoacted IkPiiiln^JdWipwk 
H6 chfecked thfc'iiiipMl»?'^«*»*^*W*^ 
Mivc caiigbt.twt'-t* M« ih«l*-*-fc*i bft( 
sdrh)^ tofcehe* b»* ^wt^ mmi^mf 
almost sacred ! It rw^s sprww* fiftp l»ec 
dying cmid-4br tamriii^ W^««ya» fpoo 
the cottfilteittiiw* dfi tke rUtlla 8i#»«, 
he saw that all wa«r niiadyrpye«,:^nd 
that he had mmv«d Wt to witws».:th? 
peacefiilpartios©! Aa ia&«V8.iqp<4les» 
soall—Butit «f«8 hi» eiwo-7W».4ad«W 
b6|—^<h6^Wldt<rf:l«ve^ though Afl» 

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^wgbt^ibe wmtk M .ildtie ;; tbe, ^?9f jr. 
#Htty tjpOBtJnp^ftef I3eat» fi»i]» it, aikI is 
siirtife iSgd^ «d efttfa isriteiiiituml ^nerrn 

iKtit Uto batie^ jml dwwniiig upoa e»^ 
Jen^, ieilti^ htme m mi^iiy clstids 
en lifefl-i-iWPliiiiig is yet iLoQ%y oc suf- 
femd^ tir «^oya^««^beriiKmntiQg: parante 
^feet IIS if tb^y nwM m» pait witli it; 
•* not y^-^miA yatk^' they «y. Bill 
'bttfi# mid incDittndaiiate^ wMf)^ osot Qvcr 
yomMn&n%'s^toiiib& fs^riiibo^wb^ ycftIB 
^^e brought* wUbrtluwi. tbcir hml- 
tabl« tnm ^of ittOft..itf»d' doiwjw»et«, wh^ 
ever looked upoa the tittle gnssy hil« 

VOL. 111. I 

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^r'fiighed to Ihtok 4l^t &ei<whA>tb6A 
tooks ffpra iti i9 !9ipaipUiitorij^^ Hife 
dreadful peoalty of nature/ MifacB^iea^ 
¥tt«iilty4>l theikiul isJinatured^te wUei> 
^tactfd tte iulMiorrDrd^of the iUieitihDDiisk 
^nHbrieh it is deslined tap8S9> -». ' -t-tiK 
'■ In vain Osmond raiaiadb to HemAm^ 
myeof'Mipplicatiafii and tii£n;ic8it Bt in 
^s{iairin^ giifise upon iifisj pooi: hxx^. 
-Hb kobed iovhope^'if^any lidpeMeee 
left: but there was neoeH^hetaeibisi^ 
^as qUifv6ring'bA hifei^fiiale lip-n^the last 
^nkggie was con Vnisiiii^ hi&gen tie sbrenM. 
' ' In'tlns-convtetiaiA^ a^gnaii (^a;nguish 
iMsd^kei frofi» the l>osomi-ef tfaMsii&thttr^ 
iblsigled 'vrith tlie n«u «f '' CJaroliiodl 

She mused ber kead^Mdie^Mtfendttd 

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ieas was eyevj. eiidoRimiU^ lie oiiidct to 

m r Jis it tb»^e ineet^ lo^ i#ve?'-< nt 
]fssl hsisaid; ."^St^ it tJMisi — ^Rllfi* Jm 

i^r^hiiptiier thaa we am/' . ; * ^ 
ki.'^'Irafu cdttlfut.toi pani vi^ht kwm, 

ftne^ias; sialaaa;|ui Jbe . ea{»9-r^iire (and 

uakilfentdia^'i^and'^ uAikk km imbaoatti 

! heari (nt^s f r^ |0i«»: wrio w^n>«aiidr /l^ is 

bappy^-n^ad I 'a«i^*/ ^ ^)fMl tk$^jmwi 

wBriaa^kBliQiiittjg^iikiii . i ' 

I 2 

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' * vVoii, «!)» 9»iie--i»y ]>«»t .beloy^^" 

Ilia AiM(^ ;: "? ft* a|I y<mf pti^, spreftWJtrn 
fort tjjgstdisir^i^fteieept t^e-ifdit^frfHi 

tears-^ray |wfty^rs-nrr4f;c^pi.t^fi;, ppi^, 
taBiceJ<rf>fl»5( detioM ; beart^/'Ta^/gMW 
ikftn;)rdb9eeMnor« was , th^ myimf^^frr/ 
the Bgoay 'ilwt^1a«:ok«vfiii}m lii^.i oMt^y/ 
btmet'tbetolMu^d 4|»e 4p^ri^,iji?jfijysi 

pWge-of bw 'pw^«#ia»4rfciijr ipi^f-ji,{ 

uptmttbadfrftf'.tfcre 4yM|g ^bU^jja^^iiJ^I 
colrferfUj-^vitb. ifl^fiflSr, > *w. n^^i^if QfPt^^a 
endeavoured to remnyj& b^c ff^Q^pn Jt|^,[ 

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caMng^ 'Herself nipon het ki:ie6s^Vy tlie 

itititiiiebt-hey: -I hvAst pt^y/ td^> flu) 
ittyMlF^that the AWighty nm ^&ippott> 

WlWfci[ii<es5ibly ^fl^ct&d;^Omiotod: iii^t? 
voiiintiiNrHy^sufnk dowrl by her 6tde;;£Uid 
MfAlUse^ hr9 head'was bowed doiwa . apoii' 
l^k:liji!sped'' bai^ds, lii^ bean, iii uHtMiii 
withher's^ ascended In suppKetttion'to^*^ 
IjAs^Msitaei' for ;the etiernal his^lnett- bC 
bfetidy, tttiU ft>f th« pardon of his<>im-/ 
iii^Mlf&M^^ni^gfessioiis.' Tlie sim) andU 
qff^^K)^ his^yoiitH cameto his'reqfM 
b^infefe Vat this ^i*fiil moment; truly;^ 
ttiigfttbe besaW ^ to commuae wUb Wi/ 
heart, fend to be still/' . ;- 

While- thus solewnly arrf devoutly/ 
en^ged, the deep and painful respira- 

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tton bf the poor babe gradually became 
fainter aiKl fainter — it estopped— it was 
heard no me>re — Osmond b6re the weep* 
rngGaVolioefrom the room. Too deeply 
^id he share in hw^sorroWy to talk to her 
of comfort; — ^but his tenderness and 
fiify Wery ^ rhorheik ' breaking ^Y6rFn in 
fewest, the mo^t ferVei/i ^jitjaifc- 
tiions for the mercy 6f Hfeav^n tifioff fibr 
Waiorifsyfife prayers kti(t his pl4^ 
ih Hhese tokens of ^^his^ atfa^ciitiietit 

^%ere Was somfethtfif^ 6f'^ ' ^W^^^iion 
to Tier woes—ThseiVsibTy slie detainc^d liftn 

' -*^itisensibly Osnibnd "rematAetf^—^'aAd- 

^theSvhole of-t^Atf'Vrioh^ nig;1¥r^fiad 

''^ssetl'away b^foife tlife f^^s 6f'^tKfer 

' Witiiem had 'ceasect'' aii?d'' ^t^fbr4 ttie 

recollection of their '^mtftiial? dVciiiti-- 

stances compelled them f6 a tVahsi^ut 

separation. , , 

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lit ]^f.\^^9# fts Osmond had insinuated to 
4<i^ijy; PUen^ after a nigbl of ()«^ x^ 
.4gQf;i?e and Wgul^h of soul that .ftt 
^tiVme^ ftonn the d^th-bed of bifi 
^^}|,^,hkoiTO bouse. / 

,.;^..']^l;iQfi iiop.oa»ibUity. th^t d»e ,ahoi(Jd 
:r^Vffl[i tHe.dl|ffbteat surmise of the moarnr 
j.^V^Lt^^i^ei: itt which .h^s , night bud 
j,|)4i89^, vr«i$ a coqsidf^fatioji wbicbott^ 
..,(ph^^ siujBScedjlo.caiip, tbe.irritfibility 
. )yitii,livhich,he fornud, bin^^lf the! ol|eGt 
Tol.UjQpieas^inti and certainly^ ip tbe ^fch 
. Mcni . ip^ap^re^ spp^what . unjust siispt- 
I 4 

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wp^ il?B?%es!^. . Ivoj; .►^husbantK'a , icoafidenoe^ 
^flll. f?^J?88f st'iftt . pike; • 4i8cl. [ tnfedeoewwjsa 

tlie ifiost fervent mt^f^bnaeiiJt upuW .fei^rfj 

^<!0?3t'.wbi<:ll, r>rh!t|fi! few ^J^ftle^ Mm-ii 
an4 s^rtl were sjtill as. niu^hr 48. «iii*e.i 
%otf?;*y. Ws, «n4 111* »»^ej lHppftstedh>> 

If? Jwd ncwUisM^avffrwJ tW «l»ftde^<rfu^ 
€^QJi<»e, who* ;ifi the d«pth. Q^> faer,,/ 

apctioft ait the l^^-of ;Iw*r ehildi^ibM^. - 

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\mii |>re<^il6d-i4^,rmphidi^ntiy it fniisi 
lk;f*e^%fcased; tki«' naturally enougb^ to 
iWi^ Mtif td'vMit her at Mr$; Allan's, 'i' 
As there were few people of diitihi:*' 
tk»b «ttos& periions and names were ifn^ 
koonai'iW- thdti gbod- wonfmn, CArdlih^' 
s<|Mr'€otibii'that faef real deeeirer^ wasr 
riMlfenlHtite tfian suspected 'by h^. Sfa^/ 
thi^^oti^i' at Ostnond's' instigation; kcv^ 
kaiml«%«d''^s'>mtidh of* tlieiHmdtttaP 
aeqQf|^anlee;''ar m&iiii^ Mik'^Ml^ri-'dxi''' 
trtea%fy wi««bg tbsAditii^liimW'a vidter'' 
toi^fer (Sftislb'irt hef^distress ; f^r.'h'a'fiii^^^ 
a*tJi»«ds;«l last; «ft the Wght rteadJri^ 'c^f -^ 
thicifetory^ shte^lisid 'hIo nwre mwgivlrigs'^^ 
of conscience, bul^r^Wtrf eil'tfer'tef<»^^ 

bei«^ ajignf' with 'her 'now; but when * 
sh^4(iuiill*b@r diiipbsed"t^ injfar^hei^ still^'^' 
feeble and declining health, by renew-* 
1 6 

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' ing^teir lal&burs ift licrierf^ : U tirtteri- 
etaojce^ she told f^et, i\h neywv^iiWptr- 

' mit ; t&e" reason Fbr * wHiich ^dfet^f minft^ 
tiba she ^M not 'Wkge; as^^te^ iA^w 
enough bf Capolihis's dtspositlbn tb^^ 
pect K^ '^^heoierit opjib^iorf te'MJhe 
measures wfaicli Osmond hstd takeffr ^^h 
Mrs. Allen, tarendjef her fiiture a]^{iHea<- 
twh to business urinecessary. "■ -■' ^ - 
: The henxAy/of XkaiAine; ^kkiti^' ^ 
ledger brig1a.t or Moomng, faad^^akied 
rattier than loit in.; Us power dv^>the 
heart of Osmond. ' Her afflictibtk fei^^be 

* 'death of the little beingr, wfcoffi -^rly 
sorrows and i^nterreisting fete had' eni- 

' * dearedi Him ^to h^ far 'beyond att^^else 
that the ^orld cdaid offer her^^er 
d^licatd s^d Ming heaith-^her pensive 

' tenderness^ aJifce tfaer olfejiiing moI re- 
morse and dflTebtloj^-^Huhfmrted'' to her 

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./.. ;0%pa did 0«(Diahd, «&he,gai^ npoa 
,,|^iMjiQC,tettr«iEqid gaa|kne8!B^:woiiiiiet 
.^/^fi,|bri(>jUafnKioik8.v?Jiif:b bad jsmbitr 


.itftrtd s^ .W»ny houis oflilityr pwt: inters 

u% hm i» » ca^liTOting gufcty^no: ^i> 

f;tei0i|B.:riT;«i r^in^aiiled^: loi.fttrakttft^bis 

- .tQi ap i a < M n i & soul to tboto jifealaiiii for^ 

\^9BRt9.idttob ^d^4>{ll^e:dialtraated<it;ilis 

. her w^ ip uoifomlj? kind 

. iNtd. iiflEMLt^9^iehfi--guid^ .by> s^p 'much 

. ^QQiiMyderaiiou ior h«r comfort asiid poMe 

l>f;ii^adR-*^Q»t^i9rlora ..aiid sufierii^ as 

6h« ^a9*^rkn4tess3 aad distontr frx>ai: a^ 

hex iiatur^ protef^tocs^ with much to 

nib|irawOYer^ aa^ ikothiug^ but Osmond 

fto^ovfh^iowevqTMta be kmeated and 

.«o(]ideiQn«i»<waaiXt ipoi^ to be wondered 

I 6 

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fifty fbatitUsiiiii]iHqpf>^ mMpiiigftmd 

Mifiv iriiitaeyfiUccl iwitii ttheifigdoy of IB 
bitteitMaadr^piKmch^h8|wit>: anfibmi 
li0V9el£ preaFatted'iipeQihy^ObateH^ 
tradtiUie'tcoonivluice of Moi^iA^l^ft^itb 
rlmikvf^ fvowilwlr prei^|siil^>8hDAe^dorlod^ 
iogB liBop(PGnriileii.^rfa^riat BromplMlU^f 
'i;.Her heftlthr.wasiftlui filea lie iiifiBcdtitf 
baimqnp& her tojadopA ibis. nifiMMire^ i ^'o » 
'' Then is it not to my father th4ldl 
•hooUjtMiufnf O^nband^?" '*i$heol4id^ 
iKiierting ^ frttm , Jiis \«(^(«ki|Mni-ieftmi|ffr 

dien^iAe tl»4 gO/4Qiiiny,;ifeittH9ft llMiWi 

liiajiiliejm.!pteiiice(3'' >;u,.-. '., .»oi .^^^^j n 

jwiridd crf> 6uijijjtai:^;^erlwoj|lfl &ia ibc 

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^|«l«fti resolve lis vtef pK!^^ti*»4^ 
Alio, {of>..liheHgraUiitiokisl>By'>ii4kreh(ndi^ 

dti0l;><{tesasA1tot a)itnte-iro£->coiUiniai 
^b(^>)BiiA«#«^lyv«| iMtaieowidi/LNdy 

«ieteiiM6, i<<itfafBn<|il»Mntifiom ii «itht€a< 
roliue;^i!iKHild'<ti« «|<tbsk>x7f-4ill>iritq«lcd 

■IiiiNo t^fjliere ? dmddfjii 6ad • )peadcM«fik 
1«^<M^M«ii(Mn|idl^«»fl*y<iiM>m1bat inl^niai 
i1R>|iUbn ^bose^foatting* wooemtlr wook* 
Iflg Ifillis btdt^ftu f The: intePCrtiMse^lw* 
hmd biiti «ind(bi»>wi& Im4 HiakdaHai 
II mere interchange b£^«e^ QiYiU(iii9>; 
Und whilst I the unfortauttle JLady Ellea 
felt the clistreliet'that (fad^foUenOfMin her, 
iiitk>«tt ailgui6b'«ha$i««enie(l to rive her 

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krnrands(i)un,'a4«fi6r;t{»Qi)t^ wiiioittvtpfy^ 
ealmtiess was a source to. lain ^f.^^ 

«K%»»at asawiblieSk dw .dad.JiMr liiii" 
lNuid:«iet».aax)tb«c hiwtiaiidsiiind >mH0a^ 

,df..ihe sane, xmk, mf)e%; an^ iMur, 
amtmgM: the brill^alT eix>«<l in^r «illi«^ 

.they iwinglsd, dkceiiae^ tHe(f{iii^r4]wl 

' <^ J sball bave«tiijfie.«mp«e;}|)f(^4<wi^ 
(^ KV|r pillow^" .iwa%4^, tb^; >}9m^EMtt 
.SHipiee wkhwbifih lAi^^^^U^pb Q{t4lN»^ 

)thr0b«fCliiigtiidk i . ... ■:,! /r ,.. n, . .- 

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4hifif 'period ako ]$ff. Grevillei being^jtist 
atthred' iri' Ldn^don, becavtm ^ihiAv fte- 

^ 'Ibmmr^ry pofi^Me fer^KirmHid atid 
^fakidy Bilenr so to condact themselves^ 
'ab to^impdkeiupeil'tbe'worid' at laV;^; 
^Mi H WW net sAogethar sa easy lo 
^liKid iHe' ttiid«i«tatldirig» of euch ra^ 
MMrtadl «od 'adlto/'fsbilertem at Lady 
-A«ltegtonalfidMf.Grevilfo^ Ttettlltnr 
i«»Mitfae^r8t to ratn^tk In Omtiofid a ^ 
Ustlessneasr and 'di«|itHMttes^ wfafiiehilito^ 
llttycidilli^ nitist i» a gmwirig: iadilfer- 
akeS to hi^ |yieib)ie tAune, ami tti« di»- 
.tilifeta«a ihe^hatd s^'i^arly li^iquiKedlfbr 
Jhiiliirsetf'ki thefidisen {ao'traeit^is^^iiil, 
in a mmd posaessed of^ wiy ddfeaoy lof 
isnMattiefil^iK) ^gertuitia /aatittfiw^n caa 

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b^lMMlvfed'^ nxryirilwffeari .praise}. 
iMliidi ) Ai 9onscioua»f«s . of ;g9iitra^^ 

of flfiQiififfi t RiQ^^bC(i<(^, In his. f bitew Mi&OfI > 

could enjoy, tinnioi^ed/j^y^iiMMi*^/ 
ih^ ; gttiMy (gmtA6calicn« ; (foiri wUB^fie 
paid: fib<in»0iditft£! nip^iof ^. lAt'tiiMMiiarii 
bif ^coli^i^iiilit^ibtotiitifioL immiMBrpi^qasil 
6ci3ifab9ioiii^!of Ihfl dhacaelG0i£;0r3]a59ibitfti^ 
tocyv ;^5 hiiimt obly: viiiiidfsfidbnti»i^ife([ 
wiedbon/YThkbudctptt ffi9lft»6af^]MSi:4M*u! 
Jie-!yna«ii^d^j^iei'9Md^jb^yl iMhuibii^Mnditu^. 
times gives weight;toiwrtfrig]&MsLHJr;ijf)f;^, 

Gi^Yiilf) Tfer!^:i9pe^liy>xtoi dlsfiolrePttUtabc^ 
sonm. Secret $otin»s iiii^-iuim^iiee* vm^/i- 
preyhig upoa bin mndy^miAmidmtiikni^-^^^- 

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ite^Tig^uiv ^^4)Q^tkliit«tiil!t>^rudybM(ilf ^ 

v^{MttMt4srlroii» tiie trath. '* i n ^ / // 
uamititifiiliof/his {mb)ie fittiie^or pck&to^ 
8tiiiidiiriAsi<tateblai4Mdb hifat mida io: Ufa 

specsULfoUitf aii^fbi9/p^d<ef;^v^>' ^ • ^ ^t» • 
Bp^ikthis.feam; toiacHibe'^n^^^if adtiee »> 

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YffiiSrlbe Meo( (hmwiAj to be y^ «o% 
Mpqi^iv^. vriiiHmt the, ui%c^. s^ii^nuie 
licqpti^rof its profiQg uhiiMt^ij iH»^ 
guided and idlfiiUfjbri^iiB. HfrwaBop^.y^ 
i0 ibe abn^M^ed t^ bis w<^^ a£ i^^^s — 
itts 4iMrbiiltat ftA^oU^ — ^witho^tiaa i ^yi^ 

"whkh natur^fhoflr f^rittnMchkii^tocfji^lV^ 
t9^rMkm^slbcA^teierific>y^ ... k^. 

o ^c tins ^arpetCatiori mm-^ fmJimt^ 
>% 4be tim}saaI>^r£UReitbtie€FttfM8 hfk^ 
one moiTii^]^ ihnlftfd %! Ltsidjri Airliligfain 

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tb &tt^Ad.%er ftt'her own hoti^e^ ft>rtb6 
fjtifjkjsfe: ^ sbe expressed it' in >IiferttWev 
«<if allowing herd piivMe' coaftBr^Mft 

■yffki iccamv fdv tftis t<c«5fii6Bt id hwr 
fi«dyifai^% w« most 'apMify ^at'ehe, ail 
^liiit<tt|^ltfi^.'GreviUe, having' beeu'viuitwl 
Hinh' ^sj^efbtn thM til iHts itofe' m ik 
need to be iM^wedif hier simiUKifr'bM^ wil9> 
h^4' ^4M -^cft)«ttvour^ to diadovian if 
I^Mrter % tii«<F«n>Ge8»o£ dSMrtmioii; 
■y&^H IMdot»:iitt«dit(> ittti«mipti^JBar.hiii»n 
fjTiB^i^' happiness whi«h>'i(>>h4d»'C9a^ 
'kltiitedtUe diief |Mwtbf*i**i«ii#i» k^cmt- 
IfeWiplfte. Biit n«jt;^h*Viii!g^«h«k.'Bo«pe 
-ft>r' JHeftiittrk upon Ctefoonil^cr ftpda^r umn 
guarded dis^iosition^ which Mr. GwwIkiJa 
^«^flti«xidn with hite^ifordad^ shiei b»dap« 
v^ediier fortUtifesiaf diBfiemnraBi ioUy 
wit^pbi^etfiitei iiieo;idk0 hldtoi «Mrra«9 

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c^<!^teffiiidofr^€ff ^ebhtSiAiAl ciii^e was 

m^tb' Vfeii^aVk r itiAe W'\fks' stmifetf«W^ 
ebrin6«t^ 'wHlr O^moiia^ Ws e<iualfy' 
i{l«lHgT§t4 to iier;':(6^ ihi>ii»h*bil'ikm' 
#tii hfe*^'atfeiferbtrt witH'+dy^f^ 
thoit^^^ atbtefit gludce foUovt^^lli^' 
w^teis8TerIieappeaiPed'--'-4te«^iug*tihfi fo-^ 
«ttncUt€ly,as It Vvew; uto^cir eve^ fel^-^ 
ihlfj whethfer if an^bf 'Of leiid^rti^^' 
a*( itie%tt'df 4i«f irtagllMttfen'^tlieiifi^/c^ 
hef ^itelerice^^fet H wte not i*itb !ire»J' 
nOw» tt« h tAd ^jieien in -formter (feys. ; 'Hi^.' 
was* t not Iter c6iirihmt.thtettie>. 'S'd'^at^i 
frtjm-wWtideriiig', as liltcti^ td do,'1r6tfi.' 
ewy "Subject,' to the ■ineirtion* of. Ms ' 
ntime, the woi^s that ^^iVce we^ eVfef ' 
tinrtnbling^ OH'hetibni^e-^those pfecibus' 

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Bady G%ea«6n<ieked'tbatlS<W0ulcktta«b 

•lM»2«po«eavtlii 4 - •.- ■• • ;''■.■: r.. ?:• 

t^.Qtxa\mA, "nea tai^oDy' aiilicieat. ifFjP 
<hMre ' spoken of bim with veproanVto-^ib 
have heard that name, whiobhwi'befep 
!«iAlM(lmed'in-'her imagination as syiUni- 
irrous'mtbtelNltaf 'Mi^^ftMdwad nclbie, 
,|)v^apiHfeed>ih imy'aooetttt of seofs^i^r 

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4u&istane» conldiSQf^est^ ib^searchioy 
pw^itMkiuoiimdiy'J^ she 

badi.sbiii«FiiiidQettdcd> rb^ ^ot of Qimti- 

engagement ofsame kindor^otlier, whtfu- 
ctwr^her. ljad3Qditpk^«;8{ipffowl^ ^ be 

«ii*-e#aiienftiiy drneofely painful and pjjrr 

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<he iCihintess-'trt kiflOi^ <>t pH ia i i g ti<— 
«)ncern', If hdt'<W«ll |i*Jter.'«^I»*f ^»M» 
cttdeatoured'tbtjdftdejithei? <ifelN«8 i^lNiA 
io much wW *e if>d*4ii'the ii»liil «f>8ito" 
duin^ emot1onr*«»i vrtth an^ liiM |hi* 
astonished Lady ArUiigtbrf,«*e^ aliifqi 
few motnehts; appeared p€fftH»y ottoi 
apologizing for her raieftslft«««,'fey sftNP' 
itig an attiaicjfc of nAvbu8:iiiditBk)la*id«-N 
: So determined 'att dpp<Witioii:*to jywu* 
palhy sii^rty Aisipteaald; hei««vi*i|;«r,? 
"who, withdrawing het hfeftd 'frtHb the 
tender ^r£<tep in whittb «keih«wa htW'tliat 
ot Lady Elleii, afe itieiiUBiaurtyJiwquiw* 
•<hfe cause ofJher eWotioo/ttiiiW'tO'Ji* 
chair, and began coldl|f tft Sp<*fc ^Ufm 
some other -sohjec*. ' , ' ' ' >' 
- Lady Ellen tow, in«lgn««ii« iot.ik» 
oflfence shfe bad giyetii Iwit llie>iM»l* 

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tooircnraation Q«i)ld..A<4; b^;; fibiffvififi; 
tmbanrafiBnaeiA, whicb. .ww.-e¥iei^ ,i]i|Q-; 

vol.. III. K 

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^P^k. To thifi^hci latter agreiidyiaddi- 
'iiig that her caitiage was^atitte dBois, 
and'lh^ co«ld go tvherewat Lady iUkd 

thorn ■■•'= " ''"' ' ■ ^''"J*- ' ' 

''But as it i» rather ido Gariy-tobe 
^eeiv ill the Park, ^et/* said lihe/ ' i^' bnd 
I want to look in at Mrs. Allei^'sj'tfup 
pose we call there first/' - - - ^' ^ 

•Lady EHea assented; ^nd^a'viryifeJr 
tnitrateB' brought' thet«l wtthiti«<digbtti^ 
the milliner^i^. • TbeJ^ oatriagi-waisffjrd* 
vfented fromdfawitt^|n«ttitediatijlyia^i*(i 
tb^ daor> by tb^ int^Pvieiitton? of «a &«ek^ 
ney coAcJiy 'Sw(litfciJba*st6^pGd^4i9i bei 
fore l/hxmi;- - h! >. ^- < «.'>li:-i v?>»;j >r 

This i uArciUmfetabce^ weiild-oba^i^y o^i 
tracted no tiotice fnom Lad^JSliiitis but 
that, aa'«oofli as Mrd". 'AltenAs^ dddr'^^iii^ 
^ened^ aiid Ibei iltipar^of - the^ttti«JH^ 
ifet :do\Vu, btfth«hBrselflAnd:^Lady^Artitt^J 

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tim per^^ived two persons, a lady end 
A' gi^a^emnrH. to iJart froDi it with h 
hsiSt^ that* mdioi^ted t| gne^t d«^ire <9tf 
escaping observation^ and runnin^j^ up 
the »sWp»j; .they were irt tlie botise^ 
faund ' the'doof' was closed upon them in 

Yet not so quickly but that both 
X^yiKtU^n^JEid the Countess — the latter 
M^ithi^^tsurprise tlk^tamountetl almost tQ 
«ip|iaicr-h»(d detected, iin thefinPigrac^r 
ftiUfigureofthftygeaiie^ian, afor^no, tp 
i^oliiiip 0^ber-ft4«ie. but that oi Qir 
mgn|||ie$9ingp&^^^ ^c<)ujid < bcJorig 1 

To Lady Ellen's sick heart but oiie 
r^o^ejgtion ;<Qame,Trrtbiit it ^8ufFloedj to 
fpitil^ine ivith il various wretched con* 
Ft^iona ; that Lady jAne. Howard's idle 
iin^i^Mations, . as. she had thm thought 
th??»i/ ag:9itist tbo ^hfirfLQi& q( MrSi 
K 2 

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wtfs «he s^nt^KHV of aH Oidt told >beeft 
for moMhs degtrdy ing ber p^a^. * - • i ' l i^ 

She spoke not-^she only sigbed-Wffid 
press^ her hafid tb her^^beati^^fti'e- 
liead, fifid^ tried to eolle<» )ier'te4tt«»«id 
thoughts. She had an' idealtel^ s(« sh^ 
did not weep (for her pr«eem* 4eniot*ottJl 
were for beyond the inflaeiice of sUch 
relief), she might 6inile--«ild -b^ ^^nt^ 
posed^and if Lady Atlmgil^xi 4ii^^ 
any thing fnKher upon »tlife tucideii«> 
she should be able to je^ awaj^ h^ 
impressions if they were serious one^. 

These thoughts were att fhrtterittg at 
once in her poor head> whilst the car*^ 
riage was drawing up to the door: 
Lady Arlington, having fixed her eyes 
upon the house, as if expecting to see 
through the wall*, and then casting 

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them ittpoa her^ j aixl (!^rceiving' 'tb^t ^\lf^ 
spyoJcejiQ);^ reppaified for Hr f<«^ m^fieuto 
almost ia av.sto{K>r of silent rHit^isbT 
incffiL'. -^^ • .•■ - 

»jPiitiaS! this interval the ser^aot 
<^P9$Md the ea^rriage i)oor> and letting 
4ifjsvii% t)i#fste^i lopkei as if he expected 

i l^hls^aetioti having no po^ettxy rouse 
l4*4y £mtt from iier attitude of ab- 
9^clii(Mu tbe Countess took bold of her 
hwAd^ -Y Will you g^ out, mj love?" 

4»t itli9»e wond» she raised her b^^ 
aRd.]k(KA«d ^p at Lady Arlington, lEfitb 
a:,8mi]ld of aequMicence^^but such a 
smile! 'i'- 

^ S'' Drivo iftto the Park," sakl I^ady 
Ailiqgtoii.;. and the door being 3but, she 

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tbre^ Iter arm round the' unfortunate- 
Lady Ellen^ and dra\%ing^ ,ber to bef 
compassionate bosom^ sbe tenderly pres- 
sed ber head to it^ and herself burst into 
teari^. • i >•• 

Thelse tears were m^ less salutary 
to herself than to Lady Elleu^-^om 
they affected to a degree that exerted ar 
flood of anguish from her own eyes; 
By d^rees, her overpoweied senses 
( recovering from the shbdc they had 
received) began to suggest to her the 
propriety and comfort (if she could ae- 
compltsh it) of forbearing to tatlk upon 
what could only be discussed with un- 
availing sorrow by both of them. 

" Let us go home — my dear frifend*^ 
let us go home/' 6aid she, in an implor- 
ing accent to the Countess, '^ and — for- 

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glvq me,- if I doinot-^l cannot "-<^$he 
s^nk back; ainl Bpbbed in the ektcdme 
of . convulsive: agitation. 

/' My .dmreflit Ellen, you. ftball not 
speak of him/' said ber affectioiiMe 
ff^^d ; '' he is not worthy of you/* ' 
. : 'f. Oh^ .qea^e-^pray — pray, cease," ex- 
^ainoed. tbe still doating wife, ''but^ 
believe-r-believe i»€— thankful to you— 
foe your kindness*' — her words were 
fn)pe4ed^*— and ^e gave up the attempt 
to. uttec more. Lady Arlington, in 
fopd, thougb silent sympathy, holding 
her. band belrween both her's, and con- 
tinually raising it to her lips, till it was 
wet with the t^ars that were drown- 
ing her cheeks, at length brought her 
hpme. With a solicitude the most anx- 
ious and maternal, though, out of res- 
pect to her wishes, still silent, she would 

K 4 

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uot yield to her d€fsireof bein^ left in 
aoHtade^ . at least till ^he bud seen her 
more composed. , . 

Lady EUeiys efforts to obtain some 
tf^ttquitlity were not unsuccessful. .The 
hysteric jsrobs, ^vhich had shaken, her 
gentle frame^ almost to dtssoluttpn^ died 
ati^ay into deep and long-drawu^dlg^. 
Now and tben^ itideedy a coi|VuteJv<e 
throb for a moment agonized b^i*^ but 
she was gradually rtegaining the p^wer 
to thinks and act, as under the pressure 
of her extreme talaifnity she judged to 
be the best. 

Heirdecisiot) announced itdelf In wottls^ 
as soon as she dould utt^ them. With 
an energy that was too dolemn^ too 
aflfecting, not to carry to the hedrt of 
Lady ArKngtmi a cotivictf^rt ihtti she 
was irresistibly in ^Afnest In hef ^tei- 

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minatioh to be silent upon ithe subject 
of h^r wrongs^ she rose^ and' half turn- 
ing from her, that th^ severity d tier 
reason might not be disarhied by the 
ieridertiess, which a conteiYiplation of her 
mothieir^s pitying gaze could not ftiil 
to awaken, she thus addressed her : 

^ Your suspicions are awakened. 
Lady Arlington, that«««" she paused a 
moment, but soon went on, '' that my 
busb^d is faithiess-^and that I am de- 
^rted and unhappy— I will not breathe 
a murmur against him~*i have sworn 
at the altar to love him> and bad I not*^ 
tolpvehim^ wad my lot/' 

She pressed her handkerchief hr a 
moment to her eyes. 

Lady Arlington, deeply moyed, was1>e- 
gifinivig involuntarily to address her with 
w^irdsofendearmentand eoneolaiion, but 
K 5 

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Lady Bli€ii^ waving her hand^ in supplk^i^ 
tibn f bat shci woold forbeary tbu9 weal Oi\y: 

'* ifind 1 caonot speak all diat i^ 
iflibouring at my heart 1 I edLmiot tell 
yod how deari even m iiis errovdj he 
still is to me^^Perhaps it would ^*^iik 
me in your Estimation to know it/ and* 
therefore it is better that I ara sclent^— 
but think it — ^believeit^ Lady Arlington) 
and then spare me— *Yoa cannot comfor*^ 
me, kind and good as you are*— no' 
earthly being can eomfort me-^yet liftin' 
not comfortless— ^' and she raicied her 
eyes with an expres^ott that wag. alfA6si^ 
divine. '"^ I am not ^^omforttessi'j she^ 
repeiatted. ''Remember this^ and gri^ive' 
for me no more!'* ' - 

She was gone befbre Lady Arlingtbn 
had time to ' fitter a syllable in r&ply. 
She had isiLtended her hand> l^^per^ 

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betviog that it ^asin yatn to atletiipt to 
detaialiWf she suirk down iato a €i]iair» 
avietite tojiuiumerable sorrows, ' Grief 
for 'the^ilWequited aflfeetLoa of thiB ai]i<- 
mirabJe youa^ wofhaQj and grief tbr her 
Qtvto^ di$bppeinted hojpa% in ibe son of her 
pnidc andfondestlove^ heavily oppressed 
herir She believed that she could l^ave 
pardoned almost any other species of 
flii^lt Jn hifn^ than tbatW which her pre^ 
sent suspicions cQstedv Tber^ wassome^ 
thing so revoUiiig ito her imagination^ in 
conteiAplatiog'-the being whom nature 
ha4iilQulded£>r tbeexblbitioivofall tliat 
was gmnd' and nobla in conduct^ dj6i 
seending'to fomiliiMrim hknself witb the 
most degrading of vices, Alas! Lady 
Arlington b$d but to experience the 
fat&oCnMny(4tf|^heri««i;proQdj and as 
admiriD^ a^;,berse|f.' Bk^ had only to 
K 6 

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lesLrn, vbat all innst leai^Q w1|0M eatami « 
ty it is tOjI^a Gontiected with »ls»eiu98*6f 
gftroog ,aii4[ ' ujp^VemeA inclinatioaar^ 
that there i» nci ahiiseXn^ritu net degraida- 
iioa 9Q h^Wj Iq wkich the sbve of pafi* 

poge .of roQimic^j ia tb? d^cripiion of 
the podl> thQ tnaD tf dark and turbukat 
eDi)0Uons imiy be penaitted to to:«rar 
with wiW suWiBftity^ . i^ove jdll niictQw 
views or jpaUr}^ tondidemUoiis ; but 
toroi WQ to .the Mt^ <^ istal lil»^ahd 
tet US iiead the «iid history Nvhioh is 
sp coiwtan^Uy adgm^tirig Hsiwrrowful 
pag;^.. . The herdQs of : passion are> tliere ^ 
-ttdnd ihi^h ^^» ^^ *^^^ without their 
n^>m^ls dlsup#rhfand beaaiifol (beliitg. 
Bilt it mmglm ^Uh a monotonoua and 
4f^fti^lg stcffy. THey^ iadead;^ break 
Ueastli,^ aa.:lvd^.as Ibesirbamptmiis of 

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ficstibn-^^Nbirit tiol sa sjfileiidklty ;> they 
'brings ^raf k^n 'itlttr sorrow to the 
.grave i; i tbey drown' the cheek nf As 
■lale. innoceade with tears; they eiti- 
^ter sweet bopesMA-^diirlten bright pros- 
pi^tsjaiidi^ sapping thetery spriiigs^and 
^Botifpibiiyf life^ mak^ death a deliterance 
and a blersring to those (and they are 
commonly all S^ho hate the misfortune 
to be intimately connected with them) 
whom they baVe caused to suffer. 
' Reti^rned home^ Lady Arlington from 
iiseleM regret proceeded to the more 
active inclination of doing something to 
open the eyes of her son to the cruelty 
as well as impropriety of his conduct 
towards his wife. But naturally shripk- 
ing herself from talking with him upon 
the subject^ she remembered with great 
satisfaction the fortunate circumstance 

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of Mr. Greville's being at that time in 
town^ and from the influence she was 
aware that he possessed over Osmond^ 
she augured so favoufably from his in- 
terference, that she resolved immediate- 
ly to impart to him so much of her 
conjectures about his present tnisodn- 
dnctj as should iadiK^e htm . withoAit 
loss of time tQ talk with Osmond Very, 
seriously. , i 

It wqs ' this . d^ternfunation; ^fhlch^ 
prompted the note jVjIr. Or^wiUe::.l|a4 
received . from her^ ; and pf • v^hich ^we 
hav^alteadj.sp^en,;. :.., ^.. 

'-'.'i '- ::..-:'• •-■.•r'^'..., 

: J . / 


••'.-i' /. . .^L? 3i:^{n i""S'.7W -^V^.: 

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CHAP: Vlli; 

Wl3 shall not detail the conversalioii 
that took place between Lady Arling- 
ton arid Mr. Greville. The result was^ 
that the latter, immediately seeking: Os- 
m0iid> pi*e?ailed upon him to allow him 
ati oppbrtutiity of conversing with him. 

With the simple sincerity which cha- 
racterized him, Mr. Greville, having 
spoken generally of his conviction^ from 
Osmond's altered manner and habits, 
that he was involved in some circum- 
stances of an embarrassing nature, pro- 
ceeded, not to in$inuation9> but to a 
direct declaration, that he had acciden- 
tally be6Q made acquainted with the 

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character of tlie circumstances to which 
he alluded. 

In the first instance^ the fire and fury 
of Osmond's temper broke forth, as his 
friend expected it would, in indignation, 
that Mr. Gr^ville should be influenced 
by anonymous information (for that 
gentleman had mentioned no name), and 
an angry resolution to suffer no one to 
interfere in his concerns. 

Mr. Greville having patiently waited 
for a sober interval, and not finding it 
likely to arri?e, roee^ and saying that 
he must wait f6r another opportunity of 
proving to him that nothing but lh« 
moi^t an^ibUd regard for his interest had 
prompted him to ^eak, was leaving 
th^ room. 

But (^raond, bating exhausted the 
fir&t ebullitions of his anger, began to 
perceive the indecorum of whkh tie hftd 

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been guilty, in addresstfig to the sin- 
eerest of his friends wacXi intemperate 
language; an indecorum^ too/ wblch 
appeared to hirn^ iii the first moment 
of returning reason, as partioularly dis-^ 
0usting^ when contrasted with the quiet 
self- possession of Mr. Qreviue. H^ pt&- 
Tented his departure^ by placing oiffi' 
self between him and the door^ afid 
laying bis hand upon his arm^ ^^ No^ 
don't leave nie/' he Said/ ^' dori't leave 
me-— forgive me, Greville— 1 Aitt ft 
wretched man !*' .H^ turned from ' Mm 
for a few momenta in mUch^motic^. ' 

'^ 1 cordidlly forgivrf you/* tdplied 
Mr. Greville^ extending his band ; ^' I 
pity you, from th6 bottom of my heart.*' 

'"God knoi/vs/' eid^ftrted Osmoftd, 
after an agitated paii^, '' God knowy, 
i would do almost anything to relieve 
my heart from the reniorse thftt ist teair- 

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iiig H to^wces— Oh ! Greville, that wife 

of miiie—^i aria destroying Uer-^aiigfeVari 

she is, l^awi bvoakingiieriiearti"* ' i • 

H0 abased awhiie, and Mr. Greviitej 

havii>g; tfeikeii two^or Uiree turns up »ud 

down tbe room, till the buristof feeliD^ 

which shook the frame of Osmoml* hiid 

subsided, and which affected himself too 

much to admit of his addressing him as 

he could wish, as soon as he! sa^w a 

prospect of his attending, to his ad.vicse'^ 

began to offer it He suggested to htm, 

that if be.were sinceife in bis repentance 

for the hijury he bad offered his wife, 

and in the admiration and respect he 

professed forher, nothing could be moce 

direct and dear than the path before 

him. This indeed was clear and direct 

in any case, he said: ^^ for were he un*- 

fortunate ena^gh, instead of esteem wg, 

to entertain a^ aArersion for the partocir 

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of his;:nanrte>and^ibrtaai3> he wa(S(0ot tliet 
tes!:^ bounily biyJii64SQiijugai,Y0w«y.b}(ihi^ 
regard for bis ^omw rBfspeOMAiHyr.wd 
b^ ereiy fdtherhcoiiiiideratiKim that '6le- 
i/^aites I rnati ' iti to* a> rieasonofbiei aad^ctcouiih 
table beitijg^ lio preserve : io rioliate km 

)• ^Ofitnond attended to hkii' lo inoumful 
siieiiea ; and Mr. Greville praoeeded then 
to t0UGb bkii upoB the side of his am- 
bitiotiy ^aftid fai» ^id^; He reoallied to 
hid 'remdmbi^anoe the glorious pix)spects 
thatdamied apduhisr opening career in 
public life; the immen^ advantages 
^ith which nature had distinguished 
him; as <if she designed him to act ^ 
noble and codspiououa part upon the 
stage of human affiiiis* He suggei^ed 
to. htm the poor and p^try eichange he 
isi^ • inakiog> in bartering ion^ e£Ebminat e 
and 43egrading pkasujres^ the dignified 

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sUMbe^tnfaa tiifA the legi^kiior* >''$ Aod- il;; 
i^ filatni' ' ' fa^ <;6B4ir)u0d) '' that theses 
plea9tti'6& yea: ai^ $ffbpA^ jom mhkmg: 
liku^ l^p}l}itm^^^yoi^ ftckliowlttdga-that 
you are miserafaje !"' : ! .. i: 

O^ffKHfid^ witfi a^henvy «gb> bis junaii. 
re^ng oft %he liabki andrliidiog upoo^ 
them; bi^ Metaocb&ly eouQtenance.-^ 
Tm\y had h^ sp^6fi^ ia caUing biinsalf 
miiBdrikblei fo)f ifh^ first plea»ng emon 
tidas of tb«ir MUewidd ^^Uocbment pa^a-i 
eda/Mr^y/fhe r^m^rsd^ifrCiarcJiM, Aqd. 
hi& dwtij pteyiag lipbft the kiMrtQ' ofi 
botb^ and'e^efpi^itlg UppiL bis iurbqlant 
atid resiled spirit a ddmiaioQi that oaca 
moi*^ was beglnnittg^ us beiM^fore^ to 
make bis preMtwe ti :Slgfial; ofi distress 

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andbiorUure tO'1bi& unliapl^y -gli^l^^hese 

mi^onduct^ w^e QoW etYei^tJayb^^eoti^ 
iay i^^ial ^ evidgut^^ :aiid ei?^y day^ud 
esery hour emliftteringptlieir iifteroc^sfBe. 

vTlie difficridty of retarawg to*Ji«^ for* 
mer habits and pccujpiatioii^r ma» no^ 
iaeseased to Garolinei by the still ^nore 
enfeebled slate of h^ h^aUli ; and her 
reeoii from enoouniermg, not th^ b^u$h« 
in^ Tiiteotift^ r^MTOofe ol Mi*^. Allen's 
eye; ilor iheae 9be knew well euougb 
i^e had no cause bo 4read^ but her 
coarse indiiSg^ence to ih% Mbject aU 
together; an iiidiierei)ce> ¥^bich J though 
1^ herself was lo a;d^p$e bene&ted by 
it, Caroline had, in the *id»t of her 
fiKiky/ too much ifi4Wt« modesty not 
to fevoit fitem^ wkh di»gtt$t. 

^'' OH, that I were^onee more aotongM 

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my good, innocent family P* slie wduU 
Q&^u>eKiAa[im', in the fcrv©nf«of her re* 
tuMi^e ; Hi i^eQiorsej which- in its iuten^iLy 
and unremittihg^ torture, it woukH>^iin 
vain to attearrpt lopourtray* Ifyiu'm 
het former: conneetion >wi4h OSmoitiJiiii 
conBciQUSRess* of guilt bad :lmlidd>it<| 
her inr>agiiiation an ideaof abaaemenl 
which poifionod existence, and niad«<ii 
almost batefal to her, liow muob wds 
this severe and ovterwbelmiilg aeiUiment 
iucreased when she r^mentb^ad 4jiid 
present situation, of Osmond, and pkh 
tured to herself bis desertod wife, iovmg 
biia> ho doubt, as. OsHiond :onLy:Cfnidd 
be loved; musing- over his^ aUenad 
attachment, lamenting bis estcangjament^, 
it mi^t be, perplexing her fond heartili 
visionary scb^iles U^ r^ga^omg his , Icnib 
aifection&r-^thqse affect i^as tar,M^tii9h'i4i^ 

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. 815 

bkd such strong/ guch sacred claims^-**^ 
^^ IhDse affections/* the mieerable Caivi^- 
Hfte wo^uld often »ayy '^ of which ^u*.| 
hare^be^ithe wretdi to beveare her!" 
and lihen again and dgain came the 
frultl<di9d bat oft-repeated wish, ''oh/ that 
Ibaid nerter seen him any m<)m! oh, that 
i^ wepe far away, in my own Tirtuous 
honia !** and frequently overpowered by 
the' anguish tif her reflections, she 
tneditlded .the possiiiiHty of escaping 
fr*>m' «twy one, andr returning to that 
dwr ^beloved dwelling, /which it had 
been i^ch ruin for her to quit. But a lin- 
^eving tenddrness bound her still to thcf 
iove of Osmond-, as the only friend she 
had left; and this idea mi^ngling with 
the horror and' disdain s1h3 efitertained 
fer bersdf^^ft disdain that made her 
^ritik ffbnv' caiTytng into ^thc bosom 

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of domestic purity aod peace^ a cbarac^ 
ter so unworthy of its shelter — this con*^ 
sideration operated to detjiia her frook 
obeying^ the dictates of her rQa$oQ^ and 
kept her still bowd iu the fetters of 
vice — those fetters^ whose iron may id- 
deed be said '^ to ^nt?r into the soul/* ^ 

'' There is no happiness for ipe!" ex- 
claimed Osmond^ raising bis dejected 
head, and looking at Mr. GreviUe witk 
an expression of intense wriE}tcbedness-*f 
'' do what I will— I cannot act other- 
Vvise than as a vilUiii ;-^if I desdrt this 
poor girl — " 

'' Your conduct will be cruel—yon 
would say— •' interrupted Mr.GrevilLe j 
*' But it is already cruel, to one whohas 
much stronger claims upon you than 
sbd can possibly bav^. The first dirty 
of a man who desires to be esteemdd^ or 

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helA IB the lightest respect^ is justice in 
all his dealings j without this principle^ 
no spleodour of talent can secure him 
from contempt. You are unjust at this 
time in your conduct to Lady Ellen ! 
You cannot make her any atonement^ 
without being unjust to another. This 
is very bad^ certainly^ and is as strong a 
lest as need be given of great misconduct^ 
on your side. But, in a case of this kind^ 
it can never come to a question, what is 
to be done« It may be a doubt to you 
whether you can return to your former 
affection, and halnts of attention to your 
wife ; in short, it may be a doubt to you, 
whether you will have sufficient firmness 
to renounce this attachment : but it can 
be no miktter of doubt to you, that you 
ought to do it." 
Osmond Here got up, and in an agony 


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of utdedsicai walked With perttfrbecirteps 
upaod.dowu the ix>dirv. He^at do\^n 
«gaiaf-*^Qd Mr* Greville proceeded i 
f' In re^rd to the object of your afficc- 
4ion» if £ihe be u woman possestedof the 
least spark of delicacyand priBciple^ she 
will, however grieved to lose yoU^ he 
couvinioed o£ t]»eipii0prfeBty-o^ yotif part- 
wg with heTj aad ae4ui«SQe In the nlea*- 
^ure wiihoAit any oppostUkxJ. if j^e ^ 
so abandoiied afad.worthieas(liSrto4— '"^ 
: '' She is iiot abandoned tod ^vjoiHUles^^' 
eexclaiinedl Oslmmd^ in a ^transpdrt of 
grief and indi^naitioti ; '' she is anoidesty 
its«)f{^ She would not Itave liaard the 
4f»th pai^t o^M^bM. 'you^arv^ >sak}> to ui^ 
nie t€> reaoiiAibe^li^, lti(fhotit'4i^rs^lf%- 
lAgftioin me^liieier to return. 8ke<vban* 
doned and worthier ! Oh> my poor, poor 
^irl !v-fc-.his vtN)rii9*^</<ete' iirtbihn^ by 
his tears. 

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^ ) *^ I» aid feat loean to offend yon, O^ 
mond/' 'fiaid Mr« Grevttle^ morted to pity 
iii bebdtding the variety of eonflktki^ 
•jpa^jBions nrhicb alternately dhipnted for 
idomtofMi tir the breast oftiiia ttofortMiiate 
tyimogunan; •' I did aot-raean tODffisod 

) t^^ Mo, no**-fI am well i^siured you did 
looli: i9iilfb^i^>ivithiiie^ little; I wish to 
iabt>i%)it~I ^ill> if iit be posfiabie/' 
. : ^^-ii^ls^tbeti^'aasiuredly, very^poBgjbie/' 
^aid ilMh^GiieviUe^ catdbiag eageiiy at has 
* words; ^' Do not sit down! to thtuk-^yoii 
ARustimmeiluitely act : you niiidt not fioe 
Jber 5« yM mu^'' — w?ite ^«ir far^wdl> 
^-^fae/w^^cMg to add> but the ac^kude 
ahd ikilibeiaiki» that would |if6ced^ this 
tmeaBupecametoihte reeolleqtion in all 
iit» dangers ; ansi Uafore hd Mg^tod it^ 
iieioifieMdlnmadlaatthe' bearer of aa^ 

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f («<»€» of <;oinii|<i)9if;f^>oji.M'«}^PI^i.l^ 

the materials are at hiuj^/;,'dni[V^i}gft^ 
jiKaricIs liipK, ft :wrjti^ l^l^le ;,," ^ »» af- 
fe^Upni^te 1^ ,yw,T;.|U,,,biit.hfi?^«^ 
^^edriand J, pjOTPf nyw iM.J^orMi 
myself 4©lfv*5.^..^,t}ie,4iei;^ .^^ffl? a^resfed^',,. .y.i-j,o! b.-O .v/oVl •- 

throwing, it down;; V >^|»pPftvp# 1^ 
«ji|^, aod. Steal- qppn myti9vrpi,iufa9iF !" 

pp^^^ jjl, ll»^ qfJMw^a^^^f !^. Qne.! 
Tijl^r 55 l|«t HmyjW sfMp»nHssipp.,yo%:%-he 
^im^,Jf ^^,(tt^4fflg 4o,,meilri. ,U>p 

best. You will clfSsrh&c from me every 

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d^6n*ptertsatittn^--you will be kind— •* Bii 
j^itfi^edtt niomcsnt; and burled his iace 

h^4^l willspeak-tbherasafiiAw,'* said 
^t (SriiBvMle; ^''riovrgTv^ meheraddress/^ 
^' t)s^6t^ ^i-fati it down : ** Mrs. Les* 

^' Now, God forgive meP* he exclaitni 
0d;diibfIti^ tt6tii i/hti «he ^ti with wh^cli 
be wroW lt;'and'thVdTrJtt^ himsilf down 
^ip6i^ i^ sdfiif, in a par65cy^td t>f sorrow 
fliktl* Wis tiilsei^ to Ibok upbn; 
' ' Twice did Mr: GreviHe return from the 
iMoVj whither he had walked iri hrs eageil- 
ness to^execate hfe well in tended puVpose; 
a1nd ^ cottipassion' afrhoSff Wdi*ed' updoi 
him to' remain a l(¥tte ^vhile^-^o sympa* 
thize in th^ wretehedne^s his counseli^ 
h^d biiicfisidned ; 'bnt hishiibit^ 6f deeii 
^iint' sM' s^(t-6omMfiltiid withheh!^ htm 

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£mm*^eH]«Dgerovis ami useless a proceed* 
lag; and tbough his heart was mehiBg 
with pity, he compelled himself to leave 
(he srfffering Osmond, and immediately 
to pursue his way to Brorripton. 
- 1( happened that morning that Mrs* 
Allen had' just forwarded to Caroline a 
letter that had beefi ^efrt'fbr lier to St. 
James's Street. It was from her father^. 
A« he very sddpm wrote to any one, ex- 
cept he was absolutely* obliged, a vohiu- 
tary communication from bim Was af- 
waysesteemed by his children in propor- 
tion to its rarity. He had written to 
Caroline much oftener than to any other 
branch of his family ; but, particularly 
aifectionate as he was to her, he had 
never addressed her in writing above 
three times since she left home. 

The sight of his hand- writing was^ 
now like the stroke of a poignard in her 

Digitized by LjOOQ iC 

breast ; and having repeatedly takea it 
up to try and look at it^ but shrinking 
fromi the oontemplatlbn^ again and agaio 
laid it down^ sl)e at laat tore open the 
seal, and read as loilows :— - 

V My dearest child :-*-We have been 
now a great whilis absent from one anor 
tfaer^ and I long to see yoa again. I do^ 
sire it the more> because I am not now 
Y^y well, and I am getting to that time 
of life when health is very uiicertaia> ani 
when the greatest comfort a man can 
faave^who is blessed with good children^ 
as I ibank God I am, is to soe them all 
happy about him. Your poor iQoth^ 
is not, I think, so well as usual, and the 
affairs of my &rm have not been alto- 
gether so prosperous as 1 could wish. 
Thus yoa,see> my dear child, that we 
are, upon the whole, in a little distress ; 

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and what has added to our ^riet has 
ibeen to hear from Vou so seldom ; aricl 
Ifceir; thougli yoii do not compJainV there 
is a tone of dejection in your letters that 
1 do not like. 1 wish, therefore/ very 
much, that yon would return to us, if 
MfB. Alien win'l)c Jkuiii'isnou^ spare 
jrbu. I thihk/if Weliad oiir dear Carry 
ktnoiigst u^%^ih;' we shoulcf alf Wukp- 
py ; atid n6i)[6 mor^'so than her mosi af- 
fectionate father, 

*^'^.St If you wiirwri^e, and 'fix ybur 
ddy,^CliaHes shiall meet you at !>----, and 
ybu ^ill be Surprised to see' what a finei» 
h^A'dsbmelad Ue is grown; and, more- 
cfvcr, extrenfiely proud and Ihappy to be 
the escort of his sister/* 
'^^ It Was over this letter that t^e' poor 
Carohne was weepmg and pi*aymg, when 
Mr. Greville, unannounced, but directed 

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by, tl^e seryant^ y/ko f>peped tb^^bousp 
door, wh^r^ he was to ^nd heF> entered 

^ell as iycp|wn«f— fpr ^vefj^ a^ a.goiomear 
tary cessatioii ^frofn he^rt-bnealqn^ aobp 
admitted the utterance of a.wprd^rtbat 

to itself. ^ it I » . >;{ 

N9^^^^ jisri|or than Osmond ever 
approached h^r ia. her ^^i]|^ty^'i|ptke< 
menu J^n, this hq.ur of- ar^u j^i ^^^^ ri?f 
morse, hia presence, brought \¥ith, it aiL 

She heard, ?is she helieyed, his eatroQQe. 
into the room — ^sbe l^eard t^^ 4q9>^ clpjff^ 

^^""^ H?!~^^S*^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ 

from: the. clasped hands , on whiab .it 

d by Google 

restedrr*4o have. lisea from ihrnt. c^tUudif 
at. kneeling r^p^ntiu^ice^ ,ijQ^ nbick^ 
MiM^ed and .brokee-bearted, shei^ haid 
Aueooscioufdy sHiukdowf^i^asi sbe.fiuisb^ 
wi.tbe jpenuAi oC her Other's leUer-*f 
4oi.fa^ve^ faised to Hu^^ier -staeian^pg 
i»)ifs-r^ta havo^fnove^i^^-cf to li^ve sp^lteir 
-^vraa to bar 4111 ;ifnpw$ib|li<!y> tbat for 
tnanf moi^eitjts ^» stru^led uQt to 
reai^. . . .. . ^ ...:.; , ... ;^.-,.:. " 

At length the words '^ we nfiy¥yt;^p||i^ 
09maQd-^we uust .never--r-oey^€T.,in^/Bt 
agakit''<^m»rrou«^itbroiigh li0aTy 8i§^ft 
»---aod^ almost ioaiidiblei vibrated the 
heart of Mr. Greville. . . . ^ 

. Owe b^ore. he believed that be bad 
beard that vot€er^tben> as now^ ki 
, AGcents c^ extreme distress I Ooee ^be- 
fofG be biid s^reijr $«en tbat half-coor 
jtealedi buk beautiftii ftesl . Those soft^ 
sunny ringlets^ failiug over it-«-so re* 

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Mai'kable, so pecuHaxiy oatural; and 
lovely-^bis^ vias sur^y not Ihe first 
<ime they had met bis view ! The name 
^ }(h which those associatbtis were coai<» 
billed broke firom his li^s~*'^ Miss Last 
eeFles !'' / he Utteted in a tone of aatonWtt 
ment/ that scarcely seemed tdesfi0ct 
the appdktion ^6)M be recog^z^d. - 
' But it iri^nily wab^ witfc a : start of 
horror-— the voice was not the yoice of 
Oi$il(iMid! and with an ^ckimation oi^ 
'^Hat^ surpHse she hastily roOi And 
hirned her terrified gase upon the in- 
truder i^vtio had %o unexpectedly stolen 
upon her sorrows. 

' It sufficed to recall to both of tfafm 
that they had ihtjt tiefore,-^** Mr. Grc- 
vilie !*'-*-but she Haid no more— she hid 
her fetce^ — and sobbed violently. ^ 
Me was the first to break a silence^ 


that vas too deeply, fraught wtb^.^irio- 
tjon to be en|barrfiSB!f|!g, though it w^g^ 
very long— foy both; of jlheni were losjt 
ii^surprLse^ aiu) ,ia mjutAiaJt;epdeavoQrs 
to uada*staiid hpw either, of ih^s : .^t 
\]^t ^ rnom^t, cau^e . intp fhe , p^^cjnqcj 

oCthebth^., •.!.-.: r:,o- 'jj-oflr '^ ':»5;^•^ /i 
, '^^ am a*tqnish^!^M4»^4,,J^fjr. j(^f 
^v^He/' I;aTOat%.Jp^^777bttf|^':.5W^^^ 
himself aft^ a ^^rt,^eiie^Mo?^i ui^W 
k, pe»hap&:^^iMeUigjl?l?, eij^pugho-your 

;not<of i|eTy^reee»t.occiii:venf eiV. ;,,/ o^r^. 
;., .'' . Yqu ar^ : fiforpfie^^ |hep ^. %m^ 
]lia^lj^tri^4.ffiei'^.shg ?e[^e<p,i^ !%»& 
;df 0geiJjr>'^ T C|»#liP^pwlTpwa^v^^ 
^nec«5sal!y ?" eheJ^Wcrf W*>|o|ftei^v«t}*, 
luid wHb br eliediiirwhoscHasbgf^^^ii^^s 

^ deepest fp«mi9Qni ^»:! 7^'^-' ^:;-.^' - > -■■^•■*'=^' 
.^. ,/^ Me did not know, rather did 1^** 

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jie|jlied he, in a mildi conciliatory matn-' 
rfdi'i ** wfteri he saffer^d my counsels' to' 
liire!{'air\rith ttim;' that 1 was at allac- 
(Jufeirttea with (he pei^on to iwhdfn''He 
Md-atfe^chea hiHiself.' Had I knoVttit," 
!?d*'c!6n«haiW, iti"a-*fc*(*e Aat iUltere^ 
a little, " those counsels vMivM hii^ 
b^ iorbnfei- tjffer^d/ ftir youi' safte/ as 
4(M^ iidliii—^i^mithstahcei'h^Te lii^d^ 
')fbnr iHtere^'^oniet^batxlear lo nae'^" • 
»«9'?:-0lipiSft»; yoii arti'tob' gdod'tdhi^" 
deg^ed~l ani Idi^Vbut stUl 1 dtn ndt 
i^Virickedas 1 seemJ ■ There ne^fer was 
%C enti 16ived*^andJ'fbp hi* Salcfe^' I 
^vfe^ t»p evefyUliing,-' I suffer^' for 
liim-i— «dt tnore tbaihf'l db6efved«^bnt a 
fgpeik deal ofaffliction;. and (hexii^i^t 
'flfflketioiti ^f '-all'^a' isad «eciisin^ <«3iii- 
science ! And now he bas^betrajrddlim ! 
■But'i de9entii-M.tMi t«i¥ t*^es>Mlon3e— * 



yes, 1 deserve his contempt— but it ia 
rery ha«l to bear.*'. 

-Praitless was every attempt Mif. Gre- 
ville made to interrupt this burst of 
natural resentment and grief. Hi^ pre- 
sence, he perceired; brtMight with it but 
cnie {dea, that Osmond had 'tlerealed her 
fVailty to another.. It was tnse; that the 
utmost skill ^id contriirance cbutd not 
have more ingemdusly managed thM 
her lapse from virtue should be*k!no1vn 
duly tb one and the same ]hdi\ridbal» 
than the accfdenlal bombinatioQL oi/pri* 
sent ciycmrtstances had occasioaed ; bttt 
this Was a consideration ; to mhkk heir 
trritated ifeeliogs could not ftdmit of 
tier irmnediateVy turning, till the wd^ 
Judging mind of Mr. Grevillfc had ap^ 
j^lied itself to work upon' her Under- 
Jbiaiidingr "v^bw^ fie did, 1>y briefly 
-stating: to fa^r Usl couuexion ynih Qi^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ iC 


moucU— his intere^. in his welfare— -his 
accideotally discoYeriog his attachment 
ta kerr-and t\^ recent conversation rbe^^ 
tweeu them, which had ted to bis pre^ 
sent visit, ^ : . ? • • • 
•. lis di¥elti ^ith proper feeling upq^ 
the ie:i^treic\9 dj^stii^sa Writh wliich Osmond 
had .been pravAUeS upont • to .be ginded 
Jlxy, bis coumels.; A/» -he. expected, Vaai 
a^urimce tended considerably to softidit 
itije. ifritated feeliugsi with which sh* 
had, at firsts contemplated bis conduct^ 
jind becoming {Hore calm, she iCouM 
S99n qeply to himja a cooaec^ed inanT 
pj^, .Her chief Aoxietyt 4n justijce jU^ 
Jt^rselCr.wttSi ti> e^i^pMiii her §J^tui»t49i^|» 
far as it related to Osmond*. Shei toh)^ 
in, her .own uHadf)|rned and|. aflr<^()ng 
Janguage.-— ^ometifnes inapfije^ \>f^ 
ftoip h^ tarn^tiiej^s ta stand well ji^ 
Ihe sighi a£;h^.|brn»0r ben^tpr^ qqi 

Digitized by LjOOQ iC 

Ihe whole sufiiciently inteUigibleTr^pbe 
told of her ftrst itcc|uaii)ti|nce with O*-. 
mond when she wsu; living' in her father's 
hpMse-;-her affi&cti9n fqr ^lim subdiiiog^ 
her .virt u^ — her qu i ttipg Jiome — ^et , 
a^ony in finding hini £one abroad;^her, 
«?!i9ti^n >empM^ 

""^^^Tf^^"^^ hjipselfV 

had afforded her— but , here , her tears, 
and aj^itation so wholly overpowered , 
her. and , aflfecled her auditor, that ha 
would pot suffer hereto proceed. , 

, -f I understand it all.", be said • J' teU, . 
nfip-nomore-ryl cannot n(iyself bear it ;'* 
a^^t lip^walke^, tptlje wiridow,^ fiicjparij 
emotion, which he was almost ashamed 

But Caroline could net reft^in— her 
su^^i^gl h^r|,^v?p toofiiH^ ft^r sil^^^c^! 

S|^6, sf ef}i94 '\9\ '*?!? ,^"'^.^**f-M^"''y 
re\f\ fdeiid ; she had r ever^ knoyvp^ .fiince 

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slie left neir father's protection ; and, a» 
xffte Were that dear father himself, she 
yearrie^YofiiTs sympathizing pity. ' 

'^'^ *l^e poor baby tliat you were so 
kind to^'*^ she began, and then her 
thoiigH'ts going orff to tbe manner in' 
^nicli l^atki newness hitd been secreted 
from ner knowledge, '' but that I did not 
know* — or I wbula have tosl my life in 
latioiirihg for him, before yoiir generosity 
should naVe been so trespassed iipon,'^ ' 
she contihiie^ ; '^^and niany tiihes 1 have 
thought to tell Osmond what you did 
for me— and hot lei hinfi' think, as'hb 
dici; thit'lifrsV'Allenb^rVbA^ 
Was you-gobail^gehe?iUl^^' ^ .^-^nunu. 
'* But the poor child !" inttttdjit'^^' 
Mr.Grevilie: ^^' ■^' ' '"''' ' ' ' '' 

^ ^^ fte 1s aead;Sir;'^'^she re^sfiedrblii^^ 
ing'into'M'^ears-i'* ancl ^ fevetti" 
brought bsmond and me together' d^afii^' 

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— but.we. niBverhave beea bappy — ob 
neYec— -never i" , . i 

'' It is ia vaia," said Miv Greville^ 
^tting down by her side^ and gently tak- 
mg hfic.hand to enforce bis words,. aS 
well as to imply bis pity, '' it is in vain; 
yon see^ by paiolul experience, to exr 
pact happiness in a situatioa of guiUi 
Osmond, as wdir as you, <^aU$ himself 
iViiserabie— naod miserable ao doubt he 
h. If thera were no other cause for y<HU( 
separation, the dascomfort of it ought to 
suffice to induce it ;~-but tbeire are-^'' 

/' pb,:Sir-r-«thi$ is unnecessary/' said 
CiairoU»ej hastily interrupting him : '' da 
not think so- meanly of me, as to sup^ 
{^we I require any argumeats. to prevail 
upon me to acquiesce in Osmoikl*s re^ 
signaf ion of me. He could bear me 
witness that never, in our. happiest — or^ 
should I not rather say, in our least 

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iTiiserable momeats^ have I had an inter* 
val from the deepest— the most cutting 
reinprse-~«never has there been au instant 
in which, if I could have gone back to 
mry father, worthy of that fond w^come 
I feel so sure he woah) accord ine^-^ne*? 
ver has there been ati instasit of out 
guilty intereouse 1 vvould i^ gladly*-* 
thankfully have exchanged^ lor one hour 
spent under my own virtuoas rooC witb 
my own dear family." , 

'' Oh, it has been an aUiance of wt 
and sorrow between us/' she contitfued 
after a short interval^ in, which sh^ 
struggled for calmness ; '^ the displea^ 
sure of Heaven vvas upon us both I" 

'' But the time is conie/\ said Mr, 
Greville, ^ when yoar repentance for the 
past, being sincere, and the only atones 
loent you can make, in returning to 

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your virtuous home^ offered up to Hea- 
ven, we may trust that this displeasure 
will Be removed, and you will be aft 

'' yes — I shall be at peace — 1 shall 
soon beat peace/' she replied with mourn* 
fiii earnestness ; ^^ my heart is broken*' 
*— and she laid her hand upoii her bosom. 

'^ You must not/* — Mr. Greville was 
a^Ctempting to add, '^ give way to tliese' 
desponding ideas/*~*but something pre- 
vented his articulation, anil again he 
walked from her for a few minutes. As 
soon as he was composed, he returned 
t6 KiB seattylier side ; but did not again 
take hei" hand, neither did he look upon' 
her affecting countenance. He turned 
his eyes elsewhere, as he was b^inning 
to resume his address to her, -^ ' 

^' As you are Very properly and iotti^ 

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me^^ably (jesirous of r^nouapp]^ tlii 
unfortuDa|e connexion, the sopaer you 
^uit ^hb place tb^ better. 1 do notiSec 
why you should not this very day returq, 

*' This very .hour-r-this very ini^tant. 

shall bear witoess of my departurer— 
you )rourself shall go |>fick jto Osinpntl^. 
and tell him that .you saw me quit this 
abpde of^uilt ! Yes^ now— -now— ;7^nd 
with wifa impatience she rose f|-om.h?r 
seat. But Mr. GrevillCji anxious as^b^ 
was for proiqpt ipf^i^ures. ,had no desir^, 
to hurry ber ipto any.actiop thfit nji^b|ij 
p^eciphate^er into difficulties. 

'^ Stay ^ mpmfint,*' he replii^d,^ CjOUj- 
straining her t<^,|-e^uro^,^9J^pe^t. V^^^rp , 

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arraiiged — whither do you intend to go 
from hence ?** 

' '' To Woodhurst/' she replied ; " X0 
taiy dear hame— to my dear fiithe)-;; ht 
will receive roe with delight—wretch 
thilt I ano^ his arms will be open to nle : 
oh:, bless hiiiii** she continued^ . in a 
transport of emotion, taking from the 
ground the letter she was reading when 
Mr. Greville entered^ casting hev eyes 
upon it with a smile, and theojvehfe-^ 
mently pressing it to her lips^— ^ God 
l>less him/' she repeated. '' Oh, Sir/' 
she continued, turning to Mr. Greville, 
''^ unfortunate and deg4*aded as I must 
appear to you, 1 once was the darling 
of good people. You have nothing but 
my poor word for this assurance ; but if 
you will cast your eyes over that letter, 
you will see howl was once loved, and 

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valiied !" and she ciffered it to his haiid ; 
btrt he gently waved it from him-^for a 
few seconds covering' his ^e with his 
hand^ and remaining silent. 

A stmi^pBT to his habits, the' poor Caf- 
iM>lii)e>t;onceiving that all this vms hui a 
JQSt sentiment ef indifference ibr asny 
fiirther iii^ht into the af&ird of one so 
imworthy as herself did not press upon 
him the jperusal of her letter, but deject* 
ediy folding it up, slve faintly mur- 
mured, '' I have no right to expect yon 
to think better of me— I deserve your 

'' You deserve my pity— nriy deepest 
t^mpathy^'' replied Mr. Greville viitli a 
faltering voice, and you hare both. I 
ouat tbo weil believe what a father's lo^e 
ftod pride in you may have been/ tore*- 

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quire any evidence beyond yourself to 
prove it/* 

*' But/' he added^ after a i&ort pause, 
'' before you quit London^ you must 
point out to aie^ as Mr. Lessingbsyoi^s 
friend^ in what manner he can testify io 
you his grateful sense-— '' he ceased for 
a moment^ doubtful how to convey a 
meaning, which Caroline's astonidied 
countenance assured him nothing but 
the most explicit acknowledgment would 
enable her to comprehend. 

That Osmond, when he parted with 
her, should offer her any pecuniary re- 
compense for the loss of his attachment 
was a circumstance which, to her simple 
mind> was scarcely to be conceived ; 
and when Mr. Greville, in the most cau* 
tiousand skilful manner^ bad made the 

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tltafetQr iiUeliigible tQ her, it seemed as 
if she had never sufl'ered from the cruelty 
o| Qi^mond till now, 
: She did not immediately make any 
n^pAy. She appeared lost in a tumult of 
iiifU^Dant feelings. At last she rose, 
:mti labouring to speak calmly, " you 
n^y tell him^Sir/' she said, '' that when 
tee gave me his heart — when he told me 
that I was dearer to him than all the 
' world beside-— even when he loved my 
child, and rescued him from want — ^when 
be\vas most my comfort, and my only 
friend^ — be made me no adequate com- 
pensation for the remorse he has brought 
upon my head! and does be (hink that 
money— does bethink that if he pays 
me for my ruin — oh, Osmond^ this is 
insdlt^ indeed !" . 


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'' Nay— nay/' said Mr. Greville, 
'^ you misunderstand — you mistake." 

But as well might he have addressed 
himself to the raging sea. It was not 
till this paroxysm of indignation had 
passed away^ that he could prevail upon 
her to listeu to the arguments he brou^jht 
forward,>not only to exculpate Osmond, 
but to prove to her that his conduct 
in this respect was the result of the most ^ 
ardent interest and affection for her. 

'^ Well, Sir/' she replied, '' whatever 
be my opinion of him, my sentiments for, .. 
you' can never be any other than those 
of the deepest gratitude and estee;n. . 
Twice have you rescued me from perdi- 
tion. Oh, niy preserver !" and she would 
npt be d£;nied his hand. 

'' But your journey/' said Mr. Gre- 

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vUle^ desirous to turn this tide of unavail- 
ing and enervating emotion into the firm- 
. nesspfaction. "You will set off to-day?'' 

'' I will-go novir/* she replied. 

'' But you have preparations to make; 
your clothes to — " 

'' I have nothing/' she returned ; " I 
will take with me nothing but myself. I 
left my father's roof, poor ; I return to 
it poor. 1 Will carry with me only my 
repentant heart. You shall see me ^, 
Sif ; Ihat is, if you will be so kind — for 
1 have no friend here, and I am very ig- 
norant how to proceed." 

^' You really can go, immediately,, 
without inconvenience to yourself?" in,- , 
quired Mr. Greville. 

She gave'a decided affirmative, only 
specifying a wish that Mrs. Allen should 
be informed of her departure. 

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This Mr. Greville undeiloofc to com- 
municate to her ; arid recommended that 
the reason alleged tor her taking this 
step should be shewn, by ma)cing Mrs. 
Allen acquainted with the Ifetter Caroline 
had that morning received from her fa- 
th^^ and Which she told him contained 
a request for her return. 

'^ 1 would rather she should know that 
I have renounced this life of guilt— atid 

from penitence and contrition^ have rfe- 

turned home/' she replied. 

'^ She will probably infer that^ from 
your going at all/' replied Mr. Greville; 
^*^and if not, I will take care &he shall 
be made acquainted with it.*' 

He then began to consider when, and 
in what manner she could proceed to the 
execution of her- good purpose ; and, 
leaving her for a short tinie to make a 

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few inquiries^ he found when he returned 
that she was quite ready to accompany 
him to the inu, from whence a stage- 
coach was/ that afternoon^ within the 
space of an hoiir, to set off for the North, 
Qud would on the following day pass 
through her native place. Their ride to 
the inn in the city wa3 ahnost a silent 
Qne^.for both were lost in reflections too 
{ewrnest for speech ; but when they were 
ariivad tbere^ '^our acquaintance bw^ 
not been a commcHi one," siud.Mr;. Ore- 
ville, drawing her aside, just before he 
handed her into the coach, after he had, 
with the anxiety of the most affectionate 
father, arranged every thing for her com- 
fort and accommodation ; ^'and 1 must 
always feel a very strong interest in 
you." His voice faltered as he pro- 
nounced the words — '' If you should 

Digitized by LjOOQ iC 


want a friend—" he pressed her hand^ 
and Caroline, ardently returning it, 
looked in his face; but he passed his 
hand quickly across it, and drawing his 
hat hastily over it, he hurried her for- 
ward, put her into the coach, closed the 
door upon her, and hastened away. 

Caroline looked after him-T-but h^ 
never onee turned his head. The beoe- 
dictiou that had risen to her lips, anjd 
which she had as yet been incapab|e of 
uttering, died away unpronounced, and 
she burst into tears* 


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M R. Greyille (lid tiot think it neces- 
sary, or desirable^ to eiiter into the detail 
of What had passed in his interview with 
Caroline, or to inform Osmond that they 
hail met before. He simply stated to 
him her perfect readiness, and even de- 
sire, to end the connexion^ and to quit 
London immediately; which, M r. Gre- 
ville added, that he himself had assisted 
her to do, by attending her to the coach, 
and seeing her depart. 

She wa^ gone, then, and both Mr. 
Greville and Lady Arlington were satis- 
fied that one material obstacle to Os- 
- M 4 

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mond's returning to the path of duty 
was removed ; but no change of conduct^ 
either on his side or on Lady Ellen's, 
gave evidence that ax\y portion of their 
former happiness was restored. She 
was still silent — but still suffering. He 
was more than ever absent from home 
~-absent from his public duties; not 
^old or indifferent to his friepdsj for he 
ly^aa ^i^prse than this: he wfis reseatfiU 
for imagined offences — morose— haughty 
•r-*unkind. In short, he was indicating^ 
by every word and deed, that he was 
at enmity with himself and with all the 

If there were no other fatal conse- 
quences attendant upon irregular habits 
Ujnd sinful plea^res, tl)e distaste they 
produce for the calm simplicity of do- 
mestic ei\joyment (the only species of 

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enjoyment that pan even pretend to any 
stability) is a consideration that mighty 
one would thinks suffice to make the 
man of understanding shrink from their 

.-.Pew are,. the persons who have out- 
lived the first he^t and inexperience of 
youth, whose observation does not com- 
pel them to foresee^ that it is at home 
that all the pursuit&.and oc/cupations of 
life must be brought to their test. 
We do not speak of the '' Home" that 
figures on an invitation card — but we 
9peak of the sanctuary where we take 
off our cumbrous garb of ceremony, 
and dare to be what we really are; of 
that asylum where we live, and^ what is 
much more important, where we must 
die— -of that hallowed receptacle, in 
M 5 

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wfiich we do not venture after decep* 
tion, since deception there cannot im- 
pose upon any one, but wbereaU aboUt 
ns is real atul tine. Here it Is that we 
learn the emptiness or the vailne of- tbe 
thoughts and desires that most engross 
m ;-and here ii w^s that Osmond, wea^- 
ried for want of excitement, angi^ for 
the loss of what never was happiness, 
disdaining himself-*— but, in the stubborn-- 
ness of bis^ guilty pride, disdaining still 
more tbe torments of remorse^ tipat 
would jn some moments of extreme ^^f- 
fering almost have induced him to ask 
the forgiveness and the pity of his wife 
— here it was^ that be found such un^ 
remitting agony, that his return to bis 
own house was now ever met as the 
signal of suffering ; and at the first 

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fippottumty of quitting^ it in the morn- 
ing, be Aed from it as from the haunt 
of deoions. ' 

The efforts of Mr. Greville to con*- 
verse with him, and to resume his 
former influence over him, were quite 
ineffedtuah ^Howas stubborn in his de- 
iermination nei to allow him a private 
HitenriQv^l With the uni^easonabieness 
€v6 a; mind at variance with itself, he 
;itou^ for occasions of dissatisfaqtion 
witii bis best friend-^he endeavoured to 
reeomrile his displeasure, by represent- 
ing to himself that Mr. Greville, instead 
of being serviceable, had, in fact, se- 
verely injured him, by separating him 
from Caroline. His miserable sophistry 
tried to make it appear,' that while be 
conducted himself with decent polite- 
ness to his wife^he was as muqh justified 
M 6 

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13^ tbree^fovifths of .bi^ e^oquajicH^ae. 
were^ia taking, v^l^at measures he cho^e 
on the subject of his own bappinp^-rr 
a subject ^yith which, he endeavoured to 
persuade himself^ no one. ^Ise had any 

,JL<ike mast perso/ns v^ibo q^pjira the 
k^is of a desired object, JbeJfor^gQt tji? 
car^ and ^^nxiety it& ptes^qce had poca- 
sioned him. Hes^w nothing qow in his 
lost Caroline b|it the most cbar^coiyg, 
attractions; not remetnbmng^ v^h^d 
thpse ftttractions were near hini, how 
poorly they had compen$fited for the 
mutual guilt and remorse q( their coni- 
njpn situation. 

In "^his. distracted state of.ifi^^n^^ )^ 
gave hiijiseif up to ey^ry species of dis- 
sipation that came in his way. The kind 
£ind d<pgr,$e of lawless . gratification in 

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which he Indulged was only suspected 
by his friend Mr. Greville. Aware that 
bis interference at this period would 
only subject him to a repetition of in- 
sulting repulses, to whic?h he could not 
with any propriety submit, he turned 
with sorrowful disgust from the contem- 
plation of a conduct; which he perceiv- 
ed, with the deepest concern, he had 
not now the power to influence. 

The time for his departure from town 
being arrived, he left it without any 
communication with Osmond, or taking 
any other leave than that which this 
§bort note contained : 

/' I am going, as usual^ into the 
Qpuntry for the summer. A parting in- 
terview between us, at the present mo- 
ment, would be productive of no good . 
The time will probably come when 

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you may wish that you had fleen me, 
and suffered my honest counsels to pne- 
vaiK Whenever such a wish shoultf 
occur to you, it will hot, 1 hope, be too 
late for you to remember, that you^till 
have a faithful friend in yoors, ^ 

Such was the fttrewell of Mr; Gre- 
ville. That of Lady AHingtoi^whsnot 
even so kind. Shewas also on the'point 
of going; but tfcou^h in the mo*l aflteic^ 
tionate manner she took leave bf lifetdy 
Ellen and her grand-child, the name <>f 
Osmond was never pronounced by her. 

Her disdain of his conduct was equal 
io her disappointmeiit, and, till suffer- 
ing or penitence had brought him to a 
sense of the error* of his ways, it was 
her fixed determifiation to acknowledge 
him no more as her son. 

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Thus was the misconduct of Osmond 
e^ram^ng kirn fronr^t^ebest and deareist 
of bis fricnd«f. Bijt one yet remained to 
biffl ! It vras that inestimable wife, who, 
amidst, the shiixwreck pf every hope, 
still clung to him )(vitb desperate firm«> 
iiess ; bound^; by iber marriage vows, but 
still fnore by the tenderness of her con- 
stant hearty ta &)i*sake him hot. 

Nothing but ^bis. tenderness of feeling 
and principle coukl have ^o^tained her 
against, the increasing coldnesa, not to 
^yunkindness^ of Osmond's behaviour. 
In that state of wretched de^on^ 
dency^ wJbich results frpm a convic- 
tion of being the object of. universal 
and. merited contemptj be interpreted 
the silence and dejection of his wife into 
an expre^on of disflain^ which, how- 
ever deserved^ it was not in his nature 

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to brook~«itd fled .ftom lier. sight as he 
would from the most angry and re* 
pra»f>bful of his accusers. 

The usual period for their departure 
into the country was long since passed, 
and the oppressed spirits of I^iadyElleu 
pined after the quiet and soothing calm 
of her beloved retreat at Richmoiid. 
Many tinies she had worked herself up 
to a resolution to propose the subject 
to her husband : for so constrained an4 
distant was now their intercourse, that 
it really did require a kind of effort to 
attempt any thing more than the ex- 
diange of mere politeness. Such a state 
of domestic communication was very 
easily to be instituted in London^ where 
an excuse for absence or occupation is 
never wanting; but in the country^ 
Lady Ellen foresaw that some very 

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^lecided change must be adopted^ espe- 
cially as her health and habits had 
precluded her adopting the custom of 
most persons of rank/ that of crowding 
her country-seat with visitors^ as the 
only means of escaping the. horrors of 

She and her husband had once been 
too happy in ejsich other^ tp be dependent 
upon the charity of any of those humaM$^' 
persons^ who go about to relieve thedis^ 
tresses of those^, to whom a fiunily party 
in the country Js an affliction of the 
most overpowering mature. 

But the period was arrived^ and she 
contemplated it with real grief^ when 
the presence of a tldrd person was appa.'* 
rently so essential to the tolerable com*- 
fort of her husband^ that she could not 

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Imagine a possibiltty of his asseiifinj^ to 
accompany her from London^ 'without 
adopting the precaution of ensuring it 
Such a measure she anticipated as the 
seal of their total estrangement; and 
jrecoiliog from the possibility of hearing 
it proposed, she put off from day to day 
the mention of her vris^ to return to 
Richmond, in the prophetic certainty 
that it would be a painful crisis in her 
present suffering state of mind; and 
sufieriqg as it was, it was still not so 
wretched as it might be. Osmond still 
kept up some appearances ; she saw him 
every day— he might abandon her en- 
tirely. Sh^ felt upon the edge of a 
frightful precipice-— driven there by no 
misconduct of her own, and therefore as 
yet only pitiable ; but one false step. 

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on^ rasb, unguarded measure, might 
precipitate her Into an abyss of unceas- 
ing misery add reproach. 

Slie was in this state of painful, un- 
decided feeliug, whefi- one morning she 
wa« surprised tby Osmond's remaining 
in b^r baudodi! some minutes after 
Colofiel Howard, whom he brought in 
with hina^ bad taken his leave* 

He bad evidently something to say; 
a^d, with an emotion scjircely kss in^ 
tense than when she first received his 
offered vows. Lady Ellen^ divided be- 
tween hope and fear^ sat in breathless 
expectation of the worda he might utter. 

But the latter sentiment was predomi- 
nant, when, having walked to the* end of 
the room, and taken up his hat, and ap- 
parently armed himself with as much 

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carelessness as could make the remark 
a thing of no consequence, he said, 

'' The town, is getting confoundedly 
stupid — and terribly hot-— I must be off 
somewhere, soon." 

'' I am quite ready to go, whenever 
you like,'* was the prompt reply of 
Lady Ellen. 

He paqsied a moment or two in his 
answer, and laid down bis hat ; '' I sup- 
pose you will he fpr Richmond," he 
replied ; '' that taiyours perdrix/* and 
he attempted a smile— but it had too 
much irony in its expression to be pleas- 
ing, or to imply good-humour. 

^^ If there is any other place you pre- 
fer,'' said she, '^ you need only to name 
it ;" it was with difficulty she could re- 
press the tears that started to her eyes. 

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as she thought how truly she could have 
said that, '^ when with him all places 
were the same to her/' 

'' 1 am quite sure you would not 
prefer the place 1 could name as most 
agreeable to me — you would hardly 
like to go to Geneva ?" 

She thought of her child — and after 
a little hesitation replied, ^' 1 should not 
like to leave the boy/' She was going 
to add, '' but if you wish it, 1 will ;" 
when Osmond interrupted her, by re- 
marking, in a tone that too clearly in- 
dicated a satisfaction in her decision, 
" No, it would not be right— 1 am far 
from wishing it ; but for myself, 1 think 
of joining the Howards for a month or 

.'^ A month or two !" Lady Ellen re- 
peated, in the alarm that seized > upon 

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her heart. '' Did not Colonel Howard 
say just now they were going for six 
months ?'* 

^[ Very likely — but I shall not be tied 
down to their time. 1 shall stay as long 
or as short a time as I please ;" and he 
looked at her, almost fiirionsly. 

'' Unquestionably/* was her calm re- 
mark. Sb& felt herself too imperiously 
called upon to be cool~4o be trariquit— ^ ' 
to support her own respectability; or * 
else^ how freely could she have sunk 
down at his feet^ and implored him to 
tell her how ^he had lost his loref 
since lost it irrecoverably must be, be- 
fore he could thus look, and thus speak 
to her. 

He misinterpreted her quiet answer 
into an expression of the most cutting 

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" Ihave year permission/ then/* he 
replied^ ^vith.^ sareastic bend, '^ my 
wife is so obliging as to allow her hus*. 
band the privilege of doing as he likes. 
I believe^ then, I shall take advantage 
of your indulgence/' and with a slight 
bow, an appearance of courtesy, that 
only coutrasted with frightful effect the 
furious indignation that agitated his 
coantenanee^ he was- leaving her ; but 
she. prevented him. She took his hand 
in one of hers, the other she laid upon 
her throbbing bosom ; she raised her 
eyes, as if the hour of trial was come, 
and she invoked the only aid that 
could support her through it, and then, 
after one or two ineffectual efforts, she 

'^ Osmond," she ^id, *^ that I once 

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loved you — nay, that I do still love you 
— not with a girlish, passing passion, 
but with all the sincerity of a constant 
nature — is not" now my boast— but ra- 
ther my reproach." 

'" Nay hear me, I have little to say," 
she continued, interrupting the expres- 
sions of restless dissatisfaction with 
which he remained in the room— and 
his beginning reply of — 

*' 1 thank you — this Battering assur- 
ance — " 

'' I have little to say,'^ she proceeded, 
'' but that little is of importance. For 
some months 1 have been suffering frOm 
a knowledge of the wrongs you haVe 
committed against me." 

Osmond repressed the start of sur- 
prise^ — but it was not in his power to 

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conceal the indication iiis features gave 
of the shame and astonishment \^ith 
which he heard this avowal. 

'^ You have condescend^, thenj, to 
traffic with informers;, Lady Ellen V wag 
his poor attempt at recrimination-; but 
the shafts^ of this attack fell powerless^ 
beneath her conscious uprightness of 

" 1 never condescended to any ac-' 
tio»/* she steadily replied, '^ that I- 
shouki bl^sh ta proclaim in open day** 
1 cannot stoop to refute your accusa- 
tion*— 4f ypu had known the extent aiid^ 
value of my love, little as you esteem^ 
iti you would have^ believed it incapabie^ 
oi surmisiHg' a thought to your pr^u*' 
dice, till facts, from which in vain F 
would have turned my eyesj revealed* to 
me'-^what no informer shouki havebeeoi 

VOL. in. N 

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hc^rd (gutter; f^r-^idtsi;\t^^y f^rt^ei^o^,. 
M^puld have dare^it^ pipoauti^e, j^r9^jk 
accents but those^ off respect, 591 n^i^q 
w^khr iP ^tiU, $0 asspdajbed jin • jpi^ 
miujd with fond ^aii|(^mbrsinc€s-rr4ltU lift i. 
d^r— ' ■ she c^ase^-^a^d- for a Jittfod 
interval gave freer iodulgeijoe tj^j httro 
tewfv ■ • : i j; r>..- J •;•'•■* *!-::>oh 
Osmond, with bis head i^esting-oii^ im i 
clasped bjands, bad . iisiteoe^ ia visible ? 
agitatioi} as fehe/ spok« ^-ie diig^edu 
heavily> but excrepting that a» ej^^W 
tioiii expressive of deep met)tal auguisby 
•CG^sionaUy escaped him, be spoke o^t. 
Hi».;a)ieafie atUictec}, but it coafiroieds 
heriiii- her deter paitiation ; and beHevkig^ : 
tbajt sbebad^^tMFWouiited her tnoimeDtary 
wenkaess^ she proceeded : :i 

of^, lt¥bikt I beUeved yon possesae^ * 
pafrti«lei 0I esteei^i„|^ ID ^0^* 

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wh^l^^^a^clrtf dferposi^il td keep aiiy 
m^Mures ^Hh m^; mfserftlik as is the 
pf^i^m «tate of our cofiHttiain^ iriti&r- 
ctmse; it was 4eai my interest than my ^ 
itl<flifia(fofi still to remain v^ith' you^^ 
bttt^llie^eakne^i^'of my affection mcrst' 
notrte!: s^rtTef^ to interfere t?ith tfce' 
respect I owe myself. It is not exaggie^' 
rtftfbii'^lt ill n^i^ mere fig we of speech 
I^»e; when |:8iiy^ *b»t ~at one peiiod ef 
otif t%i»rrftiift~ lifey it w^itld ^liaVe b^AA^^ 
fikf^lm^tt welct^^e to' me to have iHeA' 
the f»ost ct^iel of deaths, than to ha^ 
livedr in a stale of separation from y^i j'**^^ 
again ^be was ^ ^mp^led un williAgiy ' 
to paose— but soon went ou^: ^* judge ^ 
then, Osmond^ how comptete mtist^ W- 
the conviction— how aeui^^-Miow d¥tr-^ 
poweriiig tb<? anguish-^^ hi^^'mdkc^ riie 
capable of acquiescing M i^u<^ mitiiSB^^ 

N 2 

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suird— if> as,! have but too^ much c^^$^ 
to bieiieve, su<^. a nn^sure would ^4f( 
to your bappioe^/' ... q 

'' Tq» my tappiiie8s!'**r^.0sjHaiwl 
gfoani^d, riUber than pfonoun^ed. . . 

/' Takfc away ftpm ypw. nnisec y^. ^pectr 
ki|is, I ?^l^ ipqi^; jup% lȴei sai^s^'^i 
sbe^t^Uiniied^ '' Ip^ti^.tayoor^pi^Pri 
slderatioft^then; Q^Qiovdrtr-^d^lft^dping 

centrihwJe tQ,yriHir biippiae^.>,c{^.if§,s 
^m% ftQiD.adtlii)® tp,yom! SQrfOfVfrr^G<^<|| 
IWttT*^ it* h9^ B^t b^en frQfl]t> if<^i^t pfj 
wiU,;bi^tr Qf ^Uityi, tliRi I bft^^# cea^i 
tOiplew€^yi3ru-irbatr^'' * 

'' No mQre^'W«^/;^»<gii.0sttjpa(j3. 

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mMt toirchin^damestriess— ^^^ oh^ EUen^ 
in '%i^' evil hour you joined y<yur fate to 
mine! Pray that you may see me no 
more-^pray that we may never meet 
a^in !'' and; wHh an impulse that aa^ 
vtfu^ed of insaiiity, ^ttotchkig^ her to hk ' 
hearty he pressed bis4ips td hfcr^, and 
hurried precipitately from her presence: 

^' Whai;have I dorie ^wiiait A«m I 
donef - Sras the a|;onizio^ ibc^glrt that 
oeeilHredf to t'he tinfortanate ereatui-e he 
left behind him^ as soon as (lie finit 
gush of emotioA was oter^ - and reSec* 
tion came-^in what shape she cookl not 
immediately tell^ but she iielieVed . t^ 
acbuse^ and to condemn. 

But in the calmer interval of her 

sober reason^ however her wbman's love 

was wou6ded/sbe found, in the a][ipr6val 

of her conscience and )ier Uttderstaddiifg, 

N 3 

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4«» uiLiafti hu «tlcr iKapsbility of 
Qttix iff^ ftis KtnBgvswai firom ber 
w*i&w« Ae 4erpcsl emocioii— these 
•■•* !*•* *«• 1^ Ae IbottglM^ if Os- 
^■i « kcait sccvsable to nature 

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> : aud ififAejui/^TosMM'TTtLnd: if ' thetie failed, 

there was yet ; M9lihAr /pleaV^sbe was 

^«lh^ iPtHber^of Jiis^ehUd I not the* child 

:> pei^pS'C^f hi9 Idv^ Wt the child that 

) : ^ m^fife be 'thd prop of his ambltiot) ;«*-*the 

»<h{ltl>jw|icii^Qu)d hemr hisinanie-^^inlierit 

;» ; liis^£Mti»eay WMl^tsdain' ibe cinedit of his 

.fiiHiilyi :^' Ofe^ hejmustlove him!*' »he 

faontimiedi. in her painful ^oliloqay; 

/'>a;k1 if he loves bi«)/lie must have 

> s<;^ifle vdlM«loP in^^WvWiU «^ 

us^<*be. cannot have the heart to do it 1" 

Thud cHngifig to every reed of com- 

, foft^ aUernately hopifig' and despairing^ 

but in the firmness. of hev spirit once 

having ascei*taified , the answer of her 

Consciences never sufiering herself to be 

tortured by unju^ «nd useless self-up- 

, .braidings for wb^t she had aaid^ to him> 

UiQ day passed away ; and the lapse of 

N 4 

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ey^iiig ioto iright^ /wiliioiit produemg 
aoy tidiag9 of Osmon^^ ww ^begitwiag 
to ttica ber dbabtB of hi« retiuiB ksMto 
the moAi alarming ^wfs^ when ail: her 
^mxbty was dedded by the rejC€J|it of 
the ibUowiug leUei-Hbkou^h it coald 
sqarcely be calbdac^^tterrr^bebaad- 
vritrQg and the iMiguage eqiUdl; in- 
dkatipg that the writer . was^ ma he ei^- 
4>r^sed himselfi iaarAtate of ialnd»,ooly 
^differing fr^m pxadite^s, inasmii^ /as 
lie rwas isea«iblp of \m it^futit^,^ • 

'' When you r0ad this, Ellen^ I shall 
be &r away from you. I cannot live 
wtbia^ the QaatepnplaAion of the exiod- 
^enoe I:hfiy€r4so iajured and iosulted^^- 
Daar-^blewed woanaa—- why did you 
give yourself in marriage to A wretch 
like VM ?— ^ was n&fest worthy of you-^^ 
1 am worthy of nothing hot etenial per- 

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Stionr-'^nd it mil oome!«-Bttt you 
]8haU D6t fae iiilpUoatad in 4t«^you sholl 
not suffia*. for me. Alas ! — ^you itFiU tbiiik 
I rave-«Haiid^ kideecl, mywiises ate iveli 
nigb 'gone«*^at the btoaag ^ olkadn^ess 
is not mm^ for 1 am sensible of my 
wanidefiogSiHNal spi ckiwa to write to jpoii 
•^i tiaoiught i had: something to say^ 
not in viadieatton of myself for tlmt 
iMould ibe 'in .vaia^^but tonething that 
lYoikMii *6Xoite your pity-^but it dies- 
away.— rl go, EUcn-~I go to ft foreign 
cauntry«^i do not^ask you to write to 
me-^bat direet some one (o comnAini^ 
bate to me your ooamnwadsj as to what, 
in the forms of law^ may reqairemy 
aasieikt ; it will reaah me at the poit« 
c^ico^t Gaiaisi 

'' Farewell, Ellen I —my wife^my 

N 5 

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Over th» fetter Lacly E\\m $b^ ito 
tears, she tHPcatiied i}o^)|tgh>^he iM4^f^^ 
DO soufidg t>f haneattitions > In tbe ^m^ 
attitude of speechless despair Vfi' ^hicK 
it fell from her fcands^iii that attitude 
she resnaiaed^ tilt heratteadaqadi m>ader- 
ing atthe ttiKOsiially' lat^ihour to wlsik^hi 
idle protracted her rHtrtfig foir tbeiii'gbt;: 
veatiiffed on8pffte|>wfeiDeelo s^kii&.ir^ 

^ ^^ Dear, xxiy Jadp vt hat i« the {natten^ ! 
-rhave : y<Mi had any i bad * news! ^6^ ^Mri ^ 
Lessingham ?" were the words that firdt^ 
rdus^ her from the stupefiidfon -ia 
yMth extreme distress had steeped 
€*very faculty-of seuse. - > ^ •> 

^)ie i6ofc <fp die letter^ and modro^'^ 
fully shaking her head^ she wared ijter 
hand in signit of her desire to be left 
al4n<?»':- J ^ ^c :- .;>. .^• .; i *. • . - 

' But her gentid and epdeaifitigi manners 

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had too skicerely attached to her every 
meofiber of^heinbousdibk}^ esipeoiaUy iQHe 
so imofediately al>out her person t^ 
Mi^a Hapkio8>4o adimt of her iheiu^s 
lefiirina situation of aucb syflTerio^* 

"^'' icoauiietr gOy;.my lady~I canQot>» 
iiid^ !"' -nThe* aflebticMtisile creature 
I)Ut0 i^to tears*tH$hen^ b^lbinking her 
of e^iii^ topic of oonsobUoQ that wouM 
haiMmnyirhaacedf success, she named 
tM/jclh^d:' -r. the b^by is awake^ jaiy 

. Jt«intaS'jl(he right ohord she had toilcfaed. 

•.5w^Bring him to roe/' the poor Ellen 
could scarcely artieulate— ^fior at this 
fodftlfecQllectiou the> salotary tears^ so 
lon;^ denied, bioKe^rth tn torrents. 

: WkSk 90bsi that seemed to tear her 

tender frame in pieces, she clasped to 

her bofioni the all that wasleft^her in her 

N 6 

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wreck of b^pj^oess, Theo^ as if the 
very sight of him Mra$ agouy insufkpcfft- 
able> she would resign him to his qui^. 
•^-p^^ I cannot bear it — arway — away !" 
But it was oi^Jy for a moment ; no aooner 
wa9 he taken from bejc^ armsj thf^a she 
. 469ian^ed him ag^^n ; and ia tiiese 
alternatioi^a of feeling: ^b^ .first violence 
of anguish exl^^tadjtfi^lf« 

When th(?y. h^d pasiied away> sad 
in th^ paiUS^ of passion an 4iit^»al-of 
thought and reflection occurred^ it. i was 
reflection which bought withatanxiety 
.for Os^nond'^sake^ scarcely lassoppres- 
^ve ^haii Yih^ had been her Stufferiogs 
oft>?r p. w n^P^QQUn t 

I|; w^ not, vill after the expiration 
^f^w^ekt when she h#d. quitted town, 
sffid was gnpe,ipA$-/? Teturped to: her be- 
-^OT^ ^bode aj. Richipaijd^ thai, the re- 

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suit af her aori-owa and her prayers was 
maQifested in the following letter to her 

^' 1 told you, Osmond, in our last in- 
terview, that if 1 could not add to your 
happiness, I w^otild refrain from increase 
mg your sorrows— I spare, therefore, 
wholly lo «peak of myself. The mea- 
sure you have adopted I was th6 first 
to nfme.; if, therefore, Isuffer from it, I 
shfier, perhaps, justly. The subject on 
which yoti desire to hear from me, it is 
torture to me to be compelled to speak 
upon; but since you desare it, this is 
.my reply-^the only reply I can now, 
or ever give. All that was valuable to 
me in existence is gone with yoiirat^ 
tachment : I will receive no compehsa^ 
iion for its loss. I hav6 retired with my 
child to Rkhmond^bete we will liv^ 

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dependents upon your pleasure — depeo:- 
dents upoi>«-« Ossoiond^ I eanoot write ; 
upon tbis tdptc^-*do not danaand it>of^ 
me— 1 only ask it of you not to ioter- 
pose an eternal bar to our re-uniojii * 
This is SL weak requeifi— Jmipardton nw, ': 
I am very wesJ^-rrl miA I -wauld iwJ;^* 
speak of myself, and *hHfaertO;Jj.bat«^r 
spoken of nothing eJsa^i /ButitbouglLX/ 
seem this poQf egptist; J wft|mbte -M uw^ > * 
taining sorr^o^^ . witkout.tbe tiwsiB tngs^^ « 
acbikl — believe me, Osmond; Uhepe^ig- 
one i^ho^e fate is uovv hv tnof!erioi&t&t*" 
ing to ^me own : formy &te liat^ 
s0g|ed-r-my worltHy part is ficijsbejd* 
Bui yiwiir'Srrftrrty'vhIisband lrtriiei« i may ^^ 
b( permitted to ^peak^^hece I^litayJbe^ 
st|f&red to tdl of tears/ and heart •^t^lulv'^ 
ing grpansr^rof pra?yeils:«abrcf /wttercd^ 
from inlensiky*orangiikA-*f-whe«I'WoaW'^' 

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suggest toyoii^f^w deep iti|d emtiwt U 
tlie ifrterest I ever mmi bear in your 
d*8tifiy. Obi my beloved Osmond, if 
in tlrisi w4rld I mcist^ see you no itiore^ 
bereave ime not of the ^wly hope tbtt 
I,-ifouWbiw«ui'ii*--4to Ujie Ja8t--4et* me 
trust td'im€etl j6^aJ^^^nheve eaith, ' 
arwJ tekrih^fif teitititalions; ^mll be done* 
a^ay^ViOb^niy Husband ! look^fof ward 
to^tfaiilibeilter dweiUng^plact^; ^d4|)iini 
tliese^btir entideiffeAts^thre«e ><vaiti d^^ 
lig^^i 'BiJEt I eah no/ more^i-^^^h^n i 
wauid urg« these &otemn couffsefe/^I 
seeiD^to be proffering' an eternal ad i^-^ 
and a hidt adieo pf Okmetidy I-cbiiUl>> 
nerj^ lake, a»d live I i^wiltitot befievie; : 
tbefi^ ^tbat this: &re^eU is g;i ven: I v^ilfc 
exist from day; to day on iUusioiis^t 
wiil dhfeat ivrj^elf vwith eacpeet&tictnr; 
Perhaps' be :will jretwii ! we ^ia*e not 

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absoltftely parted for eter ! who koowg 
bttt^ ere this day closes^ I may see him 
again ! This will I say to myself^ whea 
the sad morning dawBS'i^oD me^ and re^ 
peat it in the mournful evening ! I will 
-— Agaift, this eternal // Alas! how 
weal^ is sufiet»igiifiiosmHy'lr.Y«t; Os^ 
*mood^ think not of misl . Think lonly of 
yourself^ and yoiuriinmibftal seul^-nbii^ - 
save me tbatf**«spare me thai >!. 1 sML as 
if I liad ¥Diumea>«D'say to yi>u <;fnidds 
theme ^ bat. the pen falls frowmy harid, 
and inTtttn I.attdmpt toresomeit/* :i * 

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Wb l^lisst faeipeiifaiitfld loidratw Jiiveil 
ovec 4he auceeediog )iear;iit Osmoadli 
fife. A year !««Hwhel^*.a^ portiooiaf iMni^ 
tidMbfe Valne in tlm«eimteiieeit>f that 
hti^ngf «kbo is cemiMaded 4o iMrk out 
l^iaiSajvaticHft^ feilid to whom «T6ry n^tar* 
val of UtawFe ia iotroftted to btm hj^ htM 
Divine Maater^ as a talent to be employ*- 
ed for that immortal {uirpoae. 

If by Osmond^ thai wicked servant 
vfho knew his Lord's will and did it not, 
the precious gift was wantonly^ wilfully, 
most sinfully wasted — if, at first, remem- 
bering with contrition his deserted wife 

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and childy treinbltiig atid reludjui^^ lie 

paused upoR* tfaef tteesthbld o(i Yie6?*-«*^t 

Mlen^lh rushed m^ and took up iiir fa:er 

nkidtbsome dwelUng bis fixedhabit^Qn 

*^!^^ guilty (as too surely he was) in the 

.imlatioQ of ev^ry mora^I di»ty^> $^i\ilie 

'jtRomenft that wilneased. bis tetmnllo 

'EBglaod was ooeithat.^med tyitib <it 

^ «oiiielhiiig of expiation ; . ^ r > ^ ] ) 

h I . He aaiiae back to kis^ oatiye/lan^^ Mbfm* 

ied>ia Jieatthj intpiMr^ridlctd : in ffortu^^^ 

He came^^back^ as he believedy 4b die*— 

ai^d tbefe was none to fiuccoitr him — 

fiiDiieH& greet him* . His mother > Lady 

vElden-^bis ^^ildi^be knew nothing of 

any of them 1 He had been engaged in 

a career^ in whose giddy^ whirl he had 

lost, not only eatery virteiQUB> but every 

itaman feelings He awoke from this 

iutoxii»tion*of ireasoii, by finding him- 

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'self ^y bf day get^Qg^ worse in heakh 
' -«-^aiid driven by^thietbreftteiied a^^cMif^h 

"i^f that droad p&antoai^ from whicti hu- 

iuMi nature instinctiFely pevolts^ to took 
» iontkd ^or some dbelteritig^ asylum^ lie rc- 
^ili>Iveii apo^'i*€lituming^:to his^nativ^land. 
^^Tll«tt^^w€il okM^^J-ibal; of iiec hescarody 
^dai^ed io»thuik4^yBtoo£iiiine did- be iBo 

often think—- coinfinlfattd [Hty were «o 

mtagledl\»i(hher idea/ that Jf he could 
' ibuf bdh«ildwjli€(r«gam! i; WUafe>x<Hisbla- 

tioh dweit)iii;the baresutiniael . 

It ii«aBX)iiite at 4lie latter ^eoiiof the 
:6UiQrDerj when rOsmoiid^ ifi^aried aad 

ill;, both iQ: body andfiriindj (lamkd at 

- : He Mt assured. that h« had potfamg/to 
fear flmn Mie«hanc<5iof.iniFetiBg his aioch 
injured wife^-wepdiihe to proceed imme* 
diatdy to his usual towu reshleace. In- 

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such fts to preclude airy chance <]^f'^ifd^ 
ing >her thane> be'^^dl undei^toodlhe 
d|rta$o unf^limateekeuiiistaiices nfoak} 
-haise Qivjm hm toith^ metropolte. 
. . >BQi'the con«9kruat^aine,yrhibh^^^^^ 
t^oo mui{:9f|dciati.Tfi»lecM hiiiiMa^^ 

flervauts ad reki»aii%dd m <lb^ bcmse dHH^ing 
ihe absence of the faAnljc^^fti^ be ^ddter^ 
mki^ up^n >remaiktiag at.filigbil^Bf^at 
least &>r the present. 

He began twenty times to write: a 
If tier to hm ni^tber ; tbea heihought he 
woM)4iad<ii>esavM,toI^^ his 

HM^ther was^oW jn y«arSi anidjit seemed 
sofcr^el to add, tofthe sormws of iufir* 
teHyand ^ecdipe!^ Aitt^/whBtobaldi^ say 
ofi^aV^lf4h«t^w^d not icEfiJc««o#roW^^ 
Why r«4ipul|l JM write; at all ? «why cibtild 

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he not die \vHhoi^>i»ofestiiig them ? ]i6' 
aakad binjself. . /* ' 1 

lAlas! it 19" mi' awful thvog totdfoM*^ 
Awfu) to tlie good-^but to the widrefl!^ 
imaginatioH reooils^^tM 's^^if^tB sink-**-' 
tl)^ t Fembling^opkelf ngs€lo6er ai^ dofier^ 
ta its peasbabio'dompanioR^ i^hen it ap-^ 
prfth^dsAliat tbeir di»iiniai» may pliing^^ 
it into the draad u»known> so tnyst^ 
rious and so appalling 1 * 

If^fae nvfeasure: of Osmotid^S: niental 
sufferings wero not yet eompIetOi an iin-- 
Qxpfoted iDcident on the following dltyi 
r,evivied ideas well oaloulated to angtnent 
ii. : ltwa9;tbe ciri:ttmstance#oflii8aed«'i 
dentally etiecaiateiiitgv'Mr. 8aftk¥tUe Sit: 
tbq streets Fot a tnotnent ^ey both' 
invQluntarily stopped ; biiU aiif toudbed^ 
With ft. sudden racoll6etioii>^ SacicviUe/ 
with a eold^ ceremonious inclination of 

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his head/ almcfst iminedktcly passed on. 
Had he levelled the most opprobrioukr 
repA'oacheH upon hini/heeould not moM 
severely have wodnded the fi^nga ci' 
Osmoiid^ Ihdn by tbiadistanft and etiJtUn^^ 
c^okless. At iinty'tbepKoiid spirillbis^^ 
cotUeinpt had fanmiiialed^in^flB: io.Oatn; 
niond's support, and CMtiog apoti'iQar 
racking'; form' a look of : todigaatiMycKer: 
too passcxl on. . ..\ ^ ;. -cx^ 

; But tbb ooimMmaiQsslot^ idedstmmf} . 
SaekViUe^s) contempt, vrUdi !lhat ^^atf^ 
honoimit^ and upri^i men, for tkepait 
hehafl been kdowii to act by bn^ vdm; 
but for bim/ might long; hare been the 
pridie and^oi^tiafnent of herfettiiiy^ wtt^ 
tdo potent^ too present^ to admit of bis 
sheltering^ himself niider the protection 
of a pride^ that had so poor a basts t&, 
i:est upioB. 

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He fef allied lh« dreum«tafi«e^ imtlef r 
MAfch Jie jiftd Sackyiile l^t had m^y 
tbe iotempemt^j and Ujttle l@sa thaft- 
brutal iaagUa^e, \y hiijh.a bliiid and fool-, 
ifi^ : jeaioussy Imd caused faim 40 addt!^i 
to bifiAj aad^theoiBbridlad Vidence^ tjyiat 
bftd^^ convBTted Jns.i to^kukyAy bt attadk-^. 
me^it iforCairolififi into: an'^KhibiiioB ofi 
pMsUs^i as disgiisdiig: td the spNPctaiof 
as it was disgraceful to htmself. .He 
reMofnbeced alkthi»-raiid( added Imit 
tbe base arid mugenecoiis li^t igi wMdb? 
heixiiBit appear to Sackviile^ te bis 8i»f< 
feriag the idiotic Tory of hm t^mpera^ 
meiit to- betray, as be.tQo sur<$)yjrj9c61t^ 
leafed his expressions .mic^tbay^. betray- 
ed^ the .guilty connexiofl ibat subsisted 
between him and the poor defenceless, 
girl^ho was persecuting^ till her very; 
senses failed beneath the terror j»^ ija^ 

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spired. As he thus though^ it^seetDBc)' 
to hi in lenient treatment that he l^cljuk 
received; the candour ivhich^ Wiih'fidlf 
his i^ults^ formed a principal feature iti* 
hiMrharacter^ compelling him to adknoW- 
ladge^ that it would have tieen but al 
justifiable testimony of the senlimeiitft 
his conduct had been calculated to in-^ 
^Ire^ had SackiriUe passed him witltCHit 
any sort of DoticG whatever. 

H}s remorse^ united wkh the ^roiig. 
iaierest he f(^t to. lea^rn. some int^tti^ 
genceofber; whoxtould nokbe.flioughl* 
of without many pangs^ rendefed himi 
sorastless^ that for more tfaaaaar hour 
he wandered* about that parted the toi^n: 
ih wbioh be had^/metiSack^ille^ in;tlie: 
bope of seeing him. again.; in whii^ 
case hie bdUe^red/tibat mider tbec mSu* 
ettoe of his. present: feelings hie i^(Mdd^ 

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^UeAtly. brook any tokens of aversion, 
qr ©v,ep cboteonpt to himself, provided 
^, 09\iI(I by any means inveigle Sack* 
ville into conversation^ and thus a^ord 
hi(9self , an opportunity of obtaining 
tidings of Qaroline^ 

He was disappointed in his wishes: 
SajckviU^ appeared no more that day« 
By. the u^xU as might have been 
expected, th^ virtuous impnlsie^ that 
would haye prompted him to endure 
hiilBiJiatioiT as one of the just conse- 
4|]|ences of his raisconcjuct^ had given 
plaoe iu Osmqndl's heart to a sense of 
^Qie^ struggling; with dusdaiq, which 
npj|de him> on perceiving Sackvitte^ap* 
prqacbing biii^ in the street^ ,at fir^ 
i^Hnk back, and half turn to avoid him> 
and then>^asif d|st^rj|)ined uppjti b^ravins 

VOJU Ui. , jo . . 

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out his t>\m consoieiiGe^ for tbai be w^i 
{knew^ was* all he hpul tp neeQibfrnm^^-^iG 
resolutdy advaao^ lowAtdt hidiji^^f^ 
^Mrqpared to answer vrith a'jQorre»)|bnfting 
'4ei»QaiKMr w hih side^s the^ citil [^(^ll- 
teix^pt he expected [to eooouatw^ ^i|i 
Sackyille^i, .; - . . - . ; ^ . ; { . ..,: j 
, . He was opt mistaketK . ^cJcviUa . wjlh 
4be slightest possible n$>tiqe passed )h4«9^ 
,03 on the precediiig^day ; ^ut.OsiHMiid 
4id pot now^ as then^ yifld ^ ih^^yc- 
4ates of penitence and contritiofi,.. Hb 
/tried to persuade himself that he/was 
f Qsolently^ and evefi ungratefully treated^ 
Pjj^ jdqi^e^ who had often. partaken. of Jhis 
Jbfps]^t:ality/and with whom he had once 
jliv^d. upon terms (Mf the greatest intima- 
<jyt. .But vain was this endeavour^^no 
S9|ihistry could »o grossly iivpose < upon 

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l^idr tti^^rstai^ing ! ]^{rft hvA too ti^uly 

AssoMd that he MT^ estim&led exactly 

-MtjordiDg to bis deserts. 

; :It happened th^t^ from the fimb 

^^SaekTille be^iame an olyeet of airoid- 

mnce to Osmond^ he more constantly 


.crossed his sight than auy other. person. 

»lVh6never tliey met^ bis hehavibur was 
tifiiifbi^mlyrthe same ; aiidOsmoo^appa- 

Wefrtly never varied In t|ie oalni hantett 
ahh^^hi^h he hms^eied to the bther^s 

-^tstaAt $£^lutatipn. 

- Bnf it was in appearance only tliat he 
mam tait)ed this e^nness of deportment. 

'Internally he ,wasf the prey of the most 
^conflieting sensations, whenevejr' the 
Slight of dackvtile .more powerfully r6- 
^^^Bed associations, that awoke the dii^ 
,4nd terrible passions, irivhicl) bad stamped 
his destiny iwitJi so izuiob suffering, 
o 2 

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U was at the en^ of a wec^.fpoo^lija 
arrival at Brightpq, Uiat one evenii^gg 
after an oppressively suUry 'day, vihlphi 
l^f^i^ pamfuUy increased th^ languoi: ^o^ 
^ei^tLpji of tiis feelmgSj, Osniond Jb^nt 
^s steps towards^t^ \^e^9% to try, %ii^i^ 
revive hip ^rppgl^srf^ulj^e^^ti^ tfee^ fre§bH 
,i^^9s of. thiB, s.^fibvJ?^^pfA rl^^.,yvj^f^j^e^ 
qfi^ fis fer frpm l^etpwo ^^.p^sij^J^^ tt^ 
he mig^ht escape from the obsef*^f)t4<?9 

fus?d oyer hi« altei:^ per^po^JnfeiJIfeljt 

. ; ,. ,Xhe day >ya?^ declining into .th(it^si¥^( 
c$i}f^ .whiqh precedes twUigbt-^ tbat.£id^ 
jf^,^ay 9f Jjgjbt:, Ja. vjrhid^ thei &ncSfuL 
ipfipd idi^Qijlfie^-tbe fliaeting character, of 
all thiitgs earthlyw. , A delicious melan-* 
c))oly;ac^pinpafue$ the musings of thit 
holy hpur^ wheui they ar^r the iiiu38iAg& 

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of the virtuous ; and eten to thie erring 
a^kl misguided hrortal, there is some- 
lifih^ in it that speaks of pardon, and of 
pmce. Osmotid looked round him^ and^ 
Seeing that no one was near, he sat down 
ftpdnHie beach, Jiiid ffxihg his eyes upon 
thte gi-^ttt V^rkdf (Sod that was before 
MM,'itls^nsi()ty his thoughts ascended to 
fke cdrrtemplatioii df its Omuipotent- 
'^*rti^ propensity of the tniild to as-' 
idin^ikate with the most general reflec- 
tions its own particular case, soon id- 
volred him in considerations, medicinal 
indeed to his diseased soul, but sharpen- 
6d with the stings of a conscience, whic^ . 
had slumbered only to awake with ad- 
ditional power to torture. '^ Of what 
avail is it to me,'' he thought^ as he 
g9tzeA upon the boundless ocean, '^ of 

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it^ix avail is it tc me to locfk up'6n thfs 
gfarid'tefetirttbiiy of Sle Alniighty^s powier ? 
flfeive I hot i-ieceJved' in rrrj?^elf/ in' thfe 
talehtiS^ the dp^ortunilles/ the blessWgs 
\tiftl Wtiicli He enriched' irie; aii tioWeiin 
e?videhfee of his e\?stence?* And ^viM 
hafve \ ihxie vfiiH the^e rhdrddj^ P^wlM 
brit tiirn^tf th^m ifito tuffeesi '* C*A f 
o«fep HJ* t>rkiSe arttf itdthiraiicraV >*tiiMe 
life has been an outrage: upon all His 
Ir^s ? Cafi I pffesume to a^sk His rnerty, 
whtf hhS nijue upoti the geftrtfest of his 

''Oh E»ea!~Carolinef!'^— and al- 
temafdy^each »aine suggested to him 
s6ine scene of ungoverned passion^ in 
\vhich the tenderness and love he ought 
to have valued had been spurned by the 
savage fury^, that ao,w^ inthebaretecol- 
lection, made him odious even to himself. 

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T^l^ebftternc^ of bis.contritioat becaixie 
abi^pst ^yerpqsKering^ as. bis vivid ixuA-^ 
giuai^onj ivitent upoa torlui-in^ bin^, 
recaJUd to bis retnembi^nce^ in rapid 
^Ucqe^3iaQ^ these visioas of the^ upbraids* 

.W/P^W H^v f^j^d bi^, head ujpou bis: 
^an^^and .vvbil^t tear? i>f penitence stole 
]tl9«i[i> Ids .€;|jf«;f ks^ h^ fejt^ like tbe m(ju> 
jdj^^^m. l^fxdel, disposed ta try 

liikQ hi ni he could bavd asRect 
« Wkat can H not?** 

' And oh ! how truly, in this moment^ 
could be have exclaim^ likehif]^ r> .; 

** O- itched $tate — 6 boaom bla<;k us denth ! . 
O limed soul ! that, struggling to be free. 
Art more engag'd ! Help, angels, make assa^ ! 
Bow, stubborn knees, and heart with strings of steel, 
, Be soft as sinews oi the new«bcrn babe**" 
o 4 

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The cloud of his despair began to 
clear away beneatli the beams of hope, , 
which the genuine character of bis peni-^ 
tence imparteidl ; and somewbat composed 
iii feeling, he at length rose,, and piir- 
sued his solitary ramble by the shore. . . 

The vehemence of bis emotions hav-' 

ing subsided, they gradually gave place 

• .- •'• ^ ^ ,'• • • ,v'^ v.r f?>i'inf lyl 
to a mournfulness, which was ^ sooth jng^ 

rather than oppressive, llie slilThess of 

evening, only interrupted by the dis- 

i sound of children's voices at th^ir 

sports upon the beach, the murmur of 

the waves, grand in their approach, but, ^ 

like the delusions of life, pkssing away 

a^' s6o^ as arrived— -every thing that ' 

sui*r6uhcied him wals in unison with the 

totie^f his mind, and melted him into 

a disposition to receive the impressious 

of virtue. 


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He was still proceeding when bis 
meditations were slightly interrupted 
by perceiving, on turning his head at 
the sound of approaching fpotsteps^ that 
some solitary wanderer, like himself, , 
had escaped from the immediate vicinity 
of the town, to iudulge in a more loqcily 
ramble. , , . , . 

He ttimea to resume his way hopie- . 
wards, ^ud bqing then close upon tho , 
person \whQ had disturbed his revgrie,, ^ 

^^i^d) f)i!t ^d h -^^M^- •:^?'^» Vh:0 rs:t: *T . ^.t 

he perceived, with the asitatu)n whi^'h . 
the siffht of hiqa always inspired, that ,, 
it was Mr. Saokville. The impulse of.^ 
the latter appeared to be^ as jigu^\^ Xo|[.j 
pass him, with a sligh^Jacknowledojpri^ 
of recognition; but, to O^ioi^d, ;,tl;)i^^^ 
moment see^med to be come w}i€|p^ ,if * 
ever, he must mstke his adv^ntagj^ of it^ ^ 
o 5 I . 

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to obtain this iateUigfinc^ of Carojine^ 
wfaiqh^ with aa Apxi^ tb^t al tioiMeB 
was alnio&t agony^ he de^Lrfi^ V> iBec^iw. 
He arrested, therofor^i the eyid^ni in- 
tuition of SackviHe to pass on^ by faMi* 
self stopping, and fnakingj^gtme , casual 
nqintarks upon>theJ:f^mty ,q^ t^e^^yening, 
an4 Qther cojnmon-plaqe^topios, ^ . 

.It ;waa tlie firet.tiii;^ Sficky.Ule bad 
had such an opportunity of i^em^rkifig 
the visibjf apd ,wopf^ phjaijge^^tlfi^'had 
taken ptece in Ofii^n4;*s ^^^(^ftra^qe^ 
sinpe Jast they w^e upon termi^pf spcjal 
iotevcbursej andj however unfavourably 
di9{^3ed to cqn^der him^ it wa9 nex^t to 
jip^pp;^ib1|9 ^f^ him to contemplate, him 
so '' M\m frofia. bis high estate/' with- 
dqt some ; feelings of an aliecting uft- 

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^ ^ It Wds almoin EH ihvoluntairy rexh^Lrk 
16 i^ay thsit ^^ he Mras «orry to fiee him 

"^ I arh V€«*y anwrf!; iudi^ekl f -^ rieplied 
Ostndnd. ' 

, »:<j|f f . S«6kvHte thatf^ some ^ttight in^ 
^liiry ds^'ti[i ifee^iattirfe oiThis borapWint; 

" 6h1 H Is lifeMt-^it % only b^e !•' 
* h^ e^kiMWi<^^ ^ ^her laid his baiid iipoa 

^^^ -t^yre "iviaB j&obethiT)giH this action, 

' ^andf ' In i tffife ^ ni^Uncholy; *nd paleness^ 

^ arid^d^^iott, that pefvafled hiis torni- 

Itehariqfe, so moving) that it^would have 

seamed ff^hafmai);, SaekvHIe thotigtiiF, i» 

irepelthe inclirialftbn €teiiioo o£ 

entering iiwlo feonv^Hation mi\i him. 

' ' HejoiJieditim, th6rief0reyiH hiso^etujrn 

iiomewardfi, aUegfng, as an exdise for 

doing 80, '' tlmt he was liiinself an in* 


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vftlid, a»d he Ij^lteyedsilvil^^i^M j?^^* 
d^t for him . to fojjaw > his; exaipp% ^iff . 
not fiirtber extepdipg .his.nvjE^'^'". ' v^ .[ , -.^ 
It .was with s^ gleai^ of |c^ thiat Qa- 
mpnd accepted, bi^ proposal, ^ JiTovohf? 
should,, obtain his^ w^^e^t^hp^, 8^^^ %f ? 
he should hear of hep^LBjyrt ApWyJIj? IJ^ru 
trpduipe a subjf^, ti^diiqlk dj^t . tp,, ©aflie 
was to. suggest' ides^^pf ,^i^;avfOiijpM^^>U 
he kiiew i^flti-rry^ H nmsi: Ufii iftfr^r; 
dufled^fpfitpgip pn ff iji«dpg/*\y^ i^q. 
precious naprnejrt* ia il0^MJ^^}^pfff^}^. 
whi^h Saq|[:viUe w«s addrfs^ii^g Ja?,^iifR; 
for the first five minutes after the^^ j^pf^^ 
Qft(^;pjli|i6F, :W^S^,to tprti«^ 
a, ,Sllii|y?i j(aj^QSt,!pf^,^^ ncWtecfp»Wi 
^toikim^lypf ip«e/thwg-+hq 0^^ 
t<j|j wo ptb^rT-r^qdjtvJjawg rtetft«i0e^:.*o 
^fHjtevAlle's .QWWWabfellW^ 
s^b ftba«^rj»dn,ilwrt# 

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plftrnly imlicdted he Bcairc^cly heard/ ariA' 
cfertaiitfy^'gave thttrt no attention, -he 
suddenly, "' with ' breathless eagerti^siy - 
turi/ed'^of Km, and unknowitig What'ke 
could add to such a f emftrk,— ^""Wheh ' 
last' We Kiety Mr:M5ki«kvniei" "Kesald^^ 
aria tftetfttfe ^iiJsed;^'^ '^'> •- '-'■ >'' '"' 
"Tc^as^a- <{idu^'^'^iit SftltUvHl^ &&mV 
iidfififMt&t^ry iriMr]^»p« ''Hb 's0eiHetf/ti» 
\\ki^i, i^ciln^d^^ab1y%a$0nishc«d that Osr 
tiioftct ^ibtfli'k»(»ttbi!-b>ti{«b)i < any iaHusldii' 
ti&^^%t^dM, Mrhteh 4t would be so ni^rdU 
fbr^^i* bwti credit to bury in the deepest 

' T4i<^ scorn add indi|;6atiOn ^^h'tbo' 
iliHisposition ahd i^itirUless apfi^aWkhc^ 
of Osmond baid sonievtrfaat prt)piti8ted« 
avp^ agdin wjlh -the ' train > of remain- 
bmndfes i)r^h't'hi$obserratioB ^xciicd-; 
and beboMii^' \Sttn ^o' mor^ la^ the fine; 

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manly-spirited beiri^hebad bhce known; 
subdued by suffering, and ' jireseritin^, 
in his shrunk and cirobping form^ a 
miserable memento of the ir^ilty of 
Avery human advantage^ he sa\V fn him 
now the betrayer 6{ innocence-^— the 
selfish seducer— the Aian of skV^gei pas- 
slohs^^the destroyer of family peacef!— 
d,nd with a coldness which bespoke the 
aversion that filled his soul, he rrierely 
replted/ ' . . o 

''ft win be better to llbrgeft Ifre'cit-^ 
ciimstances tinder which we lafst'Mel;, 
Mr; ti^ssin^ham/' 

^ Bu^ ^[isnlona'hiid broken *th^ barriers 
b? -teserve-^lTe ' liad' re^oTved upon gra- 
tif/ing his wishes ';' and 'ht> coolness^-^ho 
contempt, however fcUtting, could tare 
interposed an obstacle to nii obeying 
the distates of hisinc^inatioB. 

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ff I eauuot foirget tb^spi"^! do not m^h, 
1 40 inQl tryj; ] thinkonly pf Caroline ! 
Tell jnuB, Mr. SockvtUe^, yfh^n is ^e-~ 

/^She is alive!?. Mn Sackville calmly 
ret)lied; and though Osmond'^ spc^k- 
mj^ cQiuatetiancp Ip^etrayed the inipfdii^npe 
with wbipfi he t^Recled ^he ^w3^ he 
i^ght add to >be6e*^.e^eea§ed<-HAod qnild 
no rporei - ^ 

Osmond turned away impetuocrsly for 
a mow^ot ;. l?ut instantly repumipg the 

''I know that I am deipical^le to 
you/' he said ; ''. I and odtous^o lojfself 
•4-^bat haw |^ty ion miefr^do noit U\^e 
with ma, I 4»i^ de^erate rban^l^ll 
meirulyiibiwiss^r' ; » 

Mr. 3iokviUQ j^U j)au3ed'iu 

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ply: and Osmond^ in the^re of his 
temper^ began to ptter expressions of ^ 
haste and apger^ which the other quietly 

Z*^ I have not now to learn^ Mr. Les-i 
singham^ that you are accustomed to 
be obeyed in your wishes : but it may be 
necessary to Ijiint tp you^ that 1. should 
be but little disposed to yield to vi<K 
lence^ what it might. seem to me pni-c, 
dept to withhold even from temperate 
intreaty.'' , ^ ^ 

Osmond remaiued a short time s^lpu^ 
uader an impression, that h^ was com- 
promising bis dignity^ by suffering his 
inclination ^ to place bim^ina situation 
that subjected .him to the reproofs of 
Mr. Sackviile; but again those iocli- 
nations p^evailed^ and perceiving that^ 

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if Jie desired to succeed in his purpose; : 
he must adopt somewhat of Sackville's 
pWn calmness^ he apologized for any: 
warmth of expression he might have 
addressed to him, assurini^ him, and 
with truth, that such was his anxiety to 
learn some intelligence of the Lascelles' 
family, that it wore.rather the character 
of a passion than a wish. — '' Tell me, 
therefore, Mr. SackviHe, if you have 
any compassion m you,'* he continued, 
^^ how is Caroline }'* 

^^ 1 have said she is alive,*' he replied, 
^^ and when I said that, I said perhaps 
more than may now be the truth/' ^ 

Osmond visibly shucidered : which ' 
Sackville perceiving, he thus went on: 

^^ 1 see that you are affected by this 
intelligence ; but, paridon me, Mr. Les* 
singham, if I remark that her death waa 

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tlm sligheiai evil yoa bad Id ;apprdb0iiid, 
as the consequence of beji>i]hlfortiMttt^ 
sittacfamenti»yai»("; .« - * - * ' 
. Qmicutdsakl.notkiri|^>l»ut)^ghed 6x1^ 
tke d^ottonk of bis hoax^t «; i » • •• 

-i '^'TK8 death ^of the t body is little^/r 

\%eiit\auyiitk ths; deathi of iall^tliait; r€9i^ 
deiB li^ vaktable^aad tmpectmyakh^i]i% 
doBih of m»aceQGe^^£ i3u>pe-*-»of ihtippi) 
ness*— of estcaeHi**->*io£ aeifeciwpect.»ciiElfc| 
Mr. Lessingham, wliat has/ lUatt >n^ail ta 
antfirwerfoir^ \ thMe7tti i 

'^^ I did not diastroy t{i€sn wttbooit the 
offer of teoiupieiwfttion/' OsmGad» fiiintly 
tilled ;w'f but ehB rejected mOf^I daw 
that I had lost— ** he could Bot-r-be 
dar^d not makeihe a$Bertiott»thoirtretn- 
bledr on his tion'gBeS. • i ■ . i ^ ■ ' 

' it was well'be did not, for Sack^ille's 

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vtfrfy "10111 hi tft boW little it vroald have 
baeti<?redite(k< - i« 

" You would not say that you real^ 
betieved.; you had l6st your • iiifl^cEduce' 
\fith hei'?*' he said ; '' so' wbdiy lo* 
i1;^Nthat no JOtreaties> no suppiicktitms 
oiryoiitpafirt^ M^oirld haJre iadneed her to 
fiiecept your hand in lna?i'riage?'^ 
. **^rI«wM urafta-funatcfy imt <rf a.<Rs» 
prahidrt ky <^fief th^se snppiictttiomi^^^ 

Oymond'baogktily replied. ^ 

.^ '^vlf et they hitc) not been spared; per^ 
haps^ Upon other occasior)»/' Sackvilfe; 
with same severity remarked. 
: iJ"^. You are tdo— " ffBe> Sfir^-^Ofiinotrd 
bad nea^iy said; but he diangedtlie 
word-iiirta" severe/' 

*^ Yotii m^cist agam'pai^don me/Vrd> 
plied Sackville^ '' rri>8^y?that npanf tHii 
subject 1 cair scarcely^ exjjfess' rrrysehf in 

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terms that could be tonsidered as too se- 
verer-feeling, And knowing' wtiat I do,^'^ 
'^ It is usual, I well know,^"^ he coii- 
tinued/ ^' for the world to gloss oVei? 
these faults in our sex, especially ivheri( 
rapit and fashion sanctify them. The 
i9U>rU may tfre ni^rd feidily dd tH!»; he^ 
qaos^ there Are but (ew, iri that dxt6tl* 
sive plaee^ to who^ fat It falls to' j^?^^ 
eei¥e4he iuU 4jflfedts df suth miseoifdudfei 
in nu^; Thert' eire few ' who, lik^* ffee; 
bftveiseea a lovely and iniiddetit ^rl— 
the hioie than condmon pride of k mote' 
that] commonly' united and affectionate: 
fwnily— ^he |d<d of a ibnd and virtuous* 
faihcr-f^tbere are fe^ ivho have seeu^ 
sijdi a creature as this, passing through 
the g^radations of suffering, by which an 
uniuspecting and ieving woman is dr^t 
betrayed, then contemned— then ^e- 

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dei:te|^-Ttil^, ted from sorrow to saiv 
fbw^ she finds at lasA her restin^-plaoe 
in , the grave whk;fa her deceiver has 
prepared for her— ^there are few— i-'' ho 
was proceeding with an eoeff|y> which 
his, interest {io1h€ij;capse he was sup^ 
porting refider^ of ft powerful kindy 
but : psToond^ . wbo^iduring this addrassv 
h^4 Ti^nifested symptomsrofextrerfic an**; 
gMJsly^JaLeria interrupted him, with a pasf- 
si9nftt^,!?pelmnptioa: for hisjfbtbearaiocei 
_'f jj»cap hmc no more' ; yOu nwd ^ot); 
tell me that I am a villain ! Bat I sufTer;; 
y0s— yes'-'^do not fear but ;whftt 1 sufTcr/* 
Sir ! 'A He waa. obliged to pause a -few . 
momentsr^his distress was sacb, tHaic 
SackviUe half . repented the sevei^ty - 
with which, he bad* applied hijoo^elf Id 
work upon passions, so td^^riblQ in tbaic 

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He was beginaiqg some expressions 

of « poQcUiatory and advising natuce : 

liut Osmon4> Avho denied >to have been 

.musing for a.£sw moments^ suddenly ex- 

^daimed^ '' You think slie yet lives !" 

'' She VMS alivj^ vr Jiep I last )i^r4 
from Woodhurst^ a few days^nce/' 

'^: I .mil 4^1ier Abe^faefeiSe ^iii«t— 
J yifiU implore iier ^pardon 1 Oli, (&9*<il 
could die in fa^ ^stepid ! ' But i^t ttt^ 
feet J .m|l poul: out <mjr TOp^mwiet 
*-*-! .VKJlWr^" He added >po fllQAV^^t 
wringing the hand, of S^pMittt^^f^ 
8U>od iu pitying isileace as^he watdijedl 
jtttB jturbidmi emotions .^llich ^M^^ 
ftdjtearhi^ vi3iy> ftani^.asuadai&i><4i6i diprt*- 
jodirom hiiii> and hmrryiiigtohish^^t, 
io less tbanr an<hcHirf be was poi^uwig his 
w^ to Woo4)uii#. 

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•) #* •. *•!'■«., ^ . * » 

CHAP. XI, . 

i)i«i;liUi;ai(Jof ')aioiti|&tk^ wottM 

hiiteiled' Itlin '< lailmuly lo vushiintO'tbe 

imtdqi^ hadoin dame measure «<ibeidM*; 

M/^M QOw seA^entfy qalm^ ia bis 
j»ftmtk>ii4> to conndQD a Kttla^pD^ the 
iMytiptg^aUile.flMaw of pattii^ IImm ia 
exeostimo. :It foeoorisd. Jo bimitlMit 
ibroi#gh'tb6 medUim of Afanjr Eliif^ ithe 
woman wbo bad fre<}uaKtly b^ their 
mutual confidante in his connexion lyith 

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Caroline, iie m\ght amvemt^heaccotn- 
pibhment of his wishes. 

The first eyening, therefore, after hie 
arrival, he went down to her cottage to 
talk with her upcm the subject. 

All the events of Uie past ^rear^ii* 
Hleed all the events of lilsMi, evoeptiDg 
ft^te wlncb W€^e uasodtted . miIi ihe 
thought of CaioHne-^^'fiEuled awtty^< 4s^ to 
benditig his M^ «o thn'weH:4LQd$KB 
hauifit^ he ^srve hiiUMlf; op toithroiecdU 
lectk>n of all he liadoHce^^^or^hei*. 

'' What I omefd^ !*? lie repnted itp 
bimseir, ^ oh, 6ver, ever d^r, when 'was 
thy loveliness forgcitteti ?^ Tiie world 
and many sorrows have usurped :a^ sad 
dominion dver - m^^ slftee^ la^ we ^ ^fa'et ; 
but fond ideas af^'^iU-^'buui^ itB iny 
bosom, and at tlie tiiiKdh ^f /tmmary 
how do th^y stort agai# fnic^-ttlbteiUiel 

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** Uerer-^bere if was we jmummehI/* he 
'continued in painftU oiui^ng^ as be reM> 
ed at a gate ttmi oponed upon a church- 
jBtd 6f • the most Romantic beauty ; 
*' here it was we stood^ the first 6veniQ|; 
1 walked with ber^ after I bad declared 
to li^Br my attadbfoenrt Upon this gate 
we leaBe4~4o tbat ehttrcbt J* poiated. 
And there^ dearest/' 1 8ai4 *' shall we 
oAr m^ our mbtual vows^-^Kssful hour 
^^whea 'shall it coooei my Caroline?'' 

The amUe^ the biusb^ . the modest 
plcason whi<^ that charming face be- 
trayed f Did he not see it again ? Was 
she not rfear him no w ? Had they ever 
parted ? . . 

The illti8ioii» of iroagioatioQ became 
so strotag; that almost he: pould have 
imsiiaded JBiitttSf^lf that hci bad slefit^ and 
that « Coarfi)} drcttm al^Mie had ocwpied 

veil. III. F 

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his fahc^^ apd that she w»b $till hj^ b^ 
frothed wife; but the aad^ i^^^y ^f^ 
too, too ,pre^nt ! Deepljr sigbii^ .^ 
suak again iuto mourofiil ramiaa^ciii^ 
V Here it v^as/' be thpijg^^, "^l 
r^eat^d to hca: ^hoi;^ jfwe|^t,,lfaqs xfC thfi 

And she w^hed to ^hear. (h«ui i^^ 
and vre »t down.upofi this baifk, ^| ,. 

'^ But why should I dwell f^i.^i^sppqav 
S^QhM t^he^i^*' he asked biipwriif: '[Ri[f^t 
the suhstaniial woes of life sufficl^otjg^ 
i\kU iROHfbent f Alas ! it sbould^^|ep;^«9 Jf 
my insatiable/ancy bui^^ers aud t^irits 
*A«f,.wflfe^lftff>\fW »9 t^^ ml^^i of 
wwiphj^j^^ itiii hiqe^fi|Htlj( j^eeJMP^ 
yil^e ;i^W ef^UW % «nn«^;'*! . v t 

; AtJwgtb*e.tQWj»W^ fwa 

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Hie toiiteni^lftiidti of object^, to only 
t^fbisl^r^ to (iiseasediraagination, and 
Wrected tife stfe^S i6 the cottagie ofMary 

Sh« testifi<^gl^t surprise and joy at 
ifee ^IghttoFhim ; but oil his eager ques- 
tions respecting Caroliue, it quickly 'sub- 
^ed^ and hotiiliig eovM' hfe for some 
time obtain from her but hearyfiighs/ 
arftf*exclii'thafiotis of gri^f 

" Por'^l&ak'i'kfee, Mary/' 'said H^" 
'^Mftae&i onc^w she dead ?— Spkk;" ' 
''"S^l^'^sht^ok her- head. '* Not' deai, 
^•but---'^ ' 

' ^* 'ftank' God !•• he exclaimed. '"''\ " 

'*• iiaSf'^ "^mT sh4 ''* thkre IS nbt' 

iiAUch td'be thankful "for, oil poor Miss * 

Carry's acebiinl ; for she can't live, poor * 

thing, I should ihirik, another we^." ' 

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He could only reply to this InteUiT 
gence by a deep. groan,. which so uioY^d 
her pity, that she attempted, to g;iVQ.hifn 
i?ome hope. . 

. *r But doij't. be so much..Qi9^t.down| 
Mr- Osmond/' sajd she,, 'f fpc .wbile 
tber«'s life there's 1^91^ ^,/aif{).r^^.4t9^;>ff^ 

aopthfr week fctr the,la$^JbI|r9e.Qpf(q^,/| 

disorder of so short a dujG^t^i|>^^ji^^]^ 
y^i,))«wi|ban,th^ power pf ipne^^^aid 

.;•; JBleM you !, .^hehas bgon il^ this 

s^(i9«^^op w^pt j^yray, jSjir- I^Ifirays.said 
i^9^\. jyas h^r.^e^th-strpl^^^ poor, Ijbii^.! 

■'- X 

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id cross true love ; but the poor old gen- 
tleman has paid for bis'hkrd-heiirteduess 
iii ihterffering between you/* * 

*' He was not to blame/' Osmond 
had nearly pronounced ; but his interest 
in her narration isuspended a sense of 
lu^iccr/afldlie iistenfe^ with fixM at- 
lentionrsis^he volubly proceeded : '^''^He 
hk'^had ho fuck ih liis farltn/or any things* 
ev^'i^rbdei, SiV> and ba^ 8e6rtiedf to take 
^o^l^asure like in ^uslnes^ but le' goc^ 
fei^g^dufci'-^ ^' - 

^^'^^tft; Cdrofihe/* said tie, ^'^ itfVe 
they nt> hope ? what is her cdmpSaitit ^^^ 

'' Oh/ her complaint is %he Ibibkea 
fieart-^anrf thet-e*s no cure for i^ial; ^611 
kno\ir.' They baVe^ tried evWy 4hi% 
and Miss Lasdelles has been' with her 
^very whdre; iind' sotnetlmest sii^ 1^d^ 
been a little better^ and then worse 
V 3 

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.a^u: and tliey topk. li^r tp tfap, sea^ 
but that did qo^good^^rrf^isl'^h^. t^y 
took her to soaie.p)a4^ jwbei^. peoplf^^ 
tp drink hot water : I jfo^a^theniime." 

, '' Cliftpn* perbap^r: . ;; 

'', Yes; that y(a&j|be^!9a^[)t;,jH^ilb^ 
^e was^ citer so lo^igj^bQ^r iMadrwCHM 
--t-^better aii4 woi^; bpt)jare>;Ilusnidi| 
.that she fihould iici^et ^ tar^fjar U^afld^M 
;nielancbolyj and cooataDtly cravin9;vt0 
ix>me>b<w[ierTafid i^^ ih«gr, biscmgllt her 
back : and now she saya^idie ]^U:4ioia 
yeaee^ among^ hefr dear, brothers arid 
Bicst^si JRoor tjiipgl tia haw^broaking 
ifk,%fti^ j?«dlp. a,y oq^g^ .<2ccatuf e. so ^orm^r* 
fiilil B(|t< don't .iahe Off 00^ ^r.OWKMid. 
It's.wy ib«Uaf that iftbfOr WQuId le* you 
^f^ b0^» yon yvould ^0 )h«ff tnore good 
Iban aU tim d^on hi the world* I am 
f oiag down there/ pralently^ for 1 sit 

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cdlies gdes to bedii-i^d ri< jtisttell h*r^ 
g?6titly,«fctt11 J/tlfertyda-^*^ ' 

*^ Ob,' for God's riake; no/* lie e*- 
daimedj alarmed fo^ the piossibl^ conse- 
q«eii«e£^tot>«» <9ithiftuetiid frame'^'* Yet, 
oot- ioi 'See "h*^i» before she dies* if slie 
Mitiif die ; bati^^t^rhaps tiot^^ott thirrlc 
fib^ ma)^ ;tideo1r(i»-r9'«3« think tmtif hf 

^ ^' Hitmi-ftlmdett hf^aid"/' imiS ^h<^sllo6fiE> 
her^hefci#t '^' bof dnet;artt»ot say^sfte 
aters so Wuehl" • ;. • 

■ **^ Aft, "Why {should I' seek t6 d^ceiv^^ 
Ttttseifl" -said'Osmontf; a^adf 1* «ink 
ifttO'«ttehce,V^»olWng4ft%is>W»ii^ the 
possibility oC obtaining one inor^ fftte^i 
view with- fefer- before they 'wtt-e parted 
for bvei». ^' Did yo« ete^MiaVe you 

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e¥et*'hear^ her mention me ?" at ' last^Ke 
faMringly bi^^ out; ' ' »^ > 
'' I catiH exactly say I batVe/-*' i!te' 
rej^i^d^ after Mli^e heritatton ; ^^ 'l^t 
that's npthing'^fof ydutig ladies are^^ 
in talking of sruch tbiiigft; ydu^ ktitoi^;' 
Sir ! But you atelvfet'il-tt^tDVe/itflli'Shv^ 
PeatX answer fot\i ; and' she' tliftliks of 
yMi i^ery oft*ni 1 airpi[etly^eekaitf ^^ «^ 
olice; and iV 1Mb <toly tfaie' otfaW'^iglit>;{ 
when she was restless and wakeAli^ f^ 
heaul her sigh, and 1 looked a(^ll«ir-^b^t 
lier'^es were cloeed^ ^nnd 'hidr-htt^llhi^ 
ckaped together iip<m her boBoivii;'biAl^' 
shesfemedito! l>e >|ivayifhjp likd, ^fy^ fef«Npi 
lips moved^ and ^^^' Midi soffi^thfd^ 
about Osmond/' : 

'■'^ Qh^, apqcB m€^/vbe ekelaiined»«^ 
'^yycJl^igo pn— but 1 oannoli bear Jtf4^]^ . 

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room; toobtaia |»QjniM^i^]v;«lJbi^tbQ .ig;^ 
iij^iilgeiM5ft,<oijhi^|a^opriRg €!in«!tio»S: 

P,<WBiktti^t^ftfmtifyw«tk f.r, t: . > * 

■t# ^^ft9^>^i;Vf {i;5/, ^i'^nVil ?:.':/l' Sir;:* ri.i'f. 

cHi(\yij^iwycbrlM v«niiie.b.-ui lofhin huX 
" I come not. to agitat4;»i]0Pi'cGBtadii>' 
dear,]ojiier^> C0ilie\to>siq;)pl|eat)8li^our 
p«iMkto.n<^i»o*ftfhutionR»-->iny Qf^^jHa^iii 
look upon me again— if it be but for 

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MftoMMiolkl I tun !M«gh«d id»«tt ivith 
CfMrre^rfH-HseftMe ne.wlt iliift<Iiet'rc(|piat 
^T'lny (Aonmt,. vgfoaelt not ,^>tbc iwi* 

Mary toQk.4be ooto;, pvevlvHiito'BK 
k6t utmost in^u^iM'W ^^iwftHHib^ Us 
success, and to return to him \ritb9aoki 
tkli(^s as 8h« had' tfii<)iria0» dwt^h all 
t^SEpedUfOD. • : .• •■ .-•:•■• ''• <-—■ 

Y/fa^, mone tbaa fcwi» ! houi^* nto)ri i)6(i0)a-> 
giaed> Jb^ aU d«8criptiohrwo|l)d<flb«r>a«^ 
less in attemptiiig ^to pQUrtmyi tjmir tint- 
tmlUy ,- and ^ wheo .at last Ine. . bc»rd bfar 
ai^oadbio^) sand: saw lier. mtet Aht 
sixm, be tittd iwrt.ibe :p«\r«r ; to- ask^r 
wbftijaeirssb)e b«QUg:lMt. 
; Bptber«(H}nloiianao.^ociikmMMl, 'b» 
low tfeer wwfdf, •;*!»* jbii^iad^ibftaB^w?- 
B«M.ii|i|in<J^C-«iis«Mii>s ;i ■.••r c ir ■;, .■ , 

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^ Miss Cafry will see yoa> Mr. 0%- 
mom}/' isAie exdaimed^ as sooi^iadste 
ted veeovered stlfficient breaib to fipeak 
intetltgibly. *' I knew she Mrdcfld^—l 
wasi^smire sfae WQuld^at last/' 

? I^ie MM6 averse lb it; iftien/ at 

i *vShc was sadly overcome, poortbing 
—-and clasped her bands t(^efhei*/ fetid 
4iaid/' ' What ean 1 do ?-^what can I do?' 
-4*«hd<:cri6d'S(^/iit Inade mj^'betfrt^debe 
to^ae^hbr; acid I almost repanf ed ««lt^ 
ing her any thing aboat it; bot wheti' 
siie gi«^ a litde q«ietery she seemed to 
tUInk fbr a wbiie^abd then i^he ^ayi^, 
^ask Aiy fattier to- Softie ^cl s|)eak to 
me;*— so I went*w blhh aitd hecattie> 
atid MiiB Lasedles^^Hsind they w^e al- 
tegefber talkibg^a l<Mig iititei anft as I 
stood in the next rooftf^ WaMfi^y f liea»d 

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Miss Garry say, ' I wisb to die^in .peaqe 
urilh all the worlds— aftd we l^artediai- 
jeomfortably-^I think H WooM eofai^fft 
me to see him/ — and master osfid^ 
'^Well, my love/ do ^aC i^ foi- >^our 
b^n peace/^^or sajnettiitig^tfar thkl>:puf- 
*|)fOse**^nd (ben hie^eab&<mt^>and^MidaHii 
liim^y^ as he stooid^art'the'idookFf^^l/ 
cannot see Mm/Canry^-^^^aiid i^btisaid^^ 
^ No; no^I wlil^isee bitti aimie/MiaQd 
so l)ien i^hi^ bid' tm ^to^ i^y >^^thailli>lo- 
'ttioiit>w trrenihg^ at^eVen %h#^btlkf^- 
cfeiVeyou/"' * ; - ^ .: rii^ 

' 496 orerpowered' was he by the ^Md- 
llktiiig-isen^tiofi^ that btttfso l^ftg^- 
taled hifh/' fhat^ ^ wa» soMethiiig^ Df ^a 
irdfef lo l^ate the imxkHis hocnr e€ meet- 
ing ^Kitle loiiger protracted ; anilMai^ 
baViidg prpoli^ed tdcoildiiet'bimr at the 
appphited fimethe nextevcMiiAg totlie 

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pwopnoeL i>f i ^qj^Hop, l»e left , k^v, Md 

Jiii%tlii9 6iiR»l/b)i afi,ii>ter)ral .of jpiift,^ 

beppse*--;;,!! >.fu: • ' ■ i.L » ,- ..■:: 

i I ; Buiirepo^ (S«*s flot fw- Qsinoo4 ! -He 

htimSeXfraJjiiiBflft )|§i^fii\«al|ifiii,.pvfy5 the 
-wielBriimeirifeeiasfl gfpwd ^»J lfi<^,<P -<i!»e 

strained to pause; to recover .^fij^; 

lUB^ >f«PiP#i tba^;.pn};e,.4*^,,hia,^ii^le- 

.jh^i^ q«nifp^if9Pi ,t}wn,ipW;h»l4,fii^- 

>Kift i»,wh«|tsb#.caUf d, ff gp.o4.b!ear^ 
pBiitiyihf9»i»f(<«Q^^wUbw.«i£^t of the 

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eld (tf die baek eakntaee t<h it, irhilst 
Mvy preceded bim, to «lin#iiaciB iu 
MPttTat, bis a^tdtioD was slieh^ ihiU.J|« 
thought it would be impossible forlwal 
to support aa iBterview» aad he was '-al- 
most thiihkiog c€ Ktttmm; home. . ; 

However, «t ibw.imimthktgmi^'m' 
turned to him. She said sometfaing^hfi 
koew not wlMrt«^bat be followed tier. 
He entered a nwn-^be :beaitl- « ^oor 
dose after him—^ saw ftlevni imvAoto 
«y^ cast biittsdlf on hi$ kuee& >lM»feiferH 
r-^ pressed bis lips «poti a bfam^^ 
haad-«nd be «ttoc<ed tb^ aaine of «' Ga^ 
KiUfiefc"*-btifc 4iU teara r«M«red hite^ be 
eo^aafyjDfo.mece.: - a .■ . ■ ■ 

At. liD0tb be niiwd hif hendto lo(^ 
at h«B,.nn4'olMtied bis-faiMids^ and witb 
looks^for words were still ideaied bi» 
ipplkated ber pardon. 

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1 ^if^l do^foi|^tv#7cMi«^((iy poorOiiiidikl 
«uft 4i^iiti'<ii6"'-i^b« te^«ttfecly ad, Bb« 
p^ebu^ W lipiupott his t^rc^biD^ ibfe^ 
head; •? --•:'■•':.■•. ■••-'■■ 

>a9^tntd te«ay, ^ God btesB ytjttt"-** 
bat in 9ain>i Ueftil «sif he waB!d>$riiig 
-<ii««v'CiiQir9HiidM^d^A-«> 'Oj^reraed >Mth 
•rigiiialirl"- > >>•;•' ^^ • - •= "5 

■'He>m!Mv>aQd'daii)hHn»etf inio^a <iliiS# 

tidiflk«ifledi)VQiii<P t»hi» strong imikelii«Mi 
Bxha(afte&!t<fr« state of itiiiaile wedk^ 
QC8s> ' ite oDuld uotj for Mn^e ^m% cnTen 
atUm^ taii»paikl 'BiaCl»e~<«rii»iMftr4itti» 
•M<aiid< he >h^'h«r toiihilB-iiefliri-'tNatid 
incessantly he kissed Jtmof k&(iUakti^ 
Mid il Wafr B»£i»retittie iof ficamn^/as^ 
h<i bdieved, which iti il^/a^JxHtUttegA )t& 
expemnced. • ■ ^ -• • ' ^m 

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It was i9niy.w]i^.,lfejturi)^.to.;^ze 
uppn.die .be»utiful..)§lu^ow ^wbicli..^. 

arpos «ii'pireMi ■Uiat..a.p«9g of .«pis)KW. 
dartod through lii& soul! Thcmrni^gD' 
he ifi^mpmbered what ^d i jbccmgh^ ^ 
%5W.! It waer Da,Jo.vely .(^fffofen^+rr, 
fi^<of youth, aadr|i«#t);U'>wi!«ill^8|t> 
% i|ajne to j^ehpUJ^; >M Atptiqrjgims^ 
tfai;- waited iyit^.ny^jrr-tfi^g; a«»3r'; 
-?!djing-rT%W ..toci fr«\*!l-^3f»«lgri ^»ri? 
djEifd b.hwt )«ver. d«*»d^^rfclsft)j^Bgrij^3r,i 
a{>|^roadi his vi<ftii$-~Jri9^f^^,k»f- Q9lf; 
exUqg^idied, wereber raquishachafiMi.} 
th^.^b(Nrpov«d ;lhMQ l}«r: suliNBOfS.iad 

iH^iXi muh p 4he,.;ditf)r/S' of .^ MtOfP^t/ 
iia{i»8«w^^ i|diqitatioB,.ipev«r;w«B dm 
so beauftifiiL tq hM- :<^i»ligiiHirtiM»;J ««. 

now. .-.■ ' ' .'• .•;.,• !. 

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*^TF%ath^€hily face Was {^ tibl- 

l6S«f-i^ii6t k iiiit of colour tinged its lily 
M^iiteii^ss. ^at the eytes!— the meltiii^ 
h\m «yes \r^tko sorrow had [lower tb rob ' 
ihtm of 4beii'ld\'ieli»ess • once — ^arid ohcfe 
oniyi asi'thefy v^eCe taisiid to' his^ a ^leam' 
o^«ffi6litidh'l!Mtol^1&6d[iJ^ dnd th^if^ 

radliftilt 'htig;hln6^ told^ df what they hatf ^ 
b**iii^4rfr hfer ' hapjifer dkysr ; but' kgiiii 
they fdt^lft^ath ibeH' heayf llds-^a^^ 
btklifife fttfl-^httlf visfblfe. ' Yttt Whkt fed- 
tHey ^^ SSHtelose! Dia ever the ei4 
prd»»S«ti^ of th^ ^* human '£ioe divide-* 
bMr&y iruehearnek-^imt]b ^kvout^sdiih''^ 
$atil^$^4bdu^gf ^toiHeiy^e t "Suffil^^ ttiti^ 
w«^eln i^r^^ and^ th6'4^ar)i sli^ fi^m ' 
tbetn «i^ g^euUy^ atid'thfgy'M^t^^'i^ 
clMKk*i>«<«^difcA^ '^^b^uettt4ok«u9^ 
a countenance it was ! • ^ 

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N6 Rted was i^em of words to^pieak 

of heir repentance! ' * • •-' ' 

But these words came : * * '^ 

^^ Yum see iw^, •Osmond'^ n^w/* she 

said; ^^as^allhorfiftn beings tiidsl *alf tlt^ 

fattt b€K s«€ta^s^a)»diied "^ -/n/ ^^nsa of 

ibose hc^pM of mercy which th^ gooiJ-'' 
mss-of God Iv4d4s loiu U^^oor^ pMii«^ 
«imU«res«'^ ••^- •.;->.; -.^ » 

Sbe pHUscd ftwbiile to reedv^t aCf^^tV 
t^prMoed^ fttrshd wa^ evMentlyivi lll# 
last stage of weakness ; an4 dreading 
kst site shbukl ancelerate the fatal hxyvtt 
by unwonted exertion^ Osmond ifti^^ 
|4orid tier odfr to- attempt to converse 
wilhiiiBil ■-'.' •' ■^^' 

^^ I see-yon 4nee more, my dear/dear 
love/' said he^ fimdly pressing^ her to hi* 

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l^^om; f^and you biiy^ grafted vfn« 
your forgiveness — and it is enough-^ 
do not--'' ' ' 

f' Y«s> Osmond~^I must— I must-^*' 
g|^e Killed;; "^^ I have vmfih. to say!. to 
yiQu*-^^e tim^is pl^ort,; and my, stf qnggh 

f^ils. : M^0«^jtomi^-4ook »t thfe ri»g^ 

U:iwa«H tfte fume thiA lt<> had: );>lftea$ 
iipon^ her finger^ wben with idb^ &ldL 
iqq^ri^^ betfi^ to perrcM Iier triito- 
oeat miod iiite a fo«He^ that it was thii 
badge cff a union as solemn acid ia^ 
dis^oiuble in the sight oi Haavcfa as 
any they e^t^uU form. 

'^ Since tbeday you placed itiktefe/' 
^e continued^ ^^it never has been te^ 
inoved^-4Hit no:«r 1 re^tos'e it .to you 
aga^n;" and she dpewit'frotnhwown;,. 
to place it upon his finger. ^' I give ilr 

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to yottinicfcj asa'tokoi of mj fotsiTe- 
nev, aod of i»y1ofe;.f€tf 70ttir«ieraqr 
6rst and only love, OpoMmd^-^l never 
knew another ; and bat fi^r^ihe mfixv 
tun^te — bat no more of tbat^-rtt is long, 
very ^<^ ^^^ I have owaed to^ie^: 
number your hnljp j^iipd yott' haw ddk' 
fered for tham ;" aod ahf^ paam^Ua^ifdD 
at him — then V^9S ^^^^^fi :'<: P^SMit 
QocDond^ tti^'fvroild ha*. uM ^mCim- 

Wqd^y j'^ 5^1 W4.' . '. . -i -.^^ J..^^^ 
H^ cpuW nf>t 9peakH^.bK)(IP<>Si|0fi 
ful f^pbs sofl^ced to confi^ h^PLpptsw^ 
Af^htfi.^^ ,^ .• .. ..^,, ; r.; :;^ 

''.Pppr.Oi^raQnd l-r-p^Mttf d«MCi fiae 
nipiid!''.Bhe .rf|peat«d^:.qi|Qe 9t]i^9i»ep, 
yfiXh 90 aqc^i)!; pf >^e deei^catofii^em := 
'^ Alas! you ar<% indeed qhao^^.MMe; 
la9t we m^l -Affd is tt^^rea^ ^oufoe-of 
GpQSolatioaleft yotjt^-^odant^stfqlMifH: 
pinesB I" 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 

K*^ Gb iioi»-i^ii0ite/- tiel^xclattoed, and 
bei)w»rtfbMiti6potJr forth the history 
of bis iepkmlk«i>frdt!i' hia wife^liut tl^' 
restwfaiedljimfeelfi ^ ^ r ; - - v^ 

:;^,.L0tiit^tadto Atllj^ tof ydu^ttiy tJilro- 
Ko«^^^hfe>«dd ,< '?«^oUr fetairfgs-^i^?* 
state3«f ^nrfftd-Nifett-itte-tea^ ihey at^6 
hkp]|^p^-iMd^^^i) S^riir Impact' tbn^el^]^ 
tke>,^dtn(^rtii can tidW ^xpfef ience.* ' ' '' 
-£7^ iMdtfi iitfif al' peafce; '0$mondi** sh^^ 
said ; '^ oh if I could Bttt depart Willi a" 
hop^'fliat^^j^dtir Wjst feobrs would Ibe 
4i^V0ik«{aiidi tj^anquil/aii^ that hereafter 
we may meet again, where no fierce 
paiisidfisH^no bfiman fV^iTtieVsliaHiiave 
powiS'Uo'^epaMte OS ! 'My ^igar-^deikV^ 
lorn; .^y Jtbat-you may tiot enter ftito 
temptatiu^^^ray that your :sibs may be 
fbrj^ti* yi&tf-^tbinir that with m^ last 
bifttlb I t^ctodu^hlryott 16 tura from^Ue' 

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•ftp&if of y&off way8-<*niy -own deair ^s- 
i»QBd«~-" but tQttfS i^ternqited tier, und 
it was ktoff before sbe laicl Jw^^ef td 

It wan Idqg: b^9re Osmond Itad^pa^ 
dityto lfet€ia» Hieiirortalferfragswwr^ 
Wmo^btvfi^ ^ ^il^' of tAi^fiil tsid^^ 
Kieirt/ almost beyoo* «wattr«mc&i*i*b' 
groaned wHk <*i8«y;^ Me bieaotif^e 
tl)« Almighty Ho rSewfe hito ItotS Ws' 

" ]^iie.iOB«totby n^ertsy r-^-ttKetiic'Wifli' 
ray CipiPoJitteJ" 

Jlut »lie intehfopied Me»> she iajfibred 
hlffittottltv^h^leHlytcrniottm^ttdr tt> ik- ' 
spfiadr^' l)^i<$v« in tflin-TTttustin Him, 
ng»y I «iy, i^ 'tbet words of tbat book 
wbicb i» iny ^nsoli^a rngjlBA. and day. 

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^haf 4ottft,for.»»y.«cHil:! fiw I W9P io 
.Q«noo<},j6ro?i4h>t day— that fai44Ryj 
i%^gpi<^.iiiy,£ iJuctemaiit-HBwsi 

k<»*W4 W ia*irral «f fiiflic^. The csmh 
»p^^i^^ ^^f ^ill.isl^ojMwl «e .with fi 
rwntffiSQ so agontting, Ibat timei^^ iimit, 
in^jMai^ l^lt,j|8 if Ln^m^ Mitfumloi^ 
myisf^r^t, for the sake^j^f ohtfi|qiB^«(a0e 
fia9»3ilajti<w for the an^tti^ oC-ipy; li^t ; 

^iiy, .iwitnmfid «< fam^ovUiemf'^ 

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my mbf^ thtit seemed to turn tsqy, liMrt 
.fiooaiyou, Oshiond* It turaed. me/ii^ 
deed from every thiog. but one tfemt^U** 
douB^ dreadful tboqgbt — I had Muoed 
agiuQst<vod« aod deceived my.^ther^; 
W^iung and ^leefiiog: tbis|, idea ppmued 
roe with uDremittiog , . torti(ve9 ; rr;\ mpr 
health- dedined-T-I.was .certaiR that^I 
could not live ; I felt flitted tha^ liipman 
nature, however long resistiog^ ,^}^ 
eveotually be subdued by siidi .siiffer* 
mgs 9B mine! Oh, they w^fe. inde^ 
sirfferinff?!'' ' 

. She ceased a Ut^tle while^ and raifCj^ 
her eyes to Him who alone kiiew their 
nature luid extent : . '' if Uiey have but 
e^ipiated V* she said — then turniajg; toOs^ 
mond with a[ (Utering voice^^' I tried to 
sanctify them^'' she faintly artiqtihited. - 

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•^ Aud yoix have sanctified thein^ toy 

foVe^**^ be replied; '^ do not thus distress 

"yoiirseifby resorting— -•* 

^'-''^TStiyl hear me yet a little' longer, 

Osmond— I shall soon fae silent. Heir 

iioW Helias comforted me At the last. 

"I stTIl^Weot on ihife miserable; my gurtty 

is^cret preying dtt'iny sdtd; atid poisdrf* 

^il)g '' erefy efffbrt after "peace -^y es, eveti 

the • eflferts of * d^rdtioii itself— for reli- 

"libri 't<il't!'md/' hrbiv^evef' periitfetit/ that I 

was siilf (leceiving my father. Osmonfl, 

if you knew — if youcoUld imagine what 

1 felt, wlien, as I grew wbrse and wbrse, 

lie used to weep' b^efr nie^ arid^carieSs 

hie so Tphdly—^and asfc Hief' over antl 

over again ^ what" he could do for 

'me?'"" " ^' '-''" > *"" •■ '•— ' '^ ^ 

/' My dear Carblme;, let me beseech 

you, do not— '- alas, he wailted the com- 


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fort he would have given! but it was 
in vain to eotreat her not to recur to 
this painful topic. Though iilipeded. j 
every instant by eraotion^ she, would 

. ^'.At last I determined that L^you^ . 
tell him all ; and I read oveir thf parable j 
of the Prodigal Son ; and J prayed y^ry ^ 
fervently for strength to fulfil this good, 
purpose : and 1 repeated to mystjlf gqn- 
tinually^ in the words of the; Psalmist, ., 
' I will confess my wickedness, and be 
sorxy for my sin.;' and other texts J&'pnn. . 
Scripture; which, whenever I came to 
in my reading, struck me to the hearty 
and seemed to my fancy like a warning ^ 
and direction from, the Almighty. But 
still, Osmond, my heart failed me, and. 
I sunk from my resolution as often 
as I made it, and 1 fell into deeper 

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and deeper despondency— praying, and 
weeping, imploring the direction .of 
Heaven, yet shrinking from it, though 
I saw it plainly offered; and when 1 
should have found strength and grace* 
to follow its guidance, I know not/ if 
the good God of mercy had not sent 
you hither/ and 1 bless him for it ! and 
you too/ my love-^yes, I bless you for 
it^ m^ Osmond!** and she pressed her 
lips' to his cheek. " 

He strained her to his bosom— his 
feelings agonized with tenderness and 

She leaned upon lus shoulder many 
minutes, for the fatigue of speaking had 
much exhausted her — but though silent, 
her sweet looks were full of eloquence, 
and her smiles bespoke a calmness, al- 
most a happiness that already seemed 

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to emanate from that brighter world to 
Mfhich she was hastening. 

As soon as she was a little recovered, 
she reverted again to the subject which 
appeared to occupy her whole soul. 

'\ Last night—" said She> "^ lastnigbt, 
as soon as I had read your hote^ Osmond, 
I received it as the finar warning fr6tti 
Heaven! Here is an opportunity to 
speak, I thought; doubtless it wilt'^fee 
the last. 1 will not suffer it to pass ^ 
away unimproved. I will ease tiiy sool 
by a full confession to my decir injured 
father, and die in peace — ^and I did it, 


^^ You did, Caroline?" 

'' Yes, 1 did. I first upon my bended 

knees supplicated my Heavenly Father 

to be with me in my trial, and to si^- 

jiort and strengthen me in passing 

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through it.. Blessed be his name ! be 
beard me ! be surely beard^ and grant- 
ed my prayer, ifor I rose so calm, Os- 

" Ob, my God ! " be exclaimed, '' dost 
Tbou not speak, to me by the mojuth of 
iifi^ tby. creature ? Caroline, my sainted 
love I can you not teach me where to 
find this heavenly calm? oh, pray for 

... ,She: pressed his band tq her heart, 
: fiqd raised her eyes — but she did not, 
,sbe could not speak. They neither of 
;them could. 

" And your father! my love ?'* at last 
be said. 

"He came to me/' she replied, "as 

was usual with him, to sit with me a 

little while before I retired for the night. 

1 had but just risen from my knees, and 


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tears wwe still upon my cheeks, 4^e 
thought that thq anticipation^ of s^iu^ 
yon disturbed me, ^nd he endeavoured 
to dissuade me from an interview ; but 
1 assured him he was mistakc^a* ^ Then 
what is it, my darling, that distrfesses 
you so much to-night?' h^ 9»Hi^ *^^ tell 
me, my Carry, is it anything yoi^r father 
can remove?' And he kissed m£^> .^md 
clasped me to his heart. Oh, Osmond, 
what I felt in that moment ! ), tr^Qlbled . 
to ap excess that visibly alarmed; birn. 
He sat down, stiil holding miB. in 4iis 
arms. ' What can this meqn ?' be said, 
as, leaning on his bosom, I sobbed as 
if my heart would break ; and,, indeed, 
Osmond, I thought that it wquIJ^ 1 
believed that, I was actually dying, and 
with that solemp idea no. othe;- Qpiild 
be joined^ But he called for a^^tance. 

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and they gave me somethihg, atid' I 
grew better ; and I begged them to 
leave me alone witli him— *atid once 
more I lifted up my heart to God; ixud 
then I threw myself at my father's fdet, 
and i told him ail t I told him all ! *' 
she repeated. 

^' And he execrated the wretch that 

'- *^-He felt itlike a fttherl^'Bhe replied. 
'^^ Bui lie execrated neither^ of us^f he 
looked at me vith reproach, indeed, bu* 
jt was only for a little space-**-* I did 
.not look for this ! ' was all he said.— 'It 
has pleased Providertce to try me With 
misfbrtunes, and I have endeaVoiired'to 
bear them ; but I did tiot look for this!' 
and then he would have turned away 
fr6m me,-i-but I held him In too firm 
a grasp. I clung tb hirtiy Osmond; I 

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.clas{)ed his dear banderol covered them 
Vfith Jcisses— I vrould not be cast aw^y^ 
from him*--* i would. nM:'* 

^^-And ocHiid he be relentless ? cpuld 
bebeunfor«;iviQg?" exclaimed Osmond^ 
as he looked upon her^ and beh^ the 
divine expression tb^. irf^iati^i ber 

'' No— no;'** she replied, f w>t UiagTrr 
not long^ did.lie tttoi away fcocnme^ -;- 1 
am gcang froar youy my fatlienf il ^^j . 
^a day*-*an houfy may 8iBpardterU$.hf»S^ 
these bands-^thisforai-^^how wa^bedth^y : 
are! Look at fna> dear fatber-r^your poor, 
dying Caroline !' And he did look at me, 
, Osfmond ^•aad.lhen^be put hisarm^ round 
my^ieekr-Hind he barst into tears ; and 
we *ept together a great^ while. '• 

Osmond was affected io a degree o£ 
agony by the simple eloquence of thiB 

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narmtioti ; - hut he could have, been cdn- 

teftt thos to have suffered yet loii^r^ 
had not the terrible exhaustion of Caro- 
line now alarmed him so n^uch^ that he 
almost feared he should have to call for 
assistance. » 

' **' r shall i)e b^ter soon/* she replied 
to his anxious expressions ; " I have 
saidifeU ; now I shall die happy." 

' She endeavoured to say something 
more— ^but her efforts weref rulttesa ;^he 
gfts^ed fdr breath. Osmond uttered a 
ory at alarm ; but site smiled u|Km bim^ 
and his apprehensions subsided as the 
paroxysm abated, 

. At this moment tfae door was -gently 
opened. He saw no ' cm^v for his eyf s 
were bent only upon, one object^ tiilC&-^ 
roUne*svjayful exddffiHilion^ ^ He comes ! 
1 knew iie would»*-^li» bless. me> and to 
« 5 

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grant aiy wish. V' directed bis attention 
to the approi^ch of Mr.JL^asceM^. . 

'' Forgive him— my f^tUer, Wt fife 
hear you say that you fojrgjiyQ,hi(n,," jshe 
said^ pointing to Osmond.. ; ,: 

He was supporting hef in h|9, f^^f^.; 
but he turned a suppl}C%t,iQg,i.pok;/an 
Mr- Lfiscelles, who^ jfor ajiif\ojnep]t qnly, 
hid his ffice as if. the sight of biiQ ;>vas 
too painful to behold.: ., , 

^' For her dear sake> goo,d: Sjr^ V ^d 
Qsmond. . , ,, , .. ^ ,. 

^ Mr, Lascelles ex^tendjed his hapji to 
him; he laboured to speak — but he 
shook his head — ^^the effort' wa? not to 
be made., 

Osmond retained his hand — he knelt 
at his feet : he continued to repeat, ^^ foe 
her dear ^ake^ a^ne — not for mine-^^ay 
only ' I forgive/ '' - . 

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'' I do forgive you/' at lasf Mr. Las- 
celles pronounced. '^ God will, I trust, 
forgive you, too — and all of us." 

Osmond pressed liis hand to his lips — 
but he was speechless ! His sweet girl 
clasped trim to her heart— ^* it is enough/' 
said she — now, ' no w-^— blessed LordV 
and she sunk down in her chair. Os- 
mbnfl flew to support her-^he laid her 
head upon his bosom. Mi*. Lascelles 
stood at the other side of her, holding 
her hand, and bending over her with 
looks of unspeakable affection. For 
several minutes she continued in this 
slate, labouring to speak, but incapable, 
of utterance. Her father vainly endea- 
voured to soothe her into quietude. 

She smiled upon him, as he kissed her 
cheek — she then looked up at Osmond ! 
It was the last look ! pitying— tender— 

a 6 

Digitized by LjOOQ iC 


loving. "Farewell! bless — "she faintly 
murmured — ^and her head declined again 
upon his bosom. He felt it heavier and 
heavier — his bam} was tremulously 
grasped — she sighed dfeeply. He looked 
at her — he saw the sweet eyes closing ! 
—closing ! a gentle sniile dwelt i)pon 
the lips. He heard the faint cry of the 
poor father-r-but he heard no more^ for 
he was constrained to hajSten .from thf 
room^ to preserve his ovTn senses fmm 
failing him. 

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vmxP: xiT. 

*'.'*'* '- ) 

" ''f'HE iolloWiug day brought Mary 
*Bllis to Waif upon Osmond with sad 
liiteliigence^ and but too faithfully an- 
ticipated *by his fears. 
* ' dafoline Had departed during the 
night — her last words had been ad- 
dressed to him — for after she had 
fainted in his arms^ though she lived 
some hours^ she had spoken no more. 

For more than a fortnight after this, 
distressing event Osmond never left his 
room^ and scarcely his bed. The pertur- 
bation of his mind^ acting upon his 
already weakened frame^ threw him into 

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so violent a fever^ that for many days 
he believed (and in this faoiir of exetle- 
ment it was a consolatory belief) that 
he should soon follow the poor disparted 
Caroline to the grave. 

But^ as he grew a little better, the 
awful thoughts and' salutary efiic/tfotis 
which the affecting scetie he had sd 
recently witnessed had excited in hiB 
mind, began to exert a religious influence 
over him: This was partly, perlmps, 'to 
be ascribed to bis present state df' ex- 
haustion, both mental and bodily, but 
still doubtless^ in a great degree, result^ 
ingfrom thait mysterious^ workings by 
which the great disposer of events is able 
to subdue all tilings unto himself. 

His uafitnefis for death was a con- 
lid^ratipn that carne before him in ter* 
rible array ! The tender monitions of his 

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dj^ing* Carpline-'^the solemn supplica- 

tkm. of Lady EUaa to »av« his immortal 

tiijoml— reyery rem^nbrance was fraught 

mth the mo»t awful coansels ; and, 

'^ what must I do to be saved ?'■ was a 

qtieslficsitwhicli the trembling sinner in 

4lmG:^9^e}fdid Dot i more ui^ently pro- 

fposi^/; than did this poor, suffering, 

^/^nitent ev-ery hoiir -of- bis desolate ex- 

i^tie^riaf^.. > To think of Lady £ikn was 

to ihji»kr.of peace^fiKid^ ^ain did 0»- 

mond> again did he recur to the boj^e 

of beioig .restored to her, who^ be b€5- 

lieved, alone could administer tb the 

anguish of his afflicted and dying goal, j 

.. But in vain he 4ittempted to write to 

her ! As . often as he began, the^ pen fell 

from his trembling hand, and with 

heavy groans of despair he abandoned 

the fruitless attempt^-^anxiously as be 

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pined after a restorattonf f o her ailec* 
tion^ he had magrianimity enough, Ite 
thought, to despise what he coimdered 
might bear the appearance of a pusitla* 
nimous spirit ; a spirit that, in its tliir* 
tress, was abject enongh to toai^ ibm 
sympathy and tenderness, wbiii^h in tlm 
full-blown triumph of its guik^ earieir 
it had voluntarily abandoned. ' . f .. 

*^ No, I cannot do it!'* he exclat^necly 
casting away for the last^ttiii&fibe'^n*^ 
which had so often been takeiv ulp l^r" 
these fruitless efforts. '' I will* go to 
her— <irrd if she spurns me from her 
with- disdain, I will not reproach 'h^r-^ - 
I wll think it just— and seek some * 
hovel, where, in desolate peiiiteaee, I 
may make my peace witKHeav^ra.^ ^ 

H6 left Woodhurst and returned > to 
town, and dreading the vaciUation* of 

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353 • 

his distobedmind^ he would npt suffer 
hioaself to lose a ,ii)pment in contriving 
the m^aiis of 4n; interyiqw. hut giving 
himself up io tbp. desperation thatgo- 
yerned bm, hf^itbe swn? evening. pro- 
ceeded (o Rid) rnoiid^ He did not^.how- 
ewp, immedl«rtely i^esort to the presence 
of Iiady Ellea^ l>ut av^ilirvg himself of 
the twilight of i^n aqto^nial evening, he 
stole Jpoin the inn. at which h^ arrived^ 
tori»didge hi^nself; iti looking Mpon the 
hahitMioQ tbitt oontkined her. . 

Tb^eit^tood before him! Tberp wajs 
the vimnda ia which she loved to pi^a 
the ladt hour of a summef 's eyening — 
the. roses^ the je&sau)i)ie> tl^ :Clein$ttis ^ 
that sa luxuriantly shaded it, he re* 
cognized again ! Uq traced her elegant 
miad every wheire-^Qotbingwas .want- 
ing biitheriown fair, delicate form, to 

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complete the charm of qi^ieMJde and 
peace that reig^ued round the whole. < 

He stood very long at a; little, low 
.gate^ which \y^s one of th^entrancps to 
jt^je premises, in ^ state of musing,, ra- 
ther pensive thai) s^d, It spemed as if 
the meekness of £Uf n diffused a portion 
pf calmness to all that came i^itbln her 
ipfluence. In vain he essayed tp.qAiit 
thj? spot— in vain did, reason suggjest; the 
haacard of h^s beings disqov^red Ii^y.^offie 
of the domestics, and the, ^nb^urra^- 
jnent^ that must follow suck a circum- 
staaice* JHe :\^alked away again and 
^aii)^ but it was only to return! At 
last^ he left it— but not far had he pro- 
ceedojd^ when he was recaUe,d ^Uy the 
somid of music,, which sweetly broke 
'^ th^ stillness pf night ; "- for so long 
b^d he lingi^red, that evening had wholly 

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faded away^ and night, in all the 
wai*mth and richness of September, with 
her moon of beauty, now prevailed. 

He returned to pause again at the 
gate^ and to listen to sounds that 
'' s^med to steal upon the heart rather 
. than the senses. He was too fair off to 
distinguish the words — but the air, so 
Mmple, so devotional !-^could he ever 
. forget it ? Could he forge^t how. often, 
ifi^uch ia night as this. Lady Ellen sung 
To Mhi her evening hymn, and in the 
mere listening to her, the world had 
seemed to pass away with all its delu- 
sions, and he had felt as if to die life- 
side her in that hour of virtuous emo- 
tion, would have been all that the heart 
could ask. 

Sacred moments! though absent, they 
w^ere not lost to his remembrance — they 

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visited biin again-ri^his wife restored 
them to him — the very tound of hfer 
voice gave them back to him once more. 
He sought not to restrain the im- 
pulse whi^h prompted him 8(ili neafer 
to approach her. With cautious feteps 
iMd suspended breitb^ l^ss ' ati^ious' itb 
livoiil di«cove?ry, df whiefa he thoti^t 
not^ than solicitoui^ to catefa evwy roote 
that floated towards him^ be enter&i the 
gardea-*^he stole towards the vii^ajdda^ 
be was now within a few yards of ber^ 
be could distinguish the words she ^scii^ 
—bow well did he remember them'l••^- 
' Quite unawares^ he found faimsdf ad- 
vancing till be wlis at the very verge of 
the apartment. The window was c^en^ 
and he could distinctly see ber ; the 
light from the candies; whilp it made 
her visible, protected hih>. from dis- 

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«9yery> and^ li^.:gaa;pd^ upon he^ mth 
the tsane^ fealing^ of . sublime tender/- 
^itess witfa which be would hfty? .c«m- 
templated mSui angel. She was nested 
at the piano^fort^^ which n^W: and. thfiu 
ii}i64oucbedi;P^cqpnipanyii^g her v^stjf^e f ji 
ih^i jCriOTt, light ^ficl .bea^tttifijl tni^m^. 
}]|^ ; the. :merai nipchanisin of. a.p/^- 
ibvmaace/Mto^entipely.lost in the mmd 
)4^the. spin tuality., whkh vdifiu$ed. sf^nie- 
tbibg^&r beyoiid, beauty over hec .whflle 
forak-frthe uplifted eyei — the> smile that 
jda^ed round the lips-r-the love — ti^e 
adoration— the holiness of its expre^Bion 
i-^wbat depth-r-what earnestnoss-r^W^t 
comfort of tievoiion it dbpli^y^ ! : ? . . 

It was with difficulty. Osna^Of^I J^- 
strained hiniself from ru^i^ ii)^, ^(^d 
kneeMng at herfcseit^. and imploring h^^ 
to pray for him! 

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She ceased — but the sounds alill'-vi>-' 
brated upon his ear : his eyes were still 
rivetted upon her. He made no eflbM^ 
to retire : he seemed to have forgotten 
how he came there, and how he was- 
eitlier to go away, or to manifest his pre- 
sence ; every thing was absorbed in tlie^^ 
entlujsiasm she had inspired. 

He longed to speak to her* He did 
not— he could not believe, guilty asTie' 
was, and dishonourably as he had^cted ' 
towards her— he could not believe, that 
one so pious-*so raised above the world 
and all its deceitful hopes, would in- 
dulge any angry or disdainful emo-*^ 
tions. He felt almost sure of her pity ; 
and her pity was all he asked. ^ 

But in no manner could he then in- 
troduce himself to her without creating 
alarm ; and it seemted a sort of sacrilege 

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to disturb tha sweetsi^enity, which made 
it alrmoat liappiness merely to oontem-. 
plate her; Now and then^ indeed, a 
shade of sadness came 'over her coan-. 
tenance^ and biice or twice she audibly 
Sighed. :For a &w moments she leaned 
her^faead upoa h^ haud^ and mortal 
thoughts for a short intei'val appear^ 
to Istlruggae with diviae. 

/'Yes/' slje said, removing the hand 
which.coacealed iier face, and lifting it 
up with a melancholy smile, which spoke 
of fofld remembrances, that would re^ 
turn — however dreaded, impossible to 
be repelled^— »'' yes, it was such a night 
as this!'' she continued. Then relapsing 
into her former attitude, she spoke no. 

Assured .that the associaticHSis of me- 
mory had bleiided hia idea with eyery 

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note she had been singings and equally 
convinced that, unworthy as he wis, 
soiQe gleams of tenderness stiirinin^led 
in her recollection of him, Osmond ccHiid 
not any longer have refrain^d/but must 
inevitably have made hiihself kiiotra-tli 
her, whatever consequerhces had^lbilbW^ 
ed the disclosnre, but that, withastid^- 
den effort that startfed* him, she seerhe^ 
visibly to shake off the impressicaid glife 
was indulging, and hastily ri^g;, ' slife 
rung the belf, which signdi Wa? ih[)ffi€s- 
diately obeyed by the entrance of tlcff 
female servants. One of them {>lac^ 
before her mistress a Bible, and having 
seated themiselves at a little distance 
(Tdn\ her, after a short silence she began 
to read to them. 

- There was something in the circum- 
stances that surrounded him, which 

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tauqiieil: Qsmoiid with. enK)tiorm more 
s^jhU)|^, .mora euQobling;, thaa he ever 
reipi^l^eQed to.havc experieoc^d^ 
; >(^)tQP^r9U9^8ive chloral that hung^,ujioii 
il^ ^\pi^e pf Lady l^hn^ breathiiig^ as 
It, T^f^^^^iX^e, yiovih of ^yerlas^kig Hfci 

S^mPfh<^^hf^^Ti^ refreshing it^ as it 
.y(^i.i^^d^;^rifitji the 4ew of heaven/r 
|t^;w^^tI}!9vOnly,,SQiiod Ihftt iriiterrupted 
4l|e rfHWB^ ^rf.^igM; tfiutt solemn — that 
4j^yiae^fi\eT^^,/l^ which th^. heart inr 
MWfitl^y OMPWaiphes,. with treipfibling 
.fi^prj^ic^ thai grea,t mysterious Being*^ 
|il4^9;.inf^HeSr '^ dvH^ess. his paviUpri/.' 
Tb^ diiy ludeisf) 19 beautifijl^ and l^^amr 
ing wit^ his bountyaud, his love ! JBut 
night reyeals Uioi in the full mnjesty.of 
His power^ arrayed in all His. awfid 
attribute* They seem to, hpver in the 
^^sk obscurity of .paitiire !-rwhat vfp 


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are^ and \vhat we Aavebem, and what 
We are to be hereafter ! —vague— 4em We 
impressioas overpower us ; — we jiray^^r- 
ani] tiben soft gieams of coi^oiati^m 
break upon us^ and we feel tiiat our 
fate is in His hands— ^tnd that He k 
^ood and merciful ! Ali thafc He ha&tnud^^ 
bespeaks benevolencei— we turn to cOft^ . 
sider ^*^^the Heavens, the work of'Hii* 
hands— the moon and the stars wbidh 
He has ordained;^' and oiir heail&^re 
comforted with the triist they>ii»spire» > 
' Even Osmond, sinner as he was, im- 
T>ibed a portion of holy hope, as? hte 
contemplokted the silent etequ^ce of 
night and nature'; andijoitied the isaeri * 
fioe of a '' brpken and contrite spirit/* 
with the supplication of that suiferiug f 
being who was kneding in his view -; 
for she had finii^ed reading; and was 

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now cQMludiog her act of worship with 

Ah, little did she kaow who it was^ 
thali united his petitioos to. hers ! Little 
did' she anticipate, when she besought 
the Almighty to "bring back to His 
flooki all those who had strayed in the 
paths of eirrpp, and to shed the light of 
Hi!) iruth upon their jsinfcing hearts/'-M 
little idid she forej^ee the fervour of 
sin^pity with which this supplication 
would be echoedi by one of those pooc 
wanderers for whom she so piously in* 
treated ! 

He was yet kneeling— nsubdued'^and 
almost prostrate on the ground, scarcely 
conscious that there was silence — that 
she had coududed — ^and that the ser-^ 
vants had departed^— when the sound of 
the window closing alaroied' him^ not 

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Mflih' n fear of discovery^ but with a 
dread that he should be oUigad to' ire- 
treat unfn>ticed; and to fcave g^be<Mi<jh- 
out speaking to her, now that thdr 
hearts had been cfngaged in^ sodbi tik»- 
knownf^ but sweet comttMimon^. berfelt 
to be impossiUe. - *" « • ^n'.:: 

The vehemence 4[>f his tigtOAki^f imt- 
itig the time' she bad been engaged in 
her devotions^ bad compeHed hinil to 
retire to a greater distancd^iestK shmM 
betray him^ and occasion her aiaytK. 
But he was still within t^ vhninda^ 
though concealed by a large stand <if 
plants and flowers that occupied it. 

She htid half <5lo8ed th^ window^ arod 
be felt every iofidaitt upon: the point of 
darting forth from his place- of oonceal- 
liient ; but he stood restmined by vary- 
iDg emotions. 

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, She lingered istiU nt ^he window— her 
arft tye$ raised, to Heaven— and loakiog 
4i|)cyB the bcigbt.aioon, as if sbetrwed 
ittits miid and lovely light, the vision? 
of departed happiness. 
i Sl^ pwjpiojuniced^ as. she contianed tp 
gaze upori it— yes, she sucely did— shp 
-pf Iiaw6c€»d his taa^jel 
,r frO^0iQiid,t'',.he distinctly heard her 
,«ay, :^^ Ala^l how Ir^ly 1 CQuJd ,havu 
;|w^ hi«a-rrl.w%W hfrn^M^ed!-^'! »hc 
.4rep^tedir sighing deeply. 
ir.JJis responsive buist of feeling was 
iidt ia be coacealed . . She heard his sti- 
fled groans, and utteriag a^ facial ^cda- 
: niation of alarm, slie ^was hastily r^tKat- 
ing: but before she could reiicoyer her dis- 
mayed senses, 1^ had seized her haiKlrr- 
he bad thrown hiffliseJf ^t her feet-rfhe 

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had pronounced her liame^^and stiehad 
discoverec) him ! 

Astonishment chained up every- »f»* 
eulty but that of sig'ht ! Her eyefi were 
bent upon the form indistinctly visible 
to her in the twilight; and^ but £>r her 
fixedj devouring gaze^ it mi^t' havB 
been a marble stotue which Osmoiid 
clung to^ in that fair^ ^cold^ speechleiEB 
being at whose feet he kaelt. .^ 

'' One word — only one werd^ EUleo^^ 
my wife !" he ccmtinued to repdat ; 
'^whilst she^ tortured by the ii»efl[ei^al 
efforts she made to. subdue the rising 
throng of poweriul emotions^ which reu'^ 
dered every .attempt at speech as pain6il 
as it was unavailingv^could only wave 
her hand) in token of htv incapacity to 
give even the one word Ike aaked fbr» > 

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As a signal of her just resentm^nt-^ 
as a comnriand to leave her — Osmond 
Biiscoustrued her agitated gestures. 

'' I cannot, Elleti^ 1 cannot leave 
you—l come to you for comfort— dis- 
card me not !*' More be could not say^ 
forhefeltas if his l^art would break. 
He bid his face upon the hand he 
beldy to • conceal his anguish^ repeating^ 
in broken accents^ ^f do not leave me— 
do net—" 

'' Leave you !" she did with difficulty 
utter*-«aad at the bare surmise the: ati« 
guish of her toul broke forth in floods 
of tears* The sMfeet pr ondise t^Q^t l^e 
very tone of her v6iee implied^ peoi^^* 
trated to his inmost heart. He rose; 
and both with the same impulse ^- 
tended their arms! That embrace of re^ 
conciliation cancelled to Lady Ellen all 
R 4 

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the past. — '^ Leave you^ Osmond !" sUe 
repeated^ as soon as language was per- 
mitted her—'' wliat^ when that hour hi 
come, for which night and day I have 
prayed—so fervently prayed !" It y^ 
still in vain she attempted to , dff- 
course-^her tears and sobs perjpeti)^)lj 
interrupted her; so^ clasping t9 .bff 
bosom and to her lips his wasted^ buru|- 
ing hand^ ^be drew hiin^ in a m^ni^f^ 
into the room ; and whilst Osmondi ayefr 
powered with recent illness and dii^tr^ss 
of mind^ sunk down exhausted, upon 
the sofa^ in dejected smiles mingling 
with tears^ looking the gratitude he 
could not speak — she took her station 
by his side — silent— but, oh^ how 
eloquent ! for where was the lan- 
guage that could have conveyed to 
her penitent husband half the sweet 

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conviction of her entire forgiveness^ and 
Still tender love — as the fond gentleness 
with which she laid upon her bosom 
his aching head^ — wiped from his damp 
brow' the drops of anguish, and from 
his streaming eyes the fast-falling tears 
Where was the assurance, that would 
Imve lialf so forcibly testified of par-^ 
doh and peace as the halfruttered ejacu- 
lation of thankfulness, which her mur^ 
miired; interrupted accents could not 
YeVeiA, btit which her raised eyes, over^- 
flowing with emotion, betokened her .to 
feel-^that the prayer so often oSere^d 
up, bad been at last heard— -that he >was 
before her — ^that he was returned — that 
he was restored to her again. 

" Alas ! my love I" said Osmond, ob- 
seffving these indications of joy, ^M re- 
turn only ta bring you sorrow ! — Look 

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at me, Ellen:" andJie put back from 
his pale forehead the dark clustering 
locks that shaded it. ^^Nfty^ do not 
start, dear love !" for, drawn by his ear- 
Bestness to contemplate more intently a 
form, which as yet, however changed, 
kad been beautiful and charming in ber 
sight, as the long-lost form of Osmond, 
she instinctively pressed her hatndbbfore 
her eyes, with an exclamation of grief, 
as, for the first time^ she perteived ib^ 
dreadful alteration which the ravages of 
disease or sorrow had made in his once 
graceful person. 

'' Alas! you are very ill !" she trem- 
blingly replied; her low imperfect ac- 
cents announcing the unwillingness with 
which she suffered herself to allow, what 
she felt it w*euld be in vain to deny. 

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''1 ^ve been rerydll/' he Ireplietf; 
*' I lUR /better now/* 

^ You ore better now/' she repeated 
with deUgfat^. catching at the hope his 
words might Bcem to^ jutstify*-^'' ob> y«s 
•-H-yesr^you wie better now — and yon 
viiil ' be.beMM anid better every day^-t-I 
^li^l be aear you, to nurse. you and 
xrooifortyour^and^ow sweet boy will 
beiinear you to. be the prid^ of your 
teartl Oh, Osmond— you oiust try to 
loiFe^kini'^-he is well worthy of your 

" He has my love-*-)ny tendereitt 
love,'' exclaimed^ Osmond, deeply af- 
fected with her tender praxes of hts 
child ; *' Dearest EUen/everin my eyes . 
.the be8t^*-*tbe most respected of human 
beings«--*think not that insensibility to 
the blessings of my fate has driven me 
R 6 

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:ih)ifi yo^. It was not tfaaty for in the 
most intoxicated moment of delu^on^ I 
Icnew your worth-<^od is my witaess, i 
despised myself-^tbat hapless wretdi^ 
^faose fatal passions made it so value* 
iess! But these w^ impulsea, they 
bfandedmewitb destriiolioiiitft my birth 
—they—"" '' ^ ' -.•--' •- '- 
: "* No — no, said she, inrtpafiehtly- In- 
terrupting this sally, f^hich i^o vrell re- 
minded her of the yet vnsubdtfeditem- 
'per&ineht of the impetuous Osmbttd; 
'' they have misled, but they Ha1pe ttot 
destroyed you." 

'^ Ah, my Ellen,'* he replied, "eon- 
template me once more— these Masted 
limbs— these trembling hands! My 
wife, deceive not yourself or me— I am 

'' God avert from me this evil !" sbfe 

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pioi»ly . cjamij^t^^ ifej^n, [after- a sliprt 
int^vaU in >^bi<^ &b« s^^ip^ to labtQUx 
ifor ot, if that failed j.«(t 
l^ist for^omposuve, sl^ ad^ress^d bim 
agaia; -' but if this dbpeasa^ion.\v^jpe 
do coinOi Jib« dis^oJbutioB of^lhe ittprtal 
:part is the least evil it: comprizes ; the 
other dreaded consequence — ^^"^fi^iid.she 
.d:iudderec]> as^sha alluded to, it— 'f God's 
jtDOPcy has given yoa the rneaus to shun 
•-rtbWf Qsmoud, spqa^: n,ot ,of destruc- 
^ionnHspe^k iwly of bope^ for hope is 
x^ine back to me^ with you/ and I can 
no longer despair. My dear^ dear hus- 
band^ bid me not despair — but bid m.e 
to be happy:'* and throwing her arms, 
found his neck^ she hid her face in bis 
bosom^ as she continued to repeat, ^' let 
us take comfort—let us be happy !'* 

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^' Heaven in its mercy grant it !"' ex- 
claimed Osmond^ as he clasped her to 
his heart ; '^ but it is granted ;" and 
his rapid mind glanced back upon the 
horrible abyss of vice from which he 
had, though late, been permitted t<> re-' 
turn; and forward to the rdigkitrs coti*- 
solation, which hisTest6ration tb hil^Hvife 
hefclout for the amelioration of what^ 
ever portion of added life the bouhty bF 
. Providence attetted liim. '^ I /a/yhap^ 
py/' he continued ; ** 1 am happiy— feai" 
not, my dearest Ellen— ^you will speak 
peace to my soul, and 1 shall yet be 

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TflE' first testimony of Osmond's 
repentance K)f ^Ihe, past was evinced* 
by his poncing forth an axnplc con- 
fession ' to .his injured ^ife^ of « every 
<jir<^umstmice relating to his connexioa 
wjthi Caroline, as goon as the reUpse 
into severe indisposition^ which confined 
hiin to his bed for several days after hiaf 
return, admitted of his entering upoii 
the fatigue of conversation. 

To say that she accorded him her 
forgiveness, would be saying little. The 
warmest sympathy thai tears and ten- 
derness could give, in presenting to 
him in a still clearer point of view the 
genuine piety and worth of the being 

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whose peace be bad trifled witb^ aug- 
mented, rather than alleYiated the tor- 
tures of his remorse. 

His mother, too, he pined to see 
again. In preparing himself for that 
for distant country, to which, however 
soothed by the fond hopes that seemed 
to be a part of the existence of liaUy 
Ellen, he felt an indefinabie, but strong 
presentiment that he was hastening^ 
he languished for the pardoa of alt 
those to whom bis faults h^ brought 
distress. And his mother ! how cruelly 
did memory recal the instances of affec- 
tion which, from his boyish years, had 
been lavished upon him by that dear pa- 
rent ! The disappointment he had inflict* 
ed tipon ber^ hopes — Jier pride in him— 
each of her blighted expectations came 
toiiis recollection with the severest pangs. 

^ If I could but live to sec hex again - 

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Ellen^". said be^ one eveoirig, a few 
days after his return^ ^vben he h^ bpe^ 
talking of her^ and of the ciccumstaiice 
of her being tbeu gone over to Fra-ucie 
and lta}y, ignorant of . his .return to 
^ngland^. ^nd perhaps^ though not 
avowedly so^ jipt .wit,^iput the hop& of 
bearing tidings of fei^, : ^ 
. '' You wUl ViY^j O«noi;id/V repU!e4 
^ady Eileu,. Ipo^ing ^t him ; vfith.a face*' 
'\i\^ w^ch, h^pe, Jrtruggled .y^JftttV^iilly 
n'ith despair. " And why should we not 
foJlpw JLady Arlington ?" she coi^itiniied ; 
7 a warmer climate b^s been sifgge^ted 
to you, ^s .likely ^q b^ Jbe^^ci^-Tt 
dearest Osmonds let us think pf )^/' , 
'' Let us .think of any thing Ihati^ tpc 
give you pleasure/' be, r^lie^ ^witb.a 
smile^ " but /or. .nift-r*" b^ co^nW pol> 
though but too. sep^i^il^ tbat bawei^er 

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protracted his mortal disorder uas still 
upon him*'— he could not bear to throw 
a damp upon the ardour of hope vfith 
which Lady Ellen (like all who foiiidly 
love) pursued every new idea that had 
the remotest possibility of bdng ser- 
viceable to the object' of her cares. 

As soon as he grew a little better^ 
this journey to the Continent was 
more serioody discussed. Mr. Greviiy 
(who, on 4he first intelligence cif his 
young friend's illness^ had forgotten 
every thing but his former intet^es^ in 
him^ and had come down to Richmoiftd 
to visit him) added his reeommiendations 
to those of his physicians^ that be 
should proceed immediately to try the 
efiSM3t of a winter's residetice in the south 
of France/ where also they expected to 
join Lady Arlington. 

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He even offered to accompany tbern^ 
Bfnd an additional inducei^ient was thus 
thro\f fi into the scale, to outweigh the 
t)bjection» to the scheme which still 
Itngered in Osmond's mind. 

Ttte eochitiratioh which ajfihange^of 
scene iapsrtB, and tbe unceasing; endM^ 
«oia» of bis C(»npaniosMs to increastf his 
eomforts> and enihren his spirits^ ena« 
bledbim to rewh Montpetier without 
aaiy ialtenUi0& for the worse in hi* health ; 
bat it was in vain tlmt Lady Ellen strore 
to persuade berself that there was any 
Change for the better. . ; . 

He hadseartely arrived' libere> when be 
was attacked with a return of tlhiess 
more severe than be had yet experieiiced« 

'' I wish I could but see my mcrtber^ 
Ellen j" he said> as they ivere conyers* 
ing one evening together. 

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'' 1 have wriltea to b(Bx, my Iqv^/' 
$be replied, '' and 1 eqiect shewiUJi^ 
here by the end of tba week*- ' : r _ 

'' By the eud oC the week I'' hi^m^ 
peated, with a dejected smile, ; 
, . The despwdency witb/whifihihe ^^xiJ^e, 
ponyeyed lo th^ iaiagiqatipo <Pi£ Ig^d? 
£11^ a con^ifitifij^j vfhkih, artiidi^i tM 
her fears, had nev/sr yet struck with N> 
freezing a chill upon Jier heart. , , . ^ . 
, The, possibility, of losing, hiou d^r 
believed she bad ^onteBiplated.;. Jtwt t^p 
found it had been only with that cur^ 
sory regard, with which persons behold 
a dreaded. eYenti, wbich strong .^{* 
presents, if not .wholly as unQe;rtaip, sUU 
i^.at too great a distance to justify mueli 
terror. But when Oainoud brought 
this possibility se immediately pfeg^at, 
^d cast a chill upon her spirits,, by 

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sbewing thaliie htmself not only anti- 
cipated it; ds Uie certain result of his 
present state of extreme lassitude and 
weakness/ but as a result that might 
happen the next day, or the next hour 
-«HEi sudden revoMon of feeling took 
pofls^s^n of her mind— feeling, such 
Hn sh<3 had never experienced befdre! 
R was not sorrovr, that, grieving for a 
threatened deprivation, spends itself iii 
ieeLVSf^lt was not arfxiety, that turns 
alternately from hope tadespair, seeking 
every thtng, and resting upon nothinjj— ^ 
but it was one deep, overpowering emo- 
tton-'-^n emotion, th&t, having impelled 
%er fo cast upon her husband one 
look of the tenderest commiseration, 
sent her from his' presence to the conso- 
lation of prayer. » • 

Bui ere this sacred balm of peace 

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could be applied^ some biimao feding^ 
struggled for indulgence. The mttomB 
of 'her shorty but suffering life^ the brttf 
glimpses of enjoyment^ like the ligbt^ 
ning's flashy gone as soon as visible^' 
with which her sad existence haid b^eii 
cheered— were remembranees ^hichiei^- 
ched mortal gnevings^ that for a Uttle 
space claimed pre*eminence; 

'' It was so hard/* she thought, **^ thaH 
the consummation of her afltotionsy to 
which, through the last year of unparal- 
leled trial, she had so often looked, was 
yet to be delayed ; and that, ei^ her 
wounded, weary h^rt was motionless 
in the grave, another and aootherstroke 
must come." 

'^ The anxious prayer is granted," 
she exclaimed ; '' 1 supplicated for bis 
return, that I might bless ^ and- fdrgire 

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him before J di^d; and tbat th^nimy 
pilgFiiBage might xylose. But be is tq 
d^fort-^-tand I inusi Uoger! Oh mys- 
teri0ii& dispensation !<f*«but I am resigned^ 
There. is yet work. for me to do: oh, 
my E9.tbiei?i sustain me in my triak~.V 
and sinking on. the ground, she raised 
to Heairen — not woicds^r-for there was 
neither speech, nor ilaiiguage ; but aspi*' 
raitions— 4earsr— ^the: de^p sacrifice of a 
broken and {troubled spirit ! 

She returned to her husband, calm and 
resigtidd. Tbe tear§ of holiness were 
wet upon her cheeks ; tlie saintly smile 
of deivotion played arpnnd her lips* He 
looked at Wr^ as upon the messenger 
of peace*. He extended his hand,. and 
drevir her tojwards him. They ' were 
both 'Silent, but^ something of divine 
communion seemed to pass between 

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their souls. He, like tier; bad been fen - 
gaged in prayer. m '^ 

The night was stiU and k^y^iwiA 
Osmond desired to^ hb r^riuiv^^td^ards 
the window of his a{>ikrrmeiitito look 
iipon it. There thejr wer^ aittkig, i Os- 
inohd retaining her hamd in hk^ 'wfaflMTy 
after a long silence, he spoike^: ^ ' v • 

'' Thesebeautiful wopll»of€loii;B^ 
Ien^«— this moon/ and thesi^' aiws ite 
now I gaze upon*^they wew^ 4ilwAf8 
charming to my cont€fm^lat]«ii^;^biif, in 
this hour, they seem to me to bieMiie 
of comfcni;.. A eceature ti^einbUag be- 
tween two worlds', iii locking txfcm Hki^ 
testimony of his Makel^'s pe«mfr, befoiv^s 
tbat he reads the seei^et of his dettiny. 
Silent; indeed,, areitheiaeiinaj^ifiewt to- 
kens of His omnipotence! but a icoide«i6 
beard ainiNig them/' ; . / 

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/' It isthe.voiee of truth !'.' she replied 
with solemnity ; '' it is the voice of the 
Umi of mUurej and of life/' 
.rJ' Ifeel its iBfluence, dear 
Mttft !" said QsrQQ«id> with a teudersmile; 
^ buHte heaviness of mortality is upon 
JM} jiEui all is beard and seen tbrougrh 
the thick veil .of flesb. A little spaeei 
aad itvyill iaftl ey«B^ amd they 
dball htiiOfm^ l^^But on what sights ! 
19b/ oatuner-^poor human nature !'' . 

Irbe heart of Lady EUea breathed an 
atfdeAi prayer. '^ Divine Creator^ help 
him. in that tremi^dous crisis!" The 
-^motftMi.of herlipSj and of herelevatfd 
eyes, revealed, to him. Jier. pious syin- 
^thy i^ bis ^ mortal treoAhirugs. . He 
^es^ed lier hand, and both again iKare 
along tine sileat%:.., ../ <> 

. This silence wais interrupted by the 


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entrance of Mr. GreviUe, , who Imdh^en 
absent from them on a. visit of n^f^^^ 
days to a frienddn the neigHhowboQi^. 

Lady Ellen watcb^td bi^ ^ountenanc^j 
as be looked at OsoAoaii^ when, be.. fi^ 
paidlum bis 8»lut^om, Sji^ trefSf^ffl 
Ip beli^vie th^t^be coa^d Tje^^Jl^i^t^rgn^^ 
aQd surprise ^.,at qn jaj^jerationj ^,^c^ 
by sHQ efiforts per^uaiie ii^rse}ri)£Ki /f^ 
oecuf red xiuriog^bi^ sboi^t s^ii^9.tJkMi> G^m 

Mr. Greviile, after very little conver- 
sation^ left the room. Lady Ellen qaick^ 
iy followed him. The hearts of both of 
tfa^m were too full for utterance; Lady 
KUeii languished to make the inquiry^ 
'^ if Mr. Greville found his pc^or friend a^ 
fiiitch altered as sbe feared he might ?*^ 
but the words expired upon her lips^ 
^^d «he. could only bring oat the syt- 

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lables-^^' Do yoii— " she paused ; her 
teftb supplied the i^est of the seutence. 

He Walked away, and for a few mo- 
ments was silent — he returned : *^ Has 
fcady Arlington beeh s*ent for ?*" he arti- 
imlitted, 5n alow" and fohering voice.' 
;"lrhe' meatiing the question conveyed 
^s too int^lUgiWe ! Lady Eilen coiiM 
<miy answer it with heavy sobs, audio 
give tberh firmer vent, shehitsitehed from 
the room* 


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Lady Arlington 'aitivc(f^*as*aabien 
expected^ in* tlie fcotiVsiB ti(^tllt vfe^\ 
But; alas! she armea tdoawe! ^OfW 
mond; thAl teirderly b^IoV^d' iWh;* tfi'ere 
vpas nothing ^ tlien rcmiihnfi|g' ^KftilK ' !lhe 
■mem6ry. ' --^'-''^ - "2.. >- ."..^/i-3 dirt 

' He bad been decliriing for s6ni€?dayi, 
and at last was incapable of leavrn^ fitl^ 
bed ; but oh the evening precedifig''lifs 
death, he made so earnest a i-ieqiiest to 
be permitted to rise, that it \^as 'thought 
desirable so comply with it. Lady El* 
Idn, who had been cotistahfly with him 
in thesie hours of suffering, wbj^ occupy*^ 
"itig her usual station by his side, when 

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Mr. Greville entei^ his apartment^ after 
a short absence. 

He addressed a few words , to . Osr 
mond ; but the state df his own feelings 
at that motnent «^id «not admit of hib 
app^siriqg, <as^.i^9fi^ as he wished to, have 
^oae,; ;aiid ^ r|S^?f^yed, to i^.distaat win- 
4f|Fvri.^aI^?^4)iiQ9^^a!;i ioftervalfoEthje 

,,;JH^,,ws.xe59«ll^^a^^ (^IWUkI by 
his expressions of affectionate CQ()eerp 
§,tt^^«^,^r^ ofJUdy^ se^iped 

eQUf41:y with Mr. Grev4He to have ^een 
^truc^jwUh dismay* at 4li«, vi^blefajn|l 
9pi|n^>Yha| sudden alteratM>nin Qsm^ 
cauntQQafice ^ Itjft his |)?d.. . 
/Q^tiiqnd sooithcd her— rhis vojpe ^as 
kxw,. ibut hU <acQ^t0 iiiarkfsd ain at* 
twfP^Xo^ be cbeeirfiid^ Jd§ aakjed fpr his 
chiUl-^'^nd thoogh it^mod that be .was 
s 3 

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•deep; he desired ikai h^ miybt. Jb^ 
brought^ and IfiMi upo^.tiiefloforhy^bis 
•side- '-. ■' • '• "v 

r Lady .Bilen^^TRtified this reqaeafc^ smd 
he remained a long while after the bojf 
Mtm^pkit^ by hihi/ fadngiiig ii^yef l&im 
s($ be slept^ WBid k}oii\ng,tM^^.m\mryMoVr 
aAd tibeii> the intense iecSisigis xMf;ln9in&- 
ture betrayed themselves in the fotMlmt 
^espressions/ TlMtyturqiii^toMr'. Gre- 
^iilcw '^ beafnenKiFito:hist^49ti6viU6;JVi9 
im4^ :^' and iovefaiopu -Qtit^o oi^teadl 
him philosopbyf^^it does .Bdthwgi &t 
^ucb^Q h9iJirtas..thisT«^ob^ nottBi^9^«rho- 
Hmg/* he^coirtiBB«d ;• ^^ pressfasgc^ 
hand of his wife^ '^ this poor girl^'^isaid 
h^i '' has done more foe iDe^^-H^bat Mo- 
tion jiat^napted.bim^ aod .he-Jiid bis 
fern wpon her^Keuldor. ^- ; u; /r. i ? - 
Mr. Greville Mras miicb isiffeeted. He 

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b^Bdugh t hM tb Ihb siitt; and not iiim 
4d agitate bil^i feeble s|mitsi ' : ! - 
" Ail ag^itatioti will soon be oir^r/' 
Qn» s^hA ; ^' all' is paning away with 
md/*-' ■ -'■ ^ -' '• , ,':..•? 
V iMr.Qreniiip^ took his wasted imviA^^ 
^J'eWf tncHSt fietfao|i^ Osmond/' b€ Mid*; 
^M<c&udd Qpfclbekr -to cease to hopefor 

> O I9fea« :hope tkartl niay ^e for* 
f[iv)^0!^' vbioLi^tsdaiaietty wkh fervoufi ^ 
iifii^paited his^bsio Heav^ni^' for mor- 
i«3 fapfwi there 18 fioiie iicir tfve.'* 

vliftc^EUen^ wkh stt'eaoiing' eyes, iii- 
triEO^ him to repose « himself a littk 
while.-'" : '-• ;•■•■*'. .••'■^' 

He) smiled mourr^Hy^ '' \ am going 
t;» r^se^i Ellen/' he said ,%^' this life of 
storm and terppest is sinking toto rest, 

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ttid thus <iie pMsiMs pietith f' QteeA 
God! is this Ihe^iote re^tdf? is tirib 
the end of watchings, and of teUrs^ ^d 
vain disquietudes > fs tliis the hour t^ 
look for in our thirst for joy? BiitJt 
^eomes'! it cfomesi and* the» ftafl* liiari 
first learns Ws destiny*^nfl (tieii the 
inlgrate thinks of Thee!**' '' 

^' but will he then bcf gracSdiis, fel- 
leii?*' and, trembli^^; he grAsp^d^^Mir 
haud^^^ M^ spirits faitit-^I tahridC^ 
but yoUj my dearest — pra^." ^'^^'^ 

' He pronounced the word Willi' dfffi- 
titiUy-:.-but ^lt(h fenet^ the friost 'ttP- 
fedtkig. • .. ? > 

At this appeiil ^tisible trerno^ 4Sli6ok 
her whole fi-ame— she looked *t Mi^. 
Grevilie! how pale— how pitifiil wte 
the expression of her face. -^ ' 

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* Mn. (jireviU^ witlnout speaking suuk 

!r Oh^ mysterious hour of dissolving na«» 
turei .hP^iitistjiiGlavely^ beneath thy ia? 
fiuer)^^ bumfaalty &X\h prostrate before 
Umbdr^ Pivjipity,. whose awful powder, 
ijf;rnay;(ic .y^t. Ja^^If "OfcVTledged, . is thea 
avowed by trembliing^^^nd by prayer, 
:; Lady jJ^Uw still weptvrsbe stili trem- 
^4fd*fr>llUit.duty calM.Mpon her^and sh^e 
auWBWVA hpr whofe. str^^gth to ^ 
trial. X . ; 

r/^ 11^ |)iif^. distress must coqn^ i^on 
ii^/.;S^e faintly arUculajted, ''my (ipd, 
eoable me to support it !" She iQoke^ 
figaia at.OsuioMd-rt^if ilp^^t^d tq^liojpe : 
b|U she saw that there was nQiie--:b9 
.wa;^ chfuig^dj, ^yen wilhia the last fovr 
minutes, , 

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" My time isslmrt, Pleai'^h^'Quiltr 
mureid^ ia imperfect .o^pqent^; ^^i WiQhi:)!^ 
hear yotir sweet vqieq in^&applifj^tion 
for me^that voice^ sp pL^^a^aiM t<K-Wy 
soul ! pray for vaej my ^ieq l''- . , > ^ 
, She clasped his hai|d ^.l^w^eo \^t\^ 
ber^B^ and^ as she knelt by ^^.>ji()#i{ 
she. bo wed b^ be^ .^poQ^i^^ }^^//Qh, 
Heavenly Fatber !" «he , sai^y. (' }( M 
be Thy:, wil} tp! c^tll /tbis .«a^]R^i^r.l|e«* 
ing beace^ for tbe sake of lj[JiQ){'j«^AM^ 
died for us—be merci&il to^ ^bijai^^aod 
fiMTgive/* '■■' \- '. /^ ' 

Herifords w>^re giiaduaUy lost io Ik^rj 
aobs ; and it was oaly with her up^ftocl 
eyes and supplicating hands sbi^ f^o^id* 
continue to intreat Ibr hipa. 

A long time eli^psed iQ,«ile(ice; mi^- 
tbey were yet in an ^ttijtiidp of pffi^^i 

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ftfesovbeil in the ftillhete of emotion^ * 
vfhen Osmottd sp5ke : 
, •^Myi-bead, Ellen!" he said; Bhe 
raided' it leiidirly upon hec" bosom: 
He extended his ^ hand to Mr. Gre- 
vlile; ^*ho took it, and pressed it to 
'hi^*eArt. V ' 

• *^'And, iwy (rhild !'' he added : ^' I can- 
libi Well discern him/V 
'^fiady EtleA guided his hand to his 
sd<t^'chefek\ '-' ' -*■ •'■'■■• ■'•• 

'^ He tfefeti turned upon them both sucH 
a look of love! 

^''^^fsthis to dierh© said. '^ Then'is 
iiWeety indeed J'' He \i as then silent* 
for ft long intertal:; but once more he' 
attempted to say something. It was a 
naftie j6tily-i— hedid not quitie pronounce 
it^ltwadthdtiam'feofCaroliaeT^ ' 

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V Ttie struggle of a momeot ensued-— 
a pang of nature in her last (areweH t 
aiid in the arms of his yfife his mortal 
fraoic remained. But it was iiotliiog-^ 
OsiAond.wAd no morel . > 

>•- . . . 


. 1 ^i O O N : 


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