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Full text of "Alumni cantabrigienses; a biographical list of all known students, graduates and holders of office at the University of Cambridge, from the earliest times to 1900;"

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Five hundred copies of this book have been 
printed and the type has been distributed. 

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J. A. VENN, Litt.D., F.SA. 



FROM 1752 TO 1900 




J95 1 




London Office: Bentley House, n.w. I 

American Branch : New York 

Agents for Canada, India, and Pakistan: Macmillan 

Printed in Great Britain at the University Press, Cambridge 
(Brooke Crutchley, University Printer) 


FROM 1752 TO 19OO 


Kahlenberg, Carl Friedrich Selmar 

for a musical decree, at St John's, Oct. 3, 1870. Of Germany. 
S. of Johann Andreas, music director [and Antonie Dorotette 
Fmilip Scheid]. B. Dec. 27, 1834, at Langensalza. 

KAHN, AUGUSTUS. Adm. pens, at St John's, Feb. I, 1886. 
S. of Joseph [formerlv Samuel Brack], wine-merchant, of 
London [and Regina Weiss). B. Apr. iS, 1S6S, at Castellaun, 
district of Simmera, Rhine Provinces. Educated at Middle 
Class (or Central Foundation School), Cowper Street, London, 
E.C. (Mr R. Wormell), at the College of Preceptors' Training 
College for Masters in Secondary Schools, and at University 
College, London. Matric. Michs. 1SS6; B.A. 1889; M.A. 1893. 
Studied also in France and Germany. L.C.C. Travelling 
Scholar, 1899. Sixth Form Master at Central Foundation 
School, 1892-9. Lecturer at the Birkbeck Institute, 1894-99. 
Head Master of the Commercial Dept., University College 
School, 1900-7. Lecturer at University College, 1903-12. 
Head Master of the Co. Secondary School, Holloway, 1907- 
12. H.M. Inspector of Schools. Of 26, Fairhazel Gardens, 
Hampstead, in 1934. Died Sept. 16, 1944, in London. 
(Schoolmasters' Directories; The Times, Sept. 20, 1944.) 

KAHN, CHARLES JOSEPH. Adm. at St Catharine's, Oct. I, 
1894; Librarian scholar. S. of the Rev. Joseph (1870). B. 
Feb. 6, 1S75, at Norwich. [School, Highgate.] Matric. Michs. 
1894; B.A. 1S97; M.A. 1901. Ord. deacon (London) 1898; 
priest, 1S99; at Highgate School Mission, 1898-1901. C of 
St Mark's, Dalston, Middlesex, 189S-1903. C. of St Mary's, 
Islington, 1903-7. V. of Emmanuel Church, Holloway, 
1907-10. V. of Stanford Bishop, Heref., 1910-16. Organizing 
Secretary to C.E.T.S., dio. of Manchester, 1916-18; dio. of 
Chichester, 1918-23. V. of Hurst Green, Sussex, 1921-36. 
R. of Trotton, 1936-S. Died Feb. 28, 1938, at Hove. Brother 
of the next. (Highgate Sch. Reg.; Crock/ord; The Times, 
Mar. 2, 1938.) 

KAHN, FRANCIS JOHN. Matric. from St Catharine's, Michs. 
1899. S. of the Rev Joseph (next). B. Sept. 21, 1876, at 
Leicester. Matric. Michs. 1899; B.A. 1902; M.A. 1909. Ord. 
deacon (Norwich) 1903; priest, 1904; C. of St Michael's, 
Ipswich, 1903-5. C. of St Luke's, Hackney, Middlesex, 
1905-8. C. of St Barnabas, Hull, 1908-10. C. of Lenton, 
Notts., 1910-15. C. of Selston with St Mary's, Westwood, 
1915-20. V. of Bunney with Bradmore, 1920-33. V. of 
Mettingham with Ilketshall St John, Suffolk, 1933-43. R. of 
Trunch, Norfolk, 1943-7. Of Bacton, in 1949. Brother of 
the above. (Crock/ord,) 

KAHN, The Rev. JOSEPH. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, 
Oct. 13, 1870. S. of Isaac. B. at Cologne, Germany. Matric. 
Michs. 1S70; B.A. 1S75; M.A. 1878. Ord. deacon (Rochester) 
1865; priest, 1866; C. of Radwell, Herts., 1865-7. C. of 
Poole, Dorset, 1867-9. C. of Heigham, Norfolk, 1S69-71. 
C. of Stapleford, Cambs., 1871-4. C. of Holy Trinity, Lei- 
cester, 1875-7. L.D.H.M., for Emmanuel District, Holloway, 
1877-81. V. of Bishopstone, Sussex, 1881-4. V. of St 
Stephen's, Upper Holloway, London, 1884-1909. Licensed 
Preacher, dio. of London, 1911-. Resided latterly at Ealing, 
where he died Dec. 26, 1923, aged 83. Father of Charles J. 
(1894) and the above. (The Times, Jan. 1, 1924.) 

KAINE. BERNARD. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Oct. 15, 1850. 
Lent, 1851. Name oS, Jan. 1853. 

KAJIJI, ABDEALI MAHOMEDALI. Adm. pens, at Downing, 
Apr. 23, 1892. School, St Xavier's College, Bombay. Matric. 
Easter, 1S92; B.A. and LL.B. 1896. Called to the Bar, 
Lincoln's Inn, June 26, 1895. Head .Assistant in the Protho- 
notary's Office, Bombay, in 1906. (Cambridge Year-book; 
Law Lists, until 1910.) 

house, Apr. 22, 189S. S. of Chhotalal Servakram. B. Oct. 24, 
1877, at Ahraedabad. School, Alfred High, Bhuj, Kutch, 
India. Matric. Easter, 1898; B.A. 1901. Called to the Bar, 
Gray's Inn, June 11, 1902. (T. A. Walker, 640; Law Lists.) 


Karney, Arthur Baillie Lumsdaine 

KANE, DE LANCEY ASTOR. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Sept. 1, 

1862. S. of De Lancey, of New York, U.S.A. B. 1844, at 
Newport, U.S.A. School, Hampden, U.S.A. (private). Matric. 
Michs. 1862. Brother of Samuel N. (1869) and John I. (1868). 

KANE, HUGH CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hai-l, 
Apr. 11, 180S. Of Docking, Norfolk. 

KANE, JOHN INNES. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity Hall, 
Mar. 20, 1S68. S. of De Lancey, Esq., of New York. Matric. 
Michs. 1S68; B.A. 1873. Brother of De Lancey A. (1862) 
and of the next. 

KANE, SAMUEL NICHOLSON. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Jan. 29, 1S69. S. of De Lancey, Esq., of New Y'ork, U.S.A. 
Matric. Lent, 1S69. Migrated (age 22) to Magdalene, Apr. 2, 
181 ). Lieut, in the U.S. Navy. Brother of De Lancey A. 
(1862) and the above. 

John's, Nov. 30, 1891; John Lucas Walker Student, 1891; 
M.A. 1897. Deputy Professor of Pathology, 1896-7; Pro- 
fessor, 1897-8. [2nd] s. of Emilio, British Consul, merchant, 
of Para, Brazil [and Victona Joanna Zimmer]. B. Mar. 4, 

1863, at Bahia, Brazil. Educated in Germany, at Liverpool 
University College (Mr G. H. Rendall), and at St Bartholo- 
mew's Hospital. Fellow of King's, 1898. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 
1887; F.R.C.P.; F.R.C.S., 1888. B.A., London, 1884; B.Sc. 
1SS6; M.B. and B.S., London, iSSS. A Member of the Leprosy 
Commission, 1890-1. Medical Tutor, Liverpool University 
College, 1S92-3. Lecturer iu Pathology and Bacteriology at 
St Bartholomew's Hospital, 1S94-7. Professor of Physiology 
and Bacteriology at Bedford College, 1S95-6. Author, 
Leprosy in India; Manual of Practical Morbid Anatomy; 
Practical Bacteriology, etc. Of 2, Huntingdon Road, Cam- 
bridge, where he died Dec. 21, 1S9S, aged 35. (Boose, v. 799; 
King's Coll. Reg.; The Times, Dec. 22, 1898; Medical Direc- 
tories; Who was Who, 1897-1916.) 

pens, at Christ's, Sept. 30, 1S9S. S. of Apparandra Bopanna. 
B. at Coorg, S. India. Schools, Mercara High, Coorg, Madras 
Christian College, and at Madras University. Matric. Michs. 
1898; B.A. 1901; M.A. 1906. Adm. at the Middle Temple. 
Called to the Bar, Nov. 17, 1902. In practice at Madura, 
S. India, in 1911. (Peile, 11. 828; Law Lists.) 

KARIM KHAN, ABDUL (1894), see KHAN, A. K. 

KARN, FREDERIC JAMES. Matric. Non-Coil. Easter, 1883; 
Mus.B. 1S85. B. Aug. 29, 1862, at Leatherhead. Educated 
privately and at Wellington College. Held various positions 
as organist and musical conductor in London and the pro- 
vinces from 1879. Mus.Doc, Toronto, 1889. Engaged in 
musical tuition from 1SS6. Principal of the London College 
of Music. Conductor, organist and composer. Author of 
text-books on harmonv and composition, also on the history 
of music, musical analysis, etc. Died Dec. 2, 1940, 
leigh, Surrey. (Who's iVhoin Music; Whowas Who, 1929-40; 
The Times, Dec. 5, 1940.) 

Trinity, June 13, 1893. S. of the Rev. Gilbert Sparshott 
(1853), of 26, Talbot Square, Hyde Park, London. B. Sept. 
14, 1874, at Sandown, Isle of Wight. School, Haileybury. 
Matric. Michs. 1893; B.A, 1896; M.A. 1901; D.D. 1922. Ord. 
deacon (Durham) 1897; priest, 1898; Assistant Chaplain, 
Missions to Seamen, Sunderland, 1897 S; Chaplai 
Francisco, 1899-1903. R. of Woolpit, Suffolk, 1903-6. 
Chaplain (Missions to Seamen), at Buenos Aires, 1906-14. 
Hon. Canon, St John's Pro-Cathedral, Buenos Aires, 1 
Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Chaplain, K.N.; H.M.S. 
Yarmouth, 1914-16; Chatham, 1916; Courageous, 1917; 
prisoner of war, 1918). Oxford Diocesan Missioner, 1919-22. 
Bishop of Johannesburg, 1922-33. Suffragan Bishop of 

Karney, Charles Lumsdaine 

Southampton and Residentiary Canon of Winchester, 1933- 
43. Chaplain of Marlborough Collect-, 1943-4. R. of Blend- 
worth, Hants., 1944-8-. Brother of Gilbert H. (1880). (Hailey- 
bury Reg.; Univ. War List; Crockford; Who's Who.) 

KARNEY, CHARLES LUMSDAINE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Feb. 17, 1859. S. of Gilbert John, of Walmer, Kent. B. there 
1841. School, Westm. (private). Ma trie. Michs. 1859; B.A. 
1863; M.A. 1869. Ord. deacon (Winchester) iS6|; priest, 
1865 ;C. of Lingneld, Surrey, 1864-6. C. of Wonston, Hants., 
1866-8. C. of Hertingfordbury, Herts., 1868-70. R. of 
Swalecliffe, Kent, 1S71-4. V. of St Dunstan's, Canterbury, 
1874-7. Disappears from Crockford, 1878. Brother of Gilbert 
S. (1853), Henry P. (1863) and Reginald J. (1865). (Clergv 

KARNEY, GILBERT HENRY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 8, 
1880. S. of the Rev. Gilbert Sparshott (next), of Sandown, 
Isle of Wight. B. June, r862, at Carlisle. School, Haileybury. 
Matric. Michs. 1880. Died May 9, 1882, in College. Brother 
of Arthur B. L. (1893). [Haileybury Keg.) 

KARNEY, GILBERT SPARSHOTT. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
Trinity, Oct. 12, 1853. S. of Gilbert John, of Walmer, Kent, 
B. there. School, King's College, London. Matric. Michs. 
1854; B.A. 1858; M.A. 1S62. Ord. deacon (York) 1859; 
priest, 1S60; C. of St John's, MickJegate, York, 1859-62. 
V. of Christ Church, Carlisle, 1862-6. V. of St James's, 
Selby, Yorks., 1867-71. V. of Sandown, Isle of Wight, 
1871-81. P.C. of St John's Chapel, Hampstead, Middlesex, 
1881-9. V. of Melton Mowbray, Leics., 1S89-91. V. of 
St John-the-Evangehst, Paddmgton, 1891-1906. Assistant 
Preacher, Christ Church, Chislehurst, 1908-n. Married, 
Apr. 10, i860, at York, Emma, 4th dau. of the late R. Storrs, 
Esq., of Doncaster. Died Mar. 26, iqii, at Chislehurst. 
Father of Arthur B. L. (1893) and Gilbert H. (above). 
Brother of Charles L. (1859). Henry P. (1863) and Reginald J. 
(1S65). {Crockford; The Guardian, Apr. 18, 1 60 1 

KARNEY, HENRY PAGE. Adm. pens, at Caius, Jan 24, 1863, 
[4th] s. of Gilbert John, Esq., of Walmer. B. there 184 j, 
Bapt. Apr. 27, 1843. Matric. Lent, 1863. Resided one term. 
Formerly a Midshipman in the Royal Navy, but left owing 
to ill-health, and entered College with a view to the medical 
profession. Died Dec. 2, 1864. Buried at Walmer. M.I. there. 
Brother of the above, etc. {Venn, 11. 360.) 

KARNEY, REGINALD JOHN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 19, 
1865. S. of Gilbert John, of Waimer, Kent. B. there May 26, 
1846. School, Repton. Matric. Michs. 1865; B.A. 1 i..j; 
M.A. 1872. Ord. deacon (Ripon) 1S70; priest (Winchester) 
1872. C. of St George's, Barnsley, Yorks., 1870-] C. of 
Sandown, Isle of Wight, 1S71-4. R. of Swalecliffe, Kent, 
1874-81. Chaplain at Hyeres, 1881-9. V. of Thundridge, 
Herts., 1894-9. Chaplain to the Earl of Kintore, 1880-1916. 
Resided latterly in London. Died Nov. 17, 1916. Brother of 
Gilbert S. (1853), etc. (Repton Sch Reg.; Crockford; '1 he 
Times, Nov. 21, 1916.) 

KARR [post SETON-KARR], JOHN SETON. Adm. pens, at 
Christ's, June 9, 1834. Elder s. of Andrew Seton, Bengal 
Civil Service [who h..d assumed the additional name and 
arms of Karr, by Royal licence, May 16, 1815], of Kippilaw, 
Co. Roxburgh [and Alicia Rawlinson, of Ancoats H ill. 
Lanes.]. Matric. Michs. 1834. Matric. (age 23) from St Mary 
Hall, Oxford, June 20, 1836; B.A., Oxford, 1838. Ord. 
deacon, 1838; priest, 1S39. V. of Berkeley, Gloucs., 1839-84. 
Succeeded his father .it Kippilaw, im-'. Domestic Chaplain 
to the Duke of Roxburghe. Married, 1855, Anna, dau. of 
Archibald Douglas, of Glenfinart, Co. Argyll, and widow of 
Pi' hard Campbell, of Auchiubreck, Argyll. Died ,./>. Eel*. 2' , 
1884, and was succeeded by his nephew, Sir Henry, Ml 1 . 
(Peiie t II. 452; Burke, L.G.; Changes of Nam,-; Al. Oxon ; 
Clergy List; Crockford; Foster, Index Rales.) 

KARRAN, JAMES. Adm. sizar at Sidney, Oct. 7, 1864. 4 th s. 
of John, saddler, of Castletown, Isle of Man. B. there Nov, 2, 
1S44. School, King William's College, Isle of Man (Dr 
Dixon), Matric. Michs. 1864; Scholar; B.A. (3W Wrangler) 
1868; M.A. 1871. ( ird. deacon (Rochester) 1S71; pn. 
Sub-Warden, St Columba's College, Dublin, 1869-71. C. of 
St Margaret-next-Rochester, Kent, 1871-4. C. of St Peter- 
the-Great, Berkhamsted, 1874-6. C. of Christ Church, 
Bexleyheath, Kent, 1876-8. C. of Chartham, 1878-9. C. of 
Bishop's Hatfield, Herts., 1879-87. V. of Rickhng Essex, 
1887-94. R. of St Luke's, Chorlton-on Mr,]!,,, k. 1 ..ncs., 
1894-0. V. of St Stephen's, Willenhall, Staffs., I (9-1903. 
Resided subsequently at Selbornt Cotl 1 e, Bra Id Mount, 
Douglas, Isle of Man, and dn-il I'll', j", i<)i6. Father of the 
next. (King William's i oil, Reg.; Crockford.) 

Kay, Arthur Hetherington 

KARRAN, WALTER JAMES. Adm. pens, at Queens', Michs. 
1892. S. of the Rev. James (above). B. June 2, 1873, at 
Rochester. [School, Merchant Taylors'.] Matric. Michs. 

1892; B.A. 180s; M.A. 1899. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1S96; priest, 
1898; C. of St Luke's, Chesterton, Cambs., 1896-1902. C. of 
St Saviour's, Sunburv with Upper Sunbury, Middlesex, 
T902-8. V. of West Somerton, Norfolk, 1908-18. Resided 
subsequently at Douglas, and died Sept. 17, 1943- (Merchant 
Taylors' Sch. Reg.; Crockford; The Times, Sept. 19, 1943) 

KARSLAKE, JOHN WOLLASTON. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
Magdalene, July 2, 1831. S. of the Rev. William [Wor- 
cester College. Oxford, 1795], of Dolton, Devon [and Althea 
Heberden]. School, Exeter. Matric. Michs. 1831; B.A. 1S35. 
Ord. deacon (Exeter) 1836; priest (Bath and Wells) 1*37; 
C. of Colebrook, Devon, -1841. V. of Culmstock, Somerset, 
1841-76. Disappears from Crockford, 1877. (Scott, MSS.; 
Clergy List.) 

KASTNER, LEON EMILE. Adm. pens, at Queens', Michs. 1895. 
[3rd] s. of Professor Victor. B. 1S67, at Lyons, France. 
Schools, in France and Germany, and at Owen?. College, 
Manchester; studied also at Benin. Matric. Mi 
Migrated to Clare, Oct. 1, 1896; Scholar; B.A. (Med. and 
Mod. Lang. Trip., 1st Class) 189* ; M.A. 1902. Assistant 
Master at Merchiston, 1892-7. College Lecturer at Cams, 
1898-1901; at Owens College, Manchester, 1901-3. Professor 
of French Language and Literature and Romance Philology, 
University College of Wales. Aberystwyth, 1903-9. Professor 
of French Language and Literature, Manchester l.'niv.Tsitv. 
1909-33. Author, .-1 Short History of French Literature; 
Goethe's Poems; anthologies, etc. Of Hawthornden, Marple, 
Cheshire. Died Jan. 24, 1940. (Who was Who, 1929-40; 
C. R. Hudleston.) 

KATER, EDWARD. Adm. Fell.-Corn. at Downing, Jan. 25, 

1838. [S. of Henry, Capt., 62nd Regt., who was e 
under Col. Lambton in the trigonometric survey of India (and 
Mary Frances Reeve).] Matric. Lent, 1838. Of Mexborough, 
Yorks. Lord of the Manor of Mexborough. The family was 
of German extraction. Brother of the next. (Burke, CoL 
Gentry, 1. 165.) 

KATER, HENRY HERMAN. Adm. pens, (age 23) at Magda- 
lene, Nov. 14, 1836. S. of Henry, Capt., 62nd Regt. [and 
Mary Frances Reeve], of London. School, R.M.C., Sand- 
hurst. Matric. Michs. 1836. Went to N.S.W., Australia, in 

1839, in the ship Euphrates, which he specially chartered 
and loaded with cattle and horses. Among the horses (one 
of which was named 'Cantab') were the famous sires of some 
of Australia's best racehorses, and the cattle helped to form 
the celebrated herd of Mr William Suttor, of Brucedale, near 
Bathurst. Of Bungaribbee, and afterwards of Calcula, near 
Orange, N.S.W. J.P. One of the Earl Marshal's gold stick 
Officers at the Queen's Coronation. Married, July 3°. 1840, 
Eliza Charlotte, dau. of Major Edward Darvall. Died 
June 29, 1881, at The Meads, Enfield, Middlesex. Brother 
oi th" above. (Burke. Col. Gentry, 1. 165.) 

KATINAK1S, JOHN DEMETRIUS. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Jesus, Oct, 1893. S. of Demetrius Nicholas. B. in London. 
School, private. Matric. Michs. 1893. Doubtless brother of 
the next. 

May 30, 1SS7. S. of Demetrius, of 92, Lancaster Gate, Hyde 
Park, London. B. 186S, in London. School, Eton. Matric 
Michs. 1S87. A merchant in Bishopsgate Street. Doubtless 

brother of the above. (Eton Sch. Lists.) 

KAVANAGH, ARTHUR PATRICK. Adm. pens, (age 17) at 
Jesus, Oct. 1889. S. of Patrick, M.D. B. at Brockley, Kent. 
School, Royal Naval. Matric. Mil hs 

KAVANAGH, WALTER. Adm. pens, at Trinity, July 2, 1833. 
[Eldest s. of [Thomas], of Bonis House, Co. ( arlow, M P [bj 
his 1st wife, Lailv Phz.iheth Butler] B M ir. 20, 1814. School, 
Eton.] Matrit Michs. 1833. Died in 1836, aged 21. (Eton 
sch. Lists; G. Mag., 1836. 11. (45 | 

KAY, ALFRED STEPHEN. Adm. pens, at St John's. Oct. 13, 
1S49. S. of Stephen, Wesleyan minister, of Leicester [and 
Hannah]. B. at Griqua Town, S. Africa. Bapt. Mar. 31, 

1822. Matric. Michs. 1S49; B.A. 1N54. 

KAY, ARTHUR HETHERINGTON. Adm. at Caius, Oct. 1, 
1887. S. oi I in' 5 l larkson, engineer, deceased. B. July 3, 
1868, at Burv, Lanes. School, Leys, Cambridge. Matric. 
Michs. 1887; B.A. 1891; M.A. 1896. No profession. Of 
Heaton Gruve, Bury, Lanes., in 1898. Died Apr. 19, r03O, 
at Nyssington, Montgoms. (Venn, 11. 490, and addenda, 

Kay, Edward Ebenezer 

KAY, EDWARD EBENEZER. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, 
Oct. 16, 1S39. [4th] s. of Robert [of Bury, Lanes.]. B. [July, 
1822] at Rochdale, Lanes. School, Patricroft. I n 
Matric. Lent, 1840; B.A. 1844; M.A. 1847. Adm. at Lincoln's 
Inn Apr. 22, 1S44. Called to the liar, June 8, 1S47. Q.C., 
1866; Bencher, 1S67; Treasurer, 1S88. Knighted, 1881. 
Judge of the High Court (Chancery Division), 1881. J. P. for 
Norfolk. P.C. Lord Justice of Appeal, 1S90-7; resigned 
through ill-health, 1SQ7. Of Thorpe-Abbots, Scole, Norfolk. 
Married, Apr. 2, i8so, Marv Valence, dau. of Dr William 
French, Master of Jesus College. After her death in 1890, 
he founded a Divinity Scholarship in her memory at Jesus. 
Author, Reports of Cases heard and determined by Vice- 
Chancellor Wood. Died Mar. 16, 1897, in London. Brother 
of Joseph (1S39). (Boose, v. 800; Fox-Davies. Armorial 
Families; Inns of Court (Ebenezer only); Law Lists; Foster, 
Men at the Bar; D.N.B.; Who was Who, 1897-T916; The 
Times, Mar. 17, 1897.) 

John's, Jan. r, 1S6S. [Only] s. of Henry, manufacturer [of 
Weddington Castle, Warws.] [and Elizabeth]. B. Sept. 19, 
184S, at Habergham Eaves, Burnlev, Lanes. School, Win- 
chester. Matric. Lent, 1868; B.A. 1871; M.A. 1874. Adm. at 
the Inner Temple, Apr. 24, 1S69. Of Weddington Castle, 
Nuneaton, Warns., and Ely Grange, Frant, Sussex. J. P. for 
Sussex and Warwickshire. Died June 13, 1910, in London. 
{Winchester Coll. Reg.; Inns of Court; The Times, June 15, 

KAY, JAMES. Adm. pens, at Caius, Oct. 1, 1870. S. of James, 
of Turton Tower, Bolton-le-Moors. B. at Scarborough. 
School, Denham, near Uxbridge. Matric. Michs. 1S71. 
Resided four terms. Capt., 4th Royal Lanes. Militia, 1879. 
{Venn, 11. 393; Army List, 1880.) 

KAY, JOHN. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Feb. 9, 1780. B. at 
Northleach, GIoucs. Matric. Michs. 1780. Doubtless brother 
of Matthew (1779). 

KAY, JOHN WALTER SELLERS. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 

1884. Elder s. of [Thomas], deceased [of Burnley, Lanes., 
cotton-spinner]. School, Clifton College. Matric. Michs. 1SS4; 
B.A. and LL.B. r838. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Nov. 4, 

1885. Called to the Bar, Jan. 27, T890. On the Northern 
Circuit. {Law Lists; Inns of Court; Clifton Coll. Reg.) 

KAY, JOSEPH. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 16, 1839. [3rd] s. 
of Robert [of Brookshall House, near Bury, Lanes., 
deceased]. B. Feb. 27, 1821, at Manchester. School, Patri- 
croft, Lanes. Matric. Lent, 1840; B.A. 1845; M.A. 1849. 
Travelling Bachelor, 1S45; spent four years in France, 
Switzerland, Holland, Germany and Austria, exa min i n g and 
reporting upon the social conditions of the people. Adm. at 
the Inner Temple, Jan. 27, iS44- Called to the Bar, May 5, 
1848. Q.C., 1869. Bencher, Inner Temple, May 31, 1870. 
Judge of the Salford Court of Record. 1862-7S. Married, 
1863, Marv Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Thomas Drummond, 
Under-Secretary of State for Ireland. Author, The Education 
of the Poor in England and Europe; The Social Condition of 
the People in England and Europe; The Condition and Educa- 
tion of Poor Children in English and German Towns; Free 
Trade in Land. Died Oct. 9, 1878, at Fredley, near Dorking, 
Surrey. Brother of Edward E. (1839). {Law Lists; Inns of 
Court; D.X.B.) 
KAY. MATTHEW. Adm. pens, (age 18) at St Catharine's, 
Oct. 22, 1779. B. at Northleach, GIoucs. Matric. Michs. 
1780. Doubtless brother of John (1780). 
KAY. RICHARD. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Sidney, May 23, 1757. 
Only s. of John, grocer, of Richmond, Yorks. B. there. 
School, Richmond (Mr Temple). Matric. Michs. 1757; B.A. 
1761. P.C. of Wetherby Chapel, Yorks., 'for 52 years'. Died 
Jan. 6, 1816, aged 78. (G. Mag., 1816, 1. 92.) 
KAY, SAMUEL SIDLEY. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Magdalene, 
July 21, 1894. S. of James, of Lark Hill, Timperley, Cheshire. 
[B. Apr. 1S75.] School, Uppingham. Matric. Michs. 1894; 
B.A. 1897. Called to the Bar, Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 17, 1899. 
On the Northern Circuit. {Uppingham Sch. Roll; Lam Lis.'s ) 
KAY, WILLIAM MANTLE. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall, 

Feb. 15, 1772. Matric. Easter, 1772; Scholar, 1772. 
St John's, Dec. 19, 1S67. [3rd] s. of Sir James Philhps [Kay], 
Esq. [afterwards Bart.], M.D. [who assumed the 
surname of Shuttleworth on his marriage, 1842] [and Jane, 
dau. of Robert Shuttleworth, of Gawthorpe Hall, Lanes.]. 
B.Feb. 14, 1849, at Paddington. Bapt. Apr. 4, 1849. School, 
Wellinjt .,:, 1. 11. ■.-. Matric. Michs. 1S68; B.A. 1872: M.A. 
1875. At St George's Hospital; House Surgeon there. 
M.R.C.S., 1876. Practised first in London. Went to Italy, 
1882, and practised at San Remo, where his mother had been 
one of the founders of the English colony. Surgeon to Home 
for invalid ladies, and to the international Hospital for 
diseases of the eye, ear, and throat, San Remo. Il.Ii.M. 

Kaye, Sir John Pepys Lister, Bart. 

Vice-Consul at San Remo, 1897-1900. Died there Dec. 11, 
1900. {Wellington Coll. Reg.; Burke, P. and B.; Changes of 
X.i»ic; Medical Directories; Eagle, xxil. 250.) 
KAYE, ABRAHAM EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel. 
Oct. 3, 1899. S. of the Ven. Archdeacon William Frederick 
John [Balliol College, Oxford, 1S41], of Riseholme rectory, 
Lincoln [and grandson of John (1800)]. Matric. Michs. 1899; 
B.A. 1902; M.A. 1913. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 1903; priest, 
1904; C. of Riseholme, Lines., and of St Paul-in-the-Bail, 
Lincoln, 1903-10. R. of Stainton-le-Vale with Kirmond-le- 
Mire, 1910-26. V. of Legbourne with Little Cawthorpe, 
1926-7. V. of North Willinsham with Legsby, T927-48-. 
Brother of John (18S6). {Crockford.) 
KAYE, ALEXANDER. Adm. at Caius, Oct. r, 1891. S. of 
William, Bengal Civil Service, resident m India [and Jane 
Margaret Beckett]. B. [Oct. 2], rS73, at Benares. School, 
Repton. Matric. Michs. 1S91. Resided three terms. Mining 
engineer in British Columbia. Of 1670, Alberni Street, 
Vancouver, in 1910. {Repton Sch. Reg.; Venn, 11. 520.) 
KAYE, ASTLEY EDWARD LINDSAY. Adm. pens, at Caius, 
Oct. 16, r863. S. of the late Charles, Barrister-at-law. B. 
Apr. 10, 1842, at St Lawrence, Jersey. Schools, Jersey 
(private), Lancing College, Wimbledon and Addiscombe. 
Matric. Michs. 1S63. Migrated to Queens', Apr. 7, 1864. 
Previously in the Bengal Artillery. A private in the Cold- 
stream Guards, 1865, in which year his wife divorced him; 
'the respondent entered at a College at Cambridge in order 
to qualify himself for the Church'. {Lancing Reg.; Venn, 
11. 365, and note; The Times, June 15, 1865.) 
KAYE, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Christ's, Feb. 6, 1800. 
[Only] s. of Abraham, linen-draper. B. [Dec. 27, 1783], at 
Hammersmith. School, Greenwich, 1783 [under Dr Charles 
Bumey]. Matric. Michs. 1800; Scholar, 1800; Tancred 
student, r8oo; 1st Chancellor's medal, 1S04; B.A. (Senior 
Wrangler and 2nd Smith's prize) 1804; M.A. 1807; B.D. 1814; 
D.D. 1815. Fellow, 1S04; tutor and praelector. Master, 
1814-30. Vice-Chancellor, i8i5-r6. Regius Professor of 
Divinity, 1816-27. Adm. ad eundem at Oxford, 1834. 
Bishop of Bristol, 1820-7; Bishop of Lincoln, 1S27-53. 
F.R.S., 1848. President of the Philosophical Society, 1827. 
As Regius Professor, revived the public lectures which had 
been suspended for more than a century. He performed a 
great work in reviving Church life throughout the diocese of 
Lincoln. 'He was the first to recall theological students to 
the study of the Fathers, and recent research has not much 
diminished the value of his published courses of lectures.' 
Married, 1815, Eliza, eldest dau. of John Mortlock, banker, 
of Cambridge, and had issue. Author, Sermons, Lectures, 
' etc. Died Feb. 18, 1S53, at Riseholme. His portrait in oils 
is in the College Hall. Commemorated in the University by 
the prize bearing his name, which was founded in 1861 from 
the surplus of a Fund originally raised to erect a monument 
to him in Lincoln Cathedral. His collected Works were pub- 
lished in 18S8. Grandfather of Abraham E. (1899) and John 
(1886). (CM. Hist. Reg., 75 (note 17), and 171 (note 1); 
Peile, 11. 347; Cant. Act Bk.; D.N.B.; C. R. Hudleston.) 

KAYE, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Christ's, July 31, 1886. S. of the 
Venerable Archdeacon William Frederick John [Balliol 
College, Oxford, 1841]. [B. Nov. 2, 1868.] School, Lincoln 
Grammar. Matric. Michs. 1S87; B.A. 1890; M.A. 1895. Ord. 
deacon (Lincoln) 1891; priest, 1892; C. of South Carlton, 
Lines., 1891-1901. C. of Riseholme, 1901-2. R. of St Paul- 
in-the-Bail, Lincoln, 1902-40. Canon and Prebendary of 
Lincoln Cathedral, 1920-40. Died suddenly Apr. 17, 1040, 
at Lincoln. Buried there. Brother of Abraham E. (1899). 
(Peile, 11. 726; Crockford; The Times, Apr. 20, 1940.) 

KAYE, JOHN H1LBERT. Adm. pens, at St John's, May iS, 

1808. [2nd] s. of Joseph, solicitor to the Bank of England, 
of [Tokenhouse Yard], London. School, Eton. Matric. Lent. 

1809. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 17, 1809. Tutor to Lord 
Carrington's son, 1813. Cadet, Indian (Madras) Cavalry, 
1808; Cornet, November 9, 1812; Lieut., Oct. 31, 1818. 
Died Dec. 16, 1819, at Mhow. (Eton Sch. Lists; Inns of Court; 
Life and Letters of Maria Edgeworth, I. 217; Dodwell and 
Miles, Officers of the Indian Army.) 

KAYE, Sir JOHN PEPYS LISTER, Bart. Adm. pens, at Trinity. 
Aug. 25, 1871. [Elder] s. of Lister Lister [and Lady Caroline 
Pepys, dau. of the 1st Earl of Cottennam], of Denby Grange, 
Wakefield, Yorks. B. Feb. 18, 1853, in London. School, 
Eton. Matric. Michs. 1871. Lieut., Royal Hors 
2nd Lieut., Yorkshire Hussars Yeomanry, 1879. Succeeded 
his grandfather as 3rd Bart., 1S71. Groom-in-ln 
King Edward VII, 190H-10. D.L. for the West Riding. 
B E., 1919. Died s.p. May 27, 1924, in Loudon. Brother 
of Cecil E. Lister-Kaye (1S72). (Scott, M 
Burke, P. and B. (sub Lister-Kaye), 1940; Burke, O.B.E.; 
lhe I urns, May 28, 1924.) 

, 1-2 

Kaye, William Johnson 

KAYE, WILLIAM JOHNSON. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Apr. 26, 1S65. [2nd s. of Jeremiah, Esq., of Huddersneld. 
B.Nov. 25, 1846.] Matric. Michs. 1865; B.A. (33rd Wrangler) 
1869; M.A. 1872. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 16, 1867. 
Called to the Bar, Nov. 17, 1870. Oi V , Kirkgate Buildings. 
Huddersneld. (Scott, MSS.; Law Lists, until 1930; Inns of 
Court; Foster, Men at the Bar.) 

KAYESS, ARTHUR. Adm. at CAIUS, Oct, 1, 1882. S. of James, 
of [Bourton House], Streatham, Surrey. B. Sept. 19, 1864, 
at West Ham Abbey, Essex. School, Sherborne. Matric. 
Michs. 1882. Resided eight terms. Died 1904. Brother of 
the next. [Sherborne Sch. Reg.) 

KAYESS, WALTER. Adm. at Caius, May 24, 18S1. S. of 
James, of Streatham, Surrey. B. Aug, 13, 1863, at West 
Ham Abbey, Essex. School, Charterhouse (1877)- Matric. 
Easter, 1S81; B.A. 1884. For some time a medical student. 
Brother of the above. (List oft arthusians (no career given); 
Venn 11. .,47.) 

KAZIM ALI, SAYYID. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Oct. 6, 1S7;. 
S. ofSayyid Hafizullah. B. [Aug. 1, 1857], at Ujjam. School, 
Calcutta Madrasah. Matrn . Mn lis. i"\~- Kept six terms 
Cousin oi \h, Sayyid Warris (1877J (sub Ah). (Pale, 11. 658.) 

KEALY, ARTHUR GRAHAM. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1S78. 
[2nds. of John Robert, M.D., J. P. B. 1861. School, Felsted.] 
Adm. at Cavendish H.; B.A. 1885; M.A. 1886. Ord. deacon 
(Liverpool) i-'i; pm-st, r->M; C. of St Gabriel, Toxteth 
Park, Liverpool, 1884. Chaplain at Seville, 1886-7. Chap- 
lain, R.N., 18S7-1910. Served in a large number oi H..M. 
ships and in Dockyards. Licensed Preacher, dios. of Ely and 
of St Albans, 1911-19; in dios. of Winchester, Chichester and 
Salisbury, 1919-21. Private Chaplain to the Earl of Scar- 
borough, i')2i. Compiled A List of Chaplains ■•/ the R V. 
1626-1903. Died Dec. 2, 1927. (Al. Felsted; Scott, MSS.; 
Crockford; Fox-Davies, Armorial Families.) 

KEANE, CHARLES FELIX. Adm. pens, {age 18) at Trinity 
Hall, May 18, 1S6S. S. of Daniel, Esq., of 58, Russell 
Square, London. Matric. Michs. 1868. 

KEANE, DAVID DEADY. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall, 
Oct. 10, 1825. [2nd]s. of James [of Doughty Street, London]. 

B. there 1810. School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1825. 
Migrated to Trinity, July 7. 1827. Adm. at the Middle 
Temple, Oct. 29, 1M1. Called to the Bar, June 12, 1835. 
Recorder of Be- I ord, |uly 1861-70. Q.C., 1864; Bencher, 
May 5, it 1 R . : 1 Ant., 1867. Revising Barrister on the 
Norfolk I u .;• Died Tune 20, 1870. (Harrow Sch. Reg.; 
Law Lists; Inns of Court; Middle Temple Bench Bk.) 

KEANE, FRANCIS STANLEY. Adm. sizar at Trinity, Oct. 1, 
1898. S. of Thomas, of 3, Hope Park, Bromley, Kent. B. 
1879, at Clapham, London. School, South-Eastem, Rams- 
gate. Matric. Michs. 1898; B.A. 1901. Ord. deacon (London) 
1902; priest (Canterbury) 1903; C. of Hayes, Kent, 1902-4. 

C. of Calgary, North-West Territory, Canada, 1904-6. 
C. of 1 Issett, Yorks., 1906-9. C. of Rirstall, 1909-n." C. of 
St Edmund, Salisbury, 1911-12. V. of Marsden, Yorks., 
1912-19. \'. of Swilbud with Ash-Bockmg, Suffolk, 1919-48-. 
(M Lawrence Coll. Reg.; Crockford.) 

KEANE, HUGH PERRY. Adm. pens, at St John's, June 6, 
1 786. [( inlv s. of Mil Intel, Attorney-General of the Island of 
St Vincent. W.l. B. in Ireland.] School, Harrow. Kept 
two terms by residence. Re -adm. as Fell. -Com. May 12, 1787. 
Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan 1 1. 1785. Called to the Bar, 
Apr. 30, 1790. Married and had issue (an elder s., Hugh 
Payne, at Harrow). Of 21, New Street, Spring Gardens, 
London. 'Deceased' before 1823. (Harrow Sch. Reg.; 
St John's Coll. Adm., iv. 342; Inns of Court.) 

KEANE, JOHN HENRY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, July 2, 1834. 
[Elder s. of Richard (next). B. Taxi. 12, 1816.] School, 
Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1834; 1.1 1. 1841. Rowing 'blue,' 
1836. Judge of the Probate Court, Ireland. Succeeded as 
3rd Bart., 1855. J. P. and D.L. for Co. Waterford. Capt., 
Waterford Artillery. Married (1) July 10, 1844, Laura, dau. 
of the Rt. Hon. Richard Keatinge, Judge of the Prerogative 
Court in Ireland, and had issue; (2) Sept, 18, 1880, Harriet, 
dau. of E. B. Thorneycroft. Died Nov. 2<>, 1 > s r. (Rugby 
Sch. Reg.; Book of Blues; Burke, P. and B., 1940.) 

KEANE, RICHARD. Adm. Fell. -Com. [age 19) at Trinity, 
July 3, 1797- S. of [Sir] John [1st Bart.], of Cappoquin, Co. 
Waterford [and Sarah, dan. of Richard K< llv, ot Lisinore]. 
[B. Mar. 1780.] School, Rathmines, Co. Dublin. Matric. 
Michs. 1800; B.A. 1801. Lieut. -Col. , Waterford Militia, 
:■ d Bart., 1829. MP. for Waterford. 1S32-4. 
Married, Nov. 20, 1814, Eliza, widow "I Samuel Penrose, "1 
Waterford, and <].i\i. of Richard Sparrow, of Oaklands. and 
had issue. Died 1855. Father of the above. (Burke, JP. and 
B., 1940; Return ofM.P.'s.) 

Kearv, Charles Francis 

KEANE, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Sept. 8, 1835. 
Of Ennis, Ireland. [7th s. of Robert, of Beech Park. Co. 
Clare, and Jane, dau. of Thomas Delahunty.] [B. Feb. 1818.] 
Bapt. Feb. ro, 1818, at Drumcliffe. School, Charterhouse. 
Matric. Michs. 1835; B.A. 1840; M.A. 1S43. Ord. deacon 
(Ely) 1841; priest, 1843; C. of Fenstanton, Cambs., 1843-6. 
Domestic Chaplain to the Marquis of Conyngham. Canon of 
St Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta, 1846. Assistant Secretary, 
C.M.S., 1852. P.C. of Whitby, Yorks., 1853-61; R. there, 
1861-73. F.R.A.S. Married, Nov. 1853, Elizabeth, dau. of 
the Hon. John Fryer Thomas, Member of Council at Madras, 
and had issue. Author, Hinduism and Romanism; Public 
Instruction of Indian Government; The Irish Mission to the 
Heathen English; Sennons, Died May 27, 1873, at Whitby; 
M.I. there, [List oft arthusians; I rockford; Burke, L.G. of 
Ireland; J. B. Peace.) 

KEARNEY, ALAN WELLS. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Oct. 4, 1873. Of Northumberland. S. of the Rev. John 
Batchelor (1846), of Bourton vicarage, Shrivenham. B. 1854, 
at Newcastle-ou-Tvne. School. Kind's, Canterbury. Matric. 
Michs. 1873; Scholar. 1873; B.A. 1877; M.A. 1880. Ord. 
deacon (Rochester) 1891; priest, 1892; C. of St James's, 
Kennington, Surrey, 1891-3. C. of St Peter's, Battersea, 
1894-7. Chaplain to Camberwell Infirmary, 1899-1900. C. 
of St Bartholomew's, Battersea, 1900-3. C. of St Peter's, 
Battersea, 1903-8. Subsequently resided at Wimbledon, 
and disappears from Crockford, 1935. Brother of the next. 

KEARNEY, ELFRIC LEOFWIN. Adm. scholar at St Catha- 
rine's, July ro, 1875. S. of the Rev. John Batchelor (next) 
[and Ellen Wells]. B. Aug. 31, 1850. at Wimbledon. Surrey. 
School, Christ's Hospital. Matric. Michs. 1873; B.A. 1879; 
M.A. 1882. Clerk in the Civil Service Commission, 1878 Si. 
Assistant Master at Melbourne Grammar School, Australia; 
at the Scotch College, Melbourne; at Ballarat Grammar 
School, 1882-S. Examiner for the Civil Service Commission 
and Scotch Education Dept., 1SSS-1904. Greatly interested 
in Esperanto, and author of a number of translations into 
that language. Resided latterly at Putney. Died suddenly 
Nov. 29, 1913. Brother of Alan YV. (above). (Christ's Hospital 
Exhibitioners; The Times, Dec. 3, 1913.) 

KEARNEY, JOHN BATCHELOR. Adm. pens at St John's, 
Apr. 24, 1846. S. of John, of Commercial Road. Lambeth, 
Surrey [and Susannah]. B. at Lambeth. Bapt. Jan. 25, 1826. 
Matric. Michs. 1846; B.A. [20th Wrangler) 1S50; M.A. 1853. 
Ord. deacon (Durham) 1852; priest, 1853; C. of St John's, 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1852-4. Assistant Master at King's 
School, Canterbury, 1857-62; at the High School, Bishop's 
Stortford, and C. of Much Hadham, Herts., 1862-3. C. of 
St Paul's. Fareham, Hants., 1865-6. C. of Shrivenham, 
Berks., 1866-9. V. of Bourton, Berks., 1869-99. Married, 
Nov. 5, 1849, Ellen Sophia, 3rd dau. of J. W. Wells, of 
London. Author, On Elementary Mechanics; Sermons. 
Resided latterly at Cambridge, where he died fan. 7, 1909. 
Father of Alan W. (1873) and Elfric L. (1875). (Durham Ord. 
Bk.; Crockford; Cambridge Chronicle, Jan. 15, 1909.) 

KEARNEY, MATTHEW ALFRED. Adm. pens, (age 20) at 
Magdalene, Oct. 13, 1888. S. of Michael Bladder, of Hill- 
side, St John's, Newfoundland. School, Beaumont College. 

Matric. Mich- 1 

Christ's, Aug. 3, 1898. S. of Henry Ward. B. [July iS, 
1879], at Baxenden, near Accrington. School, Dulwich 
College. Matric. Michs. 1S9S; B.A. noi. Managing Dim tor 
of the engineering firm of H. W. Keams and Co., Ltd., of 
Broad Heath, Manchester. Died July 19, 1933, at I Irtish 
Meres, Brooklands, Cheshire. (Dulwich Coll. Reg. (Cardin); 
Peile, 11. S27; 1 he Times, July 21, 1933.) 

KEARSEY, EDWARD FRANCIS. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi, Oct. 8, 1S83. Of Gloucestershire. [S. of W. W., of 
Burleigh Court, Stroud.] B. July 6, 1804, at Burleigh Court. 
Schools, Buxton and Repton. Matric. Michs. iSKi; B.A 
1886. Instructor, H.M.S I nway, 1 6-98 'if Rothesay 
Villa, Queen's Parade, Grimsby, in 1910. (Repton Sch. Reg.) 

KEARY, CHARLES FRANCIS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Aug. 2^, 
1866. S. of William. B. [Mar. 29, 1848], at Stoke-on-Trent, 
Staffs. School, Marlborough. Matric. Michs. 1867; B.A. 
1871; M.A. 1874. Assistant in the Coin Department of the 
British Museum, 1872-87. F.S.A. Novelist and writer on 
history and philosophy; works include .-1 Wanderer; A 
Mariage dc Convenance; 1 he Journalist; Binomsburv; The 
Dawn of History; Outlines of Primitive Belief; The Pursuit 
of Reason, etc. Died Oct. 25, 1917, in London. Brother of 
Henry M. (1863). (Marlborough Coll. Reg.: Scott, MSS.\ 
Who was Who, 1916-28.) 

Keary, Henry 

KEARY, HENRY. Adm. sizar (age 19) at Trinity, May 12, 
1840. S. of William. B. [l8il] at Hilton, Yorks. School, King 
Edward's, Birmingham. Matric. Michs. 1S40; Bell Scholar 
(2nd), 1841; Scholar, 1842; B.A. (3rd Classic) 1S44; M.A. 
1S47. Fellow, 1S45. Assistant Master at Harrow, 1847 5;. 
Died Feb. 23, 1S52. (Harrow Reg.) 

KEARY, HENRY MEE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 20, 1863. 
[2nd] s. of William [solicitor, of Stoke-on-Trent]. B. there, 
1846. School, Surrey (private). Matric. Michs. 1865; B.A. 
1869; M.A. 1S72. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 25, 186S. 
Called to the Bar, Nov. 17, 1870. Of 16, Campden Hill 
Gardens, London, W., in 1930. Brother of Charles F. (1866). 
(Late Lists; Inns of Court; Foster, Men at the Bar.) 

KEAT [or KEET], JOHN. Adm. sizar at Clare, June 12, 1771. 
B. in Herts. Matric. Michs. 1771; B.A. 1775; >!■*■ 17*7- 
R. of Bishop's Hatneld, Herts. R. of Beachampton, Bucks., 
1794. (Cant. Act Bk.) 

KEAT, QUAH SIN. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 15, 1898. 
S. of Quah Beng Poh, merchant [died 1893] [and Lee King 
Bee]. B. Mar. 14, 187S, at Penang, Straits Settlements. 
School, Penang Free (Mr W. Hargreaves). Matric. Michs. 
1898; B.A. 1902. 

KEATCH, FREDERICK. Adm. pens, at Queens', Oct. 13, i860. 
Maine. Michs. i860; B.A. 1864; M.A. 1867. Ord. deacon 
(Worcester) 186+; priest, 1865; C of The Quinton, Warws., 
1S64-9. V. of Blackheath, Staffs., 1869-94. Authur, 
Christ's Treatment of a Sinner (a Sermon). Residing at 
73, Hartneld Road, Wimbledon, in 1895. Disappears from 
Crockford, 1904. 

KEATE, JOHN. Adm. (age 18) at King's, a scholar from Eton, 
July 6, 1792. [2nd s. of the Rev. William (1759) and Anne, 
dau. of John Burland, of Wells.] B. [Mar. 30, 1773]. at Wells, 
Somerset. Matric. Michs. 1793; Craven Scholar, I794J 
Browne medal, 1793, 1794 and 1795; B.A. 1796; M.A. 1799; 
D.D., per Lit. Keg., 1810. Fellow, 1795-1803. Ord. priest 
(Canterbury) 1806. Assistant Master at Eton, 1797-1809; 
Head Master, 1809-34; retired. 'When he was appointed. . . 
the discipline was extremely bad. . . . Keate himself was 
subjected to such indignities as the screwing-up and smashing 
of his desk, the singing of songs in chorus during schooltime, 

and an occasional fusillade of rotten eggs The struggle 

was long and severe, but, although rough and hasty in his 
methods, he gained a complete victory.' Renowned for his 
ferocity; he flogged more than 80 boys on the same day, 
June 30, 1832. ' His courage and real kindness of heart made 
him popular; the boys cheered him after the great flogging 
and subscribed a large sum of money to present him with a 
testimonial when he left.' Canon of Windsor, 1820-52. V. of 
Nether Stowey, Somerset, 1S20-24. R. of Hartley Wespall, 
Hants., 1S24-52. Married Frances E., dau. of Sir Charles 
Brown, and had issue. Died Mar. 5, 1852, at Hartley Wes- 
pall. Buried there. Brother of the next and of William B. 
(1788). (Eton Coll. Reg.; Cant. Act Bk.; Clergy List; 
Foster, Index Eccles.; D.X.B.) 

KEATE, THOMAS MORRIS. Adm. pens, at St John's, May 9, 
1793. [3rd] s. of the Rev. [William] (next), Preb. of Wills, 
Somerset [and Anne, dau. of John Burland, of Wells]. B. 
there Mar. 31, 1775. Scholar, 1793; matric. Michs. 1795; 
B.A. 1797. Entered the H.E.I. Co.'s service. Judge and 
Magistrate of Surat. Died Oct. 13, 1821, at Bombay. 
Brother of the above and of William B. (1788). (St John's 
Coll. Adm.. iv. 342; G. Mag., 1822, I. 574O 

KEATE, WILLIAM. Adm. at King's, a scholar from Eton, 
Julv 22, 1759. S. of William. B. Aug. 17, 1739. at Wells, 
Somerset. Had matric. from Trinity College, Oxford, 
Mil. 8, 1759. Matric. Lent, 1760; B.A. 1764; M.A. 1767. 
Fellow, 1762-8. Master of Stamford Grammar School. R. of 
Laverton, Somerset, 1768-95. V. of Wookey. R. of Piddle 
Hinton, Dorset, 1782-. Prebendary of Combe (15th) in 
Wells Cathedral, 1773-95- Married, Jan. 9, 1769, Anne, 
dau. of John Burland, of Wells. Author, The logtli Psalm; 
Sermons. Died Mar. 14, 1795, at Chelsea Hospital. Father 
of John (1792), the above, and the next. (Eton Coll. Reg.; 
Cant. Act Bk.; Al. Oxon.; G. Mag., 1795, ■■ 35'i D.N.B. 
(sub John Keate).) 

KEATE, WILLIAM BURLAND. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Mar. 4, 1705. [Eldest] s. of the Rev William (above). B. 
Mar. 25, 1770, at Wells, Somerset. Schools, Bath Grammar 
and Eton (1783 only). Scholar, 17S8; matric. Easter, 1789. 
A Chaplain in the Royal Navy, 1796. Succeeded his father 
as R. of Laverton, Somerset, 1795 ; collated again in 1801-17. 
R. of Winfirth-Newburgh, Dorset, 1801-17. Died July 22, 
1817, at Laverton rectory. Brother of John (1792) and 
Thomas M. (1793). (Eton Coll. Reg.; St John's Coll. Adm., 
IV. 342; G. Mag., 1617, II. 92.) 

KEATING, HENRY SHEEHY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Feb. 18, 
1873. [Only] s. of [Rt. Hon. Sir] Henry Singer [Knight, 

Kedar, Charles 

M.P., Judge (for whom see D.X.B.)], of 11, Prince' 1 
Kensington, London. B. June 7, 1855, in London. School, 
Eton. Matric. Michs. 1873; LL.B. 1877; B.A. 1879; II M. 
1881. Adm. at the Inner Temple, May 4, i«?i. Called to the 
Mar. Nov. 17, 1879. On the Oxford Circuit. Died Dec. 12, 
1897, at his residence in London. (Eton Sch. Lists; Inns of 
Court; Foster, Men at the Bar; Law Lists; The Times, 
Dec. 15, 1897.) 

KEATING, JOHN FITZSTEPHEN. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi, Jan. 16, 1873. S. of H. [Lieut., Royal Irish Regt.]. 
of 3, Prince Arthur Terrace, Rathmines, Co. Dublin. B. 
Dec. 26, 1850, at Mallow, Co. Cork. Educated at Trinity 
College, Dublin. Matric. Lent, 1873; Scholar, 1873; B.A. 
1876; Members' prize (Latin Essay) 1877; M.A. 1879; B.D. 
189S; D.D. 1901. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1879; priest, 18S0; 
C. of Fen Ditton, Cambs., 1879. Chaplain and Precentor. 
Corpus Christi, 1879-80. C. of Weeford, Staffs., 1880-1. 
Vice- Principal of Lichfield Theological College, 1880-5. C. of 
Whittington, Staffs., 1882-4. Principal of Chancellor's 
School, Truro, 1885-7. Pantonian Professor and Principal, 
Theological College, Edinburgh, 1887-1903. Canon of St 
Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh. Chancellor of Edinburgh, 
1896; Sub-Dean, 1903. V. of St Dunstan's, Edge Hill, 
Liverpool, 1906-10. R. of Landbeach, Cambs., 1910-ir. 
Author, The Agape and the Eucharist. Editor of Pro Fide, 
1891. Died Feb. 11, 1911, at Waterbeach. (Who was Who, 
1897-1916; Crockford.) 

KEATING, LESLIE CHARLTON. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 
1S95; B.A. 189S; M.A. 1905. Assistant Master at Bath City 
Technical School for three years. Head Master of Gosport 
and Alverstoke Secondary School, Hants., 1902-33-. (School- 
masters' Directories.) 

KEATING, The Rev. WILLIAM AMBOOR. Adm. sizar at 
Sidney, Dec. 5, 1804. B. Oct. 13, 1780, at Judann (sic). 
A ' Ten-year man ' ; in Holy Orders. Priest- Vicar of Northal- 
lerton, Yorks. Chaplain, H.E. I.e., at Fort St George, Madras, 
1808-41. Disappears from Clergy List, 1842. (Cant. Act Bk.) 

KEAY, LOUIS HAROLD. Matric. Non-Coil. Easter, 1884. 

KEAY, PHILIP. Adm. FelL-Com. at Trinity Hall, Oct. 20, 
1763. [Doubtless s. of Henry, of Whitchurch, Salop, and 
Elizabeth Townsend, of Chester.] Matric. Michs. 1763, 
'Living at or near Madras in 1822.' (F.M.G., i. 361.) 

KEBBEL, HENRY. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Sidney, Dec. 1, 1803. 
[2nd] s. of William, Esq., of Lullingstone, Kent. B. Dec. 13, 
1772, at Shoreham. School, Blackheath (Mr Williams). 
Matric. Michs. 1805; LL.B. 1810. Previously for twelve 
years a Customs Official in London. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) 
June 15, 1806; priest (Litt. dim. from Bishop of Norwich) 
1808. V. of Wistow with C. of Newton Harcourt, Leics., 
1813-67. P.C. of Kilby, 1S13-67. Disappears from Crockford, 
1868. (Clergy List ; Foster, Index Eccles. ; Northants Clergy.) 

KECK, ANTHONY JAMES. Adm. Fell. -Com. at St John's, 
July 5, 175S. Of Middlesex. S. of A[nthony] [James] (post 
Keck) (1730-1) (who assumed the surname and arms of 
Keck, 1737) [and Ann Busby, of Loughborough, Leics.]. 
School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1759. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, 
June 23, 1757. Of Staughton (or Stoughton) Grange, Leics. 
M.P. for Leicester, 1765 ; for Newton, Lanes., 1768 and 1 77 I 
Married, July 18, 1765, Elizabeth, dau. of Peter Legh, Esq., 
of Lyme, Cheshire, and had issue. Died Feb. 18, 17S2. 
Brother of David A. (1762). (Eton Coll. Reg., which gives 
that he was the M.P. for Leicester, 1761-$; English Historical 
Review, xlii. 413; Inns of Court; St John's Coll. Adm., III. 
654; Ormerod, Hist, of Cheshire, in. 678; Burke, L.G.; 
Return of M.P.'s; G. Mag., 1765, 395, and 1782, 95.) 

KECK, BASIL ANTONY. Adm. pens, at Queens', Feb. 27, 1811. 
Of Yorkshire. [S. of BasU Anthony, younger brother of the 
above.] Matric. Michs. 1811. Died, as scholar, 1815. Buried 
at Grantchester. Funeral sermon preached by the Rev. 
William Mandell, Fellow. The Keck trust, established by his 
father, has been maintained by Queens' for the preservation 
of his tomb. 

KECK, DAVID ANTHONY. Adm. pens, at St John's, Jan. 9, 
1762. S. of Anthony [James] (1730-1), Sergeant-.. I 1 i« oi 
Middlesex [who assumed the name and arms of Keck, 1737, 
and Ann Busby]. [B. July 15, 1743.] School, Eton. Re-adin. 
Fell.-Com. May 28, 1766. Matric. Michs. 1762; LL.B 
Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, June 23, 1757. Ord. deacon (Norwich) 
Mar. 11, 1770; priest, Dec. 23, 1770; C. of 1 
Barningham, Suffolk, 1770. C. of Alburgh ami 
Norfolk. Died Mar. 18, 1S01, at Exiling Hall, near New- 
market, the house of the Rev. Dl Frampton, R ol 
Brother of Anthony J. (1758). {Elm l oil. R«J.| Inns of 
Court; St John's Coll. Adm., III. 677; G. Mag., 1801, I. 373) 

KEDAR, CHARLES. Adm. si.-ji (age 16) at St Ca 

Apr. 2, 1755. B. at Howd< n, Yorks. M.ttric. Michs. 1755; 
B.A. 1759. 

Keddle, Robert Antram 

KEDDLE, ROBERT ANTRAM. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Jesus, 
July 3, 1852. [3rd] s. of Shering, Esq. B. [Sept. 10, 1833], at 
Hatchlands, Bridport, Dorset. Schools, Crewkeme and 
Dorchester. Ma trie. Michs. 1852; B.A. 1857. Ord. deacoa 
(Bath an.l Wells) 1858; priest, 1859. R. of Hooke, 1862-87 
and V. of Toller- Whelme, Dorset, i 2 Died Apr. 14, 

1892, at Hurst, Martock, Somerset. (Scott, MSS., which 
gives 'elder s. of Shering'; Clergy List; Crockford; The 
Guardian, Apr. 20, 1892.) 

KEDINGTON, ROBERT. Adm. pens, (age 18) at CaiuS, 1802. 
S. of Robert, gent., of Sudbury, Suffolk. B. there [1784]. 
Schools, Ipswich (Mr King); Bury (for six years, under 
MrBeecher). Matric. Lent, 1S04; B.A [nth Wrangler) 1S07; 
M.A. 1S10. Fellow, 1807-13. I trd. deacon (Norwich) 
June 12, 180S; priest, Dec. iS, 1808. R. of Bradfield-Com- 
bust, Suffolk, 1816-30. Secretary to the General Committee 
of the Suffolk Society for the education of the poor in the 
principles of the established Church. ' A first-rate linguist in 
general, and Hebraist in particular. Very active as z Magis- 
trate and a good preacher.' Married, Nov. 2, 1813, Catherine 
Rodwell, of Baylham, Suffolk. Resided at Babergh Hall, 
Sudbury. The only surviving branch of the ancient family 
of Kedington, of Acton, Suffolk. Died Mar. 4, 1830. Buried 
at Acton. M.I. there. (Bury Sch. Ret;.; Venn, 11 139; Foster, 
Index Eccles.; G. Mag., 1830, 1. 652; Copinger, Manors of 
Suffolk, vi. ,23.) 

KEDINGTON, ROGER. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Caius, July 25, 
1766. S. of Henry, attorney, of Sudbury, Suffolk. B. there 
[Nov. 1750]. School, Bury (for nine years). Matric. Michs. 
1768; prizeman;, i ^<> 73; B.A. (2nd Wrangler and 
2nd Smith's prize) 1771; M.A. 177s. Fellow, 1773- Ord. 
deacon (London) Mar. 7, 1 773 ; priest, Dec. 21, r774. K. of 
Market Weston, Suffolk, 1789-94. V. of Felpham, Sussex, 
1794. Married (1) Jane, gr.indd.mghtrr of liishop Butts, and 
had issue a daughter, Jane Judith, who married Philip 
Bennet, of Tollesbury, Essex. Resided at Rougham Hall, 
Bury St Edmunds. A man of great natural talent and of 
most retentive memory, which enabled him almost entirely 
to dispense with the second reading of books. Of broad and 
liberal opinions. An intimate friend of Arthur Young. Not 
getting the preferment he expected, he exchanged his black 
coat for a blue one and would not be addressed as ' Reverend'. 
Died A ug. z6, 1818. tombstone in Rougham church. (Bury 
Gr. Sch. Reg.; Venn, 11. 84; Copinger, Manors of Suffolk, v. 

KEEBLE, FREDERICK WILLIAM. Adm. .it Caii 5, Oct. 1, 
1889. S. of Francis Henry, of 6, Nunhead Grove, London, 
S.E. B. Mar. 2, rS7o, in London. School, Allevn's, Dulwich. 
Matric. Michs. 1N89; Scholar, 1880-03; B.A. (Nat. Sci. Trip., 
Pt I, 1st Class. 1891) 1893; Frank Smart student (Botany) 
1893; M.A. 1898; Sc.D. 1906. Demonstrator in Botany at 
Owens College, Manchester, 1896. Professor of Bo1 iny at 
University College, Reading. President of Botany Set tion, 
British Association, 1912; of Section ' M' (Agriculture), 
1920. F.R.S., 1913. Director of the Royal Horticultural 
Society's Gardens at Wisley, 1914-19. C.B.E., 1917. Con- 
troller of Horticulture, Fond Production Dept., Board of 
Agriculture, 1917-19. Sherardian Professor of Botany, and 
Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, 1920-7. Assistant 
Secretary, Board of Agriculture, 1918-19. For sometime 
Adviser in agriculture to Imperial Chemical Industries. 
K.B.K., 1922. Married (1) Matilda Marie Cecile Marschal; 
(2) Lillah McCarthy, the well-known actress. Fullerian 
Professor at the Royal Institution, 1938-41. Editor of the 
Gardener's Chronicle, 1008. Author, Phut Animals; Practical 
Plant Physiology; Life of Plants, etc. Of Fowey, Cornwall, 
in 1946. (Venn, 11. 507; Burke, P. and B. (Knightage); 
Who's Who in Berks . H fw's Who.) 

KEEBLE, SAMUEL SAVILLE. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Ian. 24, 1027. Oi Suffolk. Matric. Michs. 1827; B.A. 1S31: 
M.A. 1834. 

KEELAN, VIVIAN LEATHEM. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1890. 
(Elders, of Dr Nicholas Walter, of Carrii kmacross, Ireland ] 
B.A. 1893; M.A. I'io.j Ord. deacon (Exeter) 1895; priest, 
1896; C. of Dawbsh, Devon, 1893-1901. C. of St James's, 
Devonport, 1901-4. C. of St Michael, Camden [own, 
Middlesex, 1904-10. Lond. Dio. Home Missionary at Golder's 
Green, 1910-14; V. there, 1914-38. Served in the Great War, 
1914-19 (Chaplain, K.N.). Died Mav 6, 1938, at Mill HiU. 
{Univ. War List, Crockford; The Times, May 7. 1938.) 

Trinity, Oct. 1, 1898. S. of William Hulton [Wadham 
College, Oxford, 1858], He. id Master of Bradford Grammar 
School. B. 1880, at Bradford. S1.I100I, Bradford Grammar. 
Matric. Michs. 1898; (Nat. Sci. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class, 1900; 
Mech. Sci. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class, 1901); B.A. 1901; M.A. 1908. 
Served in the Great War, 1914-1') (Li.'Ui.-Col . R.E.; 
wounded; O.B.E.; M.C.; mentioned twice in de-spat chi-s). 
Brother of George S. (1891) and William T. (1S90). (Umv. 


Keely, Alfred William Johnson 

KEELING, CHARLES NEVILL. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Oct. ii, 1861. [Younger) s. of the Rev. William Robert 
(1S28) [and Susan]. B. Mar. 9, 1843, at Blackley, Lanes. 
[School, Manchester.] Matric. Michs. 1861; B.A. 1865; M.A. 
i368. Ord. deacon (Chester) 1866; priest, 1867; C. of St 
Philip's, Chorley, Cheshire, 1866-8. C. of St Saviour's, 
Manchester, 1868-72. R. of St James's, Collyhurst, Lanes., 
1872-1907. Surrogate, dio. of Manchester, 1892-1907. Hon. 
Canon of Manchester, 1895-1907. R.D. of Cheetham, r8g8 
1907. Died Mar. 10, 1907, at Manchester. Father of the next. 
(Crockford; The Manchester Gu.ndian, Mar. 12, 1907.) 

KEELING, CHARLES PAUL. Adm. pens, at St John's, I let. 5, 
1893. S. of the Rev. Charles N'evill (above), of Collyhurst, 
Manchester [and Mary Elizabeth Skinner]. 15. Mar. 3, 1874, 
at Manchester. School, Manchester Grammar I Mr I 1 
King). Matric. Michs. 1893; B.A. 1896; M.A. 1900. Ord. 
deacon (Durham) 1897; priest, 1808; C. of St Ignatius-the- 
Martyr, Hendon, Durham, 1897-9. C. of St James's, Colly- 
hurst, Lanes., 1S99-1907; R. there, 1907-10. V. of Tod- 
morden, 1910-16. R. of Christ Church, Heaton Norris, 
1916-29. Rural Dean of Heaton, 1924-9. R. of St James's, 
Gorton, and Rural Dean of Ardwiek, 1929-37. Hon. Canon 
of Manchester. V. of Old Mil vert on, Warws., 1937-41. Died 
Aug. 4, 1941. (Crockford.) 

KEELING, GEORGE SYDNEY. Adm. at Caius, Oct. 1, 1891. 
[2nd] s. of the Rev. William Hulton [Wadham College, 
Oxford, 1S5S], Head Master of Bradford School. B. 1872, at 
Bradford. School, Bradford. Matric. Michs. i,s, i[; Exhibi- 
tioner, 1891; B.A. 1895; M.B. and B.C. 1900; M.D. 1907. 
At St Mary's Hospital. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1S98. Senior 
Clinical Ophthalmic Assistant, St Mary's Hospital. Chief 
Clinical Assistant, Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital. In 
practice at Attleborough, Norfolk, -1910-40-. Of The 
Vatch, Buxted, Sussex, m 1944. Brother of Bertram F. E. 
(1898) and William T. (1890). (Venn, 11. 520; Medical 
Directories, not in 1945.) 

KEELING, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Sr John's, June 12, 1821. 
Of Essex. Matric. Michs. 1822,, 1*22; B.A. (21s/ 
Wrangler) 1826; M.A. 1829; B.D. 1836. Fellow. 1829-47 
Ord. deacon (Ely) June 14, 1829; priest, Nov. 8, 1S29. R. of 
Barrow, Suffolk, 1845-91. Married, Oct. 20, 1853, Eliza, 
youngest dau. of Charles Madryll Cheere, Esq., of Papworth 
Hall, Cambs. Author, Liturgiae Britannicae (2nd ed. 1851). 
Died May 7, 1891, at Barrow rectory, aged 87. (< - 
Clergy List; The Guardian, May 13, 1S91; The Times, 
Oct. 22, 1853.) 

KEELING, WILLIAM ROBERT. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Sr 
John's, Oct. 14, 1828. [S. of the Rev. William, P.C. of 
Pendleton, Lanes. B. at Pendleton. Matric. Lent, 1829; 
B.A. 1833. Ord. deacon (Chester) Jan. 25. 1835; priest, 
Jan. 31, 1836; C. of St Mary's, Manchester, 1835-8. R. of 
Blackley, Lanes., 1838-69. During his incumbency, rebuilt 
the church, was instrumental in founding another church in 
the outlying part of the parish, and promoted the building 
of three sets of schools. Married, 1839, Susan, dau. of Charles 
Nevill, Esq. Died Aug. 9, 1869. Buried in a vault belonging 
to his wife's family, at Blackley. Father of Charles N. (1861). 
(Manchester Gr. Sch. Reg., in. 2S5; Crockford.) 

KEELING, WILLIAM THEODORE. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Jesus, Oct. 1890. [Eldest] s. of the Rev. William Hulton 
[Wadham College, Oxford, 1858], Head Master of Bradford 
School. I '.. Mar. 22, 1 871, at Northampton. School, Bradford 
Grammar. Matric. Michs. 1890; Scholar: Lady Key scholar; 
B.A. 1893; M.A. 1900. Ord. deacon (Winchester) 1897; 
priest, 1S9S. Assistant Master at Liverpool College, 1895-7; 
at Epsom College, 1807-1901 ; at Weymouth College, 1901-2. 
Head Master of Warwick School, 1902-6; of Grantham 
School, 1906-10; of Cordwalles School, 1910-12. Professor of 
Old Testament, Anglican Theological College of British 
Columbia, 1912-32. Chaplain of St George's School, Van- 
couver, B.C. R. of St Helen's, S. Westminster, 1920-3. R. of 
St John's, Shauglmessy Heights, Vancouver, 1928-41. Of 
Vancouver, in 1944. Died at Bournemouth, Nov. 29, 1946. 
Brother of George S. (1S91) and Bertram F. E. (1S98). 
(Crockford; Schoolmasters' Directories; A. F. Leach, Warwick 
School, Grantham School, 31; Who's Who.) 

John's, June 9, 1874. S. of Thomas Middleton, merchant 
[and Elizabeth Catherine Wyer]. B. at Carrington [Notts.]. 
Bapt. Nov. 28, 1854. Matrii Michs. 1874; B.A. 1878; M A. 
1903. Ord. deacon (Chester) 1877; priest, 1879; C. of St 
John's. Bootle, Lanes., 1S77-S2. C. of Wimbledon, Surrey, 
1882 -4. C. of Christ Church, Surbiton, 18S4-5. C. of Holy 
Trinity, West Cowes, Isle of Wight, 1885-9. R. of Greete, 
Salop, 1890-2. C. of Huddersfield, 1892-4. V. of St Paul's, 
Huddersheld, 1894-191"- R. of Orlingbury, Northants., 
1917-22. Lie. pr., dio. of Gloucester, 1923-35. Died Apr. 5, 
1939, at Greystones, Minchinhampton, GIoucs. Brother of 
the next. (Scott, MSS.; Crockford; The Times, Apr. 6, 1939.) 

Keely, Edwin Richard Philipps 

KEELY, EDWIN RICHARD PHILIPPS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Oct ii 1877. S. of Thomas, of Woodthorpe, near Not- 
tingham. B. there Mar. 8, 1857. School, Shrewsbury. 
Matric. Michs. 1877. Assistant Master at Temple Grove 
School, East Sheen, for four years. Head Master ol Kingsland 
School, Putnev, for nine years. Assistant Master at St 
Christopher's School, Eastbourne, 1905. Head Master of 
Kent House School, Whitehaven, Cumberland, 1907-29. 
Died there, unmarried, Jan. 25, 1929 Brother of the above. 
(Shrewsbury Sch. Reg.; Schoolmasters' Directories; G. B. 
KEEN, ARTHUR THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 1, 
1SS0 [Eldest] s. of Arthur, J. P., of Beechfield, Birmingham. 
B June 14 1861, at Larkfields, Smethwick, Staffs. School, 
Rugby Matric. Michs. 1S80; B.A. 1884. Adm. at the Inner 
Temple, Oct. 20, 1881. Called to the Bar, June 17, 1885. 
On the Oxford Circuit. Of Harborne Park. Harbome. 
Brother of Harry A. (1S98). {Rugby Sch. Reg.; Inns of Court; 
Law Lists, until 1910.) 
KEEN, BENJAMIN. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Trinity, May 15. 
1811 [Only] s. of Benjamin [of the Island of Dominica, 
W I ] B. in London. School, St Paul's, London. Matric. 
Easter, 1811; Scholar, 1813; B.A. 1816. Adm. at the Middle 
Temple, Jan. 29, 1816. Called to the Bar, May 21, 1830. 
Adm. at the Inner Temple, Aug. 25, 1836. (Not found in 
Caribbeana; Inns of Court; St Paul's Sch. Reg.) 
KEEN, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Downing, May 20, 1879. 

Matric. Easter, 1879. 
KEEN, FREDERICK GRINHAM. Adm. at Caius, Oct. I, 1877. 
[Elder] s. of Grinham, solicitor, of London. B. Oct. 11, 1859. 
Schools, Charterhouse and Ehrenbreitstein. Matnc. Michs. 
1877. Resided seven terms. Adm. at the Inner Temple, 
Apr. 13, T880. Gave up law for the stage, at age of 21. 
Began acting in New York; joined John Clayton's and .Arthur 
Cecil's company at Old Court Theatre (under the stage name 
of Frederick Kerr). For 50 years an actor, and in film pro- 
ductions. Toured in America with John Hare, Mrs Langtry 
and Mrs Patrick Campbell. Manager of the Vaudeville and 
Terry's Theatres, 1895-6; of the Court Theatre, 1901. Of 
Russettings, Balcombe, Sussex. Died May 2, 1933- (/•«* °f 
Carthusians (which gives 'b. 1858'); Venn, II. 430; Inns 0/ 
Court; Who was Who, 1929-40.) 
KEEN, HARRY AUGUSTUS. Adm. at Trinity Hall, T89S. 
[Youngest] s. of .Arthur, Esq., of S.mdyford, I-.dgbaston. 
Burningham. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1898. Died 
Apr 23, 1935, at Edgbaston. Brother of Arthur T. (1880). 
{Rugby Sch. Reg.; The Times, Apr. 25, I935-) 
KEENE, BENJAMIN. Adm. FeU.-Com. (age 18) at Peterhouse 
Oct 6 1770. Elder s. of Dr Edmund (1730). Master of 
Peterhouse, and Bishop of Ely [and Mary, dau. of Lancelot 
Andrews, of Edmonton]. [B. I753-] School, Eton. Matnc. 
Michs. 1770; M.A. 1774- Adm. at Gray's Inn, May 6, 1767. 
M P for Cambs., 1776-S4. High Sheriff for Cambs. and 
Hunts., 1804. Married, Mar. 18, 1780, Mary, dau. of George 
Ruck, of Swyncombe House, Oxiord, and had issue (a s. at 
Oxford) Died Nov. 21, 1837. Grandfather of the next. 
(7\ A. Walker, 333; Eton Coll. Reg.; Burke, L.G., 1939; 
G. Mag., 1780, 153, and 1838, I. 107.) 
(age 19) at Trinity, June 26, 1845. [3rd] s. of the Rev. 
Charles Edmund [Chnst Church, Oxford, 1811, and Fellow 
of All Souls], R. of Buckland, Surrey [and Rebecca Frances, 
dau. of Sir George Shiffner]. B. [June, 1S26], at Buckland, 
Surrey. School, Middlesex (private). Matnc. Michs. 1845; 
BA. 1851. Ord. deacon (Chichester) 1850; pnest, 1851; 
C. of Forest Row, Sussex, 1850-1. V. of Bentley, Suffolk, 
1851-8. R. of Erwarton with Woolverston, 1858-69. V. of 
Newent, Gloucs., 1869-78. R. of Copford, Essex, 1878-93. 
Married, Aug. 30, 1855, Edith Alice, dau. of the Rev. Ralph 
Berners, R. of Erwarton, and had issue. Died Oct. 1897. 
{Changes of 'Same; Burke, L.G., 1939; Crockford.) 
KEENE HENRY GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Sidney, May 30, 
1811- Fell -Com. Sept. 30, 1811. Only s. of Thomas, Esq., 
deceased. B. Sept. 30, 1781, at St James's, Westminster, 
London. [School, private; educated partly by Menon later 
one of Napoleon's Generals. Had gone to India as a Cadet 
in the Madras army in 1796; adjutant of a Sepoy Regt. 
forming part of Colonel Arthur Wellesley's brigade. Present 
at the siege of SenngapaUm, and led the Company which 
carried the scaling ladders for the storming part 
1799 Retired, and obtained an appointment in the 'I id] is 
Civil' Service, 1801. At the CoUege of Fort Wuhan 
passing out with honours in Persian and .Arabic, 1804. 
Registrar of the District Court at Rajamimdri 
book on law in Arabic, for which the Government 
him 10 000 rupees. Resigned, 1809, and left India.] Matric. 
Michs. 1811; B.A. 1815; M.A. 1818. FeUow, 1817. Ord. 

Kefford, Edward John 

deacon (Ely, Litt. dim. to Salisbury) 1818; priest (London) 
Sept 26, 1819. A candidate for the Arabic Professorship at 
Cambridge in March, 1819. Professor of Arabic ami Persi in 
at the East India College, Haileybury, 1824-34; Registrar 
there; resigned, 1834. Author of a text of Altlilak-i-Mahstm, 
translated from the Persian; Anwar-i-Suhaili; Persian 
Stories; Persian Fables; Sermons of the lie-.: II'. sh.irpe, if'i 
Memoir. Married, 1824, Anne, dau. of Charles Apthoip 
Weelwright, a Royalist refugee, from Boston, Mass. Resided 
at 3 Mount Ephraim Road, Tunbridge Wells, from 1834. 
Died there Jan. 29, 1864. {Boose, 11. 174; Clergy List; 
D.S.B.; G. Mag., 1864, 1. 398.) 
KEENE, JOHN WROE. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Trinity, 
June 28, 1788. S. of Talbot (next), of London. Private 
tuition. Matric. Michs. 17S8; B.A. 1792- Ord. pnest 
(Peterb.) 1795; C. of Brigstock with Stanion, Northants., 
1795-. {Sorthants. Clergy.) „ 

KEENE, TALBOT. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Trinity, June 9, 
1757. S. of William, of [Dublin and] Shropshire. School, 
Westminster. Matric. Michs. 1758; Scholar, 175S; B.A. 1761 ; 
M.A. 1770. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 1761; priest (Winchester) 
1762 V. of Brigstock with Stanion, Northants., 1773-1824. 
R. of Tadmarton, Oxon., 1788-1824. Blind during last seven 
years of his life, 'which grievous calamity he bore with great 
resignation'. Died Feb. 26, 1824. Father of the above. 
{Record of Old Westminsters; Cant. Act Bk.; Sorthants. 
Clergy; G. Mag., 1824, 1. 574-) 
KEENE, THOMAS PACEY. Adm. pens, at Christ's, May 17, 
1S45 [Elder] s. of Thomas, deceased, of Braydon House, 
Cirencester, Gloucs. [B. Dec. 8, 1825.] School, Miuety. 
Wilts. Matric. Michs. 1S45; LL.B. 1859. Adm. at the 
Middle Temple, Jan. 10, 1851. Adm. Solicitor, Michs. 1856; 
practised in London. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) 1857; priest 
(Manchester) 1858; C of St Mark's, Peterborough, 1857-8. 
Chaplain (A.C1.S.), dio. of Calcutta, 1858-61. C. of St 
Margaret's, Bath, 1861-8. C. of St Cuthbert's, Wells, 
Somerset, 1868-70. C. of Farleigh-Hungerford, 1871-5; 
R. there, 1875-93. Author, Look to your Endowments: An 
Alarm to Churchmen. Buried at Farleigh-Hungerford, 
Jan. 10, 1893. {Peile, II. 492; Crockford; Inns of Court 
(Parey) ) 
KEENLYSIDE, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Jesus, Feb. 6, 1816; 
from Balliol CoUege, Oxford, where he had been adm. Jan. 
1815. S. of the Hon. Gen. Fredenck. B. in London. School, 
Richmond, Yorks. (Mr Tate). Matric. Michs. 1816; Scholar, 
1818. (Not found in Al. Oxon.) 
KEEPING, WALTER. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Apr. 24, 1873. 
S. of Henry, Curator of the Geological Museum, Cambridge. B. 
[Jan 6 1854], at Milford, Hants. School, Cambridge. Matric. 
Michs. 1873; Scholar, 1873; (Nat. Sci.Tnp., 1st Class, 1876); 
B.A. 1877; Sedgwick prize, 1880; M.A. 1880. Professor of Geo- 
logy at University College, Aberystwyth, 18 77-8. Custodian of 
the Museum at York, 18S0. F.G.S. Author, The Fossils and 
Palaeontological Affinities of the Seocomian Deposit of Upware 
and Brickhill. Died Feb. 28, 1884. (Peile, II. 629.) 
KEESS, WALTER. Adm. at Clare, June 17, 1878, as Kees. 
Matric. Michs. 1878; B.A. [882; M.A. 1886! Pnncipal of the 
Agricultural College, Saidapet, Madras, in 1906. (Cambridge 
Year-book, 1906.) 
KEET, JOHN. M.A., per Lit. Rrg.. 1755- 
KEET, JOHN (1771), s« KEAT. 

KEETON, GEORGE HAYDN. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Oct. 1, 1897. S. of H[avdn] [Mus.Doc, Magdalen Hall, 
Oxford 1869], of Thorpe Road, Peterborough. [B. Oct. 13, 
1878. School, Oakham.] Matrii Michs. 1897; Scholar; B K. 
(Class. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class) 1900; M.A. 1910. Football 
(rugby) 'blue,' 1899, 1900; played for England, 1904, 
Assistant Master at Reading School, 1901-3; " 
College, Edinburgh, 1903-10. Head Master of Pod 
School, Yorks., 1910-14. Head Master of Readiri 
1914-39. Of Chiberta, Pines Road, Fleet, Hants., m 1944- 
(Book of Blues; Univ. War List; Schoolmasters' Directories; 
Who's Who.) 
KEEY. EDGAR CHARLES. Matric. Non-Coil. Mil 

B.A. 1896; M.A. 1906. 
KEFFORD, EDWARD JOHN. Adm. pens, .n - [OH , Od 
1890 [Younger] s. of William, assistant to H.M 
of Schools, of Bury St Edmunds [and M iria Fre 
June 13, 1B71, at Rickinghall Inf..-n..i. s m .... >. I10..I, 
King Edward's, Bury St Edmunds. M 
B.A. 1893; M.A. 1807. Ord, deacon (I iw n 1) il 151 pnest, 

1896; C. of Roby, Lanes.. 1895 ' 

1901. C. "f St Bartholomew's,! 
1 ithermgton, Hants., 1908-20. Died Mar. 3, 1920 ! 

, ,t (Bury 'I Edmunds Gr. Sch. Reg.; Crockford; 
, Mar. 10, 1920.) 

Kefford, William Kingsley 

KEFFORD, WILLIAM KINGSLEY. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Oct. 2, 1894. [Elder] s. of William, Sub-Inspector of Schools, 
of S. Tottenham, London [and Maria Freeman]. B. Mar. 29, 
i860, at Rickinghall, Suffolk. School, Bury St Edmunds. 
Matnc. Miens. 1894; B.A. 1897; M.A. 1001. Ord. deacon 
(Canterbury) 1897; priest, 1898; C. of Ospringe, Kent, 1S97- 
1900. C. of Shaw Berks , 19. 10-3. V. ..f Dulling ham. c ami. s., 
1903-9. R. of Shaw with Douuington, I'm a i . , 

Brother of Edward J. (189.'). (/>.>,r V M l-.lmunj. • ,1 S,l: 
Reg , ' rockford.) 

KEIGHLEY, JAMES HENRY. Adm. pens, (age r 9 ) at Trinity. 
Feb. m, 1855. S. of Matthew J. Migrated to Emmanuel, 
Oct. 10, 1S55. Matric. 1855; B.A. 1859. 

Caius, Oct. 1, 1808. S. of Charles William, manufacturer, of 
Huddersfield. B. [Auk. 16], 1879. School, Westminster. 
M.itnc. Mi, i,s. i.s.,.s. .Migrated to Trinity Hall, Easter, 1S99; 
B.A. 1901. Went into his father's business as a woollen 
manufacturer at Huddersfield. Died 1912. [Record of Old 
Westminsters] Venn, 11. 558, and addenda, 1040.) 

KEIGHLY, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, Feb. 6, 
1796. S. of James, of London. School, Eton. (Eton Sen. 

KEIGHTLEY, ARCHIBALD. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Pembroke, 
Sept. 21, iS77- I- U -t s ..i Allied I Hidlev, Esq., of OM Hall, 
near MUnthorp . ... b nd. B. Apr. 19, 1S59, at 

Haversham. [School, Charterhouse.] Matnc. Michs. 1877; 
B.A. 1SS2; Ml; , ., ; M \ ,0.1 M.I). 1892. At St Bar- 
tholomew's Hospital. L.R.C.P., 1886 Practised in London. 
Of 46, Brook Street, < .rosveuor Square, London, W., and 
Glanmawddach, Bannouth, N. Wales. Of 10, Horatio Street, 
New York, in 1930. Author, The Recovery .-/ Health; Recipes 
for the Snt, Seedy and Well. Died Nov. 18, 1930, in 
New York. {Charterhouse Keg.: Pemb. Coll. Reg.; Medical 
Directories: The limes, Nov. 25, 1930.) 

KEIGHTLEY, BERTRAM. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 30, 
1879. [Younger] s. of William Instraui [solicitor], of 20, 
Stanley Gardens, Netting Hill, London. B.Apr. 4, 1 60, It 
Birkenhead, Cheshire. School, Charterhouse, Godalming. 
Matric. Michs. 1879; B.A. 1883; M.A. 1886. Adm. at the 
Inner Temple, Oct. 22, 1SS4. Called to the Bar, Jan. 26, 
1894. Member of the Society. Of ',0. Linden 
I 'if, Bayswater, London, W., in 1044. (< harter house 
Reg.; Inns of Court; Law Lists.) 

Corpus Christ!, Oct. 1, 1887. of Antrim. S. oi Samui 1 ■■! 
Friedlands, FortwiUiam, Belfast. P.. Sept ,,, 181,6, it Belfast. 
School, Bangor and at Queen's College, Belfast. Matric. 
Michs. 18S7; B.A. 1890; M.A. 1905. Ord. deacon (London 
1893; priest, 1894; C. of St James's, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, 
1893-5. C. of Brompton, Kent, 1895-1902. C. of Holy 
Innitv, Windsor, 1002-1 1. Temp. Chaplain, R.N., 1915-19. 
V. of Tuddenham St Martin, Suffolk, 1911-48-. {Crock fir, I ) 

KEIGWIN, HENRY DAVID. Adm. at Peterhouse, I. 

[3rd s. of Charles David, of Parson's Hill, Lexden, m 1 
Colchester. B. Mav t4, 1881, at Colchester. School, St 
Paul's.] Matric. Michs. 1900; Organ scholar, 1902; B.A. 1903- 
Mus.B. 1905; M.A. 1.107. Director of .Music at Tnnitv College] 

Glenahnoiiil, for six years. Subsequently held an edue a] 

appointment in the British South Africa Company at Bula- 
wayo. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (2nd Lieut., Lanes. 
Fus.). Killed in action, Sept. 20, 1916. Brother of the next 
(s; Paul's Sch Ace . Univ. Wat List; Scott, MSS ; / 4 
Walker, 647; The Times, Oct. 13, 1916.) 

KEIGWIN, HERBERT STANLEY. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, 
Oct. 8, 1S97. S. of Charles David, Esq., of Clock House' 
Capel, Colchester. B. there May 4, 1S78. School, St Paul's' 
Matric. Michs. 1897; B.A. 1900; M.A. 1904. Went to S 

Africa for Rhodesian Government Service; Mining I 

missioner at Bulawayo, 1902. Director of Education, Free- 
town. Sierra Leone, W. Africa, in 1045-. Brother of the 
above. {St Paul's Sch. Reg.; T. A. Walker, 638.) 

1821. Matnc. 

KEILY, TOWNSEND RICHARD. Adm. pen,, (age 19) at 
Trinity, June 1, 1802. S. of Arthur, of Wexford, Ireland. 
School, Westminster. Scholar, 1803; matric. Lent, 1S04; 
B.A. 1806. Cornet, 1st Dragoons, June 10, 1809; Lieut ' 
Oct. 25, 1810; Capt., Mav 21., 182s; retired oil halt pay' 
1826. Severely wounded at Waterloo. Died Apr. 5' 

Kelday, Arthur Harold 

1882; M.A. 1887. Practised as a solicitor, 1884-91. Ord. 
deacon (Winchester) 1891 ; priest, 1892; C. of Portsea, Hants., 
1891-1901. R. of Alverstoke, r9or-7. P.C. of St Columb 
Minor with Newquay, Cornwall, 1908-9. V. of Barnacre, 
Lanes., 1912. C. of Doguiersrield, Hants., 1916-17. Perm, 
to off., dio. of Winchester, 1922-7; dio. of Guildford, 192 7- ,.\ 
Died Sept. 25, 1934. (Rugby Sch. Reg.; Scott, MSS.; 
Crock/ord; 1 he Tunes, Sept. 28, 1934.) 

KEIR, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS. Adm, pens, at Trinity, Feb. 7, 
i860. S. of Patrick. B. [Feb. 16], 1842, at Kindrogan, 
Perthshire. Schools, Middlesex (private) [and Loretto, 
1854-8]. Matric. Michs. i860; B.A. 1865. Adm. to the 
faculty of Advocates, 1868. Died 1S79, at Valparaiso, Chile, 
S. America. (Loretto Reg.) 

KEITH, ARCHIBALD LESLIE. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Oct. 1, 1889. S. of Frederick Thomas, solicitor, of Bracondale, 
Norwich. B. there Feb. 20, 1871. Schools, Norwich Grammar 
and H.uleybury. Matnc. Michs. 18S9; B.A. 1602; M.A. 1911.1. 
Ord. deacon (Guildford) 1895; priest (Winchester) 1896; 
C of St Thomas's, Winchester, 1896-7. C. of Haslemere, 
1897-1901. V. of Ferahurst, Sussex, 1901-4. V. of Thorpe 
Hamlet, Norfolk, 1904-5. Chaplain to tea-planters in Ceylon, 
1906, and V. of St Peter's, Colombo, 1910-15. C. of Basing- 
stoke, Hants., 1915-16. C. of St Philip's, Earl's Court, 
Middlesex, 1916-18. C. of St Mary Abbots, Kensington, 
1918-20. V. of Wiuibome Minster, 1920-46. Rural Dean 
of Wimbome. Canon and Preb. of Salisbury, 1929-37. 
(Haileybury Reg.; Crockford; Who's Who.) 


1854. (Record of Old Westminsters.) 

KEIR, ADAM. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall, 1878. [Youngest] 
s. of John [Lindesay], Esq., of Fordlands, Bideford. B. 
June 25, 1861. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1878; B.A 

pens, at Trinity, Sept. 24, 1874. [3rd] s. of Francis Alex- 
ander [8th] Earl of Kintore, of Keith Hall, Inverurie, 
Aberdeenshire. B. July 5. 1856, at Edinburgh. Schools 
[Cheamand] Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1S74; Tyrwhitt Hebrew 
Scholar; Jeremie Septuagint prize fend) 1876; (Theol. Trip., 
1st Class, 1878; Semitic Langs. Trip., 1st Class, 1SS0); B.A. 
1878; M.A. 1881. The most famous cyclist at Cambridge in 
the 'eighties'; defeated the professional champion, John 
Keen, by 5 yards in a 2-mile race, May 11, 1878, at Cam- 
bridge, and bicycled in 1882 from Land's End to John o' 
Groats in under 13 days. 'During his time he helped the 
band of Uiuversitymen who made Barnwell a better place- 
to live in.' Hebrew Lecturer at Clare, which required the 
delivery of one lecture annually. Gave three lectures on the 
Pilgrimage to Mecca. Lord Almoner's Professor of Arabic, 
1886-7; his tenure of the Chair was short, as he left Cam- 
bridge in 1886 to take up his duties as a Missionary of the 
Free Church of Scotland at Aden, where his knowledge of 
Arabic could be directly utilized. Translated ' Fables of 
Bidpai', fTom the Syriac. Died near Aden, of fever, May II, 
1887. Brother of Lord Inverurie (1870). (Harrow Sch. Reg.; 
Boase, II. 176; Burke, P. and B.; CM. Hist. Reg., 90, note 2; 
The Scots Peerage, v. 254; D.N.B.) 

KEITH-MURRAY, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 18, 
18.12. [Eldest] s. ..I [Sir] Patrick, Bt. (1853, sub Murray), of 
Ochtertyre.Cneff, Pert lis. [and Frances A. J., dau. of Anthony 
Murray, of Dollerie, Berths.]. (His grandfather, Sir William, 
had assumed the additional name of Keith on his marriage 
with Helen M. D., only dau. of Sir Alexander Keith, Knight- 
Marischal of Scotland, 1833.] B. Apr. 8, 1872, at Crieff. 
School, Harro%v. Matric. Michs. 1S92; B.A. 1895. Capt., 
3rd Batt., Black Wat, h (T.F.), 1900. Succeeded as 9th Bart., 
Jan. 10, 1921. Of Ochtertyre, Crieff. (Harrow Sch. Reg.; 
Burke, P. and B. (sub Murray); Army Lists.) 

KEKEWICH, EDMUND. Adm. pens, at Sidney, July 3, 1803. 
S. of William [Oriel College, Oxford, 1752], of Northbrook, 
and Bowden House, Devon [and Susanna, dau. of Michaef 
Johnstone], B. Apr. 22, 1786, at Islington, London. Schools, 
Ipplcpen (Mr Cousins) undBlundell's, Tiverton (Mr Richards). 
Maine. Michs. 1803; B.A. 1807. Died in Feb. 1807, 'having 
taken his B.A. in Jan. last'. Brother of the next. (Blundell's 
Sch. Reg.; Burke, L.Q. (for his father, who had 11 sons, of 
whom only the eldest is given); G. Mag., 1807, I. 278 (Keke- 

KEKEWICH, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Oct. 30, 
1795. Of Middlesex. [5th s. of William (Oriel College, Oxford, 
1752), of Northbrook, Exeter, deceased, and Susanna 
(ohnsl ie.] Matric. Mi. lis. 1795; B.A. 1800; M.A. 1803. 
Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, June 12, 1800. Advocate-General at 
the Cape of Good Hope, July 21, 1809. Brother oi tie 
(Inns ,./ Court; Burke, L.G. (for his father); Boase, Coll. 
Cornub,, 440.) 

KELDAY, ARTHUR HAROLD. Adm. at Trinity Hall. 1881. 
S. of .Arthur, Esq., of Sydenham Park, Kent. Matnc. Michs, 

Kelham, Robert 

KELHAM, ROBERT. Adm. pens (age 18) at Trinity June 29, 

1S32 [Elder] s. of Robert [of Bleasby Hall, Nott, I 
[July 1813], at Phipsbridge, Surrey. School, Shrewslmi v 
Mat™. Miens. 1832. Adm. at Lincoln s ton, Jan I*, J835- 
Of Bleasby Hall, Notts. J.P. for Notts.; High Sheriff, 18; 4 
Lieut., S. Notts. Yeo. Died Dec. 1904. Shrewsbury Sch. 
Reg. ; Inns of Court.) 
KELK, ARTHUR HASTINGS. Adm. pens, at Caius, June 25, 
l8« S of William Hyde, of Worthington Lodge, Leics. 

B. there .835. Bapt. June 9, 1835. School, private. Matnc 
Michs. 1S55; B.A. 1S59; «A 1871. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 
1859; priest, 1S60; C. of Sutton Bonington, Notts.. 1859-01. 
Theological Tutor of the Protestant College at Malta, 1S01. 

C. of St George's, Leeds, 1861-5. V. of St Stephen s Burnian- 
tofts, Leeds, 1S65-78. Minister at Christ Church, Jerusa em, 
and Missioner in charge of Jews' S. >oety Mission in Jerusalem 
1S78-1901. Hon. Canon of St George's, Jerusalem. Resided 
subsequently at Headingly, Leeds, where he died Jan. 27, 
1908, aged 73. Father of the next and of Vt illiara H. (1885). 
Venn, 11. 325, and addenda, 1940; Crockford; Cambridge 
Chronicle, Jan. 31, 1908.) 

KELK, ARTHUR HASTINGS. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Magda- 
lene July I h 1882. S. of the Rev. Arthur Hastings (above), 
of Christ Church, Jerusalem. School, Leeds. Matnc. Michs 
lSS2- B A. 1SS5; M.A. 1909. Ord. deacon (York) 18S6; 
priest, 1S87; C. of Doncaster, 1886-8. Chaplain at Beyrout 
and in the Lebanon, 1889-92. C. of Northallerton. Yorks., 
1893-7. C. of Burley (with C. of St Margaret), 1897-1910. 
Minister of St Margaret's, Leeds, 1910-11; V. there, 1911-19. 
R. of Goldsborough, 1919-32. Died Oct. 11, 1932. Brother 
of William H. (1S85). {Crockford, 1932; The Times, Oct. 20, 

KELK, JOHN WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Jesus, Jan i, 
1870. [Elder] s. of John, Esq. (created Bart., 1874) [and his 
cousin, Rebecca Anne, dau. of George Kelk, of Braehead 
House, Ayrshire]. B. Ja-n. 13, 1851, in London. Matnc. Lent 
1870. Succeeded his father as 2nd Bart., 1886. High Sheriff 
for Wilts., 1S92. Major, Wilts. Yeomanry-Cavalry. Of 40, 
Grosvenor Square, London, W. Died unmarried, Mar. 22. 
1923, when the title became extinct. (Burke, P. and B.; 
Who was Who, 1916-28.) 

at Jesus, June 5, 1824. Of Leicestershire. S. of the Rev. 
Willi an (doubtless of Pembroke College, Oxford, 1786), 
deceased. B. at Ashby-de-la-Zouch. School, private. Matric. 
Michs. 1824; B.A. 1828. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 1S31; pnest, 
1833; C. of Worthington, Leics., 1831-40. Master of 
Osgathorpe Grammar School, 1834-53- Latterly of Newbold, 
Ashby-de-la-Zouch, and disappears from Crockford, 1872. 
Brother of William H. (1824). 

KELK, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at St John's, July 3, 1834. Of 
Nottinghamshire. [S. of G. W. Kelk, Sutton, Retford. 
School, Grantham.] Matric. Michs. 1834; Scholar, 1837; 
B.A. 1S38; M.A. 1S43. Ord. deacon (Winchester) July 7, 1839; 
priest, J uly 1 2, 1840; C. of Brightstone, Isle of Wight, 1S40-5 2 . 
C. of Nuffield, Surrey, 1853-8. Minister of a temporary 
church at Redhill, 1853-62. Married, Dec. 31, 1851, Anna, 
youngest dau. of the Rev. John G. Bussell, V. of Beaford, 
Devon. Died Sept. 30, 1862, aged 46, at Redhill. (Clergy 
List; Crockford; Cambridge Year-book, 1S63; G. Mag., 1862, 
II. 648.) 

KELK, WILLIAM HASTINGS. Adm. pens, (age 21) at Jesus, 
June 5, 1824. Of Leicestershire. S. of the Rev. WiUiam 
(doubtless of Pembroke College, Oxford, 1786), deceased. 

B. at Ashby-de-la-Zouch. School, Ashby. Matric. Michs. 
1S24; B.A. iS23. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 1831; priest. 1S33. 
R. of Drayton-Beauchamp, Bucks., 1840-60. Author, 
Notices of Sepulchral Monuments in English Churches; 
Britain's Ancient Church and Rome's usurpations; The 
Churchyard Manual with designs for Memorials, etc. Married 
and had issue (a s. at Oxford). Died Apr. 12, 1865, at Little 

iden, Bucks., aged 62. Brother of Theophilus H. H. 
(1824). (Boose, II. 178; Crockford; G. Mag., 1865, 797 (Kelke).) 

KELK, WILLIAM HASTINGS. Matric. from Cavendish H., 
Michs. 1885. S. of the Rev. Arthur Hastings (1855). B. 
Jan. 29, 1S67, at Leeds. Migrated to Queens', Oct. 1, 1886; 
B.A. 1889. Ord. deacon (Wakefield) 1892; priest, 1893; 

C. of Morley, Yorks., 1892-4. Priest-in-charge of the Aina- 
noub Mission, 1894-7, and Chaplain to the Bishop of Jeru- 
salem, 1897-9. Chaplain at Accra, and Manager 1 thr 
Government Schools at Accra and Cape Coast Castle, 1899 
1911. V. of Haughley, Suffolk, 1913-22. Died Aug. 9, 1922. 
Brother of Arthur H. (1882). (Records of Bucks., III. 148 
(1865); Crockford; The Times, Aug. 11, 1922.) 

KELL, The Rev. WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at St John's, Jan. 21, 
1811. A 'Ten-year man'. Of Northumberland. Matric. 
Lent, 1S21; B.D. (Stat. BUl.) 1821. Ord. deacon (York) 1808; 

Kellett, Frederick William 

priest, 1S09. R. of Corsenside, Northumb., 1S26-63. Died 
there Nov. 9, 1863, aged 79. Father of the next. (Eccles. 
Gaxette, v. 201; Clergy List; G. Mag., 1864, I. 128, 260.) 
KELL, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at St John's, Feb. 27, 1830. 
Re-adm. pens. Oct. 18, 1830. Of Northumberland. S. of the 
Rev. William (above), of Kelso (sic). Matric. Michs. 1830; 
B A 1835. Ord. deacon (Carlisle, l.ttl. dim. from Durham) 
June 22, 1834; priest, Oct. 25, 1835; C. of Corsenside, 
1835-43. Died in 1843. This man and his father are fre- 
quently contused in Clergy List and elsewhere. (Eccles. 
Gazette, V. 201; Foster, Index Eccles.; P. B. G. Binnall.) 
KELL, WILLIAM GHRIMES. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall. 
June 30, 1844. [Elder] s. of Robert, Esq., of 43. 
Row, London. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Nov. ir. 1-1 
Practised as a solicitor in London. (Inns of Court; Law 
Peterhouse, Oct. 1, 1S84. S. of the Rev. Philip (1830), 
deceased, late Professor of Mathematics in Edinburgh 
University. B. Apr. I, 1867. School, Sherborne. Matric. 
Michs. 1884. Name off. Midsummer, 1886. A chartered 
accountant in London, in 1900. (Sherborne Sch. Reg.; 
T. A. Walker, 580.) 
KELLAND, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Queens', July 5, 1854. 
[Eldest s. of George, of Zeal Monachorum, Devon, and Anne, 
dau. of Matthew Kelland, of Shobrooke, Devon. B. 1826.] 
Matric. Michs. 1854; B.A. 1858; M.A. 1S64. Of Loosebeare, 
Devon; Lord of the Manor there. Lived at the Mansion 
House, Totnes, where he kept a boarding school. Living 
1883. (P. B. G. Binnall.) 
KELLAND, PHILIP. Adm. pens, at Queens', Mar. 23, 1830. 
Of Somerset. [S. of Philip, of Exeter College, Oxford (1793). 
R. of Dunster, and sometime R. of Lancras (or Landcross). 
Devon. B. there 1808.] School, Sherborne. Matric. Michs. 
1830; B.A. (Senior Wrangler and 1st Smith's prize) 1834; 
M.A. 1S37. Fellow, 1835. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1837; pnest, 
1838. Professor of mathematics at Edinburgh University, 
1838-79; the first Englishman to hold this position. F.R.S.. 
1838. F.R.S.E., 1839; President, 1878-9. President of 
Society of Arts, 1853-4. One of the founders of the Life 
Association of Scotland. Married (1) Miss — Pilkington, of 
Dublin; (2) Miss — Boswell, of Wardie. Author, 7 he I heory 
of Light; How to improve the Scottish Universities; Trans- 
atlantic Sketches, etc. Died May 7, l879, at Bridge-of-AUan, 
Stirlingshire. Father of Henry P. C. (1S84). (Sherborne Sch. 
Reg. (which erroneously gives 's. of the Rev. W.'); Clergy 
List; Crockford; Boose, 11. 178; D.N.B.) 
KELLAND, WILLIAM HENRY. Adm. pens, at Trinity. 
Oct. 14, 1S71. [Elder] s. of John, Esq., of Dunsford, Devon 
[and sometime of Kelland], B. Nov. 12, 1853, at Lapford, 
Devon. School, Dunsford (private). Matric. Michs. 1871 
Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 27, 1876. (Trinity Coll. Adm ; 
Inns of Court.) 
KELLAND, WILLIAM WALTER. Adm. sizar at St John's, 
July 1, 18S1. S. of the Rev. George (not found in Clergy 
List, Crockford, Al. Oxon. or Al. Dublin) [and Anne]. B. 
May 4, 1863, at Lancaster. Bapt. Nov. 4, 1863. School, 
Lancaster Grammar (Mr Pryke). Matric. Michs. 1882; B.A. 
1885; M.A. 1894. Assistant Master at Clarence House, 
Barnes, for two years; at Beaurepaire School, Boulogne, 
France, for three years; at Skinner's School, Tunbndge 
Wells, for one tenn. Head Master of St Leonard's School, 
St Leonards-on-Sea, for five years; of Oakfield School, 
Crouch End, London, 1896-1911. Died Dec. 8, 1943. 
(Schoolmasters' Directories; H. W. Ord, 58; The Times, 
Dec. n, 1943-) 
John's July 20, 1885. S. of Featherstone, Wesleyan 
minister [and Ellen Harrison], B. Feb. 25, 1866, at Hull. 
Schools, New Kingswood, Bath (J. G. Osborn), and Mason 
Science College, Birmingham. Matnc. Michs. 1885; B.A. 
1888; M.B. and B.C. 1891. Associate of Yorkshire College. 
M B B.C., Leeds, 1905. Demonstrator in physiology at 
Cambridge. House Surgeon, Hospital for Women and 
Children, Leeds. Hon. Medical Officer, Greenwich Dis- 
pensary. Medical Superintendent, Lewisham Medical 
Mission. In practice at Blackheath, 1910-25. Al ting 
Physician. Miller Hospital. Clinical Assistant, Royal U' it 
minster Ophthalmic Hospital, and Centl 

Hospital. Author, Ri a Re ensboume: its connection with 
the health of Lemsham. Died Oct. 15, 1925- Brothel ol the 
next. (Medical Directories; The rimes,Oct. 19, 1925-) 

Oct. II, 1881. Elders, of l-'eath , 

of Birmingham. B. Nov. 22. 1862, at • 
Kingswood, ll.itli. B.A.. London, 1S80. M 
Scholar; B.A. (Class. Trip., 1't I, 1st Class, 1884; Pt II, 

Kellett, Henry 

ist Class, 1885; The.,1. Trip., Pt II, 1st Class, 1885) [884; 
M.A. 18S8. Prince Consort prize (and) 1888. Fellow. 
Wesleyan minister in India, 18S6. Professor of History it 
Madras Christian College, 1892. Author, Gregory the Great; 
edited Bacon's Essays. Died 1904, at Nottingham. Brother 
of the above. (Kingswood Sch. Reg.) 
KELLETT, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, Jan. jo, 
1826. Of Yorkshire. 

KELLETT, ORME STIRLING. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Sept. 26, 1S91. S. of Dr R. G., of The Pitchards, Halstead, 
Essex. Matric. Michs. 1891. At the London Hospital. 
M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1904. Assistant Colonial Surgeon, 
Belize, British Honduras, in 1910. In practice at Ramsbury, 
Wilts., in 1930. Assistant Medical Officer of Health for 
Dorset. (Medical Directories.) 


KELLEY, BENJAMIN. Adm. pens, (age 16) at St John's, May 6, 
1768. S. of John, deceased (and Rebecca]. B. at Canterbury. 
[Bapt. Feb. 24, 1752.] School, Canterbury. Matric. Michs. 
1770; B.A. 1772; M.A. 177s. Died Mar. n, 1809, in St Peter's 
Street, Canterbury. (St John's Coll. Adm., iv. 342; G. Mag., 
1809, 1. 385.) 

KELLEY, WALTER STANHOPE. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Feb. 4, 1870. S. of Thomas, gent, [and Charlotte Stott]. 
B. [Oct. 13, 1852], at StockweU. Bapt. Aug. 17. [853. 01 
Surrey. [School, Sutton Valence.) Matric. Mich:,. 1871; B.A. 
1875; M.A. 1878. Ord. deacon (Chichester) 1S77; priest 
(London) 1879; C. of St Mary Magdalene, St Leonards-on- 
Sea, 1877-9. C. of St Peter's, Eaton Square, London, 
1879-86. Missioner (S.P.G. and C.U.) at Delhi, 1886-1908. 
Chaplain at Selangor, Singapore, 1913-16. Subsequently 
resided at Woodmancote Court, Dursley, Gloucs., where he 
died July 24, 1936, aged 83. Huned at Dursley. (Crockford; 
the 1 mes, July 25, 1936; S.P.G. Records.) 

KELLGREN, ERNST GREGOR. Adm. pens, at Trinity, tune 29, 
1895. S. of Jonas Hennk, of 49, Eaton Square, London. 
B. 1S77, at Sanna, Jonkopmg, Sweden. School, Jonkoping 
(private). Matric. Michs. 1S93; B.A. 1898. At St George's 
Hospital. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1906. Sometime of 4.,, I it,,;, 
Square, and of Sanna, Rosendale, Sweden. Of 68, Chester 
Square, London, S.W., in 1930. Died Sept. 1 1, 1930. Brother 
of the next. (Medical Directories; The Times, Sept. 12, 1930.) 

KELLGREN, JONAS HENRIK. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 29, 
1895. S. of Jonas Henrik, of 49, Eaton Squire. Loudon 
B. 1S74, at Sanna, Jonkoping, Sweden. School, jonkoping 
(private). Matric. Michs. 1895; B.A. 1898; M.A. 1910. At 
St George's Hospital. L.S.A., rqoo. In practice, with Ins 
brother (above), at 49, Eaton Square, London, in 1910. 
(Medical Directories.) 

Oct. 2, 1893. s. of George, Parliamentary printer, of M.u.l.i 
Vale, London. B. July z8, 1874, in London. School, West- 
minster. Matric. Michs. 1893; B.A. 1898; B.C. and M \ 
1904; M.B. 1905. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1903. At St G 
Hospital, Pans, New York and Boston. Physician at the 
Belgrave Hospital for children and at other children's 
hospitals. Assistant House Physician at St George's Hos- 
pital, and at the Royal Hospital for Diseases of the Chest. 
Served in the Great War. 1914-19 (Capt., K.A.M.C.). Killed 
in action, June 25, 1916. (Record of Old Westminsters; I'enn, 
11. 352; Umv. War List; Medical Directories; The Times. 
June 29, 1916.) 

KELLMAN, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, Oct. 24, 
1846. Of the Barbados. Matric. Michs. 1847. 

KELLNER, CECIL GEORGE. Adm. at King's, Oct 

[Only] s. of Sir George, late Military Accountant-Generai in 
India. School, private. Matric. Michs. 1S6S; Exhibitioner; 
prizeman; B.A. 1872. President of the Union, 1871. Adm. 
at the Inner Temple, Apr. 13, 1S70. Called to the Bar 
Nov. 17, 1873. Practised at the Bar 111 Calcutta Dud 
Feb. 8, 1880, at Mymensingh, Bengal. (King's 1 oil R, t - ; 

Inns of Court; Laic Lists. 1 he Guardian, Mar. 

KELLOCH, WILLIAM BRYAN HUIT. Adm. pens, (age 24) at 
Peterhouse, Feb. is, 1824. Matric. Michs. 1825; B.A. 1830. 
Ord. deacon, 1X31; priest, 1S32. R. of Temple Sowerby, 
Westmorland, 1837-45- R. of Brougham, 1845-6. R. of Ed- 
mundthorpe, Northants., 1846-79. Died c. 1880. (Crockford.) 

KELLOCK, THOMAS HERBERT. Adm. pens, at Emmani El 
Sept. 20, 1880. S. of T. C. [probably Thomas Caesai , 
Al. Oxon. for a possible brother, William P. (1875), whose 
father was of Harberton, Devon], solicitor, ot Highfield, 
Totnes, S. Devon. B. there 1S63. School, Totnes Grammar. 
Matric. Michs. 1880; Exhibitioner, 1882; B.A. 1884 \1 \ 
1891; M.B. and B.C. 1S91; M.D. 1S94; M.Chir. 1909 At 
St Thomas's Hospital. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1891. F.R.C.S., 
1891. Medical Superintendent at the Hospital for Sick 

Kelly, Edward 

Children, Gt Ormond Street, for three years. Surgical 
Registrar and tutor in Surgery, Middlesex Hospital; Surgeon 
and Lecturer in surgery at the Middlesex Hospital. Con- 
sulting Surgeon to the Yarrow Home, Broadstairs, and to the 
Lord Mayor ircloar's Cripples Hospital at Alton. Served in 
the Great War, 1914-19 (Capt., R.A.M.C. (T.F.j). Author, 
medical. Of 2, Upper Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square. 
Died Dec. 19, 1922. (Univ. War List; Medical Directories; 
It h was Who, 1916-28.) 

KELLY, ANTHONY PLIMLEY. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Caius, 
July 2, 1816. S. of Patrick, schoolmaster, of London. 
B. there. Educated under his father. Matric. Michs. 1816; 
B.A. 1820; M.A. 1S23. Ord. deacon (Chichester) 1820; priest, 
1821; C of Cuckneld, Sussex, 1S20. V. of Littlehamptoi , 
1824-41. P.C. of St John's, Hoxton, 1841-ot 'Very active 
in schools and other parochial work.' Died Nov. 14. 1864, 
at Hoxton parsonage. Father of Henry P. (1S51); brother 
of Walter (1823). (Clergy List; Crockford; Foster, Index 

KELLY, ARTHUR. Adm. 1 .11. -Com. at Si John's, Nov. 18, 
1796- Of Devon. [Elders, of Arthur [Col., E. Devon Militia], 
oi Kelly, and Dorothea Juliana, dan. of Edward Drewe, of 
Exeter. Bapt. June 15, 1773O Adm. at the Middle Temple, 
Nov. 21, 1793. Called to the Bar, Nov. 23, 1798. A partner 
in the bank of Minchin and Co., Portsmouth. Married, 
June 16, 1803, Mary, only child of John Godwin, banker, 
of Portsea, Hants. Died v. p. Mar. 23,' 1822. The Manor and 
advowson of Kelly had been in the family of Kelly at least 
since the time of Henry II. Father of the next; brother of 
Edward (1707). (St John's Coll. Adm., iv. 342; Burke, L.G.; 
Noble and Gentle Men of England; Inns of Court; G. Mag., 
1S22, I. 379.) 

KELLY, ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at St John's, July 11, 1822. 
S. of Arthur (above), of Kelly, Devon, and Mary [nee 
Godwin]. B. Sept. n, 1804, at Medland, Devon. School, 
Winchester College. Matric. Michs. 1823. Scholar. 1823. 
Migrated to Oxford, and matric. from Corpus Christi College, 
Feb. 20, 1824, age 19; B.A. (Oxford) 1827. Succeeded his 
grandfather it Kelly, 1S23. J. P. for Devon; High Sheriff, 
i,s;o. Married, Oct. 27, 1829, Sophia, dau. of Robert 
Midland, of Thaxted, Essex. Died Apr. 27, 1S73. Father 
of Reginald (1853). (Burke, L.G.; Al. Oxon.) 

KELLY, ARTHUR SHIRLEY. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, 
Oct. I, 1878. S. of Samuel William, Esq., of [Elms], Cardiff. 
B. June 8, i860. School, Mill Hill Grammar. Mate Mil hs, 
1S78. Living in Perth, West Australia, in 1926. (Mill Hill 
Sch. Reg.; T. A. Walker, 553.) 

KELLY, CHARLES FREWEN. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel 
May 7, 1846. Matric. Michs. 1846; B.A. 1S50; M.A. 1S53. 

KELLY, CHARLES [NAPIER], Adm. pens, (age 18) at Pem- 
broke, Mar. 16, 1865. 2nd s. of Waldron Barrs, Captain 111 
the Army [22nd Regt.]. deceased. B. at Sligo. Matric. Michs 
1865; B.A. 1870; M.A. 1878. Ord. deacon (Exeter) 1872; 
priest, 1873; C. of St Luke's, Torquav, 1872-S0. Minor 
,1 "St Paul's Cathedral, 1880-1901. R. of St Nicholas 
Cole Abbey, City of London, 1901-n. Died, unmarried, 
Nov. 11. 1911, it his residence at Epsom. (Crockford; The 
1 imes, Nov. 15, 1911.) 

KELLY, DAVID FREDERICK. Adm. at Clare, Oct. 18, 1871. 
From Trinity College, Dublin. [Elder s. of David, ot c 1st!, 
iliwson, Co. Londoiiderrv, Inland.] Matric. Michs. 1871; 
B.A. 1875; M.A. 1S79. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Apr. 23, 
1S72. (Inns of Court.) 

KELLY, EDMOND. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 4, 1S71. 
S. of Robert E[dmoud], of Versailles. It. Mar. 28, 1851, at 
Blagnac, near Toulouse, France. [School, Sherborne.] 
Matric. Michs. 1871; B.A. 1S75; M.A. 1881. M.A., of 
Columbia College, New York; Licencie en droit de la Faculte 
de Paris; I.L.B., Columbia, 1877. Counsellor-at-Law of the 
\, u York Bar. Counsel to the American Embassy in Pans, 
1900. Counsel in several American causes celebres, both in 
Pans and New York. U.S. Delegate t-, International Con- 
gress "i Law, Paris. 1000. Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur. 
A breakdown in health caused him at one time to take up 
ran. lung in the Rockies. Returning to New York, he took 
part in the movement to overthrow Tammany Hall. Author, 
Evolution and Effort; Government or Human Evolution; The 
French La.e of .Uamaiy, Died Met, 4, moo, at Nvaek, New- 
York. (Sherborne sen. Reg.; Eagle, xxxi. 87; The limes. 

( let 6, I909.) 

KELLY, EDWARD. Adm. pens it Si John's, Maj 

[2nd] s. ,,t Arthur (Col , I Devon Militia] [and I>,.r,.tlie 1 
Juliana, dau. of Edward Drewe, of Exeter]. B. at Kelly, 
Devon. Bapt. Jan. 26, 1779. School, Blundell's, Tiverton. 
Matric, Mull:, 1797, Ensign, 22nd Foot (Cheshire Regt.), 
Oct. 8, 1801; Lieut., Oct. 6, 1S03; Capt., 51st L.I., Apr. 21, 
1808; placed on half-pay, July 25, 1816. Served in the 

Kelly, Edward [Gore] 

Peninsular War: severely wounded. Married, Jan. 10, iSiq 
Sarah Phyllis Clode, dau. of Henry Braddon, of Skisdou 
Lodge, Cornwall. Died May 24, 1S31, at Camplehay, aged 51. 
Brother of Arthur (1796). (Btundell's Sch. Keg.;' SI John's 
Coll. Aim., iv. 342; Burke, L.G., 1914; G. Mag., 1831, I. 572.) 
KELLY, EDWARD [GORE]. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's 
Oct 10, 1S30. Of King Street, Kilkenny, Ireland. Matric 
Michs 1S30; B.A. 1835; M.A. 1839. Adm. ad eundem at 
Oxford 1S55. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 1835; priest, 1836. 
P.C. of St Johns, Sheffield. 1838-55. P.C. of Otterford 
Somerset, 1855-8. Died, V. of St Peter's. Drogheda Oct 21 
1862. (Clergy List.) 

KELLY, EDWARD HARDING. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1S79. 
[Schools, Lincoln and Hereford.] Migrated to King's Feb 7 
!.t Sl; § A - \ ss 3' M - A - 1903. Assistant Master at the King's 
Choir School, 1879-S4; at Highgate School, i.s.s.- 1 .,, , ■ „, 
charge of Highgate Junior prep. School, 1903-23. Of 
95, Whitstable Road, Canterbury, in 1945. (King's Coll. 
Reg.; Schoolmasters' Directories.) 
KELLY, EDWARD O'FARRELL. Adm. at Caius, Apr. 18, 1884. 
Younger] s. of Thomas, gent., of Tivoli, Cork. B. 1865 in 
London. Schools, Ampleforth College, York, and Oscott 
College, Birmingham. Matric. Easter, 1884; B.A. and LL H 
ii 7 ' A 1 *"" 1 " ' blue .' 1885. 1886, 1887, 1888 (weight). 
Adm. at the Inner Temple, Jan. 11, 1887. Called to the Bar 
Nov. 18, 1889. Died Aug. 10, 1897. [Venn, 11. 466, and 
addenda, 1940; Book of Blues; Inns of Court; Law Lists.) 
KELLY, EDWARD ROBERT. Adm. sizar (age 17) at St John's 
r, y 2 . 3, „- l834; re - adm - Pens. Oct. 14, 1834. [4th] s. of 
Colonel [Festus] Kelly, of Middlesex. [B. Apr. 7 1817 in 
Bayswater.) Matte. Michs. 1S34; B.A. 1S39; M.A. 1842. 
Adm Solicitor, Trinity Term, 1S42. Practised in London 
1842-83. Partner in the firm of William Kelly and Co 
printers, of 19, Old Boswell Court, Temple Bar, in 1867 and 
n* 7 ' ? ue ^ n street > 1869-83- They published the Post 
Office London Directory from 1840, of which he was sometime 
editor. Married Harriott, dau. of Anderson Radford, and 
had issue Of Cressy House, Goldhawk Road, Shepherd's 
Bush Died July 8, 1896, in London. (Boase, v. 1S05 ; Boase, 
Coll.Cornub 441; Burke, E.G.; Law Lists; Eagle, xlx. +98; 
The Times, July 9, 1896.) 

KELLY, FITZROY Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, Feb. 27, 
1852. LMJdls. of James Birch [gent., of Somers Place, Hyde 
Park WJ. B. 1833, in London. Schools, Tonbridge, 1847-9 
and Kings College, London. Matric. Michs. 185I; Scholar 
185.5; prizeman; B.A. 1S56; M.A. i860. President of the 
Union, 1855. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 13, 1854. Called 
to the Bar, 1S68. Made a remarkable speech in the Banda 
^.iST 6 c3 S e '. lS6 6- Lecturer in Equity to the Incor- 
porated Law Society. On account of iU-health went to 
Ceylon and practised there. Died 1S77. (/mis of Court- 
Tonbridge Sch. Reg.) ' Kuu "' 


Kr t-^ I9 °.°; S ' ° f Mls KeU y' of «4. VVarkworth 
Street, Cambridge. Matnc. Michs. 1900; B.A. 1904- M.A 
1910. Ord. deacon (London) 1905; priest, 1907; C. of St 
Georges, Waltham Cross, Middlesex, 1905-6. C. of St 
Alpheges, Edmonton, 1906-11. C. of Edmonton, 1011-14 
LDH.M._at St Alphege's, Edmonton, 1914-24. V. of 
Croi^Tmo^ 1 Edmontoa ' W-» Disappears from 

KELLY FRANCIS JOSEPH. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 17, 
1S77. 2nd s. of the Rev. James Davenport [Wadham 
College Oxford 1847] V. of Christ Church, Ashton-under- 
cllnJf* ™ £ lS xr 58 ' '" Guemse V- School, Manchester 
Grammar. Matnc. Easter, 1878. Died Sept. 25, 1880, at 
Christ Church vicarage, Ashton-under-Lyne, aged 21 (The 
Guardian, Sept. 29, 1880; Ca>nbridge Review, 1880.) ' 

KELLY, FREDERIC FESTUS. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity 

Square London [and Harriet, dau. of John Richards, of 
Clarendon Place, Maida Vale, and of Brighton). B. [1838] 

Trm?t a v Hall I» ' E 'T "??£ Mchs ' lS 5 6 - Migrated to 
Trinity Hall, Jan. 27, ,857; LL.B. i860; LL.M. 1S63. Adm. 
W. , «" Temple^ Nov. 5, 1859. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1861: 
priest, 1862; C. of Hilton, Hunts., 1861-4. C. of Stockport 
Cheshire ,864-70 C of St Mark's. Kensington, 1S70-1 
C. of St Michael and .All Angels, Paddington, 1871-80 V of 
CamberweU, Surrey, .1880-1915. Surrogate dio. of South- 

nf Pi I 5 ~i 5 - Ma l Tled ' ™ :lache - dau ' of Robert Bradford, 
o Franks, Farrungham, Kent. Author, Sermons on Plain 

Placf Po?f m c ren) ' ^^ Utterl >' at 6 5. Gloucester 
;„?'»? ^Square. London, where he died Aug. 4, 19,8, 
tnL™ ? r S tbe / ° ( i°J^ R ' ' l862 >i fath « "' the next! 
i£r8) ; °l Court; Crockford; The Times, Aug. 6, 

^rtfr GE ?i\ LD „ FES , TUS ' Adm ' at TRIN "V Hal.., ,897. 
Only s. of the Rev. Frederic Festus (above), of Camberwell, 

Kelly, The Rev. John 

London, S.E. B. [Apr. 9], 1879. School, Eton. Matric. 
Michs. lS97; B.A. 1900; Winchester Reading prize, 1900. An 
artist. Member, National Portrait Society, 1910; The Inter 
national Society, 1012. Secretaire, Salon d'Automne, 1904. 
A.R.A., 1922; R.A., 1930; R.H.A. His works are in the 
public collections of Marseilles, Brussels, Dublin, Cork, 
Johannesburg, Pietennantzburg, Ottawa, Toronto, Sydney 
and various English cities as well as in the Tate Gallery. 
Member of Royal Fine Art Commission, 1938. Knighted, 
1945. President, R.A., 1950. Of 117, Gloucester Place, 
Portman Square, London, W. (Eton Sch. Lists; Kellv, 
Handbook; Who's Who.) 

KELLY, GORDON WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 21, 
1803. [Only] s. of the Rev. Dr John (1788), V. of Ardleigh, 
Essex. [B. 1786, in the Isle of Man.] School, Eton. Matric. 
Michs. 1804; Scholar, 1804; B.A. 1808; M.A. 1811. Fellow, 
1S09-18. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Dec. 2, 1806. Called 
to the Bar of the Isle of Man, June 18, 1813. Recorder of 
Colchester. Married. 1830, Miss — White, who left £1000 to 
King William's College, Isle of Man, to found an exhibition 
for the Universities, and the sum of /"100 for a Manx prize. 
Died Apr. 4, 1858, at Oxney Green House, Writtle, Essex. 
(Eton Sch. Lists; St Joint's Coll. Adm.,iv. 343 (sub his father) ; 
Boase, II. 183; Inns of Court; G Mag., 1858, I. 56S; D.N.B. 
(sub his father).) 

KELLY, HENRY PERCY. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, Dec. 4, 
1898. S. of Henry, Esq., of Balloqueenev, Port St Mary, Isle 
of Man. B. there Mar. 26, 1880. School, King William's 
College. Matric. Michs. 1899; Scholar, 1899; B.A. 1902. 
Advocate of the Bar of the Isle of Man, at Douglas, Isle of 
Man, in 1906. (T. A. Walker, 643; King William's Coll. Reg.) 
KELLY, HENRY PLIMLEY. Adm. pens, at Caius, May 8, 
1851. [2nd] s. of the Rev. Anthony Plimley (1816), of Hoxton, 
Middlesex. B. there May 23, 1832. School, Charterhouse. 
Matnc. Michs. 1851; B.A. 1855; M.A. 1858. Ord. deacon 
(Colombo, for London) 1855; pnest (London) 1856; C. of 
Uxbndge, 1855-7. C. of St John-the-Baptist, Hoxton. 
1858-60. V. of Christ Church, Hoxton, 1860-1902. Resided 
subsequently at Cheltenham, where he died Dec. 6, 1927. 
(List of Carthusians; Venn, 11. 302; Crockford; Clergy List; 
The Times, Dec. 8, 1927.) 
KELLY, JAMES BUTLER KNILL. Adm. pens, at Clare, 
June 24, 1S50. Matric. Michs. 1S50; B.A. 1854; M.A. 1858; 
D.D. 1868. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) 1855; priest, 1856; C of 
Abington, Northants., 1855-6. Domestic Chaplain to the 
His h..p of Sodor and Man, 1856-64. V. of Kirk Michael, Isle 
of Man, 1860-4. Archdeacon of Newfoundland, 1865-7. 
Coadjutor Bishop of Newfoundland, 1867-76. V. of Kirkby, 
Lanes., 1877-80. Archdeacon of Macclesfield, 1880-4. 
Bishop Coadjutor of Moray, Ross and Caithness, and Provost 
of St Andrew's Cathedral, Inverness, 1885-6. Bishop of 
Moray, Ross and Caithness, 1886-1904. Primus of the Epis- 
copal Church of Scotland, 1901-4. Died May 15, 1907, at 
Cuchullin Lodge, Inverness, aged 75. (Crockford; The Times, 
May 18, 1907; C. J. Fordyce.) 
KELLY, The Rev. JOHN. Adm. FeU.-Com. (age 38) at St John's, 
Nov. 12, 178S. Had matric. from Queen's College, Oxford. 
Mar. 13, 1782. [Elder s. of William, wine-cooper, of Algare, 
Douglas, Isle of Man [and Alice Kewley]. B. Nov. I, 1750, 
in the Isle of Man. School, Douglas Grammar] Matric. Lent. 
1794; LL.B. 1794; LL.D. 1799. On leaving school had 
become amanuensis to his Head Master, the Rev. Philip 
Moore, and, in his 17th year, attempted the task of pro- 
ducing a grammar, and, ultimately, a dictionary, of the Manx 
language. Employed, 1766-72, in helping to translate the 
Bible into Manx. While crossing from Douglas to White- 
haven, Mar. 19, 1771, with a portion of this work in his 
charge, was shipwrecked, but succeeded in saving the MS. 
by holding it above water until rescued five hours later. The 
work was completed in 1772, when Kelly's labours were 
brought to the notice of the S.P.C.K. Revised the Manx 
translation of the New Testament, 1775, and in 1780 com- 
pleted the Manx grammar. Tutor to the Marquess of Huntly 
(George Gordon), 1779-91, accompanying him to Eton and 
thence to Cambridge, where both of them were adm. at 
St John's. Also accompanied the Marquess on a tour on 
the Continent. Ord. deacon (Chester) Aug. 4, 1776; priest 
(Carlisle) Aug. 31, 1777; in charge of the Scottish Episcopal 
Church at Ayr, 1776^. V. of Ardleigh, Essex, Apr. 21, 1791- 
1807. R. of Copford, 1800-9. Married, 1785, Louisa, eldesl 
dau. of Peter Dollond, optician, of St Paul's Churchyard, 
London. Author, A Triglot Dictionary of the Celtic Language 
as spoken in Man, Scotland and Inland, turcthcr 
English, most of the copies of which were destroyed by a fire 
at the printing office in 1808; the Manx Grammai n ■., 
reprinted, 1859. Died of typhus fever at Copford rectory, 
Nov. 12, 1809. Memorial tablet in Braddan church, Isle ol 
Man. lather of Gordon W. (1801). (Al. Oxon.; St John's 
Coll. Adm., IV. m; Cant. Act 1:1... D.N.B.; G. Mag. 1809 
11. 1085, and 1810, 1. 184.) 

Kelly [John Francis] 

KELLY (JOHN FRANCIS]. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall, 
Dec. 23, i7go. S. of Colonel Redmond, of London [and 
Bridget, dau. of John Parker, of N. Molton, Devon, and 
sister of John, 1st Lord Boringdon]. School, Westminster 
(1786). Ensign, 1st Foot Guards, June S, 1791; Lieut, and 
Capt., Jan. 23, 1794; Capt. and Lieut. -Col., Aug. 21, 1801; 
Brevet-Col., July 25, 1810; Major-Gen., June 4, 1813. 
Served in Flanders, 1703; in Holland, 1704; in Spain, under 
Sir John Moore, 1S08-9, and in the Walcheren expedition, 
1809. Died Feb. 23, 1814. {Record of Old Westminsters; 
G. Mag., 1S14, 1. 411 (no mention of Cambridge).) 
KELLY, JOHN HERBERT. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Oct. 14, 
1884. Matric. Michs. 1884; B.A. 18S4, incorp. from Dublin; 
M.A. 1S90. Ord. deacon (London) 18X6; priest (Norwich) 
1889; C. of St John's, Ealing, Middlesex, 1886-8. C. of 
Hardingham, Norfolk, 1SSS-0. R. of Ballyeglish, Co. Derry, 
Ireland, 1889-95. Inc. of Dunany with Hunker, Co. Louth, 
1-895-1923. Disappears from Crockford, 1927, [Peile, 11. 
KELLY, JOHN RICHARDS. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity 
Hall, May 8, 1S62. [2nd) s. of Frederick Festus, Inspector, 
G.P.O., of 32, Bedford Square, Chessington, Kingston, 
Surrey. [B. Feb. 28, 1844.] School. Eton. Matric. Michs. 
1862; B.A. 1870. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Nov. 10, 1870. 
Called to the Bar, May 15, 187S. On the South Eastern 
Circuit. Law limes Reporter, Probate division, of the High 
Court. Director of Kelly's Directories, Ltd. M.P. for N. 
Camberwell, 18S6-92. Of Worplesdon, Surrey, where he 
died July 20, 1922. Brother of Frederic F. (1855). {Eton 
Sch. Lists; Foster, Men at the Bar; Law Lists; The Times, 
July 22, 1922.) 
KELLY, NORMAN EDWARD. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 1899. 
S. of Edward, Estate-agent, of 108, Fmchley Road, London. 
B. June 26, 18S0, at Avenue Road. Regent's Park. School, 
Berkhanisted. Matric. Michs. 1S99; B.A. 1902. Adm. 
Solicitor, Nov. 1906; practised at Watford. {Law Lists, until 
KELLY, PHILIP JAMES. Adm. pens, at Queens', Michs. 1900. 
S. of William. B. Aug. 24, 1SS1, at Port St Mary, Isle of 
Man. School, King William's College, Isle of Man. Matric. 
Michs 1900; Exhibitioner, 1901; B.A. 1903; M.A. 1916, 
Ord. deacon (York) 1905; priest, 1906; C. of North 1 Irmesby, 
Yorks., 1905-7. C. of Hessle, 1907-10. C. of Walkley, 
Sheffield, 1910-11. R. of Whitwood Mere, 1911-16. Served 
in the Great War, 1914-19 (Gunner, R.G.A., 1917-19). C. of 
Holy Trinity, Shrewsbury, 1919-22. C. of Cannock, StaBs., 
1922-6. V. of St Mary's, Bilston, 1926-31. V. of Acoi k's 
Green, Warws., 1931-48-. Author of a novel, Paul Kewley, 
and Dream Stories for Children. [King William's Coll. Reg.; 
Univ. War List; Crockford.) 
KELLY, REGINALD. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity Hall 
May 2, 1853. (2nd] s. of Arthur (1S22), of Kellv, Devon. 
[B. Jan. 10, 1834. School, Harrow.] Matric. Michs. 1853; 
B.A. 1857. Succeeded his father at Kellv. Devon, 1873, Ins 
elder brother haying been killed bv a gun accident in 1 i< 
J. P. and D.L. for Devon; High Sheriff, 1S80-1. I I', l.-r 
Cornwall. Married, June 22, 1858, Janet Maitland, dau. of 
Henry Wilson, M.P., of Stowlangtoft Hall, Suffolk Died 
s.p. Aug. 14, 1899. {Harrow Sch. Keg.; Burke, L.G.) 
Catharine's, Oct. 17, 1864. S. of Michel [Lieut., lend 
Foot). B. at Ferozepur, India. [School, Wellington Cnllgr 
Matrii Michs. 1864; B.A. 1868. Lieut., 21st Hussars, 1871; 
3rd Hussars, 1S76; retired, 187S. Killed on the railway, near 
Reading, 1891. [Wellington Coll. Reg.) 
KELLY, WALTER. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Caius, June 22, 
1823. S. of Patrick, schoolmaster, of London. B. there 
[April 13, 1803]. Educated at home. Matric. Mich- 1 ■■■ ; 
M.A. (22111/ Wrangler) 1S27; M.A. 1830. Ord. deacon (London) 
June 10, 1827; priest, June 14, 1829; C. of St Leonard's, 
Shoreditch, 1827-34- V. of Preston and Hove, Brighton, 
1834-78. Surrogate, dio. of Chichester. Very active in 
rebuilding and adding churches and schools in'his district. 
Died Ian. J.'. 1 '-, it Ihive hurled there. Father. if the 
next; brother of Anthony P. (1816). {Venn. II. 190; Foster, 
Index Eccles.; Crockford; The Guardian, Jan. 25, 1888.) 
KELLY, WALTER WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Caius, Oct. 4, 
1867. S. of the Rev. Walter (above), V. of Hove, Brighton. 

B. Oct. 6, 1849, at Preston vicarage, Sussex. School, 
I St Paul's, London. Matric. Michs. 1868; B.A. 1S72; M.A. 

1875. Ord. deacon (Winchester) 1872; priest (Ely) 1871; 
C of Basing with Up Natelv, Hants., 1872-5. C. "I Hove 
Sussex, 1875-9- C. of St Marylebone, Middlesex, 1 , 

C. of St Margaret's, Westminster, 1S80-1. C. of Brighton, 
1882-7. V. of Aldingbourne, Sussex, 1888-1920. Resided 
subsequently at Fishbourne, Chichester, where be died 
Dec. 7, 1922. {St Paul's Sch. Reg.; Venn, 11 |8i; ( I .., kford.) 

KELSALL, CHARLES. Adm. Fell.-C (age 1 ) at Trinity 

Nov 1, 1800 S. of Thomas, of Greenwich, Kent. School, 

Kelson, Thomas Mortimer 

Eton. Matric. Michs. 1800. Perhaps sometime Lieut. -Col. 
of the 70th Regt. {Eton Sch. Lists (in 1791-1850 vol., 
published 1864).) 
KELSALL, HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity, May 3, 
1775. S. of Charles, of Jamaica. School, Charterhouse, 
London. Mentioned in Caribbeana, ill. 123, as having 
inherited his father's estates. 17S0; owned ' Hermon Hill' in 
St Mary's, Jamaica, and a moiety of the ' Union'. Married, 
1777. Frances, dau. of William Burt, of St Elizabeth. Died 
at Spanish Town, Feb. 1798. (R. L. Arrowsmith.) 
KELSALL, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 7, 1876. 
S. of Henry, of Inchbrakie, Perths. B. ]u!v 1836, at Norwich. 
School, Harrow. Matnc. Michs. 1876." Of Ruberslaw, Crieff. 
Died before 1925. {Harrow Sch. Reg.) 
KELSALL, HENRY. Adm. I ell -Com. at Downing, Oct. 21, 

1879. Of Wells, Jedburgh. Perhaps same as the above. 
KELSALL, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Trinity, June 30, 
1783. S. of Roger, of Savannah, N. America. School, 
Hertford. Matric. Michs. 1784; Scholar, 17S6; LL.B. 1792. 
KELSEY, ARTHUR EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Mar. 8, 1883. S. of Arthur [surgeon], of Redhill, Surrey. 
B. there 1S65. School, St Paul's, London, and at London 
University. Matric. Michs. 1SS3; Exhibitioner, 18S5; B.A. 
1886; M.B. and B.C. 1890; M.A. 1910. At Guy's Hospital. 
Surgeon, R.N., 1900; Fleet-Surgeon, 1910. Served in the 
Great War, 1914-19 (Fleet-Surgeon; Capt., R.A.M.C). 
Drowned in H.M. hospital ship Glenart Castle, Feb. 16, I'll 5. 
[St Paul's Sch. Reg.; Univ. War List; Medical Director* } 
KELSEY, CHARLES EDWIN. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Apr. 26, 1S87. [Eldest] s. of H. [Henry], Esq., of Cobden 
Street, Loughborough, Leics. [School, Loughborough 
Grammar.) Maine. Michs. 1X87; Scholar; B.A. 1890; M.A. 
1894. Assistant Master at Hulme Grammar School, Man- 
chester, 1S91-1918-. Author, School History of Cheshire and 
School History of Leics.; joint author of Stanford's wall map 
(Physical) of Lanes, and Cheshire. Brother of Henry T. 
(1891) and Herbert S. (1895). {Schoolmasters' Directories.) 
Oct. 1894. Elder s. of Edward Lewis, Oriental warehouse- 
man, deceased. B. Feb. 22, 1876. School, Danehill, Margate. 
Matric. Michs. 1894; B.A. 1S97. Called to the Bar, Inner 
Temple, Apr. 23, 1902. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 
(Capt.. S. African Horse Artillery). Died Aug. 18, 1931, in 
S. Africa. {Pemb. Coll. Reg.; Univ. War List; Law Lists.) 
KELSEY, HENRY THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 15, 
1891. [2nd] s. of Henry, of 2911, Cobden Street, Lough- 
borough, Leics. B. Mar. 27, 1872, at Loughborough. School, 
Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1891; Scholar, 1893; B.A. (ii(» 
Wrangler) 1894; M.A. 189S. Senior Maths. Master at Leeds 
Grammar School, 1896-1916. Died 1916. Brother of Charles 
E. (18S7) and of the next. {Rugby Sch. Reg.; Schoolmasters' 
KELSEY, HERBERT SLADE. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Sept. 28, 1895. S. of Henry, Esq., of Burcott House, Cobden 
Street, Loughborough, Leics Matric. Michs. 189s, B.A. 
1898; M.A. 1902. Ord. deacon (Carlisle) 1899; priest, 1900; 
C. of St Thomas's, Kendal, Westmorland, 1X09-1902. C. 
of St John's, Carlisle, 1902-6. C. of St Mary's, Islington, 
Middlesex, 1907-12. V. of Ropley. Hants., 1912-1 1. V, of 
St Thomas's, Kendal, 1914-18. C. of Weybridge, Surrey, 
1918-24. V. of Pirbright, 1924-41. Resided subsequently 
at Surbiton. Brother of the above and of Charles E. (1887). 
Christ's, Oct. 9, 1865. (2nd] s. of Edward John Francis, of 
Kelsoland and of Horkeslev Park, Essex [and Frances 
Leliti.i Purvis, of Beccles, Suffolk, and Purvis Hall, Essex). 
[B. May 21, 1844.] Matric. Michs. 1S65. Kept four terms. 
Migrated to Queens', Jan. 28, 1S67. Died Oct. 26, 1871. 
{Peile, II, 592; Burke, L.G., 1939.) 
KELSON, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Sidney, Feb. 13, 1812. 3rd s. 
of Thomas Mortimer, of Sevenoaks. B. there May 31, 1794. 
School, Sevenoaks (Mr Whitehead and Mr Gutch). Matric. 
Michs. 1812; B.A. 1816; M.A. 1820. Ord. deacon (Exeter) 
1817; priest (Canterbury) 1818; C. of Otford. Kent, 1S17. 
C. of Stansted, 1819. R. of Folkington, Sussex, 1820---. 
V. of Lullington, 1840-77. Disappears from Crockford, 18; ). 
Father of the next. {Cant. Act Bk.; Foster, Index Eccles.) 
KELSON, THOMAS MORTIMER. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Caius, 
May 17, 1853. [Only] s. of the Rev. Heury (above). I; ,,1 
Folkington. Sussex. B. there. Schools, King's College, 
London, Winchester College and at home. Matric. Michs. 
1853. Resided two terms. Adm. at the Middle Temple, 
May 23, 1854. Ensign, 46th Regt., 1855; Lieut., 6th Regt., 
1856; Capt., 1S62; retired, 1864. Served in the Crimean War. 
Secretary of the Naval and Military Club, 1871. Married, 
July 10, 1865, Annie, dau. of Robert Thrupp, of Brighton. 

Kelty, Sterling 

Resided at Westham, Sussex, where he died July 26, 1886. 
{Winchester Coll, Reg.; Venn, n, 312; Inns of Court; Matrics. 
and Degrees, 1S51-1900 erroneously calls him ' Kelso'.) 

KELTY, STERLING. Adm. at King's, a scholar from Eton, 
Apr. 2S, 1800. [2nd] s. of Peter Sterling [Surgeon, of Peas 
Hill, Cambridge]. Bapt. Nov. 29, 1781, at Cambridge. 
Schools, Rugby and Eton (1793-9}. Ma trie. Michs. 1800; 
B.A. 1S04; M.A. 1807. Fellow, 1S03-27. C. of Kersey and 
Lindsey, Suffolk, 1S06-8 and 1S10-16. Diverted to medicine, 
1822. Died Feb. 4, 1827, at Gt Yarmouth. Buried there. 
See D.N.B. for his sister, Mary Ann, author of many pious 
books. (Rugby Sch. Reg.; Etott Sch. Lists; King's Coll, Reg.; 
G. Mag., 1S27, 1. 282.) 

KELVIN, Lord {1841), see THOMSON, WILLIAM. 

KELYNACK, WILLIAM SYDNEY. Adm. pens, at Sr John's, 
Aug. n, 1898. [3rd] s. of Nicholas, Wesleyan minister, of 
Rusholme, Manchester (and Anne Wesley Dore). B. Sept. 2 1 , 
1S79, in London. School, Manchester Grammar (Mr J. E. 
King). Matric. Michs. 1S9S; B.A. 1901; M.A. 1906. Wesleyan 
minister; served on circuits at Clifton, Southampton, 
Islington, Birmingham, Brentford, Nottingham, Leicester, 
Hull, Highgate, Kilburn and Hampstead and Hammersmith. 
Author, Moses for the Children; Making Melody. Of The 
Manse, Sutton Court Road, Chiswick, in 1933. (Boase, Coll. 
Cornub,, 442 (for parentage); Who's Who in Methodism, 

KEMBALL, VERO SHAW. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Trinity 
Hall, May 27, 1S74- [Only s. of Vero Seymour, Capt., 
Bombay Artillery.] B. Apr. 1S54. Schools, Dresden, Hales- 
worth (Rev. R. S. Beloe) and Harrow (1S6S-71). Matric. 
Michs. 1S74; B.A. 187S. Adm. Solicitor, 1SS0; retired, 1897. 
Died July 31, 1934, at Clifton. (Harrow Sch. Reg.; Scott, 
MSS.; The Times, Aug. 1, 1934.) 

KEMBALL-COOK, BASIL ALFRED. Adm. at King's, a scholar 
from Eton, Oct. 9, 1895. 2nd s. of Herbert .[schoolmaster], 
of Stanmore Park, Stanmore, Middlesex [sometime of Pre- 
toria, S. Africa]. B.May 21, 1876, at 23, Montpelier Crescent, 
Brighton. Matric. Michs. 1895; B.A. 1898. In the Home 
Civil Service, 1899; Transport Department, Admiralty, 1900; 
Director of Naval Sea Transport, Ministry of Shipping, 191 7; 
Director of Admiralty Transports, 1919. Chairman, 
Managing Board of the Maritime Service Reparation Com- 
mission, 1920; Assistant British Delegate, Reparation 
Commission, 192 1-6. Managing Director, British Tanker 
Co., 1927-35. Director, British Guiana Consolidated Gold- 
fields, Ltd., 1936-S. C.B., 1918; K.C.M.G., 1925. Deputy 
Divisional Food Officer for London, 1942-4. Divisional 
Officer, 1944-6-. Commander, Legion d'Honneur; Com- 
mander, Order of Leopold; Commendatore, San Maurizio 
and San Lazzaro; Commander, Order of St Stanislas. Of 
39, Hill Street, London, W. Died Nov. 28, 1949. (Eton Sch. 
Lists; King's Coll. Reg,; Who's Who.) 

KEMBER, GEORGE. Adm. sizar at Queens*, May 19, 1824. 
Of Middlesex. Matric. Michs. 1S24; B.A. 1830; M.A. 1833. 
In Holy Orders, 'George Kember, M.A.* Name only in 
Clergy List, 1S41-63, and disappears 1864. 

KEMBLE, CHARLES ADAMS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Nov. 12, 
1864. S. of the Rev. Charles [Wadham College, Oxford, 1837], 
R. of Bath Abbey. B. Oct. 12, 1846, at Clapham, London. 
School, Repton. Matric. Michs. 1865; B.A. 1869; M.A. 1S72. 
2nd Lieut., N. Somerset Yeomanry, 1873. Of Hallatrow, 
Somerset, in 1910. J. P. for Somerset. Master of the Salters' 
Company, 1897-8- Brother of Henry (1S71). {Repton Sch. Reg.) 

KEMBLE, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Trinity, July 9, 1857. 
S. of the Rev. William [Lincoln College, Oxford, 1829], R. of 
Hanningfield, Essex. B. [Aug. 12, 1S3S], at Slapton, Bucks. 
School, Marlborough. Matric. Michs. 1857; B.A. 1861; M.A. 
1867. Ord. deacon (London) 1861 ; priest, 1862 ; C. of 
St Bartholomew's, Bethnal Green, 1861-4. C. of Bromley 
St Leonard, Middlesex, 1864-5. C. of Sheffield, 1865-6. 
Chaplain in Bengal, 1866-70. C. of Dewsbury, Yorks., 
1870-1. V. of Yeadon, 1871-9. R. of S. with W. Hanning- 
field, Essex, 1879-85. V. of Cold Coniston, Yorks., 1885-94. 
Rural Dean of N. Craven, 1893-8. V. of Long Preston, 
1894-8. Died Dec. 14, 1898. (Marlborough Coll, Reg.; 
Crockford; The Times, Dec. 19, 1898.) 

KEMBLE, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, July 8, 1871. S. of 
the Rev. Charles [Wadham College, Oxford, 1S37], of 
Vellore, Bath. B. [Nov. 5, 1852], in London. School, Repton. 
Matric. Michs. 1871; B.A. 1875; M.A. 1878. An estate-agent. 
Of Overton (sometimes spelt Overtown), Swindon, Wilts., 
J.P. Died May iS, 1893. Brother of Charles A. {1864); 
father of the next. (Repton Sch. Reg.) 

KEMBLE, HENRY MAULE. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 1896. 
Elder s. of the above, of Overtown [Overton], Wroughton, 
Swindon. B. June 29, 1877, at Overton. School, Cheltenham. 
Matric Michs. 1896; Scholar; B.A. [899, 2nd Lieut., R.G.A., 
1900; Lieut., 1901; Capt., 1911; Major, 1915. Served at 

Kemp, Augustus 

Singapore, in 1900; in Aden, 1903-4; in Gibraltar and Hong 
Kong; Adjt., R.A., Ceylon, 1913- In the Great War, 1914-19 
(Major, R.G.A.; D.S.O., 1919; mentioned in despatches!. 
Retired, 1921. Subsequently of Goodworth Clatford, 
Andover, Hants. Died Mav 11, 194S, at Eastbourne. 
(Cheltenham Coll. Reg.; Who's Who; Pembroke Coll. Reg.; 
Univ. War List; TheV.C. and D.S.O.; Army Lists.) 

KEMBLE, HENRY STEPHEN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 26, 
1S07. [S. of Stephen, actor and manager (for whom see 
D.N.B.). B. Sept. 15, 1789, m Villiers Street, Strand, 
whither his mother, after acting Queen Margaret in the 
'Battle of Hexham', on this the closing night of the Hay- 
market Theatre, was hurriedly carried. School, Winchester.] 
Matric. Lent, 1808. Left Cambridge after two years' 
residence, to go on the stage. Appeared first at Whitehaven, 
and then, under his father's management, in various 
northern towns. Subsequently acted in Southampton, 
Portsmouth and Bristol, and latterly at the Haymarket and 
{as Romeo) at Drury Lane, but was never very successful. 
Criticised for shouting and ranting; said to possess 'the 
strongest lungs and weakest judgment of any performer in 
his station'. Married Miss Frieze, a member of his father's 
Company who frequently acted with him. She subsequently 
made a successful debut at the English Opera House as Polly 
in 'The Beggar's Opera'. 'Before he was forty, his hair was 
snow-white, and he showed manv signs of age, and some, it is 
said, of decrepitude.' Died June 22, 1S36. (D.N.B.) 

KEMBLE, HERBERT. Adm. pens, at Queens', Oct. 13, 1868. 
Matric. Michs. 1868; B.A. 1874. 

KEMBLE, JOHN MITCHELL. Adm. pens, (age 20 sic) at Trinity, 
June 26, 1824. [Elder] s. of Charles [the actor, of Craven 
Hill, Bayswater]. B. [Apr. 2, 1807], in London. [A nephew 
of Mrs Siddons.] Schools, Clapham, and Bury St Edmunds, 
Suffolk. Matric. Michs. 1825; B.A. 1830; M.A. 1833. Presi- 
dent of the Union, 1828. Prominent among the Apostles, 
officially, the 'Cambridge Conversazione Society', who were 
ardently speculative. Friend of Tennyson, who addressed 
to him his sonnet To J. M. K. Adm. at the Inner Temple, 
June 22, 1827. Studied philology in Germany, under Jacob 
Grimm. Earned a reputation as an Anglo-Saxon scholar by 
his edition of the Poems of Beowulf, 1S33. Lectured at Cam- 
bridge on the Anglo-Saxon language and literature, 1834. 
Married, 1836, Nathalie Auguste, dau. of Professor Amadeus 
Wendt, of Gottingen. Resided in London, employed in 
literary work and studying history and philology. Examiner 
of stage plays, 1840-57. Subsequently separated from his 
wife, and lived abroad, studying archaeology. Edited the 
British and Foreign Review, iS35~44- Author, The Saxons 
%n England; Codex Diplomaticus aevi Saxonui, etc. A list of 
his 'Writings' is given in Proceedings of the British Academy, 
xxv. 21-36. Died of inflammation of the lungs at the 
Gresham Hotel, Dublin, Mar. 26, 1S57. Buried in the 
cemetery of St Jerome, Dublin. A bust of him is in the 
library of Trinity College, Cambridge. (Bury Or. Sch. Reg.; 
Boase, 11. 187; Inns of Court; D.N.B.; Bruce Dickens; 
Sir F. Galton, Memoirs, 286; C.U. Hist. Reg., 992, note 24.) 

KEMBLE, NASH. Adm. FeU.-Com. at Caius, Oct. io, 1798. 
[Elder] s. of Francis, of [St S wit bin's Lane], London [mer- 
chant]. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Dec. 10, 1794. Ord. deacon 
(Winchester) Sept. 22, 1799; priest, Mar. 9, 1800. R. of 
Little Parndon, Essex, Feb. 19, 1812-30. C. of Run well and 
Ramsden Crays. Died Feb. 15, 1830. (Venn, 11. 133; Inns 
of Court; Foster, Index Eccles.) 

KEMM, WILLIAM HENRY. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Oct. 1, 1856. Of Canterbury. Matric. Michs. 1856; B.A. 
i860; M.A. 1870. Ord. deacon (Bath and Wells) 1862; priest, 
1864; C. of Swainswick, Somerset, 1862-4. C. of Haydon, 
Dorset, 1865-6. C. of St Helier, Jersey, 1S66-7. C. of 
Beverstone, Gloucs., 1868-72. C. of Addingham, Cumber 
land, 1873. V. of E. Keimett, Wilts., 1S73-S3 1 
St Mary's, Hatfield, Herts., 1883-91. Subsequently resided 
at Beaconsfield Road, St Albans, and disappears from 
Crockford, 19 19. 

KEMMIS, JAMES. Adm. FeU.-Com. at Trinity Hall. Nov. 4. 
[812; from Trinity College, Oxford, whence he had matric. 
I tot. 17, 1810, aged 19. S. of Thomas [Crown and Treasury 
solicitor for Ireland], of Kildare Street, Dublin, and Shaeii 
Castle, Killeen [and Anne, dau. of Henry White, of Dublin]. 
[B. Mar. 9, 1791.] School, Harrow. Matric. Mil h 
B.A. 1815. Of Deny and Meehck, Queen's Co., Ireland, and 
of Choisy, near Paris. Married, 1818, Mary Alice, dau. of 
George Losh, of Chatlet, Rouen. Died s.p. July, 
{Harrow Sch. Reg., which gives 'died July, 1840'; Burke, 
L.G. of Ireland; At. Oxon., which gives 'died 10.1 1 '.) 

KEMP, AUGUSTUS. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Caios, Nov. 14, 
1834. S. of James, Esq., of Poole, Dorset. B. there. School, 
Southampton, and private tuition Matric. Michs. 1835; 
B.A. 1840; m.a. is. n . Ord.deacon (Norwii hi JuK 
priest, Aug. 1, 1841; C. of N. Tuddeaham, Norfolk, 1840-3. 


Kemp, Charles Campbell 

V. of Worth Matravers, Dorset, 1843-50. C. of Hamworthy, 
1851-7. V. of Corfe-Mullen, 1857-8. R. of Eldon, Hants., 
'- Resided latterly at Poole, where he died Jan. 23, 
1890. Buried there. (Venn, u. 229; Crockford; The Guardian, 
Jan. 29, 1890.) 

KEMP. CHARLES CAMPBELL. Adm. pens, at Caius, Nov. 14, 
1836. Adm. Fell. -Com. at Queens', Mar. 16, 1837. Of 
Middlesex. Matric. Lent, 1838. [Vmn t n. 238 (Charles only),) 

.July 6, 1854. 

KEMP, EDWARD CURTIS. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 27, 
1S12. Of Su0olk. [S. of William, of Woodbridge.] Matric. 
Michs. 1S13; Scholar, 1816; B.A. {12th Wrangler) 1817; M.A. 
1820. C. of Lyndhurst, Hants., 1825-8. C. of East Dereham, 
Norfolk, 1828-9. R. of Whissonsett and Honnngtoft, 1820- 
65. 'Fonuerlv chaplain at Berlin.' Chaplain to H.R.H. the 
Duke of Cambridge, 1865-81. P.C. of St 1 >e,,r-. , < ,t Ver- 
mouth, 1865-S1. Married, June 29, 1826, Elizabeth Anne, 
dau. of Francis Riddell Reynolds, of Gt Yarmouth. Author, 
Isaaci Wattsii Carminum Fasciculus qui inscribitur, 'Divine 
S<mgs'\ I he Course .■/ ( htv.U m Obedience, etc. Died June 10, 
1881, at Gt Yarmouth, s* 1 -■(>. Path, r of William F. (1846), 
Henry J. (1853) and John G. (1856). {Cambridge (hr-micle, 
July 7/1820; i ?.'. w i-i , 1 oster, Index Lutes,; Boase, 11. 189.) 

KEMP, GEORGE. Adm. sizar (age 19) at Trinity, May 11, 
1818. S. of Samuel. B. at Exeter. School, Exeter. Matric. 
Michs. 1818; B.A. 1822. C. of St Mary Arches, Exeter. 
C. of Kenwyn and Kea, Cornwall. Minister of Penwerris 
Chapel. V. of St Allen, 1840-2. Author, Sermons. Died 
June 26, 1S42, at St Allen. (Boase, Bib, Cornub., 1. 282; 
Clergy List; G. Mag., 1842, II. 216.) 

KEMP, GEORGE. Adm pens, at St Catharine's, Apr. 23, 1830. 
S. of William. B. at Cheshunt, Herts. Matric. Michs. 1830. 
Migrated to Peterhouse, Mar. 18, 1831; M.B. 1835; M.D. 
184^. At St Thomas's Hospital. Professor of Chemistry at 
Queen's College, Birmingham. Of Douglas, Isle of Man, in 
1850; of Guernsey in i860; of Hereford in 1870; of Barn- 
staple, Devon, in 1880. Married, Nov. 15, 1838, Sally, dau. 
of George Frederick Prescott, of Theobalds Grove. Author 
of chemical and physiological papers. Died 1885, at Barn- 
staple, aged 77. (T. A. Walker, 443; Medical Directories', 
MS. notes; G. Mag., 1839, 1. 88.) 


■ at St John's, Ju 

KEMP, GEORGE. Adm. sizar at Corpus Christi, June 28, 
1836. Of Middlesex. Maine. Michs. 1836; Scholar, 1837; 
B.A. 1840; M.A. 1843. Ord. deacon (London) June 6, 1841; 
priest, May 22, 1842. Chaplain of the Royal Orthopaedic 
Hospital, London, 1847-50. C. of St George's, Hanover 
Square, 1847. C. of St Dionis Backchurch, 1847-52. C. of 
St Giles's, Cripplegate, 1854-6. R. of St Alphage's, London 
Wall, 1856-79. Disappears from Crockford, 1880. 

KEMP, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 23, 1884. S. of 
George Fawke [deceased], of Beechwood, Rochdale, Lanes. 
B. there [Tune 9], 1S66. Schools [Mill Hill {1877-81) and] 
Shrewsbury (1881-4). Had matric. from Balhol College, 
Oxford, Apr. 13, 1883, aged 16. Matric. Michs. 18S4, B.A. 
1888. Cricket 'blue,' 1885," 18K6, 1888. Played for Lancashire. 
r $85-93. Major, Lanes. Yeomanry-Cavalry, 1S91. Served 
in the S. African War, 1899-1902, with the 8th Batt., Im- 
perial Yeomanry, and in command of 32nd Batt.; mentioned 
three tunes 111 despat< h'S, pup'1, pi<>-\ Served m the Great 
War, 1914-19 (Lieut. -Col., Lanes. Fus. (T.F. Res.), in Egypt 
and Gallipoh; Hrigadier-Gencral, 120th and 127th Brigades, 
42nd Division). M.P. for the Heywood Div. of Lancashire. 
1895-1906; for North-west Manchester, 1910-12, which seat 
he resigned, declaring that he 'loathed politics*. Knighted, 
1900; C.B., pi ',7. Created I '.aron Rochdale of Rochdale, 
1913.' Lord-Lieutenant of Middlesex, 1929-45. Chairman of 
Kelsall and Kemp, flannel manufacturers. Of The Old Hall, 
Highgate, and Lingholme, Keswick, Cumberland. Died 
Mar. 24, 1945, at Lingholme. (Mill Hill Sch. Keg.; shrejfs- 
buty Sch. Reg.; Al. Oxon.\ Hook of Blues; Univ War List, 
Army Lists; Burke, /'. and B. t p)i" [sub R. .1 hdale) ; Fox- 
Davies, Armorial Families; Who's Who; The Limes, Mar. 26 

and 28, I945-) 

KEMP, GODFREY GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Pembroke, 
June 24, 1865. Only s. of Godfrey, Esq., deceased. B. at 
Belton, Rutland. Maine. Michs. 1865; Scholar, 1865; B.A. 
(10th Wrangler) 1869; M.A. 1872. Fellow, 1870-3. Ord. 
deacon (Ely) 1870; priest, 1871; C. of St Botolph's, Cam- 
bridge, 1872-3. R. of Rawreth, Essex. 1873-191?- Died 
suddenly, at Southend, Dee. 1915. [The Junes, Dec. 20, 

KEMP, HENRY CHARLES EDWARD. Adm. at Clare, June 18, 
1888. [B. 1871.] School, Shrewsbury. Matric. Michs. 1888; 
Scholar; B.A. 1891; M.A. 1912. Assistant Master at King 

Kemp, Kenneth Hagar 

Alfred's School, Wantage, for one year; at Tyttenhanger 
Lodge, St Albans, for three years; at St Michael's, Westgatc, 
for one term; at Sumeld Park, Cromer, for ten years; at 
Saugeen School, Bournemouth, for one year. A private tutor 
in 1918. Of Seaford, Sussex, in 1945. (Shrewsbury Sch. Keg. ; 
Schoolmasters' Directories; CM. Part. Reg.) 

KEMP, HENRY JAMES. Adm. pens, (age 21) at Trinity Hall, 
July 4, 1853. 2nd s. of the Rev. E[dward] C[urtis] (1812), 
R. of Whissonsett, Norfolk. Matric. Michs. 1853; B.A. 1857. 
C.of Milford-on-Sea, Hants., 1860-3. Resided at Whissonsett . 
1864-5; at Gt Yarmouth, 1865-80, when he disappears from 
Clergy List. Brother of William F. (1846) and John G. (1856). 

KEMP, HENRY THOMAS. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 3, 
1874. [Only] s. of the Rev. Henry William (next) [Master ,,| 
the Charterhouse. Hull] [and Ann Maria], B. [Dec. 7, 1852], 
at Hull. Bapt. Jan. 30, 1853. [Schools, Hull and Shrews- 
bury.] Matric. Michs. 1874; (Law Trip., 1st Class, 1H77); 
LL.B. 1S78; B.A. 1880; LL.M. 1881 ; M.A. 1885. Adm. at the 
Inner Temple, Aug. 16, 1875; MacMahon law student, 1879. 
Called to the Bar, Nov. 17, 1S79, and, by the Middle Temple, 
1892. On the North Eastern Circuit. K.C., 1904. Bencher 
of the Middle Temple, June 4, 1912. Recorder of York, 
pjii-17; of Hull, 1917-28. Of 59, Inverness Terrace, 
London, W. Died Jan. 12, 1943, at Tunbridge Wells, aged 90 
(Shrewsbury Sch, Jteg.; Inns of Court; Law Lists; Foster, 
Men at the Bar; Middle Temple Bench Bk.; Fox-Davies. 
Armorial Families.) 

KEMP, HENRY WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at Corpus Christi, 
Apr. 29, 1839. Of Canterbury. [B. 1820, at St Peter's, Isle 
ofThanet. School, Beverley Grammar.] Matric. Michs. 1830, 
Scholar, 1840; B.A. 1843; M.A. 1886. Ord. deacon (Chester) 
1843; priest, 1844; C. of St Mary's, St Helens, Lanes., 
1S43-6. C.of St John's, Kingston-on-Hull, 1846-7; V. there, 
1847-79, where he had one of the largest o m. irrigations in the 
North of Englaud. Lecturer of Holy Trinity, Kingston-on- 
Hull, 1865-79. Master of the Charterhouse, Hull, "1868-88. 
V. of Milling ton with Gt Givendale, Yorks., iS 79-80. Canon 
of York, 1886-88. Married Ann Maria, dau. of Thomas 
Lovell, of Winwick Warren, Northants. Author, Sermons. 
Died Mar. 7, 1888, at the Charterhouse, Hull. Father of the 
above. (Boase, 11. 190; Fox-Davies, Armorial Families; 
Crockford; The Guardian, Mar. 14, 1S88.) 

KEMP. JOHN GEORGE. Adm. pens, at St John's, May 24, 
1856. S. of the Rev. Edward Curtis (1S12) [and Elizabeth 
Anne]. B. at Whissonsett, Norfolk. Bapt. May 31, 1835. 
Matric. Michs. 1856; B.A. 1S63. Brother of William F. (1S46) 
and Henry J. (1853). 

KEMP, JOHN HAROLD. Adm. at Clare, June 18, 1892. [2nd 
s. of William George, M.D., of Hastings.] School, Christ's 
College, Canterbury, New Zealand. Matric. Michs. 1892; 
B.A. 1895; M.B. and B.C. 1899. At St Bartholomew's 
Hospital. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1899. Of West Dulwich, in 
1900. Ophthalmic House Surgeon, St Bartholomew's Hos- 
pital, Clinical Assistant, Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital. 
In Wellington, New Zealand, 1910-20-. Of Woodchester, 
Horsham, in 1930. Died June 16, 1939. (Medical Directories ; 
I he limes, June 19, 1939.) 

KEMP, JOHN TABOR. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1881. Adm. 
pens, at Emmanuel, Apr. 18, 1882. S. of E., Esq., of 
Burlingame, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucs. B.A. 18S4; M.A. 

KEMP, JOSEPH. Mus.B. from Sidney, 1808; Mus.D. 1809. 
[B. 1778. in Exeter. Chorister of Exeter Cathedral.] Organist 
of Bristol Cathedral, 1802. Settled in London, 1809-14, 
where he gave lectures on music at various literary institu- 
tions. Returned to Exeter, on account of failing health, 
1814-18; founded a Musical College there, 1814. Visited 
France, 1818-21, and again returned to Exeter. Married, 
1805, a dau. of Henry John, of Cornwall, and had issue. 
Composer of The Jubilee (which was performed at the Theatre 
Royal, Haymarket, on Oct. 25, 1809, to commemorate the 
entrance of the King on the 50th year of his reign); Musical 
Illustration), of the Beauties of Shakespeare; Musical Illustra- 
tions of I he Lady of the Lake, I he i'oeal Magazine; Tlie New 
Systetn of Musical Education, 'probably the first method 
propounded in England for teaching music to numbers 
simultaneously'; and of numerous Anthems, Chants, 
Sonatas, etc. Died May 22, 1824, in London. (Grove, Diet. 
../Music, 11. 565; G. Mag., 1824. II. 91; D.N.B.) 

KEMP, KENNETH HAGAR. Adm. pens, at Jesus, Oct. 1, 1871. 
[2nd s. of the Rev. Nunn Robert Pretyman (next).] B. 
Apr. 21, 1853, at Erpingham, Norfolk. School, Clergy 
Orphan, Canterbury". .Ma trie. Mil lis 1S71; B.A. 1875. 
Second Lieut, m the Army (unattached), 1875-6. Succeeded 
his cousin as 12th Bart., 1874. Adm. at the Inner Temple, 
June 22, 1876. Called to the Bar, Jan. 26, 1880. On the 
South Eastern Circuit. Capt., 3rd Batt., the Norfolk Regt. 


Kemp, Nunn Robert Pretyman 

(T.), 1883; Major, 1S94. Served in the South African War, 
1890-1902. Colonel commanding the 3rd Ban., the Norfolk 
Regt., 1904-10. In the Great War, IQ14-19 ('he 2nd (Garrison) 
Batt., Suffolk Regt. Colonel, the Norfolk Regt., 1916-19; 
C.B.E., 1919; mentioned in Secretary of State's List for 
'valuable "services'). At one time a partner in the banking 
firm of Lacon, Youell, and Kemp, of Norwich. Author, 
A Treatise on the Law of Allotments. Died Apr. 22, 1936. 
at Sheringham, aged 83. Buried at Gissing. {Law Lists; 
Foster, Mm at the Bar; G.E.C.; Inns of Court; I'm:: 11 ar 
Lis!; Fox-Davies, Armorial Families; Who was Who, 1929- 
40; The Times, Apr. 23, 1936.) 

KEMP, NUNN ROBERT PRETYMAN. Adm. pens, (age 2r) at 
Caius Feb 25,1836. [Elder] s. of the Rev. Thomas Cooke 
(iSo6)', V. of E. Meon. Hants. B. at Onnesby, Norfolk. 
Schools, N. Walsham and private. Matric. Michs. 1836; B.A. 
1S40. Ord. deacon (Chester) 1S40; priest, 1S41 ; C. of Penile, 
Lanes., 1843-5. C. of Bawdeswell, Norfolk, 1845-8. C. of 
Erpingham, 1S56-9. Married, Feb. 11, 1S41, Mary Harriet, 
dau. of the Rev. G. Hagar. of Lenmay. Aberdeenshire. Died 
Aug. 25, 1859, aged 45. Father of the above. (Vmn, 11. 235; 
Clergy List.) 

KEMP, PHILIP. Adm. pens, at St John's. June 29, 1832. 
S. of Thomas Read (1800), M.P., of Brighton. B. Oct. 1S14, 
in Queen's Square, Westminster. School, Eton. Matric. 
Michs. 1832. Joined the 9th Lancers. Mamed, Nov. 28, 
1857, Susan, dau. of Thomas Sheppard, of Folkington Place, 
Sussex, and widow of Richard Rushtou Preston. (£!on Sell. 

KEMP, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Caius, Oct. 6, 1841. Resided 
one term. 

KEMP, THOMAS COOKE. Adm. pens, at Caius, June 28, 1S06. 
S. of Benjamin, fanner, i Swafield, Norfolk. B. at Buckling. 
School, North Walsham. Matric. Michs. 1S06; Scholar, 
1806-10; B.A. 1811. Ord. deacon (Norwich) June 27, 1819; 
priest, June 17, 1821. V. of E. Meon, Froxneld, and Steep, 
Hants'., 1826-67. Died Oct. 17, 1S67, at E. Meon, aged 81. 
Father of Nunn R. P. (1836). {Vmn, 11. 147; Crockford.) 

KEMP, THOMAS READ. Adm. pens, at St John's, Nov. 5, 
1800. Of Sussex. Kept two terms by residence. Re-adm. 
Fell.-Com. Feb. 15, 1S02. [Only s. of Thomas, M.P. for Lewes, 
17S0 (and a wool-stapler), of Brighton, Lewes and Hurst- 
monceaux Park. Sussex (and Anne, dau. of Henry Read, of 
Brookland). B. 17S2.] [School, Westminster.] Matric. 
Michs. 1S01; B.A. 1S05; M.A. 1810. Adm. at the Middle 
Temple, Mav 16, 1S04. Lieut, in the Ringmer, Sussex, troop 
of Gentlemen- and Yeomanry-Cavalry, 1S04-7. Inherited 
from his father in 1S11 the Manor of Bn-rhthelmstone, 
Lewes; also the estate and Manor of Hurstiuonceaux, but 
this latter he sold in 1S19. M.P. for Lewes, 1S11-16, 1S26-7, 
1830, 1831, 1833, 183s, and for Arundel, 1823-6. Spent a con- 
siderable fortune in building a large mansion in Montpelier 
Road, Brighton, which he named 'The Temple', but it was 
never finished and became a boys' school. Also erected an- 
other house in Belgrave Square, London. Founder (c. 1S20) of 
Kemp Town, Brighton, on which he spent so much that it is 
said to have ruined him. Gave the site of the Sussex County 
Hospital and £1000 towards the hospital. Vice-President of 
the Church Missionary Society, 1812-16. A Manager of the 
London and Brighton Railway. Seceded from the Church of 
England, 18 16, but later returned to orthodoxy. Married 
(1) July 12, 1S06, Frances, dau. of Sir Francis Baring, Bart., 
M.P.; (2) 1832, Frances Margaretta, dau. of Charles Watkm 
TohnShakerley, of Somerford Hall, Cheshire, relict of Vigors 
Harvev, of Hammerton Hall, Yorks. Died Dec. 20, 1S44, 
suddenly in Paris, where he had a residence, ' aged 63 '. Father 
of Philip( 1832). (W.R. Williams, MSS.\ Caribbeana,iv.2S5; 
St John's Coll. Adm., iv. 344; D.N.B.; Inns of Court.) 

KEMP, THOMAS RICHARDSON. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
Trinity Hall. Dec. 14, l853- [Elder] s. of] 
Reginald] [banker and billbroker], of 2. Carlton \ illas, 
Maida Vale, London. B. 1836. Matric. Lent, 1854: B.A. 
1858. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Jan. 10, 1854. Called to 
the Bar (Lord Mayor's Court), Apr. 30, 1858. On the South 
Eastern Circuit. Recorder of Norwich. Q.C., 1877. Bencher, 
Middle Temple, Nov. 24, 1881; Reader, 1891; Master 
Treasurer, 1900. Married, 1866, Emily, dau. of C. J. 
Plumpton, barrister-at-law. Of 5. Queen's Gate Terrace, 
London. Died Apr. 30, 1905. (Middle Temple Bench Bk.; 
Foster, Mm at the Bar; Inns of Court; Law Lists; Who was 
Who, 1897-1916.) 

KEMP V1CKERMAN NICHOLSON. Adm. pens, at Sidney, 
Oct. r, 1896. S. of the Rev. J[ames] V[ickerman] (B.A , 
Durham), of Sunderland. B. Oct. r5, 1877, at Leeds. School, 
Royal Grammar, Newcastle (Mr T. C. Logan). Matnc. Michs. 
1896; B.A. (3«A Wrangler) 1899; M.A. 1921. Ord. deacon 

Kempe, Alfred Bray 

(Durham) 1901; priest, 1902; C. of Bvers Green, Durham, 
1901-3. Missioner at St Gabriel (S.P.G. Tamil Mission), 
Rangoon, 1904-33. Diocesan Chaplain at Port Blair, 
Andaman Isles, 1933-48-. (Crockford.) 

KEMP, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Pembroke, July 6, 
17S0. 2nd s. of Richard, of London. B. there [July 31, 1761]. 
[School, Merchant Tavlors'.] Matric. Michs. 1780; Exhibi- 
tioner 17S0; Scholar; B.A. 1784. (Merchant Taylors' Sch. 

KEMP, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, Apr. 6, [787. 
A 'Ten-year man'. Matric. Lent, 1799; B.D. (Stat. Eli:.) 
1799. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Apr. r, 1798; priest, Oct. 14, 
179S. Died Mar. 6, 1802, at Auchterarder. (G. Mag., 1802, 
1. 285.) 

KEMP, WILLIAM FRANCIS. Adm. pens, at St John's, July r, 
1846. [Eldest] s. of the Rev. E[dward] Curtis (1812), R. of 
Whissonsett, Norfolk [and Elizabeth Anne]. B. at Gt 
Yarmouth. Bapt. July 4, 1S27. Matric. Michs. 1846; B.A. 
1850; M.A. 1853. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Nov. 4, 1851. 
Called to the Bar, June 9, 1854. For 47 years assistant 
Secretary to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel 
in Foreign Parts. Secretary to the Ritualism Commission, 
1867. Married, Aug. 28, 1S60, Julia Lane Grace, 3rd dau. of 
Sir Daniel Keyte Sandford. Died Jan. 5, 1903, in London. 
Brother of John G. (1856) and Henry J. (1853). (Inns of 
Court; Law Lists; Foster, Mm at the Bar; The Times, Jan. 7, 

KEMP, Sir WILLIAM ROBERT, Bart. Adm. Fell.-Com. at 
Corpus Christi, June 22, i8rr. Of Norfolk. [Elder s. of 
Sir William Robert, 9th Bart., of Gissing (and Sarah, dau. of 
Thomas Adcock, of Carleton, Norfolk). B. Nov. 14, 1791 .] 
Had succeeded as 10th Bart., 1804. Matric. Michs. 1811; 
M.A. 181 v Ord. deacon (Norwich) July 9, 1811; priest, 
Dec. 10, 1812. R. of Gissing and Flordon, Norfolk, 1816-74. 
J. P. and D.L. for Norfolk. Married, Mar. 10, 1859, Mary, 
dau. of Charles Saunders, of Camberwell, Surrey, and had 
issue. Died May 29, 1S74, at Gissing Hall. (G.E.C.; Crock- 
ford; Boose, v. 808; Foster, Index Eccles.) 

KEMP, WILLIAM ROUS. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall, 
Tune 19, 1S88. S. of G. L., Esq. School, Eton. Matric. 
"Michs. 1888; B.A. 1898. At Calcutta University and at 
St Mary's Hospital. L.S.A., 1897; L.M.S.S.A., 1909. Civil 
Surgeon, attached R.A.M.C, in the S. African War, 1899- 
rgo2; with the Ladysmith relief column. Civil Surgeon, 
H.M. Transport Sicilian, and Surgeon, Yacht Lyra, 1905. 
Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Capt., R.A.M.C; Capt. 
(Med.), R.A.F.). Of Sheffield in 1920. In practice in Crickle- 
wood, 1930-44-. (Eton Sch. Lists: Medical Directories^ 

KEMP-WELCH, MAURICE. Adm. at King's, Oct. 6, 1899. 
[Only s. of James, of Weybridge, Surrey. School, Clifton.] 
Matric. Michs. 1899; Exhibitioner, 1901; B.A. 1902. In 
business. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (2nd Lieut., 
Yorks. Regt.); killed in action, Apr. II, 1917. (Clifton Coll. 
Reg.; King's Coll. Reg.; Univ. War List; The Times, Apr. 19. 

KEMPE, ALFRED ARROW. Adm. sizar at Trinity, July 4, 
1833. [S. of Alfred John, M.D., of London. B. 1S14. School. 
St Paul's.] Migrated to Clare, Oct. 1S33; matric. Michs. 
1833; Exhibitioner, 1S33. Migrated to Trinity Hall, Dec. 23. 
1833, and thence to Magdalene, Oct. II, 1834; B.A. 183S. 
Ord. deacon, 1838; priest, 1839; C. of Wittersham and Bren- 
zett, Kent. C. of St Peter's, Walworth, Surrey. C.ofDinton, 
Bucks. R. of Wexham, 1846-1909. Latterly resided at 
Hove, Sussex, where he died Dec. 13, 1909, aged 95. [St 
Paul's Sch. Reg.; Crockford; The Times, Dec. 16, 1909) 

KEMPE, ALFRED BRAY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, July 14, 
1867. [3rd] s. of the Rev. John Edward (1829), R. of 
St James's, Piccadilly, London. B. July 6, 1849, at Ken- 
sington, London. School, St Paul's, London. Man. 
1868; Campden exhibitioner; Perry exhibitioner, 1871; 
Scholar, 1871; B.A. (22nd Wrangler) 1872; M.A. 1S84. Hon. 
D.C.L., Durham. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Jan. 24, 1S71. 
Called to the Bar, Nov. 17, 1873- On the Western Circuit. 
Bencher, Inner Temple, 1909. F.R.S., 1881; Treasurer and 
Vice-President, 1899-1919. Secretary, Royal Commission 
on Ecclesiastical Courts, 18S1-3. Chancellor of dios. of 
Southwell, 1884; of Newcastle, 1886; of St All-ans, 1891, and 
Peterborough, etc. Official to the Archdeacons of Essex, 
Southwark, and Kingston. Knighted, 1912. Died Apr. ax, 
1922 m London. Brother of Edward W. (1862) and John A. 
(18651. rmib., 442; 

Inns of ( aurt; Lav > "<» '< 'he Bar ; Who was 

Who, 1916-28; The limes. Apr. 22. 1922.) 


Kempe, The Rev. Charles 

KEMPE, The Rev. CHARLES. B.A. 179+, incorp. from Oxford; 
M.A. from Pembroke, 1704. [2nd s. of Charles, of Veryan, 
Cornwall.] Matric. from Exeter College, Oxford, Feb. 20, 
175S, aged 19; B.A., Oxford, 176:. R. of Grade, Cornwall. 
R. of St Mabyn, 1793-1S17. Married Catherine, dau. of 
Mr — Hocken, of St Tudy, Cornwall. Died Nov. 19, 1817, 
at St Mabvn. (Boase, Coll. Cornub., 443; Cant. Act Bk.; 
Al. Oxon.; G. Mag., 1817, 11. 634.) 

KEMPE, EDWARD. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, Oct. 10, 
1795- S. of John Tabor, of New York. [B. Feb. 12. 1778.] 
School, Charterhouse, London. Matric. Michs. 1797; Scholar, 
1799; B.A. 1800; M.A. 1803. Ord. deacon (Gloucester) Sept. 19, 
1802; priest (Peterb.) Apr. 23, 1S08; C. of Bitton, Gloucs., 
[802-7. Possessed of ample means, he spent the greater part 
of his life in semi-retirement and subscribed very liberally 
to many religious and charitable institutions in Bristol. 
After his death his executors found in his house nearly a ton 
of sermons, many of which he had never preached. Died 
May 11, 1858, at Clifton, Bristol, aged 82. Buried at St 
Michael's, Bristol. Bequeathed fso, 000 for Church purposes. 
(G. Mag., 1858, 1. 681; C. R. Hudleston; Xorthants. ' lergy.) 

KEMPE, EDWARD CHALLIS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 25, 
1899. [Elder] s. of the Rev, Edward Wood (next), of Forty 
Hill vicarage, Enfield, Middlesex. B. [Feb. n, 1881], at 
Enfield. School, Marlborough. Matric. Michs. 1S99; B.A. 
1902; M.A. 1906. Ord. deacon (Rochester) 1904; priest 
(Southwark) 1905; C. of St George's, Camberwell, Surrey 
(Trinity College Missionary), 1904-9. R. of Brewanina, New 
South Wales, 1909-12. Vice- Principal, Brotherhood of the 
Good Shepherd, Dubbo, N.S.W., 1909-12; Principal, 1912- 
15. Served in the Great War, 1915-19 (Chaplain, R.A.C.D.; 
mentioned in despatches). At the House of the Resurrection, 
Mirfield, Yorks., 1919-21. Superior of Commun. of Ascen., 
Goulbum, N.S.W., 1921-8. V. of Blvth, Notts., 1928-42. 
V. of Hitchin, Herts., 1942-8-. {Marlborough Coll. Reg.; 
Crockford; Univ. War List.) 

KEMPE, EDWARD WOOD. Adm. pens, at Trinity. Oct. 24, 
iv, 2. S. of the Rev. John Edward (1829), K. of St James's, 
Piccadilly, London. B. July 9, 1.844, at Hadley, Mi.MI--.-x 
School, St Paul's, London. Matric. Michs. 1863; Exhibi- 
tioner, 1864-7; B.A. 1867; M.A. 1871. Ord. deacon (London) 
1868; priest, 1869; C. of St Andrew's, Enfield, 1868-74 
V. of Jesus Church, Forty Hill, Enfield, 1874-1918. Priest- 
in-Ordinary to Queen Victoria, 1878-1901. Hon. Priest to 
King Edward VII, 1901-ro. Author, Enfield and its En- 
virorts. Died May 12. 101.8. Father of the above; broth, r ..! 
[ohn A. (1865) and Alfred B. (1867). (Si Paul's Sch. Reg.; 
1 rochjord; Who was Who, 191(1-28.) 

KEMPE, JAMES ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Mav 13 
[868. S. of the Rev. James Cory (next). B. [Mar. 2 
.it Merton, Devon. School, private. Matric. Michs 
B.A. 1872; M.A. 1877. Ord. deacon (Exeter) 1872; priest, 
1875; C. of Merton, Devon, [872-9. C. of Lew Trent hard, 
1879-81. C. of Newton St Cyres, 1881-2. V. of St Breward. 
Cornwall, 1882-7. Rural Dean of Trigge Minor, 18S5-7. 
V. of Veryan, 1887-1915. Hon. Canon of Truro Cathedral. 
1905-15. V. of Abbotsham, Devon, 1915-26. Reside. 1 
latterly at Bidefor.l, where he died Oct. 20. 1933. Buried at 
Abbotsham. Doubtless brother of [ohn II. (1864) (Pale 
II. 606; Crockford: The Times, Oct. 23, 1933.) 

KEMPE, JAMES CORY. Adm. sizar at St John's, July 6, 1831. 
S. of the Rev. 'J.', of Fowev [the Rev. John, of Exeter 
College, Oxford, was V. of Fowey, 1818-63: his 2nd s., 
George Henry, was also of Exeter College, 1827]. School, 
liliinilell's, Tiverton. Matric. Michs. 1831; B.A. 1835; M.A. 
1871. Ord. deacon (Lincoln, Lilt. dan. from Exeter) Feb. 28, 
1837; pnest (Bath and Wells) Apr. 9. 1818; C. of Modbury 
Devon, 1837. C. of St Buryan, Cornwall, 1837-8. <. oi 
Morchard Bishop, Devon, 1838-44. R. of Iluish. 1 
R. of Merton, 1845-93, Surrogate, dio. of Exeter, 1845-93. 
Preb. of Exeter Cathedral, 1870-93. Married, June 2 3, 1,84 t, 
Laura, dau. of Commander Pulling, R.N. Died Dec. 25, 
1 ■■> 1 Father of the above and doubtless of | H (1864) 
(I'.liiHdell's 8,;,, AY; .(',.., I t.y.l . 1 ant. Act Bk.; I he Guardian 

Dec. 28, 1893; G. Mag . : i\, 11. 200.) 

KEMPE, JOHN ARROW. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Mar. 8, 1865 
S. of the Rev. John Edward (next), R. of St James's, Pi. . a- 
dillv, London. B. Jan. 5, 1846, at Hadley, Middlesex. 
School, St Paul's, London. Matric. Michs. 1865; B.A. 1869. 
Entered the Treasury, 1867. Assistant Private Secret. try b. 
Mr Disraeli during his brief Premiership in 1868. Private 
Secretary to Sir Stafford Northcote (afterwards l.or.l 
fddesleigh), 1874-80, and afterwards serve.1 in the same 
capacity to Sir R. Lingen and Lord Frederick Ca 1 
from 1880-8. A Principal Clerk in the Treasury, 1888-94. 
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Customs, 1894— 1903; 

Kempson, Eric William Edward 

Assistant Comptroller and Auditor, 1903; Auditor-General, 
1904-n. C.B., 1900. K.C.B., 1909. Chairman of the Local 
Taxation Committee. 1911-14. Member of the Royal Com- 
mission on the Civil Service, 1915. Subsequently of Coram 
Court, Lyme Regis, where he died Apr. 4, 192S. 'Brother of 
Edward W. (1862) and Alfred B. (1867). (5/ Paul's Sch. Reg.; 
Who was Who, 1916-28; Cambridge Review, 1927-8, 344; 
The Times, Apr. 5, 1928.) 

KEMPE, JOHN EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Clare, Mar. 13, 1829. 
[S. of Alfred John, gent., of Bromley, Kent, antiquary. 
B. Mar. 10, 1810. School, St Paul's.] Matric. Michs. 1829; 
B.A. (Class. Trip., Class 1) 1S33; M.A. 1837. Fellow, 1S36. 
Ord. deacon (Exeter) 1833; priest, 1S34; C. of Tavistock, 
Devon, 1833-6. Second Master at Burv St Edmunds School, 
1838-43. C. of Chipping Barnet. 1S43-6. P.C. of St John's, 
St Pancras, 1846-S. C. of St Barnabas, Kensington, 1848- 
53. R. of St James's, Piccadilly, 1S53-95. Prebendary of 
St Paul's, i86r. Proctor, dio. of London, 1868-80. Chapfain- 
in-Ordinary to Queen Victoria, 1864-1901. Hon. Chaplain 
to King Edward VII, 1901-7. Declined the Bishopric of 
Calcutta, 1866. \uthor. religious. Died Mar. 11, 1907. 
Father of Edward W. (1S62), John A. (1.865) and Alfred B. 
(1867). {St Paul's Sch. Reg.; Crockford; Who mas Who, 

KEMPE. JOHN HENRY. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi. Oct. 1, 
1864. Of Devon. [Doubtless s. of the Rev. Jan. 
(1831).] Ord. deacon (Bishop Hobhouse, for Kxet. : 
priest, 1885; C. of Merton, Devon, [868-72. C of Lew 
Trenchard, 1873-9. Chaplain of Torrington Union, 1879 86. 
R. of Meeth, [886-1916. Resided subsequently at Dolton, 
N. Devon, and disappears from Crockford, 1923. Doubtless 
brother of James A. ([868). (Crockford (in [S74 only) 
describes him as 'of Christ's College, Cambridge . . 
/.is/ gives no University.) 

KEMPLAY, ALFRED. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 13, [864. 
[2nd] s. of Christopher, of St John's Place, Leeds. B. [845, 
at Leeds. School, Leeds Grammar. Matric. Michs. [865; 
B.A.,1869. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Jan. 23, [869. Died 
Dec. 22, 1870. (Inns of Court.) 

KEMPLAY, JAMES. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, July 6, 
1R20. [2nd] s. of Richard [of Leeds]. B. at Leeds, [8[o., ,1, Leeds Grammar. Matric Mn lis. 1829; Scholar, 18-ji; 
B.A. Uf/i Wrangler) 1833; M.A. 1836. Adm. at the Middle 
Temple, June 1, 1833. Called to the Bar, Jan. 30, [S52. < m 
the Northern Circuit. Q.C., 1S72. Bencher, Jan. 29, [874. 
Author, Proposed Plan for dealing with the statute Law. 1 ii.-d 
June 4, 1882, at 48, Leinster Gardens, London, W. I B 1 
[[. 190; Inns of Court; Law Lists; Middle Temple Bench Bk.) 

KEMPSON, EDWIN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, Feb. 20, 
[8[8. S. of Peter. B. at Birmingham. School, Brewood, 
Staffs. Matric. Michs. [818; Scholar, 1822; B.A. {22nd 
Wrangler) 1823; M.A, [826. Ord. deacon, 1824; priest, [825. 
Inc. of the donative peculiar (and latterly P.C.) of Castle 
Dr. .mwich, Warws., 1833-78. Died [878. Father of the next, 
of Simon M. E. (1S49) and probably of George A. E. (18581. 
(Boose, v. 808 (sub his s. Simon M. E.); Crockford.) 

KEMPSON, EDWIN ALFRED. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Apr. [8, [848. S. of the Rev. Edwin (above), P.C. of Castle 
Bromwich (and Mary). B. at the chapelry of Castle 
Bromwich, Apr. 8, [830. Bapt. Mav [8, 1S30. [School, 
Cheltenham Proprietary.] Matric. Michs. 1S48; Scholar; 
B.A. [852; M.A. 1855. Ord. deacon (Winchester) [853; 
priest, [854; C. of Send, Surrey, [S53-6. C. of Halesowen, 
Worcs., 1856-62. V. of Claverdon with Norton-Lindsev, 
Warws., [S62-S7. V. of Merton, Surrey, 1887-99. Married, 
Jan. 3, i860, Ellen, dau. of C. Eley, Esq., of Hove. Resided 
subsequently at St Leonards-on-S. 1, where he died Jan. 11, 
1907, aged 7'e Brother of Simon M. E, (184.)) and probably 
of George A. E. (1858). (The Times. Jan. 14, 1907; the 
Ecclesiastical Gazette, Feb. 14, i860.) 

Trinity, Sept. 30, 1899. [2nd] s. of Frederick Robertson, 
of Roath House, Cardiff, Glam. B. 1S7S, at Hereford. 
School, Shrewsbury. Matric. Michs. [S99; B.A. 1902, M V 
1927. Naval Instructor, R.N., 1904-7. Master at the R.N. 
College, Dartmouth, 1907-1 1. Senior Physics Master at 
Rugby, [9li-[9. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Major. 
R.E. and R.A.S.C; M.C.; in Palestine with the Royal 
Engineers; mentioned twice in despatches). H.M. Inspector 
of Schools, 1919-27. Head Master of the Royal Naval 
College, Dartmouth, 1927-42. Author (with C. E. Ashford) 
of Elementary Theory of Direct tuner.! Dynamo Electrii 
Machinery; Introduction la Magnetism and Electricity. Of 35, 
Burnham Court, Moscow Road, London, W., in 1044 Died 
July 23, 1948. Brother of the next. (Shrewsbury Sch. Reg . 
Schoolmasters' Directories; Univ. liar List; Who's Who.) 

Kempson, Frederick Claude 

18S6. S. of Frederick Robertson, architect, of Bromyard, 
Herefs. B. July i, 1867, at Hereford. School, Hereford 
Cathedral. Matric. Michs. rSS6; B.A. JS89; M.B. 1S93; 
M.A. 1911. At St George's Hospital; Scholar, 1891. Demon- 
strator in Anatomy at St George's Hospital Medical School, 
1892-3. Junior Demonstrator in Human Anatomy at 
Cambridge, 1S97-1900 and 190S. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1895; 
priest, rS96; C. of St Mary-the-Less, Cambridge, 1895-7. 
C. of St Luke's, Chesterton, 1897-8. C. of Dean Nether. 
Hunts., 1S9S-1909. Served in the Great War, 1914-ig 
(Opt., R.A.M.C; Capt. (Med), R.A.F.). Served in R.A.M.C. 
until 19;;. V. of East Newlvn, Cornwall. 1924-6. Author, 
Oarsmanship and Training; History of the Trinity Fool 
Beagles; The Church in modem England: The future life and 
molern difficulties; The 'Green Finch' crime; Descriptions of 
Skulls and other Bones from an old Cambridge Cemetery. Died 
>, 1926. Brother of the above. (Venn, II. 483; Univ. 
War List ; Medical Directories; Crockford.) 

EMMANUEL, May r, 185S. [Probablv s. of the Rev. Edwin 
(1S18), V. of Castle Bromwich.] Matric. Michs. 1S5S; Scholar; 
B.A. 1S62; M.A. 1S67. F.S.A., r894. Ord. deacon (Norwich) 
rS63; priest (Elv) 1S66; C. of St Nicholas's, Gt Yarmouth, 
1863-4. C. of Mere, Wilts., 1865-6. C. of Hopton, Suffolk, 
1866. C. of Bedworth, Warws., 1866-70. C. of Evesham, 
Worcs., 1870-1. C. of Wigan, Lanes., 1S71-7. C. of Castle 
Bromwich, Warws., r877-9- V. of St James's, Congleton, 
Cheshire, 1S79-87. R. of Rendcombe, Gloucs., 1S87-1903. 
Died Aug. 23, 1903, at Cirencester, aged 63. Probably brother 
of Edwin A. (1S4S) and Simon M. E. (1849). {Crockford; 
The Times, Aug. 26, 1903.) 

Trinity, Nov. 3, 1S59. S. of Carteret. B. [Mar. 24], 1842, 
in London. School, Rugbv. Matric. Michs. 1S60; B.A. 1864. 
Sometime in the ist Roval Scots Regt. and the 14th Hussars. 
Died Dec. 7, 1S93, in Charing Cross Hospital, as the result 
of an accident. [Rugby Sch. Keg.) 

KEMPSON, HOWARD. Adm. pens, at St John's, July 4, 1844. 
S. of Peter, of Castle Bromwich, Warws. [and Dorothy]. 

B. Jan. II, 1825, at Birmingham. [School, Ockbrook, 
Derbyshire. Matric. Michs. 1S44; B.A. 1S48. Ord. deacon 
(Lichfield) 1848; priest, 1849; C. of Yoxall, Staffs., 1848-9. 

C. of Gt Haywood with Fradswell, 1S49-50. C. of Ripley, 
Surrev, 1850-1. R. of Romslev, Worcs., 1851-66. V. of 
Cookley, 1866-75. R. of St Cuthbert's, Bedford, 1875-86. 
V. of llkley, Yorks., 1S86-1901. Surrogate, dios. of Ripon 
and Wakefield, 1886-1910. Married, Jan. 13, 1852, Sarah 
Sophia, only dau. of the Rev. Charles Pugh, V. of Foxton, 
Leics. Resided latterly at Kidderminster, where he died 
Apr. 4. 1910. Father of the next. (Cro L kford; G. Mag., 1852, 
1. 401; The Times, Apr. 6, 1910.) 

KEMPSON, JAMES HENRY. Adm. pens, at Christ's, July 3, 
1889. [6th] s. of the Rev. Howard (above), V. of llkley, 
Yorks. B. [Mar. 27, 1869], at Cookley, Worcester. School, 
Bedford Grammar. Matric. Michs. 1889; B.A. 1S92; M.A. 
1897. Ord. deacon (Lichfield) 1S93; priest. 1894; C. of 
Cannock, Staffs., 1893-5. C. of St Mary's, Lichfield, 1895. 
C. of llkley, Yorks., rS95-l90i. C. of Cannock, 1901-4; 
V. there, 1907-n. Surrogate, dio. of Lichfield, 1905. V. and 
Surrogate of Penkridge, Staffs., 1911-37. Served in the 
Great War, 1914-19 (Chaplain, R.A.C.D.; mentioned in 
despatches). Preb. in Lichfield Cathedral, 1933-48-. Canon 
and Cuslos of Lichfield, 1937-48-. (CrocA/or d; Unto. War List.) 

Caius, Dec. 5, 1849. S. of the Rev. Edwin (1818), V. of 
Castle Bromwich, Birmingham. B. there May 3, 1831. 
School, Cheltenham College (nine years). Matric. Micbs. 
1850; Scholar, 1851; B.A. 1854; M.A. 1859. Cricket 'blue,' 
1851, 1852, 1853. Played for the Gentlemen v. Players, 1853, 
in which match he bowled unchanged in both innin gs. One 
of the best amateur bowlers of his day. In a report on the 
centenary of Cheltenham College it is recorded that 'Once 
in a match on the playground [at Cheltenham College] he 
drove old John Bickley, of the All England XI, clear over 
the railings into the Thirlestaine road." Went to India, 1856, 
as teacher in a private school. Principal of the Govt. College 
at Bareiily, 1858. Inspector of Schools, Agra, 1861. Director 
of Public Instruction in the N.W. Provinces, r862-78. 
Fellow of Calcutta University. Teacher of Indian History 
and Oriental Languages at Cambridge, 1S79-8L Professor 
of Hindustani at the Staff College, 1882-3. Married (1) Mar)', 
dau. of the Rev. John Fisher, of Higham-on-the-Hill, Leics.; 
(2) Mary, dau. of H. Stuart Reid, Esq., of the H.E.I. Co.'s 
Service. Author, The Syntax and Idioms of Hindustani; 
The Repentance of Xussooh; and other translations from the 
Hindustani. Died June 20, 1894, at Dursley, Gloucs. 
Brother of Edwin A. (1S48) and probably of George A. E. 
(1858). (Cheltenham Coll. Reg.; Venn, 11. 292; Boose, v. 808; 
Book of Blues.) 


Kempthorne, John 

KEMPSON, WILLIAM BROOKE. Adm. pens, at Sidney, 
Oct. 19, 1819; from Magdalen College, Oxford, whence he 
had matric. Apr. 17, 1818, age 23. S. of John, merchant, of 
St Sepulchre's, London. B. Mar. 18, 1795. School, Newport 
(Dr Carev). Matric. Michs. 1819; B.A. 1823; M.A. 1827. 
R. of Sto'ke-Lacy, Herefs., 1839-59. Died Feb. 7, 1859, at 
Charlcombe rectory, Somerset, aged 63. Father of the next. 
(Clergy List; Foster, Index Eccles.; Al. Oxon.; G. Mag., 
1859, l- 327.) 
KEMPSON, WILLIAM JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, 
Nov. 12, 1853. S. of the Rev. William Brooke (above). B. 
[Mar. 23, 1835], at Newcastle-on-Tyne. School, Rugby. 
Matric. Michs. 1S54. Cricket 'blue,' 1S55- Major, 99th Regt. 
Served in the China War, 1S60, on the Staff; present at the 
capture of Taku Forts and the surrender of Peking. Died 
Nov. 22, 1877, at Folkestone. (Rugby Sch. Reg.) 

dish H., Lent, 1890. [S. of William Henry, M.D. B. Nov. 
1869, in London.] At the Westminster Hospital, King's 
College Hospital, and the London Hospital. M.R.C.S. ; 
L.R.C.P., 1896. In charge of the X-ray and electro-thera- 
peutic Depts. at several London hospitals. Consulting 
Physician, specializing in X-rav and electrotherapeutics. 
Surgeon in charge of X-rays and Electro-Therap. Dept., City 
of London Military Hospital. Civil Surgeon, War Office. 
Freeman, City of London. Liveryman, Society of Apothe- 
caries. Of 21, Portland Court, London, W., in 1044. Author, 
medical. Died Sept. 7, 194S. (Medical Directories ; Who's Who.) 

KEMPT, GEORGE DAVIDSON. Adm. pens, at St John's, Sept. 
3, 1889. [School, McRaith's Academv, Glasgow. At Glasgow 
University, 1884-9. M.A., Glasgow, 1889.] S. of Irvine, 
general Superintendent of the Caledonian Railway, Glasgow 
[and Margaret Davidson]. B. there June 9, 1S68. Matric. 
Michs. 18S9; B.A. 1S96. President of the Union, 1892. 
Called to the Bar, Middle Temple, Nov. 19, 1894. (Law List, 
1944; C. J. Fordyce.) 

KEMPTHORNE, GERARD AINSL1E. Adm. sizar at St John's, 
Mar. T4, 1895. [Elder] s. of the Rev. Philip Henry (rS6i). 
Tutor and Assistant Master in Wellington College [and 
Annie Elizabeth Badcock, of The Elms, Taunton]. B. 
May 10, 1870. at Wellington College. School, Winchester 
College. Matric. Michs. 1895; B.A. 1898. At St Thomas's 
Hospital. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1902; D.P H. (London), 1913. 
Assistant House Surgeon, Derby Royal Infirmary. Lieut., 
R.A.M.C, 1903; Capt., 1907; Major, 1915; Lieut. -Col., 1926. 
In the Indian Medical Service; at Lahore and elsewhere. 
Sometime Assistant Director of Hygiene, Scottish Command, 
Glasgow. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut.-Col., 
R.A.M.C; wounded; prisoner of war; D.S.O., 191S; 
mentioned twice in despatches; served on the North-West 
Frontier, 1919). Retired, 1931. Author, History of Sand- 
hurst, Berks.; History of Shr.'iocke, Cornwall. Died Dec. 4, 
1039 at St Austell, Cornwall. (Winchester Coll. Reg.: St 
John's Coll. Adm., IV. 345; Univ. War List; Medu li 
lories; Army Lists; Scottish Biographies; Who was 11 ho, 
1929-40; The Times, Dec. 6, 1939.) 

KEMPTHORNE, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 17) at St John's, 
May 29, 1792. S. of James, Capt. [Admiral], R.N. [and 
Eleanor, dau. of the Rev. Sampson Sandys, R. of Landewed- 
nack and Ruan Minor, Cornwall]. B. (June 24, 1775], at 
Plymouth dock, Devon. Schools, Truro and Helston. Matric. 
Michs. 1792; Scholar. 1792; B.A. (Senior Wrangler and ist 
Smith's prize) 1796; M.A. 1799; B.D. 1S07. Fellow, 1796- 
1802. Ord. deacon (London) Apr. 25, 1802; priest, Dec. 19, 
1802. Doubtless held curacies in Essex, as his sons were born 
in that county. V. of Northleach, Gloucs., 1816-38. \ . of 
Preston, 1817-20. R. of St Michael's and St Mary-de-Grace, 
Gloucester, T825-38. Chaplain to the Bishop of Lichfield 
and Coventry, 1824-38. Preb. of Lichfield, 1S25-3S. Married 
(1) June 8, 1802, Eliza, dau. of the Rev. Richard Whish, 
R. of Northwold, Norfolk, and had issue; (2) Cordelia 
Sheppard. A schoolfellow and friend of Henry Martyn. 
Author of pamphlets on religious subjects. Died Nov. 9, 
1838, at Gloucester. Buried at St Aldate's. Monument in 
Gloucester Cathedral. Father of the next and 01 Richard 
(1822). (Boase, Coll. Cornub., 445; St John's Coll. Adm., IV. 
345- Foster, Index Eccles.; Cant. Act Bk.; G. Mag., 1S38, 
II. 667.) 
KEMPTHORNE, JOHN. Adm. pens, at St John's, Mai )I, 
1820; re-adm. June 12, 1821; re-adm. sizar, Oct. 
[Elder] 5. of the Rev. John (above), of Essex. Mat: 
1821; Scholar, 1S24; B.A. 1825; M.A. 1845. Ord. deacon 
(Lichfield) Feb. 11, 1827; priest (Bath and Wells) Apr. 15, 
1827- V. of Wedmore, Somerset, 1827-76 
r8i3 Jane Handheld, dau. of Major-General Andi 
Died May 3, 1876. Brother of Richard (1822); lather of the 
next. (St John's Coll. Adm., iv. 345; Crockford; G. Mag., 
1833, ii. 363) 


Kempthorne, John 

KEMPTHORNE, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age ,8) at Tl ) ,N " i Y' 
Tan zq 1853 [Elder] 5. of the Rev. John (above), of Wed- 
more, Somerit. 1 B. there .835. School, St Paul's London. 
Matric. M.chs. 1853; Campden exhibitioner 1. Scholar, 

,855- Perry exhibitioner, 1855-?; B.A. (5"' ' fa«u| 1857, 
MA' i860 Fellow, ,858. Assistant Master at Tonbridge 
School , ,858-9. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1858; pnest (London 
;J" c J s,' M ltv's M irylebone, London, 1800-3. C. ot 
It 5 Paurs H n' Ken,. ,863-4. Second Master at 
St Paul's School, London, 1858-64. Lecturer at St Mar- 
earet's Lee Kent ,864-7. Head Master of the proprietary 
School ' Bl.ckheaYh, 1864-70, but the school did not prosper 
and lost in numbers durin/his time ■ He lack ed some 10 the 
qualities essential to success in a head mast ?•*££*"*£% 
the dignity whirl, overawes boys, nor the e nthus asm which 
insnires them He was humane in his methods of discipline, 
but was a poor judge of, ter and unf aim, he made 
favourite? In spite of Ins degree h- had little interest n 
Classics and his heart was given to music rather than to 
Greek or Latin/ Sunday Evening Lecturer at St Smtos, 
t ondon 1870-6 V. of Trumpington, Cambs., 1876-80. 
Author"' Bnef Words on School Life, f^*™^ 
Died Aug. 5, 1880, at Trumpington. Father of the next 
{Boas* vJlolj; Boase, Coll. , o,nub.. 446; on l;>»V >' ' f'i.j 
St Paul's Sch. tog.; J. W. Kirby; His!. 0/ the Blackheath 
prop. School, 98; Cambridge Review, 1880, 5.) 
KEMPTHORNE, JOHN AUGUSTINE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 8? 1881. lunlvl s of the Rev. John (above), o£ Trum- 
phagton, Cambs. B. May 26. .864, in London School 
Haileybury. Matric. M.chs ,s.S- Lxhibifoner ... "- . 
Abbott Scholar. .883; Scholar ,884; B.A. (Class Trip., 
Pt I ,st Class 1884; Ft II, 1st Class, l8bb) 1880 M.A. 1800 
DO. Classical Lecturer at belwv,.. 1880 Assis an 

Matter a. Harrow. .88: ' >rd. d, ao a,. (N, -w, a stle- on-Tyne) 
1890; pnest (Durham) 1890; C. of St Aldan s, Gateshead, 
,890-5 V.ofSt Mary's, Rochdale, Lanes., 1895-190°. V- ° 
St Thomas's, Bishop VVe.uiuouth, 1900-1 R and Rural 
Dean of Gateshead, 1901-4. R. of Liverpool and Hon Canon 
of Liverpool 1004-10. V. of Hessle, Yorks., ,910-13- 
B.sho'p o'f Hull, 1 .910-.3. Bishop of Lichfield x0£-£ 
'When in ,Q37 he resigned his bishopric it was with the 
universal regret of a diocese that felt ,t had the idea bishop 
Married .8 ,0, 11, stcr Mary Peile, only d.iu. of John I eile, 
Master of Christ's. Chairman of the Industrial Christian 
Fellowship. Author, Pastoral Life and Work Jo-day. 
Resided latterly at Mans House, Trumpuigton where he 
died Feb. 24. .946. {Haileybury Sch. tog.; Crockford; H ho s 
Who; The Times, Feb. 25, 1946.) 
KEMPTHORNE, PHILIP HENRY. Adm. pens, at St John's 
Apr 6, 1861 [Elder] s. of the Rev. Richard (next), Colonial 
chaplain [and Sophia Mary]. B. Apr. I, .841, at Longwood 

St Helena. Set 1, Uppingham , Mate. M* 1861 

Scholar- BA [Class. Trip., 1st Class! .800, M.A ibhq. 
FeTlow ',869-74. Assistant Master at Wellington College 
8,7-0,0,. Ord., La, on (Oxford) 1808; .869. R.o 
Wyck Rissington, Gloues., 1903-17. F. R : A -. S ' Res ' d , e n d 
latterly at Cro.vthome, Berks., where he died May 5, 1920. 
Father of Gerard A. (.805). {Uppmgham Sch tog ; St 
John's Coll. Adm., .v. 34V. Boase. < oil. , ornub., 446; School- 
masters' Directories; < rockford; The J ions, May 6, 19-0.) 

KEMPTHORNE, RICHARD. Adm. sizar (age 17) at St John's 
June 8, ,8..;. Re-a.ln. June 13, 1823. S. of the Rev John 
(179;). Of Essex. [B. Nov. 3. 1804. at Langford.] Matric. 
Michs .823; Scholar, 1826; B.A. (27D. Wrangler) ,827, MA 
,8,3 Ord deacon (Lichfield) Mar. 23, 1828, pnest (Chester) 
Dec. 21, ,828; C. of Tarvin, Cheshire, 1828-31. Archdeacon 
of St Helena and Colonial Chaplain, i5ji 00. R. of Elton, 
Hunts 1860-88. Rural Dean of Yazley, 1865-88. Married, 

,■:,,' I '■ a.:.- !■■■.■ M 

Aiiishe, formerly Govern,,, of Dominica. Author Monitors 
K.v to 1 hurch Cat* hum (three editions). I Med O, t. 24, .888. 
at Elton. Brother of John (.820); father of the above. 
I Boase v 80,, Boa e, Co I ornub., 447; St Johns Coll. 
Adm iv 345; Crockford; Whistler, History of Elton; The 

Guard Oct. 31, 1888.) 

KEMPTON, HERBERT JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Pem- 
broke July 3 1871 S of Green, merchant. Cambridge 
B. there Matric. Michs. 1871; Scholar, 1871; B.A. 1875; 
M.A. 1878. 

KEMPTON, THOMAS. Adm. sizar at Queens', Nov. i, 1S25. 
CM Cambridgeshire. Matric. Lent, 1826. 

KFIMDAL CHARLES EDWARD. Adm. pens, (age iS) at 
TRINITY, Feb 26, .814. S. of [Rev.] Jonathan [of Barrowby. 

L.ncsl B at Chelwood, Somerset. School. IJelu 1 

Matric. Michs. 18,4; B.A. 18,9; M.A. .822. R of Briudle 
Lanes., 1822-64. Feb. 25. .i°6f [C'oikfo.d. U,, S v 
List; G. Mag., 1864, I. 533, P. B. G. Brnnall.) 

Kendall, John Francis 

KENDAL, GEORGE. Adm. sizar at St John's, Not. 12, 1807. 
Of Westmorland. School, Sedbergh. Maine. Michs ,808, 
Scholar .8,,; B.A. 18,2; M.A. ,8,5. Ord. deacon (Bristol) 
Apr 4 ',8.3; pr.est (Lincoln) Sept. 25, 1S14. C. of Wrest- 
Imgwo tn, Beds., -,826. Married, May 12 1814, Mary, dau. 
of Jonas Lento.., Esq., of lenstanton, Hunts Died Mar 
1826, at Bedford. {Sedbergh Sch. Keg.; G. Mag., 1820, 1. 379.1 
KENDALL, EDWARD AUSTIN. Adm pens at St John's 
Oct. ,6 1890. [2nd] s. of the Rev Edward Kay (next), of 
Southsea, Hants, [and Alice Peard]. B. Nov. 6, 1870 at 
Notting Hill, London. School, Bedford Grammar (Mr Ph.ll- 
potts). Matnc. M.chs ,800. Appointed to the LC.S .,1890 
served in the N.W. Provinces and m Oudh as Assistant 
Magistrate and Collector. Judge of the Small Causes Court 
,896; Joint Magistrate, .s.,.s-, 007. District and Sessions 
Judge, 1907; Acting Additional Judicial Commissioner for 
Oudh, ,916-17; retired, ,9.8. D.ed Feb 24. 1933. at Bogrior 
Regis. Buried there. {I.C.S. Lists; Eagle, xlvii. 250, 1 he 
Times, Feb. 25, 1933O 
KENDALL, EDWARD KAY. Adm. sizar at St John's. July 3. 
,852. S. of Lieut. Kendall, R.N., deceased. B^ at Fre- 
dencton, New Brunswick. Matric. Michs. 1852; B.A. (.,'« 
Wraneler) iSsfo M.A. 1S59. Adm. ad eundem at Trinity 
College, Toronto, 1856; Hon. D.C.L. there, ,886. Professor 
of mathematics at Tn.uty College, Toronto „ 50-00. Ord 
deacon (Toronto) ,857; pnest, ,858, C of St John s, Notting 
Hill, Middlesex, 1860-3. V. of St Mark s, Notting Hill, 
,863-84. C. of St Jude's, Southsea, Hants., 1885-6. C. ot 
Alverstoke, 1887-8. Registrar m England of Trinity College, 
Toronto, 1885-04. Died Feb. „, ,894. "Perry Hill, Kent 
aged 61. Father of the above. {Crockford, 1S92, 1 he 
Guardian, Feb. 14, 1894.) 
KENDALL, FREDERICK. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 6 1809. 
IS of John Naval Commander, ,,f Scarborough, 1 orKs. ». 
Sept. 1, 17,0, at Numnngton. Schools, Malt™. (Mr Richard- 
son) and Denham (Mr Huggitt).] Matric. Michs. 1809. 
Migrated to Sidney, June ,3, 1S10; B.A 1S13. In that year 
•Sidney C ,11,-ge was again on fire in two places , and suspicion 
fell on Kendall, who was committed for tnal at the assizes. 
Sir William Garrow, who was specially re tamed, defended he 
prisoner, who was acquitted but finally expelled from the 
University. (Gunning, 11. 286; G. M. Edwards, Sidney Sussex 
College, 214.) 
KENDALL. GEORGE FREDERIC. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christ., Oct. 4, 1873- Of Warwickshire. S. of Frederic, of 
B.shopton, Stratford-on-Avon B^ June 30, ,854, at MraG 
ford-o.i-Avon. Schools, Stratford Grammar and Felsted 
(1867-73). Matric. Michs. .S73; Scholar, 1874; B.A. 1S77. 
Died Jan. 27, 1918. (.-11. Felsted (no career given).) 
KENDALL, GEORGE WILLIAM. Matric. pens, from Queens', 
Michs 1875. [S. of the Rev. William (.845)- B. Aug. 30, 
1856 School King Edward VI's Grammar, Stafford.] Organ 
Scholar B A 1870; M.A. 1882. Ord. deacon (London) 1S79; 
pr.est (R.pon) 1880; C. of St Dmistan's Stepney, 1879-80. 
C. of Bradford. Yorks., 1880-7. V. of St Augustine s Lnder- 
cliffe, Bradford, 1887^38. V. of St John's, Bowling, Bradford, 
1808-1913 V. of Leake with Nether Sllton, \ orks., ,9,3-24. 
C. of Aldingham, Lanes., 1925. Resided subsequently at 
Scales, near Ulverston, where he died June 30, 1928. {GrocH- 
ford; Buxton correspondence.) 
KENDALL, HERBERT PETER. Adm. sizar at St John's, 
lulv 1 1856 S of Jonathan, confectioner [and Anne 
Elizabeth], B. at Chesterfield, DerbsBapt Oct 5, .8 14 
Matric. M.chs. .850; Scholar; B.A. i860; MA 1863. Ord. 
deacon (Ripon) i860; priest, 186,; C. of Batley, Yorks., 
,860- C of Llvorscdge. 1S62-4. Head Master of the Free 
Grammar School, Batley, 1860-4. Head Master of Hampton 
Lucy Grammar School, .86 4 -73- C. of hmeton, Warws 
1869-73. V. of Loxlev, .873-94. Resided subsequently at 
Richmond. Surrey, where he died July 30, 1903. {Crockford, 
1903; The Times, Aug. 1, ,903.) 
KENDALL, JAMES. Adm. pens, at St John's, Apr. 1, 1830. 
t'ndl s of John, Esq., banker, of Helston, Cornwall. [B. 
Oct 10 1811.] School. Helston. Matric. Michs. 1830; B.A. 
1834 Ord. deacon (Exeter) Oct. 26, .834: priest, Oct 25, 
1815- C of Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, .834-7. C. ot bt 
Stephe11-1n-P.ran.1el, ,8 3 7-77. C. of Lanteglos, 1837-42; 
V there, 1S42-77. Married, ,838, Mary, dau. of Major 
Havilaiid Snowe, and had issue. Died Nov. 4, 1877, at 
Lanteglos vicarage. (Boase, Coll. Cornub., 448. ' rockford; 
G. Mag., 1838, 1. 312.) 
KENDALL, JOHN FRANCIS. Adm. at Kino's Oct. 6 1884 
ludl s. of John, of Caterham, Surrey. B. Mar. 21, 1802, at 
Blackheath. School, Bellevue House, Greenwich, and at 
London University, 1883 (1st Class Hons. ..., B A. 
1884) Matric. Michs. 1884; Exhibitioner, 1S85; B.A. (Hist. 


Kendall. The Rev. Nicholas 

Trip., ist Class) 18S7; M.A. 1893. Ord. deacon (Ely) Sept. 23, 
1888; priest (London) 1889; C. of St Clement's. Notting Hill. 
1S88-90. V. of Little Tew, Oxon., 1S90-5, and V. of Great 
Tew, 1891-5. R. of Hempstead with Lessingham, Norfolk, 
1S95-1904. Inc. of St Germain's chapel, Blackheath, Kent, 
1904-17. Principal of, and Professor of History, at Queen's 
College, London, 1915-19. V. of Richmond, Surrey, 1917-28. 
Canon Residentiary of Norwich Cathedra], 1928-31. Author, 
A Short History of the Church of England. Died Aug. 8, 1931, 
as the result of a motor accident, near Stalham, Norfolk, 
aged 69. Buried at Lessingham. (King's Coll. Reg.; Crock- 
ford; Who was Who, 1929-40; The Times, Aug. 10, 1931) 
KENDALL, The Rev. NICHOLAS. B. A., incorp. fromOxford, 1815 ; 
M.A. from Pembroke, 1S15. [Youngest]s. of the Rev. Nicholas 
[Trinity College, Oxford, 1759], of Pelyn, Cornwall [and 
Elizabeth, dau. of Humphrey Cotes. B. Sept. 30, 1781]. 
Matric. from Exeter College, Oxford, Feb. 17, 1800, age 18; 
B.A. (Oxford) 1804. V. of Talland, Cornwall, 1S05-44. V. of 
Lanlivery, r8r5-44. V. of Lanhydrock, 1831-44. Married, 
Sept. 25, 1807, Susan Goodwin, and had issue. Died Apr. 29, 

1844, at Lanlivery. Pelyn has been for many generations the 
seat of this family, which is descended from Walter, the 
third s. of John Kendall, of Treworgey. (Boase, Bib. Comub., 
284, and Coll. Cornub., 449 ; Burke, L.G. ; Noble and Gentle 
Men of England; Cant. Act Bk.; Clergy List; Al. Oxon.; 
G. Mag., 1844, 11. 1021.) 

KENDALL, PERCY DALE. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1896. 
[2nd] s. of Francis Henry, Esq. [solicitor], of Saxonhurst, 
Rock Ferry. [B. 1878.] School, Tonbridge. Matric. Michs. 
1896; B.A. 1900. Played football (rugby) for England, 1901, 

1902, 1903; Captain, 1903. Adm. Solicitor, Feb. 1904. 
Practised in Liverpool and at Prescot, Lanes. Of the Old 
Rectory, Lower Bebington, Cheshire. Served in the Great 
War, 1914-19 (2nd Lieut., King's Liverpool Regt. (Liverpool 
Scottish, T. F.)); killed in action, near Ypres, Jan. 25, 1915. 
(Tonbridge Sch. Reg.; Univ. War List; Law Lists.) 

KENDALL, THOMAS SAMUEL. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Aug. 26, 1884. S. of T., Esq., of 2, River Street, Truro, 
Cornwall. Matric. Michs. 1884; B.A. 1887; M.A. 1891. Ord. 
deacon (Truro) 1888; priest (Bishop Speechly, for Truro), 
1889; C. of Bodmin, Cornwall, 1888-90. C. of Egloshayle, 
1890-2. C. of St Mary Magdalene, Launceston, 1892-94. 
R. of Holsworthy, Devon, 1894-1924. Surrogate, dio. of 
Exeter, 1894. Resided latterly at Plymouth. Died Nov. 1, 
1928. (Crockford; The Guardian, Nov. 9, 1928.) 

KENDALL, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, July 4, 
1803. Of Essex. 

KENDALL, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Mar. 3, 

1845. S. of George. B. at Accrington, Lanes., 1819 [Skipton- 
in-Craven, Y'orks. (Buxton correspondence)]. [School, 
Giggleswick.] Matric. Michs. 1845; B.A. r849. Ord. deacon 
(Manchester) 1849; priest, 1850; C. of St James's, Man- 
chester, 1849-52. C. ofSt Jude's, Manchester, 1852-4. Org. 
Sec. of the Church Pastoral Aid Society, 1S54-66. First V. of 
St Thomas's, Castletown, Stafford, 1866-97, also sinecure 
R. of Creswell, Staffs., 1878-97. Married Louisa, dau. of 
George Holmer, solicitor, of Tunbridge Wells. Died Mar. 29, 

1903, at Bradford, Yorks. Father of George W. (1875). 

KENDALL, WILLIAM CHARLES. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
Magdalene, Dec. 8, 1811. S. of the Rev. William, of Mans- 
field, Notts. School, Greenwich. Matric. Michs. 1812; B.A. 
1817; M.A. 1820. P.C. of Ravenstonedale, Westmorland, 

KENDALL, WILLIAM CLARKE. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
July 20, 1885. S. of William James, mining agent [and Sarah 
Clarke]. B. Nov. n, 1867, at Pennmgton, Ulverston, Lanes. 
School, Heversham (Dr W. Hart). Matric. Michs. 1885; 
B.A. 1888; M.A. 1893. Athletics 'blue,' 1S88 (long jump). 
Adm. Solicitor, Mar. 1892. Practised at Ulverston. Died 
Jan. 21, 1937. (Book of Blues; Law Lists.) 

KENDALL, WILLIAM KENDALL. Adm. pens, (age 21) at 
Jesus, Oct. I, 1878. S. of Richard Batcheler. B. in London. 
Schools, King's College, London, and Mount Radford, 
Exeter (Rev. J. Ingle). Matric. Michs. 1878. One of these 
names (b. Aug. 19, 1861) entered the Army and served in the 
ranks for three years; 2nd Lieut., South Staffs. Regt., 1888; 
Lieut., 18S9. (Army Lists, 1890.) 

KENDALL, — . Adm. at Trinity, Oct. 17, 1776. A 'Ten-year 

KENDELL, DANIEL BURTON. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Caius, 
Dec. 8, 1837. S. of John [upholsterer], of Leeds. B. at Chapel- 
town, near Leeds. Schools, private and Leeds Grammar. 
Matric. Michs. 1S38; M.B. 1847. In practice at Wakefield, 
1850-60; senior Physician, Wakefield Dispensary, and 
Clayton Hospital. At Scarborough in 1890. J. P. for the 

Kennaway, John 

W. Riding of Yorks. Subsequently of Thornton House, 
Walton, Wakefield. Died Oct. I, 1902. (Leeds Gr. Sch. Reg.; 
Venn, II. 241, and note; Medical Directories.) 

KENDLE, WILLIAM JAMES. Adm. pens, at Caius, Oct. 2, 
1866. S. of William Thomas, agent, of Broadlands, Romsey, 
Hants. B. there. Bapt. Apr. 9, 1847. School, Sherborne. 
Matric. Michs. 1866; B.A. 1871; M.A. 1874. Ord. deacon 
(Ripon) 1871; priest, 1872; C of Elland, Yorks., 1871-81. 
Chaplain of Dorset County asylum, 18S1-2. C of Wimborne 
St Giles, 1882-3. R. of Woodsford with Tincleton, 1887-1920. 
Died Jan. 30, 1920. {Venn, 11. 377; Crockford.) 

KENION, ARTHUR NOEL. Adm. at Clare, Oct. 4, 1895. 
[S. of John Hamer, solicitor, of Liverpool.] School, 
Aldenham. Matric. Michs. 1895; B.A. 1898. Called to the 
Bar, Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 19, 1900. Advocate and Solicitor. 
Partner in the firm of Maxwell and Kenion, at Ipoh, Perak, 
Straits Settlements. Of Caldy, Cheshire, in 1938. {Aldenham 
Sch. Reg.; Law Lists.) 

KENION, EDWARD. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Peterhouse, 
Apr. 4, 1770. School, private. Matric. Michs. 1770. 

KENNARD, EDMUND. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 4, 1890. 
[4th (and twin)] s. of Adam [Steinmetz], of Crawley Court, 
Winchester (HiKh Sheriff) [bv his 1st wife, Grace Ellen, dau. 
of Joseph Hegan, of Dawpool, Cheshire]. B. [May 18], 1872, 
in London. School, Winchester. Matric. Michs. 1S90. In 
Messrs Brown Curtis Bros.' bank at Boston, U.S.A., 1893-6; 
subsequently in the West Indies, and then a partner in 
Messrs Richard Hayward and Co., Crewkeme, Somerset. 
Died Nov. 25, 1933. {Winchester Coll. Reg.; Burke, L.G., 
which gives 'died 1934'; Fox-Davies, Armorial Families.) 

KENNAWAY, CHARLES EDWARD. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
July 3, 1817. 2nd s. of Sir John [ist] Bart, (for whom see 
D.N.B.), of Escot [Lodge], near Exeter. [B. Jan. 3, 1800. 
School, Harrow.] Matric. Michs. 1817; Scholar, 1817; B.A. 
(15th Wrangler) 1822; Members' prize, 1823; M.A. 1825. 
Fellow, 1824-30. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 28, 1820. Ord. 
deacon (Bath and Wells) July 6, 1828; priest, Oct. 4, 1829. 
V. of Chipping Campden, Gloucs., 1832-73- P-C. of Christ 
Church, Cheltenham, 1840-3. P.C. of Holy Trinity Chapel, 
Brighton, 1843-7. Hon. Canon of Gloucester, 1861. Surro- 
gate, 1861-75. Married (1) June 17, 1830, Emma. 4th dau. 
of the Hon. and Rev. Gerard Thomas Noel; (2) Dec. 30, 1845, 
Olivia, dau. of the Rev. Lewis Way, of Stansted Park, 
Sussex, and had issue. Author, Sermons, tracts, etc. Died 
Nov. 3, 1875, at Gt Malvern. Brother of John (1816). 
(Harrow Sch. Reg.; Boase, II. 194; Inns of Court; Clergy List; 
Burke, P. and B.; John Bull, Feb. 23, 1840.) 

King's, Oct. 7, 1893. 4th s. of Walter, C.M.G., Secretary of 
the New Zealand Government Office, London; of Malda, 
Thicket Road, Anerlev, London. B. Sept. 13, 1874, at Stan- 
more Road, Avonside, near Christchurch, N.Z. School, 
Dulwich College. Matric. Michs. 1893; B.A. 1897. Appointed 
to I.C.S., 1897; served in the Punjab as Assistant Com- 
missioner; Under-Secretary to Govt., Apr. 1902; Junior 
Secretary to Financial Commissioner, 1902-6; Deputy 
Commissioner, 1913; District and Sessions Judge, 1915; 
Revenue and Public Works Mimster, Bahawalpur State, 
1924; Officiating Commissioner, Feb. 1928; temp. Member 
of Executive Council, Punjab, Aug. 1928; retired, July, 1929. 
Died May 30, 1940, at Budleigh Salterton, Devon. Brother 
of the next. (Dulwich Coll. Reg.; King's Coll. Reg.; I.C.S. 
Lists; The Times, June 3, 194°-) 

KENNAWAY, GERALD. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1889. S. of 
Walter, of Malda, Thicket Road, Anerley, London. Matric. 
Michs. 1889; Exhibitioner; Scholar, 1890; B.A. and LL.B. 
(Law Trip., Pt II, 1st Class) 1893. Deprived of his degrees, by 
Grace, Oct. 25, 1900, having been sentenced to imprison- 
ment and to seven years' penal servitude for forgery. Again 
convicted of forgery before the Common Sergeant of the City 
of London, 1910, and sentenced to five years' penal servitude. 
After release his family started him as a bee-farmer in 
Sussex. Brother of the' above. (Scott, MSS.; The Times, 
Oct. 13, 1910.) 

KENNAWAY, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, Dec. 10, 
1816. [Elder] s. of [Sir] John [ist Bart.] (for whom see 
D.N.B.) [and Charlotte, 2nd dau. and co-heiress of James 
Amyatt, M.P.]. B. Dec. 15, 1797, at Escot, Devon. School, 
Winchester. Matric. Lent, 1817; Scholar, 1819; B.A. 1821; 
M.A. 1824. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 28, 1820. Succeeded 
his father as 2nd Bart., 1836. Of Escot, Devon. High Sheriff 
of Devonshire, 1866. Married, Apr. 28, 1S31, Emily Frances, 
dau. of Thomas Kingscote, of Kingscote, Gloucs. Died 
Feb. 19, 1873, at Escot. Brother of Charles E. (1817); 
father of the next two. (Boase, v. 810; Inns of Court; Burke, 

19 2-2 

Kennaway, John Henry 

KENNAWAY, JOHN HENRY. Adm. pens. a < Trinity, July 12, 
1855. [Elder] s. of Sir John (above). Bart., of Escot, Ottery 
St Mary, Devon. B. [June 6], 1837 [at Park Crescent, 
Marvlebone, London, W.J. School, Harrow. Did not reside 
Matric. from Balliol College, Oxford, June n, 1856; B.A. 
(Oxford) iSfio; M.A. (Oxford) 1S62 Adm. at the Inner 
Temple, Nov. 2, 1S60. Called to the Bar, Jan. 26, 1864. 
Succeeded his father as 3rd Bart., Feb. 19, 18-3. M.P. for 
E. Devon, 1870-85; for the Honiton Div. of Devon, 1885- 
1910. 'Father' of the House of Commons, 1008-10. J. P. 
and D.L. for Devon. Hon. Col., 4th Batt., the Devonshire 
Regt. President of the Church Missionary Society. PC, 
iS.p. C.B., 1002. Of Escot, Ottery St Mary, Devon. Married, 
Nov. 2~. I'-ao, Fr in, rs.dau. of Archibald Francis Arbuthnot. 
ept. S3, 1919. Brother of the next. [Harrow Sch. Reg.; 
Al Oxon ; Burke, P. and B.; Inns of Court: Law Lists; 
Foster, Men at the Bar; G.E.C.) 

KENNAWAY, RICHARD ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Dec. 19, 1S64. [4th] s. of Sir John (181ft), 2nd Bart., of Escot, 
Ottery St Mary, Devon. B. there [Feb. 28], 1847. School, 
Sussex (private). Matric. Michs. iSf-s; P. A. 1S69; M.A. 1K72. 
Ord. deacon (Winchester) 1870; priest, 1S71; Cof St Mark's, 
Reigate, Surrey, 1.870-4. V. of IVlhridge, 1878-S4. V. of 
Milton, Hants., 1884-0. V. of Green's Norton, Northants., 
1889-1909. R. of Bramdean, Hants., IQ09-15. Resided 
latterly at Shawford. Hants., where he died Jan. 17, 1018. 
Brother of the above. {Northants. ( lergy; Crochford; Fox- 
Davies, Armorial Families; The Times, Jan. 19, 1918.) 

1897. [2nd s. of William Rann (1864). B. Feb. 15. 1879- 
School. Eton.] Matric. Michs. 1897; B.A. 1903. Called to the 
Bar, Lincoln's Inn, May 6, 1903. On the Northern Circuit; 
practised at Liverpool. During the 1914-19 war additional 
Legal Adviser to the Foreign Office. K.C., 1919; Bencher, 
1022. M.P. for Preston, 1924-9. Recorder of Burnley, 
1024-0. County Court Judge on Circuit No, 49 (Kent) for a 
short time; County Court Judge on Circuit No. 52 (parts of 
Gloucs., Herefs., Warws. and Worcs.), 1030. Arbitrator under 
the Coal Mines Act. Member of the Aliens Tribunal, .md of 
the County Court Rule Committee, 1039. Author, Contracts 
of Sale, C.I.F. Re-edited his father's" work on the Law of 
1 i-eil Sal-ease and contributed to Halsburv's Laws of FnsUml. 
Of Ablinston House, I'.ibury, Gloucs., where he died F* h. 10, 
lop, Brother of Horace (1899). (Eton Sch. Lists; firing's 
Coll. Reg.; LawLists; Who's Who; The June. Feb n, 194 ■; ) 

Trinity, June 17, 1S90. S. and h. of Archibald (Kennedy), 
Marquess of Ailsa, of Culzean Castle, MayboJe. A 
B. [Mav 22, 1872], in London. School, Eton; and 
burgh 1 fnh ersity. Matric. Michs. 1890. Adm. to the Faculty 
of Advocates, i'-'i". Practised in Edinburgh, ind also 
appeared before Parliamentary Committees at Westminster. 
Served in the South African War, 1900-2, as Capt. in the 
Royal Scots Fusiliers. In the Great War, 1914-19 (Major, 
Scots Fusiliers, and General Staff). Succeeded his 
father as 4th Marquess of Ailsa, 1938. A prominent Free- 
mason; First Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Royal 
Arch Chapter of Scotland. Chief of the Gaelii Society of 
Inverness, and President of the Royal Celtic Society. 
Member of the King's Bodyguard for Scotland, R"' 
pany of Archers. D.L. aid J. P. for Ayrshire. Died Feb. 27, 
1943, in Edinburgh, iltnn Sch. Lists; G.E.C., ed, Gibbs; 
The Time, Mar 1 


Adm. pens, at Si's, July 7, 1858. s, of Henr cho 
master [and Jessy Wilson Walker 1 . B. at Brighton. Bapt 
Mav 7, 1834. [School, Wirksworth Grammar.] M n , 
Michs. 1858; B.A. 1862. Doubtless the A. T. Kennedy, 
assistant mathematical Master at Blackheath proprietary 
School, c. 1863. (J. W. Kirby.) 

KENNEDY, BENJAMIN HALL. Adm. pens, at St Iohn's. 
Nov. 2, 1822. [Eldest] s. of the Rev. Rann (1791) (for whom 
•v, /) Y. />'.), of Birmingham. [B. Nov. 6, 1804, at Summer- 
hill, Birmingham.] Schools [King Edward's, Birmingham 
and] Shrewsbury. Won the Porson prize. 1824 (and was 
selected for the Browne medal for ' ,rerk and Latin Odes, but 
was not eligible) while still at school, the only schoolboy ever 
to win them. Matric. Michs. 1823; Scholar, 1823; Pitt 
Scholar, 1824; Browne medal (for epigrams), 1825; Porson 
prize, 1826; B.A. (Senior Classic) 1827; 1st Chancellor's 
Members' prize (Bachelor's), 1828; M.A. 1830; 
D.D., per Lit. R,r.. 18311, Fellow, 1-2.S-32 .1:1.! 
Hon. Fellow, 1880-5. President of the Union, 1825. 
Assistant Master at Shrewsbury, 1827-8; at Harrow, 18 jo 6 

Kennedy, David 

Head Master of Shrewsbury, 1836-66; on his resignation a 
testimonial to him was devoted partly to the building of the 
School and partly to the founding of a Chair of Latin at 
Cambridge (to which he gave t'soo), which, after his death, 
was called the Kennedv Professorship. Ord. deacon (Ely) 
June 14, 1829; priest (Lincoln. Litt. dim. from Elv) Mar. 7, 
1830. Preb. of I. elite].! Cathedral, 1843-67. R. of West 
Felton, Salop, 1S66-8. Ladv Margaret's Preacher. 1873. 
Canon of Elv, 1S67-SQ. Regius Professor of Greek. 1867-89. 
One of the revisers of the New Testament, 1870-S0. President 
of the Philological Society, 1875-8. Member of the ' Apostles ' 
Conversazione Society, 1828-36. Hon. LL.D., Dublin, r886. 
Author, Latin Primer; Puhhe School Latin Grammar; for 
many years both these books were used in almost every 
school in the kingdom. Also edited The Birds of Aristophanes 
in English verse, and numerous other classical translations. 
'His compositions in Greek and Latin were those of a poet 
as well as a scholar, and he had a profound and minute- 
knowledge of English History.' 'The greatest classical teacher 
of his century.' Married, Mar. 26, 1831, 1 met, dau. of 
Thomas Caird^ of Paignton. Devon Died at Torqn i\ 
1889. Brother of Charles R. (1S27). etc. (Shrewsbury Sch. 
Reg.; D.N.B.; Boase. 11. 105; CM. Hist. Reg., 70, note 8; 
Memoirs of H. A. Morgan, 77; Birmingham Post, Apr. 10, 

KENNEDY, CHARLES ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., 
Oct. 1, 1893. B. May 6, 1873. Matric. Michs. 180,3; B.A. 
1896. Assistant Master at a prep, school at God. Iming in 
1906. Died Mar. 21, 1048. 

KENNEDY, CHARLES MALCOLM. Adm. pens, at C.mus. 
Mav 11, 1850. S. of James (1S15). Esq., Judge at Havana. 
W.'Indies. B. [Oct. 12], 1831, in London. Schools, King's 
Lvnn and Blundell's, Tiverton. Matric. Michs. 1850; 
Hulsean prize, 1S54; prizeman, 1855; B.A. (Mor. Sci. Trip., 
1st Class, 1854 and 1855) 1855. A Clerk in the Foreign 
Office. 1852; Head of the Commercial Dept., 1872-93. 
Commissioner in the Levant, 1870-1 ; at Paris, 1872-86. 
Plenipotentiary, Treaty of the Hague, 1882. C.B.. 1881. 
K.C.M.G., 1803. Commander, Order of Leopold, 1S94. 
Retired from the Foreign Office, 1894. Lecturer on Inter- 
national Law at University College, Bristol, 1895-1902 
Vice-President of the Society of Arts. Married. 1858, M try, 
dau. of James Tanner, J. P., of Kingsnympton Park, Devon. 
Resided latterly at Exiuouth, where he died Oct. 25, 1908. 
(Venn, 11. 297; Who was Who, 1897-1916.) 

KENNEDY, CHARLES MARSHALL. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi, Oct. 5, 1870. Of Sussex. S. of Dr — Kennedy. 
B. Dec. 15, 1849, at Brighton. Schools [Brighton College, 
1858-9 and] Blackheath proprietary. Matric. Michs. 1870; 
B.A. 1876. Plaved cricket for Sussex. Died Jan. 
at Tunhridge Wells. (Brighton Coll. Reg., which gives 'died 
Feb. 1*; The Times, Feb. 1, 1906.) 

KENNEDY, CHARLES MOORE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 7, 1876. [Only] s. of John [Pitt] [barrister], of Aber- 
foyle, Londonderry. B. [Mar. 19]. 1S57, in West Meath. 
School. Rugbv. Matric Michs. 187''; B.A. 1880; M.A. 1S84. 
Football (rugbv) 'blue.' 1S77. 1S78. Adm. at the Inner 
Temple, June 18. 1878. Called to the Bar, June 29, 1881. 
On the Western Circuit. Died Dec. 24, 1934, in Palma de 
Mallorca, Spam (A'aeftv Sell. Reg.; Book of Blues; Inns of 
< ourt; Law Lists; Foster, Men at the Bar; The Times, Jan. 29, 

KENNEDY, CHARLES RANN. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, 
Mav 2, 1S27. 2nd s. of [the Rev.] Rann (1791) B. Mar. 1, 
1808, at Bimungham. Schools, King Edward's, Birmingham 
[and Shrewsbury]. Matric. Michs. 1827; Bell Scholar, 1828; 
Scholar, 1829; Porson prize, 1829-30; Browne medal, 1829 
and 1830; Pitt Scholar, 1830; B.A. (Senior Classic) 1831; 
M.A. 1S34. Fellow, 1831. President of the Union. 1832. 
Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Feb. 5, 1835. Called to the Bar, 
Nov. 10, 1S36. Applied to be allowed to join the Midland 
Circuit but the ne-ss refused his request, 1850. Professor of 
Law at Queen's College, Birmingham, 1849-56. Conn- 1 for 
Mrs Swinfen, the plaintiff in Swinfen u. Swinfen, and won 
I,, r broneht u action against her for /20,ooo for his 
services, and obtained a verdict, but the Common Pleas 
decided that a barrister could not sue for his fee^ A fine 
scholar and linguist. Author of Poems, original and trans- 
lated; a translation of Select Speeches of Demosthenes, etc. 
Married, and had issue. Died Dec. 17, 1867, at Birmingham. 
Brother of Benjamin H. (1822), etc. (Shrewsbury Sch. Reg.; 
Boose, II. 195; Inns of Court; Las- Lists; D.N B.) 

KENNEDY, DAVID. Adm. pens, (age 21) at Jesus, May 29, 
1819. S. of David. Esq. Of Ayrshire. B. at Kirkmichael, 
Ayrshire. School, St Andrews. Matric. Michs. 1S19. Of 
Kirkmichael, Ayrshire. Died at Leghorn, Sept. 1833, aged 
35 (Inscriptions in Die oil British 1 emctery at Leghorn, 75-) 

Kennedy, David Macomb 

KENNED'/, DAVID MACOMB. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 30, 
1890. S. of Gdbert George (1804), of St David's, Broads tans, 
Kent. B. June n, 1676, in London. School, Harrow. Matric, 
Micbs. 1896. Jouied the Koyal Scots Fusiliers, 1698. Died 
Oct. 19, 1899, at Peshawar, India. {Harrow Sen. Reg.) 
KENNEDY, DONALD JAMES. Adm. pens, at Jesus, Oct. 1900. 
B. Aug. 9, 1679, at Westbury-on- Tryni, Bristol. School, 
private. Matric Michs. 1900; B.A. 1904; M.A, 190S. Urd. 
deacon (Peterb.) 1905; priest, 190;; C. oi Melton Mowbi Ly, 
Leics., 1905-12. C. of U'pweil bt Peter, Noriolk, 1912-13. 
c. oi bt Mary's, Warwick, 1913-15. V. oi Longborough with 
Seizencote, Gloucs., 1915-19. Served in the ureat War, 
1914-19 (Chaplain, K.A.L.D.). K. of Cottesbrooke, 
Northants., 1919-44. Died Sept. 7, iy44- {Crocaford; 1 he 
Tunes, Sept. 9, 1944.) 

Si John's, Sept. 10, 1670. S. of Henry, barnster-at-law 
L aud Marianne]. B. [Sept. 2b, 165 ij, at Brighton. Bapt. 
Nov. 2, 1851. [Schools, Sedbergh (1662-5) and Brighton 
College (iSo5-9).J Matric. Mich=>. 1670. Kept three terms. 
Fined 40s. and costs lor assaulting two policemen in Sidney 
Street, Nov. 9, 1870. Brother oi Frederick K. (1675) and 
Henry G. (1859). {Sedbergh Sch. Keg.; Brighton coll. Reg.; 
Cambridge Chronicle, Nov. 11, 1870.) 

KENNEDY, EDWARD SHIRLEY. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 35) at 
Caius, Oct. 9, 1652. S. ot — , late chief of the Transfer 
Department, Last India House. B. at Snaresbrook, L^cx. 
School, Temple, Brighton. Matric. Michs. 1352; B.A. 1657; 
M.A. 1861. Of speculative taste in early life. Aiterwards 
devoted to practical philanthropy, especially in the reforma- 
tion of rough and cnnimal boys. An early Alpine chniber, 
being one of the hrst party that ascended Monte Rosa and 
the F'msteraarhorn; second President ot the Alpine Club, ot 
which he was one of the founders. Married, 1=05. Author, 
1 houghts on Being; 1 he Liturgy and the Laity; \\ here there ^ 
a Wui there's a H ay (Mont Blanc without guides). Editor of 
Peaks and Passes. 'Uwmg to fraud, I believe, on the part of 
trustees, he latterly fell into poverty.' Resided latterly at 
Exmouth, where he died Mar. 1, 1898. {Venn, 11. 310, and 
note; 1 he Times, Mar. 3, 1898.) 

KENNEDY, EVORY HAMILTON. Adm. pens, at Trinuy, 
June 15, 1891. S. of Lieut.-Col. Richard George, of 96, Sloane 
btreet, London. B. 1872, at Secuuderabaa, India. School, 
Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1891; B.A. 1094, M.A. 1698. Ord. 
deacon [Manchester) 1895 , priest, 1 / ; C. of Croston, Lanes., 
1695-8. C. ot St Barnabas, Lambeth, Surrey, 1698-1900. 
L. uf bt John-the-Evangenst, Westminster, 1900-3. Perm, 
to off. at Holy Trinity, Latnner Koad, Kensington, 1904-5. 
K. of Gunthorpe with Bale, Norfolk, 1905-10. berved m the 
ureat War, 1914-19 ^Chaplain, R.A.C.D.). V. of Holy 
Trinity, Yauxhall briage Koad, London, 1910-24. \ . of 
Brockenhurst, Hants., 1924-7. V. ot Betchworth, Surrey, 
1927-43. Residing at Hartneld, busses, in 1948. Died Apr. 
24, 1950. {Harrow Sch. Reg., CrocHjord; Univ. War List.) 

Trinity, Mar. 29, i860. S. of [the Kt. Hon.] Thomas Francis, 
of [Dunqunarran Castle and Dunure, Ayr, and Sophia, dau. 
oi bir Samuel KomillyJ. B. [May 5, t^42j, at Dublin. School, 
Harrow. Matric. Miens, lobo. Capt., Ayrsnire Yeomanry- 
i_avairy, 1673. Of Dunure, Ayr. J. P. and D.L. for Ayr. 
Died Feb. 2, 1692. [Harrow Sch. Reg.; Burke, L.C., 1879; 
At.r.j, Lists.) 

KENNEDY, FREDERICK RIVERS. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Nov. 10, 1575. L 01ij J s - °* Henry, bamster-at-law [and 
Marianne]. B. Mar. 2, 1856, at Brighton. Bapt. Mar. 18, 
1658. [School, Charterhouse [187a).] Matric. Anchs. 1876; 
B.A. 1^03. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 17, 1662. Of 
3, Portnian Mansions, York Place, London, W., in 1911. 
Died Jan. r7, 1936, at Worthing. Brother of Henry G. (1859} 
and Edward H. M. (1670;. [L /tarter fiouse Sch. Keg.; List of 
Carthusians; Inns uj Lourt, 1 ne 1 unes, Jan. 20, 1930.) 

KENNEDY, GEORGE JOHN. Adm. pern,, (age 18) at bi John's, 
Oct. 12, 1629. [3rd] s. of the Kev. Kami (i7yij, of Birming- 
ham. School, bhrewsbury. Maine. Michs. 1030, Scholar, 
1830; Porson prize, 1631; Beh Seholar, 1531 , Davies Scholar, 
1832; B.A. {Senior Classic) 1634; M.A. 1037. fellow, 
1835-43. Ord. deacon (Lichneldj Jan. 2s, 1636; priest i.Ll>j 
1839. Assistant Master at KugDy, 1044-7. Married, Uet. 15, 
1042, Juaa .Mary, dau. of James Burchell. Died bept. 11, 
1047, at Kugby, aged 36. Brother of Benjamin il. . 
(G. Mag., 1042, 11. 051, and 1647, 11. 602; Snrewsbury Sch. 
Reg.; Clergy List; D..S.B.) 

KENNEDY, GILBERT GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Jan. 29, 1004. w 4Ujj s. oi Jonn [Christ Church, Oxiurd, 1624J, 
ul ine BegaUoii, Aaples, Italy. B. May 9, 1844, at Bath. 
School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1864; B.A. 1000, M.A. 1071. 
Athletics 'blue,' 1606 (3 miles). Adm. at the Inner ieuiple, 
Jan. 21, 1067. Called to the Bar, Apr. 30, 1670. On the 
Midland Circuit. Recorder of Grantham, 1663-9. Magistrate 

Kennedy, John Charles 

at Marlborough Street Police Court, 1S89; Police Court 
Magistrate at Greenwich and Woolwich; retired, 1907. 
Author, legal. Subsequently of St David's, Bruadstair^. 
Died Jan. 2, 1909. Father oi David M. (i6 y (.). [Harrow Sch. 
Keg.; Book uj Blues; Law Lists; in>:s uj Court; Foster, Men 
at the Bar; Who was U ho, 1697-1910.) 

Christ's, Jan. 11, 1690. S. of [the Rev.J George Rainey [of 
Domoch, Sutherlaudshire]. B. there [July 4, 1600J. bchool, 
Edinburgh Academy (1860-4). Resided only a few days and 
returned to Scotland to study theology. At Edinburgh 
University; M.A. (ist Class Hons.) 1869; D.Sc, 1 
college, Edinburgh; 2nd Cuumngham Fellow (Theology). 
Minister at Callander U.F. Church, 1693-1905. Professor of 
New Testament Literature and 1 si -.< sis, Knox College, 
Toronto, Canada, 1905-9, at :•■ .. ■ u. v , hdmbuigh, 1909- 
25. Cunningnam Lecturti 1 foeol -, E901-4. Hon. D.D., 
Queen's Umversity, Canada, 1909, md Edinburgh Uui- 
versity, 1910. Author, theoiuyK ai. Died Mar. zz, I934< 
[J eile, 11. 7^7; Edinburgh Academy Reg.; C. J. Fordyce.) 

KENNEDY, HENRY GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Trinuy Hall, 
Sept. 22, 1559. [2nd] s. ot Henry, Esq., LL.D., barrister, of 
6, Marine Terrace, Brighton, and 49, Upper Bediord i'laee, 
Loudon. [B. Feb. 3, 1840. Schools, Mill Hill (1650), Sed- 
bergh (1651-2 and 1855-6) and Brighton College (1855).] 
Maine. Michs. 1859; Scholar, i860; B.A. 1603. First in the 
mile in Umversity Sports, 1862; won Prmce ut Wales' 
Challenge cup for 2 miles m same year. Adm. at Lincoln's 
Inn, Nov. 4, 1861. Called to the Bar, Apr. 30, 1870. Entered 
the Consular Service. Student-Interpreter in Siam, 1003; 
Acting Interpreter, 1667, 1608. Consul for Sumatra, Apr. 
1882; resigned, June, 1665. One oi the General inspectors 
ul me Local Government Board, 1865. Died Feb. 19, 1^02. 
Brother of Edward H. M. (1870), etc. {Mill Hill Sch. Keg.; 
bedoerg/i Sch. Reg.; Bngntun Coll. Reg.; Inns of Lourt, Law 
Lists; Foster, Men at the Bar.) 

KENNEDY, HORACE. Adm. at Pembroke, uct. 1699. 3rd s. 
of Sir Wilham Kami (1604), Judge of the yueeu's Bench 
Division, of 94, Westbourue Terrace, Hyde Park, Louden, W. 
B. Sept. 13, 1600, at Horsley Hill, Liverpool. School, Eton. 
Matric. Michs. 1099; B.A. 1902; M.A. 1908. Ord. deacon 
(Worcester) 1904, priest, 1905; C. of Pladbury, Worcs., 
1904-6. C. of Lnlmgtun, Warws., 1900-9. C. oi All Saints', 
Birmingham, 1909-n. V. 01 Dittou Pnors, balop, 1911-15. 
R. oi High Bray, Devon, 1915-26. R. oi Milden with Brent 
Eleigh, burioik, 1926-42. V. of VY'icheniord, Wore:,., 1942- 
48- Brother ot Alfred R. (1697). {Lion Sch. Lists; Crockford.) 

KENNEDY, JAMES. Adm. pens, at bT John's, June 12, 1815. 
[2nd s. oi Michael, Lieut. -C01., H.L.l.L.b. B. July 15, 179*. 
in the East Indies. School, Wakeneld.J Matric. Mich*. 1615. 
Migrated to Trinity Hall, Jan. 20, 161c; LL.B. 1621. Adm. 
at Lincoln's Inn, Apr. 22, 1818. Called to the Bar, July 10, 
1821. M.P. lor Tiverton, 1632-5. Judge ior Mixed Spanish 
and British Court of Justice at Havana, 1837. Oi 33, Erskiue 
Street, Liverpool, in 1654, when he read a paper on the lost 
tribes of Israel to bcetiuu ' L ' of the Britisn Association at; 
Liverpool. Father of Lbarle= M. (1850). {Return oj M.P. > 
M. H. Peacock; Inns uj Lourt; Law Lists.) 

KENNEDY, JAMEb STEWART. Adm. at Caius, Oct. 1, 1889, 
ironi trinity College, Dubhn (where he resided six termsj. 
b. oi the late Jameb, manulacturer [and Anne btewartj. B. 
Uct. 10, 1604, at Kosetta, Bahynafeigh, Co. Down. .Matric. 
Michs. 1069. Resided iour terms, ut 4, GrenviU 
Kensington, in 1896. Died beiore 1933. {Venn, 11. 5°7» ^ 
addenda, 1940.) 

KENNEDY, JOHN. Aom. pens, at Emmanuel, May 11, 1786. 
Of bcotland. 

KENNEDY, JOHN. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Downing, Dec. 12, 1832. 

KENNEDY, JuHN. Adm. at Kind's (age 19), a scholar from 
Eton, Oct. 13, i8(j0. b.Ol the Kev. U L miauij J[ami . 
of Mancnester. Matric. Michs. 1000, Bed Schola 
B.A. l4 W Classic) 1070, M.A. 1073. fellow, io;i-iyoi. 
Fellow and Tutor ot Pembroke, 1901-2. President ot the 
Union, 1609. Assistant Master at bherborne bchool, 1870-0. 
Head Master ot Aldenham School, 1670-99. Ord. deacon 
(St Albansj 1603. Latterly ut Charmouto, Doi ■ 
July 23, 1931. Brother oi Koburt M. (1S75) and >^ 
U^u4j. ^>: >lH. Lists; Ring's l U. Kt-,-, Croi 
. is Who, 1 911 2$; I he limes, July 29, 1931.) 

KENNEDY, JOHN CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Crinity, May 25, 
1075. LBlderj S. ul bir Bdward Bayley L2iiuJ Bart., ul Kath- 
coole, Co. Dubhn. B. (Mar. 23J, 165O, m Boudoii. benuul, 
Eton. Matric. Michs. 16,5; B.A. i8bo. bucceeued bis uu.a 
as 3rd Bart., laoo. L.euu, 3id Batt., the KoyaJ 
Fusihers. Of Johnstown Kennedy, Hazlehatch, c<>. Uuumi. 
D.L. and J. P. loi Co. Dublin, iii^n Sherirl ol v> 
Died Mar. 22, 1923. {Eton -••'-'(. i-i-^, Burke, J . ■ 

t-ox-DaVie^, Ar,>,oiiai l-wm.u.., Who -a, \\ to, i^iu-26.) 

Kennedy, John [Lawson] 

KENNEDY, JOHN [LAWSON]. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 29, 
1833. [Only s. of John, of Knocknalling and Knockreoch, 
Kirkcudbrightshire^ and Ardwick House, Manchester.] B. 
Dec. 5, 1615. Schools, Manchester and Shrewsbury (1829- 
32). Matric. Michs. 1833; B.A. 1S37; M.A. i860. Adm. at 
Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 20, 1835. Called to the Bar, Middle 
Temple, June 7, 1S39. Succeeded his father at Knocknalling, 
1855. J. P. and D.L. On the death of his father in 1S55, who 
was one of the makers of industrial Manchester, he became 
head of the firm of J. L. Kennedy and Co., calico-printers, 
of Moslev Street and Hartshead Mills J. P. and D.L. for 
Kirkcudbrightshire. Married (1) Eliza, dau. of George 
Murray, Esq., of Ancoats Hall, Lanes.; (2) 1875, Margaret, 
dau. of George Whigham, Esq.. of Halliday Hill, Co. Dum- 
fries. Died M.iv 5, is.js, it his residence at Wh.illey Range. 
Father of John M. (i860). (Shrewsbury Sch. Reg.] Law Lists; 
Inns of Court; Burke, L.G., 1879; Kenneth' "f Knocknalling 
and Knockreogh, 1895; VValfnrd, /■ .i'ei.i.-_ ; Foster, 
Men at the Bar, 1895; Cambridge Independent Press, May 10, 

KENNEDY, JOHN MACFARLANE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 25, 1897. S. of Sir Alexander Blackie William, of 
I, Queen Anne Street, London. B. Oct. 12, 1879, in London. 
School, Llniversity College, London. Matric. Michs. 1897; 
B.A. 1900. Partner in the firm of Kennedy and Donkjn, 
Consulting Engineers, 1908-34 ; ' engaged in electricity supply 
distribution and traction works at home and abroad'. 
M.I.C.E.; M.LE.E. During the war of 1914-19, Technical 
Assistant to chief Engineer, Central Force; chief engineer 
on construction; and subsequently Superintendent of 
Government rolling-mills at Southampton, 1916-18. O.B.I:., 
ioi'i. Knighted, Tit-; I >. put v < hm 111.1:1, I 1-: I in it v Com- 
mission. Of Shalford, Surrey, in 1944. Brother of William 
S. (1896). (Burke, O.B.E.; Kelly, Handbook; Who's Who.) 

KENNEDY, JOHN MURRAY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 18, 
i860. [Only] s. of John Lawson (1833), of Ardwick Hall, 
Manchester [and Eliza, dau. of George Murray, of Ancoats 
Hall, Lanes.]. B. there Apr. 5, 1841. School, University 
College, London. Matric. Michs. i860; B.A. 1864. Succeeded 
his father at Knocknalling, Dairy, and Knockreoch, Kirk- 
cudbrightshire, 1895. M.V.O., 1905. D.L. and J. P. Died 
Mar. 24, 1928. (Burke, L.G.; Who was Who, 1916-2S.) 

KENNEDY, LANCELOT STUDDERT. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., 
Oct. 1, iSoo. [S. of the Rev. Lancelot Studdert [Trinity 
College, Dublin, 1854], R. of Newdigate. Surrey ] B. Sept. 1, 
1871. [School, Dulwich College.] Matric. Michs. 1890; B.A. 
1893. Assistant Master at Cranleigh School, Surrey, in 1926. 
{Dulwich Coll. Keg.) 

KENNEDY, LEWIS DRUMMOND. Adm. pens, (age 17) at 
Christ's, June 4, 1836. S. of Lewis. B. in London. School, 
Greenwich. Matric. Michs. 1836; B.A. 1840; -M.A. 154 ^ 
Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 1841 ; priest, 1842. R. of Low Tbynb m, 
Lines., 1850-61. R. of Theddlethorpe St Helen with .1. 
thorpe St Peter, Lines., 1861-85. Died Jan. 29, 1885, at 
Brompton. (Peile, 11. 457, which gives 'died Mai. 29', 
Crochford; The Guardian, Feb. 4, 1885.) 

ty Hall, 

KENNEDY, MORTIMER EGERTON. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi, Oct. 4, 1875. Of Northamptonshire. S. of George, 
of Grimsbury, Oxou. B. Jan. 1, 1853, at Middleton Cheney, 
Northants. School. Banbury Academy. Matric. Lent, 1876; 
B.A. 1879; M.A. 1882. Ord. deacon (Exeter) 187.8; priest, 
1879; C. of Bradmuch, Devon, 1878-80. C. of Bickleigh, 

near Ply: ith. i.-isn 1.. Chaplain it Hyeres, 1 

Lucca, 1887; at Malaga, 1887-88; at Costabello, 1888 90; 
at Karlsruhe, 1890-92. Ch.141l.iin oi the British Legation at 
Copenhagen, 1892-1929. Chaplain to Bishop Wilkinson of 
N. Central Europe, 1S95-1911. Tutor to Prince Gustav of 
Denmark, 1899-1907. Chaplain-in-Ordinary to King 
Edward VII, 1905-10; to Queen Alexandra,' 1911-25; to 
King George V, 1910-26. M.V.O., 1904. C.V.O., 1917. Kmght 
of the Danish Order of D.iuuebrog, in..:;. Chaplain 
of the Order of St John of Jerusalem. Died May 20, 1929, at 
Copenhagen. (Crochford; Who was Who; The Times, M.u 25, 

KENNEDY, MYLES (or MILES) BURTON. Adm. pens, (age 19) 
at Jesus, net. 1, 1SS2. [2nd] s. of Charles [Storr], deceased 
[and Elizabeth, only child of Myles T. Burton, .,1 Dent, 
Yorks., and Ulverston, Lanes. B. [1861], at Ulverston. 
School, Wile luster. Malm Michs. is.s.-. Migrated to 
DowTung, (Jet. 8, 1883. Capt., 3rd Batt.. the Leicestershire 
Regt. (T.), 1889. Of Fairview, Ulverston, Lines, Proprietor 
of iron-ore mines in Furness. Died s.p. lime 12, 1914. 
(Winchester Coll. Reg.; Burke, L.G.; Army Lists; Who was 
Who, 1897-1916.) 

Kennedy, Samuel David 

pens, at Trinity, May 23, 18S4. [3rd] s. of John, of Under- 
wood, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. B. [Aug. 18], 1866, at Edin- 
burgh. Schools, Edmb urgh Academy [and Monkton Combe, 
1883-4]. Matric. Michs. 1884; B.A. 1887. LL.B., Edinburgh 
University, 1890. An Advocate; called to the Scottish Bar, 
1890. Member of the King's Bodyguard for Scotland (Royal 
Company of Archers), 1902. Capt., 4th Royal Scots Fusiliers 
(T.F.). Convener of the County and Chairman, Ayrshire 
County Council, 1930-5. D.L. and J. P. Assumed the 
additional surname of Cochran-Patrick, after his marriage, in 
1895, with Eleanor Agnes, dau. of R. W. Cochran-Patrick, 
of Woodside and Ladyland, Ayrshire, M.P. for N. Ayrshire 
Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Capt., R. Scots Fus.; 
employed iu Ministry of National Service). M.B.E., 1918. 
K.B.E., 1934. Of Ladvland, Beith, Ayrshire. (i'W M<mk- 
Ionian Reg.; Univ. War List; Burke, L.G.; Who's Who.) 

KENNEDY, RANN. Adm. pens, at St John's. June 21, 1791. 
Of Warwickshire. [S. of Benjamin, surgeon' (deceased), of 
Annapolis, Maryland, U.S.A., and — , dau. of Illeclge .Maddox. 
of Withington, Salop. B. 1772] School, King Edward's 
Free Grammar School, Birmingham. Matric. Michs. 1791; 
Scholar, 1791; B.A. 1795; M.A. 1798. Ord. deacon (Li. hn. M 
and Coventry) June 14, 1795. C. of St Paul's, Birmingham, 
1797-1817. Tutor at a school at Winson Green, Birmingham. 
Assistant Master, Kmg Edward's School, Birmingham, 
1S07-36. V. of St Paul's. Birmingham, 1817-47. 'For 
upwards of half a century one of the most able and popular 
preachers at Birmingham ... and obtained the esteem and 
regard of men of all religious persuasions.' Married, 1802, 
Julia, dau. of John Hall, the engraver (and Mary de Gilles, 
a French Huguenot). A poet, and friend of Coleridge, 
Wordsworth and other literary men. Author, many Poems, 
notably The Reign of Youth, 1840; also of translations from 
the Classics; Thoughts on Psalmody; A Church of I ■ ind 
Psalm-Booh. Subsequently resided on a small property 
called Fox Hollies, at Hall Green, Yardley, Birmingham. 
Died Jan. 2, 1851, at his son Charles's house in St Paul's 
Square, Biruungham. Father of Benjamin H. (1S22) 
William J. (1832), Charles R. (1827) and George I. (1829); 
all his four sons won the Porson prize and three were Senior 
Classics. (St John's Coll. Adm., iv. 345; Boase, II. 199- 
Clagy Lot. I> V B.\ G. Mag., 1S52, 1. 206; Life of Arch- 
deacon Phelps, II. 74.) 

KENNEDY, ROBERT [HUGH]. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Trinity 
Hall, May 14, 1792. S. of Hugh Alexander, M.D., of London. 
[B. Aug. 1772.] School, Westminster. Assistant Comnnssary 
of H.M. Forces on the Continent, lau. 10, 179S; Deputy 
Commissary-General, Feb. 21, 1801 ; Commissary-General, 
Nov. 3, 1S08; served in that capacity to the forces com- 
manded by the Duke of Wellington during most of the 
Peninsular War. K.C.H., May 8, 1 12. Married (1) — , dau. 
of John Bourke, of Carshaltou, Surrey, Receiver-General of 
the Land Tax for Middlesex; (2) July 18, 1839, Anna Maria, 
widow of Robert Hillingsford, and dau. of Samuel Harrison, 
of Percy Street, Bedford Square, London. Died May 8, 1840, 
at Beziers, France. (Record of Old Westminster and M.,ift 
(Robert Hugh).) 

KENNEDY, The Rev. ROBERT JOHN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Oct. 11, 1898. An Advanced student. S.ofGeorge. B. 1863, 
at Sheeruess, Kent. [Educated .a tie. church Missionary 
College, Islington, iS,s 5 , and it London University; B.D. 
(London) 1908.] Matric. Michs. 1898; B.A. 1900; M.A. 1905. 
Ord. deacon (London, for Colonies) 1S8S; pnest (Lahore) 
1S89; Missionei at -Mult. in, India, 1SSS-92; at Agra, i ..,_ ■■4, 
at Calcutta, 1894-8. Chaplain at GorakhpUI and Principal 
of St Andrew's College, Gorakhpur, 1900-7, 1909-11 and 
1913-14. Tutor at St Paul's College," Calcutta, 1914-17 
Disappears from Crochford, 1921. 

KENNEDY, ROBERT MUIRHEAD. Adm. pens, (and entrance 
scholar) at Christ's, Apr. in, 187s. [Youngest s. of the Rev. 
William James (1S32). B. June 12, 1S54.] School, Rugby, 
i-'^. and at Owens College, Manchester. Did not reside. 
Entered the I.C.S., 1875; Assist. mt M igistrate, Collector and 
r ulway Magistrate. 1577-91; Settlement Officer at Bombay, 
1891; Senior Collector, 1897; Acting Coiiimi: 
Customs, 1S98; Acting Secretary to i_.6veriiii.ent ilvlili. al 
and Judicial Depts.), 1S99; Collector of Land Revem. 1 
Commissioner, 1902. Died Sept. 26. 11107. 111 London 
Brother of William R. (1864) and John (1S06); fathei ... 
William J. R. (1900). (Kugbr Sch. Keg., which gives 'of 
Pembroke College, Cambridge', Peile, 11. 040; Inns • < ... 


KENNEDY, SAMUEL DAVID. Adm. sizar at Trinity, Sept. 30, 
1900. [2nd] s. of David Lithgow [M.B., of Demerara and] 
of 24, Terrapin Road, Tooting Common, London. B. 
[Nov. 24], 1S81, at Georgetown. School, Westminster. 

Kennedy, Wardlaw 

Matric. Michs. 1900; B.A. 1903. Chief Accountant in the 
office of Thomas Cook and Son, Ltd., at Cairo. Served in the 
Great War, 1914-19 (private, R.A.S.C, and 2nd Lieut., in 
the Base Censor's Office, Boulogne). With Messrs Hogg, 
Robinson, Capel Cure and Co., Insurance brokers, at Lloyd's, 
in 1930. (Record of Old Westminsters and supp. ; Univ. War 

KENNEDY, WARDLAW. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Pembroke, 
Jan. 28, 1874. S. of the Rev. John, of Stepney Green, 
London. B. there. [School, Royal High, Edinburgh.] 
Matric. Lent, 1S74; Scholar, 1874; B.A. 1877. Tutor at 
Army Coaching establishments. Assistant Master at Sher- 
borne School, 18S2; at Haileybury College, 1S83-1915. 
Author, Beasts, Thumbnail Studies in Pets. Died June 13, 
r933, at Hampstead, aged 78. {Schoolmasters' Directories; 
The Times, June 15, 1933.) 

Hall, 1882. [2nd] s. of Mvles, Esq., of Stone Cross, 
Ulverston, Lanes. [B. July 8, 1S63.] School, Cheltenham. 
Matric. Michs. 1SS2. Lieut., 1st Vol. Batt., The King's Own 
(Royal Lanes. Regt.), iSSS; Col., 4th Batt. Died Aug. 16, 
1894. [Cheltenham Coll. Reg.; Burke, L.G.; Fox-Davies. 
Armorial Families; Army Lists.) 

KENNEDY, WILLIAM JAMES. Adm. pens, at Caius, Sept. rr, 
1832. [4th] s. of the Rev. Rann (1791). B. 1S14. School, 
King Edward's, Birmingham. Scholar, 1S32; matric. Michs. 
r833. Migrated to St John's, Feb. 5, 1S35. Person prize, 1835; 
Scholar, 1835; B.A. 1837; M.A. 1S44. Ord. deacon (Lichfield) 
Sept. 23, 183S; priest, Aug. 23, 1840. C. of St Martin-in-the- 
Fields, London, 1842-3. Secretary of the National Society, 
r844-8. Inspector of Schools, dio. of Manchester, 184S-7S. 
V. of Bamwood, Gloucs., 1878-91. Married, Jan. 2, 1845, Miss 
Kennedy, dau. of George Kennedy, Esq., of Shenstone. 
Author, A Clergyman's Apology for favouring the removal of 
Jewish disabilities; The Working Man's School. Died June 3, 
1891, at Bamwood. Brother of Benjamin H. (1822), etc.; 
father of John (1 866), Robert M. (187s) and William R. (1864). 
{Boose, II. 202; Venn, II, 220; Clergy List; Crockford; G. Mag., 
1845, I. 312.) 

KENNEDY, WILLIAM JAMES RANN. Adm. pens, at Selwyn 
H., Oct. I, 1900. [Elder s. of Robert Muirhead (1875)-) 
B. Oct. 26, 1881. [School, Bath.] Matric. Michs. 1900; 
Scholar; B.A. 1903; M.A. 1921. Called to the Bar, Middle 
Temple, Nov. 17, 1919. Assistant Master at St Bees School, 
1906-7; at Exeter School, 1908-9; at Dover College, 1920- 
33-. F.R.G.S., 1921. Of Hughenden, Bucks., in 1945. 
(Scott, MSS.; Law Lists; Schoolmasters' Directories.) 

KENNEDY, WILLIAM RANN. Adm. at King's (age 18), a 
scholar from Eton, Oct. 15, 1864. Eldest s. of the Rev. 
William James (1832), Inspector of Schools, of Manchester. 
B. Mar. 11, 1846. Matric. Michs. 1864; Bell Scholar, 1865; 
Browne medal, 1865, 1867; Craven Scholar, r867; Powis 
medal, 1867; B.A. {Senior Classic) 1868; M.A. 1S71. Presi- 
dent of the Union, 1867. Fellow of Pembroke, 1868; Hon. 
Fellow of Pembroke, 1S92. Assistant Master at Harrow, 
1868. Private Secretary to Mr (later Viscount) Goschen, 
1870-1. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, 1869. Called to the Bar, 
Jan. 26, 1871; adm. at the Middle Temple, 1882; Bencher. 
On the Northern Circuit. Practised at Liverpool. Q.C., 1SS5. 
Knighted, 1892. Judge of the High Court, 1892-1907. P.C., 
1907. Lord Justice of Appeal, 1907-15. President of the 
International Law Association, 1908-10. Membre de LTn- 
stitut de Droit International, 1913. Deputy High Steward 
of the University, 1913. Edited the Plutus of Aristophanes. 
A strong believer in the establishment of an international 
Tribunal as a Court of Justice between nations. Died Jan. 17, 
1915, at his London home. Father of Horace (1895) and 
Alfred R. (1S97); brother of John (1866) and Robert M. 
( J 875). {Etyn Sch. Lists; King's Coll. Reg.; Law Lists; Inns 
of Court; D.N.B.; Who was Who.) 

KENNEDY, WILLIAM SMITH. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 30, 
1896. [Elder] s. of Alexander Blackie William [F.R.S.], of 
1, Queen Anne Street, London. B. 1877, in London. School, 
University College, London. Matric. Michs. 1896; LL.B. 
1899. Called to the Bar, Inner Temple, Nov. 19, 1900. 
Brother of John M. (1897). (Scott, MSS.; Law List, 1944-) 

Ayerst H., Oct. 2t, 1889. S. of James. B. Oct. 23, 1869, at 
Kidderpore, Calcutta, India. Migrated to Queens', Easter, 
1890; B.A. 1892; M.A. 1914. Ord. deacon (London) 1892; 
priest, 1893; C. of St Michael's, Stoke Newington, Middlesex, 
1892-5. Chaplain (A.C1.S.) at Igatpuri, India, 1895-9. 
Chaplain (Eccles. Est.) at Byculla, 1899-1900, 1903-6 and 
1908-14; at Aden, 1900-1; at Ahmednagar, 1901-3. C. of 
Lyminster, Sussex, 1907-8. Chaplain at Poona, 19 16-19 an( ^ 
1921-2; at Belgaum, 1922-3. Hon. Canon of Bombay, 
1913-23. C. of Swallowfield, Berks., 1923-4. R. of Little 
Yeldham, Essex, 1924-7. V. of St John-the-Evangelist, 
Colchester, 1927-30. Perm, to off., dio. of Chichester, 1930-2 ; 

Kennicott, Benjamin 

dio. of Chelmsford, 1931-2. R. of Warehome, Kent, 1932-4. 
Died Jan. 19, 1936, at Wortliing. {Crockford; I.C.S. Lists; 
The Times, Jan. 22, 1936.) 

KENNET, Lord, see YOUNG, E. H. 

KENNETT, BRACKLEY. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Apr. 24, 1759. Of London. [B. Mar. 26, 1741. School, Eton.] 
Matric. Michs. 1759; Scholar, r759; B.A. 1763; M.A. 1766; 
D.D. 1778. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Dec. 18, 1763; priest 
(Norwich, Litt. dim. from Lincoln) June 2, 1765; C. of 
Tharston, Norfolk, 1763. R. of Evedon, Lines., 1769-72. 
Morning preacher at Berkeley chapel, Mayfair, 1774. [Eton 
Coll. Reg.; P. B. G. Binnall.) 

pens, at Trinity, July n, 1864. [2nd] s. of Captain Vincent, 
of the Manor House, Dorchester, Wallingford, and 2, Chester 
Terrace, Chester Square, London. B. [Mar. 29, 1846], at 
Capicene, near Calais, France. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 
1864; B.A. 1868. Ensign, 51st Regt. of Foot, 1867; Lieut., 
1870; Capt., 1876. Major, S. Yorks. Regt. Served in the 
Jowaki campaign, 1877; wounded in the Afghan campaign, 
1878-80; retired, 1883. Hon. Lieut.-Col., H.M. Body Guard 
of the Hon. Corps of Gentlemen at Arms, iSy5. Brother of 
Vincent H. B. (1S63). {Rugby Sch. Reg.; Burke, L.G.; Army 

KENNETT, MATTHEW. Adm. pens, at St John's, May 21, 
1841. S. of Matthew, solicitor [of Dover], and Mary. B. 
May 7, 1824. Matric. Michs. 1841. Kept three terms only. 

KENNETT, ROBERT HATCH. Matric. pens, from Queens', 
Michs. T882. [Elder s. of John, J. P. of the Cinque Ports.] 

B. Sept. 9, 1864, at St Lawrence, Isle of Thanet. School, 
Merchant Taylors'. B.A. (Semitic Langs. Trip., ist Class) 
1886; Tyrwhitt Scholar, 1887; Mason prize, 18S7; M.A. 1890; 
B.D. 1906; D.D. 1911. Fellow, 1S8S-1932; Chaplain and 
Hebrew Lecturer. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1887; priest, 1888; 

C. of St Botolph's, Cambridge, 1887-9. University Lecturer 
in Aramaic, 1893-1903. Schweich Lecturer, 1909. Regius 
Professor of Hebrew, 1903-32. Proctor in Convocation, Ely, 
1916-21. Hon. Canon of Ely, 1903-32. 'Lived at Ely as 
Professor Canon for more than 2S years.' Author, Short 
Account of the Hebrew Tenses ; Deuteronomy and the Decalogue, 
etc. Died Feb. t5, 1932, at Ely. {Merchant Taylors' Sch. 
Reg.; Crockford; Who was Who; The limes, Feb. 16, 1932; 
Cambridge Daily Sees, Feb. 26, 1903.) 

BARRINGTON. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 10, 1863. 
[Elder] s. of Vincent Frederick, Capt. [of The Manor House, 
Dorchester, Oxon.]. B. [Sept. 3, 1844], at Lucca, Tuscany. 
School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1863: Scholar; B.A. (341* 
Wrangler) 1867; M.A. and LL.M. 1871. Adm. at the Inner 
Temple, Nov. 10, 1866. Called to the Bar, Nov. 18, 1872. 
Devoted many years to practical development of the Geneva 
Convention (Red Cross) in war; Commissioner, Franco- 
Prussian War, 1870-1; Carlist War, 1873-5; Turko-Servian 
War, 1876-7; Turko-Russian War, 1877-S; Suakim Expedi- 
tion, 1885; Servo-Bulgarian War, T885-6; Rio Grande 
Revolution, Brazil, 1891. Knighted, 1886. Departmental 
Chairman, St John Ambulance Association, 18S2-1903. 
Member, Metropolitan Asylums Board, 1883-1903. Holder 
of silver and bronze medals of Royal Humane Society for 
saving life from drowning, 1873 and 1885. Of The Manor 
House, Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxon. Author, River Pollu- 
tion; Floating Hospitals for Infectious Cases; Ambulance 
Organization of tlie Metropolis during Epidemics, etc. Died 
July T3, 1903. Brother of Brackley H. B. (1S64). [Eton 
Sch. Lists; Burke, E.G.; Inns of Court; Foster, Men at Ike 

KENNETT, WALTER HOLMAN. Adm. pens, at St John's. 
Aug. 9, 1899. S. of William, jeweller, of Warwick [and Mary 
Sadler Simmons]. B. May 8, 1880, at Warwick. School, 
Christ's Hospital (Rev. R. Lee). Matric. Mi< h 
' Scholar; B.A. (191ft Wrangler) 1902; (Nat. Sci. Trip., Pt I, 
ist Class, 1903). Assistant Master at Wellington College, 
1903-14. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Major, Rifle 
Brigade in France and Salonika Force; M.C.; mentioned in 
despatches). Senior mathematical Master at Victoria College, 
Jersey, 1921-33-. {Schoolmasters' Directories ; W. H. Kennett; 
Univ. War List; Christ's Hospital Exhibitioners.) 

KENNICOTT, BENJAMIN. M.A. 1752, incorp. from Oxford. 
S. of Benjamin, barber, of Totnes, Devon. B. there Apr. 1. 
1 718. School, Totnes Grammar. Master of the Charity 
School, Totnes. Matric. as servitor, from 
Oxford, 1743-4, age 25; B.A. (Oxford) 1747. I 
Exeter CoUege, 1747-71; M.A. (Oxford) 1750; B-D. and D.D. 
(Oxford) 1761. Radcliffe Librarian at Oxford, 1767-83. V. of 
Culham, Oxon., 1753-83. Canon of Westminster, 1770. 
Canon of Christ Church, Oxford, 1770. V. of Munheniot, 
Cornwall, 1771-81. F.R.S., 1764- Married, Jan. 3, 1771, 


Kennington, James 

Ann Chamberlayne, who is mentioned by Fanny Burney 
(then Mme d'Arblay) as 'famous by having studied Hebrew 
. . .in order to assist her husband in his edition of the Bible'. 
In memory of her husband she founded two scholarships in 
Hebrew at Oxford. Author, Vitus Testamentum Hebraicum 
cum Varus Lectumibu,-, On the Collation "IU:, Hebrew Manu- 
scripts ofthe Old Testament. Died Aug. 18, 1783, at Oxford. 
Buried in Christ Church Cathedral. {Diary of Mme d'Arblay, 
in. 237; D.N.B.; .11. Oxon.) 
KENNINGTON, JAMES. Adm. at Clare, June 16, 1804. [5th s. 
of James. B. Apr. 10, 1875. Schools, St Paul's, and] Ton- 
bridge Matric. Michs. 1894; B.A. 1807. Assistant M ist.-r at 
Si Peter's prep. School, Weston super- Marc, for two vf.irs, 
at Loretto School, 1903-18-. Served in the Great War, 
MM 01 (Major, Lincolnshire Regt.; Lieut. -Col., R. War- 
wickshire Regt.; wounded, M.C ; D.S.O., 1910; mentioned 
in despatches). Brother of the next [Tonbridge Sch, Reg.; 
Vnil War List; The V.C. and. D.S.O.; Schoolmasters' Direc- 

KENN1NUT0N, SYDNEY. Adm. at Clare, Oct. 9, 1891. [4th 5. 
oi lames. B. 1872. School, Tonbridge.] Matric. Me I.- 1 it. 
B.A. 1894; M.A. 1903. A solicitor. In partnership in a 
private school, at Ben Rhydding, Yorks.; Assistant Master 
at Lancing College, 1915-19; House Master there, 1917-18, 
and School Serretarv, 1019-32-. Brother of the above. 
{Tonbridge Sch. Reg.; Lancing Coll. Reg., 1932.) 
KENNION, ALFRED. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Jan. 4, 1847. 
[S. of the Rev. Thomas (1822), of High Harrogate. B. Jan. 9, 
1829. School, Rugbv.l Maine. Michs. 1847; B.A. 1851; M.A. 
1S54. Or.l. ile. iron (llv) iSi:; priest, 1853; C. . >f Melch- 
bourne, Beds., 1852-4. C. of Eastington, Gloucs., 1855-67. 
V. of St Mary's, Kilburn, London, 1867-78. V. of Gerrard's 
Cross, Bucks., 1878^5. Resided subsequently at Gerrard's 
Cross. Author. Principia or the three Octanes oj Creation; 
Tioelee Sermons on the Lord's s'u/>/vr. Died Jan. 7, 1899, at 
Margate. Brother of the next. [Rugby Sch. Reg.; Crockford; 
The Times, Jan. II, 1899.) 
KENNION, ROBERT WINTER. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
June 22, 1833. Of Yorkshire. (2nd s. of the Rev. Thomas 
(next), of Harrogate.] Matric. Michs. 1833; Scholar, 1833; 
B.A. (30//1 Wrangler) 1837; M.A. 1840. Adm. at Lincoln's 
Inn, Nov. 4, 1837. Called to the Bar, Nov. 24, 1S40. Ord. 
deacon (Winchester) 18S4; pnest, Dec. 2i, i8ss; C. of Alton, 
Hants., 1S54-8. R. of Acle, Norfolk, 1858-94. Married, 
Aug. 13, 1845, Jessy Frederica, younger dau. of Frederick 
Lane, Esq., of King's Lynn. Author, Unity and Order, the 
Handmaids of I ruth. Resided subsequently at Southborough, 
Tunbridge Wells, where he died Dec. 25, 1897, aged 82. 
Brother of the above. [Crockford; Law Lists; Inns oj Court, 
The Times, Dec. 31, 1897; G. Mag., 1845, II. 521.) 
KENNION, THOMAS. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 34) at Trinity, 
M.n. 27. 1822. S. of John. B. in London. School, Guildford, 
Surrey. Matric. Easter, 1822. Migrated to's, Oct. 19, 
1822; B.A. 1826; M.A. 1820. Ord. deacon (Chester) 1825; 
P.C. of High Harrogate, Yorks., 1825-46. Died Jan. 8. 1841,, 
at Cheltenham. Father of the above and of Alfred (1847). 
[Peile, 11. 411; Clergy List; G. Mag., 1846, 1. 327.) 
KENNION, THOMAS EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Caius, 1840. 
Did nut reside. Doubtless the man of these names, b. Feb. II, 
1823, who entered the Bengal Artillery as 2nd Lieut., June II, 
1S42; Lieut., 1S45; Capt., 1857; Major, 1858; Lieut. -Col., 
1865. [Army Lists.) 
KENNY, ALFRED LEE. Adm. at King's, Oct. I, 18S6. [S. of the 
Rev. Henry Torrens (Trim Coll.. Dublin). Schonls. Paston 
Grammar, N. Walsh. imaud King Edward VI. Norwich.] Matric. 
Michs. iS.sij; B.A. i.So'ij; M.A. 1S93. Assistant Mastei at the 
1 Imir Si hiinl. < ml. di-. 11 1 hi I Ki poll I tcr. [hi t, ioo'o 
L ..1st Luke's, Beeston Hill, Lccu\. 1.105-1900. R. of Clermont, 
Queensland, Australia, 1901-12. V. of North Rockhampton, 
1912-21. Hon. Canon of St Paul's Cathedral, Rockhampton, 
1907-30. V. of St Laurence's, Rockhampton, and Canon 
Missioner, Rockhampton, 1921-30. Archdeacon of Rock- 
hampton, 1927-30. V. of Bowerchalke, Wilts., 1930-9. of 
the Homes of St Barnabas, Donnans, Surrey, in 194 1 ; 
died there Nov. 14, 1948. Brother of Henry T. (1870). 
{King's ( oil. Ave , 1 rockford.) 
KENNY, COURTNEY STANHOPE. Adm. pens, at Downing, 
May 17, 1871. (Elder s. of William Fcnton, solicitor, of 
Halifax and Ripon.j B. Mar. is, 1S47, at Park House, Ripon 
[The limes and D.N.B. give Halifax]. Matin. Mi. lis. 1871; 

Scholar; Winchester Reading prize, 1874 . C hi ill ir's 1 a 

medal, 1875; (Law and Hisc. Trip., 1st Class, 1S74); LL.B. 
1875; LL.M. 1878; Yorke prize, 1877, 1878, 187.1; LL.D. 
1887. Fellow, 1885; Hon. Fellow, 1918. President of the 
Union, 1874. Adm. r. 1869; practised in Halifax f 01 
twn yars. Adm. at Lincoln's Ion, [an. 21, I J Called to 
tin- Mar, [an. z6, 1 .mi. 1 1.1 I!.. --.■I''. I ISti 1.1 . ir< int. Law 
Lecturer at Trinity, 1881 -6. University Reader in I aglish 
Law, 1888-1907. Downing Professor of the Laws of England, 

Kenrick, Jarvis 

1907-18. M.P. for Barnsley, 1885 and 1886-8. J. P. for 
Cambs., 1806-1930, and for Cambridge, 1890. Alderman of 
Cambridge Borough Council, 1895-9. Alderman of the 
Cambs. County CouncU, 1901-20. Chairman of the County 
Quarter Sessions, 1912-22. One of the greatest authorities 
on English Law. F.B.A., 1909. A staunch Liberal of the 
old school. Held in high esteem for his unfailing courtesy, 
and sound judgment. Author, Outlines .at Criminal Law, and 
of many legal essays. Died Mar. 18, 1930, aged 83, 
bridge, as the result of a street accident. Bequeathed £500 
t.. ta. fund for extending and improving the buildings of 
Downing, (/fins of Court ; Law Lists ; Fi ister, Men a! the Bar ; 
D.N.B.; Burke, L.G. of Ireland; Who was Who. 10:0-4". 
The Times, Mar. 19, 1930; Cambridgt Rt view, \pr, 25, 193°-) 
KENNY. HENRY TORRENS. Adm. sizar at St John's. Ocl . 
1876. S. of the Rev. Henry Torrens [Trinity College, Dublin, 
1841], R. of Banningham, Norfolk [and Emily]. B. there 
[Sept. 3, 1858]. Bapt. Mar. 24. 1859. [School, Gresham's, 
Holt.] Matric. Michs. 1S76; B.A. 1.8S0. 2nd Lieut, (from 
Militia), 101st Regt. of Foot, 18S0; Lieut.. R. Munstei 
Fusiliers, 1881; Lieut., Indian Staff Corps, 1882; Capt., 
Indian S.C., 1891; Major, 1900; Lieut. -Col., 1904; Brevet- 
Colonel, 1907; Colonel, 19 1 1 ; retired, 1912. D.A.A.G., India, 
1899-1900. Assistant Secretary, and subsequently Depart- 
mental Secretary, Military Supply Dept.. Government of 
India, 1900-6. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Colonel, 
General Staff). Died Mar. 31, 1941, u Sandhurst. Brothi r 
of Alfred L. (1886). [Univ. War List, Army Lists; The 
Times, Apr. 3, 1941.) 
KENNY, LEWIS FENTON. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Oct. I, 1893. Of Mayo. [3rd] s. of Stanhope, Esq., of 
21, Conduit Road, Bedford. B. July 21, 1875, at Balhnrobe. 
Co. Mayo. School, Bedford Grammar. Matric. Mi. hs. 189 |; 
B.A. 1897; M.A. 1900. Of 4, Anglesea Road, Dublin, in 1912. 
(Burke, L.G. of Ireland.) 

Michs. 1S92. 
KENRICK, CLIVE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 25, 1 
[Youngest] s. of John Arthur, of Berrow Court, lei 
Birmingham, B. 1878, at Birmingham. School, Shrewsbury 
Matric. Michs. 1897. Of Berrow Court, Edgbaston. Brother 
of George O. (1894). [Shrewsbury Sch. Reg.) 

July 14, 1867. Did not reside. 
KENRICK, GEORGE OSCAR. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 25, 
1894. S. of John Arthur, of Berrow Court, Edgbaston, 
Birmingham. B. 1876, at Birmingham. School, Shrewsbury. 
Matric. Michs. 1894; B.A. 1897. Of Compton i.r.iii^c, 
Wolverhampton. Died Nov. 1906. Brother of Clive (1897). 
[Shrewsbury Sell. Reg.f 
KENRICK, GERALD WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 1, 
1894. [Younger] s. of William, M.P., of The Grow. II .r 
borne, Birmingham. B. Sept. 25, 1876, at Harborne. School, 
Rii2bv. Matric. Michs. IS. 14/ Of The Grove, Harborne. 
[Rugby Sch. Reg.) 
KENRICK, HUBERT. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Dec. 20, 1S60. 
S. of Timothy [sometime of W. Bromwach, and — , dau. of 
Thomas Paget, Esq., of Freyer's Causeway, Leicester], of 
Church Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. B. 1843, at West 
Bromwich. School, Edgbaston proprietary. Matric. Michs. 
i86t; B.A. 1865. Died in 1865. [F.M.G., 1. 186 (for father 
and family).) 
KENRICK, JARVIS. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, Jan. 27, 
1755. Of London. [4th s. of Matthew (1714), Bencher of the 
Middle Temple. B. Sept. 20. 1737. School, Harrow.] Maine. 
Lent, 1755; B.A. 1759; Scholar, 1761; M.A. 1763. Ord. 
deacon (Ely) Sept. 1701; priest, Dec. 171. 1; C. of Histon, 
Cambs., 1761-2. V. of Chilham, Kent. 1762-1809. Died 
there May 7, 1S09. Father of the next and of William (1700), 
brother of Matthew (1754) and John (1752). (Harrow Sen. 
Reg.; Cant. Act Bk.; G. Mag., 1809, I. 483.) 
KENRICK, JARVIS. Adm. FeU.-Coin. at Jtsus, June 28, 1799- 
[Youngest] s. of the Rev. Jarvis (above). V. of Chil h am, 
Kent. B. there. School, Canterbury. Matric. Michs. 1800; 
LL.B. 1805. Adm. at the Middle Temple, June 
Father of the next, of William (1828) and of John B. (1826); 
brother of William (1790). [Inns of I ourt.) 
KENRICK, JARVIS. Adm. pens (age 18] al TRINITY, May 1, 
1823. S. of Jarvis (above). B. at Blechingley, Surrey. S. I1...I. 
Uckneld, Sussex. .Maine. Michs. 1823; B.A. 1827; M 
Ord. deacon (Lilt. dun. from Canterbury) 1S29; priest 
(London) June 6, 1830; C. of Sheldwich, Kent, 1S29. C. of 
Horsham, Sussex, -1841-9. V. of St Peter Major, Chichester, 
1849-51. C. of Donnuigton. Sussex, 1851-7. R. of Caterham, 
Surrey, 1S57-75. Married, and had issue. Disappears from 
1 1 , : 1.:. o. Brother of John B. (1S26) and William 
(182S). [Clergy List; Cant. Act Bk.) 


Kenrick, John 

KENRICK, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, Apr. IS, 
1752. Of London. (2nd s. of Matthew (1714). Esq., one of 
the Masters of the Bench of the Middle Temple.] School, 
Harrow. Matric. Easter, 1753. Adm. at the Middle Temple, 
Sept. 20, 1755. Called to the Bar, Nov. 23, 1759- Com- 
missioner for Stamp Duties, 1762-3 and 1765-81. Bencher, 
June 22, 1792. Reader, autumn, 1 79S. M.P. for Blechingley, 
17S0-90. Died Sept. 18, 1799. Left a large fortune, derived 
from his wife, to a natural daughter. A picture by Highmore 
of him, together with his three brothers Cranmer, Matthew 
(1754) and Jarvis (1755) was in the possession of Mrs H. 
Keiirick, of Campden House, Canterbury, in 1034. (Harrow 
Sch. Reg.; Inns of Court; Middle Temple Bench Bk.; Return 
KENRICK, JOHN BRIDGES. Adm. pens, (age iS) at Jesi -. 
June 26, r826. S. of Gervase [Jams (1799)]- B. at Bleching- 
ley, Surrev. Of Surrey. Matnc. Michs. 1826; B.A. 1831; 
M.A. 1S35.' Brother of Jarvis (1823) and William (1828). 
KENRICK, MATTHEW. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Jan. 29, 1754. Re-adm. Fell. Com. Jan. 1, 1759. Of London. 
[3rd s. of Matthew {1714), solicitor, one of the Masters of the 
Bench of the Middle Temple. B. Aug. 13, 1736. School, 
Harrow.] Matric. Michs. 1754; LL.B. 1762; LL.D. 177". 
Adm. at the Middle Temple, May 3r, r755. C. of St P< 1 I 5, 
St Albans, 1763. C. of Eltham, Kent (sequestrated), 1713. 
R. of Blechingley, Surrev, 1775-1S03. Died there July 27, 
1S03, aged 66. Brother of John (1752) and Jarvis (1755). 
(Harrow Sch. Reg.; Inns 0/ Court; G. Mag., 1S03, 11. 791.) 
KENRICK, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Trinity, June 9, 
1790. [Eldest] s. of [the Rev.] Jarvis (i755), V. of Chilham, 
Kent. School, Canterbury. Matric. Michs. 1790; Scholar, 
1792; B. A. 1794. Adm. at the Middle Temple, June 12, 1792. 
Called to the Bar, 1800. Second Justice of Great Sessions for 
Counties of Anglesey, Carnarvon and Merioneth, 1812-29. 
M.P. for Blechingley, 1S06-14. Master of the Household, 
1810-12. Married, iSt2, Frances Anne, dau. of Robert 
Mascall, of Peasmarsh Place, Sussex. Died Oct. 21, 1829, at 
Broome, near Dorking, where he had bought estates. Brother 
of Jams (1799); father of William (1831). (W. R. Williams, 
MSS.; Return ofM.P.'s; Inns of Court.) 
KENRICK, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, Dec. 17, 
1828. [3rd] s. of Jarvis (1799)- B. at Blechingley, Surrey. 
School, Uckfield, Susses. Matnc. Michs. 1829; B.A. 1S34. 
Adm. at the Middle Temple, Jan. 26, 1832. Called to the 
Bar, Jan. 13, 1837. Brother of Jarvis (1823) and John B. 
(1826). {Inns of Court; Law Lists; Foster, Men at the Bar.) 
KENRICK, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, Jan. 10, 
1831. S. of William (1790). B. at Ashford, Kent. School, 
Winchester. Matric. Michs. rS3i; B.A. 1S35. Adm. at the 
Middle Temple, Mar. 23, 1S33, 's. of William, barrister, 
deceased.' (Inns of Court.) 
Coil. Lent, 1891. S. of J. H., of Ootacamund, South India. 
Schools, Bishop Cotton College, Bangalore, and St John's 
Theological College, Highburv, London. Adm. (age 28) at 
Trinity Haul, 1891; B.A. 1893; M.A. 1899. Ord. deacon 
(York) 1888; priest, 1S89; C. of Holy Trinity, Kingston-upon- 
Hull, 188S-00. C. of St Andrew-the-Less, Cambridge, 1891. 
C. of St Mary-the-Great, Cambridge, 1892-3. C. of St 
Saviour's, Pimlico, Middlesex, 1893-7. C. of St John-the- 
Evangelist, Hammersmith, 1898-1905. V. of Holy Trinity, 
Hoxton, 1905-37. Rural Dean of Shoreditch, 1928-37. 
Compiled The English Missal. Died Jan. 5, 1943, in London. 
(Crockford; The Times, Jan. 7, 1943.) 
KENT, ALFRED. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Feb. 18, 1841. S. of 
Samuel, merchant. B. Feb. 15, 1S23, at The Hill House, 
Upton-on-Severn, Worcs. Schools [Bromsgrove and] Mer- 
chant Taylors'. Matric. Michs. 1841; B.A. 1845; M.A. 1863. 
Ord. deacon (Worcester) 1846; priest, 1847. Minor Canon of 
Gloucester Cathedral, 1849-53. V. of Coin St Aldwyn, 
Gloucs., 1853-95. Rural Dean of Fairford, 1880-95. Hon. 
Canon of Gloucester, 1S91-5. Died Oct. 23, 1895. (Broms- 
grove Reg.; Merchant Taylors' Sch. Reg.; Peile, 11. 472; 
Crockford; The Times, Oct. 26, 1895.} 
KENT, ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at St John's, Feb. 24, 1854. 
S. of Edward, gent, [and Penelope]. B. June 17, 1835, at 
Walton-on-the-Hill, Lanes. [School, Whitchurch Gr amm ar.] 
Matnc. Michs. 1854. Kept three terms. 
KENT, ARTHUR GERALD. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Dec. 21, 
1892. S. of T[homasJ [brewer], of Holywell Lodge, St Albans, 
Herts. [B. Apr. 1, 1S74. School, Merchant Taylors'.] Matnc. 
Michs. 1893; Scholar; B.A. 1896; M.A. 1900. Assistant 
Master at Neuenheim College, Heidelberg, Germany, for 
two years; at Felsted School, 1901-7; at Harrow School, 
1908-33-. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut., Cold- 
stream Guards). Of Holywell Lodge, St Albans, i . 
1945. (Merchant Taylors' Sch. Reg., 1936; Schoolmasters' 
Directories; Univ. War List.) 

Kent, Herbert Harcourt 

KENT, BERTIE GORDON. Adm. pens, (age 23) at Jesus, 
Easter, 1892. S. of Jackson [Goodenough], M.D. B. at 
Kingston-on-Thames. School, Reading. Matric. Easter, 
1892; B.A. 1896. Died May 9, 1902, at Maesmawr Hall, 
Caersws, Montgom. (The Times, May 14, 1902.) . 
KENT, CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Queens', May 31, 1830. Of 
Middlesex. [Eldest s. of Charles R., of Clapham Park, 
Surrey.] Matric. Michs. 1830; LL.B. 1836. Ord. deacon 
(Norwich) June 2, 1S33; priest, June 8, 1834. P.C. of Lud- 
ford, Salop, June 7, 1838-85, and P.C. of Elton, Hi 1 1 . 
1844-85. Of Dinham Hall, Co. Salop. Died Nov. 1 
aged 79. Father of the next. (Cant. Act Bk.; Fost 
Eccles.; Crockford; T. S. Clack; The Guardian, Nov. iS, 18S5.) 
KENT, CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Oct. 7, l875- 
[Eldest] s. of the Rev. Charles (above). B. [Jan. 4, 1 
Ludlow. School, Lucton Grammar. Matrii Mi' 0! 
B.A. 1879; M.A. 18SS. Ord. deacon (Lichfield) 1881; pne-st 
(Hereford) 1883; C. of Kimbolton, Heref., 1881-3. C. of 
Hopton Castle, Salop, 1883-4. C. OI Leavesden, Herts., 
1SS6-8. C. of St George's, Hanover Square, 1888-9. C. of 
St Andrew's, Westminster, 1S89-96. Chaplain of the private 
Chapel, Luton Hoo, 1897-9. V. of Davington, Kent, 1901-2. 
R. of Merton, 1904-29 and |V. of Sturston, Tompson 
and Tottington, Norfolk, 191 1-29; restored Tompson Col- 
legiate Church, of which he was ' Master'. Author, 7 he Land 
of the Babes m the Wood, or The Breckland of Norfolk; Epic 
and Legend of Empire;. Essays, etc. Died Sept. 12, 1929, it 
Norwich. Buried at Merton. (Peile. 11. 643; t > 
Who was Who, 1929-40; The Times, Sept. 14, 1929.) 
KENT, FREDERICK. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, May 8, 
1840. Of Middlesex. Matric. Michs. 1840; B.A. 1844; M.A. 
1847. Ord. deacon (Norwich) 1846; priest, 1847. P.C. of 
Havenstreet, Isle of Wight, 1S52-63. Chaplain of St Andrew's 
church, Pau, France, 1867-85. Died Jan. 13, 1SS5, 111 
London, aged 63. (Clergy List; Crockford; The Guardian, 
Jan. 21, 1885.) 
KENT, FREDERIC SIDNEY. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1891. 
S. of George, Esq., of Southwood [Highgate, N. B. Nov. 20, 
T871]. School, Sir Roger Cholnieley's, Highgate. Matric. 
Michs. 1891. Army University candidate. Joined the East 
Vorks. Regt.; also in the Connaught Rangers. Served in the 
S. African War, 1S99-1902; at Colenso and at relief of 
Ladysmith; Capt., 1900. Died July 23, 1900, at Pretoria. 
(Highgate Sch. Roll.) 
KENT, FREDERIC WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
May 19, 1856. [Elder] s. of Frederick, surgeon [and Frances 
Crowder, dau. of the Rev. W. Hett, V. of St Peter's-in- 
Eastgate, Lincoln]. B. at Lincoln. Bapt. Aug. 11, 1837. 
[School, Boston Grammar.] Matric. Michs. 1856; B. 
M.A. 1866. Ord. deacon (Rochester) 1864; priest, 1S65; 
C. of St Peter's, St Albans, 1S64-6. C. of Cold Norton, 
Essex, r866-8. C. of Wisborough with Loxwood, Sussex, 
1868-9. C. of Walsingham with Houghton, Norfolk, ; 
V. there, 1870-1. R. of E. Barsham and Little Snoring, 
1871-82. Married, and had issue. Died Apr. to, 
East Barsham, aged 44. Brother of George D. S. (1857). 
(Crockford; The Guardian, May 10, 18S2.) 
KENT, GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity, Sept. 7, 
1804. S. of Nathaniel, of Fulham, London. School, Eton. 
Matric. Easter, 1806; B.A. 1809. Ord. deacon (Norwich) 
Dec. 23, 1810; priest, Dec. 22, 1811. V. of Horsford and 
Horsham St Faith, Norfolk, 1812-29. Died Apr. - 
at Brighton. (Eton Sch. Lists ; Foster, Index Eccles.; G. Mag., 
1829, 11. 90.) 
KENT, GEORGE DAVIES SURREY. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
May 23, 1857. S. of Frederick, surgeon, of Lincoln (and 
Frances Crowder]. B. Oct. 22, 1838, at Lincoln. [School, 
Boston Grammar. j Matrii . Michs. 1857. Kept six terms. 
Died unmarried Dec. 25, 1861. Buried at Salisbury. Brother 
of Frederic W. (1856). (Misc. Gen. et Her., 5th Ser., iv, 7.) 
KENT, GEORGE EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Apr. 8, 18 15. Of Norfolk. Matric. Michs. 1815; B.A 
M.A. 1822. Ord. deacon (Norwich) June n, 1820; priest, 
Oct. 15, 1820; V. of East Winch, Norfolk, 1820-42. C. of 
All Saints, St John's Wood, London, N.W., 1S48-52. Name 
without address in Clergy List, 1853-66; not in Crockford. 
(Foster, Index Eccles.) 
KENT, HERBERT HARCOURT. Adm. at Caius, Oct. I, 1882. 
S. of George, manufacturer, of Highgate, 
[June 28], 1S63, at Brighton. School, Universitj 
London. Matric. Michs. 18S2; B.A. 18S6; M.A 1 
at a private school. Army tutor at Warhngham, Surrey, 
1894-8. Capt., 1st Vol. Batt., The Queen's Regl Wax, [914-19 (Lieut.-Col., Nortl 
land Fus.; mentioued in secretary of State's List for 'valuable 
services'). Director of George Kent, Ltd., Load 
Luton. Co-originator of the Army League. * > 1 
Holbom, London, in 1945. Died at Eastbourne, Nov. 14, [949, 
Venn, 11. 459, Univ. War List; Arm 


Kent, John 

KENT, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 32) at Peterhouse, May 30, 
1774- OfCheshire. A 'Ten-year man.' Matric. Easter, 1782. 

KENT, JOHN JAMES PERCY Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1894. 
S. of George Henry, builder, of Lincoln [and Alice Whittle]. 
B. Aug. 29, 1875, at Bootle, Liverpool. Schools, Lincoln 
Middle (Rev. Markhara Hill) and Lincoln Grammar (Rev. 
Canon Fowler). Migrated to St John's, as Choral Scholar, 
Oct. io, 1895; B.A. 1897; M.A. 1901. Assistant Master at 
St Bees School for three years; at St Aubyn's College, 
Lowestoft, for four terms; at Leeds Grammar School, 
I 9°5 _ 33-- (Schoolmasters' Directories.) 

KENT, NICHOLAS DARLINGTON. Adm. pens, {age 18) at 
Trinity, July 2, 1708. [Only] s. of Benjamin, of London 
[and sometime of I lowland House, Bramshott, Hants.]. 
School, Winchester. Matric. Michs. 1798; Scholar, 1800; 
B.A. 1802; M.A. 1S05. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Tan. 9, 1794 
(while at Winchester College). (Inns of Court.) 

KENT, OWEN. Adm. pens, at Si Catharine's, Aug. 5, 1864. 
S. of John Clarke. B. at Upton-on-Severn, Worcs. Matric. 
Michs. 1864. Brother of the next. 

KENT, PHILIP. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 10, 1859. [Elder] 
s. of John [Clarke, of Upton-on-Severn, Worcs.]. B. 1841, 
at Longdon, Worcs. School, King's College, London. Matric. 
Michs. 1S59; B.A. 1863. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Oct. 11, 
1859. Called to the Bar, Apr. 30, 1866. On the Oxford 
Circuit. Of Park End, Bromley, Kent, in 1900. Brother of 
the above. (Inns of Court-, Law Lists.) 

KENT, SYDNEY. Adm. pens at 1'kimtv, Oct. 4. 1884. 4th s. 
of William. B. May 10, 1865, in Queensland, Australia. 
School, Rugby. Matric, Michs' 1884; B.A, 18S8; M.B. and 
B.C. 1892. At St Bartholomew's Hospital. M.R.C.S.; 
L.R.C.P., 1892. In practice at Bexhill, -1900-30. Died 
Aug. 18, 1930. (Rugby Sch. Reg.; Scott, MSS.; Medical 

KENT, SYDNEY MACDONALD. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Aug. 25, 1885. S. of James Talbot, yeoman, of Dorset [and 
Rebecca Macdonald Hodges]. B. July 30, 1866, at Norden, 
Corfe Castle. School, Dorset County (Rev. T. R. Wright). 
Matric. Michs. 1885; B.A. 188S. Followed a scholastic career 
for 10 years, and then managed a land-agencv, together with 
a large farm, at Fontmell Magna, Dorset. (S. M. Kent.) 

KENT, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Jesus, Mar. 30, 1754- S. of 
John. Of Kimberworth, Yorks. Matric. Easter, 1754. 

KENT, WILLIAM ANDREWS. Adm. sizar at St John's, Sept. 3, 
1889. S. of the Rev. Robert Blake [and Mary Ellen Perks]. 
B. Aug. 10, 1870, at Padiham, Lanes. School, Manchester 
Grammar (Mr M. Glazebrook). Matric. Michs. 1S89; B.A. 
1892; M.A. 1910. Ord. deacon (Manchester) 1896; priest, 
1897; C. of St John-the-Evangelist, Ai cringti m, Lanes., 
1896-1906. V. of St Andrew's. Acenngton, 1906-10. Died 
ily Aug. 13, 1910, at Llanfairfechan, Wales, while on 
a visit to his father. (The Guardian, Aug. 19, 1910.) 

KENT, WILLIAM CORBET. Adm. pens, at Clare, Feb. 21, 
i82g. B. in Salop. Matric. Michs. 1829; B.A. 1833. 

KENTISH, JOHN GEORGE. Adm. Fell. -Com. at Emmanuel, 
|.mi, 1, 1848; from St John's College, Oxford, whence he > 1 . < 1 
matric. May 19, 1847, age 19. [Only s. of John, of the 
Bombay Civil Service. B. Apr. 27, 1S2S. School, Cheltenham 
■ ; Matric, Easter, 1848; LL.B. 1855. Died May 12, 
1859, at Stratford House, Ryde, Isle of Wight. [Cheltenham 
Coll, Reg.; Al. Oxon., whu h calls him 'the Rev." and gives 
'died June 12*; G. Mag., 1859, 1. 654 ('The Rev.').) 

KENTISH, THOMAS BLACKBURN. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Feb. 14, 1843, Matric. Michs. 1843; B.A. 1849. C. of 
Feckenham, Worcs., 1853-5, C. of Monyasb, Derbs., 1856-7. 
V. of Karl Stemdale, 1857-60. P.C. of Monyash, 1860-5. 
Disappears from Clergy List, 1866. 

at Pembroke, May iS, 1874. [3rd] s. of the Rev. Joseph 
(1833), R. of Ackworth, near Pontefract [by his 2nd wife, 
Harriet Elizabeth, only dau. and heiress of Capt. William 
Henry Cockerell Le.uham, of Kirkham Abbey, Yorks.]. B. 
there [Feb. 24, 1853]. [School, Rossall.] Matric. Michs. 1874. 
In iijou joined with others in petitioning for the termination 
of the abeyance of baroni<s nf Burgh, Strabolgi. and Cobhaiu. 

The claim was heard 111 iwi4, and he w.i-. -umi n <l tn the 

House of Lords as 9th Baron Strabolgi in 1916 ["hi deci ion 
of the Committee for Privilegi 1 1 lea iderabli riticism 
among authorities on Peerage I tw and history. Dii d l 1 b 1 z, 
1934, at West Winch, Norfolk, aged 3o (Burke, P. and B. 
(sub Strabolgi; Fox-Davies, Armorial Families.) 

Kenyon, John 

KENWORTHY, GEORGE. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1883. 
Migrated to Queens'; B.A. 1886; M.A. 1894. Ord. deacon 
(Carlisle) 1SS6; priest, 1887; C. of Dalston, Cumberland, 
1886-95. V. of Bassenthwaite, 1895-1915. V. of Pennington, 
Lanes., 1915-37. Rural Dean of Ulverston, 1922-34. Hon. 
Canon of Carlisle, 1926-42. Died Mar. 8, 1942, at Morven, 
North Berwick, aged 82. (Crockford; The Times, Mar. 11, 

KENWORTHY, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Trinity, Dec. 16, 
1789. S. of Hugh, of Ashton-under-Lyne, Lanes. School, 
Ashton-under-Lyne. Matric. Michs. 1790; B.A. 1794. 
Doubtless brother of William (1776). 

KENWORTHY, JOSEPH. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Caius, Apr. 20, 
1833. S. of Joshua [of Cragg Vale, Yorks.]. B. in Yorkshire. 
School, Giggleswick. Matric, Michs. 1834; B.A. 1838. Ord. 
deacon (Salisbury) 1839; priest, 18 19. R. of Langton 
Matravers, Dorset, 1839-43. R. of Ackworth, Yorks., 
1844-75. Married (2) Harriet Elizabeth Leatham, dau. and 
heiress of Capt. William H. C. Leatham, and Lucy Lund 
(co-heiress of the L'iaronies of Cobham. Strabolgi and Burgh), 
of Kirkham Abbev, Yorks. Died Julv 2, 1875, at Ackworth 
rectory. Father of Cuthbert M. (1874). (Giggleswick Sch 
Reg.; Venn, 11. 222; Foster, Index Laics.; Burke, P. and B. 
(sub Strabolgi).) 

KENWORTHY, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at St Catharine"*, 
Mar. 8, 1776. B. at Ashton, Lanes. Matric. Michs. 17/6; 
B.A. 1780; M.A. 17S7. Doubtless brother of John (1789). 

KENYON, BEDFORD WILDE. Adm. sizar at St John's, July 9, 
1846. Adm. sizar (age 22) .it .Maud. dene, July 1, 1848. Of 
Devonshire. S. of the Rei Bedfoi I Mary Hall, Oxford, 
1821], of Bunswood Lodge, near Wandsworth [who had 
assumed the name of Kenyon in lieu of Bedford, 1S24, and 
died in 1S40]. School, Liverpool. Matric. Michs. 1848; B.A. 
1854. (Al. Oxon.) 

KENYON, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, Oct. 7, 1806. 
[2nd] s. of John, of Chenies, Bucks. Matric. Lent, 1807. 
Adm at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 10, 18 10, 'age 25'; at Gray's Inn, 
Nov. 23, 1S10. [T. A. Walker, 379; Inns of Court.) 

KENYON, The Hon. EDWARD FREDERICK. Adm. pens, at 
Trinity, Dec. 8, 1S60. [3rd] s. of Lloyd [3rd] Baron [Christ 
Church, Oxford, 1823], of Gredington, Flints. B. [Aug. 7], 
1842, at Liscard, Cheshire. School, Harrow. Matrii 
1861; B.A. 1865; M.A. 1S70. Adm. at the Middle Temple. 
Apr. 17, 1863. Called to the Bar, June 11, 1867. On the 
Northern Circuit. J. P. for Flintshire. Died unmarried Jan. 4, 
i'o2. (Harrow Sch. Reg.; Inns of Court, Burke, P. and B.; 
La a Lists; Foster, Men at the Bar.) 

KENYON, GEORGE CARSON. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1S97. 
S. of Alfred Henderson, Esq. [sometime of Manchester], of 
Highett Street, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia. Migrated 
to Trinity Hall, 1898. 

KENYON, GORDON LLOYD TREVOR. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Jesus, Oct. 1892. [Elder] s. of the Hon. and Rev. William 
Trevor [Christ Church, Oxford, 1866], R. of Malpas, Cheshire 
[by his 1st wife, Anne M'Kerrell, dau. of Adam Hay-Gordon, 
of Avoch]. B. [May 10, 1873], at Edinburgh. School, Harrow. 
Matric. Michs. 1892; B.A. 1895. Adm. Solicitor, July, 1900. 
Practised in London; partner in Rovds, Rawstoue and Co., 
of 46, Bedford Square. Of Tree Tops, Amersham, Bucks., 
in 1945. (Harrow Sch. Reg.; Burke, P. and B.; Laic Lists.) 

KENYON, HAROLD GODFREY. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 1899. 
Elder s. of George, solicitor, of The Maples, Thome, Don- 
caster. B. Oct. 28, 1S80, at Thome. School, Charterhouse. 
Matric. Michs. 1899; B.A. and LL.B. 1902. Adm. Solicitor, 
Jan. 1906. Practised in Gray's Inn, London; Messrs Thome 
and Doncaster. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Major, 
R.F.A.; wounded twice; mentioned in despatches). Latterly 
of Highneld Lodge, Ware, Herts., where he died Sept. 15, 
1930. Buried at Amwell. (Charterhouse Sch. Reg.; Pembroke 
Coll. Reg.; Univ. War List, Law Lis.'; ; 1 he Times, Sept. 16, 

KENYON, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Peterhouse, Nov. 29, 
1801. Elder s. of John [sugar-planter, of Jamaica, di 
late of Chester. B. 17S4, in the Island of Jamaica. Schools 
[Sawyer's School, Bristol and] Charterhouse. A pupil of 
William Smyth, for whom he conceived a high admiration. 
Matric. Easter, 1802. Left without taking a degree, i ;■■.<.:-,. 
Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Feb, zii, 1804. A wealtl 
philanthropic West Indian, who extended a helping hand to 
many struggling author. Close friend of the Brownings. 
whom he was the first to introduce to one another. I ii 
poem Andrea del Sarto was written for him, and his Dramatic 
Romances and Lyrics were dedicated to him, as was Mrs 
Browning's Aurora Leigh, which she finished whilst staying 

Kenyon, Rowland Whitehall 

at his house. Friend of Coleridge, Wordsworth, Southey, 
Charles Lamb and their circle, manv of whom he helped 
financially. Married twice; {i) 1S0S, and (2) 1S23, Caroline. 
sister of John Curteis. Author, Poems; A Rhymed Plea for 
Tolerance; A Day at Tivoli. Crabb Robinson says that 
Kenyon had 'The face of a Benedictine monk, and the 
joyous talk of a good fellow*. 'As he grew in years, he 
recalled to his own memory, and that of his University 
contemporaries, the intellectual hours passed in his rooms 
at Peterhouse, where young men were asked to meet at 
5 p.m. to dine and to stay till midnight, enjoying the coenas 
nociesque Deum of his favourite Horace, and unconsciously 
imitating in early years the grey-haired Symposiasts of 
Plutarch and the Deipnosophists of Athenaeus.' Died Dec. 3, 

1856, at Cowes, Isle of Wight. Left by will So legacies to 
80 of his literary friends; the poets included were Robert 
Browning (Z^oo), Mrs Browning (£4000), B. W. Procter 
(Barry Cornwall) (£6500). [W, B. Donne and his Friends, 
201; Inns of Court; T. .4. Walker, 376; D.N.B.; Boose, 11. 
207, 1; G. Mag., 1557, n. 309-15; not found in Caribbeana.) 

KENYON, ROWLAND WHITEHALL. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Feb. 14, 1S44. [9th] s. of the Hon. Thomas, Christ Church, 
Oxford, 179S], of Pradoe, Salop [and Charlotte, dau. of the 
Rev. John Robert Lloyd, of Aston Hall]. B. [May 24, 1S24], 
at Ruyton. Bapt. June 15, 1S24. School, Shrewsbury 
(Dr Kennedy). Matric. Miens. 1S44; B.A. 1S49; M.A. 1852. 
Adm. at the Middle Temple, Nov. 17, 1S4S. Called to the 
Bar, May 1, 1854. Ordained deacon (Winchester) Dec. 21, 
1S54; priest, Dec. 23, 1S5S. Died unmarried Apr. 6, 1S73. 
{Shrewsbury Sch. Reg.; Inns of Court; Burke, P. and B.; 
Law Lists; Cambridge Chronicle, Dec. 29, 1S55.) 

KEOWN, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Oct. 20. 1836 
[4th s. of Richard, Esq., of Downpatrick, and Mary, dau, "f 
Henry" Keown, Esq. (who assumed the name of Boyd as 
heiress of the Boyds of Glastry and Portovogie). School, 
Shrewsbury.] Matric. Michs. 1836. Cornet, 15th Hussars, 
1837; Lieut., 1S39; retired asCapt., 15th Hussars, and Lieut. - 
Col., R.N. Down Rifles, 1S65. Married Dorothea Alexander. 
Brother of the next. (Shrewsbury Sch. Reg.; Burke, L.G., 

KEOWN [post KEOWN-BOYD], WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at 
Emmanuel, Mar. 18, 1835. Of Ireland. [3rd s. of Richard, 
Esq., of Downpatrick, and Marv, dau. of Henry Keown, Esq. 
(who assumed the name of Bo'vd). B. Mar. 1816. [School, 
Shrewsbury.] Matric. Michs. 1835; B.A. 1839. Of Bally- 
dugan House, Co. Down. High Sheriff, Co. Down, 1849. 
J. P., Co. Down. M.P. for Newry, 1867-S; for Downpatrick 
borough, 1S6S-74. Assumed the additional surname of Boyd, 
1873, under the will of his great-uncle, Major David Hamilton 
Boyd, of Glastry. Married, 1845, Mary, elder dau. of the 
Rev. Robert Alexander, Preb. of Aghadowie, Deny. Died 
Jan. 19, 1877. Father of the next; brother of the above. 
(Shrewsbury Sch. Reg.; Boose, v. 816; Burke, L.G., 1879; 
Return of Sl.P.'s.) 

KEOWN-BOYD, JOHN MAXWELL. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Oct. 5, 1876. S. of William (above) [and Mary]- B. July 13, 

1857, at Ballydugan House. Bapt. Mar. 4, 1859. School, 
Shrewsbury (Mr Moss). Matric. Michs. 1876. (Shre-.i.sburv 
Sch. Reg.; Burke, L.G., 1879.) 

KEPPEL, The Hon. EDWARD SOUTHWELL. Adm. a nobleman 
at Caius, Oct. 30, 1818. [4th] s. of William Charles {1787), 
4th Earl of Albemarle [and Elizabeth Southwell] . B . 
[Aug. 16, 1800], at Quidenham, Norfolk. School, West- 
minster (for two years) and private tuition (for three years). 
Matric. Michs. 1818; M.A. 1820. Ord. deacon (Norwich) 
Oct. 5, rS23; priest, Oct. r7, 1824. R. of Quidenham with 
Snetterton, 1824-83. R. of Tittleshall, 1826-35. Rural Dean 
of Rockland. Canon of Norwich, 1S44. Deputy Clerk of the 
Closet to Queen Victoria, 1841-75. Married, July 24, 1828, 
Lady Maria Clements, elder dau. of Nathaniel, 2nd Earl of 
Leitrim. Died Dec. 1, 1883, at Quidenham. Brother of 
Thomas R. (1833). (Record of Old Westminsters; Venn, 11. 
173; Burke, P. and B.; Crockford; Foster, Index Eccles.; 
The Guardian, Dec. 5, 1883.) 

KEPPEL, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, Oct. 5, 
1865. Of Norfolk. [5th s. of the Hon. and Rev. Thomas 
Robert (next). B. Apr. r9, 1846.] Matric. Michs. 1S65; B.A. 
1870. Ord. deacon (Ripon) 1871; priest, rS72; C. of Bardsev, 
Yorks., 1871-2. C. of Scole, Norfolk, 1872-4. C. of Walmer, 
Kent, 1874-7. V. of New Buckenham, Norfolk, 1877-80. 
V. of E. Walton with Gayton-Thorpe, 1880-3. R- ot Win- 
farthing, 1883-1904. R. of Intwood with Keswick, 1904-27. 
Died Sept. 21, 1936, at Sheringham, aged 90. (Buri 
B. (sub Albemarle); Crockford; Fox-Davies, Armorial 
Families; The Times, Sept. 24, 1936.) 

KEPPEL, The Hon. THOMAS ROBERT. Adm. Fell.-Com. at 
Downing, May 4, 1833. [8th s. of William Charles (1787), 

Ker, Reginald Arthur 

4th Lord Albemarle. B. Jan. 17, 1811.] Matric. Michs. 1833; 
M.A. iS-^6. Previously in the Royal Navy; messmate and 
friend of Frederick Marryat, the novelist, being the original 
of "Mr Midshipman Ea*y'. Ord. deacon (Chichester) 1836; 
priest (Durham) 1837. R. of Warham St Mary, with North 
Creake and Warham St Marv Magdalene, Norfolk, 1837-63. 
Rural Dean of Walsingham, 1S42. Chaplain to Earl Spencer, 
1846. Hon. Canon of Norwich, 1S54-63. Married, Mar. 28, 
1833, Frances, dau. of Sir Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 1st Bart. 
Author, Life of Augustus, Viscount Keppel, Admiral of the 
White {his uncle). Died Apr. 20. 1863. Father of the above; 
brother of Edward S. (iSr8). (Burke, P. and B. (sub Albe- 
marle); Clergy List; Foster, Index Eccles.) 

at Trinity, Oct. 13, 1821. [3rd] s. of Frederick [Christ 
Church, Oxford, 177S, of Lexham Hall, Norfolk, and Louisa, 
dau. of George Clive, M.P., of Wormbridge, Heref.]. B. 
[Oct. 7, 1804], in London. School, Westminster. Matric. 
Michs. 1822; B.A. rS26. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Oct. 19, 
1S28; priest, May 24, 1829. R. of St Devereux, Heref., 
June ro, 1S30. R. of Brampton, Norfolk, June 30, 1830-6. 
R. of Haynford, 1837-77. Married, Sept. 7. 1830, Frances 
G. S., elder dau. of Robert Marsham, of Stratton Strawless, 
Norfolk, and had issue. Of Lexham Hall, Norfolk, where he 
died Nov. 26, r888. (Record of Old Westminsters; Foster, 
Index Eccles.; Burke, P. and B. (sub Albemarle); Fox-Davies, 
Armorial Families; Clergy List; The Guardian, Dec. 5, 

nobleman (age 16) at St John's, Dec. 5, 17S7. School, 
Ealing (Dr Goodenough). [Only s. of George, 3rd Earl of 
Albemarle, and Anne, dau. of Sir John Miller, Bart., of 
Chichester. B. May r4, i7?2-] Matnc. Michs. ^87. Suc- 
ceeded as 4th Earl of Albemarle, Oct. 13, 1772. Lieut., 
W. Norfolk Regt. of Militia, 1791; Capt., 179-; Lieut. -Col., 
1793. Master of the Buckhounds, 1806-7. Master of the 
Horse, 1830-4 and 1835-41. P.C., 1830. G.C.H. (Civil) 1833. 
Ranger of Hampton Court Park. Married (1) Apr. 9, 1792, 
the Hon. Elizabeth Southwell, dau. of Edward, Lord de 
Clifiord,andhadissue;(2)Feb. n, 1822, Charlotte Susannah, 
dau. of Sir Henry Hunloke, Bart. Died Oct. 30, 1849. 
Father of Edward S. (1S1S) and Thomas R. (iS3^). (Burke, 
P. and B.; G.E.C.; Doyle, Official Baronage of England.) 

KER, HAMILTON CHICHESTER. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus, 
Oct. i, 18S0. [Youngest] s. of David Stewart [M.P".], deceased 
[Christ Church, Oxford, 1835], late of Co. Down, Ireland. 

B. at Brighton. School, Wellingborough (the Rev. H. E. 
Piatt). Matric. Michs. 1SS0. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 1887; 
priest, 1889; C. of St Andrew's, Grimsby, 1887-9. C. °f 
Frodingham, Lines., 18S9-93. C. of Appleby, 1S93-1902. 

C. of Roxby with Risby, 1902-10. R. of Gayton-le-Marsh, 
i9ro~42. Died Apr. 17, 1944, at The Spa, Co. Down, aged 83. 
{Crockford; The limes, Apr. 20, 1944.) 

KER, HUGH. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, Feb. 10, 1812. 
S. of Hugh. B. [1794], at Hull. School, York. Matric. Michs. 
1812; Scholar, 1814; B.A. (17th Wrangler) 1816; M.A. 1S19. 
Ord. priest (Gloucester, Lttt. dim. from Lichfield) Dec. 20, 
1818. V. of Etwall, Derbs., 1830. R. of Norton -in -Hales, 
Salop, 1830-45; resigned. Took the name of Cokburne (or 
Cockburne), May 3, 1833. Lived latterly at Bellaport Hall. 
Died May, 1866. Buried at Norton-in-Hales. M.I. (Foster, 
Index Eccles.; Changes of Name (Cokburne); Lichf. Dio. 
Registers; Clergy Lists (Cockburne).) 

KER, JAMES CAMPBELL. Adm. at Caius, Oct. 1, 1897. Elder 
s. of the Rev. William Lee, of the Manse, Kilwinning. B. 
Jan. 2, 1878, at Kilwinning. School, Royal Academy, Irvine 
and at Glasgow University; M.A., Glasgow, 1897; (1st Class 
Hons. in Maths, and Eglinton fellowship). Matnc. Michs. 
1897; B.A. 1900. Entered the I.C.S., 1902; in Bombay as 
Assistant Magistrate and Collector; in Sind; Personal 
Assistant to Director of Criminal Intelligence, 1**07; on 
Military duty, 1914-17, in the office of the Director of 
Criminal Intelligence, Simla; acting Deputy Secretary to the 
Government (Police, Judicial and Special Departments), 
Bombay, 1917; acting Secretary to the Government (General 
and Educational Departments), 1920-3; Private Secretary 
to the Governor of Bombay, 1924-9. C.I.E., 1 - ■ 1 C ,S.l . 
1928. Retired, 1930. M.P. for the West Division of Stirling 
and Clackmannan, 1931-5. Of Ardchattan, West Kilbride, 
Ayrshire, in 1945. (Venn, 11. 55^; I.C.S. Lists; Scottish 
Biographies; Kelly, Handbook; Who's Who.) 

KER, REGINALD ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., Oct. 1, 
1900. [S. of M. W., of Cromwell Avenue, Highgate.] B. 
May 10, 1881. [School, Sir Roger Chomel< y\, Highgate.] 
Matric. Michs. 1900; B.A. 1903; "\j UQt Mister 

at Durlston Court, Swanage, 1903-13. Bursar and Secretary 
at Malvern College, 1913-46; retired. (Highgate Sch. Reg.; 
Schoolmasters' Directories; Univ. War List.) 

Ker, Robert 

KER, ROBERT. Adm. pens, at Sioney, Mar. 29, 1786. Elder 
s. of Robert, Army officer. B. Mar. 28, 1767, at Uxbndge, 
Middlesex. Schools, uxbndge (.Mr kiilliML>r.lj, '.I. ;uu 
Haddington, and St Andrews. .Main... Easter, r786. 

KER, WALTER CHARLES ALAN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
July n, 187;. [Only] s. of Alan [sometime Judge ot the 
Supreme Court, Jamaica], of Hadley House, Cheltenham, 
Gloucs. [and Mary Tennyson, sister of the Poel 1 
B. [May 10J, 1853, at Antigua, W. Indies. School, Chel- 
tenham. Matnc. Michs. 1872; Scholar, 1874; B.A. 1876; 
MA, i-.;r,. Adm. at the Inner Temple, June 22, 1876. 
Called to the Bar, June 25, 1879. On the Western Circuit, 
Ol 7, Fig Tree Court, The Temple, in 1911. Died Feb. 10, 
1929, in London, [C heltenham i oil. Reg.; Burke, L.G., which 
gives 'died Feb, 15'; Inns oj < 'nut, Law Lists; Foster, Men 
at the Bar; Canbbcana, iv. 123 (for his father); The lima, 
Feb. 20, 1929.) 

KER, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Si John's, June 4, 1853. s. of 
the Rev. William [Trinity College, Dublin, 1821], V. of 
Tipton, Stalls, [and Janej, Ll. at Dunganstown, Wicklow, 
Ireland. Bapt. Nov. 7, 1034. Matnc. Michs. 1833. 

KER, — . Adm. at Trinity, as a 'Ten-year' man, Apr. 21, 1706. 

KERBY, EDWIN THOMAS. Adm. at Clakl, Jan. 4, 1896. 
School, King Edward's, Birmingham, (S. 01 Willi. .m, B. 
Aug. 13, 1877.] Matnc. Michs. i8 y o; B.A. 1899; M.A. 1903. 
Ord. deacon (Coventry, lor Worcester) 1901; priest (Wor- 
cester) 1902; C. ot si Basil's, Dentend, Warws., 1901-3. 
C of Langley, Worcs., 1903-4. C. ol si James's, Oldham, 
Lanes., 1904-10. Org. Sec. to S.P.G. for dio. ot Manchester, 
1910-19. Served 111 ilii' Great War, 1914-19 (Chaplain, 
R.A.C.D.; wounded, M.C., 1916; mentioned twice in des- 
patches), chaplain ol the a. Mi. .nil Institute lor the Bhud 
(X. district), 1920-2. V. ol Heyside, Lams., 1922-7. V. of 
St Augustine's, l'endlebury, 1927-48-. Hou. Canon of 
Manchester, 1934-48-. (Line. \'\ a, List, LruiktoiU; II ho\ 

KERBY, PERCY WILLOUGHBY. Adm. at Clare, Apr. 22, 
1 , . [Doubtless s. of William. B. 1880.J School, i'onbrldge. 
Maine. Michs. 1898. Lieut., 1st Warwickshire Vol. Artillery, 
ill. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut., K.P.A. 
(1.1-. Res.); employed on Army and INavy Canteen Bu.ud). 
Of Handsworth, Birmingham, in 1910. (3 onbridge Sch. Reg.; 
Cm,: \lar List; Army Lists.) 

KERCHEVALL, JOHN. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, Nov. 24, 
1783. of Leicestershire. .Matnc. .Michs. 1784; B.A. 1788. 

KERFOOT, JOHN BARRETT. Hun. LL.D. 1808. S. of Richard 
and Chnstiana Barrett, both ol Scotch-Irish extraction. U. 
Mar. 1, 1810, in Dublin. First Bishop ol the Protestant 
opal Diocese ol Pittsburg, U.S.A., 1865. The family 
removed from Dublin 111 1819 to Lancaster, Fa., where the 
father died early. 1 he son became .ah Instructor at thi 
Collegiate Institute, Flushing, Long Island, and studied 
theology. Ord. deacon York) 1837; presbyter, 1840. 
Head ol St James's Hall (afterwards Hie College ot St 
James), Washington; the Civil War ruined the Coll 
Kerfoot, captured in a raid, was held as a hostage at Rich- 
mond; he was exchanged, ami b 1 jme 1 'resident ot trinity 

College, Hartford, Conn., in the same year. Attended the 
1st Lambeth Conference in London, 1807, and the 2ml Con- 
ference 111 1S78. Author, 1 eclur, m Inspiration o] the Holy 
Scriptures, etc. Vlamed, 1 12, Eliza M. Anderson, of New 
York. Died Inn to, 1 81, t ., \ ill . Somerset I Fa 

{Diet. 0/ American Uiogra, , . x. 35+.) 

KERLY, DUNCAN MACKENZIE. Adm. pens, at Sr John's, 
Oi i. 3, 1881. [2nd] s. ol a. .. : 1 1, lau .Jerk [of 14, Great 
Winchester street, London] [ami Emily Mackenzie]. B 
Jan. 5, 1803, at Islington, Middlesex. School, Merchant 
laylors'. Maine. Michs. 18S1, [gth Wrangler, 1884; Law 
Trip., ist class, 1885); B.A. 1884; LL.B. 1 ,, M .1 1 18; 
Yorke prize, i,s:s> h Fellow, idm. at thi Inner 

temple, Mar, 50, 1 I ..-. Call, d to the Bar. I .... 26, 
the South-Eastern Circuit. Bencher. K.C., WI4. An 
authority on the law oi patents. Chairman ol th< Board oi 
Referees, iyi8 31. Knighted, 1921. J,1 J . (oi Surrej Died 
1 li l 5, 1938, at Purley. (.1.',;, «,i«l ran' as' Sch. Reg.; Inns 
oj Lourt, Law Lists, II ,1,. ., a , IF/10, 1929-40; 1 tic limes 
Oct. 6, 1938.) 

KLRLY, ERNEST FREDERICK. Adm. pens, at Christ's, 
Jan. 13, 1891. S. of Frederick John. B. at Reading. School' 

Llandovery College. Entrance Scholar, but died belore 
coining into residence. 

KERMGDE, FREDERICK BISHOP. Adm. pen,, at Corpus 
Christi, Oct. 16, tSoS. [B. Apr. 2, 1849. School, King 
William's College, Isle ol Man.] Maine. Miens. 1868; Scholar 
1809; B.A. 1872. [King William's Loll. Reg.) 

KEKMdDE, ROBERT DANIEL. Adm. at Caius, Apr. IS, 1888. 
S. ol William Karran, merchant, ol the isle ol M411. B. 

Kerr, Graham Campbell 

Nov. 22, 186S, at Douglas, Isle of Man. School, Victona 
College, Douglas. Matnc. Faster, rS88; B.A. iSyi. Migrated 
to Jesus, 1S91; M.A. 1895. Ord. deacon (London) 1893; 
priest, 1894, c. of St Cjccrge's-111-the-East, London, 1893-0. 
C. of St George s, Douglas, Isle of Man, 1896-8. V. ol 
Maughuld, 1898-1908. V. of St ceorge's, Douglas, 190S-19. 
Rural Dean of Douglas, 1914-19. Canon ol St Germ; in's 
Cathedral, Peel, 1912-39. Proctor in Convocation lor Sodox 
and Man, 1913-31. V. ot Lezayre, 1920-39; retired, oi 
Woodlands, Lezayre, Ramsey, Isle ol Man, in 1947. Died 
May 29, 1948. [Venn, 11. 495, Crock/ord; II ho's U ho.) 


.-'. Michs. 1881. [S ol the Lav. William (Trinity 

College, Dublin, 1836), 01 Maughuld vicarag, , Isle of -Man. 

B. Mar. 3, 1S62. School, King William's College.] B.A. 1SS4, 
M.A. 1888. Ord. deacon (Canterbury) 1865; priest, 1S6U, 

C. of Margate, 1885-8. c. of Chelsbam, Surrey, 1888-90. 
C. of St Peter's, Chester, 1890-1. V. of Kirk ouchan, Isle ut 
Man, 1892-1904. c. ol Boudon, Cheshire, r< 104-0. Lie. pr., 
dio. of Ely, 1908 11. \. ol .Mogerhanger, 1 ,-.!- ... 1911-15. 
V. ut lladilelih.ini. Cauibs., 1915-25. Died Sept. 21, 1925. 

[King William's I oil. Reg , I rockford; 1 he limes, Sept. 23, 

KERNOr, CHARLES FREDERIC. Adm. pens, at Iriniti, 
June 29, 1095. s. ut Charles Noyce i-U.D.j, ut Bishnauth, 
Fust Avenue, Bnghtun. B. 1875, m Calcutta. School, 
Wellington. Matric. Michs. 1895; B.A. 1898. Author. 
British Public Schools' War il, „, ■na... Died Feb. 10, 1933, 
m London. Buned at Brighton. [Wellington Coll. Reg.) 

KERR, ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Oct. 1, 18S9. S. 
of Llr .Nurm.ur, of 42, Grove Road, St John's Wood, London, 
iN.W . Mam. Michs. 1SS9; Thorpe Scholar; B.A. 1 

1896. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) 1895; priest, 1896, C. of St 
Mark's, Peterborough, 1695-8. c. ot Batley cur, Yorks., 
1899-1901. C. ot Ihoruhdl Lees, 1901-7. R. of Lockwood, 
1907-17. V. of liunley with Bruckhules, 1917-20. Surrogate, 
I 92i-33- Die to uu., dio. "i Wakeheid, 1929-33. Died 
May 15, 1933, at Hudderslicld. [Crock/ord; 1 hi Times, 
May 17, 1933.J 

KERR, ARTHUR EDGAR. Adm. pens, at Christ's, June 8, 

1897. s. of James. B. Feb. IS, 1679, at Brixton, London. 
School, Dulwich College. Matric. Michs. 1697, B.A. 1900; 
M.B. and B.C. 1907. At St Thomas's Hospital. M.R.C.S., 
L.R.C.P., 1904. clinical Assistant, Hospital for Sick 
Children, Gt Ormond street. House Surgeun, Royal Berks 
Hospital, Reading, in practice at Petworth, Sussex, 1910 
44; retired. Oi Weyhurst Farm, Rudgwick, Sussex, in 1944 
[Dulwich Coll. Reg.; Peile, 11. Si;, Medical Directories.) 

KERR, BEAUCHAMP MARK PEARSE. Adm. pens, (ace 1 >) 
at Trinity, .Nov. 16, 1854. [Elder] 5. of Beauchamp [Capt., 
55th Foot], oi Niton, Isle ul Wight land Carulme Elizabeth, 
dau. of James Irwin, E.LCS.J. B. [Jan. 7, 1S30J, at Chud- 
leigh, Devon. Schuols [Marlborough audj uleuahiioiid, 
Perthshire. Matric. Michs. iSsj; B.A. 1859. Assistant 
Curale at Staverton, Devon. Died unmarried iNuv. 21, 1601, 
at Staverton vicarage, aged 25. [Not in Clergy Lists, 1859-61, 
ur 1 ,,»,.;,„./, 10C0.J Nephew ul the next and ol Mail. 11 J 
(1S20). (Marlborough Coll. Reg.; Glenalmond Reg.; Burke, 
P. and b. [sub Lothian); G. iU.ig., 1862, I. 101.) 

KERR, CHARLES WILLIAM JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Trinity, June 19, 1819. [Elder] s. of Charles [Beauchamp] 
[and Elizabeth, dau. oi William Crump]. B. [Sept. 3, 1801J, 
at Farnham, Surrey. School, Farnham. Matric. Michs. 1819; 
M.A. 1821. Died unmarried Jan. 23, 1809. Brother ot Mark 
H. J. (1820). (Given in P. and b. as ' 1 he Rev.', but not 
found either 111 Clergy List or Crock/ord; Burke, 1'. and B. 
[sub Lothian).) 

KERR, GEORGE PUTLAND. Adm. pens, at Queens', July 3, 

1844. .Maine. Michs. 1844; B.A. 1848. Ord. deacon (Kipon) 

1845, priest, 1S49, C. of Mirheld, lurks., 1848-61. V. ol 
l 1 PPerJ Hopton, 1861-91. Died 111 .May, 1891, aged 70 
[Crock/ord; 1 he Guardian, May 27, 1091.) 

KERR, GRAHAM CAMPBELL. Adm. sr2ar at Trinity, Oct. 4, 
1890. [Elder] s. ol John (10531, of 13, Regent Terrace, 
Edinburgh. B. Apr. 29, 1072, al Aberdeen. School, Durham 
Grammar. Matnc. Michs. 1S90, B.A. 1895. Rowing ' blue, 
1692, 1893; president, C.U.B.C, 1S93. Played football 
(lugby) lui Scotland, 189S, 1899, 1900. Member ot 
Co. Rugby XV, 1895-1900. Assistant .Master at Durham 
School, 1S95-1901. suda.i Civil Service, 1901; Inspector at 
su.ikru ami Sennar. Ordei ol Mejidie, 1905. Governor ol 
the Red Sea Province, 1909. Governor of Berber, Apr. cue 
' Hie hrst civilian Governor in the Sudan. ' Dud Aug. 16, 
1913, 111 Edinburgh. [Durham Sch. Reg.; 1 he Times, Aug. 19, 

Kerr, Lord Henry Francis Charles 

at St John's, Feb. 4, 1819. 3rd s. of [William], the [6th] 
Marquess of Lothian [by his 1st wife, Henrietta, dau. of 
John, 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire]. B. [Aug. 17. 1800], at 
Newbattle Abbev, Midlothian. Matric. Michs. 1819; M V 
1821. Ord. deacon, 1820; priest (Exeter) Tulv 10, 1S25. R. 
of Dittisham, Devon, 1827-52- Married, Sept. 10, 1832. 
Louisa Dorothea, only dau. of Gen. the Hon. Sir Alexander 
Hope, G.C.B. Died Mar. 7. 1882, at Huntlyburn, Melrose. 
(Burke, P. and B. (sub Lothian); Foster, Index 
Clergy List.) 

KERR, JAMES. Adm. pens, at St John's, July 1, 18S1. S. of 
James, warehouseman [and Jemima]. B. Aug, it 
Glasgow. School, Manchester Grammar (Mr DilD. Matric. 
Michs. 1881; (Nat. Sci. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class, 1883); B.A. 
1884; B.C. 1887; M.A. and M.B. 1SS8; M.D. 1891. D.P.H. 
1887. At St Bartholomew's Hospital. Practised at Bradford. 
House Physician at Bradford Infirmary, and on the staff of 
several hospitals there, 1000. Chief Medical Officer to the 
London School Board, and Medical Officer for Education to 
the L.C.C., 1902-n. Served in the Great War, 1014-19 
(Major, R.A.M.C.). In Edinburgh, 1930-41. Member of 
Executive Committee of Fabian Society. Chairman of 
Health Section, World Federation Educ. Association. 
Ingleby Lecturer, University of Birmingham. Officier de 
I'lnstruction publique de France. Member Internationa] 
Committee on Standards of Illumination. Secretary of the 
2nd International Congress on school hygiene. Author, The 
Fundamentals of School Health; The Air we Breathe, etc. 
Died Oct. 5, 1941, in Edinburgh. (Univ. War List; The 
Labour Who's Who; Scottish Biographies; Medical Direc- 
tories; The Times, Oct. 6, 1941.) 

KERR, JAMES BURTON. Adm. pens, at Clare, July 8, 1821. 
[2nd s. of William, lawyer, of Nassau, New Providence, 
Bahamas, West Indies. B. Dec. 31, 1S03, at Nassau. School, 
Harrow.] Matric. Michs. 1822. Migrated to Sidnev, July 8, 
1823; B.A. 1826. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Tune io, 1827; 
priest, June 8, 1828; C. of Watton. Norfolk. Died c. Aug. 
1830. Doubtless brother of William H. (1820). (Harrow Sch. 
Reg.; G. Mag., 1830, 11. 378.) 

KERR, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 25) at Trinity, July 5, 1855. 
[3rd] s. of John, of Dairy, Ayrshire. B. there [July 1 : 
School, Dalrv, and at Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities. 
(M.A., Glasgow, 1854 ; Hon. LL.D. 1877.) Matric. Michs. 1S55 ; 
B.A. 1859; Bumey prize, i860; M.A. 1862. Assistant Master, 
King Edward VI School, Bury St Edmunds, 1S59. H.M. 
Inspector of Schools in Scotland (N. district), 1S60-78; 
Chief Inspector (S.W. district), 1878-S8; Senior Chief 
Inspector of Schools and Training Colleges, 1S88-96. 
Classical examiner at Edinburgh University, 1867-70; at 
Glasgow University, 1872-5. 'In the course of forty-seven 
years examined the majority of the Secondary Schools in 
Scotland, and gave evidence before almost all important 
Education Commissions.' Of 15, Royal Terrace, Edinburgh. 
Died Dec. 1, 1916. Father of Graham C. (1890). (Who was 
Who, 1916-28; C. J. Fordyce.) 

KERR, JOHN BRUCE. Adm. at Trinity Hall, Lent, 1900. 
[Eldest] s. of John, Esq., of Gilmerton, Midlothian. [B. May 
26, 1879.] School, Loretto. Matric. Lent, 1900; B.A. 1904. 
Adm. at the Middle Temple. Called to the Bar, July 5, 1905. 
Served in the Great War, 1914-10 (2nd Lieut., Argyll and 
Sutherland Highlanders). Died Feb. 9, 1942, at 15, East 
Heath Road, Hampstead. (Loretto Reg.; Univ. War List; 
Law Lists; The Times, Feb. 10, 1942.) 

KERR, JOHN GRAHAM. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Oct. 1, 1892. 
S. of James, M.A., Edinburgh, Principal of Hoogly College, 
Calcutta. B. [Sept. 18, 1869], at Rowley Lodge, Bamet. 
Schools, Collegiate and High, Edinburgh, and at Edinburgh 
University. Matric. Michs. 1892; Scholar, 1894; (Nat. Sci. 
Trip., Pt 1, 1st Class, 1894; Pt II, 1st Class, 1896); B.A. 1S96; 
Walsingham medal, 1898; M.A. 1899. Fellow, 1898-1904; 
Hon. Fellow, 1935. Hon. LL.D., Edinburgh, 1935. Spent two 
years in Zoological exploration in S. America, 1889-91, and 
made an expedition to the Gran Chaco to investigate the 
habits of lungfish, 1896-7. University Demonstrator in 
Animal Morphology, 1897-1902. Regius Professor of Zoology 
at Glasgow, 1902-36. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 
(2nd Lieut., Cameronians (Scottish Rifles, T.F.). Originated, 
Sept. 1914, the protective coloration of ships by counter- 
shading and strongly contrasting patches ('dazzle'). Presi- 
dent, R. Philosoph. Society of Glasgow, 1925-8; Vice- 
President, 1938. J. P. for County of the City of Glasgow. 
M.P. for Scottish Universities, 19 35-49-. F.Z.S.; Vice- 
President, 1943- F.R.S., 1909. Knighted, 1939. Author, 
Primer of Zoology; Textbook of Embryology; An Introduction 
to Zoology, etc. Of Barlev, Herts., in 1950. (Peile, n. 779; 
Univ. War List; Scottish Biographies; Who's Who.) 

KERR, JOHN HENRY. Adm. at Clare, Oct. 6, 1890. [S. of 
John S., sugar-merchant, of Rosemount, Greenock. B. 1871. 
School, Glasgow Academy, and at Glasgow University, 

Kerr, William, Mignot 

r886-8.] Matric. Michs. 1890. Appointed to I.C.S., i8qot 
Settlement Officer, Bihar, 1890: Collector, at Midnapore. 
1904; Director of Land Records, Bengal, 1905; Deputy 
Secretary to Govt, of India, 1007; Revenue Secretary to 
Govt, of Bengal, igir; Chief Officiating Secretary, 1915; 
Chief Secretary to Govt, of Bengal, 1918-19. Member, 
Bengal Executive Council, 1921-2. Governor of Assam, 
- Acting Governor of Bengal, 1925. Deputy Chairman, 
Indian Franchise Committee, 1932. CLE., 1911. C.S.I., 
1917. K.C.S.L; K.C.I.E., 1922. Died Apr. 8, 1934. at 
Gerrards Cross, Bucks. (C. J. Fordyce; I.C.S. Lists; Who 
was Who, 1929-40; The Times, Apr. 9, 1934.) 

KERR, KENELM. Adm. sizar at Trinity. Sept. 30. 1900. S. of 
William Richard, of 166, Stapleton Hall Road, Stroud Green, 
London. B. [July 15], 1SS1. School, Merchant Taylors', 
London. Matric. Michs. 1900; Scholar, 1903; B.A. (Hist. 
Trip., rst Class) 1903. In the Civil Service; Secretary's 
Office, General Post Office, 1904-12; Private Secretary to 
Assistant Postmaster-General, 1909; Private Secretary to 
Postmaster-General, iqio. Assistant to General Manager, 
N.E.R., 1912-22. O.B.E., 1919. Passenger Manager, N.E.R., 
1922. Assistant General Manager (Staff), L.N.E.R., 1023. 
Member, or Chairman, of many Committees, including 
Central Wages Board for Railways; Railways Staff Con- 
ference, 1923-9; National Wages Board for Railways, 1926- 
33; Railway Shops Staff, Electrical Staff, National Councils, 
■ ■ . : Railway Police Central Conference, 1923-9; Ministry 
of Labour Committee on Cost of Living, 1036-7. Of Abbots- 
rood, Milnthorpe Road, Meads, Eastbourne, in 1940. 
(Kenelm Kerr; Merchant Taylors' Sch. Reg.) 

KERR, MARK HENRY JAMES. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Oct. 19, 1820. [2nd] s. of Charles [Beauchairfp] [and Eliza- 
beth Crump], [B. Nov. 9, 1802.] Matric. Michs. 1S21; B.A. 
r825. Ord. deacon (London) Dec. 18, 1825; priest, Dec. 24, 
1826. Died Sept. 3, 185s. Brother of Charles W. T. (1819). 
(Not found in Clergy List, 1S41-55; Burke, P. and B. (sub 


KERR, WALTER. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Apr. 26, 1887. 
Matric. Easter, 1887; B.A. 18S9; M.A. 1893. 

KERR, WILLIAM FRANCIS. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Sept. 30, 1890. [5th s. of John Edward, of Montego Bav, 
Jamaica.] B. Oct. 2, 1871, at Keynsham, Jamaica. School, 
Blackheath proprietary. Matric. Michs. 1890; B.A. 1894; 
M.A. 1898. Ord. deacon (Winchester) 1894; priest, 1896; 
C. of St John's, Boscombe, Bournemouth, 1894-8. C of 
Christ Church, S. Myroms, Middlesex, 1898-1901. C.-in- 
charge of St James's, Lyonsdown, E. Barnet, 1901-9. V. of 
St Peter's, Ipswich, 1909-19. R. of Treeton, Vorks., 1910-45. 
Of Harlow, Essex, in 1948 ; died there, Oct. 4, 1949. [Crock ford.) 

KERR, WILLIAM FREDERICK. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Apr. 9, 1829. [3rd] s. of Lieut. -General [John Manners, of 
Maesnor, Derbs., and the Great House, Northants.]. [B. 
Nov. 15, 1806. School, Charterhouse.] Matric. Michs. 1829; 
B.A. 1836. Ord. deacon (Peterb., Litt. dim. from Peterb.) 
May 29, 1836; priest (Worcester) July 23, 1837; C. of Farn- 
don, Northants., 1836. C. of Geddington, 1836-7. C. of 
Baslow, Derbs., 1838-9. R. of Marston-Sicca, Gloucs., 
1839-78. Died Feb. 3, 1878. (List of Carthusians; Foster, 
Index Eccles.; Crockford; Burke, L.G.) 

KERR, WILLIAM GOODWIN. Adm. pens, (age 21) at Pem- 
broke, Oct. 2, 1882. Elder s. of William Jacob [or James], 
Esq., of Hythe, near Southampton [formerly Ensign, 79th 
Regt. (Cameron Highlanders), who was present at the siege 
and capture of Lucknow and the battle of Bareilly, and Ann, 
only child of George Goodwin, of Harlow, Essex]. P.. [186;], 
at Gilston, Herts. [School, Christ's College, Finchlev, 
London.] Matric. Michs. 1882; B.A. 1885; M.A. 1889. Ord. 
deacon (London) r886; priest, 1887; C. of Fulham, 1886-90. 
C. of Kensington, 1890-7. V. of St Paul's, Truro, 1897-T92S. 
Rural Dean of Powder, 1015-24. Hon. Canon of Truro 
Cathedra], 1926-32. Lived latterly at Truro. Died Sept. 11, 
i'i 14. in Edinburgh. (Pembroke Coll. Reg.; Fox-Davies, 
Armorial Families; Crockford; Who was Who, 1929-40; The 
Times, Sept. 12, 1934-) 

KERR, WILLIAM [HENRY]. Adm. pens, at St John's, Feb. 17, 
1820. B. at Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas, West Indies. 
School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1821; B.A. 1825. Adm. at 
the Inner Temple, Tune 16, 1820, as son of William Kerr, of 
the Bahamas. Called to the Bar, June 9, 1826. Went t<> 
Sydney, N.S.W., Australia. Doubtless brother of James B. 
(1821). (Harrow Sch. Reg.; not found in Caribbeana.) 

KERR, WILLIAM MIGNOT. Adm. pens, (age 19) at St John's, 
Nov. 19, 1835. B. in Tamaica, West Indies Matric. Lent, 
1836; B.A. 1841. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) Sept 25, 1842; 
priest, Sept. 24, 1843; C. of St Sepulchre's, Northampton, 
1842-6. C. of Bradwell, Bucks., 1848-50. R. of Nevendon, 
Essex, 1850-80. Died Sept. 22, iSSn, aged 64. (Clergy List; 
Crockford; The Guardian, Sept. 29, 1880.) 


Kerr, William Scott 

(age 18) at Trinity, Apr. 19, 1825. S. of Robert [of Sunlaws, 
Kelso, Roxburghs.]. B. [Oct. 3, 1807], at Edinburgh. 
School, Edinburgh High. Matric. Michs. 1825; B.A. 1829. 
Of Chatto and Sunlaws, Kelso. I. P. and D.L. Married 
(1) Dec. 19, 1S37, Hannah Charlotte, only child of Henry 
Scott, of Horsley Hill and Belford, and widow of Sir John 
lames Douglas, 10th Bart., of Springwood Park, and had 
issue; (2) Jan. 18, 1S55, Frances Louisa, dau. of Robert 
Fennesev, of Wilton Place, London, and had further issue. 
Died 1890. Father of Robert Scott-Kerr (1877). (Burke, 
L.G. (sub Scott- Kerr).) 
KERRICH, EDMUND. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, May 20, 
1S52. Of Norfolk. [2nd] s. of John [University College, 
Oxford, 1817], of Geldeston Hall, Norfolk]. [B. Apr, 25, 
1833.J Bapt. Apr. 28, 1833, at Geldeston. Schools [Marl- 
borough and] Beccles. Matric. Michs. 1852; Scholar, 1852. 
Joined the East India Co.'s service as a Cadet, 1854. Entered 
the Army, Jan. 20, 1S55; Capt., 9th Foot, 1867, Retired 
with Hon. rank of Lieut. -Col., 18S0. Died Oct. 5, 1914, at 
Littleham rectory, Bideford, Devon. The famdy is said to 
have been early settled at Dunwich, Suffolk, as appears from 
the records of that borough which was represented in Parlia- 
ment by John Kerriche in 1308. (J. Renaie; Marlborough 
Coll. Reg.; Burke, L.G., 1879; Army Lists.) 
KERRICH, JOHN DALZELL. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1881, 
[Only s. of Walter Fitzgerald, Capt., 26th Regt. of Foot 
(Cameronians), of Geldeston Hall, Norfolk] [and Olivia 
Augusta Gilbert, widow of Capt. G. Scott-Hanson, 56th Foot, 
and dau. of Jesse Jones, of Bermuda, by Harriet Burgess, 
dau. of John Dalzell, M.D. B. June 21, 1863]. School, 
Beccles. Matric. Michs. 1SS1; Scholar, 18S2; B.A. 1884; 
M.A. 1913. Sometime Assistant Master of the Jamaica High 
School, and Assistant Inspector of Schools in Jamaica; 
in the Transvaal, 1903-23. Died July 9, 1944. Of 25, Rose 
Street, Florida, Transvaal. (Burke, L.G.; W. Cowper; J. D. 
KERRICH, RICHARD EDWARD. Adm. pens, (age 17) at 
Christ's, Oct. 15, 1818. [Only] s. of the Rev. Thomas (1767). 
B. [1S01], at Chesterton, Cambs. School, Hackney. Matric 
Michs. 1819; Scholar, 1820; B.A. 1823; M.A. r826. F.S.A., 
1830. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1830; priest, 1831; C. of Impington] 
Cambs. V. of Pampisford, Mar. 18, 1S45-6. Art collector! 
Of Free School Lane, Cambridge, where he died unmarried 
May 13, 1872. Bequeathed his collections to the University 
(to form an addition to the Fitzwilliaiu Museum), together 
with £1000 for the purpose of 'keeping them in proper repair 
and condition'. It being impossible to provide for the entire 
collection in the Museum, a selection was made of the pic- 
tures, books, and prints, and the {1000 renounced. [Pale, 
11. 391: Clergy List and Crockford; Boase, 11. 210 (' Kemck ')• 
CM. Hist. Reg., 176; G. W. I-'rothero, Henry Bradshaw, 180 | 
KERRICH, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Caius, May 21 
1754- S. of the Rev. John (1725), R. of Banham, Norfolk. 
B. there. Educated at home. Scholar, 1754: matric. Michs 
1756; B.A. 1758. C. of Gissing, Norfolk, 175S. V. of Tiben- 
ham, 1759-1812. R. of Banham, 1772-1812. Died June, 
1S12. Father of Thomas (1783). (Venn, 11. 70, and 111' 
corrigenda, 445; G. Mag., 1S12, I. 601.) 
KERRICH, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall, Oct 17 
1758. [S. of John (1710), M.D., of Bury St Edmunds.) 
Matric. Michs. 1758; Scholar, 1759. V. of Wendons Ambo, 
Essex, 1784-1814. R. of Great and Little Horningsheath 
Suffolk, 1784-1814. Died Jan. 10, 1814, aged 73. M I ,,t 
Horningsheath (which gives aged 76). Brother of Walter 
(1753)- (Bury St Edmunds Sell. Reg.; Cant. Aet Bk.;G. Mag., 
1814, 1. 200; Venn, 11. 70, confuses him with the above.) 
KERRICH, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall Apr 7 
1766. Re-adm. Fell.-Com. July 24, 1771. [S. of Simon, of 
Harleston and Geldeston, Norfolk. School, Eton.] Scholar, 
Nov. 22, 1766; matric. Easter, 1767; LL.B. 1780. Adm at 
Gray's Inn, Feb. 1, 1766; migrated to the Middle Temple 
Nov. 18, 1769. ill Geldeston Hall, Norfolk. High Sheriff ol 
Norfolk, 1788. Married, Isabella, dau. of Philip Bowes Broke 
of Nacton, Suffolk. Died Dec. 15, 1809. (Eton Coll Reg 
[nits of Court; J. D. Kerrich.) " 
KERRICH, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Magdalene, 
Mar. 23, 1767. S. of the Rev. Samuel, D.D. (1714), V. of 
Dersingham, Norfolk. [B. Feb. 4, 1748.] School, Dersingham. 
Matric. Michs. 1767; B.A. 1771; M.A. 1775; travelling 
Bachelor. Fellow, 1771-5; President, 1775- Protobiblio- 
thecanus, 1797-1828. Ord. priest (Peterb.) May 20, 1784. 
V. of Dersingham, Norfolk, 17S4. Prebendary of Lincoln 
1798; of Wells, 1812. V. of Hemsbv, Norfolk, 17S6 (G. Mag., 
1787, I. 2 78; not found elsewhere). F.S.A., 1707. 'Togreat 
antiquarian and architectural knowledge Kemch united the 
most accurate skill as a painter and draughtsman. He was 
also a miniature-painter and a practised etcher. ...Mr 

Kerrison, Roger Orme 

Kerrich never courted popularity. I have heard him, after 
his appointment as University Librarian, repeatedly declare 
that he always considered himself one of the most unpopular 
men in the University. Having detailed the circumstances 
preceding and accompanying this election, I feel it quite 
unnecessary to make any comments on the result.' Married 
Sophia, dau. of Richard Hales, surgeon, of Cambridge. Died 
May 10, 1828, in Cambridge. Bequeathed his collections to 
the Fitzwilliam Museum, the British Museum and the 
Society of Antiquaries. Portrait in the hall at Magdalene, 
lather of Richard E. (1S18). (G. W. Prothero, Henry 
Bradshau; 180-3; J- D- Kerrich; D.N.B.; Gunning, n. 78, 
etc.; Northants. Clergy; G. Mag., 1828, II. 1S5; E. K. Purnell, 
Magdalene College, 169.) 

KERRICH, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Caius, Aug. 28 
17S3. S. of the Rev. Thomas (1754), of Banham, Norfolk. 
B. there. Schools, Botesdale and Bury St Edmunds. 
Scholar, 1783; matric. Michs. 17S4. Died in College. Buried 
Feb. 25, 1786, at St Michael's. (Venn, II, 107; Bury St 
Edmunds Sch. Reg.) 

KERRICH, WALTER. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, May 4, 
1753- [Eldest s. of John (1710), M.D., of Bury St Edmunds, 
and Mary, dau. of the Rev. Simon Patrick, of Dalham, 
Suffolk.] B. at Bury St Edmunds. [School. Bury St Ed- 
munds Grammar.] Matric. Michs. 1753; B.A. 1758; Chan- 
cellor's (Classical) medal, 1758; .Members' prize, 1760; M.A. 
1761. Fellow, 1759. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Dec. 24. 1758; 
priest, June 1, 1760. R. of St Clement's, Eastcheap, with 
St Martin Orgar, London, 1760-1803. V. of Chigwell, Essex, 
1764-1803. Custos of the Hospital at Heytesbury, 1785. 
Preb. of Salisbury, 1764-1803. Author, Sermons. Died 
luly 20, 1S03. Brother of Thomas (1758); father of the next. 
(J. D. Kerrich; Burv St Edmunds Sell. Reg.; St Johns Coll. 
Adm., IV. 347 (sub his son); Hutchins, 11. 108; Cant. Act Bk.; 
G. Mag., 1803, 11. 698; Cambridge Chronicle, July 30, 1803.) 

KERRICH, WALTER JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at St John's, 
June 12, 1786. S. of the Rev. Walter (above) [and Christian 
Wenyeve], B. [Jan. 24, 1768], at Chigwell, Essex. School, 
Winchester. Matric. Michs, 1786. Left Mar. 23, 1787. Matric. 
from New College, Oxford, July 7, 1787, age 19; B.A. (Oxford) 
1791; M.A. (Oxford) 1795. Fellow of New College. Preb. of 
Salisbury, 1792-1842. R. of Paulerspury, Northants., 1818- 
42. Married, May 23, 1823, Emma Elizabeth, dau. of 
W. C. Wapshare, Esq., of Salisbury. Died Aug. 31, 1842, at 
Paulerspury. (Foster, Index Eccles.; St John's Coll. Adm., 
iv. 346; At. Oxon.; G. Mag., 1842, II. 439.) 

KERRIDGE, GEORGE WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Trinity 
Hall, Oct. 23, 1830. Elder s. of G., merchant, of Ipswich. 
Matric. Michs. 1830; Scholar, 1831; B.A. 1837. 

KERRISON, EDMUND. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, Nov. 8, 
1822. Of Norwich. Matric. Michs. 1823; Scholar, 1S24; B.A 
1828; M.A. 1831. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Juue 8, 1S28; priest, 
May 24, 1829. 

KERRISON, Sir EDWARD, Bart. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Jesus, 
July 3, 1835. [Only s. of Matthias, of Hoxne Hall, near 
Bungay, Suffolk. B. there 1774.] Matric. Easter, 1835; M.A. 
1835. Had entered the Army as a Cornet in the 6th Dragoons, 
June 23, 1796; Capt., 1798; transferred to the 7th Hussars, 
1798. Served in the Helder expedition, 1799; in Spain, 1808 
(as Lieut. -Colonel); severely wounded. Commanded his 
Battalion in France; at the battle of Orthes his Regt. took 
the chief part in the charge headed by Lord Edward Somerset. 
Served at Waterloo and was slightly wounded. Lieut. - 
General, 1837; General, 1851. K.C.B. G.C.B. Knighted, 
1816. Created Bart., 1821. M. P. for Shaftesbury, 1812-18; 
for Northampton, 181S-20; for Eye, 1824-52. Married, 
Oct. 20, 1813, Mary Martha Ellice, and had issue. Died 
Mar. 9, 1853, in London. (Boase, 11. 210; D.N.B.) 

KERRISON, ROGER. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Aug. 16, i860. 
[Elder] s. of Roger Allday [and Adelaide Thorpe]. B. 
[Dec. 16], 1842, at Voxford, Suffolk. School, Harrow. 
Matric. Michs. 1861; B.A. 1S65; M.A. 1878. Banker at 
Ipswich. J. P. forSuffolk; High Sheriff, 1900. Lieut., Norfolk 
Artillery Militia. Of Colne House, Earls Colne, Essex. 
Married twice and had issue. Died Mar. 6, 1924. Father of 
the next (Harrow Sch. Reg.; Burke, L.G., 1939 (no issue 
given); Who was Who, 1916-28.) 

KERRISON, ROGER ORME. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 7, 
1891. [Only] s. of Roger (above) [sometime of Tattingstone 
Place, Ipswich, and] of Glevenng Hall, Wickham Market, 
Suffolk. B. Aug. 19, 1874, at Old Lakenham, Norfolk. 
School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1891; B.A. 1894. Rowing 
' blue,' 1S93, 1894. Served in the S. African War, 1899-1902. 
Lieut,, Suffolk Yt'Min.mry-Cavalry, 1900; Lieut. -Col., Suffolk 
Hussars. J. P. for Suffolk, 1906. Served in the Great War, 
1914-19 (Lieut. -Col.. Reserve Regt. of Cavalry, attached to 
Australian Artillery). Died Sept. 18, 1917, of dysentery 
contracted on active service. (Eton Sell. Lists; Book of Blues; 
Unw. War List, Army Lists.) 


Kerrison, Thomas Aixday 

KERRISON, THOMAS ALLDAY. Adm. FeU.-Com. (age 16) at 
Pembroke, May 5, 17S6. Onlv s. of Roger Allday, Esq., of 
Norwich. [B.Aug. 1768. School, Eton.] Matric. Michs. 17S9; 
B.A. 1793; M.A. 1796. Alderman, 1S03, and Mayor of Nor- 
wich, 1S06. Married at Gretna Green, May, 1797, Hannah, 
dau. of the Rev. Rayner Bellman, of Wetheringsett, Suffolk. 
Died Oct. 12, 1S18. Grandfather of Roger (i860). {Eton 
Coll. Reg.; Foster, Baronetage; Burke, L.G.; G. Mag., 1S19, 

Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 14, 1S84. S. of George 
Cavthorpe, accountant and estate agent [and Harriet Ellen 
Froggott]. B. Oct. 13, lS65, at St Andrew's, Norwich. 
School, King Edward VI, Norwich (T. R. Pinder, LL.B.). 
Matric. Michs. 1S84; B.A. 1887; M.A. 1892. Ord. deacon 
(Winchester) 1888; priest, 1889; C. of St Simon's, Southsea, 
1SSS-91. C. of St Paul's, Leamingtou, 1S93-5. C.ofVentnor, 
Isle of Wight, 1S95-7. V. of Ventnor, 1897-1906. V. of Holy 
Trinity, Eastbourne, 1906-19. V. of Christ Church, Becken- 
ham, Kent, 1919-23. V. and Rural Dean of Braintree, Essex, 
1924-9. Travelled widely in India, Egypt, Palestine, et< 
Of Sandown, Isle of Wight, in 1948. {Crockford; G. P. B. 

KERRY, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at St John's, June iS, 183S. 
S. of W., of 9, Upper Brook St, Grosvenor Square, London. 
B. there. School, King's College, London. Matric. Michs. 1838 ; 
B.A. 1842; M.A. 1845. Ord. deacon (London) Dec. is, [842; 
priest, Dec. 24, 1843; C. of St Andrew's, Holborn, London, 
1843-4. P.C. of St Thomas's, Bethnal Green, 1844-64. V. of St 
Jude's, Bristol, 1864-84. Died Mar. 29, 18S7, at Weston- 
super-Mare. {Crockford; The Guardian, Apr. 27, 1887.) 

KERRY, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at St John's, Jan. 15, 1896. 
S. of Charles, timekeeper, of Nottingham [and Elisabeth 
O'Donnell). B. Nov. 26, 1S78, at ShorncUffe Camp, Kent. 
School, Nottingham High (Dr Gow). Matric. Michs. 1896; 
B.A. 1S99; (Class. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class, 1899; Hist. Trip., 
Pt II, 1st Class, 1900); M.A. 1903. 

Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity, June 26, 1828; Nobleman, 
Oct. 21, 182S. [Elder] s. of Henry Petty Fitzmaun 
3rd Marquess of Lansdowne. B. [Mar. 30, 1S11], at Lans- 
downe House, Berkeley Square, London. School, West 
minster. Matric. Michs. 1S2S; M.A. 1834. Styled Earl of 
Wycombe, 1811-18, and Earl of Kerry, 1818. M.P. for 
Calne, 1832-6. Married, Mar. iS, 1S34, Augusta Lavinia 
Priscilla, 2nd dau. of John William (Ponsonby), 4th Earl of 
Bessborough, and had issue, a daughter. Died s. p.m. Aug. 21, 
1836. Brother of Lord Henrv Petty Fitzmaurice (1833). 
(Record of Old Westminsters (which gives 'died July 21'); 
G.E.C.; Burke, P. and B. (Lansdowne) ; G. Mag., 1836, 11. 442 
(also gives death July 21).) 

KERSHAW, ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 9, 1900. 
S. of John, engineer, of Blackpool [and Elizabeth Whit- 
taker]. B. July 13, 1S78, at Heywood, Lanes. Matric. Michs. 
1900; B.A. 1903; M.A. 1907. Ord. deacon (Manchester) 1903; 
priest, 1905; C. of Leigh, Lanes., 1903-6. C. of All Saints', 
Stand, 1906-10; R. there, 1910-41. Hon. Canon of Man- 
chester, 1935-41. Rural Dean of Radcliffe and Prestwich, 
1940-41. {Crockford.) 

KERSHAW, ARTHUR HERBERT. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
Jesus, Oct. 1, 1876. [2nd] s. of James, Esq. B. at Bowdon, 
Cheshire. School, Clifton College. Migrated to Brasenose 
College, Oxford, whence he matric. Oct. 17, 1877, aged 19. 
Died 1879. {Clifton Coll. Reg.; Al. Oxon.) 

KERSHAW, EDMUND. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Nov. 8, 1878. 
S. of Burroughs Dickie [civil engineer, of Highgate, Mid- 
dlesex]. B. July 25, 1857, at Islington. Matric. Easter, tS8o. 
Kept two terms. Migrated to Trinity Hall, 1881; B.A. 1884; 
M.A. 1S94. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Jan. 26, 1881. Ord. 
deacon (Newark, U.S.A.) 1889; priest, 1890. Assistant 
Minister of St Mark's, Jersey City, U.S.A., 1889-91. Mis- 
sionary at St Peter, Mazagon, Bombay, India, 1894-8. 
Missionary (S.S.J. E.) at Poona, 1899-1901. Disappears 
from Crockford, 1902. {Inns of Court; PeiU, 665.) 

Adm. pens, (age 20) at Trinity, Feb. 23, 1847. S. of Samuel. 

B. at Stoke Newington, London. School, Herts, (private). 
Matric. Michs. 1847; B.A. 1851; M.A. 1854. Adm. ' 

at Oxford, 1859. Ord. deacon (Worcester) 1854; priest, 1855; 

C. of Southam, Warws., 1854-6. C. of Hampton-Lucy, 
1857-60. Domestic Chaplain to Lord Lamington, 1860-85; 
to Earl de la Warr, 1885-1902. Died Dec. 26, 1902, at hi^ 
residence at Withyham, Sussex. {Al. Oxon.; Crockford; The 
Times, Dec. 29, 1902.) 

KERSHAW, EDMUND WILLIAM. Adm. FeU.-Com. (age 20) at 
Magdaiene, Oct. 30, 1851. S. of Edmund Newman [Mag- 
dalen College, Oxford, 1823], of Tidmington [sometime of 

Kershaw, John Frederic 

Heskin Hall, Eccleston, Lanes]. Matric. Michs. 1851. Of 
10, Hanover Square, London, W. (Fox-Davies, Armorial 

St John's, Oct. 15, 1889. S. of William Edward Evans, 
F C S. (Edin.), of Middleton, Lanes, [and Esther Anne 
Hilton], B. there May 17, 1870. Schools, Rhodes House, 
Cheetham Hill, and Uppingham. Matric. Michs. 1SS9; B.A. 
1S92. Called to the Bar, Inner Temple, May 8, 1895. J.P- 
for Merionethshire. O.B.E., 1918. Author, Brief Aids to the 
1 riminal Law. Died Dec. 26, 1924, at Aberdovey. (c'f- 
pingham Sch. Roll; Law Lists; The Eagle, xliv. 104.) 

Queens', June 3, 184S. [Only s. of Thomas Wilkinson, of 
Eccleshall, near Sheffield.) Matric. Michs. 1848; Scholar, 
1S40. Migrated to Queen's College, Oxford, whence he 
matric. (age 20) Oct. 24, 1S50; B.A. (Oxford) 1S54; M.A. 
(Oxford) 1859. Ord. deacon (Hereford) 1S55; priest, 1856; 
C. of Bromyard, Heref.. 1855-7. V. of Egmauton, Notts., 
1857-66. V. of Boughton, 1S66-77. R- of Fledborough, 
1877-1900. Died Feb. 3, 1900. {Al. Oxon.; Crockford; Clergy 
List; The Times, Feb. 9, 1900.) 

KERSHAW, HENRY PLUMBE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 7, 
1876. S. of the Rev. John Atherton (183S), of Lathom, Lanes. 
B. Feb. 185S, at Ormskirk, Lanes. School, Harrow. Matric. 
Michs. 1876; B.A. 1880. Of Coniston Bank, Coniston, Lanes., 
and later of The Knoll, Stogumber, Taunton. Brother of 
John F. (1S72). {Harrow Sch. Reg.) 

KERSHAW, HORACE. Adm. scholar at Queens', Michs. 1890. 
S. of John. B. Dec. 3, 1871, at Willesden, Middlesex. Matric. 
Michs. 1S90; B.A. 1S93; M.A. 1901. Assistant Master at 
Christ's Hospital, 1902-32. {Schoolmasters' Directories.) 

KERSHAW, JAMES. Adm. pens, at Clare, June 7, 1867. 
[B. Dec. 12, 1843. School, Rossall (left 1S60).] Matric. Michs. 
1867; B.A. 1871. A solicitor. Of Holly House, Bury Old 
Road, Manchester. Died July 24, 1912. {Rossall Sch. Reg.; 
Burke, L.G.) 

KERSHAW, JAMES. Adm. sizar at St John's, Oct. 10, 18S7. 
S. of James, inn-keeper [died Nov. 22, 1877] [and Catharine 
Stubbs]. B. Mar. n, 1868, at West Houghton, Lanes. 
School, Preston Grammar (Rev. A. B. Beaven). Matric. 
Michs. 1887; B.A. 1890. Died Sept. I, 1940, at Onston Hall, 
Crowton, Cheshire. Buried there. {The Times, Sept. 3, 1940.) 

KERSHAW, JAMES CLEGG. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Apr. 15, 1850. Of Lancashire. Matric. Michs. 1S50; B.A. 
1854; M.A. 1857. Ord. deacon (Manchester) 1855; priest, 
1856; C. of Blackburn, Lanes., 1855-7. V. of Walton-le- 
Dale, 1857-80. Proctor for the Archdeanery of Blackburn, 
1888-9. v - of Hartburn, Northumberland, 1889-1902. 
Resided subsequentlv at Ealing, where he died June 6, 1918, 
aged 87. {Crockford; The Times, June 8, 1918.) 
KERSHAW, JOHN ALBERT. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, 
luly 3, 1S58. S. of John. B. at Leeds. Matric. Michs. 1858; 
B.A. 1862; M.A. 1870. Ord. deacon (Durham) 1863; priest, 
1864. Assistant Master at Durham School, 1862-5. C. of 
Easingwold, Yorks., 1S65-7. Second Master at Lyme Regis 
Grammar School, Dorset, 1867-70. C. of Nordelph, Norfolk, 
1870-1. C. of Upwell St Peter, 1871-5. Head Master of 
Spalding Grammar School, Lines., 1875-7; of Chelmsford 
Grammar School, 1877-84. C. of Kelvedon, Essex, 1S85-6. 
R. of St James's, Colchester, 1S86-95. R. of Roding- 
Avthorp, Essex, 1805-1906. Died Feb. 24, 1906, aged 65. 
Father of John T. (18S7). {Crockford; The Times, Feb. 27, 
KERSHAW, JOHN ATHERTON. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Trinity, Feb. 20, 183S. S. of Thomas. B. at Ormskirk, 
Lanes. School, Westm. (private). Matric. Michs. 1838; B.A. 
1843; M.A. 1S46. Ord. deacon (Chester) 1844; priest, 1S45. 
V. of St James's, Lathom, Lanes., 1856-01. J.P. for Lanes. 
Married, 1S4S, Mary' E. Calshaw. Died Sept. 15, 1S9L 
Father of Henry P. (1876) and the next. {Clergy List; 
Crockford; The Guardian, Sept. 23, 1891; P. B. G. Binnall.) 
KERSHAW, JOHN FREDERIC. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Feb. 19, 1872. [Elder] s. of the Rev. John Atherton (above), 
V. of St James's, Lathom, Lanes. B. June 30, 1853. School, 
Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1872; B.A. 1376; M.A. 1880. 
Football (assoc.) 'blue,' 1874, 1875. Ord. deacon (Wor- 
cester) 1876; priest, 1877; C. of Kidderminster, 1876-82. 
V. of St John-theBaptist, Kidderminster, 1S82-1910. V. of 
Hallow, Worcs., 1910-24. Hon. Canon of Worcester Cathe- 
dral, 1911-35. Subsequently of Chacewater, Barboume 
Park, Worcester. Author, The Reunion of 1 hrisUndom, the 
Anglican and the Eastern Churches. Died unmarried Sept. 1 ;, 
1935. Brother of Henry P. (1876). {Harrow Sch. Reg.; 
Crockford; Who was Who, 1929-40.) 


Kershaw, John Kemp [Jones] 

KERSHAW, JOHN KEMP [JONES]. Adm. sizar at St Tohn's, 
June 7, 1833; re-adm. pens. Oct. 8, 1833. Of Middlesex. 
Matric. Micbs. 1S33; B.A. 1838. Ord. deacon (Chester) 
July 7, 1S39; C. of Turton, Lanes., 1839. Died July 12, 
1848, at Kingsland, aged 35. (Patru ian, vi. 208.) 

KERSHAW, JOHN TRAFFORD. Adm. pens, at Owens', 
Michs. 1887. S. of the Rev. John Albert (1858). P.. July 14. 
1868, at Easingwuld, V«.ik^. Maine. Mil hs. 1887; B.A. 1890; 
M.A. 1894. Ord. deacon (Salisbury) 1891; priest, 1 ■ . ■ , 1 oi 
Warminster, Wilts., 1891-7. Vice -Principal, St Boniface 
Missionary College, Warminster, 1893-8. C. of St Edmund's, 
Salisbury, 1898-1902. R. ol ' irsley, Wilts , 1902-24. V. oi 
Powerstock with West Milton, Dorset, 1924-38. Disappears 
from Crockford, 1939. 

KERSHAW, KERSLEY. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, Aug. 5, 
1895. S. of Robert, Esq., of Cambridge. B. Dec. 9. 1 369, a * 
Oldham. School, St Luke's Training College, Chester. 
Matric. Michs. 1895; B.A. 1898; M.A. 1902. Ord. deacon 
(Peterb.) 1900; priest, 1901; C. of All Saints', Leicester, 
1900-3. C. of Aylestone, Leics., 1903-9. R. of Scaldwell, 
Northants., 1900-37. Subsequently resided at Grevstones, 
Newtown Linford, Leicester. Died Sept. 8, 1948. (T. A. 
Walker, 634; Crockford.) 

KERSHAW, SAMUEL WAYLAND. Adm. pens, at St John's. 
Dec. 16, X854. Of Berkshire. [Younger s. of the Rev. John, 
M.A., Glasgow.] [B. 1836, at Abingdon. At King's College, 
London.] Matric. Lent, 1055; B.A. 1859; M -A. 1869. 
of Lambeth Palace, 1S70-1910; retired. Librarian, Royal 
Institute of British Architects. F.S.A. Fellow, Huguenot 
Society. Hon. Member, Guernsey Antiquarian Society. 
Member, Kt-nt Archaeological Society, and S<» lety of Archi- 
tects. Author, Art 1 rcaturcs of Lami>eth Library, Protestants 
from France, etc. Died Nov. 9, 1914. (Who was Who, 1897- 

Mar. 21, 1894. S. of Tfhornas], Esq., of 365, Barkii 
Plaistow, Essex. Matric. Micbs. 1894; B.A. 1S97; (Nat. Sci. 
Trip., Pt I, 1st Class, 1898). Assistant Master at Herkh. mi- 
sted School for one year; at South Lynn School, Eastbourne, 
for two terms; at King's College School for five terms; at 
Bradford Grammar School for two terms. H.M. inspector 
(Junior) of Schools, 1902; Inspector, 1907-29-. (School- 
masters' Directories.) 


KERSLAKE, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, 

Oct. 18, 1824. [Only] s. of Thomas, of Banner, Fakenham, 
Norfolk. B. there. School. Mill Hill, London. Matric. Michs. 
1S25. Adm. at the Middle Temple, May 17, 1824. (.1/1// Hill 
Sch. Reg., which identifies him with the antiquarian book- 
seller (1812-91) of Bristol, for whom see D.N.B.; Inns of 

KERSTEMAN, ANDREWS. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Christ's, 
Oct. 21, 1778. S. of William. B. at Chelmsford. School, 
Colchester. Matric. Michs. 17S1; Scholar, 1780; B.A. 1783; 
M.A. 1786. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 1784; priest, 1785. V. of 
Brenchley, Kent and R. of St Mary's, Bermondsey, Middle- 
sex, 1S14-27. Died June 4, 1827, at Brenchley, agr-d rs. 
(Peile, 11. 309; Foster, Index Kales.; G. Mag., 1S27, 1. 646.) 

KERSTEMAN, HENRY [or HARRY]. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
Magdalene, Oct. 13, 1855. S. of Henry Gobins, Esq., of 
Saunton, Devon [and of Edinburgh]. B. July 14, 1836. 
School, Cheltenham. Matric. Michs. 1855, as Harrv. [Chel- 
tenham Coll. Keg., Kerstiman.) 


KESWICK, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 27, 1889 
[Eldest] s.oi Willi. mi [M.P.], of Eastwick Park, Leathrrh>-,,d, 
Surrey. B. 1870, at Shanghai, China. School, Eton. M.itrn . 
Michs. 1889; B.A. 1892; M.A. 1918. Lieut., 3rd Batt., 
K.O.S.B. (T.), 1803; served throughout the South African 
War. Entered tin- firm of Jardine, Matheson and ' 
E istern Merchants. A member of the Li gislative Council, of 
the Executive Council, and of the Chamber of Commerce, at 
Hong Kong. Represented the Colony at the Coronation of 
King George V. M.F. for Epsom, 1912 18, Member oi the 
Dumfriesshire C.C. Member of the Royal Company of 
Archers. Served in the Great War (in command of the 3rd 
Vol. Batt., K.O.S.B.). Died Nov. 29, 1928, at Dumfries. 
[Eton Sch- Lists; Army Lists; Cambridge Review; Who was 
Who, 1916-28; The limes, Dec. 3, 1928.) 

KETLEY, JOSEPH. Adm. pens, at Queens', May 11, 1836. Of 
Somerset. Matric. Michs. 1836; B.A. 1840; M.A. 1843 I >rd, 
deacon (Winchester) 1S40; priest, 1841; C. of Lower Tooting, 
Surrey, 1841. C. of St Mirk's, Kimiungton, ,nul 
Evening Lecturer of St Lawrence Jewry, 1842-5 and 1853-9. 
Minister of Berkeley Chapel, St George's, Hanover Square, 

Kettlewell, Henry William 

London, and Sunday Evening Lecturer at Christ Church, 
Spitalfields, 1845-50. Married Mary Ann — . Disappears 
from Crockford, 1876. Father of the next. (Clergy List.) 

KETLEY, JOSEPH PENNYMAN. Adm. pens, at Queens'. 
June 30, 1854. [S. of the Rev. Joseph (above), of Eltham 
Place, Foxley Road, London. B. May 4, 1834. School, 
Merchant Taylors] Matric. Michs. 1854; B.A. (41s/ Wrangler) 
1858. Assistant Master at Cheltenham College, 1865-7. 
[Merchant Taylors' Sch. Keg.; Cheltenham Coll. Reg., 36.) 

KETT, GEORGE. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Emmanuel, July 31, 
1803. Of Norfolk. [Doubtless George Samuel, only s. of 
Thomas.] Of Brooke House, near Norwich. J. P. and D.L. 
for Norfolk; High Sheriff, 1820. Married, 1807, Mary, dau. 
of Richard Milford. (C. R. Huddleston.) 

KETT, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Caius, Apr. 29, 1775 
S. of William, of Kelsale, Suffolk. B. there. School, Beccles. 
Scholar, 1774; matric. Michs. 1776; B.A. 1779; M.A. I78g 
Ord. deacon (Norwich) Dec. iq, 1779; priest (Peterb.) June 4 
1781; C. of Snape and Friston, Suffolk, 1779- R- of Shot 
tisham, 1781-1832. V. of Darsham. 17S9-1832. R. of 
Waldingheld, 1796-1832. Died suddenly July 30, 1832, at 
Shottisham. M.I. there. {Venn, 11. 95.) 

KETTERER, FRANCIS CHARLES. Matric. Non-Coil. Mirks. 

KETTLE, LOUIS COOKE. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1SS6. S. of 
Sir [Rupert], Judge [of County Court], of Wolverhampton. 
[B. Mar. 7, 1869.] School, Wolverhampton Grammar. 
Matric. Michs. 18S7. 2nd Lieut., S. Staffs. Regt., 1890; 
Lieut., 1891; Capt., 1S99. Died Nov. 25, 1906. Brother of 
William C. (1878). [Wolverhampton Gr. Sch. Reg. (Lewis); 
Army Lists.) 

KETTLE, ROBERT. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, Oct. 22, 
1853. S. of John. B. at Kennington, London. School, 
King's College, London. Matric. Michs. 1S54; B.A. 185S; 
M.A. 1S61. Ord. deacon (Winchester) 1858; priest, 1859; 
C. of St Matthew's, Brixton, Surrey, 1858-60. C. of Binsted, 
Hants., 1860-2. C. of Woking, Surrey, 1862-7. V. of Grand- 
borough, Warws., 1867-71. R- of Lvdgate, Suffolk, 1871-89. 
Resided in London, S.W., 1890-9. R. of Panheld, Essex, 
1900-n. Lived subsequently at Upper Norwood, where he 
died Jan. 16, 1924. (Crockford; Tfie Guardian, Feb. 8, 1924.) 

KETTLE, ROBERT HENRY. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1881. 
[S. of the Rev. J. R., of Woking, Surrey. B. Dec. 22, 1863 
School, Lancing.] Matric. Michs. 18S1; B.A., from Caven- 
dish H., 1885. (The Lancing Reg.) 

KETTLE, WILLIAM COOKE. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity 
Hall, 1878. [2nd] s. of [Sir] Rupert, County Court ]udge. 
School, Wolverhampton. Matric. Michs. 187S; li \ . 
M.A. 1886; LL.M. 1889. Adm. Solicitor, July, 1884; practised 
at Wolverhampton. Registrar of Wolverhampton County 
Court. Died Feb. i, 1930, at Towyn, Merioneth. Brother of 
Loin, C. (1886). {Wolverhampton Gr. Sch. Reg.; Law Lists; 
1 he I imes, I-Vb. 3, 1930.) 

pens, (age 19) at Jesus, Oct. 1, 1878- [2nd] s. of the Rev. 
Samuel [and Anne Elizabeth Eyres]. B. at Leeds. Matric. 
Michs. 1878. 2nd Lieut., R. South Gloucestershire Militia. 
Possessed of ample means, in Nov. 1881 he acquired the 
yacht Marchesa, in which, accompanied by F. H. H. Gmlle- 
mard (of Caius), he went on an expedition to Kamschatka, 
New Guinea, etc., which had important scientific results. 
Kettlewell Bay, in the Celebes, was named after him. 
Assumed the name of Eyres, Apr. 15, 1898. Resided at 
Dumbleton Hall, Gloucs., for some years. Died Feb. 17, 1909. 
Brother of Henry W. (187s). (Burke, L.G. (Eyres); Changes 
of Xante; Army List; F. H. H. Guillemard, Cruise of the 
Marchesa; Years that the Locust hath eaten, vi. 116.) 

KETTLEWELL, HENRY. Adm. sizar at St Catharine's, 
Apr. 18,1835. S. of J. W., clerk. B. in Cumberland. Matric. 

Michs. 1835; B.A. 1S39. C. of Christ Church, Bradford, 
in 1841. Disappears from ' lergy List, 1845. 

at Trinity, May 25, 1875. Elder s. of the Rev. Samuel [and 
Anne Elizabeth Eyres], of 26, Lancaster Gate, London. 
B. 1657, at Hem- 1 Hempstead, Herts. School, Harrow. 
Matric. Michs. 1875; B.A. and LL.B. 1879. Assumed the 
name of Eyres in lieu of Kettlewell, Sept. 7, 1878, by Royal 
Licence, on attaining his majority, at which time he came 
into a large fortune. Of delicate health. Brother of Charles T. 
(1878). (Harrow Sch. Reg., Changes of Name; Burke, L.G. 


Kettle-well, Herbert Harrison 

Christ's. Feb. 26, 1S73. [Elder] s. of William Christian [of 
Moor House, Yorks.]. B. July 5, 1853. at Leeds. School, 
Uppingham. Matric. Michs. 1873; B.A. 1S78. Adm. at 
Lincoln's Inn, May 4, 1877. Called to the Bar, June 29, 1881. 
Lived at Llanfairfechan, N. Wales. Died May 4, 1885, at 
4, Bloomfield Street, London. Brother of the next. {Up- 
pingham Sell. Roll; Peiie, 11. 627; Inns of Court; Foster, 
Men at the Bar.) 

1878. [S. of William Christian, of Stanley, near Wakefield. 
School, Uppingham.] Matric. Michs. 1S7S; B.A. 1882; M A. 
1885. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 1S83; priest, 1SS5; C. of Bin- 
brooke. Lines., 1S83-S. C. ...f Thou nl.v, iv-s-n, c. of 
Marshwood, Dorset, 1S86-91. R. of Monkton-Wyld, Wilts . 
1801-6. V. of East Grafton, 1S96-1014. V. of Stourpaine, 
1914-22, Died May 26, 1022, aged 64. Brother of 
the above. [Uppingham Sch. Roll; Crockford; The Guardian, 
June 2, 1922.) 

KETTON, JOHN (1835), see KITTON. 

KEWLEY, CHARLES. Adm. sizar at Sidney, Oct. I, 1SS6. 
S. of Robert, of Castletown, Isle of Man. B. Apr. 16, 1867, 
in the Isle of Man. School, King William's College, Isle of 
Man (Dr Hushes-Games). Matric. Michs. 1SS6; B.A. 1S89; 
M.A. 1894. Second Master at Southport Grammar School, 
1890. Assistant Master at St Mary's College, Harlow, 1892. 
Principal, St Cyprian's Grammar School, Kimberley, S. 
Africa, 1893-1901. Served in the South African War, 1S99- 
1902. Inspector of Schools in S. Africa, 1901-3. Classical 
Lecturer at Grey College, Bloemfontein, 1917. In the 
Education Department, Cape Province, 1920. Of St An- 
drew's Rectorv. Ramsey, Isle of Man (I92S). Brother of John 
(1880). (King William's Coll. Reg., 1928.) 

KEWLEY, FRANCIS. Adm. pens, at St John's, June 10, 1845. 
[4th] s. of John, Esq., of Bodfast (sic) [and Mary]. B. at Llan- 
fyllin, Montgom. Bapt. Sept. 13, 1826. School, Shrewsbury 
(Dr Kennedy). Matric. Michs. 1845; Scholar; Porson prize, 
1849. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Oct. 25, 1847. Migrated to 
Jesus College, Oxford, and matric. Feb. 21, 1850, age 23; 
Scholar, 1850-2; B.A. (Oxford) 1852; M.A. (Oxford) 1853. 
Fellow, Dean and Tutor of Jesus College, Oxford, 1S52-67. 
Ord. deacon (Oxford) 1859; priest, i860; C. of Tubney, 
Berks., 1859-65. V. of St Peter's, Malvern Wells, Worcs., 
1S69-72. R. of Remenham, Berks., 1878-90. Died Feb. 21, 
1890, at the vicarage, Wingham. Brother of Thomas R. 
{1840). {Shrewsbury Sch. Reg.; Inns of Court; Al. Oxon.; 
Crockford; The Guardian, Mar. 12, 1890.) 

KEWLEY, JAMES. Adm. at King's, Sept. 30, 1898. Elder s. of 
George Edward, bank-manager, of Arborv Road, Castletown, 
Isle of Man. B. Oct. 6, 1879, at The "Crofts, Castletown. 
School, King William's College. Matric. Michs. 1898; 
Exhibitioner, 1899; Scholar, 1900; B.A. (Nat. Sci. Trip., 
Pt I, 1st Class) 1901; M.A. 1905. Science Master at King 
William's College, Isle of Man, 1902-6. In Borneo with 
Royal Dutch Petroleum Co., 1907-13. Refinery Manager for 
Anglo-Egyptian Oilfields, 1913-15. F.I.C. and M.I.Chem.E. 
In munitions work in England, France and Egypt, 19 19. 
Chief chemist to Anglo-Saxon and Asiatic Petroleum Com- 
panies. Author, Petroleum and Allied Industries, etc. Of 
Sutton, Surrey, in 1928. {King William's Coll. Reg.; King's 
Coll. Reg.) 

KEWLEY, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Sidney, Oct. 11, 1880. Elder 
s. of Robert, merchant, of Castletown, Isle of Man. B. there 
i860. School, King William's College, Isle of Man 
(Dr Hughes Games). Matric. Michs. 18S0; B.A. (34/ A 
Wrangler) 1884; M.A. 1888. Ord. deacon (Sodor and Man) 
1883; priest, 1884; C. of St Paul's, Ramsey, Isle of Man, 
1883-91. V. of Kirk Arbory, 1891-1912. Canon of St 
Columba, 1899-1912. Secretary of the Manx Convention, 
1893-1924. Archdeacon of Man, 1912-38. R. of Kirk An- 
dreas, Isle of Man, 1912-38. J. P. for the Isle of Man. Editor, 
Manx Church Magazine. Subsequently resided at 74, Malew 
Street, Castletown. Diedini94l. Brother of Charles (1S86). 
(A"i»ig It illiam's Coll. Reg.; Crockford; Who's Who.) 

KEWLEY, THOMAS RIGBY. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Magda- 
lene, June 2, 1840. S. of John, of Bodvatch, Montgom. 
School, Shrewsbury. Matric. Michs. 1840; B.A. 1S44; M.A. 
1847. Ord. deacon (London) 1844; priest, 1845; C. of Holy 
Trinity, Halstead, Essex. C. of Springfield, 1845. C. of 
Famhaui-Royal, Bucks., 1846-55. C. of Bishops-Hatfield, 
Herts., 1S55-66. Org. Sec, S.P.G., for Archdeaconry of 
St Albans, 1857. District Secretary, A.C.S., 1866 71 R. of 

'"Baldock, Herts., 1S71-85. Hon. Canon of St Albans, I 

Rural Dean of Baldock, 1879-85. Died July 26, 1885, at 
Baldock. Brother of Francis (1845). {Shrewsbury Sch. Reg. ; 
Crockford; J he Guardian, July 29, 1885.) 

VACiiiv 33 

Key, Samuel Whittell 

KEWNEY, GEORGE STANLEY. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 1892. 
Elders, of Stanley, solicitor, of Tynemouth. B. there May 30, 
1S74. School, N.E. County, Barnard Castle. Matn. 
1892; B.A. 1895. Ord. deacon (Newcastle-on-Tyne) 1 
priest, 1899; C. of Corbridge-on-Tyne, Noxthumb., 

1900. Chaplain and Naval Instructor, R.N 

Served on H.M.SS. Caledonian, Cambrian, Irresistible, 
Emerald, Commonwealth, Dreadnought, Formidable, Cum- 
berland, Highflyer, and Queen Mary. Killed in action in the 
Battle of Jutland, May 31, 1916. (Pembroke Coll. Reg.; 
Univ. War List; Crockford.) 

Emmanuel, Sept. 29, 1SS8. S. of [Commander] B[enjamin] 
H., R.N., of Downham [St Edward's Road], Southsea. B. Aug. 
22, 1870. Matric. Michs. 18SS; B.A. 1S91; M.B. and B.Chir. 
1895; M.A. and M.D. 1920. At Guy's Hospital; tv 1 1> nt 
Surgeon there. Resident Medical Officer, Royal Waterloo 
Hospital for Women and Children. In practice at Southsea 
Hants, in 1946. During the Great War, 1014-iQ, Medical 
Officer in charge of R.A.M.C. reception Hospital, Ports- 
mouth; O.B.E., 1919. Brother of Henry A. (1893). (Burke, 
O.B.E.; Medical Directories.) 

KEY. FRANK LLEWELLYN. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, 
July 22, 18S3. S. of Joseph Henrv. B. at Newton Abbot, 
Devon. Matric. Michs. 18S3; B.A. 1886. 

KEY. FREDERICK FREMLIN. Adm. at Clare, June 17, 18S6. 
[School, St LawTence College.] Matric. Michs. 18S6; B.A. 
18S9; M.A. 1943. Ord. deacon (London) 1S91; priest, 1892; 
C of St George's, Tufnell Park, Middlesex, 1891-3. C. of 
Ellastone with Stanton, Staffs., 1894-1901. R. of Eggington, 
Beds., 1901-21. Rural Dean of Longford, 1920-1. R. of 
Trottiscliffe, Kent, 1921-4S-. Hon. Canon of Rochester. 
{St Lawrence Coll. Reg.; Crockford.) 

KEY, FREDERICK JOHN. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, Sept. 
15, 1S93. S. of James, of Aberavon, Port Talbot. B. there 
June 2, 1S67. Educated at St David's College, Lampeter 
(B.A., Hons.). Matric. Michs. 1893; prizeman, 1894; B.A. 
1895; M.A. 1901. Ord. deacon (Newcastle) 1S95; priest, 
1896; C. of Jesmond, Northuinb., 1895-8. C. of Hexham, 
1898-1900. C. of St Martin's, Birmingham, 1900-2. Org. 
Sec, C.E. League and lie. pr., dio. of London, 1902-4. 
P.C. of St John-the-Evangelist, Stratford, Essex, 1904-13. 
V. of St Paul's, Walsall, Staffs., 1913-21. Rural Dean of 
Stoke-on-Trent, 1924-31. R. of Shelton. Staffs., 1921-31. 
Preb. of Lichfield, 1927-31. V. of Aylesbeare, Devon, 1931- 
32. Died Jan. 9, 1932. (T. .4. Walker, 627; Crockford; 1 he 
Times, Jan. 13, 1932.) 

KEY, HENRY ASTON. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., Oct. I, 1893. 
B. July 8, 1873. [School, St John's College, Hurstpierpoint.] 
Matric. Michs. 1S93; B.A. 1S96. At Salisbury theological 
College, 1897. 'Returned to South Africa, 1897.' Native 
Commissioner in Pretoria, 1904. Of Blaauwberg, Zout- 
pansberg, Transvaal, in 1914. Brother of Benjamin W. M. 
(1888). {Reg. of St John's Coll., Hurstpierpoint.) 

KEY, LEONARD. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus, May 9, 1795. 
S. of Mark, of Market Weighton. B. there. Schools, Beverley 
(Mr Jackson), Thornton (Mr Mackrett), and York (Mr 
Grayson). Matric. Lent, 1799, as Leonard Ash Key. 

KEY, SAMUEL. Adm. pens, at Sidney, Mar. 15, 1824. [2nd s. 
of Samuel, of Fulford Hall, Yorks. B. Nov. 16, 1806.] 
Migrated to St Catharine's, Oct. 20, 1824; 'of Staffs.' Matric. 
Michs. 1824; B.A. 1828. Ord. deacon (York) 1831; priest, 
1832. Of Cleator, Cumberland, 1841-59. P.C. of 1 ullord, 
Yorks., 1S59-63. Of Fulford Hall, Yorks. Married, Nov. 20, 
1839, Harriet, dau. of William I.unib., D.L., of Meadow 
House, Whitehaven. Died Oct. 5, 1863. Father of the next. 
(Burke, L.G., 1939; Clergy List; Crockford.) 

KEY, SAMUEL. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus, Oct. 1867. S. of 
the Rev. James {sic). [3rd s. of the Rev. Samuel 
deceased, of Fulford Hall, Yorks.] B. July 21, 1848, at Lowca, 
near Whitehaven, Cumberland. School, St Peter's, York, 
and Westminster. An artist. Died Mar. 13, 1922. Father of 
the next. {Record of Old Westminsters '3rd s. of the Rev. 

KEY, SAMUEL WHITTELL. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 13, 
1892. S. of Samuel (above) [of W. Kensington, London, and 
Blanche Lefrov Whittell]. B. Sept. 20, 1S74, at Bilbrough 
Grange, Yorks. Schools, Haileybury and Westminster. 
Matric. Michs. 1892. Migrated to St Catharine 1 
1895; B.A. 1898; M.A. 1901. Ord. deacon (Norwn 
priest, 1901; C. of N. Walsham, Norfolk, 1899-19C I if 
Chislehurst, Kent, 1902-3. C. of Lee, 1903-5. V. of Cleator, 
Cumb., 1905-10. V. of All Saints', Ipswich, 1910 
in the Great War, (914 [9 (Chaplain, K.A.i I >.). K. of 
1,1 Blakenham, Suffolk, 1922 B. V. of Fulford 
1928-48. Author, The Material in Support of the Spiritual; 
The Solace of the Soul, The Broken tunc: Yellow Death. 
Died Jan. 29, 194S. {Record ofOld Westminsters; Haileybury 
Reg.; Univ. War List; Crockford.) 

Key, Thomas 

KEY, THOMAS. Adm. (age 18) at King's, a scholar from Eton, 
Aug. 14, 1773. [S. of the Rev. Thomas Mihvard (1745), of 
Upton, Bucks., and Martha.] B. at Eton, Bucks. [Baptised 
Dec. 27, 1751.] Matric. Lent, 1774: B.A. 1778; M.A. 1781. 
Fellow, 1776-96; Vice-Provost, 1792-6. Junior Proctor, 
1793. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1776; priest (Norwich) Feb. 20, 
1785; C. of Gt Bricet, Suffolk. C. of Wattisham and Little 
Finborough, 1785. R. of Milton, Cambs., 1795-1811. 
Married, Aug. 4, 1796, Miss — Driffield, of peering, Essex. 
Died Sept. 30, 1811, {Eton Coll. Ree.; Foster, Index Eccles.; 
Harwood, Alumni Eton.; G. Mag., 1811, 11. 3<>5, and 1796, 
11. 701 (which erroneously gives William Key).) 

KEY, THOMAS [HEWETT]. Adm. pens, (age 18) at St John's, 
Nov. 16. 1S16. Of Surrey. S. of Thomas [H.D.]. B. [Mar. 20, 
1799], at Camberwell, London. School, Buntingford, Herts. 
Matric. Michs. 1817; Scholar, 1817. Migrated to Trinity, 
Mar. 8, 1819; Scholar, 1819; B.A. (191* Wrangler) 1821; 
M.A. 1824. Studied medicine at Guy's Hospital, but gave 
this up 10 become Professor of pure mathematics at Yiieiin.t, 
itesville, U.S.A., 1825-7. Professor of Latin, Uni- 
versity of London, 1828-421 Professor of Comparative 
Grammar, T842-75. Toint Head Master of the new school 
attached to University College, 1832-42; Head Master, 
1842-75. His school was one of the first in England to include 
Natural Science in the curriculum. Introduced a new method 
of teaching the Classical languages. F.R.S., i860. President, 
Philological Society of London. Married, Sept. 28, 1824, 
Sarah, younger dau. of Richard Ironmonger Troward 
(solicitor to the prosecution in the Warren Hastings trial) 
and hid issue. A great Latin scholar. Author, Latin 
Grammar, etc. Died of bronchitis Nov. 29, 1875, at 21, West- 
bourne Square, London. (Boose, II. 215; D.N.B.) 

KEY, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar (age iS) at Christ's, Jan. 2, 1771. 
S. of John. B. at Maplebeck, Notts. School, Southwell. 
Matric. Michs. 1771; Scholar, 1771; B.A. 1775; M.A. 1778. 
Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 1775; priest, 1776; C. of Norton 
Disney, Lines., 1775-8. R. of Claypole (N. Mcdictvi, 
17-S-Q. V. m1 C.irG'lston, Nolls., -1807-22. V. of Maple- 
beck. (Peile, 11. 292; P. B. G. Binnall.) 

KEY, WILLIAM DOWN. Adm. Fell. -Com. at Queens', Oct. 30, 
1834. (S. of William, of London. B. Oct. 14, 1812. School, 
Charterhouse.] Matric. Lent, 1.S35. Died 1836. (Lis! of 

KEYES, HAROLD EDWARD. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1893; 
B.A. 1896; M.A. 1906. Ord. deacon (York) 1896; priest, 
1897; C. of Mexborough, Yorks., 1896-8. C. of Newington, 
1898-1900. C. of Brotton Parva, 1900-6. V. of St Cuthbert, 
Middlesbrough, 1906-10. R. of Nunburnholme, 19 10-17. 
V. of Alne with Aldwark, 1917-41. Subsequently resild it 
East Knapton, Malton, Yorks. Death (without date) 
recorded in Crockford Supp., 1942-4. 


KEYMER, BASIL NATHANIEL. Adm. (age 19) at Pembroke, 
Oct. 1, 1890. Eldest s. of the Rev. Nathaniel (1S63), R. of 
Headon, near Retford, Notts. B. [Jan. 12, 1872].. it Bmghain. 
[School, Newark Grammar.] Matte .Mi I 1 10; B.A - 13. 
Ord. deacon (Rochester) 1895; priest, 1896; C. of St John- 
the-Divine, Kennington, Surrey, 1895-8. C. of Birken ihaw, 
Yorks., 1898-9. V. of Flockton with Denby Grange, 1899- 
191T. C. of St Martin's, Scarborough, iqll-14. Served in 
the Great War, 1914-19 (Chaplain, R.A.C.D.; mentioned 
twice in despatches; T.D., 1918). Chaplain and Welfare 
Worker, Imperial War Graves Commission, 1920-8. R. of 
Gosbeck, Suflolk, 192S-35. V. of Hketshall St Andrew with 
Ilketshall St Laurence, 1935-41. Died about 1941. Brother 
of the next. (l'endooke 1 oil. Ace. ; Univ. War List; Army 
Lists; Crockford.) 

KEYMER, BERNARD WILLIAM. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 
1894. 3rd s. of the Rev. Nathaniel (1863), R. of Headon, 
Notts. B. Jan. 12, 1876, at Bingham, Notts. School, Newark. 
Matric. Mich-. 1894; B.A. 1S97; M.A. 1912. Ord. deacon 
(Winchester) 1899; priest, moo; C. of Portsea, Hants., 1899- 
1907. R. of All Saints', Southampton, 1907-14. V. of East- 
leigh, 1014-18. Served in the ( War, 1914-19 (Chaplain, 

R.A.C.D.;O.B.E.;ment ed indcspalc lies). V.of St Mark's, 

South Farnbnrough, 1923-5. Died M.iv ?. 192s Brother of 
the above. (Pembroke Coll. lev. / >n;\ War I ist; ' rockford; 
The limes. May 9, 1925.) 

KEYMER. CHARLES TOLL. Adm. sizar at Corpus Christi, 
Dec. 16, 1818; re-adm. pens. Mav 8, 1821. Of Essex. Matric. 
Lent, i8ig;B.A. 1824. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Oct. 5, 1823. 

KEYMER, EDWARD HENRY. Adm. pens, at Si (ohn's, 
Oct. 13, 1894. S. of Daniel Joseph, Indian and Colonial 
agent and merchant [died Sept. 10, 1804] [and Eliza ( ooper] 
B. Apr. 13, 1867, at South Hacknev, Middlesex. School, 
■ it; o( London (Rev. E. A. Abbott). Matric Michs. 1894; 
B.A. 1897; M.A. 1901. Ord. deacon (London) 1897; priest, 
1898; C. of St James's, Enfield Highway, Middlesex. [897- 
1902. C. of St Paul's, Hammersmith, 1903-8. Chaplain 

Keysell, Folliott Sandford 

(A.C1.S.) at Manora and in the Persian Gulf, 1908-11. 
C.-in-charge of Holy Trinity, Hounslow, 1911-12. C. of 
St Luke's, Westboume Park, 1912-13. Served in the Great 
War, 1914-18 (T.C.F., 1917-18). V. of Whetstone. Middlesex, 
1913-20. Priest-in-charge of Otwav Forest, Victoria, Aus- 
tralia, 1921-4; of Sea Lake, 1924-5. R. of St Albans. 
Kimberlev, South Africa, 1927-37. Died Apr. 2, 1937, in 
London. Buried at Epsom. {Crockford; Eagle, July, 1937; 
7 he limes, Apr. 6, 1937.) 

KEYMER, NATHANIEL. Adm. pens, at Pembroke, Mar. 22, 
1832. S. of Robert, merchant, of Manchester. B. [Feb. 4, 
1814], at Pulchetts, Manchester. School, Christ's Hospital. 
Matric. Michs. 1832; Scholar, 1S32; B.A. 1836; M.A. 1839. 
Ord. deacon (Lincoln) iS 37; priest, 1839. Assistant Master 
at Christ's Hospital, Hertford, 1S37-S; Head Master, 1S3S- 
70. R. of Colne Engaine, Essex, 1870-9. St Matthew's Day 
Preacher, 1843 and 1S70. Compiler, with R. Lynam. of a 
Latin Grammar. Died Jan. 14, 1879. Either of the next, 
and of William (1866). [Christ's Hospital Exhibitioners; 
Clergy List; Crockford.) 

KEYMER, NATHANIEL. Adm. pens, (age iS) at Pembroke, 
Sept. 19, 1863. Elder s. of the Rev. Nathaniel (above), 
Head Master of Christ's Hospital, Hertford. B. Apr. 13, 
1844. Schools, Christ's Hospital and Kensington Grammar. 
Matric. Michs. 1S63; B.A. 1867; M.A. 1S71. Ord. deacon 
(Lincoln) 1S67; priest, 1868; C. of Bingham, Notts., 1867-77- 
[First] V. of St Luke's, Middlestown, Wakefield. Yorks., 
1877-9. R. OI Headon with Upton, Notts., i\~> ini. 
Rural Dean of Tuxford, 1884-1902. Canon-Missioner in the 
dio. of Southwell, 1888-1922. Of Derbv House, Nottingham. 
Author, religious. Died Dec. 10, 1922. Father of Basil N. 
(1890) and Bernard W. (1894); brother of the next I 
ford; Who was Who. 1916 28 I 

KEYMER, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Pembroke, 
tune 23, 1866. S. of the Rev. Nathaniel (1832), of Hertford. 
B. there [Oct. 13, 1847]- [School, Christ's Hospital.] Matric. 
Michs. 1866; Scholar, 1866; B.A. 1870. A private tutor. 
Die. 1 [in. 1877, at Cannes. Brother of the above. {Christ's 
Hospital Exhibitioners.) 

KEYNES, JOHN NEVILLE. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Pembroke, 
July 17, 1872. [Only] s. of John, merchant, of Salisbury 
[and Anna Maynard Neville]. [B. there Aug. 31, 1852. 
School, Amersham Hall, and at University College, London 
(Gold medal, 1876; Fellow, 1S75).] Matric. Michs. 1872; 
Scholar. 1872; (Moral Sci. Trip., ist Class, 1875); B.A. 1876; 
M.A. 1879; ScD. 1891. Fellow, 1876-82; Hon. Fellow, 1911. 
Llniversity Kegistrary, 1910-25. Adm. at the Middle Temple, 
Apr. 25, 1876. University Lecturer in Moral Science, 1883- 
1910. I.C.S. University Teacher in Political Economy, 
1884-93. Secretary of the Local Examinations and Lectures 
Syndicate, 1S92-1910. Author, studies and Exercises in 
Formal Logic; Scope and Method of Political Economy, etc. 
Of 6, Harvey Road, Cambridge, where he died Nov. 15, 1949. 
Father of Lord Keynes. (Inns of Court; Who's Who.) 

DLESTON). Adm. pens, at St John's, July 2, 1840. S. of 
Thomas, assistant Surgeon m the sen tee- ni the East India 
Co. [and Marianne Babington]. B. June 22, 1821, at Madras. 
School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1840. Appointed to 17th 
Native Infantry, 1842; Lieut., 1845; Lieut.-Col., 17th Madras 
N.I. Married Jane, dau. of Robert Merry, and had issue. 
Died 1S-M11 India. (Harrow \<h. keg. (Keves, Thomas John 
Huddleston);C. R. Hudleston; Burke, P. and B. (sub Keyes) ; 
Burke, L.G., which gives his mother's name as Patton and 
his grandmother's as Babington.) 

KEYS-WELLS, HENRY ASHTON. Adm. pens, at Selwvn H., 
Oct. 1. 1889. B. Nov. it, 1868. [S. of the Rev. William 
Ke\s. of Cumberland (Trinity College, Eliihlin, 1846), who 
added the name Wells to Keys, by deed-poll, June 22, 1871 ] 
Matric. Michs. 1889. His health broke down whilst at 
Cambridge, and he was an invalid for the rest of his life. 
Died Jan. 5, 19411. (C. R. Hudleston.) 
KEYSALL, The Rev. JOHN. M.A., tneorp. from Oxford, 1787. 
S. of John, of St Andrew'-, Holborn. Matric. from lirasenose 
1 ollege, Oxford, Nov. ,. 1778, age 17; B.A. (Oxford) 1783; 
M.A. (Oxford) 1785. Ord. deacon, 1785. Chaplain to the 
King. 1790. K. of Bredon, Worcs., 1806-36. 'For many years 
111 active and useful magistrate' for Worcs. and Gloucs. 
Died Dec. 27, 1S36, at Cheltenham. (Cant. Act Bk.; Al. 
Oxon.; G. Mag., 1837, 1. 217.) 
1890. [S. of F. P., of Grove House, Cheshunt, Herts.] B. 
1870. School, Shrewsbury. Matric. Michs. 1890; B A 1893; 
M.A. 1807. Ord. deacon (London) 1895; priest, 1S96; C. of 
St Paul's, Fmchlev, Middlesex, 1895-7. C. of Holy [runty, 
Marylebone, 1897. C. of St Martin's, Birmingham, 1897- 
1900. C.ofSt Paul'-., Il.1e2.erst. m, 1900-4. C of Harpenden, 
Herts., r904. V. of Weedon, Northants., 1904-16. Rural 
Dean of Weedon, 191 1-16. V. of St Sepulchre's, Northamp- 


Keyser, Charles Edward 

ton, 1916-28. Rural Dean of Northampton, 1922-6. Hon. 
Canon of Peterborough, 1924-37; Canon from 1937. R. of 
Benefield, Nortbants., 1928-32. V. of Potterspury with 
Furtho and Yardley Gobion, 1932-6. V. of East Haddon, 
1936-45. Died Oct. 24, 194s, at Yardlev Gobion. (Shrewsbury 
Sch. Rig.; Who's Who; Crockford; The Times, Oct. 26, 1945.) 

KEYSER, CHARLES EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 9, 1S65. [Only] s. of Charles [member of the Stock 
Exchange], of The Warren House, Stanmore, Middlesex. 
B. Sept. 10, 1S47, in London. School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 
1866; B.A. 1S70; M.A. 1873. Adm. at the Inner Temple, 
Apr. 21, 1868; not called to the Bar. Concerned in numerous 
enterprises in the City of London. Of Aldermaston Court, 
Berks., where he restored the church and enlarged the schools. 
Member of the Herts. County Council, 1SS8-95; afterwards 
of the Berks. County Council. D.L. for Berkshire. High 
Sheriff. 1S95. F.S.A. President of the British Archaeological 
Association. Vice-President of the Royal Archaeological 
Institute. Specialised in English ecclesiastical architecture. 
A prominent Freemason; Grand Warden of England, trustee 
of Grand Lodge, and Provincial Grand Master of Hertford- 
shire. Trustee of the Royal Masonic Institution for Boys; 
presented a Chapel to the School at Bushey. Founder, and 
first Master of, the Charles Edward Keyser Lodge. A most 
generous contributor to the building fund of the University 
Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, one of its galleries 
being named after him. Author, A List of Norman tympana 
and lintels... in the Churches of Great Britain, etc. Died 
May 23, 1929. (Eton Sch. Lists; Inns of Court; Who's Who 
in Art; Who was Who, 1929-40; The Times, May 24, 1929.) 

KEYSER, LIONEL EDWARD. Adm. at Caius, Jan. 14, 1S98. 
S. of Edward, of Smyrna [and Ethel Van der Zee]. B. there 
Oct. 23, 1S78. School, Uppingham. Matric. Lent, 1S98; 
B.A. 1900. In the Consular Service; Student-Interpreter in 
China, 1902-4; Vice-Consul at Boston, 1906; at Caracas, 
1907; at Beira, 1908; acting Consul at Lorenzo Marques, 
1908; Vice-Consul, at Constantia, 1910; acting Vice-Consul 
at Korsor, 1916; Consul, at Bucharest, 1920; Consul-General 
at Zurich, 1924; at Rotterdam, 1930; at Quito, 1833-34; at 
Marseilles, 1934; retired, 1937. {Uppingham Sch. R 
11. 555, and addenda; Who's Who.) 

KEYWORTH, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Feb. 26, 1824; 
Fell. -Com. Oct. 26, 1824. S. of Joseph, of Rufford, Notts. 
Bapt. Mar. 28, 1802, at Bilsthorpe, Notts. Matric Michs. 
1S24. Buried Apr. 22, 1S25, at Ollerton, Notts. M.I. in 
Ollerton church. (Peile, 11. 415.) 

KEYWORTH, WILLIAM DAVID. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., 
Oct. 1, 1S99. B. Jan. 31, 1SS1. Matric. Michs. 1899; B.A. 
1902; B.C. 1906; M.B. 1909; M.D. 192S. At Charing Cross 
Hospital. M.R.C.P., 1909. House Surgeon and House 
Physician at Charing Cross Hospital. House Surgeon, 
Hampstead General Hospital. House Physician, General 
Lying-in Hospital. Entered the I. M.S.; as Lieut., 1909; 
1912; Major, 1920; Lieut. -Col., 1928. Served in the 
Great War, 1914-19 (Capt., I. M.S.; mentioned in despatches). 
In practice at St Marv Bourne, Hants., in 1944. Medical 
Officer for St Mary Bourne District. (Univ. War List; Army 
Lists ; Medical Directories.) 

KHACHER, KUMAN SHRI MANSUR. Adm. pens, (age iS) at 
Magdalene, Jan. 20, 1890. Eldest s. of the Prince of Jaselan, 
Kitthiawar, Bombay, India. School, private. Matric. Lent, 

KHAN, ABDUL KARIM. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Oct. 9, 1894. 
S. of Moloi Adbul Rahman Khan, Tehsilder of Tall. B. 
[Nov. 18, 1874], at Jaora, Central India. Schools, Govern- 
ment and College, Allahabad [B.A. 1893 and M.A. 1894, of 
Allahabad University]. Matric. Michs. 1894; B.A. 1897. 
Called to the Bar, Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 26, 1899. Chief Justice 
of the High Court of Judicature, Gwalior State, 1909. Of 
Lashkar, Gwalior, in 1911. Served in the Great Wax, 1914-19 
(Major, 129th Balauchis, Indian Army); kilted in action, 
Dec. 31, 1914. {Peile, 11. 795; Univ. War List; Law Lists.) 

KHAN, ABDUL RAHIM. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1899. S. of 
Khan Bhadar Mohd Azim, of Dera Ishmael Khan, Punjab 
Province, India. School, C.M.S., Dera Ishmael Khan, India. 
Matric. Michs. 1890; B.A. 1903. Called to the Bar, Gray's 
Inn, 1904. 

Michs. 1895. S. of Mouloi Abid Khan. B. [Mar. 31, 1875], at 
Sylhet, Bengal. Educated at St Xavier's College, Calcutta, 
and at Calcutta University. Migrated to Christ's, Oct. 17, 
1896; B.A. (Orient. Langs. Trip., 1st Class) 1899. Entered 
the I.C.S., 1899; in the Central Provinces, as Assistant 
Commissioner, 1900; Deputy Commissioner, 1915; Com- 
missioner, 1926. Member of the Legislative Assembly, 
1928-9. Commissioner, Nagpur Division, 1929-33; retired, 
1934. O.B.E., 1918. CLE., 1932. Of Birahimpore, Sylket, 
in 1944. {Peile, 11. 814; I.C.S. Lists; Who's Who.) 

Kidd, Francis Seymour 

KHAN, MASHA ALLAH. Adm. pens, at St Tohn's, Apr. 17, 
1888. S. of Nair Ullah, I.C.S. (retired), of Agra, India. B. 
An-. 1, 1S67, at Fatahabad. School, Agra College, and at 
the London Hospital. Matric. Easter, r.888. Kept two terms. 
M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1SS9. F.R.C.S. (Edin.), 1894- D.P.H. 
(Camb.), 1892. Lecturer in Pathology at Agra Medica] 
School, 1900. Civil Surgeon and Superintendent,, at Kheri, 
Oudh, in 1920. (Medical Directories.) 

KHAN, MIR ALAM. Adm. pens, at Christ's. Oct. 19, 1897. 
S. of Ibrahim. B. [1878], at Gulimam, Punjab. School, 
Mission High, Dera Ishmael Khan and at Aligarh College. 
Matric. Michs. 1S97. Resided four terms. Called to the Bar, 
Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 19, 1900. {Peile, 11. 821.) 


KHAN, NASRULLAH. Adm. pens, at Downing, Jan. 14, 1888. 
Doubtful if resided. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn. Called to the 
Bar, July 3, 1889. (Law Lists.) 

KHAN, SULTAN MOHAMMED. Adm. pens, at Christ's, 
Oct. 13, 1898. S. of Chandhri Sahib Zada. B. Feb. 7, 1S70, 
at Sailkot, Punjab. Schools, Government at Gardaspur, 
Bagbanpur and Lahore. An Advanced Student. Matric. 
Michs. 1898. Resided six terms. Chief Secretary to the 
Ameer of Afghanistan, 1889-98. In practice as a barrister 
at Sailkot in 191 1. Author, The Constitution and Laws of 
Afghanistan. (Peile, 11. 829.) 

KHAN, ZAHID ALI (1887), see ALI KHAN. 

KHASTGIR, SURENDRA LAL. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1S95. 
Called to the Bar, Lincoln's Inn, May 4, 1S98. {Law Lists.) 

K1BBEY, JOHN. Adm. sizar at St Catharine's, July 9. 1847. 
A 'Ten-year man'. S. of George. B. at Cardiff. 

KIDD, ARTHUR STANLEY. Adm. sizar at St John's, Aug. 16, 
1890. S. of Arthur, gent., of Warrington, Lanes, [and Mary 
Hannah Smith]. B. Jan. 29, 1869, at Didsbury, near Man- 
chester. Schools, Warrington Grammar (Rev. Willcocks) 
and at Owens College, Manchester. Matric. Michs. 1S90; 
B.A. 1896; M.A. 1900. Assistant Master at Carnarvon 
County School; at Rotherham Grammar School. Lecturer 
in Classics at University College, Sheffield. Professor of 
Literature and Philosophy at St Andrew's College, Grahams- 
town, S. Africa, 1899-1904. Professor of English, Rhodes 
University College, Grahamstovvn, 1904-32. Author, The 
■:: t; of English; Higher Education in Cape Colony, etc. 
Of Cape Town, in 1946. Brother of Ernest S. (1897). (Who's 

KIDD, CHARLES BERNARD. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 1, 
1898. S. of Charles Newman, of West Hill House, Dartford, 
Kent. B. [Mav 8], 1S79, at Dartford. School, Kent (private). 
Matric. Michs". 1S98; B.A. 1905. Master of the West Kent 
Hounds, 1909-12; of the Southdown Hounds, 1912-13; of 
the Oakley Hounds, 1919-21 ; of the North Cotswold Hounds, 
1921-3. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut., Surrev 
Yeomanry and The Queen's (R.W. Surrey Regt.)). Of The 
Manor House, Sherborne, Warws., in 1945. (Univ. War List ; 
Kelly, Handbook; Who's Who.) 

KIDD, DUDLEY ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 6, 
1882. S. of Joseph, M.D., of Brooklands, Blackheath Park, 
Kent. B. there Nov. 1863. School, Uppingham. Matri 
Michs. 1S82. In South Africa, in 1931. Brother of Francis S. 
(1896), Hubert D. (1SS1), and Hugh L. (1898). (Uppingham 
Sch. Roll, 1931.) 

St John's, Aug. 24, 1869. Of Yorkshire. S. of George 
Balderston [and Mary]. B. at Scarborough. Bapt. Feb. 10, 
1850. [School, King William's College, Isle of Man.] Matric. 
Michs. 1869. (King William's Coll. Reg.) 

KIDD, ERNEST STARKEY. Adm. at Caius, Oct. i, 1897. S. of 
Arthur, commission -agent, of Warrington. B. [Apr. 9], 1678 
at Heaton Norris, near Stockport. School, Warrington 
Grammar. Matric. Michs. 1897; B.A. (Class. Trip., Pt I, 
1st Class) 1900; M.A. 1905. Assistant Master at Bolton 
Grammar School, 1900-2; at Lurgan College, 1903; at Bolton 
Municipal Secondary School, 1903-26; at King George V 
School, Southport, 1926-30; and for three short periods at 
Loretto School. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Royal 
Welsh Fusiliers). Of 29, Mornington Road, Bolton, in 1933. 
Brother of Arthurs. (1S90). (Venn.u. 553; Univ. War List; 
Schoolmasters' Directories.) 

KIDD, FRANCIS SEYMOUR. Adm. pens, at Trinii v. | 
1896. S. of Joseph [M.D J, of Brooklands. 1 
B. [Mar. 30], 1878, at Blackheath. School, \S 1 
Matric Michs. 1896; B.A. 1899; B.Chir. 1903; M 
M.A. and M.Chir. 1921. At the London 
Berlin University. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1903. I 

surgeon at the London Hospital; consulting Surgeon 
at St Paul's Hospital. Practised as a consulting surgeon in 
Harley Street. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Capt., 



Kidd, Hubert Denham 

R.A.M.C). Author, medical. Senior Editor of The British 
Journal of Urologv. Died May 12, 1934, at Barton Stacey, 
Hants. Brother of Dudley A. {1882), the next, and Hugh L. 
(1898). (Winchester Coll. Reg.; Medical Directories \ 117/ > n-as 
Who, 1929-40; The Times, May 15, 1934.) 

KIDD, HUBERT DENHAM. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 13, 
1881. S. of Joseph, M.D., of Brooklands. Blackheath Park, 
Kent. B. there Aug. 17, 1S62. School, Matric. 
Mil hs. 1881. Died Oct. 1886. Brother of Dudley A. (1882) 
and the above, etc. [Uppingham Sch. Roll.) 

KIDD, HUGH LIONEL. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 2s, 1898. 
7th s. of Joseph (M.D.), of Brooklands, Blackheath Park, 
Kent. [B. July 4, 1879], at Blackheath. School, Winchester. 
Matric. Michs. 189S; B.A. 1901. Member of Lloyds, 1003-8. 
Called to the liar, Mid. lie Temple, 1906. Assistant Master, 
Egyptian Ministry of Education, 1908. Professor of English, 
Royal School of Law, Cairo, 1013-23. Served in the Great 
War, 1914-19 {Lieut., R.A.S.C. (Camel Corps).) Died 
Sept. 17, 1939, at Weybourne, Norfolk. Buried there. 
Brother of Francis S. [1896), etc. {Winchester Coll. Reg.; 
Univ. War List; The Times, Sept. 20, I939-) 

KIDD, JOHN. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Dec. 6, 1S39. 
B. at Newbald, near Beverley, Yorks. Matric. Lent, 1840. 
Name on the College Boards until 1847. 

KIDD, JOHN NEWMAN. Adm. at Clare, Apr. 21, 1899. 
School, Eastbourne College. Matric. Michs. 1890. Served in 
the Great War, 1914-19 (Capt., 6th Dragoon Guards (Cara- 
biniers); killed in action Jan. 19, 1916. (Univ. War List.) 

manuel, Apr. 4, 1829. Of Middlesex. [S. of the Rev. 
Thomas (1789).] Matric. Michs. 1S29; B.A. 1833; M.A. 1836. 
Ord. deacon (Norwich) June 2, 1833; priest, Oct. 6, 1833. 
Chaplain of the Norwich Magdalen Hospital, 1838-9. R. of 
St Swithin's, Norwich, 1835-9. V. of Bedingham, Norfolk, 
1838-43, and Chaplain of Norwich City gaol. V. of Potter- 
Heigham, Norfolk, 1841-85. Disappears from Crockford, 1S86. 
Father of the next; brother of Thomas G. (1823), (Foster, 
Index Pedes.; Clergy List.) 

KIDD, RICHARD HAYWARD. Adm. pens, at Christ's, June 4, 
1857. S. of the Rev. Richard Bentley Porson (above). 
Matric. Michs. 1857. Kept four terms. Ord. deacon (Norwich) 
iM.: . priest, 1803; C. of All Saints' with St Julian's, Norwich, 
il 64 -5. Secretary of the Irish Society, 1866-7. R- of 
St Michael Coslany, Norwich, 1867-71. V. of Cathedral 
Church of Victoria, Hong Kong, 1871, and Colonial Chaplain 
at Hong Kong, 1871 ■). C. of Ashwicken with Leziate, 
Norfolk, 1877-8, Author, Sermons, etc. Died at Hong Kong, 
July 31, 1879. (Peile, 11. 554; Crockford; Clergy List, which 
calls him 'LL.D.') 

KIDD, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 19) at Trinity, Dec. 14, i;S, t . 
S. of Thomas, of Yorks. S< It ml, Giggl.^wu k. Matric . Mn \\<. 
1790; Scholar, 1793; B.A. 1704; M.A. 1707. Second Master .it 
Merchant Taylors' School. Ord. deacon (London) Aug. 12, 
1798; priest, Apr. 28, 1799- R - oi St James Garlickhithe, 
London, 1S02. R. of Croxton, 1813, and V. of Eltisley, 
Carnbs., 18 14-31. Head Master of King's Lynn School, 1818; 
of Wymondharn School and of Norwich Grammar School. 
V. of Bedingham, Norfolk, 1831-5. R. (again) of Croxton 
and V. of Eltisley, Cambs., 1835-50. His reverem , fur 
Porson, with whom he became acquainted at Cambridge, 
was a great influence in his life. Married, 1801, Miss — 
Smith, of London. Author, Tracts and Criticisms ,<f the late 
R. Porson, Esq.; Opuscula Ruhnkemana; articles in Valpy's 
Classical Journal; an edition of Horace, etc. A pension ol 
£100 was bestowed on him 'in token of the genera] apprecia- 
tion of his services as a scholar and an instructor of youth 
for nearly half a century.' Died Aug. 27, 1S50. Buried in 
Croxton churchyard. Father '>( Thomas G. (1823) and of 
Richard B. P. (1829). (D.N.B.; G. Mag., 1850, 11. 557; 
Foster, Index I < cles.) 

KIDD, THOMAS CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, June 3, 
1856. Matric. Michs. 1856; B.A. i860; M.A. 1863. 

KIDD, THOMAS GEORGE. Adm. pens, (agi zo) at I hi . 
Feb. 25, 1S23. S. of the Rev. Thomas (1789), schoolmaster, 
of Lynn. B. [1803], in London. Educated at home [and at 
Charterhouse, 1817-18]. Matric Michs. 1823; B.A. 1832 
Ord. deacon (Peterb.) 1831; priest (Norwich) 1831; C of 
Bedingham, Norfolk, 1831-5. R. of Catwick, Y<*:ks., 
1835-62. Died 1862. Brother of Richard B. P ^829). 
(Venn, 11. 188; H. W. Saunders, Xnnnth (.tutnmar School, 

3^7; TlSt >f ('tvfhu-.ian;; < ,',<:;; List, Foster, Index Eccles.\ 

( rockford; Northants. 1 lergy.) 

KlKUCHI, Dairoku Yasuyuki 

KIDD, WALTER JOSHUA. Matric. pens, from Queens', Michs. 
1878; B.A. 1882; M.A. 1805. Name in C.U. Pari. Reg. 1945, 
without address. 

KIDDER, JOHN. Matric Non-Coil. Michs. 1889. 

KIDDLE, FREDERICK GRAVE. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
July 12, 1866. S. of John Nelson, draper [and Elizabeth]. 
B. at Melcomhe k.-i»." Dorset. Bapt. Dec. 25, 1839, Matric. 
Michs. 1866; B.A. 1870; MA 1873. Ord. deacon (Chichester) 
1870; priest, 1871; C. of St Paul's, St Leonards-on-Sea, 
1870-2. C. of St Mary's, Reading, 1872-9. V. of Buckingham, 
1870-99- Surrogate, dio. of Oxford, 1879. Rural Dean of 
Buckingham, 1895-9- R. of Brightwell with Sotwell, Berks., 
1899-1908. Rural Dean of Wallingford, 1901-8. Died 
June 5, 1908. (Crockford; The Times, June 9, 1908.) 

KIDLEY, JOHN. B.A. 1754. incorp. from Oxford; M.A. i754> 
from King's. S. of the Rev. Edward [St John's College, 
Oxford, 1 71 7], of Welsh Bicknor, Heref. Matric. from 
Balliol College, Oxford. Oct. 10, 1745, age 15; B.A. (Oxford) 
1749. Brother of the next. (Al. Oxon.) 

KIDLEY, THOMAS. B.A. 1776. incorp. from Oxford; M.A. 
1776, from St Catharine's. Adm. at St Catharine's, June 20, 
1770. S. of the Rev. Edward [St John's College. Oxford, 
1 71 7], of Welsh Bicknor, Heref. Matric. from Queen's 
College, Oxford, Mar. 21, 1760, age 17; B.A. (Oxford) 1764- 
Brother of the above. (Al. Oxon.) 

KIDMAN, EDWARD ARNOLD. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1894. 
S. of James, Esq. (next), of 17, Brompton Avenue, Sefton 
Park, Liverpool. School, Liverpool College. Matric. Michs. 
1894; B.A. 1897. 

KIDMAN, JAMES. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Aug. 7, 
1863. S. of James. B. at South Shields, Durham. Main. . 
Michs. 1863; B.A. 1S67; M.A. 1874. Died May 9, 1906, at 
Blundellsands, Lanes., aged 64. Doubtless father of the 
above. (The Times, May 12, 1906.) 

KIDNER, ARTHUR RICHARD. Adm. pens, at St John'-. 
July 28, 189S. [Only] s. of Richard, secretary, of West 
Dulwich [and Mary Ann Daymond], B. July 27, 1879, at 
Wimbledon, Surrey. School, Dulwich College (Mr A. H. 
GUkes). Matric. Michs. 1898; Scholar, 1901; B.A. (7th 
Wrangler) 1901. Joined the Home Civil Service; in the 
G.P.O.; Assistant Secretary, rg2o. Member of the P.O. 
Board, 1921. Of The Oaks, Station Road, Sidcup, Kent, in 
rg26. Died at Hove, Aug. 24, 1948. (Dulwich Coll. Reg.) 


1879. Adm. at Clare, Sept. 29, 1879; re-adm. Oct. 9, 18S2. 
[3rd s. of Robert. B. Aug. 1862. School, Bury St Edmunds 
Grammar.] B.A. 1884; M.A. 1894. Ord. deacon (Rochester) 
1883; priest, 1884; C. of Camberwell, Surrey, 1883-4. C of 
St Peter's, Walworth, 1884-8. C. of All' Saints', Upper 
Norwood, 1890-4. C. of Shirley, Surrey, 1894-1903. C. of 
Ashford, Kent, 1903-4. V. of Holy Trinity. Sittingbourne, 
1904-24. V. of Bekesbourne, 1924-8. Latterly of Shire Oak, 
Woodchurch, Ashford, Kent. Disappears from Crockford, 
1936 (Burv St Edmunds Gr. Sch, Reg.) 

KIESER, JOHN FREDERICK \dm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 11, 
1878. S. of William, schoolmaster, of Perceval House, Black- 
heath, Kent. B. there Mar. 19, 1859. School, St Paul's, 
London. Matnc Michs. 1S7S; B.A. 1882. (St Paul's Sch. 
Reg ) 

K1GHLEY, JONATHAN. Adm. pens, at Magdalene, May r2, 
1708. Of Halifax. School, Halifax. Matric. Michs. 1768; 
B.A. 1772. Ord. deacon (London) Mar. 13, 1771. R- of 
Trusthorpe, lanes., 1799-1824, Married Ann — , and had 
issue. Buried it Trusthorpe, Apr. 10, 1824, aged 71. 
(P. B. G. Binnall; W. A. Keightley.) 

KlKUCHI, DAIROKU YASUYUKI. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
May 29, 1873. [2nd] s. of DrShuhei Mitsukuri, 1>. Mar. 17, 
1855, in Tokyo. School, Kaiseijo, Tokyo, and University 
College School, London (B.A.. London, 1875). Matric. Michs. 
1873; B.A. (mth Wrangler) 1877; M.A. 1881. Professor of 
mathematics al Tokyo imperial University, 1877-98. Presi- 
dent, Imperial University, Tokyo, 1898-1901. Vice-Minister 
1 >f Education, 1897-8; Minister of Education, 1901-3. 
President of Peers School, 1904-5. President, Kyoto Im- 
perial University, 1908-12. Life Member of the House of 
Peers, 1 890 ; resigned . 1 9 1 2. President of the Imperial 
Academy, 1889-1917. President of the Earthquake Investi- 
gation Committee. Created a Baron, 1902; Privy Councillor, 
1912. ist Class Order of Sacred Treasure; 2nd Class Rising 
Sun. Hon. LL.D., Glasgow and Manchester. Author of 
several works on mathematics and education. Died Aug. 19, 
1917. (Who was Who, 1916-28.) 


Kilburn, Bertram Edward Dunbar 


St John's, Oct. 10, 1889. S. of Benjamin, woollen -manu- 
facturer, of Dewsbury [and Annie Berry]- B. there Oct. 8, 
1870. School, Batley Grammar (Mr L. S. Calvert). Matric. 
Michs. 1SS9; B.A. 1892; M.A. 1897. 

KILBURN, NICHOLAS. Mus.B. 1880. A Non-Coil. Student. 
[S. of Nicholas. B. Feb. 7, 1843, at Bishop Auckland. School, 
Bishop Auckland.] Composer and conductor. An amateur 
who did much to promote good music in the north of England. 
J. P. for Durham. Author, Wagner, a sketch; Parsifal and 
Bayreuth; The Story of Chamber Music. Died Dec. 4, 1923, 
at Bishop Auckland. (Durham Contemporary Biographies, 

KILBY, ARTHUR MASSON. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Pembroke, 
Oct. 6, 1S88. S. of John, husbandman, deceased, of Watford. 
B. there. [School, private.] Matnc. Michs. iSSS; B.A. 1891; 
M.A. 1896. Head Master of Lindisfarne School. Blackheath, 
1918-. Of Abberley Hall, Worcs., in 1931. Died July is, 
1931, at Langholme, Canford Cliffs, Bournemouth, aged 61. 
(Pembroke Coll. Reg.; Scfiool masters' Directories; The Times, 
July 17, 1931.) 

KILBY, RALPH HALE. Adm. pens, at Clare, May 31, 185 1. 
Matric. Michs. 1851. Rusticated for three terms, Feb. 7. 
1852; name removed soon after. Died 1897, aged 65. 
(Giggleswick Sch. Reg.) 

KILBY, THOMAS. Adm. as a 'Ten-year man' at Triniiv, 
Apr. 21,1823. [B. 1794, at York.] Possibly the man of these 
names, s. of John, of Leeds, who had matric. from Queen's 
College, Oxford, Mar. 20, 1816, age 21. P.C. of St John's, 
Wakefield, 1S25-68. Died Sept. 5, 1868. (Boose, n. 21S; 
Crockford; Al. Oxon.) 

KILGOUR, ALEXANDER. Adm. as a 'Ten-year man" at 
Trinity, July 13, 1775. D.D., Edinburgh, 1784. R. of 
Longstowe, Cambs., c. 1800; R. of Polstead, Suffolk, in 
1784 and V. of Feltham, Middlesex, 179S-1S18. Died at 
Feltham, Jan. 24, 1818, aged 78. He, his wife, and daughter 
were buried at Feltham. M.I. Father of the next. 
1825,1. 500 and 501, and 1818,1.92; Al.Oxon.; P. E.Towell.) 

KILGOUR, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 14, 1808. 
Matric. from Wadharu College, Oxford, Oct. 24, 1808, age 18. 
S. of the Rev. Alexander (above), of Polstead, Suffolk. Demy 
of Magdalen College, 1S09-14; B.A. (Oxford) 1S12. Fellow, 
1S14-15. R. of Longstowe, Cambs., 1815-20, and V. of 
Easton, Hunts, until 18 15. (Al. Oxon.; Foster, Index Eccles.) 

KILLETT, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Pembroke, 
Oct. 16, 1787. S. of William, merchant, of London. B. there. 
Matric. Michs. 1788; Scholar, 1787; B.A. 1792. Ord. deacon 
(Norwich) Dec. 23, 179-; priest, Sept. 21, 1794; C. of Gt 
Bircbam, Norfolk, 1792. C. of March, Cambs., 1808. V. of 
Kenninghall, Norfolk, 1820-46. Died Apr. 14, 1S46, aged 78. 
(Foster, Index Eccles.; Clergy List; G. Mag., 1846, n. 101.) 

KILLEY, JAMES BROWN. Adm. pens, at St John's, Sept. 12, 
1S91. S. of William, shipowner [died June 17, 1886] [and 
Mary Watson]. B. Feb. 12, 1874, at Seaforth, near Liverpool. 
Schools, Seaforth (Mr Leedham), and Charterhouse. Matnc. 
Michs. 1891; B.A. 1894; M.A. 1898. Adm. Solicitor, Jan. 
1898. Partner in the firm of Morecroft, Sproat and Killey, 
of Liverpool. Of 18, Marmion Road, Sefton Park, Liverpool 
in 1911. (Charterhouse Sch. Reg.; in Law List, 1945.) 

KILLICK, ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at Downing, Sept. 12, 1893. 
it. 13, 1867.] School, Dover College. Matric. Michs. 
1893; Scholar and Prizeman, 1894; B.A. 1896; M.B. and B.C. 
1900. At the London Hospital. L.S.A., 1899. Of Dover, in 
1900; latterly of Seven Kings, Ilford. Died there Apr. 21, 
1902, aged 35. (Dover Coll. Reg.; Medical Directories; British 
Medical Journal, May 10, 1902.) 

KILLICK, CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 13, 1893. 
[Youngest] s. of Henry Fison, of Rawdon, Leeds. B. there 
[Dec. 8, 1874]. Schools [Rossall, Oakham, and] Bradford 
Grammar. Matric. Michs. 1893; B.A. 1896; M.B., B.C. and 
M.A. rgoi; M.D. 1907. At St Mary's Hospital. M.R.C.S.; 
L.R.C.P., 1900. F.R.C.S., 1905. Junior Ophthalmic Clinical 
Assistant, St Mary's Hospital. House Surgeon, Kent County 
Ophthalmic Hospital, Maidstone. Served in the Great War, 
19U-19 (Major, R.A.M.C. (T.F. Res.)). In practice at Maid- 
stone, Kent, 1910; Hon. Surgeon, Kent County Ophthalmic 
Hospital. Subsequently of Bradford; Hon. Ophthalmic 
Surgeon, Royal Eye and Ear Hospital, Bradford. Died 
Apr. 27, 1923. Brother of Henry (1888). (Rossall Reg.; 
Univ. War List; Medical Directories; The Times, Apr. 30, 

KILLICK, CHARLES RICHARD. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1872. 
S. of John, Wesleyan Minister [and Caroline Anna]. B. 
Sept. 14, 1852, at Bodmin. School, Kingswood, Bath. Adm. 
pens, at St John's, Jan. 23, 1874; B.A. 1876; M.A. 1879. 
Ord. deacon (York) 1875; priest, 1876; C. of St Peter's, 


Sheffield, 1875-97. V. of Holy Trinity, Runcorn, Cheshire, 
1897-1923. Subsequently resided at Southport, where he 
died in ig'28. (Eagle, xlv. 275.) 

KILLICK, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 21, 1888. 
[Elder] s. of Henry [Fison] [solicitor], of Beech Cottage, 
Rawdon, Leeds. B. June 12, 1S70, at Bradford, Yorks. 
School, Charterhouse, Godalming. Matric. Michs. 1888; B.A. 
1891; M.A. 1896. Adm. Solicitor, Feb. 1895. Practised at 
Bradford; partner in the firm of Vint, Parkinson, Hill and 
Killick. Of Barningham, Rawdon, Leeds, in 1911. Brother 
of Charles (1893). (Charterhouse Sch. Reg.; Law Lists.) 

KILLICK, JOHN HENRY. Adm. pens, at St John's, May 13, 
1854. [Elder] s. of Henry, J. P., merchant [of Walton Hall, 
Staffs.] and Ann. B. Jan. 22, 1S35, at Wavertree, Lanes. 
Matric. Michs. 1854; B.A. 1S5S; M.A. 1S63. Ord. deacon 
(Lincoln) 1S59; priest, i860; C. of East and West Leake, 
Notts., 1859-65. V. of Oakamoor, 1S65-75, and C. of Fors- 
brook, Staffs., 1873-4. V. of Prestwold with Hoi. 
Leics.. 1875-90. V. of Little Compton, Warws., 1890-1906. 
Died May 16, 1906. (Crockford; I he Times, May 19, 1906.) 

KILLICK, RICHARD HENRY. Adm. sizar at Queens', July 6, 
1838. Of Surrey. Matric. Michs. 183S; B.A. 1^42; M.A. 1845. 
Ord. deacon (Peterb.) 1S42; priest, 1843; C. of Barley, Herts., 
1842-5. V. of Stratton, Cornwall, 1845-50. V. of Erchfont, 
Wilts., 1S50-60. R. of St Clement Danes, London, 1860-9. 
R. of Chadwell St Mary, Essex, 1869-79. R. of Gt Smeaton 
with Appleton Wiske, Yorks., 1879-99. Chaplain of Christ 
Church, Dieppe, 1889. Resided subsequently at Westgate- 
on-Sea, Kent, where he died Dec. 3, 1903, aged 91. (Crock- 
ford; Clergy List; The Times, Dec. 5, 1903.) 

KILLPACK, WILLIAM BENNETT. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi, Apr. 7, 1840. Of Leicestershire. Matnc. Michs. 
1840; Scholar, 1S41; B.A. 1844; M.A. 184s. V. of St James's, 
Devonport, 1846-50. Died Aug. 8, 1850, at Morice Town, 
Devonport, aged 39. ' He was a most laborious and pains- 
taking minister in his newly formed district, and had effected 
much good among his poor flock.' Father of the next. 
(Clergy List; G. Mag., 1850, 11. 44 (Kilpack).) 

(age 2S) at Pembroke, Oct. 5, 1876. Only s. of the Rev. 
W illiam Bennett (above), deceased, late V. of St James's, 
Devonport. B. at Stoke. Matric. Michs. 1S76; l;..'. 
Ord. deacon (Rochester) 1S79; priest, 1880; C of St Mary's, 
Balham, Surrey, 1879-82. C. of Long Melford, Suffolk, 
1882-7. C. of Christ Church, Sutton, Surrey, 1888-1903. 
Mission to Seamen Chaplain at Bilbao, 1903-7; Organising 
Secretary and Chaplain at Dublin, 1907-S; of East Central 
District, 190S-14. C.-in-charge of Colney and Earlham with 
Bowthorpe, Norfolk, 1914-15. C. of St Bartholomew's, 
Heigham, 1916-17. V. of Earlham with Bowthorpe, 1919-22. 
Died Dec. 7, 1923, at Brighton. (Pembroke Coll. Reg.; 
Crockford (Kilpack); The Tunes, Dec. 8, 1923.) 

JOSEPH. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Oct. 4, 1865; 
re-adm. Feb. 2, 1875. S. of Joseph. B. at Leicester. Matric. 
Michs. 1865; B.A. 1879; M.A. 1893. Adopted the name of 
de Kilpeck before 1893. Ord. deacon (St David's) 1876; 
priest {Canterburv) 1879; C of Holy Trinity, Swansea, 
1876-9, C of St Paul's, Maidstone, 1879-S2. V. of Pem- 
broke, 1882. V. of Sissinghurst, Kent, 1882-91. C. of 
Whiteshill, Gloucs., 1896-8. R. of Ozleworth, 1899. R. of 
Corfe Castle, Dorset, 1S99-1937. Subsequently resided at 
Bournemouth, and disappears from Crockford, 1941. (Scott, 
MSS.; Clergy List (Kilpack).) 


KILNER, The Rev. GEORGE. Adm. sizar at St Catharine's, 
Oct. 11, 1823. A 'Ten-year man'. B. at West Ham, Essex. 

KILNER, HENRY INGATE. Adm. pens, at St John's, July 14. 
1870. [2nd] s. of John, surgeon [and Anna Maria]. B. Oct. 26, 
1850, at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Bapt. Nov. z: 
School, Bury St Edmunds. Matric. Michs. 1870; B.A. 1074; 
M.A. 1877. Ord. deacon (Bishop P. C. Claughton, for 
Rochester) 1S74; pnest (Rochester) 1876; C. of Witham, 
Essex, 1874-7. R. of Chedburgh, Suffolk, 1878-85. R. of 
Little Saxham, 1885-1921. Died Sept. 13, 1935, at 19, 
Whiting Street, Bury St Edmunds. Brother of Walter J. 
(1866). (Bury Gr. Sch. Reg.; Crockford; Eagle, 1 
Times, Sept. 16, 1935.) 

KILNER, KENELM. Adm. FeU.-Corn. at Peterhousi , 
1836. [Only] s. of the Rev. Dr William 
Oxford, 1783], K. of Weyhill, Hants. Matric. Mi 
Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Feb. 20, 1834; 'age 10.' Called to the 
liar, Apr. 30, 1S40. Of St James's Place, St James' ,J 
in 1840. Died Nov. 5, 1840, at Appleby, aged 23. Buried at 
Dufton, Cumberland. M.I. (/w I Walker 

454; G. Mag., 1840, 11. 674; L. R. Hudli I 


Kilner, Walter John 

KILNER, WALTER JOHN. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 14, 
1S66. [Elder] s. of John, surgeon [and Anna Maria]. B. May 
23, 1847, at Bury St Edmunds. School, Bury St Edmunds. 
Matric. Michs. 1866; B.A. 1870; M.B. 1872. At Adden- 
brooke's Hospital, Cambridge, and St Thomas's Hospital, 
London. M.R.C.S. and L.S.A., 1871. M.R.C.P., 1S83. 
Elei ma. m at St Thomas's Hospital. In practice in London, 
1 1 igio. Lived subsequently at Bury St Edmunds. 
Author, medical. Died June 23, 1920. Brother of Henry 1. 
(1870). [Bury Gr. Sch. Keg.; Medical Director us; I he I imes , 
June 26, 1920.) 


KILP1N, JOSEPH. Adin. as a 'Ten-year man' at Trinity, 
June 29, r.778. 

KILVERT, RICHARD. Adm. siiar at Emmanull, Sept. 28, 
1772. Of Shropshire. Matric. Michs. 1773; B.A. i777\ M.A. 
1780. Fellow, 1779. R. of Knightwick with Dodd'-nham 
Chapel, Worcs., 1786-91. Y. of Grimley with Hallow Chapel, 
17.11-3. R. of Alvechurch, 1793-1801. V. of Kempsey, 
1798-1801. R. of HartleburvandR.of Harvington, 1801-17. 
V. of Cropthome, 1813-17. (Cant. Act Bk.; G. Miller, 
Parishes of Diocese of Worcester.) 

KILVINGTON, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Jesus, May 6, 1783. 
Of Yorkshire. Elder s. of Edward, of Stoke Newington, 
Middlesex, Esq. B. Mar. 10, 1766, at Wakeueld. School, 
Charterhouse. Matric. Easter, 1784; B.A. 1787; M.A. 1790. 
Migrated to Sidney, June 17, 1 79 1. Fellow of Sidney. Ord. 
deacon (Canterbury) 1768; C. of Knockholt and Downe, 
Kent, 1788. C. of Orhngbury, Northants., 1790-9. P.C. of 
Ossett, Vorks., 1799-1S27. First R. of Holy Trinity, Ripon, 
1827-35. Marned Catherine — . Died at Ripon, Jan. 28, 1835. 
(R. L. Arrowsmith; Northants. Clergy; G. Mag., 1835.) 

KILVINGTON, FRANCIS HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Magdalene, July 1, 1836. S. of the Rev. Orfeui William 
[Chnst Church, Oxford, iSoo], V. of Brignal, Yorks., of 
Hatfield, Yorks. School, private. Matric. Michs. 1831-. 

KILVINGTON, FREDERICK. Adm. pens, at Downing, Oct. 8, 
1878. [S. of Henry, gent., of Grove Road, N. Brixton, 
London.] Of Crant< >rd c ullage, Maidenhead, Berks. [B. 
Dec. 1, 1856. School, Dulwicli College.] Matric. Michs. 1878; 
Scholar, 1878; B.A. and LL.B., 1882; M.A. and LL.M. 1S86. 
Adm. Solicitor, May 21, 1878; partner in Messrs Potter, 
Sandiord and Kilvingtou, 1883. Practised in London and at 
Maidenhead; retired, 1921. Of S. Croydon, Surrey, 111 1926. 
{Dulwich Coll. Reg.; Law Lists.) 

K1LW0RTH (STEPHEN). Lord. Adm. nobleman at Trinity, 
Dec. 31, 1810. [Eldest s. of Stephen (Moore), 2nd Earl 
Mountcashell, and Margaret Jane, dau. of Robert (King), 
Earl of Kingston. B. May 20, I79-, in St Stephen's Green, 
Dublin. Matric. Easter, iSir; M.A. 1812. Styled Lord 
Kilworth until 1822, when he succeeded as 3rd Earl of 
Mountcashell. F.R.S. Married, May 31, 1S19, at St Maryle- 
bone, Anne Maria, dau. of Samuel Wyss, of the Canton of 
Berne, Switzerland (and again, by special licence, at 8, Duke 
Street, Westminster, Apr. 20, 1823) and had issue. < if Mi h ire 
Park, near Kilworth, Co. Cork, and other residences. Said 
(when between 84 and 90) to have been engaged to marry a 
Miss Kennedy. Died Oct. 10, 18S3, in Oxford Terrace, 
Paddington, W., aged 91, having had a seat in the House of 
Lords, as a Representative Peer, for 57 years. Will proved 
at Cork and in London at £30. 6s. 6d. Brother of Edward G. 
Moore (1816). (G.E.C.) 

KIMBER, EDWARD ERNEST. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus, 
Oct. i, 1880. S. of Richard, Esq. B. at Preston, near 
Cirencester, Gloucs. Matric. Michs. 1S80; B.A. 1889; MA 
1894, Ord. deacon (Ripou) 1891; priest, 1892; C. of St Jude's, 
Hunslet, Yorks., 1891-5. C. of Pnttlewell, Essex, 1895-1901. 
P.C. of St Alban's, Westchff-on-Sea, 1901-6. R. of Gt Wit- 
combe, Gloucs., 1906-11. Died Mar. 1, igii, at The rectory, 
(Jley, Gloucs. (The Guardian, Mar. 10, 1911.) 

KIMBERLEY, Earl of (1 


KIMM, WILLIAM FREDERICK. Adm. pens, at St Catha- 
rine's, June 23, 1863. S. of William. B. at Cambridge. 
Matric. Michs. 1863; B.A. (13/A Wrangler) [867; M.A. 1S70. 
Fellow, 1868. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1868; priest (London) 1869; 
C. of St Matthias, Poplar, Middlesex, 1809-72. C. of St 
Mary's, Kirkdale, Lanes., 1872-81. P.C. of St Athanasius, 
Kirkdale, 1881-2. R. of Trunch, Norfolk, 1882-1910. Died 
May, 1912, at North Walshain. (Crockford; J he Guardian, 
May 24, 1912.) 

Kinchant, John Robert Nathaniel 

KIMMINS, CHARLES WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Downing, 
Oct. 12, 1S81. [2nd s. of James.] B. Aug. 3, 1856. [Educated 
at Owens Collet;'-, Mam hester, at University College, 
Bristol, and at London LTniversitv (B.Sc. 1SS3); D.Sc, 
London, 1S86.] Matric. Lent, 1S82; (Nat. Sci. Trip., Pt I, 
1st Class, 1883}; B.A. 1S85; M.A. 1889. Chief science master 
at the Leys School, Cambridge. Staff lecturer, Cambridge 
University extension scheme. Inspector of schools for 
report on technical education to the L.C.C., 1S92. Chief 
Inspector, education dept., L.C.C., 1904-23. Director of 
University extension in London University. 1895. Chairman, 
University Extension Board, 1923. Deputy Vice-Chancellor, 
London University, 1933-4. President, Education Section 
of the Bntish Association, 1929. Author, works on Child 
psychology and education of children. Of The Old Heritage, 
Chailev, Sussex, in 1944, Died Jan. 12, 1948. {Schoolmasters' 
Directories; It ho's Who.) 

K1MPT0N, EDWARD. Adm. pens, (age 21) at Christ's 
Aug. 14, 1765. S. of Edward. B. at Barkway, Herts. School, 
Fowlmere, Cambs. Resided until 1767. Ord. deacon (London) 
Sept. 25, 176S; priest, May 21, 1769. Morning Preacher at 
St Matthew's, Bethnal Green and V. of Rogate, Surrey, 
1777-1S11. Author, A New ami Complete Universal History 
of the Holy Bible, etc. Died Sept. 5, 1S11. aged 67. Father 
of William W. (1791)- (Peile, 11. 280, which gives 'V. of 
Rogate, Sussex, 1777-1S13; during the 36 years he signed 
the register 5 or 6 times'; G. Mag.) 

KIMPTON, WILLIAM THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age iS) at 
Trinity, May 9, 1829. [Youngest] s. of William (? nt-xt) [of 
Gerrard's Cross, Bucks.]. B. [1811], in Loudon. School, 
Charterhouse. Matric. Michs. 1S29; B.A. 1833; M 1 
Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Apr. 25, 1S32. Barrister 
Died Feb. 12, 1S43, at Lincoln's Inn. {List of Carthusians; 
Inns of Court; G. Mag., 1S43, 1. 441 and 548.) 

(age 18) at Trinity, June 20, 1791. S. of the Rev. Edward 
(1765), of Bethnal Green, London. Schools, Hoxton, Mid- 
dlesex [and Merchant Taylors']. Matric. Michs. 1792; B.A 
179s. Probably father of the above. {Merchant Taylors Sch, 

K1NAHAN, ARTHUR EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Oct. 4, 1890. S. of George, of Roebuck Park, Dundrum, 
Co. Dublin, Ireland, J. P. [and Maria, dau. of Alderman 
Cash]. B. [Feb. 6], 1872, at Dundrum. School, Harrow. 
Matric. Michs. 1S90; B.A. 1894; M.A. 1897. Served in the 
Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut., R.F.A.; Supt., Remount Depot). 
Of Moyglare, Maynooth, Ireland. J. P. for Co. Meath. 
(Harrow Sch. Reg.; Univ. War List; Burke, P. and B., 1940, 
for his father.) 


KINCAID, SIDNEY BOLTON. Adm. sizar at Trinity, Oct. 12, 
1868. S. of George Weekes, of Streatham Hill, Surrey, B. 
(Jan. 12], 1846, at Clapham, London. School, private. 
Matric. Michs. 1868; B.A. 1872; M.A. 1875. Ord ■■■ 1 
(Winchester) 1S72; priest, 1873; C. of Emmanuel Church, 
Lambeth. Surrey, 1872-4. Assistant Master at Surrey 
County School, 1874-5; at Ipswich School, 1875-8. Vice- 
Principal, South Wales Training C"l! , : , » .of Wood- 

bridge, Suffolk, 1888^)4. C. of & tsalter, Kent, 1894-5. 
Author, The Method of Projections; In du.tx-m tn Lunar 
lh<-">v, etc. hulwiii'iillv n.^i. ]..'<! ,it Woodbnd^e, and dis- 
appears from Crockford, 1932. 

KINCHANT, FRANCIS. Adm. pens, at St John's, May 13, 1768. 
[2nd s. of Captain John Kinchant (..nginally Quinchant), and 
Emma, dau. of Sir Franc 1- ( ! :!;. .!: ,rt.. of Ludiord, Salop. 
B. July 28, 1751.] Matri Mi is, 1 69; LL.B. 1774. Ord. 
deacon, — ; priest (Hereford) ->■ pt. 29, 177s; C. of Brampton 
Bryan, Heref. P.C. of Ludlow, Salop, 1776-1811. V. of 
Stokesay, 1777-1811. Made a burgess of Shrewsbury, Mav 24, 
1796. Of Easton, near Middleton-on- the -Hill, Heref. J. P. 
("for many years an active magistrate ') of Heref. Married 
Mary, dau. of Samuel PatL-shall, of Faston; their only s. was 
killed at"-) Hied Oct. 6, 1823, at the house of his 
daughter, College Hill, Shrewsbury. Buried at Wnittington, 
Salop. (St John's Coll. Adm., iv. 347; G. Mag., 1S23, 11. 645.) 

Queens', Jan. 30, 1824. Of India. [Youngest s. of Richard, 
of the H.E.I.C.S. B. June 2S, 1805.] Matric. Faster, 1824. 
B.A. 1S2.S. ord. deat. .11 (Hereford) 1828; priest, 1S29. P.C. 
of Bettws, Salop, 1833-71. V. of Llanfair-Waterdine, 
Radnor, 1833-84. Married, May 20, 1835, Maria, dau. of 
Richard Phayre, of the H.E.I.C.S., and had issue Died 
Dec. S, 1884. Brother of the next. (Clergy List, Foster, 
Index Lutes.; P. B. U. Binnall.) 


Kinchant, Richard Henry 

KINCHANT, RICHARD HENRY. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Feb. 9, 1822. [3rd] s. of the late Richard, Esq., formerly of 
the East India Company's service at Cuddalore. B. Jan. 6, 
1S04, in India. School, Oswestry. Matric. Michs. 1822; B.A. 
1828. Of Park Hall and Blunden Hall, Salop. High Sheriff, 
1846. An Ofhcer in the 69th Regt. and in the N. Shropshire 
Yeomanry-Cavalry. Married, Dec. 2, 1S31, Maria Eliza, dau. 
of Richard Bewley Caton, of Biubrook, Lines. Died June 6, 
1864, aged 60. Brother of the above. (F. P. White; Trans* 
actions oftfie Shropshire Arch. Society.) 

KINDER, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 21, 1838. Matric. 
Michs. 1838: Scholar, 1S41; B.A. (3&A Wronger) 1842; MA. 
1845. D.D. (by Archbishop of Canterbury) 1873. Ord. deacon 
(Lichfield) 1846; priest, 184S. Master at Uttoxeter Grammar 
School, 1S46-55. Head Master, Church of England Grammar 
School, Auckland, N.Z., 1855-72, Master, St John's College, 
Auckland, 1S72-80. Married, Dec. 15, 1859, at Church 
Mission Station, Tauranza, N. Zealand, Marianne Celia, only 
dau. of the Ven. Archdeacon A. N. Brown. Of Remunera, 
Auckland, 1882-1902. Disappears from Crockford, 1903- 
(The Guardian, Mar. 21, i860.) 

KINDER, LEWIS KENNEDY. Adm. at Clare, Feb. 17, 1S75. 
Matric. Lent, 1876; B.A. 1880; M.A. 18S3. Ord. deacon 
(Chester) 1S80; priest, 1SS1; C. of Frodsham, Cheshire, 
1880-1. C. of Castle Rising, Norfolk, 1SS1-2. C. of St Mark's, 
Camberwell, Surrey, 1882-3. V- °i Pelynt, Cornwall, 18M- 
91. V. of Pensnett, Staffs., 1891-8. R. of Peckleton, Leics., 
1898-1919. V. of Foxton, Cambs., 1919-28. Subsequently 
resided at Worthing, where he died Jan. 13, 1932, aged 75. 
Buried at Brompton. {Crockford; The Times, Jan. 16, 1932.) 

KINDERLEY, LUCIUS GRAHAM. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Trinity 
Hall, Jan. 6, 1837; from Balliol College, Oxford, whence he 
had matric. Mar. 22, 1S34, aged iS. 4th s. of George, Esq., 
of Lincoln's Inn. [B. 1S15. School, Charterhouse.] Matric. 
Lent, 1837. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 19, 1S30. Called 
to the Bar, May 2, 1844. Died June 3, 1855. {List of 
Carthusians [' Kindersley '); Al. Oxon.; Inns of Court; Law 
Lists; Foster, Men at the Bar.) 

KINDERSLEY, BENJAMIN TORIN. Adm. pens, (age 17) at 
Trinity, Nov. 21, 1851. [Elder] s. of Edward Cockburn 
(1816) [of Harley Street, London]. B. in London. Migrated 
to Jesus, Mar. 23, 1S53; matric. Michs. 1853; B.A. [28th 
Wrangler) 1S57. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Apr. 21, 1857. 
(Inns of Court.) 

PORCHER WILSON. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 25, 1875. 
S. of Edward Leigh (1S45), of Civile, Dorchester. B. 1857, 
at Dorchester. School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1875. 
Second Lieut.. 96th Foot, 1878; transferred to 52nd Foot, 
1878, and to Coldstream Guards, 1SS0; Lieut., Coldstream 
Guards, 1SS1; Capt., 1S90; retired, 1S97. A.D.C. to Lord 
Aberdeen, Governor-General of Canada, 1893-4. Served with 
Imperial Yeomanry in Boer War, 1S99-1902; in the Great 
War, 1914-19 (Capt., Coldstream Guards (Res. of Officers), 
employed Irish Guards; Lieut. -Col., King's Royal Rifle 
Corps). Of Clyffe, Dorchester. Brother of the next, etc. 
(Harrow Sch. Reg.; Univ. War List; Army Lists.) 

KINDERSLEY, CYRIL EDWIN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Aug. 20, 1884. S. of Edward 'Lee' [Leigh] (1845), of Clyffe, 
Dorchester. B. Sept. 13, 1865, at Dorchester. School, 
Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1884; B.A. 1887; M.A. 1691. Ord. 
deacon (York) 1891; priest, 1S92; C. of Rotherham, Yorks., 
1891-3. C. of Holy Trinity, Latimer Road, 1S93-5. C. of 
Belvedere, Kent, 1895-8. V. of Fleet, Dorset, 1898-1900. 
C. of Sturminster-Newton, 1900-3. P.C. of St Michael 
Colehill, 1903-18. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Chap- 
Iain, R.A.C.D.). R. of Church- Knowle, Dorset, 1922-6. 
Subsequently resided at Clyffe Knowle, Wareham, Dorset. 
Died Jan. 12, 1938, aged 72. Buried at Tincleton. Brother 
of the above, etc. (Harrow Sch. Reg.; Univ. War List; 
Crockford; Army Lists; The Times, Jan. 14, 1938.) 

KINDERSLEY, EDWARD COCKBURN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
Trinity, Dec. 23, 1S16. [3rd] s. of Nathaniel [Edward], Esq. 
[of SunninghUl, Berks.]. B. [Mar, 4, 1799] at Madras. School, 
Haileybury. Joined the Madras Civil Service, 1514; Writer, 
1815; resigned, 1817. Matric. Michs. 1817; Scholar, 1819; 
B A. 1821; M.A. 1825. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 31, 
1S24. Brother of Nathaniel W. (1811) and Richard T. (1809); 
father of Benjamin T. (1851). (Inns of Court; V. Hodson.) 

LEIGH. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity, Nov. 29, 1845. 
[Elder] s. of Richard Torin (1809). B. in London. School, 
Harrow. Matnc. Michs. 1S46; B.A. 1852; M.A. 1856. Adm. 
at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 30, 1848. Assumed the name of 
Kindersley- Pore her in 1901. Of Clyffe, Dorchester. J. P. for 
Dorset. Died Oct. 23, 1907. Brother of Richard C. (1849); 
father of Henry R. (1882), Charles P. W. (1875). Cyril E. 
(1884) and Geofirey B. M. (next). (Harrow Sch. Reg.; Inns 
of Court.) 

King, Arthur Montague 

Trinity Hall, 1880. S. of Edward Leigh (above), of ClyfJe 
House, Dorchester. Matric. Michs. 1SS0; B.A. 1884. Brother 
of Charles P. W. (1875), etc. 

KINDERSLEY, HENRY REDHEAD. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 10, 1882. S. of Edward 'Lee' [Leigh] (1845), of Clyffe, 
Dorchester. B. [Feb. 8], 1864, at Dorchester. School, 
Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1882; B.A. 18S5. Adm. at Lincoln's 
Inn, Nov. 4, 1884. Called to the Bar, May 15, 1SS9. Served 
in the Great War, 1914-19 (Major, Dorset Yeo., and Labour 
Corps). Died as the result of a motor accident, Aug. 14, 1942. 
Brother of Charles P. W. (1S75), etc. (Harrow Sch. Reg.; 
Scott, MSS.; Univ. War List; Law Lists; Inns of Court; 
The Times, Aug. 18, 1942.) 

at Trinity, May 3, 181 1. S. of Nathaniel [Edward]. Of 
Negapatam, Madras. B. [May 31, 1794] in London. Private 
tuition. Matric. Michs. 1S12. Joined Madras Civil Service, 
1814; Writer, 1814; 2nd member of the Board of Revenue; 
retired, 1843. Twice married. Died in England, Dec. 3, 1844. 
Brother of Edward C. (1S16) and Richard T. (1809). 
(V. Hodson.) 

at Trinity, Jan. 28, 1849. S. of R[ichard] T[orin] (next). 
School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1849; B.A. 1S53; M.A. 1856. 
Ord. deacon (Oxford) 1855; priest, 1856; C. of Holy Trinity, 
Windsor, 1855-7. V. of Brampford-Speke with Cowley, 
Devon, 1857-71. Married, 1857, Georgina, dau. of E. C. 
Kindersley (1810), of Harley Street, London. Died July 16, 
1871. Brother of Edward L. (1S45). (Harrow Sch. Reg.; 
The Ecclesiastical Gazette, Dec. 8, 1857.) 

KINDERSLEY, RICHARD TORIN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Mar. 9, 1809. [Eldest s. of Nathaniel Edward (of the East 
Iudia Co.), of SunninghUl, Berks. B. Oct. 5, 1792, at Madi is. 
School, Haileybury.] Matric. Michs. 1810; Scholar, 1811; 
B.A. (4//1 Wrangler) 1814; M.A. 1S17. FeUow, 1815-24. 
Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, July 1, 1S13. Called to the Bar, 
Feb. 10, 1818. Practised in the Court of Chancery. K.C., 
1S25. Chancellor of the County Palatine of Durham, 1847. 
Master in Chancery, 1848; Vice -Chancellor, 1851-66. 
Knighted, 185 1. Privy Councillor, 1866. Married, 1824, 
Mary Anne, only dau. of the Rev. James Leigh Bennett, of 
Thorpe Place, Surrey. Died Oct. 22, 1879, at his residence, 
Clyffe, near Dorchester. Brother of Nathaniel W. (1811), 
etc.; father of Edward L. (1845). (Boose, 11. 221; Inns of 
Court; D.N.B.) 

KING, ALBERT EDWARD. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1883. 
Adm. at Caius, Jan. 1, 1S84. S. of Charles, of Swafiham 
Bulbeek, Cambs. B. [Feb. 6, 1863], at Long Stanton All 
Saints. School, Surrey Countv. B.A. 1886; M.A. 1891. Adm. 
Solicitor, Jan. 20, 1888. Practised in Cambridge (Whitehead, 
Todd and King). Secretary of the Cambridge Gas Co., with 
which he was associated fur more than 40 years. For many 
years a member of the Cambridge Borough Council. Died 
Apr. 2, 1940, at 51, Harrington Grove, Cambridge. Buried 
at Cherry Hinton. (Venn, 11, 466; Law Lists; Cambridge 
Daily News, Apr. 4, 1940.) 

KING, ALFRED EDMUND. Adm. at Clare, Oct. 7, 1876. 
[2nd s. of William Norman, of Gt Barton, Suffolk. School, 
Bury St Edmunds Grammar. B. June 8, 1857.] Matric. 
Michs. 1876; B.A. 18S0; M.A. 1SS5. Assistant Master .it 
Crowthorne School, 1879. Ord. deacon (Canterbury for 
Peterb.) 1881; priest (Peterb.) 1S82; C. of St Mary's, Lei- 
cester, 1881-5. In charge of Clare College Mission at Rother- 
hithe, Surrey, 1885-9. V. of St Philip's, Sydenham, Kent, 
1889-1919. Rural Dean of Lewishani, 1916-19. Hon. Canon 
of Southwark, 1909-20. C. of St Giles's, Camberwell, 1919- 
20. R. of Gt Waldingneld, Suffolk, 1920-6. C. of St Saviour's, 
Westgate-ou-Sea, 1926-31. Perm, to off. at St John's, 
Margate, 1933-40- Died July 1, 1948. Brother of George L. 
(1879) and Preston (1881). (Bury Gr. Sch. Reg.; Crockford; 
Who's Wlto.) 

KING, ALFRED HAMILTON. Adm. pens, at Christ's, June n, 
1885. S. of John. B. [Sept. 2, 1866], in Liverpool. School, 
Royal Institution, Liverpool. Matnc. Michs. 1885; B.A. 
1889; M.A. 1893. Ord. deacon (Ripon, Litt. dim. from 
Chester) 1890; priest (Chester) 1893; C. of Hoylake, Cheshire, 
1890-8. C.-in-charge of Prenton, 1898-1902; \ 
1902-7. V. of BolUngton, 1909-16. C. of Hoi. 
Brompton, Kensington, 1916-21. C. of St Jude's, S. 
Kensington, 1922-5. V. of Sunbury- on -Thames, 1925-32. 
Subsequently of 48, Harvard Court, London, N.V. 
he died May 24, 1939. Buried at Woodchurch, Cheshire. 
(Peile, 11. 716; Crockford; The Times, May 25, 1939.) 

KING, ARTHUR MONTAGUE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 21, 
1888. [2nd] s. of [Capt.] Henry [R.N.], of Chithurst, Peters- 
field, Hants. B. there Oct. 21, 1S69. School, Haileybury. 
Matrii . Michs. 1888; B. \ 2nd Lieut., The 

Rifle Brigade, 1893; Lieut., 1895; Capt., 1900. Served on the 
Indian Frontier, 1897-8, and in South Africa. Adjutant of 


King, Arthur Steele 

Militia 1902-7. Served in the Great War, !«.-„ , Maior 

Elt^&'tJTa S '' ;W ^' ; 

bury.SuSolK Schools, Sudt^vandivin's H^Hirtb^v 
Main,:. Michs. 1899; B.A. I9 o2; M.A. 1008 OradeaSn 
(London) 1892; pnest, 1893; C. of St Philip's, Buckingham 
Palace Road 1892-4. C. of St Mary M ,,,1 SoXark 

St Matthew's, Cambridge, 1899-1002 C ofstr™? 

dio iT', " ' , '"°--4- L>,d.o. of Exeter i 9 2cL 3 7- 
mo. of Salisbury, [931-3; dlo. of Bath and Wells 10,, 
Restded latterly at Seaton, Devon. Died 011945. (cKrigBij 
KING, BENJAMIN [GILES], Adm. pens, (age ,8) at T R , N ,rv 

Bn n ,-|,sl\ I7 -',-\, [3rd] !' ° f JoSe P h - oi Loudon and I. no"' 
Bucks.] and Mary, dau. of Daniel Giles of Younraburv' 
Herts., Governor of the Bank of Enel ,,„ 1 \ h . 1 y ' 

Matte. Michs. ,»6. Adm. at Lmconf's iS, Ap^r's *£?' 
Of Youngsbury, Herts. Died there 1S40. His n'n v 5s ,e ' 
Louisa, marned, in 1804, Sir Christopher Puller K ChS 
Justice of the Supreme Court of Bengal, and succeeded her 
^"/L YuU ?P hmy ? lS *°- thelr s Christopher V Vuhan, 
assumed the additions surname of Giles. (Eton CM Ref'- 
Inns of Court; Burke, L.G. {sub Giles-Puller) ) *"' 

Matnc. from brasenose College, Oxford Ian 1, ,«,, 
age 19; B.A. (Oxford) ,*,.,, MA. (Oxford) i8«' FeUow-oJ 

|p eU 'S:.^^%h^-B\etS fi2^S?i 
St George's-in-the-East, 1S42-62, where Ins ritualistic method 

"'",!» *'•' L '»-S'' ■'«■' Ueswute Parishes. D,ed I in o 
v. oij, ,-ii. uzon., Lrockford; Clergy List ) 

KI m' C "ARLES. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, June -1 l8o , 
[Doubtless s. of the Rev. John (i7«61 R o fw;t ' I 3 ' 
Suffolk. ScU,„l. St Paul's ] Matn'.^ hs r8o 5 B A "X' 
Ori deacon, 1819; pnest, ,820. C. of Witchamp on, Dorset' 
itlTti v , S U "'>\ H " r,jf - '^5-53. C of Koid, Somerset 
Iko^ 7 ' n L '" 1J; i" 1 "'-" 1 Wltb Holu «l Chapehy Dorset 
1867-72. Disappear, from CrockfvrJ 1.-.-, ;,,■/-,,' 
(1795) and William (1806). (Sr Am/5 "# ^j , J ° hn 

KING, CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Trin.iv, Dec ,4 ,8a2 
Matnc. Michs. 1S43; B.A. 1847; M.A. 1852. *' 4 ' 

"te^f^ 101 *' Adm - P» 5 ' at St John's 
W&S Yo^s S -Bip?°S Tis^ tSS V„ w «« 

(Mr J. Snowdon, M. P A .). Mati! M !cns. 1875 ' B A Xo 
M.A. 1887. Athletics 'blue,' 1S77 1, MiK nrj j 79i 
(Ely) isso; pnest, 1881; C. of An Saints'' Hum 5°°° 
1880-2. c. of Halberton, Devon 188 , -, C 'oi JUlngdo °' 
Norfolk, IS35-S. Subsequently resided at Th»« -i J 
disappears from CrockfJ, .903" ™B«* 0/ «,T,5 f "*' ^ 

?o U ,? %V ep 1"; ,°' Brm "" Pr '" r • WhTtchS Halts 

KING, CHARLES WILLIAM. Adm. s.zar (age 16) at 
Feb. 19, 1835. S. of Charles [shipping aeentl Ft JSS ' 

18,8], at Newport, Mon. s, hool.' ; s'l. M P r lvat ei [ M P L 5 ' 
Michs. 1836; Scholar, 1 , , " , r ' c ' 

.843. Fellow, , S4 3. Went 'to ... I , 84'"^ IV ^i 
several years studying the Ianguageand* iJSSL S 
gems. Between ,S 45 and 1877, made a large colle. , "1 
engraved stones; this was sold in 18-.S n„l ,, „„ , t ° f 

Metropolitan Museum of x„, York At'ith,.r 1,1? ",'- 

Kmiran, ix. 273; The Guardian, Mar. 28, 1888.) 
KING, CHARLES WIMPENNY. Adm. at Trinity Hah ,882 

Sohci.or, July, 1890. Practised at March and^WisbeS' 
Registrar of the County Court. Hied Nov - ,„ ", 
House, Elm Wisbech, Ikged 77. BuSed at' E&*\il <%£. 
Tht Times, Nov. 8, 1941.) l i-««, 

King, Francis Lambourne 

K "o?'.^ F e F ?, , ? 7 5 ; ) ^s&fla^aS I" 1 ' ' 7 ' l8 ° 8 - f S - 

Militia. Died Aug 4 ,8,, re w r V Nortb Lines. 
O. Sch. Boys.) 4 ( • ^ou'dmg. So,,,,- L 01 „ A 

Atl.:d,nburg'hUmversn v \nd;heT 0i H M - A o " 9 ° 6 ' M ' B - '9° S ' 
L.R.C.P., 1905 R V (tdm V oadonH «Pital. M.R.C.S.; 

Addenbrooki'f 'Hospital,'' Carn'brtd'e'^Sen.e^ni'^r ' 
«ar, 1914-19 (Caot R A M r c 6 3ene d m the Great 
mentioned mdespa r'hes o B i-' T 5 P ec ' al 'st. B.E.F.; 


■82,. Ma,nc. F iic L h' N r"o M B A^Hi A ^S*" 1 Sef "' 2 '' 

to the Bar, 763 on h e N rrt ,l! ' Sep ' l8 ' 1757 - Called 

papers and works on a great vlrie.' • "f " y K rchac ' olog,cal 
attempts at novel bternretaH™^? = f sub J ects . chiefly 

but the importance of i/c „iT earamg, and blunders, 


D.K.B..J,:,, ; "i™ churchyard. («„,„-„, s f *. jj, g . 

o/ cokii, G. il/ag., !8o7, ,. 388-90 ) 

Ord. deacon (Carlisle) ,8, r ",e'si ,^ l84 - 9: B ^' lS54 ' 
Cumb., 1854-6 r of ivn- r' 55 ' C of Pen nth, 
St Mary Magdalene LauncesC ? evon . 1856-71. C. of 
Werrington. Devon,' iS-Ts, F ? A™"'!"'., 187 /^- V ' of 
Adelaide, dau of TnomS nC A - $ c ° t] ^<i- Married 

issue. Died Jan 30 ,8™" RlP™ 1 ';"* Pennth ' and had 
of Samuel W.(i8 4I ) ffiifke , U ;.™«ton y,carage. Brother 
Feb. 2, 1887) (Burke " £ - G -;Cr„cA/ or - 1 r feGlw ,,, w „ 

ley.Cambs ', "I h;,,™^ ,8 »-i. V. of Mading! 
Nokhanrs." I I 8 8 "1 9 9 2o Rural olan^V 88 ?! R ' of Ga >' t0 °' 
Author, D, • S/ &„ , l,t in C,l,-T k r y ' l8 99-'9 20 ' 

F^t/i^r" ^ f ^ ! '-"-^^^ 

K,N ,?8 3 E T. A h^ G o E f°r?r G t Adm -r- a < T — , June 16 

I-, on ■,!»'"'* of f y«°. Stomngton, Pub 
'■'-'■ '*4eMa,r,c,lfehf P s-. 19 !; lS63 ' S ^° ' W "'~ 
Arm rial t ov.ulA.) ' ' Lovelace); Fox-Davies, 

KING, EDWARD ROBERT. Matte. Non-Coil. Easter ,8,4 


sistant Master at Bri-hto 1 il 9 ; M ; A ' I9oS - As ' 

London Stock Kxeha,^ "^ ^ervS'm' ,h? r""^ the 

Gaekwad o? too da 10 r?,'' 1 "?, ""° r „ t0 Prince P - 
MSS.; Xrmy ZSSj ' ' t s "«««i C « ft-, Scott 


King, Frank Bowes 

KING, FRANK BOWES. Adm. pens, at Clare, June ji, 1842. 
[S. of Charles Bowes, of Bolton Street, Pin i.lillv. S. hool, 
St Paul's.] Matric. Michs. 1842; B.A. 1846; M.A. 1S49. Ord. 
deacon (York) 1S46; priest, 1S47; C. of Burstwick with 
Skeckling, Yorks., 1846-52; V. there, 1852-90. Author 
A Short Plain Sermon on Holy Baptism; A Collection of 
Hymns. Died May 19, 1890, at Burstwick vicarage, aged 67. 
Doubtless brother of William B. (1S42). (St Paul's Sell. Reg.; 
Clergy List; Die Guardian, June 18, 1890.) 

KING, FRANK RAYMOND. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., Oct. I, 
1890. [Youngest s. of J. H., of Wyham Hall, Louth, Lines. 
B. Apr. 28, 1871. School, Shrewsbury.' Matric. Michs. 1890; 
B.A. 1S93. At the Westminster Hospital. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 
1S96. Resident Clinical Assistant, St Luke's Hospital, 
London. Assistant Medical Officer, Somerset and Bath 
Asylum, Cotford. Medical Superintendent, Northumberland 
House Asylum, Finsbury Park, London; Peckham House 
Asylum. Of Newlands House, Tooting Bee Common, in 
1944. Died Feb. 28, 1944. (Shrra.sbury Sch. Reg.; Medical 
Directories; The Times. Mar. 4, 1944.) 

KING, FREDERICK. Adm. pens, at Triniiv, Oct. 17, 1856. 
[Only] s. of Frederick, of Chilmark, Wilts. B. there [Mar. 22], 
1S36. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1857; B.A. 1S71; M.A. 
1874. Ord. deacon (Exeter) rS7o; priest, 1S71; C. of Northam, 
Devon, 1870-6. V. of S. Molton, 1876-1901. Surrogate, 
dio. of Exeter, iS77-r90i. Died Sept. 28, 1901, at S. Molton 
vicarage. [Rugby Sch. Reg., which gives 'settled in Natal'; 
Crockford; The Times, Oct. 5, 1901.) 

KING, FREDERICK JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Magdalene, 
July 28, 1891. [Only] s. of John Bailey, of 52, North Brink, 
Wisbech, Cambs. B. Oct. 15, 1872. School, Wisbech. 
Matric. Michs. 1S91; B.A. 1894; M.A. 1898. Ord. deacon 
(St Albans) 1896; priest, 1898; C. of St John's, Stratford, 
Essex, i896-i9or. C. of St Saviour's, Walthamstow, 1901-2. 
Chaplain to the Forces, 1902-27; at Bermuda, 1904-6: at 
Malta, i9o8-t2. In the Great War. 1914-19 (D.A.C.-G.; 
wounded; mentioned twice in despatches). In Mesopotamia, 
1920-1; in Egypt, 1921-2; at Chatham, 1922-5; at Shom- 
cliffe, 1925-7. Lecturer at St Andrew's, Holbom, London, 
1931-8. Lie. pr., dio. of London, 1936-8. Died May 22, 1938, 
in London. (Crockford; Army Lists; Univ. War List; The 
Times, May 24, 1938.) 

KING, FREDERICK MEADE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 19, 
1832. Matric. Michs. 1S32. [Doubtless one of the sons 
('other issue') of Richard Meade, of the Rectory, North 
Petherton, Somerset, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff (and 
Elizabella, only dau. of John Warren, M.D. of Taunton).] 
Probably uncle of Richard M. (1S49) and of Frederick Meade, 
of Pembroke College, Oxford, 1854. (Burke, L.G.) 

KING, GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Trinity, Oct. 13, 1779. 
S. of William [merchant], of Hull [and Katherine, dau. of 
Robert Thorley, of Hull]. Bapt. Mar. 26, 1763. School, Hull. 
Matric. Michs. 1780; Scholar, 17S2; B.A. (nth Wrangler) 
1784; M.A. 1787. Fellow, 17SS; Senior Dean, 1805. R. of 
Whitwell, Derbs., 1798-1831. Died Feb. 5, 1831. Nephew of 
the Rev. Thomas Venn. (Venn, Family Annals, 257 (pedigree); 
G. Mag., 1831, 1. 281, which refers to two men of these names 
as contemporaries at Trinity.) 

KING, GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Magdalene, Apr. 7, 
1785. S. of John, of Ashby, near Lincoln, Esq. School, 
Lincoln. Matnc. Michs. 1785. Migrated to Emmanuel, 
Dec. 23, 1786; B.A. 17S9. One of these names (not of 
Oxford) was R. of St Laurence's, Norwich, 1838-44, and 
P.C. of St Benedict's, 1839-44. Disappears (aged 77) from 
Clergy List, 1S45. 

KING, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, Nov. 4, 1822. 
Of Oxford. Matric. Lent, 1S23; Scholar, 1824; B.A. 1827; 
M.A. 1830. Fellow, 1829. Adm. ad eundem at Oxford, 1830. 
Ord. deacon (Ely) 1829; priest, Litt. dim. to Lichfield and 
Coventry, 1830; C of Westwick, Norfolk. V. of Worsted, 
1844-68. Hon. Canon of Norwich, 1869. R. of Saxlingham, 
1868-92. Died Oct. 16, 1892, aged 89. (Crockford; Clergy 
List; Al. Oxon.; The Guardian, Oct. 26, 1892.)' 

KING, GEORGE BLANSHARD. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, 
June 6, i- ; S. I 'J. Maine. Michs. 1846. 

KING, GEORGE GORDON. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity 
Hall, 1878. S. of [Edward, of Newport, Rhode Island, 
U.S.A., and] Mrs King, of 5, Granmercy Park, New York. 
Matric. Michs. 1879. Of East 84th Street, New York, in 
1930. (Fox-Davies, Armorial Families.) 

KING, GEORGE KEMP. Adm. pens, at St John's, Aug. 2, 1899. 
[Elder] s. of George, wine-merchant, of Haywards Heath 
[and Caroline Kemp]. B. Mar. 25, 1880, at East Dulwich, 
Surrey. Schools, Aske's, Hatcham, London, and Christ's 
Hospital (Rev. R. Lee). Matric. Michs. 1899; Scholar; 

King, Henry- Medwin 

(13JA Wrangler, 1902; Nat. Sci. Trip., Pt I, 1st I 1 . 
B.A. 1902. Clerk in the War Office, 1903; editor, il 
List, IQ05-6; Resident Clerk, 1906-13. Private So r 
Sir Edward Ward, Permanent Under-Secretary of State for 
War, 1908-12; to Mr (later Viscount) Haldane, 1908; to Col. 
Seely, 1912-13. Assistant Principal, War Office (Territorial 
Directorate), 1913-17; Acting Principal, 1917-20. M.V.O., 
1911; C.B.E. Died Aug. 5, 1920, at Silverdale, Lanes. 
(Christ's Hosp. Exhibitioners; Who was Who, 1916 
Times, Aug. 9, 1920.) 

KING, GEORGE LANCHESTER. Adm. at Clare, June 7, 1879. 
[4th s. of William Norman, of Gt Barton, near Bury St 
Edmunds, and Anne. School, Burv St Edmunds Grammar, 
1872-9.] Matric. Michs. 1S79; Scholar; B.A. 1883; M.A. 
1889; D.D. 1904. Ord. deacon (Durham) 1884; priest, 1885; 
C. of Tudhoe Grange, Durham, 18S4-9. C. of Holy Trinity, 
Gateshead, T889-90. C. of St Mary's, S. Shields, 1890-4; 
V. there, 1894^. Bishop of Madagascar, 1899-1919. Secre- 
tary of the S. P. G., 1919-24. Canon Residentiary of Rochester 
Cathedral and Assistant Bishop, 1928-41; Vice Dean, 1938- 
41. Died Jan. 26, 1941, at Horsell, near Woking; buried 
there. Brother of Alfred E. (1876) and Preston (1881). 
(Bury Gr. Sch. Reg. (which gives '3rd s.'); Crockford; The 
Times, Jan. 29, and Feb. 19, 1941.) 

KING, GEORGE LIONEL. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 7, 1876. 
[Eldest] s. of George William (1840), of 41, Upper Brunswick 
Place, Brighton. B. there, Apr. 6, 1857. School, Rugby. 
M.itnc. Michs. 1876; B.A. 1880; M.A. 1884. Major, 1st Vol. 
Batt., Sussex Regt., 1S91. Of 54. Brunswick Place, Brighton. 
Died June 29, 1944. (Rugby Sch. Reg.; Army Lists; The 
Times, June 30, 1944.) 

KING, GEORGE SIDNEY. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1894. S. of 
— , deceased. School, Perse, Cambridge. Matric. Michs. 

KING, GEORGE WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity 
Jan. 28, 1840. S. of William [schoolmaster]. B. [June 15, 
1822], in London. School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1840; B.A. 
1844; M.A. 1847. President of the Union, 1843. Played 
cricket for Surrey, 1846-9; started the Brighton C.C., 1848; 
Hon. Sec, 1848-54; President, 1855. Died Dec. 22, 1881, at 
Brighton. Father of George L. (1876). (Eton Sch. Lists; 
Boose, 11. 223.) 

KING, HAROLD CHARLES. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1895. 
[S. of Charles Robert Baker, architect, of 35, Oakley Square, 
London. B. May 4, 1869, in London. School, St Paul's.] 
Migrated to Queens', Michs. 1896; B.A. 1898; M.A. 1902. 
An architect. Of 26, Victoria Street, Westminster, in 1947 
Brother of Herbert A. (1889). (SI Paul's Sch. Reg. (no career 
given); CV.Pa.rl. Reg.) 

KING, HAROLD JAMES. Adm. at Clare, Mar. 16, 1883. [3rd 
s. of Arthur C] Matric. Michs. 1883; B.A. 1889; M.A. 1894. 
Ord. deacon (Peterb.) 1889; priest, 1890; C. of St Paul's, 
Northampton, 1889-93. C. of St Mark's, Coventry, 1893- 
1900. C. of Banbury, Oxon., T900-3. C. of Silverstone, 
Northants., 1903-7. C. of St Paul's, Thornton Heath, Surrey, 
1907-14. C. of St Stephen's, Norbury, 1914-24. V. of 
St Mary's, Milton Regis, Kent, 1926-35. Perm, to offic. in 
dio. of Canterbury, 1935-38. Resided latterly at Sidcup, 
where he died Jan. 28, 1938. (Scott, MSS.; Crockford; The 
Times, Jan. 31, 1938.) 

KING, HAROLD WARDLEY. Adm. at Selwyn H., Oct. 1, 
1898. B. Apr. 17, 1879. Matric. Michs. 1898; B.A. 1901; 
M.A. 1908. Ord. deacon (Oxford) 1902; priest, 1903; C. of 
Hungerford, Berks., 1902-7. C. of St Peter's, Earley, T907- 
18. C. of St Mary's, Reading, 1918-24. V. of Hungerford, 
1924-48-. Surrogate, 1928-48-. (Crockford.) 

KING, HARRY HEATH. Matric. Non-Coil., Michs. 1899. 

KING, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Aug. 18, 1769; 
Fell.-Comm., Feb. 19, 1773. Of Dorset. Matrn 
1770; B.A. 1774. 

KING, HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus, Mar. 4, 1837. 
S. of H., Esq. B. at Hull. School, Hull (Mr Scott). Matric. 
Michs. 1837; B.A. 1841. Old. deacon, 1841; priest (Ripon) 
1843. V. of Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland, 1S4} - 
Nov. I, 1862, aged 44. Father of William (1S76). (Crockford' 
G. Mag., 1862, II. 786.) 

KING, HENRY MEDWIN. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Jan. 6, 
1891. S. of H. [Henry] [bank manager], of vVoodbury, 
Polwarth Road, Streatham. [School, Dulwich College.] 
Matric. Michs. 1891; B.A. (Nat. Sci. Trip., 1't 1, 1 tl 
1894; M.A. 1901. Assistant Mastei <i < >uncl!e School, 1895- 
1933-. Died Sept. 6, 1943, at The Mill House, Cotterstock. 

hoolmasters' Director! ■■ . \ ■ 
Sept. 9, 1943) 


King, Henry [Robert] 

KING, HENRY [ROBERT]. Adm. pens, at Christ's, June 27, 
1825. [Elder] s. of Lieut. -Gen. Sir Henrv, K.C.B. [and Marv, 
dau. of the Very Rev. lohn Hewitt, Dean of Cloyne] [and. 
grandson of the 2nd Earl of Kingston]. B. 1S04. Matric. 
Michs. 1825. Kept five terms, to Easter, ic r. Died Aug. 16, 
1842. (Burke. P. and B. (sub Kingston); Peile, 11. 419; 
G. Mag., 1S42, 11. 440.) 

KING, HENRY STAVELEY. Adm. pens, at Caius, July 8, 1852 
S. of Thomas, architect, of London. B. there, Nov. 20, 1831. 
School, King's College, London. Matric. Michs. 1852; B.A. 
(1st Class Nat. Sci. Trip.) 1858. At King's College Hospital. 
M.B. (London) 1S57; M.D. (London) 1S61. M.K.C.P., 1859. 
Practised in London. Senior Physician, Metropolitan Free 
Hospital. Died Mar. id, 1900, at Whitstable, Kent. (Venn, 
11. 309; Medical Directories; The 1 imes, Mar. 23, 1900.) 

KING, HENRY STUART. Adm. at Clare, Nov. 6, 1S73. [School, 
Felsted (1864-73).] Matnc. Michs. 1873; B.A. 1877- M.A. 
1884. Ord. deacon (Ripon) 1877; priest, 1S7S; C. of Kothwell, 
Yorks., 1877^). C. of Chard, Somerset, 1879-S7. V. of 
Tatworth, 18.S7-1927. Disappears from Crcckford, 1929. 
(Al. Felsted.) 

KING, HENRY WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 6, 1861. 
S. of John. [Nephew of H., Esq., of Little Wilbraham, 
Cambs. School, Harrow.] Matnc. Michs. 1861. (Harrow 
Sell. Reg., which gives '111 Holy Orders,' but not found in 
Crockford ..r I lergy List.) 

KING, HERBERT ALFRED. Adm. pens, at Sr John's, May 2, 
1889. S. of Charles Robert Baker, architect, of London [and 
Marv Anne Atwill]. B. Dec. 13, 1870, in London. Schools, 
N. London Collegiate (Rev. C. Williams), and St Paul's. 
Matric. Michs. 1889; Scholar; B.A. 1S92; M.A. 1S97. Ord. 
deacon (London) 1893; priest. 1894; C. o'f St Mark's, Regent's 

Park, L Ion, I a, I90r, C, of St Mary's, Prmirose Hill, 

1901-9. R. of Holt, Norfolk, 1909-47. Hon. Canon of 
Norwich. Rural Dean of Holt, 1944-47. Died Apr. 27 
1947- Brother of Harold C. (1895). (St Paul's Sch. Reg.; 

KING, HUMPHREY HASTINGS. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 
1898. [Elder] s. of Henry Sampson [of St Petersburg, 
Russia], engineer, of Wharnchffe, Wimbledon Park. B. 
Jan. 9, 1880, at St Petersburg. School, Charterhouse. 
Matric. Michs. 1S98; Exhibitioner; B.A. 1901; LL.B. r902; 
M.A. 1939. Called to the Bar, Inner Temple, June is, 1904. 
Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut., R.N.V.R., attached 
R.N.A.S.; Major, R.G.A., Anti-Aircraft). Chancellor of dios. 
of Sheffield, 1930; of Chester, 1934; of Carlisle, 1944. Member 
of Legal Board of Church Assembly. Of 5, New Square, 
Lincoln's Inn, and Orchard House, St Albans, in 1944. 
Died Aug. 3, 1950 at Chester. (Charterhouse Sch. Reg.; Law 
Lists; Who's Who; Kelly, Handbook.) 

KING, ISAAC. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, June 2, 1795. 
S. of Isaac [and Elizabeth], of Wycombe, Bucks. [B. Mar. 21, 
1776.] School, Westminster. Matnc. Lent, 1796, Scholar, 
1796. Migrated to Tnnity Hall, Jan. 20, 17.17; LL.B. 1801. 
Ord. deacon (Norwich) May 12, 1799. Chaplain to the Prince 
Regent. P.C. of Aston Clinton with St Leonards, and P.C. 
of Lee, Bucks., 1801-17. V. of West Wycombe, 1805-26. 
R. of Halton, 1805-20. Married, June "23, 1801. Ihst.r 
Maria, dau. of William B. Coyte, M.B., of Ipswich, and had 
issue (a s., Isaac, was at Christ Church, Oxford; R. of 
Bradenham, Bucks.). Died Jan. 20, 1832, at West Wycombe, 
'aged 53.' (Record of Old Westminsters; Cant. Act Bk.; 
Foster, Index Eccles.; G. Mag., 1832, I. 281.) 

KING, JAMES. Adm. sizar at St Catharine's, Oct. 15, 1820. 
B. at Banbury, Oxon. Matric. Michs. 1821; B.A. 1825; 
M.A. 1828. Ord. deacon (Norwich) June 19, 1825; priest, 
June 18, 1826. 

KING, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Peterhouse, Mar. id, 
1750. B. Apr. 28, 173S, at Richmond, Yorks. School, Ki. h- 
mond. Matric. Michs. 1756; Scholar, 1756; B.A. (yth 
Wrangler) 1760; M.A. 1763. Fellow, 1764. Second Master at 
Newcastle School, 1760-6. Ord. deacon (Durham) Sept. 25, 
1763; pnest (Exeter, Li!!, dun. from Nonvich) Mar is. 1767. 
Town Preacher of Ipswich, 1766. Head Master of Ipswich 
Grammar School, I7d7-<|S. R. of St Matthew's, Ipswich, 
1772. R. of Witnesham, Sufiolk, 1775-1822. Married, in 
1777, Elizabeth Sarah, dau. of the Rev. Thomas Bishop, 
K. of Tnmlev St Martin, and had issue, nine sons. Author. 
Sermons. Died Jan. 26, 1S22. Buried at Witnesham. M.I. 
in vestry, St Marv-at-the-Tower, Ipswich. Father of John 

U79S) Charles (isosl and William (1- 1 /, .1 11'.,;/,., 

312 and MS. note; Durham Ord. Bk.; G. Mag., 1822, 1 18 ; ) 

KING, JOHN. Adm. sizar at St John's, June 28, 1757. Of 
Yorkshire. School, Sedbergh. Matric. Michs. 1757; B.A. 
1761. Ord. deacon (York. Lilt. dan. from Bishop of Chester) 
Sept. 12, 1762; priest (York) Sept. 18, 1763. V. of Middlelon, 
Yorks, 1763-82. Died 111 17S2. r"ather of John (1782). 
(Sedbergh Sch. Reg.; St John's Coll. Adm. ill. 650.) 

King, John Wright 

KING, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 18) at St John's, Apr. 7, 1780. 
S. of Robert, farmer [and Eliza]. B. at [Little] Bentley, 
Essex. [Bapt. there, Nov. 28, 1761.] School, Eton. Re-adm. 
sizar, June 4, 17S2. Matric. Michs. 1780; B.A. 1789; M.A. 
1792. Ord. deacon (Ely, Lilt. dim. from London) Dec. 21, 
1783; priest (York) Oct. 18, 1S01. P.C. of the Church (or 
Chapel) of St James', Leeds (lately built and consecrated), 
upon hisown petition (he being patron). P.C. of Christ Church, 
Kingston. upon-Hull, 1822-58. Disappears from Clergy List, 
1859. (Foster, Index Eccles.; Eton Coll. Reg.; St John's Coll. 
Adm., iv. 347) 

KING, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Magdalene, Sept. 12, 
17S2. S. of the Rev. John (1757). V. of Mlddleton, Yorks., 
deceased. School, Kingston-on-Hull. Matric. Michs. 1783; 
B.A. 1787; M.A. 1790. Fellow. Ord. deacon (London) 
May 18, 17S8, as 'B.A. , Magdalene.' R. of Bisley, 1S10-45. 
Died, aged So, m 1*45. (Eccles. Gatette, vn, 227.) 

KING, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Peterhouse, lune 16, 
1795- Eldest s. of the Rev. John (1756), R. of Witnesham. 
Sufiolk. B. May 16, 1778. School, Ipswich. Matnc. Michs. 
179°; Browne Scholar. 1797; B.A. 1800; M.A. 1803. Fellow, 
1S01. Adm. at the Inner Temple, June 17, 1799. Married 
Caroline Staple, niece and foster-child of Charles Digby, of 
Hackney, and had issue a daughter. Edited Bum's Justice 
('which made the work truly valuable') and other works of 
law. 'He was a man of the most honourable principles, and 
a firm friend to the Constitution of his country.' Plied Oct. 24, 
r8i5, at Witnesham, after a long illness. Brother of Charles 
(1805) and of William (1S06). (T. A. Walker, 367, Inns 0/ 
Court; G. Mag., 1815, 11. 475, and 1822, 1. 184 (under his 

KING, JOHN. Matric. from Queens', Michs. 1810; B.A. 1814; 

M.A. 181 7. Not found in College records. 
KING, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Queens', Apr. 26, 1856. [S. of 

Joshua (1814), President of the College. B. Nov. 1, 1837. 

School, Repton,] Matric. Michs. 1S56; Scholar; B.A. i860; 

M.A. 1863. C. of Hampstead, Middlesex, 1862-4; C. of St 

Botolph's, Cambridge, 1865-6. Died Apr. 27, 1878. M.I., 

Hampstead Church. Brother of Joshua (i8ss). (Repton 

Sch. Reg.) 

KING, JOHN GODWIN. Adm. pens, at St John's, Aug. 2, 1882. 
S. of Joseph, stock-broker [and Phoebe]. B. Mar. 23, 1864, 
at Mill Bank, Walton, Lanes. Schools, Bilton Grange and 
University College, London (Mr H. W. Eve). Matric Michs 
1882. J. P. for Sussex, 1906. Chairman, E. Sussex County 
Council. C.B.E., 1939. Of East Grinstead, Sussex, in 1945. 
Died Feb. 28, 1948. (Bilton Grange Reg.; Kelly, Handbook.) 

KING, The Hon. JOHN HARCOURT. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Oct. 10, 1798; Fell.-Com. Oct. to, 1799. 6th s. of [Robert, 
2nd] Earl of Kingston, of Ireland [and Caroline, only dau. 
of Richard Fitzgerald, of Mount Ophaly]. School, Harrow. 
Matnc. Michs. 1800; M.A. 1801. Secretary of Embas-v to 
the Elector of Wurtemberg; at Stuttgart, 1S05-6. Died 
unmarried. Uncle of Robert H. (1S33) and Robert W. (1840). 
(Harrow Sch. Reg.; Burke, P. and B. (sub Kingston); 
S( John's CM. Adm., iv. 347.) 

KING, JOHN SAMUEL SIMPSON. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
Pi MBROKE, Dec. 24, 1828. 2nd s. of Benjamin, farmer, 
deceased, late of Long Melford, Suffolk. B. there. Matric. 
Michs. 1829; B.A. 1834. 

KING, JOHN SHAW. Adm. pens, (age iS) at Jesus, Oct. 2S, 
1818. [Elder] s. of John, Esq., of Colchester. Essex. B, there, 
Matric. Michs. 1819. Migrated to Tnnity Hall, Oct. 29, 1821 
Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 25, 1S22. Brother of Robert S. 
(1S19). (Inns of Court.) 

KING, JOHN WALLACE. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, 
Nov. 2, 1819. S. of Thomas. B. in Renfrewshire. School, 
Yorks. Matric. Michs. 1S20; B.A. 1828; M.A. 1831. 

KING, JOHN WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 3, 1879. 
S. of John Robert, farmer, of North Ormsby, Lines, [and 
Elizabeth]. B. there. May 4, i860. [School, Uppingham.] 
Matric. Michs. 1879; B.A. 18S3 \ 1 tanl Master at Blair 
Lodge School, Polmont, Stirhngs., for one year; at St George's 
College, Harrogate, for nine vears. Principal, Halesworth 
High School for one year; Head Master, Queen Elizabeth's 
Grammar School, for four years; Assistant Master 
at Lansdowne School, Croydon, for oiie year; Principal there, 
1900-S; latterly Assistant Master at Stratheden House 
School. Blackheath. (Uppingham Sch. Roll; Schoolmasters' 

KING, JOHN WRIGHT. Adm. pens, (age 15) at Christ's, 
June 25, 177:. S. of John. B. at [Bishops] Stortford. School, 
Hertford. Matric. Michs. 1771; Scholar, 1771; B.A. 1775; 
M.A. 1778. Fellow, 1775-95; resigned. Ord. pnest (London) 
May 21, 1780. ' Probably resided al Christ's, but never held 
any College office.' (Peile, 11. 293.) 


King, Joseph 

KING, JOSEPH. Adm. pens, at Queens', Apr. 26, 1837. Of 
Buckinghamshire. Matric. Michs. 1837; B.A. 1S41; MA. 
1844. Ord. deacon, 1S41; priest, 1S42. P.C. of Farnham, 
Suffolk, 1845-69. R. of Gt Wenham, 1869-76. R. of St 
Martin-by-Looe, Cornwall, 1876-S9. Married and had issue. 
Died Oct. 24, 1889, aged 72. (Boase, Coll. Cornub., 455 ; 
Crockford; The Guardian, Oct. 30, 18S9.) 

KING, JOSEPH WILLIAM. Adm. at King's, Jan. 27, 1877. 
Matric. Lent, 1877. Left Midsummer, 1S77. Clerk in the 
Public Record Office; retired from ill-health. Died 1901, in 
Griqualand West, S. Africa. {King's Coll. Reg. (parentage 
not given).) 

KING, JOSHUA. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Trinity, Sept. 26, 1814. 
[Elder] s. of David [of Lowick, Lanes.]. [B. Jan. tl 
at Lowick Bridge. School, Hawkshead, Lanes. Matric, 
Michs. 1815. Migrated to Queens', Feb. 10, 1816; B.A 
{Senior Wr.m°ler and 1st Smith's prize) 1S19; M.A. 022; 
LL.D. {per Lit. Reg.) 183S. Fellow of Queens', 1820-32; 
Tutor; President, 1832-57. Vice-Chancellor, 1833-4. Adm. 
at Lincoln's Inn, June 24, 1828. Lucasian Professor of 
Mathematics, 1S39-49. President of the Cambridge Philo- 
sophical Society, 1833. Personally argued, in an appeal 
to the Crown (as Visitor), that the President of Queens' had 
no voice in the election of the Fellows, but Lord Lyndhurst 
gave judgment against him, Jan. 22, 1S2S. Married, 1833, 
Mary, dau. of tfie Rev. J. Brocklebank, of White Beck, 
Cumberland. Died Sept. 1, 1857, at Queens' Lodge. Father 
of the next and of John (1S56). {Boase 11. 226; 7>ims of 
Court; G. Mag., 1857, 11. 469; C. R. Hudleston.) 

KING, JOSHUA. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity Hall, Feb. 10, 
1855. [Elder) s. of Joshua (above). [B. July 27, 1836. 
School, Repton.] Matric. Michs. 1S55; Scholar, 1S56; B.A. 
i860; M.A. 1864. Appointed to I.C.S., 1859; served in 
Bombay as Assistant Collector and Magistrate and Under- 
Secretary to Government; Settlement Officer, 1S74-6 and 
1876-7; on special duty, Baroda, 1877-9; Junior Collector 
and Magistrate, Ahmadnagar, 1879; Senior Collector and 
Magistrate and Political Agent at Satara, 1S84; retired, 1S86. 
Resided at Bath, where he died Apr. 29, 1927, aged 90. 
Brother of John (1S56). {Repton Sch. Reg.; I.C.S. Lists; 
The Times, Apr. 30, 1927.) 

KING, KNOWLES. Adm. pens, at Caius, June 28, 1851. [Elder] 
s. of Knowles, solicitor, of Maidstone. B. there, July 13, 
1834. School, Tonbridge. Matric. Michs. 1S51. Resided 
three terms. M.R.C.S. Went to New Zealand, 1858. Married, 
1858, Margaret, dau. of H. T. Fazakerly. Drowned at 
Poverty Bay, New Zealand, March, 1861. M.I. at Watering- 
bury Church, Kent. {Venn, 11. 304, and note, from family 
pedigree published, see Catalogue of British Museum; G. 
Mag., 1861, II. 333.) 

John's, Sept. 21, 189S. S. of Samuel, Minister in the 
Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum), of Bradford [and Ellen 
Louisa Bushe]. B. Jan. 4, 1879, at Bath. School, Bradford 
Grammar (Rev. W. H. Keeling). Matric. Michs. 1898; B.A. 
(Nat. Sci. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class) 1901; M.A. 1906. Served in 
the Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut., R.F.A. (T.F.)). Of 14, 
Bank Street, Glasgow, in 1945. {Univ. War List; C.U. Pari. 

KING, LEONARD WILLIAM. Adm. at King's, Jan. 19, 1889. 
[5th s. of Robert. B. Dec. 8, 1869, in London. School, 
Rugby.] Matric. Lent, 1889; Scholar; B.A. (Theol. Tnp., 
Pt I, 1st Class) 1891; M.A. 1895; Litt.D. 1914. A distin- 
guished Assyriologist; re-opened the diggings on the site of 
Kuyunjik (Nineveh), working there for more than a year, 
1903-4, until ill-health obliged him to return home. Made 
an expedition into Persia to re-copy the great Inscription 
of Darius on the rock-face at Behistun. F.S.A.; F.R.G.S., 
1905. Lecturer in Assyrian, King's College, London, 1910-15; 
Professor of Assyrian and Babylonian Archaeology there 
19 1 5-19. Assistant Keeper in the department of Egyptian 
and Assyrian Antiquities at the British Museum, 1913-19. 
Author, works on Assyriology and Archaeology. Died Aug. 
20, 1919. {King's Coll. Reg.; Who was Who, 1916-28.) 

KING, LEWIS HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, 
June 24, 1805. S. of Joseph, of [Broad Street, London, and] 
Taplow, Bucks, [and Mary, dau. of David Giles, of Youngs- 
bury, Herts. [B. July 23, 1787.] School, Eton. Matric. 
Easter, 1806; B.A. 1810. Ord. deacon {Liu. dim. from 
Canterbury) 1812; priest, 1813; C. of Minster-in-Thanet, 
Kent, 1812-. Died before 1817. {Cant. Act Bk.; Eton Sch. 
Luis ; Eton Coll. Reg.) 

Pembroke, Oct. 1, 1889. Elder s. of James, Esq., of Monks- 
town, Co. Dublin. B. at Dungannon, Co. Tyrone. [School, 

King, Richard 

Monkton Combe.] Matric. Michs. 1890; B.A. 1893; M.A 
iv;;.. Ord. deacon (Durham) 1894; priest, 1895; C. of 
Stock on-on-Tees, Durham, 1894. C.-in-charge of St Ga- 
briel's, Bishop Wearrnouth, 1901-5; P.C. there 1905-10. 
V. of St Ann with St Jude, Nottingham, 1910-2S. K. of 
Arley, Warws., 1925-4 7-. Hon. Canon of Coven tn 
47-. Edited (orcntrv Dioc. Calendar, 1929-4 7-. 
Monklotitan; Crockford.) 

KING, NEVILE. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, June 1;, 1772. 
[Elder] s. of John [Capt., 3rd Guards, and Millicent Man,', 
dau. of John Fox, of Rowston, Lines.], of Ashby [de-la- 
Launde], Lines. School, Westminster. Scholar, 1773; matric. 
Michs. 1775; B.A. 1776. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, May 27, 
1772. High Sheriff of Lines., 1S16. Col., 3rd Lincoln Militia. 
Owner of a racing stud, which included several well-known 
horses. Married, May 22, 17S6, Sarah, dau. of Thomas 
Gildart, of Finchley, London, and Norton Hall, Staffs. Died 
.it his lodgings in Hull, aged 80. Buried June 25, 1833. 
Father of Clifford (1S08). {Record of Old Westminsters; Inns 
of Court; G. Mag., 1S33, 1. 574.) 

KING, NORMAN. Adm. pens, at Sidney, Oct. 1, 1900. S. of 
the Rev. Norman [Queen's College, Birrningham, 18SS], R. 
of Monksilver, Somerset. B. Dec. 6, 18S0, at Bournemouth. 
School, Worcester Cathedral School (Mr H. Chappel). Matrir. 
Michs. 1900; Scholar; B.A. 1903. Entered the Consular 
Service, 1907; Vice-Consul, German East Africa, 1912. 
Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Major, E. African Force). 
Consul-General at Mexico City, 1920-6; at Barcelona, 
1926-3S; at Marseilles, 1938-40; retired, 1940. C.M.G., 1926; 
K.C.M.G., 1937. Of East Grinstead, Sussex, in 1944. (Burke, 
P. and B.; Univ. War List; Who's Who; Kelly, Handbook.) 

KING, PETER. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 17) at Trinity, Dec, 2. 1754. 
S. of the Hon. Thomas, of London [and Wilhelnnna Catherine, 
dau. of John Trove, one of the Sovereign Council of Brabant]. 
[B. Oct. 6, 1736, at The Hague.] School, Eton. Matric. 
Easter, 1756. Married, Nov. 24, 1774, Charlotte, dau. of 
Edward Tredcroft, of Horsham. Of Ockham, Surrey; also 
possessed another estate at Long Ditton. An active "magis- 
trate and 'a scourge of the poachers.' Lived mostly in the 
country, where he paid great attention to the care of his 
estates and the workpeople in his miUs. Succeeded as 6th 
Baron King of Ockham, 1779. Died of gout, Nov. 20, 1703. 
Brother of Thomas (1758); father of the next and of William 
(1797). (Burke, P. and B. {sub Lovelace); G.E.C. (both of 
which give ' died Nov. 23'); Eton Coll. Reg.; D.K.B.; G. Mag., 
1793, tl- 1061.) 

KING, The Hon. PETER. Adm. nobleman (age 17) at Trinity, 
Oct. 19, 1793. [Elder] s. of Peter, Baron King of Ockham 
(above), of Denbighs. Surrey. [B. Aug. 31, 1776, at Dorking, 
Surrey.] School, Eton. Succeeded his father as 7th Baron 
Ockham, Nov. 20, 1793. Married, May 26, 1804, Lady 
Hester, dau. of Hugh, 1st Earl Fortescue. A student of 
currency questions. Author, Life of John Locke and pamph- 
lets on money. A strong opponent of the corn laws, which 
he denounced as a 'job of jobs.' Died suddenly June 4, 1833. 
Father of the next and of William (1S23) ; brother of William 
(1797)- {Eton Coll. Reg.; Burke, P. and B. {sub Lovelace); 
G.E.C; D.K.B.) 

KING, The Hon. PETER JOHN LOCKE. Adm. pens, (age 19) 
at Trinity, Apr. 12, 1830. [2nd] s. of Peter, Baron King of 
Ockham (above). B. [Jan. 25, 1811J, at Ockham, Surrey. 
School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1830; M.A. 1833. M.P. for 
East Surrey, 1847-74. Promoted the passing of the Real 
Estate charges Act, 1854; also of the Act (known as Locke 
King's Act) to abolish propertv qualifications of M.P.'s, 
1858. Advocated ballot and abolition of Church rates; 
defeated and caused resignation of the Russell Ministry on 
a motion to reduce franchise in Counties to £10. Married, 
Mar. 22, 1836, Louisa Elizabeth, dau. of William Henry 
Hoare, of Mitcham Grove, Surrey, and had issue. J. P. and 
D.L. for Surrey; High Sheriff, 1840. Author, Injustice of 
Law of Succession to the Real Property of Intestates, 1S54 
(three editions); and other works on legal reform. Died 
Nov. 12, 18S5, at Brooklands, Weybridge. Brother of 
William (1823). {Harrow Sch. Reg.; Burke, P. and H. { sub 
Lovelace); Boase, 11. 227; D.N.B.) 

KING, PRESTON. Adm. at Cavendish H. Jan. 1881. [5th s. of 
W. Norman, of Gt Barton Place, Burv St Edmunds. School, 
Bury St Edmunds Grammar.] Matric, Lent, 1881; B.A. 
1884; M.B. and B.C. 1888; M.D. 1892. At si . 
Hospital. M.R.C.S. and L.S.A., 1887. Resident Medical 
Officer, Royal Mineral Water Hospital, Hath. Practised at 
Bath. Author, articles on the waters of Bath. 01 ; 
Bath, where lie died Jan. 29, 1943, aged 80. Brother of 
George L. (1879) and Alfred E. (1876). {Bury Or. Sch. Ret., 
which gives ' 4th s. of W. N.' ; Medical Directories ; The I imes , 
Feb. I, 1943.) 

KING, RICHARD (1823), in SAMPSON, R. K. 


King, Richard 

KING, RICHARD. Adm. sizar at St John's, May 15 1840 
Migrated to Christ's, Oct. 12, 1840. S. of Daniel [and Frances, 
dau.of Henry Pawson, of Lewes]. B. Feb. 23, 1816, at Lewes, 
Sussex. School, Lewes. Matric. Michs. 1S40; B.A. 1844. 
Ord. deacon (London) June II, 1843; pnest, 1844; C. of 
St John's, Hampstead, 1S43. C. of Butleigh, Somerset, 1850. 
Chaplain to the County asylum, Prestwich, 1851-82. Retired 
to Kilburn, London, 1883, and resided latterly at 29, 
Ad.imson Road, Hampstead, where he died June i"*, 1906, 
aged 00. {Peile. 11. 470; Crockford; The Times, June 14 

KING, RICHARD MEADE. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity, 
May 4, 1849. [Elder) s. of Richard King Meade, of Walford 
House, Taunton, Somerset [and Catherine, dau. of William 
Oliver, of Hope Corner, Taunton]. [B. Oct. 27, 1831J 
School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1S49; B.A. 1854; M.A. 1857. 
Adm. at the Inner Temple, Nov. 3, 1853. Called to the Bar, 
Nov. 17, 1856. Of N. Petherton, Somerset: J.P. Married 
Flora Evelyn, dau. of [he Key. W. C. Kinglake. Died s.p. 
1871. {Eton Sch. Lists; Inns of Court; Burke, L.O., which 
gives 'died 1S70.') 

KING, RICHARD TWYFORD. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, 
Mar. 3, 1854. [Only] s. of Henry [Richard], Capt., R.N. 
[Rear Admiral], of London. Matric. Michs. 1854. Adm. at 
Lincoln's Ian, 27, 1856. {Inns of Court.) 

KING, ROBERT. Adm. pens, at Caius, Apr. 9, 1864. S. of 
Robert, Esq., of Moulton, Lines. B. there 1842. School, 
Moulton Grammar, Matric. Easter, 1804; Scholar; (Nat 
Sci. Trip., 1st Class, 1866); B.A. 1867; M.B., 1868; M.A. 
1875. At the Middlesex Hospital. M.R.C.P., 1S70; F.R.C.P., 
". Physician, Resident Medical Officer and Lecturer on 
Forensic Medicine, Middlesex Hospital. In practice at 
Moulton, Lines., in 1900. Author, Middlesex Hospital 
Medical Reports. Died Nov. 25, 1901, at Moulton. Brother 
of Edward G. (1S62). {Venn, 11. 366, and note; Medical 
Directories', The dunes, Nov. 27, 1901.) 

KING, ROBERT COLLINS. Adm. pens, at Christ's, July 5, 
1847, S. of Thomas. B. [July 1, 1821], in London. School, 
private. Matric. Michs. 1847; Scholar, 1849; B.A. 1851; 
M.A. 1854. Ord. deacon (Manchester) 1851; priest, 1852; 
( . of St Bamabas's, Manchester, 1851-4. C. of St George's, 
Everton, Liverpool, 1854-5. C. of St .Martin's, Birmingham, 
1S55-6. Secretary of th..- Colonial Church and Scho. J S". letv, 
Liverpool, 1856-61. V. of St Katharine's, Northampton 
1863-81. Died Oct. 15, 1881, at Northampton. {Peile, a. 
503; Northants. Clergy; Crockford; The Guardian, Oct. 26, 

KING, ROBERT HENRY. M.A., incorp. from Oxford, 1835. 
[Elder s. of the Rev. Richard Fitzgerald (Exeter College 
Oxford, 1796), of Chertsey, Surrey. B. May 31, 1804 ] 
Matric. from Magdalen Hall, Uxiord, Oct. 23, 1822, age 18 • 
B.A. (Oxford) 1S26; M.A. (Oxford) 1829. R. of Wendon 
Lofts, and V. of Elrndon, Essex, 1839-42. R. of Bromeswell, 
Suffolk, 1843-70. Married, Nov. 4, 1S35, Caroline, dau. of 
Thomas Smith, and had issue. Died July 31, 1S70 Nephew 
of the Hon. John H. (1798). (Burke, P. ami B. {sub King- 
ston); Al. Oxon.; Foster, Index Ecctes.) 

KING, ROBERT JARROLD. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's 
[une29, 1810. Matric. Michs. 1810; B.A. 1814. Ord. deacon 
(Norwich) Dec. 18, 1814; priest (Ely) 1819; C of Sw.ncsey 
and Over, Cambs., 1815. C of Wisbech, 1818-54. V. of 
U..i Bradenham, Norfolk, 1831-52. V. of Wvruondham, 
1852-4. Married and had 'a numerous family.' Died Apr. 3' 
1854, at the house of his son-in-law, Mr Porier, of R01 hford' 
Town, near Boston, aged 06. Buried at Wisbech. {Clergy 
List; Foster, Index Iiceles.; G. Mag., 1854, 1. 553 )_, 

KING, ROBERT LETHBRIDGE. Adm. pens, at St Iohn's 
Oct. 12, 1841. Of Kent. [4th] s. of P[hihp] Pfarker], Capt! 
[Rear-Admiral], R.N. [and Harriet, dau. of Christopher 
Lethbndge, of Launceston]. [B. at sea betwcn I ngland and 
Australia, 1823] Uapt. Oct. 7. 1S23. Maine Michs 1841; 
B.A. 1846. Assistant Master at Truro Grammar School, 
1845. Ord. deacon (111 Australia) 1847; pn.-st (Sydney) 1848- 
C. of St Philip's, Sydney, N.S.W., is,- ,s I'.c. of St 
John's, Parramatta, 1855-68. Chaplain to the Bishop of 
Sydney, 1858-81. Canon of St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, 
1867-77. Principal of Moore College, Sydney 1868-78' 
Rural Dean of Liverpool (N.S.W.), 1871-78, and "ot Balmain 
1881-97. Inc. of Gladcsville, 1878-80. Inc. of Holy Trinity 
Sydney, 1SS0-93. Archdeacon of Cumberland, 1881-95. 
Married Honoria Australia Raymond. Died July 24, 1897 
at Stanmore, N.S.W. bather of the next {Boose v 823' 
Boase, Coll. (.1111,1,, 458; Burke, Col. Gentry, 1 187-' 
Eagle, Mar. 1899, 590.) 

KING, ROBERT RAYMOND. Adm. peas, at St John's Oct 12 
1876 Of Cumberland, N.S.W. S. of the Key.' Robert 
Lethbndge (above), P.C. of St John's, Parramatta, N.S.W. 

King, Thomas 

[and Honoria Austraha, ne'e Raymond]. B there Jan ro 
1858. Bapt. Jan. 10, 1858. Matric. Michs. 1877; B.A. 1881; 
M.A. 18S4. Ord. deacon (Bath, for Sydney, N.S.W.) isx, : 
pnest, 1882; C. of St Paul's, Sydney, N.S.W., 1882-4 C of 
Holy Trinity, Sydney, 1884. Acting Inc. of St John's, 
Malmain North, 1884-5. Inc. of St John-the-Evang., 
Wallerawang, 1885-93. R. of Hornsby, 1893-1901. Inc. of 
St John-the-Evang., Gordon, 1893-1923. Hon. Canon of 
Sydney, 1921-3. Disappears from Crockford, 1924. (Boase 
Coll. Cornub., 458.) 
KING, ROBERT SHAW. Adm. pens, at Sidney, Nov. 1, 1S19. 
Younger s. of John, Esq., of Colchester. B. there May 10, 
1802. School, Dedham (Dr Richardson). Matric. Michs 
1820; LL.B. 1828. Brother of John S. (1818). 
KING, ROBERT TURNER. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel. July j, 
1845. [B. 1824, in Leics.] M ilia. . Mi, hs. 1845; B.A. 1S49' 
Cncket 'blue,' 1S46-9; Capt. 1849. Far-famed (or his wo,, 
derful catches as a fielder at 'potnt.' Ord. deacon (Heref ) 
1851; priest, 1852; C. of Ledbury, Heref, 1.-51. C. of 
Fishtoft, Lines., 1S70-1. C.of Friday-bridge, 1 ,i,i.. 1871-5 
C.of Elm, 1S75-S0. V. of Fndaybndge, 1880-4, Died May 
12, 1884, at Bootle, Lanes. {Book of Blues; Boase 11 228; 
Crockford, The Guardian, May 21, 1884.) 
KING, ROBERT WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 18) at St John's 
Mar. 23, 1840. Of Middlesex. [S. of the Hon. James William! 
Capt., K.N., of Craubrook, Kent (and Caroline, dau ,,t 
Euseby Cleaver, Archbishop of Dubhn) ; grandson of the 
3rd Earl of Kingston.] Matric. Michs. 1840.' 1 wi. e mam .1 

Died s.p. Nov. 24, 1881. Described as 'late nth La iV in 

Burke (Limerick E.) (his first wafe was the widow of a grand- 
son of the 1st Earl of Limerick). 
KING, ROBERT WILLIAM. Matric. Non-Coll. Michs. 1S97. 
KING, ROE. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, June IS, 1770. Of 
Dorset. [Doubtless s. of Roe (W.idham College Oxford 
1746)-] Matric. Michs. 1770; B.A. 1774; M.A. 1777. Ord! 
deacon (Peterb.) June 11, 1775; priest, June 15, 1777. V. of 
Gussage All Saints, Wilts., 1778-1817. R. of Witchampton, 
Dorset, 1780-1817. Died Mar. 14, 1817, in London, a -ed 1 
iv., ,',' it n..-,.. u.., 1 - ... . 

{Northants, Clergy; Hutchins, in. 479.) 

KING, ROLAND ALLERTON. Adm. pens, at Magdalene 
July 15, 1879. 

KING, SAMUEL. Adm. pens, at Queens', June 30, 1S09. Of 
Middlesex. Matric. Michs. 1S10; B.A. iSr4; M.A. 1 

deacon (Lincoln) 1S13; priest, 1814. R. of Latum r, i 

1820-56 and V. of Flaunden, Herts., 1834-56. Minister of 
St Aubyn's Chapel, Jersey, 1852-6. Died Dec. 13, 1856, in 
Jersey. {Clergy List; G. Mag., 1S57, 1. 247.) 

KING, SAMUEL. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, Mar 25 1843 
Matric. Michs, 184,; B.A. 1S47; M.A. i--„, 1 ud ,], .,, ,,'n 
(York) 1847; pnest, 1S4S; C. of Christ Char, h, S, nl. o,,te. 
Hull. V. of Cantley, Yorks., 1854-69. R. of Thorpe Abbots, 
1869-76. Resided subsequently at Bishop's Waltham, 
Hants., where he died July 11, 1899, aged 75, {Crockford; 
1 he Times, July 15, 1S99.) 

KING, SAMUEL WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, 
June 4, 1841. [Elder] s. of the Rev. William Hutchinson 
(1S26), of Manchester [and Eliza Sandars, of Morton House, 
Lines.]. B. [Sept. 20, 1821], at Gainsborough, Lines. Matric. 
Michs. 184!; B.A. 1845; M.A. 1853. Ord. deacon (Chester) 
1S46; priest (Manchester) 1848; C. of Whalley, Lanes. R. of 
Saxhngham-Nethergate, Norfolk, 1851-68. An enthusiastic 
entomologist and geologist ; helped Sir Charles Lyell in his 
investigations in England and abroad. F.G.S., i860; F.S.A.; 
F.R.G.S., 1858. Travelled abroad frequently and a keen 
mountaineer. Author, The Italian Valleys of the Pennine 
Alps. Died July 8, 186S, at Pontresma; buried there. 
Bequeathed his collection of fossil mammalia from the Nor- 
folk beds to the Museum of practical Geology, I Ion, 

Brother of Edward (1840). {Boase, 11. 228; Clergy list 
Crockford; D.N.B.) 

KING, SHAW. Adm. pens, at Sidney, Nov. 26, 1776. Eldest s 
of Shaw, Esq. [St Mary Hall, Oxford, 1749], of [(mrpc 
Essex. B. there Aug. 19, 1759- School, Laveuham, Suffolk 
(.Mr Walker and Mr Carlisle). Matric. Michs. 1777; BA 
1781; M.A. 17S4. 

KING, THOMAS. Adm. Fell. -Coin, (age 17) at Trinity, Feb -. 
1758. [2nd] s. of the Hon. Thomas, of London. School, 
London. Matric. Lent, 175S; M.A. 1760. Brother of Peter 
(1754)- (Burke, P. and B. {sub Lovelace), for his father.) 

KING, THOMAS. Adm. pens (age 10) at Trinity, June 27, 
1791. [Elder] s. of Thomas ofGrei iwich, Kent , m.I Cutlers' 
Hall, London). (H. | u ( v ,„. t77I j School, Charterhouse, 

1- Ion. Matric. Michs. 1791; B.A. 1795; M.A. 1798 Adm. 

at Lincoln's Inn, Api 8, 1.,; Died at Alvidiston, \\ ilt = 
Sept. 20. 1825, aged 54. (Not 111 Al. Carthus.; Inns of 
Court; K. L. Arrowsmith.) 


King, Thomas 

KING, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age iS) at Christ's, June 7, 1819. 

B. at Cossington, Leics. [S. of Thomas, of Cossington.] 
School, private. Matric. Miens. 1S19: B.A. 1823. C. of 
Scrayingham, Vorks. V. of Penistone, Yorks., 1837-41. 
R. of Ordsall, Notts., 1S41-73. Married Louisa (his cousin), 
dau. of Stuart Corbett, D.D., Archdeacon of York. (Peile, 
11.394; E. H.Clifton; Foster, Index Eccles.; C. R.Hudlest :i 1 

KING. THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 9, i860. [2nd] s. 
of Daniel Henry. B. at Stratton, Cornwall, 1S42. School, 
King's College, London. Matric. Michs. i860. Migrated to 
Jesus, Oct. 10, 1861; B.A. (of/i Wrangler) 1864; M.A. 1867. 
Fellow of Jesus, 1S64-71. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 15, 
1S67. Assistant Commissioner, Roval Commission on 
Primary Education, Ireland, 1S68. H.M. Inspector of Schools, 
1871-94; Chief Inspector, 1S94-8; Senior Chief Inspector, 
1898-1903; retired, 1903. C.B., 1903. Died Dec. 15, 1903, 
at St Ives, Cornwall. (Boase, Coll. Cornub., 45S; Inns of 
Court; Who was Who, 1897-1916; The Times, Dec. 16, 1903.) 

KING, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 9, 1863. S. of 
Thomas, gent. Tof Keld Gate, Beverlev] [and Jane). B at 
Beverley. Bapt. Jan. 10, 1842. Matric. Michs. 1S63; B.A. 
1867; M.A. 1S70. Ord. deacon (Ripon) 1870; priest, 1871- 

C. of Batley Carr, Yorks., 1S70-2. C.-in-charge of St Luke's 
Mission, Dewsbury, 1872-6. V. of Hartshead, 1876-1910 
Died Oct. 17, 1910. (Durham Sch. Reg.; Crockford.) 

KING, THOMAS ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 15, 
1891. S. of John, of Stratton, Cornwall. B. there 1873' 
School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1891. At St Thomas's 
Hospital. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1899. J-P- for Cornwall, 
19 1 7- In practice at Bude, 1920. Subsequently at Stratton - 
Medical Officer of Health for Stratton R.D., and Stratton 
and Bude U.D. Master, Tetcott foxhounds. Of Didches 
Stratton, in 1946. (Medical Directories; KeVtv, Handbook.) 
KING, THOMAS PERCY. Adm. pens, at St John's, May 22, 
1888. S. of Thomas, surgeon, of Rochford, Essex "[and 
Louisa Rankin]. B. there Dec. 19, 1869. School, Charter- 
house. Matric. Michs. 18SS; B.A. 1891; M.B. and B Ch 
1895. At Guy's Hospital. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1895. Died 
Apr. 7, 189S, at Cairo. (Charterhouse Sch. Reg.; Medical 
Directories; The Times, Apr. 13, 1898.) 
KING, WALKER. Adm. at Emmanuel, Jan. 29, 1799- from 
Oxford. [S. of the Rev. James, of Clitheroe, Lanes, (and 
Anne, dau. of John Walker, of Underhill).] Matric. from 
Brasenose College, Oxford, Feb. 20, 1768, age 16. Migrated 
to Corpus Christi College, Oxford; Scholar, 1767- B A 
(Oxford) 1771; M.A. (Oxford) 177s ;B.D. (Oxford) 17SS; D.D. 
(Oxford) 1788. Fellow of Corpus Christi, Oxford. Preb of 
Peterborough, 1794. Canon of WeUs, 1796. Preb. of Canter- 
bury, 1S03. Preb. of Westminster, 1S27. Bishop of Ro- 
chester, 1S09-27. Married Sarah, dau. of Edward Dawson 
Died Feb. 22, r827. Grandfather of the next. (Sediergh 
Sch. Reg.; Burke, L.G., 1939; Northants. Clergy; Al. Oxon.) 
KING, WALKER. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Dec. 15 1852 
[S. of the Rev. John Myers (Balliol College, Oxford, 1S20) 
V. of Cutcombe, Somerset. School, Harrow.] Matric. Lent' 
1853; (Civil Law Classes, 1st Class, 1855-6). Ord. deacon 
(Bath and Wells) 1857; priest, 1858; C. of Cutcombe, 
Somerset, 1857-65. C. of Lower Hardies, Kent, 1865-70. 
C. of Cottesmore, Rutland, 1870-2. R. of Huish Champ- 
flower, Somerset, 1873-93- Rural Dean of Wiveliscombe, 
1074-93- Lie. pr., dio. Exeter, 1893-1014. Sheriff of the 
City of Exeter, 1904-5. Of 1, Heavitree Park, Exeter. Died 
Apr. 23, 1914. (Harrow Sch. Reg.; Crockford.) 
KING, WALTER GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Downing, Jan. 16, 
1883. [S. of Col. — , deceased, of Isfield, Sussex. School' 
Eton.] Matric. Lent, 1883; B.A. 18S6; M.A. 1892. In the 
Diplomatic Service before coming to Cambridge. (Eton Sch 
KING. WATSON. Adm. sizar at St John's, May 2, 1834. 
Re-adm. pens. Oct. n, 1834. [S. of John, of Wateringbury. 
Kent. B. Apr. 8, 1811.] Schoolmaster, T. Harrison. Matric 
Michs. 1834; B.A. 1838; M.A. 1841. Ord. deacon (Ripon) 
July 29, 1838; priest, July 28, 1839; C. of Harrogate, 183S- 
40. C. of Aylesford, Kent, 1840-2. C. of Holy Trinity 
Leicester, 1842-3. P.C. of Batley Carr, Yorks., 1843-51. 
Chaplain of Maidstone gaol, 1851-62. R. of Plaxtol, Kent, 
1864-9. R- of Croxton, Lines., 1869-87. Married, Feb. 20, 
1843, Anne, dau. of Thomas Laurence, of Biggin Hall,' 
Thurlaston, Warws. Resided subsequently at Tunbridge 
Wells, where be died Feb. 8, 1893, 'aged 80'. (Crockford; The 
Guardian, Feb. 15, 1893; G. Mag., 1843, I. 424.) 
KING, The Hon. WILLIAM. Adm. FeU.Com. (age 18) at 
Trinity, Oct. 21, 1797. [2nd] s. of Peter (1754), Baron King. 
of Ockham, Surrey. [B. Feb. 24, 1780.] School, Eton. Died 
Dec. 2, 1798, 'in consequence of a violent cold caught bv his 
getting overheated and wet at a shooting partv.' 1 - 
Peter (1793). (Burke, P. and B., 1940 (sub Lovelai 
Coll. Reg.; G. Mag., 1798, 11. 1088 and 1 144.) 

King, William Joseph Harding 

KING, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, Dec. 27, 1806; 
from Trinity College, Oxford, whence he had matric. (age 17) 
Feb. 16, 1804. [B. 1786. 4th s. of the Rev. John 1 
Ipswich (and Elizabeth Sarah, dau. of the Rev. Thomas 
Bishop, V. of St Mary-le-Tower, Ipswich). School, West 
minster.] Matric. Lent, 1S07; B.A. (i2f/i Wrangler) 1809; M A 
l8l2;Med. Lie. i8l7;M.D. 1819. Fellow, 1812. F.R.C.S., 1S20. 
Practised in Queen Anne Street, London, W. Harveian Orator, 
1S43. Consulting Physician to the Sussex County Hospital, 
1 "3. Chiefly renowned as the promoter of Co-operation. 
Wrote largely on this sub ject ; became the adviser and friend 
of Lady Byron, who used his system for improving the con- 
dition of the poor on her estates, and left him a sum of money 
for the publication of his works. Married, Jan. 17, 1821, 
Mary, 2nd dau. of the Rev. Dr Hooker. Author, medical, 
and of a monthly journal, The Co-operator (1828-30), 'the 
most influential publication of the kind at that time.' Settled 
at Brighton, 1823, where he died Oct. 20, 1865. Brother of 
John (1795) and Charles (1S05). (Record of Old Westminsters; 
Boase, II. 230, which gives 'died Oct. 19'; T. A. Walker, 380; 
Al. Oxon.; Munk, m. 226; D.N.B.; Medical Directories; 
The Courier, Jan. 20, 1821; G. Mag., 1822, 1. 184 (sub his 
KING [post KING-NOEL], The Hon. WILLIAM. Adm. pens, 
(age 19) at Trinity, Apr. 21, 1823. Fell.-Com.,Oct. 24, 1S23. 
[Elder] s. of Peter (1793) [7th] Baron King of Ockham [and 
Lady Hester Fortescue, dau. of Hugh. 1st Earl Fortescue]. 
B. [Feb. 20, 1805], in London. School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 
1823. Succeeded his father as 8th Baron, June 4, 1833. 
Created Earl of Lovelace and Baron Ockham of Ockham, 
Surrey, by letters patent, June 30, 1838. Hon. Col., 3rdBatt., 
R. West Surrey Regt., 1S52. Lord-Lieut, and Custos Rotu- 
lorum of Surrey, 1S40-93. Assumed, by Royal licence, 
Sept. 29, i860, the additional name and arms of Noel. 
Married (1) July 8, 1835, the Hon. Ada Augusta Byron, only 
child of Lord Byron (the poet), and had issue; (2) Mar. 29", 
1865, Jane Crawford, widow of Edward Jenkins, Bengal C.S. 
(dau. of John Jen kin s), and had further issue. Died Dec. 29, 
1893. Brother of Peter J. L. (1830). (Burke, P. and B (sub 
Lovelace); Changes of Name; G.E.C.) 
KING, WILLIAM. Adm. at King's, Oct. io, 1876. [S. of the 
Rev. Henry (1837), V. of Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland. 
School, Rossall.] Matric. Michs. 1876; B.A. 1880; M.A. 1883. 
Assistant Master at Trent College, 18S0; at Rossall School, 
1881-90. Head Master of The tower, Portinscale, Keswick, 
1890-5. Died Nov. 6, 1895, by a fall from a bicycle. (Rossall 
Sch. Reg.; King's Coll. Reg.) 
KING, WILLIAM ALBERT KING. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, 
Oct. 3, 1882. S. of Mrs King, of Curry Road, Taunton, 
Somerset. Matric. Michs. 1SS2; exhibitioner; B.A. (2srfc 
Wrangler) 1885; M.A. 1SS9. Ord. deacon (Norwich) 1S92; 
priest, 1893; C. of Melton, Suffolk, 1892-5. C. of Exmouth, 
Devon, 1895-9. C. of Eastney, Hants., 1899-1905. V. of 
St Margaret's, Eastney, 1903-1S. V. of Leintwardine with 
Adforton, Heref., 1918-31. Resided subsequently at Tun- 
bridge Wells, where he died Apr. 7, 1932. (Crockford; The 
Times, Apr. 9, 1932.) 
KING, WILLIAM BOWES. Adm. pens, at Clare, July 7, 1S42. 
[Doubtless s. of Charles Bowes, of Bolton Street. Piccadilly.) 
Matric. Michs. 1842; B.A. 1846. Doubt 
Frank B. (1842). 
KING, WILLIAM CLARK. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 7, 
1817, as William; did not reside. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi, Mar. 21, 1S18. Of Suffolk. School, Norwich. Matric 
Michs. 1S18; Scholar, 1819; B.A. 1822; M.A. 184 
Com. causa at Oxford, 1862. Ord. deacon (Line 1: 
priest (Norwich) June 19, 1825. Of Backworth House, 
Earsdon, Newcastle-on-Tyne, in 1S41-2. R. of St Marv-le- 
Bow, Durham, 1843-55. V. and Rural Dean of Norh'am- 
upon-Tweed, 1855-72. Hon. Canon of Durham, 1869-72. 
Died Dec. 19, 1872. (Scott, MSS.; Crockford; Cler t 
Al. Oxon.) 
KING, WILLIAM HUTCHINSON. Adm. pens, at St Catha- 
rine's, Oct. 10, 1826. [S. of James, and Mary, dau. of 
William Hutchinson, of Wetheral, Cumberland. B. 1792 ] 
Matric. Lent, 1827; B.A. 1831; M.A. 1S39. P.( 
Luke's, Cheetham, Manchester, 1839-51. In Cla 
1852-66, without address. Married, 1820, Eliza. . . 
S. Sandars, of Morton House, Lines. Father of Samuel W. 
(1841) and Edward (1849). (Burke, L.G., 1939.) 
KING, WILLIAM JOSEPH HARDING. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Oct. 1.NS8. [Eldest] s. of Wplliam] Hartley [of 
WoUescote Hall, Stourbrid 

bury, Worcs. School, Newton College (Kev. G. T. Warner). 
Matric. Michs. 1888; B.A. 1S92. Travelled exten 
N. Africa on a number of occasions between 1900 12. parti 
cularly amongst the desert areas of Libya and the Sahara. 
F.R.G.S.; Gill memorial medal, 1. earck for 

Ike )lir 
Oct. 1, 1933, at Honiton, I ■ 7-40.) 


King, William Poore 

KING, WILLIAM POORE. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall, 
June 28, 1809. S. of — , gent., of Knipton, near Belvoir 
Castle, Leics. Matric. Michs. 1S10. PC. of Martindale, 
Westmorland, 1S28-4L In Clergy List, unbeneficed, until 
1S67. (Foster. Index Pedes.) 

KING, WILLIAM ROBINSON. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Jesus 
Oct. 1873. [Only] s. of William Robinson. B. [lulv 6, 1855], 
at Hull. School, Rugbv. Matric. Michs. 1873; B A. 1S77 
A Solicitor at Hull 111 1SS5. (Rugby Sch. Reg.; The (,u it.iui; 
Feb. 18, 1885.) 

Trinity. Apr. S, 1842. [School. Sherborne.] Matric. Michs. 
1S42; B.A. 1846; M.A. 1S40. 1 >rd. .I'-aron (Bath and Wells) 
1847; priest, 1848; C. of West Monkton, Somerset, 1S48-50. 
R.ofNorton-by-Twvcross, Leics., 1850-69. R. of Monksilver, 
Somerset,] ...,-.,. 1 ... ,| s, P t x. ,-.„.. .,_.,.,] -,. Father of 
William T. P. Meade-King (1895). (Sherborne Sch. Reg.; 
Crockford; Clergy List; The Standard, Sept. II, 1896.) 

KING, — . Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, c. Dec. 31, 1S00. 

KING-FANE, W. V. R. (1886), see FANE. 

KING-HALL, BALDWIN WALKER. Adm. pens, (age 20) at 
Pembroke, Oct. 1, 18S7. [ 4 th] s. of [Admiral Sir] William 
[K.C.B.], Capt., deceased [of The Elms, Sutton Bonnington, 
Leics.] [and Louisa Forman], B. [Aug. n, 1S68], at Sheer- 
ness, Kent. [School, Cheltenham College.] Matric. Michs 
1887; B.A. 1890. Head Master of Emsworth House School, 
Emsworth, Hants. (Cheltenham CM. Keg.; Schoolmasters' 
Directories; Fox-Davies, Armorial Families.) 

Trinity, July 7, 1869. [5th] s. of [the Hon.] Lawrence [H ], 
of Newcastle, Ballvmahon, Co. Longford. B. there [April 26], 
1851. School. Cheltenham. Matric. Michs. 1869; B.A. 1873- 
M.A. 1879. Private Secretary to Sir W Robinson, Governor 
of the Bahamas, 1874-9; to General Sir R. Ih.ldulph, High 
Commissioner of Cyprus, 1870-81 ; Assistant Chief Secretary 
of Cyprus, 1881-3. Auditor-General of Barbados and a 
Member of the House of Assembly, 18S4-93. Colonial 
Secretary of Mauritius, 1893-6; Administrator of St Lucia, 
1S97-1000; Governor of Sierra Leone, 1900-4; High Com- 
missioner of Cyprus, 1904-11. Represented the Mediter- 
ranean Colonies at the Coronation of George V, 1911 
C.M.G., 1893; K.C.M.G., 1900. Hon. LL.D., Edinburgh. 
After retirement took a deep interest in new 
institutions, including St Peter's Hall. Oxford, and Stowe 
School. J. P. for Somerset and Beds. Died Apr. 17, 1939, at 
Ouse Manor, Sharnbmok, Beds., as the result of a kirk from 
a horse. (Cheltenham Coll. Reg.; P. and li. (sue Kingston)- 
Fii.t-D.ivies, Armorial Families; Who's Who. 1939; II ho:, as 
Who, 1929-40; The Times, Apr. 19, 1939.) 

KING-NOEL, WILLIAM (1823), see KING, W. 



KING- WEBSTER, H. C. (1S97), see WEBSTER. 

KING-WILKINSON, HORACE. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Oct. 1, 1894. S. of William, solicitor, of Middlewood' 
Chtheroe, Lanes. B. there Nov. 19, 1873. Schools Harrow 
and Cheltenham College (1888-9). Matric. Michs 1894 
A Solicitor. (Cheltenham Coll. Reg. (sub Wilkinson).) 

KINGDON, ALFRED CORY. Adm. pens, at Caius, June 9 
1847. S. of Cory (1817), M.D., of Broomhili, Poughill' 
Cornwall [ami Elizabeth, dau. of the Rev. James Bucking- 
ham]. B. there Mav 8, 1828. Schools, private Matric 
Michs. 1847, as Alfred; B.A. 1851. Ord. deacon (\\,„, , .,, ,, 
1S51; priest, 1852; C. of St Stephen's, Birmingham, 1852 
C. of Walcot, Somerset, 1S53-6. Assistant 1 i . ; I. , 1 ■ ; , 1 r, ,,, 
tentiary at Bath, iSst. - 1 "I Innilv, Nottingham 
1858-62. C. of St John's, Ii-rliv, im., s C of Gotham and 
Ratchffe-oii Soar, Notts., 1865-0. C. of Tollerton, 1866-8 
V. of Bunney with Bradmure. 1S0S u.|. Latterly r- 1 : 
Weston-super-Mare. Died Nov. 13, 189s at Nottingham 
Brother of Godfrey (185b). (tViw. 11 . o..N.ln..| 
Bib. Cornub., I. 299; Boase, Coll. Cornub., 459; J he standard' 
Nov. 15, 1895.) 

KINGDON, CAMPBELL. Adm. sizar at St John's, Oct. 19, 
1897. S. of Walter, artist, of Eastbourne [and Mary Elizabeth 
Pyniar Billing], B. Aug. 21, 1878, at Capri. Italv. School 
Eastbourne College (Rev. M. A. Bayfield). Matric. Michs 
1S97; B.A. 1900; M.A. 1910. Joint Head Master of Ascham 
St Vincent's School, Eastbourne, in 1918. Head Master of 
St George's. School, Broadstairs, in 1928-33-. Residing 

in Devonshire in 1947. (Schoolmasters' Directories.) 


Corpus Christi, Oct. 1, 1896. Of Derbyshire. S. of C B 

Esq., of Woodlands Melton Mowbray, li. Oct. 7, 1876, at 

Kingdon, Herbert Napier 

Ednaston Lodge, Derby. School, King's Canterbury. Matric. 
!ri C i, S ' „' 1 ; , R ,' l8,) 9- Died 1901, at Melton Mowbray. 
(Ridley Hall List.) 

KINGDON, CORY. Adm. Fell.-Com. at St John's Mar 24 
1S17. Of Devon. [ 4 th s. of Richard, of Holsworthv. Bapt' 
May 13, 17S7.] In medical practice at Poughill, Cornwall. 
Married Elizabeth, dau, of the Rev. Tames Buckingham 
V. of Bumngton and R. of Dodiscombleigh. Devon Buried 
.?, a I ; ?5 f-„ at Pr,u - hi11 - Brother of Roger (1792); father of 
Alfred C. (1847) and Godfrey [1856). (Boase, Bib. Cornub 
I. 299 (st.d his son Alfred C); L.G., 1846.) 

Oct. 1SS3. [S. of Paul Augustine, barrister, and Elizabeth F 
of 29, Marlborough Hill, London, N.W. B. Feb 2 1867 
School, Merchant Taylors', 1880-5.] Matric. Michs.' 1883- 
B.A. 1886. Adm Solicitor, Feb. 1890. Practised at Lincoln's 
inn Fields, London. Of 20. Marlborough Hill, London N W 
in 1920. (Merchant Taylors' Sch. Reg.; Lam Lists.) 

KINGDON, FRANK MAYNARD. Adm. pens, at Sidney Oct 1 
1896. S. of William F.. of New Beckenham. B. fan --' 
,,. 75 '. m . London - School, Bishop's Stortford Nonconformist 
(Mr Alhott). Matric. Michs. 1896; B.A. 1899; M.A 1903 
Assistant Master (sometime Bursar) at Bishop's Stortford 
College, 1893-96 and 1899-1933-- (Schoolmasters' Direc- 

KINGDON, GEORGE RENORDEN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Dec 26, 1839. [S. of William, surgeon, of Bank Buildings' 
London. B.C. 1822. School, St Paul's.] Matric. Michs. 1S40; 
Scholar, 1843; B.A. (Class. Trip., 1st Class) 1S44. At St 
Bartholomew's Hospital, 1S45-7. Became a Roman Catholic 
m ,., a , Jesmt - lS47; at St Be ™o's theological College 
N. Wales. 1850-4; Pi-cfesc.,. of theology there, 1854 Pro- 
fessor of rhetoric at Stoneyhurst College, 18,7; a t Beaumont 
College. 1S79. Died Jan 1. iS,,,. lt Roeh.unpton. (St Paul's 
Sch. Reg.; R. M. Glencross; C. 1. Eordvcc ) 

TON. Adm pens, at Sidney. July 9, 1840, 2nd s. of Richard. 
of Ryde, Isle of \\ ight, physician. B. May 6, 1S21, at Bodmin. 
Schools, Lostwithiel (Mr Avery), Stockwell (Mr Brain) and 
King's College. London. Matric. Michs. 1840; B -\ 1844 
M.A. 1S49. Afterwards spelt his name Kvngdon Ord' 
deacon (Norwich) 1845; priest (Winchester) 1847; C of 
Starston, Norfolk, 1844-6. C. of Ecchinswell, Hams 
1847-9- Inc. of Chnst Church, New Zealand 1850-2 
Assistant Minister of New Plymouth, New Zeal ind 1 -s • -6 
Inc. of Remuera, New Zealand, 1S56-60. Chaplain of 
St Alban s, I usrombe, Devon, 1864-71. C. of Boconnoc, 
Cornwall, 1SS4-6. R. of Caerhayes, 1886-8. V of St 
Winnow with St Nectan. 1888-91. V. of Holy Trinity, 
Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand, 1903-4 Resided 
subsequently at Lostwithiel, Cornwall, and died Jan 4 1916 
at Newquay, aged 94. (Crockford; The Guardian. Jan 1 ,' 
1010 ) - a a. 

KINGDON, GEORGE THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Trinity 
June 30, 1834 S. of [the Rev.] Thomas Ho, kin [Exeter 
College, Oxford] (1846). B. [Aug. 26, 1814]. at I'.n.lgerule, 
Devon. School, Eton. Matric. Michs. i.s., 
B A. 1838; MA. 1841. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1841; priest'. ,84 ;' 
Chaplain of Trinity, 1842-8. C. of Trum r ingt..i,. f.uiiE 
J845- V. of North Petherwyn, Cornwall, 1S50-3 R of 
Pyworthv, Devon. 1853-62. V. of Ivybridge, r86z-7o 
Author semens. Died Jan. 19, 1804, at Ryde, Isle of Wight. 
U'i'i. Adm. and add.; Boase. Bib. Cornub. 1. 299; Crockford 
The Guardian, Jan. 24, 1894.) 

KINGDON, GODFREY. Adm. pens, at St John's July i 1856 
3rd s of Cory (1S17), physician r..f Cornwall] [and 
Elizabeth B. at Poughill. Bapt. [une 19, ,8,- U „i at 
Pembroke 1 ,,Heg, -, « ixt. .r.l. when,,, he matric. Clc't 25 i8s6 
age 19; B.A. (( i.xford) ,s„n; M \ (. ixfor.l) 1863. Ord deacon 
(Lincoln) ist.i; prie-t. 1 -■(.:. 1. ,,t Hole Trinitv, Nottingl, ,1,1. 
1861-3. t of SI John's, Derby, 1S63-6. V. of Spondon, 
f? erb f',Jn , ^; % ' V - of St -^'""'s, Taunton, ^sViooo 
R of Witherley, Leics., 1900-9. Latterly of The Croft 
St Anns, Eastbourne, and disappears from Crockford, 1911 
Brother of Alfred C. (1847). (Al.Oxon.) 

KINGDON, HERBERT NAPIER. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi. Sept. 30, 1871. Of Devon. S, of [the Rev. Samuel 
Nicholson (1823), V. of Bndgerule, Devon], B. Oct. 5, 1S49 
School, Marlborough. Matric. Michs, 1S71; Scholar i.s--- 
B.A. 1875; M.A. 1883. Assistant Master at Hillbr. ' 
Rugby, for eight years. Head Master of Dorchest, r Gr .mm ir 
School, 18S2-9S; of The Bnary School, Westgate-on-Sea 
1899-1903-. Ord. deacon and priest (Elv) 1907; C of 
St Andrewthe-1.. -ss, Cambridge, 1907-9. Retued and lived 
at Stockbndge, Hants. Author, Extracts pom Lay , t, ■ 
joint author of Gradatim. Died Mar. 19, 1938 at Stockbri.i-e' 
(Marlborough Coll. Reg.; Crockford; The Times Mar aV 



KINGDON, HOLLINGWORTH TULLY. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Triniiy, Nov. 30, 1S53. S. of William, F.R.C.S. B. [1835], 
in London. School. St Paul's, London. Matrie. Miens. 1S14; 
B.A. 1S5S; M.A. 1861; D.D. 1SS1. Hon. D.C.L.. Trinity 
College, Toronto, Canada, 1893. Ord. deacon (Salisbury) 
1859; priest, i860; C. of Sturminster Marshall, Dorset, 
1859-63. |C. of Devizes, Wilts., 1863-4. Vice-Principal of 
Sarum Theological College, 1S64-9. C. of St Andrew's, Wells 
Street, London, W., 1S69-78. V. of Good Easter, Essex, 
1878-S1. Anglican Bishop-Coadjutor of Fredericton, New 
Brunswick, Canada. 1S81-1907. Author, Fasting Com- 
munion. Died Oct. 13, 1907. Brother of lames D. (1S48). 
(Si Paul's Sell. Reg.; Crockford; R. M. Gleneross; Who was 
Who, 1897-1916.) 

1886. [S. of the Rev. Godfrey (Exeter College, Oxford, B.A. 
i860), V. of Taunton.] Matrie. Lent, 1884; B.A. 1886; M.A. 
1891. Ord. deacon (Exeter) 1SS7; priest, 1888; C. of Tavi- 
stock, Devon, 1887-g. C. of St Thomas's, Birmingham, 
1890-2. R. of St Philip's, Manchester, 1892-5. Assoc. 
Secretary, C.M.S., for Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, 1S95- 
1903. Chaplain and Supt., blind asylum, Bristol, 1903 9, 
R. of High Roding, Essex. 1910-15. Resided latterly it 
Teddinglon, London. S.W., and finally at South Norwood, 
where he died July 18, 1937. (Ridley Hall List; Crockford.) 

KINGDON, JAMES DURANT. Adm. pens, at Trinity, July 8, 
1848. [S. of William, F.R.C.S., surgeon, of 2, New Bank 
Buildings, E.C. B. 1830. School, St Paul's (Campden 
exhibitioner, 1849).] Matrie. Michs. l8so; B.A. 1854; 
M.A. 1857. Ord. deacon (Worcester) 1857; priest, 1858. 
Assistant Master at Bromsgrove School, 1S54-60; at King's 
College School, London, 1S60-4. Head Master of Sutton 
Valence School, 1864-83. V. of Loose, Kent, 1883-99, where 
he restored and enlarged the church. Died Jan. 21, 1899. 
Brother of Hollingworth T. (1853) ; father of the next and of 
John P. (1900). (Bromsgrove Reg.. 155; St Paul's Sell. Reg.; 
Boase, V. 824; R. M. Gleneross; The Times, Jan. 2 , 

KINGDON, JAMES RENORDEN. Adm. at Caius, Oct. I, 1885 
S. of the Rev. James Durant (above) [and Eleanor Katharine 
Stead). B. Feb. 12, 1869, at Sutton Valence. Schools. 
Sutton Valence (seven years, under his father) and Oundle 
(seven years). Matrie. Michs. 18S7; B.A. 1891. At Dublin 
and at St Bartholomew's Hospital. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 
1896. House Surgeon, Weston-super-Mare Hospital. Medical 
Officer of Health for the town and port of King's Lynn. 
Hon. Physician, West Norfolk and Lynn Hospital In 
practice at Southampton, 1930-4 5-. Brother of John P. 
(1900). (Venn, II. 490; Medical Directories.) 

KINGDON, JOHN HOLMAN. Adm. pens, at Queens', July 4, 
1832. [S. of Thomas Medland, Esq., of Exeter.] Matrie. 
Mich?. 1S32. Formerly of London University. Adm. at 
Lincoln's Inn, May 30,' 1832. (Inns of Court ; R. M. Glen- 

KINGDON, JOHN PHILLIPPS. Adm. pens, at Jesus, Oct. 1900. 
S. of the Rev. James Durant (1848), deceased. B. Apr. 
(Aug. (SI Paul's Reg.)] 21, 1881, at Brighton. School, 
St Paul's. Matrie. Michs. 1900; Rustat Scholar; exhibitioner, 
1900; B.A. 1903. An Assistant Master 'for 19 years';. 
Head Master of The Golden Parsonage, near Hemel Hemp- 
stead, 1922-33-. Brother of James R. (1S87). (St Paul's 
Sch. Reg.; Schoolmasters' Directories.) 

KINGDON, ROGER. Adm. pens, at St John's, May 29, 1792. 
S. of Richard, Esq. [and Rebecca, dau. of the Rev. George 
Boughton, of Lawford Hall, Warws.]. B. [Oct. 12, 1769], at 
Holsworthy, Devon. School, Exeter. Matrie. Michs. 1792; 
Scholar, 1792; B.A. 1796; Worts travelling Bachelor, 1797; 
M.A. 1804. Ord. deacon (Bristol, Liu. dim. from Canterbury-) 
Dec. 18, 1796; priest (Exeter) Sept. 24, 1797; C. of Landulph, 
Cornwall, 1796. C. of Bridgerule, Devon, 1797. Author, 
The Authenticity, Vncorrupted Preservation and Credibility > / 
the New 7 estamenl (translated from the German of Gottfried 
Less, 1804). Died at Plymouth, Jan. 22, 1851. Brother of 
Cory (1817). (R. M. Gleneross; Al. Oxon.; Bo; 
Cornub., 460; St John's Coll. Adm., IV. 347; G. Mag., 1S51, 
1. 325, confuses him with his cousin Roger, s. of the Rev. 
John, of Bridgerule, Devon, who matrie. from Exeter College, 
Oxford, 1788, age 18; B.A. (Oxford) 1792; R. oi Holsworthy, 
1819-57; see also G. Mag., 1S58, 1. m; F. P. White.) 

KINGDON, ROGER GEORGE. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
May 18, 1839. Of Cornwall. [S. of Richard, of Newcott, 
Bridgerule, Devon (formerly Cornwall).] Bapt. al 
Oct. 15, 1S19. Matrie. Michs. 1839; B.A [84 
Ord. deacon (Gloucester) June 11, 1843; C. of Cheltenham, 
1843. C. of Rangewortby, Gloucs., 1854. C. of Strensall and 

Kinglake, Robert Alexander 

Haxbv, Yorks., 1855-6. Name subsequently in Clergy Lists 
and Crockford without cure until 1S68. Buried at Bridgerule, 
June 22, 1872, aged 52. (R. M. Gleneross; Crockford.) 

KINGDON, SAMUEL NICHOLSON. Adm. pens, (age 17) at 
Trinity, Feb. 15, 1823. [Eldest] s. of the Rev. Thomas 
[Hockin] (1846). B. [May 16, 1805], at Bridgemle, Devon. 
School, Eton. Matrie. Easter, 1823; B.A. 1S28; M.A. 1832. 
Migrated to Sidney Sussex; B.D. 1839. Fellow of Sidney 
Sussex. Cricket 'blue,' r827. Ord. deacon (Exeter) 1828; 
priest, 1829. Assistant C. of Great St Mary's, Cambridge, 
-1841-3. V. of Bridgerule, Devon, 1844-72. Married at 
Cambridge, 1844, Eliza Anne, dau. of Major-Gen. Johnstone 
Napier. Author, Tracts for the Times on Political Subjects, 
etc. Died Mar. 17, 1872. Father of Herbert N. (1S71); 
brother of George T. (1834). (Eton Sch. Lists; Boase. it. 231 ; 
Boase, Biblio. Cornub., I. 299; Book of Blues; Clergy List; 
Crockford; C. R. Hudleston.) 

KINGDON, STEPHEN MURRAY. Adm. pens, at Christ's, 
Apr. 16, 1883. [4th] s. of Paul Augustine [Worcester College, 
Oxford, 1837]. B. at Marlborough Hill, London. School, 
Rugby. Matrie. Michs. 1883; Scholar, 1883; B.A. (29I* 
Wrangler) 18S6. Practised as an actuary in London, 1887^12. 
Went to S. Africa in 1892, farming and trading in the 
Bechuanaland Protectorate. Of Ootsi, Bechuanaland, in 
Mil. Died Dec. 24, 1930, in S. Africa. (Peile, II. 696; The 
I imes, Jan. 7, 1931.) 

KINGDON, THOMAS HOCKIN. D.D. 1S46, incorp. from Oxford. 
[4th] s. of the Rev. John [Exeter College. Oxford, 1755], of 
Bridgerule, Devon [and Jane, dau. of the Rev. John Hockin, 
R. of Lydford, Devon]. B. Feb. 1, 1775, at Bridgerule. 
Matrie. from Exeter College, Oxford, June 6, 1791, age 16; 
B.A. (Oxford) 1797; M.A. (Oxford) 1800; B.D. (Oxford) 
180S. 'FeUowof Exeter, 1794-1804' (Boase). V. of Bridgerule, 
Devon, 1806-44. R. (and patron) of Pywortby, 1S08-53. J. P. 
for Cornwall and Devon. Married Miss Caroline Nicholson. 
Author, theological. Died Jan. 31, 1853, at Pvworthv. 
Father of George T. (1S34) and Samuel N. (1823). (At. 
Oxon.; Boase, Coll. Cornub., 461, and Biblio. Cornub. I, 300; 
o. Mag., 1853, i. 328.) 

KINGLAKE, ALEXANDER WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Trinity, June 7, 182S. [Elder] s. of William [banker and 
solicitor, of Taunton]. B. there Aug. 5, 1S09. School, Eton 
(under John Keate, of whom he has left a characteristic 
description). Matrie. Michs. 1828; B.A. 1832; M.A. 1836. 
A contemporary and friend at Cambridge of Thackeray and 
Tennyson. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Apr. 14, 1832. Called to 
the Bar, May 5, 1S37. Made the Eastern Tour, described in 
Eothen, 1835. Practised at the Chancery Bar, but gave up 
law for military history. Followed the English Armies to the 
Crimea, being present at the battle of Alma, 1854. Became 
acquainted with Lord Raglan, and, at the request of Lady 
Raglan, undertook to write a history of the campaign. 
Published the Invasion of the Crimea in eight volumes, 
1863-87, which met with some criticism from military 
experts; his excessive attention to detail antagonised many 
readers; but 'the occasional portraits of remarkable men are 
admirably incisive.' M.P. for Bridgwater, 1857-69; 'a weak 
voice and feeble delivery prevented his commanding the 
attention of the House.' Lord of the Manor of Saltmoor, 
Somerset. D.L. for Somerset. Died Jan 12, 1891. (Eton 
Sch. Lists; Boase, 11. 231; Inns of Court; Law Lists; Foster, 
Men at the Bar; D.N.B.) 

KINGLAKE, JOHN ALEXANDER. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Trinity, May 21, 1821. [Elder] s. of Robert [M.D.]. [B. 
June 25, 1802], at Chilton-on-Polden, Somerset. School, 
Eton. Matrie. Michs. 1822; Scholar, 1825; B.A. 1826; M.A. 
1829. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, June 6, 1826. Called to the 
Bar, Feb. 8, 1830. Joined the Western Circuit. Serjeant-at 
law, with a patent of precedence, 1844. Recorder of Exeter, 
1844-56; of Bristol, 1856-70. M.P. for Rochester, 1857-70. 
Married, 1834, — , dau. of J. Liddon. Died July 9, 1870, in 
London. Brother of William C. (1826); father "I the nexl 
(Eton Sch. Lists; Boase, II. 231; Bo.isi-, 1 ,.'. f <>nut>., .[M , 
Inns of Court; Law Lists; Return of M.P.'s; Illustrated London 
News, June 5, 1858; C. R. Hudleston.) 

July 11, 1861. [2nd] s. of John Alexandei 
1843, at Taunton. School, Eton. Matrix '. 
1866. Rowing 'blue,' 1 
C.U.B.C., 1866. Adm. at the Inner Tempi' 
Called t'. thi 1; it, Nov. 17, 1868. On the Western 1 b 

t'I'T of Penzance, 1883^99; of Bourn- n 
Of Morshill Manor, < .< ■- l.iliiun^ , Surrey. 1 tied Juni 
it 1 [arrogate. (Eton Sch. Lists; B 

Book of Blues; Law Lists; Foster, Men <rf the Bar; Inns of 
Court; Who was Who, 1097-1916; The Times, Juni 11 


Kinglake, William Chapman 

KINGLAKE, WILLIAM CHAPMAN. Adm. pens, (age 20) at 
Trinity, Apr. 20, 1826. S. of Robert [M.D.]. B. [Apr. 2, 1807], 
at Taunton, Somerset. School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1829; 
Chancellor's gold medal for English Poem, 1830 and 1832; 
B.A. 1834; M.A. 1841. Ord. deacon (Bath and Wells) 1X35; 
priest, 1836. R. of West Monkton, Somerset, 1838-81. Died 
Sept. 30, 1S81, at Shovell Hill, North Petherton, Somerset. 
Brother of John A. (1821). (Eton Sch. Lists; Clergy List; 
Foster, Index Eccles.; Crockford.) 

KINGSBURY, THOMAS LUCK. Adm. pens, (age 21) at Trinity, 
May 23, 1844. S. of Thomas, of Putney, London. B. [Nov. 14, 
1822], at Clapton, London. School, The French Gymnasium, 
Berlin. Matric. Michs. 1844; Nomsian prize, 1847; B.A. 
1848; M.A. 1852. Ord. deacon (Rochester) 184S; priest 
(Salisbury) 1849. Chaplain to the H.E.I.C. at Bombay, 
1851-3. P.C. of Savrrnake, Wilts., 1854-61. Chaplain to the 
Marquess of Aylesbury, 1850-95. Chaplain of Trinity 
College, Cambridge, 1S61-5. P.C. of Easton-Royal, Wilts.. 
1869-75. Rural Dean of Marlborough, Wilts., 1S72-9. V. of 
Burbage, Wilts., 1875-9. R- of Kingston Deverffl, 1879-85. 
V. of Coombe Bissett vi-ith Homington, 1S85-92. Preb. of 
Uffculme, in Sahsbury Cathedral, 1S75-99. Chancellor of 
SaUsbury, 1875-99. Proctor for the Dean and Chapter of 
Salisbury, 1892-99. Translated Commentary on Hebrews by 
Franz Delitzsch. "Author, Commentary on the Song of Solomon. 
Died Dec. 4, 1899, at St Leonards-on-Sea. {Boase, v. 824; 
Crockford; The I lines, Dec. 7, 1899.) 

LL.D. 1894, on the occasion of the Royal Agricultural 
Society's meeting at Cambridge. Only s. of Thomas Henry, 
Colonel [bv his 1st wife. Lady Isabella F. A. Somerset, dau. 
of Henrv, 6th Duke of Beaufort]. B. Feb. 28, 1 8 30. Lieut. - 
Col., Scots Guards. Served in Crimea War as A.D.C. to Lord 
Raglan. M.P. for West Gloucestershire, 1852-85. Com- 
missioner of Woods ana Forests, 1885-95. C.B.; K.C.B., 
1889; G.C.V.O., 1902. Paymaster to the Household of King 
Edward VII, 1901-8. Receiver-General, Duchy of Cornwall, 
1888-1908. Married (1) Mar. 13, 1851, Caroline Sophia, dau. 
of Col. Wvndham, of Petworth, Sussex; (2) Feb. 5, 1856, 
Lady Emily Marie (Curzon), dau. of the 1st Earl Howe. 
A recognised authority on agriculture. Of Kingscote, 
Wotton-under-F.dge, Gl.aics. Died Sept. 22, 190S. (Burke, 
L.G.; D.N.B. Suppl.; Who teas Who, 1897-1916.) 

Queens', Michs. 1895. S. of the Rev. Septimus (1858). 
B. Nov. 18, 1876, at Upper Tooting, London. (School, 
St Edward's, Oxford.] Matric. Michs. 1895; Scholar, 1896; 
B.A. 1898; M.A. 1909. Assistant Master at New College, 
Eastbourne, lor two years; at Rossall prep. School, 1901-4; 
at Stubbington; at King's School, Pontefract, 1905; at 
Rossall (Housemaster), 1906-21. Head Master, Highani Hall 
School, 1922 Joint Head Master, Malvern Link School, 
1932-42-. {The Roll of St Edward's School; Schoolmasters' 

KINGSFORD, DANIEL PARISH. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
May 31,1877. S. of John Jeken, of 35, Queen's Gate Gardens, 
London land Eden Lodge, Bet keiiham, Kent]. B. [July 26], 
1858, in New York, U.S.A. School, Rugbv. Matric. Michs. 
1877; B.A. 1881. In business in New York. Brother of 
John P. (1S67). {Rugby Sch. Reg.) 

KINGSFORD, DOUGLAS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Mar. 30, 
i860. [8th] s. of the Rev. Sampson (1810), of Faversham, 
Kent. B. there Nov. 1839. School, Kent (private). Matric. 
Michs. i860. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Nov. 11, 1862. 
Called to the Bar, Nov. 18, 1867. On the South Eastern 
Circuit. Special Pleader and Parliamentary draftsman. 
Reporter for the Law limes Reports. A Member of the Bar 
Committee, Dec. 1883. Appointed Recorder of Margate, 
Mar. 1885. Married, Mar. 6, 1S69, Beatrice Emma, elder 
dau. of Henry Brook-Hollingshead, Esq., of Bilhnge Scarr, 
Lanes. Died Aug. 12, 1885, at 43, Courtrield Road, Ken- 
sington. Brother of Pemberton (i^si), Sampson (1844), 
Septimus (1858) and Philip (1850). (Boase, 11. 234; Inns of 
Court; Law Lists; Foster, Men at the li.u.) 

Mar. 21, 1851. [Perhaps s. of the Rev. Sampson (1810).] 
Matric. Michs. 1851; B.A. 1855; M.A. 1861. Ord. deacon 
(Norwich) 1855; priest, 1856; C. of East Dereham, Norfolk, 
1855-7. C. of St Martin-in-the-Fields, Westminster, 1858. 
Chaplain to the H.E.I.C. Bengal Establishment, 1858-61. 
V. of St Thomas's, Stamford Hill, London, 1S61-99. Rural 
Dean of Hackney, 1888^9. Married, (1) 1858, Emily, dau. of 
David Long, Esq., of East Dereham. Died Jan. 22, 1899, at 
St Thomas's vicarage, Upper Clapton, aged 66. Father of 
GuyT. (1900). {Crockford; The Tunes, Jan. 23, 1899 ) 

Kingsford, Sampson 

minster Bank, Southwark. School, Canterbury (Mr G. 
Wallace). Matric. Michs. 1637. Migrated to Corpus Christi, 
Nov. 10, 1858; Scholar, 1S39; B.A. 1841. Ord. deacon 
(Rochester, Lilt. dim. from Chester) Apr. 10, 1842; priest 
(Chester) June II, 1843; C. of St Mary's, Dover, 1843-4. 
Assistant Chaplain of the Millbank Penitentiary, West- 
minster, 1844-6. Chaplain to the Convict Station, Gibraltar, 
1846-52. 'In a fit of delirium from fever he cut his throat," 
at Gibraltar, Mar. 12, 1852. 'A zealous preacher and much 
esteemed by all classes at Gibraltar.' {Cant. Act Bk.; Clergy 
List; G. Mag., 1852, I. 52s.) 

KINGSFORD, GUY THORNHILL. Adm. at Caius, Oct. I, 1900. 
S. of the Rev. Frederick William (1S51). B. June 4, 18S1, 
at 67, Clapton Common, London. School, Merchant Taylors'. 
Matric. Michs. 1900; Choral exhibitioner, 1900; B.A. 1903; 
LL.B. 1904. Adm. Solicitor, Dec. 1006. Served in the Great 
War, 1914-10 (Major, RE. (T.F.); D.S.O., 1918; mentioned 
in despatches). Senior Partner in Giles Hunt and Co., 
solicitors, Gold Coast, 1911-35-. O.C. Gold Coast Local 
Forces, 1935. {Merchant Taylors' Sch. Reg.; I'enn, III. 404; 
In, War List; The V.C. and D.S.O.; Law Lists.) 

KINGSFORD, JOHN PARISH. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Oct. II, 1867. [Elder s. of John Jeken, Esq., of Eden Lodge, 
Beckenham, Kent. B. 1847] Matric. Muhs. 1867; B.A. 1871. 
Adm. at the Inner Temple, Nov. 20, i860. Called to the I >.<r. 
June 6, 1872. Of 36, Wall Street, New York, in 1920. Brother 
of Daniel P. (1877). {Inns of Court; Law Lists; Foster, Men 
at the Bar.) 

KINGSFORD, PEMBERTON. Adm. sizar at St John's, June 30, 
1851. S. of the Rev. S[ampson] (1810), of Faversham. Kent 
[and Jane]. B. there. Bapt. Dec. 23, 1S29. Matric. Michs. 
1851. Brother of Sampson (1844), etc. 

KINGSFORD, PHILIP. Adm. sizar at St John's, Julv 6. 1837; 
re-adm. pens., Oct. 12, 1842. [Only s. of Edward, of Knights- 
bridge, London.] [B. at Little Chart, Kent.] Matric. Michs. 
1837; B.A. 1844. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Oct. 25, 1844. 
Called to the Bar, Nov. 19, 1S47. Died Sept. 3, 1854, at Deal. 
(Scott, MSS.; Law Lists; Inns of Court; G. Mag., 1854, 11. 
414; The Guardian. Sept. 13, 1854.) 

KINGSFORD, PHILIP. Adm. sizar at St John's, June 29, 1850. 
S. of the Rev. S[ampson] (1810), Master of Faversham School, 
Kent [and Jane]. B. at Little Chart, Kent. Bapt. Feb. 24, 
1828. Matric. Michs. 1850. Migrated to Jesus, Nov. 18, 1851; 
B.A. 1S54; M.A. 1857. Ord. deacon (Worcester) Sept. 23, 
1855; priest, Sept. 21, 1856. Professor of mathematics at the 
Royal Military College, Sandhurst, 1854-5. C. of Malvern 
Wells, Worcs., 1855-60. C. of Newland, 1860-2. C. of 
Malvern Link, 1S62-5. Chaplain to Sir E. Lechmere, 1865- 
71. V. of Newnham.Kent, 1871-1901. Died Aug. 22, 10m, 
aged 73. Brother of Pemberton (1851), etc. (Crockj < ; . 
The Times, Aug. 24, 1901.) 

KINGSFORD, PHILIP ARTHUR. Adm. sizar at St John's, 
Aug. 16. 1890. S. of Charles Dudley, physician (died 1881] 
[and Blanche Frances Goodchild]. B. June 13, 1870, at 
Upper Clapton. School, Merchant Taylors'. Matric. Michs. 
1890; B.A. 1893; M.A. 1897. Ord. deacon (London) 1894; 
priest, 1S95; C. of Christ Church, S. Hackney, Middlesex, 
1894-9. C. of Christ Church, Southgate, 1S99-1902. Mis- 
smiht of Merchant Taylors' School Mission, St Barnabas, 
West Hackney, 1903-9. C. of St Augustine's, Flimwi II, 
Sussex, 1909-14. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Chap- 
lain, R.A.C.D.). V. of Stoughton, Sussex, 1915-27. K. of 
Stedham, 1927-36. R. of Dalhngton, 1936-44. Died Jan. 14, 
1944, at Jarvis Brook, Slis-> X. {Merchant Taylors' Sch. Reg.; 
Crockford; The Times, Jan. 17, 1944.) 

Sr John's, June 13, 1SS9. [Youngest] s. of the Rev. Sampson 
(1844), of Marazion, Cornwall [and Helen Lethbridge]. B. 
Nov. 27, 1870, at St Hilarv vicarage, Marazion. School, 
Rossall (Rev. C. C. Tancock). Matric. Michs. 1889; B.A 
1 892; M.A. 1S07. Ord. deacon (York) 1S95; priest, 1896; 
C. of St Thomas Crookes, Sheffield, 1895-7. C. of Datchet, 
Bucks., 1897-9. C. of Worth, Sussex, 1S99-1900. C. of East 
Meon, Hants., 1900-1. Lie. pr., dio. of Chichester, 1915. 
Resider latterlv at Tunlindge Wells. Died suddenly at 
Falmouth. Feb, 2, 1925. Brother of William L. (1S74). 
(The Rossall Reg.; 1 rochford; The Times, Feb. 5, 1923.) 

KINGSFORD, SAMPSON. Adm. sizar at Trinity, Julv 4, 1S10. 
Matric. Michs. 1810; B \ 1 1 5 Ord. deacon, 1816; priest, 
1817. Chaplain of Maidstone Union Workhouse, 1844 6; 
of HoUingbourae Union Workhouse, 1846. Head Master of 
Faversham Grammar School, 1S47-73. Disappears from 
Crockford, 1X7.1 father of the next, of Douglas (i860), 
Philip (1850), Pemberton (1851), Septimus (1858) and perhaps 
of Frederick W. (1851). [Cant. Act Bk.) 

Kingsford, Sampson 

KINGSFORD, SAMPSON. Adm. sizar (age 19) at St John's, 
Tulv 4, 1S44. S. of the Rev. S[ampson] (above), of Maidstone. 
[B. 1S25, at Little Chart, Kent.] Matric. Michs. 1844; B.A. 
(Class. Trip., 1st Class) 1848; M.A. 1851. Fellow, 1851-6. 
Ord. deacon (Ely) 1851; priest, 1S53. Second Master of 
Rossall School, 1S40-55. Head Master of Chard Grammar 
School, and P.C. of Criillington, Somerset, 1855-7. Head 
Master of Ludlow Grammar School, 1857-65; of Atherstone 
Grammar School, 1865-S; of Kensington Proprietary School, 
1868-70. V. of St Hilary, near Marazion, Cornwall, 1870-00. 
Married, July 12. 1S55, Helen, dau. of William Lethbndge, 
of Kilworthv House, Devon. Died July 26, 1890. a1 v. 
Okehampton, Devon. Brother of Douglas (1S60), etc.; 
father of Reginald L. (1889) and William L. (1874)- (Boase, 
Coll. Cornub., 462; Fox-Davies, Armorial Families.) 

KINGSFORD, SEPTIMUS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Mar. 27, 
1858. S. of the Rev. Sampson (1810), of Faversham, Kent. 

B. there 1836. School, Worcs. (private). Matric. Michs. 
1S58; B.A. 1862; M.A. 1865. Ord. deacon (Canterbury) 
1863; priest, 1864; C. of Ospringe, Kent, 1863-8. Assistant 
Chaplain at St Petersburg, 186S-7S. V. of Lower with Upper 
Shuckburgh, Warws., 187S-83. R. of Thrapston, Northants., 
18S3-1913. Surrogate, dio. of Peterborough, 1883-1913. 
Died Nov. 10, 1913. Brother of Douglas (i860), etc. 
{Xorthants. Clergy; Crockford; The Times, Nov. 13, 1913.) 

Adm. pens, at St John's, Apr. 23, 1S74. Of Somerset. 
[Eldest] s. of Sampson (1844), Master of the Grammar 
School [Chard] [and Helen Lethbridge]. B. July 29. 1856, 
at Chard. Bapt. Julv 29, 1856. School, Rossall. Matric. 
Michs. 1S74; B.A. 187S. Adm. Solicitor, Jan. 1S82. Prac- 
tised at Ipswich. Took the name of William Lethbridge 
Lethbridge on succeeding to the property of his uncle, 
William Lethbridge, of Wood, South Tawtoh, Devon. Died 
Apr. 12, 1912. Brother of Reginald L. (1889), etc. {Rossall 
Reg.; Boase, Coll. Cornub., 462; Law Lists; The Times, July 
1. 19" I 

KINGSLEY, ARTHUR HENRY. Adm. at Clare, Oct. n, 1S75; 
re-adm. Apr. 4, 1870. S. of Dr Hem-v, of Strat ford-on -Avon. 
School. Clifton. Matric. Michs. 187s; B.A. 1881. Engineer. 
A.M.I.C.E. Of Boume Orchard, Brickendon, Herts. Died 
Mar. 8, IQ33, at Bath, aged 76. Buried at Locksbrook, Bath. 
{Clifton Coll. Reg.; The Times, Mar. 10, 1933.) 

KINGSLEY, CHARLES. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Trinity Hall, 
May 23, 1S07; from Brasenose College, Oxford, whence he 
had matric. (age 19) Dec. 12. 1800. Matric. Easter, 1807. 
Eldest s. of Charles, Esq., of Battramsley, Hants. B. at 
Tarnford, Herts., Oct. 25, 17S2. Schools, Winchester 
(Mr Richards) and Harrow. Adm. at Sidney, Apr. 19, 1814; 
LL.B. 1816. 'Owing to being left an orphan early in life 
and bis fortune mismanaged, he was obliged for the first time 
to think of a profession. He sold his land and hunters and 
decided to read for Orders.' Ord. deacon (Norwich) Dec. 18, 
1-14; priest, June 9, 1816; C. of Swaffham Prior, Cambs. 

C. of Holne, Devon, in 1819. After leaving Holne, took duty 
in Staffs, and Notts. R. of Bamack, Northants., 1824-30. R. 
of CloveUy, Devon, 1S30-6. R.of St Luke's, Chelsea, 1836-60. 
Domestic Chaplain to Earl Cadogan. Married Mary, dau. of 
Nathan Lucas, Esq ., for many vears a Judge in the Barbados. 
Died Feb. 29, i860. His son Charles (next) said that he was 
' a magnificent man in body and mind, and possessed of every 
talent except that of using his talents.' {Harrow Sch. Reg.; 
Clergy List; Crockford; Al. Oxon.; Genealogist, vol. 13, which 
gives 'B. Oct. 13, 1781; F. E. Kingsley, Life of Charles 
Kingsley; G. Mag., i860, 1. 415.) 

KINGSLEY, CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Jan. 22, 1838. 
S. of Charles (above). B. June 12, 1819, at Holne, Devon. 
Schools, Clifton, Helston Grammar School, Cornwall, and 
King's College, London. Migrated to Magdalene; matric. 
Easter, 1838; Scholar; prizeman; B.A. (Class. Trip., 1st 
Class) 1S42; M.A. i860. His family claimed descent from the 
Kingsleys of Vale Royal, in Delamere Forest. 'A precocious 
child, writing sermons and poems at the age of four,' he early 
developed his love of natural history and sport. His physical 
strength was great; he walked one day from Cambridge to 
London, 'with ease.' 'I have walked ten miles,' he said, 
'down the Cam to-day and back, pike-fishing. My panacea 
for stupidity and "over-mentation" is a day in a roaring 
Fen wind.' While preparing for ordination 'the conflict 
between faith and unbelief, between his hopes and his fears, 
was so fierce and bitter, that when he returned to Cambridge 
in 1839, he became reckless, and nearly gave up all for lost. 
He read but little, went for excitement of every kind. . . 
anything to deaden the remembrance of the bappj 

which just then promised no future More than once he 

had nearly resolved to leave England and to go out to the 
Far West to live as a wild prairie boi Lincoln's 

Inn, Apr. 3, 1839. Ord. deacon (Winchester) July, 1842; 

VACiiiv 49 

Kingsmill, William Major 

priest, 1844; C. of Eversley, Hants., 1S42-4; R. there 
1S44-75. Domestic Chaplain to Viscount Sydney, 1843-75. 
Professor of English Literature in Queen's College, Harley 
Street, 1848-9. Resided at Bideford, 1S54-5, owing to his 
wife's (Frances E. Grenfell) bad health. Regius Professor of 
Modern History at Cambridge, 1S60-9, during which period 
he continued to live at Eversley, going to Cambridge twice 
a year to deliver his lectures. Under him a special class was 
formed in 1861 for the benefit of the Prince of Wales, who 
was then in residence at Madingley Hall. A controversy with 
John Henry Newman, in 1864, produced Newman's famous 
Apologia, in reply to Kingsley's pamphlet What then does 
Dr Newman mean? Canon of Chester, 1869-73. Canon of 
mster, 1S73. Chaplain to the Queen, 1S59-75. 
Married, 1844, Frances E., dau. of P. woe Cn-nfc]]. Author, 
A life of St Elizabeth of Hungary, 1848; Yeast (which ap- 
peared in Frasers Magazine), 1848; Alton Locke, 1850 
(described by Carlyle as 'a fervid creation, still left half 
chaotic'); Hvpatia, 1853; Westward Ho!, 1S54; Gkiucus, 1855; 
The Heroes, 1856; Two Years Ago, 1S57; Tfie Water Babies, 
1863; Herrward the Wake, 1S66; At Last, iS 70, after a voyage 
to the West Indies; Poettts. Among other of his works were, 
The Roman and the Teuton, 1S64, based on his Cambridge 
lectures; Town Geology, 1872; Prose Idylls, 1873; Health and 
Education, 1S74; Brave Words to Brave Soldiers, a tract to 
the troops in the Crimean War. Threw himself with ardour 
into various schemes for the improvement of the working- 
classes, and, as ' Parson Lot,' published an immense number 
of articles on current topics, especially in the Christian 
Socialist and Politics for the People. Of a highly nervous 
temperament, he suffered from a stammer, but was a very 
eloquent preacher. In 1874 went for a holiday to America, 
and, while there, had an attack of pleurisy; another followed 
on his return to England, and he died at Eversley, Jan. 23, 
1875; buried there. On his tombstone are the words 
"Amavimus, Amamus, Amabimus.' His bust, by Woolner, 
stands in the Poets' corner, Westminster Abbey. Father of 
Maurice (1866). {Life of Clxarles Kingsley, by his widow, 
F. E. Kingsley; D.N.B.; Boase, 11. 234; Crockford) Inns of 
Court; Boase, Bib. Cornub., 300.) 

KINGSLEY, CHARLES GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Christ's, 
May 13, 1886. [Only] s. of George Henry (for whom see 
D.N.B.), of Cambridge, M.D. (brother of Charles, above). 
B. [May 4, 1S66], at Highgate. School, Bexley Heath. 
Matric. Michs. 1SS6; B.A. and LL.B. 1SS9; LL.M. 1893. 
Adm. at the Inner Temple, Nov. 1, 1887. Toured Burma, 
Japan, and the Far East in 1899. Author, philosophical. 
Died at Minehead, early in iqio. Grandson of Charles (1807). 
{Inns of Court; Christ's Coll. obit, notices.) 

KINGSLEY, MAURICE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, July 17, 1866. 
S. of the Rev. Charles (183S). B. 1847, at Eversley, Hants. 
School, Wellington. Matric. Michs. 1S66. Went to America 
in 1870. Railwav Engineer. Of Harbour Works, New 
Rochelle, New York. Died 1910. {Wellington Coll. Reg.) 

KINGSLEY, WILLIAM TOWLER. Adm. sizar at St John's. 
May 2, 1834. Of Northumberland. [2nd s. of William Jeffrey 
Towler, Army Commander, of Morpeth. B. June 
at Berwick-on-Tweed. School, Morpeth (Mr Hay).] Matric. 
Michs. 1834. Migrated to Sidnev, Feb. 20, 18 
{35th Wrangler) 1838; M.A. 1841; B.D. 1S48. FeUow and 
tutor. Junior Proctor, 1846. Ord. deacon (Ely) June 5, 
1S42; priest, June 9, 1844. R. of South Kilvington, Yorks., 
1859-1916. Died July 3, 1916, aged 101. {Crockford, Notes 
and Queries, 12th Series, n. 134; The I \mes, July 6, 1916.) 

KINGSMILL, ARTHUR McARTHUR. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Oct. 9, 1874. [Only] s. of William Thomas, merchant, of 
Port Elizabeth, Cape of Good Hope [and Helen Lavinia 
Palmer], B. there Nov. 29, 1856. Bapt. Dec. 20, 1856. 
Matric. Michs. 1874; B.A. 1879; LL.M. 1887. Adm. at the 
Inner Temple, July 20, 1S76. Called to the Bar, June 9, 1SS0. 
Of Port Elizabeth, S. Africa, in 1939. {Inns of Court; Law 
Lists ; Foster, Men at the Bar.) 

KINGSMILL, HENRY CHARLES. Adm. pens, (age 24) at Cars. 
Feb. 4, 1867. S. of the Rev. Henrv, of Letterkenny, Ireland. 
B. there. School, at home. Matric. Lent, 1867; B.A. 1870; 
M.A. 1875. Held tutorial appointments in England; then in 
New South Wales and Queensland, Australia. Lecturer at 
Tasmania University. Government Meteorologist, Tasmania. 
Teacher in the Technical School, Hobart, 1897. Died July 17, 
1909, at The Observatory, Hobart. [Venn, u. 378, and note; 
The Times, Aug. 25, 1909.) 

KINGSMILL, WILLIAM MAJOR. Adm. pens, (ape 1 

Mar. 6, 1843. S. of the Rev. Henry. Of Middlesex. B. at 
Southampton. School, Grantham. Matric ' 
1847; M.A. 1854. Ord. deacon (London) 1848; priest, 1849; 
C of St Mary's, Tothill Fields, Westminster, 1848-51. C of 
Broad Clvst, Devon, 1852-os. R. of ilredicot and V. of 
Tibberton, Worcs., 1865-1900. Died Jan. 13, 1900. {Crock- 
ford; The, Jan. 17, 1900.), 

Kingston, Arthur 

KINGSTON, ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, Jan. 13, 
1880. S. of S. C, Esq., of Kensington. B. May I, i860. 
School. Argyll, Netting Hill. Matric. Lent, 1S80; B.A. 1884; 
M.A. l8qi. Ord. deacon (York) 1885; priest, 1886; C. of 
St Man's. Beverley, 1885-8. C. of Armitage, Staffs., 1S89- 
0;. C. of Holy Trinity, Guildford, 1892-8. V. of St John's, 
Oakfield, Rvde, Isle of Wight, 1898-1903. C. of St Andrew's, 
Lincoln, 1905-6. C. of Caistor, Lines., 1906-8. C. of Roth- 
well, Northants., 1909-21. V. of Scalford, Leics., 1921-35. 
Disappears from Crockford, 1936. [T. .-1. Walker, 558, and 
MS. note.) 

KINGSTON, CLEMENT USILL. Adm. pens, at Clare, Mar. 1832. 
M itrir. Mi-hs 1R3:; B.A. 1830. Second Mil. r .it Ashbourne 
Grammar School. Ord. deacon, 1848; priest, 1850; C. of 
Guyhirn and Sutton St Edmund's, C.mihs., 184S-67. V. of 
Sutton St Edmund's. 1S67-S4. Died Aug. 23, 18S4, at 
Chepstow, aged 71. (<7. . List; Ci ■ . The Guardian, 

Aug. 27. 1884.) 

KINGSTON, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Caius, Apr. 28, 1849. 
S. of Lacv Henrv. merchant, of Oporto. B. there [Jan.] 1828. 
School, King's College School and at King's College, London. 
Matric. Michs. 1849; exhibitioner; B.A. 1853; M.A. 1856. 
Ord. deacon (Canterbury) 1855; priest, 1856; C. of Bexley, 
Kent, 1855-7. C. of Embleton, Cumberland, 1857-60. C. of 
Handlev, Dorset, iSi'-o-i. C. of Framfield, Sussei 
C. of Boughton-Malherbe, Kent, 181,7-78. R. of Chalneld 
Magna. Wilts.. 1878-99. Resided at Melksham, where he 
died Oct. 29. 1899, Brother of George T. (1842). [Writ, 
m. 446; Crockford; The Times, Nov. 2, 1899.) 

KINGSTON, FRANCIS. Vln sizar (age is) at St John's, 
May 25, 1761. S. of — [Robert Lunilev], attorney-at-law 
[of Holy Trinitv, Dorchester). B. at Dorchester. Bapt. 
Aug. 13", 1747. [School, Winchester.] Matric. from Trinity 
College, Oxford, Aug. 17, 1765, age 18; B.A. (New College) 
1770; M.A. (Oxford) 1774. Fellow of New College. R. of 
Tumworth, and V. of Winterbourne Whitchurch, Dorset, 
1771-81. Died Tan. 6, 1781. M.I. in the cloisters of New 
College. {St John's Coll. Adm.. in. 673; Al. Oxon.; Hutchins, 
Hist, of Dorset, 1. 203, and 111, 474; Winchester Scholars, 256, 
which shows that, on failing of election to St John's, he 
returned to Winchester in 17c.) 

KINGSTON, FREDERICK WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 20) at 
Pembroke, Sept. 29, 1875. Elder s. of William, school- 
master, of Northampton. B. at Oundle. Matric. Mi- lis. iS-s, 
B.A. 1870; M.A I.SS7; B.D. 1929. Crickrt 'blue,' 1878. Ord. 
deacon (Truro) 1883; priest, 1884; C. of South Hill with 
Callington, Cornwall, iks,-o. C. of Thornby, Northants., 
pi. C. of Marston frussell, 1895-1900. Head Master 
of Guilsborough * irammar School, 1886-1910. C. of Elmton, 
Derbs., 1010-12. C. of Brighton, 1912-13. \'. of Willington, 
Beds., 1913-32. Author, Ccdnc, or a S 'id's Travail, Dis- 
appears from Crockford, 1034. [Pembroke Lull. Reg.; Book 
of Blues.) 

KINGSTON, GEORGE MALCOLM. Adm. pens, at St John'., 
Oct. 9, 1S77. S. of George Templeman (next), Principal of 
tin- Nautical College [and Harriette], B. June 28, 1854, at 
Quebec, Canada. Bapt. July 27, 1854. Matne. Mil h 
B.A. 1RR1; M.A. 1903. Ord. deacon (Lichfield) 1S81; priest, 
1883; C. of Longton, Staffs., 1881-4. Missionary at All 
Sunt-', Pen. tanginshene with St Alban La Fountaine, 
Ontario, Canada, 1884-1904. Chaplain to the hospital and 
gaol at Toronto, 1903-4. Disappears from Crockford, 1905. 

KINGSTON, GEORGE TEMPLEMAN. Adm. pens, (age z6) at 
Caius, Apr 18, [842. S. of Lacy Henry. Esq., merchant, ->f 
London. B. 1817, at Oporto. Schools, Hammersmith and 
Cheshunt Matn. . Michs. 1842; B.A. (32m/ Wrangler) 1846; 
M.A. 1S40. I'r-'i- -->r of meteorology at Toronto L'niversity, 
and Director of tin- T.-ronto ' -l-s.-n .itorv, isss 
Principal of the Nautical College. Married, 1 -. i T , 1 l.tmettr, 
dau. of Edmund Malone, Esq., of the R.N. Hospital, Ply- 
mouth. Author, Abstracts on Magneticcd Observations, also 
of many contributions to the Canadian Journal upon 
meteorology, etc. Died Jan. 21, 1886, at Toronto. Brother 
of Edward (1849); lather of the above. [House, 11. 237; 
Venn, 11. 258.) 

KINGSTON, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 19) at St John's, July 3, 
1799. [S. of John, of Oak Hill, Herts., and Belmont, London, 
Ml'., merchant, and director of the Sierra Leone ( 
1S06-12 [and Jane, dau. of Valentine Knightley, M I' 1-r 
Northampton]. School, Eton. Kept one term by 1 
name off the books, Oct. 27, 1800. Commissioner of Stamp 
Duties, 1819; re-appointed on several >-L,isi--ns, but not in 
1827. Married, Dec. 15, 1829, Louisa Henrietta, dau. of 
Sir Charles Edmonstone, Bart., by his 2nd wife, tin II. -n 
Louisa Hotham. Died Sept. 22, 1839, aged 59. [Eton Sch. 
Lists, St Jnhn's Coll. Adm.. IV 348; 1. Hag , 1 19, II. 545.) 

Kinloch, John George Smyth 

KINGSTON. MATTHEW. Matric. Non-Coil. Easter, 1888; 
Mus.Bac.1S94. [B. at Birmingham, 1859.] Borough Organist 
at Bournemouth, 1890 1. Ore mist, parish Church, Bury St 
Edmunds, 1895-1905; of parish Church, Romford, Essex, 
1905-10; of St M.irv's, Sbortlands, 1910-15; of St Luke's, 
Hampstead, 1915-21-. Published numerous anthems. 
'.' Who's Who.) 

OLIPHANT. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, Nov. 23, 1850. 
[2nd] s. of Thomas, Esq. [of Charlton House, Somerset, and 
Margaret, dau. of Laurence Oliphant. 8th Laird of Cask], 
B. at Clifton, Gloucs., Dec. 27, 1832. School, Harrow. Matric, 
Michs. 1851. Married, 1850. Henrietta, dau. of William 
Yaldwvn.of Blackdown, S11 — ■ x. and had issue. Assumed the 
additional name of Blair-Oliphant, on succeeding to the 
Ardl.l nr estates in 1867. Of Ardblair. Blairgowrie, Perths. 
Died July 2, 1S9;. Buried at Wrax.dl. [Harrow Sch. Reg.; 
Burke, L'.G. (Oliphant); The Oliphants of Cask, 491; called 
Kingston in Matrics. and Degrees, 1851-1900.) 

KINIPPLE. JAMES HALLS. Adm. pens, at St John's, Aug. 0. 
1878. S. of Walter Robert, civil engineer [and Sarah Ann 
Kingdon], B. June 3, 1859, at Limehouse. Bapt. June 29, 
1859. Matric. Michs. 1S79. Brother of the next. 

KINIPPLE. WALTER ROBERT. Adm pens, at St John's, 
Aug. 9, 1S78. [2nd] s. of Walter Robert, civil engineer [of 
Greenoi k, Renfrew.] [and Sarah .Ann Kingdon]. B. Oct. 24, 
i860, at Limehouse. Bapt. Jan. 9. 1861. Matric. Michs. 
1879; B.A. 1S84. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Apj 
I died to the Bar, lune 17. iRSs. On the Northern Circuit. 
Died Apr 16, 1925, at Uckfield. Brother oi the above. 
(/tots of Court; Law Lists; The Times, Apr. 18, 1925.) 

Emmanuel, Feb. 23, 1S28. Of Sussex. [S. of the Rev. 
William (St Tohn's College, Oxford, T767), V. of Poling, 
Sussex.] Matric. Michs 1828; B.A. 1832; MA. 1835. Sue 
ceeded his father as V. of PoUng, 1836-41. Died Api . . 
1841, at Wootton Court, near Canterbury, aged 41. (.-I/. 
Ocn.; Clergy Lists; G. Mag., 1841, 11. 214 ('Charles Raikes' 

Emmanuel, May 7, 1859. Matric. Me lis, 1859; B.A. 1863; 
M.A. 1S66. Ord". deacon (Peterb.) 1863; priest, 1865; C of 
North LuBenham, Rutland. 1863-5. C. of Whitwell, 1865-0. 
Resided subsequently at Tunbridge Wells, where he died 
Sept. 16, 1927, aged 87. [Crockford; The Times, Sept. 19, 

KINLOCH, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Trinity. Tune 2s, 1898. 
[Elder] s. of Sir Tohn George Smvthe (1866), 2nd Ban , 
M.P., of Kinloch, Meigle, Perths.' B. [Mar. 1], 18S0, at 
Meigle School, Charterhouse. Matric. Michs. 1898; B.A. 
1901. In the Colonial Secretary's office, Pretoria, 1903; 
transferred to the Dept. of the Interior. Succeeded his father 
as 3rd Bart., May zo, 1010. Served in the Great War. 
1914-19 (Lieut., Gen. List (T.F. Res.); employed in the 
Ministry of National Sendee; O.B.F., 1918). Of Garrvmore, 
Blairgowrie, Perths. Died Mar. 16, 1948. [Univ. War List. 
Burke, P. and B.; Who's Who) 

Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus, Oct. 1, 1872. [2nd] s. of 
George, Esq. [post Bart.]. B. [Nov. 30, 1853], at Kinloch 
Marsh. School, Cheltenham. Matric. Michs. 1872. nl 
Balhary. Died Aug. 8, 1896, at Dover. Brother of Tohn 
G. S. (1866). [Cheltenham Coll. Reg. (whii h gii 
Meigle, N.B.'); Burke, P. and B. (Geo. W. Andrew).] 

KINLOCH. HARRY GRAHAM. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 10, 

of Charles, of Northwick Lodge, Harrow, Middlesex. 

B. 1863, at Norwood, Surrey. School, Harrow. Matric. 

Michs. 1882; B.A. and LL.B. 1885. Corporal in the Pioni 1 I 
Force of the Chartered South Afri. .1 ( .,. Killed, with Mai--r 
Wilson's Force, on the Shangani river whilst in pursuit of 
Lobengula, on or about Dee. 4, 1803. Brother of Michael W. 

u - .,). ilia,,,:;, s, ;, Reg.) 

KINLOCH, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity. Feb 7, 
1793. S. of George, of Islington, London. School, Wal- 
thamstow, Essex. Matric. Michs. 17-13; 15. A. 1797. 

KINLOCH, JOHN GEORGE SMYTH. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Nov. 9, 1866. [Eldest] s. of George [later Bart.]. B. Jan. 8, 
1-4'j, it Kmloch, Meigle, Perthshire. School, Cheltenham. 
Matne. Michs. 1867; B.A. 1871. Succeeded his father as 
2nd Bart., 1881. M.P. for East Perthshire, 1689-1903. Of 
Kinloch . Meigle. D.L. for Perthshire. J. P. for counties of Perth 
and Forfar. Died May 20. 1910. Brother of George W. (1872); 
father of George (1898). {Cheltenham Coll. Reg.; Burke, 
P. and /.'.; 117:-- was Who, [897-1916; C. J. Fordyce.) 


Kinloch, Michael Ward 

KINLOCH, MICHAEL WARD. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Pem- 
broke, Oct. 9, 1SS4. [Youngest] s. of Charles, merchant, of 
Northwick Lodge, Harrow. B. [Dec. 18, 1865], at Norwood. 
[School, Harrow.] Matric Michs. TSS4; B.A. 1SS7: M.A. 
1802. Ord. deacon (Durham) 1S90; priest, 1S91; C. of Auck- 
land St Andrew, Durham, 1S90-3. C. of Weston All Saints, 
Somerset, 1S94-6. R. of W. Stafford with Frome Billet, 
Dorset, 1S96-1902. V. of Rastrick, Yorks., 1902-4. R. of 
Eccleston, Ches., 1904-rT. Chaplain to the Duke of West- 
minster, 1904-n. R. of Holv Trinity, Dorchester, I9il-r6. 
Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Chaplain, R.A.C.D.; 
O.B.E.; mentioned in despatches). R. of St Edmund's, 
Salisbury, 1919-23. V. of West AKington, Devon, 1923-30. 
Preb. and Canon of Salisbury, 1921-42. R. of Moreton, 
Dorset, r930-9. Died suddenly Jan. 22, TQ42, at Portesham 
. near Weymouth. Brother of Harry G. (1882). 
(Harrow Sch. Keg.: Pembroke Coll. Reg.; Univ. War List; 
Crockford; The Times, Jan. 26, 1942.) 


KINMAN, GEORGE WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at St John's, 
Oct. 14, 1884. S. of George, silversmith [and Martha Turner]. 
B. Dec. 25, 1862, at Ecclesall Bierlow, near Sheffield. School, 
Sheffield Collegiate (Tames Cardwell, M.A.). Matric. Michs. 
1SS4; B.A. 1S87; M.A. 1895. 2nd Lieut., 3rd Vol. Batt., 
Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 1900. Senior Resident Instructor, 
Army College, Farnham. Assistant Master at St James's 
School, Jersey; at Hereford House, Brighton. Head Master 
of Dolgelly Grammar School, 1894-1903; of Ware Grammar 
School, T903; of Hertford Grammar School, Jan. r9os. 
Author, A Great Hertfordian; Superannuation in Small 
Schools {Journalof Education, Apr. 1910). Latterly of Bayley 
Hill. Hertford. Died 1927. [Schoolmasters' Directories: 
Army Lists; The Eagle, xlv. 109.) 

KINNAIRD, ARTHUR FITZGERALD. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June ir, 1864. [Only] s. of the Hon. Arthur [later roth 
Baron] (for whom sec D.N.B.), of 1, Pall Mall, London. B. 
[Feb. 16], 1847, in London. School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 
1865; B.A. 1869; M.A. 1873. Played football (Assoc.) for 
Scotland, 1873. Succeeded his father as nth Baron, 1887. 
F.R.G.S. Hon. Col., Tay Division, R.E. (Vol.), submarine 
miners, 1893. President of the Football Association. A 
partner in Barclay, Ransom and Co., bankers. Lord High 
Commissioner to the Church of Scotland, 1907, T908 and 
1909. K.T., 19T4. Of Rossie Priory, Inehture, Perthshire. 
Died Tan. 30, 1923, in London. Father of Douglas A. (r898) 
and Kenneth F. (rS99). (Burke, P. and B.; G.E.C.; Who 
was Who, 19T6-28.) 

KINNAIRD, The Hon. CHARLES. Adm. nobleman (age r8) at 
Trinity, May 19, 1798. S. [2nd, but 1st surviving] of 
George, 7th Baron Kinnaird (1769), of London [and Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Griffin Ransom, banker]. [B. Apr. 8, 1780.] 
School, Eton [also at Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities]. 
Matric. Easter, 1800; M.A. 1800; Hon. LL.D. 181T. Adm. at 
Lincoln's Inn, 1799. M.P. for Leominster, 1802-5. Suc- 
ceeded his father as 8th Lord Kinnaird, 1805. Representative 
Peer for Scotland, 1806-7. Built the present Rossie Priory, 
Inehture, Perthshire, r8o7, on the lines projected by his 
father. Resided much abroad, and added many works of 
art, including portraits by Gainsborough and Reynolds's 
portrait of Sheridan, to his father's collection. Councillor to 
the King in Scotland. F.R.S.; F.S.A. Married, May, 1806, 
Lady Olivia Fitzgerald, youngest dau. of the 2nd Duke of 
Leinster, andhadissue. Of Drimmore House, Perthshire. Died 
Dec. it, 1826, at Brighton. Brother of Douglas J. W. (1807) 
and of Frederick J. H. (1809). {Eton Sch. Lists; Burke, P. and 
B. ; Inns of Court ; G.E.C., which gives ' died Dec. 1 2 ' ; The Scots 
Peerage, v. 213, which gives 'b. April 12' and 'died Dec. 12'; 
D.N.B.; \V. R. Williams, MSS.; C. J. Fordyce.) 

KINNAIRD, The Hon. DOUGLAS ARTHUR (Master of Kin- 
naird). Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 25, 1S98. [Eldest] s. of 
Arthur Fitzgerald (1864) [nth] Baron, of Rossie Priory, 
Inehture, Perthshire. B. there [Aug. 20], T879. School, 
Eton. Matric. Michs. r898; B.A. 1901; M.A. 1905. 2nd Lieut., 
Scots Guards, rgoi; Lieut., T904. Served in the Great War, 
1914— 19 (Capt., 2nd Scots Guards); killed in action, Oct. 24, 
T914. Brother of Kenneth F. (1899). {Eton Sch. Ltsls; 
Army Lists; Univ. War List; Burke, P. and B.) 

Fell. -Com. at Trinity, Apr. 21, 1807. [5th s. of George 
(1769), Lord Kinnaird (and Elizabeth, dau. of Griffin Ransom, 
Esq., of Westminster j. B. Oct. 26, 1788. School, Eton, and 
at Gottingen.] M.A. 181 1. Friend of Byron, John Cam 
Hobhouse and Sheridan. His name was one of the last which 
Byron was heard to pronounce. Became, together with 
Lord Byron, the Hon. George Lamb, and Mr Peter Moore, 
one of the Committee for directing the affairs of the Drury 
Lane Theatre, 1815, and 'with more merit than success' 
attempted to revive some of the neglected dramas. Adm. at 

Kinross, Joseph 

Lincoln's Inn, Aug. 4, 1807. M.P. for Bishop's Cast] 
20. Partner in Ransom and Morland's bank of winch he had 
chief management from r8i9. Died unmarried Mar. 12, 1S30, 
in Pall Mall East. Brother of Charles (1798) and of Frederick 
J. H. (1S09). (Eton Sch. Lists; Inns of Court Iwhich gives 
'2nd' s. of George, as does Graduati); Burke, P. and B. 
(with other issue only); G.E.C. (Douglas Tames William); 
G. Mag., 1S30, I. 465 (which gives '4th' s.); W. R. Williams 
Trinity. Oct. rS, 1809. [6th s. of George (1769), Lord 
Kinnaird (and Elizabeth, dau. of Griffin Ransom, banker). 
B. May 30, 1789.] [School, Eton.] Matric. Michs. 1810; 
M.A. 1812. Died Dec. 2r, 1S14, in King Street, St James's, 
London. Brother of Charles (1798) and Douglas J. W. (1807). 
{Eton Sch. Lists; Burke, P. and B. ('with other issue' only); 
G.E.C; G. Mag., 1814, n. 678 ('3rd' s.).) 

KINNAIRD, GEORGE, Baron. Adm. nobleman (age 17) at 
Pembroke, Nov. 1769. [Elder s. of Charles, 6th Baron (and 
Barbara, dau. of Sir James Johnstone, Bart.).] B. at Dundee. 
Matric. Michs. 1769; M.A. T77I. A banker in London. 
Chairman of the British Fire Office. Succeeded his father as 
7th Baron, 1767. One of the representative Peers, 1787-90. 
Married, July 22, r777, Elizabeth, dau. of Griffin Ransom, 
banker, of New Palace Yard, Westminster. A great art 
collector; purchased the pictures belonging to the Regent 
Orleans, 1792, and began a fine collection at Rossie Priory. 
Died Oct. II, 1S05, at Perth, 'aged 51.' Father of Charles 
(1798), Douglas J. W. (1S07) and Frederick J. H. (1809). 
(Burke, P. and B.; G.E.C; G. Mag., 1805, n. 981.) 

at Trinity, June 25, 1899. [2nd] s. of Arthur [Fitzgerald, 
nth] Baron Kinnaird (1864), of Rossie Priory, Inehture. 
Perthshire. B. [Tulv 31], 1880, in London. School, Eton. 
Matric. Michs. 1899; B.A. 1902; M.A. 1914. Served in the 
Great War, 1914-19 (Capt., Scottish Horse; mentioned in 
despatches). Succeeded his father as 12th Baron, Jan. 30, 
1923. Hon. LL.D., St Andrews. Lord High Commissioner 
to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, 1936 and 
1937. Lord-Lieut, of Perthshire. i94->- K.B.E., 1946. Of 
Rossie Priorv, Inehture. Perthshire, and 21. Lennox Gardens, 
London, S.W. Brother of Douglas A. (1S9S). [Eton Sch. Lists; 
Burke, P. and B.; Univ. War List; Fox-Davies, Armorial 
Families; Who's Who.) 

K1NNEAR, ERNEST AKROYD. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Caius, 
Oct. I, 1879. S. of the Rev. George [Durham, B.A. 1850], 
deceased. B. at Torquay. Schools, Cherbourg House, 
Malvern and Weston-super-Mare. Matric. Michs. 1S79; B.A. 
1884. Of BaUyhcigue Castle, Kerry, in 1898. J. P. for Co. 
Kerry. Died Apr. 20, 1910, at Denny Street, Tralce. (Venn, 
11. 437, and note.) 

KINNEAR. JOHN DONALDSON. Adm. pens, (age 17) at 
Trinity, Nov. 13, 1826. S. of John. B. at Liverpool. School, 
Kensington, London. Matric. Lent, 1827. 

KINNEAR, THOMAS JOHN. Adm. pens, at Christ's, May 30. 
1849. [Youngest] s. of Thomas, deceased, banker, of Edin- 
burgh. B. Mar. 18, 1830, at Walthamstow, Essex. School, 
Durham. Matric. Michs. 1849; Scholar, 1850; B.A. (21st 
Wratigler) 1853; M.A. 1856. Senior partner in the firm of 
B. Gott and Sons, woollen manufacturers and merchants in 
Leeds, 1868-78. Retired and lived at Terrington Hall, 
Yorks. J.P. for North and West Ridings. Married, 1864, 
Elizabeth, dau. of the Rev. Thomas Collins, of Knares- 
borough. Died Mar. 1, 1913, at Bordigbera. (Christ's Coll. 
Notes; Peile, 11. 511; The Times, Mar. 8, r9i3.) 

Com. (age 17) at St John's, June 24, 1772- [Elder] s. of 
Anthony, Esq., of Leighton, Salop, deceased (and Jane 
Wingfieid). B. at Leighton. School, Cheam, Surrey. Matric. 
Michs. 1774, as Kvnnerslev. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, June 19, 
1772. High Sheriff of Shropshire, Feb. 3, 1803-Apr. 23, 1804. 
J P for Shrewsbury and the County for more than 50 years. 
Adm. burgess for Shrewsbury, Oct. 3, 1777; Mayor of the 
borough, 1787. Died Apr. 25, 1843, at Leighton, aged 88. 
(St John's Coll. Adm., IV. 348; Inns of Court; G. Mag., 1843, 
I. 668.) 

K1NNERSLY, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall, Nov. 6, 
1811. [Youngest] s. of Thomas, Esq., of Newcastle-under- 
Lyme, Staffs. [B. 17S8.] Matric. Lent, 1812; L1..B. 1818. 
Adm. at the Middle Temple, Sept. 13, 1811. Called to the 
Bar Nov 22, 1816. Of Hulnae-Walneld, near Congleton. 
D.L. for StaSs. Married, 1837, Georgian.. 1 
of G. Corbin, of Guernsey. (Inns of Court; Law Lists, until 
1850; C. R. Hudli 
KINROSS, JOSEPH. Adm. pens, (air 17) at 1 mhity, June 26, 
1760. S. of Andrew, of Dunblane, Perthshire. School, 
Enfield, Middlesex. Matric. Michs. 1761; Scholar, 1761. 



Kinsey, Matthew 

KINSEV, MATTHEW. Adm. pens, (age iS) at Trinity, Junei, 
i.Siq S. of William. B. in London. School, Little Dunham, 
Norfolk. Matric. Mi. lis. 1.S20; B.A. 1824; M.A. 1827. Ord. 
deacon (London) May 29, 1825; priest, May 21, 1826. 
Incumbent of Grosvenor Chapel, London, -1841-6. C. of 
Gt Bolas, Salop, 1847-53. British Chaplain at Dunkirk, 
l8 54-5- Latterly of 4, Eastbourne Terrace, Hyde Park, 
London. Died Dec. 16, 1885, in London. {Crockford; The 
Guardian, Dec. 23, 1885.) 

, Oct. 8, 


at Trinity, Oct. 16, 1S97. S. of Count Kinskv, of Chlumec, 

Bohemia. B. 1878, in Vienna. School, S. hotten-Gymnasium, 

Vienna. Matric. Michs. 1897. 
KINSMAN, ANDREW GUYSE. Adm. pens, at Clare, July 3, 

1810. B. at Plymouth, Devon. [Probably s. of Andrew, 

Major and Paymaster, Roval Marines.] M dm. Michs. 1810; 

B.A. 1814; M.A. 1817. Ord. deacon 1814; priest, 1815. P.C. 

of Gildersome, Yorks., 1820-68. Disappears from Crockford, 

1870. (Boase, Coll. 1 ornub., 462.) 

KINSMAN, RICHARD BYRN. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, 
May 29, 1830. [4th] s. of Robert Jope [Commander, H.M. 
Revenue servicej. B. [1811], at Falmouth, Cornwall. School, 
Cornwall, private. Matric. Michs. 1S30; B.A. 1834; M.A. 
1 7. Vim <i.i, mi, /em at Oxford, June 7,1851. Ord. deacon, 
1834; pnest. 1835. R- of Mawnan, Cornwall, 1838-42. R. of 
St Paul's. I-.xeter, |S|S si. V. of Tintagcl, Cornwall, 1851- 
94, Pri b, ol I xeter, 1870. Edited Sermons, by the Rev. G. 
Kemp, and Sermons, by the Rev. W. Hichens. Disappears 
from Crockford, 1895. (.-!/. Oxon.; Boase, Coll. Corymb., 463.) 

KINTORE, Ear! of (1 


KIPLING, HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Emmanuel, Nov. 4, 

1763. S. of Henry, attomey-at-law. School, Harrow. Matric. 
Easter, 1764; I '■ \. 1768; M.A. 1771- Ord. deacon (Ely) 
1770; priest (Ely, Litt. dim. for Chichester) 1771; C. of 
Swavesey, Camb 

KIPLING, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age iS) at St John's. June 28, 

1764. S. of Willi, 1111, 1 .ittle - iVsiuari, of j-.'ii hnionds, Yorks. 
B. at Bowes. Schools, Seorton and Sedteereh. Maine. Michs. 
1764; B.A. (Senior Wrangler) 1768; M.A. 1771; B.D. 1779; 
D-D. 1 7 s ( . Adm. I'.llow, 1769, but removed on a mandate 
from the Bishop of Ely as Visitor; again adm. 1771 , filled up 
1786. Ord. deacon (London) May 20. 1768; priest (Peterb.) 
June 10, 1770. Lady Margaret Preacher, 1782. Chaplain to 
the King at Whitehall, 1778- Boyle Lecturer, 1792. R. of 
Owmbv, Lines, 1778 98. V. of Holme-on-Spalding Moor, 
Yorks., 1784 1822. Master of the Temple, 1797. R. of 
Fiskerton, Lines., 1798-1822 Dean of Peterborough, 1798- 
1822. Deputy Regius Professor of Divinity, 1787-1802. 
'Edited Beza, and published .1 Latin preface so full of bad 
Latin that he deemed it expedient to call in those copies that 
had been circulated in the University.' In 1793 became 
prominent as prosecutor in connection with the proceedings 
against William Frend (Jesus College), who had been de- 
prived of his Fellowship and tutorship because of his openly 
professed Unitarian or Socinian views; 'in this capacity he 
seems to have displayed more zeal than discretion, and ren- 
dered himself very obnoxious'; in return his learning and 
slips in Latin were ridiculed, and his writings were sharply 
criticised by Porson 111 The British t ritic, 111; he was also 
fiercely attacked by Thomas Edwards (1776), Fellow of [esus, 
Died Jan. 2.8, i8j:. at Holme vii ir il:< . (Sedbergh Sch. R*rg , 
Northants. Clergy; D.N.B.; Caul. Ac! l>k.; Gunning, 1. chap. 9 
and 11. 49-55; S< John's Coll. Adm.. in. 698.) 

KIPLING, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 11, 1S32. 
M.vtnc. Michs. 1832; B.A. 1S36; M.A. 1839. 

KIRBY, ALFRED OCTAVIUS. Adm. pens, (age 22) at Trinity 
Hall, Aug. 6. 1863. S. ol 1,. G., Esq., of I ittle M irble Hill, 
Twickenham. Si hool, Stinburv. Matric. Michs. 1863; B.A. 

1867; M.A. 1871. Adm. Solicitor, 1870. Practisi li 1 Ion, 

in the firm of Gedee, Kirby and Millet t, I'arli. M.11 \ .1 gents, 

ir, Great George Strert, Westminster. Of < be Nevile, 

Kingston Hill, Surrey, in 1895. Father of George H. (1895). 
Doubtless brother of the next. (Line Lists.) 

KIRBY, AUGUSTUS GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall, 
lnlv 29, 1865. S. of George Goldsmith. Esq., of 7, Waterloo 
Place, London. B June 22, 1847. School, Rugby Matric. 
Michs. 1S65; B.A. 1869; M.A. 1S74. Ord. deacon (Win- 
chester) 1870; priest, 1871; C. of Farnham, 1870-5. C. of 
Northchurch, Herts., 1875-80. C. of Newnh.ini, Hants., 
1880-1. R. of Pebmarsh, Essex, 1881-1912. \ ol South 
Weald, 1912 24. Resided latterly .it Hythe, Kent. Died 
July 13, ei.-i.. 1 lonl. tie, s brother of the above (Rugby Si/i 
Res.; Crockford; Ike linns. |uly 15, 1920.) 

Kirby, John 

KIRBY, AUSTIN HENRY. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 8, 
1897. S. of Oscar John, civil engineer, of Batley, Yorks. [and 
Harriet Partndgej. B. May 28, 1879, at Sheffield. School, 
Batley Grammar (Rev. L. Calvert). Matric. Michs. 1897; 
B.A. 1900. Assistant Master at Nuneaton Grammar School. 
Lecturer in Science, Antigua, 1903-9; scientific assistant in 
the Imperial Department of Agriculture, 1909-13. Assistant 
director of Agriculture, Nigeria, 1913. Director of agri- 
culture, Tanganvika, 1921; at Sierra Leone, 1930. O.B.E., 
1926. Died Feb. 12, 193s. in London. (Eagle, xlix. 52; 
Colonial Office List, 1933.) 

KIRBY, GEORGE HENRY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 29, 

1S95. S. of Alfred ivtavins 1 1*03), of C ,mbe Nevile, Kingston 
Hill, Surrey. B. 1876, in London. School, Eton. Matric. 
Michs. 1895. (£ioji Sch. Lists.) 

KIRBY, GRAVENOR. Adm. pens, (age 16) at St John's, 
July 25, 1789. [S. of John [attorney], of Ipswich, and 
Elizabeth Brooke, dau. of Dr Gravenor, of Ipswich] B. 
there. School, Ipswich. Scholar, 1790. Kept seven terms. 
Migrated to Oxford and matne. from St John's College, 
Feb. 23, 1793, age 19; B.A. (Oxford) 1794- Stated in Davy 
Collections (Brit. Museum Add. MSS. 19,138) to have been 
R. of a parish in Jamaica, and to have died there, unmarried. 
His name does not occur in the annual lists of the Island 
rectors in the Jamaica Almanacs. His , leler brother, John, 
barrister of Lincoln's Inn, I 708, w.i- 1 lu.f lustn e ol lam. ilea, 
1802-8. (8) John's Coll. Adm., iv. 348; .1/. Oxm.) 

KIRBY, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Clare. Mar. 3, 1813- B. at 
Mayheld, Sussex. [S. of the Rev. John (1761), V. of Mayfield.] 
[School, Westminster] Matric. Michs. 1813; B.A. 1817; 
M.A. 1820. Fellow, 1817. Senior Proctor, 1829-30. White- 
hall Preacher, 1.826. C. of Oakley, Suffolk, 1S41-2. R. of 
Gt Waldingtield, 1842 58. Died Jan. 29, 1858, aged 64. 
Brother ol lolui (]>«>■,). {Record of Hid Westminsters; Clergv 
List; G. Hag., 1858, I. 332.) 

Trinity, Feb. 9, 1S61. [2nd] s. of Capt. Thomas, R.N. B. 
1843, at Inhurst, Hants. School, Eton. Maine. Mich' i'-'o; 
B.A. 1865. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 17, 1865. C illed to 
the Bar, Apr. 30, 186S. Special Pleader; on the Western 
Circuit. Of 6. St James's Tlaee, London, S.W. Brother of 
Thomas F. (1SS5). (Eton Sch. Lists; Inns of Court; Laic 
Lists, until 1920; Foster, Men at tin- Bar.) 

John's, July 5, 183S. S. of the Key. John (1805), V. of 
Mayneld, Sussex. Matric. Michs. 1840; B.A. 1844. M.A. 
1847. Ord. deacon (Canterbury) Dec. 22, 1844; priest 
(Salisbury, Litt. dim. from Canterbury) Feb. r6, 1S45; L. of 
Mayfield, Sussex, 1844; V. there 1845-97. Died Mar. 30, 
1897, aged 78. Father of John H. R. (1869); brother of 
Reginald R. (184S). (Crockford; Card. Act Ilk.; The Times. 
Apr. 1, 1897.) 

KIRBY, HENRY WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at St John's, Dec. 15, 
1849. S. of Richard, Esq., of Bicester, Oxon. [and Martha]. 
B. there Dec. 19, 1810. School, Bedford. Matric. Lent, 1850; 
B.A. 1854; M.A. 1857. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Sept. 25, 1853; 
priest, Sept. 24, 1854; C. of Sneinton, Notts., 1853-7. V. of 
Nunkeehng and Bewholme, Yorks., 1857-73. P.C. of Field 
Broughton, Lanes., 1873-86. Marned (1) 1802, Elizabeth, 
dau. of J. Noble, surgeon, of Kendal, Westmorland (his 
brother Richard Heighwav (i^sS) in.irri'-d her s,ster Ann, 
i860); (21 CI, t. 21, 1SS4, "Frances Baynes, dau. of Baynes 
Pinder. Died Dec. [886, at Field Broughton. (Tht Guardian, 
Dec. 29, 1886; Kirby correspondem e.) 

KIRBY, JAMES BARBER. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1S82. 

B. Sept. 25, 1864. Adm. at Selwyn H., Oct. 10. 1882; B.A. 
18.85; M.A. 1S96. Ord. deacon (Oxford) 1888; priest, 1889; 

C. of Holy Trinity, Reading, 1888-94. C. of Buckingham, 
1895-6. V. of Woobum, Bucks., 1896-1904. R. and V. of 
Witney with Holy Trinity, Wood Green and St John, 
Curbridge, Oxon., 1904-11. V. am) Rural Dean of Bucking- 
ham, 1911-16. V. of St Mary with St Nicholas, Beverley, 
Yorks., utii jo. Served in tie Great W'.n, 1914-19 (Chap- 
1 1111, R \i D.). Died net. jo, [920. (Univ. War List; The 
I inns. 1.1 I. 7, 1020 ) 

KIRBY, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 18) al s, John'-, net .,. 1761 
S. of — , husbandman, of Kent. B, in tin- Isle ol Thanet. 
Schools, Canterbury and Maidstone. Matric. Michs, 1761; 
B.A. 1766; M.A. 1, -on. Fellow of Clare, 1708. Hrd. priest 
(Canterbury) 1770. R. of Warden, Isle of Sheppev, Kent, 
1776-82. V. (and patron) of Mayfield, Sussex, 1780-1810, 
when he resigned in favour of his son John (next). Died 
Apr. 4, 1811, aged 67. Father of Henry (1813). (St John's 
(oil. Adm., 111. 670, which gives his resignation as in 1807; 
Cant. Act Bk.; G. Mag., 1811, 1. 403.) 


Kirby, John 

KIRBY, JOHN. Adm. peas, at St John's, June 17, 1805. Of 
Sussex S. of the Rev. John (above), V. of Mayfield, Sussex. 
Scholar, 1S05; matric. Lent, isoo; B.A. 1S10; M.A. 1S13. 
Ord deacon (Salisbury, LiU. dim. from Chichester) June 17, 
1S10; pnest (Canterbury) Sept. 23, 1810. V. 01 Mayneld, 
Sussex, 1S10-44. Married. Jan. 2, 1S16, Louisa, dau. of 
Thomas Murdock, of Portland Place. Died Oct. 27, 1844, 
aged 58. Brother of Henry (1S13); father of Henry r. M. 
(1838) and Reginald R. (184S). (Cant. Act £*.; Scott, MSS.; 
G. Mag., 1844, 11. 66: and 1816, 1. 82.) 
KIRBY, JOHN HENRY REGINALD. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
June 1 1869 Elder s of the Rev. Henry Thomas Murdock 
(1838) [and Hannah Jane]. [B. June 8, 1S49.] Bapt. Aug. 5, 
1S49. iSchool, Lancing.] Matnc. Michs. 1S09; B.A. 1373. 
M.A. 1SS4. Ord. deacon (Oxford) 1873; pnest, 1874; C. of 
Hambleden, Bucks., 1873-5. C. oi Hawkhurst, Keut, 1875- 
84. V. of Patrixbourne with Bridge, 1884^7. V. oi Mayfield, 
Sussex, 1S97-1912 (in succession to his father). Resided 
latterly at Upper Norwood, London, where he died Jan. 24, 
1914. (Lancing Reg.; Crockjord; The Times, Jan. 30, 1914.) 
KIRBY, JOHN LAWRENCE. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Pembroke, 
June 30, 1816. S. of the Rev. John Robert (1779). of St 
Osyth, Essex. B. at Dedham, Essex. Matnc. Michs. 1816; 
B.A. 1820. Ord. deacon (London) June 6, 1819; priest, 
May 28, 1820. V. of Little Clacton, Essex, 1832-50. Married, 
Sept. 2, 1S51, Margaret, dau. of D. L. Manthorp, Esq., of 
Thorpe Abbey. Disappears from Clergy List, 1851. (Foster, 
Index Eccles.; G. Mug., 1851, 11. 5350 
KIRBY, JOHN MALSBURY. Adm. sizar at Queens', Mar. 27, 
[822; a 'Ten-year man'. Of Warwickshire. [S. of Edmund. 
School, Rugby.] Matric. Easter, 1822 ; B.D. {Stat. Eli:.) 1832. 
Second Master of the Stourbridge Free Grammar School, 
and Chaplain of Stourbridge Union. Died Dec. 1, 1S40, at 
Hagley, aged 45. (Kugfry Sch. Keg.; Clergy List; G. Mag., 
1841,1. 102 ('Malsby').) 
KIRBY, JOHN ROBERT. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age T7) at Caius, 
Dec. 4, 1779. S. of John, of Colchester. B. there. Schools, 
Felsted and Onehouse, Suffolk. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) 
June 26, 17S5. Died Feb. 19, 1811, at St Osyth, Essex, 
aged 49. Father of John L. (1816). (.-11. Felsted; Venn, 11. 
102; Northanis. Clergy; G. Mag.. 1811, I. 295.) 
KIRBY, REGINALD RIVERS. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
June 16, 1S4S. S. of the Rev. John (1805), V. of Mayfield, 
Sussex [and Louisa]. B. there. Bapt. May 20, 1S29. Matnc. 
Michs. 184S; B.A. 1852; M.A. 1867. Ord. deacon (Gloucester) 
Dec. 19, 1S52; pnest, May 22, 1853; C. of St Mark's, Easton, 
Bristol, 1852-4. V. of Hadlow Down, Sussex, 1854-71. V. 
of Chapel Allerton, Somerset, 1S71-90. R. of Mixbury, 
Oxon., 1891-190S. Mamed and had issue. Resided latterly 
at Ventnor, Isle of Wight, where he died Oct. 26, 1917. 
Brother of Henry T. M. (1838). (Crockjord; The Guardian, 
Nov. 1, 1917.) 
KIRBY, RICHARD HE1GHWAY. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Nov. 19, 1835. Of Oxfordshire. [S. oi Richard, of Bicester. 
B. there June, 1S17. School, Bedford.] Matric. Michs. 1836; 
Scholar; B.A. [121(1 Wrangler] 1040; M.A. 1843. Adm. ad 
eundem at Oxford, 1S44. Ord. deacon (London) Dec. 18, 
1S42; pnest, Dec. 24, 1S43. Assistant Master at Felsted 
School, 1S42; at St Peter's, York, 1847. P.C. of Taddington, 
Derbs., 1S48-53. V. of Haverthwaite, Lanes., 1853-97. 
Rural Dean of Cartmel, 1887-92. Hon. Canon of Carlisle 
Cathedral, 1887-97. Married (2) i860, Ann, elder dau. of J. 
Noble, surgeon, of Kendal, Westmorland. Died Jan. 12, 
1897. Brother of Henry W. (1849); father of the 110.1, of 
Thomas H. (1SS2), William H. (1868) and Vincent I 
(Crockjord; T. H. Kirby; The limes, Jan. 15, 1S97.) 
KIRBY, RICHARD HENRY. Adm. as a Scholar at Cavendish 
H. Easter, 18S0. [S. of the Rev. Richard Heighway (above), 
of Haverthwaite vicarage, Lanes. B. Mar. 5, 1863. Schools, 
Heversham Grammar and Rossall.] Matric. Easter, 1830; 
B.A. I8S4; M.A. 1S87. Assistant Master at Auckland 
Grammar School, New Zealand. Master of the Grammar 
School, Launceston, Tasmania. Died Nov. 9, 
Haverthwaite vicarage, aged 30. Brother of Thomas H. 
etc. and half-brother of Williain H. (1868). (Rossall 
Sch. Reg.; T. H. Kirby; The Guardian, Nov. 15, 1893.) 
KIRBY, ROWLAND ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 6, 
S. of Thomas Charles, M.D., of 18, Cambndge Terrace, 
Hyde Park, London. B. Jan. 29, 1868, in London. School, 
Westminster (Mr Rutherford). Matric. Michs. 1 
1890; M.b. 1897. At the London Hospital. M.K.C.S. and 
L.R.C.P., 1893. Of Putney, London, in 1910, and of Letch- 
worth, Herts, (retired), in 1920. Died Jan. 30, 1940, in 
London. (Record oj Old Westminsters; Medical Directories; 
The Times, Feb. I, 1940.) 
KIRBY, SYDNEY FREDERICK. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, 
May 14, 1889. [Eldest] s. of Fredenck Baker. B. at Horusey, 

Kirby, William Francis 

Middlesex. Matric. Michs. 18S9; B.A. (12th Wrangler) 1S92. 
Died Jan. 14, 1930, at Barnet, Herts, aged 59. (2 he I vies, 
Jan. 16, 1930.) 
KIRBY, THOMAS. Adm. at Caius, Oct. 1, 18S5. [Elder] s. of 
Thomas Frederick (next), bamster, bursar of Win 
College B. [June 25], 1807, at Westboume Park. School, 
Charterhouse. Matnc. Michs. 1885; B.A. 1S89. Sei 1 
the County Hospital, Winchester, in 1S9S. Registrar of the 
Royal mineral water Hospital, Bath, 1903-29; subsequently 
a Governor. Died Feb. 9, 1939. (Charterhouse Sch. Reg.; 
Venn, II. 477, and addenda, 1940.) 
KIRBY, THOMAS FREDERICK. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Trinity, July 3, 1855. [Elder) s. of Thomas, Commander, 
K.N., 01 Inhurst, Basingstoke, Hants. B. there Sept. 3, 1836. 
School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1S55; B.A. (Class, lnp., 1st 
Class) 1859; M.A. 1862. Fellow, 1861; Assistant tutor, 1861. 
Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 27, 1S62. Called to the Bar, 
Jan. 26, i860. Bursar of Winchester College, 1S77-1907. 
F.S.A. J. P. for Hants. Mayor of Winchester and an Alder- 
man of the County Council. Mamed, Oct. 15, 1865, Helen, 
dau. of Walter John Hunter, of Baughurst House, Hants. 
Author of numerous papers in Archaeologia, and editor of 
Wykeham's Episcopal Register. Died Nov. 12, 1910, at 
Winchester. Father of Thomas (above); brother ot Henry 
G. M. (1861). (Eton Sch. Lists; Inns oj Court; Law Lists; 
Foster, Men at the Bar; Winchester College, 1867-1920; The 
1 tmes, Nov. 15, 191°-) 
KIRBY, THOMAS HUGH. Adm. pens, at St John's, May 9, 
18S2. S. of the Rev. Richard Heighway (1835), V. of 
Haverthwaite, Lanes, [and Ann]. B. there [Nov. 17, 1S64]. 
School, Heversham, Westmorland (W. Hart, LL.D.i. Matni . 
Michs. 18S2; Scholar; B.A. (10th Wrangler) 1885; M.A. 189S. 
Assistant Master at Trent College; at Dean Close School, 
Cheltenham; at Pockhngton School; at Sherborne School, 
1916-24. Diedat Sherborne, Jan. 12, 1948. Brother of Richard 
H. (isso), etc. and half-brother of William H. (1868). (T. H. 
KIRBY (post HOUGH), TOPHAM HOUGH. Matnc. Non-CoU. 
from Cavendish H. Easter, 1881. S. of — , deceased. B. 
1663 at Scarborough. Schools, private. Migrated to Caius, 
Oct 1, 18S1; B.A. 1S86, as Hough, T. H. Adm. Solicitor, 
Nov 1895. Practised at 13, Clement's Lane, E.C. Died 
Sept. 4, 1916, at Bndhngton, Yorks. Left £ 1000 for a scholar- 
ship at Bndhngton school for boys going to Cambridge. 
(Venn 11 450, and note; Law Lists; The limes, Sept. 7, 
KIRBY VINCENT TAYLOR. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 12, 
1SS5. S. of the Rev. Richard Heighway (1S35), ot Haver- 
thwaite vicarage, Ulverston, Lanes. B. there Jan. 22, 1867. 
School Heversham, Westmorland. Matric. Mi. 
exhibitioner; Scholar, 1887; B.A. (281/1 Wrangler) 
MA 1892. Ord. deacon (Loudon) 1S90; priest, 1891; L. of 
Shoreditch, Middlesex, 1890-2. Assistant Master, Diocesan 
College, Rondesbosch, Cape Colony, 1892-5. C. of St Barth., 
Bethual Green, London, 1896-9. C. of Dorchester, Oxon., 
1899-1900. Chaplain of All Saints' School, Bloxham, 1900-1. 
C of Malvern Lmk, 1901-4. C. of St Alban's, Upton Park, 
E»sex 1905-6. C. of St Peter's, Vauxhall, Surrey, 1906-0. 
Principal of Dorchester Miss. CoUege, 1909. C. of St - 
All Saints' (Palfrey), Walsall, Staffs., 1910-13. C. of St 
Michael and All Angels, Woolwich, 1913-14- C. of St Cle- 
ment's City Road, London, 1914-16. C. of St Pancras, 
IQ17-20 V. of Thurgarton with Hoveringhani, Notts., 
io'o-7 Died Nov. 22, 1927. Brother of Richard i 
and Thomas H. (IM2), and half-brother ot Wilhaiu H. 
(1868). (T. H. Kirby; Crockjord; I he I lines, Nov. 23, 1927.) 
KIRBY WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Caius, Nov. 6, 
1776 [Eldest] s of Wilhaiu, attorney, oi Witnesham, 
Suffolk. B. there Sept. 19, 1759- School, Ipswich. Matric. 
Michs. 1777; Scholar, 1777; B.A. 178IJ M.A. 1816. Ord. 
deacon (Norwich) May 26, 1782; pnest, sept. ".1783; 
C of Coddenham and Barham, Suffolk, 17S2-97 and \ 
Barham from 1797 until his death 111 1850. Rural 
Claydon. Entomologist; collected 153 different specimens of 
wild bees in bis owu pansh and published a monograph on 
them 1802 Founded the insect ordei of Strepsiptera, in a 
naper to the Linnean Society, 1811. One of the in il 1 ellows 
of the Linnean Society, 1780. F.R.S., 1818. Hon. President 
of the Entomological Society 01 Lund. .a. 1837. Mamed 
(1) 1784 Sarah Kipper, who died 1814, and (2) 1816, Char- 
lotte Rodwell. Author, The Habits and Instincts oj Animals, 
1835- and of numerous entoui. : 1 'ied s.p. 

July '4, 1850. (Venn, II. 98; D.N.B.) 
KIRBY WILLIAM FRANCIS. Maine Non-Coil. Michs. 1872. 
[PnJbably s. oi the Rev. William V, 
Woburn Square. B. Mar, 5, [853- School, Merchant 
Tavlors'l Manager oi the I .it. id mines, 

Matabeleland. Took part m the war in Mashonaland. Died 
July 16, 1894, at Tate. (Merchant laylors Sch. Reg.) 


Kirby, William Heighway 

KIRBY, WILLIAM HEIGHWAY. Adm. pens, at Sidney, 
( ii t. 2, 1868. S. of the Kev. Richard Heighway (1835), V. of 
Haverthwaite, Lanes. B, Sept. 15, 1849. at Tadchugton, 
Uerbs. School, Rossall (Mr Osborne). Matnc. Michs. 1868; 
B.A. 1872. Ord. deacon (Llaudall ) 1872; priest, 1873; C. of 
St Mary's, Cardiff, 1872-5. C. of Horbury, Yorks., 1875-78. 
C. of Tottington, Lanes., 1878-80. Chaplain of St Chad's, 
Stuffynwood, Notts., 1880-92 and 1895-6. C. of St Luke's, 
Jersey, 1892-3. C. of St Luke's, Cambridge, 1893-5. R. of 
Woolpit, Suffolk, 1896-1902. C. of St James's, Colchester, 
1902-5. C.ofSI Andrew's, Willesden, 1905-6. Perm, to off., 
iii- ... ..1 Winchester, 1917-21; of London, 1906-31. Resided 
latterly at 37, King Henry's Road, London, N.W. Died 
Nov. 26, 1035. Half-brother of Richard 11. (i8bo), Thomas 
H. (1882) and Vincent T. [1885). [Rossall Sch. Reg.) T. H. 
Kirby; Lrockfurd.) 

KIRBY, WILLIAM WALTER. Adm. pens, at Queens', July 4, 
184b. Matnc. Michs. 1846; B.A. i85r; M.A. 1850. Ord. 
deacon (Canterbury) 1850; priest, 1851; C. of Nettlestead, 
Kent, 1850-6. V. of Appledore with Ebony Chapel, 1856—62. 
R. of St Dunstan-in-the-East, London, 1862-71. Secretary 
to the South American Missionary society, 1863-71. C. of 
Cheshunt, Herts., 1871-S. K. of St Mary's, Barnsley, 187S- 
1900. Rural Dean of Silkstone, 188 1. Surrogate, dio. 
Wakefield, and Hon. Canon of Wakefield Cathedral, 1888- 
igor. Edit'T, South American Missionary Magazine, author, 
A Club Sermon; 1 hntv-five Hop-Pickets Drowned (a tract). 
Died Nov. 12, 1901. Probably lather oi William F. (1872). 
[Cant, Act Bk.; ine limes, Nov. 16, 1901.J 

KIRBY, WILLIAM WELDON. Adm. at Clare, June 14, 1884. 
[Youngest s. of Dr E. A., of Bournemouth and Kelsey Park, 
Beckenham. B. Sept. 14, 1865. School, Dulwich College.] 
Matric. Michs. 1884; B.A. 1S87. Ord. deacon (Rochester) 
1888; priest, 1889; C. of St James's, Keiinington, Surrey, 
r888-90. C. ol Sevenoaks, 1S90-2. V. of Curry Rivel with 
Weston, S'liii.-rMjt, 1092-1906. Died suddenly Nov. 19, 1906. 
[Dulwich Coll. Keg.; J he limes, Nov. 22, 1906.) 

KIRBY-TURNER, C. H. K. (1888), see TURNER. 

KIRCHOFFER, SAMUEL GERARD. Adm. pens, (age 20) at 
Pembroke, July 25, 1870. [3rd] s. of the Rev. Richard 
Boyle, K. of Ballyvouniey, Ireland. B. there [1851]. [School, 
Kossall.] Matnc. Michs. 1870; Scholar, 1870; B.A. 1874; 
M.A. 1878. F.G.S., 1880; F.R.G.S., 1881. Army 'Coach,' at 
Yateley Grange, Blackwater, Hants. Died Sept. io, 1909, 
in Loudon. (Rossall Sch. Keg., 1 he 1 imes, Sept. 15, 1909.) 

KIRK, ALFRED ERIC KENNY. Adm. pens, at Sr John's, 
Oct. r9, 1896. S. of the Kev. Charles [St Mary Hall, Oxford, 
1858J, H.M. Chaplain in India [died Nov. n, 1887] [and 
Alice Emily Gertrude Kenny]. B. Feb. 19, 1875, at Chel- 
tenham. School, Lincoln Grammar (Rev. Canon pnwlci). 
Matnc. Michs. 1896; B.A. 1900; M.A. 1908. Assistant 
Master at Uppingham; at \ ictoria College, Jersey; al 
Pengam Grammar School, Cardiff; at Fettes College, Edin- 
burgh; at Nantwich Grammar School. Head Master of The 
Grammar School, Blandford, 1909; of Wallington College, 
Surrey, 1912-18-. Died Feb. 26, 1921, from injuries received 
in a cycle accident at Baraet. {Schoolmasters' Directories; 
lite limes, Mar. 4, 1921.) 

pens, (age 19) at Magdalene, Oct. 1, 18S4. S. of James, of 
Kilhngbeck Hall, Yorks. School, Harrow. Matnc. Michs. 
1884. Lieut., N. Riding Yorks. R.V., 1925. (Harrow Sch. 

KIRK, CHARLES. Adm. pens, at St John's, Apr. 5, 1845. S. of 
Charles, mason, of Wigstou, Leics. [and Elisabeth]. 11. there. 
Bapt. Sept. 4, 1825. School, Collegiate School, Leicester. 
Matnc. Michs. 1045. B.A. 1849; M.A. 1852. Practised for 
many years as an architect at Sleaford. Died Apr. 1, 1902, 
at Domngton, Lines., aged 76. Eagle, xxiv. 24;; The 
limes, Apr. 3, 1902.) 

at Selwyn 11., Oct. 1, 1893. B. Oct. 19, 1873. Matnc. Michs. 
1893; B.A. 1896; M.A. 1900. Ord. deacon (,\>>rwMi) 1.V1", 
priest, 1897; C. of Rickmghall Inferior, Suffolk, 1896-igoi. 
V. of Eagle, Lines., 1901-8. V. of Waterhouses, Durham, 
1908-28. K. of Oldburv. Salop, 1928-43. Died Jun< 9, 194 ;. 
Buried at Oldbury. [Crock/ord; 1 he times, June 11," 1943.) 

KIRK, EDMUND WILDBORE. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Feb. 7, 1818; re-adm. sizar, Jan. e8, 1820. Of Glouce ter 
shire. Matnc. Michs. rSi8; B.A. 1822. Ord. deacon [Glou 
cester) June 9, 1822; priest, Dec. 21, 1823; C. of Bretforton, 
Worcs., 1823, at which time he lived at Evesham, possibly 
an assistanl master, at the Grammar School. Head Master 
of the Grammar School, Barrow-upon-Soar, Leics Died 
Aug. 23, 1833, aged 33. (Hoekaday, MSS.; £. A. B. Barnard; 
G. Mag., 1833, ii. 379-) 

Kirkby, Charles William 

KIRK, HENRY JOHN PERCY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. n, 
i877- S. of Joseph, of Norton Tower, near Halifax, Yorks. 
B. [Mar. 6], 1S57, at Halifax. School, Rugby. Matnc. Michs. 
1877; B.A. 1881; M.A. 1884. Died Jan. 13, 1925, at his 
residence at Tunbndge Wells. [Rugby Sch. Reg. (Percy 
Henry); The limes, Jan. 14, 1925.) 

KIRK, Sir JOHN. Hon. Sc.D. 1897. [Second] s. of the Rev. John, 
Minister, of Barry, Forfarshire. B. there Dec. 19, 183; 
School, Arbroath High School. At Edinburgh University; 
M.D., Edin., 1854; Hon. LL.D., Edin., 1S90; Hon. D.C.L., 
Oxford, 1898. Physician, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. 
Served in the Crimean War, at the Erenkevi Hospital in the 
Dardanelles, 1855-56. Accompanied Livingstone as physi- 
cian and naturalist on his second Zambesi expedition, 
1858-63. Medical officer to the Zanzibar Agency, 1866; 
Consul -General at Zanzibar, 1873; Political Agent, 1880. 
Persuaded the Sultan to abolish the slave trade; established 
the Hast African rubber trade, 1878. F.R.S., 1887. G.C.M.G., 
1886; K.C.B., iSyo. Of Sevenoaks. Died Jan. 15, 1922. 
Father of John W. C. (1896), (Fox-Davies, Armorial 
families; Medical Directories; D.N.B.) 

KIRK, JOHN HENRY. Matric. Non-Coil. Lent, 1SS2; B.A. 1884. 
Ord. deacon (Ripon) 1S85; priest, 1880, C. of Si Mary's, 
Barnsley, Yorks., 18S5-92. V. of South Ossett, 1892-1911. 
V. of Wrenthorpe, 1911-21. C. of St John- the -Divine, Ken- 
mngton, Surrey, 1923-7. Died Jan. 20, 1927, in London. 
(Crock/ord; The Guardian, Feb. 4, 1927.) 

KIRK, JOHN LAMPLUGH. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Apr. 19, 
1888. S. of John Wright. B. [Apr. 30, 1809], at Hull. 
Schools, Wharfedale and llkley. Matnc. Michs. 1 
1891; M.B. and B.C. 1898. At St George's Hospital, Londoi.. 
M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1897. F.S.A. House Surgeon, Hospital 
for Sick Children, Gt Onnond Street. Clinical Assistant, 
West End Hospital for nervous diseases and St John's 
Hospital tor diseases of skin. Practised at Pickering, Yorks., 
1898-40. Died Feb. 26, 1940, at Leeds. [Peile, a. 740; 
Medical Directories; The Times, Feb. 28, 1940.) 

KIRK, JOHN WILLIAM CARNEGIE. Adm. at King's, Oct. 2, 
1896. [S. of Sir John, K.C.B. (1897), of Sevenoaks. B. 
Jan. 21, 1878. School, Marlborough College.] Matnc. Michs. 
189b; Scholar; prizeman; B.A. (Nat. Sci. Trip., Pt I, 1st 
Class) 1899. Second Lieut., Duke of Cornwall's L.I., 1899. 
Served in the South Afncan War, 1899-191 12 , severely 
wounded at Paardeburg; present at the takuig of Pretoria. 
With the King's African Rifles in Somahland, 1902-4; Capt., 
1907; Major, iyis; Bt. Lieut. -Col., 1919. Instructor at 
K.M.C., 1913-14. In the Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut. -Col., 
Duke of Cornwall's L.I,; D.S.O., 1917; mentioned twice m 
despatches). Author, Grammar of Somahland Language; 
British Garden flora. Of Gedimg House, Gedling, Notts., in 
1945. [Marlborough Coll. Reg.; King's Coll. Reg.; Army 
Lists; Univ. War List; Fox-Davies, Armorial Families , 
Kelly, Handbook.) 

KIRK, PERCY ROEBUCK. Adm. at Clare, Oct. , 1 
School, Bridlington Quay. Matnc. Michs. 1888; B.A. 1891 . 
M.A. 1890. Principal of the Hackney Technical Institute, 
London, N.E., in 1906. [Lamb. Yearbook.) 

KIRK, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Si John's, July 1, 1856. S. of 
George, farmer (and Sarah). Bapt. Apr. 5, 1835. Of Lincoln. 
Matric. Michs. 1856; B.A. 1800; M.A. 1803. Ord. deacon 
(Lincoln) 1S59; priest, 1800; C. of Wrawby with Bngg, 
Lines., 1859-64. Head Master of Wrexham Grammar 
School, 1864-75. V. of Eagle, Lines., 1875-1900 (the first 
resident incumbent for 60 years.). Married, Apr. 13, 1S03, 
Mary Emma, 3rd dau. of J. Feltham, Esq., deceased, of 
Bngg. Author, First Latin Book. Buned at Eagle, Oct. 3, 
1900. (The Guardian, Apr. zz, 1803; P. B. G. Binnall.) 

KIRK, WILLIAM TEMPERLEY. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1899. 
[S. of Joseph, of Park Side House, BlackhiU, Durham. B, 
Dec. 24, 1879, at BlackhilL] Migrated to Peterhouse, Apr. 
1901; B.A. 1902. (T. A. Walker, 648.) 

KIRKBY, CHARLES WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
July 8, 1871. S. of Edward, of Newnham, Cambridge. B. 
1S53, at Ormskirk, Lanes. School, Felsted. Matric. Michs. 
1871; B.A. 1888; M.A. 1911. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 1878; 
priest, 1879; C. of New Basford, Notts., 1S78-80. C. of 
Chester-Ie -Street, Durham, 1880-3. C. of Highgate, Mid- 
dlesex, 1883-7. Asst. urg. bee, A.C.S. (Metropolitan Dis- 
trict), 1889-92; Org. Sec, West Midland District, 1 . ■■ ■ j _ - 
In the American Church, 1S97-1911; R. of Tenafly, New 
Jersey, 1897-1902; C. of St James's, New Y'ork, 1902-5; 
R. of St Paul's, Canton, Ohio, 1905-ii. R. of Penkevil, 
Cornwall, 1911 -23. Chaplain of LMvington I'nory, Kent, 
*9 2 3~39- Died Oct. 27, 1939. Buried at Davington Priory, 
Faversham. (Al. Felsted; Crock/ord; 1 he limes, Oct. 30, 


Kirkby, Claude Walter 

KIRKBY, CLAUDE WALTER. Adin. pens, (age 19) at Jesus 
Oct. 1S94. S. of the Rev. Edward E. W. [next). B. 1 
at Ware, Herts. School, Uppingham. Matnc. Michs. 1894; 
Rustat Scholar. (Uppingham Sell. Roll.) 

KIRKBY, EDWARD ERNEST WARD. Adin. sizar at Trinity, 
June 3, 1657. S. of Edward, of 4, South John Street, l.n 1 t 
pool. B. 1S3S, at Manchester. School, Hevershai; 
■norland. Matric. Michs. 1S5S; Scholar, 1861; B.A. 
M.A. 1865. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1S63; priest, 1864; Chaplam 
of Trinity College, 1863-73. C. of Trumpington, Cambs., 
1863-7 and 1869-70. C. of Coton, 1S67-S. C. of Wunpole. 
1S70-3. V. of Ware, Herts., 1S73-1003. Rural Dean of 
\\ are, 1894-1903. Resided latterly at Hadkigh Hall, buffolk, 
where he died May 13, 1905. Father of the above. (Crockford ; 
t. May 10, 1905.) 

KIRKBY, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Queens', Oct. 27, 1774; Fell- 
Corn. 1777. Of Nottinghamshire. Matric Michs. 1775; B.A. 
[779; M.A. 1703. Ord. deacon (Ely) 17S8. R. of Gotham. 
until 1841. As R. of Gotham received licence 01 
non-residence, 1S28-35, 'on account of his actual bodily 
infirmity.' (Clergy List, 1S42; P. B. G. Binnall,) 

KIRKBY, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 20), at Trinity, Oct. 13, 1S00. 
S. of William, of Uldale, Cumberland. School, Kendal, 
Westmorland. Matric. Michs. [801; scholar, 1804 
(inn Wrangler) 1S05; M.A. 1809. ord. deacon (Ely) 1S0S; 
priest (Norwich) Dec. 21, 1S09. Chaplain, R.N.; at H.M. 
Dockyard, Sheemess, 1812-49. Disappears from Crockford, 
1865. Father of William (1846). (Clergy List.) 

KIRKBY, JOHN. Matric Non-Coil. Michs. 1883. Adm. pens, at 
St Catharine's, Dec. 5, 1885. S. of William. B. at New- 
burns, Barrow-in-Furness, Lanes. B.A. 1886; M.A. 1891. 
Ord. deacon (Liverpool) iSSb; priest, 1S87; C. of St Cleopas, 
Toxteth Park, Liverpool, i8do-9 and 1891-2. V. of Santon, 
Isle of Man, 1S89-91. V. of St Cath., Edge Hill, Liverpool, 
1892-1917. Lie. to off., dio. Liverpool, 1927-41. Resided at 
Southport and disappears from Crockjord, 1941. 

pens, at Caius, Mar. 26, 1S64. [2nd] s. of William, of Liver- 
pool, manager of the Albion Marine insurance Co. B.Mar. 23, 
1845, at Cheltenham. School, Ruabon. Matnc. Mi 
Scholar, 1^04; B.A. (lith Wrangler) 1808; M.A. 1S71. Adm. 
at the Inner Temple, Nov. 10, i860. Called to the Bar, 1870. 
On the Northern Circuit. Took the name of Bagnall-Wild, 
Nov. 23, [868, on succeeding to the estate of his godfather. 
Served m the Great War, 1914-19 (Bng.-Gen., R.A.F. 
(aircraft production); C.M.G.). Well known in the lawn 
tennis world as the introducer of the system of draw which 
bears his name, and has been extended to various other 
games Of The Manor House, Costock, Leics. County 
Alderman and J.P. for Notts. Died Oct. 11, 1925, at Lough- 
borough. (Venn, 11. 365; Caian; Una. War List; Changes of 
Same; Inns of Court.) 

KIRKBY, SAMUEL ALEXANDER. Adm. pens, at St Catha- 
rine's, Feb. 9, 1868. a. of Edward. B. June 24, 1S45, on the 
Atlantic Ocean. School, Liverpool College. Matric. Lent, 
1868. Migrated to Christ's, Oct. 17, i&oa; B.A. 1871; M.A. 
1074. Whitworth scholar, 1872. .Assistant to Sir John 
Fowler. M.l.C.E. County Surveyor for Cork, 1S74; built 
Youghal and Kinsale bridges (the largest in Ireland). En- 
gineer for the Kanturk railway; for Schuli and Skibbereen 
railway; adviser for the Clonakdty railway. Engineer to the 
Middieton, Youghal and Queenstown waterworks, and for the 
laying of the deep water main from Queenstown to Haul- 
bowhne. Of York House, Cork, in 1911. Died Jan. 29, 1927, 
at West Dulwich. (Peile, 11. 608; The Times, Feb. 1, 1927.) 
KIRKBY, THOMAS. Adm. sizar at Sidney, Nov. 8, 1794- 
[S. of the Rev. Thomas, V. of Hornby, Yorks. B. Sept. 22, 
1773, at Catterick. School, Richmond, Yorks. (Mr Temple).] 
Matric. Michs. 1795. Migrated to St Catharine's, Apr. 6, 
KIRKBY, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Emmanuel, 
May 9, 1 760. S. of the Rev. Richard (1730-1) [R. of Gedling, 
Notts.]. B. at Bingham, Notts. Matnc. Michs. 1760; LL.B. 
KIRKBY, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus, July 4, 
1846; from University College, Oxford, whence he had 
matric. Mar. 24, 1S46, aged 18. S. of the Rev. John (1S00). 
B. at Sheerness, Kent. School, Rochester. Matric. Michs. 
1846; Scholar; B.A. 1850; M.A. 1853. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 
1851 ; priest, 1S52. Second Master of Heath Grammar School, 
Halifax, 1850-1. C. of Codchngtun with Llston, Notts., 
1851-3. C. of Aylesford, Kent, 1834 6. Chaplam of the 
R.V. patriotic asylum, Wandsworth Common, 1858-73. 
V. of Cholsey, Berks., 1873-3. Died Nov. 2, 1878. (Al.Oxon., 
which states that he was eldest son of 'William'; Clergy 
L:s( , Crockford.) 
KIRKCUDBRIGHT, Lord (1790), see McCLELLAN, S. H. 

Kirkman, John Parke 

K1RKE, The Rev. GEORGE ROBERT. Adm. sizar (age 24) at 

Mac-daeene, Apr. 4, 1786. In Priest's Orders. 
KIRKE, JOHN HENRY. Adm. pens, at Clare, Julv 
Doubtful if resided. One of these names, b. Dec. 1 
« .. Lieut., 19th Foot Regt., 1854; Capt.. 185S; Brevet- 
1372; Brevet-Lieut.-Col., 1SS0; retired, 1881. (Army 
KIRKE, PERCY ST GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 25, 
1900 S. of Colonel Mervyn St George, of Lmkheld House, 
burgh, Midlothian. B. 1881, at Reading. School, St 
, York. Matric. Michs. 1900; B.A. 1903; M.A. 1909- 
KIRKE ST GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Dec. 14, 1832. 
S of Col. John, J. P., of Markhani and Retford, Notts, [and 
Anne Mervyn dau. of Sir William Richardson, Bart., of 
Augher, Co. Tyrone]. B. at East Retford. Bapt. I 
1814. School, Oakham. Matric. Michs. 1833; B.A. iS37- 
C. of Sturton-en-le-Steeple, Notts., 1837-54- P-C of Little- 
borough, 1S39-54. R. of Martin, Lines., 1S54-61. Manned, 
June 6 1843, Mary, dau. of Joseph Cooke, D.D., Master of 
the Grammar School, Nottingham, and had issue. Died 
Jan. 1S61; buried Jan. 23. (Peiie, 11. 446; Burke, L.G.; 
Clergy List; Crockford; Foster, Index Ecclcs.; P. B. G. 
KIRKE, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Jesus, May 
1817. [Elder] s. of John, Esq., of Retford, Notts. Matnc. 
Mich's. 1S17; Steme scholar, 1819. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, 
May 3, 1S20. (Inns of Court.) 
K1RKE-SMITH, ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 30, 
1896. S. of the Rev. Arnold, of Boxworth rectory, Cambs. 
20], 1S78, at Eaton-Socon, Beds. School, Charter- 
house. "Matnc. Michs. 1S96; B.A. 1S99; M.A. 1903. Solicitor. 
Joined the firm of Little and Co., Bombay, 1909. Solicitor 
to the Government of India, in the Legislative Department, 
1932-7. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut., I.A.R.O., 
attached nth Bengal Lancers and 12th Cavalry). Died 
Dec. 25, 1937, at Risalpur. (Univ. War List; I he Times, 
Dec. 28, I937-) 
at Trinity, July S, 1871. [Only] s. of Arthur [Leeche], of 
Wexham, Bucks. B. 1S50, at Finchley, Middlesex. School, 
Littlehampton, Sussex (pnvate). Matnc. Michs. 1871J B.A. 
1875; LL.M. 1879. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, July 3, 1878. 
Called to the Bar, May 11, 1881. Special Pleader on the 
Northern Circuit. (Inns of Court; Law Lists; Foster, Men al 
the Bar.) 
KIRKHAM, THOMAS ARNOLD. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Pem- 
broke, Oct. S, 1886. S. of [Sir] Thomas Brown, lawyer 
[barrister, Bombay education Dept.]. B. in Bombay 
[Sept. 10, 1S67J. [School, Cheltenham CoUege] Matric. 
Michs. 18S6; B.A. 1SS9. Rowed in the trial eights, 188S and 
1889. 'He refused to take his M.A. degree because, when he 
was coaching a college boat, he preferred to dine in hall with 
the crew.' A pioneer of the Stedfast, training ship lor boys, 
at Kingston. Adm. Sohcitor, Apr. 1894. Practised in London. 
Of 38, Bedford Row, London. Died Apr. 30, 1936, at Sur- 
biton, aged 68. (Cheltenham Coll. Keg.; Pembroke Coll. Keg.; 
Law Lists; The I imes, May 2, 1936.) 
KIRKLAND, JOHN. Adm. pens, at St John's, Jan. 7, 1846. 
S. of Alexander McKenzie, merchant, of Glasgow [and 
Isabella Davie]. B. there Dec. 4, 1827. [School, Merchiston 
Castle.] Matric. Michs. 1846; B.A. 1850; M.A. 1S54. C. of 
St George's, Bloomsbury, London, 1851-4. Died Dec. 6, 
1S54, in Dublin, 'ot malignant smallpox, caught in his 
devotion to a soldier of artillery.' (Merchiston Castle Sch. 
Keg.; Clergy List; The Guardian, Dec. 20, 1854.) 
Adm. pens, at Sidney, Apr. 25, 1870. [Elder] s. of John 
Agmondisham Vesey, Colonel [Coldstream Guards, who was 
present at the Alma, Balaclava and Inkerman, and at the 
Siege of Sebastopol]. B. Dec. 2, 1S50, at Montreal. School, 
Wellington CoUege (Dr Benson). Matnc. Michs. 1S70. Went 
to Western Canada and farmed. Sometime of 55, Temple 
Fortune Hill, London, N.W. Died 1913. (Wellington Coll. 
KIRKMAN, FREDERIC. Adm. pens, at Sidney, Oct. 9, 1S09. 
4th s. of the Kev. Thomas Pennington (Trinitj 
Dublin, 1829), M.A., F.R.S., R. of Croft, Lanes. B. there 
July 13, 1849. School, Rossall (Mr 1 isboru ). Ma ri 
1869. Died Dec. 8, 1 Reg.) 


1876. [S. of the Rev. [oshua (next). B. Dec. 17, 1856. 
School, High! ■ 

1 lead Master of Oxfoid Military C< 1II1 
for many years i civil and military side of 

Bedford School. Of 64, Kinibolton Ro 
Died Dec 15, 1935, at B .'.-; School- 

masters' Directories; 1 he 1 lines, Dec. lb, UJ35.) 


Kirkman, Joshua 

KIRKMAN, JOSHUA. Adm. pens, at Queens', Oct. 16, 1846. 
[Eldest s. of John, M.D., of Melton, Woodbndge, Suffolk. 

B. Feb. 23, 1829. School, King's, Bruton.] Matric. Michs. 
1846; B.A. ($oth Wrangler) 1S51; M.A. 1856. Ord. deacon 
(Peterb.) 1S52; priest, 1853. Assistant Master at King's 
School, Bruton, 1S51-5. Inc. of St Paul's Episcopal Chapel, 
Aberdeen. V. of Field Dalling, Norfolk, 1855-9. C. of 
St Gdes-in-the-Fields, London, 1859-61. P.C. of St John's 
Chapel, Harnpstead, 1861-70. V. of St Stephen's, Hamp- 
stead, 1870-1903. Secretary to Loudon Clerical Conference. 
Resided latterly at Southwold, where he died July 1, 1904. 
Father of the above. (A'mg's Sch., Bruton, Reg., which gives 
'died 1903'; Crockford; Clergy List; The Times, July 4, 

KIRKNESS, WILLIAM JOHN. Adm. pens, at Queens', May 5, 
182;. Of Cornwall. [2nd s. of William, Capt., of Dispatch, 
packet, of Kermck, St Gluvias {and Jane Sanders). B. Dec. 
25, 1809.] Matric. Michs. 1*27; B.A. 1831; M.A. 1837. Ord. 
deacon (Exeter) 1832; pnest, 1833; C. of Philleigh, Cornwall. 

C. of St Austell; C. of Lewannick; C. of Marystow and Thrus- 
helton, Devon; R. of Kennerleigh, 1840-3. R. of Forrabury 
and Minster, Cornwall, 1843-77. Married JuUa Mary, dau. 
of W. E. Man, and had issue nine children. Author, 1 he 
Hmdrame to a cordial reception of Gospel truth. Died June 15, 

1877, at Forrabury rectory. (Boase, Coll. Comub., 463; 
Scott, MSS.; Clergy List; Ctockfoid; Foster, Infex Ecclesj 

Trinity, May 8, 1867. S. of the Rev. Francis. B. June 25, 
1849, at Lewes, Sussex. School, Hadevbury. Matric. Michs. 
1867; Scholar, 1868; Person pnz.-, 1868; Bell scholar, 1868; 
Craven scholar, 1870; Cams Greek Testament prize, 1870; 
Winchester Reading prize, 1871; Tvrwhitt Hebrew scholar, 
1874; B.A. 1871; {2nd Classic, 1871; Theol, Exam., 1st Class, 
1872); Scheie field priz--, 10;: ; Evans prize, 1872; M.A. 1874; 
B.D. 1S89; D.D. 1892. Fellow, 1871; Assistant tutor, 
1S71-S2, Junior Dean, 1877-82. Junior Proctor, 1881-2. 
Ord. deacon (Ely) 1874; pnest, 1875. Regius Professor of 
Hebrew (and Canon of Ely), 1882-1903. Lady Margaret's 
Professor of Divinity, 1903-6. University Preacher, 1875, 

1878, 1882, 18S9, 1897, 1903, 1909. Warburton Lecturer at 
Lincoln's Inn, i8S6^»o. Hon. D.C.L., Bishop's Univ., 
Lennox, 1905; Hon. LL.D., Queen's Univ., Kingston, 1905. 
Lady Margaret's Preacher, 1882, 1893. Master of Selwyn, 
1898-1907. Dean of Ely, 1906-36. His accurate knowledge 
and clear exposition made his lectures valuable to advanced 
students, and he embodied his learning in forms that helped 
the weaker. A brilliant scholar, he was one of the pioneers 
in the province of Old Testament criticism and history. 
Member of Convocation. Author, Commentaries ou the two 
Books of Samuel and on the Psalms 111 the Camlo;., 

for Schools and Colleges; 1 he Divine Library of the Old 
Testament; The Doctrine of the Tr>pi;<i.,, General Editor for 
Old Testament and Apocrypha of the Cambridge Bible for 
Schools and Colleges, 1893-1929. Lived latterly at Bourne- 
mouth, where he died Ian. 2;, 1940, aged 90. (Haileybury 
Coll. Keg.; Crockford; The Junes, Jan. 24, 1940.) 

Trinity Hall, Feb. 28, 1832. [Elder s. of William, gent , 
of Donacomper, Celbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland. B. 1813.] 
Matric. Michs. 1832; Scholar, 1833; B.A. 1837; M.A. 1841. 
Adm. at the Inner Temple, Jan. 9, 1838. Of Donacomper, 
Celbndge, Co. Kildare; J. P. Married, 1854, Kathenne 
Louisa, dau. of Thomas Trench, of Milliceut, Naas, Co 
Kildare. Died 1891. Father of William T. (1876) and of 
Frederick A. (1880). (Inns of C-not , Fux-Davies, Armorial 

KIRKPATRICK, CHARLES SHARPE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
May 7, 1833. [2nd, but only surviving, s. of Sir Thomas, 
5th Bart., of Closebum, Dumfries, and Jane, dau. of Charles 
Kirkpatrn k Miarpe, oi 1 1. .. In. »ni, [M.mitrK>. I'. May, 1 -S 1 1 . J 
Matric. Michs. 1S33. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, June 9, 184c. 
Succeeded his father as 6th Bart., 1844. Married, Mar. 24, 
1837, Helen Stuart, dau. of Thomas Kirk, of Keir Mill, 
Dumfries, and had issue. Died Oct, 9, 1867, at Libertad, 
Peru, S. America, when returning to England. (Boase, 11. 
829; Burke, P. and B.; Inns of C ourt; G.E.i ,) 

KIRKPATRICK, EDWARD GODMAN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
Trinity, Jan. 11, 1845 [Elder] s. of Richard Godman, Esq. 
(iSoy) [of Ryde, Isle of Wight]. B. in the Isle of Wight. 
School, miss, x (private). Matric. Michs. 1845; B.A 1851; 

M.A. 1S55. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Apl 

Called to the Bar, [an. 26, 1853. Brother..! Kn hard I G 
(1S50). [Inns of Court; Law Lists, until 1880; I-oster, Men 
at the Bar.) 

Trinity, June 1, 1880. [3rd] s. of .Alexander Richard (1832), 
of Donacomper, Celbndge, Co. Kildare. B. there [June 10], 

Kirshaw, Richard 

1861. School, Wellington College. Matric. Michs. 1880; 
Scholar, 1883; B.A. 1884; M.A. 1888. University Extension 
Lecturer, 1898-1919. Reader in Spanish, 1919-33. Author, 
Imperial Defence and I rude; A History of Argentina; The 
Spanish Conquistadores, and annotated editions of Spanish 
classics. Brother of William T. (1876). (Fox-Davies, 
Armorial Families, Who's Who.) 

KIRKPATRICK, JAMES. Adm. Fell. -Com. at St John's, 
May 3, 1826. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Peterhouse, Oct. 20, 
1826. Of Surrey. S. of George, of Keston, Bromley, Kent. 
Matric. Michs. 1826; B.A. 1830; M.A. 1833. Ord. deacon 
(Norwich) June 19, 1833; pnest, June 8, 1834; C. of 
Southery, Norfolk, 1833-8. C. of Cudham, Kent, 183S-48. 
C. of Cathenngton, Hants., 1838-73. Mamed, De. 
Elizabeth Ann, dau. of the Rev. Joseph William Martin, R. 
of Keston. Of Keston, Kent, in 1S60. Died Oct. 22, 1882, 
at St Leonard's-on-Sea. Brother of John (1832). (T. A. 
Walker, 4:7; < lergv List; Crockford; The Guardian, Nov. 1, 
1882; G.Mag., 1834, 1. 102.) 

KIRKPATRICK, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 22, 1832. 
[2nd s. of George, of Hollydale, Bromley, Kent.] B. 181 5. 
Matric. Michs. 1833; B.A. 1837; M.A. 1840. Adm. at the 
Inner Temple, Jan. 31, 1835. Called to the Bar, Jan. 31, 
1840. Major, Kent Artillery Militia. 1. if Monk's Horton Park, 
Kent. J. P. for Kent. Married, 1854, Margaretta, eldest dau. 
of Henry Caldecott, Esq., of Holton Hall, Lines. Editor of 
Mackenzie's Roman Law. Died May 2, 1905, at Folkestone, 
aged 90. Brother of James (1826). (Inns of Court; Law Lists; 
Foster, Men at the Bat , I he 1 imes, May 4, 1905.) 

KIRKPATRICK, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity, 
July 6, 1S53. S. of John, advocate, formerly Chief Justice of 
the Ionian Islands. B. 1835, at Alloa, Clackmannans. School, 
Midlothian. Matric. Michs. 1853; B.A. 1865; M.A. 1S68. 
Professor of History, Edinburgh University, 1 881-1909; 
Secretary of Seuatus and Dean of the Law Faculty, 1S86-97. 
LL.B., Ecun. 1870. Hon. LL.D., Glasgow, 1890, and Edin- 
burgh, 1910. Dr.Jur., Heidelberg. Advocate, 1S68. Ofncier 
de l'lnstruction Pubbque. Hon. Member {one of founders) of 
the Franco-Scottish Society. Author, historical and legal. 
Died Jan. 12, 1920, at Nice. (Who was Who, 1016-28.) 

KIRKPATRICK, JOHN [WILDBORE]. Adm sizar (age 15) at 
Magdalene, Apr. 6, 1811. S. of the Rev. John, of Fowlmi re, 
Cambs. Matric. Easter, 181 1, as John Wildbore. 

KIRKPATRICK, RICHARD GODMAN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Oct. 6, 1809. Matric. Michs. 1810. Father of Edward G. 
(1S45) and Richard T. G. (next). 


(age 18) at Trinity, Apr. 4, 1850. S. of Richard Iwin 

(sk) [Godman] (above). B. [July 1, 1832], in the Isle of 
Wight. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1S50. In the Diplo- 
matic Service; Attache at Copenhagen, Denmark, 'where he 
rescued his chief, Sir Augustus Paget, on the capsizing of a 
boat, under exceptionally dithcult circumstances.' Secretary 
to the Legation at Washington, 1S64, and Vienna, 1 -<■-■. 
retired, 1870. Of Tunbridge Wells. Died Apr. 10, 1916, at 
Niton, Isle of Wight. Brother of Edward G. (1845). [Rugby 
Sch. Reg., which also gives 'S. of Richard Goodwin'; 1 he 
Times, Apr. 13, 1916.) 

KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM TRENCH. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 7, 1876. [Eldest] s. of Alexander Richard (1S32), of 
Donacomper, Celbndge, Co. Kildare. B. there Aug. 1, 1857. 
School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1876; B.A. 1880. Adm. at 
the Inner Temple, Jan. 24, 1879. Called to the Bar, Apr. 18, 
1883. On the South Eastern Circuit. Of Donacomper, 
Celbridge. High Sheriff of Co. Kildare. Died Apr. 10, 1941, 
(Rugby Sch. Reg,; Fox-Davies, Armorial Families; Inns of 
Court; Law Lists; Foster, Men at the Bar ; The Times, Apr. 22, 

KIRKUS, CUTHBERT HAYWARD. Adm. scholar at St Catha- 
rine's, Jan. 16, 1899. S. of William Miller. B. June 8, iSSo, 
at Liverpool. [School, Sedbergh.J Matric. Michs. 1899; B.A. 
1902. Stockbroker. Of 4, Water Street, Liverpool, and 
Madingley, East ham, Cheshire, in 1909. Served in the Great 
War, 19 14-19 (Capt., R.G.A.); killed in action, July 31, 19 17. 
(Sedbergh Sch. Reg.; Univ. War List.) 

KIRSHAW, RICHARD. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, 
Apr. 16, 1762. S. of [the Rev.] Samuel [D.D., V. of Leeds 
and R. of Ripley (1723), and -Ann, dau. of the Rev. Samuel 
Brook, D.D., Minister of St John's Church, Leeds. B. 1743.] 
School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1762; Scholar, 1763; B.A. 
1766; M.A. 1769. Fellow, 1767. Ord. deacon (Londou) 
May 21, 1769, pnest (Peterb.) 1770. R. of Marsham, Norfolk, 
and Minister of the donative of Holy Trinity, Leeds. Died 
s.p. Jan 27, 1791,' Liter a lingering illness.' {Eton Coll. Reg., 
uhii b erroneously gives ' s. of Richard'; Northants. Clergy; 
F.M.U., 1. 157; G. Mag., 1791, 1. 95.) 


Kirwan, Charles Lionel Fitzgerald 

Corpus Christi, Feb. 16, 182S. Of Mayo. [Doubtless eldest 
s. of Patrick, of Cregg, Galway.] Ma trie. Michs. 1829; B.A. 
1834. Brother of the next, etc. 

at King's, a scholar from Eton, Jan. 30, 1834. [2nd s. of 
Patrick.] B. Aug. 5, 1814, at Cheltenham. Ma trie. Easter, 
1834; B.A. 1838; M.A. 1841. Fellow, 1837-54. Ord. deacon 
(Lincoln) 1S3S; priest, 1S39. R. of Prior's portion, Tiverton, 
Devon, 1843-6. V. of Wootton-Wawen, Warws., 1854-76. 
Subsequently resided at Rue Neuve Chaussee, Boulogne-sur- 
Mer. Married Louisa, only dau. of Thomas Macquoid. 
Translator of Don Adolfo de Castro's History of the Jews in 
Spain. Died June 27, 1S90, at Dover. Brother of Hyacinth 
(1S38), John H. (1835), etc. (Burke, L.G. of Ireland (Edward 
only); Clergy List; Crockford; King's Coll. Reg.; Wm. 

KIRWAN, GEORGE RICHARD. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, 
June, 1S79. S. of George Benjamin. B. in London. [School, 
City of London.] Matric. Michs. 1879; B.A. 1883; M.A. 1SS8. 
Assistant Master at The Wick, Brighton, for two and a half 
years; at Paris for half a year; at Coatham Grammar School, 
Redcar, for three years; at Wyggeston Grammar School, 
Leicester, for seven years. Assistant Director of Leicester 
Technical School for two years. Head Master of South Shields 
High School, 1896-18-. Died before 1934. (Schoolmasters' 

KIRWAN, HYACINTH. Adm. at King's, a scholar from Eton, 
Sept. 24, 1838. [4th s. of Patrick, of Cregg, Co. Galway, and 
Louisa Margaret, dau. of Dominick G. Browne, of Castle 
Macgarrett, Co. Mayo.] B. July 28, 1820, at Freshford, 
Somerset. Matric. Michs. 1838; B.A. 1S43; Crosse Scholar, 
1843; Tvrwhitt Hebrew Scholar (2nd), 1845; M.A. 1846. 
Fellow, 1841-57. Chaplain to the East India Co. With the 
held force under Geueral Sir Colin Campbell at Lucknow. 
Died there, unmarried, in hospital, of smallpox, Apr. 185S. 
Bequeathed his Oriental books to the College. Brother of 
Edward D. G. M. [1834) and the next, etc. (Burke, L.G. of 
Ireland; King's Coll. Reg.; The Ecclesiastical Gazette, June 8, 

KIRWAN, JOHN HENRY. Adm. at King's, a scholar from 
Eton, Aug. 18, 1835. [3rd s. of Patrick, Esq., of 77, Pulteney 
Street, Bath, and Louisa Margaret, dau. of Dominick G. 
Browne, of Castle Macgarrett, Co. Mayo.] B. Dec. 25, 1S16, 
at Beaumaris, Isle of Anglesey. Matric. Michs. 1834; B.A. 
1840; M.A. 1843. Fellow, 1S38-57. Cricket 'blue," 1839. 
Adm. at the Inner Temple, Nov. 14, 183S. Ord. deacon 
(Lincoln) 1842; priest (Gloucester and Bristol, Litt. dim. 
from Bath and Wells) 1843. C. of Old Cleeve, Somerset, 
1850-1. C. of Withvcombe, 1851-6. C. of St Feock, Corn- 
wall, 1856-63. P.C. of Buck Mills, Devon, 1863-74. R. of 
Antony, Cornwall, 1874-99. Died June 13, 1899. Brother of 
the above and of Edward D. G. M. (1834), etc. (King's Coll. 
Reg.; Book of Blues; Boase, Coll. Comub., 464; Burke, L.G. 
of Ireland; Inns of Court; Crockford; Clergy Lists; The Times, 
June 21, 1899.) 

KIRWAN, RICHARD. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, May 28, 1849. 
[Elder s. of Capt. Richard, deceased, 7th Fusiliers (and Ellen, 
dau. of George Bond, barrister). B. 1S30. School, Brighton 
College.] Matric. Michs. 1849; B.A. 1853; M.A. 1857. Ord. 
deacon (Rochester) 1855; priest, 1856; C. of Little Bardheld, 
Essex, 1855-7. C. of Gosfield, 1857-60. R. of Gittisham, 
Devon, 1S60-72. Rural Dean of Honiton. Married, i860. 
Rose Helen, dau. of the Rev. Edward Barrett Lampet, V. of 
Gt Bardheld, and had issue. F.S.A. Drowned, while bathing 
at Sidmouth, Sept. 2, 1872, aged 43. (Brighton Coll. Reg., 
which gives 'b. 1829'; Burke, L.G. of Ireland; Crockford; 
Clergy List; W. M. Within.) 

KISCH, HERMANN MICHAEL. Adm. sizar at Trinity, Apr. 19, 
1869. [4th] s. of Joseph [surgeon], of London. B. there 
[Dec. 1], 1850. School, City of London. Matric. Michs. 1869; 
B.A. 1873; M.A. 1879. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, May 6, 1871. 
Appointed to the I.C.S.; at Calcutta, 1873; engaged on relief 
measures in the famines which beset Madras in 1874 and 1877. 
Assistant to the Director-General of Statistics. Called to the 
Bar, June 6, 18S3. Subsequently in the Indian postal service, 
organising mails for the Sikkim Campaign, 1888. Director- 
General of the Post Office in India, 1890-1, 1893-5, 1896-7, 
1901 and 1902-4. Represented India at the International 
Postal Congresses at Vienna, 1891; at Washington, 1897; 
at Beme, 1900; at Rome, 1906; and at the Imperial Penny 
Postage Conference, 1898. Divisional Commissioner, 1902; 
Financial Secretary to the Bengal Government. The ' father ' 
of the Indian C.S. Latterly of Aldingbourne, Sussex. Died 
Nov. 7, 1942, in London, aged 91. (Inns of Court; Law Lists; 
Foster, Men at tht liar-, I.C.S. Lists; Who's Who, The 
Times, Nov. 9, 1942.) 

Kitchener, Elliott 

K1SSACK, BERNARD KEBLE. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Oct. 3, 1900. S. of Canon — [Edward William (Isle of Man 
College, 1855; Trinity College, Dublin, 1861)], R. of Chil- 
lenden, Dover. Matric. Michs. 1900; B.A. 1903; M.A. 1908. 
Ord. deacon (Ripon) 1905; priest (Richmond, for Ripon) 
1907; C. of Bedale, Yorks., 1905-9. C. of St Augustine's, 
Edgbaston, 1909-12. V. of Lydbury North, Salop, 1912-19. 
V. of Burneston, Yorks., 1919-21. V. of Moor Allertoii, 
1921-35. V. of Knaresborough, 1935-4S-. Rural Dean of 
Knaresborough , 1 9 38-43 . Preb. of Ripon Cathedral . 
Brother of the next. (Crockford; P. B. G. Binnall.) 

KISSACK, WILFRID LANGTON. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Oct. 9, 1893. S. of the Rev. Edward William [Isle of Man 
College, T855; Trinity College, Dublin, B.A. 1861], of Bal- 
laugh rectory, Isle of Man. Matric. Michs. 1893; B.A. 1896; 
M.A. 1900. Ord. deacon (Worcester) 1897; priest, 1898; C. of 
New Milverton, Warws., 1897-1901. C. of St Michael's, 
Bowes Park, Middlesex, 1901-2. C. of St Philip's, George- 
town, Demerara, British Guiana, 1902-5 and 1926-7. 
Chaplain at Paramaribo, 1905-26. R. of St Swithin's, 
Vriadenhoop, 1927-30. Archdeacon of Demerara, 1927-41. 
Canon of St George's Cathedral, 1927-41. Vicar-General, 
dio. of Guiana, 1927-41. V. of Christ Church, Georgetown, 
1930-41. O.B.E., 1927. Died Aug. 24, 1942. Brother of the 
above. (Crockford.) 

KISSAN, BERNARD WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Jesus, Oct. 
189S. [Elder] s. of William, Esq. B. June 20, 1879. School, 
Central Foundation, London (Dr Wormell). Matric. Michs. 
1898; Scholar; B.A. (14/A Wrangler) 1901; M.A. 1938. 
Appointed to I.C.S., 1902; served in Bombay as Assistant 
Collector and Magistrate; Officiating Accountant-General, in 
Burma, 1908; Deputy Accountant-General, Burma, 1910-12; 
Special Officer, Salsette Building site, Apr. 1914-June, 1916; 
Acting Collector and Supt. of Stamps, 1922; retired, Nov. 
1924. Died Jan. 18, 1941, at Bexhill. Benefactor to the 
College. (I.C.S. Lists; The Times, Jan. 21, 1941.) 

KITCHEN, HAROLD ERNEST. Adm. pens, at Sidney, Oct. 1, 
1895. S. of Charles F. H. B. Nov. 5, 1876, at Manchester. 
School, Manchester Grammar (Mr Glazebrook and Mr I. H. 
King). Matric. Michs. 1895; B.A. 1898. At St Mary's Hos- 
pital. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1906. House Surgeon, Tottenham 
Hospital; Clinical Assistant, St Mary's Hospital. In practice 
at Manchester in 1910; at Douglas, Isle of Man, and Ramsey, 
1930-44-. (Medical Directories.) 


St John's, July 6, 1853; re-adm. sizar July 3, 1S54. S. of 
Laxton, labourer [and Ann]. Of Northamptonshire. B. at 
Newborough. Bapt. Apr. 24, 1831. Matric. Michs. 1854; 
Scholar; B.A. (15^ Wrangler) 1S58; M.A. 1S61. Subsequently 
spelt his name Kitchin. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) 1859; priest, 
i860. Second Master of Loughborough Grammar School, 
1859. Head Master of Bideford Grammar School, 1869-74. 
C. of St James's, Exeter, 1874-6. Chaplain of the Wonford 
asylum, Exeter, 1876-1901. Resided latterly at Tei-nmouth, 
where he died Dec. 23, 1905. Father of Francis A. L. 
[Kitchin] (1885), Arthur J. W. (1888), Frederick H. (1886). 
(Crockford; The Times, Dec. 25, 1905.) 

KITCHENER, ARTHUR BUCK. Adm. pens, at Christ's, 
Oct. 13, 1871. [3rd] s. of Henry Horatio, Colonel in the 
Army [and Frances, dau. of the Rev. John Chevallier, of 
AspaU Hall, Suffolk], B. [Nov. 14, 1S52], at Ballygothhn, 
Co. Kerry, Ireland. Schools, in Ireland and New Zealand. 
Matric. Michs. 1S71. Scientific lecturer in London. Associate 
of the R. School of Mines, 1875. F.G.S. For many years 
manager of the large property of his father in New Zealand. 
Prospected for minerals in New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, 
the Dutch E. Indies, and in S. Africa. Sometime of Waihemo 
Grange Dunback, Otago, New Zealand. Settled at St Mary 
Bourne, Hants., in 1901. Died unmarried Feb. 24, 1907, at 
Lucerne. Buried at St Mary Bourne. Brother of Horatio 
Herbert, Lord Kitchener of Khartoum (1898). (Pette, u. 621, 
which gives 'b. Apr. 1852'; Burke, P. and B.; Burke, Col. 
Gentry, 1. 181.) 

KITCHENER, ELLIOTT. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Mar. 14, 
1884. [Eldest] s. of Philip Elliott. B. [Dec. 25, 1865], at 
Adare, Co. Limerick. School, Bedford Grammar. Matric. 
Michs. 18S4; exhibitioner; B.A. 1887; M.A. 1891, Assistant 
Master at Dulwich College preparatory School, 1S87-92; at 
Dulwich College, 1892-5; at Rugby, 1895-1903. Head Master 
of Greenbank School, Liverpool, 1903-n; of the Golden 
Parsonage School, Hemel Hempstead, 1911-18-, Co Editoi 
of the Guildford Diocesan Gazette. Resided latterly at Guild- 
ford, Surrey, where he died Oct. 10, 1929. First cousin of 
Lord Kitchener of Khart. .inn Peile.i] ott, MSS.; 

Burke, P. and B., which gives 'died Oct, . 
Directories; The limes, Oct. 11, 1929.) 


Kitchener, Francis Elliott 

KITCHENER, FRANCIS ELLIOTT. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Oct. 17, 1556. [2nd] s. of William Cripps [solicitor], of New- 
market [and Ann, dau. of John Orbell, of Kentford Hall, 
Suffolk]. B. there [Dec. 30], 1S38, Schools [Rep ton, 1851-4, 
and] Rugby. Matri( . Michs. 1057, Scholar, 1859; B.A. (12th 
Wrangler) 1861; M.A. 1864; LL.M. 1874. Fellow, 1863. 
Assistant Master at Wellington College, 1861-2; at Rugby, 
1802-75. Head Master of the High School, Newcastle-under- 
Lyme, Staffs., 1875-91. J. P. Assistant Commissioner, Royal 
Commission on Secondary Education, 1854. Of Oulton Old 
Hall, Stone, Stalls. Alderman, Staffs. County Council. J. P. 
Dieds.£. July 6, 1915. Brother of William O. (1S44). {Rugby 
Sch. Reg. ; Repton Sch. Reg.; Schoolmasters' Directories; 
Burke, P. and B.; Who was Who, 1897-1916.) 

Hon. LL.D. 1898. [2nd s. of Lieut. -Col. Henry Horatio, of 
Cossington, Leics., and Crotter House, Ballylougford, Co. 
Kerry- [and Frances, dau. of the Rev. John Chevailier, of 
Aspall Hall, Suffolk]. B. there June 24, 1850. Educated in 
Switzerland, and at R.M.A. Woolwich. Lieut., K.E., 1S71; 
Capt., 18S3. Served in expedition for relief of General Gordon 
in Khartoum, 1884-5. Major, 1884; Lieut. -Col., 1S85. 
Governor-General of Eastern Sudan, 1S86; Adjutant-General, 
Egyptian Army, 1892. K.C.M.G., 1894. Major-General and 
KX'.B. for services m River war, 1896. Defeated Khalifa's 
army at Omdurmau and re-occupied Khartoum, 1898. 
Created Baron, 1898. Governor-Genera! of the Sudan, 1899. 
Lieut. -General, 1899. Lord Robert's Chief oi Staff m South 
Africa, 1S99. Commander-in-Chief, Boer War, 1900-2. 
General, 1902. Commander-in-Chief in India, 1902-9; Field 
Marshall, 1909. Created Earl, 1914. Secretary of State for, 1 9 1 4 ;" mcp'.jbed British army from six to seventy 
divisions, 1914-10. K.G., 1915. Drowned off the Orkneys, 
with the staff of his Mission, Juue, 1916, whilst sailing in 
H.M.S. Hampshire to visit Russia. Brother of Arthur B. 
(1871). (Burke, P. and B.; D.N.B.; Army Lists.) 

KITCHENER, JESSE. Adm. at Clare, c. 1815. Matnc. Michs. 
18.5; Scholar, 1815; B.A. 1819; M.A. 1822. 

KITCHENER, WILLIAM BROWN. Adm. pens, at St John's, 

Dec. 27, 1S23. [Onlvjs. of Dr [William] Kitchener (for whom 
seeD.N.B.). B. [June 23, 1804], in London. School, Charter- 
house. Matnc. Michs. 1624. Married, Sept. 2, 1828, Georgina 
Macdonel, dau. of Major Edgworth, of Wilton Place, London. 
Ihe D.N.B. calls him 'a natural son, who was educated at 
Cambridge and inherited the bulk of his property; no 
legitimate children.' This account, taken almost verbatim 
from the G. Mag. obit. (1827), contains some doubtful state- 
meats, for it asserts that the father was at Eton and was also 
M.D. of Glasgow; not found 111 Eton Coll. Reg. or in Glasgow 
degrees. [List of Carthusians (Kitchiner); G. Mag,, 1828, 11. 

KITCHENER, WILLIAM ORBELL. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
May 27, 1844. [Elder] s. of William Cripps, attorney [and 
Ann]. B. Sept. 11, 182b, at Bury St Edmund's. School, 
Uppingham (DrButterton). Matnc. Michs. 1844. A solicitor, 
in partnership with his father. Died s.p. Dec. 14, 1077, at 
Newmarket; buried there. Brother of Francis E. (1856). 
{Uppingham Sch. Roll, which gives ' b. Sept. 1827'; Bury 
Grammar Sch. Keg. (under his family); Burke, P. and B.) 

(age 19) at Pembroke, Oct. 1, 18S8. [Youngest) s. of the 
Rev. Joseph Laxton (Kitchen) 11053), of Heavitree, near 
Exeter. B. [Jan. 31, 1870], at Bideford. [School, Clifton 
College (1883-S).] Matrn . Michs. 1S88; B.A. (18//1 Wrangler) 
1891. Entered the I.C.S., 1892; Assistant Commissioner, on 
Settlement duty, Punjab, 1901 ; Deputy Commissioner, 1904. 
Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Punjab Light Horse). 
Secretary to Publicity Bureau, Punjab, 1918. C.I.l , tgi; 
Retired, [uly, 192X. Oi b, Luleherue Court, London, S.W., in 
1944. Brother ot Franus A. L. (1805), etc. (Clifton Coll. 
Keg., Pembroke ( oil. Keg., I.C.S. Lists; Who's Who.) 

KITCHIN, CLIFFORD. Adm. pens, (age 18) at TRINITY Hall, 
Mar- 12, 1878. [2nd] s. of John, h>q., J 1'., oi 2, 1 he Crescent, 
Scarborough. B. Oct. 1, 1S59. School, St Peter's, York, 
.. .in, . Michs. 1878; B.A. andLL.B. 18S2. Adm. at Lincoln's 
Inn, Nov. 8, 1880; Inns of Court prizeman, 1880 and 1881; 
international and constitutional law scholarship, 1883. 
1 ailed to the Bar, Nov. 17, 1884. On the North Eastern 
Circuit. Died Jan. 28, 1913. at his residence at Chiton, 
Bristol. Brother of the next two. {Inns of Court; Laiv Lists; 
Foster, Men at tkt Bar; the Times, Jan. 30, 1913.) 

Oct. 10, 1881. [3rd] s. of John [J. P.], of 2, Ihe Crescent, 
Scarborough [and sometime of Pannal, Yorks.J. B. 1803, 

Kitchin, Joseph Laxton 

at Worcester. School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1881; B.A. 
1884; M.A. 1890. Assistant Master at Dover College, 1886. 
Founded the Public Schools Year Book, 1889, and edited it 
for 14 years. Editor of Episodes from Le Comte dc Monte 
Crtsto and L' Evasion du Due de Beaufort, from Dumas; 
An Introduction to the Study of Provencal. Translated 
Monk's Geschichte de> Gneehischen Literatur. Author, Ihe 
Solent Chart Book; Beigscm for Beginners; Days of my Youth, 
etc. Resided at Bournemouth, where he died Apr. 9, 1939. 
Brother of the above and the next. (Harrow Sch. Reg., 
Dover Coll. Reg. ; Who was Who, 1929-40; The 1 tmes, 
Apr. 10, 1939.) 

KITCHIN, ERNEST HUGH. Adm. pens, at Downing, Sept. 30. 
1S95. [Youngest s. of John, J. P., of Scarborough, and some- 
time of Park House, Harrogate. B. Aug. 15, 1874. Schools, 
Haileybury and Giggleswick.] Matnc. Michs. 1895; B.A. 
1898; M.B., B.C. and M.A. 1903. At Guy's Hospital. 
M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1901. Practised at Skipton, Yorks., for 
10 years; retired owing to ill-health. Interested in palaeo- 
lithic research. Author, Nodule Implements in the Bourne- 
mouth District. Resided latterly at Bournemouth, where he 
died June 2ii, 1935. Brother of the two above. [Haileybury 
Coll. Keg.; Giggleswick Sch. Reg.; Medical Directories; The 
limes, June 29, 1935.) 

KITCHIN, F1NLAY LORIMER. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Oct. 18, 1890. [Only] s. of William Henry, chemist, of 
Whitehaven [and Jessie Smith Tower]. B. Dee. 13, 1870, at 
St Bees. [School, St Bees.] Matnc. Michs. 1890; B.A. 1893, 
M.A. 1S9S; Sc.D. 1924. Studied also at Munich, where he 
graduated Ph.D. summa cum laude. Assistant palaeonto- 
logist to the Geological Survey of Great Bntain, 1898-1905; 
Palaeontologist, 1905-34. Prepared close study of fossils 
entrusted to him by the Geological Survey of India. F.R.S., 
192S. An authority on the construction of pipe-organs, and 
on developments in locomotive design. An accomplished 
musician. Author, Jurassic Fauna of Cutch: the Brachipoda, 
etc.; Co-author ot The Comealed Mesozotc Rucks in Kent. 
Died Jan. 20, 1934, in London. (The Times, Jan. 23, 1934; 
Royal Society obit., 1934, 349-) 

KITCHIN, FRANCIS. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Jesus, Sept. 1, 
1861. S. of the Rev. Francis, deceased [Trinitj 1 
Dublin, 1828]. B. [Dec. 8, 1841], at Stone, Stafis. School, 
King William's College, Isle of Man. Matric, Michs. 1861; 
B.A. 1865; M.A. 1809. Ord. deacon (York) 1866; priest, 
1867; C. of St Helen's, York, 1806. Assistant Mastei it 
St Peter's School, York, 1866-8. C. of Leeds, 1808-70. C. of 
St Andrew's, Aberdeen, 1870-8. Inc. of St James's, Muthill, 
Perthshire, 187S-S7. Senior Chaplain and Precentor oi 
St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, 1879. Died May 31, 1888, 
111 Edinburgh. (King William's t oil., Isle of Man, Reg.; 
Crockford, ihe Guardian, June 6, 1888.) 


at Pembroke, Oct. 1, 1003. Elder s. of the Rev. Joseph 
Laxton [Kitchen] (1853), of Heavitree, near Exeter. B. 
Aug. 21, 1866, at Calling ton, Cornwall. School, Clifton 
College, Matric. Michs. 1885, Scholar; B.A. (17th Wrangler) 
1888. Assistant Master at Clifton College, 1889; at Brecon 
College, 1890-1; at Ouudle, 1891-2; at Cheltenham College, 
1892-3. Naval Instructor (H.M.S. Barfieur and Britannia), 
1895-1901. Published accounts of Cretan disturbances in 
1900. Author, nautical; made an ingenious diagram for use 
in ex-meridian observations. Died Mar. 3, 1901, at Dart- 
mouth. Brother oi Arthur |. W, (r888), etc. (Clifton Coll. 
Reg.; Cheltenham Cull. Reg.; J. T. Rule.) 

H., Oct. 1, r886. [S oi the Rev. J. L. Kitchen (1853), oi 
Teignmouth.] B. Sept. ro, 1867. School, Malvern. Matri. 
Michs. 1886; B.A. (22nd Wrangler) 1889. Tutor at Oxford 
Military College, Cowley, 1889-91. An actuarial clerk, hrst 
with the Alliance and afterwards with the Commercial 
Union Assurance Companies. For some years a member of 
The limes staff; editor of the Financial and Commercial 
Supplement, 1904-8. Editor of the Glasgow Herald, 1909-17; 
the Board of Trade journal, 1917-27. Retired owing to 
ill-health. Wrote, under the pen-name of 'Bennel Copple- 
stone,' much lictiou, including J ttny and the Boys and 
Madame Gilbert's Cannibal. Died Aug. 6, 1932, at Lee on- 
the-Solent. Brother of the above, eti [Malvern Coll. Reg.; 
Who was Who, 1929-40; The limes, Aug. S, 1932.) 

KITCHIN (or KITCHEN), HENRY. Adm. pens, at Queens', 
Apr. 22, 1S23, as Kitchen. Of Cumberland. Matnc. Michs. 
1623; B.A. 1827; M.A. 1830. Ord. deacon (Chester) 1834; 
priest, 1835; C. of Mosser, Cumberland, -1842-3. V. of 
Embleton, 1843-57. Disappears from Crockford, 1865. 
(Clergy List (Kitchen).) 



Kitchin, Shepherd Braithwaite 

Hall, 1898. S. of David, Esq., of Kimberley, S. Africa. 

B. at Dalton-in-Furness, Lanes. School, South 
College, Capetown (B.A. and LL.B.). Matric. Michs. 1S98; 
Scholar; IX. B. 1901. Acting Crown Prosecutor for Griqua- 
land West, 1910. Member (for Kimberley) of Cape Pro- 
vincial Council, 1912-13. Editor of South African 1 so 
Journal, 1913-18. K.C. Advocate of Supreme Court of 
South Africa. Of 6, Market Street, Kimberley, in 1944. 
{Who's Who.) 

KITCHIN, VERNON PARRY. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 1895. 
Eldest s. of the Rev. James George, M.A. [Christ Church, 
Oxford, 1S69J, of the Pnory, Watford. B. Mar. 2, 1070, at 
Brighton. School, Repton. Matric. Michs. 1S95; B.A. i8q( , 
M.A. 1906. Director of W. Griggs and Sous, hne art printers. 
Of White Cottage, Sandy Lane, Oited, Surrey, in 1910. 
(Repton Sch. Reg.) 

KirCHING, ARTHUR LEONARD. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Mar. 24, 1894. S. of John Austen, merchant, of Crossheld 
Koad, Belsize Park, London. B. Aug. iS, 1875. Schools, 
Manor House, Hastings, and Highgate School. Matric. 
Michs. 1894; B.A. 1S97; M.A. 1901. Ord. deacon (Wor- 
cester) 1899; priest, 1900; C. of St Martin's, Birmingham, 
1899-1901. C.M.S. Missionary in Uganda, 1901-4; at Achoh, 
1904-S; at Ngora, 1908-17; at Mbale, 1917-18; at Jinja, 
1919-20. Archdeacon of Bukedi, 1915-22; of Busoga, 1919- 
22; of Uganda, 1922. Bishop of the Upper Nile, 1926-36. 
K. of All Saints', Dorchester, 1936-8. V. of Holy Trinity, 
Fareham, Hants., 1938-45. Assistant Bishop of Ports- 
mouth, 1939-4S-. Author, Dictionaries and Handbooks to 
grammar m various African dialects; From Darkness to 
Light. (Highgate Sch. Reg.; Crockford; Who's Who.) 

K1TCHING, ROBERT. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Oct. 19, 
1847. S. of Robert, of Pickering, Vorks. Matric Michs. 
1847; B.A. 1S52; M.A. 1857. Ord. deacon (York) 1851; 
priest, 1S52; C of Ellerburne, Yorks., 1S51-3. C of Pickering, 
1853-8. V. of Buckthorpe, 185S-60. V. of Westow, 1860-&1. 
Disappears from Crockford, 1SS2. (Clergy List.) 

K1TCHING, WALTON. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Oct. S, 
1347. S. of Joseph. B. in the parish of St George's, Hanover 
Square, London. Matric. Michs. 1S47. Migrated to St 
John's, Oct. 18, 1S50; B.A. 1852; M.A. 1S55- Ord. deacon 
(Oxford) 1853; C. of Drayton-Beauchamp, Bucks., 1553-4. 

C. of the French Episcopal Church of St John-the-Evangehst 
la Savoie, Bloomsbury, 1858-72. Married 4.1) Mar. 11, 1852, 
at Guernsey, Margaret Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Lieut. C. 
McKenzie, R.N.; (2) 1877, Lucy Susannah, dau. of the Rev. 
Edmund Sharington Davenport, V. of Worheld, and widow 
of Sir Alexander Nisbet, M.D. Died Sept. 30, 1905, at 
St Thomas's Home, aged 77. Father of Willie L. W. (1891). 
[Crockford; Clergy List; The Morning Post, Oct. 2, 1905.) 

KJTCHING, WILLIAM VISTIRIN. Adm. sizar at St John's, 
Dec. 14, 1839. Of Middlesex. [Only s. of W : uliam of Doctors' 
Commons, deceased.] B. Feb. 6, 182 1. School, King's 
College. Matric. Michs. 1841; B.A. 1846; M.A. 1S53. Adm. 
at the Middle Temple, Jan. 9, 1840. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) 
1847; priest, 1848; C. of Greatworth, Northants., 1847-8. 
C. ol Brackley, 1848-32. C. of Carleton Rode, Norfolk, 
60. V. of Great Finborough, 1860-90, and V. of Little 
Finborough, Suffolk, 1885-96. Rural Dean of Stow, 1870-93. 
M^ned (1) Jan. 2, 1855, Frances Elizabeth, dau. of Robert 
Bevan, Esq., of Rough am Rookery, Suffolk; (2) Dec. 6, 1866, 
Isabella Mary, dau. of John Shepherd, Deputy Master of 
Trinity House. Resided latterly at Great Finborough, where 
he died Nov. 3, 1899. (Crockford; Northants. Clergy; Inns of 
Cuurt (Wilham only); The Times, Nov. 6, 1899.) 

Emmanuel, June 22, 1691. S. of the Rev. Walton (1847), 
of Worheld, West Worthing, Sussex. (B. July 26, 1609. 
School, Cheltenham College.] Matnc. Michs. 1891; B.A. 
M.A. 1599. Ord. deacon (Rochester) 1895; priest, 
1 . , C. of St Paul's, Newington, Surrey, 1095-6. C. of 
St Margaret's, Plumstead, Kent, 1896-8. C. of Rugby, 1S9S- 
1901. Chaplain (Eccles. Est.) at Allahabad, 1901-21; at 
Agra, 1903-7; at Benares, 1907-8; at Mussoorie, 1908-10; 
at i-jcknow, 1917-19; at Meerut, 1919-21. R. of Ockham, 
Surrey, 1921-48-. (Cheltenham Coll. Reg.; Crockford.) 

K1TCH1NGMAN, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Clare. Apr. 2$, 1773. 
B. at Sessay, Yorks. Matric. Michs. 1773; B.A. 1777 , M.A. 
1780. Preb. of York, 1786. R. of N. Witham, Lines., and V. 
of Kirkby-on-the-Moor, Yorks., 1778-. Died in 1829 at 
York. Probably father of the next. (G. Mag., 1829, 1. 571.) 

July 28, 1806. [Probably s. of the above.] B. at Thornbury, 
Yorks. Matric. Michs. 1007; B.A. 1S11; M.A. 1814. Fellow, 
1813. R. of Patrmgton, Yorks., 1836-58. Died in J 
aged 6b. (Clergy List; 1 he Ecclesiastical Gazette, Jan, 12, 

Kitson, Henry Herbert 

KITE, FREDERICK ROBERT. Adm. at Trinity, June 6, 1840. 
S. of Robert, of Camberwell. B. in London. School, King's 
College, London. Matric. Michs. 1S40. Migrated to Peter- 
house, June, 184.1; B.A. 1849; M.A. 1853. Ord. deacon, 185 1 ; 
priest, 1S53. P.C. of St John- the -Evangelist, Kenilwortb, 
1854-64. V. of Holy Trinity, Islington, 1864-5. D * ed 1865. 
(1 . A. Walker, 474; Crockford.) 

KITSON, ALBERT ERNEST. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 18, 
1883. [Eldest] s. of James [post 1st Baron .Airedale], M.P., 
P.C, of Headingley, Leeds [by his 1st wife, Emily Christiana, 
dau. of Joseph Clin*, of Wortley, Yorks.]. B. Oct. 7, 1863, at 
Leeds. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1883; B.A. i860. 
Iron and steel manufacturer. Director of the Midland Bank, 
Ltd. bucceeded his father as 2nd Baron Airedale, 1911. Of 
Gledhow Hall, Yorks. Died Mar. 11, 1944, at Stansted, 
Essex. Brother ot Edward C. (1892). (Rugby Sch. Reg., 
Burke, P. and B. (sub Airedale); Fox -Da vies, Armorial 
Families; Who's Who; The limes, Mar. 13, 1944.) 

KITSON, ARTHUR JOHN. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 1895. S. 
of J. L., solicitor, of [Eastcot], Beaminster, Dorset. B. there 
[Dec. 10, 1676]. School, Haileybury. Matnc. Michs. 1895, 
B.A. 189S; M.A. 1902. Ord. deacon (Salisbury) 1900; pnest, 
1901; C. of Westbury, Wilts., 1900-3. Chaplain at Bishop's 
Hostel, Lincoln, 1903-9. C. of Cirencester with Watermoor, 
Gloucs., 1909-19. V. of Tythenngton, 1919-48-. Hon. 
Canon of Gloucester. (Haileybury Coll. Reg.; Crockford.) 

KITSON, CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, May 9, 1839. 
Of Yorkshire. Matric. Michs. 1839. 

KITSON, CHARLES HERBERT. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., 
Oct. 1, 1S93. S. of James. [B. Nov. 13, 1874, at Leybum, 
Yorks. School, Kipon.] Matric. Michs. 1693; Organ Scholar; 
B.A. 1896; M.A. 1904. Mus.Doc, Oxford, 1902. Hon. 
F.R.C.O.; F.K.C.M. Organist of St John-the-Baptist, 
Leicester, in 1900. Professor of Music at Umversity College, 
Dublin (afterwards the National University), 1915-20, and 
Organist of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, 1913-20. 
Senior Theory Professor, Royal Irish Academy oi Music, 
1918-20. Professor of Music in the University of Dublin, 
1920-35. Returned to England and taught at the Royal 
College of Music, until his retirement owing to ill-health. 
Author of many books of musical theory, including The 
Elements of Musical < (imposition. Died May 13, 1944, at 
76, lvema Court, Kensington. (Encyclopedia of Music and 
Musicians; Who's Who, 1 he limes, May 16, 1944.) 

KITSON, EDWARD BREDIN BLAKE. Adm. pens, at Christ's, 
June 18, 1660. S. of the Rev. Edward [Balhol College, 
Oxford, 1818], Chaplain of the Royal Hospital, Greenwich 
[and Anne Jane]. School, Merchant Taylors'. Matnc. Michs. 
i860; Scholar, i860; Bell Scholar, 1801; B.A. 1S64; M.A. 
1867. Ord. deacon (York, for Peterb.) 1866; priest, 1867; 
C. of Denford, Northants., 1866-8. Chaplain to the Forces, 
1868-93; a * Woolwich, 1S68-72; at Halifax, Nova Scotia, 
1872-7; at Gosport, 1876-9; at Woolwich, 1879-S7; at 
Shorachffe, 1887-8 and 1892-3; at Aldershot, 18*8-92. V. of 
Northaw, Herts., 1S93-1914. Rural Dean of Barnet, 1909-14. 
Resided latterly at Putney, where he died May 31, 1916. 
(Merchant Taylors' Sch. Reg.; Crockford; Army Lists; 1 he 
r»m«,June 3 , 1918.) 

KITSON, EDWARD CHRISTIAN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 18, 1892. [3rd] s. of Sir James, Bart. [M.P.], of Gledhow 
Hall, Leeds [and Emily Christiana, dau. of Joseph Cliff, of 
Wortley]. B. Sept. 30, 1673, at Leeds. School, Harrow. 
Maine. Michs. 1092, B.A. 1895; M.A. 1902. Engineer. 
Entered the locomotive works founded by his grandfather, 
and later Secretary to Messrs Kitson and Co., Ltd.; finally 
Chairman of the Company. Died Jan. 15, 1922, at Leeds. 
Brother of Albert L. (16*3). [Harrow sch. Reg.; Burke, 
P. and B. (sub Airedale); 1 he Times, Jan. 17, 1922.) 

KITSON, FRANCIS REGINALD. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi, Oct. 1, 1887. Of Yorkshire. [S. of James, of Elmet 
Hall, Leeds.] B. Nov. 8, 1868, at Roundhay. School, 
Charterhouse. Matric. Michs, 1887; B.A. 1890; M.A. 1695. 
Died Jan. 27, 1895, at Wellclose Place, Leeds. Brother of 
Sydney D. (1609J. (Charterhouse Sch. Reg.; The Standard, 
Jan. 29, 1895.) 

KITSON, FREDERICK JAMES. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus, 
Apr. 1, 1880. S. oi Frederick William [engineer]. B. at 
Leeds. School, Heath Brow, Hampstead. Matric. Easter, 
1880. Of Quarrydene, Weetwood, Leeds. Died Nov. 19, 
I 935. aged 74. Brother of the next. (The Times, 


[3rd] s. of Frederick William, ■ lurley Hill, 

Leeds. B. Feb. 20, 1870, .it Leeds. School, Cha: 

. B.A. 1891. Ed :.. 
Lodge, Cumberland Road, Leeds, in 1945. Died Nov. 16, 1947. 
Brother of the above. [Charterhouse sch. Reg,) 


Kitson, John Thomas 

KITSON, JOHN THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 24) at Magdalene, 
June 19, 1829. S. of the Rev. Edward Addicot [Oriel College, 
Oxford, 1791], of Mary Church, Devon. Matne. Michs. 1829; 
B.A. 1834. Ord. deacon (Gloucester, L\tt. dim. from Exeter) 
Dec. 2i, 1S33. 

KITSON, ROBERT HAWTHORN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 18, 1892. S. of John Hawthorn, of Elmet Hall, Round- 
hay, Leeds. B. 1873, at Leeds. School, Shrewsbury, Matric. 
Michs. 1892; B.A. 1895; (Nat. Sci. Trip., Pt II, 1st Class, 
1896); Harkness Scholar, 1897; M.A. 1901. Of Elmet Hall, 
Leeds, in 1908; subsequently of Taormina, Sicily, where he 
died Sept. 17, 1947. (Shrewsbury Sch. Reg.) 

KITSON, SYDNEY DECIMUS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 5, 
r889. [Youngest and 10th] s. of James [locomotive engineer], 
of St Rhadegund, Chaucer Road, Cambridge. B. [June 26], 
1871, at Leeds. School, Charterhouse, Godalming. Matric. 
Mrchs. 18S9; B.A. 1892; M.A. 1896. Practised as an architect 
in Leeds. Senior partner in the firm of Kitson. Parish, Led- 
gard and Pyman. F.R.I. B.A. ; F.S.A. An authority on the 
artists of the Norwich School. Served in the Great War, 
1914-19 (Yorkshire, Hussars, 1914; Capt., 1916; Major, 1918; 
P.M., 1915-19; mentioned in Secretary of State's List for 
'valuable services'). Hon. Secretary, Royal Institute of 
British Ai< liit-i is. 11128-34. J-P- J °r Oxfordshire. Author, 
The Life of John Sell < oiman Dud July 1, 1937, at Kid- 
hngton, Oxford. Brother of Francis R. (1887). (Charter- 
house Sch. Reg.; Who's Who in Oxcm.; Who was Who, 
1929-40; The limes, July 3, 1937.) 

Christ's, Jan. 11, 1890. 2nd s. of Frederick Wilson (1842), 
V. of Shrewsbury. B. there Oct. 14, 1871. Schools, Syrvell 
House, Llandudno, and Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1890; 
Scholar. 1890; B.A. 1893; M.A, 1900. Assistant Master at 
Barnard Castle School, 1895-6; at Dulwich College, 1S96- 
1915. Served in the Great War, ^14-19 (Capt., Wor- 
cestershire Regt. ; served in Galhpoh ; and in the evacuation 
of Siivla and Cape Hellas); killed Apr. 5, 1916, at the relief 
of Kut. Brother of the next two. (Peile, II. 756; Christ's 
1 Sotes; I'nv. H'nr Li't; Rugby Sch. Reg.; Schoolmasters' 

Directories; The Times, Apr. 18, 1916.) 

KITTERMASTER, DIGBY BLISS. Adm. at Clare, Jan. 4, 1896. 
[3rd s. of the Rev. Frederick Wilson (1842).] [B. 1877.] 
School, Shrewsbury. Matric. Michs. 1S96; B.A. 1899; M.A. 
1903. Ord. deacon (Durham) 1901; priest, 1902; ~C. of St 
Cuthbert's, Bensbam, Durham, 1901-3. Superintendent, 
Shrewsbury school nnssion in Liverpool and Chaplain to 
reformatory ship Akbar, 1903-10. Archdeacon and R. of 
St John's Pro-Cathedral, Buenos Aires, 1910-11. Assistant 
Master at Harrow, 1913-37. Served in the Great War, 
1914-19 (Chaplain. R.A.C.D.; M.C., 191S; mentioned in 
despatches). Chaplain at H.M. Borstal Inst., Rochester, 
1937-40. Subsequently of Rustington, Sussex. Brother of 
the above and the next. (Shrewsbury Sih. Reg.; Univ. War 
List; Crockford; Schoolmasters' Directories.) 

Kino's, Oct. 10, 1888. [Eldest] s. of the Rev. Frederick 
Wilson (next), V. of Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury. B. May 5, 
1869, at Shrewsbury. School, Shrewsbury. Matric. Michs. 
1888; Browne medal for Greek Ode, 1S90 and 1891; Scholar, 
1891; B.A. (Class. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class) 1891; M.A. 1895. 
Football (assoc.) 'blue,' 1892. Assistant Master at Clifton 
College, 1893-94; at Uppingham School, 1895-1902; at 
Rugby (House Master, 1914-29), 1902-29. Of The Limes, 
Hillmortoii Road, Rugby, in 1945 Brother of the two above. 
(Shrewsbury Sch Reg ; King's Coll. Reg.; booh 0/ Blues; 
Schoolmasters' Directories.) 

at Caius, Feb. 10, 1842. [2nd] s. of Dr James, of Meriden, 
Warws. B. there [1820]. School, Ruabon, Denbighs. Matric. 
Michs. 1842. Migrated to Pembroke College, Oxford, whence 
he matric. Feb 9, 1S43; B.A. (( >xford) 1847; M.A. (Oxford) 
1849. Ord. deacon (Chester) 1848; pnest, 1849; C. of Bangor, 
1848-51. C. of St James's, KatcILSe, London, 1851-3. C. of 
St Paul's, Lisson Grove, 1853-6. C. of St Chad's, Shrews- 
bury, 1856-65. V. of Edgton, Salop, 1865-9. v - of All 
Saints', Coventry, 1809-79. V. of Bayston Hill. Salop, 
1879-1906. Author, / he Moslem and the Hindoo (a poem); 
Warwickshire Arms and Lineages, Shropshire Arms and 
Lineages; Rhvddlan Castle (a prize poem). Disappears from 
Crockford, 1907. Father of the three above. (Venn, 11. 257; 
Al. Oxon.; C. R. Hudleston.) 

KITTLE, RICHARD WALTER. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, 
Oct. 1, 1875. [Only] s. of Richard, Esq [draper], of Colyton, 
E.Devon. B. May 24, 1857. School, Mount Radford. Maine. 
Michs. 1875, B.A. and LL.B. 1S79. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, 

Knapp, Charles Albert 

Nov. 3, 1879. Called to the Bar, June 21, 1S82. Practised 
at the Surrey Sessions, from 1895-1910-. Of 9, Stone 
Buildings, London, W.C., in 1910. Had a most intimate 
knowledge of East London, and of East London schools and 
children, doing excellent work at Tovnbee Hall. Died 
Nov. 28, 1927. (Inns of Court; Law Lists; T. A. Walker, 545; 
Foster, Men at the Bar ; The runes, Dec. 1, 1927.) 

KITTO, JAMES WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Apr. 16, 
r86o. S. of James Kingdom B. 1838. School, Dorset 
(private). Matric. Michs. 1S60; B.A. 1865; M.A. 1869. 

KITTON [post KETTON], JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 20) at St 
John's, Feb. 5, 1835. Of Norfolk. Migrated to Queens', 
Oct. 10, 1835. Matric. Michs. 1S35; B.A. 1840; M.A. 1843. 
Ord. deacon (Chester) Feb. 24, 1S39; priest, July 12, 1S40; 
C. of St Peter's, Preston, Lam s., 1839-41. B.C. of St John's, 
Houghton, Cumberland, 1.. 4 1 - I I 1 lolv Trinitv, Preston, 
1848-50. C. of Bury, 1850. C. of Preston, 1850-1. Head 
Master of the Free Grammar School, Hutton, near Preston, 
1851-73. Changed his name to Ketton, c. 1866. Lie. pr„ dio. 
of Manchester, 1S73-82. Married, 1841, Elizabeth, dau. of 
James Threlfal, of Bankhall, Broughton. Latterly resided at 
Cuerdale Hall, Samlesburv, where he died Feb. 27, 1S82. 
(Crockford; Cleigv List (Ketton); The Guardian, Mar. 1, 
1882; G. Mag., 18.42, 1. 206.) 

KLANERT (or KLANAARTl, CHARLES M. Adm. pens, (age 19) 
at Peterhouse, June 26, 1S27. Of Surrey. S. of — [C. M.], 
Esq., of Richmond, Surrey. Matric. Michs. 1S27, B.A. 1S31 ; 
M.A. 1834. Ord. deacon (Chichester) iSn ; priest, l832;C.of 
Petworth, Sussex, 1831-51. R. of Iping with Chithurst, 
1851-75. Rural Dean, 1861. Author, Sermons; 
A Prayer for Use m Family Worship During the War. Dis- 
appears from Crockford, 1876. (Clergy List; 1 ". A. Walker, 
430; P. E. Towell.) 

KLEIBER, JOSEPH. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 188S. 

KLEIN, ARTHUR. Adm. pens, (age 26) at Pembroke, Oct. 9, 
18S4. S. of William, merchant, of London. B. at Eastwood, 
near Reigate. [School, private.] Matric. Michs. 1SS4; B.A. 

KLEIN [CHRISTIAN] FELIX. Hon. Sc.D. 1897. Professor of 
mathematics in the University of Gottingen. [B. 1849.] One 
of the most distinguished mathematicians of his time. Died 
in 1925. [Camb. Can;'. Reporter, Mar. 16, 1897; Proc. Royal 
Society, A, 121 (1928).) 

KLUGH, GEORGE READER. Adm. sizar at Clare, Mar. 28, 
1S44, Matric. Michs. 1S44; B.A. 184S; M.A. 185T. Of 
Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

KLUGH, HERBERT. Adm. at Clare, 1881. Matric. Michs 
1881 ; B.A. 1884. Professor at the Imperial College of Science 
and Technology, London. Served 111 the Great War, 1914-19 
(Lieut., R.N.V.R.; D.S.C.). Of 22, Elm Park Mansions, 
London, S.W., in 1939. Died Apr. 9, 1945, at Guildford, 
aged 83. (Univ. Wat List, I he limes, Apr. II, 1945.) 

KNAGGS, ROBERT LAWFORD. Adm. at Caius, Oct. I, 1876. 
S. of Samuel, surgeon, of Hudderstield. B. there 1859. 
School, Hudderstieid College. Matric. Michs. 1876; B.A. 
1880; M.A., M.B. and B.C. 1885; M.D., 1889; M.Chir. 1890. 
At Guy's Hospital. L.R.C.P., 1883; F.R.C.S., 1884. Oph- 
thalmic Surgeon, Leeds Public Dispensary, 1890-1902. 
Surgeon, Leeds General Inhrmary, 1902-20. Professor of 
Surgery at Leeds University, 1909-19. Served in the Great 
War, 1914-19 (Major, R.A.M.C; D.M.O., 2nd Northern 
General Hospital; M.C.). Huntenan Professor, Royal College 
of Surgeons, 1923, T924, 1928. Author, medical. Retired 
from practice and resided at Newton Abbot, where he died 
Apr. 10, 1945. (Venn, 11. 421; Univ. War List; Medical 
Directories; 1 he 1 imes, Apr. 19, T945.) 

KNAPMAN, HERBERT. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Oct. 1898. 
[2nd] s. of John Wilham, Esq., of 11, Abersharn Road, 
Dalston, London, N.E. B. Oct. 14, 1879. [School, Rugby.] 
Matric. Michs. 1S9S, Scholar; \znd Wrangler, 1901; Math. 
Trip., Pt II, 1st Class, 1902); B.A. 1901; Smith's prize, 1903; 
M.A. 1905. Fellow, 1903. Assistant lecturer m mathe- 
matics at University College, Reading, T903-6; Tutorial 
Secretary, 1906-27; Registrar, 1927-32. Dud Aug. 16, 1932, 
aged 52. (Rugby Sch. Keg; Scha Imasters' Directories; The 
1 imes, Aug. 18, 1932.) 

KNAPP, CHARLES ALBERT. Adm. sizar at St John's, Oct. 9, 
1893. S. of Lieut. -Col. Charles Barrett, of West Kensington 
[and Sophia Macdounei;]. B. [Nov. 11, 1873], at Cork. 
School, King's, Canterbury. Matric. Michs. 1S93. 2nd Lieut., 
R. Munster Fusiliers, 1S96; Lieut., 1S98; Capt., 1902. 
Served in S. Africa, 1899-1902. Retired, July 23, 1914. 
Living at Bournemouth in 1916. (0. G. Knapp; Army Lists.) 


Knapp, Francis Hartopp 

KNAPP, FRANCIS HARTOPP. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
June 26, 1857. [Only s. of the Rev. Samuel Hartopp (1844), 
R. of Letchworth. Herts. School, Eton.] Matric. Miens. 
1S57; B.A. 1863. C. of Christchurch, Ware, Herts., 1863-4. 
C. of Patrixbourne, Kent, 1S64-6. Died unmarn*! 
1879; buried at Gt Comard, Suffolk; M.I. in churchyard. 
[Eton Sch. Lists; O. G. Knapp.) 

KNAPP, HENRY HARTOPP. Adm. at Kino's, a scholar from 
Eton, Dec. 14, 1S01. S. of the Rev. Henrv Ryder (next), 
R. of Woodford, Northants. Bapt. Aug. 24, 1782, at St 
Michael's, Stamford, Lines. Matric. Michs. 1801; Brown 
medal (Latin Ode), 1S03; B.A. 1S06; M.A. 1S09. Fellow, 
1804-21. Ord. deacon (Ely) iSog; priest, 1820. Assistant 
Master at Eton, 1S0S-30; Lower Master, 1S30-4 \\ I 
Gladstone and A. H. Hallam were amongst his pupils. R. of 
Ampthill, Beds., 1820-46. Lived some time in the island of 
Elba. Author, Hdvdiorum Lucius et Ouerimoma (Latin 
prize poem); Tempora Subseciva, Verses Serious and 
Died unmarried Dec. iS, 1846, "f malaria, at Rome, aged 64. 
Brother of Samuel H. (rS44). [Eton Sch. Lists; Clergy List; 
Foster, Index Eccles.; 0. G. Knapp.) 

KNAPP (or KNAP), HENRY RYDER. Adm. (age 17) at King's, 
a scholar from Eton, Feb. 15, 1774. [Only s. of the Rev. 
Henri- (1748), of Stoke Albany, Northants.] B. at Tiverton, 
Devon. [Bapt. Tan. 5, 1756.] Matric. Lent, 1774; B.A. r778; 
M.A. 1-S1. Fellow, 1 777-«r. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) S. r t 28, 
1777- R. of Cold Overton, Leics., 1 7S2-S. V. of Little Dalby, 
1783-S. R. of Stoke Albany, Northants., T788-98. R. of 
Woodford, !798-r8r7. V. of Raunds, 1800-17. For some 
years tutor to the Duke of Portland. Married, Sept 
Elizabeth, dau. of Edward William Hartopp, Esq., of Dalby 
Parva, Leics. Author, Poems; Essays; Peeping Tom (a poem, 
in The Leicester Herald). Died Mar. 2, 1817. Father of the 
above and of Samuel H. (1844). [Eton Coll. Reg.; Northants. 
Clergy; O. G. Knapp; Cant. Act Bk.; Hist, of Family of 
Knapp; G. Mag., r8l7, I. 378.) 

KNAPP, JOHN. Matric. Non-Coil. Easter, 18S5. 

KNAPP, JOHN HARVEY. Adm. sizar at St John's, May 31, 
1^44. S. of Kempster, R.N. Ship Master, of Portsea, Hants, 
[and Eliza]. B. at Portsea. Bapt. Aug. 21, 1823. Matric. 
Michs. 1S44; B.A. 184S; M.A. 1852. Ord. deacon (Ripon) 
1S49; priest, 1850; C. of Annley, Leeds, 1849-51. C. of Kirk 
Deighton, 1S51-3. Chaplain and Naval Instructor, 18S4; 
served in the Baltic, 1S54-6; H.M.S. Britannia; H.M.S. 
Kile; H.M.S. Tartar (N. America and W. Indies) 1856-9; 
H.M.S. London (Mediterranean) 1S60-1; H.M.S. 
(Channel Suqadron) lS6r-3, and Mediterranean, 1863-5; 
H.M S. Vincent, 1S65-6; H.M.S. Britannia, 1866-78; retired, 
1883. Married, rS6i, Marianna, dau. of the Hon. Nicholas 
Stabb, of St John's, Newfoundland. Died 1886. Father of 
Kempster K. (r885). Brother of Kempster M. (1840). 
[Crockford; Clergy List; O. G. Knapp.) 

KNAPP, JOHN OLIPH CHARLES. Adm. pens, (age 20) at 
Christ's, Oct. 11, 1869; from Wadham College, Oxford, 
whence he had matric. Oct. ri, 1867. [3rd] s. of Matthew 
[University College, Oxford, 1S16], of Little Linford House, 
Newport Pagnell, Bucks. B. there Nov. 3t, 184S. School, 
Han-ow. Matric. Michs. r869; B.A. 1874. Ord. deacon 
(Winchester) 1875; priest, 1876; C. of Kingsclere, Hants., 
r875-7. R. of Shenley, Bucks., rS78-8o; resigned. Died 
Nov. 10, 1S96, at Hayling. [Harrow Sch. Reg.; Peile, II. 612; 
Al. Oxon.; Crockford; O. G. Knapp; pedigree in Misc. Gen. 
et Her., N.S., III. 264.) 

KNAPP, JOSEPH GREENWAYE. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi, July 5, 1843. [Eldest s. of Joseph, of Northwick- 
in-Claines, Worcs., and of Lowesmoor Castle, Worcester. 
B. June 1, 1823.] Matric. Michs. 1843; B.A. 1847. Ord. 
deacon (Worcester) 1848; priest, 1849; C. of Doddenham and 
Knightwick, Worcs., 1 848-5 r. C. of Bengeworth, 1850. 
C.-in-charge of Church- and Cow-Honeybourne, 1853-69. 
V. of Cow-Honeybourne, 1869-74. V. of Great and Little 
Hampton, 1874-1901. Married, 185S, Chrysogon Maria, dau. 
of Thomas Beale Cooper, M.D., of the Mansion House, 
Bengeworth. Died Mar. 15, 1902. Buried at Hampton. 
[Crockford; O. G. Knapp.) 

KNAPP, KEMPSTER KENMURE. Adm. sizar at St Catha- 
rine's, Jan. 7, 1885. [Eldest s. of the Rev. John Harvev 
(1844), Chaplain and Instructor, R.N. B. Jan. 16, 1866, at 
Southsea. School, Newton College, Devon.] Matric. Lent, 
1885. Lieut., R.A., 1886; in the Manipur Expedition, 1891; 
in Burma, 1891-2; Lushai, 1892; Waziristan, 1S94; Capt, 
1897; Brigade-Major, 1900; Major, 1904; Mohmand and 
Tirah campaign, 1904-5. In the Great War. 19x4-19. (Lieut. - 
Col., 1 ,. , 1 ,1'.; C.B.; CM I : 

Brevet-Col., 1918; Col., 1919; m< ntioned seven times in 
despatches; Order of St Stanislas, 3rd class; American 
I) -Mi Retired, 1923. Of Brooke Lodge, Weedon, North- 
ants., in 1945. [Army Lists; O.G. Knapp; Kelly, Handbook.) 

Kneale, Thomas Redfern 

KNAPP, KEMPSTER MALCOLM. Adm. pens, at Sidney, 
[line 29, 1S40. [Eldest s. of Kempst'T, mastii mariner. B. 
Feb. I, 1821, at Portsmouth. School, Christ's Hospital 
]>i Greenwood).] Matric. Michs. 1840; B.A. 1854; M.A. 
Instructor, R.N.; in the Britannia, which was set apart 
for cadets largely owing to his representations to the Ad- 
iralty. Married (1) 1S41, Cherie Agnes, dau. of Lieut. 
Merrion Moriarty, R.N., M.P. for Sydney, N.S.W.; (2) Agnes, 
dau. of Francis Dolman. Died 1875, at Dartmouth; the east 
window in St Baniabas's Church was erected to his memory. 
Brother of John H. (1844). (O. G. Knapp.) 

KNAPP, SAMUEL HARTOPP. M.A. rS44, incorp. from Oxford. 
S. of the Rev. Henry Ryder (1774), of Stoke Albany, 
Northants. [B. Aug. I, r795.) School, Eton. Matric. from 
Merton College, Oxford, Oct. 23, 1S13, age 18; Postmaster, 
1S14-1S; B.A. (Oxford) 1820; M.A. (Oxford) 1827. R. of 
Letchworth, Herts., 1831-58. Died lune 21, 1858. Brother 
of Henrv- H. (1S01); father of Francis H. (1857). [Eton Sch. 
Lists; Clergy Lists; Al. Oxon.; G. Mag., 1858, II. 199.) 

KNAPTON, ARTHUR JOHN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 13, 
lS8r. S. of John, of Rawmarsh Hall, Yorks. B. there Apr. 2, 
1862. School, The Old Hall, Wellington, Salop (private). 
Matric. Michs. i88i;B.A. 18S4; M.A. 1888. Univ. of London, 
B.A. 1896; B.D. 1919. For some years an assistant school- 
master. Ord. deacon (Newcastle) 1898; priest, 1899; C. of 
Corbridge-on-Tyne, Northumb., 1898-1900. C. of Mui b 
Wenlock, Salop, 1901-7. V. of Clee St Margaret with Abdon, 
1907-32. C. of Stoke St Milburgh with Heath, 1922-32. 
Died in May, 1934, at Leamington. [Crockford; I he Times, 
May 1.'., 1934.) 

KNAPTON, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Queens', Nov. 2, 1833. 
[2nd s. of Robert, gent., of Coram Street, Brunswick Square, 
London.] Matric. Lent, r834; B.A. 1838. Adm. at Lincoln's 
Inn, Jan. 7, 1833. [Inns of Court.) 

KNAPTON, HENRY PEARCE. Adm. pens, at Queens', Oct. ir, 
1854. [School, Islington proprietary.] Matric. Michs. 1854; 
Scholar; (3914 Wrangler, 1858); B.A. r86o; M.A. 1878. Ord. 
deacon (London) r859; priest, i860; C. of St Michael's, 
Strand, London, 1859-61. Head Master of theCollege, Weston- 
super-Mare, 1S65-9. V. of Catcott, Somerset, 1869-77. 
C. of Angersleigh, 1879-82. Head Master of Taunton Col- 
legiate School, 1877-85. C. of Cm-land, 1881-5. V- of 
Spreyton, Devon, 1S85-1911, and R. of Hittisleigh, r892- 
1911. Disappears from Crockford, 1912. 

KNATCHBULL, WADHAM. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Magda- 
lene, Mar. 22, 1S50. S. of the Rev. W'adham [of Christ 
Church, Oxford, 1S1 5], of Coklcrton Lodge, near Marlborough. 
School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1S50; B.A. 1S55; M.A. 1863. 
Engaged in farming. Of Harepath, Colyford, Axminster. 
J. P. for Essex and Cornwall. Died Apr. 18, 1914. [Harrow 
Sch. Reg.) 

King's, a scholar from Eton, Oct. 11, 1S83. 2nd s. of Edward 

lii [i, I ' in '1 i '• t >l .1 11 [1, [■;. N\ ,v. j-. iSo ■, <t i ' >*-. 'i' I' 

Square, London. Matric. Michs. 18S3; Scholar, 1885; Pitt 
Scholar, 1886; B.A. (Class. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class) 1886. 
Cricket 'blue,' 1886; also played for Kent. Assistant Mastei 
1 1 1 n, 1887. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 18, 1885; called 
to the Bar, Jan. 27, 1S90. On the South-Eastern Circuit. 
Succeeded as 4th Lord Braboume, 1915, and as 13th Bart., 
1917. Assumed by deed poll, 1919, the surname of Knatch- 
bull only. An accomplished classical and English scholar, 
and a remarkable linguist. Closely associated for many years 
with the Consolidated Gold Fields of S. Africa, Ltd., the 
corporation originally formed by Cecil Rhodes. Married, 
Nov. 8, 1893, H. R. Frederica, dau. of Hermann vol 
Brunningen, Imperial Councillor of Vienna. Author, 1 he 
Political Evolution of the Hungarian Nation. Of Mersham-le- 
Hatch, Ashford, Kent. Died at sea, on board the ' 
I tstle, Feb. 15, 1933. [Eton Sch. Lists; Bull e, P 
Inns of Court; Law Lists; Fox-Davies, Armorial Families] 
t he Times, Feb. 16, 1933.) 

Aug. 6, X878. S. of Thomas, Esq. [of Parliami 
Ramsey and Andreas, Isle of Man el 

King William's College.] Matric. \ln 1 1 . u.'hwiht 

B.A. 1882; M.A. 1885. Ord. deacon (Sodor and Man) 1884; 
priest, r887. Head Mastei oi Ram u v 1 . 
of Man, 1884-8. P.C. of St [ude's, Kirk indr 1 I ol 

Man, 1S88-93. V. of Kirk 1 huri Q, ] R 0] 

Ballaugh, 1897 1934. Rural Dean of Peel, igog ,1 Sub- 
sequently resided it Yn 1 1 
Died July 29, 1935. [King William Coll. Reg.; < 

Emmanuel Coll. Mag. obits., 1935.) 

Knevett, Henry 

KNEVETT, HENRY. Adm. pens. (age 17) at Caius, July 2, 1759. 
S. of John, crazier, of Gasthorpe, Norfolk. B. there Mar. 
1741 2. Schools, Wyverstone (Mr Steggall) and Bury. 
Matric. Lent, 1760; Scholar. 1759-63; B.A. 1 763. Ord. deacon 
(Norwich) Sept. 23, 17'. 1; pri< -t, Aug. 14, 1774; C. of Wing- 
field, Suffolk, 1761. C. of Tivetsh.all, Norfolk, 1774. V. of 
Stradbroke, Suffolk, 1782-1822. Died Dec. jo, 1822. [Venn, 
II. ?(■■) 

KNEVETT, HENRY. Adm. sizar at St John's, May 25, 1846, 
S. of the Rev. John [doubtless P.C. of Needham, Norfolk], 
of Eve, Suffolk [and Man.-]. B. at Eye. Bapt. Jan. 23, 1S26. 
Matric. Michs. 1846. Died June 6, 1847, in College, aged 21. 
M.f. at Syleham, Suffolk. 

KNIGHT, ALFRED THOMAS. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Tune 19, 1879; re-adm. sizar, Oct. 8, 1879. S. of the Rev. 
Thomas(i83g) [and ["heodora Isabella Watt]. B. at Southsea, 
Hants. Bapt. Julv 27, 1859. School, Malvern College 
(1S75-6), and at Kind's College, London (A. Barry, D.D.). 
Matric. Michs. 1R79; B.A. 1883, Brother of John S. (1872). 
(Malvern Coll. Reg.) 

KNIGHT, ARTHUR CECIL. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 1894. 
4th s. of Henry John, surgeon, of Brooklands, Rotherham. 

B. there June" 7, 1876. School, Epsom College. Matric. 
Michs. 1894; B.A. 1897; M.A. 1901. Assistant Master at 
Epsom College, 1897-1905. Ord. deacon (Winchester) 1903; 
priest (Southampton, for Winchester) 1904; Assistant 
Chaplain at Epsom College, 1003-3. C. of Wolverley, Worcs., 
r9o6-8. Head Master of King Edward VI School, Stratford- 
on-Avon, 1914-45. Died at Auckland, New Zealand, May 
26, 1948. [Schoolmasters' Directories; Crockford', The limes. 
May ji, 1948.) 

KNIGHT, ARTHUR MESAC. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Pembroke. 
Oi t. 1, 1883. S. of the Rev. John Lister (1853), V. of Burn- 
ham Thorpe, Norfolk. B. [July 9, 1864], at Daisy Bank, 
N.S. Wales. Schools, Mer- Tavlors', Islington pro- 
prietarv and Rossall. Matric. Michs. 1883; Bell Scholar, 
1885; B.A. 1886; (Class. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class, 1886; Theol. 
Trip., Pt II, ist Class. 1SS8); Carus prize, 188S; M.A. 1891; 
D D 1903. Fellow of Cains. 1891-1903; Dean, 1891. Ord. 
de.icn (Adelaide, for Durham) iSSX; priest (Newcastle h>r 
I 1890; C. of St Andrew's, Auckland, Durham, 18.8S- 
'ii Vice-Principal of Cambridge Clergy Training School, 
1892-4. Ramsden Preacher, 1906. Bishop of Rangoon, 
1903-9. Warden of St Augustine's, Canterbury, 1909-28. 
Hon. Canon of Canterbury, 1910. R. of Lyminge with 
Paddlesworth. Kent, 1928- 33. Assistant Bishop, dio. oi 
Canterbury. 1928-10. Died (let. 4, 1939, at Canterbury; 
buried there. Brother ..f George H. (18R3) and Henrv I. 1 
(1878). (Rossall Sch. Reg.; Merchant Taylors Sell. Reg ; 
Pembroke Coll. Reg.; Venn, 11. 323; Who arts 117:0, 1929-40; 
The Times, Oct. 6, 1939.) 

Emmanuel, Feb, 10, 1892. [Elder] s. of Davenport, Esq., of 
Bembridge, Isle of Wight. [P.. 1874. School, Tonbridge.] 
Matric. Michs. 1892: B.A. 1896; M.A. 1899. At St Bar- 
tholomew's Hospital. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1903. Clinical 
A.-istant, Metropolitan Hospital for diseases of ear, throat 
and nose; Clinical Assistant, Grosvenor Hospital for women 
and children. In practii e at 1,1 in >sveni r Mansions, Victoria 
Street, London, S.W., 111 1910, and of 61, Elizabeth Street. 
London, vU , 1930-44 . (Tonbridge Sch. Reg.; Medical 
Directoi ies.) 

KNIGHT. CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Caius, June 26, 1S33 S. 
of John, Esq., of Henley Hall, Ludlow. B. 1836, in Belgium. 
Schools, in France and at Richmond, Yorks. Matric. Michs. 
183s; B.A. 1859; M.A. 1S63. Ord. deacon (York, for Ripon) 
1 16o; priest (Kipun) 1862; C. of Denton, Yorks., 1860-1. 

C. of Boston Spa, 1862-3. Chaplain at Honflcur, 1866-9. 
C. of Lilleshall, Salop, 1869-70, Lie. pr., dio. of Canterbury, 
1898-1915. Subsequently resided at 52, London Road, 
Canterbury. Died Jan. 25, 1923. (Venn, n 326; Crockford.) 

KNIGHT, CHARLES ALLANSON. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Sept. 24, 1834. Matric. Michs. 1834. 

KNIGHT, CHARLES BRIDGES. Adm. pens, (age iS) at Trinity, 
July 4, 1821. [5th] s. of Edward [Austen, who had taken the 
name of Knight, 1812]. B. at Godmersham, Kent. School, 
Winchester. Matric. Michs. 1S21; B.A. 182s; M.A. 1828. 
Ord. deacon (Winchester) 1827; priest (London, Litt. dim. 
from Canterbury) Dec. 26, 1829; C, .>f Swingfield, Kent, 1829- 
37. R. of Chawton, Hants., 1837-68. Rural Dean of Mi on, 
Disappears from Crockford, 1870. (Burke, L.O.; Cant Act 
Bk.; Clergy List.) 

KNIGHT, CHARLES EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall, 
Apr. 1866. [8th] s. of Edward. Esq., of Godmersham, Kent 
[and Chawton House, Hants.] [bv his 2nd wife, Adela, dau. 
of John Portal, of Freefolk l'riors. Hants,]. [I'., let, 13, 
1S46.] School, Eton. Matric. Lent, 1867. Ord, .lee on 

Knight, George Herbert 

(Lichfield) 1S74; priest, 1875; C. of Yoxall, Staffs., 1874-fi. 
R. of Chawton. Hants., 1876-1912. Died Apr. 27, 1912. 
A great-nephew of Tane Austen. Half-brother of Philip IT 
(1853). (Eton Sch. /ails; Scott, M.S.S.; Fox-Davies, Armorial 
Families; Burke, /. G.; Cro kford; The Times, Apr. 30, 191 2.) 

KNIGHT, CHARLES FREDERICK. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
May 23. 1875. [Youngest] s. of Thomas John (1824), Q.C., 
of 30, Longridge Road, Earl's Court, London. B. June 21. 
1856, at Hobart Town, Tasmania. Schools, Repton [186S- 
71], and King's College. I.. .ndon. Matnc. Michs. 1875; B.A. 
1879; M.A. 1882. Ord. deacon (Sodor and Man) 1879; pie t, 
1881; C. of Kirk Michael, Isle of Man, 1879-81. C. of 
St Thomas's, Douglas. Isle of Man, 1881-3. C. of Sheffield, 
1883-S. V. e.f St Simon's. Sheffield, iSS8-s)6. V. of All 
Saints', Sheffield, 1896-1911. R. of Frinton, Essex, 1911-19. 
Died Ian. 31. 1919. Brother of William (1864). (Repton Sch 
JtVE.fScott, MS f.; Crockford; 1 he Times, Feb. 3, 1919.) 

KNIGHT, COLDHAM CRUMP. Adm. pens, at Corpus Ciiristi, 
June 15, 1873. [Youngest s. of John, of Weybourne House. 
Famh.i'm, Hants,, banker.] B. Star. 20, 18S3. at Farnliam. 
School, private. Matnc. Lent, 1873; B.A. 1878; M.A. [881 
Adm. at the Inner Temple, Nov. 19, 1877; re-adm. Nov. is, 
1880. Called to the Bar, Jan. 26, 1883. Of Monk's Hill, 
Farnham, Surrey, in 1920. (Inns of Court; Law Lists; 
Foster, Men at the Bar.) 

KNIGHT, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Aug. 30, 1802. 
Matric. Easter, 1806; M.B. 1808. Physician to the Stafford 
General Infirmary, to the County lunatic asylum, and to the 
County prison; also Physician to His Majesty's forces. J. P. 
and D.L. for Staffs. (Medical Directory, 1S60; Scott, MSS 1 

KNIGHT, EDWARD FREDERICK. Adm. (age 21) at Caius, 
Oct. 1, 1S73. S. of Edward [of Brighton and] of Honfleur, 
France. B. Apr. 23, 1852, in Hammersmith. School, West- 
minster. Matric. Michs. 1873; B.A. 1877. Adm. at Lincoln's 
Inn, Jan. 24, 1S76. Called to the Bar, May 7, 1879- Served 
with the French in the Franco-Prussian War and with the 
Albanians against the Turks. Journalist, on the staff of the 
Morning Post; travelled in S America, Turkey, S. Africa, 
and Central Asia. J he 1 imes correspondent in Hunza-Nagar 
campaign, 1891; in Matabeleland, 1893-5; in Madagascar. 
1895; the Sudan campaign, 1896; Greece, 1897; Sudan, 
1897-8; Cuba, 169S; Spain, 1899. Morning Pat ware- 
spondent during S. African War, 1899-1900 (severely 
wounded and lost his right arm). With the Ophir tour round 
the world, 1901-2; in the Russo-Japanese War, 1904; 
Turkey, 1908; and with the Harwich Naval Forces in the 
Great War, 1914-19. A well-known yachtsman. Author, 
Reminiscences; The Wanderings of a Yachtsman and a War 
Correspondent; The Cringe of the Falcon; Where Three 
Empires Meet. Died July 3, 1925, at Putney. (Record of 
Old Westminsters; Venn, II. 410; Foster. Men at the Bar; 
Inns of Court; Law Lists; Who was Who, 1916-28.) 

KNIGHT, EDWARD LEWIS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Apr. 26, 
is;-. Matric. Michs. 1837; B.A. 1842. 

KNIGHT, FRANCIS HOWARD. Adm. pens, at Queen-', Mil lis 
1900. S. of Howard F(orrester, of Purley]. B. Aug. 10, 1881, 
at last Dulwirh. School, Bootham, York [also at the 
Yorkshire College, Leeds]. Matric. Michs. 1900; Scholar, 
1902; B.A. 1903; M.A. 1907. Assistant Master at Bootham 

School, York, 1907. Head Master of Stramongate S.I I, 

Kendal, 1916-28. Secretary of the Friends' Central Educa- Committee, 192S-33. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 
(Lieut.. The Queen's (RAW Surrey Regt.)). Of 17, Ox Lata . 
Harpenden, Herts,, 1933-. (Sch:uilmasters' Directories; Univ. 
War List.) 

KNIGHT, FREDERICK WINN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Mar 23, 
1831, [Elders, of 't W.alverley Hons , I, 
B. May, 1812, at Lea Castle, Kidderminster. School, 
Charterhouse.] Lieut., Worcestershire Cavalry, 1849; Lieut. - 
Col., 1866-78. M.P. for West Worcs.. 1841-85. Parlia- 
mentary Secretary to the Poor Law Board, Feb.-Dec. 1832 
and Mar. -June. 1830. Trustee of British Museum. C.U., 
iSSf K C B , 1886. II'. and D.L. for Worcs. Author, The 
Parochial System ;;r.u; I entiahsation. Died M.iv -,. ih.,7, 
at Bath. (List of Carthusians; Boose, v. 831; Return of 
Members of Parliament.) 


KNIGHT, GEORGE HERBERT. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., 
Oct. 10, 1885. [Youngest s. of the Rev. John Lister (1853), 
R. of Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk. B. June 17. 1866.] Matrii 
Michs. iees. B.A. i.sS.S; M.A. 1892. Ord. deacon, 1890. 
Assistant Master at Newton College, S. Devon; at Bronis 
grove School, 1891-2. Died Nov. 26, 1892, al Worcester, 
from an injure r. . • iced at football tliepreviousdav. Brother 
of Arthur M.'(i8R3> and Henry J. C. (1S78). (Rossall Sch. 
Reg, which gives 'died Nov. 27'; Bromsgrove Reg.; I he 
Guardian, Dei 7, [892.) 

Knight. George William 


KNIGHT, HENRY CHARLES. Adm. Fell. -Com. at Queens', 
Apr. 2, 1S35. Of Middlesex. [Illegitimate s. of Robert, Lord 
Catherlough, and Frances, dau. of Charles, Lord Dormer.] 
Matric. Michs. 1835; M.A. 183S. Ord. deacon (Chichester) 
1S38; priest (Lincoln) iSw. Of Bognor, Sussex, 1851-60. 
Inherited his father's Warwickshire estates in 1855, and sold 
them in 1S56. Of Yr AUt Goch, Beaumaris, Isle of Anglesey, 
1861-70; of Malvern Wells, 1S72-86. J. P. Died Dec. I, 
18S7, at his residence at W'elland, Northants., aged 74. 
(Clergy List; Crockford; The Guardian, Dec. 7, 1887.) 

KNIGHT, HENRY ERNEST. Adm. sizar at St John's, Oct. 14. 
1890. S. of James Henrv, solicitor, deceased [and Harriet 
Hester Slade]. B. Nov. 12, 1S70, at Hereford. School, Here- 
ford Cathedral (Mr F. H. Tatham). Matric. Michs. 1890; 
B. A. 1894 ; M.A. 1898, Ord. deacon (Worcester, for Hereford) 
1S96; priest, 1896; C. of St Leonard's, Bridgnorth, 1896-T905. 
R. of Thruxton with Kingstone, Heref., 1905-16. V. of 
Holmer, I9r6-2r. Rural Dean of Hereford, 1920. Died 
May 17, 1921. (Scott, MSS.; Crockford.) 


KNIGHT, HENRY HERBERT. Adm. at Clare, Apr 

S. of the Rev. Henrv John (next). Matric. Michs. pm; 
Scholar; B.A. (7th Wrangler) 1884; (Math. Trip., Pt III. 
rst Class. 1885); M.A. r8SS. Fellow, 1886. Assistant Master 
at Llandovery College, ^87-1907. Of The Lodge, All Sunt-' 
Villas, Cheltenham, in 1940. Died Jan. 4, 1944, at Chel- 
tenham, aged Si. Brother of John T. (1SS0). {Rossall 
Reg.; Schoolmasters' Directories; The Times, Jan. 7, 1944.) 

KNIGHT, HENRY JOHN. Adm. pens, at Queens', July 4, 1S46. 
[S. of the Rev. J. B. Dec. 20, 1S27. School, King William's 
College.] Matric. Michs. 1846; B.A. 1S50. R. of Abbcrton 
and of Flyford Flavel, Worcs., 1S62-96. Resided latterly at 
Cheltenham. Died 1900. Father of John T. (1S80) and the 
above. (King William's Coll. Reg.; Crockford.) 


Catharine's, July 10, 187S. S. of the Rev. John Lister 
(1S53). B. at Rupnapur, Kishnapur, East India. [School, 
Islington proprietary.] Matric. Michs. 187S; (Class. Trip.. 
1st Class, 1882; Theol. Trip., 1st Class, 1884); B ' 
M.A. 18S5; Evans prize, 1884; Scholefield prize, 1SS4; B.D. 
1906; D.D. 1907. Fellow of Corpus Christi, 1901. Assistant 
Master at Dover College, 1884. Classical and theological 
Lecturer of Selwyn College, 1S84-95; tutor, 18S5-95. Ord. 
deacon (Ely) 1SS5; priest, 1886; R. of Mamhull, Dorset, 
1895-1901. Principal of Clergy Training School, Cambridge, 
1901-11. Hulsean Lecturer, 1905. Dean of St Paul's, 
Valletta, Malta, 1911. Bishop of Gibraltar, 1911-20. Sub- 
sequently of 23, Old Park Road, Hitchin, where he died 
Nov. 27,' 1920. Author, theological. Brother of Arthur M. 
(1883) and George H. (1885). (Dover Coll. Reg.; W. H. S. 
Jones, Hist, of St Catharine's College; Whouas Who, 1916-2S.) 

KNIGHT, HENRY WYNYARD. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Oct. 3, 1S84. S. of the Rev. Edmund Hinds [St Aidan's, 
1857] [and Caroline Anne Haynes]. B. Dec. 13, 1863, at 
Laceby rectory, Lines. Schools, Louth Grammar (Mr W. 
Hopwood) and The Grange, Thorpe Arch (Mr R. Hiley). 
Matric. Michs. 1S84; B.A. 1887; M.A. 1893. Ord. deacon 
(Manchester) 18S7; priest, 1888; C. of St Andrew's, Ancoats, 
Manchester, 1887-9. R. of Laceby, Lines., 1889-43. V. of 
Riby, 1900-4. Railway Missionary, dio. of Qu'Appelle, 1912- 
13. T.C.F., 1916-17. Canon and Preb. in Lincoln Cathedral, 
1927. R. of Irby-on-Humber, 1934-43. Died in Dec. 1943, 
as the result of falling from an apple tree in the preceding 
autumn. (P. B. G. Binnall; Crockford.) 

KNIGHT, HUBERT. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Oct. I, 1889. 
S. of William Henry. B. Dec. 28, 1867, at Twickenham. 
School, King's College, London. Matric. Michs. 1889; B.A. 
1892; M.A. 1896. Ord. deacon (London) 1894; priest, 1896; 
C. of Christ Church, St Marylebone, London, 1894 \ 

Patrixbourne with Bridge, Kent, 1897-1940. Subsequently 

rthwood, Middlesex. Died in 1941. [Q 
Supp., 1942-4; Peile, II. 753.) 

KNIGHT, JAMES. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's. May 20, 
1842. S. of the Rev. James [Lincoln College, Oxford, 181 1], 
P.C. of St Paul's, Sheffield. B. there. Matric. Michs. 1S4:; 
B.A. 1846; M.A. 1856. Ord. deacon (Carlisle) 1847; priest, 
1848; C. of St Paul's, Sheffield, 1851-5. C. of Headingley, 
Yorks., 1855-7. C. of Pulborough, Sussex, 1857-66. C. of 
.■.i'h, 1866 7- V. nf Wressell, Yorks., 1867-75. V. of 
North Chapel, Sussex, 1875-97. Died Mar. 14, 1897, at 
North Chapel, aged 72. 'ockford; The Times, 

Mar. 17, 1897.) 

KNIGHT, JAMES WEST. Matric. Non-Coil. Easter, 1879. 

Knight, Percival Young 

KNIGHT, JAMES WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at St John's. July 8, 
1846. S. of James [and Marv Ann]. B. Feb. 10, 
Stourport, Worcs. Re-adm. Apr. 18, 1873; a 'Ten-year man' 
Matric. Easter, 1S73. C. of Stoke, near Coventry, 1847 ■ 
C. of Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Warws., 1852-6. P.C. of Baj 
terley Hall, 1857-8. Head Master of Lichfield I 
School, 1S59-66. V. of Skendleby, Lines., 1867-73- Sub- 
Warden of St Paul's College, Stonv Stratford, 1873-5. C. of 
Screveton and Car-Colston, Notts., 1876. Disappears from 
Crockford, 1879. 

KNIGHT, JOHN (1757), see GALLY. 

KNIGHT, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age iS) at Trinity, Tulv 7, 17*7. 
S. of Samuel, of Biddulph, Staffs. School, Stone, Staffs. 
Matric. Michs. 1767. 

KNIGHT, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Queens', Nov. 22, 1S28. Of 
Surrey. Matric. Lent, 1829; B.A. 1833; M.A. 1836. Ord. 
deacon (Lichfield) 1832; priest, 1833; C. of Bolsover, Derbs., 
1832-4. C. of St Nicholas's. Guildford, Surrev. 1X54-6. V. of 
Hevtesbury, Wilts., 1836-83. Preb. of Heytesbury Collegiate 
Church. Master of Hungerford Hospital, 1S36-83. Died 
Sept. 17, 1SS3, at Heytesbury, aged 86. Father of the next 
and of Thomas (1S39). (Clergy List; Crockford; The Guar 
d,an, Jan. 30. 1 

KNIGHT, JOHN GEORGE BURY. Adm. pens, at Caius, July 27, 
1859. S. of the Rev. John (above), R. of Heytesbury, Wilts. 

B. there [Dec. 30], 1840. School, Marlborough 

Michs. 1859; B.A. 1863; M.A. 1867. Ord. deacon (Cant' r- 
bury) 1S65; priest, 1866; C. of Billing, Kent, 1865-7- C. of 
Wrotham, 1867-71. C. of Danburv, Essex, 1871-4. V. of 
Birstwith, Yorks., 1874-83. R. of Middleham, 1883-94. 
Rural Dean of Catterick W., 1891-4. R. of Eastgate, 
Durham, 1894-1906. R. of W. Boldon, 1906-14. Resided 
latterly at Scarborough. Died Tan. 24, 191S, at West Ayton, 
Yorks. Brother of Thomas (1S39). (Marlborough Coll. Reg.: 
Venn, 11. 346; Crockford.) 
KNIGHT, JOHN HAYTHORNE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Sept. 30, 1841. [S. of the Rev. William (Balliol College, 
Oxford, 1S09), R. of St Michael's, Bristol. B. Dec. 27, 1821] 
Matric. Lent, 1842; B.A. 1846. Assistant Master at Broins- 
grove School, 1S45. Died Apr. 13, 1890. Brother of R. J. 
US41). (Bromsgrove Sch. Reg.; C. R. Huddleston.) 

KNIGHT, JOHN LISTER. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, 
May 30, 1853. S. of Henry. B. at Broselev, Salop. Matric. 
Michs. 1853; B.A. 1857; M.A. 1S61. Ord. deacon (Lichfield) 
1857; priest, 1858; C. of Gt Barr, Staffs., 1857-8. C of 
Brewood, 1S60-4. V. of Bega, New South Wales, 1S64-71. 

C. of Soathgate, Middlesex, 1871-3. P.C. of St Paul's, New 
Southgate, 1873-83. V. of South Creake, Norfolk, 1883-8. 
R. of Bumham Thorpe, 1888-1900. Lie. pr., dio. of Chi- 
chester, 1901. Married, 1S58, — , 3rd dau. of Mr J, \S 
Walker, of London. Resided latterly at Midhurst, Sussex, 
where he died June 3, 1902. Father of Henry J. C. (1878), 
George H. (1885) and Arthur M. (1883). (Crockford ; I hurt < 
7i».vs, June 20, 1902.) 

KNIGHT, JOHN ST1GAND. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Julv 8, 1S72. Of Devon. [S. of the Rev. Thomas (1839) ] 

B. Mar. 13, 1S52, at Portsmouth. School, Kmg- 
London. Matric. Michs. 1872; Scholar, 1875; B.A. 1876; 
M.A. 18S1. Ord. deacon (Winchester) 1876; priest, 1877; 

C. of St John's, Richmond, Surrey, 1876-8. Chaplain, R.N. 
(H.M.S. London, 1878-S0; H.M.S. Valiant, 1880-3; H.M.S. 
Neptune (Channel Squadron), 18S4. Died Nov. 10. 1884, .it 
Salisbury. Brother of Alfred T. (1S79). (Crockford: The 



KNIGHT, JOHN THEODORE. Adm. sizar at Sr John's. [uly 20, 
1880. S. of the Rev. Henry John (1846) [and 1 
Elizabeth]. B. Dec. 31, i860, at Kettering. Bapt. Fel 
1861. School, Rossall [1874-80] (Dr James). Matrii Micl 
1880; B.A. (30th Wrangler) 1884; M.A. 1888. ' 
Master at Lancing College. Of Rvde, Isle of Wight, in 1940 
Brother of Henry H. (1881). (The Rossall Reg.) 

KNIGHT, JOSEPH. Adm. as a 'Ten-year man' at Trinity, 
Oct. 4, 1779. Doubtless the man of these nan;' ;, \ 1 
Geddington with Newton, Northants.; Chaplain to the Duke 
of Buccleuch and Queensberry; C. and R. of Ketl 
40 years'; died there in 1814, aged 67. (G. Mag., 1814, 11. 
I Knight).) 

KNIGHT, PERCIVAL YOUNG. Adm. at CLARE, Kit. 7, 1881. 
iJi 1 B.A. 1885; M.A. 1889. <n 

(Durham) 1885; priest, (886; ( ol Herxingt a 
1885-95. C. of St [gn. Mart., Hendon, Durham, 
R. of Byers Gri a, 1 98- [902. V. .11 Ryhop . 

uiun of Durham, 1928 i 1 Died 
71. Buried at Rybope. [Crockford; Die Times, 


Knight, Percy Douglas 

KNIGHT, PERCY DOUGLAS. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 1899. 
2nd s. of Jasper, merchant, of Tvndale House, Wimbledon 
Common, London, S.W. B. July 11, 1SS1, at Putney. School, 
Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1S99. Joined the 13th Hussars, 
1904; retired, 1908. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 
(Capt., Special List ; Asst. Supt., Remount Squadrons). Died 
Apr. 28, 1920. [Harrow Sch. Keg.; Pembroke Coll. Reg- 


KNIGHT, PHILIP HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, 
May 4, 1853. [3rd] s. of Edward, Esq. [whose father, Edward 
Austen, had taken the name of Knight, 1812], of Chawton 
House, Alton, Hants, [by his 1st wile, Dorothea, dau. of the 
Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Knatchbull, Bart.]. B. there [Aug. 25, 
1835]. School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1853. Capt., 23rd 
Foot (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) 1859; Major. Served in the 
Indian Mutiny; present at the siege, rapture, and relief of 
Lucknow. Adjutant, East Kent Militia. 1865. Died Jan. 4, 
18S2. Step-brother of Charles E. (1866). [Harrow Sch. Reg.; 
Burke, L.O.; Army Lists.) 

KNIGHT, RICHARD. Adm. sizar (age 25) at Peterhouse, 
Oct. 25, 1827. Of London. Matnc. Michs. 1S28; B.A. 1835; 
M.A. 1847. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) Apr. 26, 1835. P.C. of 
Kingswood, Surrey, 1839-47. C. of Worplesdon, 1842-6. 
P.C. of N. Marston, Burks., 1847-69 Disappears from 
Crockford, 1870. (7". .4. Walker, 432; Northants. Clergy.) 

KNIGHT, RICHARD. Adm. pens, at Emmanuei , June 2s. 1886 
s of R,, Esq., ..1 Rectory Road, Sutton Cnldfield. Matric. 
Michs. 1SS6; B.A. 1889; M.A. 1S93. Ord. deacon (York) 
1889; priest (Beverley) i89r; C. of Goole, 1889-91. C. of 
S. Molton, Devon, 1801-4. Chaplain of Crediton, 1894-1907 
P.C. of Topsham, 1907-11. C. of Bushey, Herts., 1915-20. 
Perm, to ofric. in dio. of Chelmsford, 1921-2. C. of Romford, 
Essex, 1922-6. R. of Fairstead, 1926. Died Sept 15, 1926 
Brother of William A. (1889). [Crockford; The Guardian, 
Oct. I, 1926.) 


KNIGHT, ROBERT. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 21, 1812; 
from Pembroke College, Oxford, whence he had matric 
(age 16) July 9, 1805. S. of the Rev. Robert, of Nausea, 
somerset. B. 1780. Matric. Michs. T812. Of Tvthegston 
Court, Glamorgan. R. of Newton Nottage, Glim," 1819-54. 
Married. 1813, Enrma, dan of Thomas Eagles, of Bristoi 
and of Pilston, Mon., and had issue. Died Aug. 31. 1854. 
Perhaps father of the next. (Burke. Family Records, uhi. h 
gives 'M.A. of Pembroke College, Oxford'. 1/ Hum ; ( lergy 

KNIGHT, ROBERT. Adm. pens, at Queens', May 5, 1845 
[Perhaps s. of the above.] Matric. Michs. 1845; "B.A. 1850 
Ord. deacon (Chester) 1.S51; priest, 1S52; C. of Marton, 
Cheshire, 1851-4. R. of Polesworth, Warns., 1865-9 R of 
Kilvington, Notts., 1869-S7 and V. of Cothani, 1 | 
1 lis ippears from Crockford, r8S8. 

KNIGHT, ROBERT JOSEPH. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, 
Sept. 30, 1841. S. of the Rev. William [Balliol College, 
Oxford. 1809, R. of St Michael's, Bristol]. B. at Bristol, 
July 9, 1823. School, Clones, (private). Matric. Michs. 1842; 
Scholar, 1845; B.A. [1:1)1 Wrangler) 1846; M.A. 1849. Ord. 
deacon (London) 1851; priest, 1852; C. of Harrow. 1851-61; 
V. there 1861-78. V. of All Saints - . Derby, 187., 92. Preb. 
of Southwell, 1885-92. V, of Throwley, Kent, 1892-9. Died 
Apr. 27, 1899. M.I .St Michael's. Bristol. Brother of John 
H. (1S41). [Crockford; Scott, MSS.; The limes, May 1, 
1899 1 C. R. Hudleston.) 

KNIGHT, ROBERT LYNAM. Adm. at King's, Oct. 8, 1887 
[S. of R., of Westfield, Muswell Hill. London. B. Oct. 2ft, 
1868. Schools, Aldenham (1870-81) and Hiehgate.] Matric 
Michs. 1S87; Scholar; B.A. 1892. [Highgate Sch. Reg ■ 
Aldenham Sch. Reg.) 

KNIGHT, SAMUEL. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity, Feb 12, 
1772. [Only] s. of the Rev Samuel (175s), R of Stanwick, 
Northants. School, Stanwick. Matric. Michs. 1771; B.A. 
1776; M.A. 1770 Adm. at the Middle Tempi.', Feb 15,1772 
[Inns of Court.) 

KNIGHT, SAMUEL. Adm. sizar (age 20) at Magdalene, 
June 25, T779. S. of Titus [Independent Minister, of Lady 
Huntingdon's connexion] [by his 2nd wife], of Halifax. 
[B. Mar. 9, 1759.] School. Hipperholnie Grammar School. 
Matric. Lent, 17S0; B.A. [yth Wrangler) 17S3; M.A. r7S6. 
Fellow, T783. C. of Wlilteringham. Lines., 1783-^8, wh. 1. 
he received pupils in his house V. of Humberston, and C. of 
Roxby, 1794-8. First Inc. of Holy Trinity, Halifax, 1798- 
1817. V. of Halifax, 1817-27. Author, religions; his Vunmi! 
and Misc. Works (2 vols.) were edited by his s., the Rev. 
fames [Lincoln College, Oxford, 1811), with a Memoir by 
another s., the Rev. William (1819). Died [an 9 1827. 
[D.N.B., which gives' died Jan. 7'; G. Mag., 1827, I. 282.) 

Knight, William 

KNIGHT, SAMUEL. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Feb. 5, 1873. 
S. of John, of Norden, near Rochdale, Lanes. B. there 
Mar. 9, 1853. School. Clitberoe, Lanes. Matric. Michs. 1873; 
Scholar, 1875; B.A fstli Wrangler) 1877. Assistant Master at 
Marlborough College, 1880-3; at Giggleswick 1884-5. 


r at En 

, Jv 

KNIGHT, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Petermuu: 

Of Durham. S. of — , village schoolmaster. Matric. Michs. 
1813; B.A. 1818. Ord. deacon (Durham) 1818; priest, 1819. 
R. of Ford, Northumberland. 1819-72. Disappears from 
Crockford, 1874. (Z. A. Walker, 587; Clergv Lists; Durham 
Ord. Book.) 

KNIGHT, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, Oct. 8, 
1816. [Elder] s. of Thomas [of Paprastle, near Cockermouth. 
Cumberland]. B. at Keswick. School, Keswick. Matric. 
Michs. 1816. Probably adm. at the Middle Temple, Nov. 6, 
1819, and again, May r9. 1824. [Inns of Curt.) 

KNIGHT. THOMAS. Adm. sizar at St John's, May r8, 1839; 
re-adm. pens. Oct. 15, 1830. Of Surrey. [S. of the Rev. lohn 
(1828).] Matric. Michs. 1839; B.A. 1843. Ord. deacon 
(Lichfield) 1S44; priest, 1S4S; C. of Moxlev, Staffs,, 1844-7. 
C. of St Mary's, Portsmouth, 1847-70. Principal of St Mary's 
Hall, Southsea. V. of Port hester, 1876-84. C. of Woodford. 
Wilts., 1884-8. Resided latterly at Southsea, where he died 
July 4, 1898, aged 77. Father of Alfred T. (1879) and lohn 
S. (1872); brother of lohn G. B. (1859). [Crockford; Scott, 
MSS.; The Times, July 8, 1898.) 

KNIGHT, THOMAS ANDREW. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, 
May 10, 1814. [Elder] s. of Thomas Andrew [Balhol College, 
Oxford, 1778 [F.R.S., horticulturist (for whom see D.N.B.), 
of Downton Castle]. B. [Tune 23, 1796], at Elton, Heref. 
School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1S14; B.A. 181S; M.A. 1824. 
Of Womieslev Grange, Heref. ' Accidentally killed when out 
shooting,' Nov. 29, 1827. (Hon Sch. Lists.) 

KNIGHT, THOMAS HAROLD. Adm. at Clare. Jan. 17, 1S93. 
School, King Edward VI. Birmingham. Matric. Michs. 1893; 
Scholar: B.A. (Class. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class) 1896; M.A. 1902. 
Assistant Master at Holme prep. School, S. Norwood, for 
two years; at Elizabeth College, Guernsey, for two years; 
at the City of London School for seven and a half years. 
Lecturer to Crovdon Education Committee, for four years. 
Head Master of Wilson's Grammar School, Cambe'rwell, 
-1918-29-. [Schoolmasters' Directories, not in 1013.) 

KNIGHT, THOMAS HENRY. Adm. pens, at St John's, July 8, 
T836. S. of the Rev. Francis, D.D. [Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 
1708], of Clifton, Bristol. C. of East Grinstead, Sussex, 
-1S41-9. V. of Stoke Canon. Devon, 1849-65. Priest -Vicar of 
Exeter Cathedral, 1851-65. Disappears from Crockford, 

KNIGHT, THOMAS JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, 
June 12, 1824. [2nd] s. of William Young, of St James's 
Square, London. B. [Nov. 1, 1805], in London [at Birling- 
harn, Worcs. [Boasc, v.)]. School, Westminster. Matric. 
Michs. 1S24; Scholar, 1825; B.A. 1828; M.A. 1831. Adm. at 
the Middle Temple, June 12, 1826. Called to the Bar. 
Nov. 25, 1831. On the Hampshire Circuit and Quarter 
Sessions. Special Pleader. Q.C. Chairman of Quarter 
Sessions in Jamaica, 1S41-4, and Judge of Common Pleas. 
Went to Hobart Towti, Tasmania, where he practised, 1845- 
57. Member of House of Assembly. 1856-6T; Solicitor- 
General, 1857-60; Attorney-General, 1860-61. Returned 
home, 1865. Died Apr. 25, 1870. at Richmond. Father of 
Charles F. (1875) and William (1S64). [Record of Old West- 
minsters; Bnase, v. 832; Inns of Court; Law Lists.) 

KNIGHT, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Apr. 29, 
1819. [Doubtless s. of the Rev. Samuel (1779).] Matric. 
Michs. 1819; B.A. 1S23; M.A. 1826. Ord. deacon, 1823; 
priest, 1823. V. of St James's, Hull, 1831-62. Author, 
Sermons. Disappears from Crockford, 1S65. [Clergy List.) 

KNIGHT, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Apr. II, 1864. 
S. of Thomas John (1824) [barrister, of Richmond, Surrey, 
and] of Tasmania. B. Sept. 1, 1845, in London. School, 
Hobart Town, Tasmania (private). Matric. Michs. 1864; 
B.A. 1868; M.A. 1876. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 13, 1867. 
Called to the Bar, Inn.' 6, 1872. On the South-Eastem 
Circuit. Brother of Charles F. (1875). [Inns of Court; Law 
Lists, until 1930; Foster, Men at the Bar.) 


Knight, William Arthur 

KNIGHT, WILLIAM ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Sept. 28, 18S9. S. of R.. Esq., of Rectory Road, Sutton 
Coldfield. [School, Lichfield Grammar School.] Matxic. 
Michs. 1889; B.A. 1892; M.A. iSq6. B.Sc, London; M.Sc, 
Bristol. Assistant Master at Pocklington School, Yorks., 
1892-4; at Faversham Grammar School, 1894-5. Second 
Master at Devon Co. School, 1895-9; Head Master there 
1900-10. Assistant Master at Marlborough College, 1910-13, 
and again, 1918-29-. Brother of Richard (1SS6). (School- 
masters' Directories.) 

KNIGHT-BRUCE, JOHN WYNDHAM. Adm. pens, at Trinity 
Hall, Jan. 30, T865. Only s. of the Rev. Horace Lewis 
[Christ Church, Oxford, 1S31], deceased, V. of Abbotsham. 
Devon. School, Eton. Matric. Lent, 1S66. Comet, istb 
Hussars. Afterwards adm. at Lincoln's Inn. (Eton Sch. 
Lists (sub Bruce).) 

KNIGHTLEY, HENRY [CHARLES]. Adm. pens, (age x8) at 
Jesus, Aug. 21, 1S32. [Posthumous] s. of the Rev. Henry 
[Christ Church, Oxford, 1S04]. B. Dec. 22, 1813, at Locking- 
ton, Leics. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1832; B ' 
Ord. deacon (Norwich) Mar. n, 1838; priest, July 21. 1839; 
C. of Wilby, Norfolk, 1S3S-9. V. of Combroke with Compton- 
Verney, Warws., 1841-84. Chaplain to Lord Willoughbv de 
Broke. Died Aug. T4, 18S4, at Combroke. (Rugby Sch. Reg. ; 
Crockford; The Guardian, Aug. 20, 1884.) 

KNIGHTLEY, VALENTINE. Adm. pens, (age iS) at Trinity, 
Feb. 26, 1S02. [B. Julv 28, 17S4. 2nd s. of the Rev. Charles 
(St Mary Hall, Oxford. 1771), R. of Preston Capes, Northants. 
School, Rugbv.] 'Died unmarried.' (Rugby Sch. Reg.; 
Trinity Coll. Adm.) 

KNIGHTLY, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at St John's. Oct. 7, 1R71. 

B. Nov. 22, 1S50. School, Perse, Cambridge (Mr F. Heppen- 
stall, M.A.). Matric. Michs. r87r; B.A. 1S75; M.A. 1878. 

KNIGHTON, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at St Catharine's, Oct. 1, 
1776. B. at St Ives, Hunts. 

KNIGHTS, HAROLD JAMES WEST. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Oct. 5, 1S99. S. of J. W., Esq., of 21, Warkworth Street, 
Cambridge. [B. rSSo, at Cambridge.] Matric. Michs. 1S99; 
B.A. 1902; M.A. rgoS. Ord. deacon (Exeter) 1903; priest, 
1904; C. of St Mark's, Devonport, 1903-4. C. of St Michael's, 
Stoke, 1904-7. C. of Christ Church, Luton, Beds., 1907-12. 

C. of St Neots, Hunts., 1912-16. Served in the Great War, 
1914-19 (Chaplain, R.A.C.D.). C. of Leighton Buzzard, 
I9i9-2t. V. of Arkley St Peter, Herts., t92i-7. V. of 
Amberley, New Zealand, T927-30. V. of Hohitika, 1930-5. 
V. of St Mark's, Rakaia, 1935-9. Canon of Christ Church 
Cathedral. V. of Otaio with Bluecliffs. 1939-45. Of Christ 
Church, N.Z., in 1949. (Univ. War List ; Crockford; Who's Who 
in Nea Zealand.) 

KNIPE, FRANCIS. Adm. sizar at Queens', June 5, 1776. Of 
Lancashire. Matric. Michs. 1776; Scholar, 17S0; B.A. 17K0; 
M.A. 17S3; B.D. 1792. Fellow. 1 78 1 ; tutor. Junior Proctor, 
1789-90. Ord. priest (Peterb.) Sept. 28, 1783; C. of Stanwick, 
Northants., 1780. V. of Oakington, Cambs., I79i-r8oo. R. 
of Sandon, Essex, r8oo-34. Died May 9, 1S34, aged 76. 
Buried at Sandon. Father of Samuel S. (1S24). (Northants. 
Clergy; G. Mag., 1834, 1. 662.) 

KNIPE, HENRY ROBERT. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Feb. 19, 
1872. [4th] s. of Edward Samuel, of 152, Harley Street, 
London [and Hookfield, Epsom]. B. [Nov. 11], 1854, at 
Leamington. School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1S72; LL.B. 
1876; Bumey prize, 1876. Adm. at the Inner Temple, 
Jan. 22, 1876; Common Law Scholarship, 1877. Called to 
the Bar, Jan. 27, 1879. Special pleader on South Eastern 
Circuit. J. P. for Sussex. Author, Nebula to Man. Resided 
at Tunbridge Wells, where he died July 26, 1918. (Harrow 
Sch. Reg.; Inns of Court; Law Lists; Foster, Men at the Bar; 
The Times, July 29, 19x8.) 

KNIPE, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Pembroke, Dec. 6, 1837. 
S. of the Rev. Randolph Richard [Queen's College, Oxford, 
i?9i], R. of Water Newton, Hunts. B. there. Matric. Michs. 
1838; B.A. 1842. Ord. deacon, 1843; priest, 1844; C. of 
Gt Linford, Bucks., X843-6. C. of Wellesboume, Warws., 
1846-67. Disappears from Crockford, r868. Brother of 
Randolph (1833). Robert (1839) and probably of Thomas W. 
(1841). (Clergy List.) 

KNIPE, RANDOLPH, Adm. pens, at Clare, Apr. 6, 1756. B. in 
London. [Doubtless s. of Edward and Dorothy. Bapt. 
28 Jan. 1736, at St George-the-Martyr, Holbom. 
Easter, 1756. Adm. at Gray's Inn, July 31, X755, as eldest s. 
of Edward, of Epsom, Surrey, Esq. Died 10 Dec. 1760, 
aged 23. M. I., Epsom. (Inns of Court; C. R. Hudleston.) 

KNIPE, RANDOLPH. Adm. pens, at Clare, Dec. 20, 1833. 
[Doubtless eldest s. of the Rev. Randolph Richard (Queen's 
College, Oxford, 1791), R- of Water Newton, Hunts.] Matric. 
Lent, 1835; B.A. T838. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Jan. 6, 1839; 
C. of Water Newton, Hunts., 1845-6; R. there, 1846-73. 

Knollys, William Thomas 

Died July 14, 1873, aged 57. Brother of John (1S37) and the 
next, and probably of Thomas W. (184X). [E. II. Vipers; 
Clergy List; Crockford.) 
KNIPE, ROBERT. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, June 
[4th s. of the Rev. Randolph Richard (Queen- 
Oxford, 1791), R. of Water Newton, Hunts.] Mati 1 
1839; B.A. 1846. C. of Leire, Leics., 1846-8. C. of All Saints', 
Leicester, 1848-9. Died Jan. 3, 1849, at Leicester, 
Brother of the above, of John (X837) and prob 
Thomas W. (1841). (G. Mag., 1849, 1. 437; Clergy List.) 

KNIPE. SAMUEL SAWREY. Adm. pens, at Queens', Oct. 7, 
1S24. Of Essex. [S. of the Rev. Francis (1776), R. of Sandon. 
B. Apr. 9, tSoS. School, Felsted.] Matric. Michs. 1826; B V 
M.A. 1S36. Ord. deacon (Canterbury) 1839; priest, 
1840. Not in Clergy Lists before 1852. C. of Gt Bradley. 
Suffolk, 1852-5. C. of Snailwell, Cambs., and Chaplain of 
Newmarket Union, 1867-93. Died 1893. (Al. Felsted; Clergy 
List; Crockford.) 

KNIPE, THOMAS WENHAM. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
June 16, 1S41. Of Huntingdonshire. [Probablv s. of the 
Rev. Randolph Richard (Queen's College, Oxford, 1701), 
R. of Water Newton, Hunts.] Matric. Michs. 1S41; B.A. 
1S45; M.A. X875. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) 1845; priest (Salis- 
bury) 1846; C. of Woodsford and Tincleton, Dorset. 1846-9; 
R. there 1849-76. P.C. of Christ Church, Clevedon, Somerset. 
1876-8. R. of St Peter's, Dorchester, 1878-86. Resided 
subsequently at Westerham, Kent, where he died Feb. 12, 
1903, aged 80. Frobably brother of John (1837), etc. (Crock- 
ford; The Times, Feb. 17, 1903.) 

KNOBEL, WILLIAM BERNARD. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 13, 1893. S. of Edward Ball [F.R.A.S.], of 3, Tavistock 
n , London, and Bocking, Braintree. B. 1875, at 
Burton-on-Trent, Staffs. Schools, Sherbome [18S7-9], and 
at University College, London. Matric. Michs. 1893; B.A. 
1896; M.A. 1900: M.D. 1905. At St Bartholomew's Hospital. 
M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1901; M.R.C.P., 1919. Assistant 
Medical Officer, London County Asylum, Bexley; at the 
Midland Open-air Sanatorium, Belbroughton, Worcs., 1910. 
Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Capt., R.A.M.C). Divi- 
sional Medical Officer and subsequently Senior Medical 
Officer, L.C.C. Of Ashington, Sussex, in' 1944. (Sherbome 
Si Keg.; Medical Directories.) 

KNOCKER, HAROLD COX. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Oct. 1, X890. Of Kent. S. of Edward Newman, of Tunbridge 
Wells and Sevenoaks. B. Jan. 22, 1S70, at Sevenoaks. 
School, private. Matric. Michs. 1S90; B.A. 1S93; M.A. 1899. 
Ord. deacon (Winchester) 1S94; priest, 1S95; C. of St John- 
the-Baptist, Woking, 1804-6. Chaplain at Levsin. Switzer- 
land, 1896-7. C. of Kinson, Dorset, 1897-1901. C. of Holy 
Trinity, Hampstead, 1901-3. V. of Walton-on-the-Naze, 
Es-ex, 1903-23. R. of Gt Yeldham, X923-30. R. of Gt Hal- 
lingbury, 1930-3. Perm, to offic, dio. of Portsmouth, 1933- 
40; dio. of Winchester and Salisbury, 1933. Subsequently 
resided at Highcliffe-on-Sea, Hants. (Crockford.) 

KNOLLEKE, HENRY EDWARD. Adm. at Clare, Oct. 9, x886. 
Matric. Michs. 1S86; B.A. 1889; M.A. 1893. Ord. deacon 
(Chichester) 1S90; priest, 1891; C. of West Lavington, 
Sussex, r890-i. C. of Hove, 1891-3. C. of Wandsworth, 
Surrey, T893-1916. Chaplain, Queen Mary's Aux. Hospital, 
Roehampton, 1916-20. V. of St John's, Woolwich, 1921 j8. 
Lie. to offic, dio. Southwark, 1938-43. Died Jan. 1, 1943, 
at Wimbledon. (Crockford; The Times, Jan. 4, 1943.) 

KNOLLYS, EDWARD ERSKINE. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., 
Oct. r, 1894. [Elder s. of Canon Erskine William 1.. 
College, Oxford, 1S61), V. of Folkestone.] B. June 27, 1875 
[School, King's, Bruton.] Matric. Michs. 1894; B.A. 1897; 
M.A. 1903. Ord. deacon (Chichester) 1900; priest. 
of Bolney, Sussex, 1900-3. C. of Benenden, Kent, 
Resided subsequently at Folkestone vicarage, when 
Sept. 18, 1913. (King's School, Bruton, Reg., win 
'b. May 22, 1875'; Crockford; The Guardian, Sept. 26, 1913.) 

KNOLLYS, WILLIAM THOMAS. Hon. LL.D. T864. Eldest s. of 
William, Earl of Banbury, who held the courtesy title of 
Viscount Wallingford until 1813. B. Aug. 1. 179; 
and Lieut., 3rd Foot Guards (Scots Fusiliers), 1-: 
1817; Colonel, 1S30; Major-General, 1854; Gener 
Served in Peninsular War, and in the army of occupation in 
France, 1815-16. Initiated the Prince Consort into the art 
of soldiering. Governor of Guernsey, T854-5. Pn 
Council of Military Education, 1861. Treastirer an 
troller of the Household to the Prince of Wales. 1 
Hon. LL.D., Oxford, 1862. K.C.B., 1867; P.( 

er-General of Duchy of Cornwall, [878-83. Author, 
Remarks on the Claim / Died 

June 23, 18S3, at his official residence in the liousr 
(Harrow Sch. Reg.; Boose, v. 257; Army Lists; D.N.B.; 
G.E.C. (sub Banbury).) 



Knopwood, Robert 

KNOPW00D, ROBERT. Adm. pens, (aire 17) at Caius, Tune 16, 
1781. S. of Robert, Kent., of Threxton, Norfolk. B. there. 
SchooK Wvmondham, Burv St Edmunds, and Newport. 
Essex. Scholar, 1781; matne. Easter. 1783; B.A. 1786; M.A. 
1700. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Dec. 21. 178S; priest, Dec ~ 
1789. Chaplain to the Earl of Clermont. First Chsplai 
Van Diemen's Land, arriving at Port Philip, with Go^ 
Collins in 1803. Died Nov. 8, 1836, at Clarence Plains 
Tasmania. [Bury Gr. Sch. Reg.; Venn, a. 105; Heaton 
Ausl. Diet ) 


KNOTT, FREDERICK GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
Magdalene, Tuly 22, 1878. [S. of Frederick Singleton. Esq., 
of • II. mi h Vill as, Anerlev, Surrey. School, Dulwich College.]'nc Mi. lis. 1R7K; Scholar; B.A. 1882; M.A. 1885. Ord. 
deacon (Rochester) 1883; priest, 1884. Assistant Master at 
Dulwirh College, 18S2-7. C. of Holy Trinity, Sydenham, 
Kent, 1883-7. Head Master of the Skinners' Company 
Middle School, Tunbndge Wells, 18R7-1024. Lie. pr., dio. of 
Rochester. 1889-1924; dio. of Chichester, 1925-37. Died 
S. pt. is. i'i ■,-, at Eastbourne, aged 77. Brother of Hammett 
C. (1880) and Percy T. P. (1884). (Crackford; Schoolmasters' 
Directories; The Tunes, Sept. 17, 191"-) 

KNOTT, GEORGE WILSON. Adm. pens, at St Tohn's, Oct. 27, 
1823. B. at Ulverstone. Lanes. School, Sedbergh (1823 4l- 
Matric. Michs. 1825. (Sedbergh Sch. Reg. (no career given).) 

KNOTT, HAMMETT CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Petf.rhouse, 
Oct. I, iSRn. [2nd] s. of Frederick Singleton, Esq., of Anerlev, 
Surrey, chief clerk in the Town Clerk's office at The Guildhall, 
London. B. Sept. 27, iSfii, at Sydenham. School, Dulwich 
College. Matric. Michs. rS8o; Scholar, 1882; (i2f/i Wrangler, 
1883); B.A. 1S84; M.A. 1887. Lecturer at Selwvn College, 
1887-1921; Tutor, is.,;; Dran; Bursar, 1900-28. Fellow of 
Selwyn, 1913-28. Married, lulv 27, 1897, Ada Maude, dau. 
of Charles Umney, of Sydenham. ' Remarkable for his fresh 
and vigorous humanity as well as for his sound common sense 
and business capacity.' Died Mar. 16, 1928, at his residence, 
8, Cranmer Road, Cambridge. M.I. in Great St Mary's, 
Cambridge. Brother of Frederick G. (1878) and Percy T. P. 
(is. |). [T. A. Walker, sso; Duhoich Coll. Reg.; School- 
masters' Directories; Cambridge Reviste, Apr. 1928.) 

DOWNING, Sept. q, 1889. School. Worcester Cathedral. 
Matric. Michs. 1:889. Called to the Bar, Middle Temple, 
June 29, 1802. (Law Lists.) 

KNOTT, HERBERT. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 1 111 
1882. Of Middlesex. S. of Edwin, commercial clerk, of 
W.ilthamstow. B. Jan. 12, 1862, at Stanley Road, Hackni 
Middlesex. Schools, Madras House, Hackney, and Utv of 
London. Matric. Lent, 1882; B.A.. as Non-Coil.. iRs . . M \ . 
from Corpus Christi. 1888. Ord. deacon (Winchester) 1885; 
priest, 1,886; C. of St Simon's, Southsea, 1885-9. C. of Gt 
Rollright, Oxon., l8go-3. Assoc. Sec, CMS. (Worcs., 
Heref.. Mon. and S. Wales) 1803-7; (Durham and Northum- 
berland), 1897-1900. V. of Totland Bay, Isle of Wight, 
1900-3. Died Jan. 25, 1903. [Crockford; The Times, Jan. 27, 

KNOTT, JOHN CLARK. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Dec. 23, 1839. 
Matric. Michs. 1840; B.A. 1844; M.A. 1859. Ord. deacon 
(York) 1843; priest, 1844; C of Lythe, Yorks., 1843-6. 
V. of Laitlikirk, 1*41.-8. R. of Stanibrd-le-Hope, Essex. 
1848-70. Resided subsequently at Combe Hill House, 
Monkton Combe, Bath, where he died Feb. 8, 1907, a 1 d 
|i rockford; Peile, 467; The Times, Feb. 13, 1907.) 

house, Oct. 1. 1884. S. of Frederick Singleton. Esq., of 
Heath Villas. Anerley. B. Jan. 20, 1S65. School, Dulwich 
College. Matric. Michs. 18R4; B.A. iSSo; M.A. 1S96. Adm. 
Lichfield College, 1893. Ord. deacon (Salisbury) 18.13; priest, 

1: 1 of Broadwindsor, Dorset, 1893-1913. R. of Fife- 

I l-Neville with Fifehead St Quintin. 1015-25. V. of 

Alton St I'ancras, 192S-40. Rural Dean of Cerne, 1928-40. 
Died Jan. 16, 1040, at Sherborne. Brother of Hammett C. 
(1S80) and Fr.d. Tick G. (1878). (T. A. Walker, 577, and 
MS. note; Crockford; The limes. Jan. 18, 1940.) 

KNOTT, ROBERT ROWE. Adm. sizar at Si lens's. Aug. 30, 
1813; re-adm. pens. Oct. r. 1817. I K. 1796.] School, Canter- 
bury. Matric. Michs. 1814; B.A. 1819; M.A. 1824. Ord. 
deacon (Canterbury) Sept. 19. 1819; priest, 1820 I I 
Ruckinge and Kenii ardington, Kent. 1819 22. Lecturer at 
Kv. and Head Master of Rve r.i .11111.11 School, 1822-35. 
1 h .plain and Lecturer at St Peter-upon-Cornhill, London, 
1S35-S. V. ofHelidon, Northante., [838-49. Chaplain of the 
donative of Tarrant Crawford, Dorset, 1849 65 Chaplain of 
West London Union, 1865 70. F.S.A., 1836. Author. The 
New Aid to .Memoir. Ports 1 and II. Died (an. n. 1879. at 
Bayswater. {Bouse, 11. 258; Northants. Clergy; Crockford; 
1 lergv List.) 

Knowles, Francis Charles 

KNOWLES, ARTHUR JAMES. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 10, 
1882. S. of James, of The Hollies, Clapham Common, 
London. B. 1862, at Clapham. School, London International 
College. Matric. Michs. 1SS2; B.A. 1885. Lieut.. Queen's 
Westminster Rifles (T.), 1884; Capt., 1896. served in the 
Great War, I9r4-I9 (Major, London Reel. 11 n ■ ' \\ • -l 
minster Rifles)), (Univ. War List; Army Lists.) 

KNOWLES, ATHERTON. Adm. sizar at St Tohn's. Oct. 10, 
1877. [Fldest] s. of the Rev. John, Weslevan minister [and 
Mary Eliza Louisa]. B. July 2, 1858, at Cirencester, Gloucs. 
School. Kingswood. Somers.-t. Matric. Michs. 1877; B.A. 
1881; M.A. 1891. Adm. at Gray's Inn, Tan. 26, 1S78. Ord. 
deacon (London) 1881; priest, T882; C. of St Leonard's, 
Bromley, Middlesex, 1881-95. V. of St James's, Ratchff. 
1895-1010. R. of Lillev, Herts., 1930-8. Author, Text Book 
. Dii d Oct. 8, 1939, in London. 
Buried at Lillev. (Fox-Davies, Armorial Families; Inns of 
Court; Crockford; The Times. Oct. II, 1939 ) 

KNOWLES, CAMERON QUILTER. Adm. sizar at Trinity, 
Oct. 8, 1S81. S. of John Mason, of Skirbeck Road. Host..:.. 
Lines. B. there 1862. School. Boston Grammar. Matric. 
Michs. 1881; B.A. 1884; M.A. 1900. Ord. deacon (London) 
1887; priest, c888; C. of Hampton, Middlesex, 1887-02. 
C. of St Augustine's, Edgbaston, Birmingham, 1892-3. R- 
of Melton Constable with Burgh Parva, and V. of Briston, 
Norfolk. [893-1906. C. of Milverton. Somerset. 1906-18. 
C. of St tames's, Pokesdown with St Andrew's, Boscombe, 
Hants., 1918-24. Resided subsequently at Bournemouth, 
and disappears from Crockford, 19^9. Brother of George H. 

KNOWLES, CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, May 14, 
1850. Of Leicestershire. Matric. Michs. 1850; Scholar; B.A. 
1S54; M.A. 1857. Fellow, 1855. Ord. deacon (Lichfield) 
1R54; priest, 1855; C. of St Peter's, Forsbrook, Staffs., 
1854-6. C. of St Luke's, Leek, 1857-61. C. of St Luke's, 
Cambridge, 1862-s. R. of Wintenngham, Lines., 1866-98. 
Died Dec. 26, 1898. {Crockford.) 

KNOWLES. EDWARD. Adm. pens, at St Tohn's, Oct. 2, 1879. 
S. of [The Rev.] Edward [Hadarezer], 'master at St Bees 
Grammar School, Cumberland' [and Frances Mary]. B. at 
St Bees. Bapt. Oct. 9, 1859. Matric. Michs. 1879; Is A lV ^l 
[According to Crockford. 1876, his father was V. of St Bees 
and Principal of the Divinity College there.] 

KNOWLES. EDWIN ARTHUR. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1900. 

S. of Alfred ]ohn, Esq., of Fernville. Koiiudliav, I. 1- 

School, Trinity College, Harrogate. Matric. Michs. 1900. 
Solicitor in Leeds. 1908. Served in the Great War. 1914-19 
(private, R. Fusiliers). (Law Lists; Univ. War List.) 

KNOWLES, FOSTER. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 6, 1887. 
S. of William, of Ribblesdale, Leigham Court Road, Sir. it 

ham I. Ion B. 1867, in London. School, Harrow. Matri. 

Michs. 1SS7; B.A. 1890; M.A. 1804- Joint Head Master of 
C .thill prep. School, Abingdon, Berks., in 1906. Visiting 
tutor at Ascham St Vincent's School, Fastboume, 1917-29-, 
and at St Cvpnau'- School, Eastbourne, 1919-33. [Harrow 
Reg. gives 'Joint IF ...1 M a-trr .1 a pr. p. School in East- 
bourne.'] Died May 14, 1942, at Eastbourne. [Harrow Sch. 

Reg.; Schoolmasters' Due, lories: 1 he Times. May [6, 1942; 
1 ami. Yeai ■ 

KNOWLES, FRANCIS. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Sept. 9, 
1870. S. of William. B. at Hoyland, near Bamsley, Yorks. 
Matric. Michs. 1870; B.A. 1x74; MA. 1877. Ord. deacon 
(Ely, for Peterb.) 1874; priest (Peterb.) 1875; C. of Christ 
Church, Leicester, [874-8 C of Cowling, Yorks., 1878-9. 
C. of Silsden, 1879-80; V. there 18S0-92. R. of Gimmgham, 

Norfolk, 1892 [931 Died Oct. 24, 1931, at 1 ingham, 

.... ,1 :-, ;, .1 there. Founded . -' 1 ''.'p t St I atl.a- 
rine's. [Crockford; The Guardian, Oct 30, 1931; The limes, 

Oct. 28, 1931.) 

KNOWLES, FRANCIS CHARLES. Adm. sizar (age 19) at 
Trinity, Mar. 9, 1S20; pens. Oct. r7, 1820. [Eldest] s. of 
[Admiral) sir Ch irl.-s [Henrv] [2nd] Bart, [of Lwynderu, 
Montgoms.]. B. [June 10, 1802], af raplow, Bucks. School. 
Clifton, Somerset. Mm.. Mil !i- 1 820; B.A. (22nd Wrangler) 
[825; M.A. 1828. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 27, 1824. 
(died to the Bar. Tan. 28, 1834- ' '" tlV Northern Circuit. 
Succeeded to the baronetcv, 1831. Won Telford prize for 
intricate mathematical problem. 1S72. Author, History 0) 
the Shaftesbury Election, [830; The Supplement to the Reform 
Art of 1832, .1 proposal for the Intension of Rep). 
I \; , 1 ;,, M 1111. ,: M.iv 21., I'M, I nm ,d •': ..f-n ' ■• ■ Tg. 
Pocock, 1st Bart., F.R.S., and had issue Di IM 1 [9, 1892, 
in London. Bun. d .1 SI Ni. ... ' . etery, Guildford. 
[Boose, 11. Inns of t ourt; Lam Lists; Foster, Mm at the Bar; 
Burke, /'. and B.; G.E < .. The Guardian, Mar. 30, 1S92.), George 

KNOWLES, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Sept. 28, 1866. 
[2nd] s. of John [merchant, of Heme Hall, Surrey]. B. 1847, 
in London. School, Repton. Matric. Michs. 1866; B.A. 1870: 
M.A. and LL.M. 1S73. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Mar. 22, 
1870. Called to the Bar, Jan. 27. 1873. J.P. for Wilts. Of 
Stockton House, Codford St Mary, Wilts. Died Nov. 2, 11 15, 
at Budock, near Falmouth, aged S6. {Inns of Coin! Law 
Lists; Foster, Mm at the Bar; The Times, Nov. 4, 1935; 
Catnb. Year-book, 1906.) 

KNOWLES, GEORGE HERBERT. Adm. sizar at Trinity, 
Oct. 5, 1S83. S. of John Mason, of 73, Merton Road, Wim- 
bledon, Surrey. B. i860, at Boston. Lines. School, Boston 
Grammar. Matric. Michs. 1SS3; B.A. 1S86. Brother of 
Cameron Q. 11 

KNOWLES, GUY JOHN FENTON. Adm. pens, at Trinity. 
June 25, 1898. (2nd] s. of Charles Julius, of Shaftesbury 
House, Victoria Road, Kensington, London. B. Julv I. 1879, 
in London. School. Rugbv. Matric. Michs. 1S0S; B.A. 1901; 
M.A. 1922. A.M.I.C.E., 1905. Served in the Great War, 
1014-19 (Capt., R.G.A.; mentioned twice in despatches: 
French Croix de Guerre; Greek Military Cross). Of 32, Mont- 
pelier Square, London, S.W., in 1945. {Rugbv Sck. Reg.; 
Univ. War List; Members of Institute of Civil Engineers.) 

KNOWLES, HAROLD. Adm. at Caius, Oct. I, 1889. S. of 
Thomas, manufacturer, of Eccles, Lanes. B. [Jan. i.j . 1871, 
at Bolton. School, Marlborough. Matric. Michs. 1889; 
exhibitioner, 1891; B.A. 1892. Assistant Lecturer in Modern 
Languages at Owens College, Manchester. Private tutor at 
Ystradfechan, Glam., until 1905. Afterwards in business at 
Buenos Aires. Died Oct. 13, 1934, at Buenos Aires. [Miirl- 
borough Coll. Reg.; Venn, 11. 507; i he limes, Oct. 22, I934-) 

KNOWLES, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, Sept. 29, 
1891. Of Lancashire. S. of Henry, painter. B. Apr. 2, 1870, 
at Infirmary Street, Blackburn. School, Blackburn National. 
Matric. Michs. 1891; B.A. 1S94; M.A. 1S9S. M.A. ad eundem 
and B.D. 1905, at Trinity College, Dublin. Ord. deacon 
(Manchester) 1894; priest. 1S95; C. of Christ Church, Black- 
bum, 1894-6. C. of St Marv's, Kirkdale, 1896-1901. C. of 
St John's, Chelsea, 1901-2. C. of Lvdford with Princetown, 
Devon, 1902-6. C. of Christ Church, Salford, 1906-ro. 
Disappears from Crockford, 1911. 

KNOWLES, HERBERT. Adm. sizar at St John's, Jan. 3r, 1817. 
Of Yorkshire. [B. 1 798, at Gomersal, near Leeds, of humble 
parents, both of whom he lost at an early age.] About to 
enter a merchant's office at Liverpool, his intellect attracted 
the notice of three benevolent clergymen, who subscribed 
£30 p.a. towards his education, on condition that his friends 
should contribute £30 more. Sent to Richmond Grammar 
School. Subsequently applied to the poet Southey for help, 
and was successful. Author, The Three Tabernacles, or 
Stanzas in Richmond Churchyard (with which he introduced 
himself to Southey). 'This noble masterpiece of solemn and 
tender pathos' was 'a work of surprising maturity and 
perfection.' Already ill at time of admission to College, he 
died 'of decline' Feb. 17, 1817, at Gomersal. (D.N.B.) 

KNOWLES, JAMES SHERIDAN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
July 6, 1804. Doubtful if resided. [S. of James, lexicographer, 
a cousin of Richard Brinsley Sheridan. B. May 12, 1784, at 
Cork. School, Cork.] Wrote verse and plays from an early 
age. Befriended by the elder Hazlitt, who introduced h im to 
Lamb and Coleridge. Ran away from home after his father's 
second marriage (about 1800) and lived from hand to mouth. 
Served as an Ensign in the Wiltshire Militia and in the Tower 
Hamlets Militia, 1805. Studied medicine; M.D., Aberdeen. 
Resident vaccinator to the Jennerian Society. Abandoned 
medicine for the stage, first appearing at Bath and sub- 
sequently in Dublin and Belfast. Opened a school at Belfast; 
moved to Glasgow, 1816. Continued to write plays. His 
tragedy Caius Gracchus had a great success in Belfast, 1815, 
subsequently at Covent Garden. Hazlitt spoke of him as 
'the first tragic writer of his time.' The Beggar's Daughter of 
Bethnal Green was produced at Drury Lane in 1828; Alfred 
the Great or the Patriot King appeared in 1831, and The Hum h- 
back, in which Knowles himself acted, in 1832; The Wife in 

1833, the prologue and epilogue being written bj 
Lamb; The Love Chase in 1837. Continued to act until 1 E 1 ;. 
both in his own plays and others. Visited the United States, 

1834. Adapted Beaumont and Fletcher's Maid's Tragedy, 
re-naming it The Bridal, and also wrote two nov< I 

Lovell and Fortescue, 1846 and 1847. Became in his lat i 
years an ardent evangelical, preaching sermons from chapel 
pulpits. Married, 1 12. Miss Elphinstone, a formei 
Died Nov. 30, 1862, at Torquay. (Boasc, Biblio. Cornub., 
302; D.N.B.) 


June 25, 1847. S. of Lionel, of Gomersal, Leeds. Matric. 
A. 1851; M.A. 1854. Ord. deacon (Chester), Thomas 

iRs2; priest, 1S53; C. of Halifax. 1S52-S. IT. of Rawdon, 
1858-65. V, of Glossop, Derbs., 1865 !8 Surrogate, 'li" 
Southwell, 1SK4. Rural Dean of Southwell, 1SS5. Author, 
Pastoral 1 G 'd and Pearls ; Dream Garden, etc. Pied 

Dec. 30, 1888, aged 60. Father of the next. (7". .4. Walker, 
492, and MS. note; Crockford.) 

KNOWLES, JOHN LIONEL. Adm. pens (age 20) at Pembroke, 
Oct. 6, 1881. Elder s. of the Rev. John Dickenson (above), 
V. of Glossop. B. at Rawdon, Yorks. [Schools, Denstone 
and Manchester Grammar.] Matric. Miehs. 1881; B.A. 1884; 
M.A. 1890. Ord. deacon (Ripon) 1885; priest, 1SS7; C. of 
Ingrow, Yorks., 1885-9. C. of Newton-in-Mottram, Cheshire, 
1890-3. C. of Flowery Field, 1893-4. C. of Cleckheaton 
(Whitechapel) with Scholes, Yorks., 1894-1900. V. of New 
Mills, Derbs., 1900-30. Rural Dean of Glossop, 1906-20. 
Subsequently resided at New Mills, and disappears from 
Crockford, T934. (Denstone Coll. Reg.; Pembroke Coll. Reg.; 

KNOWLES, LEES. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 25, 1875- 
[Eldest] s. of John of Westwood, Pendlebury, Lanes. B. 
[Feb. 16], 1857, at Manchester. School, Rugby. Matric. 
Michs. 1875; B.A. 1879; M.A. and LL.M. 1882. Athletics 
'blue,' 1S76, 1S7S (3 Miles, Mile); President, C.U.A.C, 1877. 
Captained the Oxford and Cambridge athletic team which 
visited America in 190T to compete against Harvard and 
Yale and McGill and Toronto; for these services he was 
presented with an honorary dark 'blue.' Adm. at Lincoln's 
Inn, r879. Called to the Bar, Nov. 17, 1S82. On the Northern 
Circuit. Created Bart., 1903. M.P. for West Salford, 1886- 
1906. Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Board 
of Trade, 1S05-1900. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 
(Lieut.-Col., Lanes. Fusiliers; T.D.; O.B.E., 1920). Church 
Estates Commissioner, 1S96-1906. Author, The Edited 
Letters of Captain Enelebert Lutyens, St Helena, 1820-3, elc - 
Died s.p. Oct. 7, 1928. Benefactor to Trinity by the estab- 
lishment of exhibitions and of the Lees Knowles Lectureship 
in Military Science. (Rugby Sch. Reg.; Scott, MSS.; Univ. 
War List; Book of Blues; Burke, P. and B.; Inns of 1 ourt; 
1 . Lists; Foster, Men at the Bar; The Times, Oct. 
Cambridge Review, Oct. 12, 1928.) 

KNOWLES, RICHARD JOHN. Adm. (age 21) at Caius, Oct. 9, 
1871. S. of Richard John, gent., of Chcshunt, Herts. B. in 
British Guiana. School, Surbiton. Matric. Michs. T~i; 
B.A. 1875. No profession. Of 33, Maxilla Gardens, Ken- 
sington, W., in 1898. (Venn, 11. 400.) 

KNOWLES, RICHARD MARTIN. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus, 
Oct I, t88o. S. of John, Esq. B. at Heme Hill, Surrey. 
School, Blackheath. Matric. Michs. 18S0; B.A. 1884. 

KNOWLES, ROBERT. Adm. sizar (age IS) at Pembroke. 
May 10 1763. Eldest s. of Mannaduke Knowles, farmer, of 
Bumsall, Yorks. B. there. Matric. Michs. 1763; B.A. 1767. 
Probably C. of Rushden. Northants., May 30, 1769- One 
of these names (not an Oxonian), V. of Gisburn-in-Craven, 
Yorks., i793-r822, was found dead at Stockbeck, near 
Gisburn, Apr. 30, 1822. {Northants. Clergy; G. .Vug., 1822, 
I. 570.) 

KNOWLES, ROBERT JAMES. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, 
lune 28, 1852. S. of Robert. B. at Camberwell, Surrey. 
Matric. Michs. 1852; B.A. 1856; M.A. 1S59. Ord. deacon 
(London) r8s6; priest. 1857; C. of St Stephen's, Paddington, 
1856-8. C. of St Luke's, 1S59-68. V. there 1868-1911. Died 
Oct 28, 1911, aged 77. {Crockford; The Guardian, Nov. 3, 

KNOWLES, STANLEY. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 1900. S. of 
the Rev. Thomas (1871), of Christ Church vicarage, Penrith. 
B. Mar. 25, 1881, at Liverpool. School, Oundle. Matrii 
Michs. 1900; B.A. 1903; M.A. 1007. Assistant 1 
N. Nigeria, 1907-10. Assistant Master at Tonbridge School, 
1914-44. Latterly of Madlev vicarage, Hereford. Died Mar. 
13, 1950, at Gloucester. 'Schoolmasters' Directories.) 

KNOWLES, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at St John's, Feb 

S. of the Rev. William (1720) [V. of Ormskirk, 1 ai 
at Ormskirk. School, Sedbergh. Matric. MA I 
(Sedbergh Sch. Reg. (no career given).) 

KNOWLES, THOMAS. Adm. -i/ar (age 22) at M 
May 26 1791. S. of William, of Fairburo, 
Yorks. School, private. Matrii aid 
R. of South Somereotes, Lines., 1817-48. Rural I >■ 
Jan. 4, 1848, aged 77. {Clergy 1 
.-., 1848, I. 446.) 

KNOWLES, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Caius, lune 25, l85»- 
S. of John, surgeon. B. 1835. al M 
Warrington Grammar. Main.. Michs. 1851; B.A. 1855. Of 
1 Yorks., in 1898. {Verm, 


5-2, Thomas 

KNOWLES, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 7, 1861. 

S. of Samuel, farmer and grazier find Elizabeth]. B. at 

Nailstone [Leics.l. B.ipt. Sep'- ". lS 43. Matric. Mi ' 

B.A. 1865; M A. r87o. Solicitor. Died May t3, 1S96, .it his 

Burton-on-Trent. [Eagle, xxi. 339.) 

KNOWLES, THOMAS. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1S71; B.A. 

1 M A. 1878. Ord. deacon (Manchester) 1874; priest, 

1875; C. of Christ Church, Salford, Lanes., 1874-7. C. of 

St Paul's, Toxtetn Park, Liverpool, 1877-82. C.ofSt Johns, 

Workington, Cumber! ind, t882-S. V. of Christ Church, 

Cockermouth, 1888-93. V. of Christ Church, Penrith. 1893- 

Died on Easter Eve, 1905, aged 57. M.I. in Christ 

Church, Penrith. Father of Stanley (1000). (C. R. Hudleston; 

Croc) ford.) 

KNOWLES, THOMAS TORRENS. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, 

Oct. 1 1879. S of Ad 1111. Esq., of Ferragh, Cullybackey, 

Co Antrim." B. Feb 13, 185'.. Srli.,..l, l:..vul Academical 

Inst , and at Oueen's College, Belfast. Matric Mi. h-. i~r 1 

Sri,..] , r , i'-.--. n A. (1.,;;. r . M v i- KS fi. \>«- 

Principal of Liver] 1 College I'pper School in 1903-. 

(T. A. Walker, 556; Schoolmasters' Directories.) 
KNOWLES, WALTER SWANBROW. Matric. Non-0 11 Lent, 
i8-s- H \ iSSfi; M.A. 1896. Ord. di icon (Lichfield) 1888; 
pn-t, is.?.,: C. of St John's, Hanley, Staffs., iS 1 . of 
St Thomas-in-the-Fields, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, 1892-4. 
k of Hanley 1894 1921 Died Nov. 29, 1921, aged 69. 
ford; The Guardian, Dec. 1, 1921.) 
KNOWLES, WILLIAM CHADWICK. Adm. pens, at St Catha- 
rine's lune 12, 1882. S. of Richard Henry [of Coburg 
Street, Leeds]. B. in London. [School. Clifton College.] 
Matric. Michs. 18S2; Scholar; B A. iSSv A = -i,t.uit M..-t. r at 
Stockport Grammar School, 1802-1916. (Llifton Coll. Reg 
(no career given) ; Schoolmasters' Directories^ 
KNOWLES, WILLOUGHBY. Adm. Fell. -Com. at Trinity Hall, 
May ir, 1770. [2nd s. of Edward, Esq., of Jamaica. School, 
Eton.] Matric. Michs. T770. Name off hooks, June 22, 1772. 
Adm. at the Middle Temple. Ian. 21, 1771. (Eton Coll. Reg.; 
Inns of Court.) 
KNOWLING, ERNEST MANSFORD. Adm. at King's, Oct 1. 
1871. [S. of Preb. George (Pembroke Collegi , Oxford, 1845), 
formerly V. of Wellington, Somerset. B. 1857 
Blundell's. Tiverton (1866-70) and private.) Matric. Michs. 
. xhibitioner ; H \ 1 -- 1, MB. 1S.83. At King's College 
Hospital. M.R.C.S., 1881. House physician, Brompton 
Hospital. Practised at Tenby; consulting Physician, Pern- 
or-... : Haverfordwest Infirmary. Medical ' ' tt 1 ■ ,-r of 
He dth, I 1 '1 b; Died Mar. 21, 1930, at Tenby. 
{Blunddls s,h. Arc.; 1 M lice.; Medical Directories; 
The limes. Mar. -'4, 1930.) 
KNOWLYS, CHARLES HESKETH. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Feb. 13, 1864. S. of Thomas lohn [Trinity College, 1 ixford. 
1822] [and Anne Maria M. Hesketh], of Clayton Villa, Clifton 
Park, near Bristol. B. 1845, at Hex-sham, Lan. - 
Eton. Matric. Michs. 1864; B.A. 1868; M.A. 1871. Ord. 
deacon (Gloucester and Bristol) 1S70; priest, 1871; * . of 
Cirencester. iS-o-g and 1873-5. C. of Farnhain, Surrey, 
1872-3. C. of Aynhoe, Nortliants., and of Clifton. <"■ 11 , 
1875-6. R. of North Meols and Southport, Lanes., 1876-94 
Assistant Chaplain at Montreux, 1894-1912. Chaplain at 
Zurich, 1808-0. R. of Washfteld, Devon, 1800-1905. Died 
Aug. 18, 1912, at Territet. (Eton Sch. Lists; Crockford; The 
Times. Aug. 23, 1912.) 
KNOWLYS, NEWMAN. Adm. pens (age 18) at Christ's, Oct 9, 
1- I [4th] s. of William, merchant, of Harp Lane. I.av-r 
Street, London. B. there 175S. School, Botesdale. Matric. 
Michs. 1776. Adm. at the Middle Temple, lan. 22, 1774- 
Called to the Bar, Feb. 8, 1782. Bencher, 1817; Reader, 
Lent, i8iq; Treasurer, 1826. Common Sen. -e.t. t'uv ,f 
London, 1803. K.-. order ..1 London, 1822-33. Steward of 
the Borough" of Southwark. Married. Aug is. 1807, Mrs 
Slope, wi.l.av, of Bath. Died Ian. 5, 1836. Buried in the 
Middle Temple vault. Portrait in the combination room at 
Christ's. (Peile, 11. 306; Inns of Court; Middle Temple Bench 
Bk.; G. Mag., 1836, I, 211.) 
KNOX, ADRIAN. Adm pens, it Trinity, lune 10, 1882. 
[Youngest] s.of "Sir, I,!.\ -.1, ..f Sydney, Australia. B. there 
[Nov. qj, 1 hi. 3. S. h.».l. H .11. « M.itri. . Mi, lis i-v.-.ll I; 
1885. Vim. -it the I nei rempl , May ji, 1883. called to 
the Bar, Inner Ten. 1, 1- , 1886; Hon. Bencher, 1927. Barrister 
in N.u- South Wales. 1 J6 1919 Member of the State 
Legislative Assembly, 1804 8. K.C., 1906. Chief Justice of 
Australia, 1919-30. P.C., 1920. C.M.G., 1918; K.C.M.G., 
1921. Member of the Judicial Committee of the Privy 

Council, 1924-5. 'in the Hoard which settled the 1 ndary 

between the lush Free State and Northern Ireland Returned 
to Australia, iqso. Chairman of Australian [ockey Club, 
loo, -10. 1 'led Apr. _'t-, iq - -, ,t :-■- 

Sch. Keg Lai Lists; Inns oj • - urt; Who was W) , 

40; The I imes, Apr 28, 1932.) 

Knox, George 

KNOX, ALEXANDER. Adm. pens, at Sidney, Oct. 13, i s '"-o. 
3rd s. of Robert. Esq., of London. B. there Feb. 2, ml 
School, Diocesan College. Cape Town, S. Africa (Rev G 
Ogilvie). Matric. Mi, h-. I --,.:'- \ 1 

Office, 1893; attached to the C.I.G.S.'s Dept ; custodian of 
Author of ., work on the climate of Africa. Died 
lune i- 1912 at Sutton, Surrey. (The Times, June 20, 
KNOX ALEXANDER ANDREW. Adm. sizar at Trinity, 
Vpr 11 1837 as Andrew Alexander. ^nd s. of George, 
landowner, of Jamaica. I .. Feb. 5, 1S1S, in London School, 
Blundeli'-. Tiverton.. Matric. Lent, 1S38: scholar: B.A. 
,,,, M \ 1-4-. Travelled south for his health, 1842. in 
company with Mrs Shelley, widow of the poet, and her son 

perry |,r 11. ge friend, thus meeting I'r.-I awnev, the friend 

of Byron and of Shelley. CaUed to the Bar, Lincoln's Inn, 
Apr. 19, 1844. On the' staff of The Times, n'-; writer _oi 
leading articles until i860. Polio Magistrate at Worship 
Street, 1860-2; at Marlborough Street, 1862-78. F.K.G.S. 
Friend of many distinguished men, among others, Faraday, 
Rajah Brooke, Kingslike and lvingsl. v. Married, 1857, 
Susan, dau. of James .Armstrong, Esq., of the Bengal Civil 
Sen-ice Author, The New 1 ' Wanderings in 

ilgeria; also wrote for Blackwood, The Edinburgh linirc. 
etc Died Oct 5, 1891, in London. Brother of George (1833). 
(St Paul's Sch. it *rt; Foster, Men at the Bar; 

Law Lists: Blundell's Sch. Keg.; D.N.B.) 
KNOX, ANDRE BLASINI. Adm. pens, at Trinity, July 7, ,1857. 
[Only] s. of the Hon William George [Chief Justice], of 1 orf 
of Spain. Trinidad, W. Indies. B. there 1838. School, 
St Columba's CoUege, Dublin. M.-.tric. Mich-, i-s, . 1 '■ X 

M \ 1867. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 
Called to the Bar, Apr. 30, 1872. Of Whitby, 1.1 i"„>|. Father 
of Philip F. (1894) (Inns of Court; Foster, Men at 

I r Li ■' * 

KNOX, ARTHUR EDWARD ELLIS. Adm pens, at Trinity, 
Dei 1 1856. S. of the Hon. lohn, of Heidelberg. B. 1S38, 
at fen'by. Penabs. School, Hants, (private). Maine. Michs. 
l.A 1 1 
KNOX, CECIL WARBURTON. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 27, 
1884 S of the Rev. Thomas, of Cromwell rectory, Newark, 
Notts B 1865, at Colchester. School. Newark. Matnc. 
Michs 1884- B.A. r887. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 1897; pnest 
(Southwell) 1898; C. of Bardney, Lines., 1897-8. C. of 
Cromwell, Notts , 1 -- ,--1. R. of Harston, Lei. - , 10,0-1005. 
C of St Margar.-ts, Westminster, 1906-11. Served in the 
Great War, 1914-19 (private, R.A.M.C ). Residing at 
Warmer, Kent, in 1948. (Univ. War List: Crockford.) 
KNOX DAVID GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, 
Apr 30 1.804. S. of David, of E. Grinstead, Sussex. School, 
Westminster. Matric. Michs. 1804; B.A. 1 
(London) Oct. 1, 1809; priest, Sept. 23, 1.810. (Record f Old 
(age 18) at Trinity, Feb. 12, 1.829. s. of Francis. B. in 
Dublin. School, Cork (private). Matric Michs. 1829; B.A. 
Died Oct. 6, 1884, in Abbey Road, London, N.W. 
(The Guardian, Oct. 8, 1884.) 
KNOX EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 4, 1878. [Only] 
s of [Capt ] Henry Needham [R.N., Assessor to the Board of 
Trade ,ud the Court of Appeal], of Royal Road, 1: 
Kent B Sept. 23, 1S60, at Edinburgh. School, Eton. 
Matric Michs 1878. Agent to Miss Talbot at Morgan, Port 
Talbot, Glam., in 1S92." J. P. for Glamorgan, 1894, and for 
s,, m ,-n. t [-,1,- Capt., gad Vol. Baft., The Welsh Regt. 
,,,-.-. , if -, Kabv Place, !'■ .lb. in 1045. Died July 13, 
,,,-,, ,'/,- ,,'.,;. Burke, P. and B (Ranfurly); Fox- 
Ilavie-. Armorial Families; Kelly. Handbook.) 
KNOX, GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 171 at Trinity, May 2, 1816; 
from Trinity College, Dublin. S. of William. B. 1.1 Dublin. 
School, Dublin. Matric. Michs. 1816; B.A. 1820. 
KNOX GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Clare, May 25. 1833. S. of 
G„'.rgc [landowner, of Jainai.a]. B. [Aug 29, 1.814], in 
London S hool, St Paul's. Migrated to Trinity, Oct. 8, 
matric. Michs. 1S33. Migrated to Sidney, Apr. 19, 
l834 ! B A 1837; M- V 1S55. Ord. deacon (bt Davids) 1837; 
- ,l.,u, , -1. 1) Sept. q, 1S3S. Chaplain to the H.E.I.C; 
Madras Establishment, 1838-55; at Bangalore. 
1,850-' at 1 '.a 1. auuiiid. IA54-5. C.of St John's, Ousebndge, 
y,,rk- ' 1.S5--.8 C. of AH Souls, Marvleboue. issh Associa- 
tion Secretary, Church Missionary Society, 1858-71. Editor 

of the 1 1/ Intel,. '. 1-1 h V. of l-.xton, Rutland, 

,.-, q] Died Sept.- 18,11. Brother ot Alexandei ■ 

(si Paul's s "': The Guardian 

Sept. 1', 1891; Stock 11. 273 and in. 658.) 


Knox, George 

KNOX, GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Caius, June 30, 1866. 
Eldest s. of Edward, merchant [barrister {Inns of Court and 
Men at the Bar)], of Sydney, N.S. Wales. B. there. School, 
Sydney Grammar [and B.A., Univ. of Sydney]. Matric. 
Michs. 1866; (Moral Sci. Trip., 1st Class, 1869); B.A. 1870; 
M.A. 1S73. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 17, 1867. Called to 
the Bar, 1870. Returned to Sydney, where he practised as 
a barrister. Died Mar. 9, 1888, at Cairo. {Venn, 11. 376; 
Inns of Court; Lav Lists; Foster, Men at the Bar.) 

KNOX, HENRY WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, 
[an. u. [828. [Eldest] s. of Henry William [Capt., 6th 
Dragoon Guards, and Jane, dau. of the Rev. William Rogers, 
D.D., of KeUs, Co. Meath]. B. [Dec. 9, 1809], at Netley Park, 
vo. School, Bath. Matnc. Michs. 1S2S. Of Netley 
Park, Co. Mayo. J. P. and D.L.; High Shcnfl, 1S45. Married 
(1) Dec. 7, 1S35, Isabella .Antoinette, dau. of John Peel, of 
Burton-on-Trent, Staffs.; (2) 1S42, Eliza, dau. of The 
O'Grady, of Kilballyowen. Died s.p. Sept. 24, 1859. (Burke, 
L.G. of Ireland.) 

KNOX, JAMES JENKINSON. Adm. at Cavendish H., Oct. 1SS3. 
[S. of John, of Bakewell, Derbs. B. there in 1S66.] Matric 
Michs. 18S3; B.A. 1886; M.B., B.Chir., and M.A. 1891. 
Migrated to Downing, Dec. 1891. Football (assoc.) 'blue,' 
1887. One of the best known Surrey County football players. 
At St Mary's Hospital. L.R.C.P.; M.R.C.S., 18S9. Assistant 
Pathologist at St Mary's Hospital. Of Bakewell, Derbs., in 
T890, and subsequently of Red House, East Molesey, Surrey. 
Died Dec. 25, 1898. (Scott, MSS.; Medical Directories; 
P. E. Towell.) 

KNOX, JOHN. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 21) at Jesus, Dec. 4, 1804. 
[Eldest s. of Arthur, of Castlerea and Woodstock, Co. Wicklow , 
Ireland. B. [May 13, 1783], at Woodstock. School, private, 
Matric. Michs. 1804. Of Castlerea and Woodstock, Co. 
Wicklow. J. P. and D.L. High Shenfi of Co. Wicklow, 1809, 
and of Co. Mayo, 1821. Married, Mar. 12, 1808, Maria Anne, 
dau. of Major John Knox, of Mount Falcon, and had issue. 
Died Dec. 31, 1861. (Burke, L.G. of Ireland.) 

KNOX, JOHN [HENRY]. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Si John's, May 3, 
1806; re-adm. Apr. 23, 1S13, as John. [3rd s. of the Hon. 
Thomas, Viscount Northland, M.P. (post 1st Earl of Ran- 
furly). B. July 26, 1788. School, Harrow.] Matnc. Easter, 
1806, as John. Ensign, 64th Foot, 1S07; Lieut., 52nd Foot, 
1809; Capt., 40th Foot, 1S10; 85th Foot, 1S13; Major, 1S17; 
Lieut. -Col., West India Regt., 1819. M.P. for Newry, Ic 26 
32. Mimed, Feb. 12, 1822, Lady Mabella Josephine Need- 
ham, dau. of the 1st Earl of Kilmorey. Died Aug. 2;, 1072. 
Father of Thomas F. (1S40); brother of Thomas (1803). 
(Harrow Sch. Reg.; Burke, P. and B. (Ranfurly).) 

KNOX, JOHN WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age iS) at Trinity, 
June i, 1802. S. of William, of Bath [and Letitia, of Llan- 
stinian, Pembs.]. [B. Feb. 14, 1784.] School, Westminster. 
Scholar, 1803; matric. Michs. 1S04; B.A. 1806; M.A. 1S09. 
One J. A. Knox (not of Oxford) was R. of Yerbeston, Pembs., 
1810-60. No John William found in Clergy Lists, but a 
Rev. 'J. W.' Knox died Jan. 10, 1862, at Brompton, aged 77. 
\<j. Mag.; Record of Old Westminsters; Foster, Index Eccles.) 

KNOX, PHILIP FRANCIS. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1894. S. of 
Andre Blasini (1S57), Esq., of Whitby. Matric. Michs. 1894. 
Went on the stage. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 
(Lieut., R. Fusiliers; wounded). (Univ. War List.) 

KNOX, The Rev. ROBERT BENT. Hon. LL.D. 1889. [2Qd s. of 
the Hon. Charles, Archdeacon of Armagh (and Hannah, dau. 
of Robert Bent, M.P., and widow of James Fletcher). B. 
Sept. 25, 1808, at Dungannon Park Mansion.] Dropped the 
use of the Christian name, Bent, early in life. B.A., Trinity 
College, Dublin, 1829; M.A., Trinity College, Dublin, 1834; 
B.D. and D.D. Trinity College, Dublin, 1858. Ord. deacon 
(Kildare); priest (Killaloe) 1832. Chancellor of Ardfert, 
1834-41. Bishop of Down, Connor and Dromore, 
Archbishop of Armagh, 1886-93. Married, Oct. 5, 1042, 
Catherine Delia, dau. of Thomas Gibbon Fitzgibbon, of 
Ballyseeda, Co. Limerick, and had issue. Described as ' very 
foolish, without learning, piety, judgment, conduct, sense' 
The Dean of Limerick said of hun (while Domestic Chaplain 
to his uncle) 'he used, when made to preach by his uncle, 
to get me to write his sermon and could not deliver it. The 
Bishop used to say " Why do you always blow your nose in 
the pathetic part? "' Author, Ecclesiastical 1 •. 1 i Irelan ' . 
Died Oct. 23, 1893, at Armagh. (Burke, /-*. and B. (Ran- 
furly); 1 


: ■ : 

M.B. and CM., 1 .C.S., 1914. Lieut., I.M.S., 

Knubley, Edward Ponsonby 

1897; Capt., 1900; Major, 1909; Lieut. -Col., 191: 
in the Great War, 1914-19 (Ueut.-Col., [.M.S.; I 1 <>. 
1015; mentioned four times in despatches; in the Darda 
nelles, 1915-16; Order of the White Eagle. 4tuclasi 

, Urder of the Crown of Italy; A.D.M.S., both Div., 
Egyptian Expeditionary Force, 1918). Retired, 1930. Hon. 
Surgeon to the King. Of Fordingbridge, Hants.. 
(Record of Old Westminsters; Venn, 11. 514; Univ. Wat List, 
Army Lists; The V.C. and D.S.O.; Medical Directories^ 

KNOX, THOMAS. Adm. Fell.-Com. at St John's, Mr, 
[Eldest] s. of Hon. Thomas (1st Earl of Ranfurly) , 
Jane, dau. of Edmund Sexton, Viscount Pery]. B. [Apr. 19, 
i;^,j, in Dublin. School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1803. 
M.P. for Tyrone, 1812-18; for Duugannon, 1818-30 and 
1837-S. 'An ardent supporter of the Conservative cause.' 
Styled Viscount Northland, 1831-40. Succeeded his father 
as 2nd Earl of Ranfurly, 1840. Married, Feb. 28, 1815, Mary 
Juliana, dau. of the Hon. and Most Rev. William Stuart, 
Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland. Died 
Mar. 21, 1S58. Father of the next; brother of John H. (1806). 
(Harrow Sch. Reg.; Burke, P. and B. (Ranfurly); G.E.C.; 
G. Mag., 185S, 1. 440.) 

KNOX, The Hon. THOMAS. Adm. Fell.-Coni. at St John's, Feb. 
3, 1835. S. of Thomas (above), Viscount Northland. [B. Nov. 
13, 1816], at Dungannon, Tyrone, Ireland. [School, Eton.] 
Matric. Lent, 1S35. M.P. for Dungannon, 183S-51. Styled 
Viscount Northland, 1840-5S. Succeeded his father as 3rd 
Earl of Ranfurly, Mar. 21, 1858. Married, Oct, 10, 1848, 
Harriet, dau. of James Kimingtou, of Broomhead Hall, 
Yorks. Died May 20, 1858, aged 41. Father of Uchter J. M., 
Earl of Ranfurly lis,-",). (Burke, P. and B (sub Ranfurly); 

KNOX, THOMAS FRANCIS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Dec. to, 
1840, as Francis Thomas. [Eldest s. of John Henry (1806), 
M.P. [and grandson of Thomas, 1st Earl of Ranfurly]. B. 
Dec. 24, rS22, at Brussels.] School, Hants, (private). Matric. 
Michs. 1841; Scholar, 1843; 2nd Chancellor's medal, 1845; 
B.A. (3^ Classic) 1845. Received into the Roman Catholic 
Church, Nov. 16, 1845. Helped to found the London Oratory, 
1849, an d remained a member (and its Superior) until his 
death. Created D.D., 1875, by Pope Pius IX. ' His learning 
and prudence' were highly valued by Cardinal Manning, 
' Defensor Matrimoniorum ' in the archdiocese of Westminster 
for several years. Took a leading part in promoting the 
canonization of the English martyrs. Author, theological. 
Died Mar. 20, 1882, at the Oratory, South Kensington. 
Buned in the private cemetery of the Oratorian fathers at 
Sydenham. (Burke, P. and B. (sub Ranfurly), D.N.B.) 

KNOX, UCHTER J. M. (1875), see RANFURLY, Earl of. 

Hall, 1886. S. of William Henry Worsley Trotter (next), of 
Lincoln's Inn. School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1886; B.A. 
1889. A member of Lloyd's. Served in the Great War, 
1914-19 (Capt., R. Scots and M.G.C.). Died Jan. 1, 1947. 
(Harrow Sch. Reg.; Univ. War List.) 

at St John's, June 29, 1847. [S. of Col. William Hunter 
Douglas, Indian Army (and Jane Waite).] B. May 13, 1829, 
at Edinburgh. School, Kingston College, Hull. Migrated to 
Trinity, Oct. 16, 1847. Matric. Michs. rS47; B.A. 1851; 
M.A. 1854. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Mar. 14, 1850. Called to 
the Bar, May 1, 1S54. Reporter, in the Chancery Division, 
for the Incorporated Council. Married, June 17, 1856, Nina, 
eldest dau. of Francis T. D. Sewill, deceased, of Wickhill 
House, Berks., Lieut., R.N. Died May ;, 1899, at Bourne- 
mouth. Father of the above. (La:, Lv,: ., 1 ■. t> 1 . M en at the 
Bar and Scott, MSS. give 's. of Col. Douglas, of Edinburgh; 
The Times, May 10, 1899.) 



KNUBLEY, EDWARD MILES. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Magda- 
lene, 1897. S. of the Rev. Edward Ponsonby (next), K. ■•! 
Steeple Ashton, Wilts. School, Fauconbergh. Matrii 
1897; B.A. 1900; M.A. 1905. Died at Newcastle, Natal, 
July 28, 1950. 

KNUBLEY, EDWARD PONSONBY. Adm. pens ■ 19) n 

Magdalene, July 1, 181 9 .1 Idi I 
Ponsonby (next), ii. Apr. 21, 18; 
Michs. 1869; B.A. 1873; M.A. ' 
Chester) 1877; 1 

B ittetsea, 18; ?-8- R. < '■ ■■' 


ithedral, 1917 31. Author, 

':. Res-; Crockford; Who was Who, 
[929-40; Tim 


Knubley, Miles Ponsonby 

KNUBLEY, MILES PONSONBY. Adm. pens, at Christ's, 
Feb. 26, 1844. S. of Edward Carr, solicitor [and Mary 
Ponsonby]. B. Jan. 20, 1826, at Whitehaven. School, 
Stocktnu". Maine" Muli^. i>41- ^'T' *>* terms. Migrated 
to Magdalene, Nov. 10, 1846; LL.B. 1851. Ord. deacon 
(Ripon) Dec. 1849; priest, Dec. 1850; C. of Famharn, Yorks., 
1849-51. C.-in-charge ol Plumbland, Cumberland, 1851-8. 
Married, May 23, 1849, Ann, dau. of Robert Jefferson, of 
Springfield, i uiiibi-rlaiul. Di»-d |une 13, 1*58, at Seaton 
Hall, Cumberland. Father of the above. [Peile, a. 486.) 

KNUTSFORD, Viscount, see HOLLAND. 

KNYFTON, THOMAS TUTTON. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, 
June n, ism. [Eldest] s. of Th"iuas [Tutton, attorney, 
deceased, oi Uphill Castle, Somerset], B. [Oct. 20, 1798], al 
Westburv, Somerset. School, Tiverton, Devon. Matric. 
Lent, 1817; B.A. 1821; MA. 1824. Of L'phill Castle, 
Somerset. J. P. and D.L. for Somerset. High Sheriff, 1851. 
Married (1) Dec. 15, 1830, Eliza Maria, dau. of Lieut.-Gen. 
Sir Love Parry Jones-Parry, of Madryn, Caniarvons., and 
had issue a son, who died an infant; (2) July 12, 1855, 
Georgiana Sophia, dau. of the Rev. Wilham Hungerford 
Colston, D.D., R. of West Lydford, Somerset. Died s.p. 

Feb. 2, 18S7, .iiid sih.eei ded bv In-, jreat-nephew. [Blutldell's 

Sch, Reg.; Burke, L.G.; P. 1..' rowell.) 

KNYVETT, CAREY JOHN. Adm. pens, (aye 17) at Trinity, 
Feb. 22, 1851. [Eldest] -. of Carey Seymour [of Dover, isth 
Irish Kegt. of Foot, and later, banker, of Westminster (and 
Mary Ann, dau. of John Wise, of M.tidstone, Kent). B. 
Sept. 2-,. 1 ■ ■■> it«-d to Trinity Hall, July 7. 1852; 

name off, Si-pt. 20, 183J. Principal Clerk in the Home Dept. 
C.B. Married, July 2, 1 r ■ r . j; , Emily 1 rederica, dau. of John 
K. Wedderbum, 91I1 Lancers and 2nd Life Guards, and had 
issue. Of 67, Eccleston Square, London, S.W., in 1897. 
(Burke, 1 amily Records, 365.) 

KNYVETT, FREDERICK. Adm. pens, at CORPUS Christi, 
Oct. 1.-. 1824. ni Hampshire. [3rd s. of Henry, Chief 
Paymaster .it the Depot, Isle of Wight (and Sophia, dau. "1 
John Hussey, of Clapton, Middlesex). B. Dec. 21, 1806. 
School, St Paul's.] Entered Indian Army; Ensign, 4th 
Bengal N.I., 1821; Lieut., 1S23; Capt., 1837; Lieut.-Col. 
Married, fune 28, 1847, Laura Frames, dau. of Major George 
D'Arley. Died s.p. (no date recorded). Uncle of the above. 
(M Paul's Sch. Reg.; Burke, Family Records, 364.) 

KO, TAW SEIN. University ECS. Teacher of Burmese, 1892-5. 
[CM. hist. Reg.) 

KOCH, WALTER EDWARD. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 10, 
1870. S. of John Edward Campbell [and Ellen Sarah]. B. 
Mar. 19, 184S, at Brixton. [School, Marlborough College, 
and at King's College, Loudon.] Maine. Miens. 1870; (Nat. 
Sci. Trip., 1st Class, 1873}; B.A. 1874; M.A. 1883. A mining 
engineer with Messrs Siemens, at Westminster; with the 
Spreug Steel and Iron Company, Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, 
1885-97. Member of American Institute of Mining En- 
gineers. Metallurgical Engineer, Pittsburg, Pa., U.S.A. 
Genera] Manager, Compania Nimera 'Lustre,' Santa Maria 
dd Oro, Est de Durango, Mexico, 1897-1904. Subsequently 
.1! II Paso, ITexas, in charge of a quicksilver mine at Terlinga, 
where he began experiments on the effects produced on ro> I. 
by high temperatures, 1904. Wrote to a friend that 'the 
revolution of 1911 had broken' him. F.G.S., 1869. Died 
May 25, igi'\ at El Pas->. (Marlborough Coll. Keg.; Eagle, 
xxxviii, 124; Q.J. ofGeol. Soc, vn, 3 (iyi7).) 

KOE, BENTHAM DUMONT. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Caius, 
June 22, 1S34. [Eldest} s. of John Herbert, barrister-at-law. 
B. [June jo, 1816], in London. School, Eton. Matri< . Michs, 
1834; Si nolar, 1835 7; B.A. 1838; M.A. 1841. Cricket 'blue,' 
1838. Called to the Bar, Lincoln's Inn, 1841. Equity 
Draftsman. Died June jo, 1842, at Highgate, aged 26. 
Brother of the next. [Eton Sch. Lists; Book of Blu, , Venn, 
IX. 228; G. Mag., 1842, II. 218.) 

KOE, ROBERT LOUIS. Adm. pens, at Clare, Dec. 14. 1838. 
S. of John Herbert, of Lincoln's Inn. B. Mar. 21, 1819, at 
Hampstead. School, Rugby. Matric. Lent, 1839. Migrated 
to (_ hn-a'-,, Jan. 1 ■"•, 1 > 1 1 ; B.A. 1843; M.A. i.V|t,. 1 >ni dr.n . .n. 
1844; priest, 1845, i'.C. of St Margaret's, Yaldmg, Kent, 
1848-53. H.M. Inspector of Schools, 1853-93. Latterly 
resided at 9, Powis Villas, Brighton, where he died Oct. 22, 
1902. Brother of the al"<ve. (Kugby Sch. Keg ., which erro- 
neously gives date of death 0< t. 25; Peile, 11. 471; Cr ock] 'ord; 
Clergy List; I he limes, Oct. 24, 1902. J 

KOEK, GILBERT ARNOLD. Adm. [age 18) at Trinit* Hall, 
1886. S. of — , deceased, of Singapore. School, Forrest, 
Walthamstow. Matric. Lent, 1886. 

KOELLE, CONSTANTINE PH1LP0T. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi, Sept. 29, 1891. S. of — [the Rev. Sigismund 

Koul, Pandit Janki Nath 

William, C.M.S.]. B. Nov. 29, 1862, at Constantinople. 
Schools, Robert College, Constantinople and Marlborough 
College. Matric. Michs 1891; B.A. 1894; M.A. 1898. Ord. 
deacon (Winchester) 1894; priest, 1895; C. of Portsea, Hants., 
1894-6. C. of Pokesdown, 1896-8. C. of Holy Trinity, 
Bournemouth, 1898-1902. V. of Lang ley -Marish, Bucks., 
1902-9. R. of Weeford, Staffs, (with Canwell from 1912), 
1909-19. R. of Durley, Hants., 1919-25. V. of New Brent- 
ford, Middlesex, 1925-9. K. of Wickford, Essex, 1929-32. 
Living at Southsea in 1941. Died c. 1943. [Marlborough Coll. 
Reg,; Crock joid.) 

KOELLER, FRANZ. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1884. [Eldest s. 
of Francis, of Antwerp.] Migrated to New College, Oxford, 
whence he matrn , ).m. 27. 1— <<, aged 28; B.Mus. (Oxford) 
1886. [AL Oxon.] Degrees in Musi. .) 

King's, Oct. 8, 1888. [Eldest s. of Henry, of London, and of 
Mauritius. B. June 10, [870. School, Marlborough College.] 
Matric. Michs. i8h.s ; exhibitioner. Adm. at the Inner Temple, 
Nov. 18, 1887. Called to the Bar, 1899. Joined the I.C.S., 
1890; Assistant Magistrate and Collector in Bengal, 1S90-5. 
Under-Secretary to the Governor of Bengal, 1896-8. Joint 
Magistrate and Deputy Collector, 1S9S; Acting Judge at 
Cuttack, 1901; retired, 1902. In the Food Production 
Department of the Board of Agriculture, 1917-19 0.B.1 
1918. C.B.E., 1920. K.C., 1919. Bencher, 1925. County 
Court Judge, Lambeth, i^y-45-. Joint Editor, Rydi 
Konstam's Rating Appeals-, J he Law of Income Tax; The 
Rating Relief Acts, etc. Member of various committees of 
Treasury and Home Office, etc. 01 19, ( hapel Street, Bel- 
grave Square, London, in 1945. [Who's Who; Marl'wuzh 
Sch. Reg.; King's Coll. Reg.; Inns oj < ourt; IX .S. Lists.) 

KOOP, ALBERT JAMES. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 189s. Lid- >\ 
s. of August H. M., Professor of German, of Brighton. B. 
th< re Oct. 4, 1877. School, Brighton College. Matric. Michs. 
1895; J-;. A. 1898. Assistant MasUr at Lvnam's School, 
Oxford, 1898; at Christ College. Brecon, 189S-1900. Assistant 
in the sculpture Dept., and Dept. of metalwork (Japanese 
Section), S. Kensington Museum, London, 1900-35; Keeper, 
Department of metalwork, 1935-7. Possessed an excellent 

knowledge of the Japanese language. Edit t the Japan 

Society's Transactions; author, Earlv thinese l-r,m:e^.' Died 
Feb. 8, 1945, in London. [Brighton Coll. Keg.; Who's If ho; 
The Times, Feb. 10, 1945.) 

KOPPEL, FRANCIS ADOLPHUS. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1890. 
[Eldest] s. of Bendrx, Esq., of 36a Rosary Gardens, South 
Kensington, London. School, Bradford College. Matric. 
Michs. 1890. Died Sept. 9, 1944, at Bogota, Columbia, 
S. America. (The Tunes, Sept. 25, 1944.) 

KOPPIERS, HENRY. Adm. Fell. -Com. at Jesus, June 7, 1800. 
S. of Peter, Esq., deceased. Of South America. )i. at Berbice. 
School, Noordwyk, Holland. His mother married secondly 
the Rev. John Paul. 

KORTRIGHT, LAWRENCE. Adm. Fell. -Com.' (age 18) at 
Trinity, Apr. 18, 1S03. S. of Cornelius, of Santa Cruz, West 
Indies. School, Hitcham, Berks. [Name only mentioned in 
Caribbeana, v. 317.] 

at Jesus, Oct. 1892. S. of G. A., Esq. B. at Hampstead, 
Middlesex. School, L'niv.T-iiy College. Matric. Michs. 1892; 
B.A. 1895. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (private, 
London Kegt. (London Scottish)); killed in action, June 30, 
1917. (Univ. War List.) 

KOTZE, FREDERICK JACOBUS. Adm. pens, (age 20) at 
Trinity Hall, Oct. 14, 1803. [Youngest] s. of Frederick 
Jacobus, Esq., of [Mowbray], Cape of Good Hope. School, 
South African College. Matric. Lent, 1864. Adm. at the 
lnuer Temple, Jan. 30, 1865. Called to the Bar, Nov. 17, 

1868. [Inns of i ourt; Law Lists; Foster, Men at the Bar.) 

KOUGH, WILLIAM EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall, 
Jan. 4, 1869. Only s. of J homas William, of Eastnor College, 
I igate. [B. July 6, 1851.] School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 

1869. Died Mar, 17, 1871, at Cambridge, after a few days 
illness, aged 20. [Rugby Sch. Keg., which gives 'Eastmore 
Cottage'; The Cambridge t hronicU, Mar. 18, 1871.) 

KOUL, PANDIT JANKI NATH. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1891. 
S. of Naram Das, District Officer in the service of the 
Government of Cashmere, of Amritsar [and H. Mali]. B. 
June 5, 1871, at Amritsar. School, Amritsar Municipal 
Board, and College. Migrated as pens, to St John's, May 7. 
1892. Called to the Bar, Gray's Inn, Nov. 19, 1894. (Law 



KOWALEVSKY, ALEXANDRE. Hon. Sc.D. May u, 1899. 
Professor of Zoology in the Imperial University, St Peters- 
burg. F.R.S., 18S5. (Cambridge Univ. Reporter, May 16, 

(age 18) at Caius, Jan. 1S75. [Only] s. of Joan Joseph 
[merchant, of Coleman Street, London], deceased. B. in 
London. Bapt. at St Margaret's, Lothbury. School, St Paul's. 
Ma trie. Lent, 1S75; LL.B. 1878. Adm. at the Inner Temple, 
Sept. 23, 1S75. Called to the Bar, July 3, 1S7S. Died Jan. 8, 
1890. [Inns of Court; Foster, Men at the: Bar; Law Lists; 

KRAUSE, LUDWIG EMIL. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Jan. 20, 
1892. S. of Carl Johan Gottlieb. B. Mar. 23, 1872, at Blooin- 
fontein. School, Victoria College, SteUenboscb, and a 
graduate of the Cape University. Matric. Lent, 1S92; LL.B. 
1894; LL.M. 1920. In practice as Attorney and Notary at 
Pietersburg, S. Africa, before 191 1. Of Petersburg in 1945. 
(Peile, 11. 773.) 

KRAUSE, WILLIAM HENRY. Adm. sizar at Queens', June 25, 
r825. [B. July 6, 1796, in St Croix, West Indies. Schools, 
Fulham and Richmond.] Joined the Army, 1814; com- 
missioned in the 51st Light Infantry, then in the South of 
France; present at Waterloo. Appointed ' Moral Agent ' on the 
Irish estates of the Earl of Famharn, 1826, his duty being to 
'promote the religious and moral welfare of the tenantry.' 
Entered Trinity College, Dublin; M.A. (Dublin) Feb. 27, 
1838. Ordained, 1838. C. of Cavan, 1838-40. Inc. of 
Bethesda Chapel, Dublin, 1S40-52. Author, Sermons. Died 
Feb. 27, 1852. (D.N.B.) 

KRISHNAN, CHERUVARI. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Oct. 4, 
1887. S. of Koroth Kannan. B. [Nov. 2T, 1868], at Canna- 
nore, Malabar, India. Schools, Cannanore High, Calicut 
College and Presidency College, Madras. Matric. Michs. 
1887; Scholar, 18S8; (Nat. Sci. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class, 1890; 
Pt II, 1st Class, 1891); B.A. 1S90; M.A. 1902. Called to the 
Bar, Middle Temple, June 18, T890. Advocate in the High 
Court of Madras, 1891. Entered Government service as 
acting Professor of Chemistry at the Presidency College, 
Madras, 1S92, but a year later resigned and resumed practice 
as a barrister. Judge of the Court of Small Causes, 1906; 
Chief Presidency Magistrate at Madras, 1911; Chief Judge of 
the Court of Small Causes, T912; Judge of the High Court, 
1920. Received the title of Dewan Bahadur, and I 
Jan. 1927. Died Feb. 9, T927. [Peile, 11. 737; I.C.S. Lists; 
Law Lists; Who was Who, 1916-28, which does not mention 
the knighthood; The Times, Feb. 10, 1927.) 

Adm. at Cavendish H., Oct. 1881, as Augustus S. [Doubtless 
s. of the Rev. Joshua Charles Solomon (King's College, 
London, 1871).] Matric. Michs. 1881. Ord. deacon (London) 
1896; priest, 1903; C. of Kentish Town, London, 1896-1003. 
C. of St Martin's, Gospel Oak, 1903-8. C. of All Saints', 
Gordon Square, 1908-9. C. of St John's, Fitzroy Square, 
1909-12. V. of Little Bedwyn, Wilts., 1912-13. C. of Dengie, 
Essex, 1913-1S. C.-in-charge of St Paul's Conv., district of 
Parkeston, Harwich, 191S-23. V. of Shalford, Essex, 1923- 
35. Disappears from Crockford, 1936. Brother of the next 
two. (Crockford.) 

pens, at St John's, Oct. 9, r88o. S. of the Rev. Joshua 
Charles Solomon (King's College, London, 1871), City 
Missionary [and Helena]. B. at St George's-in- the- East, 
London. Bapt. Mar. 19, 1862. Matric. Michs. 1880. Migrated 
to Corpus Christi, Oct. 1, 1885. Ord. deacon (Sodor and 
Man), 1891; priest, 1S94; Chaplain of St Mark's, Kirk- 
Malew, Isle of Man, 1891-6. C. of Lymington, Hants., 
1896-1900. C. of St Bamabas's, Kingston-on-Hull, 1 900-1, 
C. of St Luke's, Ramsgate, 1901-5. V. of North Weald, 
Epping, Essex, T905-19. Added the name of Ryan c. 1906. 
Disappears from Crockford, 1920. Brother of the above and 
of the next. 

THANAEL. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, Oct. 1, 1895. 
Of Yorkshire. S. of the Rev. Joshua Chark 
Coilege, London, 1871), of St Baraab.i- 
B. there Jan. 25, 1875. School, Hull. Matric. Mi 
B.A. 1900; M.A. 1904, as Kroenig-Ryan, H. S. Died c. 1942. 
Brother of the two above. 

KROHN, HERMANN ALEXANDER. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Magdalene, July 1, 1869. [Eldest] s. of Nicholas Peter, of 
Grabamstown, 5. Africa, deceased. [School, Uppingham.] 
Matric. Michs. 1869; B.A. 1873. Adm. at the Inner Temple, 
Oct. 12, 1870. Alderman and Mavor (seven times) of Maldon, 
Essex. J. P. and D.L. Vice^faairman, Essex Territorial 

Kuroda, Nagashigf. 

Association, 1914-16. C.B.E., 1920. Died Feb. 1, 1929, at 

Mi lt.oii Court, Wynberg, Cape 'i'"A 

Sch. Roll; Inns of Court; Burke, O.B.E.; I he Times, ' 


KRONECKER, HUGO. Hon. Sc.D. Aug. 25, 1S98. Professor of 
physiology in the University of Berne. (Cambridge Univ. 
Reporter, Oct. 4, 1898.) 

KRUGER, HENRY RAINES. Adm. pens, at St John's, Aug. it, 
1887. S. of John Frederick, marine surveyor, of Hull [and 
Emily Atkinson]. B. there Apr. 27, 1857. School, Hudders- 
neld College (Mr S. Sharpe). Matnc. Michs. 1887; B.A. 1890; 
M.A. 1894. Ord. deacon (Liverpool) 1891; priest, 1S92; C. of 
Ince-in-Makerheld, Lanes., 1891-3. C. of Cullompton, Devon, 
1S93-9. R* of Jacobstowe, 1S99-1908. P.C. of St Mary's, 
Devonport, 1908-18. V. of Hatherleigh, 1918-27. Latterly 
resided at Gt Crosby, Liverpool, and died Sept. 1929. 
(Ridley Hall List; Crockford.) 

at Sidney, Oct. n, r88o. 4th s. of Henry, teacher of music, 
of Edinburgh, deceased. B. there June 18, 1858. [Previously 
at Edinburgh University; M.A. (1st Class Honours in Maths.), 
Edin., 1879; Ferguson Scholar for Scottish Universities.] 
Matric. Michs. 1880; (gth Wrangler, 1883); B.A. 1884. 
Professor at the Presidency College, Calcutta, 1885; Pro- 
fessor at Patna College and Sibpur Engineering College. 
Inspector of Schools, Bengal, 1906; Director of Public 
Instruction, Bengal, 190S. CLE., 1911; retired, 1913. 
Assumed by deed-poll the surname of Knight (his wife's 
maiden name) in lieu of Kuchler, 1919. Latterly of Wood- 
land Rise, Reigate, Surrey. Died Nov. 4, 1943. [I.C.S. 
Lists; Who's Who, William George.) 

KUCK, GEORGE HENRY. Adm. at Cail-s, Oct. z, i8g 

Peter, of Dulwich, London, S.E. B. 1874, at Woodford, 
Essex. School, Christ's Hospital. Maine. Michs. 1893; B.A. 
t8g6. Assistant Master at St Augustine's School, Ramsgate, 
1698. Employed with a hrm of electrical engineers, 19UO-7. 
In business at Para, S. America, in 1908. (Venn, 11. 532; 
Christ's Hosp. Exhibitioners.) 

KUHFF, HENRY. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Apr. 4, 1S26. 
S. of Henry, Esq., of the Bank of England. B. hi Middlesex. 
Matnc. Michs. 1826; B.A. (ntA Wrangler) 1830; M.A. 1833. 
Fellow, 1831-42. Served as pro-Proctor, 1834. Ord. deacon 
(Ely) 1838; priest, 1839, as 'Fellow of Catharine Hall.' 
Author, .4 Treatise on Finite Differences. Died [an. ;, 1842, 
at Cambridge, aged 38. (Clergy List; G. Mag., 1642, 1. 335.) 

June 16, 1683. S. of Lewis, of 28, Pembridge Gardens, 
Bayswater, London. B. 1864, in London. School, Oratory, 
Edgbastou, Birmingham. Matnc. Michs. 18S3; B.A 

KUHN, OSCAR JACOB. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 25, 1894. 
S. of Jacob, of 45, Highbury New Park, London. B. 1675, 
in London. School, New College, Eastbourne. Matric. Michs. 
1894; B.A. 1897. Called to the Bar, Inner Temple, May 1, 
igox. On the North Eastern Circuit. (Law Lists; Matins. 
and Degrees, 1851-1900, gives his College as Trinity Hall.) 

KUHNE, WILLY. Hon. Sc.D. Aug. 25, 1898. Professor of 
Physiology in the University of Heidelberg. F.K.S., 1892. 
(Cambridge Univ. Reporter, (jet. 4 , 1 

KUNHARDT, JOHN CONRAD GIE. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi, Oct. 17, 1867. [2nd s. of Frederick, deceased, of the 
Cape of Good Hope.] B. in Africa. Matnc. Michs. 1867; 
B.A. 1671; M.A. 1875. Adm. at the Inner Temp!.:, Nov. 15, 
1873. Called to the Bar, June 7, 1875. (Inns of < ourt.) 

KURAHARA, KORETERU. Adm. pens, at Downing, Dec. 10, 
1898. An Advanced Student. Matric. Mich 

KURKURE, GOVIND WITHUL. Adm. at St John's, 1862. 
[Only s. of Vithal Balal (Karkare), a native of the Presidency 
of Bombay.] Matric. Michs. 1S62; B.A. 1866. Adm. at 
Lincoln's Inn, Nov. io, 1864 (age 20). Called tu the Bar, 
June 11, 1867. Reporter on the native press, Bombay. 1 in- 
first Hindu barrister m Bomba , being sw 
Advocate of the High Court, 1 - 1 ■ . (Foster, As 
(Karkare); Cambridge Chronicle, Oct. 1-, 1 

KURODA, NAGASHIGE. Adm. at King's, J m. zo, 1885. S. oi 
the Marquess Kuroda Nagatoino. School, prep. 
Tokyo University, Japan. Matric. Lent, 1885; B.A. 1357; 
M.A. 1891, A Id . Promin :nt in 1 

Diplomatic circles. Nominated by the Em 
Speaker of the Imperial House of Lords. . 
oitheRi rvices rendered duriu 

China and Ja] ;; raised to the 1st Class Order and 

Grand C 

Tokyo, in 1928. (Ring's Colt. Reg.; Sir J. Tilley, f torn London 
■ 203-3.) 



KUTTA, WlLHELM MARTIN. Matric. Non-Coil. Lent, 1899. 

KUYPERS, ARTHUR BENEDICT. Adm. at King's, Nov. 28, 
1896; an Advanced Student. S. of Charles, of Hampstead. 
B. 1867. School, Downside College. A Benedictine monk. 
Matric. Michs [896; B.A [898; M.A. 1903. The first occa- 
sion since the Reformation that a degree was conferred upon 
a Benedictine muni;. Stationed at Haling — a dependent 
house of Downside; mainly responsible for the church erected 
there. Superior of Ealing Priory, 1925-35. While in residence 
at Cambridge, edited The Hook of Cerne from a MS. in the 
University Library Mm h 1 -l' ■< uied fe,r Ins kindness of heart 
and courtesy. Died Aug. 31, 1935. [King's Coll. Reg.; The 
Times, Sept. 2, 1935.) 

KYD, ALEXANDER. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Emmanuel, July 1, 
1814. S. of General Alexander [chief Engineer of Bengal], 
of Watford, near Bridgwater, Somerset. B. in Calcutta. 
[School, Westminster.] Matric. Michs. 1814; B.A. 1828; 
M.A. r835. 

KYD, DAVID HOPE. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Pembroke, Oct. 6, 
1SS1. Eldest s. of lucid, merchant, of Dunkerque [and of 
Arbroath, Forfars.] [and Georgiana Charlotte, dau. of John 
Woodfryes, of Salisbury], B. [Dec. 29, 1862], at Dunkerque. 
[School, Sherborne.] Matric. Michs. iSSr; B.A. 1884; M.A. 
and LL.M. 1S88; LL.D. 1894. Adm. at the Inner Temple, 
Apr. 15, 1885. Called to the Bar, Jan. 26, 1888. Contested 
five Parliamentary elections. Knighted, 1916. Succeeded 
his brother John'N., at Pitcastle, Strathtay, Perthshire, 
1931. 1 Med I ire is, m t v Buried at Aberfeldy. {Sherborne 
Si ft. Reg. ; Law Lists; Inns ft urt; Burke, L.G.; Fox-Davies, 
Armorial Families; lit, I ivies, Dei . 10, 1933.) 

KYFFEN, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Si John's, (Jet. 13, 
1759. S. of Thomas, Esq., of Carnarvons. B. at Maenan. 
Si hool, Ruthin. Brother of the next. To be distinguished 
from two lohn Kvmns, of Oxford, who held cures in Wales. 
[Al. Oxon.) 

KYFFEN [or KYFFIN1, THOMAS. Adm. pens il St John's, 
May 26, 1756. Fell.-Com. Jan. 21, 1750. [Eldest] s. of 
Thomas, Esq., of Carnarvons. [and sometime of Maynan 
[sic], Denbighs.]. B. at Maenan. School. Ruthin. Matric. 
Mil hs. 1756. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, July 20, 1756. High 
Sheriff of Denbighs., Feb. r, 1765-Feb. 17, 1767. Brother 
ol theabove. (si John's Coll. Adm., in. 045 (Kvitm); Inns of 

KYFFIN, THOMAS LLOYD. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Jesus, 
Nov. 23, 1852. iM Caernarvonshire. S. of the Rev. John, 
deceased. B.Oct. 28, 1834, at Criccieth. School, Cli-11. ■,, 1 , .,,„ 

Maine. Lent, 1853; B.A. 1857; M.A. 1866, Ord. de; 1 

(Bangor) 1858; priest, 1859; C. of Llanenghenedl. Anglesey, 
1858-62. C. of Tremadoc, Carnarvons., 1862-8. V. of 
11 rnbadrig, Anglesey. 1868 89. V. of Llanfaes with Penmon, 
1889-1900. R. of Llainlegtan with Beaumaris, i,,,„> - mi 
Alverstuk, , Hams., loo .,-.,. Died May 2, 1909, at Gosport 
Hants. [Cheltenham < oil. Reg.; 1 rockford ) 

KYFFIN, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Magdalene, 
Apr. 21, 1700. S. of — , chemist, of Llanfyllin, Montgom. 
School, Shrewsbury. Matric. Michs. 17010, B.A. 1770. 

KYLE, JOHN LATIMER. Adm. pens, at Si Catharine's, 
Sept. I, 1884, S. of [ohn. I: at Carmarthen, Wales. Matric. 
Michs. ioo;\ B.A. i.s ,:-,; M. \. 1903. Ord. deacon (Llandafl) 
1888; priest, 1890; C. of St John's, Cardiff. 18SS-91. V. of 
Hilton, Yorks.. 1891-5. V. of Carlton-in-CIevel.ui, I. 1 ■ ■,--, 
Tili. and \ of Faceby, 1897-1941. Canon and Preb. of 
York, 1932 1 i. Latterly of Potto Grange, Northallerton, 

I lied Nov. 17, 1943. (( rockford.) 

KYLE, The Ven. SAMUEL MOORE. LL.D. 1842, lucorp. from 

Trinity College, Dublin, on occasion of visit oi 1, in Victoria 

Elder s, of tli.- Kt Rev. Samuel, D.D., Lord Bishop of Cork, 
Cloyne, ami Koss [and Anne Moore]. Adm. pens, (age 15} 
at Trinity College, Dublin; S. holar. 1S19; B.A. (Dublin) 
1821; M.A. (Dublin) 1S241 LL.B. and LL.D. (Dublin) 1S34; 
B.D. and D.D. (Dublin) 1872. Archdeacon of St Peter's, 
Cork, 18 13. \ i< ar-l .< m ral and Chancellor ol Cork and Ross, 
1837-90. Vicar-General of Cloyne, 1S40. Married, 1*33, 

[ane Cotter, of Ashton, I rk, md had issue. Author, 

The Mimstiation of />,,,,/,■ /;,,/,/, s ,„. Died May 1, 1890, at 
37, Upper Fitzwilham Street, Dublin. {Al. I.hMin; Bouse, 

II -' 9; lank.-, L.i,. of Ireland.) 

KYNASTON, EDMUND. Adm. at Clam, June K,, 1883. [Eldest 
s. of Robert, of Croydon. B. Aug. 3, 1864. School, Marl- 
borough College.] Matric. Michs. 1883; B.A. 1888; M \ 
1892. Ord. deacon (London) 1890; priest, 1891; C. of All 
Saints', Friern Barnet, Middlesex, 1-,,,, 1. of old St 
Pancras, 1898-1900. C. of Beneiiden. Kent. 1901-3. V ..| 
Buraliaui Sutton with the medi- l\ .a lairnliani L'lph. 
Burnhain Norton and Bumham Overv, .\,>ri,,lk, 1903-11. 
V. of Hambledon, Hants., 1911-3S. ~ Living at Bordon, 

Kynaston, William Herbert 

Hants., in 1948. Died June 2, 1949. {Marlborough Coll. Reg.; 

KYNASTON, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at St John's, Aug. 5, 
1775- Of Salop. [Younger s. of Roger, of Hardwick "(and 
Mary, only child of Henry Powell, of Worthen, Salop). B. 
Jan. 7, 175S, at Shrewsbury. Schools, Eton and Harrow.] 
Matric. Michs. 1775; Scholar, 1775; B.A. 1780; M.A. 1786. 
Succeeded his brother John, M.P., as second Bart., 1R22 
(John had been advanced to the Baronetcy in l8r8). Ord. 
deacon (Hereford) May 21, 17*0; priest, Mar. 17, 17S2; C. of 
Wortl1.11, Salop, 17S0-4. V. of Madelev, 17S5-6. R. of 
Risby, Suffolk, 1786-1839. V. of Kinncrley, Salop, 1795- 
1834. R. of Knockin, 1S00-15. R. of Hordley, 1803-39. 
R. of Fomham St Genevieve, Suffolk, 1803-39. Chaplain-in- 
Ordinary to Queen Victoria. Married, Dec. 9, 1783, Letitia, 
dau. of Robert Owen, of Dublin, and had issue. Died Apr. 26, 
1839, at Hardwick. Brother of Roger (1774). {Harrow Sch. 
Reg.; Eton Coll. Reg.; Burke, L.G.; St John's 1 oil. Adm , 
iv. 348; Foster, Index EccUs.; 0. Mag., 1822, 11. 471; ibid., 
1839, 11. 314 (in which his parentage is incorrectly stated).) 


KYNASTON, HERBERT. Adm. at King's, Oct. I, 1887. 3rd s. 
of the Rev. Herbert [sub Snow (1852)] (who had assumed the 
surname of Kynaston, 1S75), Canon of Durham. B. July 19, 
r.868, at Eton. Schools [Cheltenham and] Eton. Matric. 
Michs. 1SS7; Worts student; Scholar, 1890; Harkness 
Scholar, 1891; B.A. (Nat. sci. Tnp., Pt II, 1st Class) 1891. 
Tutor on the Continent and 111 the Canary Isles. Appointed 
to the Geologiea] survey of Scotland, 1895. F.G.S., 1891. 
Durham University Extension Lecturer in Geology, 1895-7. 
Director of the Geological Survey of the Transvaal, 1903-12 ; 
of South Africa, 1912-15. Died June 28, 1915, at Pretoria. 
Brother of Philip L. (1890) and William H. (ibSi). {lion 
Sch. Lut; Cheltenham Coll. Reg.; King's 'oil. Reg., which 
gives 'died June 26'; The Times, July 13, 1915.) 

KYNASTON, HUMPHREY. Adm. pens, at Clare, Dec. 23, 1799. 
B. in London. Matric. Michs. 1800. 

KYNASTON, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity Hall, 
June 211. 10.14. [Eldest] s. .a [ohn, Esq., of Chatham Place, 
Blackfnars, Loudon [and Crooms Hall, Blackheath, S.E.]. 
Matric. Michs. 1S44; Scholar, 1845; B.A. 1848; M.A. 1S51. 
Adm. at the Inner Temple, Jan. 24, 1846. {Into; of t ,„<,jq 

KYNASTON, PHILIP EDMOND. Adm. at King's, Sept. 30, 
1890. [S. of the Rev. Herbert {sub Suow, i,Ns2), Canon of 
Durham. School, Eton.] Matric. Michs. 1890; B.A. 1S93. 
Resided in Paris, Lausanne and Heidelberg, studying 
Modern Languages. Modern Languages master at Eton for 
two years. Ord. deacon (Southwell) 1S9.S; pre -l, in,,,,; C. ol 
St Mary's, Nottingham, 1.S9S-9. C. oi Stanhope, Durham, 
1900-4. R. of Kinnersley. Salop, 1904-S. V. of Holy Trinity, 
Shrewsbury, 1908-12. P.-in-churge at Umlall, Rhodesia, 
1912-ly. Assistant Priest at Bulawayo, 1919-21. P.-in- 
charge of Francistown, 1921-3. Chaplain of Irene Homes, 
Irene, and P.-iu-charge of Irene Chapelrv, Pretoria, 1923-30. 
Principal of St Bede's College, Umtata, Cape Province, 
1930-41. Lie. to off., dio. of Grahamstown, i94t-8-. 
Brother ,,I Herbert (1NS7) and William H. (1881). {Eton 
Sch. Li../; King's (.nil. Reg.; Crockford.) 

KYNASTON. ROGER. Adm. pens, at St John's, Mar. 28, 1774. 
Of Shropshire. [2nd s. of Roger, Esq., of the Inner Temple 
[and Mary Powell.] School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1774; 
Scholar, 1774. Kept eight terms bv residence. Adm. at tie 
Inner Temple, May 3, 1771. Died May 27, 17S9. 'Roger K.. 
Esq.. junior, ol St Chad's parish, Shrewsbury.' Portrait 
(1777). by John Downman, in the Fitzwilham Museum. 
Brother ,,! Edward (177s). [Eton (.oil. Keg.; St John's Loll. 
Adm., iv. 349) Inns oj I ourt; Parish l;,o of Hordley, Salop.) 

KYNASTON, ROGER. Adm. pens, at Sr John's, Dec. 16, 1793. 
[Eldest] s. oi Thomas. Esq., of Witli.uii Gr. ... 
Felsted.] Matric. Michs. 1797; B.A. 179S; M.A. iSor. Adm. 
at the Inner Temple, Feb. 14, 17,17. Called to the Bar, 
June 19, 1S01. Married, D,v. (,. 1N04 (when he is described 
as 'of The Grove, Essex'), Georgiana, dau. of Sir Charles 
Oakeley, Hart. Died May 13, 1547, at Harrogate, aged 70. 
[Al. Felsted; SI Johns Coll. Adm., iv. 349; Inns of 1 ,„,;, 
O. Mag., 1847, 11. 109, and 1804, 11 r.167.) 

KYNASTON, WILLIAM HERBERT. Adm. pens, at Si las-, 
Oct. 3, 1B81. S. of the Rev. Herbert [sub Snow, 1852] [and 
Mary Louisa Aim]. B. Aug. 2 \, 1861, at Eton College 1 lapt. 
Sept. 21, 1861. School, Cheltenham College (.Mr H. 
Kynaston). Main,. Mali- 18S1; B.A. 1SS4. Ord. deacon 
(Durham) 1885; priest, 1SS7; C. of St Peter's, Bishop Auck- 
land, isa'5 <, C. ol Annesley, Notts., 1889-90; V. there 
1S90-1914. Lie. pr., dio. of Southwark, 1914-39; dio. of 
Lincoln, 1914-41-. Canon aud Preb. of Lincoln, i,.j ,s-. 
Vice-Chancellor of Lincoln Cathedral, 1938-48-. Brother of 
Herbert (1887) and Philip E. (1S90). [Crockford.) 


Kyngdon, George Theodosius Boughton 



KYRKE, CHARLES RICHARD. Adm. at King's, Oct. 8, 1875. 
[S. of the Rev. Richard [Queen's College, Oxford, 1839], 
R. of Croston, Lines. School, Leamington College.] Matrie. 
Michs. 1875; exhibitioner; B.A. 1^85. Assistant Master 
at Bradneld College, Berks., 'for many years'. Died 
Apr. ro, 191 1, at Bournemouth. Brother of the next. 
{King's CoU. Keg.; Schoolmasters 1 Directories; The Times, 
Apr. 12, 1911.) 

Lachlan, Robert 

KYRKE, RICHARD ASHTON. Adm. (age ro) at Caii i, Oi t. 1, 
[874. S. of the Rev. Richard [Queen's College, Oxfoi 
of Shutlanger, Toweester. B. at Huyton Q 
Lanes. School, Clifton College. Matrie. Michs 1 
Wrangler, 1878); B.A. 1884. Assistant Master a1 I 
College and at Eastbourne College. Private tutor at Clifton 
in 189S. Headmaster of Winton Grange School, Bourne- 
mouth, in 1906. Subsequently of 40, Porchesi-r Road, 
Bournemouth. Died Ian. z6, 1936. Brother of the above. 
{Clifton Coll. Reg.; Venn, 11. 412; The Times, Jan. 29, 1936; 
Camb. Year-book, 1906.) 


LABATT, CHARLES BAGOT. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Feb. 28, 
1874. S. of George Augustus, of London. B. 1855, at Dublin. 
School, St Peter's, Adelaide, S. Australia. Matrie. Michs. 
1874; Scholar, 1S75; B.A. 1878. 

LABORDE, HORATIO WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 20) at 
Caius, July 5, 1S41. S. of William, Esq., of St Vincent, 
W, Indies. B. there. School, St John's Wood, London. 
Matrie. Michs. 1S41; B.A. 1845; M.A. 1859. Ord. deacon 
(Barbados) 1845; priest, rS48; C. of St George's, St Vincent, 
1845-50. C. of All Saints', Trinidad, 1851-2. Chaplain to the 
Bishop of Barbados, TS57-73. R- of St George with St 
Andrew, St Vincent, 1852-88. Rural Dean of St Vincent. 
1864. Archdeacon of St Vincent and the Grenadines and 
senior Canon of St George's Cathedral, Kingstown, St Vin- 
cent, 1878-91. Married, Dec. 4, 1S45, Georgina Anne, dau. 
of Thomas Melville, Esq. Disappears from Croekford, [892. 
Doubtless brother of the next. (Venn, 11. 255.} 

LABORDE, MAXIMILIAN JAMES. Adm. pens, (age 18} at 
Trinity, July 5, 1S31. S. of William. B. in the Isle of St 
Vincent, W. Indies. School, Middlesex (private). Matrie. 
Lent, 1832. Doubtless brother of the above. 

LABOUCHERE, HENRY DUPRE. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Trinity, Feb. 12, rS5o. [Eldest] s. of John, of Broom Hall, 
Dorking, Surrey [and Mary Louisa Dupre]. B. [Nov. 9, 
1S31], at 16, Portland Place, London. School, Eton. Matrie, 
Michs. 1850. While at Cambridge in two years incurred 
debts amounting to £6000. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, May 28, 
1852. At the age of 21 was sent to South America, where 
his family had important commercial interests; in Mexico, 
fell in love with a circus lady and joined the troupe. Lived 
for six months in a camp of Chippeway Indians. Entered the 
Diplomatic Service, 1S54; attache at Washington, 1854; 
subsequently at Munich, Stockholm, Frankfort, St Peters- 
burg, Dresden and Constantinople. 'According to his own 
accounts, he was insubordinate and indolent,' with a passion 
for gambling. Dismissed the service, r864, as a result of 
impertinence to Lord John Russell. M.P. for Windsor, 
1865-6; for Middlesex, 1867-8; for Northampton, 1880-1906. 
P.C., 1905- A first-class journalist, writing much for the 
Daily News, of which he was part proprietor. Published 
letters from Paris during the siege of 1870 under the title of 
i he Diary of a Besieged Resident, 1871. Established and 
edited the weekly journal Truth, 1876, whose fearless ex- 
posure of fraudulent enterprises brought upon him a long 
series of libel actions, most of which he won. Married, 1868, 
Henrietta Hodson, an actress at the Queen's Theatre, and 
had one daughter. Famed for his wit, gay personality and 
unconventional manners. Resided at Villa Cristina, Mon- 
tughi, Florence. Die4 Jan. 15, 1912. (Inns of Court; D.X.l;.; 
Who was Who, 1897-19x6.) 

LA BROOY, JUSTIN THEODORE. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi, Oct. 10, T876. [2nd] s. of F[rancis] I 
Tfheodore], of St Sebastian, Colombo, Ceylon. B. Oct. 
1857, at Kalutara, Ceylon. School, Colombo V 
Matnc. Michs. 1876; Scholar, 1877. Entered Higher Division 
of the Civil Service, 1881; Civil Assistant to Chi | 
intendent, Roy 1 , Woolwich, 1888; 

Liquidator of 
1920. CJJ., 1916. Died Dec. 10, 1944, .it Femleigh, Manor 

LACE, THOMAS ALFRED. Matrie. pens, from Queens', Michs. 
1882. [S. of T., of Port St Mary, Isle of Man. B. Aug. 29, 
1S63. School, King William's, Isle of Man.] B.A. 1 
M.A. 1895. Of The College, Storrington, Sussex, in 192S. 
(King William's Coll., I.O.M. Reg.) 

LACEY, FRANCIS EDEN. Adm. at Caius, Oct. i, 1878. 
[Youngest] s. of William Charles, deceased, of Bournemouth. 
B. [Oct. 19], 1859, at Wareham, Dorset. School, Sherborne. 
Matrie. Michs. 1878; B.A. 18S2. Football (assoc.) 'blue,' 
1881; cricket 'blue,' 1882. Adm. at the Inner Temple, 
Nov. 15, 1886. Called to the Bar, July 3, 18S9; practised 
until 1S98. Secretary of the Marylebone Cricket Club, 189S- 
1926. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Secret service). 
Knighted, 1926. Of Sutton Veny House, near Warminster, 
Wilts. Died there May 26, 1946. Brother of Howard G. 
(1875). [Sherborne Reg.; Burke, P. and B.; Venn, 11. 433; 
Book of Blues; Inns of Court; Law Lists; Kelly, Handbook; 
Who's Who; The Times, May 28, 1946.) 

LACEY, FREDERICK HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus, 
Oct. 1, 1870. S. of the Rev. George Frederick (next), de- 
ceased. B. at Drogheda, Ireland. School, St Paul's. Matrie. 
Michs. 1S70; B.A. 1S74; M.A. 1878. Tutor in a private 
school. (St Paul's Reg.) 

LACEY, GEORGE FREDERICK. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Pem- 
broke, June 13, 1833. S. of Frederick, scribe [schoolmaster, 
according to Merchant Taylors' Sch. Reg., and Mary Ann], of 
[Battersea], London. B. [Oct. 10, 1814], at Eghain, Surrey. 
School, Merchant Taylors'. Matrie. Michs. 1833; Scholar, 
1833; B.A. 1837; M.A. 1841. Ord. deacon (Armagh) 1851; 
priest, 1S52. Head Master of the Grammar School, Drogheda, 
Ireland, 1855-7. Head Master of Lewisham School, 1858-67. 
Married, July 14, 1840 (then of Woolwich Common), Eliza- 
beth, youngest dau. of William Collet, Esq., deceased, of the 
Accountant's Office, East India House. Died 1867. Father 
of the above. (Merchant Taylors' Sch, Reg., which gives him 
the third christian name of Laurence; Croekford; Clergy 
List; The Patrician, 1. 391.) 

LACEY, HOWARD GEORGE. Adm. at Caius, Oct. 1, 1875. 
S. of William George, solicitor, of Wareham, D01 
1856, at Bestwall House, E. Stoke, Dorset. Schools, Charter- 
house and Sherborne. Matrie. Michs. 1875 ; B.A 
A rancher in Texas. Died Mar. 5, 1929, at Bournemouth. 
Brother of Francis E. (1878). (Siierborne Reg.; List of 
Carthusians; Venn, II. 419, and addenda, 1940, I he 'limes. 
Mar. 7, 1929.) 
LACEY-SMITH, C. L. (1871). *« SMITH 
LACHLAN, ROBERT. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Jul 

[5th] s. of George, of Dry Hill Park, Tonbridge. B. 1861, in 
London. School, Tonbndge. Matrie. Mil 
1880; {3rd Wrat Inp., Pt III, 3 

18841; J ■ - 1885; M.A. i". ■ D 

..... . tractor in mathem 

College, Greenwich, 1 884-5. *' 11 ' 


' nbridge Sch. Keg.; 
The Times, Jan. 2< , 1945.) 

Lacon, Edmund Henry Knowles 

Emmanuel, Dec. 19, 1823. [S. of Sir Edmund Knowles 
(next), Bart. B. Auk. 14. 1S07. School, Eton.] Matric. 
Miens. 1824; B.A. 1828; M.A. 1831. Succeeded as 3rd Bart., 
July 3, 1830. Of Ormesby St Margaret, Norfolk, and Hopton, 
Suffolk. M.P. for Gt Yarmouth, 1S52-7 and 1859-68. D.L. 
High Steward of Gt Yarmouth, 1875. Banker and brewer. 
Head of Messrs Lacon, Y'ouell and Co. Hon. Col., 4th Batt., 
Norfolk Regt., and 1st Vol. Batt., E. div. K.A. Married, 
Mar. 23, 1839, Eliza Georgina, dau. of James Esdaile 
Hanimet, of Battersea. Died Sept. 6, 18S8, at Onnesby. 
Father of Ernest de M. (1870). (Burke, P. and B.; Army 
Lists; Boose, 11. 272; Fox-Davies, Armorial Families.) 

LACON, EDMUND KNOWLES. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Apr. 24, 1797. [Eldest s. of Edmund, Kt., ot i.t Yarmouth 
(and Eliza, dau. of the Kev. Thomas Knowles, D.D.). B. 

Feb. 28, 1780. Scl 1, Eton.] Matric. Michs. 1797; B.A. 

1801; M.A. 1804. l.ive 150 tow ards rebuilding after the tire, 
1811. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn. Sept. 26, [799. Capt., Com- 
manding tte. Yarmouth Castle Vol. Int., 1803-7. M.P. lor 
Gt Yarmouth, 1812-18. Succeeded his father as end Bart., 
1820. High Sheriff of Norfolk, 1823. Married, Aug. 20, 1804, 
Eliza Dixon, dau. of Thomas Beechcroft, ..1 Sa.xthoipe Hall. 
Norfolk. Died July 3, 1839. Father of the above. (Eton 
Cull. Reg.; Burke, P. and B.; Inns of Court; Return ol M.T.'s, 
Williams MSS.) 

LACON, ERNEST DE MONTESQUIEU. Adm. (ace 2.,) ,,t Caius, 
Oct. I, 1870. [ 4 th] s. of Sir E[diuund] Hfeury] K[uowles] 
(1823), Bart., M.P. B. [May 1], 1850, at Hopton, Suffolk. 
Schools, Laleham and on the Continent. Matric. Mi. lis. 
1S70; B.A. 1S74. Of Onnesby Hall, Norfolk. For many 
years an active partner in the family brewery, and Manager 
of its Metropolitan branch. Capt., Royal Cornwall Rangers 
Militia, 1879; Capt., 3rd Batt., Duke of Cornwall's L.I. 
Mayor of Gt Yarmouth, 1807. Died May 31, 1936. (Venn, 
11. 393; Burke, P. and B.; Fox-Davies, Armorial families, 
Army Lists; Tlte Times, June I, 1936.) 

LACY, The Rev. CHARLES. M.A. 1833, incorp. from Oxford. S. of 
James, gent., of Salisbury. B. there Jan. 1795. Matric. from 
All Souls College, Oxford, Oct. 20, 1S14, age 19; bible clerk, 
if 14-18; B.A. (Oxford) 1S1S (1st Class Maths/and Physics); 
M.A. (Oxford) iS2.|. ( ir.l. deacon (Oxford) 1S1S; priest, 1819; 
Chaplain, Christ Church, 1818-20. V. of Tung and P.C. of 
U igginton, Herts., 1819-39. J. P. and D.L. for Herts. R. of 
Althorpe, Lints. , is i7 -,,. R. of All Hallows, Loudon Wall, 
1839-90. Died May 17, 1890, at 25, Fmsbury Square, 
London; 'the oldest clergyman in the diocese of London.' 
(.-if. Oxon.; Boose, 11. 272; Crockford.) 

LACY, FREDERICK HUGH. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 1893. 
4th s. of Charles James, banker, of 28, Belsize Park, London, 
N.W. B. Jan. 25, 1875, in London. School, Uppingham. 
Matric. Michs. 1S93- B.A. 1S96; M.A. 1901. Ord. deacon 
(Rochester) iSyS; priest, :8yy; C. of St James's, Bennondsey, 
■ J98 1903. c.M.s. Missionary in British W. Africa, 1903-10. 
(-. of St l'eter's, Belsize Park, 1911-15. V. of Crimpl shun 
and stradsett, Norfolk, 1910-23. V. of Thoniey Abbey, 
Cauibs., 1923-35. R. of Northwold, Norfolk, 1935-43. Died 
.Mar. 15, 1943. Buried at Stradsett. (Pembroke Coll. Keg.; 
' rockford; J lie limes. Mar. 19, 1943.) 

LACY, LEWIS HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Pembroke, 
Mar. 26, 1830. Eldest s. of Henry Charles Lacy, Esc]., of Man- 
chester. B. at ball-bury. Matric. Michs. 1830; B.A. 1834. 
Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Apr. 19, 1832. (Inns 0/ Court.) 

LACY, RICHARD. Adm. pens, at Queens', Nov. 12, 1789; 
Fell.-Com. 1793. Of Northumberland. [Eldest s. ot Ri, hard 
and Dorothy (nee Appleby).] .Matric. Lent, 1790; B.A. 1794. 
R. of Shelfanger, Norfolk, 1800-12. R. of Dore Abbey, Here- 
ford, 1802-9. R- ol Win-ton, Yorks., 1807-39. Disappears 
from Clergy List, 1841. (Index Eccles.; L. R. Hudleston.) 

LACY, RICHARD. Adm. pens, (age m) at Christ's, Nov. 13, 
1815. S. of Samuel (next) [of Eden La. vj. 11. at Salkeld, 
Cumberland. School, Repton. Matric. Michs. 1816. Kept 
10 terms; the last being Mn hs. 1820. A keen sportsman. 
Married, 1S22, Eliza, dau. of the Rev. Robert Barker, V. of 
Hollym-tam-Withcni , a, Yorks., with whom he lived for 
eo years. Author, The Modern Shooter. Dud Jan. 3, 1S82, 
at Eden Lacv. Buried al '.t Salkeld. Nephew of Richard 
(above). (Repton Reg.; Telle, 11. 3S0.) 

LACY, SAMUEL. Adm. 101. Com. at Queens', Ian. 24, 1785, 
Of Northumberland. Colonel in the Army. Of Edeu Lacy! 
Father of the above. 

LADBROKE, ROBERT. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Emmanuel, 
Mar. 29, 1789. Of Warwickshire. [Doubtless s. of Robert, 
banker, of Idhcote (and Mary Anne, dau. of Richard Shu- 
brii k, of Enfield). School, Eton.] A banker. Died Feb. 1, 1845, 
it Florence. His personal estate in England was sworn 'under 

Ladell, Henry Richard 

£160,000, which he left to a brother, nephews, and cousins.' 
(Eton Coll. Reg.; G. Mag., 1845, 11. 665.) 

LADBURY, FREDERICK JAMES. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Nov. 9, 1869. [4th] s. of George Herbert, accountant [of 
3, Park Crescent, Portland Place, London, W. and Louisa 
Cecilia]. B. [Aug. 4, 1S49], at Holloway. Bapt. Sept. 19, 
1850. School, Highgate. Matric. Michs. 1869; B.A. 1873. 
Adm. at the Middle Temple, Dec. 23, 1870. Called to the 
Bar, Jan. 26, 1874. On the South Eastern Circuit. Died 
Nov. 5, 1890. [Highgate Sell. Keg.; Inns of Court; Foster, 
Men at the Bar; Law Lists.) 

LADBURY, HENRY BOULTON. Malric. Non-Coil. Lent, 1894; 
B.A. 1896; M.A. 1900. Ord. deacon (Worcester) 1897; priest, 
1898; C. of St Clement's, Nechells, Birmingham, 1897-1900. 
C. of Christ Church, Leicester, 1900-3. C.M.S. Missiouary at 
Unyoro, 1903-S; at Mhale, 1909 17. Kurd Dean ot Bukedi, 
1916-17. Acting Secretary, C.M.S. Uganda Mission, 1918-21; 
Secretary, 1921-34; retired. Subsequently resided at Nai- 
vasha, Kenya. 

LADDS, JOHN SAMUEL [or SAM]. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Oct. 5, 1864. S. of John, builder [and Ellen Sarah]. Of 
Middlesex. B. in the parish of St Luke's. Bapt. Oct. 9, 1844. 
Matric. Michs. 1864; B.A. 181.8 ; M.A. 1871. Ord 
(Lincoln) 1867, pn. ,t, 1 ... .. 1 . ..1 West Keal. Lines., 1867-72. 
C. of Diss. Norfolk, 1872-4. chaplain, R.N., 1874-7. C. of 
Burgh-le-Marsh, Lines., 1877-9. R- °f West Keal, is,-., i.,i... 
Married, Aug. 10, 1869, Annie Aniehe, dau. of W. Grelker. 
Resided subsequently at Spilsbv, where he died I an. 7. c.-j. 
aged 84. (Crockford; The Guardian, |an. is, 1929; Cnsp, 
Visitation <■/ England and Wales, xvi. 9; P. B. G. Binnall.) 

LADDS, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Caius, Feb. 11, 1824 
S. of William, farmer, of Sp.ildwick, Hunts. B. there. 
School, Northampton. Matric. Michs. 1824; B.A. (241/1 
Wrangler) 1829; M.A. 1832. Ord. deacon, 1829; priest, 1831; 
C. of Tilbrook, Beds., 1829. Recorded as unbeneficed and 
residing at Spaldwick, Hunts., -1840-4. C. of Barbara, 
Hunts., 1845; C. of Leighton-Hromswold, 1845; V. there 
1849-99. Died July 20, 1899, aged 93, 'the oldest clergyman 
in Huntingdonshire.' It was said that, after his appointment 
to Leighton-Bromswold, he never slept out of the parish. 
(Venn, 11. 192 and addenda, m; Clergy List; Crockford; Ely 
Diocesan Remembrancer, Aug. -Sept. 1899.) 


LADE, JOHN HOBDAY. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall, June 27, 
177S. Of Canterbury. [Eldest s. of John, of Boughtou, and 
officer in the army, and Hester, dau. of Mills Hobday, 
ol Pavershain. School, King's, Canterbury.] Scholar, 1778. 
Adm. at the Middle Temple, Mar. 20, 176S, Mirn.-d. Ian. 2, 
1791, Eliza, dau. of David Evors, grand-niece ol Sir John 
Powell Pryce, Bart., of Newton Hall, Montgoms. Fat her of the 
next; brother of William (1778). (Inns of Court; L.G., 1 46.) 

LADE, JOHN PRYCE. Adm. Fell.-Com. at St John's, June 3, 

I.-.I7. [Only s ..f lohn Hobday lab. .vol, ot Houeht. m II. .lis.' 
I'. al I-aursham, Kent.) Matric. Ml. lis. 1.8:7. J. P. and D.L. 

for Kent. Major, East Kent Militia, Lived at Nash Court, 
Boughtou, Kent. (P.B.G Jiinnall; L.G., 1840.) 

LADE. MICHAEL. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, Api. 28, 
1755. Of Kent. [Y'ounger s. of Michael, barrister-at -law .] 
Matric. Michs. :755; Scholar, 1757; B.A. (121/1 Wrangler) 
175.1. Married Sophia, relict ..t James, 6th Baron Cranstouu 
and dau. of Jeremiah Brown, of Abscourt. Surrey, lain, d 
Dec. 2, 1779, at St James's, Westminster. (G.L.C.; Park., 
Peerage (Cranstouu); Annual Reg.; I'. B. G. Bmnall; 1-. P. 

LADE, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Jesus, Sept. 28, 1778. [2nd] 
s. of John. Of Boughton, Kent. Malric. Michs. i;-.|, P V 
1783. Migrated to Clare; M.A 1781.. bellow of Clare, 17S0. 
Ord. deacon (Ely) 1784; priest, 17.SS; C. <.f Grantchester, 
Cambs., 1784-5. C. of St Paul with St Martin, Canterbury, 
:785-92. K. of Knowlton, Kent, 1792-1834. R. of Ring- 
would, 1802-8, and V. of Graveney with R. Goodnestom 
1806-7. R- of Wiekhauilip aux, i.-.o; 42. Died Apr. 1842, 
at the rectory, aged ... P.rothcr ..t lohn H. (1778I. (' .01.' 
Act Bk.; Foster. Index Eccles.; G. Mag., 1842, I. 447.) 

LADELL, HARRY SIMPSON. Adm. sizar at Sidney, Oct. 1, 
is.,;, (only) s. of Henry Richard (next). B. May 8, 1874, 
at Spring Grove, Middlesex. School, Westminster. Matric. 
Michs. 1893; P. A. 1890. {Record of Old Westminsters.) 

LADELL, HENRY RICHARD. Adm. sizar at Sidney. Oct. 2, 
1868. S. of Richard, of North Walsham, Norfolk, li. [Jan. 25, 
1847], at Marsham. Maine. Michs. 1868; B.A. 1872; M \ 
1875. Of North Walsham, Norfolk. J. P. Formerly of 
Spring Grove, Isleworth. Middlesex. Died Dec. 30. 1922, at 
Lowestoft. Father of tin above (Thi Times, Jan. 1, 1923.) 


Ladenburg, Alfred Leopold 

LADENBURG, ALFRED LEOPOLD. Adm. at Clare, Oct. 8, 
1SS8. Matric. Michs. e888: B.A. 1S91; M.A. 1896. Served in 
the Great War, 1914-19 (Capt., R. Fusiliers). [Univ. U at 

LADENBURG, WILLIAM FREDERIC. Adm. pens, (age 17) at 
Jesus, Oct. 18S9. S. of W. B. in London. School, private. 
Matric. Michs. 1SS9; B.A. 1692; M.A. 1897. 

LADYMAN, JOHN GEORGE. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 12, 
1864. Only s. of George, schoolmaster [and Aim]. Of West- 
morland. B. at Rosebank, Bowness. Bapt. Aug. 25, 1844, 
Matric. Michs. 1S64; B.A. 1S6S. Died Apr. aS, 1868, aged 24. 
(Cambridge Chronicle, May 9, 1868.) 

LAFARGUE, ELIAS JOHN. Adm. pens, at Clare, May 25, 
1794- B. at Stamford, Lines. [S. of the Rev. Peter (next).] 
Matric. Michs. 1795. 

LAFARGUE, PETER. Adm. pens, at Queens', Apr. 21, 1757. 
Of Lincolnshire. [S. of the Rev. Ellis (1709), R. of Gretford 
(or Greatiord).] Matric. Michs. 175S; B.A. 1762; M.A. 1 71 5 
Of Stamford, Lines. Clerk in Holy Orders. 'A respectable 
gentleman, of ample fortune. Though early ordained, he 
never held any benefice, but spent a long life in those 
charitable practices and friendly offices which will make his 
memory estimable and his loss severe.' Married, 1774, 
Elizabeth Torkington, relict of the Earl of Harborou^h . 
Died Mar. 16, 1S04. Buried at Gretford. M.I. there. Fatto r 
of the above, and grandfather of the next. [Manchester Or. 
Sch, Reg., 11. r56 (sub Francis L.); Mouson, Lines. Church 
A ies; G. Mag., 1804, 1. 383; Niehol, Leics., 11. 346; Annua! 
Reg. ; P. B. G. Binnall.) 

LAFARGUE, ROBERT AUGUSTUS. Adm. pens, at Sidney, 
July 3, 1820. 2nd s. of Peter [Augustus], Esq., of Husbands 

Bosworth, Leics. B. there Aug. 7, r8oo [1802]. Set 1. 

Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1820; B.A. 1S25. Ord. deacon, 1 $24 ; 
priest, 1S25; C. of Friesthorpe with Snarford, Lines., 
62. Died Nov. 14, 1862. Buried at Friesthorpe. M.I. 
(Rugby Sch. Reg.; Crock/ord; P. B. G. Binnall.) 

Christ's, June 17, TS29. B. at Liskeard, Cornwall. [Doubt- 
less s. of Athanasius (Christ Church, Oxford, 1798), P.C. of 
St Juliot.] [School, Shrewsbury.] Matric. Michs. 1S29; 
Scholar, 1830; B.A. 1833. Ord. deacon (Exeter) 1833; priest 
(Bath and Wells) 1S34; V. of St Gennys, Cornwall, T834-61. 
Married Mary Elizabeth — . Died 1861. (Crockford, which 
gives him still living in 1865, as* formerly V. of St Gennys. . ."; 
^hrrusbury Reg.; Peile, n. 435; Cornwall Reg., 43; Boase, 
Biblio. Cornub., in. 1263 {'died 1S61'); Crockford; Foster, 
Index Eccles.) 

LAFON, PETER. Adm. pens, (age 21) at Trinity, June 20, 
I7&3- S. of Joseph, of Bristol. School, Bristol. 

LAFONE, HAROLD. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 7, 1876. 
[2nd] s. of Alfred [M.P.], of Hanworth Park, Middlesex [and 
l dau. of William Boutcher, of Grately, Hants.]. B. 

[Sept. 25], 1857, in London. School, Repton. Matric. Michs. 
1876; Scholar, 1S79; B.A. (Class. Trip., 1st Class) 18S0. 
Adm. Solicitor, 18S4. Of Weybrook House, Sherborne St 
John, Basingstoke, Hants. Died Nov. 7, 1942, aged 85. 
Brother of Herbert A. (18S4). The family of Laione, or Lafon, 
is of Huguenot origin, Alexander and his wife having come 
to England during the early part of the 18th century-. 
(Repton Sch. Reg.; Burke, L.G.; Fox-Davies, Armorial 
Families; The Times, Nov. 9, 1942.) 

LAFONE, HAROLD CARLISLE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 25, 1897. [2nd] s. of Alfred William, of Springfield, 
Walt on -on -Thames, Surrey [and Harriet, dau. of the Rev. 
James Lawrence]. B. 1879, at Hatton, Middlesex 
Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1897; LL.B. 1900. Called to the liar, 
Lincoln's Inn, June 24, 1903. On the Western Circuit in 
1920. Became a motoring journalist, joining the 
The Car Illustrated, 1909. London editor of 1 h<: 
1915; afterwards (1930-8) editor; editor of The Light Car. 
Wrote articles under the pen name of ' Vagrant.' Of Hill Rise, 
Cobham, Surrey. Died May 4, 1938, on a voyage back to 
England from California. (Harrow Sch. Reg.; A... 
Fox-Davies, Armorial Families; Who i^us Who, 1929-40.) 

LAFONE, HENRY POWNALL MALINS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 14, i88'>. 

West Dulwich, Loudon. B. Julv 6, 1S67, at Waterloo, Lan< 
School, Dulwich. Matric. Michs. i»86; B.A 
Ord. deacon (Winchester) 1S90; priest, 1891; C. oj 

, 1890-G. V. of Ambleside, Westmorland, 1S96-1902. 
V. of St Cuthbtrt's, C 1. Ch pi tin t. ■ i 1 .1 

prison, Carlisle, 1904-9. V. of Kendal, 1909-12. Rural Dean, 
1909-12 and 1923-31. Hun. Canon of Carlisle, 1911-12. 

Laidlaw, Frank Fortescue 

V. of St George's, Barrow. 1 91 tg V. oi Cartmel, 1919-23. 
V. of Kendal, 1923-31. Archdeacon of Furness, 1912 23. 
Archdeacon of Westmorland, 1923-3T. Of Hylands, Kendal, 
in 194S. (Who's Who.) 
LAFONE, HERBERT ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
May 23, 1SS4. [6th s. of Alfred, M.P. B I 
School, Harrow.] Did not reside. Lieut., 5th I ' 
Guards, Feb. 17, 1886; transferred to 3rd Dragoon 1 
Dec. 22, 18S6; Capt., 1893. Died June 20, 
Harold (1876). (Harrow Sch. Reg.; Burke, L.G.; Army Li^ts.) 

LAFONE, HOPE. Adm. pens, at St John's, Nov. 21 
[Younger s. of Samuel F., of Montevideo.] B. there Oct. 
1841. Matric. Lent, 1S61. Brother of the next. 

St John's, May 13, 1854- [S. of Samuel F., of Montevideo.] 
Matric. Michs. 1S54; B.A. 1858; M.A. 1863. Dean of the 
faculty of sciences, Director of the museum and Professor of 
American archaeology and linguistics in the University of 
La Plata, Buenos Ayres. Wrote much on native languages. 
Called himself in correspondence, 'Lafone Quevedo.' Died 
June iS, 1920, at La Plata. Brother of the above. (Scott, 
MSS.; The limes, June 25, 1920.) 

LAFONT, JOHN. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Emmanuel, Dec. 14. 1815. 
Matric. Lent, 1816; B.A. 1820; M.A. 1823. Adm. ad ettndem 
at Oxford, July 1, 1835. Ord. priest (London) Dec. 19, 1819. 
R. of Hmxworth, Herts., Mav 30, 1S27 and Sutton Boning ton, 
Notts., July 21, 1S27, until his death, Oct. 13, 1844, aged 51. 
[At. Oxon.; Foster, Index Eccles.; G. Mag., r844, 11. 662.) 


LAFOREY, FRANCIS. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Trinity Hall, 
Apr. 15, 1784. Only s. of John, Lieut. •Commander, R.N. 
[subsequently Admiral and 1st Bart.], of Plymouth, Devon 
[and Eleanor, dau. of Col. Francis Farley, R.A.]. Probably 
b. 1767, in Virginia, L'.S.A. Succeeded his father as 2nd Bart., 
1796. Entered the Navy; commanded H.M.S. Spartiate at 
the Battle of Trafalgar,' 1805. Commander-in-Chief of the 
Leeward Islands, 1S11-14. K.C.B., 1815. Rear-Admiral of 
the Blue, July, 1S10, becoming finally (1835) Admiral of the 
Blue. Died unmarried June 17, 1835, at Brighton, when the 
baronetcy became extinct. (G. B.C.; Hist, of Antigua, u. 137 
(pedigree); D.N.B.) 

LAGDEN, HENRY ALLEN. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity, 
Apr. 4. 1771. S. of Henry Allen, of W. Wratting, Cambs. 
School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1771; Scholar, 1772 ; B.A. 
1775; M.A. 177S. Fellow, 1777. Ord. deacon (Peterb., Litt. 
dim. from Norwich) Apr. 4, 1776; priest (Ely, Litt. dim. to 
Peterb.) 1778; C. of Gt Bradley, Suffolk, 1776. R. of Weston 
Colville, Cambs., 1793-1832. R. of Ware and Thundridge, 
Herts, 1791-1832. Of Balsham House, Cambs. Father of the 
next and of William B. (18x2). (Harrow Sch. Reg.; Cant. Act 
Bk; Clerical Guide.) 

LAGDEN, RICHARD DOWSE. Adm. pens, at Clare, Feb. 6, 
1819. S. of the Rev. Henry Allen (above), R. of Ware and 
Thundridge. B. at Balsham, Cambs. Matric. Michs. 1K20; 
B.A. 1824. Ord. deacon (Ely, Litt. dim. to Bristol) 1825; 
priest (Salisbury) 1837. P.C. of the donative of Woolland, 
Somerset, TS42-54. P.C. of North Wootton, Dorset, 1854-61, 
R. of Stock- Gaylard, 1861--S2. Of Balsham House, Cambs. 
Married Mary- Anne, dau. of John Davis, of Fisherton, Wilts. 
Died Oct. 29, T882, aged 82. Brother of the next. (Crockford; 
1 he I imeSj Nov, 

LAGDEN, WILLIAM BERDMORE. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Christ's, Oct. 15, 1812. S. of [the Rev.] Henry Allen (1771). 
B. at Balsham, Cambs. School, Hertford. Matrit 
1813; Scholar, 1S14; B.A. 1817. Ord. deacon (1 
Dec. 2i, 1817. Died Dec. 12, 1819, at Leghorn. Brother of 
the above. (Peile, 11. 374; G. Mag., X820, 1. 186.) 

LAIDLAW, DOUGLAS HUNTER. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 
1898. S. of Robert, of 'Penwith,' Hills Road, Cambridge. 
Migrated to Emmanuel, Oct, z, [899; B.A. [got. 
1921. Of theP.W.D., Fed- . 1 LtedMalaj Mites, 1929. Brother 
of George M. (1897) and Patrick P. (1900). (Members of 
Institute of Civil Engineers, 1928-29.) 

LAIDLAW, FRANK FORTESCUE. Adm. pens, at Ikimiy. 
June 29, 1895. S. 01 Willi. nil S.uiiiderson, of B, Parsifal Road, 
Hampstead, London. B. 1876, at Galasbiel 
Uppingham. Mab 

1st Class, 1898; Pt II, 1st Class, 1899); B.A. 1 , ; M.A. 1905. 
At St Bartholomew's Hospital. M.R.C.S.; I R.C.P., (909 
House Surgeon at St Bartholomew's l [ospital. Sei \ 
Great War, 1914-19 (Capt., R.A.M.C). F.Z.S. In practice 
at Uffculme, Devon, 1920-45-. [Uppingham Sch. Reg., 
I niv. War List ties.) 


Laidlaw, George Muir 

LAIDLAW, GEORGE MUIR. Adm. pens, at St John's Aug i 
1897 [Eldest] s. of Robert, M.D., medical missionary ' of 
Cambridge [and Elizabeth FI.ivi.iir]. li. Nov 30 1878 it 
Pollokshields. School, Paradise House, N. London (Mr I 
Sharp). Matric. Michs. 1S97; B.A. 1900; M.A. 1904. District 

Oil], er, Pellalig. 1-, si. ruled Main Males. llrouncl w|u|,| 

landing from a steamer 111 the Malav States, 1919 Brother 
of Douglas H. (1898) and of the next. (Scott; .1/s.s. 77,,. 
Times, Feb. 18, 1919.) 

LAIDLAW, PATRICK PLAYFAIR. Adm. pens, at St John's 
Mar 21, 1900. S. of Robert, M.B., F.R.C.S., of Cambridge 
[and Elizabeth Playf.ur]. B. Sept. 26, 18S1, at Pollokshields 
Glasgow. School, I'hc Leys, Cambridge (Rev W T A 
Barber). Matnc. Michs. 1000; Scholar, 1002; B.A (Nat 'Sci' 
Inp Pt I, 1st Class, 1902; Pt II, 1st class. lllui) „, ,. 
B.Ch. 1907; M.A. 1909. Hon. Fellow, 1040. F.R.C.P. Kede 
lecturer, 1938. Knighted, 1935. At Guy's Hospital. Demon- 
strator in Physiology at Guy's Hospital, sir Win Dunn 
lecturer on pathology, 1914-22. F.R.S., 1927; Royal medal 
1933. Pathologist to the Medical Research Council, 1922 
Director of the Department of experimental pathology 
deputy Director of the National Institute for Medical 
Research, 1936. Did much to elu, i.latc diseases such as 
influenza, which appeared to be caused by a yirus beyond 
microscopic recognition; and, a great dog-lover, contributed 
to the prevention of dog-distemper. Died Mar. 20 1940 at 
his home, 31, Wentworth Road, Golder's Green ' London 
N.W. Brother of the above and of Douglas H (i.8,,8)' 
(Burke, P.and B.; Medical Vuectories; ll , J„,y„ i Who Ig , Q _ 
40;lh*'I imes, Mar. 23 and 26, 1940, Obituat v Notices', Royal 
Soc., in. 427-47.) 

LAIDLAY, HENRY WENTWORTH. Adm. pens at Trinity 
Hall, May 25, 1S87. of Dean's Court. Wunbourne IS of 
the Rev. William (1841).] [B. Nov. 1, 1868. School Marl- 
borough.] Matnc. Michs. 1887; B.A. 1890; M.A 1893 Ord 
deacon (lip. Barry, for Exeter) iSui; priest (l.vtci) [,,.' 
C. of Lifton, Devon, 1891-4. C. of Branksome, Dorset 
1894-fj. Chaplain, Hazelwood School, Surrey 1896-190'' 
1 haplain and Assistant Master at Trinity College Glenal- 
lnoud, 1902 7. Chaplain and Assistant Master at St David's 
Reigate, 1907-11.. Served 111 the Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut ' 
K.N.V.K.). Resided subsequently at Wells, Somerset where 
he died Sept. 27, 0.32. {Marlborough Coll. Reg.; School 
masters Directories; Crockford; The Times, Sept. 30, 1932.) 
LAIDLAY, ROBERT WATSON. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus 
Oct. 1873. S. of John Watson, Esq. [of Seaclifle, Haddingt, ra- 
slure]. B. in Edinburgh. School, private. Matnc. Lent 
1874. B.A. 1877. Died Apr. 24, 1944, at Torquay aged So' 
Brother of William J. (1868). {The limes, Apr. 27, 1944.) 
LAIDLAY, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at St John's, June 5 1S41 

S. of John, of Well Street, Whitechapel, L Ion [and'Eliz 1- 

beth]. B. Feb. 14, 1821. Matric. Michs. 1841- BA ism- 
M.A. 1851. Ord. deacon (Chester) 1846; priest, ix 4/ - C of 
Fleetwood, Lanes., 1841,-8. V. of Madehurst Sussex 'is',8 
61 C.ofSt [aines's, Clapham, 1862-6. V. of Wesl [eian 
month, Devon, 1571-0. Resided subsequently at Canons 
Ware, Herts., where he died 1 1, t. 27, 1883. Father of Henry 
W. (1887). (Scott, MSS.; ( rockford.) 
LAIDLAY, WILLIAM JAMES. Adm. Fell.-Com. at I'eterhouse 
Oct. I, 1808. S. of John Wilson, Esq . of Seaehff N Ber- 
wi. k [.111.I Drum..!.-. Argyll) [and II. I, ,, |,tone dau of 
William Hope, of Duddingston, Midlothian]. [B. Aug '12 
1846, in Calcutta. School, Loretto.] Matric. Michs 1868-' 
B.A. aiidLL.ll. 1S72; LL..M. 1875. Adm. at the Middle 
Temple, Apr. '., 1872. Called to the liar, Apr. 30 187s 
Member of Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh, 1874 ' Prac- 
tised at the Scottish Bar, 1872-8. Studied' art in Paris 
1879-85. Founded the New English Art Club, and exhibited 
frequently at the Royal Academy and Pan, Salon 1881-91.' 
at the New Gallery, 1888-1904. Joined K.S.B.A., 1902' 
F.R.G.S. Play. . I cricket for North ..1 England V South 
Author, works on art and painting. Resided at St 1 , 
Wood, Loudon. Died Oct. 25, 1912, 111 the Isle of Wight 
Brother ..f Roberl W. (18; |) (Loretto Reg ; / I Walker' 
534; Inns "I <-.•"". lot. 1. M. .1 ,1/ the; La.o Lists Who 
was 11 ho, 1897 ntiii.) 

LAIDMAN, GEORGE JOHN. Adm. pens, at St John's m iv , 8 
1864. S of Jonathan, gent, [and Mary). B. at t astletown! 
Isle of Man. Bapt. Oct. 11, 1843. School, Liverpool Col- 
legiate Institution. Matric. Michs. 1.S04 ■ 1; \ ,,3i,s m \ 
1871. Appointed to the civil s. ivn. 1 .... 
in the N.W. Provinces as Assistant Magistrate and (..'.Hector 
Assistant Supt. at Dchra Dun; Small I ause ]>i,lge, I lehi.i 
Dun, 1883; Assistant Commissioner, Oudh Nov' i88v 
Joint Magistrate, Dei 1883-6. Died Nov. 23,1886 'Father 
of the next. (I.C.S. Lists; Eagle, xiv. ji2.) 

LAIDMAN, WILLIAM ERNEST. Adm. pens, at Christ's 
Oct. i, 1S95. S. of George John (above). B. at Nairn Tai,' 

Laing. John George 

India. School, Weymouth College. Matric. Michs. 1895; 
B.A. 1898; M.A, 1902. Ord. deacon (Ripon) 1899; priest 
1901; C. of Clayton, York,., 1 19 1 )0 , c. of Thombury, 
1909-12. P.C. of Ihombury, ium-is. V. of St Clement's, 
Leeds, 1915-25. V. of Kirby-on-the-Moor, 1925-32. Rural 
li. in of Boroughbndge. V. of Great with Little Ousebum 
1932-47. Disappears from Crockford i.,,8. (Peile, 11. 802- 
£ rockford.) 

LAING, BRYAN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 1, 1896. S. of 
[Sir] James, of Thornhill, Sunderland, Durham. B 1S75 at 
Sunderland. School, Wellington. Matric. Michs. 1891.. ship- 
builder. 2nd Lieut., Northumberland Hussars (Yeomanry 
Cavalry), 1900; Capt., Northumberland Imp. Yeomanry, 
1906-7. Served in the Great War, 19^-19 (Capt., Sherwood 
Rangers). Assistant Dire, tor. Ministry of shipping; of Ship- 
repairs, Southampton, I. lis. (i| Middl.-ton Hall, Northum- 
berland. J. P. for Co. Durham. Died June 6, 10,41, in London. 
Brother of Hugh (1S91). (Wellmvl .1 1 ." , I ,„',.. War 

List; Army Lists; Fox-Da vies, I ;,«,,< ial /■ oio>/i,s 1 he 1 ,.,,,-s 
June 10, 1941; Kelly, Ho : . 

LAING, CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Queens', May 20 1834 Oi 

the E. Indies. Matric. Michs. 1S34; B.A. 1838; M A. 1841 
Assistant Chaplain, H.E.I.C.S., at Bombay, 1841-4; at 
Hyderabad, 1845-50; at Ahniednuggur, 1851; at Maihg mo 
1852-65; at Dhoolia, 1S66-9. Chaplain, Sherbum H 
Durham, 1870. Disappears from Crockford, 1872. (1 lei ■ 

LAING. DAVID. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, Dec 5 rS2o 
S. of David, planter, of Jamaica. 1 if Middlesex. [B. 1800] 
Matric. Lent, 1821; B.A. 1825; M.A. 1828. F.R.S., 1843. 
Member of the ,\iii roscopu .1 Society. . Ird. deacon and priest 
(Litt. dim. from Gloucester) 1824. chaplain of the Middlesex 
Hospital, 1840-7. P.C. of Holy Trinity, Haverstock Hill. 
St Pancras, London, 1847-57. R.ofSt Oluve's-bv-the-Tower, 
1857-60. Active in the foundation of the N. London Col- 
I. >,i ate School for Girls. Founder of Governesses' Asylum 
Kentish Town, 1S49; Hon. Sec, 1849-60. Married, Apr. 14' 

1824, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of John West, of [am 1. 

Author, Sermons, etc. Died Aug 6, 1860, at si Olave' 
London, aged 59; M. I. 111 si 1 Hive's. {Boose, II. 278; / I 
Walker, 411 and .Us. not, , Wise Gen. el Her., sth Ser., 11 
148; G. Mag., r86o, ii. 436 and 321; P. I lowell.) 

Trinity, May 12, 18S5. S. of Robert James, of Suiniuerti -1,1, 
West Hill, Putney, London. B. 1867, at Clapton, London 
School, Bruce Castle, Middlesex. Matric. Michs. 18.85. Died 
at Tuubridge Wells, Nov. rg, [947, 

LAING, FRANCIS HENRY. Adm. pens, at Queens' Apr 28 
1838. [B. 1S16.] Matric. Easter, 1839; B.A. 1843. Ord! 
deacon (Durham) Dec. r7, 1842; C. of Nine-banks, Northum- 
berland, 1842. Entered the Church of Rome. I8.|i,. Taught 
in various Jesuit Colleges until 1862, when, through his 
eccentricities, was disallowed to continue. Author, An 
Attempt to assign the square root, ,,f B ,,„|,,., p.r.ecrs, or What 
is 1 . 1 he Blessed I'll "DCs M.llnw 1,1 the tribe of liphraim; 
The Catlioh, Freethinker; 1 he I.e.. Involutions, etc. Died 
Dec. 17, 1889. (Boose, 11. 278, Durliam Orel. Bk.; De Morgan, 
Budget 0] Paradoxes, 11. 186.) 

LAING, HENRY. Adm. pens, al Trinity Hall, Nov 9 1 „, ■ 

Of Middlesex. [5th] s. of David [merchant, of Great Tower 
Street, London]. Matric. Michs. 1,803; LL.B. 1810 LL.D 
1816. Adm. at Lincoln's I,,,,, Oct. jo, 1801, Ord 
(London) Sept. 23, 1S10. P.C. of South Lambeth chip, I 
Surrey, Mar. 15, 1S31. Kept a boarding-,. I„„,l 11, Lark Hall 
Lane, Clapham, 111 1834. Recorded in Clergy List, 1841, as 
residing, unemployed, at Clapham, and 1842 70, as at 
Brighton. Disappears from Crockford, 1S72. linns ,./ ( ,10; 
P. E. Towell.) ' 

LAING, HUGH. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 7. 1891. S, ,,| 

[Sir) James, of Etal Manor, Coriihitl-on-Twce.1, N 

land. B. 1871, at Sunderland. School, Welle, el, ,1, 1 ,,||. -, 

Mi 'b!, 1 ,,,1: \ 1894; M.A. 1900. Football (rugby) 

'blue,' is,;. Shipbuilder. 2nd Lieut., 1st Durham Vol. 
Regt., 1900 O.B.E. Brother of Bryan (1896). (Wellington 
Coll. Reg.; Book of Blues, Burke, O.B.E. ; Armv Lists, Fox 
Davies. Armorial Families.) 

LAING, JOHN GEORGE. Adm. sizai at St Iohn's, |uh 

OI Canada, [znd] s. oi Malcolm [formerly of lam. n. a] [and 
Laura). B. [Aug. 26, 1839], at Niagara. Bapt. Oct 6,1839 
Matric. Mills, is,.,; B.A, ,_.„' 11,,,,,./,, , m j 2nd Smith's 
prize) 1862; M.A. 181,5. bellow, 1863-8. Adm. at Lincoln's 
Inn, Nov. 21, 1863. 1 ailed t., the Bar, lune 6, 1866 Harried, 
May 14, , Llexandei .1 11 donald, of 

Aberdeenshire. Died Feb. 11, 1887, in Loudon. (Inns 
Court; Foster, Men at the Bar; Law Lists, Boase. 11 270- 
Die Guardian, Feb. 16, 18,87.) 


Laing, John Gerard 

LAING, JOHN GERARD. Adm. pens, at Clare, Oct. 13, 1869. 
[Youngest s. of David Gordon, builder, of 26, Oaklev Square, 
London.] Matric. Michs. 1869; B.A. (28* Wrangler) 1873- 
Adm. at the Middle Temple, Ian. 22, 1S72. CaUed to the 
Bar, Nov. 1-, p-;. Fudge's Associate on the South Eastern 
Circuit. A member of the School Board for London, 18S9. 
Died Apr. 7, 1909, suddenly, at Clacton-on-Sea, aged 59. 
[tnns of Court; Foster, Men at the Bar; Law Lists; The Times, 
Apr. 12, 1909.) 

LAING, MALCOLM. Adm. sizar at Trinity, Feb. it. 1846. 
[Onlv] s. of Robert, Esq., late of Kirkwall, Orkney Isles, 
(deceased before 1S59). B. Jan. 15, 1827. [School, Chrisfs 
Hospital.] Matric. Michs. 1S46; B.A. 1850. Adm. at Lin- 
coln's Inn, Nov. 3, 1S59. Assistant Master at Christ's 
Hospital, iSoo^-90. Editor of a trade Journal. Organist - d 
St Stephen's, Dulwich. Of 2, Plowden Buildine*. Temple. 
Died Dec. 3, 1S90, at West Dulwich, aged 61. {Christ's Hasp, 
Reg.; Inns of Court; The Guardian, Dec. 10, 1890.) 

LAING, PHILIP HENRY. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 5, 186S. 
S. of James, shipbuilder [and Mary]. B. May 5. 1849. »1 
Bishop Wearmouth, Durham. Bapt. Julv 28, 1S49- Matric. 
Michs. i36S. 

LAING, ROBERT GRIFFIN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Feb. 7, 
1S44, as Robert George. [Onlv s. of Robert, Esq., of Ports- 
mouth, deceased.] Matric. Lent, 1845. Adm. at the Middle 
Temple, Apr. 30, 1840. Died in May, r849. {Inns of Court; 
Trinity Coll. Adm.) 

LAING, SAMUEL. Adm. pens, (age r6) at St John's, Julv 5, 
1827. [Eldest] s. of Samuel (for whom see D..V.B.), Esq., of 
Papdale, Kirkwall, Orkney [and Agnes, dau. of Capt. Francis 
Kelly, of Devon]. B. [Dec. r2, T812], in Edinburgh. Edu- 
cated privately and at Houghton-le-Spring Grammar School. 
Matric. Michs. 1S28; Scholar, 1S29; B.A. {2nd Wrangler 
and 2nd Smith's prize) 1832; M.A. 1835. Fellow, 1834-41. 
Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 10, 1832. Called to the Bar, 
June 9, 1837. Secretary to the Railway Department of the 
Board of Trade, 1842^6. Member of raifwav Commission, 
r845. M.P. for Wick, 1852-7, 1859-60 and 1S65-S; for 
Orkney and Shetland, 1S73-S5. Financial Secretary to the 
Treasury, r85g-6o. Financial Minister in India, 1860-2. 
Member of Council of Governor-General of Indi 1, 
Chairman and Managing Director of the London. Brighton 
and South Coast Railway, 1848-55 and 1867-94. One of the 
nine purchasers of the Crystal Palace, May 24, 1S52; Chair- 
man of the Crystal Palace Co., 1S52-5. J. P. and D.L. 
Married, 1S41, Mary, dau. of Captain J. Cowan, R.N. 
Author, India and China; Prehistoric Remains of Caithness; 
M Urn Science and Modem Thought; A Modern Zoroastrian; 
Problems of the Future; Human Origins, etc. Died Aug. 6, 
1897, at his residence, Sydenham Hill. London. Buried at 
Brighton. Father of the next. {Boose, VI. 2; Law Lists; 
Foster, Men at the Bar; Inns of Court; D.X.B.; Who 
Who, 1897-1916.) 

LAING, SAMUEL. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 8, 1861. 
S. of Samuel (above). B. Jan. 23, 1S43, at Paddington, 
London. School, Harrow. Migrated to Trinity, Jan. 28, 1862; 
matric. Easter, 1862; LL.B. 1865. Adm. at the Inner Temple, 
Ian. 24, 1863. Called to the Bar, Nov. 1866. Married, 
Aug. 11. 1869, Mary, dau. of T. W. Riddel Webster. Died 
May, 1S70. {Harrow Sch. Reg.; Inns of C <urt; Law Lists.) 

LAING, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at St John's, May 9, 1831. Of 
Middlesex. Matric. Michs. 1831; Scholar. 1834; B.A. 1835; 
MA. 1S45. Ord. deacon (Exeter) Apr. 7, 1839; priest, Oct. 18, 
1840; C. of Kenwyn, Cornwall, 1841. C. of Alwington, 
Devon, 1849-53. R. of St Martin's, Colchester, 1853-89. 
Married, 1S58, Mary Dansie, 3rd dau. of S. T. Carter, Com- 
mander, R.N., of Lowestoft. {Crockford; The Ecclesiastical 
Gatette, Mar. 9, 1858.) 

LAING, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Apr. 9, 1834. S. of 
Joseph, of N. Shields. B. in Northumberland. School, Rich- 
mond. Matric. Michs. 1834. Kept two terms; name appears 
in the butlers booic for 14 more; re-adm. Oct. 24, 1844, as 
a 'Ten-year' man, but did not keep the requisite term. Ord. 
deacon (Gloucester) Sept. 29, 1844; priest (Worcester) 1845; 
C. of Oldbury, Worcs., 1844-6. V. of Langley, Warws., 
1846-88. Author, Appeal to Christian, 
Living at Dolgelly, Merions., in 1892. Died Mar. 16, 1898, 
aged 84. {Peile, 11. 450; Crockford.) 

LAISHLEY, GEORGE NEW. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, 
July 2, 1841; from St Mary Hall, Oxford, whence he had 
matric. (age 17) Nov. 19, 1840. Eldest s. of George. B. at 
Southampton. School, Hints, (private). Matric. Michs. 
1841; B.A. 1845; M.A. 1S48. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn 
1842. {Inns of Court.) 

Lake, Joshua 

ndish H., Jan. 1881. 

LAKE, ATWELL. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, Nov. 5, 
17' ;. S. of Sir Atwell [Jesus College, Oxford, 2nd 
Bart., of Edmonton, Middlesex [and Mary, dau. of James 
Winter, of Mile End]. School, Hackney, London. Matric. 
Michs. 1764. Brother of James W. (1760). 

LAKE, ATWELL. Adm. Fel!.-Com. at Trinity Hall. Oct. 18, 
1794. [3rd] s. of Sir lames [Winter, 3rd] Bart. (1760). Ord. 
deacon (Norwich) Dec. 31, 1797; priest, Dec. 18, 1801. R. of 
West Lynn St Peter, Norfolk, 1803-11. R. of Wesl 
1811-48. Married, Oct. 31, 1832, Sophia, dau. of Samuel 
Turner, of London. One of these names received the Arch- 
bishop's approval as an E.I.C. Chaplain, Prince of Wales 
Island, East Indies, 1805. {Cant. Art Bk.; Burke, P. and B. 
(not mentioned by name, 'with other issue' after two sons).) 

LAKE. HENRY ASHTON. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Sept. 30, 1867. Of Middlesex. [S. of Henry, solicitor, of 
Highgate. B. Dec. 29, 1847. School, Highgate.] Matric. 
Michs. 1S67; Scholar, 1868; B.A. 1871; M.A. 1S75. Ord. 
deacon (London) 1872; priest, 1S73: C. of Staines, 1872-3. 
C. of Cuddesdon, Oxon., 1873-6. V. of Castle Hedingham, 
Suffolk, i876-94_R. of Chelmsford, 1894-1929. Rural Dean 
of Hedingham, iSS 3 ^s. Rural Dean of Chelmsford, 1913 is. 
Proctor for the dio. of St Albans, 1910-14; for the dio. of 
Chelmsford, 1914. Hon. Canon of St Albans, 1910-14. 
Hon. Canon of Chelmsford, 1914-29. Sub-Dean of Chelms- 
ford, 1924-29. Died Jan. 7, T929, at Chelmsford. {Highgate 
Sch. Reg.; Crockford; Who was Who, 1929-40.) 

LAKE, HERBERT THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Aug. 20, 
1883. [Younger] s. of William, of Churchill House, Dover. 

B. 1862, at Bapchild, Kent. School, Guildford, Surrev 
(private). Matric. Michs. 1883; B.A. 1887; M.A. 1891. Ord. 
deacon (Lichfield) 1889; priest, 1890; C. of Acton Trussell, 
Staffs., 18S9-91. C. of Northboume, Kent, 1893-4. .C. of 
Westwell, 1894-5. Name in Crockford until 1900 without 
address. Died May 22. 1923, at Sheringham, Norfolk. 
[Crockford; The Times. June 6, 1923.) 

LAKE, HUBERT MURTON. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., Oct. r, 
1892. B. Oct. 30, 1S74. Matric. Michs. 1892; B.A. 1895; 
M.A. 1899. Ord. deacon (Canterburv) 1897; priest, 1898; 

C. of Chilham, Kent, 1897-8. C. of Birchington, 1898-1901. 
C. of Holy Trinity, Aldershot, 1901-5. C. of All Saints', 
Upper Norwood, Surrey, 1905-18. V. of St Paul's, Bethnal 
Green, 1918-21. V. of Ampfield, Hants., 1921-25. V. of 
Catherington, 1925-30. R. of Emsworth with Warblington, 
1930-7. V. of Blendworth, 1937-42. Residing at 15, Chnton 
Crescent, St Leonards, in 1944. Disappears from Crockford 


LAKE, JAMES SAMUEL. Adm. pens, at Jesus, Jan. 2. 1823. 
[Eldest] s. of Sir James [Samuel William], 4 th Bart, [and 
Maria, dau. of Samuel Turner]. B. in London. School, 
Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1823; B.A. 1827; M i 
Succeeded his father as 5th Bart., 1832. Married, M.iv 1. 
1833, .Anne Maria, dau. of Vice-Admiral Sir Richard King, 
Bart., and had issue. Died Dec. 10, 1846. {Harrow Sch. Reg. ; 
Burke, P. and B.; G. Mag., 1847, I. 106.) 

LAKE, Sir JAMES WINTER, Bart. Adm. FeU.-Com. (age 18) at 
Trinity, June 2, 1760. S. of Sir Atwell [2nd Bart.] (Jesus 
College, Oxford, 1731) (and Mary, dau. of James Winter, of 
Mile End), of Edmonton, Middlesex. School, Hackney, 
London [Air Newcome]. Succeeded as 3rd Bart., Apr. 10, 
1760. F.S.A. Married Joyce, dau. of John Crowthi 
a gift of silver plate to Trinitv. Died Apr. 24, 1S07. Brother 
of Atwell (1763); father of Atwell (1794). (Burke. P. and I!.; 
E. Alfred Jones, The Library, Dec. 1933; Trinitv Coll. Adm. ; 
Al. Oxon.) 

LAKE [post CROMPTON, J. L.], JOHN. Adm. pens, at Sidney, 
Apr. 24, 1S33. S. of Thomas, surgeon, deceased. B. Nov. 15, 
1815, at Norwich. School, Brompton, Middlesex (Mr AU.irdi. 
Matric. Michs. 1833. Migrated to Trinity, Julv 7, 1 
1837; M.A. 1840. Ord. deacon (Gloucester) Dec. 
priest, Dec. 22, 1839, as Crompton; C. of Wick. Gloui 
C. of Marylebone All Saints', 1840-53 (Crompton). Name 
(Lake) in Clergy List until i860, without addn 1 

of Maritzburg Cathedral, 1875-89; and V. of SI 
Pinetown, Natal, S. Africa. Died Aug. 3, J 
met, Pine Town Estate, aged 73- I 1 ' - 1 

LAKE. JOSHUA. Adm. sizar it Si John's, Oct. 1 
Middlesex. S. of Isaac, fanner, of Middli 
kingside [and Mary \ni»'i. B. Sept. 25, [848, al 

School, Alfred House, Bow. Matric 
Michs. 1S68; B.A. 1873. 


Lake, Lionel Henry 

LAKE, LIONEL HENRY. Adra. pens, at Selwyn H., Oct. i, 
1896. B. Jan. 18, 1877. Matric. Michs. 1896; B.A. 1899; 
M.A. 1903. Ord. deacon (St Albans) 1910; priest (Barking, 
for St Albans) 1911. Assistant Master at Clifton House, 
Eastbourne; at Russell Hill School, Purley, Surrey, 1906; 
at the Royal Masonic School, Bushey, 1907-12. Chaplain 
and Assistant Master at Imperial Service College, Windsor, 
1913-19. C. of Holy Trinity, Windsor, 1914-19. C. of 
Gt Missenden, Bucks., 1919-24. C. of West Wycombe, 
1924-28. R. of Edlesborough, 1928-36. V. of Edlesborough 
with Northall and Dagnall, 1936-43. Died May 28, IQ43. 
at Kdl'-sbnn'UL'h vic.iram.-, .<■_;>■•] i',r'.; buried then.'. {School- 
masters' Directories; Crockford; The Times, May 31, 1943.) 

LAKE, PHILIP. Adm. pens, at St John's. Jan. 28, 1884. S. of 
George, Head Master of — [Morpeth] Grammar School, 
Northumberland. B. Apr. 9. 1865, at Morpeth. Bapt. May 1, 
1S65. School, Morpi th Grammar (William Davidson, B.A.|. 
[At the Durham College of Science, 1881-4.] Matric. Michs. 
1S84; (Nat. Sci. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class, 1886; Pt II. 1st Class, 
1JS87); Harkness Scholar, 1887; B.A. 18S7; M.A. 1892. Head 
Master of the Technical School, Colchester, in 1903. Uni- 
versity lecturer in regional and physical geography at 
Cambridge, 1908-19; Reader, 1919-27; retired. Of 14, Cam 
Road, Cambridge, in 1946. Died June 12, 1949- (School- 
masters' Directories.) 

LAKE, WILLIAM JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Jesus, Oct. 1, 
1876. Of Kent. S. of William, Esq. B. at Bapchild, Kent. 
School, private. Matric. Lent, 1S77. 

LAKELAND, JOHN. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Dec. 31, 
1824. B. .it York. Matric. Lent, 1826; B.A. 1829; M.A. 1832. 
In Holy Orders. 'Of Wetherby, Yorks.,' Clergy Lists, 
1841-52; disappears 1853. Another man of these names was 
P.C. of West Burton, Notts., 1845-9. 

LAKELAND, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at St John's, May 10, 
1817. Of Yorkshire. Matric. Michs. 1818; Scholar, 1S1S. 

LAKES, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Clare. Tulv 9, 1819. [Eldest s. of 
Henry. B. Sept. 10, 1S01, at St Austell, ( omwall.] Matric. 
Michs. 1820; B.A, 1824. Ord. deacon (Exeter) 1825; priest, 
1826; C. oi Liskeanl, Cornwall, 1825. C. of Martock, 
Somerset, 1841-6. C. of Sherborne, Dorset, 1846-7. P.C. of 
St James, Guernsey, 1848-72. V. of Liskeard, Cornwall, 
1872-84. Married, 182-, Catherine Arthur, and had issue 
10 children. Author, The Darley Oak (verses); The Comet; 
The Hurlers; St Keynt Well, etc. Latterly of Braemar, 
Torquay, and disappears from Crockford, 1892. (Boase, 
Coll, Cornub., 469.) 

LAKIN, EDWARD LYON. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 1898. 3rd 
s. of [Sir] Michael Henry [1st Bart., 1909], J. P., cement 
manufacturer, of The Cliff, Warwick [and Alice Emma, dau. 
of David Dewing, of St Catherine's Plain, Norwich]. B. 
Aug. 13, 1879. Schools, Marlborough College and Yorkshire 
College, Leeds. Matric. Michs. 1898. Went abroad. Served 
in the Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut., R.G.A., 1917). Of The 
Fields, Southam, Warws. Died Sept. 10, 1922, near St Malo, 
as a result of a motor accident. {Marlborough Cult, Res;.; 
Burke, P. and B.; Univ. War List; Fox-Davies, Armorial 

LAKIN, The Rev. STORER MARSHALL. Adm. pens, at Sidney, 
Nov. 25, 1854. S. of Thomas, deceased. B. 1826, at Lough- 
borough, Leics. Schools, Loughborough (Mr Bilson), and 
Sheepshed, Leics. (Mr Kirk). Previously Assistant Master at 
Bickerstaffe School, Lanes.; at Mary Church, Devon; Tutor 
atSt Mark's College, Chelsea, 1850-4. Ord. deacon (London) 
1851; priest, 1852. Matric. Lent, 1H55; B.A. i8sq; M.A. 1H1'.:. 
Priest-Vicar of Salisbury Cathedral, 1S56-97. V. of the 
Close, Salisbury, 1879-89. Librarian of Salisbury Cathedral, 
1875-1909; Succentor, 1 879-1909. Author, Catalogue of 
Printed Books in the Library of Salisbury 1 athedral. Died 
Apr. I, 1909. (Crockford; Cambridge Chronicle, Apr. 9, 1909.) 

LAL, HARK1SHEN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 6, 1887. S. of 

M. Chela Ram. B. Oct. 17, 1865, at Dera Ismail Khan, 
Punjab, India. School, Lahore (Mr Lewis). Matric. Michs. 
1 . . B.A. 1890. Called to the Bar, Middle Temple, Jan. 26, 
i.-"U. A< tivi' m industrial and 1 "inii^n 1 il .ilt.ur-, hut became 
involved in litigation and lost the greater part of his fortune. 
At the outbreak of disorder in the Punjab, early in 1919, was 
convicted of conspiracy to wage war against the King, and 
sentenced to transportation for life; received an amnesty a 
few months later, when the Government of India Act was 
passed. A prominent member of the Punjab Legislature, and 
Minister for Agriculture, a post which he held for tin 
despite much criticism at the outset. Died Mar. 10, 1937. 
(Trinity Coll. Record; Law Lists; Tfie Times, Mar. 11, 1937.) 
LAL, JAG MOHAN. Matric. Non-Coil. Lent, 1889. 

Lamb, Arthur Hutchinson 

Dec. 31, 1879. M.A., Punjab University. Matric. Michs. 
1900; Scholar; B.A. 1902; Brotherton Sanskrit Scholar, 1902; 
(Moral Sci. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class, 1902; Pt II, 1st Class, 1903); 
Whewell Sen. -bar, iw 1 , M< Mahaii law Student; Cobden prize, 
1904. Called to the Bar, Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 17, 1904. Prin- 
cipal, Randhir College, Kapurthala, 1906-9. Minto Professor 
of Economics, Calcutta University, 1909-12. Advocate, 
Hi^h Court, Lahore. Fellow and Syndic, Punjab University. 
Minister of Education, Punjab, 1927-30. President, All- 
India Economic Conference (Dacca), 1935. Knighted, 194 1. 
Finance Minister, Punjab, 1937-46. Died in May, I94Q- 
[La . Lists; Who's Who.) 

LAL, PIYARE. Matric. Non-Coil. Lent, 1900. Called to the 
Bar, Gray's Inn, June 15, 1904, as Lai, Pyare. {Law Lists.) 

May 1 j, 1854. S. of Frederick Francis, surgeon, of M 10 li s- 
field. B. there Jan. 19, 1836. School, Macclesfield. Matric. 
Michs. 1854; B.A. 1858; M.A. 1863. Ord. deacon (Chester) 
J 859; priest, i860; C. of Buglawton, Cheshire, 1859-64. C. 
of Leicester, 1865-8. R. of St Matthew's, Ardwick, Man- 
chester, 1868-S4. Died Oct. 15, 1884. {Venn, 11. 317; 

LALLY, EDMUND. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Peterhouse, 
Mar. 27, 1762. Of Middlesex. School, Paddington Green 
(private). Matric. Michs. 1765; B.A, 1766; M.A. 1769. 
Fellow, 1769. Ord. deacon (London) Feb. 21, 1766. R. of 
Clopton-cum-Croydon, Cambs., 17*9-1*26. V. of Whitegate, 
Cheshire, 1790-1S26. Married and had issue. Died 1 . ^ug. 
1826, at his son's resident e at Famham, near Knaresborough. 
Father of William M. (1-.;-). (ManJtester Or. ,v/;. Reg., n. 
150; T. A. Walker, 322; G. Mag., 1826, 11. 1S6.) 

LALLY, GEORGE HENRY W. (1825), see Whalley, J. B. 

LALLY, WILLIAM MICHAEL. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Peter- 
house, Mar. 25, 1797. Eldest s. of the Rev. Edmund (1762), 
of Catsclough, Cheshire. School, Manchester Grammar. 
Matric. Michs. i797; LL.B. 1803. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, 
Aug. 12, 1794. Incorp. at St John's College, Oxford, Nov. 14, 
1829; D.C.L., Oxford, Nov. 26, 1S29. V. of Little Missenden, 
Bucks., until 1809. R. of Drayton Bassett, Staffs., 1799- 
1857. Married (1) Miss — Cooper, and had issue; (2) July 2, 
1840, Susannah, widow of F. Cowper, Esq., and dau. of 
William Cookesley, Esq. Died June 15, 1857. MX, Drayton 
Bass, tt Chun h. (i letgv Lr.t , \l. Ox «.; I . A, it al 
Manchester Or. Sch. Reg., II. 150; G. Mag., 1857, II, 99.) 

LAMAISON, WILLIAM ENGLEBERT. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Oct. 9, 1865. S. of Lawrence Leonard John William [bar- 
rister], of The Hague, Holland [and sometime of Demerara, 
British Guiana]. B. May 27, 1S47, at Malines, Belgium. 
School, Harrow. Migrated to Caius; matric. Michs. 1866; 
Scholar; B.A. 1871; M.A. 1874. Adm. at the Inner Temple, 
Oct. 27. 1870. Called to the Bar, June 7, 1873. Of South- 
wold, Kenley, Surrey. Died Apr. 21, 1S86, in London. 
{Harrow Sch. Reg.; Venn, 11. 375; Inns of Court; Foster, 
Men at the Bat . Law Lists.) 

LAMB, Sir ARCHIBALD, Bart. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Sept. 6, 
1864. [Eldest] s. of Charles James Savile Montgomerie 
[formerly Burges], of Beauport, Battle, Sussex [by his 1st 
wife, Anna Charlotte, dau. of Arthur Grey, of 'Bersted, 
Sussex]. B. Nov. 5, 1846 [1845], at Beauport, Battle. 
School, Eton. Matric. Michs. i.'-<>i. Had sin ceeded his 
grandfather, Sir Charles Montolieu [Burges] (1802), as 3rd 
Bart., Mar. 21, 1S60. Comet, 2nd Life Guards. 1868; Lieut., 
1870; Capt., 1875; retired as Major, 1883. Major (2nd in 
Command, 4th Batt.), Imperial Yeomanry, in S. Africa, 1900. 
J. P. and D.L. for Sussex. Knight of Justice of the Order of 
St Juhn <>[ Jrni-.ilrm. <H I ■..■aiip> >rt, I iatt 1<\ Snsvx. I 'i-'d 
s.p. Nov. 6, 1921. (Trinity Coll. Adm. calls his father a Bart.; 
Burke, P. and /.'.; G.E.C.; Who was Who, 1916-28; all 
authorities give 'b. 1S45.') 

LAMB, ARTHUR HUTCHINSON. Adm. sizar at Corpus 
Christi, Oct. 14. 1871. [S. of the Rev. Mattluas Mawson 
(1S41), V. of Swmbrook, Oxon.] B. June 23, 1853, at 
Sapperton, Gloucs. School, Christ's Hospital. Matric. Michs. 
1871; B.A. 1875; M.A. 1878. Ord. deacon (Gloucester and 
Bristol) 1876; priest, 1S77; C. of Cirencester, 1876-9. V. of 
haling, Middlesex, 1880-2. C. of Flixborough, Lines., 
18S2-7. C. of Freshwater, Isle of Wight, 1S87-92. V. of 
Hope-under-Dinmore, Heref., 1892-5. V. of Ford, 1893-5. 
V. of Worlaby, Lines., 1895-1911, R. of Harrington with 
Brinkhill, 1911-23. Died Nov. 16, 1923, at Harrington 
rectory. {Crockford; The Guardian, Nov, 23, 1923.) 


Lamb, Benjamin 

LAMB, BENJAMIN. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, May 15, i860. 
Matric. Miens, i860; Scholar, 1S61; B.A. 1864; M.A. 1867. 
Old. deacon (Ely, for Lincoln) 1865; priest (Lincoln) 1866; 
C. of Boston, Lines.. 1S65-9. V. of Thirsk, Yorks., 1869-76. 
R. of Wheldrake, 1876-87. V. of St George's, Leeds. 1887-95. 
Surrogate, dio. of Ripon, 1S91-1915. V. of Clapham with 
Keasden, and Rural Dean of Clapham, 1895-1915. Hon. 
Canon of Ripon, 1900-22. Latterly of Belford, Devonshire 
Place, Bath, where he died Jan. iq, 1925, aged 82. Father of 
Gilbert H. (1894). (Crockford; Who was W)m, 1916-28.) 

LAMB, CHARLES ASTLEY. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity 
Hall. June 11, 1875. [Eldest] s. of John, Esq. [oil refiner], 
of Wigan. Matric, Michs. 1S75; B.A. 1879. Adm. at the 
Inner Temple, Nov. 7, 1S76. Called to the Bar, Jul; 
Revising barrister for the Kirkbvbarrow and North Lonsdale 
area. During the War of 1914-19, Civil Liabilities Commis- 
sioner and Vice-President of the Pensions Appeal Tribunal. 
Died June 20, 1930. at Wigan, aged 71. (Inns of Court; Law 
Lists; The Times, July 2, 1930.) 

LAMB, CHARLES EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Oct. 13, 1849. [S. of Henry, Esq., of Kettering.] [B. Aug. 27, 
1830. School, Cheltenham.] Matric Michs. 1849; B.A. 1854; 
M.A. 1863. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 1S53: priest, 1S54. Mayor's 
Chaplain at Boston, Lines., 1S56-7, and Lecturer at Boston, 
1S63. V. of St Mary's, Sheffield, 1866-77. V. of Beverlev 
Minster and Tickton, Yorks., 1879-80. V. of St George's, 
Leeds, 1880-7. Chaplain, Leeds General Infirmary 
R. of Heanton-Punchardon, Devon, 1887-1902. Married, 
1S5S, Caroline Marv, dau. of F. F. Yeatman, of Boston, 
Lines. Latterly resided at Gretton, Kettering, Northants. 
Died Sept. 2S, 1912. {Cheltenham Coll. Reg.; Crockford; 
Eccles. Gazette, Feb. 9. 1SS5; The Guardian, Oct. 4, 1912.) 

LAMB, CHARLES GEORGE. M.A. from Clare, 1S94; Sc.D. 
1923. B. 1867. B.Sc, London. City and Guilds Siemens 
memorial medal, 1SS5 ; premium of the Institute of Electrical 
Engineers, 1892, and in 1932; Fellowship of the City and 
GuiMs Institute. lYnver-ity IV[:. •:, irator [n M.chanism, 
1891-1903; University Lecturer is ■ '. tri II iieineering, 
1903-21; Reader in electrical Engineering, 1721-31. In 
charge of the Department of Engineering during the War "f 
1914-19. Well known as an entomologist, being an authority 
on certain branches of the Diptera. A keen musician and 
Freemason, and greatly interested in psychical research. 
One of the first in this country to take part in experiments 
on alternating currents. Died May 1. M|i, it Cambridge, 
aged 74. (Cambridge Daily News, May 7, 1941; the limn. 
May J, 1941.) 

Matric. Michs. 1S36; B.A. 1840. 

Feb. 18, 1S36. 

LAMB, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, July 8, 1846. 
Of Cambridgeshire. [6th s. of Dr John (1807), Master of 
Corpus Christi and Dean of Bristol. School, Bury St Edmunds 
Grammar.] Matric. Michs. 1846; B.A. 1851; M.A. 1S69. 
Ord. deacon (Chester) 1851; priest, 1852; C. of Audlem, 
Cheshire, 1851-2. Chaplain of Worksop Union and of Work- 
sop Abbey chapel, 1853-75. V. of Elmton, Derbs., 1875-80. 
Lie. pr., dio. Lincoln, and Chaplain to the Duke of Portland, 
1880. Died Jan. 20, 1887, at Newark-on-Trent, aged 59; 
buried there. Brother of John (1844), and James H. (1851), 
etc. (Bury Or. Sch. Reg.; Crockford; The Guardian, Jan. 26, 

LAMB, FRANCIS (or FRANK) HENRY. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi. Oct. 1, 1885. Of Pembrokeshire. Matric. Mi' as 
1885; B.A. 1888. 

LAMB, FRANCIS WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at St Joh-. 
1851. S. of John, of Newington, Edinburgh [and I 
Stewart]. B. Dec. 29, 1832, at I ric. Michs. 

1851. Migrated to Pembroke, [an. 2, 1852; B.A. 1 
1859. Ord. deacon (Worcester) 1856; priest, 1857; C of 
St John's, Coventry, 1856-9. C. of Hillmorton, Warws., 
1859-63. C. of Aldridge, Staffs., 1863-6. C. of Shrivenham, 
Berks., 1866-72. C.-in-charge of Brafield-on-Green, 
Northants., 1872 91. Died Dec. 16, 1891. Father of George 
R. (1891). (Crockford; The Guardian, Dec. 23, 1891.) 

LAMB, FREDERICK. Adm. pens, at Jesus, Oct. I, 1876. S. of 
George W., Esq. ^of Kettering]. [B. Mar. 21, 1857.] School, 
Repton. Main \ lin. Solicitor, 1884. Prac- 

tised in Kettering; Registrar, Kettering County Court, and 

Lamb, The Hon. Henry William 

clerk to the Magistrates (Kettering and Little Bowden 
Divs.), 1893-1901. Died Oct. 20, 1901. (Repton Sch. Reg.; 
Lair Lists.) 

LAMB, The Hon. FREDERICK JAMES. Adm. Fell.-Com 
: .1 at Trinity, July 4, 1S01. [3rd] s. of Peniston [istl 
Viscount Melbourne, of London. [B. Apr. 17, 1782.] School, 
Eton; and at Glasgow University. Matric. Michs. 1802; 
M.A. 1S03. Entered the diplomatic service; Secretary of 
Legation at the Court of Two Sicilies, 181 1; Minister Pleni- 
potentiary ad interim, 1S12; Secretary of Legation at Vienna, 
1813; Minister Plenipotentiary at the Court of Bavaria, 
1S15-20; to the Court of Spain, 1S25-7. P.C., 1822. Civil 
Grand Cross of the Bath, 1827. Ambassador at Lisbon, 1S27; 
to the Court of Vienna, 1831-41. Created Baron Beauvale, 
of Beauvale, Notts., 1839. Succeeded his brother as 3rd 
Viscount Melbourne of Kilmore (Inland) and Baron Mel- 
bourne (of the U.K.), 1848. Married, Feb. 25, 1841, the 
Countess Alexandria Julia (age 23), dau. of the Count of 
Maltzahn, Prussian Minister at Vienna. Died s.p. Jan. 29, 
1853, at Brocket Hall, Herts., when all his honours" hi < liuc- 
extinct. Brother of the next, and of Henry W. (1706). 
(D.X.B.; G.E.C.) 

LAMB, The Hon. GEORGE. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 18) at 
Trinity, Nov. 12, 1802. [4th] s. of Peniston [ist] Viscount 
Melbourne, of Piccadilly, London [and Elizabeth, dau. of 
Sir Ralph Milbanke, Bart., of Halnabv, Yorks.]. [B. July 11, 
ir s 4 ] School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1804; M.A. 1805. Adm. 
at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 14, 1805. Called to the Bar, 1809. On 
the Northern Circuit. Abandoned law for literature. One of 
the earliest contributors to the Edinburgh Review. Wrote 

■ 'I ■< ■■■ ■ • ' hi ■ .-.-■■it < ,.11.1.1 n, h opera, II hisllc f.Jt tl. 

1807; also produced Timon of Athens. Author of poems and 
a translation of Catullus. M.I', for Westminster, 1819; for 
Dungarvan, 1826-34. Under Secretary of State to his 
brother, Lord Melbourne, in the Home Dept., 1S30-4. 
Married, May 17, 1809, Caroline Rosalie Adelaide St Jules. 
Died s.p . Jan. 2, 1834. Brother of the above and of Henrv W. 
(1796) (G.E.C; D.N.B.; Return of M.P.'s). 

LAMB, GEORGE FLEMING. Adm. pens, at Queens', June 26, 

■ Matric. Michs. 1835; B.A. 1S39. C. of Great and Little 
Eversden, Cambs., 1841. Chaplain to E.I.C. in Bengal, 
1841-61. Of Chunah, India, c. 1843-61, when a sou was adm. 
at Oriel College, Oxford. (Clergv List; Al. Oxon.; P. E. 

LAMB, GEORGE REGINALD. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus 
1891. S. of the Rev. F. W. [Francis Wilham (1851)]. B. at 
Shrivenham, Berks. School, Crewkerne. Matric. Michs. 1891. 

LAMB, GILBERT HENRY. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Sept. 30 
1894. S. of the Rev. Benjamin (i860), V. of Clapham 
Lancaster. Matric. Michs. 1894; B.A. 1897; M.A. 1928. Ord. 
deacon (Wakefield) 1899; priest, 1900; C. of Dewsbury, 
Yorks., 1899-1900. C. of Clapham with Keasden, 1901-3. 
Chaplain and Vice-Principal of the S.P.G. CoUege, Triehino- 
poly, 1903-7. S.P.G. Chaplain at Bishop Cotton's School, 
Bangalore, 1907-9. S.P.G. Missioner at Tuticorin, 1909-n; 
at Idaiyangudi, 1911-17; at Ramnad, 1917-23; at Madura, 
1923-4; at Tanjore, 1924-4S-. (Crockford.) 

LAMB, HENRY HODGE. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 18S4, from 
Cavendish H. Adm. at Downing, Apr. 28, 1886. 

LAMB, The Hon. HENRY WILLIAM. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 17) 
at Trinity, July 7, 1796. [2nd, but ist surviving] s. of 
Peniston [ist] Viscount Melbourne, of London. [B. Mar. 15, 
1779O School, Eton, and at Glasgow University. Matric. 
Easter, 1799, as William; M.A. 1799. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, 
July 24, 1797. Called to the Bar, 1804, but gave up prac- 
tising in 1805. M.P. for Leominster, 1806; for Haddington, 
1806-7; for Portarlington, 1807-12; for Peterborough, 
1816-19; for Herts., 1819-26; for Newport, Isle of Wight, 
1827; for Blechingley, 1827-8. P.C., 1827. Chief 
for Ireland, 1827-8. Succeeded his father as 2nd Baron 
Melbourne, July, 1828. Home Secretary, [830-4. Prime 
Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, July-Nov. 1834, 
and again, April, 1835-Sept. 1841. Acted as Adviser to 
Queen Victoria, 1837-41. Elder Brother of Trinity House, 
Ecclesiastical Commissioner, 1836. Married, June 3, 
1805, Caroline, dau. of Frederick (Ponsonby), jrd I til oi 
I.. I., .rough, well known for her infatuated admiration of 
Lord Byron; separated from her, 1825. Died Nov. 24, 1848. 
His .inly child to survive infancy, George Augustis Frederick 
(to whom King George I'. 

invalid, and died unmarried No\ Brothel 

■ I . ■■ (1802) anil Frederick 1 C.E.I 

W. K. Williams MS.) 


Lamb, Horace 

LAMB, HORACE. Adm. sizar at Trinity, Tune 12, 1867. S. of 
John, of 52, Wellington Road, S. Stockport, Cheshire. B. 
[Nov. 27], l84g, at Stockport. School, Stockport Grammar. 
and at Owens College, Manchester. Matric. Michs. 1868: 
Scholar, 1870; B.A. {2nd Wrangler and 2nd Smith's prize) 
1872; M. A. 1875; Hopkins prize, 1S88. Fellow, 1S72. Hon. 
Sc.D. iqoS. Hon. Fellow, iq20. Professor of Mathematics, 
University of Adelaide, 1876^85. F.R.S., 1884; Royal medal, 
1902; Copley medal, 1024. Hon. F.R.S., Edin. Professor of 
Pure Mathematics, Owens College, Manchester, 1885-1920. 
Member of the Aeronautical Research Committee. Hon. 
LL.D., Glasgow, 1899. Rayleigh Lecturer, 1921-34. Hon, 
LL.D., St Andrews, 1911. Hon. D.Sc, Oxford, 1904; Dublin, 
iqoS; Manchester, 1921; Sheffield, 1924. President of the 
London Mathematical Society, 1902-4. De Morgan medallist, 
Tin. ['resident of th. British Association, in.'-,. Knighted, 
1 < st. Author, A Treatise on the Motion of i/nN/s; Infinite- 
simal Calculus; Dynamical Theory of Sound; Statics; Dy- 
nimus; Highei Mechanics, etc. Tiled Dec. 4, in VI. 1' C.tni- 
{Who was Who, 1929-40; 1 he Times, Dei 1 1 1 

Obii. Notices, Royal Society, 1. 375.) 

LAMB, HUMBLE. Adm. FeU.-Com. (age 10) it Trinity, 
June 26, 1794. [Eldest] s. of Joseph, of Newcastle-on-Tyne 
[sometime of Ryton House. Durham] [and Anne, dau. of 
Ralph Humble, of Ryton]. [B. 1773.] School, Newcastle-on- 
Tyne. Matric. Lent, 1705. Migrated to Emmanuel, Apr. 17, 
17951 B.A. 1798. Of Ryton HaU, Durham; J.P. Married, 
1S01, Jane, dau. of Alexander Chatto, of Main House, 
Roxburgh. Died Apr. 13, 1844. 'most suddenlv. whilst in his 
image. ' Grandfather of Joseph C. (1S68). (Burke, L.G.; 
<.. Mag., 1844, 1. 665.) 

LAMB, JAMES HENRY. Adm. pens, at Christ's, June 30, 1851. 
[7th] s. of John (1807), Master of Corpus and Dean of Bristol. 
B. [Oct. 3, 1832]. in Cambridge. Schools [Bury St Edmunds 
Grammar (1843-5) and] Bishop's College, Bristol. Matric. 
Michs. 1851; fanrred student, 1851; Scholar, 1852; B.A. 
(i3/7i Wrangler) 1S55; M.A. 1858. Fellow, 1R55. Ord. deacon 
(Ely) 1856; priest, 1857; C. of Hapton. Norfolk, 1857-64. 
V. . if Manorbier, Pembs., 18114-78. R. of Burnham Westgate 
with medieties of Burnham Ulph and Burnham Norton, 
Norfolk, 1878-1903. Lived subsequentlv at Waterden and 
at Burnham House, Happisburgli, Norfolk. Died at Burnham 
House, Sept. 11. 1014. Brother of John (1S44), Matthias M. 
(1S41) and Edward (i.s,i,). {Bury Gr. Sell. Reg.; Peile, 11. 
520; Crockford: Christ's Coll. ■•hit. notices.) 

LAMB, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Christ's, Tune 3, 1776. 
S. "1 loseph. B. Mar. 7, 175S, at Ely. School, Charterhouse. 
Matric. Michs. 17711; Scholar, 177S; B.A. 1780. Ord. deacon 
(Norwich) May 21, 1780; priest (Gloucester, Lilt. Jim. from 
Norwich) Mar. 14, 1785; C. of Langford with Ickburgh, 
Norfolk, 1780-3. C. of Frostenden, Suffolk, 1783. R. of 
Hasketon, 1784-92. P.C. of Ixworth, 1789-1805. R. of 
Charwelton, Northants., 1S05. R. of Stretton, Rutland, 
1810-42. V. of Haxev, Lines., 1810-42. Mam< .1, M.iv .-:, 
1792, at St Peter's-le-Poer, London, Maria, dau. of Dr 
Hovell, of Badwell Ash, Suffolk. Died May 14, 1S42. at 
sip Hon. Father of the next. {Peile, 11 J05; Northants. 
1 lergy , ( lergy List.) 

LAMB, JOHN. Adm. pens, at CoRrus Christi, Apr. 18, 1807. 
Of Suffolk. [S. of the Rev. John (above). B. Feb. 28, 17S9, 
at Ixworth.] Matric. Michs. 1807; Scholar, 1807; B.A, 
(isf/i Wrangler) i8n; M.A. 1814; B.D. 1822; D D. 1827. 
Fellow, 1812; Master, 1822-50. Vicc-t hancellor, 182 (-4. P.C. 
of St Hene't's. Cambridge, 1824. Dean of Bristol, 1837-50. 
V. of Olveston. Gloucs., 1845-50. Married, Mar. [9, 1822, 
Anne, dau. of James Hutchinson, R. of Cranfonl. North. nits' 
Historical and antiquarian writer. Compiled A Collection of 
Letters, statutes, and -the, Documents f>>.m the Ms. library of 
C.C.C., Ulustrativ, t th History of th, 
bridgi dm ngthti H Re) n til n < 

History : ■ rfru Christi I ... s 1 am . 
1S50, in College; buried in Hie Chapel, 
of Edward (1846), lames H. (1851) and Matthias M (1841). 
{List of Carthusians; I lergy List; D.N.B.) 

LAMB, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Caius, Ian s. r8 44 . S. of the 
Rev. Dr John (above), Dean of Bristol. B. Oct. 5, 1825, in 
Carnbrn 1 ', -. I. ■ ' Ktul.v Matric. Michs. 1844; Scholar; 
B.A. (11U ., 1848; M.A. 1851. Fellow. 1849-77; 
bursal 'tor m mv years'; Dean, 1852-60. Hulsean Lecturer, 
1S60. Took gTeat interest in the history of the College and 
in the arrangement of its records, and' at the time ol In. 
leaving Cambridge had made considerable progress towards 
compiling a MS. history of its successive endowments and 
foundations. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1850; priest, 1S51. V. of 
St Edward's, Cambridge, 1558^66. R. of Blofield, Norfolk, 
1870-80. Married, June is, 181. s, Emily Marv Ann, ,|.,,i ..I 
the Rev. Charles Borton, R. of Hartest. Author, 7 he Seven 

0) Can 

.1 Masters', 

Lamb, Robert Ormston 

Words Spoken against the Lord fesus, etc. Died Apr. II, 1880, 
at Woking, Suit. v. Brother of Edward (1S46), Matthias M. 

(1841), etc. {Rughy Sch. Reg.: Ven 265; The Guardian, 

Apr. 14, 1880.) 

LAMB, JOHN TAYLOR. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, 
May 17, 1777. S. of John [Taylor] (1745-6), of Croydon, 
Surrey. School, St Paul's, London. Matric. Michs. 1776; 
Scholar, 1779; B.A. 17S2. C. of Mersham, Kent, 1784-. R. 
of Over Helmsley, Yorks., 1S22-8. Died Jan. 24, 1S28, aged 
69. {St Paul's Sch. Reg.; Cant. Act Bk.; Foster, Index Eccles. ; 
G. Mag., 1828, 1. 282.) 

LAMB, JOSEPH CHATTO. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Jesus, Oct. 
1868. [3rd]s. of Joseph Chatto, Esq. [of Ryton Hall, Durham, 
and grandson of Humble (1794)]. B. [Apr. 1850], at Ryton. 
School, Durham. Matric. Michs. 1S68; B.A. 1872; M.A. 
1875. Adm. at the Inner Temple, 1872. Called to the Bai, 
1875. On the North Eastern Circuit. Ord. deacon (Huron, 
for Ripon) 1881; priest (Ripon) 1S82; C. of Burlev, Yorks., 
1881-3. C. of Moreton-in -M.irsh, Gloucs., 1883-5. V. of 
Hipswell, Yorks., 1885-6. V. of Fricklev with Clayton, 
1886-8. R. of Egginton, Derbs., 188S-1901. R. of Rise, 
York:.., 1901-10. Resided subsequentlv at Lvinington, Hants. 
Died Apr. 26, 1919, at Carlisle {Dmham V/i. Reg.; Burke, 
L.G.; Foster, Men at the Bar ; Law Lets ; I he Z lines. Apr. 29, 

LAMB, MATTHIAS MAWSON. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi. 
Mar. 27, 1841. Of Cambridgeshire. [Eldest s. of the Rev. 
John (1S07), Master of the College and Dean of Bristol.] 
Matnc. Mihs. 1841; B.A, 1845; M.A. 1848. Ord. deacon 
(Gloucester) June 7, 1846; priest, Dec, 19, 1S47; C. of 
Thornbury, Gloucs., 1846-8. C. of Olveston, 1848-50. C. of 
Sapperton, 1S50-65. C. of Moreton-in -Marsh, 1865-7. V. of 
Swinbrook and R. of Widford, < ix.m., 1867-88. Died July 21, 
1888, aged 65. Father of Arthur H. (1871); brother of 
Edward (1846), etc. {Crockford; The Guardian, Aug. I, 1888.) 

LAMB, PASCAL. Adm. sizar at Sr John's, July 3, 1S54. [S. of 
Capt. Ynyr, Bengal Infantry. School, Manchester.] Matric. 
Michs. 1854; B.A. 1858; M.A. 1S64. < ir.l. deacon (Chichester, 
for Canterbury! i:no; pnest (Cant'Tliury) 1861; C. of St 
Stephen's, Tonbridge, 1S60-2. C. of Whitstable and Sea- 
salter, 1862-4. Inc. of Collector and I'arago. NSW. 
AustraTia, 1S64. Chaplain to the Bishop of Goulburn, 1865-8. 
C. of St Thomas's, WeUs. Somerset, 186E 75 \ oi St 
Andrew's, Northampton, 1875-85. V. oi Ellington, Hunts., 
[8 n" - . Resided subsequently at Hove, where he died 
Feb. 14, 1900, aged 63. Brother of Ynyr (1852). {Crockford; 
1 he Times, Feb. 19, 1900.) 

LAMB, REGINALD PHIPPS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 25, 
1900. S. of William Henry, of 23, Palace Court, London. 
B. Mar. 1882, in London. School, Uppingham. Matric. 
Michs. 1900; B.A. 1903. Served in the Great War. 1914-19 
(Lieut . Kite Balloon Officer; Capt. (Adjutant), R.A.F.; 
wounded). Of The Orchards, Marlow, Bucks., in 1931. 
Brother of the next. {Uppingham Sch. Roll; Vine. War List.) 

LAMB, RICHARD EDGAR. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 25, 
1898. S. of William Henry, of 23, Palace Court, London, 
B. [Dec] 1879, in London. School, IJppinghatn. Matric. 
Michs, 1898; B.A. 1901 ; M.A. 1906. Served in the Great War, 
1914-19 (Capt., R.A.S.C; mentioned in despatches). Of 
8. 1 .old Street, Northampton. Died June 23, 1938, in London. 
Buried at Brookwood. Brother of the above. [Uppingham 
Sch. Roll; Univ. War List: The Times, lime 25. 1938.) 

LAMB, RICHARD MARTINDELL. Adm. pens, at Si Catha- 
rine's, Apr. 16, 1829. B at Allahabad, India. Matric. 
Easter, 1820. Migrated to Trniitv, May '., 1831; B.A. 1833; 
M \ : ,- \ of Over Darwen, Lanes., 1839-45. Missionary 
(C.M.S.) 111 the I 1st Indies, 1845-60. Disappears from ( lergy 
List, 1861. Father of the next. (Foster, Index Eccles.) 

LAMB, RICHARD MARTINDELL. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Jesus, Oct. 1S68. S. of the Rev. Richard Martindell (above). 
B. [Dec. 25, [848], at Meerut, India. School, Reptou. Matric. 
Michs. 1868; B.A. 1872; M.A. 1876. Ord. deacon (York) 
1873; priest, 1874; C. of Nomianton, Yorks., 1873-7. C. of 
Holy Trmitv, Hull. 187-^j. C. of Welton, 1879-84. C. of 
Stokesley, 1S85-6. V. of Burton Pidsea. 1880 „,;,. L)i, d 
I'.. 26, 1921. Doubtless brother of William M. (1856). 
{Repton sch. Reg.; Crockford; The Guardian, Jan. 6, 1922.) 

LAMB, ROBERT ORMSTON. Adm. pens, at Trinity, July 5, 
1855. [5th] s. of Joseph, Esq. [of Axwell Park, Gateshead, 
and West Denton, Northumberland (and of Amelia Mary, 
dau. of loseph Westbrook Michael, of Stamford, Lines.). 
B. Nov. 5, 1836.] Migrated to Trinity Hall, Oct. 16, 1855. 
Matric. Michs. 1855. Of Temon, and of Havton House, 
Cumberland. J.P. Died Dec. 26, 1912. (Burke,' L.G.) 


Lamb, Sidney Howard 

LAMB, SIDNEY HOWARD. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, Oct. i, 
1879. S. of Alfred, Esq., of Belsize Park, London. B. Sept. 24, 
1S60. School, Citv of London. Matric, Miens. 1S79; B.A. 
18S3. (T. A. Walker, 556.) 

LAMB, SYDNEY ERNEST. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 18S2. S. of 
John De Villiers, Esq., of Sydney, New South Wales, 
Australia. [B. Jan. 26, 1864.] Schools, Sydney Grammar 
and Winchester. Matric. Miens. 1SS2; LL.B. 1885. Adm. at 
the Inner Temple; called to the Bar, N.S.W., July 7, 1SS6. 
Associate to the Chief Justice, N.S.W., 1SS7. K I 
Of 148, Phillip Street, Sydney, N.S.W. Died Feb 1 
at Sydney. {Winchester Coll. Reg.; Law Lists; Who's Who in 
Australia; The Times, Mar. 14, 1940.) 


LAMB, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Queens', Jan. 21. 1839. 

LAMB, WILLIAM ANDREWS. Adm. pens, at Si 

Aug. 16, 1S90. Of Cork. S. of the Rev. Walter, R. of Desert- 
serges, of Bandon [and Adeline Elizabeth Obins-Woodhouse]. 
B. at Bandon, Dec. 12, 1S72. School, Monmouth Grammar 
(Rev. C. Roberts). Matric. Michs. 1S90; B.A. 1894. Ord. 
deacon (Edinburgh) 189S; priest. 1899; C. of St Andrew's, 
Edinburgh, 1898-T900. C. of Carrigrohane, Co. Cork, Ireland, 
1900—2. C. of Mallow, 1902. Inc. of Kilmeen, 1902-22. R. of 
Desertserges, 1922-43. Canon of Cork Cathedral and Cloyne 
Cathedral, 1939-43; resigned. Subsequently resided at 
Enniskeen, Co. Cork. Died Oct. 1944. (Irish Titties, Oct. 20, 
1944; Crockford.) 

LAMB, WILLIAM MARTINDALE. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
May 15, 1S56. [Doubtless s. of Richard Martindell {1829). 
B. Jan. 31, 183S, at Burrell Green, Penrith. School, Sed- 
bergb.] Matric. Michs. 1S56; Scholar, 1S58. Migrated to 
Corpus Christi; B.A. i860. Died Apr. 1S66. Doubtless 
brother of Richard M. (1868). (Sedbergh Sch. Reg,) 

LAMB, WILLIAM PITT. Adm. pens, at Sidney, Oct. 22, 1830; 
from Christ Church, Oxford, whence he had matric. Jan. 18, 
1828, age 18. [2nd but elder surviving] s. of the Rev. George 
Augustus, D.D. (Oriel College, Oxford, 1799), R. of Iden, 
Sussex. B. there Aug. [8], 1809. School, Westminster 
(Dr Goodenough). Matric. Michs. 1830. A clerk in the 
Colonial Office. Died unmarried Jan. 10, 1843, at Iden 
rectory, Sussex. (Record of Old Westminsters supp.; Al. Oxon.; 
G. Mag., 1S43, 1. 222.) 

LAMB, YNYR. Adm. sizar at St John's, July 3, 1852; re-adm. 
pens. Apr. 17, 1861. [S. of Capt. Ynvr, Bengal Infantry.] 
[B. Nov. 3, 1833, at Calcutta.] Matric. Michs. 1S52; B.A. 
1862. Brother of Pascal (1854). 

LAMBARDE, CHARLES JAMES. Adm. at Emmanuel, June 28, 
1852. Of Kent. Matric. Michs. 1852; B.A. 1856, as Lambard. 
Ord. deacon (Chichester) 1S58; priest, 1859; C. of Arlesey, 
Beds., 1858-64. V. of Mogerghanger, 1864-76. V. of Southill, 
1877-94. R. of Ash, Kent, 1894-1909. Disappears from 
Crockford, 1910. 

LAMBARDE, JOHN BARRETT. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Jan. ri, 1894. Of Suffolk. [3rd] s. of F. [Francis], gent., of 
1, Selwyn Gardens, Cambridge. B. Dec. 20, 1874, at Assing- 
ton. Schools, Leamington College and Tonbridge. Matric. 
Lent, 1894; B.A. 1897. 2nd Lieut., 1st Batt., the Royal. 
Hampshire Regt., May 23, 1900; Lieiit., 1902; resign- 
Farming at Alix, Alberta, Canada, 1906-11. (Tonbridge Sch. 
Reg.; Army Lists.) 

LAMBART, GUSTAVUS. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity, 
June 18, 1790- [2nd] s. of Charles, of Dublin [and Beau Pare, 
tie ;th, M.P. (and Frances, dau. of James L. N. Dutton, 
of Sherborne, Gloucs.)]. [B. Sept. 16, 1772.] School, Eton. 
Matric. Michs. 1790; B.A. 1794. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, 
Sept. 7, 1789. Of Beau Pare, Co. Meath, D.L. M.P. for 
Kilbeggan, 1798-1800. Married, 1S10, Anna Butler, dau of 
Sir John A. Stevenson, Mus.D., and had issue. Died Sept. 22, 
1850. [Eton Coll. Reg.; Burke, P. and B.) 

LAMBE, CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Sidney, Sept. 17, 1818. 
2nd s. of Henry, merchant, of St Austell, Cornwall. B. there 
June 25, 1799- Schools, Lostwithiel (Mr Clapp) and Merton 
(Mi Tucker). Matric. Lent, 1819. Died Nov. 18, 1821, at 
Fowey, Cornwall. (Boase, Coll. Cornub., 470.) 

LAMBE, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. . 
Of Cornwall. [3rd] s. of Henry, Esq., solicitor 
beth]. B. June 1, 1827, at St Austell. [School, Truro.] 
Matric. Michs. 1844; B.A. 1848; M.A. T355. Ord 
(Gloucester) Mar. i>>, 1851; priest (Exeter) 1852; C. of 
St Ives, Cornwall, 1S51-4. Co] 1 .kington, 

Devon, 1854-61. P.C. of Charlestown, Cornwall, 1861-9. 

Lambert, Alfred Lionel 

Married, 1856, Clementine Augusta, daughter of C. B. 
Louis, Capt., R.N. Resided subsequently at Hi 
Ivybridge, where he died Mar. 8, 1889. Father of Henry E. 
and Roger F. (1890); brother of the next. (Boase, 
Coll. Cornub. , 470; Crockford; Clergy Lists; The Guardian, 
Mar. 13, 1889; Burke, P. and B.; Sir Wasey Sterry.) 

LAMBE, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, M.v. ; 

[Doubtless eldest s. of Henry, solicitor, of St Austell, Cornwall 
(and Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Symons, of Little Falmouth).] 
Matric. Michs. 1843. Of 9, Strangways Terrace, Truro. 
Brother of the above. (Boase, Coll. Cornub., 470.) 

LAMBE, HENRY EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Jesus, Oct. 1, 
1876. S. of the Rev. George (1844). B. [Mar. 1S58] at Torquay, 
Devon. School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. iS76;B.A. 1880. Adm. 
Solicitor, 1884; practised at St Austell, Cornwall; retired, 

1889. Died Aug. 5, 190S, after an accident while playing 
polo. Brother of Roger F. (1890). [Harrow Sch. Reg.; Law 

LAMBE, JOHN LAWRENCE. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1882. 
S. [and h.] of J[ohn], Esq. [merchant], of Eccles, Lanes, 
v 7, 1863. Matric. Michs. 1882; B.A. 1886; M.A. 1890. 
Of Styal and Mobberley, Cheshire, of Shawbury, Salop, and 
oi Whitmead Hill, Tilford, Surrey. F.S.A. Poet and dramatic 
writer. Died May 24, 1926. (Scott. MSS.; Fox-Dnvies, 
Armorial Families; Misc. Gen. et Her., sth Ser., 5; The 
Times, May 28, 1926, and June 22, 1926.) 

LAMBE, LACON WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Caius, 
June 13, 1814. [Eld.] s. of William (17S2), M.D., of London. 

B. [1797], in Warwick. School, Charterhouse. Matric. Michs. 
1815; Scholar; Tancred student (made the Tancred speech, 
1818, and the Thurston, 1826); M.B. 1820; M.D. 1825. In 
practice at Leominster, Heref., in 1S50, and for many years 
resident at Henwood, Leominster. Married Amelia, dau. of 
the Rev. George Fnxt >n, V. of Twyning. Died June 20, 1871, 
at Torquay. (List of Carthusxans; Venn, a. 164; Medical 
Directories; D.N.B.) 

LAMBE, ROBERT. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Sidney, Feb. 21, 
1752. S. of William, advocate, of Stanwick, Northants. B. 

there. Schools, Melton Mowbray (Mr Brown) and Uppingham 
(Mr Laybonie). Matric. Lent, 1752. 

LAMBE, ROGER FRANCIS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 4. 

1890. S. of the Rev. George (1844). Of 3, Fopstone Road, 
London. B. 1872, at Torquay, Devon. School, Harrow. 
Matric. Michs. 1890; B.A. 1895. An engineer. Of 40a, 
Connaught Street, London, W., in 1925. Brother of Henry E. 
(1876). (Harrow Sch. Reg.) 

LAMBE, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at St John's, Mar. 14, 1782. 
Of Herefordshire. [S. of Lacon, attorney, of Warwick. B. 
there Feb. 26, 1765.] School, Hereford. Matric. Michs. 1782; 
Scholar, 17S2; B.A. (4th Wrangler) 1786; M.A. 17^9; M.D. 
1802. Fellow, 1788-94. F.R.C.P., 1804; Censor, 1806, 1815, 
1826, 1828; Croonian Lecturer, 1814-16; Harveian Orator, 
1818 (Elect, 1828); Consiliarius, 183S. Practised at Warwick, 
and, later, in London. Physician to the General Dispensary 
in Aldersgate Street, 1S10. At Warwick succeeded to the 
practice of Dr Landor, father of Walter Savage Landor. In 
London was intimate with Shelley and the Newtons, and 
was the physician who ordered Keats abroad on his last 
journey. Made a minute chemical examination of the mineral 
waters at Leamington. Eccentric in his manners, and .1 rigid 
vegetarian who considered that almost all diseases had their 
origin in the use of animal diet. Married (1) in Feb. or Mar. 
1794, Miss Welsh, dau. of Capt. Welsh, and (2) the dau. of 
Arthur Saunders, M.D. Author, medical. Retired about 
1840, and lived latterly at Dilwvn, Heref., where he died 
June ii, 1847- Father of Lacon W. (1814). (St John's Coll. 
A dm., iv. 349; Medical ' \'.B.; Munk, ni. 

17-18; Gunning, Reminiscences, 1. 142.) 

LAMBERT, ALFRED. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Pembroke, 
Oct. 16, 1826. 3rd s. of the Rev. Joseph [P.C], of Marrick, 
Richmond, Yorks. B. at Gilmonby, Yorks. Scholar, 
matric. Lent, 1827; B.A. 1840. Ord. deacon (Rip 
priest, 1841; C. of St Mary's, Barnsley, Yorks., 1840 1. V. 
of Monk Bretton, 1842-86. Disappears from Cro* ' 
Father of Claude A. (1869), Frederick C. (1871) and Joseph 

C. (1874)- (Clergy List.) 

LAMBERT, ALFRED LIONEL. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 

1864. S. of Alfred, of 11, Rue ties Kcunes d'Artois, Paris. 
B. 1843, at Florence, Italy. I, private), 

Matric. Michs. 1S64; B.A. 1868, M.A. 1 >.. Oi 

ster] i ■ ■•! ; priest, 1S73; C. of St Mark's, Kenning ton 

Surrey, 1871-9. C. oi ^l Bartholomew's. Svdenti 

1879-80. R. of Easington with Uverton, Yorks., 1880-92. 
V. i the Church of the Ascensi ..n. 

Died Aug. 21, 1903, at Alt* -tt, 11. nit-,. < r ekford; TheTimts, 



Lambert, Alfred Uvedale Miller 
lambert, alfred uvedale miller. adnj 

Trinity, May zi, 188 ! [2nd] younger s. of Henry Thomas, 

of Sandhills, Met. hiiiL.-l.-v. Surrey i-i-l ' Hi ■ n's Gati S \\ 
B. [Tune 13], 1870, in London. School, 1 ! 1 M tri. . Mil bs. 
1888; B.A. r 91 j M, \. 1917 2nd Lie t. Middl- ■ x \ ■ ■ 
manrv 1 Mastei ol the Burstow Foxhounds, 

1900-5 A farm- 1 ; .1-- n antiquary and archaeologist. 
F.S.A. Of South Park Farm, Bletchinglev. J. P. for Surrey. 
Author, Histnrv of HUichindev. Died Iiinen, 1028. (Burke, 
L.G.; Who was Who, 1916-28; The linns, June 8, 1928.) 

LAMBERT, ANTHONY. Adm. at King's, a scholar from Eton, 
June 10, 1S53. [S. of the Rev. Anthony L., R. of Chilbolton, 
Hants.] B. at Ash. Surrey. Died at his father's rectory, 
Chilbolton, Nov. -. [853, ige I 20, ! » Coll. Reg.; King's 
Coll. Reg.; G. Mag . 1853, 11. 655.) 

VAUGHAN CAMPBELL. Adm. at Clare, Mar. 19, 1887. 
[Only s. of John Campbell-Lambert, of Leiston Hall, 
Suffolk, ind Foxearth 11.11, Essex (and Catherine Elizabeth, 
elder dau. of Robert Chambre Vaughan, of Burlton Hall, 
Salop). Il.i 1.1.27, 1868. School, Bury St I Maine 
Michs [887. Farming at Leiston, Suffolk, in 1908. Of 
l.ei,ton Hall. Suffolk, and Foxearth Hall, Esses, 111 10-19. 
[Bury <~,r. Sell. Reg. (sub Lambert); Burke, L.G., I939-) 

LAMBERT, ARTHUR WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
June 7, 1866 Of Nottinghamshire. S. of William, lace- 
dresser 1 .a. I Elizabeth], B. at Dakeyne Street, Sneinton. 
Bapt. Feb. 7, 1847. [School, Rugby.] Matric. Michs. 1866. 
B.A. 1S70. Athletics 'half-blue' (Ouarter Mile), 1868; 
President, C.U.A.C, 1869. Died June, 1873, in Italy. 
(Rugby Sch. Reg.; Booh of Blues.) 

LAMBERT, BURGES. Adm. pens, at St John's, Dec. 16, 1S21; 
from Brasenose College, Oxford, whence he had matric. 
Jan. 15, 1821, age 18. [4th s. of Robert, of Dorchestei ] 
Matric. Lent, 1S22; B.A. 1826; M.A. 1829. Ord. deacon 
(Bath and Wells) Mar. 26, 1826; prii ' (Lincoln) Time 1, 

1828. V. of Fritwell, Oxon., 18 ■ 1 Married (1) Mar. 12, 

1829, Julia Anna, dau. of the Rev r ■■■ las Fawcett, R of 
Green's Norton; (2) >iug. 10, 1837, Mary, dau. of Sir Alex- 
ander Ramsay, Bart , of Ralmain. Died May 28, 1843, at 
Mistcrton, Somerset, aged 41. Brother of William C. (1815). 
(( lergy List; A!. Oxon.; Foster. Index Eccles.; G. Mag.. 
1843, 11 215; G. War . 1829, 1, )65.) 

LAMBERT, CARLTON JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Trinity-. 
June 18, [862 [\ M. -rl s. of Tohn. artificer, of London. 
B. there. Migrated to Pembroke, June 20, [863; matric. 
Michs. 1863; Scholar, 1862; B.A. (3rd Wrangler) [867; M.A. 
1870. Fellow of Pembroke, 1867. Professoi of mathematics 
at Uiuv.Tsitv L'.ll.-ee London, 1871-. Professor at the 
Royal Naval Coll.-.-, Oreenwich. filed Nov. 6. 1021, at 
Westerham Hill, Kent. (The Times, Nov. 0, 1921.) 

LAMBERT, CHARLES EDMUND. Adm. pens, at Christ's, 
Jan. 13, 1891. [S. of William, of Banstead, Surrey and some 
time of Ashbourne, Derbs., and Man- Bennet. B. Apr. 4, 
1872.] School, High, Newcastle. Staffs. Matric. Michs. 1891; 
Scholar. 1891; B.A, (Class. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class) 1894; M.A 
18, ,8. in. I deacon (Ripon) 1S98; priest, 1000; C. of Leeds, 
iSq.s 1, ,i.i I.-. an in i haplain to the Arofibisliop of York, 
1901-4. Sub-Warden of Bishop's Hostel and tutor of the 
S.h. .la Cancellarii, Lincoln, 1904-11. Lie. pr., dio. of Lin- 
coln, ioos ii. Principal of Westcott House, Cambridge, 
1911-17. '. - I. 1 t I'ivi. h.-r at Cambridge, 101-,, 1017. on", 
I. i|I. V. of Allhallow., Barking-by-the-Towcr. 1. 117-22. 
R. of st James's, Piccadilly, 1922-49-. Archdeacon of 
Hampstead, 1-12.1 .pi-. Author, Dciotumal AUJiess at Pan- 

Anghear. . 1 1,-... r-htor of Letters of Rev. II. II. 

Jeaffreson. (I - I 1 I; Burke, L.G.; Fox-Davies. Armorial 
Families; Who's Who.) 

LAMBERT, CLAUDE ALFRED. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
July 30, 1869. S. of [the Re\ Ufred (1826), of Monk 

Paction, II nasi, v, Yorks S.I 1 , Wak.-ii.-ld r.raiiiiiiar, 

Yorks. [and St 1.. Iin's, P.-.ttii.-il.i .nil M.itrn Mi.l.- I..-, 
B.A. 1873. Ord. deacon (Ripon) 1875; priest, 1876; 1 oi 
St Luke's, Bradford, 1875-7. C. of East Keswick, Cumber- 
land, 1878-85. V. of Weeton, Yorks., 1885 in- Dis 
appears from Crockford, 1918. Brother .-1 l<- 1 ph 1 . (1874), 
etc. (Leatherhead Si ft. Reg.) 

LAMBERT, DANIEL. Adm. p. ns. at St John's, July 6, 1831. 

- ' ,1 - ..- 1 1 a, i.l i.l I laioti-ail. Surrey |.iinl I la istiana Fox, 
dan. ,.f Willi 1111 I ,v|..r, ot Ho. king. 1 II. I '1 I. ,, 1S11] 

Maine. Michs. 1831; Scholar. 18,1; II \ (•-.,,/ Wtanglfl) 

1835; M.A. 1 - |8 A. fin .11 I 1 ' 1 

t ill.-.l to ih.' Bar, Nov. 22, 18-18. "I Banstead, Surrey. 
Died Nov. 28, 1858. (Burke, L.G.; I iw Lists; G. Mag., 
. I59, 1. 103.) 

Lambert, Henry 

LAMBERT. EDGAR. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Pembroke, 
Oct. 1, 1S7S. [3rd] s. of Joseph, merchant, of Cottingham, Hull. I: [Nov. 22, 1858], at Hull. [School, Cheltenham 
College.] Matric. Michs. 1S78; Scholar, 1S79: B.A. 1SS2: 
M A 1885 Adm. .1.1 ennjem at Durham, 1880. Rowing 
•blue,' 1881, 1882; President, C.U. B.C., 1882. Ord. deacon 
(Durham) 1883; priest. 1884. Chaplain to seamen in Sun- 
derland, 1885 92. K. of Heene, Sussex, 1892-5. Chaplain- 
Supt. of Mersey Mission to Seamen, 1895-1911. Hon. Canon 
of Liverpool, 1905-ri. V. of Wye, Kent, r.911-26. Hon. 
Assoc, of the Order of St Tohn of Jerusalem, 10,11. Chaplain 
to S.P.G. at Vernet-les-Bains, 1927-8. Residing at Folke- 
stone in mis. Died May 13, 1949. (Book of Blues; Crockford; 
Wlw's Who.) 

LAMBERT, EDMUND. Adm. pens, (age 21) at Pembroke, 
Feb. IS, 1817. Eldest s of I dw ml. Matric. Lent, 1817; 
Mil. 1822; Med, Lie. 1824; M.D. 1827. F.R.C.P., 1828. 
Died July 20, 1S77. (.I/mi*, in. 284.) 

LAMBERT, EDWARD T1LEY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Jan. I, 

1862. S. of Thomas, of Russell Square, London (and some- 
time of Telham Court, Battle, Sussex I, B. 1844, at St, .. l,iv II 
Surrey. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1862; B.A. 1866. 
Married, 1877, Jane, dau. of Tames McLaren, of Innergelhe, 
Fife. Of Telham Court, Battle, 111 1897. J. P. for Sussex. 
Died 190S. Father of Hem-, M. (1 -.-). brother of Isaac C. 
(1868). (Rugby Sch. Reg.; Burke, L.G.) 

LAMBERT. ERIC TOM. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Tune 25, 1897. 
TI-.Id.-stl s. of T..111. ..f Sherwood Rise, Nottingham. B. 187S. 
at Nottingham. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1807; B.A. 
1900; LL.B. 1000; M.A. 1935. Adm. Solicitor, 1903; prac- 
tised at Dover. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Major, 
Bombay Vol. Artillery). Registrar of County Courts o! 
Doyer. Deal, Folkestone and Hythe. J. P. for Kent, 1040. 
Of Kearsney, Dover, in 1945. (Rugby Sell. Reg.; Univ. Wat 
List; Law Lists; Kelly, Handbook.) 

LAMBERT, FREDERIC CHARLES. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
July 7, 1871; re-adm. Oct. 14, 1872. S. of the Rev. Alfred 
(1821,) [and Jane], B. at Monk Bretton, Yorks. Bapt. 
Aug. 22, 1852. School, Sedbergh. Matric. Michs. 1872; 
exhibitioner; B.A. 1876. Migrated to Downing, Oct. 6, 1876; 
M.A. 1S79. Ord. deacon (Rochester) 1878; priest (York) 
1882; C. of St Bartholomew',, Sydenham, 1878-9. Senior 
Mathematical Master at the High School. Bishop's. Stortford, 
Herts., 1879-80. Chaplain, Cambridge County Asylum, 
Fiilboura, 1S80-2. C. of Monk Bretton, Yorks, 1882-3 
Chaplain at Downing College, 1884-6. Lecturer of St Paul's. 
Bayswater, 1891-3. Lecturer of St Helen's, Kensington. 
1S92-5. C. of St Mary Aldermanbury, 1896-11)00. Lecturer 
at St Paul's, Forest Hill, Kent, 1898; at St Anne's, Highgate, 
iqoo-2. Latterly of 27, Thurlby Road, West Norwood. 
Disappears from Croekford, 1933. Brother of Joseph C. 
(1874), Claude A. (1S69). etc. (Sedbergh Sell. Reg.) 

LAMBERT, GEORGE. Adm. sizar at Christ's, July 6, 1812. 
S. of George. B. in London. School, Oakham, Rutland. 
Migrat-d to Trinity, Oct. 30, 1813; matric, Michs. 1S13. 
(Peile, 11, 371; Trinity Coll. Adm.) 

LAMBERT, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at St John's. June 15, 1842. 
S. of G. Jackson, organist of St Martin's Church, Beverley, 
Yorks. [and Alice]. Bapt. Sept. 23, 1823. School, Beverley. 
Matric. Michs. 1842; B.A. 1847; M.A. 1852. Ord. deacoii, 
1847; priest, 1848; C. of Duniiington, Yorks., 1847-60. C of 
Fulford, 1860-6. Subsequently of Osbaldwick, near York, 
and disappears from Crockford, 1874, (Clergy Lists.) 

LAMBERT, GEORGE D'ARCY. Matric. pens, from Queens', 
Michs. 1883. [S. of John, Government clerk. B. Mar. 16, 

1863, at Am kland, New Zealand. Sch 1, Felsted.] Migrated 

to St John's, Jan. 24, 1884. Died before 1913. (Al. Felsted.) 

LAMBERT, GORDON ORMSBY. Adm. pens, at Si John-, 
Aug in, 18. 15. S. of Frederick Algernon Sydney, Guvi-m 
incut official, deceased [and [da Olivia Klein]. B. July 20, 
1877, at George Town, Demerara. Schools, Bedford Gram- 
mar (Mr I. S. l'lnllpotts) and CJueen's College, Demerara. 
Matric. Michs. 1895; B.A. 1898; M B and B.( nioi; M.D. 
1906. At Charing Cross Hospital M K.C.I'.. 1933; F.R.C.P.. 
i,,).- II- 1 - 1- Surgeon. CI, Tin ■ (loss Ho-pital; House 
Physician, Victoria Hos] :' I 1 -i ' 'a' Iren, I helsea. Prac- 
tised a Readii , Senior II ... Physician, Royal Berks. 
Hospital. Ih, ... Consulting Physician, Henley-on-Thames 
War Memorial Hospital. Author, medical (1 hicfly cardio- 
logy). 1 '1 0, hi. Ion Square, Reading, in 1945. Died Jan. 
20, 1947. (Medical Directories.) 

LAMBERT, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, June 28, 
1856. I't Middlesex. Main. Ml. lis isv. I: V , .... M \ 
i8Sj did deacon (Canterbury) 1861; priest, 1S62; C. of 
Halstead, Kent, 1861-3. R. of Goodnestone and V. of 
1 ,, 1 . . a. v, 1864-92. Died Mar. 4, 1892, at Graveney vicarage, 
aged 55. (Crockford; Tlie Guardian, Mar. 9, 1892.) 


Lambert, Henry 

LAMBERT, HENRY. Adm. sizar at Trinity, Sept. 30. iSqq. 
S. of John, of 53, Chesterton Road, Cambridge. B. 1 
18S1, at Sheffield. School, Perse, Cambrul- 
1899; B.A. (Nat. Sci. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class) 1902; M, \ 
Joined the I.C.S., Nov. 1907; Inspector of Schools, Bengal; 
transferred to Bihar and Orissa, Apr. 1912. Served in the 
Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut., Bengal Nagpur Railway Batt., 
Indian Defence Force). Acting Principal, Ravenshaw Col- 
lege, Cuttack, 1915; Principal, Apr. 191S. Officiating Director 
of Public Instruction, Bihar and Orissa, 1924; on special 
duty. Education Dept. of India, 1928-36; retired, 1936. 
■ Lists; I''-.;.. U'.ir List.) 

LAMBERT, HENRY MACLAREN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 25, 1S97. [Eldest] s. of Edward Tilev {1S62), of Telfaam 
Court, Battle, Sussex. B. July 25, 1879, at S \ 
School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1897. Second Lieut., 1st 
Royal Dragoons, 1S99; Lieut., 1900; Capt., 1907. Served m 
the South African War. A.D.C. to Lord AmptlnK. 
Viceroy of India, 1904; to Lord Minto, Lord Curzon and the 
Commander- in -Chief, General Sir O' Moore Creagh. Retired, 
1912. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Capt., ist Dra- 
goons); killed in action near Ypres, May 13, 1915. (Harraio 
Sch. Rt^.; Burke, L.G.; Univ. Wat Ltst', Irmy Lists; The 
Times, May 20, 1915.) 

LAMBERT, ISAAC COWLEY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Nov. 7, 
1868. [5th] s. of Thomas, of Surbiton, Surrey. B. 1S50, at 
Stockwell, London. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1869; 
B.A. 1S73; M.A. 1876. Football (nigbv) 'blue,' 1872; Capt., 
1872. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Nov. 3, 1870. Called to 
the Bar, Jan. 26, 1S74. J.P. forSurrev. M.P. for E. Islington, 
1886-92. Of Little Tangley, Guildford. Author, A Trip to 
Cashmere and Ladak. F.R.G.S.; F.Z.S. Died in Oct. mi8. 
Brother of Edward T. (1S62) (but not mentioned in L.O.). 
(Rugby Sch. Reg.; Book of Blues; Law Lists; Foster, Men tti 
the Bar; Kelly, 1901.) 

LAMBERT, JAMES. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Trinity, Apr. 23, 
1760. S.of [the Rev.] Thomas (1718-19) [R.] of Melton, Suffolk. 
B. May 7, 1741. School, Woodbridge. Matric. Easter, 1760; 
Scholar, 1763; B.A. (10th Wrangler) 1764; Chancellor's 
medal, 1764; Members' prize, 1765; M.A. 1767. Fellow, 
1765; Bursar, 17S9-99. Regius Professor of Greek, 1771-80. 
Ord. deacon (Norwich) Aug. 12, 1764; C. of Iken, Suffolk, 
1764. C. of Alderton and Bawdsey. Latterly adopted Arian 
opinions, and never accepted any preferment in the church, 
but retained his fellowship till his death. Died Apr. 28, 1823, 
at Fersfield parsonage. Portrait in the Combination Room 
at Trinity. The D.X.B, states that the road connecting 
Trumpington and Hills roads, Cambridge, is known by his 
name of the 'via Lambertina.* (D.N.B.; Gunning, Re- 
120; C.U. Hist. Reg.; G. Mag., 1S23, 11. 84.) 

LAMBERT, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Magdalene, Dec. 15, 1765. 
S. of John, of Leeds. School, Bradford. Migrated (age 18) 
toTrinitv, Nov. 10, 1766; matric. Michs. t?66; Scholar, 1767; 
B.A. 1770. 

LAMBERT, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Downing, Sept. 10, 1898. 
S. of John, of Cambridge. Matric. Michs. 189S; Scholar; 
B.A. (Nat. Sci. Trip., Pt 1, 1st Class) 1901; B.Chir., 1904; M.B. 
1905; M.D. 190S; M.A. 1909; D.P.H. 1909. At the London 
Hospital. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1904. Clinical Assistant, 
Medical Out-patients' Dept., Gt Ormond Street Children's 
Hospital. In practice at Brighton before 1914. Served in 
the Great War, 1914-19 (Surgeon-Lieut., R.N.; O.B.E.; 
mentioned in despatches). Resident Medical Officer, Lancing 
College. Senior School Medical Officer, Brighton Education 
Committee. Resident Medical Officer, Wellington College, 
1920-45-. {Medical Directories.) 

LAMBERT, JOHN GRIFFIN. Adm. pens, at Selwym H., 
Oct. 10, 1885. B. Oct. 30, 1866. Matric Michs. it 1 . 
1888; M.A. 1899. Ord. deacon (Beverley) 1890; priest 
(York) 1891; C. of Wentworth, Yorks., 1890-3. C. of Holy 
Innocents, Hornsey, London, 1893-1900. R. of Billingford, 
... 1900-15. Died June 29, 1915, aged 48. {Crockford; 
The Times, July 1, 1915.) 

LAMBERT, JOHN JEFFERY. Adm. pens, at Si 

June 26, 1849. S. of John, gent., of Middle ton, Nortbants. 
[and Arabella]. B. at Ontingham-cum- Middle ton. Bapt. 
Dec. 27, 1829. School, Oundle. Matric. Michs. 1849: B.A. 
1853. Ord. deacon (Lichfield) 1853; priest, 1854; C. of 
Edgmond, Salop, 1853-64. C. of Gt Coates, Lines., 1864-7. 
V. of Leebotwood with Longnor, Salop, 1867-S8. R. of 
Norbury, 1883-1913. Died Feb. 16, 1913, aged 83. {Crock- 
ford; The Times, Feb. -2, 1913.) 


Lambert, Stampa Walter 

LAMBERT. JOHN WILMOT. Adm. (age 18} at Caius, ran 26, 

1872. [Eldest] s. of John, Esq., of G imwaU Gardens, London 

iarratt's Hall, Surrey] [and Harriet, dan. of Richard 

Hay Cooper]. B. at Sheen. Surrey. Schools, Cheam. Aber- 
gavenny, and Gosport. Matric. Michs. 1872. Resided two 
terms. Lieut., Rifle Brigade, r.874; retired Warned 

Emma Charlotte, dau. of Francis Vere-Hopgood, the 70th 
Regt., of Hadleigh House, Middlesex. Died s.p. Aug. 1884. 
[Venn, 11. 401, which gives 'died 1883,' and note; Burke, 

LAMBERT, JONATHAN. Adm. sizar at Jesus, July . 

Of Yorkshire. Matric. Lent, 1795; Scholar and exhibitioner, 

John's, Apr. 24, 1874. [Eldest] s. of the Rev. Alfred (1826) 
i me]. B. at Barnsley, Yorks. Bapt. Jan. 17. 1841. 
He kept five days of Easter, 1874 and eight days of Michs. 
1874: name off, Oct. 5. 1875. Migrated to New College, 
Oxford, whence he matric. Oct. 19, 1874, age 33 (as John 
Christopher). Master of the Head School, St Helena, before 
1879. S.P.G. missionary at St Helena, 1879-86. Ord. deacon 
(St Helena) 1S79; priest, 1SS0. V. of St James's, St Helena, 
18S0-6. Canon and precentor of the Cathedral, 1881-6. 
Brother of Frederick C. (1S71), Claude A. (1869), etc. (Al. 
Oxon.; S.P.G. records.) 

LAMBERT, JOSIAH. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, June 30, 
1 7' '4 ■ S. of Charles, of Lancaster. School, Sedbergh, Yorks. 
Matric. Michs. 1764; Scholar, 1765; B.A. 1768; M.A. 1771. 
V. of St George's, Kendal, Westmorland, 1771-81. V. of 
Cockerham, Lanes., 1781-98. Brother of Robert H. (1765). 
{Sedbergh Sch. Reg.) 

LAMBERT, PETER. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., Oct. 1, 1891. 
[S. of George Patrick, of ir, Annersley Park, Elder Brother 
of the Trinity House. B. Jan. 26, 1873. School, Dulwich 
College.] Matric. Michs. 1891; B.A. 1894; M.A. 1898. Ord. 
deacon (London) 1896; priest, 1897; C. of Twickenham, 
1896-1900. C. of St Peter's, Ealing, 1900-2. C. of All Saints', 
Boyne Hill, Berks., 1902-3. C. of Holy Trinity, Elthain, 
Kent, 1903-5. C. of Hendon, 1905-8. V. of Little Marlow, 
Bucks., 1908-17. V. of St Michael and All Angels, Maidstone, 
1917-28. V. of Stum-, Kent, 1928-37. Lie. to off., dio. of 
Canterbury, 1937-42. Died Oct. 13, 1942, at Taunton. 
{Dulwich Coll. Reg.; Crockford; The Times, Oct. 15. 1942.) 

Trinity, June 14, 1S86. S. of the Rev. Richard Unifraville 
(next), V. of Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts. B. 1868, at Wells, 
Carlow. School, Shrewsbury. Matric. Michs. 1S86; B.A. 
1889; M.A. 1926. Called to the Bar, Inner Temple, June 29, 
1892. Joined the Midland Circuit. M.P. for the Cricklade 
Division of Wilts., 1910-18. Member of the London County 
Council, 1910-13. 'Pohtics, however, hardly suited him so 
well as the second career into which he entered on being 
created librarian at the Athenaeum,' where he was first 
whole-time librarian, 1922-35. An authority on the Mero- 
vingian age. Died Nov. 5, 1939. {Law Lists; Who was Who, 
1929-40; The Times, Nov. 6, 1939.) 

LAMBERT, RICHARD UMFRAVILLE. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
Trinity, Oct. 7, 1847. S. of Richard [solicitor, of Bedford 
Row, London]. B. at Bradford, Yorks. School, Bury St 
Edmunds. Matric. Michs. 1848; B.A. 1852; M.A. 1S55. Ord. 
deacon (Oxford) 1853; priest, 1S54; C. of Benson, Oxon., 
1854-6. C. of Devizes, Wilts., 1856-8. C. of Burbage, 1859- 
67. Inspector of Schools, dis. of Rochester, 1868-73. V. of 
Christ Church, Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts., 1873-1905. Died 
Jan. 28, 1905. Father of the above. {Bury Gr. Sch. Reg.; 
Crockford; The Times, Jan. 31, 1905; Clergy List.) 

LAMBERT, ROBERT. Adm. sizar (age 19) at Trinity, Sept. 25, 
1782. S. of John, of Wattsfield, Westmorland. School, 
Hawkshead, Lanes. Matric. Michs. 1783; B.A. 1787. C. of 
Troutbeck, Westmorland, 1792-9. (J. B. Routledge.) 

at St John's, Oct. 7, 1765. S. of Charles, registrar, 
B. at Lancaster. School, Sedbergh. Matric. Michs. 1765; 
B.A. 1770; M.A. 1773. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Mar. n, 1770; 
priest (Chester) July 28, 1770; C. 01 Astwicfa with Arlesey, 
Beds., 1770. R. of Fersfield, Noil- ■, >ied July, 

1 at Kendal, Westmorland. Brother of Josiah 
(Sedbergh Sch. Reg.; St John's Coll. Adm., ill. 710; 
1803, 11. 882.) 

LAMBERT, STAMPA WALTER. Adrn. at Trinity Hai 
S. of Stampa Walter, Esq., of Nortinn. 
Upper Richmond Road, Putney, London. Sch 
borne. Matric. Michs. 1899. Did not reside. 


Lambert, Sydney 

LAMBERT, SYDNEY. Adm. pens, at Corpis Christi, Oct. I. 
1880. Of Middlesex. [S. r,f T. J. Lambert, of London.] B. 
Oct. 18, 1861, at Bromlev, Middlesex. Schools, St John's 
College, Leatherhead, and Marlborough College. Matnc. 
Michs. 18S0; B.A. 1884; M.A. 1887. Ord. deacon (Salisbury) 
1886; priest, 1888; C. of Wyke Regis, Dorset, 1886-8. C. of 
Broadwindsor, 1888-91. C. of Wyke Regis, 1891-1902. V. 
of St Paul's, Weymouth, 1902-6. V. of Bremhill with 
Foxhain and Highway St Peter, Wilts., 1906-10. R. of 
Pewsey, 1910 24. R. of Stanton St Bernard, ic.25-32. Lived 
subst-quTitlv .t Hastings. Died in 194 1. {Leatherhead Sch. 
Reg.; Marlborough Coll. Reg.; Crockford.) 

St John's, Oct. 9. 18S4. S. of Ri. hard Sv.lm v, Sc- ret irv, 
Colonial Civil Service, British Guiana (and Henrietta Maria 
I - 11. Nov. I, 1867, at Main Street, Georgetown, 

British Guiana. School, The Queen's College of British 
Guiana (E. Pen 1v.1l, B.A.). Matnc. Mi' lis. ikk ( ; B.A. 18N7; 
M.B., B.Chir. 1893; M.D. 1904. At St Mary's Hospital. 
House Physician, Brompton Hospital for Consumption. In 
practice at Harrow-on-the-Hill, from 1900; Consulting 
Physician, Harrow Cottage Hospital. Chairman, Harrow 
School Medical Board, and Medi. al Superintendent, Harrow 
School sanal Died suddenly Feb. 12, 1931, at his 

residence. Gothic House, Harrow. [Medical Directories; 
.' he 1 imt s, Feb, 

LAMBERT, THOMAS WILSON. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Pem- 
broke, Oct. 2, 1882. S. of Joseph, merchant, of Hull. B. 
there. [School, Cheltenham.] Matric. Michs. 1882; B.A. 
1885; M.B.. B.Chir. and M.A. 1890. At St Thomas's Hos- 
pital. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1889. House Surgeon at St 
Thomas's Hospital. In practice at Kamloops, British 
Columbia. Canada, from 1000. Vice-President, College of 
Physicians and Surgeons, British Columbia, 1S97; President, 
1898-9. Medical Officer, Royal Inland Hospital, Kamloops. 
Practised in London, from 1910. Died Mar. 31, 1920, at 
Mentone. France. (Pembroke Coll. Reg.; Medical Direc- 
lories; The Times, Apr. 8, 1920.) 

LAMBERT, WILLIAM CHARLES. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
Trinity, Oct. 21, 1815. [4th s. of Robert, of Winterborne 
Stepleton, Dorset, by Sibella, dau. of James Green, of 
Denbury, Devon. B. 1797.] School, Winchester. Maine 
Michs. iSis; B.A. 1820; M.A. 1828. Adm. at the Middle 
Temple, Nov. 17, 1S15. Called to the Bar, May 28, 1824. 
J.P., for Dorset and Somerset. D.L., Dorset. Livedat Knowle 
House, Wimbome. Married (1) T829, Georgian.! Charlotte, 
3rd dau. of General Sir Amos Norcott; (2) 1S44, Agnes 
Grove, elder dau. of Win, Helvar, of Colur Court, Somerset. 
Brother of Burges (1-21). (/11.1s of Court; Foster, Men al the 
Bar; C. K. Hudleston.) 

LAMBERT, WILLIAM HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Jesus, 
Oct. 8, 1858. Of Middlesex. S. of William, baker. B. at 
Saint George (sic). School, Sevenoaks. Matnc. Michs. icvi; 
B.A. 1863. C. of Silsoe, Beds., 1866-8; C. of Runnington, 
Somerset, 1868 71. Distinguish from a contemporary 
Oxonian, K. oi Stoke Edith, Heref. 


LAMBRICK, CHARLES MENZIES. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 13, 1881, S. oi George [General, Royal Marines], of 
Handel House, Clevedon, Somerset [and Matilda, dau. of 
Genera] Sir Charles Menzies, K.C.B.]. B, 1862, at Plymouth. 
School, Winchester. Matnc. Michs. i-ai; B.A. 1884; M.A. 
1888. Ord. deacon (Canterbury) i.vSi; pne-1. im,, l. . .f 
Dartford, Kent', 1885-9. C. of St Saviour's, Nottingham, 
18*9^4. C. of Tideswell, Derbs., 1S94-7. R. of Breaston, 
1897-1916. R. of Ash, Surrey, 1910-25. V. of Holwell with 
Westwell, Oxon., 1925-32. Oi 190, Huntingdon Road, 
Cambndge, in lot''. Died (an 17, 1017. Brother of the next. 
(Winchester 1 oil. '.V; ; Croc) fori; 1 .1 . Pari. Reg.) 

LAMBRICK, GEORGE MENZIES. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 2, 1879. S. of George [General, Royal Marines], of Lea 
Grove, clie clou, Somerset. B. i860, at Plymouth. School, 
Repton. Matric. Michs. 1879; B.A. 1883; M.A. 1886. Ord. 
deacon (London) 1883; priest, 1884; C. of St Philip's, 
Stepney, Middlesex, 1883-94. C. of Charterhouse-on- 
Men.hp, Somerset, i s, i4 -I'll 5- R. of Blagclon (with Charter- 
house), 1913-29. Rural Dean of Axbridge, 1910-29. Preb. 
ol Wells Cathedral, 1916-29. Died Aug, 8, 1929, at Blagdon 
re ti iry. Brother of the above. (Repton Sch. Reg.; ( rot : ford; 
I iie 1 imes, Aug. 9, 1929.) 

LAMBTON, ARTHUR. Adm. pens, (age 19) at [esus, Oct. 1888. 

[Eldest] s. of Arthur, Colonel [Col.lstre.iui 1. Hards]. B. 
[Aug. 9, 1869], at South Kensington. School, Westrmnster. 
Matric. Michs. 1888. Contributed numerous articles in 

Lamond, Herbert Boyd 

newspapers and periodicals. An advocate of the reform of 
the legitimacy Laws, and furthered the passing of the Legi- 
timacy Act, 1926. Translated into Italian Shen. I 
for Scandal, and, into English, Maupassant's Bel Ami. Took 
a prominent part in founding the Crimes Club. During the 
War of 1914-19 served in the Special Branch (spy depart- 
ment) of Scotland Yard, and was also a censor in the War 
Office. Collector of taxes for the (West) area of London. 
Author, The SpUndut Summer; The Story of the Crim, < . 
Reminiscences. Died Vug. 2. 1935, in London. (Record of 
Old Westminsters; Who was Who, 1929-40; The Times, 
Aug. 3, 1.13s.) 

LAMBTON, The Hon. GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 11, 1879. [5th] s. of George Frederick D'Arcy, Earl of 
Durham (1846) [and Beatrice Frances, dau. of James 
(Hamilton), 1st Duke of Abercorn], of Lambton Castle, 
Fencehouse, Durham. B. [Nov. 23], i860, in London. 
Schools [Winchester, Brighton, and] Eton. Matnc. [879. 
'At Eton he was rather too near Ascot, and at Cambridge 
rather too near Newmarket.' 2nd Lieut., 2nd Derbyshire 
Militia, 1880; Lieut., 3rd Batt., Sherwood Foresters. Race- 
horse trainer, owner and rider. Early imbued with love of 
horseracing and steeplechasing. Commenced to train, 1S02. 
Private trainer to the 16th Earl of Derby, 1893-1908, and 
to the 17th Earl until 1033, when he became a public trainer. 
Horses trained by him won the Oaks in 1896 and 1906; the 
St Leger, 1910, 19T9, T933; the one thousand guineas, 1916, 
1918, 1923; the two thousand guineas, 1926; and Sansovino 
and Hyperion won the Derby in 1924 and 1933. Author, 
.Wen and Horses I hare kno:.-n. Of Mesnil Warren, New- 
market. Died July 24, 1945, at Newmarket, a few days after 
his retirement from training (M'/c's Who; Who's Who on 
the Turf; Burke, P. ami B.: G.E.C.; Kelly, II 
ArmyLists; Eton Sch. /.is/., 1 •cix-Davies, Armorial Families ) 

LAMBTON, RALPH JOHN. Adm. Fell. -Com. (age 17) at 
Trinity, May 21. 1785. [2nd] s. of [General] John, of 
[Lambton Castle], Hetton, Co. Durham [and Susan, dau. of 
Thomas, 8th Earl of Strathmore], [B. c. 1768.] School, 
Eton. Of Lambton Hall, Co. Durham. Succeeded his brother 
(next) as M.P. for Durham City, 1798-1813. Died July 29, 
1S44. (Eton Coll. Reg.; Burke, P. and B. (Durham); Return 
of l/.P.'s.) 

LAMBTON, WILLIAM [HENRY]. Adm. Fell -1 .11 1 (age 1-1 il 
Trinity, May 30, 1782. [Eldest] s. of [General] John, M.P., 
of Harraton, Durham [and Susan, d m. of the 8th Earl of 
Strathmoie]. [B. Nov. 16, 1764.] School, Eton. Matric. 
Michs. 1782. Succeeded his father as M.P. for Durham City, 
1787-97. Married, June 19, 1791, Anne Barbara Fiances, 
2nd dau. of George Bussy Villiers, 4th Earl of Jersey. Died 
Nov. 30, 17.17, at Pisa, aged 33; buried in the Protestant 
Cemetery at Leghorn; M.I. Brother of the above; father of 
th. next. (Eton Coll. Reg.; Burke, P. and B.; G. Mag., 1797, 
II, 1072; Sir W'asey Sterry.) 

LAMBTON, WILLIAM HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trimi y. 
Nov. 13, 1810. [2nd] s. of William Henry- (above) [and Lady 
A- me B.irle.ra Frances, dau. of George Bussc-y, 4th Earl of 
Jersey). B. [Mar. 27, 1793], in London. School, Eton. 
Matric. Lent, 1S11. A banker at Newcastle. Of Biddle Hall, 
Co. Durham. Married, Jan. 28, 1824. Henrietta, dau. of 
Cuthbert Ellison, M.P., of Hebbuna, and had issue Died 
Apr. 3, 1866, at 17, Chesham Place, London. (/ 
/,' i Boose, II. 2Ss; Burke, P. and B. (Durham); C. Mag., 

[81 ' 


LAMING, WALTER CECIL. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 3, 
izar Oct. S, 1S.S8. S, of Richard, M.R.C.S., and manu- 
facturing and analytical chemist [died 1879] [by his 2nd wife, 
Georgiana (dau. of James Smith)]. B. Dec. 22. 1860, at 
Kilburn. School, Christ's Hospital [and at London Uni- 
versity, l88r; B.A. (Hons. Classics) 1886; M.A. 1891]. 
Matric. Michs. 1888; B A. (Class. Trip., Pt I, 1st CI 
M.A. 1905. Assistant Master at Edinburgh A. ademy, 1891- 
1901. Rector of Kelvinside Academy, Glasgow, 1901 13 
Head Master of Neville House, Eastbourne, 1913-33. 
Edited Selections (torn Livy and Cicero, etc. Died June 30, 
1933. {Schoolmasters' Dvctories; Burke, L.G.; Eagle, xlvi. 

LAMOND, HERBERT BOYD. Adm. pens, (age i.s) at Trinity 
Hall, Oct. 7, 1876. S. of Robert, Esq., deceased, of Glasgow. 
School, Park, Glasgow. Matric. Michs. 1876; B.A. 1880. 

La Mothe, Claude Haskins 

sizar at Si John's, Oct. 6, i860. S. of F. J. D. [and Ann 
Cowell]. B. Nov. 21, 1839, at Ramsay, Isle of Man. School, 
Kin- U illi.uu's College, Isle of Mail. Matric. Michs. i860; 
B.A. 1864; M.A. 1S67. Rowing 'blue,' 1863. Ord. deacon 
(Manchester! 1864; priest, 1S67; C. of Miles Platting, Lanes., 
1864-6. C. of Withington, 1866-8. Chaplain to the English 
Communities on the Lower Danube, 1868-72. C.-in-charge of 
Compton, Staffs., 1872-4. C. of Scarborough, 1874-6. V. of 
Skelton with Newby, Vorks., 1876-9. P.C. of Little Heath, 
Essex, 1879-31. C. of Rochiord, 18S1-4. C. of New Eltham, 
Kent, 1884-7. Deputy Chaplain of the Chapel Roval, 
Whitehall, 1687-S. Died Dec. I, 188S, at Bexley. Brother 
of the next. (Harrow Sch. Reg.; Book of Blues; Record of 
I niv. Boat Race; 1. r; The Guardian, Dec. 5, 1888.) 

LA MOTHE, FREDERIC. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Oct. 5, 1S63. Of the Isle of Man. [S. of F. J. D. La Mothe, of 
Ramsay. School, King William's College.] Matric. Michs. 
1S64; Scholar, 1865; B.A. 186S; M.A. 1873. Ord. deacon 
(Bp. Chapman, for Bath and Wells) 1809; priest, 1S70; C. of 
Cougresbury, Somerset, 1869-72. Private Chaplain to Sir 
John Crew, of Calke Abbey, 1872-5.* C. of Kirk Andreas, 
Isle of Man, 1875-S7. C. of St James's, Higher Broughtou, 
Lanes., 1887-91. C. of Deane, 1891-6. V, of Heaton, 
1921. Died Jan. 10, 1921, at Seaton, Devon. Brother of the 
above. [King William's Coll., I.O.M., Reg.; Crockford; 7 he 

LA MOTHE, HENRY HESKETH. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi, Oct. 1, 18S5. [S. of T. C, Ramsay, Isle of Man. 
School, Kmg Wiiham's College, Isle of Man.] Matric. Michs. 
1885; B.A. 188S. Died July 17, 1S90, at Ramsay. (A'mg 
WMiamS Coll., I.O.M., Reg.; Ridley Hall List.) 

LAMOTTE, GEORGE GRIMSHAW. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
June 20, 1S32. Of Middlesex. Matric. Michs. 1S33; B.A. 
1637; M.A. 1841. Ord. deacon, 1S38; priest, 1839; C. of 
St Matthews, Spring Gardens, London, 1844-5. Domestic 
Chaplain to Lord Tenterden and C. of Hambledon, Surrey, 
1846-52. 'Of Cowfold Lodge, Horsham,' 1853-5. C. of 
Horrington, Somerset, 1855-S. C. of Coxley, 1858-63. 
Lived latterly at Brighton, where he died Dec. 18, 1886, 
aged 72. [Crockford; Clergy List; The Guardian, Dec. 29, 

LAMOTTE, MATTHEW GALLYE. Adm. pens, at Sidney, 
July 3, 1B32. S. of Alexander Charles Joseph, teacher of 
French, of livcrton, Devon. B. there Oct. 23, 1S14. School 
[Blundell's], Tiverton (Dr Dicken). Matric. Micbs. 1832; 
Scholar; B.A. 1836; M.A. 1S39; B.D. 1846. Fellow. Ord. 
deacon, — ; priest (Exeter) 1842; C. of Cove, Devon, 1841-56. 
Disappears from Clergy List, 1B57. [Blundell's Sell. Reg.) 

LAMPARD, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, Oct. 1, 
1885. Of Berkshire. [S. of S. B. Dec. 21, 1866.] Matric. 
Michs. 1885; B.A. 1888. Ord. deacon (Manchester) 1889; 
priest, 1891; C. of St George-the-Martyr, Daubhill, Lanes., 
18S9-92. C of St James's, Heywood, Manchester, 1892-3. 
C of St John's, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia, 1893-1900. 
R. of Holy Trinity, Miller's Point, 1900-1. P.-in-charge of 
Blackheath, N.S.W., 1901-7. R. of St Michael's, Wollongong, 
1907-13. R. of All Samts', Parramatta North, 1913-15. 
Assistant Chaplain, King's School, Parramatta, 1915-18. 
V. of Alstonville, 1918-22. Acting V. of Kyogle, 1922-3. 
Archdeacon of Richmond and the Tweed, 1918-25. V. of 
Casino, 1923-28; R. there 1928-32. Archdeacon of Lismore, 
1925-32. Perm, to otf., dio. Sydney, 1937-4S-. Of 11, 
Balfour Road, Rose Bay, Sydney, m 1948. {< . 
: H ho in Australia.) 

LAMPEN, ERNEST DUDLEY. Adm. pens, at Queens', Michs. 
1888. [3rd] s. of the Rev. Stephen Pering. B. June 20, 1869, 
at Leeds. [School, St Lawrence College, Kamsgate.J Matric. 
Michs. 18S8; B.A. 1891; M.A. 1899. Ord. deacon (Win- 
chester) 1892; priest, 1893; C. of Ventnor, Isle of Wight, 
C. of Fisherton Anger, Wilts., 1895-6. Chaplain of 
Holy Trinity, Pau, France, 1896-9. C. of Selsey, Sussex, 
1900-1. Assoc. Sec, C.P.A.S. (S.E. district), 1902-7. Chap- 
lain at Chateau d'Oex, 1907-19; at St John-tli< 
ban kemo, 1919-28. Latterly of Le Ressat, Chateau de 
Blonay, Vaud, Switzciiau.i. Died Mar. zi, 193.1, at San 
Remo. Brother of the next. (St Lawrence Coll. Reg.; Ridley 
Hall List; Crockford; J he Times, Mar. 31, 1934.) 

LAMPEN, HERBERT DUDLEY. Adm. pen.,, at Coupes Christi, 
Oct. 1, 1 7. Of York mi' . -mi . .,1 tin. Rev. Stephen 
Pering [C.M.C., Islington, 1849; Urnv. of Rostock, 11. D. 
1 67], of Tempsford rectory, near Sandy, Beds. li. Apr. 19, 
1 ' 1, • * Wortley, near Leeds. Schools, 1 
and Woodbndge Grammar. Maine. Michs. 188; , 
1889; B.A. 189. 1, .. ■. 1 ,1. Ord. deacon (Lon.l.. 
priest, 1092; C. of M Peter's, Islington, 1891-4. I 
Matthew's, Kedhill, Surrey, 1894-7. Assoc. Secretary, 

Lamprell, Charles Wiglesworth 

C.P.A.S. (North-West district), 1897-1901. V. of St John's, 
Upper Hotloway, Middlesex, 1901-7. V. of Walthamstow, 
Essex, 1907-26. Rural Dean, 1919-27. Hon. Canon of 
Chelmsford, 1925. R. of Toppesfield, Essex, 1927-41. R. of 
Gt Yeldham, 1937-41. Died May 14, 1941. Brother of the 
above. (Leatherhead Sch. Reg.; Crockford; The 1 imes, 
May .5, 1941O 
LAMPET, BARRETT EDWARD. Adm. sizar at St John's, 
Feb. 13, 1830. [Younger s. of Lionel, Esq., of Bridgnorth, 
Salop, and Harriet, dau. of — Haslewood, Esq. B. 181 1, at 
Bridgnorth.] School, Shrewsbury. Migrated to Corpus 
Christi, Oct. 14, 1830; matric. Michs. 1S30; B.A. 1834 ; M.A 
1840. Ord. deacon (London) May 26, 1839; priest, Dec. 22, 
1839. V. of Gt Bardfield, Essex, 1840-67. J. P. for Essex. 
Married (1) 1838, Rose, dau. of Williaui Cade Key, 1 | 
had issue; (2) 1SS9, Matilda Sarah, dau. of H. W. Ri. I.. I - , . 
and had further issue. Died May 31, 1867, at Gt Bardrielci. 
Father of the next. {Crockford; Clergy Lts/s; G. Hag., 1867, 

Emmanuel, May 22, 1861. [S. of the Rev. Barrett Edward 
(above), V. of Gt Bardfield, Essex. B. 1841. School, Felsted.] 

Maine. Michs. 1861; B.A. 1S65; M.A. 1S70. Ord. i I 

(Bath and Wells) 1S66; priest, 1S67; C. of East I 
Somerset, 1S66-7. V. of Gt Bardheld, Essex, 1867-1921. 
Rural Dean of Sampford, 1893-1921. J.P. for Essex. Died 
Sept. 3, 1921, at the vicarage, Gt Bardfield, aged 80. {Al. 
Felsted; Crockford; The Times, Sept. 6, 1921.) 

Trinity, Sept. 30, 1900. S. of John, of New Street, Daventry, 
Northants. B. 1881, at Gillingham, Dorset. School, Oundle. 
Matric. Michs. 1900; Scholar, 1903; B.A. (Nat. Sci. I..: , 
Pt I, 1st Class, 1902; Pt II, 1st Class, 1904) 1904; M.A. 1907. 
Fellow, 1906. Additional Demonstrator in Chemistry, i.jir- 
17. Of 49, St Stephen's Square, London, W., in 1945- 
(CM. Pari. Reg.) 

LAMPLUGH, ALFRED BARRETT. Adm. (age 20) at Caius, 
June 26, 1873. S. of Alfred Barrett, of Warrington. B. there. 
Schools, People's College, Warrington, and private. Matric. 
Michs. i872;S cholar, 1873-5; B.A. 1877. Ord. deacon 
(Exeter) l877;priest, 1S7S; C. of Stokenham, Devon, 1 ■-■ 7 7 - J ■ 
C. of Maresfield, Sussex, 1879-80. C. of Effingham, Surrey, 
1880-2. C. of Bethnal Green, Middlesex, 1883-7. R. of 
Etchingham, Sussex, 1887-93. C. of St Mark's, Walworth, 
Surrey, 1894-6. C. of St JudVs, Whitechapel, 1899-1900. C. 
of Solihull, Warws., 1900-3. C. of Claverdon with Norton 
Lindsay, 1903-6. C. of Holy Trinity, Wealdstone, Middlesex, 
1908-14. C. of Maidstone, Kent, 1915-9. Licensed to off. 
in the dio. of Bath and Wells, 1924-38. Died July 1:. 1938, 
at Bath, aged 86. Buried at Lansdowne. Brother of the 
next. (Venn, II. 406; Crockford.) 

LAMPLUGH, DAVID. Adm. pens, at St John's, June 3, 1871. 
S. of Alfred [Barrett]. B. Sept. 14, 1850, at Warrington, 
Lanes. Bapt. Nov. 3, 1850. Matric. Michs. 1S71; Scholar; 
B.A. (iirt Wrangler) 1S75; M.A. 1878. Ord. deacon and 
priest (Bath and Wells) 1875; C. of Weston Zm 1 
merset, 1875-6. C. of Langport, 1876-9. V. of Horningsea, 
Cambs., 1879-82. V. of Yalding, Kent, 1882-96. R I 
Rokeby, Yorks., 1896-1906. V. of Marham, Norfolk, [901 
15. Died May 12, 1915. Brother of the above. I 1 
Fox-Davies, Armorial Families; The Times, May 14, 1915.) 

LAMPLUGH, EDWARD HENRY. Adm. pens, at Christ's, 
.May 2, 1857. S. of John Francis, merchant. B. [ I 
1S37], at Bridlington Quav. School, Peicklrngtoi. 
Michs. 1857; B.A. 1862. Of Tollerton, Easingwold, Yorks., 
in 1911. Brother of William V. (1870). (Pale, 11. 553.) 

LAMPLUGH, JONATHAN. Adm. pens, at Downing, Feb. 5, 
1866. Matric. Lent, 1866. 

1891. School, The Leys, Cambridge. Matric. Mi. b 
B.A. 1896; M.A. 1899. Ownei ol a fine art colli 
35, Prince's Gardens, London, S.W., in i'J45- (CI/. Pari, 
Reg., 1945; P. E. Towell.) 

Magdalene, Oct. 12, 1S70. s. ol [ohn Francis, 1 
Bridlington Quay, Yolks. School, Ripon. Mai.. 
1870. Migrated to Downing, Oct. 25, 1871; B.A. 1H75. 
Brother ol Edward H. (1857). 


, Feb. 5, 1831. Main. . Mil I I 17. Ord. 

deacon (Lincoln) 18,7; pnest (Ely) 1838. 1 of Li 
ley, Suffolk, 1838-66. C. 01 ' C. ol 

West Wl.kl.alll. I .11.1. S., 

Priory, Clan-, Suffolk. Died I 

accident. (' ant. Act Bk,; 1 ■.:''■■ 

I rd; Clergy Lists; g. Ma,;., i866, 11. 849 I - 


Lamprey, Arthur Sydney 

LAMPREY, ARTHUR SYDNEY. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
l let. i, 1887. S. of J. A., of 103, Upland Road, E. Dulwich, 
London. B. Tin;'' . 1 II 1, al Wandsworth, Surrey. School, 
St 1 Have's, Southwark. Matric. Miens. 1S87; Scholar, 1887; 
B.A. 1890; M.A. 1910. Assistant Scarcliff, I-.ns.le- 
neld Green, Surrey, iS'ji-4; at Inverness College, 1894-8; 
.11 Maidstone Grammar School, 1898-190Q. Head Master of 
Ashford Grammar School, Kent, 1909-27. F.S.A. Editor of 
Selections from Prescott's History of Mexico and of Peru; 
A Pageant of Maidstone. Died Aug. 12, 1927, at Crowthorne, 
Berks. Boned at Ashford. {Schoolmasters' Directories; The 
Times, Aug. 15, 1927.) 

LAMPSON, GEORGE CURTIS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 2, 
1854. S. of Curtis Miranda [created Bart., 1866, a native of 
Vermont, U.S.A., who became a naturalized British subject 
in 1848 (for whom see D.X.B. and Boase, II. 2S6)], of Row- 
fant, Worth, Sussex [and Jane Walter, dau. of Gibbs Sibley, 
of Sutton, Mass.. U.S.A.]. B. [June 12], 1S33. in London. 
School, London (pnvate). Matnc. Michs. 1854. Of Hobaeld 
'.ranee, Coggeshall, Essex. D.L. and J. P. Succeeded his 
father as 2nd Bart., iSSs. Married Sophia, dau. of Manuel 
van Gelderen, and had issue. Died Nov. 7, 1899. Brother of 
the next and of Norman G. (1868). (Burke, P. ami B.; Who 
was Who, 1897-1916.) 

LAMPSON, HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, June 2, 
1854. [2nd] s. of Curtis Muanda, of Rowfant, Worth, 
Sussex. B. [Nov. 15, 1835], in London. School, London 
(private). Matnc. Michs. 1S54. Mimed, Apr. 7, 1863, 
Charlotte Maria, dau. of [oseph Murray. Died June 14, 1876. 
Brother of the above and of the next. (F. P. White.) 

LAMPSON, NORMAN GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Oct. 31, 186S. (3rd s. of Curtis Miranda. B. May 23. 1850.] 
Did not reside. D.L. for Middlesex; J. P. for Surrey and 
London. Mamed, Nov. 16, 1S74, Helen Agnes, dau. of Peter 
Blackburn, M.P. Died Oct. 25, 1S94. Brother of the above 
aud of George C. (1854). (Fox-Davies, Armorial Families.) 

L'AMY, WILLIAM RAMSAY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Feb. II, 
1S67. [Eldest] s. of John Ramsay, Esq., of Dunkeimy, 
Forfars. B. [Aug. 11], 1850, at Edinburgh. School, Glenal- 
mond, Perthshire. Matric. Michs. 1868; B.A. 10-2. Adm. at 
the Inner Temple, Nov. 18, 1S70. Called to the Bar, June 7, 
1875. Of Dunkenny, Forfarshire. J. P. for Co. Berwick; 
J. P. and D.L. for Co. Forfars. Died Feb. 4, 1914, in Londi in. 
The L'Aniy family is of considerable antiquity, the writings 
(or land rights), by which they held the lands of Dunkenny, 
it is claimed, go back as far as 1520. (Burke, L.G ; Fox- 


, Armorial Families; Foster, Men at the Bar; In 


Oct. 1, 1877. [S. of lames, of Newton Heath II 
1857. School, Lancing.] Matnc. Michs. 1S77. Cricket • blue,' 
1SS0, football (Assoc.) 'blue,' 1S7S, 1879 s ,.1 18S0; Capt., 
1880. Played encket for Lancashire; president 01 the 
County Club, 1923-4. J.P. for Lanes. Died July 2- 1034, 
at West Didsbury, Manchester. (Ljm'ui;' Sell. AVg.; Book of 
Blues, I' lie Times, July 24, 1934.) 

LANCASTER, GEORGE GRANVILLE. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Magdalene, July I, 1871. [3rd] s. of John, Esq., of Bilton 
Grange, Rugby. [B. Apr. 7, 1S53.] Matnc. Michs. 1872. 
Of Kelmarsti Hall, Northants. Lord of the Manor and patron 
of the living. Died Mar. 20, 1907. Brother of Robert (1863). 
(Burke, La,.; Fox-Davies, Armorial Families.) 

LANCASTER, HENRY. Adm. at Pembroke Oct. 189S. 2nd s. 
of William John, secretary 1. July 16, 1879. School, 
Charterhouse. Matnc. Michs. 189..;, B.A. 1901; M.A. 1905. 
Called to the Bar, Inner Temple, Apr. 27, 1904- On the 
South Eastern Circuit. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 
(Lieut., Loudon Kent. Il'iusi.ury Rules)). Of Three Ways, 
Churt, Faniham, 111 1942. 1 lied Alar. 12. 1943, at Hindhead. 
[Charterhouse Keg.; Univ. 11 .<» List; Late Lists, Fox-Davies, 
Armorial Families; rite Times, .Mar. 13, 1943.) 

LANCASTER, HUGH MOORE. at Clare, July II, 1S94. 
[2nd s of Alfred Dobrec, artist. B. May 25, 1870.] School, 
Winchester. Did not reside. In a malting business from 
1894-1903. Seivc.l in tn' War, 1914 19 (Gunner, 
R F.A., 1916; 211.1 Lieut., R.A.S.C, 1917; Lieul 
Corps.,' 1918) Author, I'raclical Floor Malting; J he Malt- 
ster's Methods and Materials. Resided at The Points, Cox 
Green, Maidenhead, lieiks. {Winchester 1 oil. Reg.) 

LANCASTER, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Queens', July 8, 1830. 
Of Kent Matnc. Michs. 1830. 

LANCASTER. JOHN CECIL. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 13, 
1893 3. oi Robert (1863), of Alle=ley, Coventry. B. [May 23]. 

Lance, Henry William 

1874, at Rugby. School, Soutbgate, Middlesex (private). 
Matric. Michs. 1S93; B.A. 1806. Called to the Bar, 1 
Temple, Nov. iS. 1001. 2nd Lieut., R. Warws. Regt. (T.). 
1899. ' Killed in action, 1915' (not found in Univ. Wat List). 
(Burke, L.G.; Army Lists. 1900; Law Lists.) 

LANCASTER, JOHN REX. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Magdalene, 
July 8, 1899. S. of John, of Ashlawn, Rugby.' School, 
private. Matnc. Michs. 1S99. ' Expelled from College.' 

LANCASTER, JOSEPH. Adm. sizar at Trinity, Dec. 3, 1800. 
[Possibly the educationalist (1778-1838), for whom see 

LANCASTER, The Rev. ROBERT. Adm. sizar at Sidney, 
Jan. 21, 1775. B. Feb. 4, 1747. Clerk, of Arlesey, Beds. 

LANCASTER, ROBERT. Adm. sizar at Queens', Dec. 31, 1818. 

LANCASTER, ROBERT. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct, 6, 1863. 
[2nd] s. of John [coal- and ironmaster, of Bilton Grange, 
Warws. (and Euphemia, dau. of David Gibson, of Johnstone, 
Co. Renfrew)]. B. [Apr. 21, 1S43], at Hmdley Hall, Lanes. 
School, Lanes, (pnvate). Matne. Michs. 1864. Adm. at the 
Middle Temple, June 10, 1867. Called to the Bar, June 10, 
1870. Of Wolston Heath, Rugby. Died Feb. I, 1882. 
Brother of George G. (1S71); father of John C. (1893). (Inns 
of Court; Burke, L.G.; Law Lists.) 

LANCASTER, THOMAS JAMES. Adin. pens, at Christ's, 
June 0, 1867. S. of the Rev. George [St Bees, 1840], V. of 
Grindleton and formerly Head Master of Slaidbum Grammar 
School. Matric. Michs. 1867. Kept three terms. Went 
abroad soon after leaving Cambridge, and died abroad or on 
voyage home some years later. (Pexle, II. 599, which 
erroneously calls him Thomas John.) 

LANCASTER, THOMAS TURNER. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
June 3, 1884. S. of Thomas, surgeon [and Mary Jane], B. 
Apr. 28, 1864, at Grindleton, Yorks. Bapt. June 12, 1864. 
School Heversham Grammar. Matric. Michs. 1884; B.A. 
1887; M.A. 1891. Ord. deacon (Manchester) 1SS9; priest, 
1890; C. of Poulton-Ie-Sands, Lanes., 1889-92. C. of Church 
(or Church Kirk), 1892-1900. C. of Heaton Mersey, 1900-7. 
V. of Lydgate, Mossley, Manchester, 1907-22. Disappears 
from Crockford, 1923. 

LANCASTER, WALTER JAMES. Matric. Non-Coil. Easter, 


LANCASTER, WILLIAM. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Queens', Jan. 13, 
1840. [Doubtless 3rd s. of Robert, of Hayes, Middlesex] 
Matric. Easter, 1846; LL.B. 1853. Adm. at the Middle 
Temple, Nov. 12, 1S45. (Inns of Court.) 

LANCE, ARTHUR PORCHER. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., 
Oct. 1, 18S9. [4th s. ot the Rey. William Henry (1S43), R. of 
Thurlbear, Somerset.] B. Apr. 16, 1871. Matric. Michs. 
1889; B.A. 1S92; M.A. 1896. Ord. deacon (St Albans) 1894; 
pnest, 1895; C. of Upton Park, East Ham, Essex, 1894-1901. 
Chaplain of St George's Hospital, London, 1901-4. R. of 
Buckland St Mary, Somerset, 1904-26. R. of Wootton 
Courteuey, 1926-41. Subsequently resided at Weir House, 
Tauuton. Brother of the next. [Winchester Coll. Keg., 

LANCE, EDWIN MILDRED. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus, 
Oct. 1, 1SS1. S. of the Rev. William Henry (1843). B. 
Jan. 31, 1862, at Thurlbear, Somerset. School, Winchester. 
Matnc. Michs. 1SS1; scholar; B.A. 1SS4; M.A. 188S. Ord. 
deacon (London) 1885; priest, 1886; C. of St John-the- 
Evangehst, Holborn, 1SS5-8. C. of St Catherine's. Not- 
tingham, 1888-9. C. °f Baltousborough, Somerset, 18S9-91. 
V. of Langport, 1891-6. V. of Pill, 1896-1910. V. of Barrow- 
Gurney, 1910-20. Provost of SS. Mary and Andrew College, 
Taunton, 1913-20. Secretary of Wells Theological College, 
iuii z6. Provost of Lancing College, 1920-6. Preb. of Wells 
Cathedral, 1902-35; Treasurer, 1920-1. Resided latterly at 
Woking, SurTey. Died Aug. 20, 193s. Brother of the above. 
(Winchester Coll. Reg.; Crockford; Who was Wlto, 1929-40. 

LANCE, HENRY WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Downing, Dec. 5, 
1888. [S. of Lieut. -General Sir Frederick, K.C.B. B. 1871. 
School, Clifton College.] Migrated to King's, Oct. 1, 1S89, 
matnc. Michs. 18S9; B.A. 1892; M.B. and B.Chir. 1896. At 
St Bartholomew's Hospital. House Surgeon there and at the 
E. London Hospital for Children. Of Koehampton in 1901. 
Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut., Norfolk Yeo. 
Capt., R.A.M.C; mentioned m despatches). Of Bumham 
Norton Lodge, Kmgs Lynn. J.P. for Norfolk, 1925. O.B.E., 
1939, 'for political and public services in King's Lynn.' 
Author, medical. (King's Coll. Keg.; Univ. War List; Medical 
Directories, Kelly. Handbook.) 

Lance, John Edwin 

LANCE, JOHN EDWIN. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
June 14, 1813. Of Hampshire. [S. of the Rev. William 
(next). B. 179;. School, Winchester.] Matric. Michs. 1813; 
Scholar, 1813; B.A. 1S17; M.A. 1853. Ord. deacon, 1817; 
priest, 1819. R. of Buckland St .Mary, Somerset, r830-85. 
Preb. of Wells Cathedral, 1S44. Married (1) MadeUne Louisa, 
dau. of Josias Du Pre Porcher, of Winslade, Somerset, and 
had issue (a s. George Edwin, for whom see Bouse, 11. 289) ; 
(2) Miss — Pearse. Died .May 7, 1885, at Buckland St Mary. 
(Burke, L.G. ; Clergy List; Crockjord; 1 /« Guardian, May 13, 

LANCE, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, Apr. 27, 
1778. Of Hampshire. Matnc. Michs. 1779; Scholar, 1778; 
B.A. 17S2; M.A. 17S5. Fellow, 1785. Ord. priest (Ely) 1786. 
V. of Horsford, Norfolk, 17S7-92. R. of Faccombe, Hani,.. 
1792-1S48. Married, Dec. 1787, — , dau. of Gavin Eliot, 
Esq. Father of the above. (Lamb.) 

LANCE, WILLIAM [HENRY]. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Mar. 28, 1843. Re-adm. as a 'Ten-year' man, July 6, 1S5S. 
B. in Italy. Matric. Michs. 1843. Lieut., 74th Bengal, N.l. 
At Kind's College, London, 1858. Ord. deacon (Bath and 
Wells) 1858; pnest, 1S59; C. of Bishop's Lydeard, Somerset, 
1858-9. C. of Thurlbear with Stoke St Mary, 1S59-S5. R. of 
Buckland St Mary, T885-1904. Resided latterly at Bag- 
borough, Somerset, and disappears from Crockjord, 1912. 
Father of Arthur P. (1S89) and Edwin M. (1881). 


1895. S. of Richard, teacher of singing, of Pavilion Square, 
Scarborough. B. June 20, 186S, at Hornsea, Yorks. Schools, 
Hull Grammar, Dorrington, Salop, and Institut Maas, 
Brussels. Migrated to Cams, Oct. 1, 1897; B.A. 1898; Chapel 
Clerk, 189S. Assistant Master at Cardiff Intermediate 
School, 1899-1902. Clerk in the Scottish Provident In- 
surance Society, London, 1902-. [Venn, 11. 55, and addenda, 

H., Oct. 1, 1895. [S. of the Rev. Charles Preston (next).] 
B. Oct. 19, 1876. [School, Highgate.] Matnc. Michs. 18 j5; 
B.A. 1898; M.A. 1903. Ord. deacon (London) 1S99; pnest 
(Bp. Barry) 1900; C. of St Mark's, Regent's Park, London, 
1699-1902. C. of St Bartholomew's, Heigham, Norfolk, 
1902-7. P.C. of St Barnabas's, Heigham, 1907-43. Rural 
Dean of Norwich and Hon. Canon of Norwich. C.-in vliamc 
of St Peter Mancroft, Norwich and of St Bartholomew's, 
Heigham, 1943-5-. Brother of Henry CO. (1896). {Highgate 
Sch. Roll; Crockjord and Supp., 1942-4.) 

May 2, 1853. Matnc. Michs. 1853; B.A. 1858; M.A. 1S03. 
Ord. deacon (Norwich) 185S; priest, 1867. Head Master of 
the Lower School, Rossall. C. of Bloheld, Norfolk, c. 1868. 
V. of Banner, 1874-5. R. of Ashley with Silverley, Cambs., 
1876-S7. R. of Hanuington, Hants., 1887-93. R- of Tivets- 
hall, Norfolk, 1893-9. Disappears from Crockjord, 1900. 
Father of the next and the above. 


1896. [S. of the Rev. Charles Preston (above). B. Dec. 10, 
1877, at Ashley rectory, Cambs.] School, Highgate, London. 
Migrated to Pembroke; matric. Michs. 1896; exhibitioner; 
Bell scholar, 1S97; Tyrwhitt scholar; B.A. 1899; (Class. 
Tnp., Pt I, 1st Class, 1899; Theol. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class, 
1901); Cams prize, 1900; Jeremie Sept. prize, 1900; Mason 
prize; M.A. T903. Fellow of Pembroke, 1901-9; Dean and 
Chaplain. Ord. deacon (London) 1902; priest, 1903; C. of 
St James's, Clapton, Middlesex, 1902-3. R. of Salle, Norfolk, 
1910-17. Rural Dean of Sparham, 1913-17. Served in the 
Great War, 1914-19 (Chaplain, R.A.C.D.). R. of Framling- 
bam with Saxted, Suffolk, 1917-47. Hon. Canon of St 
Edmundsbury and Ipswich. Author, theological. Died on 
the altar steps of his church at the conclusion of evening 
service, Sunday, Nov. 9, 1947. Brother of Charles C. (1895). 
{Who's Who; Highgate Sch. Roll; Univ. War List; Crockjord.) 

1893. [Only s. of Henry Turner, M.D., F.R.C.S., of Croydon. 
b. Mar. 1875. School, Uppingham.] Matric. Michs. 1893; 
B.A. 1897; M.A. 1900. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 
(Capt., R.A.M.C). Demonstrator in zoi.l 
College, Dundee. Of 10, St Andrew's Hill, Cainbndge, in 
1945. {Uppingham Sch. Roll; Camb. Year-book, 1906; 
King's Coll. Reg.; Univ. War List.) 

LAND, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Sidney, July 7, 1784; from 
Trinity College, Oxford, whence he had matric. Apr. 16, 
1782, age 17. 2nd s. of the Rev. Henry Balliol 

1, 1744], R. of Clare, Tiverton (porl 
oar. 12, 1765, at Upton, Berks. School, private, at Tiverton, 

Landon, Arthur John 

under his father. M itrii . Mi' hs. 17S4; B.A. 1788. In Holy 
Orders. Died Jan. 12, 1835, at St Thomas, near Exeter, 
'late of Tiverton.' (Al. Oxon.; G. Mag., 1835, 1. 329.) 

LAND, TRISTRAM. Adm. sizar at St Catharine's, M ir 21 . 
1759. [S. of the Rev. Tristram (1719), of Bread Street, 
London.] B. [Oct. 9, 1739], in London. [Schools, Eton and 
Merchant Taylors'.] Matric. Easter, 1760; B.A. 1764. Ord. 
deacon (London) Sept. 19, 1762; priest, Mar. iS, 1764; C. of 
Rathcormac, Cloyne, Ireland, 1773. R. of Carrigdownane, 
1799-1S12. Died May 10, 1812, at Rathcorniack. {Merchant 
Taylors' Sch. Reg.; H. B. Swanzy; Eton Sch. Reg.) 

LANDALE, ALEXANDER. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1898. 
Matric. Michs. 1898. S. of Alexander, Esq., of Arcona, 
Toorak, Melbourne, Australia. School, Melbourne. 

LANDALE, CYRIL. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1899. [Youngest s. 
of Robert, Esq., of 3, Sussex Square, Hyde Park, London, V. 
[B. May 1881.] School, Hanow. Matric. Michs. 1S99. Served 
in the Great War, 1914-19 (Capt., King's Royal Rifle Corps; 

wounded; mentioned in despatches); killed in acti \u- .1 

191S. Brother of the next three. {Harrow Sch. Ri 
War List; The Times, Sept. 9, 1918.) 

LANDALE, NORMAN. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1893. S. of 
Robert, Esq., of 11, Holland Park, London, W. School, 
Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1893. Of Gorse Dene, Crowborough, 
Sussex, in 1925. Died Aug. 12, 1939. Brother of the above 
and the next two. {Harrow Sch. Reg.) 

LANDALE, PERCY. Adm. (age t7) at Trinity Hall, 1885. 
S. of R[obert], Esq., of 11, Holland Park, Notting Hill, 
London. B. Jan. 25, 1S0S, in Australia. School, Hawthorne 
Grammar School. Matric. Michs. 1885. Rowing 'blue,' 1887, 
1888, 1889. Sheep-farmer and wool-merchant in New South 
Wales. Of Chippenham Park, Deniliquin, Australia. Died 
there June 26, 1932. Brother of the next and the two above. 
{Book oj Blues; The Times, June 29, 1932.) 

LANDALE, WALTER. Adm. at Trinity Hall, 1SS9. S. of 
R[obert], Esq., of n, Holland Park, Notting Hill, London. 
B. Sept. 7, 1871, at Denilquin, N.S.W., Australia. Schools, 
Elstree and Hanow. Matric. Michs. 1889. Rowing 'blue,' 
1891, 1892. Brewer at Leamington. Sometime of 19, Har- 
court House, Cavendish Square, London, W. Died Feb. 7, 
1943, in London. Brother of the three above. {Harrow Sch. 
Reg.; Book of Blues; 1 he I, Feb. 9, 1943.) 

LANDER, GERARD HEATH. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June I, 
1880. [Younger] s. of John Gerard Heath, of Wellington, 
Salop. B. [Aug. 14, 1861], at Tibberton, Salop. School, 
Newport Grammar, Salop (Mr Collins). Matric. Michs. 1S81; 
B A 1884; M.A. 18SS; D.D. 1907. Ord. deacon (Liverpool) 
1884; priest, 1SS5; C. of St Bride's, Liverpool, 1S84-8. V. of 
St Benedict's, Everton, 188S-96. V. of St Philip's, Lither- 
land, Lanes., 1896-1905. V. of St Cyprian's, Liverpool, 
1905-7. Hon. Canon of Liverpool, 1904-7. Bishop of 
Victoria, Hong Kong, 1907-20; resigned. V. of Holy Tmnty, 
Lyonsdown, New Baniet, 1920-33. Assistant Bishop of 
St Albans, 1924-34. Archdeacon of Bedford and Assistant 
Bishop, 1933-4. Hon. Canon of St Albans, 1924-34. Died 
Nov 14, 1934. Buried at St Albans. Brother of the next. 
{Crockjord; Who was Who, 1929-4°; The Times, Nov. 15, 

LANDER, JOHN VERNON THOMAS. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Oct 3 1874. Of Staffordshire. S. of lohn Gerard H.-ith, 
farmer and miller [and Sarah]. B. at High Offley. Bapt. 
Sept 3 T855. School, Shrewsbury. Matric. Michs. 1874; 
B.A. 1878; M.A. 1881. Adm. Solicitor, June, 1S81. Practised 
at Wellington, Salop; Registrar of County Court and 
Coroner. Of Sunnycroft, Wellington, where he died Dec. 22, 
1942. Brother of the above. [Shrewsbury Sch. Reg.; Law 
Lists; The Times, Dec. 28, 1942.) 

LANDER, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, June 30, 
1851 Of Middlesex. Matric. Michs. 1851; B.A. 1856; M V- 
1865. Ord. deacon (Canterbury) 1856; priest, 1857; I of 
Westerham Kent, 1S56-S. Chaplain of Hertford Work 
house, 1860-7. C. of St James's, Notting Hill, 
1867-70. C. of St Marv's, Battersea, 1870-2. C. of Christ 
Church, Battersea, 1872-5. V. of St George's, I 
1875-8 R of East Thurrock, Essex, 188S-1900. Died 
Sept. 30, 1900, aged 73. {Crockjord; The Times, (Jet. 3, 1900.) 

LANDON. ARTHUR JOHN. Adm. pens, at Corp.- 
May 28, 1835. Of Essex. [3rd s. of the K 
(1781) of Billericay, Essex, deceased.] Adm. at Lincoln s 
Inn Oct 15 1835. Called to the Bar. Hi 
Melbourne, Australia, 1860-70. Clerk of the Peace, Geelong, 
Victoria, in 1880. Disaj 
Brother of the next and 
Court; Beny, Hert ' ' 


Landon, Charles Ginckell 


■ !t O.AR1 . ' >- I ' ■ , ' ' ■:■!.! 

(next), B.D., R. of Vange, Essex B Aug. [8, [803, at 
Littleburv, Essex. Bapt. Nov. 26, 1803.] Matric. Michs. 
1822. Entered the East India ( _'■.. arrived in 

India, Feb. 2, 1826. Ensign, 8th N.I., Sept. 10, 1825; 
officiating Adjt., Oct. 7, 1S32; Lieut., Jan. 8, 1838; Capt., 
Dec. 30, 1844; Commandant of Khurda and Balasore Paik 
Corps, Sept. 0, 1842; retired, Mar. 7, 184.6. Married, Aug. 1, 
1837, at Christ Church, Marylebone, Louisa, 5th dau. of 
Benjamin Aisiabie, of Lee Place, Kent. Died Feb. 2;. 1861, 
at 18, Woodstoi k Street, Bond Street, London. Brother of 
Edward H. (1832) and Arthur J. (1835). (J. Rennie; ■ 
Routledge; H.E.I. C. Lists; The Times, Feb. 27, 1861.) 

LANDON, CHARLES RICHARD. Adm. pens, (age 14) at 
Trinitv, Jan. 10, 1781. S. of James, of London. B. there 
[Feb. 2r, 1766]. School. Chiswick, Middlesex (Or Rose). 
Matric. Easter, 1783; Scholar, 1784; B.A 1786; M.A. 1789. 
Migrated to Sidney, cut. 14, 1794. B.D. 1796. Fellow of 
Sidney, 1794. Ord. deacon (London) June 7, 1789. R. of 
Vange, Essex, 1 ;oo <j Married, 1 o_\ i_ .it dine, eldest dau. 
of Josiah Harrop. Died Feb. II, 1834. .11 Mill House, Bil- 
lericav, Essex. Father of the above, Arthur 1. (1835) and 
the next. (C. H. Mayo; P. B. G. Binnall; G. Mag., 1834, 
I- 339) 

LANDON, EDWARD HENRY. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
June 6, 1832. Of Essex. [S. of the Rev. Charles Richard 
(above) and Caroline.] B. Apr. 2, 1814, at Stapleford- 
Tawney, Essex. Matric. Michs. 1832. Migrated to Corpus 
Christi, Mar. 20, 1834; Scholar, B.A. 1836; M.A. 1839. Ord. 
deacon (London) Dec. 2^, 1838; priest. 1 >ec. 22. 1839; C. of 
Kelvedon Hatch, Essex, 1838-41. C. of St Philip's, Dalston, 
Middlesex, 1S41-4. Married (r) Jan. 7, 1840, Juliana Lae- 
tltia, eldest dm. o! (apt. Birch, Royal Engineers; (2) 1865, 
Caroline Adelaide, dau. of the Rev. and Hon. Arthur Philip 
Perceval. Author, .-1 Manual of Councils of the Holy ( atlwhc 
Church (Preface dated from Madeira), Loudon, 1846; A Nea 
General Ecclesiasti 0! Dictionary (2 vols., 1849-53); Transla- 
tions of Pereira's Imtalira theologica. Lived at Madeira; 
a volume Correspondence between the Rev. Thomas Salwey, 
G. Stoddart, Esq. (H.B.M. Consul, Madeira), and the Ave. 
E. H. Landon was published at Funchal in 1847. Died 1877. 
Brother of Arthur J. (1835), etc. (Fox-Davies, Armorial 
Families; Clergy Lists; John Bull, Jan. 12, 1840; G. Mag., 
1840, I. 202, and 1805, 1. 367.) 

LANDON, FREDERIC GEORGE. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Oct. g, 1863. [Eldest] s. of Frederic, of Hull, schoolmaster 
[and Mary Ann]. B. Sept. 21, 1820, at Hull. Matric, Michs. 
1863; B.A. 1S67; M.A. 1871. Adm. at the Middle Temple, 
Apr. 2T, 18S4. Died before 1910. Father of William C. A. 
(1897). (Inns of Court.) 

LANDON, JOSEPH WHIITINGTON. Adm. pens, at Sidney, 
Oct. 1, 1898. [Only] s. of Joseph, Vice-principal of Saltley 
Training College, Birmingham. B. there Mar. 9, 1879. 
School, King Edward's (Mr A. R. Vardy). Matric. Michs. 
1898; P.. A. 1901; M.A. 1905. Fellow of Clare, 1919-44. 
Junior Demonstrator in mechanism, 190S-19; I 'mversitv Lec- 
turer in mechanical engineering, 1919-44. Gave unstinted 
service to the Department of Engineering Served in the 
Great War, 1914-19 (Capt., R.E.; Assistant Instructor, 
School of Military Engineering; wounded; M.B.E.). Died 
Oct. 11, 1944, at Ins residence, 94, Barton Road, Cambridge, 
eleven days after his retirement. {The limes, Oct. 13, 1944.) 

Downing, Sept. 27, 1897. [2nd s. of Frederii Geor; 

Mitre Michs 1 r , s.; B.A. and LL.B. 1900. Called 
to the liar, Gray's [mi, [an. 28, 1901. (Scott, MSS.; Law 

LANDOR, RICHARD HENRY. Adm. pens, at Sr John's, 
June 17, 1878. s oi Robert, attorney-at-law [and Caroline 
Anne], B. at Rugeley, Stalls Bapt. Sept. 21, i860. School, 
Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1878; B.A. 1882; I 1..M. 1*92. Adm. 
Solicitor, July, ic>S|, practised el kneel, v . Died Aug. 13, 
1941, at Rugeley, aged 81 (A'nc'i >i*. Keg.; Law Lists; 
1 he 1 imes, Aug. is, 194 1.) 

LANDOR, WALTER NOBLE. Adm. pens, (age 20] at Pembroke 

Oct. I, 1SS3. [Duly] s. of Walter Mm. husbandman, II'.. 
of Ltiadscroft, Rugeley, Staffs, [by las i-t wile, In. ma Mary, 
dau. of the Rev. Robert Litler]. B. [Feb. 17. 1864], at 
Armitage, Staffs. [School, Repton.] Matric. Mich [883; 
B.A. 1886. Of Chadscroft, Rugeley. Chairman of the 
Trustees of the William Salt library. 'Member of Council of 
theS tafis. Record Society (formerly the William Salt Archaeo- 
logical Society), 1915-45. J. P. for Staffs., 1907. Served m 
the Great War, 1914-19 (Ambulance driver in Belgium, 

Lane, Edward Aldous 

1916-17, with the Croix Rouge Francaise). (Pembroke Coll. 
Keg.; Burke, L.G.; Replon Sch. Reg.; Kelly, Handbook.) 

LANE, ALFRED WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at Trinity, Oct. 1, 
1829. Matric. Michs. 1832. Migrated to Caius; Scholar, 
1833-5; B.A. (,23rd Wrangler) 1836; M.A. 1842. Ord. deacon 
(Peterb.) Sept. 21, 1845; priest, 1846; C. of Passenham, 
Northaiits., 1845-9. C. of < ixburgh with Foulden, Suffolk, 
1849-65. C. o! 1 .re. nfor.l, Middlesex, 1865-74. Died May 21, 
1874. [Venn, 11. 221; Cla t List; Ci cl lord.) 

LANE, ARTHUR VERE. Adm. at Clare, Oct. 8, 1888. [B. 
1899.] School, Rossall. Matnc. Michs. 1888; B.A. 1891. 
Manager for the Legal and General Assurance Society. Died 
Sept. 11, 1929, at Tadworth, Surrey. (Rossall Sch. Reg.; 
The Times, Sept. 14. 1929.) 

LANE, CHARLES. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity, Jan. 1, 
181 1. [3rd] s. of Thomas [of Leyton Grange, Essex]. B. 
[Feb. 2, 1793], in London. Si hool, Harrow. Matric. Lent, 
1811. Migrated to Queen's College, Oxford, May, 1S12; B.A. 
(Oxford) 1815; M.A. (Oxford) 1817. Ord. deacon, 1816; 
priest, 1817. V. of Wasperton, Warws., 1833-4. C. ofBognor, 
Sussex, 1634-S. R. of Deal, Kent, 183S-45. Rural Dean of 
Sandwich, 1842-5. R. of Wrotham, 1S45-79. Rural Dean 
of Shoreham, 1S45. Hon. Canon of Canterbury, 1609 Died 
Mar. 23, 1879. (Harrow Sch. Reg.; Burke, L.G.; Clergy List, 
c rockford; Al. Oxon.) 

LANE, CHARLES HENRY. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, 
June 26, 1S65. S. of James. B. at Heme Hill, Dulwich. 
Matric. Michs. 1865; B.A. 1S69; M.A. 1872. Assistant 
Master and Bursar at Welungton College. Lied Nov. 29, 
1884, aged 38. (The Guardian, Deo. 3. 1SS4.) 

LANE, CHARLTON. Adm. sizar (age 19) at Trinity, Apr. 26, 
1815. S. of William. B. at Croydon, Surrey. School, St 
Paul's, London. Matric. Michs. 1816. Migrated to Jesus, 
Nov. 25, 1817; Scholar; B.A. 1*20; M.A. 1823. Adm. ad 
eundem at Oxford, June 8, 1842. Ord. deacon (London) 
May 28, 1820; priest, June 17, 1S21. Chaplain at Brussels. 
C. of St Margaret's, Westminster. C. of Lambeth. P.C. of 
St Mark's, Kennington, Surrey, 1832-64. Rural Dean of 
Southwark, 1832-64. V. of Hampsti ad, Middlesex, 1864-72. 
Surveyor-Accountant of St Paul's School, 1862. Gresham 
Professor of Rhetoric, 1865. Married Jane, dau. of Chartes 
Hill, of Wellingborough, Northaiits. Died iS75- Father of 
the next and William W. (. . (1M.4I. is< Paul's Sch. Reg.; 
Al.Oxon.; Clergy List; l < 

LANE, CHARLTON GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 21) at Trinity, 
Oct. 21, 1S54. [Eldest] s. of the Rev. Charlton (above). [B. 
June 11, 1S36. School, Westminster.] Did not reside. 
Matric. from Christ Church, Oxford, age 19, June 18, 1855; 
B.A. (Oxford) 1S60; M.A. (Oxford) 1867. Cricket 'blue' at 
Oxford, 1856, 1858-60, and rowing 'blue,' 1858 and 1859. 
Played cricket for the Gentlemen ti. Players, 1857-61, and for 
Surrey, 1856-61. Ord. deacon (Worcester) 1862; C. of Gt 
Witloy, Worcs., iSc.2-5. C. of Little Gaddesden, Herts.. 
! c. of Edlesborough, Bucks., 1868-70. K. of Little 
Gaddesden, 1870—92. Chaplain and librarian to Earl Brown- 
low. Died Nov. 2, 1S92. Brother of William W. C. (1S04). 
(Al. Oxon.; Crockford; Record of Old II estminsters.) 

LANE, CYRIL GLEADOW. Adm. (age 20) at Pembroke, Oct. 1, 
1S91. 5th s. of the Rev. Edward Aldous (1854), V. of Haxc-y, 
Lines. B. Aug. 0, 1872, at Hornsea, Yorks. School. Ripon. 
Matric. Michs. 1891; B.A. 1894, M.A. 1900. Ord. deacon 
(York) 1898; priest, 1899; C. of St Thomas's, York, 1S9S- 
1901. C "f St Mark's, Sheffield, 1901-7 V. "I 1 
Warws., 1907-12. V. of St Anne's, Sheffield, 1912-32. V. of 
St Andrew : 's, sharrow, Sheffield, 1032-40, Died Nov. 4, 1946. 
Brother "1 Edward A. (1 

LANE, DANIEL HENRY. 1 9) at Pembroke, 

Oct. 1, 1S87. S. of Willi 1111, of Mount Vernon, near Cork, 
Ireland. B. there. Matric. Michs. 1887. 

LANE, EDWARD ALDOUS. Adm. pens, at St John's, May iS, 
1854. S. of Richard, gent, [and Mary]. B. at Brighton. 
Bapt. Fi b 1 1 |6 Matnc. Michs. 1854; B.A. (251* 
Wrangle') i^Vo M.A. 18m. Ord. deacon (Gloucester and 
Bristol) 1S60; priest, iSni. C. of Stroud, Gloucs., [860 -'. 
Y. of Marskc-m-Cleveland, Yorks., 1S62-6. V. of St I' nil's. 
Si ulcoates, 1866-73. R. of Holv Trinity, Goodramgate with 
St Maurice Bedeni and St Jolm-del-Iike, York, 1873-87. 
V of Haxc-y, Lines., 1887-1902. Rural Dean ol Axholme, 
1 . 1 a [902. V. of Lindridge, Worcs., 1902-10. Married, 
Apr. 24, i8r,2, Margaret Emma, dau. of Charles W. Wil- 
kinson, Esq., of Hull. Resided latterly at Bath, where he 
died Mar. 13, 1913, aged 77. Father of the next and of Cyril 
G. (1891). (The 1 \mes, Mar. 17, 1913.) 

Lane, Edward Aldous 

LANE, EDWARD ALDOUS. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus, 
Oct. 18S3. [Eldest] s. of the Rev. Edward Aldous (above). 
B. at Marske, Yorks. School, St Peter's, York. Matric. 
Michs. 1SS3; B.A. 1SS6; M.A. 1900. Ord. deacon (Oxford) 
1893; priest, 1894; C. of Twyford, Berks., 1893-6. C. of 
St Luke's, Maidenhead, 1S96-1900. C. of Bushey Heath, 
Herts., 1900-4. R. of Whatfield, Suffolk, 1904-19. Died 
Mai 1, 1919. Brother of Cyril G. (1891). (Crockford; The 
Times, Mar. 4, 1919.) 

LANE, EDWARD ANDREW. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 12, 
1891. S. of Thomas Richard, brewer [died Jan. 2, 1882] [and 
Elizabeth McKean]. B. Oct. 2S, 1871, at Cork, Ireland. 
School, Ramsgate (Rev. Gripper Banks). Matric. Michs. 
1891; B.A. 1S94; M.A. 1S9S. Ord. deacon (Exeter) 1895; 
priest, 1897; C. of SS. Philip and James, Ilfracombe, 1895- 
1900. C. of Bromley St Leonard, Middlesex, 1900-2. C. of 
Waltham Abbey, Essex, 1902-4. C. of SS. Philip and Janies, 
Ilfracombe, 1904-7. C. of Wimborae and Hinton Parva, 
Dorset, 1907-12. C. of St Mary Magdalene, Torquay, 
1912-17. C. of Churchstow with Kingsbridge, Devon, 
1917-19. Minister of St James's, Upton, Torquay, 1919-47. 

St John's, Oct. 15, 1870. [2nd] s. of Henry [Lieut.-Col., 
Indian Army] [and Ellen Henrietta, dau. of Lieut.-Col. W. 
Alexander, C.B.]. B. July 4, 1852, at Jullundur, India. 
Bapt. Sept. 29, 1S52. Matric. Michs. 1870; B.A. 1874; M.A. 
1877. Sometime of Blair Atholl, Dickoya, Ceylon. J. P. for 
Dorset; High Sheriff, 1916. Died June 25, 1940, at Blox- 
worth House, Wareham, Dorset, aged 8;. Buried at Blox- 
worth. (The Times, June 26, 1940.) 

LANE, GEORGE PALMER. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 8, 
1859. S. of Charles Richard William, Major, 2nd Regt., 
B.N.I, [and Ursula]. B. Dec. 15, 1840, at Calcutta. Maine. 
Michs. 1859; B.A. 1S63; M.A. 1S66. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) 
1S64; priest, 1866; C. of Loughborough, 1864-7. C. of 
Effingham, Surrey, 1S67-9. C. of Tywardreath, Cornwall, 
1860-70. C. of Gt Gransden, Hunts., 1871-6. V. of Bar- 
holme with Stow, Lines., 1876-95. C. of Ashurst, Kent, 
1896-8. Lie. pr., dio. of Chichester, 1895-1901; of Win- 
chester, 1905-S; of Canterbury, 1895-1911; of London and 
Rochester, 1901-n; of Southwark and St Albans, 1905-11. 
C. of St Mary-le-Strand, Middlesex, 1911-19. Lie. pr., dios. 
of Canterbury, St Albans, Southwark and Rochester, 1914- 
19, Resided at South Hampstead, where he died Feb. 23, 
1919. {The Guardian, Feb. 27, 1919.) 

LANE, HENRY. Adm. pens, at St John's, Aug. 21, 1809. B. 
Oct. 17, 1791, at Norwich. Matnc. Michs. 1809. 

LANE, JAMES OSWALD. Adm. sizar at St John's, Nov. 1, 
1876. S. of James, surgeon [and Emma Maria]. B. [Aug. 25, 
1859] at Hereford. Bapt. Aug. 28, 1859. School, Hereford 
Cathedral (Mr F. H. Tatham, M.A.). Matric. Michs. 1876; 
B.A. 1880; M.B. 1S82; M.D. 1885. At St George's Hospital. 
M.R.C.S.; L.S.A., 1881. House Surgeon and House Physician, 
Northampton General Infirmary. In practice at Hereford, 
1910-30; Medical Officer, Burghill District, and for the 
County and City Prison, Hereford. Author, medical. Died 
Jan. 10, 1933. (Medical Directories; Eagle, xlvii. 251.) 

LANE, JAMES WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Emmanui l, Aug. 13, 
1867; from Trinity College, Dublin. Matric. Michs. 1867; 
B.A. 1870; M.A. 1873. Ord. deacon (York) 1S69; priest, 
1870; C. of St Mary's, Hull, 1S69-70. C. of St John's, Hull, 
1870-3. C. of St Andrew's, Walcot, Bath, 1873-5. C. <.f 
East Stonehouse, Devon, 1876-7. R. of Redruth, Cornwall, 
1877-1910. Died May 14, 1910, aged 63. (Boase, Coll. 
Cornub., 472; Crockford; The Guardian, May 20, 1910.) 

LANE, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Queens', May 16, 1768. Of 
Staffordshire. [Eldest s. of John, Esq., of Bentley, and Sarah, 
dau. of Richard Fowler, of Pendeford, Staffs. B. Dec. 20, 
1752.] Matric. Michs. 1768; Scholar, 1772; {3^/ H 
and 2nd Smith's prize, 1772); B.A. 1772; M.A. 177 V 1 
1773. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Dec. 30, 1774. D.L. t 
High Steward of Burton-on-Trent. Married, Jan, 1, 1 
S.irah, dau. of Thomas Lloyd, of Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury 1 ' 
widow of Thomas Amler, of Ford Hall, Salnp Died Dec. i, 
1824. Father of Thomas L. (181S) and John NJ. 
(Inns of Court; Burke, L.G.; < u.^uns, I. 86.) 

Oct. 3, 1895. S. of the Rev. Ffrancis] H[enry] Hastings 
[Commander, R.N., ord. deacon (St David's) 1875], of 
6, John Street, Stratford-on-Avon. [School, King I 
Birmingham, and at London Univei ity;B.A 1 ,1 ,] Matric. 
Hi, lS 1395; B.A. [21st Wranpjer) 1898. M . 
deacon (St Alba Vi listant Master it 

Berkhamsted School for five v 
1905-20; Chaplain, 1^14-20. Joint author of Arnold's School 

Lane, Richard Stuart 

Algebra. Died suddenly July 24, 1920, at Uppingham. 
(Schoolmasters' Directories; Crockford; The Times, July 28, 

LANE, JOHN DOUDNEY. Adm. sizar at St John's, Jan. 28, 
1S32. B. [Nov. 27, 1812], at Portsea, Hants. Matric. Michs. 
[832; Scholar, 1835; B.A. [yth Wrangler) 1836; M.A. 1839. 
Fellow, 183S-44. Superintendent of the Jesus Lane Sunday 
School, 1836-9. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1839; priest (Ely) May 31, 
1S40; C. of St Andrew-the-Less, Cambridge, 1839-44. &• °f 
Fomcett St Peter, Norfolk, 1844-7. Died there Apr. 27, 
1847. M.I. in Christ Church, Cambridge. (Clergy Lists; 
G.Mag., 1847,11. 327; C. A. Jones.) 

LANE, JOHN LEWIS. Adm. pens, (age 17) at St John's, 
M.iv 26, 1819. S. of — Lane, of Bedworth, Warws. Schools, 
Attierstone Grammar (W. Bradley) and Rugby. Matric. 
Michs. 1819. (Rugby Sch. Reg.) 

LANE, JOHN NEWTON. Adm. Fell. -Com. at Sr John's, Mar. 2, 
1S1S. Of Staffordshire. [Eldest s. of John (1768). B.Dec. 4l 
1800.] Matric. Michs. 1S18. Of King's Bromley Manor, 
Staffs. J. P. and D.L. for Staffs. Married, Jan. 8, 1828, the 
Hon. Agnes Bagot, 2nd dau. of William, 2nd Lord Bagot. 
Died Oct. 10, 1869. Brother of Thomas L. (1818). Burke, 
L.G.; The Register of Biography, 11. 273.) 

LANE, JOSEPH. Adm. pens, at Clare, June 27, 1776. B. in 
Norfolk. [Doubtless s. of the Rev. Matthew (1743), R. of 
Scoulton.] Matric. Michs. 1776; B.A. 1780; M.A. 1789. Ord. 
deacon (Norwich) Dec. 2r, 1781; priest, June 3, 1787; C. of 
Scoulton, 1781; R. there 1797-1846. Brother of the next. 
(Clergy List.) 

LANE, MATTHEW. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Christ's, Jan. 13, 
1780. S. of the Rev. Matthew (1743), R- OI Scoulton, Nor- 
folk. B. at Hingham, Norfolk. School, Harrow. Matric. 
Michs. 1780; Scholar, 1780; B.A. 1784; M.A. 1788. Ord. 
deacon (Norwich) Dec. 19, 1784; priest, Oct. 1, 1786; C. of 
Scoulton, Norfolk, 1784. Brother of the above. (Peile, 11. 

LANE, MONTAGUE. Matric. Non-Coil. , from Cavendish H., 
Michs. 1S85. Lieut., R.G.A. (Duke of Connaught's Own 
Hampshire Militia), 1899. Died Sept. 20, 1936, at 53, South- 
lands Road, Weymouth, aged 68. (Army Lists; The Times, 
Sept. 25, 1936.) 

LANE, NEWTON CHARLES. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Christ's, 
Jan. 12, r78o. [4th] s. of John, of King's Bromley, Staffs. 
[and Sarah Fowler, of Pendeford Hall, Staffs.]. B. [Feb. 16, 
1764], in London. School, Westminster ('a somewhat 
violent politician while at school'). Matric. Michs. 1783; 
Scholar, 1780; B.A. 1784; M.A. 1787. Fellow, 1785-1811; 
Senior Dean, 1792. Ord. deacon (Elv) Dec. 17S5; priest 
(Peterb.) June, 1787. V. of Alveston," Warws., 1789-1846. 
R. of Ingoldsby, Lines., 1810-46. The College had difficulties 
with him after his departure, and he was 'made to account 
for the sum paid to him for dilapidations, but proceedings 
were suspended on his consent to repay {500 received by him 
and £25 annually.' Gunning says that 'his address was 
pleasing and his manner gentlemanly, but his acquaintance 
was chiefly with men of dissipated habits and sporting pro- 
pensities. He occasionally ran a horse himself.' Died s./>. 
Mar. 6, 1846, at Ingoldsby. (Record of Old Westminsters] 
Burke, L.G.; Peite, 11. 310; X<>rth<ints. Clergy; G. Mag., 1846, 
I. 550; Gunning, Reminiscences, 11. 235.) 

Caius, Oct. 19, 1872. [Eldest] s. of Richard Douglas Hay 
[Christ Church, Oxford, 1S42], late Capt., 17th Lancers, 
B. [Apr. 6, 1852], at Brighton. School, Eton. Matrii . Mil 
1872. Resided two years. Died s.p. Dec. 27, 1892. (Eton 
Sch. Lists; Venn, 11. 407; Burke, L.G.) 

LANE, RICHARD. Adm. pens, (age ig) at Trinity, June 21, 
1701. S. of Thomas, of Nfwt.m, Devon [and Penelope, dau. 
of Thomas Tothill, of Hay tor]. [B. Feb. 18, 1772.] School, 
Westminster. Matric. Michs. 1791; Scholar, 1792; B.A. 
1795; M.A. 1800. P.C. of Brixton, Devon, 1802-58. Married, 
Feb. 18, 1800, Lucy, dau. of Nicholas Dennys, of Ashley, 
Devon. Died Mar. 17, 1858. (Record of Old' Westminster's; 
■v List.) 

LANE, RICHARD STUART. Adm. pens, at Caii 

Eldi 1] s. of Richard, Esq., of Brunswid 
Brighton. B. 1828 [July i 4l 1829 (Burke, i 1 
urxey. Schools, private, and at Kiuk 
ric, Michs. (848; Scholar, 1849-51; B.A 1852; M.A. 
President of the 1 nion, 1 

li . Apr. 19, 1850. I 'irei I 
! i Secretary to the ' 

31, 1852, Emily Eliza, 

June i' , t, Park Lane, 3 ondon, \V. 

(Venn, II. 284; Inns uf Court; Burke, L.G.) 

Lane, Samuel Alfred 

LANE, SAMUEL ALFRED. Adm. pens, at St John's, Mar 20, 
1S52. S. of Richard, architect, of Chorlton-on-Medlock, 
Lanes, [and Emma]. B. at All Saints, Manchester. Bapt. 
July 18, 1834. Matric. Michs. 1852; B.A. 1856; M.A. i860. 
Adrn. Solicit"!-, Easter Term, i860. Practised in London. 
Died Sept. 8, 1S87, at Hampstead, aged 55. (Law Lists; 
C.U. Almanac.) 

LANE, THEOPHILUS. Adm. pens, at Queens'. May 8, 1815. 
Of Somerset, [s. of Theophilus (Balliul College, Oxford, 
1792), of Blackheath, Kent (and Sophia Gardiner). School, 
Bath (Mr Wilkins).] Matric. Michs. 1S15. Migrated (age 21) 
to Magdalene, July 13, 1S1S; B.A. 1820; M.A. 1S23. Ord. 
deacon (London) June 17, 1821; priest, Dec. 23, 1821. V. of 
Homdon-on-the-HiIl, l-^sex, 1S27-44. Died Jnlv 9, 1844, 
at Preston, aged 47. [Clergy List; Cr. Mag., 1844, 11. 326.) 

LANE, THEOPHILUS WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Oct. is, 1836. [Eldest s. of Robert, of Ryelands, Heref. B. 
1817.] Matric. Michs. 1837; B.A. 1841; M.A [846. Married, 
1848. Emily, dau. "I C li.irles Bowen, of Kilna Court, Queen's 
Co. J. P. and D.L. for Heref. Died Dec. i, 1890, in London, 
aged 73. (The Guardian, Dec. 10, 1890; Walford, 1846 ) 

Queens', July 6, 1803. uf Essex. [Eldest s of Thomas, of 
Leydon Grange. B. Nov. 5, 17811. J Matrie Miclis. 1804. 
Married Rebecca, dan "f John Howell, of Penheol, Carm., 
and widow of Capt. John Napier, R.N. Died s.p. Apr. 10, 
1819. (Burke, L.G.) 

LANE, THOMAS LEVESON. Adm. pens, at St John's, Apr. 14, 
1S1S. [Youngest] s.of John. (1768), of King's Bromley, Staffs, 
(and Sarah, dau. of Thomas Llovd, and widow of Thomas 
Ariiler, of Ford Hall, Salop). [B. Sept. 28, 1802.] School, 
Westminster. Matric. Michs. 1819; B.A. 1S23; M.A. 1828. 
Adm. ad eundem at Oxford, 1853. Ord. deacon (Hereford) 
June 3, 1827; priest (Lichfield) Mar. 23, 182S. V. of King's 
Bromley, Staffs., 1828-9. K- of Withmgtou, Gloucs., 1828- 
^4. V. of Wasperton, Warws., 1S35-83. V. of Baswich (or 
Berkswich) Stdfs., 1S36-83. Died unmarried Oct. 8, 1883. 
Brother of John N. (1818). (Record of Old Westminsters; 
Burke, L.l,.; .11. Oxon.; Cant. Act Bk.; Crockford; Clergy 

LANE, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Clare, Feb., 8, 1766. B. in 
London. School, Harrow. Matric. Lent, 1766. (Harrow Sch. 


LANE, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, Feb. 7, 1806. 
Of Norfolk. Matric. Michs. 1806; Scholar, 1806. Migrated to 
Magdalene, May G, 1808; B.A. 1810. 

Trinity, Mar. 5, 1857. S. of lames Robinson, of Birmingham. 

B. there 1838. School, King Edward's, Birmingham. Marie . 
Michs. 1S57; Scholar, i860; B.A. (2 3 rJ H rangier) 1861 . M.A. 
18(14. President of the Union, 1862. Ord. deacon (Gloui . -In 
and Bristol) 1863; priest, 1S64. Vice-Principal of the Royal 
A;.Ti< College and C of Cirencester, Gloucs., 18O3-5. 

C. of West Ham, Essex, 1S65-6. V. of Normanton, Yorks., 
1866 88. R. of Beeford with Lisset and Duumngton. jSSS- 
1000. Died Nov. 4, 1900, at Las Palmas, Grand Canary. 
(Crockford; I he limes. Nov. 8, 1900.) 

Adm. pens, at Trinity, May II, 1864. S. of [the Rev.] 
Charlton (1815). P. 1845, at Kennington, London. School, 
Westminster. Matrii Mich 1864; B.A. 1868. Assumed the 
additional suraai ■ A I I - , m, Feb. 28, 1S77. Sometime a 
banker at Boston, Lin I 1' fa Pines. Of Aswardby Hall, 
Spilsby. Subsequently <■! Wheathampstead. Died Mar. 31, 
into, aged 9^. Father of the next; brother of Charlton G. 
(1854). (Record of old Westminsters; Who's Who; The limes, 
Apr. 1, 1939.) 

Oct. 1900. Eldest s. of William Ward Claypon (above), of 
St John's, Frognal Gardens, Hampstead, London, N.W. 
B. May 9, 18S1, at Wyberton, Boston, Line-,. School, Win- 
chester. Matric, Michs. 1000 Adm. Solicitor, 1905; partner 
in the firm of Preston, Lam Claypon and O'Kelly. Served 
in the Great War, 1914-19 (2nd Lieut., Lincolnsbiri Regl 
Lieut., General list, wounded). ' if 12, Lincoln's Inn I j< Id . 
London, W.C., in 1940. (Winchester Coll. Reg.; Cure. War 
List , Law Lists.) 




LANFEAR, ARTHUR HERBERT. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi, Oct. I, 1885. Of Berkshire. [3rd s. of Thomas, Esq., 
of Bath.] Matric. Michs. 1SS5; B.A. 1890. Ord. deacon 

Lang, Frank Hope 

(Lichfield) 1892; priest. 1893; C. of St James's, Wolver- 
hampton, 1892-5. C. of Cannock, 1895-1900. V. of Holy 
Trinity, Oakengates, Salop, 1900-7. V of St Paul's, Wolver- 
hampton, 1907-19. V. of Gt Wyrlr'V, Staffs., 1919-35. 
Subsequently resided at n, Anerley Park, London, and 
disappears from Crockford, 194 1. (Scott, MSS.) 

LANFEAR, CHARLES JOSEPH. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi, Oct. 1, 1S74. S. of the Rev. Thomas (next), of 
Letcombe-Regis, Berks. B. Aug. 26, 1855, at Herewaka, 
Hauraki, New Zealand. School, Repton. Matric. Michs. 
1874. Died Mar. 5, 1877. Brother of Thomas J. E. (r876). 
(Repton Sch. Reg.) 

LANFEAR, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Queens', July 1, rS37. 
Of Wiltshire. Matric. Michs. 1837. Ord. deacon (London) 
1848; priest, 1849. Missionary (C.M.S.) in New Zealand, 
1849-65. C. of West Hendred, Berks., 1865-9. V. of Let- 
combe-Regis, 1868-98. Disappears from Crockford, 1899. 
Father of the next and of the above; doubtless brother of 
Walter F. (1841) and William F 

LANFEAR, THOMAS JOHN EVANS. Adm. pens, at Corpus 
Christi. Sept. 30, 1876. S. of the Rev. Thomas (above), of 
Letcombe Regis, Wantage. B. [Nov. 8], 1857, at Herewaka, 
Hauraki, New Zealand. Bapt. Nov. 29, 1857, at Kaweranga, 
Hauraki. School, Repton. Died May 1, 1877. Brother of 
Charles J. (1S74). (Repton Sch. Reg.) 

LANFEAR, WALTER FRANCIS. Adm. pens, at Oueens', 
Mar. 18, 1841. Matric. Michs. 1841; B.A. 1.S45. M.A. 1874 
Ord. deacon (Ely) 1846; priest (Gloucester and Bristol) 1846. 
C. of Broadwater. Sussex, 1849-50. P.C. of St John's, 
Southall Green, Middlesex, 1S50-79. R. of Avington, Berks., 
1879-97. Resided subsequently at Bath, where he died 
Mar. 8, 1914, aged 95. Father of the next; doubtless brother 
of Thomas (1837) and William F. (1834). (Crockford; Clergy 
List; The Times, Mar. 11, 1914.) 

LANFEAR, WALTER FRANCIS. Adm. (age 21) at Caius, 
Oct. 1, 1S73. S. of the Rev. Walter Francis (above). V. of 
St John's, Southall Green. B. at Southall Green. Schools, 
P. ilia- and King's College, London. Resided three years. 
No profession. Resident with his father at Bath in 189S. 
(Venn, 11. 409.) 

LANFEAR, WILLIAM FRANCIS. Adm. pens, at Queens', 
Oct. 10, 1834. Of Wiltshire. Matric. Michs. 1835; B.A. 1839. 
Ord. deacon (Bath and Wells) 1838; priest, T83S; C. of East 
Brent, Somerset, -1841-2. Chaplain to the English Con- 
gregation at Wiesbaden, 1842-8. C. of Hutton, Somerset, in 
iy 53-5. V. (first incumbent) of Christ Church, Weston- 
super-Mare, 1855-75. Retired and lived at Weston-super- 
Mare, where he died Dec. 27, 1891. Doubtless brother of 
Walter F. (1S41) and Thomas (1S37). (Clergy Lists; Crock- 
ford; The Guardian, Jan. 20, 1892.) 

LANG, BASIL THORN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 25, 1899. 
[Only] s. "1 William [F.R.C.S.], of 22. Cavendish Square, 
London. P. 1880, in London. .>< h""l. Abbotsbolme, Derbs. 
Matric. Mich : 19; PA N Sci. Trip., 1't 1, 1st Class) 
1902; B.I ■>: unlM \,i,i. ^t St Bartholomew's Hospital, 

the Middle 1 \ Hospital, .aid Pi irg. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 

1906; F.R.C.S., 1101. House Surgeon, St Bartholomew's 
Hospital, Served in the Great War. 1014-01 {Capt., 
R.A.M.C). Of 22, Cavendish Square, London 1 bief Clinical 
Assistant, Royal London Ophthalmii Hospital. Chief 
Assistant, Ophthalmic Kept., St Bartholomew's Hospital. 
Assistant Surgeon, West ( Iphthalmic Hospital. Died Ian. 18, 
1928. (Medical Directories, I he Times, Jan. 20, 1 1 

LANG, DAVID MARSHALL. Adm. pen- it ( kits Christi, 
Oct. 1. 1881. S. of D. Marshall, uf 56, Highbury Park. 
London, N. B. July 9, 1862, at fii, st Vincenl 1 
Glasgow. School, Highgate. Maine Michs. 1881; Scholar, 
18S3; B.A. 1884; M.A. 1888. Ord. deacon (Worcester) 1SS5; 
priest (Rochester) 1880; C. of St Matthias's, Birmingham, 
1885-6. C. of Knllio.oke, Kent, i.ssn-y. 1.. ,A St Mark's, 
Reigate, Surrey, 1889 00. Missionary (C.M.S.) at rCuma- 
int'to, Japan, 1800-2; at Osaka, 1802-4; at Hakodate, 1S94- 
1920. Chaplain to the liishop of Hokkaido. 1001 :n. P el 
FUlinghaiii, I m- er-'a 1 ' Pied Jan. 1, 1946. (Highgate 
Sch. Reg.; ' > ckford; The Times, Jan. 4. 1946.) 

LANG, FRANK HOPE. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Oct. S, 1S96. 
S. of the Rev. Robert (1859), of Old Warden vicarage, 
Biggleswade. [School, Harrow.] Matric. Michs. 1896; B.A. 
1902; M.A. 1910. Ord. deacon (Bp. Mitchinson, for Peterb.) 
1902; priest (Peterb.) 1903; C. of Dallington, Northants., 
1902-6. C. of Old Windsor, Berks., 1906-11. R. of Twywell, 
Northants., 191 1-34. R. of North Cadbury, Somerset, 
1934-45. Brother of the next and Robert C. V. (1890). 
(Harrow Sell. Reg.; Crockford.) 

Lang, Harold Montgomery 

LANG, HAROLD MONTGOMERY. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 
1896. 4th s. of the Rev. Robert (1S59), V. of Old Warden, 
Beds. B. May 26, 1877, at Silsoe, Beds. School, Charter- 
house. Matnc. Michs. 1S96; Scholar (Class. Trip., Pt I, 
1st Class, 1S99; Theo. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class, 1901); Hebrew 
prize; B.A. 1S99; M.A. 1903. Ord. deacon (Coventry, for 
Worcester) 1901; priest \ Worcester) 1902; C. of St Nicholas's 
Kenilworth, 1901-4. Vice- Principal of Ordsall Hall Clergy 
School, Salford, 1904-S and C. of St George's, Hulme, Lanes., 
1904-S. C. of Ultiiig, Essex, 1910-12. R. of Woodham- 
\\ alter, 190S-4S-, and V. of Ulting, 1912-4S-. Brother of 
the above and of Robert C. V. (1S90). (C harter house Sch. 
Reg.; Pembroke Coll. Reg.; Crockford.) 

LANG. HENRY ASTELL. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Oct. 1, 1893. [S. of George Lukis, of India.] B. Mar. 12, 1874, 
at Ickwell, Beds. Schools, Sununerheld and Marlborough 
College. Matric. Michs. 1S93. 2nd Lieut., Worcs. Regt., 
1895; Lieut., 1899; Capt., 1900. In the S. African War, 
1S99-1901. Major, 1913. Served in the Great War. 19 1 4- 19 
(Major, Worcs. Regt.; mentioned in despatches); killed in 
action in Gallipoli, June 9, 1915. {Marlborough Coll. Reg.; 
Univ. War List; Army Lists.) 

LANG, JAMES HENRY. Adm. pens, at St John's, June 15, 
1S39. Of Surrey. S. of Oliver, architect [of Woolwich, Kent], 
Schools.Blackheath Proprietary and King's College, London 
(Mr T. G. Hall). Matric. Michs. 1839. Migrated (age 21) to 
Magdalene, Apr. 30, 1840; B.A. 1S43; M.A. 1849. Ord. deacon 
(Rochester) Oct. 15, 1S43; priest, 1S44; C. of Charlton, Kent, 
1843-4. Chaplain, H.M.S. Grampus (in the Pacihc), 1845-$; 
Arrogant (W. Indies), 1S49-53; Juno (Australia), 1853-5; 
Dido, 1855-6; Liffey, 1S5S-61; Racoon, 1861-2; Wellcsley, 
1S62-5. Chaplain, R. Marines Div., Woolwich, 1S66-7; 
Agincourt and Pembroke, 1S67-71. Head of the Chaplains, 
R.N., and Chaplain, Greenwich Hospital, 1S71-2; retired, 
1876. Hon. Chaplain to Queen Victoria, iSSS. Residing at 
Malvern Wells, in 1895. Died July 1, 1898. {Crockford; 
Clergy List; Tiie Times, July 4, 1S9S.} 

LANG, JAMES THOMASON. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Caius, 
Mar. 26, 1S62. S. of Arthur Harrow, Esq., late of the Indian 
Civil Sen-ice. B. at Allahabad, India. School, Harrow. 
Matnc. Michs. 1S62; B.A. (i2iA Wrangler) 1S66; (Theo. 
Exam., 1st Class, 1867); equal for the Schorield prize, 1867; 
Tyrwhitt Hebrew Scholar, 1869. Migrated to Corpus Christi, 
1S67; M.A. 1869. Fellow of Corpus, 1667; Dean, 1871-7 and 
1SS3-5; tutor, 1886-97. Lady Margaret's Preacher, 1880. 
Ord. deacon (Ely) 1S67; priest. 1S69; C. of Wisbech St Peter, 
Cambs., 1867. C. of St Andrew- the- Less, Cambridge, 1S68- 
71. V. of St Bene't's, Cambridge, 1871-91. V. of Christ 
Church, Finchley, 1898-1911. R. of Landbeach, Cambs., 
1911-22. Died Mar. 23, 1923. Brother of Robert (1859). 
(Harroii Sch. Reg.; Venn, II. 356; Crockford.) 

LANG, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Aug. 26, 1837. Matric. 
Lent, 1838. One of these names, only s. of Walter, of Sydney, 
N.S.W., Australia, deceased, was adin. at the Middle Temple, 
Apr. iS, 1838. Called to the Bar, May 28, 1841. in Calcutta 
in 1850. [Inns of Court; Law Lists.) 

LANG, JOHN. Adm. at Trinity Hall, May 2, 1888. S. of 
W[uliam], Esq., of 28, Elm Park Gardens, London, S.W. 
[B. 1869, at St Kilda, Australia.] School, Clifton. Matric. 
Michs. 18SS; exhibitioner. Awarded Royal Humane Society's 
medal for saving two boys from drowning, 1885. Appointed 
to Indian Civil Service, ibSS; Assistant Magistrate and 
Collector, Bengal; Officiating Under Secretary to Govt., 
Joint Magistrate and Deputy Collector, 1S96; Political 
Agent, 1900; Magistrate and Collector, June, 1902; Com- 
missioner, 1915. Served in the Great War, 19 14-19 (Lieut.- 
Col., I.A.R., commanding 52nd Labour Group, B.E.F., 
France). Member of Bengal Legislative Council, 1916-19; 
retired, 1924. Chairman, Bengal Publicity Board, Nov. 
1918-May, 1919. Kaisar-i-Hind medal, 1902. Died July 31, 
1941, at Cleithaugh, Jedburgh, Roxburgshire. {Clifl 
Reg.; I.C.S. Lists; Scottish Biographies; The Times, Aug. 2, 

LANG, OWEN CHARLES SEYMOUR. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Trinity, Jan. 22, 1852. S. of Charles. B. [Jan. 17, 1833], 
in London. School, Cheltenham. Matnc. Michs. 1852; B.A. 
1856; M.A. 1859. Ord. deacon (Winchester) 1856; priest, 
1857; C. of Farnham, Surrey, 1856-7. R. of Pv.ll 
Pembs., 1857-65- R- of 
V. of Freusha!: 

1885-1908. Married, 185S, Mai. 1. ol I. 

Robinson, of Lydd, Kent. Died Mar. 5, 1 , 
Coll. Reg.; Clergy List; Crockford; The Times, Mar. 9, 1905.) 

LANG, ROBERT. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Feb. 21, 1859. S. of 
Arthur, of West Hill, Harrow, Middlesex. B. Apr. 6, 
Jessore, India. School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1 
136}; M Crii ket 'blue,' [860 

(Carlisle) 1863; C. ol Kendal, Westmorland, 

Langdale, John Thomas 

1863-5. C. of Petworth, Sussex, 1865-72. V. of Silsoe, Beds., 
1S73-81. Clerical Secretary, C.M.S., 1SS1-Q2. V. of Old 
Warden, Beds., 1892-1902. V. of Dinton, Bucks . 
R. of Wood ham -Walter, Essex, 1Q07-S. Died Mar. 
Brother of James T. (1862); father of Frank H. (1S90), 
Harold M. (1896) and the next. (Harro-u- Sch. Reg.; Book of 
Blues; Crockford; The Times, Mar. 25, 1908.) 

Pembroke, Oct. 1, 1890. Eldest s. of the Rev. Robert (above), 
of Harrow. B. at Petworth, Surrey. [School. Harrow.] 
Matiic. Michs. 1890; B.A 1 v . 1903. Head Master 

of St Aubyn's School, Rottingdean. Died Aug. 14, 1^40. The 
perfect example of a schoolmaster who has done so much 
to make England great.' Brother of Frank H. (1S96) and 
Harold M. (1S96). (Harrow Sch. Reg.; Schoolmasters' Direc- 
tories; The Times, Sept. 5, 1940.) 

LANG, WILLIAM DICKSON. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 1898. 
[2nd s. of Edward Tickell, deceased. Civil Engineer, Public 
Works Dept., India, and Hebe, dau. of John Venn Prior.] 
B. Dec. 29, 187S, at Kiernal, Punjab. Schools [Christ's 
Hospital and] Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1898; Scholar and 
exhibitioner; B.A. (Nat. Sci. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class) 1901; 
M.A. 1905; Sc.D. 1919. Entered the Department of Geology, 
British Museum, 1902; Assistant Keeper, 1921; Deputy- 
Keeper, 1927; Keeper, 1928-38. F.R.S., 1929; F.G.S.; 
F.Z.S. Member of Council of the Geological Society, 1923-6; 
Lyell medal, 1928. Author, Handbook of British M uii 
and works on geology and natural history. Of Lias Lea, 
Charmouth, Dorset, in 1945. [Who's Who.) 



LANGDALE, EDWARD. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Jesus, Mar. i, 
1S20. Of Sussex. S. of the Rev. Edward (doubtless the next). 
B. at East Hoathly. School, private. Matnc. Michs. 1S20; 
Scholar, 1822; B.A. 1824. Ord. deacon (Chichester) 1825; 
pnest, 1S26. R. of East Hoathly, Sussex, 1828-82. Surro- 
gate, dio. of Chichester, 182S. Died Jan. 29, 1SS2, aged 79. 
Father of JohnJT. (1872). (Foster, Index Eccles.; Crockford; 

The Standard, l ; <\>. 


LANGDALE, EDWARD RUDSTONE. Adm. sizar (age 17) at 
Pembroke, Nov. 4, 1772. 3rd s. of William, merchant, of 
London. B. there [June 21, 1754]. [School, Christ's Hospital.] 
Matric. Easter, 1773; B.A. 1777; M.A. 1780. Ord. deacon 
{Lift. dim. from Canterbury) i777; priest (Gloucester, Litt. 
dim. from Canterbury) Dec. 23, 1781; C. of Wadhurst, 
Sussex. R. of Chignal-Smealey, Essex, 1790-1S38 [G. Mag 
gives 1S28-3S). Died Feb. 16, 1S3S, at East Hoathly rectory, 
Sussex. Doubtless father of the above. (Christ's Hospital 
Reg.; Cant. Ad Bk.; G. Mag., 1S3S, 1. 440.) 

LANGDALE, GEORGE AUGUSTUS. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
St John's, Apr. 9, 1836. [3rd] s. of Mfarmaduke] Rfobert], 
Esq. [of Garston House, Godstone, Surrey (and Pix Hall, 
Hawkhurst, Kent), and Louisa, dau. of George Jordan. B. 
Jan. 15, 1817]. Matric. Michs. 1836; B.A. 1840; M.A. is 44 . 
Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Sept. 20, 1S40; priest, Sept. 19, 1S41, 
C. of Wendover, 1S40. C. of Bexley, Kent, -1845-54. V. of 
Compton with Up Marden, Sussex, 1854-97. Married, Sept. 5, 
1S48, Elizabeth Buchanan, dau. of Henry S. Hyde Wol- 
laston, of Welling, Kent. Died June 22, 1902, at Compton. 
Father of the next and of Walter A. (1S69). {Ct 
Clergy Lists; Burke, L.G., which gives 'died June 23"; The 
T»nes, June 24, 1902.) 

John's, Apr. 23, 1874. Of Sussex. [3rd] s. of the Rev. 
George Augustus (above) [and Elizabeth Buchanan], ii. 
[May 12, 1855], at Compton, Sussex. Bapt. June 24, 1S55. 
[School, Clifton. ] Matnc. Michs. 1874. Ord. deacon (Wor- 
cester) 1878; priest, 1879; C.ot Hanbury, Worc^., 1 
C. of Compton with L T p Marden, Sussex, 1S80-97; V. there 
1897-1903. Married (1) Nov. 6, 1:578, Catherine Elizabeth, 
dau. of William Jacob, of the Isle of Wight, and had issue; 
(2) Jan. 12, 1909, Alice Hester, dau. of the Rev. G. A. Walker, 
V. of Cbidham, Sussex. Died Nov. 29, 1915. Brother of 
Walter A. (1869). (Clifton Coll. Reg.; Crockford; Fox-Davie^ 
Armorial Families; Burke, L.G.) 

LANGDALE, JOHN THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, 
Oct. 1, izjz. S. of the Rev. Edward (1820), R. of East 
Hoathly, Sussex. Schools, ChiistV Hospital and St John's 
College, Hurst. Matnc. Michs. 1&72; B.A. 1 

erbury) 1076; priest (St Albans) 1879; C. of Mailing, 
Kent, 1S76-0. l. of Hawkwell, Essex, 1879-.-. 

M, Sussex, 1882-7. C.ofl'ii: it, 1887-90. 

C. of Codicote, Herts., 1890-2. C. of Cbailey, Sussex. 1S92-5. 
C. of West Coker, Somerset, 1895-7. K- ot Willoughby* 
Waterleys, Leics., 1898-1901. R. of Bleadon, Somerset, 

[o. Resided subsequently at Bexhill 

■ pr. 22, 191 1, aged 60. (I. A. Walker, 540, ( 
/ he i i":ti, Apr. 25, 1911.) 

Langdale, Walter Atkinson 

LANGDALE, WALTER ATKINSON. Adm. pens, at Sr John's, 
Mar. 23, 1869. [2nd] s. of the Rev. George Augustus (1836) 
[and Elizabeth Buchanan]. B. [Nov. 23. 1850], at Bexley, 
Kent. Bapt. Dec. 19, 1850. [School, Bradnekl.] Matric. 
Michs. 1869. Died Apr. 7, 187=;. Brother of Horace M. (1874)- 
(BraJfield Coll. Reg.; Burke. L.G.) 

LANGDALE, WILLIAM JOHN. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Sr Catha- 
rine's, Jan. 14, 1S28. [4th s. of Marniaduke, of Holborn, 
London "(and Sarah Augusta, dau. of Robert Kelnam of 
Gt Gonerby and Billiugborough, Lines.). B. May 9, 1796. 
School, Charterhouse.) Matric. Michs. 182S; B.A. 1834. 
Ord. priest (London, Litt. dim. from York) June 14, 1835; 
C. of Hitcham, Bucks., -1 841-5. Married Mary Anne, dau. 
of Henry H. Jackson, of Lewes, Sussex, and had issue. Died 
Jan. 21, 1885, at his residence, 2, Ormond Terrace, Regent's 
Park, London. (Burke, L.G., 1939; The Guardian. Jan. 28, 

LANGDON, ALFRED. Adm. pens, at Sr John's, Oct. 7, 1861. 
Of Devon. S. of George, yeoman [and Mary Anne], B. at 
Westdowu. Bapt. Apr. 17, 1843. Matric. Michs. 1861; B.A. 
1865. Ord. deacon (Durham) 1S65; priest, 1006; C. of 
Sedgneld, Durham, 1865-70. K. of High Bickmgton, Devon, 
1870-82. V. of New Sleaford, Lines., 1882-1925. Rural 
Dean of LarTord, 1904-18. Preb. of Lincoln Cathedral, 1918- 
25. Married, 1866, Elizabeth, dau. of John Coote Davy, of 
Chulmleigh, Devon. 1 »ied Nov. 16, 1925, at Sleaford vicarage. 
Father of the next. (Crockford; Who was Who, 1916-28; 
The Guardian, Nov. 20, 1925.) 

LANGDON, ALFRED GEORGE. Adm. at King's, Oct. 1, 1887; 
Choral Scholar. [S. of the Rev. Alfred (above), V. of [New] 
Sleaford, Lines.] Schools, King's College Choir and Rossall. 
Matric. Michs. 1887; B.A. 1890; M.A. 1911. Ord. deacon 
(Bp. Barry, for Exeter) 1891; priest (Exeter) 1892; C. of 
Clyst-Hydon, Devon, 1891-3. C. of Heavitree, 1893-5. 
Minor Canon of Windsor, 1895-1900. R. of Hartley Wespall, 
Hants., 1900-5. Served in the Great War, 1914-ig (Chaplain, 
R.A.C.D.). R. of Gt Munden, Herts., 1905-28. Died May 1, 
1928, aged 59. Buried at Munden. (Rossall S1I1. Keg.; King's 
Coll. Reg.; Univ. War List; Crockford; The limes, May 3, 

LANGDON, AUGUSTIN WILLIAM. Adm. sizar (age 19) at 
Trinity, Oct. 18. 1855. S. of Augustus (next), of Not ting 
Hill, London. B. [Sept. 28, 1837], at Yeovil, Somerset. 
Matric. Michs. 1856; B.A. i860; M.A. 1863. Adm. at Lin- 
coln's Inn, June 8, 1858. Called to the Bar, June 6, 1861. 
Equity Draftsman and Conveyancer. Resided at Hastings; 
dead in 1890. Father of Edmund W. H. (1887) and Henry 
C. T. (1890). (Foster, Men at the Bar; Law Lists.) 

LANGDON, AUGUSTUS. Adm. pens, (age iS) at Trinity, 
Jan. 21, 1830. S. of William. B. in London. School, HaU 
Place, Kent. Matric. Michs. 1830; LL.B. 1S36. Adm. at 
Lincoln's Inn, Jan. ig, 1830. Called to the Bar, Jan. 27, 
1S35. Of 38, Norland Square, Bayswater, Loudon, W., in 
1870. Father of the above. [Law Lists; Inns of Court.) 

LANGDON, CHARLES. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Queens', Dec. 13, 
[824. Of Dorset. Matric. Lent, 1825; B.A. 1829. V. of 
Queen-Camel, Somerset, 1832-82. Died at the vicarage, 
Dec, 13, 1882, aged 93. (Foster, Index Eccles.', Crockford; 
Clergy List; The Guardian, Pre. 20, 1882.) 

LANGDON, CHARLES GODFREY. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., 
Oct. i. 1895. B. May 15, 1877. Maine. Michs. 1895; B.A. 
1898; M.A. 1909. Ord. deacon (Bp. Barry) 1900; priest 
(London) 1901; C. of All Saints', Friern Barnet, Middlesex, 
1900-7. C. of SS. Peter and Paul, Teddington, 1907-13. 
Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Chaplain, R.A.C.D.). 
V, "t St Michael and All Angels, Bromley, 1913-25. V. of 
St Matthew's, Citv Koad, London, 1925-41. Died Feb. 17, 
1941. (Univ. War List; Crockford; The Times, Feb. 19, 1941.) 

Corpus Christi, Oct. 1, 1887. Of Middlesex. S. of Augustin 
William (1855), barrister, of 4, Castle Down terrace, Hastings. 
B, Mar. 29, 1868, at 25, Lansdowne Crescent, Notting Hill, 
London. School, University School, Hastings (Mr J. 
Stewart). Matric. Michs. 1887; Scholar, 1888; B.A. 1890. 
Brother of Henry C. T. (1890). 

LANGDON, EUGENE. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, July 9, 
1849. S. of Walter. B. in New York, U.S.A. Educated at 
Columbia University, New York. Matric. Michs. 1849. 

LANGDON, GILBERT. B.A , incorp. from Oxford, 1779; M.A., 
from Magdalene, 1774. [S. of Gilbert, of Woodbury, Devon., 
gent.] Matric. from Wadham College, Oxford, Mar. 24, 1757, 
age 18; B.A. (Mertun, Oxford) 1761. R. of Mansion, Dorset, 
until 1782. R. of Farleigh-Hungerford, Somerset, with 
Winterbourne-Houghton, Dorset, 1782-95. V. of Milton 
Abba . 17'-' 1822 [Cant Act Bk.; U Ox m , ( lerica 

Langdon-Davies, Guy 

LANGDON, GILBERT HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Peter- 
house, Dec. 14, 1824. Of Dorset. [Probably s. of the Rev. 
Gilbert Henry (Exeter College, Oxford, 1797), K. of Athel- 
hampton.] Matric. Michs. 1825; B.A. 1831; M.A. 1834. 
P.C. of All Souls, Brighton, 1854-S. K. of Oviiu. 
1838-51. Canon of Chichester, 1848. Married, 1838, Frances, 
2nd dau. of Admiral Sir John Ommanney, K.C.B. Ltied 
Dec. 2, 1S51, at Devonport. (Al. Oxon.\ T. A. Walker, 422 
and MS. notes; Clergy List. Foster, Index Eccles.) 

LANGDON, HARRIS. Adm. sizar at St John's, Maj 

B. Mar. 26, 1818, at Crediton, Devon. Matric. Michs. 1838; 
B.A. 1842; M.A. 1845. 

Oct. 1, 1890. S. of Augustin William (185=,), barrister, 
deceased. B. [Dec. 12], 1871, at Hastings. School, Uni- 
versity School, Hastings. Matric. Michs. 1890; B.A. 1893; 
M.B. and B.Chir. 1913. At St Bartholomew's Hospital. 
M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1007; 1> P.H., 1908. Medical Officer of 
Health for the Borough of Mansfield. Assistant Medical 
Officer of Health for "tin- City of Westminster. Medical 
Officer, Board of Education. House Surgeon, East Sussex 
Hospital, Hastings. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 
(Capt., R.A.M.C.; Lieut.-Col. (Med.), R.A.F.; O.B.E.; men- 
tioned in despatches). In practice at Maida Vale in 1930. 
Died early in July, 1933. Brother of Edmund W. H. (1887). 
[Venn, 11. 514; Medical Directories; Univ. War List.) 

LANGDON, JOHN. Adm. si/ar at Sr John's, Oct. 29, 1 

Somerset. [S. of Robert Sampson, of Sherborne.] School, 
Sherborne. Matric. Michs. 1829; Scholar, 1S32; B.A. 
M.A. 1856. Ord. deacon (York, for Bath and Wells) Nov. 17. 
1833; pnest (Bath and Wells) Jau. 18, 1835; C. of Trent, 
Somerset, 1833-4. C. of Barwick, 1834-53. R. of Nailsea 
with Bourtou, 183S-9. Head Master of Yeovil Graninia<- 
School, 1839-72. V. of Mudford, 1853-90. P.C. of Yeovil 
Marsh, 1872-82. Died June 19, 1890. (Sherborne Reg.; 
Crockford; Clergy List.) 

Emmanuel, May 21, 186S. [Eldest s. of John Churchill, J. P., 
of Parroches Lodge, Somerset. B. 1849.] Matric. Michs. 
1868. Lieut., West Somerset Yeomanry-Cavalry, 1873; 
Capt., 1883-92. Of Parroches Lodge, Tortworth, Chard. 
J.I', for Somerset and Devon. (Army Lists; Watford.) 

LANGDON, LAWRENCE. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., Oct. 1. 
1S93. B, Aug. 10, 1S74. [School, Kings', Ely.] Matric. 
Michs. 1893; Scholar; h..\ 1 . 1 ..■ d m the Great War, 

1914-19 (Lieut., Hampshire Kegt.); died Mar. 14, 1916, of 
wounds received in action. (Kings* Sch., Ely, Reg.; Univ. 
War List.) 

LANGDON, MORTIMER. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 1895- 
S. and h. of James, solicitor, deceased, of Ashford, Devon. 
B. Dec. 2, 1&75, at Barnstaple. School, Ilftacombe College. 
Matric. Michs. 1895; B.A. 1898. Of Woodham, Exeter, in 
1945-. (CM. Pari. Reg.) 

LANGDON, ROBERT COLWELL. Adm. pens, at Si John's, 
May 4, 1847. S. of John, Esq., Captain, R.N. [and Aim]. 
B. at Colton, Lanes. Bapt. June 13, 182S. School, Hevers- 
.i atric. Michs. 1847. 

LANGDON, WILLIAM TOBIAS. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
Trinity, June 30, 1828. [Only] s. of William [of Cadogan 
Place, Loudon]. B. in London. School, pnvate. Matric. 
Michs. 1828. Migrated to Worcester College, Oxford, whence 
he matric. Dec. 0, 1832, age 22. Adm. at the Middle Temple, 
May 1, 1828. Called to the Bar, |.m. 14, 1842. F.S.A. Died 
Dec'. 20, iSt-3. (Al. Oxon.\ Inns of Court; Law Lists.) 


Oct. 1896. 3rd s. of Charles, electrical engineer, of 45, Red- 
clifie Square, S. Kensington, London. B. Dec. 7, 1876, at 
Anerley, Surrey. School, St Paul's. Matric. Michs. 1896; 
Scholar; B.A. (Class. Trip., Pt 1, 1st Class) 1899; M.A. 1903. 
President of the Union, 1898. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn; 
Tancred student. University Extension Lecturer, Cambridge 
and London. Private tutor, 1902-12. Lecturer for Garton 
Foundation on Internationalism, 1912. Managing Director 
of the Labour Publishing Co. Manager of the Theosophical 
Publishing House, 1920-32. Managed a hotel in Corsica, 1934. 
Publicity manager, Cre&ta Silks Ltd., 1936-9. Edited Young 
England. Author (with b. 11. Hayward), Democracy and the 
Press. Brother of the next. (Who's Who.) 

LANGDON-DAVIES, GUY. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., Jan. 15, 
1892. S. of Charles, of Redcliffe Square, London, S.W. B. 
Apr. 18, 1869. (School, Dover College. J Matric. Lent, 1892; 
B.A. 1894. Ord. deacon (Kouhrster) 1894; pnest (Zululand) 
1897; C. of Christ Church, Camberwell, Surrey, 1894-6. C. 
of Eshowe, Zululand, 1896-9. Died May 18, 1901, at Est- 
couit, Natal. Brother of the above. [Dovet Coll. Reg.; 
1 roc) | M ty 22, 19 u.J 

Langdon-Down, Percival Langdon 

Trinity, June 14. 1S86. S. of John Haydon. of Ni.nnans- 
field, Hampton Wick, Middlesex. B. 1868, at Teddington, 
Middlesex. School, Harrow. Matric. Miehs. 1886; B K. '■ <: 
V.1-. ., B.Chir. and M.A. 1893. At the London II S] 
House Physician and House surgeon, London Hospital 
Practised in Welbeck Street, London; also at Hampton 
Wick, Middlesex. Died Aug. iq, 1925, at Teddington. 
Brother of the next. (Medical Directories; The Times, 
Aug. 21, 1925.) 

Trinity. May 12, 1SS5. S. of [Dr] John Haydon [of Harley 
Street, W.. and] Normansfield, Hampton Wick. Middlesex. 
B. 1866, at Redhill, Surrey. School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 
1885; B.A. (Nat. Sci. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class) 1S88; M.B., 
B.Chir. and M.A. 1892. At the London Hospital. M.R.C.P., 
1894.. Physician to the National association for the welfare 
oi the feeble-minded. Practised at 47, Welbeck Street, 
London, and at Hampton Wick; subsequently (1945) of 
Teddington. Brother of the above, (Harrow Sck 
Medical Directories; P. E. Towell.) 

(age 20) at Jesus, Oct. 1, 1876. S. of Frederick George. B. 
at sea, off Ascension Island. School, Wellington College. 
Matric. Easter, 1877. 2nd Lieut., Middlesex Engineer- 
Volunteers, 1S7S. Member of Institute of Chemical En- 
gineers; of Institute of Mining Engineers. Director of Vulcan 
Dynamo and Motor Co., Ltd. Died 1928. Brother of Walter 
M. (1880). {Wellington Coll. Reg.; Army Lists.) 

Christ's, Oct. 2, 1885. S. of Julius. B. [Mar. 18, 1866], in 
London. Schools, Brunswick, Antwerp, and Pan?. Matric. 
Michs. 1S85. Resided nine terms. With the firm of A. 
Leidemann and Co., Newcastle, 188S-91. Worked under 
Charles Welch, F.S.A. (Librarian of the Guildhall Library) 
1891-2. First Librarian to the Gravesend Corporation, 
1693-5; of the Bride foundation, Fleet Street, 1895-1911-. 
An authority on London history. Started Blades and Pay- 
more Edwards Topographical Libraries. (Peile, 11. 719; 
Christ's CoU. Notes.) 

LANGE, JOHANNES HENRICUS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
July 11, 1872. [Eldest] s. of Frederic Henry, of The Wick, 
Brighton [and of LUtenhage, Cape of Good Hope], B. Apr. 1, 
1852, at the Cape of Good Hope. School, Brighton. Matric. 
Michs. 1672; LL.B. 1876. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Jan. 28, 
1874. Called to the Bar, Nov. 17, 1S76. Member of the 
Legislative Assembly for Kimberley, 1888-9. Crown Pro- 
secutor for Griqualand West, 1892-6. Puisne Judge, Griqua- 
land West High Court, 1896-1910. Puisne Judge, Supreme 
Court of South Africa. 1910-. Chairman of the Judicial 
Commission to inquire into the Rebellion in S. Africa, 1914. 
Died 1923. (Foster, Men at tlie Bar; Law Lists; Inns of 
Court; Burke, Knightage; Kelly, 1927 (sub his widow).) 

LANGE, MICHAEL EMIL. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Aug. 1, 
1891. S. of Hermann. B. Jan. 28, 1873, in London. School, 
University College, London. Matric. Michs. 1891; B.A. 
(Semitic Langs. Trip., 1st Class) 1894; Tyrwhitt Hebrew 
scholar, 1895; M.A. 1898. Called to the Bar, Lincoln's Inn, 
Nov. 17, 1898. Engaged in social and political work. Of 
21, Cavendish Road West, St John's Wood, in 1911. Died 
Aug. 24, 1925, in Palestine. (Peile, 11. 76S; Law Lists; 1 he 
Times, Sept. 10, 1925.) 

LANGE, WALTER MASON. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus, 
Oct. 1, 1880. S. of Frederick George. B. in Paris. School, 
Wellington. Matric. Michs. 1880. Brother of Frederick 
M. T. (1876). (Wellington Coll. Reg.) 

LANGFORD, ADOLPHUS. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, 
I, 1827. S. of Buller Rolle. B. at Bristol. School, 
Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1828. 'Diedvoung.' (Harrow Sch. 

LANGFORD, COCK. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, June 5, 
1765. S. of Abraham [auctioneer], of London. [Bapt. 
June 5, 1765.] School, Westminster. Scholar, 1766; matric. 
Michs. 1768; B.A. 1769. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) Mar. 31, 1771 ; 
priest (Norwich) Oct. 28, 1772; R. of Gt Mr- 
Norfolk, 1772-89. Married, May 8, 1768, Mary Gubbin, of 
Covent Garden, Westminster. Died Feb. 17, 1789, having 
been seized with an apoplectic fit as he was dancing at the 
assembly rooms. (Record of Old Westminsters; 
.\orthants. Clergy; G. Mag., 1789, I. 278.) 

and Margaret, dau. of Samuel Oliver, of Birstall, 

ton, Bucks. [Bapt. Sept. 6, 1770.] Matri 
1789; B.A. 1793. Fellow it Eton, 

1] ' 
Lines., 1800-7. Married, Dec. 31, 1793, Sophia, dau. of 

Langham, Daniel Edwards 

Thomas Herbert, of Lewes, Sussex. Died Dec. 20, 1807 
Brother of Frederick (1792) and William W. (178 
Coll. Reg.; Foster, Index Eccles.; G. Mag., 1793, »■ 1214, 
and ibid. 1807, 11. 1237.) 

LANGFORD, EDWARD [HENRY]. Adm. pens, at Sidney, 
June 29, 1831; from Merton College, Oxford, whence he had 
matric. (age 20) Nov. 7, 1828; postmaster, 1828-31. 3rd s. 
of Edward, Esq., of Bath. B. there Nov. 7, 1808. Matric. 
Michs. 1831; B.A. 1834. Ord. deacon, 1835; priest, 183d. 
R. of Marksbury and V. of Hrislington, Somerset, 1843-fts. 
Died Jan. 7, 1885, at Marksbury rectory. Father of the 
next. (Al. Oxon.; Clergy Lists; Crockford; Tar G 
I in 14. 1885.) 

LANGFORD, EDWARD JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 18) al I >■' 
Apr. 5, 1862, S. of the Rev. Edward Henry (above). 11. 
[May 20, 1S43], at Bradford, Somerset. School. Marlborough. 
Michs. 1S62; LL.B. 1867. Ord. deacon (Bath and 
Wells) 1869; priest, 1870; C. of Eastover, Somerset, 1869-73- 
C. of St Paul's, Hammersmith, London, i873"5- C. of 
Langley-Marish, Bucks., 1875-82. C. of Marksbury, Somerset, 
1 382-5. C. of Winterboumc Kingston, Dorset, 1886-7. C. of 
Lane-End, Bucks., 1887-9. v - of Brewham and Redlynch, 
Somerset, 1889-1916. Lived subsequently at 20, Grosvenor 
Place, Bath, and disappears from Crockford, 1933. (Venn, 
"■ 35?.) 

LANGFORD, FREDERIC. Adm. (age 18) at King's, a scholar 
from Eton, Dec. 23, 1792. [3rds. of the Rev. William (1763) ■] 
B. at Eton. [Bapt. Dec. 6, 1773-] Died June, 1793, of 
consumption, 'in the neighbourhood of Eton,' aged 19. 
Brother of Edward (1789) and William W. (1788). (Eton 
Coll. Reg.; G. Mag., 1793, I. 578.) 

LANGFORD, JOHN THOMAS. M.A. 1855, incorp. from Dublin. 
[Eldest s. of the Rev. Francis, R. of Kilcoman (and Margaret 
Stewart). B. Mar. 13, 1S10, in Limerick.] Adm. pens, at 
Trinity College, Dublin, Mar. 4, 1833, age 17; B.A. (Dublin) 
1S37; M.A. (Dublin) 1840. (Burke, L.G. of Ireland; Al. 

LANGFORD, WILLIAM. Adm. (age 18) at King's, a scholar 
from Eton, Mar. 23, 1763. [Youngest s. of Edward, of 
St Albans (and Marv, landlady of the ' White Hart').] B. at 
South Mymms. Middlesex. Matric. Lent, 1763; B.A. 1767; 
M.A. 1770. Fellow, 1766-9. Ord. deacon (Bp. of Lincoln) 
Dec. 21, 1766; priest (Bp. of Exeter) Apr. 10, 1768. Assistant 
Master at Eton, 1766-75; Lower Master, 1775-1S03. Fellow 
of Eton, 1S03-14. V. of Sandridge, Herts., 1778-1801. R. "t 
Whiston, Northants., 1778. R. of Newdigate, Surrey. V. of 
Isleworth, Middlesex, 1801-14. Canon of Worcester, 1785 - 
Canon of Windsor, 1787-1814. Married, Aug. 13, 1769, 
Margaret, dau. of Samuel Oliver, of Birstall, Leics. Died 
Jan. 21, 1S14, at Sydenham. Father of Edward (1789), 
Frederic (1792) and of William W. (1788). (Eton Coll. Reg.; 
Cant. Act Bk.; G. Mag., 1814, I. 202.) 

LANGFORD, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Jan. 24, 
1845; from Magdalen Hall, Oxford, whence he had matne. 
(age 21) Mar. 16, 1843. [2nd s. of Joseph, of St Andrew's, 
Holbom.] Matric. Lent, 1845. Called to the Bar, Gray's Inn, 
Jan. 26, 1854. Died Dec. 27, 1874. (Al. Oxon.; Law Lists.) 

LANGFORD, WILLIAM [WASS]. Adm. pens, (age 16) at 
Pembroke, June 21, 1788. [2nd] s. of the Rev. William 
(1763). Bapt. Dec. 9, 1772, at Eton. [School, Eton.) 
Migrated to Peterhouse, Oct. 12, 1789; matric. Michs. 17S0; 
B.A. 1793. H.M. Consul-General at Tripoli, 1803-12. Mar- 
ried, Mar. 3, 1803, — , dau. of Marmaduke Peacocke, of 
Cavendish Square, London. Died Apr. 25, 1817, of apoplexy, 
in Downing Street, London. Brother of Edward (1789) and 
Frederic (1792). (Eton Coll. Reg. (William Wass); T. A. 
Walker, 359; G. Mag., 1803, 1. 282, and 1817, 1. 475) 

LANGFORD, WILLIAM WATSON. Adm. pens, at St John's, 

July 4, 1821. S. of Edward. B. at Watlington Park. Oxon. 

School, Harrow. Matric. Easter, 1822. Migrated to Trinity, 

Oct. 22, 1822, aged 20; B.A. 1826. Ord. priest (Oxford) 

Dec. 24, 1826. V. of Watlington, Oxon., 184] 64. Pi 

Oct. 22, 1864, aged 63. (Harrow Sch. Reg.) 

Mar. 13, 1850. Of Middlesex. Matric. Lent, 1851; B.A. 1854; 

M.A, 1S57. Ord. deacon (Norwich) 1855; I . "I Beccles, 
Ik, 1855-9. Resided subsequently at 2;, Highbury New 

Park, Islington, Middlesex, and disappears from Clergy List, 

i860 and from Crockford, 1868. 
LANGHAM, DANIEL EDWARDS. Adm. pens, at Corpus 

Christi, Oct. I, 1866. [B. 1849. School, Brighton College.] 
and 1.1..M. 1873. 

Adm. solicitor, Trinity Tei Pi ,. Gresham 

Street, 1 ondoi , B.C. 



Langham, Edgar Norman 

LANGHAM, EDGAR NORMAN. Matric. Non-Coil. Lent, 1883. 
S. of Samuel, shopkeeper [and Selina]. B. at Hinckley, 
Leics. Bapt. Feb. 10, 1875. Migrated as pens, to St John's, 
Tan. 24, 1884; B.A. 1885; M \. 1889. Ord. deacon (Ripon) 
1 ■'■; priest, 1887. Assistant Master .it Norwich Middle 
School for sis years. Science master at Ripon Grammar 
School, 1885-91. Head Master of Rastrick Grammar School, 
Brighouse, 1891- 1923. Lie. pr., dio. of Ripon, 1886-1924; 
of Wakefield, 1891-1924. Resided subsequently at East- 
bourne. [Crockford, 1941.) 

LANGHAM, EDWARD OWEN. Adrn. pens, (age 19) at Trinity 
Hall, Apr. 3, 1873. S. of J. G., of Urkneld, Sussex. [B. 
Au^. 28, 1854.] School. Brighton College. Matric. Michs. 
I'syn; B.A. and LL.B. 1S77; LL.M. 188S. 2nd Lieut., Sussex 
Artillery Vol., 1879. Adm. Solicitor, July, 1879. Practised 
at Eastbourne and .it Uckfield. Clerk to the Justi < . al 
Eastbourne. (Brighton Colt. Reg,; Army Lists; Law Lists, 
until 1920.) 

LANGHAM, FRANCIS NATHANIEL. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
May 27, 1859. [2nd] s. of Herbert (1821). B. [June 9, 1841], 
at Cottesbrooke, Northants. School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 
r85g; B.A, 1863, Of Highgate House, Creaton, Northants. 
Died \u-. 23, 1916. [Eton Colt. Keg.; Burke, P. and B.) 

1882. S. of Frederick] Afdolphus], Esq., of Hastings. B. 
July 22, 1863. School, Tonbridge. Matric. Michs. 1882; 
B.A and LL.B. 1885; M.A. 1890. Adm. Solicitor, 
Clerk to the Tustkes, .it I Listings and at Bexhill. Played 
Rugby football for Sussex, 1884-7. Major, R. Sussex Regt. 
(TO. 1896. Served in the Great War, 1014-19 (Lieut. -Col., 
sth Batt., R. Sussex Regt. (T.F.); Co!., 1918, Labour Corps.; 
mentioned in despatches; C.M.G., 1915; V.D.). Of Half 
Acre, Starrs Green, Battle, Sussex, in 1945. Died there 
Sept. 29. 1946. Brother of Percy 1- (180.S). {Tonbridge Sch. 
Reg.; Univ. War List; Army Lists; Laic /,r./s; Who's Wl;».) 

LANGHAM, HERBERT. Adm. pens, at St Tohn's, Tan. 4, 1821. 
2nd s. of Sir James [Christ Church, Oxford, 1794], 10th Bart., 
M.I-'., of Middlesex [and sometime of Cottesbrooke, 
Northants.]. [B. June 12, 1S04.] School, Eton. Matric. 
Michs. 1821; B.A. 1825; M A 1828. Adrn. at Lincoln's Inn, 
Jan. 15, 1824. Called to the Bar, May 19, T829. Married, 
June 25, iSv"), Laura Charlotte, dau. of Nathaniel and Lady 
Charlotte Micklethwait, of Taverham Hall, Norfolk. Died 
Feb. 27. 1874. Father of Francis N. (1859). (Burke, A and 
/>'.; Inns 0/ Court.) 

LANGHAM [post CARTER"|, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
Jesi's, M.iy 5, 1813. S. of William. Esq., of Feltwell, Norfolk. 
Ji 1795]. School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1813; 
B.A. 1817, as Carter. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, May ", 1S17, 
as Carter, John. Assumed the surname and arms of Carter 
in lieu of Langham, by Royal Licence, Nov. 23, 1813. Of 
Northwold, Norfolk. Married, Jan. 9, 1819, Mary Ann. dau. 
of William George Daniel Tvssen, of Foulden Hall, Norfolk. 
Died ( let. 16, 1847, at Northwold. (Burke, L.G., 1925.) 

LANGHAM, JOSHUA JAMES. Adm. at King's, Oct. 6, 1879. 
[S. of Samuel Frederick, coroner for the City of London. 
School, Merchant Taylors'.] Matric. Michs. 1870; exhibi- 
tioner. B.A, 1883; M.A. 1886. Army tutor at Croydon, 
Surrey, 1S82-3. Ord. deacon (London) 1883; priest, 1884; 
C. of St Mary's, Bryanston Square, 1883 6. Chaplain, Dorset 
House branch of Samaritan Free Hospital for Women and 
Children, 1884-6. Principal, Clergy Daughters' School, War- 
rington, 1886-9. v - of Padgate, Lanes., 1889-1900. C. of 
Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucs., 1906—7. C. of Weston-super- 
Mare, W07-11. V. <>t Bridgwater with Chilton, 1911-20. 
Rural Dean of Bridgwater. 1914 -20. I'reh. of Wells Cathe- 
dral, 191N. V. of Herrow, SnTuei m(, 1920 S. V. of Crewkeme 
with Easthams, 1928-31. Died Mar. 24, 1939, at Weston- 
super-Mare, aged 78. Buried there. (King's. C-'lt. Reg.; 
Crockford; The Times, M ir. 27, 1939.) 

LANGHAM, PERCY JAMES. Adm. at Trinity Hall, [895. 
[Youngest] s. of Fredem k A<1< ilphus, Esq., of Menedenr ( w'O. 
Ore, Hastings. [B. 1876.] School, Tonbridge. Matric. Michs. 
1895. A tea-planter in Ceylon, 1S97-1900. Served in the 
South African War with the Imperial Yeomanry, 1 900-1. 
In Canada, 1902-8. Rubber planting in Malaya; of At her ton 
Estate, Port Dickson, Negri Scmbilan. Brother of Frcdenck 
G. (1882). (Tonbridge Sch. Reg.) 

LANGHAM, WILLIAM. Adm. Fell. -Com. (age 18) at Trinity, 
Nov. 12, 1789. [2nd] s. of [Sir] James [7th Bart.], of London 
[and Juliana, sister and heiress of Thomas Musgrave <>i old 
Cleeve, Somerset]. B. Feb. 10, 1:771. School, Eton. Matric. 
Lent, 1790. Succeeded as Sth Hart., Feb, 7, 1795. High 
Sheriff of Northants,, 1797-8. Married (1) Aug. 
Henrictu-i E. F., dau. and heiress of the Hon. Charl< 5 V ine, 

Langhorne, John Theodosics 

of Mount Ida, Norfolk, and had issue; (2) May 19, t8io, 
Augusta PrisciUa, dau. of the Hon. William Henry Irby. 
Died Mar. 8, 1812, in Cavendish Square, London. Buried at 
Cottesbrooke. (Eton Coll. Reg.; Burke, P. and B.\ G E.C.] 
G. Mag., 1812, 1. 393.) 

LANGHORNE, FREDERICK. Adm. sizar at Queens', May 31, 
1836. Of Middlesex. Matric. Michs. 1836. C. of Wool, 
Dorset, 1841-2. C. of St James's, Manchester, 1842-4. C. of 
St Mary's Taunton, i.s lt -.s. y. of Burley, Yorks., 1848-52. 
V. of Holy Trinity, Preston, 1852-67. Disappears from 
Crockford, 1870. (Clergy List.) 

LANGHORNE, HERBERT EDWARD. Adm. scholar at Queens', 
Michs. 1893. S. of [the Rev.] William Henry (1S47). B. 
May m, 1*74, at Hackney, Middlesex. [School, Merchant 
Taylors'.] Matric. Michs. r8g3; B.A. 1S96; M.A. 1905. Ord. 
deacon (London) 1904; priest, 1905. Assistant Master at the 
Mercers' School, Holborn, London, 1898-1911. C. of St 
Luke's. Hackney, Middlesex, 1904-8. C. of St Bartholomew's, 
Sydenham, 1909-10. C. of St Mark's, Kemp Town, Brighton, 
1912-14. C. of St Paul's, Worthing, 1914-17. C.-in-i barge 
of Sompting, Sussex, 1917-19. C. of West Tarring, igig 24. 
R. of St Johii-sn/i-Castro, [.owes, eg .. i | S -. [Mercitant 
ta-,1 ■' ■' Reg.; Sch.->lmastet ■ kford.) 

LANGHORNE, HERBERT YORKE. Adm. pens, at Christ's, 
Oct. 1, 1895. S. of the Rev. John (1855). B. Jan. 27, 1877, 
in Tonbridge. Schools, King's, Rochester, and Westminster. 
Matric. Michs. iS«).s; Tailored divinity student, 1895; B.A 
1898; M.A. 1913. Assistant Master at the Grammar School, 
Bradford, 1899-1903; at the British Grammar School, 1903; 
at King's School, Pontefract, 1904-8. Head Master of C.M 
School, Punjab, India; assistant Master, Government Col- 
lege, Lahore. Head Master of Aldenham Park School, 
Horville, Salop, 1933-7. Brother of John (i88r). (i 
Reg.; Peile, 11. 8or; Schoolmasters' Direct • i 

LANGHORNE, JOHN. Adm. sizar at Clare, June 11, 1758. 
[Youngest s. of the Rev. Joseph, of Wintou (and Isabel). 
B. Mar. 1735-6, at Winton, in the parish of Kirkby Stephen, 
Westmorland. Schools, Wintou and Appleby.] Matric. 
[ulv. 1765. Private tutor and usher at Wakefield Free School. 
Ordained, 1760, while at Wakefield. C of Dagenhatn. I w\, 
1 761-4. C. and Lecturer of St John's, Clerkenwell, 1764. 
Assistant Preacher at Lincoln's Inn, 1765. R. of Blagdon, 
Somerset, r766-79. Preb. of Wells Cathedral, 1777- Married 
(1) Jan. 1767, Ann Cracroft, who died 1768; (2) 1772, 
Isabella, dau. of Mr John Thompson, of Brough, Westmor- 
land (died 1770). Author, Poetical Works. Joint translator, 
with his brother William, of Plutarch's Lives, 1770, it! ed 1 
1792. Also published at her request, his letters to his first 
wife before their marriage, under the title of Letters to 
Eleanora. Died Apr. 1, E779, at Blagdon House. Father of 
John T. (1786). (D.N.B.; C. R. Hudieston.) 

LANGHORNE, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Apr. 21, 1855. 
S. of John, schoolmaster, of Giggleswii k, B. there [Dec. 6, 

-" li<i, .1, 1 h..' |, - wn !,. Matric. M11 li-. iMs . 
1856; B.A. (Class. Trip., 1st Class) 1S59; M.A. 1862. Ord. 
deacon (Canterbury) 1862; priest, 1864. Assistant Master at 
Tonbridge School, 1860-77. C. of Hildenborough, Kent, 
1S62 1. C. of Tudeley, 1871-7. Head Master of the King's 
Si hi 11 J, Rochester, 1877-93. V. of Lamberhurst, Kent, 
1893-1911. An antiquary. Died Dec. n, 1911, at Lamber- 
hurst, aged ;v Father of Herbert Y. ( 1895) and of the next. 
(Peile, 11, 539; Christ's Coll. obit, notices ; The I imes, Dec. 12, 

LANGHORNE, JOHN. Adm. sizar at Trinity, Oct. 10, 1881 
S. of [the Rev. ) John (above), of The Vines, Rochester. B. 

[Aug. ioj, r-.i'-. at I 01 1 bridge. School, West 11 1 m- ur. M 1 1 1 1 ■ . 
Michs. 1881; B.A. 1885; M.A. 1893. Assistant Master at 
Queen Elizabeth's School, Dedham; at Christ's 1 ollege, 
Finchley, 1887-9; - ll Loretto, 1S90-7. Head Master of John 
Watson's Institution, Edinburgh, 1S9 7-1925. Died Aug. 
1925. Brother of Herbert I\ (1895). (Record of Old West- 
minsters; Schoolmasters' Directories.) 


CHRISTI, lnlvf, 1- ■', 1- lh<M,l,.n. Of Linrolnshire. [Onlv] 
s. of John (175S), Ii.H (sir), R. of Blagdon, Somerset [and 
\nn Cracroft], IV there Apr. 25, ir h 8. Schools, Wriii^toii, 
Somerset (Mr J. Cox), Clayerton (Mr Graves), and Louth 
(Mr Emeris). Matric. Michs. 1786. Migrated to Sidney, 
Dec. 26, 1786; LL.B. 1793. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) Dec. 12, 
17'io, pri'-t, June _T), 1792; C. of Sudborougb, Northants., 
1790. V*. of Little Grimsby, Lines., 1807-8. V. of Harmonds- 
worth with Drayton, Middlesex, 1808. Married Garthride 
(sic) and had issue. Made a collection of his father's poetical 
works, [804. Died Oct. 2, 1808, at Louth, Lines. (Louth Or. 
Sch. Buys, Northants. Clergy; R. W, Goulding; G. Mag. 
1808, 11. 956 ('Joseph Theodosius') and 1038.) 


Langhorne, William Henry 

LANGHORNE, WILLIAM HENRY. Adm. sizar at Queens', 
Apr. 14, 1S47. [S. of the Rev. Thomas, Inc. of Musselburgh, 
Midlothian. School, Loretto; and at Glasgow (ma 11 ; 
and Edinburgh Universities.] Matric. Michs. 1S47; Scholar; 
B.A. 1855; M.A. 1S59. Ord. deacon (Durham) 1854; priest 
(Manchester) Dec. 15, 1S55; C. of Alnwick, Northumberland, 
1854-7. C. of All S unts'." Kninhtsbridge, London, 1S58 hi. 
C. of St Paul's, Knightsbridge, 1862-S. C. of St Gabriel's, 
Pimlico, 1869-72. C. of St Augustine's, Stepney, 1872-9; 
V. there 1879-83. R. of Over Worton and V. of \< thi 1 
Worton, Oxon., 18S3-1909. Author, Reminiscences; Aids to 
Belief. Resided subsequently at Sefton, Cheltenham, where 
he died Tune 25, 1916, aged 90. Father of Herbert 1 
{Loretto Sen. Res.; Durham Ord. Bk.; Crockford; The Tunes. 
June 28, 1916; C. J. Fordyce.) 

LANGLEY, CHARLES JAMES. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
July I-. 1868. Matric. Lent, 1869; Scholar; prizeman; B.A. 
(151A Wrangler) rS72; M.A. 1876. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) 
1873; priest, 1874; C. of St Giles's, Northampton, 1873-S. 
C. of St Catharine's, Higher Tranmere, Cheshire, 1878-S0. 
Second Master at Gt Berkharnsted Grammar School, 1880-96. 
C. of All Souls, Brighton, r898-9. C. of Wakes Colne, Essex, 
1899-1903. Disappears from Crockford, 1904. 

LANGLEY, DANIEL BAXTER. Adm. sizar (age 27) at St 
John's. Feb. 17, 1825. [B. 1797 or 1798.] Matric. Michs. 
1825; (Civil Law Classes, 1st Class, TS27-S); LL.B. 1831; 
LL.D. rS39. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) June I, 1828; priest. 
June 14, 1S29; C. of Pilton, Northants., 182S-34. V. of 
Olney, Bucks., 1S34-56. J. P. for Bucks. R. of Yardley- 
Hastings, with Denton, Northants., 1856-81. Married, 
July 29, 1828, Anne, dau. of T. F. Palmer, of Olney. Author, 
Olney Lectures (delivered in the parish church at Olney, 
1840); Christian Laconics, etc. Died Mar. 15, 1881, at 
Yardley Hastings. Father of John P. (184S). {Boase, 11. 302; 
Northants. Clergy.) 

LANGLEY, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Caius, June 27, 1865. 
S. of Joseph, solicitor, of Shirehampton, near Bristol. B. 
[Jan. 28], 1847, at L'pton, Gloucs. Schools, private, Redland 
and Portishead. Matric. .Michs. 1S65; B.A. 1869; M.A. 1872. 
Ord. deacon (Gloucester and Bristol) 1S70; priest, 1871; C. 
of Holy Trinity. St Philip, and St James Without, Bristol, 
1870-2. C. of Winterboume, Gloucs., 1872-5. C. of 1 : 
1875-6. C. of Pucklechurch, 1876-9. C. of Sherborne, 
Dorset, 1S79-85. C. of Dinton, Wilts., 1S85-7. V. of 
Alveston, Gloucs., 1SS7-T916. Resided subsequently at 
Bristol, where he died Dec. 19, 1926. [Venn, 11. 371; Crock- 
ford; The Times, Dec. 21, 1926.) 

LANGLEY, EDWARD MANN. Adm. sizar at Trinity, Sept. 24, 
1874. S. of John, of Buckden, Hunts. B. there [Jan. 22], 
r85l. School, Bedford fCommercial school]. [B. A., London.] 
Maine. Michs. 1874; Scholar, 1876; B.A. {nth Wrangler) 
T878; M.A. 1SS5. Mathematical master at Bedford Modern 
School, 1S78-1918-. Secretary of the Mathematical Associa- 
tion, 1S85-93. Editor of the Mathematical Gazette, 1894-5. 
Died June 9, 1033, at Bedford, aged 82. Buried there. 
{Schoolmasters 1 Directories; The Times, June ro, 1933; Math, 
Gazette, xvn. 225.) 

LANGLEY, EDWIN. Adm. at Selwyn H., Oct. T3, 1883. [S. of 
the Rev. John Piercv (1848), V. of Olney, Bucks.] B. Dec. 2, 
1864. Matric. Michs. TSS3; B.A. 1S86; M.A. 1897. Ord. 
deacon (Canterbury) 1S91; priest, r892; C. of Ramsgate, 
T891-1902. R. of Holy Trinity, Ramsgate, 1902-21. V. of 
Ticehurst, Sussex, T921-35. House Master and Chaplain of 
Chatham House School, Ramsgate. Subsequently of 5, 
Calverley Park, Tunbridge Wells, where he died Jan. 10, 
1943. Buried at Olney. Brother of Henry C. (1890). (Scott, 
MSS.; Crockford; The Times, Jan. 13, 1943.) 

LANGLEY, GEORGE. Matric. Non-Coil. Easter, 1882. 

LANGLEY, HENRY. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Dec. 12, 

1837. S. and h. of John Douce, Esq., of Ballyduff, Co. 

Waterford, Ireland. 
LANGLEY, HENRY CHAMBERLIN. Adm. pens, at St John's, 

Oct. 3, 1890. S. of the Rev. John Piercy (r848), of Olney, 

Bucks, [and Harriet Stone]. B. July 17, 1871, at Olney. 

School, Oundle (Rev. M. F. Park). Matric. Michs. 1S90. 

Died Dec. 20, 1932, at Tampo, Florida, U.S.A., aged 61. 

Brother of Edwin (1883). {The Times, Dec. 28, 1932.) 

LANGLEY, HENRY JOHN. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Oct. 4, 1873. Kept one term as a Non-Collegiate student. 
S. of W. H., solicitor, of Bath. B. May 17, 1854, at Shire- 
hampton, Bristol. School, University College, Bath. Matric. 
Michs. 1873. Migrated to Christ' 

M.A. 1881. Ord. deacon (Chester) 1H79; priest (Chester, for 
Liverpool) 1880; C. of St George's, Everton, Lanes., 1879-81. 
C. of CaverswaU, Staffs., 1881-5. C. of Ogley Hay, 1885-7. 
C. of Edmonton, Middlesex, 1887-94. C. of H<u<;h 

Langley, William 

folk, 1895-8. R. of Felmingham, 189S-1912. Lie. pr., dio. 
of Norwich, 1913-14. Perm, to off., dio. of St Edmundsbury 
and Ipswich, 1915-19; dio. of Bristol, 1919-33. Resided for 
■ irs at Bristol, and latterly at 254, Cauldwell Hall 
Disappears from Crockford, 1935. {Peile. 
11. 643; Scott, MSS.) 

LANGLEY, JOHN ALBAN. Adm. pens, at St John's, July 20, 

1880. [Only] s. of William, I '. 

B. at Stamford, Lines. Bapt. June 6, 1S62. Matric. Michs. 
1880; B.A. and LL.B. 1884; LL.M. 18S8. Adm. 
Sept. 1886. Practised at Lincoln. Partner in firm of Langlev, 
Phillips and Coleman. Coroner for the North district Died 
Apr. 2s, 1939, at Lincoln, aged 76. Buried there. (Scott, 
MSS.; Law Lists; The Times, Apr. 27, I939-) 

LANGLEY, JOHN NEWPORT. Adm. pens, at St Jons' 

1871; sizar, Oct. 5, 1S71. [2nd] s. of John, of Newbury. B. 
there Nov. 10, T852. School, Exeter Grammar. Matric 
Michs. 1S71; (Nat. Sci. Trip., 1st Class, 1874); B.A 1 
M.A. 1S78; Sc.D. 1896. Fellow of Trinity, 1877; re I I, 

1885. University Lecturer in Physiology, 188 3-1903; Pro- 
fessor of Physiology, 1903-25. F.R.S., 1883; Royal medal, 
1892; Member of Council, 1897-S; Nice-President, 1904-5. 
Baly medal, Roval College of Physicians, 1903. President, 
Neurological Society of Great Britain, 1893. Author, Auto- 
nomic Nervous System (Part I, 1921), etc. Editor of the 
Journal of Physiology. ' The climax of Langley's achievement 
was perhaps his research into the sympathetic nervous 
system, 1S90-1906.' 'One of the best skaters in England in 
the old style.' Died Nov. 5, 1925, at Cambridge. (Sir J. J. 
Thomson, Recollections and Reflections, 323; D.N.B.; Who 
was Who, 1916-28; Proc. Roy. Sac. B, 101, xxxiii-xli.) 

LANGLEY, JOHN PIERCY. Adm. pens, at St John's, June 17, 
r84S. S. of the Rev. Daniel Baxter (1825), LL.D., V, ol 
Olney, Bucks, [and Ann]. B. at Pilton. Bapt. lulv 21 , 1829. 
School, Rugbv. Matric. Michs. 1848; B.A. 1852; M.A. 1855. 
Ord. deacon (Oxford) 1852; priest, Dec. iS, 1853; Cot I to y, 
Bucks., 1852-6; V. there 1S56-1902. Married, Dec. 10, 1856, 
Harriet, dau. of Nathaniel Chamberlin Stone, Esq. Resided 
latterlv at Bedford, where he died Feb. II, 1919. Father of 
Edwin (1883) and Henry C. (1890). {Crockford; The Times, 
Feb. 17, 1919.) 


LANGLEY, MATTHEW HENRY. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Sept. 22, 1891. S. of — , of 3, Hartington Grove, Cambridge. 
Matric. Michs. 1S91; B.A. 1894; M.A. 1898. Inspector of 
Schools, Board of Education. Of 338, Ditchling Road, 
Brighton. Died May 6, 1944. Benefactor to the college. 
{Cambridge Daily News, Oct. 9, 1944.) 

LANGLEY, SAMUEL. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Nov. 13, 181 3; 
from Worcester College, Oxford, whence he had matric. 
(age 21) May 9, 1807. S. of the Rev. Samuel, of the Isle of 
Shcppey, Kent. Matric. Easter, 1814; Scholar, 111 
Resided until Michs. 1815. {Peile, 11. 376.) 

LANGLEY, SAMUEL PIERPONT. Hon. Sc.D. 1900. B. Aug. 22, 
1834, at Roxbury, Mass., U.S.A. Assistant at Harvard 
College Observatory, 1S65; Assistant Professor of mathe- 
matics, United States Naval Academy, 1866; Director. 
Allegheny Observatory, Pittsburgh, 1867-87; Secretary 
Smithsonian Institution, 1887. President of the American 
Association for the Advancement of Science, 1887. Foreign 
Member, Royal Society, 1895; Rumford medal, 1886. Hon. 
D.C.L., Oxford. Hon. Litt.D., Harvard, Princeton, M 
etc. Died Feb. 27, 1906. {Who as Who, ^97-1916; Monthly 
Notices, Royal Astron. Soc, lxvii, 239-41.) 

LANGLEY, THOMAS. Adm. sizar at St John's, Dec. 14, 1827. 
Of Wiltshire. Matric. Michs. 182S; B.A. 1S32. Ord. deacon 
(Rochester, Litt. dim. from Llandaff) Fi b 
Feb. 16, 1834; P.C. of Llandogo, Mon., 1834-53- K. ol Whil 
church with Ganarew, Heref., 1853-79. Author. Sermon 
etc. Married, 1834, Ann, dau. of W. Rogers, of 1 an 
Bath. Disappears from Crockford, 1879 
Foster, Index Eccles.) 

Nov. 6, 1S37; from Worcester College, Oxford, whence he 
had matric. (age 19) May 21, 1S36. Of Salop. Meier -.. of tin- 
Rev. John, of Meole Brace, Salop. [School, Sherborne.) 
Matric. Michs. 1837. Adm. at Trinitv - 
Nov. 5, 1839, age 21; B.A. (Trinity College, Dnl-I 
I Mary's, Nottingham, 1846-8. Nameonlj 
List, 1849-66. {Sherborne Reg.; Al. Oxon.) 

LANGLEY, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Triniti 
1763. [3rd]s. of Rii hard I 

School, Wi 
cord "I Old Westminsters and supp.; 
Misc. Gen. et llet. [2nd Ser.), in (for pedigree).) 


Langley, William 

LANGLEY, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, Dec. i, 
1780. Of Norfolk. Re-adm. Fell. -Com. Nov. II, 1782. 
Matric. Michs. 1781; Scholar, 1781; B.A. 1786. 

LANGMORE, ARTHUR CHARLES. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
May 3, 1890. S. of Arthur Granger, squatter, of Malvern, 
Victoria, Australia [and fane Balbirnie]. B. June 27, 1870, 
at Gongolzoa Station, Bourke district, N.S.W. School, Kea 
High, Victoria (Mr 1. H. Thompson). Matric. Michs. 1890. 
Brother of Walter S. (1890). 

LANGMORE, HERBERT RICHARD. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
< let. n, 1SS6. [F.ldest] s. of Richard Pell, East India mer- 
chant, of Bicklev, Kent [and Henrietta Brown]. B. Oct. 23, 
1B68, at Hampstead. Schools, St Leonard's (Rev. J. Tot- 
tenham) and New College, Eastbourne (Mr F. Schreiner). 
Matric. Michs. iSso; B.A. 1889; M.B. 1S96; B.Chir. 1898. At 
St George's Hospital. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1893. House 
Physician, House Surgeon ami < iphthalmic Assistant, St 
George's Hospital. Resident Medical Officer, Hospital for 
Women, Soli... Phvsician to Outpatients, General Lying-in 
Hospital, York Road. For some time Civil Surgeon, A. D.M.S., 
in S. Africa. 1 if Aston Tin-old, Didcot, Berks., in 1945. 
[Medical Directories.) 

LANGMORE, WALTER STANLEY. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
May 3, 1S90. S. of Arthur Granger, squatter, of Malvern, 
Victoria, Australia [and Jane Balbirnie]. B. Sept. 18, 1872, 
at Charlton Station, Bourke district, N.S.W. School, Kea 
High, Victoria (Mr 1. H. Thompson). Did not reside. 
Brother of Arthur C. (1890). 

1894. S. of William, Esq., of Park House. Knighton, 
Leicester. B. Mar. 22, 1875. School, Haileyhury. Matric. 
Michs. 1894; Scholar; 1S07. 'A man of learning who 
was a sportsman at heart.' (Mrs Ellis, The Squire of Bentley, 
131; Haileybury Reg.) 

LANGSHAW, GEORGE. Adm. sizar at Jesus, Jan. 14, 1782. 
S. of John, of Westminster. [School, Charterhouse.] Did not 

LANGSHAW, GEORGE. Adm sizar at St John's, July 16, 1822. 
[2nd s. of John.] B. [May 8, 1800], at Lancaster. Schools, 
Lancaster [and Sedbergh]. Matric. Michs. 1825; Scholar, 
1828; B.A. (2isl Wrangler) 1S29; Members' prize, 1829; 
Hulsean prize, 1831; M.A. 1832; B.D. 1840. Fellow, 1830-43. 
Ord. deacon (Chicli'Mrr, Lilt. Jim. from Ely) lune 5, 1831; 
priest (Carlisle, Lis. dim. from Ely) June 22, 1834; V. of 
St Andrew's, Cambridge, 1835-43. 'For more than seven 
years the faithful, indefatigable, and self -denying incumbent 
of this parish.' Died Feb. 20, 1843, aged 37. M.I. in St 
Andrew's and 111 St John's ante-Chapel. [Scdhergh Sch. Reg.; 
Clergy L\sl\ G. Mag., 1843, 1. 432.) 

LANGSHAW, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Sr John's, May 11, 
1S56. S. of the Rev. Thomas Wall (next), oi thi Hous 
of Correction, Petworth [and Marv Anne]. B. at Petworth, 
Sussex. Bapt. July 16, 1837. [School, Brighton College.] 
Matric. Michs. 1S56; B.A. i860. Ord. deacon (Rochester) 
1861; priest, 1802; C. of Gt Oaklev, Essex, 1S61-9. C. of 
Hodnet, Salop, 1869-71. C. of Colne Engaine, Essex, 1S71-0, 
C. of Heckfield, Hants., 1879-80. R.ofSilchester, 1880 191 
Died Apr. 20, 191,. [Brighton Coll. Reg.; Crockford; 1 he 
limes, Apr. 29, 19 13.) 

LANGSHAW, THOMAS WALL. Adm. sizar at St John's, 
Apr. 6, 1.824. S. of John, Esq., of Old Park Lodge, Bristol. 
Matric. Michs. 1824. |;.A. i.s.s. Ord. deacon (Rochester, for 
Llandafi) Apr. 18, 1830; priest (Llandaff ) 1831; C. of Malpas, 
Monmouth, 18^0-2. C. of St Woollos, Newport, Mon., 
1832-3. C. of Warminster, Wilts., 1833-4. C. of Midhurst, 
Sussex, 1814-6. Chaplain of Petworth gaol, 1836-8. I. oi 
Bepton, 1838-49. R. of West Grinstead, 1849-89. Married, 
Jan. 4, 1832, Mary Anne Maria, dau. of William Reynolds, 
of Malpas House, Monmouth. Died Mar. 9, 1889. Father of 
the above. (Crockford; 1 he Guardian, Mar. zy, i8( , G. Mag., 
1S32, I. 7S.) 

LANGSLOW, ROBERT. Adm. pens, at Jesus, Oct. 26, 1809. 
Of Salop. S. of Richard, M.D., of Clifton, Bristol. School, 
Oswestry (Mr Donne). Matric. Michs. 1S09. Adm. at the 
Middle Temple, Apr. 17, 1809. One of these names was 1 tiled 
to the Bar (Middle Temple) Feb. 7, 1S23. Doubtless father 
of the next. [Inns of Curt. Law List, 1850.) 

LANGSLOWE, ROBERT WILLIAM. Adm. pens (age 17) ,,t 
Jesus, Julv4, 1837. S. of Robert, Esq. (doubtless the above). 
B. at Worcester. Matric. Michs. 1837; B.A. 1841. 

LANGSTAFF, CHARLES. Adm. (age 21) at Trinity, 
Nov. 9, 1785. S. of William, of Marske, Yorks. School, 
Scorton, Yorks. Matric. Michs. 1786; Scholar, 1789; B.A. 
[loth Wrangler) 1790- 

Langton, Henry Neville Scott 

LANGSTAFF, GEORGE WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at St Catha- 
rine's, June 0, 1852. [Only] s. of William. B. at Andover, 
Hants. Migrated to Magdalen Hall, Oxford, whence he 
matric. Dec. 15, 1854, aged 28; B.A. (Oxford) 1S59; M.A. 
(Oxfoid) 1861. Old. deacon (Sodor and Man) 1852; pri- -t 
(York) 1859; C. of St Barnabas's, Kirk Braddon Isle of 
Man, 1854-5. C. of Filey, Yorks., 1859-64. V. of Whatton, 
Notts., 1864-70. R. of Dalham, Suffolk, 1870-5. Died Sept. 
23, 1.875. [Al. Oxen.; Crockford; < lergy List.) 
LANGTON, ALGERNON. Adm. Fell. -Com. at Downing, 
June 10, 1S23. [3rd] s. of Beiinet, Esq., of Middlesex [and 
Mary, Dowager Countess of Rothes], S, \ llllt ], Westminster 
Formerly an Armv officer; Major in 1817. Matric. Michs. 
1823; B.A. 1S28. Ord. priest (Norwich) June 13, 1 -., 
Married, 1820, Marianne Drewe, of Grange, Devon, and had 
issue. So tall that, 'when he was in a crowd in St Peter'-. 
Rome, the gendarmes ordered him to get down, thinking he 
must be standing upon something.' Died Aug 1- 
the house of a friend, in Hanover Square, London. (Not 
found in RecorJ of Ohi Westminsters; Burke, L.G.; lainn.i 
Darwin, A Century of Family Letters, 1. 104 n., 105; G. Mag., 
1S29, 11. 187.) 
Pembroke, Oct. 1897. [3rd] s. of Bennet Rothes, of Langton 
Hall, Spilsby, Lines. B. Apr. 9, 1879, at Langton. School, 
Charterhouse. Matric. Michs. 1897; B.A. 1901. Ord. deacon 
(Salisbury) 1903 ; priest, 1904 ; C. of Amesbury, Wdts., 1903-5 . 
R. of Langton-juvM-Partney, Lines., 1905-24. R. of Sut- 
terby, 1906-24. R. of Mavis Enderby with Raitbby, 1924- 
48-. Brother of Bennet (1890). [Charterhouse Reg.; Burke, 
L.G.; Crockford.) 
LANGTON, AUGUSTUS WENMAN. Adm. pens, (age 17) at 
Caius, Jan. 31, 1823. S. of the Rev. Wenman [Henry] 
[Wadham College, Oxford, 17S3], R. of Warham, Norfolk. 
B. there. School, North Walsham. Matric. Michs. 1823; 
B.A. 1827; M.A. 1831. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Mav 24, 1829; 
priest, June 6, 1830. R. of Little Fransliam, 1840-85, and 
V. of Kempston. Norfolk, 1842-85. Married, Dec. 13, 1849, 
Frances, dau. of Dr .Arnold, of Stamford. Died Tulv 27, 1885, 
at Little Fransham. (I'm«, 11. !-.;;< roikford; tlte'Guardian, 
Aug. 5, 1885.) 
LANGTON, BENNET. Adm. at Clare, June 18, 1S90. [Eldest s. 
of Bennet Rothes, of Langton Hall, Lines., J. P., D.L. (and 
Lucy Katharine Burton, dau. of the Rev. Langhorne Burton 
Burton, R. of Somersbv, Lines.). B. Dec. 6, 1370.] Matric. 
Mi, hs. 1890; B.A. 1894. Of Langton Hall, near Spilsbv, 
Lines. Lord of the Manor of Langton. His ancestor, Bennet 
Langton (for whom see D.N.B.) was a close friend of Dr 
Johnson. Brother of Algernon C M. (1897). (Repton Reg.; 
Burke, L.G.; Who's Who.) 
LANGTON, CHARLES AUGUSTUS. Adm. pens, at Caius, 
Apr. 17, 1855. S. of the Rev. Arthur [Wadham College, 
( Ixford, 1819, R. of Matlaske, Norfolk], of Hempstead. Holt, 
Norfolk. B. [July 25], 1S35, at Weetmg, Norfolk. Schools, 
Huntingdon and Coventry. Matric. Michs. 1855; B.A. 1859; 
M. V 1864. For many years master of Stanrnore House 
prep. School, at Southport, Lanes. Of Torquay in 1883, and 
of The Gables, Exmouth, in 1897. J. P. Died Jan. 21, 1904, 
at Exmouth. Brother of Henry (1847). [Venn, 11. 324 and 
aJJ. , The Times, Jan. 23, 1904.) 
LANGTON, EDMUND. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 13, 1859. 
[Only] s. of the Rev. Charles, of Hartfield, near Tunbridge 
Wells. B. 1S41, at Maer, Staffs. School, Sussex (private). 
Matric. Michs. i860; B.A. 1864; M.A. 1S67. Adm. at Lin- 
coln's Inn, Apr. 2 1 , 1864, [Inns of I ourt I 
LANGTON, ERNEST CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
May 30, 1887. S. of Walter (? 1862), oi Gatcombe House, 
Isle of Wight. B. 1868, in London. School, Wellington. 
M.uric. Michs. 1887; B.A. 1890. Football (Rugby) Liu,.' 
1- ■■ 1 1 I a. .I1029. Perhaps brother of Stcphan H. (1S90), 
etc. [Wellington 1 oil. Reg.; Book of Blues.) 
LANGTON, HENRY. Adm. sizar at St Tohn's, June 3, 1847; 
re-adm. pens. Oct. 16, 1847. S. of the Rev. Arthur [Wadham 
College, Oxford, 1819] [and Emily Matilda], B. at Kirton- 
in-Holland, Lines. Bapt. July 31, 1828. Matric. Michs. 1847; 
P.. A. 1851; Tyrwhitt scholar, 1852. Ord. deacon (Norwich) 
Nov. 25, 1 s s 1 ; pne-t, Nov. 21, 1S52; C. of Stiffkev and 
Morston, Norfolk, 1852-6. C of South Hetton, Durham, 
1857-64. Disappears from Clergy List, 1S65. Brother of 
Charles A. (1855). 

LANGTON, HENRY NEVILLE SCOTT. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 13, 1893. S. of John, of 62, Harlev Street, London. 
P. Mav -oi',, 1 S74, in London. School, Westminster. Matric. 
Michs. 1S93; B.A. 1,896. Appeal secretary. London Hospital 
and,' secretary to Viscount Knutsford, 1917. Author, 
Woven in a Prayer Rug. Died at Storrington, Sussex, June 30, 
1948. Brother of John M. E. (1892). (RecorJ of Old West- 


Langton, Hugh Banastre 

LANGTON, HUGH BANASTRE. Adni. at Pembroke, Oct. 1895. 
and s. of Walter (1862). of 13, Calverley Park, Tunbridge 
Wells. B. Nov. 15, 1S76, at Southgate, Middlesex. School, 
Tonbridge. Matric. Michs. 1895; B.A. 1898; M.A. 1902. Ord. 
deacon (Norwich) 1899; priest, 1900; C. of Gt Yarmouth, 
1899-1901. C. of Walcot, Somerset, 1901-3. C. of St M tt- 
thew's, High Brooms, Tunbridge Wells, 1903-5. C. of 
St James's, Tunbridge Wells, 1905-11. V. of St Paul's, 
Chatham, 1911-19. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 
(Chaplain, R. A. CD.). R. of Ickenham, Middlesex, 1919-23. 
V. of Christchurch, Kiln down, Kent, 1923-8. V. of Rol- 
venden, 192S-47. Latterly of Cranbrook, Kent. Brother of 
Stephan H. (1890), etc. (Tonbridge Reg.; Pembroke Coll. Reg.; 
Crock ford.) 

LANGTON, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity, July 9, 1824, 
S. of Thomas. B. at Ormskirk, Lanes. School, Midhurst, 
Susses. Matric. Michs. 1S25; B.A. 1830; M.A. 1833. 

LANGTON, JOHN MONTAGU ELLIS. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 18, 1892. S. of John, of 62, Harlev Street, London. 
B. [Feb. 23], 1873, in London. School, Westminster. Matric. 
Michs. 1S92; B.A. 1896. Pupil at the Swindon works of the 
G.W.R., 1S97. Divisional locomotive superintendent, 
Egyptian State Railways, 1906-21 ; Deputy Chief Mechanical 
Engineer, 192 1-5 ; Chief Mechanical Engineer, 192; 
Residing at Liphook in 1944. Brother of Henry N. S. (1893). 
(Record of Old Westminsters.) 

LANGTON, SPENCER JAMES. Adm. at Trinity Hai 

S. of James, Esq.. of Hillneld, Reigate. [B. 1870.] School, 
Eton. Matric. Michs. 1S89; B.A. 1892; M.A. 1922. In a 
brewery at Reigate. Capt., 6th Batt., Royal Fusiliers (City 
of London Regt. (T.)), 1900. Served in the Great War, 
1914-19 (Capt., London Regt. (Post Office Rifles, T.F. Res.)). 
Of Little Hadham Place, Herts. Died Apr. 16, 1935. in Paris. 
Buried at Buckland. (Eton Coll. Reg.; Univ. War List; 
Army Lists; Burke, L.G.; The Times, Apr. 23, 1935.) 

June 17, 1890. S. of Walter (1S62), of 13, Calverley Park, 
Tunbridge Wells. B. 1S71, at Southgate, Middlesex. School, 
Sherborne. Matric. Michs. 1890; B.A. 1S93; M.A 1 1 

A'-i-t.i'i! M.i-t' r .n I . ;■ ■ :'!.:, j •■■,< \1 

master at Charterhouse, 1900-9. Brother of Walter I 

(1897), etc. (Sherborne Sch. Reg.; Schoolmasters' Directories.) 


LANGTON, THOMAS HAMILTON. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Magdalene, June 22, 1826. S. of George, Esq. [Christ 
Church, Oxford, 1790], of Langton Hall, Lines, [and Eliza- 
beth Main waring]. School, Ottery, Devon. Matric. Michs. 
1826; B.A. 1830. Ord. deacon, 1831; priest, 1S33; C. of 
Langton-bv-Spilsbv, Lines. V. of Kirmond-le-Mire, 1833-76. 
Died Mar. 4, 1S76. (Clergy List; Crockford; P. B. G. Binnall.) 

LANGTON, WALTER. Adm. FeU.-Com. (age 21) at Jesus, 
Jan. 15, 1S62. Of Cumberland. S. of Skinner Zachary, Esq. 
fof Barrow House, Cumberland], B. at Southgate. School, 
Worksop. Matric. Michs. 1862; B.A. 1866; M.A. 1872. J. P. 
for Kent. Married, 186S, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Lieut. -Col. 
Thomas Talbot Hamilton. Father of the next, Stephan H. 
{1890), HughB. (1895), and possibly of Ernest C. (1887). 

LANGTON, WALTER ERIC. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Oct. 1, 
1897. S. of Walter (above), Esq., of 13, Calverlev Park, 
Tunbridge Wells. [B. 1878. School, Tonbridge.] 'Matric. 
Michs. 1897. Farming at Compton, Quebec, Canada, 1899- 
1905; subsequently managed the Electric-light meter 
patent business at Lennoxville, Quebec. Latterly of 24, The 
. -, Eastbourne. Brother of Stephan H. (1890), etc. 
(Tonbridge Reg.) 

LANGTRY, ROSS LYLE. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Oct. 2, 
1897. S. of A., clerk, of Bryansford, Co. Down, Ireland. 
[B. Feb. 8, 1S77. School, Haileybury.] Matric. Michs. 1897; 
B.A. 1900. Called to the Bar, Middle Temple, 1902. Served 
in the Great War, 1914-19 (Lieut., Welsh Regt.; wounded). 
Junior Counsel, Ministry of Labour, 1919; Solicitor, Ministry 
of Labour, 1919. Solicitor to the Treasury and King's 
Proctor, 1923. C.B.E. Died Mar. 13, 1926. (Haileybury 
Reg.; Univ. War List.) 

LANGWORTHY, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall, 
Oct. 27, 1887. [S. of L„ of Putnev Hill, S.W. School, 
Uppingham.] Matric. Michs. 1887. (Uppingham Sch. Roll.) 

LANGWORTHY, JOHN DRAKE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
May 30, 1887. [2nd] s. of James William [barrister], of 
15, Princes Gardens, S. Kensington, London. B. June 26, 
1867, in London. Schools [Marlborough and] Cheltenham. 
Matric. Michs. 1887. Died Apr. 17, 1904, at 20, Oriental 
Place, Brighton. Brother of William F. (1885). (Marlborough 
.. Reg.', The Times, Apr. 19, 1904.) 

VACii iv 

Lanyon, Frederick Beverley 

LANGWORTHY, RICHARD. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 21, 
1888. Did not reside. Doubtless Richard L., brother of John 
Drake (above) and William Ford (next). B. Nov. 
School, Marlborough. Adm. Solicitor, 1895; practised in 
London. Died Aug. 19, 1930, at Gerrards Cross. (Marl- 
borough Reg.) 

LANGWORTHY, WILLIAM FORD. Adm. at Trinity Hall. 
1885. S. of J. W. [Tames William, barrister], of i*,, Prim \ 
Gardens, London, W. [B. Jan. 1866.] Schools [H J 
(1S79) and] Shrewsbury (18S1). Matric. Michs. 1 
1888. Solicitor. Of Grasslands, Mingo Flat, Randolph 
Country, West Virginia, U.S.A., in 1909. Brother of John D. 
(1887). (Haileybury Reg. (William Fraud); Shrewsbury Sch. 
Reg. t 1909.) . 

LANKESTER, EDWIN RAY. Adm. scholar (age 17) at Downing, 
Oct. 10, 1864. [Eldest s. of Edwin, M.D., of London (for whom 
see D.N.B.). B. May 15, 1S47. School, St Paul's.] Matric. 
Michs. 1S64; Scholar. Migrated to Christ Church, 
whence he matric. Apr. 14, 1S66; Junior Student, isr.i, - ; 
B.A. (istClassNat.Sci.) i86S;M.A. 1872; Radcliffe travelling 
Fellow, 1870; Fellow of Exeter College, 1872; Hon. Fellow, 
Exeter College and Hon. Student, Christ Church. Hon. 
DSc.,. Oxford; Hon. LL.D.,St Andrew's; Hon.D.Sc, Leeds. 
Lecturer in biology at Oxford. Professor of Zoology and Com- 
parative Anatomy at University College, London, 1874-90. 
Regius Professor of Natural History, Edinburgh, 1882-91. 
F.R.S., 1875: Vice-President, 1S82 and 1896; Royalmedal, 
18S5; Copley medal, 1903. Professor of Natural History at 
Edinburgh, 1882 (did not assume the post). Linacre Professor 
of Comparative Anatomy at Oxford, 1891-S. Director of the 
Natural History Depts., British Museum, 1898-1907. Curator 
of Science Dept., S, Kensington, 1898. President of the British 
Association, 1906. Created K.C.B., 1907. Joint Editorof the 
Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science. Mainly owing to 
him the necessary funds were raised for the founding of the 
M trine Biological Association's laboratory, now a centre of 
zoological research, at Plymouth. Author, The Advancement 
of Science (1890); Extinct Animals (1903); The Kingdom of 
Man (1907); Science from an Easy Chair (1910); Secret* <f 
Earth and Sea (1920). Died Aug. 15, 1929, in London, 
aged 82. (St Paul's Sch. Reg.; Al. Oxen.; D.N.B.', Who was 
Who, 1929-40; The Times, Aug. 19, 1929; Proc. Royal Sot . 
B, 106, x-xv.) 

LANKESTER, ERIC ALLPORT. Adm. at Caius, Oct. 1, 1886. 
S. of Arthur, Engineer-in -Chief, Midland Railway. B. 
[Oct. 21], 1868, at Balham, Surrey. Schools, St Leonard's, 
University College and Repton. Matric. Michs. 1S86; B.A. 
and LL.B. 1889. Adm. Solicitor, Mar. 1893. Practised in 
London (Messrs Eyre, Dowling and Co., John Street, Bedford 
Row). Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Major, II A C; 
wounded; mentioned in despatches). (Venn, 11. 483; Repton 
Reg.; Univ. War List; Law Lists, until 1910.) 

St John's, Aug. 27, 18S7. S. of the Rev. Joseph [Trinity 
College, Dublin, 1845], R. of Ulcombe, Kent [and Elizabeth 
Maria Pollard]. B. July 17, 1868, at Ulcombe. Schools, 
Sutton Valence (Mr G. L. Bennett) [and St Lawrence 
College]. Matric. Michs. 18S7. (St Lawrence Reg.) 

LANSDELL, FREDERICK JOHN. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
Oct. 12, 1881. S. of George, commercial traveller [and 
Elizabeth Ann]. B. Dec. 10, 1857, at Islington, Middlesex. 
Matric. Michs. i88r; B.A. 1884. Ord. deacon (Rochester) 
1885; priest, 1886; C. of St Jude's, East Brixton, Surrey, 
1885-91. C. of Mitcham, 1891-3. C. of St Andrew's, 
Streatham, 1893-6. V. of St Barnabas, Isle of Man, 1896- 
1903. C. of Immanuel, Streatham, Surrey, 1903-10. V. <>) 
St James's, Hereford, 1910-33. Died Oct. 30, 1933. (Crock 
ford; The Times, Nov. 1, 1933.) 

FITZMAURICE). Hon. LL.D. 1897. Eldest s. of Lord Henry 
Petty Fitzmaurice (1833) [4th Marquess]. B. Jan. 1 
School, Eton. Matric. from Kdliol Collie, ( 'xiV.rd, Ocl [9, 
1863; B.A. and M.A. (Oxford) 1867. Sue ■ 
5th Marquess, 1866. Under-Secretary of State foi War, 
1872-4; Under-Secretary for India, 1S80. Governor-G I 

of Canada, 1883-8. Viceroy of India, 1888-93. Secretary 
for War, 1895-1900. Foreign Sea 

without Portfolio, 1915-16. Hon. D.C.L., 1 1 I K.G.; 

P.C.; G.C.S.I.; G.C.I.E.; G.C.M.G. Of Bowood Park, Calne, 
Wilts., and Derreen, Kenmare, Co. Kerry. Died 1 
1927. Brother of EdmondG. P. Fitzmaurio 
P. and U.\ Who was Who, 1916-28.) 

LANSDOWNE, third and fourth Marquesses of. see FITZ- 

LANTOUR, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Oct. 13, 1831. 

Oct. i, 1896. B. Sept. 30, 1S75. Matric. Michs. 1896. 


Lanyon, Vivian 

LANYON, VIVIAN. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Jesus, Oct. 1888. 
S. of J. C. B. at Crovdon. Surrey. School, Ashleigb, Croydon 
(Mr E. C. Davies). M.Uric. Michs. 1888. Of 5, Ardale Close, 
Lansdowne Road, W. Worthing. Died May 22, 1941. (The 
Times. May 2 j, 1941.) 

LAPAGE, CHARLES CLEMENS. Adm. pens, (age 23) at 
Magdalhxf, lulv 1, 1869. S. of John, Esq., of Beech Grove, 
Leeds. Si I 1 Leed Matrii Michs. 1869, Lapage; B.A. 
1873; MA. 18-7; M.D. 1883. M.R.C.S., 1.876; L.S.A., 1877. 
Assistant House Surgeon at Leeds General Infirmary. Prac- 
tised at N.intwi' li. <:ii. ■'hire; consulting physician, Nantwich 
Brine Baths Hotel Co. Author, medical. Died Oct. 14, 1926, 
at Dolvwem. [Medical Directories; The Times, Oct. 19, 
1926.) " 

incorp. from Oxford. Only s. of Stephen, of Calcutta, gent, 
from St John's College, Oxford, Apr. 23. 1825, 
age 18; B.A. (Oxford) 1S29; M.A. (Oxford) 1S32. Died of 
smallpox Tan. 20, 1858, at the Collegio Pio, Rome, aged 52. 
(■i;. Oxon.; <,. Mag., 1858, 336.) 

John's, Oct. 8, 1859. [S. of John, and Jane Bosdet. B. 
1 1. t. 20. 1R38. Bapt. at St Brelade's, Jersey.] Matrlc. Lent, 
i860; B.A. 1863; M.A. 1885. Botanist: the chief 1 Qglish 
authority on lichens. Supplied much of the information for 
the last edition of Leighton's Lichen Tina, which was 
dedicated to him. Had a very fine collection of specimens. 
Died Apr. 4, 1911, at St Heller, Jersey. (The Times, Apr. 8 
and 11, 1911.) 

LARCHIN, CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Nov. 1,1791. 
( if Middlesex. Matric. Michs. 1796; M.B. 1797; M.D. 1807. 
Of Grafton Street, Fitzroy Square, and of 6, Gt Ormond 
Street, London. Sometime of the War Office. 

LARCHIN, HUBERT. Adm. pens, at Queens', Easter. 1887 
S. of William. B. Oct. 6, 1807, at Newland, Coleford, Gloucs. 
Matric. Michs. 1887. Hon. Capt., 1st Cadet Batt., Royal 
West Surrey Regt., 189S. (Army Lists.) 

LARCOMBE, MAURICE WILLIAM. Matric. pens, from 
Queens', Michs. 1SS3. Scholar; B.A. 1S86; M.A. 1898. Ord. 
deacon (Liverpool) 1887; priest, 1888; C. of St Alban's, 
Liverpool, 1887-9. C. of St Saviour's, Everton, 1889-94. 
V. of St Aidan's, Liverpool, 1894-1911. V. of Crossens, 
Lanes., 191 1-28. Disappears from Crockford, 1929. 

LARDEN, GEORGE HARRISON. Adm. sizar at St John's, 
May 17, 1784. B. at 'Tatnall,' Cheshire. [Doubtless s. of 
John, of Tattenhall.] School, Shrewsbury. Matric. Michs. 
1784; Scholar, 17S7; BA. 17SS; M.A. 1791. Ord. deacon 
(Chester) Sept. 20, [789; priest, Sept. 2;, 1703; C. of St 
Oswald's, Chester, 1789. Second Master of Macclesfield 
Grammar School, June 7, 1790-May I, 1794, when he 
resigned. Assistant C. of Capesthorne chapel, Cheshire, 
1793, Minor Canon of Chester Cathedral; Sacrist, 1801-8. 
k of Thurstaston, Cheshire, 1.807-8. For some years Head 
M t-t-r .-.f Chcstir < , r. 111 miar School. Married, 1794, Catherine 
of Chester. Died Mar. 11, 1808, at Bath. (St John's 
Coll. Adm., rv. 350; G. Mag., 1808, I. 275 and 382; The 
Genealogist, N.S., ix. 112.) 

LARDER, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, June 25, 1886. 
S. of J. G., Esq., of Corn Market, Louth. Matric. Michs. 
1886; B.A. 1889; M.A. 1893. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1896; priest, 
1S97; C. of Cavendish, Suffolk, i.8.j6-8. Head "Master of 
Cavendish Grammar School, 1896-1900. R. of Somerton, 
Suffolk, 1900-8. V. of Broiiipton-Regis. Somerset. 1,0- u 
C.-in-charge of Revelstoke, British Columbia, 1916-18; of 
Salmon Ami, B.C., 1022-3. Perm, to off., dio. of Fredericton, 
1923-7. Died 1927 (Crockford, and s«/>/>., 1927.) 

LARDNER, The Rev. DIONYSIUS. LL.D. 1833, incorp. from 
Dublin. S. of Willi mi i I'Brien, solicitor, of ] lublin. B. there 
Apr. 3, 1793. Adm at Tnnitv College. Dublin, 1812, age 19; 
B.A. (Dublin) 1817; M A. (Dublin) 1819; LL.B. ami LL.D. 
(Dublin) 1X27. Chaplain of Tnnitv College, Dublin. Pro- 
fessor of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy- at London 
University, 1827-32. Began in 1820 Ins Cabinet Encyclo- 
paedia, to which some of the most eminent men of his day 
contributed; the work, in 133 vols., was completed, 1849. 
Lectured in U.S.A. and Cuba, 1S40-5 and earned some 
£40,000. ' In the midst of these various and arduous labours, 
Lardner carried on during several years .in amour with 
Mrs Heaviside, the wife of Captain Richard Heaviside, a 
cavalry 0tix.1T, ami eloped with her in Mar. 1840.' Lardner 
had married in 1815 Cecilia Flood, but separated from her 
in 1829, and was divorced, 1849. F.R.S., 1828; F.Z.S.; 

Larking, Edgar Edwin 

F.R.A.S.; F.L.S. Lived in Paris, 1845-59. Paris corre- 
spondent of The Daily News. Edited I lie Edinburgh Cabinet 
Library (38 volumes) and J lie Museum of Science and Art. 
Died Apr. 29, 1859, in Naples. (Al. Dubl.; Boase, 11. 307; 

LARGE, HAROLD. Adm. at Caius, Oct. I, 1887. S. of James 
Stanistreet, of Napier, New Zealand. B. there Jan. 14, 1869. 
Schools, Wellington College, New Zealand, and Napier High. 
Matric. Michs. 1887; B.A. 1891. For a time Assistant Master 
at Whanganui School, New Zealand. Afterwards an actor. 
Organizer of the Classical English Drama movement. Of 
21. Norland Square, London, W., in 1898. (Venn, 11. 491.) 

LARGE, JOHN AGG. Matric. pens, from Queens', Michs. 1885. 
[S. of the Rev. William Tohn Agg (1S50).] Exhibitioner; 
B.A. 18SS; M.A. 1899. Ord. deacon (Exeter) 1889; priest 
(Worcester) 1890; C. of St Mary .Major. Exeter, 1889-90. 
C. of Christ Church, Gt Malvern, 1890-4. C. of Southborough, 
Kent, 1894-1906. V. of St John-the-Evangelist, Sandown, 
Isle of Wight, 1906-16. V. of St Anne's, Hollowav, London, 
1916-17. Died Nov. 13, 1917, aged 53- (Scott, MSS., 
Crockford; The Guardian, Nov. 22, 1917.) 

LARGE, ROBERT. Adm. pens, at St John's, Aug. is, 1882, 
S. of John, wine merchant (and Mary]. B. Sept. 20. 1850, 
at Milford, near Salisbury, WUts. Bapt. Jan. 20, i860. 
Matric. Michs. 18S2; B.A. 1885; MA. 1S07. Ord. deacon 
(Lichfield) 1SS7; priest, 18SS; C. of M irfelev, Stan- . 
C. of St Matthew's, Smethwick, 1891-6. C. of St James's, 
Handsworth, 1896-1900. C. of Uttoxeter, 1900-2. C. of 
Eccleshall, 1902-5. V. of Adbaston, 1905-20. Died Oct. 16, 
1920, at Handsworth. (Crockford; The Guardian, Oct. 22, 

LARGE, WILLIAM JOHN AGG. Adm. pens, (age 22) at Caius, 
Apr. II, 1850; from St Edmund's Hall, Oxford, whence he 
had matric. (age 21) Dec. 18, 184S. Eldest s. of John, agent 
to the Earl of Craven. B. at Broughton Pogis, Oxou. 
Schools, Hampton, Oxon. and Somerset (private). Matric. 
M11 hs. 1850; B.A. 1854. Ord. deacon (Canterbury) 1853; 
priest (Worcester) 1833; C. of Luddenham, Kent, 1S53-5. C. of 
Marston-Sicca, Gloucs., 1856-9. C. of St John's, Richmond, 
Surrey, 1859-64. C. of Balham Hill, 1864-72. Lecturer at 
Christ Church, Spitalfields, 1876-8. C. of St Mary's, Lam- 
beth, 1S7S-80. V. of Holv Tnnitv, Lambeth, 1880-3. R- °l 
Bourton-on-Dunsmore, Wares., 1.883-92. Died suddenly 
July 13, 1892. Father of John A. (1885). (Al. Oxon.; Venn, 
11. 294; Cant. Act Bk.; Clergy List; Crockford; I he Guardian, 
July 20, 1892.) 

LARKEN, EDMUND PAUL. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall, 
Mar. 30, 1871. [S. of Metcalfe, Bombay Civil Service. B. 
Dec. 11, 1852.] Schools, Sandhurst [and Glenalmond]. 
Matric". Michs. 1S71; B.A. 1875. Ord. deacon (Lichfield) 
1876; priest, 1877: C. of Buxton, Staffs., 1876-7. C. of 
Brindle. Lanes., 1.877-S. R. of Gatton, Surrey, 1878-94. 
Availed himself of the provisions of the Clerical Disabilities 
Relief Act (1870), Aug. 13, 1S94. Residing at Chalet du 
Ballon, Wimereaux, Pas de Calais, France, in 1895. Died 
June 23, 1933, in London. (Glenalmond Reg.; Crockford; 
The Times, June 26, 1933.) 

LARKEN, WILLIAM POCHIN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Jesus, 
1 hi .-8,1822. S. of William. B. at Standon. Herts. Matric. 
Michs. 1822; B.A. 1826; M.A. 1830. Ord. deacon (London) 
Dec. 24, 1S26; priest, Dec. 23, 1827. K- "f I'fford, Suffolk, 
1836-71. Disappears from Crockford, 1872. (Clergy List.) 

LARKING, CUTHBERT. Adm. pens, at SIDNEY, Oct. 6, 1859. 
Eldest s. of lolni Wingfield, of Lee, Kent [and Rosina Teresa 
Elizabeth Tibaldi], B. Feb. 28, 1842, in London. School, 
I.e.- (Mr M.11 hray). Matric. Lent, i860. Commissioned in 
the 13th Light Infantry; in the isth Hussars. Lieut. -Col., 
West Kent Militia, 1877. Col., 4th Batt., Roval West Kent 
Regt. (Militia), 1886. A Bey in the Egyptian Service; 
A.D.C. to the Khedive. Hon. Col., 2nd County of London 
Imperial Yeomanrv. Gentleman Usher to Queen Victoria, 
1887-1901, ami equerrv to H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught, 
1881; Gentleman Usher to King Edward VII. Married, 1864, 
Lady Adela Maria Hare, dau. of the 2nd Earl of Listowel, 
and had issue. Of Lavston Lodge, Buntingford, Herts., and 
6. Charles Street, Berkeley Square, London. J. P. for Herts. 
Died Oct. jo, 1910, in London. Brother of the next. (Army 
Lists; Who i, us Who, 181,7-1916; Tlie Times, Oct. 31, 1910.) 

LARKING, EDGAR EDWIN. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, 
Sept. 29, 1S62. S. of John [Wingfield], of The Firs, Lee, 
Kent. [B. at Alexandria.] School, private. Did not reside. 
Adm. it Jesus, Oct. 12. 1.862. Matric. Michs. 1862; LL.B. 
1866. Brother of the above. (Army Lists.) 

Larmor, Alexander 

LARMOR, ALEXANDER. Adm. scholar at Clare, Apr. -\ i88x. 
[S. of Hugh, trader. Educated at Royal Belfast Academical 
Institution and at Queen's College, Belfast.] Matric. Michs. 
1881; Scholar; B.A. {nth Wrangler) 1SS4; (Maths. Trip., 
Pt III, 1st Class. 1885); M.A. iSSS. Fellow, 1SS7. McCrea 
Professor of Natural Philosophy at Magee University College, 
Londonderry, for many years. Took a prominent part in the 
negotiations with the University of Dublin which resulted 
in the affiliation of the College to the University. Author, 
mathematical. Died Oct. 12, 1936. Brother of the next. 
if ft , 1929-40; I he I imes, Oct. 14, 1936.) 

LARMOR, JOSEPH. Adm. pens, at St John's, Aug. 25, 1876. 
Of Antrim. S. of Hugh, trader [and Anna, dau. of Joseph 
Wright]. B. July n, 1S57, at Magheragall, Co. Antrim. 
Bapt. Aug. 16, 1S57. [Educated at the Royal Belfast 
Academical Institution and at Queen's College, Belfast.] 
Matric. Michs. 1S76; Scholar, 1S76; B.A. (Senior Wrangler 
and 1st Smith's prize) 18S0; M.A. iSS^; Hopkins prize, 1897; 
Adams prize, 1899. Fellow, 1SS0-1942. Professor of Natural 
Philosophy, Queen's College, Galway, 1880-5. University 
Lecturer in mathematics at Cambridge, 1885-1903; Lucasian 
Professor of Mathematics, T903-32. F.R.S., 1892. Secretary 
of the Royal Society, 1901-12; Copley medal, 1921. 
Knighted, 1909. M.P. for the University, 1911-22. Hon. 
Sc.D. 1920. Hon. D.Sc, London; Hon. Sc.D., Oxford, 
Queen's and Dublin; Hon. LL.D., Glasgow, Aberdeen, 
St Andrews, etc. Author, Aether and Matter, and of memoirs 
on mathematical and physical subjects. Completed the 
collected editions of the memoirs and correspondence of 
Sir G. G. Stokes, Lord Kelvin, James Thomson, J. Clerk 
Maxwell, G. F. Fitzgerald, and H. Cavendish. Died May iq, 
1942, at Holywood, Co. Down. Benefactor to the University 
and to St John's, Brother of the above. (Who's Who; Hie 
Times, May 20, 1942). 

LARNACH, JAMES WALKER. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 15, 1866. [2nd] s. of Donald [of Brambletye, East 
Grinstead, Sussex, formerly a merchant and banker in 
N.S.W., Australia, and Jane Elizabeth, dau. of William 
Walker, of Svdnev, N.S.W.]. B. [June 10], 1849, at Sydney. 
School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1S67; B.A. 1872; M. 
Adm. at the Inner Temple, Dec. 30, 1S71. Called to the Bar, 
June 28, 1876. On the South Eastern Circuit. Capt., Suffolk 
Hussars Yeomanry-Cavalry. High Sheriff for Oxfordshire, 
1904. Won the Derby with 'Jeddah,' 1898. Of Brambletve, 
Sussex, and Lanwades Hall. Suffolk. Died Jan. 24, 1919. 
(Burke, Col. Gentry, n. 447; Army Lists; Foster, Men at the 
Bar; Inns of Court; Law Lists; Who was Wlto, 19T6-28.) 

LARNER, HENRY MEREDITH. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Pem- 
broke, Oct. 1, 18S5. S. of Edward William [coffee merchant], 
of Marlesfield, near Croydon, Surrey. B. [June 4, 1866], at 
Woolwich. School, St Paul's. Matric. Michs. 1SS5; Scholar; 
B.A. (26th Wrangler) 1SS8; M.A. 1S92. Ord. deacon (Win- 
chester) 1S90; priest, 1S91; C. of Witley, Surrey, 1890-4. 
C. of All Saints', Cambridge, 1894-7. Chaplain of Pembroke, 
1896-7. C of St Peter's, Eaton Square, London, 1897-8. 
C. of St Mary Abbot's, Kensington, 1S9S-1901. Chaplain to 
the Forces in the S. African War, 1901-2; attached to the 
M.I. and the 3rd Batt., the Grenadier Guards. C. of Hursley, 
Hants., 1904-5. R. of Busbridge, Surrey, 1905-27. British 
Civil Chaplain at Calais, 1915-16; temporary Chaplain to the 
Forces in France and Belgium, 1917-18. V. of Milford-on- 
Sea, Hants., 1927-30- R. of Dogmersfield, 1932-8. Died at 
Cambridge, Mar. 10, 1950. (St Paul's Sch. Reg.; Crockford; 
J. T. Rule.) 

LARPENT, FRANCIS SEYMOUR. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
St John's, Feb. 27, 1795- [Eldest] s. of John, Esq. [Inspector 
of plays], of Newman Street, London [bv his 1st wife, Frances, 
dau. of Maximillian Western, of Cokethorpe Hall, Oxon.]. 
[B. Sept. 15, 1776.] School, Cheam, Surrey. Matric. Michs. 
1795; Scholar, 1798; B.A. {6th Wrangler) 1799; M.A. 1802. 
Fellow, 1800-9. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 22, 1799. 
Called to the Bar, May 12, r8o3. On the Western Circuit. 
Deputy Judge-Advocate-General to the forces in the Penin- 
sula, 1S12; remaining until the end of the War at Head- 
quarters with Wellington, who thought highly of his services. 
Prisoner of war in 1813. Commissioner of Customs, 1814. 
Civil and Admiralty Judge, Gibraltar, 1814. Engaged in the 
conduct of the celebrated Court-martial at Winchester on 
Sir John Murray, and on a commission to enquire into and 
report on the breaking out of the American prisoners at 
Dartmoor. At the request of the Prince Regent enquired 
into the improprieties alleged to have been committed 
abroad by the Princess Caroline, and dissuaded the Prince 
from bringing her to public trial. Commissioner of the Board 
of Audit of the Public Accounts, 1S21; Chairman, 1826-43; 
I on grounds of health. Married (1) Mar. 7, 1815, 
Catherine Elizabeth, second dau. of Frederick Reeves of 
East Sheen, Surrey, sometime of the H.E.I.C. at Bombay- 
she died Jan. 1 . Dec 182a Charlotte 
Rosamund, dau. of George Arnold Arnold, of Halstead 1 'lac e , 

Larzen, Julius Thomas Svend 

Kent. Author, Pi ate I <um of Francis Seymour Larpent 
(3 vols.), being descriptive letters to his stepmother from the 
Peninsula, published by his nephew, after his death. Died 
s.p. May 21, 1845, at Holmwood, near Dorking, Surrey; 
buried in the family vault there. Half-brother of John J. 
(1801). (St John's Coll. Adm., iv. 350; Inns of Court; D.N.B.) 
at Emmanuel, May 3, 1855. [4th s. of John James (next) 
[and Georgiana, dau. of Frederick Reeves, J.P., of East 
Sheen, Surrey]. B. June i, 1839. School, King's, Bruton.] 
Matric. Michs. 1855; B.A. 1859; M.A. 1862. Ord. deacon 
(Ely) 1862; priest (Winchester) 1863; C.-in-chargr- ol 
Morieux, Suffolk, 1862-S. C. of Seal, Kent, 1868-71. Married, 
June 17, 1S62, Mary, youngest dau. of the Rev. T. T. 
Harrison, R. of Thorpe Morieux. Died Aug. 1, 1871. Father 
of Lionel G. H. de Hochepied Larpent (18S3). (A 
Bruton, Reg., which gives 'b. July 1'; Burke, P. and B., 
1925; Crockford.) 

LARPENT, JOHN JAMES. Adm. pens, at St John's, Aug. 6, 
iSot. S. of John, Esq., of Charlotte Street, Bedford Square 
[by his 2nd wife, Anna Margaretta, elder dau. of Sir James 
Porter, F.R.S., British Ambassador to the Ottoman Porte, 
and Clarissa Catherine, dau. of Elbert, 2nd Baron de Hoche 
pied. B. May 13, 1783. School, Cheam, Surrey]. Matric. 
Michs. 1801; Scholar, 1801. Kept three terms by residence: 
name off the books, Oct. 29, 1S02. Served in the office of the 
Paymaster-General of the forces, 1802-25. Deputy l'.i\ 
master- General to the forces in Spain under Sir John Moore, 
Nov. 1, 1808-Mar. 24, 1809, and present at the retreat upon 
Corunna. Deputy Pa ymaster- General in Hanover, under 
H.R.H. the Duke of Cambridge, then Viceroy, Nov. 23, 
1813-July 25, 1S16. British Consul at Antwerp, Nov. 19, 
1825-Sept. 30, 1839; retired. Married, Aug. 26, 1826, 
Georgiana Frances, dau. of Frederick Reeves, of East Sheen. 
Succeeded his uncle, Lieut. -Gen. George de Hochepied, 1828, 
as 7th Baron de Hochepied (in the peerage of Hungary), 
Royal letters-patent having been granted to him and his 
brother, George Gerald, as great-grandchildren of Elbert, 
2nd Baron de Hochepied, June 14, 1819, to take the name 1 . f 
de Hochepied in addition to and before that of Larpent, and 
to bear the arms of Hochepied quarterly with those of 
Larpent. Died June 8, i860, at Holmwood House, Surrey. 
Buried in the family vault at Holmwood. Half-brother of 
Francis S. (1795); father of the above. (St John's Coll. Adm., 
iv. 351; D.N.B.; Burke, P. and B., 1925; G. Mag., i860, 11. 
106; London Gazette, 1819, 1045 and 1776.) 

at Pembroke, Oct. 1900. [2nd] s. of Lionel Henry Planta 
de Hochepied, Major-General, of Holmwood, Surrey (not of 
Lionel G. H. (1883), as erroneously stated in vol. it of this 
work). B. Apr. 26, 1SS2, in India. Matric. Michs. 1900; B.A. 
1903. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (temporary Capt., 
General List; Capt. and Adjutant, Royal Fusiliers). Of 
Forest Edge, Sway, Hants., in 1945. (Burke, P. and R, 

ee DE 

LART, CHARLES EDMUND. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 
Oct. 1, 1886. Of London. S. of Edmund, Esq., of 22, Norland 
Square, Notting Hill. B. Mar. 17, 1867, at 29, St James 
Square, Notting Hill. School, Westminster. Matric. Michs. 
1886; B.A. 1889. 2nd Lieut., 1st Cinque Ports Vol. Art., 
1900. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Capt., Devon 
Regt. (T.F.); Officer-Instructor attached to N.Z. Forces, 
1916-17). Author, The Church Invisible, etc. Editor of the 
Publications of the Huguenot Society of London. Died 
June 29, 1947. (Record of Old Westminsters; Univ. War Lis/; 
Army Lists.) 

at Corpus Christi, Dec. 9, 

LARWOOD, JOSHUA. Adm. sizar at Corpus Christi. 
1767. Of Norwich. School, Norwich. Matric. Mi b 
Scholar, 1767; pens. Nov. 9, 1768. Ord. deacon (Norwich) 
June 12, 1774; priest, June n, 1775. R. of Swanton Morley, 
Norfolk, and many years Chaplain on board the Britannia. 
Author, Erraticks, etc. Died Feb. r4, r8o8, in London, 
aged 59. (G. Mag., 1808, 1. 272.) 

pens, at Queens', Oct. 1894. S. of Joseph [Larzen]. B.Apr, 
18, 1875, in London. Matric. Mil 

(Rupertsland) 1903; priest, 1904; C. of Morris, Manitoba, 
Canada, 1903-4. R. of Port Arthur, Ontario, 
R. of Schreiber, Ontario, 1906-7. R. of Hanwell, M 
1907-9. C. of St Mary' . 

Middlesex, 1913-14. C. >i a, 10 r 4-18. 

C. of Svmpson, 1 V. of All 

1 i , Clapton Park, London, 1933-48-. (Crockford.) 


Lasbrey, Bertram 

LASBREY, BERTRAM. Adm. scholar at St Catharine's, 
Dec. 19, 1899. S. of Frederick William. B. Oct. 14, 1881, at 
Uttoxeter. ^School. Bedford.] Matric. Michs. 1900; B.A. 
1903; M.A. 1908; D.D. 1022. Ord. deacon (Durham) 1904; 
priest, 190s; C. of St Andrew's, Auckland, Durham, 1904-7. 
Assistant Chaplain. Wevmouth College, 1907-10; Chaplain, 
1910-n. C. of St John's. Melcombe Regis, Dorset, 1907-10. 
V. of St Gabriel's, Bishop Wearmouth, Durham, 1911-22. 
Served in the Great War. 1914-19 (Chaplain, R.N.). Bishop 
on the Nig< r. 1922-ts R of St Andrew's, Worcester, 1946— 
9-, {Croi kford; Who's Who.) 

LASBREY, PERCY URWICK. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 17, 
is/, ; B.A. (1891) and M.A. of London University, 1902. 
S. of Tames Hoare, general draper, of Uttoxeter [died 
Tune 1^ 1888] [and Sarah Dinah Totnlinson]. B. May a 1, 
! I. 'ttnxi't-T, staffs. School, Shrewsbury. [Previously 
Second Master it St Kitt's Grammar School, West Indies, 
ad Assistant Master at Belmont House School, Lee, 
leath.] Matric. Lent, 1900; B.A. 1902; M.A. 1907. 
Ord. deacon (Rochester) 1903; priest, 1904; C. of St Michael 
and All Angels, Blackheath Park, Kent, 1903-7. Lie. pr., 
dio. of Southwirk, PJ07-12. R. of Brinkley, Caulbs., 1912-16. 
Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Chaplain, K.A.C.D.; in 
Gallipoli; mentioned in Secretary of State's list for 'valuable 
services'). R. of Rampisham with Wraxall, Dorset, 1919-27. 
V oi Higham. Kent, 192- 11. Died Oct. 1, 1931. {Shrews- 
bury Sch. Reg.; Univ. War lis/; Crockford; The Times. 
Oct. 2, 1931.) 


LASCELLES, EDWARD ROBERT. Adm. pens, at St Catha- 
rine's, Oct. s, 1828. B. in Surrey. [Doubtless s. of Edward 
I :. .1 Hi-rt I' Mar. 27, 1800. School, Westminster.] Matric. 
Michs. E828; P.. A. 1K33. Ord. deacon (London, Lilt. dim. 
from York) June 17, [832; priest, 1833. V. of Little Ouse- 
burn, Yorks., 1837-64. Married, 1842, Frances Catherine, 
dau. of the Rev. Antony Watson, sometime V. of Little 
Ouseburn. Died Aug. 6, 1864. Doubtless brother of Herbert 
( I S 3 r ) . (AV, >>J >■! Old We:!)>:!>r:!,r.; C t...; I ''.>.'. List] 

G. Mag., 1864, 1. 391.) 

LASCELLES, FRANCIS HENRY. Adm. pens, at Queens' 
May ;u 1 I48. I ldest s. •■( F[rancis], Esq., of [Glandolfan, 
Pembs. an.ii the Madras Civil Service. IP. Tin. 16, 1.S2S. 
School, Sherborne.] Migrated to Trinity Hall, Oct. 30, 1848; 
matric. Michs. 1S48; Scholar, 1S49; LL.B. 1S54. F.S.A., 
[869. Ord. deacon, 1S52; C of Bentlev, Warws., 1852-S. 
Joined the Church • >( Rome, 1858. Adm. at the Inner 
Temple, Apr. 14, 1S62. Called to the Bar, June 6, 1S64. 
Adm. at Gray's Inn, May 11, 1865. It was decided by a 
majority of 12 to 11 at a meeting of Benchers of Inns of 
Court, held Feb. 7, 1865, that ordained clergymen should 
henceforward be eligible for call to the Bar. On the South 
Eastern Circuit. Practised before the High Court at Madras 
and in Calcutta. Secretary to the Duke of Norfolk, as Earl 
M ir-li il, i ,;, ~o-2. T.P. for Surrey. Married, 1S50, Mary, dau. 
of Samuel Nevile Ward, of Baston, Hayes, Kent. Author, 
Horse Warranty; Law of Juvenile Offenders. Of Novadd- 
willim.Card in 1885 Died in 1891. [Sherborne Reg. ; Boase, 
vt. 12; Clergy List; Inns of Court; Foster, Men al the liar; 
Law Lists.) 

LASCELLES, GERALD WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 18) at 
Magdalene, Apr. 17, 1868. [3rd] s. of Henry, Lord Hare- 
wood [)th Earl], of Harewood House, Leeds. B. Oct. 26, 
[849. Scho.,1, Eton. Matric Easter, 1S68; B.A. 1871. Land 

it, Deputy Surveyor of the New Forest, 1 
President of the Land Agents' Society, 1911. F.Z.S. C.B., 
1911. A first-class shot, and .tn authority on falconry, 
Manager of tie' I'M H.wking Club. Contributed to the 
Badminton sporting library, writing tin- volume on falconry, 

iarf of th I on I ting. Author of Ihirtv/ii'e Years in 

the few I on .1, eti . Died Feb. 11, 1928, al Court Hall, North 
Molton. th'- residence of Ins son-in-law, L< >nl Poltiinorc. 
(Burke, P. and B. {sub Harewood); Who's Who; Who was 
Who, 1916-28; the Times, Feb. 13, 1928.) 

LASCELLES, HERBERT. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, 
July s, 1831. S .it Edward Robert, Esq. B. [May 20. 1812], 

111 London, s.l 1 Westminster. Matric. Michs. 1831 ; B.A. 

1835. Chaplain in the Bengal Establishment, 1843-56. Died 
Dei ". 1885, at Brighton, iged 75. Doubtless brother of 
I dward K. (t^-'S). (Record .7 Old Wcstuunsteis; 1 lergv List; 
The Guardian. Dee jo, 1885.) 

LASCELLES, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Caius, Apr. 17, 
i860. [Only] s. of Robert Morley, surgeon, of Slingsby, 
Yorks. B. [May 13. 1841], at Fryton, near Hovingham. 
School, Royal Military College, Sandhurst. Matric. Michs. 
i860. Resided one year. Adm. pens, at Clare, Oct. 15, 1861; 
B.A. 1864; M.A. 1N77. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Nov. 20, 

Lassetter, Arthur Bowring 

1862. Called to the Bar, 1866. For a time on the Northern 
Circuit. Ord. deacon (York) 1877; priest, 1S78; C. of 
Slingsby, Yorks., 1877-80. V. of Sheriff Hutton, 1S80-1905. 
C. of Whenby. 1S85-9S. Author, Local c, niemment and 
Sanitary Law Reform; Thoughts on the Franchise. Died 
June 4, 1905. {Venn, 11. 349; Inns of Court; Foster. Men at 
the Bar; Law Lists; Crockford; The Tunes, June 7, 1905.) 

LASCELLES, PERCY LINDSAY. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., 
Oct. 1, 1900. B. Aug. 24, 1883. [School, Brighton College.] 
Matric. Michs. 1900; B.A. 1905; M.A. 1908. Died Sept. 10, 

1909. {Brighton Coll. Reg.) 

LASCELLES, PERCY PELLEW. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Cans, 
Nov. 2, 1866. [4th] s. of Rowley, barrister, of Pencarreg, 
C arm. B. [1848], at Novaddwilliui, Card. Schools, Cow- 
bridge and Brecon. Did not' reside. Adm. at the Inner 
Temple, Nov. 16, 1872. Called to the Bar, Julv 3, 1878. 
Member of the S. Wales Circuit. {Venn, II. 37S; Inns of 
Court; Lam Lists; Foster, Men at the Bar.) 

LASCELLES, The Rev. ROBERT. B.A. 1769, incorp. from 
Oxford, 1769; M.A. 1769. Adm. pens, at St John's, Mar. 7, 
1769, S of Willi. 1111. of Durham, gent.] Matric. from Lincoln 
1 ill ;e, 1 Ixford, Nov. 17, 1735, age 16; B.A. (Oxford) 1719. 
Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Mar. 14, 1741; priest, May 29, 1742. 
V. of Gilling, Yorks., 1777-1801. R. of Middleton in- 
Teesdale, Durham, 1778-1801. Chaplain to the Duke of 
Newcastle. Died Nov. 2, isoi. aged 84. {St John' < 
Adm., iv. 352; Al. Oxon.; G Mag., 1S01, 11. 1001.) 

LASCELLES, ROBERT. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Christ's, Feb. 25, 
1802; re-adm. Feb. 8, 1830, as 'the Rev. Robert Lascelles.' 
S. of the Rev. S. Lascelles, P.C of Northallerton and Hunton, 
near Bedale. Kept the Lent Term, 1S02. Matric. Michs. 
1804; B.A. 1822; M.A. 1825. Previously matric. from Mertou 
College, Oxford. Oct. 29, 1796 (age 17), as 's. of Lascelles, 
clerk of Helperbv, Yorks.' Ord. deacon (Norwich) June 9, 
1816; priest, Dec. is. 1816; 'late of Christ's College.' P.C. 
of Sand Hutton, 1830, and P.C. of Thirsk and Carlton Miniott, 
Yorks., 1830-2. V. of Chrishall, Essex, 1832-9. Married, 
181Z, Hannah, dau. of William Barker, of Cambridge. Died 
s.p. Aug. 1, 1839, aged 60, at the house of his father-in-law, 
in Bene't street, Cambridge. {Peile, 11. 351; At. Oxon.; 

A. J. Walker; G. Mag., 1839. 11. 431.) 

LASCELLES, WALTER REGINALD. Adm. pens, at Selwyn H., 
Oct. 1, 1898. B. Aug. 22, 1878. Matric. Michs. 1898. 

LASH, NICHOLAS ALLEYNE. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Oct. I, 1890. S.of A. H.. clerk, of 56, Croom's Hill, Greenwich 
Park, London. [B. Feb. 2,, 1N72. School, King William's 
College, Isle of Man.] Matric. Michs. 1890; B.A. 1893; M.A. 
1897." Ord. deacon (Southwell) 1895; priest, 1897; C. of 
Hyson Green, Notts.. 1895-^. 'Mission to Seamen' Chaplain 
it Call utta, 1899-1905; Association Secretary (for Northern 
District), 1905-6; Chaplain, Port of London, 1906-22; 
Bombay, 1922; Southampton. 1925. R. of St John-at- 
Hackne'y, Middlesex, iu2s-;s R of I.emsford, Herts., 
1935-45. Subsequently of Bexhill. {King William's Coll. 
Reg . Crockford.) 

LASSELL, WILLIAM. Hon. LL.D. 1874. B. June 18, 1799, at 
Bolton, Lanes. School, Rochdale. Apprenticed to a Liver- 
pool merchant, 18 14-21; set up in business as a brewer, 1825. 
Began to construct reflecting telescopes; inventor of a new 
machine for grinding specula. Built an observatory at Star- 
field, near Liverpool, 1840, where he observed the satellites 
of Neptune and was one of the first observers of Saturn's 
duskv ring. President, Royal Astronomical Society, 1870-2. 
Moved his observatory to Bradstones, 1854. The first cli irlv 
to ascertain composition of the Uraniau System. Constructed 
a reflecting telescope at Valetta, Malta, 111 1861, where he 
worked for six years and catalogued 600 new nebulae. 
Resided at Ray Lodge, near Maidenhead from 1S65, and 
built an observatory there. F.R.S., 1849; Royal medal, 
1858. Died Oct. s. 1880, it Maidenhead. {Boase, 11. 310; 
D.N.B.; Proi . Royal Soc . ji, vii-x.) 

LASSELLS, WILLIAM ABINGDON. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
June 14, 1774. S. of Jervis, of Gainsborough, Lines., surgeon. 

B. there Aug, 21, 1757. School. Lincoln. Matric. Michs. 
1774; Scholar, Nov. 8, 1774. Kept eight terms by residence; 
name off, Sept. 12, 1779. with the note 'dead.' {Si John's 
Coll. Adm.. IV. 352.) 

1889. [4th) s. of Frederick], Esq., of 5. Porchester Gate, 
Hyde Park, London, W., and of Sydney, N.S.W., Australia. 
[School, Wellington College.] Matric. Michs. 1S89; B.A. 
1892; M.A. 1918. Returned to Australia. Lived for some 
years latterly in Cambridge, arid died Apr. 193.S, at 15, 
Boulevard de Belgique, Monaco. {Wellington Coll. Reg.; 
The Time:. Apr. 3, 1935.) 

Last, Henry 

LAST, HENRY. Adra. at Selwvn H., Oct. 10, 1882. B. Sept. 29, 
1859. [School, Brighton College.] Matric. Michs. 1882; B.A. 
1885; M.A. 1S89. Ord. deacon (Oxford) 18S5; priest, 1886; 
C. of St Giles's, Reading, 18S5-90. C. of Wokingham, Berks., 
1S90-4. V. of Holy Trinity, Reading, 1894-1902. V. of 
Stony Stratford, Bucks., 1902-24. R. of Launton, Oxon., 
1924-31. Died Feb. 10, 1931, aged 71. (Brighton Coll. Reg.; 
Crockford; The Times, Feb. 11, 1931.) 

LAST, The Rev. JOSEPH. Matric. Non-Coil. Michs. 1872. Ord. 
deacon, 1S68; priest (Norwich) 1S60; C. of Swanton Morlev, 
Norfolk, 1868-70. C. of Christ Church, Mayfair, 1S70-2. C.of 
St Augustine's, Highbury, 1872-3. Asst. Chaplain, Paris, 
1873-4. C. of Bentlev, Hants., 1875-7. C. of Weeting, 
Ik, 1S77-9. C. of St John's, Lowestoft, 1879-80; 
Chaplain at Geneva, 1SS0-94; at Osteud, 1S94-1909. 
Raidin g at i, Dry den Mansions, Queen's Club Gardens, 
London, in 1916. Disappears from Crockford, 1917. (Scott, 
MSS.; Crockford.) 

Mar. 23, 1SS9. [Eldest s. of W. Hamson, of New Milton, 
Hants. B. Aug. 12, 1S70.] School, Westminster. Matric. 
Michs. 18S9; Scholar. Appointed to I.C.S., 1889; in the 
North-West Provinces and Oudh as Assistant Magistrate 
and Collector and Assistant Commissioner; Assistant Settle- 
ment Officer, 1894; Settlement Otficer, 1896; Joint Magis- 
trate, 1S96; Deputy Commissioner, 1905. Died May 5, 190S, 
at Muttra, United Provinces, as the result of an accident at 
polo. (Record of Old Westminsters; Scott, MSS; I.C.S. 
Lisis; 1 he 1 imes, May 7, 190S.) 

LATEWARD, FREDERICK JAMES. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
June 27, 1805. Of Middlesex. [3rd s. of John, of Baker 
Street, London. B. Oct. 1791. School, Rugby.] Matric. 
Easter, 1806; Scholar, 1S06; B.A. 1809; M.A. 1812. Ord. 
deacon (Chichester) Oct. 17, 1811; priest (London) Sept. 20, 
1812; C. of Lancing, Sussex, 1S11. C. of East Peckham, 
Kent, 1816. R. of Perivale (or Little Greenford), Middlesex, 
1812-61. British Chaplain at Berne 1853-60. Died June 1, 
1861, at 26, Wellington Square, Hastings, aged 71. Father 
of the next. [Rugby Sch. Reg.; Cant. Act Bk.; Clergy List; 
Crockford; Foster, Index Eccles.; G. Mag,, 1S61, 11. 93; P. E. 

Queens', Oct. iS, 1S44. [S. of the Rev. Frederick James 
(above).] Matric. Lent, 1845; Scholar; B.A. 1S49. Ord. 
deacon (Canterbury) 1S49; priest, 1850; C. of Eastry, Kent, 
1849. C.of Northallerton, Yorks. 1873-4- Chaplain at Baden 
Baden, 1874-89. Of Blackheath Park, London, S.E., in 1884. 
Died May 18, 1902, aged 81. {Cant. Act Bk.; The Times, 
May ai, 1902; Crockford.) 

LATHAM, ALFRED PULSFORD. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
Oct. 5, 1858. [4th] s. of Alfred, of Norfolk Street, Park Lane, 
London. B. [Apr. 29], 1840, in London. School, West- 
minster. Matric. Michs. 1859; B.A. 1863. Marri 
Mary Catherine Emma, dau. of the Rev. Thomas Mills, R. of 
Bulvan, Essex. Died c. 1866. Brother of George (1853) and 
Charles (1S67), etc.. (Record of Old Westminsters; O. Mag., 
1865, n. 374-) 

LATHAM, ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Dec. 29, 1864. 
S. of Arthur George, of Weaste Hall, Lanes. B. 1847, at 
Bombay, India. School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1865; 
Scholar', 1868; B.A, 1869. Partner in Latham and Co., 
Merchants of Manchester. Died Jan. 2, 1905. [Hart 

LATHAM, ARTHUR CARLYLE. Adm. at King's, July 5, 1890; 
from Balliol College, Oxford. [S. of Dr Peter Wallwork 

School, Fettes.] Matric. Michs. 1890; B. \ 
incorp. from Oxford; M.A. 1894. At St George's Hospital, 
and in Vienna, Heidelberg and Berlin. M.B.; B.C. (Oxford) 
1894; M.A. (Oxford) 1S95. M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P., 1894; 
M.K.C.P., 1S98; F.R.C.P., 1904. Radcliffe Travelling Fellow. 
Grocers' Research Scholar. Practised in Portland Place, 
London. Physician and lecturer in medicine at St George's 
Hospital (Dean of the Medical School); Senior Assistant 
Physician, Brompton Hospital for Consumption;, 
Victoria Hospital for Children. Obtained 1st prize (£500) for 
an essay on H.M. the King's sanatorium for tuberculosis. 
Author, medical. Died Apr. 13, 1923. (Fettes Coll. Reg.; 
King's Coll. Reg.; Medical Directories; The Times, Apr. 14, 

LATHAM, CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Tune 
S. of Alfred, of 23, Norfolk Street, Park Lane, I 
B. 1850, in London. School, Han li< hs. 1868. 

Capt., 4th (Militia) Batt., Royal l i.i-ut.-Col. 

Died 1893. Brother of George (1853) and Alfred Pulsford 
(1S58). (Harrow Sch. Reg.; Army i 

Latham, Henry Guy Dampier 

LATHAM, EDWARD. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, July 1, 
1852. S. of [the Rev.] John (1S37). B. at Derby. Schools 
[Derby and] Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1S52; B.A. 1856; M. \. 
1859. Ord. deacon (Lichfield) 1856; priest, 1S57. Assistant 
Master at Repton, 1856-75. V. of Matlock Bath, Derbs., 
1875-83. Died Mar. 9, 1883. Brother of John H. (is 4 si . ml 
Samuel (1S53); father of the next and of William L. (1S93). 
(Harrow Sch. Reg.; Scott, MSS.; Crockford.) 

LATHAM, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Christ's, June 21, 1882. 
Eldest s. of the Rev. Edward (above), V. of Matlock Bath. 

B. [July 19, 1S64], at Holbrooke, Derbs. Schools, Brighton 
College and Monkton Combe, Bath. Matric. Michs. 18S2; 
B.A. 1885; M.A. 1905. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1887; pnest, 1888; 

C. of St Mary's, Bury St Edmunds, 1887-90. C. of Kid- 
brooke, Kent, 1890-5. C. of St Paul's Mission,, 
1895-1905. C. of Holbrooke, 1902-4. A.C.S. Chaplain at 
Bassein, Burma, 1905-9. C. of St John-the-Evangelist, 
Broughton, Manchester, 1910. C. of Horsham, Sussex, 
1910-13. V. of Southwater, 1913-17. Died Apr. 16, 1917. 

r of William L. (1893). (Brighton 1 
Monktonutn Reg.; Peile, 11. 690; Crockford; 1 he I imet, 
Apr. 19, 1917.) 

LATHAM, EDWARD JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 18) 

Jan. 30, 187S. S. of Edward, Esq. B. in London. School, 
Eton. Matric. Lent, 187S. Of Kent Terrace, Regent's Park, 
London. Died Nov. 1, 1900. (Eton Coll, Reg.) 

LATHAM, FREDERIC FRANCIS. Adm. pens, at Clare, 

1832. Matric. Michs. 1832; (Civil Law Classes, 3rd Class, 
1836-7). Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 1837; priest, 183S. C. of 
An wick, Lines., 1843-6. R. of Brauncewell, 1847-52. C. of 
Helpringham, 1855; V. there, 1855-87. Disappears from 
Crockford, 1888, where he is called ' B.A., Camb.'. 

LATHAM, GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, July 12, 
1853. S. of Alfred. B. in London. School, Harrow. Matric. 
Michs. 1854; B.A. 1858. Died 1871. Brother of Alfred P. 
(1858), Charles (1S07), etc. (Harrow Sch. Reg.) 

LATHAM, GEORGE NIX. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 13, 
1881. S. of the Rev. George (? the above, not I 
Clergy Lists), of Ifield, near Crawley, Sussex. B. [L> 
i860, at Croydon, Surrey. School, Charterhouse. Matrii 
Michs. i88i;B.A. 1S85. Joined 2nd Vol. Batt., Sussex Regt., 
1883; 4th Norfolk Regt., 1889-1903; Capt. 1S93; retired, 
1903. (Charterhouse Reg.; Army Lists.) 

LATHAM, HENRY. Adm. pens, at St John's, May 9, 1822. 
[6th] s. of [Thomas], of Camberwell, Surrey. [School, 
Harrow.] Matric. Michs. 1822; B.A. 1827. Adm. at Lincoln's 
Inn, Oct. 4, 1822. Adm. Solicitor, 1829. Chancery Registrar, 
1S34-S5. Married, May 12, 1846, Mary Frances, dau. of 
Thomas Leach, of Russell Square. Died Sept. ;, 1891. Father 
of Henry (1867) and of Thomas (1S70). (Harrow Sch. Reg.; 
Lam Lists; Inns of Court.) 

LATHAM, HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 20) at Trinity, June 29, 
1841. [2nd] s. of John Henry [Paymaster oi the Exchequer]. 
B. [June 4, 1821], at Dover. School, Kent (private) 
Michs. 1S41; Scholar, 1S44; B.A. (16th WrunKieri 1545; M. \. 
1848. Fellow of Trinity Hall, 1S48-38; Senior tutoi ; Vio 
Master; Master, 18S8-1902. Senior Proctor, 1857. J.P, 1 n 
Carnbs. Founded by will the very valuable pension fund for 
the benefit of senior members of the University ai 
families, which bears his name. Author, Geometrical Problem* 
on the Properties of the Conic Sections; 1 he Action of Examina 
tions ; Pastor Pasturum, or the Schooling of the Apostles of Our 
Lord. A great character, of striking appearance and a 
charming host, about whose views on sport and coll 
toms many stones were told. Resided at Southacre, Latham 
Road, Cambridge, which he built in 1880. Died unmarried 
June 5, 1902. Buried in Little Shelford churchyard. (C.U . 
Hist. Reg., 172; Who ti as ll h , 1897-1916.) 

LATHAM, HENRY. Adm pens, at St John's, June 

S. of Henry (1822), Clerk to Registrars to i 

I- ranees]. B. [J 11 . in Kentish Town, 

•■x. Bapt. July 6, 1849, Schools [Higbgate and] 
iter. Matne. Michs. 1867; B.A. 1871; M 
Adm. Solicitor, 1S74. Practised at 6, Raymond l 
:i, W.C. Killed by a tail when walking by him 
t.nndelwald, Switzerland, & pt. j, 1 1 

Hi hgai ■ ;.; Law 


5. oi Francis Law ,!.■■.■ 
Advocate-general, Bombay. B. [Oct, - - . 
Schools, Rugby and Univ 
B.A. 1890; M.A. 1 
1893; C. of Woolwich, [892 -j. C. Oi Corpus ChliSti College 

Latham, Hugh [Marshall] 

mission, CamberweU, Surrey, 189 |-~. Warden, Ions of 
Court mission, 1897 1906. Dean oi Perth, W. Australia, 
1 906-1 1. Warden, Trinity College, Cambridge mission, and 
V. of St George's, Lamberwell, 1911-15, R. of All Saints' 
with St John-the-Baptist, Huntingdon, 1916-27, and V. of 
St John-the-Evangelist, Huntingdon, 1925-7. Lie. pr., dio. 
of Ely, 1927-44. Died Dec. 18, 1944, at the Old rectory, 
Offord Cluny, Hunts. (Venn, 11. 491; Crockford; The limes, 
Dec. 20, 1944.) 

LATHAM, HUGH [MARSHALL]. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June 14, 1886. S. of William, of 18, Airlie Gardens, Campden 
Hill Road, London. B. 18(17, at Surbiton, Surrey. School, 
Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1886; B.A. 1891. Called to the Bar, 
Inner Temple, 1893. Died Oct. 28, 1906, from the effects of 
a hunting accident. (Harrow Sch, Reg.) 

LATHAM, The Rev. JOHN. Adm. sizar at Queens', Jan. 7, 
1837. 'Plus annos 24 natus.' A 'Ten-year' man. Matric. 
Michs. 1846; B.D. [Stat. Eliz.) 1847. Ord. deacon, 1825; 
priest, 1826; C. of St Werburgh, Derby, 1843-8. Preb. of 
Lichfield, 1851. V. of Little Eaton, Derbs., 1848-79. Canon 
res. of Lichfield, 1864 -73. Disappears from ( rockford, 1880. 
Father of Edward (1852), Samuel (1S53) and John H. (1848), 
[Clergy List.) 

LATHAM, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Dec. 12, 1882. 
[Younger] s. of Wilson. B. at Toxteth Park, Liverpool. 
[Feb. 10, 1865.] Schools, private and at Owens College, 
Manchester. Resided two terms. Migrated to Wadham 
College, Oxford, whence he matric. (age iS) Oct. 16, 1S83; 
B.A. (Oxford) 1886. M.A. and LL.D., Dubhn; B Muj , 
London. Assistant master at Sheffield Grammar School. 
Head Master of Thornton Grammar School, Bradford, in 
mil (Peile, 11. 694; Al. Oxon.) 

LATHAM, JOHN HERBERT. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 13, 
1848. S. of the Rev. John (1837), of Little Eaton, Derbs. 
[and Louisa]. B. July 30, 1831, at St Werburgh, Derby. 
[Schools, Derby and Harrow.] Matric. Michs. 1850; B.A. 
[8th Wrangler) 1854; M.A. 1857. Fellow of Clare, 1857. 
Chief engineer and agent in India of Madras irrigation and 
canal co., 'for many years.' Subsequently went to New 
Zealand. Brother of Edward (1852) and Samuel (1853). 
(Harrow Sch. Reg.; Derby Sch. Keg.) 

LATHAM, MORTON. Adm. pens, at Trinity, July 13, i860. 
S. of Alfred [Governor of the Bank of England], of 35, Norfolk 
Street, Park Lane, London. B. July 28, 1S43, in London. 
School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1861 ; B.A. 1865; Mus.Bai . and 

M.A. 1882. A Solicitor. Closely associated with adminis- 
trative work in Middlesex and Surrey; for many years .i]\ 
Alderman of the Middlesex C.C. Of Hollow Dene, Frensli.uu, 
Farnham; J. P. and D.L. for Middlesex. Hon. Sec, oi th< 
Bacli choir, 1886-1900. Author, The Renaissance <>f Musi, . 
Piatti, a Sketch. Died Nov. 5, 1931, at Freusham. Buried 
there. Brother of Alfred P. (185S), Charles (1. < 1, (,.,-,.■ 
(1:^3) and William (1854)- (Harrow Sch. Reg.; Scott, MS^.; 
I he I imes, Nov. 7, tg -,i.| 

LATHAM, PERCY HOLLAND. Adm. (age 18) at Pembroke, 
' h t. 1, 1891. S. of the Rev. Samuel (1853), Head Master of 
a preparatory school at Gt Malvern. B. Feb. 3, [873, .it 
Llandudno. School, Malvern College, Matric. Mixhs. 1891; 
B.A. 1894. Cricket 'blue,' 1892, 1893, 1894; Capt., 1894. 
Assistant Master (and House Master) at Haileybury College, 
1895-1922. Died June 22, 1922, at Haileybury College. 
(Malvern Reg.; Book of Blues; Schoolmasters' Directories; The 
1 imes, June 24, 1922.) 

LATHAM, PETER WALLWORK. Adm. pens, at Caius, 
June 26, 1854, [Eldest] s. of John, surgeon, of Wigan. B. 

then- [0* t. 21J, 1- -\i. Seh'H.'l, Wigan Grammar and at Neu 
wied, Germany, and < dasgow University. Matric. Michs. 
1854; B.A. 1858; (luth Wrangler, 1858; Nat. Sci. Tnp., 
1-1 Class, I-; M.J;, and M.A. i8ui ; M.l '. iM. ( . 1 .-How . ,t 
Downing, i8~bo. At St Bartholomew's H.< pit, d Assistant 
Physician, Westminster Hospital, i'-<-. Medii ■! Lecturer, 
1863. Physician to Addenbru.<ke's Hospit il, . . ubi dge, foi 
very many years from 1863. Downing Profi sot of Med 

1874-94. Member < >f the C0um.1l of the K.L.I'., 1.SS6-7; 

Censor, 1887-9; Senior Censor, 1894-5. Croonian Lecture rl 
1886. Harveian Orator, 1888. Married (i) 1862, Jemima 
Burns, dau. of John M'l >i..ruiid, .4 Dumfries; (2) Annie 
Frances, dau. of James F. Bernard, Esq., oi Clifton, and 
sometime Principal of Girton Collet;':'. Author, medical. I >ied 
Oct, 29, 1923, .it Ins residence at Clifton, Bristol. Father of 
Arthur C. (1890). (Venn, 11. \v, and n,>ie; MeUnul Dire<.- 
t ■> it i , Who was Who, ton 

LATHAM, ROBERT GORDON. Adm. at King's, a scholar from 
Eton, May 11, 1829. [Eldest] s. of the Rev. Thomas [Brase- 
nose College, Oxford, 1788], V. of Billiugborough, Lines. 
B. there Mar. 24, 1812. Matric. Lent, 1830; B.A. 1833- M A 

Lathbury, Nathaniel Peter Edward 

1836; M.D. 1844. Fellow, 1832-48. At St Bartholomew's 
Hospital. L.R.C.P., 1*42; F.R.C.P., 1846. M.D., London. 
Studied philology at Hamburg, Copenhagen and Christiama. 
Professor of English Language and Literature at University 
CoUege, London, 1839; produced his textbook on The English 
Language, 1841. Assistant Physician and Lecturer at the 
Middlesex Hospital, 1844-9. Director of the Ethnological 
Dept. of the Crystal Palace, 1852, when he made his cele- 
brated protest against the central Asian theory of the origin 
of the Aryans, supporting views which have since been 
strongly advocated. Completed a revision of Johnson's 
Dictiona) , 1870. Author, Descriptive Ethnology (2 vols.); 
The Ethnology <>f India; Dissertation on the Hamlet of ><m.< 
Grammatutts ami of Shakespeare, etc. Accorded a pension 1 ri 
£100 from the Civil List, 1863. Died Mar. 9, 1888, at 156, 
Upper Kn hinond lv>ad, Putin v. [Boase, 11. 313; King's Coll. 
Reg.; Medical Directories; D.X.B.; She Guardian, Mar. 14, 

LATHAM, SAMUEL. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Apr. 2%, 1853. 

Of Staffordshire. [S. of the Rev. John (1837), of Li. hfi< Id 
[School, Derby.] Matric. Mi. 1>- 1 ->->•; B.A. 18^7; M.A. 
Ord. deacon (Chichester) i860; priest. 1S61. Assistant Master 

at Brighton College, 1857-64. C. of Brighton, i 64 6. Via 
Principal of Lichfield Training College, 1866-71. For many 
years Head Master of a preparatory school at Gt Malvern 
Resided latterly at Worthing, where he died Feb. 8, 1921, 
aged 86. Brother of Edward (1S52) and Tohn II 
father of Percy H. (1891). (Derby Sch. Reg.; Crockford, The 
Times, Feb. 10, 1921.) 

LATHAM, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 13, 1870. 
[Eldest] s. of Henry (1822), clerk to the Registrar in Chancery 
[and Mary Frances]. B. [June 22, 1847], at St P.ancras, 
London. Bapt. Nov. 3, 1847. [Schools, Highgate and Win- 
chester.] Matric. Michs. 1870; B.A. 1874. Cricket 'blue,' 
1873. 1874. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Dec. 22, 1S71. 
Called to the Bar, Nov. 17, 1874. On the Western Circuit. 
Special Pleader at Shanghai, 1S81; retired, 1888. Subse- 
quently resided at Folkestone, where he died Jan. 1 ?,, 1 ■ j _r < ■ . 
Brother of Henry (1867}. (Winchester Coll.' !<■■:. , 1 
Men at the Bar; Laic Lists; Inns of (.'■•art; Book of Blues; 
Highgate Sch. Reg.; The Tunes, Jan. if., 1926.) 

LATHAM, WILLIAM. Adm. pens. (:t^ 19) at Trinity, July 8, 
1854. [2nd] s. of Alfred, of 23, Norfolk Street, Park Lane, 
London. B. Dec. 9, 1S36, in London. School, Harrow. 
Matric. Michs. 1S55; B.A. 1859; M.A. 1862. Adm. at Lin- 
coln's Inn, Apr. 15, 1S57. Called to the Bar, Apr. jo, i860 
Q.C., 1886; Bencher, 1889. Married (1) Dec. 20, 1862, 
Harriet, youngest dau. of Francis Mowatt, of London; 
(2) 18.13, Mary K., dau. of Decimus Sturgess, of London. 
< if The I'riorv, Freusham, Surrey. Died there July 29, 1915. 
Brother ..1 Alfred P. (iSsS), Charles {181*7), George (1853) 
and Morton (i860). (Scott, MSS.; Law Lists; Dins of Court; 
Foster, Men at the Bar; Who was Who, 1897-1916.) 

LATHAM, WILLIAM ASHBY. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity 
Hall, June 15, 1792. S. of William, F.R.S., of Eltham, K.-ut 
[School, Charterhouse.] Matric. Lent, 1793; Schol:\ 
LL.B. 1709. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, May 1 }, 1705. Assumed 
the name oJ Ashby 1808. Of Quenby Hall. Leics. Married, 
1707. Mary, dau. of Michael Miller of Bristol. Died June 23, 
1848. (C. L. Arrowsmith; Inns of Court.) 

LATHAM, WILLIAM LEEKE. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 

O. t. t, 1893- Of Derbyshire. [2nd s. of the Rev. Edward 
(1852), of Matlock Bath.] B. Apr. 13, 1873, at Repton, 
School, Blackheath proprietary. Matric. Michs. 1803; B.A. 
1896; M.A. 19 1 7. Ord. deacon (Rochester) 1897; priest, 1898; 
t , oi Bennondsey, Surrey, 1897-9. Chaplain, training ship 
Conway, 1 899-1 900. V. of NewhaU, Derbs., 1900-6. P.C. 
of Dethick with Lea and Hollowav, r, 06-10. V. of Sutton-in- 
Ashneld, Notts., 1910-16. V. of St John-the-Baptist with 
St James, Nottingham, 1.316-24. R. of Morton, 1924-48-. 
Rural Dean of Alfreton, 1936-48-. Brother of Edward 
(1882). (Scott, MSS.; Crockford.) 

LATHBURY, JAMES HENRY. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Sept. 25, 1887. S. of R., Esq., of Park House, Chiswick. 
[School, Uppingham.] Matric. Michs. 18.V; B.A. 1890. Died 

Sept. 1896. [Vppingham Sch. Roll.) 

(age 18] .d Jesus, Dec. 24, 1839 [posthumous], s, of the 
Rev. Peter (next). B. at Bury St Hdmunds. School, Bury 
St Edmunds. Matrix Michs. 1S40; B.A. 1844; M.A. 1847. 
C. of Stowmarket, Suffolk, 1845-6. C. of Denton, Norfolk, 
1846-8. R. of Bradheld Combust, Suffolk, 1S40-55. Died 
unmarried Oct. j, 1855, aged 34. Buried at St James's, 
Bury St Edmund; M.I. there [Bury Gr. Sch, Reg ; Jesus 
Coll. Notes, i lergy Lis! , G. Mag., 1855, 11. 604.) 

Lathbury, Peter 

LATHBURV. PETER. Adm. pens, at Clare. Apr. 24, [780. 
[S. of the Rev. Peter (1743), R. of Westerneld and Kirton, 
Suffolk.] B. at Westerneld, Suffolk. [School, Woodbndge.] 
Matric Michs. 17S0; LL.B. 17S7. Ord. deacon (Norwich) 
Sept. 21, 17S3; priest, Sept. 22, 1799; C. of Campsey Ash, 
Suffolk, 1783. R. of Great and Little Livermere, 1804-20. 
J. P. for Suffolk. Married Mary Anne, dau. of the Rev. 
Edward Mills, Preacher of St James's, Bury St Edmunds. 
Died Aug. 3, 1820, aged 59. Buried at Livermere. Father of 
the above. {Bury Gr. Sch. Reg. (sub his son) ; Cant. Act Bk. ; 
Jftsi . Got. et Her., 3rd S., in. 59; G. Mag., 1820, II. 189.) 

LATHBURY, ROBERT HENRY. Adm. pens, at Emmam 1 1 , 
June 5, 1S63. Matric. Michs. 1S63; exhibitioner; B. \ 
Sl.A. 1S7S. Ord. deacon (Worcester) 1S68; priest, i8( r. 
C. of Hillmorton, Warws., 1S0S-70. C. of N. and S. Lopham, 
Norfolk, 1S70-3. C. of Tolleshunt D'.Arcy, Essex, 1873-4; 
V. there 1874-9. R- of Denham, Bucks., 1879-1915. Died 
Mar. 7, 1915, aged 69. (Crockford; The Times, Mar. 9, 1915.) 

AMIRUDIN ABDUL. Adm. pens, at St John's, Oct. 15. 
189S. [Eldest] s. of Camrudin Amurudin Abdul, J. P., of 
Choppati, Bombay, India [and Vazair Sheikhah]. B. Nov. 12, 
1879, at Bombay. School, St Xavier's College, Bombay 
(Rev. Dr H. Kemp) [also at Paris, Heidelberg and Cairo], 
Matric, Michs. 1S9S; (Law Trip., Pt I, 1st Class, 1900; Pt II, 
1st Class, 1902); B.A. 1901; LL.B. 1902; LL.M. 1005; MA. 
1907. LL.D., Dublin. Joined I.C.S. as Assistant Com- 
missioner in the Punjab, 1903; District Judge, Delhi, 1911- 
12; Director of Public Instruction, Hyderabad State, 1913- 
16; Deputy Commissioner, Hissar, 1918-21. 5 
Transfd. depts., 1921-4; Deputy Comini--: ■ 1 
1924-7; Commissioner, Ambala. Member of Council of State, 
1927. Delegate, International Law Conference at The li igue, 
1930. Served on rst, 2nd and 3rd Indian Round Table 
Conferences, 1930, 1931, 1932. Commissioner, Multan, 1931, 
and Lahore, 1933. Financial Commissioner (Revenue), 
Punjab, 1934-7. O.B.E., 1919; C.I.E., 1932. Author, 
Effects of War on Property; The Industrial Punjab, etc. Of 

4, Harkuess Road, Malabar Hill, Bombay, in 1945. (I.C.S. 
Lists; Who's Who.) 

LATIMER, STURMAN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, Julv 2, 
1830. S. of Edward. B. [Jan. 4, 1S12], at Oxford. School, 
Westminster. Matric. Michs. 1830; Scholar, 1831; B.A. 1834. 
Adm. Solicitor, 1837; practised at Headington, Oxford. 
Married Aug. 8, 1S50, Emma Jarett, youngest dau. of the 
Rev. Charles Lyne, R. of Mevagissey, Cornwall. Died June 
24, 1892. (Record of Old Westminsters.) 

LATON, GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Caius, Jan. 27, 1777- 

5. of Sheldrake, of Drayton, Norfolk. B. there. Private 
tuition at Bloneld (Mr Carles). Scholar, 1777-9- (Venn, u. 

John's, Oct. 12, 1876. [2nd] s. of the Rev. James [Digges, 
or Digues] (Tnnitv College, Dublin, 1S42) [and Catherine]. 
B. 1S55, at Stokesav. Bapt. Nov. 18, 1855. School, Shrews- 
bury (Mr H. W. Moss, M.A.). Matric. Michs. 1S76; B.A. 
1880; M.A. 1912. F.G.S. Closely associated with the Geo- 
logical Survey of India, in which country others of his name 
had rendered much service. Appointed to the Survey in 
18S1; Superintendent, 1894; retired, 1910. The Records of 
the Survey contain many contributions in which his ability 
was demonstrated. Died Mar. 30, 1938, at Cambridge, where 
he had resided for many years. Brother of William M. D. 
(1882). (Shrewsbury Sch. Reg.; I.C.S. Lists; The Times, Apr. I, 
1938; Quarterly Journal Geolog. Soc., 94, cxxvii.) 

LA TOUCHE, WILLIAM HENRY. Adm. scholar at St Catha- 
rine's, June 12, 1869. S. of William. B. in London. [School, 
Bishop's Stortford Grammar.] Matric. Michs. 1869; B.A. 
1873; M.A. 1885. Assistant Master at Sutton Valence 
Grammar School, 1874-9; at Crediton Grammar School, 
1879-88. Head Master of Hastings Grammar School, iSSS- 
1913. Latterly of Adisham, Kent. Died Dec. 28, 1922, aged 
72 (Scott, MSS.; Schoolmasters' Directories; 'J hi times, 
Jan. 1, 1923.) 

at Pembroke, Oct. 7, 1882. Eldest s. of the Rev. Jacob [or 
James] Digues Trinity College, Dublin, 1S42J, V.of Stokesay, 
Salop. B. at Killiecarrig, Co. Wicklow. [School, Christ's 
Hospital.) Matric. Michs. 1882; B.A. 1886. Athletn 
(Mile), 1883, 1884. Ord. deacon (Newcastle-on-Tyne) 1886; 
priest, 1888; S. of St Pi • l<ls, 1886-7. C. of 

Warkworth, 1888-90. C. of Phillack, Cornwall, 1890-9. 
V. of Stokesay, Salop, 1899-1910. R. of Wistanstow, 1910- 
26. Died Aug. 14, 1926. Brotherof Thomas H. D. (1876). The 
family was established in Ireland by David Digui 
Touche, a Huguenot, after the edict of Nantes; set 
Ireland. {Pembroke Coll. Reg.; Book of Blues; Crockford; 
The Times, Aug. 17, 1926.) 

Lattey, Henry 

LA TOUR, PENISTON. Adm. pens, (age 17) at 1'eterhouse, 
July 7, 17S6. Of Middlesex. [S. of lVmst.n, t ,1 

mister.] School, Walthamstow. Matric. Michs. 1786. 
Adm. at St Man' Hall, Oxford, whence he matric. (age 25) 
June 20, 1794; B.A. (Oxford) 1795; M.A. (1 ixi. 
R. of Scorborough, Yorks., 1789-1851. R. of Boothby- 
Graffoe, Lines., 1816-51. Died Nov. to, 1851, aged 82. 
(7\ A. Walker, 354; Clergy List; G. Mag., 1851, 11. 665; 
Al. Oxon. {sub Tour).) 

LATROBE, CHARLES JOSEPH. Adm. pens, at Magdalene, 
July 6, 1829. A Moravian. [S. of Christian Ignatius (musical 
composer, for whom see D.X.B.) B. Mar. 20, 1S01, in 
London. Educated in Moravia.] Travelled and climbed in 
Switzerland and the Tyrol, 1824-30; visited America, 1832. 
Superintendent of the Port Phillip district of New suutu 
Wales, 1839. Lieut. -Governor of Victoria, 1851-4; retired. 
C.B., 1858. Twice married. Resided latterly at Litlington, 
Sussex. Author, The Alpenstock; Tin- Pedestrian, and other 
works on travel. Died Dec. 2, 1S75, in London. {Boose, 11. 
314; D.X.B.) 

LA TROBE, WILLIAM SANDERSON. Adm. sizar at Sr John's, 
Oct. 4, 1S94. S. of Samuel, settler, of Henderson, Auckland 
[and EUen Sanderson]. B. Oct. 15, 1S70, at Nga Rotoz, 
Waikato, New Zealand. School, Auckland University College 
(Mr W S Aldis) [M.A., N.Z. University]. Matric. Michs. 
1894; Scholar (Mech. Sci. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class, 1896; Pt II, 
1st Class, 1S97); B.A. 1896; M.A. 1901. Junior Lecturer, 
Dept. of Engineering at Cambridge, 1898-1904. Director, 
Technical College, Wellington, N.Z., 1904-18. Superinten- 
dent of technical education, Education Dept., New Zealand, 
1918-38. C.B.E., 1938. Of 310, Riddell Road, St Heliers, 
Auckland, New Zealand, in 1945. {Who's Who.) 

LATTEN, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at St John's, July 5, 1820. 
S. of Robert, of Lexden, Essex. Matric. Michs. 182 1. B.A. 
1S24; M.A. 1827. Ord. deacon (London) June [3, [824; 
priest. May 29, 1825. V. of Brightungsea, Essex, 1S36-72. 
Married, 1825, Sarah, dau. of lames Green. Disappears from 
Crockford, 1874. {Clergy Lis/; Foster, Index Eccles.) 

Trinity, Nov. 25, 1792. [2nd s. of Thomas, Esq., of Harley 
Street, London. B. July 22, 1777- School, Rugby.] Adm. at 
Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 11, 1791. Bengal Army Cadet, 1795- 
Commanded force of 2000 levies in the Nepal War, 1814-13; 
Major, l/l3th Native Infantrv, 1818. Collector of Thibetan 
manuscripts. Died Sept. 12, 1822, at Kisharganj. Brotherof 
Francis (1792). {Rugby Sch. Reg.; Inns of Court.) 

LATTER, CECIL. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Pembroke, Oct. I, 
1884. [3rd] s. of the Rev. [.Arthur] Simon [Queen's 
Oxford, 1846], R. of Downham, Norfolk. B. [Apr 
at N Mimms, Herts. [School, Charterhouse.] Matri 
1884; B.A. 1887; M.B. and B.Chir., 1891; M.D. 1894. Al 
St Thomas's Hospital ; House physician there. Practised at 
Folkestone; Hon. Medical Officer, Victoria Hospital, Folke- 
stone. Died Jan. 29, 1902, in London. (Charterhouse Reg.; 
Pembroke College Reg.; Medical Directories; The Times, 
Feb. 1, 1902.) 

LATTER, EDMUND. Adm. sizar (age 18) it St John's, Oct. 27, 
1774. Of Kent. [S.of the Rev. Edmund (1723), of Tonbridge, 
and Ann Manning, of Walthamstow, Essex. School, Ton- 
bridge.J Matric. Michs. 1774; Scholar, 1774 ; B.A. 1779. 
M.A. 17S2; B.D. 1789. Fellow, 17S0-1S07. Assistant Master 
at Rugby, 1779-S0; resigned. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) Dec. 27, 
17S2; priest (Chester, Lilt. dim. from Canterbury) i b. 24, 
1782; C. of Burstow, Surrey, 1782. C. of Byfield, Northants., 
1792-1805. R. of Gt Warley, Essex, 1805-26. Died [ulj 86, 
1826, aged 68. {Tonbridge Sch. Reg.; St John's ' 
iv. 352; Cant. Act Bk.; Northants. Clergy; G. Mag., 1826, 11 

LATTER, FRANCIS. Adm. pens, (age 18) at TRINITY, Apr. 17, 
1792. [Eldest] s. of Thomas [barrister], of London 
Th'Tcse College, Brabant. Matric. Michs. 1792. Adm. at 
Lincoln's Inn, May 12, 1786. Brotherof Barre K. V- 
(Inns of Court.) 

LATTEY, HENRY. Adm. pens, at 

S. of Robert John, gent, [and Rebeccal. B. Nov. 
at Hauipstead, London. Matric 
M.A. and LL.M. 1883. Adm. Solicitor, I 
the City of London for 50 years. Joine 
;ets, 1914, and helped to form tin 
■ii v, iii which he v. 
1 a, the '.i- 1' War, mi 1 19 (Capt., 
1; 1. Well ku 

tot, gaining many prizes at Wimbledon an 


Lattimer, Thomas 

including over 30 international badges when shooting for 
Ireland. Designed the Lattey t. 1 ■■-■ "pi' -j.^ht. Author, 
Sniping and the me of Telescopu and optical Sights, which 
was translated into French, and used as the official textbook 
of the Belgian Army. Died May 19, 1037. in London. (Law 
Lists; The limes, May 26, 1937.) 

LATTIMER, THOMAS. Adm. sizar at Sr John's, June 9, 1S74. 
S. of William, clerk at Holme Head Works . 
Burrell]. B. July -1., 1854, .it Carlisle. Bapt. Aug. 17, 1854. 
Educated [at Carlisle Jli.^li School] and at Owens College, 
Manchester. [B.Sc, London, 1872.] Matric. Michs. 1874; 
B.A. (i_V/i Wranglo) 1878; M.A. 1881. Assistant Master at 
Dulwich College, 187^-82; at Victoria College, Jersey, 1882- 
97; at Kelvinside Academy, Glasgow, 1S97-1900; at Central 
Foundation School, Cowper Street, London, 1900-12. Died 
Feb. 19, 1912, at the School house, Barnet (the residence of 
his bn.ther, Willi. mi (next)). (Schoolmasters' 1 Directories; 
The I, Feb. 21, 1912.) 

LATTIMER, WILLIAM. Adm. at Clare, Mar. 17, 1888. [S. of 
William, of Holme Head Works. B. Nov. 22, 1S69.J School, 
Carlisle Grammar. Matric. Michs, 1088; Si holar; B.A. 1891 , 
M.A. 1906. Assistant Master at Carlisle 1 .r.niniiai School, 
1891-3; at Hit chin Grammar School, 1893-6; at Preston 
Grammar School, 1896-9; at Brighton College, 1900-6. 
Head Master of Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Barnet, 
Herts., 1906 2g Oi Deepdale, Manor Park, Keswick, in 
\-i\2. Brother ■-! 1 1 1 ■ - above. (Carlisle Gr. Sch. Keg.; Scott, 
MSS.) Schoolmasters' Directories.) 

LATYMER, BARON (1S71) see MONEY, F. B. T. 

LAUGHARNE jpr LAUGHARtt], THOMAS. Adm. pens, at 
St Catharine's, June 27, 1835. [Doubtless the man oi these 
names, s. of ["nomas; b. in Starts., who had been adm. at 
Trinity College, Dublin, July 1, 1833, aged 16.] Matric. 
Michs. 1835; B.A. 1839, as Laugham; M.A. 1847. Ord. 
deacon (j.n iitteld) 1840; pni',t, 1S4.1; Domestic Chaplain to 
the Karl of Warwick, 1841-5, and Chaplain to Warwick 
County Gaol. Minister of Margaret Chapel, Walcot, Hath, 
1852-3. C. of Tamworth. Minister of St Stephen's, Bath, 
1853-y < . "t Willi 'U , somerset, 1856-9. R. of Bredenbury, 
Heref., 1859-72 t. ..f Limpley Stoke, Wilts.. 1872- m 
Subsequently of Avonhurst, Freshford, near Bath. Died 
May 12, 18*7, aged 70. (H. B, Swanzy; .1/. Dubl. (no career 
given); Clergy List; < rockford.) 

from Oxford. Only s. of Thomas, of W dcot, Bath. i>. 1821. 
Matric. from Jesus College, 0\i--rd, .\iav 18, 1839, ■ -'' ! ■ 
B.A. (Oxford) 1843; M.A. (Oxford) 1845. ord. deacon 
(< dull. i-,t<i and Bn-tol) 1843; priest, 1844; C. of Acton 
Turville, Gloucs., 1843-5. C. of Norton-le-Moors, staffs., 
1845-6. C. of st ["hn-the-Baptist, Gloucester, 18- \<>- =>o. 
1 haplain to the Tail .if Pomfret, 1847. C. of Whitnash, 
Warws., 1 ^ s 1— 5. 'Formerly C. of Buckingham.' Master of 
Buckingham Grammar School and C. of Calvert on, Bucks., 
1858-66. V. of Burton, Cheshire, 1866-70. C. of Laugharne, 
Carrn., 1870-3. V. of Rhayader, Radnor, 1873-91. Married, 
1859, Mien Maria, dau. of Joseph Willes, Esq. Of Laughame 
Hah, (.arm. Disappears from Crockford, 1892. (Al. Oxon.\ 
Clergy List.) 

LAUGHARNE, WILLIAM. Matric. from Trinity Hall, Michs. 
1758; LL.B. 1759. [Doubtless the man of these names, s. of 
the Rev. Arthur, of Lmunwas, Pernbs., who had matric. 
from Jesus 1 ollege, Oxford, Mar. 24, 1742-3, age 18.] R. of 
Dinas, Pembs., 1758-. R. of Llamehllwvdog with Llanllawer. 
I U. Oxon.\ I ant Act Bk.) 

Clare, ( let. 8, 1877. [S. of the Rev. Edward James ( I rinitj 
I oil g. , 1 lublin, B.A 1 151), oi St Ives, Hunts. B. Feb. 2^ 
[Army List, 1920, gives Mar. 20], r86r. School, Marl* 
borough.] Matne. Michs. 1877. Joined the army, serving in 
the ranks for three years with the Welsh Regt., 18S6-9; 
Nile expedition, i;vs,,. 2nd Lieut., Leinster Regt., 1890; 
Lieut., 181,1; Capt., 1896. Uganda, 1898 [906; mentioned 
in despatches, 1899. Major, 1906; retired, 1909, Served in 
the Great War, 11114-11) (Major, Leinster Regt.; Brigade- 
Major; Lieut.-Col., Hampshire Regt. (T.F.); employed, 
Ministry of Munitions; Brevet Major; men!; ■ . ■ 1 in ■ j, tai v 
of State's List fur 'valuable services'). Of Southboume, 
Hants., where he died June 23, 1935. [Marlbot <ugh ( oil, 
Reg.; Army Lists-, 1 he limes, June 26, 1935.) 

LAUGHTON, JOHN KNOX. Adm. pens, at CaiUS, Feb. 23, 1848. 
[2nd] s. of James, wine merchant, of Liverpool [formerly 
master-mariner and, in time of war, Captain of a privateer]. 
!'.. there Apr. 23, 1830. Schools, Isle of Man, Liverpool 
Roval Institution and Fwrsdfii, Lamb-, (pile MO Matin'. 

Michs. 1S48; B.A. (34//Z Wrangler) 1852, M.A. 1869; Hon. 
Litt.D. 1913. Hon. Fellow, 1895. Naval Instructor, R.N., 

Laurence, George 

1853; served in the Baltic during the Russian W r ar, 1854-5; 
in China during the second war, 1856-9. Mathematical and 
Naval Instructor, R.N. College, Portsmouth, 1866-73; also 
at Greenwich Lecturer on meteorology, 1873-85; on naval 
hi tory, 1 "I y<>. President, Royal Meteorological Society, 
1 'v Ho D.Liu., Oxford, 1904. Professor of Modern 
History at Km- - College, London, 1885-1915. Knighted, 
1907. Instrumental, with Admiral Su* Cyprian Bridge, in 
founding the Navy Records Society, for which he wrote 
many important contributions; Secretary, 1S93-1912. 
Author, Nelson and his Companions in Arms, and the great 
majority of naval article- mil 1 V.B.. Died Sept. 14, mis, 
at Wimbledon. (Venn, 11. 281. and note; Who was Who, 

LAUGHTON, WILLIAM HYDE. Adm. sizar (age 19) at St 
John's, Oct. 29, 1794. S. of the Rev. Dr George ("Wadham 
College, Oxford, 1754), V. of Chippenham, Cambs. B. at 
Richmond, Surrey. School, private (his father). Re-adni. 
sizar, Apr. 6, 1795; pens. r>ec. 11, 1795; again, pens. Feb. 2^, 
1797; Scholar. Nov. 7. 1797. Kept four terms, altogether, 
by residence. (8/ John's Coll. Adm., iv. 332.) 



, July 1, r j2. 

LAUNDON, JOHN. Adin. pens, (age 20) a1 Caws, Oct. 1, 1859. 
S. of William, of Leicester. B. there. School, Leicester 
Collegiate. Matric. Michs. 1859. Resided five terms. 

LAUPMANN, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Pi rERHOi 5E, Oct. 1, 
1880. S. of Karl, Esq., deceased. B. Oct. 22, 1859. A blind 
man. Si hool, Worcester College for the blind sons of gentle- 
men. Matric. Michs. 1880; B.A. 1884; M.A. 1SS7. Returned 
as a master to the Worcester College for the blind. (1 . A. 
Walker, 559.) 


LAURENCE, ARTHUR JONES. Adm. pens, at Trinity, July 9, 
T870. [3rd] s. of Sydney (1S37), of Clapham, London. B. 
there June 2, 1850. Schools, Woodbridge, Suffolk [and 
Harrow]. Matric. Michs. 1870. Member of the London Stock 
Exchange; of the firm of Laurence, Sons and Gardner. Died 
May 15, 1S95. Brother of Walter (r867) and Frederick S. 
(r883). (G. H. Lawrence; Harrow Sch. Reg.) 

LAURENCE, CHARLES EDWARD. Adm. pens, (age 19) at 
Pembroke, Sept. 21, 1877. S. of the Rev. Perceval (1848). 
R. of S. Ockendon, Essex. P.. [May 17, 1859], at Ickham, 
Kent. School, Shrewsburv. Matric. Michs. 1877; Scholar, 
1877; B.A. (Class, lnp. 1st Class) 1881; M.A. 1S0.9. Assistant 
Master at Blackheath proprietary school, 18S1-1902. Head 
Master of Pembroke School, Bruges, Belgium, 1903-14. 
Assistant Master at Haileybury after the occupation of 
Bruges by the Germans in 1914. Author, Metrical 1 ransla- 
tions of Aristophanes and Sophocles, etc. Resided latterly 
with his brother. Sir Perceval Maitland, at Combe Leigh, 
Wimbledon. Died at Wimbledon, Apr. 15, 1932. Brother of 
Perceval M. (1872) and Lewis B. (1S91). (H. W. Chd, The 
Adventures of a Schoolmaster, 96; G, H. Lawrence; S) . but \ 
Reg.; Schoolmasters' Directories; Tht Times, Apr. 18, 1932. j 

LAURENCE, CLAUD. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 25, 1900. 
s. of Joseph Alfred, of Kingswood, Walton-ou-Thames, 
Surrey. B. [Nov. 5], 18S1, at Surbiton, Surrey. School, 
Marlborough. Matric. Michs. 1900; B.A. 1903; M.A. 1907. 
Member of the London Sto< k Exchange; Messrs Laurence, 
Sons and Gardner. Served in the Great War, rg 14- m (< apl , 
London Yeo. (Rough Riders); attached London Regt. 
(St Pancras Batt.); wounded). Of 3, Old Broad Street. 
London, m 1945. (Marlborough Coll. Keg.; i niv. U at List.) 

LAURENCE, FREDERICK SPENCER. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 
June iti, 1883. [8th] s. of Sydney {1837), of Cavendish Road, 
Clapham Park, London. B. Feb. n, 1864, in London. 
School, Biddishain, Somerset (private). Matric. Mn ! 
B.A. 18SS; M.A. 1892. Ord d<\u on (Worcester) 1893; priest, 
i8gr; C. of Christ Church, Sumnierheld, Birmingham, 1890- 
1901. V. of Holy Trinity, Cambridge, 1912-18. Perm, to off. 
at St Paul's, Portman Square, 1933-5. Of Cranford House, 
Moulsford, Berks., in 194s. Died Apr. 7, 1949. Brother of 
Arthur J. (1870), etc. (Crockford.) 

LAURENCE, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, May 1, 1852. 
Of Middlesex. [S. of George (formerly Levi). B.' Jan. 28, 
1834.] Matric. Michs. 1852; B.A. 1856; M.A. 1859. Ord. 
deacon (Worcester, for F.xeter) r- ; s~; pne-.t (1 \ ; . 
C. of Loxbeare, Devon, 1857-9. C. of Ticknall, Derbs., 
i860 1. C. of Rockland, Norfolk, r863-5. C. of Thurgarton, 
Metton and Felbrigg, 1865-73. C. of Earsham, 1 
C. of Frith, Kent, 1884--);. K. ol MidBv, 1 1920 Lii 

pr., dio. Chichester, 1902-8. Resided latterly at Ea Gri 
stead, where he di-d Jan. 17, 1920. Brother of John A. 
(1855). (G. H. Laurence; (roa'iford; the limes, Jan. 19, 


Laurence, George Hall 

LAURENCE, GEORGE HALL. Adm. peas, (age 17) at Trinity, 
Apr. S, 1819. S. of Charles. B. in London. School, Rugbv. 
Matric Michs, [8io. A merchant in Liverpool. Mayor of 
Liverpool, 1S46. J. p. for Lancashire and Cheshire. Died 
Jan. 15, 1869. (Rugby Reg., Lawrence.) 

LAURENCE, JOHN ALFRED. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
1S55. [S. of George (formerly Levi). B. Jul\ 1 
School, Clapham Grammar.] Matric. Michs. 18 
1859. Ord. deacon (Norwich) i860: priest, 1861; C.'of Bergh 
Apton, Norfolk, 1860-72. V. of Dilham with Honing, 1S72- 
1929. Hon. Canon of Norwich, 1922-9. Died Aug. 29, 1 92 
at Dilham vicarage. Buried at Dilham. Brother of George 
(1852). (G. H. Lawrence; Crockford; The Times, Aug. 14 

LAURENCE, LEWIS BERTRAM. Adm. at Clare, July 7, 1S91 
[Youngest s. of the Rev. Perceval (next), R. of Walesbv. 
Lines. B. Sept. 17, 1872.] School, Bedford Grammar. 
Matric. Michs. 1891; B.A. 1894; MA. 1S99. Ord. deacon 
(Worcester) 1S96; priest, 1S97; C. of St George's, Edgbaston. 
Warws., 1S96-9. C. of St Luke's, Toowomba, Australi 1 
1899-1900. C. (to his father) at Walesby, Lines., 1900-12. 
V. of Usselby, Lines., 1901-15. Died Apr. 19, 1915. Brother 
of Charles E. (1877), etc. (G. H. Lawrence; Scott. WSS 
Crockford; The Times, Apr. 21, 1915.) 

LAURENCE, PERCEVAL. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, 
Mar. 3, 184S. S. of Joseph [formerlv Leva] [and Penelope! 
dau. of John Jackson, of West Rainton Hall, Durham], of 
Beddington, Surrey. B. Dec. 29, 1829. Matric. Michs. 1848; 
B.A. 1852; M.A. 1855. President of the Union, 1851. Ord 
deacon (Worcester) 1853; priest, 1S54; C. of St "Philip's, 
Birminghain, 1S53-4. C. of Woking, Surrey, 1S54-8. C. of 
Ickham, Kent, iSjS^j. C. of East Claydon, Bucks., 1860-70. 
Sinecure R. of Buckland, Kent, and C. of Broadwas, Worcs., 
1S70-3. R. of South Ockendon, Essex, 1873-1. I 
Walesby with Risby, Lines., 1879-1913. Married, Apr. 13, 
1853, Isabella Sarah, dau. of Capt. Wilham Scarth M. > irson, 
late 52nd Regt., and had issue. Died June 6, 191 3, at Walesby 
rectory. Brother of Sydney (1S37); father of the next 
of Charles E. (1877) and Lewis B. (1S91). (G. H. Lawrence; 
Crockford; The Times, June 7, 1913.) 

Chrisii, Sept. 28, 1872. Of Surrey. [Eldest] s. of the Rev 
Perceval (above), C of Broadwas, Worcs. B. Apr. 20, 1S54 
at Woking, Surrey. Matric. Michs. 1S72; Scholar, 1872; B.a! 
(Class. Trip., 1st Class) 1876; Members' prize (English essay) 
1876; \orke prize, 1S77; Whewell Scholar, 1877; LL.M. 
1879; LL.D. 1SS5. Fellow, 1876; Hon. Fellow, 1914. Presi- 
dent of the Union, 1674. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn June 29 
1875. Called to the Bar, June, 1878; to the Cape Bar, 18S0! 
Judge of the High Court of Griqualand, 1882-8; Judge- 
president, 1888-1907. Judge of the Supreme Court at Cape 
Town, 1907-10. Chairman of the Delimitation Commission 
under S. Africa Act, 1909. Judge of the Cape Province 
Division of Supreme Court, S. Africa, 1910-13. Knighted, 
1908. K.C.M.G., 1911. Chairman of the S.African Unh 
Commission. Chairman of the Royal Commission on fire 
brigades and fire prevention, 1921-3. Author, Law and 
Custom of Primogeniture; Collectanea; On Circuit in Kafir- 
land; Memorial Biography of John X. Merriman. Resided 
latterly at Wmibledon, where he died Feb. 28, 1930. Founded 
by will the two Professorships and Readerships in classics 
which bear his name; donor also of books to the University 
library and benefactor to Corpus Christi. Brother of Charles 
-- and LewisB. (1891). (G. H. Lawrence; Inns of Court- 
Law Lists; Foster, Men at the Bar; Who was Who 1929-40' 
Cambridge Review, Apr. 25, 1930; The Times, Mar. 3, 1930.) 

LAURENCE, REGINALD VERE. Adm. sizar at Trinity Oct I 
;®.?5- , s - o| Thomas French, of 8, St Charles Square, Notting 
Hill, London. B. [July 13, 1876], at Ealing, Middles i 
School, Merchant Taylors', London. Matric. "Michs. 1805- 
Scholar, 1897; Lightfoot scholar, 1898; Derby studentship- 
Allen scholar, 1899; B.A. (Hist. Trip., 1st Class) 1 . 
1902. Fellow, 1901-34; Dean, 1908; tutor, 1909-27 i lii ,r 
of the Cambridge Review, 1902. College Lecturer in I 
1903-34. Director of studies to H.R.H. Prinei 
afterwards King George VI) and H.R.H. Prin, 
(afterwards Duke of Gloucester) when members , .1 
C.V O., 1920. Edited (with Dr Figgis) Lectures and I 
Uxrd Idem; contributor to the Cambridge Modern 
In College. 
>; Cambridge Review, Oct. 26, 1934- The 1 
Oct. 20, 1934.) ' 

LAURENCE, SYDNEY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, July 5, ,837. 
[Eldest s. of Joseph Levi, alias Laurence (assumed the name 

S f , L ^ ,r ; Oct. 27, 1819J Scl I,,,, Kent. Matnc. Michs. i-.ii. On the 

Laurie, Kenneth William John 

Stock Exchange [his father was one of the first members, 
and the founder of the firm of Laurence, Sons and Gardner]. 
d. June 27, 1S44, Marv, dau. of Arthur Jones, of 
Greir, Card., and had issue. Of Claph 
Surrey. Died Mar. 1, 1895. Brother of Perceval (1S48); father 
of Arthur J. (1870), Frederick S. (18S3) and the next. 
(G. H. Lawrence.) 

LAURENCE, WALTER. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Dc. ,, . 6 
S. of Sydney (above), oi Clapham Park, London. B. there 
: ' , '-■ .ml, Urighti.ii I i.Ilece. M itrie. Mulm. 1 < - , 

B.A. 1875. Died Dec. 30, 1882. Brother of Arthur J. (1870) 
and Frederick S. (1883). {Brighton Coll. Reg.) 

LAURENTS, PHILIP. B.A., incorp. from Oxford, 1768; M \ 
from Trinity, 1768. S. of Philip, of St Martin's, Jersey. 
Matric. from Pembroke College, Oxford, Oct. 30,' 1751, 
age 20; B.A. (Oxford) 1755. Master at Bury St Edmunds 
School, 1776, until his death in Nov. 1787. (At. Oxon.) 

LAURIA, JOHN ALEXANDER. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 
Ocl [3, 13,-4. Matric Michs. 1874; Scholar; B.A. 1878; 
M.A. 1SS2. Ord. deacon (Manchester) 1S80; priest, 1881; 
C. of St James's, Higher Broughton, Manchester, 18S0-2. 
Assistant Master at Bury Grammar School, 1S82-4. C. of 
St Peter's, Bury, 1883-4. C. of St John's, Hopwood, Lanes., 
V. of Ainsworth (or Cockevmoor), 1887-1905. V. of 
Emmanuel Church, Bolton-le-Moors, 1905-21. Died 1 
1921, aged 64. (Crockford; The Times, Feb. 19, 1921.) 

LAURIE, ANTHONY. Adm. pens, at Caius, Apr. 12, 1859. S. of 
Anthony, sharebroker, of Seacombe, Cheshire. B. there. 
School, St Aidan's Theological College. Matric. Micbs. 1859; 
B.A. 1863; M.A. 1880. Ord. deacon (Worcester) 1863; 
priest, 1865; C. of Malvern, Worcs., 1863-5. C. of Wands- 
worth, 1866-7. C. of St George's, Hanover Square, 1868. 
C. of Doverdale, Worcs., 1869-71. C. of Stone, 1871-3. 
R. of Halford, Warws., 1873-1908; resigned. Lived latterly 
at Cheltenham, where he died Sept. 12, 1913. (Venn, 1 
Crockford; The Guardian, Sept. 19. 1913.) 

LAURIE, ARTHUR PILLANS. Adm. at King's, Oct. 13, 1881. 
[Kldest s. of Professor Simon S., Professor of Education in 
Edinburgh University. B. Nov. 6, 1861. School, Edinburgh 
Academy, and at Edinburgh Univi-rsitv. Matric. Mi, h- 
1881; exhibitioner; prizeman; (Nat. Sci.' Trip., Pt II 1st 
Class, 1884); B.A. 1885; M.A. im,. Fellow, i.sss lis, 
Edin., 1881; D.Sc, Ellin.; LL.D., Edin. F.R.S.E. Uni- 
versity extension lecturer, and lecturer at the People's 
Palace, East London. Cantor Lecturer, 1891. Member of 
the Home Office departmental committee on potterv manu- 
facture, 1S93. Lecturer in physics and chemistry at St Marv's 
Hospital Medical School, and Gilchrist Lecturer, 1895. 
Principal of Heriot Watt College, Edinburgh, 1900-28. 
Professor of Chemistry to the Royal Academy of Arts, 1912. 
Member of Chemical Products Supply Committee, Board of 
Trade, 1914. Chairman, Chemical Inventions Committee, 
Ministry of Munitions, 1915. Author, Srfffl ! 
in Physico-Chcmistry; The Food of Plants; I > 
and Vehicles; Pigments and Mediums of the Old Masters, etc. 
Editor of the Teacher's Encyclopaedia. Died ( let - 1,4, 
Brother of Malcolm (1889). (Edin. Aud. ' 
Grads.; King's Coll. Reg.; Who's Who, 1945.) 


LAURIE, JAMES RENNIE. Adm. pens, at Emmam 1 ;, m t 1 
1890; an I.C.S. probationer. S. of Mrs Laurie, of Craiginnan 
Lodge, Dollar, N.B. [and George Dixon, agent], B. in 
Edinburgh. Educated at the Dollar Academy, and at 
Glasgow University, 1888, for one year. Matric. Michs. 1890. 

1^1 at Jesus, Jan. 26, 1864. S. of John, General. I;. [I in. 

at Bath. School, Cheltenham. Matri, . Michs. 1.S64, 
B.A. 1868; M.A. 1.-71. Ord. deacon (Mam .In- 1. , 
priest, 1870; C. of St Peter's, Swinton, Manchesti 1 
C. of Highgate, Middlesex, 1875-7. C. of Witham, 1 : >. 
Ii. V. of Holme, Hunts., 1881-95. Died Api 1 . 

Father of Kenneth W. J. (1893). (Cheltn:-. ■ 

Crockford; The Standard, Apr. 20, 1895.) 



1893. S. of the Rev. [ames William Borthwii 
V. of Holme, near Petcrboi ,ugh. B. N 
Swinton. School, Oakham (Mr Hodge). .Mam, . Mi, hs. [893: 

.1 \ 1,,.' 1 1 n [el 
, sburg, S. AIM, a, ,. 


Laurie, Malcolm 

LAURIE, MALCOLM. Adm. at King's, Oct. i, 1889. [S. of 
Professor Simon, Professor of Education in Edinburgh 
University. 15. Feb. 27, 1866. School, Edinburgh Academy. 
At Edinburgh University (B.Sc. 1886) ; also .it the University 
of Tubingen, Germany, and University College, London,] 
Matric. Michs. 1889; - xhibitioner, r88g ; prizeman; B.A. 
1892. D.Sc, Edin., 1893. F.L.S.; F.R.S.E. Professor of 
Zoology, St Mungo's College, Glasgow, 1893-1918. Lecturer 
in biology, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, 1904-18. 
Of 16, Wordsworth Road, Harpenden, Herts., in 1925. 
Died there July 16, 1932. Brother of Arthur P. (1881). 
(Edin. Acad. Reg.; Edin. Univ. Grads.; King's Coll. Reg.; 
1 he i unes, July 18, 1932; C. J. Kordyce.) 

LAURIE, MAXWELL. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, Oct. 1, 
1887, from Edinburgh University. S. of Thomas, Esq., of 
Brixton. B. Ian. 12, 1868, atLeith. School, George Watson's 
College, Edinburgh. Matric. Michs. 1887. Entered the I.C.S.; 
Assistant Commissioner and Settlement Officer, in Burma, 
1S89; Deputy Commissioner, 1901; retired, 1915. President 
of Rangoon mumcipafity, 1904. M.V.O., 1906. Served in the 
1.]. it War, ii|i|-M (Capt., R.G.A. (T.F.); employed at the 
War Office). Of St Ives, Cornwall, in 1945. (/.U.S. Lists; 
l niv Wat List; I . A. Walker, 598; Who's Who; Kelly, 

Adm. at Peterhouse, c. Aug. 1825. [3rd s. of Alexander, of 
E. Lothian, Esq.] Matric. Machs. 1827; LL.B. 1832; LL.M. 
1859; LL.D. 1873. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Feb. 14, 1829. 
Called to the Bar, Nov. 22, 1833. On the Home Circuit. 
A very prominent barrister. Married, Aug. 1, 1844, Fanny, 
dau. of Henry Hulbert, of Eaton Square, London, W., and 
Kuwfant, Sussex. Took the name of Nor t hall -Laurie, < let. 17, 
1850. Father of the next. (/ . A. Walker, 423 and 431 ; Inns 
of 1 ourt (Peter only); Law Lists.) 

NORTHALL Adm. pens, at St John's, Mar. 16, 1870, as 
Northall-Laurie. [Only] s. of Peter Northall (above) [and 
Frances]. B. Jan. 18, 1852, at Marylebone. Bapt. Feb. 24, 
1852. School, Harrow. Matric. Michs. 1870; B.A. 1875; 
M.A. 1S78. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Dec. 27, 1871. Called to 
the Bar, Nov. 17, 1875- T>-L. for the City of London. 1.1'. 
for Middlesex. Of Wrinsted Court, Sittingboume, Kent. 
Died June 11, is-ri- (ilaru-w i>ch. Keg.; I.'. I. Walker, 431 
(sub his father), Inns of Court; Foster, Men at the Bar; Law 

LAURIE, RICHARD Adm. pens, at Queens', May 17, 1831. 
Of Essex. Matric. Michs. 1831; B.A. 1835. Ord. deacon 
(Exeter) 1S36; pnest, 1836; C. of Lydiord, Devon, 1 1 1 6. 
C. ot Cruwys Morchard, 1852-62. C. of Bow, 181.2-8. C. of 
East Anstey, 1870-4. Disappears from Clergy List, 1S75. 

LAURIE, WALTER DAVID. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, 

1 li 1 1. 1S84, from Edinburgh University (M.A. there [884). 
S. of Walter, Esq., of Morningside, Edinburgh. B. Mar. 12, 
1864. School, Edinburgh Academy. Matric. Michs. 1884; 
B.A. 1887. Advocate in Singapore and Penang, 1900-7. 
Subsequently went to Rhodesia. Died May 12, 1912, at the 
Royal Chest Hospital, London. (Edin. .i,,it K. \,\\\\> i< 
the name is Laurie and date of birth given as t86 ;i . 
Edin. Univ. Grads. (sub Laurie).) 


LAURIER, WILFRED. Hon. LL.D. 1S97. [Only s. of Carolus 
and Marcelle Martmeati. B. Nov. 20, 1841, at St Lm, near 
Montreal. Of French ancestry. School, L'Assomption Col- 
lege and at McGill University.] Practised as a lawyei in 
Montreal, and later at Arthabaska. K.C.; P.C. M.P. for 
Drummund, Arth.ib.ii.ka, in Parliament of Canada, 1H74. 
Minister of Inland Revenue, 1877. M.P. for Quebei 1 ist, 

1877-1919. U ader of th'- Liberal Parte, 1"-. .... Prime 
Minister of Canada, iS^o -i-,ii. G.C.M.G., 1*97 Died 
Feb. 17, 1919, -it Ottawa. (D.N.B.) 

LAVER, LAURENCE SAVILLE. Adm. pens, at St John's, 
June 29, 1899. S. of Alfred, commercial traveller, of Not- 
tingham [and Fanny Sarah Saville]. B. Oct. jo, 1 , .,>, at 
Lewes, Sussex. S< In ml, Nottingham High (Mr | Gow) 
Matric. Michs. [899; B.A Cla trip., Pt 1, 1st Class) 1902' 
M.A. 1909 \--i ' it W ter at Cakiay Gi e Gi mai 
Si hool, West Kirby, [902 , , at U pggi ston Gramm a Si hool 
Leicester, 1903-S, .it Kin;.: I 'Iw.ird \ 1'-. i,r.iiiiiiur Nh<H,l! 
Stourbridge, 1908-12. lb-ad Master . .1 1, until v High N U>*A, 
Altrincham, 1912-33-. [Schoolmasters' Direc 

LAVERACK, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Sr Catharine's, 
Apr. 16, 1836. Matric. Michs. 1836; B.A. 1842. 

LAVERS-SMITH, HAMILTON. Adm. at Caius, Oct. 1, 1884. 
S. of C. L., gent., of Walton-on-Thames. B. [Oct. 17/, 1865, 
at Highbury, London. Schools, St Leonard's, Blaisdon, and 

Law, The Hon. Charles Ewan 

Hitchin. Matric. Michs. 1884; B.A. 1887. Adm. Solicitor, 
1900. Practised in London, and afterwards at Richmond, 
Surrey; retired, 1929. Died Nov. 7, 1939, at Richmond. 
(Venn, 11. 4U.S; Law Lists; Tiu- limes, Nov. 9, [939.) 
LAVIE, THOMAS. Adm. pens, {age 19) at Magdalene, June 24, 
1817. S. of Sir Thomas, Knt., President of the Royal Naval 
College, Greenwich [and Mary Lissmore]. [B. Sept. 15, 1798, 
at Watford.] School, Winchester. Matric. Michs. 1S17; B.A. 

LAVY, ERNEST EDWARD. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 1899. 
5th s. of — [Charles], timber-merchant, of London. B. 
Oct. 19, 1877, at 104, Grosvenor Road, Canonbury, London, 
N School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1899; B.A. 1902; M.A, 
1906. Adm. aJ eundem B.A. at Trinity College, Dublin, 
1809; M.B. and B.Ch., Dublin, 1914; M.D., Dublin, 1 ,iv 
Ord. deacon and priest (London) 1903; C. of St S 
Tolling ton Park, Middlesex, 1903. C.M.S. Missionary at 
Baghdad, 1903-9. C. of St Mary's, Dublin, 1909-13. C.M.S. 
Missionary in Punjab and Sindh, 1915-16; in Mesopotamia, 
1916-21; at Omdurman, 1921-4; at Nablus, Jerusalem, 
1924-6. C. of Luton, Beds., 1929-31. V. of St Andrew's, 
Watford, 1931-7. Died Apr. z6, 1940, at Southborough, 
Tunbridge Wells. (Rugbv Sch. Keg.; Medical Directories; 
The Times, Apr. 27, 1940.) 

LAW, ALAN ROKEBY. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 25, 1 g 1 
S. of William Thomas, of Ripley, Surrey. B. 1SS1, at St 
Leonard's-on-Sea, Susses. School, Wellington. Matric. 
Michs. 1899; B.A. 1902; M.A. 1006. 'Engaged in scholastic- 
work.' Died 1906. [Wellington > ■ 

Hall, 1894. S. of the Rev. Robert Arbuthnot (1S61), 
deceased, late R. of Bale, Norfolk. School, Eton. Matric. 
Michs. 1894. (Eton Sch. Lists.) 

LAW, ARTHUR. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, May 21, 1861. 
S. of the Rev. Robert Vanbrugh (1817), R. of Christian 
Malford, Wilts., Canon of Chester. B. Feb. 25, 1843. School, 
Marlborough. Matric. Michs. 1861; B.A i.sf.s; M.A. 1873. 
Ord. deacon (Gloucester and Bath) 1M.17; C. of Chipping 
Campdeu, Gloucs., 1866-8. C. of St James's, Leckhampton, 
1869. C. of Christian Malford, Wilts., i.Sw-75- R- of 
Dauntsey, 1875-1915. Died Dee. 6, 1923, al Bath. (Marl- 
borough Coll. Reg.; T. A. Walker, 518; C rockford.) 

LAW, ARTHUR JAMES. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Jesus, Sept. 29, 
1862. S. of the Rev. William {1821), deceased. B. [1844], at 
Orwell. School, Tonbridge. Matric. Michs. 1862; B.A. r866. 
Athletics 'blue' (long jump), 1866. Winner of the hurdle 
race at the Amateur championship meeting, 1867. Ord. 
deacon (Chichester) 1867; priest, 1869; C. of Heathfield, 
Sussex, 1867-9. C. of Beckley, 1869-70. C. of Eltham, Kent, 
1870-3. C. of Nottingham, 1873-6. R. of Pretoria, [Vans 
vaal, 1876-80. C.F. in the Transvaal, 1877 "9 < s At n, 1 War 
medal for services in the Secoceni campaign, 1 - , •■ I 
Brent Pelham, Herts., 1880-4. V. of Shall, , id, Fss. \. 1--4 
1920. Died June 28, 1920. {Crockford; The (Juardian, lulv-j. 

LAW, ARTHUR THOMAS WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Selwyn 
H.,Oct. 1, 1894. B.July 26, 1870. [School, lasted.] Matric. 
Michs. 1894; B.A. 1897; M.A. 1901. Ord. deacon (Norwich) 
1899; priest, 1900; C. of Wymondham, Norfolk, 1S99-1902. 
C. "I Halifax, 1902-4. C. of Hallow, Worcs., 1904-5. C. of 
Gt Canneld, Essex, 1905-7. Perm, to off. at Barnston, 
1908-10. C. of Greenstead Green, i<n- ">. Perm, to off. at 
St Andrew's Mission Church, Acton, 1916-18. T.C.F., 
1918-19. C. of Rivenhall, Essex, 1919-20. Perm, to off., 
diu. Melanesia, 11,21. C. <A Hull \V, .■!,, Prvm, 1922-4. C. 
of Teigumouth West, 1924-7. R. of Brendon, 1927-9. R. of 
Stowford, 1929-37. R. of Cplowman, 1937-40. K. of Tud- 
denham St Mary with Cavenham, Suffolk, 1940-8-. (Al. 
Felsted; Crockford.) 

LAW, The Hon. CHARLES EWAN. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Sr 
John's, Jan. 25, 1810. [2nd] s. of Edward (1767), 1st Baron 
Ellenborough [and Anne, dau. of Capt. George Phillips 
Towry, R.N.]. [B. June 14, 1702.] School, Winchester. 
Matric. Lent, 1810; M.A. 1812; LL.D. (Com. Keg.) 1847. 
Adm. at the Imier Temple, Jan. 16, 1813. Called to the Bar, 
Feb. 7, 1817. On the Home Circuit. One of the four Common 
Pleaders of the City of London, 1823. Judge of the Sheriff 's 
Court, 1828. K.C., 1829. Bencher, 1829; Treasurer. 1839. 
Common Serjeant, 1 I30. Recorder of London, 1833-50. 
M.P. for t .uiibndee l.'mversity, 1835-50. Married, Mar. 8, 
181 1, a! Gretna Green and again, May 22, Llizabeth Sophia, 
3rd dau, "l sir Edward Nightingale, Bart., ot Kneesworth, 
Cambs, Died Aug. 13, 1850, in London Referred to favour- 
ably bv Gunning in his Reminiscences, 11 j^u-j. Brother of 
Edward (1807), William T. (1831) and fohn (1824); father 
of Edward (1837). (Burke, /'. and B.\ Inns oj Court; Law 
Lists; l> \ B , 

Law, Edmund 

LAW, EDMUND. Adm. pens, (age 14) at Peterhouse, May 19, 
1756. Eldest s. of Edmund (1720), D.D., Master of Peter- 
house, and Bishop of Carlisle [and Mary, dau. of John 
Christian, barrister, of Ewanrigg, Cumberland, and Miln 
town, Isle of Man]. B. July 4, 1741 [at Greystoke, Cumber- 
land]. Schools [Applebv and] Charterhouse. Matric. Michs. 
Scholar, 1756. Died Feb. 23, 1758- Buried at Little 
St Mary's. Brother of Edmund (1775), Edward 1.1-'^! ami 
George H. (1776), etc. (r. A. Walker, 313; C. R. Hudleston.) 

LAW, EDMUND. Adm. pens, (age 23) at Peterhouse. May 3, 
1771. S. of Joseph, of Carhuilan, near Haweswater, West- 
morland. School, Kirkbv-Stepht-n. Matric. Michs. 1771; 
B.A. 1775- C. of Gt Salkeld, Cumberland, 1783-1805. J.P. 
for Cumberland. R. of Musgrave, Westmorland. V. of 
Whittinghani, Northumberland, 1804-35. Died June 2, 
1835. Father of Joseph (1812). {T, A. Walker, 333; Foster, 
Index Eccles.; G. Mag., 1835, 11. 329.) 

LAW, EDMUND. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Peterhoi.'se, lune 24, 
1775. Of Cambridgeshire. S. of Edmund (1720L D.D., 
Master of Peterhouse and Bishop of Carlisle. Bapt. June 24, 
1759, at Little St Mary's, Cambridge. School, Ipswich. 
Maine. Lent, 1776; B.A. 1780. Special provision was made 
for him in his father's will because of his "suffering from 
innrmity.' Died unmarried. Brother of Edmund (1756, 
ob. 1758, after whom he was named}; George H. (1776) and 
Edward (1767). (I\ A. Walker, 340; Little St Mary's Reg., 

LAW, EDMUND. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Jan. 24, 1835. [Eldest 
s. of William John. B. Mar. 2, 1818. School, Westminster.] 
Matric, Michs. 1835; Scholar, 1839; B.A. 1840; M.A. 1843. 
Adm. at the Inner Temple, June 3, 1843. Called to the Bar, 
June 5, 1S46. Married, 1S4S, Frederica, 5th dau. of the Hon. 
Charles Ewan Law (iSio). Died Mar. 26, 1867. Doubtless 
father of Henry T. (1874). (Record of Old Westminsters; Innt 
of Court; Lou.' Lists.) 

LAW, EDWARD. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Peterhouse, May 4, 
1767. [4th] s. of Edmund (1720), Master of Peterhouse. 
[According to a local tradition he was bora, Nov. 7, 1750, in 
a cottage at EUenborough while his mother was on a journey 
to her old home at Ewanrigg.] Bapt. Dec. 13, 1750, at 
Gt Selkeld, Cumberland. Schools, Bury and Charterhouse. 
Matric. Michs. 1767; Scholar, 1767; B.A. (yd Wrangler) 
1771; 1st Chancellor's medal, 1771; Members' prize, 1772 and 
1773; M.A. 1774. Fellow, 1771-89. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, 
June 10, 1769; migrated to the Inner Temple, Nov. 18, 1782; 
Reader, 1794; Treasurer, 1795. Special Pleader, 1775-S0. 
Called to the Bar, 1780. K.C., 1787. King's Attorney and 
Serjeant within the County Palatine of Lancaster, 1793-1802. 
Attorney-General, 1801. M.P. for Newton, Isle of Wight. 
1801-2. Knighted, 1S01. Lord Chief Justice, 1802-18. 
Created Baron EUenborough of EUenborough, 1802. Privy 
Councillor, 1802. Speaker of the House of Lords, 1S05.