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? I"DAH. Q> 


Z,Qt I O 3-T X 




O A.-(D 




Tranilated according to the EbreW 

and Greece, and conferred with rhebeft tranfla. 
tions in diuers languages. With moft profitable anno- 
tations vpon al! the hard placet, and other things 
of great importance, as may appears in 
the Epiftle to the Reader. 

*4ni alfi a mtfl profcablt Concordance far the 
rendu finding rut of any thing in ' 
the ft>nt contained 




^Imprinted AtLondon 
by Robert Barker, Printer 
gx -v to the Kings moft excel- 

lent Maieftie. 
J 6 o<S, 







• : : 



















e incomparable treafure ofrp 
the holy Scriptures ^ith a prayer 

for the true vfe of the fame. 
Efai.n.3 &49 TTEre isthe Spring where waters flow, 
aZZT >l6 ' "• to q uc n ch "°" r heacoffinne: / 

iprrm 9 » i* Here is the Tree.wheretrueth doth grow, 
1erera.33.1j. i . ,. , , • & j 

pfal.119.160. toleade our hues therein: 

rcue.i.7.and Kerc is the Iudge that (tints the fhife,,. .--;, 

ai,M>fal.n9. when mens deuiees faile :• 3 

'4*i T 44- Here is the Bread th~at Feeds the life, 
lohn6.3j. - - 7r 1 ' 

that death can notaflaile. The tidings of Saluatiendccre/- 

comes to our.eares from hence :', 
Ephef.6.16. ThefortreiTe of our Faith is heere, 

and fHield of our defence. 
Matth.7.6. Then be not like the hogge,that hath 

i.Vct.z.iz. And takes more pleafure of rhe trough 

.and wallowing in the mire. 
Mauh.V.zi. Rcadenocthisbooke,in anycaie, ? 

butwichafingle eye: 
Pfal.u9.17, Readenotj but flrlHefire Gods grace, 
73. to vnderftand thereby. ' >_ 

lude to. Pray ftili in faith, with this refpe&, 

to fru$inc therein, 
Pfal.rj9.11. That knowledge may bring this effeel, 

to mortifie thy finne, 
Ioflwai.8. Then happy thou, in all thy life, 
Pfalj.iji. whatl'ototheebefalles:, 

Pfal.94 ia.13. Yea, double happy {halt thou be, 

when God by death thee calles* 

f~\ Gracious God and moft mercifull Father , which haft vouchfafed vs the rich 
^and precious icwell ofchy holy Word, afllft vs with thy Spirit, that it may be 
written in our hearts to our eucrlafting comfort, to reformevs, to renew ys ac- 
cording to thine ownc image, to build vs vp, and edifie vs into the perfeft building 
ofthyChrift fanftifyingandmcreafinginvsallheauenlyvertues. Grant this, O 
heauenly Father , for lcfusChriftesfake. Amen. 


^ To the Chriftian R eader, -, , 

Elides the manifold and continual be nf fits which Almighty God bcffowe thypon vs.both corporall and fj 
ri:uall,we arc especially bounde(deare brethren) td giue him tbankes without ccafing for his great grace an 
vriff-enkible mercic%in that it hath plea fed him rocall vs rnto this mavueilous light of his Gofpel,and mo 
cifully ro regard vs after fo horrible backfiid ng Sc falling away from Chrift to Anrichrifi, fro ligkt to dark 
nes,from the liuing God to dumme and dead idoIes,and that after fo cruel! murtber of Gods Sa'nrs,as alasv 
_ hath bene among vi,we arc not altogether cafl off,as were the Ifrae!i!es,& many others for the like, or not 
fo manifeft wickednes, bat receiuedagaine to grace wiih mod euident fignes and token? of Godsefpectall louear.d fauour« 
To the intent rhetefore that wteilia'y not bee vnmindcfull of thele great mercies, bau'eekeby all meanes (according to 1 
our duetie) to be thankefull for the fame, it behouerh vs fo to walke in his feare and loue, t hat all the oaves ot out life weej 
■may procure the glory'of his holy Name, Now foralmucb as this thing chiefly is attained by the knowledge and praclifing 
of t!-.: words of God, (w»hich is the Sight to our pathes, the key of the kingdome of heauen, our comfort in affliction, out 
fhield and fword againft Satan, the fchoole of all wifedome, tbt glafle wherein we behoide Godi face, the teflimonieof his' 
fauour, andtheonelyfoodeandnourifhmentofourfoults) we though: that we could bellow e our labours and ftudie in 
nothing which could bee more acceptable to God and comfortable to his Church, then in the translating of the hob*' 
Scriptures into our natiue tongue : tbe which thing, albeit that diuets heretofore haoe indeuoured to atcbitue : j et confidY 
rin° the inlancie of thole times and impctfcS knowledge of tbe tongues, inrefpectof this ripe ageandcleare lighr whii 
Godluthnow reueiied, the tranfhtions required greatly to be pcruled and reformed. Not thatwevendicate anything to 
our felues aboue :be leaf! of our brethren(for God knoweth with what feare & trembling wehauc bene for the (pace of two 
yeeres and Tiote,<ky and night occupied herein) but being eartjeftly'defired, and by diners, « bofc learning and t?odlines wee 
reuerence, exhorted, and alfbincouraged by theready willcs of fuchy whole hearts God likewife tou:bed, not tofpareiny 
charges for the furtheranceof fnch a benefit Stfauor of God towardhis Church(tbougb the time then was moll dangerous 
and the perfecution fharpe & furious) we fubmhtedout lelues at length to theit godly judgements, and feeing tbe great op- 
portunitie and occafions, which God ptcfented vnto vs in his Churcn,by resfon of fo many godly and learned men,and fucb 
dinerfitiesof tranflations in diuerstougucs: we vndcttooke this- great & wonderful werke (withallteuerence.asin the pre- 
fence ofGod.asintreating the word ofGod,whereunto we thinke our felues vnfufneient) which now God.according to his 
diuine prouidence & mercy,harh dire&ed toa molt profperousegd. And this we may wi(h good confeience proteft, that we 
haue in euery point & word^ccoidingto the mtafiire of thatknowledge which it pleafed Almighty God to giue vs, faith- 
fully rendred the text,and in all hard places mofl fyncerely expounded the fame. Fo; God is our wit neiTe,tbat wee haue by all 
meanes endeuoured to fet foorth the puritie of the word and tight fenfc of the hoiy Ghoft,for tbe'edilying of the brethren 
in faith and charirie, , , L * 

Now as wehaue chiefly obferued the fenfe, and laboured alwayes to reftoreit to all integrity : fo haue v»s moft reurrcr.:- 
ly kept iheproprietie of the words'', confideting that the Apoftles who fpake and wro:eto tbe Genii'es in the Greece 
tongue, rather conftrai.ied them to tbe Imely phrafeof the Ebrewe, then enterpriied farie by mollifying their language to 
fpcakeastbe Gentiksdid. And (orthis&otritt caufes we haue in mmy places refetuedthe Ebtewphrafe's,no:withuanding 
' thattheymay feemefomewhat hard in their earestbar are nor well pracliled, andalfo delightin^hefweetfbuniiingphrafes 
of the holy Scriptures. Yet left either the fioiple ibould be diicouraged, or the malicious baueanyoccafior.of iuftczu ; lla- 
tion, feeing fbrr.e ttanilations re3de. after one fort,and fame after another, whereas all may feme to good pui pofe Sc edifica- 
tion, wehaue in the margent noted- that druerfitie of fpeech ov reading which may at'ofceme agreeable to she n.iiideof the 
holy Ghoft,and proper lor our language with this *marke||. Againe,- whereas the Ebrewe fpeech feerned haroly to agree 
with ours, we haue note Jit in the margent after thufort +, vfing that which was mote intelligible. And albeit that many of 
the Ebrew names be altered from the old text, and reftortd to the true writing & firft otig qrI!, whereof rhey haue their lTg- 
nificarion.yet in the vtball names litle is changed for feare of troubling tbe fimplc readers. Moreouer, whereas the neceffitie 
of the lenrence required any thing to be added (for fuchis the grace and propnetie of the Ebrewe and Greeke tongues that 
it cannot but either by crcumlocuiion,or by adding the vetbe or fbrne word, bevndctfloodof them that are not w til pra- 
&\k J therein ) wee haue pur it fc the text with an other kinde of letter , that i: may eafily bee difcemrd from the common 
letrer.A; touching thsdiuifion oi the verfes,wehauc Folowed the Ebtew examples, which hj-ue fo euen from the beginning 
diftinguWied tbem. Which tlii.ig as it is moft profitable tor memqr:e,/o jotli ii agree with tbe beft tranflations, and is moft 
f sfie to finde out both by the befl Concordances, and alio by .the cjuoratior.s which we haue diligently herein perufed and - 
fetfonhby this*. Befides this, the ptincipali matters are noted and diftmguiOied by this marke ^. Yeaandthe argu- 
ments both for thebookc and for the chapters with the number of the vetfe aie added, that by all meanes the reader might 
beholpen. For the which caufealfo wee haue !et ouer the head of euery page fome notable woide or ftnrence rhich may 
greatly further alwcll for memorie,as foe thechiefe point "of the page. A:>d confidering how hard a thing it is to vndctftand 
the holy Scriptm es.and what ertorSjfecrs and hercfiesgro>vdayly for lacke of the trre knowledge thereof,and how many are 
difcouraged (a^ they pretend) bccau(e they cannot attains to the true and fimple meaning of the fame, we haneaKo indeuou. 
red both by tbe diligent reading cf the bell commentaries,and alfo by tbe conference wich the gpdly and learned brethren, to 
gather briefe annotations vpon all tb: hatd piaces,a(wel for tbe rndetfianding of fucb words as are obfcure,snd for the de- ' 
elar«ion of tbe text,as for the ap . licatioa of the famc,as may-molt appertaine toGods glory & i he edification of his Churcb. 
Finally, that nothing might lacke which might be bought by labours, for the inereale of knowledge and furtherance of 
Gods glory,there are adioyned two mofl profitable Table*,the one feruing for tljx interpretation of the Ebrewe names: snd 
the other eonra : ningall the chiefeand principal mattersof the whole Bible: fo tnat npthing(as we truft;thar anv could iuflly ' 
detire, is omitted. brethien that aiepatt.ikers of the fame hope and filtration with vs, we befrech you.that this ] 
richpeatleanduieftimablet-enfuremaynotbeofi'redin vaine, but asfentfrom God to the people of God, foi their.crcafe 
of his kingdome, the com!o:t ofbis Church, and dtfcliarge of out coafcience, whom it hjth pleafed him to raife vp fot rhis ' 
purpofr,fo you would willingly receiue thewordeofGodje.arnelily ftudicit, andinallyourlifeptsfiifeit, that yeemayncnv' 
appe2re in deede to be the people of God,not walking any more according to this world, but in the fruits of tbe Spirit } tb^C. 
Godiu vs may be fully g!oii£eo,throu£h Chiiil; Iefus ourLord,who liueth and reigneth fo t e utr. A.T.en, 



• 4 L- H 

uer min- 
take pro* 
fite by rea- 
ding fcrip. 
surcs, muft 

How to take profit by reading of'the holy Scriptures. 

Eameftly and vfually pay vnto God that lie wil ^ 
vouchfaf c t» (^ 

Diligently keepe fucb order of reading the fcrrp- 

tures and prayer as may (land with his calling" 

- and ftate of life, So due 

Vnderftand to what ende and purpofe tho Scrip- 
tures feme, which were 



» Ephe.5.v.i^. 


r Religion and the ^ 
right worfhipping 

Remember that Scrip- 
tures conta'ne matter 

Teach the way ofhfs ftatuus. 

Giue vnderftanding. 

Direct in the path of his commaundements. 

Attheleaft } twife euery daye this exercife 

be kept. 
The time once appointed hereunto after a good 

enrrie,be no otherwife employed. 
Supcrftition be auoyded. 
At one othet time that be done,which is left vn- 

done at any time. 
Teache,tbat we may learne trueth. 
Improue,that we may be kept from errourj 
Correft,that we may be driuen from vice. 
Inftruft , that wee may be fetled in the way of 

well doing. 
Comfort, that in trouble we may be confirmed ^t om 

in patient hope. c ' '' " 

' Faith in f^- 
„_../- i< Sonne. 

one God £ H olyGhoft. C i. Creation. 
The ftate of mankinde, by < 2. fall and finne. 

, C- 3 .regeneration in Chrift, 

{Before Chrift. 
Since Chrift. 
{Before Chrift. 
Since Chrift. 

r Good. 
The ende and generalliudgement of the -J 

C Wicked. 

Common wealthes and gouernments of people, by* 

/Peace and warre. 
jProlperitic and plagues. 
C Quiet. 


Familiei and things 
that belong to houfe-' 
hold,in which are 






, Seruants. 

l Godly blefled. 


The prittflte life and doings of euery man in~—" 


The common life of 
all men,as 

Riches, pouerae. 
I Nobilitie. 

C Difbrdered. 

j Wifedome and follic. 

j Loue and hatred. 

J Sobernefle and incontinence 

^ M irth a n d forro we. 

? Speach and filence. 

I Pride and hnmilitie. 

( Couetoulnefli: and liheralkif 

j Fauour. 

(.Labour and idlenefTe. 

{Articles of Chriftian faith,conteined in the common Creede. 
Firftand fecond table of Gods commandements. 
1 .Coherence of the text, how it hangeth together. 
j.Courft of times and ages, with fuel 1 things as belong vnto them. 
j.Maner of fpeach proper to the Scriptures. 
.^.Agreement thatoneplace of Scripture hath with an other, whereby that jn-bicb 
*— fecmeth darke in one is made eafie ia an other. 

{Reade interpreters, if he be able. 
Confcrre wifb fiich as can open the,3 :.&c 
Heare p*eaching,and to proue by the Scriptures that wliich is taught . AGs.'i j.v'.i 1 . 


Refufe allienieof Scripture con 

Marke and ebnfider the* 

Morning prayer. magm'fie (jtm tip? cuet. into tell, tbe tbirB Bajf be role agaim from tbe BeaB,U 

O all pc ocafis ana cattc|,bIcfTc pct5c 3B»o;ti :p;aife "afcenccD fiuo {jeaunt ,"anti Gttttf;r-n'it-c rigljt bar.ti cf 

fci;n,ano magnifie bin fo? ewet. , ©on tlje father aimigbtp : frrm tberce u>.ll be come 

© pe c!)ilj?en of men,blelfe iz fit JL» s '0: p t :aift fotm, to iutge tlje qwf ckc ana tbe neaB .3} fcelceue in fit fcolp 

enoj iMasnifie Win fo? eiter. <ff (joftYiTje Ijolp Cstljoufce Cbarcb, tbe comimtnicn of , 

© let Strail fcU'ffc tbe : £o;Btp;nife bt'm,atiB mfignt* faints, tbe fojguuneffe c! tee*, tfcc wfiimctioE of 

Se Ijtm fo; euet, 

. ©pe p^scft&cEo^bfefCcpet&eE^a: pjapfc 

iiui,atta msguiSebimfo; eutr. 

. © eeferuaats.ou&e &o;o,blt(rcpetfjcJU;B;'p;ap£e 

fjtm,ano rhagniSc (ji:n fo; tmi, 

tb:borp,anB tbe life eticili.Giiig.9men. 
^ And atter that, tlicfe prayeis following, as well at 
Fuen ing prayer,as at Moi ning prayer, all deuoutly 
kneeling. The MinjfUr fijft pronouncing v/itii 4 
Iwniie voyce. 
.©pefpfrit0airafouleicftbcrig|jteo:is,bleffcpetbe £beJLo/abe bilfi poti 
Jto.rtj: pjaplHj:m,arJBmagniaeUmfo?eiicr. . Anfwere, 

© pee bolp ana bmnble men of bcart, bletfe pee tlje aiiBtoitfctbpfptrtt. 
JLaiu : pjatfc Ijim.ana niagntfie bim ft; eticc. Minifter. 

© llamas , a?artas, anB ®tfael, blelfe E«tOe Let vs pray. 

JLoia : piagCe Fjini,aaD tt.agntSc i,tm fa; t mc. , EoiBSaue mere p ttpon bS. 

" ©'.atotbcfrC. •- Cbuftb'auemercpbDoubS. 

fls tr toaa t-t the Ocfftuiung, jc ILeja baue mercp upon b?. 

^" And after the fecond LtiTon, fhal be vfed and fayd ^ Then the Minifter Cleikes,and people fl» all fay cljj 

Bx»edtciiu 'Donnnus Dou'lfracl'm Englifh, as fol- 
io weth. ■ 
BJLfKen be tbe Hort &ob ofjflfraef : fo' I;c fat| biTf 
tto ana reaeeiiirc b'S nreple. 

Snti bail; raifrc bp a rr.tglup falaetfan fo;bS: in tbe 
, fls bee ..pafcebp tlje moutb*f bis bolp^fpberS: 
to'tib bare ben? due tbr Sso^d began. 

(JbattosfbotilBbc fmteb from our enemies: Qttwm 
ttje lianas of all tbat barebs. " . 

Groperrojmctbemercp i^onufcn to otitfo;efatTjerS: 
ana t; remnnber !:is l;cl? covicnant. 

^Topetfujme tlje otbe tofjiefj fee ftoarc to our fo;t fa 
tTftct 9i}<di)am : t&at betDoulD gtuebs. 

^tattoce, being tielt'iictcB out of tlje ^anoss ofeuc 
snemics : mijht Geutic bimtoitljoiit feare. 

3i« IjonncHe a:o tigctcourneKe befojc l;im : an t^e 

2n3t!)oit cMbc RjaltBe canto tTjcP'opIjctoftfie 

Lords prayer iii Enghrh.with a loud voyce, 
©ur jFatljrr bobtclj art in fctaiitn^c. 

The Minider tht-n flanding vp,(hall fay. 
© JLojD &)jb) l^f |n »c? &peit 5>S. 

3na graunt be t-;p (aluatt'on, 



3nc mcrctfiillp f;carc ug tofien toe caR bp<m t^ep» 


©taut tljp Q9ir.iftcri3 mitf) rigdteeuM&i 

3nB mafef tfip cljofrn yeeplc topfull, 


Sna b'effe tt<ine fn! m'tance. 


SigljcH : fo; tljott ft).ilt gos before the faccof t{i« JLo;af," ©:tu peace in onetime, *> JU?D. 

•-. to prepare !)igto<-pe0. 

* • ,Sog ; i!cknataIeDge of Chlaation bnto 5iS people :fo; 
tli< t emiffion of tljeir Hemes. 

<Ib?oitgT) t be tenrer me rep of our ®>oa: toTjerebp, rfcc 
Sap 'p;(ng from a« Ijig&batli btfiteD ba. ■ . 

t[n giue Jigbt to tbt 01 tbat (it in aarfeeneflfe , ana in 
t&c ^an*to of aeatlu ana togttiae outfeeteintetbc 
toap of pract. 
©Io;p be to tbe5Fatber,anB to t&e gsc. 
35 it laas in tbe begt'nntRg.te nobj.gfc 
Or this C.Pfalme Iubtlate. 

TBeeauff tbcre is none ot&er t5at BgTjtet^ fo? b0 , 6at 
< onelgtI;oii,©(5oD. 

© ©oa mar« eleaiic ottr I;carti» toitfjin fcsf. 

3nB tate net tljp bolpfptrit from bjf. 
f Then ftall follow three Colleds. Hie firft of the 
diy } whjch ftialhe the fame that is appointed at the 
ComnmnioR. The fecond,for peace. The thini,f<,r 
, grace to Iiuc well And the two laft Colled* /hall 
" neuer alter, butdaylybe laid at Mmnirg prayer, 
throughout all the y eere as followeth. 
% The fecond Colled for peace. 

OOcd iubicb art autbo; of p-. ace, ann Ioucr of cott*' 
ca?D, infeKoiulcDge of fejlj,m Bar.Bctb our tternall 
life, totofeftKuce t'e perfect fret Berne : ueftnc bg tb? 
. © goe pour hiap into i/itf gaie^isttl) tf.aitftc'gtBhifl;: bumble teams fn ail affau! f $ of our tnemies , tljat 
ann into bt'S eoKrtgiu'tbpjapfetbctbaimfiilbntobt'm, tecc Cturl? trufiing in t6p D^ftn. e, map net fcarc tbe 
enc fpeake gooa of bis J12ame. patocr of anp aBiierfarfcS, tlj;eHg{) tU might of JidujJ 

jfo; tbe Haft i<i grncteus.bis merevjs etierTaflmg; CDOjtU our JU;D. flmep. 
anDbiStructbcnauretbfromgfiieratioto generation. , ^ The third Colled for etace. 

(5!o;p be to the 5ratber,anB 10 fit jc. ". /™\ SLo;B ourljcdHcnrp Jratber, dsfi'gbrp rmc fnerTa* 

as it teas in tbe bfginni;'g,?c. Sifting (f5ot,to&icIjbafr fafefv b;oti'gljt bs re tbe be« 

IT/Thjn fhalbe fayd the Creedfi by the Minifter and gaining oftbiSBap, DrfcnE bs in tbe famerrifljtb? 
the people,ftan'ding. rriigbtp potoet,'8im grant tbat tlji'S Bap to fal' into \\9 

ITSclecue in ®oB tb« Fatber aimtgTrtie , mater, of ftmie . ne itljer rumic rtito an» bime of Banger, but ibat 
Iieancn ano cartb- 3nB in Jcfus Cb.'.ifi bi«onefp allourBoiiigsmap brccjotrcBbp tbp ttoitemarec, to 
%onne otir 3Lc?a , to^ic^ bja? conceitjcB bptbebolp ecealtoaprs tfiat is rtgbtcctis fn lftp ftgbt, t()!etig5 
(STodiJIiciM'rt fit eiirgtn (^it^fttfifa W0» JLBonce %(Hifi £.fyi& cut Hoi's, Qnmu 

Iuhihte Dti. ^-v Tg e f m ,f ul{ fn ^ e 5L0ZB , all per lanBS t fcrite tbe 
VvJLojd toitb glaanefte, CHDcemebcfo^fcispje* 

TSe pceftire tbat tlje Ho;a tje is <SoB : it it Its. fist 
fcatb maoe bs, anB net toe our femes, tot are bis peo« 
ple.aHB tbe fljecpe of btPpafiitre. 

<^5 An order for Euening prayer 

throughout the yeere. 

The Miiiifter (hall fay. 
I (Be jFailjer tofiirb att in fjeauen,$c 
J Then likewife he (hall fay. 
s © JLofa opent&oti out lipp. 
. Anfwere. ■ 

[ 3ns our mouth fljal ujetofojth t§ J pjaifc 
Minifier. * 

© ©on male (peene to fauebjJ. 



©lojpbe to tbe JFatljctiann to trje ^>onnc,?c, 
ap it was in trje beginning,^ iioto,$c. 

^ Then Plalmes in order, as they be appointed iu the 
Table for Pfalmes, except there be proper Pfelmes 
appointed for rhat'dny. Then a I eflon of the olde 
Teftanient , as is appointed likewife in the Kalen- 
der, except there bee proper Leflbns appointed for 
that day. After that ( Magnificat ) in Englifh,as 
u -c \ A% to'.ileB«:^mapiSerte!LojIi: annmpfpicit 
r i Z <' iVlrjatl} retopecu in ©on mp hauteur. 
iMKt 1.4&. jj» oi fjg i,ati) rcgatDeo: plfltolaicg cf bisrjannmarocn. 
jro: beboh from Ijencefoojtb, : all generatunjj (ball 

j7o; he ti;at is mtgfjtp bath, magniCxeu mc t ann ftolp 

StiD Ijio mercp is on them tbat feare him ; though* 
o:itali generation. 

fc;e bath fbefcoen ftrength toitb bis arme: I;e barb feat' 
tereD tfje p.JottB in the imagination ot'rtjeirbearts. 

fte batb pit solmu tbe migfitp from t&etr feat i arm 
$atb r.ialtec ttjc bumble ehd nirefce. 
. lt)e ijatlj 6ito tbe Ijingrp toitfi goon tbtttgfc anD t&t 
tidi be hat& tot rmptie ataap. 

C£e tcmemfying tjig mercp, bath fiolpen bis fetiiant 
3Iftael: ashepjomiDeB to out forefathers, abjabam, 
ann T)t^ fttoc fa,: ccicr. 
©typ fce to the father , anD to the &omu : arm te 
. tbe bdp ©fjoff. 

Z$ it toast m the beginning^ noto ano ritet I'albt ; 
teojln toitTjottt eiia. amen. 
Or the <>8.Pfalaie. 
S&ntmt /~\S>tagutito the IU?n aruUjfong'.fojbehathnone 
n«t«»a. v/manieitouu things. 
4/»7B}a». jaiitT) bfo otone tigbt fiann.ami toith big fidp acme: 

Oatb be gotten bimfelft ft* bictozie. 

fEheHojn ceriarcn Ijis3 faluatiomhisrfgbteoufaefie 
rjatb be openlp ftjetoeO in t&e fight of tbe beatben. 

Jteebaibrememfyeti fjis mercp ann tructfj totoaro 
tTjcIjaufcofaCtael: ann alltheennsoft&etoojlobaue 
fcene tbe fatatie-ti oFour ©on: 

<&fjcto pour Celuc0 iojful bnto t\z Ho^ti all f c lansgt 
ihi^tciopce,anD ghee tlanKj?. 
■■;-^japre tlie ILo,jd byon trje rjarpe : Gng to t(ie 5arp« 
fiftl) a pfalme oftljaiiRefgising. 
ttaitbSriiirpetj! alfo ana STjatomr^j © J^to pout 

U\ IC5 (opfllll t)CfoK tf)C 2,C?0 ti)Cilx]HS. 

!Let tljc fea mahe a noffe,anu all rtjat t5«ttin ij! : t()C 
toit'itt too2lD,ano ttcp tliat rjtoclt tfjerr in. - 

3lcttf)c{Ifloaaclap t^f ir &atvns,ant) let t^cIjillesBe 
topfnl togct^ttufo^ t&c JLojBjftj Ds i? (otne to (hdsc 
^ U 0<ea«6. 

CJlftb, rfg^tcouTnc^D&al 5e iutge t^« foojto: mm ft« 
people tuitl; equine. 
tSlojp be to tfje JFat^et , ano to ttie ^)c«ne : ant tc 
t^erjelp©I;oa. 1 
• fljitt luaja in t()ebfginn{Rg,(isnoirjanD eusr ^albe* 
loojlD luitljout ent. amen. ' : 

^"Tfien a Leilbn of the newTeftament,and after that, 
Nunc dunittu in Engli(h ? as followeth. 

L©jo ttoto letteii tOoiitljpfetnam Depart in peace : *,,.„.*• 
acco^ing to ttpiDOjD. m« 

jFo?minecpcg5auefeene:tBpfaI»at(on. . Tl ,v"* , j 

Whitb-Hton 5aO pjepareo: before deface efaS 1 • ,IKe2 • 3 i , • 

Co be a ligljt to lighten tfie ©entilejs: anB to lie tfy 
glojtp of t^p people SIftael. 
©lojpbe to tfje jFatfjer,anrj to t&e $c. - 
a? it toa<3 in tTjc noto,?e. 
Or this Pfalme. 

G©QbenKtiif«lltimot;0, anDbtctTeb^: annftjeto Deusmifere- 
WtbeligCt of W countenance, annbemercitiiU acur^faLtfy. 
SjBto "an. 

■ ©bat tf;p toap map Bee foiotucn bpon tDe eattb : tbg 
fauing bea'tfo among all nations. 

JLct ibe people pjaptc tbec, © ©on ; pea, fetal! tTje 

© (et tf;e nations rriopce anu 6 e glao t foj tTjoit l^aft 
iuoget^efolfce rtgueoiiUp , anagoiierne tbe nations 
Upon eartl). ^ 

£.et tbe people pjapfc tbec, ®©oD: let an tbe pec. 

tfi&cn iljaH tf;e eatthl^ing foo?tbl;crencreafe: ana 
©on, turn put otone ©an (hill gine ba bis bleffing. 

©oo u>i!lblel&i)s: ann a(l tbe enDttof tfjetoo^Io 
ffjaH feate Ijiin. 

©lo?ie be to tfic jTatber, ann to tfce ^onne j ens tft 

as it toa5 in tDe becimtmg,is) noto.ann eutt fljallie; 
tuo^lo britbout citb. amen. 

^ Then (hal follow the Cteede with other prayers,as 
is before appointed at Morning prayer after Bene- 
diclus,znd three Collects. Firft of theday. Se- 
cond,of peace. Third,forayde againftall pcrils,as 
hereafter foIoweth,which two laft Collefts (ha!be 
dayly fayd at Euening prayer without alteration, 
^ The (econd Colled a: Euening prayer. 

O ©on from toljptt all bolp Befit**, all goec cotm* 
felji, annalliuii baojkepooepjoeeenej giuetrttto 
tfjp fcniantsi tl;at peace iotiicb tbetuajto cannot gine/ 
tljat liotrj out Ijeattjimapbeftttoobeptbpcomman- 
nemcntjS,aniialfoti&atbptr)ee 5 toebeingnefenneDrrnrM 
tfte feare of our enemi e£(,map parts out time in rcfi ano 
qnietneffe , t5?o:tgD tDe metites of 3I«fi l s€fjjiQcHW 
^anfoHc. 3men. 

q The third Colleftfor aydeagainft all perils. 

L3gT)tenoutcat6cnc(ie, toee beleecb t&«,© Ha:n. 
annbptrjpgtcatmcrcieDefciin bs from art peril* 

ana Dangers of tfefsJ nigfit, fo? tfje (ohc oftbponelg 

feonne onc%aiiioiit3Iefii3 ollijirt flmen. 

f In the feafts of Chriftn>as,theEpiphanie,S Matthi. 
as,Eafter,the Afcen(ion,Penteco(t,S.Iohn Baptift, 
S.Iames,S Bartholoniew,S.Matthew,S Simon and 
Iude ? S.Andrew,& Trinitie Sunday, (halbe fung or, 
faid lnimediatly after Be necU^ia^his confefllon of 

; our Chiillian faith, -■ 



Quituniut \ X 7^oCbetut twill be fatten i befoie all trjing* it fe 
**/*. ' V V HcccfratEtbatrjCbofotbcCatboltfecfaitfj. 

JKHjuIj faitl) , crccpteuerpone aoe feee^e b&lp ann 
bnoefilcD : toitfjout Doubt rje ftjall pevifl) etterlaGmgl?. 

aiiatijeCacboltkefaitb i0t!)is : tiiattoeetoojlfcip 
die ©cD in tjErinme.anD tTiinitie (ti Onttie. 

£ktt()cr confounomgtljepafons;: nojoiiuDtngtrje 

JFo? t&ete is one perton oftTjc jFatber, anotljet of t&e 
©wine : ana an.ubcr cf t(je Dolp (Sfeoff. 

"But tlje ©oDljeae of tlje jfatber, of tlje ©onnr , aim 
of tr)e b. Ip ©bofi, (0 a I one : trje gtojg etmall, ttjc ma* 
('elite coeternall. 

<£>ucrj a? t&e jFattjer te,GtcIj te t&e &cime : anD fttcrj 

QTbe JFatber vmcreate,tLe feonne bncreate : alio t^e 
&ol?©&oli bncreate. 

<Ef;e tf at&cuncomp;te5enfibIe,tIie ^ taccmpje* 
fienRble j aim t'je bolp ©IjoG tncomp?eljcn&i le. 

fjlje jFatber eternall , t(;e ^onneetttnall : ano tOe 
fcolp ©boft eternall. 

anD pet tie? arc not tb?ee eternals j but one eternal. 

3s alfo iljerebenot tbjee incompzebenSble&no? tfyee 
fcncreateD j imt one uncteateD, $ < ne incompjcrjerifible. 

^o Uketoife tbe JFatber id almigbtg, tbe feonne at» 
migljtp. ! anD t&e &olp ©ijoG almigbtp, 

3nn get tbep ate not t&ee almighties : bat one al« 

%o t&e jFatber te ©orj,t!)e@>orme 10 ©oB : arm t&e 

Snn pet tljep ate not t&jce ©oBe : but one ©erj. 

%o lifeetotfe t&e JFat&er tgilojB, t!;e $>cnne ILojD j 

flmi pet not t&iee ILojd0 : Imt one Hejo", 

jfo? (i&e as toe be cope feu bj tlje €b?iflian fcrtttij: to 
acfenotoieDge euerp perfcn&pbimfclftolie ©on p ILojn 

<s>o ate ice foibiD9enbpt&< , <£atljol8e religions to 
fagtljere be tfj?ee©oC0,o;tt&?ee JUtCiS. 

<£be jf at&er to mafle of none : ncttl;ct createn no? 

title <S>onne ii of t&e JFatber atone : not mase, noj 
crcateti,but begetten. 

€&c toTp <E&cG (3 of t&e JFatTjct,? of t&e <&on t nei= 
t&er createn,noj bcgotten,but ptotteBtng. 

<S>o t&cre tj5 one jf at&er,not tb?e? ^on, 
not tfyee ^onstone &oip (SboS.not tfjiee Ijolp <©%off^. 

aim in tbiss ^Tttnitie none in afoje o? after ot&er: 
none i* greater o? letTe t^en apotlier. 

ano cotquall. 

^o rljat in alf tbiug^ as feafojefata t tlje (Smtie in 
tlttnitte.gttlie tSTrtnitic in Clmtie iu to be too^ttjippen. 

t)t tbrrefoje tijat totllbe fatieo : muS tljit? tfjinke of 

jFurtfjetmoje , iti^necetfarp toeitetlaRingfafuatt- 
on : iljat fjee alfo beltetie cigljtlp in t(je incarnation of 

jFe? tljc rfgiit faitft, i^.tbat toe beleene ann confeffe: 
t\) at our 3Lojb 3Je&i9 Cb?iO,tfje feonne of ©on.ijs ©oo 
ann man. 

©on of tlje fubffance of t!;e JFatTjct, be gotten bcfo?e 
trje too:lQ« : ano man of t&e fubftance of-^is mother, 

Ptrfect ©at) ann {jctfc ct maniof arcafonablefonle, 
ann Immane fltlb I'nbfiBtng. 

<£q«al to tl)e JFattiet ass toucbing W ©ot)TjcaB:ano 
■ infcrtouriotbefarljertourbingbigmanljooo. 

ffiMfio altfjouglj bee be ©on ano man ; get &ce it not 

ffine , not bj comietGon of tb,e ©octjean intofleJ^ : 
dm It t&m of tb^manijooo into ©oo, 

SDne altogether , not by confafton ofrnHlancc j But 

jFo? au tie reafonable foule anc fieflj ijJ one man : fa 
©03 ar.ti man i$ me <£fyi£i. 

CjE31jo ftiffctct foj oiittaiuatton, BcfccnDctiMotjcH: 
tofe agai;e tlje tbii'D oag from tljc ccati. 

Cpe at'cciTDcD ii:to tieciien,t;e (ittf tb on trje rigltljans 
of tte JFiitbrr , ©ob almigljtie : from thence tee CjaU 
come to iuBge ilie qntike-ant tlje DcaB 

flt toljofe coming all mcn'fljall t(fe agair.c uiitrj tBeic 
boaicst! ann flja'.I giuc account fo? tljeir otone teojKjs- 

9no ttjcp tljat Ijaite oonegoou, Shall goeimo life 
rtscrlafling ; ann ttjeg t^at I;auc Bone eaill, into enctla* 

tBZiiCct i^ trje ^TatSelifee fairt : to^icrj ertiyt a man 
beleetie fait"uttiH;',be camiet be I'atteD. 

©lo?p be to tlje JFatI)cr,ami to tlje ^c. 

flg (tiuas in tlje beginning^ note t?c. 
^Thus entleth the order of Morning andEuemr-j 

prayer throughout the whole yeere. 

^ Here followeth the Letanie, to be vied ', 

vpon Sundayes,W€dnefdayes,and Fridayes, 

and at other times, when it (hall be 

commanded by the Ordinane. 

©osrf&e f atrjer of beaue h j rjatie metfg 
opoH Us3 mitirable finnens. 

O God the Father of heauen : haue 
mercy vpon rs miferable finners. 
® ©oDtlje^cnne rccccmer of tlje 
tooilD ; tauemercpbponw miferable finnttA 
O God the Sonne redeemer &c. 
SD ©od tbe tolp ©Ijoft p?ocee Ding from tbe JFattjec 
aim tbe £>onne: ^atit mercp bpon bu mifei able finned. 

O God the holy Ghoft &c. 

SDTjo'p. ble(feD,ami gloziotts ^Erinttie, tfijee petfong 
ann one ©oc : bane mtrcp bpon faff miferable (tnitftg. 

O holy,bleiTed,and glorious Trinitie,&c. 

llleinf mber not Lojo our offences* , no? tlje ofertcefi 
of o:tt fo^cfarterp, neitfjrr take trje;i liengeance of one 
Cnnejs : Spare b$ goon jD.o?D , fpart tbr people ttbem 
trjou bait retjeemct) roitlj tbp moli pjectoup blooB , «na 
be not angrp toitrj Dp fot eaer. 

, Spare vs good Lord . 

#rom all euill ano mifdjiefe , from Cnne , from trje 
crafts ann affattltp of tbe ctttill, fromtljviBjat'g ano 
from euetlalting tamnattan. 

Good Lord deluter vs. 
JFrom allbliiwafffe ofbca'.t^rompjiBe.bat'neglo^, 
ann bppocrifie, from cnuie, batten, anB malice, anD all 

Good Lord deliuer vs. 
jFtom fornication , enD all etbertca&Ip Cnne , anrj 
from all tlje Deceits of trje xuojtee, tljeflitt) annt^e 

Good Lord deliuer vs. 
JFrom lightning ann ternpeB , from plague , peGU 
lence, aiiBfamiRe,froiii baitell, ami motDtr, anBfrem 

Good Lord deliuer vs. 
5?rom allfcrjition MiDpjiuie cenlpiracie , from aU 
falCc Dccrrine anD tjcrtfie, from barmiefir of Ijtart, afra 
coiutmpt of tbptoojoamj femmanccment. 

Good Lord deliuer vs. 

TSp tbe mpfierie of tbp f;oIp incarnatcn, Bp tbp Ijol? 
natiuitieanDciictmic;G..n, bjtbjbaptilmc, fafting, 
anD temptation. 

Good Lord deliuer vs. 
TSptbtneagenic antbloctic ftotate, Iipt&prtflfie 
anDgafjfioB, bHt^pjecioinsDcatvanubiiriaU, bptb? 
a 3 glcjionjs 



glaiiott? tsfurrectJon.fiun atccnGon , ano bp the cent* 

Good Lord deliuer vs. 
3!n all tim-: of sue tubulation , in all time of out 
faeaittj, in tlje goitre of flcatb, ano in tlje flap of iuoge« 

Goad Lord deliuer vs. 
OHee aimer?: cee befeccfj tljee to Sefirc b? (3D JLojB 
©oo) ana tljat it mappleafe t§ce to rule anagouewe 
tljp Ijolp Cturch Sjinacrffjllp in tlje right toap. 
We befeech rfiee to heare vs good Lord. 

Sljat itmappleafetijeeto keep: ano firengtljeniit 
tlje true toottoptng of t& rigfjieauriieiTc am he» 
linetfc of lif?, tljp Cenuttnr |»nt ^ our moil gracious! 
.King arjagencrnottc. ' 

W btfeech thee to heare vs good Lord. 

Htyk it m.ip plcafc tlj?e to tills lji?Tjeatt in tip faitlj, 
fc/e a.;o Io::c ; auo that he map cu«moje Ijaue aSiiauce 
ja iijce.aia cucr fecke tljp Sonout aim glozp. 

We befeech thee to heart vs good Lord. 

dfjat it map plcate tljee to tee fcis otfenorr ano Ret* Ijimt&t bi<.tojiectur allljis enemies 

We btfeech thee Co heare vs good Lord. 

{Tljat inuapp!eafe tljee toblefo ano ptcferne out 
gracious ©acme Suae, Prince Epcnrp, anotljerefi 
of tlje King ana ©uctncgJRopaliiulic. 
t •. We bUi:ech thee to heare vs good Lord. . 

t£f.;at it ma? pleafe tfjee to illuminate all TBi&jop?, 
p ..Ro^ ana mintlt c r? of tlje Cfjurcb , toitfj true knoti)« 
letiac ana uiiDcriiaiicmg of tbp toojDe , ana tljat tiot& 
. ftp tljeir yjeaclu'ntr ann lining , tljep map fet it foojtt), 
ana fljeto it accojoutglp. 

We btfeech thee to heare vs good lord. 
- {pat tt map pic afc t&r e to ena'ue tlje ILojc? of tlje 
couiifel,anB all t(je nebiliticAuith gracc,\Mlfeoome,aiiD 

We befeech thee to heare vs good Lord. 
dljat it map plcale tFjce to blr ife nno keepe tlje (^a« 
gtdrate? , giuiug tljtm grate to t recutc tuBiec, ano to 
nuintamerriirtf;. f 

We befeech thee to heare good Lord. 

tCljat it map plcafc t&ce to Weite ano kcepe ali tljp 

We befeech thee to heare v< good Lord, 
OTjat it map plcafc tT)ee to giue to all nations! bnitp, 
geacr.avo coneejD. 

We befeech thee to heare vs good Loid. 
fjhat it map plcafc thee te ginc ii? an fjeart to lone. 
bub ozeao tljee , ant) Diligently to Hue after tljp com- 

Wee befeech thee to heare vs good Lord, 
©bat itimppfeafetljcc to giue te all t!:p people in« 
rreafe of g^a e, to teaic mrr^iljr tTjH too?©, r.nn to re- 
ceiue it totto pure affection , anD tobjingfooitlj tlje 
fruit? of ti;efpirir. 

We befeech thee to heare vs good Lord. 
3F.&at it imp plcafc tljee tob'ing into tlje toap of 
trHCtb-.aU fitcTj n? Ijaue erreo ann ate octf into. 

We befeech chee to heare vs good Lord. 

©bat it map pleafe t&ec u Bringtljen fucij a? Boe 
Bana,ant> to comfrjt aim Ijelpe tfietucake Ijeatteti, ann 
to raife up tljcm t^at fall , ano Snallp to beate DoUme 
^atanfano'T our feet. 

We befeech thee to heire vs good Lord. 

tlffnt it map vleafe t&ee to fu coitr, Ijelpc, antt com» 
fo?t all tint be in n.inger,ntcc!.Titic.anD tribulation. 

We befeech thee ip heare vs good Lor.d. 

tST&at it map pleafe tliec t'op;efrrni*a'ltb..t traucll 
tplanti 02 bp luatcr, alliuom. n labouring of cfjiftt*, all 
fickc perfonss ann vong cbilr;cn . ano to njc^ til gl«'c 
tpoa allpjifoiict^anpcaptttiei*. 

We befeech thee to heare v s good Lord 
CThat it map plea't tljee to uet'enn ami p? oaiae foj 
tfo fatlKtlrffe tlji!D^cn ana luicotocs , ano all that be 
oefolate ano opyjeffen. 

We befeech rheeto heare vs good Lord. 
fEOat it map pleatt tljee to Ijaue merep i^on all men. 

Wee befeech thee to heare vs good Lord 
tlljat it map pleafe t&ee to fojgiue our enemie^pec* 
fecutens ano flanOcrersi.anD to tnrne tbeit Ijeart^, 
We befeech thee to heare vs good Lord. 
QTljat it map pleafe thee to gitte ano pjeferue to out 
l)fe t£e feincl? fruit? of tie tattlj, fo as in one time ioet 

We beftcch thee to heare vs good Lord. 
<a"Sat itmappleaitljceto gitie O&trucreprntAnce, 
to fo?giue bjs all pnr finned, negligences ano ignojan* 
te?,anD to enotte ug tuttlj tlje grace of rtp help €>giri!, 
ta amena our line? aecosoing to tljp IjolptuozB. 

We befeech thee to heare vs good Lord. 

feomie of ^od : toe befeech tljee to ftcare &$. 

Sonne of God : we befeech thee to heare vs. 
© JLantbe of <$«n tljat tafteit alsap tlje wine? «f 
tfje toojlo. 

Grattntvs thy peace 
© JLantbe of <Soo tbat takeft atoap t^c Bnnc? «f 
tlje too2lo. 

Haue meicy vpon vs. 

O Chrift heare vs. 
£ 9*0 fiaut metcp,l>pon »?. 

Lord haue mercy vpon vj. 
<£bjt(t haue mrrcp fijwn d?. 

Chriil haue mercy vpou vs. 130. 

Lord haue mercy vpon vs. 
©nt SFatrjcr toljiel) art in ljeat:eii,?c. 
Sno leaoebiSnot into trmp!atfon,?c. 
T3ut ecliner t)5 from eiiill.amen. 

The Verficle- 
© JLo'U oeale not toitlj w after our linnet. 

• Anfwere. 
JSeitljer tetoaro b? aftrr ouriniqKt'tirjj, 
Lee vs pray. 

O©oo mereifnll jTatljet, that Scfpifcfl not toe Bg6« 
ingofa contrite Ijrart, no; theocfite of fuel) agbe 
fetrolTjfuIl, mcrci'fullp affift our pjaper? tljat tote maSe 
befoje tSce fu all our troujleiJ ano aDiicrfitie?3h3t>n&e» 
tier tfjcp of pjrfjfe b? ; ano gracioufip hearcb?, tljat 
tlj>ife eKil3 3 toljiclj tlje craft ano fubtiltie of tlje Dem'H,o? 
man to??'netlj againff fa? be l;ougljt to nougIjt,anD bg 
tlje prouioence of tljp gooonelfe t|ep map be oifpetfco, 
tbat hjee tbp femants being Ijurt bp ho perfei tition?, 
map euetmojc gme.tljankc3 tmto tljee in tbp ftolg 
(Ifnttcf.tfjjongjj 2'fii? Cljn'fi outlLojo 
O Lord arife, helpe vs, and deliuer vs for thy Names 


© (S5oo,toeIjaiieDearOtoit!j our care?, $ ourfatfjetg 
Ijaue occlareo bttro b?tlje noble bw.ikc? tljat tfiou oio« 
Bed in their oapc?,ano i« tlje olo time bcfo;e tljcm. 
OLoidaiife,helpe vs,& deliuer vs for thine honour* 

ffilojpbctetlje jFatD(t,ano»otl)ce;c. 

3? it ftn? in tbebeginning,i3noto,jc. 
5From our crtemie? ocfeno b?,© Cfijili. 

Gracioufly looke vpon our afflictions. 
JpittfuIbVciiotO tbe fo2i;i»e?ofo:irl)rart?. 

Mercifully forgiue the fiunes of thy people. 
jFaiiotiraWptoitli mercpljearc ottrpjuper?. 

O Sonne of D.iuid haue mercy vpon vs. 
13sth nobJ ano cucr bourhlafe to I;eare b? © €fy\%, 

Gracioufly heare vs^O Chiift, giacioufly heare vs» 
O Lord Chi jft. 


The Letanie. 


i.Cor. i j. 

The verficle, 
ffl) Jtojti let rtgmercp lie ujetoeBtjJon W. 


2s toe B« put out ttuft in tfcee. 

W<2 rjitm&lp DtfcecbtTjce, © jFattjft, mmtfuiTp 
to looke bpon out infirmities, nnu fo; tlje glo,;p 
of tbp JI2amcc Cake, titrne from bs all t^oTc cutis, i&at 
toe mofi tigfjteouftp bane DcfcrueB : ana gratmt tba: in 
all out tioufel? S toe map put or.t tobele truft aun co: ft- 
Eence in tbp metcp,anD euetmoje fertte tier in Lolinrfie 
alio piirerieife oHming, to tbpbouout 9 glo^p, tl;jtuugb 
oiii' oar 1 1 •$)& iatout ana acuocate jcius £hjift out 

A prayer for the Kings Maieftie. 

O&023 ottrbeaHcnlp jFatber, (nub $ mlgfjtp £\ing 
ot HinEg,JLo?n oflo2as,tfceonelp titfct e; princes, 
hfoict) Boeltfrom tbp t^jone bebola all ilje Btorllrrs bp« 
en cartb, maflbeattilptoeebrfeccbtbeetoitb tbp fa- 
unae ta bcIjolDc our mofl gtacious fourtaignc iLe?te 
Jcting HameS , ana fa replei trtj &im toitb tbe grace of 
tbp bo!g Spirit, tOat be map altoa? ivcline to tbp toili, 
uenlp gifts , pan: t iu'm in Ijcaltb ana tccaltlj long to 
liijf, fircngtbenbiXtbat be map ba?qttiG)$ overcome 
all b;3 enemies, ano fiiialfg after tl/ts life, rjc rua? at« 
rafaeeurtTafling topr.nafeiifttp,tl;joug5 SeuisCbjitt 

A prayer for the Queene and Prince, and other 
the Kings and Qufenes children. 

AHmigljtp ®oa, tofjieb toll pwmifea to be a fatlet 
of elect ana oftbeirCecre, toce bumalp be- 
Ceeclj tljee ts b'efle our gracious ©.uf ene Anne.piinre 
Henry , anB all tbe fiting ano ©ttcenrs Uopall p?o> 
genie: mBuetbfmtoitTjtbpbelp^ptrit, trujcf) tljem 
Ittitli tbp {jeaiienh grace, ^ofper tbem toitb alt bappt« 
ittfic , arsD bjing tf em ta tljine euctiafttrg kingoome, 
tfcatigb JclnS QLIju'f! oat llo?r. 2mrn. 

AJLmigbtp anBeuerfaSing(5oa,tofcirbcncrptoo!. 
feed ^reat matueifes.Cemi Boton vipen out TSifhops 
ami eturatrs anr* nl congregations cenmtittrD totbetr 
cfiatge,tbe IjealrbfulI'Vitit of tbp grace, ano tbat tljcp 
map trneljt pleafe tbee.po'aie upon tfjem tbe rontinuall 
Detoe of tbp blefimg: gratmt tljis (© &02B) fo; tbe bo> 
nout of out aaitorate anc£0eBiatotit3Irui0<£ij?ia. 

A prayer of Chi yloftome. 

ALmigT;tp <Soa, tobiebfafi gittenbs grace at tljis 
time toit bent acco?a,to nuke cut common fnpplt» 
cations onto tbee, ana Bocffp^mtfe tbat trbeuttoo 01 
t§tee beegatberea togctbertntbp £lame, tbott totlt 
graimttljeit teq=;t fig : fulfill neto, © JL-fa, tfie tedtes 
ar.B pftitltns ottijp fttiur.ts*, as ma? be moft etpctict 
fo? tljt'n , granting W in tin's tuojla fenotolepge oft§g 
ttuctlMnB in tfje toojla to come life encrlafling. 

^ The grace of our Lord Iefus Chrift,and the lone 
of God, & the fellowship of the holy Ghofl,be with 
vs all euermore. Amen. 

^ For 1 aine if the time require. 

O<0oB fteauenlp JFattjcr, taljicl) cp tfjp ftnrte Je'it^ 
Bsrr.ef tf)erip;TKCouiie5tIjeieaf,al(tb nggneccfTavpto 
rijeit itiilfi fuftcnance,&UD utf tee befrrcf) t& tU& 
ottrnei :(Titp,ft:cft mjuctat c rainc anB U3otojrg,tIjat tee 
mapti cine tljcftuirscif tlKcnct&tooarcemfejt, anB 
totijp onotir,tfj;ougl) SernsCfeuttont J,o;B.3men. 
<C For fiire weaiher. 

OfXip<Btn, teljfer) fo? ttje fintic af matt Ciaff oiice 
atone all •fjetootlB,crtcptftgIjtpftfons(,anBaf= 
rcrtonijof t6p great mcrcp Biased p?omifeneiietto 
Defitvpt (b agalne : teee tmnhlg befeccrj t^ier, t^at al> 

rtouglj luce fcj cur {n^m'tt'eu Tjatte faoj^ilptrfenten 
tljis plague of tat'ne 9 toatttf .f ct l)pon our true tcpt n» 
tanre tl;eutoilt fetiBus fircb totattcr,ialjeicbp toenag. 
t(Cfiuctl)cfaiitecft0cca;t6tnBuclearcn ; aHalratne 
botfj bv tljp puniirjiwtit to amtr.B o:.t liuc0,anB ft; tig 
cUmcncte to gitic tljcepjapl'e anc glo f 'p, ttjoufift Slefuil 

f In the time of dearth and famine. 

O©oa Ijramnlp jFctlj'tr , toTjol. gift it'ij! t^at tfce 
raitie toctUalJ,tIjc ca tlj is fruitful! . I called iti« 
tie afflictions o: r tljp pccplc, anc gtaEt tl;at tic fcarcU 
tie fina aef.ttlj (toljidj toe Coc nrto mofi iufflp CirrVr foi 
cur iniquitie) map t^oiifvlj tbp gooBneffelie merciful 
tutneaintocUapcucilcatiBp'.cntp, fc?tl;el>ue of le- 
fits Cf)?ift ourlieja, tato(;o:iitoit{)tl!cea!.Btliel;ol2 


Oaimigl'tp <SoB,3Ring of all,u gouemotit of 
a I ttingi, toljofe potoer no ctearute is able to re> 
fid, to refjom tt be Icngetl) iufilf to puntuj Gtinrts, $ to 
be merciful unto tljcm tOattttielprepmttCaue^Bcluct 
bS (toe Ijumblp tefe*c ! j tbce)ftcm tlje Ijar.t^ ofout cne* 
mif0,aba(e tl-eitpjtae^fftoage tljcir malice, $ confi ua 
t. eircett'ctS, t^attoeebcing atmeBtoitljtljpBefencc, 
mapbeep.KfcrucDeuermo?ettom affpetils, 10 glojrge 
tlee toljicli art trje on'p giurt efall bict»?p,tl)?oitg^ t|e 
merits of tbp 1 nelp &>orne Jciup Ct;iil out ILf?n. 
, f In the time of any common plague 
or uckenefle. ' 

Oafmigfjt? (?o?,tofjt I) in tbp to.'atr) in tlje timenf 
king Daup.aiBt cf! (lap toirb trjt plague of pefiu 
Icnfetb.!ce r io?caHBtc«tbfu'anB,3[pctfemrmb?irgi?)g 
ntfrcie.ciCCf fi'faue tbe red •. I;auf pitp bpoit bs mtfita* 
ble fim:ei S.tbat novo are tilitea \xvl} great &■ kxus ar.a 
mo?ra!itp, tljatliKeaatrj-ucitocRt^encoinanDtbir.c 
a^gel toceafc ftomputiiujiBgt fo ttniapnotopleaie 
tbee to toitbBjato from as ti ts plague ai.Bgrieueatf 
ficknflTcttjougb Jcfus QEijjifioitr £o?B. amen. 

0©«3 , to^i-fe nature ana pjrpcrtie is eucr to f;eH«. 
mercp ana to fojgt ;e , teceii:e our Ijuuitle pctiti* 
on^ ana tljougrj toe be titu ana bstir.B toitO tlje cfjains 
of our fiitncs, pet let tljepitifulneflV oftf;? great r.utcg 
Ico&bs, fo^tbe benoui of Jcfus'COeiiWake, ourme* 
Btatout ar.B aanocae. Siicn. 

5 ^f A thankefgiuing for rafne. 

OtSoBoucbeaafEl'ff.tljfr. tobobptfjp gracious 
pjouiamie , Borfi cnn'lc tlje former ana tOr fatec 
taire to Befrrna bpoiitl>cef.ttfi,tl,'£t it mapbjingfc2t5 
fttu'te fo.j tbc bfe cf mail : to:'giite rijee in ublc tljai'kS." 
tljat it b«b pieaftB tljcc in eitv ^rcatrfl ncrttfitie, 'to 
fenBc- bs at tbt lafi a iopfi II rainc bp. n thine tnl;cri» 
tanrr, cnb to refrrflj it to&?n it teas B?p, totftrgtrat 
roinfo2toft)etl;pbntoottbplerttauts , EnatotlieRi02tf 
oftfip Delp JBaTie,tfyoti;ji/c&p mercies iii^cfug €l;jin1 ' 
our£o2D. amen. 

Cf A thankefoiuing for f lire weather. 

OlLotB 03?,tol;o'ljna iiiftlp tumblca bs bp if: p fats 
p T ague cfiminocetate rainc ana toaters , Pt-.B in 
tbp mcrrie ball teiicnea ana comfojtrB cue fsuleS by 
rtis fra&nablc ana bleuTiB cbar.p.ccf beater, tocc' 
p2ai r carB gTcjiff: tbp bolp f3?.mc fa? tin's tbp mnrir, 
aus Vrilf aliuapes tcilate t^? Iouiiig fctr.rticfie front* 
generation to generation , thjouglj "jiefus €I)2s!l otic 
JL02B. Smcn. 

<J A thankefgiuing for pJentie. 

O^oSmeKifiiUjFotrjer/tobtcb cf tbp graiiou^ 
goocneffe, Ijaffbcata tteBrtioutep2->perSoftbp 
Cb'-irclj, ana turner, otic Bcatib gtfratcitp irto rbcrpe* 
ucifeanaplentic: tCTce giue-tl;rr Ijumble ibanfirsfo? 
tfj i{j t^2 flpectall iiountfe , belr ecbing t feec to conn'rKc 

a 4 , - iW 


The Collects. 

tfjte t\)v bains fcimmefTc bsto b* , tW out lamj map our foulus from tlje iabjtu ofSrutft : tstt offer bnto fOg 

gcefoe M$ bet fruiteia of increaf? , to tfjp glojp anu ouc jFatfttcIp goentiell* y out fdiit9,uutCotil£j3 mm bonieg, 

cotn!:'o:t.tIj;ous^ SeCiijS Cbjiff oitr Horn, amen. ■ ' iubicfj tyou baft aeliuereu . to be a litiinj lacrifice bn» 

f A thankefgiuing for peace and vi&ory. ta tbee, alttaptsi pjaplmg ann magnifying tbp mercies 

ainiijltg^oo, fobicbati-aftt'ongtoiMerofne* in t(jc miDDeff of t&*J £ongregat»jn ', tbjougb, jji'ujS 

' fenrj bnto tbp fcrnant3, ags»n(i tbe face of t&c it c£b!iftotuilo?B. amen, 

enemies: me pMae t.jec p?apfe ana tfiaufeerguitngfoj ' Orthis. 

our neltuetance fcom tbofc great ann apparant Ban' \ If 7" €ebumblpaefctwto[enge before tljee(©mo8 

gerd, bj'jeretuitb toee meieeompaSeD: meeac&noto» V V mercifull JFatbtt) tljat all t,e puntujmentjJ 

ItfOge it tljp gjoDiietTe, tBat toe toftc not nclinerciJ oner toTjtc^ are tlj^atiieBin t&p JLato, inigljt iuSfpbaue 

bj( a pjageb.uo tijem, bel'eccljingtljee Sill to continue fallen bpon bs , bp tea' on of eur manifoto tranfgretffe 

fuel) tSpmetcies wmxwot , rljatalftbe toojlo mag on? ania Oarnnefie ofljcatt: get feeing it fcatb pleafea 

fenoto, tfiatttjouartoitr ^)auioiita«Bmig5tieneltue» tbee of tbp tenner meru'e, byon ouc ueafee ann tonboo^ 

rcr^bjotigbSleksCijjiftoutlLojn.amen. tbp Ijtimiliation , toafitoaiie tbe noplome-pefirience, 

^" A thankefgiuing for deliuerance toberebJit&toetlatelpbattcbtuefojeaftlicten, ann to 

from the plaque. reflect tbebnpce of top ann bealtiiinroourDto.Hingp, 

kitojn ©oD^bicfo baff tooitmienbs foj out BnncjJ CUce oft'et bwo tbp amine SBaieliic tfje factiKee of 

'annconfumeobafojourtranfgreflioniSbptbpIate p?apx ann tbatikefgiuing , lauoingannmagnifping: 

faatne ann Bjcanfull bift'eation , ana notoin tbemin» tbp glojioua Jl-lame fo? iucbtbppieleruation anop?o» 

taSeftungmuntrcmcmbjingmetcfe, baft reoeemeu niDeRceoncrb^tI^oug^5!eCis3<i!jji8ourIlo^.aiiu?t 

The end of the Letanie. 


^ The QolleBs, mth the order hotv to find the 

. beginning and end of die Epiftles and Gofpels in die 

New Tef tament by the Chapter and Veritas it is appoin- 
ted intheBooke of Common prayer. 

Thefirft Sunday in Aduenr. 
The Colleft. 

"t^Tr&ja^ U-tnigbttt ©on , gmebsi grace tljattoce 
map raft ainap tbe tpojkeg ofoa^eBeffe, 
ann put bpon bs tbe armour of n'gf)t,noto 
m tde time of tbte mojrail life , ( tn tbe 
fco&icfjtb? §>onne 3Ie'u0 Cf>?iR cams to 
biute be in great bumilitie) tbat in tbe faff nap to'ien I»e 
(ball come againe inbi0glojiott0maiegie, totunge 
botb Hie quiefce aut) tbe Bean , toeemap rife to life im» 
raojtall t&?pugl) btm , tafjo liuetfj ana rcignetfj Uitrb 
tbee ana tlje fcotp © ana cittr.ainen. 

The Epiftle. 
£J)lbC notbing to aitp man. Horn. 1 3 


The Gofpel. 
aw tofietitfiep njscto neere. ©art5. 2 1 


The fecond Sunday in Adaent. 

BJlelfen 2,o?n, ta\)id\ Ija2 raitCen aHboTp^icrtp» 
ture0tobc tew'ttenfojour leatning, grart tbatlue 
map in Cicb toife beare tljem, reaBe,mathe,Ic3rne, ann 
ittibamSp nigeff tfiim, tljat bp patience ann com f on of 
tbpbolp Ujojb, toe ma? embrace ann euerbofoefaStbe 
Heffen bope of eutrlaffing fife , toljieO tboufiaff gtuen 
b^ in our <*>auiour Jefu^ €^tB.amen. 

jFajtobaifofuertbinga. 3Ro;n.i5 

better bntobfrfei4. 

The Gofpel. 

©ben tbere (balbe fignes in tije. Unit 2 1 

bcrfe 2 5 bnto bcrCe j 4. 

The third Sunday in Aduenr. 
The Colled 

LCDft mee tiercetb tfiee gitie eare to our pjaperft, ann 
bp tbp gracious biGtation, listen tfje Barfmetti of 
#ur fjeatt^bg out JLojn ^tCUjs COjifi.amen, 

The Epiftle. 
JLetsimanfocBeemeofb0. i.Co^.4 


The Gofpel. 
2nn toben JoTjn beam in tbe. ©attlj. 1 1 


The fouith Sunday in Aduent . 
The Colleft. 

LSDjn rapfe bp, tope pjap tbce,tbp pobj?u, ann eomt 
among US, ann toirfc gteat m:gbt fuccoittb«, tbsc 
bibcreaji illjjougb our finuess ann taitfsennes t&e be fo?e 
let 9 1)inoetcD,i fjp bountifull gtace ann metcpCtl^ouglj 
tbe fatiCfaction of tljp ^onne out £o?n ; map fprentlp 
Ocltuctb0, toli)'oomb)itbtbteani)tbebolpi5ijo2> l'« 
fioncur ann g[o;p inrjln bmboutenn.amen. 


JSeiopce in tbe Ho^n atoap. ^fjil-4 


The Gofpel. 

£ben tTji'0 ii tbe recojn of JoFjn. 3fo5n i- 


On Chriftmas day. 
The Colled. 

AHmigbtte ©on, tobiclj Ijafi giuenb2tl}pflie!pf>e« 
gotten "feonne is take out nature bpon b/m,tj tbist 
rfgeKcrate.ann mane tbp rrjilo^cw up acoptiju 1 grace, 
map-napfpbe renebjen It tbp bofp Spirit, ibjoitgb tbr 
fame our Lo?n %eCus Cfuiff,b>> liuttb ?e. 

at funn?p times! ana in ninety. #fb?;i 

bcrfc i.bntoberfe ij. 

The Gofpel. 
3In tbe beginning to.13 tje< S°^n »> 

berCei.bntobnfc >$. 

The Colleft. ' 

GlSannt bt(,© JLojn, to leame t& fot:e our rtcmtetf; 
bgtljecFainpk oftljc^attK ^.fettim, bib*, 


The Collc&s. 


3oljn 1 1 

pwpen fo; (jig ptxUtat^ , to x%tt WM UwcQ ano 

f Then fhal follow a Colleft of th«Natiuitie,wluch 
/halbeiayd continually vntilNew yeeresday. 
The Epiftle. 
•BtitbelieingfaK eftfje (jolp. 3ctej* 7 

ijcrfe 5 5 .tnto tftc cno. 

The Gofpel. 
C36crcfi)jcbef)oIo,31f«rii. (J03tt&.i3 

UecCe 34.bnto tljc tno. 

Saint Iohn Euangelifts day. 
The Colleft 

MGErciftiU tw, luce kf« ecb tl)« to tail tbp btfgbt 
btatticjs of (iytf)t Upon ttjp <2Dij»»tcIj , tbattt being 
ligliteneobptbe ooctraeef tbp btclTeD apotJleanrj o£« 
uangclift Jobn . map att aitse to ifjp eitertuStng gtftg, 
ib?oagf) 3Iel«f* COji'S outlLojo.amin. 

The Epiftle. 

©bat toJjiclj toas rom tlje. 

The Gofpel. 

Ij)c fain to Ijtm, jFoHoto me. 
Scrfe ij>.bHto tljcenn. 

Innocents day. 
The Colleft 

A&mtgTjtU ©ob , tobafe p?tipCe tins* Bap tlje pong 
Snnocenigtbp UMtneffejs haacconfefieo* fijetoeD 
foojtb,notiufpea!itiig, but in oping: mojttfic anB bill 
all bfceg intoS, tljat In ear connerfation our life tr.aper* 
p?tiTe tbp faiffj, tobirb toitrj out tongues toec Hoc cen« 
fefje.tbjougb. 3kliis Cb?ifi our JLo?B. 

The Epiille. 
tSEljen JIoofceB.ana loe.a JLambe. &cue.i4 

tietfe i.tmtot^c eno. 

The Gofpel. 

tE&e angel oftTje JLo?B appeateBi ($attfr 1 

fcttftij.unte&erie 19. 

Sunday after Chriftmas day. 
The Collect 

Aftmigljtie ©ob, tobicb Daft giaen &sf tBp o»elpfce« 
gctten ©onne totabe one nature Ijpon dim, ft tbtg 
Bap :o be bopte of a pure gjirgfH.grast t&at teebcing 
tegeuerate,anB maoe tbp cIhIbjm bp aBoption $ grace, 
map BaplP be tenetoee bp tbp bolp spirit, tbjottgfe tbc 
fame our &,o?b 3efa$8 Cbufctobo liuetb etc. 

The Epiftle. 

tSTbr.tlfaw.tbattiieljftre. ©atac.4 


The Gofpel. 

tSfbcboofceof regeneration, (ttjattfri 


The Circumcifion of Chrift. 
The Col left. 

AJLmtgbtie ®eo, tobicl) ntaBcfr tbp blefleB Ratine 
tobe circitmriCeo ann obcDfent to tlje latu fo: man, 
grauritustbe rrneeiriamciSan oftbe fpirite, tbatonr 
rjea f ti6 ano alfonr members betngmo?tiftVBfromaH 
Juoilclp ano f ant ?.It lafies , map in ad tilings ofoep tbp 
blefffB toiH.tbjougb tbe Came tbp ^enne Sefu dbjiti 
»:it JLojo. 

The Epiftle. 
Weft B is tbc man to tobom. JXam.4 

uerfe8.untouctfc 15. 

' The Gofpel. 

£CI1Bitcametepau"ftobentlJe. , 3Lui;ei 

berCei5.lmtol3crfe 22. 
C Ifiherebea Sunday between? the-^piphanie & the 

Circunicifion, thtn (hall be vfed the fame Colleft, 

Epiftle,and Gofpel at the Communion, which was 

vfed vpon the day of Circumcifion. 

The Epiphanie. 
The Cplleft. 

0©oB,toTjicl) bp tlje Icaomg of a fiatre Dinoel!ma« 
nifeStljpouelpbcgotten ^tonne to tl;e ©entile^, 
mercifullp gtant , tl;at i»ee vubjco fenoto trjee note b? 
faitli, map after trjis life baiie t!;efraiticn of tip glo?t» 
ous©oDl)e«B > tl;joitg& CfciQoiu Kmtt. 

The Epiftle. 
jFoj tbte caufe 31 Paul. CpSe. j 

berl'e l.butoUerte 1 j. 

The Gofpel 

COben 31ef«3 tben laas bo?ne. ©attlj.2 

tittfeiDiitorierCe 1 j. 

The fiift Sunday after the Epiphanie. 
The Colleft. 

L©;tB.Ji)c befeecb thee mmifullp to tecciite llje p?ap* 
et0 of tb? p-epletubicf) rail upon tljee, ano gcaKitt 
tfeat tbep map both perceitic ano knob) tuljat tljiug* 
tljcp otigltf to ooe,ana alio bane gracegspotorr faithful* 
Ip to fulMl t^e fame,tbjougb 3Iefu^ cLIjjia aar JLojB. 
The Epiftle. 

3! kfeeeb, pott tljerefojefyeilj.tfn. Hom.i s 


The Gofpel. 
3nt) bjTjen be teas ttnelae pcere. Jtufce s 


The i i.Sunday after the Epiphanie^ 
The Celled. 

AEmigbtic ano ettctlaHing ©oB , tu&tcr) Boeff go* 
titrne aff tljtnecjs in Ijtaucn anoeartb, mcteifttllp 
Jjeatetbe fupplf cations ef tfjp people, anB grauntbg 
tbppeace all ttje Bapes of our life. 

The Epiftle 
feeing rten tbat toe Ijaite gifts. &om. 1 2 

berfie 6. vxa inberfe 1 6. at, TBeHottotfc ?c 

The Gofpel; 

3no tit tljirB Ba? toag tfjere a. 51°^ * 

betCeibntovcrfe »2. 

The iij Sunday after the Epiphanie. 
The Colleft. 

A&mt'gbtii'anB euerlaRtng ©ob, mercifullp loolte 
ljuon our inffrmttfes, ano in all oar Bangtr* ann 
neceCTitiee,QreteI? fojrb tbp rigljt tjaHB to fjelpe ano Be» 
feno h?,t^ottgi6 COjift oar ILojD. 

The Epiftle. 
•Be wot frife in pour ft Ittcs. Horn. 1 2 


The Gofpel; 

J!5o!sto^enrje teas come Boton«. ^5attf;»8 

berfe l.tjntoberfe 14. 

Theiiij.Sunday aftc the Epiphanie. 
The Colleft. 

GSDB faljicl) tnorjjffi us to be fet intfje mtoBe«l offo 
manp anB great oangera.tbdt fo? mang fratienefle 
toee cannot altrjapHanBlipjigbtlp; graant to us trje 
TjealtbofboBP/ anofcufe . ilmt alltljofetljingeitobicfi 
toe fnffer fojfinne,bp tljp fjelpe toe map. tocllpaffe anB 
oacrcome,tlj?o!igl) Cfijifi out 3Lo?B. 

The Epiftle. 
3LeteiietpGntlebefiil>t'ett. 3Rom 13 


The Gofpel. 

3nB toben be to** entreB into. ©attt.8 

uerk * ? bnto tb? cna. 

The v.Sunday after the Epiphanie. 
The Colleft. 

IQjB.toebefeecb tSec to brepet&pCbitrcb 9fljoaff* 
-tiolae centinitall)» in tbp tcue re r igion , tbattbej?' 
tobirb noeleane onlpfepon Fjope of tbp Ijeauenlp grace, 
map enermoje bee oefcnneB bp tfjp mfgrjtie potter,, 
t&joagf; 3Iefti3 C^td out ftojo, 





oufnetTe anu tctie ^oYfttr fl3f a to t$g Jwiout (tttD fito?F, 
to'oicfc IfueR ana reigneff^c. 

The Epiftle. 
@o toe tljcrefogc a toojfeer^. 
bcrfe i.tuuatocrfe 1 1. 

The Gofpei. 


J9oto trjertfbje a$s tbe elect, 
betfc iaftntabctfeiS. 

The Gofpel. 
<E^c ^tno^ormc of teancn iss. 


f The fixe Sunday (ifcherebefomany) (hallhauethe $Tbentoa!S3Ieft:SkBPft&e. 

fame Colled.Epiflleand Gofpel,thac was vpon the tJClle i.tJiito betCe 1 2. 

" fift Sunday. The ij Sunday in Lent. 

Septuagednia Sunday. The Colled. 

The Celled. . a llmf j$tie ©oB, tobf cb Dotft fee ttjat tocc rjancna 

OHojB , tutebcrecc^ i&ce faucttrsllp to rjeate tbe -Tipotoer of attr fclttc £t ee Ijcfjje out ftliied, ke»paI)on 

pjapcrs of t6p people, tfcattoee tobjefjare tuftlp ftd bot^ outtoatfllp t'H our bonpc^ , anB intoaralp in etir 

imnitrjrB fui ouc offences*, map bee metcifull? Belmcita fouler , t§at toce map be Uefencea ftom all aauctfitief* 

lip tbp goeBneffe, foi t$e gla?p of tbp JiSame, ttjjougfi tuhfcQ map rjappen to cfjc boap , anB from all t mil • 

3I'riii3 <&l)jt8 out ©autour, totjo KuctO e«D «ig* rtoug&ts.toljicljmaf aflaultif^utttljetbule, ttj?0Hg{j 

JStaoto pe not tljat tbep toljtcD. 

The Gofpel. 
jf ojtDe fctngtome of rjxauett. 

Sexagefima Sunday. 
The Colled 

The Epiftle. 
i.Coj.p anafurtrjermo^etoebefetctj, 
bcrfe r.Ssntaturfcp. 

The Gofpel, 
^att&.JO 2nB3Jcf"j3fceMttIjcnre. 
bale 2i.CHtotetreap. 

The iij.Sunday in tent. 
The Colled. 

I. ©Jeff 4 


L2D;B ©ob, toljicfc fecfi tljat ire put not our truB in 
an? tblng tljat toeeBoe, mecciftiu"? graunt tljat bp 

T ;s 7 (2; befeecb t§re armigbtfe ©ob, loofce fcpontU 
V V leartie ccfiresi of tbp bumble Ceruatitg, ana 

tbp potoet toce map be EefenBeB againG all aBucrfjtie, Crete}) fooztb the rigbi &sriB oft&p mafc Hit , to be ouc 

tbjougtj lefujS<£m-t5ourilc?B 

The Epiftle. 
JFo? P« fufferfeole*! glaelp. 
ijecCe i?,un;ot>eri'eji. 

The Gofpel. 
Boto tofjen mHdj people toe re. 

Quinquagefima Sunday. 
The Colled. 
.JUjB, tofjicT) Boeft teart 60 tljataflonrBofngiS 


Bcfenceagainff all am enemies, tfyougv) l.efujs <£fjjul 
Mjr&ojj. amen. 

*B e pc tlje rr fo?e fellotoerss cf. <£j$cf. J 

beefs i.bntobecfcij. 

The Gofpel. 
©hen fje caff out a actul. £u£e 1 1 

fcerrei4.imtoticrfc ^^: 

Theiiij. Sunday in. lent. 
The Colled, 
toitijeut cTjarttfc are F.otljing toojtrj, CenB tljp Ijdlp •"> Haunt toee befeec!) thtc almigljtte ©sb, tint fc« 
©fco5, ana pato?c into our TjcartiS t',;at rnefi t rcellent VJ to'gidj foz owe eaill teeoe g are tonjtWp puniujeo, 
^tfrof eljaritp, trjebcrpbono cf peace ana allberttifjf, bp tBe comfou of Mjp grace map tnecctfullj berclieuca, 
toit^ottt tlje toljich toljofocuerliuetlj , is coimtca DcaB tli^-'ttgl) cur Ilojti 31c fcis Cf)?(tt. 
befoje ttjee : graunt tlji0 fo? t|p otulp. ©onne 3Ieliigs The Epiftle. 

GLOjtfia fafee. CTcHmr ,pc tljat roM lie tinner. 



1 he Gofpe!. 

3(cfu0 tocnt W toap oner t&e. 31e6n <S 

Beri'ei.u.rtobcrte 15 

1 he v Sunday in Leuc. 
The Colleft. 

W(JEcIicrcecIitl)fealmigT;tp©en, mcrciftiffp to 
looficftpon tljp people , tljat bp tbp great gcoB« 
reffe , tljcp map bee gouctneci anc pjcfcvucD cucrmeje 
[igtbattbou Ijall maae, anBCo£ftfejg(Het'6e bDtljtntocpaHafoi-ile.t^oiigbSel't^Cl^iRourHo^, 
fiancst of a>I tl)fmti&at be penitent : (SteateanomaHe flmen. 

The Epiftle. 
GErjougTj 31 Cpealte tot'ttj t&e. 
berfe i.iantotljecno. 

The Gofpel. 
tJTbcnSfcCua teo^etoito rj;m. 
utrfe 3 1 .tinto tl3c eno. 

• The Col left. 

A&migfitie mw euerlaftirg ©oa, to^icT)J6atcQ ro» 

1. Co?. 1 j 

JUite 1 8 

fnbsinetoanti contrite rjcartsl, tljat tor too^rljilplami-n- 
tingonrrtimfS, ano fenototefgitig our to.urcDeDneffe, 
tinv oluaine of tfjee tlje ©oB of all mrrci? , perfect te> 
milfion ana tt>jgiuint(Tc,tf)?ougt) 3[citi^ Cfjjifl. 

~; TheEpiftle. 

t^ntne po;i bnto me toitb all. 
lierfe 1 2.toito tirrfe 1 5: 

The Gofpel. 
©o?E!iHech3i;enp9fu(t,IooIje. ( 
Ijccfe itf.biit6lierri?2i. 

The firft Sunday in Lenc, 
The Colled. 
TtojB., to'bfrb fo?our fafcejs ciaffftfafl femrtie 

TSut Cljjift being come an Ijie. &£&?■? 

ucrle n.umoberfei<». 

The Gofpel. 
^aiii'cl) of pern can refrufce me of. 3Jot>n 8 

ltcife^/ tTjc cni>. , , 

The Sunday next, before Eafter, 
; The polled. 

AJlmiglitic ana eceilaftirg ©sa, toT;icI; of tfip ten- 
tec lose totoaras' man, Ijaff icnr euv S'fiic'onr 3ie» 
fug Cb?ifi, to take bpsu jjim our flclij, $ to fulfcr ceaifj 
bpen tlje erode , tljat all inatiliince EjolId fofloto tl;c 
e)iample of bis great fjnmiliip t mcreiful'p graunt trjat 
p aape6 ana fourtie nigbte: giue M grace to Die toce bctl; folloto tlje rjramplc of bis patience , ana bee 
fucOafeRincnee-, tljat our fltffj bring tubaucB to tlje niaaeparta&cwofbig tefuuecti«n, t^oiigrjtljefame 
fyirtt, luemaueuetobeBt^B^^^otion^incig^e' 3Ief"0 CfaiQcmrJUja. 





The Collets. 


The Epiftls. 
tct t$ c fame mmDc be in pen. 

The Gofpel. 
Situ (t came to palTe.toljeii, 
. jjetfe i.bntoCbap iy.'Detfe 57. 

Munday tfext before Eafter. 
The Epiftle. , 
lXX§oi$ tfjisstrjat commetb,. 3IfaiaD <Jj 

• beclei.totrjernD. 

Tlie Gofpel. 
SnottooDapeg after, fllotoco. ©atfcei4 

toerfe i Anito tbe eno, 

Tuefday before Eafter. 
The Epiftle. 
fJEfce &9;3 ©oB fcatlj oy.'iicD. JifaiaTj 50 

Uctie 5 tout* tbe rim. 

The Gofpel. 
8m> anontntf)eoaii)mr>g. ©at&e 15 


VVednefday before Eafter. 
The Epiftle. 
JFo; torjete a Cteftamcnt 10. t}tty 9 

betfe id.tnuotbetHB. 

The Gofpel. 
33oi» tlje ft all of bnleauenco b;cao. 3LuRt 1 * 

, aerfe l.touotljeeiw. 

Thuridjy next before Eafter. 
The Epiftle. 
JQotu £» t^Cs c5at 31 Declare j.c£o;.ii 

wr& »7.fjnt»tI)fCHD. 

The Gofpel. 
CHjen t&e teWe muititiiDt. JUiae 25 

' DciCe (.butot^e tun. 

On good Friday. 
The Coll efts. 
A JLmigtjtp©oo, toe bcfeeelj t&ee gracfoufls to Bfr> 
x Vtiolo tiiiss tbpfanulie, fo; tfje tohfcbouri.o?D 3!e« 
fu$ COjift toass coHtetueo to be berrapeD,auo giuenbp 
into tlje fjanog of Djickrt men , ano to fufft x oeatb bp> 
en trjc erofTe ,Uj1jo ItuecB ano reignct{j,$c. 

Allmigljtp aim euerlaBing ©eo , bp toljofe Spirit 
tbe to&ole boopof tbeCrjurerj is gouerncD ano 
faucrifieD.rcceiue ourfupplieariong anDpjaperg tobicb 
tuee offctbefejetljec , fo; alleviates of men in tljp fiolp 
Congregation , tfjat cuetp member of tbe Came in fjts» 
location ana minifterie , map truelp ano god? feme 
tfcee.trjpugTj our 2Ls;D 3e'ue,?c. 

MGgrriftiH ©oo> toljo frift maoe nil men,anti Iiatefl 
Hotliing tljat tOou fjaftmatie, no; tnouloeH tlje 
M atfc of a (inner , but tailjtr ttiat Ije fljonlo be conuer.» 
ten ano uiie,ba:temercpbpon all 3ktoe&$rut&ej;,3]ri- 
fiselg aiiD^retigucg, ano take from rljem all igno« 
raacc, TjaranrDTe of ftcart , ana contempt of tTjp tuoft, 
e fo fetcli tbem home (blcflfcD &o;d) to tfj? floche, tbat 
$ep map be faucO among t!je remnant of tlje true jf. 
saebtes, ano bee maoe one folounoer one ^bepljcaro, 
3!«ft«» <£D?iR oat JLoiti.tolio liuctlj ano teignet!;,frc. 

The Epiftle. 
jFo; tlie JLate bailing trje. *j) 


The Gofpel. 
Htficn 3fefu0 rjao fpofcen tfjefe. ISofyt ' 8 

wife i .bmo tfee eno of COap.i^, 
Eaftei Euen. 
The Epiftle. 

jFo; ftigbetter(iffotljetou*Iof. i.Jpet. j 


The Gofpel. 
flno to&en tbe c£«en mag come, ^att5 *7 



^ At Mornirj^ pray er,in ftead of the Pfalme, «>»?, 

let Tj,(£r.Tne% Anthemes flialbefung orfaid. 

CSpjtft r'idng agame from tlje oeao,noU) otctrj nat» 
teatb from f eiirefoo?tb Datb no potoet buca jjim, 
fo; in tljat be oiciJ , ije tteo but once to put ato'apfinne, 
but in tljat be Uuctrj,be liuetlj bnto ©od. 9no fo lifee» 
toiCe count pour felucg Deao imit iuuie, but limrg bnto 
0oD,in Cf^iit Scfus our Ho?o. 

CDjili (0 nfen againe , tlje ft'rft fruits of t^em trjat 
Itcepe, fo; feeing tljatbpma 1 came ceatij, bpmau 
alfo commetb t(;c tetxitiection of tlje oeao: i 01 agt bp 3-- 
Dam al! men 80s Die, fo bp <£l)?i8 all men ftalbc tcBo* 
reD to life. 

The Colleft. 

Almigbtfe ©oo,tebicr) tbjongTj tljp otielp begotten 
^011 Jefti0<£b?iGf)aR oucrcome Deatb, ^epenco 
buto b0 tbe gate ofcuerlafting life, toe fcumblp bel'ecc$ 
tlice, tljat as bp tljp fperiall grace p^cuecting bg, tbou 
Doellp'.tt inourminBjsgooo Defire^.lb fcp tljp continual 
Ijelpc, lrema?b?iugtrje fame to gooB effect, ibjougrj 
jeftig dbjifi our 3Le?a,tobo liuctl) ano teignctb>?c 

The Epiftle. 
31 f pebe tbeu rifen tottrj Cb?tH CoToCT.j 


The Gofpel. 
jaototljefirOoapoft^e. ^0^20 

betfi i.bntobcrfen. 

Munday in Fafterweeke. 

The CoUeft. 

2Imfgrjtp ©oD,5c. As vpon Eafter day. 

The Epiftle. 
STfjtn Peter openeDbJ*. ScteiJio 

fcttfe j4-b«tot«ft44. 

The Gofpel. 
KnB beSolo.ttoo of tbemtoent. S,u6e 24 

betftJj.bntobetfe jfi. 

Tuefday in Eafter weeke. 
The Colleft. 

AE-mig^tp JFatrjer'.to&icb ^aff ghien tljp enelp ^feou 
to tie fo; our iinneg, ano torife againe fo; out iu» 
fiiScatioji : graunt I19 fo to put atoap tbe leaiitn of ma» 
lice ano rxicbeoncite , trjat toemap altoap fe.ue tbte in 
pureneffe of lining ano mictlj, t^oug^ 31cf»?Cl)ji8 

The Epiftle. 
ge men a'nDb;etr);cn,c5ifDjen of. $ltt$ 1 j 


The Gofpel. 
3Icfuj» ^imfelfe ffooo in tlje. f JLule 1 4 

be ife 3 fi.imte berfe 49. 

The firft Sunday after Eafter. 

Tbe Colleft. 

airmgfjtp ©00 ,9 c, As vpon Eafter day. 

The Epiftle. 
Jo; alltrjat isf bo^ie of ©od. i.$o$n J 

berfe 4.bmoberfeij. 

The Gofpel. 
©be fame Dap tljen at rigtjt. 3!o$n j o 


The fecond Sunday after Eafter. 
The Colleft. 

jlm:gljip (Soo,to!;icfi Baft giuen tljp onrlp^orne 
to be Ditto 1)5 botlj a facri&re to; finne, ano alfe an 
trample of geooltfe, gf:ie bssirje grace tfjat toe mag 
atoapess metttftanfcefnffpreceiiietvjat bisiineRimablc 
benrg-e , w t> alto ca}f? tnoeuour out UlM$ tofollotoi 
tljebleffesftcps of fiismoH belglife 

The Epiftle. 
jfo; tTji^ ig tbanSe rjoo.rtfjp. j .Jf)et.«, 



The Collets'. 

The Gofpel. 

3J am tjje goon ^epbearo . Jcftt i o 

berfe 1 i.bnto berfe 17. 

The nj Sunday after Eafter. 
The Colled. 

AJlmfgTjtie ©oti, tofjtriiftjetoeB to aTlmeH rljat be 
tu ertJtir.t&eligtjt of tfcp trueti), to tije intent tfcat 
efieg ma? return* into tlje toap of rigOteoitlnctTe, grant 
bnto all tljem c^at be aumitten into tije fellouftjtp of 
cj^tfies religion , tljat t&ep map e'djeto tfcofe tfjirurj 
tljat be cotttcarp to tfjeic p?efelTio"h, ana folloto an fuc5j 
things a<* tc agtcealslt to tfce fame, tfyougfj o»t Lop 

JDearlpbeloticti.Tlcfeecfepou. i.JjDet.2 

ueife ii.bnteberte 18. 

The Gofpel. 
2 little torjile ami pe fijail not, 2oljn 1 <j 


The iiij.Sunday after Eafter. 
The Colled. 

A&mfgtjtfe ©od , to&icfi DocS mafce rtje mineeS of 
all fattbfull men to lie of one tutll.graitnc Unto tfop 
people , tljat tner map lour tie tljtng toln'cO tfteu cem> 
manueQ.f Dcftre tljat tofijclj tljou QO£lf p::mtife,t&at a* 
mong tije turnup anb mantTelo changes of tins too?lo, 
eiit fjeartjs map lurelp tljere bee ffteo , toljcreafi true 
iopeft are to lie fetinD,tf)jougb<£f)jift out JLopjamen. 

Ctierp gooti gtulng.aira etierp. %«me$ t 

berCei7.bntoberfe2 2. 

The Gofpel, 
'Butnoii)3Igoemptoap. 3!o&tti<* 

factfej.bntaoerfe 16. 

The v.Sunday after Eafter. 
The Colled. 

L©:n,from toliom all goon tljlngsJ Doe tome, graunt 
bs tljp lmmbicferuant0, tljatnptljp tjolp iiifpirati' 
en tocc map tfiinfte tljofe things tbat be geoo , ano lip 
tljp metriftillguiBing map perform* tfee fame, tfycugi) 
cm JLc?D 3I«m0 (£0?iS,amen. 

SnD [ie pe Ooeref of t&e tooiu. 3Iamt{f 1 

berfe 2 i.bnto tfjcfmi. 

The Gofpel. 
Getf Jp.berelp J Cap Ditto pou. 3Jo|n 1 6 


Afcenfion day. 
The Colled. 

Gftaimttoebcfea& tljcc ainiigfitp ©on , tfiatlffa 
as tore tee falcate ttp onelp begotten feline out 
Lojb to l)3ue afcenccc into t&e fceauctig, fo toe map si* 
fa in Dcart aire mine t&ffber afceiiB, ano tottfc Ijim cou» 
ttrmallp trtocll. 

The Epiflle. 
3f Ijaue matic tfje fanrtec. actcsf t 

berfe i.bntobetfen. 

The Gofpel. 
JFitialfpfje appearttbnto. C^ar&c 1 6 

becfe i4-totI)etno. 

The S&nday after Afcenfion day. 
The Colled 

O©oti the Sing of glojn, tuIjitB fiafi etalteB tTjine 
omfo %on 3I^Cii<3 Cljjiit iat'dj great ttimvplj into- 
rte fcingbome of fjeauen : toe btfrcrlj tliee Icaite of! net 
comfoztlelfcpnt ft no to list tfiine Ijelp (Sljeft to comfort 
60, anocralt t)SbwortelaitiepIact'bjI}it|jctowr%a« 
uiotu Cjjjifi is go' e lief^ctoljo tittet^?r. 
The Epiftle. 

jQoto tV tirt of atl tOings i? at. 1 .J?f t,4 


The Gofpel. 
"But to^cti tOe (iomfojier fijall. yoTjn 1 5 

oetfe 2< Cljap 16 in bcrfc,at)B tl;efe. 

The Col left. 

(■>OD, teljicl) as tpan tfeis usp, $aS ranger t!jc 
-JOfartu of tljp faitijfull yroplt, fa? tfcc fanning 10 
tfr m ttie lig&t of t6p &»lp %pittt,grant bp bp tije fame 
Spirit to Ijaue a rigijt iupgement tn all t6ing0, anB e* 
tiermo?t to reiopt e in Ijig Jiolp comfo,t,tO?ougt) tl:e mc-= 
rite? of lefitg Cf)?ift our^auiour, b.toltnet& ana 
reignctft tottl) tl;ee in tfy bnt'tie of tl;e fame ©pirit.oHe 
(SoDtoojIo toitlotit ens, 3meit. 
The Epiftle. 
anotoIjentTjetapc£(o;^er.tecoil. * fltKjfs 

The Gofpel. 
3IfpeIcHieme,^eepemp. 3c$ni4 

tietfe i j.unto tije rnn. 

Munday in Whitfun weelce. 

The Colleft. 

©OD to^tt^ 8J(,9EC. As vpon VVhitfunday. 

^rjen)9eteropeHeDhismourtj. at«0 10 

betfe j4.bntot^ccv:o. 

The GofpeL 

JTo? ©on fo let«n tije too^Io. 3JoSn 1 

betCe 1 <r.bnto uetfe 2 2. 

Tuefday in Whitfun weeke. 

The Colled. 

<S»0D toftftl fllSjJC. Ai vpon VVhitfunday. 

S2oto to^en rte apof!lf0,to6ic&, acted 8 

betle 18. 

The Gofpel. 
jSerelp,bcf elp 31 fap bKto pou. Je^n 1 o 

berfe ibntoberCeii. 

Trinitie Sunday. 
The Colled. 

A&miglitfc ami encriafting ©on, XaW) fiaO giuen 
bnto b0 t6p feruants grace Dp tue cenfeflion ef a 
trite faitlj , to at&notoleuge tDe g!o?p of tfje eternall 
^nnitif,3E intljepotoeroftljeDiuine^aieftieto too;» 
fljip t\)t Slr.itie: toe befcec^ tftee tfiat tb?otigb tlie Geo* 
faftHeffc oft^t's fattfi , toe map cuerme^e bee BefeHDto 
from all aButtGtte,i3ttcf liacft aiioreigneQ,9c. 

The Epiftle. 
After ting J Iookcti,anD leljolo. J^eutl.4 

berfe 1 .bnto t\e em. 

The Gofpel. 
&)tte toa0 note a man of tfce. 3Io^n j 


The firft Sunday after Trinitie. 
The Colled. 

G01D t rjc flrcngtrj of allibcm tfjattrul! t'nt^ef, 
mertifuHp accept oisr p:aptr3 : anc bccaiife tljr 
tocafeenclTe ef our me?tall natcrc ran lioe no gool 
tljiiigtot'tfjoKt tljct . graimt b« tbe Iiclpeef tljp grace, 
tl'at in keeping of tljp cem:n?.nticniente,toc map picafe 
tljee liotf) in toill antiaceBc, tljjougl) 3Irfuj( Cl;?ift one 

TBrlenetMctto tout one. ».Jo T jn4 

berfe 7.bRtot!;eer!ti. 

The Gofpel. 
^Tfiere toa5 a ccrtaine ricfc matt^ 16 


The ij.Sunday after Trinitie. 
The Colled. 

LflDjBmafce bs to liattc aprrpetnallfcare ant) Tone 
oft&g liolp J5Jamt,f 0} tfcu ncuet faileft to Ijelp ann 


The Collects. 


gotteme ttcm , toDom tljou tracS BjJug bj) in t$p Bea> 
raftuiue: graimt t&is,$c. ' \ '■ ' 

The Epiftle. *-/-V- 

Q9arucfle rot tug bjerbjenjijougS. ' ' 
fcctCe t^ccna. ' ', 

TheGofpel. ,' 
2 ccrtaine man mane a great. 
tocrGc i6.bntotj«fe2j. 

The iij.Sunday after Triniti*. 
The Colled.* "' ' 

fcttfeijt.bnrot&Jtnti. . 

• The Gofpel 
JntMe tapes tobcntbetefeia& $S9'at&f$ 

fccrfe i .bnto berfe jo. 
' The viij.Sunday after Trinitie. 

The Colled. 

SLvkt 14 (^ ®Dtobo(epjoutoencet'sncuer teccturlj, toefjum* 
V_7blp better tbee, rbat rboutmlt putatijapt'romb* 
, M ajlfiiittfantljitigij, Rnogtue rijoft tfeings tobiebbee 
'-'p j ^ j)» gtalilc fojltp : tI)?ong^ icfn^ <ZDi>jt8 our S^o^b. 

LSDjBtoee Befftcl) tbccmcrcifittTp to rjearc W , ana. The Epiftle. 

bmo'tabome tbcmfjaQ'gtnen an Ijcartic DfCre ra' ^erefojefyetfije^roe are Betters'. &om.8 

p2ap, graunt.tbat bp tbp migfjtic apoe, toemagbe Dc» tierfe 1 2.buto berft 1 8. i 
ft*De::,tbjougb 3jefus Cfoifi our JUfl). .... The Gofpel, 

•Brtoarc cf falfc pjopbets. 

The Epiftle 
8nn fiibmft pour fellies eucrp. l.JJDet. 5 

tjeiTc 5.t>ntt>tierfe 1 :. 

„. , The Gofpel. 

CPbtnretbjtcii bn'to tjim all tlje.' ' 31'ufce 1 5 

, Jjerfei.iintoterCr 11. ' , 

The iiij Sunday after Triniue. 
- The Colled. 

G©D trje pjotectour tf all tbat trufi in rbee,to{trjout 
tobom nothing is Itrong.potbing is help, encreafe 
«m mnltipTp upon 03 tljp mcrcie , t&at tljou feeing 
our ruler anc guice, tuee map fo pafle tb?ougb tfiiitgs 
tempejallj. tbat toe finaffp Iofe not tbe tbings ctmiall : 
graunt tbf '0 fjeauenlp father , foj jefits CbjtSs fa&e 
our JLojo. ...... r , 

jfo? 31 count tbat the afrli'ctious. ' ( 3&«n,8 

berfe i8.lrntofierre2 4. 

The Gofptl. i 
TSe pe tberefo?e Jlulie <> 

berfe 36 bntaberfiuj. 

-„ The v.Sunday after Trinitie • 

berfe »s.mitouerfe:a. 

1 he ix.S'unday after Trinitie. 
The Colled. 

GEUtmt bs 2.ojd, tocebefeccfitbee, tbcfpfn'ieto 
rijmfceantiooeatoaiJeBfucb tilings as! berfgbt* 
full, tbat toee toljicb cannot, bee tottbout tbee, map bg 
tftef be alilc to line acceding to tty> toil!, tbjottgb j[e» 
fust Cbjift out JLojd. •' 

The Epiftle. 
^(i?eouetb?etfe?ca ) atooulo. i.£oj,io 


. TheGofpel. 
Snti rjc Caio a!fo unto bis. ' Jtufieitf 

uerCe i.uuto uecfc 10. 

The x' Sunday after Trinitie. ' 
' ' The Colled 

L£t tTjp mercifun cares , 2D Lojoe , bee open to 
rbe pjrapcrss of tbp bumble truants t ano tbat tf;ej} 
mapobteme tbeir petitions, maketljcmto alfeefucrj 
tbingga? ftjallpleafttliee, tTj^ougrj 2elii^ (£rj;iKouc 
JLojd. - 

The Epiftle. 


The Colleft. 

GSauntTLo^, toee befeecb tljee, tbattt;f courre of jBoto concerning fpirituall gifts, 

tbig too?lo map bee fo peaeealMp o?sereti bp tbp betfc i.bnto berfe 1 2 . 

gauei'nance,t6attlpcoRgregationmaptopfiinpfetue . The GofpeL 

tljee in all goDlpqtiictnctTe, tljjougtj Szfup&tyiR mir ano to^enlje toae comenceie 


The Epiftle. 
jffnal(p,6epeallofoneiiii«tie. '.. i.J^et j 

UecfeU.enainijerre'i j. at, 3nu6erea^p. 'T 
The Gofpel. . 
©pen it came to palfe ag tbe. 3U£e 5 

betfe i.imrobcrfei2. 

The vj.Sunday after Trinitie. 
The Colleft. 

GSmtubkl) baQ p?cpatfo to tbtm rtjat louetbee, 
fncTj goon tfjfnijsg as paffe all mans bnoerftan* 
fcteg: pob)« into our bearts fucbJotietoioatBtbet, 
t^at b3e louing tbee f n a!I tbings,map obtaine tbp p?s». 
nufes. rebicT) eicreeue ad tfcat toee can Beute , t&jeugb, tye fpa^e alfo t^iss parable into. 

Unite 19 
berCe 4 1 . rnD in berfe 47« at > 3nu tlje tjigij jp^iefiii 

The xj.Sunday after Triniue. 

GO'S? tuhr^ticcIareQtbpalmigbtppotoet, moil 
cbtcflvinirjetoingmercic ancpitte, giitclintobs 
abounaauilp tbp grare,tbat toe running to tbp p?omi« 
feg, map bee mane parta&erj! of tftp teaiienip treafure, 
tb?ougb 3!efus COiilt.our £ojd. 

The Epiftle. 

©o«ouer,b?etb?en,31 Declare. 1.C0?. 1 5 




The Epiftle. 
JKtioto pe not. tfiat al! to £erj(t|i, 
. bafc j.bnteherfei2. 

The Gofpel. 
^3i 3! fa» bitto pou/rtcpt gout. 
bcrl^ 27." 

Tlie vij Sunday a ft ei Trinitie. 


berfei».r£Jtot«rfe 15. 

Tffhrij.Sunday after Trinitie. TheColleft. 

AJLmigbtie 9 eucrlafiing (Sen, foljicb art altaapee- 
mo?c reacp to beare tben toe to pjap, ano arttoont 
^atti5.5 to giut mo'etbeuettber toe Bffircejtefetiie: potest 
. cotone bppn ba tbe abiinDaitee of tfcp inercp,fo;giumg 
bjstbofe tbingstolKreofourconffienteiSafrain, arjc 
gluing onto us tbat , ibat out piaper care not pjeftsm* 

T SDft of altpoteer ami migbt,tobicf) art tTjeautljoiu: to aO&e,tb?ougb 3Icf"0 Cftjifl our Hop. 

JUano gi'iitr of all goos tbings , graffe in our beatts 
tbeleueof tbi> name, encreafe in bStrue religion,nou« 
riSj Us tuitb aHgaaonetTe,ano of tip great mcrcpfeecpe 
1)S in trje fame, tbwugb Jlefus Crj^lt ourJlo^D. 

^tyjta&c after tfa maner. pf man'. ■" ftom- 6 

The Epiftle. 
a-nB fticb ttufl baue toe tbjong6» 
tjerfc 4.WU0 berfe 10. 

The GofpeL 
fetrft ji.tot^eeRB. 

3. Co?, 3 



The Collets. 

TTieKiiJSunciiy after Trinitie. , *• » 

rheOdkcV ," " "" 

A&itugljtp ano nuxUfulHScB , ofioSofcondpgift 
it coimm tfc.rljat tsp faiti/idl pc-pfc pac trntc x\xt 
itucano lattnacli-Jrniicc: ©raujrtaccli'e&ciDtfcee, 
tWtoemapfiuumieto tljpfecaufrl^pjomiiisj, tlat • 
toe taile not £ua:ip to attaine t&e l'wnc,ttfiOMgO J;e.ttU 
CtiifionrLojD. , , 

The Epiftle. 
jQoto to afc?ajjam ann &!j$ fecee. .," •* ©alat, j ' 

tcrfcitf.iuue5j£tic2j. - 

The Gofpel. ',,..., - .,,-.-- 

TSIdTci are t§c eres rljaf ite." . . , " r '. Jttifce i o 
6ft!i2j snroii'tfe j8.; - 

Thexiiij Sunday after Trir.i tie. 
The Collect 

AEnvg'tfe ann euctlaflii:g CSoo, gfujimto b$ tfte 
incrcafc of faitfj, hope, aim cbnritu, ana ci=at mxz 
map obtains tgatts&tijtbor.fcerGpjomifi.makcaa to 
Icv.t tljat b»i/4i thou BciG commatuj i tfeoufiO .Scftis 
<£I$5 put 3toff - 

« The Epiftle. 
t3D':n 31 ftp.feale is tfj* f&ftlt, , " ©atat. s 
ticrfc :<s.uctobcrfc2y. 

The Gofpel. 
Sntifcitfcasto&fnlKtoctit.' , 3Ukei7 

fcctleu untouerii jo. t ' -. 

, The xv. ^undav after Trinitie. r r 1 

The Collect 

Kgcpe tec rijte, © Xo;VS? CfitsrcrVfej'tlj 
ti;ppe yeiibllm.tcp, anc £eca:ife tlje frailtie of 
man .toil bent t&iecanuot fcut.ralf. ketpcus tutrbr tfcp 
fctipe, ann UaacDsto alltfjfhppjoStaMe tooitsGal? 
nation,tgj-xigI) Jefus d;?fG cur £o#). 

, The Epiftle. , ' 
£c fcc Sota forg? a letter.' ©alac. 6" 

ijctfeii umoti'f eiiD. . • r 

. ,,-- { The Gofpel. . s ., , . 

$2o matt can fetue tto» matfrrul' . © 

Scrfe ittrno. j 

•: The xvj.Sunday after Trinitie. - 
The Colled. 

L' ©?3 toe oereecli tljce,l:t tljp tontinualt vftp der.fc $ 
oefenB thp corajregatiott: * hrcaufi i: cannot conti» 
Hue tn tafcrie toiftoat ity fuccour, yielxrite it cKemw?* 
fep tljp g£ly $ gcotm s.ti^oitgh Selup £*jji£ nHtiLojB. 

: The Epiftle.. 
CQfcerefyeSIat&retfjatpe. <£p&e* 

bettc i j.todjecnD. 

The Gofpel. 
2nB it came to pale the Bap after. " JLufcey 

ijcxie 1 1 br.te Of rfe 1 8. ~ 

Thexvij. Sunday after Trinitie. 
The Collect 

unit '9' us, an v make fcs.contiraialtp to be gf* 
uen to all gouo too:!is,rf)yngIj 3JeUi£ C!jji2 out Lojd. 

The Epiftle. 
31 tljmfoje being pufrner. €pVC4 

JKtfc i.bntofo«rc7. 

. . T'-e GofpeJ, 
aiiDitcahietfp-fff.tljatbjfjctt. - " 3Lufeci4 
bctfe i.frr.toucrte u. , 

The xviij.Sunday after Trinitie. 
, The Collect. 

L©?t:> \x>( befecd) tli« graun t tljp peov' r 5 rscs f° a * 
nope tfte iKrecrioiisTcftljf Bruilf , aim totth yure 
Ijer.'-t Jin i' i'^se t; fallota ttjec t\je eneip <5oB, t^jourj^ 
jt C;i3 <S!;j'.I our Ho;"d. 

TheF.piftJe. , . , . 

5 t&airT« m2 Cpo3 alwcEt^ ' \ i.^.i 

tttrut 4*i>Ttre betife #♦ . 

'-" "TheGofpc!. 
*15ut tohcit rtc J^t;avtftu {jaB. 
-Uttfc jftotfcetiia?... ,.,' 

7 he xix. Sundav' after Trinicie. 
The C{)llt&. ' 

G<S»oD, fojafmnrij as fcittout titt tet ate not sMt 
to pfcatE tljee.grant that t&e liio^lmg cf t&p met^ 
rie map tn att tljingp Direct gt ctile out {itattg, tfe?0Hg& 

,- ,. r , .^TI-^Epiflfe: '/.•..»., - _ 

tHniisSI.f^^etefo^a^tcBtfie. .; ,<2p5c.4 s 
7 bctft x 7 . to tUe 

TheGofpel, - 
GTTjcrtljecntretifi'toalitp. - ©a:t5.^* 

. totii i.knouer'tj;. 

The xx. Sunday after Trinitie. 
The(.oIua t ■ 

AJLmigttfe ana metcifull 0r.n;' of t5plwntifMl 
g otiwflf, feefpcbpfroitiaHtljmgatljat insj&iirt' 
b^, mat tote, being reac.p li -r 1/ m bocp ano roulf, map 
toitD fiee (jtar'rs accompligj ijjofetfcicgs that tuait 
toettlDcS taue Done, tljjongb'SeDtf^ia cur Jloja. 

©afceGetBctl'frefa^tOatjje. ^p'^e J 

uctlCij.untobrtff ?:. 
- ... . ( TheGo(peI, '. 

Gn;e fetnsacmc cf Ijeauin ., ©attfi^s 

' tJcrie i.untoberfc i'5. * 

The xxj Sundav after T^iuitie, " 
, . - The Collet. l . 

GHaumtucc&fSrcth tl;ce , mercifitll JLcja , totfi? 
faitfcfr.II i^rcplr patt;r. n anu peace , ttat tier mag 
be rUnfcti from a:I tixir fu:m0 , ano fcritt t^ee toitj a 
timet rrnnae, tfe?oug;lj Jefus Ct?i2eur 2.o;a. 

. The Epiftle.' . * - - 

jFiEanpRii'hctWEn,6eitro-.:g. J .,.'••- <£p^e.f 
iier'Jc xo.Jjnia.brrfE 21.' ,"'_.' . T , 
The Gofpel. 
SnctfjcrctBaisacctrainetuItr. 2oDn4 

bene 45 to t{je tun. 

The xxij.Sunday after Trinitier 
The Collect 

LOtu toce Dcfetdj tlj?e tofceept t6p tjcut^clDe tfje 
©mrclj in crntinnall eoElinea't , tfcat tl'?oiigO tOj> 
p^otectiiin it map lu frr-c ftem ell acucrCttes , ar.D ce» 
iiontlp giuen to fcttie tlm m gocB bjc?fec3. to tlie gloflj 
oft§p'J3amc,tl)joiiglj Jehis dtyift oiirJLo^c.aintR. ' 

The Epiftle. 
31 tljanfccmpgpoUhauing. 3P!)il« 

focrfej.lratoijcrfe 12. 

• The GofpeL 
tEljcn ramt getcrto Ijtm. $&M% 1 $ t 

' i)tric2i;totI)ctnn." 

Thcxxiij Sunday after Tiinirie. 
The Colled. 

GCa our rcfitje ant) ftrcngto, ujbicfi art tfje autDo; 
of all tropnnetf.&e mop to I;care tlje Deuont p:ap« 
erg cf tfcv (£fjarcu,anD graiittt tl;at tliofcttirgs teljici 
tic affef fait'ofiilb.toe map e'utaine tfFjctuanp.t^ougO 
3Jcfu^ dj|iff out 2,o;n . 

The Epiftle. 
^zetfyen.&cfclfoiocrstifmc. •" 3P&3.J 


The GofpeL 

ilficntotntfijeJSfjaitfcjJann. ' ©attlj.s* 

berfeis imtoecrfcii. 

The xxiiij. Sunday after Trinitie. 
The Collect 

LO?n hjepfffcc&thef , affbtIettprwp T f fromtWt 
offtRce?, tjat t^otig^ tLpboumifiUljgcoJneiTc tuc 
■"'•'' l ' '■ maj 

The Collets. 

ma? bee Btlftttttu fr«w t$e fiemi i of afljbeft fimtcifl, <*oime tra* rtifc rap pje&ntrti in t&e tfcmirfc to rtje 

fcjlijrf) bPoutftatItptoctattec5mitKB.©tawtlt0,fc. Cubliamc of ant flcit>: logranttbatirjemaglickulien. 
* ■•- TheEpiftle. -', 
UXe glue tftanfees to <0oa. 


betTe jbiitebetCei j 

The Gorpel 


The Collet.' „ . ••_. 

Satire bp.toee befeccb tbee,® Ilein.tbe toite of rtp 
fattbful: peeple.ibat tbep plemeouflp bringing fo;tl) 
tbe fruit of goes ioojfec^ , map of ibti be pIei«c«Hflg 
KtoatticDjt^ough 2' Cus dftjtd ohi Hoia. 


.15ebolB,tfie oapej* come. 

j«tfE}.ftntoatc&;9. - >■? ; 
The Gofpel. 
©fan SleftiS lift t»p his c'pe?. 

C< f there be ahymo Suridaics before Aduent Sunday, 

* .- ■ -i /• n...n i I-- /--il.ja. r_:ni. ' 


t cb onto tljee u uf> pare ana time mincer , t>g Mh* 

©tie-fame <£ giftk ap^intcB trjt Sumaap before. 

Tlie Gofpel. 
anatohrntbetwjsotber. JUfce* 

jirt£ej2.aminucrfe»,auobi5cntt)«, T £■ 
Saint Matthias day. 
' '■ -- . The Colleft. . " , i\v 

A' Imigb.tie ©oo, to&icij in tOc place of tbetraitcttt 
j;HDfls Dtoft cfju'je tijp faitbfuU fmtam £gmlia& 
tobe oftlje number of the ttoelne apoUle*,grannt that 
tbp Chitted, being atoapp?cterutDfromt'ahi; 9po» 
flies , niapbeojBcteBattB guifleBbvfaubfitllatiBtrHC 
J3aQout0,ttyoug[j 3cfu3€fj?iaoHt JlcjB. 

The Hp iftie. 
2nBt'rit^cCeBape0j.3ttrr. 4 . 8ct0i 

betOs 1 5.v>mot6c ctiD. 

The Gofpel. ■ ' • •■ ; 


to fupply the fame 3 (h:ilbe taken the CoIleC"r.,Epiftle 2t tljat time JcfwS anCbjCtefl. 

and Gofpel of fbme of thofe Sundaies which wete bette J 5 bnto t^e Clin. • 

omitted betwees'.ethe Epiphanie & Septuagtfinu. Annunciation of the Virgin Marie. 

, . ;. Saint Andrewes day. > ;; - - - t — - The Collect. 

The Collea.. ; \K 7 &* &<&«& t&eeJUjB , gotojetbp grace into 

A3Lmfg$t{>®oD, tobtfiBiBBe8gfucn«c^graceftni. V V euctcarts, tljat t& toe baue kiustoen <£li?iGfc 
to tbp %'cli ayoftle ^).atiB?fto , that be teaBtlp 0*' tbp <£onnej3 tnratnatisn bp tbe meffage qf an angtli 
teieDt!)e"caUtngoftljp^)or.ne31e : .H!SCbHK,SffelotofD. - fabpJus n'o&canspaCfton , totcmapbebiotiglittoito 
\im toitljour celsp : gramit bnto W all, tbat toe being tlie glojp of Us teftirieciioa , th?o»gb tte fame Cljjtft 
calleB b9 top Ijolg toBjD, tna^foofthtoirlj glue oucc out put 3Ujo,3nun. , t 

felues obcBientlp to talloto tbv IjoIjj commanBemeut?, The Epiflle. 

3nB tlie Hejn fpafee againe unto'. 


U" t 


»Ij;ottg^ tljefame Jefiifi Cfotft otir jLojb. 

jTo^tfiftouu'jattconfeai. , . - f . - &m»mo 
a'erfe«?.l«uot(jee«n. ■ /' ' ,„ ,,, , 

The Gofpel. C ^ 

Run Jefusioalitngbptlje.' ., ©aKfi.* 

l5«rfe»8.l3ntoDerteij. , 

Saint Thomas the ApoftFe. 
The Collea. 

AJLmlttbtle ana eiierIiii(ng'©oB,toI)tcTjfoj tor P»?c' geliQ S.^aifee : gi'ue H grace , tfeat terr be net ?ifee 
.tongima.loH of tlje faith, BitDcft fiCet tbpljolp a«" cDilajcn ,. catirB aSuap toitf) etietp blaft cf bilne lac* 
pr-fite ©Ijo'nas to be tonbtful in top S)*i neu'rcCiirrcc* t ttine, b\\t fi'tmelp to be cftablilbea m tlje tincib of tbg 
tion': grant Mi fopetfeu!?. ar.o &itI;o:tt all Botibt^o tolg <Sofpcl 3 t^ougl> 3!cCu0 C^tCtoutlLo^njanictt.- 
lt leene fn.tlj? ^o« lefnjj Ct'?tft, tljat ont faft{j tn tbp The Epiftle. ' 

figI)tneuerbetVp!ooiteB. ^eareW,0£o;B,thjoiig§ 'BitttotoeuftpOHccf^t?. '■ C|Iief-4 


The Gofpel, 
3nB in tTj e 6 monct>. ; ' 
•&erfe-2 6,btitoi)cr*e j$. ' ' \ ^ .*• \ 

SjintMarkcsdav. • , • 
TheGollea. ' 

AEniigTjtte" ®ob , tebidj 6aQ mCrnctcB t5p Jelg' 
Cbnrrb roitb tlje Tjeaucnlp Bottr.'n? of tfip (£:ian* 

tfje fame 31efu*i £<3;t&",to tuljom uj:t^ %t. 

The Epiftle. 
beefc i«>.imtot!jcenB. 
, - The Gofpel; • .„ 

lS!U?rboma3oncoftbe. ' 

Conueifion of S PauL 
The Colle ft. 

V>et&7.Untoi3erfe 17 

- The Gofpel. 

<£?M!*. 3Iamtbetn!e2ItHe,aKDinp. , . Sefjiti'S. 
"" Derit i.bntouctfcij. 
->. Saint Philip and lames day. 

So&nicv TFie'Colleft. " 

A Ewtgljtfe ©aB , inborn. rrtirTpro fertie. i'^ ettetla* 
t\ fling life 1 gtaum Us perfertftHo linoirj ttp %pnne 
3ie£ii5 €0?iQ to be tic caav.tlieCnietlj.'r.nB the JLt'fe, 

G®B,toT:lcbbaRtatis!;talltbetoojlD,t?:.jottg5rte at? tljcu bnfl taugbt^.lSotlip arm otbtv apofil^ s 
p2?ari)tngoftt)pblfircB9prffie^).p<ittlt grant, tbiottgfiScfiig Clamour JL02B. 
teebeftccTj tljee, that toe tolirtj banc bis toonBctt'tt'I " TheEpiftle. 

tonnetfton tn tentesrib;arig,tnavfoHolB 9 fu!S! tbj> Ijolp ■ SJaniee a frrttant of ©oB. 
BocttinepijetaugbMijzottglrleftttf^ifteatilojB. Tjetfei.bntorjerlVij... 

■ •• ' ^TheEpiftle. • a " The Gofpel. 

anB^»aulpctb?eatbingpiit.- 3ctc&5 awB^efafBtobidBiitpIeu. 


fterici.bntobetfe"2 j. 

The Gofpel 
fPra anftocrcB peter,anB. ©att^.i^ 

berie2 7 totbceiiB. 

Purification of S. Mary the Virgin, 

TheColleft. .. p ,. r~ . 

AHmtg'btp anB ructla'fitng ®»ti , to?e finmM? be* 
ftccljrttE^ftKOiCi t^at |i» tin cncl£Lr^c«cx r^oupjljMw^J/^J 

-11 i 


rjerfei.Bmoberrei5. " 

Saint Karnabe Apofile. 
The Colled. 

LflDjB-aimigfttp, tobt'eb CaflenaiieB t^P M? 9po(iTe i 
T5araaba3 , teftb lingular gtfrg of the liolp ©bofl, - 
fet b« nctjbe, Dcffittite of tbj mantfclB gift «, noj pet of. 
grace,to bfcrbfin altoag to tj)g (oneut anBglojji. 

' The EpiftleV 
©fcentfomgd of tbofe thing*. : 

©big ijj mp commantwmeiit. 

S lohn Baptift. 
The Colleft; 


•*-'*" «■>•■ Saint MatthVw the ApofUe;'' 1 ' '^ 

ScWli l .... -."w. '.The Colled. •« . ■« 

AEmtgTjtp ©oD, to&icb bp tbp blflTeD £><m BtoDeff 
callijjattbcto from t&e receipt of ruffome to be an 
2o5« i J flpoKle ana euangeltfi , graM bf* grace to fojfalse atl 
* - cotieioiipBefitte.tmojBmatcloiieofncIje^tofoHoto 
tbp fain ©on 31efus5 c2:bjifi,torjo liiteth tjreignctiwe. 

A&mlgbtie"©oB ;"bp toljei'e pjouiDtrteetbpCctiiant {JfterefojeJJeefag tfcat toe. 
SobnlSapttff teas tooriBerfHll^ boine, ana fent . .&«&i.tttuot)er&7. 
to y^cparc tlje map ofcljg =£>onne out ^>a«tour,b| pjea* * 

djing of penance: make fcgfo to felotobiSBflctritie'anB 
fcolplife, t&attoec map rtutlp repent accoiBingro W 
pjeaefntig, ano after bis? example condantlpfpeafce rte 
tructb, bolBlp rebuke nice, ano parientSp fufferfoi rfre 
truetW fake,tbjougb Scfup £tyt8 out 2,ozd. 

.1 , k . -The Epiftle. 
(£omfo?tpe,comfo>tpenip. J 
ittixte i.bntobctfeii. . 

TheGofpel. ' 

Bote tofcen <£lf?abeti>0 tunc toa& 

Sjint Peters day. 
The Colled, 



•iainc Michael and all Angels. 
* The Colled. 

E&erlaSing cSoD, tobicb bafl o^ce itteu ? cwiSiruret 
t&e fcrnuegt of all angete bub men in a tooueerf uS 
Sfal.40 ojDer, metcifultp grant, tbat wj> tobtcjj altoap ro t&ee- 
• ' ■ * i CetUitc in bp tbp arjjointmcttt.fuxcour aittt 
BtfeiiB b$ in eatth,tb?ougl} 2efue Cbjift out Jlojo. 

TheEpiftfc. • 
attB tftect taasf a battcfl w. 3&eudi* 

• bcrfi^.fcntobccfei j. 

The Gofpel. 



A& ©oB,tobftbbnbpS?otme3!«&ilsC(#ft ^« fame time ifcetifriplefj. 

fjalt giucn to tbp apolile ©auit peter manp eje* ^ berfe j.toito berfe 1 1. 

Cf Uent giftfl , anu commanceBQ btm catnrftlp to ftecc ' . Saint luke the Etiangelift. - : 
tbpflocfee 5 maI;e,toebefeetfjtbfe,"otlT5ilbj)p£anB" . ' .;" ' The* Colled -' 

J&afrourjs ciligentfp to p?eacb tbp bolp toojB , ana rlje' A Itmigljrp <®ob, toMcl; ca!Crt)CE JUfce tfie jpDputt' 

people obeBtentlp to folloto tbe fame, tbat tbcp map rc» *~\ nn.tobofe pjaifeig m tfje ©cfprf,tofre a pfjpfittatf 

cctue tbe cvotone of eurrlaflirg glojg » tbjougfc Jcftig of tije fcule, it map pTcafc tfcee bp trje tobolefomc meat 


.i TheEpiftle. 

J-loto about tTjattime.i^ctoBi l ' 2rt0 1 1 

,ber£ei.bntobcrfei2i ;' , ^ 

The Gofpel. - * ' 
J3fltotobrn3!eCtt0<;ame. ' - ' (]9att^.itf 

feerfe i3.bntouerfe2o. 

iaint lames the Apoftie. 

(-> ISant, S) merrifull <Sob, tbat ag tbine bo!p 3po» 
Jflle ©aint Jamts Ieauing &te fatber,ann all tbat 
^ebaa , toitbout Delaptoa^ebcBient bntotbccaUing 
cftbv *on"nt 3IeQt)8 €b?iB,anB fo'otBeB bim:!o toe fb?» 
taking all too;lol)> anB carnal! afFectiong, map be r uet» : 
uicjc reaBpto foleto tbpcommanBtment^tb^ongb 3U* 
fug Cfjjift our ILojU. 

3fn tbofeBapc^ alfo came. Sctetf 1 1 

berfe 27/enB Cbap 1 2. in betfc j. at, STbcn lucre 

eines of Ijts Doctrine , to bealc all t%t Biifcaleg of out 
foute.tfcongb tbp ^c-nre Jeftig CbjtS out JIo^b. - 

T$utfoatc&!&ouinnllt[jii;gg.:,\ \ •■ j.^mt.4 

btcfc 5-bnto ber:"e > 6. ^ •■■' :1 ' 

Sftrr tljcfe tlings.tlje iLo?B. %\$>i 1 o 

betfe i.enniiibrt&7 at,©eenotfrfmTjouCc. 
Saint Simon aiid Iude Apoftie*. 
The Collet. 

AEmigljtp ©oB , toijirO ba5 builBeD tTji) Congre* 
gatianbpon tbefounBation of tbe apoQtcf % ^jb* 
pTj«3,3lt0i5 ^^:'Q btmltlfe being p beaB comer Hone: 
grant bg fe to bee tnvneB togcttrr in bnitic of Ipfrit bp 
tbrir Boctriue , tbat toe map be mace an Ijolp ^^mple 
acceptable tbre, tb?o»o;b 3«fu? CfijiS oar JLojn. 

The Epiftie. 
3!uDc a frrnant of Jcfus Cbjitt. JuBe 

berfe i.touofcerfr?. 

The Gorpel. 

1 The Gofpel. ' ^btfe tl]tng0 commaHB 
^bencametol;(mtbe.. . ,' ', .> ©atft.20 n ~ liccDr 1 7-to tl)c cnu. 
bttCe2o.unte berfe 29. . ' ^ "■ ' .«/. All Saints day. TheCoIlear.' 

Saint Bartholomew Apoftie. „. .. a l.mfgbtp©oB, h)bfcbfiafifentttcp;etbertbvelert 

The Colled. t\ in one communion anB fclfoufijip in tbe mpRicall 

Oaimigbrp anB ruetlafitng ©oB,tobicb ball ginrn fcobp of tbp ^omie Jcfns <£()2iff otir JLo^B : graunt bit 

grace to tbp SlpoiHe TSartbolometo, ttnefp to be-- grace fo te fel'.oto tbp UcI."S>atnt0 fa on bcrtnonEi ana 

Tecue auB to p?eacb tbp too?B , graunt toe befeecb tbee, goafp lilting , tbat toe map come to tljoli uu!pea6cablt 

Imto tbv Cbtircb, botl) to Ton; tbat be belecuea, auB to fapc&tobtcb tTjott balipicparcBfo? tl}rm,t6.nbnfamcn- 

pjcaclj tljat Ije tatt(tbt,tI)?oiig!j CI)?iB oar JLeiB. 'Iploue tOce,tb^ugb Tefuis (£(i;iff our jtt,ojB,amcn. 

TheEpiftle. ?%( ... . ■» . Th'e.Epiftle. - , , 

^njKSbptbcfjancgoftbe; , flctffy anBjfatoanotTierangelcome. , , , EUuel.7 

berfe 1 1 .bnto bcrfc 1 7. berfe 2 .unto berfe 1 j . 

TheGofpel. - - The Gorpel. 

Sot, tbere arofr alfo a ftitfe, • -3Lufce 2 1 anB toben be fato tije. (30a«5. $ 

bcrre24,bntobcr5e ji. . to rCe 1 unio bcrfc ij. it 

The end of the.Collefls. 


<vi Tlife 

&$ The order for the adminiftration of 

the Lords Supper,or holy Communion. 

O many as intend to bee" partaken of the holy Communion, fball (ignine their name's to the 
Curate ouer nighty orcein the morning before i he beginning of Morning prayer, or in .me- 
i diaccly after, 

1 And if any of thofe be an open and notorious euill Ihicr, (b that the Congregation by him is 
oftended, orhauc done any wrong to hisneghboues byv.ord ordcede: the Curate hauing knowledge 
ebercof, (hall call him. and aduertifc him in any wife not to prefume to the Lords Table, vntill he hauc o- 
petily declared himfelfcto hauetracly repented and amended his former naughty life , that the Congregati- 
on may thereby be {atisn"ea',wfcichaforew etc offended , and that bee haueiecorrpcnfed the parties whom 
be hath done wrong vnco , or at the leaft t declare bimfelfe co be in full putpofe (b to doe, as (bene as he con- 
ueniendy may. 

The Came order (hall the Curate vfe with thofe betwixt whom heepereeiuetb malicMnd hatred to reigne, 
aot fufferifig them to be partakers of the Lords Table , vntill he know them to be reconciled, Andifoncof 
the patties fo at variance, be content to forgiue from thebottomeof his heart , all thartheother hath tref. 
pafied againft him, and to make amends for that he hmfelfe bath offrriced, and the other partit will not bee 
perfwaded to a godly vnitic , but rcroainc dill in his frev ardncfle and malice: the Minifter in that cafe ought 
to admit the penitent pcrfbn to the holy Comn nnion,and not him that is ob(iinate. 

The Table at the Communion time, hauing a faire white linntn cloth vpon it , (liall (land in the bodie of the 
Church, or in the Chancell, where Morning prayer and Euening prayer be aproimedtobefayd. And the Piicft 
ftanding at the Nottb fide of the Table,fhall fay the Lords prayer with this Colk& following. 

<^jThe Communion, 

Emlgbtp ©ot , bnto torjom all ttatf t 
; bee open, elf ttStejs fcKttoen, acfi 
from tofiom roh'erctiBarerjtP* clranuf 
x\t tljougJjfd of our ffat'0 lip tie fn* 
. fptratfou of tbp rjc!p ^pint , tlat tote 
' map pi tfectlp lew , ant toc:trji< 
|p magriiBe trjp fcoip jHame, t&Tcitglj ctfyifi our 
Stc^t. amen. 

•J Then (hall the Minifter rthearfe diftmctlyall the 
ten Commandements , and the people kneeling, 
(hall after euery Commaundemcnt , aske Gods 
mercie for their tranfgreffion of the fame, af- 
ter this fort. 


C"> fit) 3D (pa&t tfjefc n)02te<J , ant fagt , 31 am t5t 
JJLtptW (Sod i tlioufrjalt Sane none otljet gots* 
fxtt met. 

SLo$ Dane merct'c bpen fig , ami eticKtte oat Ijeattjf to 

tlTrjau C&alt not mafet to trjp Sift artp grauen image, 
tw? tbe Ukenef e cf an? tfeing t|at iss m rjeaucn atcue, 
o? in the eartli rjtneatfj.o? in tie iuatet btiorttrjt eattf). 
Ctou l&alt not bote totene to t&tm,noji teo?fijtp tfeem : 
fo; 3 tljt t o?t> tip @oc am a tefoujs ©oD.anu suit tfje 
fmneof tfiefat&erfJ bpett trje tijitoien into trjetrjiro 
ami routtf) generation of tr)em that Bate me, ant fljrte 
mtrde bnto tboufanD0,to tfjem tJftat fc w me,ano Itepe 
im> eommantemrntji. 

fLejB law mercie boon bO,ft. 
CCrjou ft)alt not tafte rfce JSame af rise Jlctf) t&p <£cb 
in tame : fo* t%e &o?o foiUrwt rjotofcun giu'Jtklter&at 

S.*p (aw m wirtpon b^9c 

Minifter. -. ' 

Ulcmrmfcer irjatiljoulefp^rjoTptlit&aLbatfjBai', 
^ ire oeprp (lair ifcoulahoirt arm Dae oil tfjat rtott |aS 
to toe : but the fcucntb ta-^ le tleftaWati) of trje 
JLcjd rljp ®ot. 3 n it ticn fljalt to nomanct of too^e, 
tfjon.ect tip fbtine.ant tfip MHg&tcr,tbp manfetuant, 
anc tfjp maitefctnant , trjg rattell , ant t&( Oranget 
tfjat fs toitHn trjp gattst i fo? tn foe taped tie Lo;o 
mate ! raurti ant f attrj,Hjt fra.eflt all trjat in tbrm l<r, 
ant tcGft tfje fttuntb rap, invjerciojs ttt Jlojt tUfftl 
tfje feuentfj tap,ant fjefottet it. 

JLojt l&m mcttit bprn 1j?, $c. 
l^smoHt t^pfatljcr aRBtfjpmctljet, trjatttptapeij 
map bee long m trje (ant tofeitb, tfje Ho;t t(p (Sot p> 
iut{) trjee. 

ftozt rjeue mercie iinon tji.sjc. 
QP&ou ($aSt toe no manner. 
JLojt taue mtrde upon w,?c. 
tEtou fijaft not commit atuftetk . 
• People, 
la/o foue mercie iqion ts(. 
(Irjeuftalt not fltale. 
l.ojt ^aue mercie bnon bf,$c 

$TfjotifiE)eItnot bearefairduftneflcagarnfitlpnti^ 

£,o?o bauemettie bpon W,?c, 
tjljou Ojalt not touet tfip ne/grtfa?* |oufr,t|ou ftaft 
not court thv neigrjbo?pt»tfe, nr;rj{0fettiant, no? lis 
ma jtjtioj (id ortjjjo} fji? a(Te,no; an j> tljtng tljat i« fiijf, 
*35 People* 


The Communion. 

in suit %tan toe befeecb, tbee. 

f Then (hall follow t\\z C *Ue£t of the day, with one 
of etisfe c wj Cj.lect » following for the King , the 
Miaiilerftjiiiing vp.i.i J fayin j. , , , 

A3Uit jltp ® jd , topfe fclugo a;ne t* ctietla&ing, 
ata ^oaj.'t h2.iite , bans in.tcie b/jii tlje \a'jole 
<£uj;i:<:gatio.i,$ to cu!j tin b?a:t o; tlJ2 c&aleu tVwant 
3a nes, on : IBttng a w ga ikiw ac, tlja: gee (fsmjuing 
tofjjfe min&ec (jet (a) map ab.ue. all lb-rigs i'eek? tijjj 
6oit«t a.ja gtajp, a:io t jkbh; &ts Uibte.tet (one p con*' 
Goecing ua'aa.e aurtioiiij 'be oatu>ni? raicgfull? Lecae, 
ijonouc, atia bwibl? o!up gtm in tfeeana fo; tb#, ac» 
cojainj; to c&p blelea toj,:a ana o;gttuuce,tbtJUgf) 3*. 
fns <2tlj?tfi jut H,o?d, \n&o »:cl) tljis $ tlje Ijofp ^fjjli, 
liueta ana ceignettj, eiterong ©m, Ujj;!o toitoou; sno, 

AJUtigSt ie j eiterlalilng 45 is , to: be taugtjt &p tfj ? 
Ijafp to j?o, tbat ttjc Ijeatcs of fun js are tu t\)> mU 
anogauemance. $tfm tijou ooeB aifpov'e fctuLnftfjem 
as ft leentet!) beff to tUH gjatg toifeaam : : toee iicn'A-i 
bcktcl) rljee, Co to rjttpjfc anjgoae.ite t!je beact of 
3?atne?ft&2 fcttunt an: &mg a iu ga.tcntMr, thit in 
ait btStbottgbts.tojjasaira ujojkig,be mapettccliefce^ 


one or mi of tfaefe fentences he thinbttfa 
moll coiiucnientby hisdifcretioa. 

* &etpo<t: lisijtfoftiiebcfojemen, tbattrjep map Matth x.xg 
fee gooa tollies, anagloitue put jfjufjee u>&ic5 

* JUp not up fo: panr Defoes tteaCute bp»n t^>c tatty, 
to T jcmbecuS$iU3tfjoot& corrupt, a.ia anjere tijeeneg, 
b;cake t&jougb a.u fteale': but tag up fo; pate lei ea 

"ttea .tire iii '&ca.wa, la'jete ne;tijet tuit no^ injtfj Dot!)' 
cojti^t, anatob^cetb.xu^ooeuo*b^a»etjo;>a> ana 

* CClSntfoeuer pee toairto t'ja f . men fj&aula Doe bnto M . 
pin,e4enl'oajebRt3tbcm,fouijisigtoeJLiaj ana t&« 7 ' 1 
13,op'jets. '< ' 

* J!3)tcuewonetbatCait&antome,3U;D,&o;D,l$afl Mate? i« 
eater into tlje fcingoanr of beatten : but (je tbat Doetlj ' 7 ' 
tbe toilfof in? Jf at(j:c Urfjicb is in Ijeauen. 

*?acb;fto a foftlj ana fata Sjitro tfjc iLojD,15ebolD, inkeioB 
JLo:a,tlje Jjalfe ef ai? gooos il to trj e poo:e, ano if 9 

3 Oaue ncnj ang tajong to anginas, 3 teffo^e t'ottrc 

*C35o go?tTj atoaifate at anp time cfljfsobsnc 
coBr" toljaplantftfjaotnepatD, anaeatetfjnctsftbe 
ft;iit tljerest i ©^ la!)o fstOvtfj a Ruche, anD ea:ct§ not 
oftfjemiikeoftbeflsckef " 

* 3I^tue1jau2 lovaentjntJ po'.ifpitituanf&ingjEt, (sft't 
a great matter if to: ft>!I reaps gaur laazlolg tijnigsf 

Djc pe not ttnotc tijat tijc? toljtcu iniuSet about 


tljp tjaiuur ano glo^g, ana R^aie wpjeleraf tfee people' W? tij!n j?, Uue of tbe'faccifice^ ana tliep to!jic!j toatte 

com nitteo to W cbatge, in tneiltfj, peace, ana gaoit 
neffe: ©ratwt tfji^, © mercifii'.l jFaijer, foj tljpueare 
©onne3 Lake,3efu0 COjift o«r JLo?a;amen. 
q Ira nediatly after the Colled, the Mmifter fhall 
i reade i;he Hpiftle,begianing thus 
G:ije CpiHU to?itten in tOe CCbapter of. 

^And theEpiftle ended,he /hal fay the Gofpei^egin- 

ning thus. 
iZfye ®afpel tojitten h toe Chapter of. 

^ And the hpiftleandGofpel being endedjflialbe faid 

the Creed. 
i : "Bt!ce;ie tn one ®oo tTje jFatljet ai!tttgT)tp,m3^er of 
I Seauen ana eartfj, aita of all tfjtngs uifible ana tnut» 
Oble t ano in mz Loja jiefus C)?iQ tlje oneip bejotten 
feonne of (Saa , begattcit of IjisS jFnljer before ail 
IbdjID:*, 3 jD of ©aQ, ligfjt of light, bee? Son aitetv, 
@ofl, begotten, not maae, being of one fnbftance tottfj 
tljejratfjer,b?to^3mantl;ing0icerematje lu!iofo: OS 
men, ano fo? oar Calnatim, ca;ne totone from Iteauen, 
ano toa3 incarnate b^tfis f>oI? ©IjofJ r.f tbeil;rgine 
^atp, aim iaa3 itudc man, aiia to30 cruciScn alio fo? 
SsiDnacr jpafiti;isip t late. l^efuRcea aim toas butt* 
cd, a:?Dtbett)«D oaprjeerafeagaine acco?ciHgtatbe 
^criytdtea , anti afrenoea into lieauen , ana fitte tb at 
rte rtgbt of t'«e f atljer.ana Oe ftjall came againe 
luttb gfoj? , to t'iOge botb ttjc quicfee ana tlje BeaO : 
huljofe bin gnomt uj ill bane none cna. flna J beleene 
in tlje bolp iSioil, tije ILojd ana giiter of life, toljo p.:o» 
ceetietb from tlie f atber anQtbe ^onne,tobo tottl] tlw 
jiFatber ano tbe ^>on togetlict ic! toojirjippen ana glo* 
tigco.toljo Tpifeebptlie psopljeta. 2na 3 belreue one 
Cat^o'ike ani apo!lo!ike (jdnrcfi. 3 acftnotalcDccc 
eneTSiptifmefo^tbcremifftonofSnncs. 9na3loofee 
fo? tbe refnrrecttan of tlje BeaD,anj tlje life of tlje too^la 
to come.SLmcu. 

After theCreede, ifiherebc no Scrmon,Oial follow 
one of the Homilies already fet foorth , or hereafter to 
be fet forth by common authorise. 

After fuch Sermon, Homilie,orexhortation,the Cu- 
rate fhall declare vnto the people, whether there be any 
holy day es or faft'ng dayes the wecke following , and 
carneltly exhort them to remenber the poorc, faying 



of tbe altacatc partaker^ iuitb tbe altarf «^ucn fo b^tfj 
tbe fi.ojaaro' ; o?aeiuea, tbat tbeg u»!jic^ p^aclj tl)e 
©o'pel.'tonJD liae of tlje ©ofpcl. 

* ^ee tljat foloetb little, fijallrrape little 1 analjeer 1 r 0T9 ,?- 
tbat foaoctlj plcntioua?. ©all reap.' pletueonH?. JLct c», ' ,? " ,7 * Doeaccoioi;:gasbeii! Btf^ofca in 1)10 beart, 
not gntDging oj cf neceOTittt , fa; ©no Iaiictb a cljcate. 
full giucr. 

* £e: btm tbat i& taugbt tn tbe toa;a, mtnlRerbnto QA.6,6 7 . 
5imtbattcaibetf)iTiaH'gP0Dtbingj!. TSenotDcceiueD, 

(Sod is not niaibco : JFoj toljacfotnet amo^bbsecb, 
tbat Iflfllf be teape.- . -,i*Jk r 

* CUttle Uie bauc tf!ne,lctltff co g'^oB bVt»,a1fnien,f Gal 6. 1 o 
fpcciaRj' bnto t'otm bbicb are of tbe boii'GJblii ef fnitb. 

* ©oclinelfc is great ricljrs, if a man bee ccRtrnt 
ruttb tbat bee battj : fo; toce b;o:igbr nothing into ttie 
to^lD neitljetmap toe carte arp tbmg out. 

* (Jbatgctbem to!jicbarerfcbt'ntf)fs toojla, tbat 
rbepbe reaop to giticana glab to ttHribuie, la? ingup 
in fjojefo? tbemrelties agoocfounoatiensgainlttbc 
time to corn? ,tbat tbep map attainc cterna T Uife. 

* ©on is not unrigbteous , tl;at be toill fo;get pour Hebr tf.i© 
lBo:l{es,an3 labour tbat pjoeeeceib of lotie ttobub loue 

yi ba:ie IbeiccD fo; bis JElamcs fafee, tobfeb banc mini* ' 
Area bnto tbe faints, ann pet Doe mitiiller. 

* Qo Doe goqB, anD to BiftributefoJget not, fojtoftlj Hebr.i; iC 
fncbfacrtfices©oBtspleaCrD. ■ a 

*(jaboOjbatbtbtstoo;IasgooD, anDfcetbbisb?B» i.iohn , , 7 
tbet bane neeae, ana (Tjurtetlj bp luV.'o^ipairion from 
I;iin,bato titocllctb tbe lone of ©00 in bun? 

* ©utealwe3oftbpgooD&snatumcnc!icrtl)pfare Tobit4 7 
from anp pooje man : ano tben tlje face of tbe £o;a 
u^allnot be tttrneo atoap from tljee. 

i.Tim. 6.7 xy t 
i8,aud j£ 


15emerciftillafttrt()pp!i5rer. 31f tCoti IjaQ mttcTj, TobitA 8 o. 
plenteotiJli'. 3ftl;oti bait little, toe top Diligence 
glaol^togmeof tbatlittle : fo; fo gatfjetrit tljottlbg 
fdfc agoootrtoatD in tbe Dap of ncceffitfc 

*Hpe;tbatbatbpttici)pi3ntbcpoo;e,(t:nDe'l>bntDtrjc 17 
iLo?D •. analeokc totjat plapctb out , it ©all bepajea. 
bimacrawc. . ■ < ? ■ 

* Ti51eSeni0tIiemant?i»tB?aitiDftbfoitbeGcl5f an'D' pfaJ,4i.s ' 
nceBp: tl^JLojD toill Delitwr. |tm in ttjif tint of troioliv 

S Then' 

The Communion. 

If there be 
no almesgi- 
uen ro the 
ifcall y woi ds 
(of accepting 
cur almes) 
be left out 

f Then fhall the Charch-wardcnJ.or foir.e othet fcy beratfc tb«T fcaDt>ru£^t a fame , et fcruTB trp tfjcfri 

thtmtFpointed,gath«the<ituotior.oUhcpecp]e,Er.d pefceeett-nn, tzttteufe ttipfcrtt rnartuB,teti£r:t>t\ 

put the (mtc into che poorc maisbcxc, and vpcm lie lo fjruffD, till nurttD tUtcjtfcp cf tlf ^rcucrlp 

offering dayesappomrtd,euirymsn and uotvan flail tf aft- 3 fcjrrppart am i)ttc paefent, anCfieto;Ctrgto 

pay to the Curjic the due and mine i gu e , 3 l it p n m ilj rare rl (£ tC, 3 rail pent 

Aft« which dene, the l-iuii fliall fay. iti <£• ;ilig bti;a'fe,3; uto?! rou t* pen, !ct:r pour cbriie 

fnluf.titn , t&a pert t:! bi pataiftE ot ttig Ijefp £cm. 

Cietb?p?apfc?tttfelWile8a«ofC^pCf€tMKt! munim. Sue as tU'feant of eocticb.uifciafito 

militant tat m eatt^. pa it ip ti 5 foule bpcrat&ipcn iteeTcOt fo?ptur 

a J.migbiHanBru£t'h>iJ!g©fli, toOirtbptljpfyp lealifj: mm fo it is pair oiierittotettiurtljcojan* 

iiaptfilc (jsfl tangftt b9 tomalcp?aprrpanc lip- murt.n:cgetljetmttjr turn ml? sum of tiBCratlj,e* 

pltcatu t $, n 6 to giue tt)a fee fo? an men : toe tjimMp It tjimfctfe i en marc D. J8i to , if peu toill in vo trite 

MrccfjttrrniofltncrtifuHpCtoacaptcur, aiid) ttcptet, ctrCterlxit^pcr.r&lKcj; Uto great iniutic 

tortteiuet&ekeurpjapets, tljicfe be offer tntotbj pern tor into ©co, ar.crjctofo<£pr!!;iftmemtEr,gtt& 

DiuintGgaititfe, betftetjlngttce re infyitc rctufnutl'p onttpctit (rEtjsfr^ttrfimr. SrctotjiaEgpouefrtna 

tte bniurrfall £!;urrb. toittj tte r I?irit ot triictt, fcnitir, <Er>C ;"« fe;c in nfufng tlig tolp I trqutt . 3! at tr ntiflj, 

anc rtHtrib : aim gtant rrjat ail tt»p ttat Etc tcr<frfie eptejr, ere tcfrc eft ptu, ttet brto tl.ijD tnfeitit r.t ft pe 

tbp &clp name,map ague in f mir tfj cf tSp feclp fcojc, toil! net accr erp rrc.e : trbict tl irg pt fljali tcr,if pe 

anc line in tonitie arc goctp lone. CE t befercl; tier alio Baic bp e? ga jug ere let kerf cr ttim ttat tee rcm« 

to faur anc Erftro allSfailtian kiK£f.,p2ri-cei?,8tic gr. mur.iratcer.c tr not pariafcrtgcf tte ferrr pt urfriueg. 

t!treo:t0 , anc (jcculip itp lei neni Jame p t ur Sirg, f oj b.tjat itirg can tfci? be aeceutitiB clfc, tfcen a ftit. 

tl;et bnett ly.m tee map It gorlp enr qtuetlp g t nttrt c: tfcer tor rur pt eiit lir.I it.ln rTt bitto <£ a f ^ti.elp, it 

edd graunt t-nte fcfglx&ctt CcunftH. aFti te el; ttat be if a great fctufor.fcefrlnffc to fap nap itliiti pt ft cal» 

jiitina;iiie;fttcljncert;im, itjat ttepmaptrmlpar.B Its : tut default if n-.trt greater, fetn CfnBfcp, 

tHliffeteit pmtti.Eerittflat, totr;tpunilTn^tef&ic> sne pet toil! miiifi tatc i:o?S^it &c il ielolr ^rnirai» 

fennre arn Uiee , ar-D to irjt maintni.- nre of (Sels true fion teit t oitir. J p?ap ptu, rxtat rtn ttjig be cL'e.ittt 

teffftirn ano terrue. ©ititgrBre(DteanerlpiFaifer) fitntotatinrirr.ititrupcfcljjifiinBtiiEcuf 3ti0 

to all "Bfijops, &&O10, anD €nrartp, tfjat tljtp map iapo bi te all, tEafer pe,f rt tatr, take anc vj uke pt a3 

bozlj tp il;eu Ut act) ccetu'r.efrt fcc;tfc rl;ptruce.nn eltlji'p, toeitif in ifmiirb?firteofn;cf. Cliirjb.l;at 

Iii;elpfeoptJ, arzr gfctlpsr.DBUflpatrm'nifiertJjpljoIp fete trjtn, o? teifl) fcofjat rrtiRtrtiErcr Q;ail pee tjecte 

©actamttns! anc to all tljp peiphgii.f ttplraunJp tlefetor^tee: tQlat b-illttis terlt, btitatictilte. 

grace, arc : pttfaFp to tfjte eergrigatstn Ijtrt pjrfint, tirg, a Ctfpifirg , rnc metking cf lie ^Tifif.irirt ef 

tSatteitljmitke Irart art) Cue nuirerct, tlep rrap £l?iRr {U|(tifr?t tattct iters pefroiJcfocoe.Ci part 

ttate anc rttu'untP feclp fccju, ttt;tlpfirui'rtg lite in P«i Ut\tt, EncgiHtplarttott'im tte i brgrElpDifpe* 

lol nrCTe 9 rigrjtcr uChtg all il)f Dapt* r firjeir lifr. SnC fit. 13nt intui pou re parr, 31 be&rrij pi u prrctt toitfj 

tot meft rjumblp t e'ettrj tbte of ttp gi rtntg, O io?c, rcur felue s. frtm Mem pe ttpett : pt rrpatt frtm tte 

toromfe;t arCfKtrottalltttmtoUtljirttjifftrar.Cio* JLc?cs table, pee Depart frcm potub?ctlj;tn,rnEfnm 

tphfc brintrctiflf, f«':ctoxitOf,IitEci(& 3 ejai'rotlitr tte brnqi-rt oc moB reaiuKlp force. C^ift ttirgptf 

BOuerittp: grant tfcfBjS) JratIjer,ft?3;efupCl;jiRefBte peerrnefilpepriCDir, pre fijall br (Set gtrce retntRe 

ouroml? mcCtatou arc . cuccate. Snicn. 

^ Then (hall ft;llow this exhortation , ar cert sine the Curate ftiall fte tlie people negligent 
ro come to the holy C"tr,n. union. 

W<£ br tome tegrttjer at tl,is time (Btartlp belc> 
utc b?t(lijin) tofeete at il;eJlr?cs, upper, bn^ 
to ttje teljicfj in ®ocs brfif.lfe J bib pru al itat 1 1 l;tre 

to a better m.l-Cf JFr? trjr ofciairlirc ^tree f,tot Ctball 
tr.afeciurtt mbltpttitionjs, b^Httot tyaHrcitiue'tte 
feolp Communion. 

^ Andfcrrtt.'rrie Trail thisbefaid alfo,at thediicreti- 

I> Catelp btltueb, fc:armuerj r,a tin t uetp in to ten* 
>*ttrioS r migtip Ccc cm rjeacer.lp jTattet rr.eS 

pifftHt, ^ btfcerl) pou fo^ ttjc £o;c Jlcfitg <£r)?!fis» "air, tef rip tlitr.fete, fo;~tbat Ijt rjnil; giuen Jjie & tnre ctic 

tEsat pe bin not rrfufe to rcrre 1 terco, btitig fo leuii g. ^ ai;icur 3<fi* cLI.^iB, net cntip to tic fo? fc?, firr sift 

IpcaliecaBDbiPCen of (BrOtirrffifc. £tt fertto rjeto ro i c our ff irinrtl! frctc Etifi fnn"trairtr, agirieretla' 

gticioue s ljnBiwj a rfiing it is, toten a man t at! pjr . rec bnt tog, afe el! tv <Sctv lte?D, t$ bp itr fco!p ^a» 

parecarttSftEll, rtcBitt ^10 tabic toitfe all tint erf cremtntof %ie bletTtctetpaF.rb'oec, tte tolled fe» 

yicin'Bon , r o ttjat ttjett Iatkitb roilirg I tir ttt gttflg h g f c i6fe;tab!e a tb.Pg tr. ttim to! tri reeeiue it tor?. 

toGtEorjmvr.cpfittrpiDrjifrjtetesHtcCtoiitii-utErp tVjlp, nrD fotargrrcilg toirjemitatfaillpjeft mcto 

raiire^oSbnttanBefunprtfiifc to tenir.fJSbitt of pea rrreinr ft Lrtocjititn mp r uetp ie tc tjrl;c:f peu tc eon« 

in fueb a eafe rooulc Hot te rrfourc i Ciibo b-oiilii Viet fitet tl;c Blgnitp of 1 fee trip mj fierie,er.c tte prrtt pe» 

t6inkeaartatitil!itlc$to?nrgrpntbr.toliimr£aterc' rillofite bitor?ttprcreiuingit>reof, ewifotofrartlj 

fo?emoQceartlpbelriiecir.Pll)2i5, tattpigorcterte, mo tren ii;e prnr otone trnrtitnets, ae pcu $cuia 

IcRpe , toittniatoingpourfeluiflfrim itislfl' %i$> Cime tolp efd elcere to a melt grdp enc fceatuRr? 

prt.p?cuofer (Sor-0 incigtietioii agaii Q pru 3!c ipen frrff, fo ifeet innotoiipeneerrebnt inttcmatricge 

eaGcmatitr foramen to far, 3! toilnot trmmirtrptf, gotmentttquirecof^tcintolr^tiipiurr^foceme 

beeaufe 31 am ottcrtoi r e lettet toiilj bro?Itlp kCrrffe : ant be reerincb,af irrj-tr psrtrferrj? of ft:ib a trr.uer.» 

6ut 'tub rrcufes be rot fb taftln aenpiib Encallttoeo Iptefclr.CtetoEptncmfartsttitrto.ig: j?ffGietra» 

Bffo?r<£oD. 3fanp man fap, Jama grittirtif firmer, nmtpoi.r liueg tnCterHerCeticrtnti n.lrrf®otg 

anBtrjereffjermrireib toerrrr: cntuefoirtttnrrt renrrentemtwr, anr tottreinfrcitr pel! all per. tint 

IxnotrepfrtartcmttiD:? rXlten©ooe?nnfcput,Ie potrrfelnff tolei-t crnnrtb. el ! tr LrteiU. tBr;rr, c* 

pon not e fijamtD to fsp, prn totll rot rcm:r' ZZlftt pt it r eecr, tte te I tkaplr pour i fere fnfi 11 lirr^, ere ern» 

ft:tInrernmetoP5cb, toil'pfiierturepcurfrlfe, arc felfepctir (rfarsit afmfgWj (£>■ . toiitj Fr.I' pL'tpefie 

lap ttat pen b? rtt rracp :* f£orCter rarmfifp teiil) cf avert n trt cf lift- fvc if pre lr)rl: prrrrit-r rrt.r of* 

pour fclneg, tolultti r er:!'rjffirtBettn{rf Cr>aIT rtieflc ftrrretcbt'iift.Eetf ntterfiptgtiif cftC-lutalfo 

ltU>n QroD. tE^cj t^3t trfu:e: t\tUA it tt;« ^efjd, t gaiRS r*a wft,U ci.t? : »I;r. jit fl;eil ttcir.cile vcia 

•* U * i^ftitt^ 

The Communion. 

fel tea unto tDem, wa3? to rtu'se teftiturion tnifatf. 
faction > acrojDi i$ to c&c Uttet;«o3 of pwc gototu, to; 
a.l irttiKtejS ana uojo.ig* a bp ?o:i to an? ot&ec, a ia 
libetot.*e being tcaag to t»:jiie otaec ffjat'ja leofFia' 
Deo pju. aa po.i fjaii t'oj.juciiele of pane offen* 
tea at ©oaa ija in : JFj<! ocbt-cjjtietije teedttingof tDe 
Ijolij <fc>m:n.tniait, ooecfj njtijiivr, ed'e bit iitcccafe put 
oamnatitia. ana occaiSettta 1.5.4 il.e tijat no mm 
ffjaulo coin; to tDe :jol?c£itt nioa.iut tolt j a full tctfl 
in ©oaa metcp.a.ia aitij a q-.tier. cwfcicace : tDecet'oje 
if tbere be an? of pou, tofjic:) bp cfje manti afojelapij, 
tarwotquletijiaojonecomctence, barren, u'tet&futtijec 
cowfo-tojcjiiuiell, tfjen let Dim co tutu me , otftne 
octjet aifeceete aito Itatiteo mntftet f ©ciD3 u>ojo,ana 
open bis gtiefe, ttjat De ma? receiue GicD g'j iftl? caim. 
(ell, aatiice, ana co.nfoit » sd fits con cie ice map be re. 
lie tea, a.ta t&at bg t&c mtnifiec? ot <S jbs tooja Ijt mag 
teceiuecomfojt, ana ttjc beiteSte of ibrolntiait , totDe 
quieting of bid confcte;]ce , a;ia aujpaing of all fccu^Ic 
ano BoubtfuSnelTe. 

f Then (hall the Minifter fay this 

D<£atelp fcelaitea in tDe Ho:D , pe trjat mime to 
conu to 1D2 DjI; €0 nnutidit oftbeboa? t bhoo 
cfoutSauiour d'iuR, mill conSiecto'jatS. Paul 
to:ttetb to tbe d^:rr.t&ian3, f^to Dee ejcia:tet!j all p t» 
Cb.isoiligentlptoct? a:ta eca!n;.ictoe;n.eIues, berme 
rtep pjeilum ta ea'e oftijat bieao,* ojinbeof tfjat cajx. 
Jfo; aatljebcncfic ia g:cat, if toi:fi a tm» penitent 
feeaets liuel(>fait& toe receiue Dob Sucranent: 
(JFo/tben to; lpi:it;ia[(?cate tSe fleHj "of Gt&jitt , ano 
Bjm»e Die b!o:>D , tDen toe otocll in <£0»ift, ana CijJiS 
in bS, totbe one toitb CtytGU'ia COuS toitb bd:) %o 
i3 tDe oa ig:r g eat , if me receiue t&c fame fattbaaitljt^ 
Ip. JFot trjen toe be guiftieof tDeboapana bfoaaof 
(jfjiiU out %a»,to-: eat jnB tiiin^e out otoneoam. 
nation , nat competing t&e Lojdo boap : G3ee female 
©oDS tomtb agamft us: toe pjouofee Dim to plipttie 03 
tottDDiiictsui'eaCesi^ftnDjpBinDfisofeeatD. STOert. 
fojeifanpofp ttbeabla:.p , )emerof©oa , anfiinacret 
c;tfIiunoerec of bis too;ta,a : .i aau'tcrct, 0; be in malice, 
e'jeimie, 6; anp cttljcc grieaona crime, betoapfepi»tc 
finnes, ano come not to cDis Dolp CTa'.ife, left after tbe 
taking of tfiatfjolp Sacrament", tDe ceutfl enter mro 
poti.agbecntreoimo Suaas, aiioffnpouftilf of all inf. 
q-.iities , am bzing gou to ne ftruction botfj of boop ana 
Voule.3|;Hjge tlicrcfoje pout felues(bjerD;en) tfjit pe be 
notiuagen cf tDe Ho?d. Slfpntpoutniefp fo: pour 
finnc^pafl : Daus a liuelp ana ffcBfafl faitD in <£b;itt 
em ^auiour aniett^i poittliucs.ana be in perfect cfca» 
ritietoitDaflmen, IbfDall pee be meete partakers of 
tfiofeDoIpmpttcriea. aboueall tljings, ptmuft ma(i fjivtilv'e ana Deartietbanftes to ®oa tDe 5ra= 
tDer,tIje «S)onne,ano tDe Dolp ^boilf.foz tbe rf nemption 
of iDe toozfo, bptDeneatbana paffion of our <g>aiiiour 
C&JtS botD @o3 ana man , tofo nia Dnmlile Oimfrlfe 
enea 10 tDe neat^ upon tDe ctofTefozb^miTetalileGn. 
nerg.toDicb lap itt aarbnefle $C&alioto of DeatD, tijat je 
tnigDtmabeufltbe cbilozcm of (Sod, $ epalt&ato euer- 
iaflinglife. 3no to tDe eiia trjat toe {Tjau'lD altoap teme» 
bet tbe etceeotng great lone of out maff cc * onelp <&a- 
tiioar 31eru3 CbJi«,t6ui3 aping fo? b8,* tbe iniiumera» 
blc benefited toDic&bp Difl pjecious blooaffjeDDingDe 
liatD obtatnen to US : U Datb inffftuteo $ o?Daineo Dolp 
fuaneeaf fjfgt enr great fltenDlelTe comfoit. fEo 
Jjt'u tfietefoje, toitb tDe jFatber ana tDe Dolp ©Doff. let 
tiugi ic (a3toe aremeabounDen)cominuaIltDan60, 
fnbuitotng otn felue? to'jong to Wb»'-l M wo glea« 

fare , ana Ottuputg to ftttu ((ttt' lit true (olhKQEc am 
rtgOteo.ifReaie ail t6< oage? of out life. amen. 

f Then (hall the Minifter fay to them chac come to 

receiue the holy Communion. 
\7 0:t tljat Doe tail; ana eatnefll? repent poa of pout 
I It ine^.aud be tit lone ana cSatitp teitD pourseig&> 
6o.it3,*tiUenatoleaDea netultfe, folloto.ngtDecom' 
manaemenwof ©03 , ana toalbmg from Dencetoojt& 
in i)i$ Wl toap;s: Bjaa ncete,an a cabe tfjia D^ip ^a* 
era nent to pout ccti'^c, mabe pour On nble confeuHotx 
to 31'tiigDtie ©^a , befo;etDigcoiig:egationDerega» 
tDeceo cogetber in Ijis Dolg Bame , meebjlg bneeiing 

^ Then (hall this generall confeffion be made, in the 
name of all chafe chac are. minded co leceiue the 
holy Communion, either by one of them .or els by 
the Minifter iiimfelte , all kneeling humbly vpoa 
their knees. 

AHmigDrp ©oD, jra:6er of en? 3Lo;o Jefus C'wS, 
iiiakec of all t&inga, iuDge of all men , tekiiouo* 
Icogc anoI)C'iiapl£duc:iia:iif«iaGi:ice $ toickeanefTe, 
to icD tocftjm^imeta ivnc; com* 
mi ten, bpt'jo:ig;;t,U»;a,anD ocene.ajainft tD? Ptuins 
©.iteit^,p:oiiobing molt tufi!.' tD-' toiati:) aan In-igus. 
tion agaiuii as: \nz 0. e eatneSI? tcp £ u:,ano be teartt* 
Ip'jjlefoztDefeour mifaoi^gs, tlje timnnbjance cf 
tOeni i^ grteuxie bnto ugr tDeb'.u'ucn 0: trjen is intol« 
letab'e. tpancmetcpbpoabiJ, bnue m.rcp bpan ua, 
mo'.r m tcifutl JFstDft , foz tfjj? timeout Jloja Je^us 
Ciyifts fa'ii.fojgiue be alt tD^ t is pait, ana gravt tljat 
to mapeucrljcreaftft f^rtte $yleife tDcc in netonelii 
ocuTe, to rDeljonout ana gfojpottDp tfiame , ti^ugl 
3efii0€bjiftoutJLei?9.ameii. . 

^Then fhall the Minifter or the Bilhop ( being pre* 
lent ) ftand vp,3nd turning himfelfe ti> file people^ 
fay thus, 

AEmigDtp ©od oi;t Ijeatienlp jFartrt , to^a of Dia 
gceat mercie DatDpiomi&o fo.igiueiiclTt. of finned 
to all tbem uul;icD toitb Deartp repentance ana true 
faitbturnebatoDim: ^aue mercie bpanpott, parDon 
ano Deliucr pou from all pour (Inne?, coHfrcmc 3rQ 
ftrrngtbenpouin allgaaaueflcaiio bsicg pen to tatt* 
lafling ItfctDjougD Stfug COjifi out JLojs. amen. 

Then frail the Minifter alfo fay. 
faitlj to all tbem r&at trtitlp tume to hinu 

*domebntomcaIlpctliattrauaile, anDbeTjeanle mm.ii iS 
laacti , ana J to H refrcftj poa. ♦ £io ©oa louca tbe lQhn . * 6 * 
too?la, tbatDegaiwDisortcipbeaotien Sonne, to tDt s * 

ena tlj -.t all tbat beleeae in Dim fl&onla not pctiit > but 
f)Mt life euetlafting. 

tOeare alfo toDat %m'nt J^anl faptD, 

• SDis is a true Taping, j no bmjtDp of all men to be i.Tim. 1.15, 
teccfueD,tDat 3iefu0 CDjIB came into tbe towla to fane 


l^eare al r o tobat Saint lo^n faptfi. 

* 3f«ipman(mne, tore baue an anuocate toitfj tTje l^ob.a, 1,1* 
jFatber.Sefefl CbnStbetigDteoa?, anD5etfltDepto» 
pittattonfoi out finneft, 

C After which rhe Minifter fliall proceede/aying* 
HfRbp pout Dearth, 

tHt lift irjem bpbnto tbe EojD. 

Minifter. W EtUC $MfS isruo OUt %0}U ©$B. 


The Communion. 


• 3t isf bctp meet, rigbt.atro onr BotittBftt BitettY, rtat 
to: fljstslQ at allttrms , auE in all places tr.iuttbau!;e0 
ii its tbte, © ilore, Ijolg jFatber, almigtjtp nicrjaliitig 
;©oo. '• • ;,: ' ti 

"^ Heere fhall follow the proper Preface , according 
« Co the-tinie,if there be any fpecially appointed : or 
die immediacly (hall follow, •fEbttefeje tott 3ii» 
; gels ant> arc','angels,$c 

Proper Prefaces* -... 

' Vpon Chriftmas day , and f eue'n dayes after. 1 > > 

B' t£i« Hifct^ou DKBcBgiue ItfasCbjifi t^iiiie onelg 
*>oV'Rt to be bime as tljis tap fo.i i>0 ,• tob> bp tbe 
■ epcratiira o? ifje tjMp (Sbofl toas maBe terp man , ef 
tm fiibffance of tije Qirgme ©arpljis motijer , anB 
tbat U-ftl'ontfpct of (lime , to make bsJcUrafiefrom'all 
firme. ^EJjcrefoie tottlj angel&sc 

- Vpon Eafter day Jand feuen dayes after. ' ,; 

E'Ot c'jf cflj» arc totbomiDtopiaifetbcf.fojtbeglojk 
otisreiiirtectton of tfj? Pontic JefttS Cfjtft out 
JLojo : fo? £e 10 tbe betp jj3affhall HambeMteb b>n0 
cftsrec ft,: bs . arm batb tafern atoap tfjc fame of tlj* 
r too;lB, tobobplji0BcatofiatoBffhopeBBeatb, ario t p 
fcts tiling tc life agame, bath, rcffojcB'tobsi cucrUfting 
life. ${jtcrfojetoftbSngel0,,fre, r "••'•> ' i i) tf-uw 
v ■ i; ' .. '■ "j r.'t,,. !-j Ti i 

Vpon AfceidTonday,and'feuendayesv;ft«rl' "''"' 

Tl^cugf) t^y moft rj«ate brioueo <fec'mie '3!efuS 
CiiJiU our lio;o,urj.i after bis mofl gl lions tjfrr> 
tcction manif. ftl? PpneaKB to all ; is apoftlcs, aire in 
tljctr figbt afretiDco lp into Ijcanr n s t* p|i pare n p'.ace 
to? w, tbat tebore^e is rlftfjctmisSt tec affo afrenlj, 
anu tefgrw tottlj fctin in gl&jjM33)mfoje toith <jc. iJ •• 

• Vpon Whitfunday and fixe dayes after. 

TJptoug'j JeC"0 CO.'ifl out ilcja , acroreu'g to 
toijofe mofl ttiu pjomt'-C tlje bo:p ©l>fl ca'U 
Boton t bis Bap fiam heaucn.U hb a ftrcsen great fctiaa, 
a0 it baa bine a rntgbtp te tlje IifcentiXe of fietic 
ttngacS lighting upcti tijc 3po5ic0,to tcaclj ti)em.a'.re 
to leaBetbemtc alltrsttO.gHtmg^nimbotbtbegiftef 
Biuecs Ia"g:ia5cd,a:iD alfo bolrnriTctoitljfcrueni *e\le 
conftantlp topieatrj tlje ®of?e!anto alnatioii&iiberfi 
bp toe are I\:'mig^r out of aarttte ffc aire crroiir,irito tDe 
riearc lig'jt , ana true knolnlmge of tfcee , anq of t()2 
©onnc Sefufi €l%i&. (Ttcrefcje feaitij angc:^?c. 

Vpon theFeait of Trinicie onely. 

I IE it bcr? nrrte: ripjfjt,ano out baiiireen cnetp, trjat 
toe flj-tilrj at all rtnieg.aire in &U place c giuc ti/anfce3 
to tfjee,© £o;B,aimigIjtp,aire ciierlaSivig ©on^rjicfi 
.art one *59?, one iUjBi not one oiulp ptribp, but tij^ee 
^ctrong tit one fubQmtce. JFe? tl)3t toljiclj toe bdeetie of 
tlje glotpof tfjcJFaiBcr, tijefamttoce fcelccueef tfjj 
^■anr.e, ano nf tbe bolp v5fjtR, tot'tfjout anp 3i3Vrcnce 
pj incfi^alittr.lifjrrcfoje totfl) angelsf^c. ' 

f After which Prefaces ftiail follow immedi.itly; 

G:i)ercfo?£ toitl) 3iigcl0.atmarc!5aHgcl0 , anB laitD . 
a'l tf;e company of Ijeanen, toce lauBe anB magiiifie tvjp 
g f c2ious J]3 Mttf, ntermo?e y^nifinn; tljec , artB fating, 
fj?ofy.!:oi{>,fjeI]?.Ito!B @oB of I,'ofi0. l^caucn anB eartb 
are full of t!j? gloj?. ©la^Be to ttjte , 2D JIpjid mofl 

^Then fhall the Minifrer kneeling downe at Godi 
boavd/ay in the name of all them that ihal leceiue. 
lh«Conununion,this prayer following. 

WC b« wet j>?efi!me to feme to tW tig Calde 
($> mercifull Jlojb) truffmg in out otone ugl}. 
tconftieflVjbiit in tljp manifolo av-B gteat mtrcle^. w.t 
' aer tlsg t5EabIe.T5(tt ttou art tljt fame JLb?B',t.-6oIe pjo- 
pertie in altoap to Daiiemenp: grant x$ tdirtfo;c£ca- 
t iou0 JIojb, io to rate t&e fit Cj oi tip tears ^ennt jjt« 
fu0 : €?);ia?v5anB to sjinkfbie » iooo, trjat our tnfiillbo* 
Bii'Smapfce maBeelranc lv tie tec?, anotutfotiles 
toalbeB tbjciiglj tismifip^cutisblocB, austljatUX 
ma j eucnr.v je stocll m tim,anD ije in bs. Stinn, 

i i • '■ 

^Theri the Minifter ftanding vp,(hal fay as folcweth. 

AJtitugttp ©oo our beam nip jTatfjtr, toljiclj of t&g 
f cfiBer mcicie ci^Biff gme ti;me meip %'0tihc i!e« 
fu^ CbjUUto fuSit tcaty tjrjcn tl;e CufiVft? oik 
■ reBcmi. tion , toljoiriacetOcrc (*plj0 one ablation of 
•(jimfrlfreHceoffiten) afulf.pfttect, aliofistfieiertfaN 
cilficc, ollation, anB fatiCfactiGnfcjtfceCi.nre'of t^c 
teljoIei]uo?lD, ano tiB mftttute, anB m ^ts Ijo'p ©ofpei 
coijimanD bsi to ctntinuc aperpttiitl; memojie of ti;at 
Ijtp pMCionu Bcatl^ bmtll biss cemmmg agajie: ^)tat« 
'bp.fiDmciciftilf acbct,toebcfteclj ttccjanogrant tfc«t 
tote rctciutng t|ci"e ttpoeaturcs of t?teB.anB-totre, 
arrowing to tvjp^onneout%>auiout jiefugdljjilics! 
bolp iiflltuuon, in of ljt$ acatb a«Bpe& 
Hon , map bee partakers cf I;is moft blcflcB teBp ano 
l'la« ; toijo ia tbc fame rijjit tljat te tuas> lutrapeo, 
toofce bjeac, inu'ujljcn be IjiB tl;an{;cs, ijtljaltc 
it.'anB gattcit t6li^Btfciplr0,'apiiig, tEafec,tate, ibt^ 
ig nip bbtpi tobtcb ig a men fo? pon, Boe tljts in te mem« 
ijarceof trie.- ..£ ibttoife afterfHEpet ^c tw>6e t?le ctip, 
a«B tol)f« (je fcaB giuest tljanksdje gatie itto tfjfib.ftp* 
'ing , D;inicpe ail of tl'te, fo? tbie is mj? bl-oB of \.%z 
neto EIcGimcnt , totted is fljco flu pou aire foz inang 
ft? tf;e te miff ion ofirmeji : Bte ii}i$ a^uft as pee fljaJH' 
B;tn!« it,ln remembjaneeof m, 
}. , : j ,,-jt .i I'M ■"» ''•' t 

^ Tlieii flvilf the M'mifter firft recerae the Communi- 
on in both kinds hinifelfe.and next deliuer it to ci- 
ther Minifterj(if any be there prefer) that they may 
he lpe the chiefe Minifter,snd after, to the people in 
their hands,kneeling. And when he deliuereth the 
bread,he(h3lifay. • . ' 

''<uu'3Lo!B 2cfu3db;ifl:tobicbfoasg{. 
iifeV fat t(jce,p,:efcnietOpboBpanc l ,'eiile into eiieilaRii'g 
•fife": sWa take anu eat tbts in remembianct tljat CbJift 
Dten-tb?tTjtc', annfecceoit Ijhnintfcfae Leawbpfaitfi 
toitfj tbanfeCgiuing. 

^ And the Minifter that deliuereth she cup, (hall fay. 

' "gfo b(oonof rifrJtoiB JeW^^ift', toijiclj toajj 

men fo; left , p?efmiet!)pboDie<:ntifeiu"e intoeiifrfa* 

ff fug life: anc BiinSetbis in rcniemlvance tfjat QCbjiQ^ 

bfoL'BloasujCBfo.ttl'eeVanBbetbaKhfuH. .-'■ ' • l 

^Then fhal the Miaiflerfay'i he Lords praier,t^epe9« 

pie repeating afrer hiifi enery petition, Afier fhalbc 

faid^sfolloweth, ( ^ 

OILo,?B cnBTeamnrp father, tore tfjp Ijiim! k fcr- 
itanfp entirdp ccfirrtb? JFr.ti;erfp gnoDUifTf.tiirr- 
ctftillp to arttpt tljigotrr factifir t. of pjatfc anrj tl;anfef» 
gtuii'g; moSljiimbJpbefi'ccTjmgtljeetegraimt, tbac 
bp tljemjrit^'anb fcVatl; ef iljp ^enre Sfcftip tXIj.n'ff, 
.ana tfcPttg'j faitf; inljisblooB, tore (ano al[tl;p to^oje 
<£l)i:rtO) map ebtatne rrmt^en ef cur CnriS.anB all b* 
tber [icmfitjs of Iji'S'paflicn. 2i)B I;ere toe offiran? p^c 
fentJjntotdtc. ©ilo?B, outfeTues, our foulrs aire bg« 
ties' to ! f a reafonable , belp, aire liuefp ff'crifi'ric' bnru 
tl].ee,btniblp befcr^btng tl/ee,tfjat all toe torjfe li, br par. 
takers of tf?i0 Ijol? CommniJion, mar Ic fulESfcB toitfj 
tb"grateano teatictilpbenebictton; -ana aftboHa^toe 
Ut WlXWlk, tB;ougb out manifolo irenes, toofec 
T55 j j>ute 

•WUoTt&M a*g.fe<tiiite : get tscetefcecTj accept 
V)i$ our b ounacn stietp ana titmice , not todgbiag our 
merits, but pacBow'ng.our offenctS, tbjougb 3efuS 
<£0?id our JLoja , bg tofeem , ana toie'j tobom , in tlje 
bnitic oftfje J»elp ©bod , all honour anB gto^p be unto 
t|ee,© JFatfjcc almigi)tg,too;lo toitbaut enB,amen.-. 

. Or this, ; .'..,. ; i 

AUrmgbtg arm euerliuing ©on, toee mod heartily 
tbiinke tbee , foj tljat tftou ooeR uottcbfafe to reeae 
bS*.tohich haue Duel? receiueD t&eCe helgmgderies, 
luttt> tbcfpirituallfooBeof the mod picctuisboogano 
6looB of tijg Ratine otir Satttottr $tia$ £b:id , aim 
Docft affiire" bS t^etebp of tbp fattoar anB gootmefle to« 
teatB bS , ana that toe be bcrp members inco.'pojate in 
thpmpdtcallboBg, toTjtcSj is theblelTea compang of all 
faitbfiilipeople, ano be atfo beires tfj?o:tgb dope oftOg 
ftteriattmg fcingDome , bg the merits of the mod pje» 
tious beatfy ana paHlon of tbg Beatc %cnm : toe neto 
null &uinWpbfCcecIj tbee, © Ueattetil^ |Fat6ec 3 {b to al- 
fiS US tuitb tbp grace,tbat toe mag continue in that ho» 
Ig tclfotofl}ip,aira Boe all (tub gooD toojkes as thon bad 
pispareo foi US to toa&e in, t&jougb Mus.Cbjid ottt 
JUja.te tobom toitb thee ano the bolg © all ho» 
n )ux ano glo;p,toojlB tolthout ens ,amen. . i . 
«j"Then (hall be (aid erfung, 

G&ojg be to ©on on high, ana tn earth pcace,gooB 
toill totoatB men. OlcpiaiCe tbee,toe blclVe tbee, 
toe too^i^ tljce, toe glojifie tljce, toe gtue tbankes to 
tljee foj tbp great glojg, © 3Lojb ©cB beanenlp Sing, 
©on the jFatber almigbtg , © LojD the ondg begctten 
<feonne31eiusCb;iB, ©1Lojb<3ob, Jtambeof©sB, 
%>onne of the JFatber , that ta&ed atoag the finnes of 
tbetoo?lo, bauemetrie bponus. &bou that taked a- 
that, taked atoag tbe finncs cf tbe teojiB, rcceine one 
pjager. ®bou tbat fitted at tlje right fcano of ©oa tlje 
jFatber , baue mercie Upon t>s : foj thou ortelp art bolg, 
tfcou onetg art tbe LojD,tbo'u mulp,© €1)0, teitb tlje 
Jjolp ©bod , art mcli Ijt'gl) in tbe glojp of ©on tjje.jra* 
tljcr.amen; -,-, , 

^ Then the Minifteror theRilhop , if heebe prefent, 
rtiall let them depart with this biefling. 

Tt^r peace of ©on toljicb paffetl; an Unacrdatming, 
feecpepourfeearrs anD niinucs In. tbe knotolccge 
anb hoc of ©oa , ?,riu of bis i&onne ^efus C&iiG our 
JLojb ; ana tlje btrfftng of ©oc abtiigljtie, rbe jFatber, 
tbe <%>onne,aiiB til e boty ©Ijefi, bee amangd gou, anB 
temaine toitfj gati altoagcs,3mcn. - 

f Collefts to be faid after the OfFertorie, when th<re 
is no CGmmun:o,euery fuch day one And the fan* 
may be faid alio as oft as o'ccalion {hall ferue, after 
the Colle&s either of Morning or Euening prayer, 

■ Communion, or Lecanie, by the diicrecion of the 

A^ftft US metcifullg, © JLoid, in tbcte otir fupplt* 
. . cations ana pjaper^anD mfpo^ tlje toap oftfip Ceo 
ttanig totoaro tbe attainment of lucrladmg'faluation, 
tljat among all tbe cljaugcs ano cbances of tljts mortal 
life i t!jcp mag eiter be BcfenBcB bg tljg mod gractoa* 
anBreaBgbeIpe,tbjoiigo Cbjtd our3Lom,amin, 

Oaimtgbtie !Lojd anb euetlitttng ©ob , twnclifafe 
toebel'cccl)tr)ce, toBirect, lanctifieann gotterne 
botl) our bearts anc bosies in tlje toapes of ctjp latoes, 
anB in thetoojksot" tbgcommanBeit:entS>tbat tb^.ugb 
tbg mod inigbtg pjotcction , botb hctz ano cuer', toee 
mag be pjeierueo tit beflg ano loule , tbjOHgb our 3E.o^a 
ano s&auiour 3Jcfus Cb id^amen. 

GKaunt u>e befeecb tbee aimtgbtp ©ob , tbat tit 
too^Bes kubicfj toee baue hears tljis Bag toitb out 
ottttoarB eareS,mag thjougb tCg grace be Co graSeo in* 
toaralg in our bearts, tbat tljepmap b^ing foojtb in us 
tbe fruit of goon lining, to tbe honour anB piatie of tbg 
J3ame 5 tb?ougb 31e£iiS €h?tfi out Jlo;B 3 8men. ' 

PEettentbS, ©&o;b, in all out Doings , toitb tbg 
mod gracious fanoiit, ano furtber us toitb tfrp con> 
ttnuall ielpe, tbat in til our toejfeee begun, continueo, 
anB ennea in tljee,toe map glojifie tbgljolg J3ame, aim. 
Snallgbptljgmercgobtaine euetladtnglife> tbjoug^ 
31eftts C()«8 out £o:B,amea. 

bnotoed our necefftties before toee afke , anB sut 
t ignqjance iu af king, toe befecclj tbee to baue compafTi* 
onuponourinSrmitieSjanD tboletbingStohicbfo,: our 
Untoo^tljinefletoe Bare not , a«Bfo? our blinflnctfe toee 
cannot af kc,UoHri)fafe to giue Utf Xoj tbe tooafcincur of 
tbg ^ornte 3!efus Cf)?id our Jlom,amtn. 

AHmigbtg @ob , tobtcbb'idp,!8mii'tDtobeare tbr 
petitions of tbem tbat afke in tbg <£>onnes J3ame, 
toe befeecb tbee mercifullg to endtKe tbme earts to bs, 
tljat baue m«Bc note stir pjapcrg $ fupplications bnta 
tbet,anB grant tbat tljofe things tobicb toe baue feitb* 
fuHpaifeeD acceding to ftp toil, mag effcctuallpbe or> 
tetncB, to the reliefe of our neccfTitir, ano to the fitting 
fo?th of thpgIo?g,tfyongb Jcfas (£b?idour Jlo^B. 

Vpon the holy dayes (if there be no Communion) fhall be faid all thatis appointrdat the Communion, vntirt 
theendeoftheHomilic,concludingwithtbegeneraIlpraytt(for thc«hoIeftatcofChrifls Church militant 
here in earth) and oneor moeofthefc Collects before rehearfed,as occafion fhall ferue. 

Andcherc fhall be no celebration, of tjie Lords Supper, except there be agood number to communicate with 
the Minificr, according to his difcreiinn. r 

And if there be not aboue twenty perfons in the parifli, of difcrerion to receiue the Communion, yet there flball 
be no Communion, except foureor three at the leaft communicate wi:h the IVJiniAer. 

And in Cathedral & Collegiat Churches, where be many MinifterscV Deacons,they fhall all receiue the Com- 
munion with the Minifter euery Sunday at the leaft, except they haue a reafonablecaufe to the contrary. , 

And to take away the fuperftiiion , which any perfon hath or might haue in the bread a nd wines it fhall hiSice 
that the bread be fuch as is vfujllto be eaten at ihe table with other meatcs, hut the bell and pureft wheate 
bread that conueniently may be gptten. And if any of the bread and wine remaine , the Curate lliall haue it 

The bread and wine for the Communion, fhalbe prouided by the Curate and Church- wardens,a? the charge oF 
theParifh, and the Parish fhalbedifchatgedoffuchfttmmes of money, or other dueties, which hitherto they 
hauepayed forthefameby orderof their houfes euery Sunday. 

And note, that euery Parifhioncr fhal comunicate at the lead three times in the y«e,of which Eafter to be one, 
and (hall alfo receiue the Sacraments, and other rites , according to the order in this booke appointed. And 
yerelyatEafter,euery Parifhioncr fliali reckon with his Parfoi,Vicar,Curate,or his or theirDeputieorDepu. 
a*e*,aad pay to thcmorhimallEcclefiafticall dueties. accuftomably due then and at that time to bepayed. 


£*f The miniftratiop of Baptifme tote 

vfed in the Church. 

T a/ipr arech by ancient writers , that the Sacrament of Baptifme in the old time »ii net com- 
monly miniftred , but at ttvo times in the yeerc : At Eafterand Whitfuntidc. At which times 
it was openly miniftred in theprelcrice of all the Congregation. -Which cuflomc now being 
growen wutofvfe (although it cannot for many considerations be well reitored againc) it is 
lhoughrgood to follow ihefame, as ncercascomienientlymay be. Wherefore the people are 
to be admonifhed , that it is moft conutnientthat Baptifme ftionld not be miniftred but vpon 
Sundayes and other Holy day es, when the moft number of people may come well for that the Con- 
gregation there prefcnt may teftifie tbc receiuing of them that bee newly baptized .into tfce number 
church, as alfobccaufe in the Baptifme of Infants, cuery man prcfent may beputinrtmen branceof hisounc 
profefiion made to God in his B.iptifme. For which caufe alfo it is expedient that Baptifme be minifrre d in the 
Englifti tongue, rseucrthclefle ( ifneccilitiefo require ) childien rriay at all times be bipJzed athomc. 

When there are children to be baptized vpon the-Sunday or Holy day , the Parents (hall giue know ledge ouec 
night, or in the Morning afore the beginning of Morning prayer; totbeCurate. And then lhe Godfathers, 
Godmothers and people, with the children, mud be ready at the Font, cither immedially after the laft Leflon 
at Mornina prayer , or elfe inirnediatly after the laft Leflbn at tuening prayer , as the C urate by his difcretror: 
(hall appoint., And then (landing there, the Minift?r fcallaskc whether the children be baptized, or no. If 
- they anfwerc, No:' then Qiall the Minifter fay thus. ? ' j?j,I\./.' .,,'' '.'.'.'. 

<£atclg btlotieB , fojaftnurb {Sail ffnBc, fcnocfce, anB it rTjirtbe opcneB unto pou. &$ 
as all men bee concefueB arm giuerioba bnto b$ tljat afte : let b? tljat ferkr , fi'nBet 
bontcinfinne, anB tbat out oytn tljc jiate bntoDgi tl-at fcitorfec, tf;at tbrfr jlrfaurg 
^auioitr <£b?ift faptb, Jftene map eniog tlje c uerlaBctig bcncBicticn of tljp IjeaucWg 
toafljtrtg, ann map come to tTje etetrall feingncme, 
fobicb ttjou^aUpjemfUB bp €bji2 cut JLo^d. amou 

> can enter tuta trje feingnomc 
of ©on, ejecrpt Ijebf regctic 
rate anB borne anrbjoftoater 
■ anntrje bo'i? i^rjoG: 31 befeccfo 
pou to call upon <3on tbe jFa» 
ttjer,tt)?eHgO our LojB 3]c:'uS GEbjiB, tT?at ofln3licun« 
txotijs metcte bee bull graimt to tfcefe cbttBjcn trjac 
tbing, tobfebbp nature tbcp cannot bane, tljat t&ep 
map lie baptist) mirb foater anB tbe Ijolp ©boft , ano 
receiueB into Cbjilts holg <£bnrcb, ann be mace liurip 
Rsemlierfscftljerame. " ; . •'- - 

e ' * „"' : f Then fhalltheMinifter fay. ' 

Curare trie tuojtcst of ibe (ffofpelton'tt en rjg 
<g>. ©arte iji tbe rent!) Cfjaptcr. , . ^ 

A& acrrtaine timctTjcp&jottgbtcbttyentoCtrjjili 

tljat rje ujctilo te:cfc tbem. ann lit BiTcfple t rcbii* 
6eB t&ofe tljat fyrngfit tljciti. TSitt toben %tfu$ fato ft, 
|e toa^cifnleafeB, anu fapB bnto tljcm , &)tftttlittle 
cbtlB?en to come tjiito mee,anBfo?biB t^cm not, Torts 
fucfj belongetlj tfic fcingBcme of <Spb. (Herelp 31 fap 
bnto po«, torjofflCUftroerijnotreccuietrji tingficmeof 

AHmigrjtp atiB CBerlatting <£io?,tu6tc^ or'trjp great <SoB ae a little crjflce, ftce t&allnot entet tljercin 3nn 
mcrcte BiBDtfi fattc Jftoe ana Jisfamilie in tljc tofcettije rjaBtatcntrjrmtpmfet'c arrne?, rjeput jjjtg 
JltkfroRi pcridjing fjptoatet, anBalfoBiBBcnrafelp 6annsi)gon'tf;cni,onBl)leCeBt5em. 

<f Then flulltbe Minifter fay. 

IcaBet6ecSilD?tnof3Ifraeltl;p people th>ngl) tljeren 
fca,Rguring tljerebp tf;p bolp liapttfmCjaitB bp tbe bap 
tifineofrtpb)eIf)eloucB%>onne 3Jefn0 ۤ;iff, CttrjcQ 
fancttfietTje fi.iaB JojBan, anB all otlier foateri*, to tTje 
tnpHtcaTfbjanjingaluapoffmne: ULU bcrcctrj tDc'e fo? 

^ After the Gofpel is read, the Miniftcr fhall make this 
bricfe exhortation vpon the words of the Gofpel. 

FRteitB&peu Scare in thfa ©ofpef trje fajpjBg of ««C 
©aiitottv <2Cfj;(Q,tIjat he commariBeB tl;e cljiln^rn to 
bpon tljcGt cT)tlnjifn,fancttfie tljem,anB toafi) tijt'm toitb' fe b^ongbt bnto bim : tjofcrj IxMamc b tijofr tljat tocwln 
tU tjolp ©tjofi , that tbtp being Beftue reB from tlm banc fecpt tbem from (rim, hefa) be t flwta all men to 
lbtatb, map bee recettieD into trje arte of Cfyiflcg follato tbet'r ir.ricc'ewfc. £ccpcrcct(tel)ftobprjt.«out» 
Cljurcb, anB being fieBfafiinfaltrj, ia^full tb?otigIj toatB geSure anB BreB, bee BcclarfBtjipgooBtoill to* 
tjap'e, anB roetcB in cbart'tte, map fo p.'.fjc tbe hjaties of baarB t&em- jFo? bee emb^accB tfccm in lis acmes, \;tt 
tbifltraHblcfomebaeilD, tljat finaflptbcp map come to IapB big fcanBg bpontlxm, anrjbfclfcBtljem. Doubt 
ibe lanB of eticrlaQtngltfe, tljeretorcignetottb thee pe not tljerefo.te, but carnefilpbefeutc that be toil! lifteo 
hjo?lB lottrjottt ens , thjougrj 3[efu0 Cb?tG anr JUjb. totfe fauotirablp recctue tlicft p?efcnt infants, tljat bet 
flmen. . ,. v • , bjin embrace tbem toitb tbe armrs ef bt's mercie, tbnt 

bectoiH giite bnto tfcem tbe blcltiitg of cietnaW life, 

AEmigbrp ann immajtall <E»ofl, t^e apBe of all tfiat anB make t&em pattafecrg of bis eurrlafling tingecm. 
neeBt,tbe belpcr of all tbat flee to tbee fo?f«rcatnr, CC5bcrefojie,toe bring tTjtig petftoaBeB of tbe gooB ioiS 
tbe lift oftbcmtbatbeleette.anB tbe rtfuttcctt'on oftTje of our branenlp jFatbrr tcbjarB tbefe3(nfantr, Bccla* 
BeaB t bsee callbpon tbre foz tbefe 31nfants , tbat the? reB bp big £>orine Jieftt*; Gnjjj(l,Rnr notljinp: BPtibting 
t omming to tbp bolp T5aptffme,map rerettie rcmiffion but tbatAt fauontafclp allobntb tbjs crjarttafjle fao?Ke) 
•f tbeit (innefl bp fpiritnal tf generation. Hecciuc tbem of ourg ,. in banging tljcfe .clubmen to bis W]> TBap.^ 
(J© iojrj ) ajf tbon b^ff jjomireB bp tbp tor IbrfotteB ttfme : Ictbg fait^fuIlB anB Btuoutlp gitie tbante ? bnto 
'feonncragiBg.afkc^nDpow^anrjaucfeefeejawrpou btm,attBfaH.' — '*'• " 

■B 4 aimigbtB 

^y-i — ' — «■ — *—-■•' "PublilceBaptifi'ne. 

AJLmtgrjtfe atro roctlatltag. ©oB, T;eaHer.lp father, tfcp mere?,© HcCTeB He?B ©cD.farljo botS Ifue antr g<j« 
toce£iitetT;«Tja'mMetljaakc?,'fo.2tl)at^oaljaft- iicrne"aUt^s$)SiD*toljmt5ofit(HD x amCT. • '■ 
boudjCaFea to call bs fa ttjeknoWeoge of tb? graccaiiB ' X JLmtgljtp ciierttuiug ©bo, fcbofc moiniearrlp&e* 
fairlj i:i tbee : 3!ncre afe tbis knotolerge,. aho ronfirmc ir\ basn <£>onm Jew CtjJi'R, foi tT)e fo2gttteneu"eof 
tl}tsfaitl) in us euermojc: gine tljp bolp spirit to tljefe cut finnrjg , Cia fyeD out of bia aioli pjecioug Gbc both, 
infants, tljat tbepmap be borne again:, a;iD be maDe teater ai'B bfooD, aim gauc commandment to bis Bit 
Ijeireg ef euerfafliug Calaation , though, etit Lo;d ^c cipleg tbat tbep itjoulo goc tmb aflnattons, ana bap» 
fits Cfjjifi , tu&o liuetb anu rdgnerb toitb. tfjee ana t^e,, ti?e ti;em. in tjje. Jlame of t!;e Jf atuer, tbe S>oime,ana 
|)olg Spirit, notoaRBfojeuer. amen. ',.,. j \ « cf^etoJ^S^oEiKgarti.itDcbcrttcutfeee.tbefiirp'l*. 
'-.: •?<■■>, . cations oft&pcQngccgat:8n,anD grant tfiat all t&pi'et' 
if Then the Minifler fhall.fyeakeynto die Godfa- »antgbjl<icT)g)nUKl)aptijcoint6l5ti)awt,niaprecetiie- 
thersand Goduiothei son this wKe. . tbe futacj&oftfjp. grace, annates re tmine in die nuirt* 

fi£tofti;pfaitbfullanD elect c&tlDjcn, thjougj) 'jcfitjl 
-(gflieloneBfrifnBS, pcbaacbJouglKtuefeeTju'' Co?iltour2,cj3. amen. 
C-jen Ijcte to bee baptijeD, pebaue pzapen . 
CUT 3Lo;DC 3JeGiC (JE^fiQ tosulB unuebfafeto rcreiaejj ^Then ihal the Minifler take the childe in his bands, 
trjcm,toIaj>lji0banU!3tipj:itt)ein,tobknrst5f'm,tere. j ;i andaske the name: And naming the child,ftnl dip 
lealitlJEm'of tbeir finncst ,' tosjtttcrfjemtljc^tngcDe-PC * ** if inthcwater,foubed,fcrealy and warily done.' 
of bcauni , ana euerla (ting lite, ^ee.ljatietcncpal.o ,? laying.,,,.., ■. . ,,», . , . , 
tljatoiitjLojD 3!cfusi <£0?tlr.&a:rj p?onri!iB in bt'<s'©o& 

pel, Mgraumall thcfetbingst&atpebaue'pjapeafii)?; v r 3 baptijetbectntbe Elameof (be jFatfjer, anB 
lBljich pismire bee fct bis part toil! mail fiirelp 6ceye rN.oftbc<§>cnrie,anB oftlelj.lp ©boS. amctt. 
ana perfWnc. OSbercfoje after tfiic piomifemarcbp , 

£b2!3, tfjcTe infants mult al "o faitrjfiiitp T<?2 tOr ir part f And if the childe be weake, it fhal f uffice topowre 
pjomiTe tip pou tljat bee tbeit ftltrtt'esl , tljat tbep ln.II witcr vf on it,faying theforefjyd words. 

fo^'Cakc tbe CfHt'.lanaaHrjt'sibJOj&cg, aaa ccn^wl? ,>,.. - v ,-,.,« ••-.,,,. . # 
Seleeue ©ors Ijelp toojtie , ana o'bcsuntflp'leipe lit Ki.Jiaptije tl'ecintiDejaamcoftlejFat^rr, ati^ 



>.ef ttjc »onne,£no oftbt bo'.p <5(jeu\ aincn. 

^" Then flial the Minifterdemaund of the. Godfathers «fThen the Minifler Ciall make a crofTevpon the^ 
* and Godmothers thefe quefiions followLhg. » . ~ t ' childesfoiehead.fjying. 
' S)otff tfton foitafte tife DeutHano attbjg IbojE^, tlje 
baincpo*ipeanu g!o?p of tOe taa^lD, int't'j a!i coitetmiiS 
fiefitetf of tlje fame,"tlje canw'fl ueftrcs cftt;e flefij , [b itgtie of tde craSe. in token tljat ^matter be ffjal notte 

Vij <£ receiue tljtf c&iloc into tbc Cengrctratfbjt 
V of Cljiiffeg fljrfec, ar.D Boe Cgrie bjin toitbjtlw 

aSaitiefitoconfeu'etbe faittj of Cfjjttfl ctuciSco', ann> 
maifiitlptofigljt Daorr6tiSliav'iier, ag:Binn lxmie,if)e- 
taoilD,anD rrjf nenill, art j to contiriKc Cljitfls fdiiufitl'fc 
(buloier ano fercajit tmro fjt0 Hutu eno amen. 

^ Then (hall the Miniftcriay. •. , 

ScEefngnoIii, ccarelp bfloa'tDbieilnen, rfj3t tt'efit 
crjiIa2fHtcreatnetate atio graficBiniotlebeDPef 
^b2iff is <£oncrregatlon,.fct lis gtue tbankpbnto @od 
fojrijefebeneStS, ano toity one sccojo ma^e our piatv 
ers bntoaimigbOf^aa, tbat tbep map katietlje'aS 
of tfjett life accruing to this beginning. 

f Thtnfliallbefaid. 
t. €®«rjrat'jetiol:tcljaitinbea(itn,9ie. 
f Then ihall the Minifler fay. 

W<£e,peeIr'eibecf;catttet&an&c£S, moG metciniTI 
jfatl'et. tbat ir.ljatbplrareD tbreterra;enfrate 
tW infant tuitlj tbpbo!i'fpi;tt, to rccet'ite (jimfoi ifime 
otoiecljilrrfcp avjoptlr.u , onDtoinco^ojatcbimrnta 
tbp fjol? congregation: 3n& bmnop toe tcfer ctj iljf e to 
graitm, t&at te being tcao bnto Cmie, anD lim'no; \mto- 
rigrjteonrnf jf, 9 being biirien toitb COnB in bus Scatb, 
map cniciffe i^f oltimaii, anu bticrlp n!;o!iS)t^e tobole 
tocp of (Tnne, ttjat ag b; i-i mace paita&er of the Deat^ 
cf tbp *onRr, fe be ma? fie partn'scr of bis tcrnrrectu 
on/otfiat finalT?, tuttfj tbe rcGru? at* tbpbolp Congre* 
gntion,l)e map be ; nbf ritout of tbnte euetlafimg feing* 
'cIiilczrHmapbe fi bttticu, x^at £^e nets man map tomctlKOiigb," db^ifi our H jzd. amrn. 
fee taKcn fcp in tfccin. Smcii. . 

©ran: tbat ab* carnaUa5ertion3'mapln'e m.tvjem, f At the lafler.d the Minifler calling the Godfathers 
antj tfjit all things belongii'ig totTje Tpirtt , map Iwc ai"^ Godmothers togerhei^ihal Ciy this exhoi tati- 
ant) grcbJ ;n tfeem amrit. on following. 

©rant tbat tbep map fiaue'p:toft ann IJrciati to 
Jane Dlctoiie , ano to irtimplj agatnft t£e*tH;U *tTjc nOi*5nt:cI) ajl tTjefr c5i!H2rn fiatte pi?mi r cD br pou 
ino2 , tj auti tlj£ fl-ftj amen, 1 tefojfafce t!x 5cnil[anB all tig toojkesi.tolieb co:e ia 

©r^'.ittbat JuTiooeiur ta Tjcrc re^lcat^tJ to tbeebg ©oD,ttofi:rncrjtm:p3'.imufIrcmcmbcr.tbatftfcpont 
put pfftce an^j mintfterp, mapfirobcenDjteDtoittiljira' partu ana tnieties to ffe tljat tljefe 3Infant0lu rmtrjjr, 
mnli u;ttuc{t, anB«Krtauiha^«to«nien> t^eug^ wfooncap'tljcjf|)AHI«6t)le'tokuWc,U;lj6;sio!»niRe 

tljat ttjou toilt notf^Ilotono? be len bp tbjra i 


2>e!J trjou belectie in ©an tbejratrjet aimigttie, 
maker of (jean'en ana eattb i ano in Jeans C^ijtfl l/iii 
imlp begotten ^»onne oiir Sloztif %\\t tbat be toa5 ccn» 
ceirtco I? tb« bolp ©Doll, bozne of tbe Qirgin :"0.irte, 
tbat be fnSereo bnoet }3onttu9 pilate, ruas ctucifien, 
Heao,anti 6urtcD,tljatI;c tocnt BotBne into fcell,anti a!fo 
tin rife again? tlje tljiro cap,tl)at be afcenocu into ljea« 
uen , g Sttetb at t|e rigtjt bane of ©od tbe j?atbtr 31= 
tnfgrjtp, ann from tjjencc ffjall come againe at t|e enac 
ef tlie toojlo to tusgc rfir qm'clte ana tbe ueati f 9nn 
jtoefltboitbeleetie in tbe bolp ©60R, tfje bolp Catbo* 
like CbiirtVtbe Ccmmiintcn of ^aints, t'« remilTV- 
en of finnes, tb'ereftrrtecttoacf t&;ficu>, anoetietla- 
Ring life after Deatbf ... • - • ■> 

Sfi t^ig 31 RtCfaGI? bcTcnte. • (i . 

Minifler. .. 
CJilt tbou be bapti jea in tTjfe fsit§ f 

'Anfwere. ' 

f Then fhnll the Minifler fay. * 
. ^ •■ r:tf*!i?l ©pb .grant tbat tlje olc aDam in trje'e 



Priuate Baptifme^ 

b«l3j,pjomi *e,op?ofe!ri6it f&ep faite tna&e bp pott, ano' CtTj?iGia life.nrmml pg altoape g tbat "Bapi Hme 6ot6 

tbat tljcp map Unoto tbcfe things tlje Lictt£r,pe f&atl call rep?t lent tonto tip rut pjcttflicR, tobtcb is,to tvllcic tie 

bpen tBcnt to tears ^Ermons(,$ cljuflv pou ^aIp?o«tl3c trample ct" out <feat»ictir£hiifi,t?teb£ inane hfu fcmo 

tljat tScp ma? Icartie the <£rccBc,tbe JLojng piaperjano bim, tbat ag b« Diet) aim reft pgaint fe? rig , fo ftccftj 

the ten CommaiiCcrocnte in the acnglify tongue , ano toee tohictj are bapti jeti, Die ftcm Cwie.atvD rite agame 

a!I ether rljingg teOirt) a C^iftian man aught to fcnoto unto rigbteeumeacjccnttnualip niojtifpii^ all our cuitf 

an? bclccite to lis (cities bralttj.aKt that tbelc cljilojcn ajiti c t ?rupt affections, ant naplppjoeiecirg in all let* 

niagbeetoctMeuflptyongbttip , toleaDeagotlpatiaa tuc atto gooIituCCe tf lining. 

^ The Miniflet fhall commaund that the children bee brought to the Bifhop, to bee confirmed of him, fo footie 
as they can fay in their valgar rongue,the Articles of the fdith,the Lords prayer,and the ten Commandemciits, 
and be farther infljucted in the Catechifnae fet forth far that purpofe,accouling as it is there expreffed; 

J^ Of them that are to be baptized in priuate 

houfes in time of neceisitie, by the Minifter 

* ofthePanfh,or any other lawfull Minifter 
chateau be ptocured. 

He Paftours and Curates fhall often admonifli the people , that chey deferte not the Baprifine 
of infants any longer then the Sunday or other holy day next after the childe be borne , vnleflc. 
vpon a great and reafonablc caufe declared to the Curate , and by him approoucd. 

Andalfo they fhall warne them, that without great caufe and nectllitie , they procie not 

their children to be baptized at home in their hcures. And when great ncede (hail compel! theai 

fo ro doe,thcn Baptiimc fhalbe admimftred on this faihion. 

Firft,!et the lawful! Minifter,and them that be prefent , call vpon God for his grace, and fay the Lordspray er, 

if the time will fuffer. And then the childe being named by fomconc that is prefent , tbc laid Lwfull Minifies 

dial! dip it in wacer,orpowe water vpon itjaying thefe words. 


31baui?etr)ee fa tbcjQflmeof trjejFather, ar.D 
>of tiK ^cnne,aHD of the rjolp ©fall amen. 

And let them not doubt hut that the childe To bapti- 
led,is lawfully and fufKciently baptued,aRd ought not 
to bee baptized againe, Eut ytt neuetthetefle , if 
the childe which is after this fort baptized, doe after- 
ward liue, it is expedient tbat it bee brought into 
the Church, totheintentthatif the Priertor Minifter. 
qfthe lame Parifh did himfelfe baptize that childe, the 
Congregation may i~ee certified of the true forme of 
'Baptifme by him priuately before vfed. Or if the childe 
were baptized by any other lawfull Minifter , that then 
the Minifter of the Parifh, whore the childe was borne 
or chriftened,fliall examine and trie, whether the child 
be lawfully baptized or no. In which cafe if thofe that 
bring any childe to the Church, doe anfwere that the 
fame childe ts already baptized, then fhall the Minifter 
examine them further,faying, 
T5tJ infant toas tfje childe liaptijeD? 
&3fa teas pzefent foljcn the cbilEe teag baptrjer? 
Sun becaufe fome tilings , cffcntiaU to tbijs <&ae ra« 

ment , map happen to lice omftten through feare oj 

haSe iu ftirlj times; cf cctremicie : tfarefoje 3 oe« 

maimc further of pou, 
EHitbfofat matter toagthe cbitoebaptfjeitf 
KTUb tohat toojus toa* the cbilDc caption? 
CSbetbrr rt mfce pou trj? rfiiloe te be latofulfp ano per* 


% And if the Minifter (tall finde by the anfwerej of 
fuchas bring the childe , that all things were done as 
they ought to he : then fhall he not chriften the childe 
againe, but fhall recti ue him as one of theflockeof 
the true Chriftian pcople,faying thus. 

ICcttiSt pou, that in iW cafe all te fceld tone , ano 
cccoitiiug unto dhc cjtier. , concerning tfje haptijmg 
•f t&tis ct;ilDe,i»t)irJ[) ktng Dojne in ojiginall Rnne, vm 

in the tojath of^oB', t^nohjoptOelauftof regrarra* 
tion in "Baptifme , receiuen into the mimlitr of the 1 tjtl« 
D:en of ©on, ano hcite? of curtlafiing life. JFs;ohc 
JImo IcGig Chjifi cor ih not tenie I tie grace an !ncr> 
cie rnito fuch infaiiMjltit niofi lomntty t ottb call thent 
knto him, a? t rje falg £ o'pcl not!) UttKtflc to one com* 


d aecttaine timettjcplijottgTjt chi!B?entoCrjjtft Mar.10.1ji 
tbat he fijculD to:ict them. 2nD Hi Difriplc? rebu« 
feeo thoCe that bought them. TSttr inhen %du$ faiu it, 
he irja^Di^IfafeB , ann fapu tjBtotljcm, buffet little 
ch'lBjen to come Unto mte, antj forhrtj them not , fo? to 
fuch fcelongeil) the bingecme of ©ou. Octelp 3! fr.p 
bnto pair, tohol'eetrett'ocihnotrcrEiuetht feingBonieof 
©on as) a little cljilDc, rjreihaH net enter tl-ctein ana 
torjetiUe fjac taken tfjimtpm hi? arme?» fieput \>i$ 
IjanBgbpon trjem,anrj blaVetj them. 

^T After the Gofpel is read , the Miniftet fhall make this 
exhortation vpon the words of the Gofpel, 

FSicutifS, peuheatc in thfe ©ofpc{ the toejcg of oat 
©auiour C0?iR, tljat he commanccD the cljilD?cn t« 
be thought unto Ijim : hotoUHamtDthofethat rjoon!n 
rjaue kept them from him , heio Us etfa^teo all men to 
fo'lob) itjcirhinoccncie, ^eepercciueljerBbphi^oi!t» 
toaru geHure antj Bem , bee Deelaieti ht.« goetj torll tcwi 
toaro them- got bee emujacrti them in his atn»cu, bee 
lapD his bancc bpan them , ami brcCGco them. Dcnbt 
penet rIjerefo?f,bt!t camefllgbcletne that he bath life 
toft fauaurablprccckicn tbiP gjefent infant, tbat Tjcc 
batb emli?aceti bim toith the aimj^ et l;f * nu; tie , tUt 
bee bath giitcn. bnto Urn tbe blcfXrug cf eternall life, 
anninatie him partaker ofr)i? eucilaffing kingt>cmc. 
Cdbttcfoictoee being tbitSpetfeatiCB of tf;e gcou toill 
cf our branctilp jFatbcr, Declaret bp W %o\mt 3efn^ 
€b?itt totoari) tljig infant, let bg fattfcfuHp gnu ce» 
HOHtIpgittctI)an^gbmobim,an5f9g tbenjapettohirtj 
13 s * »5* 


Priuate Baptiime. 

tfle 3L«jTj Ijimfetfe tmtgit, 5 to Beclaration of out taitfj, idie of tuerfaffing falttatlon titongv) our Itojo 3iefit# 
letas recite tie articles conteineo in ourCteeo. Cin'lt , mag ciiuimie tip fctua'ttm , aim attaine thp 

p?omife , tb>ugi tie fame our ilojo ScCup CljjiS tig 
f Here the MiniRcr with the Godfathers and Gedmo- 35>oniu,toio liueti ano reignccij tottlj ttjee til tie trnitic 
thers (hall-fay, of tie fame ijolg ^>j?uit tucrlatJiugIp,amen. 

C ©ttr JFatJ&er fo r jfclj art in Seauen,sc. 

^ Then fhall the PrieR demaund the name of the child, 
which being by the Godfathers and Godmothers 
pronounced,the MiniRei (hall fay. 

iD Jeff tiou (n tie name oUW ciiloe fyfafce tie oe* 
ttill ano all i*s bM:fcs,tie baine pompe ano glo?g of tie 
v "7lD , toitO a'.i tie couctous ocurcs of tie fame , tie 

giiall oefi £0 of tic fl.ft) , ano not tofolloto ano bee 




JDocft tiou in f)enameof tit's eiHoe p^dfcDCe tite 
faiti, to faclcccic in <Sao tic JFatiec aimigitte, maker 
if (jcaurn ano cartif ano in Jlefus QEijift ite onclg be* 
;often*>oniicoiit3Lozof ano tiat iee tuasconcctiico 
•p tie Ijolj (S&oit, bonie of tlje 2LrgiiJ §0arie, tljat fce 

iifeteo bnoer J3ont;u 3 Pilate , bias ct ucifi D , iceao, 
tiiDburteo, tiatljebjcntoobjnetnfoicll, ano alfo oio 
.tfe aga;m tic tbiro nap, tljatfje afcenoeo into icatten, 
gfittcti at tie rigit iano of ©oo tie jFatljcr alnu'gitp, 
ano from be fljall come againe at tie ens of tie 
1uo?Id to ittoge tie qtticfce antj tie neat) f ana soe pott 
faljisnamebelceueintieiolp ©iofi, tie ioty (£atbo» 
like COutci, tie Communion of faints, tljercmiffi' 
on of Gnneg, teuirrcetio'.t , ano euetlaBtng life after, 


an life 31 (ieDfafflp beleenc. 

Let vs pray. 

AILmigitte ann ettcrlaffing <25oB, ieanenlp farter, 
tote sine tljcc ittmble tljanfces , fo* tiat tiou iaft 
boucifafcD to call bs to tieknotuieoge of tip grace, ana 
faitfj iu tire : JlncrcaCe tiis fenotuleoge , ano confirms 
tbfs faiti tit bseuermoje , giuc tip belp Spirit to tljig 
infant , tiat ie fieing bopu againe , ano being maoe 

^f Then (hall the Minifler make this exhortation to the 
Godfathers and Godmothers. 

F©jaCmuci as tins ciiloe iati pjomKeOip pott tt v 
fo^Ca&e tte Dentil ano all iis biojkcs , to belcenc in '" 
(Sun, ano to feme iim : pott muff remember tiat trig 
pour part ano tmetic to fee tiat tit's infantbee taugit, 
lo Coonc as ie fljall bee abk to lr arnc , b'iat a folenme 
botu,pjomtfe, aim p?ofciTioti ie iati maoe bp pou. ana 
tiat oe map fcnoto tljcfe tiiugs tiebctter, pee ujall call 
bpon iim to Ijr are ©etmons.ano tfti tip pc ftjall p?ouioe 
tiat iee map leatne tie Ccecoc, tte JLojds p?aper, ano 
tie ten <2Eommaniicinents in tie ^ngltfi) tongue , ano 
el! etljet tiingss toljici a Ci^ifiian man otigit to fene&J 
ano beleeueto iis foulrj-f icalti , tiat tf-ts ciiloe 
map beeliertttouflp b?ougit bp , to leaoe a goelp ano a 
Ci?iff tan life, rcmenitying «(tu jp tdat "Baptifmc ooet& 
rcpgeCene Ditto bS eut p?ofciTitii, bjljici is to fclloto tie 
crample of one Sauiour CMfi, ano bee mace like bnto 
Ijim, tijat as ieoieD ano rofc againe fo?bis, fofijouia 
toceln'jici ate baptijeo, oie frcni finne, ano rife againe 
bnto rtgitecumeue,contiiuiaHpmo:tifptng all oufeitiH 
ano corrupt affections , ano oaplp pjoceeo itig m all bes« 
tue ano goDlincffe of lining. 

ano fo fojti as in publffce 'Baptirme. 

^ But if they which bring the Infants to the Church, 
doe make fuch vncertaine anfwercs to the Priefts 
queflions, as th.nt it cannot appeare that the childe 
was baptized with water. In the Nam of the luthtTy 
tndofthe Sonne^andoftbeboly Ghoft , (which are 
elTentiall parts of Baptifme) thenkc the PrieR bap. 
trie it in forme abotie written , concerning publike 
Baptilme , fairing that at the dipping of the childe in 
the Font, he (hall vfe this forme of ivords. 

31 f tfioubenot alreaopbaptijco, J3. 31&aptfje tire 
(ntieBameoftiefatljer, anoofticSionne, aiiDcf 

e^5 The order of Confirmation,or laying 

on of hands vpon children baptized,and able to 

render an account of their faith,according 
to the Catechifme following. 

TOtheend that confirmation maybe miniflred to the more edifying of fu:has (hallrcceiueit (according to 
S. Pauls doftrine, who teacheth that all things fliould bee done in the Church to the edification of the fame) 
it is thought good that none hereafter dial be confirmed , but fuch as Can fay in their mother tongue the Ai tides 
of the laith.the Lords prayer, and the ten Commandements , and can alfo .inlwere to fuch queflions of this flicnt_ 
Catechifme, as the Bilhop ( or fuch as he (hall appoint) (hall by his direction appofe them in. And this order is 
moftconuenienttobeobfcrued J fordiuerscor.iidcrations- 

FirR, becaufc that when children come to the yecrcs of difcretion.and hauc learned what their Godfathers and' 
Gcd nothcrspromifedforthemin Baptifme, they may then thcmfelucs with their owne month, and withthtir 
oun: content, openly before the Church, ratifie and confirme the fame, and alfo promife that by the grace of 
God, they will cucr more endeuaur themfelues faithfully to obferue and keepe fuch things, as they by their owne 
mouth and confeflion haueaflcnted vnto. 

Secondly, forafmuch as confirmation is miniflred to them that be baptized, that byimpofitionofhandesand 
pra\'Cr,they may receiucflrcngth & defence againftal temptations to finne , and thealTaults of the world and rhe is mofl mceretobeminillred when, children come to that age, that partly by the frailty of their owne 
fle(h,partly by the aflaults of the world and thedenill, they begin to be in danger to fall into fundry kinds of fin. 

Thirdly , for that it is agreeable with the vfage of the Church in times paft , whereby it wasordeined that Con- 
firmation (hottld be miniflred to them that were of perfect age , that they beeing inllrufled in Chrifls religion, 
fhould openly profefle their owne faith,and promife to be obedient vnto the will of God. 

The Catechifine. * 

And that no. man fhallthinfcethat any detriment (hall come to children by deferring of their Confirmation, 
hefliall know forcruech, that it iscercaineby Gods word, that children being bapriied, baueall things neceflary 
fat cheii faIuation,and b« vndoubcedly faued. . , 

^ A Catechifine, that is to fay, An in- 

ftrudion to be learnedof euery childe,before 

hebc brought to be confirmed by the Bilhop. ■*" < ~ 


', ^attspoutname? 
Anfwere. , 

frgy Queftion. 
'£& lOrjogaaepoutrjisname? 


Q0t ©onfatTjctp ann©onimuberstompbaptifmc, 
taljetein J| Uiad nunc a member, of Cb?ift,t"tjc eljiloc of 
©on,anD attiitfjeu'tottcofthefcingnome ofljeauen. 

IBljat Bin gout ©oofatljers ann ©onmotrjers ttien 


^fljep Din pwmife anii bofo tb?ee things t'n mp name. 
jFirft.tbat 31 Ih'oitln fojfafecttjcnctiil ann ai! bis toojfcs, 
tljepompcs , ann ba-utics eftfjc toiefcen toojln, ano all 
tlje finfull !ufts oftljefleflj. (cH-cortDl^trjat 31 ttjouln be- 
leettcalf tTje articles of the COuflian faith. 3nc tTjtrB= 
lp, tbat 31 flputa luepe ©o^is Ijolp toiil ann tommatine* 
nient&ann toalfee in the fame ell the napes of mg life. 

JDocfi tfjoit not ifjinfcc tbat tboit artboitnti to be* 
lec«e,ana to coe as tbep baue pjomifen foj tljeef 


gesbtrelp : ann bp ©jnsbelpe fo 3J tufn. Srva 3[ 
rjeartilptljanlfeeottrljeauenlpJFatber, tbatfje Ijatb cal- 
iea me to tfjisS Rate of falttation , tb?i)Ugb 3|efuS€b?iH: 
ctir <Sj>3iitoctr. ann 31 p?ap ©on to giue me bis grace, 
that 31 map continue in tlje fame unto mg Itue0 cna, 
Queftion . 

Eebearfe tlje articles oftijg fcelicfe. 


ITBclceuem ©on toe jFatTjeraimtgljtie, maEeraf 
Ijeauen ann earth. 3nn in Sefiija Ch?iQ fits onelp 
•^cHiieottr Jtojcc, tobittj &as cottceitteti &p tbc hotp 
©rjoH,boHte of f&« uivgin ©arse, ftiffereD iintier 13on« 
tins' jiDilate, toas cri!Ci6e'n s nearj,atm buricn, be nefceru , 
BeB itito bell, the thirn nap fje rofe agame fro the Scan, ' 
be areenoeB into htattcn,ann Gttetb at tlje right IjanD of 
©on the JFatbcc aimigljtp : from tljencc bee fljall come 
to inBge the qatrite ano tlje Bean, 31 helecuetn tberjolp 
©l;oft, the bolp Catfjah'qucClmrctj, the communion of 
faints, tlje fojguieneffe of dimes , rtje refutrectton of 
t|e iioag,anB tlje life euetlaffing. amen. 

Queftion, ) ^ 

JDHbat noeff ttjoii cljicflp learaetn ti&eCe articles of 


jFirft, 3llearnetoluieeiicm©ont|jejfatber, totjo 
foatb marje me ann alttbeuwla. 

^>eeon.Dlp, in ©on the ^>onne, toTjo foatrj re&ecmco 

^[ (Sod therjofp ©fioff, totjo fanetifieth me, 
ana all fJhe elect yeeple of ©oo. 

^ou Capo tljat ponf ©oBfattjetiS ann ©oomotljers 
BiD pjtomife fo; pott , that pon ujoitln Eerpe ©oD^ com< 
msncfimsnt?. Ecll me 5o5jj manp tfiere btf 




T^c fame toljich ©oa fnaSe in the tt. Chapter of 
Cvodus, faptng, 3i am the JLojrj thp ©on, toh:e& 
Ijat-.e fought th'ce out of the lant uf cfgppt , out of tht 
hotile of boncagc. 

i. ^rijoitu)a!tljatie none ether ©oBgbutme. 
It. tlhoa tljalt not mafee to thp felfe anp gratten image, 
no?thelifetnclTeof anptljtng thatiiS in beatten aboue, 
o? in the earthbencath, o? in the toater bmiertbe earth : . 
thou fbalt not boiu coume to tljem , no?tur$)tpthem t 
j7c? 3i the JLojd thp ©pB am a'ieloug ®on,aniirjifit the 
finnes of tlje fathers bprnt the ehtlt'?en , onto tlje thtrn • 
ann fourth generation ot them t fjat hate me, ami fijeto 
merctc imto tljoufantjfi in them that ioiie me, ano feeepe 
mp commandments!. 

iif. Shou (Ijalt not take tlje J!2ame of tfo 5,o;rjc t&g - 
©on in baine : fni tlje E.o?n hjtH not IjoIb Ijim gtttltleflc 
tljat tafcetlj Ijis JSlame in baine. 

hit. 3Remember trjat tljo'tt fecepe holp tlje ^abbatj 
Bap. feipcrjape^ujalttboti labour, anrj.Boe all that 
trjottljantorjoc: but the fcttentbOapt'0tbe i §>a!)batFj 
oftljelLcjntljp ©ox 3i" ittljotiiTjaltcoenomancrof 
too^ke, tljou,anrj thp tbime,ann thp Daughter, tljp man 
teruant, ann tljpmain fentant,thp cattc[,anTj tl;c (Iran* 
gcr tljat is toithin thp gates : fo? in foe napes tfje JLo?o 
mane beatten ann eactrj , tlje fra , .ano all tljat in tbent . 
is, ann reRen tlje fettenth nap, vtljerefo^ethe ILojn ble& 
fen tbe Ceuenth nap,ann halotuen it. 
b. Sponottt tljp father ano thp mdtljcr , tjat tbp napes 
map bee long in tfje lanntohiehtljcILo^D thp ©on gi» 
nettj tljee. 

bf. ■SChoitffjaltDoenomtirtljcr. 
bit. fjljoti iTjalt not commit aDiiIterJe. 
btif. ^Cljott Cjalt net fEeale. •- . , 
iv- tJThou ^jalt not heart falfe tottnefCe againfl- thg. 
neighbour ' 

H. ©fau Oialt no t couct tljp neighbors ljoure,tfjou fijalt 
notcouetthpnetgbbotttstoife,no;hisferHant, no?ljia 
maiD,ne?Ijis ore, no? his afie,ne? anp thing tfjat is \)ifr 


oafjataceR tljottcljierlp leartte bptljefecommannei 

... - „.-• Anfwere. 

3f icame ttob things : Q5p nuette totuacuit ©oD,anB. 
mp Btietp totoarns mp neighbour. 


cahat it tljp nuetp totoarns ©on i 


Q3pntietietotoans©oniS, tobeleetie in Ijim, te 
fearcljim, ann to lone him toitlj all mp heart, bitfjall 
mpminne.baitFjannipfouie, annboitlj allmpftrength. 
©o b)o?ujip htin, to giue bim tbanfees, to put mp toljsle 
truft in him, to callbpon bim, to honour btsbolp jQame 
ann bis bjojn , ann to ferue $tm twjlp all tlje napes of 



QueftioiC r 

CWtjiSt is tfcg Ductic to&atDg tflg neighbour ? , l; ^ , 


(jgp Bttette totoatos mg neig&fiottr f s, to Iotte &im ag 
mg iclfe , aim to Doc to all men as 3 tooula tfocg igotiln 
Doe bnto me. Co latie,fionour, $ luccottt mg father anti 
mother. Co bonout ana oDcj? tljel&ingaiiD Lis mini* 
fiersCo fubtntt nw fclfe to all nig goittnio?s.tcacbcrS, 
fpirtmal! galiogt3 an? mafias. Co o;iDcr mg fclfe lotolg 
ann leutvmilz to alt mg bcttcrjs. Co hurt no bcBgbg 
toajB oj BecDe. Co bee true ann iufi in all mg Dealing. 
©0 heare no malice not fatten in mg heart Co &crpe 
mg bancs from pricing ano Healing, aiiDmg tongue 
from cattl tpeaking , igmg anB flanBcring. Co Iserpe 
mgboDg in temperance, fobetnelTe aim cfjafiitte. SJot 
to cottet no? Defire other mens gooflS, but to leame anB 
labour trticlg to get mine etoiie liuivig , anB to noc mg 
Btictgin that Hate of life, bstotfato&fcbjttyallplcali 


Q$v gooB chime, fcneft this, f&at tljcit art not able to 
Hoe tfcele tilings of tbg Rife, ko? to toaffcemtheccm» 
manDemems of <35oD , ams to Gertie rjtrn , Uutbout bis 
Qjeciall grace, tobtihtljou muG leame at all times to 
taftfoj bp Diligent pjager. JLct mce bcaw therefore if 
ttjou catifi fag t(jc JLojospjagcc 

OSIr 5Fat6cr tobtc& art in rjeattcn , fjafotoeD Dec teg 
jQamc. Chg lungscme come. tSTIg totll be Done in 
earth , as it is tn fceauen ©iue SjS this nag out apglg 
•IjeaD. 2nB fojgitie SSmrr trctpaflcs, as tueefojgittc 
tbem that trefpalfe againft bs. 9no lease bs not into 
temptation: but Dclftier bs from eulM.Smcn. 
Sftftat BeGrcfi thou of ©gB in tfjiS p?eg« ? 

31 Dtltre mv ilojo .(Eton our Tjeaucnlg jFatbecfctfjo is* 
the giucr of all gooDnefle , to fcnD bis grace buto mce, 
ana to allpecple, that bjemagtoojOjip htm, fettiefjim, 
ann ebeg Urn as tec ought to Doe. SnD 31 P?ag bnto 
©oa , tbat See roillCenDliS all things that bee nceDfuK 
Iiotljfot ourfoulcs awsboBicS, anDthat beebriflbce 
tnercifullbntobs, annfagiKebSoitrGnncs, ami that 
it toil! pleafe him to fauc ana sefcnti bs in al! Dangers, 
gTjolHp ann lo-Dilg, anD tbat he lut'nfeecpcbS from all 
Rnnc anntuicfeDiiefTc, ano from oitrgljofiig cnemie, 
anD from eutrlnltingDcatli. ana tbis 31 trufi fccbiillDo 
cf fj's merrg ano goosneffe , tf;?f ugb our &o;d 31efuj( 
^rjjifi. ann t|ier«foje 31 fag amen, «&o be it. 

. Queftion. 

HCDto mang Sacraments ^ratti C^fifi cjDeineD in 


XKlno onclg as grncrallg ncceflarg to r altiattf n, tFjat 
ij3tofag,T3aptifmc,anD tbe Supper cf tbeHojD. 

CSljat meancfi t fjott bg tbiS too^D Sacrament ? 

Anfwere. , 

31 mcanc an cuttoatD aiiDbifiMefigne , of as fnfaarB 
mm tpitittinH grace erfucit untobs , ojDefncD bg" Cbjifi 
5im!ilfe,as a mtaiies roberebg toe re<eiue tfce iamc,ann 
apleogc alfe to afTurc bs tfjercof. 

ipoto mang parts arc tficre in a Sacrament? 


flrmo : tbe SDnttoatB biGble Ggne, ann t|ie 3!ntoarn 
Spitittiall ©rate. 

Queftion. ' 

tratfat ist^e^uttoarBbitibleStgne, t>i fojmein 

taater t to^erein tbe perfen fiaptijcBtetiippeB, oj 
fp?fnUIeD Uiitb It, In the Name ofthe Father, and t>£ 
the Sonne,and of the holy Ghoft. 
OEti&at is t&e 3InaiatB anD Jpftirttall ©race i 


2 Btatb bnto firme , ano a JBeto bittl3bntorfgT;te» 
otifneftc : jFo? being bg JBature borne in fiime, miD tbe 
cbi'D^en of tojatb , toee are Ijercbg mace tfje tty.lmn 
of ©race. 

©Ll&at fs tequtteD ofpetfors to be baptijeu i 

Hepentance,bJ^erebg tbegfojfafcc feme : anB jF aitfj, 
toljetcbg tljcg Geofafilg btlceue tfy p^nHfe{iot'(3oD, 
mace totljem in tbat Sactamtnt. 
. Queftion. 
C3fjg rijen are Sttifarts baptijeo , foljen &g reaGmof 
t^cir tcnBer agc,t|jcg cannot perfomictbcm f 


^cs : tf&eg Boeperfo?me tbem bg tbet'r Sureties, to^o 
pzomife ana botu tljcm beth , in tbet'r names ; tobicO 
to^entrjegcomctoage, tbemfelues ate OouH&topcc* 

CL^g toag the Sacrament *f tOe HLopff Supper 

jFo^rftc contteuallremembtanceof tSe SaeriCceof 
t^eoeatb efCb;tfi, aitB t&c benefits! ta!;ic5 tocc ittciut 

GU^atistTjeentiDarBpatt* o? figne of t5e ILo^B* 


TB?eaa ana ftaine^btcb tfie Eojb 5at5 commanBefl 


SIHljat is tlje inuoatD patt.oj rfjirg GgniGeB i 


®&e TSeBg anD TSIoi-B of Cb?ifi, Mjicfj arcberclg 
ann en DeeDe taUrnaiio teceiiuBofilcfaltljfuUintte 
JLo^ds Supper. 


tOrjataretbCBencgts , tofjetcoffocarepartaScKl 
t^ecebg f 

t£be RrengtbrniHg ano rcfrffljingef curfouTcs^g 
tbe T15oDp ana TSIood c-f C{j;ift , as our boDics arc bg 
t!jc T5?eao ana JDOiue. 

CCthat is rcqtitrcD of ttjem, to^tclj come to rtc JLojbs 

Co examine tbemCelues iabetT;ertbegJRcpcntt|icm 
tttielg of tbeir fomier fimics , ficDfaiiig purpoGng to 
leaDeaB'toiifc: batte a Utttlg faitb intSoBSmcrcg 
tb?ougI) Cfjjifi , toitb a tbanfccfull remembrance of \i$ 
BcatMHD be in CljatitiebJitd aft men. 

^ So foone as the children can fay in their mother 
- • tongue the Articles of the faith, the Lords pray, 
er/rhetenCommaundements, and alfo can an- 
fwere to fuch queftions of this fliort Catechifme, 
as the Bifiiop ( or fuch as he (hall sppoynt ) Ihall 

■ by his difcretion appofe them in: then fliall they 
be brought to the Bifhop by one that fliall be his 
Godfather orGodmothet , thareuery childcmay 
haue a tvttneffe of his confirmation. And the Bi- 
fhop (hall confirmc thenj on this wife. 


(*$ Confirmation, or laying on 

of hands. 

! cUtljefpc i$ in rtje JSur.e of tit Hop. 

lOabjcfohatrj maserjeaucn ana cartfc. 


'Slefiea be its Barn* oft^s JLojD. 
frencefojtb bjojla toitfiout cnu. 



3na let ottrcr^ come bntotfi-'e, 


AHmightie ana eurrltumg <5oB, tub>ba!!b<tucr> 
I'afcB to regenerate tf)cr« t(n> feraantg bp fajater 
ana t[)c 6ol? iSaoS, ana bafl giuenbrno trjein fo?gtuc» 
ttel&ef aU'tOeicfimtesj: Brengthen trjem toebeleech 
t&:c, © Laja.toitbtljeOoipiStjoit tlje <£3info:ter,En9 
taprp fne:ca r e intrjernthgrnantfolDcgiftegof grace, 
tlje fpith of JXItCfDomc anabnaerfhntfng, t5c spirit 
ef <£o:mfaile ana gftoftlpBrengtlj, tbefpiritof ftneto. 
fcage ana true goalincfie, ana fuISi! trjem (2>£o;b) 
fcjttl) tlie fpirit ofthpfjolp fe ate. 2mm. 
Then the Bifhop fhal lay his hand vpon euery child 

2>feffi>, SJltojae, tftts! cTJtltJctottB t^pTjcatiCKl? 

grace, t'jat he map combine tl;t'.iefojeuer, anaaaptp 
increafe hub? help Spirit mo:e ana tmic, bnttlirjee 
seme onto tfjg er.ertafting king^ome. armw. 
Then Avail the Bifhop fay. 
C ILctliapiav- 

AHmigfyie ana citcr:iuuig"©oa , Wfi tnaleflbs 
borft to toill . ana to aoe ttjofe things tTjat be gooa 
ana acceptable bnto tljp ©aicfiie , toe ma''.e out (jum« 
tic replications wtto tlice foj nefe eljilcint , bp.u? 
inborn ( after tRe fwmpfeof tl;e Ijolp flpiitles) uice 
iaiie la?a our banaa, to ccrtifie tbcm (bp this %tgnc) 
ef tbg fauaur arnj gracious gooanctte totearo tfcenv.Iet 

tbp ffatBetlp bans, face befeeclj tljef, etter bet onet 
tbem: let t&phoip®>pfritettcrbcelx>!ib ifjem.anafa 
leaae them ti tie fcnotnlcage ana obeaienceof tbg 
CJHo;ae . tbat in the cnt:e tl;e? map cbtame tbc <gun» 
ialtinglife 5 tfjjotigbottrIlozB Sefti's Cbjift, toljatottrj 
tbee ana rfce i;olp 0boft,ltuet& ana reitpittlj one ©od, 
fcjo:Ia tuttbont era. amen. 
Then the Bifhop fhallblefle the children, faying 

T^eblefftngcfcSoB ainigfitfe, the JFatbtt , tbe 
%onnr, ana the &*lp (55i;oft, be by cu pou, ana te» 
mainc toitTj poti foj cHet. 2m«n. 

The Curate of euery Parifh, or fomeother at his ap- 
pointment, (hall diligently vpon Sundayes and Holy 
dayes, halfeanhcure before Euenin^ prayer, openly in 
the Church, inftrud and examine (b many children of 
his Parilh fent vnto him,as the time wil ferue, and as h« 
fhali thinke conuenienc, in fomc part of this Care- 
chifmc . 

And all Fathers, Mothers, Matters, and Dames, (hall 
caufe their children, feitunts andprentifes(whichhaue 
not learned ihcK Catechifmt ) to come to the Church 
at the time appointedjand obediently to hcare, and bee 
ordered by the Curate » vntill fuch time as they hauc 
learned all that is here appointed for them to learnc. 
and whenfoeuer the Biihop (hall giue knowledgefor 
children to be brought before him to an? conuenienc 
place for their Confirmation , then (hall the Curate of 
euerv Parifh, either bring or fend in writing the names 
at all thofe children of his Parilh, which can dythc 
Articles of the faith, the Lords prayer,& the ten Com- 
mandements, and alfo how many of them can anfwere 
to the o'her queftions conttined in this Catechifirje. 

And there (hall none be admitted to the holy Com- 
munion, vntill fuch time as he can fay tbe Catechi(fei9j 
and be confirmed. 

<*$ The forme offotemni^ation 


FIrft, the Banes muft be asked three feuerall Sundayes, orHolydayes, in the time ofSermce, the people being 
prefcnr,afcerthe a<;cu!tomed maner. 
And if chepcrfons that litould be maried,d well in dwersPariOies,thc Banes mu(t he aslced ia both Parifhes : and 
the Curate ofthe one pari h, dial! not folemnixe Matrimony betwixt them 3 wi hout a Certificate of the Banes 
being thrift a)ked,from the Curare ofthe orher Parilh. 
Atthedayappoi-.tedforfolemnizationofMatrnionie, rheperfons to be married, (hall come into the body of 
theChtirch,withtheir,friends2ndncighbours,amltberethe Mimllerfhallfaythtis. • i . 

<JE?.rcbt>e!oueafttcnT]d,ttjearegatr)e= BtttrnieKntlj.affcreetel^sattitolr/ofceT^anaintrJe 

ven togctliet Ijfte in tJjc fight of ©oo, feareof@oa, Ctielp confincring tl)ccaufe0fr?to!;ic5 

an^iutrjefacfonM^eongtegattoM, to J9atrtrnontetoa«ozccinc3. 0:ieto33tfjtpwcrcat«on 

iovne togetrjer tfjid man ana this 600. of cljiftHcn , to be fc^ug^t bp intl;e fearc aria nurture 

imit in help ©arrimome, to^cfi is an of tfic 3Le?a,ana pzapif of >ScB. aiecoRa!?, it toas oj« 

fjcnoiirable eflatc, infittutec of (Sea in actrteo fo; a renieDicasamfi fmne , ana to aucio fo?iu'» 

}3«iBifc, in trje rime of mans tnieeenrf c , fignifping e atiort, tfjat fu. bpctfo:^ as 6aue not tlie gift of contt" 

bnto b3 tlic m^Ricall bnion tvjat is '-rttuirt f bjift ana nencie, mtgl;t marti?, ana fieepe trjcmfcl'tess iuireritco 

rjiaCO'Jrcb ta'ifchlio^cRateC^tiiaBojnea tf beauti> members of Cfczia-JboBp. t2;i)irrIp,fo?rljcmiiti(aHro» 

£ea bjit't lii^ tjiefence, ? 0rS miracle ttiat fie toiotJgljt cierie, 61 rpe ana confj?t tfjat tbe one ouu tt to foaite cf 

in^Tmoc^slifee, angi<stommenneBofa> 13autto rficothrx.borl) in pifyfrap @f aotiftfttp,intorfjc tnrjic^ 

bt r^jnourable amoag all men , ana tbcre c o^isnot to fccl* cSare tbsfe ttoc pcrfohs p-efrt-.r come newro bre 

6e e nterwifen no? takni in barra bnaDtufrt?? , ligl-tb. fopnea. tS&rrefbic if anp man can Ojero anp intt casCe 

tl t<3ncan!p, to fdttCfie meng ra;nainiiffeanat»ppc« ruIjrtbfpmapnr.rIatoftiI!pbetoprentotretIj:r,lrtljirrj 

tiu? , l(kt bi ttUebtaSe? t^» daue nob-aaerJaiicing, wto tys&wi «V (icwafwt fo; cuct tolce tyf w&t. , 

. -. '•' • ' ■ " " ' ' fAnd 



^ And alfo fpeaking to the petfons that fhalbe mar- 
ried,he (hall lay. ' ■ r 

1 Require ana charge goit,(a0 pou toffl anCtoere ot tbe 
u>eat>fiiHnapafiuagcment , tokentbe fecrets of all 
fccactfl f^atbe Bifrlofea ) tljat if eitber of pott Boe knob) 
anplmpcBimcnt tobpgott map Hat be latofulTp iopnea 
together in ©attimsmie, tljat ge rentXTc (t. tfojbepe 
toelauurea,tbat lo many as be ccuplea together otber* 
toife tljt n ©obs iuoja Both allobi, arc not iopnea toge* 
tfjec bp ©oo,nettuer (3 tijefr ©atrimonie latcfrtll. ; 
^ At which day of marriage, ifany man dot alledge 
and declare any impediment, why they may not bee 
coupled together in Matrimome by Gods Law, ot the 
Lawes of this Realme, and will be bound, and fufficient 
Tutetics with him to the parties , or els put in a caution 
to the full value of fitch charges astbeperfonstobec 
maried doe fuiteine,to prooue his allegation ; then the 
folemnixation mud bee deferred vnto inch time as the 
ttueth be tried. If no impediment bee alledged, then 
(hall the Curate fay vnto the man . 

NGOTttfioubauetbistoomanto tbp foea-Bca tetfe, 
.to line togc t&et after (Song ejamance, in tbe bo* 
|p cfiate of ©atrimonfe i Wilt tbottlotieber,comfu?t 
fjer, honour , ano kecpe ber in ItcknelTc ana in Tjcaltis i 
ana fojfakiug all other, feeepe tftc« onclg bnto Set* fo 
long a0 ecu both ftjaTf line? 

The man fhall anfwere. 
3! tain. ' 

Then flwll the Minifter fay ta the woman. 
UJrlt thou fjaue rhis man to tbp toetaeB lju& 
l.liann, to line together after <55obs omittance, in 
the bolp. eRate of ©atrfmonie i BHilt tboti obep biin, 
anB fetue Ijim, lone, bono!tr,ana kecpe film in (IcIinrfTe 
aati t'Rbealtb,ana fo^fakutg all other, feeepe tbee oncip 
fcnto fang as pott both (bah* Ittte t 
The woman fhall anfwere. 
31 ton. 

Then fhall the Minifter fay. 
Klfio gfueth this tooman to be marrien to this man* 
^"And the Minifter teceiuingthe woman at her father 
or friends hands/hall caufe the man to take the wo- 
man by the right hand, and fo either to giue their 
troth to theother,the man firft faying. 
31 J!5. take tbee SB. to m? tocaaea toife, to Dane anD to 
&oiae,from this Dap fp?tsiata,fe? bettet,fo? fe3o?(c,fo; ri« 
cber,fo? poozer, in ficknelTe ann in health, to lotte, ann 
to cberiuj,ttli aeatb bs Bej3art,accojaing to ©obs Wp 
ojainancc : ann thereto 31 plight tbee mp ttotlj. 
4j Then fhall they loofe their hands, and the woman 
raking againe the man by the i ight hand, fhal fay. 
31 JI5 take tbee J&.te mp toeaaeD burbnnn,to hatte ano 
tobolae,ftom tbiSBapfe2luarB,fo;t bettet.fojtoojfr.fc? 
ttchcr,fo?poojer,in ficftnefTe ana tn health, to Iottf,cbe« 
tiff],$tooliep.ttIlBeatbbSflcpart, accozoing to ©oas 
fiolp o^Binnne e j ana tljeteto 31 gme thee mp troth. 
§ Then fh:il they againe loofe the irhands,and theman 
fhall giue vnto the woman a Ring, laying the fime 
vpon the booke , with the accufromr d duetie ro the 
Miniftet and Clerkc. And the Minifter taking the 
Ring, fhall deliueritvncothemantoput it vpon the 
fourth finger of the womans left hand. And the man 
taught bv the Minifter,(hallfay. 

CKitlj this King 3!tbeetocBac, toitli mp 6oap31 
tfirebjojITifp , ana tot'tli all mptoo?In!p goons 31 tfiee 
tnooto : 3ln tlie name of t!je jF at1&et,anD of trje ^>onne, 
amoftrfcIjolpOljeff, 3men . 
^"Then the man leauing; the Ring vpo the fourth fin- 
ger of the womans left hand,the Minifter fhal fay. 
JLctbSyjap. . 

OcJEtccnall ©oa, ireato: ana pjefetuer efall man* 
ttttoe, gtuec ofallfpitttUallgtacc, tOcautljo^of 

enetlafiing life, Tena flip bltCffng tyontWettyttf 
ttants , tins man ana tbis tooman, toyom roe bleife in 
tbp J'rtame, tljat as JlCabac ano Eebecca lutco fattf> 
fully togetfier.lo tbefe pttlbns map lutelp perfejme ano 
fceepctueboto tjcottenentbettotrttliemmaae (tovjere* 
nf t|is King gttten ano recetttrD is a token ana pleage) 
ana map euec remapne in perfect lotte ana prate toge< 
tbcr.ano Hue accojBing to tljp Jlatocs, tfcjottglj 3[eiu $ 
(£rj?ifi t ttr JLo?a. flmen. 
^ Then fhall the Minifter ioy ne theit right hands to« 

gether,and fay. * " *■ ,: 

€ljofe taljom (Sod batb topneo together, h t uo niau 
put autnair. 

<[" Then fliall the Minifter fpeake vnto the people. 

jFejaCmucJ) as SB. anB SB. ^atte confentcB togttbet 
hi bolp tor aleckc , ana baue toitnefico tlje fame befojc 
(Son ana trjfscompanp, ana tbereto baue gitttnano 
plcagea t&eittrotbtitberto otljer , ana babeaccIareB 
tbefamebp gittinganateceiuingof aHt'ng , annbg 
iopning of banes, 3lp?onouReetbattI)epbe man ann 
totfetogetbet. 3(n tbe Bame of tlje Jfat'ber,anD of the 
§>omte,anBoftbebo(p<£{joft. 0men. 

G€ And the Minifter fhall adde this bleffing, 
©a tfcetfatbet, ©oatbe^onne, ®oatbetjoI? 
tSljoft, bhffe, ptffetue , ana keepe pett, tbe JLojd 
merctfullp aiitb bis fattoutloekebpenp'oit, attafoftlf 
foix toitb allfpitituanbetteBictiou ana grace, tbat pou 
mapfo Imetogctbcrtn tb's life, tbatintbebjo^lato 
come pc map banc life etierlaSing. Smett. 
^Thcnthe Miniftet or Gierke* going to thcLordsTa- 
bit, fhall fay or fing this Pfalme Following, 

Bentiomnes. Pfal.Cxxviij. ,. v 

BJLt fleB are all f be? tbat fcare tfce JLoja : ana tnalkt 

iro? tboti ftjalc eate tfje labour of tljp bancs : © raeH 
is tbe e,atia bappp %alt tbcu be. 

tibp toife wall bee as tbe ftm'tfull bine: bponttje 

db? cbtIo?en like tbe SDttue b?anc&es ; rouna about 
tbp table. . 

. JLoe, tb«3 Ihall tbe man be bleflea t tbat featetb tie 
3Lo;a. , 

tEbeEortie from out of ^)fon fhall fo bleffe tbee; 
tbat tljou fbatt Tee f^ierufalcm tnp?ofperitie all tbp lift 
long. . 

^ea, tbat tbouftjalt fee tljp cbfltojens cbilD^cn: anB 
peace bp(«3!frael 

©Io?pbctothejFatber,anBforbe?e. ^ , . 

as it bias in tbe beginm'ng,ts nob),?c. 
Or this Pfalme. 

G©abemttcifitIIsmovs, annblcuxb^! arrau'jeta 
bs tbe Itgbt of bis countenance , ana be mercifttll 
bnto bs. 

Cbattbptoapmapbee knotoenbpoheattb: tbp.fa* 
King beaftij among all nntions. 

3Let tbe people pjnplct&«, © ©oa:pea,letaIItbe 
peoulepjapfetbre. , 

© let tbe nations teiopte anB Be glaa : fo? tboti ffoalt 
iungrtbefolke rt'gUcoitQp, anagoucmc tbe nation? 
bpoii tlje eartb- 

. E.rt tbepcoplepjaptetrjee, © ©oa: Ieta!Itbepeo>. 
pie piapfe tbee. 

tffficn (ball tbe eattb b:tng foo^tb ber ertcreafe t 
ana ©oa , eucn cut ctone @ob thall giue bS W I)Icf> 

©oa fhall bleffe bSs. ana all tbe enas of tbe too?lB 
fbaH fcare fjlm. 
©lo^'e be. to tbe jFatbct, ana te. tbe feonnc ; anB to 

tbe bolp <Sbo8. . ►, 
as ft was in tbebegimtt'Hg,is noto,anti eticc fbalba 
tooilo iDitbcmt etia. amett. 




OfMatrimomcr~ ' *~" 

f The Pialme ended , ano the man 3nd the woman aHB gum them to inTjerite tbp CuetlaSing fcintJBontf, 
kneeling afore the Lords Table, the Minifter ftan - tbjOllgb ^teClt0 <&\)}itl our JLo^D. Amen. 


ding at the Table, and turuiii] 

them,(hall fay. 

JLo^O bauetmrrp bport bg. 


CTbjifl rjauemerc? Upon bss, 

3La^D bane mercp upon ujs. 
5Dut jFatbrr tufeici) aw in beauen,?c. 
3no leaoe bg not into tcmptation,$c 

13«t Beliuer S g from eutll amen. 

© &o?s faue tbp Ceruant.anB thptanomaili. 


GEC&tcb. pttttbctr trulx m tbce. 

© JLo^d feno t&em Ijelpe from tl»2 &olp place, 

QnD euetmojctsefeti* tbem. 

•JSebnto tljtm a tob«c of flrcngttj. 


JFrom tbe face ot'tfccirenemtc. 


2na let ottc ctfc come bate th«, 

his face toward Then (hall the Minifter fay. 

AJlmigbtp <8oo s tobic& fit tbe beginning Din create 
ottc Sell parents aaam ano Cut, ant) Din fancttfie 
eta topne tljtm together in marriage, petsjebpon pen 
tlje ricbes of bte grace,fanctifie ana blefle pou, ffjat pe 
map pleafe bim both in bonp ano loule , anB liue teg«> 
tbet in ftolp loae unto pour Iiucg cnn. amen. 

f Then thai begin the Communion. And aftertheGo- 
(pel (ha'be (aid a Sermon, wherein ordinarily (100ft 
as there is any mariage) che office of man and wife 
ftiall be declared, according to holy Scripture. Or if 
there be no Sermon/he Minifter Qiall reade this chat 

A ill pe babicb be marrtcD , o? fobicb inteiiB to tatte 
the" " 

\ Ijol? (late of ^atcimanie bpon von,beart tol'at 
balp Scripture Dot!) fap as touching the Buetie of btifr 
bamj0 totoarBt&ttt toiue0> ano toiuess totoarD tljeic 

<£>. Jpaul in bte €piSleto tbe CpbcfiansS the fifth EpheC5,io 
<£bapter, ooetl)giuctIji!3£0!nmanDetnenttoaHmar» &c, 
rieu men. ^eebuftianB*, Io tie pour hriueg, eticuag 
C >|ift Iottet) the Cfmrc!) , anD bath giuen Ijimfelfe foj 
it, to fanctifie it, purging it in tbe fountains of ruatr r, 
through tbe rooja, tbat lje might make ittontorjimlelfe- 
a glorious rengregait'en.not bautngfpot oj to;inlsIe,oj 
anp litct) thing , but that it (boulD bee fcolp ana bl3me» 
lefte. ^omenarebotms telottetitcirotone toiucgaja 
ttjci'r obmc beBtcts 4?e that loueib hiss obor.etotfe, lo« 

OtSob efab?a[iam,t£oB of3Ifabac,©oB of Slaeob, ticttj fjdnilfe : jFo?neucr BiB anp man bate ufeorone 
blefle tbefe tljp fctnantc, ana few tbe fetB of ctet« He(b, but nottrilrjetlj ana ebcriftjc th it.etten ajj tlje JLo?n. 
nail lifeintiietrminBcs, rbat tobatfoettcr intbpbelp" Boctr)tIieCongregation,fo;rDearemtmIicr)3of6i!8bo» 
tea?o tbep ftjall p;cfitablplcatne, tljtp map i:i teeB fut Bp,o; his tlctb.anB of {j(S bones. jFoz tbis raufe f^all a 
gll t&e fame. Haoke, © Lo^3, Hiercifttilp upon tfjem man leattefatOer anB motber, anD (lia'lbe topncB unto 
from rjcanen.auBblcut tbem. as tbon DiDDcCt feno bis roife.anB tbepttoo ffjalbe one flefib. Sbi'0 mpdtr.e 
tbp bleCTmg bpon Sbjabam, anB ^>ara, to iljeir great is great, but 31 fpeake of Clj?ifi,aiiD of tfjeCongrrga* 
comfojt : <S>o bonebfafeto fena tbp bletfing lT?un tljcfe tton. jaeuertljeleffe , Jet euetp one of pen fo lone &iff 
tbp ferttants, rijat tljep obeping tljp rnill, ann altoapcj» olunc roife.ctten as bimfelfe. 

being infafetiebnDertbpp?otection,mapabiBrintbp JLifeeboil'etrjefame^. 3P aultujitintjr to t^e CoIofTt* Co1 h l 9* 
laue bnto tbett liue^ ence , t\j2ottgT) jefiw Cb?ifl our anu.fpeakctb tljiiiS to all men tbat be mat ieo : £e men, 
3Lo?B,amea. Ioitepoitt tottie&anBbenotbimrbiifotbem. 

f This prayer next following (halbe omitted, where l^care alfi tobat %. Peter tlje apoflle of Cb?[S, nPet.3.7. 
ike woman is paft childbirth. tobidj tea? IjtmCrlfe a marieB man , lattlj bnto all men 

0©crttfun JLo^B, ana Ijcaweirtp Father, b 1 ? tobore tbat are matieD t ge IjufbanDS.DtBcII toitlj pour toiuejj 
gractoujs giftmanfeinBisincr'eafeB: roeebefcecb acto;Btngtobn8bJleBfce, guingbonourbutotbetoife, 
tbeealftatoitbtbpbleffingtberetteopcrfong.tbattbcp asbntotberneafeerbcflel.anQaBbeireutegerljeret'tbe. 
map botfjbe fruitfttll In procreation of cbtla?eti,anB al« grace of tbat pout pjaperg be not bintaeB. 
to liue together (b long in goBlp life anB bonefite, tbat J^'tberto pe bane beatB tt)e Buetie of tbebjifbaroi to* 
tbep map Gee tbett cbilB?enc diilBjcn , bnto t&e tbtra toarB trje totfe. JSobi Iifeeroife pec rciueg , beare ana 
annfonrtb gcucration, bnto thpp,:agfe ano honour, learne pottr BueticBtoroarBpourburbanau, eiten a0 
t ; )?oagb 3!eftts Cb?iff our 1 o?B,£lnicn. it is plainelp fet foitb in bolp Scripture 

OCSeB , tubicbhp tbP migbtp pobotr baB mate all S. peul (in tlje fo?cnamcn CpiBIe to tbe tfpbeS' Epherj. 53 k 
things of nought, tebicb alfo (after ot&et ibtngis ani3)teacbetbpoutbu3tS«hsomen,ritlimitpoitrfcIiieg toverfc25,. 
fit tn o#er) pinBeS apnoint tljat ont of man (rteateo bnto pour obancbuCbanr^, ag bnto the loiD. jFo;tbe 
after tbtne otune image" anD fimtlituBe) baoman (botiln bufbann ti tbe bjiuf & be aa, cucn as* Cb;iB ifi tbe I eao 
take berbrgtrmiBg,anBfenittingtbemtogetbcr,BtDDtB of tbe £burclj,anBhe i{( alfotbe Satttout of tbe robole 
teach , that it ujouId neucr bee laiufull to put afitnBet Soap. 

tbore,tobom thou hpC0atrimomebaBmaBe one. tiberefoze a^tbecfburcb 0? CEongrcgatton t^fttb* 

.j ©(Sob, tobicbbaBconfccratcDtbeBateof^atri- Uct bntoc£b?t'Bt folikcteiifelcttbe tot'misalfobeein 
rconte to fttcb an ercellcnt mpSerie , that in it i$ figni» fubicction bnto tbet'r orotic bdibsnDU in all things 9nn 
fieB ana rep?e!*enteb tbe tpirftuall marriage anBbnitie againeljefattb- JLcttberuifercuerenceficrbiiCbaBB. c , „ 
feetmijt Cbjift anB W Cbtircbtloohemercifnllp bpon ano(in fif s ofptfiTe to tfie Co'offtans) © P~ul gfuetO ■ J ' * 
tbefe tbpferuants, tbat both tbif man map lottebijS pout{ii9(b3jtlfu"on:^et«iiicf?,f'tbm(tpoiirfcl!!esb!ito. 
toife , acrojBing to tbp S35Io?D , ad Chiifl BiB (cue rjicf pour cbwe biiIbar.BC,ae it is comtenrent in tbe Eozo.. 
frmure tbe Church, roboganebimtilftfojitjotitng ana S. prter alfo Doctb irfirnctpott bnpgoBlp.tbu^' 

ta,artBinaHquictneg,lebjicfieanDpcace,beafoHotoet bobil-' thepbebeloe pour cbaBe conuerfation ronplea 
e-fbelpaaogojlp matrons ©3Q,o?tibIcff«t6emliotb, toitbfeate. cai)o(eappaceaiet«Botb««itteaM,Miit^ 

The violation ofthe (Tcke# 

6?atDrt:Baftf, atrt trfmmfng ftBottt toitT) goto, fitter KllrtjcmftIttc0,bcii:gfuDfcrtti>tteirefetteT)!t(l«mc^ 

in patting oil efgojgrous apparel: but let tbe bib man as^araobepeb abjafermt, calling fetm JLojb , to tiGe 

toljicb is i n tic toitbout all cojrup:ton,fo tbat saugbtcrs pe arc mane, Being tocli, aim not being lit* 

t^je iptritbe milbe anb a.ui«,ri)bicb t'S a pzccietisi tbhtg maieb tnitb anp ftare. 

in tfjc figfit of <Sod. jfoi after tfcis manse (in tlje oloe f The new maried peifons(thefame day of their ma- 
time) BID tfje tjolg Isomcn tobtc& tttifleb in ©OP, apga* tiage) muft rectiue the holy Communion. 

{&$ The order for the vijitation of the fickg. 

^The Minifter entiing the fick perfonshcufe,ftiaI fay, 
Peace tie to tfyte boufe.aitb to all tbat Btoell in it. 

q When he commeth into the ficke mans prefence } he 
{hall fay, kneeling downc. 

t efmember net 3Lojb our iniquitf e s, no? 
! tlje tntqatriesc of our fojtefettjergt. ^s-pare 
, bs gooD Eo;D, (pare tljp pec pis , lubom 
. tfioit t)sii rcbccmcc lBittj tip moft p?ect« 
J ens bloc b , aim bit notangt£5stf& s>s 
fo? ctttr. 
Jlejbljaiicmt rep upon b£. 
<£b?ili baue mcrcp byoti us. 
3Uzd baue nierrp upm btf. 
2Dur JFatljer tob:c& act iit beatien.fc. 
Sub icace bs not into temptation, 
15 ut ocltuct bg from Mtill.8men* 

© 3to?b faue tip femant. 
CQIjt'cT; putEciXr bis tmfl in tbee. 

^>enb Ijim beTpe from tbpbolp place, 
Anfwere, ^_ 

atn euernojc nu'g?!t ilp befeno bint, 

Minifter. . ; 

S,et trjecncmte fcattc ncne abuantage of butt. 

33o? tlje toiefceb ayptocb to rjurtSfnt. 

TScimtu butt,® JU;c 3 a Grcng toteje, 

jFrom tfic face offjis escmic. ' 

3G,o?b&eate our papers. . .. 

2n3 let our crie come unt-.tfjee. 

Minifter. i 
f\ 3Lo:ti looTtctotonc frem Ttauen, betctocbiGt ana 
v Jrclieue t !;is trjp Gcrttant.JlooIiC bpon rjim toitb trie 
rpcs0ftbi?mrrcp,giucbim comfcjtanb rnrecoKtlocticc 
in tbee,be fenb rjim from rbf Danger cf tfce.cncmusEUb 
feeepr ntm in perpetual! peace aim rafctie 3 tD?ottijr) 3Ie« 
fits Cbu'G etir !io?5.9iirien. 

H(£ate us aimigljtie anb rcoQ merciful! ©ob ano 
<2j>auiour, crtenb tl)p acciifrcmeb goePiieftc to tbiS 
tbp fcntant,toI)tcb t'jrgrf cucb toitb Gcbtieffe: btfft Tjtrrt, 
£D£a>D , as tljoitbiBDrfifciGtc peters VoiueSmotber, 
ano tbe cnptaine« feruaiu. %o uiGtc atiB refio»e bnto 
this ficfee piron Ijt0 to?mer TjtaUri (if it be tfcp 1 ^ill) c.f. 
tire gtttc Urn pare fo to ta?;e tbp bt'Gtaticm . tljat after 
tljis p«nefall life etiBeo s tjeemagciocU toitfj lectin 

^[ Then dial the Minifter exhort the fickeperfon after 
this forme,or other like. • \- .. • •. i 

D<gatfipbcIotieD, knotot^fs, tfjat afmfg^tpOon 
is tljj S,om of life 5 DeatI) , anc otter all tnings to 
t^ein j)cttaiKtng,np E0Ht^ttngtfj,5ealt^ag«,l»calte* 

neffb arm Gcfencg. OKr)crefo?e,toI)atfoe(ier pour (ic^netf 
i9,fenobJ pen certairelptbe-' it is ©cusistlitation. 2na 
fo? li^at catifefocuer tW Gc&f nelfe tsfettt Wite pr«, 
totatljcr it be to trpvourpattincefo? tteecampieef 
ctfjcr , ant. tbat poar faitlj map be touna in tl;e cap of 
tbcJLoio, tautiable, glorious, arm fjonwtrable, tet§e 
tntrcafe of glo?? anc enuIeiTeftltiitte, o? rife it fceftnt 
bttto poit to correct ano amcnti m pott Sorjatfrif tier Dot6 
oSSnfl t&ectcs of pour fcaumlp jFatljer-.Enoto^cu cer» 
taine[p,t$at if pcu truelp tepent pott of peut fiKnr&atra 
fieare pour ficfenefle pat cntlp , ttufling in ©cos inct» 
cie,foj ijis crate ^otir.e 3I?fus Cfjjt'fies faRe, mit> rc«i 
tet imte btm fumble tfcanfcce fo? bis iratljerlp biGtati* 
en.fttbmftting pour feife Ui^ollp to bis Vuil,it fljal tnrttt 
to pour p?ofite,ano bdpc pouft?toai5 in tfcc rtgfjtteag 
tbat learjctfj bnto euerlafitEglife. 

^ If the pcrfon vifited be very ficke , then the Curate 
may end his exhortation in this place. 

' (Jake tfrefefoje in geoD faiojrtj tfec cBaGtTemcBt oS 
trje Lo?a. jf o? inborn t Ije JLo jb 'ourt&i bee djaftifctb : 
?ca, n^^amtpaulfaitl), fccefcourgeibcucrpfonne 
iabiclj Screceiurtlj. Jf pee enctire cljafttfemtnt , bee 
snTctctb tjirafelfc unto pou, as bttto bis crane cbrtDjen. 
Kl^at fentte is be tbat trje tatbcrcbafiilitfj not r" jf pe 
rrenst bneer correction (tofjer? of nil true cftiltDien arc 
partakers) tbert are ree taflaiES etirj not ci.ilD?m. 
C&trrfejr,ffeingtl;attof,'cn citrcatnaHfatfccrstio cor- 
rect iis, toereittrerthjebcptbcm: ifjal! tore not notjl 
mucljratbrrlierbcricnt re of.r fyirttitall jratfefr , ana 
feline i OLmtity fo? a fciu carc^Cce rbafiilr bs, aftee 
tbefrolxneptfalurct TSttt be Ecctbcbafti r ebsfo;ottt 
p?ofttc , to tbc intent be map make bsparta&crs of bi^ 
dolinrflc. ^'be& tw?rs(gooc biorI;er)t:rc ©jes too?5S, 
finrj to^utcn in rjolp Scripture fn? our comfo?t anb in> 
Rrurtion , tljat tuc ftjottlD paficntlr snn battb tbankef* 
gtiiing, be are our beaucnlp jFari;r rs ro??cc n'on, toben- 
foetier bp anp mancr ef acuttGtic it fljall plrafe big 
gracious goottuGc co biGtcbS. ano tbcre fb-nlbbe 
so greater comfajtrc c£b;ifftnn pw^ii*. then to 6c 
tnsoc like two <£b?i6 , bp fiifftrirg patient Ip atiierG* 
tfei?,troub!es,an? GclmcGes. jFo:DebirtifeIfrbjent not 
ltp to top, but GrR be fuftl-rerj pafaf, fe entreb net into 
biSglo?!', bcfcjebetosSirurififC : ^o^nclpotirtoa? 
to eternal! life iff, to fufFcr bceve luitb €*'ft , ano out 
Cooje to enter into etcmal! life is, glaflptoDieuittft 
<£l»ift, tbat roc map rife egricefrom be atb« anb bkell 
ir-ttb \>im in ctetTafimg life. Ji5olu tbercfo?e ttitfng 
jjourGcKncfl'crobitb is tbtigpjcfitaMefbi pott, patient* 
Ip, ? crtjo^t pou in tbe Ji3ame of if eb,to remember tlje 
pjofeffion torjirlj po:i mace burn (Sob in t>ot:r baprtfinf. 
2no fotafiiincb as after tins life tljere is a count to bec 
gtuenbrro rtjr rigbtCfUSSubar, offcjbom allmnRbcc 
hit geo toitboitt rerpect of perfons : 31 require ym .to 
cr-amlne ^our feife , anb ponr Gate , bntb toiuarb ©on 
aw man . fo tbat acntftug arte ronremnfng pour feife 
fo» pour otrjne faults, t>ott mav fince merrie at out 
br auerlp jFatljt rs banc foj deifies fa6e . at?b ror bee 
arntfen ano conbrmncb in tbat frnrrfull' iubgement; 
e^erefoje 31 tyall fljojtlp. wljeatrc t^« articles of due 


The vi/itation of the ficke, 

fditR, tlatpu W8?^nob»to5rt5nr««D0£bcIee«t a* SEbjougb tb« fcaue 3 bei«ijotoenbp«!ierGrt«3t 

* Gbjifiian man ftjottto,oj no. teas borne : t&ou an bee tfiat t wkc me out of mp mo* 

q Here the Minifter Ihall rchearTe the Articles ofthe tbetS fcoombe,mpp;affenjalfb*altoapoftbee. 

faich,fayingthus. . 3 am become as JttocreamoHCaUiuom'fmgjB«e 

T>oefithou belceuc in God tbe Far o«r ^Almigbue f mp lure ttutt id til tbe e. 

(AndfofottbasitisinBaptifmc.) ©Ictmpmoutb be ftTlcOtoitfltSppjapfcj (t8«3J 


him, & ifheh we offended other.toaske them forgmc jFojmne enemies fpeakeagabuT me, amitbepfTjae 
neffc, and where he hath done iniunc or wrong to any [ap fnait foj mp Come, take tfeetr counfrfl toget&er,fap« 
man, that he makeamends to y vttermoft of his power, fog : <$ 8 batlj fojfaken bi'n,perfectMe &{m , a«H take 
AndifhcthaHcnot afore difpofed his goods , let him fjuii.fojtleteisnonetolhiuict r)im. 
then make his will, and a'fo declare his debts, what he ©oe not facte from me,© ©0D1 tVV ©ot) fcaffe tbtt 
owcth, and what is owing vnto him , fordifchargingof to bilpeme. 

hisconfcience.andquiecnesofhistxtcutours.Butmen JtettbcmbeC3nfoitnceBanBpetilrj,ibat areagafnH 
rauft be oft admonifhed that they fet an order lor their mp foule : let H)cm tie cotlcreD toitlj fkmt ana Bilbo* 
temporal! goods and lands, when they be in health. nour,tbat lecke to Doe me eut!l. 

Thefe wordes before rehcarfed , may be fayd before 33 fo; me , J tsiH pattentfP abiOC afoap • ami tool 
the Minifter begin his praycr,as he (hall feecaufe. pjapfc tftec mn?e anD mo,!?. 

The Minifter may not foiget, nor omit to moue the (pQp mmti) (ball Daplp fpeafce of tbp tiff bttMifneflt 
ficke perron (and thacmofteaincllly)tolberalitieto« OTO [ablation :fo; 31 kMtB no enfltbeteof, 
ward the poore. J tolllgoeroojrrl) in t&* firCHffti? of tljeHojo ©eBr 

Here Irul! th e ficke pcrfon make a fpeeialconfefiion an^toiil make mention of tbprigbtc.ufi.eirconclp. 
if hee feele his conference troubled with any wcighrie tjljot, © $oD, baft tangbt me ftO tw pit f) l)p"fcn> 
matter. After which confeffion, the Minifter (hail -b- tillnoli) : tfjerefaje lvill 3| rrlloftbp fjjoHCetous too'fcd. 
folue him after this fort. jFo^fakc me not, 2D © j", in mine olne age, iurjen 3J* 

O&t Hojo 3}tfus Cb.iift, trjfjo bath left potoerto amgrapbeatnD: nn:tH 31 fiaue ftj >toco t&p Rrengtfj 
Of 3 ©mrcfj to abfobtc fill Gnne. s toTjic ! ) f ruelp re. unto tfjta generation , aHD t'jppotoet to all lOcui tfiat 
jmit fc belecue fn bi'm, of tigs grrat menp foigtue tljre are pit fo; io rente. 

thine eEfwes, ?.m bp Ijfs atitfjejitic committee to me, {E&prigbteo:tfhclFc,© ©on isittpbigb: aim great 
3! sbfoIuetbcefcomalItbpGiinetf,tiitlie JQnmeoftfje tbtngs are tbrptbattrjoutiaft none, © ©on, tbljoftf 
jF;.tfier,anooftlje<»onne.anooftbeboip©M1.3mfn. like unto tljce:* 

And then tlie Minifter fhal fay this Colled tolowing. 

tititoe of tb ' iiHrcfeef.noefi fo put au-ap tfje Gnnea 
oftTjofe iD-jirl) trulp repent, tbat tfjan rememi)?cQ tfeem 

© to:)at geat troubles ana aD:tcrfi it$ rjaflE tbott 
fljetoiD me, aim pet r.iaocff tboti tntne aim rrfteflj me : 
pea , ano b^oiigbtcBmefrom tTjcrjtcpeof tbceattfja* 

®f;ott Dafi tj.toftctTit mec to great tumour: annrom* 

In te Domi- 



no in.»?c,spen tbine epe of mercp lipon tfjiss tbp femant, fcvten me on eue n> llse. 

tobo moH eatneGb nefiretb pareon ar.D fojgiaenclte. Sberefoje toiff J[ p.*aiie ties aw tbp fattbfuInriS (© 

iR?iie'o) in bim (moti (oiting JFatfjer) toljut.betier batb ©»?)pfaping Upon an inltrnment of mtiRcke: btito tbee 

bene Beca^en bp tlje frauDe ann malice of t&e Dcnill, o; iuifl j gng bpoTi tr;? V)&tpt. © thou Ijolp one of jfrael. 

bpbifiotoiirciirnall luill ano frailencffi : pjtrcraeano ©ob'pelollbefaine iubciijlCng onto trjte: ann fo 

continue tljisGckc membctintbeunitp of tbc COurcbi totil mp fa.ils tobom ibou bad f fbncrcB 

conGoet bi«i contti'tion, accept bte teati'iS, affuiage bis • ©p tongue alfo (ball tafke of tbp rtgbtesttfnrlTf aHi 

paine , as (ball be feme ro tiiee moil etprm'ent to^bim. tbc Dap long : foi tbf p are wnfomiDeD ami bjoiigfjt Sjjj», 

3nD foiafmiicf) as be puttetb W full trnR onrlp in tbp to fbame tbat kcht to Doe me eittll. 

mercp, fmpiite not tintoTiiin bis turner flnncs.tuitta&e ■ ©fo^'ebetotljejFatbcr, anutetbe jft 

bt'ii t)«ro tbp fattnur , tbjougfitliemctitfseftbpmoli ildictoajintbebciTtniiing.istnoto^c.:. 

DearelpbeloiieE^onMeSle'usQEbn'fl. flmen. . •» ; Adding rhis-. 

Then Oia.ll the Minifter fay this Pfhlme. » ^^)aiiiouroftbetoo>lD.f.iurbS,tom'cbb9tfipcro(Tc 
] fi tljee, © ilon, ban' J put mp trull, let me ne tier V vanD precious bloou ball rerjcemtn US, bclpe Us ttic butrirme, frtcliucrme intbp befeecb t(je?,© ©oD. 
tigbtcaulhefii.encline tbiue eare Unto me.ami fnur me. t Then fhall the Minifter fay. 

T0e tljoii mp flrong bnloe, tarifreuwo 31 map altoap «-p $e 9fmt'gbtp JLifV; tulitcf) ts a rmff HrOHn; totoje 
rero?tJ tfioitb'iSpJi'mfferj tjbclpeme,fo^if;ouartiiig *J toaIltbcmtbatptirtbeittnifiiiibiin,torBbbiiiair 
fan's of ceffncc,aiiD mp caRJe. • tbmgfli'nbeauen, in eartb, anotinticrtbefflrtbDne 

r>rltuermee, ©niii®on,ontoftbebamioftb«bii» botrjaiiaabepvbenobjamieiiermc.?et6peeffnre , ana 
goefp: out of tbe fjanuoftbeunrigbteou^ami crtiell maketbee kuoio anu fcek, tbat tfjere is none othct 
man. nainelmtict bcauen gtuen to man, (itlubom, ? tt^otiglr 

jFo? tfiou, © JUni ©eg , art tbe tbf'ig tfjat 31 long Jubom tbou mapeR rcctue be altli dOT fa!nati"on'. but 
fo^ : tfjoa art mp Ijcpe etien from mp poutfj. oneip tfje iSaiue of out Hep Jefns Cb?tR.2iJtett. 

^ The Communion of tlic ficke: 

Orafmuch as all mortal! men be fubicil to many fndden perils,difeafes,and fickneffes, andener- 
vncert.;ine what tinie they fhall depart out of this life : therefore ro the inrent tlity may be ai- 
wayes in a readinefle to die whenfoeuer it fliallpleafe Almighty God to call thero, the Curates > 
(hal diligently from time to time,bntfpecially in theplagHetime,exhortiheirP.irifhioners to 
tb8oftreceiiiing(iittheChuicb^ofcliehol^ Coainmnion. of the body &,bloodtif our San«f««n 



At the burial! of the dead. 

Chrift: which if they doe'thcy fhall b. tif ro c: nfi in their hidden vifit.-tiori fo Le vnquiet for Irctcf of the fame. 
But ifthe ficke perfon 1 c oot at le to come to the t btuch,rnd j tt i^ dtfirous to receiue tr.c Con mm ton m bis 
boufe, thenhe rrefi giuekaowledgecuirnikht, or els early in tht Morring,to tht Curate, fignifyirgalfobow 
many be appointed tocm unircrc withHm : Ana > auis gat or.utnient pl?ce in ihi ficke m.iml-.ode, where 
the curate may rcumntly minil»tr,srd a pood number torece tie the Ccmtr union with the fitkef «fon, with 
" all things necdlary lot- the kme,hc Rail there nunitf cr the hol\ Cumn.union. 


Iohn j. 
verfe 24. 

Lm^!jttccticriittirg©oB, m& r ;er of man. 
; fctntie, tobjeh toefi co;vcrt rfcofe tol om tl on 
DfifSIeKt, ann cbafifeft cuctp cnetefjom 
tljctt noift tcctitic t toe bcfrcclj ttce to liaue 
metrie tipoii tbte tbp feniant , toifitrti toti& tbp ^antJ, 
ami to grattnt tfjat fce map tafce fcie fir fctuffe paticnt ; p, 
artBtccoitirIji0bo6tIp!;Ca"t{)(tfitlici6rgraciot gtoii) 
awt tobenfoetier bte fou'e ujalt tu part frcm 1 Ijc botn>,tt 
map be toitbout fpot pjefeiittb onto tfoe, tbjetigb 3Ic» 
lupCljnft our JLtp. amen. 

M£ Comic, oefpife not tbe correction of tlje Iloj&e, 
Rcttbrt faint fcifeen if;ouatt rcbufceo of b.m. JFo? 
tobom tbe JLofB louctl), &im 6e co?rertctfj : pea, ar.O be 
£cout£cHj ewerp fonne tobom be re celttttlj. 

The Gofpel. 

V<£tcig,tocrclp 31 fapbnto voit.^e tbat bearrtb mp 
toojM , ana bclecitetfj cnljim tfeat Cent ture , batb 
euctlaSincc,iife, ann fijall not come unto Damnation, 
but fce paifetb from Bcatlj unto life. 
C At the time of tbe diltribuibn of the boly Sacra- 
ment, the Prieft fliall F.rfl receiue the Communion 
bimftlfe, and after minifler vnto them that bceap- 
poinred to communicate with the ficke. 

John 1 1. 2 J, 

lob 15.1 J, 

I.Tim. 6. 7. 
lob 1, 11. 

lob 14.1,1. 

^ Put !fa mm either by rcafonofextnm'tieofficke- 
ntfle, or for want of warning in due time to the Cu- 
rate, or for lacked company to rtctiue with him, 
or by any other iufl impediment, doe not receiue the 
.Sacr mint of Chiiftcs body end blood : then tbe 
Curate (hall inflruct him , that ilhee doe trucly re- 
pent himol hisfinnes, rndflrdfaftly belceuetliat 
Iefus< hrii! hath (ufhred death vpon the Croffe for 
h ; m, and died his blood or his redtmption,earnefl- 
ly remtm! ring the benefitcshe hiththerebj^, and 
giuinghimheaitie thankes therefore, hedottheatc 
anddrinke the bodj & blood of otirSnuiour Chrift 
profitably to hj5 foulcs health,altbotigh he doe noe 
receiue the Sacrament with his n.outh. 

q W htn the ficke perfon is vifited , and recciucth the 
holy Comrrtsnicn all at one time, then tht Prieft for 
more expedition, fliall cut ofTthe forme of the vifi- 
tation at the Pfalme , ( Jn tbee,0 Lord,haue 1 put 
my truf:) and gi>e lhaiglit to the Communion. 

^ In the titneof Hhguc,S\vcat,orfuch other like con- 
ta°ibus times of ficfcnriTes , ordifeafes, whennone 
or the Parifli or ne'ghbctirs can be gotten r> com- 
rniin'carc with the ficke in their houses, lot feare of 
the infection, vpon fpeciall requtft of the d.fe.ifcd, 
the Minilttr may alonely corrmunicatc with him. 

^jTlie order for the buriall of the dead. 

^Tbe Minifler meeting the corps at the Church ftile, 
(hall faj\&r the Minifler and ( lei kes (hall ling, and 
Jo goe either into the Chinch, or tow..rds the graue. 

f SLmt^c trihrrftttm ano tip lift ( fapctb tlje 
'j!io?D)ljetl)at hclcfufilitnmc, pea, tgoufttj 
a^etoctctirat) , prt fija!! Ijelfue. Unc fejljofc» 
imttlitict}), atiD btleemtlj in m« , fljallnot 
l^efo? citer. 1 ' -- 

I&noto tvjat mp tctse emer Hut tl?,nm> tTjat 31 CtjaH ri r e 
out of tlje fa t\i in tfjc !afi cap, ann fljad 6c couerrD 
agatectottf)mpn:(mir, auDfi)alifet.(SoBin ntpfldb: 
pea , ano 31 mp Gclfc fijall tebcls t)im, nottottlj ott«> 
cut toirli tbfft i'amc rpc^. ,. <\ 

Weft ftjotigfit netting rntot!tstoo?!D, nefifier 
map tec carp anp tl;ing o«t of tins toojlD. ©J;e 
HojD gittr tli , anD tlje 8,ojn taftciS absap cfttcn aa it 
I'lcaCetli tht JLo?r,fo ronmutrj tljtngis to pafle: T5lilTeo 
fcctlje 0amt ofKjc JLo?a. 

^ Whtn they come to the- graue , while the corps is 
made ready to be Javd into iheesrth, the Minifler 
ftia!lfav,or the Minifler and Clerk cs/liall lii'g, • 

M'3n tljat t0 tome of a tooiunn , fjatfi but a (r)o?t 
time to Ittie.aiiD ig full of mifr tv. C;c eotmnr tlj lip 
ani ie cut colane Ida a flotoje : fje thai) as it vcext a 
l|aooh.i, ana ncuer ccntfntKti) m one Rap. 3ln ibe miD« 
Belt of life, toe be in fccntb: of toboin map \xe fcefer fe? 
fttccour,ln:t ofifiecfD l.ojD,tottfl)fo; o:ir finnris itiHlp 
atiutrp'eflfctf 2>ctSD JLojti <3ob mt8 rjoty , fDllr?D 
moff mfgfitp,©.lelp 9; mofl mrrrtftil! <&atiio«r,teliu(r 
bjnori'ito t!;c bitter patneg of ctctrall Bf at!j- tJTfcou 
Imotorfl JLq?T) tlje ftetap of out ijrartcfiitit rot lip rtp 
trctf {full e tii to out piarrtiS: TSnt fpatr lip JLo^D wu.R 
tiol?,€) <5oT3 HTffi mf&litp,® bdp anc merciful <&;?ui. 
our, tlioti mod mo?tfcp3Jnrgc erereaH, fti&'n he rot at 
out \mX \ovxt fo; anj pcim u of ceatb to faUftsm tlcc. 

^ Then while the earth (halbe caR vpon the body,by 
fome Randing by^the Minifler fliall fay. 

FSDiafmurij as3 itljat'j plcafec aimigbtp ^otofrjfjj 
great mrrrp, totskeuito ^tmfdfe tbe (rule' of cue 
Deere ii?ottjctietctf}'nneB , U;rtrjerffo;e conmitt tiiS 
botp to tlje grimnt), eattb to caul), albefi f aftje?. Cuff 
totmfl. in fnrc ant certain? bope of rrfurrcs tiotita 
ften all cut Lt?6 3(eU'e GC'.'jifi, to' flj^l 
rtjangcrtitbtlelocp, tljat it map belike to [us glcji. 
otiebonp, acco?tn'ngtotbrnilgctpteo?k{r.g, totctcbg 
i? is able to fulDtie alltfcmge to tu» : rifc. 

Then fhall be faid or fimg. 

1 I^eatB a Dopcr from beattcn/aping imto me .iB&rfte, PcueL 
J jFrotn tjenri foo;tlj birfiVti arc tbe OfactoijIdjBie in 
flit Horn eEncn Co faitb tl;t fpitit, ifjat tljep tea from 
t|etc labours. 

^Then dial folow thisleflo ta%f n ou? r f the xv cbap- 
rer to the Crrinthians,ihe fiifl Epiflle. 

C^iB.i? ri'cn ftom tlje teas , two I ucmt tUR-& 
fruit ts ef tbcm tljat Reepe. jfoj If a man ccme 
tieatb.ant) bp a man came ilje reStrre tmn oftfic wan. 
Jpo? ag bp flcem aH tie , men fc bp c£r)nQ (bcR el! be 
maur abue.but citrrr mail in feigrtour ojcn.^r 6rR 
ie <£li?iiT, ttentbcptlaf arc Cb^ifijS ct 6i0;. 
CTben ccmmtifj tlje rrpr, Mien bet bntb tcbceicObp 
tlie liingticme teOcBibtjrcHrr, hbrnUcl'atb put 
tttoncalltulp,cnbaHait:I;oj:it(c fntpifotr. jFe;vjee 
mufi tfitme till I;cc^atif put allbiun'rn'irjl hntetl'iiS 
fecte CtflaRrnrmietbittfjamrlKRrrpcK ffteatrj. 
jfo? fcc ba:b put alltbingf UiiBer bi» ftctc. TBu: 
be fape tb, 9U t rj/no s sre jint toiler blm, it ie mranfi ft 
CKtttt aHtbi"gs«refubot!ecbiitobim, ttcrfijaRtbe 
tnne alio iinMa U (MtUtt bKte tyt$ f ^>t cRtbine/ jj 


.1. f 

Attheburiall of the dead. 

anfiet rjfcu,tr)at <S5o3 m appeal in all 00 toljat Bo tfiep 
tooter) atei apt tjeu eitct tbe DeaD,iftbe ueao rift not at 
8fi? tHIbp are tbep tbcnbaptijeB oner tbemr^a^ to )p 
fiano ince altoap t&en in { opa Die i "BP out retorting 
tobicrj 3 baue in <£b?(8 Jitfe out ftojB, 3 Die Daplp. 
€Tbat J bane feugbt toitb be aftd at eEp&cfud after cue 
tnanct of men, teljat a^tianragctb it me.if tlje Dean tife 
not agiine: Let cd eate $ B^ to in^oto toe Kjat 
tie. TSe not pe DeccineB, nil I tot)?ad wjtnpt gooB ma> 
perjt.ataafeeKMcIg outoffieep,anB Gnne not.jfo? fome 
Cane not tl;e hnotoltBge of^cD. 31 tpcakc tljid to pour 
Irjame.TBut fome man toil fa^^aai mk \ acacf C&irb 
toljat bflBiefijall tbe? come: 1 QTljoufooIe jj torjtcjj tborj 
Cbtoe2,id not qtucbtricD i-jrccpttt Die,- fliia toljat fotoeft 
tljonrtljeufotoeiliiotp boop t(»atujal6e,vjt l)£rece;ne, 
80 of tobeat o; fome otber: bur <SoD giuetb it a Oodp at 
fcidpleafvre, toeuerp&eBe bid otorte bosp. aflrWlj id 
not one matier of fUffc: Imt tljc.e is one manct of f&Gj) of 
men, anotber mancr officii) of beafld,nnotber of Eujcd, 
amber of birod. SEbere are alfo cclcftial boDicd,$ tftte 
ajcboBied terreflriall. TSut tfjc g'ojp of tbe celcltial id 
one, $HjegtypoftfjeterreGriaH is another. ©bereid. 
c.ic manct glojp of the Cm, anotber giojp of tbe moonc, 
anu anotber glojppftbcftard. JFojoneftarreDitferrtb 
fro anotber in glr.?p s <§)o id tfje refurrettion oftlje BeaD. 
3It idfotocn in corruption , it rifrtb againe in mrojr;ip» 
tion: it isfotocHinBiujoHsur,irrifctb agamein Ijcnottr: 
itid fptoen in jtocaknetTe ,it nfctO sgaine in potoer; tt id 
feto:n a natural i oop,it rtfctb sgaine n fpf t f tuall borp. " 
S&cre id anafuralbtfW>nBibere id a fpfriniallboop:, 
8d ft id alio tojtjtun , tjbe fitfc man acgin toad ms^e 
alinins&arcgttbelaftacaintoapmaiif B(ia[i-fecim:g 
fpttir. Ooto'jcitjtljat is not firft tobidj is fpirfettaH.liar 
tbat'toWdj tenatr.raJ.anDtbcn rnnttobkfe t^fptritnal.; 
iJLbc fitH man id of i6c cart.O eatt^ie: ^T^cicrona man, 
id tf)t ItojB from rjeanen.Iw antr!?. 3d id tbe ecrtljie,, 
fucfj are tljep tbat be earrbfr. 3nB ad h tlje bcaumlp, 
fucb are tbr? tbat arc beauetu*?. anBadtoebincVire 
tbe image of tbe eartbie, to CjnfJ toetearc tbe image of 
tbe beaurtlp.SPu'd 3! Cap b.i«tijten,ti)at fMj pud bieoo 
?an ;ot inberite t lie IbgBome of ©o3,iui; bv r. tw b i en 
tiiprioira&critc interruption.. "Be^olo > J fbcto pan a 
mpltetie.iGKe iljalnot alfflecpe,lmt toe fbal a!(;i? tban=' 
geb .anB tbat in a moment .in tlje ttoincul/ng of an tpr, 
\>T>t& Iafitrtinipe jFoube trumpet {bnl(b!Qto,a- ; B tbe 
reap fijallrifr inco;rtiptiMc,anB toe flwltc cbangecrfc? 
tbidroirnptible on incsrtKptisn. $ t!>rs mc^ 
tall m ! )ft pnt oil titimajratitic.' K*. cit tbi^ cejrt:pt:fc!c 
liatb pat on incbjri'ptiort,!? tbid mcml batb pi;); en im=. 
rriqtalin'e, tbcnfiulae fc:ongljt ta yaffe ?&« frtrjip 1 1 fjfit; 
id to;(tt:n D*atn is fto^iTctoep tp intsbKf.oip: ~0t?M\ 
to>re is tbpffing^beltotcre is rtji 1 l-ictnjj?: t^fic (iinof 
of Deatb tdfinne^rbe nrengrbsffi'meiistlif [?.to: but 
tbanfed be imto c3o!5, to' i:b barb giucii bs ulcioyt rf;o« 
Wiigfi chi S.o;a jlefitd Cbn'(!fCTbere'i7?i;rp ; Beare ; [7f». 
tb?fn, he pc (ieofifl snt> imnjronFabte.altaapep ricb in- 
tbe tinv.Rt of tbeJL8j3.fojaDni,icb ad pe bnotoljoto tljat" 
gourla'cnr (p not in li .line in tbeJLojp. 

f TiieLtfTon ended, the Minifter (hall fay. 
Horn banc mt rep bpon bd. 
• Chrift haue mercy vpon vs. 
EojafiritemercPtiponfed. • i, .- *• « 

5 CSDiirjF,it!jnv;c. . atraleaoe.fcdjii'WCi r 

*3utBcKu?rbd frsm enil!,gmcii. 

/^ JJfm'igbtic © tf , toitb toTiom cor ii'tte tfie fpfrird of 
/» tbcin t T --srt Beaart brnce in r^r JLoiq, ann uj tobom- 
tcBfcvim tJicbiirttjt.of tb^ {i^ i.ebi/op ansfrlufd'c :-j 
tncf iiii« tbee- ^atUe t?jMK£& !^C*£ ^gkife; 

. Churching of womem 

rtee te teTf net tbtd B. oat 6?otSer, out of tfce mv&rfcj* 
of t&ts Bnfull toe?l3,befeecbtng ctjee tbat it map pleafe 
tfjee of tljp gracf™s gooBn«lTe , frjojrlp to accompIitTj 
tbe number of tbine elc ct, ana to bafien trjp EingBome, 
t&at toe toitb ibid our bzotber, ancalletbet Bcpartea 
in tbe tciiefaitljcftbpbolpj&ame, mapljaueourpet« 
tcct confummatton anB bliflV botb in bocp anB fouU,ttl 
tfjp etetnaU anB eucrlaHing glo?p.amtn. 

TheCollea." .• ., 

O^crciftil ©ob pjFatberof out 3Lo?B MudCbjiff, 
tobo id tie refnnection » tlje life, in tobom tobefo» 
ener betrc netb,uja!I line,tTjottgb Ije Bie,* tobotbencr Ii. 
ttcrb,ube!eeuetb in bitn.ujAiuot Die cternaTb'.tobo alfo 
taugbr bd .bp bid Ijulg ?.pottie p anl) not to be fajie,ad. 
men toitljeutbope.fojtfeemr&arfl.-epiuljim: to'emeefe« 
I? befeccb tbee , © JFatber, to ra'tfe bs f: om tbe ceatlj of 
finnc bnto tbe life of rigbteoufecfle,tljat tobrn toe Iball 
Bepart tljid life- toe ma? reR in bim, ae cur bope id rfeijJ 
our bjotljct Bcetb : » tbat at tfje general rertirrecticn in 
tljelafi Dap toe mapbefeunB acceptable iitbpOgljt, 9. 
tecr iue tljat blrfftrg tobicb tbp tocrbdo;;eB @>erme Sjajf 
tben pjouottnee to afc tbat Icue anB feate tbe* , fapmg, 
€eme ?e blrffrD cbdrjen cf mp jFatbtr,rcceiue § king» 
Bim p?epareB fo? pou before tbe beginning cf tlje too^o.- 
©ranttbid,toebcr£ccrjibce,©met£ifuIfatbfr ) tbiougr)' 
Jefud Cbjtfi cut meBiatoirc ana reBermtt.amen. 

^ The thankefgiuing of women, afrcr childe* 

bircbjCornxoiilvcalleu' the Churching ,. •*' 

ofwpmen. , '/, . 'f 

f The woman fhall come into the Church , and there. 

(hall kneeiedow nc in fom: conuenicne place , nigh 

vnto the place where the Table itandeth , and the 

J'ric.1 Hand ng by her , (hall fay thele tvoides or fath; a' checaieih-ill require. ' . , 1 . ; ; * 

■pOjamiiicb ad it &at& pleafeB atmigbttf ©OB. of «i>. 

r^gcPDnrife to gttte pan fafe Beliutrance , anBbatvjt 

p;e'.'eriieD p»>H in tlje great Danger of cbitoefcittb , pee 


f Then fhail the Prieft fay. 

] ^anc Iiftet bp mine eged btttotfjcbildifromto^etic^ or , 
icommetbmpljclpe. ;,, . ,, .^i* 1 ' 111 ' 

(Sjp.fccfpe commctb cucn frcm'tljc 2,o?D:tofjic5'rjatt}. 
mate f;£.?i'cn rnB cartb. 

i)i iriilnotfmftr tbp footc to be inoneB : anB lie tljat 
becprtb tbee,toi!I not fiprpe. 

Ti5elio[a,brt ttat bcepctb I&ari : DjaHnettbcr Hum* 
L<r no? ilctpe, ^ , (> 

- ^be to-D bimft'fe id' tbp peeper t t&e H9& ip tljri * ' •* -■ •'■"'' d 
tefcncetpontfj?rig!;tfi.:iiB.. ,- - .;'. . , , 

^"o tfc.-t tie 4nnne ^)all not butne trjee bpBap ; no;, 
tbrrgccnt.bpnigbt.- ft 

©be He:B 8) -.If p.?cSntf tbee from a:i cuil'li pcajitid- 
earn be tbatCfnn&cepetbpfotile. - 

©be S,o?3-ujai! pKlctaertp going outymBtog com* *,._,. 
mi'.ic; in ; from tl;is t imr fcjtb fo? euermo/c.'* 

d?lo;p beta tbe jFatberjanB'tctbe'^Mmrjjc. , 

3s it toed mtbr beginnings? iieto,?c 
JloiB bane uiercv upon ta. » ,-• 

Cbjifc Ijaite mrfcp bpat: bd. 
JU;D bane me-fPbyou lid. , 
©tir JFatbcr tebt'tl; art in beaucn,9fr, 

3nD IcaDc id not into ttmputitnijjc. 
m ir, 5j-s Anfvvere- ■ . ; . -i„ -.. , 

'BatBcItuer bd frfl^i e?n'[/, a nen. 


© Ho?D fanetU-5 to -man tfjpferKKX, 

SJfjic?) pu;tetb b*,r trnir in lite. 
Pn'eft." ' 


T3« rTjon to lec a (Ito'.ig tcto:c 3 


A Comrnination. 


£ torn tie f«c ef her eheiric. 


3^ fa enteric come bntothce. \ 

• •■■ •' Prieft. 

- fJLrtbj*p?a?. 

i aimtghtp ©en, tohtch baS ceffamo this teoman 

' thp feruant f torn c^e gtcot pafne * perill of cf)tio* 

fcirth : grattnt toe befeecb thee,mofi metcifu I fatter, 

that fyt tlx?ougO thp fiot^ fahbfuflp linc,anD 

tcalke in ijet (location, acco^bfaa; to thp totil in rijfg life 

pjefent , i alio mag lie part ahet of euerlatling g!o?p in 

tie life to come ,th?ough Wat ^hjiftout JUjo.ameni 

•^ The woman that, commeth to giue fcer rhankes, 

muft offer accuRomcd offerings : and if there bee a 

Communion , itisconuenicnt chat (hcereceiue the 

holy Communion. 

f A Comminatton againft finners, with cer- 
tainc prayers to bee vied diuers omt* 
in the yeerc, 
•^ After Morning prayer, the people being called toge- 
ther by the ringing of a Ecli , and afTembied in the 
Church.the Engltlb Lctanie (balbefaid after the ac- 
cuftomed miner: which ended,thc Minifktthallgo 
'Into the Pulpit,and fiy thus. 

BSlet()?en,fn tfee P?imitiuc <H)mcIj t^f tcioac a goti' 
Ip Dffciplinctbat at tbebegirming of Hem fm b pet» 
Cbnssag tocrerotOi!ieu0frmiefs,tottrput to open \u 
nancc,$puniRjeb (nthtetoojlb,tbat thfirfoulei? might 
it faueD ib the bap of the lLo-?c: arm that other aomoni' 
itjCBbp their crampte,migf)t bt p tnojeafratD to offer D. 
3In the fieao tohetc of , bmili the fatD DiCHpIine map 
tie rciie?eD againe (b3hir h thing 10 much to be toiffjeo) 
ft it thought gootj, tint at tfjts rime(tn pour pjefence) 
f^oufo he reao the gent rail frntmccp of iSoDs ciirfing 
sgainS impenit<nt Grmcrsi , gathcrenoutof the jqrtaii. 
Chapter of Deuterenomt'e, ano ether placeg t-f %crip» 
, t M 1 ■ , - tuw 1 . ano tfcat pe fljoulD anftorre to eiterp fentenre,'a» 
men ,» to the intent that post bring abmom'ftjeo of tlje 
great rnbfgttation of ©on againfi (timers, map the ra» 
tbet be calico to earned ano trite repentance, a*»b map 
fralfce moje toarifp fn tfieft cangerew casta, Seeing 
from fitch bice* , fo? the tchfefi pee affirme lsith jour 
ofone mouthed the curfe of <£oo to bebtie. 
Deut 17 is Cut&Btet&eman that makrth anp cameo ojmol. 
ten (mage, an abomination to the ftozn, the tooifce of 
the rjann0 of the craftefman , ano putt eth it in a fecret 
ptoct to toojfhfp it. 

€/ And the people flial! anfwere and fay. 
Stolen. ^ 

Minifter. Jf* 
Deitt.17. 1 6 CutCeti U fie that etirfeth tfcfathtt ana mother. 

amen, ■" 

Dew. j 7. 1 7 CuTffB(srjetha&emoou£thatoapthemar&eofh($ 
neighbour* lano .,/* 



• Minifter. Curteof^epmaftetfjtheMmotogcieutofhfsitoap., 
Anfwere, ' 

Minifter. CurftB it fee thatletietlimfaogemtfltthe right of 
the Kranget.of them that be fathetleuV,* of toiootoec. 

amm. v 

CurOti it he tljat rmfteth \)ljt neijx^f tit Cfcrctlf. Deut.iy , 4 


Cttrfco is |je that lieth tof th %lt neuj^otM toife, leuit so. i« 



CurCeti it Ije that tafceth cetaats ta Sap t(e tbult of Deut. %j. % j 

amen. • 

- Minifter. 
Cttrfeo k he t^at putted Wttu&to man,an» taleft) Ierem. 17.J 
man fo; #t Defence^ in W heart gaet^ftom t he 1Lq&< 


Cutfen are tie bHmrrciftjn : t^e fontfc«o«t«', mt- Matt if.^t 
aoulteierjj, ano t^e cottctousi per(i9n0, ttje tDo^jtrjpt-t 0- i.Cor.6.^, 
of image^flauoererftOjunfearc^anoerto^ionetg. 1 o. 

Anlwere, • Gal. 5.19, 

amen. 20,21. 


N©to feeing t!:at all thep he accntCrti (ass tit P?o». 
phetDautDbearetfjtef!nelIir)u)hich 'BuerreaRfli Pfal.n^.ji 
go aftrapfrom the comtnenoctnentg of ©00, let bt (!«•' 
memb^fngtht Djcacfull iuogtmiRt Uugmg cwtt out' 
heaug , ano 6emg alirapeiB at hamj) rctttme toito cut 
&o?d ©oB.toith all contrition 9 mcefcneffe of heart, he» 
teat tng $ lamenting out (Mull life; fcr.otiulcegfag ano 
confiding our effenrjji, ? (Ming to ty (Kg fo^tfc toojtlp ! 
fruits of prnance * jFc? note it the ave put buto the - A.'auh. ),t» 
roote of the tret tljat enerp tree tuljtch b^irgcth tot 
fo?th gooo fruit, it hf toen tofa-ne ano cell into trjc fire. 

*3li 1*16 a fearcfttn rfjlng to fall into trjc rjancjs of thr Kcbr.10.jt 
lining «Sob : Ije fhall prbj?c Botonerainebponrhefm* 
nets, * fiiarep, fire ano fyfrnBcne, fto^me ano tempeff, P&1. 1 1 6 
this (halnethrfr potion to D;infee. jFojtoe,*thellojo 1 fa. 2611 
(0 commrn out of h(0 place, to biCte trje totcfeeBRclTe ef 
fttch ae ctoell upon tfce earth. TBuftoho map ahfoc the M.ibc. j. » 
Dap of hijs comming?iCJahf' Qfalbe able to entmre tobrn 
heappearetljr* *^i«ifannef!9(nhi0hano,antihf toi« Matt j.ij 
purge Ij(0 floo?e,ano gatljf t lit toheate into Ijig barne: 
but bet toil! butne tte cfjaffc toith bnqtifnchahfe tire, 
* ®&e Dap of the JLo^B Cimmeth at a tkfefe fci | nfgtt: > .TheCj, 
ano tohenmen Rjal(fap,peace,anD aUtting^arefafe, hi- 
then Rjall fuootn DeBtucrion rome bpon tfjem,ae fe;itd 
cnmmetb bpon a inoman tratmiltHg toith cbifee, 9 thep 
ftjall not ercape.f£hm * fljal appear* the bj?ath sf ©on Rom. 2.4, j 
in p Dap ef bengeanre.toljfch obftinate Bnners(^ft?oiigfi 
the fitthburnnr of their heart haue heapco bnto tfcr m* 
feiite#;to!;ich DefpiGto the gooBnefJe,pattrpee,anb long 
fufferaitce of ©oo , tohrn br ealleo them crntfntiallp to 
repentance. * 3Thcn8)aII thep call bpon me (faith ttt p ro .i.i8 1 
JUiD)btit 3( tuH not bfate,tfcep fhall fcefecme earip,bttt 
thep QiaQ not finbe mee , ano that brcaufe thep fjatro 
hnobalebge, ano rctettiec not thefcare of the ILojd, bttt 
abho2reo mp counfcl.anb Defpt'Cro mp correction, tjhen 
Jhall it be too (ate to " fenr cfce, tohen the cco^c ujall&ce. Matt, 25.10 
rrjut, ano too late to ctp fo? merrp, bhrn it (s the time 11,12. 
of iuRlce. terribk bopce of meR tuB ittogement, 
tohich (hall be p^onormceo bpon them, tehen it Rial! be 
faib bnto them, *©o pe ctrrfeb into the fire enetlaBing, Matt 2 j. 4 1 
iohich it p?epareD tot the btttill ano W angei0. 

♦(Etterefwefyethjen, taktoeehceBe{ietime,toh(le 
the bap of tarnation; the night corner!), toftm 
no man can fuo^e : but'let it brfjtle roc haue the light, lohn «, 4, j. 
befcette fci the light , ano bjaflte at the thifb^n ef the 
i<S^,that tot U not uU into tie Wtct n«lme0/b<bere Matt, a j. j • 


A Comminatiom 

it tuttpfffg aifo graftbis afttctj. Hit is r.ot abufc/be 
go«trtr«itC®62,toI|tc5j raflctb to inmifuHprc anictu« 
mcnt , anb of bjs ctitf^fTc fitie, p:rmifctrj ftp fagiitc 
nefc cfttst tei;ir^spgfi a iftj)jith atoto!? miv.B fitttttc 
beau) toe returne bnto frm. * jfoj i !jt tin;!; ot;r C«? bf as 
reo asrcaria.tfccp fijalltc e6.r^t'-cEslr.cio,ittboi[g& 
tfccp be Ltc yu:i>Iei pet fyaHttep bcas&lute as toeoil. 
j^dmtic'joa cj«ane((;ett& tfe< 3|lu?B)frfraH pout toic. 
fceCBefTeV.arjB pout fi&all trt be pour refitucttW. 
~< daft, ajteap from potiall pcutibngocJivicrTe jftat re 
Dane bone, mabepeu nembearts, bub a ncm fpjrit. 
GToercfoje brill ^ t>ie;,"2> ftltufe of 3iftsd , ficirg 
tbat 31J[jatie no vlcafutc mtljt beatb of bint tbat bietb,- 
fairtj tbe &c?B ©on? tSTurnc pcu tbcr.anfcpe ujall liue . 
i ♦ * aitbougfi toe baittfmneo ^pet bane, toe an Scuo. 
cate tettb c^c f stber, 3Itf«S<£b?tG tbe rigbtecus, ana 
%t ft is tbat obtained grace fo? cut Gnncp. 

* ire? tie bias tootmbeB fo? our oifewcs.frGnittrnfo? 
our bmcfefbncs &et bs tberefb;e returne bnto bim,tob9 
is tbe merciful! reieiucc of all true penitent Gnmr*,a[»' 
fitting out Critics, tbat be is wasp to ret eitte bs, f . moS 
billtng to parccn bs, if bat come to Ijt'rn toitb faittjfnll 
repentance, if toe toill fubmit out febies bnto bun, anb 
frombencefottb toafee in bis toa?es,*JFtoc toil take bis 
ttCit pofee ? Iigbt bttrben bpon bs,to frlloto bim in loto« 
lrneQre s p3tteitcc-af rljatttic,ann lie o?crrcD bptbrgcuer* 
nance of bis irlpfpirit, fcefefng altoapctf bis gloip.anfl 
(etuiag T;im buelp in ourbocation,tottb tbar.beigiuing. 
CCfjtS if tDetioe,cib;ifi toill brlittrr bsfrctn tt)c turfeof 
toe Jtato.acb from tbe trtrcmc malebicttou tsljictj Gjal 
Iigbt bpon tfiem tbat Ibalbe fct en tbelfft bancanb I;e 
lain fet bs on bis * rigbt giue bs toe tleffeb be 
ncbiction of bis Fatbf r , commencing bs to tafce pcG> 
fefflon of bisglojious fefngbeme , bnto tbe tobitfibe 
tonctfefe to bjing bs allfo? bis infinite mercp. amen. •. 
^ Then fral they all kneele vpon their knees.and the 
Minifter and Clerks kneeling (where they wereao 
cuftomed to fay the Letaniejfhall fay thisPfalme. 
% Miferere mei Deus. 

Hflue mercie bpan mee , © (Sen , after tbp great 
geornefle : acco?bing to tbt nr.tltltube of tbp mcr« 
des Doe aloap mine offerers. 
■ G3afij mee tftjoHoj&lp from mp fafefeebntfli : arm 
Clean!* trefrcm rr.p Gnne. 

jFoj 31 fenctu^bgemp faults : awmpGnnefseutt 

againS ttjee cnelpfjaue 31 ITnneb.anb bout tbfs toil 
in tlipfigbt t tbat tboti migbtcn be itifiifieb in tbp fap. 
ing,ant> clearetoVn tbou art iurgtb. ■ 

TSeMb, 31 tuas fijapen in beiefcebneflt : anb fn Qnne 
|atb m^mttberconceiuecme. 

• *Sut Toe, tftottteguittG trti«tb In tbe intoarb parts : 
«ub ftalt make me to bncerBanb tuifcbome frcretlp. 

• tSbou fija(t purge me toitb bpfope,? 31 ibalbe tleant: 
trjou 2)alt tiaG) me,anb'3I ftjalbc boater tbtn fiiohj. ; 

i tEboumaitttiafcemefjeareoffcpanDglatnrs: t(iat 
tbe bones tabid) tbou baQ bzofem map refoprr. 

(Ktttne trjg face ftom m? Bunes t acb pnt out all mp 

• ■ • Spafee mc a tleant rjeart,© ©ebJanb rentto a rigljt 

- t anbtafeetiot 

• ©giuttttetbtromfo;toftbprj('ptagafnes anb0a« 

• 6HB) me tufty tfcp free %pf rft. 

^tjen fliall j tc;tb tfcp mares bnto trj: tBitfitb- anb 
flnners Chalte crnuertr t bnto Hee. 
• 2>cliuer me ftcm bloob gtsiltineffe,© ®oT<,tI;f ti tbat 
*tt tbe ©cb of mp btalt^ t ace mp tongue fijcll Gr.g cf 



■ 4 

'" : XSloa ffjaft egen n?p Hr r(ff> JLojB:-) m moutli jJja* 

jFe? tUuccfiifUtiofBi-riBce, tife fcculb^giueft 
- tbrc : but tbtu beliglittfi not ir. butut efftrfn^. 

■Gbrfarri&recf (E ; obiS'atrciibIibrpirit : ab.'cBcn 
ar.b a" cor win Ijrcrt (S> ©or) built tbounotbefijife. 
'•© beefftioHiablf anpgtactctrs! bnto ^ ton : luttB 
tlonttf hjalsofi&ietttla'im. t 

Mbsn (bait trjou be plcsleb lrttb tTjcQsctirtce ofrigfj* 
tecttfiietTr,tDitb tbe burnt entires ari cblaticn&» tbtu 

<Sli.?ie be to x\x JFatctr, anb to tbe $c. 

fls tr toss in itebtttir,iixg,is notour. 
JLe;b batif mrtcp bpen bs. 

C^iSOattemctcpbi'onbg. . . " * 

JLo?b bane metcp bgon bs. 

©tit jratbet fcobicb art in te8t,tn,?c '. 
Snb Icabe bs not into temptation. 

Anfwere. , • , 

•But Dcb'uerbs from euilfamm. 


©J.o?bfauet|pfetuantS. " \ 

Gabicb put tbeittruQ in tbce. 

feenb bnto tbembdpe from abotw. 

3nb cuermo?emigf)tiIp befena tbem. 

tyctyt bs,© ©ob our &auiour. 

anb fy tbe g!o;p of tbp J&ames fa^e btlittetb^ , irt 
metcifurl bnto bs GnnttS fe? tbp J9amc0 fefcr. 

£e?Bbeatioutpjapers. . * j 

3nb let our trie come bnto tb«. 

a3Lo?b, toe befcecb tbee metcifullp be atr aar p?ap» 
irs,aBB ipate an tbofe tobicb ccnfeGe*d'mGnne0 
bnto tbee, tbat tbtp (tebcfe cenfeienrrp I p Gtrne are ac# 
tuto ) bp tbp mcrcifull patben , map bee abfoIueD 
tb>ugb €b?t2ottt 3Lo?u 3mcn. 

0(55cRmigbtp©ob ?mntif[iG3Fatber,tob{rr)6aul 
baGmaBe, bobicb trotiltrflnottbebcatbofaGnner, 
metrifitilpfcpgittEbSourtrerpaRee , receitteet cemfojt 
bS.toUcb tegricttcb q mtarieb toitb tbebtirbcn of cut 
GnneS : tbp pjepertie is to baue mtrc{e,to tbee orelp it 
appertelnetb tofogitie fiv,rres. ©pare bs tbtrefoje, 
geeb JLo?b,fpate tbp pccplr tobom trjou Ij&Q rrbtrmeb t 
tntct not into ittbgrmrnt mitb t!;p feruents. tebt;b bi 
biletartb,anb mi&raf k finnerc:btit fotmnetbineirc 
repent bS cf cut fatiltes •. fo maSe baGe to belpc ts in 
tbfs trjo?Ic, tbat tore map etttrliuc tomb tbce intba 
feojlB to comCjtbiottgb Jeftis t£b?tG cur !Lp?b, SmeK. 
^ Then (hall the people fay this that foIIcvs i eih,aitcr 
the Minifter. 
©lr.etbcttb?, © goobtrjb, rrb rcGjaHtorebe 
ttirncb: befauctirablr^ILojB, Icfauctsralileto 
tbp people, to(;ffbttirnetotbfn'nlc(tp:rg, failing, 
anc p:aptng :fot tbcu att a mrmfu!! ®oo Full cf emu 
P»fiicn,fotig 'iiBetirg.r nb of greet raiir U it u fp'.-rrfi 
tcbentoe tiefcrtit piirifijirfm . nittiittlplvjatttbir.* 
feefl bfen meteie. ©pare tfr prrpk. cocb ^r?r.fpatc 
tlKm, Ictnottbineberitarrc lel-jotigbt to eo^fiiGcir, 
©eerebs, ©Eo?r, fc? tT.j' nirru'c tp'crrrat, anbf.ftet 
tie mult ttuct of tbp incrcfef locfjc bpoh t£. 

> ; • ' . € . 'Tfie 



^f The Pfalmes of Dauid,of that tranfla- 

txon, which is commonly vfedm the Church. 


Beatus virqui non abi jt. Pftl.i. 

j JLffito i? tbe mait tbat batb not toal» 
feeointljrcounffH oftbebngoBlp, no? 
? llano in t& ? baa; of (inner* : ami barb 
' nor Gt in rftc fra e eftTjc fromrtun. 

a 'But bt? Ddigbt ijt tu tlje Hate 
r of tbe IUjb: ano tit i;i? Hato toil tit e> 
ercife bimfelfe na? ano nigbt. 

j ano b« ttjall belike a net planteB b? tbe toatn 
Qot : tbat tuilC b?mg fojtb %i§ ftatt in Dtie feafon. -' 

4 J?i? leafe alfo ffjall nottoubet : anB loofct tebat* 
foeucc be Sjallpjolptr. 

5 20 fo? tie Migoolp, it 10 not lb tettb tbem t but 
tbef are tiftc tbe cbaffe toljtcO cD* njiBOe fcattetetfc a* 
inwftom tbe face of tbe eanb. 

£ <Pete&?e tbe ftngatilf (ba'l not be tilt to Sans 
in tbe 3S"Bgement : ne.tljer ifce (Timer? in tb< Congre- 
gation of tbe rlgbteottff. 

7 ^tntbe£o?olmoimbtfietoap^ftb€ti$reou?s 
ano tlie foap oftbc imgoBlp fijall pertifi. 

Qaarefreraneiunt? Pfal.i. 

Wl?p Dot tbe far atbtn f« fttrtouKp rage togetfif r,: 
ano tobp Boe the pteple Imagine attaint tbinicV 
* ©)j fcmg0 of tlje eaf t& ft -no bp, aim tbe rulers 
tafee rotmlaile teget&ct: agafaS tbe JtbjB ,aflB againfl 

• j Let to bjcafce tfceir bono? afiatistt : anB caB a» 
i»ap ttjeft coiDs from be. 

4 lt>e tbat BbxJktb tn fatten ftjalf laugb tfiem to 
frojne 1 tbe Lcm £ballbanetbem in ottrSon. 

j €ben Ifeal 0? Jpeafce bnto tbem in bi? tojatb-. ami 
iifjee tbem in Iriefojt BifpleaGice. 

6 £et fcaue j| fetmp kingtbpomp&oIp&iTof %>ion. 

7 3J toUlpjeacb rtje Lato , to'itteoftije JLofa batfc 
ipa tmto met tljon an nip tonne., tbis Dag |aue 3 be* 
gotten tbet. 

- 1 2>t Ste of mt , anB 3! $aH gfat tbee tbe Ijeat&en 
G»i tljine inheritance • ano trje DtttrmoB parte? of rte 

• • 9 fSiM ftjalt b?ui* tfitm toitb a ton of $on : ana 
tyts&t tbem in pieces lifee a porttw Iwffril. 

1 o 1Se toife twin tl)ttefo?e s jt 6tng0 : btltatntD 
P» tOat ate tut)Kt0 of rtt e artb 

■•'lir %nne trje S,o?b in featt: anBtf&fccbnto^'nt 
tottb reuertnee 

' 12 mifTttleejonne.feSIjebtangrj.annfopcpc. 
tifl>ftomtberigbttoat>: ifbi< tatatbbtfcrpnTeB (pea 
but a little) bleffeo are aTlfttf tjatpmtjeic tr»8 iR 

Domincqiud? Pulj. : 

L©jd bote art t^epincreaftBt^attroubltmt: matr; 
are tljfp trjat rife agatnfl me . 

2 ©anponetbe«bet&at&pofmjfoult:t : rjetti0 
W|«Ipe fbj bim in bt'0 <5ob. 

3 lout trjow,® Lo2B,att mpaefemjct} tbou attmp 
"teo?n)ip.anB tbe liftet bpofmpbeaD. 

4 3lBt'ocantpontr)eEo?Dteitbnnjt»jctS8nDrjt 
(ears me out of bis bob bill- 

5 3ilaiBmei5olBneanBfiept,m«tolibp8gstnt{ 
foi tbe fi-o^o fiiRrtnen me. 

<i 31 mill not be afraio fo? ten tbonfanntf ofpwple : 
tbat bane fet tbfmrelnes againn meronno aboat. 

7 (HP Ho?D, ano belpe mee, © mp ®od : fej tbou 
fmiteft all mine enemt'ee bpon the cbtefec bone, t^ou 
fcaff bjioben tbe teetb of tbe bngoBlp. 

S Valuation btlong«t& unto t^«2L«|D : anot^s 

Wrtfing 10 bpon tbe people. 

Cum uwocarem. P/al.4. •• -' • ' [. . 

H<$are htetobtntf call, Q-GatotfiupAtfbti&tfr ■ t , >■ 
ne(Te:fytboubaft(etmc atubertit torjeu 31 toa* 
in trouMt, b«« mete? Upon mte, anobtatfetn untc 
m?pw«. ! ; • j J 

2 SD.ptunnetfofmeii^botBlong ttn'Hfe4!a&bemc 
mine bonout 1 ano biut fttebpteafore in oanitie . ana 
CeeieaftetleaGng? r ••• •- . ■-.. ,. < u , 

j StnobJt tb!0 ai& , tbat tbt Low batb efce&n to 
bimfelfttbtman tljati0g«lgttoben 3 call upon tW 
iU?o,behjiUteareme. •■ 

4 *tanc in atue , «rd Grnit not 1 commune toftb 
gour otone beatt,ann in peat cb»nbtr,anB be Hill. 

j aDSfet tbeiactifice of rigbteoufnefle ? tm 5«J 

6 Cbe«beemwptOatf«?;icboiBiHQ!ftBi30anf 
gooa? ■ . ■ 

7 JLo^i tift tbou up 1 tl'i It'g^t of tbp countsnanci • 

• a <rbou baB put glannefle in mp beart s Cnce ffit 
time tbat tljeitcoj!* ana toiste ann epie mcrfareti. 
- 9 JltoilllapmcboisantmpcacCjanatatemgffGt 
fo? it i§ tbonilo?Bc oneip tbat ntakrS mee BtotU in 

Verba mea nwibus. Pfal. 5 , 
T)©nBet vxt toojB0 ,£> £ojd : coufietc mp meuita* 

1 ttOR 

. 2 ©.rjtarfetn^ 
3S&g * m» <S#b : fo?int« tbeetoil 31 mafee mp p?aper. 

j ©pt»iceujaitthmitesrebetime(3,01L*?oitar» 
Ip in tbe moving lull 3} Bitcct my pjspet. bnto tbr e, 

4 f .0? tbou art tbe ^on tbat baG no pleaGtre in . 
tottfetButOt : neither fljaH anp eut?I ttoell tohb tbte. 

^ <&ucb agbefeolta) fballnot RanB in ib|Qgbt % 

6 : Cbon fijrlt BeQrop tbem tbat fpeafee !r afing 1 tb€ , 
3U?b totll abbo^te botb tbe blooubitfiie ann Bccntfw'S 

7 "But a0fo? me, 31 Hill come into tbp botife, cum 
fcpen tbemultituBc oftbp met tie : arm in tbpfeari jsiH < 
31 teojtujip totoarB tbp belt Ccmplt. 

8 LeaBemt,!l>Loj!B : mtbprigbtfoufne0,6tcattDt' 
of mine auntie? t mate tbp toap plains iefoze mp 

9 jFo? tbtre {0 no faltbCuInrflV in. bt'0 montb ; tbtt j : 
inteata part? arc berp teicfcc Bnefii , 

10 tH:bcittb?oatel0ano8tnlirpuIcb;e)tbcpfiatte: 

11 Dtatoptbeutbtm*, ©©8B,-ltttbonperif& 
tb wtgb tbeitotenc imagination? : caQtbcm out in tlje 
mtdtitttBcoftOettbngoBlittege, foftbcpbautrtttlltB-- 


1 2 ans let an tbem t|at pot tbeit ttuS in t|ec , tc* 
iopce : tfiepfirjallcuerbeegitiingof tbanxe?, bwaui 
tbon wfenBtg tbtm, tbeg tbat lane tbp Same fyaftbst ■ 

1 j JFo? tbwLtijBbitlt gfuetbpbleSrnigltitotSe 
rigbtrett? : anB biitb tbpfaaearabie iUmmttTt taift 
tbou wftnfi bim,B» boitb a CjidB: 

Domine ue in furore. 'Pfal S.- 
TlojB tfbtAtmenotin tbmetRBfgnatiomfttf» -Buaoine, 
:b«r cbaflcn me ttt tbp oilpleafttrc. - prayer. 

2 t^atiemerc!el)ponn»t,©iLo?B,foi3|8tti 
totake ; © JB,o^ ^eaU mt&i mgbjnep ate btreo. 


The Pralines. 

The May? 


:. $ ©f fiwJ< te *TCb fo?e trouble!! t &ut 3Lo?a tJoto 

4 ©Hme trjec,£." to??, ana Be finer mp foule : ©fi 
ft acme fajtbp me«ksi«6e. 

$ JFo? in acatb no man rcmcmbjttr) tbee: ana tobo 
tBitt giue tbectbanfcet: in tbe pit f 

* 31 am toear? ofmp grenmg.euerp nigbtfacBj 3 
mp beB : ano toatct my coucf) tottb mp ttares. 
! j : 7' ® P be autp is gone to? berp trouble : ana toe?ne 
atoap fetraule of all mint enemies, 

5 atoap frem me all pe tbat tooifce banf tie: fo? t tj« 
SU?D barb teats tfje beget efmp bleeping. 

9 ©be JLojfl batb bettB mp petition : tfje £e?B 

io ail mine enemies Bjalk canfeunceB ^fo?ebtt* 
CQ : tbep ftalk turnea bacfeCjfpst D ftame tuanenlp. 
Domine Deux mens Pfal.7. 

OS,o?B mp ©on, in tbee baue 31 put mp ttuB : fane 
me from aU tbem tbat pcrficute m e, a- Deft urt me. 
1 JLeS be Beuettre mp toule Itfie a Ilien, ana teate 
it in pieces : tobile tbere is none to be Ipe . 

j g) io?D mp <25oa,tf 3J bane Bone anp fuel tbing 1 
0? iUtytt bt anp toicfecrtiffle tnmp Ijanoi 

4 3lf 31 baue tttoatBen euili bnto Jim tbat Dealt 
ftfenBlp tottb me : pea, 3! bant BtfiueteB bim t&at 
tutttjout arm caufe tS mint enemie. 

5 ©ben let mine enemie perfeenre mp (bale , ano 
tafce me : pea , let Mm treane mp life cotone bpon tfce 
eartb,ana lap mint bottom: in rbeBtrB. 

6 ©tans bp,© Eo?B,fn tbp to?atb, ana lift ftp tbp 
CHfe 1 becaufe oftlje fnBfgnation of mine cnemfes,artfe 
tp fci me in ibe f ungement tbat tbou bafi commanaea. 

7 ana fo ttjal tbe congregation of tbe people eome 
about tbee: fo?tbert(afeesttjctefc?efttHptbpG:Jfea' 

8 tjbe !U?B I^all lusge tot people, giue ft nr tnce 

5 ©boa maacfl Tjim totort ttjen trje SngeUf : to 
' crotuiie bim toil b g'o?p ana toojBjip- 

6 UTbott mafeeitlj>m to Imt tem.liion of tbe fejo?&0 
of tljp bat;Bs: ana tbou baQ put all tbirg* inlubiectioti 
tmBct Ihc fecte. 

7 aHD)etpc9oren:p«a,anBttet(rt'ni»oftbteeItJ. 

8 t£ Ijt fotole e of ilje ap?e, anB tbe fitceg of tbe fca t 
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euen a refuge in Due time of trouble. 

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tbe people oflji-s Boingg, 

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tns reined of tie Daughter of ©ton : 31 SxitTI reiopce in tbp falttai< 

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JLojB tbe mofl J&igfe. 

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people tbat fo?get©oB. 

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patient nbiritig of rbe meele ftjall not perilb To? euer. 

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mapmioto tbemfeltieS to be but men. . 

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Befttbp faee in tbe neentfull time of trouble i 
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ef tbp Sngets : tlje ©oone ana tbe Barrcs tobieb rbon 

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tbe (brme of man tfiat tbou biQteft bim i 

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be all bis enemies. 

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Cteetes : $ pjtutlp in &ia mtking Demies Botb be mitt* 
tber tfie mnocent.bis eges ate Cct agaiuS tl;e pooje. 

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vCFaUeBjrtje cbilojcn of men are pttr te rebuke. •* 

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tbe congregation of tbepoo^e mag fall into tie bana of befobereain mp ijeaw : botolong^aJhninceiitmteji 
fcis captaines. • ttiumpb ouer mti . •;• 

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gotten ; be biactb atoap bis face,? be \u\l\ tuner fee it. mine epefctfoat Jj fleepe not in Of ac&. • 

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* get not tbe paaie. ,; &im : foj if 3l-b* caftootune , tbep. t{jat trouble mc toill 

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not foj it i , iopfallitt to? falitatioH 

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tbe helper of tljcfctenoleffe. 
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attS: tafee airupjis bngoolincfle,? rbon (bait fina none. 
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Jouinglutoitlj mc ; jea,3l toill pjapli tic Bcme 'of tfce 
JLcjB mo2 tpigl;eft. -j - ■,•„•► 

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tr?etl;tbe cruiD^nofmcn. 
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eart& : ant bpon ftttij as ercfC tribcttne. 

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gteat trouble. 

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neither make mention of tbe tt namr $ toitl; in mp lips. 

6 &;e JLo?D tjimfelfe is tbe pcjtten ot mine* 
titance.ant of mp cup : tbcn fijatt mamtaine mp lot. 

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3I baue a gootlp teritage. 

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top reines alfo elaEen me in tbe ni&Tjt fcafcn. 

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top rigfct banfi,tberefb2e J fljall net fall. 

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cewpcet : mp Sen) alfo (ball tt B in t«pe. 

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tber f&alr tbeu forTer tbtnt ^)e{p otic to fee corruption. 

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ftnee is t6e falncGe of lop : ant at ttp tigljt bant tbcte 

Exaudi Domine iuftitiam. Pfal. i j. 
1 | Care tbe tigljt, 25 JLwt, ccnGtcrmp complaint 

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jjjaitec : fo fljall 31 be faff from mine em mies. 

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Htrflcieinge of bngctHiicCff marj£ me afraio. 

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cf teafboittneokcme. 

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complaint fer.te mp ©ct. 

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pie : one mp complaint fi>n come before bim,tt fljal en* 
ter tutu into bieeatcg. 

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cations alio of tie tiller fijotke tnt tote tcmooueti 
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eame firing bpm toe brings ef tlie tiince. 

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trilion reiibD about Turn, tuitt tarkc toatcr, tni Ujitkt 
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tit bJoibg of mp Upu : 31 baue kept me ficmr tbe bja?t0 
of tie neilroper. 

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leare me : encltne tfjine eare to me, antj tearken bnto 

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ana from cljeroUticIj bate me : fo? tlep ate toe migttf 
fo? me. 

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tut tfce lo?i Juap mp tpljelcer. 

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arttbe % amour of tbem bbkb put tljttr truQ in t'oee : bnte me. 

from Ctttb as refitt tbp rigbt banc, 

8 Etrtpe me as tbe apple tf an ept : fcite mc br.Bet 
tbe fljaboto of tlip imng^. 

9 from tDebngoDiptbat trouble me: mine enemies 
tompaPe me tounc take atnap mp foule. 

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ttioutrj rpeaketb p:ouo tljmgg . 

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Beliuet mp ftnle from t|e fcngotIp,U;bitb if a tbpejb of 

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tnen,J fap,ano from tbe euilltoorlD ; \xi>icl have tbeir 
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eealir.g : acceding ts tbe tlracncffe of mpfcante CjaU 

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anb Ijatie not fejftfcen mp ©ot af tbe bcit bit ct etb; 

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not can out big ton nurtwrrtntE fum me. 

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of mp bants in bis rprfigbt. 

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perfect man.tbtu fi-alf be pt rfrrt. 

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Rtie : $ ffolt bn'ng reb'Rc tfie bigb lotkrg of tbe p.n tit. 

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©ot ujallnake mpt?rfeerfffe to le b'gbt. 

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mj»ffcnferotkei;nDmpteftnte : mp^aiiicur,"trp 
<5oc,ant mp tobom3! b3ilttf;R,mpbncfe 
ler,tbe bojne alfo of mp feIwarion,s*e mp refuge, 

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o c tl elc:: alio ig rrpf? in tbe fire , tt ts tl;etrfn-.ttr 
of al! tbem that pt;t tl;t(: trufi in bim. 

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fircnetb erctpt r ur (Sttt 

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toatre ■ mm maketr) mptoap perfect, 

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me up uit bfgij. 

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fbiU l),ei<w euen a bo jj of fierle. 

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on: tii? rtjjjt Hi id alu Hjill u*lo me Dp.ami tlj? loutng 
jojtectto i ujill msie me gciac. 

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go : tbat ttv; faotSeps irjall not (line. 

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tljemt neither toil i] tucue till 31 oaae DeRwpcq 

j8 3Ib3ttKinttctrje)n, tljat t^eg CbsTtnotbc able to 
fiaiiD : but tall Utiocc mj t'cet. 

j 9 UD)ou ijaS gtcneo me vutctj Sccr.gtlj imto tbe bat* 
tell : tfjon ujalt twoU* Dotone mine enemies vmoec me. 

40 CI)ju b-iftmaoe mine enemies al'o to tarnc 
tbeirluckcs upon me : ana J t irjall Bellrog tbem tljat 

4 1 Cbep fTf-ill ccp , But tljete fijaTI be none to Ijelpe 
tbem : pea, euen unto tbe JLojb (ball tijepcrp, bncije 
ftall not Ijeare tijem. 

42 ^roillbeattliemasfmallastbe Dnftbefojet&e 
toitiDe: 31 toil! cafi tbe.11 out as dag in tbe ftrcctes. 

4j ©jouajaUDeUucrinefromtbelt firings of tbe 
people : 9 tuon K)ait make me tbe beaB oc'tlje Ijeatbm. 

44 a people u)7)o n 3} bane not knotocn : fball feme 

4 j affflotie ajJ tbep Ijeare of me.tbep CfjaTI obep me : 
fcut tbe lirangecbiliucn (liall "dTembk toitb me. 

4$ flrbeltiangecljt'DjenQjallfaile: anDbeafrspB 
•ut.of tbeir ptifons. 

47 €be JUjd liuefi , ano MeffeD berny fitfong bef» 
anDpjaifeobeibe (Sod of rop laluation 


mucb Sne goto s (town atto itjen fjonit, ano e&< Jionfe 

1 1 (©ojeouec, 6? tbem la tip feruant tangrjt t ami 
in keeping ; f tbem t&ete (0 great retoatD. 

12 iKHjo cart teil ham ofc beoSfeitBecb : 2D clcanfc 
tljott me from mp fectet faul ti. 

1 j fitccpe t jp Ceruaatit alio from pjcatmptuontf 
(ttwcs,lefi tijep get tlje Dominion oner me: lo (ball 3J be 
imoeffieB.arw innocent from tbc grtat offence. 

•4 iLct tlje uni^os of mp moaib ana tb: meDttattoa 
of m? beart : be a! map acceptable tn top figbt. 
1 5 © iLoiO : mp fit .ngtlj.ano tup teocenier, 
hxaudutte Domitios, Pfal 20. 

Til^e Hop beare tbee in t&x Dap of trouble : ttje 
Jlilame oabe ©00 of 3Iaiob DefertBtljee. 

2 ^eim tbee bflpe from tlje S-anciurttp. : ana 

j Remember: all tbg offringp:anD accept t&j> burnt 

4 ©raunc t^ee tbp. r)ca«j> DcGre : aim ful&fl all tbg 

5 OUt toif reiopr r m tf>p falcation, anD trimnprj tn 
tbe ja«ue of rljf £o;D oat ®od: tljt JLcjD perfoprx aB 
tbp petitioi 0. 

6 JBaua fenola 3 trjat t&c Ho?c "['-Ipctlj Us anoiru 
to, ano ruillbtarebfm from lji0 blip biaueit : euen 
ijuitb tbe tobok.bnu ftccnfjfrt) ?f tiffrigbt lanB. 

7 ^)omc piittOetr truff irtcljatftu, ariDfome irt 
rjojfefi j but toe luill vemembet tU J3ame of tlje JLop 
our <55aD. 

S tSfbep atr B?ottgbt Dotone anD fallen: but toe an 

9 ?jaae Ho^a, auD beare bj3, HJ Eing of fceanctu 
toben toe call opon tb*e. 

Dominc in viriute. Pfal si. 

48 ojr.ten tbe ©an tbat leetij tbat Jbeaaengco: -l-flpeEingf&alretopce in tljpfireng£b,©fi ( o!D:ejC« 

1 cccDtng&l BujallbebcoftbpCaluattoii. 


anD fs T 3Dnetb tlje people unto me. 
' 4V 3It is Se tbat eeimecwi mee fro n mp (crac II) 
Ciiemtca . aviDlettcttjincelipaboueinineaouetfaue^: 
tbon Abate tiame fcorat'oeroickcD man. 

50 jf 0; t bis caa'i toil 31 giue tbaitks unto tbee (© 
Hop) swag :lje ©enalctf : anD fi.ig pjaileg Ditto tbp 
£J une. 

5 1 ©teat pjo'peritp gtaetb be bnto IjtjllStng;! aim 
E5:i»it!i Ijiiing RaiDiulTc unto DaaiB rjIst-annopnteD, . 
ana bnta (jig 1'eeD fo;eitcrmo?e. 

Cccli enarrant-. Pfal i<>. 
-Jetjcancna DecIatetbegK>?pof©oD : anDtrjc. 
firmament 0)ci»i'tb biB baiDp too^ke. 
: 2D':»: Dap teiletb auotbec t aimonenigbt 
ceruiictb another. 

j SEbcte i^ncitbec it^arb no? language: but tbett 
liopces ace bearD a;nong tbem. 

4 QCljcir foanD i^ gone out into all lanDff: anD tljcir 
toJiDjf fii'o tlje enod of tlje U3.>jla. 

5 31 n tbembatb befct a tabernacle fo? (be funne: 
toblcb commetii fcjtlj asalviDrgromeoiitof bi^cbam» 
fcer,ana reiopcrtb a^ a giant to ran bis cottrfe. 

6 lit goetbfottbfro.n tlje bttecmof! part of tbe bea> 
nen, aio cmnetb alioat Unto trje.emi of it againe : ano 
tljere is nrabfng bio from tlje beate tljcreof. 

7 Ufa La .-a of ibelojD ia aninneBleD Hato,con« 
ttcttinj tljr foule : tlje tellimonie of tbe Item is fute, 
anD giueth ttiifeaomi:unto tbe H-npIt*. 

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tlje beatt : tbe ccoi nauoemetu cftlrc JLojDig pace.anD 
gtuctb^ligbr tmt.i tbe cvos; 

9 Cbtfcarcuf tbrlLwDttfrleartr, ana rtrurcfO 
fo? etrcr : tH 3iir gementjiof tbe JLop aretniei. anD 

a CTljo.i ball giaen bin bift bcartfi ctfice, anD batl 
not Dnn'ec Ijim tbe rrquclt of b:g lipci. 

j jFo? 1 boa Ibalr pzeacnt bim iattb tbe ble^tngfi of 
gooDtscife : ann ujaltiet a crotone of pure gola upon 

4 l£e ofkeD life of tbee,anD tbott gauefi btm a long 
life : enen fo? eiicr anD eucr. 

j I^i-s banonrtsgceatinttpfalnattonjglo^paHO 
great Uioiujip %alt tb^ti lap upon bim. 

6 jFoitbou {fcaltgitiebfmeaerfaRingfeltcitpantj 
make tint glaD inttbtlje iop oftlju countenance. 

7 ana toljpf ftecanfe tbe ffiting pitttetO btetrufi fa 
tbello;uv. ana in tbe mercp of tbe mofi !&igbcfi,Ijc (Ija! 
notmifca f ie. 

8 ail rlu'nc enemies (ball feele tbpbanD : tbp rigbt 
OanD HjaH finDe out tljem tbat bate tbee. 

9 CTbou tljilt mal;e tbem like a fierfeouen in time of 
tbp tojatb 1 tbe E-ojd ftjall oeftrop tbem in Us vifykti* 
ftue,anD tlje fife Sjiill eonfnme tbem. 

I o ^Tljcf t fruit ftjalt tljju tset out of tbeeartb j aim 
tbeirfteD from among tbe cbilojen of men. 

I I JFoj tbep intcitDcD mlfcbiefe againft tbee: 9 ima* 
gineD furb a Dentie as tbep are not able toperfojme. 

1 2 CTbcrrfojc ftjalt tbon pat tbem to fligljt j anD tbe 
firings of tbp botoclbalttboujuafceteaDpagafufi tb«> 
face of tbem. 

i j TBe tbott eraltcb ItojD in tbine otonc fittngttjt 
fo toill loe fing anc p;apfe tt;p potoet. 

DeuSjDeusmeiis, Pfjl.11^. 


?>©BO,mp.(2ion (fooke bponme) tobpbal?' 
r o«fo;fakrn me j anDnrtfofarrefr:ninip Eu«img 
aitb, ana frem the toojr gof mp complaint:? praj;av • 
2D mp ©od 31 crpjtt tlte paprimr, buttbon bea* 
to. i|5oje to be ccut'CB iO£ trjteg tlerr g?IJr»)jw,iTj«n- xtU. mu Alio tit tb.enlal)tfCi^y;airo^.takc no n fi. " 



j ana e^ou ecw(m«2 (dpt © ttim tooiffip of 

4 Cut fatTjrte logea (n tlec : tbe p ituBeo to tber, 
atlD t|l Ofl DiDBCfl Tjclittet tbetn . 

j $&cp calico upon t&ce , ano inctc bolgcn : ttep 
put t&ett truB m tbee,aRC Usete not tonfetmr f o. 

£ TSut ad fo? me,3I am a ioojme ,anc no man :a bi- 
ll? feojne of men,ano tlje OKtcaft of tbe prcple. 

7 ail ttjep tbat fee mre, laug!) me to frome: tDcj 
fljoote oat t&cir lips.anp Bjafee tl;cit brat ?,faping. 

8 Jj?e trufleB in @oo, tbat bee rcoulo Belitirt btm t 
let bint oelttiet llim.if be ted! fcawe (tin. 

9 13ut tOott art bee tbarioofee me out ef mp mo» 
tDers tuombe : tFjeu boaR mp. topttoten 3 baiigcrj pet 
bpon mp motbets bjeaRti. 

io 31 tunc beetle left bnto tbee cnet Grsct 31 foas 
Hoioe: tljou att mp (SoB.eucn fro top motrjcis tot mbe. 

ii ©got net from me.foj trouble is latB at tana: 
©it) tbere is none to fcrtp? me. 

1 1 <3j)anp crtn arc ccme a6out mtc : fat bullets of 
1$afan clofe me in on etterp dec 
'• ij Oepgapebpcnmrerritbtrjeitmotubrsjagit 
facte a ramping nnc roaring Hion. 

1 4 3 am pote^eo out like lrater , ano an mp bene j) 
ate out of fopntt mpbeatt aromtbemicfiofrnptotip 
it cum like melting b='ate. 

15 C@pfirengtbiS02ieB buitfceapetBjcaxo.anomp 
tongue deauetli to nip gummc ; j ano trjcti Bjalt tying 
rue imo tbe BttR of Dratrj. 

16 jFo?(manp) Bogs are ceme about meet ano tfje 
roimfell ot'trje bok&eo lapeo Ecge againfi me. 

1 7 tlbep pearreo mp bancs ano mp frete,3! map tel 
ail mp bones : tr}e p fiatto Gating ano looking upon me. 

> 8 tJTIjcp part mp garment* among tfitm; ano raB 

• 1 <> "But be not tbott farte from me, © JUjO : trjott 

a o 25e!tue r mp feule from tbe Cto^b : mp oeatling 
from tfje poboet of tbe tjop;ge. 

21 S>au? me fro tbe Hions moutb : rtou rjaB beam 
rue alfo ftom among tbe Ijotnes ef tbe (Elnirejrr t. 

i2 3i totll seriate tb? Same bnto mp bjetbien : in 
tbe mirjrefi of tbe Congregation toin 31 pjapfe ttee. 

2 j © psapfe tbe !Lo?D pe tbat feare fjim : magnifie 
Giro aUpeeo:ttje(ecrjeof3Iacob, ano feare rjim all pte 
feeCf of 31ftari. 

24 tfoz bee batb not cefpf&u no» alino?teo t^e lofej 
eff at e of ibe poo:e, rje batb net bic bte face front btm j 
but tsben be called bnte btm,be fjeato ftim. 

25 ©pp?atfti«oftbeein \ great congregation: mp 
totoca tuil 31 pcrftimc in tbe Ggbt of tbem \ feate Ijlm. 

2 6 <P;e pooje ^jalleate ans fere fatiffiee : tbep (bat 
(ert t after tljc Hop Bjalfp^apOe rjim, pout Ijeartffjall 

27 3!1 t^tewr^ of tbe toojto ft) jH remember tbem» 
(t\M9, finrj(ietutnetibiuotbeJLo2t!t anu all tbe hilt* 
teO0 oftftr nat» sv$ Bjali too;B)ip before btm. 

% 8 jFoji tbe fiingeeme if trje fLo$s$ : ano bee {0 tbe 
gouetJJout among tfe people. 

29 aafuebas befatbponeattrjt baue eaten ana 

3 ail tb'P trjat goe totonc into tbe tiiB,BiaI Itteele 
befujcbimutnrj no man batb quirt.tntti btccbjtu foule. 

31 ';33p feece BjaH (crue btm : tbr p Bjall bee counteD 
tmto tbe l.e2i) foz a generation. 

j 2 SftfP BjaH come, ano tbe beaurnsBianrje dare 
fildrtgrjteouaierTe: bnto apetpTetrjatBjaHbtcbojne, 
tobom tte JLojd batb mafie. 

Domimis regit rue. Pfal 2 j. 

T^e !Lo:3 i^ mr Bj«]$wb J tt««f»ic tan 3J teifce 

: % JlpeBjanfecBemefflagTtertfpaSutejaWleaDe 
mc fo^ti) tefioe tbe toatem ot comfit. 

j ^)e Bjall ioni;ert mpffule; ano biingme fo^tb (n 
tbt pati?» ottigtttoufr.mifoibt'p BfiDitgfake. 

4 £«» ttjeiigb31tea!}!ttl2et.gbtb«val!£pcftb« 
Bjacttu of ceatb,3l to'll feett no cutis fo; tbett att terrrj 
mc,tbptot!an u tljpf.a&(t(mfo2tme. 

j Stem Bjalt pit part a tai I« befc;t mr e sgauiB 
tbemtlat troubie nice : tf;ou taB ar.o^nttcmpbcaa 
ttttfj eplf.arirj mp cop fbenie full. 

6 T5iutbplouitgtiintii:epanD mncp fball fol'cta 
me alltbe Depre ct mp life: ano 31 UiUcttcl in trjc beuft 

Domini eft tma. Pfal. 2 4. 

T^e ean^ [9 tte 3Lo?Eje,g all tt)at tbrnt'n it •• tbe 
icmpafle of tbt teoilb.^tbrp ttjat ctori tbttcir. 
2 jFe; be batb it bpon tbe ft a g: ano 
p.iparerj it bpitt tic flooi f . 

j CDboftjall a'crno into ttjr bin of tbtJLc2t: 0? 
JdI;o Bjall tifebp in bisbclp p'ace i 

4 <£uen be tbat batl; chane bance * a purr Jjeart t 
ano tbat batl.) net lift bp bt£ minoe bsto banttie » roj 

5 ^?r Bjall recttue tbe blefficgfrem tbe JLo^B: anrj 
ttgbtceuli efff from tbe ©00 ol ticfalttaticn. 

6 tEtt'0 ii tbe cmetation of tbrm tbat fcttt bim t 
e tiers of tbf m tbat feifee tb? face,© Jacob. 

7 JLiftbp pout beat p,©rer gat tfl, anobeptlift 
bp pee etierlafimg Ctojtst : ano tbf fting of glojp lljaU 
come in. 

t CU60 it tte JSfng cf gIo;p: it (jg ttje JLojofitong 
ano migf)tp,eutn tbe J.020 migbtp in battel!. 

j» JLiftbppontfcfaott, ©pegatte,anobetpe!(ft 
*V pee ctietlafliug Ooo;cjs : ano tie fixing of gloip BjaH 
terne in. 

10 m\)o it $e ftd:g of glojp: etteutttJLotDof 
r)oBp,be it tbe Eirgofglojp. 

AdteDomine. PCjL»5. 

VJHto t tjee, © J.OIO ,totl 31 lift bp mp fr a' ©oa 
3)batteput mp ttnB in tbee: © let me notberon* 
founceB.nntljet let mine enemies trturrpb cue c me. 

a JF02 all tbep tbat brpe in ttee, BjellaotbraBja* 
meo : btttfttrb agttanrgreBeboitbfi!tacau(e,Bjailbt 

j %l;ttometbtiua?e$»,©S.o?D; ano teacb tntc 

4 SrCaoe me fo2tb in tbp trttttb,ano If atne me: foi 
tbcu att tbe ©;bofmpfaiuatton,!n tbee rjatbbtntmg 
bopea'l tbe Dap long. 

5 Call to remembiance,® Eoit>, tbp tercet met* 
cicjf: ano tbp louingliRCenrKtbobtcb b«b bene eutt 

6 ©b remember not tbe Cnnesa«t)offeRtesefmg 
potttb: but acceding to tbp mcrcp tbinte tbcu tpon 
me (© 2,020) fo2 tbp goetnttTe. 

7 ©raricue ano tigfctroue it t5e Htfi : tbetefye 
toil! be tcaeb GnKn s in tbe faap. 

8 STl:em tbat be meckr ffjalbe gttioe m intgtmentt 
ano Curb as be gewle,tl:cm Bjall be If arne \)i^ boap. 

9 ailtbepatljtoftbe JLo2BartmrrtpsnPttmt6j 
bnto fucb asfeefcebisCetierart Me tcBfuicpfec. 

10 foitbpjaamc^faie,© JLo^D: temerciftill btu 
to mp Rnne,fo2 it it great. 

1 1 Klbat man fs bee tbat frerftbtfceiLpjTj: bfm 

12 ^tsfoiile Bjall tiwtn at cafe: arc bis fttts^aU 
ti^je rite tbe Ianr", 

10 flbe fruer rf tf.e l.o;ire it among tbrm ttai 
fcarr bim : ann be toil! fljt to tbf m bis €n:irar.t. 

14 ©ineeres at etuer looting bnto tbe Ho:o: foj 
i« Bj4fi p Itulit nig fcue ct» of tbt net, 

{£, 4 15 Cunt*, 






• i * ^Cttrtte ttiee bnta me, am brie nut^ fcyon me : 
fo v i 3 am aetolate ana in mf fetg. 

i <s Cbe&uotoKi of mp (jjact areinlargeB: © tying 
t& an me out of mp trouble^. 

17 Hookeupon mine aatierGtfe anB mifcn'ct ana 

1 8 ConSto ermine enemies) from mauj t^ep are? ana 
tbepbeare a tpjannottgi bate agaiml me. 

19 3D kcepe m? (banana aeliiKr m? : let me no: be 
sonfom!Dea,t"oj j| Dane put my tcnS intbee. 

10 Iltt pcrfectneife ana tigbteoufi Bcalingtoaite 
frpon me: fo? m? rjopegaiO benefit t&ee. 
si Deltticr 3CracI,!3D ©aototu or'all big troubles*. 
IudicameDomine. Plal \6. 

Bdt t&oit mp itiage, © Hoja , fai j baue toalkea i'h» 
nocentlp:mp truS fjatfj bene alii in tbe JlojtB.t&ere. 
foje (frail H not fall. ■ -X 

1 Ctamine me,® EojB,anB pjoue me: trp out mp 

3 jFa? trjp losing kinanefie ia cuee tefejc mine 
spes: ana 3 toilltoalkeintbptruetb. 

• - 4 31 bane not Biuelt tottO twine pettbns: neitrjet toil 
31 UaHe fellotoCfrip toitfr tfjetecettfuH. 

J 31 rjatte 6^rcDtr)e congregation of tTjc toiritetj : 
ana toill not fit among tbe bngoaip. 

6 atoilltoatympbanajininnoccncie, DJLo;a: 
ana to toill 31 goe to tbine aftar. 

• 7 " tlrjac ji map (Ijetotbe Uopce nftfranSergfuingj 
«na tell of all tbp toom>eroti£! roejfce 0, 

8 3Lo2D,3I batielaueB tlje frabttatfon of tfrpfroufi: 
ana tfrc place toljeret&inefroiiourBteelletfj. 

9 fl> f&«t not tip mp fotile Suttrj tfre (inner 0: no? mp 
life tot'tb tbe blooaibtrltfc. 

.1 o 3|n tofrorebanss is tofc&eBneflet ana tbeir rfg§t 
fcanas are fitfl of gifts. 

'..11 TlStitasifojmijSItofltoar&eiimocentJjJ^JLojD 
tieliiirt me,ana bt merctfiillbitto me. 

1 2 $)p footeSanactb rigbt: 33 teilf p?atfe tfre £o;D 
in tijt congregations. 

Dominus iUuminatio. Pfjl.27. 

T^c ILo'B is mp 't'glit ana mp fafnatiosi, tobem 
tbcnffratflfearettbelUta fs tbe Ore ngtfr of 
mp Iife,of tobem t (jen ffrafl 3j be afraia i ■ 
1 dXftcntfjetotchen (eueit mine enemies! ana mp 
foes) came Upon me to eate Up mp fleffr: tfcep GiimbleB 
ana fell 

I ©&otigTi an fiofte of men toere laic agaiufl me, 
prt fl)3ll not mpbean be afraid : ana tbo;:gb tfrere rcfe 
Up toarre againR me,pet toill 31 pat mp trtift in bim. 

'4 ©ne iljingnatie 31 Befirea of r^e £e,!B, lehfcl) 31 
tail! rctju t e : ettcnt&at 3Imapotorlintl)e6oui'eeftlje 
of tOc Lci;a,ana to titfit ijte temple. 

5 9 n in t&e time of trouble fje GjafJ fciae me in W 
tabernacle : pea ,in tbe fecret place of fjis Btoellitig (fjall 

' fte rjftic !t;e,ana '"et me ftp Upon a rorfce of Gone. 

6 ana note fb all be lift tip mine jjeaa j aboue mine 
enemies rotma about me. 

7 tlTberefoje toil 31 offer in bis! atoelling an oMatf» 
en toitl; treat glaanclTe: 31 toil ffug ana fpcafce p?apfte! 
Unto t'e Jlozn. 

8 X>eavlte n bhto mp taope c ,© JLoj^^en 31 crp im« 
to trjee : banc me^cp iipim me ( anti beare me. 

9 #5" bea'rt batli rafkerj of tl>ce, feefee pe mp face : 
Ibp face HozB bail! 31 feefee. 

10'fDbiaeiiottboit thpface from me: Hejcafttfjp 
fctuant atoap in aifpfrafnre. 

I I tlOou fjaf! bene mp Ettcconr : leaneme not, ncl« 
tberfo!fa^ente,<D (?oa ofmpfaliia.'ion. 

■ i a carjen mp fatb;t ana nip nwibtt fojro^tmc: t^e 
slpj&tafctt{jm«t)j> k ■'•'•• • , .... 

1 j €eaeTj wee trjp taaj, © 3Lo;!i t tm U*oe m« in ' 
trje rigbt o)ip,becairte of mine enemies). 

1 4 Dclittet me not ouet into tijt toil of mine atKtet* 
fartcjst f .1? t^ete are fatfe toitneSes ttfen tp agaittS me t . 
ana <uc^ as fpeake toiong. 

i$ 31 njoul9i}ttcclp!jatiefainteB< but tTjrat 31 £e» 
Ieeue becclp ta (a tbe gooaneiTe of t^c JfLoja in tfje lana 
of tlje ItHfng. 

16 H) tar? t&o:j t r )e JLajasfleaCiire? beHrong. ana 
be (frail comfort t';iitc beart , ana put tboti tOg Jtufl to 

AdteDomine. Pfal.2ff. 

V0:o tfreetoiU31 crp,<3D JLa?a mp Qrengtb: tbin6e 
r.o "come of me , left if tbott make as tljougij tbou. 
beared war, 31 become like tbemtbat goe Dotonelm*. 

1 lt>eare tbe botce of mp bwrnb? e petitions toben 31 
cry bnto tbee t ro'ocH 31 rjolD up mp Ijana? totoata tfit 
i^ecciefeateoftbgljol? temple. 

j ©plucfce mce nbtatoap CiieitberaeSropmee) 
toitb tfee bngoafp ma toicferB fioers : tobicb Iprafir 
frienalp to tijt it n* igbboutjJ, but imagine mtfebiete in. 
tljeit brartei. 

4 13..taarB tbem accojting to tfjeir Dceacsf : at:a ac» 
coding to tbe toicteancffe of tbeir oirnc inncmions. 

5 Rccompenfe ttern after ^tuojfee of tbnr bana? 1 
pap tbem tljat tljep ba'teaerernea. 

6 Jro; ttepregaranot in r^eir mines tbetoo?6g! of 
t\)t Ho?a,Ko; tfje operation of fits fcariBp: tberefoj? ftjal 
Ije bjeabc tbem totone.ana not bulla tbem Up. 

7 13?apfea be tbe JLojD: fo; Ije Oatfr fieatB tbe toic* 

8 t£be Hofl ii m? flrengtb anB mp&jieft),mp beart 
batb tniffea in 61 m.flt 31 am Cerpea : tbcrcfo it mp Ijeart 
aancctb fo? iop.ana in tr.p fang xoill 3f p?apfc bim- y 

9 ^Cbe Lo?a tsc mp Stengtb : anB be i$ tbe tobolo 
fome aefenee of big! anopntefl. 

10 ©rat:ctbppwple,$gfttetbpb!e(ti'ngtmtotbiue 
inheritance j fecae tljem,ana fetfbemup foj euer. 

AiferteDomino. PfaJ,2<). 

B3Ringbntot:;eILo;B (©pcemigbtie) bjingpotig 
rammes bnto tbe SiOjB<alcribe unto tbe JLojfftouje. 
rfrip ana Brengtb. 

i (Siue tbe Ho?a tbe honour Bite Unto &£j3 jQamcr 
tosfftjfp tbe JLo?B toltb bolp tro^ffrip. 

j 31t is tbe Jlo?B tbar commancetb tbe toatcrs : it 
i$ tbe glorious ©oa tfj3r makcrlj tbe tbunBer. 

4 3t t« tbe iLojB tbat ntlf trj tbe fea , tbe Uopee ef 
tbe S-ojb is migbtp in operation; tbe twice of tbe JLoja 

5 ^Tbeboiceoftbe Lozab?eaketbtbe(£tB.irtree£!.:: 
pea,fbe Jtoja b?ea&etb tbe Ceaars of Hibanties. 

<? Sff>c maae tbem alto to Cftip liltc a CalfhEibanHj* 
alfa ana <S>pgion Ii&e a pongdlnicome. 

7 ^Cbetiosice of tbe JLojb Biuiaetb tbe flamed of 
6re,tbebopce oftbe JLo?a ftjaketb tbe totloernclfejpea^ 
tbe JLo^B ftjakctb tbe toilaerneffc of Caacs. 

8 ^Ebe Uopce of tbe JLojB tnakrtb tbe ^faBcs) to- 
bmig fo?tb pong.ana alfcoueretb tbe tbic&e bufbeg! : in 

9 ^IbeJLojBfittetbabotietbetoaterflboB'.anatbe 
JLemremafnetba lSmo;fo!etier. 

10 t5Tbe JLoja f&Afl gittc Srengtb bnto bis) people: 
tbe JlojB (frail cine Oisp? opTf tbe blcffmg of peace. 


IHtllmasiiiSctbec, (!MLo?B,fo?tbo<iTjalircf me Momni& 
Up: ana not maae mp foes to trinmpb oner me. praysr. 
1 © Lop mp ©oa,3 ctpeBbitrfrtbce: ana tbc.n r 

ball bfaicD mr, '- 

j JSTijoii aombaff B:otigbtmpumleotttofbel:tb0«; 
ball kt$t m£ Ufc ftasn tljcwtljat got Dotone w tbe pit 


4 £>tng pjtatfej* into tit KLo^ti (3D ge faint* of Oifl) 
ana giue cbankefl to fjbnfy a remembrance of §10 Ijo» 

5 Jo? bis fojatb enoutetTj but tic tferttrckling of an 
epe, ana in!jisp!eamreislt&: beattineite mag ensure 
foj anigbt,but teg commetb in tbe morning. 

6 ana i;i mp pjofperitie 31 fepo, 31 u)afl ttctiet Be 
Kmotten : tbou JLops of tljg goeDnettc baDftmaDe mr> 
ll.ll te tlrong. 

7 SIbott DtoDeS turns fbg face (from me: ) bud 31 
teas troublcD. 

8 tlbeii crrto 31 Snte ttjec, © 3Lc?o: anu gate me 
bnto mp 2Lo;U rigbt bumblp. 

5 Ctiljar pjo&te f 53 tbtre In mp bfooti : iyfan 31 g«e 
Uoiung to tbe pit f 

I o %ball tbe BoCf giue tfanfcee twto t^ee : o; f^ja'I 
it Declare tbptruetlj? 

I I it)eare,SD JlojB ; anD bauemetcgbponmr.ILojo 

12 t£b"ou Ijafi turnea mg beaHinelTe into tag j tbou 
tiaG put offmg Cackctotlj,? girDeD me toit& glaBnetTe. 

1 j ?Iljerefo?e fijal euetp gooD man Bug ef tbp ptaife 
fa;tl)«ttceaSng: ©^g©o0,31toillgiuetfjanfc0bsto 

In te Domine iperaui. Pfal. 3 1. 

1J3 tfae. 25 1LoiB,l)mt 3[ put mg tcttft, let titer w iter 
be pttt to confcifian : ccliitec me in tljp rfglreoa "netTc. 

2 TSoiu Ootone tbine eare to me r make ijafie to 

j 3no be t^oumg utoks tocke , ana tDefamfc of 
Defence : trjat tbou magefi tcuc me. 

4 jFojtboijattmgffrongrorfce.anD mpcaff'c: be 
tbou alfo mg guicc.anD [caserne fo? tf;g J3ame3f<ifce. 

5 £>?ato mcout of tljcnct tljat ttjjp^aue IatQpjt- 
snip fo? me : fc? tbou art mp firrngtlj. 

6 3i"t<mjg Ijanos 31 eo'mmctiD mgfpi'rit : foj tbou 
fiaft reBeemeD me,® 2lo?s,tbeu ©ob of tructb. 

7 31 bane bat« tbem rijat bold of mpcr8itiouSba> 
nitieg : ano mp truft fart) bene in the ILo:D. 

8 3toilbeg , a3,anDteiopcemtbpmcrcp:fe.;stbott 
Dad conlioeteD mg trouble , alto baft ktioireit mg- Cottle 
in aouerttries. 

9 HLbou baff not Suit mr c bp into tit batro of tbe 
tnemte : but OaStet mp fcete in a large reome . 

31 ©fotepIewifuHtet&ggooBmfle, torjicfj t&on 
^aQ lapse Up to| t&em t&at ft are tbte : ami t&at tbett 
tjafi p?epar«B fo? tijew tbat put tbetrttufl in tb8«,eu«n 
before tlje tonnes of men! 

i2 tlljottftjalt bine tbem ptfuilgbpt&meetoiiepje* 
lencfj firm tbe pjonofeitig of ail men : tijou ftjalt keepe 
tfiem lecrctlp in teg tabernacle fr5 tbe fitife of tonguep. 

2 j f&bmtebctotbtlLofo: foj&crjat&fljetoeDmt 
ma:nei ; oua great kinonciie in a firong cttp. 

24 ane men 31 maoe 6ifle,31 tats : a am cafl out 
dftije figlt cf trjine egeg. 

25. f-UuertrjtWTe tbou ^earDeQ tbe begce of mg 
pjapcr : toljen j ctpcD tnto tbce. 

2 6 2D lone trje £o?D all pee bis ^aintea : fo? tbc 

Ho^pjeieruetbtyemtbatarefaitrjfuHj anu plcme» 
ouSg tetoarfletb tlje p,:oune coet. 

27 TSe Bi-ong,anu be u)al nabltflj gout ficart; ai it 
(but put gcut trufi in tije iLo;D. 

Beati quorum. Pfal.^2. 

BT.eDTeB is be tobc re tintigbtcom'ucffe iff fojgfuen : Eueninj 
na tB. oie finne it ceuereo. prayer. 

2 T3!cflea i<( tbemasbatoiDrjomtbeEo^a 
titijtiutetb no fi«ne : 9 in tobofc fpt'rit tberc iu no guile, 
j jFa? tobile31 bc!D mp tongue : mp boncp confa« 
m:o stsap tlj?oogb mp eaglg tomplapning. 

4 Jroitbpba:!Di0beaup bpon me Dap arm nigfjt : 
ans mp mopHure ts like tbe D;oiigbt in Cummer. 

S- 31 toil! tnoU/lecge mv fume onto tljce: anc mine 
bnrigbtW'itfnerce (ja:;c il not f to. 

6 3! faic,3] toill conieffe mp Cimcs tnto tTjc JLo^D : 
85t3 £b tbou fo?gauelftbetoii6eEnellJeofnipGntie. 

7 $0; tbts fi^all ctierg tne tbat is goelp mafee bt'3 
p?areriwto tbre in a ttinetoben tbeti mapeSbe fflunnt 

but in tbe great boater flooag tbcgiljallnot come nig| 

8 STfiott art a place ta bine me in , tbott ibalt y.ze- 
feme me from trouble : tljou fljalt compafletne about 

9 3! i»il enf ;mte tljee,$ te arrj tbee f c \ toap io'&cre. 
in tljou drjalr goe: aiiB 31 toil guiDe tl;ee toitb mine rge. 

10 TBe ge not like 1 1 &o>[e ann mulr,tufjii1j baue no 
bnarrCaneing: tnrjofc motitbeeimufibeebolDeiiiottr) 
bitte anc b?itile,lcfttbrg fallbpcn tljee. 

®rta;plagurs rcmaine fo? tbe bngoclu t buj 


o i^aue mercg Upon me e, 2D iloja , fo; 3f am in tofjo fo pttttetli bis ttuS in tbe Ho^nitng emb]acct& 
trouble! hud mine tyt is coulumcD foj Uerg Ijcauin^ffc, frtnoti euerp fae. 


1 i jTo? mp life is toaren olce ftttb beauineiTe : ano 
mg peered toitb mourning. 

12 C0v Krengtb fatfetb in?,becaufe of mine t'niq!;i> 
tie: anD mp/bonts are con r um<D. 

1 ? 31 became a repjoofraiioiigalTiniKeenetJiiec:, 
But fpeciallg among mg neighbours: nuDtbtgofmine 
gcqitamtame toere afraiD of me , anD tl«g tbat bid fee 
me toitbaut.comttpfntbemfrfuegfrom me. 

14 31 am fleane fojgotten, as a flcati man out of 
minne : 5 am become Irfce a b?efeen bcffel. 

1 5 5fo?3IbauebearDtbeblal'pbempof|nm'tititt!e: 
8MD ff are i'S on ettee? See, tohHe tf.ep eonfpire togetljer 
ag«i3ltme.(jta6rtli\'ir eoimfcllto take atoapmp life. 

1 6 TSut mp bope bert bene m tlje e , © Ho^D ; 31 
Imz fapTi, ^Tbou art mp ©on. 

17 ©p time is in tbp banu.t eliner me fro tbt bann 
of mine eritmieS: aim from rtem tbatjperfrcntc me. 

1 8 ©tjei» ttjpfrnianr tbe figbtoftijp coiintcnanccr 
anD faue me fo? tf;g menies fake. 

1 9 Let me not be G3nf3imDen,© 31 baiie 
calleb bpon tbee : let tbe ImgaDfg be p«t ta cottfuCon, 
a»D fee put fe fi'en -e in tbe graue. 

TBe glan , Q pee rigbtrous, aac telopce in tb« 
£o^o : ano be iopfitU all pe tbat arc trtie of beart. 

Exukateiufti. pfal j j, 

R CEiopce in tbe JLojd,® ge rigljteoiis:fo^ t'tbr com* 
mesb toeli tbr iitit to be tbankefull. 
2 }923tTe tbe 2,oid toitb (t)arpe: fj-g primes tm» 
to bim toitb tbe Hute ann ic-arttment often firings. 

I ©it-g unto tbe £o?D a neto fong 1 {tng p:agfe& 
lufitlg (01110 bim) iuttb a gnoD courage. 

4 JFo? trie toojne of tbe £,eje is trttc ; anD all rjt> ■•■• 
toojkrs arefaitbfitll. 

5 tpeluetbrfgritfowfacsansutDgementitfaeartlS 
iS full oftfje g09Dntffebftbe 3Lc^i 

6 139 tfatoozD of p !Iojd toere tfje brattens maDe: 

7 i^e gatberctb tbe toaters of tbe fca torcetber. ag 
it toere upon an beape : auD lagetb lip tTjcDcepeacnr 
a treasure ^oitle. 

» let a!I tbe earb featc tbe 3Lo^ie : QanD in ato$- j 
of bim aTTpp tbat Dtrcl in tbe toojfa. 

9 tfoj be fpakc, anD it teas Done : be rommaitrcU,-. 
enn it fiooD faff. 

o Oe fi.o:D tJ^rsgetbtbecounreJeftbebeatbento 

20 JLet f frinoilipsbc put tofifence: tobfeb cnttllp, nougfet : ana maketb tbe aeuircs oftf'.epecpl? to be of 
aifh:.u«fullg^DclijitefM'.lgfscakagjiun|rigbteous <> . ncnecgef^aiibcallctfjouttriecomjfefeor^jiniep. 

11 SS.Hr 

The vi. day. 



1 i STrjt tottntefl of tT:c fcojn f^att entmre foi euet t 
aim t''e tbougbts of fre beatt from girtctdtion to gc* 

. i a 13lfffeo ate tbe pre^fc tu^oCc ®oti is t^« jILojB 
3Ieboua: ann btifiTce aretbefofcetbatbe tjat'jtboUn 
to '.tut to be bis inheritance. 

ij Qi:beIlo2DioclscDDotonefrcmbra*.(«t, anu be* 
ferto all tlje rbilBizn of men : from tbe cavitation f (jis 
tUmlling; be confioctctb al tbem tljat DiutCtn tb« catcb. 

• 4 !$}£ fafljionctlj a:i ibe fcearts of tl;em: a:m baber* 
ftawottb all tbeir to^BC?. 

1 5 tJCbeie isi no king tljat can be Caueb bp t^c mill* 
Cituocof anbo2e: ncitijerlp angmig^tie manceliue> 
ecu bg mticlj Krenstlj. 

i5 £1 IjojGe t3 coisntco but a baitic rbfagra faac a 
man : nettber flEjall bee ccliuer an? man l-g bis great 

1 7 T5ebolD,tTje tpe oftrjr Ho?!) is upon tbem p feare 
|tm : ana bpon tbem tbat t!;eir truff in Us mrrcp. 

eno al tTjr^ t^ctpt:t t^rfr mil! fn lim , CrjttTI not be Be* 


lud'camcDomine. Pfal.jf. 

PTU aue tijou mp eauCe, © ILoib , toitb tbem tf at Morning 
.iciltc toitb me: an3figbttbouaga:tifitl;enitr;at prayer. 
2 ILa? banc bp^n tfce Ibtefo anti bitc^er: atib Gatro 
by to befpe me. 

j ISzmg fo?t| tbe fpearcanb Bop f&etoap againff 
tkmtOatprrlfctitemci fag unto mp ibule, lamttg 

4 Jlet tbem bee eonfountiftj ans put to tbat 
feeke after mp route j let tbem bee tmneD bacfee , ano 
fcjougbt to ronfuGon, tbat imagine mifcbiefefbi me. 

5 iLcttljtm bee as tfcebufi befoje tbetoinoe: ana 
t^e Sngel of tee Iojd feattering tbem. 

6 Let tbeir toap be Daifce anD flifpcrg j atu let t&« 
flngel of tbe Hojc perfccuie tlcm. 

7 JFojtljE? bauep2iitilp lain tfcet'rnet toteStopm* 

1 8 Co Dtliucr cl;eit fouleg from Deatlj: ano to fecoe fcitfiotit a caafe : pea, cucn toitteut a eaufit tja:;e t|e; 

. tbem fntbe time of tfrartb. maue a pitfojmpfoule. 

' 19 ©url'oulebatb patient!? tarieDfe? tbe 3Lo;D:fo: 8 JLet afronen tefintctien come t-panbim bna* 

*■ fcet's our belpe ano our (rjidfl bare ft, ai;D Tjisnet tljat be barb faio pjfutlp catc'g rjiim 

20 Jfojoutbeartujallrciopeeinbim: because toe fclfe: tbat be map faU into btsotonetm.cbiefe. 

taue feorjeo la 6ij3 |p!i) j^ame. 9 anu mp fonle.te t> pfull in t|e Jlo^D : it Cjall te* 

zi LettbpmercifuH&inDnfiTe(©ILojti)bebpon iojte in fcig faluation. 

fe0 : Iffec as» toe Doc put our triiff t» ttec. 10 311 mp bones fljallfap, JLojD.totoijsIificbj'to 

Eenedicam Domino. Pfal J4. tTjee , toljitb Deliuttrit tbc pao?e from fjim tbat is too 

■f Cain a!ujapgitif tOanlics unto toe JLo^u: Otepjaife Crongfo^fciau sfa,tI;epoojeanDttmtba:t9inmift' 

IfijaO eucr be in mv montb. 

2 G@p feule fljall ma6c Oct boatt oftrje JLojd : tDe 
fyimbfe frjall beare iftereof ano be glaf. 

j © ^:aiQ; tbe 3U;o toitb me: ano let 1)3 magniSe 

4 31 iougfjt tr)eILo?B,auD IjcSeatD me; pea,Ije tjelt* 
iiereD me ont of all mp feare 

5 ©jep ban mi epe imto bim, aim toete IigSteneD : 
ann tbeir f.iees mere not a^amen. 

6 5,oe,t-)epoo?efrietb,anTitbcILojtjbeatetbbtmj 
jta,arwfauetfj bimo:it of all W troubles. 

7 tide angel oftfjc 2.02a tarietljtounD about tbcm 
tfjatftatebim : anu ncfiuerctrj tbem. 

8 © taflc anb fee b°m gracious tbe JLojd is: bltt> 
fetj te t!;e man tljat tniftetb in biro 

5> ©feare tlje £o;tjpetrjat be bi^faint^: foitbtH 
t^ac feare Dim Iacfce notbing. 
10 die Hfens nee facUe, anufurTftbimget! but 

rte,from bim tLat fpoplctb bim. 

1 1 jfalGe toitnefle Bid tiJie bp; tljep lapte to mp 
crjarge tbingstbat31tneb)Hot. 

1 2 tEbep wwattieD me cuifl fo? goon : to tfje great 

1? jaeiwttbt UlTe , toben tbep lucre Gcfee 31 put on 
fsrkelotb, axri IjumbleD mp frnle toitb faffing : ann m j 
piaptt QjaTI tume into mine otoue bofome. 

14 31 bebauet mpftlfe astbotigbit baobtnemp 
frffRD, oimpfejotlier 1 3 toeut ijeauilp,, wonetbat 
rMiimttb fo: We motljer. 

15 TButinmincotucrCtietrjeprciopceD, anoga» 
tbereutbemtogedjert pea, tbebtrpabfettsrameto* 
getberagairitme^natoares , nialtnfitrwtuesatmee, 
ano ceafco not. 

1 6 caitb tfje flatterers lucre bufie mocfeet?: tobictj 
gnaujeb bpoti me toitb tbclr tectb 

17 3Lor, botolongitoilttboufoofeebpontbtSJ© 

tbe? tobicb ft efee tl;e 2,02D,njaI toaut no maner of ttjinoj DtUuer trm foule from tbe calamities tobicb tbep b2ing 


1 1 Come pe cbi!D2en,anti bearfcen bnto me 5 31 toill 
teaeb poii tbe feare of tbe !Lo2D. . 

1 1 ~G35at man is be tbat faiietb. to Iiiie,antt tooutD 
faineCce troob napes: becpetbv tongue from em'H.ana 
tj)P Hps tliat tbep fpea&e no guile. 

1 i (fifebeto euil.t Doe cfuint feelie peace,? enfue it. 

14 tlbeepes of tbe lots are oner ttjerigbttoiiiSt 
arm bts eaits art open bate tbc:rp,?apcte. 

1 5 C§e countenance of tbe IL02D is againff tbem 
tbat u«e tiKH: towoteoiittbcreinembjancc of t(jem 

16 tIbertgbteotiserp,aBBtbe £023 bearttb tbem 1 
SRD Ddiucreib tbem ont of all tfjeir troubles. 

17 ^be JLe;a is nigbbntotbemtbatatecfacon. 
trite besrt: aitD toil faue liub as be of an bumble fpirit. 

1 8 (Swat are tbe troubles of t(je rtgbteotifl: but tbe 
3lo;3 bcliucretb btm ohi of ell 

on me.anb mp bearlirg from ibe ILions. 

1 8 Sio toil 31 Kiut tbeetbanfes in tbe great eongrt* 
gation: 31 toillyjapCetbee among mucb people. 

1 9 © let not tbem tbat are mine enemies triumprj 
mter mebngoBlp : neither let tbem toin&e toitb tbcic 
tpes tbat b^te me toitbout a caufe. 

20 anotobp. i tbeir rommunirgfs not fo? peace « 
but tbep imagine CfeetifuH toojDrg agoir.ll tbem tbat 
ate a/lie t in tfje lano. 

j ' djcpgiipcDonmcfoftbtbeitmoutbcSjanufaitii 
JFie on tbee,fie 011 tbee,toe fnto It toitb our tpes- 

2i SliiiStboitbaltfctne, ©JL«Pes bofEenottbf 
tongue tben.goe not farrefrom me,© &02D. 

3 j atoafte ant) Bano bp to t'utge mp quarel: auengt 
tbou mp caHfe,mp ©^D ans mp !Lo?n. 

2 4 3Iutige mee, © Lr :D mp ©02, acc^Dfrg to tfc f 
tigbteoume fre : anc let tbem not trfumpb oner me. 

2 5 let tbem not fap m tbeir f. earts, CTbere , tbetf» 

1 9 ^e keener!) all bigr&oncc;: fe tbat not one of tbem To tooulc toe batie it: neitbet let tbem rap,cae baue Bt» 
fpt'joftei. u;iniDfifm. 

20 ^SutmiftbitimemaTtnaptbebngoDlpianrjtbe? 2<f tT;rmbeputtoconfuQcn$ ujarrefpttbet 
cbat bate tlje risbteo-iS,Crj \\'ot Defolate. tbat rclopce at mp trouble: let tbem I e eletbcb ton 6 rt« 

3 1 $Tbe £029 leliiKretfi trjt foiUe^ of W feruaaijt 1 luU mi Dtft>r.out ftat lioaU tbemfdu^ againS me, 





17 JLct iitm be gfarj mrti ref«?« trjatfattour mp 
tigtteotiji Dealing : gia.Ut fljem Cap altoapj'BlefteB be 
tfce JI02B, tobicb ba:b plcafute en tbe piofperiiie ef bus 

1 8 ana asi foj mp tongue, it njalt be faTftitig ef tlj j 
ligbteoufacGTe s aimoftljp p.apfe all tlje nag toig. 

Dixit ink.ftus. Pfai.j6. 

M£ rjeatt tVtaet!j me tbe ruicfccEncvTe eftftc bngoB* 
ip : tbat tbetc 10 no feare of (Sou before \)is cpsst. 
. 2 jFej feeflattetetbbmii'clfefobiiJoU>neGgbubn' 
till bteabomi able fittnebifounBOKt. 

1 ?>IbetajaiB0ofbi3me«tbmimrigt)teott0, ami 
full of Deceit : *ie batij left effto teljauc bimlelce total?, 
4 i^f i riaginctrj mifcWcfeupMirjtebeB, ana bato 

tfjen great rfctiejt ef tjje ingot!?. 

1 7 JFoj tbe armep of tbe bngorjlp ujal&ebicfcem ana 
tf>e 8.020 tybolBetb tbe rigbteouff. 

1 # &bc JIojd faiotoettj tbt cape* of tbe fcngo&Ipt 
atiu tbeir tubiritanee (ban enfiutefo? eucr. 

1 9 ^Sbep {ball not bee ecnfotinoeb in tbe pertToutf 
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Noliaemulari, pfal 57. 

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pio per, ajainH ji man tbat Coetf] afrit f nil rotwfatko. tber : anB tbe enn of tbe UngoBlp ig.tbcp fijal! bt vooten 

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jutt'Ktlp atice t!:c S.ow.tbo'c ilpn inbtrit tbe lana. trouble 

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*lt!ap. tljcm.litt a!i!e tbep put tbeir trnfi'm. 

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The viii.cfay. 

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fiungtb:befo;e31 ga l;erice,auBbciiuroo;efccne. 

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1 CITaitcD patictitip fo? tbe Lczd : anD be er.tlineD tot* 

: - <r 3! am fcjougbt into fo great ttoulle 8HD mtferic: 

tbat J go mourning all tbe nap long. 

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tljtre is no tololepart in mp feocp. 

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tl)c b£t^ DtlqutctnclTf of mpbcait. ito mc,am;b*arD mp callmg, 

9 &o:d, tbou knotocft all mp Deftte : auBmjgW' » *£eb?ougbt me alfo out of tbe Otitic pu\ottt of 
tting is "ft bin frcm tljce. tbe mite ano dap : anB let mp feetc upon tbe raifce, ana 

' 10 CQpbeartpantctb, mp fircngtb batb faileD me: c;Dcret>mpgcingS. 

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a t§aRk(gini!!gVmtoeur©oD. 
4 ©anp fijafl lee it, anD feare : ano $all put tljeit 

anD tbe lligljt of mine epes is gene from me. 

ii Q3pIcHetg bub mpneigbboutsDiBfiam) leaking 
fejwi mp trouble : ana nip fcinfemen ilcao afatre off. 

1 2 3TI)ep alfo tbat tbugbt after mp life, lapn InareS 
fo; me: ano tlscp tbat toe nt about te so me euif,talfccD 
of toiikcDnilfcanD imagined ceteit all tbe Dap long. 
. 1 j Sj3 fo; me, 3 toas Iifec a Deofe man, anD bcarD 
not : ens m one tbat ig Btimbe , toi'icft Eoetb not open 

trnfiintlje JLs^D. 

S TBUffen is tbe man tbat ^acft frt big lope in tfje 
3Lo|D : ar.D ttirneD not iwto ibc pjctto,&ti& to futb ag go 
about toitb lies. 

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tobicbtbou ball Dene : I ke as bee alto tbp tljcugbtg 

14 31 became cuenagamantbatbearctb not: anB lwfti Jj are to b$s-t»ara, anu get t&cre :? no man tfiat oj. 

in toljofe meistb arc no tepjoaftg. 

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1 6 31 bane requires tbat tbcp (etten mine 1 nemies) 
fijoulo not tritimpb oner mee : fa: to'^e a mp coo; t iiipt, 
t(jep retopiCD greatlp againilme. 

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Uineffe is etter in mp fig!;t. JM 

18 JFu? 3 iaiUconfciXc mg to(cii£Chc3|Taf?.Dlic Co;g 
fo; mp Gnne. 

• 1 9 TSiit mine cnemress line, $ a.« trugbtjp>anB tbe? 
,. 20 f£bep alii tbat reusaroruill ft: gooD,areagainfi 
we : beran'e J, felloto tbe tiling tljat g»oo is 


7 31 f 31 toonlo Declare tbcm anD fpeake of tbrm : 
tljep IboulD be mo tfjen 31 am able to erp;eue. 

8 Sacrifice anc meate dieting tbou toonlCi8 not 
lane : but mine ^aret> tl;eu c peneo. 

<j TSiirnt offerings ano facrifice fo; Gnne baU tboil 
notreq!iiteD:tbfnfaiD3IXoe.31 ccmc. 

I o 3to tlje tielime of tbe boafcc it ifi tejitten of me, 
tbat 31 ftjoulo fnlfi! clip toil © mp (Sod : 3(-am content 

I I 31 baue Declareo tljp tigbteoufne ffc in tbe great 
congregation: loe 31 toil not reftaine mp Iipjs,© jCo;B, 

z 31 ba;ie not biDDc ibpriglteettTnefTf toitbin nip 

jFoifafee me nor, © JLo;o mp @cd i be not t^ott Ijeart : mp talking &atlj bene of tljp tmetb, anB oft^g 

farre from me. Caluation. 

x i ??a2t t&ee to Wyi me : © JLc;tt ©oD mp fal» 1 j 3! Tjauc net lent bacfee tbp lotting metcfe ana 

uation. ttwtfy : from tbe gtf at congregation. 

Dixi,Cuftodiam. PDI 35. 14 JDHliibDzato not tboatbp merciefrom mee, © 

I^aia, 3 1 toil! take fjeeD to mp toapes : t^at 31 3G,o;d : trt t^p louing kincneffe ann tbp ttuetb altoa? 

not Ut mp tongtte. pzefetue me. 

^toilfeetpempmoutbCastttoetetoitlja^iDfeO is jFo; immmerable trouble* are come about n\e t 

foljilc tbe bngoDlp ii in mp Qgbt 

j 31 belB mp tong»p,ana fpafee notbmg: 31 fcept Cu 
Tetice,pea euen from gooD too;DS, but it tor.p pame ano 

4 @Pbearttoaebottottljinme,anDtobiIe3!toa«t 
*btts mt'turig, t&e fire MncleD : anD at tbe laii 31 tyafee 
toitb mp tongue, 

5 JLozti let me Sneto mine md,£ tbe nttm' er of mp 
Dates:tbat 31 map be cettifiea boto Ieug 31 baue ro line. 

6 "BebolD, tbottbaSinaDempDapesacitteetea 
(pan long : anB mine age is euen as rorbing in tf fcect 
eft&ce.sbcrelp eirttpmanliuinfis alfcgrtl:ei bani.-ie. 

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tett) bimfeffe in feaine : be fteapetrj tip ticbejs, anc ean« 

8 anano'tB JLo^jtob-at ijmp bope:tnte!p mp b' pe 

9 me f -osn all mine off;neejf anc make me 
f.ot ate' ula trntotlKfuoufh. 

I o 31 became Dumbe,anD fpenconot mpmotitfe: fo; 
it toasf tbr> Doing. 

i c STake tbp plague atoap from me : 31 am etien 

I I Kt f, rn tbou toitb rebnfecd Doefi cbaden man fa; 
Fmnc,tbott mr.kcfi bis bcautfe to ronfttme atoap like ae 
ittecre a ntotlj fretting a garment « eucrpmaut|)er8« 
fo; p. 

1 i l}»ixc irp |i;aret.© JLoiD.anD toitb tbine earrtf 
ccnfi?cr mp calling 1 bole net tbp peace at mp tcarea. 
M JFo:3ia!naftfang«i;te{ti;t»cf,aMDa)iOWKtnttt 

mp finnes baue taken fuel) bolDe bpon me . 3} am 
not able to loafee bp : pea, tbep are moe in number tbeu 
tfje baited of mine lit D.atiB mp beart batb failel me. 

1 6 © Lo;d Jet it bf tljp pleafute te Debtter me: make 
balte(© JLo!D)tobelpeme. 

1 7 ILet tljem bee adjainco ane coufoimDeu tcgetbet 
pf.rfeekeiiffermpfouleto cefiroplr : Irttbembe6;t= 
W backtuarD anB put to re!- ufce tbat bjift; me eufll. 

1 8 JLet tbembe te.'olate ana rptoarDfD toitb fi&amc, 
tbatfapbntome : .IFtebpontbec.Seripon tbec. 

1 9 Het all tbofe tfcat Ccr be tbff ,bc iopfiill anD gfafl 
in tbee : ana let fut b ag loue tbf faluation, fap alteap, 
She IL01D be pjapCeD. 

10 fl c fo: me,31 am pooje an« neeep: bat tlje S. o;b 
caretb foi me. 

11 QTbou txt mpbeiper anoreDeemtt : make no 
long tarpitur,© mp >SeD. 

Reatusqiiiiiuelligit. Pial.4i. 

BXefftB IsbfetbateonfiDtrrtbtbepcozeCanDflffs Euenin« 
Me : ) tbe La;D ftj.vtt tebner Ijim in tbe time of prayer."* 
1 Wat H02D p»e r mte bim ano keepe bim alrur, 
tbat be map be bleffr d upon eartl:: anD Deliner net tboa 
b«n into rbc toil! afbidnirmird. 

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bis ben : make tbou nil bis be D tn bis Qcfeiiefle. 

4 3IfaiD.2.o;D,bcmftrifuH)ntemt:6cakmfCjufr» 
to; 31 batte fmneo npinfitbee. 

9 flfiine enemies fpcafce euiPl of me : toben SI;f,nE« 
otejatui ftp name pctiuy 

6 sum 

Thc.Tiii. day. 


The iXiday. 


6 anuIffiettmeto&tme.jjefptt&ttljlMmitprajra <s ©pHtt^tm(!fn(Z7oti;r«)?3Itj)tn^tgfi«5int 
<&{g Ijratt coceitictb falfljoeB toitbut jimtelTe, asD tobtn tf?a:ific£» , teP)ic j is tfje btlpe of nig countenance, ana 
$e commetlj ftjt(j>be telleti) ft. mp ©ob. 

7 ail mine enemies! toljifper together agaftttl me : 

*:ien agair.ft me Doe tfcep imagine tirig etull. 

8 ' JLert&efentenceof gmltfnefo p;oceene againil 
(jim : ana nato tbat be lietb,let blm tife tip no mo;e. 

i> £ea , cuenmmeotone familiar ftteno tobom 3 

Deusauribtis. Pfal.44. 
£t &aue ^earD tottb out c are*, © ©ob, 
oittfattetfJtjaitc totae&s: tobatttjou foaB 
ipoia tljou baff punter: out rlje feeartjen trntg tbg 



tiuGcB: tobt'efc BiBalvbeateofmpbjeaB, fcatjjlapDt fianB.aBBplantrttbemini&ototbottljafieefftcpeBiljc 

great \r»attcfo»hie.-' - - ' ltationjj,anB caH tljem out. - - 

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tIjeu™ett'pag^ine,anB3u>Iltttoar&t&em. tbnrotoncftoo f B:tKitbertoai3ittbciiotoiiearraetbat 

1 1 , TB^tbiS 3! fcnoto cijou fauoitrcB me : tbat mine b« 'P-'B tl,em. 

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atuj tobtn 3 am irfm? bealtb , tbou bpboloefl of tbpcomucnancc : became tboubaBBtfi afaitottr tin* 

me : a?» f^aTt-fct'tne'bc fiwtbj face fo? cttct." 

1 j "BleffcB be tbc ilo?B ©oB of 3ftael:too:to tottl> 
•fit citd; amen. . ■" i ' ■ 

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getbmpfot-ife after tbee,Q ©ob. 
,1, ©p Cottle 13 atfiirB fos ©ob, pea, cu'en foj tbe fi« 
ttmg'©eB?- toben Ctjkll 3«nu toapgeatcbefoje'tbe 
j);eicnce ofXSoB f -. -<■' •- - 

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tobtle tbep Bap(p/ faj bnro me, LQyerc is nolo top ©od :' 

-4 £bto toben il t^tnke tl;ereupen,31 petoic out mp piapfetbp J3amirfo;citct 


' 5 £0ou art mp Eing (S) ©oB:) GcnB TjtTue bnc«i 

6 Eb^itgb ttjee tot'Il toe anmfijoto our enemt'f $« 
ana fa trjp fjame toil toe treaa 1 &cm imoer t&at nfe by 

7 ff? 31 toill not ttm1 in mp fcotoc 1 it \4 not mg 
ftoo^atijatftjaK&cfpeme. - . 

8 "Bmitist boa tfjat faitcQ fe'g from otHT cHcmieg: 
antr puttcfl them to conftifien tfcar fjate 5j^. . - 

$ CCe mafceour boaS of ©ob all Bap long: aitB toil 

&eattbp.tnp fclfc s fo? 31 to^nr tatttj tJjemultituBej ana 
fc?«tigrt)t tOem fo?tfj into tljc Ijoui i'f ©oB. 
'• 5 ij.i tije Do^ce of pjaife anB tyanfclgiiiing- : among 
fitctjasfeccpcfiol? Bap. ! - 

a call? art tfiou full of 6f atu"netfe,-(© mp foule:) 
ana to&p art tfeoufo Bi'qaieten toit'otn me t 

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ftanfeco fo? tfie Ijelpc of big ceumenance. 

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conftifi ; n i-aoB goffl not fu?if) toiti) cur armiei?. ■ 

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enemiestt-io t() toljicf) bate Wjfpople «itr gooU0. 

« i Cljon Icttcfi bs to be eaten sp Ukt %tt pe : ana 
liaS ftattercBDs among tljc i^eatljen. 

« j 3CfcflA (ellcR t&p people fo^ nought : anB ta6c8 

14 SboumaMt &s to beerebuSea or our nefgO* 

totltjjremembertbce, concerning tljelanB of Jle^Baii, better; tabcelaugbcDtafrojnej anBDaBtnBerifionof 

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aftfjc tBsterpipe^: all tljp toaues ana.Sojme ate gene tben '• anB tl;at i&e people Hjafee tiirir bcaBg at \>#. 

oiier me. < ^ 03? cemfiilion is caplp before me; anB t&e ftjamt 

1 o' SOe 2,o?Be bat&'gcatmteB- l)f^ lading SfnBitefie of mp face l;atb ceiif rcn me. 

on tljc nap time: ana in the RigtK fealon Din 3 iing of 1 7 JFoj tfce bapec of tbc flanaetcr anB blafpBcmert 

lliin.ana m.^Dempp;at'crbnto tbe tSoBofmplife. fo? tBe cncmieatiB anmgrt. 

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labile mice cnemie? (tljattrrabieme) caSnieimbc 


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tbo:i fo Bifqiiietco toirbm me i 

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tobjefc ijitTjsielpsof m? coimfeiMncc.anD mp ©ob. 
Iu^icameDeus Pia!.4] : 

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ra:i r e againR tI):wi30Dlppcap:e: ©Beiiiterme'e 
from t& SrceitfuIlaiKtotcbe?. man. 

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fjou p;itmcfto;n tbee: annAjjljpgte ]i (b beaitilp 3 to^i1e 
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tijp Stoclu'nr;. 

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bntn tbe ©on ofmp iop 3 glannzsc. ana Upon tij: $parpe 
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so j3o not toben ibm l>aff fmittentig into tTjr place 
of DjagoHtf: ana co.icreB b^toitlj tbe ftjaBstoc of 
Beat I). 

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aHB bo&en i>p ocr ganas to an? itranae goe t fijiif not 
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ana arc eountca as H)ef 1 e appoint* B to be lT<iin"?. 

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abfent fiom bs fo? rue r. 

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our miretp ar.n trouble rf 

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IV t tlje t?;ing:st tobfc'i Jl ijaue unto tfce limg. . 

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The !x. day. 

grace ett tbpbpd , becauft ©oB bat'j 6icflTcB tfcee fo| 
euet. . . - 

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mod mfgbtp i acceding to tfcp to^Rjijj ano tenotome. 

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cu.&ecaufeof tbe tso^Dc of ttuctb , ofmceheiitO&.atiB 
ttgfjttanihtfk , ano tfjj tigbt Sana &j»U teacb tbee tet* 
sibte riling*. 

6 <£bp arrowed art berp fljarpe , ana tbe people 
fcal&e fubbuen Unto t&« : cucn in t&e sntUBcfi amoNg 

7 C£bg fate ( © ©on) cnoutct^ fo; ettrttt^e fcrp. 
terof tbpklugbome id a ngbt lecpter. 

S tEbea bad loueB tigoteoufne d.ano fmteo tnfquU 
tie : toSerefoie ©eB(euen tbp ©ob) fiatb anoitittB tbee 
IstiO tbe ople of glasncde abotie tbpfellotoed. 

s ail tbp garment* fmel! of ggipjrfje, aioed.ana 
CalTta : out of tbe 2«o|ie palaecd, to&crebp t&ep foauc 
ttaae thee glaa. 

to JStiugd baugbterd teerc among tbp ionouraMe 
feomen : bpan tbt> rigbt IsanB otB ftanb tbe *}Kce«e in 
« uclliiK of goiot (in|ong!;t about t»itb Btaet.e to- 

1 1 J^ar&en (© Baug&ter) $ canGBtc^cncIme tljfne 
eare. fojget aUTetbineotons: people, aw top fatbetd 

i2 %oC&an tfie feing^aufi pfcafure in t^pfecauttef 
Co; lie id tbp IlojtB (©cBj ana teojfijijj tbon 6tm. 

i j 3ttB tlje Baugbter of STpje ftasi be tbcte tottl) a 
gift: like a? tberieb alio among tbe pet plclbafl make 
t&rir fiippltcation befpje tbee. 

1 4 Sbe ktugdBattg&ter id att glojiuttd totttfnt bet 
doting id of to?ougbt golbe 

15 <&l)e fljall be bjcugbt bnto tbe king in raiment 
efneeBlttoojkej tbe Uirgtng tljac be ^er fdiotneis C&ali 
fcearc ber eompanp,anb fljalbe tyougU bnto tbee, 

1 6 GEIitb top anB gUonelteiljail tbep bebjotigljt; 
ittBujallenter into tlje kings paface. 

1 7 3i" fieaa of tbpfat&etd trjou C&alt Tiaitt c^ilojcn: 
febom tljOHtnapefi make prince? in aiilantjs. 

18 J toil remember t&p Jiiamt from one generattott 
lints another : tbeeefoit ftjall t&e people giue tbanked 
tm;» fbec too;iB tott&our eno. 

Deusnoftcrrefugium. Plal.4<J. 

GQs id our lieye ano ilrengt& : a Mrp pjeGmt Belpt 
in trouble, 
z S&crefoje toill toe nut feare tljotigb ttje eatttj be 
tnoueQ : ano t ougb t&e D:ld be cattce into tbc mtBBeQ 
•f tlje fos. 

j tEfjoiigrj tf)t biaterd thereof rage ano CwM: anB 
t^ougb tl)C mo ntaCned ftjate at tlje teii'pdi of p lame. 

4 tHT^e ttuetd of tlir fluoa tdercof^allmake glaB 
tlecitieof ©oo : tlje feolp place of riie tabernacle of tbe 
tnofi l^igheQ. 

5 ©00 id in t&* miBtied of ^er tficefaje J&a! &je not 
le temoiieB : (Sea ujall ^)efpe fserana rbn t tifflt carlp. 

6 Cbe bcatben make mucrj aaoe,ans r'de kitrgaomd 
ere maouea t but ©ob Dat^ njeiveB did bepce, ana tjje 
eartb fijail melt atuap. 

7 Wit Jluju of fjoSd if tottb bd: tbe ©od of Jacob 
id our refuge. 

8 S> come &irt e r 9 br&oto rte too;ked of tlje EojB: 
t»5at Ptutuctioti fje batb b;»iigTjt bpon t^e eartb. 

9 tyt maketb toatred to ceafe in al! tbe toojlB 1 be 
bmbttb tbe botse, anD knappctb t'je fpcare in Timber, 
«nB bmmetfi tbe diartotd in tbe fire. 

10 TBc fltl tbcn,anD bncto tl;at 31 am ©ob : 3 toin 
be eraltea among ttje Qeatti(n,anB 31 toil be 1 raltcb in 
t(e eartb. 

1 1 QTOelLojB offcoQcj) tdbJit&bj!; t(e ©obofja* 

Omrsesgences plaudit*. PiaJ.47. 

OCUp jout banbd to6Ctbfr,{aH pc peoptc:) © Eueninf 
iug bnto ©ob roitl) tlic bopce of meloDie. prayer, 
i fa; tlje £«;b id.&igb, ana to befearrBt 
l)t \i> tOr great JSaigupon all ti)e eartb* 

j t?e fljall Cibcue tlje people br.eabdtatiB trjc na> 

4 Ije njall cljule out an bcrttagc Sex bd : etten t\)t 
tDpjfljip of 3]arob tofiem 1)£ Ioucb. 

5 ©ob id gone bp tottlj a met v nogfe: «no tbellojB 
tuicli tlje Couno oftbe trumpe. 

6 2> ling pia;Gcd,&ngp?aprfdfanto(out) ©oD:S> 
fing piapfed,ung p;apfed Unto enr &ing. 

7 fo? ©on idtbe&ingcfailtieeatri): fingje 
pjaptedbiitbbRber&iRting. > .< 

8 ©ob teignetl) euet tlje beat^ent ©oa Ctttetb bp* 
on bid bolpfeate. 

9 Cbe piineed of tfje people are iopntB bnto tbe 
people of rlje ©ob of abjafjam; &| ©oB(tol;icb id berg 
bigij eralteb ) aoetb Befena tbe eattd ad it bete toitlj 1 

Magnus Dominus. Plal.48. 

GUeat id tbe Lo!D,a«B btg^lp.t** t e p:a?&o 2 m tbe 
citp of our ©oa,euen bpon bid Ijolp trtC 
£ €&e bill of *len id a faitt place, «nb tbe Cop of 
tbetofjolfeattfjt bpontlje 13o»tbfice Ipetl) tfeechpof 
tbe great Sting , ©ob id toeli knotaen tn (let palace*, 
ad a Cure refuge. 

I §01 loe.tlie kingd of tie eattb: ate gatbereb anl 

4 Gbep maraetlea to Tee fiteb tbingd > t&es toet( 
aiioniea.ana &cbenlp caK Boiune. 

5 JFearecamettietebpontbcm^na^ob): adbp> 
on a iuoman in &cr ttauatle 

6 ®bou bjalt b;eake t&e ftip* of tbe (ea t tb;oug| 
tbe CaUbjmbe. 

7 Like ad bsebatte bears, febauebjefcenetntbe 
cf tp of tbe Hojb of tjeBcd.m tbe citg of c;it ©00 : ©oa 
bpljolaetlj tbe fame fo? eutr. 

8 CQe toait fo? tbp loaing feinBitcfTe (S> ©obi ) in 
tbe mibaed of tbj Ccmple. 

9 © ©ob,8C ceding bnto tbp Bame,6 (d tbp pjaift 
bnto tit toojibd tttBt > tbp rigbt bono id full of tigtte* 

I o Cettbe meimt *ion refopce.attBtfc Baugbter* 
of 3luBa be glao : becaaCe eftrjp lubgementd- 

I I CQalhe about ^ion, ana goe count) about bet : 
ano teH tbe totaled tbereof. 

11 ©arkebiell&etbultjjarfced, fttbpberboufed: 
tbat pe map tell tbcm ttjat come after 

1 ? f oj tbid ©oa id our ©on to; euet ano ettct : |e 
njall be out guiac bnto neatb. 

Audite hasc omn«$. Pfal 49. 

Ot?mt petbt'0 all pee people; ponaeritbiUb pout 
eare« all pe tbat aibeil in tbe too^la. 
a $lgO ana loto,tlcb ana poc?e : one taith another. 
j 05p meutb CEial Ipeake of toifcomt: ana mp beart 
bjallmufc of bnectQanBtng. 

4 31 toilencTtnc mine eareto tbeparablej ana Ibtto 
mp Backe fpcatb bpon tlje 8>arpe. 

5 cabcrtfoje Ibrula 21 feare in tbe taped of tele* 
sctmeffr : ana tofitn tt)t teicktBnefTc of mp (eried torn* 
paffctb me rounB about i 

6 Hrfcere be feme tbat put tbtir ttufi in tbetr groBd: 
ana boaQ tbcmfelue b in tbe multitube of tfceit rlcbed. 

7 IBta no man map Bcliuct bid &?ot&er : no; make 
agreement bnto ®ob (01 bim. 

8 $ 0; it cod mo;eto reaceme tdeir libuled t To tbat 
{it mutt let tbat alone fo; euer. 

9 ^ea s t6ougb &c Uui long : ani Oee not tbe graite. 

10 #c; 



10 #8?|eGttt$iS8ttoifentenaroBi», anBperififj 
tcget&tt : as tod as trje ipoiant atJB &oli%,ans feau* 

1 1 Sm pet tijep tfjfn^e tbat tfceit rjeraGe* 0jaHf eonti» 
ttaef« eitet t attD t^at ttjclt Btoellmg places ffjall en. 
Bute from one generation to anotbet,aRB cafl tbe lanBS 
after tseitotone Harness. 

1 2 0?uettbeleite,man toil net abise in fjonoatt^ 
inj be ma; tree compares Unto tbe beafi,« tbatperia), 

i ? (Jbis i* tWtfooliBjttefri : an» tbeir poCEcrttie 
pjapi to eir faping. 

1 4 tibcp He in toe bdl Iifce (geepc , $eat& gnatoetb 
iptm tbcm»?tfje rigbteons Qailbatte summation oner 
tbem in tbe morning : tbeitbeautie a)a!l conftime in 
tie fepuicfoe out of tbeir Btoellmg. 

>$ "But ©on batb BeliueteBmp foule ftom ttje place 
cf Cell : to? be njaliteceme me. 

1 6 T5e net tbou afratB ibottgb one lie maBe tte| : oi 
if tbe glorp of bis Tjoule be ir cteafeo . 

"7 jFo? be fcjaifl tar? notbing atoa? toitb brm to&tn 
$e Bittft : neitbet Ifjafl bis.powpe folloto bim 

1 8 jFo? tobile be ltueB,be coimtea btmfeifc a bappp 
man : anufotong at tbou Doe2 todltoito tbp felfe,meu 
toil! fpeake goto of tbee. 

j 9 ftc gjalfol'oto tfje generation ofbjs fatb<rS:aHB 
^alf twucc fee ligtjt. 

20 OQan l;eing:'nb(moKr,batbnofcnBerIJanBing: 
but is comparer tmw t foe braSs tbat periSrj. 
M . Deusdeoruni. Pfal 50. 

™ orniug T*^ ^ D > etwn t,Jt mnfi "^ s ^f ®° B ^ ^°* 
prayer. , i. ^ m . mica n^ t fo^ fa m tbe ruing rip of 

JL tfielurme,bnw tbe going Boteiie tbcreof. 

z • (Dut of ©icmbatrj ©ob appeared : m perfect 

j ©tit©oBft)ancome,aHaujann(!itteeprBToire{ 
tljete ftjafl o> befoje bim a ronfnrnrng 6re,anD a migr> 
tie teinprB fbalbe ltitrrB top roitnti about bim. 

4 $e$a« call tbtbeauenftemabmie:? tbe eartfi, 
tbat !je map firage 1)i9 peeple. 

5 ©atbtr mp ^amrstogetbetbntome; tboft tbat 
ijaue mafic a cottenant toi?b me.toitb farrifice. 

d 2nc rte fceauens ffiall neclacs ^ii3 tigfjteoutht^: 
f« @ob iu 3!«Ege ijimftlfe. 

7 Ii?eaTe,©m»people,anB3toflfye8fcej5mpfrffe 
toil teStfie againS t&ee,© S&ari, fb? 31 am ©on.euen 

8 3(toinnotr?p:o!tetjee > !)ec8u&ofrnpfactlgce0 > 
cj fo: t^p burnt off.mgu : becaufe ttep totre not altoag 
wToit me, 

9 ' 3 toil tafei notnllodeoiit of tjine IJouft ; no? 5« 

I o jFtf? all tie beans ef t&efo;reH ate mine : anBfo 
»re t^e cattritfUpon a tTjotifann fjtls. 

I I 3 Inato all toe foulesiipen t'rje moimtatnejJ: ana 
t\ft toffnc beafliS of tl}? Rein are in mp Gg^t. 

ii 3f3J5e'bnngrp,3Itoilnottclt5ee!fo?t6eto6oi!e : 
too^lo if* mme.ann alltnat istqerein. 

1 j Sniinfeel! thou tgat 3 toilleate TSnfsfijftj rar* 

1 4 Sffct bnto ®ou tftanSfewtng : 9 pa? trjpDotot? 

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lieare trice,anD tljou (bait p?apfe me. 

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AoK^cacb-msJaliKftr bro taseSmp cexenant m rijp 
-awHtl? - 

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4tafl mptooiBfl bt^inn tliee. 

1 8 OTien tbou fotteHa tniffe,t^aa confenteca bn» 


ij> tB^3u(BSIctt^«0uti(p(a£e toicfc«Bttt*:an5 
tottb tftp tongue t^ou rjafi &t tb^tb Beceit. 

1 o Cfiou latea 9 fpaseS againS tbp bp)tb« : B«*j 
gnn cau flatmereB tbine oione motfcers fonite. 

a 1 COefe tfcings baft tljan Bene , atiB 3 betel mv 
tongue, amboiit&ougbtefttoicfeeBlpttjata am ewa 
fucij a one as tljp feife sbuc 3 toilirep?wie tbet, «1D Get 
before tdee rfte trjingg tOat tfceu baft Bore, 

2 » © conitBet tbig pe t&at fojgct <5ob: lea 3 pLui 
pou atoap,anB trjere be none to Brliuer pou. 

1 j Elbo fe offttetlj me tbanfetiS ann p?apre,|c 60. 
nontettj me : aitB to 6im tftat o?oeretb W clmiwrfatioa 
Kg6t,tofll 3 fijeto tbe faluatien of ®oa. 
Miferere mei Deus. PCil.jt. 
flue mercie bpmi mee , 2) <SeB , after tbp great 
gooonefii; acco?BmgtotrjemuItitaBeoftl)pmet» 
ctesBoe atoap mineofffRtejS. 

I OTafl) me rtjjoHgblp from mp toicletmeGe t ana 
chanQe me from mp fitme. 

j JFoj 3 fenotolcBge mp fault? : ano mp Ctme 1$ u 

4 agafnfl tbee rnel? baue 3 GnneB, ana Bone tft *i 
emu m tup Ggbt : tbat tbou migbteft be infiigeB in tbo 
wpmg.anB cleare Wjtn tbon an {KtgeB. 

j JBelolB, 3toasSiaptRintotcReBtie£&:anBfn 
Hnne batb mpmstljet conceiueB me. 

6 TSut loe , trjou requitcS truetb m tbe fntoarb 
parts : ana ^art marie mee to bncerftanB toi&Bomi 

7 ^bou(r)aItpnrgemetottbtjpftpe,anB3£tjaIbe 
rleanet tbou &)alt toaO) mte,anB 3 Rjall be to&iiett|tB 

8 STfjou ff,alt manemefteare of iop 5 glaBKe&tlat 
tbe bones tobicb trjoa baflbiofesn map teepee. 

9 ^urne tbp face from mp Stmes : anB pnt out aU 

10 ©aSemtacIeanet«art,©©eB}8ntrenttoa 

II daft me not atoap fwm tbp p?eDmce : atrfi tate 
not tbp Mp Spirit ftom me. 

12 ©giuemetberomfo^oftrjprjelpeBgainejanB 
Sabltftj me toitb tbp free fepirit. 

ij €&mfJ&aH3teac&t&ptoapfStmtotbefciileB;. 
ana Cnnrrsfrjalbe conuerteBtntotrjee. 

1 4 JDdiuet me from bTooti gRiItmefle,0.©oB,rr)ou 
tbat an Hie @ob cf mp bealtb j anB mp tongue CjaS •". 
(tag of tbp rightduifneiTe. 

1 5 tJboti Cjalt open mp lippeg (Q JLitjo r ) amnag 
moirtb %an Sjcto tbp piapfe. 

1 6 ^0? tbou Befittfiho facrffice « elft toeofoj gntt 
it tbre : b«t tbou ceugbteltitot In bmnt offerings, 

1 7 Sbe facnBce of ®on is a troubles fpirirt ab?c» • 
len ann contrite bcart (Di55od) gjalttbounot cefpife. 

1 8 ©fefnumrrable anc gracious imto^ismlmiaj 
tboii t?;etoalSof^)ferufa!em.' 

1 9 3H&en fi)Mt tbou be pleafeB toitb tbe factiffce of 
rfgbteonfiielte,toitb tit burnt offith'.gs nnB oMttion&s 
rtjen a>H tfiep »ifet pong burocksfrpon tbmeaftat. - 

Qui J gloria ris? -Pfal jr. 
l^btialtcB tboutfrp fclfe, tbott tpjant : tbet > 
a CHbereas £ gocrms of ©ob renflurctfi pftBa'te- 
j <Sb?' tongue iinacjinetb tokfcetnt fie : anB-touV' 
lies tbou tuttfB Iilie a ftatpe rafo?. 
' 4 1 5rboHbafi1ourt)1mTtgr)tfcnmfSnw?etf:cn'gcoB» ' 
ncfle : anB to talfte of lirs mo« tben "gtteoiit'ncffe. 

5 trboubanioueBrorpease'anteo^BSttatmapBa- 
(nnt rSXtbou faKe tongue; - 

6 tSTjetefoje ujal <5ob Beurot* tbee fo: enen beffiai. 
tafeetbecaR^ plurkf tbee oat oftbpttoeIting,anB root 
t% tCBUtof titlans aft'jtiuj»g u 

-^ 7 -S8*« 






, 7 fRetf5^tfotigcl&^aHrtttTj(^stiBf«ar2jai;ti 
CjalllaugbbimteGcGme. , ■» 

8 3Loc , tljis »'c tlie man tbat totkc not ©en fe; fci« 
Rtawtb: but ttuBrB mho tfje mnUuuoc rffets ruOcfj 
ana ftrtngtljCiieC bimfelfe in ljt0 bjicfct antlfe. , : 

j> as foj me , :3 am like a grccne ©Hue tr ee in rlje 
lioufc of (Son j mp ttutl is in t'ge ttnott mtnp cf *5aa 
foj ectt ana riser. 

- 10 31 toJIaltoapesgiaetftmfctf bnt8tbcefo;:tI;at 
tleubsBaonc : ana 3 icill Ijrjjc in i^ig I3&mc, fo? ttg 
%>&UU0 like it tali 

Dixit infipiens. Pfal jj. 
no^oB. . 

-, i Corrupt ate ttrp, ana become at>cmtna« 
tic m ib> i; mickecm g : tljcre ts ntne tbat ftoetlj goon. 

j (EcaloofeeB Bolrnetrom Jjeaiicn bpentijcibil-- 
ajen of men : to fee if tbete tocre an p tfjat teeula bncer= 
Canc ana fr cfce after (Sea. 

4 ,/But tbcp ate al! gone out of tlje map , tbcp are 


tbetcoS miu.Ijiefe,attb aupGijeto are m^ 
. 1 1 .Klitfcepr.eire i#tbi'rctn : tch.t aria £»tilfge$ 
not ctitoitticir fttcttcs. 
- i^;JFo? ins ueun open enrmie tbat I; atrj Conine 
tjjif i3iIrj:ii(Kir ;fej tfjtll J f oi;lB bacc bemc it. .' ■« 
,; -i i f iaut!;er ica/s it mjjit acuerlarie that ria mag» mc : fenLcn (rHrauitr.Kue; 3{ 
tocula bane bis inpfeltcfremty'm..-)-" ',-.-' c ,, 

1 4 ,TS t;t it bias e ucn ibpn mp companion: mp guiae 
sub mint erase faimiiarfrtEna. , 

1 5 «.(e teefce ftcccte cjunfdltcgritjCt: alio isat^cQ 
in lilt bouCe of <Soa eg frient g. 

1 6 JLct neatrj tome baEilp bpon'trjem, ana If t dm 
gee coiune quicteintotell: fc^UiitktfinclfcijSintteit 
Btor among ibem. 

17 a? fy me 5 3j fctil call fcgon ^ctj s ar.B t£« JLo|B 

■ 8 Intfjr euening $mcming,snB atrconeaapfoa 
3! pjap,ar.B tbat infiamlp: anD be fijall be arc mp ucpec. 
'5 3k isbetljatrailj BeliiiereBmploule in peace, 

alicgettje'rbecome abominable: tfcete i$ alfononcibat from trjebaitailc tfja't toaflagair'ftnuf: foj tberctoert 

£ortfj goe:,no not one. 

" 5 are not tbcp toitbout bnaetBanair g tbat toe?fce 

tnicftcaner: : eating lip mp people as if tljep teouia eate 

b;earj f tfjep fjane not calleti Upon ®ofl, 

' '6 Sfjep toere afraic toljerc no frare toad : foj ^otJ 

(atfj broken t(e bonr£ of item tliat bdiegrD tbtc, trjou 

taQputt^em teconfuQen, iietauli^oDbatijceipifcO 

tjem. "" 

. 7 - ©0 tJjat tbe falnarien toere giuen tnto 31&ael 

CKt of %ion : oft tliat tl;c Lcjn tooulD Dcliwr fcijs pto« 


8 QTfcm ft^oulD Xacob reiopce; ann 3lCracIE&siilB bt 
tigtt giao. 

Deus in Nomine- Pfal.J4. 

Sane me.O <Son,f^ttH Bimts falte ; ana anctigt 
me fa tfjp Qtcngtfj. 

z l^carc mppjajfer,® (So?: ana IjcatRen bnta tfje 
iDejteofinpmeiit^. , 

j jTo?2rangcr0 ateriinbp againBmer^tpjant^ 
(toljicft Ijaue not ©oMicfojetfiftrepeg) tetkeafttt nip 

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tOeni tljat tipbdr nip foule. 

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boat to Bcuome me,|ie if) Bailp Bating ana t rctt- "°„„ * 
bliBgme. prayer, 

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put mp truB in (Sob, ana toill not feare tubat flcfij can 

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too?B tofn 3! rcnifbjt me. 

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tux mp fou'e tr:;Bctb i:'. tbe e : ar.D bnncr tbe ujasolrj 
of tbp JjJiHgg ujail te mp refuge, tmill 4 {;i0 tp janm'e £ e 

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ana tljp gte;p abotte all tbe cant). 

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tobmc mp foule : rljep tjaue biggen a pit befoje me,ana 
ere fallen into tbe mfrDffi of it t&emlelues. 

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toil! Gng anD gmegiaple. 

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tnp Cclfe bJill atoafce rigbr eatlp. 

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tbe people: anD 31 tori [mgintstbrecmong tlje nations. 

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tlieljcauffls i ann tb? true tb bnto tlje clouoea. 

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SJiD tbp gl-j? a'.ioue an tfje cartb- 

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gregation: ann Co pe tubge tbetbingtbat fetigljt, 
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tnet ; c&atme be nenec fe toiilp. 

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finite tbe cbato bones of tbe Jlpons,© ILoib : let tfjem 
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enn me ftom tfjem tbat rife bjj againQ mc- 
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fans mc ftom tbe bleoCtlitRp men. 

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tic men ate gatbeteo againfi me, toitbout anp offence 
oj fault of mc,©3Lo?D. 

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mp fault ; atife tbcuttertf^c to ferine mte, ano be* 

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lks;B8 are in tfjetr lips : f?z tobo Coitb beatef 

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ann tfecti [bat langb all tbe btatbcit to fcome. 

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on tbe <£o^ of mp refuge. 

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©cB Ojall let me fee mp r cOte bpon mine ent miess. 

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fcattet tbun abjoaa among tbe ptojj.'e, anc gut tbent 
Batotie,© 3tLo;D,our Bcferee. 

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of tbeiriipg, tbepujall bcetabtn inteeir^iee: ana 

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in iaceb,ar,n bnto ibe ence of tbe too-Io. 

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like s tcg,anb ge about tbe citie. 

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mp nefence anD refuge in tbe bap of mptwuble. 

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tbou,© ©or,attmp refitge,ann mpmetclfuiISoB. 

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bjoan t tbou baB alfo bene bipjeaftn, ©tume 

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tbe fo;es tbcicof,fo2 it (fjafectb. 

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alfo is tbe Brengtb of mp bcati,3Iitca (0 mp lairgiucr. 

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cut mp fijoce 1 13bi'iBia be tl;eu glaD of me. 

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bii 1 gmetnto(£po;r.f 

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belpe of man. 

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ioben mp beart is in brauneffe. 

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loiiing mercp. ana fattljfurruffe , tljat tljeg map p:e* 
feme fjim 

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out pour hearts I'cfoje Ijim^fo? (Sod is our Oope ' 

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trje ctji?D?cH of men are Deceitful! bpnti tbe iacigljrjs, 
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Celtics* unto banitie : if cicljes tuctraCc, let net peur 

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tlje fame,t!)at patuer bclongetb unto ©on. 

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IwarocH euerp man acco?atng to biss um?&c. 
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toarer is. 

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it fclfe : mp lips-Sjall pjaf fe tbee. 

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ttianer : ana lift bp mp fjanas in tbp ^2ame. 

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bpfjolaen me. 

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rtf p map be a potion fo? fores?. 

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mp life from fr ( v:e of rbe oifinit. 
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bj«a : anofren r!ic iiifurrettion cf mitfeco coetfi. 

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fag tbat no man ujall fee tbeui. 

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foift arroto; irjat tlicp uja(beri)o.:-i:ceB. 

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in fo mud; tfcat rofoo to fcettb tI;£m 5 Cjall lauglj tbem tj 

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bone : fcj tfjcp fljall pcrcctue t&,u it is UiS ino^fie. 

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IjfsJtruG in tint : ana all t&eptfcat .:tctruccfbcai;t>!|al 

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ujall tijejjoto be j3erfo?meD in CpietH r aUm. 
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meicifiill urto our linncs. 

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tciuefibnto il:ee : Ijeujal Dincl in tbp courr,aHB ffjaH be 
CatifficB bitb t!)ep!eafutcj3of tbp ^Kl'e.ruen of tbp tio» 
Ip ^Temple. 

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teoafneffe, © ffioB of our filiation : tljou t';at art t'je 
Ijpcofalltbeei'.csSoftbeeaitb) ana oftfjem ifjat tc» 
inatne intlje bjOuB fca. 

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taine^raiiD is gittea about toiibpobjEr. 

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of bfjU'-m' P.ana tbc wntne:,-c of Ijis perple. 

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ea« afraia at ibp te ki eg: ttou tbut mafceft tbe 
outgoings cf ttc moaning rnd eueuing to p?avfe t! cct 

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into tbelittk ballrps tljrcrof : iboii makiQ it foft toit& 
tlje B?op<J of rains ana McfftR tbe incrcile of it. 

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enB tbp tlouaes a?op faun ITe. 

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BernciTe;: ar B tbe little bil0 ujall reiorcr on euerp Cat. 

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0jal( Sana fo ifjiike toiir; co^i^tb^at t&cp hj.I laugb a«D 

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tbc bonour of biss iSarne , make Ijis p?apDc to bt 

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tbp roo?ktsS : ifyougb tlje greftueiTe of tbp poSiier frjall 
tljiue enemirc be founa Ipcirs bnto tfjee. 

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Doto ivonaerfull Ije i? in rjis? aoing totoara irjc eljilDjen 
of men. 

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forr.t tbjougO tije toattr on focte, tljere Bia tae rciope* 

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bo^a tbe prcple : ana fucb as3 toill not I clrcue, ujallnoi; 
be able ta trsli tbeinftluefl. 

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ttieB bg iifec as fifiitr is trieB. 

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trouble lipoB oitr lopnrjf. 

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'teem tbjougb fire aK3 toatc:, artotboubjoLigljteBbjS 

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tuilpap t\)'.e mplioiuee toljicO Ji yjoniiff c tuii Ij mplips, 
ana fpa&e LBitlj nip moitr& Uifctn 3 teas in trouble. 

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'into mp tbti'e- prayer. 

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grouno i^ : 3 am come into ecepe toatet^, Co tljat tbe 
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acceptable time. 

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tie : eucn in tfjc tritctlj of t!)v Initiation. 

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me be Bemureo from tbcm tbat Ijate mc,ano out of tlje 

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make no long tarping. " 

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t^lttltp.tbep gane me feincger to Ojiuke. 

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CeLte^ VolcljatT : $ let tlje tbing^( tljat ffoulo fja:ie bene 
foi tljeir fciealtlj) be bnto t!;cm an occafion of fading. 

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bafl tootlnoeD. 

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ciin not come tnts tljp rigljtcoufneflV. 

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King : ana not be toHttrn among rte rigbteous. 
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top Ijdpe (© Pop) Biall lift me bp. 

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. magnifie it toitf, tbanfccfgiut'ng. 

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take utm,fo2 rtere is none to d litter bim. 

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gainlt mp (bute: lettbembeeoucreoirttljfrjameanu 
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2 am grap beacru : bnrill 31 banc Sjetaen tfip (Iretigtb 
bnto tin's generation', ann ttjppotoet to all toemttja: 

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great tbmga are t!jcptI)attliotiI)afiaone,©€oB,bjfj» 

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ff;ctofii me. 9 vet tu'nneft tfjou turne ft refrcfl] me : pea, 
nm> bjot^titeftmefrom tbececpeof tbe cartbagafne. 

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tljat mou.-tlj tbf rein. into tbe>- bjill 3 (tug bpon tlje J^^rpc, © tfton {jolp one 

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Rootle rtiBurrtrj ; from one generation to atetljer. 

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abtintatice of peace fb long ap ttjc ©eor.e niCntni- 

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place : enr cafiiB tfctm tr bne,enrj tillteptfi dim. 

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trjar,rertiiie me toitl; glrjp. 

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■jttn fitong, 

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ttjet ate trjrp rlagntD like other men. 

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piitt : ant uttttorjrhiet toitu cruelrie. 

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tongtegatior : ant fet tp ttjeir tannery fo; ttfcenin. 

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trce«: teat! knetren teeing ittoanereelIentteo;ke. 

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thereof ttoftbare^ant ^ammer0. 

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rjanettfi.'et tlje ttoelltrg place eftbp JSame^ntn ta»« 

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uoifee of tfeem altrgetfjer s ttup tjaue t^epbumt bp all 
t\t teiifr rf ©et in tie 

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pbrt mote t no not one i0 ttjt tc an.ongfi Ug tfjat Dntet* 

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tboti bjake ti the geaa? of t!je ajagongi in tlje fejaccts. 
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ces» 1 anapjiweft&Mita bemeatefoj t&cpcoplc in t&e 

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ef tbe Oato rocks : tfru ojteBti Up migtjtg roaterg. 
.17 Sbe Bag ig tttn;, anat&enigtictf3tfjine:tbo:t 
$a3 yjeyarca t\)t lig'st auo tbefitmu. 

1 5 (EIjju fjaH Tct all t\)t burners: oft^e earf& : tljoit 
$aS maae Summer auo ©Bintec. 

1 9 Ueme h'jcc tins. £> iLo:a, bofco tbe encmic batb 
: rcb:ifeeo ; ana &ol» tbe fayli^j peoyle (jatij blafp'jemca 

• io 2!> Delinccnot tSc foiik of tTj? <3CurtIe2>kHtz br> 
to tbe multititae of tbe enemie# anatojget twt tlje cott« 
gtegation of tljc P^ie fo* cmr. 

a 1 JLooke upon tlje €0 .tenant 1 fo> all tbe eartb U 
.full ofBarfctiele.ana cnicllba'.utatioiig. 

22 ®b letnott^fiitiplepjoeaiuagadjamta j but 
let tbepo^eaninieeaggjuepjaiCe unto tbpBime. 

2 j arife,® Son, inaintatne tbili! oteni can *e : re* 

1 4 JFojget no: tbe Uo,>ce of tijfttt enemieg : tbe p.t£* 
fiimption of tljem tbat Ijatt tbee,.t'uci:eafetb ettet mo:e 
ana nwje. 

Confitebimur tibi. Pfal.7 5. 
3to tljee (©" ©oa} toe Sac ?ii:e tbanSes! t gea,. 
un:o tbecaoe toe giue tbanfcg. 
i tlbg Bame alfo is fa nigb : ana tbat aa 
:tbg ujonacrousi&oiks Hectare. 

I CUoen 3! reeeiue tbe eongregati? »>31 #al iuage 

4,.&be eartb in toeake,anaallt&dnbabiter£U&ere> 
"of : 31 beareup t|e piHaw of it. 

5 , 3 faio unto tlje fool^u, Dealt not famaBlg : attB 
to tbeUngso^.^ctiiotup FoiuOatne. 

6 a»ctrtotuppotic6o;neonfcig0: anafpeakenet 
-ioJtfj a fltiffe recite." 

7 jFo; notion commetl) nr (rfjctr from tTje <£a!i 
no? fron tbe'et-eff: no: pet from tlje ^o:itb. 

8 ano fori?; ©oa ig t(je 3|tmge: be piutetb aotouc 

- 9 » f oj h tbe liana oftOe Hom tfiere it a cup , .aim 
tbe bine tgrea : ft tss full mitt, aim frepo j^etl; put of 
tbe fame. 

10 agfojtUBjegiUbcreof: alltbcUngoalgof tbe 
eartb fb ill Dtiake tIje;n,ano Gtcke tljetn out 
. 1 « TSut 31 toil! talfce of tlje ©oa »? 31accb : aim 
jjjagfc bun h} eiter. 

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bud tbe bo;ne0 of tbe tigbtfoiis Ibalfce etalteu. 

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aftael. - 
2 ' St talent t'3 bisJ tJTabetiiatle: aim W Dluelltng 

I Cbtre b?al;e be tbe arrotoeg ef tf;e botae : tlje 
f[jielD,tbc ftuom,aim tbe battel!. 

4 ^Cbott art of mo;e bonoiir anu mfgbt : tl;tn tbe 

j , "Gity pjotu are robku , tbep bine flcpt tbct'r 
tteep'e : am all tbe men (toboje bancs teremt'gbtie) 
^aitc fotinD notljing. 

6 a f tb? rebu^e(0:©aaof J[acob:)Dotb tbe cljaret 
anu bojfe ate fallen. 

7 <E[)cii, ettcn tban att tdbe fesrea t ana toijontaj 
Bana in tbp llgbt toben tbo« att angt^f 

8 <3T0o:i cioaefl cattle tbp tttDgement to be fjeaft 
ftoin.tcauenMlje wttD.trembUJ.aua i»a? Cit!,. 

9 Cd|e» ©oa atofe to fanjfemmt: anu to 5rtp< all 
tbe meebe upon eattb. 

I o- <Ebc fiercenelfe of man ftjall turn* to tbp pzaiGr! 
ana tbe fieccenefle of tbem :balt tbo:i refcatne. 

I I ^.:omiCe Unto t'je £am ^our ©oa, aim fteege it, 
allge tljat bee rouno about bim : bu'ngpjefeHts Unto 
bim ttjat ottsfet feareo. 

12 pt ujallrefraine tljefpiritof P?incc^ : anof^ 
twuBtrfnll among tfiefcingsi of tljeeartb. ■-, 
Voce niea ad Dominuat. Pfal. 77. 
I 03(11 et?unta ©oa irtid) mpUopte : enett unto ©oa 
1 tuill Ji erg Uoitb m? Uogce , ftjall bearken Un- 
to nte. 

a - 3ln tbe time of mj) trouble 31 fottgbt.tbe &02B :■ 
mgfo?eranne ana er afca not , in tbe m#jt,:eafottflig 
loule tefttCeO comfort. ... -v 

j- CClbett 31 am fi beatitnefle 31 toil tbin&e jjpori 
©03 : toljen tnpbean fe u«reD,31 toill comp^aine. 

4 StjoubolBiiftmireege^ uwktng : jj am Co fee* 
6Iet5at3i cannot fveafee. 

■5 31 bane confioecea t\)t aagcfj of olae : anat^e 
gecregtbatarepafi - 

c. 31 call to remtmbjaKce nip fong:ana in tbcnigbt 
31 comtnuiie iDitbintne etune bcart, anu fcatcJj outmg 

7 ©Hi. I tbe Horn abfent bimfeltefej ttttc :ana toil 

8 5* kit mcvcg deane gwe fo; ener : ana (js big 
pjomife come btttrlg to an ena fo? eiit'rmo?t i 

9 Cpatb ©33 fo>gotten to be gracious!: ana tailfie 
fij:it Up bis louing feincnelfe hi Difpleauuc i 

10 . aim 3! lagae , 3Jt i«! ttuneotcne-iuRrmfti'ej but 
3[uul[ ratiMibtr tbe peered of tfce rigfjt Ijana of tbt 

1 1 % toitl remrmt'cr tbe tuo.;kerf of tfje 3Lom : ana 
call to miRBc tfcp Soar Berg or'ora time, 

1 2 3j totil tbtiike a!fo ofalltbgtoo^S : anamgtal* 

1 j €bgtoa?,£)©oa y iebtlp,: tobo fed great a 

• 4 "QTljou arttbe ©o-atbat Mcttlj toonaersij eno 
ball aeeiareCtbppo'jDcr amoug tbe people. 

1 5, €ten.baa mfgbtilg Deliaerea tbg people: tiv.% 
tbe-fofmei»'of3IaiobatiB3lorrpfi. , 

1 6 Ube toatets lain tljcr , 2D ©oa, tbe toatcri* !ah» 
tbec,anatoere afraiB 1 tbeBfptb« al ouieretronbltD. 

17 CteclouociSpo^eooiitluater, tl;c ap?e tbttn* 
a?eo 5 ana tbinc arraUxglnfntabjoaB. 

1 8. t3Ebe Uo^cc of tbg tbnittcv toagr:eara rottim a» 
bout: tbeligb^niiijlTjoiieupoiuUgrottno, tbeeartB. 
to^inaatica.ana Ujjobe-ioitban.. 

*s> tSCOp i»ag is in tbe lea . ana tTjp patb«f,fn tbe 
great U)3tcr£t : aim tb^footfirpd are not knotot a. 

20 €boitleaaifitbgpcop:e like (ljeepe:bg tbe b^ino 

Airenijirepopule. Pfal.75. 
.gate mp Latu , 5D'mp people : enclint gont Euening 
.carei8 Unto tUtoomsfef nig motitb. ' prayer. 

31 iai! open n:p moutb in a parable: 3! tail 
Ceclace barafeiuenees cfolb. 

j ©HOicl; Ujc bane bcata ana fototucu: ana fucb ajj 
our fatT)rr finiif tola 

4 CTbat to? fljuula notbiae tbem fc'om tbtcbflB?cn 
of tbe generations* to come : but to:fbrta,tbe lioiroiit of , 
tbe Hom' btenu'gbJgaua taoiiaerfuiliiiojkeutbat In 
batb aane.. 

5 roeina0eacottc!iantloitb3iaceli, anngatte3ir» 
raelnlLift : tobicbbeecmiiianBcatjnrfo^efatljeratOi 

s €bat tbcirpoRerltic migbtknebJ it : anBibf 
t\)ll3icnto^itb totwgft un'jojne.. , 

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7 STo tit intent tbat toljcn tbep eattiebp: tie? 
ttigbt Ebfto tfrfr djilo;rn tbe fame. 

8 Qlat tl:cp might put tfcett truR in PxoD : ana 
net to foyget tbe toojfccs of <So3 : but to fecrpt bte com> 

: ; y flno net to be f ag tbcfr fcjrfatber*,a faif blrffe 
ano fiiibbutnc gcntratlen : a generation tljat fctnot 
tljct't feeart arigfji, anD to^ofc ipltir clesuetfc not Rid* 

10 &ikea0tbetfilD!caof£pb2aim; Jo^trljlicfng 
tatnefleD anD carping botoc&tr.truD tlrrnfrbics backe 
in tbe Bag of batten. 

'ii dbcpkcptnottbecownawofOecjanDtooulD 
ttotfaalBembtellato. t.. 

1 1 TSut fojgat tobatbe &ao tone; attu trjc tediDct» 
EtjH tsctfet tbat ^c bao frjetoeC fo; tbem. 

i j ©arttcflous tbingS did Ije in p Ggbt of wtr foje» 
fattens in tbe lar.D of <£gppt: euro in tlje fielD of ^oan. 

1 4 5?e DiuiDeD tbe %e~a,anB let tbem goc tbjougb : 
&e maoe tbetoaters to fiane on an beape. 

: is 3intlje cap time alio be IcDtbtmtoirb a clause; 
anD all t&e nigbt tbiangb toftb a iigU of fire. 

1 6 $e claiie tlje barD recks in tlje toilEerneS: J gaite 
tbem D?in6c tfcc rof,as it baD bin out of tit great Dcpt Ij. 

1 7 J^e bjougbt toaters out of tbe Gonp rorisc:fe tbat 
it gttSjeD out like tit rinerg. 

• 1 8 £et f.'? all tbifl tbep GmieD mojc againS lint: 
kid p?euoleD tlje mofi l£igbr8 in tbe toilDrtnefle. 

1 9 SbeptempteD ©03 in tbeit beartg: ana requi» 
tco meate foubetr luS. 

j o <Ebep [pate againS ©od alfo.faping : (bal C?o3 
prepare a table in tfjr toifoernefk f 

ii £?e fmotc tbc RonproclstmDceDe, tfiatfbetoi» 
(Ht giuc hteao a1fo,o? piomce fltuj fo? bte people f 

: i CQ&en tbe JLcjs beatD t^fs, be toa* to.iotb : To 
tbefite toad feintleD in Jacob, ano tbere came i>p Ijea- 
uieDitpleafure againft Jfrat L 

i } TBecaufe tbep beiecticD net in 0oB; ans put not 
tbeit trnfi in bis brtp?, 

a4 ^o be fcmmanoeD tbeclouws' afceue : anD ope* 
ueD tie toojes of bcauen. 

15 ty taineDEotone^annaalfobpctit&crnfojto 
eate : anD gauc tbem fooce from beaiten. 

2 <J ^o man DiD eate angdgfooDc: foj be Cent tbem 
meate enougb- 

57 i£c caufcD tb« ^aR toinDe to blrto lwBer bca» 
ucn i ano tb; ongb W potocc te b^cKgbt in tbc %outb' 
iveS totnDc. 

1 8 ^erafnefifleu)tpantbema£!tbft6e80Dun:anD 
featbcteD fouled like ae tbe fane of tbe Tea. 

29 tyt let it fall among tbeit tentfi : euen rowiD a» 
tout tbeit (habitation. 

■ jo ^>0tbe!BlDeafe3trcrefeJenE(IcB, fojbfgaite 
tbfin tbeit otone tefice: tbcp tone not Dirappogntec of 
tbeit IhB. 

j i TBttt tobile tlje meate toaer pet in t|eir matitbrt, 
tbe bf auv to?atb of «SoD came tipen tbcm,anD fleto tbe 
toealtbfcGoftbrm: pea, anB&noteDetone tbecbcCrn 

3 i 'But fo: all tbfs tbep CnneD pet m»;e : ema belet. 
ueD not bis toonDeroue tce?feeg. 

j j tS^etefo?e tbeit capep EiD It cenfumj in baniip: 
MID tbeit reftes la trouble. 

j 4 cnbenbcflftutbcm,tbn>fcuabtbim: anDttrt* 
UeD tbem earip.ann fKqttireD after €5oo. < 

j5 anctbcprcmH'?eo tbat ©od toaetbeir irrtngtb*. 
imo tbat tfce bigb @od toae tfceir rcDeemrr. • 
• j6 jacuertbe'cfi.tbfptiBbKt Bitter blmtohb tbeit 
motitb : ar.D DirtcmbleD faitb Hm in tbeir ttngue. 

17 $«l tltit Jitsxt toap not tobclc witb tan: ndt\n 

rcntintirD tbep RtDfafi inlle€cttttitKt. 

j 8 I3iit br toss fo mttfifHll. ti;at bet ft;g6tu tbeit 
mtfeetBcg: enc Cc£rcpcDtl.(iu»ict, 

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ant tooult not ft.fltr lw ttljolt ciff Irafurt to arile. » 

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tbat tbeptoerr cum atott.Dc t^atpatletb Etoap, ano 

41 ©anp atimeDiDtljep pjcuoEe bimintbetou*» 
temcur: are gticuctbim in ttettfett. 

41 Step tiiroeD barfet ant ttrcpteD (Sou : ano mo» 
WD tijf ^olporc inju-arl 
" 4J Cbep tbctigbt rotof bi'0banD: arifccftbeDag 
toltn be cebi:tieD tbimficm tl.eljar.D of tfce nicniie. 

44 ^ctebcfcaDtoici'gbt Us miracles in £<$prt j 
ano bi> toonDi rg in tfet fir ID of Joan. 

45 l?etmntDtbcirtoater0 into lIcoD:f« tbat tbc? 
migtt rot Dzinfce et'tl;e tincr0. 

4^ t?te fmt fice among tbem, anD ceuomcD tbem: 

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tbeirlatotir Dnto tbc (JraftjcfpcT. 

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tlcit muRietp tret e teitb tbefroQ. 

49 t?c Qnotc tbeir cattcfl alia toitb bai!5one0 : ana 
tbrir fioctftoitljbottbunDtr'cokP. 

5 t?e raff fcpentfimi tlje fiitia:i(iitffr of bfe to?atl}, 
angec,Biip[ca;iite, anc ti oable : anD fat etifli angtlp a> 
mong tfcem. 

j i fper maDc a toap tc W inDignat ten, ano ipareD 
not tbeit fculeftcmDcatlj: but gauc tteir life oust to 

5 1 3no fmete al tbe fi'rfi borne in Cgrpt : He mcS 
pjincif all ano rnigbtklt in tbe ttocHirgecf tpam. 

SJ TSutaefo? I; te otone people, be if Dtbcmfeo^S 
Ulefljccpc'.anD caticD tlcm intljc toilDeiiufle liken 

5 4 JJc b?ougbt tbem out tafelp tbat tbtr RjciiId not 
feare: ane CHrttebelmiD tbeit rnrmiegtoitb tbe tea. 

j j 3nD I-;oi!gtt tfem hritljfn tI;efco;Deig rf lit 
feanctiiatp: chui to bis mctir,tair.« , to!;icbtcc»ur» 
cbsCrD vritlj bie tiglt benD. 

$6 ^eraRoiit tbc ^ratbm alfc frrfeje tbem: caiifefl 
tbeir lano to bee CiuitfD atnorgtbcm fo? an bctftage, 
f.nDmaDctbctnTe0ciIfrafiicttoe.'IintIeinfirs. . 

j7 ©0 tbep trirptfBarDCifpIraxE tbe rncfi tr)igt 
©pd : ant krpt not big tefiimonicB. 

j 8 T3Ht t-an:cD rf;eir I-are0,at!D fci! aiuap Iifec tbeit 
fo?cfatUr0: fiattirg aCre hie a b?ekrnlctu. 

55> 3f « tljepgrirutD bins teitti tbrir brTaltat^anD 
p^ttotcD bim to Difpleafurc faitb tbeir imager. 

60 caben ©od bcaro tbte,!;c toas toottj: asD tttlt'urrat Jfrael. 

6 1 &o tbat be fojfocfee tbe tabernacle m %ilc: tutn 
tie tent tbat be laD pitcbeD amorg tbem. 

61 ^ce trfiucreo tbeir pftoermto ceptimtp: 6RD 
tbtir feeautp hito tbe enemies banD. 

6 3 pr gane bis people otser alfc bnto t be ftooiD: anB 
lua0 tojptb toitb h'p icbetitancr. 

^4 Qlt 6'rc ccnfwicB tbeir rorgmen: anD tbeit 
msiBcriStoerr nrt gfuen te mariagr. 

61 ^bcfrPjiffietoercffainctatrtbefteojD: ana 
tbere toete no bicotors to make Iamrntatit n. 

66 ^>o tbe £pjD fttoaben ar- enr out ef flccpt: anD 
libe a ©panttefnflitt Irrtb 'a ire. 

61 ^eTmctfbi^ntmirgintbetfoDerpartg: ann 
-put tbem to apeipetnan fijeme. 

6% ^)ercfu<if tbetafcentatle oflcfrpb; ai:Debo& 
net tbe tribe cf(£pb?aiin. 

69 *Snt itofe rljt ttibe ofjufa: turn tit {O of £4. 

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70 3m> t^nre fjec bulfaen bis temple onbigb t ann 
Lin tbe fbutuatloa of it Kite tbe g;ouuo mbtcb be bat& 
rnaae csn-imiallp. 

7 1 J^e c|j A*e iDatu'o a!0> 6f# feruant: aito toofce btm 
e&up from tbe fljeepefolojf. 

73 asfje was ;o!lJtoin0 t!je CE'ueg great teitb pons 
B?j,l)etao!te|)tm: tbac be might feeoejacob oigpw 31 rati Ot0 inheritance. 

37 $>o b 1 fco tljem witf) a faitbfull ano tcae beart : 
ano cities t&em pzntentlp unci) all Ot'spjUasc. 
Deus,venerunt. PiaL7<;. 
.'San, tijebeatljeiiate rome'incatbinetn&erl« 
iinre ; rbp jtjolp demple baue rfiep ?efileD,anD 
naae 5^er.nfa!em an beapcof fanes, 
2 tfTfoe 0.33 boaies of tlj? fetaantsbauetTjepgU 
wen to be meat into tbe fouies cf tbe apje: ano tbe fleft) 
of ttp laintf tl)e bcaftsj of tlje Iano. 

j C'jetr blaon Mane tjep CIkb !ike toatet on euetg 

fioe 0: l^ierafalem: $ tljete aus no man to bur:e them- 

4 CQe are becotru an open flpmc to oat enemies: 

a t>etp Icome ano ceriiiou Ditto tbem fiat are touuo «• 

bout 1)0. 

. 5 • ILojO, note long toilt tbou be angrp: (baft* tl>p ic* 
IonSe uutue life, fire fo; euer ? 

6 J£etoje out t&ine inoignar ion fopon tbe Jrtt atfjen 
tbatbaue not knotoenthee: ans; Vip^n lUcktuffDomcg 
tbat baue not calk uponttt? Jliame. 

7 fo;tbepljaueDeu3iircD31i>fobj ano lafotaaSe 

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bpon us,ano tbat foone: fo; tocc ars come to great mi- 

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pjctieruetrjon tljcfe tbat are appointee to Die. 

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bours baue blafpbemeB 5 retwaro tljOH tbctn (© 
JUjo)feurn tola into rljeit bofome. 

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fljall giue tijec tljar.fesfoi eiten ano tail altoap beff)eto« 
ingfojtbtbp psapfe fro n generation to generation. 
Qui regis Ifrael. Pi.iI.8o 

Ho£are. © t^oct ftjepfjearo of JIfrael, tbeu tbat lea» 
Bed 3!°fcyfJ Ihe affjeepe: ujetotOjftlfealfotJ&oii 
tljat SttrQbpott tbe Cfterttbime. 

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isp tljp (tccngtb,ano come ano bdpe tic. 

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countenance,am> tuetlialbe todole. 

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tngrp toitlj tbp people tbat pjapetb? 

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(jiued them p!enteoufhe(fe of teareu to B?tnfce. 

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fcouns ! ano our enemies laitgb b 8 to fcejne. 

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IlgTjt of tb? countenance,ano toe ujnlbe Vubole. 

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(tad cafl out tbe {f>eatl)CR. ano pfanteo it. 

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Jen roo*e,it filleo tl;e lono. 

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tljat all (fee? tbat goe bp.plucfee offset grape? ? 

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bp : ano tbe toiloebeaftc » of tbeBelo oeuonre it. 

14 Curse tfjee agafne, tbo«0ooofjjolle0, looSc 
ootonefrom Jeauen: bcfialo, ano toiftte tijts t«ric. 

1 5 Snu tbe place of tiie bineparo trjat tbp tfgdt 
IjanB ^arij planteo: ano t&e b;ancb tbattbou maotS to 

ic 3JttgbumtiBit5ttre,anBtatootwtet anBt^eg 
fijar periu; at tbe refeufee of tbp countenance. 

1 7 ILet tbp bano be upon tie man of tbp rig&t rjatiDi 
ano bpon tbe fonne uf man tobom t&ou maoeft toUrong 

■ 8 ano fo toil not toe goe Bacfic from trjee: O let bjt 
Iiite,ano toe ujali tali bpon tbp-JBame. 

1 9 Uurne 139 againe,® ilc?n ©oo of bafietf: D&eto' 
tbe (igbt of tbp co:tntenance,auo toe ftja'be tobole. 
ExuItateD.o. PfaI8i. ' 

S3ng toee merilp onta cSco our Qrengtb r mafie a 
cbecrefuIInopfcWtto tbe (Sao of Jacob. 

2 Cafee tbe JJ3falme,b?tngbttljer tbe Cablet: tbe 
merit: l^drpe,bjit!i tbe Hutc. 

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m ttje time &pt<o:nteo,atia upon out folennnefesft Dap. • 

4 ifo? tbi3 roas mace a fiatute fo?3jrtad: a«o a 
laSuoft&effioB of Jacob. 

5 3Lbus bee oiticineo In Jofcp!) fojt a teStmcmfe j 
tobcH he came out of tbe lanoof e£gppt,anD bao beatD- 
aftcange language. 

6 ji cateo bis fijaulrttf am tbe burtben : ctto 6f^ ' 
banojitoete oeluicrcBfrcm utahing rbe pots 

7 tJEtjou callecft . pon me in foubles,$ J oelfciercB 
tbee: fbcaro tbee tobat time as § ffojme fel bpon tbec. 

8 31 pjctteo tbee alio : at tbe toaters of fttifc. 

9 tytm, ©mppeciple.anoStoilialfurctbee,®' 
3iCcael: if iljou bjiltbcarfcenbnto me. 

» <5E0cr< fljal! no Grange goo be in tljee : neittjec 
ujalt tbou toojtfyip anp otber gotr. 
• " SamtbcILsjotbpcSoo, te^jicb b?ongbt tbee 
out of tbe lauo of Cgpptt open tbp moutb toioe,anD 3 
(ball fill it. 

1 j TButmp people tooulo not beare mpbopec: aim- 
31&ael taottfo not obep me. 

1 i ^oSganetbembpbntetbetrotonebeartjJlufli 
ano let tbemfolfoto tbeir oteue imaginations. 

<4 © tbat mp people tDeulDljauebearl;e»eDbuto 
me : fo? if Jfrael bao tralfeeo in mp teapes. 

' S 3! u) «!b fc-ue baue put Boteue tbeir enemies; 
ano turneo mpbano againRtbeiraouerfaries. 

1 6 %\)t baters of tbe C02B (TjoulD bane bene fotttft 
liars : but tl:eir time ujoulo baue enoureo fa? euer. 

1 7 S?«e fljouH baue feBDe tbem alfo foitb rte fine IT 
biljeate fioure: ano to'tfj boup out of t%e 0on* rorfee 
fljoulD 31 baue fatilfieo tbee. 

Deusftetit. Pfal.8». 

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ano accept tbe perfons of t&etoigoBlp i 

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as be (n neroe-ano necettitp.batte tigbt. 

4 D'.l'uee tbe cutcaft ano poo?e t faue tbem fram* 

5 Ebep toill not be learnrn , no? Ira&erfiatrB, bat 
toalfte on ftiH in tiavkctiePfe : all tbe founoatfons of tbe 

■j 31 baue faiD,£e are goss : ano ?? aH ere ebtlcjea 
1 '%vt gcl&i»ts6li5«ri«iuj6B!i5tcnttf Ipjiiwft. 

DD RanDetbintbecor.gregatfonofp?mce^: Euening; 
a iuoge among goos. prays?.. 



8 3tife,0 i&ctojato juoge trjoti t&t esttf: fo; tbou 
Cjjalt take all beaebes to t&ine jnfecrttancc. 
Deusquisfimilis? Pfal.Sj. 

H©!B not tbp tongtte,© «Soo,&ecpe not Sill (Hence t 
teftaine not tbp Crlfe.D ©oo. 

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tbep tbat bate t&eejbaue Itft up t&ctt beao. 

j ^bnj&autfjnagiaeo craftily againtttfy? people; 
ana taken coxmfcK againfttbp itcret ones, 
. 4 QCpep baue fapo , Come, ann let uss roote tbem 
eat,tbat tbep be no mo;e a people: ano tbat tbe name of 
3ffcael map be no mop m rcmcm'i;ance. 
• 5 Jo? tbe? bane caStbctr beans togetbetfejft& one 
confent : ann are cottfeoetace agatnQ tbee. 

« ©je tECabernacles ofrfee (JEoomitefattt tbe 3P 
madreB: tfje ©oabttetf ann Jt>agarene3. 

7 ©ebal.ano amnion.? amaleebtbe pJjfiiGimjf, 
toitfc tbem tbat niseli at £p>.e, 

8 affuraliotisto?neDJjwotfjem: anobatu&olpen 

j> TSut Boe tljott to tbem asbnto tbe ©anfaiifteflt tfw gin?? map otoellin our lano. 

BenedixiftiDomiBe. Pfal.8j. 

L©;o,tbou art become gractottgbnte tbp laito : t|oi| 
baft tiuneD atoap iljc capttuttp of 3Jacob. 
z ®&ou baft fo^gmen tbe «2ence of t$p people! 
ano couereo all t^jctc Unnes. 

j tJEbou baft taken atoap anrtpoitpleaforet atiB 
rumen tbp felfeftom tbp tejatbfuIlinBipatioH. . 

4 ®timeti!Jtben,©©oDe«tfaufout; eHettfcfne 
anger real'e from bg. 

5 OBiIt tfcou be BtlpfeaGrD at be fc;ener. ana toiTt 
tbou Grctrf) oat tbp to;ac& from one generation to an 

6 caflt trjon nottume again* ann ^uicfcm bjJ: t&at 
top people map retopce in tbrtf ■ 

- 7 ^tetoWtOpmeccp^lLo^ranti grant W tig 

8 3 toflbtarfctn to^at tbcile;D ®f«i totllfap con- 
cerning me: to;.&eujaII fpeake peace bnto&is people, 
auo to Disfaint^tbattbcpturne not agafne. 

;> jro; bis taiuaticn te nigf> tljem tbet ftare |imt 

into Siteta,a"9 tnto 3Ia'jtn,at t(;e b?oofee of Kifon. 

io CEJbW) perinea at Cnoo;: ano became agtlje 
loung of tbe eartb. 

ii ©ake tljem ann tbeir pjfsiceB like ©:e& 
?«b : p«a,mafce ai! tbetr piinces lifte as Jeba ann S>aJ» 

i* CBbtcbtep, Hetfostifccte our [clues: tbe bou' 
ft0 of ©on in povTcrTion. 

i j © mp (SoD.mafcetbem lifce bnto a tuTjrele: ann 
8£ tfie S-.ibWe before tbe toinDe, 

1 4 Lifcc as tbe fire tbat burne; b up tbe toooo r ano 
zt trji fisme tbat confometb tbe imamaines. 

i s Pcrferute tbem eutn fo raitb tbp tempeft : ano 
make tbem afr aio toub tbp Rojme. 

\6 {BafeetbetrfacepaajamecOLojo j trjatttjcp 
jnap Crete tbp Jftame. 

1 7 JLtt tbem bee cottfbu'-'fcfD ann bejccti euerme^e 
ant) mo?e : let ibem be put to fbame ann perifb- 

1 8 am tbep ft).iH fcnoto tbat tfau ( toboft name it 
3IeboitabOart calptbe m >ft I^iabtfi ouet ail (be eartb. 

QuamdiJe&a. Pfa! 84. 

O^oto amiabk ate ibpotoeUmss: tbou Eojo of 
boftes t 
2 S0pfeule Tiatb a cefire ano longing to enter info 
tbe courts of tfieUpjD: mpbeatt anci mpfiett;tet?pce 

j £ea, tbe fparrota ftatliforciTa ber an botife , ano 
tbcf&altoto a ne5, tobere Rw man tap bet poung : ent n 
tbine altarst,® Ej?o of boffec,mp Sing ano mp <ScB. 

4 TSIeifeti arc tbep tbat Dtocf in tljprjoufe: tbep toil 

5 'B[efffDtstbeman ) fobtfeIJr£ngtbtemtbee:ftt 

tsTjole beart are tbproapeg. 

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neile ano peace bane {.ttfca febotbec. 
. 1 1 JErttetb ib^l flj^tfr) out of the eattb '. anB t:gl;te« 
oufn <tt' batb bolt* totore from bcauen.' 

» i gfa, tbe 2,o?D Hjali ujttolouiRglincnelTe : aul 
ourlannfljallgiucberincrcarf. - 

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Cirect bis going ia tfce teap. 

Iii:linaDomine Pfal.8tf. 

B©bi cotonctbine rare, © JLojo, ann {jcaremci Morning 
aj J am poc?e ano in mtferie. •„ ai er, 

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©00 fattc tbp fi-ni2iit tbat puttctb bis unit in ri;ec. 

j 113c mrrciiiiH Dnto me , 2D JLop : fo; 31 &ill caH 

4 Comojt tbefoureof tbpferuant:fo v 2bntotTjce 
(© &020) ore 3 lift Up mp fcale. 

5 jfoj tbou 2.ow arr'cojo ano gracious : ano of 
great metcp onto all tijc m t;;at call upon tbre. 

6 , (Sine care JL020 Dnro mp pjaper: otd ponoet tbe 
fajpceofmiiiebuniPleDiErcs. • ,.; 

7 31tt tbe time ofmp troulle % toill call bpon tbee : 
fo; tbou beat cfi me. 

8 among tbe got? tbere tenonelifce bntorbce (S> 
JLo?d:) tbereisnotPnetfiatcanooeasrbeuDoflr. * 

5 8K n.'tiMie tcbiim trjon baft matf.uj il come ana 
ioojlbrp tljce,© JLaio : an? ujalf glaziG? tbp i!5ame. ; 

10 jFo;tbo:t artgreat 5 anODoclla;onBercufitbing^J 
if)on art <3oi alone.- 

1 1 ^Ccacb me tbp toap (© Hm) ano 5 toil! teatfe 
in tbp triietb : © knit mp be arc bnto tbee, t£at 3] mag 

31 toill rbanfee tbee , ©U02B mp <Strfc, ttiftb all 

6 GUbtcb going tbJongbtbenaIeofmiffHe,t!Cctt -.mpljcart: anotoili p?apfetbp Satn?.foj euerni02e. 

fo? a bisll: ano tbe pedes arc fifflcD biirb toater 

7 ^Ebcp toil go from firaigtb to Greiigtb: ano imto 
tbe (Sob of goos app«3retb eutrp one of tbem in ^ion. 

8 © £o;o ®oo of fjoff0,beare mp-p?apct: rjearken, 
© ®£>o of 'Jacob. 

• 9 T3ebola,©®oo,8KrBefeJtoetranoIoofeei>pon 
il)t face pf tbtnc anopnteo.- • 

1 o f 0? op e oap in tbp court*: te better-tbett a t^ou« 

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? jFu? great ts tbp mereptotoaronife: hud tbou 
(jaftof liitereo mp foule from tbr netbermnQ bCl. "* 
1 4 © <5oo,tbe p2ot;o an rifen againfl me : ano tbe 
congregations of naugbtpmfnbaiiefoKgbt afttrmg 
feule,ana bane not fet tliee before tbtir rpr s. 
: 1 5 1&ut tboit(©'Ho20 ®oD)art fu! of rcpavTionsnu 
mercp : long fiiffcring.plf nteous in go;D!itiIe 3 trtsnft. 
.16 ©tfitni'tiirettfRbntome. anobauemrrcpip- 
en mt: gtuc tbp S enfib tiuto tbp Ceruanr, & Ijilpz tje 
31 baorat^erbee a Boo?tEeeperintbebmi&of •fonneoftbineb..".n3nuio. 
oo:ibcHtoDtocnfntbetemgofimgoiiline{re. 17 fefjelsforaegcoote&rntipartnir fo;go«o, tbat 

jroi tbe JLozXSaOiSabgiitanB oefenre: tbe tbepurfiitbbatenie.mapleettjgrbeabjanuo: brcauf^ 

ILojo lyillaiue grace ano tio?f[iip, ann to gcoo tbicg tbon!Lti?D bad fjclpeti mc 5 ann"ioir.fo2tir! me 
'%tH6etBit'ibc-tdt>bT! , tbfmtbGt!ineagO!3!)?Iffe. FunJ.menta eius. Pfa! 87 " 

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^«tt«tJ[ib^i«ittliat5cj6» - I. : JTileustbtbegatcgcf.^taijmojejVenalitbcEwe^ 


The Pfalmes*. 


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t 4 IScIioli pc t^c 39^jiTi2inc0 al'o: ano t^cp of tETp?c, 

fait!; the @o;tass,loe,tIicretoa(5 be J»2nc. 

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fcozne in bet ; Rim tfee mefi R>t'glj ffcli Rablifi) fcer. 

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fccatfeJ alimpftcftj fpzings Rjailbr m tbee. 

DomincD.utf. Wb] 88;' li» •] : 

O&ojB ©clo of nj?.ralnation,' 3i.baue crpcB pap ann 
uigit brfozerbrt: 2) let nippiapjr enter into tfjp 
pzcfcncccncline tljii.c c art feme mp calllnri;. 
,-' s 5Fo: mpCbitle if full ef t: o:.bIe: a3it> mp life Djato* 
ttii nig!) unto bf If. 

:r j; "»3 at» rountcU a$ one of tbem tftat go romne in* 
letljcpit : ano 3 battefcene ctccn a?, atnau t|jat t)3tD 
fcoitmtgtlj.v: : — -■>" > v : 

4 jFrcr among trjr BeaB , like bttto tbem tljat bee 
tuoti"tjec ano lie in tbe graise turjich tic ottt of temem* 
biancc,aRD are cut atoap from ttprjaiio. 
g 5 GEboti fcaR IapcB me in tbe lorxcff pit : fn a place 
of oark£nctTe,anB in tbe teepe. 

6 tJT&inc incignau'en Tpctt IjarB tpon me: aim tljott 
fcaG facrcD mc fcitb an tbp Ramus. 

7 ©boubaRput atoap miiicacqtiaintarccfartc 
• from mc t anu mace mc to be abtjrjrcD of tfcertt. 

8 3 am fo faR in p;ifonj tbnt 31 cann -t get foztlj. 
9' Q&T CgU failetfj fo; tictp treublc ; &8J0,3i bant 

caltet oaplptpon tfcee, 31 kaue Grttcfcec out mp i;ar.B$ 

i o D«R tfjou fljeto teontirrs among tbe BraD : e: 
Bjalf the tcatj rife bp agatnc enfi psapft tbee i 

1 1 feball tbp lectinoc kiiiDHrffe bee frj'.tocB in tbe 
gtattc: pj tbpfaitbfulncfTc in ncRrurticn f 

i j ©balltbp tooncereus toozRcs be knetocn i« tbe 
tarke: ant) tbp ngbteoufcefTc in tbe lauo &herc all 

1 3 Clute tfjee Jane 3 1 cricD,0 HojB: anu earl? Gjal 
tnp piaprr rome bcfe;c tbee. 

14 I.o2D,toI)paliIio?vifitrjotimprouIe: anBljiBeG 
tbou tbp fare from me i 

i j 31 am in mtff rfe,ant like imto bim tbat i^ at tTje 
point to Die : (euro from mp p:tufj bp) t^p tcrro^sljatii; 
31 fufferco tnitf) a trotiblro minac. 

1 6 fJTbp to?atljfull Difpleatiire goctf; otict me s anu 
tfjefcatc cf trjee ^atb bHDone mc. 

17 ©bn> came routiB about me oaplplifeciuatct: 
ann rompaflet) me togetrjrt 011 cuctp Goc. 
. 18 £0i»IoucrsanDfn'enosSaRt!:oitptitebjapftcm 
me : ana rjio mine acquaintanr e cut of mp fiaftt. Dnmiiii. Pfal 85. 
• S leng ftj3U be atoap of tbe Fouina; 6in?nctfe 

oftIieILo:D: toitij m? mcutlj ruiH Seiscrle 
.^tiring t^ptructb, from one generation to 

2 5Fo: 31 fiane faitj, CO'tcr HjaHbe frtbp fc? cuer : 
tbptruetbHialttbotiGablinjintbeijeaiiEwe!. . 

3 $ bane mace a roucnant boitl) mp cfjorrn; 31 lane 
fi»am?bntoDatiirj mvfernont. 

4 t3TI)j> GceDr toil! 3) Qablinj foz cuer: ano fet bp tbp 
ttlJcne from one generation f aiiotbct. 

j O EojD.tlfec bcrp Ijraucng RjalT p:apfe tbp to«tt< 
tcrn^rjoii^es: anottp trttctD in tr;c ccnigtcsetton of 
tlje faints. 

6 ir oiWTjoie be among t^cdouBc?: t5at({ianBc 
eomijarcDtotet&cJlotBj' . J 


• 7 - anti la r jat 10 It awor^ tT # go:* t&at ftaitt liSe 

8 @ob is betp greotip to be fearcB in tlje cotmfcil 
cftrje %aints : &n ta be l;atj in rcirern:ce cf all tljtm 
tVat arc about rjim. 

$ : O fi-cjc (Sou of I;o8g,toIjc ig lite bnto trjee: trjp 
trnstl) (moll mtgbip Iloir) its un eutip fine. ': 
•. 1 o tSDott mlffi tl;c raging of tfje fea 1 t^ott fitUtft 

1 1 Sbou IjaR Ciibtmrc cf g ppt , art tcSrejta it: 
tloti IjaR fcatterctJ tfjinc cntmusc aljease tou^ tjg 
migljtp atme. 

, 12 ^Tl/e bcaucrfi ate tljine. tSc rart^ alfo tetljir.e: 
ttou Ijafl lapti t&c fennsaticn oft^c remit) too^o, ann 
alltbattljereinis. • : 

1 j fJCIjeii tafl matse tie iSoitb anu tfjefeoutlj: 
^atoj anc Mermen Rjall reiopce in tip JSame. 

14 ©rjeitljafianiigttparmc: firongtgtrjplmnB, 
ant) Ijlgi) is tfjp tigtt Ijano. 

1 5 3RfgI;ttoufhtfie ann rqnitp i& rJ&e fjabitstion of 
tfjp teace: mercp anD tnieibifjaUgce befojethp face. 

1 6 'Bleflctj is tbepcop*c(© 3loi3) tbat can rriopce 
in tl;tt : tbcp ftjal rjaalfce in tbe ligtjt of tbp rmiRicnanre. 

1 7 Sljrir oeligfct ftjaT! e eaplp in tl;p jaame: anu in 
rijp tigbt confer Crfljal! t^ip make tlieir boaG. 

1 8 Jpo; tljou art tbc g!o2p of tbrir Grengttj : ant ta 
tip losing fcmtiieffe t fjou fljalt lifr bp our Ijomcfi, 

*9 JrTc? tlje JLojd 10 our Defence: tlje |)o!p one of 

20 tEn&oii fpakcR Cbmetime^ in bifione bnto tbj> 
faints, anufapurR : J rjauelaio brlpebpon one tbat 
ismigfjtp.J baxte eraTteu one cboftn out of trjepeeple. 

21 31ba(icfem!ti2)aHitimpfeiuant: toitBmptofH 
ople fjaue 31 anopnteb bim. 

2 2 S@p bano fijaiUjolD btm faG; antj mp atme Rjall 
Rrengtbcn bim. 

2i ^E^e enemic ujalln«tbee abletorjotfjimbtc- 
lence : tbe fonne of toirktonetTe Rjall not \ urt bim. 

14 31 fijal write totone big foes before 61^ face cnB 
plague tbem tljat ijatc bim. 

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aim in mp Btme fijall fit's beme be eralietj 

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lift bp tbefr bom ; trje 80000 lift *p that toaues. 
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firengtb cf mp conSQcnce. 

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BeQroptbem in tfjhr otone malice : pea, trje Hoto out 
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fjis enemies on eiteru SDe. 

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JtojB : at tfje ptefenre of tfjf Lotoef tfie tofjole t art*. 

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t(e Srengtb ot'tbe Oils is bis affo. bis faints, fjc f^&n Bditirt tfjtm from t(e fjanoof tbe 

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The Pfalmes. 

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1 1 2 I&ciopce in tbe E020 pet rigljteoits : anB gitte 
tTjankes ft? a of bis IjoIineHe. 
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toara tbe Iioute of Ijfratl : am all tbe rnas of tbe toojlo 
fcauc fcene toe fatiatien of our ©oB. 

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lanes : Sng,reiopce,ana giite tbannS. 

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pour fel.ies iovMl befojc tbe JLa}i tlje King. 

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maefce : 2 toil! not lufifer bim. 

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tin lana : that 31 map cccTte out alltoicfcca aocrsfrom 

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■>£are mp pzapet, © JLojd : ano let mp crptug 

tHaenot tljpface from me in tbe time of 
mp trouble: cBdine tljine earcsunte metoben3[caH, 
© Ijeare me,anc tljat rigbt foone. 
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graffe : la tljat J fo.iget to cate mpfyeao. 

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tfm Gttctfj alone b jom tlje f.otite top. 

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tfjat ate manbpan me.ate ftoome togetbe'r agp.hiR me. 

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rigbteoufneffe in 3Iacob. 

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befo?e m's footcffoole.foj Ije Is Ijefp. 
• 6 Chafes anu 3aron among&te P?feSS,anti ^a» 
muel among fucft as call Upon htstfjamet tljefecalleo 
tpon tbe JUjB.anD fy beavti rtim. 

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fo?tljotifiantalenmeUp,aiiDca0 men 'tone. 

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tottfjereB li^e gralTe. 

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tfjp rcmemb?ance tli;ougl)out all generations; 

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7 fye (pafee Unto them out of tfieclotiBppiFar: fo? fo? it i# time tbat tfjbtt baue mercp Upon Ijer, pea, tlje 
t&cp feept ^is teilimcnies,(t tlje Into tliat b« tcanc tbem. time is come. 

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flatted tbcm> © ©ot, ano piinifijeBfi tbeir etone tit- ami it pitietft tfitm to fcefiec in tlje BitQ. 
ucntions. ■ 1 y ©fee IjeatTje n ujal fcate tbp JBnme,© Eo2D:ano 

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fepandis (jolpbill: fo: tljeJUjo our ©on is Ijolp. 
Jubilate Deo. Pfal.100. 

OTBeierfunin the ^Loja aft pe lances : remet^e 
JLoiB toitlj glaotieffi, anu cemc before ^i^pje* 

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&at>j maoe bs, anB not toe our fewcs,toce areljis peo» 
ple,anB tTie fijr rpe of bispaRitre. 

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iting^n--' into bis roHttstoitbpiapfe: bctbanfefiillbn= 
to bim,ann fpeahe goou of bis J[2ainr. 

4 JF-JJ tlje ILojOe is gracious , bis mercp is ruer* 
lartfng : anu bu* truttb cnoureifi from gentratio to 
generation. •_ 

Mifericordiam & indicium Pfal. 101. 

M ^IVng Gp I! eo f mtrcp ana in , -geincnt:b: , .totbee, 
* ©letmebaiieUnnerSanaittgiintTjelyapofgoti' 

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irspljouft toitli a perfect beart. 

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llt'Sglezpfban appear?. 

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poo26 Ueilitute : ana aetpifctb not t?y£tr Btfite. 

1 8 ^TtisfijaUie tejtittefo? tljofc tbat come after: ana 
tbc people M?icb lb •Ibe borne, 3)a!Ip:apft tbe JL02D. 

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otttof tbe btaucnaia tbeiota bebola tbe eanfj. 

: o $rbat be migbt bcare tbc mournings of furb ag- 
lie in captiuttit: ana acliaer t^t cbtlcjen appointea Utv> 

a 1 tJCbat tljep map aeriare tlje 3!3ame oft&e&ojB 
in ^)ion : ana bis USo2$ip at ^Krufalem. 

2 2 tQben tbe people are gatberco together: ana tbe 
^ingaomes alfo to feruf tbe JLoja. 

2 3 l£e bjougbtootoMt mp&retigtbinmpienrncpt 
ana u;o2tencti mp capes. 

2 4 TSut SI fapa, © nip ©ob, ta'&e me n« atoa? in- 
tljemicaeGofmrne age: asfojjtbppettesttjeptnDure- 
tb?ougl)otit all generations. 

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4 3 bJt'.I tafee no toickeo tbfog in b«m»,3I datctTje foanoatfon of tb« <aub: ana tb« bvaiien^ are tbe teojS*. 






'cf tT;p rjaffli*. .1. ! 

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ifjatl toarc o;D ajstiarct) a garment. 

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ttjevujallbcctjangcD: liuttljaH atttOe tame, miDttg 
peeress fliaUr.ot fail*. 

a 8 CfjectjilDieu ofttipferuainei ffjafl continue ! ana 
tljclrfcencujall itanu fair in tfjp fight. 

Benedicanima, : ffal.ioi. 

P Halle trje ILojd,© mp fculc: ant all ttjat fcfoitrjtn 
mc.pjapfr bis LoIp JSUne. 
1 pzapfe tlje Horn,© mp foule: ana forget not all 
1)iZ benc&ts 

1 j CCII;ic& fc?ft£ncttj alt t6g Gtmc: $(jealctlj al! t()inc 

4 CUvjtcIj fauetft c tjp life from DeBriictioH: $ ctotu> 
Bct{) ttjtr toiib mcrrp an© lotting kimneffe. 

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making tfjee pong a-.m Italic a? an Cagle. 

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foi al( tlif m tljat are opp^cCfe^ toitlj to.jong. 

7 $c (vjctoen bis toapep into gjofm : tjip too^rjl 
into toe clnlcjrn of lifcatl. 

8 ©je J,oi3 ig full of campaKTon ana mercy: long 
differing;, an? of great gcotuirlte. 

9 Qe vuilnotafoapbe cIjiDingineit&tr&cepctljrje 
|)t0 anger fojctier. 

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rtfrarneij i> 1 accojstng to our to:cfcel tieiTe. 

1 r jfo? look tjoin Ijigtj t&e benncn is in comparf&n 
of t§: eattfi : To great t? bis mcrcp alio totoaro trjem 
tljat feare birrs. 

1 2 Looke boto toioe alfo ttje (JEaS is* from trje C2XeS: 
fo farrebatb 6c fet our fwHeg from D0. 

13 ^ca. liRe as a tarrjer pittctb Oi'gctens rl;tln.ifn: 
tticn fa ig tfje JLojn mercifull to tfjem tljat fcarc fjtm. 

1 4 f 0? he knetocttj toyerrof toe be mane: rje remem* 
fyetb tljat toe arc tut D«it. ■ 

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rifijetij as a flJiirc oftfjc fido. 
, 1 tf ^jroi affrone &S tlie VnttiD goetrj otrcr it,tt fe g»r.c: 
anD ttje place thereof (ihaU hnolu ti no inoje. 
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ret!) F02 eijer aim curt, bpoi tbcm ttjat feate bim : anti 
ItetigbtcoufnevTe bpon ctjilDirtigcbiilDjrn. 

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tfjinke iiucti btecommMJcmcntfi to Doc ttem. 
f 1 s» STbc Horn Ijatli piepareD f)ij3 feate in rjeaaen t 
»ntj lji<3 kingcome ruletb otter all. 
. 20 ©piaifetbello;Mefl"gcteoftte, pet^atrr.. 
cell in (iccngtii : pc tfjat Ftiftll Me tommanoement,ann 
Jiearhert^Bto tljc ii jprc of (jt'fi Soo2B0. 

2 1 © pjapk trje Lc!C,«H pc fiisa (jofie^: peferuint^ 
of lite tliJt toe (its pleafitrc. 

1 2 © fpeakc (fnoB of ti:e Hojd an pc tooifjes of Tjt'sf, 
.in alt place *.of rjis ueminion i pjapfe t(jon tfcc Eo c 'D,® 
mp foiilr. 

Benedicanima mea. Ffjl.104. 
*laij"e rlje Horn, © mp fotile ; © JLo;u mp ©on, 
.Oott art ticconir cf rcoing clo^toiig, tfieu art cls» 
tliea \uit!imai;3ie anc [lomsttr. 

2 ©iouBcd5cRt{jpfrI.' : c5xit£tjlto;:;tasittBCtcb?itI; 
a garment : ano tpjcarjcSrut tljcteautn3lt[;eac;ic» 

j CaliicI) IrtvcrTi tlje lieames of rji^ tDambcr in tfjc 
luaters : aim n.-ltctb rtje clonscs rjiss crjatrr, ann ioal= 
fatfj »p w tlie tuinc-d of tlie toine. 

4 lij: i'Mket& Ijis angcla ipiritft: ano fjttfmfniSctjj 
a flarrtiis Rre 

• j Jpc laic tfic fonntjatioiisi ofc^e cat tlj : t|jat it ne» 


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garment ; tte maters flanp in tlje Di'?. 

7 St tiipreluifcetljep Btc: at tTjet>opceoft5ptfom« 
net ttjep are afrafl. 

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tTjcDallepcg Itcneatlj : ciien unto t}jc plate UiDtcb tljoit 
iaS appotntctj fo? t(jem. 

9 'eton rjafl fet t!;etml;eir tonnti^taTjicIj tfjcpfl&al 
not paffe : neiifjcr tutne againe te com r tlje caiii^. 

10 t)e lenDttlj r'.jcfp^nggitito trjettuctfJ: Witf} 
rimne amer.g tljr IjiliS. 

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toilDcaffesquiml) ttrirtldtft. 

1 : ISefiac irjiin ftjali tlje fouler of trje ap^eljaue 
tljctrlialiKatton: nnofipg airtngtbclvanrlje^. 

1 j ^e toatetet!) tlje Oils from abene: t^ecart&ig 
61ICD toirlj tlie fruit ct'tljp teo^u-0. 

1 4 ^e fijingetl) fo;t& gcifl'e foj tbe catttli: $ gretrw 
terbe fo? tlje rentier ot'rr.en. 

«j ^rjatliemapLijingfoctJcotrtofrfjecartrj, ana 
toine tljat mnkttJj glaD ttje teatt ef mnn , anB oj-!r ta 
mafce fcini a crjerrefttH ronr.reiir.i:cc, & ^eaa to fiteng« 

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tfcr Cetar.3 of 1 HcnitS,U i ljicl; Ije fjafO pl?nttD. 

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jFicre trees a.e a t toiKing fo; tf;e %to2!;e. 

1 8 3Tfec fiigrj btls aie a refuge fo? tlje toilD Sieatg : 
antj fo ace tlje Botip rocf:0 foj tlje Ccnieg. 

19 Upe appopnten tL i e@of.nefojcfrtamefeafoniJ: 
ann tlje ftannr ftuoteetl) Ijf? going torone. 

20 tJTIiOM nmlicl? Dacfeencffe tfcat it map bcm'fifjt: 
toseretV. all tlie U&Sn of tlje ftvrcfi Joe nicotic. 

2 1 Sfjc iLtoiis roaring after t&eir pispr: cce frefce 
trjeirmeateat ©od. 

2 2 £fce<£u!nncar£retIj>8Mi tljep get trjem atoap to* 
getfjer: ano lap trjem Dorcne in ttetr t'cnncjs. 

2j C0&n goetrjfoojtlnoijijstorike, aim to rjis Ia» 
fcotttrtmtintljceuenttig. ^ 

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twime fealt tfjott macetbent all , t&e eattfj ip full ef ttjg 

2 j ^0 is tl-e great ann tofce fea a^o ♦ tofjeretn are 
trjingg ctceptng inmtmcra&fe , fcetrjfmall snn gtcat 

2 6 ©Ijere goe rte fljip«,f trjere it t^at HctifaH&an: 
toj&oin tfccu liafi inase to iake ^ispafiime tljercin. 

'27 Sfljefe toaite all bpon ttjee : tljat tljou mafcli 
giitc tljem mcatein due fcafon. 

28 IClljentfcoiipucQittljem, tfjep gather it t aim 
toljen tfjutt cpenclt tb? ljanD,tljrparc filleD toitb grorj. 

19 CEIfiert t&oii Ijiurff tbp face , rljcp are troubles: 
toljen ttjou takeft atuap tljcit bieatrj, tliep Die , ana arc 
tuenco agair.e to tljEirDitlt. 

j o IQrjcn tfjou letteit tfip fijeain goe foojtfj , tliep 
ftjalfec mane : $ tl;oH fljalt tenet) tfce face of tlje rartrj. 

j 1 COe glojiotis ntaicBie of tlje JLoin Hjallenrjnre 
fai etif r : tte Eom Irja'l cciopfc in tjfjg toojkjs. 

j 2 3T0e eartl) fijal tremble at tte Ieoke of Cim: if fje 
Doe Dm rancl) t&cfcil&tliep fi^ali fmcke. 

? j 31 will fma: unto tbc long w 3J Iftte : 3 
toi !p?a?fc mp (5oo,lurjile 31 battrmp being. 

1 4 Gr.2 fo ujal mp tooms pljofe Ijim: mp top ftjal be 
In 1 6e Horn, 

3 S as for inner*, tlie p Hjall be cottlimcD out of ttje 
eattli,aim tt:ebiio;oc?p fljsll come to an rnc: pjaifc t^oi* 
tlje JUp, © mv> fet.'Ie, p;apfc tl:e ULaM. 

Confitemini Domino. PfhI. 1 o J. 

O'Sittr t&aiikribnto ttje Horn, ann call bpon tjftf MoniJng 
,1 2emc: ttllt^gcopjfe toljat ttjing^be tjat^ prayer, 

x ©let 




Jet pour talking lie of all big toonBetcuss tec.jkg. 

3 Stiojce jti Us i.ol? J3ame; let tbe Oeart of tbem 
ttiap.e tbat fcefee tbe ILo?D. 

4 ®ce&e tbe &o:n ana big Btengtb: fec&t&isTace 
nxctmoje. . 

5 Kemember tlje marttciloug roo?ft?0 tbat be batrj 
flone t bits toanDrrs, ano tlje titogemtPM of jjjjg moucb, 

6 © pee fee D of ab2abam fits fctoant ; pe cbilBztR 
•Filacob lji'3 cfjofen. 

7 ^)cij* tfjc £o2B out ©OB : Jig f uBgeracntg ate in 

8 ipce batb bene albaap mitiBfutt rf bte coutnant 
anB piomile : that be maDe to a tbottfana generations*. 

9 OEiun tlje couenant tijat be rr.aoc toitlj abjabanr. 
«aa tie otlje tbat Ijc filiate bnto Jifabac. 

to 3nn appointeB tOe fame bnto Jaco'j foia&ato: 
aaa to Jfraelfoian ttictlalfingtleltament. 

1 1 <&a?ing Cl'ito tljee toil J giue tbe lana of £ba- 
flam: tbe lot ef rout inberitancf. 

« 2 C2l&en tbete suite pet tnt a feto of ttiem : artti 
tteg Etr.ngcte tn tftt IaitD. 

1 3 K- bat thne as tbep toent from one nation to an 
ctljcr : from one fcingBsme to another people. 

« 4 i}e fuf&ret no man to Boe tljem tojong : But tc» 
pfeoneB men &inj3foj tljetri'a&cs. 

1 5 Couci; not mine 9nopm« : 9 Bo mp 39jopberX 
no batme. 

1 6 Sooner, fie cal'sD &? a ueartlj bpon tbe lartB: 
arm levrropeB alttbe pjor.tGon of fejraB. 

17 "ButbebaBfent amanbefo.setbcm j cue:i3t<>* 
(epr) torjicfi toasfulo to be a bonaferrtrmt. 

> 8 cn'jo e fate tljep tjm in tbe ftocfeeg : tlje pjin 
enttesiKto big Cottle. 

« 9 Qntil p time enm: tbst tig caufc teas knetoen,- 
t|c tuc^tJ of the ilo;B ttpeo ftim. 

20 tn>: Sing Cent ano oclitiewDftmtffeepjfnce of 
tbe people let (jim go ftee. 

ii 3J)e maae Ijim Iojb alfo of &ij3 Ijow'c ■• anB mice of 
ell big fubftancc. 

22 STljat lie mfgbtenfojme Sis pieces? afttt &te 
totfl: amncacb b:s%ei;\it£>;sTuiffBo(i!e. 

2 j Jfrarl al'o came into (Sgppt: ana 3[acob bwga 
granger in t6e Urn of fpam. 

34 3ttB bee MicreafeDbte people errecBtnglp : ana 
maDetlrrnt Brongtt tlK" tlurr rnnuteg. 

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jlc :otc Br alt tntrucl)' laft& bisJ fcntanr0. 

1 6 Sbea Dent {.'«: (^ofcj! fete fanaunt : ano Saton 
fciljem Ije batJcljoCeit. 

27 anDtSEfen;eb3cBbi0tokti0 among t£em: ana 
tesnoers tn tbe la-,B of C)am. 

2 8 fyc Cent Barren.- fife, :na it toajS Batfie : enB ttep 
l»:tenot obecient bnto bis li'o.D. 

29 ftee titrneBtbeittuatctts into M00B : anflflrto 1 

j o tsn&cic lane b?o:igTjt foo^tfj frsggcg; ^ca,etttH in 

j t ifc fpake tbe tuo io, anB tljete came all manct of 
fiteg : ane Ike in all tbeir fjttarte t3 

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efSrttn tbeir IniB. 

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tcihopco tl-je trees tba: lucre in trjeir coaRs. 

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tatcrp'.nara innttmeta^le : av.n Bit) eat in) a!I tbe graife 

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iclliefe oral! tberr Rrcngtb. 

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j 8 li?c fpjraB sttt a clonB to be a totifting t anB fite 
to stuc Itgbt in tlje ntgtt fcafon. 

3 9 3c tbeir cefirc fce bzongbt qjtaiUjS : anB fje filleo 
tfjem toil; tl;e bjeaB efljrauctt. 5 
r*:4o ©e cpencBttcroc&eof Qrne, anB tbe boater* 
floiurn out : fa ti at timers ttttiti fi?gpkcc0. 
• 4 • jfoj tr-bp i be rcnumb^eB bte t«"l? pjomtfe : auB 

42 S110 be b2ongf)tfo9?tb Us people toitfj iopj anB 
bjs Cb«0rn tottb glacmffe. 

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tbe.y too'ae ibehb.-utB of tbepecpletn potTtlfton. 

-44 C&.,t tljcp mtgtjt fecepe die Qatutes:anB obi'erue 
W laVses. 

Ccnfitemini DoHiino. Pfal. lotf. 

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no Ij^enterrgrnoiiretfa foj» rttcr. . piajcr. 

2 JUbocantrpjeifetbc noble acts of tb« 
Jld^d :o; fbetc fc2tli al! \,i0 pjapfi^ 

3 TSleffeB ar/ tbe p tbat alttwp feet pe SuBgcmtnt : 
ano toe tigbreoufnelTe. 

4 lienicmbet mc,D 3Lo?B,accc2B tng to tbe fatiotic 
tbat tto.i beartS br.w tbp people ; O BiUt me leitl) tb2 

- 5 rErjatSmapfeetbefelfcitfecftbpCbofenia'ia 
teiofcein tbe glaencSe of tljp people, anogute tban!;? 

6 roe b-ittc finneB toitlj out fctljerjoi toe Dane Bone 

aini(Tc,ar.B scale toicbctlp. 

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tttttljer ktpt tbf p tljp gr; at gooBntffe in rcmemb;ahct: 

but tot te BilobcBient at tlje ir a enen et tf;e te D It a. - 

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(zkt : tfeat be migljt make big potoct to be knetoen. 

9 t)t rebnl?cB tbe « B fea a!fo,anB tt toas b^cb bp: 
fo fie Icb tttnt tljeioto ttc ccepe , ag tbotoio a toiloew 
tieCe. ■ , 

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sub BcbnercB tkni from tlje bans of tbe encinie. 

.u 3s foi t&cfe tbat tt.ttMetJ tbein , tbe teatctg o» 
utttoIicImtB tfccm : tljerc fcasnot one of t&emlcft. 

1 2 tEben kelctucB tljcp bis '0,0^9 : anB lang pjaife 
bnto Ijim. 

1 3 -T3ut toitb in a Woilc tbtp fo;gc t b is tooj^ : ana 
toouls net aliiei'bip c. unfailc. 

1 4 "But li'.R came buon tbcm in tbe toilBerncjS : ann 
tl'tp teniptcc (Sob in tfje cefatt. 

1 > 3nB be gauc tbem tbeit Bcfirt: anB Cent Icanencg 
teJtb. , .Hm:otrjcitfoule. 

1 6 tJbep EtigreB £goft $ elfe in tbe rentg: 5 Catoa 

17 <5>o tberartb rpcnCB ,' anB ftoaHotoeB bp «Da« 
tljan:ana coucr^Btbccfttigregsttonofafciram. 

1 8 3nB tbe Ere to2s kinBleB in tbcit compsnte: tbe 
Same burnt l'p tbcbngaolp. 

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tlje n-olttn image. 

2 o Gbug tbep tuttttB tbf ir glojp : into tbe Gmili« 
ttiBe of a caife rfcat eatetbbap. 

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Bone fo rjreat tljlnge in <£gjpt. 

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fearcfuMtbtrigsbp ttctVo Pea. 

2 3 £5>£ibefapDbctooi;lobaue reGrepcB tljem, ba9. 
not ©o'JrsbiP Cbofen (tana bsfoiebim m tbe gap : to- 
tttrne araapbijStojatbfunntiignattcnjUSrje fijoti!&Bj» 

24 2*-ra, tbep tbottgbt fcomc of tbat pleafant lanB j. 
ana put «9 cw3«nce t j? tcep, 

25 T8«t: 

The Pfalmes.' 


' 2 5 TSut muvmuttU in tltk ttntfi i auB bcatfcencB 
not unto tbe uopce of tbe IUjb. 

j <i &5enIiftfieupbis!janB8gainQtfjcm:taoutC' 
tbjoto tbem tu tlie toilo emetic. 
■ 17 -STo f afi oKttbett Ceeoe anteng t&e nations : anB 
to ftatter tljem in tbe lanog. : 

r 2 *.{£&*]> iojncD tbcmfclu:$ into "Baal Jpco? : ana 
ate t(jc offerings of tbe D can. 
t 29 <Pustbegp;ouoKeBbimbuto anger toirbtbetr 
cUne uuicnticngi t anatbeglagae tots great among 

j o €ben Soob bp pjfaec&anB pjapen $ anB tb tbe 
jplagtif ccaCia. 

i i 3ira tbat toas cottntcB ttnto feint foj rigbtcotif* 

j i djeg angrco fcim alo at tfje toaters offitife : fo 
tbat l - e puniRjtD ©cfes fo? tficir fake*. 

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Lttngrp iotu lrittj goaoncife. 

io <Smch as lit in DatfcenefTt anDintbeflatiotoof 
Bratb : fcejng t'afi bouno m intfrtic cud p;e:i. 

1 1 "Became tbcp rcbcileB ngrtinli tlje tocfDsf of tbe 
JLo?D : $ ligijtlp tegarOrB tbe ceunfel on be moli C?ig&. 

12 Ipcallb bjottgbt notone tbeit &eart tb?ettglj tea. 
ufneffe : tfjcg ftll Dotonc, ana tfjttcjjocg note te&rtyt 
tbcm up. 

i j ^o toben tticg cricB bnto tb e 1U?b fn tbe it trou> 
Me : be BeliuetcB tbtm out of tbeft DiHrttfe. 

» 4 JFo; be fyougbt t!;c:n out of carfernf{fe,ann out 
ef tbefbaooto of ctatlj :$b?ake ttcitbonng infuntter. 

1 5 2D tbat rocw too:;lD tljtrcfoie pjatie tfce &o?Bfc£ 
It^gooonefle t aunt relate tbe toonceusttat Oce toctft 
fo^ tlje ctiTcitnef mtn. 

6 St o? be Ijetfj tyofcer. tlje gated of b?aflc: ans (mtt* 

j j Tpecaui tbeppjouofeen big fpitir: fotbatljt (pal« ten tfce batrcst of pjon in ftflfcet 

Jmacuifeolp toitlj (its lipg. 

j 4 Neither Befooieotbtp tbe bcatben:a0tlJeJto:fl 
wmmanoeD tbcm. 

; j j TBut toere mtngleB among tfje bcatljen: ana lear« 
nca tfjctr tuo^fess. 

j s In fo mttcb tbat tbtp foojfbippeB tbeir iPolejS, 
In'gic^ tntnea to tfcefr etutte brcag : j>t a , t|)eg cftheti 
t^cti - fornicg attn Datig^tens bnfo nettilji. 

J7 Snii fiycD innocetubldoOjCuen tbeMooB oftficit 
fottnee ann of tljett BaugTjtrrjs : lo^om tOep offc kq bttto 
tne l'DoIes of C&anaan, ana t(;e Iana teas ciSIcd Bmtj 

j S C&cs! tone tljc p Rair.ea toifO tieit otone iusjfejS: 
«nB toent atouo?tng teitlj ttjeirobwe inuentioms. 

j 9 fSTfjcrefoje tuasstlje to:atb of tit iU#) feinnlcB 
8gain({ [jig people : tnfomuct) t|at |jee abfjo^ren W 
oione inoerirancc. 

40 ann bee gattf tT;ein ouet ftito t$e ^anfl of tlje 
ReatOen ; BHDt^eptOatljateDtficm, toetclojo^ouei; 
t'oem. . 

4 • €I;eir enemies oppjtOtBttcm : anB Tjas tTjem 

42 ©anp a tune d(d Tje Bcliiif r tljem : but tT;cp rc» 
tflleD again!! Ijtm toitlj tljctroiune iMiientionjJ, f ljuere 
Ii:otigI)t Bolone in tljeit toickecnefie. 
' " 4 j 0cticrt6flfux, bj$cnfce fatot^eir aBttcrCtte: \}t 
6carBtbcir complaint. 

1 4 + ??e tljo'igljt iipvn f)\i cotienant,? gftfeo t\)cm ae» 
coming to tljc nitilcituac of bis mercies : pea, bee mace 
all tfiou: t^at baB Icd tbtm atoap rnpttue,to pfi fc tOf m. 
45 Ddfiicr be'© Jtojn ouv (Sou)? gatfjc r Dg from 
among tbcbcatbtii! tbat tore map gfuetfiankrg Bnco 
tpp [;dp Oame.anD mafce otir bo fi ofttjp p.'aift, 
• 4«S ISIeilcBbrctbcJLojoOoDofJfracUfromener' 
laRing, anc too^lG Biitbout cno 1 anB let all t&e people 

Confitemini Domino. P{j!.i07. 
"o(tictbanl?«tmto the JLcid,Fp;Ijc ijSgractcu^: 
no bisl niercp ennttretfj fo? met. 
ILrrtljrm gitie tbanfcctobom p Ho?b baib 
rrBeemen : ano Be ItnaeB fran tbe IjanB of tbc rr.emir. 
" * ansgarb'rentbenioriroftbeiahBSjfromj)©^ 
e from tbe CUeft : from tljc J3^tl), 9 from tbc ^otttTj. 
1 4 STbcp tont afirap in tie toilccriufTc out of tO'e 
faap : ana fottno no ritie to swell m. 
"5' tj.^gtpaitDtbirnirrtTieirrotilcfaintctitRtbcTi. 
. 6 ^)o tVpcrienbntotljcILnzt! in tbrir trouble: ana 
Ijcteu'iicrcatbrmfrimitbcrcflinrtfie. ( -. . . 
w 7 l?e lea tbcm fo«tb bp tbe rfgbt iBap : t&«t tTjcp 
mijbt (to to tbc ritir tuyere iljrp rtoelt. 
. 8 ©tbatmcntoouIatbercfozepzarfeibriLojBfcr 
fiie' goo^nefle : cut) Declare tbe fcoHDcrtf t&at be ccet{) 


17 iFool:ftmenareplagueBfo?t5«r°ffcRce' ano 
fceraufe of tbeir toiiiecncfle. 

1 i lEbeir foale abbc?rcD all maner of mcate : ana 
tfiep toere men bata at ccatbis coo^e. 

19 ©0 iutjen ibep crieo into tbe £ojb in tbeir t to«» 
felc : be BcIinetcB tbt m cut oftfceir DiRrcflc. 

20 £)ee ftnt biss Uj:?b ann bealeD tbcm : bub tbe? 
isete CatieB from cbui teflr ctfon, 

1 1 2D tbat men B^oulo tbtref^e p^apSe tbc T.ojo fo; 
Us goooneffe: anB Declare tbe iuonBttgtbatbe coct^ 

2 2 <E(jat tbep Bj6[i(b offer bmo Ijfm tbe factificc of 
tban& cfgiiung • anD tell oat bis toozks toitb gtaoneffc. 

2 j tlbep tljat goe notone to tbe lea in fyipu : anB 
occttpic tijetr bufinee in gtcat toaterp. 

24 QTbere men fee tbc tooj&c^ cftfce toiB t anB %i$ 

J J f 0; at W BiojB tfje if o?mp toinu ati£et5 ; iuTjfcS 
liftctb ip tbe toatics tberecf. 

z£ €brp are raticB bp to tljcl'cauen, anBBcton* 
againetotlieoccpe : tbtttfotilemeltetbatoapbecaule 
of tbc trouble. 

27 <3Tf:ep rc'ele to anB fto, ann flaggcr lile a Bjwt« 
Un man: ar.B are at t&et'ttoltis cub. 

2 8 %o tobentbep ctfc Bnto tbe Jto?u in tTjct't trou* 
ble : be Bclitieretb tbem out oftljftr Ciflrcue. 

19 Ko} be mafcetb tbe ftojme to cta ! .e : fo teat tbe 
foaucg tlje-recf are Ot'I. 

jo tJTben are tbep glaB , !iecattfe tT;cp bee at rrflt 
annfo bee bn'ngetbtbcm bnto tljeljaticn toljerc tbtg 
toottlD be. 

j 1 © tbat men toot-ilo tbert foic pjafc tbe !Lo?Bfoz 
5is gooBucCe : ano ceclare tbe toonctr^ tbat be Boetli 
to; tbe cbilD;en of men. 

j 2 'dfiat tbep Bjj.iIb eralt btm fire in tbc Congre* 
gaticn of tbc people : ana P?apfe bim in tbe icate of tbe 

j j KtbicS titrnctb tbe finotjS into atoilDcrnefre: 
ann o;ietl: up tbc timer fp?ing«. 

j 4 a Qtiitfu'.l lann maketb be barren : fo; tf;e tote* 
fecmicffc ofibun tbatBtocHtberct'n. 

j 5 anaine bccm'nffrrTj tbe toilrerncffc affanBing 
toatcr: anB toatctfp:ing« of a c?p grotinD. 

j 6 ano tbcre be fcftttb tbe btn.gtp : tbat tbcp ma? 
httlD tbcm a citic to ttocll in 

37 €bat tbcp map fotoe tfjctr lanB.anfl plant bine* 
pavPsi : to pceln tbcm frtutjj of inert aft 

;8 r;c bit (Te tb tbcm , fo tbat tbcp multiplte ercce* 
Bt'rglp s ana fcff« tttb not tbeir cattell to Brcrrafr. 

j 9 3nn .- gninti tobentbep are minifijeB 9b;ot!gbt 
lotoc : tb;cttgb otpjcfficn, H;;otigT;anp plague o;trc* 

40 t2:{jo»2b bcefuffer t^emto DteeufllctitreateB 




tfcettgb twists' j ana let r&em toanter out of t&e toap 

4 « S ct Uelj*ct6 Be trje poejc out of miferie : awo ma-- 
fcetb bt >» SfouMns like a finc!»e of fbeepe. 

41 €b« r(£f!jteouj3 toiu ccn5ccc rfji0 , annreiopcc: 
.anB tbe matrtb of all tokkemtefle ttjalbe fioipcB. 

4 j tQijo .0 i<3 toife , toillpaaDer tbelet& ann 
fctreg ftail anaerliaim cfie lotting kmDituliie of tbe 

Paiatnracormeum. PfaL 108. 
©on, mp^cart ip ccaBp (mpbearr'prcatip: ) 
[31 toillfing anB gittepjaue teftb tbe bcG num- 
ber tbat 31 fiatte. 

; z aoja&e tboa JLuse ann I!?arpe : 3f mjftlfe toill 

j 31 toill giuertanfctj* twto tT;ec. © E.o;b, among 
t&e prcpte : 3j toJlGr.gpjapfcp two cfcee among tbe 

4 jF o; tbp mcrcp is greater tfccti tfee rjeawzs : ana 
ebpcrtsetbreetcbetg onto tbe clottBes. 

$ feet Dp tbpilfe (© (Sod) absi;e tljebcaueii$} 
ann tbp glojp sboite all tbe eartb. 

6 ^oat tbp beloueo map be oclaictco 5 let tbp rfg'&t 
Ijana fmte tbem,attn bcatc fb"ou me, 

7 (Sod &atb 'pok-n in ins ^slinctTe : 3J toill reiopce 


toot out ttt Bitmejfar! cftfiemftom off tbe eartfc. 

1 5 aiiBtbat&aaufcbitfmmof toiCR.tteccgeoE: 
lut getfcrntiB t!;e ptc^e btlj'ctiCe man , that he ir.igbt 
a&i t,tm tbat tons ucye-D at tbe tcart. 

\6 ^isBel'gtttoajsinrutfipg, aiiBttujaflbr^ptH 
bntoljim: r.ot l>lclftr.g , tljerctcjcUjali ub».e 
fane from bim. 

1 7 ipe clot' tn Ijjnitclfc tour) wrung like as tet'tb a 
tapmeHt : anBttujancomctiitobtebitoeigHfceifcater, 
ami like ojle i«ro \y& benm. 

ib' Jlct it be bnto Ijim aiS ttc cTo' e tf;at t« Tjat& tp« 
en bim : ana a? tbe gir'de ttst dee 1? a! toa: gitcta 

1? iLet it tbw bappen from tbe Le?a fento mine 
rtumieg : bub to rvolr tbat (pcake taill againft rng 

10 15:it nra!e tfiou teitb mc (© IlojB (Sob) acco?» 
Ding unto rljp jQame : fejftotet 10 tip tru rep. 

2 1 celiuer me,fo? j am belpclctte aire poo»e : bbb 
tnpbcartisi tootmnrBto.tinnme. 

= a 3 goe Ijcnre like tbc tyaooto t^at Bepartet^ aisa 
am sp'tun atoap ag tte grai^opptr 

2 j £0p kacef! ate fiaeake tfejBHgB faSi'ng : mj flcl& 
»3 B^peD bp fo; teant of fatiieflc. 


14 31 became alio arebhke Ijntotljcm ; t&cpt!)ei 
tTje'tefo?e ana Biafcc %icfeem , ar.D mete out tfee ballep lookee ^P"M ine.t^akeD t^cir feeaug 
of^uccotb. j 5 l?tlpt mc (© JLojd mp (SoO : ) efcfaue meat> 

8 ©iieao i& mine, ano ©anatlf tiS mine : 0£p& v :a» tojoing to tljp inercp 
£m al(b (g tbe (ttengtb of mp bcao. 

9 %woa is mp Ia&ginet , ©cab li mp toafepot : e» 
att (£Dom totll 31 ca2 oat mj> Q)oe,bpon tije J^ttIiS:Bc0 
tod 31 triumph. 

io CDbo toll lease mec intotb.eBrong cftie, ann 
vS§a toil! b;ing m: into CBomf 

1 1 t?aBn )t ibou fojiakenbsf (Sen: aHD toilt net 
t$0B ] <&ot),go foitb tottb, our tBfi-sf 

i i © feetpe i3g agairli tf;e encmie : fo| baine ii tit 

1 i SEfcottgb ©03 toe fijalleoe great act* : ant) it {0 
&e t^at Qall tteao cotonc out tnemie *. 

Deuslaudeni. Pfjl. 109. 

H©lBe not tbp tongue,© (Sob of mp p?apfe : fo; t5e 
matttljof tbc bngoclp, pea, aiiB tjje m»ut5 of t^e 
Bercitfull t'0 epeneo bpen mv. 

2 SnB t^ep bauc fpofcen againfi mee teitb falfe 
tongue?: t\)ef compalfcB mce afcotit alio tuitfc toeiCS of 
tatreB.ana fsitgljt againfi mc toitbout a tattle. 

j jfoi tbc loue t&at 31 Ijao unto tbem,loe,tIjep tafce 
note mp conttarp psrt: bat 31 gitie mpfelfebnto p?apcr. 

4 CTbus fjatte tbep retoarceB me euitl fo? goeo : anB 
5atreBfo?mp goon trill. 

5 %ct tbou an ungoBlp man to be tulct ouer Tjrni t 
anB let ^atati QanB at Irs ti&l)t baiB. 

6 CKben featenccig giuen bpon.bim, Ictbjmbee 
wnacmneB : auB let &i£ pia^ct be tKtntB into Gmte. 

7 Eet^iiS Bape-gteeftto : ana let another take %i$ 

8 JLet \)i$ c^ilB?en be fatljcrlcffe : anB W toife a 

9 JLet li$ cbi<B?en be bagabenBS , anB brg t&eit 
IjeaB ! lettlemfceke it alfo out of nefclate placet. 

10 5,ettbeerto?tioncrcoufumeatIibatbebatB:anB y Klill gt'tie tbanfecg bntotteLoia toitbmp tobole 
Iettbelic?RgerfpoiIcbisIabot:r. Ibcart tfecretlp among ibefattbfull, av.B intbeCoit» 

1 1 tbere bee no man to pitic 5im : noj to fcatte gregetion. 

compaftion bpen bia fatljcrlcffe ebilc^cn. 2 CT&e toojfeiS of tlje £e?B are great : fought otrt cf 

12 JLet bisspofleritiebe BcfiroptB! anBfn ti(;e«crt alltljcmtbat&atiepleafurctbctein. 

generation let bif name be elerne pat out. ? #tsf toojke i$ toojtbp to bcpjapftB anB^aBiit 

1 j I-ettbe toickesnclfe of blsfatljcrgbebaB In re« Jjcnctir : ano bisrigf tcoufheffe rotttriftft; etier. 

Rtemb?anee in tbe Csbt of tbc iloja ; atlB let not tbe 4 CTbe merrifuil anB grarictts Jlojc l;atlj fo Bene 

Gnnc of bis motber be Done atoap, T.t'jj mattteiloafi toojfct? : tjjat t^ep citfi^t to be boo in 

ii 3D.«t^maI(w8Bbeb?fo?et6eSrO?l>:tt«t5«maj rcmemljance. 

26 ano tbcp g^all kroto bote ttiat tbijs i$ tbp 6ami.* 
anB tl>at tbott ilezo bait Bone it. 

*7 SOougb tbep e.trCe, pet bleffe rijou j anB let tljtnt 
6e confoHHBeB rbat rife bp ngainR mee, but let tip £et» 

28 3Let mine aBtterfariej! DrecfetTjcB tot'tbfijamet 
anBlettbemeoucrtbemfeliicg toitb tbeir etone confu* 
Goii,aj3 tot tlj a tl.ikc. 

29 asfo^mcc, 31 toillgtue great tljanlicjJbntotTje 
JLo?n teitb ntp inoutb : ana pjapie bim among tbc nml- 

^ o jfo? Vx £&a!l SanB at tbe rt'gljt bans of tbe pooje: 
tofauebififoule fromtmrtgbtcotitf IttBgcp. 
Dixit Domimis. ' Via]. 1 1 o. 
l)t IlojBfapBe bntompILojD : Gttbott emmp Morning 
rigbt IjanB , bntillS make tbtnc enemies tb}>~ prayer. 
~ otlioole. 

tEbe Ho;B l&an frnB tte roB of tbp potoet out of 
©ion : be tbott ruler cucn in tljc iniBji among ttius 

j 3Jti tbe Bap ef tbp potoer Sjal tT-c pecple rffcr tbee 
free toill offerirgfi toiibanbolptec;fijtp: tlje Bctoetf 
tbp birtb i% of tbe toombe of tlje inajning 

4 SbeS.ejBftoare, ann irill net rrgrut : t^o:t art 
a Pjiefl fo^ euer,Efter tijn o:ceref^cIcbtftcct.b. 

5 ^Cbe Ilo.iBbpontfep rigbt Ijar.n :ftjaItoour.Bettm 
Ctings in tbe Bap cf bis tojatb. 

6 ^)e fballitiBge among tbebcatbcii,bel5anfiltl;e 
places toitb tbe Bean boBicg : a«n fimtc in limner tbe 
rjcaBji otter BittetScountrepes. 

7 ^e I&3II B;inkc of tbebjoose in tbc foap : tljctc* 
feje l^all be If fc Dp hit, bran. 

Confitebor libi. Pijl 111. 


•The Pfalmcs. 


5 5^2 U$ gi ictt meate unto tgem rfcat feace dim: 
$e iljjli eticr be m.ncftil: cffjis cEo;isnant. 

6 iDe fcatl) [ij.'tocD f;t3 pecplc^ poloct of fjie tojkg: 
tbat Oe may guu djem t&c bmtagc of :fte rjcatfjen. 

7 ©lie iwojte of bis banas are ue ritie ana iuagc- 
ment : all l)is comtnanBeirisnts are true. 

8 '<Efjeg lima fan foj cue; a:«i cn'.t t ana ate Bene 

9 l}t Cent teoemptien bnto Ijis people : ft: bntlj 
ommanoea b s Conexant fo; euer , bol?, ano rcucren: 
i» ftts Same, 

i o €!je tears of t(je E,o;a t'3 tlje beginning of wife= 
torn : a gojo bifid-flaming bane all tlji g t&at Do t&cre-- 
jrftcr.tijc p;atfe of it f ninrttij fo; mcr. 
Beams vir. Pfal.iii. 

BJlcffcafS tfje man tb.ufea:ctbtbc£ert: {jecljat!) 
great Dtlt'slit inljis com:n.?nBcmeiitS. " 

2 ii?is Icea ffjall be migljrp bpan en: jjj : tic gene* 
tatiou or t&e faiiljt'ull ITjAUie MtETeD. 

j Eicjes a:iD pientcoiifseiie fij ill be in bis boufe : 
ana bis riggtcoumes rnoarrt'g fo? cner. 

4 Slito t jc palp t'gerc ariietfo bp ligbt in tbe 
Ba fee:idTc : be is m.-rcifull/oning ano rlgbtcous. 

j agooanun is merciful , atiD Icr.Detf) : anBtoiu* 
guiBe bis uwjas&Jitb Difcietiou, 

6 tfoj ije fgall near r be maoucn t am rlje rigbtconS 
fta'.de Ijaa in a \ ectctJafiing remembrance. 

7 fyi toill tut be afraio to; an? cui'.I tiaingS : fs; 
Diss freart.lhaietl) fafl.aiiB bcleetictlj in rlj? JLoja. 

8 foisljca.usliiblilb^n ana toil not uj;inke:bntil 
5c Tee bis trfiie upon bis enemies. 

9 $)e [)atlj aifperfca al\!oaa anD giucn to tbe poojes 
ano Ijis rigOteor.fneile remainttlj fbj eucr , Ijis ipaltea lrt'tb Ijoiiour. 

i o tnieungjfllp ;i)a!( fee ir.ana it djall grieue I'm : 
%t (fjall gnafb aa:tU bis tectO , mm confatie sujatMfje 
D.'2:e csf ti)c fenjotslg ftjallpcrifl). 

Laudare puei i . Plal. 1 1 j 

at t!je p;tCcn« of tie ©oa of 3I«a T J. 

3 -jU&icO uirneD tbt (jars roc^e a Banning 
toater : ana tlje fl'm; Gone into a Clinging toeli. 

,No» nobis Domine. PfaLii5. 

N©t bmo W , © 3£.c>d, notbnto 1)3, bnttntot^ 
jaamc gimbtpjaifc : fo^tbgloningmetep, ana 

a CUijerefoje fijal tte Cpeat^en fap : latere isnoi? 
tljeir ©oaf 

j 3s fuj out ©oti, tic is? in fteattcn : fie tat^ ton? 
fea^atlorurr plcatco Ijiin. 

4 tEljdr iooleg arc Bluer ano gola : cucn tfje too?Se 
cf meng fjsuegs- 

5 taOq? ba«e mautljest anDfi'ea&cnot s ep^&aus 

<s -iJOep Ijaus tares ana Tjeatt not : noCes I;auc t^fg 

7 lEljep ijane TjanOs a^B Oan^e not, feetc ^a'« 
tljep, aHD taalfee not ; neitfjer fpea'aC tftcg tljjoug ; tbetc 

8 $njc]> rl:at mafte tTjent , are like bnta tficm : ano 
fo ace a 1 fiicj) as gut tljeir tvufi in tliem. 

>» ebon noni'e of 5ifracl,tiun tljoit mrtjc &o$tJt 
Sc is tlji ir fiiccoar ana cefenec. 

io ^eljouCeofaaron, y ..t gour ttttQ in tf;c JLo^O s 
Ije is t&? ir t)efp<"r anti t'efenocr. 

• t ^ctbatfeaK tljc 3£Lo^3 , put Eotirtruff in t\t 
£.0^3 : be is t'jeir feclpcr ano ticfcntict. 

u fJI&e 2,ojb liato bene minut'iil! of bS,jrco Tje EfjaJI 
Helli'dsrcucn ije %n\[ blclTe tije Ijoni of 3Itrael,ije fljal 
bleSe the Ijiuifc of flaroii. 

1 1 i)i (Ijall bleffe trjem tljat fcarc tfre 3J.ejc : bot§ 
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mcnt$ : © qtucken mee accusing u t&g loutng feinn^ 

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great tpo;le9. 

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4 ^»eiit7. times* a cap toe 31 pjatfe tbee : becaufc of p?° r pet ctjat Ions tljee. 

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camming in : from tfji? time fojtb foj eitetnioje. 

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J trjc rjaufe of t ;- e Lo^rj. 

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in ft felfe. 

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tbe 2.ojrj : to trffifie rnito Jlfrael, to giur tljanbeg Unto 

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fcatcoftle bottle of DauiD. 

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tbp rigttcous iircgemcntg. 

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Jtate: ana ttep arc Hot offences at it. 

6 JLojo, 'J| riaue lotbeD fej tbp fauiug beafcb : ann 
Bone after tlj2 eommanrjementji. 

7 C8? foulc bad; kept t5p tcaimonfciS : arm Touch 

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Hic£: f«j all mp toa?es are befojte tljee. 


Lojrt mp complaint tome rJcFo^e tl;ee, © ILojD : gitte 

2 Let mpfsppllratian co;re before t!jee : Brliuet 
me accojoing to tbp njojtD. 

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$aS taught me trjpBtatutcss. 

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commatiDcimnts are rigljte oug. 
, 5 £et thine bano&clpe me :fo? 31 bane cbofentljg 

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ano in tlip £ato io mp celigbt. 

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tfip incgcmcnw fljall ttlpe mc. 

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tTjp fetuant,fo2 3! Do not fo?get tlip commanoeuuBtg. 

AdDoniinum. Pfal.120. 

:;ett 3! to.iis in trouble, 31 caKeu lipon tlje 
£op : anti rje Ijcarrj me. 

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ing lip=l : ano from a ceccitfull tongue. 

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tTjotifalfe tongue : tuenmlgrjtp anoftjarpc artotoe?, 
toitbrjot burning coalcg. 

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©creclj:auo to Ijaue mine rjabitation among tljetcm^ 

5 qgv (oule DatTj long utoelt among tOcm : trjat be 

7 peace bctoitrjtn tfjptoaiTE^: ano plentteufnetTc 

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toiRj tl;ec p;oiperitie. 

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3[ toill fcekc to Doe tbet gc oD. 

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Bto tljcc Itft 31 tp mine epeg : © tbsu trjat Dtot!> 

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tTjc rjano of tljeic maRer^, anb ag tlje cpe^ of a mapaen 
tone tbt'banrj of Tjer milhtlTe : eucn fo our evts toaitt 
Span tlje JLojrj our ©od, u.itin %t baue mcrcp'tponrj^. 

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6j( : fa; toe ate btterb ce'.pifeD. 

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tbe toealtljp : anu toitb tlje Dcfpitefulni He of tljcpjoitrj, 

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lmap31fraflfap:) ift r :eILo;rjbimfcIferjaan9t bene 
en our Gee tofcen men rote rjp againSt3.3. 

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toere fo tojat«fuHp rjfpIeafcD at D^. 

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IjaD gone otter our foulc, 

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b0 oner fo: a p?ap Unto tbetr teetl;. 

6 ©nr foulc it tC apea cucn as a biro ©tit of tlje 
fnare of trje fouler : tlje Grace i> broken, anD toe are De> 

7 ©ur Tjclpe fianaetb in tlje J3am« of t^e JLojD » • 
torjicb batlj mane rjeatten ana tar b. 

Qjiiconfidunt. Pfr| 115. 

T5?cp tbat put tljerr trull in tlie iLo^B,Ct>aIBe rttcn ad 
trjc mount ^bion : tobt'cTjmapnotbe remcettcD s 
but B3nDct!j fall fojeuer. 

^Tbe btls Sa«D about flpfetuCilcm : etten fo 5an» 

<« 3! labour fo:>bttt toben 31 ("pealie bnto tbem tctb tbe JLoft rotmD atottt Ijijs people , frem tljtg time- 

tljereof : tbepwabc tljcm reacp to flatten, 
Leuanioculos. Pfal 121. 

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l)atb in'in'c b.ainn ano t artl). 

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tbat fecfpcfbtljce ,to!llnot 2<cpe. 

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tbp cefencebpontbprtgbtbnitD. 

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Heitljct tlje ©acne lip night. 

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t i? eucn fy t&at ujallkcerjt tpp fouie, 

fojtlj fo; ettttmo^c. 

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let of tbe rtgbteous j l«U tlje rigbtcoujs put tjjeir bano 

4 Doe tocllj© HojD : bmo t^cCc tOat le gooo ana 

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bconefTc :tl;e Hej5 fijall leacc tl;cm fajtlj tottlj tbe euill 
DocrUjbut peace fljall be tipcn 31frael. 

Tn conuertendo. PCil 1 2 6. 

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tic of<^ion ? tljen toere toe like Unto tbem 
tbat Djcame. 
Sljcntoia our moutTj ftliestoitblaugbter: ana 
our tongue toitb top. , 

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%&il} Bene great tbfngs fo? tljcm. 

4 £ca, tbe 3Lo?D0arij Bene great t$fcg!i!fc?b$ak 
KaBp : taljeteef toe reiopec. 

5 fEurne cut captuutie, © 3le?D : as t^c tiuerjs tn 
tbe Soittlj. 

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7 £,>« tbat tioto goetb on fits fcmp toeirping, ami 
bcatetO t'oo?tb goat feeBc: Rjall EoubtleiTc come againe 
feit& lop,aiiB l\:mjc Ik's ftjeaucs tot'tl) Ijtm. 

Niii Dominus. Pfal. i 27. 

Except tbe ile?D builo ttrc §ouCe: tljcir labour is but 
toll tfeat [utile it. 

2 ojreept tlje £o?o Rec^e tlje c£itp: tTjc toatcljman 
toafcetb but tn name. 

j 3!t is but Io3 labour tbat pe ba8e to rife tip eat' 
Ip,an3 fo late tahe reft, atiB eatetbeb?£an of carefuU 
aelfe 5 fo? fo fie giuetb bis beloueB flecpe. 

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fceri-tage ana gift tbat couwittb of tFje Lo?o. 

5 Hike as tbe arrofoes in tlje bar.o of tfce ©pant ; 
cuenfo ate t(;epong rbtto?cn. 

6 i^.-gpp is t&c man tbat batb bis flj»'uer full of 
tfjeit enemies in tbe gate. 

Beati oranes. Pfjl. 1 28. 

BJLefTcD ate all tbep tbat feate tbe ilo?B : ana frame 

2 jfoj tljoti ftjalt cate rte labotrcs of tbine bancs : 
© toell is rbee,ai\B Tjappp fljalt trjou be. 

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toalles of rljiite bettfe. 

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tout tbp table. 

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tlje ILo?d. 

<f 3flje Jlo?D fro out of ^>fon (IjaI fo bTeffc tbec: tfjat 
tbou Ibalt fee I!)ienifalem in p?ofperitp all tbp lift long. 

7 £ea, tljat tbou ujalt fee t&p cljilB?enS cbilDjen : 
ano peace iiponjjfrael. 

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M3np a time baue tbcp fought agaitiS me frem mp 
poutb bp: (map 3Ifracl note Cap.) 

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poutlj l)p : but tbcp bane not p?ettaifeD agaiuli me. 

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4 *Bitt tbe rigbteous 2lo?B: fiatTj Tjetoen t§e fnareg 
of trjebngonlpin pieces. 

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asmanp as feaite euillteillat ^n'on. 

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t^eSoufewps: totjtcTj tuftTjcrctl) afoje itbeuluc&cBfcp. 

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^e tbat binnetlj bp tbe fipcaues/jis 6efome. 

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tlie JLojb pjoQier pou : tocc 'cuiuj pott gooa Ittcfee in tlje 

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OcUt of tlje neepebatteSI talleo unto t5ce(©E,ojs:) 
•■ ■* ©r)Iett6ineeatcs«n[iDetfa>£n:trjet)ofceofmp 

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Bene amiffe: ol) Ho^.tobomapabtsc [t f 

4 JF 0? trjete is mcrcp foitlj tljce: trjetefo^e f^alt tboa 

y 31 \oafa foj tBe £,ojD, mp fouTc Cotli feat't fo? Ijim: 

fi l^p foule tlcetl) hnto tbe Eo?D ; before tfie mo?« 
ning t»atcb,3f fap,bef«?e tlje morning toatcb. 

7 © Slftad uuB in t^e 8,op 5 ft^tnitO t^cJLojB 


tOcre is mcrcp } ana lultrj Van \i p!tntcouiS rent mp- ion. 
8 anu ^e ftjal reueeme Jfcael : from all U? finnes. 
Domme,non eft. Pfal. iji. 

L©;De , 31 am not (jig^j mincen : a (jaue ro p?cu3e 

2 3! uoe not eretcife ntp felfein great matters.' 
toljict) ate too lu'gtj foj me. 

j 15ut J rcfcaitie mp foule, am 6eepe it lotoe, It&e 
asacrjiIaetljatisioeaHCBffem ^ismotbet: pea, mp. 
foule is eutn as a toeancc cbiloe. 

4 © Sftael tttiH in tlje JlojC: from t\)i$ time fojtfi 
fo? euetmo^e. 

Memento Domine. Pfal j j 2. 
©;B remembet SDauiD : ann all bis itouble. 

ii)otorjcftoarcbwotbeJLojD:6no UetoCB Mornmj 
J i)Otob«to tfce almigbtp ©OD of Jacob. prjyer. 

j 31 tot'H not come iuttljta tbe tabanacle of mg 
boufe : no: climbebp into mp bcD . 

4 31 loil not fuffet mine cpf s to fiefpejrojtnire cpe 
lias to gumber: ncitDet tlje tcmplrs of mp tjesD to ta&e 
anp teS. 

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EogD : anlialittatiuJifo,: tbc migbfp ©onof3!acob. 

6 lo,toe Ijearo of iljc fame at Cpf)?ata: anc ftmmj 

7 Ctle toil goe into bis tabernaelr, ano fall Icto on 
otttltncesbcfoie bfsfootcRo ; !e. 

8 fltife, © Lo?d, into {(jp rtfiiiig place: t(;oa ano 
tf;e arise of tbpflrenottb. 

9 Het tbp }3jieHsbc clotbfUtoitrj tigTjteoufnefTet 
anti let tf)p faints Gnglritlj iopfiilncifc. 

10 jFo? tbpfcruantDaiiitjgfake: turncnotatoag 
tbe pjcfcHce of tfjinc anopr.teu. 

1 \ ^Tbc JLojd Ijaib mate a faittfun ot^e imto Da« 
wt'D: ano be Rjnnrotiljjhikftom it. 

12 ©ftOcftttiteof typbocp: fljall 31&tbpont^ 

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te Simonies tbat 3 ftjal Icatne tfjrm: tbeii djilojcn alfo 
ftjall 0t bpoii tbp feate fo? euetmoje. 

14 5fo? tlje i^ti Tiatlj ebofen %ion to be an babfta* 
tion fo? bimftlfc : be batb longeu fo? fjct. 

1 5 tSTTjiS Cbalbe mp reft fo; cttct : fete toffl 3f uUselT, 
foz 31 baue a ueligbt tbetrin. 

1 6 31 tain bleOe bet bitatTes tuftb tncteafe: ano foil 
fatifB: bet poc?e tot'tb b?ean. 

17 31 toin Dcefee bet J3?ieSs tot'tb rjeaitO: analjec 
faints Bjalltf topee antfiftg. 

18 QTbere ftjall 3[mafce tljebo?neofD3t!(Btofla« 
ril^! 31 &a»c ejucineij a lantetnefo? mfneanopntco. 

i5> asfo?bfse8cmies, 31 (ball clothe tljem toit§ 
fljame : but bpon bimfelfe fljafl Ijis ctotoncflajiftj. 
Eccequam bonum. Pfal. 1 3 3. 

Bc£bo'D bote gooo ana iepfull a tljing'it t's: b?etb?m 
to otoell togetber inbnitif. 
a 3!t is like tlje p?eciotts ointment fcpon t!:e beau, 
tbat tbcbcatD: eucnbntoaatcn^ 
beatcanutoentBntone totbeCkittsof fit's clotljing. 

3 T,(ke as tbe ceato of I^ttmcm : tobt'eb fcjfbpott 
tbe bill of <fet'on. 

4 jfo?tbcte t\)t JLo?np?omt'feDb^blffTing{ ana 
life fo? ettermo?e. 

Eccenonc. Pfal. 134. 

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2 Setbat bpniccbt flfanD in tbe boi'.ftoftfje 3lc?BJ 
euen in tbe courts of tbe Ijoufe ofout ©ob. 

3 Hift lip pour banted in tbe ©anctuarp : ana 

4 tEfie 3L«?b tbat mane beauen anB eattb : giuc 

<& 4 laudate 




Lnnaate nomen, Pfal.ijs. 14 ana ma"3c 3[ftacl te goc t^joiisTj t^c mfcncst of 

OP?apfe tlje fi,o?o,l3tiBcgc tlje jBame oft'jeEojij: ft { fo? bis mere? enmirctb fo? tnti 

jr.apfe it, 1 © pc Cetaauts of tlje Ho?B. 1 5 as fo? pjaraorj aim bis b:iff,be ouertrjjrto 

2 2^-e tljat Banc in t&e Tjoiv* o:"tbe Lo?B : in tfa tbcm in tfce rec fea : fo? bis mctcy enDurctlj fo? euer. 

toixts of tbe Ijotre of otic @cu. 1 <? OTIjiclj if a bispeap'e t&oiigb trje toilBtwelfe: 

j © pzapfe tbe jLo?D,fo? tlje 3Lo?B is gracious: © fe? rjis twtcp rirrittftb fr? encr. 

ting p?apfes Mua bis it is louelp. 17 C3(jicbunote great kings :f<>?b(SmerepenBH« 

4 ircj tol)?.-' t5c Jlojo batb cljotVn 3Iacob ito^titf wtlj fo? etier. 
fc!fetanj2Ifraclfo?l;iSotoHepeffetfioH. 18 £ea, aim Hetomigljtp 61113a: fiijljismercjerfe 

5 j?o? 31 knoiD tljat tlje JLojo is great: snn t6at out curctrjfojeiur. 

3lo?B is abous all gons. 1 ? <£>eljou kiugof tlje Jlmotitcs s fo?Bis mnq tn* 

6 CS3§atfa2tur trjc itejtj pIeafcD,tljat BiB be is l;ea> titrctf) fo? cuer- 

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great is tbe of«zp rftbe ILoza. 

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tier me : then (rjafl mg uig'jt be turnca to sag. 

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tut the r.igfot is ao clea? e as tbe Bap : the aavknes ana 
K&ijt (to tbee) arc both alike. 

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in mp mothers' raombe. 

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fuItpfrhJoniierFiiIlpmane: maauilow atetbptoojks, 
ana" that mp foule kiu&etb n'gbt toed. 

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perfr ct: gttnttjp booke mere all mp members tontten. 

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there teas none of tljem 

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© hobo great is tlje fitmrtie of them i 

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fanc.bJljcr. 31 atoake bp,3| am p.iefent toitb tbee. 

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from me pe bloon tbirffiemen. 

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iTjine eacmicg take t hp 5Qame in tiaine. 

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jm-a am net 3i grfcucD ioith tho.e tbat rife bp againQ 

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tTjep tocreminee-ifmies. 

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5enrt ■■ pivJu me.ann e,?ami:iemi» rf»«Mrcftrs. 

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<nme : ann (eaue nu in tbe tuag etserlaiimg, 
Eripe me Domine. Pfal. 1 40. 

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fetue me from ibe toicken man. 
z 52t?)icI)tmflgineinifcHefe in rfceir hearts : aitb 
ftirrc by itrife all t&e Dap Tong. 

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I'cnt : aanersi pjp:cm f?unber tljet'r lipo. 

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goBlpt piefeciie rmc from tbe toickcB men bjijicTj are 
purpofrB to ouertI)2ob3mp goings. 

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aneta'.'joao roitD co^aes; pea , aim ftttrappes bi mp 

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tTje bjpee of mppwperS,© loib. 

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pft coueceo nip tjcao in ;t)e sa^ef batttli, 

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itotfrSmiLchietuas imagnation^o'per, IcBtfepbee 

5 let t!je ml&biefe ef tbet: ofcme lips fall bpen 
tlje &eab oftljem :tbat eompafle me abei:t 

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tbem be caft into r&e fi:e 3 5nD into tlje pit,tl;et tbeg \\z* 
tier rite Up agame. 

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eartb : emll fljall bunt the totckeB pericn to ouenih^U) 

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ana maiiuafne irjc rauie of the bclpeicfle. 

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Ji-hme : ana tlje infl (ball continue in tlj (t^Jji. 

Doniine clamaui. Pfal. 141. 

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EDerm^bjpce^benll rrp bnto tbee. 

2 ILet mp planer be fttfojttlj in tfjp figbt,as tbe iit« 
ceiifc.* ana let tbe lifting bp «f tnp banes be an euening 

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4 ©let not mine beart bee enclinea to anp endl 
ffcing : let me n-Jt bcotcttpieo in imgoclp trtejfcejj', toitfj 
tbe men tljat ujojke tmcketmefle, leQ 31 eate of fucFj 

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rcpjaoiu me. 

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bean: rea,3J roiKpiappct agaiitfi tfjeft botekemiflTe. 

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tt3- tbat thep map bcare mpiBo;!^s,fo^ tljeg are fireete. 

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toT;en one bjeaketft ana beroctij toooB tipnn tbe eartb. 

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tbee te mp trttfl,© caff not oat m)' fottle. 

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fo.: me : ana from tl;e trapjj,of tfce roirk*D Boers. 

1 1 Lettfje bngoalp fail into tbeirotone nets tcge» 
tficr : ana let me cucr efcape tfjem. 

Voce noea ad Dominion. Pral.142, 

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tl;e JLo^a ofa 3i make mp ftipplicatiem. prayer. 

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fgc&eabim pfmp trouble. 
j. Ctlben mp fpirit toas in rkaumc(Te,trjflt( knetortj 

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ttilp l.tpaafitarefotme. 

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teas no m«n tbat tooulo knoba mc. 

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mp Dope ana mp ponton in tbe lana cf tbe ftitirg. 

7 Catitiaer mp complaint s fcj 31 am t>;eugljt berg 

8 © Drit'ucr me from mp perCecutoj^ 1 foj ti)ep arc 

9 T3;i'.ig mp foufe out of p:ifcn, tbat 3f map giue 
tbankstinto t&p Same: toticb tf;ing iftbou toilt grant 
me,tlje» Sjal tbe rtgljteotis refo't unto mp companp. 

Dornine exiudi. Pfil. 14 j. 

H^are mp pjaper, © JLota, ana eorltoer mpBefire t 
bearken bntamefojtfjp ttuetlj ana rigbteouiiiefiis 

2 ana enter not into fangementtut'tri tbp feruanr: 
foj in tlip figbt fb ill no man Ittttug be tnfiirtea. 

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Cmttten mp fife Dotone to tbe gronnn : be batb laps me: 
iti the narknc JC«,80 the inca t^at §aue bene ling Bf an. 

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Ijeart toitfitn me is Delolate. 

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an tfip ux>j!ies: gea,3I cjcccciCe mg felfc in tljc tco:les of 
tfip ijanas. 

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jjetlj thee as a tfiirlttelana. 

7 focatc me, © Leis, ana tfiat foanc,fo? m? fpirit 
iuayetfiVaint : fiioe not tfip face from rhe, lefi 31 be like 
Bnto t&ctn tliat got BobJitc into tfie pit. 

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tfie mo;nlng,foj in tfite is m? triiii: fteto tfiou n:c£ wag 
tfiat 3i fljoulO toalkcin,fo* 31 uftbp mpfonfc into tfiee. 

5> JDelitter me, © JLojD,tro;ii mttte enemies: fo? 3{ 
flecbnto il;ec toSioemc. 

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fir. tfif-u artm? <5oa-.Iei ttjp Icuing iptrjt Icaoc me fo^tfj 
fats tficlana ofrigfiteoK&effe. 

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tIjp;rigfiteoafne2e faftc lying mg Coule out of trouble. * 
"i j Sub of tfip goouneCft flag n.p enemies j ami Be» 
ffrog at! tljem tfiat bejee nig fotue/oj 31 am tfip feruant. 
Bsnedittus Dominus. Pfal 144. 
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nig (janes to toarre.ana mp fingers to figfit. 
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etlj mp people tfiat is bnacr mc- 
j 3Lo?D,&Tjat is man tfiat tfiou fiaff (he?) refpectbtt. 

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8&aj> like a ftaaoto. 

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otittfttne arrobKS,ana conlume tficm. 

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aim take mc oat ef tfie great toatets, front tfie fianB of 
Orange cfiilB?en. 

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bans is a rigljt fiatiD of toickesneffe, 

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tiffin fiavtj is a rigljt Oano of iniqiiitic. 

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plants: am tl)atriitrrjaug!;tcrsmajbe a^tljepeliftco 
corners of tlje fJTemple. 

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toitlj all manct of ffezr: tftat our fijeepc mag bjingfo^tfj 

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ficcnoticcag! no leaning into captitiitic , ar.unocom« 
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p?apfc5 1 trisre is no tnti of fit's ccreatncCfe. 

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t&er : ano Declare rfy? pototr. 

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gIo.!p,tFjp pjag ! 'c,anB iusncc-citc luozfecs. 

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ttcilous acts : aim 3 loifl al'o tell af t^ greatncife. 

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be flfjciiJ-D ; ano men ftall itng of tljp rig jtcoHfaefTe. 

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ting.ano of great gooancCfc. 

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rmrcg is otter all ijis too^ks. 

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faint? giite tljanfcs bnto tfice. 

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of tlj? potuer. 

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Ijim : gea>an fticlj as callbpon fjiinfaitliftdlp. 

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eucr ana cner. 

Laudaanimamea. Pfal. 146. 

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piapfc tlje 3D,ojB: gea,as (org as 31 Tjatte engbcing, 
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of man : fo? trjere is no fjelpc in tiiem. 

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tutne againe toljtseattlj: a^atgotalltjistljorgbiiJ 
pcrift . 

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fielpe : ana torjofe fiope is in tlje £ ortJ Tjis ®op. 

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tfiat tfierctn is : Wiki fetepetlj bis pzomife fo? ri-ier. 

6 G3f)icb feelpctfi tljem to tigfit tfiat fuBrr tojong : 
iafiicfi fecaetl) tfie fiungrp. ' 

7 Sbe 5Le?D loofctfi men out of pjifen j tfie 3UjB 

8 Sije Hojb ficlpetfi tfieiu tfiat are fallen: tfie Jto?n 

5> Ufce ILo?b eatetfi fo? tfie Rranger j(,fie ccfenaet5 
tTjefatlieiTcCe tna tet'Botoas fo? tfie bsag oftficbngoa< 
Ig.Oetnnetli itbpficc cotonc. 

1 o Sfie JI02B tfip P5ea, © <&ion, ftalbe Bing fej 
cuermoje: anatluotigfiout all generations. 

Landate Doniinum. Pfal. 1 47. 

OPtapfe tfir Ho;c , fo; it is a gcon tfiing to Gng Euenin, 
pjapfcsbtno out (Fob : gea,a iogfuH ana plcafant pr ayer. 
tfiing it istobetfiankcfiilf. 3 

2 ?Tl)elLo?BBoct!ilHii!Bbp^ierufaIem: anaga« 

3 Deefiealetfi tfiofc tfiat are [yoficn in ficart: atru 
giuctfi mcaicine to he ale tficir fMenrfic. 

4 17c tcllctfitrjcniimbcroftl'efiattcs:nnacanct^ 
tficm all bp tficir narnr^. 

j ©re.H isourlLoia.ana great (SfiiSpotocngca 9 
an? fiistmfetiome is trfim'te- 

6 Sfie ILeja frttttlj bp tfie mcttc : 9 bjingetfi tfie 
btirotlvPotoHetotliercrouna. , - 

7 3> fing bnte tfic'JlojB Jx itfi tfian&efgitting : (Trig 


The xxx. day. 


jjjapftff fipoa tie Sarje btito out &ott. 

8 G3bicfj coucretfj tbe beauen unt& cloutic^ , ami 
jjjcyarctb rainefoj tbeeattij : anomafcetb tbegrafTe 
to gtoto upon tbe moumainesf, ano §crbe fa? tbe Ufc ef 

9 JHbicb giuertj feBBetbnto tTje cattcl: ana feeuet^ 

« o $;e fiatb no plealute in t&e fhengtlj of an Ijo^fc : 
nctt^crDeltaljtctlj tieiit aupmatistcge. 

1 1 TStic t!jc Lojd.3 Bcligljt is m tbcm tbatftate 
$im : ano put tbcit truft in bis mercp. 

i a pjagfe t(je 2Lojo , © IDietti'alcm : p?agfctb;j 
©on,® %ion. 

i j jFo? fjee batb mane faff tbe barter of tbg gateg : 
ant) bacl blciTcB tljj cfciln^eu tottbiti tbce. 

14 Pe ma'ietlj peace in tbp. bojocrs : ano ft'flctb tTjce 
iuttl; tbc flourc of tai;cate. 

1 5 tyct fcnsetlj foo^tft bis commauntjement bpon 
tartb : ano bis toojtB nmnetfi bevp ftotftlp.' 

16 S)e g'ttetVncwlt&elBooll: ana icatteretb tlje 

17 $£ caSetft fooitfj ^t^ pec lifee mo^ftlgJ : l»boi(i 

1 8 i^eCenDetl) out bfa to^D,anu mfltctlj tljem : be 
fcfoioetb roitbbiu toinB.ana t&e tenteriS floto. 

1 5> i?e njehjctlj Ijis Vdo?d bnto Jacob : W ffatates 
an? ojtimanc eg bnto Jfrael. 

20 i£e Ijatbiiot Dealt fotoitbang nation 1 neitbet 
tfaae tfcc beatljen ftnotoleage of bis JLatocss. 
Laudate Doniimim. Pfal. 1 48. 

OPjapfe tbelLojBof beauen : pjagiebim fatlje 

2 Pjapfc bt'm all ge angeljS ef big t pjagfc'bfm all 

. j JJJjapfc Sim ©mine ano ^oone : gtagfefitn: all 
pilars ana ligbt. 

4 3J3jaife bimall perjenucnji: ana je toatcrs tbat 
foe afjotu tbe beatienjj, 

5 JLet tbcm p?ap& tbe 313ame of tie JLojb : fog be 
[pafeetlietooja, ano tfjegxoeremaDr, be commanucD, 
ano tbep lucre createa. 

6 jjp« fjatb inaae tbem faBfo? cuet: anB etier : be 

7 Jp*ap& tbe JLojD bpon eattb ; gee Pjagcnjt ana 

8 fire ant) baile , fnofof ant) bapattrg t touiDe aatJ 
ffojme fulfilling (jig rooju. 

9 ©wmainesJ anti all bifa : fruitful! ttee0,ann all 

1 o TSeaff ft ano all cattell : iwjmef!, anD featfiereB 

1 1 Sing£foftbeeartcj,anD all people: pjtnce0,aHO 
all j «^Kcj3ot'tf;e UjojId. 

1 1 2J;.ng men ano maiceng , o!o men anti cIjtlQjeit* 
p?aifetIjeBameot"ttjeiLo?t) : fejfjifi/Qaineotie'gijS 
e^cellctit.ano bifipgaiCeabotieljeaticn sua eartb. 

j j tyit iljalleralt tljeljouieof bisptople, all^i* 
% ainta tljall pgagOe Mm 1 eiien tlje cljiltycn of 31ftacl, 
f ties the peopte tljat feructlj lim. 

Cantate Domino. Pfal. 1 49. 

O^lug timo tbe Lego a ncto Cong : let tlje Congre» 
gatio'i ef ^aitUS p?ajfe Ijim. 

2 JLet 3Iftael reiopce in Ijim tfjat maae fjim 5 ana 
let tlje cfoilojcn ef ^ion be topfull in tljcir Sxing. 

j JLct ttem p^age h$ Same in the Daimce j let 
tljem fingpjapGeg Dnto bim toitb Cablet ant) i^arpe. 

4 #o? t be ILojo batb pleasure in Ms people : ana 
fcelgcib tlje meefcc bearteo. 

5 JLct tlje faints be togfull tottb glo^H s let t5em 

<s JLet tl;e pgagfc^ of <£>qd be in tTjeirmotittj : ana 
attoa cBiCBfU)i)?ti in tljett bantu-. 

7 CobeeauengeBoftljeljeatljcn : ana to rcbttfce 
tl;e people. 

8 $[0 bincetljeir liinge in cfiaine^ : ann t5eitno» 
blc^ toitb U'nfecjS of pjon. 

9 ^Tljat tljep map be atiengen of tljem , t$ it \$ 
tojitccn } ftiefj Ijononr banc all U$ ^aint^. 

Laiidat«Doniinuin. Pfal. 150. 

OPjapfe ©ob in bi>ljBliHe(fe : pjajfc ^tm in tljC 
firmament of Jjispo&er. 
s P?apfe dint in W noble act? : pjagfe bint acco;* 
ting to bte eredfent gteatneffe. 

3 Jpjapfe bim in tbe Ojiuib oftlje ^Trumpet: p^agfe . 
bim bpan tie JLitte ana Uparpe. 

4 jpjapfe Ijmi intbe cpmbaltf ana nauncef!:}J|a?fe 
Ijim bpon tbe firings ami pipe. 

5 P?aife bim Upon tbe luel tuneD Cpmbal : p^aifi 
5im bpoH tlje lotuo Cpmbals. 

6 JLet ettetgtfitns tfjat fjatlj bjeat^pjaifc t§«3ELojg». 

F I N I S.. 

■• }.., 


.;: ;ii.,::^v' ;. v.i.i •>> I 'i-'.i.'U j\ '*:•. ii 

Godly prayers^ 

A prayer conteining the duetic of compare tuM ew tuerpdM, bmin tail tlmwyisi 

eutrvmieChriitiin mug cnccO tijc combatc tu&if 6 tfets life 3 muCf 

eutry true uirutun. CiBaine.iB tbe cnae 31 map attain totbpfccaumlptcG, 

M „ . , . M .„ totj:ct) i« y;fyareD frjmcanB a[I rfetnc <£lett, t&:ei(K& 

5j^®rs^ gk ®offmigtttt<2to,rm>rc{fuIl CMS sur Loin ano onclpSautcut. amen. 

Z/yf^^ZM «nn towng Jf atbet , 31 tn;ct« 

Cerraine godly prayers for 
iuncrie dayes. 

^ Munday. 

fcmtgbtp vSco, t&e JFatrjct of mercp, antr ®oa 

or all comfojt,to(jicl; onelp fygiutll fame : fop 

»giue urto Us out fames, goiB&<uB, fezgiuc 

feme us out ftines,tljat &p tie multitnac of tbp mercies, 

c&tt Cnner come fento ttec in 

tljc J3ame of t&p aeatip klo« 

'■ iicd Pontic Setup (£bitlt, mg 

end? lament ami Kcase* 

met i aim nicfi bnmbp beCeecfj 

t^ecfog bis fake to bee mercU 

full btito mc,ana to caff all mp 
(ti:tic0 one of tbpfigbt anil tcmembzante , t|};ouQ& tfoe 
merits of fcisblsoapneatb anapaflfton. 

J3ott>je upon mc (0 Lo?c) tfcp bolp Spirit of toife. tljep map bee coiictea.anc not ursuVco VjiVolg'ano'bp 
firms pro grace ■ 
to .liglnentbe natural! bltnaiittie ana Barkiicffe of ip p 


ieart tbzougb tOp grace, ibat 31 map Baplp be rctJiiota 
bp tbc fame "Spirit and grace: 13p tfce tobfcb(© JLo?a) 
pnrgt tbe gtofiencife ef mv bearing bub r>iiaerftan> 
Cing, tb^3mapp2cfitablprcaae,bcate, 8r.Bbnaer=> 
ffa«a trjpitooza am btaucnlp toill, belccue ar,a pjactiie 

f Tuefday. 

OEoja ©ot , tobicb cefpifeff not a ccnrrlte fjeatf, 
ar.a fygcttett t&e fames ann irufctcnclTc cf a tin* 
tut, in fcbat fcourc focuer be Bcetb mournc aas lament 
fcls da mancr cf lmttg:graunt bv.tol)g(© £.ojo)tnie 

" out 


pjetTe mp faitlj in thee i mcrtifullp foeare tfje bumble 
iutt of tbp feruant, ? grant rnctbp peace all mpaapeg: f Wednefday. 

gracioud? paracn minetnGzimtfeci , ana aefnia me in ^©rrtifdf JF arber , bp to!jefc pofcjcr ar-n fftrcgtrj 

8U Sanger? efbrflp.goarp.anD name J but moftebif8p, wtneerm-pouircome our enemies borfj fcroiIpaRB 

mp fiulc,againff ail, gljoCfp : grant b.ito tis,© JLcjb, rf at accojuing to out 

lubtffl.battcs ar.B ilcigbts- of tbat elaeHemieof man» pjoreice maac in cur beptume, foeemapenmeme tlje 

tinBe^ataHttattjartngUa^cuct&cfeingto^om^e cljt'cfeentmtcpof cutfmilc, tlatip.tbe ccBrcssefrte 

mapecuoute. booi'fa^ tfjepicafureg of tlje fieffj, rhd tbe UtgctBicnja af 

£na Dcrc (0 Ho^n) 3f p?o(!rate , toitb moff iumWc tte tctckta fpiritsantt fo pftcr,leace car Itiina in felines 

hiinflcctdttceftbpBiutnc© l iie(lp, tofcemercifullbii. ano rigbtwemeffe , tfat tore map fcruetbee infpirit 

to tfje bniuctfall €barclj of tbp ^lj?iff : ano ana tmctb, enDt^atbpeut^auicutancJlo'nSerua 

erpeciailp acceding to mplwunaeitBuctie, 3J befwerj CD#,amcn. 
tI;cefo^(]isfafeetotIcfle, faut ana acfena tfce p^inci' fThuifday. 

... JgiiicmtecmcEijtim* 

gtaunt J;tm bicto^te owec aH big enemiee, a long, p.'o- tip tefceeb tbee (meTcifuTf (Sea) to mere afe in b$ tfce 

fpc rc«5 ano ^cnotirarle Ufctjpon cart(j , ablefltaena, gift of faitli, tbatlTjemaptrHtlpbrlccue intbee, ana 

ana life euttlaitirg. in tbp pjoir.iQf maae bnto kg : ana tljar neitfctr bp euc 

©ojccnct, O Jloja, grant brte bic C$3auff icg moff neglicrtnce, epj tr>6nnitie of tbc flcfij. \m I v grieuouf. 

rjonourable Plonnlellours , ana cuerp ot tjcr membet ef nelte of temptatien , ncittrr bp tl:e fubrill crafi eg rua 

tbte tbp Cbutclj of (Erglann, t&at tl;cp ,-na tore m out afTa::lrs5 of tl«: Beuiil , lore be tjtitrn frcm faitb in tfie 

teucral callings^map^ruelp ana gonlpfcrue tfiet . jpiant bleoa of out &u\lom ana Jloja ^cOip Cl-Jifl.amtn. 
incutfeeartjJtniefcareanB fconeur of tl;p/!2amc, obe« 

0:'eF.ce to our ]3;ince. aria louc toonrntigliboure: 3Jn« f Fiiday. 

ctca"ein lis true faitb ana Urligion : laeplmiJrj cat ^3P.6ntbntobc,0mercifnll©oa (tre moff rjtcttf. 

minatltaitbaUgooBiifffe.arBoftbpBrtaiinercpliefpc VJlp befirctlj tbee) fenctolccge brb trtr anaftfian- 

tiss tit tbefameiintljcetiBof ourlittrg : Oitiear.totg cing eftl;piuc.:a, rbataUigMjarccapfica.torema^ 

a gctlp jcale in pjaprr , true bsimilitie in pjefperitie, feroa) teljat tfcp toill ana pTcafKrctaf in a!l tBi'vgs, ana 

perfect patienct in atutrfitic, ena com iiuieliiop in tfje tc'a) to cor our turtle* , ana tntclp to toal^e in our m>. 

Ijolp ©{jolt. cation : ann tljat alto lnee map crp:c(Tc in crnr liutrtr, 

flua lafflF,31ecinmctfi bntotbp JratbfdPp?otcrtfm, tWe ttinattf tbat toeacc tmilu , tbat hit bee sot omlp 

all tbat tbon baft gium mc, ap foifc, clife;r% ana Tcr. Enctucrg cf tbp too;tD, gcoa ILo;a, tut alfo te in- •fieri 

Hants! aptemt.OlLejD, tbat Jmapgoucrr.e.noH. oftbefame, bp our feaniotir anD JL02D ^cfiis ^J^ia. 

tili),onab2ingtI)tmUpintbpfc.ire';!£rtiicev anafo:. amen, 

afinucb a? in tljtp luojla J, muff aitonpes be at hjnrrt <T Satui d.iy. 

ana fieif-.not toiib one To;t cf meinice.bnt initb an in. /^ armigMc <3s$, mi tcij baft p.'cparca rinlaPinff 

ft -titr itumber . not nnrlr toitb fl flj ana j-Iooa, but toftrj W 'Me to ell tbofie tbat be tljp faitbfiil fernat:tg: grant 

tbf DcttifiibicI; is tbep:inrr of aarfeenrfle , atjD Vnit 5 bnto l)0,Lo2C, fure b«pe oftbe life mrtUBscer, tiiat toe 

toiefceo men , ejcecutaiiw of bt'SmaflE Damnable toilf: 't-elrg intbi«imii"rrabletoojlo,niapl;ai:cforetai!eaHa 

pwunt me trerto:c tfin grace , t btt be irg afven luity feiling rf it in our be arts, ? t&at not bp our Brfrruing, eferre, SmnpllanBin tbis battili tcfib an in» tut li>tbcn.frit« una tcGc ruir.g cf out Sauiout aufl 

wncible c«naiaiicie againft all eo^ittptt'on, Us&tcO 3! am &oje Scfitf C6ji2,aBu-». 


Godly prayers. 

O^ctclfull <2fotr, otrc enclp sfte.fuctoHt $ Rcengtlj 
atatltimed: grauntbtttotj.s, ©ILo:B,thattnt&e 
time ot p^c^crltg toe be nat yjau^ , atwfofezgct tbee, 
but that toitb our to&ole Ijeart ana fttengtb id? e map 
clcaue&ntotbce, anBinctjettmeof aBuerfiiie,tr)at tee 
faH not into inGbelitle aua De'pcration, buftljat al- 
toapesj toitb a a ronfiant faith, tec map call fo; belpebri' 
totbecs graunt tbt« T 3D Ho^D,foj ottc aouocatcjs faftc, 
anflSautcurScfi^cLO^S a:nca. 


Oaimigljtie ar.B mcictfutl Jto;tD,tohtch gtueft fento 
tbp elect people tbe bolp ®l>olt, as a lure plecge of 
tbpbeauenip kingaome .• tStatwtbiuo be,© lLojB,thp 
fcolp ^p;rit,tbat be m jp be arc ioimeffe feritb o:ir fpit it, 
thattoeebethpcbilDien, anBfictresoftbpfa'iigBome, 
ano tbatbpthtoperatioiofttte Spirit , tore ma? lull 
all carnal! liiQc^lintetofuHptafurt-^renamiuvncesJ, 
euiH affecttcngf. eonrac? to t(jg toiH , l>g ortr feammtt 
3WD JLo?B M»s Cfyift amen 

A prayer for rmft in God. 

Ttyt beginning of the fa'I of man, toaatrnff fntjim« 
fclfe. {Jrjebegisnmg of the restoring efman.toaa 
BiBrml m timfelfr.aiiB ttufl in (Sou. © melt gracious 
anu moft toile guiDe our ^aiuoiit CMlx , tohirb Boell 
leaoe them p/rfgbttoap to immoitall bTefleDnes, tohich 
truelp ano tinfaiiieDlp milting in tljee, commit tfjem- 
fcliteg to tljee: (Sraanr fc«,tbat like as toe be blinae aim 
feeble inoeeDe, fo to« map take ana repute out Celtics?, 
trjattoep;e[t!mcliotofoiir leuit'S, tofce to ourre1ur0, 
but fo farre to fee, that alto3P toe map baucthcebefoje 
our epc^tofoTlototbeejbemgoiirgititr, tobereatip at 
t'np cnHmoft obeflicmlp, ana'to commit our fifties* farto* 
Iptouotbee, that tbcsi tohich eneFp fenomtfttljeluap, 
inapefl leant bi the fame to;p bnto' our beaue»lp Be- 
Ores : to thee toitb ttjejTenhrt anB thefcolg ©&oft , be 
glojp&j cure amen. 

Certaine godly prayers to 

be vfedforfundry purpofes. 

A generall confeflion of finn«s,to be fayd 
euery Morning. 

aimigbtfe ®oa cttr beaKHiIp 
jrafber, 3 confeffe $ adkrwto' 
. leagc , tbat Sarnamiftrabfe 
ant a InjetcfjeD finncr, (jrhatte 
'itanifotee toapec* moft gric^ 
ueuflp tranfgtrficD ibp moR- 
■ goolp eomanaementg t&josglj 
toirktti thauglitjS , tutgoBlg 
IhOc^ Gnftilltoojoggcettejf, 
fommltccri all mptohvlelffe. S^nnneainSH'omeano 
conceittcB.? t';cre is no goot ncltf in afouicr) as if 
thouIhoulDctt enter into tbpnarroto fitr>crerrtcnt toirrj 
nie r tic ging me acrouiirg bnto tlje fame, Iftofreneucr 
able to U:tT:t ana abfre tt , but tnuft neer cgrariflj arm 
be BamtuBfc? euec : >^e li- tie tjc!pe,ctJ:rtfo?r,o? fuecouc 
i3 iftere eitljcr i« m?e , o? in an? ether creature, ©nelp 
tJiifiifl mp com"njt(© beattenl? jFatljcr ) tkat tlioit ttD' 
Sell not frnre trip onelp otare beloueD *>onne. but tu'd« 
reS giue (jim fcp tmto tbc moft bitter, aun mod bile ana 
2an:eroiistcatfi ofiliecroflefozmee, t'latftemfgtjtfo 
pa^ibfrai'Crtmcfo'.mpfinnrg, fatif."i'e tip (uBgrment, 
fiiJI 9 par.fte ibp ioiatl), rccaitcffe mc agatse bnro rlice , 
am purcfj i r e mc t&p grace anri bmiw, ann euerlafimg 
fife. K£)trefo«, tTj^eurrft tT)c merit of fit* matt bitter 
SeatS ano p^(tt3nv atra tOjoug!) bi4 innocent bfcot.^icp. 
Siw£> 31I)«feec(){tiet, ® foiattrel^jFat&er^art^Mt. 

rjailt botit^fafe to be gractoug swrj me rcifttl! bnto me, to 
fojgitit nnnparoon mecofaHmpfinnefS, toligttrnmg 
Ijeatt toitt) tt)p t^l? Spirit jtorcntiUjtcnfirme .9 Rrtng* - 
trjeninee tottl) aright anDpevfectfattft a ancroiiflame 
me in isue toteatc trjee ano mp r cigfjl'oitr, tljat 31 mag 
6tncefc?tb toitb a reilling am glao t.eatt , toalfee a0 it 
becommct^ mc in tljpmcft goQlpCaminaunDtmcnts, 
ano fo glojifie anc pzaplc thee ctTcrlafiinglp. flnn alui 
tljat 31 map tnitlj a free tanfcjeareaim quia fjc£tt,ra att 
iten In tjjc berp pangs of Deatb, ctp bo'tlp 9 merilp unto 
tljrt, ana lap, I beleeut in God the Father Almightie, 
maker of heauen and earth, and in IeflisChiift Sec. 
'But © JLo^D ©ob beaiienlp ^at!icr,to ccmfbjt mp fclfe 
in affliction ano temptation roittj t&cfe Articled of Mie 
Ct)?i(iiaa faitb, it is not in my poiucr , 63?faitl;ij; tbH 
gift : ano fojafrmtch as tbott liiltbe pjapeB trntn , anu 
calico upon fo; it : 31 come bnto t^re to pjap anB t>e» 
feecO tl)re,betrj fo? tljat aim fo; all otber mp neceffitifg, 
enen astbp ficarebtlcticoS)onneettr%ai:iBur3!cfujj 
€b?t(t fmitlclfe batrj tangbt b0. 3no from tfje berp bot» 
ti-me of mp Ijcart 31 crp ano fap. Our Father which att 
in heauen,haIowed be thy Namej&c. 

Prayers to be fayd in the morning. 

OQ9i'rcifulf L01B (£5oo, Fjcaucntp jFatber, 3Trennet 
mortl;igrj lauDesJ, p;aple, aBBtbaniteftbmotbce, 
tljat tbou IjaQp?cfcrtteB me both. tU'5 nigfjr, ann al! the 
times ar.B capr £5 of mp lift bitfeerto, bBBtr tbp pjotr c« 
tion , ano baft fnf&reB m»< to line bnto t^fs p:efent 
Ijottt?. anB JIbcfeerfj tbec teartilp, tljat tboiitoilt 
bottcfjfafe toreceiue mf tfjie Bap, anotberffione of mp- 
totjolc life, from benccfNtlj into'tljj tn.ticn, ruling ana- 
goitcrningmetoirtttpbolp'&piti't, tbatalTmanet of 
nat&iwtTe, of mifl<eliefe, inficelitie anD of ratnalUHftf!- 
anUi'fftatsnsinapbe rjttctlptba&o anDCJiuenoHtoT 
mpbeart, aaotba't 31 map be iuftirTea anofaiteBboti 
boflp anu ibule tljjoitgb. a rigbt ano pctfrct faitb , anff 
fo toalketurbe ligrjt»f r&pmoB goclptrtietrj, to tbg> 
glo;p anB p?»rfc , r.uu to tSr pjogte anu furtherance of 
•mp nclg'obouc , t^ougl) Sefujs C&jitt one JLo;a ana 

AH poffible tlmlig tljat toe are 3l»Te , tBe renncc 
bnto tbee, © JLojb Mm €l?iH, fo? tljat thou Ijaft 
toilleD t&is nigfjt paftto he jjjoipetoasrtuto &3 : antr 
tare befeccl; thee liaetw'fe to p?o[per alltfrsfame Bap 
unto bsfo?tbpglo.'.p, aHDfo? the feealtb of tnttfonle, 
anB that tfjott lahicl) art tb» true 5Ugbt,not ftnotufng a« 
np going Bofcjne.anB tobitb art the %unne eternaH,gf» 
uin^ life, fooo, anD g!atme(& ii^to all things, tooiichrafe 
to fhiht into our mlHBeg , tljf.t rcee map not anp tufHte 
flunible to fall into anp Gnnc&ut ma? tliicugb tlip gooa 
gitioing ano cer.Biicting , came to the life eucriaffing, 

f^s&nii 3leRt£! <£Tj?iB, trAicg att tTje true "ganne cf 
v_ J dye too?fO,cutrmo!c arfing,.- ns ne ttt-r going Botrn,. 
tohicf) bp tljp mofttobolrfotncnvpearin* ?.no Ea T;r,DaeS 
bjt'ngfo;tl),p3ererue. nciinR). anB rtfrrftj alltLmgs* a^-- 
lrell tljat are in Ijeauen, agalfotfcat arconeartbitses 
befrecb tljf e mercfnllp ana fattcurahlp to fljine irro cut- 
Ijearti?, tbat the nigl^t ana Barfeticffeef finnre, anB tbe- 
mill $ of rrrourS on entrp fice Bjtiien alrjap,tbotrb?!gl)t> 
Ipfomingtoitbin cur brarts, tare map all sur life fpace- 
goe toitboitt anp ftumblt'itg 0? ef&nce,an? map Beesritlg- 
aiiBfcrmelptoalke (ajiinrbe Bflptime)rTingpurr6na 
eleanefrem tfte too^Rcsof tyarT?ntffr,ant! abcttnoira: itt 
all gooB isoifics tobich ©on barb pjf parct fw sis ra* 
tualfee in , tohicfj toitlj tlir Jatbcr anr tath rf;i boIg< 
©^aUiuR enii wignea ty. wx&to eiiet.airT'j. 


O©on asu Hem 3IeCti0 dfatft , trjeu ftnolxien, pea bait eiio caugljt US feels great tlje tiifitinutc 
a'.m tocafccnclfe ot'm..n it, ana l;uto certamt a tblng it 
is toat v canto: netbing uutboui tip goolg fceigt, 3jf 
man rruft to Oimfelfe, it raimot be auepceD, licit ii;et ije 
mail rim beaslong, ana fall into a tleulatiD unscingss 
tun uiilclitetfg. © our jFatlKr, nane thou pittc aiiB 
rorunalfteu Upon tbe totaJuneiie if w tb}> ebil3;cn , be 
Hj=>n p;e(i anti rcatip to ijdgi ug , alb ayess Ojitetng tijp 
mercpupon bg , .ano piofpenngtotat'cruer tore goBJp 
go trinity, lo tljat'tbou gnangusi ligljt toe map fee n.")at 
t jingsiarc ttuclp gaoa inaecDi' : tijou riicoiivnging Ug, 
ls,e map fjaue an eavtufi ccu\r tt> t!;e fame : anotljcti 
bpl'.g air guiBe,torc map ci nie tatjerc to obt aine tlicmi 
Ui toeljauingnotbttigbut miQiuft in our fihirs , Dee 
£cc:a ano commit otir idncs full a'.'.B tebcle unto trjre 
aiotie, toijirlj toajueft all tfjiugg m all creatures:, to tl>p 
tyanimt atio glo;p. <§>o be it. 

A prayer againft temptation. 

OHoia StCusCbnlt, tlje omlp Sag ami fence of 
cur mojtall fiate.ottr cnclp bope,our cv?clp faluart* 
cm,oiir glom, ano our triumpb, toljo in tlje flellj (toblcfj 
tljou feanft foz out onelpcaul'e taken upontljir) Dtaaefi 
firtTer ttjp frlfe to fee temptea ef ^atan , ana toto onclp 
aim alone cf all men BtoBeii. at tcrip otterccme aim ban. 
<wi&) feme aearO,tfee toojlD,tI>e BciiiijanD alltljcfcing- 
tome of Ijdl : atiB toftat oatcc tljouljafila ouricrm* 
ineD , fez ear bebojfe it i$ tljat tljou ball one reemmeo 
it : neither tjat"j it bene tbp toili to bauc anp of tljp fcr> 
wants to ticepe battril, oj figljt Uiitlj anpoftfee fozc'fapa 
eminent of purpofc to reluara us toitb a crotone of trje 
tno;e glozpfin? it. ana to tlje intent tljat tljou migbteft 
lifeetuife ouettfjzoto^atan in tbp membets , a& tfcou 
fiaooeft d oje Done in tbine otone p c tfoti, gtue tljou (tue 
fecftecluljee) unto b0tbpfoitlniu - g(© JLsonmcft bic* 
toiioits of tlje tribe of jnoa) ftretigtb againG ilje roa- 
ring 2,ioti, tobtrb ctntiima'fy tuanazctb to aim fro, fee 
king tmjaru uccmap Dcitoure. (STFjoii being tljat lame 
^>cr»mt , tlje true giucr of Ijeaftlj anc life , tfwt tuapi 
%uikty on IjigO Upon a ttce, gtue unto ug tijp 6Hie onea, 
tonincfle again!* tfje eeceitfuJI atoai'ting of tee moft 
fulmle fcrptnt. Eljan bring a LainDe as? ki|ite asi 
Ciom . tlje uanquidjer cf Parana ti'jannic, gtue tinto bsf 
t6g.tittleuj.epe tljefltengtu aiiDuemieof"trjp Spirit, 
tijat being in our fdues iucafee ana feeble , an-B in tfjee 
Ctonn: ano UaHant , tore map iritljiiana ana citetcome 
alt AfTarice of tfie toiiH,lb tljat our gSoftlp enemfemag 
not gfoHe on U0,li«t being cen!jnereBt!':;o;igfjt&fe, toe 
mapgiiietrjanfces totljpnifrtie, toriitf) ncuer Iea«r2 
tfiem Dctiitutetljatpi'ittijEir trulrintijce, tuljoliueli 
ana ttigiufi (Sod foj euer iuit^out enc. amen. 

A prayer for the obtaining of 

0(J5oT) of cur fatbCKJ, aim Lnm of mercp, t^eit tfjat 
bad mace alltbings!) tf)p woifi, anc o^rcinrD 
man t^cigb tlip luifetioiiic , tfjat fje Apii'D banc Comi* 
rion oner tfje creature s fcjfifcfj tbou nail maer , tljat bee 
fljoi'lD o;cer tbe too:!D arrowing to equitie aim rigTite= 
BdheiTc aim cr.feutr itogement uiitl) a trtterjeart: gitic 
mce toi : eDonc, mlilcIjiseucraboHttljpl'eate. ana put 
menotfiurfro^ among tTii'tljil^en : fu? j]tbpferiiant 
ana fo:mr of t!;p banamapa, am a feeble pctfo'n , of a 
ffon time , ana too poung to tlje U!i2cr2anDiiig cf tljp 
lufgnn ente ana bilucs: pen, tljotigljamanbeucuct 
fo perfect amoKg tbe rfulairn of mrn , pet if tbp wife* 
Come be not luitij fjim , liefljall be notbiiigtoooitlj. SD 
feiia t\w luirefomc out of tbp Ijolp fjramiij? , ana from 
t%t t^oiie of ti)z ©aieuic.ttjat B)C map be toitfi me,ano 

labeur lutirg me , tTjat J wapltioin fe^at ijScccfjtsBft 
in tbp li£bt,ioj fijt biiotoctij (jUnEerrtametb aii tljmg?, 
ci.Dtbft flja'i conEutt metigt't (oberlrititlipujo^k &, 
ano p;elcnic me in \>a pciuct,fo (ijali mp Uio^bf p be ac- 

A prjyc r againft worldly carefu incfie. 

OS)3ol.H care anaie. ecrS'aiijcr, outaciienaersRa 
nonrifijrt, ensue ug luitijirjp gtaie, tljat ite ma2 
cafi clfrijr great fclintncfirof cutimnaip, ana caittul* 
nifl"eof iuojrolr tbings, aiiainapputonruiijolc JlitDie 
anD care in beeping ot tbpbo'p Lais, ana ti'st tot inaj 
labour ana traituilc foj our niciUtucsm tiis life , like 
tljciu.Ct'3 ofiljcap;e, anatijedlicisct tie nrittonfj* 
out care, jfo? i'ogu Ijaft pjr«iiicD to bee rarciulifo; bis, 
ana Ijalt cemmancta ttat upon tbee utgjoulc call all. 
our care J i»|!cbuiiiUakCtcigntUU:e^ai;itl;eutino, 

A prayer neceflary for all perfbnj. 

OCgemfuit €ob.31 a te?etcl,£ti litHserciftnofcktge 
m]? felfc botina to fceei.e tbp be.lp commanDcnuct?, 
lutpet'unable topit'fomict?)cm, anatoiicaceipiectt.? 
liiR,toitbcut tbe tigbtcoufi efie of 3]eiu €l)jifi ti ponclj 
^)on'ie,toljoijat'j pcifectlpfiilfiilcctljp'iiato foiiifiifie 
ab mm tljat bdeeue anc ttu5 in Ijim. ^ijrtcto^e grasit 
mce grace, Suefc^cotljee, lotcocciipttaincomgef 
gooa too;kr0 , to'yiclj ti;t!i c?ir,manetll ih ijclp *>cvif « 
ture, all tbi- sapes ot mp life , to tijp glejp, aim ?i t to 
ttuBe.;'.Clp in tljg mcrcp, asa in COjificp mci itr?, to be 
purgea trommp llnncs.ana not in mp geoD tooibcg, be 
ifcepnctter fomaup. <5iucmu grace to lone rljpbo'g 
tooja ferueiitlp , to learcljtbc&cnpturcisDiligentip, to 
teaor tljcm ttlmbl!', to unteiflana tUeintuirlp , to line 
after tljrm cSrrtuallp 2D?cet inp life fo, © £om, tlj:t 
itmapbeaitoap acceptable lnte"ibce. ©tucmccgtace 
not to rriopec in anp tljing ibat sifpleafrilj tfcee , but e» 
ucrmoje to teligljt In tOofc tljings t!;at pkafe ttee, bee 
tbcp neucr fo coiurarg tomp Dilitcc; ^faebmecroto 
p?aj, tljat inp petitions map bccgraciruflp ificarcef 
ttee. EScepenie up;igIjtEintngtiutrCtirsofopinioR3 
ana ititgcinentisiii tlie tooiia , tljat 31 nmcr fitatne 
from tbv tturtljiatigljt ini;clpfecr;ptitre. 3]np?ofpe> 
ritie,® iLom,faue nie.tljat 3i toare not p?ouae. In as* 
ticnirp ijefpc n.e, tljat 3*1 rcitl'ct te tpaitc noj blafpljeme 
tbpfoolpSame, tiittamngitpatientlp, togiuetljee 
tljanbes, ana truli to beeat'dMacD after tl.p plenfure. 
Ktbeu 3 bappen to fall into fiitKet('ji.iigbftaiItie, 3f 
befcecrj tljcc to irar'kc true repentance in nip Ijeait, ti>at 
Jmapbefojiewitfjotttaefpctaticn , triiSiutljpmctcfs" 
toitljoat pjeftmtption , tljat 31 map amena mp life, ana 
become ivnelp religions! toitljotit Ijrpocriuc, Iotol? in 
Ijeart to itijout fafning, fattljfu-I ana truftir tritbr ut ac« 
rrit, merp toitr»ctttligljtr.tfli,faau.'itl!outminri!fi,{'c« 
bertrit'jeut (leutbrtilncfu, rortent toitlj mine otone 
toiibKi: rouetcKfnelic , to tell m^nrigbbonrrjigfai:^ 
cijarttablp toitljoiit aiffimulaticn, to iVifiruct mp T;o(tfi* 
Ijobjintbplatoi'sitniclp, to obep our Sing ana ail go« 
iiernourg UiiDerlmnbiifainealp, to tcceitie all latoca 
aim common o:aitiauces ( tobicfj aifagrrctfj nor from 
tbp Ijolp toajc) ei eaientIp,to pap eticr; man tljat tobiclj 
3i ttocunto btm truelp, io barbbiteno man, no; Smart 
nipnctgf)[-:o?fccrcil}', aimtoatrjoj'eaHUiccJoiiiiigall 
gooanelteearnefilp. ©ILem grant mct$tiss to lot, foj 
tlje gloip of tijp Jjolp fiame. amen. 

A prayer for p.itience in trouble 

Fj 0to Tjalt tljou (ffl ilom) fmmlilrrj ana plticTieB n;e 
"1 Botoncr J Bare noto uneatlj^ mafie mp pjapcr ? bn« 
to tl]ce,fu; tljoti art angrp toitlj mc,bi;t not teitijout mj» 
Beifriiing. d rtainelp J bane lmnca,3Lom, 31 con F eue 
it: 31 will not aem'c it : but,ob mp ©oD,parBen mp trcf. 
palfrg, releafcmpacbttf, renter Koto tbp grace ngaiiie 
tmto me, Roppe tnj> bjounDc?, fo? 51 om all to plaguen 


The creation 


of the world.. 

^The firfl booke of Mofes, called 



* This word » 
nifitththe bt 
ration oftbv 

MOfes in effect declareth three thipgs.which are in this booke chiefly to be considered. Firft, ctc;tfur«. 
chat the world and all things therein were created by God, and that man being placed in this - • 
great Tabernacle of the world to behold Gods wonderful! workes, and to praifc his Name 
for theinhntte graces,wherewith bee had endued him, fell willingly from God throughdifobedience: 
who yet for his owne Mercies fake reftored him to life , and confirmed him in the fame by hispromife 
of Chrift to come, by whom he (hould oucrcome Satan, death and hell. Secondly, that the wicked 
vnmiridfull of Gods moft excellent benefiti,remained (till in their wickednes,and fo falling moft hor- 
ribly from finne to finne,prouoked God(who by his Preacherscalled them continually to repentance) 
at length to deftroy the whole world. Thirdly, he alTureth vs by the examples of Abraham, Izkak, 
Iaakob, and the reft of the Patriarkes, that his Mercies neut r faile them, whom hce chufeth to be his 
Churcb,andtoprofeiTehisNameinearth,butinall their afflictions and perfections he cueraflifteth 
them,fendeth comfort.and dcliuereth them. And becaufe the beginning, increafe , preferuation and 
fucceffe thereof might be onely attributed to God , Mofes fheweth by the examples of Cain, NT-mael, ; 
Efau and others, wbich wcreneblein mans judgement , that this Church dependcth not on tbeefli- 
matioii and nobilitic of the world : and alfo by the fewnefle of them, which haue at all times worfhip- 
ped him purely according to hisword, that it ftandech not in the multitude, but inthepoote andde- ■ 
fpifed, in the fmall flocke and little number , that man in bis wifedomc might be confounded, and the 
NameofGodcuermctcprailed. , : ' 

cHAP.i*. uen.t^otrjeeuenmg?th^ moaning toere -feThefccond 

r«i God ereateth the bcaucn and the earthy J The the fcCOtlO Bap. ' day. 

light ettdthedarknefft. 8 The firmament. 9 Ht C <&0B lapB agafat, * Htttf)Zto&t\.V& Pfal.iJ'7' 

fcparateth the water from the earth. 16 Hecrex. htlBer the U?eaUCt1 bit gatljereB llttO 6UZ attdt9.11. . 

teththeSunnctheMooncandtheftarres. it He Ulate , attD let tlje BJP lanB appear?-. aitBtt and 136,6, 

treatetb the fi[h, birds , beafts. 26 Heecreattth toaslb. 10638.4. 

n)an,*ndgiuetbhimruUouer*Ucre*turei, *9 10 StlB <2>0B CalleB tl}C B;j> lanB , ©arth, '• 

% Aadprouiditbfiouriturrformanaxdbea&. , 8nB IjCC CalleB t&e gathering tOgCtljeroftlje 

the* beginning *<SoB toatew,^ea0; attB (Soafotoe that it toast •' > 

createB the ijeanen anB gooa. h so. that we fee 

the earth. - u'Wjtti <2>oB fayB, b lettfieeartl)6uti itistheonely , 

2 Sna tlje cartlj toast foo;t^ tbcbuti oftl;et;crfJc,t^atfceDet|j fccD, powtrofGods 

b II toitljout fomte anB tlje ftttttftill tree, tofetch bearetb, fruit acco^ word that ma- ■ 

tooiB,anB*Barfunc;8was Dingtoh^Rtnae,toljichhatl)ljisfeeaetnt't keththc earth i 

fcpon tlje taeepe,anB the felfe Bpon tlje earth, aim it toajj fo. fruitful, which 

©Writ Of ©OB d IHOO» 12 &11B tlje earth fyottght fO^tlj ttje BUB Of elsiiaturally is 

neBbpon tlje* Biters, the 6crbe tbatfecBetbfeeBaccojBittg to bis barren. , 

- 3' t£henrapB<SoB,*lletthcfe be light; fcinBc, alfo tb.e tree that beared frtiit,tobich i. Thisfentence 

anB there toas Might, bath his feeac in it fclfe accojaing to fjte is fo oft repeated, 

4 ana £>oB [axoz the light tjjat ittoas ftinae : ana <£>oB ! fato that it toasgooB. " to fignifie that 
gooa,anB<SoBfeparatea*tlje light front tlje 13 t <§>o the cuening ana tlje wonting Godmadeaiihis 
Batltencu'e. toere the thfra Bay. creatures to fcruc 

5 anB tfoBcalleB the light, Dav,anB 14 caiio ^00 fata,* E-ct tljctlebc »<ltsljt!ef to his glory, and 
^nir.forthewi- the aatKenefle, hec calleBJSight. ft@>o in tlje firmament of tljeOeancn, to 'fcparate totheprofitof 
terscoueredaii.-, the (Suetting anD tlje fining toere tlje tlje Bay from the night , ana let t&cinbcfoj man,butforfin< 

ft Or, w.ti7«. firftSav. w figne;MnBfOjftafonS,aUBfOjBar , e$,aHB theywereaceut- 

» DarkenelTe 6 C&gainC©E>BfaiB, * LettljerchCCa yetVZS. fcd.yettothe 

coucred the llBrmasnentirt thcjniB3of thetoatcrstanB if 3nB let tticnt Dec foM«glits in thcBr^ eitabyChrift, 

before that any • 
creature was, 
God made bea- , 
uen and earth of 
11.14. « 
aBcs 1 4. 1 $.• 
tndij. 24, 
b As a rude 
lumpe and wi'h< 
out any creature 

mament of tljetjeatten to gme ligljt ipen they arc reltored 

t^e eartl). attB ittoaalO. and feme to their 

16 <5oBt(KnmaBctrx , o n grcfltIigIjt#tfie wealth. 

deepewateisifor let it feparatc tlje toatcrs from tftetoatcrs. 

.as yet the light 7 *s,i)cn (SoBmaBe the firmament, attB 

was not created. feparateB t^e toaters toln'ch toere * httBcc 

* &r. faceefthe tlje firmamcntjfrojn tljetoattrs xa\)iz\) toere greater light to e rttletl)eBap,f tljelelielig^t 1 Thethird 

deepe. ' *&bout tlje finnaittettt. anB it toas fo. . ta rule tlje nt'gljt : Ije made alfo tlje flarres. day. 

d Hemaintai- 8 !3nB<SoBcalleBtijcfirntament,s J?ea* 17 9na <5oB fet tl;cm in the firmament Tftii $6.7. « 

nedtbisconfufeJ . OftljeljCaiiCntOfltllieBpon tlje Cattl', dc»t.d,.i9* 

heapebyhis ftcrct power.- t Elr.fhccsf the waters. Htbr.ti.i. 18 9lnat0 * rillC tit tlje B3)) , antl ftt tljC k By the lights,' 

e The light made before either Sunne or Moone was created : lligl)t , attB to feparate tlje ligljt from tlje he meanetli the 

therefore ivee mtift not attribute that to the creatures that are Gods BarttCtttlTe i attB ©OB fato tfjat it toa? gOOB. Sun, the Moone, 

iB(lrumcnts,wJ)ichonelyappeitainethtoGod. ^Ebr.betweenethe , . and the ftarrcs. 

light ,andbeiweene the dar\{cne(fe. tThefirftday. ^Ebr.fowas 1 Which is the artificial! day, from the Sonne rifing to the going 

the euening^fo was the morning. ¥fal.\\ 6,andi26.$, downc,/ m o/things appertaining to naturaJl and politicall orders 

«ej?i 5 i.i 5. K Or^jpreadmgoucr t a>)daire. f AstheSea andri- andfesfons. n To witi the Snnnc and the Moone: and here hee 
utrs from thofewaten that are in the clondcs.wbicharevpholdenby " fpeaketh as man iudgethby his eye: for elfe"the Moone isleflethen 

God<;power, left they fhould otierwhelme the world. P/i/,14'34. theplanetSaturnns. o Togiueitfufficient light, as inHruments 

g. Tbst is,thc region of the aire, and all that is aboue vs. - oppjintcdforthefame,to ferue to mans vfe. /^e.ji.jj. 

creation of matt* 


He is placed in the garden. 

io t:<§3 itbe enening anB t^e uiojning 


{h(b and. 
lies whi^h 
• the fottleof 

tocretijefourt&Bay. O r ,± niiljcSivintj all ttje a IjoRC cftljeaT-, * Th*'*, theft*. 

20 aftctttiarDOoU fain, Let ttjctoaKta! "2' 'jFonntbe rcnnirba'ay<5oaer,BcBijt3 numerable abun- 

bnng tbojtb in abimaance eucry r creeping tuo^Uetuijic^ Ijc lias mane,* ana tlje fcuemb dance ofcrea- 

ttjiug it)at Ijatlj * life :auB let tljefoule flic Bav be i>redcB from all ijis too^e, iubielj be cures mheauen 

>• thefiiie of 
firm tmutt. 
The fifb and 

upon tlje cacti) in tlje $ open firmament ef baB maBe. ^ d «"h. 

tljebeauett. „ 3 ,.<$a)o<-3oB bleffrB tbe feucntb cap, anti £xWio.n. 

21 'Eljen <5oB creatcBtbe great tobalee: «ranttifieti if,bccanC?tt)atin tc IjeljnG cefcea «?i 51.17. <<W, 

ana entry tbing filing ana mooning, tubiclj from all Ijis BjoiKe,tobicb<&oBljaBei:eateB 5-h-Wm 4. 

tljeqUjatersu;totigbtfo;ttljmabunaaneeac» anBmaae. ' ' •»] b For h? had 

cojaingtotbcir!uuBe,anB eueryfeatljerca 4 ^CCbcfeare the I! generations of t%t now United hij 

foitle accojBtng to Ins fcinae : anB (Sou fabie bcanens anB of tljc earth, tuftcn rbcv tucre creation, but his 

tljatttfcjiisgooo. - treatefl,in tbe Bay tbat tlje LojB^oBmaoe prouidence niii 

; beginning, 22 'SLben <SoB r bletTeB tljem , faring, tbe eartlj ana tljebcaucn=s, watchethouer 

Vrcinwcfee TSjung footfb fruit ana multiply, ana fill tbe ? anBeucrySplantofrbefielB, befo;cit his creatutcs^nd 

i nature gi- B>atct0 in tberea;J,attB let tljefoule multiply toa0mtheeattrj,anaeueryijerbeoftbeficlB,- gouer-crh tbem, 

jth place to in tbe eattb. before it gretoc : foi the tojta <S5sB IjaB not c Appointed it 

;ods wii/orsf- 23 t<£>o tbccttcmng ana t\)t moaning caufeaitto * raine upon ttje cactlj, neitbec to be kept holy, 

nuchastheone toeretljefiftBaV. ' ■ was there a man tO till tfje grOHJJD, ' that man might 

irtismadcto 24 C^Pojeoner 0oa faiB, Hettljeearfb 6 T5utamifttocnti>pfronuljeeartb,anB therein confidet 

^ieaboiicinthe tying foo^tij tbe ? liuiltg ttyittg acCOjBtng to toaterea all tljCCattb. thcexcellencie 

ji're,andtheo- bi3kmBe,cattell, ana tfcat Bujicbcrcepetlj, - 7 c^befcojB<Soaalfol!maBetbeman e of of hisworksam! 
thertoUimme anBtbebead of tbeeartkaccojBingto&is tbe Bud oftbegrounB,gfc&jeatbeBtnbi3 face Godsgoodneflc 

beneathinthc ftinBe.ailBtttUaSfO. tyeatrjOfl!fe,*$tl)CmantDasaltllingfOUle, towards him. 

water. : 2? SlnB ©oB maac tI)C bead of tlic earfb 8 8nB tlje HojB <SoB plantea a gatBen {\Or, the original: 

t That the acco^Uiiio; to fji3 tttnTJcaaB tlje cattcll accost- GEadBiarB in ( ©Ben, ana tberebseputtlje *ndbtgiH»mg. 
▼ctueofhis - Bing to bi0felnac, ana euery creeping thing tnatttobomljeljaBmaBe.*. \\Or t tree t Mcb«ti 

wordhegaue ottbeeartb accoiBingtobwfctnB: anB<Soa g (j7o?outoftbegrounBmaBetbe£ojB 21.15. 
powertobi* fato tbat it Bias gooB. €>oH to groto euery tree pleafaut to tljefigljr, dGodonr] yo . 

creatures to in- 26 JFurtl)ermo;e 65oB faya, * f Let i).si( ana gooB foj meate : t6estreeofIifealfotn pcneihihehca- 
gend«. mafee man in our *31mage accoiatng to our tlje ntiBBc* of tl)e garar n, b ana tlje tret of uens.and dun. 

tihefiftday. UKenEflc, ana let tl;cm rule oner tfte fiuj of ftnotolcBgeofgooaanaofemit. t«hthem,he 

tEb.foultofiifi. tlje fca,anfc oner tljefoule of tlje ijeaucn,ana 10 anaontofcaentoent aritiertotoa* rendeth drought 
cha.%.\.&$.6. oner tlje beads, auaoueralltbeeartb>ana tcr tlje garaen,ana from thence it ioas aiui» andraineaccor- 
i.w.u.7. oueceuerytl)ingtr>atcreepetl)anamoouet^ BtB, ana became into fourebeaas. ding to his good 

td» ■' ontbeeartb. n Wat name of one is * Pmjomtbe fame pleafure. 

f Godcomman. » 27 * VLtyie ^oB ttcatca tbe man inbt'0 compatTctb tljctobole lana » of lj?autlab) ^formed. 3 - 
dedthewater 3aiage:i« tljc3)mage of <£5oB createa rjte tobcrci0goia. " c Hefliewerh ' 

and the earth ijim : be createa tbem * male ana female. 12 9na tbe golac of tbat lana U gooa : whereof mans 
to bring foorth 28 anB<SoB u &leH~eBtbem,anB©oBfaia tberetsin3Belium,anBtl)eonyjcftoue. body\vas «ea- . 
other creatures: to tljem, • ")2iU\$ foo^tb fruit anB multiply, 15 ana tbe name of tlje fecona riutr is $i. ted, to the inter* 
bucofmanhe ana fill tlje eartlj, anafubBue it t ana rule o> bon; tlje fame corny atTctljtfee toboleianBof thatmanfhouid 
faith, Let vs nei'trjcrlfrj aftljeilea, nnUouer trjefottleof ||CCuflj. • not glory in ihc 

make: signifying tbebcaiicn,anBouer tucrv bead ttjat moo» . 14 Wti name alfo of tbe tbtra riuet is exceiiencieof his 
jfatGodtt-- uetbbpoutbecar-tb. ClOiaaefeelitljisgoetbtotoaratbeCadliae ownenature. 

kethcounfeii 20 SlnBcSoDraiB^eboia.^baue giuen ofeafibur trjt^efourtbrinerisilPeratbO i£>r.ic M c. 
wkhhiswifc- . hntoyou" tuerybcrlie bearing teea, tolnclj 15 C^bcntbeto^aiSoatoofeetbeman, f Thiswasihe 
domeandver- is\jpon all tlje eartb.anBeuervtree^bcmn ana putbimiutotfie garaen ofOEDen, tbat naraeofapbec, 
eue, pnrpofing is tbe fruitofatree bearing fteb;* chat fljall |jce intgljt •» o^efliett,ftmj Itcepc ft. asfome tiiinke, 

tomakeanex- bCtOyOMfOMUeat. 16 SUB tbe Lo^a00B l COmmatmBeB tbe in Mefopotami*: 

ceiientworke 30 Lifeetoife to cnery bead of ti)t eartlj, man, faying, fEbouftjalt eat freely of eue» moft picafanr, 

abouealltbe 3UB 10 CUCry fotlU of thcbeatlC^aiia to till' ry tree Of tbe garBCn, and abundant u> 

leftofbisaca- ry ttjing tbat mouetbbpon tbe eartb.tnfetclj 17 T5nt oftije tree of ftnotolcBge of gooB aiirhings. 
tion. batljlife in it felfe,cuerygrecneberbeihau be anacmll.tbouujaltnoteateofir:foj||fntbc p whichwa^a 

t Thisimapc to^mcat.anaittoa^fei. aaytljattljoueattdtbercof, tbouujaltBie figncoftheiife 

andlikcneileof gl *ana<Soafab}a!ltljatbcebaBraaae, tbC m acatb. receiucd of God. 

God in n>inis. anBloC, it \»a0lJCtpgOOB. t ^5>0 tljeeUCnillg 

expounded.E.. ana tlje moaning tttere tbe lij;t Bay. 

18 SUbthC !Lo?B (SOB tayac, 3t t0 not h Thatis.ofmi- 

gooB that tbe man ujouia be btmfelfe alone : ferabie expeii- 
3ltoill make \>im an btlpet meet fOjtbim. ence, which 
10 <©o tbe Loja ©oB foitmea of tbe eartb came 


a Godrefleih the fcuenth d<zj,and/aHfififielh 
it. 1 $ He feiteth matt in the Garden. 11 He (re*' 
tttktht.rvomett, 24 Mtna&t-if crdaiust!*. 

\\Or,Euphnuu k God would not haue man idle, though as yst 
there was no need to labour. 1 So that man might know there was 
a fouereignc Lord to ;vhom he owed obedience, f Ebr.Eating tbtu 
fbttit eate of. \Or,when factor, m By this death he meanerhibc 
reparation of m in fro<n God, who is our life and chijfe fclicitie : and; 
aifo that c«ir d:fobcdii.nce is checaufe thereof. * Ebr. btfat him^ 

The women createdjandfeduced. 



n By moouing tftefteanen,$ bjougftt them bnto tfte "man 

them to come tO fee ftOtt) ftCC toOlilB call them : fbjt ftoto fyf 

&fubmicthem- uer tfte mannamcB tfte luring creature, fo 
feiues to Adam, teas tfte name thereof. 
XEbr.busk, 20 Cfte man tfterefojegaue names bnto 

o signify ing,that allcattell,anBtotftefouleoftftcftcauen,anB 
mankindc was to euerp beall of tftefieia ; but foj aaam 
pnfir, when the, foima fte noe an ftclpc mccte fo«t ftim. 
woman wascrea- 2i CEftercfojetftcLojB <S5oa canfcB an 
ted, which before beauie lleepc to fail upon tfteinan, anbftee 
was like an vn« ffcpt: ana fte tooke one ot ftfe rlbsf , anb cto* 
perfit building, fca »p tfte flelft m ileab tftereof. 22 anatfte rib tofttcft tfte to#i@obftab 

\\Or t iiam*efe, taken from tljc man, * mane fte a ° tooman 

Secaufefre com- CUBbjOUgfttftettO tfte mail. 

metb'ofmxn -.for 23 Eften tfte man fapB , * %%i$ note t'0 

in Ebrtw J(h is bone of my bone0,ana llclft of mp fiefft. ^fte 

Mx*,andjfh*h' fftall be callebi! tooman, becaufe Iftetoaista* 

thewomtns fcenuutofman. 

jrfjt.tsj.j.w^. 24 *Eftercfo;te Iftall man Ieane p ftts fa* 

so.7.1. cor.6. 16, tftcr ana fti0motfter , anaiftallcleaueto ftw; 

aphef.i.ii. toife.anatfteplftall be one flelft. 

p so that mari- 2% 3nb tftep toere botft nakeb , tfte mait 

ageiequirech a anb ftt0teift,aitt> toere not <ia&jam»B. 

greater duety of, 

ys toward our wities, then otherwifc we aw bound tofliew to our pa- 
?mi*. q For before (innccntrcd, all things were honeft & comely. 

- CHAP. I I r. 

" t Tbemmdnfeducedbytbe/irptHt, 6mifeth 
her bufbani to fin. 3 They both flte from God. 1 4 
They three are pumjhed. 1 5 Chrtfl is pramifed.i 9 
Man is duft. X x frl&* is cajl out of "Paradife. 

vnfj.i. 14V vrDto tfte 'ftrpent teas mote » fubtil tften 
a As Satan can IN any beall of tfte fide , tofticft tfte JUyB 
change himfeife <Sob ftaa mabcana fte •> fata to tfte tooman, 
into an Angel of $>ea, ftatft ©oa inBccbfaia , Pec ujall not 
iight/o did he . eate ofeuerp tree of tfte gartenr" 
aWe the wife- 2 ana tfte tooman fapB bnto tfte fet pent, 

dome of the fee. i&ec gate Of tftS frutt Of tfte tteCS Of t|)C gat- 
pen: to decciuc Ceu, , 

man. 3 TButof tfte fruit of tfte tree tofticft is in 

b God fuffered tfte mib0 of tfte garBen, <SoD ftatft faib.pee 

Satan to make ujalluoteateofit,neitftetfftallyeetoucbtt, 

the ferpent his MeitpeCBie. 

infirumcnt, and *' 4 fcftcn "tfte ferpent fafa to tfte tooufan, 

tofpeake in him. pe iftall not <•$ Die at all. 
c in dotting of . c, i5ut <S5ob botft fcnoto,tftattoften ye fljal 

Gods threat- earetfteteof,yoiicepe0lftalbcopcneti,anbpe 

ning,nieyeelded Jftalbe as gobsf,eftuotoinggoob anb euill. 

to Satan. , o ^>o tfte vuoman (uetngtftat tfte tree tuasgoobfoiimeatc, anbtftattttoaaplea' 

i ThisisSaans fantto tfte e«>es,anD a tree to bee befireb to 

chicfeft "ubtiitie, get bnoialebge) tookeof the fruit thereof, 

to caufe vs not to anb bio * eate, ana gane alfo to ftcr ftnfbanb 

feareGods bJitft fter,anfl fte f biB eatc. 

thrtatnmgs. 7 'EftcntfteepesoftftcmbotftUjereope* 

tsb.dietbe death ncD,anij tfte j> s ftneto t\wt tftey bJtrc nakeo, 

e As though hee ano tftcy fttioco figge tree Icaacs! togetfter, 

fiioii!dfay,God anbmabe tftemfcUic3*b;eecfte3. 

doeth not forbid . 8 C Sftccttarb tftcy ftearb tfte boyce of 
youtoeatof the tljtto;ni0o3bjalfeingm tfte garben in tfte 
fruir, faur that he |i coole of tfte oap, a«b tfte man anb ftte toife 

fenoweththatif bfttQ tft'mfclneo from yjjefenceof tfteLo^D 

yee (Louidcare ®ob among tfte tree? of tfte garben. 

therof, ye Ihonld , 

bee like vnto him. Ectlus. zyz6. j.iim.1.14, f Not fo much to 
p!eafe his »Mf;, as moouetl by amnion ac her perfwafion. g They 
began to fef le their miferie, feu: they fought not to God for remedy, 
%Ebr <thin?es ro gird about them to hide their frtmties. \\Or , trtnde, 
H The £nfuIlconfcjencefle«h Gods pretence, 

U ., 

"But tfte ll^b 60b calle^b to tfte man, 
•anb fatb bnto |im,aafterc art tfton; . 

10 cafto fapb , 31 ftearb tftp bopce in tfte 
garben, anbtoasafratbe: becaufe 31 tea? .... 
« nafetb,tfterefo« 3! l)ia my felfe. ' Htshypc 

ii anb fte fapb,aaiftotolDtftcctftat tften appfar«n., 
toaftnaktb? i?aft tliou eaten of tfte tree, he bid the 
tofterof a eomm'aiibeb tftct tftat tfton fijoul* °^ na k««> 
beft not eate i ^^ was t^ 

12 'Eften tfte man fapb, Efte tosman tranfgrefsiori 
toftieft tftoti k gaueft to be tuitft me , (fte gaus Gods conu « 
me of tfte trte,anb 31 bib eate. dement. 

i? anb tfte Lojb ©ob faib to tfte tooman, k Hiswickr 
Cafty ftaatftonnonetfti0? anb tfte teoman andiackeof 
faia, • EfteftrpentfteguileD mtt, anb 31 bib «penrancei 

eate. ~ peat«h in tru 

14 C^ften tfte Hc;b^ob faib to tfte fer- thathebutde- 
pent, "Bccauretftouftaft bone tftis, tftow n«h God with] 
art curfeb aboue all eattell,anb aboue euecy h « f*"ic » becau, 
beaftoftftefielb: upon tftpbelly fftalttftou hcha d g»"uen 
goe, ann » bull Jftalt tftcu eat alt tfte bape* bm a «>•«• ? 

Of tftp life. 1 * n & Ci d of con-* 

i? 3lteillairo pntenmiticbetteeentftee fcffingherfinne 8 f 
anb tfte tooman, anb bettoeenc tftp feeb ano Oice mcrcafetb 
fter feeb. l?c iftall b?caSc tftine p fteab , anb " by aecufing the 

tftOU fftalt 1 bjlUTe ftiSftCCle. ferpent. 

16 Cftntotfte tooman fteeraib, 31 toill m He asked the t 
greatlp increafe tftp f fo;rotees,anb tftp con» rabn of Adam 
cepttcii0. 31ufo;roton;alttftoub;ing foo;tft andhiswife, be- 
cbilD;en,ano tftp beSrefliaibefubieii to tftine caufe hee would 
ftufbann,anD fte Iftall * rule outr tftee. ' bring them to re. 

17 Cairo to abamftcfaioyBecaHfetfton pentance,but be 
ftattobepcottjebopeeof tftptoife, anbftaft asked not the 
eaten of tfte tree, ( toftereof 31 coiumatmbeb ferpent, becaufe 
tftce, Taping, Eftoulftalt not eat of it) (cut* he would (Lew 
ftb is tfte earrftfo? tftp take: in fojroto (ftalt bimno mercy, 
tftou eat ofit all tfte bape0 of tftp life. - nAsaviieand 

J8 « 'Cfto.mea alio ana tfttaie0 (ftall it contemptible 
tying foojttft to tftce,anDtftonfljalt eate tfte bca(t,iia.6j.s;. 

ftcrbCOftftefielb. • ° He chiefly 

If) 31n tfte (toeatt Of tftp face ffjalttftoa meaneth Satan, 

eate bjcab, till tftou returne to tfte cartft: fo^ by whofe motion 
out of it toaft tftou taken, becaufe tftou act and craft the fcr. 

blltt,anD tO Burt iftalt tftOU rtturne. pentdeceiued 

20 (3nb tfte man calleB fti0 teiue0name 'he woman, 
^eiiaftjbecaufelftetoautftemotftecot'allli* p Thar is, the 

UiUg.) • power of finne 

2i Cinto aaam alft ana to fcta toife bia and death, 
tfte Lojtb ®oa • make coates of fkinne0,anb <3 Satan ihaii < 

ClOtftCB tfttin. ■ Hingchriftand 

22 C3nB tfte lLOJbtffoD faiB, x 15eftolD, his members, bu: 

tfte man isbecomeasoneof b0, to fcnotoe not ouercome 
gooa anb euill. ana noto left fte put foojtft them, 
ftis ftanacs, anb y take alfo of tfte tree of life, ' * The Lord com.' 
anb eate anb liue fo; ener, -forteth Adam by 

2? Efterefoje tfte LojB <5ob fent ftim theptomifeof 
fooitrft from tfte garaen of <EBen, to till tfte the bicfled feed, 
tartft toftencefte teas taken. & alfo puniiheth 

24 Eftusfte call outman: ana at tfte Cart the body foruhe 
fiaeof.tftegarBcnof <C3cnftce fet tljeeiftc- finnc.which the 
rubtms,anb tfteblabeof aftsoiB ujakeu, to fotiiefhould 
keepetftetoayof tfte tree of life. hauebeenepu- 

the fpirit hauingconceiued hope of forgiucnefle, might liue by faith.' 
i. C«r. i 4 J4. f ThetrarWguflionofGods commandement v»as the 
eaufeth^t both mankind and all othercieatures werefubieS to the 
cnrfe. t There are not the naturml fruites of the c-Tth , but pro- 
ceedeof thecorrnpu'onof finne. u Or gaue them know ledge to i 
make tbemfeluci coats, x Ey this dcrkion he reprocheth Adams 
miferie,whertintohe was fallen by ambition, y Adamdepriucd of 
life.loftajfo tbc figne thereof, 

«j chap; 



Religion rcftorcd* 



yi* nature, 

«teof rna- 

4and God: 

fin j were not 

c h A P. in f. . i& c&oi Kam totRt cut From tijepje. 

i T))tgtHer*u»Hofm2n\ini. ? \ttnant fence of tlje toiD , ana tJtoeltin tbe lanbof 

Htbel offer faenfice. 8 Kjun \Mttb Habel. ^ODtOtoarO tijetEciUfiDSflf €»£!:. 

3 j Lamech a tyrant encourageth his fearefuli 
n-iues. 26 True religion is reitertd. 

AJftcttuatQ tlje man fcnefe) tpeualj Ijisi 
ttife ,tul)iclj 8 conccineb ana bare ttain, 
aiiotA?r),'JI1)sue obtaineDaman b by tbe 

JLOjtb.- • • »-> - . - 

2 auu againe fije b?ongl;t faojtl) Ijis l)^o- 

17 Sxain alfo Kneto tsis tuife, tobjclj con* p Thinking the?. 

eeiueb ana bare l?enocij: ano Ije built a r ct» by to •he lure, and 

tie, ant) calleo tlje name of tlje cme by tlje tohme icfle «- 

«amc Of tiS f0UUe,t?f UOClj. cafion to feate 

i8 ano to tyenocj} toagbome 3[raB, anfl Gods judgment* 

3Jraobrgate $0ebiitael ,$ S8cbuiacl begate againft him. 

^ettjuiljaelyjC^erljufljacl begate Lameclj. q The lav. hi! i n - 

jiy a'jo!;aied rljer Isabel, ano Isabel mas a Keeper of 19 canB Hamect) tooke to irim 1 tto'o Uitmioncfma. 
iljgh foot, fyeepe,anB ttain tuas a tiller oftfec grounB. toiiies: tlje name of tl;i 

CanB ill pjoceffeof tmiviteame to 
pa"tTe,ttjat jftain tyotigfctan < oblation ttnto 
tljcLojB of tlje fruit of tlje grounB. 

: tie qmlit.c 


kof was 

#ngcd. 4 a«a Isabel alfo ljimfelfe bjotigljt of fticlj as Ijane cattc!!. 

/That h.accor- tl;e 8rft frutta of Ijts fljeepe, ant) of tlje fat cf 

^gtothe Lords tljcm>aiin t\?e tojB IjaB refpect unto'tya* 

ro.xifc,asch=p. beI,anB to Ijts offering, " . 

^ j j. Come read, c, . 75^ b nt Rain 311B tO IjtS Offering IjC 

. /o the ftao no d regarBiKtberfoje t^amtoasejecce* 

teioyeing for the Sing tonotlj .■ 5 Ijis Countenance fell BottJlie, 

fonne which (he 6 'cLljeri tlje HozB fayB bnto Rain,2Hljy 

had bome.whom art tijou iyjtoth,r"anB toitjy is t!jy countenance 

flic would offer' tall BOUUIC? 

to the l.erd,as 7 Jf tljOU DCCtUeI,fijaIC tTjOH UOt « bC3C* 

thefiift fiuhciof cepteB i anB iftbouBoeftnotUKll, finlt'etlj 

her bkch. at tlje f Booje: alfo Utito tbeeljiss Dcfive lhall 

cThis dedarcth bcfubie<a,anO tljoufljalttiileotier Ijiin. 

that the father 8 C S^eit Sain fpafee to Isabel Ijis b^o» 

inftrufted his tljtr. 9[nD * toljeti t\>t? Xottt in tlje RclDe, 

children in the fcaiurofe up againft Isabel ijijs b;otijer,ano 

knowledge of fleU)j : tm. 
Gad, & alfo how 

. of tlje one was &Daij, anb riage^hkhis, 
tIjename.oft&eotl)cr5iUalj. . that two ii-.ouid 

20 anb 9DaIjbareJ!abaI,toI)olua.stIje beonefieni.was. 
CfatUeroffucbasoujeiluit^tciujj, anOof firft corrupt hi 

' Clj as Ijatie cattel!. yhoufeolKaia 

21 QnU ijI3 b^OtljerS name was Jubal, by Lamech. 

totjo toas tlje fatljer of all tbat play on ttje Wrfrftinuw 
ftatpe anB || organs. - ur. 

22 anb 5iilalj alfo bare 'Eubal-feam, ¥>r,fiutts a»i 
loljo to^ongljt ciinninglp cuecp craft ef /></>«. 
b;aOe anb ofpicn: anb t&e lifter of "S-iibal- r Hiswiuesfef. 

featlt was j!2aam«lj. ing tharall men 

25 W^tn tamcclj fapo bnto ^isftoiues hated him for hU 
Slbalj anb 5tHalj,l2eare my botce,yc totnes cruelty ,were a- 
of tainccb : ijeacUen unto my fpceelj : r fo^ frai l : ti-.erforehc 
3inioutu flay a man in my mount), anH a braggeth that 
young man in mine l;urt. there is none ro 

24 3!fKatnnjallbeeaucngtt)feiicnfolD, lufticthat were 
trucly Lamccij f fcuentie limes frncnfolb. abictorefift,ai- 

2^ C9no aoam fencto ^ts vutfeagatue, though he wen 
anb nje bare a foil, anb Ihee calleb hjs name already wouded. 

God gauc them 
facrifices to fig- 
rific their falu* 
tion; albeit tbey 

^IjetljrfO^lSOtJ/aidfhc.battjappointea'me f Hee mocked at 

TOntljv^oito raibUtuoKain, 323Ijcre another fecbefo; Isabel, becanie ISainfleto GodsYuffcrance 
13 Isabel tljy b;otber i £abo anftuereb , 31 bim. inKain, tea'ngas 

cannot tell. fa am 31 my bjotfccrs Keeper? 
10 agamc be raiO,£abat baft t^u bone? 

tlje « boice of fyv b^otbergbloob cryetb^nto 

were defti:u:c of me f C orh tlje car'tlj. 

the facrament of n jQon) tljerrfoje t^oiiartcurfcbk from 
thettce oHif:. tljceartt) ,to^icljljat^openetJ Ijccmout&to\. receiuetljyb^otljewbloob from tbineljanb. 
d Bceaulc he was n 22Hljen t^ou fl)alt till tlje grotiMJ , it 
an h/poai:e,and (Tjall not tjeucefoo^tlj ycelSe unto tljcc bcr 
offrcdopeiyfor ftrsijgtij: a 'bagabonti an3 a nmnagatc 
an onward (hew njalt ti^oulic in tlje cartlj. 

13 ^Sljen IRatn faib to tue LojiJ , «• p (©y 

26 anMotScfamc^etljairottjcretoas thoug h God 
uo;neafon, ano be calleb ijis name (Snofb. would (uffer 
'E.ljenbeganuunto'calbpgntie^amcof nonetopunifh . 

tijCllOjD. him } andyctgiue 

him licence to ., 
murther others, t In thefedayes God began to mooue the hearts of 
the godly to reftore reb'gion , which a longtime by the wicked h*»J 
beene fappreffed. 

X The gcnealogie^ $ *Agefr death of Adam. 
€ His fuccefion vnto Noah and his children, 
24 Henoch was f*4«» array. 

without fincericy 

of heart.- 

c Both thou and 

thyfacrificc fhail BayfcqmtbcitartMnD from tljy face ujall aam,intbe»iiketicso'f(S0t)maDeb«biiH, 

punifijinent is greater tijen 31 can bcare. ►j-iijisistbeliboolteof tlje generations of \\Or,relearfaii of 
14 U3eljolb, tljottTjaft cart mee out t^itf 1 apam.3[iuljetiayjtat(9oOtreateba* thejocke 

a Keadcba.i.i^ 

be acceptable to 3) be bio anb fljalbe anagabor.u, ano a run 
mee. nagate in tlje eartlj, anu ttljofoeucr timzt^ 

f sinne (hall mil »ne,ujalltlay me. 
torment thy con- I?, 'Eljcn t^e to^tJ faib tmtoljim, Doubt* 
fcicncc. • . UffetobofotuerUayct&ftain,ljefljaIbe D pu> 
g The d-gnitte of nlujeb feuen folb.auO tlje Cojd fet a °marke 
the Urn trorae is upon ^ain,(cftany man Rubins \)im njoulb 

giuen to Kain - Rill IjilH. ■ _ 


lFi/</.io.3.w^«.Jj-J5. t.ioh.y. u.iude u. b This is the nature anDljebegatefonnesanDBaugijtcr0. rnprion. 

of the reprobate when they are reproued of their hypocrifie, euen to ' c, ^0 all tlje BayeS tftat Sbain ItUCO, 1 ^X;ro«. 1 ^ 1 . 

2 S&alt anb female createu Ije tljcm,anB b By giuing them 
blefieb tljem,ant) calleb tbeicnanu b at)ain both onename» 
in t^je bay tljat tXity tocre createb. he notth the in- 

3 C^obJabamliueban ljunB?etb anQ reparable con- 
tljirtit yecresf, ant) begate a c&ilue m iyis iunflion ofman 
otunc « lifeenefTc after l)i3 image, anb callca and wife, . 
|)Utname<§)ljetlj. c Asxveiicon- 

4 *&ut) tbe bayeg of abain,after be 6afi ceming his crea- 
begotttn <©ljetl), toecc eight ftunb^eb yere.0, tion,as bis cor- 

ncgleftGodanddefpitchim. i Godreuengechthewrongesof his 
Saints, though none complaine : forcheinicjuitie itfelfeeryeth for 
vengeance, k Theearth lhailbe a witnefleagainfl thee, which mer- 
cifully recciued that blood,which thou moft cruelly (heddefr. 1 Thou 
(halt neuer haue reft: for thine heart (hall bee in continual! fcarc and 
care, m He burdeneth God as a crnelliudge ,becaufe he did punifh 
himfolharpely. \\Or, myfmne is greater then can bee pardoned. 
% Ebr.from of the fact of. n Not for the loue hee bare to Kain,but 
tofupprcfie murther. o Which was Tome vifiblc figne of Gods 
iudgemenc,tbat others flioiild fcare thereby,. 

totrc nine Ijuubjicti anb tljictieyeerc*: aub d HcprouethA- 

IjCbiCb- dams generation 

b ano d ©fietl) \\\xtb an ^nntj;etlj anB by them which. 
Sue yeres, anti begate <Snoflj. came of shedv© 

7 anb «©ljttb lineb after Ijee begate ihew which b the 
©nonweight ijuiiu^etb anb feuen yeres, ana true chureb,and 
begate fonncp anb baugljtew. alfo what care 

rhe fame from the beginning, in that he continued eucr his graces to- 
ward it by a continuallfucccffion. 

8 $a 

Generation's from Adam to Noah, 

•Chap. v). Mans wickedneffe. TheArke 

c-ThechWe 8 «>o all tljeoapesof^betbtuere* nine 
caufcofipng life ijunojeoano ttBelueyecrestanobeO ie0. v 
in the firft age, q <[8lfo <tf nouj UusO tilnetie ycercsjano 

wasthcmulri- begatC KCltan. 

plication of man- 1 3 <RuQ GEnoflj IincO, after Ije begate Ke« 

kinde, thacac- nan, eigijb IjmiojeO anli fiftecne pecces, ano 

cordingcoGods begate fctmesanfl Daughters, 

commandment 11 «s>b all cheoapeeof (Enofljtoerenute 

at the beginning t»W»3?CQ 3110 nilcycereSraitO IjCOteO. 

the world might 12 CLifcetatfe Kenan ImcD feuenttcperes, 
be increafed with ano begate Sgabalaleel- 
peopte, which ' 13 ano Kenan uucO,aftcrlje begat SgJa* 
might vniucrfaiiy balalecl , eigljt rjnnDjtcO ano fotirtte ?eeres, 
prtife his Name. ano begate loimcsauQ Daughters. 

14 <©o all tlje flapes of Kenan toerc nine 
bmuyeo ano tenyeercs: anO ijcotco. 

is e$5nfealal'eel alio IttieD ft.rtie ant) fine 
peercs t ano begate SJcreO. 

16 3tro9@flbalalec! lut'eo after he begate 
3!ereo,ftgijt btinfljieOano tfcirtie yeeres.ano 
begate fonttes ano Daughters.* ' 

17 ^oali the capes of $galjalal*eltoere 
j,u i' ■' eight bunojeo mnette ano fine pee'res : aim 

IjeDteo. " 

18 ftSlnO UeteO ItueO anbntrtweOfirtie 
ano ttoo peercs,ano begate ipenoclj. 

19 1£ben3lere0 ltneo,aftcr be begate tye* 
nocb,eightbtmD;teOyeces>anO begat tonnes 
ano Daughters. • 

20 ©0 all tbe Oaves of 3!ere0toerem'ne 
fctinDjtcD lirttcanO tuio veeres : ano fee Otefl. 

Scclut.4\M. 2I €*8Ub l?enoelj liuefl firtie anB fine 
hebr.n.K. peeres,anO begate ^ttljulbelab.- 

f That isJie led 22 3ttO C?CllOClj HttltuO > tottb <SoO, af> 

an vpright and ter be begate S^etljuOjelal) , tbjeebtmojea 

oodiyiife. ' ' i>ecrcs,anOb?gatefr)nne8'ano Daughters, 
g- To (hew that 2? ^0 all the Oaves of Henoch tocrctbjee 

there was a bet- hunojeo firtie ano fine veeres. 
tcriifeprepa- 24 ana tpenoelj toalfceD toitlj ©00, anO 

ied,andtohea heetoasnomo^e feene ' fojs®90toofcebim 

reftimonieof atoay. 

rheimmortaii» 25- ^etbnfiielab alfo ItitcB an htmojeD 

tieoffouiesand cigbtie ano feuen veeres,anD begat ILameclj. 
bo dies. As to ' 26 auDSQetbufheldjlittcQ, after Ijec be* 

inqtire where he gate laniee&ftuenlj'tmo.ieo eighty ano ttoo 

bccame,is meere veeresunD begate fonties anO Daughters, 
curioficie 27 ^o alUijeDapecrof ۩ctl;uHjcIat) tocre 

b Lamechhad' iiinef)unD#eDlijctfe nntJ nine pecrcs;anD Ijcc 

refpc&tothc DiCO. 

pramifc.chap.?. 28 CCljen !LamecIj lineO an btmojcD 

1 5, and defired cigbtie ano ttoo veeres, ano begate a lonnc, 

to fee the- deli- 29 anO calico bis name jftoalj, favtr.g, 

uerer which ^l^fame fijall b comfojttos concerning cur 

Jhoaid be fent, toojke ano foirott of our feanDs,as touching 

and yet faw but the ear tl) TDlltCl) tlje Lo;tO hath turfeO. 

a figure thrreof: '50 3no tamecb Unco after hee begate 

heaiG. fpakethis jf3oab,mtehunD;teoniuetieanD Sucpeecres, 

bvthefpivitof ano begate tonnes anO Daughters, 3i ^oalltheDaves of (lamed) tocrc fe* 

caufe Noah de- tten ^nno^eo feuentte ano fencn pecrcs : ano 

liufredthe IjeOteO. 

Church, and pre'- 52 3ttO Boar) V»as fitte fjlillB^O ^CCrC 

ferued it by his oloe. ano ^oalj begate €3ljcm , l?am, anO 
ebedience. . 3ap5ctlj. 

j God threatnetb to bring the flood. 5 Ma>i 
is altogether corrupt. 6 God repe»tetb that hee 
made him* 1 8 Noah ttnd bis arepreftrued m the 
*Arl{e, which he veascomm<inded to m<tkj. 

SSD toljsn men began to bee nuilttpltcO tip* 
on tlje eartlj, anotljeretcercoaug^terj; 

-bo;ncbntot&ein, - 

^ 2 'Eijen trjc a fonnes of ©oO fatoetfce a The 
Oangl)tecs b of men tljat tl)eptoere«fatre,ano o fl he 
thcptoolic tbenirjjtttesofalrljattljepllltl'veD. w i»« 

3 lEDljerfo/e tlje ^0^0 rato^pfpmtftjal degef. ; 
notatoavdftrittetotrbnian, bceanfe Ijec is bThoi 
but flefl;,aitD Ijts oapeg ftjall be an e IjmtCiteO «™ ol 
ano ttocntte peftes. parents^ 

4. Wjztii mere || giants in tlje earth, in Kain. \ 
ttjofeOapes,pea, ano after t^attljefonnc? of c Hauinr 
©00 eame imto tlje Oangljtcrg ef men , ano «fpea ^ 
tljcp ftao bonie tfccm eljtiojen, tljefctoere be 2 u:ie,v 
nugljtte meH,toIjic^ in olo ttmetocrc men of woridiyc 
f renotume. rations, tl 

? CSHIjen tlje lo?o faiuetljattljetrjtr' theirmana. 
RconelTeof man U)a? great in the carttj,ano godiinefleA 
all tlje imaginations of tbc tljougbtg of bis \\Or,ijadchou 

* Ijeatt were oncly enill * centinuallv, d Becaufe mal 

6 'Eljenit s repeitteOtbeLojto'.ttjatrjee couidnotbee 
Ijao maoe man in tbe eartfc,anO Ije iuas fo;te wonnc by Godsf 

tHljtfirjeart. leniticand I 

7 'El)ertfo;etljciLo?OfatO ) 3ItrJtlOC{lrOJ' longfuffcranee, 

from tlje eartlj tlje man tnbom 3j bane ccea« whereby hes 
teo, from man 1 ' to beaft, to tbe creeping flrpuetoouer- 
tljing , ano to tlje foule of tbe beauen ; to^ % come him, hee I 
repent tljat 3! Ijauemaoe tbem. would no long-J 

8 IBtltJI^oab'fomtDgraCemtbeepC^Of gcrftaybisven- 
fljelLOjO. gcancc. 

• Cohere are tbe || generations of jBo» e which terme 
alj./Boalj rjjasa lull ano upn'gbt man in his God gaue man 

ttme: and JlSoabtoalfeeO tUttb ©OO. to repent,bcfore 

10 aino j!5oab begat ttyecfonneft ^>bnn» be would deftroy 
l?am,anO 'Jlapbctl). the e3rth,i,Pet. 

11 'Elje eartlj' alfo teas corrupt before' 3-a-. 
<5oO: fo; tlje eattb toa? filleO tottb k crneltp. \fir y tjTAntt. 

12 ^Eben ©oO lool«tO Upon tbe eartb,an&. f Which vfur- ' 
beljolo,ttti)as corrupt: fo^aUflefljljaoco^ pedauthoritie 
ruptcobt'0ujav\3ponttjeeartlj. ■, ' oueroth«s,and 

- 13 9llO ©CO fats bntO J15oaIj, || 3n enOof did degenerate 

all Hefij is eome before mee; fo^t tlje eartlj is from that fimpli 
fillcO uittl) || crnclttc?tlj?ongrj tbetwano be» citiewherin their 
6olo,31 tmil oeltroy tljcm tettb tbe eartb. fathers liucd. 

14 CS0ai?ctJjeean arte off pine tteta: chap.B.ti., 
tljon fijalt malted cabins in tbe 9r&e, ano 
■fijaltpttcblttotrtjinanOtoitbouttoitbpitcb. iMr.Eutryday, 

15 3no || tbus Ibalttbou make it t.Wit gGoddothnc- 
lengtlj cf tbe arfee fliall be tbjee buno^eo cu» »« repenr,but 
litres, tbe tyeaotlj of it fiftie cubtte?, ano tbe be fpeaketh af- 
Ijjfgbt of it rljirtte cnbites. ter our capaci- 

16 a tetnootue gjalt tbott make in tlje oe,becaufebee 
•9rfee, ano in aenbitefljalttljottftnifijita* did dedroy him, 
bone,ano ttjeocojeof tljearlte ftjalt tljou fet and inthar,asit 
in tbefioe tljcrcof r trjoti (bait ma&e it xuitij werediddifa- 

tfjC ' lo\U,ftCOIlO anO tlUrO roomc. uow him to be 

17 anO3,belj0lO,31toiHfyingafi00O0f bis creature. • 

toatcrs bpon tlje eartlj to oeltrop allele^, b Goddeciaretb 

taberttn is tbebieatboflifeijnDertljeljea* howmuchhee , 

tten: all tbat is in tbe earth ftallpertib. deteftethfinne, 

18 Ti5nt tuitlj tijee totll 31 m eftabltiljmp feeing the pu- ' 
<£onenant,ano tljeu njalrgoe into tlje 3rfce, nifhment there- 
thoti ano th? tonnes, anotbptoife, anotljv ofextendethto 
fonncs tomes tottb tbee. the bruit be3fi$, 

10 3nOofeturpliittngtljtng,ofallfle(Tj, i Godwasmer- 
ttoo of ewerp fo^t ujalt ftjoti caufe to come cifiiii vnto him, 

k Meaning,that all were giuen to the contempt of God, and oppref- 
fion oftbeir neigh' ours. \\OrJ -will dtfiroyr/iank i i»d.\\Or,oppri//ta» 
and wickedneffe. t Ebr from tbe face of them. %Ebr,Gapher. 
XEbr.nefiei. \\Or,ofthis meafurc. 1 That is, of three heights, 
m To the intent that in ihK »reat cnterpiifeandmoekingsof the 
whole world thou mayelt be confirmed, that thy faith fai'.c noe. 

a 3 into 

atreth into the Arke. 


The world drowned. 

into tlje Srke,to kecpe them aline mitlj tbee: 
ti>cp ibalbe male anB female. 

20 SDftbc fonles after tljeit kinBe,anD of 

tlje cattell after tlicir kiuB,of eueip ere epiug 

rbins oftlje eartlj after bis kinB,tu;o ofene- 

tp fojt tljatl come mito tbecrtjat tijou maped 

•7« feeepcthcraaltue. 

»>" e 21 anotake tboumftb tljeeofallmeatc 
jods tbatls eaten.- ft tijou lljait gacljcr it to t»?cc, 
.ndement t jj nt j t , nA) , \y t mca t c fo;t rtjee ano fojt tljent. 
ints, 22 * jftoalj tbecefojeBtaaccojBincjmtto 

: adding a u } t jj at @ a couunauuBea bint J cu "i " To 
■lifting, mil Ijee. 


I Noah and his enter into the ^tr^e. 20 The 
flood de/lroyeth allthe reft vpon the earth. 

A0D trjc lop* faiabntojftoab » ©nter 
tljouauaall tlu'ne ijottfe into t^CrltrUe: 
prt.a.j. foj tbec l)auc 3 fecne* a rigljecoiis before me 

a'lnrefpectof in tijis || agC. 

tbcreitoftbe 2 2Df cuer? b cIcaHC bead t!)OU iijalt t^c 

wo'.ld,andbe- to tijcsbp leuens, the male anD bis female; 

;aureheha<i a tut onmcleane beads bpcenples , tljcmale 

defiretofaue anB bis female. 

* God>and Hue 3 ©f the foulcs alfo of tbebeawenbp fe« 

>pri°hiiy. urns ; male ano female to keepe leeBe aline 

HOr. generation, tjjjon tlje taljole eartb. 

bWhkhmighc 4. jfoj fcucn aapesbcnccll tnillcanfeit 

be offered in h- raitie upon tbc cartlj fojtie naves ana foitte 

, ciSce, whereof nigbtSj ant) all the fubstaHee tbat31baue 

fixe were fot mnBe,mill 31 Bedrop from off tbe eartlj. 

bre«dc,andthe c, *iT2oal) ttjeiefo^cDto acco^Uins tintoal 

feuenth for fa - tljat tlje ILoiD commanBeD bim. 

orifice. 6 -Sua tftoalj was- Ojit ^uut)2Ctt) peered 

JHmfc.24.37. oia,mben tbe ftooB&fmatcts mas upon tlje 

luk,e 17.16. eartb. 

i.^, - 7 <r<®a 0oalj cntreti anD lit fonites, 
ano Ins tmfe , aiiB'bte fonnes mines Voitb 
bim into tbc arftc , becaufe of tbc maters of 
tlje flootj. 

8 2DftIjecIeanebeades, antJOftbebn- 
cleane Oeadcs, ana oftbc foulest, ana of all 
r&at creepetb upon tlje cartb, 
c God compel. ■ 9 ' 'Ebere c came ttoo md ttoo Unto jftoab 
led them to pre- into tlje Srke, male ar,D female as <5oB Ijao 
fent themfeiucs ■ command cB 0oa!j. 
to Noah,a» they 10 ana fo after feuen Bapes tijematers of 
♦lidbefore to a- tbe flooB mere upon tbe eartlj. 
danvvhenhec 11 On tbe lli:ebima,!CBpcercof jftoabs 
gaue them names, life tn tlje " fecona tuonctfc, tlje fetiertreemb 
chap.a.i?. Bapofrbemcnerlj , in tbe fame Bap uocic all 
d WHch was a- tnc« fonntaiueo of tbc great Dtepe fyofcen 
bcur the begin- up , ant) tije nrinaomes of Ijcancn mere 0> 

ningofM.iy. pcntD. 

when all things 12 &iitJ tlje nine teas bpon tlje eartlj 
did moft fiori'ih. fo2tte Dapes ana foirsc m'gbcs. 
c Borhthewa* i^ 3n tbe ftlfc fame D^y entries i3oalj 
tersin the earth 'toitb &hem , ana tjaui a«0 Sapljet!), tbc 
d;doiieiflow,ami fonncsot'0oab, nn^ jftoabsfcjtfc, ana the 
alforhe clouds tl^eeUJtucsofbtslonnestoitb tljcm into tbc 

powied downe. flrftc. 

14 "Ebcvana eiicrp bead after bio kinac, 

anD ?Il caticll after tbeir IuitO,(j cutrp tljtng 

-» tljat crccpetlj ana moiistb bpon tbe eartb af; 

f Euervliuing tcrtjis feina, anD cncrp far.le after Ijis UiuB, 

thing that c.od euencucrpbtra of entry fcitber. 

would haue to i<; JF02 rijcp catnc ro i^toal) into tlje 9rfee, 

,, be p-cfrrned on ttPO.nnd ttoO , f of all flCu) toljiCttn IS tl)C 
eanhjcame into l>"atbofltfe. 

theAiketo 16 3na ilitf entritig In, cantcmalcana 

j4oab. female of all flcftj, a? ©ouljaa comiHAWibea 

ijt'm: ana tbe Loja s u RjHtbtm in. g so that Gods 

17 'SljCtl tbc B03D UJas fo;tieDapcst>P' fecrtt power dc 

on tbe ea:tb,ana the waters tuerc iturcafe'a, fendedhima- 
ana bare up tbc *trfce> U'lncb u>as lift up a* gaintt the rage 
Done tbe cartl). m ofthemightic 

. 18 Wit maters alfo toarea rcrons, ana waters. 
tuercincrcafcD cjccetamsip upon tbe eartb> yflr,fhtuitvfo* 
ana tbe 3rUe mer.t upon t!ie haters. hm. 

ig "Cbc Waters tpntiatUafije^ceeBtnglp * 
bpon tbe cartb, tljat all rtjc ijte moimiautes, ry mtgktu. 
tljat areynaec tlje tobcle Ijeauen, toereco« 

20 Jf ifteene cnbites bptoara aiD tbe toa- 
ters pienatlcajljcn tbe moumauus mere co= 

2 1 * 3Dljcn all fie lb periajea tbat ntoouea * v >jd. » 0.4. 
tjpon tlje cartb , bot\) foulc ana cattell, anD «■<■&*.$ j>.27» 
bead, ana euerp thing tljat ereepetij$ moo* 38 « 
itetljapon tlje eartij.ana cncrp man. 

22 Cuevptbtngtniuljorenortrfls tbefpi« 
ritof ItfcBtob^atijj. mijatfoeucr tljcpwcrs 

2J. &>a h bee QeftroveD ettrrp tbingtbat » Tnatii.Gocl 
teas apentlje eartlj , from man to bead, to 
tbe creeping tljias, ana totbefonleoftbc 
beanen: ttjcp mere eiienaedrepea from tlje » Learnewhatic 
eartlj. 3na J5oab oitelp • remaineO,ana tljep '* to obey c^d 
tbat mere mulj Ijim in tlje 3rbe. oneiy,and to for- 

24 ana tlje maters piettailea bpon tlje ftke the mu!«. 
wrtljanljunB.tctbaiiafiftiCvaavics. » »ide,i Pet.j.20 


1 j 77;.» food ceafuh. \6 ^{jalj is commanded . , ■ -, 
tocomefirtbofihe^r\evrnbhis. 20 He facrs- 

ficetb t» the Lord. 2i God promt feth that all 
things Jball continue m their firji ord-r. ; 1 

N©m ©oa '* rcineinb^ea ji56alj ana b euc* a Not that God 
rp bead,"anD all tlje cattell tljat mas forgettetfchfsat' 
mitb btm in tbc arke : tberefoje<!3oBmaDe any timeout " 
a minae to palTe bpon tlje cartlj,ana tbe ma> when he fendetb. 

ters CeafcB. fuccour,then he 

2 1Ebe foiintaines : alft of tbc Bccpe, ana fheweth y he re- 
tbeminaomesofbeaiienmeredoppea, ana membreth. them. 
tlje raine fromljcanen bias redratnea. h if God remem- 

3 Slna tlje maters rettirneB from abone ber euery biuite 
tbe eartb •> going ana returning: ana after beafi.ivhat ought 
tbe cna of tlje ijuna^etlj ana fifttetb Dan- tlje to bee 5 a "*" u rauce 

mattes abatcS. of his children? 

4 2na in tlje c feuentb monctb, tit tbe c which contei- 
fcueiitecKtb Bap oftlje monetb,tlje arke I! re« ned part of sep- 
deD tpen tlje mottntatnes of || ararar. tembe: and part 

^ 3na tlje maters mete going ana Be* ofo&ober. 
cieafmg fcntill tbe J teutb monetb: in tbe xor.fiajed. 
teutb monetb, ana in tbe firft Bap oftlje mo-- lor^rmtma^ 
netlj ajcre tlje tops of tbc moHiitatncs feme, d which was 

6 C^oi after fo^tie Baves, iBoRljope' the mon?eh of 
ncBtbeminaoteoftbcarbC, mljiCbljceljaS December. 
maBe, %Ebr. at the ends 

7 ana ftitt foitlj a t raueu, mbtclj ment offiunie daya. 
out going foo^tb ana returning, bntill tlje txherautnis 
maters mere anea up upon tlje eartb. fent forth and 

8 againebcfcntatBo«efroml)im,tIjat return^. 

be mlgbt fee if tbe maters mcreaiminiiljcB t Ht ftndab the . 
from off tljccartij. douc, 

TJ5tif; rljeconc founO no reff foji tlje fole c itisiikethat 
ofbtrfoctuberefo^ibeereturneBtontobini the rauendidfije 
into tlje tlrke (fo; tljeteater3 wereupon tlje to and fro, re- 
mi;ole eartljj ana Ijccpiitfoo^bbtsbanB fUngontbc 
ana rrcci'.icD Ijer, aitatooktljcrtobbniiuo Arke,hutcame 

fbearkc. not into it,asth« 

io anaije abaBcyctotfterfeucnaaperAar.a doucthat was 
again Ijc lent fc?tlj tbc aoti? oat oftlje atke. talicnin. 

ii ana 

Noah gocth out of the Arkc. 

. ii <2na tbe Done came to v>in\ In tlsc cue* 
150/, fou. nlrtg, ana ice , in ber I! moutij *as an f oltt« 

f Which was* \Ztltt tbatfijCC baa p'lllht: feJ^GCiLpi^oalj 

fifnc.thatthe luieto cbat (be toattrs taere abaccD trom eft 

waters were tbeeartl). 

nuchdimiriai- 12 j^ortstrljlianBing i)e taiAtteB yetotfjer 

ed:forthcoiiacs ffuen Dave?, arto lent foifijtbiSoue, tobtcb 

grow noc on the rcrurstB not apatite toni u feim anv mo;e. 

hie nsounta nes. \% ^£a,n"o in :i): fijcliuniuerl) ana one ?c rr, 

gCaiiedinE- in t^encit Jjv of tbee 6rft mourtb > cbetoa* 

brewAbib.con- tcrstoere fc.iirSttu from off tbe cart!) : ana 

teiningparcof &ozlj KmofceD u.e eouetingoftl)e3rkauo 

March and part lOOUCU , anDfceljOlDC, tfcCSppcr partoftb* 

of April. grounBtoasa;ie. 

ii Noah decia- 14 SiiD in tb e fecona nianctlj , t u tl;c fe* 

reth his, obedi- ucn ana tu^ciUtetlj Dap of il;e mo:iec I) , toas 

ence, he - rljC Cflrtlj D/tC. 

would not de- 1^ £ %\):\\ <5oV fpa&e to £3oab, Taping, 

part-ou:ofthe 16 kSofi^tlj Ot"tI)£ 3r5;C,ttj0tt fjf rljVtClfe, 

Arte without g tby fonuea ar.B ihv Ions U;iues tort I) tljte. 
Goo's f xpiefle 17 Tennj foitb Uittl) tyre encry beaft tbat 

commaridemenr, tvSMtb tl)re,Of alitlefb , t-oth fcillc $ CtltCCtl, 
as hedid not en- attO CI1CCV ti)U\5 tljat empctb Silt moouetf) 

ter in without upon tbe eartl;, tljac tbey may bzecBe atuin* 
thefamerthe fcantlv intb* eartb, *ano bjmgfoo^tb fruit 
Aikcbcingafi. " anB inereafc upon tljecaerb. 
gure of the 18 <S>o j^aab came fo?tb.$ bis founes,ana 

Church ,whf rein " IjtS \D!fe,anD fttS frJllllCS tUlliCS tUttlj l)tm. 

nothin? moft be 

19 5£:iicr!(>bf«'iii,entrpcre.-pmgtbmg,anD 
done without the encrp fciilei all tljat mouetb upon tlje earct) 
wordof God. alter tbctrfcinBes,tncntontoftbe8rke. 

20 C'&ljen |3oal; • untie an altar to tic 
Jto;B,anB roefceof euerp cleanebeaft.anB of 
nuif cleane foule , ana offraD burnt oUt-~ 
nngs upon tbe altar. 

21 and tbe Loja Gnellct) a H v fauotir of 
rett, anD tbe LojD fapD in bis tjeart , 31 toill 
Ijencetoojtlj curfe tlje grounB no moje foj 

Chap.ix, . The couenantandraineb' 

4 * d 23Utfic(I)to"tl)viJf«^CroF,lmear.c, Lt 

tcttt) tlje bloo^ tliercof,il)an ve noc rate- - d; 

^ *jFo;fiirely 3! totli require your blooB, cr< 
n^itrctn your lines are: attl}c IjanBofciiery flu 
beart teill J rrquire itt an& at t^eljonBcof tha > 
man , turn ar tl;? IsanDe oF aman^ii b^otftcr led • 
Hill i require rgc lite of man. tlcr^ 

6 UX'm To *nicDtciJj nnnffb!coa, ffap biddt 
inanfljallljisbleoDljeffceD; * fo; ia rlje b3j« e Tb 
mage of <5o5 l;atl) qe mafie man. ukc n 

7 'But b?ingVEfo»bfruu anD nuilfiplp: forycu 
giotoe pletmfnUp tn tljt cartlj, anD tncreafe \'o?, » t 
tljcrctn. . Matt 1 

8 C Sop fpafec alfo to j^oalj anD ti fct? mud. \ \ 
fcnacsigtSbmijCtytiiff, f Not on 

9 IBe'iiolc, 3;,runr3l ctfablifr) mp h cone« theMagif 
nant toitli yon. rjlDttl) pour > feeD afteryen, but ofttirn\ 

10 9r.DU;tii) cuety lining creature tbat GoJraifeth v 
ts uiitl) voii,t33t'rIj tl)£ foule , toitljcijceattcll, oncmurthere 
arDtoitt) cuerp bealtof tljceattljtottbronjokiiianothe\ 
from all tljatgoe out of tteQr&e, Unto' ene- Chap.1,17. { 

rpbcsftoF Cije eartl). g Thereforej 

11 "anD iv.v concnant teill 31 eflabliuj kiiimin is to> 
teirij yon, tftat from Ijcncefooztlj ail flcfbiljal TsceGods ima„ 

tlOtbClOOCeDoiltbptljetoatersoftijC HOOD, andfoiniurieit 1 

ncitljrr iljall tljerebeea fiooDtoDearoptlje not onciy donqli 

eattl) anpmOJC. toman,batalfojl 

12 'E.Ijch c5oa fain, ^Ijfstg tljetolten of toGod. 
tfeecoiienant tofaicl} 31 mafcebenucenemee h ToafTure yoss' 
anD you, £ bettoecne enerp luting t&ing t^at ^^t the world 

Chap. 1. 22. 
and 9. 1 . 
i For facrifices, 
which were as an 
exercife of their 
faftfi, whereby 
riiey vfed to giue 
th a nkes to God 
for his benefits, 
||0r, afweete 

k T.iatis.thcrby 
heflieweth him- 
fel fe appeafed, 
and his an{r« to 

tstuttl) you unto pcrpauallgenerattoiw.' fliall be no more 

13 3! bane let mv k boto in tljeclouo, anB deflroyedbya 
ttlball beefoi a f:gne of t^e couenant be* flood, 
ttoecne me ana tijc eartlj. i The children 

14 3»jd toUen *3j ii;aU ceuec fyt eart^ which are not 
tet'ti; a clouD,ana tlje bote iljalbcl'eene in fyt y« borne, are 

ClOllD, comprehended 

1^ 'Cljcn toil 3] remrnibrrmp 1 concnant, inGodscoue- 

manscanfet fo^ t^e tmagtnatton of man3 fertjicl) ts bettoecne nice ana pon, anabe* nam n<ade with 

*lje2rtiscuiil,euen from bis pouti : neither ttoeenc cuerp liumg tbt'ng in allfiefb, ana theirfathers. 

U)tIl3ifnutcanpino;eaIltl)tngsli«lng,aj6f3I tftere Hjall bee nomo^ctoatersofaflooBto /P..54.9. 

IjaueDonc. ;. " Deitrop all fleff). 'k Hereby we fee 

22 i;eteafter> feea time ana Ijarneft, ana 16 'Cljerefojie tbt botoe frjall bee (it rlje thatfignes or fa- 

eoiaanDl!cat,anafuinmccnnatointcr,auo clouatfcat 31 map fecit, ana remember trje cramentsoughe 

aav ana nis'ot P.jall not eeafe, fo long as tbc cnerlaHing conen?.nt bettoecne ©oa , ana not to be fepar*- 

tnerp lining tljing in all fleflj t&at is upon ted from the 

cartb remamttb. 


Ck*p*6 s.nsaub.ii.19. I The order of nature defiroyed by the 

fioodjsreflored by Godsp:omife. 

C H A P. IX. 

.r ' '< 1 TbeC9vfim;atto»efmnru!ge. 2 Jdans&u- 

■ thontte ouer eU creatures. J T?etrmffi»n»fmeati. 

•/ 6 The fewer of the fivcrd. 14 Theraineboveif 

1 the fane cf Gods prcmifi. 21 Jfoaku dnm\en 

" and. nixlyd of lu finnt , whom' he curfeth '29 

a God iricreafed The age and death of Noah. 

the m with fruit, A Jr30 <©0D * blcffcB Jf2oaIj flttB 1)1 3 fcttttCS, 

& declared vnto a ana fapa to t'gem , * ]5;iiig fruit, 

themhiscoun- anDm«lti?lic,anDreplenitl)rt)eeartb. ' 
feiiastouchin- 2 Slfo tbe^fesrc of you,f tljeD^eaD oFpott 

the«pienifhing (ball be upon eucrv beaft of tbe eartb,i?Dpon 

of rhe earth. eitcryfouleof cljcljsauen, nponalltbatmo* 

chap.i.2.%.a»d uttb on tbecartb , anaupon alltbcnfbesof 

8.17. .> tljcfea: into pour bana are tbepaelmereo. 
b By the venue ? (Entry < tljing tljat menctb ana Unetb, 

ofthiscomman- ujallbc meace fo?you : as tlje "greene bcrbe, 

dement beafts bane 31 giusn pon all tbings. 

rage not fo much 

agamft man as they would, yea,' and many ferue to his vfe thereby. 
I e By this pcrniiffion man may with a good coafcicnce yfc the trea- 
IruresofGodforhisneceflitte. Qbaf.x.i?, . 

tlje eartlj. word. 

17 ©OB fapBpet to J5oalj, m, Ebt3(StI)C £<:c/«MJ.ii,t- 

figneoftbcccucnant, tobicb3Ir)aneeaabli» l vvbenmen 
flicBbcttoeenemeanBall tle^tljatis upon fiwiifeemybow 

tljC eartlj. in the heaMen, 

18 C *2oto tlje fonncs of/3oab going rh^ihaiikno^T 
tooitljoftbe 9rke, teere <§>bem auat?am thatihau:not 
ana 31apbertj. Sua t?am is trjc fatber of ©a* forgotten mv 

naait. couenantv/ith 

. 19 'Sbefiaretbe tlj?cefonue3of 0oalj, them. 

% of tbem teas tbt » tebolc eartrj ouerfp.zeaa. m God daetft 

20 ilj3oabalfo began tobeeanbalbana. repesrethisthe 
man,ana plantca a Dinepara. ofter,to con. 

21 anBIjecamufcecfcbetotue, ana teas firme Noahs 
°amnltcn,anDtoas uncouerta intbtmiDs faith (omudi 

Of btS tent. more. 

22 Sna toben pant tlie fatljcr rofffia' n This declaretb 
tiaan fatoe tbe nakeantGe of bis fatber, s be »hat was the 

COlD btS ttDO b;Ctb;en toitbOUtr venue of Gods 

25 "Ebcn tooke<©bfm rjlapljetbagar* biefling.when 

and bring forth, Chap, 1 . J 8. \\0r t Neah Began agawe. o This is 
fet before our eyesto fhewe what an horrible thing drunkennefle is. 
p Of whom came the Canaanites , that wicked nation, who were 
aliocurfcdofGod. q In derifion and coo empt of bis father. 

SI 4 tntnc, 




Mans preemption. 

ment, an5 put Ct bpon botl) tljcic (Tionlticrsj, ■ 
anBbJent bac&etoara, scouerea tljenafteu- 
nes of tijetc fatijcr "& tljeir faces biicfctaaiD ; 
Ibtbcpfalu not t\)tit fatbera nakeBncfie. 

24 Wzm jRioal) ataoUe from bis aine, 
ana tuicto toljat Ijis pongee toimc Ijaa Done 
nnto Ijim, 

2<> 3iiafa?B, r ffiurfea bee Canaan: a 
f fecuant of Ccrnants fijat be be unto bis bje- 

26' ; S?c fata mojeoHSfcTUUfTeB be tbe L02B 

27 ©oaatperfoaBeaapljefb.tljathemap 
Btojell in tlje tent? of <§>bcm>ana If t Canaan 
bebtsfcrnant. ; 

28 cana 0oalj liueo after tlje Boon tbjrce 
IjunBjetlj ana nfttc pceces. 

29 ®o 'all tbe aapesof jRoabtocreniue 
^de Gentiles b»nB<tetlj ana &ftiepceres,ana beaten. 

/tb came of a 

€etb,and iverefeparated ftotn the Chutch, fhould be ioy ned to the 
p by tbc perfwafion of Gods Spirit and 'preaching of the Gofpel. 
1 Tbe increafe ofman\md by Noah & ha forts, 
1 The beginning efcitics,countrcys if nations. 

NaDtoc tbefe are tlje 'generations of tbe 
fonnc3of jI5oab, 3s>ljcm, ii?am, ano 31a- 
pbetlj: fcntombom tonnes boere bonis after 
tbc flooa.' 
2 Wit tonnes of 3]aphetb were<z3omer, 
Win fo fmaii a time, aim $9agog,aua b C©abat, ana 3a»an,ann 
bnd aifo ro fet 'EubaUana SEJefijecb.ana Ettas. 

'forth their great J 3nB tl)C tonnes Of (ZOOUUT , aibfeena?, 

i forgetfuineifeof ana Kfpbaftj, ana Eogatinab, 

^Gods graces to- , 4 aito tbe tonnes otJauaii,€Miu;ab,ann 





5 : for 




:rge s or^ 
p returnc. 

i Thefe generati- 
ons are here re- 
cited, partly ro 
declare rhe mar- 
ueilous increafe 

tlji : auB aftcttuart awe tbe families of tie 
<&aitaawites fpjeaa abjoaa. 
• 19 ^ijentbe bojBcc of tlje ©anaanites 
teas from5t£on, as tbou commelt to ©erac 
tonto a?j3b,ana as tbou goefl bnto <3>oBom 
ann<5oino«al), anaaamab,, anB3cboim, Lafya, 

20 Etjefe nretlje tons of Ct?am accojaing 
to tbeir families, accojniug to tber tongues 
in tijeir countreps and m ttietr nations. 

2i CCintu i<g>bem alio tbe father of all » l« his frock* 
tbe,fanns6of k <Ebev, annflclber bjotberof the church was , 

3!apbf tij Were CbilBjen bO^ne. prefcrued : there. 

"22 *<Lbe fonues of^)l)tm were ®lam,anb- fore Mof « lea * 

afiljiir, ana acpacljfljaa.t? LnB, ana aram. u « h off 'peaking 

23 ana rlje tonnes of aram^anaipul, <>fi*pb«hand 

anD Oetljcr.aUD S©afl). Ham,and imrea- 

. 24 alio arpacbfijaabegate^Ijelab, ana *«hofsh«m 

&>l)tU\\)bi$m&bet. , : more at large, j 

21 &mo Cber alto &crc borne t&o tons: k otwhome 
tljenair.e of tbe one was 13eleg: foMuljis "metheEbrem' 
Sapcs teas tije cactb' DiutDebtanabisbiiO'' orlcw es. 

tljers name was 3)ohtan. i.cAm».i,i7. • 

26 'Ei)en3iO!ttanbcgate9lmobaD > anD' ] Th 's diu, 'fion 
<§)|jcleplj,anb l^ajaitnauet^anDJcral), ca ^ : b y thc d «- 

27 anDK?aDoj8m,-anD2l5aIjff2)tWa&, u™Kotten. ■ 

28 aiia^bai,aiiDabtmacl,anb@beba, g" 3 gfs« as appea-, 
2o ana^auilabjanojobab:' i«b,chap.ijs.j 

all t&efe wete toe fonncs ofjolitan. 

go ana tbeic aujeUtng tea* fcom C^)e« 
fi»,astl)0H goerttonto ^eptjcr amount of 

?i Cbefcarc tbe Comics of 3i%"maccoj» 
aing to,tljctr familes, acto^butg to tljeic 
tongucSjtn their comnccps ana nations. 

32 'SLbefe arc tlje families of tfcc tonnes of 

graces to- - 4 

/ward their fa- ■ 'EarfljtiT),ftttttm ) annDobatnm 

jthers. 1 2Df tbefe iyece tlje £ 31les of tht&m*. 0oab, a free ttyit generations among tljcitr 

' b ofMadaiand ttlc6aiuiaentntijetrIanBs,cuerpnian after people: ana || out of tbefe to:rc tlje nations 

i lauancamethe Ijtstongue, and after tbcir families in tljcir atutaea in tbe eartlj after tbe flooa. 
nations. , ,c h a p. xi. • , 

C 5©0,!C0U£r tlje foimcS Of J^aniwerc 6 The building ofSabel was thtcaufe of the 
d <£llfl}.ana£T3i?ttUm, aiiag)llt,$&anaan. confUfionofiougms, 10 The age and generation 

7 ana tbe tonnes pf tf/uib , <Sicba, ana 
i|?auilalj,anB ^afatalj, ana Raamab» ana 
•©abtcclja: alto tlje tonnes of Kaamab ««e 

8 L ana (Sufi) begat BimcoB.bJbo began 
to bz « migrjtp in tbe cartlj. 

t;ee tuas a inigbt? buntcr before tbe 

\\Or,tf thefe cam- 
diutrs nations. 

\ Mcdes and 

• Greekcs. 
c Thelcwesfo 

I call all countreyi 
which are fepa- 
.rated from them 

. byfea.asGiecis, 
Italy,&c which 

, were jyucn to 
the children of 
Iapheth, of 
whom came the 
d OfCuthand 
Miiraim came 

' ^the Ethiopians 

y and Egyp_tians» 
e Meaning a 
and tyrant. 
i His tyranny 
ucrbe % asha*ed 

both of God and tO^mS 

Lo,iB: inbcccfojc it is fapBJ as jRimccB the 
tnigljtpljjintcr before tlje JLo;n. 

io ana the beginning of bisfcingbome 

toas Isabel, anaegrecljv.anD accaa,f C£Eal» 

neb In tlje.lana 8of<S>bmar. 

n SDut of tbatlana came afiTjnr,5 JjutlOcU 

jRinetieb,? tlje I cttp Kebobotb, ana csalalj: 

12 Hefenauobettuecne j!2incueb>(j2ta' 
lab*: tins is a great citic. 

13 ana 2U}t jraim begat h Lnaim, ana a» 
namtm,ana Lcljabim, ana |3ipbmijtnT, 

14 ©atbmlim alfo, ana^aflubim, out 
ofb)ljom came fljepijilittims, ana HCaplj*. 

ofSbt m iimo uibram. J x^Abrams departure fio 
Vr with his father TerahjSarai^and Let, j i Tbe 
age and death ofTcrab. 

•ylijcntljetohole eartb boas of one Man 
■1 guage,anaonefpeacb. 

' 2 ana * as b tljep tUCllt from tljC c <EalT, an hundwrh and 

tijep founa a plains in tlje lauB ofd c§>ljinar, ^hinie after the 

1? .^aifoCitanaanbegateJiBon bisOrft 
bonie,auB iQtit), 

16 ana 'ilebufi^na ®mo;i,et (Sttgaflji, 

17 ana iyiiit,ana arbi ana &ini, 

18 ana aruaai,ann 5emart,ana i^aina* 

man: forhepaf- 
fed not to co n- 
mit cruelry euen 
g Forthf^ewas 

Egvpt called alfoBabcl. \Qrjheftrcets of the cine, h Of Lud came 
thcLydians, \firjbeCapfadocian!. 

ana tljere tljep abobc. flood. 

3 anatljepfava one to anotbcr,€Iome, b Towit.Nim. 
Ictusmabebncbe, anabume it in tbe fire rod and his com. 
<©atbepljaBtmekcfo2ltone, annflimebaa pany- 

tbep in ftcan of mo'ter. c That is,from 

4 aifotbeyfapB, ©OCtO, IetbS'bllila Atmcnia.where 
bS a Citie ana a tOtUCC , mbofe top may reach the A rke flayed. 

imto tlje Ijeauen, rtjat toee map get tos a J which was af- 
uamr, lealttyetbcfcattercabpontljetoljole terward called 

eartlj. Caidea. 

5' But tbe ilO^B f Came Bob)rie,tO fee tlje e They were mo- 

titte ana totcer, lubicb tbe tonnes of men "ed wub pride 

bUltacB. ' and ambition, 

■ 6 anBtbcLOiBfapn, eO0ebOla,tbcpCO' thinking ro pre- 

pieiscneianiotljep all banc one language,- ferre their owne 
ana tbistljcp begin to Boe, ncitljer can tljcp glory to Gods _ 
noli) be ftoppcB from ttbatfteuertbcpljaue bono nr. •■ 

iniagineBtoBoe. ; _ ...! >> r-'J . '• t f Meaning, that 

he declared by 
effeft ihatbe kriewtheir'wicked icntaprife i For Gods power is eacty • 
wbcrei.anddothncuiierafcendnordefcendr' g God (pcakeththiJ 
in dertfion,bccaufc of thrir foolifh peifwafion and entetprifc. 


LpLQ &L> 



Coiifufion oftongue's. 




h He fpeaketh 
at though hee 
power, to wit, 
with the Sonne, 
and holy Giiofl, 
fignifyingthe • 
gte atnefle snd 
i By this gi eat 

. 7' (£omeott, b letrj£Jgoeaotoue, (j'tbere 
; confetma rbeir language, tljac eucry one 
yerceiuc not anotbtrs fpeacb. 

8 &o tbe LcuB fcartetea tljetti fro tbenee 
iiponalltbeeartij, anti tijtpUfrof^co butia 

'S-feevcfcue tTje name of it toas calleB 
IIBa&e(,becaufe tbe Lorn Bta tbere csnfcunB 

ti)t lattt) of €aiuati, ana tljey came to ° tya* 

'32 &otbeaaicsoft£erabtoerettoobttn- 
B;etbana Sue yeeres, ana Eernb BteBt'n 

i ~Abrttm by Gods commandemem geeth to Ca- 
UAan. 3 fchriji upromiftd. 7 *4brti butldttbakars 


tbe language Cf all tbe C2rtlj: fromtljeiKC firtbe exercife & dec.'aratio ofbufwhambgthe 
rljdl BIB ti)C Lo^a fcatter tbCtn fpoi! fill tbe infidels. loBecaufe of the dearth hegoeth into £- 

10 £ *"Ebcfe are tbe generations *of 
4a>bem: ^>bem was an InmBieB yereolo,anB 
phg'uj oiVneco- begat arpaehujaa ttco yeres after tbe fiooB.- 
fufion of tongues ii Sua <^bem liusO , after be begat ar« 
appearehGods pacljfbaB, tmebutitjeB peered, ana begate 
tonnes ana Baug'eters. 

pjpt. 1 5 Tharaoh tak,cth his wifi^aud is pumfked. 

F2C; rbc tojta baB (ata fcuto abjam,^i0et .^rfr » 
tbee out oftby countrcy, ana from tby a Fron. 

horrible judge- 
ment anainft 
roans pride and 
vaine glory. 
k Hereturneth 

KtnrcB,ana from tbv fatljcrs boafefcntoHljc to this i: 

lanatbat3iteiilujetotbce. fourei-ul 

2 auBSjtmllmafceof tbeeagrcatnati* twemyar; 

on,anatoiUbIcfie tljee, ana make tby name yeeres. \ 

12 alio arpacljftjnB lima fine ana tbirty great, ana tfcou fbalr be a' blelTtng. b in appd > 

yeeres,anB begate <S>belab. 3 31 brill alfo blcfie tfeemtbat blefle tbee, himnocertai. 

i? ana arpaeljlljaBlmcB after he begate aim curf? tljcm tljat curie tbee , ana iHtbee piace 3 heprdi 

^belab,foure ljnnc?ca ana tbjee yeeres,anB ujall all families of tbe eartlj be bleflea. fo much mow 

to the hiflory of 


the^hurch of 


which is MoTes 



4 <5>oab;tamBcparteB,cucnastbeJlo2B his faith and t 
fp^ftcimto bim, ana Hot toenttoitb bim. bedience, 
(Sua abjamtoasfcuenty ana fine vereoia, c The world fU— 
toben be Bepartea out of i7aran.) recouer by thy 

5 "Ei^en 9b;am toofce ^arat bisteife, feede, which is 
anaiLotbislvotljersfonncanBaltbcirfiib' chiifl,theblefi "J 


Ocgatc fonnes ana Daughters. 
14 9na <©bclafe luieB tljiftp pecre.s, ana 

to the genealogie begate QEbtV. 

ofshem,tocome i) ^o<©belsrjIineB, afte"r bebegatc®-- 

berjfonreljunB^caanB tlj;ee peerc3, anB be* 

gate fonncs ana Baugbter0. 

16 JLtfcetoife<EberliucBf02tre anatljirt? fiance tbattbcpp'oSefltB, 5 tlje^fotilestbat fing wbi 
pccre0,ar>3 begate peleg. ' tbey baa gotten m t?aran, ana tbeyBepar«- theyloitin 

17 <®o<^berliiieB,afcetI)ebcgatc£)cUa:, tea, to goe to tbelanBof<£anaan:anBto Adam. 
fourcljnbB^ea ana tbtrtie yeeres, ana begat tljclana of Canaan tljcycame. d Meanbgas 
fonnesanBBangljtcr?. 6 €®o^b;ani e palTcB tlvougbtbclanB well feruantsas 

18 ^ua Pelcg ItRea tbfrty yercs } anB be* i«to tbcjjlace of <©bectjcm, anBDntotbe catteli 
gate Kyi, *• -- • 1 ■/-» • 

10 *3nB'Pe!eglUKB after be begat Rcu, 
ttoo btina^etlj ana nine yeere3, anabega.te 
Fonnes ana Battgbters. 

t.ChroH. t.z6. 
iefh 24.2.- 
1 Hee maktth 
mention firfi of 
firft bo rne,but 
for the hiftory, 
which properly 
apperrainerh vn- 
tohim. For by 
comparing this 
place with vetle 
verf.4 it may be 
gathered that A- 

rplaine ofsSo^elj (ana tlje s (lianaantte was e He wandred 
tben in tbe lanD) to and fro in the 

7 ailBtbeLoiBappearcB \JlltO gb.iam, land before he 

$fayB,Qnto tby fccBe mill 31 giue tljis lana. could find a fet. 

20 aifoReu UueatteoanDtljtrtt'eycre^, SnttbcreljeebiiiiaeB an galtar into tlje ling place : thus • 
ana begate <S>erng. 102i3,uii)icbappearcBiontobim. God exercifeth 

21 ^oKeiiliiieaaftcrhe begate ^>crug, 8 3ftcttoararemooiifns | 'tbenccrjnfoa thef^ithofhis 
ttoobnnBzetljanBfeiieii yeeres, anflbtgars' moimtaine©aftteat;3from'Bitrj-el,l]eptt» children, 
fonncg ana Baujbters. • • ■• c^ca Ijts cent batting 13efb- cl on tlje fi&ieft lOrtfke grout. 

22 $©o?eoiier^erugliueBtljfrtyycercj?, fiae,? t?aaicntl)e<Sa(t: anB tbetebc built f which wasa 
ana begate /Saboj. an ; altar s vtito the JLom , ana caiua on tbe audi and rcbet 

2? ana @crugltuea,after be begate 0a« JISameoftljeLoja. lious nation, by 

q k againeSb.jambjent forgoing ana whom God kept 
tourneying toteara tbe <^o'.itb. hisincontinuall m 

io <lCben tbete came a' famine in tbe exercife, 
lanBj tbercfoie Staamtoeut Potu'ie into ®« g it was note- > 
2^ ^ojaarJojtliucB afterbe begate %i- gypr,tofoto«rnetbere5foittl)tretta^agreat'nonghfor him - 
rab,an btsna^etfj ana ntnececne yeeres , ana famine in tbe lanB. to wotGiip God 

begate fonnes ana Baugbtera. it anB toben he B^etoticereta enter into in his hearr,but • 

16 •©o'Ecrab tiucB feuentyycre?,ana ©gvpMjeefarato^acat btotoife, liJeljolB it was expedient 

ljo;,ttoo bmiBjetb yeeres, anB begate fonnes 
ana aaugbters, 

24 ana ji5abo;t.liiiea nine ana ttoentte 
yeeres",ana begate "vLerab. 

bramwas borne, begateabjam ) Babo?,anBi5aran. 

nn\u,3]}<no\a tljactbmi art a fatre lucmait to declare by 

whenhisfatber ' 27 €Jl5otocbeff are tbe generations of to iocfce bpon : outward profef- 

was 1 jo. yeeres %tt<i\) t^eral) begate 'abiam^abo^ana 12 Ebcrcfo?e it taill come to parTctbat.fion his faith be- 

oide. i^aran t ana i^aran begate JLot. toben tlje ®gvptians fee tbee, tbeytutll fay, lore men, where- 

lEbr.Cafdim, 28 'S-bcn i?aran Bica bcfoie'Eerabbts' <S)bestsbtstouc:{btoilUbeyUill nice, but of this altar was * 

mSomethiBke fatljertutbetanB ofl]i£ natiititte, in Cicof tljeytotllfeeepctbcealuie. afignc. 

that this ireah ttbe^alBees. 13 <g>ay,31p?ayti}ee,tl;attf)onartmy m n-- h Becaufe of the 

wasSarai. 2Q <§>0 Sb^am anB 0\§O1 tOOfte tbcm troublcsrhathe 
n Albfittheo- totties. Efee name 0fab;amsttife was ^a» wicked people, i And foferucd the true God,and 
racleof God rat, anB tlje name Of jBalWS totfe J^ilcab, renourc-d ill idolatry, k Thus tbe children of God may looke 
earretoAhram, tbeBiUibterof l^aran, trjefatljer 0f$TJ)tl= forn'jrcfiinthuwoild,bu!: rr.uft waite/ortheheauenly reftandqui- 
yetthehonour cab,ailB tlje fatber Of m 3IfC8b. etnrfle. 1 Thiswas a new tri;ili of Abrams faith: whereby wee fee 
isgiuentoTe- 30 IBUt^araitoasbari-en.&baBnOCbt'tB. tha'ttheendecfone afflifti nisthe beginning of another, m Ey 
rah,heeaurehe 31 'SLljeno'Ecrab tOO^e ab^OJlt 1}IS IbnnC, thiv.vemaTlea'nencttovfevnlawfullmesnes, nor to put others in 
was the father. anB Hot tbe fenne Of t^awn, fyQ fotttiie? dmgertoCuecurfclues, feaie vafe2o albeit it miyappeare that 
•>(h\ 24 1 fiehe. tormt , anB <©arai b!5 BaUgbtCr til iato, bl>- 'Abram feared notfo much death, as that if hee fhotild die without if- 
•jiudetb.yj. ionm abjams toife: anB tgCyBepatteatO>- fue^ Gods promift (hculd ncthaue taken place: wherein appeared a • 

ff*7.4. getljetfvoni^roftljeCalcee^to^goeuitO'wakefaith, 


£\ J }{ titib^ob^ 

': Lot depart afunder. 


The Sodomites exceeding finncrs. 

Iter, tbatjlmapfaretoell fojfbpfake, anD 
tUac im>* Itfe map be yjefcrueD bp tbse. 

14 £ /ftototobenabiam loas tome into 
<Egppt, tbe©sup«<msbcl;clD tljetooman: 

15 SLnB ttjc p?ii:cj3 cf iSlnraob fato ber, 
anD commcnaeB bertontofdijaraob: fotbt 

ivife. tooman mas » cahcu tuto ljijaraot33 l)0»fc : 



danger a- 
and ai he 
tfrcarefull o- 
jus/b di.< he 
> the intent 
jtnone fhould tljptoap 
Airt bim either 
fu his perfon or 

of JojDen^tooke Ijlsietirncpfratbe (£att; 

anstbep fccparteDtbc h one from tbeotber. h This wasdone 

12 Sliiamciuellcotn tbe ianDof<SaHa» by Go<!s proui-^ 
an,ai;DLotaboDeiiube cities of tbe piaine, dence, thatoncly 

filiD pUCijCD ljt3 tClIt tXlin to ^OUom. Al»ram and his 

13 i^OtU ttC men Of <£ionam were tDtCltCB feeamuht dwell 

anQ mctfittig ' famecs ngaiuit tbc Lorn, in the land or* 

14 € tbcntbe LojD I'aiD "onto k Sbjam, Canaan. 

16 GItOo intreatcD Sb-'am tuell foi ber (aftc"tbaiLottoasocpartcafrci;im) life i Locrhinldn? 
fake, aim be bat) ftstpc, anb brencs,an23 bee up tfcinc epes uouj, aim Iooke from tl;e place to qet Paradife^ 
affe5,a*"f men frrtiant3,tinu matD teruaucs, teberetijettarr, jSojtb'ouarD, anD ^oMy found hell. 
anD ibee alTcs,ano camcis. toaiD,anu^ai'ttoatQ,anaCacfrtoat0. k The Lord co. 

17 T2iittbeLo# pIagu:Bl9barnobattU 1? Jfo^ali* tl;e latiB.luIjtcE) t^oufeca.tetl fbrtedh;m>ft 
bts botifetottb great plaguc3, becaulf of 3 gtr.e tmtofbtcar.u to tijv fees ro;'euer. hcfiiouiohaue 
<g>araiab,2am9totfe. 16 3no3oj'Uinaketi;pfceDc,a0tbeDtift takenthou=h: i 

i8"<2.ben JSbaraob calleD 3b:am, anD of tlje eartbrfo tljat tf n tt-ian c.-.n number tijc for the departure 

rapt), cab? baft tboaDonc tbwJtmtoniee? DaSofthe earth, tbcniyaltbplceDe be num^ oihisnephew. 

Klbcrcfo^e QiofttbouHottElinte, tbatdjte tyeD. chap.117.and 

XsacrbvtDtfc? 17 Srifctoalhe tljo^otu tbe lanD, in tbe ij.7,i8.r> 16 4 

iq eabpfapDefttljon^bce is mp filler, length tbercaf, anDtyeaDtbtbereof: fo^ JJ </m!, + 4 . 

rbat'jj iboiilo take bcr to be mp totfc i &a\s toil! sine it bnto tbce. i M;an'ng,a ion* 

tljcrcfo;e biboID ebp tuife , take her anD goe i3 vEfeen 9u;ani rmwciteD \)te tent, aim time.and til: ihe° 

'iptoap * came anD DtocllcD iiube plaine of ^amre, combing of 

20 9nD -pJjacaolj gaiic men r cowman* toincijisin i;>efyoii, aim butlDcDtbcrcan chris^sexod. 

Scment concermnjj bnn : anD tbcp conuepcD altar Eiito tbs LojD. 1 1. , 4 .&r 1 i.s. 

Ijtm fo^ty,ar.D Ijuj tnifc,an"Q all tljat rjc IjaD. _ f deut.15.17.and 

XIII, ^iricually this Preferred to the true children of Abram borneaccor- 

ding to the promife,ani" not according to the fle(h,whicharc heires of 
the true hnd of Canaan. 

CHAP. X 1 1 1 1. 
11 *» the oumbrow of Sodom Lot is ti\en pri- 
finer. 1 6 ^ibr*m deliuereih him. 1 8 Melchi- 


i ^4bram dtp Arteih out of Egypt. 4 Hee cat- 
lath vpon the Name oftue Lord. 1 1 Lot depar- 
tethjrom bint, 1 J The vnckjidnefje of the Sodo- 
mites. 14 The premifi made to idbram it renew • 
ed. 1 8 vibrant build tb a* altar ti the Lord, 
% His greatriches -TiQtn 1 &bjarafc)entt>p from <£gppt, bte '(ede^commuhtomeetehm. aj ^ibramrccuid 
Poteen in Egypt* 1 aW3 btfi tOlfe , aim all tbat be baD , anQ nut be enriched by the i{ing of Sodom. 

hindrcd him not Lot twitl) ljlm to*J3ri) the <©o!trb. a 0D in tbe Dapes of Qinrapbel ktnjj of 

to follow his vo- 2 gnogbiantwastierpricb m cattell,uj r\a^bmar,3riocbtu"iie o c ffillafar, €bc« aThatis,ofBa. 

cation. filncr,au]3ingolD. CcMaomcrfcinsofSlam, $"£iDalfetngof bylon : by kin°s 

3 aaDbetWiitonljisionnjev from tlje tljeb nations: heremeanin" 
b Hecaileththe ^o»tb totoarD >> T3crr;-et,to tlje place "totjerc 2 Tbcfe men maactoarretoitb'Bera Ring them that were 
place by that bis tent ban been at tbe beginning, between of<©ofcom,anDtoub'"Sirnjaftingof<5omo» gouemoursof 
namewhichwas TSetb cl,anl} tjaat, rab,^>bmabktngofaomabi anD«S)beme* cities. 

4 Ctnto tbe place of tbc* altar, toljicblje berfcmgof 5cboitm, anothekingof^ela, b of a people 
LaOmaDetbercac tbefirlt: jtljtrcabfam tobtebis3oar. gathered of di. 
calleDontbe/5ameoftbeLo^. 3 Sll tbefc ' unmet) togetber tntbctjale uers country es. 

5 C3«ti Lot alfo , teljo tocnt toitlj 3* of ||^iDoim,toI)tcU ts tbe u falc fra. c Ambhionis 
b2am,baDft)etpc,anDcattell,antJ tents,- 4 'Etueluc pecres "ojerc tbev fubiect to the chief: caufc 

6 <©o tbat tbc lant) coult) not c teare Cbefo^-laomcr, btitintlje tbirtccntb pcere ofwarrci amon<» 
modkie came by fbcm, tljat tfjcp mt'gbt titaell togetijcr; ft^ tijeprebedto. , piinces. 
tbeirriches, tljciE * ftibftance toast greac, fo tbat fyrp s 9nD in tljefourrfentc peer: came CljC' ■ or.efthe Ubon. 
which brake cc»lDiuitB*aocUtogetl)cr. t jOpi-laomcr, a«D tbehiftgs tljat luere mitrj red fields. 

fitensifhip, and as 
it were the bond 
of nature, 
d VVholeeing 

after giuenvnto 


bnro tl;ep!aincofI3aran, Hljicl; 10 bp tbc demand Con.. 

7 3nt) tbcp re ttirneo 5 came to ©n-mill;' 

\:Or y plaine. 

tbc lanti.) 
8 '"Ebc n fapt) ab;am imto Lot, Let tl;erc 
might biafphemc be no ' artfe,31 P^ap tljee « bcttnccnc tbee anD 

God, and defttoy me,ncitberbcttoeencminel)ertimcji?tbine paMobtcbisKacelb, 5 1| furore all tbccou::» 

them. "jtrDmen: foi tocbe fj^ctrj^cn. trepof tbe 9malekttes, aim alfo tbe amo« 

c HecutteAoff 9 3J3 not t^c toljolc lauu before tljcc^ Dc* rttcscbst ntoeHeDtnl^afrjon-tamar. 

theoccafionof partjpiap tbcefromme:iftboutotltftake 8 v£.brn tucnt out tbcfeingof <©o5om, 

contention: the left banD,rbcn mil II goe to tbengbt : o; anD tbe king of (Uomoiab , ann tljc fcingof 

thcreforethe iftljotigototljerigbt rja:iD,tbcn31 totlltake 3Dmab.auD tbekmgof^cbommjtbe king 

euillceafeth. tbd£ft. ofBcla,*u)ljicl) ts5oar:ani) tbcp icpnebbat* 

f Abramrcfig- xo &o tuljcn JLotliftcD t>p Ijis ct?£3 > Ijce telltoitbtlicmtii tljc toaU of «giiDcnn : 

n«h hisowne fato tbat all tbe plame of laiDeu toas ma« o To wir , \uitb CbeDoi-Iaomer king of 

righctobuy tereD CHtrptobcre: (lorbefo^c tbcLo;oi3e* (tclam,aim "SiDal king of nations, aim 9m* 

peace. • flropcD'SoDomantxSomo^b, itwasastbe rapbclkingof ^binar, anD 9riocb king of was ouenvhei- 

g which was in egarDeuoftbcLojD.ltkctbclanDofCgppt, Cf:Ilafac:feureking3aganiaftiif. med with water, 

Edcn, astbongOCfttontoJoar) IO 0O\MtbC«UaiIcof <S)tDDim tuasfllU andfd was called, 

H'El;cnLetcbofePntobf>naUcOeplautc cffiiincptt.s, auQ tbc kings of <©ot)oniann thefatefca. 


And afrcrvvard 

Lot taken prifoner. Melchi-zedek. Chap.xv.xvj. Abraham iuftifiedbyfaitt 

l!Or,iwtf difcon- <g>omo;alj flea, ana II fell fbetc : aitti tlje rcfl* 
fitid. BiiclUB to tljc uiotuitatne. 

ii v&ben tljcy toofce all tbc fubflSanee of 
€DaBo:ncaii5 ©omoiab, anti all tljeir fctcta* 
al?,ana went tljeir uiav. 
f Thegodiyate i: Efcv f toolte tot alfo Sbtams b;o* 
phgued ranny tljrrs fomie ailD IjlS fuMance(tOjl {jee Dlaelt 
times with the at 35>o&om) anB atpartrD. 
wicked; there- 13 6I'5Ll)cn came oat tijat ijaB efcapee, 
fore their com. ano tola 3b;am tljc (EbjctoABbub DtiJClt in 
p.ini« is dange - riic plamc of &3«mre tljc amojure , i3»ot!jrc 
rous. of (iiljc ol, anb tyociier of auer, wijiclj \uere 

g Godmoticd sconfeDerateuntljabMui. 

themroiovne 1 4 Sajljcu aiVAtll ijearO tljatbisbjOtber 

with Airam.nnd UM8 taken, IjSC || b,!6llgljt foojtt) of tljCUl tljat 
preferucd i irn U'fCC bp/iie atlB UJOagftt Up III Jjt3 IjOl'.fC* 

from thrir i A>- rfoee fcnnBjeBana eigtjteeiic, aua jmrfueO 
Jacry and h\ er • tiji'm Ditto Dan . 

fli'kmt. 15 "ifcljeii IjeeanB Ijis ftruauMcDiiiiatB 

llQr,<j»»w</. tljemfelnes agntmt tlKim by mgl)f,anD fniote 
tijcm,ano puri'iiea tljem imto yobalj, tofeiclj 
%Ebr.Dammefe\. ig Gil the left iiae of} Damalcns. 

16 <lnB 132 rcconercn all tljef»Maiice,ana 
alfo tyougljt a$ame lji3 footer iiot,ana W 
gojBs, awDtije women alio ana tlje people. 

17 4[Sfcer tijar l)ce retuniea from tlje 
. llai:jjl)tfrof(£ljccoj-laoracr, ? of tickings 

x.Skm.\$.iZ,^ tljatlutre Iv'.tl) Ijim , came tlje lung of <£>o» 
Heb.7.1. t Home foojtth to meeteljim in tlje uaJUvof 

h For AUam ©ailCbyli'i)" - h IS tl)C* ftt'llgS Sale. 
and!.isfju!djer« ig !3n;3 * ?I9f 'clji-^eDCk fetUS Ot <§>rjalcm 

refeaion, ar.d ' h i^augbt roztij'b^caD aiiD touicanB Ijeajas 

not to ofierfi- a |)<ieU oftljC IJlOf! blOfl) ©OB. 

«»fi«- 19 "SHjcrefoje bceibleffeB bim, fairing, 

i In that Mel- QBlCfftD art thou abjaill , Of ©OD lllOlt bigt) 

chi-iedtk fed" po-Teflonr ol beaucn ana eactb, . 

Abrarr^hedc 20 g nu blcffcD bee ttj£ moft Ijigl)fi>OB, 

claredhi-i.relfc itfijiclj batlj BeliurrcB tljine.encuuc3 into 
totcprefenta tbincljaiiD/anBAbnm gaucbimrttljcofal. 

king: and in that 2 I 'Eljen tf)£ king Of ,<®CBom fatB fO 9L« 

hebieffed him, {jwhi, ©tue nue tl)c$ pcrlons, ana ta&c tlje 

thehigh Pricft. guoDs to ti)V ftlfe. 

Hebr.7.2.- 22 am> 'Sbiant fails to tljcfet'ngof^o. 

4?Ebr.p>utts, 50111 , 11 31 Ijaue life 1'P mine l;ana diuo tlje 

\\Or,ihaut L 0l ia tlje moa Ijlgl) (503 pofTeiTo; of Ijeatun 

yircrwe. ana eartlj, 

j£4r.///t«^ 2? fCDat 21 tafll not ta^e cfallt^atta 

fromtheeatbreed fftmc , ft m«C^> ae a tliJCCB oi fijoo-lattljcf, 

frcrtads 1 .5<w». left tljon fnoniBett lap, 3] ijauc inaae Sixain 
J 4-44. , n'clj, 

k He would not 24 *3s>ailC OHtlvtljaC, toljScl) t!jC POHSff 

that his liberality nun j )a nj; ea r C!1 5 an ^ t S, c p llr tS Of tfee men 

Oiouldbchurt- iBb.ic^\)jcntU5tt!)nKe, Slncr, ettcol, ar.D 
fUii vmoother*. ^amrc: let tbeiu take tljeir parts. 

l ■ The Lord is aid reward 6 
He is tuftified byjhttb. 1 3 The fir-ui'.uie and de- 
Iiu-.rance out ofEgyp: is declared. 1 8 The land of 
Canaan is promt fed the fourth lime.. 

Wrjhe-Urd i\ JFrcr cltfe tilings tljc H G)o;B oftlie lo?B 

fake-to ^bram. r\ came unto abiam in * a BlRon : raping:, 

Num 11.6. JFtare not, Sb^ain , 3! am tly? UdcSUr , and 

Tfiil.16.6. . ti)fne crctctiiiiR * rcrcurftoarD. 

a H is feare was 2 SllB abiailt iaiB y » £D I W Gcti ,\rljat 
notoneiylffl he toilt tljoti sine iiie,fc£inj3l S£» cIjilBlf{Tc,ann 
fhouidnothaue tlje ftc\jj*rD of mine Ijoufe is tl)ia Cticjccof 

chtldren v butleft SDailialCUCf 

the promife of 5 3gatnc ?.b;am fait) , TBflio'B, to mt e 

the blcfled feede tljOH l)n(t gUICll UO feCB: tolif l - cfoir,tCC,« tCf* 

n.oaldnotbe ac- uaiit ofminc fcoiifc Sjalbc nimcljcire 
cSplifrcd in him. 4 ^IjJJl bS&olB , tb.? .tb'OJt'O Of t^ lQ$ 

came unto Ijim, raving, l^bjs man fijall not 
be tljine Ijeirc, but one t&at njall come out of 
tljme o\Dneboloel3,be fijall be tbineljnrc. 

5 flgo/eoncr l;ce b^ongljt l)im foo^lj ana "2^^ 
Tub, *-JLoo^eupnaujimial}eaiirn,ar.TitcH ^w, 
tijettams, iftiion be aole 10 number tl)cm: oi*m 
ar.D bee fina ^nto !jim,<*o iljall tl;xi fceBc be. C^P- « 

6 9iiBAbram*ljeleciicBtljeiLo";a,an"9lje t> ihis 
cotmtrD tisat to Ijim fo^ rigljtcoiifiiffle. ticukr 'u, 

>7 Sgaine Ijee faiD unto btm, 31 am tljc of Gods 
£o;D ti;at b;o»gl;t tljec oi;t of* Clrof tljc whichis; 
(£alDEe0, to gnie tijee this lanD to mljcntit.' lawfuii R 

8 SnB l;c fata, 2) £.Oja (03B, b BJljirebp follow in a 

fijall 31 'Rnoxu tljat 3l fljall mljerit iti fignes: buf 

9 EJjcn ije faiD bnto yim, 'Sake nice an permitted* 
Ijttfcr ot tlj^ce vecrcs olDc, anD a iljce goat of fame by a; 
tb^ceyccresoloe, anDarainoftlj/ccyccres liarmotion v 
olDf,a tiutlc Bene alfo anB a pigeon. to Gedeon ai 

10 <S)ol}eetoofecalltl)cfebiuoljhii, anB Ettkhh. 

c BiuiBcB them in tlje intDs, ana layeD cnerv c This was the,/ 
piece one againft anotljer ; but tlje biiBs Bt« old cuilome in| 

UtDcDljcnot. making coue-j 

11 'Efcjii foulcs fell on tlje caefceffes, ana nants,ier.34.i^ 
9&Mm d;ojic tljcm aloay. tothe which Gc*. 

12 3;ia toljsn tlje Cmme luentBoBjnc, added thefc con- 
tbere fell an Ijeaiue flcepe upon 30/am : anB ditions.that A- 
loc+nervfearefullBarl'.ncircfclliiponljim, bramspofltritic 

13 'Eben Ijec I'aiB to 3b^am, *l^notofo ( t (liouidbecas »* 
a fnrctie,tljat t!jp ftcBc iljallbe a ftranger in tome in pieces t 

alailB,tijatiSHOttljeirs, * d fOtire IjUtlB^eB but afrer, they 1 

vecres, ana fijall ferae tljcin: ana tljcvllmll ftouldbecoup- \ 

illtrcatC tljem CMll. led together: at- 4 

14 H5ottoitbftanBing,t!je nation, toljom fothatitfliouid 
tljep fijall feriie.tuill 31 mage: anB aftensara beafl'iulted^ut ■ 
fijall tljcv conic out Xwftlj great fublrance. • yet deiiueTed. 

1? Uuttbonfijalrgoeunto tbvfatfjecstn xzbr.afiartof 
pcact.nnd i^alt be btiriea in a gooB age. gnat darkneffi. x 

16 anB iu tlje II foartl) generation tbcv ^itis 7 .6. 

lball come bttljer againc : foj tlje e \»tcl«a» fArcrf.ij.40. ' 
itcfle of tbe amo;t'tes is not pet full. d Coaming ftonv 

17 aifo toljcn tlje Simile toent Botone, tbebirthofiz- 
tljerc toas a aai-mies: anB beljolD a fmofcing hak to their de- 
fo?nacc, ana a firtb;ar.D , toljicljUjentbc* paitureoutofE- 
ttoccne tbofc pieces. g VP t : which dc 

i8*31ntl)atfiimeBaptl}eLo^amaaeac0' dareth ilmGod 
uenaiitBjaivaniXaj'iiig.Sintotljurctaijane wiiifufferhino 
3! gtiicntt;talar,D,*fromtl)crinerof(Egvpt be afflided in t\)t great rmcr,tljc riusr * ®i:pljMtef : this world. 

it) '5Lbciicm!es,an&t&eiKenc3ite£ > nnD lOr^furfiure 

tljC ItaBmOlUtCS, lundredyeetet. 

20 9nDtljel]?i:tttes,anatljtll3crt55ites, e Though God 
ana tlje Eepljaims, ., fufTer the wicked 

21 "Etje amoittcs alfo,3 tljc ffianaanitw, for a time, yet his 
ana tlje(5rrganjitcs ) anD.tii!,e31cbiilitcs. vtngeaneefaiietli 

vpjn rhem, when 
the meafure of their uttkedneileii full.- Cbap.a.j and 1 1. 1 <,and 
26 4.rff«t4 5. «.?(iw».4 2i.z.chro)t.p,26. tEbrPera'h 
C H A t\ XVI. 
2 Sarai being barren.giunh Hagar to^Ahraw. 
4 Which conceiueth & dejpifitbher dameii^fnd 
being til baidled)flccth. 7 The ~4ngeUcmforteih • 
ber^ 1 1- 1 2. The name jj*. matters cfherfonne 13 
She ctttltth-vpoHthe Lo/d^vhom (he (inaeth Ira*, . ' 

NSDto » <S>arai Sbjams luifc bare Ijim na alt ftemeth thai 

cljilB;cn,anailje IjaaamaiBear.Cgvp* ihfe hadrefpeft, 

tian,lDagar bv iia;nc. to.Gods-promifc, 

2 ana &arai faiD ynto 3biam, "BcIjoIB which could not 

no\u, tbc i-o^B IjaibbrsilratncBmccfrcm beaceomp!in?cd 

without JiTue. 
b She fai'ctfi in binding Gods power to the com-ron order ol na? 
turc,astliuiiah God could not giu; het children in her oldcage. 

cbiiac . 


lietli Hagar to Abram. 


Circumcifion the couenant. 

, cbilBe bearing;. 3i vm tbce see in into mp 
W maiDe : git map bee tbatj ftjall + receinea 
ctjilDe bp bet . anD abjam obepeD tlje ttopce 
*'/&i of^arat. 

3 'Ebcu^arai abjamstoifetoofee^a* 
gar bet maiSe tlje ©gppcian, after a&jam 
JjaDDujeUeDtenne peece in tljclauDofv&a' 
naan , ann gatic ber to Ijcr biiibann abjam 
fo; Ijis wife. • ,' 

4 canD t)z tocnt in mtto I0agar,anD (be 
conceiuco,? tu&cu flje fata tbat fijee baa con* 

'pumfli- cciueD, berDametoM3 c Defpu"eDlnberepcs. 

^dareth ^ ^ejj ©arai faiD to abiam , t 'Ebon 

hey game Doeft nic rajong: 3 baue gtucn mp maiDe in- 

(tempt any totIjpbofome,anDujefectb tljattbcbat.b con* 

agamft the cciticD , ano 3! am DefpifeD in ber epes : tlje 

i of God. js,o;o iuDge bettoeene me anD tbee. 

yt.jAmt miu- 6 %\)t\\ afyam lain to ®arai, TSeljolD, 

seuvpint/iee. tbpmaiDeisin ttjtuell banD : Dotontbbcras 

Or, power. \t plcafeti) tbee. 'Cljen @arat Dealt rougljlp 

tontlj ljer: tuljcrcfoze (be flcb from ljer. 

which was 7 {tfSvt tlje d angel of tbe Lojtb founD 

/*;htift,asappea- ijcr beftDe a fountain of tnatcr in tlje tmlBer* 

-Treth verfe 1 3,and nelTe,bp tlje fouutainc in tbetojap to <g>bur. 

'"chap.18.17. 8 anD bee fain, i;agacS>arat0matae, 

c God reiefteth fobence commeft tbou , $ unit tbon 

none eftate of g0 ; ana (be faio,3! flee fro mp Dame <§>arai. 

peopleintheir g EljClt tbe angel Of tbe kOJDfelD to 

mifenes,buc fen- ft C r, « Returne to tljp oanu', anD fumble tb? 

deth them com- ftife&nDerberbanDS. 

fort. 10 againe tbe angel of tbe HojD faia bn« 

WOrJerce and tobcr,31 toil fo gccatlp incccafe tbp fecu, t^at 

crucii: or^as x tt fljall not be numbjcD fo;t multituDe. 

wilde aft. u aifo tbe angel of tlje Loja faiD bnto is-^. ber,<§tte,tbon art tomb cbilo.ana tbaltbeare 

f Thatu.the afonne,anD fljaltcalUjts uame31njmael:foj 

Hhmaehtes (hall t § z £, jo batlj bearD tljp tribulation, 

be a peculiar - 12 auDbefljalbeantovilDemambisbanD 

people by them • (hall be agaiuft enerp man , anD eucrv mans 

feiucs,and not a jjanD agamft bim , * anD ' bee ftjall nxmll in 

portion of ano- tbepjcfenceofallbisbjetbJcn. 

cher people. 15 t£benlbecalleDtbejl3ameoffbetoiB 

g sberebuketh tbatfpabebntoljer , "Eljon <5oD looked on 

herowncduines, incrfozftjceratD, gL^aueanotalfobereloo* 

andacknowled- feeD after bimtljatfeetbme^ 
geth Gods graces, 14 *caijerefo^tbetoJClltoja5ealleD||Bc« 

' whowasprefent tv iabat-rot:Ioe, itisbetbjeeneKaDcuj anb 

with her cuery , < 'JSe'tcD. 

where. 15 canD Dagar bareab^am a fonne,anO 

I chap 14,^*. abiam calleb W fonnes name , tobtclj t?a* 

\\Or,ths.$*Uof garbace,31lbmael. 

theUutngand , 16 ano ab;am was fourefcoje anD fij;e 

fang me. ?ecre o[a,bJbcn t^agar bare Ijtm 3Jujmael. 

s. C H A P. XVII. 
5 ^Irtams name is changed to confirme bim in 

% jQeitbcr ujalt tbp name anpmoze bee 
ealleDabjam, but tbp name ftjall be »abtf' b The changing 
bam : * foj a father of man? nation? bane 31 of his name is 2 

rnabetbee. feale to confirmc 

6 aifo 3! toillmafcetbceetceeDing fruit* Godspromifc 
full^ anD totll xmht nations of t&ee: yea, vmohim. 
fetftp ftjall jp:oceeDc of tljee. R0OT.4.17. 

7 $^o^ouer , 31 tutll etlablidj mp couc« 
nant bettojecne mee anD tljee , anD tljy I'eeDe 

after tljee tntljeir generations, far an* entr^ C^p-i j.t^. 
lading couenant, to bee 60D unto tfcee anD 
to tljv I'eeDe after tljee. 

8 anD 31 U)tl giue tljee anD rljp feeD after 
t'occthe latin, tobcreiu tbouartaftrauger, 
euenaiuijclauDefCanaan, fojauetterlatf' 
ingpo!Tea'tei:,anD 31 toill be tbeir<SoD. 

g Cagaiue <Soa faiDe unto abjaljam, 
'Ebon alfo fljalt keepe my couenant, tljou, e circumcifion 
anD tfjp feeD after tbee in tljetrgcueration0. is called the co- 

10 e Eljifi 45 Hip COHCnant,lObiclj pe (Ijall "enant.becaufe 

ncepe bcttoieene me anD $>ou, ana tljp feeD af« ic fignifieth the 
ter tbec,*Let euerp man cljilD among pou be «»enant, and 

CirClimCifeD. haththeproinifc 

11 Ebatts.yee ftjall circumcife tbe d fo«» ofgrace io yn cd 
rbinncofpoiirfletb, anDitftjallbcea*ftgne to it: which 
oftbe couenant betojcenc me anD vou. " phrafeiscommon 

12 anD euerv mancljiine of eigbt Dapes toaiisacramemj. 
olDe among von ujall be ctrcumcifeD in vow ^Ssj.i. 
generatiou3,asto)ellbetbatt5bometnthiHe d inatpriuie 
botife, as be tijat is bougbt toitlj money of a* P atc ' 6 citcumci- 
nv ftranger,toljiclj is not of tljp feeDe. fe^to Qiew that 

13 iljefbatisb^iieintljineboitfejanDbe ail that i*ncgoe- 

tljat is bCUgb.t tUltl) tlj? niOUCV,muft necDCS ten of man is 

bee circtimdfeD : fo mp couenant fljall bee Ux corrupt, and muft 
yourfleftj foianeuerlaftiugcoucnaut. be mortified. 

14 T5ut tlje nucircumcifeD e mancbilce, R°»>.4.ii. 
tntobofe flelljtlje fozelkinneisnotcircum* e Albeit women 
cifeD, cuentbatperfonRjallbee cut off from werenoccitcum- 

bis people, becaufebteljatb broken lit? COUC* "fed, yet «erc 
nant. they partakers of 

re, cafterbarb 60D fapDe bnto 3b^ Godspromtfe: 
bam,^>ataitljp ttiife iljalttljonnot call^a* for vnderthc 

rat,bUt |) ^>aralj lhalbe bet name. mankind all was 

16 attD 31 bJtlblefTeljer,anDtDtl alft) gtlie confectated.and 

tljeeafonne of Ijn - , pea, 3! toillblcflc ber,anD here is declared, 

fije lljall bC the mother of nations: filings alfo that whofoeuer 
Of people fijallCOineofber. contemneththc 

17 'Eben abjialjam fell lipon bis facc,anb figne, defpiieth 

< laugIjeD,anD faiD in Ijis beart,<S)ljal a cljilD alio the promire. 
beebometuuobimtbat isanljunDfteDpeere \\Or,dame,or 
olDef anD lljall <©acaij tbat is ninetie ptete prmcsjfe. 

OlDe,bcare? f Which procee- 

18 anD abjaljam ^nto (SoD, 2Dlj, dedofafudd en 
tbat3Ilbmacl migbtliue in tljy figbt. ioy.and not f ' 

10 Cbeu ©od faiD," <©acalj tbp laifc ftjall infidclitie. 

thepromtfe. 8 The land of Canaw is the fift time beare tljee afoimCUl DCCDC, anD tljOU Ibalt Chap.ii K 
promfed. 1 2 Circumcifion u inftnuted I 5 Sarai call t)t3 name 3]?lj3k: 3UD 31 toil Cftabliilj mp and 11. 1. 

Chap. $.21. 
QOr without by- 
a Not onely ac- 
cording to ih; 
greater multi. 
tuJe by faith, 

is named Sarah. \ 8 *Abrahamprayeth for Ijhraa. 
f £ l 9 ?\ba\ispromi/id. aj ^Abraham and his 
h»ufe are circumcifid. 

Wi£en abjamtojas nlnetp pere olD anD 
nine, tlje Lo?D appcaceD to ab^am 
anD faiD nntobtm, 31 am <QoH llallfiifu'cient: 
* toalbe before me,anD be tboiiibpngbt. 

2 anD 3) trjill mabe mp couenant be* 
ttojeene mee ano tbee , anD 31 will multipllc 
tbeee.rceeDfnglp t 

5 TOn ab^am fell on Iji^f fate,anD <2»oti 
talbeD toiitb ljim,faping, 

4 loebolD,3I make mp couenant toltljtbte, 
ano tgQtt ftjalt be a »fatljer of nunp nations, 

couenant toitb ijtm fo^ an seuerlattmgtO' g Theeueriaft- 
ucnant.and UJitlj bis fceDc after Ijtm. i, lg couenant is 

20 anD as concerning 31(l)inael, 31 banc madewiththc 
bearD tljee: lor, 31 banc bleffeD ljim,auD twill children of the 
make bim fruttfull, anc toill multtplp bim fpint: and with 
t erceeDinglp : ttoclue pnuccs ttjall be beget, the children of 
anD 31 tuill make a gr:at nation of bim. t he fleni is made 

21 TSutrnp couenant usil 31 tftabliaj toitb the temporal 
3l5bab i tyljiclj <©arab Rjallbcarebnto tljee pr omire,as wu 
tlje ncr;t *pccrc at tbis feafon. promifed to 

22 3nD be left off talking toJitlj bim,anD ifhmaeJ. 
©oD toent bp from 3b>aljam. $Ebr greatly, 

23 C Eben ab^abam tooke Slftnnael bis greatly. 
fonne, ana alUbattoewboitiic tn iji.s botife, ^.ai.i. 


Three Angels talkevvith Abraham^ Chap.xviij. Abraham prayeth for the Sodomites, 

a That ii, three 

Angels in mans 


b speaking to 

one ofthem, in 

b. They were anB all that toaS bought fcritl);fei? itlOliep, 

weliinitruaei that is.-enerpnian chUoeamongthenunof 
which obeyed to - ahwljams honfe/aiuA hce.ctrcii'mcifcT) ity- 
becircumcifed , fycfRuioftbeirtUibjnt'natfclfe fame Bap, 
ujihom- rcfi- , as <&oB haa commanaea. hiuv 
nance: which 24 abjabam alfo himfeife toas ninetie 

thing declarcth ?££ r t OlB anB llillC , tllbr H t&C fO^ClfelU Of IjlS 
that matters m flelhUiagcirCtimcifeB. • . 

their houfes -25 anD 3itjniae[I]i&fonnc ioas tl}irteene 
ought,, to be as # ?£ tre oia;toben thefojeflun of bis flelbttas ■ 

preachers to their ctrailttClfeBv 

famiheijthat 2 ^ ^ije fglfe fame Bap toas abjahani 

from the. higheft circumcifeB,ana 3Jiljmacl hisfonnc : 

totheioweit 27 ana all the men ofhts houfe, both 

they may obey bojnc in bis houfe, ana bought antbmouep 

the mil of o«d, of {{, e irrauger,>j)ete cirtumctfea bath hua. 

» . . r . * ,J " 

' . • CHAP. X VIII. 
. 2 Abraham receiutth three Angels intihs 
biufi, »o jfxfyal^it frorm fed agame. 12 Sarah 
iaugheth, 1 S Qhiifl n promifedtoall nanins. 

'' t9 ^Abraham taught htt familie tohjiow God. 
2r The deftruElton of Sodom it declared ;-vrjta 
Abraham, 23 ^Abraham prayeth for tbtm, 

A<Z5ame ttjeltoja * appcarea Unto bim in 
the II plaint of C0amre\ as ^cfate in bis 
tentaoo^e about the heat of tije Bap. 
■ 2 ana be lift up his epes, $loofcea : anD 
Ioe, thzee » nun Itooa bp lnm> ana brt;en bee 
fab) them,l)e ran to meet them from the tent 
Dooje, ana boojea btmfelft to the groimB. 

3 aim bee fata, b LojB,if3ibaue;iobj 
founa fauour in fgp figljc , goe not , 3i wap 
whome appeared cbee,froratbi>fertiant. 
to be moRma:c. - 4 teta little ioatcr , 31 pjap pon, bee 
Hie; for hee biougbcanB « baaflj pour feet, ana tell pom; 
thought they had fellies bnBer the tree, 
becnemen. .-. *$; ana a toillbnng a mojfell oc bjeaB, 
,c FormeHvfed that pou map comfort pout hearts , after* 
becaufcofthe > toaravcujallgocveurtoapes: foj therefore 
great heat to goe arc pe J come to pout feraant.ana thep fato, 
bare Footed m Doe euen as thou halt fapB. j 

thofc parts. • 6 "SLhen abjaham inaBe bat! into tfte 
d AsfentofGed teutbmo^ara&anafaia^akereaBpat 
that ifbouid doe oncethjee * meafuresoffinemealeifcntaB 
wyduetytoyou. it,anB make cafees bpon the hearth. ,j 

7 anB abjiabam ran to the bcalres.anB 
t^t fcrnant,\i;§obaUe3tomahett reaap. 

8 ana tie toofte butter ana milfecanD tljt 
ealfe tcljieb be baa picpareB, ana fct befogs 

gaueheihemthe r^em, ana fteeBbinifelfcbptljerabnaef t^t 

fecuities thereof tree,anB etbepaiaeate. 

to waike, to eatc c) £ ^hen tbep fapa to I;tm , 221here is 

anddrinke,and «©aral) fbp tutfe i ^ilB t« aiUWeteB , 75f» 
fuchlikc, ^OlD,flieisintt]etent. 

chap.17, ij>, »t. 10 2na ^e fata , *J totll certainelp come 
&ii.z.rem.9.9. apcauie tintot^ee acco^otng tot&etime f of 
f^Thar is, about life; anBIoe, ®arab tijp toife (ballbauea 
thistimewh.-n fenne:ano ^acab bears in t^e tent Boo;e, 
fteOialbealiue, tohic^ toasbebtna Ijim. 
or when the 11 (|5o>s &b;taljam ana <S)arab were oiB 

child Qiaii come ana ftrtken in age , and it ceafca to bee toitlj 
into thklife. ^aralj aftcrtbe maner of toomen.) 
g For (he rather 12 '<£.ber-foje<Siarah s laug&eB irtt^iit 
bad rdpea to the ^erfeife,faping, after 3! am toa^ cB ola,*aua 

• order of nature, iup lO?B alfctljall 31 b3UC l\\tti 
thenbeleeued .~ I5 SnB tlje LOiB fapB bntO ab;aba)il, 

the promife of £2Iberefo28BiB€)araljtIju£laugb, faping, 
God. ^>l3aU3itctta(ne{pb2a«at^lBe,VJl}ic6am 

; j.Pet.3,5. 010; • 

h Ichouah 17 
tltrew word,* 
which wee call 
that tbisAng*,' 
wasChnft: lor 
this vord ijocfl 


« For as God 
gjutth cm bodies 

14 C^balUnp tl3ins,b«!i»'aarBt!>tiie \\0r>hid. 
to^B^attbetimcappouiteBteili! returue z-eth.%,6. . 
ifiito ttjec, cuenaccoiDing to tije time cf Iiff>. 
ana <S>arafj ujailijaiie a foimc.) 
, 1^ "35nt€5araij DenpcB,u.ptiis,3i laugljcU 
Kot: to.iiljecteas afcaiD. aiiB^e fapD, *3!t iStr.No. 
is no* fo: &jz cljoulaug'rjeBft. 

ib C3fteciaarB the men BiB rife by from . 
tljence aha^IoplteB touiaeB ^ocom ; ana a ; . 
bjaljam tueiuujnfa t^em to bimg tljem on 
t^etuap. - - 

17 ana tlje h L01B fapB, ^all^hiac 
from ah.Mljain tljat tljing tutjicij 3i Boe, 

18- -Seeing t^at atyabamfyaibe infleeB apply cd to f 
a great ana a mightp nation , ana * all the God. \ 

nations cf tbe eaetbfijall be blefTrU tn Ijufif a^.u.j.- J 

10 Jro.i 3 fcnoiiibim'tljatljeetDillcom" «»rfi».i». I 
manna bis founts ana ijishounjoia after i HeihevYeth i 
feim,tljat tljev fct epe tlje toap of t&c i-o^a , to that fathers V 
Boe rigljteouinefle ana iuBgtment , tljat tlje ought both to 
Lojb may bitng bpou.ab;aJjani ttjat ljec know Gods 

batljfpaUeilbnte^UU. iudgerr.ents,and . 

20 'SJjeutheLe^BfapB,'Becaiifetfeecry to declare them 
of "©oBoin anB (Somoiab is great, anBbe a totheir children., 
caufc tbeir liune is e^teeoing grieuous, k God fpcaketh 

21 3!tDill k goeBobjneno\w,anafeetobe« aftcrthc falhion 
ther t^cp ^aue Done altogether accoiBing to of men : that is, 
tl)at»crp, bJliicb is come bnto mec: ana if I will enter into-. 

not,tbat| ma? hUOUJ. iudgementwith 

2 1 &11B tl)e men tiirneB tljence ana toent good admce. 
tODjara^caonubiit&o;aljamltooBpttbe« i Forourfinnes 

fo^EtlieLo^O. cry for vengc- 

: 2.? -^eiiabiiafeamB^etonecrcanB fafB, ance, though 

GlillttljOUalfoBeftcopthe rigljteOU0 tUitl) noneaccurevs. 
theteiCfaB?. %Ebr,d*ciudge 

24 31ftberebefiftpttgbteoii5totthiiitbe mem. 
citie,b)tlt thou oettrop? not fpare tht place m Goddedamb 
fo,i tlje fiftic righteous that are therein? that his iudgc- 

2$. 15e it farre from thee from aoing this mtms w«e done 
tljing , to flap the righteous toitb. the tint:- with gre3t mer- 
heB:anB that tl;e righteous (hoiiia bee cuen cie, forafmuchas 
asthetoicftta,beitfatrefromthee. <©ball aliwcrefocor- 
not tbt3iiiBgeofalltheiDo;lB* Boe right? rupt that hot on~ 

26 QnB tbetojaanfujerea , 3!f 31 i\jaii lyfiftie.buc ten 
mia in '©oBom » Gftie righteous laithin the "ghttou: men 
cute, thentoill3I fpare all Replace fo? their could not bee 

fAKC-3i found Acre : and • 

27 "Eben abialjam anfmereB ana fap^r-aiGi^hat the w:c» 
3eholBuote, 3;haue begun to fpcafes unt"o*'^<i:refpared 
m2 Lo^BjanB 3! am ° but Dull ana aftes. for trie Tighte- 

28 -3! f thereMllac&ettueofSftiengb' omfake,,, 
ttous,toilt thou aeitrop all the cttie fo^ flue/ n Her'c% wee- 
ana he wiB, 3f 3i fina there Sue ana fo^tit, iearnc,that ih.^ • 

31lBHlnotOellropit. nearer wee gtf£ 

29 anaijtpetfpaftctofjtmagaine, ana proch vntf>otJa a 
faia,Oiihat if there (balbefoiinafo;tp there? themoedoeth 
'E6EnheanfojtrcB,3i teillnotBoeitfe?fo?« ourmiferabie 

•ttCSfafce. . ; ftateappeare,and 

JO againeiJtfatBjtttnOtniplLOjBnofe) themoreareuee 

be angrpthat3! fpeake ,'caijatif thirtiebte humbled, 

fdunti tl)trc? "Eijen h« fapB, 3i ioill not Boe o if God xt^fed • 

itifSifillBtijictrethcre. not the prayer 

31 $©o;toucrhee£apB, T3rholB,no\D 3! forrhewwked 
bauc begun to fpeakcbntompLoja, Ciitjat Sodomites.cuen 
if tteentv bee fonna there? 3nabeeaHftor> to the fix: re- 
reB, &riillnotBtftrop it foj twenties fake. quefi,howmutb 

32 'Chen hte fapB, LetnotmpLc^a bee more will hce 
now angrp, ana 31 toill fpeahe but this giatintthepay- 
• once. C&bat if tennc be foimB there? 3ua ers "of the godly 
fee anftuet ?B,3[t»iU not Deilrop it fo^tennts tor the affiled . 

Ufa* . Church?: 

33 €&«*■ 

leceiueth two Angels.' 


Sodom deflroyed. Lots 

5? CanatbeLoptoentbtstoaytobtn 
be baa Icftcommuninj toitb abjabam, ana* 
atyaljamrcturnea unto bts place. " x 

J Ljit recetuetb two .Angels mtohitheufe. 4 
The filthy lu(l> efibe Sodomites. t4 Lottsddi- 
uered. aj Sodom is deftroyed. 16 Lot s wife ts 
wtiie 4tfiUtiroffalt.ii Lots daughters he with 
tbeirftther,of whom come M.oab And <Amntm. 

A/I20 in tbe eucntng rljcre came ttoo An- 
gels to <§>oaom:aua not fate at tbe gate 
hi iiheit of ^oBoiji,aitD Hot fato them.ana rofe Up to 
incete tbem,anB be botoeB ijimfelfe toitlj b is 
face to tlje grotmB. 

2 ana beefaya^ee'mp Looses, 31 Pjay 
you turtle in notu into pour feruantsbotife, 
ana tarp all nigbt,ana * toafij your feet,'anB 
vce (ball rile upearlpanBgoepom: toapes. 
eaiiofapa, tfiap, but toee mill abtbemtbc 

3 t£ben be^pjeaireB Upon tbemearneff. 
Ip, ana tljep tueneB tn to bint , ana came to 
pi* boufe, ana be maae tbem a fcaft,ana aia 

dievbad neceffi. bafte ^"^aueuco tyeaa , ana tbep aia = eate. 
KS" 4 ?«t before tbeptoent to bea.tDemcn of 
the time w« not «c «^eucn cfee men o f <§>oBcm eompafica 

let iome that tbeljOUie C0UU3 atlOUt, ftCIH «je P0UUg CHCIl 

fheAvoutdrc- t0 WMaatfcpeojrtefwm ail quarter*. 
udleXmrdues ~5 mt>0 cr * !J £ »nto Lot , fapae to btm^ 
d NothS» b c ? 6we aw « e «™n,tobicb came to tljce ms 

Sore danwroiw. H ljrt,t ' ^" S t6em 0Ut * m0 US ^ at ^ ««* 

Scnnereie- J 'EbettLottoCntOllCattbCBCOje tntO 
neSor ": corf ^fL"* J J!l e Bo ^ e aft " Sim,", 

tVherein we_ 
* Gods proui 
eut care in pre 

e reueikcti not 
imielfetoall » 
tltkc: for Lot 
sad but two An 
els»anJ Abra- 
ham three. 
b Thatbjhee 
prayed them fa 
c Not Toe that 

Hee deferuetb ««*#'»; 

7 ana fapaj pjay you.m? b?et&jen,Boe 

praife in defen- 
ding his ghefts, 
but he is to be 
blamed in fee- 
f That I (hould 
prcferue thtm 
from all injury. 


g This proouetb 
that the Angels 
?rs minifters, as 
well to execute 

BeI;olBnoto,3] bauettoo «Baugbters, 
toijiebbaueuotftnotoenman: tbcm ttillj 
b;ing out nob) unto you, ana Boe to tbcm as 
feemetb you gooa: onely unto tbcfe men Boc 
notbing: » fojtberefoje ace tbey come unBcr 
tljeflianotoof mproofc.' 

9 TOn tbey faya.atoapbence. anB 
tbep fapa, i)a is come alone as a (traungcr, 
ana fljall be UiBgc ana rule i toee toili noto 
•Beale toojfe toitb rbee tbett toitb tbcm. <s>o 
tbcypjeafcafojc upon Lot * bimfelfe, ana 

■■ came to bjeafce tbe Bcoje. 

10 T5nt ti;e men put fojtb tbeic Ijana ana 
pullea Lot into tbe boufe to t&em , ana ftjut 
to tbe Booje. 

it *^bentbcpfmotetberaen tbattocre 
at tbe Booie of tbe boufe rottl) bltnanes botb 
fmall ana great, fo tbat tyep toere B?earp in 
<tfcehiug tbe Booje. 

ia C '®ben tl;e men fapBe bnto Lot, 
£&bom ball tbou pet beeef citbec tonne in 
iato, 01 tby founts, ojt tbyBattgbtcrs, 01 
tobatfoeuertbouljaft in tbe citie, b^ing it 
out of tbis place. 

1? JFc^toee e tolHBenroptbl3 place, 5e» 
caufe»tlje * cry of tbem is great before tbe 
Lo^B , dtlje Lo;B batb fent ds to Beftcop it. 

14. "Eben Lot toeut nut ana fpaUe unto 

Gods wr»th,a$ t» bts fonnesin latu hJljicb llmariea bis Baugb* 

declare his f»- t crs » al,n ^^ > ^Ctfe , get you out of this 
tiour. V lace: (01 tlje Loja tolll acltrop tbe cttie:but 

/TWi8 10. be fctnica to bis fonncs in tboHgb be 

u * if C anBU)t;£nt5c morning arofe, tbe 

anscls baftcB Lot, fayins , arife , tafce tbp 

tdife ana tbp tteo aangyters t tebicl; are" ; t%. which art 

becre, left tbou bee BeftroytB in tlje puntuj* found. 

lb auB«be h pJOlongeBtbe time, * tbe- b The mercy of 

men caugbt botb bim ana bistotfe , ana bis Codftriuc:h to ' 

tajoaaugbtecsbptbebanBs (tbeLo^abt' ouercomtmanj 

tug mercifull tonto bim) anatbcyb^otisbt flownefli in fol« 

Ijim fco^tb, ana let bint toitbout tbe citie. "' lowing Gods 

17 €anatobentbey baa b^ougfjttbem csiiing. •■ •' 

OUt, the Angel I'apBC, €Eftape f02 tby Itfcr Wifd. io.cT. 

• looke not bebmatbee.neitber tary tbou in i He willed him 

alltbeplaine: efcape into tbe moutuainc, tofleefioGods 

left tb^U be BetlropcB. mi?gements,and 

18 ana Lot fapBbnto tbem, j?5otfo,31 «»ttobeibric - 

piap tbee^np LO^B. to depan from ' 

19 TScbplD noto , tby feruant batb founa that tich coun- 
grace in tby ftgbt , ana tbou bail magnlfieB tre^ and/uii of 
thpntercvBibicb tbou bad ibebJcBtontomee vainepkafurcc. 
in failing my life : ana 3] cannot efcape in 
tbemountaine,le(t fome cmll tabe mee, ana 

3) Bie. 

20 <S>eenototbi$citfebete6yto flee Uii* k Though it b< 
to, tobtcbi9 a tittle ones ©bletmee efcape little, y« it is 
tbitl)er:isitnotaklittleone,anamvfoule yeatenoughto 

fljallliue; (auemy lite;' 

21 Ub:itbtefavai)ntObfm,'25eI)OlBe,3] wherinhe offen- 

bauereceiuca 4=tbyreqnettalfo concetning dethmchufmg 

tbistbtng, tbat 31 Will not euertbjtott tbis anothcrpiace 

city,foj tbe tobicb tbou baft fpoben. then the Angel 

22 fpatltbee, fauc tb eetbece: fo^ 31 can had appointed 
Bo' notbingtil tbou becometbitber.vEber* him. 

fo^e tbe name of tbe city Bias ealfeB « 5oar. %£br. thy face. 

23 C "Ebc foune aia rife bpon t^z tattlj, i Becufe Gods > 

tDljen Lot entreB into 5oar. ' commandement 

' 24 ^bcntbeLo^B *raineB bpon^O" wastodefttay 

Bom ana »pou ©omo^ab Unmltone, ana the citie and to 

See from tl;e Lop out of bcaucn, ftue Lot. 

25; ana ouettbjctotbofc cities anBal tbe m which before 

plame % ana all tbe inhabitants of tbe cities, was called Bd», 

ana tl;at tbat greBJbpoutl)eeartb. ' chap. 14.2. 

16 CiI2oiobi3toifebcbinaebtmIoobta Deut.i 9 .xjifc. 

bacbt,ana flic became a n pillar of fait. - ij.i*. iere. jo. 

' 27 C aiiB abjabam rifmg up catlp in 40. <^.itf.4?. 

tbe morning went to tbe place BJbere be baa hofe.w.%*mes 

ftooB before tbe Lop, 41 « i«K e »7> 3 p* 

28 ana looking totoara ©oaom ana €>o- u*de 7. 
me;ab, jtotoarBalltbelanDof tbeplainr, n As touching 
beljoia, be fato tbe fmolte of tbe lana mouu* the body onely: 
tingBpas tbe fmobcof afomace. and thisws a 

29 il'^Ut yet UJbCU (3oB BeftropcBtbC notable monu* 
CftiCS Of tlteplatne, ©OB tijOUgbt Upon a* mentol Gods 

biabam.aua fent Lot ont.from tbe nitasof vengeance to all 

tbcBearuction,\ubcnbceouertl^eBJtljeci* themthatpafled 

tics bJbercin Lot BttJClleB. that way. 

30 C'&beti Lot Blent up from, anB o Hauing before 
Btojclttn tbe mountain toitb bis ttoo Baugb* tot Gods mercy, 
ters: fo:bce ° feareB totartcttt 5oar, but hedurftnotpro- 
Btotlcinacatie,bcanBbistBjoaaugbters. uokehim ?gai»c 

gr 3nB t^e elBer faya into tbe pounger, by continuing ■ 

£Durfatbectsolac» auBtbtrcisnotaman among the wic- 

iu tbe p cartb to come in unto us after tbe i«d. 

manerofalltbeeartb- pMeaning,inth« 

32 (2tomc,toe toil make our fatbec 1 B;tnbe cou'ntrcy which 
toine, anB lie toitb bim> tbat toee may p^e- thcLordhad 
feme ftea of our fatber. now deflroyeJ. 

33 %o tbtp inaBc tbctr fatber Bjtiibc toine cj For except hee 

tbat night, $ tbC Cl&CCteCntljlapttttbbcr l»d beene ouer- 

fatbei:but bee perceiueB n&t , ncltber toljen come with winr, 

(be lap aotone, neitber toben flje rofe up. he would neuec 

34 anB On tljC mo^robl tbt CiBtr fatB to tl)t hauc done that 

ponger, li5tboia,yeRei;nigbtlar 3!tottbmp abominable aae, 


daughters. Abimelecfo. fAbrahahi. 

Chaf. xx*Xxj, 

^Izhsk is borne. S 

wiclceJnesof So- OutonCjJiettbCttobeniberO&fcp. 
d.>m could not "• 
I VVhoairhey 
were borne in 
mod horrible in- 
cell;, Co were they 
S'ld their pofte- 
ricie vile and J 
wkked. '■ 

t >Thac i*, (bnneof my people,- figntfyin 
in their finne, then repented for ths tame, 
: .. e -b'am CHAP. XX. 

■ i ,' ;;.i ^btahmi drvelleih*s aftrttngerinthe land 
ofGcrar* 2 \Abimdech tal^eth away hit wife J 

fEbt.ketpt aims, father i l«tSS»**2 bimOiitiiSe toitnrtbis; • 12 J?et iii\J8ry r^e«fte I^je t^.in^t" filter: fti ^ Eyfifier.h 

r 1 his God per- tli^QCaUQ > ' anO-fcCE Cl)OU andlw -toitDbim, fljetBtbefcsngbferofmy.fatfccr, fatltllO.Ct&e meanethhjsc 
ni t:cd him to fal tf)at to£ map \ pJCl'etKf fcCBe of OUt failjcr. Bfit|gb*er of »»p JKOtljCMlia fiSC W my iCifZ. tin gcrmainci 
molt horribly in .^.©O-tfcey-maBStbCirfatbetOjmibCtlUHe ; M jQo'tU IDljCtt (5oD cauiCO !11C tOtcailDCr by.ditfghter,/ 

the fohtary mou- tbat nigbt aIfo,anO tbs yoingctarofe, ano Lip out of nip fatter? ijoufc, 3! fayb tljeii to bee, brahams necce! 

tain«,whbrnthe- tSLt^ l)lhi, bllt Ije pcrcetlUZ) HOC 'CU^eit l|je lap vEljista tby UMOCIJCfl'e tbat tUOllfljaitlftetH, 

CYnettbcrtobenibero&fcp. Sntomcw all placestobetetoe come, *©ay fotneEbrewesf 

6 Ct)»s tocce r botb tbc oangljters of tbouofme,L)e is my biotljer. v , ' vfeihefe^ord\ 
3Loc totd3 cfciiQ &p. t^cic father. .rU; 14 ^beiftoofo abtmclr'cb (bcepe anO. ' 1 

• 37 3uo rljj cIQcr bate; afonue > ano (bee b:ene«, ano men fernatrtSj • ano teamen -fee \\Or y s at thy cab 
calUDbisname iigJoab»f3iue : ist^fa* Hants, ano gaue tb'embnto abjiabam, aiiO' mandement. \ 
t&eraftbe/^oabttrsteuoithtsjOav.. :? retfojeo bun ©arabbis totfe* • ; n Suchanheadj 

38 anotb^yonger kite atomic alio $tbe .;i < 5 attOabbnelecbta^Bsbofomylanb. as with whom l 
calico bts name t]3en amnmtbe fame ts tbc »s If before tbce:Btoeli.tobccc it plcafetb tbee. thou mayefr he 

• 16 iURetoifcto^atabbe fayo, TBcbolO, pref^ucdfaift 
31 baitegiiicn tljvo^orJjer a tboiuano piece© aiidangets. . 
of filnct : beljolo, beclstIje D Uaileotrbine o Godcau&d { 

fatijee of tb£ ammonites unto t^ts Day. 

that they rather reioyced 

eyes to alt tbatarc toitb tbee, $ to all others; thisfaeatben. 

anBUjetoaS^tljllStcp^OOUCD. . ' king to reprooue. 

. J7 C&beit abjabampjaytOiNUO <5oU', hcr,brc;;ufelhe 

ano ©00 bcalco abimelctl), ij bis totfe> ano difemtoed, i«« 

GodrtproouetbtUkiitg, 9 andtbe^ing^lbra- b&teoincnfctnantSranO tbeyoareCb.ilDien: ing that God 

a Which was 
toward Egypt. 
b Abraham had 
noiv Civile fallen 
into this fault: 
fuch is mans 

•18 JFo^ rljfr-Lwae ? bao ^nt top euery h2d giucn hcraa 
toombeoftbcboufeofabunelccl^bccaHfeof husbands h» 

^atabab^aljamsbJife, • , vaile & deftnceJ, 

,CHAP_ XXI. p Hadra5<eavva^ 

2 Iiha\is berne. flflimaelmxl^tib-Ti^iahj, fro them the giic 

14 H agar is c aft oitt with her fonve. 17 The ofconcciuing. 

ham. 1 1 Sarah rr rtjturtd with gifts, y"J ~4- 
brabant fr*y.c\h,a.ndthe l{i»g and his art healed. 

AJFcectuaroabjiabam ocpatteB tbence to» 
toato tbe ^>outlj coimt«y, ano otocileO 
betwecneCabeuj ano a <?£but, anO'foiont* 
nco in <£>tzat. - - ' • 

2 anOabzabamralOOf^atabbfstoifr) ^ngtUomfortetbHagar, a» The cauenant be- 

b ©bee i3 my fillet. 'Eljen&bmieleCb Ktllg trveene ^4bmelech and Abraham. J3 -Abraham 

c SogreatlyGod 0f<I5etarfentan0t00kC'S , atab' called vpo» the lord. 

deteftethy breach 3 "But @<g>K> caraetoabimcleclj ina KiSDrDtbtlLo^O-Dinteo ©arab, asbsbao 

ofmarraige. hizjoxkIjv nigbf,anofarotobtm,'Beijoloe, i>fayo, ano biobnto bes* axccyouis as chtp.i^.x^and- 

d .The infidels * tbonatt biitocaO, becanfe of tfcetooman bcb<iOj;omtTcO, 18.10.. 

confeffed y God toijieb tbott ijslf takg : foj ftje is a mans uitft'. 2 ' jfo,i * <S>atab concetiiea, ano bate 8» Mat.i ^.aa.^Xl ■ 

would net punirti .4 (0ottoitbftano(ng9b£melecbbaOnQt bjiabaniafon»etnlji!{ i oloa3C, attbefame gaiat.+.ii.heb. 

buttbriuft occa- yetcomeneetcbct)3nDbcfatD, JLo;o^ totlt feafontljat<5ootoloebim. n.n.-. 

Con : therefore tboti flay enen d rbctigbteons nation:?- 3 ano ab^aljam calico b^Tonr^s name a Therefore th<j, 

whenfoeuer hee ^ <@iaionotbetoiuome,<©beism^fiffetf tbat toas bo?neuntal)im, to^icb ©avab mirsciew^si 

purirtieth, the pea, anD Rjc Ijec felfe faiD, t^c is >Kp b^ocljct: b&u b:m, 31?bak- gteater. 

oceafianisiuft. toitlj an bi»7tgbt e minflt, ana f tnitocciic 4 'Sben abiabara drciimclfco 3?bafe 

c As one failing banos,ljaue3!'Jone.tbis. i)tsfonnc,bJbcnbetoa0eisbtOaycsolO,*aj3 ^/.i7,ia* 

by ignorance,& 6 ■' ano 0oo faio unto |)!'m If a Became, ©oo bao tonimanoco bim. • 

not doing euil of Jtutotoe tbattljon oioa tbiscHcnlDtcban 5 ^oabjabam toast an btmB^eOy ere e!0, 

bp^tgbt minae , ano31 e Ueptttjeealfocijac tobenbtefonncSlsbafetoasbitmeontobmi.. 

tbombouloeftnotRnne agamftmeettbete* 6 ft ^Lbcn^atabfaiD^oobatbmaocme 

fo,ie fntfeteo 1 tljee not to teneb Ijer: to teioyceull tbat beatc toil ccioyce ton fe me. 

- 7 Ji5ototben,Oelinettljemanbt3itoifca» 7 S&aine ibe faio , b taijo>tooulo bane b shencnifetb'. 

gatne : fo^ be is a b i^iopbet, 9 be ' ^all pwy fayO to ab^abam , tbat fsarab iboulo bane h'e rfeire oi ir.gra-- 

foitbeetbattljoumayeltliue.-biitif tboiioc. giucn cbtio^enfntbc i fo^3l-bauebo;nebtn titudethatfhe 

Jniet bst not againe, be« fute tijat tljon fljalt a fonne in bN olb age. did not beiceue- 

Bietbeocatb»th.onano all tbat tbou baft. 8. "Ebentbe cbiloegtctojanOtoasteea* tbeAngei. 

8 ^Dbiu atmnelecb fifing bpeatly in tlje nco : ano ab^aljam maoeagteatfifaKtbe 

momtHg,.calleOaUbteletuants, anctolOe fame Bay tbat 3l5&a&toastoeaneB. c Hede'r^d< : d , 

alltbefetbitigs+bntotbem, ano tbemen 9„CanO'©atabfototyeronneoft?agaf Godspromife 


f Not thinking 

to doe any man 


2 God by his 

holy fpirit rctai- 

neth them that 


rance.that tbey 



h That is, one to toerefejeaftapB. tbe©gyptian(tobicbnjebaobomei3ntoa' madctoixhak, 

whom God re- q aftettoarO abimclecb calleO ab^bant, b;abam) <wociung. which the Ap » 

ueaicthhimfeife anBfaiBbntobim^batbaatbotiBontbn* io^ailjetcfbie uje: faio bnto. ab^abam, ftiecaiiethper- 

famiiiariy. totisf ano toljatbaus 3on!cnBeo tbee.tbat *€a(loiit tbis bono, teaman ano bet fonne: fecution,Galat,. 

I Forthe prayer tbonbaft. bjougbtonmsc ano my fcbijig' fo^tbefonneot'tbtsbonOtoonianujalitatbe 4^9. 

ofthegodiyis Bomethj^Katfnmef tbott ball Bone tbings Ijeitctottb my fonne 3I?bab. Gala* 4.30, 

of force towards teito me tbat ougbt not tobe Bone. 11 anB tbttftbitigtuas nerp gtleuons in d Thepromi- 

God. 10 ©0 abimelecbfapBebnto abjabam, ab^abamsQgbt,b'tcaufe of bis fonne fedfcednialibe; 

tEbJx their eares iaibatfatoCfttbOUtl)at tbOU-&aft-BonC tbW 12 C2JUt<SoBfalB'i3tltoab2abam, %tt counted from . 

k-Thewickednes tbilJg? ■— ttnot begtieuOUStn tljpOgbt fo^tbeCbl'lBe, Izhakandnot- 

of the King brin- ifCbenabiabamanrtocteO^eeaitfeJI ano fonbP bono toomanun all tbat ©Arab fromifhmaei 3 , 

gethGodswrath tb2ugbtthas,©atcl?tbeifeateof«5£i0 is»ot Iballfaybrito tbce>-bearebenjoice.; fo?in Rom.^.hcbr.- 

vpon the whole. - in tl)t3 place ,. ano ib?p teiU Uai» mecfo^ my 3i5baft (bali tljy feeoe be <* calleo. - 1 1, 1 8.- 

reaime. temesftfet,- i? as foztJje fonneoftbcbonOteomatt.U c ir.eT^mae- 

luuetbeweth - toiii mane Ijim f a nation altb, becaufebe i& Htesfhaii come; 

that nahoneftie an be foped for, where the ftarc of Gi»l is not, tbyt??B?; r " ofbiai,., 



ahamfwcarethto Abimclech." GencfisJ Abraham goeth to offer Iz.ha& 

14 &o abjaljam arofe' Bp early int^e 

morning, anatooke tyeaa, ana a bottle of 

Biater, anB gauc it Bnto l}agar , pHcttng tt. 

Vuc faith re- on bee (houlaer ana tl)e chiia aho, r.tjd f fnit 

neethaiina- fteratuap : toljo Bcpartms, BoanBercBmthe 

all afteabns BrilBernes ofBeer-fljeba. 

beyGods i? anBBrijen tfte toatetrof t^eljotrtetoasf 

iimandement. fpent, fljce can; t§e cljtia Bnaer a certatne 

tree. ... • 

•-16 'Cbettfhemctttffateneroueragafnfl; 
him afarre off, -'a bout abo'coe (hoot : fojt thee 
faya, 31 Brill not fcet^cneai^of flje chilae: 
ana (he fate BoBme oucr agatnft him,aun lift 
g Torhispro- 17 'Chen <5oa g hears the Boiec of the 
mife fake made cljtin, aim tlje ^n^cl of<£^oT] calleB toit?asac 
to Abraham, and from heauen, anB faia Bnto her,£&ljatatletl) 
,noc b«2ufe rhe s thee, l?agar?fcace not. fo*<5oBfjathhearB 
child had diTcrc- tljeBoyeeoftbechilBeBJhereheis: -'" ' ■ ■*" 
tkmandiudg'e." -18 aeife,takeBp the eljilBe, aria IjolB him 
aient eo pray. I n thine IjanB: fojt 31 toil make of Dim a grea: 

h ExceptGoi ic> ana <Soa h openea her eyes, anBffjee 
open our eyes, fato ateell of Bjafst ; fo (he toent (J 8lleo the 
we can neither bottle BritbBjater, an3ganetbeboyB;u'nke. 

fee nor vfe the' , 3.0 <g>0 0OB ttas « Urith tl)e ChilBe, anB be 

meanes which >" strc^a,a!TC 5'coctt tn c^etotIDerneiT?,anD toa^ 

are before vs.' :! •> an II arcljeC 

i Asroischbg - 21 ana heBBjeltintbeBrilacrntsof^a* 
outward things ran, ana his mother tooke him a Brife out of 

God caufed him tljClanBofGEgvpt. 

r9prof P er. 2i {[ana at that Tame time abimelcch 

U0r,fh9rinthe ana Iphicljol his cbtefe eaptaine fpake unto 
6ov, andtpxsM abjabam,faving,6oBiiB3{th thee mall that 

hunter. tbOllBoeff. 

2? jftoBs therefore faJcatcBrttomecfjcete 
HEbrJeaU falfc by (5oB,thatthouBriIf:not*h<(rtme no;tim» 
ty with me^er lie. chiiajeu, noi in? c^fln^cns ebiiajen ; djoii 
lhaltaeale Britbmeana Britk rheconnrrey 
tohcte tbou fjaft bcene a ftrauger, accojaing 
fc So thatit is a imto the kinanelfe tljat 31 ijanefbetaea thee, 
lawful tiling to ■• 24 lEhenabjabamfatB/J Brill* fnjeare. 
take an othe in 2* C ana abjaham rebnksa abimelech 
matters of im- ft; aluellofBjarer, tuljiclj ^buneieclj? fee* 
portance, for to nants baa Btolentlp taken aBja»>. 
iuitifie the truth, 26 anaabimelecb fayae, ! JiknoBjenot 

and to alTure o- fc)ljO bath BOilE tbfs thing : alio thotl tOlBjft 

thertofourfin- menor,neitberhearB3i ofitbti'r this Bay. 

ceritie. 27 ^ben atyaham tooke ftjeepe, anB 

i wicked fer- &eeues,anBgar:ethemBnta abimelcch: aim 

uants doe many tljey tBso inaBea couenant. 

euiis vnknownc 23 3:iaab^al)am fetfcaenlambsf oftbe 

to theiimafters. fioche bv tbcmfelllCS. 

20 ^5cnabimelECi)fatB Bnto abialjam, 
tiafc fetby tljemfcu'es; 

30 anB be anCiuerea, "25cca»fe tljoti Hjalt 

§Or, well of the 
etbe,or offeuen, 

receittc of niine banB rhefe fetien latnbes,tba J "(leaB of bis fottne. 


1.3 The faab-af ^Abraham ts froouciin offring 
hisfo-4ueI\ha!{. Z. I\ha^ is « figure of I'hnjt* •■ >; 

16 The generation of 'Nabor ^brabiims bretbtr* 
of -whom comHeth Rebekjib. a * 

ABU after tljcfe things, <SoB BtB*p;oone H ' f '-».'7' 
abjahatn,anflfai>aMiit3i}iin,abjaham. *Ebr.Loe,i. „ , 
Who aufacccB, JH?eream31. * which fi S n »- „ 

2 anafteefa^B, 'Eabeuototbfneoneip ^ fi«hthe e fcjrc of 
fon;i<?31?i)ab,B)fcom thou louell, anB get thee God,in ywbich 
imtotljelanBof^.^onab, anB" offer fetai piacehewasho- 
tb:refo^ a burnt otf;ring upon one of tlje noured.andsalo,- 

lf*0S!nMtne3;tbIjiCl)3I totllflJCtU t^CC. mon afterward 

3 Cben ab^aljam rofeBp earl? in tlje bmk-the Temple 
mooting, anB faBleB ()t3 aire, anB toofee ttuo b H ««" ftoode 
of bis fertiantstoitb blm, $ 3l?bak his fonne, thf cbiefe.ft point 
ana clone Bjooafoj tfje burnt offering, ana ofhistentation, , 
rofeBp, ana Bjemto tlje place, tnljtc^ <SaB fecing.he wai c5? 

haB tOlBC biUT. - " •' - * > manded to offer 

" 4 C ^l)C" thefrjtrB Bav ab^ah'am lift V P him in whon » 
Bp tjis»ej>es,anBfaB) tbe place afarre off, > God had promi- 

% anB fapB unto bis feniants,abtBe you fedtobiefieaU 
here tultb the afle: fo^31anBtbecbtlBeB)ill thenadonsof 
goe ponaer ana Bjojfljtp , anB « come againe th e worrd; 

BntO^OU.' - c He doubted , 

6 tE-henabjahamtoofeetheBJOoBoftbe not.butGoct , 
burnt offering, anBla'pBcttBpon31?bakI)ts wouidaccom- 
fonne,ana Ijec tooke tfje See in ijis IjanBjanB pluli his promifc, 
the knife :anB they toentbotlj together. though he fhouid 

7 'Cbeufpake3l5bakBntoabiahamhte facr 'fi«hisfon. 
fatljer,anB tava,S©v father, ana be anftce* «i The only way, 
reB,l9ere am %my fonne. ana he faya/Be* wouercomcaii 
hola the fire anatijeBJooB, but tol)cret3.t&e tentationsisto 
lambs fo^ the butnt offering i ■ rtflvponGods , 
• 8 ^Dhen abiahamanfu3ereB,S9y fonne, prouidenee. •• 
6oa B)il d pitoutBe htm a Lambe fo» a burnt c p or ic is li&e 
efferinj: fot^eplaentboth together. that his father 

q anBtobentfctycametortjcpIacetuhich haddeclarcdto 
<Soa h «ia fijebjea him, ab^aljajn uuilBea an him Go^s «m- 

altar there, atlB COUCbeB tljCBJOOB, anB madement,tvher. 

eboima3l5bak bis fonne, *auBlayBl)im on unroheitewed . 

tiJC altar Bpon the tUOOB. himfelfobedienc; 

' 10 anB ab;al>im Sretchmg foo^tlj Ijinr fam.2.11 j 

ljaua s tooketl;e knife to btllfjis fonne. * That is,by thy. 

11 T5iit ti;C angel Of tljeLo^BCalleBBntO true obedience 

him from Ijeanen, faying, ab;aham, ab^a-- thouhaRdecia- 
Ijawi. anaheaufiije«B,l^£ream3J. redchyiiuely 

12 '5LbenhcfatB,LaynotthtnchanB!bp= fakh. 

on tlje cbila, neither Bo anp thing Buto him; HQr y avdbafl Met 
foj uoBj 31 f knoB) that tljoa fearea C5oB,fee» wuhhoiien thine 
ins fo^mv fake II thou Ijaft not fpareauijine only fin from me. 

Oltely foiinC. XEbr.tby fonne, 

1; ana abwham lifting Bp his eyes, loo« tbme only f»a-i e . 
kea:auobeholB,thcreBjagarainmcbel)iuB \\Or,tbeLorttviU 

him, caught by tlje IjOZnes ill a Bllflj. 'EljCH fee or preuide. toent anB tooke the rammc , anB g The name is 
offerta him Bp fo; a Burnt offering in the changed to (hew 

metmngUmbet. ttmaybe aBriMeflcBntomec , tljat31 Ijaue 

m Thuswef^c BiggeB thiSBJell. 

jhat thegodiy, ?i cabercfo^e fhe place is callca || I5eer» 

as touching out- fijcba^ecaKlc there they botlj uuare. 

ward things, may 32 ^IjusmaBi tljcv a m cotienantatBe« 

makepeace with er-flitb.i : aftcrB)arB abimelech anB }$l)U 

the wicked that cbolljisfhiefc captaine rofehp, anBturneB 

knoweno:thc agattuButothclanB ofthepijiliftiin?. 

true God. ■ 3? C SnB ab;aljam plautcB a grout tn 

n Thatishre,anB« callea there outheji5ame 

worfhipcdGod ofcheLo;Bthecucrlatting<SoB. ' . 

in a!tpo intsnf *4 ana atyaljam B)aa a ilrangcr in tlje 

ttu,: icligion. JDijiiilttm^ lanB 3 Ictlg CCclfoll. 

that God -.forth, 

14 ana atyaljim callcB tlje name of that both fee & pro- 

place.n 31cIjoualj ticeb, a3 it is fava this Bay, uidefecretiy for 

3!ntljcgi9omttB3tlltlje£o;Bg befeene. his,and3lfoeni- 

1? canBtheangeloftlje!LojacrieBBn. dem!v isfeene ^ 

to ab2abam from Ijeaucn the feconB time, and felt in time 

16 3na faia .""Bv fc my felfe haue 31 fBiomc ■ conuenient. 
(faitIjtbelo;B)be"caufetljeu haft Bone tliis Pfrtl.10s.9ee-- 
thii:g,anB Ijaft not fpareB tljine onciy fonne, dus,^. j i. lukjt 

17 ^!jtrefo;e toill 11 finely bleffe tljce, i.f$.keb.4,iin 
ana Brill greatly multiply thy feeBe, as tlje h- signifying, 
nnm3 0ftfceljeat!en,anaasthefanDM)icl} that there is no -, anB thyfStBfijallpof. grearer (hen he/ 

ftffetbeji gat? of his enemies. - " \\o r ,hoids.' 

18 *3nB 

Sarah dieth. Abraham buycth Chap.xxiij.xxiiij.Ephrons field. Abrahams feruain. p 

Chap. n.j, 
and iS.iS. 
etclvs 44. jj, 
acies j.jj. 
gtlat.\ 8, 

\\Or,oftbi Sy 

i Concubine is 
oftentimes taken 
in the good part, 
for thofe women 
which were tnfe- 
nour to the 

of the lift of 

a Thatis,wben 
he had mourned; 
fo the godly may 
pane not mea- 
sure: and the na> 
turall affection is 

b That is, godly, 
or excellent: for 
fpeake of all 
things that are 
all excellence 
commeth of 
% Ebr-inyour 


II Or ^double caue, 

becaufe one was 

within another. 


filuer, ' 

c Meaning,all 
the citizens and 

d To (hew that 
be had rhem in 
good eflimacion 
and reuerencc. 

18 * anD in tbv feeDe Jfjall all tbe nations* 
$Hl)twn\)'Qt blelfeD, tiecattie t^ott t;aft o» 

icj Cben tnrneDatyabam againeimto 
bis fcruants , anD tljcp rofe op anD toent to* 
getbec to TJcec-ujebaiauDabjabaroDtoelt 

20 CanD after tbefefbings one toIDeSJ* 
fyabam^aying^ebolD 5©ilcab,(be batij al» 
fo bojne cbilDjten onto tljy tyotber jftaboj: 

21 Towit,fl3?bis elseftfsnri'e,anO'Bu? 
bisbjtotljtr, anD iliemuel tbe fatbctoflia* 

22 anD CbefeD, anD Il?a50,anD piDafb, 
anD 3JtDlapt),aurj TSetbucl. 

25 anD TBetbucl begate Hcbefeab : tbefe 
eigbt did SStlcaf) brace to jRaboj a&ja* 

24 anD bis 'concubine calleD Kettmab> 
(be bare alfo 'Cebab, anD <S5aban»auD Uba* 


t Abraham Umentttb the death of Sarah. 4 
He buyetb afield to bury her , of the Htttites. 1 3 
The equitte of .Abraham. 19 Sarah is buried tit 

Wtyen <©arabtoasanbuuDjetbttoen« 
tie anD fcuen yecre oioe ( * fo long lt» 

2 "Cben <S>arab DicD in fciciatb arba: 
tftefameisl?eb;on in tbe lanD of Canaan : 
. anD abjsabam came to inourne foj <§)aralj 

? C ^Ijch abjtaljam » rofe bp from tbe 
figljt of bis co;tps,anD talKeD toitlj tlje $il?ic* 
titcs, facing, 

4 31 am affrangergsafojreineramong 
you,gtue me a pofleffton of butiall toitb von, 
tljat 3! may bury my DeaD out of my figbt. 

5 'Eben tlje pittites anfwereD abja» 

6 l?eare bs , my lojD : tbou art a pjtince 
b of (Sod among bs: in tlje cbiefelt of one fe» 
pulcbjes bury tljy DeaD t none of bs fljall foj* 
bio t&t btslepulcbje >but tbou mayeftbury 

tbe DtaD therein. 

7 'Cbcnab;iabamtrooDbp,anb&otoeO 
bimfelfe before tbe people of tbe lanD eftbe 

8 anD becommtmeD toitb tljem, faving, 
3ifitbe * your minDe, tbat 31 fljall bury my 
DeaDoittofmyfigbt,beateme, anDtntreate 
fo? me to <Epbjon,tbe fonne of 5oar, 

Ehat bee tooulD gine me tbe cauc II of 
S©acljpelabtoljieb be batbtn tlje enoofln's 
fielD:tbat be bootilDgiitcitme foiasmucb 
♦money as it is toojtb,foj a polTtmou to bu> 
rie in among you. 

10 ( JFoj ®plwon Dtoelt among tbe pit- 
tites. ) 'Cljen ®plj?on tbe pittite anftuereD 
ab^abam in tbe auDience ef all tbe li?it» 
tites tbat c tocnt in at tlje gates of Iji.s title, 

ii 0o,mylojD,bearcmce: tbe 8eID giue 
31 tbee,ano tlje cauc tbat tberein is, 31 giue it 
tljee: euen in tbe p^efence of tlje fonnes of my 
people giue 31 it tljccto burie tby DeaD. 

12 *Eljcn ab^aljam u boloeD ljunfelfe be-- 
fo^etljc people of tbe lanD, 

IS anD fyahe bnto <^plj?on iutljeattDt* 

enceoftbe people of tbe coumrey , laying, 
•©cetngtbou wjitgiueit, a ^ay tijee,bcarc 
me, 31 toill giue tbe p^ice of tbe ftelD : rrcttuc 
it of me, anfl 31 toill bury my DeaD tbere. 
. 14 <EPb?ontljenanfD)creDa^abam,fav. 
tngbKtobim, • 

i? S©ylo?D,bearl?cnbntoine: tlje lanD i$ 
worth fourebunbjetlj e fljebels of filuer: tofjat 
iJtljatbcttoeenemeeauDtbee^ bury tbere* 
fo^e tby DeaD. 

.16 <©o ab^abam bearfenco bnto ©pb^on, 
anoatyabanttoeyeD to ®plj?on tlje lilutr, 
tobiclj be baD namcD in tbe auDience ef tbe 
pittites, euen foure bunD^tblilucrujefttlsi 
of currant money among meccbants. 

17 C ^0 tbt fielD Of ©plj^Oll which was i« 

S©acljpelab,anD otter agamff $©am«, euen 
tbe fielD anD tlje caue tbat boas tfjeretn , anD 
all tbe trees tljatboere in tlje fieioe, tobtcb 
toere in all tbe borers rounD about, toas 
maDe Cure 

18 Qntoab^abamfojt a poHMfion,fn tbe 
figbt of tlje t?itt(tcs, euen of atl tljat a tocnt 
mat tbe gates of bis city. 

i <j 3nD after tljis, ab^abam burieD <@>a» 
rab bistuife tn tlje cane of tlje 8clD ofC0acb» 
pelab ouer againtt S©amrc: tbe fame is i}z> 
b^on in tlje lanD of Canaan. 

20 'SLbustbe fielDe anD tlje caue tbat is 
tberein, tuas maDe fure Onto ab^aljara fo? a 
pclTcifiou of buriall f by tbe lt)i«ites, 

CHAP; XXlill. 

i ~4bral.tmcaufetbbis feruant to ftveare to 
ta^e a rvififir ?i£ial{ in bis owne k}nred. \ z The 
feruant prtyeth to God. j j Hisfidelitie towards 
1'ism.tsler. 50 The friends ofRebel{ab commit the 
matter to God. 58 They as\t her con/ent t anu /be 
agreeth, 67 and is married to jT^a\. 

tv i2Dt» abjtaljam teas olo,and % ttriefcen in 
IN yeeres,anDtbe Lo?DljaD bleffeoab^a' 

2 'Eberefo^e ab^aljam faiD bnto \i% cl> 
Dcrt feruant of Ijis bottle, tobtcb IjaD tlje rule 
ouer all tbat be IjaD,* a Put noto tljiuc banD 

3 anD 31 toiil matte tfitt b ftoeare bf tbe 
Lo?D C5oD of tlje beauen, anD (SoDoftlje 
eartb> tljattbou ftjalt not tabeatoife^nto 
my fonne of tbe Daugbtcrs of tbe Canaa» 
nttes among toljom 31 Dtoell. 

4 "JSuttbou R;altgoOntomy ' comttrey, 
anDtomybinreD, auDtatteatotfc Onto my 
fonne 3)?ba&. 

5 anD tbe feruant faiD to bint, fflljtt if 
tljetooman mill not come toitbmee to tbis 
lanD i ujall 31 bung tljy fonne agaiue bnto 
tbe lanD fromtobence tboucamelt i 

6 'Eo toljom ab^aljam anftoereD , T0e« 
toare tljattbou b?ing not my fonne d tljitljer 

7 C&Ije !Lo?D 6oD of beauen,tobo toolte 
nice from my fatbecs bottle, $ from tlje lanD 
tobere 3! toas bo?ne,auD tbat fpabe tmto me, 
anD tljat fmarebnto me,faytng, * Snto tbv 
feeD totll 31 giue tljts lanD, bee (ball feno Ijis 
angel before tbee,anD tbon fljalt tabe a toife 
bnto mv fonne from tbettce. 

8 jRicnertbelcffe if tljetooman totll not 
folloto tbec, tb«i (bale tljon brc t DifrbargeD 
of rljts mine oatlj ; oncly b,?ing not my fenne 
tljttljec agaiue. 

n 3 o ^ben 

c Thccoramoa 
ftiekel is a bouc 
mount to j j. 
pound fixe (bil- 
lings and eight'erfiuc 
fiiillings flcrling 
the ounce. 

\\Or t ci'.iig>t:, 

f That i?,all the 
the Talc. 

% Sbrxome iut§ 

Chap 47. i?. 
a Which cere- 
monie declared 
theferuants obe- 
dience toward his 
matter, and the 
matters power o- 
uer the feruant, 
b Thisfheweth 
that an oath may 
be required ih a 
lawfull caufe. 
c He would not 
thar his fonne 
fhould marry 
our of the godly 
family : for the 
that come by 
marrying with 
rhevngodly arc 
fet fooith in fun« 
dry places of the 
d Lefthf (houU 
lofe the inheit- 
t 'nee promifed. 
Chap, i 2 7- and 
i; ii. a:d\%. 
lB.and 16 4. 


Grahams feruant andRebekah. 


He vttcretKW s meffagc, 

c) %\)tn the feruant putljfsf rjanabn&et 
the thigh of au;aham his matter,anB fmare 
to him to; tin's matter. . - 

10 C "®o the feruant tooke ten camels of 
tfc.e camels of Bis malter,ana BeuarteB: (fw 
t|Or,M<?y?/>ow- he had all"his matters gooBs in I) is nana: ) 
ww,tf 5jkrw 0/ and fo he arofe , ana tocnt to D gram jf2aba« 
»/;« twi'ftoo&s .- to rat»i,aiuo the e city of JiSabo;. 
wittfTygris 11 anB be maac his camels to theBotone 
and Euphrates, toitftout t^je city by a tjjcll of aiater, at euen» 
e Thatis,:o ttDe aboutclje time that the women romcout 

Charran. tOB;aa)«a;er. 

XEbr.toboxv 12 anB he faiB, 2D f Lo;a<5oB of my ma» 

their tyees. ttcr ab;abani,3I befeeeb tljec,H fcHO me goon 
f He»roundeth fpccU this aay,anB ujcbj niercy imto my ma» 

bis prayer vpor» iter Sbjaihain. 

Goas pnomife i? t-je, 31 (tana by the BjcII of tuater, 

madecohisma- tohilcs the mens aaughtcrs of this citie 

fler. comcoiittoB;aa)tuatcr. 

lOrjaufemet 14 g (Scaimt tbcrefo;c djat fhemayBe,to 

to meete. bjhOiH31 fav,T5olt) BOHJIie tljv pitChf r,3l PMy 

g 1 he feruant tljec, that 31 may B;inke : if fije fnv, D;mkc, 

moued by Gods ana 31 UJttl sine tl)i> camels omike alfo: may 

rpirit,d t fircd to be ihe that tljott haftojbeinea fo,i tljy feruant 

be afitired by a 31 jbak : ana thereby (hall 31 knotu that thou 

figne, whether halt fljcvucD mercy on my matter. 
Godprofpered 15 n ana Hotij per hchaa leftfpeaktng, 

his ioumey or no. DcljolD, h Rebeka'i came o:it,tfoe Baugluer of 

h God giueth T5etl)nel,fonne of £!0ilcah the toife of jftaho; 

good fuccefle to ab;abams b;othcc,anB her pitcher apon her 

all things that fljOlllDCC 

are vndertaken \6 (ana the mayBe mas aery Faire to 

for the glory of lookapon,a virgin ana Bnknoaien of man) 

his Name and ana (lie > aient ooojne to the ttiell , ana fillca 

according to his her piteher,ana came up. 

word. 13 Chen the feruant rannc to mecte Ijcr, 

i Hereisdeda- anafaia,lLetmeeB;iuke,31 p;av thcc>,a little 

red that God euer fcjater of thy pitcher . 

heareth the pray- 18 ailB U)C faiB, JDtfllkC % Qr : anB fl]C ha* 

crsof his,and ffeB, ana let Bofcnie Ijer puc'ger upon Ijer 

granteth their i)ano,anD sane btm Oiinfte. 

requefts. ic) aiiBtsfteiiilje ^aDgiucn l)iin a^tnke, 

} ebr my Lord. fi)e faille, 31 Unit a;a\u Uiater fca tl)y camels 

t Ebr. haw. made alfo,tinttU t tljey bane DzunUeu vnoug^. 

«n endofdrini- 20 9ttO fljee poUl^Cfl OUt IjCCpitCQCr tllfO 

ivg, t!)etrotigIjfp«otly,ana ranneagainetmto 

liOr,eareTing. tin tuell to ojalu toater, ana flje D;eui fo; ali 

k God permit- ttscamels. 

ted many things 2i <^o tljeman toonCercfl atl)cr,anai)cID 

both in appareii Ijio peace, to hnoto iul)etljer the Lo?a ijaa 

and other things, maae l)i3 ioumey p^ofperous o,j not. 

which are now 22 8nB \J}])ttl t\)C camels l)aD lefcTJ^tHfj" 

forbid : efpeeidlly t ng,tl)c man tcoke a golocn U k abillcment of 

when they ap- ' Ijalfe a fliektll ToDCtgtjt , atlH ttBO llWCCletS 

pertainenotto foj her JjanOcs, of tcnnc fijefccls Uicigljtof 

ourmoitifica- golQc: 

tion. 2? Sna l)te faya , SHIjofe aaugljter art 

1 The golden tljon? tell me,3J y,tay tbce,3l3 tijerc roomc in 

Chckel is here t\)V fathersr>oufefo?t)3toloBgein i 

meanr.andnjt 24 Cljtn fbe fato to %tlt1,3Q Am tl^e Uatlfflj- 

thatof fiber. tcr ef TSctbucl tl)e fonne of Sgilcalj toljom 

m Heboaftcth IbebareDutoji^aljoi. 

not his good for- 2<; g©oiconer fije faia anto btm,iEHe rjane 

tune (as doe the litter alfo aua pjoncnacry nong^,ana rooine 

w»cked)l^ut ac- tO loBge ill. 

knowiedgeth 26 ana tljc man Dotoea Ijmifclfc ana 

that God hath toOjftipptB ttje JLoiD, 

dealt mercifoliy 27 aiianiiajTSlefleabetheLo^a^oBof 

with his mafter my matter aivaljam,toljicl) hath, not toitl}* 
in keeping pro- B,!avucn l)is mercic m ana l)is tructl) from 
mife. mpniaSer ; for^nj aja.3 tn tijexaap. t^e 

l,o;ab^onori)titttetcm^ mailers tycttoctt* 

28 anatlicmayaerananatelactljemof 
6cr raottjers tjotife atcctBing to tbefcajo;B?. 

2<> CJ^oajIlebefeaft&aaa^otbercaUea 
Laban , ana Laban ramis unto tlje man to 
tije lucU. 

30 fo^tobcn^eljaafeene tlje earnings, 
ana tije bracelets in Ijis fitters baitBe3 , ana 
teljenfjee IjcarB rt>etoo 1 iaesofiRebeltal)Ui2f 
Ofter, faying, ^Lftns faiB t^e man rjnto me, 
tben Ijeojcitt to tljcman, ana loe, n tje (tooa 
by the camels at tfoetueU. 

.31 anaijefaia, dome in tljoublcflea of 
tlje Lo^a : ajliercfoje ftanactt tljou luitljout, 
feeing J| l)aue p^eparea tbe ijoufe ana roome 
fo; the camels i 

31 fi^l)cn t^eman came into tlje Ijonff, 
anB o ()e imfaDlcB tlje p camels, anBb;ougl)t 
litter ana piotienacr fo; tbc camels,auB tua> 
ter to uiafli l)is fectc,ana tlje nuns feete tyat 
ajfrc v ajt Iitjim. 

3J afterisara tljc meate teas fct before 
l>im: but Ije faiB, 31 <i luil not cat .antil3l &aue 
faiB my meflage. ana l)e faiB,<©peakc on. 

34'5Ll)cn l)c fata .3) am abjatjams feruant, 

35 ana tl)c L02B l)tfi) ' bleflcB mvmalter 
ajoiiBerftilty, tijat be is become great, fo;lje 
Jjatl) giucn bim ftjeepe, ana beetles, ana Hl- 
ner,ana golB, anB men feruants, anB maya 
feriiants,aiio camcls,ana affes. 

36 ana <£>arab my matters tolfc hath, 
bo;neafonantoiny matter, iuben fijciuas 
»lB,$anto (jini tjatl) Mt giucn al tbatlje batfj. 

37 0oui my matter inaBe me fmeare,fay* 
tng^tjou ttjalt not take a anfe to my fonne 
of tlje Baughttrs of tt)e f <£anaanttw , in 
tobofe lana 31 aaicll. 

38 iSuttljou Rjaltgoe into my 1 father « 
Ijoul'car.a to my fcmreB, ana take a toife an> 
to my fonne. 

30 ^.Ijen 31 fata tnto my mattcr,GIlljat if- 
tlje tooman tuill not follow mc i 

40 221i}0anfu)treBmc,3Pjc Lo?a,bcfo;e ; 
toljom 31 tualke, Urill fenae W angel toitb 
tbcc,anB p;ofper tby ioiirncy,ana tbou fijafc 
takeaanfe fo;myionne ofmykinreB, ana 
my fathers iionfe. 

41 ^Lften fljalt t T aoufie BifdjargeB of°jm'ne 
oatb,ujl)cn tqon commett to my kinrcB: anB 
iftbeygiuetiicenotonC) t^ou ttjalc bee free 
from mine oati). 

42 ^o 31 came tljis Bay to the toell , ana. 
faiB, 2D ILojB tbe ©oB of my matter ab;a* 
bam,it t^ou noai p^ofjier my Uiourmy Ujijic^ 
3Igoe, ' 

43 T13cIjolBe,*3I ttanB uy tficioclloftoa* 
tcrrto^enauirgin commetl) fo;tb to B;ato 
toater, $3) fay to her,<Siue me, 31 p;ay tljce,a 
little toater of tftp pitcher to B;inke, 

44 ana fije fay to me,D;mke theu,anB 31 
tofUalfoBwaifo; thy camels, let Ijerbctbe 
BJife, tihicb the Lo;B Uatb llp?cyareB fo; my 
matters fonne. 

45 aua befo;c 31 l)aa maae an enBeof 
fpcaking in mine * heart , uehoia, Eebekab 
came foojth ana her pitcber on her fyoulBer, 
ana flje tocnt aotone anto the uiel, ana Bieai 

46- ana flje maae ljatte,ana tooke aotone 

n For he waited 
on Gods hand, 
who had now 
heard hr prayer. 


p The gentle jr^ 
teitaintment of 
flrangeri vfed 
among the godly 

q The fidelitie 
that feruants owe 
to then maiters, 
csufeth them to 
preferre their 
maflers bufineflfc 
tothtirowne ne- 

r To blefle,i7gi 
nifitth here to 
inrich,or increafc 
with fuhftance, 
asrht text in the 
fame vtrle decla- 

f TheCanaanites 
were accurfed, 
and therefore the 
godly could not 
ioyne with them, 
in marriage, 
t Meaning,*- 
mong his kinfe- 
folkes,as verfc 

u Which by 
mine : utboritic 

1 caufed thee 
to make. 

rtrfe 1 3, 


x Signifying, 
that this prayer 
was not (j)oken 
by the mouth, 

andlmngeth Rebekahto Izhak, 

Ijer pttcljsr from fjer (holder , ana fapae, 
£>jinke, ana 3i raill gtne tljv camels D?tnUe 
alfo. ©o 3! Bjanke,an3 Ibe gaue the camels 
tyinfee alio. 

47 "EljenJ affcea fjcr, ana favB , ttabofe 
Daughter art tljou; ana ibeaiifiuereBj'Elje 
Saugfetct of !5ttbutl 0abe?s fonne,tt>bome 
S©tlacb bare unto bim. 'Ebeu 3iputtbea« 
btUemem; upon ber face, aits the bracelets 
Upon berbanBs: 

48 yanaabotoeBBotone ar.B toojlbip* 
y He foeweth peg t ^ c jLoto , ana blelfea tfjc He?Oe ©oa of 
what i) our due- mp matter atyabam.ajbtcb baB fejougbt me 
ty,when wchauc tbc$rtgbttoapto tanemp matters brothers 

recemed any be- Baugbtcr falttO fctS foHUC. 

49 jftototberefoje.tfpetotUBeale *mer« 
etfullp anil ttuelp tottb mp matter, tell meet 
ana if not, cell me, tbat 31 map tueuc me? to 
tbe » right banB,oj to tbe left. 

so 'CbenarfjjereB LabananBTSetbuel, 
ana fapo , b 'Cbts thing is pjoceeaea of tbe 
Lejo: tore cannot tljetefo^e fap uwotbee, 

neither eutUnO^ffOOO., 

Si I5ebeia,ttebefcab isj) befoje thectafce 
faer anO go, e&at ujf map lie tty mattjers fons 
totfe, e Ben as tbe loja bath Hlapa. 

Chap. £xv. Abraham dieeh. rcx> : 

to meet USr" anB tI)C fenianc Ijaa ftpa, 3t is f The cutWe 
mp matter.) <©o ihectooke f a uailc,anD to* was,? the fpoufc 

UereOljer. was brought to 

66 ai»Btbeferuant?olB3!?ha& altbntgs herhu*ban<{,h cr 

tljat Ije lja'0 Done. head beingcoue* 

67 aftertoarB 3!jbafc fyougbt bee into ted, m token of 
t^je tent of <©aralj ins motljer , ans be toofee fliasuefafmeiVe 
Kebefcab.ana fte fcuas bis toifc , ana fjee lo« and chaftme. 
tieD bee: <©o 3!jba& toas Ji comfojtea after 

bfS motljetS death. 

mourninf fltf 

%£l/r. in the way 
z If you will 
freely and faith- 
fully giue your 
daughter to my 
matters fonnc. 
a 1'hat is,that I 
may prouide elf- 

b So (bone as 
they perceiue 
that it is Gods 
ordinance, they 

fiQr, ordainti. 


1 vAhrahun ta\etb fyturah to rrtfe^gtttetfi 
many children, j Abraham giutit ball ha goudt 
to Itpa^. 8 Heedieth. 12 The genealogie of 
Jfhmatl. ac The binh of Jaakj>b andEfau, 30 
Sfaufelleth hit birthright fir am< jfe of pottage. 

N&)fe> abjaljam foaa ta&eu* l;tsn another a whiiesSarafc 
ttife calltD £icttica&, wasyctaimc. 

2 UXtyd) bare l)iin 51'mran, anajo!t» 
fljan, anD Sgcaan , auD ^taian , ana JQp 
bab,ana ©bualj. 

3 ana3!okU3aiibegate®I)el)a,anaDc» 
t>an:"3na tljcfonnes of Dtoan toere af- ».^r»,t.jj; 
^urim.ana tettiCjlm, ana Leummtm. 

4 aifo tl>ctbn0 of platan were (L = p^aft, 

52 ana tofeen ab^ams feruant beara ana€pber,anai?anocfcj,?abtaa,anD©l« &&. all that he 
tl)eirU)o;a9,fjeeb9a)cabimfclferotearatbe Daah, ailtbeielnerctbefoniiegof Ketnrarj. hal 

eartb djuo tbe Lo;a. 

SJ "EljentrjeferHant toofte foo^tb I ctuelef 
of fUuer,ana ietoelscf goiae, ana raiment, 
ana ganetoEtbeftab: alfotintoljcrb^tbcc 
ana to rjer motber be gaue gifts. 

?4 STrerttara tbepaiB eate ana a^tnJje, 
bosh bee , ana tbe men tbat lucre tottb btm, 
and tacica all utgbt : ana ttujtn tbep rofe up 
tn tbe momtng,be faia, "Let me aepart t-n> 
t^mp matter. 

SS 'E-ben ber b?3tfjer ana be r motber an» 
fujerca,iLet tbe matae abiae tottb us, at tbe 
leattt tenne aapes : tben fijallftje goe. 

s 6 is nt bee rapa unto tbew , lymaer pou 
me not , feeing t\t Lojta ijatb wofperea mp 
lournep : fena mee aujap, tbat 31 map goe to 
mp mailer. 

7? %i>m tbep faia,C3e toil call tbe inata 

^8 ana tbepcallea Kebe&ab, ana fapae 
not authority t© fentoIjer,2atlttbougotoitbtbtsman?anO 

marry their ehd- ty t a nfwereB,3! UJJ'll goe., 

<i2 <©o tbep let Sebefealj tbefr filler goe, 
ana Ijtr nurfe, toitb abjabams fcrnant ana 

60 ana tbcpblelfea Ktbcftarj , ana fapa 
Unto ber, 'Ebon art onr filter, gretee into 
tboufanatboufana?, anatljpfeeae poffcife 
t\jz<^ gate of bi» enemies. 

i>i CCbenHebekalj arofe, $ber maias, 
$ roae upon tbe camels,? follotoea tbe man: 
ana tbe fernanc too^e Eebeltab,? a epar tea. 

62 jftbtij 3!fba1t came from tbe ttap of 
*13eer-labai rot,(f oj be atoclt in tbe ^outfj 
tonntrcp.) • 

61 ana3l5batttoentouctfl f p*apmtbe 
fielatotoara t\jt cuening: tobo lift up bis 
epes^na loofeea,? beboia,tbe camels came. 

(74 aifo Uebefeab lift Up ber epes , ana 

Vtrfe $6.&S9> 


c Thisfhcwetb 
that parents haue 

dren without 
content of tbe 

d That is,let it w 
uer his enemies? 
which blelfino is 
fully accompli- 
(bed in Ielus 


e This was the ' 
cxercife of the 
godly fatbe' 
meditate Gods 

I € ana a&jabam gaue # all ])i^ gooa# b For by the vcr- 
to3l?ba!t: ""of Gods 

6 'But unto t\)c b fonnes of t^t c concu« w o r d ^ ^d not 
bfuesjtobteb ab;abambaa,ab^abam d ganc one, y lli) ^K tat 
gifts, ana fenttbtmaujap from 3ijbafcbis besatn"nymoc. 
fonne(tobilebepctliuta) Cafitoara to tbe c Rcaacbap.aa. 
(gattccimtrep. *4« 

7 ana tbis is tbe age of abjabams life, ^ To auoide the 
tobtcbbeeliuca, an ljnn»itetbfeuentpana diflemion that 

filicpeere. els might haue 

8 'Ebcnab?abanipceiaea tbe (ptrir,a«a comebecaufeof 
8lea in a gooa ola man, ana ef great the heritage, 
peeres, ana toas'gatberea to bis people. * Hcr«bythean- 

9 ana bis fonnes i 31?bafe ana 3!u;mael cientfignified 
bnrieabimintl)ec£ueof^acbpelab,tntbe &u man by 
fieia of (2pb?on founeof 5oartbet2»ttite, <J«tb perifhed 
before $0amre, not wholly: but , 

10 Olbicb * fieia a&jabam bought of tbe asthefouicsof 
pittites ,tobereab;abamtoasburtea toitb the godly liued 

^>arab btS toife. after in petpetu- 

II C ana after tbe aeatb of ab^abam ail ioy, fo the 
©oBbletfea 31?baklji3 fonne> *aua 3j?&a& fouiesofthewjc- 
atoclt bp TSeer-labai-rof. k«l m perpeta- 

12 CiQoto tbcfe are tfje generations of aiipame. 
31ujmael ab^abams fonne,tabom ipagar chi?.i\ *f. 
tbe ©gpptian,<§>araljs banamaia, bare un* chap. 1 6. 1 4. 

toatyabaill. and 14.61. 

15 * ana tljefe ate tbe names of tbe fons \.Chro.\.i$. 
of Ifijmael , name bpname , arcojatng to 

tljeir lunreBs: tbe * claeft fonne of iujmacl tfbr.frfi bantu 
was 0abaiotlj, tben RcBar,anB aabeeUna 

14 ana S@i(bma, ana Dumalj, f S0afla, 

1 ■> t;aaar , ana 'Ecma, jjerur , ^Japljtlb* 
ana ReBemab. 

16 Ebefe aretbefonnrsof 3Ift)macl, ana 
tbefe are tbeir names , bp tljeir totones ana 
bptljetr catties: to wit, tujelue ponces of 

promifes, andto tobculbeefato 33?rjnh , ftjee Ugbteajmon? 

pray for the ao ftom tbe Camel. 

compiiibmew 6 - (JFo; Oje baa faia to tbe feruanr,:abo 

thereof. {p jp n 5 ? t m n , t^at winmetb in tbe fieia, 


f Which d^elt 
aitv nc the Ara* 

tin iituiuus. , an . 

17 (ana tbefe are tbe peeres oftbe life of ^'^wec 
3IiI)macl,an bunBjerb tbirrp ana feuen pere, fepar ^ c f rom the 
a:ta bepcelaea tljefpirtcana aica, ana toas Liefled fail, 
gatbereo unto ijis f people.) 

55 z 18 ana 

.aakobandEfaub6rne. Genefis. Abimelech. Izhak a ftranger. 

18 ana they atoelt from ^auilahbnto tu tljc lanU toljfcl) 31 (ijall ffjcto btito t|)er. 

<@>hur,rbat is tobaarbs <Z5gyp t,as thou goetf 3 Dtocll in tljts laub,anb 31 toil be tottl 
lOrjiitUftll. toafll»tt.i(iimaeinBtoeU8Bit&epjeien«of thee, aim mill blelfe thee : foj to thee , ana 
g Heraeaneih allhlsbjethjen. to tljp Tcco 31 totU gutc all tbefc * cotmtryes: C/wp.ij. if. 

that his lot fell to ig C^tketoire tljcfe are tlje sencrattons anu J] tatll pecfo^nte tljc otije luljtclj 31 ftuace a»dt S .iZ t 
dwell among his oF3jjljaft, abjafeanw Tonne, a^abam be« unto abjabam thy father. 
brethren 5 asthe gate3l!bak, , f 4 ^Ifo "31 Urtll caitfe tljy TeCD to multtplp 

Angel promifed, 20 arm jljhafc mas fo^tppccre oID,toI)en astbetrarresofbeaucn,anbmiilgmemno 
ct.pp.i6.i2. hetaoMcbefcahtomtfe^hebaugbter of ttjp Ceet) all ti)cfe cotmtrvc s : aimiuthyfeea 
\\0r, Synanof TBethueltbcil aramueoflQaDanatam,and iljall all tyenattons; of tlje eartlj be *bleffca, chapn.s a »d 
Me/bmama, fitter to Labantbearamite. <> TSecaufe that abjabam <obcyeb mv is.^s.and iS. 

21 9ntJ 3l?baft piaycb unto the Lorn tty boyce anb feept mine * ojbinauce ,my com* i Land 2 2. 1 8. " 
htsbJifc, becaufe (bee mas barren^ anb the maiibemcnt0,my ftatutes , anb my Laboes. and 28. 14. 
Lorn teas intreateb of htm, anb KebeUab 6 C<S>o3l5l)aUbbjeltin(Serac. cHecommen- 

hisbrifeconceiueb, 7 anbtbemenof tbe place affecb him of deth Abrahams 

nor-hurt out an- 22 IBttt the chilbjen tlffrotte togctljcr hisbufcanb befayb 3 <©hceismyfttter: for obedience, be. 
other. - totthin her: therefore lhcefayb, Seeing" is be d feareBtofay,<©heeismybnfe,lettyayd caufc Izhak 

hThat is, with fo, toby am 31 ''thus? bohcrefoje fijee tuent he,tfoemeuoftbeplace(boulo&Wmee, be« /houid bee the 
child, fecbg one » to afke tl>c Lorn. . catue otlRebeftah: ftrjfhemas beautiftiUto more re.ido to 

(haildeftroyan- 23 anb the Lo;tb fayb toher,^bK>natt' the eye. follow the like? 

other. ens are m tbpbJombe,gfc tbmmamier of pco* 8 ^oafter he baa been there long time, for as God made 

i For that is the pie ihaibebuuiKSouroftbybirtEcls,ana the abimelech king of the pjtlittims loofceB thispromifeof 
onelyrcfugein owe people fljall bec mtgcljtier tijcn t'oe otljer, entatati?inboto,anaioe, bee fab) 33§ljaft his free mercie,fo 
aliourmrflries. ant) tbe*eloerujallierueff)cyonger. e fpo<ttmgmubli\ebeKabbisbJife. doeth the coDfir- 

Rom.9. 12. 24 C&herefojemhcnbei-ttmeofbclme* q ^ben abimelech callebl5baK,jrXaia, mauon thereof 

, ranee bias fulfilled bebolb,tUHnnes were m &oe,Rje is of a fitcrty thy brifcsujby faybeft proceed ot the 
Ijer mombe. thou, <©he is my fitter; to mhoin3l5baR an* fame fountaine. 

25 «S>o he tljat came eutfirli teas reb.anb itoereb, 'Becanfe3Itbotigbtthis J 3|tmaybee keeping. 
he tuas all oner as a rough garment, $thcy tljat 3] fijali ote fo^i Ijer. d whereby wee 

calleb his name ®fau. 10 ^benabimclecbfatb,22lhy bait thou fee that feare and 

Hofea. 12 j. 26 * ana afterbjarb came btss bjotbrr bone this bntobsr" one of the people babal* diftrun is found 
matth. 1. 2. ont,ana rjts rjanti ijcifie <Kfau by tbeheele: molluenby thvtoife,fofhoulbettthouhauc inthe molt faith- 

therfo;e his name mas calleaSaabob.jftobi brought «finne"toponbs. - full. 

tEbr.amanef sijijahtuas ttjiccfxoiepeccc olD bjljcn Kcbe- u ^ben abimelech chargea all bis peo« eorfihewing 
the field. kah bare them. pie fayfng. l^ee that touchetb tlji^ man, 0; fome familiar 

\\Or<fimpUani 27 anb tbcbovesgreto, ana ©fan wjs a rjistoife,iljaliaietljebeath. figneofioue, 

mnocem. cumunghunter, jt it*ieb inthetielos: but 12 aftertuarb3I?hafefobjebiHtbatlana, whereby it might 

ifEbr.-vemfionin 3]aakob toasas plain mamfltbboelt in tents, anbfotma fnthefamepeere ||an Ijunu^ctb beknowemhac 
bu mouth. 28 anb 3I?haft loueb <Efau , fo^ * uenifim folb bp ellimatien J ana fo tlje JLo^b bleffeO fhe was his wife. 

I0r,feedme wash r iSmeate,bt)tKcbeI\aljlOHeb3iaaUob. bim. fin all ages men 

■fuxkfy. 20 H5obJ3IaafeobfoDbepottage, anb(£' 13 ana tbe man toarea mighty, gtjUill wereperfwaded- 

k The reprobate f atl camt from the fielb anb baas mearic. increafeb till he bias erxeebing great : that Gods ven- 

eReem not Gods 50 'Chen^fau faib to 31aafeob, llLetme 14 JFo? he bab flocks of ft)€epe,anbhera3 geance (houid 

benefitsexcept c ate J p^aytljec, of that portage foreb,fo? 31 ofcattell,anbamigbty houftjoib: tljerefo^e light vpon wed- 

they feeie them ambjRary. 'EfeerefojebjaghtsnamecalUb tbePhilifttmsliabgenuteathtm, locke breakers. 

prefently^nd ©bOlll. 1^ 31nfomUCljthat t^e PhiUttimg Hop* |!0r,«» hundreth 

therefore they ? i anb 3Iaakob faya^ell mee euen nob) peb anb filleb bpbaith earth all the bodies, meafurtu 

preferre prefene tlj? btrtl^tght. tOljtCl) IjtS fathers ftruantS Dtggea til fji? %Uuheewtni 

pieatures. 52 anb OEfaHfayae, Loe, 33 am almofl fatber au?abams time. f oon i, tow? and 

iieb.1216. beab,Vubat is.thenthtsi<btrth;tghttomee? 16 Chen abimelech fayb bnto31fha&, increafmv. 
lThusthewic- gj Jlaakob then fatb,^)bjeare to me euen ©ettbec from bs,fo^tJjou art migbtiertljen g The malicious 

ked preferre their notiJ. an&hen»aretobtm,attb*'folbehiS boeagreatOeale. enuyalwavei the 

worldly commo- btrth?ightbnto31aakob. 17 CSLberefo?e 3J?bafe acparteb thence eracesof Godia 

ditiestoGods 34 is:hen31aakobgaue©raub^aa ana anbpitchebbistemtntye b balle? of <3t'' others 
i rpjntBali graces: pottage of lentils: aim he btb eat (Bis^nke, rar,anaawelt there. hTheEbrewe 

l but the children anb roCe Dp , ano bocnt bis b?ay : <£>o ©fan 18 ana 3!?hab returning aiggea the toels WO rd fi^nifitth 
; ©fGoddoethc contemueb his birthright. of mater, bJbtcb they babDtggea in y bayest a flood o" valley, 

i «pntrary. CHAP. XXVI. Ofabjahambis father .* fo; tlje 10hi«ftimS when- water at 

, ,. 1 Godprouidethfirli}>a\intbe famine. l.He IjaB KoppeB them after tbebeatb Of ab^ta- anytimcruu- 

renuetlibapromife. 9 The fyngbiameth lumfor bam , anbheegaue jhemtbe lamt uamt?, n «h. 

denying his wife. 1 4 The Ththfiims hate lumfor tobicl) 1)13 fdtljer gaue them. 

hit riches, 15 fiop his welles, 16 and driue km 19 3l5haftS femantS tbcnbtggea fit tI)C 

away. 24 God comferteth him. 3 1 Heemakjttb bailey, anb fOUnb there a tOSU Of || UtliHg ' Wr.fbrintitie, 

ahmtewith abimelech. biatcr. * 

ainthekndof a &d there toas a famine in tbclanbe 20 "But tbefctramen of ©erar nio ffrftie , 
Cpnaan. . rVbeftbes the Reft famme that bias in the botch 3l5hafesljerbmen, faying, "CbebJatcr 
bGodsproni- aayesofab;al)am. 2aiherefo^31?haUbJtnt is ours: therefore callebljee the name of the r ■ 
denccaiwayes ■ to abimelech king of tlje HDbtUlttm? bnto tocll || ®feU, becaufe tbey baere at llrifemttb m f contention* 
v*arch«h w di- ©erar. him. - a rt f et 

tea th« wayes of 2 JFoj the Hofij appeareatmto htm, an* 21 aftertoara cbcv blggea another mell, J J 
hischiid'cB. faib> b ©06 not bobjnc into ©gypt, bwabibs ajibawuefp^tljat auo> ana bee calleb the 


Efau is fent for veniCotu 


^Or,UrgeHe(fe s 

i GodalTuretb 
Ixhakagainft all 
feare by rehear- 
made to Abra- 

k Tofignifie 
that he would 
lerue none other 
God, but the 
God of his father 

Chap.xxvij. Iaakobgettethhisblefling. xi 

1 The Hebrewes 
in fwearing be* 
gin commonly 
with tf, and vn- 
derftand the reft: 
that is,that God 
(hall punifli him 
that breaketh the 
othe: here the 
wicked (hew 
that they are a- 
fraid left that 
come to them, 
which they would 
do to other. 
the othe. 

Chap 27.46. 
*hA rebellious. 

% Sbr.LoeJ. 

% Sbr.bunt. 
a The carnal af- 
fection, which he 
bare to his fonne, 
made him forget 
that which God 
fpake to his wife,, 

name of it |i <@ituab. 

2 2 'SLijen be remotteB tbentc,anB BtggtB 
anotbertoell,foj tfte tobicb tbep ftrone not: 
tberefcve calico bee tbe name of it HRcbO' 
botb, anB faiae, Beeaufe tljelo^a ijattj nota 
maae bs roomc, toe ftjall increafe bpeu tlje 

23 €>obetoentbptbcnce toBeer-ffjeba. 

24 ana tbe Lojo appcareB tmtoljlmtbe 
fame ntgbt, ana fata , 31 am tt}t ©oa • of a» 
tyabam t&p fatber : feare not,fo^ 31 am toitb 
tbee, anB toillblefle tbee, ana mtiltiplp tbp 
feca fty mpfcruanc atyabams fake. 

2 c, "Eljen Ije built an k altar tljere,anB cal» 
lea upon tbe j9ame of tbe Loja, ana rberc 
fp.teaa bis tent : toy ere alfo 31?baks feruants 

26 C^ben tame abimelcclj tobtm from 
<5erar, ana aijusjalj one of bis frienBs, ana 
]3bicbol tbe captatne of bis arm?. 

27 'Co tobom 31?bak fapB , &Iberefo;te 
come pe to me, feeing rebate me, ana bane 
put me atoap from pott i 

28 Cclbo anftuerca, Wit fato eertainelp 
tbat tlje Lo;a Bias toitb tbec, ? toe tbougbt 
thus, Let tbere be noto ait otfje bettoeene us, 
euen bettoeene Ms ana tbee, ana let bs make 
a eotienant toitb tbee. 

29 i31ftfjouft)alt Boebsnobnrt,astoe 
baue not toucbea tbec.ana as toe baue aone 
bnto tbee notljing but gooB, ana fent thee a» 
toap in peace: ttjonnoto, tbe blefieB of tlje 

Lo;B,doe this. 

30 Cijen be maae tbem a fcaff, ana tljcp 

31 auatbcp rofe bp betimes in tIjcmo;» 
mng,ana ftoare one to anotljer: tljen 31?bafc 
lee tijem goc,ana tljep bepartea from btm in 

32 ana tbat fame Bap 3I?baks fernants 
came ana tola btmof a tnell, tobicb tbep baa 
aiggea, ana faia unto Ijtm, C&e ijaue fotma 

33 <©obe callea tto^bibab : tberefoje 
tbename of tlje citiz is callea II Beer-ujeba 

34 C /I2oto toljen ©fan teas fonrtp pcere 
olae,be tookcto toife3!uBttlj tbeBangbterof 
Beeri an pittite, ana Batbtbematb tlje 
Bangljter of ©Ion an ipittite alfo. 

3^ ana tbev * toere || a gricfe of minBe to 



8 faal{ob getteth the bltjjing 'fro Sfau by his mo- 

thert ctUn/iL ^8 £faubyweepwgmouethhisfa~ 

therto ptty hinu^i Efau hateth Iaakob & threat- 

ttith his deeitb.41 T^ebekjthfendeth faafab away. 

Ajfta toben 31jljak toas olBe, a«a bt9 epes 
toereatmme,( fo tbatbe conlBnot fee) 
be callea (Sfau bis eiaeQ fonne, ana faia tm» 
tolnm, 90p fonne. anBbe anftoereBbim, 

2 Chen be fatD,TScIjolo,3i am noto olBe, 

3 aaiberefo^e noto, 31 PJap tftee,take tbine 
tnllruments, tbp eiuiueranatbpbotoe.anB 
gettbeetotbe tlela, tljattljotimapeftuake 

4 Cbcnniakemefauo;vmcat, fneb as 
31 loue,ana b^ing tt me tbat 31 map eate, and 
tbatniyfotilema? WSa tW before 3iBte. 

„ ? C Bote Kebekab bearB , toben Jijljak 
fpake to (Efau bis fonne) anB Ocfaa toent 
intotbefieiaeto Ijtmt fo; benifon, ana ta 
b;ing it. 

6 C^benKebekab fpake bntojaakob 
berfbtme, faping, BeljolBe, 31 baue bears 
tbpfatber talking toitb ©fan tljp b^otber, 

7 Bung me benifon , $ make me ftttoit* 
rp mcatc,tbat 31 map eate ana blefle tbee be* 
five tlje Lo;a,afo;e mp Beatl;. 

8 . ^5oto tberefo^e, mp fonne, bearemp 

b^et tbee noto to tlje 8ocke,anB tying ? ,l hls wbtiitie 
me tbence ttoo gooB kiBs of tlje goates , tbat a blame-wonby, 
31 map make pleafantmeate of tbem fo: tbw bec?ufc(he 
fatbccfucljasljelenetb. * ftouidhaueta- 

10 lEben tbou fljalt tying it to tbpfatljer, nedtiiGodhad 
anabeftjalleate, to tbe intent tbat Ije map performed his 
blefle tljee before bis Beatlj. promife. 

n 15ut31aakobfaiatoRcbekabbi3mo» 
tber, Beboia, (£fau mp tyotber is ro«gfj,anB 
3] am fmsot&e. 

12 $0pfatbermappoffiblpfeeleme,ana _ t „ f . 
31 ibalfcemc ; to btm to be a II mocker:fo ftjal *»'•«/»« ™ 
3ityingacurfebponmc,ananotablefl"ing. *■>"• , , - 

1? But bis motber faia bntobim,||'(3p. Wr as though J 
on me be tbp curfe,mp fonne: onelp beare mp *°« Wd «"«« 
bopcc,anagoe anB tying me them. him - 

14 ®o be toent anfl fetthcm,anBtyougbt llp'./»«wv 
them to bis motber: ana bis motber maae theda »z ere * 
pleafantmcat,fucbasbisfatberloueB. me - ^ 

i^ ana Kcbckab took faire elopes of ber c , I h = a J fruranc « 
clBer fonne ©fan, tobicb toere inberljoufe, ® f Gods decree 
ana elotljeB 3Iaakob ber pongee fonne: made her bold » 

16 anBfijeecouereBljtsbanBesanB tbe 
kias of tbe goats. 

17 aftertoarB Ibe put tlje pleafant meate 
ana tyeaa, tobicb flje baa pjepareB, tn tbe 
bana of ber fonne 31aakob. 

18 C ana toijenbe came to Us fatber, be 
fata, S©p fatber. C<Hbo anltoereB, 31 am 
bere : toljo art tbou, mp fonne t 

19 ana iaakob faia to bis fatber,<*31 am d Although iaa: 
€latt rbp fir ft borne, 31 baue Bone as tbon kobwasaiTured ' 
baaeft me, arife,3I p;ap tbec : fit up ana eate of this bleffing 
ofmpbenifcn,tljat rbpfotilemapblelTeme. by faiths yet be 

20 Cbcn 31?bak faia bnto bis fonne,lg>oto did euil to feeke 
baft tbon founfl it fo quicklp mpfonnetffflbo it by lies, and the 
faib, Becatlfe tbe LO?Btb?(S0Bty0UgbtU morebecaufehc 

to mine bana. abufetbGods 

21 againe 3I?bak fapBe bnto 31aako^ Name thereunto. 
Come ncere noto,tlj it 31 mapfeele tbee, mp 

fonne, tobetbertbou be tbat mp fonne ^fau 

22 CbcnSlaakob came neere to 3J?bak 
bisfatber, ana be felt ljim,anB fapa, dje 

e bopceis3|aakob6bOPCe,bUttljeljanBeSare e This dedareth 
tbe banas Of <£fatt. that he fu^ecled 

23 (JFo^btekneto bf^ not, becanfebis fome thing, yet 
banaes toere rongb as bis tyotber ©faus God would noc 
jjanBes : toljcrcfo^ebeblefleBbtm) haue his decree 

24 againe bee fapB, art tbon tbatmp altered, 
fonne ©fan i CiHbo anfmereB,tpea. % Ebr.fam. 

2s 'EbEnfatBbe,B;ingttmebitlier,ana 
3J toilleateof mp fonncs uentfon, tbat mp 
foule map blelfc tljee. anB beetyougbt it to 
bim,ana bee ate : alfo bftyougbtbim toine, 

26 aftertoarae bts fatber 3J?5ak fapac 
V 3 bnto 


*i£m thrcatneth Iaakob. 


Iaakob fleeth , and drcameth 

tontogim, ©omeneereno&j, ana Mlfeme, 

27 ana bee came mere ana kilfea Ijim. 
%\itn Ijcfmcllea tljefauourofijtsgarmecs, 
ana blclfcB ljim,ana tato, T5cl30ia s tijc fmell 
of my foimcisas the fmell of a tiela , taljcct} 
tbeLojaijatgblcifea., io. 28 *<5oagiue tijcetfjcrefo;c of tlje aetue 
offjeatien,ana tlje fatneffeof tlje cartlj , ana 
plentie of artjeat ana tome. 
- 20 iLet people be tljpfeniants, ana nati* 
on? bote amo ttjee:be loja oner tl;y Ivetfijeu, 
ana let tljy motljcrs cljiiaicn Ijonour tljee. 
ntrfca be he tljat cmfetlj tljee, ana blcffea be 
he tljat blclfctbtljce. 

30 ^.ana toljeu 3I?Ijafc fjaa maae an ena 
of blelftng 3laakob , ana 3l«akob tons fearce 
gone out from tlje picfenee of 3l?bak ijis fa* 
tljetr, tljcn eame©fau Ijis tyotbec front Ijis 

31 Sna Ijee alfo piepareo fattojy meat ana 
ftjougljt it to bis fatijcr,ana faia unto Ins fa* 
ti)?r, net my fatber ante,? cat ofljts (bnnetf 
bentfon,tIjat tbyfonle may bUfiemc. 

32 TSutijis fatljcr3lfljal?faya uutoljim, 
Cailjo art tljoti r" ana be anftaerca, 3I am tljy 
fonnc,euen r by 8rft bomc ©fan. 

33 'Cljen 3l?bak ajas f rtricken un'ttj a 
marneilous stent feare, ana fata, COtljo and 
toljere is Ije tljat ljuntea uciiifon,ana tyougljt 
it me, ana 31 Ijaueeate 11 of all before tljou ca^ 
meft^ana'iltjatte blelfeaijim, tljcrefoje be 

34 Sftljeu ©fan bcarB tljeajojBesofbis 
fatber,ljecriea ottttuitlj a great cry ana bit* 
ter,ont of meafure, ana fata unto bis father, 
TBleffc me,cuen me alfc,my fatber. 

3<? SLiljo anftcertn , %\)v tyotber came 
tuttb fubtiltte » ana Jjaclj taken amay tljp 

36 lEtotti I): faia^aas be not inaiv callea 
g3|aafcob? foj Ije batlj acceinca me rljcfe ttoo 
ttmes : Ije toohe »n> bt'rtijjigljt, ana loc,noaj 
ijatlj Ije taken my blem'ng. aifo be faiU,U?afl 
tljon not ttfernca a Wetting foj me? 

37 Witn^ftak anfojerea,ana fata bnto 
©fan, Tl5eljolo,3]Ijaite maaebim l 'tljyl.o ( tB > 
ana all bis tyctljjen Ijatie 31 maae bis fcr* 
tiant? ratio tuttlj Vubeatana tutnebaue 31 
furnifijeB lmn,ana unto tljee noajtoljac fijall 
31 Bor,my fonne i 

38 '©ben ©fan fata tmto l)t? fatfjer, Ijall 
tl)OLibnt one blcffms, my fatber i bleflfc me, 
II cucn me a'.fo mv* fetftet' : ana ©fan lifrea up 
\)K aovcc,at:a * tucpr. 

SO 'SC.ljen Ij^ak 15(3 father ?.!jfiueeeD,anD 
(aiae unto Ijfm, 'J3cbolD, tlje fatnefie cf tlje 
cacti) fljall be tby Btoellmg place, nna thou 
tliait hanc of tljeaetuof Ijcaticn from abone. 

40 ana > bp rtjy fiuoyia fljalt tljois Uticana 
fljntt by tl)v Lvctijcts k fcntaiit. TSnt ttftjall 
come to paflc, ?a&cn tljoit ffjalt get toe ma* 
fteric, tljat tljoa fijaU betake Ijis poke from 
tljp ncclte. 

41 $T 'SjEljerefojc ©fan Ijatca Slaalvob be* 
eaufeoftl)eblclTmn:,tol)crelDitl) fets father 
blcllca 'oiut.ana ©fan tljongAjt in bis mina, 
* W.)t"J cf mourning fo^ my fatljcc toil 
ccmefljojiclVj ' ttjtn 31toitl lUymv^otljec 

42 hub it tea.stcioeto RcbeUal) ?ftije 

f In pcrcciuing 
his ttrour 3 by 
appointing bis 
pronounced be- 

I Or ^afflu- 

ewns fo called, 
becaufe he held 
his brother by 
thehcele, as 
though he would 
ouerchrovv him: 
and there fore he 
is here called an 
I decc;iuer. 
I b For Iihak did 
I thin as he was the 
minifier& Pro- 
phet of God, 
\ Or. J am alfo 
' (thyfonne.) 
j Hebr.ii.ij- 
i Becaufe thine 
enemies flialbe 
round about 

Ic Which was 
fulfilled in his 
polkticic the I- 
dtimeans : who 
tvere tributaries 
for a time to )f- 
rael, and after 
rsme to libertie, 
Obad.i. to. 
I Hypocrites 
oncly abQcine 

I from doing euil 

iMO^BSof©rnnntceiaer fonne,ana l^efent 

ana callca 31aaftob Ijer pongee fonnc, u fata m He hath good 

fcntOfjim, 1i5cl)Olae,tljV b^OfCJCr ©ftll D1 t5 lopetorecoucr- 
COmfOjtea agatntl; tl}C:,meaning tO felll tljCC: his birthright by 

43 ii$o\y therefore my fonne,ljcare mp kiilingthce. 
Koyczi artfe, ar.a flee tljoit to !?aran to my n For the wicked 

bjOtljer Labai), Tonne wil kill she 

44 anatarytoitljluma\j)l)tlr,anttltl)y godly: and the 
fyotfcers fierccneflcbeftuagca, plague of God 

4^ ana till tbybjotljers u^atljtncne a« wiiiafcenvard 
tuay frum tljee, $ be forget tlie tljings toljtcb light on the wic- 
tljon Ijalt aonc to Ijtm : tljen l»tll 31 lena ana ked Tonne, 
take tljee from tljcnce : toljy fljonia 31 be "&e* C^p-^. 3 5. 
p^tneaofvonbotbtnoneaap.' o whichwerc 

4.6 aifo IKebe^alj fata to3!5baK,"31am Erauswiues. 
tueacyofmvlifc,fo?tlje o aangl)tfrgoft;ctlj. p Hereby (he 
jf 31aafcob tahe anjifcoftljcaangbtecsof perfwaded izhafc 
t^etlj like tljcfe af tne aatigljtcrs of tlje lana, to agree to iaa- 
p toljat anatletl) it me to line i kobs departure. 

c h a p. x x v 1 1 1. 

1 jFilia\firbiddetb Jaakfb to ta\e a wife of the 
Ca»aa»ites. 9 £fai(txl\etb arcifi of the daugh* 
ters ej fPor/iaelagainft hisfinhers rail. 1 2 Jaakob 
mtbetvay to Haran /eetb a ladder reaching to 
hcanen, 14 QUnUnfromifed. 20 Iaakob asl^etb 
of God onely meate and clothing. 

Ttyen 3ifl)afe callcB 3!aakob, ana a blcflea a This fecond 
Ijim, anarijargca l)im , ana fata bnto bkflingwasto 
Ijtm, -Eake not a teife of tlje aatigljtcrs of confirme iaa- 
©anaan. kobs faith, left 

2 arife, * <5tt t^ee to * Paaan aram to be (houid thinkc 
tlje ijottfe of Betljnel tby morljcrs fatber, lathis father 
ana tbtnee take tljee a toife of tlje aattgljtcrs bad gmen it 

of Unban tljv motbere b^otljcr. without Gods 

3 ana©oofial!fuft"tctentbleffetljeeana motion, 
make tbecto increafc, $ multiply tbee, tljat Hofe.n,* 2. 
tljoit mayelt be a mnlttruae of people, cbap.24. 1 o. 

4 ana gt'ne tljee tlje bleffing of ab^a^ \\Or t Mnngbty. 
bam, eucn to tljee ana to tljy feta luitb tljee, b The godly fa- 
tljat tijotunaveft inljcrit t^jeiana (toljcretn thers were put 
tljon art a •> itcanger, ) unjiclj (Soa gatie un^ in m ' nde c« rt i- 

tO ab^al-jam. nually^hat they 

5 'EljtlS3i!ljakfcntfO0^!j31a.lk0b,ana were but ftran- 

be tocnt toPaaan aram anto JLaDan fonne g«s m this world: 
ofBetljueltbearamite, bwtber to Kcbe> to the intent they 
Uab 3)aakobs ana ©fans motber. Thouid hfc > P 

6 fi c«ljcn ©fan Cam tljat Jjljaft Ijaa their «y« to the 
blclfea3laakob, anafent Ijtm to paaan a* hcauens, where 
ram,tofetljtmatoifetljcncc,anagtiienIjun they fhouid haue 
acljacgetoljen Ije bleffeD Ijtm.faying, 'Eljon a fine dwelling. 
fijalt not take a totfc of rfjc aangljterg of lOrjefdibx 
©anaan, wiues. 

7 ana tliat 3iaakob Ijaa obcyea Ijt? fa* c Thinking 

t!jecanaijt0 mOtljCC, ailDluasgOttetOpa' hereby to hauc 
Sill aram: reconciled him- 

8 aifo ©fan feeing tljat tlje aaitgljterp Teifeto his fa- 
of ©anaanaifpteafealsljaU bis fatljcr, ther.butali in 

'EljcntuentffifailtoDfllinaeljUfOOkC VaineiTorheta- 
H antO tljC loillCS,which he had,g}5aljalatlj tlje keth not away the 

aangljter of c 3lfljinaeiab^aljams fonne, tlje caufcofthecuii. 
ItlferofBabaiotb.tobebisajtfc. d chridisthe 

10 f 0OXQ 31aak0l3 aepaftta fCOm 15eet- ladder, whereby 

fljcba,aha toent toJDaran. God & man are 

11 anafoeeameimtoacertaincpLlCCana ioyned together, 

tarica tljece all nigljt, becaufe the "©tm luasf & by whom the 

aoUme, anatOOkCOftljeftontS Oftljcplace, Angels n-iniHer 

anaiayae unaerljtsljeaa,anD ilept in t^e vmovs.-aiigra- 

finite place. cesbyhimore 

12 ^Ijenbeca^camea, anabeIjoia,tljere giucnvntov S ,& 
ilQoa a d laaaec apon ti;e eartij)ai'.a tijc we byhimafcend 

top into beauen. 

of a ladder. Iaakobs vowe." 

Chap. xxix. 
48. J- 

1. and 

c Hee felc the 
force of this pro- 
mife onely by 
faith: for all his 
life time hi was 
but a ftrangci in 
this land. 
Deut.12. 20. 
and ip.14. 
Chap. 1 2. 1. 
and 18. i&. 
and 22. 18. 

f He was touched 
with a godly 
feare and reus- 

g To bee a re- 
membrance one 
tliewed vnto 
Ch*p.$i. 13. 

top ol it reacbeS bp tobeaueri: anaioe , tbe 
• angels of <SoB toent bu ana Botone bp it. 

13 *anBbebolae, tge Lojb ftoobe aboue 
tt,ana fai0,3i am tlje Loja <5oB of atyabam 
tljy fatbcr, ana tbe £>oa uf31?^afe : tbe lana, 
bpontljetoliicbtboufleepeft, < toill3)giue 
tbee a»D tbp feca. 

14 ana tbyfeeaibalbe as tbe Buft of t&e 
eartb, anb cljou Hjalt fpjeaa abioab * to tlje 
cacfl, anb to tbe (Sad,? to tlje f^o^rt) , anb 
to the <g>outb , anb in tbee ana tntbvfeeBe 
ujall all tbe 'families of tbe cartlj be blellcB. 

i$ aualoe,3I am tettf) rljce , anb brill 
feeeye tijee tobitljerfoeuer tljou goeft, anb 
toill bung tbee agatne into tbis lanb : foi 3 
toill not foalmetljee bntill 31 baucpcefour* 
meb tbat,tbat31 bauep;omtfea tbee. 

16 C 'Ebcn 3!aabob atooke out of lu's 
flecpe, anb favb , <©urelp tlje LojB is in tljis 

17 ana fie boas f afraia, anb favb, i;oto 
fearefull ts tbis place! tljis is noneotljer but 

Iaakob and Laban. t$2 

goe feeb them. 

8 But tbep fats, C£Ie map not bntiil ail 
tbe flocks be b?ougbttogetber, anb nil men 
rolle tlje ft one from tlje toclles mouth , ttjat 
toe map toater tbe fijcepc. 

i) £ e&bilebe talkea tottb tbem, Raljel 
alfo came toitbber fathers ilecpe, fej ujce. 

10 Snb afibene as Iaakob fato Ealjel 
tbeBaugbtcr cf Laban bfsmotbersbjetber, 
5 tbe tbeepe ot L aban bts motbers tyotljtr, 
tljencamcSJaakob nccre, ?rollea fljeftone 
from tbetoclsmoutb,anBtoatereBtIje flock 
of Laban bis motbers biotijer. 

11 anb'Jlaa'Rob ktlfea Rabel, anb liftbp 
bis uovce anb toept. 

12 CJfoji 3iaa'sob tolb Ealjel , tbat be toas 
bcr farljers || biocber , ana tbat ijce toas Ke= 
bckaljsfonnej tljenfljc ramie anb tolbljet 

15 ana fcujen Laban Ijearb tell of Jaa» 
nob Ijis lifters fonne , be ramie to mectljtm, 


tbe boufc of <Sob, anb tbis is tlje gate of aiiaiiF.bjaceabtm,$kiffcabim,ftb;ougbt 


18 'Eljen 3!aako& rofe bp rarelv in tbe 
moaning, jtookerljeftonetbatbcijaB lata 
bnber lits ljeab , anb g frt it bp as a * pillar, 
anb potojea ople bpon tlje top of it. 

19 ana bee callea tlje name of tbatplaee 
|] Betlj el : notbritbftanbing tlje name of tljc 
citie Ujasattbefirftcalleb Luj. 

20 'Eben^laafcobbobjeb a boto, faying, 

bim to bis ijonfe ; anb Ijee tola Laban <"all e That is, the 

tbefetbmgS. canfewhyhe 

14 "Eonabom Laban faia, 5aell,tljoti art departed from 
mp f bone anb mp fielb, anb bee abobc baitlj h's fathers houfe 
Ijimtbefpaeecfamonetb. and what hefawc 

iv C Jro; Laban fapa into 3laaRob, in the way. 
'5Lboiigbtl]oiibemvb;otber,.H)OHiacRtljou f That is. of my 
tljerefoje feme me fo? nowgb tf ^el me U)&at blood and kin- 


}Or,boufe of God 3if h <Sod \si\ be biitlj me,anb tutll Recpe me 

b He bindeth m tlji3 ioumev biljtcb 31 goe , ana toill giiie 

not God vn<ier me bjteab to ea'te,anb cbtbes to put on; 

this condition, 21 ^>o tbat 31 comeagaine rjntomvfa» 

but acknowiedg- tljcrs Ijoafc in fafettc , tljeii ujall tlje Lo/a be 

ethhis infirmity, Sll?(5oa. 

andp'romifeth to 22 3na tljtS ffoiie , toljiclj 31 b^UC fet bp 

bethankfuii, as a pillar, ftjall be6oas boufe : anb of all 
tijat tljou ibaltguicme,bril J] gt'uetlje tentb 

chap. xxix. 

13 jFaa\ob commeth to Laban & ferutth feuen 
yertifor Rahel.2 3 Leah brotigbt to his bid pifiead 
ofRtheL 27 He ferutth feiisn yeres more for 7£.* - 
hel. 1 1 Leah cwceiueth and beareth faure fonnes, 

ftaibe tbp mages? 

16 0m Laban baa ftuo aaugbftrs , tbe 
fiber calleB Leab , ? tljc younger callcb Ra« 

17 anaLeabtoasi!tenbercpea,bt;tSa» PrjUare eyed. 
Ijcl tuas bcaiitifull anb fairc. 

18 ana Jaahob loneb Uabel,aua fapa, 2 
toill feme tijee feuen yecres foj Kabel tlj? 
pongee aaugljter. 

19 ^SbcnLaban aiifrjuerca, Jx is btttct 
tljat 31 giue Ijer tbee, tfcen tbat 3! fljonlD 
gmeber toanorberman: abibe tottb me. 

20 Sua 3!aakob femcb feuen vecre.sfoz g Meaning, after 

Rabel, <r tbepfceHHabnro Ijim but a e fcto that the yeeres 

bapes,becaufe be loneb bcr. were accompli. 

2i CEljeuIaasobfayatPLabau,(Siiie (bed. 

Tt2en3iaabcb » lift bp Ijis feete anb came me mj> tetfe tfeat 31 map goe in to Ijer: fo; mp ^Eb^ny daw 
into tbe #<Saft counrrcp. uterine is cnaea. are fail. »■ 

22 CClberefoie Laban gatljerea togetber hThecaufe wfiy 
all tbe men oftfjc place, anb mabe a fcafr. iaakob was de- 

23 But b toben tbe earning toascosie, ceiuedjwas/hic 
betookc Lcab bisbaugbttr, anb bicujljt inoldtimethc 
Ijer to ljim,anb be toent m unto ber. wife was ccuered 

24 ana Laban gauc bis maia 5ilpab to withavaile, 
bis baugljter Leab,^o be ber femanr. when (he was 

2<r But toben tbe morning toas come, brought to her 
beljolajttoasLealj. 'Ebcufaibljtc to La» husband, in figne 
ban,MI&erefozc baft tbou Bone tljus to mce.' ofxhaftin'e and 
Dib not S'feriietljeefoit Rabel? toljcrefo^e fiiamefafineOe. 

tljCU baft tboil bCgllilea mef i Hee efieemed 

26 anaLabauauftucve3,3iit isnettbe more the profite 
'mancroftMsplace,togiuetbepougei'b2= th.uhehadof ] 

fo^C tbe elBCC Ia'akobsfeiulce, 

27 Jriiifillfeuenveresfoitber.ana toe toil then eyrher his 
alfo giue tbee tf)isfojrbcfcruice,isljicb tbou promife ctthe 
fljalt feme mcvtt feuen yeeres mo?e. mantrofthe 
■ 28 ' countrey, though 
feuen yeeres , fo bee gaue bim Kabel Ijis he aileadged cu 

aailgrjttrtobebistoife. . ' ftomeforhisex. 

,. 2q LabanalfogaiietoSabcll)tsbauglj» cufc, - 
05 4 t« 

2 ana as be loosea about, bebola, tbere 
teas a tor I in tbe neia, b ana loe,tb«e flocks 
ofibeepjlaytberebp cfo^attljat toelltoere 

a That is , hee 
went foarthon 
his ioumey. 
tEb.tothe Lani 

of the children of tljeflocsesbjatereB ) auB tljere toas a great 

the Eat ftoiicbpontbc toelsmoutl). 

b Thus he was 3 anb tljitljtr torre all tbe flocks gatlje* 

direaedbythe rcB,anat!jcyro!leB tljcftoncfrom tbe toels 

-oniyprouiJence mwitb,?toatercB tbcftjeepe,? put tlje ftouc 

of God, who agatncupontbstoclsmotitljiu Ijis place, 

brought him alfo 4 ana j ; aafcobfavB bnto t^cm, £6p 

to Labans houfe. ^biet^cn, tobencebeyef anatljepantoe- 


citreemethtfnt ^ "Eben Ijecfatbbntotljem, Snotoyee 

inthofedayesthe Labautbcfonncof j!5aljo^ cabofaia,C21e 

cufliome w a « to knotobim. 

c 2 li cutn nvan- 6 againc Ijc fay3 bnto tbem , d 3!s Ije in 

perstrethrep. gooBbtaltb? anb ttjev anflBtreD , Hee is in 

d or, ishein gooBljealtl),anBbeboia,btsaaugbterRa» 

peace? by the %z\ commctlj ttttb tlje fijeepe. 
which word the ; 7 'Sljcn Ije faia,Loe,it is petbicBap,ncU 

•EbrewesfigniSe tljcrisitttme tljattlje cattcll fijoulBb:ega» 

•ii profpetity. tbe«a tegctgee ; toaterpe? tbe ujeepc ana 



Iofeph borne. Iaakobs 



k This dedarecb 

ihat oft times 

they which are 

tbetobeat&aruetf gsfoima e $©ana;take3 in e which is a 
tlje fielo.anB bought tbem bnto bis mother kinde of herbc 
tea^. &ljen fata Isabel to Lcalj, <0iue mee, whofe roorehath 

31 Pitaptfeee , Ottljp tbtiues ntailU?afeC0. accrtaine likcnes 

i? T0utft)eeanfu)ereBber,3!sit afmall ofthe figure of 
matter fo? tbee to take mine butbanB , ejc* a man, 
cept thou take mp fimncs man o;.ake0 alto/ 

tec TSilbab hismaiBc tobeijcrftmant. 
30 <a>oemreahetn to!Rabelalfo,anaio» 

uea alio Haljclmoje tljen Leal) , ana fcrueB 

htin pet fenen peres moc. 
* i CMhjn ti>e Loja fab) tbat Leah, boas 

Befpifea,be * maae bet K fruittujl : but Ka« 

bel was barren. 
32 ant) Leal) conceiueB ana ba»c a Ton, "Chen fain Habel , 'Eljcrcfojcbe fijall flcepe 

anafijee calico bis name Heuben : foj fijee toitb tbee tbts rngbtfoj tbp tonnes man* 

fapB , TSecaufe tbe i LojB batlj lookeB upon Bjakcs. 
defpiTed of men, tnp tribulation,noto therefore minehulbano 16 3na 3!aakob carae from tbe Seloeiii 
are fauoured of will m loue me. tbeeuening,$Leabtocntouttomceteljim, 

God. 33 ano fije conceiueB againe, ana bare a 8Efaia,<£omeintomee,fo;i3ibauc*bougbt %Ebr. buying 1 

1 Hereby appea- tbnne.anBfatae, TBecaufetbe Lojae beara ana papea foz tbee tottlj mp founts vnam haue bo^ti! 
reth, that (he had tbat 31 toas bateB , bee batb tbcreftue giucn * 

recourfeto God m tfa Tonne alio , ailB fije CalUD btS name 


34 ana (be concciuea agatne,ana bate a 
fonne, ana fapa, iftob) at this time toill mp 

in her affliction, 
m For children 
betweene man 
and wife. 
%Ebr. ftoodfrwn 

Bjakes 1 ana be flept tottb her tbat mgbt. 

17 ana ®oa beara Leab, ano fije concei* 
uea, ano bate bnto Saakob tbe fift tonne. 

18 Cben fata Leab, ©oorjatbgiuenmee 
mp retoarfl , beeatife 31 gane mp f mapOe to f in need of ac- 

IjufbanB keepe me company, becanfe 31 baue mp hjtfbanB , ano fijee calleo bw name 3lfla 
bome hmuhjee tonnes: therefore toas Ijts cbar. 

name called Leut. 

Z% $©o;teouer ftjee coneefncO agatne, ana 
bare a Tonne, faying, j[2ob)toiU3l II p?apre 
tbe Lojbs * therefore fije callea bis name 31a- 

chap. xxx. 

4P Rahel & Leab being both barren giue their 
maids i/ato their husband y and they bare htm chd. 
dren. ■ J Leahgitteth JHandra\e> to Rahel, that 
Jta\ob might Lie with her. 27 Laban is enriched 
for Jaakpbs faf{e. 43 Jcutbpb is made, very rich. 

ABO toljen Kaljel fato tbat fije bate 31aa» 
fcob no cbUfljcttjlKabel cnttiea her lifter, fata,@oa batb taken atoap mp g rebuke, 
ana fata bnto 31aakob , <3iuc me cbila;en,o; 
tU 31 ate. 

knowledging het 
fault, (be boa- 

renami fruitful), 
and therefore I 
am not in fault. 
b I will teceiue 
her children on 
my lap, as though 
they were mine 

[ owne. 

' \Ebr. J jhalibt 

19 aftcr,Leab concctnea agatne, $ bare ftethasifGod 
31aakob tbe fi.rt fonne* had rewarded het 

20 'CbenLeabfatae, (Soa batb inottcn therefore, 
metoritb a gooo Bobbie: nob) totll mine b«f s 
bano Obielltuttb mee , bccaure3l bane borne 
bim lire fonnes ; ano fijee calleo byname 

21 after tbat, ftjee bare a Baugbttr, ana 
fije calleo ber name Dinab. 

22 canO^oa rememb?ea lRabcl,ana 
®oB beara ijer, ana || openea ber toombe. I0r,made her 

23 "©0 fije conceiucB ana bare a fon , ana frmfuu. 
ia,©oB batb taken atoap mp g rebuke. g Becaufe fruit- 

24 ana (be callea bts name 31ofepb,fap« fuincfle omeof 
ing, %\)z Lo^BbJillginemee pet another Gods biefling, 

fomie. whofaid,In- 

2^ C ana aflbone as Kabel baa bomc «eafeand muiti- 

Jofepb, 31aakob fapB to Laban^cnB irte a' plie:barrenneiTe 

toaptbat3i map got bntomp place, ?tomp wascoumed asa 
countrep. curfe. 

20 ©inemecmp brines ana mpcbilo?en, 
forborne 31 baue fecuea tbee, ana let mee 
goe: fo;tboukuoU)c(lU)ljatfertiice 31 bane 
Done tbee. 

27 %o tobomc Laban anfaierea, 31f 31 
%ax\z nooj founa fauour in tbp ft$bt , caries 
3!baueliperceiucBtbattbe Lo^B batlj blef* \\Or,trycdbyfx- 

feBmefojtbpfake. penence, 

28 aifo bee fata, appoint bnto mee tbp 
bovte,ana batb gtuen me a fonne ; therefore tuages,ana 31 toill giue tt thee . 
callea fije bis name Dan. 29 10utbefapabntobtm,'Ehouknotoeft 

7 ana *Bilbab Habelsmapa conceiueB tobatferuice3l baticaone tbee, ano iubfijat 
againcana bare 31aakob tbe feeonB fonne. taking tbp cattell batb beene || bnBer me. Wr,with mt. 

8 'EbcnKabelfaiae,2aiitb* c erceIlent 30 JFa?tbelitlc,thattbonhaaftbefo?e31 X^br.atmyfone, 
bJ^cftUngs bane 31 bJjeftleB bntb mp Dller, came,is increafeB into arauUituae: ana tbe h The order of 

2 ^bcn31aakobs anger toas kinaiea a» 
a It is ontly God gainft Kabel , ana bee fata, am 31 tn » ©oas 
thatmaketh bar- tfeaa,~b)btcb batb tuitbholoenfromtbec tbe 

fruit of tbe bjombe? 

3 ana fijee fapB ,T5eholB mp mapB "BiU 
bab, goe in to ber, ana fijee fijall beare bpon 
mp t> knees, ana +31 fijall baue cbtlBjienalfo 
bp ber. 

4 "Ebenfijee gane bfmlBflbabtef mala 
to b)ife,ano 3laakobb)entin to ber 

s: <S»o 'Bilbab conceiueB , ano bare 3Iaa* 
feob a fonne. 

6 'EbenfaiaeEabel, (Soa batb guum 
fentence on mp fioe, ano batb alio beara mp 

\i e/God. 
lc Thearrogancy 
j of mans nature 

fappearethin that aria bane gotten tlje bppcrljaua: aria fijee Lo;Be batb bleffea tbee tbp mpcommingi n , ature wquiretb 

flie conccmneth callea bts name /I5apbtali. 

her fifier, after 9 ana toljcn Leab fab) that (he baa left 

the hath reed- beating , fijee tooke Jilpab her mat'ae , ana 

ued this benefit gane ijcr 3!aakob to $tfe. 

of God to bcarc io ana jilpab Lealjs mapae bare 31aa» 

children. kobafonne. 

d Thatis.God 11 '2LljenfapBeLeab, d acompanp com* 

doth incrcafe. me metb: anB fije callea bis name ©aa. 

with a multitude K 12 againejtlpalj Lealjs maiB,bare31aa» 

of children: for &0b ailOtljer fonne. 

Ifo laakob doth 13 "Ebcn fapB Leab, ah, blcfiea am 31,fo? 

expound this the Baugljters b)ill blcfie me ; ana fije calleo 

jflameGad, bis name afljer. 

d»p.«. ip. 14 CBp\m Kcuhm iwent fit th? napes ot 

but nob) b)ben fijall b 31 trauel fo^i mine obm cnac cuer y °"c 

bOtlfc alfof prouide for his 

31 'CbtnbefapB,£3Jbatfijal31gtuetbec? owne family, 
ano 3laakob antxuerca , ^bou ftalt giue \\Or,fej>arate 
mee nothing at all: if tljou wilt Boe tljts **«»• 
thing foj me, 31 totll returne, feeo, and keepe \\° r > r * d * , , 

tljpfljeepc. i That which 

32 31 tolllpafietljOJOb) all tljp flOCkS tbtS fl»H hereafter 

Bap , and 11 feparate from tbem all tlje fijecpe be thus Spotted. 
toitb little fpots ana great fpors, ana all k God Hull te- 
ll blacke lambs among tlje ibeepe,(t the great ft,Ge for m y ri g h - 
tVottcO % ano Ittle fpottco among tlje goatcs: teous dealing by 

« anO it fijall be mp biagCS. rewarding my U- 

3S ^>Pfijalmp k rtgijtcp»fnesanfwerefo ( i ^^ 


fpottedJambes. Iaakob 




§Or } Laban. 

\\0r, redde, or, 

I Iaakob herein 
vfed no deceit: 
for it was Gods 
command, menc, 
as he declared) in 
the next chapter, 
verfcj.and 1 1. 


m As they which 
tooke the ramme 
about September, 
& brought forth 
about March: fo 
the feebler in 
March,& lambde 
in September, 

a The children 
vttered in wordes 
that which the fa- 
ther diflimWed 
in heart, for y co - 
uerous think that 
whatfoeucr they 
pluckt fro them. 
%Ebr.and /oe, n»t 
be with him at 
%Ebaijefterd<ty y 
and before ye/ler* 

b The God who 
mv father wor- 
th ipped. 

me hereafter , totjen it ffjalt come fo? mp re* 
toara before tljp face , & etierp one tbat Ijatb 
not little oj great fpots among tije goates, 
ana blaeke among tbe ftjeepe, tbe fame fljall 

34 "Eben Laban fatD, ©o to, toouia <SoB 
it migljt be acco;Bing to tbp fapmg. 

35 Cberefo.2e II be tooke ont tlje fame Bay 
rtje bee goates,tljat toerepartp coloureB ana 
touij great fpots,auB all tbe fljee goats toitb 
litleana great fpots, and all tbat baa tobtte 
in tbem,'? all the ublaeke among tbe fljeepe, 
ana put tbem in tbe kecpingof Ijts ibnnes. 

36 ana bee fct tb;ee Bapes ionrnep be» 
ttoeeue ljunfeIfeaiiB3]aakob. anB 3iaakob 
kept tbe reft of Labans Rjeepe. 

37 C3lben3!aakob 'tooke roasofgreene 
popular, fotljafell, anB of tbe cbefnut tree, 
ana pilleo toljttc ftrakes in tbem, ana mace 
the tobue appcare in ibe roas. 

38 Ebenbeput tlje roDs ,to^icrj Ijcc IjaQ 
pilleB,m tbe gutters and catering trougbs, 
toljen tlje njctpc came to Bjinke, beftue tlje 
fljeepe : ( fo; cbep toere in beat , tobeh tbep 
came to tyinke-) 

39 anD tbe fljeepe H toere in beatebefo;e 
tie roas, ana afterward tyougljt feo;tlj pong 
of partte colour, ana toitb imallana great 

40 3na 31aakob parteB tbefe lambs.anB 
turnea tlje faces of rljefioeketotoaras thefc 
laa.bes part? cotoureo, j all maner of black, 
among tlje fbeepe of Laban: fa bee put bis 
otone flockes bp tbemfelties , ana put tbem 
not toitb Labans flocke. 

41 ana in euerp ramming time of tlje 
m ftronger fbeepe , Iaakob lata tlje roas be* 
fo;e tlje epes of tbe ftjeep in tlje gutters, tbat 
tljep migbt conceiuc before tlje roas. 

42 15ut toljen tbe fljeepe toere feeble, Ijee 
put tbem not in: ana fo tbe feebler toere La* 
feans.ana tbe ftrouger laakobs. 

43 <S>o tbe man encreafea e.ceeeainglp, 
ana baa manp tlockes, ana maiae feruant?, 
ana men leruants, ana camels, ana aires. 


t Labam children murmure againfl Iaa\<ib. 
J God cmtrnadtth bin to returne to hn coumrey. 
1 j. 24 The care of God for Jaakpb. t $ Rahelftca- 
Itth her fathert idols. 23 Lab an follow tth Iaakob. 
44 The couenant betweene Laban and-Jaakpb. 

N9Dto beebearatbe»too;Bcs of Labans 
fonnes, (aping, Jaakob &atb taken a-- 
toapall tbattoas our fathers, ana of our 
fathers gooBsIjatb bee gotten alltbisbo* 

2 aifo Iaakob bebelB tbe countenance 
of Laban, * that it teas not totoarbs bun as 
m times path 

3 ana tbe Lo;B baa fatD lmto Jaakob, 
'Eurne againe into tlje Una of tljp fatbers, 
ana to tbp kinrea,ana 31 toill be toitb cbee- 

4 EberefojeSlaakobfentanB calleBRa* 
bel ana Leab totbefielBtmtobisflocke. 

% EbenfaiBbeBntotbem^ftepourfa- 
tljers countenance, tbat it is not totoara me 
* as it teas tcoont , anB tbe b <5oB of mp fa* 

6 anBpeknototbatJIaueferue&pQwr 
father tettb all mpmtsijt, 

returncth to his eountrey. 1 3 


7 T3ut pour Fatljerljatlj BecetueB me,anB 
cIjaangeBniptoages |i ten times: but @oB lO^many times. 

S If be tljus fapa , ^befpottea fljallbe 
tljp ttiages 5 tljen all tbe ftjecpe barefpottea: 
ana if beefaiDtljug, ^be partie colonrea 
fljalbetftpretoara, tljen bare all tlje fbeepe 
partpcoloureD. v 

9 ' batlj « ©oa taken atoap pour c t 6 -* «J«iar«h 
fatbers |i lubftance,anB giuen it me. that the thing 

10 JFojin ramming time 31 lifteabp mine which iaakob 
epes, ana fabj in a B;eame,ana beboiae , tbe did befo 'e , was 
bee goates leapta upon tbe ftjee goates,tbat b y G °ds com- 
toere partie coloitrea twitb little ana great mandement^nd 

fpots IpOtteBw not through de- 

ll anatbe.angelof©oBfapDtomeina « ic . 

B^eame, 3iaakob. anB3UnftwereB,Loe,3] tOrfdtull. 

12' ana bee fapBe, Lift bp noto tbtne 

epes, ana fee all tbe bee goate3 leaping bp» 

on tbeOjee goates tbat are partte celoureB, 

fpottcB tcitb little anB great Tpottes : to; 

31 bane feene all tbat Laban aottb bnto 


13 d 31 am tbe <Soa of TSctb-el, tobere d Tbi,: An s=l 
tbou * anointtBft tlje pillar , tobere thou was chrift which 
DotoeBftaBODJDnrome. j!2otorile,gettbec appeared to iaa- 
outoftbtscountrep, anB returne unto tlje kobinBethel, 

lanBtoljeretljOHtoaftbo^ne. andhereby ap- 

14 'EbenanftoereBltUbelanBLeab.anB peareth bee had 
faparjntaljim , pauetoeeanpmoje portion tau 8bt hiswiues 
ana inljerttance m our fatbers boufe? thefeareof God; 

is Doetlj not bee count ds as ftrangersf forbeewiketh 
fo; bee Ijatb e foia tos,anB batlj eatenap ana as though they 
conluniea our monep. knew this thing. 

16 ^Lbercfo^e all tlje ricljes, tobicbSeB fafr.i.ii. 
batlj taken from our fatbcr.ts ours,anD our e For they were 
cbiia^cns : noto ttjeu tobatfoeuer ©ob Ijattj 5 iue n to iaakob 

fapD BlltO tljee,B0e it. in tecompenfc of 

17 C 'Eben-SJaahob rofebp , anBfet bis hisferuice, which 
fonnes ana bis toiucsbpon camels. was a kinde of 

18 ana bee carpeaatoap allbisflockesf, fele. 
ana all Ijis fnbff ance tobiclj bee baa gotten, 

to wit , bis ricbes toljicb bee ijaa gotten in 
Paaanaram, to go to 3Jjljak his fatljer mi» 

19 caben Laban boas gone to njeare W 

Jbeepe, tben Eabelftole ber fatljers f iaoles. f For fo the word 

20 '(S-bus Jlaakobaftoleatoaptlje beart here fignifioh, 
ofLaban tbe aramite : fo; Ijee tola bun not becaufe Laban 

tljatbeflc-a. calleth them 

21 <£)ofleB be toifb all tbat be baB,anB be gods.verfejo. 

1 role up, anB paOeB tbe |i riuer , ? fet bis face \\Or, went away 
totoara moitiu <6ileaa. primly from La- 

22 ana tlje tbira Bap after toas ittoIBe tan. 
Laban,tbat Iaakob fleB. \\Or,Euphratet. 

23 Cben bee tooke bis ||b2etb;en toitb \Or\m[efolk?t 
bim, anB follotoea after bim feuen Bapcs and friends. 
iournep , ana U ouertooke bim at mount <5i* iOr,ioymd with 
leaa. htm. 

24 ana <£5oB came to Laban tbeara* 
mite in a B;eame bp ntgbt , ana fapae unto 
bim, Eake beeae tbat tben fpeakenotto ' 

31aakob 4= ougbt faue gooB. \Ebr.fromgooi 

2s C^ben Laban ouertooke31aakob,anB toemU. 
3iaakobbaB pitcbeabistentintbe mount: 
ana Laban aifo toitb bis tyetbjen pitcbeQ 
Bpon mount ©tlcaa. 

26 'Eben Laban tapB to 3iaabo&,t&bat 
baft tbou Bonef || tbou bail euen ftollen \}Or,coHueyedthj 
atoap muif b?a«> anB carrpjB auiap mp feifiawarpri- 
8au2bt«rj3 utij. 

X Aakobs faithfull feruice to Laban. 

Genefis . They make a couenant together* 

%£br. power is in 
Kline hand. 
g Hewasanido- 
)ater,and there 
fore would not 

for his God, 

]\Or s !etbim<*ie. 

aaugljtcrs; as r^jougij t^ey ^ati tctne fatten 


27 Cilberefoje BtBBeft tbou flee (0 fecrct- 
Iv ana Ueale atoap from mc,ana BiBBeft not 
tell mee, tljat 31 miglit bane fent tijee foojtb 
fcitljrrHetbanoajitlj foua,^ , tuttlj ttmbjell 

28 TSnt tljoti baft net fulfercB we to fciiTe 
mp fonnes ana mp Daughters ; noto tljou 
Ijaft Boncfooliujlp inaoingfo. 

20 51 am tabic to aocpottctu'll: btittljc 
s ©o3 of pour fatber fpabebnto mee yeffet* 
nfgljt, faying , 'EafceljceB tljat tljottfpeafte. 
not to Jaafeob ougbt lane gooB. 

30 jftolB tljouglj tbou tortifsfftbptoap, 
acknowledge the becntitctljotigreatlplpngqfraftcr tbyfa» 

God of Iaakob tljei^IjOtlffe, >ettUljfttfO^C0aU , A|OUftOlUn 

logons? . . .-. ;v 

?r ^ben31aa&obaitfu3ere3.,ana faiac to 
Laban, T15ecaufe 31 tens aftajs,ana tljongljt 
tbattbcu toottlacft banc taken tl)fDa«s6 = 
tecs from me. 

52 Duttottlj toljora tbou fiuBeft tby goas, 
n let Ijim not lute. <£>earclj tijett before one 
tyetbtcntoijat 31 baueofrhine, ana tafte it to 
tijee, ( but 3!aaftob UHft not tljat Raljel Ijaa 
ftollen tbem.) 

33 Eljen came Laban into 3Iaafcobs tent, 
ano into HcaIjs tent, <j into tlje tiro maiaes 
tents , lute FouuB them not. <©o bee tonic 
out of Lealjg tent , ana cntreB into Kabcls 

34 C Ji2oto Kaljcl baa tafcen fbe ifcoles, 
ana put tl)e:n in the camels u litter, ana fate 
Boiimebpon tljem) ana Laban featebca all 
tlje tcnt,b«t lonna them not. 

3? 1£bcn fapB ujetoljer fatljcr, * ?!Sp 

gtrbeinthe eyes loja, benotangrp tbatj] cannot rife bp be* 

of my lord. ftuc tijee : foj tlje cuftotne of toomen is upon 

,mec: fo bee fcarcljeB, but fottua not tlje 


$6 C ^ben 31aaftob toastytotlj, $ cljoae 
torirb Laban : 3jankob alio anfuieita ana 
fapB to Laban , CGlbat Ijaue 31 trcfpaffcB? 
iriljatbaHc3loffenBca, tbat tljoit baftpttr< 
fuca after mti 

37 Seeing tbou baft featebca an nip 
finite, tob?.t baft tbou founa of all tbine 
4jonujo!B Unfit i pntitbere befine nip bje* 
tbjen ana tljp &2ct&eu,tljat tljcp map utBgc 

38 'Etjts ttocntie peres 31 banc bene ta'tb 
tijee: tfeme etoesanB tbvgoatc3ljaue not 

tOr been barren. .Heafttbetrpoung, ana tlje rammes of tljp 
floeftc banc 31 not eaten. 

39 * iMlljatfocuer toas tojne of beafles , 3] 
tyongbt it not unto tbec, botmaae it gooa 
mpfelfc: *ofnuitebanaaiail tbou requite 
it, woe it ftollen bp Bap o,t ftollen bp mgljt. 

40 3) toas in tlje aar> confumca toitb 
beate, ana toitbftoft in tlje nigbt > aua mp 
|j Hecpc acpartea from unite eves. 

41 "Elms banc 31 becne ttocntppcctcui 
tljiuc bonfc , ana fetuca tbec fourteencperes 
fo^ thv ttoo aaugbtcrs , ana ficc peercs foj 
tbp (beep, ana tljo'nbaft cbangea mp toagc? 
-ten times. 

42 (JErcepc tbc 60a of m\> fatljer, tlje 
0oa of abjtabaai , ana tlje h fcare of 3I?Iiak 

hak did feare and baa bene tot'tl) nice, furelp tbo,tt baaaeft fent 
sciwrcRfe.' we, ateap no^j entpn? : bin C$05 betjclBe mp 

\\Or,patv, or, 
f addle. 

%£br.letnot an- 

%£br.tbetorne } or 
ta\tnby pray. 
£xod.n, 1 2. 


h Thatis, the 
CjoJ whomIz« 

tribnlatiott,ana tbelabotir ofmpljana.s,ana 
rebukea theepelternigbt. 

43 Eben Laban anftoerea,ana lata bn« 
to 'iaaKob^bcfe aangbterjs are mp aangb* 
ters , ana tljefc tonnes arc mp fonnes, ana 
tljefc fi;ecpe arc mp iljcepe , ana all tbat tijou 
fceft , is mine , ana toljat can 31 aoe tins aap 
i3tito tljefc mp aangljters, 0; ta tljetr fonnes 

44 ji5oto tberfoie » come ana let bo matte 
a eoiienant ,31 ? tbou , toljiclj map be avcit= 

4^; '&ben toobe 3laafeob a (lonc,ana fet it 
bpasa pillar. 

46 ana 3iaafcobfapB bntoljtsbzctlj^n, 
(Satljer ftoncs: toljo bzougbt lionc.s, ana 
maaean Ijcapc , ana tljcpaia eate thereby* 

47 3na JLabancallea it II Slegar-fabaBtt' 
tlja,ana 31aabob callea it * ©aleea. 

48 JFoj Laban faia,tljisljeape istoitnes! 
bcttoeeuc me ana tijee tbis aap: tljcrefo^e ije 
callea tlje name of tt(5alcea. 

49 aifo he called it, { S^ijpalj, becaufe Ijf C 

fava, 'SbcLo.ia MooUcbcriKcene nice ana 
tbec,toljentocefljallbe || aepartea one from 

so 31f rljonujaltbercmpaaiigbtcrs,oj 
fijalt take m toiues bebce mp aangljters: 
there is no man toirlj bs, beljcla , ©00 is vott- 
nes bettoeeue nice ana tljcc. 

Si S@o2COHcr Laban fata to Jaabob^e* 
Ijcia tljts beapc,ana betola tljepillar, toljicb, 
31 Ijaue fcr bettaeene me ana tbec, 

<?2 ( Ebi3ljcape (baiibe^jttntlfe, ana tlje 
pillar fliait be toitnefle , tljat 31 toill not come 
oner tljtsbcape to tijee , ana tljat tljett ibalt 
not pafle otter tljts Ijeape ana tljts pillar bn» 
to me foi ftiiil. 

53 'Ebc©oaof abzaljam,ana tbc©oa 
of n iftaljoj , and tlje ©oB of tljetr fatber bee 
inBgc betlucencbs: but 3!aaboOftoarc bp 
f Ije ° feare of bis father 3!j baft. 

54 %\)tn 31aaftob aia otfer a facriBce bp* 
on tlje mount,ana callea bis bzetbten to eat 
II bzcaa, ana tljep Bta eat bzeaa , aiic tarriea 
all nigbt in tfjf mount. 

ss Shtacatelp in tlje morning Laban rofe 
bp ana ftifl'ea Ijts fonnes ana tjte aaugbter^, 
ana p blefitB tljcm, ana Laban Beparting, 
tocnt buto Ijis place againc. 

CHAP. X X X 1 1. 

1 God com fortetb faa\ob by his Angels $ 10 
Hcprayttlj vnto God confejjlng his -vnwoithines. 
13 He fendethfrejents'vnto £fhu. 2428 Hes 
wre filed with the ^ingelxvho ntaneth him Iftasl. 

N9Dto 3!aafcob teem foonb on btstonr-- 
nep , * anB tlje Angels of © £D D met 

2 ana luben 3Iaabob Hito tljcm.lje favB, 
' '(Efjis is ©oas bode , ana callea tlje name 
of tlje tame plate || g^abatiatm. 

3 %bti\ 3!aaftob fent meflengtrs before 
fnmto (EfauIjisib:otljer,bnto tlje lanBof 
<S)etr into tbc countrep of ©Bom: 

4 'So toljom Ijce gaue ccmmauBement, 
faving, Sljtts; fijallpeefpeafce to mp b lo2B 
©fan: Ebp ferttant31aaftobfaptljtljiis, 31 
bane bene a (ttaitgcr toitlj Laban,anB tart-- 
ca biito tin's time. 

s 31 b«'>i? beetle? alfo $ ailc?, fljeepe , ana 


i His confeienee 
his nisbehauiour 
toward Iaakob, ,, 
and therefore 
maoued him to 
fceke peace. 
^Or y the heaps of 
k The one na- 
meth the place 
inrhc Syrian 
tongue, and the 
other in the fi- 
bre w tongue. 

1 To punilh the 
\\0r, hid. 
m Nature com. 
pelkthhini to 
condemne that 
vice ( whereunto 
through coue- 
tourneiTehee for- 
ced Iaakob. 
n Behold, bow 
the idolaters 
mingle the true 
God with their 

Meaningly - 
the true God 
whom Ixbak 

p VVe fee that 
there is euerfome 
feed of the 
knowledge of 
God in the he art J 

01 the wicked. 

Clhip: 48. 1 6. 
a He acknow- 
ledged Gods bc- 
nchts,who for ' 
hoftt of Angels. 
b Hemierenced 
his brother in 
becaufehe chief- 
ly looked to be 
preferred to the 

IaakobprayethtobedeliueredfroEfau. Chap.xxxiij. HewreftlethwiththeAnpel. 14 

c Albeit hue was 
comforted by the 
Angels, yet the 

£/;.«£. 3 i.ij. 

■tebr.f am Ufa 
then all tkj 

d Thacis,poorc 
and without all 

C Meaning,he 
will put all to 
death: this pro- 
uerbe commeth 
of them which 
kill the bird to- 
gether with her 
yong ones. 
f Notdiftrnfling 
bad "iuen him. 

g. He thought it 
no Ioffe to depart 
whh thefe goods, 
to the intent he 
might follow the 
vocation ^here- 
unto God called 


men fernant*,? toomen fecuants, ann bane 
feitt to fijeto my lo t m> tljat 3! map finnc grace 
tn tljp iigrfjt. 

6 $ <§)o tbe mefTcngers came againe to 
31aabob, favmg,C2Iee came unto tljy bjotljer 
©fasuim lie zlio cominetlj againfc tbce,ar.n 
fotire IjunDjtct & men tot'tlj Ijim. 

7 Wzzn 3!aabob teas c greatly afrarD, 
ano tea3 fo^c troublen, aim Dminen tlje peo= 
pie tljat toas toitb bim, u tlje fl)cepe,anD tljc 
ucenes,ann t^c camels into ttou companies. 

8 JFo; Ijee fain, 3,f Cfan come to tl;: cue 
company aim finite it , tbe otljer company 

9 C i!@o.2CCHec 3(aafeot) fain," 9) <5on of 
myfatljcrabialjam, anD ©on of myfatber 
Sljljabi Lorn, toljtcb * fayDeft Unto tnc , lie 
mine into etj? eotmtrcy , ann to tljy kinrcD, 
anD 3ito!ll Doe tbee goon, 

10 31 am not itoojttby of tlje Icail of all 
tbe mercies ann all tlje trnetb,toljicljtIjou 
baft fijeUjeD unto tljy feniant: fozteitljinp 
d ftaffe came 31 oner cbis Somen, aim noto 
banc 3] gotten tteo ban'os. 

11 3! pjay tsjccDebner me from tlje Sana 
of my biotljecfrom tlje banD of ©fan : fo;3f 
feare l)tin,letl Ije totll come anD fnutc me,and 
tlje c motber Upon tlje cbilDjen. 

12 JFoi tljon faiocll , 3! totll finely Co rljee 
goon, 5 make tljy feen as tlje fanD of tlj? fea, 
toljicb cannot be numbieu fojmnlttttiDc. 

13. f[annijctarientbere tlje fame ntgljt, 
aim took of tljat toljiclj came to ljanD,a ' pze« 
lent fo; ©fan Ijistyotljcr ; 

14. TEtoobtinDjeDfljec goats ann rtoentv 
bcegoateSjtteoljuniizeD e&e.s anD ttecnty 
rainmes ; 

15 t£btrty milclj camels teitlj tbeir colts, 
fcurtie bine, anD ten bullocks , tcacnttc (Ijce 

16 5ro Ije Delincrc D tljem into tbc FjanS of 
bis fern3nr?,euety tyoue by tbcir.fetoer->anD 
fain nine bis feruants, £)aife befoze me,a:m 
put a Ipacc bettoeeneDionc ann D;oue. 

17 Sinn be comnunoco tlje fo;emoff, Vav 
ing,3;f Clan my bzotbermcer tljec, anD a fie 
tr-ec, faying, ££Tocfc fau ,m art tbeti i Snn 
toljirbee goefc tljou i aim tsljol'e arc tljefe 
bcfoie tljec i ? 

18 'Ebcn tljou djalt fav, They be tl)v fcr= 
ttant 3jaakobs : it is a pjefent fent n.ntoinp 
Iom Cfan : anD bcijolne, be Ijtml'clfe alfo is 

19 <£»o IfkcUnfe ccmmatmncD be tl)£i«« 
conD,aim tbetljiiD,aim al tljat follotocDrfcc 
i?;oiEee, faying, after tijtsmatKryccnjaU 
fpcabeimto Ci>.«, tuijen ye finncljim. 

20 annvefl;allfaytno2eoner, 15eljo!De, 
tby feniant Jaabob comme;h after Us , ( fo;t 
be tljong^t/ij siutllapijcafcbtsUJMtbVJttl) 
tlje p.iefent tljat goetb Ocfo;c me, ann after* 
tesrn31tetllfeebis face: it may be ije 
teilU accept mej 

21 foment tlje p?efent betoe fertnjbtiC 
be tarien tljat mgljt teitlj tlje e-ompan'v. 

22 anD be rate np tlje fame ni&bt, ann 
tool?cbis' tteoUJtues, anDIjistteo inaynes, 
ann bis eleven cljilDzen, ann Syent oner tlje 
foom 3labbok. 

• 25 Sun be too^e tljem , anD fent tljeiui?- 
uer'tijc f \w c : ann fent wi?r tljat be t>sn^ 

24. C j!5oto taftenSasltco to is leftbt'in» 
felfealoiictljcreteKfllcnaHnanteitbljim h Thatis.God 

UlltO tlje bjteafelilg Of tljC nay. in forme of man. 

2% ann be fam tbatlje conln not ! pje= i ForGodaflai- 
ttatle agaiuft bim j tljercfoze be toncben tlje lethhiswjth the 

bolotaofljistbiglj,^ tljeljolOtoOf3!aa!50bS onehand.andvp. 

tljtgbtoasloofcn, as bctozeftUnteitbbnn. hoideththem 

26 annijefain, iLetmegoe, foztbemoz* with the other, 
ntng appearctlj.C^bo anfoeren/31 toill not Hofe.i 2.4. 
let tljec goccjecept tljon blelTe me. 

27 QLljen fam be unto ijlrn, caijat is tby 
name i anD be faiD,3iaafcob. 

28 W)ti\ fain ije, "Eby name Rjalbecal' 
Icn 3Iaabob no inoze, bat Jftitel : btcaufe 

tljon ijafi baa h potecr toitlj ©on , tbou fijalt k God gaue iaa. 
alio pzeuaitr toitlj men. kob both power 

20 'ElKjr9!«afeob.ncinaunDcD, faying, to ouercome,and 
/ Ecllinc,31 pzaptljee.tljy name, aim be fain, air© the praifcof 
Ciiljcrcfojc now fcoSftHljou afbe my name? the victory, 
aim Ije blejTtn btm tbere. || 0^ nyfiute » 

30 aim 3]aaUou calico tlje name of tbe dcimered. 

place,I3enieltfO>,faidhe,3]batiefctnC(Scn 1 The faith full fo 

face to face,anD h my life is pzrfcriieD. ouercome their 

31 aim tlje <§um rofc to Ijiin as be paffeD tentations,thac 
I3cnieI,anD be l IjaltcD upon bis tbigb- they feeie the 

32 'Eljerefoze tbc cljtinzeit oflfraeleatc rmartthereof,to 
not of tbe Sneto tljat fij^anbe in tlje tjoloto of the intent that 
tbetljiglj,nnto tljts Day : becaufe Ije toucbeD thcfhouldnot 
tljeftneto tljat tlvanbeintljcljolotoofjlaa* gio'rybut in their 
fe0b3tijiglj. bumilitic. 

4 Sfau and la&bfib meet and are agreed. 1 1 £~ 
fan receiuetb his gifts, '\ 9 Jailiyb bujetb a fiof- 
fefion, zo ^indbuddethan^iltar. 

A/I5D as 31aabob lift up lji3 eyes , anD Ico» 
ben, bcljoln, (Efan came, aim tettlj Ijim 

fourc bmrnjieD men : aim Ije ^DittttseD tlje a That if the one 

cijilDzcneo Lealj, anDto Raljcl^anDtotlje pa« were afai- 

ttoomavDS. led.the other 

2 ann be put tlje mains , anD tbeir cljil» might efcapc, 
D;t\n fonnoit, aim 2,cab,ann Ijcr cijiimen af» 

ter,ann Raljel aim 3!ofcpb binncrinoll. 

3 <©oljcUjentbefo / ietbcm,aim t> fiotuca b Eythis geflura 
Ijimfelfc to tbe groimD feuen ttmes>untill Ije he partly did re- 
came necre to biStyOtber. uerencetohis 

4 "Eljen Cfan lanne to meet bim, anD brother,and psrr- 
cmbjaccD bimjann fell on bis nccbe, aun feif* ly prayed to God 
fcDijim,aniul;cytaepc. to mitigate E- 

% aim be lift up bts eyes, anD fatotlje faus wrath. 
iromcn,aim tlje djJlo;eti,ann faiD, cOljo are 
tljefe Uiitlj tljec? SMiDljcanfacreD, Thevare 
tlje cljilDzcn tebonnSon of ijts grace batlj gt* 

6 "fcljen came tlje mayDsJnccrctljfy.auD 

tbeir c Ijiit;;!'.!, aim ' botoen tljemfclnes. c iaakob and hl$ 

7 &eab alfo teitb bcr cbiln;cn came nc ere family are the 
arm maDe obcyfancc: aim alter , 3lol'cplj auD i™& ohhc 
KaljelPJeto necre anD Din ecuerenre. church vnder 

8 'J£bciiljefam,C2ibatmcanefttbonby the yoke of ty- 
all tb:s Djcne ,toljicb 3! met i CQljo anftue* rants, which for' 

reD, Ihauefemst^batJlmtgbtfiiiDe faiiCUr feare are brcugJi 
tit tljC figbt Of my lom. to fubie&ion. 

aim Cfrat fayn , 31 Ijatieynengbim; d in that that his 

bjOtbev .' bcepC tljat tljOtl bait to tljy fcifc. brother imbra- 

io "ButSaakob anficeren, ii2ay, 31 p;ay ceJhim-foio- 

tljecr if 31 banc foanD grace noto mtby figljr, uingiy.contrary 

tljen rc£ct:;c my p^efent at mine IjanDj fo^t to his txptfta- 

d 3! banc feene t'by face,as tbonglj 3i lj«n feen tion,he accepted 

tlje face oF <5oD, Dctanfe tljon IjattacceptcD itasapiainefigne 

Ipce. of Gods pre- 

ii 3iPiwvtIj«taliCnip!|ilrt5ng»tSat«i fence. 

I DinahisrauifliedbyShechem. 

Genefis. The Shecheinites clrcumcifcd & flainc. 

F He promifed 
that which (as 
feemeth ) his 

to pcrformc. 

\Or t unts. 




bjtoHgljt thee: foj<geDljarb &aB mercy on 
me , anti therefore 31 batte all things : fo be 

e By earned 'compclleDljin^anDbctookeit. 

cntreatie. 12 anDljefato, Ltt tos take our tourney 

ano go, ant) 3D totll bo bcfoje thee. 
15 'Chen l)e anfoereD bun,S®p IojD fcnoto* 
zt\), that tbe ctjilD^enaretcnoer, gt tljecVues 
anD kine totth pong tonDer mine banD ; anD 
if tijcv fijoula ouerajute tbem otic Dap,all the 
flockc tooula Die. 

14. ttt noto mp lo?D go before fjts ferttant, 
anfl 3! totll Djtue foftlp,acco;tDtng to tlje pace 
of the cattell tobiclj is before me, anD as the 
rijtlo;ien be able to enDure,tonttll ( 31 come to 
my lo,rt» tonto ■©eir. 

i^ Chen <Efau fapDe, 3! toilllcattetben 
fomeofmpfolketeitbtbee. anD Ijcanfae* 
teD, eftljatneedethtbisfletme finDe grace 

16 C©o ffifau returneD,and went bts toap 
that fame Dap tonto <S>etr. 

17 anD 3!aakob toent ftutoarD tetoarD 
©uccotlj,anD built Ijim an bonfe , anD maDe 
bootljcs fo,* Ijis cattell: therefore be eallcD 
tlje name of the placed <©uctotb. 

18 C aftertoarD , 31aakob came fafe to 
■©beebem a titp,tobtcb is in the lanD of <£a» 
naan, toben be came front || Jj3aDan atam, 

money fo marked. anD pttcbeo before tbe citp. 
g Hecaiicththc ig ^nD tijecc bee bought a parecll of 
figne the thing, grouuD, tobere be pitcbeD bis tent , at tbe 
which it figmfi.. ^jamj of tbe fonnes of J?atnoj®bccbcms fa* 
eth, m token that tber,foj anbunDjcD u pieces of money. 
God had mighti- 2 o 9nD be fet tip tbece an altar, anD tal- 
ly ddiuered him. Ud g it,3Lbe mt'gbtp ®od of 3Ifcael. 


J Dinah it rauifbed. 2 Hamor asl^eth her in ma- 
nage fir hu fonne. 2j The Shechcmites are Cir~ 
cumcifedat the requejl offaal^obs fonnes^and the 
perfveafion of Hamor. 15 The whoredome is re- 
uenged. 28 Jaal{ob reproouethhis fonnes. 

Tii?en Dinah > tbe Daughter of Leah, 
tobtcb the bare into 3!aakob , * toent out 
teacheth chat too to fee tbe Daughters of tbat countrep. 
much libertieis 2 caijom toben <©ljeebem tbe fonne of 
not to be gtuen Ipamoj tbe pittite io^D of tbat countrey faoj, 

be tooke her, anD lav tottb ljer» anD t DefilcD 

3 <S>o bis beart claue unto Dtnab tbe 

X Ebr.fta\e to the anD \ fpake kinDclp tonto tlje mapD. 
heart ef the 4 'Chen fata <S>beebem to his father i;?a» 

nuyd. mo,t,fapmg, b <!5et me tljismayD to totfe. 

b Thisprou:th <j ( fam Jjaakob bearo tbat be baD De* 

GUDDinabbis Daughter, anD bis fannes 

toere tot'tb bis cattell in the tlclDe : therefore 

Slaakob belDe hi? peace , xinttll tbcp lucre 


6 Cftben l^amo? the father of <S>be« 
cljem toent out unto 3!aabob to commune 

7 3nD ^uhen tlje fonneg of 3Iaakob toere 
come out of tlje tlelD anD IjearD it, it grt'eueD 
rijemeu, anD tbep were Derpangrp, becaufe 

lOr.fiUy. be baD fought II tjtUeny tn 3Ifrael, in tljat 

% Ebr.and it /halt §t bab lien toitl) 31aakobs Daugbter;ttobteb 
not btfo done, thing ought not to be Done. 

8 ana it>amo,i commttneD tuitb tbem, 
faping, TO loule of mp fonne <§>becbem 
longetb fo,t pour Daughter: glue her &im to 

to youth. 

t Ebr.humbled 


that the confent 
ofparents is re- 
quifite in marri- 
age.feeing the 
very infidels did 
alfo obferue it as 

g ^omakeliaffinttfetottbljstgtitepottc lQrj>uni*&"> 
Daughters tmto us, anD take our Daughters 

10 aHDpe (IjallDtoeUtoitlj tosf, anD tbe 
I^nD ujall be before pou: DtuelU? Do pour bu* 
lineffe in it, $ bane pour poffetttons therein. 

11 <©ljccbem alfo fatD unto her father anD 

into her tyet&en, fiHetme finDefattourin \\Ougrammy 
pourepes, anD Itetll giuetohatfoeuerpee request. 
ftall appoint me. 

12 taikeof meabunDantlpbotljDoto^p XSbr.muiupiy 
a«D gtfts,anD 31 toritl giue as pe appoint mc, g reatl y the 

fo thatpe giue me the mapD to tutfe. do ™ r y- 

' 15 'Eljen tbe fonnes of 3laakob anfmcrcD 
"©Ijcchem anD i?amo;t bis father, talking 
Dccciftullp, becaufe he haD DcSleD Dina^ 
their lifter, 

14. anD tbevfapDijnto them, 'OBeecait* c They made tbe 
not Doe this thing, to giue our lifter to an holy ordinance 
toncurctimcifeD man t toj tljat toere a d re* f God.a meane 

PJtOOfcDntOBS. tocompaffetheic 

1$ ^tttintljistoill toe confent Ditto pou, wicked purpoft. 
ifpetoillbeastoeare, thatcuerpmattchtlDe a Asitisabo- 

amOttg POU be e CirCttmCtfcD .* mination for 

16 Chen totll toe giue our Daughters to themthatate 
pou, anD toe toill take your Daughters tobs, baptixed to ioyHe 
anD toil Dtoell tottb pou,auD be one people. „,& infidels. 

17 TSut tfye toill not hearken bntoius to c Theirfauitis 
becircumcifeD,thentotltoetakeourDaugb* the greater,in 

terattD Depart. that they make 

18 tftoto their too?DspleafeD i^amo^anD Rdieionaciokc 
<S»bccbem i^amo^s fonne. f 0l - their craft. 

19 anD the pong man DcferrcD not to Do 
tlje tljing, becaufe he loueD 3!aakobs Daugb* 

ter: ijetoas alio tlje II moll fct bp of all his lOrjnoUho- 
fathers boufe. nomable. 

20 C Chen i^amo; anD "©Ijecljem his 

fonne toent ljnto the f gate of thetr citic, f For the people 
anD commttneD toitlj tlje men oftbetrcttp, vfed to aflembie 

faptltg, there,andiuHice 

21 'Ehefe men are e peaceable toith t)£f: alfo was mini, 
ana that they may Dtoell in tlje lanD, anD Do fired. 

tljeir affaires therein (fojbeljolDe, the lanD g Thus many 
bath roome pnottgl) fo^ them) let lis take pretend tofpeak 
their Daughters to toiues,f giuetljem our forapubhke 

Daughters. profit .when they 

22 SDnelp herein toil the men confent ton* onely fpeake for 
tobs fo; to Dtoel tottb ds, anDtobeonepcO' their ownepri- 
ple,ifall tbe men chtlDjen among tos be etc* uategaine and 
cumct'feD as tljep are eircumciftD. commoditie. 

23 <©hall not •• tljeir flocks anD their fub* h Thus they 
fiance anD all their cattell be ours? onelp let lacke no kin Je 

D3 COUfent herein tontOtljCIU, anD thep totll ofperfwafion, 
Dtoell toitbtos. which prefcrre 

24 anDtontol^amoz, anD&IjccIjembis their oxvne com- 
fotmeljearkneDal that toent out of the gate modhies before 
of hiscitv :anD all the men cbtlDjten toere the common 
circumeireD, euenall that toent out of tlje wealth. 

2^ anD on the thirD Dap(toben they toere 

foje;ttoo of tlje fonnes of 31aakob,"S>tmeon i For they were 
anD Lcui Dinahs tyethicn, tooke either of thechicfeofthc 

them bis ftwo^D anD toent into the citiebolD* company. 

lp,anD * lleto " ctterv male. fat 4?-*- 

" 2d TZLljepfleto alfo tpamoj anD <@>bec&em k rhepeopiearc 

Ijis fonne toitlj the X eDgeofthe ftuo^D, anD punidied with 

tooke Dtnab out of <£>beebems tioufe. anD their wicked 

toent thetr toap. A rrri princes. 

27 Agatne the other fonUCS" Ot 3IaakOfa XEbr.mouthof 

cametopon the DeaD, anDfpopleDtbecttp, thefaord. 
Ijecaufe tljep m Dtfllrt their after- 

28 ^he? 

Iaakob clenfeth his houfe of idoles. Chap. xxxv. xxxvi* 

\Orjto be abhor- 

a God is cuerat 
hand to fuccour 
bis in their trou- 
£&*/>, 2 8. J 3. 

b That by this 

outward adt they mcnt5: 

Raheidfcthjaiidlzhi. 15 

28 Ww tooke their ttjeepe, ana tl)ttr toSbjtaijamantJ^^a^tnifotbcctanU^nto 
beeuc0 3 anrj tijeiralTcs.antitoljatloeKefluas tbp leeB atter fytt tetl! 31 giue tbatlar.a. 
in tbe eitie,anB in the Scltis. 

29 alio tbep eaiica atoap captiue 
fpoplcb nil their gooBs , auB all rbcir cljil 

D^en ano cljctc tutiie.s , ana all tljat toas tn toljtie ije ralltefc trnrtj ^tm , a pillar cf tionc, fi°neofhi.,prc- 

tbe Ijouies. ass potojefl Bjiuke offering tljcreon; alfo ljc hei? raid 

30 tJLbcn 3InaItob favB to <©imeon auB poto;seBople thereon, ro afcend, when 
&cui,;pebaue troubles me, anBmaBemec i? ano Saakob callcBtlje name of tlje thevifonis en- 
II ftinkc among tijetnijabttants of tlje lanB, place toberc cdoa fpakc toitb ijiui, Ti3ctl>cl. ded. 

aiwe!i tlje <£amunites,as tbePenjjttes, 16 CSE-ljen tljcpaepartcD fromTPeilj d, 

ano 31 being tela in number , the? tball ga» ano toljen tljere.toas > about balfe a oapes f The Ebrewe 

tber tbemfelues together againtt me , $ Cap iournep of grounB to come to <£pbjatlj>Ra« word figmfieth 

mc,and fo (hall 3! ano mpljoufebe BeltropeB. Ijel traueileO , ano in traueiliug fljee toas in a» much ground 

31 anotbepanfaereo^boulOheabufc pcriU. asonemayooe 
ourufterasatoljoje? 17 anotobenfljec toast in pains of ber la* ftombaiteto 

chap. xxxv. hour, tlje miatoife fats unto her, JFeare not; baire, which is 

1 Iaakob at Gods comraandemer.tgeetbvp to fO,2 thOUflKilthaQCtljisfORliealfO. taken for halfe \ 

"Betb-e-1 to build an altar, z hee refotmetb bis 18 'EljeU asftjee toasabOllt tO ptClDe t>p a day^s iourney, 

boiijhotd. J God maketh the enemies »f Iaakob tl)Z gbolt (fo^ fljee BtrB) UJC CalleB bis name 

afraid. 8 Deborah dieth. 1 1 The land of Canaan 'BtXl-QWX , but IjtS father CalUB \\\\\ 'BciUa* 

u promifed him. i8 Rahel dietb in labour. 22 llllll, 

Reuben liethmth hu fathers concubine. 23 The 19 W)U3 * BpeBKabel,r$toasburieBm Chap.42.7. 

fonnes of Iaakob. 22 The death of f%fia{. tljC UJa? tO <2Kpb^atlj,tBl)tCl) IS Ti5Etl) UljCHI. 

Tit?eu*<Soo faiot0 3!aakob,arile,goebp 20 ana 3jaafcab fet a 2 pillar upon her g Theaimcient 

to TBetb-d ana Btoell tljere , ano make sraucitOiststbeptllaronSabclsgrauetoi- fathers vfed ihis 

therean altar toito<S>oo, that appeartDDU' totljisBap. ceremony to re- 

to thee, *tobentbou fUDOett from (Efauthp 21 'Ehen^fraeifejentfoAuarti, antiptt* nifie their hope 

tyotber. cbcB bis tent beponB$©igaal-eBer. of the refurreai&, 

2 ^benfapBJaafcobtmtohfeftoufljolB, 22 jftototohenSIfraelBtoeltintljatlanB, tocome,which 

anu to al UOar tuer c tuit I) Ijiiu ,-• Put atoap Reuben luent , ano •> !at> * toitb TBilljalj his was not generally 

tbettrange goBs that are among pou, ana tatbers concubine, ana it came tolr/raels repealed. 

b cleanfe pour fehiw , anD change pour gar* ear? ♦ ^nD 3!aaftob baa ttoeluefonnest. _ h This teaeheth 


2? 'Eljefonnes of Leab. Eeuben 3Jaa* that the fathetf 

fhould (hew 
rtieir inward re- 

c For therein 


luperftiiion, as in 

tables and Agnus 


d Thusnotwith- 

ftanding the iH- 

conueniente that 

came before, 

God deliucred 



? JFo; toe toill artfe, $ goc bp to 'Bctb el, kobs eloett fonne , ana Simeon , ana JLeut, were not chofen 
ana 3! toill make an altar thereunto <Soa, ana 3jnaab, ana jOacbar, ana 5cbnlun. fonh«ir merits, 
tobtfbbtarame.intbeaapof mptribiilatid, 24 %i)t fonne? of ISa^eUJjofephgtTeen- bmbyGodsone- 
aHDtoastotthmeintl)ctoaptoljicb3toent. iamin. ly mercies whofc 

4 3nb tljep gaue Unto JIaakob all the 25 ana tbe Tonne© of T^tlhal) ISaijels eieftion by their 
ffrawjegoas, toljicb were m tljeir banBW, maiae:DananBH5apl)tali. fsuitwasnoc 

anaaltbeirtearenugstoljtel3toereintbeir 20 ana the Tonnes of SilpafjItcaTjisimaiB:- changed. 
care0, anD3laakobbtatbcmbnacranoke, <Saa ana afljer . 'Eljcfe are tbe lonnesof chipUs.*. 

3iaaUob, toticljtotrc borne blm in piBan 

27 C5Lbcn 3Iaakob came bnta 3Ijbaft 
5is fatber to J3©amre a citit of arbalj: tljis 

tobiclj toas by^bechem. 

1 1 Eljentl)C?toentontbefriottrncp,anB 
tbe * feare of <SoB toas bpon tlje tines that 
toererouna about tljcunfo tljat tbepaiD not 

lQr>o\e of la- 
mentation. * 



folio to after the Tonnes of Slaakob. 

C^o came 3Iaakob to iu5,tobtcb is in 
tlje lana of Canaan : (tbe fame is T5etij-e0 
be auB all tbe people that toas tottlj Ijtm. 

7 ana be butlt there an a!tar,anB * haB 
calleB tbe place , 1&\}Z (9ob of 13etb-el i be» 
caule that 0oB appeareB unto Ijtm tl;trr, 
tofcen be fleB from Ijtsbiotljer. 

8 'Ebcn Deborah KebekaljsnurfeBicB, 
ana toas bunea beneatb'Bctb-el mtBcran 
okr: ana be calleB tbe name of it uailon T5a» 

9 Cagaine ©oa appeareB imto 3Iaakob, 
after be camcoutofpaBan arara,ana blef» 
feB bim. 

isE?eb^on,toberc atyabam $3!Jbaktoerc 

28 anB tbe Bapes of 3I?bak toere an Iju«» 
B;t tlj auB foureftoie peeres. 

2g ana 3Ijbak gaue uptbcgbofl, ana 
BieD, anBteas*gatbereB tsnto bis people, c&«j>. s 5, 8*. 
being ola ana full of Bape0: ana \)i» Conner 
€fau ana 3!aakob burica bim. 


2 The xviues of Efa/4. 7 Iaa\»b and Efau are 
rich. $ The genealogy of Efau. 34 The finding 
gf mules. 

NSDtotbel'c are fh? » generations of <2 
ffifantooke bfo tomes oftbe^Baugl) 

a ThisgeneaJo- 
Efau was blefled 

JBbim. , 2 <*ciatuooRei)wromcsorrne°0augt). ., , 

10 S0o?eoucr(£»oBfapabntol)im, -EbP tersof(£Eanaa:aBabtbeBaugbrerof®lon JT'&E 
uame is 31aakob: tbpnamefljallbenomo^e ani^ittite, ?abolibamal)tlje Bangbttrof Ut(r * ^, 
calico 31aakob, but * Jfracl ftall bee tjy anab,tbeBaugbterof5ibeonanJ9iuite, ^". "ZlL 
name : ana be calleB Us name 31frael. 3 ana tooke H5afematlj 31lbmatls Baugh- f h - " ' y 

11 againe, <£oBfapBcbntobim,3lam ter,"fifterofjl5ebatotb. ^ . h R e fid«.hof e 
<g>oB II all fuffic(ent,grow , ano mtiltipKe ,a 4 ana * aaal) barebnto ©lau.Slipba?; l- u „ v SS » 
nation ana muttituBe of nations fijalfpjing ana TBafematb bare IReuel. foUen 

of tber, ana minge? (hall come out of tbp 5 aifo abolibamab barelleulrj^nB 3Iaa> x. ' 

lopnes. lam, ana IKo^ab: tbcfe are tbe^bnnes of ~ c r '**' 

izaifoJltefllsinf^elsnOjtoljU^ffaue ©fau toljicb toew bojne to ijim in tbe l ^ srvn - ■*> 


Efaus generations. ThcDuktis. 


and Kings of Edom* ' f o&pfos 

tana of ©msair. 

6 <S)d GEfau t oofce Ijis nifties (? bftf ftmtc* 
p.nB !jte Dan jl)t ers , ants ail tlje tonics of in* 
feoufe.ana bis ttocl«B,ano atlln*cattell.anB. 
ali bis fiiulcancc tobtcb be baa gotten in tlje 

c Her«m appca- InnSJ Of ©aiiaan, ana c IncnttntO another 

rcthGcJi proui. counn:evfcQmbtsujotljer31aako&. 

«)ence,whick 7 jFoji tbeic riebe* Xaccc fo great tbat tl)Z$ 

caufcththewic- cottla not aa?ell together,? tbe lana,toberw 

kedto^iuc place cljcr?tDcreftcan{icer*,co:jlBncitrceetuct&em 

to the godly, chat fiecauft 0? tlieicflOCke*. 

laakobn^hten- g * t£betfojea\iKU<ZEfaummotmt<©etc: 

ioy Canaan ac- 'EbtS^ftiligGDBom. 

cording to tiods o C<So tbefe ace tbe generations of <£» 
promiic. fan fatfcee of n Sftom tu mount <§>cir. 

/o/S.»4-4' re> ^beto arc tbe names of SEfatts faintest 

loathe Edomitet *®ltpba? tbctonneof aoab, tbetoifeot <£• 
i.c«w*.i. jj. fan, and ifrucl tbe tonne of TSalbematb tbe 

ii ana tbe tonnes of (EUpba? toctc %t» 
man,2)mar,5cpbo,attB ©atam, $ ftenaj . 

12 ana Cimna was concubine to<£u> 
pbajGStau* tonne, ana bate tonro (Eltpbaj 
amaiek:tbcfebe tbe tonnes of aaab <K(a«3 

1? C3na tbefe ate tte Ofonnes of Kettel: 
5f5a'batb,anB 5erab, Mammal) , ana S©if« 
?alj: t&cfe awe tbe Tonnes of Uafijematlj <ffi» 

14 flianp tbefe toere tlje founts of abo» 
UbamaJj tbeBangbterof anab, HBaugbtcr 
of Jibcon (Efausurifc: foi fljee bate into <$- 
fan 3!cufl),ana3!aalam,aha Kojab. 

ie, tJlbefc toere q * Dukes of tbe tonne* 
of €fau ; tbc tons of <Jfupba? 5 cbe tieff borne 
of ®fau : Duke 'Eeman , Dnke ©mar, 
Duke 5epbo,Duke IKenaf, 
• 16 Duke ttojab, Duke<E>atant,Duke 

kTw much more amaltk } tbefe are tlje Du&CS that came of 

the fame to vrf tbell toimesof aoab. 

17 Cana tbefeare tbe tonne* of Henel 
©fan* tonne s Duke jJ5abatb,Duke5crab, 
Duke <S>&ammalj,Dnke 80i5jab i t&efe ace 
t&e Dnkec that came of ftenel in tbe lana of 
<EBom : tbefe ace tlje U fonnejs on?a(btmatlj 
Cfau* totfe 

18 Cttketoife tbefe toetefbe tonnes of 
abolfbamab ©fans toife : Duke Ueufl;, 
Dukejaalam, Duke Kojab : tbefe Dnke* 

19 ^befeatecbecbiiajtnof ©fau, ana 
tbefc ace tbe 1Di\U$ of t^tm : %W &*" i< 

i.c/;ra». 1 j 8. 20 C 'Ebefe ace tbe tonne* of ^>eic tbe 

e Before that [$0}itZ , tD&tCb e tnljabtteO tl3C lanB before, 

Efau did there in- JLotan,ana <£>bobal,ana 5tbeon, ana 3nab, 
babitc. 2i 3naDiujon,anB(E?ec,anDDtO)anj 

tbefe ace tbe Qvfow of tbe lt}o;ite9,tbe fort? 

of <©eir tit tl)t lana of ©Bom. 
f who not can- 22 3na tbe foitnes of Lotan toece lpo?i, 
tented with thofc una Ipemam, ana Lotan* fiftec was %imna. 
kinds of beafts 23 3na tbejfoimc* of <S>bobal toece tljefe: 
which God bad ainan,ana 90ana^atlj, ana <ffibal,^bepbo, 
created, found ana 2Dnam. 

outthemon- 24 anBtbefc ate tlje tonne* of pibeon: 
ftrout generation bo?b 3iab, ana dlnab j tl)ts tea* Slnab tbat 
ofmuiesbc- founB f mule* in cfjclutlDecncffcanfi ifje feD 
tweenethcAflc, ^wfatbccjibconsaflcs. 
andtfccMarc. 2% £jib HjccijUa^cti of ^na5aje«tbcf?i 



\\OriCbiefe nun, 
dlf Gods pro - 
irufe be fo Cure 
towards them, 
which are not of 

the fame to vs? 
\\Or t aefben>tf., 


Dtfbon, ana ^joltbamab t'ge aangbtecof 

ib 3Ifo tbefe are tbe tonnes of Dtiljan: 
H?cmHan } ana©ibban , anaStl^an, ana 

27 'Ebe tonnes of ©jer ace tbefe : Bil« 
ban,ana5aauan,ana aban. 

28 "<2Lbe tonne* of Diftjan are tljcfe : ©5, 
ana Scan. 

20 ^befe are tbcDttRes of tbe Qqtitcfft 
Duke Lotan,Duke ^b9bal, Duke 5ibeon, 
Dufte 9nab, 

30 DukeDt(5on,Dtike<ff?tr,DiikeDt- 
(ban: 'SLbcfebeetbeDubesoftbe ^c^itt*: 

? 1 C3na tbefe are tljt s kings tbat ratg* 
nea in tbe lanD of SSaom ,beftite trjerc reig« 

32 ^bem3cla tbe tonne of 25eoj reignea 
tn^coni t anatbenameofbt*cttptvasDtii* 

3? ana tobeifBela atea,3!obab tbe tonne 
of 5erab,cfBo?cacctgiun in lu^aeaa. 

34 CCiben Sobab alfoluasBcaa,t5ij(bam 
of tbe lana of 'Eetnant ceignea t»bi* tteaa. 

3? anBattectbeBcatboft?iitt)ajn, l^a* 
Baa tbe tonne of TBeaaa ,tobtcb aetoglgiBt- 
m intlje ficia of $3oab,ceigma in iji* aeaa, 
ana tbe name of bis citie was auirb. 

30 C8i\)tn l^aBaB toa* Beao, tben €>am« 
lab of {©afrekalj teigneB in bi* ftcaa. 

37 ^ben<©amlabUja$aeaB,<S)bauIof 
b Keboborb bv fix rtuec reignea in bts ftcaa. 

38 aaben^baulnicBtTUaalbanaB tbe 
tonne of acljboj reignea in iji* KeaB. 

39 ana after tbe Beatlj of i3aalbanan 
t\)t tonne of acbboj , i;aaaa reignea in bis 
ftcab,? tbe name ofbiscitic was paw: ana 
l)is toi'tics name J0ebctabel tbe aaugljter of 
^atcea,tbe naaugbterofi©e?abab. 

40 iZben tbefe are tbe names of tbe 
Dukes of (Stan accojbing to tbeic families, 
tbeicplaces& bptbetr names: Dnke "^im- 
«a : Dnke amab,Duke 3!erl;ttb, 

41 Duke aijottbamalj , ID11U ©!al> 

42 Duke Kenaf , DuU Cemau, !DuH 

43 Duke 80agBt'eI , I>in\t Jram: tbefe 
be tbeDuke* of (Eaom , accojbing to tbetc 
babitattons,in tbe lana of tbeic inberitance. 
%\)i$ ©fan i* tbe fatber of » ffiaom. 


2 Jofipbtceufetb bis brethren. %.Hedreameth 
end ii hated of 'hit brethren, 38 TheyfeUhimto 
the Jjhntaehtes. 34 jf*a\ob bervaUetb Ufefh. 

1 aakob noboBtoeltin tbe Una, toberein 

I bis fatber boa* a ftranger , in tbe lanBt of 

2 'Cbcfe are tlje ■ generation* of 3Jaa« 
kob: nhenjofepb toas fenenteene peere ola, 
bee kept (beepeujitbbts bmb^ni ana tbe 
cbilbe toas tuitb tbe tonne* of TBilbab , ana 
tonb tlje tonnes of Jilpab.M* fatber* toiuep. 
ana Jofepb b^ougbt bnto tbeir fatber tbeic 

II b euill facing. 

3 H^otu Ifrael louea 3Iofepb mow tben 
all bis tonne* , becauto be begate btm tn bis 
ola age > ana \% % maa? \\n\ a coate of man? 
H colon**. 


g The wjoked 
rife vp fuddenl/ 
to honour, and 
peridi as quickly: 
but the inheri- 
tance of the chit* 
drenof God 
conthmech for 

h Which citie 
is by the riuct 


1 Of Edom tame 

a Thatis.'tSc 
ftory of fucb 
things as came to 
him and his fami- 
lie, as Chap. 5.1, 
b He complai- 
ned of the cuill 
words,nnd inju- 
ries which they 
fpakc and did 

dreames : His brethren hate him: Chap.xxxvnj. 

Iofephisfold. 16 


4 ^>otebcn bis bietbzenfatotbattbeir 

fatijtr loueD bim moze tben all bis bzetOzen, 

tben tbep bateD bim , anD coulDc not fpeahe 


e God reueiled 5 € anD 3lofcpb 'DzeameD a Dzeamc, 

to him by a ana tolBe bis bzctljzen , toljo bateD tjim fa 

drejme.what mtlCl) tl)C U10Ze. 

ftouidcometo 6 jfozbefaiabntofbein, £;eare, 31 pzap 
paffc. pon,tln3 Dzeame tobicb 5 banc BzcameD. 

7 TScbolo noto,tee toerebinDing fljeaucs 
in tlie mfD3 of rbe ftclDe : ana toe, mt> fljeafc 

^ arofe, anD aKbftooanpztgbr, anQbcljolDc, 

pair fijeaues compalTeD rowiD about* ant) 
DiD reuerenct to my ibeafe. 

8 *Eben bis bzetbzcn fata to bim, CiUiar, 
fbalttljaureigneouer bs, anD rule ns i 0? 
fijalt tboa bane altogetljer Dominion ewer 
Da f anD tbep d (jatca bim fo mncb tijc moze 
fo.i i)t3 Dzeames,anB faz t)is toozDs. 

c> Cagaine be DzeamcD anotber Bzeamc, 
aim toioc it bis bzetbzen,anD fciD, TSeljoloc, 
31 banc IjaD one Dzeame moze, $bcbclBe,rbe 
<^>u:me anD rbe Sl^oone anDtleiienftarres 
DtD rettcrcncciO n.c. 

10 t&bc-n be tola ttimto bts fatber anD to 
bis b/ctljzen , anD bis fatber e rebukcD bnn, 
anDlaiDcDntabtm, sabat is tbis Dzeame, 
Uebicbtbciibalt D?eameD^(bali31» ar.Dtbp 
motijor, anD tbp b?ctl)icn conie in BeeD, anD 
fall on tbe grounD before tbee i 

11 anD bis bzetbzenemiteD feiin, butb& 
fatber p 1 noteD tbe faying. 

12 C Eben bis bzetbzen toent to fteepc 
tbeiy fatbers ftgeepe in <S>becbem. 

15 a»D Jjfrael tapD fcnto3lofepbJDoc not 
tbp bzetbzcn taepe in ^Ijecbem iconic, anD 
3 mill fenDtbee to jtbem. 

14 aitDbee anfoereo bim, 31 am Ijere. 
'Ebenbee faiD bnto bim, <3o note , fee tebe> 
tber itbetocll toitb tljpbzetbzen, anD bote 
tljeflocKcspiofpec, anD tying me tooza a- 
gain? tfo bee fent btm from tbebaleofipe* 
fezfln,anD be came to <S>becbem. 

15 C Wjtix a man fannD btm : foz loe, be 
teas toanDeririg in tbe SelD,nnD tbe man at 
fceD btm,fsping,t£ll)at fcebeU tbonf 

16 anD bee aufmereD, 31 leehe mp tyc- 
tbjen: tell me,3! pzap tljee, toljere tbep keep* 

17 3nD tbcmanfaiD.'EbevartBeyarteD 
bence ;foz3)bearB fbcmfap,tetU9 goexm.- 
to Dotban.'Eben toent Jofepb after bis b;e* 
tb;en,anD foima tbem in Dutbnn. 

18 anD iuben tbep fato buf( afarre off, c* 
g Theboly ueii befoze be came at tbem , tijep % confpireD 
Gboft coucreth agatnft bun fo.i to flap bim. 

not mens faults, 1 9 jFoztbcpfaiDoiietoanotbcr^cbolD, 
asdo vainewri. t^is R Bieamcrtommetb. 
t«s whxh male 20 Come iio\u tberefoie, anD let b3 fiav 
rice vertue. bim.anD call \)V& into fome pit, anDtoe'coill 
lOr.mafttrof tap, a toichcD beail batb DenourtD bim: 
dream**. mm tore ({jail fee, tobat toill come of bia 


Cbaf.fx.n. 21 *13uttobenHeubeRbearDthat, beDt» 

linereD btm out of tbetr banDe?, anD faiD, 

% Ebr Ut -w not jLetttsnot kill bim. b^i. 22 aifo Reuben faiD Dntotbem, ^beaD 

notblooD, but caft bim into tbis pittbatis 

In tbe UjilDerncfle , anD lap no banD upon 

btm. Thus hee faid, tl)at be migbt Deliuec tb?ir ban^> anD teRoze btm to 

& The more 
that God llicw' 
the moted'>th 
wicked tag«a- 
gainft them, 
c Notdefpifing 
the vifion,but 
t /eekingcoap- 
pcafe hii tf e- 


f He knew that 
God was author 
of the drcame, 
ftood not the 

l;is fatber againe. 

2? tjl5on)inbc!ilofepb tons come info 
bis bzetbzen, tbtp flctpt "ilofrpb cut of bis 
coat, fei3 particolourcD coat tbat teas bpon 

24 anD tbrvtoo^ebinvinD cat! h bim tn« h Thtirhjeo- 

toapit,anDtbcpitwa3Cmptie 3 toitbOUttoa' crifieappcarech 
term It. inthis,ihatthcy 

2^'5r.bentbepfatEtbcmDatontoeatbieaD: feared man more 
anD tbep lift ijptbeirtyes.anD looSeD, auD then God: and 
btljolD, tbere came a companp etJUjmre. thought it was 
lites frcmOilcao, ana tljcir camels laBrn notrrurther,if 
toitbfpicerie.anDiUiaUne, anD imurljc. anD they (h f d not 
toere going to carp it Dotuneinto ^Egppt. his blood: or els 

26 'SLben JuaabfciD unto bis bzetbzen, had' an t xcufe to 
Caijat aiuuletbit, if toee flavour tyotber, couer their fault, 
tljougb tee beepebis fclooD fecrtt i \0r, rifin^ur^- 

27 (Some anD let bs fell btm to tljc3Kb' penune.orm- 
meclitcs, 9 let not ourbanDsbebpoKbrnt: acU. 
fozljeis our biotber and curricu; ; anD bis n^.10.1% 
bietbztnobepeD. pfkl.10s.17. 

28 'Ebtittlje*S19iDiamtes' merchantmen i Mores writing- 
p2lfcDbp,anD tbcpDzetofooitb, anD lift 3;o« according to the 
fepboiitoitbtpit,a«DfolD 3iofepbDntotbe opinionofthem 
'Hflimtelttes foz tteentp pieces of liluerjtoba which took e the 

bZOtlgbt 330ftpb into Cgppt. Midianites and 

20 (laitertearDHeubenreturncDtotbe ifhmceiires tob« 
pit, aiiDbeljolD, 3ofepb w «notintbeptt: bothon e ,doth 
tben Ije rentljis clotbes, here confound- 

30 anDrctnriKDtO bisbZCtbze«,ffrapD, theirnamcs:2s 
'SbecbilDeig JlOt yocder, anD J, tubitljer alfo appeareth, 
ft;all31goe^ verfei<S.&chap. 

31 anD tbep tooSe 3Jofepb3 foat,anDbtI« jp.i.oreifehe 
IcD a UK) of tlje goacs,anD Dippr D tbe coat m was firft otfered 

tbe bloOD. to the Midianites 

32 <£>o tbep fent tbat particoIonreD coat, but fold to the 
k anD tbep bzouglit it bnto tbeir fatber, anD 1 fhmeeiites. 
faiD.^bis bane me founD: fee note, tebetbec k To wit, the- 

it be tbv fonne^ coat cz no. rr.efTen^ets which 

33 'Eben bee hnete it, anD fapD, it ismp were rent, 
fonnes coat: a teicbeD bead batb * DeuoureD C h *P *4- »'• 
Ijim : 2ofepb is fnrelp to?nc in pizcts. f,Or,iinltKouTti* 

24 3nD 31aabob rent bia clotbea, anD put fir bim, fi iwg 

facfeclotb about bis !opneg,anD ibzrotoeD fo^ as 1 hue. 

bislbniiealcugfcafon. 1 vvbichword 

35 "Eben all bis fonnes fall bis Baugb» doihnotai^ar 
tcrs rofe up to cemfozt bim, but bee tooulD fignifie h."m that 

HOtbeCOmfCZtCDjbUtfaiD, ||<a>Hrclp3itolll ijgeldcd,bu:al- 

goe Dotene into tbe grane rjnto mv fonne fo him that is in 
mourning, : fa Ijis fatber toept foz bim. fome hie digni- 

36 SnD tl}t $0iDianircsfolDt bim into tie. 

<Zrgvpt unto E)otipbar l an (Eunuc-b of Pja= flt?r, ceptaine op 
.raobs,and bis || cljiefe flrtoarD. the tuard* 


a Tbe marriage efjudab. 7.9 Tie trejp'affe cf 
Er (indOnan, and the vengeance of God thjt 
came thereupon, x 8 Iudah l/etb with bis daugh- 
ter in Utv Tamar. 24 Tanktr is itidged to bee 
burnt fbrxvboredcmt. 29. 30 ThebnihofPha.* 
re\a»d Zarab. 

A0Dat tbat time » 3i\i0iii) teentDotenc a Mofcsdefcri- 
from bis bzetljzen, anD thrneD in to a bethrheger.taio-- 
nran calleD Dirab an aDullamitc. gieof iudah,be- 

2 anD3InDab fate tbere tbe Dangbter of caufe the Meffias 
a man calleD * <S)bnab a ^Canaanite : anD fhouid come of 
ije toofee ber to wife,anD teent In tonto bcr. him. 

3 ^oiTjee conceiiieD, anD bare afonne, i.cbro».*,3* 
anD b E calleD bis name (Er. b which arnnir 

4 *anDfbeconeeincDagame,anDbarea tiewtnithitan* 
fonnc,a»D QjecalleD bis name SDnan. ding was con- 

5 ^o^ouetnj? bare pet a fonne ,tobom damned of God;. 

tbe Wjfmb.i6,\$0'. 


Iudah and Tamar. 


Tamar hath two fonnes. 


c This ordtr was 
for che preierua- 
th3t the childe 
begotten by the 
fecond btother, 
> soul J hauc the 
name and inberi- 
tanceoFthe firft: 
which is in the 
d Forihe could 
not marry in any 
other family fo 
long as ludah 
would rcteine 
her in his. 
% Shr.rt'as cotn- 


\\Or,in tbe doore 
or y where were 
two xveyes. 

e God had won- 
derfully blinded 
him, that he 
couUfnot know 
her by her talke. 

|| Or, ure of thine 

f That his wic- 
kednefle might 
not be knowen 
to others. 

* con- 

g He feareth 
man more then 

(he calleB €>belab j ana iudah toas at Ctjje- 
jtb tuben (ijt Date ftim. 

6 'Etjeii 3iuDaij tockeatoifc to €rbis 
fictf b?uu fonnctufcofc name was 'Canur. 

7 * jf5oto <£r tbe firft bojne of Suaalj 
toastoickeB in the fight of the Lo;3 ; cljjte* 

8 '©hen 31uBalj fain to ©torn, <25o in Dn* 
to tbv btotljers toife, ana Bo cbe office of a 
kinfman Ditto ijer , ana raife « Dp feeoe Dnto 
tljjo tyotfeer. 

ana ©nan kneto tljat tlje Tees Ihoufa 
not be ljts : ^Cberefoje toben he toent in dii» 
to bis brothers toife, bee f/pillea it on the 
gcotmo , left bee fijoulo gine feeBe Dnto bis 

io ana it teas tot'ekca in tbe eyes of tbe 
£o:e, tobtclj be aia : tobcrefo;te Ije fleto &im 

ii 'Eljen fayBe luUab to v£amar lu's 
tiaugbtcr inlato/ Kematne a toiBoto in tby 
fatbersbonre,till<S)ljelab mv fonne grotoDp 
( foj bee tbougljt thus, Left be Die as toell as; 
bisb^eti^cn. ) <©o Zantac toent ana Btoelt 
in bee fathers boufe. 

12 € ana in pjocclTe of time alfo tbe 
Daughter of^bnabSluaabstoifeBiea.'Cbeu 
3! tiBab> toben be* baa left mourning, toent 
Dp to bis fijeepe ujcerers to ^imnalj,be,ana 
ljts neighbour Ijjirab tbeaaiillamitc. 

i? anaictoastolo Camar, faying, T5c« 
IjolD,tby fatber in lato goetb Dp to 'SEimnab, 
to ujecre bis (Tjeepe. 

14 3£ben nje put bcr toiaotocs garments! 
ofFfrom bcr, ij couerea her toitb a Dailc , ana 
tojappea ber fclfe, fj fate Botone in |l©etbalj* 
euaim,tobiclj is by tbe Kity to tEimnab, bc« 
canfe (he fato tbat <§>ijelab toas geotocn,ana 
nje toas not giuen Dnto bim to toife. 

i? sabenjuaab fato bcr, l;ee iiiBgea ber 
an toboje : foj (he baa couerea ber face. 

16 ana bee tueneato tbe toautotoaras 
ber, ana faia, dome, 21 pjay tbee*,let me lie 
toitb tbee, (foj be « kneto not tbat flic toas 
bisaatigbtcrinlato.) ana (he anfinerea, 
fi&bat toilt tbou giue me fo; to lie toitlj me? 

17 'Cben faiD be,3l toill fenfl tbec a ktB of 
the goats from tbe flock: ana nje faia, Wei.if 
tbou toilt giue me a pleBge,till tbou fena it. 

31 lhall giue tbee i ana fljtanftoerea , 'SLljy 
lignet,nna tbyll tloake,ana tby ttaffe tbat is 
in tbine bana. <§>o begaue it bcr,anB lay by 
Ijer,anBflje toas toitb cljilBe by bim. 

10 ^ben flje rofe , 9 toent $ put ber Dafle 
from ber,aua put on ber toiaotocs raiment. 

20 aftertoara 3!uBab fent a kiDBe of tbe 
goatesby tbe bana of bis fneigbbour tbe a« 
aullamite, fo? to receiue bis pleBge from tbe 
toomans banB : but be foiinB ber not. 

2i 'EbenafkeD be tbe men of tbat place, 
laying, iiaibere is tbe tobo;e, that fate m ©= 
naim by tbe toay nac i ana they anfaercD, 
'Ebere toas no toljoje bere. 

22 I^e came tberefo^e to JuBab againe, 
ana fatae, 31 cannot fitme ber, ana alfo tbe 
men of tbe place fata, 'Eljere toas no toljoje 

23 ^ben31uaal)faya, JLftbertakeitto 
ber, left toe be* salbamca : bebola, 31 fent 
tW kia,ana tbow ijatt not foima bcr. - 

24 CT Htloto after ttjw tola 
batb playea the tobo;e,anB loe>toirb flaying 
tbetoljoie, fije is great toitb cbiiae. 'Eben 
3iuaab faio, ^tng ye ber foo^tbiana let bcr 
be h burnt. 

2? Cdlben fheteas b^ougbt foo;tb,fije fent 
to bcr father tn latoe, faying, 15y tbe man, 
Dnro toljom tbefe tbings pertaine, am 31 toitb 
cljilse: ana fatae alfo, iiooke, 31 pzap tfjec, 
tobofe tbefe arc,tljc fcale,ana tljc cloake,ana 
tbe (faffe. 

16 Wjcn 3Hiaabkuetothem, ana faya, 
<S>be is i mo;e rigbtcotts tben3I : fo; «he hath 
doneit,becanfe 31 gaue ber not to <©6elab 
my fonne. <@>o be lay toitb ber k no mo;e. 

27 Clftoto toben rlje time toas come, tljat 
njcthouiabeeaeliuerea, bcljoia, there were 
ttoinnesmbertoombe. ' 

28 ana toljcn nje toas in trauell , th: one 
put out bis banB: ana tbe tntatotfe tooke 
ana bouna a rcB thcecd about bis bana, fap> 
ing, Cbis is come out flrft. 

29 TBut toben be 'pluckeB bis banB back 
againe,lo, btsbzotber came ont,ana the mid- 
wife faia, !J?oto baft m tbou broken tbe bjeacb 
Dpon tbee i ana bts name toas calleB ♦©ba- 

go ana aftertoara came out bis fyotber 
tbat had tbe rca threed about bis ijana , ana 
bis name toas calleB 5arab. . 


1 JofepbisfildtoPolipbar. zGodprofperttb 
him. 7 Potipbarsvpifitempteth him, 1 3. zoHe 
ts accufed and caft inpnfon, 21 Godfhexvetb 

Ki©to 3Iofe0b U)as fyougbt Botone into 
l>i(ggypj: anB Potiubar a an€nnucb8f 
Pbaraobs (and his cbtcte ItetoarB an ©gyp* 
tiau)bougbt bim at tbe bana of tbe 31 (hmee* 
lites,tobtcb baa b;ongbtbim tbitber. 

2 ana tbe b Lo;B toas toitb 31ofepb,ana 
bee toas a man tbat p;ofperea, $ toas in tbe 
boufe of bis matter tbe Egyptian. 

5 ana bis mailer faio tbat tbe lo;B was 
toitb bim, ana tljat the to;a maae all tljat 
be BtB, to p;ofper in bis bana. 

4 <©o 31ofepbfounBfanoHr in bis fight, 
ana feruea bim : ana be maBe bim c ruler of 
bis ljoiifc,fjE put all tbat be baa,in bis bana. 

<j ana from tljat time tljat be baa male 
bim ruler oner bis boufcana ouerall tbat be 
haa, tbe iloja d blcffea tljc (Egyptians boufe 
fo;3!ofepbs fake: ana tbe blcffmg of tbe llo;a 
toas Dpon all tljat Ije baa in tlje boufe, ana 

6 'Cbcrcfo^ebeleftalftljatljebaa in3Io« 
fcpljs [janB, « ana tooke account of nothing 
that was toitlj bim, fane onelv of tbcb;eaa, 
tobicljljeBtacate. ana 31ofepljtoasafaire 
perfon,ana toell fauourcB . 

7 CJl^oto tljercfo;e after tbefe tbfngs,bis 
matters toife caftber eyesapon 31ofepb 5 ana 
faia, 'Lie toitb me. 

8 TButbercfHfeaana faia to bis matters 
toife, TBCbolB,my matter knotoctb not Dibat 
he hath in tl)t Ijoufc toitlj me, but batlj com* 
mittea all tljat J» bath to mine bana. 

'Cbere is no man greater in this boufe 
tben 31 : nettber Ijatb ljee kept any thing 


h We fee that 
the Law^which 
was written in 
mans heart, 
taught them that 
flied with death: 
albeit no Law as 
i That is, (he 
ought rather to 
I her. 

k Forthebor* 
rour of the finne 
condemned him. 
1 Their heinous 
finne was figuifi. 
ed by thismon- 
ftrous birth. 
m Or.thefepa-* 
rheeand thybru* 


a ReadeChay, 

b The fauourof 
God is the foun- 

c BecaufeGoi 
profpered him: 
and fo he made 
Religion to feme 
his profit, 
d The wicked 
company of the 

c For he was 
allured that a 11 
things flipuld 
.ptolper well: 
therefore he ate 
and dranke,and 
tooke no cure. 
f In this word 
(he declared the 
fumme whereun 
rics did tend. 

Iofeph is cift into prifon.~ The 

Chap.xl. Butler andBalrers drearnes. 17 

g Thefeareof 
Cod preferued 
continuall ten- 
ia tion s. 

from me,butonclptbee,becan&tboti art bte *ung,of@g?pt, totycb. toere bouna intbe 

toife : boto tben can 2 Doe tbts great tetc» potion. 

keantOTe aim fo finne agatntt b <goa ? 6 anB toben Jofcp^ tame in bnto tbem 

10 ana albeit (be fpafee to Sofepb Bap bp fotbemornmg, ana loofcea bpon tbem, be. 

Dap , pet bee bearnenea not into ber, to Ipc bolD tbep toerefaa. 
toifbber.ortobetnbercompanp. 7 auBbeamai$baraobs2)m'cers,tbat 

zi 'Sben ona eertatneBapJofcphentrta toeretoitbbrm in bts matters toarB, (aping, 

into tbef}oufe,toBoe bis buflnefle; anB tbere $ €£Jfjerefo;e Iooftc yc fo faoip to flap i *thr.r,h»*t 
boas no man of tbe ijotiujola in tbe bottle: 8 CQbo anftoercB bim, COee baue area* year fices emit? 

12 ^berefore § z caugbt bim bp bis gar* mea cchone a became, ana tfjere is none to 
ment,faping, <©letpc toitb mee ; but bee left interpret* tbe fame. 'Efien 3Iofepb fata bnto 

bf 5 garment tn bet bana, ana flea, ana got tbenv arc not interpretation? of <2>oB i tell c CannotGod 

bimout. tbem me note. - ra : fev ? f U chai 

13 f5oto toben (bee fatitbat bee baa left 9 <§sotbt cbfefe butlcrtolBebisBreame ftiaiiinterpretc 
bw garment in btr banB,ana teas flea out, to 3Iofepb 5 anB fata bnto ijim, Jn mp Breame, fachtfaingst 

14 <S>becalleBbntotbemcnof berboufe, bebolB,abinewas before me, 

ana tolae tbem, Taping, T2ebolBe,beebatb 10 anB in tbe bine w«c tbjee branebes, 

j Or,t« io vt v\u brougljt in an ©tyeto bnto bs,te!'moc&e bs: ana as it buBBeB,bec fiotore came fbjstbranD 

Umt attdfham;. tobocamsiiitomefortobaueflepttoitbme, tbe clutters of tbe grapes toarea ripe, 

h This deciaieth bnc3i L crpeB U?ittj a lotooctjopce. • 11 9na 1 had £)barao&s cup in mine bana, 

thacwherein- if aiiB&beubebeaca tbat3!lift bp mp anB3 took* tbegtapes: ana toning tbem 

eominencie is, bo*ce ana erieB, bee left \)\z garment tottb into J3barao6s cup,ana 31 gaue tbe cup into 

thereunto is ioy- me,anB flea atoap,ana got Inm out. JSbaraoUs bana. 

nedexttcmeim- 16 ®o tfjeelapfle bp t»is garment bpber, 12 ^ben3oftpbraiBbnto&tm,'£bt5 ,, Is' d Hewasaffurcd 

pudendcand bntillberlora came borne, tbe interpretation of it: ^Ije tbree brancbe? bythefpiritof 

17 ^benfljetoiabimllaceortiingtotbefe are tbree Bapes. God,thathisin- 
tooros,Cap(ng, 'Ebe ©tyeb) fecuant, tobirlj 1$ C&ttbtn tbree Bates {ban Pbaraob lift testation was 
tbou bait brougbt bnto bs, came in to me,to "bp tlnne beaB , anfi refforetbeebnto tbine ««. 
mocReme. i office, ana tbou (bait giue^bacaobs cup \Zbr.pkct, 

18 TSutaflboneasSl liftbpmpbopceanB into bis bana after t\)t oloe maner, toljeu 
crieB,be left bis garment toitb me , ana flea tljon toatt bis butler. 
eut. 14 TSin baue mee in remembrance toitb 

io 'Ebentoben bis" matter JjcarB tbe trjec, toljcn trjou art in gooD- cafe, anD Cjetoc 

toorBsofbt3toife,tobiel)(beetolBebim,rap* mercie, 3iprapfbee,butomee, ana «mafee c Herefufednot 

tng,after tbis maner Bia tljp (eruant to me, mention of me to £)baraob,tbat tboit maieft the meancs to be 

bis anger BjashtnBleB. tying mc out of tbt3boHfe. deliucred.which 

20 ana 3Iofcprjs matter toofee bimanB i^ Jfo.iJtoasttoHtnabJapbptbeftoittof he thought God 
put btm in t ' pnion, in tbe place, tobere tljt tbe lana of tlje qtbizms , anB bere alfe baue h^i appointed. 
Rings pnfontrs lapbounB; anBtbecebee 3! Bone notbing, tuberefo^e tbep fljonlDpnt 
baas in pjtfon. mellinrljeBungcon. ^Orjntheta, 

21 CButtbeLorBtoas(toitb'i!ofepb,anB 16 ana bJljen tljecbiefe bailee fatoetbat 
*ftjetoea Ijirn mercie, anB got bim fauour in tbe interpretation toas gooB, bee fapB bnto 
v^t figbt of tbe nmatter of the pufbn. Sofeplj, aifo me tbongbt in mp areame,tljat 

22 ana tftefceeuet of tbe pnfon commit 1 31baBtl^eeftDlu'tebafUetsonminebeaa. fThjtis,ma<fe 
teBto3!ofepljs bana all tbe prifontrs tbat 17 3nB in tbe bppermoftbaffcettbere was of^hitctwigs, 
bJere in the p?irbn,ana k bJljatfoeuer tbep Bia of all maner bafeen meates for Pbaraob : or as'fome read?, 
tljerctbatiiBbe, anB tbe btrBtsaiB rate tbem outoftbebaf* bafkcufuiidl" 

2?ar(Btbekeeperoftbepiifonloo^tabn* feet bpon mine beaa. holes. 

^0 notbing tbat toas bnBer bis bsnB, feeing 18 "Cljen 31ofepb anftnereB, ana fapBe, g Hefteweth 




fbn houfe. 
i His euill in. 
treatment in the 
prifon may be 
gathered of the 
Pf3l 10$. 18. 
+ Sbr.mcUnei 
mercy vnto hint* 
H Or, lord. 
k Thatis,no- 
tbins was done 

without his com- tfiattfteLorfl was tottb bim : for trjijatfoeuer g^ftisistbe interpretation tbereof: 1£be that the Minifters 

mandement. be aiB,tbe LoiB maae it to orofpec' 

8 The interpretation ofdreames u of God. I z. 
15 fofeph expwndeth tbe drearnes of tbe two 
frtfonert. 23 The ingratitude of the butler. 

Afta after tbefetljing3, tbebutler of tbe 
Ring of <2gppt, ana bis bafcer oftenfleB 
nordftgnifi-th tbele lera tbe Rmgof <£gppt. 
tb*m that were 2 anB ^bataobtoasaHgrieagainttbi^ 

in high efiatc , or ttooJ^nTtcers.agatntt tbe cbicfe butler, ana baker among bis fecnauts 

tbree baffeets are tbree aapes: of God ought 

ig eaitbin three aapes ttjall Pbaraolj not to conceale 

tabe tbine beaB fcomtbee, anB (ball bang that which God 

trjee on a tree, ana tlje birBes ujall e&tt tftp reueiteth vnto 

flefb from offtbee. them. 

20 anBfotbetbirBeaap,wriichwasJ3fta. h VVhichvvasar: 

raol)S ,i birtbBap, Ijeemaoeafeaftbntoall occafiontoap- 

bt'sferuants: anflijee lifteB bptneljcaB of point his officers, 

tbe cbiefe butler, anB tbe (jeaB of tbe cbicfe and fo to exa. 

them that were againtt tbe cbiefe bafcer. 

leided. 3 'Ebereforebeputtbemintoara tnbt'3 

God worketh cbiefe ttetoarBsboure,in tbe p?ffon and place 

many wonderfuU toljere »3!ofepbtoasbounB. 

meanesto deli- 4 ana tbe cIjrcFc ttetoarB gaue Joftpb 

jerhis. tbargeoucrtbem, anBbeferucBtbeniuna 

That is,euery tbep coiitinucB a feafon in toaca : 

Ireamehadhis f C ailBtbCP bottj BreameB 3 Breame 

ntcrpretation, as citfjcc of tbcm bis azeame in one ntgbt b ttii 

he thing after, one accomtng to tlje interpretation cf bis 

vatd declared. Breame, both tbe butler ana tbe bafcec of tbe 

mine them that 

21 anBberettoreBtbetbiefebutlerbnto were in prifen. 
bisbutlerttjip, tobo gaue tlje cup into 33ba» 

22 TSutbebangeBtlje cbiefe baker,as3io« 
fepb baa interpieteB bnto tbem. 

25 pet tbe cbiefe bntlerBta not rcmem* 
ber Jofepb,but forgate ijirn. 

CHAP. XL 1. 

16 Tharaobs drearnes are expoundedby Jofeph. 

40 He it made ruler outr a'.LSgypt. 43 Jofephs 

name is changed, jo HeehathtTP?finnes:Ma- 

C naffelt 

Pharaohs dreames. 


lofeph interpretcth them," 

$ the end 
tftwojreerei »f 

a Tbisdreame 
was not fo much 
to be a mcanc to 
ddiuer Iolcpb, 
and to prouide 

naflehandSphrtm. $4 Thefimint beiinncth 21 3trtJ bnjetttTjCP *baDeatcntbembp, $Ebr.reere gone 
throughout the world. it COUlD HOt bt knoBJCH tbat t\}V? baB eaten into their invwl 

AjtfB + tbjo peeccs after, Pljaraob alfo tbem,but tbeptoereftillas euillfattourcB, tart* 

3 seamen, and bebolDe 5 bee ftooB bp a as tbep toere at tbe beginning : To bib 31 a* 

ruter, toake. 

2 anb loe,tbere came out of tbe r titer fe« 22 £©8jeouerafatoetttmpB;ieame,anB 
ucn || gooDlp feme ana fatflefljeD, anBtbcp bebola, feuen eares fpjang out of one ftalke> 
feBwallmeBoB): full anB faire. 

3 anBloe, feuen otfjer toe came bpaf> 23 anBloc,feueneates,b)ttbereB,tbtnnf, 

and blafteB britb tbe <£aftbrinBe, fpjang tip 
after tljcm. 

24 anB tlje tbtnne cares BeuoureB tbe fe« 
ttcn gooB eares. 0o)a 31 (jaue tolB tbe footlj- 

ter tbem out of tbe riuer, euill Fanoiireo anli 

leane fleft)eB,anB ftooB bp tbe other ktne bp 
for Go'ds church, on tb. e b^Cu&c of tbe titter. 
I0r,{hiret»be- 4 Sno tl)eeuil FauoureD aiiti Icancflcff) 

bold, cB fcincBiB eate up tbefeucn toellfanoureD fapers,anB none can Beclare it unto me. 

I0r,flame place, anB fat feint ; fo Pbaraob atooke. 2? C ^cn 3!ofcpb anfoerefl PbaraobY 

b Aiithcfe c, againelje flept,anOB;eameBtbe b re» >> Both jSbaraobs Bjeames are one. <Sob & Both bis 

meanesGodv. conD time : anB bebolB, feuen cares of come Ijatlj fljewcBPbataob»U>i}at bee i* about dreamestend 

fed to ddiuer his grtto bpon one _ftalke,rankc anB gooDlp. 

feruantjand to 
bring him into 
fauour and au- 

to Doe, 

26 %i)c fenen gooB fetne are feuen pceres: 
anB tbe feuen gooB eares arc feuen peercst 
twists one Became. 

27 LifeetDtfe tbe feuen tljinneano euilfa» 
iiottreBkine, tbat tame out after tbcm, are 
feuen pecres : anB tlje feuen tmptte eares 
blafteB tottb tbe <EaltU)tnB,are feuen yeeres 

to one end. 

6 anu loe,feuen tbin eares, anB blafteB 
toltb tbe <£aftteinBe,fp>;ang»p after tbcm. 

7 anB tbe tbmne eares BeuoureB tlje fe« 
tten rankc auB full care3.iE.btn Pjaraob a* 
to)akeB,anB loc>« was a became. 

8 jftototoben tbe mojning came, bis fpi« 
e This feare was rittuas'troublcB: t&erefojebefentanbeal' 
yaoughtotcach leB all tbe foot^fayers oFdBsppt, anb alltbe offamine. 
him,thatthisvi> toifemen tbertof, anbPbaraob tolbetbcm 28 'Eljiststlje tljlnof to^teb 3I Ijaue fayU 

' bis tycames : but d none coulo interpjete imto Pbaraob, tbat<SoBbatbfijebJeBbnto 
tbcm to 13ijaraob. ©baraob.toljat be is about to Boe. . 

9 'Cbcn fpake tbe cljiefe butler bnto 29 TSeljolBe, tbere come feuen peerts of 
U9ljaraolj,faping,3] * call to mtnbe mp faults great || plentie in all tljz lanb of ffigvpt. || Or^bundaxct 
tbisbav, 30 agatne,tbcreujallartfe after tbtmfc» andfatumu. 

10 pijaraob being angrictoitb l)ts fer« tten peeres of famine , fotbatall tlje plentie 
uants.put me in toaeb in tlje eljtefe iietoarbs (ball be forgotten in tbe lanb of <£g$>pt , ana 
boufc,boch nit anb tlje cljicfe baker. tlje famine fljall eonfitme tbe lanb ; 

ir ^jLljen ttiee b^tameb a bicameinone 31 l^citber fljall tbe plentie u bee fcnotoen fOr,they fiattre- 
nigbtjboth % anb bee: toeebjtameb eaebe tntljtlanbe bp reafon of tljis famine tbat member no more 
man aeco^bing to tU interpretation of Ijic frail come after : fy it fljall bee cj;cccbtng thtpUmt. ' ' 
b^ainc. great. 

12 anbtIjcrewasVoitIjbsapongman,an 32 Sub tbtrefo^e tbe became luas boub« 
(Ebjteto , fetuant bnto tlje cbtete <©tebjarb, leb bnto J9ljaraolj tlje fetonb time, becaufe • 
tobom teljen toee tolbe, bee Dcelarcb sur tbetljing is eltablifteb bp (5ob , anb ©o3 
blames to »bs } to etterp one Ijebetlarebac-- balfctb to pcrfojme it. 
coding to IjisD^eame. 33 j^otDtljcrefo^eletpbaraolj'P^omBe i Theofficeofs 

13 anBasbeBeclarcBbntobSjfoittame fo; a man of bnHeraanDinganBtoifcBome, true Prophet is 
topatfe:forbereKo^Bnietomineofrice,anB anB fetljtm otter tlje lanB of (Sgvpt. notoneiyto 
IjangeBbim. 34 LctJBbaraoIjmafeeanB aupointofft* (lew the euils to 

14 *EbenfentP)araoIjanBfcalIeBa3' cers otter tbelanB, ana tafeeup ttjefifc part comc,bHtaifo 
fcplj,anBtbepbro«gbtljimbflfttivotttofp?i-- oftlje lacBof^gvpcin tljefeutn pltnirosis the remedies for 

Son was fent of 


d The wife of 

the world vnder- 

ftand not Gods 


fetuantshis will 


e He confcfTeth . 

bis fault againft 

the King,before 




f The wicked 

feckctothcPro. fon, anb bee fljatitB bim,anBcljanseQ tts 
phetsof God in raiment,anB catne to IJDIjaraob. 

15 ^Ebenpijai-aolj faiB to 3!ofepb,l bane 
B^tameB a Became, anB no man can inter* 
pjeteit, anB 31banel)earB lap of tbee, that 
when tbouljearett ab^eame, tboucanlt in* 



whom in their 



[» As though he 


inrerpiercthy eom- 

methof God, 




* £br. naught. 

35 aitelettijem gartjer all tbe fooBtof 
tljeic gooB peeres tbat comc,_t lap bp come 

the fame. 

bnBer tlje feanD of Pbacaolj fo; focB, in tfje 
ctttes,auB let tbtm keepe it. 

36 <@o tlje fooB fljall bee fo<t tbe p>utfum 
of tfjc lanB , againft the feuen peercs of fa* 

16 gnBjofcpljanfujcreDPbaraoljjfa^ mtne , tobtelj fljall bee in tlje lanb of ©gppt, k Nonedioiiid 
ing, e eiiitljout nice C5oB fljall tanftuerefo; tljat tbe lanDperifn not bp famine. be preferred to 
tbetDcaltbofpjacaolj. 37 CSnB tbe faplng plcafeB Jpbaraob honour that 

17 3nBi;3ljaraoIjfaiBebnto3lofcpb, 3in anB all bis feruants. hauenotgiftsof 
mpDjjramc, bcljolB, 3IftooBbptbebankeof 38 Eljen faiB ©baraoljbntobis feruants, Godmeetcfor 

Can boe fittse fuch a man as this,in b)bom is the fame. 

tlje k <S>pirttOf<SoB? Pfal.ioyn, 

39 / Eljenl9baraoIjfaiBeto3Iofeplj,JFo; \.m«c,i.n. 
as mud) astfjoa batb fljettcB tbee all t&ia, 
tljerc is no man of bnberftanbutg,o; of ty tf» x £!>?• rxsuth. 
terrt)em,poo;canBbcrp*euiltanoitreB,aiiB come like bnto tbee. 1 somerrade,ih< 

leaneflefyeB: 3! uettcrfabj tlje like inall tlje 40 * Ebon fljalt be oner mine bottfe, anB people foaiikiflc 
lanB of <£gppt,fo;t ctiil fauourcB. at tbp * ' boo^B fljall all mp people be armeB, thy mouth: that 

20 anB tlje lcaneaiiBeuilfauoureB.&inc. oneljiin^^ings tbJQtieMObteaboue is.ftaiiobeythei 
jiBwtebptfjefirlUfitfjifAtluuc, t^ce, iaaUtbin aS! 

. . „ 41 ^ojc. 


18 anDloe, tbere came bp out of tljcri* 
iter feuen fat fleftjeD,anB b)tl fauourcD kine, 
anB tbe v feB in tbe meBob). 

19 anBlo?, feuen otljec kine came bpaf> 



Iofeph and his brethren. 18 


iEbr.the feconi 

m In figne of ho- 
nour: which 
word feme ex- 
pound, tender 
father, or father 
of the king-, or, 
|]Or,<&? expoun- 
der af fecretu 

n Hisagefsmen- 
tioned,both to 
fiiewtlut hisau- 
thotitie came of 
God,and al(6 
chat hefuffered 
and exile twelue 
yeres and more. 
%£ br. made for 

Chap, 46.10, and 

o Notwithstan- 
ding that his fa- 
thers houfc was 
the true Church 
company oi the 
wicked, and pro* 
him to forget it. 
Tfal.t 05.16, 


Ifpttt Jofepb. 

41 SMotter p&araobfelBe to 3Tolep^» 
Moia, 31 tiaue ut ttj« ouet all t&c lana of 

42 ana PbaraoljtooKoff&is Bring from 
his bana, ana put it apon3Jolepbs bana, 
ana arayea btm m garment ef Bne linnen, 
ana puts goiaen cbatne about Its ntcfte. 

43 $5)o§eefctbtmapontbe *beftcbaret 
tbat bee baa,faue one: ana tbey cryea before 
btm , ° atyecb , ana places bim oner all tbe 
lana of ®gypt. 

44 Sgatne Pbaraofi fata anto3]ofep&, 
lampijaraob, ana autbout thee (ball no 
man lift bp bi* liana 0; bis foote in atl tbs 
lana of <£gypt. 

4$, ^na pbaraobealleBlJofepljS name 
(IJapbnatbpaaneab: ana bee gauebimto 
ante afenatb tbeflaugbter of pnt-pberalj 
.liPunce of 2Dn. 'Efcen tocnt 3!ofepb abjoaa 
tn tlje lana of Cgypt. 

4$ C ana 3!ofepb wa* » tfit'rtie ytere oiD 
toben bee UooB before Pbaraoh Ring of <£* 
gypt 1 ana 3!o£epbBeparttng from tbe pje» 
fence of pijaraob) tecut tbjottgbout all tbe 

47 ana in t&e feuen plenteous? ycrcs t&e 

48 ana bee gatljereaap alltbcfooBe of 
tlje feuen plenteous yeres Bablclj toere in t&e 
lana of ffigypt, anBlaiBeapfooatn tbe ct« 
tits: tlje foooe eftfje rtelBe , tbat teas round 
abottt euery cttie, lata be ap in tbe fame. 

49 <@>o lofepb gatberea toljeate, line an- 
to tbe fana of tbe^eatn multituae out of 
meafure, antill be left numbing : fo; it was 
Bsttbout number. 

so &o)b into Jofepb ante borne *t&o 
fonnes (before tbe yeres of famine came) 
tobtcb afenatb tbe Baugbter of 30oti-pbe> 
ra& 3P;ince of ©n bare anto &im. 
- 51 ana Hofepbcaltta t&e name of tbe firm 
6ome$!0anau"eb;foj ®oB,faid he,foatb maae 
me fojget all my labour ana all my • fat&ers 

S2 aifo be callea tbe name of tbe feeona, 
©*pb;aim : foj «$oa, raid hee , batb maae mee 
fruttfullin t&e lana of mvne affliction. 

53 C^o t&e feuen yeres of tbe plenty tbat 
teas in tlje lana of 3Egppt toere enaea. 

54 *Cbcn began tlje feuen yeeresaf fa» 
mine to come,accojatng as3]ofepbbaB fata: 
ana tbe famine toas in all (anas ., but in all 
tbe lana of ©gvpt teas ll bjeaa. 

ss at tlje lengtlj all tbe lana of ©gypt 
teas affamtujeB , ana tbe people cryea to 
P&araolj foi tyeaa. ana pjaraob fata an* 
to all tbe <ggypttans,<Se to Mepb; to&at be 

$6 eaben tbe famine toa^npon all tbe 
lana, 3Iofepbopenea all places, njberein the 
ftore was, ana folD Unto tbe (Egyptians: fo; 
tbefamfnetoajcea fo^ein tbe lana of (Sgypt. 

S7 ana all cotmrreyesHcaine to ©gppt to 
any co?ue of3iofeplj,beeanfe tbe famine isas 
fo^e in all lanas. 


3 foftphs brethren come into Egypt to buy 
come. 7 Heknorvetbthem,*.nduytt\)t\iem. i4 
Saneon is fut i* pnfon. %6 The ether returns 
~ta their father toftt Tjeniatuiii, 

T^ett • 3Raanoo fate tlat ftere teas X foea a This none 
in ©gypt, ana Saakeb fatBcantoljfa fiievv«hpiaintl?e 
fonnes , ©gy b ga jt ye one apon anotljer i that all things are 

2 anBbeefayB.TBebolBjaibanebearB, goucmedby 
rbatrtjereisfooBfn®gypt,*©etyoRBotone Godsprouidene« 
tljitber, ? buy as fooatbence, tbat toee map for the profit of 
ltue,ananotaie. hischurch r 

3 ®otoent3Iofepbstenb?etb;enaotoue iOr,come. 

tO buy tome Of tbe Egyptians. b As men de&i- 

4 'ButT5eniamin3!ofepbsbjotl)ertooula tuteofcounfeiL 
not3Iaaftobfenaajitbblsb;etb?en: fo^ bee ^^.7.11. 
fata,iLeft aeatb fijouia tbefall bim. x£br.(kauidptttf 

5 ana tbe fonncs of afratl came to buy htm, 
fooa among tbem tbat came : fo; tbere aias 
famine in tbe (ana of Canaan. 

6 &d\9 'Jofepb tuas ©eutrnonrof tlje; 
lana,tubofoia to all tbe people of tbe lana: 
tbenlofepljs b^ctb^en came , $ boteca tijeic 
face to tbe grottna befo;e bim. 

7 ana toben 3!ofepb faaje fit's tyctljjen, 

be nneU) tbem, ana c masc Ijtmfelfe ftrattge c TKsdifiem* 
cotyaratljcm, anafpaneto tbem rougblp> blingisnotto be/ 
ana fata auto tijem,e&bcnce come ytWSXljo foiiowed.nor any 
anlttjereB, 2Dtttof tbelanaeofQJanaanto particular faftsof 

btlvaiCtuall. the Fathers, not 

8 (jl5oto3IofepbRnttof)isb?etlj;cn,tiut approued by 
tbeyhnetonotbtm.. Gods word, 

ana3!ofepbrtmcmlj;catbe*B^ames, C^t-n-i* 1 
tobicb be a^eamea of tbem) ana be faia an* 
to tbem,j>e are (pies, and are come to fee tbe 
4=a)eanene(Te of tbe lana. tEbr. »<i\ednej& 

? 10 TSuttfjeyfayaeanto Ijim, ji5ay,my trpkhmffe, 
uvae j but to buy aictuall tljy feruatus are 

11 saiearcaK one mans fons: toe meanc 
truely.ana tby feruantsate no fptcs. 

12 T5\\t bee fata anto tbem, Jl5ay, but yee 
are come to fee tbe toeaftenes of tbe lana. 

13 ana tbeyfaiB, tile tby feruants art 
tBJeluefyetbjeu, tbe fonnes of one man in 

tbe lana of Canaan: ana beboiae, tbe yon» (1/ , ... 
gelt is tbis Bay rjoitb our father , anB one H is \\ 0f * s ***• 

14 agalnejSIolepbfayBantotbcm^bt's 
is tbat 3 fpafee anto you , faying , pee are 

is hereby ye (fialbe pjoonca^bytbelife f J^ c Ji y £ 

your yongeft briber come ijttber. r «„ 1 ?.ISi • 

16 ^enBoneofyontorjicbmayfctyour ^"7,^^,1 
b^otber, ana yee (ball be Kept tn pufon, tbat cSribidSri 
your BjojBs may be p?8ouca , tabetber tbere , r ; L „« 
be trutb m you: o? els by t|e life of Pbaraob ^." r ! b J e *Z 
yearebutlpies. rl b ? ,?•" 

17 ^0 be put tfiem in toara ttoee Bates. t^Jlt ^ a " 

18 %m 3Iofepb faia anto tbem tbe tbira Efe 
Bay^bfs Bo,anB line: for 3 c f ea re <S5oB. «J '™ ^ " h . of 

19 Sfyeebetruememletoneofyourbje* their coiru P tl * 
tb^enbebounBinyourp?ifonbeufe,anBgoe "!* , .. . ^ .- 
yee,carie tooBe for tbe famine of your Uou- \£££SSu 

20 *'Btttb;ingyouryongerb;orberanto wr-is-i- 
me, tbat yonr mojtas may be tryea, ana tbat 
ycBienotianBtbeyBiBfo. , 

21 C ana tbey fayae mit to anotber, , r Affliaionma- 
ttfUtt Ijaue aerelyfinnea againft our b^o* ketnmcntoac- 
tber, in tbat toefato tlje anguiuj ef bis Toule knowledge their 
ajbenljeebefotigbtas, ana ajeeBJotilBnot faults, which o- 
beare him: tberefoje is tljis trouble come theiwifcthey 
apon as. would djuemble^ 

22 ana fteuben MfajereB tljem, faying, 

£ 2 Kttrn;a 


Simeon hnprifonecl 

Genefis. Iaakob futfereth Beniatuin to depart. 

g God will take 
vengeance vpon 
vs, and meaiure 

f&arnea 31 not you , fayf tig. *£>lnne not a- 30 nfephgottk afide and weepeth. ? i r/w /w/2 

gatnrt tbe cbiine,anByeetuouIB not bearer* together. , JJ 

ana toe,bw c blooB is noto requirea. \]2)to great » famine was in t'fjelanB. a This was a 

23 ( ana tljey toere not aware tljat 3Io» 1> 2 ana tobeu tbey Ijaa eaten Dp tee great tentation to 

fepl) nnaetttooB tljem : fej bee * fpake nwto nictuall , toijtclj tijep baa tyongbt from «j> Lkob to futfer 

vswith ourowne tljemby antntcrp'eter) 

gypt,tljeir fatljer fata nntotbem,ta:iirnea' fo great a famine 

meafure. 24 djeu bee tuenen from tbem , h anB gaine, and b«p ^ a uttle fooae. in that land 

%ebr.<ininterfre<. tocpt,ann turncn t0tljemagaine,ana com* 3 anB3!uBabanfoercnijtm,fayfng,'Ebc whereGodhad 

ter between*. mtiueB toitlj tbem, ana tooke <S>imeon from man cljargen bs by an otlje , faying , * j!2e» promifed to 

them. " among ttjem, ana botmBbun before t&etr tier fee in y face , ercept -pour tyotber bee bieflehim. 

h Though hee eyes. , , tettbyou. Chap. 4 z.2o. 

(hewed himreire 2^ C^o3!ofepbtommaunBeB tljat ibey 4 3!ftljoutoiltfenB our tyotijer toitlj bs, 

rigorous, y« his fljoulB till tbetr Talus toitlj tobeate, anb put toetotllgoeBotone,anabuytljeefoonc: 
brotherly affefti- eiiery mrmsinoncy agatne inbisfacke ,anB % 13ut if tbou toiltnot lenn him, toetoill 

onremaincd. giuetljembietuaUfojUbeioutneyjanBtljus notgoenotoueifojtbeman faiBenntons, >, 

Biaijenntotljem. . ' . *Hooke ine not in tbe face , ejtxept your tyo« C""P 4 1 ' 20 * 

26 ana tljey layBtljeirbictiiatbpontbeH: tljer be toitlj you. 
au~e£f,ann aeparteB tbencc. 6 ^nb'JIlrael faib.caberefo^e Dealt ye fo 

27 anb a3 one of tljem openeB bts facke emlltaitljmejastotcUtljemanjtoljctljerye 

f<n to giue Ijiaf au~e pjouenaer in tlje 3Inne,be baa yet a tyotij?r 0; no.' 
efpieb Ijis money: foj !oe } it teas in bis Cack? 7 ana tijey auftocren , 'Ebc man afkeB 

tnoutb^ ^ uraigljrJy il of our fe lues ana of our feinrea, 

and condition. 

fEbr.rvent tut. 
iBecaufe their 
conlcience accu 
fed them of their 
thought God 
would haue 


},Or, camel be 

28 'Eljcnbeefaiabntobistyetlj'.en,?©? faying, 3s your father vet aliucr baue ye «"« t0 j ta " l0 ' f ' . 
money is rettojea ; fo? Ioe , it ts cuen in my any tyotberr 3nB toce tola Ijim * atco:Ding X c\ r thC j 3 
facke. 3nb tljctr Ijeait * fatlcB tljem , $ tbey to tljefe toe^aes : coiiia Wee fcnou er rtiiine. % ! eJe T I'- 
toercia(tomibea,anaiayaone toanotber, lytbatljcetoonlbfay, "$i\m your briber Ta*- J,/ 
eai)attstI)i0,th«<soabatbaonebiuo\)sf botunee wbtchue asi^A 

29 canatbeycamebnro3laakob tbetr 8 ^Ijeu Cain 3I«tJalj to 3Iftacl l;ts fatljer, VSm 
fatljenrntotbelanbof^anaau, ana tolBe ^>enatljeboybJitbmc,tljatnjee may rife, $ 
bim all tbat baa befallen tbem,faying,. goe,ann tljat toe may line, ana not BiCj botlj 

30 'Cljc man,who is lo^B oftlje lnna,ipakc lue,ana tbon,ana uur cbilBjen. 
troughtthem to rougljly tob3, anB put tijs m prifon , ajs fptc? 3ibJtllbefuertte fo^btm: ofminebanB , 

trouble bythis oftbecouiurey. fljalt trjou require ^im. *3j F3J facing l>(m not «"*A44-J»« 

31 anBtoeraiBbntohimj&aecaretriie to tbee,anafetbim before tljee,*t^en let mc Wr.imUfan* 
mcn.and are no fpie©: beare tlje blame fo; eucr. te > tbte, 

32 Cfle be ttaeUtc brethren, fonnesf of our 10 JFo^e^ccpttoebaa mabetbis tarying, 
fatljer : one ts not , ana t\jz yongeft is tljis BoubtlelTc by tbis Vuee baB returneB tbe U» 
Bay tuitb our fatber in tbe lana of (Canaan, cona time. 

33 TOntbelojB oftlje countreyfaia ton* n "Eben tbelr fatber3IfrartfayBebnto 
tons, hereby (ball 3!knoB)tf yee bectrue tbem,31fitmuftneede$be fonob),Boerbu5: 
men: Lcaueoneof yoiw:b;etb;ennjitbme, tafeeot tbebeftfruitesof tbe lana in your 
ana take food fo; tbe famine ef your boufes, ljeirels, ana b^tng tbe man a pjtcfctit, a Uttle 
ana aepart, rofen , ana a littlcbony, || fptce^ ana inyjbe, rorjweet fab, 

34 anBbn'ng youryongeft b^otberbnto nut0,ana almonas: 

me, tbat 31 may knob) tbat yce are no fpies, 
but true men: fo bJtU3! Beliucr you your bro» 
tbcr.ana ye ujall occupie in tbe lanB. 

3S cana as tbcyemptiea tbeirfackcsf, 
bebolB , cuery mans bunnie of money teas 
in Ijis fackcanB toljen tbey ana tbeir fatber 

12 ana take b BoubIe money in your bwhenweeare 
bana, ana tlje money tljattoas b^ugbta* innectflkie or 
gatne in your fackes moutljes: carie ita» danger, God for* 
gaine in your bana, leftUtoerefomeouer- biddcthnotto 

llgbt. vfcallhoneft 

13 Cake alfo your fyotber, ana arife,«nd mean« to better 

fato tlje bunbels of tbetr money, tbey toere goeagaineto tbe man. oureftate & con- 

afraiB. 14 ana e ©oB aimigbty jciue you mer« dition. 

36 Cben 3!aakob tbctr fatber faiae to cie in tbe figljt oftlje man, tljat bee may ac» c ourchiefe 
tbcm, |>cbauerobOeBmeeof mycljila^en: liueryonyourotl)crbiU)tber,anB'Beniamins truftought to be 
3Iofepb is not , ana Simeon is not , ana yce but 31 fijal be d robbeB of my cljila,as 3 Ijaue in God, and not 
toill take TBentamm; all tljefetbtnge3 Bare beene. ■ in worldly 
againft k me. 1^ 'Ebu«tbcmen tooketbispjefeut, ana meanes. 

37 Cbcn Eeuben anfmcreB bis fatber, tooke ttoire fo mucb money tntljeirbanae d Hefpeaketh 
touched with any faying,^lay my ttoofonncs, if 31 tying bim toitb")6entamin,anBrorebp,ttoentBobJHe thcfewor.les no? 
(one to ward their notbntotbee againe : Beliuerbim tomine to <Kgypt ana (loon before Sofepb. (omuchofde- 
br«hren,%vhich b3na,ana 31 toill tying btmtotbeeagainc. 16 ana toben 3Iofepb fatoe 'Bemarm'n fpaire.astomakc 

38 15ut bee faya, ?©y fonne ffiall not goe tottb tbem, Ijee fain ll to bis ftetoara, 10nng his Tonnes more 
Botone toitlj yon: fo; ijis tyotber is aeaa ana tbefe men borne , ana kill meate , ana make careful) to bring 
be is left alone; if neatbeomebntobtm by rcaBy: fo; tbe men (ball eate toitlj mee at agajnc their bro- 
tbetoaytobtcbyegoe,tben ye (ball tying my noone. ther. 
gray bean toitlj fo^roto bnto tbe graue, 17 ana tlje man ata as 3Iofeplj baBe,ana \\Or, to the rukt 

tyougbt tbe men unto Jofepljs ijoufe. f bis bou/b. 

C H a p. xl 1 11. 18 iftotoe toben tbe men toere tyougljt e Sothe iudr;e. 

Into 31ofepbs Ijoufe , t^ toere 'afraiae, mentofGod 

\%' Jmi\ob'fHffeteth r Benidminto depart with ailBfayB, 15CCailfeof tbemoiiey tljat Came preflid their.- 
hi<hildren,iiSim«iniidelwred(>MofinfiH in0lirfackesm0Utbesattlj?6CU; time, are confciencc. 


lOr, light i/fou 


k For they fee- 

med not to be 

increafed hit fo- 
row : ami partly 
as appeareth, he 
fafpe&ed them 
§fu Iofcpb, 

Beniantin brought to Iofcph. 

Chap.xliiij . A cup in Beniamlns facke. I o 

t Eb.roult hint- 
$ hbr.cafthiTH' 
felfe vpon vs. 

Qhd$.\l. J. 

§Or,you are well 
f Not^vithftan- 
ding the corrup- 
tions of Egypt, 
yet Iofeph taught 
feare God. 

% Ebr.feaee. 

g For they two 
onely were borne 


%Ebr. bread. 
h To fignifiehis 

i The nature of 
the fupcrftitious 
si! other inre- 

k Sometime this 
to be drunken, 
but here it is 
meant that they 
had ynou°h,and 
dranke of the 
bcft wine. 

toe bjougbt, that fje map * ptcke a quarell a« 
gatnlf tn5,anB4=Iav fomctfcmg to one chatge, 
ana tying ns in bonaage ana ourafles. 

ara , anu commuuea tottb ijtm at tfce aoojc 
of ctjcljoiife, 

20 ana faiBc, 9Db fie, * toce tame inBeeB 
Botone Ijitljer at tbe firft time to bup feoa, 

21 ana as toce came to an 3 nne aim ope> 
nee ourfackc*, bcbolae, entry mans money 
toas in bis f ?.ckcs mouth , euen out mono? in 
fnlltocigbt, buttoebaue brought it againe 

22 aife other monep Ijatte toe&tougbtin 
otic banacs to buy Tool}, but toce cannot «U> 
toho put otic money in oar fatte, 

23 ana be faiD,il $3eaee be unto pou, feare 
not: f pour 6oa ana the ©oB of pout father 
bath giucn pou tbattceafttre in your facte, 
31 baa pout money una bee brought foojfb, 
Simeon to fljem. 

24 <©o the manleBBc fhem into Joftpte 
Ijoufe, ana gatie them toatec to toaflj their 
fect.ana gatie tljctc affes pjouenaer. 

25 Sno they mane reaap their pjefcHt a» 
gatnft 3Jofeptj came at uoone (fojt tbep bearB 
fay,tbat they ftjonia eat bjeaB there.) 

26 &aijtn 3lofcpI) came {jome , they 
brought the p?efcnt into the boufe to bim, 
tobtcb toas in their banBes, $ botoeB Botone 
to the grouna before him. 

27 ana be afkeB thcui of their + pjofpert* 
tie, ana fat'B, 31s pour father the olB man, of 
tobem you tola me,in gooa Ijealtb ? is tit pet 

28 SIUjoanftoercB, 'Efovferuantourfa* 
tfcec is in geoo bealtb,bc is pet altue : $ tfcep 
botoeB ootone,ana maac obepiance. 

29 ana bcuftingnp bis epes, bcrjclo bis 
bjotberBemamin lit % mothers foime , ana 
fata, 33thi3yourpougerb;otber,oftohom 
pe to!a mce i ant) l;ce faiB,08B be nurcifttU 

30 ana jiofs^b maae I)au"e,(fo;tbfs*af» 
fection toas inflamta rotoara bis b/otber, 
ana fouglje where to toecpe) ana en trea into 
bis chamber, nnBtoept there. 

31 aftertoara be bis face, $ came 
ont,ana refrained btiii0:ife,ans faia^et on 
4= meat. 

?2 ana trjcp b p;tepnteB foz Ijt'm by ljim« 
felfe, ana fo; t6em by tljemfclueg , ana foj 
tlje Ccgpptians , toljidj Die catc Wit'o bim, 
b]> t^enileluc? , becaufe tlje Egyptians 
migbr not eate bjeaa toitl) tftc ffib;ctoe0 : 
fojtl)r.ttoasan« abomination into tlje€» 

3? <S)o tl)ty fate before Ijt'm: tlje claelf ac» 
coding tonto ljisage,ana tbe ponged acco;» 
amgunto i)isyoittl3:aua tljcmenmanittlea 
among tljcmfclucs. 

34 ana they toofce incalfes from before 
Ijim,and fent to tbCHiibtitBciuauuns mcaffe 
toas fine times fo nmcb as any of tbtirsrana 
they a^anfte, «ana ijaa of tlje bed ajinfce 
toitb him. 

chap, x li 1 1 1. 

1 y fofepb acaifiih hi brethren of the ft, i\Ju- 
dab ojftntb hunjelfe to beferuant fir Btnumm. 

AJFtertoarD&ecomman&ea bis RetearO, 
faping^ill tbe mens facks toitb 
much as tbey can carp, ana put euerp mans" 
money in lis facte month. 

2 aua»putmpClippe,ImeanctljcrilKCr a We may not 

cup, tntbe facte mouth of the pongctf, ana by this example 
his come monep. anabeeaiaaccojsingtu vfe any vniaw full 
the commaanaemetit that 31ofeph gaue pra<aifes,reein{; 

h'w. God hath com- 

3 ana in tl;e# mooting the men totre mandedvsto 
fentatoay, they, ana their afies. walkein fimpli- 

4 anatahett rljey toent out of the city citie. 

not farce ofiVJlofepb faia to his ttetoara,ap, % Eb.tbe nrnmm 
fofioto after the men: ana toljcn thou eoetf Jho» t . 
Dntrtate them, fay into them,saberefe^ 
ijaue pe retoaraea cuil lot gooa i 

f 3is not that the cuppe^icrein mp lo^s 
amitetlj i i> ana in the tohich hee Bectb ai» b Beeaufethe 
nine ana p^ophefie? pee baueaouecnilinfo people thought 

doing. he could diuine, 

6 c anatohcnIje8tiertoofettI)em,6ee teattributethto 

faia thofe toO^as UntO them. himfelfe that 

7 ana tbcp anftucrea ijiin, 221hcrefo;c knowledge: ot 
faith mplo;ia fucb toom*? ©oa fo;bia that ehhefaineth 
thpfcruantsfijouiaaofttcijathing. that he «onfui- 

8 'Behoiajtljcmoncp tohich toce founa tcthwithfo'oth- 
tn our facte moHtljts,tocbrughtagaine to fayersforit: 
theccut of the lana of Canaan : hotoe then which fimuiatioa 
fijouia toe fteale out of tljp lc;B3 ijoufe filucr, is worthy to be 

O^gOia.^ reproued. 

fcllttb tohomfoeuer of tljy feruants ft 
be fotma.let him ate, ana toe alfo XaiW be mp 

10 ana he faia, j^oto then let it be accoj* 
aingantoyourtoojBes: hce toith tohomit 
is founa,ujall be mp fecuaut,anB pe fljall bet 

* blamelCUC. % Ebr.inntctnt. 

11 'SELbcn at once euerp man toote aotone 
ijis fac'se to tlje gtouuB , ana eucry one ope» 
uea his facte. 

12 ana Ijc fearehcB, ana began at tljeel- 
aelt, ana left at the poHgclt,? tlje cup tow 
founa in TScmamins facte. 

13 Wztn they c rent their cIothes,anB la» 
aca eucry man Ijtsafie, ana toent agaiue in- 
to the citte. 

c Tofignifie 
thing d fpleafed 

f 14 C©o3Itipabanli Ijts^ctlycn came them s jan dho„ 
JJ.ofcpte houfe ( fo; Ijce was V et there ) ana for) t ley , verc 
they fell before Ijun on the grotinB. fo J it ' 

15 "Sheii 3ofeplj faiaimto tljcm,cahat 
att is this tohich pe hauc Bone? knoto pe not 
that fuclj a man as 21 , can Biuuic ana p;o« 

16 i;hcnfaiae3!Haah, eailjat(I;allu;ee 
fap bnto my lo^Bf tolj3t fijall toce fp;aKcf 
ana hoto can toce itiftiBe our fclti£« f ^cgoa 
hatlj founa out tlje toickeancfic of ttpfcr^ 
uants : bchola, toec sreferuants temp lop, 
both toee, ana ijec, toitlj toljcm tlje cuppe i 3 

17 Tnit lie anfoereB, ©oB fomta, tljaf Ji 
Jljoiila Boc fo , but the man , toicb tobo:n the 
cup is founa, he R;aUbruipfciuant,aiiBgoc 
pe in peace Unto your father. 

11 C'ClK»3»aaha;ctontcrctm:obfm, 
ana faice, 9D mp lom , let tfcv feruant nota 
fpeafie a toojB in mp lo;as cares, ana let rot 
tfcvt^ath bc;kiua!eBai-ain!l tbyftctnut: eEqujiiinaa- 
fo<t thou art etien e as 13r>ar; oh. thtritic o. next 

10 ^plrpafKeB fjis feruant?, fsyr.t, vmo-h^King. 
*i?atiep;<Uather,o;c b;otkr i " -f.'K/'^i.jj, 

~ <£, 3 i^> K;.r 15. 

d Ifwefeeho 
f>:e;h vsiuftly 
for our Hr.ncs. 

Iudahfpeakethtolofeph. Iofcph Genefisi difclofethhimfelfe 3 andfendethfor 

20 anatoeanftecrcamylo.ib, f&eebme bistyetbjencouianotnnliuerebtni, fojtljey 

%£br. childofbis afatber ttjat is oIdc, ana a vongubiiae, teste aRomfbca at bis p^efcucc. 

which hee begau in bis age : ana Ins tyot Jjcr 4 againe , jlofepb tatuc to bis tyettjjcn, 

t30caa> ana tjeealoRetsleftofljtemotljcr, <£omrncerc>3lp;ayvcu, tomce. ana they 

tjisfarljcc louetlj Ijftn. came necre. Sua lie f.iiaj am*! oft pi} your ^tfj.7. 13. 

c/<i rfj?. 

fee htm. 

which hee begate in bt0 age .* ailS I}t5 tyotljcr 

ana I; 

21 U^tate fljcii fayBft unto tbyferuants, tyotlje^tebomyefoiawto^gvpt. 
"iSjing ijim unto mee , tljnt 31 ma>' 11 let mine' % i2ote tlimt'mbt not "faase, neitl)?r b Thij example 

epeV[JOnl)tm. CttCItCU UJitl) pOtlC f:IllC0, tlj^tvjfolonicljt' teacheth.tbat 

22 auateeauftoereBmylo;B,3i:h,ecbiia iljevt * fo2<!3o3 Bia finscinec before von fc<^ wemufthyaU 
cannot Depart fi'om bis facljer: fo; tfljec your p;efcrnation. meanes comfort 

lea!ic!;t'3 fat!jer,his lather teOlUDole. 6 ffOl llO'Oje tteOyecrtS Of famine haue themwbichare 

2? r CljenfaiBefttl)Oiibntotljyferuaut3', bener'Jjjougb tljelanB,anB Sue yecres »re truely humbled 
* Accept vonr pongee tyorijcr come Botune btljinae, teljercm nticljer (hall be eartng no? and wounded fo* 
teitb you, loobe in my face no mate. barttefr. their finnes. 

24 <S>oteiK» mee came teita tljy feruant 7 £S.tI)erero?e <©oti fent mce before yon to chap.$ 

p;el'eruevour pottertttctn tljislana, ana to 
lane von aliue bv a great oeltiif ranee. 
8 jftote tljeii you fent not inee Ijitfjer, but 
<5gb, tebo Ijatlj mace mce a fatfjer unto 

one farmer, ana fijeteea ijimtebatmy lofij 
bab rata, 

2?" ana ottr fatljcr faiDe bnto b2, ®oca 
gaine,buy rjsalittlefooB, c <5gB, tebo Ijatlj mace mce a fatljcc unto c Albeit God 

26 'EIjciiWJcanftiHi-eu.C&ceeannotgoe pixiraolj, ana lojta of aU bis I3cufc,an0ni» deteiifar.c^et 
t tv'nh vs. Bourne: but if our yongelt tyotljcr t goe tettlj let rtyougbout all tlje lana of <2Egy pt. he tumcth mans 

b3,tbentei[ltecgocBoteue:rty toe may not fljalrcyonana gouptomyfatljeiytHB wickedr.efleto 
fee tlje nuns faee^ceptoiu^ongcfttyotljct' tellljim, t£l)nofattbtljyibnMcjofeplj,<!3oB ferueto hisgio^ 
be tettlj u?. Ijatlj mabc «v,ce io;ae of ali ©syjJt ; come rv. 

27 'Eljen tljy feruant my father faib bn» Dotene to nir,tarv not. 
f Rahel bare to to us,2Pe bnote tljat my f te if? bare mce ttoo 

Iaakob k-feph fbnncs, 

andBeniamin. 28 anBtbconeteetitoutFremme,auB3l 
cha^ 37 . j 3 . faia,2Df a furetie bee is to;ue m * pieccs>a»o 
31 fate ijint not tince. 
2 o iSo\y ve take tbi5 alfo ateay from mc: 

g Yefhallcaufc 
me to die for 

t Sbr.bis (Ink 
is 6'ouvd'to his 

Chty.$l 9. 

h Meaning,he 
had rather re - 
maine there pri- 
turne and fee his 

a Not that he 
was sfhamed of 
his kinrcd,bnt 
th;ic he tvould 
tbjrcnj fuuir. 

io auatbott fijalc utocll in tlje laitbc cf 
©oil;en, ancfi)altb:encere mce, tboit aim 
tl)y cbt!t)2en,an5 tljy cbtlo^ns cl)tlb;cn, ana 
tljy fijeepc,ano tljy beatls, ana all tfat etjern 
n Sllfo3! bJill nonttHj tbec tljere ( foj ycJ 
ffoeatij tabe lum, tljcn s lTjallyecb;tngmv remainc fine yecres of famine) lead tl)ony<» 
gray Ijeau in fo;rolt] to tlje grane. till) tljiough ponertfe , tljou anB tljy Uoiil'c» 

30 0oU) tlKtcfo^c , tuljni 31 come to tl)y Ijolc.anD all tbattijoti ball. . 

feruant my father, anO tlje cfetlD be not tottlj 12 Slnti bcholD, vour cveo 00c fce,anb tlje 

Dij , ( feeing tbat l)t^ t bfc Dcpnibetlj on tlje eves of my blotter I5tmauu» » tljat <* my d Tbtis,that r 

childslifiQ ni01Ubi'ptaUerl)toy0U» fpeakeinyour 

31 ^Cljenfebcn be-all fee tbat tbecljilue 13 "Ebtrcfo^e tell my fatber of all mine o>vneian-uage, 
isnotcoincljeetejillDie : fo Cjall tbv feruants bonounn®gypt,antibf all rljatycc Ijaue and baut; nona 
b^ingtljegrayljeaOoffljvferuaHtoia'facijet; feene, ana make balte, ano tying my fttljcr interpreter., 
teitlj (birou) to tlje graue. ljicl;cr. 

32 JDoabrlEffetbyfcniant became Qiretie 14 'EbenbeefcHon bis b;totI;er TScnfa* 
fo? tl)£ cbtloc to my fatijer , ana faiac,*3If 31 mins nccbe,ana teept, ana iScniamin iwept 
tying fjfchi not unto tljec againc, tljeu 3i teill on t}i? nccbe. 

beare the blame vnto my futljct- fo? cutrt*. 1^ ^o^eoucr, be kilTeB nil bis tyetbicH, 

33 ^otDiIjcrcfo^c'JIpjaytljeclctmeetljy ana ujepc upon tljcm.* ana aftet'a'arb ijts 
feruant biaefojtbc cl)tiae,asa feruant 10 mv tyetljuntalkea teitb bint. 

loia, ana let tlje cljiiae goe bp teitb lji3tyt ; 16 <JT ana tbetttBings came bntoPja* .» F i, „.„•,, 

tlucn. raoljs boufe, fo tljat tbey faya, lofepljs tye» W> V0Ke ' 

34 jFoj >> bote can SI goe bp to myfatljcr, tb?cn are come : ana it plcafca pbnraob 
if tie djiiae benotmitrj mctmlefleil teouia teeH,auai)i3fcrt!ant3. 

fee tlje cml tljat ujall come on my cachet? 17 "Eljcn pjaraob fayae bnto 3!ofepb, 

©ay to rl;y tyettyen, SLbis ace ye,IriCc yous 
c h a -p. xlv. bcafteiMnaaepart, goeto tljslanaof&a* 

1 Jofeph imtyb himfclfi knorvctttohisbrc- Jiaan, 

thren. 8 Hee fherreth that a\l was done by Gods Ig ftM} tabe yOIlt fatfjCCiSna l?Otir IjOllfC" 

prouidence. 1 8 Tliara. h comhtandeih Inrnto fend bola0,ana Come to UlCC, fltia 31 telll gtllC yotl 

fir hs father. 2 4 fofi-pb exhorteth his brethren to tl)t « belt Of tlje lanaof (Cgypt, ana yet (foil e Themoflpler.* 

concord. 27 f.tal{ob reioyccth. CatoftljC ' fat of tlje lanO. tifnll ground. 

19 ana 3 commana tljee , 'Eljus aoe yce, f The chiefeft 

TMin lofepij couiae not refraitie bint- tabeyoucljaret0outoftl;e lanae of (ggypt fiuitsandcom. 

felfe before all that ffoooe b^ bim, but fojyourcbiltyen, ana fo; your teiuep, ana modities. 

bee cryea , * pane foo^tb cntrv man from tying your fatber,aua come. 

met. ana tlicre tactca not one toil!) l)im, 20 ailbtregarBnot your Ituffesfo; tlje XEbr.Linotytw. 

tel)ilc3!ofepi)rjttcr?abimfcIfe ontoljistyC' beftoftbelauaof^gvpt is yours. eyejpareyout 

tljwn- 21 anDtbeebiia?euof3ifraeiatafo:ana -ve frits. 

2 ana Ijeteeptaub erica, fo tbat tbe(3E« 31ofcpl)gaue tljcm charets acceding to tlje » 
gyptiaus ijcatD: t^e Ijowfe of Pjaraolj bearb co:mnauajimn t of JBbaraoIj i be gauc tbem 

alfo. bttaile alfo fo; tlje idiiruty. . 

3 , Ebcn3;ofcpbfaiaetol)i8tyett) ( icn,3I 11 ^egai!ctljemall,noneercept,cI)3nge 
am 3!ofepij;apub«iv fatter yet liwi QSut 9fraynientj.l)Mt unta TBenianun &» gaus 


his father into Egypt. Iaakobs familie Chap, xl'vi. going into Egypt, is numbred. **o 1 

tbuebnnDjccb, piece? of fiIuer,anDmiefitic? 2)nan,anb<g>beiab, anDpjare?, anti 5e» 

ofraiuxenc. rab:(bnta£tanD2DnanBtcDtntbclanD0f 

\\Or, heefixt as 23 anD unco tjtsi fatber U liketoife be fent (Canaan.) anD tbe tonnes of £)barcj were 

«»c h,to iritfti- ttn Ijce aiVcsf laDen toitb tbe beft tblngf s of ipcjion and ii?amttl. 

uer s as-uerfezz. (Egppt, Qt ten (bee afies laDcn initij ui^car, 15 caifotbefonncsof^lTacbar^ela, 

endtett afes, anD bjcaD anD meatc foj bis fatber bp tOc aaD ptnmakanDJob, anD <S>b»nron. 

toap. 14 Caifo tlje tonnes of 5ebulmu <©crcD, 

24 ®o fent l)tc ijis bjctbjen atoap , aim anfl <£lon,anD 3|ablccl. 

g seeing hee had tljcp BeparteD: aim be faiD unto tbem,* £ al i? TOfe be tbe Tonnes of JLcab,Uibicb fbe 

remitted tbc rank not out by tbe toap. bare unto jilaafceb in £>aDan aram, tuttfj 


dene towardes 
him, hee would 
not that they 
fliould accufc 
one another, 
h Asonebe- 
twecne hope 

2> £wA)in tljep toent Up from<£gppt, bisDaugbtetDinab. all fbe|| fonlccofljis \Or y pirfom f 

ana caincunto tlje lanD of (Canaan unto Tonnes,anD bis Daughters, were tbirtie anD 

Jaafeobtljeir father, t&ee. 

26 ano tolD him, faring, Slofcpb is pet a» 16 CSIfo the Tonnes ef 6aD : pipbjon 
line , anD bee alfo is goiicrnonr once all tbe ant i£aggi, «s>bimi> anD Cjbon ,<2ai , ana 
lauD of <Icgvpt 5 anD iaakobs heart b faileD: aroDt, ann Srelt. , 
fo.Jbcbelceiieatbcmnot. 17 Ci^tfotljc fonnect ^Rjcr tSmmalj, 1 ' clirc -7-i f3 ' 

27 anD tfreptolD bim all the too.iDes of anti 3Hljua{j,anD 3]fssi,ana 'Bertalj, anD <S>c» 
3!0fep'o,tubicl) bee ban fain unto tljem: but rabtbeir filter. anD tbc Tonnes otUcrtah: 
toben befaoj the cbacets, tabid) 3!oTepb ban l.?cbrr,anD ggtelcljul. 

fent to carp him, then the fptcic of SiaaHob 18 ^befcarctbe chilDjen of Jilpalj, 

their fatber rcnineD, tobome fi,aban gaue to Leal; bis Daughter; 

28 anD3!fraclfaiO,i haue enough : 3lo» anD ebefenjec bare unto 31aafcob, cuen u> 
fepb nip fonne is pet aliue: 31 XotU goe anD fee tecne Tonics. 

a Whereby hee 
both fignified 
that hee woriliip- 
ped the true 
that he krpt in 
lii heart thepof- 
feflion of that 

19 %\)i Tonnes of Raljel Saafcobs tof ft, 
were Joicpb anD TSeniamin. 

20 Cl&hd unto 3Iofcpb in the lanD of <&* 
gppc toere bojne i^analTcb, ano ©pb^aim, „ 
lobicb *aftiwto tbc aawsbtctof 13ott-pijc- Q*t+ui<t, 
tab prince of SDn bate unco \m* 

21 Cairotbe*roniieffofBciitamin:lDC» ^C^'i-6. 
1 tbatljcebao, ann came to T5cec-tljel>a, lab,ano^ecbcr,anaa(l3beU(i(£5erab,anD *«rf8. 1. 

ano » offcicfl lacttBte unto the ©ofl of bis jftaninan , ©bi > ana Sofi) ,$0nppiin , anD 
tatber 31f bait. i?upptm,ana atfl. 

2 9nD<!5oDfpaltebino31fraclinabinon 22 ^Ll]ereacetbefonnesofKabcl,UJbfc& 

toercbo^ne Unto 31aaftob,lourtecnc fotilcs in 


23 C3lfo the Tonnes ofDan: l^uRjun. 

24 taifo tbefonnes of j^apbtali ; 3Iafj« 



2 Goiajfurcth Iaakob of his tourney into Egypt. 
27 The number of his family when hee went into 
E&yP*- *9 fofiphmetteth his father. 34 He tea.' 
cheth his brethren what to anftpere to Pimraoh. 

•T-i^en 3!ftael taokc bis iontnep tottb all 


l*V nigbt , faping , 3IaaUob , 31aafcob 

3 Cben bee faio, '51 am @oD , tljc cSoD of 

tbyfatljcr, fcare not to goe Doiune into ©* 

gupt ; fo^tjbjtll tberemaheof tbeeagtcat ?cel,a;tD<5uni,"anD31ejer,anB ^billcnu 

land, fro whence nation. 2? 'cEbcfe ate tlje foimes of 'jSilbab, 

prcfent ncceilitie 4 31 Vutll b gocCoVonc Ucitl) tbcetiUoC* Witl) LabangancuittoEabcI bis Dangb* 

drone him SPP t: anD J toil ' alio bung tbee up againc, ter.anD u)e bare tljefe to Jaaltob, in all , fe« 

b Conddciin<» a"^ Jlofepjj frjall^piit l)ts ^auti tipon tljine ueufonles. 

thee by my ° tpes. 26 ailtbe*foules, tljat came tettl) 3!aa« 

power. S ^benllaaltobroreUpftomliJcer-lTjc^ bob into ©gppt, tubici) came cut of Ijis 

c in thy pofteri- ba: anD tbe Tonnes of 31fracl catieD 3?aalto& * lopncs ( bcliDc Jaafeobs formes toitics) iEbr.thi*hes. 

tie. tljctr Fatrjcc, anD tgctrcbilo,ien, anbtbetc wrciiitbcUJbolct^cefco^canDfi^cfoHlcs. 

d shall (lmt iyiues in tlje cbatcts, UJbitlj pijaracljbaa 27 3lfo tbefonnes of 'iloftpb lubtcb u:ece 

thine eyes when Tent to cattC bim. bOJUC ijlllt in ®gypt,wcre iUjo fOttlCS i fo thac 

thou dieR: uhich 6 SiiD t'oep tooIvC tbeit tattcIl^nD tbcu* all tbe foulcs of ti)( ijonfc of 3!aahob,ujbicrj 

appertained to gooDs, UJbicbtljepbaD gotten in p lanDof came into ®gppt,arefcueiitie. 

him thatwas Canaan,;?!!^ tamcttuofcgpptjboth *3!aa« 28 C^Pjen i;ce fent 3!»Dalj before bim 

moftdeare or feobanDatllHsfeeDUJifljbb^ bntO Ulofepl), to || QitCCt bis Ujap UntO <5a> lOr,to prepare 

chieFeofthc 7 t}t3 fouues anD bis foiines foimes 

kinred. fcjittj bim, bis Daughters anD bis fomus 

jojh.i^.pfd Pan jbters, anfi all bis fecD b^engljt be un'tb 

him a place. 

105.23.1/a J2.4 Ijim tnto (Sgvpt 

tljcn, anD tljcp came into tbc lanD of <Qo- 

20 JSTbcit Jofcub * maDc reabp Ijts clja-- t^r. bowdhis 
ret,anDtuentup to^oifcen, to mcetejlfrael cham. 

Exod.r a. and 6. 
14.numb.i6 J. 

"Exod.6. 1 J. 
i.cbro.$. 24, 


8 <[[3nD tijefe are tbe names of tlje cbil-- bts fatber,anD pzefenteD bimfclfc unto l;im, 
D^en of 31tVael,UJbicb came'into ©gvpr, eucn anD fell on bis neefce, anD XucptuponljtS 
31aafeob anb Ijisfonncs; *F.ciiben,'J,aabob3 nechea* o.ood tubilr 

ttrit borne. 

3nD tbefonnes of Eeiibcn: iljanocb, 
anDl3ljalbi,anD ^ejeon, anDCCanni. 

10 (jranD fb: i'onncs of Simeon : 3!c 


30- anDJifracl fatDUnto Jofcpl) , dm 
letmetie, unce3I bane fecne tljpfatc, and 
31 'Cl)CttIofcpbfaintol]isbietIj;en > anD 
miiel, anD Sianun , anD ©ijaD, ano "Jlacbut, to bis fathers ljoufr,31 ujtll goe up anD U;eU) 
anD 5obsMiiD<S>baultbe tonne of a <ffia» Pbai'aob,anDtellljmi, S©pb,ictb^n, anD 
naanititb tooman. nip fatbers boufe,U)bicb iucte m tlje lanD of fat . hcr > and ■?"- 

ii caifo tbefonnes of * ILcni , (Serftjon, Canaan.are come unto me, red, though they 

&obatb,anD ^ 32 anD tbe men are « (beepbearbs , anD w ° re .. °I bafc 

12. C.^lfPtiJffpnnfS0f*3iMtiaij , ,©rano be«Hfe tljcp are njeepbeatDes, tljcp tjaac condition, ( 

(£ 4 b^oitgbt 

c Ke was not 
aflumed of his 

Iaakob brought before Pharaoh. 

Genefis. Kow Iofeph dealeth in the famine. 

the world to 
hate his , that 

tjjtojiffTjt their fijeepe ann (tit it cattcl,ann al Iann : fo> the ftmfnc «as ejcceentng fo,ie : Co 
that tiny ftaue. r tyt t te tai'O of ^gvp^ann the lano of <£a- 

3? 3no if pijaraob calyou,ann aiUeyou, iua,-. lucre * ramsiben b? rcafon of the fa* fEbr.broughtt<, 

Ciil;at isyourtrane? mine. ^ext^wtv,^ 

34 TOnyee ihalllay.'Ebpferuanrs nee 14 antrjof; ;I) gatljercn all the money, at their aw md. 
Hteii occupitt! about catteil, from our cl;t!G' tljar to?.3 fotmn r.i the lann of <£g?pt , ann 
they may forfake ijooncueittmto tljis time, botli luce tinD o:tr ttt tbe Unn of Cianaaa , fojt tlje c o?he toljicb 

thcfiithofthe tuatyec mayntoelltutbc lann of thevbongbt, aiiD « Jiorcpl) Ia>»D Up tljc mo* c wherein he 

w,jrM,andcleaue @ R)tn: fo? tilery ibcepe&ecpeeisau'abO' neympbauc-bs boufe. bothdedartth 

w him. tmnatigntonto the Egyptians. 15 <S>o toljen mon;y fallen in the lann of lm fideiitie ro. 

<ZCfifPPt,anti in the lano of Canaan, then all ward the kin?, 

chap, xl vii. tl)e<Egj»pttanscamel!nto3;orcpl),anrjfavo, andhismindc 

7 Za*1^ commeth before Thataoh , <«»<* te&tfc ©me fcs lljcan : fa? toby (TjOCttD U3C Die befOJ? free from couc- 

himhisage.11 The land of Gofhtn ugiuenhtm. t\)tii fOjt our nwiUJ> istpeitt. toulhcs. 

21 The idolatrous priefis htue Uuing of the king. 16 'EljCnfatn jefcpijjTlSjimg your Catttl, 

28 laa\obsagewhenhedieth. jo Iofcpbfwea- ann 3! totllgiUCyOUfOJ yOUt UUltlU if your 

reth to bury him vcfih his fathers. motley be fpcilt. 

r ™ x „ I7 ^° tbc ? *i;o«B«Jt tljcir cattell imto 

Tif?en tame IMcpb ana toine Pbaraob, 3!ofep5j, aim lofcpb gaue tbem fycan fo; the 
anrj fayn , 50y father, ann m? bjctbjcn, ijojfcs , ana fo; tlje tlocfets f Hjccpe , aim foj 
anntbeirfbeepe, ann their cattell , ann all tlje beams of cattclI,antJ fo» tbc affts : fe Ijc 
tbattbey bane, are come out of tlje tonne of fennetbemtoitbbjeane ft; all their cattell 
Canaan, ann beljoin e, tbtp are tn tlje lanne tbat yeere. 
of tffofben. 18 T5m toben tljz yeere teas! tnncn , tljev 

2 3nn Jlofepb toofte part of bis 6?cth?en, came unto bim tlje ncjet y eerc,ann fata toitb 
euen * mie men , ann pjefenten tljem toita bim , O&tz totll not bine from my lojn , tljat 
Pbaraob. fincc our money is (pent, aim my lojmbatb 

3 ^Lben Pharaoh fainnntoljisb?etij?cii, the beams of tbc cattcl.tberHs nothing left 
Sttbat ispourtrane? ann tbey antoeren tntbefigbtof niylo^C, but one bofiies aim 
J3baraob, 'EbV feruants arc fijepljearne?> our grotma. 
botbtoeannonrfatbew. 10 22JljyiTjall'jDepcrt(bintbyngbt,botb r For f"^** 

4 'Ebey faynmo?eoiieri)ntoJ9I)araob, toec,annoiirflannf btiyuaannotirlann ground be uiied 
JFo<! to foioume in tbe lann are toe come: foj fo? biean,ann tocc ft our lann toill be bonnn a .^ fowen » ! c P e - 
tby feruants bane no paftnrefo? their fbeepe, topijaraolj: tbcrefo^cgiucbsfecne, tljat nfliem,andisas 
fo foje is tbe famine in tbe lann of Canaan, toe msy late ann not Cic , ann tl;at tlje lann 1C wcrc v]ead ' 
jf2otoe tbtrefo^e , toee p?ay tljec, let tljy ler« goe not te toatte. 

nantsintoellin tbelannof©ofijen. 20 <S)a3!ofepbbongbtaUtbclannof®» 

5 "Cbenrpafcepbaraobto'lofepb, fay. gyptfo^J3baraob:lo?the©gpptian3folDe 
fng, 'Ebyfatljer ann tbyb^etl^en arc tome enetyniaubtsgrounn, becanfe tbe famine 
ymte tbee. teas fo^e iipsu tljcm : lb tlje lanne became 

b iofephs great 6 'Clje b lann of<Kgvptisbefo?etIjee: in pjaraobs. . 

modefHeappea. tbe bctt place of the lanne make tljvfatber 21 9nnijesrcmooHtntbepeopletmtotbe gBythi»ehari- 
reth in that hee ann tbv b^etbieii ntocll : Jet tbem ntoell in etties,from one * fine of (Egvpt euen to tbe | ,n F • tnf y»s nl - 

a That the king 
might be afliired 
they were come, 
and fee what ma- 
ner ofpeoplc 
they were. 

would enterprife the lann of <$>o\\)tn : ann if tbou fenotoeft etljer. 

fied that they 

nothing without tbattberebemeiiof actiuitieamong tbem, 

the kings com- 

%£br tie fed. 

22 ©nely tbe lann of tlje Pjtclts bought •»«! nothing of 
bee not : fo; tlje Pneftsljan an o^ninarie of metro wne,but 
Pbaraob,anntbeynineatctbciro?ntnarie, [«" u ™ al< |r ih * 
toljicbPbaraob gatie tbem; tobetefoje ctjcv k,n p llb " a ' K , y - 
foin not their grounn. tEbr.endoftbt 

23 'Eljtn Slofepb fayn onto tbc people, bQrAiU 
15cbolne , 3i bane bought you rljts nay, ann 

9 ann JaaRob fatnetmro Pharaoh, your lann fo;53haraob: loe,hereisfeenefoj 
'Ebenjboletime of my * pilgrimage »an yotufoto therefore tlje grouun. 
bunD«tb ann tbirtic yccres : fetoe aim cuill 24 9nn of tbc increafe yee (bail gtue the 
bane tlje nayes of my life becue , ann 31 baue fift part tmto ©baraolj , ann fourc partes 
not attat'nen unto tbe yeeres of tlje life of fijail be yours Fo? tlje feen of the ficine, winti 
my JFatbersf, in tbe oaycjs of tljeir ptlgrima' fo.tyotirmeate, annfonbemofyonr Ijoufe* 
gee. ljoli3S,ann fo; your cbtltyen to eate. 

10 annjaakobt tcofteleane of Pbara. 2^ 'SLljcntbeyanfajeren , "Ebou battfa* 
ob-ann ncparten from tlje p^tfence of Pja* uen our Uue0:lctDstInne grace tn tlje light 
raolj. of my lo;n , ann toee toill be l3rjaraol)s ur» 

11 CSnn 31ofepl] placen Ijie; father , ann tiants. / . 
bts b;etb;cn , ann gmie tljcm pofTeffion ui 26 'Chen 3IoTcpb mane it a lato oner tbe h Pharaoh m 
tbe lann of ©gypt , inrbebcftof the lann, lannof <£gypc unto tfcisnay, tbat Pbara* prouiding for 
«uen f n the lann of < Kamtfe^t , aj3j3baraob obibo»ln bane tbe fift parr, Percept the lann idoiatrouj priefij 
bancommanncn. eftbep,!ie(l«oncly, tobicb toasnotPja* fliaiibeacon- 

12 ann 3ofepb nGtirifben bfe fatber,ann raobs. demnanon to an 
caufc they co'uld ])is bjetbjen, ann all bis fathers ljoufe» 27 caufSirraeintoclr in tbe lannof®* them which neg» 
not prouide for bo ,tie t»ttlj bjcaB , d euen to tbe young cbil» g?Pt,in the coimrrcy of ©ofben : ann tljcy left the true mi- 

thefelues againil 5;en. Ijan tljetrpou'cflion^tbercimaiingrctoann niftersofGods 

that famine. J3 Hflufty tb?« V)Wnob?fant«alltbc uwltipiyen ejtrceeningip. _ word. 

28 ?!9o^Quer s 

mafee tbem rulers oaer my cattell 

7 3Iofeplj alfo biougbt 3iaakob bis fa* 
tljcr.ann let bim bffe;epbaraob: ann 3!aa« 
Rob *falnten IQbaraolj- 

8 'GDbcnPbaraolj fayne toito 3aa1tob, 

mr.How mamt * WUO'0 M tyM 
dayesare the 
yeeres of thy Ufe? 
Jltb.ii.9, 13. 


c Which was a 
city in the coun 
Exod.i. 1 1. 
6 Somereade, 
that he fed them 
as little babes,be 

Iaakobficke.HeblefTethlofephs Chap.xlviu.xlix. two Tonnes. His prophefie. 2X 

chap.14. i. • 

i Hereby he pto. 
celled chat he di- 
ed in the faith of 
his fathers , tea- 
ching his children 
to hope for the 
k Hereioyced 
promifed hrm , & 
fetting himfelfe 
vpon his pillow, 
praifed God,read 


3 1 Uljen Ije faia, <S>tojeace bnto me. ana 
be ftuare imto Ijim. ana 31fracl K toojlbip* 
pea tD0Jac53 tbe beasbeaa. 


Jafeph with his two fonnes vi(jt«tb hisftc\e 

a lofeph more 
efteemed that 
his children 
fiioiild bee recei- 
ticdinro laakobs 
ivjsthe Chnrch 
of God, then to 
furcsof E«\pt. 
||Or, all fuficiett 13. 

b Which is true 
in the carnall If. 
raelvnto the co- 
ming of Chrift, 
all for euer. 
Chap .4 1,50. 


c The faitK fall 
acknowledge all 
benefits to come 
of Gods free 


28 ^cjjotier, 33aakr>b ItueU in tfje lana 1? VLbtn tooke 3Iofepb tbem botb , <E« 

oFQ£cfVPcrettrntcenc perc0,fo tbat tbetobole plnaimin bts rtgljt baim totuara Kraels 

age of Jiaakob was an Ijtttm^etlj fo^tie aim left baua,a!m $3anafieb in bis itft Ijaua to* 

fcuen v?rc3. toara 3!fraels ngjjt t)ant),ta Ije tyougbt them 

20 jftoto toben tbe time ajctoncere tfjnt Ditto bun. 
35fcael nma Die , Ije catlcu Ijts fonncSIofepb, 14 TSnt 3!frael ffretcbea out bis rfsljt 

aim taya fcnto ijtm , 31f 31 Ijauc nobJ fowm batm , $ lata it on d <^p^aims beaa, tobfeb d God$ fudge: 

gracetntbyGgbt, *puttbiuebatmitotobn' baas tbe younger, ana bt3 left bana upon m f n tisoft times 

aer my fbigb, ana aeale mercifully aim tru* 20anau"ebs beaa ( Directing Ijis banBcsof c5tr "y tomans, 

Ipttitrjmee; burp mce Hot ,31 p^ap t^ce , m purpofe) foz £0anafTeb was tUc e iacr. and he prefmerh 

(Egypt. 1? C*aUo ijee biclTelJ 3IofcpIj, anti TapO, «hat,which man 

30 "But toljen 33 (ball • flecpetottbmyfo' Wit ©oa before toljom my fatljets abja» dcfpifeth. 

iljers, tboit tfjalt car? me out of <£gypt , ana 6am ana 3l?l)ak DtD toalke, tlje <5oa , totiicb, Heb - ll >ii> 

burp me mtbeir buriall. ana be anfaerea, batb fame meal my life long unto tfeisaay, 


16 %\)t< angel, toljfclj batb aeliuereO e This Angel] 
me from all etull, blefle tbe ebilDjeH, aim let m "ft be vnder- 
my 'name bcnameBtjpon tljcm, aim tbe flood of chrift, 
name of my fatbecs abwbam aim jjbak, as chap, 31.13. 
tbattbeymaygrobjasfrbintoamultituae andju. 

father. 3 Iaa\ob rebearfeth Gods prow.fe J He \\\ tfjemtas OttljC eartb. f Let them be 

receiutth fofepbi fonnes as his. 19 He prefer- 17 'ButtoljenSofepI) fatl) tljAt I)t0 fat^eC takenasmy 

reththeyattger. 3i He prophefietb their returne laiDl]isrigntl)3nDUpentteljeaI)0f®pI)iia' children. 

to Canaan. tin, it S BlfpleafeO Ijilll ; aim ^e ItapcU \)\% 8 lofephfaileth 

A<Saine,aftcrti)i5, oncfapfcero Jofcpl), fatftetsljanUtoremooiieitfromCplwaim? in binding Gods 

Hoe,tl)})fatl)ert5ficke: rljcnijeetocke Ijean to 50anau"e!js ftcao. grace to the or. 

tottlj ljiml)te>ttuo fonnes, ^analTe'a aim 18 3na3!orcpl) fata unto Ijis fatter, |5ot detofnaturs, 

©plaint. fo, mp fatljer , fo; tljis ts ttie emeft : put tltf 

2 alio one toioe 3!aafeob, aim fapQ , 13c-- rigljt Ijaim upon Ij(h IjeaO. 

Ijolii, tlj? fomiE 3IofepIj is come to tljee , aim ig T5ut0isfatl)errefHfetJ,aimray>tie, 3 

airael tooke fcts ftrengtljDuto ljim,ajm fate knoto toell, mvfonne , 31 Imoto toell : Ijec 

npautljebttj. tljall tie alfo a people , anD Ijee ujallbegreac 

3 'Cljen Slaafeob fam bnto Sofepl), <5oD liketejtfe : but bis younger tyotber (ball bee 
liaimiglme app;areCi3:nomfc at*tii5in greater tljEiibc,atmijisfeeDefi)all be full of 
tlje lanD of ffiannan,arm blcffeo inc. nations. 

4 3iiDbcftiBbntom8c,T3cl}olD,31totfl 20 @ol)eblcu"cbtbemtbatbav,ant)ram, 
makctl)ecfniitfull,uim\BtU nuiltiplp tljcr, 31iubcel!rraei(baUbicu"e,aimfaj', <52D£> 
aim Usui snake a great number of people of makctbee as h ©pl^aimanT)as20ana{reb. 
tbee, ano toill giuc tin's laim unto tbp TeeBe 3no Ije fet ©pbwtm before S@auafleb. 
after tlirefo.t an "eucrlaftingpou'enton. 21 %Mw 3lfrael fay5bnto31afepb,TSe' 

% C^imnototliv*nuoionncs,g0anar* bolB,31Die,antJ(So5ujaUbceteitbi?oii,aim ! 7 , a PP", rc L 

feb $ ©p^aim , toijicbarebowie tntotbee b;ing you agsinemito tlje lanO of i pour fa- ! V," 1 '; 1 . 1 ^ 

in tljclanD of <Egypt, before 31 came ta tbee tljcrs. hadbyiaithm 

22 g©o^onec,31 bane giueituntorbte one [hepromiie. .. 
potion abone tbp bjetbjcu , ttbicb k 31 gate k , B y m y cniWK» 
outoftl;ebanboftbeamo^tebpmp*rujom wh ,°, m God r P a- 

aimbpilipllOto. red for my fake. 

CHAP. XL IX. "^.34,25, 

1 jfaa\ob bleffith all his fonnes by name , and 
fhnvetb tbem what is to come- 10 He telleth them 
that Chrtftfhall come out of Judab. 29 He will 
ttaait, bpt'betoaptoben there was but IjalfC be bit-Ud with his fat hers, 33 Hedietb. aWhcCodfhall 

a oapes iournep if grcunfl to come to ©• -|-iOenJaakobcallcabtsfonne6,aimfaiQ, hringyouontof 

pbiatb:anB31 burycObertbere in tbe tuay 1 <0atbcryoucfel»cstogcrl}er.:b3t31niay EgypnAndbe- 

to <2pbMtbt tbe fame is T5etb lebr m. tell you totjat ujall come to fou intbe » laft caufe j he fpea- 

8 / 3Lben31fcaelbel)cli)3!orepbs fonnes, aayca. kethofthe Mef- 

anb£aiD,2aibofearetbefe; 2 <S5atber your Celtics tcgctbcr,anBbeare, fias,henam«his 

9nb3Iorepbfaibbnt8btsfatbci , ,'S:bey pe Tonnes of 3aakeb, aim bearken bnto 31f« thelaftdayes. 

accmyfonnes:,ttibicb c (SoDbatbfffutnmee raelyourfatijcr. ' b Begotten in 

bcre. 'Eben be faio, 31 pjay-tbee bating tbem 3 *Seuben mine cIDed fonne , tbow art my youth. 

tame,tbat31maybltu"ctbem. n!y fc mtgbt.f tbebcgmmngofrr.pfirenstb, c ifthouhadft 

10 (JFo? tbe eyesofjfraeltoeretiimme c tbe crccllencic of Dignity, aim tlje e;ccci!en> not loft thy 

fo;agc,fotbatbecoulonotwciirec)Cbcnbe cisofpoujer: birth, right by 

caufebtbemtocometobimj aim IjeekiffcD 4 Thau waftltgbtastoater: tbon Hjalt thine offence, 

tbem ana tmbjaceD tbem. _ notbccercellcnt,becaufeti;cu*iucntefti3p £^,35.22. 

totbyfariiersbetiJlftbenbibDefttbou'ccBle \.chron.%.\. 

my beQ, thy dignity 10 gone. lOr.ceahdtabct 

% C Simeon aim £,cut,b^ctb?en in euill, my bed. 
tbell inftrununts of cruelty arc m tbcic ba* lOr.thtir fwori: 

bttatiOUS. were inflrtmtna 

' 6 31nwtbewfecfetUtnotroy&Hlecome: »/«/«,-«, 


h In whome 
Gods graces 
fhould manifcS* 

into<tcgypt, fijallbetnine, asHcubcnaim 
^imean are mute. 

b 'Buttbylinagetobicbtboubaff begot^ 
ten after tbem, fball be tljiue: tbey Cljalt bee 
calleti after tbe names of tbeir biee^en in 
tbeir inberitance. 

7 &oxo tuljen 3! came from I3aHan,TRa« 
%d *Die9 upon mine batm in tlje lanD of (JEa* 

ii anD31fraeiraybbnto31ofepb,3! bao 
not tbougljt to baue fcene tby face t yet loe, 
©obbatblbetocomcaltbtby feene. 

12 ana 3!ofepb tooke tbem atoay from 
lis knees^ua DiO reucrence ; Do&ne to tlje 

prophefie of the McfTias. 


Iaakob dieth. 

d o.-,rongue: my d slojty , 6ce nott^ott topnta tottb tljcfr 
m;aning,chathcc nff?ii;t>lf : fo<s in tbcir tezarlj tljcp fiete«a 
1 man,? in tljeir fclfe ttill tijcp aiggca Botune 

7 Curfea be f Ijet'r tojsfb,foj it tuas fierce, 
ana tijetr ragefaj it tuas erucll : 31 tuill f at- 
iiiactljcmtn 3Jaa ! aob, aim feattcr tbem in 

3 C <i-bcu 3!iiaar,tljp b^ctljzcn fbal piaife 
tljcc : tljir.r Ijana fhaibe in tbc heefce of rljtne 
enemies: tbp farljers Tonnes (ball g bobje 
EioujnstJHto tljec. 

luaalj , as alpons toljclpe irjalt tljon 
tome bp front tbe TpovIe,mp forme. De frail 
He Do\uneand concb a's\i Lpoti,ane as a Lv« 
pneffe: h Gaijctbaliittrrc btm up? 

io %\)c s Teepter (ball net Depart from 
3SitfJab> nojala&giiierfrom bctUiccncbis 
fzete^tmlli^biicljcome, anat'ac people 
fhaibe gatljcrea unto bint. 

ii L^elballumaijisafie foale bntatlje 

fhal fa feare him. k ijfsiC , ailQ i)l"3 afie COlt Ditto l\)t belt UUtti 

|j0y,^»f (/ewe. be (ball luafi] bis garment in totne , anG jjis 

i Which is Chrift clOAt t!l tbt blOOb Of grapes. 

the Meffias,thc 12 iltS cPC0ilia)be rtD tOltl) UliUC, atlO felS 

giucr of all pro- tCCtlj luljttfr Untfj UUlbe. 

n € 5ebnlnn fijall utocll bv tlje fca liar, 
ann be ihaibe an l)awrn to; fijippe.s : ana ijis 
bozDer fhaibe unto 5iflon. 

14 Oflacbar fh..ibe $ « a (hong afTceou* 
cbtng aotonc bettoecne t«uo burbens. 

15 Sno be fijall fee tbat reft is gooa, ana 
pafturesispromi- tbat tlje lana is p'eafant , ana be fijall botoc 
fed him. l)is fijoulDer to beare,ar.a fbalbe fubicct an» ajfe of tO tribute. 

16 C£>an m fijall inage bte people n$ one 
oftbc tribes of 3ifrael. 

17 Danibal be a" Serpent bftbetoap, 
an aaacrbptljepatb,btting tlje!jd;Tebecle?, 
fo teat l;is deer fijall fell bacbtrara. 

18 ° 2D Lo;a , 3! banc ujnttca fo; tljp fcl« 

1 <) £<5aa,an Ijoff c of men (ball oncreomc 
biin,bnr be fgrfll oncrcontcat rlje fait. 

20 CCcutcermng 3!bcr, bis p b;eaa fhall 
be fat,ana l;e fijall gtue pleafttrcs fo; a bing. 

21 f iSfapIjtalt (haibe a LJinac let goe, gt* 

22 € joftpbflwHbe *afrmtfttll bougb, 
euenafrmtftiltbobgbbjtbe CiaellfiDc: tbc 
tfrnallbonglicsniall nimie vpantljeteall. 

25 r anu tlje arcljers gricr.cD bint , ana 

fljOtagainfthim , a!lfl bateb b^I. 

24. T5ntIusbotHabottc ftrortg, ana tbc 
banaec of bis armes mere tlrcngtbcnco , bv 
tlje banbs of tbe inigijt y God of Jaakob , of 

<] Ouercomming lubom was tfee fCCflCt appointed by tijC ' UoitC 
more byfairc of3lfrael, , 

25 F.uenbptl)e<5obof tljv fatber, tobo 
fijall belpe f bee, ana bv t'oc aimtgfetv , toljo 
flial blciTc tbcemttbbeaiicniyblciTuigsfiTin 
abotiCjtuitrj blcfiings oftbc Ceepc,tbat betb 

26 'Ebcblcfi'inggef tbvfatber fijallbee 
t ftrongcr tben tbc blclfings of mine eiaers: 
lmto tijecnac of ebelnlicaof tbc too^ia tbep 
fijallbee onttcbeaa of 3iofcplj, ana ontbe 

ne thcrcoreiiced 
to them in word 
nor thought, 
e TheShcche- 


f For Lcui had 
no ra.-t.and Si- 
meon wasvnder 
Ittdab,lof. 19.1. 
till Gad gaue 
them the 
-of the Amaie- 

g As was venhed 

inDauid and 


h His enemies 

Iperity, who (hall 
call the Gentiles 
k A countrey 
molt aboundant 
v.ith and 

great banes. 
J His force (ball 
lhall wan: cou- 
rage to refill his 
enem:e : , 
m Shall haue 
thehonour ofa 

n Th.uis,fullof 
o Seeingthemi- 
feries that his 
ilcthourin pray- 
er to God, to rc- 
p He fhal abound 
income &plca- 
fant fruits. 


%Ebr. afantie of 
r As his brc- 
thren.when :hcy 
were hisene- 
mies, Potiphar 
and others. 

f That is.God. 

t In as much as hee was more neere to the accomplifhmcnt of tbc 

proraire , ajid it had bene more often confirmed. 

top of tlje beats ofbtmtbat\j)a.s "feparatt u Either in ( fig- 

from bisb^etb^en. ni:ie,orwhcn hee 

27 C'BeniaminlbaUrauinc asatoolfc: was fold e from 
in tbc morning bccibail flcuotire tfjc p^ap, bi,brethren. 
ana at mgbt be iball aintac tl;c fpoplc. 

28 cailtbcie are tlje t'tsjclue tribes of 
Ifrael , ana tbus tijetr fatbrr fpabc unto 
tl)en:,ana biefica tbem : enerp one of tbern 
bteffea be teitb a fcncrali blcffing. 

20 9nabc cbargco tbem , ana fava bnto 
t\tn\ , 3! am rca&p to bee gatberca bnto rap 
people: *bnric uieetmtbmp fathers in rbe ^6.47.30* 
r ane tbat i? in tlje 8cls of ©pb?on tlje i^it* 

50 In tlje cane tbat is in tlje fielCcof 
f©acljptlab befiacs S0amrc mtljclanaof 
ffianaan: feibitb caue 3b;aljam bengljt toitl) 
tlje fieia of (jrpbjon tbe i;itttte to; a pofitfit* ; 
on to bnrtc in. 

^1 'Ebcre tljcv burfeb 2b;aljam 5^;a-» 
ra'btistetfe: tbece rljcv bi.riraSijbabana 

gz 'Sbcpurcbafcoftbtficla,anatbe eane 
tbat is tljerein, was bought of tfcc cljiiOicn of 

^3 "Ebus 3!aabob maae an ena of gintng 
charge to bis tonnes, ana x p!i;cbeo bpbis x whereby is 
feet into tbe bea, ana gaue tp tlje sboft,aHD fi.;nificd how 
teas gatljerea to iji.s people. quietly he died, 


1 ; Iaakob is buried. 19 Itfephforgiueth his 
brethren. 23 He flab bis cbiUrtns children, 
;j He dieth, 

Tl)t\\ lofepb fell bpon bis fatbers face, , • 

ana roeptuponbim, ana lufiea bint. 

2 9nG jofepb cbmmanaea Ijis fcrHants 
tbe » ISbvtitians , to cmbalme bis fatljer, 
ana tlje ll5bv:lctaitsentbalmca 31fracl. 

3 <§?o foitie aarcs irere accomp'ifrea, 
(fo; fo long aia tbc aajjes of rljem tbat mere 
einbalmca lalt) ana tlje (L:grpttar.s bcijuay* 

4 3na to'ocn tbc aaves of in's mourning 
raeb . faying, 31 f 3! bait: uoi-j fonnb fauour 
in ronr cpes, lpca&e,3! p&y pan, in tbc eares 1 
of ?3ljsraoI),ana fnp, 

^ i'Bv farbcrmaaenic *fyjcarc, Taping, 
Lor, 3! ote , bnrp nice in nip grai:c , \uljtcb 31 
bane maae mc in tlje tana of Canaan : ncla 
rljccefojc let me goe , 3! P.^ap tljcc , ana bntp 
mp fatber,nna3! trill come agninc. 

6 "Ebcnl^ljaraolj fafo,©oci)p ana burp 
rljp father, i as be maae thee to lujeare. 

7 C^o lofepb Vccnt Dp ro burp Ijis fa= 
tber, ana tuitb bim Went all tbe tcinanrs of 
}3baraob,borh tbc ©lacrs of bis boufc, ana 
all tbc (gibers oft^c lana of <2a:vpt. 

8 Lihcbjtfcalitbcbonfcof 31ofepb,anO 
btsbjetbicn ana bis fatljfrs Ijoulc : onelp 
tijetr cliiiCicn anatbtir fijefpe, ana tbric 
tattcll Iclt tljtvin t!jc lana of (Sofijcn. 

Sua tljcrc toent bp&itl) bim,botb clja* 
rets ana bojlemcn: ana tljcpiuere an cjrece* 
aing great companp.- 

io 3na tbepcame to i'C5o?en ataa,\rjbteb 
isbepona 3Jo^arn,ana tljere tbepmaaea 
great ana crcecaing fojc lamentation ; ana 
5e nwiriica fo; w faftc r ftiiviiaapcs. 

II 9un 

a He meaneth 
them that em- 
balmed the dead 
and buried them. 

b They were 
more excefliue 
in lamenting 
then the faitkfull. 


c The very infi- 
del, would haue 
othes performed. 

I'Or, the come 
jtoore of sAmi* 

He is buried in Canaan. 

Chap.j. Iofeph forguiethhis breth 

ren. 22 


tion of the Egyp- 

Chap. 1 5 1 6. 

d Aneuilco'i- 
(cience isncucr 
fully at reft, 

e Meaning,tbat 
they which haue 
be io\ ned in 
mod furc lnue. 
\\Or,the tatjfen- 

11 3nS toljen tbe GEaimnifes tbe mlia« fpafcetinfoln'm. 

bitants ofrljelanb fiVuue tbe mourning »* 18 Silbljisbietljirucaroe bntobfm,snti 

(5^cn-3taD, rbry favB, ^Lljts is a great fsiinoisscbcfo^c I)t.s rice, anH raiO,13etoIf» 

mourning; bnto tbe (Sgvptians : i»I)mfo;e toe be ttiv fcrnar.ts. 

the name thereof tons calico [| 3bel-&5ijra= 19 %v mbom 3!otcplj faibe, * JFcarc not: 

im.tDbicb, is beyonb 3Isiben. foz n am not 31 Bnoer f ©gb i 

11 q?o bis tonnes bio tmrofiim, acco^ 20 ta&cnycc tljaught tiiUiagaintrmcf, 

Ding as j?e fcab eommanbctj tljcni. (5o3 cupofes it to 3303,1 bat \,i might bring 

13 "jFozbis fonnes cart'cD bun info tfjs topaffe v i5itis;ht$eay,anbfauennKl)pcO' 

Iano of £anaan,anb biirica bim in rlje cans pie aim?. 

of the fteln of ggjacftpelalj , toljiclj caue * 3» 
bjnham bongbt tuitlj the flelo,to be || a place 
to btirie in , ot ©phjon ths igitttte befibes 

14 ckhen!MepIjrttnrne5inrc<£gypt, 

21 tfearc not 1:0b) tbr rcfo?c , 3 toill noit» 
riilj you, anb your cl;il'c:tn : ant) I>ce cosntoi* 
tco tbcm,anb fpafee $ fein&Ip unto them. 

22 C®33olcpI)BU3eltiit <2;§ypr,be,anO 
!>is fathers bonis : aim So>cpb liiicO an 

bee ant) hts itftljzcn, aim all that tocntup g bunojerb anb ten nert. 

Ujttlj him to liitrie bis father, after that bee 23 *3nb 3)ofepb fa\u Ocpbzaims cbilbjen, 

fcabburieb bis father, cunt bntc tbe rhiibe generation : alfo the 

15 <3ii3U3l}en31ofcpI)sbjettiKn faratbae fonnes of $@acbir the fotme of £©analFeh 

their Father teas Dean, tljep laioe, <* Jt map toere bzougbt up on Uofcpha Imees. 

bee that 33ofcpbUnll bate bs, anbteillpay 24 3nb Iofeph lavbe unto hisbzetbien, 

bsagair.ealltbe cnill, toljtci) luce 5t0 unto 

16 'Eherefo^ tbcvfcntbnto Jorcpb,fay* 
ing , ^ijy father commatinbeb btfoze hid 

17 ^busfijallycefavbtUoSofepb, Jro.i> 
gtnemrto, 31 pzavtber, tlje trcfpafTc of tljv 
b«tI)^cn,ano tijcir ftnne : foj tljcy rclDarDcD 
ityc ctiiU. ant) no'jo , luee piay tljee, famine 

* 31 am reaay to Etc, ana <SoB boill fnreiy l?t» 
fite yon,anflb^ng rcn out of tijis lanD, unto 
tijc iano teljjcij be fmarebnto ab;aljam,Uii' 
to 3l5ljaU,anU luito 3!aa"sob. 

2<j ElnoSlofepb, tocheanotbcoftljecljil* 
lite vctj ano vertjal! cary my bones Ijcnce. 

26 ^0 31ofepl) cicD toben bee teas an 
IjunCittlj ans tenne yecre olCc : anb tljcv 

Gent 46.8. 
' a Mofes defeci- 
beth the wonder- 
fullori J crthat 
God obfevwtth in 
promifc to Abra- 
ham, Gsn, 15.1 4. 

tbe trcijiaffc cf tijc ferttants of tbv fatljcra cmbalnieO ijim a«Q aut l)tm tn a cljell in 
e ©oi3. anu Jlofcpt) teept , toijen 11 tijey Ogypt. 

The fecond booke of Mofes^ 

called Exodus, 


AFter thaf Tankob by Gods comrr..indemcnt, Gen 46. J had r rou^Kt his family into Egypt, where 
rfeey remained for the fpace of foure hundrcth yecres, and of ft ucntie ptifons greiv to an infinite 
numter/o the: the King and the countrey grudged , and endetu ured both by ryrannie and ctucl flatie- 
ry to fnppreffc them : the Lord according to his promife,Gf ne. 1 J. 1 4 had compafiion of 1 is Church, ' 
and deliuered tht m.but p.'sgucd their enerries in rroft ftrange and luidry foits. And the more thee 
the tyrannie of the wicked enraged ag-inft his Church .the more did his henuie Judgements inc.rcafc 
againft them.till Pharaoh and bis armie v;ere drowned in the fame Sea , which g.-.ue an entry and pa& 
fage to the children of God. But as the ingratitude ofman iVgreaf,fodid they forget 
Gotlswonderfull benefits: and albeit he hidgiuenrhemthe Palreouer to be a figneandmtmoriailof ' 
the fame,yet they fell to Ji(ini£,an J ce.rpred God vvith fundry murtruririgs ;.nd gi udgingsagainft hisn 
and his mirsiflers : fometime mooued wim ambition jfomccime fct !."eke of dr'nke or to cor.tcnc 
their lufts ,fcnierime by idolatry, orfuch like. Wherefore God vifsieJ thtm with fharpe rods and 
plagues,thatbyhi3 corrections they might feeketo him for remedy againft his fcctirgts, and e2rne(tty 
repent them for their rebellions and wickcJntiTe. And becaufe God loueth them to the end,whom he 
bath once begun to loue,he punilbed them not according to their deferts, but dealt with them in greac 
rr.ercies,:nd entr with new benefits laboured to onerccme their n^alice: for he flill gouerned them.and 
gaue thtm his Word and Law.both concerning the maner of ftruing himvand alfo the forme of lodge- 
ments and citiil policie : to the intent that rhey fhotdd not ferue God after their owne inuention5,biit 
according to. that order, which his heautnly wiiVJcmc hail appointed. 


2 The children ofJaa\ob that came into Sgypt. 
8 The nevo Vharcnh opprefftth them. \zTheprs- 
nidenceefGcdtewnrdtbem. 15 The !{ixgs com- 
m.indemcnt to the midwiues. 2 » Thefonaes of the 
Eiretves are commanded to be caff into the rirter. 

£)\2) * * tbtfc are the names, 
cf tbc cbiltucn of aftaci, 
tol)fci) came into ©cvpt (e* 
nerv man anb bis boufTiolDs 
canie thither tuitfj 3Iaaltob) 
2 Efiibsn^i:«f?n ; t?iu, 


WOr^afi fin 
Gods fiend ? 
meaning , to take 
f \V ho by the 
goodfiiccefle . 
feercerh toremit 
ic, andtherforeic 
ought not to be 
reuenged by me. 
J £ l/ their 

g Who notwith- 
rule in Egypt a~ 
bcut fourefcore 
joyned with the 
Church of God 
in faith and Re- 

JCum 3 2. j?. 
Hebr.i 1.22., 
h Hefpeaketh 
this by rhefpirtt 
ofprophecie, ex- 
horting his bre- 
thren to haue full 
promife for their 

ana Jtiftal), 

3 3Hacl)ar,5cbii?tnT,antJ'Bcnfam!t7,- 

4 2)an , ana jRapijrali , <Sab , ano 3» 
l&cr. -, ' 

v '©oaltfieflfonles, tljat camcout of tbe lOrjerfonf. 
Iov;«3 of 3!aakob , yjere* fenennc foulcs : GeneM.s.^. 
3[ofcpl)toa3in®gvptaIreatic. deut.10.22. 

jl5o\a31cfcp!j oicti $ all !)id bzetljzen, 
nnbtbattobole generation. 


£-Iirael opprefled. Mofcs borne. 



bhn anto pjaraobs Baugbtcr, ana bee toast 
as bee Tonne, anB (be tallea bis name $@o» 
fes,becauCe, taia lljee,3i Bjeto Ijtm out of tlje 
ii C ana in tljofe Bapes, totym Softs' 

b He mcmeih erxeeBtng mlgbrp,fo tbat tbe b lantj toas ful anB Batibet It toltfj flime Jtoitb pitch ,anB 
thecountrcyof of tbem. *> iapoe tlje cljtlac tljecetn, anD put it anions 

Goih<n. • 8 ^bentljercrofebpanetoRingm©* tlje fatilruftes Dpt^r tiuers b,ztiiUc. 

c He conf.dereJ gppt,tolja 'ftneco not Xofeplj. 4 &ovi Ins lifter ftooaatarre off, to tott 

not how God 9 anDIjeefatBantotji3p;o';lc,']3ebolB, toljattooiilfccomcofbim. 
had pnferucd tbe people of r&£ cljiiazcii cf Jjfrscl are area* % C 'SLljen tlje Baugljter of Pjaraoh 
Egyptfurio. terauBiirigljttEctbeiitoe. cameBotone to toaflj bec m tbcriuer, (*ljer 

fephs fake. io Come, let us tuojfce totfelp toitb tbem, maiflens toalfeca bp tlje rtuer fiae:anB toben 

left tljrp multiple, ana it come to pafle tljac fl;ce fato foe atfce anions t&e bulruftjeis , fijee 
if tljcre be toarre, tljcp iopne tljtmfelues al» fent ber maya to fct it. 
fo onto our enemies, anafigbtagainfttts, 6 'Efecn (bee openea it, auBfatoe it teas 
d TntoCanaan, aub d il jet tljeni cut of tbelanB. a cTjilDe: anti bcljolbe^tijc babe tocpt : To (bee 

andfo we (hail n ^ijerefojeBiB tljep fct Cafhc -mailers baB companion on it, ana fava, Fiji's is one 
lofeourcom- oner tbem, to fceepe tbem imBce tottlj bi;r» oftbe Vetoes ehjiajen. 
modicie. aens : ana tbev built tlje ettuspitbom ana 7 "Eljcn fat'ae bis After tonropbaraobs 

(jo^«ei/p8«t Raamfcsfojuljeljtreafurcsofpljacaob. bfliigftter ,<©ball31 goeanBeallrjntotbcea 
of the UnA. 12 But tlje moje tbep ^rea tljcm, tlje jmrfecftbe<£b^to toomen to mttfetbcetfce 

Ii Or,corne and mojC tljf V (IKlICtpItCQ anB gretoC : tUtrcfOje CbilBer* 

promfioH. *t\)v? toere mo^c grteueo againft ttje cbil« 8 anB I3ljaraolj0 Baugljter rapB to ber. 

e The morcthae Bjenofffraei. <5oz. «^o tlje mapBe toent ana callea tbe 

God bieffech bis, 15 GUberefoje tlje Egyptians bp ctrteltic c cbilBs mother, 

themoredoeth catifeB rbc rtjttD^wt ofjfrecl to feciic. 9 "Eo toljom pijarGobsaaugbterfavB, 

the wicked cnuie 14 tiLbus tbep roaBc tljem toearvof tbeir 'Safeetljts cljilfle atoap, ana nnrleitfojiiie, 

diem. lines by fo^e labour in clap ana in tyiefce, ana 31 toillretuaratljee. t&ljen tbetoomau 

ana in all toojke in tbe fielc, tairtj all manec toolte tbe eljiloe ana nurfea bim. 

tEbr.whtremth ofbonaage, *toljtelj tfcey lavise upontljtm 10 0ototbecniloegreto,anaff)ebjongr;t 

thty [erued them- moftCrtiellv. 

feiucsoftbemby 15 €$©o;concrtl)c£itnsof©gppttem' 

crusUte. manaea tlje mtOtotncs of tbe ©tyeto too* 

f rhefe lecme to nien , ( of toljieb tbe ones name toas • <&t)U 

haue bene the pijia6,anD tlje name of tlje ctbecl3nab) 

chiefeofthereft. k 3 ana faioc/caijenpe Doetljeofticcof toas d gci?toen,beetocntfoojtljtouobisb;e 

Wifd.\%.^. amiDtutfeto tlje toomen of tbe dSbictoes, tlj^n,analookeaontIjttrbHraens:airoijee 

(1 Or, feats where- ana fee tbem on cljctr EI ffoolc0, if tc bee a fato an degvprian fmittns an <Ebjeto,one of 

upon they fate m fonne , tbe'n pee Hjall hill Ijhn : bnt if it bee a bis fyetbzeri. 

trautU. asngljter.tbenletljtrliiie. 12 ana See loofcea trotma about,? toljen 

17 j3ottoitljftanoing tbe mtatoiiic's fea« be fato no man, Ije e flcto tbe dfgppttan,ana 
tea (Soa, ana Ota not as tlje King of <Egppt ljia bim m tbe fana. 

eomma'.iaea tbem , but pjefcriua aliue tlje 13 againe bee came fojtfj tljefccona Bap, 

wen cbtlojen. ana beljoiac , ttoo <Ebjttoes ftrouc : ana Ijee 

18 ^Eljen tlje King of (Sgppt calleB fojt tlje faiae unto bim tbat Bia tbe to;ong , C^tre* 
niiatoiiies, ana faiae unto tbem, £Gbp bane fo?e fmiteft tljou tljp felloto? 

pee aone tljiis , ana ijaue pjeierueD aline tlje 14 S«a be anfeoerca , Who maac tljee a 
mcncbiia^enf man of antbontic, ana a tuagc ouerbsf 

10 Sua tlje imiBtohics anftoerca ]3ba- ^Ijtnfeeft tljoii to hillinec, as rhoit htllebtt 

raob, Becaufe tlje <Sb;eto s toointu are not tlje (ggpptian i %Mzn S9cfes f feareB ana 

as tlje toomen of ©gvpt : fo^ tljep are linelv, faia,<£trt£inelp tl;is tfeing islmototn. 

n auB areBeliuetta pec" tlje nuotoife come at i? H5otoI3bacaob beara tbis matter,ana 

tbem. fougbttoflAvgSofesttbci'efo^e JQofesflca 

20 <5oB tljttifojie pjofperea tbe ir.iB' froml3-.atublj, $ auiclt intljelanaof^i* 
toiues , auB tlje people uiiiltiplteo anB toere aian,nua be fate aotone bp a totU. 
Uerpmigbtp. 16 ^nctbel'^ncftofS^mianljaBfeuen 

2t Sua becanfe tlje miBtouies frarea Baugbtcrs,toljicijcair!ra:iBB;tto«a:er,anB 
<Soa,tbtrtfo;e be •> maae tbem Ijoufee. iillca tlje trougbs , fo; to toattr tbeir f.nbcr.s 

22 "Eben pljaraolj cljargea all Ijts peo« (beepe. 
pie, faptn j, Ocuerv man cljtlce tbat is bo^ne, 17 "Eljtn rtje fije pbearBs came anB B^oue 
«caft pee into tlje" rtuer, but refctuseuerp tljcmatoap: but^ofcsroDiipanB {Bcfw 
mapBcljtlceaiiuc. * aeBtljfm,auBtoatere3 tbeir fiiftpe. 

18 ana toben rljcp eamc to Keuel tbcic 
chap. 11. ||fatber,beefaiB,i?otoarepecomefofoontto 

j Mofes is borne and caff into tbe flags. %He Bap i 

i< ta\en vp of Pharaohs daughter & \ept. 1 1 He 10 3113 ftjty fat9 , a ttUlt of ©gppt Bell* 

k}Ueth the Egyptian. 15 Heflecthandmarrieth UCreBDS fromttjt banB Of tlje fijCpljCurBS, 

axvtfi. zi The Jfraektes cry-vttto the Lord. aiiaalfoa;etoCa?U)aterpilOngl), ailS toatC* 

ram, who marled -|- ijen tljcre xuettc a » man of tlje bonft of. reB tlje fijeepe. 
iocbabed.chap. 1 Lent,? toefce to wife aaaugbterofLcutf 20 'JELben bee fat'Be Unto ljt2( aaugbtersf, 
«.io. 2 anB tlje tooman conceiueaanabarea anBtobcreisljeef tol;p Ijsne pee fo left tbe 

Uum.i6 $9. foir-c: ana toben fl;ee fato tljatlje toas faire, martfEeallfetmtbatbcniapeateb.zeaa. 
i.c*ro«.2j.ij. *ujeljtaijImti)?ccmonttljsf. 21 anBSlSofesagrccBtottotll toitljtfce 

*(5fi 7 .io. 3 H5i\t toljen ftcc coul3 no longer biBe manttobo gancUnto i^ofe? ?ippo?aljbi5 

bebr.n^i. ijim,uje tpofe?fci?i)imauarfeemjdcofrecac aangbter, 

22 AnB 

b Committing 



whom (he could 




c ManseounfeU 
cannot hinder 
that, which God 
hath determined 
{hall come to 

g Their difobe- 
dience herein 
their dilTcmblin 

h That is.God 
increafed the fa- 
milies of the If- 
raelites by their 
i When tyrants 
cannot preuaile 
by craft, they 
brail forth into 
open rage. 

a TbisLeuite 

was called Am 

d Tbatis,wa» 



X Ebr.tbut and 

e Being allured 
that God had ap- 
pointed him to 
deliuet the Ifrae- 
lites, A&s.j.i$> 

f Though by his 
faith coucrcd it, 

(|0r, frintt. 

t Ebr. fiued 

P Or,grand- 

g Wherein he 
declared a thank- 
full mitide,uhicb 
would recom ■ 
penfe the hentfic 

God appeareth to Mofes. 


m. mi, 

Gods name. 23 


h God bumbleth 
his by aflifiionj 
that they fliouUl 
crie vnco him,& 
receiue the fruit 
i He iudged their 
cau(e or acknow- 
ledged them to 
be his. 

I0r,farre within 

the defert, 

a It was (o called 

after the Lawc 


b Called alfo 


^tiii 7. jo. 

c This fignifieth 
that the Church 
is not confumed 
by the fire of af- 
God is in the 
mids thereof, 
d Whom he cal- 
led the Angel, 
verfe a. 
e Refigno thy 
felfe vp to me, 
Ruth 4.7. 
iofh.J. 1 J. 
f Becaufe of my 
Mauh.n. 31. 
g For (inne cau- 
feth man to feate 
b Whofe cruelty 
j Moft plentiful 
ef all things. 

k H e heard be- 
fore,hut now lice 
would teuengc it. 

1 He doetb not 
fully difobey 
Ged,but ac- 
krtowlcdgeth his 
owne weaknelTe. 
m Neither fearc 
Thine owne 
weakenes, nor 
Phatoabi tyran- 

22 gnu njcefiatcafoitHC, *boljorc name 
ht calico ©erujom: fojhefayO,31ljauebene 
a Granger in a ftrange lano. 

2? W)ti\ in pjoceife of time , tlje Etfng 
of^gvptoico, anO tbe cljilojen of 31ftrarl 
figbeo foj tlje bonOage ano b crteO:anO tljcic 
trie fe;t tlje bonOage came bp bnto ©00. 

24 '5Ll)en©oObearOrl)ctrmone, $©o0 
rememtyeo bis conenant tomb, atyabam, 
3j|ljafc,an0 3laa&ob. 

2^ <S>o©oo loofceo bpon tbeebilo;enof 
3jfrael> ano ©00 « Ijad refpect bnto tbem. 


1 Mofes\eepeth fheepe , and God appeareth 
vntobimtnabufh. 10 Hee fendethhimtodeh- 
uer the children oflfracl. 1 4 The name of God, 
1 4 God teacheth him what to doe. 

Wtyen S©ofes Kept the fljeep of3fctlj;o 
bis father iq lan>, ©Heft of STStoian, 
ano Ojoue the floefce to tlje u baefcefioeof tbe 
D:fert,anD came to tlje » mountatne of©oO> 
b t?o;icb, • 

2 'Cljeji tlje 9ngel of tlje LojO appeared 
bnto I)tm in * a flame of fire,out of tbe mios 
of a « bulb, : ano bee loosen, ano bcboio, tbe 
butt) toitlj tire, ano tlje bull) teas not 

3 Eberefoje^ofesfayOe,3!toillturne 
afioe nutu, ana fee tbisgreat ugljt , boljy tlje 

4 ano mhen d tlje LojO fato tbat bee tut' 
n:0 auoe to fee ,©oO calico bnto bjm out of 
tbemtoocsof fbebuflj, anO faioe , $9ofes, 
£j3o(es. ano be anftuerco , 31 am bere. 

5 t£ben be fayo , (Some not bitber, ' put 
tby ftjooes off tby feete : foj tbe place tober c* 
»ntljouftanOeltts fholya;rounO. 

6 <30o;teoucrbefaio, *3]amflje©o0of 
tby fatber,tbe ©oo of abialjam, tljt ©oo of 
3!?ljalt, ano tbe ©oo of Jlaabob. Wbtn $0o-- 
fes bio ijts face ; fo^Ijc toas s afraio to loofte 
Upon <©oo. 

7 C&bentljcLojoefaio, 3lbanefiire« 
Iv fcene tbe trouble of mv people , tebtcb are 
iit <Cgvpt,anO bane beafo t^eir crp , becaufe 
of tbeir h taft«maaew:fo?31 Hnoto tbett To;* 


8 'Eberefoje 31 am come Ootone to Oeli* 
tier tbcm out of tbe bano of tlje Cgj»y tians, 
anotobnng tbem out of tljat lano into a 
goooiano^alarge, intoalanotbacflotu* 
etb njitb mtl&e ano ljonle,euen into tlje place 
oftbe©anaanitC0,anO tlje l?tttites(,ano tlje 
amontes, anotbeJ3eri?5ite0, anOtljeipb 

k ano nott loe, tbe crie of tbe cljtio^cn 
of jfrael ist come bnto mee, ano 31 bane alfo 
fecne ti)t oppjelfion , ttujeretoitb tlje ffig^p* 

io Come noto tljerefo;e, ano 31 toill feno 
tljee bnto Pbaraolj, tbat tboti mapeft bn'ng 
m? people tljecbUfljenof afracl out of ©« 

ii (D5ut 9@ofe3farObnto ©oO, £&ho 
tbat 31 (boulo tying fije cljiio^tn of 3lfracl 

12 ano be anfttcreO, m ffimahitly 31 toil 
be toitb tbee i ano tljis (ball be a token nnto 
tUec,:i)at3l ijati; fcut tljee , afce f tljat tijou 

baft b^ougljt tlje people out of ©gpuc,ye Ibal 
feme ©so upon tljigmountatne. 

13 "Eben^ofes faio bnto ©oO^ebolo, 
when 31 ujallcomebntotbecbilo;cnof3[fra» 
el,ano (ball fav bnto tbem^be ©oB of pom: - 
fatbe w Ijatlj lent mcc bnto pou : if tlje? faj 
bnto me, ffilbat to Ijig finmti tu&at fljall £ 

14 anO©oOanftnereO?l9ofc», 1 ■ am n The God 
that 1 am. aifo bee faio , 'Ebusi djalt whicI » hauc eu «t 

tljOU faptjnto tbe CbilO^tcn Oflftacl > 1 AM been,am,and 
bat^fentmeblUOVOU. * fha!be;theGod 

1^ anO©oOfpahefurtberbnto S0ofe;3, Almighty, by 

W)\\3 fi)alttbOUfapbntOtljCCbil02enof3!f» vvhome all thing! 

rael, %\& llo^Oe ©00 of yourfatbers, tbe haue thcir bcin 8* 
©00 of ab^aljam , tlje ©00 of 3 jbab , anO a nd the Cod °? 
tbe©oOof31aafeobbatbfentmec untopou: mercie^indfuil. 
tljisismp 0amefo<t euer,anO tljw is my ofmypromife, 
meino^iall bnto all ages. ReueLi ,4.- 

16 ©oeanOgatljertbe<Eloer$of Jfrael 
togetber,anO tbou (bait fay bnto tbem, %\)t 
JLo^o ©00 of your fatbers , tbe ©00 of a« 
b<iabam , 3!?bafe , ano 3!aaHob appearco bn« 

to mee, ano faio, * 31 bane furely remem» X^ 
b;eO you , ano tljaxU)ljic|) is Ooue to you m *«»* vifited, 

17 'Eberefye 31 oio fay, 31 toill tying you 
out of the affliction of <£gypt bnto tbe lano 
of tbe ®auaanites(,anO tlje H?ittites,an0 tbe 
a mo;ites ano the U3eri??f tcs , anO tbe li?i* 
tutes , anotbcjiebufnes, bnto a lano tljat 
flolnctlj toitlj milRe ano Ijouie. 

18 Ebenfijalltbey obey tby boice, ana- 
tljou ano tbe OPlOcrs of 3ifrael (ball gobRto- 
tlje King of <Egypt,auO fay bnto btm , "Ebe 

MO ©00 of tlic (ZEb^etocs Ijatlj ll met toitb \\Or,tfftared 
bs: bjeepw tbe notutbercfo,ie, letbsgoe ww. 
ttyecDaycsiourncyintbtbJilocrncire, tbat ° Eecaufe Efypt 
toe may ° facriflcc bnto tlje Lo;0 our ©00. w * fu ^ °f idoi»- 
10 C^But 31 fcnotoe tbat tlje fting of <E« ^ie, God would 
gypt toill not let you goe, but b^ ftrong appoimthema, 

IjanO. . place where they 

20 "Cberftyc toil 31 ff rctcb out mine Ijanb ftouW f« r w bim 
ano finite ©gypt tuitb all my toonOers, P ur «'y« 
toIjiclj3itoilOoeintbemioocs tbereof;aim P Thisexampic 
after tljat (ball be let you goe. ^ay n° l be foi- 

21 anOSitoillmaKetljtspeopletobe fa- lowed generally 
uourco of tbe (Egyptians: fo tljat tobenyee tboughatGodi 
goe yce fijall not goe emptie. commaundtment 

22 p*JFo;euerytoomanfijaIl afkeof Ijer they did it iuftiy, 
neigljbour , ano of berH tbat foiournerb in- receiuingforae, 
Ijerijoufe, ieinels of flluer, ano icUjcIs of rrcqmpenfe of, 
golo, ano rayment, ano ye njall put tfjem on thei ' r labours, 
your fonnes,ano on your Daughters, $fljall chap. 11, a. and 

1 j.j j. j 

\\0i ,rn rvhofe 
boitfe fkee fo* • 

Ipoilc tbe (Egyptians. 

CHAP. I 1 1 1. 
J Mofes red is turned intoaferpent. 6 His 
hand is Itf-nuu 9 The water of the riuer is tur- 
ned into blood, 14 ^4a*on is giuen to he Ipe Mo- 
fes. a 1 God hardeneth Pharaoh. 15 Mofes- 
wife cirmrncifeth her fonne, 27 ^4aronmeeteib' 
with Mifes^and they come to tbe Jfraehtes , and 
are beleeued. 

T$en agofcsanfojeircD, ano fapO , a 15nt a-God beamh • 

loetbcptoillnotb:leeuemee, uojbear* with Mofes 

henbntomynoyce: fojfbcy toill fay,. 'vJLIje doubting, be. 

£,o;o batlj not appeareo unto tbee. caufe hce was no? 

2 anO t^t £.0,iOc faiO bnto btm , C&ljat altogether with 

is tbat int[;iuebanO,'^uObeeanfa3ereo,a outtattrw. 

ST- 'SIjck- 


Mofes handleprous. 

Exodus. Zipporah circumcifeth her foiine# 

b This power to 
worke miracle* 
was to csnfitme 

3 t£bCK&iObee,&3ttttontbegtounn. fata to 90ofe*,0eefn peace. 

^j>ol)c caft it on tbegeotiHa^ann it toas tuc- ig (JFojttbe&ojOebaofaiObnto $©afes 

ned into a fecpent : ann $9 ofes Hen from it. in ^i5ian,©oe, tctutne to ffigppt: fo? tbep 

4 againe,tbeLojnciatotmto8sJoft3> ace all neantoljtcbt toent about to kiltljee) Wr. fought tip 
Putfowtljtbinebann, ana tafce it bptljc 20 ^ben$©ofestoo&cbi3tolfe,anDbte p>uu. 

taplc. 'Cljen be put fojtb bte bann ? caHgljt formes, ann t put tbem on an afle , ann re- %et>. cau/idthm 

it, aim ttjraas turned into a ronoe in bis tutnen totoacn tt>c lann of (ZEgppt , ana tonde, 

IjaiJO. $0Ofe0tOOUetbe HOODe Of <£>£>£> in ^W b Whereby he 

5 Doe this , b tbat tbep map belecue tbat bann. wrought the mi- 
tbe Lojo <&oH of tbeir father's , tbe <$9n of 21 ann tbe tojb fain bnto $f?ofest,a2Sbcn racks, 
aujabam, tbe <$on of jjbaS, ann tbe (Son tbou act cnttea ann come into <£gppt a» 

hit doftrinc , and ofaaa&ob batb appeacen fcnto tbee. 

game, fee tljat tf?ou Doe all tlje toonacts be* 

|| Or,whiti at 

toaffurchim of 6 caun tbe tojse fapn fnrtbetmo;te fo^cPbataob, tobtclj 31baueput in tbtne 

his vocation, bnto l)im , 'Cljttitt notoe tbtne bann into baun • uut 3! toill » bacnen bis beact, ano be ' B y retaining my 

tbpbo&me. ann bee tbmll bis bann into (ball not let tlje people goe._ fpint, and ddiue- 

btsbofcmcanO toben bee toofce it out a- 22 %%tvi tljou tljalt fap to Pbacaolj, ring him vntos*. 

g»inc,beb^e,bWbanQtoa? || lCp20llj? a? ^bU3faitlj,tbCltO?D,:$fcaelmnpamtte,euen tan to encreafc ' 
fnoto. nip k ficft UOjUie. his malice. 

7 £5?o;teouet: befatn, pit tbine bann tn« a a&berefoje3iraptotbee,lUtmpronne k Meaning mod 
totbpbolbmeagame. <§>o bee put bis bann goe,tbatbemapferuemee} if tbon cefufe to deare vmo him. 
into Ins bofome againc, ant) pluekt it out of let bim goe , bebolDe , 31 toill tjay etjp fonne, 

bis bofcme,anDb£boin,it toas turnen again euen,tbpfir(tbo?ne. 

33 bis other fleib. 24 C ann as bee teas bp tbe toap in tlje 

8 <£>o Ojall it be, if tbep toill not belceue 3lmtc,tbcIlojametbtm, aria'bwulabaue l God punned 
jl Or, the wordet trjcc,«£tc^cto&ep ntlje t)otce of t^e ficlt Csne, fcillenbtm. him with ficknes 

confirmed by the pet (ball rtjtp belecue taj tbeboiceof tbe fe* 2? ^benjtppo^ljtoo&eafljarpeluufe, fornegie&ing 

firjijtgne. co-nb figue. ano m cut atoap tlje fojeffcinne of bee fonne, hisfaenmeut. 

isutiftbeptotll Hotpetbcleeuetbcft anDcaaitatljisfeet,anDfatu, , EljonaKtn mihisaaewas 

ttoo fignes , ncitbec obep totto tty bopce, beeb ablooDp butbanbbntome. extraordinary-, 

tbcnujalttboutabeof tljc«toatccof toeri* 26 <®o|lbeDepacteDfrombtm.i;benfbe forMofeswas . 

uer>anBpoto?eitDp0ntljeB;tplanD: Co tbe faps,^)blooDpbufbanb(becaufeoftbecit;* rote(icke,and 

toatec tobicb tbou fljalt tafee out of tlje ri<= cuinctfion.) God euen then 

ucr, (ball bee turned to bloouupon tbctyie 27 CC^etitbetomfaiDbntoaacott^o requiredic 

c Becaure thefe 
three fignes 
(hould be fuffici" 
cnt wicnefles to 
ptone that Mofes lanD. 

(hould dfliuer 
Gods people. 
XEbrJitcatie of 

Mattb. 10.19. 

]]Of, mlniflery, 
-d That is,of the 
Meffias : or fome 
other, that is 
more meete 
then I. 

e Though wee 
iuftly to anger, 

meet ^pefes in tbe totlDccnes. ana be totnt \\or,the Angrf. 

10 CBut^ofesfaibbntotbelo^^b ano nut bun in tbe limountof ©ob,anb [\Or t Hwb, 
tnp Ho*D,3! am not eloquent, t nettbec at a* lutfeQ btm. 

np time haue been,no? pet lince tbou ball fpo • 28 "Eben $©oft» tola aacon all tbe toojbs 
benbntotypfecuant: but lam tttotoeof oftbeto;b, tobo ban lent bim, ano all tbe 
fpeecb,ami Soto of tongue. ugne$ tobecetoitb be ban cbacgeD bim. 

n 'Eben tbe lofo fain bnto bbn > 2Jttbo 29 C^a toent S©ofejsanD aacon, ami 
Ijatbgiuentbemoutbtoman? o^tobobatb gatbereb alltljeClDewof tbe cbtlojten of 
mane tbeflumbe, ojit&encafe, ojbimrbat jrcael. 
feetb,o^tljeblinnf bauenot3! tbe iLojtnf 30 anoaacontoin alltbetoo^nsf, tobicb 

12 'Ebecefo^egoe uoto , aun * 31 toillbee tbe !Lo?nban fpokeR^ntd$@ofes , ano Ijet 
toitljtbpmoutb> ano toill teacbtbeetoljat bin tbe micacle0 in tbe figbt of tbe people, 
tbou (bait Cap. 51 ano tbe » people beleeueO, ano toljen n So that Mofes 

£? TSutbefatOiSDbmp&otfijfenOJpja}? tbep beam tbat tbe Lojine bao bifiteotbe had now experi- 
tbee,bptbeyUannofhim,tob<3nttbott d ujonl« cbtln^en of 3!frael , ano ban loo&cnupon cnceofGods 
neftfena. tbetctcibulation, tbep botoebbotone, ana promife, that hec 

14 "Eben tbe Ho^ntoas e becvangcp toitb toojfljtppeb. 
$@ofes,auo faine> Doe not 31 fcnoto aarsn 

tbpb?otljectbeiLeuite,tbatbebimfelfe(ball CHAP. V. 

fpeakef fO?loe, beetOmmetbalfofOO^tbtO 1 "Mofes and Uuon doe their mcfiage to Vha* 

meete tbce,anotobenbeereetbtbee,beetoiU raob,whoiettethnot the people of jfraei to de- 
bt glaO in bt3 beatt. fart, but oppnffeth themmore anitnore. 20 They 
1% "EbetfOje tbOU (bait fpeake bntO bim, cry oufvpon Mofes & Aaron therefore, and Mo- 
yet willhc."neuer aun f puttbetoOjtoejSm bWmOUtb, ann 31 fescompUinetbtoGod. 

reiea bis. totl be toitb tbp moutb.ann toitb hi9 moutb, T-itjen aftcctoatn $©ofcs ano aacon toent 

(hould hace 

f Thou n«lt in- ann toill teacb poti tobat pe ougbt to Doe. 

ann fapn to > Pbacaob > kbit's faitb tbe a Fa"h ouetcom« 

ftrufthimwhat 16 annijeelballbe tbpfpokcfinantontB lejO@oDof31frael,IUtmp people goe, tbat methfearc,and 

tofay tbe people: anb bee (ball be, euen ^ee (ball be tbep map b celebrate a fcaftDntomee in t&e makethmen 

as tbp moutb > ann tbou ujalt bee to fyim a? toiloecnefle. bold in their vo- 

chaf.f.i. *g(Son. 2 annpjaeaobfa?o,£®bot3tbc3La2n, cadon. 

g Meanings a 17 $0o?eoucctbou(balt tafce tbisconne tbat3Ifijouinbeacebisi3opcc,anniet3Iira« bAndofferfa- 

wifecounfciier, in tbinebann,tobecetoitlj tbou (bait to mi* el goe? 3! knoto not tijeLo^n, neitbec toill 3J crificc, 

sndfuiiof Gods racle*. - . let3ifratlgoe. 

Spirit. 18 C&becefoje 5©ofc£! toent ann cetm> 3 ann tbep fapn, iiaaietoojftjip tlje ©on \\or,G*dbak 

nen to 3Ietb?olji3fatljec in lato,ann fain bit- oftbel^cb^etoesc toeep^iaptbee, letusgoe metvs. ■ 

tobfm, 3 pw tbee let me goe, ann cctucne tb?ee napes isnenep in tbe nefect, ann facet* 

Wrykinsfolf^ and to mp || bjtetb^cn , tobicb ace in (Kgppt , ana fice bnto tlje !Ltwn our ©on , left t Ijec b^ing $Ebr. left he meet 

iwgfi. fee. tobetbtt tbej 1% r« alius. TOn 31?tb;a bpjn bj8i tb? peftrtejicc 0? Ctoo^n, w w»h &$*. 

4 'Cbsn k*ct. 

Greater taskes layd on the Ifraelites. Chap.v). God proniifeth deliuerance# 


e As though yc 

would rcbell. 

rl Which were 
ofthc Ifraelites, 
and had charge 
to fee chem doe 
% Ebr.yeUerd.ay 

t The more cru- 
elly chat tyrants 
uue.the neerer 
i OfMofcsand 

i Ekr.the wor\t 
ef a day in bit 

4 'Efeen fafoe tbe Ring of ©gppe bnto 23 Sop fince 3! came to pjarcofj to fpeake 

tbern, 9&ofes ana aaron, tubp caufe pee tbe in tbp 0amc,be batlj bcjceB tt)t^pecplc,anD 

people to ceafefromtbetrtoojkes; get pou pet t&an Ijatt not Beltuetea tijy people, 
to pour burdens. 

<j 19naraobfatBfurtbermoje,TBcIjiBe, . c H,.A'P. vi. 

tnneb. people is now in c^e lana, $pee c make ■".'<- 

tbemleailCtbeirblirBcnS. 3 GodremtethbU promife 

6 'E&mFojeP&araOljgaueeemmanUe* efthelfmetites. 9 JAofesjpea^ethtothe Jfrae- 
tneHt tljC fame Dap DntOtl)e'3Latiie-niattet0 foes, but they beleeuebimnot. 10 Mofesani 
OftljepeopMnDtOtljCirdOfftCCr&faptng, ^iaronarefentagameteThawh. 14 The ge- 

7 Pti fijall gitte tljC people J10 mO,te nedogie of 'Reuben , Simeon, and Leia, of whtnt 

ftraU),to make tyicke ( tas tn time pall) but came JHefet and ^iarcn, 

lettljemsoeanBgatber tljcm tttatu tijem» 

feints. *x l£en tbe LojB faiBe into ggjofes, U5oto 

8 jRottoitljffauBtng lap bpon tbern t&e 1 irjalttboufet&i£at3totll BofcntoPba* 
number of tyicke, tnhicljtljep mane in time raob:fo;ibpaftrongljanBfi)allbeelcttrjcni 

paft, Bimtmftjnotljmgtbereoftfejtljcpbee goe,ana teuen be conUratneB to Djlue tljewi (iron? 

IBICjtberefojetbcpcrp^aving^ttbSgoeto out of bis lana. hand & 

offer facri6cebntoour<SoB. 2 $9o;tcoucr, £>oa fpake Unto £)3ofcs> 

9 e Lapmo ( teruo^kcD|5ontIjcmcn,ana anafaiabntoljtm,3lamrbeLo;ta. 

catife tljem to aoe tt,anB let tljcm not rcgara 3 ana 3! appearea vuto atyaliam, to 31? • 

f iV.lUCU)OjBS. . I)ak,auato3!aakObbpthenameofBaimigD* Wr t aU ruffcitat. 

10 CEbcn tocnttbe Ualke-mafters of tte<$oB:bntbpmpname a 3!ebonaba}as3] a whtrebyhe 
tlje people, ana tfjn'r officers out , ana tsiae not knotuen into tljem. flanifieth that he 
toe people, raping, ^busfaitb,l]3&ataa!j,3l 4 furthermore as 3! maBempCEouenant wiiiparformein 
luill giue pen no moje Arab), tomb rljem to giue tljcm tbe lana of Cana* dced,that which 

n ©oe pout feints, get pou arato) tobere an, tbelanaoftbeir pilgrimage , nujetein hepromiiedto 
yz can linae it, pet fijall nothing of pour la» tljep toere (trangers: their fathers: for 

5 <©o3iljancaUbbcara tlje stoning of this Name decla- 
re cbtltyen of Ji'rael , tohom ttje <£gppti« r «h that he is 
ans keepe in bonaage, ana baue rememtyea confiant.and will 

mpffioiieiiant. perforraehis 

6 caberefoje fap tbou bnto tbe tbilBjen promife. 


12 ^entneret^e people feattrea abjoaa 
ttjOiiotoont all tl)tlauDot"©gppt, fo^toga» 
ttjer aubblc in rteaa of ttrato. 

15 9na tlje 'Eafke-maftcrs ijattca tl>em, 
Taping, ^tniHj pour aapes too^ke 4 euerp of^fracl, 3Iamtbeto^D, ana 31 uull tying 
aape5ta(ke,a0YedidajbcnpecJ]3ai!ratoj. you out from tlje buraena of tlje ©gpptt* 

14 ana tbebtftcets of tfjecbilo^eitof31f> ans, ana toill Bcliuer ypn out oftljeirbon- 
racl,rjoljicljpjarr^I))S'^afke-mallersljaa oage, ana WM receemepeu tnaftrettljea 

feioucr tbcin, tocre beaten, ana aemanDea, out a"rmr,ana tn great |j tiiBgements, lOrjkgutu 

C&bercfoje tjaue pee not fulflllea pour tafke 7 aifo 31 tuill b take pou fo; mp people, b He mcaneth, 

mmakingb^ckepcfteraapanateaapjasut ana totll bee pour <£5oB: tl3enpecfl;allknoaj astonehingthe 

times patt; tljat 31 toe Lo;a pour <Soa bang pou out outward vocacU 

1^ C^tcnttjeoftlecrsoftlje cljiia^en of fromtbeburaenscftte^gppttaus. onubedignitie 

3fcael came, ana erteauntopijaraorj, fap> 8 ana 31 frill tying pou into t'oe lana whereof they loft 

ing , &ll)ercfo;te aealcft ttou tljus toitlj tbp tol)irlj 31 X ftuarc tfeat 3 troKia giue to atya* afterward by 

ferttanta * Ijam, to 3)?I)ak, ana to 3Iaakeb , ana 3! trill their rebellion: 

16 "Ebctets no flratoe giuen totljpfcr« gmettanto pcufo^ apoifeflion : 31amtbT butasforeicfli"- 

nants, ana tbep fap unto us , $©ake tyickc: Lojta, on ro life taeria 

Wr^thy people analoe, tfepfcrHaius arc beaten, anBBtijp € ^o SSofes toIBe tlje cijila;en of 3!f« firng,icisimniu- 

the Sfvptianj are People i0bl3!UeB. tatl tljU0: but tljtp beatkencB « not DntO table. 

Uthefhuit. . 17 'Butbcefaia,tPtear2toomuerjiDle: SBoftsj , fo^ansuitlj of fyirit ana fo; cxutll xEtr.itftvpmjte 

tEbr.'idleveare t&crefo;epce tap, Let wgoetooffcrfactifice bonaage. hand, 

idle, totbeLo^a. 10 'Cijcntlje ilo?a fpakc bnto$!3ofe0, c soharda 

18 ©otljcrcfo;cnoijandtoojike:fc^t!)cre faplng, thingitistoDjew 

fijallnoftrati)beguienpou,pet ujallpcacli' n <3ot fpeake to P^araoo iStng of €5- trueobedimee 

tier the toljole tale of tylcke. gppt, tljat focelet tljec^tlDiienof^lraelgoe voder the crofib. 

iO Chen tlje oSiecra of tfce tl)tia;en of cut of fits laua. d or,barbarows 

\OrM\ed[adon 31ftraci |j fato t^cmfelite0 tn an euill cafe, be» 12 13m S©ofes fpake before tlje Lc^jfap» andrjudein 

them, which [aid. caufe it tuas faiB, pe fljall aimiiud) nothing ing.'B cljalo, t&e tljila^n of 31frael l;earlu4i fpeech : and by 

ofpourbncke,norofeuerpBa?es tafke. uctnntomcybotutljeunjamiaijaraob^tare th;'s«ord(vncir- 

20 C ana tjjev met i^ofes ana aarow, mc,toi)icbamof d fencircumc;ftDlrp0? eumcifedjisfig-, 
*ReadeGene. tobice ffooB in tljetr teiap as tlje? cameout 1? 'SLbcntbeLo^fpakcuntoSgofesana nified the whole 

34.30. frompijaraeij, bntoaaron,ana cbargcB tbcm w goe to the corruption of 

g itisagrieuous 21 'Eotorjom tljep fapB, ^ijeLoAaiooke cljiia?enef3fraeI,anatol9ljaraol) Singef mansj>atu*e, 

thing to the fer. bponpou ana iuBge : foivee bane maae our ®gppt,to tying tbccljtia^en of 3[fcacioiuof e ihisgencaio- 

uantsofGod,to fauoiirto*Hiuke before pijaraobana before tlje lanD of <£gpyt. gitdiewethof 

beaccufedof {jis feruants, in tljat pee bane e put a feo^D 14 CT'&bcfe bee tlje « b^as oftIieirfa« whomMofes. 

euiii.efpecialiy in tljetr banB to flap bs. tljeta bouies ; tlje* ibune3 of Senbcn tlje end Aaron tame, 

of thdr brethren, 22 cUHhercfojte $8otes rttumea to tSe firltbomcof31fraclare ipanodjanB^ailu, Gexe.46 9. 

when they doc £<o;ta ana faiB , Lojb, tobp baft tljou affltc* i^ejron ana (Earim : tbefe arc tlje families »assi,2<s,j. 

asthcirdtietic tCB tljiS PCOple i tOljerefO^ Ijaft t&,0.U t&US OfUeuben. itchton.5.^ 

rec-uircth. feutme? is *aifPt5c-fo:ine*of§tmcc«i3lEn'.urt¥ i.a™.^4, 


jJJfwhat ftocke Mofes and Aaron came. Exodus. 

The j^rft plague of Egypt. 

3!amin,ana ©haa, anti 31acljtu, anu 5oac, 

ana <©ljaul the Tonne of a ffiawaamtiuj too* 
man t tljefe ace tbe famtltes of Simeon. 

16 C* Wfe alfo arc thenanwof the 
Tonnes of Hem in tbeir generation© :©et» 
fljon $ Kohatb, ana £©erari (ana the peered 
ofthe life of Leui were an Ijunajea f tfcirtie 
ana fcuen yeere.) 

17 'Ehc funnel of ©erfijon, wercjUbnt 
ana ^>bimi by their famtiie0. 

18 * ana tlje fonnejor of isobath , amram 
ana 3!?bar, ana ipebjon, ana Q??iel, ( ana 
ftohstijitucaanbunajca thirtie ana thjee 

19 aifo the Tonnes! of 90erart were $©a» 
halt ana mm: thefe are tlje families of If 
ut by tljetr fcinreas. 

20 * ana amram tooUe Sloe^ebeti ht'0 
£ fathers filler to 610 Urife , ana the barehim 
aaron ana $©ofi>0 ( ana amram liuea an 
fwntyeB thirtie ana TeHen yeere.) 

21 C alfo the Tonnes oHljbar: 1 'fto;ta&, 
forbidden, Leuit. ana jf5epheg,ana ^ichji. 

22 ana the Tonnes of <Hjjiel : tfPtfijael, 

23 ana aatou toofce<Elifijeba aaugbtee 
ofiamminaaal), Tiller of jaahafbon to W 
toife, Urijich bare him jRaaab ana a&tbu, 

24 aifo tbe Tonnes of JKojah : aiTir, ana 
©Ikanab.ana abiafaph : theTe ars the ftuni* 
lies of thelites. 

2? ana Q£ lea? ar Sarong Tonne toofce him 
oncoftbeaaughtcrsof jputielto bisurifr, 
tohicb bare bun * Pbiueljas : thefe are tlje 
Wincipall father* of the Leuttetftljojotoout 
tljetr families. 

26 WitCt are aaron 9 2®oTe0 to tohom 
the Loja Tata, TBjing tlje rbtiajen of airael 
out of tlje lana of (Egypt , aceojaing to tljetr 
k armies. 

27 TOTe are tljat $0oTes ana aaron, 
tobich Tpake to Pharaoh King of <Egypt, 
that they might bring the chiia^cn of 3iTrael 
out of (Egypt. 

„ 28 c ana at tljat time tohen tlje Loja 
Tpake unto $®ofes in the iana of (Egypt, 

29 aaijen tbe Loja,i fay, Tpafce Unto $9o- 
Tea, Taying,3 am the iloja, Tpeafee thou unto 
Mor« and of the Pharaoh thefting of (Egypt all tbat 31 Tap 

people flieweth mitotbee, 

that their deiiue- ?o ttben $9oTe0 fatOe befoje the JLo^a, 
tance came oneiy TSeljoiae.aam of ' tmcircumctfea lip0, ana 

* Nam 3.17. 
and 2 1 . 6. 
f For he was 42 
yeere old.when 
he came into E- 
gypt,and there 
Num. 16. 57. 
and. 23,6, 

Chap. 2. 2. 
num 26.59. 
g Which kindc 
of manage was 
after in the Law 

h Mofestmdhe 
were broi hers 
children, whole 
rebellion was 
punifhed, Numb 

i Who was a 
prince of Iudah, 


\ For their fa- 
milies were To 
great,that they 
might be com- 
pared to armies. 

I Thedifobedi 
enccboth of 

of Gods free 

hoto ujall pbaraolj Ijeare me i 


3 GodbttrdeHetbPbaraohs heart. 10 Mofes 
and*Aaroit doe tbe miracles of the ferpent ^and 
the blood jind Pbaraahs forcerers doe the U\e 

|| Or,a God tt nptpen the Loja Taia to S©oTc0,T5ehoiae,3I 
Pbaraob- 1 hauemaaetbeelipijaraolj0" <Soa,ana 

a ihauegiuen aaron tljy brother (hall y be tbvP^opljet. 
thee power &au- 2 "^Drjoti fljalt Tpcake all tljat 3J coinman- 
thorky to fpcake aeD thee: ana aaron tljy dottier fijall Tpeafce 
in my Name, and l)nto|0baraol),thathee furTectljecrjtlD^cn of 

j|' to execute my 
judgements vpon 

fir thee (before 
Tbaraoh ) 

3|feael to goe out of his lana. 

5 TBut 3 brill Ijaraen Pharaolj0 heart, 
ana multiply my miracle? ana my toonatw 
in tbe lana of (Egypt. 

4 ana pijaraolj (hall nothcarften im« 
to yon, tljat 31 map lay mine bana&pon©* 

gypt, snaking out mine armie?, cuenmy 
people, the cljila^en of JTrael out of the lana 
of 0£gypt,by great »> iuagement0. 

<» "Ehen the Egyptian? lhall fenoto that 
31 amttje ioja, toyenj ttretch fbo^th w 
hanahpon€gvpt, ana tying out tlje cbjl» 
a^en of 3Ifrael from among them. 
• 6 &o ^oftsana aaronaia a0 tlje Lo^a 
commanaea them,euen To aia they. 

7 ( Bo\a fflsUs tuas c fourefca;e yeere 
oiae,ana aaron fourcTeo^te ana tb?ee, xol)m 
tljey TpafeehntoPharaob) 

8 4[anatijeLo^ahaaTpoftenimtoiJ0o» 

O 3!f Pbaraolj tpeafte imto you, Tayfng, 
<&UXtiZ a miracle fo; you, tljen thou lhalt 
Tay unto aaron, 'Eafeetljy roa , ana call it 
before Pbarao5,and it (hall bee turned tnto a 
j| ferpent. 

10 C&h«ttoentfj©oTe0 ana aaron tm« 
to Pharaolj , aua ata euen as the iio^a baa 
commanaea j ana aaron cad foo^th bis roa 
befo^ePbaraoh ana before his Teruant0,ana 
it U)30 turned into a Terpeut. 

11 'Ebtu Pbaraolj callea alTo fo; tlje VuiTe 
men, ana d loiterers r ana thole cbarmer0 
alfo of (Egypt aia tnlt&emaner touh tljeir 

12 JFoj tljey cart aotone euery man h(0 
roa,ana they loere turned mto Terpents : but 
aarons roa aeuourea their roas. 

. 13 «©o Pharaoh? heart i»a0 haracnea, 
ana be hearlteuea not to tljem , a$ the Lo;a 

J4 CEfec^a thenTaiaetjntoS0ofe0, 
Pbaraob0 heart is H ob(linate,lje refuTetlj to 
let the people goe. 

1? <£>otmto Pbaraolj in t(jC, 
he brill come fo^tlj tmto tlje tuater ) ana tljou 
(halt ttana $ meet him by the e rinew tylnk, 
ana the roa , toljich luas tumea into a fer» 
pent,fljalt tljou take in thine hana. 

16 ana thou (halt Tap tmto him, ©fee 
Ho;a 60a of tlje Ii?etyetoe0 Ijatlj Tent me tin* 
to tljer,Taying, Let my people goe, that tljey 
may Terue me in tlje tmiaemeltetana beljoia, 
hitherto thou toouiaeft not ijeare. 

17 'EIjm Tayeth the Lo^a , 3I« tht'0 Hjoa 
njalt ftnotu that 31 am the Lo;a : beljoiae , 3j 
toil finite Uritb tlje roa that is in mine hana, 
bpon tlje toater tbat is in theriuer, ana tt 
fljalbe turnea to blooa. 

18 anathefifljtbatisinthe riutr, fball 
ale, ana the rmer fijall itinftr, ana It (hall 
II gritue tte (Egyptian? to ajtinfce of the b)a» 
tcr of the riuer. 

10 C ^e Lo?a then fpafce tofj©efe0, 
<S)ay bnto aaroiVEafce tljy roa.ana ftretrrj 
out thine Ijana oner the Uiatcr? of ©gypt, 
cuertbeirftreame?, ouer their riuera, ana 
oner tljeir pouaes, ana once all poo(e0 of 
tljetr matcr0,ana tljey fijall bee t blooa, ana 
there fijall bee blooa tbojotoout all tlje lana 
of ©gypt, both in vcffeis of toooa, ana of 

20 €>o JiQoTe? ana aaronaia cueu a? the 
&o;ta eommanaea t * ana he lift tip tlje roa, 
anafinotethetoater tljat \joa0 in the rfuer 
in the fight of Pharaolj, ana in the fight of 
hisferuant?: ana * all tlje mater tljat toaa 
in the tim tea? turnea into blooa. 

21 3nD 

b To flrengthen 
Mofes faith, God 
promifeth againc 
topunifh moft 
predion of his 

c Mofes Hued in 
affliction and 
banifiiment foi\ 
tic yeere before 
be enioyed his 
Office todeliuer 
Gods people. 


d ItTeemeth 
that thefe were 
bres, read 2. Tim. 
wicked matici. 
oufly refiftthe 
tmethof God. 

fl Or,heauie and 

e To wit, tbe ri- 
uer Nilus. 

|| Orjheyfhxlbe 
weary, and ah • 
borte to dnnl\e. 

t The firft plague, 


ThefecondPlagueJ The third and fourth Plague. 25 

r< CN 

f To fignifit that 2 1 ana t&e f fiftj tljat teas fn tbc rt'uer, 
it was a true mi- BteB,ana tbe rtucr ttanfce: li) tljat tlje <£gpp» 
radc,anH that tianscoulB notBjmkeof tljetoaterof tbert- 
God plagued mi i ana tljere teas blooB tbojoiuout all tfjc 

tbem in that laU30f<EgT>pt. 

which vwsmoft 22 * ano tbe incbantcrs of (Egypt Bia 

neceflaty lor the g lifeetotfeuntb tbetr fojcertes:ana tljebeart 

prcfemationof of l31jaraob teas % barBeneB : fo tbat bee 

life. Bia not ijeacfcenunto tbem, as tbe &oja baB 

IVifd.ij.j. WlD. 

g in outward 2? ^cit Pbaraob returneB, ana tocnt 

appearance,'.nd agatlie tlttO fttS botlfe, * nett&erBLB t^t!5 pet 

after that the fe- enter Into bis beart. 
uen dayes were 24 at tbeGEgppttansfbenBfggearonnB 

ended, about tberiner for waters to Byutofo? tbep 

%Ebr. was nude coula notBjinKeof c^etxiatet: of tbe rtuer. 
ftr*Hg. 2% ana this ticonttniteo full? fetien Capes 

t fet »ot after tbe Loja baa fmttten tie rtuer. 

his heart ax alt 

thereunto. CHAP. VIII. 

|jO,/ea<?* dayet 

were accompli' 6 frogs are [ent. ij Mofes pray etb,and they 

Pttd, die. 17 Lice are fent, whereby th: fercertrs ac- 

knowledge Gods power. 24 Egypt is plagued with 
nay fame fiies. $oMofe< prayethagame: ji But 
"Pharaohs heart is hardened. 

AJFtertoarB tbe iloja fapBe Unto S^ofcs, 
<5oe unto Pbaraob, ana ten tfinVCbus 
faltb, tlje HojB, Let nip people goe, tbat tbep 
map feme me: 

2 ana tftljeu toflt not let tbem goe , be* 
holBe, 3 toill finite all tbp conntrep toitO 

a There is no- a frogS: 

thing fo weake, 5 3nB rtje rfuer ftjall ferall full of frogs, 
ihat God cannot toljieb (ball goe tip ana come into tbme 
boufe,ana into tbp cbambertoljeretbou flee 


come the grea 

eeft power of 


[| Or, -upon thy 

dough jr into 

fthvte ambries. 

ii <©o tlje frogs ftjafl Bepartfromtljee, 
ana from tbine boufes, ana from tljp fee* 
uants,ana from tbp people: onelp tbep ftjall 

12 ^ijca $@ofcs ana 9aron fcient out 
from Pbaraob: ana Stoles crlea unto tbe 
lo:a concerning tbe frogs, tobicb bee baa 
|| fent Unto ©barnob. 

13 anatbe&otfjBiBaecojafngtotfjefep* , _ ,. . 
tngof#Mes:fo tbc frogges •» BieB m tbe- d . . I "l hl "8 s , of , 
boufc3,tn tbc toume0,ana in tlje SelBs. ,ms "' c Ood °» c 

14 9nBtbepgatbcreatIjemtos«bccbp tim « h ««»*e 
beapes,anB tbe lanB ttanfee of them. 

1? But toben JDbaraolj fato tbat bee baa 
rett 6 barBncB bis 1)iM, f bear* 
fccnea not Unto tbem, as tbe Ho^a baa fata. 

16 C9gaine tbe Lo^afaiB unto S©ore0, btartbeam. 
&zy Unto laron , &tmc\) out tbproa,ana 
fmltctbeautlof tbeeartlj, tbat it may bee 
turned to f lice tlj^cugbout all tbelanB of <£• 

17 3natbt^aiafojfo?aatonnrctcbeB 
out bia bans feitb bis roa , ana fmotc tbe 
Bull of tbe eartb:anB lice came upon man 
ana upon brail: al tbe ana of tbe eartb Uoas 
lice tlmwgbout all tbe Iana of Scgppt. 

18 j!5oa)tbe mcbantersairapcaiihctDife 
toitb tbeir incbantments to b?mg fojtb lice, 
buttbep«coulanot. ^)otbe lice toere Upon 
man ana upon bcalf. 

10 "Eben fata tlje tncbanters Unto Pba* 

taob , 'EljiS is tbe * 6ngCC Of ©OB. Stlt ritie in a thing 

Pbaraobs heart remamea obftinare,ana be moll vile, 
bearfcenea not unto tbem, as tijt&oft baa f Theyactnow. 

faiB. . - ledge that this 

20 C^O^OUCr tbe lO^BlatB UntO 50O> was done by 
fcs,Hlfe Dp earelv in tbe mominor,anB KanB Gods powerand 
pelt, ana upon tbp bca, ana into tbe boufc of befo^ePbaraeb (loe,be toill comefoo^tb Un« not by forcerie, 


prayers of the 

t The third. 

e God confoun- 
ded their wife- 
dome and autho- 

tbp feruantsi, ana upon tbp people , ana In 
to tbine oueiis, ana H into tbp ^neaBing 

4 ?0ea, tbe frogges (ball climbe Up Upon 
tbee,ana on tljp people, ana upon all tbp fet* 

% €9lfo tbe Hojb Taia unto g©ofe3,©ap 

tbouuntoaaron, &ttmt) out tljinebana 

UJttb tbp roa topon tbe ftreames,Upon tlje rt* 

uers,ana jpon tbe ponas,ar.B caufe frogs to 

come wpon tbe lana of <£gppt. 

6 TEben aaron Hretcbea out bis banB 

t The fecond Upon tbe toaters of QEgvpt, ana tlje t frogs 

Plague. caincup,anBcoutrea tlje lana of b <£gppt. 

b But Goflien, 7 * 3no tbe fo^cececs Bia likeUufeuntb 

where Gcx^s tljeit: fo^cet tes, ana bjougljt frogs up upon 

pec pie dwelt, was tbela«aof<2grpt. 

excepted. 8 "Eben PbaraobcaUeafoigSofesanB 

Wifd. 17.7. aa^n,ana fatD, « Rappee unto tbe LojB 

c Not ioue,but tbat be map ta^e atoap f Ijc frogs from mee, 

fearecaufeth the anB from ;nv people, ana 31 tutU ict tije peo» 

▼evy infidel? to pie goe , tU't tljep map Boe facttSct unto tlje 

fcekevntoGod. JLo^B. 

tsbr.hauethu 9 auBglgoresiraiauntolDbaraolj^^on* 
honour euer me. cerning mee , euen k commana toben 31 ujall 
\Qr$e<\e plaint piapfo^tljee, anafo^ tbfferuants, anafoi 
•unto me. ii)f people,to Btflrop tlje frogs from tbee ana 

from tbme boufes, tbat fbep map remaine m 

tlje riuer onelv. 
10 Wim be lat'B,1£o mo;oh). 9nB be an* 
t ebr according ftucreB, 13ce it * as rljou baft fata, tbat tbou 
to thy wotd. mapeft fenoto , tbat tbere is none lifee unto 
' tbe toujour 600. 

totbctoater)anafapUntoJ3im,'Sbusfattb Luke u.20. 
tlje Lo;B, Let mp people goe, tbat tbep map 
feme me. 

21 ©Ifeiftbcu Unit not let mp people go, 

beljolDe, 31 teill fenB||fnjarmesoffliesrjotb P0r , » multitude 
upon t'necana upon tljp fcruants,anB upon ofvexemous 
tbp people, ana into tbme boufes: anB tbe bea3s,a*fer- 
boufes of tbe ®gpptians ftjall bee full of pe»ts t &c t 
fuiarmcs offlie5,anB tbe grouna aKoUibEte* 

22 But tbc lana of (Softjen, tobere mp 

people ardltoill! caufctobcUjonBerfullin \\Or,i will fet*. 
tbat Bap, fo tbat no ftoarmesof fltes fljall be rate. 
tljere, tbat tljcu mapefc Unottj tljat 31 am tbc 
JLo;B in tlje miasoftbe [1 eartb. fOr, land of 

25 9ua3]toilmaUeaaeliiierancc of mp Egypt. 
people from tby people: to mojroUj ftjall tbts 
mirscie be. 

24 ^natbeLo^aaiBfo:*fon[jcrec.ime ivifdtt*. 
t great foarmes of flics into tbe ijoisfe of t The fourth 
!3baraob, ana into bis feruants boufes, fo Plague, 
tljat tb/oagb all tbc lana of ©gppt tlje eartb 
toa3comiutbp tbe ftcarmes of flics. g FortheEgyp- 

25 ^ljcn53baraobcaUfBfej!£0ofes,anB tians woriliipped 
9aron,ana faia,(Soe, Boe lacriSce unto vour diuers be-fts, as 

COB in tbt's lana. the oxe, the 

26 'But £0ofesanfmercB,31t is uot meet fhetpe.andfuch 

tO Boe fo : foj then toee lljOtllB Offer tmtO tbe like, which the 
!Lo;B OUr <5oD that , which is an o abomtliati* irraclites offered 

on Unto tbe (Egyptians. Lo,can tae facriflce in facrifice: which 
tbe abomination of tbe (Sfgppttanjj before thingiheEgyp- 
tljeir epes,ana tbep not ftone Us i tisns abhoncd 

27 tetU0goetl;?eeaapesiom;nepiutbc tofee. 

£> Defert, 

The nft and nxt Plagu* 



befett, anb facriflce into f!je £cjb our @ob, fo;t £0ofeg , becattfe of tfec fcab : for tl)t ftab 

* as be batb commanbeb is. toas ipon the incbantcts , ana upon all tbe 
28 gnb Pharaoh faib,3ltoill let pon got, ©gpptians. 

thatyemapfacriB^eiutotbeLoiiDpoiir&oD 12 ano the Lezb Jjarbeneb the heart of 
b So the wicked in the bJilDewefle, but >» goe not farre attap, ©haraob, aim be IjearfteneD not into tbem, 
prefcribe vnto pzap ft; me. * as the Lozb bab fain unto $©afes. 

Gods metfengers 20 gnu S0ofcs fafb, "Bebolbe J tofll goe 13 C^lfo the Lozbfaib into $©ofes,nife 
out from thee, anD pzap into the Hozb, that bp earelp in the morning, anb ttano befoze 
the faarmes of flies niav Depart from E)ha» Jpharaob,attD tell btm,1E.biisfaitlj the tozb 
raob,from his ferttants,anb from his people <SoD of the (Ebzetoes, Let nip people gctbac 
tomozo'rjj: but let Pharaoh from henceforth tbep may feme me. 

• beceinc no moze, in net flittering tlje people 

30 <©o ggofestuentont from Pharaoh, 
anb pzaycb into the Lozd. 

3 1 anD tfce tote did accounts to the fay> 
ing of SVSofes, a lib the fiuarmes of flies uc« 
Pflrtcbfromyharaolj, from his fcnianrs, 

£&<*/>. 3. iS. 

how farrc they 
flwll goe. 


i He could not 
judge his heart, 
but yet he char* 
gedhimto doc 
this vnfaincdly. 

k Where God 
giueth not faith, 
no miracles can 

14 JFoz31bJill at this time fenbe allmp 
plagues ipon c tbine heart, anb upon tbv c So that thine 
feruants,$ipon thy pcople,tbat thou mayeft owne conrdencc 
nnobj that there is none like race in all the ftaiicondemne 

earth. theeoringrati- 

i$ JFo? nob) 31 toil ftretclj out mine Ijanb, tude and malice, 
that 31 map finite thee anb thy people butb • 
ana from hi.s ptoplc,anj there rcmatiub not the anb thoH ujalt petttb from the 
one. earth. ^ • 

32 J>ct U3haraoh k haraeneb his heart at 16 3nb inbcrD,*fozfbi5 caufeljaiicllS) ,%"- 9 ^ 7 : 
this time alfo,anD Din net let the pcoplcgoc. augotuteD thee y to flieise mp potocr in thee, \^ r >/(" vp. 
chap. ix. ahb to Declare mp d 0amc tbioHgbottt all IJpM»/*w««, 

1 The murrain of ' bexttes. 13 The pUgui tbeb.'0;ID. . d Tbatis.thac 

eftotches and fores, aj The horrible baile, thun- 17 pet tljOtt CJCaltClt thpfelft again II SUP all the world ni:y 

dsr,a»dthc hgbtmng. 26 The UndofGofbene- people, anb lettttt tiieni HOt gOC magmfiemy 

uer fc- excepted. 27 Bhzraobconfiffktb his wic- 1$ "BcbolDC, tOmOZtClD ttjtS time 31 tcfll power in ouer- 

kfdneffh. 3 j Mofesprajrethfir htm. 35 Tet is het f ailfe to ratlie a nUgljtP great ijatle, fuel) 35 cor nmmg thee. 

ebtiwate. teas not in ©gypr ituce the foiuibation 

T tptn tlje toibfaib into $0ofes, ©oe to thereof uias lapD into this time. 

Pbaraab, anb tell him , 'Sims faith the 19 <©enn therefore noii, and « gather thp. e Her . c "' e * e 

&o;tD <5ob of the ©Vetoes , Let mv people eattell, ana all that thou hail in the tlclbe: thou ^ .• j 

Boe,thatthepmaplcraeme. for ipon all the men, anb the l)eattcs,tobicb n«thbckind- 

2 T5utifthottrefufetolctthemgoe,anb are foimb in the fieloe, ana not fought led »y cc . thcrc,s . 
teilt pet IjolD them ftill, home,the haile lhal fall ipon them, anb they * cma ' ne merc ? 

3 ^eholDe,thehanioftheLo;Disbpon ftjalime. jhewedeuento 
thpflocfcetobtcb istntljeRelDrfoiipontht 20 <S>uch then as feareb the too?b of the h " en ^ ie s. 
ho^fcs-,ipontheaflc5,ipon the camels,ipou £om among the feruatttis of Pbaraob ; maDe 
thecattcll, ana ipon the fgecpe dull bee a his feruants anb iis eattell flee into the 

t The fife plague, tmtgljtie great murratne. boufest . .. r ,. 

a HcQiaiidc- 4 ^nb the L02D ?.)?.\\ boe»teonCerftil= 21 'Btttfucbastregarbebnottbeftoojb XEbrfitmhu 

clarc his heauie Iv bttteccnc tlje bcaftes of 3Ifracl , anb the oFtfee Loib,left his fcruant.s,anb his catttll h c '"l t9, , , 

iudgementa- beads of ©gy pt :fc that tbere (ball nothing inthefielb. t The word ot , 

gainfthiscne- tilt of all, that pertainetri to tiJC CbilbJCn Of 22 C Snb tljC Loib fapbe tO SgoftS, th « ; miniller is 

mies,and his fa- • SJftacl. Stretch foojtb cijfiic hanD tobjarb heaticn, ca '^ d ^ hc wotd 

uour toward his ^ 3nb theLo^bappoiuteDattmcfaptng, that there map be baile in all the lanb ef(^» otood, 

children. "Eo mo^robj the Lo^D fijall fiutftj tljts thing g»pr,ipon man, anb ipon heart, anD ipon 

in this lanb. all the hearhes of the fielQe in the lanD of <£> 

6 <@>o the Lo2b HiH this thing on the gypt. 

moirotu t anD all the eattell of ©gypt Dies : 2? "Ehett §0ofes (Iretcheb outljts rob to* 

but of the eattell of the cijtlbitn of 3Ifrael toarb heauen,anbtljeiLo2b Cent thtmber anb ._ . 

bicb not one. t haile, anb ^lightning ipon the grouuD: TTneieiientb 

b into the land 7 ^ijcn ^araol} b fcnt, anb bebolDe, ana the Lotb cattfeb haile to rameipon tlje l { *£ ae A . • 

ofGofhen, there toasnoione of tlje eattell of the 3jfra* latibof<Egvpt. tEbrprtwa. 

where the ifiae- elites beaD :anbtljc heart of IDbaraob mas 24 <©o there teas Ijaile, anb fire ntinglcb v rf « 

Utes dwelled. ot>ilinate,anD he did not let the people goe. bjith thehaile, fo grtenotts, as there tna3 

8 € 3na the Lorn fain to 83ofcs,anD ro none throughout all the lanb of ®gppt,unce 

8 Orjabers. £aron , ^aRe pour IjauDfull of a aibes of the 11 it bms a nation. 

fomace, anb Q3ofe!5 fijall fp^iuWc them to> 2<» anb the haile fmoterhjottgboutal the " lbabltia - 

tuarb tbebeauen in the fight of JSbaraob: lanb of <£gppt all that toasi tit the 5elb,ootb 

SttD thep fijall be turned to ouft in all man anb bcaft : alfo the baile fmote all the 

tlje lanb of<2rgppt:anD it fijall bee as a fcab bearbcsofrljefielb, anb b?abe to piece? all 

tyrafctngout into bltfitrs ipon man, anb the trees of rljeflelb. 

iponbeaft, throughout all tlje lanbe of ۥ 26 CDnclvinthelanboffSofijtn (tohere confciTe their 

gypt. the cljilDren'of 31frael tocre) bsas no baile. finnes to thei'c 

10 'Ehenthcptoo^eafijcsofthefomace, 27 ^Lben 13haraolj lent anb calleD fo; condemnation, 
anb fioobc befoze ^haraolj : anD Sgofcs Sl3ofcs anD 9aron, anb falDe into tijtm, 31 but they cannot 
fpn'tmlcD tljcm tobjarb the Ijcatien^'tljere s hane uoto fmneD : the Lo^D is rtgbteous, beleeuetoob- 

tTheExtplague. came + a fcab bicabmg cut into bufiersip* but 31 anb mp people aretoiefceb. taineremiflion. 1 

on man,anb ipon bealf. 28 ^3iap pe into tbeLozD(fojit is pnottgh) } zbr.vojcu «f 

11 anbthefpicertrscoulbnotaanb&e* that there buno more i might? thunotrs God. 


(10r. itxrM 

g The wicked 

The eight plague threatned. 

Chap. x. The eight and ninth plague. z$ * 

anabaile,anB3!tottlletpQttgoejattI)i?efljaU tbategypctsaettroyear' 

tary no longer. 8 <&o S^ofes ana aaron toert b?ougbt 

2g 'El)en$9oresfafB Unto bint, affoone againeui?tot9baraob,anBbefayBtotbem, 

an 31 am out of tbe ettie, 31 toil! fpjeaa mine ©oe,fJeme tbe £ojB your <0eB, but ttsboarc 

banas unto tbe Loja, andtbetljunBer njall tljeycbatujallpoc? 

ceafe, neither (ball tbere bee any mojebaile, o ana#2olesanfTjjci*eB, tQec&illgoe 

tljat tbou mapctt ftnoto tbat *tbceattb is toitb out yong ana toitb our ola, toitb out 

•pyi/.J4.i.' tbeLojas. fonnesanB tott^ one aaugbters, toitb ouc 

h Meaning , that 30 as foj tljee anB tfy fcetiants, 31 fenoto fijeepe auB tuitt> our eatttll toill toe got : ft? 

when they hatae fcafejc 1 pray , pee totll fta« &ffO?C tt)e fate Of tot muft celebrate a feaft DMO t!)C LOJB. 

their requeft, (fog &OJB <5oV, IO StlQ bee fapa 13Ht9 CttCin , Let* lb* d That is, I 

theyareneucr ji ( anB the flaj:e , anB tbe barley teere £ojBfo be toitb you, as 31 totllletyou goc wouidche Lord 
thebectjt, fmitteurfo;! tbe barleptoas carta, anBtbc anayourebilDjcn.'bebola, foj«emliisbe» were no more at- 

thoughthey flare toasbolleB. fOlZ pour fate. fe&ioned toward 

makemanyfaire jz T5ut t^etD^eatC anDt?)C «C toeTC Uflt II Itfhallnotbefo : nob) goe yCC thatare you,thtnlam 

promifcs : where- fniittCn: fttf tljep toete || |tD ttt tf)t gtOUllB .) mcn,aHB fetue t|)e JlO^B : f02 tljat tuas rOIiP minded to lee 

in we fee the pta- 33 %t)m $&Ofcs toent OUt Of tlje Cttte Btfire. 'Et)CatljCpteCret^UrtOUtfrol3ba» yon goe. 

aifesofthewk- from PJaraob, ana fpjea bis banacs to tbe raoljs defence. o - *e Punishment is 

feed. Lo;Q, ana tbe tbunaer ana tbe ijaile ccafcB, 12 C aftcr,tbe loiBe lay& Unto Slgofes, prepared foryou. 

palate firreit. neitbee rainea ttupontheeaetb. ^trcfeijcuttbtncbauDUpontbelanaofffi* some read, Ye 

• 34 anQ toljen $baraob fato tbat y tatne gypt fej tbe graRjopptrs , tuat tljjep may intend fomemif- 

anB tbe fcaile ana tlje tljunaec teere ceafca, come upon tbe lanaot (Egypt, ana eateall cfaiefc. 

IjeeGnnea againe, ana bataenea bis beart, f&eljcr&esof tbclana , eucn all t^at tlje featlc 

both &e, ana bis fecuants. 
3? ©a tbe beatt of Pbaraob tuas batae; 
, . . . M ilea, neitbee tooulD be let the ebilBjen of 310 

% & the hax* m \ g0f>w t \ ]Z &„#) j ja0 f al0 $ j, $® ft3. 



jfc»ce,or among 


a The miracles 

fliouid bee Co - 

great, that rhey- 


13 ^btnS^ofesftrettbeafo^bbtetoaae 
bpon tlje lana of <£gppt : ana tbe Lo:ae 
bzotigbt an (Eaft ijjtnae upon tbe ianoe all 
tbat aap,ana all tbat ntgbn ana in tbe moj» ... 

ning tbe <Eaft toinac bitougljt tlje t graSjop* f The ei § hth 

7 "PhtraohsfcrtuntscouiffcUhimttlettheJf- petS. plague, 

taehus depurt. 1 3 Grafhofpers deflroy the court- 14 «3->0 tlje gtaftjOPPtrS tDCttt Up Upon all 

trvy. \6?htr*ohconfeJfttbi)ufmne. iz Bar\- tbelaitB Of ©gppt, anaKteittatnta lit all $Or,hecaufed 

tiefeit fent. 28 Pharaoh forbiddetb Mffes to tJuattCCS Of ©g?pt: fO gtieUOUS gtafljop* tkemtortmame, 

come any more in hu pre fence. pcrS,li&C to tbtfc totlX ntUtt be&>^» RtttbeC 

aftcc tbcm fi;allbe fitcl?. 

A 0afne, tbe Lo,*afavBbntoS0ore?,0oe i? JFoj tljcp couerea all tbe face of tbe 
to Pbaraob : fo^i * 'I bane bacBertea bis cartb>fo ibat tbe laua mas aatfce ; anB tljcp 
beatt, ana tbe beart of bis (truants , tbat 3 Bia eate all tlje betbes of tlje lanB,anB al tbe 
migbtbJo^ketljeftmv miracles ytn tbe mias- fruits of tbe trees ,BJbicb tbe batle baa left, 
ctljisreaime, fotljattfjetcrjjasiiogrtcnetljiug left upon 

, 2 Sua tbat tljou mayea Declare intlit tbe trees, no? among theberbes of tljcnelD 
» earcs of tbp&:me,ana uf tbyfonuesfoime, tljozoujout alltbe lanD of<Egypt. 

16 ^bcrefo;eJ3bai'aobcaIlcBf0^ f£0&» 
fes ana aaron in bait, sna fayB, 3! baue fin 

Uiljat things 31 bane none in <£gppt,ana my 
miracles ujijiclj 31 bane Bone among tljem: 
fhouid befpoken tljat pec map kitott) that 3) amtbeLe;a. 
oftbreuer.wherc 3 ^bcn came $0afes anB^aron Unfo 
aifo wee fee the JDbaraob , auo tijev faiB unto bim , tEb«s 

duetie of parents feitlj tl)C Lo,ia ©OB Of tbe ®b;ttBCS , l?OUJ 

f The ivicfcedin 
their mifcry Teekc 
to Gods nuni- 

nta agatft tlje Loja your©oa , ana againft £„ f™ he , £ 


albeit they hat« 

17 ananoUofoicciu: inec my finuc onclp j, Zu 
tbis onct,aiiB m? unto tbe HojB pour (5oa , an<4 octclt tncm * 

toward their cfail- long Vcilt tljou rcfufe i> to bumble tbpfclfe tbat bee ma? take atoayfrom me tb'.sBeatlj 

b The end of af- 
fliifHons, is to 
humble our 
felues with mie 
repentance vnder 
the hand of 
\.0r,locufls t 


c Meaning, the 

occafion oi all 

thefe euils : (o ate 

the godly euer 



brfoje mzi ict my people goe,tbat tljepmap oncly. 

feme me, 18 Mofes tben tocntout frompijataol;, 

4 13utif tljourefufetolctmypcoplego, ana p^aycB unto tlje Lo;a. 

beboln, tomorrow ujill 31 bating I! "gtailjop* 10 Sua tlje LojDturneB amigljt?litong 

pets into tljy coafts. V&ttt toinae , anB tosbe au:ay tlje grailjcp- 

The water fee- 

5 ana tijey foall couer tlje face of tlje pets , ana uiolcntly catt tljem into tbe t rca meth „ A L^^a, 
cartljtbata man cannot fee tbe eartlj: ana fea,fo that tbcrercmr.r.uB not one gtaujop- ,h^r^,<nrV^Zi 
tljep ujail eare tlje reliBue toljicb rfmainetb pet in all tbe eoaft of ©gypt. ,. V' rr.Z I 
Untovou, ana batb efcapeu from tlje baile: 20 "But tlje LojB batDtiuB 13ljar3ofis ,' ' ,..; , f tt L_ 
anB tljey fijall cate all yoiic trees tbat bua in beart , ana be BiB not let tbe elulojeii of af- r~Jl a £u<hn 

tl/efielB. raclgec ieaotDuuumcs. 

6 ana tljcyfljall fill tbmcbeures,ana all 21 eagsine tlje £o?a i'apa Unto fBofes, 
rljyfcruantsljoufes, ana tljeboufes of all ©trctcb out tljtne banB totoara Ijcane, tbat 
tlje (Egyptians, as neitber tljyfatljcrs, no^ tbere may bee upon tb: lanae of (jFgypt 
tfjy fatbers fatbers Ijaue feene , fmce t'm Darkeuelfe, ettntBat^encfTe, tljat niayJje 
time tbep tocrc upon tlje eartlj Unto r!ji3 h fe!t. 

aay. <©obeeteturnea, auBUjentout from 22 'Eben^ofesftrefcIjcBfojtljfeisrjanB 

©baraolj. totuarBIjeaticn, anB tberetoasa tblacbe „,,„„ 

7 'Ebcn pjaraobsftrnants fayBbnto *aar&e»i£lle in all tbe lana of (Egypt tb^ee W ' , 
bim,^otolong{ballbebe[lan«eft"enceun» Bayes. ivtj ,17*. 
to usf let tbe men goe, tbat tljep ;r,ar» feme 23 0o man fain anotljer, ncttrjer arofe 
tbetojQ tjjeir ^j?5; J»ilt tljpu 6t«Uuob) 5»p from tlje place tobereljte ujasfortb^ee . 

.D 2 aapcjjj 

Ii Eccaufe it wa: 
fo thicke. 
t The ninth 

The tenth plague'thrcatned 


The Paffeouer inftituted. 

I The nvaifters 

of Ciod SHgh? 

not toyeeld one 
iotto thervic- 
ked,as touching 
their charge. 
Jc That is, with 
what beads , or 

napes: * butalltbecIjUDtfn of 31frael&aa t&e cbtpjjcn of jfrael to goe out of bfe 

UgljttobtretbcyBtoelt. lana. 

24 Wqiw Pbaraob caltcB foi 85cfes, anB chap, x [ t. 

faT>D,<SOE,[eme rl)C L0?B : OtlClp your fljet pe 1 T&» Lord mjiituteth the Taffiouer. a« Th* 

anO your Cattell fijall ablOC, ailByOBr tf}U* /«forj w«/2 teach then children tbemyfteryther. 

UltW fljall goe tottb yOU. c/. ^Tbcfirfi borne are flame. 3 1 The IJraehes 

2?, attnS©ofeSfapl),'3LljOt!mt:ftgtltetl!S aredriuenvutoftbeUnd. 11 The Sgypnam are 

alfctaCtifices, ailH &i;mt OJfering0,tt)at toe fpoyled. 37 The numier tbat depamtb out e/E- 

Uiav Doe facririce UntO tbe Lo;B 0lir (30fl. £#>t. 40 Hoxvlong they were *'» £f ypt. 

26 'Cberfcueourcattellalfoiball go toifb ^ 

be: tljercibal not an iljoofe be left, foitbee* Tfoentbelojafpakebnto ?®ofes anB to 

of mull me take to lerue tlje torn our <5oB: 1 aaron tii tlje lana of <£gypt,faying, 

"> %l)U amonetlj flulbe unto pon tbebc^ 

nettber bo tocknom ''boto toenail feme tbe 
JLoxn, untill toe come tbttljer. 
27 (HJnttlje Lo'BbaroeneBPbaraoIjs 

1 Thou-h before bfart.anBbctoOKlonorletthemgo) 
he confeff-d .Vo- 2S Sua pjaraoljfaia unto IjtnvSettbec 
frommec: loaket&cn fee my facenomoje: 
fo? tobenfocurc tbou commeft inmyttgbt, 
29 'Ebcn$©ofesf3pa, 'Eboubattfaffce 

fesiuft, yeta- 
threstneth to put 
him to death.* 

ginning ef monctljs: ttihaibe to you tljefitH 
b :uouetb of tbe yeere. 

3 <§jpeakeyeuntoaIItIje aggregation 
of Ifrael, taping, 3lntbetcntb of tlji3mo« 
netb let euety man take toitoljim alambe, 
acctvotns to t&e Ijoufe ot tlje c fatfeers , a 
lambe foi an bonfe. 

ana if tbe boufljolB be too little foj tlje 

teell: fromljencefojtljtoill3! fee tljytaceno lambe, fjc ftjaU tatte ^is neighbour, totjtcl) is 

a Without anv 
con Jition , but 
with hafte and 
violence. ' 
]'Or t bororv. 

Ch/tp. J.2 2, 

and 12. 35. 

Cbaf. 11,29. 

b From the 
hightft to the 



1 Godprcmfiti their departure. 1 He vciUeth 
tbemto borovc their neighbours ttivels. j Mafd 
was efieemed of ail /hue Pharaoh, 5 Hcfigmfietb 
tiie death ofthefirji borne. 

(NjStofijetoiBebaa tayaunto 2!Mcs, 
IMpfttotll Sibling one plague nunc up* 
on £)&araol>anQ upon <£gypt: after tijat,be 
totll let you goe bencc: toben bee lettctb you 
goe,lje (ball a at once ebafeyou Ijence. 

2 ^peabe tbou note to tbe people , tljat 
euert» man || require of bis neighbour , anD 

ntrtuntobieboufe, aecomtngtotbenum' 
ber of tbe pcrfons : entry one of you, accoz« 
Ding to bis <i eating , fljall make your count 
ftu tbe lambe. 

? Pour lanibelballbetoitbont bleou'lb, 
a male of a yeert olo : yee fijall take it of tlje 

6 SnDycefijallfceepe itunttllt(jcfoure» 
ttmt]} Bay of tijts monetfc: tben e al tbe mnl- 
titnbe of tlje €ongeepttou of 3)fracl ujall 

7 2lftcr,tbey (ball take of tlje b'ooa,ana 
ftrike it en tbe tbjo poftes , ano on tlje bp^ 

eucryteomanof Ijer neighbour Metuels of per »oo?c poll of tlje boufestobcretbeyftaU 

filucr ana tctoels of gola. cate it. 

5 ana tbe J,o?a gaue tlje people fauotttr 8 2na tbey (ball eate tbe flefij tbe fame 
in tbe figljt of tbe Egyptians : alfo* S^ofexr nigbt, coll toitb 8re,ana unleaucnca b^eaat 
wasuerygreatintbelanaof <£gypt, in t^z tottb&tojeberbe. tbey (ball cate it. 
fisbtof pbaraobsfer«auts,anB in t&cGgljt q (Kate not tbereef rato, boyleb no; tb&» 
of tbe people) Benin toater, butrolte toirbfire, botb bisf 

4 8Kb ?0ofes faia^bus faltb tbe Lom , f beaB, bts feet,aua bis purtenance. 

* Sbottt miunigbt toill 33 goe out into tbe io ana yc (ball ceferue notbing of it Dn« 

miasof ©gypt. to tbe mooting : but tbat,tobicb remainetb 

^ * ana all tbe firfi: bome in tbe lana of of it bnto tbe niojroto , fljall yee burnc toitb 

<Sgvptujaliait,fromtbe8rftbo;n£of}3ba« fire. 

raolj tbat fittctb on bis tb?one,untotbt finl u C 9nB tljus (ball yee eate it , Potnr 

bo;neof tbemavDeferuant, tfotisat b tlje Ioynes gtraea, your fljooes on your fecte, 

mtll.ana all tbefirft borne of beafts. ana your (lanes inyour banBs, ana yee ujall 

6 'Ebentljerefijalbeagreat crytljo;oto« eateittnballe: for sit is tbe Ho;as ^affe* 
out all tlje lana of <Zrgypt,fueij as toas neucr outr.^Hjalbe. 12 JFoi3Itoilpa(TctIjo;ototbelanBcf<E' 

7 'ButagamftnoiNOftljeebiiajenofSf' gypt tlje fame nigbt, ana_toiUfmttealltbe 

a Called Nifart 
containing pate 
of March, and 
part of April, 
b As touching 
the obferuation 
of feaflstasfoc 
other policies,, 
they reckoned 
from Sepcenrer, 
c As the fathers 
of the houf].old 
bad great or 
fmail families, 
d He (hall take 
fo many as are 
fufhcitnt to eate 
e Euery one in 
tbetxca euenitigi 
or twilight. 

raelfijalaaoggemoouebis tongue, neitljec 

ngainftmannojbcait, tbat yeemayknoto 

tbat tlje !Lo^a putterb aaifferencebertoecne 

tbe <Sgvptian3 ana 3frael. 
8 aha all tljcfc tby fernants ujall come bpon tlje boufes tobcreye are: fo toljen 33 fee 

Botonebntome,anB fall before mee, faying, tbe bloob, 31 totll palfcoucryou, ana tbe 
e Thatis,vnder ©tttbeeout, anBalltbe people tbat c are plague Ojall net be upon you to aeftructton, 
thy power and at tljy feet, ana after tbis toilt 33 aepart. toben3jfmftetbelanaofegypt. 
gousmment. €)o bcctoent outft'om t9ljaraob btry an* 

pGodhawkneth gry. 

thcheansofthe q ana tbe fLo&z fevBe bnto Sl5ofes, 
reprobate , that pijaraob (ball riot Ijeare yotr, d tbat my 
hi-: glory there- lconBets inav be multtptyeD in tlje lana of 

by might be the <Eg\>pt. 

more ftt foonb, io ^o S^ofes ana Sarin BfBalltijefe nea b^eaB, ana in any cafe yee fljall put a 

lUm?.i7. toonBers before ]3baraob:bnt tbe to^a bar» tony Icanen flje firtt Bayout efyour )}m 

B«KDI9i}araob»b«rt > ariab? fuifstca net fc?: fo tobofoeuc* eatctb leaucnea bjena 


firtt bo.zne in tbe lana of (Egypt, botb man 
ana beaft, ana 31 toil execute iuagement up- 
on all tlje || goBsof <£gypt,3Iam tbelUuB. 
13 ana tbe blooa fljall bee a token fo? you 

14 anB tbis Bay fljall be unto you a h re* 
inembiance: ana yee fljall keepe itanboly 
featl unto tlje Lo?B,ttio?otoout your genera- 
tions : ye fljall fecepe it boly b^ an ojbinance 
> fa^ etier. 

is «S>eauen Baycs fljall yee eate bnleaue* 

f That is, all tha* 
may bee eaten. 

g The lambe war 
uer , but fignified 
are not the thing 
itfclfc, which 
they doe repre- 

or idolet. 

h Of the benefTt- 

i Thatis,vntill 
for then ceremo- 
nies had an end. 

The tenth Plague." 


Departure out ofEgypt. 57 


from tlje Brff Bap Bntil the fcttent^ Bay, that 
perfon fljalbe cut off from 3ifrael. 
lOrtMngtw 16 anil in t^e fictl flap fhaibc an Ijolp !!at- 
tber ofthepeopit femblp : alfo in the feuenth cap fljall bee an 


God. ' feolp afismbu? into pott : no tooo;fte (hall 
bee Bone tn "them , fane about that tcijicy 
ciierp man mutt eats : that enely map pee 

17 pe fljall kecpe al(b the feaft of Bnleaue* 
neeb;eaB: fo; that fame Bap 31 Brill b;iug 
vour armies out of the lanB of <£gppt:tbere* 
fo;epe fijal obferue this Bap tftfougijoutyour 
pcfie?itte,bp an o;Binance fo; euec. 

18 C'Sn the fufl monwh auBthefbnr» 
teeutb Bap of the moneth at k ctten pee fljall 
cateBnleatiencB 6;mb unto the one $ ttoen* 
tietb Bap of tbe moneth at eucn. 

13 ©cuen Bapes (ball no leatien be fotmB 

in pour houfes : fo; tobofocuer eatetb lcauc« 

sunne fee, rill the neBb;eaa, that perfon ihall bee tut offfrom 

nextday attbc tbe Congregation of 3!&ael : tohetherheb* 

a (tranger.o; borne in the lanB. 

20 pt fljall eat no leauencB b;eaB : but in 
all pour habitations fljall pc eatBnleaueneB 

21 C^hen S^ofesealleB alltbe<Elsers 
of 3|frael,anB fata into tbtmj&bufe out anB 
tafeepou fojeuery ofpourhoufijolBsalainbe, 
anB Eill the $9afleouer. 

li 9nB tafte *a bunch of $?pfope 5 anB flip 
ft tn the blooB that is in tbebafemanB tttikt 
the || lintell,anB the II Boote cbeefces Brith the 

Tium.iZ. li. 
k Forinoide 
time fo thejr 
ring the day at 

fame time. 


\Or jtranfenu ,er 
vpptr doarepofi, 

bp nigbt>anB fatB,Fitfe Dp, getpow out from 
among my people , both pe, anB the chilB;cn 
of 3!fcael , anB goc feme the Lo;B as pe banc 

32 "Eafcc alfo yottr fljeepe ,anB pour cat. 
tell as pe hatic Caps , anB Bcpart, anB p bleifc p Pray for me, 
me alfo; 

35 <3na the (Egyptians flifl fo;ce the 
people ,becaufe tbep tooulB fenBe them out 
of the lanB in baltc; fo? tbcyfapa , saeeBte 

34 'Eherfo;crhe people roofcc their Bough 
befo;c it tons IcaueueB , euen their Boug£ 
bounB in clothes upon their fijoulBers. 

35 9nB tlje eljiic;en of 3Jfracl fltfl acco;« 
Bing to tbefaping of $Mcs, anB tbcpaffeea 
of the ©gpptians * tcujels of Gluer 3 anB teto« 
els of golB,anB rapmeut. 

36 anBt&cE,o;B gaue the people fauour 
in the fight of tlje (tfgpptians : ana tbct> 

I'granteB tbeirrequefl; : fo thepfpopleBtbe lOr 3 UHttbtm, 

37 Chen the *cfeilB;enof:jlfcacl toofce n«»«4.3j.j. 
their iourncpfrom sUamefes to <®uceotb i°(b.U6' 
about fire bnna;ctb thoufanBmen ef foote, q which was » 

bcGBC CbilB?en. city in GoOien, 

38 9nB f a great multitttBe of fuuB?p Gene.4 7 .n. 
fojts of people went out tetth them, anB r which were 
fijeepcanBbecnes.andcattell in great abnif ftranger»,and . 

Banet. not borncotthc 

30 gnB thep bafeco tt)t Bough tohicb thep Israelites. 

b^OUght OUt Of <£gppt, aod made t)nlfaue» 



blooD that is in tbebaftn, anB let none of neB cakes; fo^it teas not leatteneB,becaufc 

pougoeoutat tlje Booie ofjjisijottfe,BntiU 

23 Jpo^ theEo^B toil pafie bv to fmitc the 

©gppttans:anB toljcn he feeth theblooB ijp« 

on the lintel anB on tlje ttoo floo,te cheelts,tDe 

Lo;B tetll pafie oner tlje Boojtc, anB toill not 

1 The Angel fent fuffer the 'Befiropertocome into peurfeoufes 

efGodtokill toplagueycu. 

ihefirft borne. 24 Cherefo^e fljall pe obferue this thing 
as an ciBtnancc both fo; thee anB thpfonnes 
fo; eucr. 

2* 9nB toljen pee fljall come into the 
m lanB, tohith the tops trill gme you, as 
heehatlj p?omifcB,njcnpee fljall heepe this 

26 *3nB ichcnpour cljilB^eu w& pow, 
Jdhat ferutce is tljis pe keepe ? 

27 Chen pe fljall fap,3It is the fatrifice of 
the Ho,ids ?3aflcouer, tohtclj pafieB oner tiit 
houfes of tbe chtlD^en of 3!frael in <Egppf, 
toheu hee fmote the Egyptians, anB prefer' 
neB our houfes. "Ebcn tlje people * boBacB 
tljemfelues, auBBJOjfljtppeo. 

28 ^othechtltyen of 3Ifrael toent, anB 
BiB as the &o;tB ijaB commaunBcB $0ofes 
anB 9laron ; fo DiB they. 

29 CJ!5otD at*mtBntgljtth?S.o;Btfmote 
all the firfibome in tlje lanB ofOgvpt, from 
tljefirlt borne of 13baraah that (ate on fats 
throne, Bum the * firft borne of the captiue 

m The land of 

n ^heygaue 
God thanket for 
fo great a l»enc- 

t The tenth 

they toere th;ufl out of <Sgypt,nct'thec conlD 
tbeptarp, no; pet prepare thcmfelues fltc- 

40 C "©o the BBJtllingof the thilBjen of 
31frael, toljtle they BtoelleB In (Egypt, was 
+ foiireljunB;etlj anB thirty peeres. Gene.i 5.1 5. 

41 9uB trben tlje f foure h«nB;etIj anB a as.-j.6. 
tljirtie peeres toece ccptreB, ettcn thefelfe trcUt.i.%7. 
fame Bap Bepartea all tbe Ijofies of the £o2B t Frcm Abra* 

OUt Of tbe lanB Of CgPPt. hams departing 

42 3!t is a night to bee feept holy tStlje fromVrinChal- 

Lo,!B, becaufe Ijec brought them out of tlje deavnto the de- 
lanB of ©gppt : this is that night of tbe paningofthe 
Lo;B ,tohich all the chtlBjen of 31lracl muft chiidrenof i/faei 
heepeth^ugljouttbeirgeneratiens. from Egypt arc 

43 9IfotbeLo;Bl'ataetJnto$0ofesanB 43 o.yeeres. 
Saron , Chis is tlje iLato of the i9auloHer: 

t no ftrangcr fljall eatc thereof. t Except he be 

44 ISntcuerp feruantthatisbougbtfo; circumcifedand 
money, BJben tbou halt circumcifea him, oneiyprofefle 
tftcn fljall he eate thereof. your religion. 

4^ aurangcr 0; an htreB feruant fljall 
not eate thereof. 

46 * 3in one Ijoafe fljall it bee eaten : thou tjum.9. 1 2. 
ftjalt carrp none of t\>z fieflj out of tbe 
houfe , * neither fljall pee tyeafee a bone johni^ie. 

' 47 Qll the Congregation of 3!fracl fljall 
obferue it. 

48 T5ut if a firanger Btoell toitb tljee, 

that Bias in p;ifon,auB all the firH borne of ana totll obftrue tIjePa(TeoucroftheLe;a, 

o Ofthofehou- 
Tet wherein any 
firft borne was, 
either of men or 


30 9nB ©baraob rofe Bp in the night, 
ije,anB allhts feruants, anB all the (Egypti- 
ans : anB there teas a great crp in <Egppt : 
fo; there was o no houfe toherc there was wot 

31 anBljccalltDto^ofesanBtoaarcn 

let him cirenmctfe all the males tljat belong 
Bntohim,anB then let him tome anB obferue u They that are 
it,anBhe fljallbe as one that is borne in tlje ofthe houftoid 
lanB: fo; none BnctrcumcifeB perfon fljall ofGod,mufthe 

Cate tljcreof. alt ioyned in one 

49 2)ne n latoe fljall bee to him that is faith and Rc- 
bojaeln the lanB, ana to the Granger that ligion, 
"S) 3 Btt£llet& 

Firft borne. Paffeoiier. 


The fierie and cloudie pillar. 

26 num. 3,1 3 & 
S.i6.lul{e 2.1 j. . I.J; 

ifEbr.bntife of 
f truants. 
a Where they 
wete in mofl cru- 
el flauery. 
they had not tea- 
their bread, 
c Conteining 
part of March & 
part of April, 
when come be« 
gan to ripe in 
d Both the Ce- 
uenth and the 
fnft day were chap. 

12. 16. 

e When thou 
doeft celebrate 
thefcaftof vn- 
f Thou (hale 
banc continual 
thereof, aiihou 
thing t'-at h in 
thine hand or be- 
fore thiiieeycs. 
Chap.zx 29. and 
34.19 ^<?.44-$o. 
comm-ih firth. 
g Thisisalfo 
vnderftood of 
other bealtesi 
which were not 
oficredinfacru . 

h Byoffringa 
cleircbeaft in 

13. & 

Btoclletb among you. g to iwe^roto/ayfttcf^cnijat is tljtsf t ijou fljalt QOrMatfur' 

%o ^bcnalltbecbilDjcnofSfraelDiDas tbenlayimtobim.flaitbaimgbtybanDtbc wards. 

tbckojacommanDcD^olwauDaaronsfo LojDtyonsbtijs ontof ©sypt> out of tlje 

DiDtbey. ijoufcofbonDagc. 

si 3nD tlje felfe fame Day DiD tbe Lojd ic; JFoj toben HDIjaraob rjuas barD bear* 

tying tbe tbilojen of 3Hrael out oftbelauD teD agamic our Departing) tbe LojD tijen. 

of ©gypt by t&eir armies, derjo all tbcfirabo;tncincbc lanD of (Egypt 

from tlje firft tojne of man eucn to tlje tiels , 
chap. xni. - bo^nc of beaft: tljcrefo.ic 31 facrificetonto t^e 

1 The fir ft. borne are offered to God. 3 The Lo^D altbCiaalCStljatfirft open tlje DlOmbe, 
rmmriall of their deliuerance. 6 Themiiituti- but all tljC firft bOJlte Of my fcitne? 31 CC* 
cnoftheTafieotur. 8. 14 *An exhortation to Deem?. 

teach their children to remember this delmerance. \6 3nD(t (ball bee aS a tOhClt t)P0Il t^)f 1TC 

17 WhytheyareledhythewMerneffa. 19 The ^anD,niltI ac|jfcOntlCtS DcttoCCHS tljIHC Cl?C£f, II Or, /7gw« <?/«« 

bones of fofefh. si The ftllar oftheclsudand tbat tbe S,0JD tyOUgbtDS OHtCf<Ggyptby a Vkmbrance, 

of the fife. % migbtyljanD. 

17 ft &ftu toben Pbaraob baa let tbe 

A0D t^c KLojtti (paTte bnto^ofes, fay» people soe,©oD carieD tbcmnotbytljeDsay 

i»g) Of tlje^ljlttlhir.S COHIltrcv , II tljOIlglj it were \\Or,becaufe. 

2 ^, mere: (fojCJoDfaiD, Hell: tbe people repent i.whfchihe 
that is, eiierv one tljat firft optnetb tlje toomue torjen tbey fee » tonrrc , ano turue againe to Phiiinims would 
ainongti)ccl]tlD«nof3!fraela.steelofman, ©gypr) hauerradear 
asofbeaftrforitigmine. • 18 3i5nt0oDmabetbe people to go about gainft them by 

3 ft'&ben $0ofes fayDbntotbe people, bytbetoavoftbeUnlDerncflecftbereDfea: ftoppingthem 
♦KcmcmbertbisDayiiubetobtcbyee came anDtbecb'ilDjenof 31ftael tocnti>p I< nrmeo thepaflagc. 
oiitof<Egvpt,outofrbe*boufeof»bonDage: out of tbe lanD of ffigypt. k That is, not 
fojbyamigbty banD tbe Hojd tyongbtvou ig ( 9nD $©ofes toofee tbe bones of 3Io-- pri«iiy, buto- 
out from tbencejtberefojeno leaueneD b^eao feplj toitb bim : fo^ be baa maDe tbe cbilD^en peniy,and as the 
fljall be b eaten. ef3!frael ftucare, faying, *®od toillfnrelv word doeth fig, 

4 'Ebis Day c^me yee out tu tlje monetb bilitc yon, anD ye (ball tabe my bones aiuay nifie.fet in or- ■ 

Of'gbtb. - IjetlCe tnitb yott.) derby fine and 

? C jSototobentbeLo^batbb?ongbt 20 <p<S>otljey toofeetbeir tourney from fi«c 

tbec into tbe lanD of tbe (Sanaauttes , ana <S>uccotb,anDcanigeDin®tbamiiitbe£3ge Gewf.50.21. 

U)t'ttitc0, anD gmo^ites , anD Smites, ana of tbe totlDernelTc. t»Jh 24. 30. 

3!ebuQtes(u3bicbbefD3arei3ntotl)yfatber?, 21 * anD tbe to?D toent before tljem by Num.^,6, 

tljat be tooulD giue tbcc,a lanD florjotngtuttb Day in a ptilar of'a > clouD, to leaDe tljem tbe Num, 1 4. 1 4;. 

miluc anD tonic ) tben tbou njalt Ueepe tbis D)ay, anD b^ nigbt in a pillar of fire to giue dew. 1.33. 
fmucemtbisntonetb. - tfjemligljt,tljat tbey migbtgoebotljbyDay pfaU 78.14. 

6 ^euen Daye3 (bait tboiteatebnleanc* anDby nigbt., 
neDlveaDjanatbe^leueiUbDayniaiibeetlje 22 *li;ectooke not abJtty tbe pillar of tlje 1 rodefendthem 
feaiTofcbcHojD. clouD by Day, no? tbe ptilar of firebynigbt fromthehcatof 

7 Cinlcau'eneD b.tcaDfljal be eaten fetien from before tbe people. thesunne. 
Daves, anD tijere JTjall no leaueneD bjeaD bee Uilntx. 9. 19* 
reehetoitbtbee, no? yet leauen be feenetDttb chap, xiiii. 

tl;ec in all tip Quarters. -4. 8 Vharaohs heart is bardened^andpurfueth 

8 ft &nD UjOltlbalt ftjeb)tbyfonne« in thejfraelites. 11 The Ifraslttcs (Irieken with 
tbat Day,faytng, This is done, bccailfeoftbat fiarejnumure agahtft Mofes. ij Mofes doetl/ 
tebicbtbeL0.2QDiDi)ntOnte,.'bJbeu31Came, encourage them. 11 He diuideth the Sea, 33,27 
CUtOfSgypt. ' The Egyptians /Mow and are drovctsed, 

9uD it fijall be a fignebntotbte''bpoJt nri'jen tlje ?Lo?D fpabe bnto $©ofcs 3 ray« 
tI)i:tebanD,anDfo;arcmemb?ancebcttuceu 1 ing, 

tljine eyes, tljnt tlje Lato of rbe ILo^Q mav bt 2 ©peabc to tbe cbilD?en of 3!fraei, tbat 

in tljy motttb : fo? bv a ilrong IjanD t\)t t'o^s tljey > return: ana ca'mue bcf02c i> Pi-balji- a From toward 

b:oi:gbttbccoutof'©gvpt. rotbi bcttucene5lr3igDo'lanD tb,t <S)ca,ouer thecoumrcyof 

10 jKcepetbcrcfoite tbtso^binaneeinbi^ againft * T5aal-5cpbon s about it njall yee the phiiiftinw. 
fcafonappolnteD from yccre to'ycerc. campe by tbe<©ca. b so the sea was 

11 & 3uD suljcn tbe lLo?D fljall tying tbee 5 Jfo? Pbaraob bJill Tay of tbe ebflD^en before them, 
into tbe lanD of tbe (£auaanites,aa be fuoarc of Sfrael.Cbey avc tangleD in tJjc lanD : tbe mountains on 
tmto tbec anD to tbyfacljers, anD fljall giue to(lDerne(febatbfl)iittbetnin. either fide,apd 
ittb^f) 4 SnD31toillbarDenl3baraobs beart, theencmieat 

n ''Ebcnflialttbon fct apart bnto tbe tbat be fljall follonj after you :fo 31 D)ill c get their backe: yet 

Lo^Dall tbatfirfl opeuetb tbebJombe:alfo mebononrbponl9I;aMOb)anDuponaHbi3 thcyobayed 

encty tbing tbat firiiDoetb open thewombe, boflc: tbe Egyptians alfofliallfcnobJtbat 31 God.andwcrc 

andcominerbfoo?tbof tip bcaltjtljc males auubeLo^D ;anDti3cyDi0fo. deiiu:rcd.» 

HnllbetbetoiDs. s CvHienlttcastoID tbebingof^ypt, Nnm.n.7. 

1? TSuteucry + firHfo.iTeofaimfictbou tbat tlje people fieDrauD tbe bcart of g>ba« c By punifJiir.g 

fljaitrcDccnjeujitbalambctanD iftbonre* iaob anD of bis frrttanto toas turncaa» hisobHmattre. 

Dctineblm not, tben tlj-u fiialt tyeafee bis gainfl tlje people, anD tbeyfifD, CtUbpljane beiiion. 
nec^e:ttl<ete(fe alfo tl;? firfl luetic of man a» - Die rbis Done, ano bane let 31fva*l gee out of 

nioiigtbpfonncsfljalt tben' 1 buy out. ' ottrfcrtitcef ' ' • 

14 fiifliiDiybcntbyfonneujallafnjtbec 6 !3nDijeemaDewaDybiscbfifcts,anD 


Pharaoh purfueth the Ifhelites* 

Chap.xv. The Egyptians drowned. 28 

toofce ht's peoplcteitfi him, them on their right fjana , ana on ffjeir left 

7 ana cookc Ore fctmajeth ttjofen cha« hana. 

d iofephnswri- rets, ana d all tbe cbatcts of ©gyp:, ana 25 gns f&c <Sgy ptf an0 imrfite^ attti Iu?its 

teththac betides captaines oner eucry oneof them, after them to the mias of the <©ca,euen all 

tbcfecharcis 8 Jro; tbel,o;BrjaB fcaraenea the heart 33IjaraotoSo?rcje,^t0 cfearet^,anti l;:g Ijo^tfe- 

there were ofi^ljaraohlungof&g?pt,anBbefolloU}eB nicn. 

50000. horfraen, after the cbiityen of^Cfrael: but the ehtia;cn 24 Boto fit the mo;mug ' toatclj , tuxjfn 

and jooooo. of3/rae|toent osttoJtth an * bicljanB.) _ the Jlo;D lopfccaunto the tpffeof the ©gyp 


! Which was 
about the threJ 

9' *ana tlje ({Egyptians purfaea sftctr tian0 out of the ficrie anB clonOie pillar, ice *ffth°»*«of 

e with great ioy them, ana all the be;fcs & charets of ©ha 

and boiur.eflc. raob,ana tjts bo;feinen , ana bts hotfe oner* 
/<>/&. 14. 6. toofcetbem camptiigbyfbe^eajUefiSeEU- 
s.w«.4.p. habirotb,hefo;eBaal-?epfcon. 

10 ana tuhen Pharaoh a;cto nigh, the 

eijtlo;eu of 3ifracl Ift up their eyes , ana be- 

fcolce , the Egyptians marcheD after them, 

ana njep toere toje f afratoe : tohcrefo;c tlje 

cbiia;ten of 3 (rati cryeB unto theLo;a. . 
ii ana tbey faya unto $0ofe?, li?aft tfcon 

b;ottgljt bite Die ttttbctoilBernefiVoecanfe upon their charct.s, aiiD Upon tljci 

tljcreujcreuograucsmfggvpt? torjerefo^s men. 

haft tljou fernea us thus , to came us ontof 

12 Dia not toe tell thee this thing in <£• 

gyp t,faying, {Let g us be in refloat uje may 

tenie tlje ©gyptians i fo; it Ijaa been better 

i Triey,which 
a little before in 
their deliuerance 
re ioyced, being 
Bow in danger, 
are a Raid, and 
g Such ij the im« 
fi efh, that it can 
not abide Gods 
appointed time. 

jOr, delwerame. ye not, ftana if ill, ana behoia 5 the laliiatton 
of tlje &o;a tohich bee mill ftjeuj to yon this 
Dap. JFo; tlje (Egyptians , tuhomeyeebaue 
fccnetfjteDay, yec (hallucuer lee them a* 

14 'Che E,o;B (hall fight fo; you: tfterfo^c 
h bolB you your peace. 

1? C9no the S,o;B fayBeUnta Scales, 

Rroofce ttie bofte of the Egyptians teftb ^ cni S^ 

25 Jro;hctooftcottthcfreharcttefcctlc£, 
ana theva;aue them I! toitn much aBoc : fo wfrauiCf. 
that the (Egyptians euery one fayfl, 3 totll 
flee from tbctaceof Jfrael: fo; tlje Lciac 
figljtetb fo; tljetn agatRil the (Egyptians. 

26 C'&fcen tlje ilo^ae far a to $£cfe£, 
•©trctc^t^meljasiaipoHtbc^ca, tljattlje 
toaters: tnav ccturne »pon tlje ©gpptians, 


27 'Efien (©ores ilrctchea focttlj Ijfa; 
Sana iipon tlje ®ea , ana tlje <g>ea returucu 
to bis fojee carelyin tibemoniing, enatije m c-^r^j 
Cgyptiaus flea agafaft tt:but ttje L 0( ia » o« ?„ £»!«?«?. 

water drowned 

fo; »0 to ferue tlje (ggvpttans, tijen tljat i»ee tbe >©C3. 

fijouia Die in tbe tutlaerneife. 28 ^0 tlje toater retutnea ana eouerea J^' 

13 ■Eljen£9ofe«raiatotl)epeople,Jj : earc tbe f4jarets ana cljcIjo;ftmen,euenaUtIjc 

ft Only put your 
trult in Cod 
without grudging 
or doubting. 
i Thus in tenta- 
tions faith figh- 
with inward gro- 
ningsto the 

Ijode of p^araolj t^at came into tbe <S)ca 
after tljeui: there rcmainca not one of tljent. 

2gTButtlje cljiia^enofjrraeltDal&ea J5p« 
on Bjte lana tbojote tbe mtaacs of tbe ^>ea, 
ana tlje toatcrs were a laall into them ok 
tljeir rtgljthaua , ana on tljeit left. 

30 WW* tlje Eoja fauea Xfrael tlje fame 
Say out of tlje haua of the (Egyptians , ana 

Caibetefoie 'cryeu\tbou tnto mce^ ipeafee Sfrael fatec tlje SgyptiansiBeaavpoii tlje ^Ebr.hani. 

feabanke.. mhatis,the 

31 ana3Ifraclfatotheuug6ty*poajcr, dodrine, which 
tobtclj the !Lo;Denjcluea upon the 0:gpptt» he taught them 
austfij tlje people tcarca tlje Lo;B, ana be* " 
leeuea theLo;o,ana his » fcruant$@ore^. 

in the name of 
the Lord. 

imto tlje cbt'IDjen of 3Ifrael that thev goe fo; 
toara : • 

1 6 9na lift thonl bp thy roB , ana firetclj 
out thine ijaua upon tlje @ca , ana Dimae it, 
ana let the cljila;en of 31fracl goe on B;te 
grottna thojoto tlje tiitas of tbe ^ea. 

17 9«a 3!,htijo!B,31 \DilljatBeu tbehcart 
of the OrgvptiAng, tijat they may follotoe 
tljetii, ana 3 tetll get me ijoncm- tipon pha« 
raolj,ana upon all higborte, uponljtsclja= 
rtts.anB upon tys boifemen. 

18 "Eljcn the OEgyptiaus fijallltnotn that 
31 am tlje He;B , Vuljcn 31 hatte gotten me ho> 
ttourupoupjaraoIjjUponljis cljarets , anQ 
ipon his Ijo^feinen. 

-19 (Snathe angel of 60a, toljichfcotnt J ifraeltijt^fonganto the Ho;a,'ana fata fonh'e rucr- 
befoje tlje hoae of31frael,remoouea, anD in thismaner,31 toil Rng Unto tlje *to;a;fo; throw of his enc- 
toentbchinaetljem: alio the pillar of the IjeljatljtriumpljeDgloziotiflprtheljo^feana mitsand their 
rloucctoent before tljcm, ana UeoBbefainac him that toBe upon £t'mftathljeouei'th;cto* deliuerance. 
them, eninthe<©ea. Wifd.1020. 

20 ana came bettcejic the campe of the 2 "Che lLo;a is my ftrengtlj ana || p;aife, Wrjbe occafion 
©gpptians,aHBthccampeof3ifraei:itUjas atiB bee is become my Carnation. Hjeetemy of my fang of 


1. 20. Mofes with the mm ani women (ing 
frayfesvnto God fortbetr deliuerance. 23 The 
peeple murmurs. 2? *4t the prayer of Mofes the 
bitter waters ere ftveet. 16 God teacheth ihs 
people obedience. 

Tlytn aftng^ofej* ana the cljtia;encf a PrayfingGod 

k Tfce cloude 
fhewed light to 

theifraelkes, tut botb'a cloiiae anB BarUenelTe, yet ganeit (5oB,ana3ltoill b p;JparclJima'Caberna' P"'fi 

to the Egyptians Mtgbtbv nt'g'jt, fo tljatal the nightlong the 

itwasdarkene?, oneeamcnotattheotljaO 

fo that their two 21 3nB g^ofes fcretcrjcD fa;t!j Ijis Ijana 

hoftes could not Upon the <©ca,anB tlje Lo;a caijfeo the <S>ea 

ioyne together, to rutine bacfte by a Rrong (Sail UofnBe ail 

jofb.+.ii.pfal, tfjenigbt, ana maaethe <®caB;te lana : fo; 

i< -.j. . the toaters toere *aiutDeD. 

Ifal.nt. 1 j. 22 'Chen the *chilo;en of 31fracl toent 

1 tljs^oUje the miaoes cf the @ea upon the 

kebr. 1 1. 2 9 . B;y grouno,ana tij? Xvater? were a fcal unto 

cle: heeis my fathers ©oa, a^a 3iUJtU eje* b ToworDu'p 

alt him. him therein. 

3 'Elje Lo;ae is a c man of taarre, Ijw c inbatteiihe 

d i5aiuei?3!elj6«ial)' ouercommeth 

4 13haraoh0charetsanaht0ljoffehath <«". 
Ijeecafc mto tlje ^)ea: his cljofencaptaine? d Euerconfhne 
alfoiuerea;oUmca in the tea <S>ta. in hispromife, 

^ 'SLhEaeptljsljaucconcrcathcm, tljcy 
fanke te the bottome a0 a (tone. 
6 E&yUriBbthana,©£oJB,i$slo;fGi!0m Wr^wer* 
2> 4 palwcr; 

A fong of deliuerance. 

Exodus. Bitter waters made fwect. Murmuring. 

potter: typrigbtbami,© !ojB,ljafljtyu(eD 2j anB be crpea unto tljeLo;Bc,anBtbe 

tlje enemte. &o;a fljeteco bim a * tree , which tuljeu bee £cdn 38.5. 

7 ana in tbP great tljou baft oner* baB call tnto tlje waters , tlje teate w toere 

e Thofe that arc ttyoteen tbem tbat rofe agamic « tbec ; tl;oit Itecet: tljere bcemaae tbem an o;Btnance 

enemies ro Gods feuteft f OOJtb tt>V UJjatb , which COlUUnttD anB a lab3 , anB tljere » ^e p;0UCB t^em, n That is, God, 
peopIe,archis tljem as tbeftitbblc. 26 anBfapBe, 31f tbOUteiltBiltgentlp or Mofesin 

enemies. 8 ana bp tbe blaft of tljp ItOftrClS tlje bcat&eu,OIfiael,WltOtbeyopCCOftbeJlo;B Godsnamc. 

boaters were gatberea , t'oe flooBs ftoeB dill tljp ©on, aim unit aoe tljat, teljtclj is ° rtgljt o which u to 

asaljeape, tlje aeptba congealea togetljcc in bis figljt , ana toiltgiue eare Junto bts do that oniythao 

f,Qr,bi the depth tncljc nrjcartot" ttjefca. commanaements , anB feccpe all Iji3 o;Di« God comman- 

tftbeSe*. o '&beenenricfao,3!toill purine J brill nances, tljenteiUjl put none of tljcfe Btrea* dctk. 

ouectafce them , 31 toill BiuiBc tbe f/pople, fesapon cljee , teljtclj a b^totigljt Jupon tbe 

t^r. m;- /e«/e x mp lull fljall be fntiffiea topon tljem , 3! will ©gppttans ; fo; 3j am eye lLojtn tljat Ijealetl) 

Jbalitfiatd, a;atempfujo;Bc,mincbanB fljallBeftrop tljce. 

tbem. _ 27 C*3nT) tljcp came to (Slim, toljere n*»s.jj.9. 

io Cbon blcteeft toitb tljp totnBe,tlje lea were ttoclue fountaines of toater, ana feueu- 

coutrcB tljem, tljepfank as lean tn tlje miglj« tie || palme tree?, anB tljep campeB tljere b? 110?, Due »««». 


f For Co often 
times the Scrip- 
ture calleththc 
mighty meR of 
the world. 
g Which ough • 

man: or into 
mount Sion, 


1 The come to the defert ofSin^nni 
murrnure a^amfi Mofes & *Aaron. 1 3 The Lord 
fendrth Quailes and Manna, 2 3 The Sabbath ts 

tie waters. 

11 taijo tsufcebnto tljce, 2D Ho;B,among 
tlje f goDs itoljo islifce tljec fo glo;tous in 
boiinefle, g fear eftill in y;apfcs , Going toon* 

12 'Ebon ftretebcaftontfijp rigbtljanB, 
tlje eartlj fiualloUica tbem. 

Ig ^IjOlltittlt bp tljp merriC Carrie tbiS ftnclified vnto the Lord. 27 The fettenthdty 
tefttebe prayfed people , which tt)Ott DelitiercBft: tljOU totlt Manna couldnot be found. 32 It is l^ept for art' 
with all fcareand tytng them in tljp rtltllgtb blltO t|)tne bolp membrancetothepotferitie. 
reuerence. h IjabitattOtt. 

h That is, into 14. 'Eije people Sjall bearc and be afrain: a jFtertoarO all tbe Congregation of tlje 

the land of Ca- fojotD fljall come bpon tlje inljabt'tantjs of ricljilD^en of 3jfrael DeparrcD from (Slim, 

Paleftina. anB came to tljetutlucrnes of » <^tn (tuljicb a This '» the 

15 %l)tn tlje Dn^es of (Soom ujallbe a» is bettoeene (Slim ana <©inat) tbe ettcentlj eight place wher. 
majea , ana trembling fljall come upon tlje DapoftbefeconUmonetb after tbeirocpac" in they had cam-' 
great men of S8oab: alltljeinljabitantsof tingontoftljelanaofffigppt. ped: there is ano- 
(£anaau fljall luare faint bcartefl. 2 anu tbe tobolc Congregation of tlje ther place called 

16 * JFeare $ a^eau fljall fall fcpon tljem: cbilb;cn of jfrael mnrmnreb againttS0o» zin, which was 
becanfeof tljengreatnesoftljine arme,tbep lestanaagainttaaronin tljetoilDerncfle. the j3-P la « 

.,« n-th,*,,* Rjall be ftili as a (lone, till tbp people pafle, g jFoj tbe cbil5;enof3irraelfaiD to tbem, wherein they 

vfjujortiygrem op toiUc , ttu t^ij3 people paflTc , which tbou ©Ijtbattoce bab atea bp tlje ijana of tbe camped.-and is 

ijaftpiirtbafea. 2,o?aeintbelanaof<Sgppt, tobentoeefate aife called Ka. 

17 'Eljoit (bait tying tljcm in, ana plant bptbeflefljbpow, toljen toee ate b?eaa our dcfli.Num. jj» 
tbem in tlje mountame of tbtne • tnbeci' belliegfnllrfo; pec baueb?ougbt»s out into j<s. 
tancc,which is tbe place that tljou bad P?epa= tbi3bJilDernefle,toUilltbi9b)ljolecompanie b So hard a 

»h»J tr?«-»-ini reu,fl>LiwB,fb^toiiuseUtn,cuentfte@anc- toitlj famine. thing it u to the 

tnarp© Lo;iBe, which tljtneb»nac? fljall e* 4 € -EbenfaiBe tbe Lo?aanto$©ol'cs(, fleflinottomur- 

(lablifl). TBcboloe, 3 toillcanfe6?eaa to raine from mureagainft 

18 , CbclLo?afliallreignefo?etier?tucr. beanen to pou, ana tlje people (ball goe out God.whenrhe 

19 JFoA9iiaraolj0 bo?fe$ baent tuttbbis anagatber+tljattbatisfufficientfo^euerp briiy is pinched, 
cijaretc ana bo?femen into tlje <©ea,ana tlje c aav, trjat 31 map yjoue tljcm, toljetber tbep %£br. the portion 
Lo?Deb;ougljt tbetoatetrs oftbe<©ealjpon tuilltoalltcinmpL^rao^no. cf adayinhu 
tljem:bnttbccbiia i ienof3IfcacltocntonCi:p ? Buttljc Ort bap tbep fljal prepare tljat, day. 

lana in tlje mias of tlje «S»ca. toljicbtljep fljall tying home, ana it fljall bee c Tofignifie 

K . !r . h( ,A. 20 C3na Miriam tlje p^opbetefle, filler ttoiceasmnebastbepgatljeraaplp. that they fliouid 

K&^mry^tneir of^arou, toolteati!nb?ellinljerbana,anO 6 W)tn$@o(ts ana aaron fata bnto all patiently depend 

all tlje women came out after ljerU3itbtim» tbe cljilojenoflfrael.atcuenpe fljall fenoaj vpon Gods pro. 

tyels ana k aantcs. tbat tbe Lojia tyougbtpououtof tljelanBof mdencefrom 

21 ana £©iriam 'aunfaicrea tbemen, (Sgppt. day to day. 
<S>ing pee into tlje JLo;B: fo; be batij tvinnu 7 anb^n tlje morning pee fljall lee t})t 
Pbeaglo?iouap:tbebo;feanBIjis(rtDtrbatb gIojipoftbelLo;B:« 1 fo? bee barljbeara pour d h* gauethem 
Ijcouertlj^utoenintlje^ea. grHBgingsagaintttbeLo^B: anatobatare notMnnnabc- 

22 Cbcn^ofejstyongbtSIfrael from tlje toetbatpebauemurmnreaagatnrlU0? caufethey mur- 
rea.^)ea , ana tbcp totnt out into tlje toft* 8 Sgaine SlMea faiB , at cuen fljall tbe mured, but for 
aeineffe of ""©Ijur: ana tbep toent ttyce E.o?B giutponflefljtoeate, ana intbemo;« his piomife fake 
aapcstntbebJtiaerue(re,anafounBnobJa» ning pour fill of tyeaB: fo; tbe itojBe batb 
tcrs. Ijeara pour murmurings , tofjieb pee mur- 

23 ana toljen tbep came to S0arab , tbep mure againft bim : To; ttljat are toee i pour 
ccuia not Bnnke of tbe maters of Scarab, murmurings are not againft os,but againft e He that con- 
fo; tljep were bitter : tbectfo.te tbe name of tIje e Lo;a. temneth Gods 
tbe place teas callea i! f©arab. canBS^ofes faiB to 3aron,«S>ap Unto miniflers, con- l 

24. "Eben tlje people mucmurcB againft all tlje Congregation of tbe cbiltyen of 3If> temneth God : 
95oftftfaFtaff»C05atfljaUteH>;intw^ rael> £>jatee neerc befo;e tbe JLo;Be : fo; himfeifc. 


Deut.t. 15. 



i Which was 

the Temple was 

great loy: which 
cuftome the 
niiies.ludg. u. 
34. and ii. 21. 
but ir ought not 
to be a cioke to 
couer our waa- 
ton dances. 
J Byfingingthe 
like fong of 
m Which was 
called Etham, 
Num.33. 8. 
|| Or bittcrvejfe. 

Godfendcth' Quailcs and Manna. Chap.xvii. Manna kept for the poftcrity. 2p 


||0r, tn the twi- 

he hath beara pour murmurfngs. 28 3nB the !Uj3 fapB unto S0ofefi, fcoto 

io |2oto as aaronfpafceuntotljetoihole IongrefufepetofceepempcommanBemcnts 
Congregation oftbecbilojeH of Jifrael>tbep anBmplatuextf 
lookeo totuartj tlje tDtloemefie , ann UcljaiD, 29 T0eljoia,bonn^&o;tB hath guten poll 
t&e glo;p of tbe LojB appearea * in a clouB. tlje Sabbath: tberfoje be gtuetb pou tlje lijcc 

11 (Jfo;tbcllo;OhaBfpoltenttnto?0o» Baptyeaofojttooaapes: tarp therefore- ene» 
fes, Taping, rpmaninljispIaceUetno mango out or %i$ 

12 *3]ljatichearBtbcmmintiringgoftlje place tbefeuenthaap. 

chilajcn of'Jfraelt tell tbera therefore, ana 30 <©o tljepeople reffcB the feuenthBap. 

lap, 1 3c eucu prevail eate fle(b, ana in tbe 31 SuBtheboiifeof afraclcalleapname 

moaning verhall be filieBtoitbtycaa, aim pe ofitMAN, auB it toas lite n to (EojianSer n Informeand 

fljall luioui tljat a am tlje jloja your <SoB) feea,buc feiljttc : ana tljctiitte of it ttas UU figure,bm not in 

13 ana fo at enen tbe *£Quailes came ana tmto tuafera made tottlj Ijonp. colour. Numb. 
couereatljecampe: anBinthemojuingfbe 32 SutJ $©ofes faiD, "^Lljis? Cs cfjat, to^tcl) 11,7, 
Sciu lav fotma about tlje tort. tlje lloja hath commanaea , JFill an SDmet 

14 *anBtobcn the Beto that teas fallen, ofit,tofccepc it foj pour pofteritie: that tbep 
toag afcenaea , beholB, a (mail roimB tbing map fee tlje b;eaa tob:retoitlj 31 baue feBBe 
was upon tlje face of tbe toilocrne? , Cmall a? pou in tlje toitacrneffe, toben 31 bought poti 
the hoarc froft on tbe earth, out of tlje lana of ©gppt. 

.,,..,. is anBtobcntbe cljtiejenof 3!fraelfato 33 Scores alfo faiB to Saron, 'Cafce a 
f Which figmfi. fr,tbevrataonetoanother,3!u<sfMAN,toj °por,anDpiitan2DmerfullofMAN tbere« o of this veflcll, 


eth a f apporti- 
on or gift: alfo 
meate prepared. 
John 6 . 3 1 . 
g Which con- 
tained] about a 
pottle of our 
\Zbr.for anbead. 


t^ev\Biftuottol)atittuas.anB£0ofesfaia in.tfet it before tlje tomato be fecptfojpour readHcb.^. 

fcntotbnn, *'Ebts istljebjeaBtobich the pofteritp. 

iloja Ijatb giitcii pott to eate. 34 3s the LojB eommatiBeB $81 leaf, fb 

16 C ^htns tbe thing tohich the &ojb 9aron lata ttbp before tlje pUefltmomc to p Thatis,tf;e 

Ijatfj commaunBeB : gather ot it cuerp man be kept. Arkeofthccoue- 

accojBing to bis eating , t an SDmcr fo; * a 3S Sua the chilOjen of 3ifrael Bia eate *""" '° wit,after 

man, according re tlje number of pout per> man * fo;tiepeere!3,untt£l tljep came tonto that the Atkc 

fons : euerp man ujalltafcefo; them totjicb a lauB inbabitcB : tbepaia eate man ui* was made, 

are in bis tent. till tljep came to tlje borers of tlje lanBe of iofh. 5. 1 2. 

17 3nBthccIjilBjenof31fraelBiBfo,auB ©anaan. 

h God is a rich 

gatbereB fome mo^te, fomc lelfe. 

18 ana Biljcn tljep BiB meaQire tttoitl) 1 ^cpljalj, 
an SDmer, *be tfjat ijaa gatbereB mueb, Ijaa 
notbing ouer , at be ttjat tjaa gatljcrca little, 
Ijaano » lacfee: foeuerpman gatljcreaac* 

nehe.9. 1 j. 

36 to ©mer is tbe tentlj part of tfce q which mea 

bout ten pottcls. 

feeder of all, and coding to bis CSttng. 

none can iuftly 

1 No creature is 

19 Stoles tben lata into rtjem, let no 
man referuc tljereof till moaning. 

chap. xvii. 

1 The Jfraelitts came into Rephidm,& grudge 
for wntsr. 6 Water is giuex them tut of the roci^ 
11 Mofes hsldethvp hit handes, andtheyouer' 
ctme the ^imalek}ies. \ 5 Mofss buiideth an altar 

20 H2ottoitbftanBiiig, " tljep obcpeB not toibeLord, 

SPofes: butfomeof tbemreferuea of it till a ^ 0a l tlje Congregation of tIjecIn'lB?en fEb.anhemomb 

mooting, anB it teas fnll of too;mes , ana r\ of3Krael3eparteB from tlje toilBerneflc a Mofeshereno- 

'ftanfee: tberefo^e f^ofesBjasangrptuttlj of^?tn,bptljeirioiirnepe0*attljecomman* teth not entry 

fo pure,but being t {j em . Bcmentoft6ciLo^a,aHB campcBiH*ScPbi m place where they 

abufedjitturneth 2I g,,j, tljep gatbereB it enerp rooming, aim, BJbere was no tuater fo; tbe people to camped, as Num. 

toourdeftiuch- eucrp man acco^Bing to bis earing : fo; Bjitnfee. 55.btitoniythofc 

on, tDljentbebeateoftbe^uunecaine, ttiyas 2 *wClbercfo;etIje people contcnBeBtoitlj pinceswber; 

meltca. £0ofe?,anafapo,(5meusteater,tbatujce fomenotabie 

22 C 3nB tbe Qrtb Bap tljep gatbereB map a^tnKc. 9nB £0ofe3 fapB unto tbem, thing was done, 
kWhichportion k tfenfe fo rmtcb b<teaB , ttoo SDinersfojone caijpcoutenBpeuntljmeef SUberefo^eBoe*, 
ftouidferuefor tnamtben al tbe rulers of tlje <Songregati* peteiupt b tljeLozBf b whydiitruft 

en came anB tola ggofes. 3 '©o tlje people tljirftcBtbtrefo^toatcr, you God? why 

23 anBbcanfojcreBtbcm, ^Ijisistljat ana tbe people murmurcB againff $@otes, lookeyounot 
tobtclj tlje to^B batlj faiB, "E.0 mo?roto is tbe ana faia^Oberefojc halt tljou tbus b?oitgljt forfucccurof 
reft of tbe Ijolp ^abbatb unto tbe Ho^Be: tjsoutof (SsppttohillusanBourc^iia^en bim wirhout 
bafte trjat todaytobiebpec toill bake, ana ana our cnttclllmrbtbirft? murmuring a- 
feetbetljattoljtcbpcetoillfeetb,anaalltbat 4 anB?©ofe9crieototbeioiB,faptttg, gainftvs? 

r* j ^ remainetlj,lapit<5ptobekepuiUtbemo^ CtHrjat (ball 31 Boe to this peopled fojtbep bee c How ready the 

1 GodtooKea- mngfo^pon. • almoltreaBpto'ftoneme. people are for 

waytbeoccahon 24 ana tbep lapB ttbptfiltljemo?mng, «j gnBtljeLojBanfouercBto$I9ore?,6oe theirownemat- 

from their laoor, a) sc^ f e ghaBc, anait ftaufcenot, neither before tbe people, ana tafeetoitbi bee of tbe rmtoflay ytnte 

toiigmhehow jj, as tb*reanptoo;metberein. (giaers of 3!frael:ar<BthproD,^ljercU3ttlj Prophets, & how 

boiynecwouw 2 ^ ^ en c^ o f e0 f a io , <tfate tljat to Bap: tbou*fmotetttljeriucr,ta&eiu tljineljanB flowtheyareta 

haue the Sabbath fo j t£J j ap is tbe ^ a hbatlj tUtO tbe tOJtOe : to anB goe : r:uenge Gods 

kept *. • • n ,• Bappcfballnot'finacitintbefitlB. 6 "Beboloc, 31 tetll ftanB tljcre before caufcagainft his 

m Their infideli- -' — j " -" ■ - ■--*- --- «• ■ . ^ ., — . ^ - ,/.,.-. 

the Sabbath 
and the day be 

that they did ex- 
prefly againft 
Gods commarw 

26 <@treBapc9lballpce gather it, out in tbcc,tpontljcrocltin!5c;eb,anBtboufljalt enemLsand faifs 
the fcucntljBapis tlje ^abbatlj: in tt there finite on tlje roefce, ana toater fljatliome Prophets. 
Hjallbenone. outof it, that tfcc people map anr.fte. 811B c^.7.20. 

27 Ci9ottoitbftanBing,tbere n, totntout $T5ofesBiB Coin tbe fight of the ©lacrg of n«w 209.^1^ 
foms of tlje people in the feuentk aap fo; to 31frael. 1 1.4 ^.73.1 j> 
gatfcer,anB t|jtv founB son?. 7 ^na itccaUeatljenameof tbcpiacr, e^ioj 4^s«^ 

B§0aflab so^. 


bis promife, and 
fT>akeisima liar. 

e Who came of 

rolh'ua ouercommeth Amaick. 

I0r,te»tathm |!£©atfab,anD i$©eribah, btcaufe Of the con- 
\;Or,jlnfe. tcutlouofthecl)UD;en of 3lfrael,anD becaule 

d when in ad- tljep haD tempteD the ILo^oc, faying , 3I« the 

nerfity we thinkc d £,n;D among t)0 o; HO i 

God to be abfenc, 8 £ * V£A)CU Came ' amalefc MQ ft light 

kt»tO aftaci m itepbfoim- 

gnu ggtafes fatD to 3Joujua,&hiire b$ 
out men.auD goe tight toith amalek: to mo* 
to'ci 3 toil! ftanD en tlje top of the f hlllbjub 
the roDcf <SoD in nuncbanB. 
to <£>o iolhua Bio as $©oleg babe bun, 
Eiiphaz/onn: of anB fought fcntb amalek t anD 0©ofes , aa° 

2afau,Gen.-j<S,ii. rOU, anD i^IlC tSCUtDp tO the top Of tljSbtll. 
t That h.Horeb, II ailB tohetl §©0fes 5jClDe DP ljt3 fcailD, 

which is aid cai- 3iltael ^eiiailcs : buttoljcn Ijec let IjE.s feanti 
led Sinai. g DO'mne,amalefc p; enaiicD. 

g so rhacwe fee 12 jftotu^ofesbanBs lucre beany: tljier- 

ho w dangerous a fo;e tljep too&e a ftone,anB put it unBer Ijim, 

thing it is to faint ana l;cs fate upon it : a«B aaron anD ipur 

in prayer. irayeo Dp bishanDs, the one ontbeoneltDe, 

h in the faooke anD tl)z other on the other liBe s fo bis banBs 

of the Law. &)£« (leaBy muilt the going BOWlf Of the 

s?Eb,putitintbe <g)|innc. 

eaw offojhux. ij anD Jofljiia DiftomStcB amaick anD 
#««. 24.10. |)fe people uritlj the eSge of the ibo;B. 

14 £ano the iLo^s faiD to $©ofts^SHrite 
this Fo; a remembrance h in the boofee, anD 
* te hearfe it to 3iofljtia : fo; * 3! tetliiDttcrlp 
put out tlje remembrance of amalefc from 
DnOer beauen. 

i$ (anti W ote$ built an altar,anD caUea 
tlje namcof it » 3J£feouah-mu"0 

1 6 alio be fatti, t^Lhc &o;d bath fn)o;ne, 
that he will bane toarre ty ttb atual?& from 
generation to generation. 


i jfcthre commeth to fee Mo/is bis fonnt in law. 
t Mofs telhtb him of the xvoonders of Eqyft. 
S> Ietbro reioysttb , and offer itbfacriftce to God. 
A I W hut matter of men officers and Judges ought 
to bee. 14 Mofes obeyeth Itthrts counfell m ap- 
fomtiag officers. 

W©en 3!et&o the *W& of SBiDiati 
S8orcs farljer m iaiu bearfl ail that 
@oa haD Done fo; i©ofcs,ano fo; 31frael Ijis 
peopl?, and hot?; tlje to;D ljuD b^otigijt 31fra-- 
cl oat of Grgvpt,- 
2 ZA)tn'3,ii'w the father fnlato of S©o» 
leftiiienicuidhe fes toDitc pippo^ai} 0L5oft0 tutfe, (aftcrhee 

a lee to his voca- ijaD a fcut I)Cf aVuav) 

tion, which was ? gnDherttuofcnnes^&hct'tofthcone 

fo dangerous, teas callcD * (Serfljom : fo? tjee lays , 3j ijaue 

chap.4.ij. fccnennaliantinailrangelana: 

chap. 2. 1 1. 4 SnD the name of t^e other was <Efic- 

b Horebis called jet: fo? t!)C (SoD Of mp father , faidhee, was 

ymountoi God, minchelpe, ijDtluicrcD me from tlje frjuoiiDe 

^ecaufeGod of^ljarach) 

Iwroughcmany 5 gnD 3leth?o0SorcsfatIjer In lata came 

I miracles there. toitl) IjtS tDCO ibniltlS anD IjtS U)ifeDlUO S©0* 

I So Peter pUeth fes ii\t& tlje tuilBerneirc stntytt h^c campeD 

ibe mount where IJJJ tljt b mount Oi <S>0D. 

chrift was tranf- 6 StiB he c fat'D to S0ofjg , 31 thv father 
figured, the holy in lato 3!etlj«T0 am come to tljee } anD tlj? tuife 
mounttforby aKDhcrttoo fonnesDJtthher. 

Chriftjprefcnce 7 &3tlD ^ofeSDJCUtOtlt tO mtetChtS 

it was holy for a Fathcnnlato,anBDiDobcpfance,anDluireB 
iime,i.Pct,i.i8. him, aHDcacbaCUeD other of hi?* Welfare, 
c That is, he fent anD thtpcameintothc teat. 

meffengen to fay 8 TK.\)tn f^oftS tclDC ljt0 father ttl \&\0 

vnto him. all that tlje Lo;De IjaD Doiiebiito Pharaoh, 

$s6r.oft«tcc. anD to the ©gpptian? fo; SlQraete faH? , and 

I That is 4 the 
Lord is my ban • 
eer: as he decla- 
red by holding 
vp his rod & his 

%£i>r.tbe hand of 
the Lord -vpm 
she throne. 


a Irmayfeeme 
( that he Jem her 

backe for a rime 
I to her father for 

her impatiency, 

Exodus. lethro his counfell to Mofes. ' 

all the trauafle that Ijn.B comeDntothcm b? 
the toav,anD how the lLo;D DclmereD them. 

SnD 3!eth;o reiopceD atailthegcoD* 
neffe, tehich tlje HojtD haD fljetocD to 3ifrael, 
and becaufc h? haD BcliuereD tlj?m out of the 
hanD of the (Egyptians. . „„ ... 

10 WrefojcSiethJofayD, «5 IBfeOca bee <* .Whereby it is 
the £o;d , toljo hath DcliucreD you out of the eu,d * l l t thl * he 
haiiD of the Egyptians, anD ewt of the hanD worfhipped the 
of Pharaoh: toljo hath aifo DeliuereD the trueGod,and 
people ffoniDnDer the IjanD of the Cgyptt' «erefo" Mof «« 

grig. retuicdnocto 

11 0oto3!f{not3thatthe^o ( t5ei3grea' many his Augh- 
ter tljenalltlje goD^: ♦fcuaetheyhaucDcalt " r - 

p;o«Bcly tXiitlj thtm, focbeyare*recompen«^ 6 t 
fed. iz.andi.jau4 

12 TOn 3ct^fl$0oft* father in latoc h-8. 
tookehurntcfferiugganB facrinccgtootfcr c Fqttheythae . 
butoOoD. gnD aaronanDallthcffilDerjct ^o-nedthc 
of3fraeicametoeatb;eaDtoith $@oliwfa* children of the 
ther in iata f before <DoD. JT"? 1 !"' pen * 

13 €J$oto on the mo^roto , tehen 9©efej3 J ed 'hemfeiucs 
fate to iuBgc the people, the people ftcoDe a» °y v ' ater - . 
bout £©ofes from moaning to cueu. 1 They ate in 

14 anD tobenfjgofes father in latofatoe that place where 
aUthatheeBiDtothepeople s hefayD,a<ahat th i ««ificc was 

iStljiStljatthOHDoeft tO the people i CKljy offered: for pare 

fitted: tljout^yftlfe alone, auD all the peo= " as hurnt,an«i 
pie ftanD about thee from moaning Dnto the reft eaten, 

i<i anDSPofejEffayDe bnto his father ttt 
lato, 'Became the people come anto mee to 

fetfee g ©OD. g That is, to 

16 eafcen tbev hane a matter they come know Gods will, 
bnto mc,anD 3! iuDge bettucene one aKD an* and to haue iu. 
other, anD Declare the ojBinances of <SoD, ftice executed. 
anB Ijis latocs. 

17 "But $©ofes father in iato faiDebn* 

18 'Ehou both *lueariell thy felfe great' tE*r.rt»»»i* 
ly, anB this people that is iuith tijec : fo; the f Mnt wtfeu* 
thing is too hcamefottljee: *tljou art Jiot Deut.t.». 
able to Doc it of thy fe I ealone. 

19 IDearenolumyilDoicc, (3IbJillgiuc lOrfomfeU, 
thcecounfel!, auD <SoB llVitlbctoitlj tOet) 
15ec tlioti fo; tlje people to h @oBtoarB , ana ? iudgetbou 

ttpo;t tI)0II the C.mfes Unto 60B, >" hard caufes, 

20 auDaDmomftjthcm of tlje 0JDrnan« which " nnoc be 
eea , ? of the Litecs , anD fijetu them tlje coay decided but by 
\Dherein tfjey maiitoai^c, anD tije tioj&e confuitmg with 
that tljcymuil Doe. God - 

2r $©o;eouer,p;cm"De thou anions at the . 
people,' men ofcciirage,fcanuc;(S5o j, men • whatmanerof 
Dealing trueiu, hating; anD ap= men ought to bee 
point fuchouer them to be rulers osier thou* chofeniobeare 
fanDff,rulcr£5 oner bunD;cBs, rulers otter tif= officc ' ,, 

ties, anB rulers ouer tennes. k G L od 'y coun [ el 

22 anB let them itiDje the people at all ought euei to be- 
fcafotis: but etiery great matter let them obeyed, though it 
b;ins bnto thee, anB let them iuDge al final! £ on,c °! our '"-, 
caufes: fo tbalit be eafter fo; tljec^hui ttyy fenorstjono fuch 

lhall btare the burden Ujitlj thte. God oftentimes 

23 3!f thOtt Boe this thing, (anD ©ODfo giueth wifedome 

commanB thee ) both thou iljalt bee able to t0 bumble thein 

cnBltre, ailB all tfctSpCOplC lhall alfo go qnt= that are exalted, 

etly to their place. and to d « lar « 

24 <S»0 9©0fej3 ,I 0bCycDtheb0yCC OfhtS jnat one member 

father iu iatoc , anD DiD all that hee haD u«hnecdo*an- 
r«yD; othw, 

2s a«B?0orejscijoremenof conrageout 


lfrael chofenaboueallpeople. God Chap.xix.xx. appearethtoMofcsinthcMount. 30 

eafion,Num. io« 

I Which nas in 
the beginning of 
the moneth Si- 
tian, conteining 
part of May and 

> That they de- 
parted from Re- 

c God called 
Iaakob lfrael: 
therefore the 
houfe of Iaakob 
and the people of 
lfrael figmfie on- 
ly Gods people. 
Deut 19.1. 
4 For the eagle 
by fl/w^hiCjtf 
outofdanger, & 
in cary higher 
birds rather on 
her wings then 
in her talents, de- 
clare! hhctloue. 
Deut. 5, a. 
Deut, 10. 14. 

reuel. t .6, 
0>ap.%n, I. 
deut. 5.17. 
and 26.17, 

e Teach them to 
be ptitein heart, 
as they (hewe 
themfelues out. 
by waihing. 



of all Sfrael, ana mane ttjem tjeaBS ouer:the 
people, rulers oucr tljctifanas, rulers ouer 
rjnnojetljs, rulers ouer fifties, ana ruler? o» 

26 ana they iuBgeB the people at all fea» 
fons,but tijcy bjougljt thchaiB eaufesonto 
$0ofes: fo: tljcy iuagcB all fmall matters 

27 aftertuara Sgofes ' let I310 fatljer in 
lata Depart, asiu ije limit into rji.5 couture?. 

1 TbelfrxeUtesametoSiaai. $ Ifnteliseho- 
fen from among alt other nations. 8. The people 
from/ito obey God. i 2 //e that touchethtba bill 
divb. \C God appexretk-jnto hlofesi/pon the 
mount in thunder a-id lightning- 

t j3 the ' tljtra mouettj, after the ehiiojcn of 
i3i!raeltoeren;one out ofthelanB of (Egypt, 
the fame b flap tame tljey into tfoeojtlDcrncs 

2 jroj they Bcpartea from RepljtDim, 
ana came to rbeBefcrtof<®inai,ana cam- 
pea in trjc tciiaerneirc : etieu tr>ccc 3ifrarl 
campea before the $©oimr. 

5 * 15ut£debs went tip Unto <SoB,fo.i 
rije Loja IjaB calico out of the $3oimt unto 
htm.fayin g, 'E.ijns (Tjalt thou fay to the l)0iilc 
of c 3Raafcub, ana tell tlje eljiiajcn of lfrael, 

4 *pceliaue feeue tahat31 BiB to tlje ®- 
3PPtians,(thow31 carieaycu upon d eagles 
tarings, ana haue bought you unto me. 

^ /ftotu tljerefozc * ifycetutll Ijcarc my 
tiovce in Dcea,ana fceepe my ©otienant,thcti 
yee fljall be mv cfjiefc tr eafure abouc all pco* 
pie,* though all tlje earth be mine. 

6 pe ihafte unto me alfo a&ingBomrof 
*]3rietts,ar.B an holy nation. 'vEtjefe are tlje 
tuo^Qes urijittj rtjou fijalt fpcafee tmto tlje 

7 ftSgofcs tljen came ana eallea fo? the 
<Eloer3 of tbe people , ana p;opofeB tmto 
themall thefethtngs, tuhith, tlje to^a com* 

8 ana the people anftoercB all together, 
2na faya, * ail tljat theLoja bath romrnan* 
Bca,lBeelriiiaoe. anaSBofes reuojreatfcc 
too^aes of tlje people unto tlje iloja. 

3n0 tlje LojBfatD onto S0ol'es, Lor, 
3 come into tljec in% tljiefcc clouae, that tlje. 
ana trjnt t^ep alfo may btUcuc tljee fo: cuer. 
(foji C^ofcs ljaa tola tlje tso^aes of tijc pco= 

io £®ojcoiier t^e L3iB fatB bnts Sgofes, 
Ooe to tlje people, ana 'fancttne t^em to 
Dap anD t9 mo?rote?, ana let tfjem uisilj tijetr 

ii aitBlettljtmbeereaDp ontlje tijirDe 
Bap: fo^ tlje tijirB aa? tlje LojBc totUcome 
toiBue in tlje figijt of all tlje people tipen 
mount ©tnai: 

12 Sna tljon njalt fet marges bnto tlje 
people rouua about, favtng, mzkztyzmto 
pourfeluestljatyegonotsp tottje mount, 
no? touclj tljebcjiacr of it: tobo&ciur toucI}= 
ttij tlje !S8ourir.ujaUfiirclp Die. 

i? Bo Ijana ujall tcttclj it, butue ujallfce 
ftonta-to aeatrj, o? ftrttnen tljojotoc toith 
Bartu : toljet&ertt be beall oj man, ty frail 
uot Hue ; to&en tU llijo;n? blo&cti) long, 

tljep ujall come fp II into tlje S0otmtaine. ||0^»«wrf. 

H C^ycn$0ofesB3entDoiBnefromtijc 
£@otmt\jnto tlje people, ana limcnaeD tijc 
people,ana tlje? tuafljeB t ijetr clotljes. 

ir auDijefaiDrjnto the people, "joercaBp 
on trjct'oErS Bap^ come net at your f tciues. f Butgfue yout 

16 aiiatljettivBCDapjtohenittoastr.O^ felnes to prayer 

ning, there teas t&imoers auBligljtmngs, and ahfimenee, 
ana a tljtcfee dona opou t\)t S9oi:nt,ana tlje that you may at 
founB of t^e trumpet erceeaing IotoD,fo trjnt this time attend 
a!l tlje peopie tfcattoas in tlje campe, was oneiyvponthc 

afratB. Lord, i.Cor.7.5, 

17 "Sljcn fgofes b?ougljttfceptopleout 
of tfjt tents to meete toitlj 600 , ana the? 
ftooa in t^e nether part of the SOoimf. 

18 * ana mount <@iuai was nil on fmohe, Deut.^u. 
fcecanfe tbe &o?B came Botone rjpon it tn 

fire, anB tlje fmobt tljercof afctnBca , as ftc 

fmofcc of a fo^nace^ina al tlje $©ount gtwm* g God vf e d thefc 

bleB CJCCeeBiUglp. feareful] fignes, 

19 anB toljrn the founB of tlje trumpet that his Law e 
bletol-ng^oJajceBlotBaerfjlotJDer^eles fhouidbc lud in 
fpake, ana <5oB anfar rea him by k uoyce. % greatet reuc- 

20 ( J?e?tlje JLO?B Came BOtone tipon rencc,andhis 

mount ^inai on tlje top oftheSgJount) ana maiefty the more 
tohen the Loja caliea f^orec op into tlje top f«red. 
cftljemomitj^olestoentDp. h Hegaue au- 

21 'SijeiuhelLo^B fain unto fl3ofes,(5oc thoiitytoMofe* 
Boianc, cljarge the people, tljat tljepbjeaKe by piaine words, 

llOt their bounds,to goe vp tO tJJC £c?D (0 ga?f, tna t the people 

left-many of thempcrtfi). might vnder- 

22 auDlettlje H IPiiefts alfo tohiclj come fiand him. 
totljeLtya, befaiitttfica^c'.itijetojDllDe* \Or,miert. 

ftroptbem. \Or,brea\e 0U3 

21 ana $®ofcs MQt unto tlje Lc^D, 'S-lje vpm thtm, 
people cannot come up into tlje mount <©i* 
nai: fo^thonljaft c'jacgea us, faying, ^>et 
marns en the rnountauie, ana fanctifie it. 

24 ana tijc Lo?a faia \mro Ijim, ©oe, get 
thee aonjue, ana come up, tljou, ana anrou . ., ,. . 
teitljtijct: bntlctnotthei ^ufts anB the > Neitherdigm- 

PCOplC b?eahC their hounds tOCOme Up U»U0 tynormu'.ti.uds 
tlje tOfJiy left Ije Deftroy them. ba-ieauthomy to 

2^ "©O^ofestOCUtOOUJne UntO tljC PC0> P-'fle the bounds, 

plr, ana tola them. . th « Gods word 

CHAP. XX. prefctbeth. 

2 The commtmdements of the firft table. nThe 
csmmandements ofthefecond. 1 8 The people a- 
frttid, are comforted by Mofts. 2} Gods of fituer 
and golds are againe forbidden. 24 Of what fori 
the altar ought to be. 

Tijenc&oa 3 fpafcs all tJjefelcoiBs, faying, a vvknMofes 
. 2 * Slamtlje ILOlDe tijy©OD, tifhicl) aad Aaron were 

hnuebjcuggt tijecoutofthelana of (Egypt, gonvp,orhad 

OUtoftheljOUfeofllbOltBage. palTed thebofids 

3 ^hon (halt haue none other goas b bc» of the people, 

fO,!eme. . God fpake thus 

4 * Ooit fljalt mafec tftee no grauen outefihcmonnc 
image, neittcr any funilitttBe of.chings tljat Horeb, that all 
arein Ijeauenabeue, neither that are intlje the people hcaidi 
eartlj beneath^ no v : that are in t&etoatrrs i>eut.%.6.pfaU 
Uttaer the earth. 81.10. 

<s ^l?ou frjaltnot'boiyBotene fotljein, \\Qr.ferxants. 
neuljcr kmz tljem : Tot 31 am tljr JLo^Dc tljy b To «hofe eyes 
CpoB,a d ieaicn.s<5oB,utntiug tSeiiirouitie aliAingsarc 
cfthe fatijew Upon the chtia^n, upon tijc open, 
tljira generation^ upon tyefcitrtlj, of them ieuit.16.1. 
tfjat&atcnie; 'Pf*i-9i : 7* 

c By thisctit- 
wardgefttireallkindeof fcra ; ceand worflvipto idols- i& forbidden, 
d And will be reuenged of the conaraners of rr jne horjoui, 

Q ana 



Puniftimcnt for killing,hurt, 

e So ready is he 
rather to fhew 
merciethen to 


i Either by fwca- 
ring f.lfely, or 
rafhly by bis 
Naiic,or by con- 
temning it. 
g Which is by 
meditating the 
fpiriruall reft by 
hearing Gods 

6 ana fijetolng mercy anto e tbotifanas 
to tbemtbat leue mee, ana fccepe nip com* 

7 *Eliou fijalt not take tbe jftame oft^je 
Lo^B tljy<S5oBm 'Dame: fo? tlje Lo?B toill 
not IjolBe bun guiltleOe, tljat taketlj Ijis 
Ji3ame in aatue. 

8 Kcmember the <§>abbatlj Day to skeepe 
itboly. '• 

o *%ixz Bayes (bait tbon labour, ana ao 
all tljy too.zkc. 

io TButtlje feutntb Bap is tbe <S>abbatb 
oftljeLo?B tljy<5oB:init rljou fijalt not Boe 
an? toojke, ttjeu, no? tby fonne , no? tby 
Baugljter, tbymanferuant, no?tbymatae, 


Temporal & ciutl ordinances appoint ~d by God, 
touching feruiuidejnurthers^&wrongsxheobfer- 
uaiion whereof doth not iuHifie a man % but are gi~ 
u°n to bridle our corrupt nature, which els would, 
breathe out into all mifchiefi and crueltie. 

^^2Dtoe tljefe ace the Hatots tobicbtbou Leuiute. i9 , 
* fijalt fet before tljeni. d ' Mt - ' 5- ' 2. 

2 * 3!f tl)ou buy an ©b?eto feruant,bee *<«»»• J4.14. 
fljall fcruefij;eyecres,anB in tbe feutntb bee a P/ywgnomo- 
fljall goe out free, » fo? notljing. "y for h " iibcixy 

3 31flje came Hjimfelfealone,bc fijall go b Nothaumg 
out bimfclfe alone: if be were marrtea, tben " ,ft «orchu. 
bis ajtfefhall got out toitb bint. d " n - 

4 3^bismafter batbgiuenbtmatoife, c Tiihertime 
word.and rcfting iw?tbe&eaft,no?tbeftrangertbatistottbm anofijebatbbo?u bim tonnes o?aangbtets, of fenmude was 

tbc toife ana bcr cbila?en fljall bet bcr « ma» ex P««^wfaich 
fters,but be (ball goe out bimfelfe alone. m, S ht be the 

? 15ut tfcije feruaut fay tbus , 31 loue my f «- uentn yeereoi 
maftewny toife ana my cbilBjen ,1 toill not thc fif »'«h. 
goe out free, %Urgods. 

6 ^beubtsmafter fijall &?mgljim anto d Where the 
tbe:t3!uBges>anBfetbim to tbe d Boo?e, 0? hdgesfate. 
totbepofie,ana bis matter (ball bo?c bis c Thatis,to the 
care tbo?oto autij an atole, ana Ije fljal feme yeereof iubiie, 

btm fo? « CUec. which was euery 

7 tiketoifetfamanffcl bis Baugbter to fiftieth yeere. 
be a fcruant,flje fijall not goe out as tlje men f Confirained 

(ei'Uant0Oe. either by pouer- 

8 3lffijeplcafe not bcr mailer, toljobatb tie,oreistothe 
betrotbea bet to Ijimfelfe, tben (ball sbee intent that the 

, cattfe to buy ber : bee (ball banc no potter to ""for &ouid 

bours toife , no? bis man fcruant , no? bis fell ber to a ftrange people, feeing be Befpt' ™*"y ber. 

mayae, no? bis ore, no? Ijis affc, neither any feaber. g Bygiuingaa 

tbing tbat is tljy ncigbbours. "But if be foatljbetrotbeB bcr anto bis othermoneyto 

18 C ana all tlje people nfatoe toe tbtm* fonne, be l^allBeale toitb ber h acco?Btng to buyherofhim. 

from worldly 
Deut % $.\6. 
matt, 154. 
efhef. 6, 2, 
h By the parents 
alfo is meant all 
thathaue autho- 
ritie ouer vs. 
Mat.*. 11. 
i Bur loue and 
prcferue thy bro- 
thers life. 
k But be pure 
in heart, word, 
snd deed. 
1 Btitftudyto 
fauehis goods, 
m But further 
his good name, 
& fpcake trueth, 
Rom. j j. 
n Thou mayeft 
not fo much as 
wi(h his hind e- 
cance in any 
\\Or,he'ard. firebrands, 
and 1 3, \C. 
Whether you 

tby || gates. 

11 * JFoj in fijre aayes tbc Lo?a maae tbe 
fjeanen ana tbe eartb, tbe fea, ana all tbatin 
tljemw, anaredeatbefeuentb aay: tberc> 
fo?e tbe JLo?a blefl'ea tbe <S>abbatb Bay, ana 
Ijalotoca it. 

12 € * honour tbv h fatber ana tby mo« 
tber,tbat tby aayes may be pjolongea apon 

. tbe laua tobtcb y Jlo?a tby 0oa ginetb tbee. 

13 *W}tm (bait not i kill. 

14 'S-bou fijalt not k commit aaultery. 
1? ^Lbott fijalt not 'tfeale. 

16 -Eijon fijalt not bear? falfe^teftnefie 
againft tljy neigbbotir. 

17 * Eljou fijalt not n eouet tty netgbbo^s 
boufe , neitber fijalt tbon eouet tljy neigb* 

aers, ana t\)t t ligljtniugs, ana tlje fouua of tbc euftome of tbeaaugbters. 

tbcmimpecana tbe mouittaine fmoking: 
ana toben tlje people fato it,tbcy flea, ana 

it) ana faiaeanto S©ofe», * ^alketboit 
tottb as, anD toe toill Ijeare t but let not ©oa 

20 "Eben $9ofcs fayae anto tbc people, 
Jfeare not : fo: <So3 is come to ° pjooue you, 
ana tbat Ijis feare may be before yoii,tfjat ye 
finnc not. 

21 <©o tlje people ffooB a farreoSf, but 
SUofcs o^cto ncere anto tlje aarfcnrs ajbeic 

0Oh was. 

22 € 2na tlje !La?a faiae anto ^orcs, 
•Eljus fijalt tljou fay anto tbe cbiia^en of je- 
wel , P e baue feene tljat 31 bane talkca toitb 

wil obey his pre- you from beaucn. 

ceptsasyoupro- 2? $>Zl fljall not make therefore toitb mce 
mircd,chap.ip.8. gOBS of filuet: , no? goBS Of gOlae : you fijall 

make yon none. 

chap. 27.8. 24 * an altar of eartb tbon fijalt make 

andii.j. anto met, ana tljereon (bait offer tby 

Leui.^i. burnt offerings, ana tby* peace offerings, 

tljy ftjeepc, ana tbinc oj:cn: in all places, 

toberc 31 (ball put tbc remembrance of my 

j!5ame,3l toill come antotbtc, ana blcfie 


2^ *T3utiftboutotltmake meeanaitar 

offtonc, tbondjalt not biifiacit of betoen 

Hones : fo? if tljou lift ap tljy toole apo tbem, 


26 jaeitber fijalt tljou goe ap by (feps 

h That is.he dial 
giue her dowrie» 
i Forhisfonne. 
k Neithef marry 


iofh.Z.ii.,that u, 
p Which might 
ping,or flying 
abroad of bis 

10 3!flje' take btmaHotljer wife, be (ball 
not aimiuifij ber fooa, bcr raiment , ana re> 
compeufe of beratrginitie. 

11 ana tfljeBonottbcfe k tbjeeantofjer, 
tben fljall (be goe out free.paytng no money. 

12 <G *t}c tbat fmitttb a man, ana Ije aie> 
fijall ate tbe aeatb. 

13 anBtfamanbatbnotlayBetoatt,btit norbeftowhet 
1 <5oB Ijatb otfereB him into bis ljanB,*tljen vponhisfonne. 
31 aoill appoint tljee aplacetobuberbefljall iwit.j4.17. 

flee» 1 Though a man 

14 %\xt if a man came p^efumptuonny be killed at vn- 
apon bis ncigbbour to Hay bim tuttlj guile, wares,y« it » 
tljon fijalt take Ijim from mint m altar, tljat Godsprouidence 
Ijemavaie. thr,tit(houldfo 

i<r caifo be tbat fmitetlj bis fatbtr 0? W be. 
motljer, (ball aie tbe aeatb- Df«t.i 5 .j. 

i6CanB be y ftealctlj a man ? felletlj tym, m The hoiinefTe 
if itbc founa tottb Ijim, fijall ate tbe aeatb- ofypiaceought 

17 C * ana be tljat etufetlj bis fatber 0? not to defend the 
Ijis motljer,(baliaic tbeBeatlj. murther. 

18 C^llljeu men alio (triuerogefber,ana Uuit.zo.9pr0, 
onffmite auotber toitb » a fione,o? tottb tbe 2o.2o.w.«.ij.4. 
8tt,auB be Bie not,but lictlj in bea, m»\t 7. 10. 

19 3|flje rife agaiue, ana toalketoftljout n Either farre off 
apori bts ft affe,'tben fljall be tljat fmote Ijtm, him or neere. 

go ° quit, faueenlyljc fijal bcare biscljarges o By the cim'U 
yfo? Ijisrefting.anafljalpayfo^bisbealmg. iuftice. 

20 C ana if a man finite bisferuant, op prMjlngofhit 
bis maya aoitb a roB, ana be ale anaer Ijis w. • 
bana,bc fljall be furelypunifijca. p Bytheciuiii 

p . 
21 "But if be continue a aay,o?ttooBafesf, Magiftrate.but 
amomiue altar,t'ljat tby p RUbinelft 6ee not ije fljal not r be punifljeBs fo? Ije isbis money, before God he is 
atfeoutrea tbereon. 2 2 C aifo if men ftrlne ? burt a tooman a munhcrer. 


Theft and damage. 

Chap.xxii. Of lending and borowing. 33 

q Of the mother 
or child. 

deut. 1 9 21. 
matth. 5.38. _ 
r The execution 
of this lawonelie 
belonged to the 

s.j's. ■ 

f SoGqdreuen- 
gerhcruelty in 
moftleaft things. 
Gen. 9.5. 
t Ifrhe bead bee 
^ more (hall the 

u By the next of 

x Read Gen.* j. 

y This law for- 
biddeth not only 
not to hure,rut 
to beware left 
any be butt. 

a Eitfer great 
beaft of the herd, 
b Breaking an 
houfe to enter ,• 

\Ebr.when the 
funnt rifeth vp- 
on him. 

c He (hall bee 
put to death, that 
killeth him. 
£Sb. m his hand, 

toitlj cljiUJf, fo rtjatfjcr cbfiae feeeart from 
bcr,anD <t Bcati) folloDJ not,be fijall be furelp 
puniitjeD acco^aiug as tlje toomaus ljuf> 
bana fijal appoint tjtm, 0; be fijall pap as tlje 
I) 3iuagcs Determine.. 

23 lout if Death, iblioto, trjen tljou fljalt 
pa? life fojltfe, 

24 * ' © pe fot cpe , coot!) fo; toorlj , bana 
foMjanU, foote fo; toote, 

25 'Burning fo; burning , DJOtmD foj 

2 b C 8na if a man finite Ijis fcruant in 
tlje cpe,o,s ijis maia in tlje eye , ana rjauc pe» 
rifijea it, Ije fijalt let b'.m goe free foj tjfs eve. 

27 &lfo if bee fuute f out ijts imiarirs 
toatl),o; bis maias toecljjDe fijall let &tm goe 
out tree fo? Ijts tootb. 

28 C31f anoregojeamanojtaujomau, 
tbatljeaie,thc* ore fijalbc « ftonea tooeatrj, 
ana Ijis flefij Sjal not be catcn,bnt tlje otoner 
oftlje ore (tali goe Quit. 

29 3lf tlje cv*e taereroont to pnflj at times 
Parana itbatbbeencll tola bis mafter,aua 
Ije batlj not kept Ijim , ana after be fcilletb a 
man 0? a tuoman , tlje ore fijalbc ftonea, ana 
bis otoner fijall Dte alio. 

50 3!f tljcte be fet to bint a °rumme of mo* 
nep,tljen be fijall pap tlje ranfome of bis lite, 
Djljatfoeucr fijalbe laps Dpou Ijim. 

31 SHrjctfecr be Ijatb gojea a fonnc,o^ go« 
rca a Baugbttr, bee fijall be iuagea after tlje 
fame nutter. 

3z 31f t£e ore gojea feruant ot a maia, be 
fijall giueaiitotbeir mafterrljirtp*fljeKcls 
of UluecanB tlje ore ftjalbc ftonea. 

33 C 9no tuijen a man a>«iU open atoell, 
oi toljen be fljal aigge a pit ana court tt not, 
ana an ore oj an afte fall tljereiu, 

34 'EbeoDonerof tljc pit fijall yntafec it 
gooa, and gine monep to tlje otontrs tljertof, 
but tlje ae aa beaft fijall be bis. 

15 C8n& if a ntaits ojecljurtbtsnefgfj* 
bours ore rljat be Hie, tbeu tljep lljall fell the 
lineoj;c,anaauitaetljemontptljcreof, an& 

30 flDjtf it beknoujcntljattbeorebatlj 
t»fcD topuHjin times pad, ana Ijis mailer 
ijatlj not feept Ijim , bee fijall pay ort £0^ ore, 
tut tbe aeaa fijalbc feis stone. 


t Of theft, 5 damage, 7 lending, lqharmp- 
ing, \6 enufingof maids, 18 witchcraft, ao ido- 
latry, 2 1 fupport of (irarigers t wido?ces..& father- 
Its, iSvfurjr, 2 8 reuerence to Magiftratcs. 

ifa man ftcalc an * ore o: a flje. pe,ana feill 
1 it 0^ fell it, bee fijall reftoje fweorenfctf 
tbe ojee,* ana fottre fijecp fo? tlje fijeepe. 

2 C 3!f a tljeefebefouna b b;teatong top, 
ana be fmittcn tljat be aie,no blooa (hail bee 
fhed fyj. bim. 

g Bmif ttbee *in tbe»a?Iisljt, e blooa 
fiiailbe fhedf^bim : for ijee fljouia maf?s full 
reftitution : if bee baa not wherewith , tfecn 
njeuiabebefolB fo^bistbeft. 

4 31 f tbe tijeft be founc * "with blm altue, 
(toijctijer it be orejaffe, o? fijecpc)bc fijall re» 

5 Of a man ao burf fiela, o^ ninepai-B, 
tjt put in Ijis bcart to Fecnc irt anotber mans 
8eia,lje fijal recompense of p beft of bis otan 
fieia,aua of tbe bea of ijw oton? uinewtfe 

6 Of Bre b^ea^e cut, ana cat eb in f be 
tbojues, ana tbe itachs cf conic, o; tlje if an- 
aing eo,me,o;t tlje ficla be confumca , be tljat 
tiiuaica tbe nrc,(hall mafeg full reft irution. 

7 C3Jfamanaeliutrbi3!ucigbboiirmo» 
nev,o; ftuffe to f?cepe,ana it be ftollen out of 
Ijts boufe, if tlje tljcefe be founa, Ije ftjall pap 
tbe Double. 

8 31f tbetljeefcbe notfotma,tbtn tljema* 
ftcroftlje Ijoufe fijall bee b;ougljt tontotlje 
^Juagestofweare, tobetljerbee batb^ut \zhr.gots. ' 
bt0ljana mi to bis netgbbours gooa, o^no. d ^hatis > vv^le- , 

31iiallniaunctoftrcfpaffe,U3betberit therhebathflol. 
oefo;orcu,fo;alfe,fo^fi)eepe,foua?ment,o; kn, 

fo; anp manner of loft tljing, tobtclj anotber 
cbalengetb to be bis, tlje caufc of botb parties 
fijall come before tlje Juages, and lafcom tbf 
3Iuagcsconaemne,bcettjRU pap tlje Double 
unto bis neigbbour. 

10 31 f a man aeliuer Ditto Ijisneigbbottr 
to kef pe alfc, 0^ o.rc, o; fijeepe , o; anp beaft, 

ana it dicoj be 4=burt,oj tafeen aluap bp cne- ZEMrefcx. 
mies', and no man fee it, 

11 e an otbeoftbeLo;tB fijalbe fcettocene e Theyftionid 
tljcm ttoaine, tljat be batb not put bis bana {we *™ by the 
Ditto bis ucigbbourjs gooa,anB tbe oDnter of Name of 'he 
it fijall tanc theothe , ana Ijce (ball not mane Lord » 

it gooa: 

12 *15titifttbeftoHenfrQmbtm,ljeujaU <?«»,ji.3p. 

15 3!f it be tonte in pieces, bee fljallfytng 
f reco^a^nd fijall not make that gooa, which f Hefliaiidiew 

isBCUOKrca. fomepattofthe 

14 €2lnDifa man bojroto ought of Ijis beaft, or bring Jcf 
ttEigljbonr,$ttbeburto?clsoie, tbcotoner wtnefles. 
tbtrtof not being bp , be fijall furelp make it 

i* Uf tlje oDmcr tbereof Be byM fijal net 
isabe it gooa : for ifu bean bit?atbing,tt „ . .. , 
g came fbjt bt0 Ijtre. ? " e , tba f J bl 7 d 

ie tf[*anaif amanenti&amaiaetbat Kihaibefrecby 
isnotbetrotljca, ana lieDJttbljer, bee fijall w m Z thehire.. 
ittDoD) ljcr,ana tahe Ijer to Ijis Drife. Dtut - J a - 28 - 

17 31 f ber fatljcr refafe to giue ber te bim, 
i)c fijall pap mon^p,acco;aing to tbe Doto^te 

18 C&boti fijalt not fuffer a tsittTj to littf> 

1 g cxaibofocucr Uctlj DJitb a beaft , fijall 
Die tlje aeatb- 

20 C*li?CC tftat Ofteretlj DntO any goD?, Devt.t^.i^^, 

fane Ditto tljcLojaonhMbaibeflaine. 15. 1. mac 1.14. 

21 C*^ojcotier,tbbu fijalt not Doe infu> Leuit.19.11. 
tit to a ftranger,ueuber opp^elTe \fisn \ fo^ pe 

toere ftrangers in tbe lana of ©gppt. 

22 C*Pee fiiall not trouble anp toiDoto,, 

25 3f tljou Dcj:c 0? trouble fucb>$fo be call 
ana crp Ditto me,31 Daill furelp Ijeare bis erp* 

24 "Ebcn fijall mp DJ^atlj be kinalea, ana 
31 unll kill pou Djitb tbe fcoo^ae, atta pour 

h anues fijali be DJtBoDjei5,ana pcir rijil&^en h The iuft plague 
fatljerlefie. o f God vpos the 

25 C*3!ftboitlenamonep to mp people, epprenbnrs. 
tbatis,totbepoo;eD)itbtbce, tljou fijalt net Leait.2$. j?* 
bceasanDftircrDntoljim: pee fijall not op- deut.2y.-19. 
pjeile bimDJitbDfiirie. tfal. »;. 5. 

20 3|t tljou taUetbpueigljhotirs raiment 
ropleDge, tljoufljsltrcfio^e itDntobimbe^ 
fo^e tbe funne goz DoDmc: 

27 JFo: tb^t is tlje ceur ring ontlv , and 
tb& is Jjiis g4tmcnt toj bfs feinne { iwfecrei'u- 


Reuercncc due to Magiftrates. The Exodusi three folcmnc feafts. Gods pro-life, 

i For cold and 
*dfit 2}.$. 

|C Thine abun- 
dance of thy 
cornCjOyle, and 
Chap. 1 j. 2, 1 J. 


1 And fo haue 
nothing to due 
fcith it. 


» Not to follow the multitude. 13 Uottom/i\t 
mutton of tbeftrangr Gods. 14 The three fo- 

tome,31miHbearebmi:fo;.31ammercifHU. ueneb bzeab: thou tbalt eate tmleaueneb and 34.1s. 

28 C*'C0ou fl:alt not ratle tipon tJje tycaD fcuen bayes, as 31 commanbeD ttee,tn g Tharis,Eafter, 
3!utisesf , neither fpeakc cutil of rije ruler of tbe feafoti of tlje monctfe of atitU : foj in it in remembrance 
tbppeople. tljoucaintrtontof (£gvpt: anb'noneujaH chatthe Angel . 

29 CEbme k abtmbance ana fhv liquojt appearebefcuemeemptp. paffedcuerand 
fijalttbouuotkeepebacke.'EbefirftboiBe i^ Ebe h feaft alto of the Ijarueff of t6e fparedtheifrac 
of tljpfcnnejr fljalt fljougiue me. firft fruttes of thp labours, tobicbthou tad iites,whenhee 

30 Ltketoife fljalt thou boc taifb tfjine fotoeninthetttlb: anb tbe»feaSof gatbe* flewthefirft 
oscnanDbJttbtbyftjeepe:fenenDavesitu)al ring fmitts iu the enb of the peere, token borne of the 
be toitb bis Damme, and the eighth Dap thou thou baftgathercD in tbp labour out of the Egyptians. 
fljaltginc it me. ficiD. 73eitt.i6.i6. 

31 CPefljaUbeanljofrpecpIebntome, 17 Theft ftyee times! in the peere Irjall all »«/»(jj4 
* ncitUer rtjal! pc eate aap Sell) that is tome tbp men children appeare before the Lojbe b which is 

of beaftes in the fielQi PCC fcail calf it 1 to tlje 3l2bouab. Whitfoncide, in 

tossi* 18 Ebon fljalt not offer the bloob of mp token that the 

facriRce tuitl) ^ leauenco b^eau: nrtttjec fljaU Law wasgiutn 

tbefatte of mp fecriSce remame bntill the jo.dayesaftet 

momt'ns. they departed 

19 * Elje firff of the firfl frnttesf of tbp from Egypt.. 

Umnefeajls. 202J The ^ingelisprcmifedto lead lanQ tljOU fljalt tying intO the bOltfe Of tlje i This is the 

tkepecpte. 2 J What God prontifeth ^ ij'they obey ilo^b tljV 0C3: yctftjaltt&OUUOtfeetlja felD fcaftofTaber- 

him. i 9 God will caft cut the Cannamtes by ht- ill IjtS ' mothers milke. nades, fignifyicg 

tleandliuU^ndwhy. 20 £*')3ebalD ,3! fenb ait 9ngflbcfo;te that they dwel- 

tljee,tofccepetl)cetntbetoap, anb totymg lcd4o.yecresvn- 

T£;>oufljalt notjrcceiueafal&tale, net* tbectotltfPlacetohicb3ibauepiepareD. denheuntsor 

tber fljalt thou put thine banb&itb the 21 Betoareoffeim,$bearebisDoiee,3nd the Tabernacles 

tolckeD,tofceapfalfebJttneffe. woiiokebim not :ftw bee brill not fpare pour inwiidernefle. . 

2 CEboufijalenotfollotoamuItitubc miioeebs,beeaufemp m ii2ameisiubim. k Noieauened 
toooeemi, neither* agree in a comronerfle 22 13ut if thou hearken rmtoljtstiopce, bread(hallb«c 
1 to Decline after man? anb oaerttyoiu the auDDoeallthat3)fpeake,tljctt3)toiIlbeeau thenmthinc 
tructh. enemie butothme enemies, anbtoill afflict ho«fe. 

3 C^bouRjaltnotelfecmcapcojeman them that affittt tljee. chap.34.26. 
bifwebeboud inljiscaufe. 23 jro;t mine angel *(balBoebeftyetbee, dcut.x4.12, ' 
todoegoodto 4 Of tboumeete thine enemies' ojrc,o? anb tying tbeebnto tlje 3mo;ites, anb the 1 Mcanin°,that 

Ijis affe going aticap,tboulbalt b tying bun pittites, anb tbe33eci55ttes,gttljeCtanaa* no fruits ihouid 

tobimagaine. nites,tl)el^tuites,anbtlje3IebuUtes,anb3] betaken before 

<j 3if rl)on fee tbine enemies « affe Iving toillbeitroptbem. iufttime:&her«. 

bnocrljis bnrben, built tfcou ceafeto fjclpe 24 'Ebou fljalt not bob) bobsne to rljeir by are bridled all 

bimftljoufbaltbelpbimapngaiiie tuitl) tt< gobs, neitber feme tbcm, no; boe after tbe cmeii and wan- 

6 C'&l.ion fljalt not oucrttyotu tlje rigl;t buo^kes of tl;em : bnt * n utterly ouerttyobje ton appetites, 

wand to help vp of ti)v Poc^e in Ijts fntc. fbem,anD tyeahe In pieces tbeir images. fahn-*' 

our enemies afle 7 'Ebon fljalt ftecpetbte far from a falfe 2^ JTo; pee iballfcuie tlje 2,o^b pour <Sob, deut. 7 .u. 

vnderhisbur. matter, *anD fljalt not flap tbe i innocent anblje fljatlblefletbp ° tyeab ettbp biater, m iv^igiue 

den, will he fuffer ana rije rigljtcous : fo; 31 bJill not iult iSe a a»b 31 totll take all ftcUeiuGe aujap from tbe him mine autho- 

\]Or,r(pO)t a falfe 


\\Qr % cu4d. 

%Ebr, anf-cvere, 
a Do that uhich 
is godly though 
fewdefauour it. 

our enemies 
beafl, much 
more to our ene 
c If God com 

mibSOftljee. ririe a and bee fhall 

26 <5T* Ebtrc fljall none cafitbeir fruit gouemeyouin 
no;be:b:;iren tnrIjplanD;,jbe number of myname. 
tljp Capes toiil 31 fKlfid. •*. chap 3 3.2. deut, 

27 31 luiflfcr.Qmppfe?.re before trjee,anb 7.21.W/&.24.11. 

ys to caft downc bJtcbea man. 

our brethren 8 C* Eljouujalt take no gift: ft; trje gift 

with heauy bur- bltnbttlj tljet bjife,? peruertctljtbe too,ibs 

dens? of tlje righteous. 

2>a*.i3.jj' <) CCfjon fljalt not oppjefle a flranger: 

d whether thou fcupee&noujflje' heart of a flranger,fccing toill beflrop all the people among tobome Deut 7. 25 

be a Magiftrate, pe toere_flraugers in tlje lanb nf €fgppt._ thou fljalt go?: ano 31 bJil make al tbine ene* n Godcoman- 

or art commaan- 
ded by the Ma- 
ecctus 20.28. 

10 ♦^o ( JCouer,fij;epeei-cstijon fljalt fo'03 miesturr.etijeubacfcDs onto thee: dcth hisnotonly 

tbp lanb, anb gather tlje fruits thereof, 28 3nb 31 toill fenb * hornets before tfjee, 

not toworfliip 
idoles, buttode- 

11 ]i5nttbe fenentlj peere thou fljalt let (t bjljichfljalloiiiie out tlje ipiuiees.theCana 

rclt anb lie flill , that the poo^e of fbv people amtes,anb tlje pittites from tl;p face. 
mapeate,ar.Db)hBttbcpleauethebeafl-sof 29 3i toll not call them out from thp face oThatis,aii 

tlje fielb fijal! eate. 31n like mauer thon malt in oitept rre , left tlje lanb groiu to a toilber* things ncce/rary 

c Forin that that Doe rjjitbtljpbincparb,andirjltb tfjtKCVHue: UtfleJanb tlje btaftSOf tlje 8clb imiltiplp a» for this prefent 

hcisaftrangtr, trtCS. gainfltljec life. 

hisheartis for- 12 *^)ireDapes fljalt fljouDoetljpbJojfce, 30 TgpUttle anb little 31 toill D;ltie tbem Deut.-j.14- 

rowfuli enough. anD in tlje feuentl) bap thou fljalt reft, that out from tljp face, bntilltljoutncreafe, anb p lwiiimake 

Leu.isi.««di6 tljine ore, anb tfeine affe map reft, auD the inljecite the lanb. them afraid at 

4j.<fc»M5.i. fonneolthprnapbcanbtbeftrangermapbc 3 1 Qnb 31 bJiU make tljp coaftes from the thycomming, refrefljeb. rebfea unto the fea<j of tlje Phfliftims, anD amUcnd mine 

dei*.$.ti. 13 anb pee fljall take bcebe to all things: from tlje c aefern)nto tlje ^ Knter; rb^ 3] toill Ang.itode- 

f Neither by that31bauefaiD*ntop;ni: anb yeiljalmafce beliuer tlje inhabitants of tlje lanb intopour flroytbem, » 

fwearing by the, f nomciutonof tlje name ofethergobs,nei' banb, anb tbou fljalt tyiuetljcm out from chap-ij.*. 

norfpeakingof tber fljall it ue fjearti out of t^p nioutlj. fbpfacc. iofb14.11. 

them, Pfal. 16,4, 14 €Eh.»CtmiCStl}Olifl>lltkeepeafea.ft . qCalledthefea 

Ephef. r. j . blltp m? ill tty Pf f re, of Syria, r Of Arabia , called Deferta. I Two wit, Euphrates. 

32 *Wi9» 

and the peoples. 

Chap.xxiiij.xxv. Offering for the Tabernacle, 32 




a Whenheeal* 
led him vp to 
the Mountaine 
to giue him the 
ter hitherto. 
b When he had 
Lawcs in mount 

if Ebr judge- 
Chap.19,%. 14 

32 * ^Ijdh f$aTt make no eonenant toltlj SEonnt @insf,aitB the clotm ccuerra Fit fipe \\o r , him. 

tljcm, noj toitlj their goas j 

35 il^eitljer ftjall tljep awcll in tljylanB, 
left tfiev maketljee finne agalnft mce : foj if 
tijortferuetOcirgoDjs, furclp itujallbee tljy 

3 TA* />eo/»/e promt fe to obey Gcd. 4 <W«/« 
rrtttethtlie CiuiU laives, 9. ij Mofes returneth 
inta the Mountaine- 14 .Aaron and Hurhaue 
the charge of the people, 1 8 Af o/Jj rvasfiurue 
daj/ss and fiurtte nighn in the Mountaine. 

k fSDto Ijee IjaB a ftiae into $®ofes, ©omc 
I Nuprotije Lo;D, tljou, ana aaron, J2a* 
Bab, ana abtlju , ana feucntie of the <2laer$ 
of 3|fracl,ana n fljall wojftjip afarre off. 

2 ana C©ofcs Ijimfclfe alone fljall come 
ncerc to tlje SLo^u , but tljep fljall not come 
neeee,neitljer fljall tlje people soup $ bun. 

aapesrnna tlje feuentlj Bay feee calicOtjnto 1 The Lord ap. 

$J/OfC30t1t 8f tlje mins Of tlje CiOIiD. peareth like de- 

17 SllD tljC fiffljt Oft^S glo.IV Of trje 3L0?B uouringfireto 

was like 'confumtng fire on tljetoppeof roc camai] men. but 
$©oan:ain wn tlje epcis of tlje cljilBjen of 3if» «> «hem that he 

tacl. draweth with his 

18 9nt)$0ofc3 CMrtB tntO tlje tlUBjS Of Spirir,beis'ike 

tlje cloim , ana teent up to tlje 3yJountame: pieafant Saphir. 
ana ?©ofes tans in tlje* £0onm fo:t? Bay?? £>f ,? 4.28. 
ana to?ty trigljtx dcut.?.?, 


2 The voluntary gifts for the ma'xjng of the Ta~ 
bernacle, \oThefirweofthe<Ark,e. ijThe Mer- 
citf;at. z j The Table. J i The Candlefiic\e. 40 
i/4# musl be done ace et ding to the paterne. 

Tiaentijeilom (pake into £gofcs > fay* 
2 * ^peake imto tbec^tl^cnofjfcatl, 

3 C b aftcrtoara $9ofescame ana tolse tljat fljcp rccetuean offering foj me; of* eue 

a AfrertrteMo. 
rail and ludiciall 

them the Cere- 

he left to mans 

trje people all tljeujsmsoftlje lorn, ana all rpmaiMyMebeartginetbtt freely, yeefijall Law,he ?i«eth 
tlje* E-atocs tana all the people anfoerca * 
lwitlj one uopce, aim fates, * ail tlje tljmgs 
totiiclj tlje Lorn Ijatb faio, tuill )xx ose. 

4 ana ^ofcsf tojote alltlje tjuomes of 
tljetom, ana rofeup carclv , aim fc't bp an 
* altar llimsertl;e Mountaine, ar.D tnjelue 
lOr,atthe{oatof pillars acco^Diitg to t^c ttoeliie "Enbcsof a»o tljeffeimiw of baager?, ana tlje toooa 

the Mountaine. 3|frari. * ^tttfllt, 

c Forasyetthe % 9LnO Ije Cent vo»s c men of tlje cljtln?cn 6 ©ylefojtrjeligljt,fpice0fo?<Unovn 
Pricfthoodwas of j!fracl,tobtdj offcrea burnt offerings of tmgople, ana fo;tljc perfume of faeetc fa 
notgiuento beeues, ana facrtScca peace offerings pnto nonr, 
Leui. tlje Lo;a. 7 

6 •E'rjen S0ofc« toofee Ijalfe of tlje blooa, 
ana put it in baling , ana Ijalfe of tlje blooa 
Jjefp«nfelea on tlje altar. 

7 after Ije tooKe tlje || boofce of t^e ©one* 
nant, ana reaa it in tbe anat'ence of tlje peo 

tafectbe offering fo;t me. 

3 aim tljis is tlje offering taljiclj pe fljall moniaiiLaw.tbat 
b take of tbcm,goia, ana tilucr,ana b^affe, nothing fiiouid 

4 aiia!lblenjfUUe,anapnrplc,anaikar' • 
let,asa fine tinnen, ana goats haire, 

5 ana rainmcs fkinne0col8iireBreaae, chap.if.%, 

*" b For the buil- 
ding and vfeof 
the Tabernacle. 
H Or^yellore. 
c Which is 

nt,effonc£!,ana ffoncs tobcefetiit thou°htrobca 

the Law. 
htbr.9 5o< 
d Which blood 
be fatisfied with- 
out bloodftied- 

tljc*©pljoa,ana in tlje*^clf plate. 

8. alio tyty fijall make me a « >§)anctua' 
17, tljat 31 may atocll among tbem, 

9 accoming to all that 31 Oicme fytt, e* 
lien (a fljall n make tlje fomie of tlje "Eaber* 

kinde of cedar, 
which will not 


d Ordeined-fos. 

the Priefis. 

ple:tobofaia, ail tljat tlje llom Ijatl} fa?a, «acle,anattie fafijionofalltljeinffrtiments 
8 tEben !®ofcs tooke tlje 
fp^iiiMeBit on tlje people, ana faicc, TSetalo <©tittim tuooa,ttuo cubites ana an Ijalfe to offer facrifice, 
tlje o blooa of tlje (£onenant,\Bljicfj tbe JLom long,anB a cubtte ana an Ijalfe tyoaa, ana a an d to heare the 
Ijatlj maae tuitb ron concerning all tljefe cubiteatmanljalfcljie. 

tbCrCOf. Chap.zS.lK. 

1 blcoa , ana io (ff 'Eljep fljall make alfo an * 9rfeeoE c a place both 


C^ttttoentfep $©ofcsanaaarou, 
jBaaab, ana abiljn, ana Ccuentie of tbe €£l> 

e AsperfeSlyas aei'SOfUfracl. f 

their infirmities io anBtljei)*fatotUC5oaof3!frael,an3 


ii ana tljou ujalt onerlap it toitljpnre chap t 7 1. 
golae : toitbin ana toitljont (bait tljon cuer* 
lap it, ana fijalt make iipon it a || crotoncof ii Or,a circle, 

gOiarOllHB about. | and a border. 

12 ana tljon (ijalt caff fonre ring*, of 

could behold his ijimerljisfcete wasasittoerea tteojkecfa goto fo; it, ana pnttb cm in tlje fonrefl 

€>apbir itonc, ana as t'^e fcery beauenajben 

tiers tljcreof; tljat is,ttuo rings fhabe o 

% Ebr brick' 

vorke. ii aim vipontlje nobles of tfjc elu'ia^cn cf thereof 

f Hemadethem 31ft:ael ije f lavcD not Ijis ijanl) : alfo ttjc? fata i? ana teonfljalt make barre 

notafraid.nor ^oB,anB % Bia eat anD a^inke. 

punifhed rhem. 12 f 3113 tlje Lom h lavBi)ntO fores', 

©omeup to me into trjeSSountaine, ana be 
tbcre,ana 31 )uil gi«e tljee 'Cables of ffonc, 
ana tlje Laui 9 tlje QTommanacmcnt toljiclj 
31 Ijaae te;ttten,fo^ to tcarij k tbem. ' 

13 'Eljen $^ofcs rofetjp,ana Ijis mtniffec 
3JoSjna , 9 S©ofes toent tip into tlje $3oim« 

^ lOr&t* 

g Thatis,teioy. 


h Tnefecond 


i Signifv!ng,t£ie 

hatdneffe ofour 

hearts, except 

God do write his 

Lawes therein by ftere,ijntilltuee comeagainetmtoiJoiuanB 
hisSpirit,iere.3i". bebo!B,9aron, aiiBl^nr are tot'rlj von :to!jo= 
3?.ezek.n.i 9 . lociierfeatlj any matters, let feint come to 

a.cor.j.jhebf.S. t^em 
lo.and ict.itf. 

tint toooa.atta concr tljcm toittj goia. 

14 "Ebcn tljcm fijalt put tlje barres in tU 
rings bp tlje fmes of tlje arke,tobearetljc 
arketot'tljtljem. . 

1? Cbt barren f^al be in tlje rings of tlje fTheftoasTa- 
arkc: tijey fijall not be taken atoav from it. bles,the rod of 

16 «g>Q tljOlt fijalt piltinrljearketlje'^C* Aaron andMano 

fftmontetoljiclj31ujalIgtuetfjcc. ' na.whifhwere 

17 aifo tijon fijalt make a ll s$©crcpTcat a tcftimonie of 

k To wit,thc 

14 ana faiaimto tlje <Eiaer$, 'Ear? ijs" ofp!iregoia,tUiociibite3 ana an ijalfe long, Gods p«rence. 

*• anB a cnbite ana an balfc bjoaa. ' n or,couenng, or 

18 ana tljou fijalt make ttooCljcrubima. propitiatone. 
of gola : of taojfce beaten out tuittj tlje ijan> g There God ap- 
mer fijalt tljou make tljem at t|c ttuo cnae? peared mf rcifui- 
ic, djen^ofestnentbptot^e^ount, oftbef©ercitfeat. lyvntotbem: 

snatbecloHBcouereB tlje Mountaine, 10 ana tbe one QKjcntb fijalt tbou makr and this was afi» 

• i<5 anotbesiwoft&efcojaaboDetopoH att{j?oiie«nae } ar,5:i3eot^©|j«ui)at g«eofcbiift* 


The forme of the Table and Candlefticke. Exodus^ 

The forme of the curtaines. 

iJOf, wxff Appoint 
with thee. 

cImJ> 57.10. 

\.Qr,aH hi»i 

h Tofetthe 
l»cad vpon. 

i IdhatI not be 
ren out of the 
luinpe of gold 

thereof j snti the Iampes thereof (halt fhoti 
put tljereon, to giue light totoarD c^att^at 
is before it. 

38 aifo the fnmTers anD-inuffe-Bifljea 
thereof flialbe of puce golD. 

39 2)fa k talent of fine goiaefijaUtbou 
make it tottb all thef: infiruments. 

40 *LookCtbcrfojetIjattijOU make them theTemple,arid 

after tbeir fafljton, that toas fljetoeD tljee m weighed 1 *c. 

the ot^ct enD: of the matter of tbe S©erepfeat 
mail pee make the <£bernbims, ontbettoo 
enD s thereof. 

20 3nD the Cljerubims thai (rretcb tijeir 
toings on Ijie, couering the JJ0erep (eattoitl) 
their toings, anD tfecir fates one to another: 
to the ggercp fcattoarD fljall the faces of tlje 
ChtHibims be. 

21 auDtljou (halt put the S©ercyrcat a* 
bouebponrije arke, aim in the arketljou 
fijalt put th e Eefttinonic, toijtclj 31 toil! guie 

22 anDtberelitoiniiDccIarempfelfebit. 
to tijce.snD from r.boue the $©cret>fcat * be« 

tUJCeitC the ttOO (£ljCrilbimS,ttljtCb are bpOll feat, of the Table ,and of the C*ndlefiul{t. 

the 3rke of the "Ecfifmonie , 3! will tell t%tz a Jf rertoarD tbon (halt make the "Eaber* 
all things toljiclj 3! toill giue thee tit torn* t\ nacle toith ten curtaines of fine ttoiuea 
manDement bnto tlje ehilDjen of Sfrael linnen,anD bleto (Uke, anD purpIcanD fear* 

23 C * 'Eton (halt aUb make a Cable of let:sno in them thou fljalt make<£hernbim$ 
€>bittim tooob,of ttoo cubites tong,anD one of J bjopDereD toojike. 

k This was the 
talent weight of 



The firm: of the Tabernacle and the appert'f 
meet. 3 j The place ofthe^irl{e,oftheJdtrcie 


a That u, of 

2 Che length of one curtainefliaibeeigbc moft cunning, 
anD ttoentic cubites, ano tl;eb*eaD?b of one or fine wotke. 
curtame,foure cubites :euerp one of tbe cm> 
taines fljall bane one meafure. 

3 JF iuc curtaines fljall bee eoKpleD one to 
another : anD the other fine curtaines fijalbe 
eoupleD one to another. 

4 3nDthou fljalt make firings of bletoe 
fijalt thou make in the eDgc of the other cur* 
taine in tlj* felueDge,in rye feconD coupling. mi£ht be tied 

5 JFiftie firingsfbalt tboumaket'none together. 

b On the fide, 
that the curtaines 

rubuebjoaD, anD a cubit e anD a balfc bte: 

24&11D tljou fljalt couer ittoitlj pure golD, 
anD make thereto a crotoneof goloerounD 

25 Wsou fijalt alfo make buto it a bciDer 
of liftmrc fingers rounD aboutranD thou (halt 
mske a golDcn crotone rounD about the bojt> 
Scr thereof. 

26 3fter,tbou (bait make fiw it foure rings 
of goloe, anD fijalt put the rings in the foure 
comers that are in the foure feet thereof: 

27 SDuer againit tbe bojDcr thai the rings 
be foj places foj barres> to beare the table. 

28 9nD tbou fljalt mahe the barres of curtafnejaiiDfiftteftringsfljalttbon make 
«©bitttmttooD,anDfl}altouerlavtf)em*utth tntljeeDgeoftbe ciirtaine, \x\)k\) ismtljz 

golOjthat tbe table map be heme brith them. c feconD coupling : tbe firings frail bee one c in tying roge- 

29 Cbou (halt make alfo •> Difijes fo^ it, rigbtagainft anotljcr. ther both the 
anD incenfe cups fo;t it, ano conerings fo^ it t 6 Cfeou fijalt make alfo tlftie II tacljesof fides. 

anD goblets tuhtrebjith it fljall bet eeuercD, golDe, anD couple the curtaines one to ano* \\Or,boo\ei. 

euen of fine golD fljalt tijou make t&em. tljer toitb t^e tacftes,anD it fljalbe one||Ca» iorjamtions. 

30 anD thou njaltfetbpentlje table fljeb) bcrnacle. 

b^eaDbefoie me continually. 7 C Slfotbon fljalt make curtaines of 

31 C*3lfotheu fijalt make a CanDlefittfc gcateshaire.tobeadccucrtngiiponthe'Ca* d Leftraineand 
ofpuregolDe: of' tuoike beaten out tottlj the bcrnacle: thou ftjaUmake t^cm tothenum- weatherfliould 
ljammer fljall the (EanDlefficke bemaDe,his bcrof cleuen curtaines. marreic 
fijaft, auD bis b^ancbes , his botoles, bis 8 Cbelength of a ciirtaine flialbetbirtie 

kuops: anD bis flowres fljall be of the fame, cubites , anD tlje b^eaDtlj uf a curtainc foure 

32 <©ire branches alfo fljall come out of cubites ; the eJeuen curtaiass-fliaii be of oue 
the fiDesof it: thjee b^ancbes of the (tan- meafure. 

DleflkkfoutoftheoneftDc ofit, anD tijjec a«D thou fijalt couple fine cftrtaiuesb? 

branches of tlje ffianDlefiick out of tbe otber tfjemfclucs , anD tlje (ire curtaines b$> them. 

CDe of it. fclues: but thou fijalt Double the e firtb eur» c That is,r7ue on 

33 C^ecbotales like bntoalmonDs, one tainebponthefoiefrontoftljecoueriug. theonefide.and 
fenopanDonefioureinoneb:anch:anDt^ee io 3nD tljou fijalt make fiftie ftringst'n fiue on tix other, 
botoles like alinoubs in the other branch, tljceDgc of one ciirtaine in tbe fclueogc of &thefixt mould 
oneknopanDone floure : fothojotoouttbe tljecoupling,anDfiftvftrtngsinthecDgeof hangouerthe 
tijee bzancljes t&at coineoutof tbe€anDle» tlje other turtaine in tlje feconD coupling. dooreofthcTa- 
Cicke. . 11 Ltkcttifertjoufijalt make fiftie ntacrj'"S bemscle. 

34 3nD in tbe (haft of the CanDlefitekc ofb^afiVjanDfafientbcmontbcfirings^nD ||0/,W^. 
(halt be foure botoles like bnto almonDs , Ijis fijalt couple tbe coucrtug togetljcr, that u 
!%nopsanDbi3tIoures. map be one. 

3^ 9nD there (hail bee a knop bnDer ttoo 12 3nD tTjef remnant that rcficth in tlje f Fonhefecur- 

curtaines of tbe couering,euen the balfe cnr« taino were two 
taine tbat refiethjfijal be left at tbe backfiDc cubites longer - 

Of tljC (JLabernade, ' then the curtaines 

1? Chat the cubit on tbe one fiDe,anb the of the Tabema- 
cubite on tlj: other fiDe of that toljicb tslefc cle: fo that they 
in tbclengtlj of tlje curtaines of the cout* were (Ida- by a 
ring, map rcmaine oncttljcrfiDcoftbe'Ca' cubitconboth 
bcrnacle to couer it. fides. 

14 $©oicouer > fo;rb.atcouertnsthou fijalt 


b;ancljes made tljereof : anD aknop bnDcr 
ttoob?ancbesmaJe thereof: anD a knopbn» 
Dcrttoo branches made tljereo^acco^Ding to 
the fijre b^ancljes comaiiug out of tbe &au» 

36 Witiv knops anD their b;ancbes fijall 
be tljereof: all tljis fljall be out beaten toojhe 

37 anD thou ujait make tbe feuen Uunptf 

thebool■ds,thebari:es,thcva^ie, , Chap.xxvtj. the altar ofoflxingSjand the court.. 53 

$Or t bafe pieces, 
wherein were 
the mort/ttfes/er 

g To be put vp- make a g eouering of rammes fkinitetfCiea 
on the couenng rcDOe , ana a courting l of baDscrj? fktnnes 

chat was made of abOUC* 

goacthaire. If ^glfo thOU (halt make bOOjaeSfOJtfcC 

h Tfcis was the 'Eabernacleof^hittimtaooa to if ana tip. 

third ccuenng 16 SemiC Cllbttes frail be the length Of 3 

for the Taber- boo;B, ana a cubite ana an balfe cubite the 
Hscle. tycaBtbofonebcoja. 

17 Stoo tenons fralbe tK out booja fet in 
o*Ber as tbe feet of a laBDer, one againtt an» 
orbembus fijalt thou make fe; at tbe boojas 
of the tabernacle. 

18 ana tljou (bait make booses fix the 
tabernacle, euen twenty boo;B£S on the 
€>outh fine, euen full <g>ofjcb. 

19 ana thon (bait make fourtpKfocker* 
of filuer unBcr the ttnentp boojBes, ttao ioc* 
kets unaec one bocua fo; Ijisetoo tenons, 
ana ttoo fockets unaer another boo;a fojt 
his ttuo tenons. 

20 Jn like maneroiube other fiBeoffhe 
'Eabernartetotuara the tfloftbllBe frail bee 

21 anB their fourtp fockets of filuc^rtoo 
lockets unBer one booja, ana ttuo fochctgf 
imaer another boozB. 

22 anBontbe fiaeoftrje tabernacle to* 
toarB cbe &3eu\ujalt thou make fire boo;Bs. 

2; aifo ttuo boozBs (bait tboumake in the 
comers of tfie tabernacle in the ttuo fiaes. 

24 aifo they ujalbe 'topntB beneath, ana 
liketuife they ujalbe iopnea aboue to a ring: 
thus frail it be fy them ttuo : they ujalbe fo,i 
tattoo comers. 

2? ®o the? ujalbe tight feoojaesbauing 
(octets of filner,euen ffcteene fockets, that is, 
ttnafecketsunBetonc boo^B, ana ttuo foe* 
kets unBer another boo;a. 

26 jESfcen (bait thou make Que barren 
of <©ljittim ujooa foji the boojaes of one fiae 

27 ana fiue barren fojtheboojBes of the 
other fiae of tbeSabernatlKallb tine barres * 
fo; the booses of tlje fiae of the 'Eabernaclc 

28 ana the miaaiebarreujal go through 
the mias ofthe boo;as,from ena to ena. 

2g anBifbou (bait couer the boo;Bs tnith 
goia, ana make their rings of golB,fo; pla* 
ces fb; tbe barres 3 ana thou (halt couer tlje 

So £>o thou ujalt reare up the Sabe ma* 
etc* aeeojaing to the rafbion thereof, tahich 
tuas ujetaea thee in tbeS^ount. 

31 C" S©o;eouer, thou ujaltmakcaUaile 
ofbluefilke, ana purple, ana fkarlet.ana 
fine ttninea lumen: thou (halt make it of 
b;e»BereB ujo;ketaitb<&berubim5. 

52 ana thou ujalt bangitupen fourepil* 
larsof<©bittimtBooBcouereB taitb geiae, 
(taftofe k booke3 ujalbe of gola)ftandingupon 
fours focketj of ftiuer. 

33 Caftertuara tbou ujalt bang tbe baile 
i ontftebooketf, that tboumayeft b;ing in 
tbe 'Ectrimonp: ana the Uaile (nal makepou 
a reparation bctujeene the i£olp place ana 
tbe' moil l?olp place. 

34. aifo tbou ujalt put tbcS0crcpfeate 
upon tbe arke of tSe^eflimome in tbe molt 
i&olp plate. 

i TheEbrew 
word fignifieth 
twinnes: decla- 
ring that they 
fliould be fo 
perfect and well 
ioyncd as vrcrc 

Chap.l$.9 A o. 

k Somereaje, 
heads ofthe 

+ Ebr. "under the 
hooves: meaning 
\that it fhauld 
,h*ng dotvnwiri 
\fr*inthe booklet. 
1 Where in co the 

35 Sua thon ujalt fettle table "tuitbout m Meaning i n 
the uaile,ana the CiauBlefticke outr againft the holy place, 
tlje "Sable on the <©outhfiae of the "Eabcr* 
naclcauatljou lhaltfct th« "Sable on the 

36 aifo thou ftjalt make an ■ hangingfoj n Tblshanpinc 
the Booitc ofthe Sabernacle of bleto tilke, orvaile wasbe- 
ana purple,aMB f karlet, ana fine tluineb tin« twee ne the koi r 

«en,t»;OUght taith necBle. pbee, and there 

37 ana thou fralt make fo; the hanging where thepcorie 
Cue pillars of ■©hittim.gtcoKer them taith were, 

goia : their IjeaBsfraii bee of goia, ana tjjon 
thalt caftmie fockets of b;au"e fo^t th^m, 


i The *Altarofihe burnt offering. 5 The 
court of 'the Tab em at 7*. 20 Tbe lamfet conn* 
xuaUj burning, 

\ /jSDiteoucr tljou ujalt make the* altar of a Por the bums 
lVlej5)h,utimt»ocB,riue cubits long $tluc offering, 
cubits bjoaa ( the altar ujalbe fourelquarc) 
ana the height thereof tlj;te cubits. 

2 ana thou ujalt make it homes in the 
foure comers thereof: the homes ujalbe of it 

«> ftlfe : ana thou ujalt couer it tuitbbjtafie. b oFthefanje 

3 aifo thou ujalt make his adjpannesfo; »ood and mm- 
bis aftjes, ana his btfoms , ana bis bafins, tcr not faftened" 
ana hi* fiefrhookes , ana his Hcenrersi ; thou vnto it. 

ujalt make all the inttrumeuts thereof of II Or , fire f Mm 

4 ana thou ujalt make Unto it a grate 

like nettuoike of b;afle: alio upothart grate tE& 
ujalt thou make foure bjafen rings upon the 
foure comer? thereof. 

1 ana thou ujalt put itunBer the corn* 
uafle ofthe altar beneath.tljat the grate map 
be in tbe mias ofthe altar. 

6 aifo tljou fljalt make barren fo; the al- 
tar,barrcs,i fay,of "©hittimtuooa, ana ujalt 
cower them taith bjafle. 

7 ana the barrestbereofujallbeputitt 
the rings, the tuhicb barresujall bee upon 
the ttuo flaes ofthe altar to beare it. 

8 W)0U ujalt make the altar hollotn be- 

tweere the bOO^BS: as God JhetUCB thCC Ul the 

mount,fo ujall thep make it. 

c) C-airo thou ujalt make the c court of c This wasthc 
the Sabernacle in the ^outhfiBe , euen full fir« ennie into 
<5>outb: the court ujalhaneturtaines of fine the Tahemade, 
ttoinea linnen, of an huuBjeBcubiteslong ivbere the people 
fo; one fiae. abode, 

10 a«B it ujall haue ttocntp pillars toifb 
their ttncntp focketsof b;a(Te: thehcaasof 
the pillars, ana their d fillets fraibefiiner. d They were 

ir Hiketntfe on the iRojttbfiBeinlengfb certainehoopes 

therefrall be hangings Of an huna^eth cubits or circles for to 

long, ana the ttuentp pillars thereof ioitlj beautifietbs 
tbnr ttuentv fockets of b;affe : the beaBs of pillar. 
theptllarsanB the fillets fraibefiliter. 

12 C ana tlje tyeaath ofthe court on the 
CSIelt fiBe frail haue curtaines of fiftie cu» 
bites.wkh their ten pillars,anB their ten foc» 

13 ana thebjeBtb of thecourt.OSantuata 

ftlll Ca(t,frall haue 'fiftie CUbitS: e Meaninp,eur» 

14 aifo hangings Of fifteene CllbitS fralbe tainesoffiftie 

ontheoneffiBewichtljtir tlj;ee pillars ana cubites. 
their thiee fockets. f ofthe doore 

1? JLiketatfe on the other fiae frail be han» ofthecomr. 
gings of fifteens cubites , with their th;ee 
<£ pillars 

lampes continually burning." The Exodus* 

garments and apparcll 

pillar* aim tljeic ttyn fockets. 

16 C ana in tije gateef tbecourtfballbs 
aliaile oftiMEiuiectibites, of blcto rtlke,aim 

purple, ana ffcarlet, ana tiucttoinea Iinnen 
to;ougbttoitbueeaie, nith tlje foure pillars 
tljereof,ana tijcit foure fockets. 

17 ail tbe pillars of tlje court fballljaue 
fillets of filuer rouna about, with tbeir Ijeaa.s 
offiluer,ana their fockets of b;affe. 

IS C5Lbe length oftlje court ftaiibee an 
iUrlfuein ljtmB;ctlj cubits, attB tbe b;eaatb fiftie * at 
jfifa. citber cnac , ana tlje Ijeigbt taie cubits, and 

the hangings of ftKCtVumcD Itnncn, aitf tljCir 

fockets of b;affe. 

• 10 311 tljebelfete of tljc tabernacle fo; 
g or, flakes al maner feruice tljcreof,ana all tlje s piuncss 
%vhcicwith the thereof, ana all tbe pinncs of tbe cotir: flwi;e 

curtaineswete luaflc. • 

fattened to the 20 CauB tljeu fljalt connnauuB fytttyU 

ground. B;en of Jllcael.tbat tljey b;ingunto fbec pure 

h such as com- oyle oitue t beaten fo; tlje light, tljat tlje 

meth from the lampes map altoay li btirne. 

oiiue.whtnitis 2i Ja the tabernacle ot tbc fficngrega* 

fitftprcfledor tiontottljoiit tlje»aile ,to!jiclji3 before tlje 

beaten.. 'Eettimonie, fljall aaron ana Ijts fonnes 

]iOr,a/ceadvp. B;efletljemfromeueningto moaning before 

tbe Lo;B, fo; a (tatute fo; eucr irnto tbtir 

generations, to be obfctued by rtjecbtla;cn of 



1 The Lord calieih ,Aaron and his formes to the 
Trteilbood. ^Their garments. 12.29 ^Aaronen^ 
treth into the Sanctuary in the name of the chil- 
dren of Jfrael. loVrtmanAThumman. 58 Aa- 
ron beareth the imquitie of the Ifraehtes ojfrings. 

A jl5D eaufe tljoti thy brother aaron to 
income bnto tbecanb his fonnestoitlj 
ljim,from among tlje cbi!a;cn of 3]frael,tbat 
be may feme me in tbet9;tie(ls oiftcc:i meane 
aatou,-ji2aaab 5 anaabtlju, ©leajar, ana 3. 
tljamar aarons foimes. 

2 aifo tljon fljalt make fcolv garment* 
fo; aaron tljv b;otIjer , » glorious ana beau* 

3 3Lbcrcfo;e thou (bait fpcake bnto all 
scanning men, toljom 31 banc fiilea toitb the 
fpiritof toifeaome, tljat tljey make aarons 
garments to b confeerate b:i;i> tljat bee may 
ferue me in tlje fthicfts office. 

4 0o\m tbcfe fijail bee tbe garments, 
tobicb t'rjey fljall make,a b;caft plate, ana an 
c (Cpboa,ana a robe, ana a bjoyaerca coate, 
a miicr,anc a girble : fo thefe boly garments 
fljall t&cy make fo; aaron tl;yb;ot!jer, ana 
fo; bis foimes tljat Ijee may ferue mee in tlje 
IP^tcfts office. 

a Whereby his 
office may be 
Knowen to be 
glorious and 

h Which is to 
feparare him 
from the reft, 
c A fhortand 
firait coat with- 
out flreues put 
vpmoft vpon his 
garments, ro 
keepethemclofc fit 
vsto hirt). 

i Which weit 

5 'Cbcrcroje tljtyRial take goia,anb W«: 
ke, ana purple ana rkartct,ana fine linen, 

6 ft' ana tljty fljall make tlje <Spboa of 
goia,b!eb) lilkc, ana purplc,f karlet ana fine 
tujitica Iinnen of b^oyaereb bjo^ke. 

7 r Cbettoo fiiouiacrs tljereof fijalbe to?' 
neatogetljerbytljciftbjo cbges: fo fijallit 

ana tl}t a imbioyaerea garbe of the 

about his vpmoft fame <Epl)oa,toIjicb fijall bee bpon binijiljall 
coat, be of the fclf e fame luojke ana If uffc, cucn of 

gola,bleb) filke,anb purple, ana fkarlct,ana 

q ana tljon take ttoo onir ftcne?, 

ana scan? upen tbf nt tbe names of the. ciji'v 


10 <§)tye name* of tljcm bpon fbc one 
flonc, ana tlje lire names that remaine,bp' 
on tlje fecona ftone, acco^aing to fytit « ge» 

11 "Eb'ti fljalt eaufe to graue tlje ttoo 
floncs aceo^aiug to tlje names of the cljil* 
a<tcn of 31fiaei by a grauer of Signets', 
tljat tpo^kctl) ana granetb nx ftone , ana 
ujaltmakc tbemtobe let ana cmbofiea in 

1 2 ana tbou (halt put tbe ttoo ft ones top- 
on tlje Ujoulacr* of tlje (Spljoa, as itoncsof 
f remembrance of tlje cljiiartn of 3!frael : fo; 
aaron fljall bearc tbeir names before tlje 
sto^abponijtetujonjouiaecsfoj a remcm« 

15 «©o ftjon (Ijalt make boftcs of gola, 

14 51 ana ttoo cbatues of tine goiae s at ' 
tlje enbe, of tejetljea teo;ke iljalt tljou make 
tljcm , ana fljalt fallen tlje to^ctljea cljame* 

1^ Caifo tljon ftjalt make tlje bjeft plate 
of h tnagement mitb bjovacrea too?ke; like 
tbetooo^keof tbe ©pljoa fljalt tbon m3kc 
it: of goia, bleto fllke, ana purple, ana fkar* 
let , ana tine iinnen Halt tljon 

16 ' JFcureffitiare itHjall bccandaonbIe % 
an bana b^eaatij long, ana an bar.a b;eaatlj 

17 "Eljen tljon (Ijalt ftt it fill of places fo; 
ftone0,cuen fotire rotoes of Kencs : tbc o;aer 
ikiibe this.a II r»btc,a topajfj ana a || carbim* 
cle in tlje linlroto. 

18 ana in tbc fecona roto tbou fliait fa an 
Itcmerana,a fapbir,ana aitaiamona. 

19 ana in tbe tbirac rotoe a tnrk£t3> an 
acbate,ana an bematite. 

20 ana in tlje fonrtlj rotoe a tclj;yfolite, 
an om'Aana atafper : ana tbey fljall befetin 
golam tljcircmboffements. 

21 ana tbc (Tones fljalbe acco;amg to tbe 
names of ti)t cljila;tn of Jfrael, ttoeltie, ac- 
cojaing to tljeir names , grauen as fignets, 
cticry one after bis name> and tijey fljall bee 
fo; tlje ttoelne tribes. 

22 € 'SLben tbou fljalt make bpon tlje 
b;eft plate ttoo cbaiiirs at tbe culcs of to;e» 

23 'Eljou fljalt make alfo bpon tbefyeft 
plate ttoo ringes of goiae , ana put tbe 
ttoo tinges on * tbc ttoo cuaes of tbc b;eft 

24 ana tljon fljalt put tbe ttootojetben 
cljaincs of goia in tin ttoo rings in tljc cna* 
of tljcbieft plate. 

2c; auarlje other ttoo enbeg of tl>t ttoo 
to;ctljen chames, tbou fljalt fallen in tbe ttoo 
embeflcments , ana fljalt put them upon 
tbc ujouiacr* oftbe(Epboa on tlje fo;etiac 

2(5 ft aifo tljon fljaltmake txao rings of 
golbe, tobicl) tbou fljalt put in tlje 'ttoo 
e-ther enacsof tlje b;eft plate , bpon tlje 
be;aer tbereof, totoara tlje mliac of tbc<2£» 

27 ana ttoo other rings of goiae tbou 

fljaltmake, ana put tljcm 011 tbe ttoo flacs- 

of tljt<^pboa,bcneatlj in tljc fo;cpart ofit 

ouw agtUnft tljc cowpling of it bpon tbe 

• Sj;o?5?cO- 

e As they were 
in age ,fo fhoul^j 
in order. 

f That Aaron 
might remember 
the lfraciitesto 

g OfthcbolTcs. 

h It was fo cal- 


hie Prieil could 

notgiue fentence 


without that en 


i The defcripti. 



\\Or, Sardoine. 




k Which are 
vpmoft toward 
the (boulder. 

1 Which are 

for Aaron and htsfonnes. 

Chap. xxix. Theconfeerationof thePrlefts. 34 \l 

m Aaron (ball 
rot enter into 
the holy place in 
bis owne name 
but in the name 
of all the chil- 
dren of I fracl 

roim perfection 
declaring that 
breftplate were 
mo ft deare.and 
ofperfed beau- 
ty : by Vrim alfb 
it meant know- 
ledge , & Thnm- 
tnim holineflc, 
fliewing what 
vertuesare re- 
quired in the 

b Which wax 
next vndtr the 

6;oia;ea gars of tbc ©pljoti. tbat tbey ' commit not immune, aim fo aic. r in not hiding 

28 'Eljus tljep ibali&iuaetbc&;ctfplate ThuniaiibeaLaunb;eueruntobMiaimtQ their Bak«faefl«. 

Iiy barings unto tbe tings of tlje (Kpljoa, ijis feci after bun. 
teitlj a lace of blue filke, tbat it may bee faft 
topcntbcbjoya^agaraeoftbeGSpboa^na chap. xxix. 

tfiat tlje b^ftplate be J10t lOOfeb fCCllI t^S <£;•' * 5"*« manner of conforming the Tritjls. 38 
pI)0B. TbecontmuaUfacnfice . 4$ The Lord promifet'a