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Temporary Titk-page] 1923 


Notes on the Society's Publications 137 

The Cruel Debtor, a further fragment . . . . .142 

Four Letters on Theatrical Affairs, Edited by E. K. Chambers . 145 

The Academic Drama at Cambridge : Extracts from College 

Records. Edited by G. C- Moore Smith . . . .150 

*^* Except where otherwise stated the responsibility for 
contributions rests with the General Editor. 


The present part continues the second volume of the Society's 
Collections. When sufficient parts have appeared to form a 
substantial volume an index and preliminary matter will be 

Aug. 1923. W. W. Greg, Gen. Ed. 

"*'"' NOTES ON 


The last set of these notes appeared in the part of the 
Society's Collcctio7is included in the publications for 191 1 (I. 4 
and 5, p. 285). Since then the following volumes have been 
issued to members ; for 191 2, Peele's David and Beihsabe, 1599, 
Englishmen for my Mojiey, 1616, Porter's Two Angry Women 
of Adingion, 1599, The Weakest Goeth to the Wall, 1600, Wily 
Beguiled, 1606, and The Resurrection of Our Lord from a manu- 
script in the possession of the late Mr. Bertram Dobell ; for 

1913, Clyomon and Clamydes, i^gg,A Larumfor Londo7i, 1602, 
Liberality afid Prodigality, 1602, Look about You, 1600, The 
Wit of a Woman, 1604, and a part of Collections (II. i) con- 
taining Professor Albert Feuillerat's Blackfriars Records ; for 

1914, The Tragedy of Mariam by Lady Elizabeth Cary, 161 3, 
R. Wilson's Coblers Prophecy, 1594, TJie Pedlars Prophecy, 
1595, Gesta Grayorum, 1688, Tancred and Gismund hy R. Wil- 
mot and others, 1591, and The Tragedy of Tiberius (' Claudius 
Tiberius Nero'), 1607; for the years 1915 to 1919 no volumes 
were issued, the Society being in a state of suspended animation 
owing to the war; for 1920, The Welsh Embassador from a 
manuscript in the Cardiff Public Library, and Jonson's Every 
Man out of his Humour, 1 600 (from the true first edition) ; for 
1 92 1, Greene's James IV, 1598, and Marston's Antonio and 
Mellida and Antonio s Revenge, 1602 ; for 1922, The Christmas 
Prince from a manuscript at St. John's College, Oxford, and, as 
an extra volume, the General Editor's essay on Two Elizabethan 
Stage Ab-ridgemcnts ; for 1923, Munday's y^/z/2 a Kent and John 
a Cumber from the Mostyn manuscript now in the possession of 



Messrs. Ouaritch, and the present part of Collections (II. 2) 
consisting mainly of Professor Moore Smith's extracts from the 
accounts of Cambridge colleges ; while for 1924 it is arranged 
that the Society shall share with the Walpole Society in the 
publication of an illustrated catalogue of the Chatsworth collec- 
tion of Inigo Jones' drawings for masques. 

There does not appear to be very much new information 
available respecting any of the plays in this list. When the 
Society's reprint o{ Mariam was prepared the Huth copy, which 
was the only one known to contain the dedicatory sonnet, 
was not available, but the leaf in question was subsequently 
reproduced and circulated to members from a copy in the pos- 
session of Mr. W. A. White. Concerning this leaf the intro- 
duction contained the remark : ' It will be observed that the 
leaf in question is an insertion, for the title forms the real Ai 
of the volume.' This is an error. Through the kindness of 
Messrs. Ouaritch it has now been possible to inspect the very 
fine copy formerly in the possession of Lord Mostyn. This lacks 
indeed the sonnet-leaf, but it has the original blank at the 
beoinninor and forminof a half-sheet with the title-leaf. It follows 
that the sonnet-leaf, signed ' A ', is in fact the original Ai, and 
forms an integral part of the volume. The fact that, so far as 
is known, it survives in two copies only, shows that it must have 
been cancelled. The reason for this is not known, but there 
seems no reason to suppose that it throws any doubt on the 
arguments by which the authorship has been established. 

As regards earlier publications a few facts should be men- 
tioned that have come to light respecting Sir Tliomas More 
since the issue of the Society's reprint. In the first place the 
hand in which the original text of the play is written, said to be 
that of a scribe in the reprint, has been identified as belonging 
to Anthony Munday. The hand referred to as ' C ' in the 
reprint, and described as that of a playhouse review, is now 
known to appear likewise in the theatrical ' plot ' of The Seven 
Deadly Sins, preserved at Dulwich College (MS. xtx), and in 
another similar document in the British Museum (MS. Addit. 


10449, fol^ 4), whose fragmentary condition unfortunately obscures 
its identity. Further research has confirmed the identification 
of band E as Dekker's. Lastly the case for supposing hand D 
to be;. Shakespeare's has been argued afresh by Sir Edward 
!?farffide Thompson in a monograph entitled Shakespeare s 
Handwriiing {Oxio'cd, 19 16), a work that has placed the problem 
on an entirely new footing. This is not the place to enter into 
the merits of an admittedly controversial question, but it may 
be permitted to refer members to an exhaustive study entitled 
Shakespeare s Hand hi Sir Thomas More, edited by Mr. A; W. 
Pollard (Cambridge, 1923). 

It is necessary to add one or two notes on texts printed in 
the first volume of the Society's Collectiotis. In 1908 there was 
included, under the title The Play of Lucrece, a fragment of an 
interlude preserved in the British Museum (I. 2, p. 137). A perfect 
copy of this interlude appeared in the sale of Lord Mostyn's 
books in the spring of 19 19 and passed into the possession of 
Mr. Henry E. Huntington, for whom a facsimile, with an intro- 
duction by Mr. Seymour de Ricci, was published in 1920 (New 
York: G. D. Smith). The title runs: '^ Here is coteyned 
a godely interlude of Fulgens Cenatoure of Rome. Lucres his 
doughter. Gayus flaminius. & Publi^. Cornelia of the clisputacyon ■ 
of noblenes. & is deuyded in two ptyes / to be played at ii. tymes. 
Copyled by mayster Henry medwall. late chapelayne to y'^ ryght 
reuerent fader in god lohan Morton cardynall & Archebysshop 
of Cauterbury.' The colophon adds : ' J[ Emprynted at london 
by lohan rastell dwellynge on the south syde of paulys chyrche 
by syde paulys cheyne.' Ever since the days of the early book- 
sellers' lists, which record a ' Fulgius and Lucrell ', the play has 
been known by the names of those two of its four characters 
which happen to stand first on the title-page. This is not really 
a very happy choice, and it may be suggested that by analogy 
with other plays of the sort a better title might be found in The 
DispiUation of Nobleness. An examination of the facsimile has 
revealed certain errors in the Society's reprint. Unfortunately 
the statement was hazarded that ' since the portion of the text 


preserved obviously belongs to the beginning of the play, the 
signature may safely be read as " a iii "' '. The leaves preserved 
at the Museum are in fact e 3 and e 4 from the second ' party ' : 
the quarto is in sixes, and they therefore form the central half- 
sheet of a quire. There are the following errors in the text of 
the reprint: 1. 46, 'must' read 'muft'; 11. 114 and 124, 'his' 
read 'hys'; 1. 120, ' harte ' read'harde'. The following may 
also be noted : 1. 10, the defect should be supplied as ' tar[y fo ' ; 
1. 34, the erroneous ' JI ' is preceded by an erroneous prefix ' B '; 
1. 88, the defect should be supplied as ' cornel[i^ '. But beyond 
this there are certain genuine variants between the Museum 
fragment and the complete copy, though they unquestionably 
belong to the same edition. Thus : 1. 62, frag. ' collis bonis ', 
copy ' cokkis bonis ' ; 1. 64, frag. ' ftone ar ftycke ', copy * ftone 
or ftycke ' ; 1. 71, frag. ' muft ball ', copy ' mufc ball ' ; 1. 92, frag. 
' fayd man ', copy ' fad man ' (riming with ' amade man ' for ' a 
mad man'); 1. 99, frag, 'herneft', copy ' erneft '. It will be 
noticed that all the variants occur on e 2, verso and e4 recto, 
which belong to the same forme, and it is evident that the frag- 
ment is an earlier impression (it may even be a proof), the type 
having been corrected before the complete copy was printed. 

Another new interlude from the Mostyn sale (likewise fac- 
similed for Mr. Huntington) is called : ' A Comedy or Enterlude 
intituled, Inough is as good as a feast, very fruteful /godly and 
ful of pleasant mirth. Compiled by W. Wager. . . . Imprinted 
at London at the long shop adioyning vnto S. Mildreds Church 
in the Pultrie, by lohn Allde.' So far, however, no perfect copy 
has come to light of Wager's other play, T/te Cruel Debtor, 
fragments of which were printed in the Society's Collections in 
191 1 (I. 4 and 5, p. 315). The Museum fragments, however, 
which were formerly scattered, have now been collected in one 
jilace, and in the course of collection an extra leaf appears to 
have been discovered. A reprint of this is included in the 
present part. 

The General Editor is indebted to our President for pointing 
out that the publication in 1921 by the Record Office, under the 


editorship of Mr. E. G. Atkinson, of the Register of the Privy 
Council for 16 13-4 makes it possible to rectify an omission 
from the series of extracts from the Jacobean and Caroline 
Registers published in vol. I, pp. 370-95, of these Collections, 
PfdBably a mis-spelling by the Clerk of the Council is to blame. 
On 29 July 161 3 he records (p. 165) : 

* Whereas complaint was this day made to their Lordships by 
Mr. Recorder and divers Aldermen of the cittie of London that 
one Sturgis, haveinge lately taken a lease from Sir Edward 
Gorge, knight, of a great house or messuage in White Fryers, 
hath let the same to three or fower severall tennants, as namely 
one part thereof, beinge the garden, to one Rossetoe Kynman 
and others, who goe aboute to erecte a paye house thereupon : 
... it pleased their Lordships thereupon to order that the 
Lord Mayour and Aldermen of that Ward shall take present 
order, aswell for the stay of anie newe buildinge to bee there 
erected, as alsoe for devydinge of that house into anie more 
tennementes then hath ben heretofore used there '. 

The editor rightly suggests that ' paye house ' should be 
' playe house ' ; and in ' Rossetoe ' and ' Kynman ' we may 
discern the Philip Rosseter and Philip Kingman who were two 
of the patentees for the Porter's Hall theatre in 161 5 {Collections, 
I, p. 277). Of this earlier and equally unfortunate enterprise 
nothing has hitherto been known, except the following extract 
by Sir Henry Herbert ('Variorum' Shakespeare, 1821, iii. 52) 
from the records of his predecessor. Sir George Buck : 

' July 13, 161 3, for a license to erect a new play-house in the 
White-friers, &c. ^20.' 




When in 191 1 the known fragments of Wager's Cruel Debtor 
were reprinted in the Society's Collections (I, p. 315), two of the 
leaves at the British Museum were bound in a volume with the 
press-mark C. 40. e. 48, while a third was in the Bagford collec- 
tion (Harl. 5919, fol. 18''). This last has now been removed 
from its place and inserted in the volume already containing its 
fellows, the press-mark of which has been altered to C. 34. g. 34. 
Moreover, in the process of collecting the fragments, a fourth 
leaf has been brought to light, apparently from some secret 
hoard. This by a curious chance happens to be C4 (unsigned), 
which fills the gap between the previously known ' C.iii.' and 
' D[i]'. It is printed below. The opportunity may be taken to 
make one or two corrections and additions to the former reprint. 
Thus : 1. 16, a trace of the ' B ' is visible after ' Now ' ; 1. 30, for 
' biddeft ' read 'diddeft' ; 1. 33, the first two letters of the line 
may be 'FT, there should be a space before ' our ', the next 
word is almost certainly ' freyndes ', the signature should be 
about one ' en ' further to the left ; 1. 56, for ' fmacke ' read 
' fwacke ' ; 1. 66, the end reads ' nere to cum.' ; D i recto, there 
should be a full-point at the end of the running title. Notes on 
the present fragment : 1. i, ' felfe ' possibly ' felfe ' ; 1. 2, * id ' sic ; 
1. 13 margin, a trace possibly of 't', supply * to ' ; 1. 26, supply 
' C ! ^' '}>Z-> restore probably ' madnes to ' and supply in margin 
' Rygor.' ; 1. 54, restore in margin ' Rigor.' ; 1. 56, a parenthesis 
is wanting at the end ; 1. 60. ' cafl: ' the last three letters are 
defective; 1. 64, ' forggiue ' sic ; 1. 66. * theyr brother,' the letters 
*r br ' are defective, restore in the margin ' Symu-|latyon.', the 
* S ' and ' a ' are both defective. 

.** The cruell Debtter. 

He that putteth hym felfe in forewarde 
Can not be fure, but putteth hym felfe id hazard. 

J^A^orefon, by the maffe it fhall coft thee thy lyfe. Rygor. 

J I wyll cut thee as fmall as a knaue w my knyfe. Flateri 

C Good Lord, what meaneth thefe folkes to fyght ? Symu- 

Holde your handes mayfters, I pray you no more, latyon. 
I trow that it is not bell to approche to nere 
Leffe perchaunce we lyke fome of theyr euell chere. 

f[ I wyll teach you horfon vyllayne to niedle w mee. Rygor. 

^° C I^oubt thou not but euen with thee I wyll be. Flateri 

|[ Paffyon of God, one of them is my cofyn Flatery, Symu- 

I wyll fee hym take no hurte here verel)-. latyon. 

For Gods fake Gentleman holde your hand, Goe ( 

Thys is an honeft man, you fhall vnderftand. ^^^"^• 

^ Horefon knaue, ciameft thou to take hys parte ? Rigor. 

Beate Simulation. 

f[ You haue broken my head (I befhrew your harte.) Symu. 
f[ Art thou medleng betweene vs naughty knaue } Flateri 

Sumwhat for thy prefumption thou fhalt haue. 
20 f[ No more good cofyn for Gods paffyon, Symu. 

No more, alas, I am your cofyn Simulation. 
|[ For the body of god holde thy hand Rigor, Flateri 

If thou be a of thy hand, ftryke no more : 
I wene we haue hurt my cofyn by the maffe, 
I had leuer the twenty poud it had not come to paffe 

)I can not be content tyll I haue a leg or an arme Rygor, 
Here Flatery mulle holde Rigor. 

but at this time for his fake I wil do no more harme. 
|[ Alas, fynce I was borne dyd neuer me fo me beate Symu- 
30 I fear y I fhal neuer after this day more bread eate, ^^^yo"- 

my arme, my arme, now alas what fhall I do ? 

1 wene that my back bone be broken in two. 

|[ It is ma( )to medle betwene men in theyr fury, ( 


The Cruell rlebtter. 

they know not theyr owne father whe they be angry( 
Flateri C Furoi- ira^ vientem predpilanl. 

Fury and wroth (as in Vyrg) 11 I fynde) 
Do wythdraw and precipitate a mans mynde, 
In fayth cofyn, if I had knowen that it had ben you 
I wolde not hauc hurte you for the pryce of a cow : 
Alas good cofyn, now by my trouth I am fory, 4° 

I promyfe you cofyn, you are all my ioy & glory : 
By my fa)th and trouth you will not beleeue 
How the forenes of your backe doth my backe greeue 
the ftrypes that on your armes & fhoulders did light 
I wyfh them on myne owne, by god & by thys night 
A good cofin, cofyn, I pray you be of good chere, 
Let me fee )'our armes, do any of your ftripes appere. 
Symu- ^ A vengeance on your falfe fubtle fm)lyng harte, 
latyon. p^|j jjj^^ ^ {2\{^ knaue you can play your parte. 
Flateri <[ Of lytle falfehed truly I had probation 5° 

Before I learned it of you Symulation. 
Symu- ^ Thys was done of a fet purpofe (I dare fay,) 
latyon. g^|. ^^.^^ ^^ jj.^ j ^^^,|| }^^ euen wyth }ou one day. 

)igor. ^ To deceiue fuch one as is knowen deceiuable 
Is no deceyte, as by thee now it is probable : 
All the worlde you deceiue (your cofyn doth fay 
Thynkyng it not poffible to deceiue you any way. 
Than I heryng that you weare fo conyng in deceyte 
To deceyue you agayne, a tyme I d)d wayte, 
Lo here fee, he that to deceiue al, hys mind doth call ^»o 
By fome meane is deceyued hym felfe at the laft. 

Flateri ^ Put me in no fault cofyn I you defyre, 

For Rigor fo to do dyd me inftantly requyre. 

I trufi: cofyn that you wyll forggeue me for this once 

For I wil do no more fo I warrat you by thefe bones. 

^\ ) C ^ forgeue you as chryflrn men theyr brother, 

K > Tyll 


These letters are from divers sources, and bear no relation to 
one another; but they are all sufficiently interesting for the 
history of the stage to justify recording. For copies and per- 
mission to print, my thanks are due to the Master and Fellows 
of Magdalene College, Cambridge, and their former librarian, 
Mr. S. Gaselee, as regards Nos. I and II ; and to the Marquis 
of Salisbury and his librarian, Mr. R. T. Gunton, as regards 
No. III. 

E. K. Chambers. 

[1569, May 5. Thomas Cooper, Dean of Christ Church and Vice-Chancellor 
of Oxford, to Robert Earl of Leicester, Chancellor of the University {Pepys MS., 
ii. 273, at Magdalene College, Cambridge). The year can hardly be doubtful. 
Leicester was to be accompanied on his visit by a Cardinal, who can only be the 
heretical Odet de Coligny, Cardinal de Chatillon. He came to England in September 
1568, and in June 1569 Cooper was transferred to the deanery of Gloucester. An 
abstract of the letter in the Report on the Pepys Manuscripts {Hist. MSS. Comm.), 
155, has the misreading 'apparaiti ' for ' apparaile ', and this has misled Dr. Boas 
{JJniversity Drama in the Tudor Age, 158). Dr. Boas could find no evidence in 
the Vice-Chancellor's accounts that the projected visit ever took place. On the 
other hand, the French ambassador, Bertrand de Salignac de la Mothe-F^nelon 
{Correspondaiice Diplomatique, ii, 15), writes on 10 June 1569 that the Cardinal 
* s'en est all^ a quelques beings (bains), qui sont par della Oxfort '. Nothing more 
is known of the play ; it might conceivably have been Gascoigne and Kinwel- 
mershe's yi^^ai'/rt, originally produced at Gray's Inn in 1566.] 

After most humble thanks for your honorable purpose and 
determination to all our great comforts to see your Universitie, 
as I am informed, the fiftenth of this present moneth, I have 
thought it my dewtie to lette your Honour understande what 
exercises there is to that purpose prcepared, that if it shall seem 
good to your wisedome you may alter them as it you shall think 
best. There are prouided two sermons one in Latine to be 
made by myselfe, an other in English by D. Westphalinge. 



Disputations in Diuinitie wherin answereth D. Humfrey, 
and D. Cooper, D. Westphalinge, D. Calfehill I thinke, And 
D. Cradocke doe oppose. If D. Pierse come downe with your 
honour he may well occupie a place. The questions are the two 
pillars of papistrie the authoritie of the church and the supre- 
macie of Rome, In this maner. An in dogmatibus fides nitatur 
solo Dei verbo, non authoritate Ecclesiae. An papa possit esse 
caput Universalis Ecclesiae. In morall phylosophie the ques- 
tions are. An foeneratio sit licita. An contemplativa vita sit 
praestantior civili. In naturall phylosophie the questions are 
not yet apointed. The persons that shall dispute are such as 
haue not before shewed themselfes in any like open exercise to 
straingers before tyme. We have also in readinesse a playe or 
shew of the destruction of Thebes, and the contention between 
Eteocles and Polynices for the gouernement thereof, but herein 
I thinke we shall be forced to desyre your Honours fauorable 
healpe for prouision for some apparaile and other thinges 
needefull. What order we shall use in these exercises we know 
not because we doe not yet heare how long it shall be your 
honours pleasure to remaine heere. I wouldc be humble shew- 
ing to }our Lordeshipe that it may be no Icssc then two dayes 
and that it may please you to take lodgeinge both for yourselfe 
and my L. the Cardinall in Christchurch. This ceasinge any 
further to trouble your honour and humbly desyringe your 
further instruction in that shall seeme to be wantinge to your 
lordships pleasure I pray almightie God to haue you in his 

This 5 of Maye. 

By your Honours at comandment 
Thomas Cooper, 
[addressed :] 

To the right Honorable [endorsed :] 

my singular good Lorde 1 569. 

Earle of Leicester and 

Chancelluur of the Uni- 

-uersitie of Oxforde 


.^ ' II 

[n.(f. Pelruccio Ubaldini to Queen Elizabeth {Pepys^MS., ii. 663 ; Hisi. HISS. 
Comf)!. Reporl, 190). The name of Claudio Cavallerizzo is unknown to me, but 
boyj Ubaldini and the musician Alfonso Ferrabosco appear in other records of 
ETlfeli^han revels, and it is possible that the play referred to in the letter took 
place after all and was that of 27 February 1576, for which the Treasurer of the 
Chamber rewarded ' Alfruso Ferrabolle and the rest of the Italyan players ' 
{^Modern Language Review, ii. 5). The Treasurer's accounts also record an Italian 
play, not before the Queen but before the Privy Council, at Durham Place in 
April 1577.] 

Sacra Ser'"^ M*^. 

Perche a i glorni passati io haueua promesso a m. Claudio 
Cavallerizzo, et a m. Alfonso Ferrabosco, d' esser contento di 
recitare ad una piaceuol Comedia Italiana ; per compiacere alia 
]y[ta. yra . jg^- ^^^ gj trouando di poi altri, che tre 6 quattro, che 
fusser contenti d' accettar tal carico ; ho uoluto che I'Altezza V" 
conosca da me stesso il pronto animo, ch' io ho per la mia parte 
di seruirla, et di compiacerla in ogni attione, che me sia coman- 
data, 6 da lei, o in suo nome, non solamente come seruitore 
giurato, ch' io gli sono ; ma come desiderosiss: di far conoscere, 
che la diuotione, ch' io porto alle sue Reali qualita, supera ogn' 
altro rispetto ; desiderandogli io contentezza, et felicita non 
meno, che qualunque altro suo seruitore gli desideri : la cui 
bonta Dio ci prosperi. 

Di V. S. Ser-- Mta 

[endorsed :] 

To Q. Elizabeth : 

Ubaldino an Italian 
Musitian I suppose. 


\n.d. Elizabeth Countess of Derby to Sir Robert Cecil, Secretary {Cecil Papers, 
clxxxvi. 24, at Hatfield). An abstract is in the Calendar of MSS. at Hatfield 
{Hist. MSS. Conim.), xiii. 609. The date may reasonably be put about 1599- 
160 1, the years in which the players of William Earl of Derby, led by Robert 
Browne, were appearing at court. In my simplicity I had supposed that the letter 


confirmed ihe view ihal the common players, for whom Derby is known to have 
written plays, were these men. But Prof. Al^el Lefranc, to whom I communicated 
a copy, finds in it further evidence for his theory that Derby was the author of the 
Shakespearian plays, and calls attention (Z<? Flambeau for 31 July 1922) to 
the singular resemblance between Lady Derby's words ' taking delite in them ' and 
ihore of Rosencrantz in Hamlet 11. ii. 341, 'Even those you were wont to take 
delight in, the tragedians of the city '.] 

Good uncle being importuned by my Lo: to intreat your favor 
that his man browne with his companye may not be bared from 
ther accoustomed plaing in maintenance wher of the have con- 
sumde the better part of ther substance, if so vaine a matter 
shall not seame troublesum to you I could desier that your 
furderance might be a meane to uphold them for that my Lo: 
taking delite in them it will kepe him from moer prodigall 
courses and make your credit prevaile withe him in a greater 
matter for my good so commending my best love to you I take 
my leave 

Your most loving nece E. Derbye. 

[sealed, and addressed :] To the right honorable my verye good 
uncle M*^ Secretayre. 

[endorsed :] Lady Darby to my mr. 


[1608, March 11. Sir Thomas Lake, Clerk of the Signet, to Robert Lord 
Salisbury, Secretary (6". P. Dom.Jac. I, xxxi. 73). This letter supplements the 
well-known dispatch of the French ambassador, Antoine dc la lioderie (yJ/. Z. 
Reviriv, iv. 158; vi. 203) in which he describes the suppression of the theatres in 
1 608, as a result of the indiscretions of a company who had played the story of 
Marshal Biron, and in another play had satirized the ' mine d'Escosse ' and other 
absurdities of King James. It is, however, curious that Lake writes as if two 
companies were involved, of whom the offenders in the matter of France were not 
the Children of the Blackfriars. Yet we know that it was at the Blackfriars that 
Chapman's Conspiracy and Tragedy of Byron, one of which must have been the 
peccant play, were acted. Possibly the King and Sir Thomas Lake, away at 
Thclford on a hunting journey, were not quite fully informed as to the facts. The 
history of the Silver Mine at Ililderston near Linlithgow is given in R. W. Cochran- 
Patrick, Early Records Relating to Mining in Scotland (1878), xxxvii, 116. It has 
not been thought necessary to prim the letter here in full, as it is of considerable 
length and deals with various other matters. 


«My duety to your lo. most humbly remembred . . . 

At that part of your lo. Ire which speakes of your tyme spent 
with the Ambassadors His ma sayd y* he mervayled he heard 
ojf*nfit--audience of y"" Spanish Ambassador who had craued one 
long agoe. and after some pause added that he meant concerning 
the marchands busines. 

His ma' was well pleased with that which your lo. aduertiseth 
concerning the committing of the players y' haue offended in 
y*" matters of France, and commanded me to signifye to your lo. 
that for y^ others who haue offended in y*" matter of y" Mynes 
and other lewd words which is y'^ children of y*" blackfriers That 
though he had signified his mynde to your lo. by my lo. of 
Montgommery yet I should repeate it again That his G. had 
vowed they should neuer play more but should first begg their 
bred and he wold haue his vow performed And therefore my lo. 
chamberlain by himselfe or your 11. at the table should take 
order to dissolue them, and to punish the maker besides. . . . 

This raynie wether hath altred his ma' purpose for departing 
so soone from Newmarkett to Royston as on monday next so 
as it is doubted he will spend the most of y^ next weeke at 
Newmarkett in hunting if this open wether hold, and then the 
lesse at Thebaldes. And so most humbly I take my leaue. From 
the court at Thetford this .11. of March 1607. 

your lo. most humbly to cofhand 

Tho: Lake 

[addressed :] To the right honorable my singular good lo. the 
Earle of Salisbury his ma' principall Secretary 
Knight of the most noble order of y^ Garter. 

[endorsed :] xj INIartij 

S"^ Tho: Lake 



In the following pages are collected such references to the 
dramatic activity of their members as are to be found in the 
records of the various Cambridge colleges. Our main sources 
of information are the bursarial accounts which record, often in 
considerable detail, the expenses connected with the plays and 
other entertainments performed by members of the respective 
houses. Unfortunately they do not, even from their own point 
of view, tell us the whole story of the academic drama, partly 
because in many cases the earlier records are lost (those of 
St. John's only begin in 1555, after Ascham, those of Caius not 
till 1609), and partly because the entries are often made in a 
haphazard fashion and usually do not name the plays performed. 
In some instances, however, it has been possible to supplement 
the accounts with other documents. 

The entries refer to plays produced by members of the 
colleges only. Except incidentally no notice has been taken of 
allusions to visits of outside performers. These belong to a 
distinct class and may possibly form the subject of a further 
collection. As a sample, however, certain entries may be given 
here, which from their early date are of more than usual interest. 
The following are from the accounts of King's Hall (the years 
are reckoned from Michaelmas to Michaelmas) : 

1 4 48- 1 4 49 (27 Henry VI) Item inrepastis . . &mimorum ducis norfolchie 

& histrionuni ville v^ ijJ 

In prandio iiij""" histrionum in purificacione beate marie xij'' 

1 454-1 455 (32 H. VI) Item remuneratum est histrionibus ducis Excestre iuj'^ 

In rewardo corundem ij'i 

Item in prandio iij histrionum in die Innocentium xij'' 


145^1458 (35 H. VI) 'Item ludentibus in nocte Epiphanie viij'J 

In prandio histrionum die purificacionis ix*^ 
1468^-1469 (8 Edward IV) Item in Repast. mim_orum [in die Innocen- 

ciu;^] cum lusoribus i'f 

i4JS|>fs*:f8o (19 Edw, IV) Item pro incenarijs vj«* 

Item pro lusoribus in tempore natalis domini ij^ 

1489-1490 (5 H. VII) Item pro Joculatoribus & aliis ijs 

1 500- 1 501 (16 H. VII) Item pro buccinatoribus domini regis ij^ 

Item vni hystrioni regis viij'^ 

1 503-1 504 (19 H, VII) Item die Inocentium le waytes xij*^ 

Item pro clerico et ludo xvj'' 

Item vni seruitori comitis oxoniensis 

There are similar entries in the accounts of King's College : 

1482-1483 Item in Regardis datis lusoribus in Aula Collegij in festo 

sancti Stephani xvj'^ 
Item in Regardis datis mimis ville Cantebr. in festo purificacionis beate 

marie virginis ij" 
1488-1489 Item solutum iiij'° die Augusti lusoribus parochialis Ecclesie 

beate marie virginis extra Trumpyngton Gates xx'^ 

Item sol. lusoribus de paroch. sancti Clementis initio Julij viij"^ 
1 489-1490 Item in Regardis datis lusoribus de Maddyngley in die beati 

Thome INIartiris [29 Dec] iiij'^ 
1 499-1 500 Item in commemoratione sancti pallii sol. in regardis paro- 

chianis beate marie in collegio ludentibus et gestantibus iiij^ 
1 503-1 504 Item iij° die Januarij sol. Interlusoribus domini principis 

ludentibus in Aula Communi ij^ 

Item xxvi" die Maij in regardis datis Matheo Joculatori ijs 

1 532-1 533 Item sol. mimis de Hull . . . xij'^ 

1 536-1 537 Item sol. xx° die Maij mimis de Calicia xij^ 

Item sol. mimis dni. Cromwell ludentibus in Aula in die Natiuitatis 

beate marie ij^ 

Item sol. xxiiij*° die Januarij Regijs histrionibus duabus vicibus xx'^ 

Item sol. i}^° die ffebruarij tibicinibus Cantebr. ij^ 
1 547-1 548 Item 21"° Junij famulo domini protectoris exhibentis ludicra 

spectacula in Aula collegij vj^ 

Item 1 2 Julij ludionibus regijs exhibentibus spectacula in Aula vj^ 

The transcriptions now published were made a good many 

years ago, and I have to thank many officers of Colleges (some 

of them now passed away) for the kindness they showed me in 

my work. Among these I would especially mention Mr. Aldis 
Wright, Vice-Master, Mr. H. McL. Innes, Bursar, of Trinity 


College, and Mr. A. Bowman, Senior Bursar's clerk ; Mr. R. F. 
Scott, Master, and Dr. J. G. Leathern, Bursar, of St. John's 
College ; Mr. C. E. Grant (now Grant-Ives), Bursar of King's 
College, and his clerk, Mr. F. L. Clarke, who supplied me 
\v\^h some entries found by himself, and the present Bursar's 
clerk, Mr. S. J. Buttress ; Mr. A. Gray, Master of Jesus College ; 
Dr. F. H. Chase, then President of Queens' College, his suc- 
cessor, Dr. T. C. Fitzpatrick, and Mr. F. G. Plaistowe, who 
discovered the early reference to Lcelia ; Dr. Peile, Master, 
and Mr. J. Greaves and Mr. S. G. Camj^bell, Bursars, of Christ's 
College ; the Rev. Dr. T. A. Walker of Peterhouse ; the 
Rev. E. C. Pearce, Master, Mr. A. J. Wallis, Bursar, and the 
Rev. E. C. Hoskyns, Dean, of Corpus Christi College ; Mr. J. R. 
Wardale, of Clare College ; Mr. C. Smith, Master of Sidney 
Sussex College ; and the Rev. E. S. Roberts, Master of Gonville 
and Caius College. 

I am also indebted to the General Editor, who has relieved 
me of much labour in preparing the work for press. 

The transcriptions here given are only a part of the work 
I have attempted on the history of College Plays at Cambridge. 
Such part of the latter as did not fall within the range of the 
Malone Society's Publications has now been published, I am 
happy to say, by the Cambridge University Press. 

G. C. MooRE Smith. 


Statutes of Trinity College 1560. 

Cap. XXIV. 

NovEM domestici lectores quo juventus majori cum fructu 
tern pus natalis terat, bini ac bini singulas comoedias tragoediasve 
exhibeant, except© primo Lectore quern per se solum unam 
comcediam aut tragcediam exhibere voiumus ; atque has omnes 
comoedias seu tragoedias in aula privatim, vel publice praedictis 
XII diebus, vel paulo post pro arbitrio Mag/^/ri & octo seniorum 
agendas curent. Quod quidem si non prsstiterint, pro unaquaqw^ 
comoedia seu tragoedia omissa, singuli eorum quorum negligentii 
omissa sit x solidis mulctetur. 10 

Extracts from Accounts 

[Note. — Trinity College accounts profess to run from Michaelmas to Michaelmas, 
but generally include items to December, the time of the Audit. One year's 
accounts therefore occasionally includes items relating to the performance of 
plays at the Christmas following. The position of the item however will generally 
decide the year referred to.] 

Senior Bursar s Accounts 
1 546-1 547. 'anno primo Edw. VI.' 
Extraordinaria Itm for A great Rownd Candle- 

sticke for the stage in the hall iiij^ vj** 

Senior Btirsars accounts 
'a° reg. Edw. VI. 2 usque.* 
1 547-1 548. Expensae circa theatrQ et ludos 
In p'^mis to y^ carpeters when the playes were in 

hand the laste yere as it apperyth by Sir burtons 20 

booke. xxiiij* viij*^ ob 



It. to ye Carpeter and hj man occupied about the 

stage .V. dayes and ij oth' men on daye vij^ v'' 

It' to Ventres for making garmetj to o"^ playes iiij" xv* iiij'^ 
It for making of ij payr of veluet shoes for 

M^ donnell " xx** 

It to Ventres for making plaing gere for M^ donhell iiij" xiij^ iiij*^ 

It for iij stone and a halfe of pyche for this yere iiij" viij*^ 

It. for xxj frales for the cressets xxj** 

It for pyche xvj'^ 

It for torches the laste yere iiij^ '"^ 

[No Senior Bursar's accounts a° 3.] 

Senior Bursar s Accounts 
a" 4 
1 549-1 550. Exp. extravagantes 
It to M"" Cockroste for hyryng a coplete harnesse 

whan his plae was in Christenmas xij** 

It to hauky the chandler for ij torches for y'' plaes 

in Christenmas iij' 

[These items come at the end, and perhaps relate to Christmas 1550.] 

Steward's Book 

A° Edw VI. 4° (i 549-1 550) 
Extraordinariae expensai 20 

Itm for pudding^j at M' Thulace play iiij*^ 

Itm for two loues and a shulder of mutto?^ at the 

same play ij" ij** 

for pottr^, trenchers, and candelles for the players 

the last Christenmas iiij' iiij'^ 

[I think the followinp^ items relate to Christmas 1550.] 
for pottes and trenchers at Christenmas xyj*^ 

for Candell at M*" Cocroste plaie x*^ 

for pudding<?5 for M^ Atkingson players viij"^ 

for Cheffe for M"" Atkingesons players vij*^ 

for Candell for them viij*^ 30 

for good aile and threde for M' Atkinsons play vj'' 



for Candelk^ for m' Cocroste play xiij*^ 

for Candell^5 for still^^ play x** 

for Chesse for Stilk^ players x** 

^''^ Steward's Book 

A° 5 (1550-1551) 
Extraordynarye expencys 
Itm for ij loynes of mutton & a mease of boyled 

mutton for m*" Nevyson^ players xxij'* 

If" for iij loynes of mutton & iij rakes for m*" thulace 

players iij^ vij'' 10 

Itm paide to the waytes [torn] 

Itm paide for Candells for M"" Thulace & M' 

Nevysonj players [torn] 

It"^' for wyne vpon candelmas day [torn] 

If" for ij Loynes & a breste of m.utton for M*" 

Atkynson^ players [torn] 

Itm for good ale & chese on fastingams nyght [torn] 

[No Steward's accounts for 155 1-1552.] 

yunior Bursar s Accounts 
A°Reg. Ed. VI. 6°. (1551-1552.) 

Expensae promiscuse : 20 

Item payed to M' Godsalfe for his playe as 

apearethe by his bill ix' ix** 

Item payde to M*^ Malham for his playe troas as 

aperethe by his bill iiij^ vj'^ 

Item payde to M*^ Rudde for his playe menechmus 

as apearethe by his bill vij'' 

Senior Bursar s Accounts 
anno 6° Ed. VI. Mich. 1 551-1552. 
Expensae forinsicae 
It" for ij lynckes for y* showe on newyer^s day xx"* 3° 

It" for one lyncke for y* showe on ca;^dlemas 

night xij'' 

It" to S"" Allington w* he laid out for y^ showe 

alloc' ij' viij"* 


Senior Bursar s Accounts 
'anno Marie 1°' 1552-1553 
Expensse forinsica^ 
If" to M*" Rooke for his alowance beyng lord in 

Christynmas ■ xl" 

If" to Andrewe Smythe y^ 23 of January for vvaxe 
candle, lynkes for y*" chappell and also for the 
lord in christ. and for y'^ shewys xxvij* xj'' 

Steward's Book 

Edvv. 6. a** 7. 1552-1553- 10 

[The following entries are in the Steward's Book but headed : ' The iunior bowser 
& steward hys Booke made a° 7° R. Edoardi VI'' sed completur & perficitur 
a° pTno Reg* Mariae '. The items relate to Christmas 1553.] 

It" vnto S*" Wendon for hys shew ij' 

If" vnto S*" Ederrington for hys shew ij^ 

If" vnto M"" Raynolds for hys Comedye 

If" vnto S"" Vxenbrydge for hys shew 

If" vnto S"" Newton for hys shew 

It™ gyven vnto y*" Wayttes vpon o*^ feast day whe;^ 

y*^ shew was played cawled Anglia deformata 

and Anglia Restituta 

[The next item is ' vpon o' fest day in Chrystianmesse '.] 
jtem gyveri vnto S*^ hutton for hys shew 
Item gyven vnto S"" Style for hys shew 
Item ffor y*" charges bestowed vpon y*" shewys 

in christianmesse, payd vnto sondrye of y* 

Bachilers, as apperythe in thare billcs of 

Item gyven vnto y*" wayttes vpon Candlemesse 

day att nyght 
If" payd vnto Wclslic for Candles, bestowed at y'= 

shewys in Christianmesse, as apperythe . . 

yunior Bursar s Accounts 
a" 2. Marine 1 553-1554 
\\.em vnto S' Wendon, for hys shew 











• • ' * -1 

iij" ^ 





Item vnto S*^ Ederryngton for hys shew ij' 

It^w vnto M' Raynoldes for hys Comedye 

Item vnto S"" Vxenbrydge for hys shew 

Itc^i-^f'nto S"" Newton for his shew 

Item gyven vnto y^ Wayttes vpon o*^ Feast when 

the shew was played cawled Angha deformata 

and AngHa restituta 
Item gyven vnto W. Cooke for a Reward, vpon o*" 

fest day in Christianmesse 
Item vnto S*" hiitton for hys shew 
It^;;^ vnto S*" Style for hys shew 
Item for y^ charges bestowed vpon the shewys in 

christianmesse, payd vnto sondrye of y^ bache- 

lers, as apperith in y" bille of y^ particulars 
Item gyven vnto the Wayttes vpon Candlemasse 

day at nyght 
Item payd vnto Welshe for candles bestowed at y^ 

shewys in christianmasse . . . 
Item vntoW. Cooke for .4. torche lynkes in Chris- 
tianmesse weaying xxj'' 

Sejizor Bursars Accounts 
1 554-1 555. Pro domino ludorz^;;^ 
In p'mis for iiij typstafj 
for mendyng the septerrj; 
for makyng iij. crocodilj & iij aspides 
for ij vergerrj; [ = rods] 
the stipende p domino \udorum 
for pynnj; to our m*"? shew 
for a Jacke to chamber^; my pore scoler at owr m"^? 

for makyng iij crowny off plate 
to the paynter for payntyng a sword a clobbe a 

great axe a crowne ij roddj 
for a sword 
for mendyng the septerj 

ijs vj'^ 



ij" vj** 

ij" iiij'^ 

ij' 10 
ijs vj^ 

xiij" vj"* 

iij" iiij'^ 

iij" viij"^ 

viij" ix*^ 20 





if 30 

ij' viij'' 

ij" iiij'^ 

• • • • J 


for mendyng iij player^ cot^ i{J 

for dressyng off playerj; & sewyng xij 

for paper to write the namj in owr M*^? shew xx*^ 

Sum ma "j* J 

Junior Bursar s Accounts 
1554 Mich. — 1555 Mich. [2 and 3 Phihp and Mary] 
' The accomptt doyth run from December vnto December in 
the whytche munth o*" Audytt is kept, notwythstanding y^ the 
yere doyth begin and end att Michaelmasse ' 

charges of It' gyven in Reward to y'" players 10 

showes in S*^ Vxenbridge playe and Syr 

Huttuns de crumena p^rdita ij* 

It' vnto ij drummars, in o*" M*" hys 

shew xij'' 

The lorde of It' payd vnto M'" Thulace, being 
Christmas the Lord of Christianmesse, for 

his charges certayne charges whytche he dyd 

req?«'re for, at the sufferance of 
o*^ Master viij' 

Hnckes It^;;^ payd vnto Wyllm Cooke for 20 

.6. lynkes occupied in christian- 
messe tymeweaying.20.poundes 
at v^ y^ pound viij' iiij^ 

It' payd vnto Wyllm Carpenter . . for makyn a 

Clubb for y'^ lord of Christianmesse 
Item payd vnto Wyllm Carpenter . . for makyn 
a payre of lytle gallowse for y'^ shew . . 

Junior Bursar s Accounts 
1556-1557- [4 and 5 Philip and Mary] 
5° Januarij 30 

charges of To M' Barley M^ Gray M' Boyes for 
showes y" charges of theire showe made in 

Christenmas and alowed by M"^ 
Vice m"" and y" seniors x' vj'^ 



9° Januarij 

A players To M"^ Oxe^^bridg for a pleyers hatt 
hatte & mending of certayne apparell 

-~^' * '' for pleyers xiiij'* 

1 7° februarij 
To Williaw Hardwyke for one dayes worke in 
mending y" Joyned Chayer, and in me;^ding 
formes & makynge bowses for y^ players xj** 

Steward's Book 
1 557-1 558. Extraordinarye Expenses 10 

It"" gyuen in rewarde vnto wydowe prymes men 

bothe for shewes & playes & y^ whayttes rewarde xx^ 

It. gyven vnto Lame y'' paynter on Childermase day 

at my Lords o"" empero"^^ instance viij'' 

charges of It. gyven vnto S"" Hawes & S"^ Longe 
the Showes for a breakefast for thew y^ playd 

in their shewes ij^ 

It. gyven lykewyse vnto S*^ Shackelocke for his 

players ij^ 

charges of It' payde vnto the Manciple for meat 20 

the Showes bought for y^ players & for can- 

dely to all y^ playes iiij^ xj*^ 

Steward's Book 

a° 1559 [i.e. 1 558-1559] 
It geven vnto S*^ Shackelocke & S*" 

Redmanj for a breakfast for y^ 

players in their shewe ij" 

It geven vnto M'^ Mettam & his 

playe'S for a breakfast ij* 

It geven vnto S"" Legg & S*^ West for 3° 

their players ij" 

It geven vnto S"^ Lacocke for his 

playe"^? breakefast ij* 

It payd vnto y^ Manciple for candles 

& meat prouided for y*^ players v* ix'* ob 

Charges of 
& showes 

o/i 3/9/1 




harnes for a 
showe o/i/o 

A breakfast for S^ 
Laicokes plaers 



It' geven vnto Primes men y'^Whayttes 
of y'' Towne on Candlemas day & 
Trynitie Sowday 

Steward's Book 
1 559-1 560 
It gyve to S'^ Laycoke for 
harnes borrowed at his 
If" to S"^ Laycoke for a break- 
faste to his players 
If" deliuered to the maciple for the 
chargies of playes & showes at 
Christemas as appearyth by his billes 
Allocat' by the vice m"" & Seniors 
It'" to the bachelars breakfast for there 

If" to M"^ Oxenbridge for his tragidye 
If" to M'^ Beamod for there Comedye 
If" to M"^ Hawes for his playe 


ij« 10 

liij^ iij** 




ytinior Bursar's Accounts 
1 559-1 560. Stage-playes 
Inprimis to Will'" Hardwick for .vj. dayes in 

setting vp & taking downe of y" stage 
Itm to his man for .vj. dayes 
Itm payd to y'' smithc for .Ix. candlestickes at 

.iij.'' the piece 
Itm for a knot of corde to hange vp y*" great 

Itm to M' Oxenbridge ffor ye charges of Oedipus 
Itm to Mr Abithell for both the english plaies 
Itm to M"" Hawys for Mostellaria 
Itni to M*^ Penny for Sapientia solomonis 
Itm to S' Redmaine for y'- charges of hccuba 




xxxiij^ iiij*^ 

YJjjs „d 

.. ^J 

xij^ v*^ 


X" 30 


Itrh for two peices of Corde w""^ were fetched at 

Olyuer grenes xviij'* 

Itm for two hundred tainter hookes xij*^ 

Itrrv fbr whipcorde & packthrede ij'' 

Itm for trashe nayle j'^ ob 

Itm for a hundred tainterhookes vj'* 
Summa partis cvij' iiij"^ ob 

y^imor B7i7'sars Accounts 
1 560- 1 56 1. The stage and playes 
In primis paid to leonard Tysetone lockesmythe 10 

for 30 Irone candlestickes for the stage after 

ij a pece 
It' giue;? to him moreou^r in y* hole 
It' paid to M*^ pennye for his shewe as appearethe 

by a bill allocat' bye the senyors 
It' paid to M"" Newtone about y" charges of 

Amphytrio as appeareth [&c] 
It' paid to M"^ Hudsone aboute the charges of 

Troas as appearethe [&c] 
It' paid to M"^ Legge for y*" expenses aboughte the 

settinge forthe of Medea as appeareth [etc] 
It' paid to ]\P Barrete aboute the expenses of )' 

comodye acolastus allocat' bye the seniours 
It' paid to M"^ Abythell for S"" perkinsone his shewe 

allocat' by y^ seniours 
It' paid to M"^ Abythell for lewes shewe allocate b}' 

y' seniours 
It' paid to S"" Valinger for y^ charges of his shewes 

allocat' by y"" senyours 
It' paid to Willm Moynes for viij ringes for y^ 

chariate in a Tragedye 
It' for a greate nosell for y^ stage lantehorne 
It' to Oliver Greene for tenter hookes to the stage 

Summa partis x" xviij' iij' 












• • 


• ■ • • 1 


• • • •_ 








The Glasier 
It' to Math: Redford for glasinore a windowe in 
M"^ Vice M"^ his chamb^ and for mendinge his 
vvindowes broken at the stas^e playes allocat' 
bye y^ seniours 

Stewards Book 


, r If" to S*" Valleoer for his shew by the 

charges | ,iecre of the ^seniors 
ot shewes 



of shewes 

and pla) es 


I It"' to Brittan for his shew by the 
same decre 
It"" to the Trupetor in the stage tyme 

by the seniors decre 
If" to the waites of the towne for 

there paines the stage tyme 
If" to M' Abithel for his show by the 

Seniors decre 
To S*^ pkinson for his shew l)y the 

To M' Newton for his playe 

To M'' ^-^^Z f^'' ^^^ playe 
To M*^ Hodson for his playe 
Chargies of the stagepla)'es as 

appeares by the billes allocat. by 

the vice m"" & Seniors 




••■« ""ri 



Stewards Book 

1562 plaiers f for v playes to y' players break- 

breakefastes (^ fasts 

r Charges of )'' playes in Christmas 
} allowed by o*^ maister & y" 

plaies in 






* * , 

' * yunior Bursar s Accounts 

Charges of plais. 
I«^^Hniis to Master Shaclocke for the charges of 

pseudolus x^ ob 

It' to master Chapman & p^/'kynson for the 

charges of John babtiste xiiij^ vj'' ob 

It' to master browne & D. Wilkynson for the 

charges of Christus Triumphans xxxvij^ vj'' 

It' to the waites viij^ 10 

It' to Master Legge & Bingam for the charges of 

Adelphus iiij' j** 

It' to master Wallei for Phormio v^ ij'' 

It' to Wittm hardvvick vi dais at diu6'rse tymes 
settyng vpp & pullyng downe the Raile and 
a halfe day vj* vj"^ 

[and similar charges] 
It' to Rycharde Bell ij dais et dim' setting vpp the 
stage & Raile at Christus Triumphans ij^ vj'' 

[&c. &c.] 20 

Iron worke 
It' for a new kei of the seller dore where the stage 

tymbre lyethe vj*^ 

It' for a kei to the cheiste where the plaiers gere 

lieth viij"^ 

It' for an other kei for an other cheiste were the 

plaiers gere liethe yj'' 

Stewards Book 
To y" bear bruers men in 30 

Christmas accordinije to 
custome xij"^ 

for y^ players breakfast in 

W Shaclockes playe ij* 

for y"" players breakfast in 

M' Ruds playe ij' 


Charges of plaies & ' 

to the waightes 

for y" players breakfast in 

M*" Binghams play 
for y" players breakfast in 

M*^ Chapmans pla)' 
for y*" players breakfast in 

M"" Brownes playe 
Expenses for meat at y" 

playes allocat. 
To y" waytes accordinge to 


Steward's Book 


Itm to M"^ forde for his playe 
Itm to M'^ Cooke for his playe 
Itm expenses in meatc at 

plaies allocat 
Itm to INI*" Cartwrioht for his 

Itm to jM*^ Wilkinson for his 

.Itm to M*^ Powell for his playe 

[No Steward's Accounts for 1 564-1 565.] 

Jtuiior Bursars Accotcnts 


Charges of plais 
In pr/mis to master Cartwright for the charges of 

Itm to masters legg and foorde for the seconde 

Itm to master brownc and coke for charges of 

Bach ides 
Itm to master p^rkynson & powell 

S«;;^ma tituli 

Charges of playes 
' 9 6| -i 


XX vj* j*^ 

Vllj' 10 

xix* vj'' ob 

1/ 20 



nj» \f 


xvj° 30 

xj' x*^ 


Junior Bursar s Accounts 
. ' 1 564-1 565. Charges of playes 

Inpr^'n^is to M*" Legge & M*^ Powel for the charges 
'ofStichus iiij' xj^ 

I tew to M*" Wilkinson & M' Cooke for the charges 

of ther playe v'f vij'^ 

Ite;;^ to M"^ Gybson & M' Davyd for the charges 

ofphilanira ^'^^^'J^'^ 

Ite;/^ to S* Redmayn for the charges of his shovve iij' j*^ 

Summa tituli xxviij' iiij*^ 10 

Steward's Book 
1 565-1 566 

-, J «. u r Itm to M"^ Leggein regarde of hisplaye ij 

Rewardestosuch . j^j^^^^^j.p^^^^jj - 

as made playes [ j.^ ^^ ^^, g^^^^^ ^^ ^^ jj 

Charges at plaies Itm paide to y^ manciple for y*" 

charges of y^ playes as dothe 
appere by his byll allocat. xvj*^ iiij'^ 

yunior Bursar s Accounts 
1 565-1 566. Charges of playes 20 

Imp* to M"^ Browne for the charges of Asotus ix* 

It' to M*^ Legge and M"^ Gibson for Asinaria iij^ viij*^ 

It' to M"^ Powell and M*^ Dun;^ynge for y^ charges 

of Crumenaria v' 

It' to M*^ Gillpen & INI' Byll for y'^ charges of 

Menechmus viij^ ij^ 

Summa tituli xxv^ x*^ 

■ Steward's Book 
Itm to M' Legge in regarde of his 3© 

Rewardes. playe ij* 

Itm payde to y*" manciple for y" 

charges of y" playe vj* iij*^ 


Junior Bursar s Accounts 

1566-1567. The playe 

To '^V Legge ffor the charges offe Jephthes as 

appearith by his bille xviij* j' 

Steward's Book 


Itm geven to the Wayttes viij" 

Itm allowed M*" Redman for his 

playe ij* 

Rewardes Itm allowed for M' Willes & 10 

M'^ Aldriches playe ij' 

Rewardes lo.o^ 


s .'vd 

Charges of plaies Itm for the charges of the playes xv' ix 

yunior Bursar s Accotiuts 
1 567-1 568. Glass in th' hall &c 
\\\\iriuiis for Taik/;^;'" downe and setting vpp againc 

of xxij paines of Glass in th' hall at y'' playes iij^ iiij"^ 

For setting in Ivj quarrells of glass in th' hall after 

the playes iiij'' viij*^ 

\\v^rimis to M"^ Reedman and Mr Stannopp for 20 

charges of theyr play xxiij*" xj'' 

It. To ]\P Aldridg and M"^ Wilks for theyr play vj" ix'^ 

Geven to a Carpentar and laborers for removinge 

of stable xx'^ 

Summa tituli xxxij* iiij*^ 

Steward's Book 


Itm to IVP Stanhof)!) and 1\P Dod- 

dingc for thire players breakefaste ij^ 

Itm to M' Redman for his players 3° 

breakefast ij" 


Charges of 








' Itm for M"" Redman his players and 

candelles iiij^ vj^ 

Itm for M"^ Stanhopp his players & 
plSie-Ci/4/4 i candelles viij^ 

Itm for ij bookes for the butlers iij^ x'^ 

Itm geuen to the waytes the xxviij 

of January viij* 

Junior Bursar s Accounts 
1 568-1 569. Charges of playes 
To M"" Redman for the charges of his playe 
To M" Stanhope and doddinge for the charges of 
ther play 

Item to Arthure o-lasier for takinore downe the 
orlasse in the sex lower windowes of the hall 
and repayrenge them before the plaies 

Junior Bursar s Accoicnts 
1569-1570. Extraordinarye expenses [before 22 April] 
Payde to S*^ Bedvvell and S"^ Ashburnc for chargis of 
there playe 

Junior Bursar s Accounts 
1 570-1 57 1. Charges of the playes 
M"^ Gibsons bill allocat by the M"^ & Seniors 
M"^ Gilpins bill 
M"- Wilkes his bill 
M*^ Stanhops bill 
M^ Doddinges bill 
M^ Cosen & M'' Bennets 
The manciples bill 

Summa tituli 
10 Feb. To William Hardwick for framing y*" stage 
22 Feb. To Th. Watson x dales about y'' stage 

xxxj* viij*^ 20 

v" xvij^ 
vj" v' 



» yd 






xx'' viij- 

■ ijd 

' x'^ 30 




To William Parkin ix daies viij' iij*^ 

To D Butcher iij daies ij' ix*^ 

To William Dowsie iiij daies iiij^ iiij** 

To Georg Sterne iiij daies iij' viij'^ 

Giucn amonge them for ther paines taking in 

the night aboue ther wages xiiij'^ 
[No junior^Bursar's accounts for 1 571-157 2.] 

Jtmioi' Bursar s Accounts 

To E. Watson for viij dayes worke abowte the 10 

stage &c viij' 

For takinge downe & repairinge off xxxix paines 

off glasse at the plaies xxxix* 

For xiiij scoore & xviij newe Ouarels the same time xxiiij* x*^ 

Charges of plaies 
M*^ ffarrandes Bill allocated v" xiij^ ij** 

The ma;/ciples Bill allocated xlix^ viij** 

Summa tituli viij" iij' x"^ 

Junior Bursar s Acco^mts 20 

1 573-1 574. Extraord. expenses 
For charges abowt the pla) es xlv* vij'* 

Junior Bursar s Accoimts 

Laid out for playes xxiij" xv^ vj'^ 

It'° for thyrtye foote of new glasse after the places, 

in the hall windowes xv* 

Junior Bursar s Accounts 

15S0-1581 no 

It'" layde out for the playes sexto ffebruarij v" xiiij* viij** ob 



XXX v'' iij*^ 


JJjXXyjIi Jjs Jjd 

Junior Bursar s Accounts 

1 582- 1 583. Y« Glasier 
^. , 2""^ qua. 

Ifm for Iv foot of newe glasse in the hall after the 

playes xxviij' 

Jtinior Bursar s Accottnts 


2* qu* [ist entry] Itm two b}lls allocated the xix*^ 
of december 1583 for M"" Palmer and M'" ffarrand 
theire Cofhodeys 

Junior Btcrsars Accounts 

1 584-1 585. Glasier 
It vpon the stage vj foote of new glasse 

Charges of plaies It the charges of the playes the 

last yeare 

Jtinior Bursar s Accounts 

[last item] It" for making the stage at the playes 

Tymber bought 
If" 2 hundred of planks at the plaies 

It" for hordes at the playes vj^ 

The Glasier 
[beginning of the account] It™ for taking downe 

and setting vp the glasse at the playes vij^ vj** 

If" for taking downe and setting vp the glasse 
wyndowes at the last playes xiij' iv'' 

[Apparently two performances in the same year at a short interval.] 

Senior Bitrsars Accounts 

1 589-1 590 
charges of comedies in a bill allocated to M"" Milner xx* 




xxx* viij*' 

xxvj^ viij** 




Junior Bursar s Accotmts 

Item olasintrc the Hall after the Comoedie in 

Christmas xxxviij^ iiij*^ 

[No Junior Bursar's accounts now till 1 598-1 599.] 

Senior Bursar s Accounts 
1 590- 1 59 1. Extraordinary Charges 
Charges of a comedie in a bill allocated to M*^ 

Thomson lij^ 

Charlies of a comedie in a bill allocated to M"" 

Boulton lix' x^ 

Senior Bursar s Accounts 

Item layd out towards the Intertaynment of the 

Noblemen at the Batchelors Comwensment xl" 

Item allowed M"" Sledd towards the playes ix'' x^ 

Junior Bursar s Accotmts 
1 598-1 599 [second quarter] 
Layd out to Bricklayers &c. 
Item to the masson and his laborer for a dayes 
worke & a halfe in mending- the hall walles after 
y*" comedies ij' vj** 

Extraordinaries. Ou i 
Item geven to those that watched y*" glassc win- 
dowes one the Comodie night and for torches 
w"^^ theye vsed afore Christmas [added later] vj^ 

Expences about the Stage 
Item for bordc and tymber hyercd for the setting 

vpp of the Stage and Galleries xxxv* 

Item for hordes and tymber bought for that vse vj" viij^ 

Item to the Carpenters for setting vpp and taking 30 

downe the same iiij" viij** 

Item to the Porter for his helpe and ou'sight 

y'of xiij* iiij'' 



• * 

Item for y^ earring and recarring of Tymber & 

other stuffe for the stage by Carte xij^ viij*^ 

Item to those that weare appoynted to watche the 

'-Wiii'dowes the Comodie nightes vj' viij*^ 

Item to those that fetched formes and tymber from 
S* Maries and helped to carre the stage stuffe 
after it was taken downe xiij^ vj'^ 

Item to the Actors to make a supp' liij^ iiij'^ 

Steward' s Book 

1598-1599. [year ending Michaelmas 41 Eliz.] 10 

Ite;;^ for wyne at the Comodies xxiiij'' viij*^ 

Senior Bursar's Accounts 

1608-1609. [By this time the accounts run Mich, to Mich., 

earlier from Dec. to Dec] 

Item given to M*^ East my Lord of Elies man for 

his panes taking at the Commodies xP 

Stezuard's Book 

1609-1610 20 

Quarta 2. Item given to the Actors in Andrea 

by the Vicemaisters appoynm^;^/ v® 

Stezuard's Book 
161 1-1612 

Item for wyne given to the Actors at the Com- 

modie [perhaps at Christmas] iiij^ 

Item for burnt wyne & dyet bread at the enter- 
taining of the Vice-Chancello"" and other strangers 
at the Commodies xlv* 30 

[Apparently just before Lent.] 



Senior Bursar s Accounts 
Item paid to the Batchelors for a Commedy at the 

Audite [Dec. 161 3] 
Item to M*" Byng towardes the setting forthe of 
the Schollers Commedie on the Kinges daye and 
for a Chalder of Coles for the repeating Chamber 

liij' iiij 



llj" vj' Vllj 



Senior Btcrsars Accounts 

1614-1615. [In connexion with the entertaining of James I.] 10 
Item for watching the Colledge chambers the 4 

Commedie nightj; at the Kinges first coming to 

Harding ij^ 

Item to James Manutij for paynting the stage 
Item for paynting the Rayles on the stage 
Item for paynting the Sayleirs 
Item to M*" Chappell for sending to Coventry for 

M*" Bowyer vppon o"^ M' and seniors graunting 

of another Commedie 
Item given M*" Tomkis for his paines in penning 

and ordering the EngHshe Commedie at o*" 

M" appoyntm^;2t 
Item to M' Brookes at Seuerall tymes as appereth 

b)' his bill for the Comedie and pasterall 
Item more to him in full discharge of his bill 
Item to him for a shephardes Coate lost 
Item paid M"" Stanhope at seuerall tymes vppon 

his accoumpt for the Commedyes 




ccxiij'' xij* j'' 
ix' ix'^ 


Ixxj" xiij" S*' 

Junior Bursar s Accounts 
Layd out to the Smyth. 
Item a keay and altering the lock wher the stage 
tymber was layd 




Laid out about the Commedies 
Inpriw/s the halfe of the publiqwt^ charge xHj'' x^ ij'^ ob 

Itepi a, fourth part layd out for Clare Hall xxj" v^ j"^ 

It"^ni'1br altering the stage and fitting it for our 

Commedies ix" xvj^ iiij^ 

Summa tituli Ixxiij" xj^ vij'^ ob 

Senior Bursar s Accounts 
Item to the Acto""' of the Audit Comedy at o' M' lo 

his appoyntement xx^ 

Item giuen toward^; the Shewe for y'' acto""® on 

Candlemisse night at o^ M" appointm* x^ 

Item give?2 toward^' the Shewe y*" weeke before 

Shrouetide by o*" M*"^ appointm* x^ 

Item to M"" Chappell for coales & other neces- 
sar^V^ for the Comedy to be acted at Court by 
o*" M' his appoyntem^;2t x* ^ 

Item to M"^ Chappell going to the Court to see 

the Comed: acted by o"" M"" his appoyntm^/^t v'' 20 

Steivard's Book 


Extra com7nun&s> for y^ Poore Schollars in y^ time 

of y^ Comedye 
Scarlet, Ha^^sall, Hutchinson, Yardley, Shilborne, 
Halliwell, Wilmer, Gattes, Levett, Crosse, 
Illingworth, Bowyer, D^Rawson, Porter, Rhodes 
[each allowed] 

6 weekes & dim. at 2" 6"^ xvj' iij'^ 

Extraordinaries 30 

2 Quarta. 

Layd out for Burnt wine at y^ Comwedyes j' xij^ 

[Cp. Star Chamber Cases, ed. Gardiner (Camden Society, 1886), p. 112 : 'In Star 
Ch. 20 April 1632. In Lent last there being a play to be acted at Trinity 


Colledge in Cambrige before the King there was a great preasse of people.' 
Theodore Kelly was accused of challenging Sir Arthur Gorge to a duel out of 
a quarrel before the play.] 

Senior Bicrsars Accounls 

I 639-1 640 

Paid to TvP Croyden by y^ appoyntment of the 
Master for defraying y^ Charges of S"" Nicols 
his Comedy xij'' xiij^ xj'' 

Senior Bursar s Accounts 

1641— 1642 

To M"^ Willis for D^ Coole)'s Comoedy Ixv'" xvj® 10 

Senior Bursar s Accounts 


Paid for 10*' of wax Candles for the use of two 

Comodyes 00 16 08 

Junior Bursar s Accounts 


Ouarta 3^ To M"^ Hill senio*" for y*" expences 

of ye Stage & other Charges for y*" Latine 20 

Comedie 020 00 00 

Senior Bursas' s Accounts 


Commencement Expenses 
To the Bachelors Ashwcdnesday Feast & Priorum 16 05 00 

Paid for the charge of a stage of the propertyes & 

other expences 06 07 10 

To the Actors for a supper 112 2 



Junior Bti7'sars Accounts 
1 662-1663 
To Silke for the Stage 
QtmrTa' 2* 
Jan 13. For 26 slitt deales \^%^ a piece, 145 wholl 

deales 14^^ y^ foote 11 15 10 

32 Standers 12 foote & J long att 3"^ y^ foote 
520 of quarters forbearers for the Scaffold at 
I'^Jy'^ foote 8 17 6 

For 2 Posts & a raile att y^ Lodge doore, & for 10 

nailes 3 6 10 

For turning ballasters, & p"* to a carter & for 

bread & beare 14 2 

31 foote of railes about y^ Stage 5 7 

March 21 deales used about y^ Stage \v° the 
Duke of Monmouth was here at 14^^ y^ peece. 
44 foot of peeces of timber for bearers for y^ 
stage at i*^| y*" foote i 10 o 

For 28 ballasters turning at 1^ a peece 4 8 , 

Newland . . taking downe & laying up y^ Scaf- 20 

foldes & seates 

Quarta 2^ Jan 8. 1662 To John Piers 5d Sim- 
son 6d Phillips 5d Jones 4d Wisdome & 
Knuckler 5d Woodruffe 3d for helping att the 
Stage, for painting, haire cloths, Vizards, 
candles & to y^ Porter & Brewers for keep- 
ing y^ Gates as by Bill 
Jan 24. P^ by the Masters Order to M"" Hill sen"" 

for y^ charges of two Comedies . . . 
March 16 P"^ to D^ Dove for charges of y"" Com- 
1662 edie before y^ Duke of Monmouth 

To M*" Shuter for y^ use of his hangings, for a 
long cushion and for curtaines & for worke 
att y*" Comede before y^ Duke i 19 













Paide y° to John Piers .... for helping y^ 
Carpenters, keeping y^ doores, paving y'^ porch, 
for wax & tallowe candles att y'' Comedie, for 
Lincks & Torches, haire cloth, nailes and 
painting y^ Railes 

y^mior Bursar s Accounts 


Expenses extraordinary 

Qta 2da por y*" Comcdie to M"" Craven upon his bils 11 17 07 

To M"^ Arrowsmith upon his bill for shapes, 10 

vizards &c 06 14 00 

To M'^ Parker for jewels lost & broken & dressing 

y^ Actors 01 10 00 

To S"" Dove 3^ 7** and for candles, wax & tallow 

I 12 I 01 15 08 

To Silke & Peirce for worke & attendance as 

by bill 03 17 00 

For a presse for y"^ comedie cloaths & carriage to 

the Audit Chamber 01 01 00 

Junior Bursar s Accounts 20 

[There are two or more, slightly differing, copies of these accounts 

and those that follow.] 

I 664-1 665 [0^ 2^] 
For a deaths-head carved & painted 
For y*^ Inscription of y^ 2 Scenes 
For wax to make Ticketts 
For 6" of Tallow candles & 4 drinking cups 
For 3 sacks of vSea-coale, 2 bushell of charkt sea- 

coale, sedge, & carriage 
To Goodw. Smith for making fires and attendance 
To y" Porter and his Assistants 
For attending a Scholar prisoner in y*" Porters lodg 
For watching & defending y*" walls 
For 8 Tinne candlesticks 





















00 30 











For linkes & broomes 00 01 00 

To Fitch and 5 Labourers for work and attendance 

2 dayes & | 
T®*-5-*fnore employed about y^ Coll. avenewes 
For wax candles, Linkes & Torches 
To D^ Seigniour upon his bill of expences for y^ 

2 Comedies 
For wine spent at y^ Comedies 
For deales, nailes, & wages for y"" Scaffold work 
For earthen candlesticks 6*^ Drink to door- 
keepers 1/2 
For new stuff, nailes, tacks, mending y*' Entrance 

hangings & y^ vpholsterers pains 
For a poinard bought in stead of one borrowed 

and lost 00 

For S'** of candles used at y^ comedies 00 

For glass, solder, banding & nailes to y" Low 

parlo"" windows taken down, & sett up again 01 08 01 

Sum. 29 18 II 




















00 16 00 

12 00 

04 00 

To M^ Griffith 

yunior Bursar s Accounts 
. for painting NOLA upon y* 


For 4 pare of woemens shooes at y^ Comedy 

Payd to y"" Tapster at y*" Sun, for bear, pipes & 
bread & buttyr had by y^ Actors 

To Tho. Marshall for trim^^^ing powdering & 
dressing y*" Actors, wherein was spent 4 pound 
of powder 3 potts of Jessemy buttyr, & attend- 
ance all y^ time of their acting 

To young Chapman for running of Errands, making 
fires keeping y^ dore in y^ Acting chamber 

To George Scarrow for keeping y*" gate in y^ time 
of y*" Comedy 

A a 


O T O 




o 15 o 


Payd Rob: Gill for Tobacco taken by y'' Actors on 3 

Payd to Tho Williams for Oranges spent upo;^ y*" 

Prince & strangers at y'' two times of publick 

acting o 14 4 

Payd to M"" Sh Liter for sixteen yards of green 

bays to cover y" stage 218 o 

To y^ musicke for 3 times attending y^ comedy 200 

To M" Frisby for 13 yards and * of four peny 

Ribbon for y*" Comedy 3^ 42-*^, 1 8 yards of pinkt 

colourd ribbon 4^ 6^^, three yards of lemon 10 

colour i^ 6^ a rowl, pins, paint & patches 4% 

three peeces of sattin ribbon g"", for y*" use of 

two pare of worsted hose & for sleevs 6^ 6^^, for 

dressing & providing of cloaths 2', in all after 

her abating of 3s I o-Jd 3 5 o 

To M*^ Moody for 17 pare of gloves for y'" Actors. \ 1140 

For two pare of gloves more to M"^ Collins J o 3 10 

Ouarta 3^ Glazier 

Upon y'' stage lead & quarrys 2" S'^ 

Ou 3* Carpenters 20 

For 1 7 deals & 4 slitt deals in setting up y*" stage 
1' 17^ a casem* & pare of ioints P 3^^ nails is** 6'' 

Ou 3^ for y*" hire of 4 haircloaths for y*" windows 
in y*" Comedy-room 8^ 

For . . mending y^ pavement in y"" great Court at 

y'' Prince of Toscanys coming I 3 2 

Junior Bursar s Acco7ints 

1 669-1 670 30 

To Tho: Cage for 28 pounds of wax candles used 
at a Comedy before y' Duke of Ormond & before 
y'= University — in all 02 06 06 



To John Ivory his attendance 2 dayes upon y^ 

Actors & makino- them Beards 
To Gain: for 2 sackes of coales for y^ Actors use 
Tb'Wisdome for Gilding y^ Sceptre 
To M"^ Powell for ale & pipes for y*" Actors 
For wine at y^ Comedy before y^ Duke of Ormond 

1 2 qts of Canary and 1 2 qts of Claret ;^ i 1 8 o 

6 qts of Canary & 6 qts of Claret for y^ Actors 
themselves 19^: 12 bottles lost 4^ in all 

For wine spent when it was Acted before y'^ Uni- 
v<?;'sity 8 q'^ of Canary and 6 qts of Claret 
j^i. 3. 4 a pottle of Burnt claret 2^ S'^ and for y^ 
Actors 7 qts of Canary and 1 2 q'^ of Claret 

To M'' Moody for Kid Gloves for 19 Actors & to 
M" Creighton M"" Loosmore & S*" Manfeild 3 
paire more. 3 paire at 1^ lo"^ y^ paire, y'' rest 
at 2^ y^ paire — in all 

To Chapman for waiting upon y*" Actors 1 3 days 

To Will™ Caton y*" Joyn*^ for work done in y*" 
Acting Roome. To y'' Smith 3^ 3 shepheards 
staves 3^ for stuffe Labour and Nailes 3^ 25 
foot of quarters for y"" Musick's Lattice 2^ for 
a Club i^ 2^ for work 2^ 

Item for work done in y° Com. [sc. Comedie] 
Chamb*" about y'^ Presses to hang y^ Actors 
cloathes in for sliting y"" Boords i^ a lock i^ a 
row of pins i^ 2^ [&c.] 

To M"' Frisby for 9 yds of bloome colour'd 
Ribband 3^ 1 1 yards of lemon & red 2^ 9'^ 
9 yds I of pink 3' 3^^ 4 yds of blew Ribband i^ 4"^ 
2 yds of 12"^ Ribband i^ 8*^ 2 yds of whit 6*^ 

7 yds of 4** ribband i^ 9^^ 4 yds & | i^ 6'^ a 
paire of whit Kid Gloves 2^ 2 yds of whit 
ribband 6'^ one yd 3*^ a hat band 5^ . . . 

To Tho. Marshall for Tobacco & Pipes for y^ 


GO 05 00 

00 02 04 

00 02 06 

00 18 00 

03 01 00 


01 08 02 

02 03 06 

00 05 00 


01 01 10 


03 GO GO 
00 13 04 


To S"^ Holland for paper to writ out y*" Comedy 

for my L'^ Freschville & other Materealls oo 03 00 

To Gam: & Scarrow for keeping y*" doors at y^ 

Comedy 00 04 00 

To Killingworth & Coolidge for keeping y" King's- 

gate & carrying charcoale 00 02 00 

Toy" University Musick for y'*" attendance 2 days 

at y*" Comedy 02 00 00 

To Fitch for 500 of 6'' nailes spent about y*^ 

Acting Roome 2^ 6"^ 2 Matts i^ ij'' hire of 3 "^ 

haires is*" . . . Item for 18 yds of Cloth for y*" 

Oake Trees and y*" Well 6^ S'* for y^ Oake-trees 

Painting & writing 2 names by Wisdome 1 2^ 2^ 

2 hoops for the Well 8^ in all 02 05 05 
To Tho Marshall for Triming, Powdring & dress- 
ing y'" Actors 3 pots of Gessima4'' of powder & 

3 beards 00 15 00 
To y" Orang-man for Oranges spent y'" 2 days of 

y^ Comedy upon y"" Spectators and Actors 02 1 2 00 

To Joshua Burton for making 2 green coates & 2 20 

paire of Breeches. 1 6 yds & f of Green Searge 
etc : For making a light colour'd coat & Breeches 
8 yds & 2 of searge etc : 3 round Caps 3 past- 
boards 4 scrips &c 06 08 07 

yiimor Bursars Accounts 
1670-1671 [first quarter] Extraordinaryes 

To Thorn. Marshall his bill, for powder, Jesimy, 

Triming & attending y'^ Actors 012 o 

To M' Shuter his bill, for nayles & tape for y*" 

Musick grate, setting on y" green cloth & 18 30 

candlesticks i 16 o 

To M" Friesby her bill for dressing y"" Actors at 
y* comedy acted before y*" Vniversity, ribband, 
spoyling a necklace, for y" use of head-tire & of 
3 paire of stockins, pinns, patches & gumwe 3 1 7 1 1 



For Ayine spent at y* Comoedy acted before y"^ 

vniuersity 8 quarts of canary & 6 qu'^ of clarett 

i^' iK 4'^, a potle of burnt claret 2' 8'* ; for y" 

Actors 7 quarts of Canary & 1 2 quarts of claret 

i' 7^ 2^ 2 10 6 

For wine for y*" Actors spent at y'' comedy praepared 

for y' prince of Orange 10 qu'^ of canary & 10 

quar*^ of claret i 10 o 

for a lanterne for y"" Hall Staires 050 

Spent at y° comedy praepared for y*" prince of 10 

Orange for tobacco & pipes 5^ 2'^ ; candles 3" ; 

coolidge attendence 4 days 5^, to Goodwife Lord 

2^ 6^ to M'" Friesby 10^ 1 5 S 

To porters for keeping y^ gates when y^ comedy 

was acted before y^ vniuersity 
To M"^^ Powell for beare for ye Actors 
For y"" musick before y^ Vniuersity 
To Caiton for worke done at y^ Lodge when y* 

Duke of Yorke was here 
To Chapman attending y*" Actors 
for hire of a wastcoat for an Actor 
for a new scabbard for my L"^ Asleys sword broake 

upon y*" stage 030 

To M" powell for beare spent by y'' Actors that 

praepared for y^ Prince of Orange 014 o 

To Thorn. Mathews for a paire of laced shoes & 

slaps, a paire of white shoes & slaps & whitning 

2 paire 012 4 

For candles, pens, inke, paper, broomes, sugar & 

nutmeggs for y^ Actors 080 

To Goodwife Lord for attending & dressing y'^ 

Acting roome 030 

To Josua Burton for 2 white calicoe habits to 

dance in ; canvas, thread, buttons, riband, taffety, 

Holland binding, stamell sleeues 113 6 

To M*" Moody his bill for gloues for y^ Actors 214 4 









To D*^ Wrag for y* Actors tobacco 096 

2"'^ Quarter To Thorn. Cage for 24 pound of wax 
candle praepared for y'' Comedy intended to 
haue bin acted before y*" Prince of Orange 200 

3''^ Quarter To M"" Shuter for 22 yards & J of 
broad bayse for Hangings for y° Stage & adding 
to y" floore one yard 3'' 6^ 9, seauen skins & f 
of guilt Leather i" 18^; thread, tape & coard 
for y^ hangings lo^ making y*= hangings i'* 6149 

To J oh. luory for gilding 3 scepters 010 o 10 


Statutes of Queens' College 1559, Cap. 36. 
[Printed 1822, p. 60.] 

Et ne juventus nostra, exercitata forsan ad alia, pronun- 
ciando ac gestu rudis et inurbana maneat ; volumus ut Gra^cae 
Linguae Professor, et etiam Examinator, quotannis inter 20 De- 
cembris diem et Ouadracresimse initium, in Aula Colleofii duas 
Comoedias sive Tragoedias curent agendas ; si ante 20 Decembris 
diem per Magistrum, aut eo absente per Pro-Pnesidem, ad eas 
privatim exhibendas, — vel etiamsi per Magistrum, aut eo absente 
Pro-PrcL'sidem, et majorem partem Sociorum, ad eas publice 20 
agendas, — fuerint requisiti ; quod si praestiterint, recipiet uterque 
eorum pro labore 6s 8d ; si vero uterque aut illorum alter huic 
officio sibi constituto satisfacerc rccusaverit, mulctabitur x^ 
solvendis, vel publico ^^^^rario. vel altcri qui velit hoc suum 
officium administrare, juxta judicium Magistri, vel eo absente 
Pro-lVcCsidis, ct majoris partis Sociorum. Quod si quisquam 
Scholarium, (nisi in Sociorum convictu fuerit,) designatus ab 
alif|uo honim duorum Lectorum, partem aliquam agendam rccu- 
saverit, punictur judicio Praesidis, se vero absente Pro-Prausidis, 
et horum Lectorum duorum. 3° 



Extracts from Accounts 

[Th^/olfe\ving items, except where otherwise specified, come from the Bursarial 
Accounts called ' Magnum Journale ', in which the year runs from Michaelmas 
to Michaelmas, According to W. G. Searle's History of Queens' College, Part I, 
p. 167, there is no earlier mention of plays.] 

Item. Richardo Robyns [carpentario] pro labore 

suo quum agebat2^r comedia Plauti iij'^ 

Item pro clavis dictis Teynt^rnayles, quibus firma- 

ba^ztur ornamenta edium in eade»^ comedia j*^ ob 

Item mag-zs/ro Smythe [pro tunc majori] pro cereis 

sive funeralibus que emf^us propter comedia?;^ 

Plauti, quum agebatur apud nos iij^ v"^ 

1 540-1 541. Expensse in collegij negotijs 10 

Itm 5° ffebruarij Sampsono pro confectione vestiu;?2 

scenicaruw et panno pr<? comedijs agendis xxv^ iiij** 

Itm 18° die [ffebruarij] Joanm Dowse cu;;^ 2 

famulis ad qumqne dies para^^tib^^,? ac erigewtibz^i^ 

scenaw in aula pro comedijs age^^dis vj^ viij"^ 

It™ Dowseo cum famulo eo die quo agebawtur 

comediae x'* 

It™ eode;';^ die pro paruis clauis pro ca^^delabro et 

phano ligneo confici^^zdis et pro loris pro eisdem xij'^ 

It™ nicolao ott pro triginta octo candelabris ex 20 

ferro et platt. iij^ 

1° Martij . . tusher qui pulsabat organa in age/^dis 

comedijs xij'^ 

It'" thomae pictori pinge;;ti phanuw et p?'^ coloribw^ 

quib?^^ vsi su;2t actores comedmn^m xviij"* 

It™ [9° die] mao'is^ro ponett pro quibusda^^ rebus 

occupat/i" in comedijs agewdis iiij^ ij'* 

It™ petro ventresse p7^o pan;2o et co^efectione ves- 

tiu;;z scenicaru;;^ ... iij" iiij* vj'^ 



If" nicolao ott pro 6 oblongis clauis quibw^ 

D.ff[geha.nt7(r gradus quib^^i" ascendebant ad 

It" 10 die [Martij] scribe;^ti mventonum vestiuw 

scenicaruw ij'^ 

It'" loani Dowse pr^ bidui sua opera, cum famti/o 

dirue;^tib?^5 scenaw in aula ac reponewtibw^ res 

illas in lignario xx*^ 

1 541-1542. In supellectilem collegij 
If" 11° februarij magistro perne pro galero picto 10 

candelis et purgatione vestiuw quum agebatur 
comcEdia coram sotiis ix** 

1 542-1 543. Expensae in collegij negotijs 
Item [15 Januarij] magzV/ro perne pro expensis 

circa actione^^ dialogi textoris xj' vij'' ob 

In supellectilem collegij 
If" 22 februarij magis/ro perne pro picto clipeo 

quo miles gloriosus vsus est in comoedia viij'* 

1 545-1 546. Expensa in collegij negotijs [apparently 

between 24 November and 3 January] 20 

If" pro. 2. lychnis pro comocdijs magistronim perne 

et yale xyj** 

If" pro ligno ad struendum ignew ad comocdiaw 

magistn yale yj*^ 

It"' expendi in cibis pro actoribus ciusdem comoediae xij*^ 

It"' in lucernis eade?;^ nocte xiiij'* 

It"* [14 Feb.] in ligno ad comccdiaw mngisfvi yale vj'^ 

If" in lucernis et cibis pro actoribus ij' 

If" balivo Hebbye pro mutuatione armaturx, pro 

eadem comctdia viiij"^ 3° 

It"* [1° marcij] pro lucernis in Comccdia m^^?Vri 

Perne 9 pondo et soluimus pro quolibet pondo ij'' xviij*^ 

If" in cibis pro actorib?^^^ eiusdem comoudiae xyj** 



It™ emi funiculu;/'i! eodem tempore pro erigendis 

domihus eiusdem comoediai viiij*^ 

1 546-1 547 Expensa in Collegij Negocijs 
It"* pro confectione duorum foraminu;;^ in pariete vt 

edificaretz^r le scaffolde [between 10 and 22 Jan.] 
It"* 15° Januarij solui maj^istvo yale pro rehtis ad 

comoedias agendas necessarijs xxx' 

If" pro ligno ad conficiendu7;z tripodes quawdo 

agebantz/r comcedie xxij'^ 

It'° rursus solui Magistvo Yale pro su;?^ptibus 10 

comoediaruw iussu D. Smythe xxvij® ix"^ ob 

16° Maij. Itm domino Alexandro et Hutteno pro 

verritiowe vestime;^toru;;2 lusorii;;/ & mimoruw iiij** 

Reparationes infra Collegiu;;^ & circa. 
Itm 30 Januarij solui Dowseo et eius filio pro 

confectione le stage 5 diehi^s et di. iiij^ v"^ 

Itm Williwo Hardewycke adiuua;^te eisde;;^ toti- 

dem diebus ij^ vj'^ 

Itm pro appositione le scaffolde et demolitione le 

stage 2**^ diebus eisdem tribus ij^ viij'^ 

Itm Martino Avesse Johanni gaytt^J & Margaret 

vetule pro portatione asseru;/z a coUegio Bene- 

dicti et Johannis et reportatione earu;;^ ad 

comedias agendas xx"^ 

Itm pro cervisia eod^;;^ tempore quawdo agebant?/r 

comedie iussu prcss'idzs xVf 

Itm [23° februarij] solui vitriario pro vitro quod 

frangebat^^r quando agebantur comediae in Aula viij^ 

1 547-1 548 Reparationes infra Coll. 
19 februarij dowseo et filio opera;^tibus 8 diebus 30 

apud le skrene et theatru;?z viip 

It™ dowseo et filio pro 3 diebus apud theatruw iij' 







Expens. in collegij negotijs 
[8 Jan.] If" pro le sukket marmaled Carawys 
Cakes pro vino et pomis quum rex regalis col- 
legij Imperator et reliqui veniebant hue. Jussu 

t" hijs qui adducebant vestes et armatuw die 
Epiphaniae Jussu pr<^sidis 

t™ mao-is^ro Hobby pro completa armatura 

3. Januarij. 

t™ I primis [J . Prime] et ceteris quztm persa agebatur 

f" 21 Januarij magisiro gastoyn pro expensis 

t™ pro candelis ad comedias per manus donnm 

tm 26 Januarij christofero tailer pro sex modijs 
carbonu;;? quww adelphes et Heli erant recitatae 

Expens. in Coll. negocijs 
t*" 1 1 februarij W. Lamesse pro expensis post 

t. 15 februarij petro Ventresse pro cowfectio;/e 

vestiuw ad comedias 
f" eodem die I Prime pro labore suo qu?^;;/ 

comediai agebantur 
t™ 17 februarij pro aduectio/^e magnai cistai in 

qua reponuwtur vestes comediales 

in supellect. 
t. octauo Januarij radulpho alen pro 2 lefethers 

pro septew barbis 
t 14 februarij I Laurence calceatori pro 5 paribus 

calceoruw ad comedias 
f" 17 februarij I Burrell pro magna cista in qua 

res pro comedijs pona;itur 

1548-1549 Reparationes infra Collegium 
Itni 10 martij J Frost et C Barber pro opera. 
6 dieruw circa theatruw in aula 

• • * * ' * A 

xif my 





XXV® yd 



XX v^ vij** 



" XV* xj"^ 




ij« vj'^ 30 


* * 
It. Dowseo et 2 eius filijs pro opera 3 diertim et 

di» circa erectione;/^ theatri in aula et demo- 

litione;;^ eiusdem v^ iij*^ 

It***:2^'martij pro novo et resartione fenestraru;?^ 

in aula post lusu;;^ pr^^sidis et pro vitro in cubi- 

culo magis^n et pro Integra fenestra in cubiculo 

thomse alen et pro .2. particulis vitri in cubiculo 

magzs^r'i hathwey x^ ij'' 

Expensa in collegij negotijs 
If" 14 Januarij domzno Harryson pro exceptione 10 

Legatoru;;^ qui aderant a collegij s regis et 

trinitatis iiij^ viij*^ 

It" eode;;^ tempore eidew pro lucernis in eadew 

exceptione et pro quadris et oUis xxij* 

It™ 1 7° Januarij magistro gascoyn pro expensis suis 

tempore natiuitatis x" 

It. Joan?/i Maye pro ligulis et sagittis ad apparatus- 

tempore natiuitatis nij' 

Itm [28 Februarij] Joan;2i frost pro itinere suo ad 

bumsted ex ma;/dato p^'^sidis vt juberet adduci 20 

le planckes pro tragedia agenda &c ij^ ij'^ 

It pro ligno post actioneT?^ penuli et ypocrisis in 

co;eclaui et in cubiculo magistn snper conclaui 

dum agebatwr hypocrisis viij^ 

It" pro lucernis in actione penuli et hypocrisis ij^ viij' 

Itm pro vectione 3 plaustroruw lignoruw a 

bumsted pro theatro vj' 

4 martij magistro pr^sidi pro expensis in lusu xxxj^ ix*^ 

It. pro co^fectione vestiu;^^ ad eunde?;^ lusu;;^ xij^ 

It" magistro gascoyn pro eodem lusu x^ 30 

Itm pro 9 vlnis panni rudis pro vestibus ad eundew 

lusuw ix' 

Itm magisixo yale pro recitacione penuli v^ v' 

Itm bysillo vt emeret leruas et ceteras res ad lusuw 

magisin pr^sidis iussu illius xx"^ 







If" pro splintris[?] et le post boords ad eunde;;^ 

\usum ilif ix'^ 

1 549-1 550 [Expensa in negocijs Collegij — before 21 Jan.] 
tm pro fasciculis ... in Recitatione comedise xvj"* 

tm ma^is^ro Reymowdo pro expe;«is factis in 
agenda comedia xvj® vij"^ 

1 550-1 55 1 [Reparationes et alise expensse necessariae] 

tm M^,^?^T/ro Barnarde pro billa ludi sui viij'' ij*^ 

tm coqwo pro co;^viuio ludi M^^/^/ri Barnard et ^o 

reliq. epul. xj^ viij'^ 

tm billa coci in ludo D Robynsoni xij^ ix'' 

t. pro candelis ad lusu;;^ dofnini Robynson xij'' 

t. Domino Robynson pro billa ludi sui viij^ ij*^ 

V" yiagtstro barnarde pro editio«e comediae vj® viij"* 

t*" domino losslyne pro editio/^e comedise vj® viij*' 


n primis loanni pople pro opera tridui in fabri- 20 

ca7^do le frame pro ccelo ante ludos iij^ 

tem famulo kynge pro opera totidem dieru;?/ in 

eade;-'^ machina exedificanda 
f" pro expensis lusus d. Josselyn 
tem Jo. pople et famulo Kynge pro erectione cosli 

in lusu d. Josselyn 
tem pro expensis in lusu d. Maye 
tem pro opera eius in edendo suo lusu 
tem Dowseo et 2 eius filijs pro opera 6 dierum in 

erigendo et demoliendo theatro ac rep^/'a;^dis 

mensis fractis 
tem matri lakyn pro scopationc in tewporc lusuu;;^ 
tem pro expensis in posteriore lusu d. Josselyn 

quae fuit tragcdia 

xiiij® j'' 


XXV® vij*^ 
vj* viij'* 



xxxvj' vj'' 


If" pro opera elus in edendo suo lusu vj* viij*^ 


Item ba%ico pro clavis ad theatru;;^ x*^ 

Ite'ift l/Ttriario pro reparationQ 40 pedum vltri in 

occidentali fenestra aulse post lusus viij^ iiij'* 

Item pro 12 pedibus novi vitri viij^ 

It pro repi^ratione 2 le paynes orie^talis fenestrse iij* 

1 552- 1 553 [Solutiones pro Concionibw^ & Lecturis] 
y[agistvo Robynson pro Comoedia ab eo piiblice 

edita vj^ viij'' 10 

Item ^lagisito Thorpe pro Tragoedia ab eo publice 

edita vj^ viij*^ 

[i6°J Dowseo et 3 filiis pro exedificatione & demo- 

litione theatri qua?/do Corhcedia & Tragoedia 

edeba;^tur * ij' vj^ 

[30°] If" in expensis in Comoedia aedita a yiagistro 

Robynso^i iiij' x** 

Item 31° in expensis in Tragoed. aedita a yiagisiro 20 

Thorp ix^ viij** 

1553— 1554 [Mensiuw expe;^sa] 
Billa expensae pecuniae Magistn Mey in dialogo 

aedito ab eod^m 
Alia billa yiagistn Mey in expe?«is tragoediae ab 

eo edite 
Patri douseo et dwohus eius filijs ]o2Lnni et Guliel- 

mo pro fabricatione altaris et erectione theatri 
Sumptus comoediae Stichus editae vt patet per bil- 

\dim Magistv'i Robinsoni 

1 560-1 56 1 [Expensae factae mense Januarij] 
Item pro vino, caseo et duplici beria cum specta- 
culuw editu»« erat in cubiculo pr^sidis 





' iij'* 30 


' xj'^ 


• • . . • 



1 561-1562 [Expensae factae mense — ] 

Item Domino Rastall pro expensis comediae suae vj' iij'^ob 

Item Ma£7s/ro Igulden pro expensis cowediae suae xvij" vj** ob 
In primis ^lagistvo Igulden pro stipendio comediae 

seditae vj" viij** 

It. do7itino Rastall pro suo stipendio comediae 

editae vj' viij'^ 

1 562-1 563 [Expensa facta — ] 10 

mense Januarij 

It domino Rockerye pro agenda comoedia vj^ viij*^ 

It eidew pro expensis in comedia xvij' ij'^ob 

mense feb. 

It allocatz/r domino Linforde pro agenda comoedia vj' viij^ 

It domino Som pro expensis in age?eda comedia xxxj^ ij** 

If" MagistTO Igulden pro expensis in comoedia 

agenda iiij' viij** 

It. domino lynforde pr^ expensis in agenda fabula xxx' x'^ob 

1 563-1 564 mensis febr. 20 

It. M^;^/5/ro Lynforde pro comoedia tractanda vj' viij'' 

It eide;;^ pro expensis in eaw incollatis vij' 

1564-1565 Jan. 

It" pro expensis comedie aeditae per magistruw 

Tower ."'j'.?^'' 

It"' eidew pr^ labore in editione eiusdem vj' viij"* 

1 573-1 574 [Expensae mensium] 


It. for the playe xxij» xj'^ 

A prill 


:;;» ;d 

It. layd owt for the comedie xxiij' j 



1 5 75-1 5 76 Januane 

It. geven to the Scollers after there playe ij^ vj*^ 

'-'--^' 1 582-1 583 Feb. 

It a loyne of mutton for the Musitions xviij** 

1 588-1 589 Apryll 
It. for corde for the stage & nayles xij^ 

1 59 1-1592 [Expensae Mensium] 

Februarie (first entry) 

In primis vnto M"" Meriton for his paynes about y^ 

Comedle vj' viij'^ 10 

[George Montaigne elected fellow of Queens' in 1592 and praised for his acting in 
the Miles Gloriosus in the College about the same time. J. H. Gray, Hist, of 
Queens Coll., p. 135.] 

1 593-1 594 February 
Item for the carpenter for worke wh. he did the 

last yeare at the cofhodie xx* 

1 594-1 595 Februarie 

Item for repairing th' hall windowes after the 

plaies xlv^ 


Item to the same [the Porter] for broomes, & waxe 

for the tables after y^ plaies viij"^ 

Item to 3 [men] for i daie mending the halle after 20 

the plaies ij^ viij'^ 

1 61 2-1 6 1 3. March 
towards ye princes entertainme;^t xl^ 

['Archives No. 24'] 
Towards y^ Princes enterteinme/^t payd by 
M"" Mansell vnto M"" Brookes y^ beadell ten 
poundes x'* 


1 627-1 628 March 

To M"^ Edmonds for haires at the Comcedie oil o 

The Comedie stage 113 6 

Torches for Comoedye stage o 1 1 o 

Candles 16'' Links 2 dozens for Comcedie o 14 8 

To M*" Edmonds for .6. haires i 6 8 

1628-1629 Sept. 
For beare spent at y^ comedies 
Contribution to the entertainment of a french em- 

1629-1630 Sept. 
The Comcedie setting out y^ last year 

1633-1634 March 
for layinge the stage in the storehouse ' 

['Archives No. 25'] 
Laid out for the Bursar anno M" Bardsey [sc. 

r To the wax chaundler for 4 duz. of torches 112 o 20 

"{ For 4 pound of wax lights 058 

t for the Comccdies 


(Archives No. 27, 'Subscription Book') 

P. 91. Layd out by mee for y*" Comedye [Valetudinarium] 

M"" Pestils horse 27 nights at 8*^ y^ night 018 o 

for oates 3 bushels and half, & halfe pecke 012 i 

his mans horse 8*^ 8 

a dozen of points 4 

By M*" Sparrow 5 o 30 

By M' Ward 40 


9 10 








By M' Rogers 

To Jo. Browne 
^ To M"^ Symonds & his man 
"*To M^ Lilly 

To M"^ Loosemore & his boy 

To Euerard fathers for Ipswichus suit 

To y^ Painter for y" Stage 

To M*^ Stucty's coach man 

To M'''^ Vaughan for a supp 

To Jo: of All-trades for mending y*" candlesticks 

To Twelues for horse-hire, crutches & a knot 

To Parker 

To Steuen Rose in part for his iourney 

Goody Camps bill 


for burnt wine & cold meat y*" night before 

for a Pye & wine for y" dressers 

for wine &c at M"^ Vaughans supp 






























26 7 3 

w*" sume is allowed mee pag 128 

p. 128. Payments to M' Coldham 20 

[i.e. made I think by Joseph Plum the retiring bursar to his successor. Plum's 
year ended INIichaelmas 13 Car i (1637).] 

By y^ Comedy Accompts — M"^ Rogers 

pays mee of this 3. 11. 7. 26 7 3 

p. 129. Rec. by M"^ Rogers in part of y*" Comedy 

accompts 311 7 

1 63 7- 1 638 Expensae Mensium 

Feb 3. To Booth for 2 da. worke at 
16^ his lab. 2. at 10'* y'' day to 
mend y'= Acting-chamb. chimny 044 

March 8. [to Jo. Ruddock] for 7000 

tile for y^ new Stagehouse 4 H 6 30 

c c 


March 21. To y*" 2 Carpenters for 
framing y'' timber-workc about 
y^ Stage-house i 2 o 

To y"" Sawiers for sawing 
600 foot of Ash for y'" Stage- 
house 1 6 o 

5. To M"- Killing-worth by bill 
for 1 1 lo. of lime for ) ' Stage- 
house 4 8 o 10 

14. To Jo. Harrow by bill for 

brick & sand for y*" Stage-house 1 8 1 3 o 

28 To W. Booth for Stagehouse 
brick -w^orke at a penny y'" foot 
& tiling 6'' 8'' y^ Pole, meas. by 
M"^ Pick 6137 


II. To M*" Lowry by bill for 
deales for y'^ Chap^/ & lathes 
&c for y" new house 3 2 2 20 

1 640- 1 64 1. 
Oct. To M' Ward [apparently Senior Fellow] for 

a press for y*" Acting cloaths 078 

Aug. For mending y"" walls over y'' Acting 

Chamber o 5 10 


(Archives No. 27, ' Subscription Book', last page.) 

Paid to Trinity Coll. for comedy charges 10 16 10 

[The date is fixed by other references on the page. J 

1661-1662. Expensa^ Mensiimi 

Aprill To y'" Cooke for y'' Actors at Xstmas 30 

[members of the college ?] o 10 o 

1 664- 1 665. 
May To y*" glasier for worke in y' Acting Chamber 050 



Miscellany A. 

J The previous page is dated ' die purilicalionis 1546 ' sc. 1546/7.] 

fol. 46^ 

Players garine/<;tes brought vp <to the) 
tower, postridie purificat'. 1 5(46) 

( The ends of these Hnes are torn.] 

A slevid cote of sylk \v' golde pedes [?] 

A cote of white & red pay/^tted lynen garded \v' fushan of 

A yelow coten cote my/^gled w^ paynted lynyii garden w* fush. 

of Nap. 
A small cote dornix garded w*^ gilt lether / 10 

An other dornix cote gard. w*^ fush. of Nap. 
An other paynted fushian cote w* roses the lynyng wherof is 

a cote of blak & whit / 
A blew cote w' yelow flowrc de lys / 
A slevid cheker cote of white blew sleuid w' red / 
A nother cheker cote white & blew 
An othere cote of white & red ruffed sieves 
An other of white & red playn sieves / 
A clooke of olde blew sylkes w*^ lyons of gold / 
A cloke of blak coten w' gardes of gold skyfi / 20 

An other cloke ijarded w* white & a hat to the same. 
An other yelow litle cloke garded w* red / 
A litle bukram boyes cote red & grene / 
w. j. It. Slops of clothe — iiij. payr 

It. hose to them — iiij p' 

It. ij p*^ of lynen Slops / 

It. j. p*^ of hose to the same 

It a p*^ of for-sleves cownterset branched damask 

iij caps of yelow & red cloth ^g^.jj^ ^^^^ 

w. j. Coifes of lynen paynted — iiij deathes cote / 3° 

It j yMe of fushian of napes / blak slops 

It i litle peace of lynen pavted deathes face / 

-' ^ ./ 1 ./ devils face / 


New made Garmentes at the Comoedia 

of Laelia Modenas / 
Cotes for yong men white coton garded w* blacl: ij 
A Spanish cloke white & yelow. 
A Spanish cloke black coton garden w' red / 
I at S Ihones ij paj'^er of fushian of Naples shoes/ 
w ij ij new coifes lik damask / 

[All the entries on this page are in the same hand, and everything 
in the book «eems to be of a dale before 1 568.] 

fol. 5 ' • I 2 T • '■ - -> 

a frocke w' sieves & false kyrtell ~ fl j- 1 /^ n 

1^ r r ^ ~*. 1 to Benedict Coll 

It. for y prologe one garmet | ^^ 5 g^^^ ^^ ^,j. .° 

[Thomas Burre, B.A., C.C.C., 1549/50.] 
fol. 52. 

m'' that I george Bewmonte haue borowyd out of y" towre 
thes prt:rceles of playing gere folowyng 

[George Bewmonte, bursar, 1547/8.] 

In p^mis a cote of satyfi & damaske 

Itm a whyte wroght veluet cote gardyt w' golde 

Itm apollo cote w* y" hode & y" capp 

Itm two whyte satyfi cassock es 

Itm a lytyll damaske cote 

Itm two sylke cassockes 20 

Itm a gowne of bawdkyn 

Itm a crowne & a mace 

Itm thraso cote 

Itm hanno penus payntyd cote 

[' Hanno Pcenus', a character in Plautus' P(rnu/us.'\ 
ISV that I lohn mey haue borroedout of the tower thcs p^f'ccls 
of playi//ge gere folowynge — 
[John May, B.A. 1549/50, bursar 1554/5. He brought out a tragedy in 1553/4-] 

A polios cootc. w* the hoode & the cappc — 
Thrasos cootc. The prologes gounc — 
ij cassokes of white satten — 


a white damaske coote — 

ij ^ounge mens coote one of veluet the other of damask & 

'ij^yer of sleues one payer of tyssheu the other of damask 
a cassocke of blevve Veluet 
ij cassockes of badken 
Itm a grene frocke of damaske w^ a false kyrtell & sieves to 

the same 
a false kyrtell of tyssheue 

ij cappes of red Veluet Itm one cape of tyssheue 10 

Itm a white fether 
Itm one mace 
I a angels coote w' wynges to the same. A here for a wome 

of yelow sylcke phanum veneris 

fol. 44*' 

germentes receuid out of the tower by me J May 

In primis iij vellet cappes stripte w* goolde. 

a frenche whoode of clothe of tysshewe w' a Bylim'^nt for the 

ij younge mens coothes of sylke. 20 

ij kyrtels one of clothe of tysshewe & one of grene damaske. 

Theanoes coote 
one frocke and ij cassokes for woomen. 
a payer of sleues. 

mercuris coot w' the hose to the same, 
ij macys 
the white fether. 
a gooune for the prologe. 

fol . I I . 

players garmetes 30 

ij cassockes of sylke 

ij white cassokes of satten 

a gowne of grene damaske w*'' sleues & a false cyrtyll 

a gowne of redde bawdkyne w*'' a coler a coyffe & a hedd pece 


a cote of blew sate & dameske w^'' flowres 

a cote of whete veluet gardyd w^'' cloth of gold 

a ft'rocke of blew velvet 

a lyttyll frocke of white damaske 

an other gowne of bawdkyn 

Thrasows cotte 

a payre of sleues of Blew tysschew 

a Frenche hode of tysshew 

a frenche hoode of satten 

iij cappes of velvett »o 

a fallse kyrtyll of clothe of tysshew 

byllymentes of redde tysshew 

a nyght cappe of velvet 

It. heare of sylke 

a white fether 

Rychard Thorpe [elected fellow, 1551.] 

fol. 5.^ 

Taken forth of the tower vj clokes/ xj cotes one & oth'r iiij 

quuyffes & ij payer of shoys 
Itm In pr/mis A fether 20 

the poetes gowne 
A grene gowne of damasce w^ A payer of hagyng sleues & 

I payer of lose slyues 
ij veluet cappes 

A hedd gere of clothe of golde w' the appurtena/ice 
A coote of motle veluet 
A coote of purpull satte/<^ 

A gowne of bawdkyn gardyd w' clothe of golde 
the sync of the fole 
ij false kyrtelles j of clothe of golde the other of g< 30 

[The rest is torn.] 


^ /;■ Library Account & Inventory of Furniture 

(Archives No. 75, p. 378.) 

The Colledge The Colledge stage, Feb. 18. 1639. 

Feb: 1 8 The Scaffold at the upper end of the hall, aboue the stage 
1639. markd all w''' red paint. 

Vpright studs in the first face of the scaffold 4. 

The first markd on the East side w^** $ the second A the third 


B the fourth -h these three last being all markd on their South 


Girts in those studs 3 first from ^ to goe into A at this 

the second from A to joyne w"' B in this marke ©. the third 

West, fastend to B at this Mark = is to oroe East into the East Wall. 

I ^ 

Two Railes ouer these, first 6- second -q East. 

The second face of the scaffold. 
5. Upright studs. 
West. First \ second A third \ fourth B fifth \ East, 

3 Girts. Another stud with a staple fastened in it standing ag' \ 

Marked %. 
We^t. The first Girt fro;;^ the West wall of the Hall, into the post A 

at this mark " 20 

The 2^ ixom A at this Mark = into the post B at this Mark t 

The 3^^ from the post B at this mark y into the East wall of the 

hall ./. 

3. Vpper Railes. 

West. The West Raile to goe into his post at this mark in each . . 

The next fro this mark in each : : to this mark in his other end 
& post : : 


The 3'^ fro this mark in his end & post \\ to the East wall. 

Vpon the Girts — =: Y & y stand these 6 studs. 
First k then A (comming; fro the ground) then L then B 
West. (comming fro the ground) then M. then N.- 

A Board raile markd p some yard aboue the girts fro k to A 

Another fro A to B marked O. Another from B to M marked r 

Another some \6 inches lower fro M to N marked S. 

Girts for the Vpper scaffold. 
The first markd c : the second : the third E 


West. 3 Railes for the vpper scaffold. lo 

The first F. The second G. the third H. 

The back of the scaffold. 
West. Two upright posts from the ground to the first galler)-, y** first 
markd A ye 2'^ B 

3 3 

Two ground peeces the first markd z whereon stands A 

y'^ 2'^ X whereon stands B ^ 
Two braces the first markd Sp w belonging to A 

y" 2^ markd Sp & belonging to B 

West. A Crosse girt ouer the 2 vpright posts fro wall to wall marked W 

Two upright posts vpo that girt W. the first marked 1 1 the 20 

second 12. 
A Crosse girt ouer these 2 posts fro wall to wall and marked 10 
West. Short jeece in the first gallery marked in the extreme ends. 
I. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. S. 9. 10. 1 1. 12. 13. 14. 
Jeece in the 2^^ gallery markd in y'" extreme ends i. 2. 3.4. 5. 6. 
7. 8. 9. 10. II. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. beside 2 
binding-Jeece going into A the other into B. 

West. Jeece in the vpper gallery markd in y*" side ends i. 2. 3. 4. 

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. II 12 13 14 15 16 17. 
West. Racks in this vpper Gallery markd in the Top-ends i. 2. 3. 4.30 

5. 6. 7. 


Racks in the next Gallery below markd on the sides i. 2. 3. 4. 
>5- 6. 7. 8 

j^r>^ In the first gallery onely Matted formes. 
The East side of the hall double scaffolded and the gallery 

before y^ Screene all markd w'*" black paint. 
The fore vpright post next the stage A ] both going up 
The fore vpright post next the trapdore B J to the Top 

A fore mid post betweene these two going up onely to the 

first girt H 

Vpright posts at the back of theis. 10 

The first C at the back of A 
The second K at the back of H 
The third D at the back of B 
An Vpright post to the girt standing about the middle of the 

screene markd g 
A Girt ouer this post markd 10. o . 17 a back girt to it L. 
Another vpright post standing next the west scaffold of the hall 

markd M 
A Spurre standing before the post g markd Sp = A little 

stud upo y'^ spurre markd + 20 

A backgrirt on the South side before the screene markd F. 
A fore girt of the East gallery next the stage fro A to B 

markd L 
Another girt fro it to the end against the staires of the trap 

dore w''^ doth serue also for a Jeece markd on the side N. 
jeece for the first gallery markd fro the stage to the screene in 

the ends i. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 
Jeece along before the screene markd soe 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 

15. 16. 17 
Two Railes of board fro A to B one 2 foote aboue the girt the 30 

other 2 foote aboue the former the first markd , the second : 
Two board Railes one at the end of the other two foote aboue y"" 

girt 10 . o . 17 afore the screene markd z=: zrr 
A stud Raile ouer them Crosse the hall, reaching fro black B to 

white B. 



A slope board next the stage like a brace O 

An vpright fore stud in the first gallery standing over H & 

markd .Q^, 
An vpright fore stud in that gallery next the screene X 
A back upright stud ouer C markd A 
A back upright stud ouer K markd ^ 
A back upright stud ouer D marked ip 
Racks in this gallery markd fro the stage 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 
A board nailed in the window next the stajje for the ends of 

the tresses to rest on marked o Another for the same 10 

purpose next ye screene 8 

In the upper Gallery 
Two foregirts 18 R next the stage S next the screene 
Two board railes aboue them V next the stage W next the 

The uppermost Raile aboue them T. 
A Back girt answerable to R and S marked X 
The Jeece in the upper gallery markd in the ends fro the stage 

(y next the stage first on the side) 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 

25. 26. 27. 20 

Racks in this gallery markd fro the stage i. 2. 3. 4. 5. 

The East Tyring house ou*" the Bibleclarks table. 
Markd w'*" black paint & this letter T. 
Four maine posts Td and Ta backposts Tc and Tb foreposts. 
North Td and Tc North Ta and Tb South 

Bctweene Tc and Tb foure fore studs Tf Tg. Th. Tj. 
Betweene Td and Ta one middle back stud Te. 
The foregirt Tm the backgirt Tk. 
The north end orirt Tn. the south end <nrt Tl. 

The second story. 30 

Seauc peece from North to South, markd 'p 'j^ y y 'p y ^ 
North. Two middle fore studs Tp To. 
Two middle back studs Tq Tr. 



Olie fore girt Tw. two back girts Ts. Tt. 
North end girt Tx. South end girt Tu. 

The 3** story. 
Seaue J eece markd fro North to South T8 T9T10T11 T12T13 

^lorth. Two fore studs T+ & TA 
Two Railes Ty TO 

Additions to the North End of the Tyring house. 
Vpo the top of the post in the great gallery markd w''' the red 

letter x a backe girt ^ 10 

A fore girt answerino- it tM 

Some eighteene Inches aboue this foregirt the board raile <^ 
Some eighteene Inches aboue this last raile A stud raile 69 
Aboue this a fore girt going upo the top of the red M marked X, 
A back girt answering it markd 9 
The West Gallery haue all the same studs posts Girts Railes 

Jeece and Racks w**" the 2 East Galleryes w'''' haue all the 

same Marks saue onely that the East are markd w"' black. 

But the West w''' a whitish Russet paint. 
The West Tyring house likewise hath euery thing answerable 20 

to the East, & is marked w*^ a light Russett paint in euery 

parcell as the East is w^*" black. 

Additions to the North end of the West Tyring-house 
markd w"" light Russett. 
The lowest stud next the Tyring house y 
The next stud fro the Tyring house longer y 
A little short Jeece ouer y marked in the extreme end X 
A parallell Jeece to it going at one end in y markd in the side 69 
A Raile fro the Tyring house to y markd S 

A Girt ouer it fro the Tyring house to red K markd % 30 

Three Jeece vpon this girt markd fro the Tyring house a, a^ 

and the third at one end going into the red K is markd on 

the side ivp 
A Board Raile ouer this girt © 
Another Raile aboue it ^ 


A Post Comming fro the ground close by the stage side* and 
making w'*" the corner of the Tyring house a dore way fro 
of the stage to the D" Gallery markd X^ 

Another against it grounded vpon that little fore gallery J^ 

A slope board raile betweene them @ 

Another stud Raile ouer it -t-> 

The stage Frame. 
Fine studs standing upon the ground on the North end of the 

stage markd (from West to East for their order) where they 

are to bee joynted to the North End Raising w^'' black paint lo 

Si S2 S3 S4 S5. 
Fiue more vnder the middle of the stage so markd in order fro 

west to East. S6 S7 S8 S9 Sio. 
Fiue more such on the South side of the stage so markd for 

order fro West to East Sii S12 S13 S14 Si 5. All these 

studs beino^ markd on their Northerne faces. 
Three Raisings or Jeece peeced in their middles lying from 

West to East ouer euery Row of studs where the studs be 

mortised in markd on their North sides the first Si S2 S3 

S4 S5. The second S6 S7 S8 S9 Sio. The third Si i Si 2 20 

S13 S14 S15 
Fourteene Jeece lying Crosse these former fro North to South 

being markd in their Extreme North Ends in order from 

West to East w*'' theis markes S . S : S v S : : S !•! Si: S ti 

Si^So^SoS + S$S$SD 



Extracts from Accounts 

1 531-1532. 23 Henry VIII. [apparently Michaelmas 23 
Henry VIII to Michaelmas 24 Henry VIII] 
It' payd to currycr y' tayler for maky;^g a 3^ 

perc of hoyse for y' play iiij'* ij** 



It. payd for ij dosyn goldyng skynnes for 

y'^ play ix' 

ii^:^533- 24-25 Henry VIII. 

It gyue to y^ minstrels vpon asche wendyns- 

day at y^ play xij'* 

It gyuen to y^ wayttes y* same day viij*^ 

It for settyng vp y^ stage for y^ play & for 

naylles xij"^ 

1533-1534- 25-26 Henry VIII 

Itm paid to the waytes at ij playes [appa- 10 

rently at Christmas] ij^ 

Itm paid for ij dosyn gold skynnys for the 

plays ix^ viij"^ 

Itm g>'uyn to the weyghtes at the last playe xij'' 

Itm paid for players g'^metes this yere for the 

plays as it apperyth by byll xlix^ vj'^ 

Itm payd for ij calles to the playerres. 

[? strolling players] xiiij' 

^534-1535- 26-27 Henry VIII 

Itm payd to peresby the carpent' for settyng 20 

vp of the stage xij*^ 

Itm alowyd to M"^ Townley for expensis 

mayd of the plays as it apperithe by his 

bylles xiiij^ viij** 

Itm for a sugar cheyst for the players orna- 

metes yj'' 

1537-1538- 29-30 Henry VIII 

It. expendyde and layd ovvt in necessaris 

for the tragedy as yt apperythe by a Byll 1^ v*^ 

1539-1540. 31-32 Henry VIII 30 

It. expedyde by the Lorde in Chrysty;imes 

for players garmetes viij^ viij*^ 

It. for coyles & fagottes expedyd by M*^ 



Cawthoni in Chrystynmas abowte settyng 

furthe of playes iiij'' ix** 

1546-1547- 38-39 Henry VIII 

to M*^ ppoynte [Pierpoint] for the pley v'' x^ 

1 547- 1 548. 1-2 Edward VI. 

bestowed of a pley in Christmas xxvij^ iiij'' 

1 548-1 549. 2-3 Edward VI 

It. to a woma for dressing y*" players gere viij'' 

1550-^551- 4-5 Edward VI 

It' for sonynge and dressy nge the players 10 

gere iiij'^ 

It' to Edmund tailer for making plaers ap 

parell as appereth by his bill iiij"' x*^ 

It' for a lock & key for y*" cheste where y*" 

plaiers gere lieth x*^ 

It' allowed to Sir Stephenson at his play 

setting furth vt patet p"^ billa xxiij'' [sic] 

1551-1552. 5-6 Edward VI 

Item spent by our M"^ vpon M"^ Vice chan- 

celer M"" Maire, & M*^ surveyer for to gett 20 

y^ streetes paved ageinst fooles daie xij*^ 

It. to Edmunde tailer for mendig ye fooles 

coat viij'' 

Item spente vpon y"" yoge me y* toke pains T 

Sir Stephenson play xij'' 

It' for candells spente at y'' same and for nayles x*^ 

It' to y" carpent' for removing y'' tables in y^ 
haull & setting y^"" vp agein w"" y^ houses 
& other things paid xij'^ 

It. yeue to y'' waites of bristowe vj'' 30 

1552-1553- 6-7 Edward VI 

It. bestowed on y*^ lorde of trinitie parish in 
wyne & apples at Christenmas and Can- 
dlemas wha he cam to y" colledge ix*^ 


• * 

It. yeue to y*' lorde of trinitie parish (wha he 
came to our colledge y' seconde time at 
Candlemas) to drike amonge his compaignie xviij*^ 

>%*;«»**•' J l-m p^j^j fQj. stage wha y^ Christenmas lords 

came at candlemas to y*" colledge with 

shewes ij** 

It. laid out by Sir Stephenson for his plaies 

as apperes by his bill xviij*^ 

It. laid out by M"" Goodrike for y*" same as 

appereth by his bill xij^ iij*^ 10 

It. laid out by M"" tailer for y^ same as 

apperes by a bill Ivj^ xj'* 

It. laid out by M' Bovell as apperes by a 
bill for y^ same iiij" iiij^ iiij'^ 

It. laid out towardes y^ honest enterteyne- 
mete of y^ Wo''shippe of y" towne & 
thuniu'sitie w'^'' resorted to o' colledge to 
see y^ plaies there xxxij^ iij*^ ob. 

It yeue and spent on y^ lorde of S Andrewes 

y^ same weke [' Whitson weke '] and 20 

vpon his copaignie resorting to o"" col- 
ledge y^ 23 of maie ij^ v*^ 
[after Easter] 

It paid to townesende for making and soling 
a paire of veluett shoes owing to him 
sence y^ tragedie xij*^ 

[It yeuen to y" waites of lyfi in reward viij^ 

It yeue by o"" m"^ in rewarde to y*" waites of 

Notingham viij'^] 

It. spente in vales at sondrie rehersinges 30 

of y^ tragedie between Christenmas and 
fastingham : and in y^ plaie time xj^ 

1553-1554- 1-2 Mary 

Expended by M*^ Stephenson at setting 
furth of his plaie on y^ waites ij^ on y^ 
plaiers xij*^ for coales vj'^ iij^ yj*^ 


Expended by M*^ psevall [Persevall] at y* 

latten plaie in Christemas on y" waites ij'' 

small pynnj; ii"^ to headon y*" tailer vj*^ for 

horsehiere T fetching apparell viij'' and 

laid oute by him to M"^ Stephenson for 

aqua vite &c ix*^ iiij^ j^ 

It. for iij plaites of tyii for plaies iij" 

It. paid to willm carpent"^ & his ij me setting 

vp y*^ frame and taking it downe thre 

sondrie tymes & for halfe a daies worke xviij'' lo 

It. on Ashe vveddensday to y^ waites of 

Cambridge xij*^ 

sence Easter terme 

It. spent at a boonefire kepte at y*" comTg 

in of o"" King [20 July 1554] ij^ iiij*' 

1 554-1 555. 2-3 Mary 1-2 Philip & Mary 

It. laide out for y*" play By M"^ tailer & other 
of y^ copany xxiiij" vj' viij'^ 

[It. layde forthe by master thomson at y*" 

Rumor of the quenes delyu'ance vt patet 20 

in billa xv^ iiij'^] 

1 555-1 556. 2 and 3 Philip and Mary 

It spente at a shew goynge to y" Kynges 

college vt patet in billa xxvj^ 

It allowed for iij playes & a shew xiij* iiij'^ 

155^5-1557- 3 & 4 Philip & Mary 

Itm for wyne for saincte Nycholas clerkes xiiij'' 

It: giue to y^ waites on washe [sic] wensdaie xx'^ 

1557-1558. 4& 5 Philip & Mary 

[Itm spent a bonefyre for pece viij'^] 30 

Itm to M*^ Jesoppe . . . 

Itm to hyme being Lord x* 

[Itm for coles spent to a bonefire for the peace 

concluded betwixt the pope & the kinge ix'' 

Itm spent in faggotes at the iij bonefyers xvj''] 



1 558-1 559. 5 & 6 Philip & Mary . . i Eliz 

Itm to the Lord at Christemas x' 

1559-1560. 1-2 EHz. 

^**^^ Ite to y^ viales at sir chatte''tonnes play ij' vj'^ 

Ite to carpenters wirkinge at ij playes iiij^ vj'* 

Ite spent at M"^ Steuesonny play v^ 

Ite so to M"^ Steuesonne egrotati p 2 7* ij* viij** 

[Dr. Peile says this was Rich. Stevenson, though he was not M.A. till 1561 : the 
other of 1 550-1 554 William Stevenson. But as VV. Stevenson took his B.D. in 
1560 and was therefore presumably in continuous residence, I see no reason 
why he should not be the playwright. It is unnecessary to suppose that 
R. Stevenson has been misdescribed as JM"".] 

1560-1561. 2-3 Eliz. 

[Stevenson disappears from the list of fellows after the first term of the year.] 

1561-1562. 3-4 Eliz 

Itm spent at M"^ Chathertons playe vij^ viij"^ 10 

It. to a carpent"^ & his boye iij dayes at M*" 

Chathertons playe iij* ij** 

Itm. for the fiers in the hall geuen by 

Doctor Tomson xx* 

1563-1564- 5-6 Eliz. 

Itm for xii socket^i for y^ candlesticke for 

plaies xvj*^ 

It spe;^t at a shoe and a playe xxij* vj** 

[The sum has apparently been altered to ' vj'' ij^ vj'^ '.] 

It™ to barnes for paving in y^ haule after 

y^ plaies yj*^ 

[It. spete whe y^ quene was heare in flower 

spice and beare xxviij^ v** 

paid to S. billot for his studdie in S"" Stills 

chaumb*" ' iiij^] 

[A new window apparently knocked out for S'' Billot.] 

1 567-1 568. 9-10 Eliz. 

Itm to y^ carpentars setting vpp y^ scaffold 

at y^ plaie xx^ 

It at Writ^^ showe at Christmas V" 

E e 




Extracts from Accounts 

[The audits run from Michaelmas to Michaelmas.] 


It. for ID torche lynkes when y*" playe was vij'' 

1576-1577. Itm. to the wayets at the Comoedye ii/ iiij"^ 

1 578-1 579. He [apparently 'M"" Nicholls'] asketh 

allowance of his pj'csters f' 8^ 2>^ for y^ 

comedyes w'^*' ys not set in the boote 

of cofis this (^tiar^"^ wherfor y* can not 

nowe be allowed but I do let [so] much 

of his det remayne vnto the next qz/flr*'" 

wherin y* goth in the boote of coiis vid 10 

7'' 8^ 8'^ so as remayneth for him to paye 

iiij" x^ iiij*^ 
1 581-1582. To Lamb and Porter for making 

houses at the Comsedie xx** 

In Largeis to the Actors for a Beaver xx'^ 

1 595-1 596. Erogati in pios vsus 

Dno Robinson pro musices in com. 

[? comoedia] V^ 

1 596-1 597. Feb. 17. It. to S' Butts for his 

charges in setting out the comedy vj^ viij 20 

161 3-16 14. It. spent about a comedie in Xpismas, 

more then y* prater cawe vnto by M*^ 

Presidents :i^^ovitmc?it vt ^er h'lWam xlvj' viij'' 

1 63 7- 1 638. To Bridges for setting up the stage 

in y'' hall \_^ at Christmas] xxxv' 

July. For setting up the stage at the 

upper end vj" viij"* 


Extracts from the Liber Actorum 
Acta Capituli 

11521/2. Jan 16. (Liber Actorum — Acta Capituli) 

prsesentibus M""" & 7 socijs. proposita quaestione an quid 
in ludo scenico D"' Hull posset apud D"^ Marchione;;^ 
de Buckingha?;^ justam offensam incurrere, omnes et 
singuli responderunt se non existimare quidqua;;^ ejus- 
modi eo in ludo fuisse, et Dominus Hull, qui turn 
coram sistebatur, protestatus est id sibi fuisse ignotum, 
cur galerus Buckingha;« sit nominatus. It"" decretum 
est, nullu;;^ ludu^;^ scenicum esse in scena repraesentan- 10 
du;?2 qui quidem Anglice sit scriptus, praeterqua;^^ in 
ferijs natalitijs, aut Vigilia vel Festo Purificationis : 
neque vllu;;^, sive Latine, sive Anglice scriptum iuduw^ 
scenicu;;/ esse in scena reprsesentanduw^ sive vllo modo 
agenduw seu exhibenduw, nisi prius lectus fuerit et 
approbatus a Prsesidente, Decano, & praelectore pri- 
mario per subscriptionem manuu:?;^ ipsoruw, vel mini- 
mum duorum ex ipsis. 
Februar. 13 

It. proposita quaestione, an aliquid fuerit in ludo scenico 20 
Dni Brodrib quod justam offensa^^ D"' Bacon de 
Verula/w posset incurrere, aut in quo injuria ei facta 
contumeliave dicta fuerit, responderu;^t omnes & sin- 
guli existimare se nihil eiusmodi in illo ludo fuisse. 
1622/3. Jan. 31. 

Decretu;;^ de ludis scenicis in lingu4 vernacula sic im- 
mutare visum est vt luduw^ eiusmodi agere liceat in 
scena, non solum in vigilia purificationis B*^ Virginis 
Mariae, verum etiam pridie eiusdem Vigiliae 
Feb 5 30 

praesentibus M™ & 9 socijs decretum est Decanu;;^ in 
ferijs Natalitijs nullu;/2 deinceps fore, p^r consensu;?/ 
M" & 6 sociorum : tribus won negantibus, sed limitan- 



Extracts from Accounts 

[The accounts begin 1 559-1 560, and run from Michaelmas to Michaelmas.] 

1561-1562. Expensse necessarise. 

Expended at the playes as apperethe by a 

byll iiij" xiiij^ v'^ 

1 562-1 563. Exp. nee. 

Layed cute at the playinge of Adelphe x^ j'' 

at the playinge of Curculio vj^ iiij 


Itm to Suttells man for a daye and a halfe 

at the playinge of Curculio xv 

1 563-1 564. Exp. nee. 

Itm for a parasites cote and hose for the 

stufe and makinge of it ix' 

Expended at the plaienge of Eunucus vj^ 

For makinge a theater xij'' 

1564-1565. Exp. nee. 

For twoo torches for the dialogge and 

shewe in Chrismas xij' 

1 567-1 568. Exp. nee. 

Spent at o*" playes as it dothe apear by par- 

ticuler billes laid out by sundrie men xij'' xv' viij^' 20 

[In fourth quarter apparently.] 
M-^ Forthes shewe laid out by M*" Billett v^ 


A bunche of glasse for the chappell after 

the playe - ^ ij' v/' 

the leading of glasse after y*" plaies xviij'' 

1 568-1 569. Exp. nee. 

Spent at the pla)es in the chappell laid out 


• * 


by M"" Day and Wod ut patet per eorum 
billas iiij" vj' 

[See Cooper, ii. 140.] 

^^»v<-' To Kinge y^ plummer for mending y^ clocke 
being thrise broke once at the playes and 
one [sic] other tyme vj" viij"^ 

To y*" Goodwife Linsey for a platter and 
a sawser lost at the playes waying iiij 
pound after viij'^ the pound ij^ viij"^ 

1 577-1 578. Promptuarium 

For mending of y"" comodie pott the xij*'' of 10 

Januarij iiij'^ 

To M"" Wilshawe y^ v**" of Januarie towards 
the stage & other charges of y*" comoedie 
played publiklie in the hawlle in Christm. 
Anno Dni 1577 xxiij^ ij*^ 

1579-1580. Reparat. 

For I"" nayles and a windle of wollinge corde 

for y^ stage xij*^ 

Exp. nee. 

To M*^ Wilsha on Christenmas eaven for y^ 20 

charges of the comedye Bacchides xxxix^ j*^ 

1 580-1 58 1. Exp. nee. 

For mendyng . . ye stones caste doune 
wha?^ the torche burned in y"" toppe of 
y^ hall xvj*^ 

1 58 i-i 582. It. to M"" Murgetrod for puer vapulaws v' x*^ 

1 595-1 596. For ij pou;^de of candles att Robin- 
sons showe [end of the year] vij"^ 
1 598-1 599. Coquina 

For y^ charges of y"" comodye in Christinmas xx^ 30 

1613-1614. To Sonde for y^ stage feb. 1 2. xij^ 

1622-1623. For mending M*^ Jenks window 

broken at y^ comodie iiij"^ 

To the vicechancellor for entertaining y"^ 

King and y^ Ambassador Iv^ viij"^ 



Extracts from Accounts 

[Generally from jMundum books. The accounts run from Michaelmas to 


ExpenscC necessarlse 

Item sol. Goldyng p vestimentis p eundem 

emptis p lusoribus erga p" diem Januarij xx*^ 

Item sol Goldyng & Suthey p expensis 

circa ludos in festo Natalis dni vij^ ij'' 

1 484- 1 48 5 [from Liber Cominunarun{\ 
2"'' quarter. [Term. Nativitatis] 
4*'' week. It. p comrmcms .ii. pictorum p 

totTim septimanam p. le disgysyns erga 10 

(eshtm punficah'oms xv'f 

5''' week. It p commtm'is duorum pictorum 

p V. dies p. le disgysynge xx'^ 

1 489- 1 490 Feoda &c 

Itm in Regardis datis dno Watson vlt' die 
decebr. p apparatu in le disgysynges xx" 

1 496- 1 49 7 Feoda &c. 

It sol. m. Stalls p expensis suis eta ludos 

tempore na^aWs domim an;^o xii xx* 

1 508- 1 509 Feoda &c 20 

Item xiiij" die Januarij m. Stephins pro lusu 

tempore natalis domim xx" 

1 510-15 1 1 Expensee nee. 

Item m. West pro lusu in tempore Natalis 

doJttim xx' 

[No books for I5i2>-i5i5, 1517, 1518, 1520-1524, 1526-1532.] 



1 535-1 536 Feoda &c 

- Item in Regardis datis Magistro Vice ^ro- 
, posito pro sup^^visione ludoruw in tem- 
'^' pore Na/^lis dommi . xx' 

1536-1537 Feoda &c 

Item in Regardis datis Magistro Rivete 
pro sup^/'visione Ludoru;;^ in te;;^p^;'e 
Natalis dommi xx' 

[No books for 1 537-1540.] 

1 541-1542 Expensae nee. 

It. pr^ sup^rvisione ludorum hoc anno xx^ 10 

[No books for 1542, 1543.J 

1 544-1 545 Expensae nee. 

Item pro sup^rvisione ludi natalis xx' 

1 545-1 546 Expensae nee. 

Item magistro Parkyn pro expenses suis 

circa ludos natalicios xx^ 

1 548-1 549 Expensae nee. 

Item pro sup^rvisione ludon/w tempore 

na/^lis vt pa^e^ per billam Ivij^ vij** 

1 5 52- 1 553 Expensae nee. 

Ite in expensis sup actores Ludor^w? per 20 

ij^ noctes iij^ vj** 

Ite in gufie powder xiiij** 

Ite for shootynge of iiij'^ 

It. sol. Thorpe p factura fidminis tepore 

Ludorw;;^ iij** 

Item sol. p alijs necess expesis [erased] 

emptis pro Ludis ut p*" billam M" Threl- 

keld ij^ vj'^ 

It sol. Robto Bell fabro lign. labora^^t. 4 

diebus in extruendo theatrum viz quolibt 30 

die x*^ & ijbus famulis totide diebus 

vtrique ix*^ q°libt die ix* iiij** 



It. sol e'lsdem Laborant dimi. die in dis- 

solue^^do dieatruw xiiij'^ 

It paid to Thorpe for makynge thunder 

agaynst the plays iiij^ 

It paid to Burwell for a drye ffatt to make 

the thunder on xx'^ 

It. payd to Ames the cowp for ij gret 

howpes xij*^ 

It. sol e'ldem p opa insuwpta ab eo in 

fabricando tentorio vj*^ 

Itm 29 marcij sol. Bankes fabro ferr' pro 

clauibus ac seris et alijs rebus acceptis 

ab eo ad vsum cottii ac etiam p clauis 

diuisor^^w genen/?;^ acceptis ab eo ad 

extruendu;;2 theatruw^ viij^ iiij** 

Item. sol. Symoni Watson Bibliopolse pro 

le paper burdes accept/^ ab eo propter 

Ludos exhibendos viz for iiij pap Boordes 

median acceptis p m'^'" Temple & for ij ryall 

Boordes acceptis p m"^ Threlkeld & Daye ij* 20 

Ffeoda et Regarda 

Item sol Benet Pine et famulis emewtibus 

tibijs tempore Ludorum v' 

1 554-1 555 Expenses nee. 

Item sol. Carleton sacriste pro labore in 
conuertendis tunicis hystrionuw in vesti- 
menta ecclesie xx*^ 

1 555-1 556 Expensse nee. 

Item. sol. M^,^/^/ro Lodge pro expewsis 

Ludorum in festo natalis domini xx* 30 

Repara. apud Cantab. 
Item sol. Roberto Bell fabro \\gna7'zo 
laborant/ iiij"'' diebus in extruendo thea- 
trum V iiij"^ 


Item sol. Bell & tribus famulis laborantz^?^.^ 

dimid. die in dissoliiendum theatrum xvj'* 

i^^X:;s^$62 Expensae nee. 

Item sol. Witt. Dowsey et Jo. Grene 
lahorant. circa le stage p iij dies ad x"^ 
p die^-'^ V* 

Item sol. p man us m^^wtri Browne pro 

expensis ludicror^/;^ . . . iij'' vj® ij'' 

Item sol. Tho. Hylman vitriario pro repara- 

tzone vltravum fenestr. in Aula xyj"^ 10 

Item sol. Mao-zstro Howell pro candelis ad 
vsum ludicrorz/w viz xiii dosan xxxij^ 
vij*^ et pro quadris et alijs rebus acceptis 
ab eo vt per billam eius xlvij^ viij'^ 

Item sol. xiij Martij Rye. Kynge pro ij*"*^ 
dosanis candel in tempore ludicrorum ad 
ijd p candel iiij^ 

1 563-1564 Expensse factae sup^r adventu;;^ 

d^w^ne Regine 
Item sol. Jo. Helie for ij botes full of 20 

Item sol eidem for strowynge sedge 
Item sol. M*"" Thome Browne for expenses 

about the playes as appereth by his byll 
Item sol. to the drum;72er and flute 
Item paid to the Queues ffootemen for their 

fee for y^ canabye wych was caried ouer 

the quenes maiestee 

1 592-1 593 Expensse nee. 

Term. Nativ. 30 

Item solut?/;;^ Wharton pro 600 
inchebord ad viij^ viij** et pro Di. C ad 
iiij^ ad vsum Comoediae iij" iiij"^ 

It. eidem pro 10 payres de Studdes ad 

cnndcm x* 




• • • • J 



• • •<= 


' iiij^ 


i VJ" 



1594-1595 Expensce nee. 

Term. Nativ. 
It. solutz^;// T. Ilorncsby cena nobiliuw 

30° die februarij vltra staurum xxv" vj^ viij*^ 

Term. Ann. 
It solut. Cutchie pro carriage of board & 

timber etc for the Comedies ij" 

1 598-1 599 Expensse nee. 

Term Nat. 
It. solut/^w pro expensis Comedie vltra 10 

xiij" vj^ viij*^ recept. a Soeijs p?'o Duobus 

Convivijs viz Convivio cinerum et con- 

vivio posteriorum . . . vj" xij' xj*^ 

1 606- 1 607 Expensse nee. 

Term. Ann. 
It. solut^/»^ Domino ffletcher p7'o variis circa 

Comedian xlv^ ij*^ 

'R.^paratiofies apud C3.ntadrt^iam. 

Term. Ann. 
Solut. pj^o reparacione variarum fenestrarum 20 

tam in Cubiculis Sociorum quaw in Aula 

commnm et parlura fractarum tempore le 

Englyshe Comwodies vltra 36^8"* recept. 

per manus Mri Propositi iiij" x'' 

Feoda etc 

[Term. Nat.] 
It solut?^w eidem [sc. Elam] pro watching 

the comodie night about the porters 

lodge x** 

It. solut?^w p7'o expensis circa le englishe 3° 

Comodye iij'' 

1614-1615 Expensct nee. 

Term. Nat. 
Solut7^w pro apparrell fees stage candles 

torches & other thinges necessary to y'^ 

Comedy cxiv" vj^ vij'^ 


Term. Ann. 
Domino Chatterton in usum Academiae in 

2° adventu Regris xx'' 

[From Liber Comjjtunariim.'] 

Term. Nat. i^,^^ week (March 11-17) 
y^ cause of y'* extraordinary expence was entertainment 

of strangers and y^ Comoedy. 

Solut. ^ro excepczbne Illustrissmi ducis 

Buckingham Cancellarij Uniuersitatis 10 

aiionimque nobilium Coll. advenientium 
Term. Ann. xiij" vij^ viij'^ 

M*" Worlitch s^neschalXo Colk^i^ re- 
cepcione Illustrissimi Ducis Buckingham 
(Term. Bapt.) vj" vij^ o*^ 

1631-1632 Feoda etc 
Term. Bapt. 
Item pro expensis Comoediar?/;;;/ ad adven- 

tum Reofis non solute? Term. Annunt. ' Ixxix" x^ 

1637-1638 20 

Term. Nat. 

Solut7^»^ M™ Kinaston Bursario Coll. Trin. 
pro expensis in exceptione Comitis Pala- 
tini 1635. xxxvj'' xviij^ iij'^ 

pro expensis in exceptione Comitis Holland 

Cancellarij vij" ix^ viij"^ 


Saint John's College Statutes, 1545 

[Edited by J. E. B. Mayor, 1859, p. 137.] 
Cap. XXVI 

Ut ea propulsentur omnia quae studio litterario sunt adversa 
quseque ad miram et incredibilem trahunt voluptatem, cui 3° 


nimium dediti efficiuntur suae honestatis et commodi immemores, 
statuimus et ordinamus lit in festo Nativitatis Domini singulus 
quisque socius ordine suo dominum agat, quo tempus illud 
honesta animi remissione et litterariis exercitationibus cum 
iaetitia et hilaritate transigatur. Eum autem volumus ad festum 
Omnium Sanctorum designari ad id et pronuntiari, post quod 
tempus nullo modo licebit ut hoc munere se abdicet atque ad 
alium transferat. Et quo alacrior ad hoc munus conficiendum 
et idonee transigendum sit, viginti solidos a collegio ad sumptus 
suos levandos habeat, sic ut statuta eius ad formam Attica; aut lo 
Romans; aut alterius cuiusvis reipubhcas vel Grsecis vel Latinis 
versibus faciat et sex ad minus dialogos aut festiva aut htteraria 
spectacula totidem duodecim dierum noctibus exhibeat. Nam 
ceteras comoedias et tragcedias quse inter Epiphaniam et Ouadra- 
o^esimam a<jfuntur lectores sinouH et sino^uH examinatores accura- 
bunt, ut aliqua Htteraria contentione omnes exerceantur. Pro 
unoquoque vero dialogo aut festivo spectaculo omisso et non 
exhibito dominus viginti denariorum mulcta punietur. Lectorum 
quoque singulorum et examinatorum, si illi quoque nihil in 
pubHcum exhibuerint, ea mulcta esto quam magister et seniores 20 
iustam designaverint. Nolumus autem omnino ut quisquam 
e sociis cursum suum in agendo domino prsetereat aut omittat, 
sub poena amissionis aliorum viginti solidorum collegio intra 
mensem post lapsum tempus Nativitatis Domini solvendorum ; 
quod nisi fecerit, communis interea careat, donee plene pra;dictam 
summam et fideliter collegio persolverit. 

Cap. XX. De quatuor Examinatoribus. [Mayor, p. 245.] 

Quod si quis auditorum aut tardius accesserit quam par sit, 
aut ante completam examinationem discesserit, aut denique per 
totum abfuerit, vel inde recess(irit, aut demum si praisens non 30 
diligenter auscultaverit, is juxta morem eorum, qui sic delin- 
quunt in Icctionibus aliis audiendis, omnino puniatur. Et si 
quisquam corum notabilitcr et consuetudinarie sic offenderit, is 
pro modo notabiliter de]in([uentium in Latini sermonis, et neglectu 
divinorum officiorum corrigatur. Proviso semper quod in diebus 



profestis in quatuor parvis vacationibus hi discipuli non otio et 
ludis tempiis consumant, sed in componendis carminibus, epi- 
stolis- vel declamationibus, in lectione Greecorum poetarum, 
oYatoriim aut historiographorum, dialogorum aut comoediarum 
vel tragoediarum actione, secundum lectoris humanitatis et 
ceterorum examinatorum arbitrium et assignationem vel iniun- 
ctionem exerceantur. 

Extracts from Accounts. 

[The accounts begin in 1 555-1 556, apparently with 21 December. 
The first quarter contains references to the Audit, New Year's Day, Twelfth Day, 
Candlemas Day : the second quarter to Corpus Christi Day.] 

1555-1556 Expens3e Necessarian 
[i^^ quarter] 

Itm to M*" tailer for expenses at y^ dialogue 10 

vt patet per billam xvij"^ 

1 556-1 557 Expensee Aulse 
[i^^ quarter] 

ffor settinge vp of the Stage, and pulling 
downe of the same to Bell the Carpenter 
whan A'P Lakyn sette furth his playe xij*^ 

[4''' quarter.] 

Itm alowede M"" Dodington the Lorde in 

Christinmasse xx^ 

Itm gevinge to y*" waittes accordinge to y^ 20 

olde Custome ij^ vj*^ 

[This is repeated yearly.] 

1 5 5 7- 1 5 58 Expensse Aulse 
[4''' quarter] 

Item to M"^ barnesdall for beynge lord xx^ 

Expensse necessariae 
[4* quarter] 

Item for mendynge y*" drum and other of 

my lordes Jewelles xij*^ 


I 559-1560 Expensae Necessarise 
[2"** quarter] 

It^m to Roger Tailer for mending of plaiers 
hose cotes and gardinge lefte vnpaide at 
the playe v* iiij'' 

[New Year's Day and Twelfth Day come at the end of the fourth quarter.] 

1 560- 1 56 1. Expensae Aulse 
[4*'' quarter] 

It^m to Hutton the goldsmythe for newe 
makinge & gyltinge the syluer of mye 
Lordes flago?^ addinge to the waight ij'' viij' 10 

1 56 1-1562 Expensae Necessarian 
[i^^ quarter] 

It^m y*" charges of y*" stage plaies sicut 

pa^et per billas xxj'' xv^ iiij'^ ob. 

Reparaciones Domi [i^' quarter y^ 
It^m to Waller vj dales in the plaie time 
vnderpinninge the serine and other 
thinges v^ vj"^ 

1 563-1 564 Expensae Necessariae 20 

[4*^ quarter] 

It<?m to Henry the paynter for cerLaine 
woorke vnpaid him sence the last playes xij'' 

1567-1568 Expensae Necessariae 
[4^'' quarter] 

It. for ij sheates of parcheme;^t for the 

drumme xij'^ 

It. for ij torches & for expenses for the 

playe • xviij*^ 

1 568-1 569. Expensct Auhe 30 

[i'*' quarter] 

Imprimis for candell at the shewe in the 

gallrry iiij^ vj'' 


^ Expensae Necessariae 

*^ [i*' quarter] 
if:.^*' It^rn to James forister for Gonnes, sweardes 
& daggers at the showe 
IttTn allowed by oz^r master & the seniors 
to s"" Hayt ^^S*^ Ellw charges at the showe 
[The next entry relates to and February.] 
[^2"d quarter] 

It(?m allowed S"" Mead towardes the glays- 
inge of his windowes w''^ were broken 
dowen at the plaies 
1 575-1 576 Expensae Aulse 
[i^*^ quarter] 

Imprtmzs to a glasier for takeing downe xi 
greate panes of glasse decayed & broken 
in the haule and for newe leadinge v^" 


& xviij^" foote of glasse in the same after 
iij*^ the foote 
To the same for setting in vj'''' & vij panes 

of orlasse broken & wanting in it 
To a carpenter for mending the trestles & 
formes broken at the playes 
[•gnd quarter] 

To bullock for a day and halfe mending" 

the formes & trestles broken at the playes 

For iij foote of new glasse in a pane over 

the haule doore 
For xxij quarryes of glasse newe set in w*''' 
were broken in the parler 
Expensae Necessariae 
fi^' quarter] 

Allowed M"^ Dufteild for charges bestowed 
by him at the playe 
1 577-1 578 Expensae Necessariae 

[4*'' quarter : preceding items refer to Christ- 
mas and St, John's Day, 1578.] 



v^ 10 

xxviij" vj'^ 


X* viij'^ 

• • • 1 




for pap^r to write out y" bookes for y^ 

tragedy iij* 

Item for more paper ij^ 

for pap<7' incke & pindiiste xx*^ 

It. for paper incke quilles & pindiist w'^'' 

I allowed to M" Stringer & lefte out xvj<^ 

[Mr. Stringer acted the D. of Buckingham in Richardus Ter/his.] 
1 5 78-1 579 Expensae Necessarian 
[i^* quarter, at end] 

For a supper bestowed on D"" Legge v^ ix** 

for nettes to hange before the windowes of 10 

y« Halle vj" 

To Wallers man for foure dayes worke 

aboute whitinge the hall iij^ iiij*^ 

To a laborer for helpinge him as long ij^ viij*^ 

for thredd to me??de the nette ij'^ 

Reparationes Domi 
[2"*^ quarter] 

For newe mendinge the glasse in the Hall x"' x^ vj*^ 

Expensae Necessarian 
[3'''^ quarter] 20 

Layde out about the playes in diuerse vses xxxv" 

[4''' quarter] 

for candles at the playe iij^ vj"^ 

1582-1583 Expensae necessariae 
[i^' quarter] 

for the charges of the Comedy xlv" j*^ 

[3"' quarter] 

To Hobson for cariage of Targettes & 

other thinges at the Tragedy &c xx' 

[4*'* quarter] 30 

for the chardges of playing Persa in Plautus iij" x** ob 

1585-1586. Expensae Aulae 
[i''* quarter] 

To the glacer for taking downe and setting 

vpp the windowes xx" 



Expensai necessarise 

^- [4''' quarter] 

^- for overplus of charges att the playes for^ , •, 

"^"'"^ invitinge the Doctoures J ^ 

hear endethe the yeare 

1 594-1 595 Expensae Aulae 

[1" quarter] 

for mending the windowes in the halle at 

the show vid^Xicel for new leading of fyue 

score foote xxv^ for tenscore quarles 1° 

16® 8"* for mending banding and soulder- 

ing six score foote 15^ for seven foote 

of new glasse for the window over the 

greate doore 3* 6*^ in all iij^' ij'* 

Expensse necessariae 

[i^' quarter] 

to the poticary feb. 21. when the Docto'"s 

were invited to the house xxxvij^ viij'^ 

To Baxter for wyne at the showe xv* viij*^ 

To Warren for wyne at the same tyme vj^ viij*^ 20 

Richarde Greene his bill at the showe v" x^ ix*^ 

The butchers bill at the showe xx* x** 

I 597-1 598 Expensae Aulae 

[ist quarter] 

To y*" Glasier for mending the windowes 

in the Hall in January xlv^ iiij** 

[2"^^ quarter] 

for taking downe & setting vp the glasse 

in the hall wyndowes and for new leading 

six foote of glasse & for sixteen quarrelles 30 

of glasse after the Comedie februarie 16 

vt patet p^r billam xliiij* iiij*^ 

1 598-1 599 Expensae Aulae 

[2°^^ quarter] 

To the orlasier for mendino^e the Hall 

w^indowes . . xliij^ x"^ 




1599-1600 Expensae Aulae 
[2""^ quarter] 

mendino- 2 casements in the hall xx** 

To the glasler xxxv* vj'* 

for mortering the windowes xxij*^ 

1 600- 1 60 1 Expensai Aulas 
[2""* quarter] 

for newe leading 160 foote of glasse in the 
Hall Buttryes Parlo"^ Library & gallery 
at ij*^ ob. the foote xxxiij^ iiij*^ 

for newe glasse xxv^ 

for mortering the glasse xij"^ 

1 601-1602 Expensa- Necessarise 
[4''' quarter] 

for warning of Trin: Coll: scholers before 
the Vice-chancellor for breaking the 
Library windoes v' 

for glassing the Library windoes xxv* vj*^ 

[The account includes Christmas and St. John's Day, 1602.] 
1 604-1 605 Expensae Necessarise 

[4^'' quarter] 20 

Layde out for a Comedie had this yeare xxx" 

[This item is the last of the year, following Christmas and St. John's Day, 1605.] 


Dr. Caius' Statutes of Gonville and Caius College 


Cap 23. De tabernis alariis, lusibus et cubitu. 

Statuimus etiam ne vagos mimos (qui lucri causa stultos lusus 
stulto popello rcpresentant) in diversoriis invisant ; neve tauro- 
rum, ursorum et canum certaminibus intersint. Nam ut ha;c 
stultse vaga^qus multitudini sunt aptiora, ita liberalium studio- 
rum hominibus parum sunt accommoda : tum quod solutis tauris 


atque ursis sunt periculosa : turn quod nova hsec oblectamenta 
ret' suae nesciae juventuti literarum desideria extinguunt, rem 
HiniiHuunt, bonas horas consumunt, et ex hominibus brutos 
Taciunt. Qui aliter fecerit, si adultus fuerit, mulcta esto ij^ vj'^ ; 
si non adultus, gravis correctio. 

Cap. 53. De custodia collegii. 

Constituimus etiam ut in omnibus concionibus, omnibus tra- 
goediis et comoediis extra collegium habitis atque recitatis, 
omnibus nundinis, tres minimum socii domi sint et sex scholastici 
ex fundatione ad collegii custodiam : et ut sociorum unus cum ro 
scholasticis duobus divagetur per omnes collegii partes usque 
dum cseteri redierint, et excubias diligenter agat propter furta, 
incendia aut injurias externas omnino constituimus. Diligentiores 
autem fieri volumus, ubi quid in nostro collegio geratur, ob quod 
magna scholasticorum aut aliorum confluentia fuerit, ut in 
concionibus, comoediis aut tragcediis, quas privatas esse volumus, 
si quse fuerint, propter turbas, et interdiu seu meridie propter 

Extracts from the Bursar's Accounts 
[There are none before 1 608-1 609 ; they run from Michaelmas to Michaelmas.] 

161 5-1 616. 3^ to Corbett the glasyer for mending the hall 20 
windowes broken at the Comedie, 14 newe quarrells, 
4 foote of glasse new leaded, 7 foote souldring & 
S^ to Ashley ye free-mason for mending the stone worke 
of the doore by M*" Lucyes chamber, broken downe at 
ye comedie. 



From the Churchwardens' Accounts of Saint Mary 

THE Great 

[Printed by J. E. Foster, 1905, p. 167.] 

156S Item a Stremer cloth [=flag] of Silke which was delivered 
to John Edmonds for doctor Perne to occupy e at Peter 
howse playes 

From the Computus Rolls of the College 
[Noted by the Rev. Dr. Walker. The Rolls run from Michaelmas to IMichaelmas.j 


Et de vij' vj*^ Jacobo Silcocke asdificanti theatrum in aula 

pro comoedia 
Et de ij' vj*^ pro duodecim libris candelarum pro comoedia 10 
Et de viij'^ pro reparandis le cressets in aula. 


Et de ij* vj'^ Naze pro reficiendis tripodibz^>f et le wanskott 

in aula post ludos. 


Extracts from Accounts 

[The accounts, which run from Michaelmas to Michaelmas, are preserved 

in Trinity College.] 


If" solutum est pro comedia Terentij in 

Ludo vj" viij'^ 

15 16-15 1 7 

If" in regardis m™ thrope pro ludo pucrorz^;;^ 20 

snorum therencij iij' iiij'* 

[Mr. Thrope was a fellow in residence, ' procurator ad forinseca ' and ' locum- 

tenens ' or Vice-master, the Master being non-resident. 
The King's Hall accounts are preserved down to 1543, the eve of its dissolution, 

but contain no other mention of plays acted by its members.] 


'^■'''^' APPENDIX 


[The sight of a series of extracts from the accounts made by the late 
Dr. W. G. Searle (for which I am indebted to iMr. Plaistowe) makes it possible 
to add a few further items to those given on pp. 183 ff. above.] 

Magnum Journale 


Item lolii Keyle pro suo labore qimm 
agebatur comedia Plauti 

1 536-1 537 Itemviij° Martij m° Smyth pro veste 

Item pro materia scenicarum vestium pro 

fustiano Neapolitano vj virg 
Item iij virgis et di. dornix 
Item pro pellibus auro coopertis sex 
Item pro sex virgse fustiani tinctse albo super 

nigrum et ly cheker 
Item pro v opere damascene 
Item pro septem virgis rubri super album 

et sex alijs virgis eiusdem pretij 
Item pro rubri super viride vij virgis 
Item pro vectura a diversorio nostro ad 

Viridem Draconem 
Item xviij" Maji Ricardo A sham de Shel- 

forde pro vectura omnium harum rerum 


1 546-1 547 Item 1 7 februarii m° meres pro tricenta 
et di. assium ad le skrene et ad theatrum 






iiij*^ 10 










, ijd 


Scaling book fol. 6 b 
Jan. 4. i636[/7] Taken out of y" Treasury to be ayred 

Jan. 9. 1636 

Delivered into the Treasury 

Lo: Feildings suit & garters. A gray stuff suit 

The Parasite suit A green suit with red tape lace 

Phoebus mantle 3 Hatts 

Two nuns habitts 2 payre of shoes 

2 coats of stayned callico A pickadilly 

A vizard a payre of garters 10 

Boots with red ribbons 

Joseph Plum 
Richard Brian 
Antonie Sparrow 

[There are records of the return of these articles to the Treasury later.] 

Sealing book fol. 9. 

Lent to M"" Connoway at Hinckston Feb 20. 1638 for the Lady 
My Lo. Feildings suit and cloak, roses and garters 
M'' Hastings green sattin suit 

A white branch sattin doublett 20 

Phcebus robes. Two plumes of feathers 
The tawney guilded coat 

Joseph Plum John Coldhatn 
Antony Sparrow 



Caius College 
Christ's College . 
Corpus Christi College 
Jesus College 
King's College 
King's Hall . 
Peterhouse . 
Queens' College . 
St. John's College 
Trinity College 

















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Collections, I. i (Notes on the Publications ; ' Love Feigned and 
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Bodenham's ' Belvedere ' ; ' The Hunting of Cupid,' by George 
Peele ; ' The Cruel Debtor ; ' Notes on Dramatic Bibliogra- 
phers; A Jotting by John Aubrey; Two Early Player- 
Lists ; Commissions for the Chapel ; Plays of the King's 
Men in 1641 ; Dramatic Records from the Privy Council 
Register, 1 603-1 642). 

1 9 1 2 

Englishmen for my Money [by William Haughton]. 1616. 

The Love of King David and Fair Bethsabe, by George Peele. 

The Two Angry Women of Abington, by Henry Porter. 1599. 

The Weakest Goeth to the Wall. 1600. 

Wily Beguiled. 1606. 

The Resurrection of Our Lord, from a private MS. 


ClyOmon AND Clamydes. I 599- 

A Larum for London. 1602. 

Liberality and Prodigality. 1602. 

Look about You. 1600. 

The Wit of a Woman, i 604. 

Collections, II. i (Blackfriars Records, edited by Albert 


The Cobler's Prophecy, by Robert Wilson. 1594. 

The Pedler's Prophecy. 1595. 

Gesta Grayorum. 1688. (With the text of the masque from 
B.M. MS. Harley 541.) 

Tancred and Gismund, by Robert Wilmot and others. 1591. 

The Tragedy of Tiberius (Claudius Tiberius Nero). 1607. 

The Tragedy of Mariam, by Lady Elizabeth Cary. 161 3. (With 


Every Man out of his Humour, by B[en]. I[onson]. i6co. 
(First edition.) 

The Welsh Embassador, from a MS. at Cardiff. 


Antonio and Mellida & Antonio's Revenge, by I[ohn]. M[arston]. 

The Scottish History of James the Fourth, by Robert Greene. 


The Christmas Prince (1607-8), from a MS. at St. John's College, 

Two Elizabethan Stage Abridgements, Alcazar & Orlando, an 
essay by W. W. Greg. (Extra volume.) 


John a Kent and John a Cumber, by Anthony Munday, from a 
orivate MS, 

Collections, II. 2 (Notes on the Publications ; 'The Cruel Debtor,' 
a further fragment ; Four Letters on Theatrical Affairs ; 
The Academic Drama at Cambridge, Extracts from College 

1923 (in preparation) 

Drawings for Masques by Inigo Jones. From the Chatsworth 
Collection (in collaboration with the Walpole Society). 













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