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Full text of "The English register of Oseney Abbey : written about 1460"

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Irightal Series 
No. 133 

®k (ftnjglislt Jbjjister 













This beginning of an English version of the extensive 
cartulary of the great monastic house of Oseney is of ex- 
ceptional interest as a monument of the language, raising 
more than one important question. 

Why was it begun ? What members of the monastic 
community, entitled to knowledge of its most intimate papers, 
were likely to understand documents in English, and not 
understand them in Latin? 

Why, if begun, was it not better done ? Every here and 
there, especially towards the end of the fragment, the trans- 
lation hopelessly breaks down, and, without collation with 
the Latin, is unintelligible. Were English monks so ignorant 
of English as to be unable to turn a Latin charter into their 
mother tongue ? 

Why was it left off? Because it was felt to be too hard 
a task, or because it was found to be valueless in practice ? 

When the introduction, which has been written, is 
printed, it will appear how deeply the work is indebted to the 
chivalrous help of the Rev. H. E. Salter, M. A., New College, 
Vicar of Shirburri. Here I make only temporary acknow- 
ledgement of his assistance, without which the text would 
have been moist faulty and the supplementary notes in many 
cases mistaken} 

The English version follows the Latin Register in its 
division into ' Titles,' i. e. heads dealing with special points 
or estates. After the general 'Titles,' the properties dealt 
with in the fragment are all in Oxfordshire. 




Chapter-titles of Bonaventura's Vita Christi . . i 


I-IV. Not found. 

V. Of the foundation of St. George's Church 5 

VI. Of the foundation of Oseney ... 10 
VII. How St. George's Church was given to 

Oseney 20 

VIII. Of the meadows beside Oseney ... 51 

IX. Of the weir near Oseney .... 64 

X. Of the chapel of St. Thomas ... 66 

XI. Of Medley (near Oxford) .... 69 

XII. Of Walton (in north suburb of Oxford) 71 

XIII. Of Water-eaton (north of Oxford) . . 73 

XIV. Of Cutslowe and Frees (north of Oxford) 77 
XV. Of Hanborough 78 

XVI. Of Worton 83 

XVII. Of Kidlington 87 

XVIII. Of Gosford 102 

XIX. Of Hensington 103 

XX. Of White-hill in Tackley parish . . 108 

XXI. Of Great Barton 108 

XXII. Of Barton Odonis 121 

XXIII. Of Westcot Barton 133 

XXIV. Of Sandford 135 

XXV. Of Ledwell 137 

XXVI. Of Lodewell 139 

XXVII. Of Grove 141 

XXVIII. Of Heyford 143 

XXIX. Of Little Tew 145 

XXX. Of Great Tew 157 

viii Contents 


XXXI. Of Dunstew 157 

XXXII. Of Adderbury 163 

XXXIII. Does not occur. 

XXXIV. Of Hooknorton 169 

XXXV. Of Wigginton 198 

XXXVI. Of Swerford 203 

XXXVII. Of Barford 206 



#rightal SB wits 
Nob. 133, 144 

§>h $n#li{ilt Ulster 
(Ssmg %\h% \i (Safari 









68-74 CARTER LANE, E.C. 





This fragment of an English version of the extensive 
cartulary of the great monastic house of Oseney, written 
about 1460, is of exceptional interest as a monument of the 
language, raising more than one important question. 

Why was an English version begun? What members 
of the monastic community, entitled to knowledge of its 
most intimate papers, were then likely to understand docu- 
ments in English, and not understand them in Latin ? 

Why, if begun, was it not better done ? Every here and 
there, especially towards the end of the fragment, the 
translation hopelessly breaks down, and, without collation 
with the Latin, is unintelligible. Were Oseney monks 
Frenchmen and so ignorant of English as to be unable to 
turn a Latin charter into that tongue ? 

Why was it left off? Because it was felt to be too hard 
a task, or because it was found to be valueless in practice ? 

The English version follows the Latin Register in its 
division into ' Titles ', i. e. heads dealing with special points 
or estates. After the general ' Titles ', the properties dealt 
with in the fragment are all in Oxfordshire. 




I. General Notes 
II. Grammar Notes 
III. Analysis of Field-Names 

v, ix 

, lvi 

Chapter-titles op Bonaventura's Vita Chrisii 

Text of the Cartulary 

I-IV. Not found. 

V. Of the foundation of St. George's Church 

VI. Of the foundation of Oseney 

VII. How St. George's Church was given to 


VIII. Of the meadows beside Oseney 

IX. Of the weir near Oseney 

X. Of the chapel of St. Thomas 

XI. Of Medley (near Oxford) 

XII. Of Walton (in north suburb of Oxford 

XIII. Of Water-eaton (north of Oxford) . 

XIV. Of Cutslowe and Frees (north of Oxford) 
XV. Of Handborough 

XVI. Of Worton 

XVII. Of Kidlington .... 

XVIII. Of Gosford .... 

XIX. Of Hensington .... 

XX. Of White-hill in Tackley parish 

XXI. Of Great Barton 

XXII. Of Barton Odonis . 

XXIII. Of Westcot Barton . 

XXIV. Of Sandford .... 
XXV. Of Ledwell .... 

XXVI. Of Lodewell .... 




















Of Grove 
Of Heyford 
Of Little Tew 
Of Great Tew 
Of Dunstew 
Of Adderbury 
Does not occur, 
Of Hooknorton 
Of Wigginton 
Of Swerford 
Of Barford 






1. Of Persons, Places, Matters 
II. Of Words and Phrases . 




[a 1 J t the begynnynge the proheme of the booke The Life 
fat is cleped p 9 mirroure of be blessede lyfe of of Christ - 
Ihu Cryste 

4 Prima pars pro die Lune Monday. 

a devoute meditaczon of b e grete cownseyle in i. Legend. 
heueiD for be restorynge of maw & hys saluatioii) 
C&pitulum. primum 2 

8 of the maner of lyuynge of the blessed virgyfl) ii. Legend, 

mayden) mary 
[Capitulum secundum 3 ] 

of the incarnacton of Ihu & be feste of the iii. Lk. i. 
1 2 aimimciacion and of the gretynge Aue maria a6 -3 8 - 

Capitulum tercium 

h ow bat owre lady wente to Elisabeth & mekely iv. Lk. i. 
grette he? 39 ~ 41, 

1 6 Capitulum quartum 

h ow Joseph thojhte pWuely to leue owre lady v. Mt. i. 

seynte mary 

Capitulum quiwtum 

1 ' a ' is omitted, space being left a Notice that the number for each 

for an illuminated letter. In the chapter follows the abstract of its 

remaining chapters, the initial is a contents, 

small letter, and space is left to sub- 8 Omitted in the MS. 
stitute an illuminated one. 

The Mirroure of the lyfe of Cryste 

vi. Lk. ii. 


o f the Natiuite of ou? lord 1 Ihu criste 
C&pntulum vj m 

vii. Lk. ii. 

viii. Mt. ii. 


ix. Lk. ii. 


o f the circumcision) of ou? lorde iesu 
C&pitulum vij m 4 

o f the epiphany pat is cleped pe open schewynge 
of god 
Capitulum octauum 

o f the purificacion of oure lady Seynte marye 8 
C&pitulum nonum 

Tuesday, s ecimda -pars pro die martis 

x. Mt. ii. 

xi. Mt. ii. 

xii. Lk. ii. 



[o 1 ] f the fleyinge of oure lorde ihu in-to egipte 
C&pitulum decimuwi 12 

o f the turnynge of oure lorde ihu from) Egypte 
C&pitulum xi m 

h Ow pe chylde Jhesu was lefte allone in ieru- 
salefri) 16 

C&pitulum xij m 

w hat maner of lyuynge oure lorde ihc hade & 
what he did fro hys twelve yeer vn-to pe 
hegynnynge of hys xx\ ti yeere 20 

C&pitulum xiij m 

xiv. Mt. iii. 

f the baptyme of oure lorde ihu & pe weye 
C&pitulum xiiii n > 24 

Wednesday. Q-fc^j ercia pars pro die mercurij 

xv. Mt. iv. 
1— 11. 

o f the fastynge of ou? lorde ihu and hys tempta- 
cions in deserte 
Capitulim xv m 


Omitted in MS. 

The Mirroure of the lyfe of Crysle 3 

h Ow oure lorde ihu began) to teche & gedre xvi. Mt. iv. 
his diseipuls 17 ~ 22 ' 

C&pilulum xvj rn 

4 o f the miracle doeii), at p e bridale, of water xvii. Jn. ii. 

turned m-to wyne l ~"' 

Capilulum. xvii m 

o f that excellente sermon of on? lorde ihu in) pe xviii. Mt. 
8 hylle v_viL 

C&pitidum xviij m 

o f the seruaunte [of] Centurio and p e soraie of xix. Mk. ii. 
the lytelle Kynge heled of oure lorde ihu criste J^l n ' lv " 
12 Capstan xix m 

o f pe paralityke mafD lette down) in hys bedde xx - Mt - »*• 
by hys howse hyllynge and heled of ou? lorde 
ihu cryste proughe ]?e beleve off theyme pat bare 
1 6 hyfiB 

Capto^m vicesimum 

h Ow pat martha was heledde of here sekenesse xxi. Lk. 
be towchywge of pe hemme of ou? lordes clothe Legend. 
20 C&pitulum xxj lu 

o f the cowuersion) of mary maudeleyn) xxii. 

~ .. -i ••.„ Legend: 

C&pituluVO. XXlJ in Lk. viii. 2. 

o f the Spekynge of ou? lorde ihc with pe woman) xx iii. Jn. 
24 Samarytane atte ]?e pytte of water 1V * I_26, 

C&pitulum xxiij m 

h Ow pe disciples of ihu plucked pe eerys of xxiv. Mt. 
come & eten) J>eiwi for hunger on) pe sabaoth 

28 da y 

Capt'^lwm xxiiij m 

b 2 



xxv. Jn. vi. 

xxvi, Jn. vi. 


xxvii. Jn. 
vi, 16-21. 

xxviii. Mk. 
vii. 1 1-3. 

xxix. Mt. 
xix. 27-30. 

xxx. Mk. 
ix. 1-10. 


The Mir r our e of the lyfe of Cryste 

Qnarta pars pro die Jouis 

f pe fedynge of pe grete peple with brede 
C&pitulum vicesimum quiwtum . 

o f the fleyinge of ou? lorde ilic when) pe peple 
wolde haue made hynD peire Kynge 
C&pitulum xxvj m 

o f the preye? of ou? lorde ihu in the hylle and 8 
how After he cowime to hys disciples goynge 
C&pitnlum xxvij m 

h Ow be pharisees & oper token occasion) & 
sclawnder off pe wordes and dedes of Ihu Criste 12 
C&pitulum xxviij™ 

o f pe specialle rewarde of ou? lorde Ihu behotefU 
to alle po pat forsake pe worlde for his luffe 
Capitulum xxix m 

o f the transfiguracion of oure lorde ihu in) pe 

[C&jiituluva. xxx m *] 


1 In leaving off, the writer has not even added the number 
of the last chapter of which he gives the summary. The 
headings given in this fragment correspond exactly with John 
Morton's Englishing of Bonaventnra's Vita Chrisli, printed by 
Caxton and by Wynkyn de Worde. 


[1.] [V 1 ] *Of pe fiundaczon off pe ChapeH of Seynte *ioafi. 

It is to be myndyd 1 that Robert Doyly and" Roger 1 of Iupry, Notice of 

sworne brethren) and 2 i-confederyd" or i-bownde euericn to other> Soy^i 
by feythe and sacrament, come to the conquest of Inglonde 

4 with Kyng- William bastarde. H This Kyng- ;afe to the saide favourite of 

Roberte tweyne baronyes of doylyfys and 1 of saynte Walerye. WlUlamI ' 
If In the ^ere fro the Incarnawon of ou? lorde anno M 1 lxxij. 3 was 

i-belde the casteft of oxonforde, in the tyme of Kyng- William builder of 

8 a-forsaide. This robert doylly ;afe to his sworn) broker Roge? SsSeSo a 
a-forsaide A baronye. the which is nowe i-callil of seynte 

Walerye. % In the $ere of ou? lorde anno M* thre score and »nd co- 

xiiij. was i-foundid 1 the church of saynte george in the castett 1074I Gr ' 

12 of oxonforde, of Robert Doylly the firste and" of Roger of Iuory, qJ^ - , 

in pe tyme of Kyng William bastarde, the which * sett in the church, for 

seyde church seculei 1 chanows, and certeyne rentes of the tweyne canons, 

baronyes afore-saide to the seyde chanons asseyned", of churchis, [Died about 

16 londis, tithis, and 1 possessions, and? othe? thynges. I09a] . . 

[2.] A D charter of Kobert Doylly pe ffirst, of pe ffunda- Claims to 
cion of J> e churcli of Seynte George i-^efe to pe 1074. ° Ut 
Secule? chanonS pe which vnderfoloweth. 

IT Be hit i-knowe to the feythfult men) of holy church both 
present and 1 to be pat I, Robert Doylly, willyng and 1 grauntyng> Doyly I 

1 For convenience of reference, the ' ti- translation, 

tuli' of the Latin Register by which old 3 ' Septuagesimo primo,' in the Latin, 

quotations are often made, have their own * The writer uses ' the which,' for the 

Roman number assigned them. The Eng- relative, alike for singular and plural, mas- 

lish follows their order without giving the culine and neuter, subject and object, 

numbers. Latin is ' qui . . . instituerunt.' 

a ' i-confederyd or i-bownde ' is an alter- s This 'charter' cannot be genuine, 

native rendering of the one word ' con- since it mentions ' king Henry ' (succeeded 

federati.' This double rendering, first by 1100). It was possibly forged to establish 

a Latinism, then by an English word title in some dispute with St. Frideswyde'a 

attached to the first by ' or,' is a frequent, priory, 
and sometimes a confusing, feature of this 

[F] Seynte George: Bayly fsliepe of Oseneye 

granted, to 
the secular 
Canons in 
St. George's 

St. Mary 
and other 

[See in no. 

Aldithe my wiffe and 1 my brethren) Nigelle & Gilbert* *, 3afe 
and 1 graunted 1 , and with" this present charter 1 confermed 1 , in-to 
pure ande perpetual! almes, to god 1 and to pe church of Seynte 
george in pe castelt of Oxonforde and 1 to the chanoni in hit 4 
scruyng god and 1 to pere successoures, the church the which 
[I founded], for the helth of Kyng Henry and the welfare 
of alt pe reame Also 2 and 1 for myne helth, and 1 of my wiffe, 
and" brethren), fadurs and 1 modurs, and 1 of ou? frendes, all pynges, 8 
tenemente«, tithis, and 1 possessions vndur-write : that is to say, 
p e church of seynte s marye Mawdeleyn) the which is i-sett in 
the subbarbis of oxonforde, with thre hides of londe in "Walton), 
and 1 medys, and 1 tithis to the same church pertey'nyng, (as hit 12 
is conteyned 1 with-inne ' How 4 the church of Seynte george 
come.' f. 5 ) 


[3.] A conflrmacion of Rogei? of Iuorye of pe ^ifte of pe 
saide Robert. 

Confirma- H Knowe pey that be present and 1 to be pat I, Roger of 
tion by Iuorye, for the helth of ou? lorde Kynge and of all the reame 16 
iveri(no. 1), and also for the helth of my lorde Robert Doylly and 1 Aldithe 
his wiffe and the helth of myne, haue i-graunted 1 , and with 
my present charter confermed 1 , to god and 1 to the church of 
seynte george p e which is i-sett in the Castelt of Oxonforde, alt 20 
londis and 1 tenementes, tithis, rentis and 1 possessions, the which 
the saide Robert Doylly of his baronyis 3afe and 1 graunted 1 and 1 
assyned 1 to god and 1 to the church of seynte george Afore-saide 
and 1 to the chanofDs pere seruyng god : that is to say, the church 24 
of Seynte Marye Mawdeleyne the which is i-sett in the subarbis 
of oxonforde, and 1 with thre hides in Walton), ande pe londe of 
twenty-acre. ?. (as pey been) conteyned with-inne in the title 
1 Howe 6 the church was i-jefe of seynte george to the chanon^ 28 
of oseneye ' : \ide notam &c. s ). 

of his 

.'• mi's 

Doyly I's) 

[See in no. 

1 Robert Doyly I had a brother Guido, 
but (so far as is known) not Gilbert. 

3 'necnoh et pro mea ac uxoris et fra- 
trum, parentura, et amicorum nostrorum 
salute.' Elsewhere ' parentum ' is rendered 
1 kynnesfolkes.' 

* Marginal note : ' Mary Magdalen's 

church in Oxon.' 

4 i.e. in Tit. VII (p. 20). 

5 The compositor has represented the 
varying symbols of the MS. for ' etcetera ' 
by special types. 

6 i.e. Tit. VII. 

[V] Seynte George: Bayly fshepe of Oseneye 7 

[4.] A charter x of Thomas DeeS) i-made to be SeculeB About 
chanonS of a Crofte called Denys Crofte. 1140 ? 

II Be hit i-knowe to aft Christine men) that I, thomas Deen), Grant to 

jafe and 1 graunted 1 , and witli bis my present charte? confermed, church^y 8 

to god and to the church of Seynte george in the casteft of Thomas 

4 oxonforde and to the chanoriB bere seruyng god, aft my Crofte 

with the pertynences * the which is i-called Denyscrofte, in-to * leaf 1, 

free pure and perpetuatt alines, alsomuch as to me ande to myne f Deen's- 

heyres longyth, to the chefe lorde ^jeldyng perof 5erely for me croft i 

8 and myne heyres to the chefe lorde 2 vj. 's. of sterlynges for aft subject to 

thynges. And I, thomas, and myne heyrys, the sayed crofte, to ' y^e " reD 

with the pertinences, to the forsaied church and chanons chief lord, 
a-gayenst aft mortatt men) for euer shall warantije. In-to the 
12 witnesse of the which thyng, to this writyng my sele I haue 
i-putt. Thes witnesses &c 9 . 

T5.1 A charter of Brummanne of WaltoS) i-made to b e About 

1140 ? 

chanoni aforsaide of here londe In WaltoS) ande 
Be hit i-know to aft the children) of the church that I, Grant to 
brummanne of Walton), for the helth of my sowle and of myne church, by 
16 and of aft cristen), haue i-jefe and graunted, and witA my present Brumman i 
charter 1 confermed, to god and to the church of seynte George 
in the casteft of oxonforde & to the chanon^ pere seruyng god, 
willyng 1 and grauntyng my lorde Robert Doylly, aft my londe, of land in 
20 witb medys and ober pertinences, the which I helde of hym in anc j 
Walton) and twentyacre : to be holde and had, to the forsaied Tw e nt y- 
church and chanons an:T to here successoures, in-to free pure in no. 6). 
and euerlastyng almys. And I, bruwimawne, and myne heyres, 
24 the saied londe, with" medys and othe? pertinences, to the 

forsaied church And chanons asenste aft cristen) lneii) andJuys 3 , [Warranty 

. against 

as owre free pure and perpetuaft almys, shaft warantije Aquyte Jews !] 

1 Of doubtful genuineness : being ante- such clauses iu leases and grants belongs 
dated. The land, however, was actually to the next century (1230-80). Attention 
a possession of Oseney, and is so found in is drawn to the peculiarity by a marginal 
the Hundred Eolls. note ' warranti3e : note.' A motive for 

2 The dittography is in the English MS., forgery is suggested by the^ necessity of 
not in the Latin. repelling St. Frideswyde's priory claims in 

3 This warranty against Jews is quite St. Mary Magdalene parish, which were 
out of place at this date, and is fatal to the backed by a forged deed (see no. 54). The 
genuineness of the deed. The insertion of property was actually owned by Oseney. 

[V] Seynte George: Bayly fshepe of Oseney 

and defende. And that this my yife * and graunte be sure and 
stable, to this present wrytyng my sele I haue put to. Thes 
witnesses &c 5 . 


tion to St. 
church, by 
Doyly II, 
of no. 4, 

and no. 5. 

[6.] A confirmacjon of Robert Doylly of p e }iftes of pe 
Saide thomas and Brummanne. 

Know aft peputt that I, Robert Doylly, graunted 1 & [con- 4 
fermedj, to god 1 and to the church of seynte George in the 
castelt of oxonforde and to the chanons of the same church and 1 
to there successors, the yife \ that to them) made Thomas DeefD 
of a Crofte in subarbys of Oxonforde the which is i-called 8 
Denyscrofte, of my fee, jeldyng to me and to myne heyres vj. 1. 
3erly for all thynges. To 2 thes pynges, I haue grauntyd 1 , and 
with this my charter confermed 1 , to the sayde church and 1 
chanon^ and 1 to pere successours, pe jifte the which to pem made 13 
brumman of Walton) of 3 oon) caruke or plowlonde of grounde 
and" a mese [and 4 xxiv. acres of mead, which he held of me 
in Walton,] and xx tJ . acris with a pasture with pe pertinences, 
the which he helde of me in pe subarbis of oxonforde for his 16 
seruyce : To be holde and 1 had 1 , to the forsayde church [and] 
chanons and to there successoures, in-to pure free and perpetual! 
almys, as the charter of pe forsayde brummawn, pe which to pe 
forsayde church and 1 chanons [he] maade, fully witnysseth. 20 
and that pis my graunte and 1 confirmacion be ferine and 1 stable 
for euer, to thys wrytyng my sele I haue i-putt. Thes wit- 
nesses, i. 



tion to St 
church by 
Henry I, 

[7.] A cowflrmaeeofJl of Zyng 1 Henry 5 p 3 sone of Kyng 1 
William Bastarde i-maade to p e chanonS of Seynte 
Henby, Kyng of Inglonde And Duke of Norinandye, to 24 
Archiebisshops bysshops Abbotes Erles Barons Justices shrevys 
mynsters and to all his trew men frenshe and Englishe helth. 
Know je me to haue i-graunted 1 and confermed 1 euer, in-to 
perpetuall almys, to god and 1 to the church of saynte George 28 

» Sic. Read'yifte.' 
3 * Ad hec.' 

3 ' de una carucata teiTe.' 

4 Added from the Latin. 

5 ' Henry I,' in margin. A genuine 
charter : original at Christ Church. 
Among witnesses is Geoffrey, cancellarius 

[V] Seynte George: Bayly fshepe off Oseneye 9 

p e which Robert Doylly foundid 1 in the casteft of oxonforde and 

to the chanons" of the same church, aft pynges and 1 possessions of Robert 

the which the sayde Robert and his successours to p e - same gifts (as 

4 church 3afe : that is to say, the church of seynte Marye Maude- U1 na 2 ^ 
leyne 1 the which is i-sette in the strete with-owt the NortT^ate 
and 1 . . . 2 . Wherefore I wylle and surely commaunde pat p e 
forsayde * church and chanon^ haue and holde, weft and? in * leaf 2 * 

8 peece, frely and 1 worschipfully, ande hoolely, and that aft pe ofexemp- 8 

tenementes of the same church and 1 men) of b e chanouns be tion from 

-hi 1 1 king s 

quyte 3 of schyres and 1 hundredys and 1 wardys and 1 danegeldys courts and 

and 1 aft pleys, (and 4 of sake and 1 soc, tol and teme, and 1 infan- taxes 3 and 

12 genethefe), and 1 of aft other 1 quarels or playntes and 1 exaccions, of feudal 

owtake murthu? and 1 thefte i-preued 1 . Thes witnesses &c 9 . diction. 

[8.] This charter afore i-write is fully innewyd 5 By About 
Kyng 1 Henry 6 the Sone of Kyng 1 John, pe which Confi r ma . 
se shall fynde In he charters folowyng 1 vndui* 7 ' of tion bv „ 

■> " * Henry III. 

pe firedoms of Oseneye.' 

[9.] A Brefe of Kyng" Henry 8 pe Sone » of Kyng 1 William About 
Bastarde of p e Crofte of Walton). 

Henry, by the grace of god Kyng of Inglond 1 Duke of Order by 

Normandye And of gyefi) and 1 Erie of Aungy, to Hugh 10 pleg. ordering ' 

16 helth. I charge the pat, ryjghtfully and" with-owte differryng, £^ ration 

bou make to be aelde oon) crofte of londe of Walton), with aft George's 

, . . .« % +. m p n i church of a 

his pertinences, to the church ot seynte george ol oxoniorde, p e C roft of the 
which perteyneth (or longeth) to the prebende the which was of P rebend of 

1 ' Mari Magdalewe,' in margin. ' cum ' is given. 

2 i.e. and [the rest as given in no. 21]. 5 'innovata.' 

Latin has ' etc.' 6 ' Henry III,' in margin. 

3 • francheis : note the firedoms,' in mar- 7 • subsequentibus.' 

gin. 8 'Note: Henry the I,' in margin: but 

* This clause is out of place, and 'of it should be Henry II. 
ought to be 'with.' The clauses which go ° In error for 'grandson,' as is seen in 
before and come after conferred exemptions the king's style, as also by the attached 
from attendance at, and fees or fines to, witness, John (of Oxford), dean of Salis- 
certain of the king's courts, and from con- bury 1165-75. The error has been copied 
tributing to certain taxes. This clause into Wood's City of Oxford, ii. 187. 
gave the church of St. George feudal juris- 10 Hugh of Plugenet, lord of Heading- 
diction over its own tenants and servants. ton manor, and so feudal lord in 
A correct statement is found in no. 13. In the north suburb of Oxford: Wigram's 
the Latin the clause is out of place, but Cartulary of St. Frideswide, ii. 24-6. 


[7] Seynte George: Bayly fshepe off OseTieye 


Walter * Archedecun, And suffe? not thereof ony wronge to pe 
forsaide church to be do, or hit with vnry3ghtfutt customs to be 
vexid 1 . And but pou wylle doon) myn) commaundement. lete my 
Justice of oxonford do hit, last 2 pere-of more playnyng 1 to 4 
here I ofte. John, Deeii) of Salisbury, Witnesse : at clarendon). 

tion of 
terms : see 
nos. 7, 13, 

Notice of 
Doyly II, 

[10.] Termes to Be declared for Euidence afore i-write, 
and also folowyng 1 afte?. 

Nota. Soc is sute of you? homage in you? courte, afte? the 
custome of p e Reame. Sacke ys pleys and 1 amendys of mys- 
doynges of you? men) in you? courte, for sacke in EnglysTi is 8 
cheson in frensti, and hit is i-saide ' for the which sake,' id est, 
1 pur quele encheson),' and 1 sacke also is a forfete. Tol is that 
ye and 1 youre men) and 1 aft you? homage be quyte in all mercates 
of tol i-axid 1 of thynges i-bowghte or solde. Teme is that je 12 
haue all auereyne of yowr bonde men), with here sute and catell, 
where-so-euer in Inglonde bey be i-founde, oute-take that if 
a bonde man) quietely a yere and A day in oony towne pry vylegyd 
haue i-dwellyd 1 so that in here communite (that is to say, in-to 16 
}?ere yilde) haue be receyuyd and 1 as a cytysyn) haue be receyvyd 1 , 
evyii) perwtt/i fro his bondage is delyuered 1 . Infangenthefe is 
that thefs i-take in yowr lordeship and 1 in 30 wr fee cowvictyd be 
Juggyd in yowr courte. Owtefangenethefe 3 is pat pefes of 20 
yowr lordeship or fee i-take with thefte be callyd agayne to yowr 
fee And 1 there to be i- Juggyd. 

[11.] [VI.] Sequitwr flfundaci'o Oseneye. 

Hit is to be know to alt trewe lneiD of holy church. p«t 
Robert Doylly the fyrst And 1 Nygell Doylly where carnall 24 
breJ»reiD, the which come with Kyng William conquerowr bastard 1 
in-to Inglonde. The sayde Robert dyed 1 withoute heyres of his 
body ; the saide Nygell his brothe? succedyd hym in-to pe hery- 
tage as heyre, pe which NygeH gate Robert Doylly the secunde. 28 

^1 In the jere of ou? lorde a powsande hundrede and 

1 Walter, archdeacon of Oxford, died 


3 • ne inde amplius querelam audire 

3 'outfangthief does not occur in any 
grant or confirmation among these docu- 
ments. Cp. Godstoio liegider, p. 650. 

[VI] ffundacion of Oseney : Baylyfshepe off Oseneye 11 

xxixtt. Robert Doylly the secunde, p e soone of Nygeft Doylly founder, in 

aforsaide, founded 1 the church of saynte Marye in p e He of Oseney, for 

oseney, consentyng 1 Theodbalde Archiehisshop of Caunterbury, ^ e g ular 

4 And 1 Alrjaundu? bisshop of * lincoln) ; in the tyme of Kyng * leaf 2, 

Henry the ffyrst (p e soone, that is to say, of William Bastarde a ° ' 

conqueroure of Inglonde), at pe peticion) of Edythe (pe dowghter instance of 

of fforfi)) wyfe of p e forsayde Robert Doylly, foundid was pe Edith. 

8 saide church. 

[12.] A charter of Robert Doylly p e secunde, founda? of H29. 
pe Howse of Oseneye : Off pe ffirst ffeffyng'. 

Be hit i-knowe to aft true men) of holy church, bothe present Grant to 
and 1 to be, pat I, Robert Doylly, wyllyng and 1 grauntyng Edythe by 6 ^' 
my wifFe and my soonys Henry and 1 gilbert, yefe ande graunt, £ )U / 1 ^? r ' 

12 in-to perpetuatt Almes, to pe church of god and 1 of saynte marye Doyly n, 
his moder and 1 to pe chanons in hit seruyng god, p e which [I] 
(Alijaundwr by the grace of god bysshop of lincolne yevyng 1 
counseyle and 1 confermyng) founded 1 in the He p e which" is i-called 1 

1 6 Oseney, for the helth of the Kyng and 1 the welfare of aft the 

Reame And 1 also for myne helth and of my wyffe and of my (a) all his 
soonys parentis and frendes, alle pat is myne in p e forsaide He; Oseneyisle; 
with aft dwellynges pe which I had vppon) the were 2 the which hlm^bank- 

20 is of myne myllys be which been) by be casteft of Oxonforde ; (c) tithes 

of* Oxford 

and 1 tithynges of the same Myllys ; And pese churches 3 of my Castle 
londe, of Cudelyngton), of Weston), of Hokenorton), of Cleydon), 5?^! 
of ShenestofD, of chesterton) ; with-in the borowgh of oxonford, rectories ; 
24 londys p e which heldefD Engerike, Raymuwde, Ailnoth, Good- oxford, 
wyne the soone of Edwachere, Ermenolde, Goodwyne Nicuma, g„peri ori . 
Suetyng Cadica, Rauenyng, Segryn by the Walle, Henry tyover 
Coruese?, leofwyne Haltyng 4 , Goodwyne money-make? c , holdings; 

1 ' Consenting ' in the primate's case See more of it in no. 43. 

refers to a later (no. 34) confirmation. 3 The six names are noted in the 

Theobald of Bee was not elected arch- margin. Kidlington,Weston-on-the-Green, 

bishop till Dec. 1138. Alexander was Hooknorton, Chesterton, are in Oxfordshire; 

bishop of Lincoln 1123-47. Claydon is in Bucks. 'Sheneston/ the sixth, 

2 Marginal note : ' Weyres & Mylles by was not in Lincoln diocese, as is shown by its 
the Castell.' The 'were' mentioned was absence from the Lincoln confirmations, 
the narrow strip of land between the e.g. nos. 14, 19, 26. It is Shenstone in 
eastern boundary stream of Oseney (i.e. Staffordshire. 

South Oseney) island and the feeder of the * ' claudus,' in the Latin. 

Castle mills : Wood's City of Oxford, i. 313. 6 ' monetarius.' 


[VI] ffundacion of Oaney : Bayly fshtpe of Oseney 

[The mint 
in Oxford.] 
(/) a rent- 
of 28. ; 
(g) tithe ; 
(h) in Hook- 
ty over a 
hide, and a 
yardland ; 
(*) near 
castle, a 
house ; 
(k) Watcr- 
manor ; 



rights to 




Brychrik money-make?, Godrike, "William, Raph Bake?, Leof- 
wyn) budda, Geffrey Mille? ; and twey shelyngwortti of Rent p e 
which helde fromunde chapeleyne; And tithyng of Nichol of 
Stodeham, pe whicn pe same fromunde chapeleyn) helde ; with- 4 
in Hokenortoii) (myne Maner), halfe an hide of londe pe which 
was off Hugh ffraunceys, And j. jerde-londe, the which Maurice 
chanon) helde and after hyin) p e sone of the same ; and by the 
castelt of oxon/ord, vndu? the wall, a dwellyng p e which was of 8 
Waryn) chapeleyne; Eton) 1 all my towne, with all thynges p e 
which longe to hit (outetake pe Mille pe which I haue yefe 
to a-nothe? church 2 , And sperwesaye 3 ), And so that pat parte 
pe which my modur holdeth, whenne-so-euer she stynteth 4 to 12 
holde hit, pat hit come in-to p e lordeship of the church to p e vse 
of the breprynne : Wherefore I wolt and 1 pray pat welt & in 
peece, fully and worschipfully, the forsaide thynges pe forsaide 
church holde, with all customs and fredoms 5 , pat is to say, in 16 
wode and 1 playne, in Medes and ffedynges, in waters 6 , in wayes 
and patthis, and 1 all other" places, as euer oony oper maiD beste 
afore hit helde or my-selfe helde while pey were in my lorde- 
ship. These witnesses Walter, Archedecun &c 9 . *° 


tion to 
Oseney, by 
Henry I, 

of the 
grants (as 
in no. 12) 
viz. — 


[13.] A conflrmacion of Kyng Henry p e ffirst, p e Sone of 
William Bastarde, of pe forsaide ^evyng 1 . 

Henry, Kyng of Inglonde and Duke of Normandye, to 
Archibisshops bisshops Abbotes Erles Barons Justices Shrevys 
Mynsters and to all his true meii) of alt Inglonde helth. Know 
3e me to haue i-grauntccT and confermecT, in-to perpetual! almys, 24 
pe yefte pe which Robert Doylly maade to pe church of saynte 
Marye p° which he foundid 1 in the He of Oseneye ande to the 
chanons pere servyng god, alt pat was his in the same He ; and 
alt Eton) with his lordeship (outetake a mylle) ; And, with-in 28 
the borowgh of oxonforcT, men) And" londys the which he had 

1 Marginal note : 'Eton.' 

2 i.e. to St. Frideswyde's Priory, about 
1 1 25: Wigram'8 Cartulary of St. Frides- 
toide, ii. 208. This is the mill, called 
Hulk's mill (from the tenant), which comes 
in nos. 76-7, 

* ' Sperwesaye,' here excepted, was after- 
wards given (no. 24) by Henry Doyly I. 
• Sparsey Mead ' is still the name of the 

large meadow, east of Cherwell, opposite 
Watereaton Manor Farm. 

4 ' destiterit.' 

5 Marginal note : ' Note \> e ffredoms 
agaynste CudelyntoiD & HokenortorJ,' i.e. 
against the Plecy family, who acquired these 
manors, after the Doylys died out, and 
were rather unfriendly to Oseney. 

6 Marginal note : * fisshing.' 

[VT] foundation of Oseney : Baylyfshepe of Oseney 13 

in his lordeship ; and" alt churches of his lordeship (pat is to ( d ) the six 

say, p e church * of Cudelynton), the church of Hokenortoii), the * i ea f 3, ' 

church of Chesterton), the church of sheneston), the church of ^j th . 
i . Watlmgton 

4 Watlyngton) , the church of cleydon), the church of Weston)), added, 

with alt thynges to pe same perteynyng in tithis And 1 londes 

and* men) And medys and 1 fedynges : Wherefore I wilt and 1 surely 

charge pat pe forsaide church and 1 chanons holde, welle and 1 in 

8 pece, worschipfully, with 2 sacke And 1 soc tol and 1 teme and 1 with 

Infangenthefe, and 1 that they and alt tenements and 1 pere men) j ur i s . 

be quyte of shyrys and?hundredis and 1 ward ys ande daneyeldis and 1 dictlon > antl 

comyiDpleys and 1 alt othe? exaccions and? playntes, outetake murthe? from courts 

is ancTthefte i-preued 1 . Witnesse these : Alijaundu?, bisshop of lyn- ( as j n no< ^ 

colne; Symon), bisshop of Wyrcelwr; Robert, Erie of Glowcetur ; &c 5 . 

[14.] A conflrmac^on of Ali^aunde? Bisshop of lincoln About 
of pe fundacz'on of }> e Howse of Oseneye. 

AL13AUNDEK, by the grace of god bisshop of lincoln, to alt in Confirma- 
criste welt i-loved 1 soones of the church 3 to the which he is hede osen G y 

16 (god 4 beyngthe doe?), helth" and the blesshyng of god 1 and 1 his. by the 
To the peticton, pe which to the stabylyng of religion) and 15 of 
sowles helth we know to perteyne, hit befalleth vs to assent 
swyftely and 1 to make sure ; where 6 abowte, of owre mooste 

20 dee? soone Wygoode prior 7 of Oseney and of his brethrynne, to 
\>erQ ry3ghtfult peticzons ly3ght 8 assent we jevyng, to be church 
of saynte Marye (in the which pey been) i-jefe to pe servyse of 
god) be which in the He be which is i-called 1 Oseney is i-foundid 1 

24 and sett, vndu? be defense of seynte mary and? owre to be 
defendid 1 we take, and with be surenesse 9 of p iB present letters 
we make sure, by p e Auctorite of pe office that we vse, ordeyn- estates, 

1 The church of Watlington was ulti- a Marginal note : • lybertyes,' attached 

mately (about 1 1 70) the gift of William by a bracket to the lines which follow. 

Paganell (no. 37), confirming his father-in- 3 i.e. of Lincoln diocese, 

law's (Halinad de Bidun's) grant. It had * ' deo auctore.' 

probably been granted by Robert Doyly II s ' et [ad] animarum salutem.' 

with the others in no. 1 2, but before Oseney 6 ' Quo circa.' 

could obtain possession (by death of the 7 The head of Oseney was originally 

rector), King Stephen took the manor (1 142) styled prior; Wood's City of Oxford, ii. 

from the Doylys. The new lord (William 210. Wigod, after ruling as prior for nearly 

de Chesney) gave the church to Oseney, 16 years (1138-54^, assumed the title of 

about 1150, but the manor was taken from abbot, possibly granted him by the pope 

him, about 11 54, before Oseney obtained when he visited Rome (115 1). 

possession. It seems to have been erased 8 ' facilem assensum.' 

from no. 12, but retained here. 9 ' sanctioned 


[VI] ffundacion of Oseney: BaylyfiviJce off Oscneye 

larly (i) the 
gifts, viz. — 

(five as in 
no. 12 d, 
and, in 
Stone) j 
also, lands 
in Oxford 
as in no. 12 
a, b, c,e; 
charge and 
tithe, 12 


in Hook- 
norton, as 
in 12 A; 
(ii) King 
gifts, of 
60s. rent, 
and of 

5*- 5f^- 
(iii) queen 
Alice's gift 
(no. 83); 
(iv) Lang- 
ney island ; 
(v) Robert 
(vi) Ealph, 
son of 

yng pat all maner possessions, all maner goodes, nowe this same 
church by the offryng of true men) ryjghtfully and 1 lawfully hath, 
vndewycT 1 to pern, and 1 to pere successours sure and 1 vnbroke 2 
Abyde. In the which, these we have avised 13 to be schewed 1 in 4 
pere owne namys : pat is to say, pe church 4 of Cudelyngton), 
of Weston), of Hokenorton), of cleydon), of chesterton), of Stanes ; 
and 1 pat was of Robert Doylly (of this church founder*) in Oseney, 
with all dwellynges pe which he had vppori) pe were pe which is 8 
of pe Milles pe which ben) by pe castelt of oxonforde, and 1 tith- 
ynges of pe same Milles, and 1 alt pe londe pe which to pe same 
church with-inne the borowghe of oxonford the same forsaide 
Robert yafe and 1 with his charter confermecT; alle Eton), with i a 
alle thynges to hit perteynyng (oute-take p e Mille, ande sperwe- 
say), and 1 twey shelyng worth of Rent p e which helde fromuwde 
chapeleyne, And* tithynges of Nicholt of Stodeham ; with-inne 
Hokenorton), free seruyce of Hugh ffraunceys 5 of halfe an hide, 16 
And 1 ooh) jerde of londe ; and 1 of pe yifte of Kyng stephyn) ande 
of thempryce, prebende of lx. 3. (of bensynton), xxiiij. ; of bamton), 
xxiiij. ; of Hedyndon), xij.), And 1 of v. 3. v. d 1 . oh. qua. wtt/t-in the 
borowgh of oxonforde of that londe p e which 6 is viij.jerdys of 20 
the Kynge, with all thynges perteynyng to hit, with customes 
and 1 liberteys ; of the londe 7 of quene Aly3, oon) hide the which 
lyeth by Hanberge And 1 longeth to stauntofD; langeneye, with 
all pertinences, of the howse 8 of Geffrey chamburleyne of 24 
Glymton) ; And 1 the londe of the ffee of Robert ffolioth, of the 
yifte of the same, p e which lieth in the grete strete 9 of Oxon- 
forde ; and 1 the londe that Raph fijth sy warde yafe ; And what- 
so-euer thyng in tyme to be (god beyng mercyfull) by grauntyng 28 
or jevyng of princis, or by offryng of true men), or in othe? 
ryjghtfuti maners, may be i-purchased 1 10 , to J?em or to pere 
successours (Regule? lyfe i-professed 1 ) vnbroke H and 1 undefylyd 1 

1 ' inviolata.' 
s ' inconcussa.' 

3 'duximus.' 

4 The six names are noted in the margin. 
' Sheneston ' is not mentioned (p. 1 1, note 3). 
Stanes church (Stone near Aylesbury in 
Buckinghamshire) was the gift of William 
Bracy (no. 37). 

5 ' Hugonis franci.' 

6 ' quae dicitur Octovirgate regis.' 

7 ' de dono.' 

8 Read 'gift.' The translator has mis- 
read 'ex dono' as' ex domo' (cp. no. 26). 
Langney was one of the islands, formed by 
streams of Thames, in the river-flat north- 
west of Oxford. 

9 No. 26 shows that this is Cornmarket 
Street (not High Street). 

10 ' poterunt adipisci.' 

11 ' inconcussa et illibata, eorum omni- 
modo usibus profutura.' 

[VI] ffundacion of Oseney: Baylyfshepe off Oseneye 15 

* abyde, to p e vsys of all pern to profete, sauyng dignytees and 1 * leaf 3, 
customs of the bisshop and 1 of the church of lincolne : perfore of * 

this owre cowfirmacion agayne-sayers * and 1 pluckers a-waye, and? against 

4 of this church robbers of goodes and 1 wasters, if tweys and 1 pe tn i a C on- 
thirde tyme i-warned 1 to satisfaccton wille not come, with the firmatl0n - 
bonde of curse we bynde hym) ; Ande to alle to pe same place 
here ry^ghtes kepyng, be peece of oure lorde Ihu criste, pat here 

8 pe frute of goode workyng pey take, and 1 , in tyme to be, rewardis 
of euerlastyng 1 Joy geete pey. Amen. 

[15.] A charter of Robert Doylly the secunde vndur- About 
write, of b e Encresyoges to p Q forsaide writynges. 1140 ? 

Be hit i-knowe to alle true men) of holy church bop e present Grant to 
and to be pat I, Robert Doylly, above thes thynges pe which ^y^ 6 /' 

1 2 1 haue i-jefe to pe church of god 1 and* to saynte Marye of Oseney founder, 
whenne I foundicT hit, for my helth and 1 my wyfes and 1 of my to the gifts 
soones & auncetwrs and 1 my parentis, jefe and 1 graunte these in n0, I2 ' 
encresynges 2 , to pe same church and 1 chanons" in hit seruyng 

16 god, perpetuelly to be had : — a dwellyng of William fi^ht Helg; (i) in 
and 13 all mansions pe which I had vppon) the were; and 1 pe Chouse 
tithynges of my mylles pe which hen by pe castell of oxonforde ; of William 
ande ij. shelyngworth of rente, ande pe tithyng of Nichol of Helga; 

20 stodeham, pe which fromuwde Capeleyne helde ; and 1 my gar- (m) in 
deyne with pe londe that longeth to hym of Eton) ; And 1 Wydon) a garden ■ ' 
reve, with all his tenure ; And 1 the londe 4 of oo cotarye. These w ^ of 
witnessys, ffowke Doylly, f. pis yifte I made, grauntyng my reeve; and 

24 soonys Henry AncTgilberte and 1 my wife and 1 my brope? ffowke. land< 

[16.] A charter confermyng', of Henry Doylly p e ffirst, About 
of p e 3iftes of Robert Doylly the Secunde his ffadu?. 1152, 

Be hit i-knowe to true men) of holy church bop 6 present and 1 Confirma- 
to be pat I, Henry Doylly, graunte and 1 with my charter con- oseney by 
ferme, in-to perpetueK almes, to p e church of god and 1 of saynte 5*2*. 
28 marye his modui 5 and 1 to the chanon^ in hit seruyng god — pe 

1 • Contradictores atque convulsores.' no. 1 2 (i). 

8 But four of them had been included * Marginal note : ' W eyres & ti things of 

in his former gift: viz. no. 12 (a), (b), Mylles Oxon. &c.' 
(/), (gf) ; and it is possible that his house ' ' terram unius cotarii.' 

here called of William is Waryn's house, 


[VI] ffundacion of Oseney : Baylyfshepe of Oseneye 

of his 
grants, as 
in no. 12, 


addition of 
ton church, 
as in no. 13, 




whicli my ffader foundid 1 in pe lie pe wlucli is Called 1 Oseney — 
for pe helth of pe Kyng> and 1 pe wellefare of alt pe Ream© and" 
also for myne heltn and 1 of my wife and 1 of soonys kynnesfolkes 
and 1 frendes, alt such thynges pe which my ffadu? to pe same 4 
church yafe and 1 with his charter confermed", pat is to say, att 
that was his in the foresaide He of Oseney vnto pe my lies ' of pe 
castelt ; and the tythe of p e mylles ; And 1 pese churches, with 
here pertinences, pe church 2 of Cudelyngton), of Weston), of 8 
Cleydon), of Hokenorton), of chestertofi), of Scheneston), of Wat^ 
lyntoiD ; And 1 with-in p e borowgh of oxonforde londes pe which 
helde Engerike and 1 oper, as his charter witnesseth; and 1 pe 
tithe of Nichol Stodeham, pe which ffromunde chapeleyne 12 
helde; and 1 with-in Hokenorton) dj. hide the which was of 
Hugh fFraunceys, and 1 j. jerde which was of maurice chanon) ; 
and 1 Eton) and* alt pat longeth to hit (oute-take pe Mille). 
Wherefore I wille and 1 surely ordeyne pat nowe pe saide church 16 
alle pe forsaide possessions and 1 tenentryes holde, welle and 1 in 
peece, and" worschipfully and 1 fully, with alt liberteis and 1 his 
ffree customs, in men, in howses, in woode and 1 playne, and 1 in 
alt othe? thynges and 1 places, as euer oony other 1 afore best helde 20 
hit. These witnyssis &c 9 . 

* leaf 4. 



tion to 
Oseney, by 
Doyly III, 

of the gifts 
of his 
parents, of 
his father, 
and of his 

[17.] A confirmac?'on of Robert * Doylly p e thirdde, pat 
is to Say, p e sone of Henry Doylly p e flirst aforesaide 
and Broper off Henry Doylly pe Secunde. 

Be hit i-knowe to alt true men) of holy church that I, Eobert 
Doylly pe sone of Henry Doylly, grauntid and with this present 
confermyd, to pe church of saynte Marye of Oseney ande to pe 24 
chanoriS per seruyng god, for pe sowles of my predecessours and 1 
of my kynnysfolkes, for my helth and 1 of Henry my broper and 1 
of alt myne, alt pe tithynges 3 pe which Robert my beele sire 
and 1 Edithe my beele Dame and 1 Henry my ffadu? and Henry 28 
my broper to pe same church maden), in churchis anT tithis and 1 
men) and 1 londis and 1 medis and" fedynges and 1 in alt pynges 
tenentries and 1 liberties, as pe charter of pe forsaide Henry 

1 Marginal note : ' Mylles, Oxon.' 

2 Names of all seven noted in margin. 

s • tithynges ' in error for ' yevynges,' 

clonaciones of the Latin being misread as 

[VI] ffundacion of Oseney: Baylyfshepe off Oseneye 17 

witnesseth the which (me beyng present and 1 assent yevyng) to 
peme lie yafe. I haue i-graunticT also and 1 confermed 1 alle 
tithynges 1 pe which men) of the ffee of my fadu? to pe same 
4 church & chanons maaden), as pe forsaide Henry my broper 
(me beyng present ande assent yevyng) with his charter to pem 
cowfermyd 1 . These witnysses: Henry Doylly my broper, T. 
mony oper. 

[18.1 A BuH of Eugenye pope iij confermyng 1 be forsaide About 



8 Eugenye, bisshop, seruaunte of pe sernauntes of god, to my Confirma- 
louyd 1 soonys Wigoode prior of Oseneye and 1 his breperyfD both oseney 
present and 1 to be (reguler lyfe i-professid 1 , f) of 2 pe Apostlis see, ^y pop . e 
to pe which s (owre lorde disposyng) povvgh vnworthy we bee in, 

12 hede, vs sterith auctorite to ry^ghtfult axynges with dewe 
bohmys 4 to failure, to pem namely pe which (wor[l]dly plesaunce 
i-put by-hynde) afte? 5 pe purpose of reguler* lyfe religiously to 
leve and 1 to pe almyjghty lorde been 6 knowe to serue : for this 

j 6 cause, of 7 my belouyd 1 soonnys in ou? lorde, to yowre rysghtfull 
axynges we mercifully 8 graunt, and 1 pe church of the blessid 1 
marye mode? of god and" euer Virgyn) in pe which ye beeiD sett under 
to goddis seruice vndir? p e protecw'on of saynte petur and 1 ou? of the 1<>n 

20 we take, and* with pe priuylege of this writyng we make papa , cy ? • 
stronge, ordeynyng pat all maner possessions, all goodis, now estates, 
ry3gh[t]fully and 1 lawfully $e haue, orintyme to come by graunt- 
yng of bisshopis, liberalnys of kynges, yevyng of pryncis, offryng and, by 

24 of true pepuls, or in oper ry3ghtfuli maners (oure lorde graunt- X^se'in- 
yng) je 9 shall be of powre to purchase, sure to yow and 1 to your clud ed 
successours and vntaxid 119 abyde. In pe which, these thynges diocesan's 
we haue avised 1 to be i-schewed 1 in there owne names: — pe tion (no .Ta) 

28 church" u of CudelyngtofD, pe church of Weston), pe church of also of 
Hokenortoh), pe church of Cleydofi), pe church of Schenestofi) ,2 , shenstone, 

1 See p. 16, note 3. 6 ' militare nosonntur.' 

* English darkened by following the 7 Omit ' of.' The Latin is in vocative 

Latin order : ' apostolice sedis . . . nos case. 

hortatur auctoritas.' 8 ' clementer annuimus.' 

3 i. e. the see of Rome : cp. similar ' ' poteritis adipisci.' 
roundabout description of the see of Lincoln, 10 ' illibata.' 

13/14. u Thenamesof the six churches are noted 

4 ' benignitate,' boon-ne?s. in the margin. 

8 ' secundum regularis vite propositum.' " The marginal spelling is 'Shenston/ 


[VI] ffundacion of Oseney: Bay\ly]ffvnhe of Oseney 

♦leaf 4, 

and, in 

(vii) Ston- 
nall in 
Staffs. ; 
(viii) El- 


(ix) Hugh 
of Pole- 
sted's gift; 
(x) Stone 
to hold 
Right to 
bury in the 
all canons 
and ser- 
vants of 

pe church of Chesterton); aft J?at was of Robert Doylly in 
Oseney, with alle Dwellynges pe which he had vppoii) pe were 
pe which is of pe Milles the which ben) by p e Castett of oxon- 
ford; And 1 tithyn ges of p e same Milles; with-in pe borowghof4 
oxonford, alt rentis of londis p e which pe forsaide Robert jafe 
to pe same church, ij. i. of rent pe which helde ffromurale 
chapeleyne, pe tythe of Nychol Stodeham ; with-in HokenortofD, 
free seruice of Hugh ffraunceys of halfe j. hide, and 1 j. jerde of 8 
londe ; alle Eton) with all thynges to hit perteynyng (outetake 
pe mylle, and 1 sperwesaye) ; of pe yifte of Kyng stephyn), A pre- 
bende of lx. i. (of bensynton), xxiiij. ; of BamptoiU, xxiiij. ; of 
Hedyndoii), xij. 3.) and 1 v. 3. v. cT. oh. qua. with-inne pe borowgh 1 2 
of oxonforde of fat londe pe which is i-callecPviij. *yerdys of pe 
Kynges, with all customs to hit perteynyng; Of p e yifte of 
Alide queue, j. hide pe which lyitli at Hanberge and 1 longeth 
to Staunton) ; of pe yifte of Geffrey Chamburleyne of GlymtoiD, 16 
langeneye, with alle thynges to hit perteynyng; Of pe yifte of 
Robert ffolioth, ]?at londe of his ffee pe which lieth in b e grete 
strete of Oxonforde ; Of pe yifte of Hugh tywe, Stanhale, with 
all thynges to hit longyng; The londe Also pe which was of 20 
Raph ffi3t sywaide, and 1 elueue pulehyn), to yow resonablie was 
yeve ; Of pe yifte of Hugh palestede l , dj. hide in pe same town), 
with pe consent of Henry of Estsexe 2 ; Of pe ffee of William 
Bracy, pe church of Stanes*. We haue also ordeynycT f>at if pe 24 
fforsaide Castell of oxonforde fro diuinis seruices by chaunce be 
Enterdited 1 , hit shall be lefuli to yow notwithstondyng, yates 
i-closed 1 and cwrsecT men or enterdited 1 i-putt owte, in lowe voice 
to saye diuine seruice 4 ; and 1 you? howseholde, and 1 all them of 28 
you? D paryssis pe which at pwe turne inne by cause of hospitalite 
and 1 perre hap to be sike and 1 to dye, in you? churchjerde ffree 
faculte to beiye we graunt to yow. ffor 6 pis, we decree pat hit 
be not lawfutl to oony marane to troble frowardely pe forsaide 3 2 
monastery, or pe possessions of hit to take aweye, or i-take awey 
to withholde, to lesson, or with ony greuaunces to make wery, 

1 Hugh of Polested in Suffolk (H. Salter). 

2 ' Essexa,' in Latin. 

3 Name noted in margin. 

4 Marginal note : 'Note this priuilege 
to say diuine seruice, ]>" londe Enterdited, 

In ]i e castett.' 

5 Read ' other ' : • et eos omnes de alienis 
parochiis, qui apud vos hospitalitatis causa 

1 ' Decernimus ergo ut.' 

[VI] ffundacion of Oseney : Bay[ly]jpitike of Oseney 19 

but att pynges boole be kepid for gouernyng" 1 and susteynyng 1 itself, 
of them) pe which pey 2 were i-grauntid to profite in att maner ^ft^ to 
vsis, sauyng 1 be auctorite of Apostlis see and 1 be lawful! ryaght Oseney who 

4 and 1 reuerence of pe bisshop Diocesane. perfore if oony man) of pe Anathema 
church or seculere persone, knowe s this writyng of owre oidin- J^, 
aunce, witt ataste 4 to come agaynste hit, pe secund 1 or pe pirde of this 
tyme i-warnyd 1 , if he amende not with ccmienient satisfaccion), 

8 lacke 5 (or lese) he pe dignyte of bis povvre and 1 of his worscbip, 
and 1 know he hym-selfe gilty in pe Dome of god of pe wikednysse 
i-doo, ancf be he maade straunge and ferre fro the most holy 
body and blode of god 1 and of oure lorde agayne-bye? Ihu criste, 
12 And be he vndu? 6 to pe streyte veniaunce in pe last dome ; And 
the kepers and conseruatoures be filled 1 with goddis blesshyng, & 
Joy they with pe rewarde of Euerlastyng- blisse. Amen. 

[19.] A conflrmaeion of be chapiter of lincoln of be About 


churchis of HokenortoS), Cudelintori), Waterperye, 
CleydofJ, and Stanes. 

To att soonys of ow? modu? p e church to p e wbich this present Confirma- 

16 writyng shatt come, Roger 7 , Deen), and the chapiter of lincolne, oseney, by 
euerlastyng; helth in ou? lorde. Know ye att we to baue t]l <> dean 
i-grauntid, and 1 as muche pat perteyneth (or longeth 8 ) to vs to chapter of 
have i-confermed 1 , to the church of saynte marye of Oseneye and f f lve ' 

20 to pe chanons pere seruyng god, churchis 9 of Hokenorton), of rectories - 
Cudelyngton), of Waterperye, of Cleydon), of Stanes, with att 
)>ere pertinences, in to pere owne vsis, to be had and to be 
holde, also hooly and 1 pesibli as pey holde and baue i-holde of 

24 grauntyng of worschipfutt ffaduvs bissbops of pe church of 
lincoln. And that pis grauntyng and 1 confirmaaon abide clere 
in tyme to be, this present writyngv with pe streng[t]li of oure 
seele we haue i-made hit myjghty and stronge. These 

28 witnyssys .¥. 

1 ' gubernatione.' * i.e. subject to tho strait vengeance at 

' ' concessa sunt vsibus omnimodis profi- the last judgement, 

tura.' 7 Roger de Rolveston, dean of Lincoln, 

3 Read ' knowing,' ' sciens.' 1195-1223. 

4 ' temptaverit.' " Alternative rendering of ' pertinet.' 

5 ' potestatis honorisque sui dignitate ca- 9 Stone and Waterperry, as in no. 37; 
reat.' the others, as in no. 12. 

C 2 


[V77] Hov: p f church of Seynte George 

[20.] [VII.] Howe b e church of Seynte George was 
i-^eve to b e chanons of Oseneye. 

* leaf 5. 
Fiction that 
Robert Doyly 
II, founder of 
Oseney, ob- 
tained, in 1 149, 
transference to 
his own found- 
ation (no. 12), 
of his uncle's 
(Robert Doyly 
I) foundation 
(no. 2). 

* In 1 the %ere of ou? lorde 9.nno M^Cxlix (in the tyme of 
Eugenye pope iij, an T of Kyng stheephyn, and 1 of theobalde 
Archiebisshop of Canturbery, and? of Robert of chesnet bisshop 
of lincoln), of Robert Doylly be ij (pe which was sone of Nigelt 4 
Doylly) was i-jeve the church of saynte George, with alt 
his pertinences, to pe regular" chanons of Oseney, and of Geffrey 
of Iuory confermyiT — pe which afore was i-jefe to pe secule? 
chanons in pe castett of Oxonforde : in pese wordes 8 


tion to 
Oseney, by 
Doyly II, 

of his gifts 
at Oseney 
and in 
Oxford, as 
in no. 12 
(a, 6, e) ; 
and grant 
of St. 
(no. 2), 

[21.] pe principal! charter of be same Robert Doylly te 
Secunde, of b e saide yifte. 

Be hit i-knowe to alt cristen) men) pat I, Robert Doylly, 
willyng and 1 grauntyng 1 Edithe my wiffe and my soonys Henry 
and gilbert, jefe and 1 graunt, in-to pure and 1 perpetuelt ahnys, to 
the church of god and 1 of Seynte marye his modu? and 1 to pe 12 
regule? chanons in hit seruyng god And 1 of 2 saynte marye his 
mode? be which (counseylyng and 1 confermyng Robert 3 by be 
grace of god Bisshop of lincoln) I foundid in pe He pe which is 
i-called 1 Oseney, for pe helth of pe Kyng and b e welefu? of alt pe 16 
Reame and 1 also for myne own) helth and 1 of my wife and soones, 
kynnesfolke«, and of owre frendes, alle pat is myne in be forsaide 
lie ; with alle Dwellynges be which I had vppon) pe where * b e 
which is of my mylles ; and alle bat I had in be borowgh 20 
of oxonforde or in be subarbys ; and be church B of Seynte 
George the which is i-set in be Castelt of oxonforde, with all 
churchis and chapelt* londis rentis tenauntries and tithes 
possessions and othe? thynges to be saide church of seynte 2 4 

1 An unskilful forgery. Robert Doyly 
II died September 1142, about a fortnight 
before Stephen began the siege of Oxford 
(Oseney Chronicle). St. George's was 
transferred to Oseney in 1149, by Henry 
Doyly, the founder's son. No. 21 is also 
a forgery. Whatever was ' de fundatione 
domus ' was specially secure in the eyes of 
the law ; and there was a strong tempta- 
tion to attribute later accessions to the 

founder himself. The true grant is no. 23. 

2 This second ' and of saynte marye his 
moder ' is unrepresented in the Latin. 

3 In error. Alexander was bishop of 
Lincoln at the foundation of Oseney. 

4 ' super warani.' 

* Marginal note : ' the graunte of the 
Churche of saint George to Osney wiih 
his appwrtenaunce ; the tythes of all the 
Castell, &c. & others : note.' 

ivas i-geve to p e chanons of Oseneye 21 

George perteynyng : pat is to say, pe church of marye Mawde- with all its 
leyne, pe which is i-set in p e subarbes of oxonforde, with iij. v iz. P (^ y ' 
hides in Waltoii), and be londe of 1 xx*'. acres, and be tithe of be ?*• Mary 

' / ' ' ' Magdalene 

4 same londes, and with pe mede pat is i-called Bruwimannys with lands, 
mede, with pe tithes of pe same mede, And with pe tithe of tithe* to 
Northern 2 , "Wyueleye, And lynch 3 , and 1 of aft [the 4 lands and the north 
meads and other titheable things which are between] pe castett of Oxford; 

8 of Oxonforde and 1 Henxsey or botely (pat is to say, in oxonforde (a) Cowley 
shire), ande with oper thynges and tithis to pe saide church ^idtes R £d 
of saynte Marye Mawdelen perteynyng; and 1 * be church of meadows; 

* • ( 2\ Outslow 

Cowlay, with iij. hides of londe in Cudeslawe and other 3 hides; 

12 pertinences, and 1 iij. hides of londe, and medis* of Sidenham and 1 c 4 i] ap ei eS 
ffrogmore, with men) tithes and pertinences ; and pe chapelt of and land ; 
pe ffrees, with pe dwellyng or mansion) and pe londe evyii) 2 hides ; 
ageynst pe chapelt towarde pe west, with ffedynges and pastures church* 6 ' 

!6 and his ope? pertinences; And ij. hides in Ernycote, witA pe and land; 
woode and ope? pertinences ; and pe church" of Stowe, with alle chapel 
pe towne, and 1 with p 6 chapelt of morton), and ij. hides of p e ffce ^ Norton 
of saynte George in pe same town), to-gedur with pe woodfes and" land and 

20 othe? thynges and? libertees to pe church of saynte George ( 9 ) Sa'nd- 
perteynyng; and pe londe of Worton, with the tithe of j. hide fj'oVForest- 
in pe same towne ; and j. hide with pe pertinences in Saunforde ; hill > chapel 
and pe londe of fforsthutt, and of Burton, and 1 of bothe (u)Stonnaii, 

24 Stoonehale, with pe chapelts in pe same, woodis, villenages, f^Bi'ack- 
rentes, and 1 tithis and other thynges of my ffee, to pe church bourton; 
of Saynte george perteynyng; And half j. hide ancfj. jerdelonde norton, 
in Hokenorton), with pe pertinences ; and 1 ij. parties of tithe oftheDo' T 

28 of alle thyng be which is i-wonycT to be tithid of alt demaynes 7 and Iv eri 


of aythe? honow? pe which lye to pe Castett of Oxenforde, pat viz. 

1 The land called 'Twenty acres' lay in Latin gives, correctly, 'and the church of 
the north suburb of Oxford in the neigh- Cowley, with two hides of land and the 
bourhood of. the modern Walton Street. meads of Sydenham and Froggemore, ami 
At the present day there is a field called other pertinences ; and three hides of land 
' Twenty acres ' (' Twenty pound Meadow ') in Cutslowe with men, tithes, and other 
in the west suburb, opposite the modern pertinences.' Cutslow, two miles north 
St. Frideswyde's parish church. The co- of Oxford, is a member of Kkllingtou 
incidence of name has sometimes caused (Wood's Life and Times, i. 353). 
confusion. a These meadows lay east of the Cher- 

2 A meadow by Cherwell, whose name well, opposite Christ Church meadow : see 
survives in the modern Norham Road, ' Sidnam ' in Wood's City of Oxford, i. 

3 See note in no. 54. map ii. 

* Added from the Latin. 7 i.e. demesne-lands: Latin 'de omnibus 

5 The clauses are out of order. The dominicis utri usque honoris.' 


[ VII] Hoice p c church of Seynte George 

(14) of six 
manors by 
Banbury ; 

(15) of nine 
manors by 
* leaf 5, 

(16) of 
manors by 
Bicester ; 

(17) of 
chiefly in 
Bucks ; 

(18) of six 
manors by 
Bampton ; 

(19) often 
Oxford to 
] 5 oars t; ill ; 

(20) of seven 
manors in 
shire ; 

(21) of six 
manors by 
ton ; 

(22) of nine 

is to saye, of Hokenorton l , Swerforde, Bereforde ', Wigynton, 
and of j. hide and dj. in Edburbury s , and of j. hide and 1 be thirde 
parte [of half] of j. hide in CorneweH; and of Cudelyngton 4 , 
Throp 5 , Withhuli 6 , Hensynton) 7 , and Northlye 8 , and" of j. hide 4 
and dj. in Barthon Odonis 9 , and Kolesham 10 of eyber *courte, 
and of dunsty we, ledewett u ; and 1 Heyforde, of Hampton 12 with 
Northbroke gaytoraw, & blechesdon 1S , of Weston w , Burcetwr 15 
with Wrechwike 16 , BuckeiUhutt 17 , Ardusley 18 with northbroke by 8 
Somcrton, of Mixbury, Willauston 19 , ffullewett, Hordewyke 20 ; 
Tynforde 21 , Westbury, Shaleston, Turesmere 22 , Stratforde M , 
Turueston) 24 , and Caldewett M , of Wyke 26 , Tborneton), Thorne- 
borowgh, Radeclyue, Haseley 27 ; of Burton 28 , Kencote,Northton ", 12 
Bampton), Dukelynton), Escoote so doylyuomm ; of bekeley 31 of 
all pe towne, Horthton) 3 " 2 , Morkote rs , and 1 of dj. hide in stodeleye 34 
bat longeth to bekeleye, and 1 of Asshe S5 , of Wodepwye 36 , and 1 
pure 37 , Elfelfelde 33 , Ocle 39 , and Horspathe ; of Turkedyn) 40 , litutt 16 
llysynden) a , Treton) 42 , Hampton) <s , Tetbury, cherynton), and 1 
Heseldeii) " ; of Watlyntoii), Goryng 1 , Weston) by chiltre 45 , Estcote 46 
(by Holcombe) of the fee that longeth to pe castelt of oxonforde, 
Euere 47 , and" of ayther courte of shyrburn) ; Ardynton), 20 

I Noted in margin. Of the six, three are 
in Chadlington hundred, three in Bloxham 

a Barford. 

3 Adderbury. 

4 Kidlington. 

* Thrupp. 

4 White-hill, in Tackley parish. 

7 Hensington, in Bladon parish. 

8 Northleigh. 

* Little Barton : see no. 128. 
10 Rousham. 

II Ledwell orLodwell, in Wootton parish. 
12 Hampton Gay : this set is in Ploughley 


u Bletchingdon. 

14 Weston-on-the-Green. 

15 Bicester. 

16 A hamlet in Bicester parish. 
" Bucknell. 

18 Ardley. ' Ardulfleyn ' in Henry Ill's 

19 Woolaston in Mixbury parish. 
ao Hard wick. 

al Thenford in Northants. 
sa Tusniore, near Cottisford. 
33 Water Stratford. 

84 Turweston. 

85 Not identified. 'Goldewelle' in the 

26 Wyke = Wick-Dyve, Northants. 

27 Haseley, in Radclive parish, Bucks. 

28 Blackbourton, in Bampton hundred. 

29 Brize Norton. 

30 Ascot D'oyly. 

31 Beckley, in Bullingdon hundred. 

82 Horton, in Beckley parish. 

83 Mercot, in Charlton-on-Otmoor. 

84 Studley. 

33 Probably Nash, in Beckley parish. 
:e Woodperry. 

37 (Water)perry. 

38 Elsfield. 

39 Oakley, by Boarstall. 

40 Turkdean. 

41 Rissington. 

42 Tretone, now called Bruerne, 

43 Hampnett, Glouc. 
44 „Haselton, Glouc. 

* Margina e = ^ e Chilterns : and so South- 
hurol» u lU Birton hundred. 

i6 Ascot, in Great Milton parish, in 
Thame hundred. 

47 Iver, Bucks, 

was i-geve to p" chanons of Oaendye 23 

Betrynton) *, Hareweft, ledecumbe, and 1 in Elflyntou 2 of thre chiefly 
hides and 1 of pe mylle, of Craneforde 3 , leyes 4 , tenesshe 5 , s ^[ T q 
Tenyeth 6 : Haurugge 7 . KolestoiD 8 , Messeworth 9 , and clop- manors ; 

J * °° ' ' ' r (23) of some 

4 pam 10 ; and aft Ipe tithe of pe Demayne of Wolgavcote u , and in twelve 
Baldyntoii) n of thre hides, and 1 in WauertofD 13 , of pe demayne, manors- 
of Croftes u and 1 Tewycrosse 15 ij. parties of aft maner tithes, ande 
in Ibston pe tithe of oon) hide, and" in CutlyntoiD 16 , pe tithe of 
8 j. hide, ande in Cawdeweft pe tithe of three ijerdes. Wherefore 
I wille and surely charge }?at pe chanons of pe foresaide church with 
and pere successors haue and 1 holde, weft and 1 in peece, aft ^yjiegeg 
tenementes londis rentis tithis and 1 possessions pe which pey ( n °- 39) ; 

1 2 haue in aft be forsaide maners, and 1 also of me and" my eyres or 
my men) may geete in tyme to come, with aft liberteis 17 and 1 
free customs pe which I euer had or oony of myne auncetwrs ; exemption 
and 1 pat pey haue bere courte ffre of here men) of aft maner ser vice to 

16 transgressions or my sdoynges 18 ande defautes; and been) quyte, col Y" ts . n 
bothe they and 1 there tenauntes, of aft maner sutes of my cowrte, of Doyly 
and 1 of sute of my myllis, and 1 of all demaundis or axynges 19 , ' 

outetake Justice or ry3ght of deth or of membra. And 1 if pej 

20 or there men) be amercid 1 agaynst me or myne eyres of 20 my right to 
baylyffs for oony cause, trespas, or forfete, aft mercys 21 and 1 po S e e s d "^ 
mercymentes and 1 aft fynes and 1 aft profytes and 1 aft outegoynges 22 their 
of pleys ]?at comen) forthe of J>em or of pere men) shaft be of pe 

24 chanons selfe, wtt/joute oony agayne-boMyng to me or to myne 
heyres, weper hit be for defautes or for oony other cawse. Also . 
I witt and 1 charge surely ]?at pe saide chanons ande pere sue- common 

1 Batterton, Berks. the manor in Waverton, which paid tithe 

2 Elfreton in Welford parish, Berks. to Oseney. 

■ Cranford in Northts., near Kettering. ,5 Twycross in Orton-on-the-hill parish, 

4 Leyes is probably Northleigh, supra. Leicestershire. 

5 Tenesshe is perhaps Asshe, supra. " 'Curtlinton' in the Latin, i.e. Kirt- 

6 Tenyeth (or Peryeth, as in the Latin) lingfcon. 

is probably Woodperry, supra. 17 Marginal note : ' Nofe and maike J>" 

7 Hawridge, Cotslow hundred, Bucks. liberties.' 

* Coleston- or Colston-Basset, Notts. 1S As usual, the word introduced by ' or ' 

» Marsworth, Cotslow hundred, Bucks. is an alternative English word for the pre- 

10 Clapham, Beds. ceding Latinism. The Latin is ' de omni- 

11 Marginal note: 'Note for tithes of niodis defaltis.' 

the demesne of Wulgarcote,' i. e. Wolver- *• Latin : • de omnimodis demandis ex- 

cote. cepta iustitia mortis et membrorum.' 

ia Baldon, Oxon. 20 Read 'or': ' seu.' 

13 Waverton, or Warton, in Leominster 21 Marginal note : ' Note for ffynes & 
parish,- Herefordshire. amerciawentes, &c.' 

14 Croftes seems to be another name for n Latin, ' exitus.' 

24 [^ r ^] Howe Jf church of Seynte George 

pasture for cessours and pere tenauntes liaue fre entry tig ande goyng* 
an^c'attie 8 ' ou * e an( l e f' e commune to pere shepe and 1 hogges and to alt 
here bestes in all my manors, and that pey be not inparked 
or y-poyned 1 but pey be i-founde in open) harme ; pat 2 if hit 4 
right to pay happen), pey maye receyue pere bestes 3 and by the syjglit of 
donefby lawful! men) pe harme pat pere bestis haue i-do, owte of my 
their cattle, courte, to make to be amendid: and that this my yifte and 

by arbitra- 
tion, not by graunt ande confyrmacion of this charter be Sure and stable for 8 

th^manor- euer > To this wrytyng I haue put to my seele. Thes witnesses, 

ial court Theobalde archiebisshop of Canterbury, Bisshop of Wircetur 

Symon), Thurstane * archiebisshop of Yorke, Robert Bisshop of 

lyncoln, Gilbert ffilioth Herforde, Henry Doyly and Gilbert his 1 2 

brothe?, and othe?. 

[Note. — As far back as Anthony Wood's time (City of Oxford, ii. 190-2) the 
preceding section of the Oseney Register was felt to be a puzzle, and many of the 
names in it long remained untraced. The Rev. H. E. Salter, by collation of the 
original Oseney deeds as well as of the Registers, has solved the problem of the 
section and identified its names. The 'charter,' he points out, must have been 
invented after 1191, by tacking together several grants of earlier and later dates, 
without the least attempt to make them fit in with each other. The charter, by 
its witnesses, professes to be of date 1 149, but Robert Doyly II died seven years 
before that. The bishop of Lincoln at the foundation of Oseney was Alexander, 
not Robert. The constructor of the charter may have taken the name Robert 
either from Alexander's predecessor, Robert Bioet (1093-1123), who during his 
episcopate seems to have granted a confirmation-charter to St. George's church ; or 
from Alexander's successor, Robert de Chesnei (1147-68), who in 1149 sanctioned 
the grant, by Henry Doyly I, of St. George's church and its possessions to Oseney. 
The deed makes Oseney in 1 1 49 possessed of Frees chapel, which in fact was the 
gift of Thomas of St. Walery about 1 191 ; and of the tithes of Twycross and Warton 
obtained in 11 87-9 by an exchange, which is fully described in the Oseney 
Cartulary. The list of places is confused by the jumbling together of names taken 
from different confirmations. Thus, the scribe gives both Perieth and Woodperry, 
but they are probably the same ; so also, probably, Leyes and Northlye ; Asshe and 
Tenesse ; Cawdewell (Caldewell) and Goldwell.] 

About [22.] A conflrmacron off Geffrey of Iuory pe sone of 
110 °- Roger of Iuory off pe Same yifte. 

AH men) knowe that I, Gefferye of luorye, grauntid, and with 
* leaf 6. this my present charter con*fermed, to god And 1 to pe Church 

1 ' or y-poyned ' is an English equivalent The Latin is ' per vadimonium averia sua 
of the preceding word : Latin is merely recipiant.' 

1 ne possint imparcari.' * Another mark of forgery. Thurstan 

2 ' quod si contigerit.' died 1140. If the charter were genuine, 
* i.e. out of the pound, on giving surety it would have been witnessed by Henry 

for payment of dam»ge : op. nos. 39, 40. Murdac, archbishop 1147-53. 

was i-geve, to p e chanons of Oseneye 25 

of Saynte marye of Oseney and 1 to pe chanons pere seruyng god, Pretended 

aft londis churchis rentis titliis and possessions pey hauen) in tion^Tose- 

aft my maners, of the yifte of Robert Doyly and the grauntyng ney (about 

4 of Roger of Iuorye ray fadu?, in-to pure and perpetuell almes, Jeffrey of 

as pe charters of pe forsaide Robert and roge? pe which they j^ 1 .' 

haue fully witnysse : and, for that I wyft pe yevyng and graun- patron 

tyng 1 of pe forsaide Robert and Roger be sure and stable for St. George's 

8 eue?, with my seele imprentyng this present writyng I haue church > 
i-seelid: These witnysse Robert, by pe grace of god Bisshop of 
lincotn ; Robert Doyly pe yungu?, &c 5 . 

Note. — The charter, as it stands, cannot be genuine, because the Iveri family 
became extinct about iiio, several years before Oseney was founded. A genuine 
deed, by which Jeffrey of Iveri confirmed its possessions to the church of St. George, 
seems to have been adapted to strengthen the forgery (no. 21), by substituting 
1 Marye of Oseney ' for ' George.' 

[23.] A conflrmac/on of Henry Doylly pe fflrst pe Sone x a d. 
of pe saide Robert Doylly his ffadur off pe saide 1149- 

Be hit i-knowe to aft trew men) of holy church that I, Grant to 

12 Henry Doylly, with p e consent and grauntyng 1 of my Broper Henry 7 ' 
Gilbert, and with pe counsel! of Syre Robert (p e soone of D °y ly T > 
Roger 2 ) my brope? and of my modu? and of odel? ffrendes and 
of my men), yefe and graunte, in-to perpetuell almys, for pe 

16 sowle of Kyng Henry and for pe sowle of my ffadu? Robert 
Doylly and othe? kynnesfolkes and of myne auncetwrs and* for 
my helth and of my modu? and of my brethryn) and of oper of 
my ffrendes and for pe state and welefare of aft pe realme, to 

20 pe church of Saynte marye pe which my ffadwr funded in pe of St- 
ile pe which is i-called Oseney and to pe chanons in hit church, 
seruyng god, my church of Saynte George the which is in pe 
Casteft of Oxonforde, with aft thynges pe which ben) of my fee 

24 and perteynyng to hit, pat is to say, in howses in tithis in 
playne in woode in ryvers and in ffedynges and in aft oper 
thynges, with customs & liberteis pe which he 3 helde in pe 

1 MS. has • the Sone the Sone.' This is has ' domini Roberti filii regis ' j i. e. of 
a genuine deed, extant as Brit. Mus. Add. lady Edith's son by Henry I.. 

Charter 20,361 . 3 Read ' it ' J i. e. the church. 

2 A most misleading slip. The Latin 


[Fi7] Hoive p e Church of Seynte George 

tyme of my auncetwrs pe wliicTi foundicT bit. Wherefore I wille 
and 1 surely ordeyne pat pe forsayde churcti of Saynte George \ 
of pe which my ffadur was foundur and 1 of pe which I am 
pat rone and 1 advocate, This addyng> a to pencresyng 1 of my 4 
ffadui s almys pe which 3 he ordeyned 1 \>ere, hit holde, of me and 1 
of aft myne heyres and 1 successours, quietly and 1 worschipfully, 
all exaccion) i-put 4 a-bak, fro this tyme nowe and for Euer 
Witnesses : Daniett, Abbot of Mussendene ; Alurede 5 , Abbot of 8 
Dorchester, f. 


Confirmation to 
Oseney, by Henry 
Doyly I (died 
1 1 63), of 

(I) St. George's 
church ; 

(II) in Hooknorton, 
1 hide of villein- 
age, 3 hides of 
demesneland, & 
24 acres meadow ; 
(m) in Claydon, 2 
hides of villein- 
age, of lady 
Edith's gift (died 
115a); \ hide in ex- 
change ; 
\ hide given by 
Philip Hampton 
(with surrender of 
feudal superi- 
ority) ; 

8 ' tilths' given by 
lady Edith, 

* leaf 6, back. 

[24.] A conflrmacton of pe same Henry off J?e forsaide 
thyngea and off other ^iftes of his modur. 

Be hit i-knowe to aft trew meii) of holy church that I 
Hcmy Doylly, yefe and 1 graunt, and with my charter 
Gonferme, in-to ffre and 1 pure almes, to pe church of God 1 1 2 
and 1 of Saynte marye his modu? and 1 to pe chanons in hit 
seruyng god (pe which my ffadur foundid 1 in pe He pe 
which is i-called 1 Oseney), pe church of Saynte George, 
with aft thynges perteynyng 1 to hit of my ffee; and 1 in 16 
Hokenorton), j. hide of villenage, and 1 Prestfelde and butur- 
hulle for thre hides, and 1 of pe mede of my lordeship as 
much as perteyneth to three hides (J?at is to gay, ij. acre, 
euerych yerde) ; In cleydon, ij. hides of villenage, pe which 20 
my modu? jafe to p e same church, and 1 halfe an) hide 
(also of villenage) pe which I jafe to pern) in-to an Es- 
chaunge of dj. oofD hide (also of villenage) pe which is in 
Weston), & dj. an hide of pe yifte of philippe of Hampton) 24 
ande of his wiffe and 1 of his soone, of pe which I clayme 
nowe quyte to pe sayde church pat pe same philippe and 1 
his heyres ofte 6 to me pere-oi, and 1 al-so-much of my lorde- 
ship as * my fader 7 yafe to pein) (that is to say, Medehulle 28 
and Senesham and 1 the redelande and 1 Sibrecrofte and 1 

1 A strange error. Latin has, correctly, 
• prefata sancte Marie ecclesia ' ; i. e. Ose- 

2 * additamentum.' This • adding,' really 
by Henry Doyly I, is attributed to his 
father in the spurious deed (no. 21). 

3 ' quani,' scil. eleemosinain. The refer- 

ence is to the foundation-gift (no. 12). 

4 ' postposita.' 

5 Alfred, abbot of Dorchester, 1146-63. 
* 'debebant.' 

7 A slip. Latin has, correctly, mater. 
' She ' (' ipsa ') follows lower down. 

ivas i-geve to J>* chanons of Oseneyc 27 

Kynges bruggehale and 1 stodefolde and 1 prettesthoriD and 1 with a \ hide 

benetebrech), and 1 dj. an hide be which was of Geffrey, with be a croft) and ' 

mede bat she with be same londes assynyd 1 to bem), And j. a voiate ; 

' ' * " ' free pannage, 

4 crofte and 1 a volate f>at HeinmyirDg 1 preste was i-wonyd 1 to house-bote, 

haue, and pannage of here owne hogges, and 1 in woode in pe and^re-wood ; 

same towne that 1 is nede to howsis and 1 hedges to be made {^) in Westun- 

# co on-the-Green, 

and 1 to fyre to be made ; In Weston), j. hide and dj. [that 3yardiands of 

8 is to say], thre jerdes of villenage (£>at is to say 2 , a jerde demesnfdand, 

where pe mansion) of pe chanons is, and 1 a jerde pe which °*2 ad y Edith's 
Robert holdeth, [and 3 a yerde the which Herbert holdeth]), 
and thre yerdes of pe lordeship, as my modu? maade to be 

12 deliuered to bem): In Eton), Spare wesaye 4 for j. hide; and (v) in Water- 

itt t • *- >■ i« >■ «• i eaton, Spare- 

xx tl acris of Walton), with men), and 1 medis and 1 nedynges ; wesaye ; 

and 1 in att my maners pasture for pere owne oxon) & pere ( . v ^ n ty flto ' 

shepe and" hogges commune with myne. Wherefore I wille acres,' with 

1 6 and 1 surely ordeyn) pat pe saide church alle pe forsaide other rights; 

tenures and 1 possessions haue & hold 1 , wett and 1 in pece, and 1 ^"f^f 

worschipfully and 1 fully, with att liberteis and 1 his ffre tureinali 

. . , ..,,.. , • , ^ Doyly manors. 

customs in men) in howsis m londis in woode in playne anov 
ao in att other" thynges and 1 placis. Witnyssis, Water of Tywe, ?. 

[25.] A conflrmaczon of Henry Doylly p e ij. of his 2ifte About 



Be hit i-knowe to att true men) of holy church that I, Henry Confirma- 
Doylly pe soone of Henry Doylly, with pe consent and 1 assent ogf ney> by 
of Robert my broker and? with pe coansett of myne free men), ^ en [ y n 

24 grauntid 1 , and 1 with my charter confermed 1 , to the church of (died 1232), 
saynte marye of Oseney and 1 to pe chanons pere sernyng god, 
for pe sowles of my predecessours and 1 of myne kynnesfolkes and 1 
for my helth" and 1 of myne, in-too free and 1 perpetuett almes, att of the 

28 pe yevynges the which Robert 5 Beele my ffade? maade to pe £4^ 
same church and Edith my Beele mode? and" Henry my ffader, 
pat is to say ; 

Of pe yefte of Robert my Beele Sire (the which pe forsaide (<*) by !"*» 

1 'qixodnecessefueritdomibus etsepibus 4 Reserved to the lord in the former 

suis reficiendis, et ad focum faciendum.' grant (no. 1 2). 

a cp. no. 26. 5 Latin: ' Kobertus avus meus. 
8 Added from the Latin. 


[V77] Howe P' Church of Seynte George 

father (no. 

(6) by his 
father (no. 
34) i 

♦leaf 7. 
ton church, 
see no. 13.] 

(no. 24). 

church founded), alt pe foreaide lie of O^eney, with alt 
dwellynges pe which been) of my ffee vppoiU the wee? in the 
same He, and 1 tithynges of pe mylles pe which ben) by the castelt 
of oxonforde ; and vnde? pe wait, j. dwellyng 1 pa which was of 4 
Waryne chapeleyne ; and 1 pes churches of my ffee, pe church of 
CudelyngtoiD, pe church of Weston), pe church of Hokenortoh), 
pe church of Cleydon), pe church of shenston), pe church of 
chesterton) ; with-in pe borowgh * of oxonforde pe londes pe 8 
which helden) Engerike, Eaymuwde, Ailnot, Godwyn) pe son) 2 
Edwache?, ermenolde, Godwyne Nicuma, Swetyng Cadica, 
llauenyng, Segryne by the Walt, Henry Corueee?, leofwyfD 
Haltyng 3 , Godwyn) money make?, Brythrik money make?, 12 
Godrik, William, Raph Backster 4 , leofwyne Budda, Geffrey 
Mille?; and 5 ij. 1. pe which helde fromunde chapeleyne, and 
pe tithyng of Nicott of Stodeham the which pe same ffromuwde 
helde ; and Eton) all pe towne in pe lordeschip and? villenage 16 
and free fee (oute-take p e mylle, and 1 Sparvvesaye) ; wtt/rin 
Hokenorton), dj. an hide pe which was off Hugh ffraunceys, and 
j. jerde londe p e which helde Morice. 

Of pe yifte of Henry my ffadu?, pe church of Seynte George, 20 
wttA att thjnges p e which * longe to hit of my ffee ; pe church 
of Watlynton) ; In Hokenorton), j. hide of villenage, and prest- 
felde 6 , and of pe mede of the lordeschip al-so-muche as 
longeth to thre hides (that is to say, two acris to eue?y jerde) ; 24 
In Eton), sparewesay ; and xx 4i acris 7 of Walton), with men) & 
medes and ffedynges longyng* to p e same. 

Of pe yifte of my Bele Dame Edithe also, and of my ffadu?, 
in Cleydon), ij. hides and dj. ande of pe lordeschip of the same 28 
towne Suenesham and the redelande and Sibcrofte and Kynges 
bruggehale and Stodefolde and? Benet breche, and dj. hide pe 
which was of Geffrey with a mede pe which perteyneth to pe 
same londes, andj. crofte and a volate 8 the 9 Hemimnyng preste 32 
was i-woned to have, and pannage of here owne hogges, and in 

1 MS. repeats ' witAin be borowgh.' 

3 ' Godwinus filius Edwaker * in the 

Latin : so the translator did not venture 

to say • the son of Edwarcher.' 

3 ' Leofwinus claudug.' 

4 'pistor.' 

s ' et duas solidatas redditus quas.' 
The Latin adds • et Buterhull.' 

7 Marginal note : ' Note : xx u acres of 
Walton with men & meades and fedinge* 
to the same.' 

• ' Et unam croftam et volatam.' 
' Probably ' the [which] Hemming,' but 
• the ' by itself is found in this MS. as a 
relative. Latin has ' quam Hemmingus 
presbiter solebat habere.' 

was i-geve to p s ehanons of Oseneye 29 

the woode of pe same towne that is nede to theni) to hovvses and 1 
hegges to he i-inade and 1 to he ffire to he made ; In Westcn) 
j. hide and 1 dj. [that is to say] iij. jerdes of villenage (that is to 

4 say, j. 5erde where pe dwellyng of pe ehanons is, and 1 a 3erde 
pat Robert holdeth [and a yerde that Herbert holdeth ']), and 1 
thre jerdes of pe lordeschip, with the mede ; and 1 in att my 
maners commune pasture to pere owne oxoiD [and to their 

8 sheep 1 ], and 1 to pere hogges, with myne. 

Ffurpermore, I haue i-jefe to pe forsaide ehanons in-to Grant to 
Encresyng 2 , for pe sowle of my ffadwrs and 1 modurs 3 and 1 for ^^Hen/ 
myne helth and 1 of myn«, att my mede pe which is at pe west of Doyly II, of 
12 here courte of osney (now 4 hit is i-called 1 ffullyngmylleham 5 meadow 
andT pe hurst 5 with pe mede lying 1 pere-to), in-to perpetuett £g ar Qs e - 
almys, ffre and 1 quite for att seruice, and" purpresture 5 of here ney, and 

a strip 

Gardeyne of Cudelynton) ; and 1 pe ehanons quite-claymed 1 to me of land at 

1 6 two telthis in Cleydon), that is to say, Medehalle and 1 prestes- oleney^e*' 

thorn), p e which pey claymed 1 agaynste me of pe jifte of my linqjuahing 

Beledame and 1 of my ffadur". at Claydon, 

This grauntyng and 1 5evyng and 1 confirmacton I made with pe no " 24 ^ UI '' 

20 wille and 1 assent of Robert my broper and 1 with pe counsel} of 

my ffre men), and vppoiD pe Auter of saynte marye in pe forsaide [Offering 
church of Oseney I offerid 1 , and 1 my body to be i-beried 1 after [Burial at 
my deth I vowid". Wherfore I witt that pe forsaide church and 1 0sene y-] 

24 ehanons alle pe fornamed? thynges haue and 1 holde fur euer as 
ffrely and 1 quietly fro att seruice pat to me or myne eyres 
perteyneth as oony of my predecessores helde pem most fre and 
most quietly whanne pey were in my lordeschip These witnesses, 

28 Robert my Brode? G , &t 9 . 

[26.] A confirmac/on of Eobert Bisshop of lincoln of b e About 


fforsaide thynges and 1 of Bladeri) and Midlee and of 
oper ^iftis of pemperice and off oper. 

Robekt, By the grace of God, Bisshop of lincoTn ?. Wherefore Confirma- 
we, 5evyng ly3ght assent to pe i'y$ghtfutt prayers of ow? moste Oseney, by 

1 Added from the Latin. 5 Name noted in the margin. 

2 ' in augmentum.' * ' Roberto de Witefeld tunc vicecomite 

3 ' pro animabus parentum.' Oxenefordie ' follows in the Latin. Robert 

4 The bracketed words are a later ex- of Witefeld was sheriff from Easter 1182 
planation. In the Latin they occur as a to Easter 1 185: List of Sheriffs (PubL 
marginal note. Rec. Office, 1898). 


[VII] Howe p Church of Seynte George 

Robert of 
(bp. of Lin- 
coln 1148- 

in his 
diocese ; 

of Robert 
Doyly 11 's 
gift (no. 

* leaf 7, 

of Henry 
Doyly I"s 
gift (no. 

of king 
gift (no. 


Dere soone Wigoode Abbot 1 of Osene?/ ande of his Brethryfi), 
the church of Saynte marye in pe which pey be i-3eve to goddis 
seruice, [the which] in pe He the which is i-callid Oseney was 
i-foundid and made, with all thynges with-inne the costis to 4 
yow? parisshe perteynyng, vndu? pe Defence of Saynt mary and 
owre we take, and with pese letters we make hit strong: in 
the which, these thynges to be i-schewecT we have avised 1 in 
here owne names, that is to say : ■ 

pe church of Saynte George, with all his holenysse 2 ; pe 
cliurch of Cudelinton), pe church of Westoii), pe church of 
Hokenoiton), pe church of Cleydon), pe church of Chesterton), pe 
church of Watelinton), pe church of Stanys, pe church of 1 2 
Cowley, and 1 pe chapelt of fforsthult; and 1 all that was of 
Robert Doylly founde? of this church, and" of Henry his sone, 
in Oseney, wiUt alt Dwellynge* pe which been) vppon) the were 
of pe Milles, and 1 alt pe londe pat pey had withinne pe Borowgh 16 
of Oxonforde ; And 1 alt Eton) 8 , with all pynges to hit * per- 
teynyng (but pe Mille) ; and 1 in Hokenortoii), dj. hide pe which 
was of Hugh ffraunceys, and 1 j. jerdelonde pe which was of 
Morice; pere also j. hide of londe with iiij. men) of Warlande*, 20 
and 1 of pe lordeship prestesfelde and 1 buturhult, and 1 of pe mede 
of pe lordschip al-so-muche as longeth to iij. hides ; In Weston) 
iij. jerdes of londe of Warlant 5 and 1 iij. of pe lordeschip with 
pe mede ; In cleydon), ij. hides of Warlant, and vj. of Cotlane ', 24 
and 1 of pe lordeship prestesthorn) and" benetbrech and 1 stodeforde 
and 1 in a-nope? felde Medelham with pe mede in pe hedis, of 7 
Redelande and 1 Sibcrofte and 1 Kynges bruggehale; and 1 xx« 
Acris 8 in Walton), with medys and 1 ffedynge* ; and ij. 1. of Rent 28 
pe which ffromuwde Chapeleyne helde, and 1 pe tithe of Nichcl 
of Stodeham ; 

And 1 of Kyng Henry and 1 of themperice, a prebende pe which 
was of peuerelt of lx. 3., and 1 with-inne pe borowgh of Oxon- 3 2 
forde iij. 9 ?. v. cT. ob. qua. of viij. jerdes of pe Kynge, and 1 pe lok 10 

' See n. 7, p. 13. 

* 'cum omni integritate sua.' 

3 Name noted in margin. 

4 ' cum quattuor hominibus de War- 

5 Sic : and so also in the Latin. 

6 Read ' and vi. cotland-?.' Latin has 
'& sex cotlanz.' A cotafjium or cotland 

was 2 acres, or 4 acres, attached to a 
cottar's house. 

7 Omit ' of.' Latin ' le Redeland.' 

8 Marginal note : ' the prebend of peuc- 
rell ; xx te acres in Walton, v/ith meades 
& fedingea. Note.' 

• ' v. s.' in the Latin, and in nos. 14, 18. 
10 Marginal note : ' The locke.' 

7vas i-geve to ]? chanons of Oszncye 31 

or goter bat Hildewyn) helde be which was of Henry Costentine, and, of new 
aniT be londe be which was of Geffray and 1 William Brethryn) \ ^" isi " 
and 1 pe londe be whicli was of Theodorike le bere, and" be loud* of the lock 

4 be which was of Godefrey at seynte Judook 2 , and 1 ]5e londe be lands near 
whicli was of Nigelle of Gardeyne, and 1 bere-by J?e londe the 0seney ; 
which Hisumwharde helde ; 

And 1 of be 5ifte of quene Adelide, and 1 grauntyng of them- S2bSS 

8 perice, j. hide by be brygge of Bladone, with the lordeship and 1 of dowager 

x qneen 

pe mede ; Alice's gift 

And 1 J>e 3 He of langeneye, of pe jifte of Geffrey Chamburleyne of°Lanmey 

and 1 of themperice; and" a-nober He of Mideley, of pe jifte of (»4), and 

i2 be Citecyns of oxonford 1 ; and" j. dwellyng by the northe jate of of lands in' 

be }ifta of Robert ffolioth ; ancT be londe be which Raph ffijt °fand ( ' 4 ' 

sywarde jafe ; and 1 be londe bat Elue 4 pulcyn) yafe ; And 1 , of elsewhere ; 

be jifte of Hugh Tywe 5 ; In Cleydon), of be jifte of philip and, of new, 

1 6 Hampton), dj. hide; In fforsthuft, ij. hides; In Watlynton), of Foresthili, 

be 3ifte of Halinalde of Bidun, j. 3 erde of londe of be lordeship); ton'cote", 

In cote pe which is a membu? of Cudelintoii), j. hide of be jifte Bietching- 

of Raph Bretun ; In blechesdon), of be 3ifte of Raph amary, j. broke (in 

20 3 erde of londe of be lordship and? anober of Warlonde ; of be Bucks) W ' 

3ifte of WigafD, in ffulebrok, j. hide of londe : 

Sauyng pe dignite of be church of lincotn. berfore of this ou? 

confirmacion, i. ut supra. 

[27.] A confirmac/on of Moolde themperice of p e churcn a.d. 
of Seynte George with aR his pertinences. 1149. 

24 Moolde, themperice, Kyng Henry dow3ghter, and" lady of Confirma- 
yngelonde, to Archiebisshops Bisshops Abbotes Ei'les Barons osono° b 
shreves Mynsters and? alt here men), ffrenshe and" English, of aft Maud, cm- 
Englonde, helth. Know %e me to have i-graunted 1 , and con- 

28 fermed, to god and 1 saynte Mary of Oseney and 1 to pe Prior and? 
to be chanons bere sernyng god, in-to perpetueft almys, for the 


1 ' fratrum.' of Hugh of Tew, in Forsthull, two hides ; 

* * apud sanctum Buoc ' in the Latin. in Burton, two hides ; in Cleydon . . .' In 

3 Marginal note : 'the He of Langney & the English one clause is brought in too 
Mydley : note.' late ; the other dropt out. The places are 

4 • Alueua.' Foresthili, near Wheatley ; Blackbourton, 

5 The English is here confused. Tiie near Bampton. 
Latin shows that it should run ' Of the gift 


[777] Hoice p" Church of Seynte George 

of St. 
•with its 
(as after- 
to Oseney, 
no. 23, by 
Doyly I), 

* leaf 8. 

with full 

heltli of my lorde and rayne and 1 ou? ffre children) 1 and 1 for pe 
sowle of Kyng Henry my ffadu? and 1 ffor pe sowle of quene 
Moolde my modu? and 1 of ow? oper aunceturs, pe church of 
Saynte George pe which is in f>e castelt of Oxonford, with alt 4 
his pertinences: pat is to say, the church of Saynte Mary 
mawdelen pe which is in pe strete with-oute pe north3ate, and 1 
pe londe of Walton) of bothe parte 2 of pe weye s by pe which 
hit is i-goo fro Walton) to pe castell as Waltere ArchedecoiD 8 
helde hit, and 1 pe londe of Cudeslawe, and 1 of Covelay * (with 
pe church), And 1 pe londe of stowe and? of morton) (with pe 
church and 1 pe chapelt), and? pe londe of Wortcn), and 1 of 
Saunforde, and 1 ij. hides of Ernycot, with att oper thynges to 12 
pe forsaide church of Saynte George perteynyrig in tithis in 
men) [in lands 5 ] in bowses and Medis and 1 ffedynges in woode 
and 1 in playne, as pe forsaide church helde fro pe tyme of them) 
pc which foundicThit, and? as Henry Doylly and 1 John of seynte 16 
* John 6 grauntid" and? with pere seeles confermed 1 . Wherefore 
I wilt and 1 Surely coramaunde pat pe forsaide church and 1 
chanons the forsaide tenauntries haue and? holde, welt and 1 in 
pece, and? worschipfully ffrely and 1 quietly, with sock and 1 sack, 20 
tol and 1 theam, and 1 Infangenthef, with alt othe? customs and 1 
fredoms 7 pe which pey had" in the tyme off Kyng Henry 
my fadu?. Witnesses : — Robert 8 £e sone of pe Kyng my 
broper. 24 

tion by 
Henry II. 

[28.] Henry 9 , Kyng of Inglonde, Duke of Normandy and 1 
GyefD, And 1 Erie of Angye, euyii) like to pe charter of themperice 
afore i-write of pe forsaide 3'iftes, L 

1 'ffre children' ocours several times: 
a mis-rendering of ' liberorum nostrorum '. 

8 Marginal notes : • Walton on Euery 
side of be wey as the goo from Walton to 
the Castell.' ' the same was p«rcell of the 
prebend of Peuerell.' 

3 ' ex utraque parte vie per quam itur de 
Walton a.' 

4 Marginal notes : ' Cowley.' ' Note 
the lamle in Cowley with, the churche & 

5 Added from the Latin. 

8 The family of St. John had succeeded 
the Iveri family (nos. 3, 22) as co-patrons 
of St. George's church. The grant of John 

de St. John is not given in the cartulary, 
but is extant as Brit. Mus. Add. Charter 

7 Marginal note : ' the fredoms.' 

8 Robert, Henry Doyly's half-brother, 
was son of Edith Forne by Henry I. 
Wood (City of Oxford, i. 277) wrongly 
identifies him witli Robert (Consul or ' de 
Cuen '), earl of Gloucester, who died 1 147. 
Joscelyn of Bailol is another witness ; he 
was consecrated bishop of Sarum in 11 42. 
The place is Devizes. 

9 Marginal note : • Henry the second.' 
The place is Salisbury. One witness is 
Thomas [Becket], chancellor. 

was i-geve to p* chanons of Oseneye 33 

[29.] A confirmac/on of Robert Belnet 1 , Bisshop of About 
lineoln, of pe church of Seynte George with his 1150, 

Robert, by pe grace of god Bisshop of lincoln, ?. "Wherefore Confirma- 

we, grauntyng to pe Axynges of owre most dere Children) oseney, by 

chanons pat is to say of Oseney, graunte and 1 with this present *e 

4 writyng in-to perpetuelt almes cowferme, to pern) and 1 to pe 

monastery in pe which pey ben) i-sett to goddis sendee, pe 

church of Seynte George pe which" is i-sett in the castelt of of St. 

oxonfor(T,with ait tenauntries and 1 possessions to pe same church church and 

8 perteynyng, bat is to say, in churchis in tithis in men) in its P ro " 
1 i . perty, as 

howses in londes In waters in Med is and 1 pasturs in woode in granted by 

playne and 1 in all oper thynges, with alt customs and? liberteis Doyl^l 

pe which pe same church of Saynte George had in pe tyme of ( no - 2 3)> 

1 2 ou? aunceturs pe which founde 2 hit, pat is to say, in that ordre subject to 

pat, afte? pe decese of pe clerkes the which now ben) lordes to Interests f 

pe possessions, pe same possessions and 1 rentes with alt holenesse tne Secular 

shaft go in-to pe vsis and 1 pe lordeship of the Brethrin nowe of their ' pre- 

16 pe saide church of Oseney, so, notwithstandyng 3 , pat of pe same ljends ' 

Benefices so moch schalt be reserued 1 and 1 keped 1 to pe seruice of and to the 

now pe saide church of Saynt George *, after pe Disposicion of jj^for" 

vs and? of pe patrone and prelate of pe monastery of pe regule? ever of a 

20 clerkes (pat 5 is to say, of pe chanons), whereof two prestes may chantry for 

be susteyned. perefore of this ou? ordeynyng trobelers, we t^i**! 
denuwce them) i-cursed 1 ; And? p e conseruatours and 1 kepers, to 
haue goddis blesshyng and? ou?. Amen. 

[30.] A confirmacfon 6 of Kyng 1 Ricarde CorpeliorU of 1189, 
pe ftredoms of Shires and Hundredes. 

24 Ricardtjs, by pe grace of god Kyng of Inglonde, Duke of Conflrma- 
Normawdy and? of Gyen), and? Erie of Aungie, to Archiebisspos 7 , oseney, by 
% and 1 to Erles Barons Justices Shrefes Mynsters Ballyffys and 1 Richard I, 
to alt Ids true men) of Inglonde helth. We commaunde pat alle 

1 Bead ' de Chesneto,' bishop 1148-66. ware.' 

The error arose from an erroneous addition 4 For this chantry see Wood's City of 

1 Bluet,' by a later hand, in the endorsement Oxford, ii. 184. 

of the original charter, now in Christ s Interpolated explanation. Not in the 

Church Treasury. Latin. 

a Bead ' founded ' : ' fundauerunt.'^ 6 Marginal note : ' Bicardus I U V 

s Marginal note : ' Take hede & be 7 Sic. 


[Fi7] Howe p e Church of Seynte George 

of exemp- pe londe and 1 men) of thabbot and? chanons of Oseney be quite 
certain"" an< ^ l°se * an( ^ ^ ree 2 °f shires and? hundredis and 1 of wardes and 1 
king's commune pleys 3 & quarels and 1 aft o\>er pynges, oute-take 

taxes, as in mwrthe? and 1 theft e i-preuede. And 1 we forbede pat vppon) pat 4 
ye do not to pern) or to oper 4 lueiD wronge despite or grevaunce 
or pat je stiffu? to be do theiii) of oony men). Witnesses 5 , &c 9 . 


June 1 6. 

tion to 
by king 

* leaf 8, 

of St. 
(no. 23), 

as in nos. 
2/, and 28 

[31.] A confirmacton of Kyng" John of pe church of 
Seynte George with his pertinences. 

John, by pe grace of god Kyng of Inglonde, lorde of Irlonde, 
Duke of Normandy and" of Gien), and 1 Erie of Aungie, to Archie- 8 
bisshops bissphos 6 Abbotes Erles Barons Justices Shreves Revys 
and 1 to aft" Baylyffes and 1 to his true men) helth. Knowe :je me 
to haue * i-graunted 1 , and 1 confermed 1 , to pe church of god and 1 
of Saynte Marye of Oseney and 1 to pabbot and 1 chanons pere 12 
seruyng 1 god, for ou? helth and 1 of oures, in-to perpetueft almes, 
and 1 for pe sowle of Kyng Henry beelesire of my ffadu? and 1 for 
pe sowle of Kyng Henry oure ffadur and 1 of ope?" kynnesfolkes, 
pe church of Saynte George pe which is i-set in pe casteft of 16 
Oxonford 1 , with aft his pertinences, pat is to say pe church of 
Saynte Mary Mawdelen pe which is in pe strete with-oute pe 
Northjate, and 1 pe londe of "Walton) 7 of both sides of pe waye 
by pe which men) goth fro Walton) to pe casteft (as Walter 20 
Archedecon) hit helde), and" pe londe of Cudeslawe, and 1 of 
Couelay (with pe church), and 1 pe londe of Stowe and 1 of 
Morton) (with pe church and 1 Chapett), And 1 pe londe of Wortoii), 
and 1 of Sanforde, and ij. hides of Ernycote, with aft othe? 24 
pynges to pe same church perteynyng 1 , In tithis In men) In 
howses In londes And 1 Medes and 1 ffedynges In woode In playne, 
As pe forsaide church held 1 fro pe tyme of pern) pe which hit 
foundid 1 and 1 as pe Modu? of ou? ffadu? the lady themperice and" 28 
Kyng Henry ou? fadu? hit to pern) graunted 1 and 1 with his 
charter confermed 1 . Wherefore we wift and 1 Surely commaunde 
pat pe forsaide church and 1 Chanons pe forsaide holdes 8 have 

1 'soluti.' 

2 Marginal note : " A grete fredome.' 
* « placitis.' 

4 Read • ber ' : ' suis.' 

5 William of Longcliamp, Chancellor, 

Nov. 12, at Westminster. The year is not 

6 Sic. 

7 Marginal note : ' Walton.' 

8 • predictas tenaturas.' 

vms i-geve to /> e chanons of Oseneye 35 

and 1 holde, welt and 1 In pece and 1 worschipfully, frely and 1 quietly, 

with x sock and 1 sack, tol and 1 theam), and Infangenthefe, and 1 

with all other liberteys and" customs be which bey had in be witt ex - 

/»tt ii- <• ^/.-i >,. , Tr emptionsas 

4 tyme oi Henry beelsire of our fadur and 1 in pe tyme of Kyng in no. 13. 

Henry ou? fadu?. Witnesses, &c 5 . At 2 london). 

[32.] A conflrmacz'on of Kyng 3 Henry be iiij. of the 1235, 
liberteis and of p e church of Seynte George and Apnl2 ' 
oper thynges. 

Henby, by pe grace of god Kyng of Inglonde, lorde of Confirma- 
Irlonde, &c 5 . Knowe %e me to haue, for god sake, i-graunted 1 oseney by 
8 and with this ou? Charter confermed 1 , for vs and" ou? heyres, to Henry in, 
god and 1 to pe church of Saynte Marye of Osneye and 1 to J>abbot 
and 1 chanons in pe same place seruyng god, all or 4 yiftes 
yevynges vndu?-write, pat is to say, of pe jefte of Bobert of no. 12, 

1 2 Doylly, the He of Osneye, with alt his pertinences, and all men) 
and 1 londes pe which he had in his lordeship within pe borowgh 
of Oxonforde, with his pertinences ; of pe yifte of Henry Doylly, of no. 23, 
pe church of Saynte George the which is i-sette in the caster! 

16 of oxonford 1 , with all thynges pe which been) of his fee, pe which 
to pe same church perteynen) ; of pe jefte of Master Geffrey 
Gibwyn), alt his londe in pe town) of Mersche, with all his and of 
pertenences : to be had and 1 to be holde, to pe same Abbot and 1 newly ac- 

20 chanons and 1 to here successours, in-to perpetuelt almes. And" ? ul f, ed ' , 

' r r m Marsh 

}>at f»ey haue and 1 holde pe ffredoms pe which Henry the Kyng Gibbon: 
of Inglonde beelsire of Kyng Henry ou? beelsire, And 1 also pe fh-mation 
same Henry Kyng, graunted 1 to J>ein) by his Charters, that is to ?f on g emp " 

24 say, pat pey and 1 all here tenemewtes and 1 here men) beeiD quite 5 
of Shires and 1 hundredes and 1 wardes and 1 danejeldes and 1 
commune pleis and all oper exacctons and quarels, outetake 
mwrthe? & thefte i-preued 1 ; with sock and 1 sack, tol and" them), andofjnris- 

28 and 1 Infangenthefe, as pe chartors [ 6 of the] aforesaide Kynges 

of Inglonde ou? predecessours and 1 of oper yevers aforsaide, as in no. 13. 
[pe ° which pe aforesaide abbot and chanons haue of them, in] 

1 Marginal note : ' Lybertyes.' ynges.' Latin is 'omnes donationes sub- 

2 Read ' W. London., G. Roffense, epi- scriptas.' 

scopis,' &c. The place is Hadloo. The 5 Marginal note : ' Note the fredoras 

Latin gives the date. of this Monasteri.' 

3 For Henry ' III ' : see note to no. 33. 6 Added from the Latin. 

4 Sic, probably for ' all \> e yiftes or yev- 

D 2 


[VII] Howe p e Church of Seynte George 

pe which pe forsaide yevynges fredoms and 1 quitynges fully ben 
* leaf 9. conteyned 1 , resonably witnyssen). * Wherefore we wilt and 1 surely 
commaunde, for vs and 1 ou? heyres, that pe forsaide Abbot & 
chanons and" per successours foreuer haue and 1 holde and 11 pe 4 
forsaide londis and 1 pe forsaide tenements with alt here per- 
tenences, and that they haue pe forsaide fredoms and 1 quiet- 
ynges 2 welt and In peece, frely and 1 quietly, fully and 1 worschip- 
fully, in-to perpetuelt almes, yyiih alt fredoms and fre customs 8 
to them) perteynyng as hit is i-saide before. These 3 wit- 
nesses, &c 9 . 

Jan. 23. 

Henry III, 

no. 21, 

viz. Robert 
Doyly II's 
grant to 

of Oseney 
island, &c. 

[33.] Grauntyng 1 and confermyng 1 beste 4 of Kyng 5 
Henry the iiij. not Derby, vppon) Jje grete charter 6 
and oper ffredoms. 

Henry, by the grace of god Kyng of Inglonde, lorde of 
Irlonde, and Duke of Gyen), to Archiebisshops Bisshops Abbotes T 2 
priors Erles Barons Justices Shreves Revys Minsters & to all 
Bayleffes and 1 to his true men) helth. We have i-see pe charter 
pe which sometyme Robert Doylly maade to god and 1 to saynte 
Marye and 1 to pe chanorDs of Oseney In thes wordes: 16 

Be hit i-know to all cristen) men) that I, Robert Doylly, 
willyng and 1 grauntyng Edithe my wiffe and 1 my soones Henry 
and 1 Gilbert, yeve and 1 graunt, in-to pure & perpetuelt Almes, 
to pe church of god and 1 of saynte marye his modu? and 1 to pe 2 o 
chanons regulers in hit seruyng god pe which I (counsellyng 
and 1 confermyng Robert by the grace of god 1 Bisshop of lincoln) 
foundid 1 in pe He pe which is i-called 1 Oseney, for pe helth of p e 
Kyng and 1 pe welth of alt pe Reame and 1 also for my helth and 1 24 
of my wiffe and 1 of my soones, of kynnesfolkes, and 1 of our" 
frendes, alt that is myne In the forsaide He, with aH dwellynges 
pe which I had vppon pe were the which is of myne Milles, 

1 By a slip for ' all ' : ' omnes predictas 

a ' quietancias.' 

n The Latin supplies the date. 

4 Latin order : ' confirmacio optima.' 

5 This frequently repeated reckoning of 
Henry, King of England 1216-72, as 
Henry ' IV,' conies from taking into the 
list as Henry ' III ', Henry (eldest son of 
Henry II), crowned at Westminster 1 170, 
died 1 1 83. The words ' not Derby ' show 

that the translator adequately distinguished 
the grantor of this charter from Henry, 
King of England 1399-1413 (Henry IV), 
who was styled • earl of Derby ' from 1380, 
during the lifetime of his father John • of 
Gaunt,' Duke of Lancaster, who had mar- 
ried the heiress of Henry Plantagenet 
(died 1 361), Earl of Derby. 

6 i.e. the spurious no. 21, invented after 
1235 ( no - 3 2 )> an d now, 1267, accepted 
as genuine. See no. 38. 

ivas i-geve to p e chanons of Oseneye 37 

and" aft that I hadd 1 in the Borowghe of Oxonforde or in pe 
Subarbes, and* be churcb of seynte George the which is i-set in and of St. 
the casteft of oxonforde, with all churches and 1 chapels, londes church, 
4 Rentes tenements tithis and 1 possessions and" oper thynges to pe 
saide church of saynte George perteynyng, pat is to say, the 
church of saynte Marye Mawdelen pe which is i-set in pe 
subarbes of oxonforde, and 1 oper thynges as pey Ben i-cowteyned 
8 in the saide charter of Robert Doylly, the whicb is pe first of 
this title : and pese witnesses. 

Addicion) of the Kyngto pe forsaide thynges, saying: "We and contirms 
truly pe forsaide yevyng, and 1 grauntyng hauyng ferme and" 

12 lefe 1 , them, for vs ancTou? heyres, [ 2 grant, and confirm . . . 
Besides, we have granted for us and our heyres] to god and 1 
seynte Marye of Oseney and 1 to pabbot and 1 chanons pere 
seruyng god and for euei* to serue, that pey as to alle here H , 

1 6 demaynys londes 3 and 1 teneinentes be quite for euer of aft confirms 
maner sutes of Shires and 1 Hundredes and 1 of ou? oper courts, ag i n no> , 3 , 
and" that thabbot aforesaide and [his] successours be cmite 4 Grant of ex- 

„ n-i ^ > • t • aj emption from 

tor euer fro lawe day 5 in euery place in oure reanie, And viewoffrank- 
20 also of twrnys of schreuys, [ 6 whether by our sheriffs] or by s£erfff *tourns 

ou? bayllyffes, in what-so-euer places pey be holde. We throughout 

. .„ , o JT -. ■l. it , t, England; 

haue 1-graunticT also, for vs and? our eyres, to pabbot and 1 

chanons aforsaide that they foreuer, of here wodes 7 beyng 

24 within be bondes 8 of our 1 forest in pe shire of oxonforde and and of freedom 

~i-.ii o 1-..7I tt%t of their woods, 

of Buckynham, frely and 1 w«t/i-oute vywe and Dehueryng if within the 

and daunger of pe forsters or verders or of ou? ony oper ^mcontrol'of 

Baylyffes, maye take and 1 carye here storys 9 , with-oute the foresters, 

28 occasion) and lette, witn-oute waste or destrucct'on or copies 10 subject only 

to making 

therof to be i-made, so that if wast 10 or Destrucct'on perof pey good wilful 

make by sellyng, or in oper-wise, therof they be i-punysshed s^nc'e^'thc 

afte? passise of ou? forest, savyng napeles to thabbot and 1 to p e » ssis e of the 

32 forsaide chanons, in aft and porowgb aft, pere fredoms * pe * leaf 9, back. 

1 • ratas habentes et gratas.' 5 ' de visu franci plegii.' 

' 2 Added from the Latin. 6 Added from the Latin. 

3 ' quoad omnes dominicas terras.' 7 Marginal note : ' Nota fredom of J>° 

4 Marginal notes : ' Nota well this forest.' 
priuelege.' ' Nota for b 8 lawe day quite 8 ' infra metas.' 
thorowgh y Reame.' The part of the char- • 'estovers': 'estoveria.' 

ter from this point to the foot of the page 10 Read • coppice ' ; i. e. disforesting the 

is emphasized by a marginal line, and out- ground. Latin : 'absque vasto seu destru- 
side it ' no(a.' ctione vel assartis inde faciendis.' 


[V77] Howe P' Church of Seynte George 

tion of 
their forest 
rights in 
hill, anil 

which pey haue by the chamber of worthy remembrauncc of lorde 
John sumtyme Kyng of Inglonde ou? fadur, of pere wodes 1 of 
Hildesdefi) in the forsaide shire, and 1 sauyng 1 to pern) here parked 
and 1 groves of fforsthutt " and stow 2 i-closed 1 , with ffredonT) and 1 4 
quietyng the which in pe same hiderto pey have i-wonecT to 
haue. These witnesses &c 5 . pe date, ?. 


tion to 
Oseney, by 

of all their 
and to be 




[34.] A confirmacs'on of Theobalde Archiebisshop of 
Caunterbury of all ow? Goodes. 

Theobalde, By the grace of god Archiebisshop of Caunter- 
bery, and of alt Inglonde primate, & popis legate, to brodu? s 
Wigoode prior of Osney helth, ?. To ryjghtfult peticioris ?. we 
3evyng assent, alt churchis and 1 londes and 1 tithis and howse 
rentes 3 and 1 all thynges pe which the church of Saynte Marye, 
to p e which pou art hede (by the help of god), lawfully hath 12 
i-pwrchased 14 , or in tyme to be by ryjghtfult wysys 5 may be 
i-purchased 1 , with this present writyng we cowferme hit, and 1 by 
the autorite of pe office that we haue we make hit strong, 
pluck ers awey of them), and pullers , afore pe sete of pe euer- 16 
lastyng Jugge to be i-dampned 1 we denuwee, and 1 fro this present 
churche we sequestre them) but pey leve and 1 with meke satis- 
faction cristes patrimonye be besy to reforme hit; and to pe 
kepers peece be of ou? lorde Ihesu criste pe which whefD he was 20 
riche for vs was i-made powre pat he wolde make vs riche 
whith his pouerte and 1 wolde hele with his infirmite 7 . 

tion to Ose- 
ney, by 

[35.] Thomas, By the grace of god Archiebisshop of Cauntur- 
berye, and 1 of alt Inglonde primate, and 1 popis legate, to alt 24 
true men) of ou? holy modu? the church porowgh Inglonde 
beyng, both now and 1 to be, both clerkes and 1 laye meii), helth 
and 1 blesshyng. Of the office i-committid to vs, to pe peticions 
which we knowe to perteyne to pe Encresyng of religion), lyjht 8 28 

1 Marginal note : ' Koto, Hildesden by 
Kyng John charter afore.' Hildesden was 
in Forest-hill parish, but held of the royal 
manor of Brill, Bucks (Rotul. Hundred. 
i. 22, col. 1). 

a Names noted in the margin. 

3 ' doinoruui redditus.' 

4 • adepta est.' 

5 ' iustis modis.' 

' et distractores.' 

7 The general absence of rubrics from 
this point indicates that the treatise was 
never brought to a conclusion. 

8 ' Admonemur . . . facilem ac benignum 
prebere assensum.' Notice how the slavish 
following of the Latin order darkens the 
English. 'We be "constered" . . to 
grant light and benign assent ' is meant. 

ivas i-geve to p' chanons of Oseneye 39 

and benynge to graunt assent we ben consterecT. Wherefore of 
ou? most dere soonys (chanons, that is to say, of Seynte marye 
of Oseney) we x grauntyng to J>ere meke axinges, graunte, and 1 

4 with this present writyng in-to perpetuelt almes conferme, to 
them) and 1 to be monastery, in the which pey hen i-jeve to goddis 
seruice, the church of Seynte George p e which is i-sett in the of St. 
castelt of oxonforde, with alt tenauntries and 1 possessions and 1 c h U rch 

8 with alt thynges to pe same church perteyning, In tithis In and **■ 
londis In men) In fredoms and 1 in alt other* rentes, as ou? as in no. 26. 
worschipfult broper [Robert 2 ] bisshop of lincotn to pern) grauntid", 
with pe wilfult 3 consent of pe Kyng and 1 of the Aduocates of 

1 2 the same church, ana? with his charte? conformed 1 , pe which with 
owr hyes we saw, and 1 as his charter witnessith. Of this on? 
confirmacion trowblers we denuwee the perelt of dampnacfon to Anathema 
be wyjthe them), Ana? to the kepcrs of hit goddis blesshyng and violators. 

16 ou? haue. ffare ye welt. 

[36.] Thomas 4 , By the grace of god Archicbisshop of Cauntur- About 
bury, of alt lnglonde primate, and popes legate, to alt Bisshops ' 

Archedecons and prestis, In whoos powre ana? parish beeiD tithis archbishop 
20 to pe church of Seynte Marie of Oseney perteynyng, helth. 

Owre mooste dere soonys chanons of Oseneye have i-playneo? to ordering 
vs smmne tithis to the ryght of ]>ere chui-ch longyng, agaynste ^nt of" 
ryight, of summe men) to be with-holde. therfore be this wry*tyng tithes to 

Osfln ft v 

24 we chargh 30W that ;e call them) streytly pe which holde *i ea fio. 

the ry5ght of the forsaide church and ste? 5 tlieiii) that pey hooly on pain of 

restore pern. Ana? if they wilt not restore, restreyne ye pe mnn i ca . 

«ime fro the biynkes [or] bondis 6 of \>e church 7 . ffare }e welt. tl0n * 

28 [37.] To alt cristen) meii) to pe which this present wrytyng About 
shall come, Hugh 8 , By the grace of god Bisshop of lincoln, helth 

1 ' piis postulationibus annuentes.' lias preserved its seal, which is that of 

* Added from the Latin. Theobald. I owe all this information to 

3 'unanimi consensu.' the Rev. H. Salter. 

4 Marginal note: ' Nola and marke 5 'admoneatis. 

this letter & execute hit.' The beginning ' ' brinks or bounds ' is the usual alter- 
in the Latin is ' T. dei gracia ' : the en- native rendering of one Latin word : ' a 
dorsementwas originally 'T. Cantuariensis,' limitibus sancte ecclesie.' 
but a later hand prefixed ' Sci.' The 7 MS. repeats • of pe churcli.' 
Rubric in the Latin takes up the error : 8 ' Confirmatio sancti Hugonis ' in the 
' Item littera eiusdem Sancti Thome.' The Latin, 
original deed in Christ Churcli Treasury 


[VII Confirmatory Charters] 

tion to 
Oseney, by 
the bishop 
of Lincoln, 
the dioce- 

of their 





viz. five of 
the foun- 
der's gift 
(no. 12) ; 

also of 

St. George's 

(no. 23) ; 

St. Mary 
Stowe ; 
Cowley ; 

ton ; 

Stone, with 
Southcote ; 

and 1 goddis blesshyng. Peticions, f. ffor this cawse, of our 
most dere brethryn), Abbot and" chanohs" of the church of seynte 
Marye of Oseney, we to pere ryjghtfutt axinges grauntyug 1 , 
peni) and 1 Ipere monastery in the which pey ben i-^efe to goddis 4 
seruice vndwr the proteccion of god and 1 of the holy church of 
lincoln and 1 on? we take : possessions also and 1 rentes, and" namely 2 
churchys or chapeffs with vicarages [and tithes 3 ] and? other* 
thynges to them) perteynyng p e which in pe bissBoprich of 8 
lincoln pe same brethryn) resonably haue i-pwrchasyd 1 , to them) 
By the auctorite that we haue [we] conferme. In the which, 
pese to be i-schewedin there owne names wee 4 have a- vised 1 : — 

Of the yfte of Robert Doylly of the forsaide monastery funda? 1 2 
and 1 also off Henry Doylly the ffirste and 1 of Henry Doylly and 1 
Robert the soones of hym), the churches 5 of CudelyntoiD, of 
"Weston), of Cleydon), of Hokenorton), of chesterton) ; 

Also of Henry Doylly the firste and 1 of Henry and 1 Robert 16 
the soonys of hyfn) and 1 also of the yifte of John of Seynte John 
and 1 of Bernarde of Seynte Walerye and 1 of Bernarde his soone 
and 1 principally of Moolde themperice and 1 of here soone Kyng 
Henry p e secunde, the church of Seynte George pe which is 2 ° 
i-sett in the castelt of oxonforde, with the church of Seynte 
Marye Mawdelen, and the churchis of stowe, of Coveleye, and 1 
Iueteleye 6 , and 1 with alt oper to pe church of seynte george 
pertinences, sauyng the coraposiceon) i-maade bytwene the church 2 4 
of Oseney and 1 Robert of Seynte Remye vppoiD the church of 
Iueteleye 6 the which for-asmuch that we wille hit to be Sure 
with this writyng we conferme hit. 

Also of the yifte of Henry Doylly the ffirst and 1 of Henry and 1 28 
Robert his soonys and 1 also of the yifte of Halinalde of Bidun 
and 1 of William Paganelt and 1 sare his wiffe, the church of 
Watlyntoii) ; 

Of p e yifte of William Bracy and 1 of gilbert his soone, the 32 
church of Stanes, with the chapelt of Suthcote ; 

1 • graunting ' = assenting : ' annuentes.' 
' ' precipue.' 

3 Added from the Latin. 

4 'duximus.' 

5 The names of 18 churches and chapels 
are noted in the margin, in the same order 
as in the text, ' Iveteleye ' being left out. 

6 In the English MS. the first letter or 
letters of this name are vaguely formed, 
and might be either Ine or Me, as though 
the writer felt doubtful of the name. In 
the Latin it is ' Iuetele,' i.e. Iffley (Ifteley 
or Yefteley). 

[VII Confirmatory Charters] 41 

Of the yifte of [Hugh of] Tywe, the chapett of fforsthutt, Forest-hill; 
sauyng p e composicion ' i-maade Bitwene the church of Oseneye 
and 1 the church of seynte ffrideswith vppon) the same chapett ; 
4 Of the yifte of William fyjlkt Elie and of Erame his wiffe and Water- 
of William pere soone, the church of Waterperye ; 

Of the yifte of Robert Gayti, pe church of Hampton) gayte ; Hampton 
Of the jifte of Roger of seynte John and 1 of William his steeple 
8 broper, pe church of Barton), with the chapett of Saunforde and 1 B ^°g' d . 
of ledewett ; ford St. 

And 1 of p e yifte of Raph" Murdac and 1 Hugh of Burton), pe Ledweii ; 
chapett of Burton). Surton. 

12 perfore we wille and 1 sadly 2 ordeyne that now the seyde 
church and 1 BrethryiU of Oseney att the fornamed 1 thynges frely 
and 1 holy foreuer have and 1 be possessed] sauyng the bisshopis 
customs and the Digniteis of the church of lincoln. And that 
1 6 this ou? confermyng, ?. 

[38.] To att soones of ou? hooly modui 1 the church to p e which 1259, 
this present writyng schatt come, f. Richard 3 , by the Mercy C o°grm a - 
of god Bisshop of lincoln, euerlastyng 1 helth in ow? lorde. tionto 


20 Knowe $e att pat we, of the consent and 1 witt of ou? loued soone, by the ' 
Robert 4 , Deen, and 1 of the chapiter of lin*coln, for goddis sake, J^JJ?I 
we graunte, and 1 By the bisshops auctorite we cowferme, to the back, 
church of seynte Marye of Oseney and to the chanoris there 

24 seruyng god 1 , the church of seynte George pe which is i-sett in of St. 
the castett of oxonford 1 , with att his Integrite or holenysse, and 1 (.^fh •* 
with att his pertinences and particlis in the seyde diocese beyng 
or i-sett, In tithis Rentes londis and 1 pere possessions and 1 in att 

28 oper thynges and places to the same sayde church perteynyng, 
in-to \>ere owne vsys for euer to be had and to be possessed 1 
and 15 to be cowuertid 1 or turnyd 1 : In the which, pese in here 
own) names we witt expresse, that is to say, the church of seynte St. Mary 

32 Marye Mawdelen pe which is i-sett in the strete withoute pe i e ne. 

1 See the Latin text in Wigram's Cartu- tithe of a hide in Cassington, not hitherto 
lary of St. Frideswide's, ii. 199. mentioned. 

2 'nrmiter.' 4 Robert de Mariscis, dean of Lincoln 

3 Richard of Gravesend, bishop of Lin- 1258-60. 

coin 1258-81. This confirmation appears 5 Alternative rendering: 'et conver- 

to be one of the deeds which were used tenda.' 
in the fabrication of no. 21. It brings in 


[VII Confirmatory Charters] 

Nortl^ate of Oxonforde, and 1 iij. hides of londe of Walton), with 
pe tithis of the same londe ; and 1 the londe of Cudeslawe ; and 1 
the londe of Coveley, with the church ; and 1 the londe of stowe, 
with the church ; and 1 ij. hides of Morton) ; and 1 the londe of 
Worton) ; and j. hide of Sannforde ; and ij. hides of Ernycotc ; 
and 1 j. jerde of londe in Hokenorton) ; and 1 ij. parties of tithe of 
alt thyng pe which is wonyd 1 to be tithid 1 in the deinayne of 
these maners, that is to say, of Berencester, ErdyntofD, Beter- 
inton, Tenesshe, Perieth 1 , Tywe, Wyke, Erdufiey, Heyforde, 
Throne, Bereforde, Shireburn) of Eyper courte, Withhult, 
ThornetoiD, Kencote, Norton), Horspathe, HensyntoiU, ludwett, 
Rodelsham of eyper courte, Blechesdon), Weston), Buckenhull, 
Stratforde, Westbury, Thorneboi-owgh, Weston) by Ciltre, Wygyn- 
ton), Swereforde, Goryng, Estcote of the ffee that longeth to pe 
castelt of oxonford 1 , leges, Shaldeston), Elsfelde, Herdewykc, 
Turesme?, Craneforde, Tynforde, Treton), Euere, Radcliuc, 
Bampton), Haurugge, ColestoiD, Messewortti, Clopham, Duke- 
lynton); In Wolgarcote alt the tithe of the demayne; In bekeley, 
ij. |mrties of tithe of all p e towne; in Garsynton) 2 , tithe of j. 
hide ; In BaldyntoiD, tithe of iij. hides ; In Acle, tithe of alt 
the town) : therefore we will and 1 sadly charge or ordeyne pat 
now p e saide church and chanonB i-myndid 1 of Oseney att the 
fornamed 1 thynge*, of ou? grauntyng and 1 confirmacion) and 1 
speciatt grace, frely and 1 hooly, in-to here owiie vses haue and 
possesse, savyng in att thynges pe Bisshops customs and 1 the 
dignite of pe church of lincotn. In-to witnenysse of pe which 
pynge, to this present writyng ou? seele, to-geder with pe seele 
off ou? Chapiter of the church of lincotn, we haue i-raaade to be 
put to. pe Date ix. kk. Julij In pe jere of ou? lorde M*CC lix. 
and 1 In p e ffirste jere of ou? Bisshiphode. 





tion to 
Oseney, by 
Doyly IT, 

[30.J Know all Cristen uieii) that I, Robert Doylly 3 , haue 
grauntid 1 , and 1 with this present charter confermed 1 , for me ancT3 2 
myne heyres, to god 1 and 1 to pe church of Seynte Marye of 
Oseneye and 1 to pe chanon^ there seruyng god foreuer, for my 
helthancTof Edithe my wiffe, kynnesfolkes *, and 1 of my ffrendes, 

1 'Tenyeth,' iu no. 21. 
s ' Karsintona ' in the Latin ; i. c. Cas- 

Name noted in margin. 
' et parentum.' 

[VIT Confirmatory Charters] 43 

in-to ffree pure et pe»*petuett almes, all londes Rentes tithes the founder, 
tenementes and 1 possessions, botli of p e churcli and 1 of pe acquireTfrom 
layse 1 , pe which pey haue of my yifte and of pe yiftes of my himself or his 

4 men), ana which of me or my hey res and 1 of my mefi) pey 
may gete in tyme to be, in aft my manors, with aft liberteis with all pcr- 
and fre customs pe which euer I have i-hadde, or ony of * iaisi es 
my aunceturs, or in tyme to be [I] maye 2 gete or my hey res 

8 maye gete. 

And I have i-grauntid also to p e same chanorii and to and grant of 
]>ere successours, for me and for my heyres, that pey haue fromhisfeudal 
pere * courte foreuer fre 3 in alt my maners of aft pere men) * leaf 11. 

1 2 for aft mysdoynges or defawtes wheresoeuer and whansoeuer ^."^ri'htft ' 
and 4 of what-soeuer pey happe ; and pat pey and there men) hold court for 
be quite foreuer fro alt maner sutes of my courte foreuer tenants, 
fre in aft my maners and of my heyres, and of lawday, and ^ e ° { suit to 

1 6 of such thynges pe which longeh) to vywe or lawday, and baron or Doyly 
of aft sutes of my mylles, and of alt helpis tallages exacewns pledge, or 
quarels or playntes and demaundis; and if 5 for fleyng or Doyly mills or 
felonye oony of there meiD ofte to lese his catelt, pey shall claims ; 

20 be of the chanon^, withoute oony wit/tholdyng to me or to goo d S of their 

my heyres; And if bestes or catalt in londis or tenementes 25?***? an *i ' 

of the same chanonS or of there men) tenauntes 6 be i-founde escheats of 

or arestid, I graunt, for me and my heyres, to pern and to ^ fyj to the 

24 bere successours what-soeuer 7 thynen berof to me or to -%_ lys a8 lords 
' j o r of the manor ; 

oony of myne by la we maye falle or shall 8 mowe foreuer; 

Also if they or oony of Iper men) be 9 amercyd agaynste me imposed on 

or my heyres or my Baylyffes or my mefi), for what-soeuer their tenants > 

28 cause or trespase or forfete, all pe mercys and merciamentes 
andalt fines and all profites andalt owtynges of pleys pe which 
come forth of them) or pere men) shall be of p e same chanori§, 
wtt/toute oony withholdyng to me or to my heyres, wheper 

32 hit be for a defawte or for oony oper cawse. I have 

1 '. layfee ' (i.e. lay fee) in the recitation ' ' vel poterit in perpetuum.' 

in no. 93 : ' tam laicas quam ecclesiasticas ' ; 9 Marginal note: 'amerciame^ta & 

i.e. temporal and spiritual. fines.' The distinction, a vague one, be- 

2 ' perquirere potero.' tween these was, that ' amercements ' were 
8 Marginal note : 'liberties.' penalties imposed by the judgement of the 

4 ' et undecunque evenerint.' affeerers where there was no fixed penalty ; 

5 Marginal note : * bona felomoM.' ' fines ' were penalties where statute or cus- 
' vel eorum tenencium.' torn fixed the amount. This deed seems 
7 Marginal note : 'escaeta.' one of those used in fabricating no. 21. 


[VII Confirmatory Charters] 

of Oseney 
and Gseney 
from forced 
labours, or 
grants of 
and pan- 
nage rights, 
except in 
and parks ; 
of common 
pasture ; 
of right to 
take out 
of pound, 
on giving 
cattle im- 
and to 
make good 
the damage 
by private 
treaty ; 
of wood 
to repair 
and fences, 
and for 
fuel ; 

of right to 
their own 
head, and 
to appoint 
and dismiss 
all their 

i-grauntid also to pe same chanoriS, and" to pere successors, 
pat noper I noper my heyres noper none in owre name or x of 
owre maye here-after axe of the forsaide chanoriS or pere succes- 
sours or )>ere men) oony custom) or seruice or bondage, nopere 2 4 
[pere] men) in-to prison) or in-to bondis or in-to stokke putte for 
oony trespace or forfete, but with open) thefte or mansslautter 
vppon) my demayne londis they be take and 1 attachid. I witt 
also, and 1 surely commaunde, for me and 1 my heyres, pat pe for- 8 
saide chanons and? pere successours and 1 pere men) haue welt and 1 
in peece 3 , in all my makers wodis and waters pondis and 1 
ffischynges, fre fisshyng, and 1 fre entrye and goyng oute and 
pannage of pere hogges quyte, outetake stywys and 1 my parkes 1 2 
closid 1 in. And 1 that pey haue fre commune to pere shepe and 1 
hogges and 1 to art othe? bestes in all my nianers in 4 wodis, and 1 
that pey be not Inparkid 1 or pownyd 1 but pey be i-founde in 
open) harme; And 1 if that happe, by borowgh pey receyue here 16 
bestes, and 1 after by pe syjght of lawful! men) pe harme that 
pere bestes haue i-doo, oute of my courte, pey make hit to be 
araendid 1 . To pese thyngee we haue i-grauntid 1 for me and 1 my 
heyres howsebote and 1 haybote and 1 to be brenned 1 resonably at 20 
here graunges, of my wodis 5 in there places where I have wodis. 
Also I witt and 1 graunte, for me and" my heyres foreuer, that pe 
saide chanons and 1 successows mowe chese to pern) and ordeyne 6 
a prelate to pere witt, afte? pe decese of euery prelate, withoute 24 
lette of me or of my heyres ; And 1 pat pey maye putte, haue, 
and 1 putt awey, in att here granges and pynges, kepers suche as 
semyeth" to pern) and 1 to pere bowse to be goode 7 . And 1 pat pis 
my yifte graunt and 1 confirmacton of this charter be stable and 28 
sure foreuer, To this writyng my seele I haue i-putte to. These 
witnesses 8 &c s . 

About [40.] Be hit i-know to att cristen men) both present and to 

' be that I, Henry Doylly 9 p e soone of Henry Doylly, my lorde pe 32 

tion to Kynges constable, haue i-grauntid, and 1 with this present charter 

1 ' vel ex noBtris.' 

3 Marginal note : ' not to imprison any 
man except for open theft or manslaughter.' 

3 Marginal note : ' Nota fredom grete : 
fre fishings (commune) .' 

* Bead ' and ' : ' et boscis meis.' 

5 Marginal note : * Nota : Marke well.' 

6 Marginal note : ' Nota this grete 

7 'expedire.' 

8 Enumerated in the recitation, no. 93. 

9 Marginal note : 'Henry Doylly 2. 

[VII Confirmatory Charters] 45 

have i-confermed", to god" and 1 to pe church of Seynte Marye of Oseney, 
Oseney and" to pe chanons pere seruyng> god 1 , for my helth and 1 Doyly II, 
of Sibille my wiffe and 1 of Moolde my dow3ghter and for pe sowles 

4 of my fadur and" modur and 1 for pe sowle of my broper Robert 
Doylly and 1 for p e sowles of all my aunceturs, in-to free and 1 
perpetuelt almys, all pe possessions" of pe church and 1 layfee p e 
which pey haue * of p e jiftes of myne aunceh^rs and 1 of my jifte * leaf 11, 

8 and 1 of pe jiftes of my men), as p e charters of them) witnysse, c 
with all fredoml and fre customs and" quytynges. I haue i- grants 
grauntid also to p e forsaide chanons" that pey haue pere courte hjg ances- 
of pere men) where-euer they will ; and 1 1 haue relesed and 1 quyte- h ° r£ ! and t . 

i a claymed 1 pein) for euer, both Abbot and 1 p Q Couent of Oseneye and of the 
and 1 pere men), in all my maners fro pe sute of my courte, and 1 andexemp- 
fro sute of my Milles, and" of all oper sutes, but of these were ' * 10ns ^? n " 
lyfe and 1 membre lyith to 2 , And 1 to pe lawday ; so napeles pat no. 39. 

T 6 all mercys and 1 mercementes and 1 all fines and" all profites and" alt 
goynges oute of pleis pe which come of pere men), vppofD Euery 
side and 1 whenne-soeuer and 1 wheresoeuer pey falle, schall be of 
pe forsaide chanonB, withoute oony withholdyng 1 , opere hit be 

20 for defawte or for [any other 8 ] cawse ; and* if oony of Ipere men) 
for oony forfete hath i-flowe * and 1 to ryjght he wille not stande, 
and 1 pe forfete be such for pe which his catell he ofte to lese, 
pey shall be fully of pe chanoris\ Also I haue i-grauntid 5 to pe 

24 forsaide chanons, for me and 1 myne heyres, that noper I, noper 
my heyres, noper none of our*, maye hereforth or hereafter axe of 
pe forsaide chanon3, noper of pere men), oony custom) or seruice 
or bondage, noper pere men) to put in-to prison) or bondis or in- 

28 to stocke, but pe forfete be such for p e which he ofte to lese lyfe 
or membre. I will also and 1 surely charge that pe forsaide 
chanonB and 1 pere men) have well and 1 in pece in alt my maners 
here pasture to pere bestes and 1 to pere shepe and 1 hogges, as pe 

,2 charters of my auncetwrs and 1 myne witnysse ; and 1 that pey be 
not Inparked 1 or pynnyd 1 , but pey be founde in harmyng, "Where 
(A 6 wodde I-jefe) pey may receyue pere catalt, and 1 after 7 pe 
lawe of pe contree for pe harme satisfye. I haue i-grauntecT to 

3 6 pern) also (pat is to say, to pe forsaide chanons) that pey maye 

1 * ubi.' a ' adiacet.' s Marginal note : ' liberties.' 

s Added from the Latin. 6 i.e. a surety being given. 

4 ' fugerit.' 7 ' secundum legem provincie.' 


[VII Confirmatory Charter s] 

ffrely putte, and" haue, and 1 putte aweye, in att pere pynges or 
goodis, the kepers sucTi as pey know not 1 to be goode to J>efrD 
and 1 to )>ere howse, & pat pis my jifte, &c 5 . 


tion to 
by pope 
En genius 

of all their 


viz. of St. 
church and 
its belong- 
ings as in 
nos. 29 and 
34, and a 
grant in- 
in the 
no. 21, 

* leaf 12. 

[41.] Eugenye, Bisshop, smiaunte of seruauntes of god, 4 
to his loued 1 soonys Wigoode prior of seynte Marye of Oseney 
and 1 to his brethren), both present And 1 to be, chanonS, ?. the for- 
saide church, in pe which je ben i-jefe to goddis seruice, vndu? 
seynte petur & ou? proteccton we take, and 1 with pe priuilege of 8 
this present writyng we make stronge, ordenyng pat att pos- 
session^ and 1 all goodis of 2 pe same church nowe ryjghtfully and 1 
lawfully hath in possession), or in tyme to be by pe graunte 
of Bisshopis, jevyng of Kynges or of princys, by offryng of 1 2 
cristen) men), or by oper ry3ghtfutt manors (ou? lorde grauntyng") 
ye may purchase, sure to jow and 1 to 30W? successo^frs and" 
vntastict !l byde pey. In the which, pese we wille in ]>ere owne 
names to be schewed 1 : — the church of Seynte George, with 16 
art his ryjght that he hath within pe watt of Oxonforde and 1 
abowte, as ow? worschipfutt broper Robert, Bisshop of lincoln, 
with resonable avise hath i-grauntid yow, and 1 hope he and 1 ou? 
worschipfutt fadu? Tlieobalde, Archiebisshop of Caunturberye, 20 
popis legate, with paffermyng of pere writynges haue i-made 
stronge ; and 1 , to pe same church longyng and 1 hangyng, pe 
church of Seynte Marye Mawdeleyii), pe londe of Walton), with 
pe medys and 1 other" pynges longyng to hit, and 1 pe tithe of 24 
pe same londe ; In Cudeslawe, iij. hides of londe, with men) and 1 
his opere pertinences; In Ernycote, ij. hides of londe, with 
pe woode and 1 his opere pertinences ; pe londe of WortoiD, with 
his pertinences ; pe londe of Stowe, with his pertinences, and 1 28 
pe church of pe same towne ; In sanforde, j. hide of londe, with 
his pertinences; Twey * parties of tithys of pese maners vndur- 
write, Hokenorton), Cudelynton), Burcet-ur, Harewett, Watlynton), 
Ardynton), Botrynton), ledecumbe, Burton), Asshe, pirye, Tywe, 32 
Wyke, Erdufley, Heyforde, Hampton) g&ytorum, ffullewett, 
Thrope, Bereforde, Shireburn) of both courtis, Tetteburye, 
Whithutt, Treton), Kenycote, NortoiD, Horspathe, Hensynton), 

1 ' quales sibi et domui sue noverint 
expedire.' The translator, thinking of dis- 
missal for incompetence, inserts the nega- 


For ' of ' read ' which.' 

[VII Confirmatory Charters'] 47 

ludwett, Rolesham of both courted, BlechesdoiD, WestoiD, Boken- 

hutt, Stratforde, Westbury, Thornborowgh, Weston), Wygyntoii), 

Svverforde, Escote of be fe be which perteyneth to oxonforde ; 

4 In clopham halfe of be tithe of be Demayne ; In Barton), be ? vit |! tit . he 
, . * , * r in Cassing- 

tithe of j. hide; In Garsyntofi) *, ij. parties of J?e tithe of j. hide, ton, 

ifurpermo?, of ou? worschipfutt hroper John 2 bisshop of and of the 

Wyrcetwr, the church of Bibury 3 , with chapells, tithis an<To)?er SbS* 8 ^ 

8 pertinences, and 1 be tithe of here salte of be Wyche 4 ; pe church Turkdean, 

of turkeden) ; the church of Rysyndeii) ; be church of Hesse- Marsworthj 

wurth ; be church of Haurugge ; f> e church of ledecuwibe ; j^^SL 

be church of fforsthult, with his pertinences ; of be yifte of Foresthiii ; 
%~ . _ ,.,-,. p-r. k and of 

1 2 Hugh Ty we, his londis of Burton) a . lands in 

ffor this we decree that hit be not lawful! to no man) vtturly • b ^ton. 

frowardly to trobull be forsaide church, or his possession^ to 

take aweye, or to withholde them i-take awey, to make pern) 

16 lasse, or to wery J?em) with oony vexactons, but that J>ey alt 
clenly and hooly be keped 1 for pe gouernyng And susteynyng of 
pern) of be which pey haue be grauntid 1 to profite in all maner 
vsys, Sauyng pe lawful! ryjght of the Bisshopis Diocesanys. 

20 perfore if oony persone of the church or seculer this writyng of 
ou? confirmacion wilt tempte frowardly to come agaynste hit, 
twyis or thryis i-warned 1 , but he correcte his presumpcion with Anathema 
comienient satisfacc^on, he lacke or lese the dignite of his powe? violators of 

24 and 1 worschip, and 1 lete hym) know hyin)-selfe gilty to be to tnis deec1, 
goddis Juggeniewt of his wikudnesse i-do, and that he is alienyd" 
or i-put fro the mooste holy body and? bloode of god and 1 of ou? 
lorde Ihu criste ou? agayne-byere Ihu criste, and be he vndu? to 

28 be streyte veniaunce in the laste doome. And 1 to all kepyng 
to pe same place pere ryjghtes be peece of ou? lorde Ihu criste, 
that both here pe frute off goode doyng pey take, and 1 afore 
be streyte Jugge pe rewardis of euerlastyng life fynde pey. 

32 Amen. In the yere of ou? lorde M*Clij. of the Bisshiphode 
of pope Eugenye the iij., vij. 3ere. 

1 ■ In Kersintona ' in the Latin ; i. e. adds : ' and of Forsthull with their perti- 

Cassington. nences.' Burton is Blackbourton. Wood's 

3 John de Pageham, bishop of Wor- conjecture {City of Oxford, ii. 191) is 

cester 1151—57. wrong. 

3 Name noted in margin. " ' ut nulli omninohominumliceat.' The 

1 Marginal note : ' tithe of salt of double negative is a feature of this transla- 

Wyche.' tion. 

5 Name noted in margin. The Latin 


[VII Oseney and environs] 


tion to 
Oseney, by 
Thomas of 
St. Valerie, 

of all 
made of 
his fee, 

with ex- 
from scu- 

[42.] Thomas of saint Walerys eonflrmac?on. 
Know pey that ben) present and to be that I, Thomas of 
Seynte "Walerye, by the counsel! and petic^on of Ele my wiffe 
and 1 of goode men), haue i-grauntid [and] confermyd 1 , for my 
helth and 1 of myne and 1 for the sowles of my auncetwrs and 1 of my 4 
Brethryn), to pe church of seynte Marye of Oseney and 1 to pe 
chanon^ pere seruyng god, att the possessions of my ffee to 
p e church of Seynte George p e which in the castett of Oxonforde 
is i-sett perteynyng, both of my lordshippis and 1 of my tenaun- 8 
tries of my men), In men) In londis and tithys and 1 in att oper 
thynges : to be holde, in-to fre and 1 pure and 1 perpetuett almys. 
And I witt and 1 cowmaunde that pe londis of them) pe which * 
ben) of my ffee be lose and 1 quite fro scuage, tallage, & att oper i a 
secule? exaccions to me perteynyng. These witnesses, f. 


Feb. 22. 

The dis- 
pute be- 

Oseney, and 

as to juris- 
diction in 
Oseney and 

* leaf 12, 
bank (no. 







(as in no. 


and the 

town of 





[43.] a composicion betwene the towne of Oxford 
& Osney tempore "EdwarJi tercij confirmand. omrces 
Iibertates usque bokebynders brudge. 

Sith 2 diuerse debatis and Chalenges haue i-be i-mevid 1 afore 
pese owres, betwene thabbot and" Couent of Osney of the oone 
partie, and 1 the Mayre and 1 cowmunite of oxonforde on) the 1 6 
oper partie, of the Kynges firauncheses and 1 othe? thynge* 
towchyng 1 them), that is to say, of att pe partie of the He of 
Oseneye that longeth to pe Abbot and 1 Couent, to-gedu? with 
att ten*auntea vppoii) pe wee? of pe Millis of pe castett of oxon- 20 
ford 1 the which were the saide Abbot and Couent claymyn) 
as parcelle of pere parte of pe He aforsaide, with-in pe which 
parte of p e He aforsaide to-gedu? also with pe forsaide were 
pey claymyn) vywe s of franciplege (or lawday), and 1 al-so-muche 24 
as longeth to pe laweday, catellys of ffugityfs and 1 felons, sock 
sack tol tern and Infangenthefe, and 1 that pe saide Abbot and 1 
couent, there tenauntes and 1 men), shall be quyte of Shires 
hundredis wardes Daneyeldys & att pleis and 1 oper exacct'ons and 1 28 
quarels, outetake nmrthu? ancTthefte i-preuyd 1 ; and 1 with-in the 
same boundis the mayre and communes of oxonford 1 claymyn) att 
maner franchises as pey haue with-in pe towne of oxonforde, as 

1 ' terre eorum que de feodo meo sunt, 
solute sint et quiete.' 

2 In the Christ Church MS. this agree- 

ment is in French, at this place ; and 
an English version is given at folio 323. 
8 MS. has ■ rywe,' by a slip. 

[VII Oseney and environs] 49 

a parcelle of pe subarbes of p e sayde town) ; of p e which debate* was re- 
and chalanges pe parties aforsaide haue i-putte pem-selfe in sub- arbitration 
mittyng and 1 ordinaunce of the bisshop of lincoln 1 prayng hym) °* the 

« • &10CGSt*Xlj 

4 as pere fadur spiritueft to do bytwene them a finati discussyng 
and 1 a goode a-corde in pat partie : pe saide bisshop sawe pe 
Euidences of p e oone partie and 1 of pe oper, and 1 consideryng 1 
p e saide He 2 , al so weH 3 pe partie of pe saide Abbot and 1 Couent 
8 as the partie of the honowre of Seynte Walerye, and" the ffraun- 
chises of pern), by goode avisement 4 in this wise he declared 1 whose 
and 1 Juggid 5 finally in man ere the which suyth : that is to say, was that 
pe saide Abbot and 1 Couent haue rj^ght, as of pe fundaa'on (i) Oseney 

1 2 of here church, to haue and 1 to Enioye alt pe ffraunchises and 1 have abso- 
quytynges aforesaide, to pern) and 1 to pere successours, tenauntes, lu * e lo F^". 
and 1 receuauntes 6 , in all pe Abbey of Oseneye and 1 in all pe the site of 
remanent of pe partie of pe saide Abbot of p e saide He of Osney an dl n ey ' 

16 as [far as] to 7 pe Brygge, and 1 in alt p e Brygge i-callid 1 Boke- ?? en 7 a d 
bynderbrugge, and 1 in all the water 8 pe which renneth vnduf the in War- 
same brugge vnto pe Ryue? of themse towarde pe sowth and 1 as for as 
towarde b 6 North vnto b 9 Ende of bere ffree tenauntes so that no P. 00 } 1 " 


20 mylle 9 pere be leuyd 1 or sett 10 ; And 1 for alteracion " of the name Bridge 
of the saide Brugge 12 , for be-cawse pere be two brigges nyjhe to- (which 
gedu?, In this wise it is declarid 1 by the saide Bisshop pat pe definedto 
brigge p e which streecheth ouer the streme remiyng more ny3he l>e the 

24 p Q Mille ponde of pe castell of oxonforde in p e west parte of pe nearest 
saide ponde is pe saide brigge i-callid p Q bokebynderbrygge ; ^lls^ond) 
and 1 that p e saide Maie? and" communes, pere heyres, ne succes- 
sours, by them), ne by pere mynsters, ony demaunde clayme or 

1 John Bokingham, bishop 1363-98. Oxford, i. 404) had acquired one moiety 

2 Marginal note : « the He of Osney of the Castle Mills (the other moiety re- 
parte of the honour of saint Walery.' niaining in the king's hands) and so coveted 

3 ' si bien la part . . . comnie la part.' the water-power there. Hence the pro- 

4 • par bone deliberacione.' hibition here stated. 

5 Marginal note : ' Note b e Juggement.' l0 Alternative rendering : ' soit leue.' 

6 • reseantz.' u Should be ' because of dispute about ' : 

7 Marginal note : ' Nota, to bokebynder ' et par altercacione del nom du dit Pont.' 
brugge the liberties of Osney to holde.' 13 There were three bridges over the 
French : ' tanque al pont.' Oseney had its most easterly stream of Thames : (a) Hythe- 
own court for its manor of Oseney ; and bridge, most to the north ; (b) Quaking- 
claimed that the whole of Warham-bank bridge, nearer to, but still north of, the 
was parcel of that manor, and so exempt Castle Mills ; (c) a bridge south of the 
from the mayor's jurisdiction. This claim Castle Mills, possibly the one here called 
was allowed only in part. « Bookbinders Bridge. The ground here at 

8 Marginal note : ' Waters.'. this time is shown tentatively in map iii, 

9 The town of Oxford (Wood's City of at end of Wood's Ciiy of Oxford, i. 


[VII Oseney and environs] 

except that 
these limits 
shall pay 
their fair 
share of 

granted by 
to the king, 
and of the 
expenses of 
to par- 
to the old 
rate cus- 
tomary in 
the west 
suburb ; 

* leaf 13. 
(ii) Oxford 
have full 
tion, east 
of Book- 
(north) and 
that bridge 
of the Cas- 
tle Mills 
which is 
near the 

execuc/on by cawse of Jurisdica'on or oony o]>ere cawse may do 
within p e precyncte aforsaide, outetake pat pabbot and 1 Couent 
lette not pe saide tenauntes and receyuauntes that been) or 
shall be with-in pe precyncte above-sayde to be contribntours ' 4 
with pe comraunite of oxonforde to p e dyme or qumsyme or 
fiftene or oper subsidye 2 i-grauntid 1 or to bee grauntid 1 to pe 
Kyng In playne parlement 3 by the communyte of the Realme 
and 1 to p e Burgeys spense 4 to such a parlement i-chose, and so 8 
in pe same manere as pe tenauntes and 1 receyuauntes the which 
been) or shaft be within the honow? of Seynte Walerye Doone 
and 1 shaft doo tyme to come and 1 after? pe saying 1 of that pat 5 in 
olde tyme was i-woned 1 to be sett in the parishe 6 of Seynte 12 
Thomas Stokewelle and Twentyacre p® which were i-wonyd in 
commune at such a contribuct'on to do 7 , wttAoute Encrese vppon) 
them) by oony cawse to come or that maye Aryse in tymys to 
come, so that pe saide mayei? and 1 communite, here heyres, and 16 
successours, aquyte and 1 discharge the sayde tenauntes and 1 re- 
ceyuauntes of p e sayde Abbot and 1 Couent that been) or shall be 
within pe precyncte * abovesaide that pey shaft charge at such 
contribucion with none opere foreynys 8 . And 1 also pe saide 20 
Bisshop hathe declarid 1 and 1 Juggid that pe saide Maye? and 1 
cowmunyte, here heyres, and successours, haue ryjht 9 to haue and 1 
to Enioye aft pe franchises and 1 Jurisdiccton fro p e saide Brygge 
i-callid 1 Bokebynderbrygge towarde pe Est bytwene pe Brigge 24 
i-callid 1 the Hithebrigge and 1 pe Brigge by-nethe the Millys of 
the casteft of Oxonforde towarde pe ffrere Menoures of aft here 
tenauntes and 1 receyuauntes of the saide Abbot and" Couent 
vppon) pe were pere as pey haue within pe town) of Oxonford 1 , so 28 
that p e saide tenauntes and 1 receyuauntes pe which been) or 
shaft be vppon) the were above-saide be not i-lettid 1 to vse And 1 
to haue frely pere Esement of pe water of themse 10 in honest 

1 Marginal note : 'with the comminaltie 
of Oxford to paye the Dyme, xv ,eDe , sub- 
sidie, & to the brugijs [i.e. burgesses] of 
parliament expense*.' 

* Alternative rendering : ' au disme ou 
quinszime ou autre subside.' 

s ' en plein parlement.' 

4 ' et a les dispenses.' 

8 * et ce selonc l'afferant de ceo que.' 

' i. e. St. Thomas' parish, with its north- 
ern districts, Stockwell (where Walton 

Street now is), and Twenty-acre (about Lit- 
tle Clarendon Street). Wood's City of Oxford, 
ii. 115, mistakes the meaning of the phrase. 

7 ' a tiel contribucione faire.' 

8 ' qils ne seront chargez a tiele contri- 
bucione faire ouesque ( = avec) autres 
foreynz queconques.' 

9 Marginal note : • liberties perteynyng 
to the Maire & commynaltye of Oxford & 
howe fane their liberties do extend.' 

10 Marginal note : ' No/a.' 

[VII Oseney and environs] 51 

manere, and safe to pe sayde Abbot and 1 Couenfr and 1 to pere Oseney 

successours there free tenements rentes and? services and pere u^ n g ts 

soyle ! vppofi) pe same were as ryjght of pe fundacton of Ipere there, 

4 churcli. And 1 vppon) pat as weft pe sayde Abbot as pe saide to Oseney 

mayre and communys haue greably assentid to p e sayde Declara- ftee^use of 

cion) and Juggement so i-doo by be gayde Bisshop, as above hit tne "ver- 
. . , at. it* water and 

is l- sayde, And pey holde and afferme for a-corde and fynalt of the soil. 

8 Juggement and discussion) for ait dayes of pe oon) parte [and 

of the other *] wtt/ioute gyle or Euylt Engyne. In-to witnysse 

of p e which pynge to p e oon)e parte of this Endenture abydyng" 

to pe saide mayre and communyte pe saide Abbot andCouent 

i2 haue i-put Ipere seele, and 1 to pe oper parte of p e Same EndentuP 
abydyng 1 to pe saide Abbot and 1 Couent pe saide mayre and 
cowmunyte haue i-put Ipere commune seele. And for gretter and 1 
more surete and witnysse of pe acorde and of pynges abovesaide 

16 p 3 saide Bisshop hath i-putt his seele to p e oone and 1 to pe oper 
parte of pe same Endenturs : i-3efe, or pe Date, at londofD the 
xxij. day of ffeuere? the yere of pe regne of ou? lorde Kyng> 
Edwarde pe iij. after 1 pe Conquest pat is to say of Inglonde lj. 

ao and of ffraunce xxxviij. 

[VIII. Of the Meadows 3 .] 

[44.] Nota that whenne hit is i-saide in A Charter of Robert Expiana- 
Doylly ow? founda? • And alt pat is myne in the forsaide He of phrase in 
Osneye ' hit is to be vndurstande of alt pabbey of Osney, wit/i n0 - I2 - 
24 hegges, wallys, and Gardeyns, with pe mede i-ioyned to hit that 
is i-callyd Orchardysmede. 

[45.] Seke p 6 forsaide charter above In pe title of pe funda- Eeference 

cton of Oseney And furpermo? how ' I Henry Doylly pe secunde a nd toTt's 

28 haue i-jeve to pe forsaide chanons for pe sowles of my kynnes- confirma- 

folkes and for my helth and 1 of myne alt my mede pe which" is at no. 25. 
pe weste of pere Courte of Oseneye in-to perpetuelt almes free 
and quyte fro alt sendee,' f. 

1 Marginal note : ' reserued to Osney supposed to continue to this point : i.e. 
the soy 11 on the water goyng to the mylles 'Howe )>e church of Seynte George was 
of the Castell.' i-seve to the chanons of Oseney.' The 

2 ' et de l'autre.' English MS. had, however, ceased to give it 

3 Titul. VII, somewhat incorrectly, was as a headline. 

E 2 


[VIII Oseney Meadow's] 



* leaf 13, 
charter by 
countess of 
two mea- 
dows near 
and pas- 
in West- 

[46.] Knowe alt men), ?. wt't/anne ffurpermo? that p e seyde 
Countesse ' hath i-grauntid 1 for he? and 1 for he? heyres to pe 
Abbot and 1 Couent and 1 * to J>ere successours that pey haue Ipei'e 
closes in goode pece and 1 holde pera) foreuer, pat is to say, pe 4 
close of pe hamrae [of the fee 2 ] of Doylly and 1 of Seynte Walerye 
be-hynde pe fullyng [mill 2 ] of Oseney, and 1 pe close that pey 
haue of pe ffee of Henry Symeon), ?. as within pe title of 
' Hedynton),' in pe which charter is i-conteyned* that ' pabbot 8 
may haue xx t! bestys in Westoseney 3 afte? p e hey is i-mowe and 
i-leuyd 1 vn-to My3helmasse anct aftef myjhelmasse as many as he 


tion to 
Oseney, by 
Doyly (? I), 
of meadow. 

[47.] To alt cristen) pepult to pe which pis present writyngi2 
shall come Henry Doylly, ou? lorde Kynge's constable, helth. 
Know je alt pat mede 4 that lyeth be-yonde [pe] water the which 
is i-called 1 Eldee towarde pe west and 1 is ny^he to pe Burgeys 
medis of oxonforde pe which [are] of the ffee of Hedyndon), 16 
that 5 is to say, pe mede to pe chanohB of Oseney of me for my 
helth and 1 of my aunceturs is i-yeve, is of my ffee and? of my 
aunceturs. In-to wittnysse of this pynge, to this present writyng 
my seele I haue putt to. Witnysses, &c 5 . 20 

Ang. 1. 
Sale to 
Oseney, by 
de Monte, 

of 16 acres 
in Bulstake 

[48.] Know pey that been) present and" to be that I, vmfrey 
of pe mounte p e Soone of Gylberte of pe mounte, for my sowle 
helth and 1 of J?e sowles of my aunceturs, jafe and" grauntid, and 1 
with ray charter confermed 1 , for me and 1 myne heyres for euer, 24 
to god and 1 to pe church of' Seynte Mary of Oseney and 1 to pe 
chanoni pere seruyng god, alt my mede with pe pertinences that 
I had in the mede pat is callid pe mede of Bolestake 6 , withoute 
oony agayne-holdyng to me or to my heyres for euer, pat is to 28 
say, xvj. acris, were-of x. acris lyen) bytwene the mede [of 7 
Henry son of Henry and the mead of William de gardino of 
Botelee, and vi. acres lie between the mead] pat Roger of 

1 Philippa Basset, co-heiress of Thomas 
Basset, lord of Headington, widow of 
Henry de Newburgh (died 1229), 6th earl 
of Warwick. 

2 Added from the Latin. 

3 An island, between streams of Thames, 
immediately to the west of the abbey, as 

figured in map ii. to Wood's City of Ox- 

4 Marginal note : ' Mede.' 

5 ' quod videlicet pratum . . . e3t col- 

c Marginal note : 'bolestake Mede.' 
7 Added from the Latin. 

[VIII Oseney Meadows] 53 

Boteley helde and 1 pe mede that Kobert Merce? sumtyme helde : 
to be hacTancTto be holde, to pe saide church and 1 chanons for euer, 
in-to ffre and" perpetuell almes, with all pe ry3ght that longeth 

4 to pe same mede (with pe pertinences) [that] I haue or I had 1 or subject to 
Euer myjght haue, welt and in peece, ffrely and 1 quietly, yeldyng ofii!" to S 
perof yerly to me and" my heyres j. d 1 . at Estu? at Oseney for all the mesne 
secule? seruice exaccion) custom) Sevtes and Demaundes in all 

8 thynges p e which of my lond 1 or for my londe may be axid 1 , and 5«. to 

Savyng to pe chefe loide of pe ffee the rent of v. 3. in tyme of i rd C with 

heying and 1 to be mowe? viii. dl, be which be same chanons 8d - 'to the 

J ' ' mower. 

shall quyte. And 1 I vmfrey and 1 my heyres all be forsaide 

12 thynges to be forsaide church and 1 Chanons for Euer shall 
warantize agaynste all men) and" womeii), that, if, for Defaute of 
my warantyzing or my heyres, harmys or Expensis bey renne in, 
whe shall satisfye them) by the syjht of lawfull men) of ouT> ober 

16 londis. And 1 for pys yevyng grauntyng and? warantizyng pe Purchase- 
saide chanons yafe to me vj. marke of silue?. This charter Avas 
i-maade at Oseney att pe feste Seynte petttr Ad uincula, The 
jere of pe reyne of Kyng Henry * p e sone of Kyng John xxiij. 

20 And 1 that this my jevyng grauntyng and 1 warantizyng abide 
sure and 1 stable for Euer, with this present wrytyng and 1 puttyng 
to of my seele I haue i-strengthit hit. The witnyssis, f. 

[49.] Quyte-clayme of xxiiij. s. goyng-owt of bolestake 1248, 

Mede & other parcelles. 

June io. 

Henry, By the grace of god Kyng of Inglonde, lorde of Surrender 
24 Irlonde, Duke of Normandy, and 1 Erie of Aungye, to all by Henry' 
Baylyffes and 1 his true men) heltli. Knowe je vs in the waye of ll J~' . 
cheryte to haue i-relesid 1 to thabbot and Couent of Oseney and 1 charges 
pern) quyte to haue i-claymed 1 , for vs and 1 ou? heyres for Euer, of Oseney 
28 xxiiij. 3. jerly to be i-jelded 1 of p e londes the which pey holdeh) P ro P ert y> 
of oure * seriaunt Mys 2 , that is to saye, in Oxonforde-shire of * lea 5 14# 
p e mede of Bolestake wtt/toute Oxonforde pat is of pe seriaunty Oxford- 
of Gilbert of Mountes ix. 3., And of A mede withoute Bampton) f Betake 
32 be which is i-callid 1 Huntmede that is of be seriauntye of mead, 9*. ; 

T>' 7 7 1 1 -»»>,/• II • • 17 >i an0 " 0U t °^ 

hicnard de la mare v. s. And 1 of pe mede that is 1-called 1 meads at 

1 Marginal note: 'Henricii*' 3, Rex 3 ' seriaunt Mys' in MS., in error for 

Anglie.' ' serjauntyes ' : * de nostris seriantiis.' 

[VIII Oseney Meadows] 

5* and 
3$. ^d, ; 
and in 
Bucks, in 
South cot, 
<>s. M. 

Burewegc that is of pe Seriauntye of Henry de la mare iij. 3. 
iiij. cT. And In Bokyngham-shire of j. jerdelonde with" pe 
pertinences in Sutlicote pat is of pe Seriauntye of William of 
Seynte Clare dj. mai*ke. In-to witnysse of this thyng these our 4 
letters we haue i-made to he i-made patent, My-selfe witnesse, 
at Wynchester x. daye of June In the yere of ou? reame 

from grant 
to Oseney, 
by Ralph 
of meadow 
at Oseney, 

as in no. 
217, and 

in no. 218. 

[60.] Be hit i-knowe to aft true men) of holy church pat I, 8 
Raph Boterelt, prayng ant willyng Julyan my wife and Johan 
he? Dowghter, 3afe and grauntid, in-to ffre and 1 perpetuelt almys, 
to p e church of god and of Seynte marye of Oseney and to pe 
chanorii pere seruyng god, ?. And wt't/un &c 5 And pe mede ' 1 2 
that is hy pe courte of Oseney of pe oper side of p e wate? : for 
pe which mede pey shall yelde Euery reynte John Baptiste day 
euery yere to pe church of seynte ffrideswith for me xiij. d. for 
alt seruice. [This 2 grant I have made to them free and cpjit from 16 
all service] bothc ryalle and oper and atl exaction, in pe chapiter 
of pern) afore pe Couent, And vppoii) p e Auter, also with my 
wife I offerid hit : pese witnyssys. This my 3 Charter is i- write 
hole, in pe title of Hokenorton). And note pat we haue a con- 20 
firmacion of William Horevile and of Johan his wife vppoii) pe 
forsaide charter, pe which is Ahove in pe title of Hokenorton), 1. 


Grant to 
Oseney, by 
Thomas de 
la grave, 

of meadow, 

subject to 
28. quit- 
rent to 
ton manor. 

[51.] quyte-clayme of ij. s. &e 5 owt of Gocesham. 

Kkowk pey that present he and to he that I, Thomas fn^t 
ffulcon. de la Grave, yeve and graunte, in-to fre and perpetuelt 34 
almys, to pe church of Seynte Marye of Oeeney and to pe 
chanows per seruyng god, all my mede of Gocesham that Geffrey 
ffijt Durande helde : to he holde ffrely and quietly, sauyng ij. 
& pe which pe same char.ohs of pe same mede yeldeii) for me 28 
and my heyres to pe maner of HedyntoiB yerely at p e feste of 
Seynt M[i]chjhelt. Truly I toke in my hande for me and my 
heyres to waran^e to pe same chanohs pat tenement ouer alt 
andagaynste alt men). Of this ou? yifte, f. pe witnysse, 1. 32 

1 Marginal note : ' Mede.' 2 Added from the Latin. 

8 Omit ' my.' 

[VIII Oseney Meadov:8\ 55 

[52.] Knowe pey that been) present and* to bee pat I, Adam About 
Porter of Oseney, haue i-jefe, grauntid, and with my charter 1 ' 
conJ'ermed, to pabbot of Oseney and to pe chanons pere seruyng Oseney, by 
4 god, aft my mede that I holde of Water Cole pat lieth" bytwene p0 rter, 
Bolestake and be mylle of Boteley, that is to say, ii. acres and of 2 acres 

... Till **, 1 n -n rt> 1 and 4 butts 

mj. buttes: to be holde of me and of my heyres for Euer, th-ely of meadow, 
and quietly, worschipfully and hooly, yeldyng- perof 1 to me and subject to 

8 to my heyres yerly ij. d. at Myjhelmasse and to Water Cole 2< ?. tothe 
iij. d! 2 and to pe Howe? ij. d. lor aft secule? seruice. And I me t" e tn e rt '' 
Adam porter and my heyres shaft waraiitise to p e forsaide Abbot chief lord, 
and Couent pe forsaide mede agaynste aft meii) and women), the mower. 

12 And if pe forsaide ij. Acris and iiij. Buttes to p e forsaide Abbat 
and Couent we may not warantije, aft my londe of his ffee that 
I haue in seynte Thomas parish * shaft abide quyte to pern). * leaf 11, 
And for this yifte and graunte the forsaide Abbot and Couent ac ' 

16 3afe to me in Bewarde 3 vj. marke of silue?. And pis yifte Purchase- 
graunte and waran^yng' truly to be holde I adam porter for monev ' 4- 
me and my heyres haue I-pli3ght my trowth" and with my seele 
puttyng 1 to haue i-sfrenghthe hit. These witnyssys, ?. 

20 [53.] To aft cristen) meii) to p e which this wrytyng* shaft 1226, 
come, prior of lantony, Archedecuw and Deene of Gloucetwr, \™5 ' ' 
helth in ou? lorde. Knowe ye aft pat whenne, by diurese between 
letters afore vs and afore pabbot and prior and Deene of Einsham 

24 Abendon) of Delegatye of ou? lorde pe pope Honory pe iij., whas abbev > 
a plee betwene pe lorde Abbot and Couent of 4 Enysham of pe 
oofD partye, and lorde Richard, Abbot, and Couent of Oseney of 
pe oper partie, vppoiD tithis of heye of pe saide Munckes of 

28 pere medys by Oseney liyng, and vppoii) a yerly rente of vj. $. 

for pe ferme of pe tithis of pe saide chanons of KersyntoiD 5 , and in respect 
vppoii) pe peyne of xl. i. [and] vppofi) interesse of pe same ^^ er 
chanons by-cause agaynste pe mynchuns of Wrokeshale and about 

32 vppon) suwime despites, at pe laste afte? many altercacions 
vppoiD pe saide aft axynges of EuerycTi oper and mony wronger 
vnto be tyme of lnakyng 1 of this writyng 1 i-mevedl be stryves 6 Oseney 

.. 1 a *o /jtf receiving a 

betwene pe saide howses thys frendely restyd : pat is to say, pe perpetual 

1 Marginal note : ' Mede.' 4 ' Oseney ' follows in MS., and ought to 

2 Latin : ' iii. soliooa.' have been struck out. 

3 ' in gersummam.' 5 i. e. Cassington. * ' lites.' 


[VIII Oseney Meadows'] 

lease of 
interest in 
near Ose- 

paying $8. 
to Heading- 
ton manor, 
68. due 
from Cas- 
sington by 

and paying 
to Einsham 
j 38. on 
July 20. 

also is to 
pay the 


May 22. 

versy be- 

saide Abbot and 1 Couent of Enysbam grauntid? and toke 1 to pe 
saide Abbot and" Couent of Oseney all pere mede of Bolestoke 2 , 
with ij. hammys lyyng be-hynde p e courte of Oseney towarde 
pe sowth, to be bolde of pern) and 1 to be bad in pe name of a 4 
jierpetuelt ferine, for xxiiij. 3. yerly in J>is maner to be payde, 
pat is to say, v. 3. to pe cbefe lorde of HedyndoiD at p e ternie of 
Seynte John Baptiste, and 1 vj. 3. by relese pe which pe saide 
cbanons maade to pe saide Munkes vppori) pe vj. 3. in pe which 8 
pe same Munkes were i-holde to pern) for pe saide tithis [of] 
Kersynton) for ? i-paide i-had, And pe xiij. residue 1. at pe fest 
of Seynte Margarete at Oseney to pe Secresten) of Enynsbam or 
to bis certeyn) messynger pe saide chanons yerly wttAoute agayne- 1 2 
saying and 1 Cauillacton shall paye, And euermore pe saide 
chanoris" ofte to susteyne pe Bui'dofD 4 of pe mowe? of p e saide 
mede: And p e saide Munkes been) i-holde to pe warantijyng of 
pe saide fferme. Also pe botbe parties haue i-subiecte peihVselfe 16 
by goode feyth to ou? Jurisdiccion, of p e consent 8 , for euer to 
constreyne both by censure of pe churche (apelyng i-put aweye) 
to pe kepyng of pe forsaide thynges, notwithstandyng pe cow- 
posicion betwene pe parties a-noper tyme vppon) pe saide tithis 20 
i-made, pe which napelesse in oper artikuls in pe composicton 
i-contente in pere surenysse shall abide. And 1 that this coin- 
posicion sure and 1 stable abide for euer, both parties also with 
ou? seeles haue i-strengeth hit with pere seeles. Thes thynges 24 
were i-doo at Oxonforde in seynte Marye church pe thride fferie 
afte? pe ffeste of pe translacion of Seynte Benet, p e yere of p 6 
Incamacion of ou? lorde M^CCxxvj., afore Master Boge? Caunt- 
lowe and Beginalde Chapeleyn) of p e church of Seynte Oolde of 28 
Oxonford 1 vndu? 6 ou? Delegates, p e dede of pe which we by pe 
popes auctorite strengthe. pese witnysse : — 

[54.] betwene thabbot of Osney & the Pryor of ffrys- 
wyse [about] the tyth hey of the meades of Northam, 
Pytmeade, Hallcwer, Brademore [&c 9 ]. 
Knowe 7 alt cristen) men) that whenne, bytwene Hichard, 

1 ' concesserunt et tradiderunt.' 

3 Marginal note : ' betwene thabbotes of 
Eyneshani & Osney for bolestake mede & 
the hainniys &c.' 

3 'pro solutishabendis.' 

* ' onus ' in the Christ Church MS. ; 

'onus consuete inercedis messarii,' in the 
Cotton MS. 

5 ' de consensu ' ; scil. of the parties. 

6 ' subdelegatis nostris.' 

7 The Latin text is in Wigrarn's Carl. 
S. Frid., ii. 31. The Oseney Latin text is 
more correct. 

[VIII Oseney Meadows] 57 

Abbot, and Couent of Oseney and 1 Simon, prior of Seynte tween 

ffrideswith, moony stryves were i-meved 1 afore Jugges fro pe ^nTit. 

pope Delegate and 1 also afore Arbitrars of pe commune consent Frides- 

4 of parties i-chose, that is to say, Archedecoh) of Wircetwr and* about ' 

his co-arbitrars, vppon) tithe of heye of alt medes of pe ffee of ^^l 

HedyndoiD vvithoute pe courte of Oseney to warde pe west liyng; corn 

*ancT vppoii) pe tithis of pe heye of pese medis, Northam, * leaf 15. 

8 Pitmede, Halcwere, Brademore ; and 1 vppofi) be tithe of Corne in several 
■ni cat #»^i t, .i places near 

and 1 heye ot Andrewe of Coveley; and 1 vppofi) pe tithe of pe Oxford, 

corn) of aft pat pomon of telthe lying 1 be-yonde pe Hospitatl of 

seynte Bartholomew towarde pe Est pe which was commune 

1 2 pasture of Coveley ; and 1 of pe tithis of Corne of p e p-ior and 
Couent of seynte ffrideswith in Cudeslawe, with 1 pe obuena'on[s] 
or comyng 1 perof offrynges, offrynges, and 1 oper parishatt prouentes 
or profittes of pere seruauntes pere levyng; and vppon) pe tithis 

1 6 of corne and 1 heye of half j. hide of pe prior pe which was of 
Henry Bevvfijt in Thumele 2 , with pe obuencions, offrynges, 
smalt tithis, and 1 parish e servyng 3 of pere men) pere levyng; 
with pe tithis of pe telthe pe which is i -called Bradmore 

20 berewes : with pe tithes of A telthe pe which is i-callid Gilbers 4 ; 
with 5 pe greve that hath i-come by p e rente Encresed 1 of 
langeneye, In the charter of Eldrede G Kyng and 1 [in] poo oper 
Instrumentes by pe which pe church of seynte Marye Mawdelen, 

24 or oony thyng in hit, oper tithis of Northam, may be i-calengid 
of 7 p e chanons of seynte ffrideswith, with renouncyng of pe vse 
of suche Instrumented of periury of p e same chanons ; and 1 vppofi) [Forged 
pe tithis of pe Milles gryndyng corne in p e courte of Oseney, 

28 And" of alt officis J>e which been) i-sett be-yonde 8 pe oolde curse 
of pern) pat is i-callid Eldee and 1 towarde pe weste, and vppofi) 
obuencioris and 1 oper parysshaft profites of seruauntes in pe same 

1 • Comyng-therof-ofFrynges ' is an alter- grievance being that St. Frideswyde's had 

native rendering with ' obvencions,' for bolstered up some claims by producing 

a single Latin word. So also ' profittes ' forged deeds : cp. no. 5. Wigram's Cart. 

and 'prouentes.' The Latin runs: — S. Frid., i. 44, describes a forged deed, 

' [super] obuencionibus, oblacionibus & aliis purporting to be of date, 1201. 

- parochialibus prouentibus servientium 6 The Foundation Charter of Ethelred, 

suorum ibidem degencium.' 1 004, is printed in Wigram's Cart. S. Frid., 

* Thomley, a hamlet of Waterperry par- i. 2. 

ish: Wigram, Cart. S. Frid., ii. 154, 157.' 7 'of = ' by' : 'decline . . . vendicari 

3 ' et parochiali sequela.' possint a Canonicis S. Frid.' 

4 'giberis,' a ' cultura ' in Walton. 8 ' ultra veterem cursum illius aque que 
6 Latin [et super] ' gravamine ' : the vocatur Ealde-ee versus occidentem.' 


[VIII Oseney Meadows] 

were re- 
ferred to 
by whose 
dered to St. 
wyde's all 
claim to 
tithes in 
Thomley ; 
and to cer- 
tain tithes 
in Put- 
and Brad- 
more ; and 
to half of 
titho of 
Wyvelsey : 
St. Frides- 
wyde's sur- 
to Oseney 
all claim 
to tithes 
of meadows 
west of 
Oseney and 
to tithes 
of Nor- 
tham : 
the tithe 
of ' the 
lynch ' to 
go with 
that of the 
meadow to 
which it 
or to be 
divided : 

offices ly vyiige ; and vppofD p e tithis bothc of conic and of heye 
of Middeleye, with pe obuenctons and oper parisshatt profiles of 
seruauntes and of oper men) pere levyng; and" vppofi) pe tithis 
of ait pe telthe pe which lieth vppofD pe Kynges hye weye nyhc 4 
to pe telthe of "Wynterbi'oc vnto pe Hospital! of seynte Bartholo- 
mewe ; and 1 vppofD pe processions 1 of p e churchis of seynte 
George and of seynte marye Mawdelen in pe assencton daye of 
ou? lorde ; and vppofD pe tithis of pe heye and of pe Milles and 8 
of pe ffisshynges of Robei-t Hulc ; and vppofD [pe tithis 2 of all 
the tilled land3 of the fee of Hedendon on] p e weste partie of 
Chareweft, outetake pe tilthis of Northam, berecrofte, and olper 
tilthes within pe bondes 3 of Seynte Marye Mawdelen : at pe 12 
laste, by masters Robert official! of lincoln and [the] ArchedecufD 
[of Lincoln] and Adam Archedecun of oxonforde mediatours 
bytwene peifD, alt pe saide controuersies whare i-sesed" frendely 
for Euer in this mane?: — pat is to say, for pe goode of per- 16 
petuctt peece, pe saide Abbot and Couent of Oseney haue i- 
grauntid to pe saide prior and Couent of seynte ffrideswith art 
pe tithes of Corne and heye pe which pey were i-woned 1 to take 
of pe hide of pc prior In thumele ; and also art smalt tithis and 20 
tithis of heye of putmede and Halcwere ; and tithis of heye In 
Bradmore when pey haue i-gete hit 4 ; & half pe tithis of heye 
of Wyuelseye 5 : And saide prior and Couent of Seynte ffrides- 
with haue i-grauntid to pe saide Abbot and Couent of Oseneye 24 
that pey haue pesible alt tithis of medis of pe ffee of HedyndofD 
withoute p e Courte of Oseney towarde west, and that pey ioye 
pesible p e tithis of pe Medis of Northam, alt quarelyng for 
Euer vppofD p e saide tithis relesyng to pe saide Abbot And 28 
Couent afore i-meved: And if pe litult mede that is i-callid 
lynch haue i-be longyng of Northam or Halcwere c , pat hangyng 7 , 
shaft be of pat parte to pe which hit is hangyng 7 , ancf if it be 
of noper hangyng, be hit departicT betwene parties : and 1 pey 32 

1 Ascension-day long retained, and still 
in some places retains, its processions ' beat- 
ing the bounds ' of parishes : cp. Wood's 
Life and Times, iii. 15. 

9 Added from the Latin : ' omnium ter- 
rarum cultarum de feodo de H.' 

3 ' limites.' 

* ' eas,' scil. decimas. 

6 Or Wyueleye. The boundaries of Cut- 

slow (Wigram, Cart. S. Frill., ii. 207) 
suggest that this was a meadow there. 

6 Northam was on the north of Oxford, 
on the Cherwell. ' Lynch ' was a meadow, 
surrounded by a stream of Cherwell, which 
might go either with Northam on the south 
or with Halcwere on the north. 

7 ' appendicium.' 

[VIII Oseney Meadows] 59 

haue ' i-grauntid to pe chanons of ffrideswith pe o]>er partie of expense of 
tithes of heye of Wyuesley, of pe which" mede pe tithes with ffthe"hay 
cowniune conselles and expenses of[t] to be i-gete and 1 gaderid 1 . of Wyvei- 

4 Ouermore, pe tithes of pe heye of Andrewe of Coveley, fully and 1 be shared. 
pesible, shall he i-paide to pabbot and 1 Couent of Oseneye : Also have^the- 
pe tithes of pe heye and 1 of pe mylles and 1 of pe ffisshynges of l ]^ y a oi 
Robert Hulc as longe as he is parissheii) of Cudelynton) by Cowley; 

8 2 skele of pat tenauntrye, And if (afte? pat same mararys decese c f Hulc 

R. s ) [the] chanons of Seynte ffrideswith wille holde hit in here mi , lls 

. . . • . . . so i° n g as 

owne hande with pertinences, hit * shall be of pe saide tithis as held by 

pe lawe yeveth : and 1 othe? peticions And 1 quarels (vppon) oper tenant. 

1 2 * pynges above i-namecT, and vppon) small 5 peticions almoste of t If st - 
1. marke, and of axynges of Expenses by-cawse of Stryves i- back, 
maade) i-mevid 1 , both parties to euerche oper haue i-relesed 1 for ^f e » s " t k 
Euei> ; thynges i-doo afore napelese and 1 composicions of lange- Hulc mills 

J 6 neye and vppon) pe church of Seynte Marye Mawdelen sumtyme own hand, 
betwen) parties i-maade porowgti all here articles in pere strenght * ct * helaw 
abidyng. pe chanons also of Seynte ffrideswith full restituctori of about the 
A rent of ix. d 1 . of A grounde sumtyme ° fired 1 in pe parisshe of [y ormer 

20 Seynte Marye Mawdelen to pe same church shall do ; and 1 to 7 agreements 
pe chanons of Oseney pere accion) Haue relesed 1 , and 1 quarell Langney 
vppon) that rent i-mevicT. Also both parties consentid that pe Mary Mag- 
compromisse i-maade to-gedu? bytwene pern) of pe saide thynges d £ len h . 

24 be nawjht and 1 be i-cancellid 1 ; and 1 hit is renouncid" to pynges hold good.] 

Os6n©v Jilso 

i-purchasecT 8 as to po contrauersys and 1 pynges above-named 1 . t o have a 
And 1 pe saide Abbot of Oseney and 1 prior of Seynte ffrideswith, <i mt - rent 
for penD-selfe and 1 pere couentes, seyng the holy pynges, that in by st.Frides- 
28 goode feithe and 1 withoute Gile this composiczon pey shall kepe ^. j n st. 
in all thynges and 1 neuer shall Imagyne 9 vnto oony preiudice of Mary Mag- 
hit, pese thynges were doo pe yere of pe Incarnaczon of ou? parish. 

1 So also in Latin, but must be in error. cross-actions. ' super mutuis [in the 
St. Frideswyde's has already received its Cotton MS. : mis-read in the Christ 
half; this should have been given as Oseney Church MS. minutie] peticionibus pene L. 
half. marcarum.' 

2 ' ratione illius tenementi.' 6 ' de terra quondam Siredi.' 

8 ' K..' is deferred out of its right place. 7 Omit ' to.' ' et canonici Oseneye . . . 

'Si autem, post decessum eiusdem R., remiserunt.' 

canonici. . .' * ' et renunciatum est impetratis, quan- 

4 ' erit de dictis decimis, sicut ius dicta- turn ad. . . .' 

verit.' For the final agreement as to this 9 ' nunquam aliquid in eius preiudicium 

point see no. 76. machinabuntur.' 

6 ' Small ' is in error for ' mutual ' or 


[VIII Oseney Meadows] 

lorde M*CCxxv, xj. &fc of June, in pe Chapelt of Seynte 
Nicholas at Osneye : and that alt these thynges abide sure for 
Euer, they ben) i-seeled with pe seeles of Both Howses, and 1 of 
pe saide Abbot and prior, also and 1 with seele of pe worschipfutt 4 
Archedecuris, 1. 


Febr. 3. 

Oseney and 
by which 
a perpetual 
lease of the 
tithes of 
hay of a 
near Ose- 
ney, for 28. 


[55.] betwene thabfoot of Osney & the pryoresse of 

This is Covenaunt i-maade Betwene sire Richard Abbot and 1 
Couent of Oseney of pe ooiDe party, and 1 pe lady priorisse 
and 1 Couent of litulmore of pe oper partye, pat where pe saide 8 
Abbot and Couent had i-Drawe pern) in- to plee, afore Jugges of 
our" lorde pope delegate, vppoii) tithis of heye of per mede pat is 
betwene pe court of Oseuey and 1 of Henxhey and Is i-callicT 
Snellesey: at pe laste, ffrendely pe saide chanoni graunticT 12 
to bem) pe saide tithis for ij. ^. yerly, in p e name of A ffenne of 
them) to be holde for Euer, in two termes of pe yere to pern) to 
be i-paide, that is to sey, At Estur xij. d 1 . and 1 at pe fest of seynte 
Mi^liett xij. d. ; and 1 , last by procese of tyme oony strife or 16 
question) be i-sprunge vppoii) pe saide tithis, or pat pat is i-doo 
of pe same tithis betwene parties to be callid agayne in-to dowte 
or to be made vnsure by oony maner, pis writyng is i-made, of 
pe which oon) partye i-seled 1 with seelis of pe saide chanon^ 20 
abideth to pe saide prioresse and" couent, And 1 pe oper partye 
i-seled 1 with seelis of pe same mynchons to pe saide chanoni. 
Also pe forsaide Abbot and Couent pe forsaide tithis as pere 
owne with pere owne costes [shall 1 defend] for pem-selfe and 1 24 
for pe saide Minchons. ])ese pynges were i-doo at Abendoii) in 
pe grete church In pe morowe of pe purificacton of p e blessed 1 
virgyii), pe yere fro pe Incarnace'on Mi CC xxiij. 


[50.] friswicT gyueth to osnye iij. s. yerly rent for 
relese of ij. s. vj. <T. 

Philippe 2 prior of Seynte ffrideswith and 1 aft pe Couent 28 


Oseney, by of pe same place to alt true men) of on? holy modu? pe church 

1 Added from the Latin. to St. Frideswyde's is in Wigram's Carl. 

- The Latin text of the Oseney grant & Frid., ii. 244. 

[VIII Oseney Meadows] 61 

heltti. Knowe ye vs to have i-grauntid, and witTi ou? seele St. Frides- 

pryntyng to haue confermed, to pe chanonj} of Osenf ?/ that yifte a meadow 

be which William Hereville and 1 Johan his wiffe Tmade ! to them h , eld °, f 
1 L , their house 

4 of the meadow which the said William and Joan his wife] holde by quit- 

of vs foi* iij. 1. yerly to he i-paide at p e ffest of Seynte Jonn 

Baptiste for alt seruice, that is to say, that lieth by p e courte of 

Oseney be-yonde be water, whereof be forsaide William maade 

8 to vs homage and 1 hatn ou? Charter, sa bat be forsaide chanonH 
of Oseney bo iij. 3. be which be saide AVilliam and? his heyres 
ofte to vs berof, for bym) and 1 for his heyres, to vs jerly at 
be forsaide terme shaft paye, And 1 pat be chanoriS of * Oseney, * leaf 16. 

1 2 for bese iij. 3. and 1 for here deliueryng, relesecT to vs xxx. d 1 . be and accept- 
which we haue i-owyd to pay to pein) jerely for summe tithis of way of pay- 
Escote (vppon) be which hit 2 was A translacion whas i-maade surre nder 
betwene ou? churcn and" pein) afore Jugges Delegate), and" for vs ° f 3S - 6d - 

1 6 haue assinecfpe ober vj. d 1 ., be which he shaft paye Euery daye Oseney for 
at be saide te^me of seynte John, to thomas ffi3t Eilrice and be and Q f 6d 
heyres of hym, of a londe be which he holdett of be forsaide Q Ut f of ? n 
chanoris" of Oseney within be Boi'owgh of oxonforde for ij. 3. quit-rent 

20 3erely, so bat we no-thyng more 8 of be same thomas and 1 his oseney. 
heyres maye axe. These witnesse, ?. 

[57.] To aft cristen) men) to be whicTi b^ writyng shaft come I22j, 

Robert by be mercy of god [abbot] and Osbert prior of Haben- D ecig i 0I1 

24 don) euerlastyng helth in ow? lorde. To aft yowre knowlege we in , favour 

wille hit come, vs to haue i-take owre lorde be pope-is com- by papal 

, . . , j couamis- 

maundement in be wordes : — sioners, 

Honory, Bisshop, seruaunt of pe seruantes of god, to yowre 4 

28 beloued 1 sonnys, Abbot 5 of Redyng and of AbendoiT) Abbotes, 
and prior of Abendon), of Saresbury Diocese, helth and be 
apostels Benyson): ou? beloued 1 sonnys Abbot and Couent of 
Oseney in here planyng shewed 1 pat Richard Clerke and 1 summe 

32 ober of lincolu and 1 Saresbury dioceses, vppon) tithis possessions 
and 1 ober thynges to bere churcn of Seynte George of ryjgnt 
longe 6 , wronge 7 to be same, perfore to yowre discrecion), by be 

1 Supplied from the Cottonian MS., :i ' nihil amplius quam vi d.' 
communicated by Rev. H. Salter. ' Read * our.' 

2 • Super quibus transactum fuit inter 5 Omit • Abbot.' 

nostram ecclesiam,' i.e. ! translacion ' for f> Read ' longing' : 'de iure spectantibus.' 

• transaccion.' 7 i- e. do wrong : * iniuriantur.' 


[VIII Oseney Meadows] 

of a papal 

April 28, 

in a suit 





apostels writyng', we cowmaunde (pat pe parte* i-callid) ye hire 
pe cause, and 1 pat that is ry^ght (appelle i-put a-backe) ye 
ordeyne, makyng pat pat ye ordeyne by pe censure of pe church 
surely to be kepid", and 1 pe witnysses that ben i-named" (if pey, 4 
for grace, hatrede, or drede, with-drawe pem) by pe same 
censure (appelle cesyng) constreyne to bere witnesse to pe 
trowthe ; ancTif ye aft to pese pynge* to be executicTmay not be \ 
atte hit, jit at pe leste tweyne doo execuceon. Date at Viterbe, 8 
pe iiij. kk. of may, of ou? Bisshophode pe iiij. 3ere. 

peri) for 2 , by pe auctorite of this maundement, abbot of 
Redyng, on? ffelawe Jugge, hym-selfe at 3 aft p e cause excusyng, 
pe which was i-meved 1 betwene Richard 1 Abbot and Couent 12 
of Oseney e, of p e oofD party, and Henry fh^t Symon), Philippe 
Mille?, Symon) Balehorn), Rordan) rede 4 , William Were 5 , Oriot 
wydwe of OeyerU, Anneys wydwe of John Burewalde, John 
Pady, RicAard Stocwett, Alurey Elmel, Robert oerre, Andrewe 16 
Halegoode, Miton Bake? •, of the oper party; Abbot and 1 Couent 
of Osneye by a procutor 7 , Philip Mille?, S. Balehorne, and 1 
John Rede 8 , in here owne persones, and" oper afore-named 1 
for tithe of by procutours 7 in ou? presence i-sette, pe striffe vppon) tithis of 20 
heye of pe forsaide men), that is to saye, of pe medes pe which 
lye withoute the courte of Oseneye towarde p e west i-witnessecT, 
and witnesses to 9 perUtente of pabbot and Couent of Osneye to 
be proued 1 afore vs i-browght forth and 1 examined 1 , by 10 ordre of 24 
lawe abowthe p 8 pubblisshyng' of [the attestations] pe saide 
witnisses i-browth3 forth and p 6 disputyng of parties thoroght 
aft thynges i-kepid 1 : When) 11 it was opyii) of plee, renuweyngof 
pe bryngyng forth of witnesses and 1 the allegactons hidis 12 and 28 
]>ere i-doo, whenne fully it was i-preuecTby feythfuft men) pat pe 
saide media ls of pe forsaide places of oxonforde was of p e parish 

hay of 
near Ose- 

1 'non . . . potueritis interesse.' 

2 Read ' }>erefore ' : ' igitur.' 

3 ' ad totam causam.' 

4 'rufum.' Bead ' Ioidan.' 

5 'Bere.* 

6 'pistorem.' 

7 'per procuratores': 'procutor' seems 
to be a shortening, in the direction of 
; proctor.' 

8 ' Iordano ruffo.' 

• ' ad probandam intentionem.' 
10 Omit ' by.' ' iuris ordine, circa publica- 
cionem attestacionum dictorum testium 

productorum et partium disputacionem, per 
omnia observato.' 

11 ' Cum nobis de causa liqueret, renuncia- 
tionibus productionum testium et allega- 
cionum hinc inde factis ' : i. e. both parties 
declared they had no more oral testimony 
(testes) or written statements (allegaciones) 
to produce. 

1J Bead ' hidir' (hither and thither). 

13 Marginal note : ' vppon) the tythes of 
certeyn Mede lying without the Courte of 
Osney towardes the west.' 

[VIII Oseney Meadows] 63 

of ]>ere church of seynte George, or of seynte Marye Mawdelen 
p e which longeth" to pe same churcli of seynte george, and 1 
nopyng 1 whas i-proued" in-to contrarye, pe grace of p holy goste 

4 i-called" 1 , pe tithis of heye of pe forsaide mede i-axid, with 
pe counsel! of wise men) and 1 of meH of lawe sittyng 12 to vs, 
pe saide [aduersaries 3 being present, and of the paid] aduer- 
sariis beyng absent p e procutours in pere name beyng to, pe 

8 tithis of pe hey of pe forsaide medes 4 to be i-paied 1 for parish 

ry5ght for euei* to }?abbot and Couent of Oseneye by * sentence * leaf 16, 

diffynyng 5 , we haue i-Jugged 1 . Moreouer we haue p e forsaide 

aduersariis in-to resonable expensis to be saide Abbot and and award 

-,,,_. of costs of 

12 Couent condempned. In-to pe strengh and 1 witnysse of this the suit to 

thyng, to ]?is writyng present owre seelis we haue i-Juggid sene y- 

worthy to put to. These thynges were i-do in pe chapelt of 

Seynte Nicholas at Abendoii), In pe moneth of Marche, pe yere 

16 of pe Incarnacion of on? lorde armo M*CC xxiij. 

[58.] Knowe pey J>at ben nowe and 1 to be pat I, Symon) About 
Balehorne of oxonforde, haue i-jeve grauntid lefte and 1 haue Excerpt 
deliuered 1 and 1 with bis present charter confermyd, for me and* from » 

grant to 

20 my heyres, to god and 1 to p e church of Seynte Marye of Oseney Oseney, 
and 1 to pe chanons" pere seruyng god, all pe londe, f. Also B ai e h™rn 
vj. acris of mede G , where-of iiij. lye by pe mede that sumtyme 
whas of Kobert Mercer, of 7 pe which also vj. acris alyne Smyth 8 of (amongst 

24 helde sumtyme ij. acris, and Hugh Cai-penter oper ij. acris, and 1 6acre!of 
John Sewy oper ij. acris, and 1 pey lye By pe mede of pe lorde of meadow, 
that ffee, and 1 ail ]x> vj. acris strecche ]?emVselfe vn-to pe water 
J>at floweth fro Bolestake, it This charter is i-write hole with- 

28 inne pe title of ' pe parish of Seynte Marye ' of pe Borowgh of 

1 'invocata.' about 1530 by Dr. John Claymond across 

2 • assidentium.' these meadows : Wood's City of Oxford, i. 
s Added from the Latin. 437. 

* Marginal note (of later date) : 'quaere 5 • per sententiam diffinitivam.' 

if it be not the meades that mr. president 6 Marginal note : ' Mede.' 

of corpus ckristi colledge ; ' referring no 7 * de quibus eciam sex acris.' 

doubt to Botley causeway, constructed 8 'Alanus faber.' 


[IX Oseney lock] 

[IX. Aldewere.] 


Grant to 
Oseney, by 
Bernard of 
St. Valerie, 
of a lock on 
and the 
which fed 

[59.] The locke of Osney. 

Be 1 hit i-knowe to aft true inen) of holy church bat I, 
barnarde of Seynte Walerye, haue i-^eve and 1 grauntid, and 
with my present charter confermed 1 , to be church of god and 1 of 
Seynte inarye of Oseney and to be chanons bere seruyng god, 4 
ray goter or locke 2 by themee, with p e course of water be whicTi 
rennyth to be myllis of be Same chanonl In osneye, in-to flfre 
pure and perpetueft almes, [quiet] fro all Secule? seruice and 1 
Demaunde, for pe helthe of my lorde pe Kyng Henry and 1 myne 8 
and 1 of Anor my wife and 1 of Bernarde my Sooue and 1 of my oper 
ffrendes. These witnesses, Gerarde my nevowe be Vicounte s of 
pihkeny, Master John of Brideporte, and 1 oper. 


evidence of 
a jury of 

Oseney had 
leave to 
put a board 
in Oseney 
lock, and, 
if neces- 
sary, also 
a ' fillet.' 

[60.] A Inquisicion i-made for be planke and 1 philete to ia 
be i-put in be loke. 

Inquisicion i-take By William of Hakeburn), ben) Baylyffe 
of be hundrede withoute be North^ate of oxonford 1 , be yere 
of KyngEdwarde 4 be Soone of KyngEdwarde be ix, by be obe 16 
of Gilberte Shipton), wilk'am of Eynysham, of Adam Tilhurste, 
Robert queynton) 8 , William Broun, Robert Grynde?, Water 
Wareborowgh, Hugh of Barton), John leyge, [Richard 6 of Blox- 
ham, Walter of Hereford, Walter mareschal, Robert of Legge] 20 
William Weston), be whicb seyne by bere othe that Jiabbot of 
Oseneye shatt put in his locke on) table 7 of pe brede of ij. fote 
and 1 dj. with iij. borys or holys, And if hit be nede and 1 lacke of 
water he 8 shaft vppon) put oon) philet of pe brede of halfe 24 
a foote. In-to witnysse of thys thyng be forsaide swore men) 
haue put to bere seelys. i-jeve at oseney be day and 1 be yere 

1 The MS. marks nos. 59, 60 with a big 
marginal bracket, and has, opposite the 
beginning of 59, the marginal note : 
• shewe the Rolle in latten for this.' 

2 'gurgitem meum.' 

s • vicedomino de Pinkeni.' 

Marginal note : ' Edward 2. 
' Quenintone.' 
Added from the Latin. 
• ponet . . . unam tabulam.' 
'su[per]ponet unum filetum. 

[IX Oseney lock] 65 

[61.] Moolde thempmce, pe dowghter of Kyng Henry, and 1 About 
lady of Englissn men), to Archiebisshops Bisshops Abbotes Erles Q ran t j^ 
Barons Justices Schreves Mynsters and 1 to alt he? true raefD cpnfinna- 
4 Englisshe and £frenshe " of alt Inglonde heltn. Knowe ye me Oseney, 
to haue i-yeve and to haue i-grauntid, in-to perpetuelt almes, to empreaf'of 
god ancT to seynte Marye of Oseney and? to pe chanons pere 
seruyng god, for pe state and? stabylnesse of pe Reame of 
8 Inglond? & pe helth and? welefare of my lorde Erie of Aungye 
and? of my 8 ffree childroiD and" for my*ne and? for pe sowle * leaf 17. 
of Kyng Henry my fadu? and 1 of quene moolde my Modu? & of 
our aunceturs and 1 for pe heltn of my sowle and 1 remission) of my 

12 synnes, p® gote? or locke 3 pat is i-callid aldewere, fre and? quite, («) Ald- 
pe which was i-woned? to pay by yere to my ffernie of Oxonforde tempted 
iiij. ?!. ; And" with-in pe borowgh" of oxonforde, v. i. v. d 1 . ob. qua. from ^ u ; 
pe 4 which pey woned" to pay of \>e langabule by yere of pat (b) quit- 

16 londe of pe londe of pe Kyng viij. yerdes, with Burbabult 5 and 1 p^aJd.ia. 
alt oper thyngea and 1 customs to pe same londe perteynyng; (see no. 14); 
And p e He of langeneye with alt thynges perteynyng to hit, (c) Lang- 
pe which Geffrey Chamburleyne of Glymton) a-fore me ° to pern) ney ' 

20 in-to almes grantid and quite-claymed 1 ; and j. hide of londe of 

Staunton) pe which lieth at? Hanborowgh by pe Brigge of Bladon) (d)dowager- 
as quene Adelide jafe hit to pern), for J?e sowle of Kyng Henry Alice's gift 
my fadu? and with he? charter confermed". Wherefore I wilt no " 3 ^ ' 

24 and 1 surely charge pat pe forsaide church and?chanon3 pe forsaide with 
tenauntries holde, welt and? in peece, worschipfully frely and? manorial 


quietly, wiifi socke, sacke, tol, and* them, and Infangenthefe, tion. 

1 The Latin observes the Norman order, to this 5«. ^d. This landgable was col- 
1 omnibus fidelibus suis, Francis et Anglis.' lected by the bailiff of the kiDg's property 

2 ' et liberorum meorum.' in Beaumont, called the • Ehtyerds of the 

3 Marginal note : ' The locke called King,' • octo virgate regis,' being two hides 
aldewere.' Oseney rentals place it in St. in extent. In the Pipe Bolls the allow- 
Michael at South Gate parish. It was, ance to Oseney of these exemptions of 4s. 
perhaps, the lasher of that mill which and 5*. ^d. is regularly recorded, 
afterwards became the mill of the Black 5 In an original charter of King Stephen 
Friars. to Oseney (now at Christ Church) the 

4 • quos reddere solebant, de Langabulo word appears as ' Brugable.' It was a 
per annum, de terra ilia qu[a]e dicitur pre-Norman tax paid by certain houses for 
" Octovirgate regis" cum burgabulo et the right to brew. When (in 1280) the 
omnibus aliis rebus.' Landgable was a Cartulary was compiled, the scribe seems 
small payment to the Crown by certain not to have known the meaning of the 
houses in towns. Oseney charters indicate word, and to have tried to explain the 
that perhaps one house in five paid it. In word as " burg-gable.' 

1142 Oseney held about twenty houses in s i.e. in my presence: 'coram me.' 

Oxford, the landgable of which amounted 

[IX Oseney lock] 


to Oseney, 
by William 
(son of 
of his in- 
terest in 

and aft oper customs and fredoms pe which they had 1 whenne 
pey were in pe Kynges lordeship. These witnesse, Sec 5 . 

[62.] To aft cristen) men) to p e which" this present wrytyng 
shaft come Willia?n ffijt Helie ffisshe? 1 helth in ou? lorde. 4 
Knowe ye aft me to haue relesed and quite-claymed, for me and 
myne heyres for euer\ to Richard 2 Abbot of oseneye, my locke 8 
or goter pe which is i-callid Aldewere, and 1 aft my ryjght in hit 
pat I had or myjght haue. And pat [this] relese and quyte- 8 
clayme be sure and stabutt for eue?, This present writyng vrith 
my seele I haue i-strengthid. These witnesses, &c 9 . 

[X. Of the chapel of St. Thomas.] 
[63.] Duryng * pe sege of p e casteft of oxonforde of Kyng 
ethephyn), pe which moolde themperice in pe saide casteft Ionge 12 

that St. 

bunt°be* aS segid, was beeldidpe chapeft of Seynte thomas (for pe parisshons 
tW d e n Sept ' °^ ^y^ George in-to pe casteft my;ht not come ne entre) : and 
114a. hit is to be knowe pat hit was i-beeldid vppon) pe ffee of Seynte 

Walerye vppon) pe halfe of pe x. and vij. acris pe which to vs jafe 16 
bernarde of Seynte Walerye, as hit is i-schewed by pe charter 
[Note. — This is not the place to discuss a very interesting, but most obscure, 
point in Oxford topography, as to which Anthony Wood himself is more than 
usually hesitating {City of Oxford, ii. 1 1 2-7). Still, since it is distinctly brought up 
in these documents, the facts may be briefly set down. (A) Between Oxford 
Castle and the site of Oseney stands St. Thomas' parish church, now, and for long 
back, the mother church of the west suburbs of Oxford : see Map at beginning of 
Wood's City of Oxford, ii. (B) No. 66 describes the founding of a chapel near the 
gate of Oseney. Were (A) and (B) separate or the same ? What were the date 
and occasion of their foundation and refoundation, or dates and occasions of their 
foundations? Oseney tradition, set out in no. 63, may at once be dismissed. 
Could a church have been built, on the sudden inroad of war into Oxford 
west suburb, between Sept. and Dec. 20, 1142? Could a church have even been 
begun, almost within bow-shot of a hotly-besieged castle ? The most probable 
solution of the difficulty is to take nos. 64 and 66 together, and no. 65 as referring 
to a distinct building. In no. 65 we have the grant by the diocesan of a semi- 
domestic chape], apparently within Oseney island, probably destroyed at the dis- 
solution. After Oseney, in 1152, obtained possession of St. George's in the Castle 
(no. 23), the abbey may reasonably be supposed to have provided a more convenient 
church for its large parish in the west suburb of Oxford. This would account for 
the Church of St. Thomas the Martyr, which seems to be implied in no. 66.] 

1 ' piscator.' 

2 ProbablyRicharddeGrey,abboti22I-9. 
* Marginal note : ' The said locke.' 

4 The heading in the Latin is, ' De 

C'apella sancti Thome.' In the English 
MS. there is a (later) marginal note here : 
' Saint Nicholas Churche.' 

[X] Saint Nicholas Charche 67 

[64.1 Knowe alt men) bothe present and 1 to be that [II About . 

Bernarde of Seynte Walerye, 3afe and 1 grauntid) and 1 wr't/iihis Grant to 

present charter confermed 1 , to \>e church of god and 1 of Seynte Oseney, by 

4 Marye of Oseney and to b e chanoriS per seruyng god, halfe of x. st. Valerie, 

and 1 vij. acris and 1 halfe j. acre of my lordeship in oseney, pe ^ediety of 

which lye at be northe next to b e courte of be same chanonl '7s acres 


and? to p e tenement, of b e which acris p e lenght Is i-strechid 1 Oseney. 
8 fro p e wey by pe which me goeth 1 fro Oseney to pe church 
of Seynte George, vnto pe water pe which rennyth to pe Millis of 
p e same chanonl, in-to fre and 1 pure almys fro all seruice, sauyng 
pe ryjght of ou? lorde Kyng, for pe helth of my lorde Kyng 

i2 Henry and 1 myne and 1 of Anor my wife and 1 of Bernard 1 my sone 
[and 2 of my other children and ' parents ' and my friends, and 
specially for the soul of Reginald my son] and 1 for pe sowles of 
my fadu^ and modu? 3 and? of moolde my wife and 1 of Symon) my 

i<5 vncle and of oper kennesfolkes * and 1 of my frendes, (and 15 special! 

for p Q Sowle * of reynolde my sone). This yifte I made in * leaf 17, 

J) e Abbey of Oseney where I a-boode In a lente 6 . [Lent' at 


[65.] To all cristen) men) to p e which bis present writyng About 
ao shall come, Hugh 7 , by pe grace of god Bisshop of lincoln, helth Gxe ^ t to 
euerlastyng in ou? lorde. Knowe ye all ow? beloued 1 Sones Oseney, 
Abbot and 1 chanons of Oseney A chapell of ou? assent and 1 wille diocesan, of 
afore pe 3ate of here courte in pere owne grownde to haue i-macle, ^g^outside 
24 to bat specially that in hit to bere seruantes and giftes 8 or also Oseney 

tr n t o for • 

to pere parisshons in 9 that cooste dwellyng, whenne 10 hit is useofser- 

goode to ]?em), diuine thynges to be done: and 1 laste p e same van g* g an<l 

brethrin), by cause of this chapell, -with vnryghtfull vexynges or 

28 exacctons here-afte? be i-weried 1 , We decree J>at chapell for 

Euer free to be fro Sinodalt and 1 to Enioy all be Immunitees be free fro , m . : 

. . - synodals, 

which pe monastery Enioyeth. pat this be rate and 1 ferme with and privi- 

1 'a via qua itur.' "' The witnesses — Stephen, chancellor of 

2 Added from the Latin. The repetitions Lincoln ; Roger of Rolueston (became 
are singular, and suggestive of forgery. dean of Lincoln 1 195, died 1223) ; Nigel, 

3 ' pro animabus patris et matris.' dean of Oxford, — attach this to Hugh of 

4 'parentum.' Avalon, bishop 11 86-1 200. 

* The bracketed clause is brought in here 8 Read ' gestes ' ; ' hospitibus.' 

by the translator, who had noticed his 9 ' in ipsoconfinio.' 

omission, as above. l0 ' cum commodum eis fuerit, divina 

8 ■ cum moram facerem in ea in quadam celebrenter.' 
quadragesima '; also suspiciously vague. 

F 2 


[X~\ The chappdl of Seynte Thomas 

leged as this writyng 1 and our seele puttyng 1 to we avised 1 to be strengthid. 
itself." pese witneeseses, il 


tion to 
Oseney, by 
the pope, 
of a chapel, 
to St. 

[66.] Honorie 1 , Bisskoppe, seruaunt of p« Seruauntes of 
god, to p e beloued soont s Abbot and 1 Couent of Oseney heltn and 1 4 
the apostls blessyngi pe aposteli see is woned 1 to graunte to pe 
goode desires and 1 honest praieres of axers beniuolente fauo? 
to parte 2 . perfore, om 5 beloued 1 Soones in oui> lorde, to yow? 
ry3ghtfull praiers Inclined 1 , be chapelt of Seynte Thomas with 8 
his pertinences, afi ye s 1 yjgntfully lawfully and 1 pesible ye haue 
hit, [to you], and 1 by 4 30W to you? monastery, by thapostels 
auctorite we conferme and with pe help of this writyng 1 we 
make hit stronge. perfore to [no] man) Ytturly 5 be hit lawful! 1 2 
this writyng 1 of ou? confirmacion to breke or to hit come agayne 6 
with frowarde boldenysse : and 1 if oony man that to assay wille 
presume, indignacion of aln.y3gl.ty gcd and 1 of pe Blessed apostls 
petur and 1 powle knowe pey bem)-selfe to haue i-cuwime inne. 16 
pe Date at lateranne, f. 

[67.] Know pey that be present and 1 to be pat I, Thomas 
of Seynte "Watery e, haue i-yeve, grauntid 1 , and 1 confermed 1 with 
my present charter, to god and 1 to pe church of Blessid 1 marye of 20 
Osney and 1 to pe chanon 3 Ipere eeruyng 1 god, for me and 1 my wife 
and 1 for pe sowles of my fadu? and 1 my modu? and 1 of my aun- 
ceturs, in-to pure and 1 perpetuett almes, ij. sellions or buttes of 
lond 1 to a wey 7 to be made at northoseney 8 by p 6 Diche of pe 24 
londe of be forsaide cbanonl pe which 9 Bernarde my fadur jafe 
to pern) with be roses pathe 10 that is bitwefD pe forde that is 
road along* i-callid Uuerforde 11 and 1 be londe of be chanons, pe wey In 

lenght strecchyng' hit-selfe fro be forsaide forde vnto be howse 28 

Grant to 
by Thomas 
of St. 

of two 
strips at 
Oseney to 
make a 

land in 
no. 64, 
and of a 
right of 
ford there, 

1 Honorius III, pope 1216-27. 

2 ' to graunte ... to parte ' translates 
the one word ' impartiri.' 

3 For ' all ye * read ' as ' : • sicut. 1 

4 * vobis, et per vos monasterio vestro.' 

5 ' nulli ergo omnino hominum liceat.' 
r ' • vel ei contraire.' 
7 Marginal note : ' a waye.' 
* North Oseney (afterwards the site of 

Rewley abbey) was an island, amid streams 

be which [was sometime] of Water lingedraper: pe forde also 
(that is of my ryjght), and 112 In eyber [part] gojng vppe and 1 
goyng> downe with-oute ,s harmyng 1 of my mede. And 1 hit 

of Thames, next Oseney to the North : 
map ii. in Wood's City of Oxford, ii. 
* i. e. londe. 

10 ' cum Koseo ' : possibly, the ! rushy ' 

11 Marginal note : ' Vuerford.* Cotton 
MS. reads ' Were-ford.' 

u ' et, in utraque parte, ascensionem et 
13 MS. has ' downe with with oute.' 

now called Saint Nicholas 69 

is to be know that I haue forgefe to p e same afore ' many that his 
chanonl of ferme of vj. d 1 . if so mocne be to be paid 1 ; And 1 i^ e Q 0t ° w 
if oony thyng oue? boo vj. <T. to be paied 1 , bey shaft paye hit d{ "f?f e< J' 

Kll.fl ttlflt 

4 to my cheke? atpe fest of Seynte Myjghett. This wey, with be if the grant 
Above-saide thynges, to pe forsaide chanons I graunte, to be {pearly' 
holde of me and" myrDe heyres, frely and 1 quietly, weft and 1 value 
pesible for Euer, witTi-oute vexyngi And 1 [pat] this my jifte the excess 

8 and 1 graunte sure & vnbroke abide, hit with pe witnesses of rent. qm 
this present writyng and" puttyng to of my seele, [I] powght 
worpy to strenghte : pese witnisses, &c. 9 

[XI. Medley.] 

[68.] Hit is to be remembrid 1 howe we haue Midleye and 1 Note that 

a pe Wike anctoper pertinences of pe yifte of pe Burgesis of oxon- thTwyke 

forde, paying to pe same for pe yifte and 1 warantijyngj. marke ™^ el * 

of * siluer, pe which truly marke pe saide Burgesis asseyned 1 to * leaf 18. 

pe priory of ffrideswitli [to 2 be paid by our hands, for the '"^ at a 

1 6 penalty laid on them] for pe detti of clerkes sumtyine hangid i 3S . ±d. 

of 3 pe same. 

[Note. — Two things, widely apart in time, are to be distinguished in this 
memorandum. First, is the conveyance (reason not stated) of Medley to Oseney 
by Oxford town in 1147, * ne quit-rent (no. 69) being 6s. 8d. Afterwards, this 
quit-rent was doubled (no. 70), on fresh warranty being given. A sufficient 
reason for this warranty is found in the claim made for possession of Medley by 
St. Frideswyde's priory (Wigram's Cart. S. Frid., i. 36-8), which the town staved off 
(1191) by agreeing to pay 8s. yearly to the priory. In 1209 happened the ' sus- 
pensio clericorum,' for which the town was laid under interdict. In 12 14, the town 
submitted and agreed to pay a sum yearly to the University through St. Frides- 
wyde's and Oseney ; changed in 12 19, to through Einsham. The assignment of tho 
13s. 4^. quit-rent to St. Frideswyde's by the town is no doubt part of the 1214 
arrangements. Wood's City of Oxford, i. 330, wrongly dates the affray in 1 144, to 
make it coincident with the original conveyance of tho island.] 

[69.] Mydley : of the gyfte of the Ci^ens of Oxford 1 . 1147. 

Be hit i-knowe to aft true men) of holy church both present grant to 
and 1 to be that we, Citesyns of oxonforde, of p e commune of pe by Oxford 
20 Cite and 1 p e yelde of marchauntes, for p 6 stabulnese of aft pe 

1 Bead ' to the same afore-named * Added from the Latin, 

chanons the ferme ' : ' condouavi canonicis s i. e. by them : ' ab eisdem. 

orenominatiB firmam.' 


[XI Medley] 

of Medley 

68. 8d. 

upon the 


reame and 1 state and 1 welth of ou? Kyng ande quene and? of here 
Soones also and 1 for ow? heltli and 1 of alt ou? and 1 for pe Sowles 
of ou? fadurs and 1 modurs and" of ou? aunceturs, yefe ancTgraunte, 
in-to perpetuetl almes, to pe churcTi of god and 1 of Seynte Marye 4 
of Osney and 1 to pe chanons ]>ere seruyng god, ou? He pe which 
is i-callid Midley, with all thynges to hit perteynyng In londes 
& medes and 1 in pasture*, with all pe same liberteis and 1 customs 
pe which pere ow? aunceturs had" with ffre grauntyng of Kynges, 8 
and 1 we after them), so napeles that euery 3ere pe same chanons 
pay dj. a marke of Silue? for that same tenure or holde ' where 
we shall commaunde. This yevyng and 1 grauntyng we haue 
i-maade with p 6 commune assent in portemannet 2 , and this we 13 
made in p e chapiter of Oseney Afore pe chanons of pe same 
place, and 1 In pe presence of William Chenet ou? Aldirmafi), 
and" 3 by hym and 1 afterwarde with hym vppoii) pe Aute? wtt/t 
texte we offend 1 hit. Of this 3ifte and 1 graunte Witnisse 16 
Edwarde * Abbot of Thame : pese witnesses, ?. 


tion to 
by Oxford 

of Medley, 
as in no. 69, 

but with 
6*. &d. 
added to 
the quit- 
rent be- 
cause of 
now given. 

[70.] Be hit i-knowe bothe to rneii) that be nowe and" to be 
pat we, Citisens of Oxonford 1 , of pe commune of pe Cite and 1 
of pe Marchaundis yelde, for ow? helth and 1 of ou? and 1 for 20 
be Sowles of ou? kennesfolkes and 1 of ou? aunceturs, gi'auutc, 
and 1 with ou? present charter conferme, to pe Church of Seynte 
marye of Oseney and 1 to pe chanons pere seruyng god, pe yifte 
pe which ou? aunceturs maade to peiTD of pe He of Midley with 24 
his pertinences, so that Euc/y yere at p e fest of Seynte Mighell 
p e same chanons" paye dj. j. marke for pis tenure where we shall 
commaunde pern), as witnesseth p e charte? of ou? aunceturs pat 
pey maade to pern) of p e yifte of pe same He. ffurpermore, for- 28 
asmoche as we haue i-take in ou? hande, for vs and 1 for ou? 
heyres, to warantije p e forsaide He to p e same chanons in 
Euerych place and 15 to alt men), pey for this waranti^ynge shall 
paye to vs and 1 to ou? heyres Euery jere at Estu? a-noper 3 2 
dj. marke, p e which pey shall take 6 to whome we wilie bidde ; 
and we and ou? heyres feyjhtfully shall warantije to pern) J>e 

] ' or holde ' is an alternative rendering 
of ' tenura.' 

a ' portmanmot.' 

8 ' et per euni et postea cum ipso super 
altare cum textu obtulimus.' Does ' cum 

textu ' refer to the oath on the gospels, as 
in nos. 154, 219? 

4 Should be Everard. 

6 ' et versus omnes homines.' 

G 'tradent.' 

[XI Medley] 71 

forsaide tenement by pe semice of p e forsaide marke yerly 
for all tkynges and 1 all seruices. This ou? grauutyng and con- 
firmaceon we haue i-made with p e co?mnune counsell of pe Cite, 

4 and 1 with pe cowimunatt Seele haue i-confennecT hit. And pesc 
ben J>ey pe whicti pis grauntyng and cowfermyng haue i-made 
Nigeil that tyme Deene of Oxonforde, John Kepeheraie and 1 
Henry fi}t Sigrini pen AldirmaiD, laurence Kepeherme and 

8 thomas of tadniarton), pen) pretores or pletoures 1 , petwr ffi$t 
Geffrey, and othe? 2 , and 1 all p e commune of pe Citisyns of 
pe Cite of oxonford 1 . 

[71.] Heney, Kyng of Inglonde, Duke of Normandye and 1 About 

12 of GiefD, and 1 Erie of Aungie, to Robert 3 , Bisshoppe * of lincoln, * lea j 18> 
and to pe Barons of oxonfordeshire and to p e Citisyns of oxon- back, 
forde helth. Knowe $e me to haue i-grauntid 1 , and 1 to haue tionto 
i-confermed, to pe chui'ch of god and of Seynte Marye of Osney HenrT'n y 

16 and to pabbot and Couent Ipere seruyng god, for my helth and 1 of no. 69. 
of myne, pat jifte p e which be Citisyns of Oxonforde haue 
i-maade to pe church of Seynte Marye of Osney and to pe 
chanons ]>ere seruyng 1 god [of] p e He 4 p e which is i-callid 1 

20 Midleye, so pat Euery 3ere pe forsaide chanohS paye dj. a marke 
of Silue? for pat tenure where pe same Citisyns wille cow- 
maunde, as pe charter of p e forsaide Citisyns witnesseth. 
Wherefore I will and 15 Surely commaunde or chai'ge pat pe 

24 chanoriS holde well and 1 In peece, and 1 frely and? worschipfully, 
nowe pe saide He 6 , as Euery 7 oony maiD hit best or worschip- 
fulliste helde. Witnisses Thomas 8 owr chauncele?, Richard 
of Hum), Gocetl. of 9 Bay 11. : at Sausburyc. 

[XII.] Walton. 

[72.] Hit is to be membrid that pabbot of Oseney hath in Reference 
Walton) Diuerse londes ancFtenementes perteynyngto pe Chapell 
of Seynte George, as hit is i-schewed 1 above in pe title of 

1 Latin is simply ' tunc pretores.' alternative rendering. 

3 Latin is ' etc' 6 ' iaindictam insulam.' 

3 Robert de Chesney, bp. of Line. 1148- 7 Read ' ever' : 'unquain.' 

1 'de insula.' [66. s Thomas Becket, chancellor 1154-62, 

c ' et firmiter precipio ' ; ' or charge ' is an * Joscelyne de Bailol. 


[XII] Walton 

nos. 3. 
and 21 

• pe ffuridacion) of pe saide chapelt of Seynte' George' and 1 
in p* 3 tittc • How pe churcli of Seynte George was i-jeve to vs.* 


Oseney and 

about tithes 
and parish 
dues in 
suburb of 

ended by 
them to 

and God- 

to offer 
2 was- 
candles at 
Oseney as 

[73.] [Controversy] betwene Osney & Godstowe. 

To aft pe soones of our holy niodu? pe church to pe which 
this present writyng shaft come, AV. and 1 W. of Gumhe and 1 4 
of Thame Abbotea, heltti in ou? lorde Euerlastyug. Knowe 
3e aft pat whenne, bitwene pabbot and chanons of Oseney ande 
thabbesse and 1 Minchonl of Godestow, was i-stered" 1 a con- 
trouersie or strife, vppon) pe tithis of men) of pe forsaide chanons 8 
and "Walton) and parisshens and 1 tithis of xxW acris, p e chanons 
raying pe same parisshens and 1 tithis to longe to pe church 
of Seynte George (pe which is pere owne) of olde ry$gnt, and p c 
Minchoris! afifermyng pe same parisshens) and 1 tithis to longe 12 
to pe church of Seynte Gile (pe which pey haue) of ryjglit : 
at p e laste, this marwr Ende 2 that controuersie or stryfe 
fortunyd to take. Truly pabbot and Gouent or uhanorid of 
Oseney, for p e love of god ancTof pe forsaide Mynchons religion) 16 
sake, grauntid 1 to pern) in-to perpetueft almes aft pe forsaide 
parisshens And tithis, of them) for Euer to be holde, payng 
perof jerely ij. Serges 3 of iij. li. of waxe, pe which (semely 
made or dijth *) vppon) pe Auter of Seynte Marye of Oseney in 20 
pe vigile of pe AssumpcioiU of he? afore Euensonge pey ofte 
to Offe?. for this cawse we, to pe which ou? lorde pope Celes- 
tine pe iij. this cause coromittid 1 to be herde and 1 (apett i-put 
awey) with dewe Ende to be termined 1 , pis forsaide composicioiD, 24 
By p 3 Autorite i-^eve to vs by pe pope, cowferme hit and [by] 
p e puttyng to of ow? Seeles we make hit Sure : The which also 
to more Surete, with pe seele of Bothe Chapiters Is i-strengthid 1 . 
This composicton was i-maade p e 3ere fro pe lucarnacion of owr 28 
lorde mno M* anno 5 C. iiij.**- xij. 

1 4 controversia verteretur ' : ' or strife,' 
as usual, is an alternative rendering of the 

• 'huiusinodi finem controversia ipsa 

sortita est.' 

3 ' duos cereos.' 

* ' quos (decenter paratos).' 

'" Uittography in MS. 


[XIII. Eton.] 

[74.] Hit * is to be Mynded? pat we haue the towne of Reference 
Eton) of pe 3ifte of Robert Doylly p e soone of Nigel! Doylly, , 2) 
with pe pertinences ; and 1 of pe confirmacion of Henry his 16, 
4 soone, And 1 of Kynge Henry pe ffirst, ancTof Arundel 4 Bisshop 13, 14. 
of lincoln, and 1 of pope Eugenye p e iij., as hit is aboue in pe title 18. 
of ' p e fundacton of Oseneye.' 

[75.] In pe Baylifhoode of Eton) 2 ben i-ctmteyned 1 pesc Water- 
8 vndur-write : — Eton), Carsinton) s , Woodeton). pe Mitt of Hulc, cherweii. 
Cudeslawe, ffrees, Hanborowgh, andMVorton). 

[76.] [Controversy] betwene Osney & ffryswys. 122|, 

Jan. 19. 
Be hit 4 i-knowe to all men) that when, bitwene Sire J&ichard 
Abbot and Couent of Osney of pe oon) partie and Si? Symon) 

1 2 prior and 1 couent * of Seynte ffrideswitn of p e oper partie, was i- * leaf 19. 
sterede a controuersie [vppon 5 pe tithis] of p e Mille[s] of p e same Agreement 
chanons of Seynt ffrideswitn, pe which" Robert Hulc helde in p e Oseney and 
towne of Watereton) ; and vppon) pe tithis of heye ofpe mede to W yd e 's, as 

16 pe same Milles p^rteynyng; and? vppoiU tithis of ffisshyng per- ^ m^u 
teynyngto p e same milles, whenne pe Article vppon) pe same 
raille[s] and tithis in pe composici'on i-begumie bytwene parties a point left 
vppon) pe tithis and* oper thynges abode vndetermined 1 : at pe 

20 last, pey consentid witn oone wille vppon) Maister Roger 

Cauntelow and mayster N. of pe Woode that by pern pe ques- that at an y 
tiofD shukTbe determined : so, at pe last, strife and controuersie ing -which 
afore penU i-raevid 1 in this maner frendely hit restid 1 , that is ^ the° ry 

24 to say, pat p e saide chanomS of Seynte ffrideswith [in the name mills m 
of tithes of the church of Cudelinton] shall paye for pe saide yeariyshail 
tithes to pe chanons of Osney [ii. s.] jerely at pe ffest of Seynte oJSJJi? 
Mijghett ; and 1 if hit hap that p e saide chanons of Seynte ffrides- commuta- 

28 with pe saide Milles to " oony oper take, pen) pei whicn take pe tithe, 

1 All the property, up to this point, had 5 Added from the Latin, 

been ' in the bailiffship of Oseney.' 6 An excellent place for the double 

1 Nos. 74 and 75 are enclosed by a meaning of take = (i) to give, (ii) to take, 

bracket, and noted ' Eton.' The Latin is : ' Si . . . canonici . . . molen- 

3 i. e. Cassington. dina aliis quibuscunque tradiderint, tunc 

4 Latin text of the St. Frideswyde's deed qui receperint ilia molendina . . . solvant,' 
it given in Wijyrain's Cart. S. Frid. . ii. a 1 1 . etc. 

in no. 54, 


[XIII] Eton 

but when 
the mills 
are farmed 
out the ten- 
ant shall 
pay tithe 
to Oseney 
in the 
usual way. 

St. Frides- 
servants in 
the mills to 
pay parish 
dues to 

Milles, while pey holtle J^efn) [shall pay] pe tithe[s] of p e for- 
saide Milles mede and ffisshyng to pe saide chanons of Osney 
(p e chanons of Seynte ffrideswith in p e mene-while fro pe 
jevyng- of p e saide ij. 1. Deliuered 1 ); hut if pe same Milles with 4 
pe pertinences pey take agayne, lete ' renne pen p e payng 1 of 
ij. i. as afore, so pat no more, in pe name of tithis, of pem) al bo 
longe as pey holde pern) in Ipere handes may he axid 1 . The 
chanons of Seynte ffrideswith haue i-grauntid 1 also pat pere 8 
seruantes in p e forsaide Milles parisshe ryjghtes to pe church of 
CudelyngtoiD pertey[ny]ng (in p e parisshe of p e which pe Saide 
Milles hen i-sette) doo, as pey haue i-woned 1 and 1 ofte 2 . pese 
thynges were i-actid att Seynte ffrideswith afore pe saide Masters 12 
R. and 1 N. p e daye 3 of Woden) nexte afore p e feste of Seynte 
Vincente pe 5ere of pe Iucarnacion of owr lorde anno M* CC xxvij. 
ln-to pe strenght and" witnesse of p e which thyng p e forsaide 
parties, to-gedul* with pe Seeles of pe saide masters, to pis 16 
present writyng put to Ipere seeles. pese witnesses, &c 5 , 


Grant to 
Oseney, by 
St. Frides- 
wyde's that 
Oseney de- 
shall bo 

from suit , 
and from 
lines, to 
Hulc mills, 

and that if 
Oseney or 

j 77.] A charter 4 of pe prior of Seynt ffrideswith and 1 
of p e chanons of p e same place of p e sute of Eton. 

To att cristeiD men) to p e which J>is present writyng shatt 
come Symofi) pe saide prior of Seynte ffrideswith and" p e Couent 
of pe same place helth" in ou? lorde. Knowe $e att vs to haue 20 
quyte-clayniecTand vtturly to haue relesecT to pahhot and Couent 
of Oseney pe Sute of pere men) in Eton) and 1 Cudeslawe, now 
heyng and to come, p e which Sute pey had i-woned 1 to doo 
of Olde to owr 1 Mylle that Is i-callid Hulces Mvlle, or 5 of grace 24 
or of Dewte, no]?er c neuer hy p e olde chalenge getyngof custom) 
comyng in pere gryndyng shatt chalenge, noper of p e Demayne 
of p e forsaide Abhot And 1 Couent, aud what-so-Eue? of ryjglit 
we haue in pe forsaide gryndyng of pern) or of pere aforsayde 28 
men) we relese hit for Euer, with-oute reclaymyng ; And if 
in oony tyme hit witt please to p e forsaide Ahhot and chanons" 

1 ■ Currat praefata solutio dictoruin ii. s. 
sicut prius.' 

a ' Debuerunt.' 

3 ' die Mercurii.' 

* AVigram, ii. 209-10, has Latin text both 
of the Oseney grant by abbot Clement 

(died this year, 1221), and of this St. 
Frideswyde's grant by prior Simon. 

5 ' siue ex gratia siue ex debito.' 

6 ' nee unquam, obtentu antique con- 
suetudinis, aliquid in eorum molitura 

[XIII] Bayly fhode of Eton 75 

or Couent of Oseney ! the maynye of here owne Courte of Eton), choose to 
or. Ipere men), for cawse of gryndyng, to ou? Mille Come, of grJimd™ 1 
no Sute Dewte, by such maner, we shaft axe or chalenge of be thcre > *Mr 

. . doing so 

4 forsaide maynye or men). And 1 for this renuncyng and 1 quite- will not 

claymyng, pe forsaide Abbot anoT Couent of Osney reinittyng to pretext^* 

vs ij. s!. pe which we paide to pern jerely for certeyne tithis in revive the 

El[s]efelde of oolde, p e forsaide Abbot and Couent shaft paye to Oseney sor- 

8 vs jerely halfe a marke of Siluer in pe ffest of Seynte My3gheft. ™ n ygj£ s 

And 1 pese thynges of Both parties beth feythfully and spedely to rent-charge 

be kepicT we haue Surely behestid 12 , with-oute Gile or Cauilla- iU1( i agree- 

cion. And that this Couenaunt betwene vs i-begwtne abide ' ng ^P ay 

° 68. 8a. 

12 sure and 1 vnbroke, with pe surete of this present writyng and 1 yearly, 
by puttyng to of owre seele we haue i-strenghtid hit. pese 
witnesses, 8 i. 

[78.] A composici'on bitwene vs and b e Howse of 1222, 
Enesham of p e Demayne of amise in KarsyntorD * & uno "' 
fisshyng 1 in WodetoH). 

To aft chiddren) of ou? holy modur 1 pe church to pe which 

16 this present writyng shaft coome, of Euesham & * Wyncchecumbe * leaf 10 , 

Abbotes and 1 prior of Euesham helth" in ou? lorde. Knowe $e ^' and 

aft pe contrauersye p e which was i-stered 1 afore vs, by pe Einsham 

auctorite of ou? lorde pope, bytwene thabbot and 1 Couent of variance 

20 Enynsham of p 3 oone party, and 1 thabbot and Couent of Osney tahTtithe" 

of p e oper partie, vppon) 5 two sheves of tithis of pe Demayne in Cassing- 

of Amise of Wodestoke in Carsinton), and vppon) a suwime of a nd arrears 

moneye jerely for pe ffisshyng of Woodeton), with pe arerages of j^^* °{. * 

.'4 iiij. yerc of pe same, by a frendely composicion in this maner Wood- 
hit restid 1 : that is to say, that p e saide Abbot and 1 Couent of Einsham 
Eynysham with goode witte relesed to pe saide Abbot & Couent payment of 
of Osney iiij. "s\ iiij. d 1 . of vj. 3. iiij. d 1 . p e which pey axed 1 of pern) 2 »- &» lieu 

28 in p e name of p e ffisshyng of Woodeton), pe which ffisshyng pey arrears, 

grauntid to pe same chanons of Osney (that is to say, aft pe ^?f fi e ?f ed -- 

parte of pere water of Woodeton), with pe ffisshyng, fro pat place rights to 

1 Insert ' that.' The Latin is : ' Si . . . 3 Vivian, son of Ralph, sheriff of Ox- 
placuerit ... conuentui Oseneie familiam ford: which was 5-6 Henry III, 1220-2. 
proprie curie . . . siue homines suos ... 4 Marginal note : ' Korsynton and 
accedere, nullius secte debitum, huiusmodi Wodeton.' 

occasione, exigemus.' 5 i. e., two-thirds of the tithe: seeno.21. 

2 ' promisiinus.' 


[XIII] Karsynton and Wodeeton 

Oseney for 
28. yearly 
which Ose- 
ney paid by 
ing to Ein- 
sham a 
charge of 
2». in Wor- 
ton (no. 91). 
Oseney a 
6 ft. strip 
along Chei- 
well to 
make a 
on condi- 
tion that 
shall suffer 
no harm. 

Einsbam a 
lease of 
tithes in 
for 6s. 
Penalty of 
£2 on the 
breaker of 
this agree- 

where pe water begynneth to be here J towarde yhtesleye vnto 
pat place where 2 in oolde tyme was a locke or goter, to an 
scluse to be niaade, or locke if pey wilt, or to oJ>er necessarye 
vses to pem)) to be holde for ij. 15. 5erely for art exaeceon for 4 
Eue?, for pe paying 1 of pe which ij. 1. yerly pe saide chanons 
forjafe to p e saide Abbot and Couent of Eignysham ij. i. 3erely 
pe which pey paied 1 yerely to p e saide chanons for tithis of 
Worthon. They grauntid 1 also to pe forsaide Abbot and 1 chanoriS 8 
a Brynke s by pe water, in lenght 4 of vj. fote, fro p e locke or 
goter vnto pe Arable londe, pe which Brynke (if pey make pere 
a goter or locke), or B witt arere vp An scluse of here londe and 1 
wilt kepe hit in alt tyine, pey shatt so kepe hit, so (pat is to 12 
say) that by noo goyng ouer of water or oony oper withstandyng 
(while pe saide chanons make hit) to pe raede of p e saide 
Mxmkes maye harme come ; And if by-cawse 6 pere come hyn- 
deryng 7 perof, pe saide chanoni,wit/ioute differryng 8 or occasion), 16 
competently shaft Amende hit. And 1 pe forsaide chanon? haue 
i-grauntid to pe forsaide Abbot and Mimkes pe saide tithis of 
Carsyuton), to be holde of them for euer to fferme, for vj. 3. of 
sterlynges jerely at two termes to be i-paied, pat is to saye, at 20 
pe ffest of Myjghelmasse iij. 3. and at Estu? iij. 3. and 1 if oony of 
pe saide parties agaynste pe saide composicton be come, to pe 
opere partye he shaft paye pe peyne of xl. 1. and that this com- 
posicion be Sure and 1 stable for Eue?, hit with on? Seeles, to- 24 
gedu? with p 6 seeles of pe parties, we haue i-strenghtid 1 . These 
thynges were i-doo In p e vigile of Seynt Albon prothomartir of 
Inglonde in pe church of Seynte Marye Mawdeten of oxonforde, 
pe 3ere fro pe Incarnaceon of our lorde, anno M^CCxxij. These 28 
witnysses, £ 

1 i. c. theirs ; ' sua.' 

- ' ubi antiquitusgurges i'uit. ad faciendam 
ibi exclusam, Tel gurgitem, si voluerint, 
vel ad alios usus sibi necessarios.' 

3 ' ripam secus ipsain aquam.' 

1 Read ' breadth.' 

5 The translation here breaks down by 
neglecting the change from the subjunctive 
to the indicative. Kcad ' if they there 
shall make a lock or excluse, they must 

raise that bank (ripa) with their own earth, 
and keep it always mounded up (elevatam), 
in such wise that no hurt shall happen to 
Einsham mead, by overflow of water 
(inundatio) or damming of the stream 
(obstaculum) caused by Oseney.' 
' ' si forte.' 

7 i. e. harm : ' detrhnentum.' 

8 deferring : ' dilacione.' 



[79.] A Charter of Bobert Doylly fe secunde, of Cudes- Pro- 

lawe and ffrees). Jjjg f* 

Be hit i-knowe to alt cristen) men) that I, Robert Doylly, Excerpt 

willyng and consentyng Editlie my wife and 1 my soones Henry """ tJ j e 

and 1 Gilbert, jefe and 1 graunt, in-to pure and perpetueli almes, E grant 

4 Et Infra, ' thre hides of londe in Cudeslawe, with men), tithis, t> y Robert 

and 1 oper pertinence* ; and pe Chapelt of ffrees, with pe mansion) ^°|i ly n ' 

and 1 londe agaynste pe Chapelt towarde pe west, with ffedynges chapel 

and 1 pasturis and 1 his oper pertinence*,' &c 9 . Seke this charter toSt. ™* 

8 in J»e title ■ Howe pe church of Seynte George was i-jefe to pe ( ^ org f' 3 

chanonl of Osneye.' in no. ai. 

[Note. — Nos. 79 and 80 bring us back into the circle of forgery and blunder. 
Frees (no. 79) was not a Doyly property at all, but belonged to the St. Valerie 
family. Roger of Ivri, who died before 1100, is made, in the title of no. 80, to con- 
firm a grant by Robert Doyly II, who did not come into his estate till after 1115.] 

[80.] A conflrmacion) of Roger of Iuory of p e same. 

' Kxowe bey that be present and 1 to come pat * I, Roger of * leaf 20. 
Iuory, for )>e helth of oui? lorde Kyng and of alt p e Reame and Excerpt 

1 2 also for pe helth of my lorde Robert Doylly and of Aldithe his 
wife and J>e helth of myne, haue i-grauntid and 1 with my present 
charter haue i-confermed 1 ' as hit is i-write above in 'pe fun- 
dacton.' Also hit is to be notid that we haue cowfirmawon of and refer- 

16 Geffrey of Iuorye vppon) pe same aforsaide, and 1 many oper 22 , 
confirmac^ons of p e same also. 

[81.] A charter i-yeve to Bichard, Erie of Cornwayle, of About 
pe commune In Erdyntofi). 

To alt cristen) men) to be which this present writyng shalt Undertak- 

infir tiv Os6* 
come, ffrere John 2 , By pe mercy of god Abbot of Oseney, and ney, to ac- 

20 pe Couent of J>e same place, helth. Knowe je alt that whenne g^i*^ 68 " 

lorde Ric/tareZ Erie of Cornewayle had i-grauntid to vs a mese Frees, 

that Adorn porter 3 helde suwityme with his pertinence* at ffrees, claiming 

1 The MS. draws triple attention to this borders of Yaraton and Kidlington parishes, 

section — by a marginal note 'Hote Cudes- * John de Reading, abbot 1229-35, or 

lawe And ffrees,' by ink-markings in the John Leech, abbot 1235-49. 

heading, and by an elaborate sketch of 3 J pontarius ' in the Latin. Thomas of 

a hand, opposite no. 80, pointing upwards. St. Valerie had bound Oseney to keep up 

Wood's Life and Times, i. 217-8, describes the causeway (calcia) at. Frees. This 

Frice as a pasture- ground on the south Adam probably attended to that duty. 


\XIIII'] Cudeslawe mid frees 

rights in 

we bownde vs to pe same and 1 to his heyres by our present 
writyng that, by-cawse of p e saide mese with p e pertynences, 
owimune of pasture in his mane? of Erdyngtoii) we maye not axe. 
Tn-to witnesse of pe which thynges we haue i-put to oure seele, i. 4 


Grant by 
Oseney, to 
Walter of 
and heirs, 

of land at 

at quit- 
rent of 
6s. 8d., 

tenants to 
pay all 

and not to 
convey the 
land to 
others : re- 
peated in 
110. 106. 

Grant to 
Oseney, by 

[82. 1 A charter bitwene vs and? Water of Croxforde of 
p e crofte of pe ffreei. 

Knowe aft meiD that in this wise hit was a-Cordid bitwene 
Richard 1 Abbot of Osneye and p e Couent of pe same place of 
pe oone partie, and Water Croxforde of pe oper, that is to say, 
that p e seide Abbot and Couent lete 2 and toke, to p e saide 8 
Water and 1 to his heyres, a crofte, or pat telth, pe which is 
agaynste pe Chapett of ffrees of p e west partie, with Dichis, 
medis, and 1 oper pertinences : to be holde and 1 had, to pe forsaide 
Water and 1 to his heyres, to perpetuett fee-ferme, ^eldyng perof 12 
3erely to p e saide Abbot and Couent dj. a marke at Osney, that 
is to say, in pe Daye of Seynte Myjghett or a-fore xl. d 1 . and in 
pe day of pe Annuwciacion) of ow? lady Seynte marye or a-fore 
xl. d 1 . ; and p e same Water and his heyres shaft susteyne and 16 
aquite all burdons towchyng pe same crofte or telth with his 
owne costis ; and 1 hit shaft not be lawfuft to pe saide Water and 
to his heyres p e saide crofte or telth to sett jefe or bequeth to 
oony man) or in oony wise to aliene. [And if] that he doo or 20 
his heyres doo, hit shaft be lawfuft to p e forsaide Abbot and 
Couent and 1 to here successours pe saide crofte or telth to Entre 
and 1 to haue for Ener, withoute Impediment or lett of pe saide 
Water or his heyres : and 13 pat [this] dimission) or lettyng and 24 
of perpetueft farme takyng be sure ancT stable for Eue?, [p e ] 
parties to p' 8 writyng in maner of A charter i-maade, Eueryche 
agaynste oper have i-put to ]>ere seeles. These witnysses. f. 

[XV. Hanborowgh.] 

[83.] A charter of quene Adelide of Hanborowgh. 

ADELIDE 4 , By pe grace of god, quene of Inglonde, to Archie- 2S 
bisshops Bisshops and Abbotes Erlys Barons and 1 Yicountes, and 

1 Eichard of Apletre, abbot 1254-67. 

2 ' diniiserunt et tradiderunt.' 

* * et ut h[a]ec dimissio et perpetue firme 


* Adelicia of Louvaine, second wife of 
Henry I (died n 35), died 1151. 

[XV] Hanbomwgk 79 

to aft true men) of holy church helth. KnoWe ye that I Adelide, dowager 
Dowghter of Godfray Duke of loreyne \ pe which was wife of cei 
pe moste noble Kyng Henry of Inglonde and Duke of Nor- 

4 niandye, haue i-grauntid and i-jeve to p e church of Seynt Marye 
in Oseneye, j. hide of londe pe which" lieth at Hanborowgh and of a hide, 
longeth to SauntofD 2 my maner, for pe Remedye of pe Sowle of 
pe mooste noble Kyng Henry of Inglond? my lorde and my 

8 helth and 13 of kynnesfolkes of his and? Myne and for pe Sowles 
of aft cristen) men) dede. Wherfore I wift and 1 praye pat weft 
and in peece & worschipfully *pe forsaide londe p e forsaide * leaf 20, 
church holde, as my lorde Henry Kyng of Inglond 1 euer best 

1 2 and moste honestly in his lordeship helde and aftur* to me in pe 
same lordeship 3afe and 1 grauntid to me, that is to say, in woode 
and In playne, In medes and 1 ffedynges, in waters weyes and In with 
patthis, and in aft oper places, with sock and sack, tol and? privileges 

16 team, and 1 Infangenthef, and 1 aft oper customs and fredoms, as and juris- 
I held 1 hit best while hit was in my lordeship. Witnesse : 
Symon), Bisshop of Wircetwr, ?. 

[84.] A 4 confirmacion of Moolde themperice of pe Same Reference 
ao after p e forme of quene Adelide ; and 1 so after, a confirmacion & c . 
of Kyng Henry, and 1 a-noper of Kyng John, worde by worde in 
substaunce. This charter and tweyne afore been fully write 
above in p e title of ' Aldewere.' 

[85.] A conflrmac^on of Kyng Henry n iiij. p 9 soone 1281, 
of Kyng 1 John of p 3 same and? of oper thynges. u y I4 ' 

24 Heney, By pe grace of god Kyng of Inglonde lorde of Irelond 1 Confirma- 
Duke of Normandye and 1 of Gyen) and? Erie of Aungie, to Archie- Oseney, 
bisshops Bisshops Abbotes Priores Erles Barons Justices Vicountes by Henry 
Prouestes Mynsters and 1 to aft Baylyfs and? his true men) helth. ' 

28 Knowe je vs, for god sake and 1 for pe helth of ou? sowle and 1 of 
pe sowles of owr" aunceturs and 1 heyres, to haue i^elded 1 , haue 
i-grauntid, and with this ow? charter haue i-confermed, for vs 
and 1 owre heyres, to thabbot and Couent of Seynte Marye of 

32 Oseney and to here successours, in-to ffre almes pure and 1 per- 

1 ' Lotharingie.' s *et parentum suorum et meorum.' 

2 'Stanton* in the Latin, i. e. Stan- 4 Marginal note : 'Nota.' 

ton Harcourt. 5 i.e. Henry III : see note 5, p. 36. 


[XV] Hanborowgh : Eton 

of queen 
Alice's gift 
(no. 83) ; 

and of ex- 
changes of 
i8«. and 
6.i. rent- 
charges in 
for lands in 
and War- 

petuelt, pe yifte and 1 graunte pe which AdeKde or Alice suwityme 
quene of Inglonde maade, to god and to pe church of Seynte 
Marye of Oseney and to p e chanonl pere seruyng god, [of] j. 
hide of londe pe which heth" at Hanborowgh ' By the Brygge of* 4 
Bladoii). we haue i-jelde also, and haue i-grauntid, and with 
this ow? charter confermyd, for vs and ow? heyres, to b e forsaide 
Abbot and 1 Couent and to here successours, in-to ffre pure and 
perpetuett almes, pe londe of Holcumbe * pe which Geffrey of 8 
Iuory 2 assined to them for xviij. 1. pe which pey oftyd 1 jerely to 
haue in Hensynton) 3 , with pe londe of Wareborowgh" ' pe which 
pe same Geffrey assynecT to pem) for vj. D. Wherefore we wilt 
and 1 surely charge pat pe forsaide chanons and pere successors 12 
haue and 1 holde, in-to free pure and perpetuett almys, pe for- 
saide hide of londe p e which lieth at Hanborowgh, and p e 
forsaide londe of Holcuwbe, with pe forsaide londe of Ware- 
borowgh, welt and in pece, frely and 1 quietly and 1 holy, as p 16 
charter of p e forsaide Geffrey and 1 pe conBrmacton of Kyng 
Henry ow? Beelesire, pe which pey haue perof, resonably wit- 
nessed). These witnesses, ?. 

Nov. 7. 

Henry III 
claimed for 
the Grown 
the hide (in 
no. 83), 

[86.] A Jugement i-made afore p Justices of ow? lorde 
Kyng 1 Henry ' p e sone of Kyng 1 John of p 6 londe of 

• Hit is to be Bemembrid 1 that in p e jere of Kyng 1 Henry pe ao 
soon) of Kyng 1 John xxxiij., pe next Saturday afore pe fest of 
Seynt Martyn), afore Jeremye KacstoiU, Henry of Bretofi) 5 , and 1 
Henry de la Mare, Justice* sittyng in pe stede of owre lord pe 
Kyng, Hit was I-Jugged 1 for pabbot of Osneye of A plowe of 24 
londe wit A p 6 pertinences In Hanborowgh ; 

vppon) pe which owre lorde Kyng impletid hym in his courte 
by breve ' precipe,' of p 6 which such was pe tenou?, Henry By 
the grace of god Kyng of Inglonde, ?. to pe schereref of oxon- 28 
forde-shire he[l]th. Commaunde thabbot of Oseney that he jelde 
to vs a plowe of londe with pe pertinences In Hanborowgh, 
and 16 but he do, sunrne hym by a goode sumnyng that he be 
afore vs fro pe day of Seynt Myjghett in-to pe xv. Dayes to 3 3 

Name noted in the margin. 

In error for ' luoy.' 

In error for ' Bensington.' 

Marginal note : ' Henry 3.' 

Bretton (or Bracton). 

' et nisi fecerit, summone eum.' 

[XV] Hanborowgh: Eton 81 

schewe whye he schalt not Doo hit; and 1 haue pu p is brefe. 
* Myne owne selfe witness*, ?. * leaf 21,. 

that p e same Abbot, By p e charter of Adelide or Alis sum- Oseneypro- 

4 tyme quene of Inglonde, and By pe charter of Moolde themperice, t^deeda 
and By confirmacton of Kyng Henry, and by confirmacton of ( nos - 83, 
Kyng 1 John, And By charter of Kyng Henry nowe reynyng (by 
the which pe same Kyng to pabbot and 1 chanonS of Qsene?/ pe and the 

8 same londe with pe pertinences jeldyng 1 as his ry3ght) futt ^n^no*" 
ryjght hath in pe same, & hatb and 1 holdeth" in-to ffree and 1 85), 
perpetuelt almes, after pe tenou? of pe charters aforesaide, as 2 
hit is in pe sesynyng; and 1 that Adam Berners, chanon), attor- and waa 

12 neye of p e same Abbot, yed 1 with-owte daye. These pynges i n posses- 
were i-doo of passent of ow? lorde Kyng selfe, of pe counseft of slon - 
his counsellers pen) beyng present with ow? lorde Kynge, that 
is to say, John Hannseli ; Bobert passelt ; Baph ffijt Nichoft ; 

16 Bertram of Orreft ; Peter chaceporter, Kynge* tresore? ; Edward e 
of We&tmynyster, chauncele? of pe Checur?; And hit is to be 
i-Mynded that ow? lorde Kyng apered 1 by his attorneye, laurence 
of Beoc 3 , to here pe Juggement, pe which also abode In p e 

20 mercy of Kyng, 

[87.] A charter agaynste John of Hanborowgh and? About 
William of Seynte Eweyne of p e Shepehowse. 1240 ' 

Be hit i-knowe to alt men) that whenne, bytwene John of Contro- 

Hanborowgh and William of Seynte Eweyne of pe oon) partie, tween 

and 1 John 4 Abbot and Couent of Oseney of be ober partie, was Oseney, 

9 r r r > and two 

24 1-meved 1 a controuersye vppofD a Shepehowse of pe same chanons* inhabitanta 
at Hanborowgh (p which 5 J>e same [John] saide hit leuyed 1 to borough" 
nothyng of his ffree tenement), and 1 vppon) ouerchargyng of about a 
pasture in pe same towne: at pe laste, by counsell of worthy house, and 

28 men), all p e strifes i-meved 1 restid in-to this maner, rights 6 " 

that is to say, pat p e forsaide John att his quareft, that he 
had, or my^ght haue, by pe occasion) of pe saide shepehowse, to 
p e saide chanonl, for hym and 1 his heyres for Euer, remittyng 6 

1 Bead ' jelded ' : ' reddidit.' [esse] ad nocumentum liberi tenementi aui.' 

2 ' sicut est in seisina.' 6 Read ' remitted,' ' remisit * : 'or re- 

3 ' Broc.' leased ' is the translator's usual alternative 

4 Probably John Leche, abbot 1235-49. addition. 
s ' quam dicebat idem Johannes levatam 



[XF] Hanborowgh : Eton 

or relesid by a chaunge x i-maade Bytwene parties, pat is to say, 
that p e said 1 Abbot and 1 Couent, for a Butte 2 of londe of pe same 
John by pe which ]> 9 seide Sherehowse whas i-sett, Ipey jafe to 
hym) and 1 to bis heyres, in-to a perpetuett Escaunge, dj. acre, 4 
that is to say, In telth pe which is i-callid longelonde by a- 
noJ>er dj. Acre of pe same chanonl. 

The forsaide also John and William p e accion vppon) pe ouer- 
chargyng vppon) pe pasture i-mevecT relesed 1 , so (that is to say) 8 
pat p e saide Abbot and Couent to pe saide John & William 
grauntid 1 that [they 3 J pe pasture of p e feldes of Haneborowgh 
agaynste p° lawe shaft not oue?-charge hit, so pat na^eles pe 
same chanonl haueffree goyng 4 away to here ccmmune pasture* 12 
owtewarde to alt here beste* and Bestialles withoute lett of John 
and William ancTpere heyres ; and 1 for this graunte, Eschaunge, 
and relese, pey ;jafe to pe saide John j. Marke and to )? e saide 
William dj. marke. In-to witnysse of J? e which thyng to this 16 
present writyng pey put to ]>ere seeles : These wittenesse*, T. 

[88.] A charter of Willyam of Seynte Eweyen) of J>e 
londo in p e felde of Hanborowgh and? of )>e mede of 

Grant to Knowe they that be now and to be that I William of Seynte 

William of Eweyne, soone and hey? of William of Seynte Eweyn), 3afe, 
St. Ewen, grauntid, and 1 with this present charter confermeaT, to god and 20 
to pe church of Seynte Marye of Oseney and to William Abbot 
and 1 to p e chanonl \>ere seruyng god and for Euer to serue, that 
of land and telth in pe ffelde of Hanborowgh ]?e which is i-callid pe Breche, 

with hayis and 1 his oJ>er pertinence*, and a Mede pe which is i- 24 
callicT Cumede, with p e pertinence*, * p e which Water of New 
fforest sumtyme helde; and 1 vj. acris in le Brech, with hayis and 
his oper pertinence*, p e which lien) by p e londe of [Adam] de la 
Dunhalle of pe Est partie ; and pat telth In p e Prech; with 28 
hayes and 1 his oper pertinence*, J?e which lieth by Hugh of 
Blowende of p 6 weste partie In p e same ffelde : to be had and? 
to be holde, to pe forsaide church and Chanonl, of me and? of 
my heyres, In-to ffre ar.d perpetuett almes, al so much as longeth 3a 

ended by 
giving half- 
an-acre in 
for land 
beside the 
house ; 

ing not to 
send an 
number of 
beasts to 
pasture ; 

and paying 

and 6*. Sd. 



* leaf 21, 

' i. e. exchange : ' per escambium.' 
* MS. has * for A But a Butte.' 
s i. e. (the Abbot & convent) ' contra 
egem terre non snper(h)onerabunt.' 

* * accessum et regressum ad communes 
pasturas suas extrinsecas ad omnia averia 
sua et pecora.' 

[XVI] Worton: Baylyfhode of Eton 83 

to me and to my heyres, $eldyng perof jerely for me and 1 my subject to 
heyres to pe heyres of Water of Newe fforest xj. i. iij. d 1 . (that quit-rent 
is to say, at p° ffest of Seynte My 5 hett v. 1. and? at p° ffest of £jjj chief 

4 Seynte John pe Baptiste vj. 3. iij. cP.) for att thyng pe which of 
pat londe or for pat londe may ' or shaft mo we to be axid 1 for 
Euer. And I William and 1 my heyres or myne assines all pe 
forsaide thynges to pe for?aide church and 1 Chanoris" agaynste att 

8 cristen) men) and Jays as ou? pure almes shatt waranti5e, & of [Warranty 
att maner Sutes of Courte and fforeyne seruice shatt aquite and j e ws.] 
defende, outetake pe xj.i. iij. d 1 . pe which p 6 saide chanoni shall 
aquite as hit is afore i-saide. And pat this my yifte, graunte, 
12 and of my charter confirmacton, be sure and 1 stable for Euer, to 
this wrytyng I haue i-put my seele. These witnesse, ?. 

[XVI.] Worton. 

[89.] Thabbot of Osney halh pe londe of Worton) of pe Beference 
yifte of Eobert Doylly ; and confirmacion of Roger of Iuorye, 2I) 3j 2 ' 3( ' 
16 and of Henry Doylly, and of Bisshops, and of p e chapiter 2 of &c ' 
lincotn, and 1 of Kynges of Inglonde, as hit is i-schewed In pe 
title ' How pe church of Seynte George was i-jefe to p e chanond 
of Oseney.' 

[90.] Bourton 8 . The Booke of ffeys seyeth pat thabbot worton: 
of Oseney holdeth ij. hides of londe and dj. in £J™ 
Borton) in-to fire almes of p e prebende of Seynte 

[91.] B. by p e Grace of god Bisshop of 4 lincotn or of About 
Exceter and 1 John * Deeii) of Chichester to att cristen) men) helth. Agreement 
Knowe je att a stryfe (pe which was longe i-stered? bytwene between 
tliabbot of Eynesham and 1 N. clerk e of Karsynton) and" thabbot Einsham, 

1 ' exigi potest vel poterit.' translator and ' I.' expanded to John, 

2 MS. repeats 'of the chapiter.' without warrant of the Latin. The names 

3 ' Bourton ' must be in error for ' Wor- are Bartholomew, bishop of Exeter 1161- 
ton,' where Oseney held i\ hides. Oseney 84 ; and Jordan de Meleburn, dean of 
had land at (Black-)bourton, but not of Chichester up to 11 78. The first of the 
that extent, nor would it come in this witnesses is Simon, abbot of St. Alban't 
titulus. 1166-88. 

* 'of Lincoln or' is inserted by the 

G 2 

84 [ XVI ] Worton 

about of Oseney vppon) tithis of j. hide of londe in Wortoii) pe l which 

Worton^ is i-sayde to be pe lordeship of pe same litutt towne) In this 
maner in ow? presence, be transaction), to be decidid 1 : that }>e 

Einsham church of Eynesham pe forsaide tithis shaft holde for Euer, 4 

perpetual tyroi Jeldyng- euery 3ere to )>e church of Oseney ij. 3. at )> e ffest 

lease of the f Seynte Myjghett. So truly, afore vs [the which] (of ow? lorde 

quit-rent ]>e pope commaundement)that cawse to be i-know and i-terminecT 

no. 2 7s5 See hade i_n5ke 2 hit ' ffe y tfi of e y^ er P arte i'&H&k betwen) pern) : 8 
at Newberye hit was i-doo. 

1259, [62.] An Inquisic/on i-maado in p e hundreds of Wottofi) 

Nov 26* 

of p e fftedoms or liberteys of p e same. 

On inquiai- Hit is to be remembrid 1 that, when) per was i-maade an In- 
tlon ' quisict'on In J>e full hundrede of Wotton by pe coramaundement 

of ow? lorde Kyng 1 Henry pe soone of Kyng John pe jere of his 1 2 
reyne xliiij., in p 6 fuB hundred 1 of Wotton), Weper pabbot of 
whether Oseney and his men) of Wortoii) and Hensynton oftid 1 or were 
StafaS? i-wonyd ^ do su te to >« forsaide hundred, ffrere William Sutton), 
(in Worton procuratou? of Oseney, schewed 1 charters of lordis Kynges of 16 
ington) Inglonde of liberteis or ffredoms, that is to say, a charter of 
tTwoTton K y n ff Henr y 3> e J'» and A charter of Kyng- Henry pe Sone of 
hundred, Kyng 1 John, In po which openly was i-conteyned 1 that thabbot 
duced nos. of Oseney and his men) of Wortoii) and 1 of Hensynton) be quite ao 
13 and 31 Q f g cn i reSj Hundredis, Danyjeldes, all maner Sutes, commune 
* leaf 22. pleys, (with Sock sack * tol and theam and Infangenthefe), and 1 
of alt maner exaccions and Demaundis, outetake murthu? i- 
preued 1 . The which also i-rede and i-vndurstande, pe hundrede 24 
establish- with oone assent and consent Juggid pe saide Abbot and 1 att his 
J° ( ^ 1 exemp " men) of Wortoii) and 1 of Hensynton) of all maner of Sute* of p e 
hundrede of Wotton) to be quite for Euer. And in-to witnesse 
of this thyng* Robert KyngtofD, pen) Baylyfe of p e hundrede of 28 
Wotton), and Si? Gilbert of Hide, Kny3ght, and Kobert Romely, 
and Aleyne Romely pe yongu?, and Robert of Worton) 4 , and 

1 ' qu[a]e dominium tiusdem villule esse domini pape mandato causam illam cogno- 

perhibetur. 1 scendam terminandamque susceperamus.' 

' So in MS. The Latin shows ' h ' 3 Marginal note : ' Note p" fredoms of 

ought to be ' t,' and the stroke over 'a* Worton and of Hensynton.' 
to be a bungled correction of the error : 4 Wotton, in the Latin, 

ead 'i-take.' 'Coram nobis, qui ex 

[XVI] Worton: Baylytshepe of Cudelynton 85 

William of litull Barton), clerke, and Petwr of p e same, and 
Roger of Wodestoke, and 1 John of Barton), clerke, and John 
labanc, and Thomas of ffule 1 and Will., pe which at pe hun- 
4 dred" were present whenne pe fore thynges were Inquired* or 
axid and Juggid, to this writyng 1 put to pere seeles p e day that 
is to say of Wodenysday afore p e fest of Seynte Andrew p 8 3ere 
of J* 3 reyrie of Kyng> Henry pe soone of Kyng 1 John xliij[j] 2 . 

[93.] A conflrmac/on of Sy? Hugh Plesett/s of liberteys 1300, 
and flredoms. June 8 " 

8 To alt cristen) men) this present writyng" to see or to here, Recitation, 
Hugh of plesettis 3 , Kny3th, helth in owre lorde. Knowe 30 me piessets, 
to 4 haue i-lokyd or seen pe charter pat which Robert Doylly 
maade to god and to seynte Marye and to pe chanoriS of Oseney, 

1 2 conteynyng these wordis : — 

Know alt cristen) men) that I, Robert Doylly, grauntid and ofno.3o,i.e. 
with my charter confermed, for me and my heyres, to god and Doyly ii's 

to pe church of Seynte Mary of Oseney and to p e chanons per 

tion of 

16 sernyng' god and for Euer to serue, for my helth and of Edith feudal 
my wife and my kynnesfolkes and of my ffrendes, in-to fire pure Oseney, 
and perpetuelt almes, alt londes rentes tithis tenemente* and 
possession! both of p e church and of p e layfee p e which pey 

20 haue off my jifte and of p 6 %iftes of my men), and pe which of 
me or my heyres or my men) they maye gete in tyme to be, in 
alt [my] maners, with alt fredoms 5 and free custom! J?e which 
I Euer had or oony of my auncetttrs or in tyme to be maye gete 

34 or oony of my heyres maye gete. I grauntid 1 also to p e same 
chanon! and to here successours, for me and* my heyres, that 
pey haue \>er courte for Euer ffre in alt my maners 6 of alt Ipere 
men) for alt maner transgressions and Defautes where-so-Euer 

28 and whenne-so-Euer and of what-Euer tliyng pe[y] happe ; And 
that J>ey and Ipere men) be quite for Euer fro alt maner sutes of 

1 • Fulewelle ' : no ' and Will.* occurs in summoned to Parliament as baron in Feb. 

the Latin. Possibly the translator meant if M > d' e< l I 3 OI » 
' Fullandwell,' for ' Fulwell.' * ' inspexisse cartam.' 

a Marginal note : ' Henry 3.' The * Marginal note : ' Note )> 8 fredoms of 

year is xliv in the Latin, and above. J> e founder.' 

3 Hugh of Piessets succeeded (no. 260) s In the margin : ' CudelyntoS ' with 

in 1291 to the barony of Hooknorton underneath a carefully drawn hand pointing 

(formerly of the Doyly family) ; was to it. 

86 [XV/] Worton: Baylys&hepe of Cudelynton 

my courte and of my heyres, and of vywe [of] freplegges all ' 
courte rialt, and of J?oo thynges that longe to vywe, and of alt 
sutes of my Milles, and" of alt helpes tallages exacctohs' quarels 
and demandis ; And [if] for fly3ght or felonye oony of pere men) 4 
ofte to lese his catalt, pey shalt be of pe same chanons, withoute 
oony wit^holdyng to me or of my heyres ; and if 2 ])ere tenauntes 
of pi same chanons haue be i-founde or i-arested 1 I graunte for 
me and my heyres to pe saide chanoni and to Ipere successoui's 8 
what-so-Euer thyng Ipere 2 mowe to fait for Euer ; Also, if they 
or Ipere men) be amercid 1 agaynst me or my heyres or my 
baylyffes or my men), for oony maner cawse trespase or forfet, alt 
pe mercynges and mercementes and alt fynys and 1 att profettes 1 2 
and alt owte-goynges of pleys pe which come forthe of them) or 
of pere men) shalt be of p e same chanoriS, withoute oony with- 
holdyng to me or to my heyres, wheper hit be for a defawte or 
for oony oper cawse. I haue i-grauntid also to p & same chanon^ 16 
and to Ipere successours that noper I, noper my eyi'es, noper none 
In owre name, noper of ow?, maye hereafter axe of p e forsaide 
chanons" or of he? successowra or of pare men) ony custom or 
seruice or bondage, noper to put ]>ere men) in presort) or in-to 20 
bondys or in-to stocke for oony trespase or forfet, but with 
* leaf 22, open) thefte or manslawjtter vppon) * my demayne londis pey 
back. k aue ^ e ^j^g an( ji attached. 1 w ifj a lso and surely charge, for 

me and my heyres, J>at pe forsayde chanons and J>ere successours 24 
and J?ere men) haue welt and in pece, In alt my maners wodes 
anct waters pondys and ffischynges, fre fisshyng and 1 fre Entre 
and 1 owte-goyng and pannage of pere hogges quyte (oute-take 
styvys and my parkes i-closid 1 in) : and [that] pey haue ffre 28 
commune to pere shepe and* hogges, and to alt oper bestis In alt 
my maners and in woodis, and [that] pey be not Imparkid or 
poynyd but J>ey be i-founde In open) harme : that, if hit happe, 
by a wedde s pey maye receyue pere bestes ; and after, by pe vywe 3 2 
of lawful! men), pe harme J>at )>ere bestes haue i-doo, owte [of] 
my courte, J>ey may make to [be] emendid 1 . To J>ese thynges 
I haue i-grauntid, for me and 1 my heyres, J>at pey haue housboote 

1 'all' in error for 'or.' In no. 39, exercised by the lord of the manor, 
p. 43/15 the corresponding clause is ' and * Lines dropped out : 39, p. 43/21, 

of lawday.' The court-leet represented 22,23,24. 
the delegated jurisdiction of the king ' i. e. surety. 

[XVII] Cudelynton 87 

and heyboote and to be i-brendid resonably at pere granges in 
my woodys In poo places where I haue woodys. Also I graunte, 
for me and 1 my heyres for Euer, pat pe saide chanorii and pere 
4 successours may chese to pern) and ordeyne a prelate to Ipere 
wilt aftei? pe decese of Euery prelate, with-oute lette of me or 
of my heyres : and pat pey may put, haue, and doo awey, In alt 
here granges, kepers suche as pey seme expedient to pern) and 
8 pere bowse : and that this my 3 ifte, graunte, and chart e? confirma- 
cion, be stable and sure for Euer, to this writyng I haue i-put 
my seele. These witnesses: Geffrey artho?, Roger of Amery, 
ffulke of Oyly, Hugh of Tywe, Robert ffi^t WidofD, philippe of 

12 Hampton), Raph ffi^t Raph, Roger testarde, Roger of Amory, 
and oper. 

ffor pis *, I, p 6 forsaide Hugh of pleseth's, alt pe ^iftis grauntes 
and 1 confirmacions above i-write, as hit is above i-write, I-maade and oon- 

16 to god and 1 to pe church of Seynte Marye of Osney and 1 to J? e Q f r ]£f tl00 
chanonl pere seruyng god, hauyng 2 i-confermecT and plesid, for 
me and my heyres, them to "god, to pe church of Seynte marye 
of O&eney above-saide, and 1 to pe chanon^ In hit seruyng god, 

20 graunte, ande for Euer-inore with this present writyng cowferme. 
In-to witnesse of this thyng this present writyng with my 
seeles pryntyng I haue i-strengthid hit. These witnysses : 
Henry thisteldene, that tyme shreve of Oxonforde ; John of 

24 Elfesfelde 3 , "Richard of Amory, John of prewes, Walter of 
"Wyjhthult, Kny^thtes ; Symoii) of Grenehult, pat tyme sty warde 
of Walyngtforde ; Roger of Bewbeche, Hugh of Barton), Henry 
of Dichele, and oJ>er. i-jefe and i-doo at Osney, pe Wodenysday 

28 nexte afore pe fest of seynte Barnabe thapostele, pe $ere of ou? 
lord M*CCC, and 1 In the jere of pe regne of KyngEdwarde pe 
soone of Kyng* Henry xxviij. 


[94.] Hit * is to be myndid that pabbot of Osney hath Reference 
32 pe church of Cudelynton) of pe yifte of Robert Doylly be %^\s t \ 9 
secunde ; and confirmacton of Kyng 1 Henry pe soone of Willyam 

1 ' Ego igitur.' » i. e. EMeld. 

3 • ratas habeas et gratas.' 4 Marginal note : ' Nota ben#.' 


[XVII] Cudelynton 

and to 
no, 37. 

bastarde, and of Alijaunde? Bisshop of lincoln, and" of pope 
Eugenye pe iij., and" also of pe chapiter of lincoln : as hit is i- 
schewecT above in ' pe fundacton of Osney.' Also we haue a 
confirmaczon of seynte 1 Hugh Bisshop of lincoln, J>e which is in 4 
p Q title ' How pe church of Seynte George was i-jefe to J>e 
chanons of Oseney.' 

Kid ling- 

[95.] In 2 pe Baylyschepe of Cudelynton) ben pese townes 
i-conteyned : — Cudelynton), Goseforde, Coggeswoode, Thrope, 8 
Shipton), HensyntofD, WythhuTl. 


* leaf 23. 
Grant to 
by Henry 
Doyly II, 

of tithe of 
hay of his 
land and 
lands in 
for the 
of Oseney. 

[96.] Charter of Henry Doylly pa secunde of pe tithis 
of Cudelyntofi) and? of oper thynge*. 

* To aft Ipe soones of ow? holy modu? J>e church to see or to 
hyre this present letters, Henry Doyly, owre lorde J?e Kynges 
constable, helth. Knowe je me willefully 3 , for }> e oonly loue of 12 
goddis goodenes, for my helth and of my aunceturs, to haue i- 
jeve and to haue i-grauntid and to haue i-confermed to my 
most dere chanons of Oseney an be tithis of heye bothe of my 
demaynys and of my ineii) tenauntes of my ffee in my maners of 16 
Hokenortoii), of Cudelynton), of Weston, of Cleydon), to J>e 
susteynyng 4 of Jjoo thynges pe which ben necessarye In pitaunce* 
and medicynys of brethren) i-leyde in the infirmarye. and, J>at 
this jifte of this my almes be sure and 1 hoole to pe saide howse 20 
for Euer, this present writyng with my seele I-made hit to be 
strengthd. These witnesses, &c 9 . 

July 21. 

Oseney, as 
rector of 

[97.] A sentence diffmitiffo vppofi) mortuarijs In ]r 
parishe of Cudelynton). 

These thynge* were i-actid or doo In J?e conuentuaH church 
of Seynte fFrideswith at oxonforde, In J? e vigile of Seynte marye 24 
Mawdeten, in /pe 3ere of ow? lorde anno M^CClxxiij., afore vs, 
official! of my lorde Archedecun of oxonforde, by ordinary Juris- 
diccion) knowyng, in pe cawse pe which vppon) a mortuary is 
i-sterid 1 , bitwene religiouse men) thabbot and couent of Oseney, *3 

1 St. Hugh of Avalon, died 1 200. 
3 Marginal note : • No/a bene.' 
* 'gratis.' 

* Marginal note : ' Noto : for pitaunce« 
for seke men and for inedictwes.' 

[XVII] Cudelynton 89 

actors, by ffrere Roger Waldis of p 9 same place chanone (here claimed 
procuratour" lawfully ordeynecT) comperyng, of p e oon) partie, and execu t or s 
Robert Synat, Thomas yenge, and moolde the lefte of Rapn ° f Ralph 
4 ffrensh of thrope, executors of p e testament of pe same Raph Thrupp, 
dede, gylty *, personally comperyng of pe oper partie : J>at is to 
say, whenne hit was i-schewed J>e seyde gilty * at pe same day 
and place lawfully and peremptoryly to haue be i-callid, of pe 
8 saide religiousmen), J> e procuratowr aforsaide agaynst pe same 
gilty l here Intent pwrposed in J> e name of here lordis in-to J?is 
maner : — 

Afore 30W, my lorde Juge, I, ffrere Roger Waldis, procuratowr 

12 of J>abbot and couent of Oseney, p 8 churche of CudelyntofD 
holdyng in fult ryjght and of pe same church persons, in pe 
name of my lordis, say and purpose agaynst Robert Synat, 
Thomas yenge, and Moolde, relicte of Rapn ffrensn of Thrope 

16 sumtyme parisshen) of p e saide church of Cudelynton), executours in Kidling- 
of pe testament of pe saide Raph dede, pat where, of goode and according ' 
preysable custom) in parishe of pe saide church, hooly obserued ^*|^ t 
fro pe tyme of p e which is no mynde, Hit is i-goote 2 that for custom, 

20 men dying in pe same parishe his secunde best beest (be hit be S t beast, 
horse or b[e]est of oony oper mane? kynde) J»at he hath gete in Sl/^JjJj. 
J>e daye of his dethe hit be i-payde to J»e saide churcn and to as a ' mor- 
my lordis In p® name of a Mortuarye. Now )?e saide execu- 

24 tours, J> e saide custom forsakyng, for pe forsaide Raph of thrope, 
of pe saide church parissherD, in 3 p e same church parishe deyng, 
pe secund best Beest that in pe tyme or his deth he had In pe 
name of a mortuary to graunte pe[y] agaynesay vnry^ghtfully. 

28 Wherfore, In p e name of my lordys, I axe J?e saide Executours 
to p e forsaide best (of what-so-Euer kynde pe Beeste be) to pe 
saide churcn of Cudelynton) and to my lordis aforsaide, after 1 
pe forsaide custom), in pe name of A mortuarye to be i-graunticT, 

32 sentencialfy and diffinityfly to be cowdempnecT, and? J>e same 
Executours, so i-condempned to p e saide best In pe name of 
a mor*tuarye grauntyng, by Ipe censure of J>e church, to be i- * leaf 23, 

36 To be which sothly 4 entente be forsaide Executours stryffe, The ex- 

1 .,..., .it,, • -^ . t v • ecutors re- 

saying thynges l-tolde in p e saide Entencion), as they ben 1- fused, and 

1 ' reos.' 3 ' in eiusdem ecclesie parochia.' 

3 « Bit optentum.' * 'quidem.' 

.90 [XVII] Cudelynton 

pleaded tolde, not to be true, and perfore thynges i-axid, as p ei ben i- 
at*east rSeS ax ^ *° ^e ^oo, no ^ ^° De dewe ; To * here also deliueryng 
were not castyne 1 to, be fore custom) not of horsis but of ober bestis 

included in . J B ' r . r 

the custom, i-obserued 1 and i-obteynedl and J>e parties here and 1 pere of p e 4 

trovvth to be saide i-swore, ]?e saide Executours, i-swere, denyed 1 , 
as pey dyde afore. 
Evidence Wherfore pe saide partie doer, to p e forsaide here Entent to 

taken, be i-grauntid, fowre witnesse Browght forth, that is to say, 8 

William, person of pe church of Wyuelcote ; Roger, Vica? of 
Cudelynton) ; Thomas, decune 2 of pe same ; and William of 
Hampton) : pe which i-reeeyued 1 , i-swore, i-examined 1 , and pere 
wordes or sayinges (of pe consent of [the] parties) [published 8 , 1 2 
and altercation about them having been had between the 
parties] ; 

of p e same parties consent, in p 3 saide cawse concludyng, to 
pe diffinityffe sentence we haue i-procedid in-to this maner: — 16 
In Dei nomine amen. We, official! of my lorde Archedecun of 
oxonforde, i-herde and i-vndurstande p e meritis of pe saide 
cawse, for 4 [that 3 the above-writ intention of the said abbot 
and convent of Oseneye and of their above-named procurator] 20 
verdict was of 5 pe saide witnessis deposicions fully i-preued we haue i- 
the church founde, and i-groundid, pe saide executours to pe saide beest, 
t/'ti'd'to ^ e ^ norse or °f oon y °P er kynde beest, of pe saide Raph dede 
the second pat in pe tyme of his deth he had, for pe same Raph, of p 6 saide 24 
of deceased, church parisshen), and in p Q same church parisshe dede, to pe 
whether sa id e church of Cudelynton), to pe forsaide religiouse men), and 
other. to ]>ere procuratou? in there name, after pe forsaide custom), in 

pe name of mortuarye to be i-jeve, sentencially and diffinitiffly 28 
in writyng 1 we condempne ; and p 9 same, so i-condempned to p e 
This verdict saide beeste jevyng In p e name of a mortuary, by pe Vicaf of 

to b© 611* 

forced by Cudelynton) by aft church censure to be i-compellid pronuncyng 8 , 
censure ^ n * s ? sen t ence executyng 1 to pe same Vicarye cowimittyng 8 , 32 
against the agaynesayers and rebellis (if 9 oony) to pe same Vicarye com- 

1 ' ad sui quoque deliberationem adii- T ' istius sentencie executionem.' 
cientes, predictam consuetudinem non 8 ' committendo/ instead of ' coramit- 
[esse] . . . optentam.' tentes.' 

2 'diaconum.' • The bracketed clause is strangely dis- 

3 Added from the Latin. * ' quia.' joined by the intrusion of interpolated 
8 'perdictorumtestiumdepositionesplene words, by an erroneous repetition. The 

probatam esse comperimus, et fundatam.' Latin is: 'si quos inucnerit.' 
* ' pronunciantes.' 

[XVII~\ Cudelynton 


mittyng (he fynde) with like censure to be restreyned by pe executors 
same Vica? napeles by this present writyng to pe same chargyng 1 . SU p por ters. 
In-to pe witnesse of p e which writyng pe seele of pe officiali- 
4 hoode J of oxonforde to this present writyng 1 we willid to be i-put 
to : pe date, in p e place day and 1 yere afore i-notidl 

[98.] A sentence diffinitiffe vppon) p e smale tithis of 1277, 
Cudelyntoa May 24 ' 

These thynges were i-doo In p e church of Erdynton), In pe 
moneday next afore pe fest of Seynte Austen), pe yere of our" 
8 lorde a.nno M r CClxxvij., afore vs, p e official! of my lorde Arche- 
decon) of oxonforde, by auctorite ordinarye knowyng, in cawsis 
the 8 were i-stered bitwene thabbot and. Couent of Oseney, the 
parisshe of Cudelinton) in-to ])ere owne vses obteynyng and. of 

1 2 pe same churcn persons, actors, by Robert Keny worth * (clerk, 
here procurator lawfully i-sette or ordeynecT) comperyng, vppon) 
pe oon) partie, and Henrye of pe chambe?, it 5 of pe saide churcn 
of Cudelynton) parisshens, gilti, by Wymunde (procuratowr of p e 

16 same lawfully i-ordeyned) comperyng, of p e oper partie, ?. 

Afore 6 yow my lorde Jugge, $. Agaynste pe saide procura- 
toure and parysshyns for tithis of Iper gardeynes comyng forth 
and 7 of alt frutes and of my Ike of ]>ere kyne fro p e tyme of p e 

20 wenyng of pe calues and [of their ewes fro p e time] of departyng 
of lombes, al so longe as mylke dureth. pe saide procuratowr of 
thabbot afore-saide, ?. after ]>er forme of lawe i-declarid, it 
To p e sentence diffinitiffe we haue i-procedid In-to this 

24 maner * In dei nomine Amen : ffor-asmuche we official! afore- 
saide, it we haue i-founde, pe saide Henry and al! and euerych 
oper afore i-write, and p e saide Wymund procuratouf of pe 
same, to pe tithe of all frutes of here gardeynes within p 9 

Oseney, as 
rector of 

from the 

tithes, i. e. 
of fruits 
of gardens, 
and of milk. 

* leaf 24. 

1 ' eidem demandando,' instead of ' man- 

2 ' officialitatis.' 

8 ' in causia que coram nobis.' Read 
probably ' the which ' : but the definite 
article is found used as relative, as in 
German der. 

* ' de Kenelingwrth.' 

8 The Latin gives seven other names, 
among them ' Nicholaum piscatorem.' 

• Summary of the claim by the procura- 
tor for Oseney. 

7 Omit ' and,' which has no place in the 
Latin. The claim was for tithe (a) 'fructuum 
ortorum,' (b) * lactis, a vaccis suis a tempore 
ablactationis vitulorum, et ab ovibus a tem- 
pore separationis agnorum, provenientis.' 
Ewe-milk was therefore taken, and tithe- 


[XVII] Cuddy nton 

Verdict in 
favour of 

since last 

Verdict to 
be enforced 
by church 

parisshe i-sett coinyng forthe * and to pe tithe of mylke of 
bestis within pe saide parisshe after 2 of pe same to be take, to 
pe forsaide church of Cudelynton), and to pe religiouse men) J>e 
same church in-to pere owne vsis hauyng, and to ]>ere pro- 4 
curatowr in pere name, hereafter, from tyme of pe wenyng (to 3 
be paide to-gedur) of caluys and departyng of lambys, al so 
longe as pe same Milke shaft dure, fully, hooly, and withoute 
alt lessenyng to be payde, to-gedu? with arerages fro pat tyme 8 
that they paide last moneye In p e name of pe tithe of pe mylke 
aforsaide, sentencially and diffinityffly in this writyng we con- 
dempne; and pat pe same tithe, also 4 with arerages, to pe 
myndicT religiouse men) and to pe forsaide church, as hit Is i- 1 a 
saide [before 8 , they pay, we order, decreeing all and sundry 
above-written], after thre monicions or warnynges (by p e vicare 
of Cudelynton) or 6 his stedys beryng to pern) to be 7 paide), at 8 
pe paying of pe saide tithis and of Arerages aforesaide, as hit 16 
is i-saide afore, (to 9 be i- payde), by alt inaner censure of pe 
church to be i-compellid. Date and actid pe day and p e jere 



Grant to 
Oseney, by 
Hugh of 


of 5«. rent- 
charge in 
Kid ling ton, 
issuing out 
of Walter 
of Crox- 
lands, for 

[99.] A charter of Sir Hugh plesetto's of v. s>. ^erely In 

Knowe alt men) pat I, Hugh plesettts, haue i-jefe, grauntid 1 , 20 
and with my present charter confermed, to William 10 Abbot of 
Oseney and to pe chanonl pere seruyng god, in-to pure and 1 
perpetuett almes, for p e helth of my Sowle and of my Aunceturs 
and 1 successours, v. 3. 3erely for Euer to be take of pe tenauntes 24 
J>e which Water Croxford 1 helde of me In Cudelynton), by p e 
handis of p e same Water and of alt these tenementes after 
heldyng, pat is to say, [at 11 the feast of St. John Baptist, ix. d., 
at the feast of St. Michael, xxi. d., at the feast of St. Thomas 28 

1 ' provenientium,' in agreement with 
• fructuum.' 

a ' imposterum ab eisdem percipiendi ' : 
i. e. ' percipiendi,' in agreement with ' lac- 
tis ' ; ' ab eisdem ' = by Oseney. 

3 Omit the bracketed words, brought in, 
without meaning, from below. 

1 t una cum.' 

s Inserted from the Latin. 

* ' vel eius vices gerentem.' 

7 Bead ' to be made,' i. e. ' monicionem.' 

8 ' ad solucionem.' 

9 Superfluous : not in the Latin. 

10 William of Sutton, abbot 1268-84. 

11 Inserted from the Latin. The donor 
no doubt bargained for commemoration in 
the conventual prayers on these five fes- 
tivals. The payments would provide a 
' pittance ' on these days. 

[XVII] Cuddynton 93 

Apostle, ix. d?[ at p e ffest of pe Anramciacion of ovvre lady ix. d 1 ., 
and at Estur xij. £ I baue i-grauntid also, for me and my 
lieyres, J>at pe forsaide Abbot and Cbanons maye distreyne }> e with 

4 forsaide Water j^orowgb all pe forsaide tenementys, In alt distraint, 
maner of Distreynyng, to pay to pern) fully pe forsaide yerely 
rente, if at pe for-namyd termes pey fayle, Sauyng to me and bat reserv- 
to my heyres alt mane? oper thynges, seruices, and customs, pe ^f nor 

8 which of be saide tenements been dewe. AncT I be forsaide * u ^ er 
Hugh, and 1 my heyres, to p e forsaide Abbot and chanons pe superi- 
forsaide jerely rente of v.i. as fre and 1 perpetuelt almes agaynste onties - 
all peputt sballe \varanty3e, aquite, and defende for eue?. In-to 
u witnesse of J>e which thyng pis present wrytyng" with my seelys 
pryntyng I haue i-strengtbid hit. These witnesses, ?. 

[100.] An obligace'on of Water Croxforde of Jre Same About 




Knowe alt men) J?at I, Water Croxforde, haue i-grauniid, for Acknow- 
me and 1 my heyres for eue?, to paye to Willyam Abbot of Oseney * Q osenev 

16 and to pe Couent \er seruyng god, v. 3. jerely at pe termes in h * Walter 
Jje charter pe which J>ey baue of Si? Hugh plesettts of p e for- of obiiga- 
saide rent cowtente. And pe forsaide Abbot and chanohB may th^quit-^ 
distreyne me and 1 my heyres In alt maner of distreynyng rent > as in 

20 porowgh Alle londes and 1 tenementes the * which I holde in * leaf 24, 
CudelyntonJjand 1 alt pe saide londes and holdyng J? e tenementes, 
to 2 be i-paide to pe forsaide Abbot and chanons pe forsaide 
3erely rente, at pe termes i-sett, If we fayle (pat god forbede). 

34 In-to witnesse of p e which thyng, this present writyngwith my 
seeles Empryntyng I haue i-strengthicT hit. These witnessis, f. 

flOl.l A composic/on Sitwene vs and Sir Hugh plesett?s About 


of chauntery chapelt of Cudelynton) and oper thynges. 
In dei nomine Amen. A thyng i-sprunge late, Bitwene re- Oseney, as 

rector of 

ligiouse men) William Abbot and Couent of pe Monastery of 

28 Oseneye of the oone partie, and 1 a worthy man) Si? Hugh granted 

plesettw of pe oper, vppon) a chapelt of J?e forsaide Sir Hugh piefseta 

1 Read ' and all (omnes) the snid lands who hold, 
and tenements holding (tenentes),' i. e 2 ■ ad solvendum , . . redditum.' 


[XVII] Cuddy nton 

a private 

plesettw in his courte at Cudelynton) i-sett, a ' chauntery, with 
)>e libertee of pe same chapelt and o]>er thynges pe mater of pe 
question) towchyng: pe striffe bitwene them) restid with a 
ffrendely composiceon vndur this forme, that is to say, pat the 4 
fosraide abbot and Couent, hauyng- pe parisshe church of Cude- 
lynton) vn-to pere owne vses. This composition is alt i-write 
In pe title of ' HedyntohV 


Qrant to 
by Henry 
Doyly II, 

of rent- 
charges to 
value of £5; 
made up of, 
in Kidling- 
ton, £3 out 
of the mill 
(with sur- 
render of 
rights in 
said mill), 
the quit- 
[18*. 8&] 
out of a 
and oroft ; 
and, in 
13s. 4</. out 
of three 
yard lands, 
and fa out 
of half a 

[102.] A charter of Henry Doylly of a }erde londe In 
Cudelintofi) and rent of p e Mille and othe? thynges. 

Knowe they pat be present and to be pat I, Henry Doylly, 8 
5a r e and grauntid, and with my present charter cowfermed, to 
god and to pe church of Seynte marye of Oseney and 1 to pe 
chanons "pere seruyng 1 god, for my helth and of myne, both pre- 
decessours [and 2 successours], and specially for pe Sowle of "a 
Sibilt my wine and of moolde my dow3tter, a hundred shelyng- 
worth of Rente jerely, for pe which I haue 3 a-tourned to pern) 
lx. 1. pe which I was i-woned to take jerly of my Mille of 
Cudelynton), ancT homage and seruice of Helie myller" and of his 16 
heyres, and what-so-Euer thynge in pe forsaide mylle fully* 
aud better I Euer had, with his pertinences, (or 5 myjght haue), 
without Eny withholdyng 1 . I haue i-jeve also and haue i- 
grauntid in pe same my maner, in- to ffree pure and perpetuelt ao 
almes, j. jerde of londe, pat is to say, }>at 6 helde Raph Reuelyng, 
with a mese and* crofte and alt his oper pertinence*, witAinne 
pe towne and without pe towne, withoute oony withholdyng 1 . 
ffuipermore I haue i-jeve and haue i-grauntid 1 to pe nowe saide 24 
chanons" In my maner of Hokenorton) j. marke of Silue?, p 3 
which was i-woned 1 to paye to me Raph Bernarde Euery jere 
for thre jerdes of londe, with his pertinences, p e which he helde 
of me in pe same towne. I }afe also to pern) viij. "s\ of Ster- a8 
lynges, pe which I was i-woned to 7 take 3erely of Roger 
Olicrante 8 for dj. an hide of londe, pe which he had with 
moolde his wife pe dowjghter of philijjpe clerke, and of me 

1 Governed by ' vppon,' mentally re- 

a Added from the Latin. 

3 ' attornavi eis.' 

4 ' plenius et melius.' 

5 The broken order in this instance is 
copied from the Latin. 

* ' illain scilicet quam tenuit Radulphus.' 

7 MS. ' to to take.' 

8 ' Olicrance.' 

[XVII] Cudelynton 95 

lielde in be same mancr, with homage and services of be saide with sur - 

~ * render of 

Robert Bernarde and of Roger Olicrante and 1 of here heyres, feudal 
and what-so-Euer thyng [in] nowe be saide * londes I had or 2* S ai a Ver 

4 myjght haue, without e oony withholdyng. I have also [given] lands, 
to J>e fornamed chanons In my maner of HokenortofD oofi) mede also of a 
that Is i-called Cuham, In-to pure and perpetueft almes, and jj| Hook- 
aft thyng bat I had In b e for* saide mede or myjght have, norton. 
8 withoute oony reteynyng 1 . ffor this cawse, I wifte ande Surely 
ordeyne, for me and my heyres, bat \Jpe 2 forsaide Chanons all] 
J>e forsaide thynges have and 1 holde for Euer, weft pesible and 
worschipfully, with all liberteis and 1 his fre customs, in-to ffre 

12 and 1 perpetuett almes, as oony almes better 3 and? frely my3ght 
be i-5eve of cony or to be holde. I also Henry Doyly, and" my 
heyres, aft be fornamyeT thynges with here pertinences to pe saide 
chanonl agaynste aft pepuft shalle warantije and 1 aquite : and 

16 that this my jifte, graunte, and waranti3yng, and aquite, be sure 
and 1 stabutt for Euer, hit with my present seeles puttyng to 
have I strenghthid. These witnesses. T. 

[103.] A charter of Warine fl&3ht Helie of pe Mille of About 
CudelintorD. 1238 - 

Know pey that ben now and to be bat I, "Waryne ffhjt Helie Sale to 
20 mylle? 4 of CudelintofU, have i-3eve and" grauntid, deliuered and warin the 
quyte-claymed, and confermed with my charter, for me and? my miller, 
heyres for Euer, to god and to pe church of Seynte Marye of 
Oseneye and to be chanons" In hit seruynggod, aft my mylle of ofaiihia 

tiiipi i ^ interest in 

24 Cudelynton), witn pe pertinences, pat 1 helde ot pe chanons, the mill (as 
payng to pern) berof yerely lx. 1., and 15 aft pat moolde be relicte ^^the* ' 
of my fadur pe thvidde parte of pe same Mille for he? dowry reversion 
al so longe as she leueth, payng 1 perof 3erely to pe same chanons mother's 

28 pe thridde parte of pe forsaide lx. 3., that is to say, xx. ^., for g^are^ 6 " 
pe forsaide thridde parte of pe forsaide mylle while she leueth, 
pe which also b e forsaide thridde parte afte? pe decese of pe 
forsaide moolde aft shaft abide in-to J>e handes of ]>e forsaide 

32 chanons, and J>enne bey shaft haue aft ]>e forsaide mylle, with 

1 ' iam-dictis.' comparative for words like ' freely.' 
' Added from the Latin. * * molendinarii.' 

3 ' melius et liberius.' Obviously, the 5 Read ' saving to Moolde.' 

writer did not care to form by inflection a 


[XVII] Cudelynton 

money, £6. 

alt his pertinences, hooly, to be holde and to be had and * to J>e 
same, welt and 1 In pece, frely and 1 quietely fro att secule? eeruice 
exacct'on and 1 deraaunde, withoute reclaymyng of me and 1 of my 
heyres for Euer. And I Waryne and 1 my heyres att pe forsaide 4 
thynge« to J>e saide church and chanoris" shatt warantije 
agaynste att for Eue?. And 1 for this jifte, graunte, deliveryng, 
quite-claymyng, and confermyng, pe saide chanons for-3afe to 
me ix. marke of siluer, J>e which I owycT to pern). In-to witte- 8 
nesse of pe which pyng to this present writyng my seele I haue 
i-put to : pese witnesses \ &c 9 . 



Grant to 
Oseney, by 
Peter of 

of a messu- 

subject to 
8d. yearly 
to maintain 
a lamp in 
the church. 

♦leaf 25, 




[104.] A charter of petwr Meles of pe Mese Euen) 
agaynste pe Mitto. 

Knowe pey pat be present and to be that I, petwr of Meles, 
jafe grauntid and 1 quyte-claymed, and with this my present 12 
charter confermed, to god and to pe church of Seynte marye of 
Oseney and to pe chanohS in hit eeruyng god, that Mese, with 
pe Curtilage or garden) and att his o\er pertinence*, pat I had 
in )?e town) of Cudelynton), pe which truly mese is i-sett euen) 16 
agaynste pe mylle of p 6 same Abbot and Couent in p 6 same 
towne of pe sowth partie by J>e wate? : to be holde and i-had, 
to J>e church and chanons, of me and" of my heyres, In-to fire 
pure and perpetuelt almes, jeldyng J>erof to p e church of Cude- 20 
lynton) viij. <T. to pe susteynyng of oon) lampe, afore pe crucifixe 
In pe same church, for pe sowles of Si? Henry Doylly and of 
att sowles, as p e same tenement of oolde was i-wonyd to paye, 
for att thyng pe which, of pe londe and for J> e londe, may, or 24 
shall mowe, to be * axid for Euer. And I petwr and my heyres 
p e forsaide Mese, with att his pertinences, to pe church and 
chanons agaynste att cristen men) and Juys shatt warantije 
aquite and defende for Euer. And that this my jifte be rate 28 
and stable for Euer, to p is writyng my seele haue I put to. 
These witnesses, & 5 . 

About ("105.1 A confirmac/on of Si? Hugh plesettw of be same. 

1280. L J r 

Confirma- Knowe att men) pat I, Hugh of plesettta, haue i-grauntid, 

tion to >,.». , mm t, >, 1 1 

Oseney, an<T with my present charter comermecr, to god 1 and 1 to pe church 3 2 

1 Omit ' and.' 

8 One was John of Tew, sheriff of Oxfordshire 1236-9. 

[XVII] Cudelinton 97 

of Seynte marye of Osneye and to Si? William, Abbot, and to p e by Hugh of 


chanons" in hit seruyng god, Ipe ijifte pe which pet«r of Meles f no , ,o 4 , 
made to pern) of oone mese with pe pertinences In Cudelynton). 

4 And 1 1 graunte, for me and my heyres, J>at ]?ey haue and holde 
hit, in-to pure and 1 perpetuelt almes, al so much as to me and my 
heyres perteyneth for Euer, Sauyng 1 naj>eles viij. d 1 . to p e church subject to 
of Cudelynton) to pe sustenyng of oone lampe afore pe crucifixe f or the 

8 for pe sowles of Henry Doylly and of my aunceturs and of my lam P« 
successours. In-to witnesse of pe which thyng. 

[106.] A charter bitwene vs and Water Croxforde of be About 
londe of flfrees. 126 °* 

Knowe alt men) that In this wise hit was a-cordid Bitwene Grant by 
RicAarcJ, Abbot of Oseney, and 1 pe Couent of pe same place, of p e ^Walter 
i 2 oone partie, and Water Croxforde, of pe other partie, that is to ° f Cro *" 

, t . , ford, of 

say, pat Ipe saide Abbot and Couent lete and toke to pe ibrsaide the Trees, 
and to his heyres a crofte or bat telth pe which is Euen) [Duplicate 
agaynste pe chapelt of Ipe ffrees of be west side, with dichis, ofno - 82 -] 

1 6 medis, andoJ)er pertinences : to be i-holde and i-had to pe forsaide 
and to his heyres to perpetuelt ferme, payng berof jerely to Ipe 
saide Abbot and Couent dj. marke at Osneye, that is to say, in 
P e daye of Seynte Mighelt or a-fore xl. d. and In p e day of Ipe 

20 Anunciacion of seynte marye or a-fore xl. & : and pe forsaide 
Water and 1 his heyres alt burdons of Ipe same crofte or telth 
towchyng, with per costis, shall susteyne ancTaquite. And hit 
shall not be lawful! to pe saide Water and to his heyres the 

24 saide crofte or telth to oony man) to sett jeue or bequeth or in 
oony maner to aliene. And if he doo or his heyris doo, hit 
shall be lawfull to )> e forsaide Abbot and 1 to his successours be 
saide crofte or telth to Entre and 1 for Euer to haue, withoute 

28 lettyng 1 of p e saide Water or of his heyris. And bat this 
lettyng and 1 of perpetuelt ferme takyng be sure and stable for 
Euer, pe parties to this writyng 1 In-to p e maner of a charter i- 
made, euerych to oper, he? seeles haue putte. These wit- 

32 nesses, &c 9 . 

[XVII] Cudelynton 


ance to 
Oseney, by 
the execu- 
tors of 
bp. John 
de Grey, 
* leaf 26. 

of Coggea 


of Swerford 


and of 



[No. 270 is a 


[107.] Letters ' of Walter Archiebisshope of Yorke and 
co-executours of pe same of pe ^ifte of John bisshop 
of Norwhich of pe woode of Coggese and of the 
church of Swerforde with pe Chapett: of Sevewett. 

To att pe Soones of ow? holy modu? pe church to whome 
pose present lette?s shaft come, Walter, By pe grace of god 
Archiebisshop of jorke 2 , a priraat of Ingelonde, and 1 maste? 
EaZpA of Warham 3 , official! of Norwhich, and 1 mayster R., 4 
Archede*cofD of yippeswike, helth in ow? lorde. Knowe jje att 
John Gray, of goode Mynde, sumtyrae Bisshop of Northwich, 
a woode pe which is i-callid Goggeswode * to pe towne of Cude- 
lintofi) sumtyme perteynyng, and pe church of Swerforde, with 8 
pe chapett of Seuewett 5 , and 1 his pertinences, pe which pe for- 
saide Bisshop of pe yifte of Si? Henry Doylly gate, to pe church 
of Seynte Marye of Osneye and to p e chanons ]>ere seruyng 1 
god, for p e helth of his sowle, In his laste wilt to haue i-lefte. 12 
We truly, sith In pe forsaide Bisshoppis testament executours 
[we] were i-jeve, to pe same chanons pe forsaide woode and pe 
saide church with pe chapett and pertinences, after that pe 
Office of owr^ execuc^on axid 1 , haue assined. But [lest] pat 16 
pe trowth of this thyng by succession) of tyme myjht be in-to 
dowte i-callid, we of 8 pe aforethynges assinyngto pe afore-saide 
chanons of vs i-maade In 7 writyng haue i-maade hit, pe which 
pe puttyng^to of ow? seeles haue i-thowjght worpy to strengh, E 20 


tion to 
by Henry 
Doyly II, 
as feudal 

of Cogges 

[108.] A conflrmacton of Henry Doylly of p e same 


Knowe tho pat be present and to be that I, Henri/ Doylly, 
of ow? lorde Kyng constable, haue i-grauntid, and with this 
present charter confermed, to god an<T to pe church of Seynte 
marie of Osneye and 1 to pe chanons Ipere seruyng god, in-to 24 
pure and perpetuelt almes, alt ps woode of Cudelynton) 8 p° 
which Is i-callid Coggeswode 8 with his pertinences, withoute 

1 Marginal note : — ' Nota.' 

2 Walter de Grey, archbishop of York 
1216-55, was nephew to John de Grey, 
bishop of Norwich 1200-14. 

1 Ralph of Warham, elected bishop of 
Chichester, Dec. 12 17. 

4 The spelling • Goggeswode ' is an alter- 
native to ' Coggeswode.' 

5 Showell, in Swerford parish. 

6 ' predictorum assignationem.' 

7 'in Bcripturam redegimus.' 

8 Names noted in margin. 

[XVII] Cudellnton 99 

oony withholdyng, [p e which] pe same chanons hauefD of p® 
yifte of Si? or lorde John Gray, Bisshope sumtyme of Norwhich, M in 
pe which" also woode I Henry Doylly 3afe and with my charter 

4 confermed" to lorde John Bisshop of Norwhich. Wherfore I 
wilte pat pe forsaide chanons p e forsaide woode holde and 1 haue 
for Euer with all pertinences, in-to ffre pure and 1 perpetuett 
almes, quite fro alt secule? seruice pat to me or my heyres 

8 perteyneth. And 1 be hit lawful! to pe forsaide chanons of with power 
Oseney to p e forsaide woode to Copice *, to jeve, or to sell to it or sell it. 
whome-so-Euer pey willen or to religious men) or to oper. And 
I, Henry Doylly, and 1 my heyres, pe forsaide woode to p e 

12 fornamyd chanons or to whome-so-Euei 1 pey will assine hit 

agaynste all men) for Euer schalt warantize. And that this my [No. 271 is a 
graunte and confirmacton bide sure and stable for Euer, hit up ca eJ 
whith my present writyng with my seeles puttyng-to haue 

16 i-strenghthict hit : pese witnesses. 

[109.1 A charter of Adam ffist Thomas of Cudelyntofi) About 


of londos In pe Same and 1 In ShiptoS). 

Knowe pey that be present and to Be that I, Adam ffijt Grant to 

Thomas of CudelyntoiD, jafe, grauntid, and with my present Adamf 'son 

charter confermed, to sod and to be church of Seynte Marie of ? f T^°?? as ' 

20 Oseney and to ffrere William 2 Abbot and to pe chanons Ipere ton, 

seruyng god, ij. acres of Arable londe In pe territorye or su bject to 

grownde of Cudelynton), pe which I had of pe jifte and graunte * d - /luit- 
of William of Wotton), for j. ob. to pe same and to his heyres for 

24 all thynges at pe ffest of Seynte Myghell 5erely to be i-paide. , acre) su b- 

Item, I 3afe and grauntid j. acre of Arable londe, pe which I jecttoqmt- 

had of \>e yifte and? graunte of William of CutlyntoiD, for j. root of 

roote of gooyng 3 to pe same and to his heyres for all thynges at 1 acre ' 

28 Estur jerely to be i-paide ; And j. dj. acre of Arable londe and arable and 

dj. an acre of mede, pe which I had of pe jifte and? graunte of * leaf 26, 

William ffi^t petwr of Dunynton), * for j. oh. to pe same and" to ~*°%' 

his heyris for alt thynges at pe ffest of Seynte Mi3ghell jerely subject to 

32 to be i-paidle. Item, I 3afe and grauntid 1 to pe saide church rent ; 

1 ' assartare.' 3 Read ' ginger ' : • pro una radice gingi- 

2 Probably William of Sutton, abbot beri.' 

H 2 


[XVII] CuJelinton 

and in 
Shipton of 
[a quarter- 
i. e.] a mes- 
6 acres 
\ acre 
subject to 
\d. quit- 

1280 ? 

Grant to 
Oseney, by 
Walter son 
of John of 
of a quit- 
rent of i lb. 
of cummin, 
due by land 
to maintain 
a lamp in 


Grant to 

Oseney, by 
John son of 

abbot and chanons j. mese, vj. aciis of Arable londe, and 1 dj. 
one acre of mede witti pe pertinences in p e towne and ffelde of 
Shipton) \ pe which I had of pe yifte and grauntyng of William 
Toky, for j. ferthyng 1 to p e same and 1 to his heyres at p e fest of 4 
Seynte MijgheH jerely to be i-payde, for att secule? seruices, 
Sutes, wardis, relefs, heriettes, and for att othe? thynges p e 
which of p® londe or for pe londe may be axid for euer : to be 
holde and to be had, to p° saide church abbot and 1 chanons and 8 
to J>ere successours, in-to ffree pure and 1 perpetuett almes, al so 
much as to me and my heyres perteyneth, payng perof to p e 
chcfe lordis sendees afore-i-write. And J»at pis my jif'te, grauute, 
and confirmaceon be sure and stable for Euer, to this writyngia 
my seele I haue put to, and to more Surete of p e pyng\ att 
Instrumented and munimentes to J>e saide londis and tenementea 
pat I haue, afore wor py men) I have deliuered 1 [to 2 the said 
abbot and conuent]. These witnesses. »6 

[110.] A quite-clayme of Water nty John of Thrope of 
j. ii. of ComyfJ. 

Knowe J>ey that be present and to be that I, Water ffijt John 
of thrope, 3afe and quite-claymed, to god and to p e church of 
Seynte Marye of Oseney and to pe chanons Ipere seruyng god, 
for pe helth of my Sowle, j. Ii. of Comyn), In-to ffree pure and 20 
perpetuett almes, al so muche 3 as to me [longeth], J>e which the 
same chanons" oftid to me yerely at pe ffest of Seynte Mijghett 
for ij. acris of arable londe In stotfolde and j. acre of Mede In 
Cannham, the which (pat is to say) iij. acris Robert Clerke of 24 
Cudelynton) jafe to p e church of Cudelyntoii) to j. lampe to be 
susteyned In pe same church. And pat J>is my jifte and* quite- 
clayme be sure and stable for Euer, hit with my writyng and of 
my seele puttynge to haue I strengthid hit. These witnesses. 28 

[ill.] A charter of John ffijt John philippe of vj. acris 
of Arable londe and of oper thynges. 

Knowe pey that be present and to be pat [I], John ffi^t John 
philippe of Cotes, 5,afe, grauntid, and with my present charter 

John son of confermed, to god and to pe church of Seynte Marye of Osney 

Name noted in margin. 
Inserted from the Latin. 

3 This clause is not represented in the 

[XVII] Cudelinton 101 

and William, Abbot, and to pe chanoris* pere seruyng god, vj. Philip of 
acris of Arable londe In pe ffeldes of Cudelynton), with aft oper fthe 
pertinences, pe which I had of pe jifte of my ffadur", of the 6 a< £ es 

4 [which] j. acre and dj. and j. Rodde lyen) in Stodfolde by pe a quarter- 
commune pasture of Cudelynton) with pe Diche lying 1 aboute, described 
and iij. Roddis lyen) In p* telth pe which Is i-callid Schelde, b y stri P 3 - 
and j. dj. hede acre In schalt euelt, and iij. Roddys In pe same 

8 telth, and 1 iij. Roddys lyen) In Medelforlong, and j. dj. acre In 
Hanginde londe, and 1 j. acre vppofD vourtene acris By p e wey : 
to be holde and" to be had, to p e saide church and chanoriS, In-to 
pure and perpetuelt almes, of me and my heyres for Euer. And 
12 I John and my heyris pe eaide vj. acris of londe, with all pere 
pertinences, to p e forsaide church and* chanons agaynste alt 
cristen) men) and Juys schalt waran^e, aquite, and 1 defende, as [Warranty 
owre ffree pure and 1 perpetuelt almys : and pat my jifte &c 9 . jews.] 

[112.] * A conflrmacton of John philippe J* 3 flfadu? of pe * leaf 27. 
saide John of p e forsaide 3ifte. lasoJ* 

16 Knowe alt men) J»at I, John pe soone of philippe of Cude- Confirma- 
lyntoii), grauntid, and with my present charter confermed, to og^ ne y t> y 
god and 1 to pe church of seynte marie of Oseney and to pe Jol } n son of 
chanonS per seruyng 1 god, pe yifte pat John my sone made to of his 'son's 

20 them of vj. acres of ai'able londe and of a diche [and other gl l no • ,l, '• 
pertinences] in p° fekles of Cudelynton), In-to ffre pure and? 
perpetueit almes, as p e charter of p e same John p e which he 
made to bem) of p e ffeffement fully witnesseth. And I John and my 

24 heyres and myne assines p 3 saide vj. acris with pe Diche and 
oJ>er pertinences to p e forsaide church and chanons" agaynste alt 
cristen) men) and Juys shall waranti^e, aquite, and defende, as [Warranty 
ffre pure and perpetueit almes. And J>at this my graunte, ?. J***] 

[113.] A charter of William off Hampton of a Homme About 
i-callid Stoniham. 1290 ? 

,R Knowe thoo bat be present and to be bat I, William of Grant to 

Os8H6v bv 

Hampton) *, for p 6 helth of my sowle and of my wifFe alij and 1 William of 
of my aunceturs, 3afe and grauntid, and with my present charter Hampton, 
confermed, to god and to p e church of pe blessed virgen) marye 
1 Hampton Gay or Hampton Poyle... . 


[XVII] Cuddinton 

ef a 



Sale to Eli 
by Henry 
Doyly (? II), 
of fishing- 
rights in 
the mill- 
ponds and 
streams of 
quit-rent to 
be half the 
fish taken. 
13*. 4d. 

of Oseney and to pe chanom* ]>ere seruyng' god, pat hamme, 
with an his pertinences, pe which" lieth bitwene p e hamme pe 
which was sumtyme of Helie Clerke of Cudelynton) and p e 
mede pat is i-callid Bradeham, In-to ffree pure and perpetuelt 4 
almes, as oony londe better ' and freliyst maye be i-jeve : to be 
had and to be holde, to p e same church and chanoris J>ere 
seruyng 1 god, of me and 1 of my heyres, frely and quietly, welt 
and 1 In pece, withoute oony quarelt and Demaunde and" secule? 8 
exaction). And 1 I p e forsaide William and 1 my heyres shall 
warantije, aqwite, and 1 defende pe forsaide hamme, with alt his 
pertinences, for Euer to J> e forsaide church & to pe saide chanons 
agaynste all men) and women). And pat this my jifte, ?. 12 

[114.] A charter off Henry Doylly off b e ffisshing 1 of 
Know tho that be present and to be pat I, Henry Doylly 2 , 
my lorde the Kynges constable, toke and 1 grauntid, and 1 with 
my present charter confermed, to Helie Mille? and to his heyres 
and 8 my fnsshyng of Cudelintofi), withoute oony [retaining], 16 
vndu? 4 pe Mine and Bi the Mille, with [the] excluse of J>e 
Mille and with J»e ponde and with alt thinges to pe ffisshyng 
perteynyng, In-to ffee-ferme to ffisshe to B halfe : to be had and 1 
to be holde, to pe fforsaide Helie and to his heyres, frely and 1 20 
quietly, of me and myne heyres, by seruice off ffisshyng to halfe 6 . 
And for this graunte, takyng, and cowfermyng, J?e forsaide Helie 
3afe to me j, marke of siluer, t 


[115.] A cowposict'on 7 Bitwene vs and p e Hospitalariys 
of p 6 chapeH of Goseforde. 
The prior and Supprior of Dunstable, by p e Commaundement 24 
of pope gregorye 8 , afte? Diuerse altercacious i-made bitwene pe 


March 19. 

In spite of 
by Oseney, 

1 ' melius et liberius.' 
8 If it were Henry Doyly I, then the 
date is ' About 1160 V 

s ' and ' in MS. , by a slip for ' all.' 

4 ' sub molendino et subtus [? lower down 
than] molendinum.' 

5 ' ad piscandum ad medietatem.' 

6 ' per servicium piscandi ad medietatem.' 

7 A translation of the deed, made from 
the Latin of the Oseney cartulary at Christ 
Church, is printed in Stapleton's Three 
Oxfordshire Parishes (1893), p. 360: but 
the technical term trentale is mis-read. 

8 Commission dated at Spoleto, July 14, 

[XVIII] Gosford 103 

parties?. pe strife bitwene them this frendely Ende restid, as rector of 

that is to say, that pe saide Hospitalarijs haue pe saide tn * e Knights 

oratorye of Goseforde, afte? pe tenou? of pere priuileges to Hospitallers, 

4 peirD i-jeve of p e pope, and p e procuratowr of pe same Hos- lege, were al- 

pitalarijs, to ' pat specially i-jeve In Jugement, in the name i^heir house 

of p e Hospitalarijs with goode feith promised noper the at Gosford, hut 

Hospitala? 2 noper the secule? Chaplen parisshens of pe excluding ordi- 

8 modu? church to Diuine shaH admitte In the same, noper "ra'and'of 10n " 

also Annale or trentale or oony othe? thyng that to b 3 refusing fees 

, r for saying 

modu? church is dewe, *by the Occasion) of the saide ora- * leaf 27, 

torie, In-to preiudice or harme of the modu? churche, shall J^iy or 

12 receyue or make: also be saide procurator promised, In monthly 

* . . ' £ .... intercessory 

the name of his lordis In Juggement, that his lordis pe masses- for 

saide thynges shaH kepe and 1 of there Sugetes make hit to be deceased?^ 0113 

i-keped 1 : J?at same, if hit happe to pe saide Hospitalarijs Same terms to 

16 in oper parisshis of p e saide chanonws oratorijs to make, needed, in 

fully In goode ffeith hit shall be keped 1 . We then), louers ^tehe™™* 
of pece, this composicton approuyng, with owf seles puttyng-to 
conferme hit, i. 

[XIX. Hensington.] 

[116.] The Booke of p e ffeis seith pat pabbot of Note about 
Oseney holdep In HensintorD dj. an hide londe in Hensington. 
fire almes & ^cucth none scuage. 

[Note. — Hensington is a hamlet in Bladon parish. The translator, at this point, 
falls into extraordinary and unexplained errors. Not only does he bring into the 
text (as is usual with him) what is the marginal introduction (no. 116) in the 
Latin copy, but he places it after the rubric of no. 117, and suddenly in the middle 
of no. 117 leaves the deed he is translating and goes on with the second half of the 
next. The error is the stranger because the names and property have little in 

[117.] A charter of pe Kyng 1 bitwene Eustach fity Baph 1218, 
and deenys Scorchebefe. 3 

This * Is the ffinatt acorde i-made In b« Courte of ow? lorde 5 Suit by 

■tyVlio ll 

Kyng at Oxonforde, In the 3ere of pe reyne of Kyng Henry the 

1 i. e. appointed to represent them in this s In the MS. no. 116 came in here, 

suit. * ' Hensinton ' in marginal note. 

a ' nee hospitalarius nee canonicus secu- 5 MS. * londe,' by a slip, 

104 [XIX] Hensinton 

Eustace son Sone of Kyng John the iij., in the morowe of Seynte lucie 
p virgeiD, afore Richard, Bisshop of Salesburye, mathewe ffi;t 
Hereberte, Eaph Hareng 1 , Water ffolioth, James of Poterne, 
Water de ripams, Morice Tureville, John Wykenolte, Justices 4 
established iorneying, and oper true men) of ow? lorde pe Kyng pere then 
overames- beyng' present, betwene Eustache ffijt Raph, axa?, and Deenys 
siiuge Escorchebefe, tenaunt, of i. mese and ii. acris of londe with be 

and two . 

acres, pertinences In Hensyntoiu Whereoff 'afsisa of the deth of 8 

aunceturs ' whas i-sumned bitwene them) In the forsaide Courte: 
that is to say, pat pe forsaide [Deenys * acknowledged the said 
mese and the said two acres of land, with the pertinences, to be 
the right of said Eustache : to be hold and to be had, to the 1 2 
Denyse same Eustache and his heirs, of the forsaid Deenys and her heirs, 
Scorchebef^ ^ ^ e serv i ce f fe n pence halfpenny to be paid yearly. And 
of io^d. for this acknowledgement and fine and accord the foresaid 
money, 10a. Eustache gave to the foresaid Deenys x. 3. of sterlings. 16 

1199, 117* A. A charter of the King between Deenys Schor- 

Aug. 28. chebef, asker, and William son of Wymund and 

Richard son of Ralph about 1 hide. 

Suit by This is the final accord made in the court of our lord king 

which a f. Oxonforde, on Saturday next after the feast of Seynt Bar- 

Scorchebef, tholomew, in the first year of the reign of king John, before 

Alan, abbot of Tewkesbury, Simon of Pateshull, John of Gestling, 20 
after estab- Richard Flandrensis, William of Faleise, justices, and other 
her rights barons of our lord king then there present, between Deenys 
over a hide, Scorchebef, axer, and Williain son of Wymund and Richard son 

of Ralph, tenaunts, of 1. hide of land, with the pertinents, in 24 
Hensinton : whereof ' acknowledgement of great assise ' was 
summoned between them in the foresaid court : that is to say, 
that the foresaid] William 2 and Richard maade knowlege aft 
pe forsaide londe with p e pertinences to be pe ryjght and pe 28 
granted it heritage of the forsaide Deenes, And for that fnne and acorde 
freehold t an ^ knowleggyng 1 pe forsaide Deenes 8 to pe forsaide Willia?» 
be held by an d Richard, with be pertinences, to be holde of he? and 1 he? 
rent. heyres, to pern) and to pere heyres for Euer, by ffre seruice of 33 

1 Added from the Latin. 5 Words like 'gave all the forsaid land* 

' The English MS. resumes after the have dropped out, 

[XIX] Hensinton 103 


vij. i. by 3ere for alt seruice, to be i-paide at pe fFest of Seynte 
Martyne. And for this graunt pe forsaide William and Richard 
3afe to pe forsaide Deenes xx. 3. of sterlynges. money, £i. 

[118.] A 1 charter of Symori) Scorchebef ffi3t Geffrey About 
Scorchebeff of Shiptort). 

4 [Know 2 all men, &c 9 . that I Simon Scorchebef, &c 5 .] At Grant to 
the Instance of Water Shipton), Chapleyne, for my helth seney ' 
and of myne, jafe and grauntid and with this present charter by Simon 
confermyd, for me and 1 my heyres for Eue?, to god and to pe 

8 church of Seynt marye off Oseney, in-to ffre pure and perpetuelt 
almes, vij.3. off rent in Hensynton) jerly to be take In the ffest oftherent- 
of Seynt Martine at Osney of iiij. ;jerdis of londe pe which ySm (as in 
Eustache meyllowr, Richard Spense?, SymoiD Cat, Geffrey ^;" 7 * ) 

is Mille?, Helewise pe relicte of William ffrankelyne, sumtyme yardlanda, 

- helden) in Hensynton), with homage and seruice of p e same and 1 with all 
of here heyres, and what of Ry3glit In them) or In Ipere tene- £ eu |jj 
mentes I had or myjght have, without oony wztAholdyng to me superiori- 

16 or to my heyres : to be holde and to be had, to pe saide chanons, 
of me and off my heyres for Euer, well and In peece, ffrely & 
quietly fro all secule? seruice exaccion) and Demaunde. And 
I Symon) and 1 my heyres alt the forsaide thynges to pe forsaide 

20 chanons for Eue? shall warantije agaynste alt men) and women): 
and if perauenture, by oony case happenyng to them), p e forsaide 
thynges we may not warantije we shall make an Escaunge in 
Shipton) of my londe to pe value of vij. 1. of Rent. And 1 that 

24 this my jift, &c 5 . 

[119.] *Knowe that 3 that be nowe and to be pat I, Eustach * leaf 28. 
ffizt Raph of Hensinton, jaf and graunted, and 1 haue confermyd 12 55. 
with this my present chaiter, to god and to p e church of Seynte Grant to 
28 Marye of Oseney and to pe chanons Ipere seruyng god, an my Eustace son 
londe In Hensinton, and 4 alt that I had or my3ght haue [in 2 Hensmg- ° 
the same land], pat is to say, xlj. acris of arable londe, with my *° n . 
chefe mansion) and Croffce, and Medis, and? Ipere pertinences : to sion, croft, 

1 An obscure marginal note says : — ' A 3 Read ' they.' 

charter ; note pro nigro.' * ' et quicquid.' 

a Added from the Latin. 


[XIX ] Hensinton 

2 acres 
and 41 




be had and to be holde, of me and 1 my heyris, with aft Ipere 
liberteys and here ffree customs, In-to pure and 1 perpetuelt 
almes for Euer. And I and my heyres p e fornamed 1 xlj. acris 
and chefe Mansion) and Crofte and Mede with, all pe pertinences 4 
to pe saide Church and 1 chanons shall warantize, defende, and 
Aquite, agaynste all cristefD men) and 1 Juys as ffre pure and 
owre perpetuelt almys ffor euer. Ande that pese above-write 
J?ynge* opteyne strenghe, to this present charter my seele I have 8 
i-put to, H 

1257, Oct. 
Suit by 

from Eus- 
tace son of 
Ralph, the 
property in 
no. 119, 

paying a 
' sparhauke 

[120.] This is J> e ffinalt acorde i-maade In the Kynge* 
Courte at Westmynster, fro p e day of Seynt Mi3ghefl in-to pe 
xv. day In pe 3ere off pe reyne of Kyng Henry p e soone of 1 2 
Kyng John xlj., afore Henry of Bathe and 1 Robert Brywes, 
Justice*, and oper true men) of pe Kynge* penne ]>ere beyng" 
present, bitwene Richard, Abbot of Osney, playnyng, by William 
lech i-sette in his stede to gete or to lese, and 1 Eustach ffijt 16 
Raph of Hensinton), deforcyng, of j. mese, j. tofte, xlj. acris of 
londe, ancTij. acris of mede with pe pertinence* In Hensinton) ', 
Where-of a 2 plee of Couenaunte was i-sumned 1 Bitwene peme in 
p e same Courte : pat is to say, that the forsaide Eustach 20 
knowlechid all pe forsaide tenement with p e pertinence* to be 
pe ryjght of the same Abbot and 1 of his church of Osney, 
pat pe saide abbot and 1 his church hauen) of J>e 3ifte of the 
fforsaide Eustach, to be had and to be holde, to pe same Abbot 24 
and 1 to his successours and to his church aforsaide, of the chefe 
lordis of that ffee ffor Eue?, doyng perof all seruice* the which 
perteynyn) to pe forsaide tenement. And 1 for this Recognicion, 
ffine and acorde pe same Abbot jafe s to p e fforsaide Eustach 28 
j. sparhauke Sowre, T. 

Grant to 
Oseney, by 
son of 

[121.] Knowe p ei that hen present and to be pat I, Eustach 
ffijt Geffrey off Hensinton), with oon) assent and consent of 
Moolde my wiffe and of Henry my first boo? sone, jafe and 32 
gremntid, and with this my present charter confermed, to god 
and to pe church of Seynte Mary off Osneye and 1 to pabbot and 
to pe chanons Ipere seruyng god, In-to ffree pure and perpetuelt 

1 Marginal note : — ' Hensyngton.' 2 ' placitum conventionis sununonitum fuit.' 

3 • dedit . . . unum spervarium sorum.' 

[XIX] Hensinton 107 

alraes, oon) mese with a Curtilage (or Gardeyne) and Crofte bat of [a yard- 
I had in be towne of Hensinton) *, with b e pertinence, and Bme «iuwe 
xxvii. acris and i. Rodde of Arable londe In be ffeldes of Ht n- garden, 

. . , , croft, and 

4 sinton), with be pertinences, and aft my mede that I had In b e aj\ acres 
medis of Hensinton), with p e pertinences, and a jerely rent ^h 6 ' 
of i. d 1 . at "be ffest of Seynte MarteiD, be which mayster John meadow, 

. r J and a quit- 

Majon) was i-wonycT to jelde to me for ij. acris b e which he helde rent of id. 
8 of me In the feldes off Hensinton), with homage and 1 seruice of ^es W ° 
be same Master John, and 1 alt that I had or myaeht haue in with a11 

r . . J 9b feudal su- 

be fforsaide thynges, withoute oony withholdyng to me or to my periorities. 
heyres * for euer : to be hold 1 and" to be had 1 , to the saide abbot back. 

1 2 and 1 chanons and 1 to bere successours, of me and 1 myne heyres, in- 
to free pure and 1 perpetueft almes for euer : and" I, Eustach, and 1 
my heyres, to be forsaide Abbot and 1 chanons and to bere suc- 
cessours, aft the forsaide thynges agaynste aft pepuft for euer 

16 schaft warantije aquite and 1 defende. And 1 that this my yifte, 
graunte, and 1 of this my charter confirmacton be sure and stabutt 
here-after, this presente charter with my seelys enprentyng haue 
I strengthicT hit. Thes witnessys, &c 9 . 

20 [122.] To 2 aft cristen) men), &c s . Knowe %e aft vs to haue 1258, 
i-graunted 1 and 1 to haue confermed 1 to Eicarde fforste? 3 of Hen- c ^ m _ 
sentoh) and 1 to hys heyres, for his homage ande seruice, be xifte tion by 


and 1 graunte be which to hym made Eustach ffi^t Raph of to Kich'ard 

24 j. mese and 1 iiij. acris in pe feldes of Hensynton), with here andheirs 

per ti nences, of the grant 

that is to say, that mese, with pe pertinences, that Symon) son of 

Kat sumtyme helde : and? ij. Acris of Arable londe in be North- ^p* 1 ' 

w ' » J of a messu- 

28 felde, of pe which j. dj. Acre lyeth by Dene bache 4 , and 1 j. forere »ge, a acres 
lyeth by slichy B , and 1 ij. dj. Acres lyen) in the telth pe which is North field, 
i-called 1 Orchardes fforlong; In the Sowthfelde, j. dj. Acre lyeth ^t h 2 e acres 
euyfi) Ajewst be howse be which is of william lang hals, And 1 South-field, 

32 j. halfe Acre lyeth at Wowyne 6 Hegge, And 1 j. dj. Acre lieth 
abowe b e wey the which ledeth to Trope, and 1 j. dj. acre lieth 
bitwene pe bycke burne path and 1 grene wey : to be holde and 1 

1 Marginal note : — * Hensyngton.' nos. 117, 118. 

a In MS. this deed is marked by a big 3 ' le forester ' in the Latin, 

bracket and the name ' Hensynton ' written * ' Linche ' in the Latin. 

beside it. The holding of Richard Forster B ' iuxta Rithi.' 

here mentioned is one of those involved in 6 ' Woluyne.' 


[XIX] Hensinton 

at quit-rent to be had 1 , to p e saide Richard and 1 to his eyres, for ij.3. ancTvj. d 1 . 
with suit of 3 ere ^y to vs and 1 to ou? successours in the day of Seynte Marten) 
court and a t Hensenton) for euer to be payde for aft seruice, sauyng to vs 
and 1 to ou? successours sute of ou? courte of the forsaide Richard 4 
and 1 his heyres, and 1 sauyng to vs homage aforsaide, And 1 that 
hit schatt not be lefuft to the forsaide Richard and 1 to his eyres 
oony thyng> of the forsaide londes and 1 mese to oony man) to ley 
to wedde *, sette, or to bequeth, without speciatt licens of thabbot 8 
of Oseneye and 1 the Couent. Of pe which thyng, &,<&. 

to no. (?) 21. 


[123.] Hit a is to be mynded 1 that thabbot of Oseney hath in 
the towne of Hensynton) pe tithe of j. hide [of] londe perteynyng 
to the church of Seynte George of pe jifte of Robert Doyly, 12 
as hit is open) in the title of ' the s ffundacion of the Howse 
of Oseney,' the which londe pe templarijs holden). 

Reference [124.] Also babbot hath 1. hide of londe in the same towne, 

tonos.(?) •:,- a i a. «. *. a 

iso-i. with A mese, medys, ancP oper pertinences. I& 

to no. 92. 

[125.] Also note that we [have] a thyng to be remembrud 1 
of 4 An Inquisicton i-made of ou? ffredows in Hensynton) of 
Sute not to be doo at pe Hundrede of Wortoh) 6 . 

to nos. 21, 
26, 39, 41. 

[XX. Wythulle.] 

[126.] Abbot of Oseneye hath in Whithult ij. parties of 20 
pe scheves of alt the Demayne sumtyme of Sire Hugh Wythulle, 
Kny3ht, and 1 of ryjnt of all thyng the which is wonyd 1 to be 
tithed 1 perteynyng to the church of Seynte George, of pe 3ifte of 
[the] Doyllys, and 1 confirmacion) of Bisshopes and 1 of pe chapiter 24 
of lincoln and 1 of popis of Rome. 

[XXI. Great Barton.] 

* leaf 29. [127.] * Hit is to be knowe what 6 we haue in grete Bar- 

to nos. 129, ton) pe church with pe chapetl of Sanforde and 1 lodewell of pe 

1 'invadiare.' p. 22/4. 

8 In the MS. the four deeds (nos. 123-6), * * habemus memorandum de inquisi- 

are marked by brackets, and in each case tione.' 

' Nota' in the margin. 5 ' de Wottona,' correctly, in the Latin. 

3 Apparently in error for 'How St. * Read 'that': 'Sciendum quod habemus.' 
George's church was given to Oseney': 

[XXI] Barton 109 

3\fte of Roge? of Seyute John, and J>e graunte of Hugh and 1 37, 133-4, 
Robert Bysshops of lincoln and 1 of the chapiter of J>e same, and ' 3 ' 
confirmation of Guale cardinalle and legate, with be confirmacton 
4 of pope Honorye the thirdde. 

[128.] In ' the Baylyfwyke of Barton) hen conteyned }>ese : 
pat is to say, Grete Barton) or be more Barton), Barton) odonis, 
Westcote Barton), Saunforde, ledewell, Groue, Rowlesham, 
8 Heyforde, litult Tywe, J>e more Tywe, andDunstywe. 

[129.] To all pe soonys of holy church to J»e which bis About 
present writyng shaft come Roger i. of Seynte John helth in ou? ^ 90 . ? . 
lorde. Knowe ;je all [me], with assent and consent of William Oseney, by 

12 my Bro per, to haue i-^efe and to haue i-grnuntel 1 , and with this s£ g John 
present charter haue i-confermed, to pabbot and chanons of be 
church of Seynte marie of Oseneye, for my helth and* of myne of the 
and for be Sowles of my aunceturs, pe church of Barton), ©reatBar- 

16 in-to ffree and pure almes, with his pertinences, in tithis, in ton (seem 
londes, in men), in howses, in medys and pastures, in weyes and 
pathis, and in all ober thynges and fredoms and 1 free customs 
the which be forsaide church eue? had in tyme of oony of my 

20 aunceturs whenne beye had beme best 2 and fulliest. And this 
my jifte, that hit pe moo? sure? and stedfasti? here-after may be, 
I maade hit in be presente 3 of lorde John of Constances, 
Archedecun, and of all be chapiter at Oxenforde. These 

24 witnysses, &c 9 . 

[130.] To all cristen) men) to the which this present writyng About 
schall come John of saynte John helth in ou? lorde. Knowe $e Confirma . 
all me, for my helth and of myne, to haue i-grauntid, and with tion to 

28 this present charter to haue i-confermed, to god and to the John (I) of 
church of saynte marie of Oseneye and to the chanons theie his father^ 
seruyng god, the jifte the which Roger of Seynte John my gift as in 
fadu? made to the same church and chanons vppoiD the church 

32 of Barton) : to be had and to be hold to the same, in-to pure free 
and perpetuelt almes, with all his pertinences, In tithis, In 

1 Nos. 128-34 are marked in the MS. marginal mark, 
with a line drawn right down the leaf; 2 ' melius et plenius.' 

and several of them have « Nota * or other s By a slip for ' presence.' 

no. 129. 


[XXI] Barton 

londes, men, howses, medys and 1 pastures, weyes, patthis, ancT in 
nit othe? thynges, fredoms, and 1 fre customs, the which euer had 
pe forsaide church in the tyme of oony of my aunceturs when 
hit had 1 theme hest and 1 fulliest, as pe charter of my saide fadur 4 
(the which vppon) [this] pey haue) witnessefh. And 1 that this my 
gi aunte an I confirmacton bide sure and stedfaste for Eue?, ?. 

to no. 141. 

[131.] Baeton. The charter of John ij. of Seynt John 
seke afte?, the which was Nevywe of the helde? John and 1 8 
the soone of Roger the secunde. 

Grant to 
by Koger 
(I) of St. 
John, of a 
s' ardland, 

* leaf 29, 
viz. 3 J acres 
in North- 

nndjj acres 
in South- 

with a 
widow tan- 
ant and 
her son, 
and £ an 
acre of 
for leave 
to havo a 
chantry in 
his chapel, 
except on 

[132.] To alt soonys of ou? hooly modu? the church to 
the which this present charter shall come Roger of Seynt John 
helth. To the knowlegyng of jow alt I wylt hit come me I2 
to haue i-jeve, and 1 to haue i-grauntid 1 , to god* and 1 to the church 
of Seynte marie of EartoiD, in-to pure ancTperpetuelt almes, thre 
acris of londe and 1 the iiij. parte of j. acre in ooiD felcT; and al so 
much in a-nothe? felde ; In the Northfelde, ij. acris and 1 the 16 
iiij. parte of j. acre * be which lieii) Above Wadbrech, anct 
the thirde Acre pe which lieth by Bryctewelte nyjgh be the 
wey ; In the Sowthfelde, gorys the which godric helde the which 
maken) ij. acres, and 1 the thirde acre the which is the hede of 20 
the gorys, and 1 the iiij. parte of j. acre the which lyith by that 
londe l and 1 that londe the which lyith bitwene pe courte of the 
person) of the nowe-saide church and" the howse of Ailmare 
as the newe Diche and 1 the wall of my BartoiD 2 closeth : ffur per- 24 
more, I haue i-jeve and 1 i-grauntid 1 , to god 1 and 1 to pe forsaide 
church, anneys my natife or bonde-woman) s (the which was 
the wife of Odo), with Raph the soone of the same Anneys; ancT 
dj. Acre of mede at RogheforcT the which lieth to 4 the mede of 28 
Water ffrankeleyne : to be hold 1 , of me and 1 my heyrys, frely and 1 
quietly, fro alt seruice and? secule? exaccion. This jifte and 1 
graunt I made for A chaunterye to be had 1 in my chapelt of 
Barton), free and 1 quietly fro the subieccion of the modu? church, 32 
outetake that pat at v. days solemue 6 (pat is to say, of the 

1 Read • acre.' The words which follow 
are probably part of the boundaries of this 
rood, and not a further item of the grant. 

2 ' de bertona mea.' For this word see in 
no. 178. 

* An alternative rendering. The Latin 
is ' Agnetam nativam nieaui que fuit.' 

* ' adiacet prato.' 

5 ' ad quinque dies solemnes.' 

[XXI] Barton 111 

Birth of ou? lorde; In the Daye of goodefridaye ; In the five chief days 
Daye of Estu?; In Witsondaye; and 1 In the Daye of the £ e houLho?d 
Assumpcion of ou? laydy) I anct my howsold 1 to the modu? must attend 

i »- m. •/• i • l-i the parish 

4 church schaft come, it by case in that tyme hit happen) church, 

me bere to Abide ; and 1 whatsoeuer chapeleyne I holde 2 , toteiSIth 3 

By the sacrament of feith hee schaft be bownde that to not to injure 

the modu? church" and? to the mynsters bere seruyng god [he] church. 

8 shaft kepe feytne ; and 1 , as be custom) is, if hit happe my wife ^churched* 

to be i-spedde in chikT-beryng at Barton), at be modu? churcn at the parish 

he? purificacton sche [shall] make ; And? if hit happe me pay her offer- 

thorogh aft the lent to tary or to Abide 3 at Barton), my gg S^Shold 

1 2 howsholde, be whicti shaft be with me, of the chapeleyne of i* to make 

the modu? church confession) shaft take. And? that this my fusion at the 

jifte, &c 9 . parish church 

[133.] Guale, By the mercy of god 1 , title of Seyute Marteyne 121|, 

16 preste cardinal?, popis legat, to the loued 1 Soones Abbot and 1 coniirma- 

chanons of Oseneye helth in ou? lorde. To ry3ghfutt desires of tion to 

axe? it is worthy vs to 3eve li3ght assent and? the Desires the by Gualo, 

wich discorde not fro the pathe of reson) with 4 effecte (or doyng) an^iegate 
20 folowyng to fulfifte. perfor-e, belouecT Soones in oure lorde, 
to jow? ryjghtfuft axynges with free assent we hauyng course, 

be church of Barton) with the chapeft of Sanforde and 1 with olper of Great 

\ r . r Barton 

he? pertinences, be which to 30W the worschipfutt fadu?, Hugh, church and 
24 Bisshop of lincotn, of the consent of his chapiter, with the saide ^apei" 
chapeft and 1 ober pertinences, in-to bere 5 owne vsis, to be sus- as in 
teynyng of poo? men) and 1 pilgrimes, graunted 1 , as hit apperetn 
by his open) 6 instrument to 30W and 1 by 30W to 30 w? church as in 
28 that Instrument fully Is i-conteynecT, By the auctorite of the 
legacie the which we haue we conferme and 1 with the help 
of this present writyng we make sure. Therfore hit shaft not 
vtturly be lawfuft to oony man) to Breke this ou? writyng or to Anathema 
32 goo agaynste hit with a frowarde boldenes ; and 1 if oony man) violators, 
this presume to attempte, the Indignacwn of Almy3ghty god 1 
and" of the hooly church of rome knowe 3c hym-selfe to be ruraie 

1 ' si forte tunc temporis.' 4 ' effectu prosequente complere.' 

2 ' retinuero.' 8 Read * your ' : ' in usus proprios.' 
8 Alternative rendering of the one word fi • publicum.' 

' mdrari.' 


[XXI] Barton 

* leaf 30. 

in. Datum at AbendoiU the xiiij. Kfc of ffebruare, of the Bisshop- 
hoode of lorde * Honorye pe thirde the secunde jere. 


Oct. 14. 
tion to 
by the 

of Steeple 
rectory, as 
in no. 129, 
to sustain 
poor men 
and pil- 
as also the 
chapel of 

the rela- 
tion be- 
which and 
is obscure 

(subject to 
the life- 
interest of 
William of 
St. John, 

[134.] To aft cristen) mefi) to the which this present charter 
shaft come Hugh l , By the grace of god Bisshop of lincoTn, helth 4 
in oure lorde. We attendyng pe Religion) and 1 honest conuersa- 
czon of oure loued 1 soones thabbot and 1 chanons of Oseneye, for 
the sake of goddis mercy, we haue Decreyd, of the assent of the 
deen) and 1 chapiter of lincoln, the church of Barton) with pe per- 8 
tinencis (whoos aduocacton they haueiD of the 3ifte of Roger of 
Seyute John, of the same church patrone) in-to pere owne vses, 
to pe susteynyng of powre men) and* pilgrymys to graunte and 1 
By the Bisshopes auctorite to conferme. Truly, for-asmuch as 12 
pey * saide the church of Saunforde to be pe modu? church, And 1 
oper seyde hit to be a chapelt to pe church of Barton) per- 
teynyng, we, willyng vppoii) pis fully to be i-ccrtified 1 , [caused] 
an Inquisicton perof to be maade diligent 3 By the ArchdecuiU of 16 
the place and 1 by feitlifuft men) in the chapiter 4 . pe which aft, 
i-swoie, vndu? pe Dewte of pere oothe seide hit to be per- 
teynyng 1 as a chapett to pe church of EartoiD. But napeltes 
as A modu? church we haue i-founde hit, of aft Burdons and 1 30 
customs Episcopals and 1 Archidiaconals answeryng. "Whereof 
a B counsett i-had 1 of the deen) and 1 of ow? chapiter, of the 
counsel! of wise men), pe forsaide church of Barton), with pe 
chapett of Sannforde, with oper pertinences, to pe forsaide 24 
Abbot & couent for Eue? we haue i-grauntid 1 in-to per owne 
vses; to pe susteynyng of hospitalite A-forsaide to be conuertid 1 
or turne 6 , sauyng pe Bisshop and archedecofDs customs of pe 
forsaide chapett of Saunforde, of 7 pe modu? church as wee haue 28 
i-saide afore, sauyng also to william of Seynte John persone 
of pe church of Barton) and 1 of Saunforde in 8 his pesible pos- 
session) while he leueth. Also we ordeyne that, afte? pe decese 
of pe forsaide person), a conuenient chapel eyne to vs & to ou? 32 

1 Hugh of Wells, bishop of Lincoln, 

2 Read ' some : ' quidam dicebant. 

3 ' diligentem ' : agreeing with ' inquisi- 

4 L e. of the rural deanery. 

5 Read ' the consent ' : ' TJnde habito con- 

6 Alternative rendering of 'converten- 

7 Read ' as of a ' : • tanquam de ecclesia 

8 Omit ' in.' The translator has for- 
gotten that he is rendering an ablative 
absolute : ' salva . . . possessione.' 

[XXI] Barton 113 

successours to pe pcrpetuell vicariage of pe churcli of Barton), the services to 

of thabbot ancTcouent, be p?vsenticT, pe which shall take, In by perpetual** 

pe name of pe perpetuetl vicariage, all pe Auterage of pe ™ ars .- 

4 same churcli, with dj. hide of londe to pe same church Barton shall 

perteynyng, and 1 with an howse pe which Thomas Senex tarage, (&) half 

helde ; and 1 to pe perpetuetl vicariage of pe chapelt of Saun- a hido of land i 

forde be presentid 1 also to vs & to ou? successours a conuenient the vicar of 

8 chapeleyne, pe which shall take all pe obuencionl (or ' vayles) h ^ e ^ t £ e ^. 

of be Auter of be same chapell, with pe smale tithis, and 1 tarage, (6) the 

s instil titiicSj (c} 

with iiij. acris and 1 dj. to pe smale 2 chapell perteynyng. ^ acres of 
And 1 the vicare to pe which hit longeth to serae pe chapell of an ' 
I2 ledwetl shall make hit to be i-seruyd 1 as hit ofteth, and 1 he one or other to 

SGrv6 IjgcIwgII 

shall take pe thride parte of all tithis of grove s for nedefull C h ap ei, and 

susteynyng of a chapeleyne and 1 pe forsaide vicares all ttttastf Gro^o* 
burdoriB of pe forsaide church and 1 chapell at 4 Saunforde 

16 shall susteyne Episcopals and 1 archidiaconals i-wonyd 15 , oute- Said vicars to 

take pe herborogh 6 of pe Bisshop and 1 of pe ArchidecoID. ^f ch^rgl?* 1 " 

And bat all bese aforethynges sure and 1 vnbroke Abide, bem hut not to be 

v • *■ r • mi subject to 'her- 

with this present writyng and 1 with ou? [seal J we haue 1-willecT borogh' of 
20 to be confermed 1 , Sauyng in all thynges pe Bisshops customs j^o 1 ^ 01 ar ° h " 
and 1 pe dignite of pe church of lincoln. Thes witnesses, &c 9 . 

[135.] To all cristen) pepult to pe which this present About 

writyng schall come Hugh 7 , By pe grace of god 1 Bisshop of Co nfi rma . 

24 lincoln, heltti in ou? lorde. Leste boo Benefettes be which ben tion to 

. Oseney 

i-3eve to religiouse by for-getyng ofttymes 8 to be i-beried 1 mowe, 

and 1 to be withdrawe by schredenes 9 of cursed 1 men), we haue ^esan 

i-willed to take 10 bem to be Surenysse of writyng and 1 to make 

28 hit sure with be help of ou? seele : perefore to pe knowlegyng of 

1 An alternative rendering : ' omnes ob- error which ascribes Hugh of Wells's 

venciones altaris.' acts to his more famous predecessor. Rev. 

a Read ' same ' : ' ad eandem capellam.' H. Salter notes that the original of no. 1 34 

3 Marginal note : — ' Grove.' (in Christ Church Treasury) is correctly 

* Read 'of: ' de.' endorsed 'Carta Hugonis episcopi, quon- 
8 Note the plural suffixes of the adjec- dam archidiaconi Wellensis,' but that an 

tives : ' onera . . . episcopalia et archidiacona- early hand has inserted ' Sci.' before 

lia consueta.' Hugonis. 

* ' hospitium.' 8 Read 'of times ' : ' temporum obliuione 
7 It is possible that this confirmation is possint sepeliri.' 

by Hugh of Avalon, bishop of Lincoln 9 i. e. shrewdness : ' malignorum pravi- 

1 186-1200. The preceding charter, ap- tate.' 

pointing vicarages, is by Hugh of Wells, 10 ' commendare.' 

but is placed first through the prevalent 


[XXI] Barton 

of Black 

30W aft we wift hit come vs to haue ferme, and 1 to conferme with 
pe present charter, pe yi\es, as pey haue i-be made resonably, to 
gocT and 1 to p* 3 church of Seynte marie of Oseney and 1 to p 6 
chanons pere seruyng god 1 , of ou? i-loued 1 soones * in criste Raph" 4 
Murdac 5 and Hugh of Bourton) vppon) the chapeft of Bourton), 
and steeple and 1 of Roger" of Seynte John vppofi) the church of Barton). 
The which that hit may be had 1 ferme and sure with this 
present writyng and 1 with our" seele we haue i-wylled 1 to be 8 
i-strenghthid", &c 9 . 

* leaf 30, 


Apr. 20. 

tion to 
by Hono- 
rius III, 

of no. 134. 




[136.] Honoky, Bisshop, seruaunt of pe seruanntes of god, ?. 
To ryjghtfuft peticioh§ hit is worpi vs to jeue lyjTit consentyng 
and 1 to fille Effectually pe Desires pe which discorde not fro the 12 
path of resoii) : perform, weft beloued 1 soones in ou? lorde, to }our 
ry3ghtfuft axinges we willyng with goode assent, pe church of 
Barton) with pe chapeft of Sanforde and pere oper pertinences, 
pe which ou? worschipfuft Brothe? Bisshop of lincoln, diocesan) 16 
of the place, with consent of his chapiter and 1 of pe patrones of 
pe same church comyng-to *, to 30W, to jowr sustenaunce, with 
goode and wise liberalnesse hath i-grauntid 1 (as in the same 
Bisshops letters is i-conteyned 1 ), to 30W, and 1 by 30W to jowr 20 
church, By the Apostles auctorite, we conferme and 1 make sure 
with pe help of this writyng. perfore of ou? confirmacion or to 
goo Agaynste hit schatt not be vtturly to noo man) lefutt or 
to goo Agaynste hit with frowarde boldenesse ; And 1 if oony 24 
to attempte presumyth, pe Indignacson of Almy3ghty god 1 & of 
his Blessed 1 apostles petwr ancfpaule knowe he hym-self to haue 
i-Runne In. The Date, at Viterbe, the xij. kk of May, of his 
Bisshop-hode pe iiij. 3ere. 28 


Grant to 
Oseney, by 
John of 
St. John, 
of pasture 
for 6 oxen, 
2 cows, 

[137.] Know they that be present and 1 to be that I, John of 
Seynte John 2 , ffor my helth and 1 of my aunceturs, haue i-3eve, 
graunted 1 , and 1 with my present charter [confermed 1 ], to god 1 and 1 
to pe church of seynte Marye of Oseneye and 1 to pe chanons pere 3 2 
seruyng god 1 , in-to ffree pure and 1 perpetueft Almes, pasture 3 in 
my Demayne to vj. oxen and ij. kyne and to two bestes 4 where 

1 accedente ' agreeing with ' consensu.' 
Died 1230. 

3 'Nota' in margin. 

4 ' averia.' 

[XXI] Barton 115 

my shepe * of Barton) feede, and 1 to lx. shepe where my shepe a bullocks 
feede, and 1 free Entryng and 1 owte-gooyng to pe same pastures, ^ghee™ 
ana? pasture to xx. of there hogges where my hogges fede : and 1 and 20 pigs. 
4 in-to witnesse of this thyng to pis present writyng 1 my seele 
I haue i-put. These witnesses, &c 9 . 

[138.] This is pe finaft accorde i-made In pe courte of ou? 1247, 

lorde Kyngat oxonforde, fro pe Day of pe Holy trinite in-to pe j[ une ' 

8 xv. Dayes, in pe jere of the reyne of Kyng Henry pe soone between 

of Kyng John xxxj., afore Roger of Turkelby, Gilbert of preston), Bogar(ii) 

Mayster Symon) of Bampton) 2 , and 1 John Goveham 3 , Justices of st - Joun 
Jorneying, and 1 othe? feythfull men) of ou? lorde pe Kyng thenne 

13 pere beyng present, Bitwene John, Abbot of Oseney, playner, I™ respect 

and Boger of Seynte John, deforc. 4 , of xxv. acris of londe and acres and a 

j. Mille, with pe pertinences, in Odebarton) 6 , and 1 of xv. acris of jt^aYer- 

londe ancTiij. Mesys, with pe pertinences, in stepulbarton) and supply and 

16 oxenforde, whereof pe plee 6 of ' conuencion ' whas i-summonyd rights) in 

bitwene them in pe same courte 7 : and 1 bitwene thabbot, playner, don°is(a,sin 

and 1 b e forsaide Boe-er, letter 8 , of be pasture to vj. oxeii), twey no - »43). (&) 

i u • -l. -r\ 15 acres in 

kyne, ancTtwo bestes 9 , lx. shepe, and xx" hogges, in pe Demayne steeple Bar- 
20 pasture of pe same Boger in stepulbarton), and 1 whereof [the 10 ^'^Jgea 
plea ofl ' waranthe of A charter ' was i-summonyd 1 bitwene Pern) <« Oxford, 

f . t, » .j and (d) of 

in the same courte, pat is to say, that pe same Boger aforsaide pasture as 
receyuyng 11 pe forsaide xv. 12 acris of londe and 1 pe forsaide b y^icii 
24 Mitte, with be pertinences, in OdebarioiD, also with be ponde Roger of 

/•i-N^t John 

and wate? of pe same Mytte and 1 fisshyng of p e same water, granted to 
as mucne as to pe same Boger ancT to hys heyres perteynyth, ^^fpy^' 
how ls muche p e clo*se of p e same Abbot durith, and 1 also the * leaf 31. 

28 forsaide iij. mesys, with the pertinences, in oxonforde, that is to and (c) ; 
say, j. mese that is Bitwene Segrym of the corne? and 1 the lond 1 
that was of Andrewe tod, and" that mese that Roger pompe 
sumtyme helde in the parisch of seynt Mildrith, and 1 that mese 

32 that Water Brehutt sumtyme helde in the parisch of seynte 

1 Read ' oxen ' : ' boves ' in Latin. 7 • Nof a ' in margin. 

8 ' de Bauton,' in Latin : read VVauton. " ' impedientera.' 

3 ' Cobeham,' in Latin. 9 ' duos afferos.' 

4 ' deforciantem.' 10 ' placitum warancie carte.' 

6 Name noted in margin. Ode-Barton = " Read ' acknowledged ' : ' recognovit.' 

Barton Odonis, a manor in the parish of 12 The Latin has, correctly, ' xxv.' 

Great Barton. ,3 i. e. as far as the enclosure belonging 

' ' placitum conventionis.' to the abbot of Oseney reaches. 

I 2 

116 [XXI] Barton 

John Baptiste, to be the ry^ght of the same Abbot and of his 

church of Oseneye, and 1 them he relesed ana? quite-claymed, 

of hym-selfe and of his heyres, to the forsaide Abbot and 1 to his 

successours and? to his church for Eue? ; and 1 furpermore pe 4 

same Roger remittid And 1 grauntid the forsaide xxv. acris 1 

of londe, with the pertinences, in Stepulbarton) to be thee ry^jght 

(with leave °f the same Abbot and 1 of his church of Oseneye, so that hit 

the^and S(ma tt be lawfutt to pe same Abbot and 1 to his successours to 8 

in steeple close [the foresaid] xv. acres of londe, and also aft the pasture of 

itsappen- the same Abbot the wich lieth Bitwene pe forsaide xv. acris 

ture PaS " °^ *^ e londe And the churchjerde of the church of stepulbarton) 

and the courte of the same Abhot in p e same towne, with watte, " 
[pasture ' in dich, or haye, and 1 hit in-to defence to put and 2 his profite perof 
absolutely at his wylle to doo, withoute agayne-saying to 3 the same Roger 
ofOseney an< * t<>3 ^' 8 nevres > withoute oony clayme or 4 oony ryjght 

or commune pe which pe same roger or his heyres mowen) 8 16 

clayme or axe within pe forsaide close for Euer, sauyng* to 

except for a pe same Roger and to his heyres A pathe porowgh" pe middutt 

' of pe same close fro pe stile of pe forsaide church of 6 pe forsaide 

Mitte of OdebartoiD By the which hym-selfe and aft his men) 20 

may goo and to come for here wylle vppon) foote allonly as pat 

pathe was pe day in pe which pis Acorde whas i-maade : and 

and (d). also pe same Roger receyued 7 pe forsaide pasture to vj. oxen, 

ij. kyne, ij. bestes, lx. schepe, and xx. hogges, in pe Demayne 24 
pasture of the same Roger and of his heyres 8 in the same towne 
where the Demayne bestes of the same roger and 1 of his heyres 
fede, that is to say, to oxen with oxen, to kyne with hys kyne, 
to bestes with his Bestes, to shepe with his shepe, to hogges 28 
with his hogges, to be the ry3ght 9 of the same Abhot and hys 
aforesaide church, as hit pe which pe predecessours of the same 
Abbot [and 10 his foresaid church have had of the gift of John 
son of Roger, father of said Roger, whose heir he is. And the 3 2 
same Abbot] and his successours schaft haue and holde p e fore- 

1 The Latin has, correctly, ' xv.' 6 Read ' to ' : ' usque ad.' 

* i. e. ' and to do (i. e. make) his profit.' 7 Read ' acknowledged ' : ' recognovit.' 

The English follows the Latin order. 8 MS. repeats ' in the Demayne pasture 
s Read • of.' of the same Roger and of his heyres.' 

4 Read * of ' : ' absque aliquo clamio ali- ' MS. adds * of the ry3ght,' in error, 
cuius iuris vel commune.' 10 Added from the Latin. 

5 ' poterunt clamare.' 

[XXI] Barton 117 

saide xv. acris and 11 londe, and 1 the forsaide pasture, witA his 
pertinences, of p e forsaide Roger & his [heirs], in-to pure and 1 
perpetuett almes, frely and 1 quietly fro alt seoule? seruice and 1 

4 exaccion for Eue? : and 1 the same Roger and 1 his heyres schatt 
\varanti3e, aquite, and 1 Defende, to the same Abbot and 1 to his 
successours and 1 to his church aforesaide, pe forsaide xv. Acris 
of londe, and 1 aft pe foresaide pasture, with his pertinences, as it 

8 is i-saide afore, as ffree pure and 1 his perpetuett almys, agaynste 
all men) for Eue?. And 1 as 8 for this relese, ande quyte-clayme, in return 
\varanti3yng 1 , acquityng, defendyng, fine, and 1 Concorde, p e for- recognized 
saide Abbot recognized and 1 grauntid 1 x. marke 3 of londe, with be ^P* ?*). 

• ° . of St. John's 

1 2 pertinences, in the foresaide towne of stepulbarton), pat is to say, right to ten 
alt that telth, with pe pertinences, pe which lieth Bitwene meadow in 
p e howse p e which whas sumtyme of Hichard prynke and Brec- Steeple 
forlonge, with the mede of Blacwell that to po p e 4 x. acris Barton, 

16 of londe p^rteyneth, as B ryjght of the same Roger, as poo exchange y 
pe which p e aunceturs of the same Roger had 1 in-to Eschaunge { ™ m 
for the 6 x. acris of londe of the forsaide xv. acris within the for- 
saide close : to be had 1 and 1 to be holde, to the same Roger and 1 

30 to his heyres, free and 1 quiete fro all [secular] seruice and 1 
exaccion for Eue? : And 1 the same Abbot and 1 his successours 
schall warantije, acquite, and 1 defende, to p e same Roger and 1 to 
his heyres, the foresaide x. acris of londe, with the foresaide 

24 mede, and 1 all his othe? pertinences, free ande * quite fro all * leaf 31, 
secule? seruice & exacceon agaynste all men) for Eue?. 

[139.1 This is the conuencion 7 i-maade bitwene thabbot and About 

Couent of Colchester of the oone parte, and 1 thabbot and 1 Couent p crpe tual 

28 of Oseney of the oper, that is to say, pat the foresaide Abbot and 1 J ease to 

munkes haue i-grauntid 1 and 1 take to pe saide chanons all the by St. 

tithis (both more ande smale) towchyng them in the pariches [of 8 Abbey, Col- 

the churches] of Barton) 9 and 1 of Sanforde 9 and 1 in ledewett 9 Chester, 

1 Bead ' of.' able to those of the Lateran Council of i a 1 5 . 

9 Omit ' as.' The abbot of Colchester may well have 

' Read • acres,' as in the Latin, and attended this, and talked over the Barton 

lower down. property with the abbot of Oseney. Oseney 

* Omit 'J) e .' had just acquired (no. 136) the rectory of 

5 i. e. ' to be the right ' : ' esse ius.' Barton. See The Essex Review, xiv. 149. 

6 Omit ' the.' * Added from the Latin. 

7 In 1222, about June, a council was 9 Names noted in the margin: but 
held at Oxford, to make canons conform- spelling ' Sandeford.' 


[XXI] Barton 

of Colches- 
ter tithes 
and lands 
in this 

for £3 

Ande in Groue, of the londe of John of Seynte John, with ij. Acris 
of londe the which pey had in Barton) for A mansion) (or 1 Dwel- 
lyng), [and 2 for one mansion] that they had 1 at Sanforde with 
j. Acre of londe pere, pe which John of Seynte John, clerke, helde 4 
of the same : to be had 1 and 1 to he holde, to the saide chanons, 
of the forsaide Munckes, in the name of A perpetuelt ferme, 
jeldyng 1 perof jerely lx. 1. of Sterlynges within viij. dayes nexte 
goyng 1 befor pe feste of the natiuite of Seynte John Baptiste at 8 
colchestcr. Ana? if the foresaide chanons, at pe terme i-sett, 
the foresaide rent pay not to the foresaide place, pat pey schall 

penalty of 
£6 138. 41I. 

of each fail- 3 e ve to the foresaide Munckes al so ofte as hit happeneth x. marke 

tire to pay 
the rent ; 
with obliga- 
tion to en- 
tertain at 
Oseney the 
Abbot of 
his retinue, 
and eight 
horses, for 
three days 
on each 
occasion of 
his coming 
near Ox- 
ford. Lease 
to begin 
upon expiry 
of the ex- 

in the name of A peyne, at pe warnyng" of pabbot of colchester, 12 
in A certeyne day of hym i-jeve, to be i-browght In ; And 
if nede call pabbot of Colchester in-to pe Cuntreis s of oxon- 
forde, hit schall be Dewe to pe same Abbot and 1 to his men and* 
to viij. horsis* in the Howse of Osney conuenient purueyng 6 , 16 
by thre Dayes, if the same Abbot so longe pere if 6 will Abide ; 
and 1 safe schall Abide and 1 be to John flrjt Williawi of Seynte 
John, clerke, of 7 pe saide monkes his ferme vppon) pe same 
tithis and 1 aforsaide londes the which he holdeth of theme, vnto 20 
his full terme and 1 not by-jonde ; and 1 if within p e terme hee dye 
or els 8 lefe to haue thoo tithis, pe foresaide chanons all poo tithis 
anone schall take and 1 haue, and 1 froo that tyme forthe for them 
" tin ? lease pe foresaide money jerely to pay schall Begynne, so (that is 24 
of William to say) that, in the ffirst $ere afte? pey haue bee in possession) 
of pe foresaide tithis, afore p e takyng of pe ffrutis of the ffirst 
jere, pey schall pay afore-handes to pe foresaide Muncke* pe 
rent of all oone hoole jere hooly, that is to say, lx. 3. and 1 afte?- 28 
[wards 9 , after having received the fruits of the second year, the 
foresaid yearly rent] pay schall pay in the foresaide terme 
and 1 place i-sett : and" the ryjght of pe foresaide tithis been) 
i-holde thabbot and 1 Munckes of Colchester to the same chanons, 32 
with pe costis of pe same chanons, to \varanti3e. Also hit is to 
be knowe pat 10 by noone oldenysse fro pe mynde of men) py u 

of St. John. 

to give war- 
ranty, if 
needed, but 
Oseney to 


the costs. 

1 Alternative rendering of ' pro manso,' 

2 Added from the Latin. The inverted 
order of words is also in the Latin. Read : 
' and with j. acre of londe that they had at 
Sanforde for one mansion J>ere,' 

3 ' in partes Oxon.' 

4 ' et viii. equitaturis.' 

6 ' procuracio competens.' 

6 Omit « if.' 

7 ' dictorum monachorum firma sua.' 
* ' vel aliter.' 

8 Added from the Latin. 

w i. e. ' that, lest by any vetutstas, etc' 
u Read ' this ' : ' dimissio ista.' 

[XXI] Barton 119 

lettyng-owte, as hit is above i-write, hit be i-callid 1 agayne l , pat, for re-writ- 
al so of[t] hit is i-say to pe munckes to be goode, pis scripture gefifng the 
(or writyng) of[t] to be renewed 1 with newe selynge of pe seale of deecl > * n 

4 pe chapiter of Oseneye. Also pe prelate of pe church of Osney damage. 
i-chaungid 1 the which is nowe, all pe prelates succedyng to hym, ab bot of 
the prelates 2 by them-selfe or pere procuratou?, in pe chapiter Oseney 
of Seynte John of Colchester, with-in xl. dayes fro pere introni- or by de- 

8 zaceon, to come they ofte to make ffewte vppon) the foresaide newthese" 
thynges, to offe? oone Besaunte of goolde bere in-to be hande of covenants 

J ° I . . at Colches- 

pe presidente, pe same chanons with pe foresaide peyne to be ter, and 

i-punyssed 1 and 13 this be not obseruedl Also p e same Abbot and 1 bezant of 

12 chanons charchis 4 BurdoriS to be same tithis schafl Euer sus- gold, under 

1 penalty as 

teyne. And 1 in-to pe strengh of p e same thyng perpetueft 8 , and 1 above, 
witnesse, the foresaide parties to this present writyng in-to two discharge 
parties diuided 1 (or departid 1 ), oyber to ober, there seales haue a11 burdens 

x v .. 1-T-, uue by said 

1 6 i-putt. Of the which writyng partis at 6 p e remcmbrid 1 munckes tithe. 
and 1 chanons Euerich to other Abiden). 

[140.] * The dedicaaon of the church of Barton) 7 , By rey- * i ea f 32. 
nolde 8 Bisshop Clonense, in the diocese of lincoln, be which 1273, 

r ' . J June 2i. 

20 church he halowed 1 in the stede of worschipfuft ffadur Richard 9 Dedication 

By pe grace of god 1 Bisshop of lincoln, xj. M. of Jule In the jere ° n ^ n ftry ' s 

of owre lorde M° CC lxxiij., with pe Auters of pe same church, Great 

grauntyng to aR men and 1 women), verely contrite and 1 confessid", Barton* by 

24 pe same church euery jere, the same saide day and 1 porowgh" pe ffiutyjyf 

vtase, causa 10 of deuoct'on, visityng, or u oony goode dedes doyng, cesan, 

xl. dayes of pardon) of penaunce to pem enionyd, in the stede, ^jntS^ 

and 1 by the auctorite, of be saide lorde Bisshop of lincoln, to be ence at . 

J T • x the anni- 

28 which he put to his seale : i-jeve pe daye and 1 jere aforenamyd 1 . versary. 

1 'auocetur, quod, quocies visum fuerit difficult to account for them by the re- 
monachis expedire, debet ista scriptura.' building theory. The English greatly con- 

2 Repeated unnecessarily. denses the Latin. 

s 'And'^if: ' si et hoc non fuerit ob- " i.e. Reginald, bishop of Cloyne. In 

servatum.' 1 273 he dedicated the churches of Weston- 

4 sic. The Latin is ' onera eisdem decimis on-the-Green, Waterperry, Stone, and 

incidentia.' Barton, and a cemetery at Forest-hill. 

8 ' perpetuum ' agreeing with • robur.' He died that year. 

6 ' penes memoratos monachos.' 9 Richard de Gravesend, bishop of Lin- 

7 Name noted in margin. The dedica- coin (1258-81). 

tion may have been on occasion of rebuild- 10 Latin word left untranslated, by a 

ing the church : but Rev. H. Salter tells slip. 

me that, at this period, there were so many u ' seu aliqua de bonis sibi a deo collatis 

dedications in Lincoln diocese that it is pie impenderint subsidia caritatis.' 


[XXI] Barton 

128£, Jan. 
tion to 
Oseney, by 
John (II) of 
St. John, 

of a mill & 
5 yardlands 
at Weston- 

of Steeple 



and of all 
his pre- 

[141.] To alt meii) this writyng to se or to hire, Jolin of 
Seynte John, lorde of more Barton), helth. Knowe $e me to haue 
relesicT and 1 vtturly to haue quite-claymed 1 , for me and 1 my heyres 
and 1 myne assynes, to god 1 and 1 to ]>e church of Seynte marye of 4 
Oseney and 1 to Ipe chanons J?ere seruyng 1 god 1 , all the ryjght and 1 
clayme that I had, or in any maner wise my^ght haue, (in the 1 
ryjght and 1 clayme) in the 2 Mille, and v. jerdes of londe, with 
all the pertinences, in the town) of Weston) 3 with-oute Burcetwr 4 , 8 
pe which is i-called 1 Symones londe. I haue i-grauntid 1 also and 1 
conferraecT, for me and 1 my heyres and 1 myne assynes for Eue?, 
to pe saide church and 1 chanons, the church of more Barton), 
the which they haue in-to propur vsis, with all here pertinences, 1 2 
and 1 also all mane? tenementis, with all possessions ancTfredoms, 
the which they haue of jiftes and 1 confermynges of myne aun- 
ceturs : to be had 1 and 1 to be holde, in-to free and 1 perpetuell 
almes, so that nothe? I, nothe? myne assynes, nothe? noone 16 
in owre name, oony ryjght or clayme in the fore-put thynges 
hereafter may axe or chalenge. In-to witnesse of the which, to 
this present writyng my seele I haue put to. These witnesses, 
Sire Richard Willamscote 5 , &c 9 . ao 

This 6 writyng was i-made afore si? Salomon) of Bowchester 
and 1 his felaw Justices Jurneyng in oxforde-schire, afte? the fest 
of Saynte Hillarye in the jere of the rayne of Kyng Edwarde the 
Soone of Kyng Henry xiij . 24 

[142.] Note 6 that this John of Saynte John was the soone 
and 1 heyre of Boger of Saynte John (the which 3afe to vs the 
church of Barton)), and 1 gate Boger the which was i-sley in the 
Batelt of Eyuesham 7 , and 1 that Boger gate John of Saynte John, 28 

[Note. — That is to say : — ... St. John 

Notice of 
the St. 

Roger (I) of St. John 

John (I), died Jan. 1230 

Roger (II), killed 1265 

John (II), a minor in 1 243 ' 


John (no. 143) 

1 Omit the bracketed words, repeated in 
error from above. a Read ' a.' 

3 Name noted in margin, 

4 Bicester. 

8 Of Kiddington, Sheriff of Oxfordshire 
this year. 6 ' Nota ' in margin. 

7 ' in bello de Euesham.' 

8 Testa de Neville, p. 100 b. 

[XXII] Barton 121 

It appears by no. 37 that William of St. John of no. 143 was brother of Roger (I). 
This will be noted as an instance of the marriage of clerics : cp. no. 147.] 

[XXII.] f Barton Odonys. 

[143.] Hit is to be noted" that Odo of Barton) fefficTsumtyme Descent of 
Willyam of Saynte Jolin, person) of the church of more Barton), ^sl^ 111111 
of ow? Mitte of Barton), that Robert of Arsich" confermycTto hym). no. 145), 

4 The saide Willyam, person) aforesaide, feffid? Jolin of Saynte 
John, clerke *, ys soon), of the saide Mitte with londes and 1 his 
pertinences ; and 1 the same Iohn in his laste wille Bequathe[d] 
saide mytte with londes and 1 othe? pertinences to the Howse 

8 of Oseney, as hit is open) By his testament 2 seelyd with his seale 
and? of his executours, the which %e schaft fynde i-write with-in 
pe title of ' the Borowgh of oxonforde,' and? connrniacton vppon as con- 
the same Mifte folowen) in this title of ' Barton) Odo.' no. 147. 

12 [144.] *Knowe thoo that Be present and* to be that I, * leaf 32, 
William of Saynte John, jafe, grauntyd 1 , and 1 confermed 1 and 1 unfinished 
DeliuerecT, to John my norysch 3 , the Mifte of Barton), with all draft of 
his pertinences, that I held 1 and 1 had of Odo, Kny3ght of Barton), 

16 and? of his heyres, the which is of the fee of Si? Robert Arsic 
and 1 Dame lorette of ffontaynes and 1 of Robert ffolioth, for hom- 
age and? his seruice, with the mese ancTcrofte and 1 aft the felde. 

[145.] Knowe thoo that be present and 1 to be that [I], 1200. 

so William of Saynte John, jafe, grauntid?, and 1 deliueryd 1 , to John j hn of 

my norisch 3 , the mylle of Barton), with aft his pertinences, that ?w fc/& 

I held 1 and? had of Odo, Kny;ght of Barton), and 1 of his Eyres, his father 

that is of the ffe of Si? Robert Arsic and? of Dame lorette ofamiii', 

34 of ffontaynes and 1 of Robert ffolioth, for his homage and 1 seruice, ^^ran 66 ' 

with a mese and 1 crofte and? 4 aft the felde londe the which augmented 

longeth to the same Mifte, land ?] 

1 ' clericum suum.' nos. 143, 147, William is said to be father, 

a Printed in Engl. Hist. Review, April and John, son. The Latin is : ' Iohanni 

1905. nutrito meo.' 
3 The word * norisch' = 'alumnus' was 4 'et cum tota terra campestri, que per- 

perhaps chosen because of the disrepute tinet.' 

attaching to the marriage of clerics. In 


[XXII] Barton 

viz. in one 
field, 8 acres 
of old land 
and 6 of 
increase ; 
and, in the 
other field, 
the same 

[The sloe- 


Grant to 
Oseney, by 
Henry of 
of lands in 
Barton and 
with man- 
orial rights, 

that is to say, in j. felde, ij. acris in Dennessewey % , and" 
ij. acris Bi the mede, and 1 ij. acris in "Willanesdene 2 , and 1 
ij. vndu? the langehale, and ij. By schuckelawe, andMj. By-3onde 
the way of Bamforde, and 1 halfe j. By foxwelt, and 1 halfe j. By 4 
Caldewelt, and 1 j. By langlaslade 3 ; and 1 in the oper felde, 
ij. acris in the northe of the crosse By the wey, and 1 halfe 
j. in Raggewey furlong 1 *, and 1 iij. half-acris in Crotlande, and 
iij. halfe-acris in myddulfurlong, and 1 ij. at slo tre forde, and 8 
j. in the Northe of the way, and 1 j. atte sloo tre forde, and 1 
j. halfe in Etefurlonge, ancTij. in langefurlong, and 1 ij. at sloo tre 
forde By the way, whereof vj. acris ben of newe feffement 
of myne Demayne, and viij. aforenamed 1 of olde feffement 12 
of iij. feys, Euenlike and 15 the other* felde : to be had & to 
holde, to hym anfl to hys Eyres, of me, or [to] whome-so-Eue? 
(or 6 alt other) to jeve, to selle, or assyne he willeth, frely 
quietly ancfpesibly, and 1 quite fro ail seruice ancTexaccion al so 16 
much as longeth to me or to myne, as charters and 1 confirmacions 
the which of the foresaide Milte I had 1 , By seruyce of the chefe 
lordes, witnesse. Thes witnesses, &c. 9 

[146.] Knowe thay that be now and 1 to Be that I, Henry of 2 ° 
Saunde? 7 , clerck, jafe grauntid toke & deliuered 1 , and 1 with this 
present charter confermed, for me and 1 myne heyres for Euer, to 
god & to be church of Saynte mary of Oseney and 1 to pe chanons 
pere seruyng god 1 , alt my londe that I had in be towne of 2 4 
Barton) and 1 in the towne of Bolesham, with alt seruices and 1 
seruages 8 , men), rentys, medis, fedynges and 1 pastures, with 
alt my courte, and 1 with alt the pertinences of the same londe, 
and 1 what-so-Euer thyng in the foresaide towne of Barton) and 1 28 
Bolesham, or withoute, I had 1 or my3ght haue, withoute ooriy 
withholdyng to me and 1 to my heyres: to be holde and 1 to 
be had for Euer to a ffree ferme 9 , of me and 1 my heyres, welt 
and 1 in pece, frely and 1 holy and 1 quietly fro aft secule? seruice 33 
exaccton and 1 Demaunde to me or to my heyres longyng, and 1 
the same chanons schalt Bere alt Burdoni of the foresaide londe 

1 Demnesweye. 
a Wylauesdene. 
3 Langlaweslade. 
* Kugweyesfurlung. 
5 For • and ' read ' in ' : 

1 Similiter in alio 

6 Omit the bracketed words, inserted in 

7 ' de Saundone.' 

8 ' seruiciis et sernagiis.' 

9 Read ' fee-feme ' : ' ad feodifirmam.' 

[XXII] Barton 123 

in att thynges towarde the Kyng and 1 the chefe lordes, jeldyng 1 Oseney to 
perof jjerely to me and to my heyres j. marke of Silue? at ting's de- 
ij. termes, that is to say, at be ffest of Saynte Marke [half 1 "JJjJjJJ 4 
411 mark] and 1 at the ffest of Saynte My3ghett Dj. a marke, of 3* to the 
at BartofD, for alt seruice, saue the seruice of iij B. that be saide and , 3S _ 4 ^ 
chanons schatt aquite towarde the Chefe lordes, * that is to say, to the 

- 1 # . mesne lord, 

(at 2 b e ffest of Saynte Marye) towarde Richard ffitj Odo, xvi. &. z * i ea f 33. 
8 (that is to say, at Estu?, viij. d 1 . [and * at the feast of Saint 
Myjghell, viii. d.) ; and to Richard Foliot, iiii. d 1 . (that is to say, 
at Easter, ii. d 1 .,] and" at be ffest of Saynte Myjghett ij. d!) ; Also 
to John De la Vessett vj. eC at be ffest of Saynt Myjghett ; Also 
12 to Richard of morton) x. d 1 . at be ffest of Seynte Myjghett; and 

saue scutage, whenne hit goth thorowgh the londe, that be and scutage 

r -% • • m r\ n wllen scu " 

foresaide [canons] schatt aquite towarde Richard nxjt Odone and? tage is 
his heyres (hat is to say, ij. B. iiij. dl, how that euer he scutage as e ' 

16 goo, we her it be more or lasse), and 1 saue to Richard ffolioth and 1 
to his heyres for scutage [xviii cT. 1 in the same manner, and save 
to Richard of Morton and his heirs scutage] as hit longetti 4 to 
j. jerde londe and j. dj. 5 , the which is of his ffee. And? I, Henry, 

20 and 1 my heyres, all be foresaide thynges to be saide chanonl 
schatt warantije agaynste all men) and 1 womeri) : and 1 if 6 oony 
case happe, boo thynges that ben afoiesaide that we may 
not waranti^e the foresaide chanons in alt or in parte, for so 

24 moch porcion as I and 1 my heyres may not waran^e to them, 
we schatt ;eve to them sufficient Eschaunge, by the vewe of 
lawfutt men), in my othi? londes to a corcuenient valewe [and * 
we shall satisfy them for losses and expenses, if they have in- 

28 curred any towards any persons,] for the Defaute of warantijing 
[of 4 me or of my heirs. And that this my grant] Be sure 
and stedefast for Euer, hit with this present wrytyng and" By the 
puttyng to of my seale I have i-strengthid 1 . These witnesse. 

32 [147.] To att cristen) men) to be wich" this present writyng About 
schatt come, RicAanZ ffijt Odone helth. Knowe }e att me to J,^g rma . 
have i-grawntid 1 , and 1 with this present charter to haue i-con- tion to 

1 Added from the Latin. * ' secundum quod pertinet.' 

8 Omit the bracketed words, which are 6 MS. repeats ' dj.' in error. 

brought in in error. ' i. e. ' and if anything occur to prevent 

* ' xvi. d.,' correctly, in the Latin. The our warantizing the aforesaid things to tho 

English in error has ' xv. d.' said canons.' 

124 [XXII] Barton 

Oseney, fermecf, for me and 1 my heyres for Euer, to god and 1 to pe church 

son^f Od<f of Saynte mary of Oseney & to }>e chanons in hit seruyng god; 

as feudal J> e jifte and" Graunte pe which Henry of Sauude? l , clerke, made 

of (o) that to them by his charter of his londe, with pe pertinences, J»e 4 

H^which which hee helde of m y ffee in the towne of Bait0ll) . anJ alt tliat 

is of his fee, be held* of me in J>e foresaide towne of J»e foresaide fee, within the 
towne or with-owte, and 1 aft that he helde or myjght holde : to 
be holde and to be had 1 , to pe saide chanonS for Eue?, of the 8 
foresaide Henry and his heyres to fee ferme, weft and in pece, 
frely hooly and 1 worschipfully, in Medys fedynges pasturis, 
In waters wayes and 1 patthis and 1 Esementes, with fre Entryng 
and 1 gooynge owte, with fredoms and 1 customs to pe foresaide 12 
londe perteynyng 1 , quietly fro aft secule? seruice exacctoiD or 
demaunde to me or to my heyres perteynyng, jeldyng to me 
subject to perof jerely to me and 1 to my heyres xvj. d! (that is to say, 
rent d tohta" at Estur vii J- * an<r at pe ffest of Saynte Mighett viij. d 1 .), saue 16 
manor, t me an j to my heyres ii. & iiii. d 1 . of scutage [when] that 
and a fixed ti_ 

charge of renneth porowgh ]?e londe, how-so-euer pe scutage renneth, whe- 

Bcutagl^s 311 \ er at more or at lasse - ffurpej-more, I, Richard, for the helth" 
asked ; f my sowle and 1 of myne aunceturs, grauntid 1 and 1 with this 20 

(6) the be- .11 -n o i> 

quest of present charter confermed 1 to pe foresaide chanons, anu lor me 
swohn an< ^ m y n e heyres for euer, al so [much] as longeth to me and 1 
clerk, as in m y ne heyres, the mylle of Barton), with pe mese, aucTCrofte, and 1 

aft pe felde londe to pe same Mifte perteynyng, and 1 with aft his 24 
pertinences in the towne and 1 withowte pe towne, the which 
Mifte, with aft his pertiuences, John of Saynte John, Clerke, 
to the Howse of Oseney 3afe, be-quethid 1 , and 1 assined: to be 
holde and 1 to be had, to the saide chanons for Eue?, in-to free 28 
and in an( T perpetuett almes, weft and 1 in pece, with aft the integrite or 

no. 145, hoolenysse in the which William of Sayute John, the fadu? of 
the saide John clerke, aft pe foresaide thynges had 1 and 1 holde, 
subject to jeldyng to me and 1 to my heyres jerely at Estwr xij. d 1 . for aft 32 
quit-rent of secu ] e ^ seruice exacci'on and 1 Demawnde to me or to my heyres 

is. to his * * . 

manor; lengyng. And 1 I, Richard, and 1 my heyres, to p 3 foresaide 
* leaf 33, chanons for Euer quite have i-clay*mecT of 3 wardes, relefs, 

with rt 

nunciation exaccions, quarels, and Demaundes, seruices, Bondages , and 1 aft 

Eschetes, and 1 of Sutes of my cowrte and 1 of my heyres, and 1 of aft 36 

with re- 

1 Saundone. 3 'Canonicos . . . quietos clamavimus de wardis.\ 

2 Omit 'and.' * ' servitutibus.' 

[XXII] Barton 125 

mane? Burdons, so that nothe? I, nothe? noone of my heyres or of all other 

successours, oony thyng of alt the same Demaundfes, Burdons, c i a i ma 
seruices, or Bondages, of pe foresaide chanons, noper of none 

4 oper, may axe for Euer, as 1 to all pe foresaide tenements with 

alt there pertinences, saue to me and 1 to myne heyres allonly Oseney 

the foresaide rentys, Also 2 and 1 the foresaide scutage. And £, 6s. sd. 

for [this] graunte, quite-clayme, and 1 confirmaceon pe saide fi ^ 1 ^ 0011 ^ 

8 chanons jafe to me ij. marke, and 1 to Alij my wife j. marke. 6*- sd. to 

lilS Wufi 

And 1 that my graunte, &c 9 . 

[148.] To alt cristen) [men] to whome this presente writyng About 

schalt come Richard 1 ffolioth of Rolesham helth. Knowe %& Confirma _ 

12 alt me to have grauntid 1 , and 1 with my present charter to have tion to 

confermed 1 , for me and 1 my heyres for Euer, to god and 1 to the Richard 

church of Saynte Marye of Oseney and 1 to the chanons pere fa^fi** 

seruynggod 1 , the jifte and 1 Graunte the which to them made by superior, 

16 his charter Henry of Saunde? 3 , clerke, of all his londe, with his of that part 

pertinences, the which he helde of my ffee in Barton) and 1 Role- which \1 

sham, that they [may] have and 1 holde, hooly, frely, and 1 pesibly , oi his fee > 

jeldyng jerely to me and 1 to my heyres for the foresaide londe of subject to 

20 Barton) iiij. dl (that is to say, at Estu? ij. d 1 . and 1 at pe feste S^3f 

of Saynte Mighett ij. dl) and for scutage xviij. dl when and 1 with IS - 6d - 
who 4 so Euer it renne porowgh alt 5 pe londe. Also for the 

foresaide londe of Rolesham, j. ti. of Coinyn at cristemasse, and 1 and (&) a lb. 

24 xviij. dl for scutage whenne and 1 whoo 4 so euer it renne porowgh W ith is. 6d\ 

alle 8 pe londe, for alt secule? seruice exacceon and 1 Demaunde. for scuta « e ; 
ffurpermore, I, Richard, for me and 1 myne heyres, quite-clayme 

the foresaide chanon^ and 1 pere men) and 1 the londes aforenamed 1 , nunciation 

28 with pe pertinences oft hem, for euer, of relefs, alt wardes, [and feudal* 

escheats] and sutes of my courte and 1 of myne heyres, and 1 of claiins i 
alt other 1 sutes, claymes, and 1 Demaundes, and Burdons or charges, 
the which may be axid 1 of that londe, al so moche as to me and 1 

32 myne heyres longeth, sauyng pe fornamed 1 rentes and 1 scutages. 

And 1 for this graunte, confermyng, and 1 quite-claymyng, the 9 senGypay " 
foresaide chanons 3afe to me iiij. marke of siluer and 1 dj. And 1 thi8 con- 
that this graunte and quite-clayme, &c 9 . firmation. 

1 ' quantum ad.' * i. e. ' how-so-ever ' : ' qualitercunque.' 

2 ' simul et,' 5 MS. reads ' porowgh aft J>orow.' 

3 Saudone. ° MS. reads ' borowgh atie borow.' 


[XXII] Barton 

tion to 
by Koger 
son of 
of Morton, 
of that part 
of no. 146 
which is 
of his fee, 

subject to 
iod. quit- 
rent to his 
manor, and 
is. Sd. when 
scutage is 

* leaf 34. 

[149.] To aft cristefi) men) to the which this present writyng 1 
schaft come Roger ffi^t Richard 1 of Morton) helth in owre lorde. 
Knowe $e that I, Roger, graunte, and conferme with this 
present charter, ffor me and 1 myne heyres and myne assynes 4 
for Euer, to god and to pe church of Saynte Marye of Oseneye 
and 1 to pe chanons ]>ere seruyng god, aft londes, medys, fedynges, 
pastures, and tenementes, the which they have of the 3ifte of 
Henry of Saundon and By the confirmacion of my ffadu?, in the 8 
towne of Barton) and wttAowte, of my ffee : to be holde and to 
be had, to pe saide chanons and 1 to bere successours, in-to per- 
petueft almes, sauyng 1 to me and 1 to my heyres the rent of x. d 1 . 
3erely at pe ffest of saynte Mijgheft, and 1 sauyng to me and 1 2 
to my heyres for scutage xx. d 1 . allonely, whenne scutage renneth 
generally thorowgh aft Inglonde, for aft thyng the which of the 
londe or of * the londe may or schaft mowe to be axid for Euer. 
And 1 1, Roger, ancTmyne heyres or my assynes, aft the foresaide 16 
thynges with the pertinences, for * the foresaide jerely rent and 
for p® forsaide scutage, agaynste aft men) for Euer schaft 
warantije, aquite, andDefeude : and 1 that this my graunte, &c 9 . 


to Oseney, 

by Henry 
of Barton, 

of two yard- 
lands in 
Barton and 

[150.] This is a finaft concorde i-made In the Cowrte of 20 
ow? lorde the Kyng at oxonford, fro the Daye of pe Holy trinite 
in-to the xv. Daies, In the jere of the Reyne of Kynge Henry 
the soone of Kyng John xxxj , afore Roger of Turkelby, Gilbert 
of preston), Master Symonde of Bampton) z , and 1 John of Cobbe- 24 
ham, Justices Journeyng, and othe? true men) of owre lorde the 
Kyng penne Ipere Beyng present, Bitwene John, Abbot of Ose- 
neye, playne?, and 1 Henry of Barton), letter 3 , of two plow-londes 
with the pertinences in Barton) and 1 Rolesham, Whereof plee 4 of 28 
1 warantije of the charter ' whas i-summoned 1 Bitwene them in 
the same cowrte, that is to say, that p e same Henry knowlegid 1 
to 5 pe foresaide londe to be the Ry^ght of the same Abbot and 1 
of is church of Oseney, pat 6 that pe which pe same Abbot and 32 
the foresaide church haueid pey haue hit of the 3ifte of the 
saide Henry : to be had 1 and 1 to be holde to p e same Abbot and" 

1 Read ' for.' 

8 * de Bautone ' : read ' Wauton.' 

3 ' impedientem.' 

4 ' placitum warantie carte.' 

5 Omit • to.' 

* In the Latin, 'ut illam quam.' The 
translator, having taken ' ut ' as ' that ' 
(instead of ' as '), had to insert ' bey haue 
hit ' (not in the Latin) to make sense. 

[XXII] Barton 127 

to his successours and 1 to his church aforesaide, in-to ffre and" 
perpetuett alraes for Euer, :jeldyng perof 3erely j. marke of Silue? subject to 
at ij. termes At Barton), videlicet medietatem, pat is to say, quit-rent to 

4 halfe, at pe ffest of Seynte.Mijghett, & the othe? halfe at pe hismanor > 
ffeste of Saynte Miijghett * In marche, And Doyng perof to 
pe chefe lordes of that ffee aft othe? seruices pe which to pe 
foresaide londe perteynen). And 1 the same Henry and 1 his heyres 

8 schaft waranti^e to pe forsaide Abbot and 1 his successours and 1 to 

the church a-foresaide pe foresaide londe, with his pertinences, as ~ 

. . Oseney con- 

fire and 1 his perpetueft almes, By the foresaide seruices, agaynste ceding him 

aft men) for Euer. AncT the saide Abbot receyued 1 pe foresaide radon^n " 

12 Henry and 1 his heyres in afte Benefettes and? prayers pe which the C0I i" 

hereafter schaft Be Doone In his church aforesaide for Euer. prayers. 

[151.] Knowe poo that Be present and 1 to come that I, About 

Richard ffolioth" of Eolesham, for be helth of my sowle and? 124 °- 

in ,-h i . .„ Confirma- 

16 or pe sowles ot my aunceturs ancT successours, haue l-grauntid 1 tion to 

and 1 with my present Charter confermed 1 , to 2 me and 1 my heyres Richard by 

for Eue?, as muclie as to me and 1 my heyres perteynetn, to god 1 Foliot, as 

and 1 to p e church of Saynte Marye of Oseney and" to pe chanon^ superior, 

20 pere seruyng god, the Mitte of Barton), with pe mese, and 1 j*f ^t in 
Crofte, and 1 aft pe felde londe to pe same Mitte perteynyng, and 1 no - '43. 
with att his pertinences in the towne and withowte pe towne, 
pe which Mitte, with att his pertinences, John of Saynte John, 

24 clerke, to pe same Howse of Osenaye 3afe, Bequethid 1 , and? 
assined 1 : to Be holde & to Be had] to pe saide chanonsfor Eue? 
in-to ffree and 1 perpetuett almes, wett and 1 in pece, with att 
integrite or p e holenesse In the which William of Saynte John, as in 

28 the ffadur of pe saide John clerke, att pe foresaide thynges had 1 no ' I45, 
and 1 helde, 3eldyng to me and to myne heyres jerely ij. 3. off subject to 
sterlynges at iiij. termes (that is to say, at cristmasse vj. dl, rent to his 
and 1 at Estur vj. dl, and 1 at pe ffest of saynte John pe Baptiste manor - 

32 vj. dl, and 1 at pe ffest of Saynte Mi3ghett vj. d!) for att seruice, 
secula? exacczon, and Demaunde, to me or to my heyres per- 
teynyng. And 1 that this My graunte, &c 9 . 

[152.1 A 3 quite-clayme of Hugh De la Vessette of A Rent About 

#_. * 1 1240. 

36 of vj. d 1 . 3erely. 

1 Read ' Mary in March,' i. e. Ladyday. 
8 Read ' for ' : ' pro me.' 3 ' Nota ' in the margin. 


[XXII] Barton 

* leaf 34, 
Grant to 
Oseney, by 
Hugh de la 

of a quit- 
rent of 6d. 
held as 
over land 

part of 
no. 146, 
id. quit- 

* To alte cristen men) these present letters to see or hire, 
Hugh de la Vesselle, soone and 1 heyre of John de la Vesselte, 
helth in owre lorde. Knowe 3e all me, for the helth of my 
sowle, to haue relesid, and to haue quite-claymed 1 , for me and 1 4 
myne heyres for Euer, to god and 1 to pe church of saynte marye 
of Oseneye and 1 to pe chanons Ipere seruyng god 1 , a 5erely rente 
of vj. <T. the which I was i-wooned 1 to receyue, of the saide 
chanons of Saynte marye of Oseneye, By the reson) of xxxij. 8 
acris [of land] with mede and 1 his pertinences, pe which alt 1 pe 
same chanons hauen) in the feldes of the more Barton) and 1 2 of 
the jifte of Henry SaundofD (to pe which 8 my ffadu? an pese 
thynges sumtyme jafe By his charter, for his homage and 112 
seruice) vnto pente * of j. d 1 . jerely to be i-^elded" to me and 1 
to my heyres, at Oseneye, At p e ffest off Saynte Miijghen jerely. 
In-to witnesse, &c 9 . 

Grant to 
Oseney, by 

of 48. rent- 
charge in 

(to be a 
at Oseney), 
with all 
rights re- 
by it. 

[153.] Knowe %e that Be present and 1 to come that I, Hugh 16 
Clerke 5 of Barton), for the helth of my sowle and 1 of pe Sowles 
of my ffadu? and 1 modu? and 1 of my Benefetwrs, haue i-jeve, 
grauntid 1 , and 1 with my present charter confermed 1 , for me and 1 
my heyres for Euer, to god 1 and 1 to pe church of Saynte Marye 20 
of Oseneye and 1 to pe chanons ]>er seruyng god, a Rente of 
iiij. 3. jerely in Barton) Odonis, the which to me was i-woned 1 to 
pay John ffijt Warne? of the same Barton), my kynnesmanne 6 , 
for dj. an) hide of londe with pe pertinences in the same Barton), 24 
to 7 which to hym I jafe for his homage and 1 seruice : to be 
holde and 1 to be had, to pe saide church and 1 chanons for Euer, 
in-to ffre and 1 perpetuelt almes, to pietaunce of pe Couent, with 
alt the ryjght that in the same Rent I had 1 or my3ght haue, 28 
to be take By the handes of the saide John and 1 of his Eyres 
3erely in the ffurst 8 Day of the mone of lente, welt and in pece, 
ffrely and 1 quietly fro alt secula? seruice, exaccions, customes, 
sutes, and Demaundis. And I, Hugh Clerke, and 1 my heyres, 32 
the saide Rente to the saide chanons and 1 church ffor Euer schatt 
warantije agaynste alt men) & women), and 1 schalte Defende; 

1 ' quae omnia iidem Canonici.' 

* ' clericus.' 

2 Omit ' and.' 

6 ' gener meus.' 

8 'to b e which ' = to whom. 

7 Read « the.' 

* sic, for ' unto be rente ' : ' usque ad 

8 i. e. on the first Monday in Lent : 



die lune.' 

[XXII] Barton 129 

and 1 of i\lt thynges the which of suche ffefferaent, or [for] suche, 
may be i-axid 1 , we schalt aquite. And that this my jifte, &c 9 . 

[154.] To all cristen) men) to pe which this present wrytyng 1245, 

4 schalt come, John ffrjt "Warnere of Barton) helth. To alt 5011? A "k^ v . 

knowlege I will hit to come, me, of pe assyriyng 1 of Hugh clerke ledgement 

my ffadu? in lawe, to be holde and 1 to Be Bownde to John, byJohnso'n 

Abbot, and 1 to pe couent of the church of Seynte mary of Oseney, °* Warner, 

8 and 1 to ]>ere successours for Euer, to a payment of a 3erely rente tion to pay 

of iiij. 3., to A petaunce of the same couente, pe which rente to charge, as 

pay I whas i-woned 1 to pe saide Hugh for dj. an) hide of londe m no - '531 
with pe pertinences in BartoiD Odonis, p e which to me jafe 

12 pe same Hugh for my homage and 1 seruice : perfore this rente 
I, John, and" my heyres, to pe saide church and 1 chanons for 
Euer withoute * hardenysse schalt pay, to pe forsaide petaunce, 
pe moneday nexte of lente Euery ^ere at Oseney, of p e which 

16 rente soo i-paide they have pe charter of pe saide Hugh, and 1 of 
pe which rente so [to be] i-paide 1 2 made sewte with an) othe, 

for me and" myne heyres, In the chapiter of Oseneye, vppon) the ro a th on 

texte of the same church, the 3 which me in A-nothr? time toke theGos- 

20 me in-to here prayers and Benefetes of there Bretherhede, [and] Oseney 

In counselts to me and to * myne heyres or my children [is] not Vwfo!? 

to fayle. This writyng was i-made At Oseney In the Vigile of himcom- 

Witsonday, pat is to say, in the Day 4 of saynt Ositti Virgine, ^onTiTtne 

24 In the sere of be Rayne of Kyng 1 Henry be soone of Kyng John conventual 

' o prayers. 

xxix. In-to pe strengh, &c 9 . 

[155.] Know poo that Be present and poo that Be to come About 

that I, Odo ffijt Warnere of Barton), fFor my helth and 1 of myne, 

Grant to 

28 3afe and 1 grauntid 1 , and with my present charter confermed 1 , for Oseney, 
me and 1 myne heyres for Euer, to god 1 ancTto pe church of Saynte f Warner, 
marye of Oseney and 1 to pe chanons Ipere seruyng god, In-to ffree 
pure and 1 perpetuelt almes, x. acris of londe, with pe pertinences, 

32 in the feldes of Barton), 

of be which v. acris lien) in the Northfelde In-to this maner : of 5 acres 

• • *- ■ n • • 1 • x * n North 

pat is to say, j. acre heth in Haliurlonge, and? lj halfe -acris In field, 

1 ' sine difficultate.' 4 This second date is a difficulty. In 

2 ' de quo redditu sic solvendo, fidolita- 1245 Whitsun-Eve was June 3, i. e. Pega 
tein feci.' Virgo. Osith, Kegina et Martyr, is 

3 ' qu[a]e me alias suscepit.' Oct. 7. 


[XXII] Barton 

in strips ; 

and 5 acres 
in the 
South field, 
in strips. 

Vtfurlonge, and 1 ij. halfe-acris In longefurlonge, and 1 j. halfe-acre 
stretcheth In-to Senewellyslade and"j. dj.-acre In-to 1 Hurstane- 
furlong pe which is towarde pe North, and 1 j. hede for j. dj.-acre 
at Crotteslondes 2 Ende, and 1 dj. be-^onde pe slade ; 4 

And 1 In the sowtMelde lyefD v. acris In this maner : that is to 
say, j. acre in the Ende of pe towne, and 1 j. acre at stanelawe, 
and j. acre in Middulforlonge, and 1 ij. [half'J-acris in Huntfur- 
longe, ancTj. acre in longefurlonge: 8 

to be holde and 1 to be had, to pe saide chanons for Eue?, welt 
and 1 in pece, ffrely [and] quietly fro all secule? seruice exaccion 
and 1 Demaunde, In-to ffre pure and 1 perpetuelt alines. And 1 I 
and 1 myne heyres all pe fornamed 1 thynges to pe saide chanons 12 
schalt warantije agaynste aft peputt and 1 schatt defende and 1 
aquite agaynste the chefe lordes and 1 all men) ffor Euer 3 of all 
services and 1 seruages and 1 Demaundes and 1 of all thynges that 
may be axid 1 . In-to witnesse, &c 9 . l( > 

tion to 
Oseney, by 
John son 
of Warner, 
of his 
gift, as in 
no. 155. 

[156.] Know po that Be present and 1 to Be that [I], John 
m^t Warnere off Barton), for myne helth and 1 of myne, grauntid 1 
and 1 with my charter confermed 1 , for me and 1 myne heyres ffor 
Euer, to god and 1 to pe church of Saynte Marie off Oseneye and 1 20 
to pe chanons Ipere seruyng god 1 , pe jifte p e which to pern made 
Odo fijt Warnere my Broper of x. acris of londe with pe per- 
tinences in Barton) of p e which v. acris lien) in the Northfelde 
?, and 1 hit is in the charter afore-writeh). H 

Grant to 
Oseney, by 
John, clerk, 
son of 
Warner, of 
a meadow- 
ration in 
the con- 

[157.] Know poo pat Bene now and 1 to Be that I, John 
Clerke * fi^t Warnere is sone 5 of Barton) Odonis, jafe and 1 
grauntid 1 , with pe assent and 1 wille of Bic^ard my ffurst sone 
and heyre, and 1 with my present charter confermed 1 , for the helth 28 
of my sowle and 1 of margerye my wyfe and 1 of myne aunceturs 
and 1 successours, j. litult parte of my mede In Medham Bitwene 
ij. poles, in-to pure perpetuelt and 1 ffree almes, to god 1 and 1 to 
saynte Marye of Oseneye and 1 to pe chanons Tpere seruyng god 1 32 
and 1 ow? lady saynte Marye, that for Euer my sowle and 1 the 
sowles of my aunceturs and 1 of my successours in Ipere prayers 

1 Bead « in.' 

2 Croftes londes. 

3 MS. repeats ' for Euer.' 

* 'clericus.' 

* ' is sone ' is superfluous. The Latin is 
' Alius Warneri do Bartliona.' 

[XXII] Barton 131 

pay haue i-commcndid 1 . And 1 1 John and 1 myne heyres the for- 
saide litutt parte of mede to pe same chanoris" schatt warantije 
and Defende for Euer agaynste alt peputt, &C 5 . 

4 [158.] To att cristen)mehMhis present writyng to see thabbot 1220. 
of Enysham and 1 the Dene of Oxonforde Euerlastyng helth in j^^, 
ow? lorde. Know se att vs b e M aundement of owJ lorde the Oseney and 

. , Fecamp 

pope to haue l-take in these wordes — abbey in 

8 Honorye, Bisshop, seruaunte of the seruauntes of god 1 , to his Normand y> 

Beloued 1 soones, thabbot of Enysham, Prior of saynte * ffrides- * leaf 35, 

. back, 

withe, and 1 the Deene of oxonforde of lincoln Diocesy, helth and 1 

the popes Blesshyng. pat ! pe Beloued 1 ssones, thabbot and 1 

1 2 couent of Oseney, of the ordre of saynte Austen), to vs playnyng, about 
have i-schewed 1 that where thabbot and 1 Couent of lyre 2 of 
pe ordre of Saynte Benedicte and 1 summe oper of Hereford 1 and 1 
Wyrcetwr diocese and 1 of lincoln Diocese vppon tithis and 1 othe? 

16 thynges doo wronge to pern. Therefore truly to 50U? discrecion, decided by 
By the popes writyng, we charge that, pe parties i-called 1 , %e mi^ioners, 
hyre pe cause and 1 (apelyng removed 1 ) with Dew Ende }e endid 13 , 
doyng * pat je Decree By censure of pe church to be i-kepid 1 . 

20 And 1 pe witnesses that Be i-called 1 , if they pem-selfe for grace, 
hate, or drede, withdiawe them, By p e same censure (appelyng 
cesyng) ^e constrayne to Bare witnesse : And 1 if that %e all 
to pese thynges to Be executid 1 may not Be att 5 , tweyne of 50W 

24 poo thynges, not-witstandyng, do execute. The Date at la- 

teranys, iiij none of December, of ow? Bisshopehoode p e iiij. appointed 

Dec. 2, 1219, 

perfore By the auctorite of these letters, thabbot and 1 Couent Oseney 

28 of Oseney, By there procurator in owre presence i-sette, ij. j rdg of 

parties of pe tithis of pe Demayne of Koberfc Arsic In litutt t f e fc ^ lth 1 e 

Barton) saide, of pe commune lawe, to pere church of grete mesne land 

Barton) to perteyne, pe which of thabbot of ffescampe vtterly Barton • 

32 they axid 1 , The which By his procurator, that is to say, Roger 

thenne or that tyme prior 6 of Cogges, afore vs thenne com- 

peryd 1 . Thenne when pe same procuratour, at 7 att pe cawse 

1 Omit ' that.' s ' interesse.' 

2 'de Lyra.' 6 ' tunc temporis prior.' 

3 Read 'end it.' 7 'procurator, ad totam causam motam 

4 ' facientes quod decreveritis . . . obser- . . . datus.' 


[XXII] Barton 

but accept- 
ing the 
offer by 
abbey of a 
lease of the 
tithes at a 
quit-rent of 
io». to be 
paid to 

Penalty of 
61 on the 
breaker of 
this agree- 

i-meve<T vppofi) p e saide tithis Bitwene pe forsaide Abbotes and 1 
Couentes [i-sett], letters of procuresyis i-jeve afore vs in Jugge- 
ment he 1 schewed 1 , in the which was i-conteyned 1 that Abbot 
and 1 Couent of ffescampe woolde and willed 1 to be ferme what 4 
that Euer 2 pe saide prior in that cawse did 1 .. At pe last, afte? 
many altercaceons Bitwene parties, pe strife ffrendely in this 
restid 1 , pat is to say, that pe foresaide procuratowr of thabbot 
ancT Couent off ffescampe to thabbot and 1 Couent of Oseney the 8 
forsaide tithis to A perpetuett fferme grauntid 1 , and 1 the same in- 
to Bodely possession) ledde in 3 , for x. "§. of sterlings Euery 
5ere, at Oseneye, to p e prior of Gogges, at pe ffest of Seynte 
Mrjghett or within pe vtas of pe same, to Be paide; and 1 if oony 12 
of pe saide parties agaynste p e saide composia'on come, to pe 
oper partie xx. 1. he schatt paye. For this cawse we, hauyng 
this composic^on ferme, By the Auctorite of ow? lorde pope hit 
haue i-Juggid 1 to confeime. In-to witnesse of the which and 1 16 
perpetuett mynde, &c 9 . 


Oct. 13. 
Oseney and 
Sir William 
of Shares- 

Oseney giv- 
ing messu- 
ages, a mill, 
land, and 
meadow in 
Barton and 
and taking 
a mill, 
land, and 
meadow in 
Little Tew, 
and Oxford, 

licence in 

[169.] Know thoo pat Be nowe and 1 to Be that we, thomas, 
By the suffryng of god 1 Abbot of Oseney, and 1 of pe same place 
Couente, have i-}eve, grauntid 1 , and 1 with this present charter 20 
confermed 1 , to be-loued 1 to vs in criste, Si? William Scharehutt, 
Knyjglit, vj. meses, j. water my lie, xvj. jerdes of londe and 1 
vj. acris of mede, with pe pertinence*, in Barton) Odonis and 1 
Rowleslmm (that is to say, all pe tenementes pe which in Bar- 24 
toil) Odonis AncTBowlesham we had 1 , excepte j. gardeyne, j. crofe, 
and 1 x. acris of londe, with pe pertinences, in the towne of 
Barton) Odonis aforesaide) In-to an Eschaunge for viij. mesis, 
iij. cogates 4 , j. water mylte, xiiij. jerdes of londe, xx t! acris 28 
of mede, and 1 j.. schoppe, with pe pertinences, in litutt tywe, 
Sanforde, and 1 ononford, pe which sothely tenementes in litutt 
tywe, Sanforde, and 1 oxonford we had 1 of pe jifte and 1 feffement of 
pe foresaide Si? William in-to pe Above-saide Eschaunge, as in 32 
the charter of the licence of pe Kynge of Inglonde and 1 of 
ffraunce Bothe to vs and 1 to p e forsaide Si? William per-of 
i- grauntid 1 fully is conteyned 1 : to be had 1 and 1 to holde to 5 the 

1 Read ' had.' 
8 ' quicquid.' 
3 • induxit.' 

In error. Latin is ' tribus cotagiis.' 
Omit ' to.' 

[XXIII] Barton 133 

Forsaide vj. inesis, mylle, xvj. jertles of londe, aniT vj. Acris 
[of mead], with" the pertinences, in Barton) Odonis and Rowle- 
sham, to pe forsaide William, his Eyres, and 1 his assynes, of p e 

4 chefe lordes of that flee By seruices perof Dewe and 1 wonyd 1 for 
Euer, that is to say, alt the tenementes * the which we had * leaf 36. 
in the forsaide townes of Barton) Odonis and Rowlesham, 

except the forsaide gardeyne, crofte, and 1 x. acris of londe, with re- 
8 with the? pertinences, in the towne of Barton) Odonis aforesaide, to oseney 
the which we reserue and 1 reteyne to vs and 1 to ow? successours i^J** 111 
to A-Bide, with there pertinences in Euery place, as ffree comune Barton, 
of pasture to owre Bestes alt maner of kynde to Be fedde in r i g ht s of 

12 feldes ancTpasturis of pe towne of Barton) Odonis aforesaide, c ^™° n 
also with ffree Entre and 1 Goyng 1 owte in Euery place, as we 
and owre predecessours to * have be i-wooned 1 in tymes a-passid 1 , 
pe which also gardeyne and 1 crofte in the towne of Barton) 

16 Odonis Been) i-ioyned 1 to pe gardeyne of owre dwellyng 1 in grete 
Barton), as forthe By 2 the hegges and 1 walles to-gedu? they ben) 
i-closed 1 inne, And 1 the forsaide x. acris By places lien) in the 
Northefelde of the foresaide towne with owre syne woonycTi-seeled 1 . [Oseney 

20 In-to witnesse of pe which thyng we haue i-put to ow? commune b OU ndary- 
seale. Date at Oseney, In ow? chapiter Howse, the Wodenysday stones 1 
nexte after p e xv. day of seynte Mijghelt Archangelt, In the 
3ere of the Bayne of Kynge Edwarde of Inglonde and 1 of ffraunce, 

24 that is to say, of Inglonde xxiiij. of ffraunce xj°. 

[XXIII. Hyde and Westcote Barton.] 

[160.] Knowe poo that Be now and 1 to Be that I, thomas About 
of Hide, jafe graunticP and? confermed 1 , to god 1 and to pe church Gran ^ to 
of seynte Marye of Oseney, and 1 to si? Richard 3 Abbot of Oseney Oseney, by 

28 and 1 to pe chanoris Ipere seruyng god 1 , xxv. acris of arable londe, Hide, 
with alt ]>ere pertinences, in the ffeldes of Westcote Barton), ^^ e ^^ e 
In-to pure and 1 perpetuelt almes, whereof xij. acris of londe lien) Barton, vi/. 
in the North felde at Radawelle, that is to say, in pe telth fi e i d) 

32 pe which is i-called 1 Brerefurlonge ; And 1 in the sowthfelde, j£™ South 

1 Omit 'to.' a ' prout per.' 

3 Richard of Apletie, abbot 1254-68. 


[XXIII] Barton 

i in Moyles 

•with their 

free of all 




(pe x which) vppon) Rarnme dune, iij. telthis, pe which conteynen) 
xij. acris; AncTj. acre in Moyles Breche, By the londe of petur 
of Barton) : to be holde and 1 to Be had, to the saide church and" 
chanons" and 1 to pere successours, welt and 1 in pece, frely and" 4 
quietly, in fedyng and 1 pasturis, with ffree Entre and 1 goyng 
owte porogh alt pe felde of Westcote Barton) for Euei>. I have 
i-grauntyd 1 Also, for me and 1 myne heyres and 1 myne assynes, 
J>at pe saide Abbot and 1 chanons and" there successours ben) quite 8 
for Euer of alt maner sutes of courtes, helpys, tallages, scutages, 
and 1 of all exaca'ons and Deraaundes for Euer. And I thomas 
and 1 myne heyres or myne assynes pe forsaide xxv. acris, with 
alt pere pertinences, to pe saide Abbot and 1 chanons and 1 to pere 12 
successours, agaynste alt cristen) men) and" Jues schalt warantije, 
Aquite, and" defende, as pure and 1 perpetuelt almes. And 1 that 
pis my jifte, &c?. 


tion to 
by Peter of 
of no. 160. 

[161.] Knowe alt men) that I, petur of Westcote Barton), 16 
haue i-grauntid 1 , for me and 1 my heyres and 1 myne assynes, and 1 
with this present charter have i-confermed 1 , to god 1 and 1 to pe 
church of Seynte Marye of Oseney and 1 to be chanonB in hit ser- 
uyng god, pe jevyng the which to theme maade Thomas of 20 
Hide of londis and 1 tenementes the which Ben) of my ffee in 
"Westcote Barton) : to Be holde [and] to be had to pe saide church 
and 1 chanonll, in-to pure and" perpetuelt almes, as pe charters 
pe which they have of ffeffemewt fully witnessed. In-to wit- 24 
nesse, &c 9 . 



Grant to 

Oseney, by 

John le 


of an acre, 

with its 
* leaf 36, 

[162.] Knowe je that Be present and 1 to Be that I, John 
lee ffree of Westcote Barton), jafe, grauntid 1 , and 1 with this 
present charter confermed 1 , to god 1 and 1 to pe church of saynte 28 
marye of Oseneye and? to pe chanons" in hit seruyng god, j. acre 
of Arable londe in the ffelde of Westcoote Barton), with alt his 
pertinences, pe which acre lieth in the telth the which is i-callid 
Doddendenes Holde : to Be holde and 1 to Be had 1 , to pe saide 32 
church and chanon^, in-to pure and 1 perpetuelt almes, with fire 
Entre and 1 gooyng-owte J?orowgh all the felde of Westcote Bar- 
ton). And 1 I, John, and 1 my heyres or myne Assynes, pe * said 

1 Omit ' be which.' 

[XXIIII] Barton and Sandeford 135 

acre, witli the pertinences, to pe saide church and 1 chanons schatl [Warranty 
warantije, aquite, and 1 Defende, agaynste alt cristen) men) And 1 j e ' ws ,] 
Juys. And 1 that this my jifte, &c 9 . 

4 [163.1 Hit is to Be i-knowe that we haue : — To alt cristen) About 

• 1270 

men) to pe which this present writyng 1 schalt come John lee fire Gran ' t to 
of litutt Barton) helth in owre lorde. Know je all me to haue Oseney, by 
i-3eve, grauntid 1 , and 1 with this present charter confermed 1 , to f ree , 

8 god" and 1 to seynte Marie and 1 to ffrere William Sutton) x By 
pe suffryng 1 of god 1 Abbot of Oseneye and" to pe chanoris" of the 
same place pere seruyng 1 god, j. acre of my arable londe, with 
all his pertinences, In the ffelde of litull Barton), for the helth 

1 2 of my sowle and 1 of the helth of my auuceturs, of pe which j. dj.- of half-an- 
acre lieth" of p e Est parte of Sondeway towarde Dunstue By the 
londe of William Geffray, And a-nothe? dj.-acre in the same andhaif- 
ffelde, that is to say, In Wolkelonde 2 , By the londe of the same 

16 William Geffray : to Be had 1 ancTto Be holde that Acre, with his 
pertinences, In-to pure and 1 perpetuetl alines, for my sowle and 1 
pe sowle of my auuceturs for Euer. And 1 [I] John, and 1 my 
heyres, pe saide acre of londe, with his pertinences, to god 1 and 1 

20 to saynte Mary and 1 to the saide William, Abbot, and 1 to pe saide 
chanoiis, schalt waran^e, defende, & aquite, agaynste all mor- 
tatt men) for Euer. And 1 that this my jifte, &c 9 . 


[XXIIII. Sandford.] 

[164.] Hit is to Be i-know that we have j. Dwellyng and" Reference 
24 j. acre of londe in pe towne & ffelde of Saunford 1 of pe 5'ifte 
of Munckes of Colchester as it is opyiD By the composicion 
Bitwene theme and 1 vs, as hit is i-schewed 1 In the title of pe 
'- grete BartofD.' 

28 [165.] Knowe tho that Be present and 1 to Be that I, John About 
of Seynte John, jafe, graunticT, and 1 confermed 1 with this present Q rantto 
charter, to god 1 And 1 to pe church of Seynte Marye of Oseney J sene y'^ 
and 1 to pe chanons )>ere seruyng'god, that mese at Sanforde that of'St.John, 

32 is nexte to ]>e church towarde pe sowth, with pe curtilage that 

1 Abbot 1268-84. 9 Wowelonde. 


[XX IIII] Sandeford 

of a messu- 
age, 2 curti- 
lages, and a 

subject to 
3«. quit- 
rent to his 


Grant by 
to Walter, 
vicar of 
St. Martin, 
of life-rent 
of nos. 164 
and 165, 

is towarde be sowth, [and] with be curtilage that is towarde J>e 
Est By the Coluerhowse, and 1 with ]>e same Coluerhowse : to Be 
holde and" to Be had 1 , to be same chanons for Euer, of me and" 
myne heyres, ffrely quietly pesibly and 1 hooly, jeldyng 1 berof 4 
jerely In ij. termes of the 3ere iij. 3. (that is to say, at be ffest of 
Seynte Mijghelt, xviij d 1 . ; and" in be Anwunciaceon of Saynte 
Marie, xviij. d 1 .) for all secule? seruice, exaccion, and 1 Demaunde, 
to me or to my heyres perteynyng. And 1 1 and 1 myne heyres 8 
schatt warantije the saide Mese to pe saide chanonS for Euer 
agaynste alt men). And 1 in-to witnesse, &c 9 . 

[166.] A charter Agaynste Walter, Vica? of Sanforde, 

of pe mese & curtilage. 
Knowe alt men) that in this maner hit was A-cordid 1 Bitwene 
Richard l Abbot of Oseney and 1 be Couent of J>e same place 1 2 
of be oone partie, and Si? Water Vica? of Saunford 1 of be ober, 
J?at is to say, bat be saide Abbot and 1 couent toke and 1 lete to be 
forsaide Water, alonly to his wife 2 , ij, 3 meses at Saunforde, with 
ber pertinence*, be which ij. mesys 4 ben nexte i-Joyned 1 to 16 
be bowses }>e which to be Vicarage of Saunforde perteynen) 
of J>e Sowth partye, with pe curtilage be which is towarde 
pe sowth, and 1 with be curtilage p e which is towarde pe Est 
quit-rent abowte be Coluerhowse, and" with be same Coluerhowse, with 20 
to be either a jj n j s j, er pertinences, for v. 3. jerely, or for iij. i. and 1 j. 1am- 
or 3«., with prey, to pe saide Abbot and 1 Couent and 1 to bere successours 
lamprey on 3erely to Be paide (pat is to say, at be Anwunciaczon of Seynte 

Marie, xviij. d 1 . ; and 1 in the Vigitt of palmes, j. lamprey or ij.i. ; 24 
and 1 at pe ffest of Seynte Mighelt, xviij. d 1 .) for alt seruice, sauyng 
napeles to saide Abbot and 1 Couent and 1 to bere successours 
be Best best 5 of the foresaide Water whenne he in-to deth 
patsith. In-to witnesse, &c s . 28 

[167.] Dedicacton of the chapelt of SaunforcT. 

* Keynolde, By the grace of god 1 Bisshop of Clone 6 , &c 9 , In 
of Sandford the stede of pe worschipfult ffadur lorde Richard, Bisshop of 

1 Probably Richard of Apletre, abbot 
a Read ' life ' ; ' tantum ad vitam swam.' 

3 ' quaedam messuagia.' 

4 • qu[a]e quidem messuagia.' 
• ' best ' «s beast. 

eve of Palm 

and, at his 
death, a 


June 2a 

* leaf 37 

* i. e. Cloyne : see no. 129. The English 
cuts down the deed. In the Latin, ' the 
chapel of St, Martin of San ford ' is said to 
be ' subject to the parish church of Great 

the anni- 

[XXV] Ledwdl 137 

lincoln, In the xij. kk. of Julie In the jere of oure lorde St. Martin 
Ml CC Lxxiij., halowed 1 the Chapelt of Saunforde and 1 the high ^yObe de . 
auter, In the Bisshoprich of lincoln, In the stede of pe worschip- P u *y of tho 

' r . . diocesan : 

4 full ffadu? lorde Richard, Bisshop of lincoln ; and 1 By his 
auctorite, trustyng of pe mercy of alt-myjghty god and 1 of seynte 
marie Euer virgyne and 1 meritis of saynte martine and 1 of all 
sayntys, to all very contrite pepult and 1 confessid 1 pe which indulgence 

8 pe Above-saide chapelt Euery $ere in pe saide Daye and 1 porowgh" pers on 
pe Vtas for cause of Deuoceon wille visite hit, or * oony goodes 
or goode dedis of charite [shall do there], xl. daies of penaunce 
to pern enioyned 1 relesid 1 . In-to witnesse, &c 9 . 

[XXV. Ledwell.] 

[168.] A Sentence diffinitife agaynste Drue of Preaus x2-|$, 

of pe tithis in ledwett. March s " 

12 To all cristen) pepull to whome this presente writyng 1 schalt Suit by 

come Robert dene 2 & A. chauncele? of pe church of Salisbury jJ^J^' tne 

euerlastyns" helth in ow? lorde. pe maundemewt of ow? lorde rector of 

t ^ • « ! • » © Great Tew . 

pope In-to pese wordes Gregorius s seruus seruoram dei, &c- ; . 

1 6 Ou? Beloued 1 Soones thabbot and 1 Couent of Oseney, t. By the decided by 
auctorite of this maundement we haue i-citecT Drue 4 , person) of missionerg 
pe church of more Tywe, at pe Instauwce of pe saide Abbot and 1 
Couent, £ vppon) the tithis and 1 alt parisch ry^g&t pe which p e 

20 same Drue, In the name of his church of Tywe, whas i-wonecT 
to take within the Bondes of theme 5 of Barton), pe which of 
commune ryjght pay axicP, pe parties By p'rocwratours In Jugge- 
ment comperyng 1 , ?. At pe laste, procuratou? of J>e saide Drue, 

24 of pe Entent of the saide Abbot and 1 Couent in Juggement fully said rector 
confessid 1 , bothe pe saide tithis & parisch ry5ght, that pe saide oseney g 
Drue of pe parisshens of theme at ledewelt (that is to say, of |. rds of tho 
"William of Dichella and" Adam of Hide) to take whas i-wooned 1 , parish dues 

28 ffrely and 1 quietly to pern) hee grauntid, And 1 that to pern oony holdings' in 
Impediment here-afte? vppon) pe same he schall not procure, Ledwell, 

1 This clause is a paraphrase : see the commission was issued June 8, 1239. 

Latin formula in no. 1 29. 4 Drogo. 

' Robert de Hertford, dean 1238-57. 5 ' infra limites parochie eorum de Bar- 

3 Gregory IX, pope 1227-41. The thona.' 


[XXV] Lechcell 

noper pern let schatt that they mow not all the saide thynges 

take, In goode feithe he be-heete l . penne, fie Entente of J>e 

saide Abbot and? Couent i-harde and 1 confession) of pe contrarie 

partie, pe forsaide tithis and 1 parisch ryjght to pe forsaide 4 

chanonB, By cawse of there church of Barton), sentencially whe 

haue i-Juggid? for Euer, silence to pe saide Drwe to all pe saide 

thynges puttyng: to pe Execucton of pe same sentence to Be do, 

to Archedecofi) of Oxonforde decreyng to Be Demaundid 1 or 8 

Oseney re- axidl And 1 pe procuratou? of pe saide Abbot and 1 couent of 

arreanfand Oseneye to pe forsaide Drue arrerages and* Expensis in pe strife 

asking no relesid 1 vtterly, be which were made vppon) this mater. And 1 

costs in tho •" r rr ^ 

suit. we, of the consent of the parties, have reserved 1 to vs Jurisdic- 12 

cion [for] Eue? to pe constreynyng of pe parties to Be doo, 
if eyper partie (that gocf forbide) witte Begynne agayne. And 1 
to witnesse of this thyng, to this writyng ow? seales we haue 
i-putt to, 1., with the seale of the procuratou? of the saide Drwe : 16 
the Date, ffro pe Incarnacion of ow? lorde In the 3ere M°CC xxxix, 
at Newe Salysbury, pe [iii.] Nonas niarcij. 


Dec. 28. 

* leaf 37, 
Survey, by 
the neigh- 
bours, of 
the boun- 
of the Heath 
and L'in- 
land [ = the 
inland (i. e. 
to Oseney, 

[169.] ffor p e heth of ledewett. 

pE pundurday 2 nexte afte? the ffest of p 6 Birth of ow? lorde 
In the 3ere of the Beyne of Kynge Henry the v. afte? the con- 20 
queste j° Come John Wilcotys, * squie?, and 1 aH his tenauntes of 
pe Moore Bai-ton, ledewett, and 1 Saunforde (were 3 well i-sett 
and 1 stiked 1 ) [to 4 see] that pe Bondis and 1 merestones Bitwene 
j. felde i-callecFpe heth ande linlonde ancTpe londe of pe tenauntes 24 
and 1 also pe Demayne londe of pe lorde of ledewett and Saunforde 
where [well] i-sette and 1 stiked 18 . And 1 at pat tyme, In the 
presence of pe forsaide John Wilcotes, of the parte of Si? 
Sencleres 6 pere Beyng, and 1 of John langston) of the parte 28 
of thabbot of Oseney and 1 of pe Couent, pe forsaide Bondis and? 
Merestones where i-stiked 1 and? i-sett By the tenauntes vndu?- 
write and 1 moony othi? J>ere i-examined 1 and 1 i-swore to pe 

1 'promisit.' 

* ' die Iovis.' 

3 Omit the bracketed words, brought in, 
in error, from below. 

* 'ad videiidum quod mete et meer- 
stones . . .' 

8 ' fuerunt bene assesse et fixe.' Is this 
' stike ' for • stick,' or an early example of 
the diphthongation of stake,' which is now 
found, e. g. in Essex. 

* • ex parte domini Senders' = ' on behalf 
of the lord of Senders manor.' 

[XXVI] Lediuell and Wotton 139 

trowght pere-of to Be saide ancTto Be i-performed 1 , pat is to say, 
By John Duke, Hicltard Webbe, Geoffrey plestow, Richard Cow- 
per, William :jorke, Richard plestow, SymoncT Wesey \ John 
4 tailou?, Thomas Kyng 1 , John cockes, Thomas ffox, Thomas Collys, 
John Bosseby, Richard BovetofD, and" moony othe? penne pere 
Beyng- present. And 1 then John langston), after* pe strikyng 2 of 
pe foresaide Boundis and 1 Merestones, declared 1 to alt pe tenauntes 
8 aforesaide pat thabbot and" Couent above-saide pwrposenne and with a view 
Entende to close 3 alt p e forsayde ffelde of le heth and 1 lynlonde being en- 
as here seuereli in all the tymes of p e ^ere, And? he ax id of pe closed - 
tenauntes and 1 oper ]>ere Beyng if [any] of pern) wolde 4 or knewe 

12 oony thyng- to say why that he ofte not to close pe saide felde 
and" heth as his seuereli, and 1 alt saide that he my3ght welt and 1 
neuer saide pe contrarye. And 1 for Euidence pey say that p e 
forsaide feld? sumtyme was parcelle of pe Demayne londe of the Verdict 

1 6 lorde 5 there, and 1 pey say pat alt the Demayne londe is seuereli 6 exist no 
thorowgh pe 3ere. And 1 ffurpermore pe forsaide John langston) common in 
axid 1 of them if they or oony of them oony waye or pathe in p e said lands, 
forsaide ffelde or in oony parcelle of p e same in oony tyme of p e rights of 

20 ^ere wolde chalenge or [claim 7 ], And 1 they answered 1 alt nay; ^^ M ° yeg 

But pay saide that pe forsaide Abbot and 1 Couent and 1 his pre- 

decessours had 1 A Grene waye fro the towne of ledewelt unto be [A ' green 

. way.'] 

forsaide felde to Dryue all his maner of Bestis pere to Be ffedde 

24 and 1 to Be i-Browght agayne whenne-so-Eue? hit plesid 1 them, 

and 1 none oper But by the leve of them), &c 9 . 


[170.] 8 Hit is to Be i-myndyd 1 that we have the tithis in Reference 
ledewelt of p e jifte of Robert Doylly, as it is i-schewed 1 In the 
28 grete charter of pe same, pe which is Abofe In the title ' How 
that pe church of Seynte George was i-jeve to pe chanohs of 

1 Veysy. terre domini ibidem.' 

8 Read ' stiking ' ; 'post fixionem.* e ' separalis.' 

8 ' ad includendum.' 7 Blank in MS. : ' calumpniare ' in Latin. 

4 ' vellet vel sciret aliquid dicere,' 8 'Nota ' in margin. 

8 MS. has • londe,' by a slip : ' dominice 

140 [XX VI ] Ledwell and Wotton 

1257 (?). [171.] l Knowe aH men) p is present letters to see or to hire 

Kegistra- that where thahbot and 1 Couent of Oseney have i-take pesibly 

tion of an , * . . • i . * 

inquiry in the parisch of Wotton), fro the tyme of pe which is no mynde, 
June" ij« parties of tithes comyng forth of po Demayne of ledewett of 4 
«? *° the p e honow? of Walyngforde and 1 longyng to pe church of Seynte 
demesne George In the castett of oxonford 1 , and 1 the person) of Wotton) 
LedweU * ne thirde parte of the tithis of pe saide Demayne had i-take, 
of which napeles, ouerpat 2 and 1 to more surtye, an) Inquisicion was i-made, 8 
claimed in the Day of Bartholomew pepostle, In the ;jere of ow? lorde s 
^needed M ° CC lx vij°, vppon) the forsaide tithis By feithfutt men) i-swore, 
the other that is to say, Petur gigur, "Water fi^t Gilbert, John ffijt Rey- 
Jectorof 6 nolde, Geffray ffijt John Wilh'ara 4 , Henry 5 ffijt William, pe n 
b^wom whicn ( afi) otne i-made) saide,— afore ffrere Robert Vel 8 , chanon) 
•witnesses, f oseney ; Hymbert of the towre, servaunte of master Artolde, 
neighbours, thenne person) of the church of Wotton) ; John, lorde of ledewett ; 
tiTedefilfing Eobgrt of Wotton) ; John Ermyne ; Henry Ermyne ; Thomas of 16 
of the ffulwett ; John, chapeleyne of Glymton) ; JordaiT), clerke ; and 1 

from which oper, — that thabbot and 1 Couent of Osene?/ tooke of oolde tyme 
tithT viz° k *J" P ar ^ es °f tithis comyng forth of p e londes vndurwrite, that 

is to say, a° 

of v\ acres In the Westfelde of ledewett, In p e sowthe parte of the lordes 
field ieWeSt garden of vij. acris pe which Ben) i-called 1 Wrighedelonde, Also 
of ij. acris [in] Hangenlonde, Also [of] ij. Acris In myddil- 
* leaf 38. furlonge next of the Grene, * Also of j. acre the which is i-called 1 24 
pe smocacre In the Bowth parte of p 6 lordys gardyne, Also 
of iij. acris In langelonde, Item of ij. acris By longe mede, Also 
of iij. acris at Almyvede 7 , Item of ij. acris In litettedene ffurlong, 
Also of iiij. acris In Rammedenysheued 1 , Also of iij. acris and aiD 28 
dj. In longe Rammesden), Also of ij. acris In Byke Weyffurlonge 
In p e Est parte, Also of iij. acris In litettedeii) In the Est parte, 
Also of iij. Acris In the Crofte of Petur gigur : 
and of 40 In the Este felde, of att pe Crofte of Henry, Holdyng 8 iij. 3* 

EasTfield. 16 & CTiB > Also of att pe pece pe which Is i-called 1 ley pecche con- 
teynyng iij. acri« (owte 9 j. acre By aylerychesmede), Also of 
ij. acris withoute pe lordes Berne In the North parte, Also 

1 ■ Wotton & ledewell ' in margin. 6 ' le Bel.' 

a • ex (h)abundanti.' T * Aluyvedene.' 

3 1257 in the Latin. * ' de tota crofta Henrici continente tres 

4 ' tiliuin Iobannia le Wal.' acras.' 

8 • Herueuni.' 9 'excepta una acra.' 

[XXVII] Foueham 141 

of v. acris In longe crofte, Also of ij. acris at pe Gore Above 
litelmede, Also of ix. acris In hanghendelonde, Also of j. acre pe 
which is i-calle6T Meyshendelonde l , Also of iij. acres pe which" 

4 Ben) i-calle6T pe Goore, Also of iij. acris strecchyng )?em)-selfe to 
Rammeswette, Also of vj. acris In the telth pe which Is i-called 
fyfyerde, Also of ij. acris Above Mapeldoo? Welle Hutte, Also of 
ij. acris In Grene Diche ffurlonge. 

8 And 1 that pe saide Inquisicton may come to perpetuett mynde 
thabbot of Oseney and master artolde pen) person) of Wotton) 
to this writyng, In-to pe maner of A charter i-made, per seeles 
i-put to, of p e which oone partie abiclithe to pabbot and 1 Couent 
i a of Oseney And a-nober partie to be saide Aitold". This writyng Dated at 
was made at Oseney In the Vigile of Seynte Gile Abbot In the I2S7 ^ 
jere of ow? lorde aforenamyd. Aug- 31, 

- [XXVII. Grove.] 

[172.] Thabbot of Oseney hath In Grove twey parties of Reference 
1 6 more and lasse tithis of pabbot of Colchester, as it is opyu By 

composicion, the which is afore In the title of ' more Barton ' : 
* And the Vica? of Saunforde taketh pe pirdde parte of aft maner 

of tithis. 

20 [173.] Thabbot hath In Rolesham of be sjifte of Doylys, Reference 

to no 21 

and 1 with pe Graunte of Kynges & of Bisshopis of lincoln with 
pe chapiter, ij. partys of scheves of pe Demayne of RicTJarcZ Erie 
of Cornewaile and of William ffijt 'Richard ffolioth, longyng 
24 to pe church of saynte George, as it is i-schewecT above In 
pe title 'Who 3 the church of Seynte George was i-jeve to 
pe chanonB of Oseney.' 

[174.] Knowe £00 that Be present and to Be that I, Robert ? Q ^ 2 ~I' to 
28 ffolioth, with assent of William my soone, jefe and graunte Oseney, by 
& with my present charter conferme, In-to ffree and perpetueft poliot, 
almes, to pe church of saynte marye of Oseney andto pe chanonS 

1 Meysheuedlonde. * Name noted in margin. 

s ' Who ' for ' How.' 


[XXVII] Rousham 

of land in 

Ipere seruyng 1 god 1 , for my heltli and of myne and 1 By name ffor 
pe sowle of philippe 1 of Nevirte, aft pe londe with pe Curtilage 
pe which Hawyse pe wife of Milo helde In Rowlesham, pat is to 
say, that loude pe which" is at pe Ry^ght haude of pe way 4 
By the which it is i-goo to my Courte. This almes I and 1 myne 
heyres to pe same chanoni schalt waranti;e In Euery place, and? 
to 2 or Agaynste all men), ffree and 1 quite fro all sendee : pes 
witnesses. 8 

to nos. 146, 
150, &c. 

of Rousham 

* leaf 38, 

[175.] Also we haue opar charters and 1 confirmacions p e 
which Ben) of Barton) Odo. 

[176.] pE Endys Costis and 1 Boundis of londis feldys and 1 

groundis of pe bothe courtys of Rowlesham. 12 

With-In the 3 writeiD BeiD pe Endes and 1 Boundis of 
londis, feldis, and groundys, of pe bothe Courtes 
of Rowlesham. 
In pe ffirst, it is to knowe pat Ipere is a floode or water 16 
pe which is In the commune i-called Charewett In the Est parte 
or plage of pe * parisch of p e parisch church of Rowlesham 
of lincoln Diocise, goyng [across] pe which sothely node or 
water is pe Ende and? Bownde Bitwene 4 pe parisch aforesaide 20 
and pe parisshe of pe parische church of Heyforde pe nepe? 
for the space of A place of pe lenghe In-to al so muche as p e saide 
parisshis them-selfe fro oper towchyn B : And 1 the londes, feldes 
and 1 growndes aforesaide begynne fro A Brigge vppon) the saide 24 
water, pe which truly Brygge comunely is i-called 1 Heyforde 
Brigge In the Est parte of pe ffeldes, groundis and 1 londes of p e 
forsaide courtis and 1 of them eyper i-sette. And 1 fro that wette 6 , 
goyng 1 Downe By pe courte 7 of p e floode or water aforesaide 28 
vnto a welt, pe which communely is i-called Merwelt, pe whiche 
verily welt is A Bounde Bitwene p e parisch of Rowlesham 
aforesaide ancTpe parische of pe parische church of Tackeley [of 8 
the said diocese of Lincoln. And from that well, by a boundary, 32 
near] and 1 By 9 that welt p e [which] is i-callicTnowe Wylloghgore 

1 Philippi de Nouilla, in the Cotton MS. 

2 ' et versus omnes homines.' 

3 Omit ' the.' 

4 Marginal note : * The boundes of 

5 ' ab invicem attingunt.' 

* Eead ' bridge.' The translator has 
misread * ponte ' as ' fonte.' 

7 Read ' course ' : ' per cursum.' 

8 Added from the Latin, 

9 ' iuxta.' 

[XXVII] Rousham 143 

In the sowthe parte pe lengh of pe which is Above ' pe lenghe 
of j. myle; and 1 fro the Bounde or Ende nexte Before saide 
vnto an) hye-waye, pe which In the commune is i-callid 1 ' the 

4 hye-waye,' pe which is pe hye-way Bitwene pe town3 of Oxon- 
forde & Dadyngton) of pe weste parte ; and 1 By pe way aforesaide 
(and 12 the lenghe afore) ancTpe lenghthe of pe same vnto A-noper 
hye-waye aforesaide 8 [stretching 4 itself, which is called Denes- 

8 wey, which way stretches itself from the foresaid highway] of 8 

pe Northe partye of [the foresaid] londes, groundes, and 1 feldes, 

i-sette 6 , [and continues 7 ] vnto pe Brygge aforesaide By the 

which Is i-Begurcne pe Endys and? Boundys of londis, groundys, 

1 2 and 1 ffeldes, of eyper of p Q courtes aforesaide. 

[XXVIII. Heyfokd.] 

[177.] Thabbot hathe In Heyforde ij. partys of scheves, of 
lambys and 1 of pyggys and 1 of othe? smalle tithis, of all pe Eeference 
Demayne of Thomas Breute, perteynyng to pe church off Saynte 
1 6 George In the castelt of Oxonforde, as hit is i-schewyd? abowfe 
In the title ' How pe church of Saynte George was i-jjeve to pe 
chanouB of Oseneye.' 

[178.] Knowe poo that Be nowe and? to Be that I, Merget 8 About 
20 of Biuers, for me and 1 myne heyres, haue i-^e\e, grauntid 1 , and 1 Q ran [ to 
Deliueredl and 1 with my present charter confermed? for my helth Oseney, by 

. ^ i >, Margaret 

and 1 of myne, bothe auncetours and 1 successours, to god and 1 to of Rivers, 
pe church of saynt marie of Oseney and 1 to pe chanoris* pere 
24 to god seruyng, in-to ffree ancTperpetuell almes, in my verthon) 9 , 

at Heyforde 10 my maner, a place Bitwene my Berne and 1 pe fore- of a site for 

saide towne, to an) howse to Be i-made to there tithis to Be bam ; 

laide, pe which at pe dore of my Barne to take pay ofte, as pey taken ^t 

1 Read ' about ' : 'eirciter.' T • et durat.' 

9 Omit the bracketed words, inserted in 8 Margareta. 

error. fl Latin, * in berthona mea.' See ' barton ' 

3 ' Aforesaid ' is represented in the Latin in New Eng. Diet. The ' verthon ' form 
by ' antedictaw,' but ought to be omitted. may be a peculiar pronunciation, or the 

4 Added from the Latin. translator may have blundered between 

5 Read ' on.' the easily confused v and b of this period. 

6 ' situata,' agreeing with • which way.* 10 Name noted in the margin. 


[XXVIII] Hey ford 

the door 
of the 
harn ; the 
demesne to 
thresh the 
in said 
barn, and 
receive the 
chaff and 
straw in 
return for 
the labour; 
if Oseney 
thresh it 
the de- 
mesne to 
have sole 
use of the 
said barn. 

were i-wonecT of olde tyme, witli ffre Entre & goyng-owte to 
Carye and 1 to bere, as to pem beste semeth to doo. And 1 if 
it happen) that p e saide chanonS wille that Tpere corne ]>ere 
Be thresshe In the forsaide howse, pen) I and 1 myne heyres 4 
schatt make it to Be thresshe, and 1 pe chaffe schatt Abide to- 
gedu? with J> e strow to me and to my heyres. And 1 if they will 
not pat hit Be Ipere i-thresshe, then) it schatt Be ffre to theme, 
whenne pay [will], to Bere awey att pere corne in scheves lioole, 8 
ande when it is i-Bore awey, that howse schatt turne In-to myne 
vses, titt eftesoones l , her 2 come agayne, ther corne In-to pe 
game witt put in ; And 1 I and 1 myne heyres that howse schatt 
kepe vn-hurt, that hit Be not i-hyndred 1 or apeyred 3 By ow? ia 
vse ; and this almes to pe saide chanohi we schatt warantije for 
euer agaynste att peputt & schatt Defende. And" that att peso 
thynges Be fferme, &c 9 . 


made to 
* leaf 39. 
by the 
rector of 
to allow 
quiet pos- 
session of 
of the tithes 
(great and 
small) of 
the de- 
(as in 
no. -■]). 

[179.] Writyng 1 of Symon), person) of Heyforde Waryn, 
for hym and 1 his successours al so mucne as is in 
hym neuer to trouble thabbot and Couent of Oseneye 
for here tithis of Heyforde. 

To att cristen) men) to p e which pese present letters schatt 16 
come, Symon), pe person) of * the church of Heyforde Waryn), 
helth in owre lorde. Knowe me to haue Be-holde p 6 Instru- 
mented of Religiouse men Abbot and Couent of Oseneye, pat is 
to say, of pe patronys Bisschopis and 1 Chapiter of lincotn and 1 20 
confirmacton of pe pope, [in] pe which Euidently and 1 sufficiently 
Is conteyned that ij. partis of the tithis (Bothe of grete and 1 
smale) of the Demayne In the saide towne comyngfoithe, By pe 
cawse of pe church of Seynte George In the castett of oxonforde, 24 
pe which to pern pe haue i-approprid, and 1 chefely of telthis 
within i-write, pat is to say, Croftfurlonge, And Inlonde, Ruelle- 
ffurlong 4 , Nambreffurlonge, Moreffurlong, to pe same longeii). 
I, the saide Symon), for me and 1 (al so muche as in me is) for my 38 
successours, say and 1 knowlege, By the tenou? of this present 
writyng, to pern of special! ryjght to longe, and 1 5 of pere stille 

1 ' iterum.' 

2 Probably ' her[st] ' = harvest. Latin 
is : ' redeunte tempore autumpnali.' 

3 Both words form a duplicate rendering 

of ' deterioretur.' 

* Ruelles-, Nambres-, Meres-. 

5 ' et de eorum tranquilla et non inter- 
rupta possessione promittens.' 

[XXIX] Tyu-e 145 

and not Inturrupte (or breke) possession} by-hotyng, pat, fro 
p e tyme of pe Date of pese presente thyng^s, noper By me, noper 
by oony in my name, noper By my successours (that of 1 suffer- 

4 aunce of pe lawe pern I may Bynde), no lettyng, no puttyng 1 
away, or agayne-sayng 1 , vppon) p e takyng 1 of p e saide titbis (of pe 
forsaide Demaynes comyng forthe) schaff suffre here-afte?. And 1 
as to pe takyngof pe Binale [or] lasse tithis, namely 2 as to chese [Small 

8 and 1 piggis, submittyng me to p e constreynyng and compelling 1 
of Euery Jugge (Ordinarie or Delegate) or conservatour, the 
which ]>e saide Religiouse men) or pere successours witte to Be 
chose, as by all censure of pe church, vppofD all and Euerich of 

1 2 pe premisses, me (as hit is Above-saide), withowte 3 hurlyng 
of Juggement and knowlech of plee, as to pe kepyng & lette not 
to Be i-browght, may compelle. In-to witnesse of pe which, 
?., the forsaide Symon) put to his seale. pe Date at Oseney, 

16 In the 3ere of owf lorde M° CC° Nonagesimo 3°. 

[180.] In the }ere of ow? lorde 4 Mo CCCOo v to, w ith the 1445. 
consent and ccmfirmac^on of lorde William, Bisshop of lincoln, Q Pa ^* ^ 
and also of pe consent of pe Eeper or vvardeii) and of pe college the rectory 

20 of Seynte marie of Whinchester of Oxforde, patronys of pe parisch warren, of 
church of Heyforde 5 , was i-maade A Kealt composicion bytwene j^*]^ ose- 
vs and the person) pere, pat is to say, that pe saide person) and ney share of 
aH his successours hereafte? have owre porcion Ipere, ijeldyng a t quit-rent 

24 perof jerely In the ffestes of Saynte Mi^ghell & of Estur of '3 s - + d -> 
xiij. i. iiij. d. in Euyfi) pom'ons vndur payne of xx. 3. so ofte to pay the 

1 1 'I'll lis 

Be paiedal so so ofte as he faileth to vs, and also he schalt paye vote( j to 

for the Kynges Dyme when that hit happeneth By the clergy to * he kin & 

28 be i-grauntid, undu? the same payne, that is to say, for an tion. 
hoole Dyme iij. s\ 


[181.] Knowe all men) Both present and to Be that I, ^jjjj^ 
Robart ffi^t Geffrey, 3afe & grauntid, and with" my present Grant to 

1 = as far as by : ' quatenus ex.' pedimentum non inferendum, possint com- 

2 ' maxime quoad.' pellere.' 

3 The English is dark because it follows 4 The date in the Latin is, correctly, 
the obscure Latin constructions: ' ut . . . me 1445. William Alnwick, bishop 1436-49. 
. . . sine strepitu iudiciali et causae cogni- 5 Name noted in the margin.- 

tione, quantum ad observacionem, et im- 


[XXIX] Tewe 

Oseney, by 
Robert (of 
Nevile) son 
of Jeffrey, 
of a messu- 
age, half bis 
land, and 
half a hide 
and 3 yard- 
lands of 
land held in 
[burial at 
Oseney. ] 
* leaf 39, 
with all 

charter confirmed 1 , to god and to pe church of Saynte marie of 
Oseney and 1 to p e chanons" pere seruyng god 1 , half of my Demayne 
Iu litult Tywe, with all pe niese of my Demayne, and 1 of v. jerdes 
of londe of vilenage (or of bonde-holde '), pat is to say, dj. an hide 4 
the which Godwyn) helde, and j. ^erde pe which is i-callidthe 
3erde of Salomon), and the 3erde pe which William of Tackeley 
helde, & j. 3erde pe which Richard of Saunfordc helde : these 
loud is I 3afe and graunticT to the foresaide church, with my 8 
body that 2 thedu? I wo[\v]i(T, In-to fiee pure and perpetuelt 
almes, with alt thynges pe which to p e foresaide lon*dys per- 
teynen), bothe In mesis, and in Medes and ffedynges, In weyes 
ancTpatthis, and In waters, and in all othe? thynges & places : i 2 
to Be i-holde, of me and of myne heyres, ffrely & quietely fro all 
seruyce, Sauyng pe Kynges seruice : pese witnessis, &c 9 . 

tion to 
Oseney, by 
Alan son of 
Matthew of 
as feudal 
of nos. 181 
and 183, 

with re- 
of feudal 
rights (ex- 
cept scnt- 

Oseney pay- 
ing him 
£i 6s. M. 

[182.] Knowe pey that hen now and 1 to Be that I, Aleyne 
of EstofD, pe soone of mathew of Rumeley, for my helth & 16 
of myne, haue i-grauntitTand with this my present charter haue 
i-confermed, for me and my heyres for Euer, to god and to pe 
church of Saynte mary of Oseneye and to pe chanoiis" pere 
seruyng god 1 , pe jifte that Robert ffijt Gaufride maade to pern of 20 
all his londe 3 In lit nil tywe, with all his pertinences, Bothe 
of pe Demayne & of pe villenage (or bondage), In-to fire andper- 
petuett almes, sauyng pe Kynges seruice, as the charter of 
pe foresaide Robert pe which p e same chanons" haue witnesseth. 24 
I haue i-graunticT also for me and myne heyres for Euer to 
pe foresaide church & chanonS pat [they] tire same londe, with 
alt his pertinences, haue and holde, welt and in pece, hooly 
& ffrely, quite of Eelefs and alt exacc?ons and Demaundes, Sutes, 28 
& alt thynges p e which may be axid 1 of pe londe, Sauyng pe 
Kynges aeruice. And I Aleyne and my heyres pe forsaide 
londe, with alt his pertinences, and 1 with alt pe foresaide thynges, 
to pe myndyd church and 1 chanoriS for Euer schall waranti3e 32 
agaynste alt pepult: and for this graunte confhmaceon and 1 
waranti3yng pe saide chanoni 3afe to me v 9 ' e . marke 4 of Siluer. 
In-to witnesse of p e which, &c 9 . 

1 Alternative rendering : ' terre de vile- 
nagio.' 2 ' quod illuc devovi.' 

3 MS. has ' bonde,' by a slip. 

4 i. e. ' quinque marke ' : cp. 148/21. 

[XXIX] Tewe 147 

[183.] Be hit i-knowe both" to J?em) pat Be nowe ancT to Be About 
that I, Robert ffijt Gaufride, 3afe and 1 grauntid 1 , and 1 with my i °. ? , 
present charter confermed 1 , to god 1 and 1 to be church of Saynte Oseney, by 

4 marie of Oseneye & to be chanons bere seruyng god 1 , In-to pure Nevile) son 
and 1 perpetuelt almes, alt my londe in litult Tywe, p e which of Jeffrey, 
londe I Bowjght of AleyiD flfi^t Gaufride my Brober for xl. marke bought for 
of siluer, that is to say, thre hides (with 1 alt be lordeschip), and 1 vi 2 z three 

8 seruice 2 of dj. an hide the which Raph ffi^t Henry helde with tides and 
his pertinences (that is to say, vj. d 1 . and 1 foreyne 3 seruice). superiority 
This londe, with his pertinences, I ;jafe and 1 grauntid 1 , for my a j lid g 
helth and 1 of myne & for the sowles of my ffadur and 1 modu? and 1 

1 2 of Aleyne my Brober and 1 of alte my kynnesfolkes, to be foresaide 
church & to be foresaide chanons, as 4 my Bying: to be holder 
ffrely, quietely, hooly, and worschipfully, with medes and 1 pas- with all 
tures, In weyes and 1 patthis, with alt ffredoms and 1 ffree Custom's to'beh^id 

16 to pe same londe perteynyngBy seruice of j. kny3ght to Ee doo by service 
to Mathewe ffijt Aleyne my Brober & to his Eyres, pese knight, 
witneste, &c 9 . 

[184.] Knowe alt mefi) Bothe present and 1 to Be that I, About 

20 Mathew of Rumeley, be soone of Adam of EstoiU, grauntid 1 , and 1 „ „ ' 

"" i ' ° Confirma- 

with my present charter confermyd 1 , to god 1 and 1 to be church of tion to 
Saynte marie of Oseney and 1 to be chanons bere seruyng god 1 , Matthew of 
for my helth and 1 of myne & for the sowles of alt my auncetwrs, Rumeley, 

24 bat ^ifte be which Robert be soone of Geffrey my heiiie 5 maade superior, 
to pern of alt his londe In litult tywe, with alt his pertinences, and 183' 
Bothe of pe Demayne and 1 of be vilenage, In-to perpetuelt alines, 
sauyng pe seraice of owf lorde Kyng, as be charter of be foresaide 

28 Robert witnessith. 

[185.] A charter of pe Kyng 1 of p e same londe and? of 1211, Oct. 
othe? in the same towne *Bitweae vs and Giiberte * leaf 40. 
of Hide. 

pis is A final! acorde In the Courte of owre lorde pe Kyng at Confirm*- 
Westmynster, fro be Daye of Saynte Mijghett In-to xv. daies, Oseney, 

1 ' cum toto dominio ; ' meaning that the to ' hydas.' 

three hides were in hand (as demesne- 3 ' forense servitium.' 

land), and not leased out as freehold or * ' sicuti empcionem meam.' 

otherwise. 5 ' patruus mens.' 

2 'servicium,' in accusative, going back 

L 2 


[XXIX] Teive 

by Gilbert 
of Hide, 
nephew of 
Robert of 
Nevile the 

of no. 181, 

and of 
no. 183, 

paying him 
£6 13*. 4(1. 

of pe Rayne of Kyng John pe xiij , afore pe Kyng hym-selfe, 
Syinon) of pateshuft, Jamys of poterne, Henry of pounte alde- 
mare, Robert of Aumare, Roger Huscarle, Justices, and 1 oper 
true men) of owre lorde pe Kynge peime ])ere present ; Bitwene 4 
Gilbert of Hide, axe?, and 1 clement, Abbot of Oseneye, holde?, 
By Roger, chanoii), i-sett in bis stede to wynne or to lese : of 
vj. jerdes of londe, and j. mese, with pe pertinences, In lituft 
tywe : whereof hit was i-pletid 1 Bitwene them, In the same 8 
Courte : that is to say, pe same aforesaide Gilbert relesicT and' 
quite-claymed, of hym-selfe and* of his heyres, to pe forsaide 
Abbot and 1 to his successours & to pe church of seynt Marie of 
Oseney, alt pe Ry3glit and 1 clayme that he hacT In the forsaide 12 
~vj. 3erdes, and 1 the foresaide mese, with pe pertinences, for Eue?. 
And ffurpermoi'e the same Gilberte relesid 1 and 1 quite-claymed 1 , 
of hym-selfe and 1 of his Eyres, to pe same Abbot and 1 to his suc- 
cessors, alt pe right ancT clayme pat he had 1 or my3glit haue In 16 
viij. 3erdes [of land], with pe pertinences, the which Robert of 
Neuile, pe huncte of the same Gilberte, 3afe to pe church of 
Saynte marie of Oseney In-to pure and 1 perpetuelt almes. And 
for this relese, and quite-clayme, fyne, and 1 acorde, pe forsaide 2 ° 
Abbot 3afe to pe same Gilberte x cem marke 1 of Silue?, &c 9 . 

1217. [186.] To alt soones of ow? holy modu? the Church to 

Decision of -p e w bich this present writyngschalt come, Hugh 2 , By the grace 
tween Ose- of god Abbas of glowcetwr 3 , G. prior of lantone ; and 1 M. * 24 
rector of ie Arcbedecun) of Glowcetwr, Euerlastyng helth In ow? lorde. 
Great Tew, T alt 30W? knowlege we wutte hit come, we the maundement of 
ow? lorde pe pope Honorye the iij. to haue i-take, In-to these 
wordes : — 28 

Honorye, bisshop, seruaunte of seruauntes of god 1 , to 3ow? ft 
i-lovecTsoones thabbot of Glowcetwr & prior of lantone and 1 Arche- 
decun) of glowcetwr, of p e Diocise of Wircetwr, helth & thaposteles 
blessyngi Ow? Beloued 1 Soones thabbot and 1 Couent of Oseneye 32 
have Greuously i-playned 1 to vs that ow? worschipfutt Broper 
pe Bisshop of Couentre and 1 summe prelates of churchis and 1 
mony oper clerkes and 1 lay-men of lincotn and Wircetwr Dlocise, 

by papal 

1 i. e. ' decern,' retaining the Latin. 

a ' H.* incorrectly expanded by the trans- 
lator. Henry Blount, abbot of Gloucester, 
1 2 1 2-24. 

3 In MS. 'writynge shall come' follows, 
by dittography. 

1 Maurice of Arundel, 1210-45. 
5 Read ' owr.' 

[XXIX] Teive 149 

vppofi) these thynge* they 1 been i-jeve to pere monasterie 
By the weye of charite, pern and 1 the s;ime monasterie (agaynste 
p e priueleges of p e pope, and 1 pardoni, and 1 flredom^ i-jeve 
4 of goode Deuoc^on of cristeiD mefi)) grevyn) mony-foldely and 1 
trowblyn. Whereof pay prayd vs mekely, pat to pern In such 
maner pynges we prouidyng, wolde whochesafe to p e same 
monasterie, vppon) pes thynges pe wh ; ch of pere goodes Ben) 
8 alienyd 1 vnlawf ully and 1 Distracte, by pe Benelete of Keuokyng 
to succurre. Wherefore to 30W? Discreczon, By thaposteles 
writyng, [we] charge )?at ^e, not suffryngthe Abbot and Couent 
aforesaide to Be greued 1 agaynste pe tenou? of pe pardouns and 1 

12 oper fredoiris of pern, poo thynges, pe which of pe goodys of pe 
monasterie :je fynde i-alienyd In-to there hurt, or with-Drawe, ^e 
labour* 2 to ryjght, and" propurte of pern lawfully to reuoke, 
grevowres ancTvndewe a3ene-saiers by streitnesse which is con- 

16 uenient $e compellyng (Appellyng i-put A-Backe). And jif $e 

all may not Be at pese thynges * to Be Executid 1 , tweyne of 30W * leaf 40, 
na]?elesse execute pern), pe date at peruse pe iij° non. of .' . 

Auguste, In pe ffirst jere of oure Bisshophoode. 1216, Aug. 3, 

20 perefore, By the auctorite of this maundement, pabbot and 1 
Couent standyng In owre presence By pere procuratou? of 
pe oone partie, and W. person) of pe church of More tywe (Also 
By A procurator) of pe oper, In whos procusies s whas i-cow- 

24 teyned that pabbot and Couent of Oseney and 1 pe foresaide 
person) where to haue rate and 1 sure what-so-Euer thyng' pere 
procurators wholde doo afore vs, or * In knowlegyng, or In 
3evyng vppe, or In stryuyng, or In compownyng ; pe procurator 

28 of thabbot and Couent of Oseney purposid 15 agaynste pe pro- 
curator of pe foresaide W. pat pe same W. whas 6 Abowte to about pay- 
take Aweye fro pern vnry3ghtfully the smale tithis [of 7 the ^"11 tithes 
nourishing] of pere Bestes at litutt Tywe Abidyng, Where that 8 at Little 

33 (By p e auctorite of here priuileges of the pope i-3eye to pern) fro 
pe 3evyng> of small tithis J>ey ofte to Be not partyng 9 . This 10 

1 Read ' that ' : ' qu[a]e.' s ' proposuit.' 

8 The English is dark because verbally 6 ' nitebatur extorquere.' 

following the Latin : ' studeatis ad ius et 7 ' de nutrimentis animalium suorum.' 

proprietatem ipsius [monasterii] legitime 8 'where that' = whereas, when : 'cum.' 

revocare.' 9 ' not partyng ' is intended to render 

3 ' in quorum procuratoriis.' ' immunes. 

1 ' siue confitendo, siue cedendo, siue liti- 10 Read ' The.' 

gando, siue componendo.' 


[XXIX] Teice 

from which 

obtained it. 

on condi- 
tion of pay- 
ing 4*. 
yearly to 
Great Tew 

which- priuileges i-echewed afore vs, and of pe procuratou? of pe 
saide W. i-say 1 and 1 vndurstande, pe same procuratou? afore vs 
knowlegid hym-stlfe nopyng to 2 knowe or to mowe of ryijght to 
pe saide priueleges to Obiecte, or oony pyng to purpose, But 4 
pat thabbot and 1 Couent aforesaide, afte? pe tenou? of pe fore- 
saide priuileges, fro pe jevyug of pe sraale tithis ofte to Be 
Dischargid 1 or immune, perfore whe, with pe consaile of wise 
meiD sittyng with vs, sytn to ry;jht disposicions nopyng of 8 
taryingofte to Be brow^gbt, what 3 of pe Intension of thabbot 
and of pe Couent of Ozeney, what 4 By confession) of pe pro- 
curatou? of pe saide W., what 4 By the seyng of pe same 
priuileges, hit was i-schewid Euidently, pabbot and Couent 12 
aforesaide fro pe Axyng of pe saide W. vppon) pe jevyng of pe 
smale [tithes] we witte pem to Be assoyled, puttyng silence to 
pe same W., sentoncially Decreyng thabbot and Couent afore- 
saide to Be immune (or parties 5 ) fro pe jeuyngof pe foresaide smale 16 
tithis. Audpe mynded Abbot andCouent, with goode-wilte and 
of grace, to pe church of more Tywe, as longe as litutt Tywe pay 
In Ipere hande helde, iiij. i. 5erely, In the ffest of pentecost 
Euery %ere at pe foresaide church to be i-payde, pey grauntid. 20 
And (at 6 ) laste By lengli of tyme, or By malice of men), to 
be denyed or to be broke or also 7 in Dowte hit may be callicT, 
poo pynges, p e which in owre presence Be doo by the auctorite 
of ow? holy ffadu? and lorde pope, In-to perpetuett memorj'e in- 24 
to this present writyng we haue i-turned, and the same with pe 
putty ng to of ow? seelys we haue i-strenghtidh. Thes wit- 
nessis, &c 5 . 

About [1^7.] Knowe poo that Be present and 1 to be pat I, Robert 28 

1260. Brock, jafe, grauntid 1 , and with my present charter confermecT, 

Oseney, by to god and to pe church of Seynte Marye of Osene?/ and to 

Brock* Richard 8 Abbot and to pe chanons Ipere seruyng god 1 , A mese 

ofamessu- w ^jj j, e Curtilage In litutt Tywe, with all his pertinences, pat 32 

curtilage, is Vndu? my gardyiD of pe Northe parte : to be holde and to Be 
had, to pe saide church and chanons and to here successours, in- 

* ' inspectis et intellectis.' 

2 ' scire vel posse, de iure.' 

3 ' cum.' 

* ' turn.' 

5 Alternative rendering of immune.' 

6 Omit ' at.' ' Laste ' = lest : ' ne . . 

7 ' etiam.' 

8 Kichard of Apletre, abbot 1254-68. 

[XXIX] Teive 151 

to free and perpetucrt almes, jeklyng 1 perof jerely to me & to my 

heyres iiij. dl at Estur for alt thynges pe which of pe londe subject to 

or for pe londe may or schatt mowe to be axid 1 for Eue?. Also rent 1 , 111 

4 I have i^evyd 1 to pe saide church and 1 chanonS & to ]wre succes- . f . 
sours, In-to pure and 1 perpetuelt almes, seven) aci is of my Arable quarter- 
londe In p e feldes of litult Tywe, with ffre Commune, and 1 ffre yf z r i anc ' 
Entryng & goyng> owt, porowgh * all my londes of litult Tywe : * leaf 41. 
8 of pe whicli j. acre lietli In the Northefelde At White Otehulle sh acres in 
by pe londe pe which was of William Tackle, And 1 j. acre lieth 
At depecathalte 1 By the londe of pe prior of Cogges, And 1 j. lieth 
At litult slade, And 1 j. dj.-acre lieth at Ha[n]gyndelonde by pe 

12 londe of pe prior of Coges ; And 1 In pe sowthfelde, j. acre lieth and j| in 
In Brode slade by pe londe of pabbot of Oseney, And 1 j. acre ou e ' 
lieth In Coppede More By the londe of Roger Belamy, And 1 
j. acre lieth at Shendegifte stamdelf 2 , & dj. acre lieth in shoite 

1 6 londe. 

And? I, Robert, and* my heyres or myne assynes, p e saide mese, 
with pe Curtilage, and 1 with alt liberteis and" ffree customs, 
by the foresaide seruice of iiij. d?. 3erely, & 3 p e foresaide vij. acris, 

20 with }pere pertinences, and 1 ffre commune and 1 ffre Entre and 1 w ith rights 
goyng-owte, as hit is i-saide afore, to pe foresaide church & of P asture - 
chanoriS and 1 to pere successours, agaynste alt cristen) mefD and 1 
Juys schatt waranti^e, and 1 of alt maner Sutes of Courte, helpis, [Warranty 

24 tallages, scutages, exaccions, & demaundys, schalt Aquite and jf w '"? fc 
Defende for Euer. And 1 pat this my jifte, graunte, and 1 con- 
firmacion, &c 9 . 

[188.] In p e 3ere of ou? lorde Kyng Henry pe sone of Kyng .1268, 
28 John lij°, In the daye of Saynte Barnabe thapostte, was pis y* ne m " . 
couenaunt i-made, Bitwene ffrere William Abbot of Oseney and 1 (cp. no. 193) 
p e prior of Coges and 1 Dame Katerine louett and 1 Bobert Broc oseney, 
lordes of be towne of litult Tywe and" ober ffre tenauntes of be ^ lt} J. °^ er 

•t . freeholders 

32 same towne of pe oone party, and 1 John of pratett lorde of more of Little 
tywe of pe oper, pat is to say, whenne pe saide John had i-sowe and the 
and 1 In-hokam 4 had 1 i-doo of his telth be which Is i-callid 1 J° rd °^, 

r Great Tew 

Costowe agaynste pe wilt of pe saide Abbot and 1 of oper afore- manor 

1 Depe Kathole. * i.e. fenced it with hurdles to protect 

2 Shendegiste Stanidelf. the crop: 'inhokam fecisset de quadain 

3 Omit * &.' It occurs also in the Latin. cultural 


[XXIX] Tewe 

(who had, 
i a) contrary 
to manorial 
put lands 
into inhodk 
and cropped 
them, and 
(b) excluded 
Oseney and 
the others 
from com- 
mon pas- 
ture on cer- 
tain fallow 
that Oseney 
and the 
shall have 
their pas- 

they allow- 
ing him to 
most of 
this year's 
crop from 
the lands in 

namyd 1 , and ' ouermore In-to forbedyng had i-put J> e commune 
pasture of aft [the] warecte or leylonde Bitwene J?e wey J»e 
whicTi Is i-callid Wodewey and lituft Tywe, pe which commune 
pe aide Abbot, and 1 pe fornamyd, claymed of olde to Be his 4 
ryjght for certeyne seruice pat to pe same John and 1 to oper 
certeyne lordys of ]>e same towne By 2 p e custumarijs doon) : At 
pe last, it was A-cordid 1 bitwene [them] in this forme, J?at 
pe saide John grauntid 1 , for hym-selfe and his heyres, pat the 8 
saide Abbot and 1 oper lordis aforenamyd haue commune pasture 
In J) e forsaide places & telthes, as pey were i-woned and 13 often). 
And 1 he agayne 4 knowlechid 1 hit 6 to be J>e Abbotes lyjght and* 
of oper lordes aforenamed 1 & of per men), al so ofte a[s] fro " 
pe saide telthis corn) is i-Borne awey and 1 pe londe Be not 
i-sowe. And 1 he Bunde hym-selfe and 1 his heyres for Euer, By 
his ffeitht and 1 J>is present writyng, pat he neuer of p e saide 
pasture schatt sowe no-J>yng", noper In-hokam schatt doo, In- x 6 
to preiudice of p e saide Abbot and of oper lordis afore-named 1 , 
But of pe consent of pe parties, or By Juggement of pe Kynges 
Courte. And, for pe 6 recoguicion and graunte, (of 7 ) pe saide 
Abbot and oper lordes aforenamed; afte? a parte of pe saide 20 
telth i-sowe By pere Beestes [they] haue 8 i-fedde, of ]>ere grace 
haue i-suffri J pat pe saide John the vestiture (or grasse 9 ) of 
pe same telthe pe which Abode, withoute pere lette, In this ijere 
alone may gadu? & haue, so na)?elese that pis grace to pe same 34 
here-after 1 Be not i-turned In-to preiudice & greuaunce. And 
that this conuencion, recognicion, and graunte, Be sure & stabutt 
for Euer, And !0 partijs to this writyng- In-to the maner of 
A Charter i-maade to Euerich wordes n )>ay haue i-put to pere 28 
sealts : pese witnessis, &c s . 

About [189.] Knowe poo that Been) nowe present and 1 to Be pat 

cfrant to *> Katerine Lovuett, for p e helth of my sowle and 1 of my 
Oseney, aunceturs, In free widewhoode and 1 my lavfutt powe?, jafe, and 3 3 

1 ' et insuper in defensum posuisset.' 

2 Read ' by their custumaries yearly 
tliey do ' : ' annuathn per custumarios suos 

1 ' et debent.' 
* Renders • recognovit.' 
5 ' illam,' i. e. common pasture in the 
stubble and fallow. 

• Read ' Jris.' 

7 Omit • of.* 

8 'paverunt.' 

9 ' vestituram eiusdem culture qu[a]e 
remansit : ' i. e. the standing crop. 

10 Read ' the.' 

11 Read ' other.' 

[XXIX] Teu-e 153 

grauntid 1 , ande * with J?is my charter conformed 1 , to god 1 and 1 * leaf 41, 
to pe church of seynte marie of Oseney and 1 to William \ Abbot, K ' 
and 1 to pe chanon& ]?ere seruyng god 1 , j. jerde of londe witli rine Loveil, 

4 A mese, with medes, & with his oper pertinences, In litull Ty we i a na y with 
pe which I had 1 of Robert ffijt Robert of Brocke and 1 of Richard its messu- 
of Sandeforde : to be holde and 1 to Be had 1 , of me and 1 of my meadow, 
heyres, In-to pure and? perpetuelt almes, al so muche as longeth 

8 to me and 1 to myne heyres, aeldyng berof serely to Robert of paying 

•n i«i • r *o.i quit-rent of 

Brock and 1 to his heyres v. d 1 . at cristmasse for an thynges 5 d. to the 
pe which of pe londe or for pe londe maye or schaft mowe to Be c or s- 
axid 1 for Euer. And 1 I Katerine and 1 my heyres pe saide 3erde- 
1 2 londe, with pe mese and 1 oper pertinences, to pe forsaide Abbot 
and 1 chanorig, as pure and 1 ow? perpetueft almes, agaynste an 
pepult schalte warantije aquite and 1 Defende. And 1 that this 
my jifte, &c 9 . 

16 [190.1 Knowe all men) that I, Robert fist Robert of Brock, About 

• . 1270 

grauntid 1 , and 1 with this present charter confermed" 1 , to god 1 and 1 Confirma- 

to p e church of Seynte Marie of Oseney and 1 to p e chanong pere tion to 

seruyng 1 god, j. 3erde of londe, with A mese, medes, and 1 oper by Robert 

20 pertinences, pe which pey have of pe jifte of Dame Katerine ° s fe ^ al ' 
louette In litull Tywe : to Be had 1 ande to Be holde, of me and 1 superior, 
of my heyres, to pe saide chanonS for Euer, jeldyng perof 3erely subject to 
to me and 1 to my heyres v. d 1 . at cristmasse for all thynges rent^ohis 

24 pe which, of pe londe, or for pe londe, maye or schatt mowe manor. 
to Be axid 1 ffor Euer. And 1 I Robert and 1 my heyres pe saide 
3erde of londe, pe which Richard of Sanforde sumtyme helde, 
with mese, medys, and? oper pertinences, to pe forsaide chanoriS, 

28 agaynste all cristen) mefD and Juys, By pe foresaide seruiee, [Warranty 
schall warantije aquite and 1 Defende for Euer, ?. jfws!] S 

[191.] Knowe je that Be present and? to Be pat I, Robert About 
of Brocke, jafe, grauntid 1 , and 1 with my present charter con- ' 

32 fermyd, to god 1 and 1 to pe church of seynte marie of Oseney and 1 Oseney, by 

to pe chanonB pere seruyng> god, v. d 1 . of jerely rent, pe which B rock, of 

to me pay were i-woned 1 to jelde for pat jerde of londe, the th -e qmt- 

which Richard 1 of Sanford? sumtyme helde In pe towne of litutt reserved 

36 Tywe : to be had 1 and 1 to Be holde, to p e saide church and? m ' 9 ' ,9 °* 

1 William of Sutton, abbot 1268-84. 


[XXIX] Tewe 




chanoriS, In-to pure and perpetuett ahncs. And" I Robert and* 
myne heyres or assynes pe saide 3erely v. d. to pe foresaide 
church and 1 chanonS agaynste att cristen) mefD and Juys schatt 
\varanti3e aquite & defende for Euer as ou? perpetuett almys, &c 9 . 4 

Grant to 
Oscney, by 
Robert of 
of a messu- 
age and 

and a yard- 
land with 
its meadow, 

along with 
its bond- 
and her 

* leaf 42. 




[192.] Knowe poo that Be present and to Be that I, 
Robert sone and heyre of Robert Brocke *, jafe, grauntid, and 
with this my preseut charter confermed, to god and to pe church 
of Saynte marie of Oseney and to William, Abbot, and to pe 8 
chanoni pere seruyng god, that mese, with pe Crofte and oper 
pertinences, that Alice relicte of William pateshutt sumtyme of 
me helde In litutt Tywe, And j. jerde of londe Eu^ry jere to Be 
sowe, with medys, and oper pertinences, p e which pe saide Alice 1 2 
of me helde In the feldys of litutt Tywe, And to p e pynges 2 , 
I jafe and haue i-grauntid to pe forsaide Abbot and Couent pe 
saide Ah'3 sumtyme my Natife, And Roger and Robert and AH3 
childroii) of pe saide AH3, with catatt and sequelis of pern, and 16 
att thyng that In pe foresaide tenementes, natyfs, sequelis, 
or pere catatt, I hador my3ght haue, withoute oony withhol*dyng> 
agayne to me or to myne heyres or assynes : to Be holde and 
to be had, to pe foresaide church and to pe chanonS, of me and of 20 
myne heyres or myne assynes, In-to pure and perpetuett almes. 
And I Robert and myne heyres or Assynes att Above-saide 
thynges to pe foresaide church and chanon'3 agaynste att cristen) 
men) and Juys schatt warantije aquite & Defende as owf pure 2 4 
& perpetuett almes. And that this my 3ifte, &c 9 . 

June 5. 
(cp. no. 188) 
with other 
of Little 
and the 
lord of 
Great Tew 
and the 
rector of 

[193.] In the 3ere of p e Reyne of Kyng Edwarde pe sone of 
Kyng Henry pe xvj., daye of pe Saturday nexte afore pe feste 
of saynte Barnabe thapostle, was i-made pis couenaunt, Bitwene 28 
ffrere Roger, Abbot of Oseney, and pe prior of Coges and John 
Broke, lordes of pe towne of litutt Tywe, and oper ffree-holders 
of pe same towne, of pe oone parte, and John of pratett (& 3 ) lorde 
of pe more tywe andStephan of pratett and John penne seruaunte 3 2 
of pe person) of pe same of pe oper [parte], that is to say, whenne 
pe saide John, Stephen, and John, had i-sowe and In-hoke had 
i-doo of a telthe the which Is i-called Costowe agaynste pe witte 

Roberti de Broke. 

• Ad h[a]ec.' 

3 Omit ' &.' 

[XXIX] Teiue 155 

of p* saide Abbot and" of oper lordes aforenamed 1 ; & furpermore, Great Tew 

In-to fforbedyng had put pe commune of alt pe (pasture ') ^^g^. 

warecte or leylonde Bitwene 2 pe waye pe which Is i-callid fully put 

4 Wodewey and 1 litutt Tywe, the [which] commune pe saide lands into 

Abbot and 1 pe fornamed 1 claymed? of olde to Be pe[re] right : At ™ & ™ e x- &U 

be last, hit whas acordid 1 Bitwene them in this forme, bat eluded 

* ' J Oseney, &e. 

pe saide John and 1 oper grauntid, for pern and pere beyres ancT from pas- 

8 assynes, pat pe saide Abbot and 1 oper lordes aforenamyd? haue ^certain 

comune pasture In p e forsaide places and 1 telth as pey were fallow), 

i-wonyd 1 to haue, 

Tthat 3 is to say] that oone sere bey Pe sowe, and 1 afte? be that, im- 

L * J mediately 

12 corne In the saide telthis i-gederyd 1 to-gedur 4 , In the same jere after the 
pey Entre with att pere Bestes, to fede vn-to be tyme of wyntwr ^™ e " JJ^. 
seede (and 15 ) in ober sere 6 folowyng, if with lente 7 seede hit neyandthe 

a/»i j j? i j others may 

ofte to Be sowed 1 ; or vn-to p e tyme 8 of lente sede ot pe seyde pasture in 
1 6 s,ere folowyng- if with lente sede bey ofte to Be sowe: so, pat Jj£ j£ bble 
is to say, that By 9 the sowyng, mowyng of corne, gadryng winter- 

. sowin '' 

or heepyngto-gedu? of pe same noo gile Be doo, so ,0 pat foresaide or tiuthe 
comuners haue Ipere forsaide commune In cowueniente tyme : ?£" ^"thT 

20 and? hit [is] to Be knowe, pat pe saide telthes In oone $ere schatt case may 
Be sowe and? In A-noper 3,ere lye leye. 

And? they maade a knowlege (pat is to say, pe forsaide John, and that 
Stephen, and? John) be foresaide commune to Be ry3ght of ( W i tn the 

24 be saide Abbot and? of oper lordes aforenamyd? and? of pere men) ^[Jc un _ 
whenne-so-Euer In the saide telthis pe corne Be i-gaderycT disturbed 
In the forme aforesaide, And? they haue i-Bownde J>em-selfe and? pas ture- 
pere heyres and 1 assynes, By goode ffeith & By this present ri s hfcs 

28 writyng, 'pat neuer of pe saide pasture they schatt 11 oony thyng 
schatt sowe, noper in-hoke schatt Doo, agaynste pe forme afore- 
saide ; & if pay doo, pey graunte, for ]?em-selfe, and? for here 
heyres and? assynes, that pey schatt pay to pe saide Abbot and? under 

32 to oper lordes Above-saide of litutt Tywe x. li. of sterlynges for f £10; 

1 Omit ' pasture.' debeant seminari.' 

2 MS. repeats ' bitwene.' 8 ' tempus seminis quadragesimalis.' In 

3 Added from the Latin. Essex, the terms ' Lent seed,' ' Lent sow- 

4 • post bladum . . . adunatum.' ing,' though still remembered by country 

5 Omit ' and.' people, are no longer in actual use. 

* The pasture, in one case, would be ' Read • after ' : ' post seminationem.' 

from Michaelmas to October next ; in the ,0 i. e. to prevent the commoners from 

other, from Michaelmas to March. having : ' quin . . . habeant.' 

7 Bead 'winter': 'si semine hiemali n Omit ' schall.' 


[XXIX] Tewe 

and that 
Oseney, &c. 
may pas- 
ture this 
year on the 
land ; 

* leaf 42, 
and that 
Great Tew 
manor pay 
£6 13a. 4d. 
as fine for 

(after put- 
ting in 
cattle to 
their right 
to pasture 
the whole) 
the crop 
to be 

pe transgression) or lette ' of pe co?«mune aforesaide ; And 1 
ouermore, hit schatt Be lawful! to be saide Abbot, and 1 to olper 
lordes of litutt Tywe, and 1 to pere men), pe saide pasture or 
In-hoke, In the $ere of pe makyng of this presente writyng, 4 
with att pere Bestes to Entre and 1 pesibly to fede ; And 1 , for In- 
hokara in the 3ere of pe makyng 1 of this present writyng vn- 
ry3ghtfully i-doo, pe saide John * of prat eft for hym-selfe, frely 2 , 
and his custumarijs, he pleggid 13 to p e saide Abbot x. marke of 8 
sterlynges, puttyng hym-selfe pere-of In the Abbotes grace, and 1 
to Be payde at litutt Tywe at pe nexte Estur aftyr pe makyng 
of this writyng, and 1 pere-of he ffounde plegge, pat is to say, 
Robert le Eyre thenne Baylyff of Wodestoke, Edmuwde of pe 12 
parke of pe same, Bobert of Tackle ; and for pe recognicion 
ancTgraunte, pe saide Abbot ancfoper of litutt tywe aforenamed 1 , 
afte? a parte of pe saide pasture, or In-hoke vnryjghtfully i-doo, 
by here Bestes were i-fedde, of the[ir] grace suffrid 1 , pat pe saide 16 
John of pratett, and 1 his aforesaide, pe vestiture of pe saide In- 
hoke the which abode, withoute lette, allonly In the 3ere of pe 
makyng of this writyng my3ght gedir? and 1 Bere awey, so napeles 
pat pat grace to pe saide Abbot and 1 to opere i-named 1 afte? * Be 20 
not i-turned 1 In-to preiudice and 1 greffe. In-to witnysse of this 
thyng, parties to J>is writyng In-to pe maner of A charter i-made 
to euerich opere here seeles haue i-putt: These witnesses Si? 
John fijt Nygett p e junger, John Gyffarde pe junger, Knyjghtes, 24 
Robert le Eyre penne Baylyffe of Wodestoke, William of Seynt 
Ewenne, Walter of Tackle, Edmunde of p e parke of Wodestoke, 
John leye, an<ToJ>er. 

tion to 
by John of 

of hia 
grants (as 
in nos. 187, 

[104.] To aft cristen) men) to pe which this present writyng 2 8 
schatt come, John of Broc, of litutt Tywe, helth in ow? lorde. 
Knowe 30 att me to haue i-giauntid 1 and 1 with myne present 
charter confermed 15 to haue i-confermed 1 , for me and 1 my heyres 
for Euer, to god 1 and 1 to pe church of Seynte marie of Oseney i2 
and 1 to pe chanons pere seruyng god, pe 3iftes and 1 grauntes 
pe which to pern) made By his chaiters Robert Broc my ffadu? 
and 1 att my predecessoures, of londes and 1 rentes, with here per- 

1 ' seu impedimento.' 

2 Head ' his free tenants ' ; ' libere tenen- 

3 ' vadiavit.' 

4 Read * afore ' : ' prenominatis.' 

5 Omit ' confermed.' 

[XXX] Tewe 157 

fineness, be which J>ey holdefD of my ffee In lituft Tywe, pat pey 
holde ande haue pern), quietly holy ffrely and 1 pesibly, paying 1 

jerely to me and 1 to my Eyres or to myne assynes iiij. d 1 . at to be held 

4 Estu? for aft thynges pe which, for p e lond 1 , or of pe londe, may rf n t of 4 d. 

Be axid 1 or schaft inowe to Be axicT for Euer, pe which iiij. d 1 . which he 

I schaft ajene paye In the same daye and 1 terme for A place back as 

vppon) pe which A Culuerhowse is i-fundid 1 [in 1 my court]. r ? t nt ^ the 

8 And 1 1 John of Broc and 1 my h eyres or myne assines pe forsaide dove-house. 
londes and 1 rentes, with aft ]>tre pertinences, agaynste aft cristen) 

men) and" Jues schaft warantiae Aquite and 1 Defende and 1 that [Warranty 

n • .no against 

this graunte &c 5 . Jews.] 

[xxx. Great Tew.] 

12 [195.] A sentence diffinitife Agaynste William, person of Reference 
pe church of more tywe, i-^efe By thabbot of gloucetwr prior 
of lantonye and 1 pe ArchedecofD of gloucetwr of pe smale tithis 
In lituft Tywe, above In the tituft of ' lituft Tywe.' 

16 [196.] A CHARTi?/? agaynste John of Prateft of A commune, Reference 
i-jefe In pe ;ere of pe Reyne of p e Kyng 1 Henry pe soone of ° no - ' ■ 
Kynge John [lii], above In Jre tituft of ' lituft Tywe.' 


[197.] Thabbot of Oseney hath In Dunstywe, of pe jifte Reference 
20 of Robert Doylly, and 1 confirmac^ons of Kynges of Inglonde, 

and 1 confirmacion and 1 graunte of Bisshopes and 1 of * pe chapiter * leaf 43. 

of lincoin, ij. parties of tithes of scheves of pe Demayne of Hugh 

of Tywe, as hit is i-schewed 1 In pe grete charter of ]>e feffyng of 
24 p e same pe which is Above In p e title ' Howe pe church of no. at, 

Saynte George whas i-a,efe to the chanonB of Oseney.' 

[198.] Be hit i-knowe to aft cristeii) menne to pe which 12 oo! 
pese present letters schaft come, that, where A question) whas Agreement 
28 i-maade, Bitwene Hugh 2 , Abbot of Oseneye, and" pe Couent Oseney 

1 Added from the Latin. i Hugh of Buckingham, abbot 1 184-1205. 


[XXXI] Dunsteive 

and Merton 
about tithes 
of a yard- 
land in 
Great Tew, 

Oseney re- 
all claim 

on condi- 
tion of Mer- 
ton priory 
paying a 
yearly quit- 
rent of is. 

of p e same place of pe oofD partie, and 1 Water ' prior of MertoiD 
of pe oper partie, vppon) the tithis of A 3erde of londe In 
pe towne of tywe, of pe which" tithis chanons of Oseney ij- scheves 
to pern and 1 iij. scheves 2 to pe chanoris" of Merton) saide to per- 4 
tayne, pe which jerde was of Kaph ffijt lambert, pe s which 
he helde In pe tyme of pe controuersie of Aurede flfrjt Richard : 
at pe laste, parties i-called 1 to-gedu?, at Wodestoke, afore wor- 
schipfutt men) Robert Abbot of Enysham and Geffrey Abbot of 8 
Bruern) and 1 Alijaundu? prior of Esseby, penne Jugges, In that 
cause, of pe pope, delegate, such Bitwene theme come 4 bitwene 
the composicj'on, pat is to say, that pe chanoris' of Oseney att 
ry3ght pat in p e saide tithis paye saide hem-selfe to haue, and 1 1 a 
thoo tithis, to pe chanoni of Merton) holy for Euer to be had, 
pay relesed 1 , for pe goodenesse of pece, an<T quite-claymed 1 , and 1 
that here-afte?, vppon) 6 pat, question) or playnte schatt not 
meve, noper greuaunce doo; And pe chanons" of Merton) to pe 16 
chanon^ of Oseney xij. d 1 . euery 3ere schatt paye, In pe ffest 
of Seynte Mijghhett to be paide at Oseneye. And 1 that this 
composicion, In tyme to Be, be sure and 1 vnbroke, to pe oone 
halfe of pe charter p 6 which haueiD the chanoiis" of Oseneye was 20 
i-putte the seele of pe Couent of merton), and 1 to pe othe? halfe 
pe which haueiD p e chanonl of Mertoii) whas i-put p e Seele of p e 
Couent of Oseneye : pese witnesses. 


Sale to 
by Ralph of 
of a yard- 
land in 
with its 

[199.] Knowe pey that Be nowe and 1 to Be that I, Raph of 24 
Melkysham, for myne helth and 1 of myne, jafe, grauntid 1 , and 1 
with my present charter confermed 1 1 haue, to god and to pe 
church of Seynte marye of Oseney and 1 to pe chanonl Ipere 
seruyng god 1 , j. serde of londe In Dunstywe pe which was of pe 28 
Demayne of stephyiD RuncyiD, with a mese nexte to pe howse of 
Wymuwde of Dunstywe, and 1 with att oper pertinences, pat is to 
say, pe jerde of londe the which Petur 6 , fn^t Stephyn) (preste 
of Ortoii)), for homage and 1 my seruice, jafe to me and 1 to my 32 

1 Walter, prior 11 98. 

2 In Latin also ' tres garbas,' but pro- 
bably in error for • the third sheaf,' accord- 
ing to the division in no. 21. 

3 The Cotton MS. has 'which at the 
time of the controversy Richard son of 
Alured held.' 

4 ' Come bitwene ' is a literal rendering 
of a Latin compound verb : ' talis inter eos 
intercessit compositio.' 

5 ' super hoc, questionem eis non move- 

6 • Petrus filius Stephani sacerdotis de 

[XXXI] Dunsteive 159 

heyres or to whoome I wolde assyne, the which also londe with 
pe pertinences I Kaph dischargid 1 by assyse afore Si? MartyiU 
Patessehult and 1 oper Justices of ou? lorde pe Kynge at oxon- 

4 forde agaynste pe foresaide petur soone of pe preste, Roger 
Runcyh), and 1 Henry Ruffuw, clerke : to be holde and 1 to Be had 1 , 
to the saide chanoiiS for Euer, in-to ffree and 1 perpetuell almes, 
welt and 1 In peece, worschipfully and 1 holy, with the mese afore- ■ 

8 saide, and 1 alt pertinences, In medes, pastures, weyes & patthis, and its 
with all fredoirDs, and 1 fre customs, and 1 alt othe? thynges and 1 privl eges ' 
places to pe foresaide londe [pertaining], & what-soo-Euer pyng 
of Ry:$ght In p e same londe with the pertinences I had 1 or my3ght 

12 * haue, withoute oonye withholdyng, paying jerely to pe fore- * leaf 43, 
saide petw, and 1 too his heyres, j. peyre of gloves of j. oB. at ac j 
Estur, for att secule? seruice, exaccion, and 1 Demaunde, sauyng by yearly 
foreyne 1 seruice. Vppon pe 3eldyng of pe foresaide gloves a haif- 

16 the foresaide chanohs I haue attorned 1 to be foresaide petur and 1 penny pair 

1 ■*■ of gloves to 

to his heyres, and 1 I and 1 myne heyres pe saide londe with alt the chief 
thynges aforenamyd 1 to pe saide chanon§ for Euer schatt warari- 
tije agaynste alt peputt. And 1 for p ij 3ifte graunte cowfermyng 
20 and 1 waranti3yng pe forsaide chanon^ ^afe to me, of pe charite of piirchase- 
pe?-e howse, a C. s\ of sterlynges. And 1 that pis my jifte 2 , &C 9 . 

[200. J Knowe poo that Be present and 1 to be pat I, petur of 1225. 

Shiptoh), pe soone 3 of stephyii) preste of Ortofi), for myne helth 

tion to 

24 and 1 of myne, Sure and 1 welt had 1 grauntid 1 , & with my present Oseney, 

bv Peter 

charter cowfeimecT for Euer, to god 1 and 1 to pe church of Seynte ofShipton, 
marie of Osene?/ and 1 to p e chanon^ pere seruyng god 1 , pe 31'fte as feudal 
That to them made Raph of Melkyshftm of j. jerde of londe In of no. 199, 

28 Dunstywe, pe which was of pe Demayne of StephyiD Runcyn), 
with the mese mooste Nyjeste to the howse of Wymuwde of 
Dunstywe, and 1 with alt oper pertinences, pe which londe with 
p e pertinences pe same Raph discharged 1 by assise afore MartyfD 

32 o*f Pateshult and 1 oper Justices of ou? lorde pe Kynge at oxon- 
forde agaynste me ancTRoge>* Runcyn) ande Henry Reede clerke : 
to be holde and 1 to be had, to p e same chanonS for Euer, of me 
and 1 of myne heyres, welt and 1 In pece, holy and worschipfully, 

?fi with alt the pertinences, In att thynges and* places to pe same 

1 ' salvo forinseco servicio.' sheriff of Oxfordshire (i225 N . 

a The first witness is Walter Foliott, 3 ' filius Stephani sacerdotis de Orton.' 


[XXXI] Dunsteive 

subject to 
the gloves 

londe perteynyng, 3fldyngpereof 3erely to me and 1 to myne heyres 
j. payre of gloves of j. ob. at Estu? fo? alle seruice, exaccton, and" 
Demaunde, sauyng 1 foreyne seruice. VppofD pe jerely jeldyng 1 of 
pe which gloves pe same Raph pe same chanons" to me and" 4 
to myne heyres attorned 1 , as pe charier of p e same Raph pe 
which vppon) that they haueiD witnesseth. In-to witnesse 1 , &c 5 . 

tion to 
by Eoger 
as feudal 
of no. 199, 

and of 

Peter of 





of the 


* leaf 44. 


in 200), 

to his 

manor only 
' foreign 
service ' 
(i. e. to the 

[201.] Knowe poo that Be present and 1 to be I, Roger 
Runcyn) pe soone of Stephyne Runcyn), for myne helth of 2 and 1 8 
myne, grauntid 1 , and with this present charter confermed 1 , to 
god 1 and 1 to pe church of Seynte marie of Oseney and to pe 
chanonl pere seruyng god, pe jifte that to pern) made Raph 
of Melkysham of j. jerde of londe In Dunstywe, the which whas 12 
of pe Demayne of pe same SthephyfD my fadwr, with the mese 
nexte to p e howse of Wymuwde of Dunstywe, and 1 with alt 
pe pertinences, whereof pay have a charter of p e foresaide Raph. 
I grauntid 1 also, & with this present charter cowfermecT, to 16 
p e foresaide chanon^, pat relese and 1 quite-clayme p e which 
made to pern) petttr of Shipton), pe soone of Sthephyn) preste 
of Orton), of a jerely rente of a payre of Gloves of j. ob. at Estu? 
pe which to hym to doo pey were i-woned 1 jerely for the same 20 
jerde of londe, whereof they hauen) a charter of p e same * Petur. 
I wifte also and 1 graunte, for me and 1 for myne heyres for Euer, 
that p e foresaide chanohi haue and 1 holde pe foresaide jerde 
of londe, with aft pe pertinences, & alt liberteis and 1 Esementes 24 
In the foresaide charter of pe foresaide Raph i-co/iteyne6T, In-to 
ffre and 1 perpetuett almes, wette and" In pece, ffrely and worschip- 
fully, with the foresaide relese and 1 quite-clayme of pe foresaide 
petu?, and 1 quite fro att seculei 1 seruice exaccion and 1 Demaunde, 28 
sauyng foreyne feruice. And that this graunte, &c 9 . 


Sale to 
by Hugh 
of Tew, 
of his right 
in the site 
of a house, 

[202.] To alt men) to p e which this presente writyng schalt 
come, Hugh of Tywe helth. To jowr alt kuowleche I wilte hit 
come [me], for me and 1 myne heyres for Eue?, to haue i-relesecT3 2 
and 1 quite-claymed 1 , to pabbot and 1 Couent of Oseney, att pe 
ryjght and 1 clayme that I had 1 , or myjght haue, In parte of 
an) howse of Roger of Dunstywe, tenaunte of them, vppon) my 

1 Among them : ' Simone Sclioi chebef, Iohanne filio sacerdotis de Hantona.' 
2 Head ' and of.' 

[XXXI] Dunstewe 161 

londe leuyd 1 , and 1 I wille and 1 graunte for me and 1 myne heyres and ac- 
that pe waye Bitwene J? e londe of pe same Roger and 1 my londe men t of a 
by * p e curtilage or gardeyne of hym be in J> 9 same state in pe right of 

4 which" it whas i-purueyed 12 by pe sijght of lawful! men) of 
p e hundrede In the tyme of theobalde of Bray, sum-tyme my 
keper 3 , when the hundrede whas ]>ere i-callid to-gedu? in the as marked 
tyme of John of Wortofi) 4 baylyff of pe same hundrede, And" inquisition 

8 pat, as 6 penne markyng whas i-sette by boundes i-sett by the ? f *^ e 
foresaide lawfuli inefD by 6 the londe of p e same Roger and 1 my 
londe by p e dwellyng of hym, Surely and 1 vnmevabely [hit] be 
keped 1 . And 1 , for this relese and 1 quite-clayme, }afe to me p e 0sene y 
ia saide Abbot j. marke of silue?. And 1 pat pat sure and 1 vnbroke 13*. 4& 
hit Abide, &<P. 

[203.] To all cristen) men) to pe which these presente letters 144|, 
Endentid" schalt come, Thomas, Abbot of Oseney of lincotn Q rant Dy 

16 diocise, and 1 John, prior of pe priory of Mertoii) of Wynchester 0st ^ ey ' 
diocise, and 1 of the same places couentes, helth In the Sauiou? of priory, 
all men) and 1 vndowtefuli feith to pese presents writynges to 
jeve. Where, bitwene vs p e saide Abbot and 1 Couent of Oseneye 

20 of pe oone partie, and 1 pe foresaide prior and 1 Couent of Mertoii) 
proprietaries and 1 persons of pe parisch church of Dunstywe of 
pe saide lincoln diocise to vs and 1 to ou? priorye vnyed 17 and 1 
annexid 1 and 1 Incorporate of pe oone 8 partie, by occasion) and 1 

24 sake of a pom'on of tithis of pe lordeschip and 1 of pe Demayne of a per- 
londes of J)e lordeschip of Dunstywe alitas 9 tywe (withinne pe of Oseney 
saide parisch of Dunstywe i-sette) comyng forth, grete dis- *|f h *- s tn n 
senczons and discordes were i-sprunge, we pe saide Abbot and 1 ofthede- 


28 Couente of Oseney affermyng ij. parties of pe tithis of pe fore- lands of 
saide lordeschip to vs and to ou? monastery, bothe by pe strenght Dunst * w » 
of an) oolde jifte and 1 graunte of pe foresaide tithis to vs and 1 to 
ou? monastery aforesaide In p e fundacton of oolde tyme to 

32 be maade, and 1 also of oolde & laudabile and 1 lawfully prescripte 
custome, to haue i-cowteyned 10 , to perteyne, and 111 to perteyne 

1 ' iuxta.' T ' unite.' 

a • provisa fuit.' 8 Read • other ' : ' ex parte altera.' 

3 ' quondam custodis mei.' 9 ' alias.' 

4 'deWottona.' 10 Read ' i-nerteyned ' : ' pertinuisse.' 
4 ' sicut tunc limitacio facta fuit.' ll ' et pertinere debere in futurum.' 

• Read ' between ' : ' inter.' 



[XXXI] Dunstewe 

♦leaf 44, 

at a quit- 
rent of 
£1 6*. &d., 

Merton to 
all burdens 
due by the 

to be dewe In tyme to Be; and to vs l aforesaide prior and 1 
couent of p e priory of Merton) proprietaries and persons the 
foresaide In contrarie affirmyng' pe porcton of pe foresaide tithis 
and poo tithis to vs and 1 to ou? priorye aforesaide by ryjght and 1 4 
name of ou? parisch church aforesaide of Dunstywe to perteyne : 
At p e laste, we, p e foresaide [abbot] & prior * and 1 Couentes 
aforesaide, stryves controuersies and discordes (as hit is i-put 
afore) bytwene vs i-sprunge and 12 pe which (by pe occasion) of pe 8 
fore-put pynges) my3ght fall or happe In tyme to be likely 3 to 
put awey willyng, afte? diu^rse tretynges In pis parte i-had 1 , 
ow? ffrendes corayng Bitwene, couetyng- to avoyde pe hurtea 
of stryves, of pe consent and 1 wille of Reuerende ffadur In criste 12 
and 1 of lorde Sir * william (chaddeworth 5 ) by pe grace of god 
Bisshop of lincoin ordinarie of pe place, haue i-co»npownyd and 
haue i-acordid In-to this maner : pat is to saye, that we pe fore- 
saide Abbot and 1 couent of pe foresaide monaster)/ of Oseney, for 16 
vs and 1 ow? successours, all p e foresaide tithis in pe saide parisch 
of Dunstywe (how-so-Euer we baue i-had 1 , haue, or scholde ofte 
to haue), and 6 for them pe which to vs of pe foresaide prior and 1 
couent vndu? been) i-grauntid 1 , to pe same prior and 1 Couent and 20 
to ]>ere successoures we 3eve, relese, and 1 (to 7 ) pe same tithis to 
pe same prior and Couent & ]>ere successowrs we graunte for 
Euer and 1 cowferme. And we, pe foresaide prior and Couent 
of p e priory of Merton), for pe porcion of pe tithis above-saide, 24 
3eve and 1 graunte to pe foresaide Abbot and Couent of p e monas- 
tery of Oseney of 8 \>ere successours for Euer, a perpetuell rente 
or cense or jerely 9 graunte [of] xxvj. ^, viij. d 1 . : to be had 1 and 1 
to be take of vs and of ou? successours (of pe saide church 28 
of Dunstywe, proprietary's and persons), at Oseney aforesaide, 
In the ffest of alt Seyntes Euery jere tyme 10 to be, And 1 also all 
charges to pe saide tithis longyng we (prior and Couent afore- 
saide of Merton) and ou? successours) schalte bere and schalt 32 
vndergoo for Euer. And 1 ouer, we graunte, for vs and our 

1 For 'to us,' read ' we.' An ablative 
absolute is translated as if it had been dative. 

' i. e. and those which. 

s Goes with • myght ' : ' verisimiliter pos- 
sent euenire.' 

4 ' domini.' 

5 Omit 'Chnddeworth,' inserted in error 
and not in the Latin. William Alnwick, 

bishop 1436-49, is meant. John Ched- 
worth was bishop 1451-71. 

6 i. e. and in consideration of those 
things which : ' et pro Wis qu[a]e.' 

7 Omit ' to.' 

• Head « and.' 
9 ' prestacionem annuam.' 
10 'in futurum.' 

[XXXII] Edburbury 163 

successowrs, that if hit happe pe foresaide rente, moneye, or 
preste 1 after oony terme [when] (as hit is i-saide afore) hit ofte 
to he payde, withinne 2 vj. monethis (and 13 if hit) Be hy-hynde 

4 vnpaied, or [we] pe forsaide charge* and 1 Eueriche to pe saide 
tithis longyng 1 not to here or to paye, pat penne we (pe foresaide 
prior and 1 Couent of MertofD) be i-holde to pe foresaide Abbot 
and 1 couent of pe monastery of Oseney and 1 to Ipere successours 

8 for every lacke or Defawte of this maner of payment xiij. 1. and with 

iiij. d 1 . for Euer. In-to witnesse, &c 9 . The date xxvij. daye of j 3S , 4< j. 

be moneth of Jenyvere 4 In the aere of our> lorde MtCCCC mo xliijo, on ea . oh . 
r •> -» >> > occasion of 

And 1 In the :jere of pe Eeyne of Kyng Henry pe vj. after the the quit- 

. . rent being 

12 conqueste xxjo. in ar^ar. 

[XXXII.] Edburbury. 

[204.] Thabbot of Oseneye In Edburbury hath j. Note of the 
plowe of londe, with a mese, and 1 oper pertinence, J?e which Oseney in 
Hugh of Tywe sumtyme Knyjght safe to Nicott of Weston), fdderbury, as 

a J j J jo ? . m nos - 2 °5i 2 °°> 

16 AncTpe saide Nycoft to pe Howse of Oseneye. And 1 hit is and its 

to be knowe that pat londe [is] of pe lit uft ffee 5 of Stafforde, t age as half of 

and" jeldith scutage al so moche as longeth to pe halfe of j. * knight's 

scute, and 1 pabbot maketh sute to pe hundrede of Bloxham to the hnn- 

„ , dred court. 

20 for pe same. 

[205.] Knowe pey pat be present and 1 to Be that I, Hugh 1269. 
of Tywe, 3,afe and grauntyd 1 and 1 with this present charter con- Nicholas 
fermyd", for me and 1 myne heyres, to Nicoft of Weston), Mar- of Weston, 

24 chaunte, j. mese with ij. croftes and 1 alt oper pertinences In the f Tew, 
towne of Edburbury, and 1 j. plowe of londe In the feldes of ^^ofts", 
pe same towne, with aft his pertinences, pat is to say, Medes, and a hide, 
pastures, weyes, patthis, waters, and 1 with the * rentys of my * leaf 45. 

28 free tenauntes, and homages, wardis, and? relefs, and 1 eschetes, w ^ anorial 
and 1 -with aft seruices of my Custumaris, & aft pat in the saide privileges, 
towne and 1 feldes I haue or may haue or to me or to myne heyres 
by oony ryjght maye falle : to be had and 1 to be holde, to pe 

32 foresaide Nycoft and 1 to his heyres or assynes, or 6 to oony man) 

I * prestacionem.' 4 ' Iunii,' in the Latin. 

II i. e. by the space of : ' per.' 5 ' de parvo feodo.' 

3 Omit the bracketed words, inserted in ' ' vel cuicunque dare . . . voluerit.' 


M 2 


[XXXII] Edburbury 

with pro- 
hibition to 
part with it 
to Jews, 
at a quit- 
rent of 6d. 






Sale to 
Oseney, by 
Nicholas of 
[burial at 
Oseney] of 
a hide, with 
crofts, and 
meadow (as 
in 205), 
with its 
bond men, 

subject to 
6d. quit- 
rent to Tew 
manor (as 
the mesne 

to jeve sette or bequethe or to assyne he witte bothe to religiouse 
men) and to oper ( Juys owetake), frely quitely holy wett and 1 In 
pece for Euer, jeldyng perof 3erely to me and 1 to my heyres 
or to myne assynes, at Adburbury, vj. d. at cristemasse, for att 4 
seculer seruices, Sutes of courtes, helpis, tallages, exacctons, and* 
att oper demaundes in what-so-Euer mauer or name they bee 
i-callid, the which of pe londe or for that londe maye be axid or 
schatt mowe, al so mucte as to me or to my heyres perteynyth, 8 
And 1 doyng to pe chefe lordes * of pe ffee dewe seruice and* 
i-wonyd 1 . And 1 I, Hugh, and myne heyres or assines, p e fore- 
saide mesis and Croftes and plowe of londe, with att Ipere 
pertinences, to p e foresaide Nycott and 1 to his heyres or assynes 12 
att (except Juys), agaynste att men) and 1 women), cristen) and 1 
Juys, for pe foresaide seruice schatt warantije for Euer, aquite, 
& defende. And for this jevyng and 1 of this present charter 
confermyng and waranti^yng aquite & defendyng, pe foresaide 16 
Nycott jafe to me CI. li. of goode & lawfutt moneye by-fore 
handes in werysoiD. And 1 that att these thynges before-namyd* 
Sure and stabutt for Euer abide, &c 9 . The witnesse, Sir thomos 
of Seynte Wygo?, penne srhreue of oxonforde ; Sir Raph of 20 
Dyue, Kny3ghte«, &c 9 . 

[206.] Knowe tho that been present And to bee pat I, 
Nycott of Weston), jafe and 1 grauntid 1 , and with my present 
charter cowfermyd 1 , to god anoT to pe church of Seynte marie of 24 
Oseney and to William Abbot and to pe chanons pere seruyng 
[God], where I haue i-wollyd me to be i-beried 1 , j. plowlonde, 
with the pertinences, In the towne and feldis of Edburburyj 
with my chefe mese, as with medis and Croftes, and* with 28 
homages and 1 seruices of my free tenauntes, and with my bonde 
men) and pere catall and seruices & sequelis, and att pat in the 
foresaide towne or feldis I had 1 or my3ght haue, withoute oony 
reteynyng to me or to myne heyres : to be had 1 and to be holde, 32 
to pe saide church ande chanoriil, of me and 1 myne heyres, In-to 
pure and 1 perpetuell almes, al so moch as perteyneth to me and to 
myne heyres, 3eldyng perof for me and" my heyres to Sir Hugh 
of Tywe vj. d! jerely, and Dewe seruices to the chefe lordes 36 
of the ffee. And I, Nycott, and myne heyres, the foresaide 

1 MS. has • londes ' by a slip. 

[XXX 11] Edburbury 165 

plowe of londe, with att his pertinences, to the saide church and 1 

chanon^, agaynste att cristen) men) and 1 Juys, hy the foresaide [Warranty 

seruice, schatt warantise, aquite, AncTDefende. AncTif we mowe against 
xi, Jews.] 

4 not, we schatt 5eve agayne to pern) CC. marke and xxv. the Purchase- 

which for the foresaide londe to me before-handes paye paied 1 , £?Z£ y ' 

with-inne A moneth In the which bay been i-axid 1 , vndu? payne [Penalty of 
. ,. . . , Tr r T J . ' ^ J £20 to the 

ot xx. 11. to be payde to b e Kyng. In-to witnesse, &c 9 . king.] 

8 [207.] Know paye that Been) present And 1 to come pat About 
I, Adam, Soone And 1 heyre of Nycott * of "Weston), grauntid 1 * leaf 45, 

and 1 quite-claymyd 1 , and with this present charter cowfermycT, to back - 

god and to pe church of Seynte marie of Oseneye and 1 to ffrere Oseney, by 

12 William, Abbot, and 1 to p e chanohs pere seruynggod, pe ^ifte that ^/^holaa 

Nycott my ffadu? to pern yafe in the towne and 1 feldes of Edbur- of Weston, 

bury, of j. dwellyng with the pertinences, and 1 j. plowe of londe, of his In- 

with medis, seruices of ffree men}, and his custumarys, in the no. 206. 

16 same towne : to be holde and 1 to be had, to pe foresaide church 
and 1 chanohs, In-to pure and 1 perpetuett almes, al so moche as 
longeth to me and 1 to myne heyres, as pe charter pe which 
pe saide Abbot and 1 Couent of pe saide Nycott my ffadu? hauen) 

20 fully witnessith, doyng perof to p® Chefe lordes of pe ffee dewe 
seruice & i-wonyd 1 . And 1 for this graunte, quite-clayme, and 1 

confirmacion, pe foresaide Abhot And 1 Couent yafe to me xl. Purchase- 

marke of sterlynges. And 1 that this my graunte, &c 9 . £a6t3«. 4<f. 

24 [208.] This is the ffinatt corde i-maade bitwene vs and 1 the 1276, 

same Adam of the same londe, In owre lorde the Kynges Courte, ^ ay I5 : 

' . Formal 

At W estmynyster, In the morowe of passencwn of owre lorde, In confirma- 

the 5ere of the Rayne of Kynge Edwarde pe soone of Kyng os^n ey 

28 Henry the iiij tn l , Afore Master Roger off Seyton), Maste? RicAard by A dam 

Stanes, John of Cobeham, Master Raph off ffrenyngham, Thoma3 Nicholas, 

Welonde, And 1 John louetofte, Justices, and 1 othe? true men) ° na ^\ >mt 

of the Kynges thenne there present, bitwene Adam of Weston), 

32 axe?, & William, Abbot of Oseney, holde?, of j. mese, Cxii. acris ™- a mes - 

[of land], x. acris of mede, xviij.l. of Rente, with the pertinences, 112 acres 

In Adburbury, Whereof it was i-pletid bitwene peme in the "'acres 

same Courte, pat is to Say, that p e foresaide Adam knowleggid meadow, 

36 the foresaide tenement, with the pertinences, to Be the ryjght quit-rents. 

1 i. e. Henry III, see note 5, p. 36. 

166 [XXXII] Edburbury 

of pe saide Abbot and? of his Church" of Oseney, and 1 that he 
relesed and 1 quite-claymed 1 [it] of hym and 1 of his heyres, to 
p e foresaide Abbot, and 1 to his successours, and 1 to his church for 
Euer. And for this recoi^aunce, Relese, quite-clayme, fyne, 4 
Purchase- and 1 Acorde, b e same Abbot yafe to p 6 foresaide Adam xl. marke 

money as .,-,.. 

in 207. of biluer. 

1288. [209.] Odb loide pe Kynge, by William of Gysilyngham, 

Oseneyjby ^ e w hi cn pursuyth for pat 1 , (he 2 ) axith agaynste J>abbot of 8 

theking(re- Oseney j. plowe of londe, with the pertinences, In Adburbury 

by William as his ryijght, &c 9 , pe which pe foresaide Abbot to ou? lorde 

namfto*" Kyng defortid-, &c*. 

recover a And 1 kuoper tyme )?abbot i-callid pere-oi to ware 4 Richard ia 

Adderbnry; of lyonns And Emme his wife, Raph the Soone of Ranulph 

0^eney U on y of A strop and William 6 his wife, and Hugh of Hynton) and" 

the co-heir- molde his wife, the which nowe come by summornenyng 6 and 1 

Hugh of axe to be schewed 1 to pern by what thyng pej bee holde to 16 

Tew to ful- 7 

filsaid Ware • 

Hugh's And 1 ]?abbot sayeth pat pe foresaide tenauntries were of Hugh 

"WftrrjiiiLy ^^ . 

of no. 305, Ty we (whoos heyres pe foresaide Emme, William and 1 molde 

Been)), p e which pe foresaide tenemeutes 3afe to Nycott of Wes- 20 
ton), to be had 1 and 1 to be holde to hym and 1 to his heyres, and 1 
Byndeth hym-selfe and his heyres to 8 ware, to pe same Nycott 

* leaf 46. and 1 to his heyres and to his assynes, pe foresaide tene*mente« ; 

And he sayeth that he is p e Assyne of pe foresaide, and as asyne 24 
is i-callid 9 pere-of to the ware aforesaide Emme, William 

as in 205, And 1 molde, Also with here husebandes, heyres of pe foresaide 
Hugh, And 1 bryng<[eth] a charter of the foresaide Hugh, the 10 
witnessith that the same Hugh yafe to pe foresaide Nicott the 28 
foresaide londe And 1 Byndith hym-selfe and his heyres to ware 
to pe foresaide Nicott and to his heyres and to his assynes, ?. 

and in 206. He Bryngeth also Ano]?er charter vndu? the name of pe foresaide 

Nicott, the 10 witnyssith that the Same Nicott yafe to p 6 Same 32 

1 A mistranslation: read 'for him,' 7 ' warantizare.' 

'pro eo' = for the king. 8 <ad warantizandum.' 

8 Omit 'he.' • Passive substituted wrongly for the 

3 By a slip for • deforcid.' active : ' and as assign he calls to the 

4 ' ad warantiam.' warranty thereof . . .' 

5 • Willelmam.' 10 ' the which,' or article used as relative. 
• m summoning. Cp. p. 167, n. 1 ; p. 170, n. 2. 

[XXXII] Edburbury 167 

Abbot and 1 to his successoures the foresaide londe, and 1 Byndeth 
hym-selfe and his heyres ancTassynes to ware, L 

And Richard and Emrae sayen) that the foresaide Hugh Richard of 
4 of Tywe In a tyme ffeffed 1 them of the foresaide tenement, the * serted that 
where pere-of (pe 2 ) Insesonyd 1 by that ffefFyng by longe tyme, ^ f * n h d e £ is 
tilt p e foresaide Hugh of Tywe pern after 3 Ipere dissesonyng ; the hide in 
wherefore perof 4 he axith dissesonyd 1 that they haue accion by grant of 
8 to the tenement aforesaide to be axid 1 , by the dissesonyng to ^ew^wh 
pern) i-made, as it is i-saide afore, if pey be holde ware to p e unjustly 
foresaide Abbot p e foresaide tenement. them ; 

Ande, fore p e saide Richard [and the others] may not vnsay ^ t ^ T& ' 

12 but bat p e saide Hugh of Tywe yafe to pe foresaide Nicott and 1 claimed it. 
to his heyres the foresaide tenement, and Bownde hym-selfe caS e re- 
and his heyres of pe foresaide Hugh of Tywe to ware to pe fore- stated ' 
saide Nicott his heyres And 1 his assynes, £ ; hit 5 may not 

16 be pat the foresaide Abbot be passyne of p e foresaide Nicott ; 
noper but that saide Richard and 1 oper also, with here wyffes, 
been pe heyres of the foresaide Hugh of Tywe, and 1 pay saye 
none oper thyng why they ofte not to be to ware, hit is to 

20 be truste 6 that pay [shall] waranti3e, and? been in mercy for 
afore pey warantijed 1 not, ?. 

And the foresaide Richard and 1 other 1 defende pere ryjght and 
sesynyng 7 of ow? lorde Kynges blode, ?. as of ffee and 1 ryjght, ?. 

24 and 1 putteth hym-selfe in 8 lawe of pe Cuntre In the stede 
of A grete assise of ow? lorde pe Kynge, And 1 axith reconysaunce 
to be made where thay haue more ryjjght by warancie In the The case 
foresaide londe, or pe Kyng. perfore it is to be say quod pe Atrial. 

28 schreve make make to come pern afore ow? lorde Kyng, fro the 
Daie of Estu? In-to xij. 9 moneth, f. To Kecognia'on, ?. 

[210.] OxoNii-OiiZ). Richard of liouns, by his attorney, 1289. 
axith pat 10 thabbot of Oseney j. mese, j. plowlonde, & x. 3. of fordassises, 

1 ' the,' apparently for • who ' : ' qui fue- 6 ' Consideratum est.' 

runt inde in seisina.' Cp. p. 166, n. 10. 7 ' seysinam domini Regis consanguinei.' 

8 Omit * ]>e.' 8 ' in iure patrie ' : i. e. to be tried in the 

8 Read • after[wards] there[of] dissei- county, and not at Westminster, 

sined ' : ' postea inde disseisionauit.' ' Read ' i.' The number of the jury 

4 Read ' he asks, having been thereof has been prefixed to the date of summons, 
disseisined.' Latin : ' in unum mensem xii. [probos viros 

5 Read (still governed by ' unsay ') • nor etc.] ad recognicionem etc' 
that the foresaid abbot is not the assign ' : 10 Read ' against ' : ' versus.' 
' nee quin predictus abbas sit assignatus.' 

168 [XXXII] Edburbury 

in the suit Rente, with the pertinences, In Edurbury, in the which pe 

oleneyby same Abbot hath noone Entre but after pe dissesonyng" the 

Richard of which Roger of lyuns hereof vnrysghtfully And 1 withoute Jugge- 

Lionstore- * " JO rf OD 

cover a ment maade to pe Same Richard after the ffyrst, i. And 4 

Twde* 1 and pabbot come and" else i-callicT perof to ware the foresaide Richard 

rent- f lyouns And Emme his wiffe, Raph the Soone of Ranulph of 

Oseney's Astrop Ande William his wiffe, Hugh of HyngtofU And moolde 

So*heir- 0rS ^is w ^ e > the which nowe come By suramenyng 1 And to hym 8 

esses of ware and Defende his ryjght quando, E 

Tew) stated And 1 saye that In a tyme Appelyng- afore x whas i-maade 

back f46 ' [ De tween] oofD Hugh of Tywe (fadwr * of the foresaide Emme, 

that Hugh William, and 1 Moolde) and" on) Roger of liouns (ffadur of pe 12 

giving his fforesaide Richard) [when] pat the Same Richard weddid the 

En^ma^n foresaide Emme, so that the Same Hugh [gave] to pem (Richard 

marriage to a ncf Emme) be foresaide tenementes, as mariage of the Same 

Eichard son __, ilut •t-.i • <• 

of Roger of Emme, to be holde In tenauntie By the seruice of xj. marke by 16 

settled on y ere ' **** ^ e Same Hugh had" i-made to hym In Eschaunge for 

her and the foresaide tenements to pe valou? of An C. silynworth 

hide to be of londe in A certeyne place ; pe 2 which Sothely Hugh 

rent of assined? to theme A C. schelyngworth of londe In Swere- 20 

£7 6s. 8d. forde, of the which thay been In sesenyng : by the which 

made other pe foresaide tenementes, nowe i-axid 1 , to the foresaide Hugh 

fOTthem were i- retwrnea ^ whereof Defawtith 3 pe foresaide Richard 

but that is in sesenyng of the foresaide C. 3. of londe in Swereforde 24 

back from fo r * the foresaide tenementes In Edburbury. Axid 15 Jugge- 

themsaid t 

hide on set- 
tling lands And Richard Saieth" that bee Allone whas i-ffeffid of the 

on them ; foresayde tenementes In Edburbury by the foresaide Hugh 28 

butEichard °^ Tywe while hee whas withinne Age, and 1 , withoute oony 

of Lions condicion, and 1 withinne age, dissesined 1 by the foresaide Roger : 

denied that . ° J & ' 

he had land and saithe that he noone londe holdeth" In Swereforde In 

fordTrTex- Eschaunge for pe foresaide tenements In Edburbury, And 1 of 32 

change for that he putteth hym-self vpofD the Cuntre : And be foresaide 

the Adder- _,..,-,,,'• 

bury hold- RicAara an<T other also. 

mg " perefore hit whas i-commaundicFto the schreve pat he schulde 


1 ' dicunt quod aliquo tempore quaedam facto,' = as a matter of fact, 
prelocutio facta fuit.' 4 la exchange for : ' pro.' 

2 J qui quidem Hugo.' 8 The party that had urged the above 

3 This word seems to be a guess at a argument, 
contraction in the Latin, possibly • de 

[XXXIIII] Hokenorton 169 

make come here, fro the daye of Estu? bithyn) * xv. daies The sheriff 

-v -*. ord©i*©cL 

xij. 2 , &c 9 . per quos, bi the which, i. And the which, T., to the inquisition 

Becognicton, ?., quia tarn, ?. Aftirwarde fro the Daye of Estur In- ^ a Jury 

4 to iij. wokes of ou? reine nowe pe xvij. come parties And 1 the 
foresaide Kaph" and William, Hugh & Moolde, Saien) that pe 

foresaide Richard none ryjght clayme maye In the foresayde At last a 

tenementes for he 3 Saieth that he hym-selfe relesed 1 and 1 quite- made by 

8 claymed 1 , of hym-selfe and his heyres aforesaide, to Baph and Lion^if' °- 
Willyam, Hugh and 1 moolde, alt the ry}ght & clayme [that self to the 
he had] in p e foresaide tenementes for Euer, by A writyng wa s pro- 
of A quite-clayme that pay schotoen) in 4 that witnysseth, And 1 ^ uc 1 ed j. ? nd 
12 the foresaide Richard maye not pat vnsaye, but 5 that hee case and 
grauntith. perfo? pe Saide Baph and oper perof withoute daye. 
And Richard for false clayme In mercy. 

[211.] Pleis at Westmynster, afore Thomas of Weylonde 6 Reference 
1 6 and his ffelaws Justices of owf lorde Kynge of the Banke, cords of the 

Court of 

fro pe terme of Seynte My^ghett, In the jere of the Beyne 

of Kynge Edwarde the Soone of Kynge Henry xv, Weylonde Pleas, for 

begynnynge xvj. Weylond 1 Michael! xv. 

[XXXIIII 7 .] Hokenorton. 

ao [212.] J) abbot of Oseney hathe In Hokenorton), of the yifte Eeference 
of Bobert Doylly, and 1 confirmaceon of Henry Doylly, and 1 of ^.^i"' 
Kynges of Inglonde, and 1 of Bisshops, And 1 of the Chapiter IO > l8 - 
of lincoln, and 1 confirmacwn of Pope Eugenie the iij., pe church 

*4 * of Hokenorton), and j. hide of londe, with the pertinences, * leaf 47. 
of the Dowre of pe Church, as it is open) Abofe In the title 
of ' pe ffundacion of pe Church.' 

[213.] Be hit i-knowe to true men) of Holy church, bothe Reference 
28 present and 1 to be, pat I, Bobert dolly, willyng and consentyng 

1 By a slip for ' within.' 6 Thomas of Weyland, Justice of Com- 

2 i. e. 'probos homines.' mon Pleas 1274, Chief Justice 1278-88. 

8 Read ' they say ' : ' qui dicunt.' 7 Titulus XXXIII is either missing, or 

4 The meaning is plain, but the grammar that figure has been dropped out in the 
even in the Latin is confused. numeration. 

5 ' immo illud concedit.' 


[XXXIIII] Hokenorton 

Edithe my wiffe and? my Soones Henry and 1 Gilberte, 5efe and 
Graunte, In-to perpetuelt Almes, to pe Church of god 1 and 
of Seynte marie his modu? and to pe chanons" In hit Seruyng 1 
god, i., as abofe, In the title of • pe ffundacion of Oseneye,' In the 4 
ffirst and principal charter. 


tion to 
by Henry 
Doyly I, 

in Hook- 
norton, of 
Prest field, 
and two 
by Robert 
Doyly II (as 
in no. 24). 

[214.] Be hit i-know to true men) of holy church that 
I, Henry Doylly, willyng and grauntyng fi . . . x my Brolper 
and oper ffrendes and" my men), yefe and graunte, In-to ffree and 8 
perpetuell almes, to pe Church of Seynte marie of Oseney, for 
pe Sowle of Kyng Henry, and for pe Sowle of my ffadu? Ro"bert 
Doylly pe 2 pat same church foundid 1 , ande for }>e Sowle of 
Gillebert my Broper, and for pe Sowles of oper myne aunceturs, 12 
& for }? e sowle 3 of my lorde Henry and myne AncT all my 
ffrendes, x. li. (pownde 4 ) worth of londe, that is to saye, In Hoke- 
norton) my maner, the londe p e which Is i-callid 1 preste felde 
(pe which sumtyme to pe church of pe Same towne longed) 16 
after 5 J?at hit schalt be preuecP to Availe By the ope of men), 
And ij. hides of londe In the Same maner, pe which pe foresaide 
church sumtyme had of pe Graunte of my ffadu?, afte? his 
value 6 ; And" if oony pynge lacke 7 to be performed 1 x. pownde 20 
worthe, I schalt performe bit, or in the nowe Saide towne or in 
myne oper londes, after tbat we maye Beste pwrueye, 1. 


Grant to 
by Henry 
Doyly I, 

of a half- 
hide, with 

[215.] Be hit i-knowe to alt Cristeii) men) that I, Henry 
Doylly, owre lorde p e Kynges constable, yafe and grauntid 1 , and 24 
with my present charter confermyd 1 1 haue, to god And to J>e 
church of Seynte Marie of Oseney and 1 to pe chanonl pere 
seruyng god, In-to ffree pure and perpetueli Almes, for pe Sowle " 
of my modur and 1 of myne aunceturs, j. dj.-hide of londe in 28 
Hokenorton), pot, pat is to say, the which thowas la burne 
helde, with mesis, and 1 all oper pynge* to J?e foresaide londe 

1 The erasure suggests that something 
was felt to be wrong. The Latin is ' con- 
cedente Roberto filio regis, fratre meo.' 
Edith, daughter of Porn, bore to Henry I 
a son, Robertus filius regis, who was half- 
brother to Henry Doyly, married a Devon- 
shire heiress, and died about 11 70. 

a Either ' the [which],' or article for 
relative : ' qui eandem ecclesiam fundavit.' 

8 Read ' welfare ' ; ' pro salute.' 

* Omit 'pownde,' as already given in 
the contraction ' li.' 

9 i. e. at its estimated value : ' secundum 
quod probabitur valere per iuramentum 
proborum hominum.' 

' ' secundum valentiam suam.' 
7 ' siquid defuerit ad perficiendas decern 
libratas, ego perficiam.' 


[XXX IIII] Hokenorton and others 171 

perteynyng, both In medes and" pastures, In weies and 1 patthis, and other 
and 1 in att oper thynge$, with" pe Same thomas and his modu? & w i t h a ' 
his Suster, with att pere goodes; ffurpermore, A mese with ^^ *^, 
4 A Crofte that Richard Hirelonde * helde, And 1 A mese with pe mother, 

ft IK I SIS 1 61* 

Gardeyne that Roger* Weuer helde, And A mese with pe Garden) 3 me g S u- ' 
that Guinylde widow helde, And 1 also p e londe vnto p e church ^^ ( ® ach 
yerde. pese londes I witte and 1 Surely charge pat p e forsaide garden), 
8 church and Chanonl of Oseney haue and" holde, wette and in f ia n a. 
pece, fully and 1 worschipfully, with att fredoms" and 1 fre customs 
pat I, or oony of myne aunceturs, In thoo londes have i-had 
while they were in ow? hande. These witnyssis. 

12 r216.1 Be it i-know to att true men) of holy church that About 

. 1184. 

I, Henry Doylly, pe Soone * of Henry Doylly, with pe consent * lea f 47, 

and 1 assent of Robert my Broper and with pe counsett of my 

ffre men), grauntid, & with this present charter confermyd, tion to 

16 to the Church of god and of Seynte marie of Oseney and 1 to pe wHen'ry 

chanons pere seruynge god, att poo yiftes the which men) of my T>0 ^ y J 1 ' 

ftS zoncuu 
ffee to the Same church made, as pe charters of pe Same superior, 

witnyssen), pat is to saye, of pe yifte of Hugh of Tywe pe londe (a)ofhoth 

20 of bothe stanehale, with att pynges to pe Same londe perteynynge, ^°^ j_ ' 

of pe which Robert my Beelesire and Henry my ffadur quite- jj* u s h of 

claymed 1 to p e foresaide church att pe Seruice pat to pern) and to 

pere heyres pere-of whas dewe ; In Cleydon), of the yifte of (b) in Clay- 

24 philipp of Hampton, dj. an) hide whereof my ffadur att pe ^| a ' p 

Seruice that to hym ancTto his heyres whas dewe quite-claymed 1 ton's gift 

. ii. ( as in no - 

to pern ; In the same towne, of pe yifte of leonarde of White- 24), and 

felde, j. yerde of londe pe which Gilbert corbelle? 2 helde, with ^^fiei^g 

28 bat man) and all his childrofD, and 1 xii. acris in spetesham, and 1 gift of a 
. , _ J ., . r TTT , yard-land 

vj. acris at p e woode at Harestaine, and 1 vj. acris at Wytereden) ; with its 
In Hokenorton), of the yifte of Sibille the wiffe of Robert ffijt ^"^ iant 
Gye & of Raph boterette and of Julian) his wiffe, xx. acris acres, 

(c) in Hook- 

32 ~pe which beefD in the crofte 8 of prestesfelde by Widecumbe ; norton, 
and 1 v. mansuris or dwellynges withinne Hokenorton), j. agaynste no< a ' 7 ' 
pe howse of Adam clerke, Another* agaynste p e howse of Elfwyne 
Reve, pe pirde agaynste pe howse of pe Same Elfwyne of pe 

36 oper parte of the weye with the Crofte and Garden) pe which 

1 ' Hiberniensis.' a ' corbeiller.' 3 Read ' end ' : ' in fine.' 


[XXXIIII] Hokenorton and others 

and of 219, 

and 218 ; 
[The Inclose 
of Hook- 
(d) in Perry, 
of the rec- 
tory with 
the advow- 
son, and a 
with man- 
sions, croft, 
& meadow ; 
(6) in 

3 acres and 
a meadow, 
held by quit 
rent of 1 lb. 
of pepper ; 
don, 2 yard- 
lands and 
2 acres. 

* leaf 48. 

William Calcebote helde, pe fowrthe By the howse of Elfwyne 
Sputi, pe fifte bitwene the. howse of Edwarde palmar and swyne 
pe soone of Beatrige ; The sixte, of pe yifte of William of 
Heteuille * & of Johan his wife, the which William of Hampton) 4 
helde, with that man) [and all his], and 1 an) 2 halle (pe which is 
i-set bitwene the dwellyng> of William Derby & the dwellyng of 
William Burgeys) and 1 all his parte In the mede of Smededett, 
and poo twoo acris (of 3 ) pe which pe Incluse In Hokenorton) in 8 
Almys helde, and 1 j. acre of the me[de] of Heme mede ; of the 
yifte of William nrjt Helie and of Emme his wiffe pe church of 
Pyrye & the ryjght of Aduocacton of the same, And halfe an) 
hide of londe In ledehale, with ij. mansion^ pe which been) 12 
bitwene the dwellyng of Gilbert and 1 the dwellyng of Sawaka?, 
with the crofte to p e same dwellyng perteynyng, & with the 
mede to the halfe-hide perteynyng; In Weston), of the yifte of 
William ffijt Moolde, ij. acris and alt the mede that is in the 16 
hedis of them At Bakesmulne, and 1 the J>ride acre pe which is in 
the hede of the mede pe which is i-callid 1 Aldefelde, to be holde 
for Euer of hym and of his heyres by oon) li. of pepur yerely ; 
Of the yifte of Baph of Aumery, In blechesdon), j. yerde of 20 
the lordeschip, And 1 A-noJ>er yerde of pe vilenage (or towne ) 
pe which whas of Baph Blund; Of the yifte of ffowke de 
la Graue, ij. acris at Haraldes * Welle. Of this grawnte and 1 
confirmacton been witnesse Bobert my Broker, &c 9 5 . 24 



tion to 
by Ralph 

of his 
law SibilPs 
gift of so 
acres and 
5 houses, 

[217.] Be hit i-knowe to all true men) of Hooly Church 
that I, Baph boterell, prayng and 1 willyng Julian) my wyffe and 1 
Johan her Dowjghter, yafe and grauntid 1 , In-to ffree and 1 2>er- 
petuell almes, to pe Church of god and 1 of Seynte Marie of 28 
Oseney and 1 to the chanon)s pere seruyng god, xx** acris of my 
londe pe which Been) in the yende 6 of prestefelde By Wyde- 
cumbe, the which SibiH pe modur of my wiffe jafe to the Same 
church ; and 1 v que dwellynges withinne Hokenorton), j. agaynste 3 2 
pe howse of Adam Clerke, Another* Agaynste pe howse of 
Elfwyne Beve, the thirde agaynste pe howse of the Same 

1 Hereville. 

■ The text seems doubtful even in the 

3 Omit ' of.* 

4 Bead 'bonde': alternative rendering 
of ' vilenage.' 

8 One is Robert de Witefeld (Sheriff of 
Oxon. 1 182-5). * 'in fine.' 


[XXXIIII] Hokenorton 173 

Elfwyne of be oper parte of pe wey with the Crofte And 
Gardeyne the which William Calcebote helde, The iiij. By the 
howse of Elfwyne Sputi, The v. bitwene the howse of Edwarde 

4 palmer and Sueyne ffijt Betriche ; And A mede the which is by and a 
the Courte of Oseney of the oper parte of pe water, for the 
which mede they schall paye Euery yere to pe Church of Seynte gub j ect to 
ffrideswithe for me xiij. d. In the Daye of Seynte John Baptiste 13& quit- 

8 for all seruice. This yifte I made to beme ffree and 1 quite for all st. Frides- 
seruice, both riall and othe?, and all exaccton in there Chapitre ™J.^ 

' ' * priory. 

afore the Couent, and vppon) be Aute?, to-gedu? with my wiffe, [Offeringon 

_ the altar.] 

I offerydhit. pese witnysses, &c 9 . 

[Note. — The stem given in this and the deeds which follow is : — 

Kobert m. Sibil (217) 

m. Juliana m. Ralph Boterell 

Joanna m. William of Herevile (216, 218, 219) 
William, flor. 1225 (220).] 

12 [218.] Be hit i-knowe to all ffey^ghtfull men of holy church About 
that I, "Willyam of He?evitte, willyng and grauntyng Johan my gale ^ o 
wiffe, jafe, and with my present charter cowfermed, to god & to Oseney, 
the church of Seynte marie of Oseneye, In-to ffree andperpetuelt c f Hereviile 

16 almes, thoo twoo acris of londe be which be Incluse of Hoke- a ? d Wlfe ' 

' * * 01 2 acres. 

norton) vnto his dethe helde In almys, that is to say, j. acre [The In- 

clllSG OI 

vppon) Otehulle, And j. in "Watbrach ; and j. acre of mede Hook- 
In Heme Mede, to be holde ffrely And quietly and fro all Jg^SL 
20 Secule? seruice. In-to witnesse of the which yifte p e chanons of money, £1 
be Same church yafe to me xx. 1. and to my wiffe j. Besaunte, 28 to wife. ' 
bese witnesse, &c 9 . 

[219.] Be hit i-knowe to all be Childron) of our" holy modur 118O. 

24 the Church that I, William of Hereviile and Johan my wiffe, oseney, 
[jafe], and with this present charter cowfermyd, In-to ffree and j^^j^ 
perpetuelt almys, to pe church of god and of Seynte Marie and -wife, 
of oseneye and to be chanonU bere serayng god, j. dwellyng with ita 

28 of londe In Hokenorton), that is to Say, be which Willyam of FgJfiK*' 
Hampton) [helde], with pat man) and all his, the * which is i-set back. 


[XXXIIII] Hokenorton 

By the dwellyng 1 of William Kywy And pe dwellyng 1 of John 
and a share burgeys ; and alt our parte In the mede of Smededett pe which 
meadow. longeth to ow? ffee. This owre yifte and confermyng, free froo 
aft seruice, both rialt and* oper, and 1 alt exacczon for Euer to be 4 
kepid 1 and 1 maynteyned, In the Chapiter of Oseney, Afore the 
Couent, vppon) the texte whee sware, both I and 1 my wiffe. 
These witnesses. 

[Oath on 


tion to 
by William 
son of 
William of 
of nos. 

and grant 
of a serf 
or serfs. 

[220.] Knowe paye that Be present and 1 to Bee that I, 8 
Willyam of Hereville, ffi^t William of Herevilte and of Johan 
his wiffe, grauntid 1 , and" with this present charter confermed, In- 
to ffree pure and" perpetuelt almes, to god 1 and 1 to pe Church of 
Seynte Marie of Oseney and 1 to pe chanons pere seruyng>god, all 12 
pe londes & possessions and ffredoms, In feldes, In medes, 
Mesis, men), homage*, and seruices, Sutes, and alt oper thynges, 
pe which pey haue of pe yiftes of myne Aunceturs In Hoke- 
nortoiD & at Oseney, to be had and 1 to Be i-holde for Euer, 16 
of me and 1 of my heyres, frely and 1 quietly fro all seruice Both 
ryatt and othe? and alt exaccion and Demaunde, as pe charters 
of my aunceturs, pat is to Saye, of Raph Boterelt & of Julian) 
his wiffe myne Beeledame, And 1 the charters of William my 20 
ffadu? and 1 of Johan my modu^, the which pe Saide chanonl 
hauen), witnessed). I haue i-grauntid 1 also to p e Saide chanoni, 
for-nie and myne heyres, philip Corbyn) ; And 1 if oony oper man) 
of myne pey haue fro * pe daye In the which this charter whas 24 
i-made, or afore. I also, William, and myne heyres, the foresaide 
thynges possessions and 1 ffredoml and 1 alt oper thynges, agaynste 
alt men), to the foresaide chanons schatt aquite and 1 schalt 
waranti3e for Euer. And" that this myne yifte and confirmact'on, 28 
Aquityng< and 1 warantijyng- ferme And stable for Euer Abide, 
hit with this present writyng And 1 By the puttyng 1 to of my 
seale have I strengthid 1 hit. And this charter whas i-made 
In the nynghthe yere of Kyng Henry pe Soone of Kyng John : 32 
pese witnesse, &c s . 

[221.] Be hit i-knowe to alt true men) that when Bitwene 
2 Abbot And Couent of Oseney, of the oone parte, And John s 



by Oseney, of Hokenorton), the Relicte [of] Thomas of Burne, and 1 William 36 

Bead ' on.' 

John de Reding, abbot 1229-35. 

s i. e. Johanna. 

[XXXIIII] Hokenorton 175 

the Soone of hym, of the oper parte, whas i-sterecT A controuersie 

In p e Courte of the Saide Ahbot vppon) seruices and 1 seruages, 

that is to say, In erynges, cariages, Medesutes 1 , Mowynges 2 , and 1 

4 alt othe? Seruages to pat dj. hide of londe the which pe Saide to relieve a 

Johne of the Saide chanon^ helde In Hokenorton). At pe laste, t he works 

at be Peticeon of Sire Henry Doyley and of Moolde his wiffe, be <*, ue h ? ifc to 

* i " _ J the manor, 

saide chanonl relesid 1 and" quite-claymed 1 to pe Saide Johne and" 
8 to William he? Soone (relesid 3 and" quite-claymed 1 to p 9 saide 
chanohs" att pe Ryjght) and 1 to the heyres of them pe foresaide 

Sendees And sera&ges And for this relese & * quite-clayme pe * leaf 49. 

saide Johne and 1 Willyam her Soone relesid 1 [and 14 quit-claimed on condi- 

12 to the said canons all the right], for he?-selfe and 1 he? heyres for holders 

Euer, that they had or myjgfit haue In oone Crofte the which j^™^ 6 . 1 "" 

Is i-callid Parroc 9 . they relesid 1 and 1 also quite-claymed 1 to interest in 

pe Same chanoni thre hedis pe which pe Saide chanons" closid in certain 

16 inne with watte, ffurpermore and 15 Eschange pat bey had" assyned 1 ]^ es of 

for poo thre hedis. And 1 ffurbermore, for p 9 foresaide sendees paying an 

■h i i u, i • -n a i ..«....-. addition of 

an<F seraages pay schatt paye yerely vj. s. Also, with vnj. s. 6s. to their 

pe which they were i-woned? to paye for pe foresaide dj. hide of rent ' 

20 londe, at two termes of the yere, that is to say, At p 9 Anim- 
ciacton of Seynte Marie vij. ^. And 1 at p 9 fest of Seynte Mijghell 

vij. "s\, sauyng 1 to pe saide chanonll homages, relefis, wardis, andre . 

Eschetes, and Sutes of pere courte. And 1 that pese pynges, maining 

24 pe which [are] aforesaide, Abide for Euer stable, pe parties other 

to J>is present writyng put to pere seeles : pese witnessis, &c 9 . m ^^ 

[222.] pis is A perpetuell Eschange i-maade At Hoke- About 

norton), Bitwene ffrere W. s Abbot of Oseney and" the Couent Exchange 

28 of be Same place of be oone partie, And 1 Raph of Swereforde between 

, . • c« • Oseney and 

clerke of pe othe? partie ; pat is to Say, that pe saide Abbot Eaiph of 

And Couent yafe and grauntid 1 to the foresaide Raph and to his oTeneveiv- 

heyres A place By the hatte of be same Raph of the Northe ^s a piece 

J . . J r . l . of land next 

32 parte pe which bygynneth of 7 pe hie-weye And strecchith vnto Ralph's 

the Ende of his Curtilage and 1 By the hie-weye hit conteyneth ' 

1 ' metsuris.' means that they gave up the three 'heads,' 

a ' falcaturis.' and did not ask for the land promised in 

* The bracketed words are brought in exchange, 
here out of place from below. * Probably William of Sutton, abbot 

4 Inserted from the Latin. 1268-84. 

8 Verbatim from the Latin. Possibly it 7 ' a strata publica.' 


[XXXIIII] Hokenorton 

and re- 
2 roods. 

xviij. foote In Brede And 1 In the Ende of pe Same place allonly 
xiiij. foote ; And? the foresaide Raph, In-to pe Eschange of pat 
place, yafe and 1 grauntid 1 to J>e foresaide Abbot And Couent, In- 
to pure and 1 perpetueft Almes, j. rodde of Arable londe vppon) 4 
Otehutte at forthshete?, pat is to say, the more weste Rodde, 
And 1 ano)?er rodde of londe the which lieth In the Mershe 
In a telthe p e which Is i-callid longefurlonge. And that pis 
Eschange be sure and Stable for Euer, the parties to this 8 
writyng", In-to the maner of A charter i-made, pere Seales 
euerich agaynste othe? haue i-put to: pese witnessis John of 
Herevile, &c 9 . 

About [223.] Knowe boo that Be Nowe and to Bee that I, Roger 12 

1270. g^t Philip of Hokenorton), yafe and grauntid 1 and with this 

Oseney, by present charter confermed 1 , for me And 1 myne heyres and myne 
ofPMUiMrf ass y nes f° r Euer, to god 1 and 1 to pe church of Seynte Marie 

of Oseney & to pe chanoris pere seruynggod & for Euer to serue, 16 

In-to ffree pure and 1 perpetueft almes, j. dj.-yerde of londe with 

pe pertinences, ]?at is to say : 

In the Westfelde, j. dj.-acre at Mikett mere, In Wacbreche, 

And j. dj.-acre in Medulfurlonge In the mershe, And 1 j. dj.-acre ao 

a half-yard 
land (15! 
acres), viz. 

in the West agaynste Kyngstrowstrete, And j. Rodde towarde smalestrete, 
And j. dj.-acre towarde thremthorn, And j. dj.-acre In-to "Wode- 

acres, 11 
3 roods; 

in East 
1 acre, 
* leaf 49, 
10 half 
acres : 

and an acre 
of meadow. 

weye, And j. dj.-acre At mylborews [slade 1 , and j. dj.-acre 
at Wowelonde, and j'. dj.-acre at Braylesweye], And j. Rodde 2 4 
By smalebroke, And j. dj.-acre vppon) lfayden)berowe, And 1 
j. dj.-acre vppon) Hokernesse, And j. dj.-acre at Sholdreswette 2 , 
AncTiij. Acris AncTj. Rodde Abowte ScapuHhutte s : 

And in the Estfelde, dj. an) Acre at Northlonge slade, And 1 28 
j*. dj.-acre agaynste Otehull Diche, And 1 j. dj.-acre At Oldegore, 
And 1 j. dj.-acre towarde Wlsi*esweHe, And j. dj.-acre In North- 
halfe lambecotestrete, And j. [dj.]-acre 4 At pe ffyfe Acris, And 
j. dj.-acre In Gerardislake, And j.-acre towarde pe Stowre, And 3 a 
j. dj.-acre At Threme Wette, And j. dj. acre At Whichemestrete, 
And j. dj.-acre By Gerardislake : 

And j. dj.-acre 8 of mede In Heme mede : 

to Be holde and 1 to be had, to J?e Saide church" e and 1 chanons, 36 

1 Added from the Latin. 
8 ' schokereswelle.' 
3 'Stapenhulle.' 

* ' half-acre ' in the Latin. 
5 'an acre,' in the Latin, which is (as 
stated in no. 24) the normal amount. 

[XXXIIII] Hokenorton 177 

wefte and In pece, ffrely and quietly for Euer. And I, Roger 
and 1 my heyres and 1 myne assines, to x pe Saide halfe yerde 
of londe with the pertinences to the saide church and Chanonl [Warranty 
4 agaynste aft Juys and men) schatt \varanti3e Aquite and Defende jf^f 
for Euer, as ffree pure and ow? perpetueft almes. And that pis 
my yifte graunte, Sec 5 . 

[224.] Know poo that been nowe And to Be that I, John About 

8 of Chorletofi), yafe, grauntid, And with this presente my charter gjTl to 

confermyd, to ffrere William, Abbot of Oseney, and to pe chanonl Oseney, by 

]>ere Seruyng god and for Euer to serue, iiij. shelyngwortb cborleton, 

of yerely rent with the pertinences In Hokenorton), In-to ffree ofaquit- 

12 pure and perpetueft almys, the which thomas ffrankelyne yerely as^eudai 1 ' 
to me was i-wonyd to paye for j. yerde of londe and A Crofte superiority 
pat is i-callid Rokeshutt, to Be take of pe Same thomas and his land, 
heyres or his assines at two termes of pe yere, that is to say, at 

16 pe fest of Seynte Myjghett ij. 1. And at pe ffeste of Seynte Marie 
in Marche ij. i. I haue i-grauntid also, to p e foresaide Abbot 
and chanon§, aft that Euer in the foresaide rente, with his per- 
tinences, I had or myjght have, withoute oony agayne-holdyng with the 

20 to me or myne heyres or myne Assines perteynyng, with wardis, ary r ightg 
Relefis, Hariettes, And Eschetes, And helpis, and aft other* implied 

r by it. 

thynges to pe same rente perteynyng for Euer. And I, John, 
And myne heyres or myne assynes, the foresaide iiij. shelyng- 

24 worth of rente with aft his pertinences aforesaide, to the foresaide 

Abbot And chanonl for Euer schatt warantisje, defende, And [Warranty 
Aquite, agaynste aft cristefi) men) And Juys And women), as ffree jf ^i* 
pure And ow? perpetueft almes. In-to witnesse of the which 

28 thyng to this present writyng 1 my seale I haue i-put to. pese 
witnesses, &c 9 . 

[225.] Knowe aft men) that I, Thomas lee ffrankaleyne, About 
Grauntid, for me and myne heyres or myne assynes for Euer, to 127 °- 


32 paye to "William, Abbot of Oseneye, and to pe chanoriB ))ere ledgement 
seruyng god, iiij. 3. yerely at pe termes In the charter that they t ° Thon^aa 
hauen) of John Chorleton) of pe foresaide rente i-contente, And ie franklin, 
pat pe foresaide Abbot And chanons may distrayne [me 2 and bound to 

1 Omit ' to.' 2 Inserted from the Latin. 


[XXX IIII] Hokenorton- 

pay them 
the quit- 
rent, as in 
no. 224. 

my heirs or my assigns by whatever kind of distraint] ]?orowgh 
aft the londes and tenements (holdyng 1 ) the whicli I holde In 
Hokenorton), and 1 aft 2 the foresaide londis and 1 tenementes 
holdyng 1 , to paye to the foresaide Abbot and chanon3 be foresaide 4 
yerely rente at )> e termes i-set, if wee fayle (that god forbede). 
In-to witnesse, &c 9 . 

* leaf 50. 
Grant to 
Oseney, by 
John of 

of a 


[226.] Knowe Jjoo that Been) nowe and to bee pat I, John 
ChorletorD, yafe & graun*ticT, and with this my present Charter 8 
confermed 1 for me and 1 myne heyres & for the helth of my Sowle 
and 1 of moolde my wiffe And 1 of Sibille my mod-Mr and 1 for be 
Sowle of my ffadu?, In-to pure and 1 perpetuett almes, to god 1 and 1 
to pe church of Seynte Marie of Oseney and to be chanoris" ]>ere 12 
seruyng god, be fourth parte of j. acre be which lieth By the 
pasture the which Is i-callid 1 Helecumbe 8 and strecchith In- 
to another 4 fourth parte of j. acre of pe foresaide chanons" of 
pe weste parte At Wiggelanam *. And I, John, and 1 myne 16 
heyres, the foresaide fourth parte of j. acre to pe foresaide 
church and chanoni agaynst aft men) and women) for Eue? 
schatt waranti3e. And 1 that this my jjevyng, &c 9 . 

Grant to 
Oseney, by 
John son 
of John of 

of an en- 
on which 
stood a 

[227.] Knowe poo that Be nowe and to Bee that I, John, 20 
the Soone of 5 p e heyre of John Cherlton), yafe and Grauntid? 
and with this my charter cowfermyd 1 , for me and myne heyres or 
myne Assynes, to god" and 1 to pe church of Seynte Marie of 
Oseney and to be chanons" pere seruyng god and for Euer to 24 
serue, for my helth and of Cristine my wiffe and 1 of my children) 
And for pe helth of my ffadwr & modu?ancTmyne Ann ceturs, In- 
to ffree pure And 1 perpetuett Almes, that 6 place with att the 
closyng Inne, In Hokenorton), vppoiD the which stode p e shepe- 28 
howse of John Sumtyme my Beelesire And of John Sumtyme 
my ffadur, the which lieth By the Abbotes londe of Oseneye of 
pe Northe parte : to be holde and to Be had, to be Saide 
chanon^ and 1 to pe? Successours, of me and 1 of my heyres or my 32 
assines, as ffrely as I John or oony of myne auncetwrs hit with 
att the closid 1 Inne euer mooste ffrely helde, withoute oony 

1 Omit, out of place : unless it is • [or] 
holdyng[s],' an alternative rendering. 

3 * all . . . holding '=all who hold : 'omnes 
. . . tenentes ' = omnes, qui tenent. . . 

3 Holecumbe. 

* ' apud Wyggelewam.' 

5 Read • and.' 

6 • illam placeam cum toto incluso.' 

[XX XIII I] EoJcenorton 179 

withholdyng. And I, John, ancTmyne heyres or myne Assynes, 
the Saide place, with" atte the close, to pe foresaide church and" 
chanoni and 1 to Ipere successors, agaynste all men), cristen) And 1 [Warranty 
4 Juys, schall \varanti3e, Aquite, and defende, as ou? pure and" jews.] 
Euerlastyng almes. And 1 pat my yifte & graunte and 1 of charte? 
confirmacwn, &c s . 

[228.] To all cristen) men) to the which this present writyng 1232. 

8 schall come, Thomas \ Erie of Warwike, the Soone of Henry Confirm*. 
' # ' ' J tion to 

Erie of Warwike helth. To all your knowlege I will it to Oseney, by 
come, for the helth of my Sowle and 1 of the Sowle of my aun- ear i f ' 
ceturs, [me] to haue i-grauntid and with this present charter to Warwick, 

1 2 haue i-confermyd, for me Ande myne heyres for Euer, to god and 1 
to pe church of Seynte marie of Oseney and 1 to pe Chanonl In hit 
Seruynggod 1 , all the londes, goodes, and 1 possession^, bothe 2 of of all 
the Church and 1 of the lay fee, yiftes, grauntes, connr*maaons, f^fso 

16 and 1 ffredoms, to pern) i-yefe (to s pern)) of there Aduocates, that back, 
is to Say, of Robert Doylly and 1 of Edithe his wine, of Henry SJJJJon 
Doylly the ffirst, of Henry Doylly pe Secuwde, and 14 of all his in the 
ffree men) tenauntes (or holders) of the ffee of Doylly, as pe Hook- 

20 charters of pein) (all pe which pe Same chanoni vppon) these no ? b n ' 
thynges hauefD) witnessen) : to be holde and 1 to Be had, to pe saide of their fee, 
chanonl for Euer, In-to ffree pure and 1 perpetuell almes, welle 
and 1 In pece, ffrely and 1 quietly, hooly and 1 worschipfully, In with all 

24 there owne Demaynes, & villenages, In wodys, playnys, medes, ^iyjiege& 
ffedynges, pasturis, Communes, waters, Milles, poundes 6 , 
ffyssheweres, stewys, weyis, Patthis, and 1 in all othe? thynges 
and 1 places, with all liberteis and 1 ffree custom^, quietaunces, and 

28 with all thynges [pertaining 6 , in town and without town, as in 
the charters of all the beforesaid more] ffully Been) conteyned 1 . 
And this Grauntyng, f. And 7 all-soo with all liberteis and 1 with 
all pertinences, In towne and 1 owte of towne, as In charters 

1 ThomaBof Newburgh, succeeded as 6th catorum suorum.' Here ' advocati ' is used 

earl of Warwick in 1229, died 1242, had in the technical sense of the 'patrons' 

inherited the barony of Hooknorton from (i. e. the Doyly family) of Oseney. 

his mother Margery, sister and heiress of * ' et omnium liberorum hominum tenen- 

Henry Doyly II. cium de feodo de Oylli.' 

a ' possessiones tam ecclesiasticas quam B i. e. ponds : ' (in) stagnis.' 

laicas.' 6 Added from the Latin. 

s The bracketed words are in error for T i. e. the copyist now brings in the 

' of the gifts ' ; f eis collatas de donis advo- words he has dropped two lines above. 

H 2 


[XXXIITI] Hokenorton 

of all be foresaide thynges fully Been) conteynecT. pese Been) 
witnesse Godefrey of Graucumbe 1 , benne schrewe of oxon- 
forde, ?. 

Grant to 
Oseney, by 
Simon of 

of his in- 
terest in 
a stream, 
to supply 
their mill- 

[229.] To alt cristen) men), Symon) of Herevifte heltn In 4 
our 1 lorde. Knowe ye all me to haue i-grauntid 12 and quite 
to haue i-claymed 1 , for me and myne heyres, to Si? Richard ■ 
Abbot of Oseney, and 1 to be chanons ]rere Seruyng 1 god, all the 
ry3ght and 1 clayme bat I had 1 or myjght have In the litult Biuer 8 
that is i-callid Karsewelle lake, so that be Saide chanohs the 
saide lake vppon) Ipere Demayne maye turne hit to bere Mille 
and 1 quietly maye haue hit, withoute oony agayne-saying of me 
or of myne heyres for Euer. In-to witnesse, &c 5 . 12 

Grant to 
Oseney, by 
William le 
of an acre 
of meadow. 




[230.] Knowe * they that Been) nowe And 1 to Bee that [I], 
William lee Brune yafe & Grauntid 1 , toke and Deliuered 1 , and" 
with my present charter confermyd 1 , for me and 1 myne heyres for 
Euer, to go(T and 1 to be church of Seynte Marie of Oseneye and" 16 
to be chanon^ bere seruingGocPand for Euer to Serue, j. acre of 
mede In the commune mede of Hokenorton) In Smechdole : to 
be holde and 1 to Be had, to be saide church and Chanohs, welte 
and 1 In pece, ffrely and 1 quietly, In-to ffree pure and perpetuett 20 
almes for Euer. And I William and 1 myne heyres the Saide 
acre of mede, to be fforesaide chanohs of Oseney, agaynste ail 
pepult (Juys and cristen) men)), schatt waranti3e, Aqwite, And 
Defende for Euer. In-to witnesse, &c 9 . 24 

Grant to 
Oseney, by 
William le 
of a half- 
* leaf 51. 

[231.] Knowe thoo that Be nowe And to Bee that I, William 
lee Brune of Hokenorton), yafe and Grauntid 1 and with this 
present charter confermyd, for me & for myne heyres for Euer, 
to God and to be church of Seynte Marie of oseney and 1 to the 28 
Chanohs bere Seruyng 1 and for Euer to Serue, j. dj.-Acre of 
* Arable londe In the Weste Crofte Att Botted 1 Dich: to Be 
holde and to Be had 1 , to be Saide church and chanohs bere 
Seruyng 1 god, well and 1 in pece, ffrely and 1 quietly, In-to ffree 3 2 

1 Godfrey of Crawcumbe was sheriff of 
Oxfordshire, 10-16 Henry III, 1226-31 : 
Davenport's Oxfordshire (1888), p. 25. 

a Marginal note : ' Kersewell lake to 
cum to their myll wAtch lake is called the 

shere Lake & lyeth above Kerseis were.' 
s Probably Richard de Apletre, abbot 

4 Marginal note : ' Hokenorton.' 

[XXX I1II] Hokenorton 181 

and 1 perpetuett almes for Euer. And I, William lee Brune, and 1 
nryne heyres, pe Saide dj.-acre of londe, to the Saide churcne 
and chanons" of Oseneye, agaynste alt men) and women), schatt 
4 \varanti3e Aquite and Defende ffor Euer. In-to witnesse, &c 9 . 

[232.1 Knowe boo that Ben) nowe and to Bee bat I, About 


William lee Brune of Hokenorton), yafe Grauntid" and with this ~ 1 . 

present charter corafermyd 1 , for me and 1 myne heyres for Euer, to Oseney, by 

8 God and 1 to the church of Seynte Marie of Osenei/ and 1 to pe Brune, 

chanoni bere Seruyng, a yerely rente of j. d 1 . In the towne ofaquit- 

of Hokenorton), the which thomas ffrankaleyne of Hokenorton) ag f eu( j a i ' 

was i-wonyd 1 to paye to me In the Daye of Seynt John Baptiste, superiority 

12 and what-So-Euer byngmaye happe of the Same rente, withoute (cf. a^4\ 

reteynyng to me and 1 to myne heyres for Euer : to be holde and 1 rev ersion- 

to Be had, to the saide Church and 1 chanonl! bere Seruyng god, a *7 an ? , A 

' r J ° ° ' other rights 

welt and 1 In peece, ffreely and 1 quietly, In-to ffree pure and 1 per- implied 
16 petuett almys for Euer. And I, William Browne, and 1 myne yl * 
heyres, pe foresaide rente with be pertinences, to the Saide 
church and 1 chanonl, agaynste all men), schatt \varanti3e Aquite 
And Defende ffor Euer. In-to witnysse, &c 9 . 

20 [233.1 Knowe boo that Bee nowe and 1 to Bee that I, About 
■ ■ • 1270 

William lee Brune, yafe Grauntid 1 and with this present charter Q. ran J. ^ 

confermydl for me And 1 myne heyres for Euer, to God 1 And to be Oseney, by 

. J ' t ,_ . „ j; J „ ' _ _ r William le 

churcn of Seynt Marie of Oseneye ancTto be chanons bere Seruyng Brune, 
24 god 1 and for Euer to Seme, j. dj.-acre of Arable londe In the ofahalf- 
ffelde of Hokenorton) agaynste thremthorn) By-Side the londe acre ' 
of William Sweyne, And j. Bodde of londe the wich strecchith and a rood. 
hit-Selfe In lambecotestrete By the londe of William Sweyne : 
28 to be holde and 1 to be had, weft and 1 In peece, ffrely and 1 quietly, 
In-to ffree and 1 perpetuett almes for Euer. And I, William, and" 
myne heyres, be Saide dj.-acre and j. rodde of londe, to be fore- 
saide church and 1 chanonl bere seruyng god, agaynste att men) 
32 and women), schatt warantije Aquite And 1 Defende for Eue?. 
In-to witnesi, &c 9 . 

[234.1 Knowe boo that Bee present and 1 to Be that I, About 

• 1270 

William Brune, yafe and Grauntid 1 toke and Deliuered and with Gran J. to 
36 this present charter confermed 1 , for me and 1 myne heyres for Euer, Oseney, by 


[XXXIIII] Hokenorton 

William le 

of a half- 
acre and 
2 butts, 

* leaf 51, 
subject to 
of is. 6d. 




to god and to p e church" of Seynte marie of Oseneye and 1 to p e 
chanonS Ipere Seruyng god and for Euer to Serue, for my heltn 
and 1 of Anneys my wiffe and 1 of my Aunceturs, In-to ffree pure 
and perpetuett almes, j. dj.-Acre of Arable londe, with ij. Buttes, 4 
Att Hertelfeet * In the ffelde of Hokenorton), sauyng * A rente 
of xviij. d. to 2 the foresaide chanonl at ij. termes In the yere to 
Be payd : to Be holde and 1 to be had, to pe Saide church and 
chanonl, weft and in pece, ffrely and 1 quietly for Euer. And I, 8 
William, and 1 my heyres, the Saide londe with the pertinences, 
to the saide church and 1 chanonl, Agaynste aft men), Juys and 
Cristen, schatt warantije, Aquite, & Defende for Euer. In-to 
witnesse, &c 9 . u 



Grant to 
Oseney, by 
of feudal 
over a free- 
hold, repre- 
sented by 
5». quit- 

money, £2. 

[235.] Knowe poo that been nowe and 1 to Bee that I, 
Robert Bernarde of Hokenorton), for my helth and with thassente 
of ffelice My wyffe and of Geffrey my ffirst Borne Soone, yafe 
and Grauntid, and 1 with this present charter confermyd, to God 16 
and 1 to the church of Seynte Marie of Oseneye and to p e chanonl 
])ere seruynge god, aft the ry^ght that I had or myjght haue In 
j. acre s of londe, with pe pertinences, at Hokenorton), that is to 
Say, pe which that philippe of Hampton helde of me, paying to 20 
me yerely v.l., [that is to say], at pe Birth of ou? lorde ij. 1. vj. d. 
and 1 at pe Natiuite of Seynte John Baptiste ij. ?. vj. d 1 . : to be 
had and 1 to Be holde, to pe Same chanons for Euer, with homages 
of p 3 Same philippe, and 1 with att pertinences, ffrely And pesibty j 24 
hooly ancTquietly, fro aft Secule? seruice, exaccion,an6TDemaunde, 
sauyng pe Tenure of pe Same philippe and 1 of his heyres. And 1 
I, the Saide Robert, and 1 myne heyres, the saide yevyng to the 
Saide chanonl schatt warantije and Defende for Euer agaynste 28 
att men) and 1 women). And for this yevyng Grawntyng con- 
fermyng and warantijyng [the * said canons gave me, of the 
charity of the house, iij. marks. And that this my gift may] 
Abide Sure and Stedefast (also corofermyng and 1 warantijyng), 32 
hit, with this present writyng and 1 puttyng too of my Seale, 
I have i-strenghthid 1 hit : pese witnessis, &c 9 . 

1 ' Hertelston.' 

a Head probably ' by ' ; but the Latin is 
' predictis Canon icis ' not 'a pre:lictis.' 

Eead ' yardland ' : virgata. 
Added from the Latin. 

[XXXIIII] Hokenorton 183 

[236.] Know thoo bat Bee nowe and to Bee that I, [Robert] About 

Bernarde of Hokenorton), for be heltH of my Sowle and 1 of the Q^^to 

Sowles of my aunceturs, yafe ancTgraunticTand with this present Oseney, 

4 charter confermyd, to god 1 and 1 to be church of Seynt marie Bernard, 

of Oseneye and to be chanonl bere Seruyng god, viij. acris of 4 acres in 

of londe in the feldis of Hokenorton), that is to Say, iiij. acris In an & 4 j n ' 

j. felde and iiij. a ris in a-nothe? ffelde, the which (that is to anotner > 
8 Say) viij. acris Dame sibifte sumtyme wiffe of Henry Doylly to 

fferme of me helde; And ffurbermore j. acre, that is to Say, dj. andahalf- 

an) acre agaynste Suddonam [in] j. felde, and 1 dj. an) acre In field, and a 

Wulstanescropte In the other 1 ffelde : to be holde and 1 to be had, another! in 

12 to the Saide chanoris for Euer, In-to ffree pure and 1 perpetueft 
almes, wefte and 1 In peece, ffrely and 1 quietly, fro alt Seruise, 
secule? exaccion, and 1 Demaunde. And I and myne heyres the 

foresaide londe to p e Saide chanons for Euer schatte * warantije, * leaf 52. 

16 Defende, And 1 Aquite, agaynste aft men) And women). In-to 
witnesse of the which, &c 9 . 

[237.] Knowe yee that Bee nowe ancTto Bee that I, Robert About 
Bernarde of Hokenorton), yafe and Grauntid 1 and with this G ran j; ^ 
20 present writyng cowfermed 1 , for me and? myne heyres for Euer, Oseney, 

. by Robert 

to God and 1 to be church of Seynte marie of Oseneye and to be Bernard, 
chanoni bere seruyng god, iij. acris of Arable londe and j. dj. In of 3! acres 
tbe ffeldis of Hokenorton) : pat is to Say, dj. an) acre by-yonde gfarips 6 m 

24 Northfurlonge slade vppoii) Otehufte, and j. acre and a dj. In the 
crofte of the saide Robert and 1 of John Charteton the which hit- 
eelfe strecchith in-to be Brj'nge 1 , And j. djf.-acre the which 
strecchith hit-selfe In-to the lenght of the Diche bitwene the 

28 Crofte of the Erie and the Crofte of the Saide Robert of the 
Sowthe partie, And j. dj.-Acre In Wadbrech the which strecchith 
hit-selfe In-to lambecotestrete, and dj. an) acre In the Mershe, 
that is to say, In medefurlonge 2 by the mede s of John Chorle- 

32 ton) ; Andij. acris of mede, that is to Say, In mereweftfurlonge and 2 acres 
dj. an) acre, And 1 in Slogfurlonge dj. an) acre. And vppon) lode- 8 t r jps. 
weft Hifte dj. an) acre, And [at] thremeweft dj. afi) acre : to be 
holde and to be had, with aft pertinences, to be saide churche 

36 and chanon^, In-to ffre pure and 1 perpetueft almys, wefte and In 

1 ' in ripam.' a ' Medfurlunge.' 8 ' iuxta terram.' 


[XXXIIII] Hokenorton 

peece, frely and quietly fro alt Secule? service and Demaunde 
for Euer. And I, Robert, & myne heyres, alt the foresaide 
thynges, with the pertinences, to p e foresaide churche and 
chanon? schalt \varanti3e and Defeude Agaynste all pepult for 4 
Euer. In-to witnessis, &c 9 . 


Grant to 
by Robert 

of 2 acres. 

[238.] Knowe thoo pat be nowe and to Bee that I, 'Robert 
Bernarde of Hokenorton), yafe and Grauntid, and with this 
present charter corafermycT, to God 1 and to Seynte marie of 8 
Oseneye and 1 to pe chanon^ Ipere seruyng 1 god 1 , for pe sowle 
of my ffadu? and 1 of my modu? and 1 of myne aunceturs, ij. acris 
of londe In the towne of Hokenorton), that is to saye, In the 
northfelde, j. acre pe which turneth towarde the waye of 12 
Smalebroc ; In felde towarde pe Est, dj.-acre pe which turneth 
towarde fiffacram 1 , and dj.-acre pe which turneth vpporu 
Karswetle lake : to be holde, In-to pure and" perpetuelt almys. 
pese witnessis, &c 9 . !6 


Sale to 
by Robert 

* leaf 52, 
of a half- 
acre and a 
piece of 
a half-acre, 

and a rood. 

money, £1, 

[239.] Knowe pey that Bee nowe and to Bee. that I, 
Robert Bernarde of Hokenorton) yafe and Grauntid, and with 
my present charter confermyd, for me and 1 for myne heyres for 
Euer, to God and 1 to p e church of Oseney and 1 to p e chanoni 20 
*pere seruyng God, In-to ffree and 1 perpetuelt almys, j. dj.-acre 
of londe, that ia to say, the ffirst dj.-acre of my crofte In the 
Este partie, with A lituli parte of lond 1 lying to, pe which 
is i-callid 1 le Schelde ; And 1 anoper dj.-acre Euyn) agaynste 24 
ye couite of John chorleton), that is to say, pe ffyrst pe which 2 
is i-schortid 1 ; and 1 j. Rodde In Wadbrecche, that is to say, 
In mydullfurlonge nexte of the foiewe : to be holde and 1 to 
be had 1 to pe saide chanons for Euer, well and 1 In peece, ffrely 2 8 
and 1 quietly fro alt Secule? seruice exaccion and Demaunde. 
And I and 1 myne heyres pe saide londe with [the pertinences] 
to pe saide chanonl for Euer schalt waran^e [and] defeude 
agaynste alt pepult, and 1 of alt seruice secule? & exaccton schalt 32 
aquite and defende. And for this yifte Graunte and waran- 
tyjyng pe saide chanohi relesid 1 to me alt pe Dette that 3 
I wowid 1 of the arrerage of my rente, that is to say, xx. 1. 

* super Sinacram.' 

3 ' qu[a]e curtatur.' 

1 quod eis debebam. 

[XXXIIII] Hokenorton 185 

of siluer. And that this yifte Graunte and* warantljyng sure 
and 1 stable for Euer to Abide, to this present writyng hee put to 
his seale : pese witnessis, &c 9 . 

4 [240.1 Knowe boo that been nowe and to Bee that I, About 


Robert Bernarde of Hokenorton), for my helth and of myne, _ . * 
with bassent of ffelice my wiffe and of Geffrey my ffirste soone, Oseney, 
yafe, Grauntid, and with this present charter cowfermyd, to god Bernard, 

8 and to be church of Seynte Marie of Oseney and to be chanons of A* 1 * 1 *" 
bere seruyng god, aft the ryjght that I had or myjght have In out of a 
oone mese at Hokenorton) that Adam Sparowe helde be which and his ' 
is nexte to my dwellyng, of be which pe fame Adam yeldith to other m- 

12 me yerely ij. "s\, bat is to say, at cristmasse xij. d. and at be ffest the messu- 
of Seynte John Baptiste xij. d. : to be holde and to be had, age " 
to the saide chanons for Euer, of me and myne heyres, with 
homage and Seruice and the foresaide rente of the foresaide 

16 Adam, sauyngbe tenure or holdyng of pe same and his heyres, 
weft and 1 In peece, hooly and quietly fro aft secule? seruice 
demaunde and exaccton, Also with the foresaide homage, seruice, 
and rente aforesaide, of the saide heyres of Adam. And I ande 

20 myne heyres aft the foresaide bynges to be foresaide chanoni 
schaft waranti3e agaynste aft peputt. And for pis yevyng, 
Grauntyng, confermyng, and waranti3yng, be saide chanonB Purchase- 
yafe to me xx. 3. of sterlynges of charite of here howse. And [Ten years' 

24 that this yevyng, &C 9 . purchase.] 

[241.] Knowe boo that been nowe and 1 to Bee that I, About 

Robert Bernarde of Hokenorton), for me and myne heyres, yafe g a j e to 

Grauntid and with this pre*sent charter confermyd, for my 0sene y. 

* leaf 53 
28 helth and of myne, for Euer to God and to p e church of Seynte b Bohert 

Marie of Oseneye and to p e chanon^ bere seruyng god, pe Rente Bernard, 

of vj. d. In Hokenorton), be which Stephyn Mody was i-wonyd ofaquit- 

yerely to yelde to me for [iiij.] acris of my londe In the Same out of 

32 towne, that is to say, ij. acris In oone felde, and ii. in A-nother, 4 acres, 

j 1 -r-i i • and his 

and what-so-Euer thyng in the same rente I had or myjght other in- 

haue, withoute oony withholdyng-agayne to me and to myne thsae acres. 

heyres : to be hold and to be had, to be saide chanoni for Euer, 

36 weft and In peece, ffrely and quietly fro aft secule? seruice 

exacceon and Demaunde. And I and myne heyres the saide 


[XXX IIII~\ Hokenorton 

money, 5«. 
[Ten years' 

Grant to 
by Eobert 

of a piece 
of land. 

rente of vj. d 1 . to be saide chanonS for Euer schall \varanti3e 
agaynste alt pepult, schall defende and 1 aquite. And for this 
yevyng Grauntyng- and 1 warantijyng 1 pe saide chanonl yafe 
to ire before-handes v. 1. In-to witnesse, &c 9 . 4 

[242.] Knowe pey that Been now and to bee pat I Robert 
Bernarde of Hokenorton) yafe Grauntid and with this present 
charter cowfermycT, for me and myne heyres for Euer, to god 
and to pe church of Seynte marie of Oseney and to pe chanonl 8 
\>ere seruyng god, all that parte of the londe the which [is] of 
my courte pe which lieth bitwene my chefe howse and the 
howse of Adam Sparewe and hit cowteyneth pe Space of xxxviij. 
fote In brede and 1 xxviij. fote In p e lenght : to be hold and" to be 12 
had, to pe saide chanonl, In-to ffre pure and 1 perpetuelt almys, 
well and In pece, ffrely and quietly, to be i-bildidandi-disposid 1 
afte? pat pey seme best to pern to be goode. And 1 1 Robert and 1 
myne heyres alt the foresaide thynges to pe saide chanonl schall 16 
warantije and all secule? seruice exaccton and Demaunde schall 
Aquite and Defende agaynste all pepull for Euer. And that 
this yevyng 1 , &c 9 . 

Sale to 
by Jeffrey 
eon of 
of his 
and all his 
lands, with 
all his in- 
terest in 

♦leaf 53, 

[243.] Knowe poo that ben nowe and to be that I, Geffrey 20 
Bemarde, pe Soone of Robert Bernarde of Hokenorton), yafe and 
Grauntid and with this present charter [confirmed] and quite- 
claymed 1 for me and* myne heyres for Euer, to god and to the 
church of Seynte marie of Oseney and to pe chanonl in hit seruyng 24 
god, all my londe with the pertinences the which to me by heritage 
descendit of the same Robert my ffadu?, with the mese that 
whas of my ffadurs l , & with all othe? pertinences to the same 
londe perteynyng 1 , And 1 alt the ryjght pat I had or my^ght have 28 
in alt the foresaide thynges, withoute oony holdyng'-agayne 
to me or to myne heyres for Euer : to be holde and 1 to be had, 
to the saide church and to pe chanonl for Euer, well and In 
peece, ffrely *and quietly fro all seculer seruice exacczon and 32 
demaunde. And I and my heyres pe saide londe, with the 
mese and with all pertinences and his ryjghtes, to pe saide 
church and 1 chanonl schall warantije for Euer agaynste all men) 
and women). And for this yevyng Grauntyng 1 quite- clay myng 36 

patris mei.' 

[XXX IIII] Hokenorton 187 

and warantijyng 1 , the saide chanon3 yafe to me xxx. 3., and Purchase- 
ij. quarters of corne, bat is to say, dj. of whete and? dj. of Eye. £i 10*. with 
And that this yevyng, &c 9 . *heat and 

one of rye. 

4 [244.] Knowe boo that Ben nowe and 1 to Be that I, thomas About 
Koterett of Hokenorton), yafe and Grauntid and with this Grant to 
present charter cowfermyd 1 , for me and 1 myne heyres for Euer, to ^seney, 
god and to pe church of Oseneye and to be chanoni bere seruyng cottereli, 

8 God ana? for Euer to serue, In-to ffree pure and 1 perpetuett 
almes, j. dj.-acre of Arable londe In the "West ffelde of Hoke- of ahalf- 
norton) strecchyng in-to i oleheme mere by the londe of philip 
Aylwarde, And A-nother dj.-acre of londe at Stapelt by the a half-acre, 

1 2 londe of Symon) Coterell, And in the Est ffelde dj.-acre of londe 

strecchyng 1 in-to fforew by the parke of Swereforde bytwene the and a half " 
londe of thomas Sparowe and Symonde Coterell : to be holde 
and 1 to be had, to the saide church and 1 chanoriB bere seruyng 

!g god 1 , well ande In peece, ffrely and 1 quietly, In-to free pure and 1 
perpetuett almys for Euer. And 1 I, thomas, and 1 myne heyres, 
the sade dj.-acres, with the pertinences, to be saide church and 1 
chanohs" be? seruyng god 1 , agaynste all men) and women) schatt 

20 warantije aquite and Defende for Euer. In-to witnesse, &c 9 . 

[245.] Knowe Ipoo that ben nowe and to bee that I, f^°^ 
Symonde Coterell of Hokenorton), yafe and Grauntid 1 , and Grant to 
with this present charter cowfermyd 1 , for me and 1 myne heyres ^ e g^ on 

24 for Euer, to God 1 and to be church of Seynte marie of Oseneye Cottereli, 
and 1 to be chanonl Ipere geruyng God and for Euer to serue, 
In-to ffree pure and? perpetuett almys, j. dj.-acre of Arable londe of two 
In pe West ffelde of Hokenorton) strecchyng In-to roleheme 

28 Mere by the londe of thomas Coterell [and 1 another half-acre of 
land in the East field, between the land of Robert le Lay and 
Thomas Coterel] strecchyng in be fforewe by the Parke of 
Swereforde : to be holde and 1 to Be had, to be saide church and? [Swerford 

. Park.] 

32 chanohsfbere seruyng God, well and 1 in peece, ffrely and 1 quietly, 
In-to ffree pure ande perpetuett almes for Euer. And I, 
Symonde, and? myne heyres, the foresaide dj.-acre of londe, with 
the pertinences, to pe saide church and 1 chanows bere seruyng 

1 Added from the Latin. 


[XXXIIII] Hokenorton 

God, agaynste aft men) and women) schatt \varanti3e Aquite and 
defende for Euer. In-to witnesse, &c 9 . 

* leaf 54. 
Grant to 
by Robert 

of a half- 

[246.] Knowe boo that Been) nowe and 1 to Bee that I, 
Robert chapman) of Hok[enorton], y*afe and Grauntid 1 , and 4 
with this present charter haue confermyd, for me and" my 
heyres for Euer, to God and to pe church of Seynte marie 
of Oseney and to pe chanons bere serryng God and for Euer to 
serue, (ij. rodes 1 of londe In the ffelde of Hokenorton) vppon) s 
Stapulhutte by the londe of fflorence of mydylynton)) : to be 
holde ancT to be had 1 , to the saide church and* chanons J»ere 
seruyng god, wett and 1 In peece, ffrely and 1 quietly, In-to ffree 
pure and 1 perpetuett almys for Euer. And I and" myne heyres ia 
pe saide londe to pe saide church and 1 chanons - agaynste att 
peputt schatt warantije aquite ande defende for Euer. In-to 
witnesse, &c 9 . 

About [247.1 Knowe boo that ben) nowe and to Bee that I Alis of 16 

_ , Whicheforde yafe ande Grauntid, with and this present charter 
Oseney, confermyd, for me and 1 myne heyres for Euer, to god 1 and 1 to pe 
Whichford, church of Seynte marie of Oseneye and 1 to the chanonl Ipere 
of 2 roods, seruyng god and J>ere to Serue for Euer, ij. roddis of londe 20 
In the ffelde of Hokenorton) vppon) stapulhutte By the londe of 
fflorence of Midelynton) : to Be holde and to be had to the saide 
church and 1 chanons pere seruyng God, wett and 1 In peece, ffrely 
and 1 quietly, In-to ffree pure and 1 perpetuett Almes for Euer. 24 
And I AH3 and myne heyres the forsaide roddis of londe to pe 
foresaide church and chanonl pere seruyng god agaynste att 
men) And women) schatt warantije Aquite and Defende. In-to 
witnesse, &c 9 . 28 

Grant to 
by Henry 
of 1 rood. 

[248.] Knowe poo that Been) nowe and to bee that I, 
Henry Dymmoc of Hokenorton), yafe and Grauntid, and with 
this present charter confermyd 1 , to God 1 and 1 to p e Church of 
Seynte marie of Oseneye and 1 to pe chanoriS ]>ere seruyng god, 3 3 
j. rodde of Arable londe agaynste B,owein Hutte, Bitwene the 

1 By a singular mistake the translator 
at this point brings in the substance of no. 
247. It runs in the Latin ' one half-acre 

of land at the Holegore, next the laud of 
John of Cherlton.' 

[XX XI III1 Hokenorton 189 

londe [of John] de la burne and the londe of the lorde Abbot In 
the ffelde of Hokenorton) : to be holde and to be had, to pe saide 
church and 1 chanorii Ipere seruyng god, wett and 1 In peece, ffrely 

4 And 1 quietly, in-to ffi ee pure and 1 perpetuell almes for Euer. 
And I Henry Dymmoc and 1 myne heyres pe saide rodde afore- 
i-namyd 1 to pe foresaide church and? Chanons of Oseney agaynste 
all men) and 1 women) schall warantije aquite and 1 Defende for 

8 Euer. In-to witnesse, &c 9 . 

[249.] Knowe poo that Been) no we and to bee that I, About 
Adam Berca? * alms scheperde, yafe, Grauntid, and with this Gran t to 
present charter confermyd 1 , to God? and 1 to pe chanoni of Seynte Oseney, 

i2 marie of Oseney and to ffrere William 2 Abbot and to J>e chanonll the shep- 
there seruyng god and for Euer to serue, iij. dj.-acris of Arable ^f ^half- 
londe In pe ffeldis of Hokenorton), with alt the pe?-tinences, acres, 
whereof j. dj.-acre lieth at * Shokeressewell, and a-nothe? * leaf 54, 

1 6 dj.-Acre In Wadbrech In the "Westefelde, And 1 pe iij. dj.-acre 
lieth vppon) Otehull in the Estefelde : to be holde And 1 to 
be had, to J? 9 saide church Abbot and Couent and 1 to ]>ere 
successoures, of me and 1 of myne heyres, In-to pure and 1 per- 

20 petuelt almes. And I and 1 my heyres and 1 myne Assynes pe 
saide dj.-acres all iij. of londe, with the pertinences, to p e fore- 
saide church Abbot and 1 chanon"i and? to ]>ere successours, 
agaynste All cristen) men) and 1 Juys schall warantije Aquite [Warranty 

24 and Defende, as ow? pure and? perpetuell Almes. And 1 that this jf w ™] 
my yifte, &c 9 . 

[250.] Knowe poo that Been) no we and to bee that I, About 

William Elicronke s of Hokenorton), yafe, Grauntid 1 , and with Grant to 

28 this my charter corafermycT, for me and 1 myne heyres and 1 myne ^ se ^j. 

Assynes, to GocT and 1 to pe church of Seynte Marie of Oseney oiicronke, 
and 1 to ]>e chanons" pere seruyng god 1 , In-to pure and 1 perpetuell 

almes, xij. cC of yerely rente the which I was i-wony6?to take ofaquit- 

32 yerely of John ffijt William Millere for oone mese with A Curti- out of a 
lage and? iij. Acres of Arable londe pe which he helde of me In 
Hokenorton) for his homage and Seruise. I yafe also to J?e 

Saide church and chanonB homage and Seruise of pe saide John the feudal 


1 'Adam de Hokenortona, bercarius.' a William of Sutton, abbot 1268-84. 

8 or ' Olicronc.' 


[XXX IIII] Hokenorton 

rights im- and of his heyres, and what-so-Euer thyng 1 in the foresaide 
rente, mese, Curtilage, and" Arable londe, with the pertinences, 
I had or myjght haue, as In homage, Eschetes, Wardys, Relefs, 
Sutes, Helpis, and 1 in alt maner exacczons and Demaundes, 4 
withoute any reteynyng to^ me or to myne heyres or myne 
Assynes. [And I William and mine heirs] alt the foresaide 
thynges, to pe foresaide church and chanorii, agaynste alt 
[Warranty C ristefD men) And 1 Jues schatt warantije, aqwite,.and Defende, 8 
Jews.] as ou? pure and perpetuelt almys. In-to witnesse, &c 9 . 


Sale to 
by William 
of part of a 

and of [a 
land : — 

8 acres in 
West field, 
lying in 
14 half- 
acres, and 
4 roods ; 

and j I acres 
1 rood in 
East field, 
* leaf 55. 
lying in 
14 half- 
acres and 
3 roods, 

[251.] Knowe poo that Bee nowe and 1 to Bee that I, 
William ffijt Roger Olicronc, relesid 1 and 1 quite- clay med 1 , for me 
and 1 myne heyres for Euer, to Sir Richard l Abbot of Oseney 12 
and to pe chanon^ pere Seruyng god 1 and to pere successoures, 
halfe of my gardeyne or Curtilage, with the pertinences, In the 
Est parte In Hokenorton) ; 

and viij. acres of Arable londe In the Weste ffelde, of the 16 
which dj. acre lieth at ffayrevvell 2 ; and 1 dj. acre vppon) Stapul- 
hulte ; and dj. acre at Botoddich ; j. rodde vppon) fflexhulle ; 
dj. acre in Mershe strecchith hit-selfe in-to the mede ; dj. acre 
in Midduttfurlonge, in mershe ; j. rodde, In longefurlonge ; 20 
dj. acre, vndu? Hokernesse ; dj. acre, at Shokeiwelie more ; 
dj. acre, In longe Swynesdich ; dj. acre strecchith hit-selfe (in 3 ) 
post, id est, after longe smale broke ; dj. acre, aboue Martyns 
Mille ; dj. acre By-yonde Milburges slade ; dj. acre strecchit hit- 2 4 
Selfe post, id est, after longe Wodefordesweye ; dj. acre in 
Stowre in the weste parte of langedene ; dj. acre in Alueshammes 
furlonge strecchith hit-Selfe in Smalestrete, [1 rodde 4 in Smale 
strete] in Wadbrech, and j. rodde In Kyngessetrowstrete ; 28 

and vij. acres and dj. and j. rodde In the Est ffelde, of 
pe which dj. an) acre lieth vppon) the downe In the hye-weye 
of Icheforde, dj. acre at thremewell, *dj. acre In the crofte more 
weste, j. acre 6 and j. Kodde In the Same crofte, dj. acre In 3 2 
Wolstam) crofte, j. rode vppon) the downe, j. dj. acre at ■ the 

1 Probably Richard of Apletre, abbot 

a ' Seyrewell.' 

3 Omit ' in.' For eome reason the trans- 
lator retains the Latin word ' post.' 

* Added from the Cotton MS. 

8 'i acre ' also in the Latin, but should 
perhaps be ' j dj-acre,' since the items are 
half-an-acre in excess of the total. 

6 ' ad pontem de Astwelle.' 

[XXX IIII] Hokenorton 191 

wette of Aftwette, dj. acre at fif borogh *, dj. acre at Weste rugge 
weye, dj. acre at Otehutte diche, dj. acre at Katesbreyne, dj. acre 
at ffayrewette, dj. acre at Kugge weye by the fforowe of William 
4 Sweyne, dj. acre at 2 Monekenlake, dj. acre at 8 Ruydon), and 
j. rode At Astwettebrugge ; 

and j. acre of mede Euery yere In the commune mede of the and an 

acre in the 

same towne ; common 

8 with all his pertinences, in the towne And withoute the meadow « 
towne, withoute oony reteynynge to me or to myne heyres, 
So (that is to say) that nother I noper myne heyres in the fore- 
saide halfe curtilage, londe, and mede, with the pertinences, 
12 clayme or oony other ry^ght here-afte? may clayme, noper m0 ney, 
to haue. And for this relese and 1 my qwite-clayme pe foresaide f^^itinc- 
Abbot and? Couent yafe to me iiij. marke of Siluer, and" relesid tionofthe 
to me and 1 to myne heyres ij. "s\ vj. d. of rente pe which for the by which 
16 saide londe to p e foresaide Abbot and 1 Couent yerely I was h * e w l a ^ rom 
i-woned 1 to paye. And that this my relese and quite-clayme, &c 9 . Oseney. 

[252.] Knowe pey that Been nowe and to Bee that I, About 

John of tywe, yafe and? Grauntyd 1 , and with my present charter Grant to 

20 confermycT, for me and? myne heyres for Euer, to god and 1 to pe Oseney, 

church of Seynte marie of Oseneye and? to pe chanon^ Ipere ofTew, 

seruyngGod, j. dj.-acre of Arable londe In the ffelde of Hoke- °^eand 

norton), be which [half] acre strecchith In-to Rowenhuttes a rood 

. arable 

24 diche ; and j. rodde, In-to stapulhutte of the Sowthe partie, 
by the londe of Florence of .Midulton; And j. rodde of mede, 
In-to meiPe wette ffurlong' [and * one rodde of mede, into Swche- and a rood 

of mfi&dow 

wirthbede : to be holde and to be had] to pe Saide church and? 

28 chanons ]>ere seruynggod, wette and 1 In peece, ffrely and 1 quietly, 
in-to ffree pure and 1 perpetuett almys for Euer. And I John 
and myne heyres pe foresaide londe to pe foresaide church and 1 
chanons^ )>ere seruyng god? agaynste att men) and" women) schatt 

32 warantije And aqwite ande Defende for Euer. In-to wit- 
nesse, &c 9 . 

[253.] Knowe poo that Been) nowe and to Bee that I, John About 
of Tywe, yafe And Grauntid, and with this charter cowfermyd, Grant to 

1 Or'Fisborogh.' ' 'sub.' 

2 ' contra.' * Added from the Latin. 


[XXX II 11] Hokenorton 

by John 
of Tew, 
of 3 roods 


Grant to 
Oseney, by 
son of 
* leaf 55, 
of a half- 
(but with- 
out its 

he had 
held from 
Oseney by 
quit-rent of 
i lb. pepper. 

for me and 1 myne heyres ffor Eue?, to god and 1 to pe church 
of Seynte marie of Oseney e and to pe chanohs pere seruyng god 1 
& for Euer to serue, iij. roddis of Arable londe In the ffelde 
of Hokenorton) At Wlsiwelle By the roddys of Richard Reve * : 4 
to be holde and 1 to be had" to pe saide church and chanohs pere 
seruyng god 1 , weH and 1 In peece, ffrely and 1 quietly, In-to ffree 
pure ande perpetuell almys for Euer. And I John and myne 
heyres pe foresaide iij. rodys off londe to pe saide church and 1 8 
chanohs pere seruyng' God agaynste all men) and 1 women) schall 
waranti3e aquite and Defende for Euer as pure and 1 perpetuell 
almys. In-to witnesse, &c 9 . 

[254.] Know )>oo that Be nowe and to bee pat I, thomas 12 
ffrjt Roger of Hokenorton), ffor the helth of my Sowle and of my 
aunceturs, quite-claymed 1 relesid 1 and Deliuered, and with this 
present charter confermyd 1 , ffor me and 1 myne heyres, to God 1 
and 1 to the * church of Seynte Marie of Oseney and 1 to pe chanons 16 
pere seruyng 1 god, In-to ffree And 1 perpetuell almes, dj. yerde of 
londe, with all his pertinence*, oute-take a mese, In Hokenorton), 
pat is to say, dj. yerde of londe pe which lieth by the londe of 
Swetyng, pe which londe afo?e I helde of them : to be had 1 and 1 20 
to be holde for Euer, well and 1 In peece, ffrely and 1 quietly, holy 
and worschipfully, In weyes and In pathis, playnys, ffedyngea, 
ande pastures, and 1 In all oper thynges and 1 place*, to pe same 
londe perteynyng, And what-so-Euer thynge in the Same londe 24 
I had or myjght haue, withoute oony reteynyng to me or 
to myne heyres, quietly fro all secule? seruice exaccton and" 
Demaunde. And the saide chanohs me and myne heyres qwite- 
claymecTof pe seruice pat I was i-wonyd 1 to doo to pern) for pe 28 
same londe, that is to Say, of j. li. of pepu?. In-to witnesse, &c 9 . 

1240. [255.] Knowe poo that been nowe And 1 to Bee J»at [I], 

Grant to Jamys lee blunde ffrjt William lee blunde of ffauflore 2 , yafe, 

by James Grauntid 1 , toke, and, with this my charter confermyd 1 , for me 32 

oOfewiL an< ^ m y ne hey^s for Euer, to god and to p e church of Seynte 

of a messu- marie of Oseney and to pe chanohs' pere seruyng 1 god 1 , all my 

lands^ londe 3 pe which I helde in the towne of Hokenorton), with 

1 ' Ricardi prepositi.' 

2 i.e. Fawler. 

3 From the Cotton MS. Rev. H. Salter 

points out that the amount was 2 yard- 
lands, and 1 2 acres. 

[XXXIIII] Hohenorton 193 

a mese, and with alt his pertinences and ffredoms" to p e same 
londe longyng 1 , and 1 all pat I in them had 1 or myjght haue : to be 
holde and to be had 1 , to pe saide chanoriB, of me and myne 

4 heyres for Euer, in-to ffree and 1 perpetueli almys, quietly to be held 
and 1 worschipfully and 1 ffrely, paying" perof yerely to me and" j-Jnt'of" 
to myne heyres ij. marke of silue? at iiij. termys of the yere £l 6* 8d -» 
(pat is to say, at cristmasse, dj. a marke ; at Estur, dj. -marke ; 

8 At mydsomer, dj. -marke ; and 1 at my^ghelmasse, dj.-marke) for 
all seruice sauyng the Kynges seruice, pat is to say, allonly and to be 

.. itt subject to 

xij. d! wnen scuage renneth. And I Jamys and 1 myne heyres pe iS . for 
saide londe with pe mese agaynste all pepuli and 1 of seculer" scu age ' 

12 seruice and 1 of All Sutes exaccions and 1 Demauudys schall aquite 

and 1 Defende by the foresaide Seruice. And if perauenture the [Strong 
saide londe with pe pertinences to pe saide chanorii we may not clauses.] 
warantije whee schall make to pern) an) Eschaunge to pe value 

1 6 by the wiwe of lawfull men) of owf oper londes where pa,j may 
seme beste to spede to theme. And [if] ffor defawte of waran- 
tijyng aquityng and Defendyng of me or of myne heyres p e saide 
chanonl harmys or expensis renne ynne, wee schall satisfie 

20 pern), withoute dyfferryng and Difficulte, By the vywe of lawfull 
men). And that J> is my yeuyng 1 , &c 9 . 

[256.] To all cristen) men) to pe which pis present writyng 1 i25f, 
schall come Jamys lee Blunde of ffauflore helth. To pe know- e ' 3 ' , 

24 lege of all yowe I wille hit come me, for me and for myne heyres, to Oseney, 
at Candelmasse the yere of ou? lorde MlCClv., [to 1 have i^Blund, 
quit-claimed the canons of Oseney for ever of two marks of 
silver] In the which J>ey were i-holde to me yerely by cause 

28 of ij. roddis 2 of londe with a mese pe which pay haue i-holde of 
me In Hokenorton), ()>at s is for to saye, qmte to haue i-clamycTto 
pe chanonl of Oseneye ffor Eue? of ij. marke yerely) ; wherefore of the 
I wille yff that oony writyng 1 obligatorie, of poo ij. marke reserved 

32 makyng 1 mencion, in oony tyme niaye bee ffounde, pat hit in na 2S5- 
be brojght fforth and 1 hit * to be i-had for now;ght. In-to • leaf 56. 
witnesse, &c 5 . 

[257.] Knowe poo that bee nowe and to Bee that I, Henry About 

36 Doylly, the lorde Kynges constable, yafe and Grauntid 1 , and Grant to 

1 Added from the Latin. s Brought in by the translator when he 

'* Read 'yardlands': 'racione duarum found he had made the omission above 
virgatarum ' ; see no. 255. noted. 



[XXXIIII] Hokenorton 

by Henry 
Doyly H, 
of leave to 
shut up 
a way. 

with this present writyng 1 confermyd 1 , to the worschip of God 
and 1 of Seynte marie, to pahbot of Oseney ancTcouent or chanohs" 
of the same place, In Hokenorton) licence to close a wey that was 
bitwene my courte and 1 pe courte of pe foresaide chanohs for 4 
the Emendyng 1 of eype? conrte ; And J>e foresaide weye, ffor pe 
Sowles of my aunceturs, In-to pure and 1 perpetuett almes, 
to ]?e Encresyng 1 of pere courte to pe foresaide chanohs - yafe 
ande Grauntid 1 . In-to witnesse 1 , &c 5 . 8 


Grant by 
to Henry 
and heirs, 
of a messu- 
age and 
curtilage : 
probably in 
for no. 259. 

I Warranty 



[258.] To aft cristen) men) to home this present writyng 1 
schatt come, ffrere "Willyam 2 By Goddis mercy Abbot of Oseneye 
and of the same place couent helth. Knowe ye vs to haue 
i-yeve and grauntid 1 , and 1 with this present writyng to haue 12 
i-confermyd 1 , to Henry Dymmoc, and 1 to his heyres, a mese, with 
A curtilage, that "Willyam Kewy helde of vs In Hokenorton), 
that is bitwene p e d welly ng 1 of p e same Henry and 1 pe Dwellyng 
of Raph clerke : to be holtle and" to be had 1 , to pe foresaide 16 
Henry and 1 to his heyres, of vs and 1 ou? successoures, ffrely and 1 
quietly fro aft secule? seruice and Demaunde. And we and 1 
ou? successoures J>e saide mese with pe curtilage to pe foresaide 
Henry and 1 to his heyres agaynste aft cristen) men) and Juys 20 
schatt waranti3e aquite and defende for Euer, And p&t )> ia ou? 
yevyng, &c 9 . 

Grant to 
by Henry 
of a messu- 
age and 
probably in 
for no. 258. 

[259.] Knowe poo pat been nowe and to Bee that I, Henry 
Dymmoc, yafe, grauntid, and with this my present charter con- 24 
fermyd 1 , to God and 1 to pe church of Seynte marie of Oseney 
and to William Abbot and 1 to p e chanohS seruyng god Ipere, 
A mese, with A curtilage, and 1 dper pertinences, ]?e which I helde 
and had of pe yifte of Roger ffijt Alyne In Hokenorton), £>at * 8 
is to say, they been Euyn) agaynste pe Shepehouse of the same 
chanohs" Bitwene the Kynges hye weye and 1 the mese pe which 
William Kewy helde of William of coluwce : to be holde and 1 to 
be had, to pe foresaide church ande chanoni, of me and 1 of myne 3^ 
heyres [or] of myne assynes, In-to pure and perpetuett almys. 
And I, Henry, and 1 myne heyres or myne assynes, pe saide 
mese, with J> e Curtilage, and 1 oper pertinence*, to pe foresaide 

1 William of Hereville is one. 

8 William Sutton, abbot 1 268-84. 

[XXXIIII] Hohenorton 195 

church Abbot and Couent, agaynste aft cristen) mefD and? Juys [Warranty 
schaft \varanti3e, aquite, and 
almys. In-to witnesse, &c 9 . 

echatt \varanti3e, aquite, and Defende, as pure and perpetuett j ew ^.] 

4 [260.] Know att men) that I, Hugh of plesette's, Kny;jght, About 
Sawe pe charter pat Henry dymmoc made to God? And to p e 
church of Seynte marie of Oseneye And" to pe cha*nonl pere * leaf 56, 
seruyng God, In-to bese wordys ' Sciant praesentes & futwri,' &c 9 . 


tion to 

8 vt supra. And I, Hugh, pe foresaide yevyng hauyng rate and Oseney, 
Goodely 1 , hit with my seale printyng to pe foresaide chanons, ofPlessets, 

as feudal 

myne assynes, graunte and? conferme. These witnessis, &c 9 . of no. 259. 

In-to pure and? perpetuett almys, for me and myne heyres or 

J ' J J superior, 

[Note. — Henry Doyly II, died 1232, was the last male of the family. His sister 
and heir, Margery, had issue Thomas, earl of Warwick (no. 228), and Margaret, 
who became heir to her brother. This Margaret became second wife (1247) of 
Henry Ill's favourite, John of Plessets, who obtained in 1253 a grant of the barony 
of Hooknorton, which had been resumed by the crown. In this he was succeeded 
in 1263 by Hugh, his son by his first wife, who died 1291. For this Hugh's son 
Hugh, see no. 93.] 

[261.] A recorde of he banke 2 of pe Juys of londofi! 1285, May. 
ffor the londe of William lee Blunde of Hoke- 
nortorU whoos rollyng" Inne schatt be ffounde In the 
ffeste of the holy trinite In the yere of pe reyne of 
Kyng 1 Edwarde xiij. 

1 2 Joye s the which was pe wiffe [of] diey de Burforde, by his * Claim 

attorney, made to come thabbot of Oseney, holdyng a parte oseney, by 

of londys pe which were of William lee Blunde, & axith of hym a Jewess of 

ij. marke of catatte and 5 wynnynges perof i-come afore pe £i6s. 80., 

16 statute of the Kyng>, the which 6 hee oweth to hym 7 by pe e st(accrued 

occasion) of the foresaide londes b e which hee holdeth be which befor f tb - e 

r t ' statute of 

were of pe foresaide William (and 8 diey) by a charter of 1275)) being 

1 ■ ratam et gratam habens.' phrase which in Godstow book generally 

3 ' banke ' is ' bench,' i. e. the record is implies debt in the Jewry. 

of the court of law, in a suit raised by * ' Joya.' 

Jews. The indebtedness of the Blund * Read 'her.' 

family is shown in a deed quoted by Rev. 5 ' et lucrum inde emersum.' 

H. Salter from the Cotton MS., in which * scil. ' marcas.' 

James le Blund, making surrender as in T to her. 

no. 256, acknowledges payment of £17 6». * Omit 'and diey,' brought in out of 

8d. ' ad urgentissimam necessitatem,' a place. 



[XXX1III] Hokenorton 

half of a 
over lands 
of William, 
le Blund 
now held 
by Oseney. 
that at the 
time of 
making of 
the mort- 
gage the 
lands be- 
longed to 
that Wil- 
liam le 
Blund had 
no power to 
was ordered 
by the 
sheriff, but 
did not 
take place. 
was again 
by Robert 
of Lode- 
to whom 
the jury 
that Oseney 
had been 
feoffed of 
the lands 
in question 
for more 
40 years, 
and there- 
fore before 
the mort- 
gage (whose 
date was 
1275, Aug. 

iiij. markes vndu? pe names of pe foresaide "William and 1 diey 
whereof x pe olper partie in the which of the charter of london) 
as he saith. 

The foresaide Abbot By his attorney comyth and Saith that 4 
hit is not his dede and 1 axitli day to pengyng 2 afore, and hath 
in-to pe viij. daye off seynte mijgtielt, T. To 3 the which daye, 
pe fforesaide Abbot by his atturneye cometh and Saieth that he 
is not i-holde of p e saide dette to answere, in-asmoch as hee 8 
whas i-ffefficT of the londys and tenements the which he holdeth 
pe which [were] of p e foresaide ~William or * pe fforesaide 
William to 5 the foresaide Juye by his charter in the saide dette 
bounde hym-selfe: and of that he puttith hym-selfe vppon) the 12 
cuntre. And the fforesaide 6 Juee by her attorney also. And 
hit was i-coMimaundicT to the schreve pat he schulde make come 
coram, ?. In the morowe of Seynte martyne xij. 7 , T. By the 
which, ?. qui nullam,?. at pe retwrne quitms daye and yereto pe 16 
which daye pe Inquisicton come not, noper the schreve returned 1 
not 8 . And hit was i-commaundicT 9 , as in the oper tyme, ffro 
pe daye of Seynt Hillarie In-to xv. daies ; as 10 pe fforesaide 
Abbot and Jues n , by there atturneys, haue pe same daye, but 12 20 
Robert lodeham interim, f. withinne 13 pe which daye, afore the 
same Robert of lodeham, whas i-take pe Inquisiwon of pe londys 
and 1 tenementes aforesaide, by pe othe of Reynalde Waltham, 
Nicott off Gardyn), and? oper, as it is i-schewecT amonge pe 24 
Inquisicions of the terme off Seynte Hillarie retwrnyd, pe which 
sayen) that pe foresaide Abbot whas i-ffeffycT of pe londys and* 
tenementes aforesaide xl. yere and 1 more; And ffor-asmuch as it 
is opyn) by the Date of pe charter of iiij. mr/rkes In the which 28 
pe foresaide William to pe saide Jue whas i-holde, of pe which 
charter actum is ' the twesdaye nexte afte? p e ffest of Seynte 
Bartholomew in the yere of the regni regis Edwarde iij .', That 
pe fforesaide Abbot whas i-ffeffyd 1 of the londys and tenementes 32 
abovesaide or i p e saide William lee btunde In the saide dette 

1 Read ' whereof the other part is in the 
record-office of deeds at London, as it is 
alleged: ' ' uncle altera pars est in arch[ivis] 
cir[ographorum] Lond[inii], ut dicitur.' 

1 i.e. 'thinking,' ' diem premeditandi.' 

3 ' ad quern diem.' 

* ' Or ' = before : ' antequam.' 

5 ' dicto Iudeo.' 

6 ' predicta Iudea.' 

7 [probos homines] etc. 

* Read ' the writ ' : ' breve.' 

9 i. e. to the sheriff, i. e. to hold inquiry. 

10 For ' as,' read ' and.' 

11 Jewess : ' Iudea.' 

12 unless : ' nisi.' 

13 ' Infra ' : i. e. before. 

[XXXIIII] Hokenorton 197 

to the *saide Juye bounde hym-selfe, hit is i-consederyd? that pe * leaf 57. 
foresaide N. * of the saide dette is quite And that be foresaide The Jewess 

* * was there- 

Juys 2 by cause of p e foresaide londys of pe foresaide Abbot fore non- 
4 nopyng 1 takith, And? the same Jues ffor p«> false clayme In fined. 

[262.] Assise i-take at Henele 3 afore John Inge and 1332, 
afor« John Treuaignow, Justices of our lorde Kynge, 
at be assisis in the Shire of Oxon/oro* to be take 
assyned p e moneday In the ffest of Seynte Margarete 
VirgyrU In the yere of xegni regis Edwarde the iij de 
fro the conqueste be sexte. 

Assise come to knowlege if John of Chelle worth, vica? of suit by 
b e church of Hokenorton) ; John, lee vicarsman) of Hokenorton) ; Bourne**' 8 
8 Wilh'am peytowr of Hokenorton) ; Adam boue? 4 of Shipton), against five 
chapeleyne ; and 1 molde, p e which was be wiffe of John Atte i n Hook- 
bourne of Hokenorton), vnryjghtfully, T. dissesynet Henry atte norton ' 
bourne of Hokenorton) of his ffree tenement In Hokenorton) possession 
12 postqwam, &c s . And? where-of hit is i-playned? that pey ofamessu- 
disseuyd 15 hym of j. mese, j. yerde of londe, And of iiij. Acres of land, and 
mede, with the pertinences, &c s . meadow** 

And 1 John of Chelleworth" and 1 othe? come not : And? be ffore- Defendants, 

16 saide John of Chelleworth whas i-tachid By John atehutte and summoned 

J to answer, 

Adam at Gate; And p e foresaide John, vicaresman), whas 
i-tachid By ad«m atte Gate and? John attehutt ; And p e foresaide 
William whas attachid By John atehutte and 1 adam at Gate ; 

20 And 1 pe fforesaide adam whas attachid By adam atte Gate And? 
John Atehutte ; And be fforesaide mawde whas attachid By 
John attehutt and adam at Gate, perfore pey been in merriment did not 
& passise is i-take agaynste peni) by defawte. TheTurv 

24 Jurriors sayen) vppofD bere othe bat b e foresaide John vicars- found aver- 

itt-11 • «i *- c 11 o diet against 

man) of Hokenorton), Wilham, and mawde, vnry^ghtiully, 8ccP three of the 

dissesynyd pe foresaide Henry of p e foresaide tenement with pe 5^ H^enr 

pertinences, and pat opers In the Brefe i-namyd where not atte atte Bourne 

28 pe foresayde dissesynyng to be doo. Therefore hit is i-consideryd property 

1 Possibly ' nomen,' a legal formula. 3 Henley. 

Roger de Coventre was abbot 1284-96. In * ' le Bouere.' 

the Latin itjis ' abbas.' 5 sic, for ' disseisined. ' 

3 « Iudea. 


[XXXV] Wigginton 

and 6s. Sd. 
but was 
mulcted for 
his false 
two of the 

that pe foresaide Henry schulde reteyne 1 perof his sesynyng' By 
the Si}ght of pe recognitourse 2 , and hys hariays (pe which 
heen taxid by the same at dj. marke). And pe foi'esaide John 
vicaresmaii) of Hokenorton), William, ancPmoolde, In mercement 4 
by s dissesynyng 1 , T. And also the foresaide Henry In merce- 
ment ffor pe ffalse clayme ayenst pern) In the Brefe, ?. 


May 4. 
Suit by 

to compel 
the rector 
of Wiggin- 

♦leaf 57, 

to pay 5a. 
yearly on 
March 20, 

as tithe- 
due to 
St. George's 

[XXXV. Wigginton.] 

[263.] Acres In the prebendaft church of Buckeden), pe 
twysday nexte afte? p e ffest of pe Inuenci'on of the holy crosse, 8 
In the yere of ou? lorde M° CC lxxxiij., afore vs olyuere * By the 
mercy of GocTBisshop of lincoln, by ordinarie auctorite knowyng 1 , 
in plee p e which was bitwene religiouse nien) Abbot and Couent 
of Oseneye (the church of Seynte George with-yiD the castett of 12 
oxonforde In-to pere owne vses opteynyng), actorres, by ffrere 
Robert i-callid Maynarde, pere chanon), procurator of the same 
actors i-ordeyned", comperyng 1 , of pe oone partie, and 1 Master 
Richard 1 Malyngton), person) of *pe church of Wigynton), gilty, 16 
personally comperyng 1 , of pe oper partie. I-pwrposid 5 (that is 
to Say) In Juggement agaynste pe saide person) By the foresaide 
procuratowr }>at when pe saide siris, for cause (of pein)-selfe 6 ) 
of pe saide church of Seynte George, had be In possession), 20 
or 7 as, by 8 ryjght, of takyng 1 v. 1. euery yere, In the ffest 
of Seynte Cuthbert, of p e personys of pe saide church of 
"Wigynton), p e which peve for pe tyrae had be, at Oseney to 
Be payed, In the name of ij. parties of tithe for all thynge that 24 
is i-wonyd" to be i-tithid of the Demayne of Wygynton) comyng* 
forth, to pe saide church of Seynte George, and longyng- 9 
lawfully to pe saide religiouse men), and pe Same v. 3. summot- 
longe 10 pey haue i-take hit and lawfully haue i-had hit In 28 

1 ' recuperet.' 

8 ' Recognitors ' was a name for ' the 
Jury empanelled upon an assise.' (Dr. 
John Cowell). 

3 Read • for the.' 

4 Oliver Sutton, bishop 1280-99. This 
deed is one in which the translator appears 
at his worst. 

8 ' Proposito, videlicet.' 

6 A misrendering ; ' sui ' has been taken 

from its proper noun ' siris ' and put into 
the next clause. Read ' the said his lords, 
by reason of the said church of St. George.' 

7 ' vel quasi ' : i. e. if not in actual, then 
in practical possession. 

8 • iure ' goes with ' percipiendi,' ' of 
taking by right.' 

' ' canonice spectantium ' : should come 
in, at end of the clause, after 'men.' 
10 • aliquamdiu.' 

[XXX V] Wigginton 199 

possession), or l as : nowe be saide person) be foresaide v. ^. long paid 

r n . „ but now 

yerely witndrawyng, [and] tneme (agayne for to pay ynne withheld, 
agayne-sayng, and be Same tithis occupying 1 [and] the myndyd 1 
4 religiouse men) bat bey my$gnt not ij. parties of be tithes 3 
aforenotyd lawfully take in lettyng and 1 trowyng*, thoo his 
lordys of be v. 1. yerely in 8 the (Such 6 maner of spoylyng) for- 
namyd possessiofD, or * as, he 7 agaynste ryjght hath i-spoyly6T, 
8 or * as, oberellys 8 such maner of spoylynges to he [do] hee 
commaundyd, or hit i-doo in his name had it rate, in-to his 
same lordys preiudice grete 9 and grefe. Wherefore be saide 
procuratowr axid ffor his fforesaide lordis and hym-selfe to 

is be restoryd" and to be brow^ght to b e state and 1 possession) 
to take 10 , In the Saide terme, be foresaide v. "8. yerely to Oseney, 
as hit is dew, of be foresaide persons of be saide church of 
Wygynton) In to be 11 , aud be same person of be church of 

16 Wygynton) aforesaide to be foresaide v. i. yerely, at Oseney 
(as hit is i-put afore), here-afte? to be i-payed 1 , sentencially 
by vs to be condempnyd 1 , and i-condempnyd 1 to be i-compellyd 
to the paying", and 1 rysght 12 to hys lordys and to hym In all 

20 thynges and 1 axinges [to ' 3 be done]. [The u aforesaid parson 
having heard and fully understood the statement and demand] 
aforesaide, afore vs Judicially he knowlegyd 1 playne 15 boo w 
thynge* i-tolde, as J?ey were i-tolde, to be true, And 1 berfore 

24 be axinges 17 , as bey were i-axid 1 , to ofte to bee doo. Wherefore Verdict in 
we, be same persones confession) and 1 ober techynge« lawfutte 18 o^^y 
folowyng 1 , the foresaide religiouse men), and" bere procuratu? 
aforesaide In there name, sentencially restore and 1 reduce to be 

28 state and possession) to take be Saide v. i. of be personys of 
be saide church of Wygynton), at oseney, In the ffest of Seynte 
Cutbert yerely hereafte?, to be i-payde, And the myndyd" person) 

1 ' vel quasi.' 8 Latin ' seu.' 

a Omit ' agayne,' * eosque solvere contra- • f non modicum,' 

dicendo.' 10 ' possessionem percipendi.' 

3 ' Wygynton ' in margin. n * in f uturum.' 

* Bead ' trow[bl]ing ' : 'et perturbando.' 13 'iustitiam.' 

6 Bead 'of; Latin : '. . . solidorum ... 1S 'exhiberi.' The whole sentence de- 
de possessione . . . spoliavit.' The English pends on • axid ' above. 

is mirk-dark through following the Latin x * Added from the Latin, 

order. w openly : • de piano.' 

• Omit the bracketed words, brought in 15 ' narrata.' 
in error. 17 ' petita.' 

7 i. e. the parson. lg ' alia documenta legitima." 


[XXXV] Wigginton 

March 16. 
* leaf 58. 
Suit by 

to compel 
the rector 
of Wiggin- 

to pay 5«. 
charge on 
March 20, 
due to 
St. George's 
now with- 

of the foresaide church" of Wygynton) pe which for pe tyme 
[shall be] to pay In the tyme to come the fforesaide v. % yerely 
at Oseneye, as hit Is i-put afore, by Sentence of commaundyng 
we cowdempne, of J>is ou? sentence [the execution], to ou? 4 
officere and to our Archedecuw of oxonforde or to his official! or 
to euerich of them, al so ofte as cavse axith, committyng*. pe 
Date and Acte, pe daye, yere, ancT place, aforenotyd 1 . 

[264.] Acres in Seynte Petur church In the Est of Oxon- 8 
forde, p e Saturclaye *nexte affore pe ffeste of Seynte Cutberthe 
Bysshop, In the yere of ou? lord 1 M°[CC]lxxj., afore Master 
Richard Jtepham, Archedecuw. of oxonforde, by Jurisdiccton 
ordinarie knowyng, In plee pe which was bitwixst religiouse 12 
men) Abbot and Couent of Oseney, actors, by master Geffray 
Brom), clerke, pere procuratowr lawfully i-sett, comperyng, 
of pe oone partie, and Si? Symonde ffijt Symonde, person) 
of the church of Wygynton), gilty, by John of Sutton) his 16 
procurator, sufficient hauyng commaundement, also comperyng, 
of the oper ; that is to say, when that hit was i-knowe to vs l 
pe saide si? Symonde at pe same daye and 1 place lawfully and 1 
peremptorye to haue be callyd, parties 2 bothe procurators and 20 
also the copye of the certificatorie of ou? decre pey opteynyd 1 : 
and, of the parte of the saide religiouse men) whas i-pwrposid 1 
A libette vndu? this forme : 

'Afore yow, lorde Jugge, seyn) and 1 pwrposyfD pabbot and 1 24 
couent of Oseney agaynste Symonde ffijt Symonde, person) of 
the church of Wygynton) 3 , pat, sith fro the tyme of pe which is 
no mynde pey were in possession), or 4 as, in s p e name of 
takyng of ij. parties of the tithis of pe Demayne of Wigynton) a8 
v. 1. euery yere, in the ffest of Seynte cutberth, at Oseney, of the 
personys of pe saide church of Wigynton) the 6 had bee for 
p e tyme, And pe same v. i. yerely lawfully had" possessid 1 , or * as : 
Nowe p e saide person) sy? Symonde v. 1. yerely abovesaide with- 33 
drawyng, of 7 pe same v. 1. yerely in possession) afore-namyd 1 , or 4 

1 i. e. that . . . Simon . . . bad been sum- 

2 ' partes tam procuratorii quam certifica- 
torii copiam ex decreto nostro obtinuerunt.' 

3 Name noted in the margin. 

4 ' vel quasi.' 

8 Mis-rendered : read ' of takings (in the 

name of two parts . . .) v. s.' 

* Read 'the [which].' Otherwise, 
article for relative: 'qui ibidem pro 
tempore fuerant.' 

7 i. e. has spoiled of the possession of the 
v. s. 

[XXX V] Wigginton 201 

as, hath i-spoylycT, and pe same to pern) to pay agayne-saithe 1 , 
vnry3ghtfully : Wherefore pey axe hem-selfe to be i-browijght 
ayene and to be restoryd? to the state and 1 possession) to take p e 
4 saide v. 1. yerely, and p e same si? Symonde, person) of the 
church of Wigynton) aforesaide, and pe personys of p e churcb 
the which been for the tyme, to pe v. I*. yerely, at Oseney, 
yerely In the ffest of Seynte Cutbert, hereafter to be payde 
8 to J>em), to be condempnedl pey axe p e arrerages and expenses with 
i-made yn p e stryffe, makyng 2 a protestacion in them too d^^ s e g. n 
be doo.' 

And 1 in 3 the same libelee and the procutowr 4 of p e same 

1 2 symonde obteynyd 1 , And sumwhat a while 5 a deliberacion 
(hereafte? 6 ) i-had 1 , p e same procutowr of the entent of pe saide 
religiouse men) knowlegyd 1 in this maner : ' I, John of Sutton), 
procutowr of Symonde ffi^t symonde, person) of pe church of 

16 Wygynton), in the name of my lorde, of certeyne knowyng; 
knowlegb poo thynges i-toolde In the libette of pabbot and 
couent of Oseney aforenamyd 1 , as pey been i-tolde, to be true, 
and perfore pe pynges i-axicT, as pey ben i-axicF, to ofte to 

2° be doo.' 

Wherefore we, Hichard of Mepham, Archedecurc. of oxonforde, 
pe 7 merites of pe plee i-herde and i-vndurstande, vppofD v. 3. 
yerely in the libelt afore-noti<Ti-comprehendycT, i-mouycT bitueue 

*4 thabbot and 1 couent of Oseney, actorrs, of pe oone partie, and pe 
saide Si? Symonde, gilty, of pe oper, and of his procuratottr 
confession) and 1 oper pynges pe saide plee towchyng with diligence 
rehersicT, pat pentent of pe saide Abbot and? Couent of Oseney 

28 lawfully i-fundyd? or groundyd 1 we haue i-founde and? preuycT ; verdict in 
J»e same Abbot and couent, & the saide peyre procuratou? in Q S v< ^ r of 
there name, by this owf sentence diffinitife, re*duce and restore * leaf 58, 
to pe state and possession) to take pe saide v. 1. yerely ; and? back * 

3 3 pe [said] symonde, person) of pe church of Wigynton) aforesaide, 
and personys p e which J>ere for pe tyme shall be, to pe foresaide 

1 ' contradicit.' 5 ' aliquamdiu.' 

a i. e. reserving power to claim additional 8 Omit, 

expenses, if incurred : ' de faciendis protes- T The English needs to be re-arranged 

tando.* to bring together the participles and their 

8 Mis-rendered : read ' And in the same nouns : heard and understood the merits — 

way, the case, and the letter of procurator- of the plea moved — upon 5 shillings con- 

ship, of Simon, being produced.' tained — in the forenoted libel. 

* < 

procuratorio ' (abl. absol.). 


[XXXV] Wigginton 

who with- 
drew claim 
for arrears 

accepted by 

v. 3. yerely, at Oseneye, yerely in the feste of saynte Cutbertn 
bisshop, hereafter to be paide to pe same religiouse men), 
we condempe, pat same si? Symonde, and pe saide John his 
procuratowr, fro l the impeticeon of foresaide religiouse men) 4 
procuratorye vppofD pe arrerages and 1 expenses assoylyng. pe 
which ou? sentence pe saide John, of* J>e saide procuratou? 
si? Symonde, in the name of his lorde, v. 3., of 3 pe plee aboue 
expressid 1 , in ou? presence, nyjghe 4 of J»e religiouse men) 8 
procurator aforesaide, in pere name to be payde, acceptid 1 
hit 6 . 

March 19. 

Letter of 
the rector 
of Wiggin- 

a procura- 
tor to 
him in the 
as in 
no. 264. 

[265.] To the worschipfutt man) and dyscrete Syre, Arche- 
decun of Oxonforde, hys deuote clerke, Symonde ffy^t Symonde, ia 
person of pe church of Wygynton), helth in ou? lorde. pe vice 
of collusion) i-repreued 6 , napeles of pe Arrerage* 7 fyrst not to be 
axyd (yf "pere bee oony) fuHe surete Is i-maade 8 , In the plee pat 
ys bytwene pe lordys Abbot and Couent of Oseney, of pe oone 16 
partie, and me, of pe othe?, vppofD a yerely rent of v. 1. in the 
name of ij. parties of tithys comyng forth of pe demayne of 
Wygynton), my belouecT John of Sutton), pe brynger of pys 
presenter, to knowlege expressely me to haue i-yeve, to pe ao 
Abbot and couent, v. s. yerely, in the name of pe tithis comyng 
forth of ij. partyes of pe Demayne of Wygynton), my procurator 
[I] ordayne, rate 9 to haue what-soo-Euer thyng by hym) In the 
sayde plee, after 10 pat that hath be sayde afore vs, hit 11 was 34 
i-actyd ; for him Also 1 12 promitte i-Juggyd to be i-payde, 
pe same to p e parte Agaynste 15 signyfyiug. I-yeve at Tew, 
pe pursday afte? )?e ffest of Seynte gregory pope, In the yere of 
ou? lorde a[?mo] Ml CC lxx. 28 

1 'ab impetitione predictorum religio- 
sorum procuratoris.' 

a Read ' procuratour of be saide sir Sy- 

3 ' ex causa su peri us expressa.' 

4 ' cominus dictorum religiosorum pro- 
curatore antedicto.' 

5 Even in the Latin the grammatical 
structure is impossible, and we have to be 
contented with the general sense. 

8 i. e. although the terms of the verdict 
to be given have been settled by compro- 
mise between the parties, the agreement is 

an honest, not a collusive, one. 

7 ' Wyggynton ' in the margin. 

8 In Latin is in the ablative absolute = 
' With the proviso that arrears are not to 
be asked, I name my proctor to acknow- 
ledge my liability for 5s. yearly.' 

• ' ratum habiturus.' 

10 ' secundum quod dictum est coram 

11 'hit ' takes up ' thyng,' and is super- 

12 ' iudicatum solvi promitto.' 

13 ' parti advers[a]e.' 

[XXXVI] Siverfovd 203 


[266.] Hit is to be remembryd that Syre Reynolde ffi-3t About 
petwr drowe Richard of Apputltre Abbot of Oseney in-to plee, guit r ' aised 
axyng 1 of hym) and of his men) of Hobenorton sute to his mylle against 


4 of Hokenorton) bat ys by swereforcT. To pe which pe saide Abbot by Regi- 

Answeryd 1 that noper he noper hys men) oony sute oftyd 1 to pat p^r^ord^ 

my It. In-somoch that A quiteclayme pay had of pat maner ofSwerford 

of sute afore pe sayde Reynolde whas y-ffefFycT of pe sayde to compel 

8 Mytte ; and that hee preuycPby A charter pe which made menct'on ^ants at 

of Sibilte pe ffyrst wyfe of * Henry Doylly, pe which charter Is * leaf 59. 

in the title ' How pe church of saynte George was i-yeve to pe ^.on to 

chanons of Oseney.' And of pat he put hym)-selfe vppofD do suit to 

12 Assise. Robert BradenstofD and raph Dichelle 1 and oper that decided '(by 

were in the Assise, makyng knowlege, sayde pat pe sayde Abbot ^0*40) in 

and hys men) been) quite of pe sute of pe sayde Mylle. favour of 


J)e[s] pynges wee? i-do at Oxonforde In p e laste Jorney of 
1 6 Gylbert Preston) and of hys ffelawes In the yere of pe raynyng 
of Kynge Henry pe son) of Kyng John. 

[267.] And hit is to be knowe that Reynolde impletyd? 1259. 

pe sayde Abbot of J>e sayde sute by A-noper brefe In the yere 8U itagainst 

20 of pe Reyne of Kyng Henry pe soone of Kyng John xliij. Aud Oseney, by 

pis recorde begynneth, In the Rolle of pe banke or benche, son of 

' Philipp basset,' &c 9 . Where pabbot Answeryd 1 pat pe sayde ga^e'effect 

reynolde had no mylle in SwereforcT whereof be same raynolde as in 266 : 
* J see no. 272. 

24 axycT to A better brefe to perquirecT. 

[268.] Pabbot ha[th] p e Aduowrie of pe church of Swereforde, Reference 
with pe chapelt of sevewell, of pe yifte of John Gray, Bysshop 3 ° u ° ' 27 °' 
of Norwych, and Graunte of Henry doylly, as hit is opyn) 
28 by the charters vndurwrite. 

[269.] To all cristen) men) thys present charter to see Henry About 

doylly helth. Knowe ye me to haue y-yefe, and to haue Q ran tt 

i-grauntyd 1 , and with thys my charter to haue i-confermyd, j^b-op 

32 to lorde John Gray, bysshoppe of Norewych, all my woode by Henry 

of Cudelyngton) pe which is i-callyd Goggeswoode 2 , withoute f°c g ge g. 

oony reteynyng, and pe church of Swereforde 3 , with pe Chapell wood, and 

of Sevewell 3 , with aHe pere pertinences, to be assynycT and church and 

1 Ditchley. wude ' in the Latin. 

2 Name noted in the margin. 'Kogges- s Name noted in the margin. 


[XXXVT] Siverford 

Seuewell to i-yeve to pe religiouse howse J?e which he hath i-wyllyd 
with a 'view to founde, In-to ffre pure and perpetuett almys ; And" yf hy 
to founding case 1 p e sarne n00 re ligiouse howse founde, lete hyffD assyne hit 
tery. to whoome he wytte. And 1 1 and myne heyres shall waranti;e 4 

pern) to pe same Bysshop, and to Euery man) pat he wytte 
assyne pern, agaynste att mortatt men) : pese witnysses. 


ance to 
by bishop 
John Grey's 

of Cogges- 
wood, &c. 
(as in 
no. 269). 

* leaf 59, 

[270.] To att pe soonys of owre hooly modu? pe church 
to pe which pese present letters shall come, Walter by the 8 
grace of god Archiebisshope of yorke, of IngloncT A primate, and" 
master JUanulph of wareham, officiatt of Norwich, and 1 maste? R., 
Arcliedecurc of yippeke 2 , helth in ow? lorde. Knowe ye att John 
Gray, of goode mynde, sometyme bysshope of Norwich, a woode 12 
that some tyme was callyd 1 Coggeswode to the towne of Cud- 
lyngton) perteynyng and 1 the church of Swereforde with the 
chapett of Sevewett and 1 there pertinences, *the which the sayde 
Bysshop of the yifte of Sy? Henry Doylly gate, to the church of 16 
Saynte marye of Oseneye and to the chanoris pere seruyng god, 
for the helth of his sowle, in his laste wytte lefte. Nowe we in 
the testament of the foresaide Bysshop executours have be 
i-yefe, to the saide chanon^ the foresaide woode and the saide 20 
church with the chapett and pertinences after that the office of 
ow? execua'on axith we have assynyd 1 . But, last that the 
trowth of this thyng by succedyng of tyme myjght be callyd* 
in-to dowte, we pe assynyng of the foresaide thynges to the 24 
foresaide chanons of vs i-made haue i-turnyd 1 in-to scripture, 
the which we thowght worthy with the puttyng to of owi? 
sealys to strenghte. 

[271.] To att pe chyldren) of ow? holy modu? the church to 28 
the which thys present wrytyng shall come Henry Doylly, ow? 
lorde the Kynges constable, helth. Knowe ye att John Gray, 
sometyme Bysshop of Norewhicfi, the church of Swereforde, 
■with pe chapett of Sevewett, and the pertinences, the which he 32 
Gate of ow? yifte, as ow? charter the which perof he had 
witnesseth, to the church of Saynte marye of Oseneye, and 1 
to the chanoriS there seruyng god, in his laste witte to haue 
i-lefte. And 1 we, pat that of the foresaide Bysshope vppon) 36 

' si forte.' a Perhaps Robert de Tywe, archdeacon of Suffolk (gippeswic = Ipswich) 

[No. 107 is 
a dupli- 

tion to 
by Henry 
Doyly II, 
as feudal 
of no. 270. 

[XXXVI] Swerford 205 

pe foresayde chuich with the pertinewcis whas i-doo hauyng 1 
rate and 1 kyndely or plesyd 1 , the same church, with his per- 
tinences, to be had to the foresayde chanoriB haue i-Grauntyd~ [No. 108 is a 
4 and 1 conferme. And 1 that this owre graunte rate And 1 ferme 
abyde foreuer, hit with this present writyng and 1 owre seale 
suryng make stronge. The witnessys, i. 

[272.] Hit is to he mynded 1 that, whenne in the yere of 1259, 

8 grace A[*ino] M* CC lix., in the morne of saynte clement, ° v ' 3 °' 
at Henrade 2 , bitwene lordys Abbot and Couent of Oseney, between 
of the oone party, and 1 Sy? Eaynolde flfy5t petur, of the othe? an( i Re ' g i_ 
partye, vppon) summe despites or probris, harmys, violences, n *^ son 

1 2 and 1 oper moony wronges, of men) of botlie partie to euery partye 
euerych agaynste othe? i-doo, bitwene the foresaide parties 
in forme of pece to be ha<T a lytutt while hit was i-tretyd 1 . At 
the laste, in forme vndurwrite, att playntys and stryfys, vppon) 

16 the foresayde despites, harmys, violences, and 1 wronges, bitwene 

the foresaide parties vnto the forenamyd daye i-mevyd] for euer on all 
frendely ben i-cesyd 1 or sospite (but the question, in the courte ^sputebe- 
of owre lord 1 Kynge hangyng, vppofi) the sute of his myllys tweenthem 

20 of Sybforde 8 , the which playnly the foresayde Sy? Raynolde (except as 
exceptid 1 froo the afore writyng*) that is to say, that the foresaide h^^iiis 
Abbot and 1 couent to the foresayde "Raynolde, for goode pece, which is to 
And 14 as A sure to hyrfi) in his of thynges to be doo and 1 as the king's 

24 patrone and 1 de*fende? haue refute, att there acceons vnto the * leaf 60, 
fornamyd day, agaynste hym) or peme 5 i-meuely 6 , playnly court: see 
haue relesyd 1 to pe sayde same, Sy? 7 Raynolde to p e foresaide Sir Regi- 
Abbot and couent att accions agaynste pern, to 8 pern acordyng ing to allow 

28 (owttake the playnyng of the foresaide myllys), for fauowr 0s 1 e 1 ne ?' to 
of religion) and 1 pe instaunce of the prayours of Syr" philippe its tithes in 
(fforde 9 bothe more and 1 lasse) Basset, (att 10 ) remittyng, and" 

1 ' ratum habentes et gratum.' ness, as (if he were) their patron and de- 

9 Hendred, in Berkshire. fender. 

3 Name noted in the margin. So also in 5 i. e. his men. 

the Christ Church MS. In the original deed 6 Read 'i-meved' : • motac' 

(Bodl. Oseney Charter 418) it is Swereford ' Ablative absolute: 'domino Regi- 

4 An excellent instance of verbal trans- naldo . . . totaliter remittente.' 

lation issuing in utter nonsense: ' et ut 8 * sibi competentes ' = which were in his 

securum ad eum de cetero in agendis suis power. 

tanquam patronum et defensorem habeant * Omit the bracketed words inserted 

refugium.' i.e. And that they may have safe out of place from below. 

recourse to him, in future, in their busi- 10 Omit 'all.' 



he is 

caused no 
Sir Regi- 
nald and 
his family 
ration in 
the con- 

[XX XVII] Bereford 

to the same to gade? there tithis at Swereford 11 bothe more 
and" lasse and frely to here a-waye whide? pay wiften, nabelese in 
curteys wyse, withoute harme and 1 greuaunce of the saide Sy? 
'Raynolde and 1 of his men) leve grauntyng : of the which cause 4 
the saide Abbot and" couent p e same Sy? Jtaynolde and 1 AH3 his 
wyfe and 1 his free 2 soonys, in spmVuatt benefettis (the which 
ben i-doo in Oseney), for euer thay haue admitted 1 parteners : 
and 3 bothe parties ofte in Jugeinent in the which that was 8 
A dooe? to cese, and 1 playnly to procure that the oper partie be 
i-kepid 1 harmeles. Wherefore, In-to witnesse of the foresaids, 
to this writyng, in-to A maner of A charter twyys partid", 
euerych to othe? the parties haue i-put there sealys. pe Date, I a 
in saynte Andrews day, In the yere afore i-namyd 1 . 

to no. ax. 

Suit by 

to compel 
the rector 
of Barford 

to allow 
frds of the 

[xxxvii.] Bereforde. 

[273.] Thabbot hath in Bereforde of the yifte of Doyl- 
liuorum and 1 confirmacton of bysshopys and of the chapiter 
of lincotn, ij. parties of aft tithis of the Demayne of Sy? *<> 
Ric/tara 7 of seyton) and 1 of Raph Dyue and" of Gilbert clerke and 1 
of Symond 1 Smyth * the which holde dj. a yerde londe of the 
Demayne, and 1 of A crofte of Ali3aundu? Smyth * : and 1 hit is to 
be knowe pat thabbot of Oseneye taketh aft the tithe holy 2 ° 
of ix. acris i-chose of aft the Demayne of Richard Seyt 

[274.] Knowe aft men) to the which this present writyng 
schatt come that where A strife was i-mevyd 1 , by the popys 
auctorite, afore the lordys Deene and chauncele? of Sarisbury, 24 
bitwene pabbot and 1 couent of Oseneye, of the oone partie, and 
Hugh person) 15 of Bereforde, of the othe?, vppofi) ij. parties 
of smale tithis comyng forthe of the Demayne of Sy? Roger 
Verdun) of Bereford", of p e which" tithis the saide chanonl 28 
by the same Hugh" saide them-selfe i-spoylyd 1 , At p e laste, 
the stryfe, of the consent of bothe parties, vndur this forme 
restid 1 : pat is to say, the saide Hugh, as to the foresaide tithis, 

1 Name noted in the margin. Com- 
mencing at the middle of this name, five 
words have been taken out of piace and in- 
serted above. 

2 ■ et liberos suos.' 

* ' Debet autem utraqne pars in foro, in 

quo fuit actrix, supersedere.' 

* 'fabri.' 

5 ' rectorem,' in the Latin, is always 
Englished ' parson ' in this book. 

• Name noted in the margin. 

[XXXVII] Bereford 207 

of the saide chanons the ry3gfit fully knowlegicT-agayne \ and 1 tithe of the 
poo tithis ffrely and 1 quietly to take to them) he graunticT, ancThee ia^d? Sne 
schatt not let hem hut that thaye mowe take the saide tithis, y erdict for 

^ Oseney, 

4 ancTpese hee byliete 2 by goode feyth" ; And 1 the sayde chanoni, who did 
to the same Hugh, arrerages of the foresaide tithis, and 1 expenses f ° £™q* T3 
in the stryf'e i-made, relesyd 1 : AncT, of the consente of the and costs, 
parties, [there 3 was reserved jurisdiction to the judges to 

8 compel the parties] to the kepyng of the saide composiceon. 
And 1 in-to witnesse of this thyng, to this *composicion were * leaf 60, 
i-hanged 1 the synes of the Jugges, also with the parties. 

[275.] Know thoo pat hen now and" to he that I, Anneys About 
is of chayney, in my pure widowhoode, yafe and graunted 1 , and " 

with this my present charter confermed 1 , to god and 1 to the tion to 

church of saynte marie of Oseneye and 1 to the chanons pere AgneTof y 

seruyng god, In-to ffree pure and 1 perpetuelt almes, for the helth Cheyney, 

16 of the sowle of Symonde maydeweft (sometyme my husbande) Simon 

and 1 for the helth of my sowle and 1 of my ffadur and" of my f Simon' 

modu? and 1 of my aunceturs and 1 of my successours, all that Maid-well's 

" * grants (nos. 

curtilage In hereforde * that is i-callyd 1 Westbecten 5 , to make 276, 277) 

30 A howse to the tithis to be layde and to howses to be made the a tithe-bam 
which, to whoome-so-euer they wille, they maye sett or lette, ?; nd other 
and ij. acrys of londe in the feldes of Bereforde, that is to saye ; with 2 acres 
j. acre at the crosse and 1 at the thorne bitwene Bereforde and 

2 4 NeuntofD 6 vndur the hyjgh-waye and 1 butteth In-to the hygh- 
waye, ancFj. acre agaynste 7 euen) of the same acre In A-noper 
felde [uppon] langdowne ; and 1 the tithe of ix. acres of my best and the 
corne in bereford", the which my aunceturs to whome-so-euer g acre3> 

28 paye wolde yafe hit, of the which the church of Bereforde 
receyueth no parte And 8 that the church of Blokesham j. acre 
of my demayne euery yere receyueth. I wyli also that the 
foresayde chanows and 1 there tenauntes the foresaide tenement 

3» haue and 1 holde and 19 haue possession) (yifte and 1 ) for euer, free 

1 • recognovit.' 8 Read • because that ' ' eo quod.' 

9 ' promisit.' ' ' et possideant in perpetuum': i.e. 'yifte 

8 Added from the Latin. and ' is brought in, in error, from below. An 

4 Name noted in margin. explanation of the many errors of this sort 

6 ' Westleicton ' in Christ Church MS. ; is that the translator began on the wrong 
' Westlectune ' in Cotton MS. line, and then went back to the proper 

4 ' Neutone ' in Cotton MS. place, without erasing his false start. 

7 ' ex opposito illius acre.' 


[XX XVI J] Bereford 

Grant to 

by Simon 
and wife, 

of site for a 
or cottages. 


Grant to 
by Simon 
and wife, 
of titho of 
nine acres. 

* Leaf 61. 


May 14. 
Oseney and 
the rector 
of Barford 
about ap- 
ment of the 

and 1 quite fro aft seruice. And 1 , that this my yifte [and] graunte 
ahyde sure and 1 stabutt for euer, bis present writyng 1 with the 
puttyng-to of my seale I haue i-strenghtio? hit, &c 9 . 

[276.] Know poo that hen now and 1 to be pat I, Symonde 4 
maydewett, by the counesett and" assent of Anneys my wyffe, 
yafe and 1 grauntycT, and 1 with this my charter confermyoT, to god 
and 1 to the church of Saynte marye of Oseney and 1 to the chanons 
pere bmiyng god, In-to free pure and 1 perpetuelt almys, for the 8 
helth of my sowle and 1 of Anneys my wyffe and 1 of my heyres 
and 1 for the sowle of Willyam of chaney and 1 of alt myne 
aunceturs and 1 successours, alt that curtilage In Bereforde 1 
pat is i-callyd 1 Westbecton) 2 , [to 3 build a house for the storing ia 
of their tithes, or to erect houses which they may let to whom- 
soever they please. I will also that the foresaid canons have, 
hold, and possess the foresaid tenement, free and quiet of all 
service. And that this, &c. These witnesses, Richard of 16 
Beauchamp, &c. 

[277.] Know poo that ben now and to be pat I, Symonde 
maydewelt, . . . yafe 4 . . . to . . . Oseney . . . the] tithe 6 
of ix. acris of my best corne In bereforde, the which myne 20 
aunceturs yafe to whoome paye wold 1 , of the which the church of 
Bereforde noo parte receyueth, in al so moche as the church 
of Blokesham receyueth oone acre euery yere of my demayne. 
*Aud pat this my yevyng, &c 9 . 2 4 

[278.] Knowe aft men) to the which this wrytyng schatt 
come that when, vppoii) ij. partes of all tithes more and 1 lasse 
and 16 alt the oolde demaynes of the maner of SaytoiU, that 
in oolde tyme was i-founde and 1 callyd 1 maydewett, ande in the 28 
maner of Dyue, in the towne and feldes of bereforde 7 seynte 
MyjgheH, of what-soo-euer and" howsoeuer comyng 1 forthe, 
bitwene the religiouse men) Abbot ana? couent of the monastery 
of saynte marye of Oseneye of lincotn diocese, actors, of pe 3 2 

1 Name noted in margin. 
a ' Westleicton,' in Latin. 
* Added from the Latin. The translator 
has run together two separate deeds. 
4 Terms of introduction as in no. 376. 

* The English version resumes after the 

' Read ' in' in place of ' and.' 
7 Name noted in margin. 

[XXXVII] Bereford 209 

oone parte, and 1 syre Willyam Kopele, p^rsone of p e church 
of Bereforde of the foresaide same diocese, gilty, of. the other 
party, by A prouacton 1 and 1 appele of the parte of the saide 
4 religiouse men) to the pope, and 1 for 2 tuiw'on to the courte 
of canturbery for 3 certeiD causes i-sterecT by custome & lawfully 
i-cast . . . 

[Note. — The book ends in the middle of a sentence. The substance of the 
composition is that Oseney is to have (a) of the old demesne-lands, two-thirds 
of the tithe-sheaves ; (6) of the manor of Maidwell, the whole tithe of nine acres 
(as in no. 277), and half of certain specified small tithes (viz. of wool, of lambs, 
and of calves) ; (c) of the manor of Dyue, half of the same small tithes ; while the 
rectory of Barford St. Michael is to have (a) the other third, or half, of said tithes, 
with the whole tithe of certain specified tilths ; (b) the whole tithe of all novalia, 
meadows, mills, and foraria ; (c) the whole tithe of milk of the manors of Maidwell 
and of Dyue ; (d) the whole tithe of a dovehouse and of a specified placea in Dyue. 
This deed brings us to leaf 93 back of the Christ Church Latin Register.] 

1 ' prouocacionem.' 3 'ob quasdam causas suggestas rite et 

3 ' pro tuicione.' legitime interiectas.' 



BX 2596 .083 A32 1907 #1 

The English register 
of Oseney Abbey 



*JiONTO m ' MAO*