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Ji nerd ota (Dsonintsia 














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[II. 4-] 


Preface ....... 

Abridged Titles of Books 

Abridged Words ..... 

I. Rabbi Sherira Gaon's Responsum. A. 
Rabbi Sherira Gaon's Responsum. B. 

II. R. Abraham ben David's Chronicle 
Addition ...... 

III. R. Joseph ben Zaddiq's Chronicle 

IV. R. Abraham of Torrutiel's Supplement 

V. Extracts from Joseph Sambari's Chronicle 
VI. Anonymous Chronicle . 
VII. Anonymous Chronicle . 
VIII. Anonymous Chronicle . 
IX. Chronology of Byzantine Emperors 
X. Fragments and Notes. A to I. . 
Additions and Corrections 











b 2 


The Old Testament literature proves sufficiently that the Israelites 
from the earliest times had a wish to keep records of their history. 
Indeed, nearly half the Hebrew Scripture consists of the historical 
part, and how large would not that part have been if the Book of the 
Wars of Jkvh 1 , the Book hay-Yas/iar 2 , the Chronicles of King David 3 , 
the Book of the Acts of Solomon 4 , the Chronicles of the Kings of 
Israel and Judah 5 , the Midrash of the Prophet Iddo G , and other similar 
books not mentioned in the Bible had not been lost ! In Ezra and 
Nehemiah we find the history of the return of the exiles ; from the 
legendary account in the Talmud T of the interview between Alexander 
the Great and Simon the High Priest, we are allowed to conclude 
that some other records of this epoch were handed down, whilst the 
books of the Maccabees describe the revolt and the victories of the Asmo- 
neans, of which a part seems to have existed in Hebrew or Aramaic 
as late as the tenth century 8 . The ' Scroll of Antiochus V in an early 
form, may have composed a portion of it. Of the time of Herod and 
later on there were in existence genealogical scrolls 10 , which contained 

1 Numbers xxi. 14. 2 Joshua x. 13; 2 Samuel i. 18. 3 1 Chron. xxvii. 24. 
4 1 Kings xi. 41. 5 In 2 Kings and Chronicles. 6 2 Chron. xiii. 22. 

7 Bab. Talmud, Yoma, fol. 69 s1 . See Rapoport, E. J/., fol. 66 seqq. 

8 Zunz, G. V., p. 124, note c, \xnEtyn rva rtao or \x:iorn rtao. 

9 DttVtMtf nWD, edited by the late H. Filipowski in Aramaic, Hebrew, and 
English, London, 1851. The present Aramaic version is of a later date. 

10 ponv nbo in the Mishnah and the Talmud. See Zunz, G. V., p. 128, 
notes g and /?. We find also the title of ponv "IBD, which, according to some 
critics, is a different treatise from the former. See Benjacob's 0. S., p. 216, No. 113. 


historical data of the reigning dynasty, of the high priests, and most 
likely of the chiefs of the schools. The ' Scroll of Fasting,' which we 
possess with many additions, is also a record of important data during 
the second Temple 1 . I may also mention the two historians Justus 
of Tiberias 2 and Josephus Flavius (the latter intended to write his 
book in Hebrew, that is, in the dialect of the spoken language of the 
Jews at that time 3 ), in order to show that the taste for writing history 
was continued amongst the Jews after the Bible period. 

When by the destruction of the second Temple the Jews lost 
their political independence, and when their history began to be that 
of a series of vexations and persecutions, there was no room for a 
continuous history of events. The revolt of Bar-Cozeba (Bar-Cochebas) 
did not find a historian, for he was not considered by all the Jews 
as the Messiah who was expected to rebuild Jerusalem and restore the 
Jewish nation as a political body. Only a few data of that time are 
found in the Talmud 4 , the greater part of them being legendary. 
But even then we find a historico-chronological book, attributed to 
R. Jose (Joseph) ben Haleftha, with the title of ' Order of the World V 
beginning with the creation and finishing with Bar-Cozeba. This is at 
all events the first chronicle composed after the destruction of the 
second Temple. The Mishnah tractate AbotJi % , stripped of the ethical 
sayings, was originally a record of the chain of tradition of the Law 
from Moses down to R. Jehudah, the compiler of the Mishnah, or of 
the Thanaim (doctors of the Mishnah); which perhaps was continued 


1 rYOyn rbya. See Graetz, G. d. J. (3rd ed.), iii. note 1, and J. Derenbour 
Essai, p. 439 seqq. 

2 Josephus, Vila, i. 65. 3 Wars, preface, i. 

1 Graetz, G. d. J. (2nd ed.), iv. p. 148 seqq.; J. Derenbourg, Essai, p. 402 seqq. 

T " (N2"0 D?iy "HD, printed several times. Ed. princeps, Constantinople, 5277 
a. M.= i5i7 a. d. Mr. S. Schechter is preparing a critical edition of it. See for 
another treatise with the same title, No. VI and p. xxi. 

Best edition, with an English translation and excellent notes, by Dr. 
C. Taylor, Cambridge, 1877. 

PREFA CE. vii 

for the succession of the doctors of the Talmud {Amor aim) in the ' Book 
of Adam 1 ,' mentioned in the Talmud. It is likely that the author 
of the ' Order of the Thanaim and Amoraim,' composed probably in 
the year 887 a. D. 2 , based his list of the Rabbis on the previous ones 
contained in Aboth and the Book of Adam. This list remained the 
foundation of those which I shall have to mention later, contained in 
introductions to various casuistical works, where the respective authors 
added the names of the Rabbis of their country up to their time*. 
Such are : the Saburai, successors of the Amoraim. whose teachings 
are incorporated in the Babylonian Talmud ; their successors in the 
Babylonian schools after the close of the Talmud, the Geonim ; and 
finally the Rabbanim (Rabbins), the followers of the Geonim. 
Amongst the Geonim literary and perhaps also biographical chronicles 
of their time were written. We have extracts from a lost book of the 
kind by Nathan ben Isaac, the Babylonian (956 A.D.) 4 ; and R. Sherira, 
in a letter (980 A. D.) of which I am going to speak, refers to writings 
of the same nature 5 . 

But before treating of this letter, I ought to mention a chronicle in 
which many data are historical, although written with the aim of 
showing that the chief of the captivity, Bostenai and his successors, are 

1 Zunz, G. V., p. 128, note i, |W*nn D1X1 KiEFD (see p. 25). The msD 
nNElp DINT, mentioned in the Zohar, is a fictitious book. 

2 CNIIENI CNJn (Dirr .naD) -nD, anonymous, usually attributed to the French 
Rabbi Joseph Tob Elem (bon fils, lived in the eleventh century), most likely for the 
reason that it was found in one of his works. On the literature concerning this 
subject, see Benjacob's 0. S., p. 414, No. 186. There is to be added for the 
bibliography Filipowski's edition from a Bodleian MS. (see p. xvi), and by the 
same from a MS. in the British Museum (see p. xxi) in the periodical "WW 
fDX^n jV (see p. xi). There is, however, still room for a new critical edition 
from MSS. See below, p. xxi. 

3 See p. xvii. 

4 Juhasin (ed. pr.), quire xxii. 4 1 '. See Zunz. Gesammelte Schriften (Berlin, 
1875), i. p. 159, No. 29. 

5 See p. 24 of this edition. 



not descended from David. It was composed in the eighth century, or 
perhaps even as late as the beginning of the ninth century, under the 
title of the 'Small Order of the World 1 ' (compared with that of 
R. Jose, which is styled the Large); it begins with Adam, and ends 
with the eighty-ninth generation after Adam, viz. fifty generations from 
Adam to Jehoiachin, and thirty-nine to Mar Sutra II (chief of the exiles 
about 470 A. D.). Finally eight generations of the descendants of David 
after 520 A. D. 2 

To the last two Geonim, R. Sherira and R. Haya (or Hai), Jacob 
ben Nissim of Kairowan addressed a question concerning the composi- 
tion of the Mishnah, the Talmud, the Thosiftha, the Sifra, and the 
Sifre, and chiefly whether the Mishnah was orally transmitted to the 
doctors of the Talmud or if it was written down by the compiler 
himself. An advanced question for such an early period ! It is curious 
that according to one version (for we shall see that there are two 
versions and an epitome of Sherira's letter) Judah the Saint had written 
down the Mishnah for his own use and that of his immediate followers, 
and according to another there was no written text of the Mishnah at 
such an early period 3 . 

It is generally believed that whenever we have two versions of an 
early halakhic or agadic book, the one is derived from the Spanish- 
Eastern schools, and the other from the French schools. Such is the 
case with the book of the ' Great Halakhoth' of Simeon of N*^p 4 , with 
the Aboth of R. Nathan 3 , perhaps also with the Midrash Tanhurna- 

1 NtDIT D?iy "11 D, first edition, Mantua, 1514. A critical edition may be soon 
expected by Herr J. Lazarus, of the Breslau Rabbinical school. 

2 See Zunz, G. V., p. 138 seqq., and Graetz, G. d. J., v. (2nd ed.), note 1 
(P- 375 seqq.). 

3 See Halberstam in K. L., x. p. 7 seqq. 

1 Perhaps Kayyar in Mesopotamia ; at all events not Cairo (NTTlp, which is a 
misspelling by the copyists), which did not exist in the ninth century, when the 
n"6nj ni3?n were compiled. See Revue, t. xv. p. 135. 

5 See the preface of Mr. Schechter's excellent edition (Vienna, 1887). 


Yelamdenu, the Midrash Hashkem-Vehizhir x , and the small Talmudic 
treatise with the title Derekh Ere? rabba/i 2 . The two versions of 
Sherira's letter are similarly ascribed to these two schools, and represent 
the Spanish text and the French text, or the text made use of by- 
Eastern and Spanish Rabbis, and another quoted by French authorities. 
The latter school does not admit a Mishnah written by its compiler. 
It is not very difficult to decide which of the two texts is the genuine 
and untampered with. Not only from the greater consistency of the 
Aramaic dialect in the Spanish text, a dialect which, as we know from 
the Responsa of the Geonim, they used in their writing, may it be 
concluded that this composition is the genuine one, but also from the 
fact that books, letters, and Responsa coming from the East reached 
Spain and Italy before they came to France and Germany ; and indeed 
the earliest authorities in Spain, as far as we possess their writings, 
rely upon the text which is given as the Spanish text 3 and designated 
by I. in my edition. It is based upon the editio princeps 4 (marked E.), 
the Bodleian MS. 5 (marked O.), and the MS. formerly in possession 
of my friend S. J. Halberstam of Bielitz (Austrian Silesia) 6 , who kindly 
communicated to me the variations which he had marked from this 
MS. in the margin of his copy of the editio princeps (marked H.). 
Passages marked with [ ] are only to be found in I.; with < > only 
in O. or in E. For the French composition, which is marked in the 
text by ( ), and in the notes by II., I made use of all the editions, 

1 Comp. Revue, t. xiv. p. 107 seqq. 

2 Printed in all editions of the Babylonian Talmud. Herr M. Goldberg, of 
the Breslau Rabbinical school, is preparing a new critical edition of it. 

3 Halberstam in K. L., x. p. 10. 

4 In the pDnv, quire xxix. 2, Constantinople, 1566. See add. notes, p. 199. 
e Catalogue, 1886, No. 2521, 2. 

6 Now in possession of Herr A. Epstein at Vienna (see p. xiii, note 7), described 
in R.Nathan Coronel's preface to his ffDitMp iTOn (Wien, 1864) as written 

5269 A. M.= I509 A. D. 

C [II. 4-] 


viz. the two editions of the late B. Goldberg \ and that of Dr. J. 
Wallerstein 2 , which is based upon the Paris MS., No. 585. I had the 
advantage of making use of this latter MS. 3 , as well as of those at 
Parma 4 , Vienna 5 , and Oxford 6 . I do not profess to give all the 
variations between the two texts ; in doing that, the notes would have 
been more than the text, but I hope I have given all the important 
ones 7 . In order not to confuse the reader I have abstained from 
giving the variations in the Talmudical texts quoted by Sherira with those 
of the editions, and I have left for another opportunity the discussion 
of the dates in the part which treats of the Geonim (pp. 32-41). 

I have reserved for this preface the various superscriptions of Sherira's 
letter. They are as follows : text I. E. NT-HZ? 11 \toxh rhwD HTKLTI 

1 a. D^ICDO B*Blil, Chofes Matmonim, sive Anecdota Rabbinica (Beroloni, 
1845), f asc - i> No. 2 (not 1 as on the title-page), p. 17 (in the notes M.) ; b. max 
J1SJ K*VHB> 2T\, Mainz, 1873, with variations from I. in [ ], but rather in a confused 
form (in the notes G.). 

2 Scherira epistola, etc. (with a Latin translation and notes), Vratislaviae, 1861. 

3 M. Delisle, Head Librarian of the National Library, was good enough to 
send me the MS. for use in the Bodleian Library, for which kindness I express 
my thanks to him (in the notes p.). 

4 De Rossi's Catalogue of Hebrew MSS. in Parma, No. 217 (in the notes P.). 
The collation was made for me by my friend, the learned librarian of Parma, Cav. 
P. Perreau, for which kindness I am glad to thank him. 

6 Catalogus . . . Vindob., pars III, by J. Goldenthal (Wien, 188 1), xii. 120 (p. 21), 
copied for me by Herr Weissmann (in the notes V.). 

5 Catalogue of 1886, No. 2198, a modern copy of an incorrect copy (many 
words are omitted, and ends with the following words : "^TOl rPNl W 21 nnnm 
l'2'tt iTOEDT KH 21 IV 1102 TY\2^ tS>*ni EM1W )t6)2) (p. 34, 1. 6) "'Dim 31 
. . . (p. 41, 1. 9) N1JTI NiT pjp 'n DVV p); I have therefore not given many 
variations of it except in the latter part concerning the dates of the Geonim (in 
the notes o.). 

7 So, for instance, the changes from the Hebrew into Aramaic and vice versa are 
not always given; from o and JO, >2 and JTO, \3n and pan, Wi and ?2*n, ir6 
and ]inb, and similar minor cases. 


ZipjP pM 71TW EN1 *NPI 11"! ip^ pfc HaW C?N1, and at end 

h"i pan n n iran *?? via pan Kibitz? imi rcnwi mAtca. h. hd 
win ""m ni (?iy) oy a'nYa tono *?'i roann. o. n 1 ? n*?N 
^e&b irfttw in d^d: in ipy wan arra ^ne .*?"t pm amu? 
jNrvpkN bnp vmpn *?nprr ded raMF tzwi am ai wnN 
pam mitarc p^n 1 ? nYii p^n nam nan Huron iS mm msi 

: o^tm D^DPn p"nl ^n i onp nti nran? 

In the superscription of text II. the MSS. agree with the exception of 
a few variations. It runs as follows in the Parma MS. : tWITI!? H^NII? 

11 id laarrN ^dSe nrrww in q^dd 11 apy ^mi N2itt* 

jNTpp ^np ttnpn *?npn Dim nna ^ 2 na^w u?ni pa. Nmc? 

:miio p:n*? nVi rf?N nam 4 Nin ntaiwi* ^ 3 m:n nisn 

The MS. o. has pbU 'MH II 1 ? flYlD, and at the end miTOfi p*ho 
pM MI^IC? 11 ^H m. For the Goldberg editions 5 the editor has 
no doubt invented the titles. M. has pM Nnitt? "1^11 niTOn 

mWVTl mnn: 12*1 DEI romVl ; of G. the title is given above from 
the Paris MS. 

There exists a short version of Sherira's letter in the unique MS. 
of the British Museum 6 , published by the late Filipowski in the 
periodical p2N3!1 p^!J ID")!!? . This publication being extremely 

1 V. tYbj p. omits wn-Yi. 2 p. V. rawi. 3 p. V. ianai. 

4 p. V. nnawn. 5 Page x, note i. 

6 Arundell 51. A part of which (the ITQlttTl of Menahem and Dunash, 
edited by Filipowski, London, 1855, from this IMS.) was copied in Syrian or 
Greek square characters by Isaac ben Menahem, in the year 4949 a.m. = 1189 
a. d. The copy of Sherira's letter is later, and in Syriac or Greek Rabbinical 
characters, but I believe not later than 1200 (comp. Plate XIV of the Oriental 
Series of the Palaeographical Society, edited by Professor W. Wright, London, 

7 Altona, 1 850-1 856, Nos. 106-116. 

C 2 


rare 1 , I have republished it here (under B), after having collated the 
printed text with the MS. This composition belongs to the Spanish 
text, but is scarcely the original letter. It is at all events the oldest 
copy of Sherira's answer. 

I have still to mention the MS. 914, 2 in the Bodleian Library, which 
I have wrongly described 2 as ' the beginning ' of the letter which I 
publish. It is another letter or responsum of Sherira, of which the 
beginning is the following : "WN Q^D3 "TO p "Offi! Ip^ "TO b& 

m* 1 ^ en-i N-fnrc m i^amN bxo bnxi i"nS (so) pHrop nnoo 
n^twn it i"i in ^n m irmN bv brtsn Va^i ipr p^ 
S bn baaQ m bs pin wwi n^N orA>Ntz?im .^a ima^m 
yWQU p T13 NEED WTON1 tMan rapB troyta ^*to ""nb 

j'W p w dwio:n pnsn 

About the same time 4 (or perhaps a little later) a history of the 
period of the second Temple was compiled in Hebrew with the title 
of Yosippon, attributed to Joseph ben Gorion. It is not a translation of 
the Arabic book of the Maccabees printed in Walton's Polyglot, nor of 
the Arabic treatise still extant in manuscript, nor of the Latin Josephus, 
but a compilation from them, by a Jew of Southern Italy or Sicily, where 
both languages, Arabic and Latin, were known amongst the Jews. The 
fluency of the Hebrew does not admit of its being a translation, but 
only an adaptation. The Yosippon became very popular, and awoke 
a love for history amongst the Jews. It was current in, at least, four 
different compositions ; each with more or less additions of legends, was 
translated into many languages, and was printed a great many times. 

I shall have now to classify the chronicles (the series of which begins 
with Abraham ben David of Toledo), in three classes, viz. I. Complete 
chronicles, literary as well as historical, concerning the Jews and the 
nations under whose dominion they lived. 2. Literary chronicles, 

1 It is incomplete in the British Museum, and is not to be found in the Bodleian 
Library. It was put at my disposal by my friend S. J. Halberstam. 

2 Catalogue . . . 1886. 3 See ' Arukh a. v. 3K. 4 See Zunz, G. V., p. 146 seqq. 

PREFACE. xiii 

excluding special biographical and bibliographical works. 3. Records 
of persecutions and martyrologies of general or special character. 

The first of the complete chronicles is the ' Book of Tradition ' by- 
Abraham ben David hal-Levi of Toledo, composed in the year 1161, 
beginning with the creation and following on to the time of its 
composition. It has been often printed. The first edition is that of 
Mantua 1514 1 , of which I have made use for the present text, 
together with the following MSS. : 1. Three MSS. in the Bodleian 
Library 2 ; 2. The Paris MS. 3 ; 3. The Parma MS. 4 ; 4. The Jewish 
College MS. 5 ; 5. The MS. belonging to the Rev. Chief Rabbi Dr. N. 
Adler 6 ; and another in the possession of Herr A. Epstein of Vienna 7 . 
Although many of the variations are of little or no value, I have given the 
most important for completeness' sake, as well as later additions from some 
of the MSS. 8 It is found that in general the Mantua edition was printed 
from a good manuscript. I have omitted the Messianic interpretation 
of Zechariah xi. 7, which does not strictly belong to the book, and is not to 
be found in all the MSS. Abraham ben David also wrote: 1. A history 

1 nbzpn (VtD in A.) "1SD (also ch)]} nwn), Ed. in the notes. By inadvertence 
Benjacob, O. S. a. v. D?iy TiD, mentions a first edition of Constantinople, 151 7. 
He also gives wrongly for the Mantua edition the date *prrv for "pmi. 

2 a. No. 2521, 1 (see the Catalogue . . . 1886), O. in the notes ; b. Hebrew, E. 9. 
Spanish Rabb. char., sixteenth century?, incomplete, it ends with the D^SD )> 13ri3^ 
(p. 81, 1. 14), o. in the notes; c. E. 8 (see p. xiv, note 4), in the notes w. Both 
MSS. were ceded to the Bodleian Library by Dr. Harkavy. They are rather 
carelessly copied. I have taken no notice of the Bodl. MS. 914, 2, and the Florence 
MS. (Plut. i, vii. Catal., fol., p. 5 ; 8vo, p. 20), which both end with the Saburai. 

3 See p. x, note 3 (in the notes p.). 4 See p. x, note 4 (in the notes P.). 
8 See the Catalogue,/. C. . . . 1886, No. 28, 12 (in the notes L.). 

6 See Revue, t. x. p. 100 (in the notes A.). 

7 See p. ix, note 6 (in the notes E.). The owner was kind enough to send me 
a collation of it. 

8 No notice is taken of 1 conjunctive in the figures; of no and 1DD3 and other 
minor variations. ( ) means superfluous, mostly to be found in A. and o. In 
many cases it was not considered necessary to give which MS. has the variation 
given in the notes. See also additional notes, pp. 190 and 199. 


of Rome from its foundation to the king Reccardus of Spain, collected 
from Arabic and Spanish sources. 2. The history of the Jews during 
the second Temple, mostly based on Yosippon l . Neither of these, 
however, has any historical value. Abraham's chronicle was supple- 
mented down to the year 1525 by a certain Abraham ben Solomon 
of Torrutiel- in Spain, an eye-witness of the expulsion of the Jews from 
Spain in 1495. This chronicle is to be found in a MS. acquired by my 
friend Dr. Harkavy of St. Petersburg during his last visit to the East 3 , 
and which he kindly ceded to the Bodleian Library 4 . Abraham has 
almost copied for the period up to the year 1467 A. D. the chronicle of 
which I am going to speak. 

Joseph ben Zaddiq of Arevalo in Spain finished his ritual book Zekher 
Zaddiq with a chapter containing a chronicle from the creation to the 
year 1467 A. D., which I produce from the unique MS. in the Bodleian 
Library 5 . It is probable that Joseph and Abraham Zakkuth made 
use of one and the same chronicle, which both continued up to their 
time, otherwise we shall have to assume that Abraham plagiarised 
Joseph of Arevalo, which is scarcely admissible in the case of an author 
so eminent and original. 

Abraham Zakkuth ben Samuel, an astronomer by profession, composed 

1 See pp. xii and xx. 

2 See Don Fidel Fita in the Bolctin de la Real Academia de Historia, t. ix. (fasc. 4, 
April, 1867), p. 245. 

3 See p. xiii. note 2. 

4 E. 8. Span. Rabb. char, in neglected form, and in bad ink, end of sixteenth 
or even beginning of the seventeenth century, not very correctly copied. 

5 No. 2367 of the Catalogue . . . 1886. There is another MS. of Joseph's 
work in the British Museum, Add. 19785, but this chapter is missing. The 
heading of the chapter is to be found in the table of contents at the beginning 
of the MSS. A third is mentioned by the late E. Carmoly [Revue Orientale, 
Bruxelles, 1842, t. ii. p. 112) from a catalogue at Constantinople (on vellum, 308 
pp. in 4to, not identical with one of the two mentioned). The MS. mentioned by 
Judah Azulai (D^IXTi }o nYtP, at end of David ben Zimra's Responsa, t. v, Livorno, 
1 8 10) is identical with the Bodleian MS. 


his ' Book of Genealogies l ' in the year 1505, extending from the creation 
to his own time. This is much fuller than previous chronicles. It was 
printed for the first time in Constantinople in the year 1566 by Samuel 
Shullam, in an irregular way, omitting and adding passages arbitrarily. 
In the subsequent editions, of which the second is dated Cracow, 1581, 
the important passage concerning the fraudulent composition of the 
famous Zo/iar, composed at the end of the thirteenth century by Moses of 
Leon, is from religious considerations omitted. The last edition, made 
by the late H. Filipowski, London, 1857. reproduces the text of the 
Oxford MS. 2 , the only MS. of the work in existence as far as is known 3 , 
with the addition of R. Jacob Emden's notes, found in a printed copy 

1 pDPlV "1SD. See Catal. Bodl., col. xxxvii. 2 No. 2202. 

3 I shall give here a few corrections according to the MS. Page 2io a , 1. 6 
Nitas. Page 2i2 a , 1. 17 pnKB>; 1. 41 PBTB. Page 217a, 1. 4 niXn for ni3"tt; 1. 11 
bD for b"*a; 1. 12 omit HE; 1. 20 from DJET31 to tta33B> p. 217b, 1. 4 not in the MS.; 
1. 7 read B>plmB>; L 8 ns^ for niiW. Page 2i8 a , 1. 15 read rf'l Ttbn Qnax 
}'2 v- in; 1. 20 1BSJ not in the MS. ; 1. 29 from TlNVO pi to 1. 40 1 MBH not in the 
MS. 2i8 b , 1. 3 read men. Page 219* 1. 16 read pHPl po^JD. Page 22o a , 1. 7 read 
"3rta ; 1.8 read D'3''"in ; 1. 19 after K>ini> follow in the MS. the words from 
yinto pi (above, 1. 5); 1. 35 anno for "-in. 220b, 1. 5 nin nua:; I. 6 omit 
"U3B3; 1. 15 nm not in the MS. Page 2 2i a , 1.6 ta for Ji^so ; I. 17 ?ftl for 
b^r\; 1. 32 from IBM to NJlTjn 1. 35 not in the MS.; I. 39 N3*11BD*J*. Page 
222 a , 1. 8 v\bttriK) for f\bliT\; I. 20 after K"3ptJ>3 the MS. has ptriTnn b]!2 ]2V~\r\ "IDB3 

njtvje nvnx tip "03 wo^n rw *2"ii Kim entry rop a$>Bm*3 ; 1. 33 inn n^3 

not in the MS. 2 2 2 b , 1. 19 "TON (Evreux?) for "lK. Page 223, 1. 9 na"i? for 
naiX. Page 224a, 1. 6 p for pB>; 1. 9 1t253 B>tnm .lis"! VX'N B>inn pD2l; 1. 18 
omit ncta?; 1. 19 after pynn the MS. has 'in to b)lin (11. 15, 16) and 3py 13TI 
'si a"3 nrcn omu 'in ntry pinn "it3S3ti> -ins* to trTon p; 1. 33 read poaKBp. 
Page 225 a , 1. 9 trx , ''6tri"niD ; 1. 3 from the bottom N^rta. 22,-,''. 1. n tt"p for 

d"p; 11. 16-18 run as follows : mo^nn ^3 jnv ">m3t& pidyi hi: D3n cj' rwi rw 
wnn ?c 13*3 tfEP nipin "iao ntryi x3p n:tr rtaotaua snrui; 1. 21 B3D3; 1. 24 
run for ri3ir. Page 226' 1 , 1.3 ran for rrrt; 1. 5 read rutra 3"l 103 n\x*; 1. 1 1 Sip 
for 3Vp; 1. 16 omit [ltJWin; 11. 7, 8 from the bottom read *DV ^30 ntry PICT p?31 
XDiD. 2 2 6 b , 11. 6, 7 read JlUiDp. Page 227% last line 1T33 . . . K31Q P33. See 
also p. 190. 


of the first edition in the Jews' College Library, London. The editor 
faithfully reproduces the passages on the Zohar from the MS. and the 
Constantinople edition. Additional matter given by Filipowski, not to 
be found in the Oxford MS., is as follows : i. The order of the Thanaim 
and Amoraim according to the Mahazor Vitry MS. in the Bodleian 
Library l . 2. A Hebrew translation of Josephus' treatise against Apion 
by Filipowski in a completer form than that of Samuel Shullam's 
translation, found in the editio princeps. 3. Filipowski's Hebrew trans- 
lation of Sherira's letter, version I. 4. Abraham Ferussol's letter on the 
ten tribes. 5. An apocryphal letter to Joshua son of Nun, as reported 
in a Samaritan chronicle. 6. ni^rNI? Jl by Eldad (p. 207). 

Elijah Kapsali of Candia wrote in 1523 a poor history of the Otto- 
man empire, which is intermixed with narratives concerning the Jews 
of other countries, and more especially Spain. Only a small portion of 
it has been edited by the lamented Dr. M. Lattes of Venice, from a 
MS. of the Jewish school in that town 2 . Two other MSS., more or 
less complete, of Kapsali's history are at present known 3 . 

Another history of the Ottoman empire and of France was com- 
posed by Joseph Kohen of Avignon in the year 1554 4 . Of this author 
I shall speak in the chapter on the works relating to persecutions 5 . 

The German Rabbi, David Gans of Prague, compiled a general 
chronicle up to 1592, which was supplemented to 1692 by David ben 
Moses Rheindorf 6 . 

The last chronicle which I have to mention is composed in rather 
a florid style by Joseph Sambary, on Mohammedan and Jewish 

1 No. 1 100. See p. 176, note 1. 

2 De Vita et Scrip/is Eliae Kapsalii . . . accedunt excerpia ad Judaeorum historiam 
pertinentia ex MS. Kapsalii His tor ia, Patavii, 1869. 

3 In the British Museum and No. 241 1 in the Bodleian Library. 

4 iJinn JB1DN JTO "otai naiV *zbzb trOTl nan, Sabionetta, 1554, and Amster- 
dam, 1724. It was translated into English for the Oriental Translation Fund, 
by C. H. F. Bialloblotzky, London, 1835. This translation, however, requires a 
careful revision. 

5 See p. xix. 6 "in Wi, Prague, 1592; supplement, 1692. 

PREFAQE. xvii 

history, finished in the year 1672 *. These extracts will be found in 
No. V. They will be useful for the history of the Jews in the East. The 
writer is well acquainted with Egypt, his native country 2 . 

I come now to the literary chronicles of the Middle Ages, some of 
which, however, include historical data. I have already mentioned 3 
the chronicles concerning the doctors of the Mishnah, the Talmud, the 
Geonic period, to which we may add the famous Moses Maimonides 
(in the introductions to his Arabic commentary on the Mishnah, and 
to his work called Mishneh Thorah), and the introductions to the 
Talmud (methodology) by various authors. It is chiefly in the intro- 
ductions to the casuistical works of some Provencal Rabbis that we 
find the chain of tradition given up to their time. These are, as far 
as our knowledge goes, the following : (1) Menahem Meiri of Perpignan, 
in his commentary on the tractate Aboth, beginning with Moses and 
extending to the year 1287 4 . (2) David of Estella in Provence, who 
lived about 1320, in the introduction to one of his casuistical works 5 . 
(3) Isaac de Lates (of Provence), in the introduction to a casuistical work 
composed in 1372 6 . (4) Menahem ben Zerah of Navarra, in the intro- 
duction to his Zcdah lad-Derekl?, 1374. (5) Samuel Algazi composed 
a chronological compendium, based chiefly on Zakkuth 8 , beginning 
with Adam, ending with the burning of the Talmud in Italy, I553 9 - 

1 MS. in the Bodleian Library, No. 2410. 2 See p. 198. 3 See p. vii. 

4 ni3N lYO, Salonica, 1821, and reprinted in rrWQfl rV3, ed. by S. Stern, 
Wien, 1854. See also the Histoire litter aire de la France, t. xxvii. p. 528 seqq. 

5 Introduction to ISD JV"lp, printed in the Revue, t. ix. p. 219 seqq. 

6 Edited by Dr. H. Gross in Berliner's Magazin, 1878, Hebrew texts, p. 54 
seqq., from the Bodleian MS., No. 1298. Re-edited with notes by S. Buber, 
Jaroslaw, 1885. Additions and corrections, from a MS. in Baron Giinzburg's 
library, in the Revue, t. ix. p. 60. 

7 A first edition, Ferrara, 1554. i See above, p. xv. 

9 O^N nn^tn , Venice, 1600, according to Dr. Steinschneider's catalogue Bodl., 
col. 2403. The copy of Algazi's book in the Bodleian Library is incomplete; 
it has only the last page of the chronicle. 

d [II. 4] 

xviii PREFACE. 

(6) Gcdaliah ibn Yahya at Constantinople composed his treatise, ' the 
Chain of Tradition,' about 1589 *. Finally, (7) David Conforte of Sa- 
lonica wrote in 1 677-1683 on learning in the East and the South 2 , 
and (8) Jehiel Heilprin, Rabbi of Minsk in Poland, composed a lengthy 
treatise on the Chronology of the Doctors of the Talmud, about 1728 3 . 
Naturally the authors of these treatises copied one another, but they 
are valuable to the historian for the additions of their own time, and 
for various readings, since we do not possess autograph copies of the 
earlier chronological treatises. 

Of special treatises on persecutions, the earliest are the accounts of 
the Crusades, which consist (a) of narratives, such as those by an 
anonymous author and by Eliezer ben Nathan on the first Crusades, 
by Eleazar of Worms and by Ephraim of Bonn on the second 4 ; (b) of 
the so-called ' memorial books,' in which names of martyrs and towns 
which suffered are enumerated 5 . It is probable that such books existed 
in all important communities in the north of France and on the Rhine, 
for use in the synagogue on those occasions when prayers for the dead 
were included in a special prayer 6 . We find such documents at a later 
period and on later persecutions in many German and Polish communi- 
ties, to the publication of which special attention has been given of late 7 . 
General treatises on persecutions and calamities were composed (1) by 
Profet Duran of Perpignan (1497), only known from quotations 8 ; 
(2) by Jehudah ibn Verga of Sevilla, completed by his relative Solomon 

1 rtapn rbvbw, first edition, Venice, 1587. 

2 nnnn Klip, edited with notes (2nd ed.) by Dr. D. Cassel, Berlin, 1846. 

8 nnnn "HD, first edition, Carlsruhe, 1768, 1769. Improved edition, Warsaw, 
1878, 1882. 

4 Partly edited. A new critical edition may be soon expected from the 
1 Historische Commission fur Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland.' 

5 Compare Dr. L. Lowenstein's essay on Memorbiicher in the Zeitschrift 
fur die Geschichte der Juderi in Deutschland (Braunschweig, 1887), vol. i. 

c Called matpn and PTOtn. Comp. Revue, t. iv. p. 3 seqq. 

7 See Dr. Lowenstein's op. cit. (note 5). 

8 See Graetz, G. d. /., viii, at end, note 1. 

PREFA CE. xix 

and by his son Joseph in the year 1554 x ; (3) by Joseph Kohen of 
Avignon, whom we have already mentioned 2 , in the year 1575, con- 
tinued by an anonymous writer down to the year 1605 3 . 

Small notes or extracts of historical and chronological data, auto- 
biographies, histories of special localities, notes on local persecutions 
and elegies on those who suffered in them are too numerous to be given 
here 4 . My object now is the enumeration of chronicles only which 
are written in the Hebrew idioms. 

The greater part of the texts was already in type when the Bodleian 
Library acquired the MS. numbered 118 in Rabbi R. N. Rabinowitz's sale 
catalogue, where the brief description given of the MS. is in general 
correct. Besides some apocryphal treatises and Midrashim (some of 
them already printed), and Hebrew translations of the apocryphal books 
of Susanna and Judith, of the history of Alexander the Great (agree- 

1 iTnrv tt3E>, best edition by the late Dr. M. Wiener, Hannover, 1855, text, 
and the German translation with notes, ibidem, 1856. 2 See p. xvi. 

3 N32n py, Hebrew text, edited by the late Dr. M. Letteris, Wien, 1852. 
German translation with copious notes by the late Dr. M.Wiener, Leipzig, 1858. 
French translation by M.Julien S^e, Paris, 188 1. Joseph Kohen himself made several 
copies of his books. Thus of his geographical work, D^cy ni?133 2^D, the MS. 129 
in Rabinowitz's catalogue (now in the Library of the Alliance Israelite Universelle 
in Paris), is the ninth edition, written 5328 a. m.= i568 a. d. The first issue of his 
N32H pDy was not 1563 (as stated in the preface to the editions and trans- 
lations mentioned above), but 1560 (Rabinowitz, No. 128, who has 2 , 3 / ^'=i562, 
now in the Library of the Alliance) ; it ends with the words run DVn "iy (ed. 
p. 125). So does the Bodleian copy (No. 2559), with the addition beginning 
2'd'C ni^n (ed. p. 176). This first issue has many better readings than the 
printed text, which I hope to give at another opportunity. I shall correct another 
mis-statement concerning our author. It is said (M. SeVs preface, p. v) that he 
translated into Hebrew Joseph Alguadez's medical work in Spanish with the title 
of ' Secrets of Medicine.' The author was not Joseph Alguadez, but Meir (see 
catalogue, Turin, p. 125, and Dr. Steinschneider in Magazin, x. p. 166). 

4 See Dr. Steinschneider's Jewish Literature (London, 1857), 10 and 19, 
as well as his catalogue of the Bodleian printed books for bibliographical 

d 2 


ing mostly with the MS. of Modena 1 ), this curious collection includes 
the Yosippon* (agreeing mostly with Sebastian Minister's readings), two 
chronicles belonging to the first class of my division, the account of 
the first and second crusades (from which I believe that contained in 
all existing MSS., except the Strasbourg MS., was copied) 3 , and some 
other treatises. The work was compiled by a certain Eleazar ben Asher 
hal-Levy, not later than the year 1325 4 , under the title of rfi^"OTn 1ED 
(in the preface written P"Otn D). The Yosippon is broken up into 
parts, such as the genealogical table of Gen. x, the history of the Macca- 
bees, of Herod, of Agrippa, of the destruction of the second Temple, etc., 
together with additions taken from Josephus 5 , by Jerahmeel ben Solomon 
or "^N^mV!. There is also a Hebrew translation of the Aramaic 
portion of Daniel by him (and the variations on the margins throughout 
the MS. presuppose the existence of an earlier MS.). The unusual name 
of Jerahmeel reminds us of the names of Jiram of Magdiel and Meir 
Adrieli in the anonymous commentary on Chronicles 6 . 

The translation of Daniel by Jerahmeel was evidently made for 
a country where the Jews were unacquainted with the Aramaic dialect, 
which seems to point to Southern Italy. We know that in the tenth 
century the Jews in the Magreb neglected the reading of the Targum, 

1 See M. Israel Levi's preface to "TUD^N nnhn 'D in Sammelband, ii. p. xv (1886). 

2 See p. xii. 

3 Joseph Kohen in his Emeq hab-Bakhd (see p. xix) made use of this MS. or 
a copy of it. 

4 This from the calendar which begins with the 269th cycle, and from the 
entry of the birth of his son in the year 1325 a. d. 

r " bn:n (marg. on fol. 153 Ital. cursive nswi) pa*DV (fol. 20); from a Latin 
translation?. See pp. 170, 174, and 190 (Notes B.). 

c Ein Comment ar zur Chronik aus dem 10/en Jahrhundert, edited by Raphael 
Kirchheim (Frankfurt am Main, 1875), p. v. The copyist of the Turin MS. cix 
(catalogue, p. 102) is called Samuel son of Jerahmeel has-Sofer, and that of the 
Paris MS. 1197 is Jerahmeel ben Samuel. We find Jehudah ben Jerahmeel in a 
German prayer-book of the fifteenth century (catalogue . . . 1886, No. 1025, 
col. 224). Amongst Polish Jews Jerahmeel is still in use. Compare also the 
beginning with miDDn (p. 174) with that in the commentary on Chronicles, p. 56. 


which they were exhorted not to do by Judah ben Ooreish 1 . Jerahmeel 
therefore most probably lived in Southern Italy, and if the chronicle 
No. VII was compiled by him, about 1040-50. At that time the Rabbis 
turned their attention to profane literature, both apocryphal and historical. 
R. Moses had-Darshan of Narbonne quotes the Aramaic text of the 
story of Bel and the Dragon in his Midrash Genesis Major 2 . Jerahmeel 
is most likely the translator of the apocryphal works found in the newly- 
acquired manuscript. Perhaps he will throw some light on the epitomizer 
of Josephus, when his additions to Yosippon are published. At the 
beginning of the MS. there are to be found (by another hand) some 
poems by Jerahmeel, which are identical with those in the Bodleian 
MS. 2079, 9. In his commentary on them in the latter MS., he mentions 
R. Samuel [ben Meir], as well as Rashi, without the formula of 7 T. If 
the two Jerahmeels are identical, the date of the writer of the additions 
to the Yosippon would be 1100-1150. Anyhow the texts of this MS. must 
have been known to Rhenish and Northern French Rabbis at an early date 3 ; 
they probably came from Italy, which was the channel for the passage of all 
the books which made their way from the East to Germany and France. 

The chronicles from this MS. are to be found in Nos. VI and VII 4 . 

No. VIII is another chronicle of the first class of my division, which 
I reprint from the SJiomer Ziyyon 5 after a collation with the unique MS. 
in the British Museum, Arundell 51. 

No. IX is a fragment of a chronology from the exile of Babylon to 
the fourth year of the Emperor Nicephoros of Constantinople, extracted 
from the MS. in the British Museum, Add. 14763, fol. 4 b . The author 
of it is most likely the copyist Solomon ben Moses of Viterbo, in the 
year 5033 A. M. = 1273. 

No. X contains (1) a fragment of chronological chapters by Elisha 
ben Abraham ben Benvenisti, called Crescas, to be found at the end of 

1 See Epistola, pp. 1-3. 2 See Tobit, p. xviii seqq. s See p. 198. 

4 Ff. 220 to 227 and 2i8 b . The latter seems to be epitomised from the 
nnn n^iy "HD, the D^iieni DW^n "HD, and the ND1T cb)V "HD. They are anyhow 
earlier than the chronicle of Abraham ben David (p. xii). 

5 See p. xii. note 1. c See Dr. Friedlander's preface to the Guide, iii. p. xiii. 

xxii PREFACE. 

his copy of a Bible at Damascus ( 1 iri3 and JTCnpE), which was 
finished the tenth of Kislew of the year 5143 A.M. = i382. This frag- 
ment, although containing but little that is new, may, however, prove 
useful for fixing dates given in the other chronicles. For this fragment, 
as well as for other notes, I am indebted to my friend Dr. A. Harkavy. 
(2) Additional notes, addenda and corrigenda. 

I intended at first to give a Corpus Chronicorum Judaeorum, but 
I found that this is at present impossible, as such a publication would 
require several volumes. Besides, for the greater part of the chronicles, 
I should have had to give mere reprints of texts for which I had no 
manuscripts at my disposal. Other chronicles are in preparation by 
several scholars 2 , and it would have been unjust to trespass upon their 
labours. I have therefore selected the first two chronicles, although 
already existing in print, on account of my being able to use for them 
a great number of MSS., perhaps all at present known; Nos. II. B and VII 
are extracted from a periodical as scarce as a MS. ; while the remainder 
contain documents not yet published. Should I find that the public 
interested in this kind of publication show their sense of the value of 
such a Corpus, I shall be glad to give a second selection of chronicles 
at present scattered throughout MSS. and periodicals and introductions 
to works on casuistry, provided the Delegates of the University Press 
agree to such a continuation. 

I express my best thanks to my friends Dr. Friedlander and Mr. 
Schechter in London, MM. Barbier de Meynard (membre de l'lnstitut), 
Joseph Halevy and Isidore Loeb in Paris, Professors M. de Goeje in 
Leyden, and D. Kaufmann at Budapest, and Herr S. J. Halberstam, for 
their help, as well as to the excellent Oriental reader of the Clarendon 
Press, Mr. J. C. Pembrey, who never spares time and trouble to assist 

authors and editors. 



October, 1887. 

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p "WO UUT = D'a'n 

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ana cw wi=i//i 

prnr ntatoj wn'Wn 

en i: , n = n"i 

HE toa = D'ri'ttJ 

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Wl mnoa 
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enn iron mms 
pyi , un=Y'n 
pm Y'a 

^03 pT = j"l 

N-rai p Tn irai = I'a'-n 

rrmi i3 , 3T=Yi 

^n rrmi lm^rtYi 

d;voi 13toi = V'n 


feDi Dn 'T=Vn'T 
,v oi p pnv pT=Ya'n 
Y'a pn^' 1301= oYn 

*tnd pn:r i;m = r]' , '"i 

Dttna p 'i 1 ? mi = a'aVi 

tno , i-i=o"t 

mr"3 to = (o"Y) o'a'tn 

pD'O p 

p mro 1:11 = j'a'tn 

'ibn tq im = nV-\ 
jro too i:'n = I'oS 



cmosn cv = -|nv 

ym dv=tq'V 1 

dtAn to ma^NY' 

"jNiji oris motr = iY' 

run cw=rYY'' 

-isan , ffi raa = n , V*aa 

^ntd*- , 33o=' , a'D 

'n ain vjmo = N^nrro 

^aana pn:r 

naDra = 'co 

rby nn mra = nY-io 


p woiD3=s>"3 

pun Hpto=Y'o 

Tn to=Y' 

Di'ncn vto = n"s> 

mi rma=/' 

>T> to = , "y 

rnrmp n'jnp = p"p 
p cma i] , ai = Ya'.sn 

sometimes) irai =l"'a'N"i 
xin- p cma ('ai 

'an '3nN = n m 

p no 3N = a"N 

tfrwn rrrai=n"M 

TJ "in = a'n' 

WTO' p = , " 

rrt tox = Y' 

Tin nto p=Vd': 

33 to rj=3'y' 

b to ^= ,, 2 , rN 

" nna -jvu^Va 

p no = Y'a 

Wn no = n"a 

Kxan no = ^Vro 

'NOtt? no = a?"a 

Kin -ji-ia cicn = n'a'n 

a'nai sin -in = Yn'n 

nptnn Tn=Y' , n 

pan' cffin = n' / n 

mn "pa ciipn = n'a'pn 

D^iyn "nb isnai = n'n'71 

impi pis ji-iai =VpVn 

na^b pm v p^^^=yi , ''^ 


P. 141, 1. 20 tW&pBW i-e. N^pBM P. 156, poem, 1. 1 ,^na . . . ?Db6 Tim 

h^sno psa; 1. 2 npin [dj]i ,3id d^3 , . . nwsQ; 1. 3 ji^nn ; 1. 4 Pits* t:h 
P. 157, 1. 15 inn? for "ilEn P. 160, note 2 iDNn in the text. 

Transliteration of Arabic , Turkish , and Spanish passages and words 
{except the proper names of persons) occurring i?i pp. 1 15-162. 

Page 115, line 5 ^Lot-ll l j^ r ^>jX\ j^j\ IslA^) h 7 -^^ ^} ^J^y-; ibid.^-*-! 
{ j-^A\ ; 1. 10 jijU ^jj.l Uj-~J Uu^b l^Ju-cl P. 116, 1. 18 {jyJi]\ Ysjb ^le- o^sj 
sj JJUj dJi /*-^--^ ,Jlc (J-^j- 6 W s-^-c (ji^- \-jVj P. 117, 1. 8 L5 -ji- ; 1. 21 
ai^ J-;-* P- 1 J 8, 1. 5 >-a- laUi*J, d-L^jJl j-a-6 ; 1. 6 i^liJl ; 1. 8 a ... ^,:> 
^j-^KjJI; 1. 9 ^j-^-eLiJI I^jlS P. 119, 1. 10 iisA' ; 1. 25 sjkJl; last line a-^S 
.c-xj-o P. 120, 11. 2, 3 L>U--i) J^X-^lij IjjXixlj j^m ; 11. 6-9 ^ <L_u5J.l jxa. 

n ,r y tfai nuo whs [ilia!'] *n ^ i*- c ^ h *j-<,jJ1 L-^jCJ^^^all Jl* li*^ 

^*1aJ\ IJDO n^NIB*; 1. 22 and p. 121, 1. gjSZ^xi\ ^Is P. 121, 1. 6 l^Ull ; 1. 15 "UN 
unknown P. 133, 11. 11, 13, 15 iLr^bj j^Lj^^jujj P. 134, 1. 17 {J -^J^\ J^, 
^jjUJI ajUS"; 1. 20 pisni'N unknown P. 136, 1. 4 j*ji\ A**- J 1- 3 from the 
bottom ULA1 ki. and nOffli'N (3lif) i-jp unknown P. 137, 1. 3 A^jJl^aS in 
Yacut ; 1. 10 ^a^nia^N seems to be, according to Professor De Goeje, whom I have 
consulted for the geographical names in this chapter, the i_ c^ H in Makrizi ; ibid. 
riNin for i.\ji 1. 11 iJbjj is ; L>; ibid. ^La-JI i_^j ; 1. 13 l^ ^^-U Lr ~^Sj\ i_^o ; 
1. 24 jJJl ^U*J1 ; 1. 25 perhaps^J-JI JjS3\ ^U^ P. 138, l-" Qj ^l^j gJ/^ ? 
^^ P. 139, last line, El rey ha di passar de una puerta che ha di renovar 
P. 145, 1. 22 perhaps npnDJpLL~~ P. 150, 1. 5 sJLsr ; 1. 6 Mcsquita and sjJIj 
. A T ; 1. io^jj jj>1 .v^jlxaX*; 1. 11 Li*l> J^-s- ^H^U; 1. 18 Jlc taj^i 
jjSjU P. 152, 1. 25 "6lD, 'sugar' P. 157, 1. 13 c^U^Jl P. 159, L 18 g^U. 
yeUftJl unknown, perhaps |iOpi>K as p. 137, 1. 10 P. 160, 1. 14 uybj^J plural 
of ^P,^, Greek i-paTi-f^o", 'balustrade' P. 161, 1. 7 ~Ji; 1. 18, reales, grossos, 
maravedis (PHTiNO ?). 


Page 4, line 18. Perhaps 1?n*T . , , Tinci as ed. Amsterdam (not based on a 
MS.) for -onen P. 5, L 7 wvn for D^l P. 6, 1. 6 tnd 'li? P. 8, 1. 7 JOB> 
for y3B> P. 13, 1. 13 paWjrt nawb P. 14, 1. 20 N^CIN *fl everywhere P. 15, 

1. 16 di^ 1 ; 1. 20 ynriK P. 16, 1. 8 taiDEHDi for ^nijx> ni P. 17, 1. 8 mi for 

3ni; 1. 14 N12DO as II. for JOCJD; 1. 23 NrVJn3 as II. P. 19, 1. 7 pnntC&n; 

1. 14 tbwc P. 20, 1. 16 pnoK P. 21, 1. 16 tabu for xbn P. 23, 1. 17 rrTt^nb 

P. 32, 1. 20 Yin for vn P. 35, 1. 3 ffyfK\ P. 39, last line NEtJ> for HOC P. 40, 1. 4, 
II. pnb P. 44, 1. 6 pmDNIl ; 1. 1 1 '313 twice for 3131 P. 45, 1. 3 "i\XD in the MS. 
to be cancelled P. 46, 1. 13 WOTK P. 57, last line Win 310 P. 66, 1. 4 in the text 
"D^K, and 1. 22 d"x P. 67, 1. 21 probably pnKBi or pnn as in pDrrp (MS. O. fol. 
473 ; ed. F., p. 209 a , 1. 28); 1. 25 perhaps }xnD' , 3D=|NnD' , pKD (Land of the Scyths) 
P. 69, 1. 14 probably H3N33 "VJ? (Pechina) as in p. 74, 1. 7 ; last line nnn for nnn 
P. 71, 1. 19 "iriN^ for nni6 P. 73, 1. 7 i5nni P. 74, 1. 2 nTWO is the Arabic 
form for riTiB P. 75, 1. 4 3n to be cancelled; 1. 14 and elsewhere i"P3N*l the Arabic 
form for roWTj 1. 25 p^a P. 76, 1. 4 probably rwi SJDV '"1 P. 78, 1. 23 dWnI 
P. 79, note 16 ^NVns? (miff nn nhna, p. 12, and catalogue . . . 1886, col. 650) 
P. 81, 1. 14 p for p; 1. 20 "p P. 83, 1. 6 D*na P. 84, 1. 16 probably 1N13 
[aniea] P. 93,1. 2 rxn [*]n TD(theCid; comp. p. 95 and pDrn\ p. 2i2 a , 1. 35) 

P. 103, 1. 21 "lTJT^N? for arTON; 1. 28 \VT\ir\) P. 104, 1. 4 b"tf for i6 ; 11. 13, 16 
P1dS>B>? for ^Xintr P. 105, 1. 16 perhaps [1T M'n] 6tMB> *0 P. 106, 1. 16 31J? ? 

for 3-1 p. 113, 1. 20 tram 1 l. 25 dtpdji p. 114, 1. 10 injn P. 115, 1. 5 for 

HND see i?^/z^, t. hi, p. 53 note ; perhaps rmn WH "1nD (Mr. D. S. Margoliouth's 
suggestion); 11. 10, n n3T\SD^ NpnND ? P. 116, 1. 18 "inS^N ; I. 19 ? b^tip) "J^T 

m for na ^bap) 'pbn P. 117, l. 21 nNDiy P. 118, l. 1 anwib? P. 120, 
1. 3 BtfBNii haanai ; 1. 7 probably ? nn*3 'p njj>x ^s "UNn xi>N ; 1. 8 ? niyin^N 
UWlM [ni33^] . . .; 1. 9 T3St6n . . . mnn; 1. 10 "Vpai>K?; L 22 and elsewhere 
?*13DJJ7N "HNP P. 122, last line W3n nfaant? ? P. 125 according to the edition, 

1. 3 vb\ 3vj y~b ^ni; 1. 4 >3 .3-1; 1. 7 nvon "W3 *N33 V'ft) 1. 8 vh pro?; 1. 9 

W13PO P. 127, 1. 26 TJW? for "mi; 1. 27 ?ny33Dl P. 128, 1. 21 INlp'? for 
W3' P. 130, 1. 3 pnC'3 . . , fOBWa DN?; 1. 6 pnt?3 ... HID wah?; 1. 10 T2 ? for 
"111 P. 133. U- ", 13, 15 probably D*3^3 (j*-l>) for D*ata P. 135, 1. 26 
nN3"3 (jW*) for "IK313 P. 136, 1. 22 Dn stands probably everywhere for DEil, 
which the writer purposely calls Don, 'injustice,' unless it is a mistake throughout; 
1. 23 TOW (iij-i,) for m3W; 1. 31 aix stands for am P. 137, 1. 12 piK>i>K 


N"n fanr sin ^a* rnn d^dik b* ncv 'oca nr i?y ppbin 'warn 310 dv lmtwy 
nmD '3Da rvamty 'oa irma p yenrp ns*a rwi nmn w .janv na^ n* 
*3k> )b wi *Na* ton .pmnn aa? aw Y'p [a^a w] a^pn MPafc* wa rniDoi 
niata^ a"p na^a naitan nan ^y nr ay nr prwao vm ataamanNi aiapniN a^aa 
ia jap nm hnar^ wwmwi n s a b 31m anmn vby nay widph n H a 
nayi noi n"a onwin .mva vn *K0t5n ^>"ni .Nina xaa nns* '-\aa n-Dio^ 
,rw nsn rvan ^aa jmtotw una pyt?i f>Kboa pyccn ^\n ,ua nanaN mrw 
naa anmn rva mata ."tanna jaiDi iwyoa" 'm ton pnn nnx omen nann n^n 
Dwnn Kin .anmn Hiatal yanx natra i^\n mtotw nxvoa ,b*3b> a"p n<an 
Tns anpo 'nap aao arwya i?apno vnata pNP n"na rrn ynin nay rww r i>y 
Naa pn aina uw ny avi> dvo pnin rwn n"na nyn py Man *]i> i^y B'bti 
pnano vnp 'on ai>D ^ m^n vsn niyi Dipoi? biped pinai pan^o vm ,nb p 

:p nnxo a*o\n b ana 

This is followed by the passage beginning B^yaa nttnEI (p. 171, 1. 3) up to 

na 'phmw (p. 171, 1. 11), which is followed by the beginning n^O "ca (p. 163) 

to 'TB*D mtWTv? (p. 164, 1. 6). Next comes the passage beginning with the 

words niTC nyi (p. 171, 1. 9) to Bvn?n (1. 15), which is followed by a beginning 

u)b M n^yo naa B^na nya jna b*i man nan ptnat? nmna k* anan nanm 

with many extracts from the Talmud. After the word nvnDl (p. 171, 1. 2), this 
MS. has the following: ^yv ^n maa *fr>K B^ND )b mm Nana p dp n\ni 
rwi ncr6o5> nw torn? wa Nam p ^ ima n\n noi .yavs* ''yiap ncnbo^ 
'a ?pDh nv^sa na nanni woo nma nTn rniaanxo nnxa n"idd^3 ^a3N bapo 
DnN 'aa Nian pj^n D^aioc oaop nyi D^inac6 nanni n^aa mmDi t^Je*. This text 

is incorporated in a casuistical work (of which the beginning is wanting) by 
Jacob ben Abraham of Northern France or the Rhenish Province, who lived 
towards the second half of the twelfth century. A modern owner of the MS. 
states at the beginning that Jacob might be identical with the Rabbi of the 
same name quoted in the Thosafoth (glosses by Franco-Rhenish Rabbis). No 
such name, however, is given by the late Dr. Zunz in his book, entitled Zur 
Geschichte und Liter atar, Berlin, 1845. Anyhow, the text of the chronicle No. VI 
was known in France in the twelfth century, perhaps without the passages, added 
probably by Jerahmeel. The writing of the Paris MS. is very old, and may 
possibly be an autograph. 


,y? vzbx 'n Bnrma .ttafo 'n spw n"o tfata *i riMisa noaan rva paa 
roabno k"< pnan nsana "WKa n^pjin ttafo 'i napa rwi Y'M i>"t D"n la? JOT* 
1 BHTTTI W\p. Next comes the passage relating to A. Zakkuth as in the catalogue. 


The Paris MS. (Hebrew, No. 326) contains a great part of No. VI, with 
the heading of cbty TTDD. The catalogue of 1866 does not mention that this 
treatise is different from the one printed under that title 2 . It was only by mere 
accident that I examined this MS. in September last, and then found that it 
is almost my sixth text, when it was too late to describe in the right place all 
discrepancies of the two texts 3 . The following short description of the Paris MS. 
will, however, be sufficient for the general purpose. 

The extract begins with the words nat8> B'Vm *|!>K ^3Dn Ijn D1KO, continuing 
with Biblical chronology up to Nebuchadnezzar, p. 165, 1. 15, of the present text 
in another order and with variations. Omitted are the beginning Dorian PI7K1 
(p. 166), "Kbn 7JN (p. 167), pnwi pW (p. 168), the passage Dnrt ttt^a (p. 170, 
1. 1) to end of the , and the beginning with a'y'p nJC>a (p. 173) to the end of 
the treatise, for which last it has the following passage : 

ncaa wm "oat? rb)im noaa nvo rwi pron pyot? tnwwon 7y -mm 
nyat? p-iaa 'iaona d-jo" 1 "pnw nono "nnmo 75? can cohy rpab nri7 o^m 
imupnM ja n^n pipio Drnaoa^K Dai .rvayn n7jna 'iaoa rwi i>na jnai .d* 
nw 'd n?na minaa vcw \>^n pyB> .ahya bswd^ p* mata riWmn von 
*ioy *yp nnx ,a"a iaa *j?ro^ ww pyo^ nnwi .wot vain caa w 17 vni 
'ism *win nx 70*31 wyrn ?y "flap win .rw 'a nainaa vow bra jna pnv 
noyi *yot? p pnv p rmno no pvb l'o'p natsa .rrnno prw "iron /now *|1D3 
y"p row pyoB> *|N anna .vnnn vns pyots> 1.701 anna mw ."aao mw mnx 
a"p row .aoiv niabo hy lpnai mapa anna pr roata? n'y'p nawi ,pv? 
ttd3 jwwd 10a natr t"7 K3iiMWi ja irnno p pyot? ja pw "jta |W rvabzh 
TV3 *37o wnpa p byi k3tdswi lot^ty |pr Dn7 nn noc a 'un .pan d7iy 
rww nn^n incw moa yv-\ rwi Nim nap i"a oa vnnn 1701 pm* 1 noi /xaio^n 
noc ovn iniNi ,ws3 wi niaB> ;a pyoci .Tins }a y^in" 1 .nDK' ja pyoc> bw invwi 

1 By a later hand. 2 See p. vi. note 5. s The words in [ ] of No. VI 

are from the P. MS., where the two texts agree. * So MS. 


Duta )bx nn .x"b tititwtfm /a ai^ax .'1 ia^a /1 Dusmx /a aiax^aa3x .a" 1 - 

:bw a"p Nam lata 
amp nap nxa nn i>Yn jwen ^1 , x [w] nape aprri proi xv i^ni jx3e 
nmm ay 2 anne3 neii> mm '[iTms p jww mai>n] mn tnnv "inn man annas? 
^n tnm ane tap *mbot &m ane i!up ptaun myepi nap p pyepi *saa p 
nso nun *aaa jrrowj una ,pyep bx^oa .jwep &n ma^na umrs ijki .fprn 
jnnvn xin naa iaym xb bat* nap . nxae w Kin p ax .nap 
^[w*] n^ia la a"a .nap a"a t^b unubin sin Biaaiix na^p .aina nw my 
aia^a /1 aia^aaax .a'' 1 pma ,Y^ D^Hi^p /a pva .no imataa n"a ,a"a anu^a 
aaupne nam ona^i :nap r"a nun jann ny annate xxea nun 3nna 13 nnx3 /a 
nVp '[rp^n] nmnp 3in3 ahy moai :nap i"a nun pin amp *[w*] n$>nae> 
minea naa*# nun anna du^n 'n nai>pn amp nap 3Ypi nun pnn amp nap 

:jbx OT3af 

G 2. From the Damascus MS. 3 

nwi nnam nunai maam. ahpei ^aanr &<*nS>NP maa" 1 .xnta >pxn \b 
mena p ppy sin terrain jnai ayi bspi jam aipyi mpmi myepi ffaw mnaiyi 
xnair noi Nam am Nana am na xaxi xapiy tuam mem xaam jnai jna p Nairn 
Nin pnn ne^pi "tnom. 'inx 13 jettn ^xanaui waaa 3m D3n Kin no Nairn 
ip^D /xnani imp p mm *ipwt Nin pnn two *iata Nin <X3T nw npw< 

:xni!>a ^pxn 

H. Opp. Add. 8vo, 42 (Catalogue, No. 2400), fol. 5 b . 

apy^ nhe ,na au^x n"y pre* mSa .naprin s^x n"y iauN tvraM nha 4 . . . . 
1631 nop a-a^x nan n"n pnx nhe ,nin ca^N onsb b [tv] .iop du^n n /r y 
rww rm .nDP du^n n /r y iaun npo n^io [wdb'to i>na] nip^ mn amp jva 
nu paa .n^p ca^N 'a jipnt nu pin . napiih au^x pcxn nu paa .ncn ansa 
.a^nn r a a r/ n d^n r a rmavn pao .rbhn au^x 7 a atj> nu pin ,n"n au^N 'a "ap 
'n nan inxn .xapn au^x 'a 'mnan paa .a^nn 'a aipn au^x r a nav^x *]n^n 
.aan aui?x *i ma^nn na^nn .ritbpnn au^x 'a napan nama .a-jnn 'a xep au^x 

1 Erased in the MS. 2 Indistinct. 3 See pp. 187 and xxii. 

Beginning injured. 5 The words in [ ] are indistinct. 


bs )vnpx\ ttko3B*a icno namx n^nnn nhy nanai? B't/p d^n *i nacai 
inx tihmb> -o onay lNipa^ ia D^xy^ dk> ^>y nnnnx ttatpoan noN.i 

:tay Dn dni ^nik* 

G i. Opp. Add. 4T0, 37 (Catalogue, No. 2072), fol. 70. 

ND1T Cib)V HDD > 

ntam ,i"d -pan .aVp TV ,n"D ta&in ,'y ja^p /* t^ax ,n"p nv .i>"p dik 
.roon inx ttnas? db> :N^ai> iairi ^n nn ,'p dp .p"n na .a'a'p *pi> .r'a'p 
Dmaa /y mn ,&"a una ,'$> ant? .a"i> iyi /$> a^>D ,i"b "ay /b r6ts> ,n"b ipasix 
:pub> "c? antra uno lmtarnsa n"o p Drnax rfn^ iy haon jo nn ,n" 
,n"p Diy /!> nnp ,n'*> ^ ,n"o apy* /d prra* ,nats> a"a Dniax n\i ia inxi 
: ruts' a'a'n Dnxoo !>Kie is^t? iy antra uno D.H3N hnatpa nn /a ne>D 
iwany /a wpm *d .r/'a y^w ,a*aty n"y 12102 taiti* bsp n"y wai nets 
hnis }2 y^n ,'a wa *]taax ,'c bw p pyia ,'d mm /a K"U p mx ,'e up p 
p may .' wham nh ,'? nn^ nno paa .'1 *~\ybin nna* ,a"a nj&an -W ,a"a 
in /a Bp p hat? ,a"< s^oan Swot? /d |nan ny /a mao p jitw /n &n 
:natr s"n tripcn nn naaat? iy d-ivdd ^obp uwtrc nn /a 132 nebs? / itan 
DiiiT ,K"a Batsw ." ndn /a rvas .f 1 132 oyani ,f1> in p nhy 12 inxi 
ntrao ,a"a iiTpm ,1"* nnv /a imy ,a"a rrsoN ,'a bw .6 n^ny .n'^ wmc /n 
N2 Dni.T ni2^D2i ; trot? ^ D^pin 11 . ctrm 'a rnxin 1 ' . N ,r b in"^^ /a }ton . k"* 
nnn *i^di ^ni^ i?y la^om n^aa \ybvr\ iaa pa^rv nx ^sm n^cn^ nxaiaiaa 
^222 icy -j2 inxi ,q^b> n'^ in^pix ,D v ^in 'a paw 1^ idoj .oaB> r n ivaiaiaa 

jnatf r y ^ itftanap iy na^ 2 /r a D>aB> 'y i^xd 
: r y nn /a ivk>^2 .2 /r 2 mno ^ik ,n"a ixaiana 322 ns an ib 
,a"i Nn^K'nnix .i'^ cnitrnN /a tma / tj^m .didi n ata en i^n 

:n /r v ^aiD^n n^a .D r/ p jv rna^o /a ^diqh cvn 
.a"' in s J .i^ dvi^p /a cia .2 /r 2 oviaia .2": didduk ,Don *al>o nn )ba 
DvtvwKn /: Dio'ta ,d^ " di:^dddn tnatt* ^n ^asj> pin^j iy ptwn pino nn 
wpio^aia j //s ttmiDip DU^aiiaas /r wpio ,a 7/ a dunlin /a Diraiu .a"* Diana ,rn 
.o^in'ai D-a^ '1 rvtbp nip Dia-aitaax .n^in '2 iDn dwn^v .n^in '1 ovaiw /a 
Dmaoa^x .a'3 DiauiDax .D v ^in 'y\ ww 'a wawaM .n^in r ai nati> 'n w^po 

b b 2 


p^aaoi ,^ts> nn *ioye> a^ac fn nn j"p amm msboi a"p *K3iOB>n nn nn^oi 
txk> pan nnn-nw iy i^o taripb noy xb a nsten *aiSn pn pM 3$pri ny nnn 
m rwi x^ rt&on ^aiSn *oa ww anac &n aai .ncaspn h*a nn^o rthmn 

xbx ie shw dis^ i&pri na&>3& noi^> b\y iww nn ,p nnx n3nn a<au> ny 
:^yi> tmao3 jn^pri 'r ppo w 3$>xa iivn) an^>x 'a natan a wva two 

p^D * 

fiW r"yi mxo ta^i a*a^x 'a a^iy nwra&i ifc* 3i^a pmm cup a*ac> xVp 
,ftan 3in rbiin natani i3^a nwn >fc* iaatrn naew wpa niap bin ,whn ny 

non nw pn3 itry n^x B>aan nw }o nmn ^ a^x lotaa -p nnxi> 3'y'pi 

irmn jno amp 

F. Mich. 138 (Catalogue, No. 1982), fol. 43k. 

ppD /* pn ny ciaxo ,n"p max ny ntro ^"p nta> t faa& ny ahyn nxnno 
,n"D ntaino ny "jiano .n'D'p "jun ny itd ,n"o tv iy bx^>noo /y ^xino ny 
/p ntananx ny aco ,3'p'n ata> ny nan ,3'a'p na ny "jota Ya'p -jo^ ny niwioo 
A n ny a^>*ao ,i"i> a$>a ny "Qyo 3 nay ny n^o ,n"i> n^ ny TOSffWD 
/y ny nnno ,ta"3 nnn ny ninao /i> nina ny ants>o .3"i> ants' ny lyno 
tvpdi .i>"p anroi> N3tt ny apjno /d 3py* ny pmro /p pny ny a.Toxo 
D^iy nxnsi? n'o'n anta '3 novap treoa :<"- anvoo M3 iKy{J> ny onso^ 
x^oa ,nac a^n pcsin n*an pa ny ansa ntmrai .nnvco bjnBw ya iwf 
3-ina^ Nvoa ,*"n im^yi ahyn nn3i> raphn cd^n '3 nasa pmnn nnn na3a-^ 
'y n nnn p"a3 ny ptjwn pnnoi .ahy nn3^ n'^'c* nn^N 'a nae*a nnn 
o'D'n nn^x r a nar-ni .D^iy rurva5 n"n nn^x 'a nat>3 wn nnn naa wma 
'a na^3i ^nanan 1^ n^ia aVn an^s* 'a na^m ttbtrw* wipvan tudq^m S3 
n an3 nai^xn j naiox n^nnn n^phn Dn^x 'a natim .nbna aarh wehti 
naix3 ntrx nioixn ^a ixnpa ph w ni3 loaaB* ruwtnn FiDMtn nn\n 2 nnx 
lxnpac 1031 i'xn^ m$> 31^B> *o onsy ixnpac 103 nioix nxco an axi anx \w 
naioxn n^nnni .naicxn nnn mix iap anxyocn n nono nib 3iB^ ^ anxyo^ 
3in3 xvoaB* 103 ib nn^o nnx a^ac n^oni a"y3ixi nD rwi ansn navj'xn 
. nnn 3nna ahy nxn3^ 5phn an^x 'a na^ni .anx n^oi? com nana 

1 Marg. nva n*y tw 'n. 2 Marg. prer nnSn n^xi nena ejia btgtt. 


E. Opp. 613 (Catalogue, No. 2256), fol. 63. 

JB> n s a pnini*- ayp napa natM *w nann natya n%b aps* .nanab ID yi 
t&yn .ahn w a!?pn nat*>a .naba w* ^natiTi natpa ahy nxnab a'a^N n icbca 
nimra "3 ins* p^na |W naai> nnnoi non "nmra w nat? abpii *po^ *a a^pna i?\n 
n"a nw a^pn on n"a Daisys d"* .nac a"* 1 naab mmrai nac n"a snn ntan 
ncn -mnra nbnn tx* a!?pn ^ob a arena .a^pri nn nanine* 2 an nn apii on 'a a^ya 
jddi narirn a-ata 'a* pp inw w abva pa^pnn fpo *a ym , 2 jw naab -mnra nbnni 
ypnm DTnna ccrn njnw ins yan b a^pri natpa 'a n-raai naba 2 it^ narin rura 
mina hvntp tpwi ntrxa nirais\n ia unw btW) nye> nnu6 jra w*i .nnaa 
rxtr lionao w Tptt* yy'ni ^n pis mixa .nren mina ipnnm vnn bant^i .nren 
i'y'-n ej^N iminai nsua niDisn ip^n' 1 p iDai .iatyni d^n 'a ny mm jno rwi 
tfata 'n nw natwii a^abx 'a by I'yni s^n ^>tan ,D*ata 'n ppob D^a nn tni 
no dhd lire" 1 wrnnya n,x d^n 'n cjid^ w na^N annh "6 nibab nn pm .nac 
mina tfpnriD nn myi ta-iab "row b*b^m 'n nvn nraiy aman ai .ann now 
la^y nntaa am iijn n&nnpn innim tane* tk mnoD) a^anarai o^ainoi npp 
"\nv tanvipanvi br\p wi\>n bnp iann nnao D'ata 'na .ia^y an^ara nvpn tshw 
dt 1 myi .nanvacr wmm nx nytnn hdin iaip Bni n^akx 'nai .ni^aa aYpn 
btnw bi') anyi twjj nasi a^aa noina px ny ianiN D^ooim ta^nai ia^y n^taa 
warn cam bs'i^ ioyb }n , i saia^i 'e>n mt 1 nainnnn name iy Nan nixo 
a^a^N r a na^a nswn lB^b iniN^n naan aiya naca ^^a rD^y nyiK>n rtaxai 
UN 4 ava nn ja^a nho }*po nnn n\ti iVp nnnofj ta"' 1 na^ nn ,m*sp^ iacrn 
y&b imxbn nDa aiyai naa anyn pnn ncaa pia mnnaa naaoa xa-'an -oa m 
nt^yo nntf ,p trna!? ha" 1 t^k *a an ovinia taiab a^pn naca a anoiNni .nsian 
n"an pnin ^aaa mwwa ana ^\m b^n oa nn^n N\ni natan 5 'ai^n 'ra^a nn 1^ 
^a tyian axi .n^an ^aaa a^at^ 'p jnix^a lana jiyoun px^iaa py>a^i b^nn n s ata> f p 
Nn s a nahhi a^abs r aa annc n*an pTin amp a^a^ i"p )nw na^ni a^aks r a nap 
rpa paa n^n n"ni a^abx 'aa nw p wm ahtt tanab a^pn naca a tnaa as* bax 
si"p jw niata a*ap Y'b n*an H aaa ana niabra x^an w^m ^an Nann Nnyo^ai ,w 

1 So MS. 2 MS. obliterated. 3 Figures erased. 4 Blank space in the MS. 
5 So everywhere. 

[II. 4] Bb 


dtd D^Nyow"' rnnsbi aSy nsn^ Ka'en an^x i nvi nap 'di nixo n dts 
6:nn nassai oinri an^x i KW nap 3'y'n ann moyi ann^o n^nn^ anp 
n:cm feprini ta^N n x 1 ^ nap n"a ann mow D^xyDtyn to a^-iyn nna^ 
^3^o i>npai taenn ntyp Tins (win pxn 3m 'ns^oi ny a^xyotrn nsi* iopnn 
D^xyotr' i^o p rbv\ n^y ran iayb 1x31 nmni an^x abiyn nirrn no train 
d*o* payn nT3 noyi iivo3 a^nyn ^n Toyni naao p(6 bna ^n p 103 pp 
nabi trawi nB> ay [m^o^aaN ^01 nans t^q lmnah ' 'on n3^j new ny ann 
ann a^ n.^031 2 ,avn ny nn3^ a^xyoc>\n nn nnNtw d^cit -jx [p]n(tn ^ 
3ny a v m a^ata n nap l^iau^JMODip nn3^ 3 .a^yoc^n n^3 ban ap nr [n]nx 

: ihawtajsoDip nnaba^a w*n rut? p nx naw niync 


wnaa nanb 3"d qb^k 'a .bnob n"o an^x ': ,y"n^ b"m an^x 'n nac 4 
, B [ ] nninb* ,anvo rwwfc x:nri an^x .n'y'n'o nn^ xifiri anbx tanxob 
, n"y laata nn pp nn*sb 3'n'n anbx . btnw p(6 irnnx nxnb xytiTi an^x 
n^Knb 3bpnn ex .Dnaawi '* nbib i"a an^x ,pwn nn paai> n'^V d^k 
.p^sn nn pnn!> xnpriri s^x t nw n^o paw nta^ n^priri s^x .^33 mata 
nwi^ rrin e^x .w nn pab xjnn f\bx .Dnai ho niata n^xn^ xynri s^x 
.ooiocnn nn niata nwtrb ftnri ^k .pm nTini ninot^ x<rin ex .jv niata 
N'^'n n^ .Q^sun n:ios^ 6sB>n ^s .Dinmn nn nn^o n^*^ n^ph ^n 
pnno irotaDip msbob fa'n pj^n .nj^on no^nn^ '^ q^ ,yjj> nn pnni? 
mobn no>nn^> kVp iks* .nip^s* n^ poso g ono n:ios^ r"n p|^ .craun widn 
.a^xyo^n naios ^y3 ooino rn^b oipnn .^33 nio^n no^nnb nvphn .vhsnn 1 
nprnn Y'*n no^nn^ n'3'^ .oomo nn^o^ ionn .b^kjjdwvi nyon nwtrb iynh 
Tvewtk '1 .nnsD3 n\n tbwa 1 r\)bib 'n .nanxo bx-w 03 m^b nYp ,h on'o'in^ 

:;ox . . . t n^rx n nny .^aioniBa ttnmnfy rw ncx 
pnnn nnx hjc> a^B'l nixo ysnxo nnn niobnn n3 s n /yn*^ pna3 nsx pvb 
nxnso ,0'o'n tra^x n nnm ny nxnso ,\m:nn x^i ^xm3xn nmb . . . nibi 
nn^x 'a rwa n\n na^on nnn .x'^c f\bs ib ny nnino ,D / s/n nn^x 'a ib^ ny 

tnnin^ awil ^K naB> x\nc> m^b o^phn 

1 MS. indistinct. 2 By a later hand. 3 By another later hand. 4 Same 
MS., fol. 46 b , by an Italian hand, cursive characters. Margin. MS. pXO. 


nso al>n l [v^]b vnx e|ov p apyna .iba nhx n^ naaa na^a naiaon pnv p 
DVtw mip ahon '[w*] ^ ion tfpw na nan na '[ono] bya spv *a .vax 
.ahun l [w*] ^ ion ano ninx Km run na one neen nt^x i^> rwi moi) 
}d btarra aaiai [ ] b& minx one ns ib d-pxi nnoi f|Dvi> apy nx rrb*\ 
py idd ana stud mam *b xin ^ lot? itj>x "men xtio jd d;i .axeman 
Dapo ivm ana mbm Kin hya ruiaon hyt?D aai .anayb nay pti^a p^a 
tj>ipno moon pw rohoi *n spv sin ana*po tnanao ana aai .paa 
nvaon nnar p jann .xEra pyt!> nn^n hpnoi xann cyip^Di rrwpw .n^aon 
jow"it3 'D*a no nap puidw a^yanx pi tsnona^xa "tarsi naD ana nt>x 

C. MS. Paris, No. 263, fol. 68. 

a^an paiop pa^nn mpn^i wnnb vb Tina J>"t i>^ib pn nann ana 
nay kw nxrn rwn 'am ane> pmn joroi pi mix m^ narana annBtro 
p axi yanxi amxoi s^x nap i^xi 3 dto n"a* ahy 'ann^ uwwnb iapiin 
a^iy ntcnab 66'n a^x 'a nac n\ii wn n^an *aaa n"D n^na xin 'nnana xin 
todm x nann nn man ^aaa a^ac n"i> n!?nae> nxim 'w a"^ rwi a anoix nm 
riDNB' 10a nxo xin w man anruv ny ^n nix^a n^nno *a nbna niyo mm 
nsnan ib* xini rw nxo man *aaa nurau iana pyotsn 'bwtaa pyoen ^n a^oan 
wiai n^nna p yt^in^ on 1^x1 bbn omp nnn 'a rww n^ma p yD'in^ o^a nn 
xvoa p^D3 k xi n^yoc nnnnx ntac p pyoun wat9 p mini cnnnx ^xanxn 
b>jk D^ian troar6 ^n^x^ nr nam B n*aBn niyo ia & nx pnnn papn paa la^x^ 
nx^a px pny ,_ i ann nynh .np^y xh Brnty x^ pat^nn nio^ ^nxvo xh npnon 
nw *3B> n*a ^asa n'a'p vnw cbw nxna^ y'Yn d^s^x 'a na^a xinn mxn nbia 
'yj? nVp n^na b"i bra /_ a nmm '*i ain nynh .n^ai^ "ia^oi nno^ a'a'n nata 
obiyl? x^ ncnoi na^ a"a dx a n^n x^ x^'oa n^na n'b'pa vby noNK> nan -aaa 
vphn nata> kw n^an pin inx i^pn na^ D^iy nxna^ Yd'b>i mb* i naca 
ma^oo^ 8 n"n nac xm udbt6 'iDpnn na^ vm nxrn ruBW xvoa mnoB'b 
moyi oon[n] 7 nxo 7 nnah la^niaiya n*an anna riahn n^a^x a nana .jawon 

1 Erased by a censor. 2 ]\IS. DMin. 3 MS. indistinct ; some abridged formula. 
Dnopnno? 4 MS. ^xnaa. 5 MS. indistinct. 6 MS. indistinct, nn ? 

7 Some letters erased. iaD ? 


0. Another extract. wan an ntaaa x't/n nat^a .pnx jna ii naaa nWi na&a 
nnD^ d''b> 'a n03 .nhnjid [nan pn 21 noaa aVn MB>a .Kinp an -ax 

: . . . d"x l*n ism pw wi 3-1 nuaa tfayb fix&h nata> n\ib> 
y. Fragment from the n?apn 'D (page 78, line 20). JDiyna D^Da Dnc myi 

1 amnn b anyon nxpa t6o nanoo niDtana vrw btnw mfop traio nnNta> 
pw nyap pw my pi *avn pi onjtDi ropnas nxpi anytan swoa (O. ninan) 
D^niw jNDDiam x pKa ninpai nwnan pxi [O. nvi] pn pw did pxi D^y 
n^a> ^ata ?pin rwanw 'dhdi m* dp wp (O. has 4 ) inK nna ny (O. dt^ni) 
i>ai in bnriKo niaan nyn ^yta> lynini tainap p prop in jwn ^non '~6 naD 
(O. peats') * po'aty D"ats> D"xn ba pi D'-oan n^n Drraa ya nta^itaa 1711 icy 
nnanxi nenaini mew pa ^>ai nhnan "em 'na^Dtaaip ny rutcaai npaa ps 
in: ny l 8wraa pxi ns^pDW (O. wdi^di wtaa) Hiatal x^ia ps ^ai 

: . . , m^nni rtavtan ^an nyn ^y nnao p ny laaon 

B. MS. d. 11 2 . 
After the end of the Yosippon 2 , which concludes with the following words, 
httrop tftapn nfcs as^fi s iiDn psn w ,in!>nai '" Dyi cnipn n^y d^bti* )'P nan ny 
|ok W3a mora in^na ?yi icy i>yi wipo ^yi tavi i>yi in*a byi wy !>y oiroi, 

we read 4 the following strange passages, probably by Yerahmeel : Dltt'D jroi 

s^k D!w>a D^aian isdd to tsN pj^n Dwna ioy d^jm epimbwi ^y DTpD 
niso tanani ei^N vn vqk nnn ona awnp djiini . D-aiw naioan qta nKtai D-a^N 
\rv\ t titb* ncnna Nubian ib mann inb>3i lDrrraoi inaiDa a^Bnn "raw 
*T3^ tamro ^s* cj^k d^c hawipn aw top^BM pN nx iaa Ditao^ du^dbdn 
dTia 1!? jnai innaco oy ^ona win fnan ^dv nxi .nitaipo "iN^a jna ib^no 

:n^an roai 
n^y pan N^nn p e|DV sin ,}ima via^ai iob> s^no ras* pan fima p bjdvi 
i>ai 6 DUaoai Dita"i3 nyi cns n^ian abo ^a ins nao miroa D^ai anao 
Dai .D^aiD^'ni 'Dim pipe onai ho naD3 *w* D^aaoni oninn |i mw *a^D 
onw b no^p Dws*TDi*i^ n"\\^v yans* na5> nyi 8 DMaDa ny n-csiao ana 
jiyotyoi janvo nan Dai .csaaon naoo i^bVi ;rax^ DnaD ana Dai .DnaD yanwi 

1 So MS. 2 Seep. xx. 3 Not in the edition. 4 Fol. 197. ! MS. 

laDnp. 6 See p. 185, 1. 15. 


vnnxi .nvnoi B'OP 'a maan an no p *kWi an no mniei .a^ap 'a ] >px an no 
apy an no na tuna npo an "id rnnxi ,*ti a>XF 'a Vic an no na nwp an no 
an no mniei .nsnoi D-ap * rya an no na nnp an no nntn ,wn mb> 'n 
na aioy an -id vnnxi .cap 'n ""no 'n no na pica 'ic^n no na pica wantM 
pica ppna an no 5P vnie on an no p no* an no vnnxi .a^ap n" icapp no 
xno >apj an pie mixa laoieai .noaai nnx pnn xa^o an no mniei .a'op yap 
* pica ppna an no p pica "icn an no p nnic TnDW twin 'a mypa x^ano 
taiiv an no inniei .a^ap 'n pxa 'turwa an no p pica ^n an no mniei ,dw 
na nWM xbi x^anoa xn^o n^Tx vnnxi .cat!' '? pxa bst^o an p pxa 
pica n\n n!> mnw .D^a^ a" 11 \sanoa an no p apy^ 2 an -10^ lao vnnxi ,^an 
ann mn xh ^xm mn anixi apy an na jna aio av an no^> leva nin '^obi nxn 

:o*ap 'n pan 
Page 40, line 15: vnnxi .n'a'n nap mica noaai pica nmm an no vnnxi 
.r'o'n napa noaai pi? pa irk |aan mxi pica njyao an no nosj n'b'n napa 
an no vnnxi .0'0'n nap pxna wn a^ap 'a 'icaaa an no na no* an no vnnxi 
vona^x vnnxi .n'a'n napa noaai <xm n^ap pon pica nnim ann mna pica maan 
pica npao 'n'01 riiean jo i6ie nin pan *aa xh {nan pjdv an no na pnie an no 
xnam xi?x xaiax pica nna niaixa^ nxn mn xh xna^noa xan 8 nnina maoo mn 
nxo yr mm pnic an no n^y pspi np^o ann nna iaox nie anoy an noi? nin 
no na mona an no n^y a^a p nnxi ,mop^> ^>rxi a"x anoy an no ma*D ^nm 
an no jo pan lpma xbi ma^o spy mn. pnic an noi n^op awn nna pvx |na an 
lanaxi n^ona no 'op^ pan nvpo mn icYn nac^ mDa pnic an no noe> nnsi ,pnic 
n"a as xan^y xinna wim mop^ ica^ric ich n^o^y wvic n^ xa^n x^"aa pani 
iaaa "xrb xa^oDi niaixaa xaa^onDx /y/n na^ai .nosa^ ly niaisa xa^ap xh pn 
na^ai pn n^a niaxa ^xn laanx T^no^x nYn na^ai 4 j cae' ^aty niyty p ]^i n^a niaxa 
."n^b imata ^a^ bba 3 T v ty natr *ntj>na xnn^ wanic noaai .maixaa noDa iVb' 
^xio^* laanx nysii nap 5 n'^> inia^o *ap ^a p^aa ''icn laanx noaa o'oV nac>ai 
b'i> pxa pan btcio^ laanx laa noaai ,n'a% nap ax tnna ^aan haanx p pan 

: . . . n'o'p nap i^Da pnn ^an 

1 MS. -"B". 2 MS. no. 3 So MS. 4 Here begins an extract from 

another source. Dr. Harkavy writes : Ibn-Nagdila? (Samuel the Nagid). c See 
p. 67, where the figures differ. 6 Evidently a slip of the pen. 


mnw .mw nn io vnnxi .pnmnmo^ inrm xpa< no nasat^ ny xnm^ Dno iai>m 
[wide* an no n^o mnxi .D^om ?^x na^n ''tuno nan jpt mm epv nn no 
naioti nn nn tuna nnoa nn no "j^o mnxi ,u"a pjbs natrn npm no nn no nn 
mn myot? <niM non [btpB*] pt6 nnny jo xnx nn n^y mm ,mn nxnan |D1 
an no [vnnxi] .Kara wrote nn no mnxi ,onni> p^d Tn^y (h rrnans nai 
nn twan an no 'nntfl .wnm no bw imx t*im n"y ex naeo jona no nn \snn 
nmnx nidi n"D na^n sns nn no ja xn^o an no mnw .n"y na:rn menpo no 
pan "'Op mm #w 'wins an no nn 'tor ^y Nroi^an kmm wmnn nn *tuint33i> 
"tu^an nn no mnxi .*uns> nnno vnnxi ,n"s nacn xnx nn no vnnxi ,w nonn 
prw nn no nn *6n win nn no vnnxi ,a"x naao pxa onnnx no nn pxa tuna 
tt"v na^a vnnxi .^o^oo ;o 'omo nainni am ?yn xna*o^> lapn r-ooi i"x na^n 

:bjdv no nn nt:>ao nn no 

Page 36, line 17 seqq.: 't&n nn no ,&w 'n mpD nnao [xa^an] nn no vnnxi 
nn no vnnx[i] ,nats> n"" 1 mpa nna }nan npy* nn no vnnxi ,nats> n"* cnao n 
n nn no vnnx[i] ,mn no'-ox bv van ^no xnnn did h? nnanp pi nap n"< tom 
no na wim an no vnnxi .nap wi mnxn uns an no vnntn .ca^ 'n nips nnao |nan 
vnnxi .nvnoi dw 'a mntm no nn n?n nwo nn no vnnxi .nvnoi d"3b> 'a jona nn 
Nam nn no oy mn Kim nvnoi bw ' nmp nnao xnx nn no nn *An iao ^nn no 
ion p^xi ^btao jo nninni? iapntJ>a xmnn did >aitu rwso nn noi *6n nn noi 
T"p na^n xnx nn no p myc* an no xmnn did *aixa }o omnnsi :m nxo 
pN3 Nana an no mntn .o^p nat^a *n^w 10 n^ an no nn vpv nn no vnnsn 
nn non nna vns *n pto ^ovax an no nnw .if^p nat^a pxa tuan nn no nn 
vnnsi . 2 n'n'p nac>n tax nn non ma idv nn no vnnxi ,n'n r p na^n ptu Dnnnx 
oVp na^a jan ejov an no vnnxi .T'n'p napa xn^nt^ nn no nn [onnnx] nn no 
io^d no a'a'p naea vnnxi .mm nn no nn pmr no n'o'p na^a mnnai ,D>acy '1 
D^nn [iw] "rtenwo nn no nn Nana ''xnx nn no mnai .nay i" 11 ^nx nn in 
no a'D'p na^a vnnxi .d"p natsa ^ox no [nn] nan nn no mnxi .o'd'p na^n 
mn nn no nn "xn nn no x"n naca mnxi .px: no^D nn no nn pxa no* nn 

:-vni wstf 'r n"x 

Page 39, line 6 : nxo nn nn *t6m nn no D^aixa monoa moy D^ac nxo i^xm 
na pro nn no mnnai ,D Y'< ^nnno no nn fnnn apjn nn no vnnxi .D^ar* 'ta 

So MS. 2 MS. nnp. 3 MS. nc-cno. 



A. From a MS. in Damascus. 
a. Sherira's Responsum. Pages 33, last line; 34, 1. 5 seqq. : D^Dna "J7D ntil 

pn xai D^am vpi KniDa nwc an in noi .na^n nx i6r6 Ionian ^y ic? twit 
tomr 10 tpta tetjri nJtra .rntan n^oan:i lan^o rvan -j^on ns y!>ai ovn wo 
itrui rrm 2 nnnr Di"n mi pan ^>a nrynrii ohyn nfcru 1 nxw nn\n ova 121 
"en .dv ^ noyi ypnn trx nicy ntoai no no iddj aopn rwrn . 3 orn D'aaian 

: . . . no-ox wan vidnivk kbbti n:t?a naoa nDD an 

Line 1 3 seqq. : *0V T\ *]^>D innxi K3T| nnn JH HDD nn a^at? ihi'h ftWl 
ttaua "xninD jnn laatPi mo^nn nriDj vrin nj^a .nxmn t>d rkti noaj \movai 

: . . . anw n^Ni nioyio 

Pa ge 35, line 4 seqq. : .wpuwra pn m "j?o prin rwa D^Dna niai> sp D 3 
an -id p no an xniDa mn vCai .imh ^n an no jn uapr no an no mnxi 
mma "-no won an no n^o inin no an nn nn n nnxi .riprin nj^n jiw toin 
ninocy pjoi? riprin na^a apm ttytm nw i^yo tsna^ wm ytsnn yjico mn Dmoai 
roea rrm F5o any jd 2 jKnip^N *aa jo *any*>K rbbm nas'y p 4 [nono] xow Kim 
aian juo Njxn an noi w^n an xnion mn jot iniNai ,awi niKO '3 d^n '1 
jo prw an N\*n 3^*0 'ax J3 ny nBoap ny rwaa mm? Kim pn* an noi Knm 
kk bj^n Dwri nyt? nniK3 nnK> nrnaa mm wa nx >[;]3pm mxnp^> ni3KB> rrva 
nn^ ro^a upnp K3xn nn na no [ijnnxi ,nia> a^a n3D3 a^ND us ja ny j^api bmwn 
.xa^nn nn mstnpio mnnoin by annn kjw an no xniD3 mn roni .nni?x^> oa 
vnnxi .jiM3 n^m pjdi^ no ja no win an -10 smna Diaa[i] . h ndu nn no mnnai 
n:cn n^oni nn jn wintta nn no vnnsi ,^nn nn no vnnxi .jv^oo Nn nn no 
. 2 nnn*mon jinn by nnxo sjpnsi n^j n s nnn jnno mm xpr nn non jw n^^i ^k 

1 So MS. nyir. 2 So MS. 3 See pp. 45, 177, and 183. 4 Erased. 

a a 2 

: 'DM ofo 11D * 1 86 

aianp .rot? 'x np .onjnn r, i d*jb> 'i lama .a^air 'a awniba .Dnsnn 'i dib<pb .own 'u 

Zb D^P 121X3 nBtPIp ,D<JB> if* laN'B'DaD ,BW '3 UMTtBttOT .DW '3 Bia^EB 

n"a WBaBtyip .aw a"' ib*d3d .cat? r"' 1 aia^pib .a^p B"* weeae .v"ta a*ap wn*3D 
if^ tfap inx woJDDip ,'b bw niabon na e^pni xa^atacip naav waaBDip .nap 
pba ,m a" 11 Dum&i.twin'n Dutrap .tMP'a nbnbpibn Diawbv ( w a"* 1 dddip 

131J Bia^ba ,D>aB> 'l BiaX^ttbai Diawna .B\nn ',71 B^C a"" 1 VTIX OOMNnlxXl 

i"b ww j3 vanin ay nan ibo -inx .a^ap a"" 1 wibwi mpna .i"< ranum 
'i Biax^ano .aw D"a Biax^aba ,nat? ^'a nab "jbo npnx p vDimn "ins ,bjb 
,'n B'op Dmao ,'a D*ae> Biamxn ,'n cranm nat^ 'x bibux .cenn 'm a^t? 
t"> a^ac pw .nap 'x ma* 'i D'ac wauaaN .T"* bw jtap pxbi bina pxb 
bna dimww /b a^at? bna dwbdv ,'n onynm i"a d3b> bix^bbb^x ,'3 awrn 
emb> n">yxn dwbbv .awBaBanpa iraiD ba^n na3 sin BiawBBi* "n ,B"b Bae> 
N"a b*3? i*pn3 ,'3 aw '? a^ 11*30 >bD\xa amsiaaib iDaaa woa x"" 1 
natton bd3*bbip /a a^ac Biab*pn .K"b a^ac vbp-px ,'n aw ppia /a b^i 
laa waaBKnp / ctrin B^pnx p i3"D3BBip .cac fa D^onp \xa noi bdbip 
ip^ba /1 bw Biax^DBV ," B*air nbycbp binan 'bbip p wb3bbip .n"a n-ac 
px^b /3 a^ Biwnnii ip^ba /x nae> vonin /a D^at^ vauaax /a B*ats> diwtiii 
ib npK> nya cacnb mso nxia px^ .lY'b a^a^ s(Tijn ^taaDDip .fa d^b> iid^k 
/1 a^ty ia"DataDip ,'n ca^ px'-b .a^ac i"b ncn 'D^anx ^^ itaau^aa X3 "jten 
Kin b'CDi ,,, ana b^wb anaa^'xn ibnn mya .ids wk ay inx la-Da^Dip 
vvxiid^x /o a^c amaipy ,'n a-a^ nabo 3 idx mab "a^x /1 a-ay ibw 
miay b^ nms Dim r r a s a^ ib px^ /a ffap d^d^d ma bxa> /a trm laa ay 
/b a"aty i^d "inx biO*B .imain inx x^a amaipy i^trni xa^ataaip bv nnr 
-inx bx3"o .a"" 1 a-ai? bxa^ p ii)*awn .x^p^di conpa a''bxycc" , m nyai 
mxa ^aa .3'^ a s a^ nnnx nb ix nna .'^ /,,, a^a^ ibni dib^j mania naiaran 
imaDabxi px^ /b a^ac W3 maaabsi ix^ ay inxi ,k'^ a^a^ nab aia'cionr 
vax ay ibi vax D^bon 'a a^aty nxbca ix^b p iBwmania la^aaDDip .i"a a^ac 
ma-aan nc np laoin ncx a^a )td niabon brai a-a^ 'n *]bci vax nrai ,d3b> 'n 
iDp vinxi .D^ac 'a la-taataDip p iaon .r^vvinx nbci iaoin nrai r"a icy ibrai 
niabas wv nrm xm nny nam bdx x-^ai -\)2v: an^by aasai a^aapn vaa 

:nac r n avn xa^taa^aaip 

1 Ori^a. 2 So MS. 3 MS. nox. 


: [wi ^ho tid] : 

caio unp tfoan papn ^sb bin nann cap Dnai ho^j caio coin na^oo p> 
pno inx ,nw n"ta nxanaiaa n^a .cnpi cpn Dish niah rap cynp ^aa^> 
MnovrmiM^ Y^ propn&6 /n ptoS pm? .cyap nn 'a nspi>a .cap a"a ua 

rcapi cpcn nn 'wi nbtaa mm rra 'nan nnx pvyi!? .a"i> 
cap jwaa .run' 'b p-na ,rap 'b nxaTaiaa nnw pao camp CDin naDa c 1 ^ax 
,nr ' jpnmx .a"" 1 pm /d nd Dennis* .nap x"a jpnp ,\"? cap pvh ,'ta 
tanai ma baa *ata ran ny map '1 m .rap 'a na^onx .nap i"a nnx jennvnt 
^^ns .nap n"i? wb^h&b .nap ' ltfwWi ,nap 'n maDaiw :)V WO 
,&"a win .nap n"b mons&B .nac Y'a |aa*a .cap t^ mow^B .nap i"a 
:nap 'a pntaavKN .'$> pdw*tk .cap 'n ^n /' maca^a .r^ moa 
ny ppton dibduk maioaiBpw .cap 'n pPtnn ncp din^v : ''Em WQ 
DW a"a inco iy Dwa^D .n" 1 ' cap Dynamo nyi [1^] ihoo ,a"c cap *[*] 
.cap i"" 1 onh^p ,'r cci '> cpnm o^ap 'a ovisa ,'n D^ap mnw ny mnnoo 
en 'n ctnn vtora /a cpnn ovsp^ ,'r cpnn aaba ,'r cpnm o^ap a"* jnu 
Y'ta cap dunto /a cm Pini 'a o^ap ccta /r cci 'a cap catena ,nnx 
DutrriM .d*d i"bi cpnn 'm cap d" s Diawanta /n co cpnn 'm nap 'k wva 
n"* 1 owaioaN .nap a"a wkwimk *npri wbiP3M /a d^ci D^pnn 'n nap N"a 
duk 1 ^ .D^nn '1 Dvafo .nap a'^ anoip dw^n .D^pnn 'rn D^ap ^ ovpib .nap 
.twin 'ai m '1 n^pmp Dva^aax .D-'pnn 'ai dup i^b Dn^ano .o^pnn r a 
'm d\3p a ,/ '' maoa^N .D^pnn 'm DUP r a vaitaaN* .D'-pnn 'ai 's nap ia^po 
va^fiM .dup 7 a u*ti*w .D^pnn r a wa^ai dun^s .D^ap 'i ws^coata .D^pm 

jotq naiPNia iabo i^n :cap fi vsba 
Diax^ai DunrAa .D^ap a'^ vbta .cpnn 'ai 'n nap -ji> onvai? ppsn xin DWpH 
D-a^ 'n oiasn^a .d^' t'^ Drna^^p .rap 's ovnis^p .cap '> voiddib .D^ap To iaa 

1 The words in [ ] are effaced or erased in the MS. 
[II. 4.] A a 

: OWIOM OWJ1 TTD1 "nD^Jin 3T1 : 184 

u*m .pat? jwb anp xnamo cn b>n ai jnai .pan x^ pjni xpia 1 * in i^bm 
wai wpn pani *b>n am Nina xmnoi vk an nop mine noc 'oa pnotn 
an fvai pas? pn^na n^ia xno^n iino im ion Mna'ns a" 11 nba i>aa *Mnb 
xnoa nnna itai .r&trri natya a^ci .nnno 'a ini> iin pap prwfc anp i^o -j-x 
aatl'ri naca .dv 'b ioyi ypia b>n iiidjj Nsoai aoc'n natja Men ib an x^Dno 
mi xioc ^sai xain ai ia jona an FjDxa aDB>n natra .nhan trxi xain an PpN3 
rwa a^atn ^'x an na no xim waa an x^noa ibw ,mnata ^ltaab ' in:ir 
na Nain annai xan nna nod an spNa aairri nam .Dmsan dv *Noa dxbti 
listen D3tJ>a ainai .nKBDin nai nnnai .matai> Dnw liDoai r6ia trxi Nitw no 
v^Daa a''* 1 xin xaca 'nai .d^dis pia nvrb cmvr ^>y nrai memo '-na lonni 
kw p^Nai .no^nn nnDai Nam an nna nxnn epD xa'-ai ,c|dn3 x'riri naeo 
xnnaoiD jo Dial nnnai .iwn na^a a^aci ^na ^ao xn^aa ai xnnaoisa 1:60 
nio^ pya .fa^n nat^a D*aBn 'Dim ai ^noi rvxi idw ail .irifi naca aoci 

: 2 mair irai 

D^yn iy ox^ai cyn yrbn: nx iiai tP nx njwin * 

1 MS. maroH. 2 MS. nan. 

1 83 * cr*mo*n own "ncn TiD^nn an * 

pxa pnv *an 3a ww am wai /iai whom no^na tann mn win an :'ia 
nxoi jxnana Bnaona mi nna wm ddx 'n inn mm wan n inn btrw 
win an naaw dn an t^di .wiw nna mnna nipta 'm pnv 'n tobm p'p'n 
mm .mop mTo^m Kmnnoiaa nmm 'm ion 'an 1,^01 .nx^'a ao mm xaio 
irons' xh Rjpnwi pan Dy xnnoai *hWa jona am .tfpnfc^ win /m \b nnno 
win pru 21 x nan noaan .mn nmt uaa n^n win 'm mop!? i^y mm 
-j^ni mn win ani? nan xnan am .#DfiB xnoi? ainp win an ^ wtom .pan 
na jona an vnnKi .n'n'n natsa win an aotPi .nan^n B>xn mix wjn xniD^> 
ini?iai pat? pin mnna nmm an mm win an na nan innxi .x^-in natya apy 
rutia apjp na }ona an mnxi n'n'n nat?a xnon am .Krvnaoiai? mop!? mx pan 
-aona na nan vnnxi jinn naaa cjdwi xmoa win an na nan mnxi .x^nn 
Nmaoiaa as vnnxi .forni nataa xnnaoiaa spv an mnxi .nonn natya xnnaoiaa 
Dw Y^ ita xim abnri nacra xnnoa xan mnxi ,w Y' 11 n^o "am o'n'n n^a 
fbnn natsa xmnaoiaa prw na jona an vnnxi ,xaa an hs> vaa ianna ova m 
.troob amp tjnaa mp o^ -j^o xmi ianri nr^a xaa an mnxi ,uw *i i?o xmi 
nrj'a Men xnnaoiaa mar an mnxi .lianri natra a^i xynnnaa xon an mnxi 
wna an mnxi .anan mnxi .oihn nat?a awi xynnnao on an vnnxi Mf\f\ 
nyrjnrai abiya nhna njw nn\n ova iai iac-fi aasyi xnon no vnnxi .aatrn nac>a 

:i?Vn na^a a^a^i warn mna xnx an vnnxi .pxn 
x-ano xnob 'ns* mm sniDa |iw ^m an mn xaa an nna pae> p^s* inbiaai 
Nnn^ai" xnxjpn noa nayi .pani^na pnosna n-mi an "an xnc-'^a 13I? nnnai 
Nnni>a c^nn xbv-b nmcn "'ynnnaai xmba vtH? x!?x pnn xi^n p^rn mi? yapi 
xni^a c^n mm jna na wim .inbnai mnin nbbji a^aio Kim ^xin miaa 
inant^i ^x an^ n>b pa^a iin nnna 11m xnon noi nonoi /or nana 
/iai 'n niO"D noiN "ax fjx xann nna xnx an noxn x^ono xnoa pn^an^ 
^m ^an lapn^xn p-ai ^x an^ mi> epa mn fp^o |na na win mn xm 
1^ nJ naca jon i?yo^> xnnaoian xniicxn panv 11m x^ono xnoa xni^a 
n^oa xh nnn nn^o^ xnnb jwni xan lyap^xi .xnn^a ^m xbn xinn 
"nnn pmn x^x xani "axi ejov am nam min 1 ' ann "a^a x^oa^x na p nna 
mn na xn^ ban .nann vbl x"Dno xno^ ni? nay -ex an noxn iam .xna^no 
pan xn^o nanai .xnnaoian jaam xnn^n n^op^ pbrx x^an yapn xmb t;n 
i6) x"Dno xnoa nx^a -an pn^iao n-n^x x^ xn^m -.^ jnxo vmyw iv 

: D**mON"l OWJ1 TID1 TlD^/in Oil : 182 

p.maa '.max nna na an nna wn vmiabn ^y nan yioc p nry^s* '1 bxN nmn 
^ain nsa bn apy^ 'ii mi,T na *dv 'm h dv 12 tayeB* 'n paa .n-oann jniK ^ 
dsn 'ii NEn p wan 'm baao n^>yc K^n 'n paa coan onnx pan n^ni 
tow mn 'n nnai : bttnwz nann nmn ran jn fn 'n be> vaa pyot? 'm beta pm 
mm bsin pn nw 'n jiaa Nan pan ,n"a iwtaa 'm pyot? 'm jnav 'n paa onn pa ^xan 
'm mm^n mm am .nnn w 'm wan 'n paa tnwm 'Nan pantn jkon "oa xax 
nan mnaa pncNi /iai tenw mn na xamna pnv 'n neta Kn 'm 'nn rrncai 
am nan na na nam vbw 'm ^nibb* paa mnba NmDK pam :a^si Kin &un an 
wan 'm w 'nn nnai .wpT max na nam nanx na snx an DaiDa nm^ai .sop nana 
KyetPl pmyB> ninn nryiw 'm n^ p snsnm 'm Bpi> b*ti pnv /n ,onn 
pona an pmm nnai :N&*aa nn ^aaa ncan 'an i^axi 3aaa bNioen am 
pnnai pp^o vim 'annx pam 3aaa nw am anon am Nam am nmm am 
'm max 'm rmv 'm xnn 'm pmp 'm n^aicxn T,an nna mm xaa 'n paa 
byn natra bzib an mna 'am wai :xam "as 'an nnai /as ['m] wan 
mnn&6 ybp^x an janoxn pana Rjpn k^p 'n Nan mm .ma to^am pv paob 
mnanxi 3siDtii an nn n^cp 'm rwaa na nai KmDa .mby op n^b> 'm 
iwetria an nb^p mm m^y Ntsm 'mom mop uiniN^ ^ata^N ah ^tenx^ an 
/iai pn yi^ ai ly^p^N "ov 'ti bsiccn an nanoa ''man N\nn a .man d^c 
Nnam^ pnnn\si nninn aipci n^nan s*m Njnnnaa bwoe6 an n^pac *an nvj-ra 
r n y'xn sm^D wn npn^Ni N^no xn N 4,, npn NniD s\m nmn n-a n\s mn sin 
pam Dn^o^n ^aai .Nanx xas* n^ nox ^aaa Nimo B>n js -an na xasi? pn^ 
NniDa nm .naa mm xynnnaa nn .^aaa D^ma pam ^na 'a 11m n"a yapi nmn 
irn nn D^pn^i t oa nbia-na r iai hanna p^ana 16 i'NiotJ' noxn ia^m .an n^yapn 
mm D^a^ ya^ mnna mmn^ ^itoc> anai naph naa*a an a^aci :nnn ^siocn an 
t rt6 'ym nnn pTiK pnn mmi^ Nanyon xnnp\s* op an ninn nnai .xna^no nn 
'n ,ia^an nnp^ pnv /m \ ana mn ann maB s nma 'anoNi btsmw nwb pn mnnai 
an nn^^n 11m .napn naca ^sioc aoBn :nnms ^r\s mp\x baa an ^ n^ 
Nam an ^o ^nioc nnai n^eo ntw am Nnnamaa nmm am xynnnaa jcna 
pan ntaao 'a nimra "om ye>a 'noKi .nannnmn pani ruw '0 ns^ca n^ao mm 

1 Perhaps N^aan. 

i S i : mmDW CWOfl TTD1 TID^/in Oil * 

.spD jn: 'm '-> ,i:n pw jam i'N^oa pro .a'a'c pii .^oa pii .pyB* pm 

: D\s:nn 
'i n'eS>n .^aaa f-Kietn 3-1 .^nib* pK3 p'p!' Pro pnv 'n jdwibk n^nn 
nas /_ i rjrmnw .W3K '"11 hs> taminsi roy^s* ro ii? p ww ro B^'pfc 'i pnv 
ntaei" .pru 3*11 irw an *dk am Kana 3-11 win 3-1 >kidb>i 3-1*1 rocta : lk DK ro 
tarmnMi .nam M as onnns^ ."idv 311 nan die mack .nw am NiDn an did 
311 \sn 31 DnnriNi ,Ka k an vk an rannnKi ,ytj>im am mia Kain 311 km ai 
:nmTS>n vn D'onnKm 11m in i>aa iw ra'cann iid i? nn ,KaiD 
ins^i n*an puna mm ono bav war p pnv m .w rvaa vn i>S>m kb> 
fanv ^aio i^ap tataa '11 xww ro iry^K ai :naB> ' mini nuns* yap pin 
i^xd 'i jyw ro iry^K '10 tap Z i-Kjw 'm X3^py '11 psita ro :*Kar p 
N3^y 'm nam 'io ibp pyoty '11 yioB> p i?yi>K ro mcna ro 'dv ro rrnn* ro 
Kisp i3i "i"a 'yep ro N"n f ~\ : iroam mK 'no tap jna ro an : tap&e* 'm 

:d'sann -pD ^ nn ,*aio tap wan ro 
Kn^-ia i*a :mron *n^w enisjoa mso '1 diein onnK bi .jna 'i nroa*K b* S>a 
: nmoa rota motaa nta ppita pK&> Kmroi tai ,nma nata pK iiotaa nta pphw 
vn k$>i ata Dyrcna -j^ki jKao ,vn na&>n mo niKD bb> fptn bta iyi ['i] ni'o 
jid vn Dm naK* nicy nnxi niND ^c jna '11 *ai iyi 5>f>no : dud ncc n^n ta'aie? 
vn om nac D"nso xvaii nwt 31 iyi ano :nsima ^nnn 31 wai :row3 
rww Na^py 'i ^c 133 Kin imp p ycin 11 'i .*nii3d pat Drvinxi :ntnvi *iid 
nrnn* 'i is -Ny^s* p mim 'i in noi p rw 'i ik inx T<Dna ncyo i>a :mp 
pycc 'i Kin DnD pyoti' 'i ^3 : maan p y*yim r i Kin dhd ycin 1 ' 'i ^a : N33 p 
mw 'i Kin ono mim *ai joiapun p irybs* 'i sin DnD iry^N 'i pnv p 
timpn ivai bv vax un mn Kin N3 k py 'i D'a .imc i-N^oa pi pNy^s' i /r a 
'i sin DnD xie:q iry^s* 'i :yiDC p iry^N* r i sin ono nattfoa irybs* 'i ba 
aib Tobn mn Kim i>Kprm 13 mim r i Kin DnD mw 31 mna p iry^K 
jD^ac d"p piinn yai) D^s'jn vn ,K3ii ^aK DnD m^n3C K k B>p ^3 :^niob'i 
u^rwa 'i ioki .D'oann jniK '1 c^ci rnina laa impn ia k a*i ^ia a'aV pi wsi 
mo^ ^na^ica ai idni ma pnao 3 'anoi ibm yipna |iyB' *i bsK nun pnoi> 

1 MS. D1 k . 2 Marg. j"d y^^K p W^' 'l W1 b"3. 3 MS. k anT. 

:pnv 'na mbn pnv 'm taieta* :pnv 'na naf>n pnv 'm an twanB "ana na^n 
maiy$> phnn xnn .^'na nabnn n^no -n pnv 'na na!>n pnv 'm wpb p pyP '1 
ayo! imb nan va by vaaa pbncn pbrw ta>"a Ki^ni .woa^ pinnna nixam 
^la"- wk 3xn imo nnxb ta3b vaaa anian rwrhv .maan dm onb nvj'm nnxb 
|om ana xnabn j^na baiB^ai Kmawa ana xnabn :pb paina ant? 'aao maab 
*|dv 'ti p^o nan :ioin ana nabn xnan am win an jma'xa ntats> anai ana 
nabm nip ^i?na na ,xana nabn Nam "as :mmai paty anao na .nana nabn 
ana : van 'n natya ana : wana nabn x^ani b>n an s *abo |a ny ,*3K3 
'm xa^x inhai .pyaty 'n naa ana :nmm 'n xna"a ana :mna 'n xn^na 
wiaD epa {Warn ^s an nxmn epa :ma 'm an nae>a spa : tanao -pra^ai .xa-'py 
pan X3\xn navi nabn wbai wba a^oan naxp bYn : xawa an noi ra an -id 

nmaa nabn ap*i *nna 
abiai nnaa^aax nyi naaa xa^py 'nb ib wi a^mobn nm n-^y b*jb> pan un 
bvx xata* ny aata> ahyn n\m .mb n? maa lana xba> aao nnxy nyi naao ino 
yot' p nrybx 'm pyap 'm *av 'm nmm 'm mxa 'n anb nxatan annate Ionian 
'n maaai pnhaa nnnai 'aa mnm maa mn mxa 'm ,nyta> nnixa mmayn am 
maaa nnni xa^py "n nna ir\xwb xaa p n*nn* 'n ina^aDDi ,\xin p^n aYx a*py 
idb> xaa p min^ 7 m am^ ^xn mix niai ana an nox nmn^ 'n -isxn .n^xo '~h 
"DV 'm nnirv r m txo 'n a^pr 'n ae> inai /iai niDjp ^1 i^a xm x^D^xa' 
*i nx xni x^D'ptti .rrera 'n *ix ^di?d xnx am .yioty p nry^x 'm pyca- r m 
n*3ED H2'pv r n '^pai nyiu x^x irx 13DD xa^py '"> n^ n^xro 'n noixn b pnv 
a'aV pn mm nn pnroi : mbpi X33 p mw 'n rfaoo nnni p^ ninn mbap xh 
: nvmn ^aa a>nDDn3 nnn aan mn tnb s ani ,Y'a 3x mm ban ;nj r n nby Knyj 
p yanm 'n pwi ,npna p pnv 'n ^ wa W^ 'n |iaa a^na a^oan nsa m 
pyDB> na nry!?x r ni rnw p pyoB' r ni nmm p nry^x r n .nnnn nmn wan[n]i nmp 
B>nn p tfnD "11 aspn p nnat 'm nna 'm xn^na 'm [on] naa r^x apjr 'm 
xa>an 'm nry^x p pj?DB> 'm aiaoiai m^ai pan xaxi Dnaa p pm mom p nry^xi 
p ^a^xi xDn p apy* 'm n^x^ p anaa 'm ^xnn p nry^x r m bi^bix p nmm 7 m 
ooam ^arMPM p pixn 'm napn p nry^x ^m aat^ r ni \xa^n p nmm 'ni nmm 
1^X1 ^xncn nnin )'Tm nhna noa3[o] nw P^n pyca* a^oan n^nn :Qnvyv 
^xna ,mnna p yanm .pnv p pjbv .nryv p ppv .aiaa^aax ,m nnx nr vnnx 
/Kotan bbn vnnxi .jv^aaxi myo^ .naa' p pyoun ^30 p nmm .^ansn 


> l [mniDKi own nnDi nio^nn *rm] * 

Non icwi nam bs timb can .ran 1 .tit!? tit .rrarvK xaw a\n b 
x-iDrra niDn wkt ua*n ba :toan tfoan nnix ^oini nation by nn xnDDin 
lrnapn napca anaa t&i ^wrn nc^ natpc^ *nn pi napon p sin ion ynp am 

nK nDN3 MB^ DlpO b {tfopfc NJ1DOT ,K"IOin5> NIID^T ,ip>n : K1D33 D'D3n 

"idi an ba .bxx" pno 'an ba pa'DD nvnb mbn ,fra tiow mow noai 
'na rvbn ma ja pnv 'm io<py 'n :xa^py 'na nabn pa-ita ,_ n sapy '"> j^aao 
rrao pn &n rvaa nabn 2 &n rvai wd* rra trans xa^py 'na nai?n iwpy 
T\yv\rh bbn n^a nme> ntpo i>ai ,*W3B> n^aa naW rvari nx pnaao new kob> 
pyet? pna nabn a'a'p pi oy D^ia pyw 'm rnw 'm Txe 'm 'an :wx> rvaa 
'"i ,w 'na na5>.n mw 'm w 'n ,w 'na nabn w 'm -rxe *i tWea fa 
'm mora 'm -irybx 'n trane w 'na nabn ,w '12 nabn pyoc 'm idv 
nnx vi>y pbnap x"n nea /dv 'na na^n 'ov '1 ny ipbna^ apy* p nry^N 
tpyep 'na nabn pyep 'm nwe 'n :^eana nabn Dean vby lpbna nx bin 
mw 'n : rvena 'na nabn n^m 'm mw /_ i : pyep 'na nzbn pyety 'm nw 'n 
an : rrw 'is nai>n xTirv 'ni "vxe 'n : apjp p nryta 'na nabn apy* p -irybx '-n 
^NyeB* '"ii an : ^ana rabn mw na ^di*' 'm >an : "aia nai?n pyoK' p nryiw /_ n 
pyos? 't >nn jyaKa nabn vax dibd bxyD^ 'n nx bax .'ana nabn *dv /_ ia 
nmoa rb^n np^no mbi nry^N p pyoty 'n nNt? DipD i>ai ,*ar\a nabn nrybx p 

1 In the MS., fol. 163b, after No. I. B (p. 41). The words in [ ] are not in the 
MS. Most of them are to be found in Filipowski's edition. 2 MS. bb^n ."DP 


Z 2 

: D^niDtfi o**un ttdi NBit cbty "no : 1 78 

am KPa mi n^yc6 cnaran on ^niaD pan DnnnNi .nxnin epo wi cm naty 
iapn tch ota bwmrvi D"nns % nyn by la^a n^i is-dih t6i wiaD pD wi s'^oid 
.xnsD an inns .tcaon an vnns* .win an wan nn .pnoa nan barw D"pna 
twan nsafl .twan an vnn .no an vnnx /oinn an vnnx /x^an na Nnx an 
J a3C n"an janir6 nan nat?a pn* an ^ voai prw an rnnxi ,mn na ta 
no idbv nns nwi .rrcnM in^oi tana* ps*i? ^>aao bnu i>a inna w3i 
saK> ny ^aaa nawn nania mn nnDai .sanDia ^ 12a Nim '"Na nans* B>tn Nitair 
moan ^so asp Kirn V'\ troiwna hna oan rroi wm .i?*t |ia *nvr an no 
onx 33 onnan ?y "pooh ona pj6 niaivp nia^m niyiop nn^ni ntana niatan 
np vnnNi .\sainoa an xnmn .ptf>na an v[n]ns*i .mnaDo^ cnnD^ pp^DD pB> 
bYr mw 'n pi :ntPB wan vnnxi .no* an vnnxi /nod\x an vnnxi .Dih? 
,?aa naw wn nny ww "Nmnp wan ^ vax Nnavio tyn waan pnif 'n h? iaa 
*a Saaa row B>sn naona ab w xn an 3 nnxi .iaa N.n an rr &onp an 3 nnxi 
'am x"< mn an iaai ,m nao xim csn nny Nintr mprn 'an 10^1 mb cxn dk 
Nim .n^D t^iy ^y naaia^ d\i$>k anipn n<y thwv row wn rnw na no^ 
na^ai .nan jamn^ nypnn nassai ,nn^ r'n'm vzbx 'n na^a nny row B*n 

: 4 ^>xa i"oa nrwDpb ia^i e^K 

1 So MS. 2 MS. Nnnti\ s MS. vnnsi. 4 Blank of several lines. Next 

folio begins No. VI. 

iyj : dwiidni nmn Troi kbit D^y tid * 

D'rj' n"n Kjmnaa nmc an an*3i .Njnnnaa nniB" ataman vn an win am 
nae>a "3B31 mat? 'i nrw ^nic mnN amai .nrrop p*aei> *pn row ntaaai 
,mw *|in nnp S>niidb> b|dm90 ny panm ^co reiw*a Nynnna nana nmm .xapri 

:nv 'n rrn ;cr mixni .pn na^a nniN annm ^av^ia toam nya na hob* Nai 
nap fanv 'n amp B*pfc pn *|Moi y?h naya epxai nnnp adnata mm btow pta 
lryi tfono Nni> Nnan an i^m .mans? "W icyi Nnan am sain an id nnsi .nnx 
Nam an cpxai xynnaa sain an[n] Nnamci .a^ap 2 'r [an] ma naai* row* wn iniN 
an 'na nan mron .s&nfi naspa jona an mran .ann natra Nnan am ,nin na^a 
nat?a v\dv an mron .n6nji na^a *aona nn nan vnnsi .ainri nae>a cjDKai sain 
nnsi Janri naira wan na sjdv ann mna innxi .ann na-^a ax vnnsn ,n6nn 
Njnnnao nsn an p nnw .tenn natra mar an p nnw , 3 isnn natya xaa an p 
era 121 .iivn nau>a Nnan no p nnxi ,an*im nas?a Nana an ynnta .*i&nn nat^a 
.fcwfi naira Nann mna NnN an innw .pxn i>a nyrymai ahya nhna nyn? nnm 
nym n^i ^a vnnw .ova ia ypna a"naia wren 5 nnm ns *!>nn y^>n avn lai 
mray Ksoai no" 1 " 1 an spxa aot^ri naeai .rtei rwa wk an vnnsi J^n nassa 
P|Da ay-i'h nat^ai .nma wn Nam an ppNa ytim nacai .ay 'b noyi ypna pk 
a^ana t^d yn nrai Nam an na jjona an spNa iytim naca .pas* 'na h*n an 
aa-j'h nara ,nw an nn nsi^ao an pjoxa tbycfi r,aca .ninac> ^n^> wniax >jj 
D"nm\n lnDyoai n^ia c'Nn Nnuir no nn Nam an anrm xann mna Nn an ppN3 
nan annai o^Dna pna tnvwi ^y nrai ni^nno ma iDnn naL ;, n naca .niD^o^ 
pjDNa N ; nn natJ>a .a^ana n,^o 6 nn^a annai psm nnna myi av'im naca .Nnaain 
pxi a^ir innna omara;? \snuD pan mixi mn^nn onoai rwnin iia Na^an 
[an] anYDB> n^Ni :a^ia^a amm annan aino anyn iDipo^ niobnn la^ni 
Naan nn xna Naan ^^na ann nn ana ani praNO nmaa am 7, am man ^xnx 
NntaiT no xa^up am nnnnN ani nvoin na Na^an ^nmanao toiop an nmm 
p^ao!?! nnnh avn w a^iy nsnaoi nanfi nat^a nnino nv an s D[-]ai .maan *aa 
nun pmn amp a\xanni a"a!?N nyanN tobm janin nnN ayp :nvpi v\bx a^air 

tnat!' P|"p 
'n sa-nn ny nnn nno nxmnn ^mnn nan an :mm nn baatj> o^oan n^ nn 

MS. Nav^> laNum xaa 'nn Nan . 2 P. 'n iniN ww. 3 Or iy. 4 P. adds 
bri na-^n Kjnnnaa an nnw. 5 P. nynm. 6 MS. nna. 7 So MS. 

[II- 4-] Z 


: [ J dwidki awn men awt o^iy tid] * 

n^a Dnaai msnm /moa ixaana spx-axi napbxi mos* mp yai pnto mro 
/m "0"3 pnm pern spxi waan jnai nnnn na ."by "0"3 brood napba ,0*001011 
.ndk *o*a "jam miry .oyam "o^a iTy .Dyam *o*3 myop .nobtf "oa n*re 
nry^bro brormi ydbx .axnx "o^a mn-aijn ima*o imbn , 2 xDy3 "0"3 aan p Kim 
rreox *o*3 pox .tiw "o'a jn*im p nnsr swo: }3 rom *o"3 nai* .oat^im *o*3 
.tnx nya *niy .onv nra na^o .irnny d*3 mwi paon nnan oioyi ptFin ,vn 
.ta*nw ps3 broam bxprm .rnpro "o"3 mmro mas* .ncao *o*3 pipan Din: bro* 
"anno cm .nbnan nDaa ^:n ib*nnn jro .trvnb o*np na^a aKboi m-iar "an 
:nanaa Nb nyp "pivb nanaa nnn "pwb ronp nanaa ba jxnryi baann morai 
jrenmb ,pm> p spvb ,w p spvb .owojKb pyotan ,pnxn pyotrb hido jnnn 
,p"boaro 3 n"yocb ."xao p numb .not? p pyotrb ."baian wrob ,mma p 
,D"roe>a iNipa n,b"ro bb"noi : p ma ax mm naitfjoa baa nanoa mnts> fptn bb"nb 
i?v:n mim 'nb .pyop 'nb .jprn broboa pnb ,pi* 'nb .133 pyow pnb nco bb"m 
.mono awn pi" 'nb .anyta* ma latrioi ropiKa awn broboa pnb wipn iaan xin 
:bb*n 'nb .broboa pnb ,mnn bna rotwn mim 'nb .romaoa awn broboa pnb 
broboa p pyott 1 pm ,ua broboai iaa pyopi prn bb"n jbtn^ "roc>a ;n ibw 
31 t\" cmpn wan o"ai : y^ n s 33 ibbn ,hna pa y^x p bNyoc 'i ny nnaw 
.baaa 6 ninnc> avuo* n3n 6, n ns* nvoi ,*tomnaa rwshm nmm mow u mvn baab 
bNioc 3"ii .py jab sas* r i iDeatJ' ny nm an ama xb D""p xas* /- \ mn jot ba^ 

1 The corrections are made according to the N'i'n'D, Luzzatto's edition. The 
Paris IMS., No. 837, 1 1, agrees, except a few variations, with the readings of Mahazor 
Vitry (i"o). 2 So MS. 3 MS. pyo^b. 4 MS. pjn nnaa. 6 MS. vr\m. 
6 MS. mnn^'i xanao. 

175 * a ^ 11D * 

ixsn twerp *c*a n:v \thm D^'cn Dbny ^nsi tnw? ^nayo Dn^nyab ptwo 
*ax dtodk o*a raw tt*fo& onin nnm , f pnym lmovrin mn Dinin noy 
rue> naiDtsn .s*ab map Nipj DWiDm . 2 p*nym oiao"? mn DiarpiD n&y dwoiimk 
-rj'y nJDP nnm .dsdx ^ ijrr xb m?K D>Dpiba onsD d^wtwj tmffi p nn 
db> .pD2n Dipoa d^o-d w ntryi pTiym DawmM noy *]bn TuoabN Wi nw 
n-j'p pya mm ib'aw *wn dci .\x-mn mn p mmon aaia pya mn jpntacK nnxn 
by kh pubb nnayo ip-nyn tbw Bm npnyn nwb nnayn Dbiai .pDsn mm 
Dam pa: wk dhow* wi inx bk 'on *ib imnmmB ^a nonntta TDjn : paa 
oan omya visd ba na ibavi pabb nnay 3 by pnjjm wnbtf nmn n itih 

: m&tttn 

Additional Note. 

After the words DIN ^a (p. 171, 1. 3), the following addition is to be found 
in the MS. (fol. 119, where the passage TW a"j, p. 170, 1. 26, is repeated): 
(steam ibia obiyn ba nx aaDi DWasm D^abon nap nixib btnc* pt* baa ^1 
maan -ids ombyi mban p dp m moap mao nop trips nobi maob obsm 
npm] tira *iab npm npy np Dwmst* nan ini .nnaoa ipk thwr* ni^ai 
D^aina dh xbn '* Dy by y^p-in npm [margin owasm D^abon nap mtnb *jbn 
(sbpwi n*Sl pmnb nPN Tian naK 130 by. Next comes the Ekhah Rabbathi. 

1 MS. Dnayo. 2 So MS. s One word erased by a censor. 

* aby hid : 1 74 

nans? *sb uwn ba jwpi nravcn nx na^n pnpn ^an Knpan mw 'n 

D"abin~ bxnen nnaano nyenn niaboi niennno nrrcm J a^oyeno a'rebnn 
.nvaeon nab nuvnan natti nisp 13 v^yi mwvi '-1 vYobno a^aei :a"Dyonci 
happ taooi .faninn in tsw V !?KnB pa oben' 1 mobn nan irobn janv 'm 
nyae psa ^aan mobn na"n kvd hs* an bap ubdi .Nan bap laooi .win an 
nrana *e an be ian rvn nnxi : a^ae 'p naaa *)hw mobn pnv 'n na*ne> nnx 
be bina.n i"ai .nnin mobn oyonai o-amn leaneai nioopn mi bna "MB 'ne 

mobn.n nia s n amp os noao baa a*yae 
bape 2 baan nfiw 'no bape dsx 'n be ua nrybx ja son nooe n nniocn 
'10 bapts> Nnpoa bna nye imxa rwi xnx 'ni .ana 'no bape vax pyoc 'no 
^tn^ pxo nbae 3,, pao tanw ibap anx '11 Kauon 'ni 3, ynnnao ntrennp muon 
nxi tawaan nxi nninn ns laooi bxne* pa nnin xnn xbi? can inbanp baab 
a^abx wt Nian iw a^pioa lae Kben lyo sbe anao nyantfl ant?y Hainan 

:nny sbi nina xb nyaei a<yanw niso yaw 
janan .nanoa ,mpi .moe .twkto .nnin *eom 'n :anao n"a be pno inn 
jney nn .nw .bxptro .nw .a^abo .btooe .a^oaie ,yevp ,&waa be pno 
.inoN .b*oan ,nwp .dtvwi tv .nbnp ,neo .avx ,a*bn .nn .a^aina be pno 

:enann nan ,tnw 
naioei nao ana yein* 1 :avsi ayba naD ns*i nnin nao neon ana neo 
D'oaie naDi naD ana i?Nioe : minn ejio ny ''' , nay neo non ;o mmae cpiDa 
neo annasi ,pns ^aboi ans* .a^pr nney r by nn n"d .a^apr mwn nn :nm 
B'obo naDi naD ana n^on^ : a s bn iaD iana f.n nnp -aa nebei fptft nch&i in 
:aana my^Di wptrw n"di .nbnpi an^n n^ei neoi naD ana inw tnia^pi 
onn naD ana Nnry :nnDNi ps^ani n^-y nni bxprn" naD iana nbna.n nDaa wan 
onoiN en .a^aie naD ana bsioe *a pa'-Dra -nxvo bsonn* aw sonyn nan 

:n^abo nam neo ana n^pmi ovtiw nao ana sniy >a 
,n /r a anaDn ib ip^nyn nes D'-apr a^yae vn anxo "jbo Diain^a 'obn ^o^a 
aibsn nnbm aab neyo rvn nn dho nns* n>n yein DDraajc o*a nmn nrybsn 
dwvw ^a a^ae yantn anejn nso nanvn nnsbi .nae nnxi a^yansi niso vhv 
nn Nim /aivb nayo Dnow en .<onj6 nayo oanni Dibpais Nini o^py noy 

MS. moyoeo. 2 MS. ^aan. 3 So MS. 

.nana jwb Nnoa mw -rxbnn jnpa jo?n inixo baa ^ona jwta pnsDo wi 
nan n^p ian "]i> pNP 3nn p !>3*ptf no [tt]noiKB> d.b> by dwiex iNnpj D^oanm 
d-j'd wow i^n ffMniDNi own pp wi trcmnh /n 2 ny ooyp trawmn 
no i>3 vuvDa yapc ten tfswnn h? nuwbn mS>n 'n aa$> nw ttMannt? 
ppn: max ymN3 m^soc nmxa i?pi nv 8 p^n paw nw *aso ono a*e>ni> hsn? 

j'tti pnwi proa 
ltsycnai mnn nc> p^>nDJi nmn b^n *jk> icni id!>b wp ma nns^ 3'y'p na^a 
bw innw B3Winri >B> p^ pnv 'n ['on] janoxn 4 aim noann *ayo lonnDJi maa^n 
nrj^N 'n nwnN N3*py 'n bowwi .noxa ba*n ^ mnaa D^annx ^ p^i d^ik 
Mm mn 'ti nun jnosy p nryta 'm .rnpTD h? ono apa x^oa ^jxi ,sncv p 
ennpn wan nxnty jrcn .n^pTD h? ono xi>oa *aw mn janv 'n mam aripn tt*n 
tnw wrbrb naei vmam NS^py 'no rnaVn pn^pi jSn tane* na*3i n^n oyonat? 
rwn ono bsp *N3f p janv 'm ,pimoa w nun vn b\m *mdk> xnn .omo 

;na^ cyanx ni^ yap nun pmn nnx^i nun pmna 
pny naiox rwn ,m nw D^oan h? nmop pa lyapi anno nw yap *a 
/o vprpfii mana .O^JTrt "HD tnM Mn '" nxm nym noan nw pin 
[op] ntyyo /n p^xn npyo .x" 11 nonn .['] nww /o d*m^3 /? ^xon /n nx^B 
pin xnoa xb linai ,n"y rpn^si s ,/ i o^jnn nmaDo t,d /a ontaa /a n^y /n n^n /n 
/n d^pb> .[^] n^nDQ .['>] painty .D^pnQ n"3 naB' ."T^IQ 11D jmana naDoo 
/a na*an /a jop nyio /n n^ao /n n*ayn /n naun PNn /n nvu /n naiD /n mov 
11D :o^pco pin Nnoj oy 6131 ,n"s vpn^T ,3"* nyio nnDn nmaDoo n,D 
?wt\> /o nmD /o nna /o po^a ,m"* oma .a" 1 mama .f* vpn^si nioa^ .D* 1 ^ 
nvnyi niaxo pin* Nioa Dy jhai ,N' r y vpnui /t D^a nnDn nmaDOO n,D /a 
/o c nnm .a" 1 - pbm ,a'^ nmao .n"* vpnui o^nar .D^tmp "nD : 5 niKnim 
nnDn mnaDoo -jd /a tPSp /) n^on /n nn^o /i nmna ,'i n^yo /o pany 
ipnai n^a .mnnifl mD : 5 ^naro pin xnoja i^nai /s vpmsi n'^ q^bhp 
/i ppco ,3"< nn s J ,['>] niNiipo /^ nnno ,a^ nns .3"" n^yaa ,n"* mbmM .^ 
.Ya'p D^pnsi a" nnno nnDn nmaDO n.D /a pvpiy /n D^n 11 /n up hao /n par 
Naa ,Myxo xaa .sop xaa* .ni^tD*' YTD jnn^ao pin Nioa Mi>a niai 

: 5 pnnnaD ,Nnn3 

1 O. uny. 2 O. nyi. 3 P. p6. 4 MS. vm. So MS. 6 MS. niana. 

: cbw "HD : 172 

tojjo yvN rf>^ wa n^Na .poann m^p ay nan ay mtj>N nx na^sjn 
&rnD nw awaioaN b& V3N Drone n^N nnN Nmaneo bN nmNnai 
dvvidn nt$>N n!> nnoN .'awaieaN low pp pwn n^> n\n[i] nytj> nniNa 'on 
pi na^pn mna pi ia yniNon b nb nD ,rtihn nt* p*flh n? n^ b wa no 
tabnai M[n*]anB& bw nab n'a'pn ma to ,nanr6 a^aoiro nbm wm m^y *pi 
^ warn idp b'N vim ^m by Nin&> jap aa t^ ro n^> mo .o^m mb 
jbon nayb 'on .10^ b'N inab"ri pirn miN nbai }a nntyy K*n i*o .iaa nx 
mis ipn3 .aib6 vines Nin by bni ion nw mianm Nin i>ino aN miN ini 
mbiao lniTmm vb nun poan mis b "faan vb ayai noy to .by iniNvoi 
nciy anviW ir noiN b> nam N\n na n^on laenN nay [lb] ne ,)b cnap niaaa 
la* aN ne^p eni> noN i>ino Ninp nr n^a un an^yo b .wto a^n^ a^Da nni> 
mtm ,mnan haai noy to lamnnaa ubm ne a^aa ani> nciy 'larpnta Nin 
nsi nniN nntn N[m]anoo bN mroa .aib>ai nne^a nbn ay pyotr jai b vmpk 
^tnn emiaN !>b> mt?N p6 nnoN .nnepa men ibw nnv3 nrwnpb nneB> naa 
jan to? wpk nb men ,n& nr pa^aw vm iba^a^ ^aa "y T,aai> aa n^yai 
3n"i^ b *B>a naenai 'n bai mfasa nn^ nabi naee mesa wih pyea 
vn n^j pisn iniNa^ niarn inisa en i?y i^o naenai i>na di-i^idn p owaieaNi 
inn .nnva e^aa^i ^on np i>y na^pn it Nnn i6v na n^o ja n^o nana pTeye 
'n n^eyn^ >ai? :^d p n^o pTeye pNty n^iaa Tnna jep nan e^ean hdk 
nx be wai jprn bb*a netre .vaa^ vn^ ew^an bo nnv min^ levy y3pi nans'* 
W levy 'n nNi^a^] ,Vi ininp^ ^^ oyn ba mm 'Yn iniN pmp vm vaa^ a^b 
one nanni p^antro pTobin m nxm a^aDo may bo Ditai N^ai 
iioijnn tyik *3BD n^ dn imn b noy^ pbta" vn n^c none me^o n'yaoa 
i^n rnaws^ hv meyi> Dnn^nb i^cn wc none nahm neyeno nmn njni 
nroDni nnvihnw [none] ins an >isb asw i^ ^mi nnx 31 aab noiy DiNca[^] 
1^ y3pi mpo baaty o^oan n^o^n^ nh? n>o ,n*an^ jwb p3 nyie Nin nip^nio 
lyaip nvi va"j?a bapno mn nan yew tnnpn i:^an wwai .ioy n^ys oipe 
: D^ia nyn h> neyu> ny D^aci d^o^ nr n3n wan anai tt^nasnaa 
naB>e Nnpa n\n DT3C niobi s D^t'o iNnpa wnpn laan mip neyc ceann 
&y\wn bv nnnan penao vn^ neyty a-oanni w*an ne^o , 4 nay p^b paae vm* 

1 P. D13V03N. 2 P. amniK 13 b. 3 So both MSS. * O. ^3ny 'b pnaDio. 

1 7 1 * D^ny tto 

iva by eppo Diamnax rwti on^by nbyi du^tum n?m .nana rw nan ibob do 
pjibv d:dp nyi abnaob nanni acaa romi D*ats> 'a ppob .nxnoi cat? 'a -nn 
jxab nti |Kab nr mna omx npn nt^x Dnjaixi D^yaa ncnn /cnx ya xian ?]bx 
nbm nnx nvb pone lbbn tw nnm *nwa minn n?pyai {'npna mm ntayerm 
nafei m^ mean rwnp roa niabn *poa npibnn xba paw vn p "oaS ,-inx nvb 
"psy *Ntan bbm .iano ba^pp no *aa nnabnb row nnxi nnx bai .*ana nsyob 
xbi bbmi "xop nnabn oniye .Hanson jo pm lpbnap Kin naba man n^bca 
pnoib nvnb run nnavn nnani noann npoai .bxntra npibno ian pn* ba way 
nyi jppmn xbx pania wi xb p *aabo bax na byac mm tb^ax anan -pno 
xbx bjnts*a npibno nnm xbi hmtrb mna mm nnm kdb>i bbm ^ onna* 
ie>oe> xbt? nono npibnon iaii nmbn ioyonat5>Di .na lpbnat? naba na^ooa 
mmn |o nix npym aoio nox .Tmin nan '"b nityyb ny icnn maspoa o^Tobnn 
amab romrvi iaD nn^byi .na bya^ mm *|K lanai bxifc" jo mm na^n xbi 
ansae mmo nnv na byae mm nanoi .bant^o mm nacri xbe niobnn *|K 
anawa ejw 8 JQ'bnbn wnxnp 'nana niabn bv a^bm *bm mm bw pipi pip bys? 
m .na by n^n mm bts> nano xbx ban nx amab b^wi xb pny anae no na>o 
nbia n amab p'fioo rwi x^ "s^ yann^ niDoi , a ,, Do mm bap nc la^at^ty 
ba Dwya ds -ioin nry^x 'i .mo pnxn naruc mai ,*iko imox nann 'nana 
[*P*bdo nrx r^ao pwn D^t^m pnbab mx aa bai D^Diohp o^oaK bai vn own 
byac nnam .na byac^ mm pmpa nwbrm nnxi nation nnx .n^a^ mm amab 
no bai nnm ^vn vmh n'a'pn ^n ,, ac '*tdm .anaa powb ,, xcn nnx >n na 
:'-ity nanu>nb mm mno anab r\~\)n ^oyo lana xbti> 'abi ennb pnmyc 
nha pnan mixai on^aa iho* xb^ bxnt^ by nr:^ nyunn niabo mra nnx oya 
aip mna by naiy ann ibo wc dx ncyx no invyb pynt^ pn nox .mhew tvan 
iqvmv aoio xbx .niabrob nann a^mnoi iD^pn mna by naiy 'ax nn ibia 'ax dxi 
nvav fioanb nann yoca .ibci noy n^?a 'aip mna by niayx xbi -\oy mna by 
pn ib iex .no'-p ibon mna by may no *aao poann ib idx .vaab nnayni 1b nb^ 
a ,v in nnx nn ptann mix ib nx .no 11 ? mnao nbna vnp mna pyoe' 
xbx annn xbt? in^aD ann inoix bna nnxty aao bax niabob nann 
mx ims pyw? pn nxn^a .m^a" 1 m^anb nvin xin nx nD^pb nb\n nx 4 na^ 

1 See p. 175 and No. X. I. 2 O. 1vy. 3 Repeated from p. 163. 4 O. na^. 

Y 2 

: abty TTD : 170 

oiatfatapiN 1DC1 Kna i^o nSi onn tro-a : i wra vn k#i b^m .'ne"o nr mm 
nre nap nniKai on!? n-aa nvan 1^ nha DiawatapiK^ nap D-nei cyansai 
Dnnn no"i ,mw pK ba3i Dn!? n^aa cn^n onivn ba nN ann}> onnin 
n^yans* nae ny nataon *vy son naaaeoi :vna mnnN D^ybin *a nyn nn^oa 
D^eoni niNo y3e 2 [i^] ia nbiae men #n DinoiaN Diatf3BpiKi> me arm 
Kin miDBi .noiD naooa n^ioe 102 mma p yeim o*a rroi [nyan IB*] .D"nei 
ji^i dukqupik no^i tpninn "3>b aw Y'p [nbia IB*] s abpnn nacae wa 

:[w abxa] DiKna^ iey mioe3i Nona din^o vnnn 
i?J2 trmDtPi D"ae 'ta "jboi 133 D^piN vnnN noyi .noi D'oe n"3 -jbo onnin 
ney "p^ci Dinnx ice nN sd^i van ds"D3k nN vnnn nibo^i tawinaa non 
rm nea iboi hnan DrmM p DanaK vnnn "jnon ds^n Non -jbo n^>ri ,a:\o 
:n-n lea ibo Kin pjki 133 T3310 vnnn i?m irvm aw ebei nney t^di 
crney DanaN p oanaK innK iitai oanaK h? ion rswi kti mibon *aWn 
nnoi tanwa rmtw can nwe |iyn ma .onns* ma niatab a"p me nm me 
iNav re dwdbdk nN jima nbei nye nniKS t^o mne <on -]bo imp pmaa 
la^om ii3B>3 'on ""aa lb inbe nreoa dwdsdk mne im3 jima noi .mWv by 
ce nbei poni> lb nrni aw ebe mbei-v by nan di3dddn omby *on aa 
enpon ma riKi ahum* nN annn Kin did^d .npaai abort* by winK p oita'ta 
msbN ['a] n3e nn^n nm .no^e niba ^Nne" 1 ibai iaaai nae nneyi niNo ymK n3e3 
}v niabo .me n"i> n^n yea dis rva niabo N^'oa :nbiy nKnao D^e 4 hDnni 
pyoei b^n .D^ae a"p onnin n^a maboi .me a"p 'Naioen n^a niabo .me E"p 
Kin punn ihk unttn D^n d"o^ nae ns*o n*an ^Ba jnN^e3 lana 'Noei ^N^oai 

nanna 121D1 ^Nyoe^ ,_ >i 
em s b D3331 nmei> )b wan uiK^a ,j*mon n^ D333 *onb dio s o nrneai 

jvo 11 ba mio3 -ip3o mm looms 
rbi N^e nmbe3 nnoy enpon n^3 pmn "iriN mn n^3 moy me 3"3 
l^oe dio^o Kin s on -ji>03 nnnbe 5 iina moi abort* nnbae dVn din moo 
tvn w ba do ib ianai n" nnn tayaam i^n bai Nin Dn>by nbyi di3"dddn nnn 
nibyb nn H 3 ^eaN is^Din n^ dio^o noeoi .np^p Dia^niaK mnN iboi no Dita'D 

1 INIarg. "^NOn-PO intl . " The words in [ ] are erased, but restituted on the 

margin by an Italian owner. 3 So MS. See p. 89. * O. napnni. 5 P. lino. 

3P*i 'mavaax b'n nx "p a*3D Dnb^i |rw imp hN vnx jiyot? nab *nav mo 
B name Tibiae mrxn nnni u&a nnn bn vnx pyoe w ba naab by&* 
niabob n'y'p naeai ,ji*b n'y'p naea pyoe anna tpn nnem iann *bn innw 
(npa nex 13a pnv pyoc nnn jnai !D*av niabo biy nn^byo ip-isi "3p*3 anna p* 
raw imp p by Diapnix 100 rwi nex nnx ibo nx jam* nan nexa 3 DiajniM 
libon :nnyi D^ae BW Dney lbi p" 1 niabob b"p naea ptel ^e by DiapniN 
nitay nnb bnn Kin *a bvian *jbon xipan xm nnx nae 133 DibmnonK vnnn 
2 win DmaDabx vnnn "pbci : nio*i naibob nabbnn nainan nx Tiami iexna niabo 
yen rwyi "naoabK ruiaon mro 13 naxavafc* "xa"' Kin .nim D*ae> yaei Dney 
:nn\n ma p pye be ininxi rm rwvi w#ni ma yen n\n wm nainaa 
mew raiD dv imxey ne divi viiki vd*3 m nue p pyeei nTna p yem* 
mew DibmnonKi DiapniN 0*33 ap 1b vn *xa* Kin .D^ap 'd rnirro mn nabo 
nx [nr] prraao wi vnx DibttinonN vby onbai bna pab wa oupnin nx nroyn 
wo*a ,emb> 'a ibci nprna naibon nx DibiamonK ib nnpbi naibcn nan by nr 
non bx ma<bvi owinaa imo^i rrrabi vbw* by nan xav np dvbdib nby 
:oob ttbenfv nx Di*aia |mi .nap n^yaix ibo xm vnx Diapnm vnnn "jibtyi 
M& r*pib> n'3B> 'a dij2 s d:x "jitai Dupnina n> cni vnx p d[i]33*w no w*3 

^wioK'n rva niabob 3'> 
rwi Dupnix a i^n ba by inroi tob*B3K itjn ^n nwa nay n\n Diapninb 
nn V3330 nin^i "ni^yn by crrpBrn o^a ib rwi iBB^aaN wm .^bm bvy [din] 
nx nni uim 13 nnoi onmn vby ny .BTpa vn vm onnin 10c 
nnby x\m wy nn jnjB' nnx mjD pn jDp nyi bnaob D^NjaiDB'n n^a ba 
N3 nnoix tm .cana nioen ninpbi onmn nw nnoi pxb novy na^b^ni aib 
D^onn jo niabon nN ba^pi 0*30 n^a vnnn onmin -|brai ,nnnD inxb n^by 
jnna Nin a xin lay n^n^ *r bye onmn xim .D^ben^a own ba by nibon 
imabo pxe o^oan n^obna n*n jnn .on\n ibd nx p|it^ nrnn*i bxne' by libob 
n>obna ynn py D>ian tbo fby D^n "pnN anpo amae ^bo on^sa bapno 
pbiai pb->d vm xDia p xaao pn obia pine ny or bx dvd pnn n\-ii Dan 
4 nnxo nnxi D'^n ba ona piano vne ^n *abo be mb*n 3B iw .Dipob nipoo 
ncyonai jxab nn jxab nr Dnb mna onix npin nex D^oaixi D^yaBn nonoi p 

1 P. KWD3N. 2 O. 133. 3 So margin and P.; O. nnyn. 4 So MS. 
[II. 4.] Y 

n^s tnnia ton* vh& wxb ima aiavnas nnna 'aBOi .' du^dsds mta ny nap 

: D S 33DD W 1DD3 3in33 D^BTt3 iHj 

aan o^ohy ma^ anb o^m ntasa wa naac nhnan naaa *wd nn p**ran nyop 
pyop nDEflDi ,*yoB>i vain a^aa w 1^ vm nap 'o nhna nainaa bwp wm pnnaa ta 
>?3B> sin nap 'a nainaa pdvi i>na jna jam* noy *jn ins* ,nap a"3 wa "yrac bv 
:*jb p pnv ja rrnne jam- nnw .now *yiB3 "ism winn ns bwy\ 'wain ^y 
aiavtaas ns^ traa^ss naiacn hian aiainaas s^ayai ansa Diavtaas ins m^ci 
tna vsc tbx aai ba*na s^ap bhm chit Topm tarpon ^a ^a ns np^i castas 
sa^pi hia jna pm p imnno S3c ny arniah nifa6 dwdw6 ntvb anna nna 
i'd'p natsa wnno nran .naaa ainaa mrapa aipa^i aiavaas ^y inning mh 
inna pai> wa "aao mw np^ :' nrapa ns aipab inns wai> ra*i p" niabrai? 
.weans? chip own ns sdd^ a^erva nnap ns jv ma^o wan .nranta mpoh 
.jmmtrara itjna tfTH anTao 13 pnoo ww mpea twan pbaiia 1m sta nra myi 
*njn . tamnaa a^ra niwpo hbvh 2 JO 1 to n^ao nicy!' sta Tae> n'a'pn ntr\& jvai 
ww naina 'aaao nns mn wai tpoanb ni^nn ts roaae* new sew *o i>a ira 
ni>an nman nainn nne>03 w .vrnno n3^> ano ins aa^ai B'-aa 'n ih *saioe*n 
naaaai mnaa ns nynpi new ns rnnoi n^y w D^^on n^^'an ba naoo 
,n^s D^ano an^aa itj>aa am .nniyan 'snpb oian nano nn s ni nns pi^na nrpzsb 
nsj^ipa miy nsi na B*aw inn ^na rb nsi n^y eisp n^ns nms ntn& flv 
"aa3 sS "iik aaa H aia niNnnb 3Dio npnv nms an^ mow rovn .nnny anaaa 
.MDtai bny ay -aia^n nrn nWa nony nnoiy "os noi> an!? mow .nodi iny 
*aao rrnrr nny jmianm i^y moyi ia is-apnai 'saiocn *aai vnsi nmm mi vib ts 
wbi Diavuax ^c i^n ba nsi ans nna 3 pma nsi fnaw nna Diwaihas ns anm 
lasa nia^oa icani \f> 'ibm iai bao ^60^ ay wi ^a^o nnsa lo^cm enpon nx 
a^ra nayncai ais mabo nsi n a[i]avDas nia^o ns s?an ata 4 [i]cam nirn .psp 
,w ni3^ niayntw naias ^ mabo mtrya i^si pnan iniso .son ^b p^ 
w "a^ra noyi .rwan 3nnc ny a^a^D / ^L" ,, ani? iT'oyn |Y> nia^o an^yo riposte 
jjvan anw ny natr a"p 13 n3yc eiioah 8 [o H ac i"a] nc" "3/0 ay naiosa 
nnsi jntaa^ 3Bi loy ns disci vns jnav.Ta n-ncn nprnnai anna rwv 

1 So MS. See p. 185, 1. 15. 2 So MS. 8 O. DI^B. 4 Both 

MSS. cam; P. adds ns. s P. S s 3VDas. 6 From P. 

i6; ' n^ "HD * 

spin* a^-'^x .nwio |3i >toan pi janv pi D[i]avuax mnxi .naman nx oiapmx 
jnav pi 5>njhw .Dnaa iTnno Di^avn jrw nryi>x fan feprn* bwn** w n^aan 
:w n*aa a^na a<ana two* *in .yiB* rwan p pidv binan jiyctPi epv ww!?k 
|Hpio DWiaaata vi>y iyE> ny ^twwim p* iwn ita mb> Y'i> n^an paa nnxh 
ftavntsui nw&en i?a [tin] csni .miata ^>api lanni 2 wn ay* an^>ai jva pwra ifen 
fi .a^iw 1 d^dis ravnwn ana niabo ^i .hjc a"p ;v "ota t nnn abiyn ^>a 
xa*i . 3 a-ix nx "p .onvD K*a a^aa bvn&a vmuxbta anm anxo px nx 
noiN "dv 'n x":m .ahyn baa mia^o novai p^pisw nxi lay nx y\ twi epna 
mv[n]ai ,dw a''" 1 ibiai .abiyn ^aa miata nut?a "p nnxi a^ya "jta aw 'i 
nx .vnya nyanx^ iroata p^n mwai ."pia ni uov iaa in*3 bx i3it?a "jva 
ptan D[i]araaM nxi .i'aaai a-isa^on "Napa aipi^a nxi ,|np3"pten vnx aia^ia 
: anvoa "pten 'axi? p n&i nxi .fy niata^> i6p naeo anm^ -wn xini .x-aya 
icy wa 'ntyna a*an t^vi mmiya mw pN b nx ciaa^i n*iw "^n $>yi 
i2D ana: tni .xmy nsaa anaan yiT p win ff^wa bna pa rrai rxi .anstaa 
pnxn |ujdb> win nns pa s i : rnxi *aa min* tawopnn aa mentan ibd caann 
ny nbna nainaa poets rwi iry^x >a pnirn |iynp 'nx nryta hna pa mnxi .iaa 
mbn nnxi :ytmn aiavtaax d3 paa nry^x nn ,rm nya "a jiyoc p win h^ 
nx man xini nap r n Dia^nx^a 'o^n anroa *]bo nae> 'o ^d i^x *ab p 
Dtjwmn D*abon la^in ncx enpon ^a ^a oai .ansoa nex onwn "cam waxm 
)b nhvh irsbtKD Ppai bnan pan nrybx ^>x nDh5TY> n^c cnvo^ n^BTW3 
ne^ao nn nry^x nnxi ,n*aii^ nnayo onaD nyanxi trwy \b pT\yrh o^apr a^yac 
i"a ewroM "o^n vnx onvoa ^d Dia^nx^a ^^n nnxi ibva jna nry^x nn 
xn-o p ynn 11 npy wya ibn pnvn jiycp p vain n^ata nnx Sna |na n-m .nap 
BflWOK ^D^n nnx "ji^i :hna pa pyc p vainra ia anai ^npon nsD nx 
DiavDax bjri .niraai^a nx onx i^d Diavoax nsai ,nap r"* iaa misai^a ^n 
^>npi h& -v\& nDnso hna jna pyB> p win nn-i .nuoa-i nmn" px by yinn 
nx t'a^Ex bap" 1 ! .nap n"a iaa fa3 s 2x ^n miaai^a "o^n nnx n^o-i 5ioy ^ina 
niaa^ pxn ata^oa anmo pxa nnnx oni? jn^i Sna maaa niiff ^np b nxi rain 
naro n-n 1 ' xmn nva WW xaana vbyi ,Qh8TP3 ncx ^avin mona b^n Dn!? 
a v :t:ni dtix ncy onxo baw mixi ,'b n^iaa !jsn navoi onso ;nx nma '"b 

1 Not in P. 2 o. 'ci'nna. " r. anx. 

: nby 11D : 166 

hn ioy v.nbx \t ,Dv6n ^n onn aipo bx D^tpnu mbyb lab i*p x\x d*db> 
on!? in* 1 ! rei&Bn pna W> pjddi anr *nrwKO ;nx yjci hran a\nbxn rva nM raa^i 
nrcvb jpeon shy natro on* pxi a^yio vn nbian jb a^iyn b&Ofci :'* "6a nx 
hwk icipn .nun na^na d^oti^ axaa nwn raspa .nnvavi xbx own amx ba 
nu x my niaab xta nation [nx] buab nw eno^ un^m mm* nyo bybi 
p-j'xi nvi eno :baab \b nm naxbsn Aoawa myui baanr iby nb'nna iKnpon 
l^x nm be DTitan ptoptim lbo dw Y'*i : niyuipo D*ap pbp "jbiai ana ateb 
cirn .nob nnxi anab ny aubo npbp :D<Dhs> BW a^yae nn n"ji ,dw n" 
napoi ma *ab ix->pa pinxn pimi pnipnai pnia mnxi ,non xin ppjnn 
bao np*aa vdpi pniab p lb nmp paw naaa mnac a'y'xi .nae a"a anmbo 
noyi nun nx niaab pp>a pmab nnx rapai ; abiy -naa n^bp napza 2 kvi 12 * aipo 
ypnn jnnbi ib n'a'pn mpyi man nx mpyb paj enpen n*a paa boui pnipna 
napai .xncrnmx xin pnia xin pinn xtn ua cnia tnm nem ,noi abiyn jd 
by DTa nmo rrn xbe nt^bp nbwa ravm cbpnu anin\n nx awn labircb biw 
baanr iby rxi /iai wb^ni awaan nanb unsMn rxi .abpwi pnpon rra paa 
nsin raai icy nnnx nibai baao xn?y nby nxan napb jwn mixa ,nw Dya inyai 
obp mnx noyi ,db> ntsi nun }3a nnx i?aa^ i?aanr irm .enpon riai tithm 
iXStibcti mat ^n a^nnxn a^xu: ini aiah nof> a^nc nrja p^ nabo via-ai m 
on i^xi \av) ,b)p naa tranafflPQ rn i^xi fxa^D 'tswd nxiaa npaa avn imxa 

:i3^ pnv nnn xa^ ny a"an 'naib i:rx 
.trnpr^n nua piimn* p bbw jna^ av nua wftatf aun:n caonan n^xi 
x"iry ""ca hnj jna n\n a^^x nn .a^^x nx n^in d*p*wm ,npw nx n^vi ycin^ 
a^'nu hna jna rm xm |iw nx *rhv\ ywmn .yn'' , l^ ,, nx vhn au'^xi .n^orai 
" b hnj jna yn""! ,jnr nx vhn pisw linnan pipits i^d Dmaoata iibn ny 
bama hna jna yn> rw ne>3io wi niaaa xiry rue yn s nyi .jnpio Dm:aa^x 
^u nw v:m nx ]iyw\ .pnvn pyoc nx v:im ,vain nx n^in ynn .anna 
.pyc^'i jruv rnw n^a nvk& ib vn n^nno nx yfym pnri ,prn* ap vinxi ,D[i]an9M 
,vnx ffyat? vnnxi ,vnx jnav mnxi .nonbo mcoh hna jna^ ( aa6 nw ap"i 
.'xa"' xin Dmaaa^x nx 'monw .ai^ainanx nx n^in pnin ,i:a pnr vnnm 
ib npbc ny raven by nr ay nr ouno wn Dihaina^xi ai:piix a^a a lb vni 

1 O. adds pan. 2 O. xin. 3 O. i:iai. 

1 65 : dS;> no : 

'nxi ,nn ran ixnp pi a 'an Y'tn .dnoi 3no n\n dww 'oiba nm 7 omn" 73 
,ww ann nna join am ned an Nan 'ran .troon? mm -a: pprora naicia Nan 
nnnnNb ru*3N 'k enpo bN NaN ny 'ao^Di nxnin ^td ^n am N^an onnnm 
bip 'l m n 3m .nvpo mobnnc n^n njun [an] N^an dp a Dnnnwb N^an 'oiba 

:>e>n an nbia Nan noe ova *a Nano bspc Nana ano 
ny pnvi pyeco ,DW3a Nnry mrw *3Kbo nyi ^byoi .Dttfiw *by ny b^anye 

:DwnoN ^'N an i]} no .cNan *i 
.Dnaa riN Tbin nrybN .niMvm nrybN mrram 3na pnnN aa .tfanan ninbin nbm 
riN mnnr .rrmr ns niy .my nN pa .nn nN yityax .xwas dn T>bin oraa 
'ns .pfyJcnN dn pm .pro nx 'tin .3idtin nN rvnox .nnoN nN nno .nrtn 
nob^ ma n^N n"aa pa neN Nin nnry riN prw .tarry ns mry .nnry dn 
.mbe riN 'ro .pro nN ^n .ait^nN nN .nnoN .rrnoN nN nnry .D^tsrva 
nibaa i^n neN pro ns nnc .nne nN nnry ,n>-\)]) nN 'nbn .mpbn nN 1 ub& 

:baab ibye ny n^ana ney root? nn nvanaiaa ma n^beimi nw nN 
"W niNO yans* naca '* n^a ^a nN tail basin nm abcim ann.n n^naiaJi 
pum nnxbi :b33b nban b*nn ne bs nm .monN byo nt} ban wasb n^c 
-pbon .mon ow a"3 vnnn m nnno hw ybw\ . 2 nion D'W if 'a nxanaiaa "jbo 
lino .nonboa rreai emai non wn Dy on^ai n^ae 'a "jboi .vnnn 13a m*NB>ba 
ab3 ffa'pn fna .nb^bn ny wn ba 3d^> lanxm hia nn^D nt^y nv3^ nnoB> 
niftt^a jnnji mcaai rWn mwa n^ys lvnai nnNa nvprui inrm tniai enm 
, ptna i^ni panin i^n ww nxNB^a bv m^aa nano nbaa tvn^3 ann:^ Ninn rM>2 
nnuo nr cmn ^ ipmi? nnN3i 33myo nan nnsni naop nnya nn*n ma ntjn 
nNui dc ^33^ tnnawn "Ynm nann btyibtin 123^ nanai n^y bom n^N Nine 
labn moipn Dnc3 niabo by nnN nac wnn 3 n^Ncba annaac nnNb* :pai naai 
nnn^a r, [ba ann] *sb ianm nn^acb nrb nnpan ba3 cn mTi mnabn ba3 p bN 
mob wn nbnn :nmoyi DinD naanoa b33 nN onnm Q^ybon bN nbbiy isaai 

:Dnsi no niaboo by cma mbon vnnn 8 ina^DM ianm cmab Nnp>i 
ema niabob nnx nac trn ombab a v a nac .mwa cn nay Nb n^ac a r/ a ib'N 
nbx ny bao Daa ^o n^Nb iniabo ba3 bip nnyi ona -jbo cm3 mn ns* ' myn 

1 MS. pns. 2 So MS. O. everywhere. s From P.; O. marg. -jboae with 

b"a. * O. ioip3. From P. 6 O. mboM. 

: DVw TTD : 164 

mo pko rorw 'nai no innoN nam 'nana nha nx 3ina^ p^ddc rwi n^b> ^ 
ya i>ai n^Di^ip D^ax bai vn Don S>a D^ya dn -on nybx 'n .tf ^o rami 
nafcnan nnx /Tap rrwi awab pp*bd d^n* m^ao psm ttDtwn pW> m 
.3na3 pcwi> "kkh nnx na ^y3c anam na byap nmn psnpa TD^nn nnxi 
n^b> a^i enni> pTnyt? no i>ai jn^npni nmn ^oyta nfcoi> ifa'pn Brae* nnKi 

:'n&*io nanvnb min mno ana 1 ^ nmn 'cyta ian s a 
byap rninm .nop dtp taaci taac ba^ it anao irai ntpo nana minn ba 
'nw ,'mun vinNi ,njE& ynroo .Tint* yhttni .bwany^ yennn ,ytwS> mora na 
'nw . ] pnay 'ran ,nna< 'nxi .Dnaa 'nxi ,w 'ran .y^n 'nxi ,^3N 'ran ,pyna 
oa waan ;nai nnnn na 'nxi ,iwe> 'ran .^y 'run . a p&*DB> 'nxi ,mao 'ran .p^x 
'nxi .nxnn oarn mry 'ran .xwy 'nsn .iTy&fc* 'ran .'atari rvro* onnnxi ,nn 
'nxi .ynn.T vnran .nav 'nxi . 3 i:db> p y^K 'ran ,vrb* mrao .133 xit yan 
,ntJ>ao ns'a i>xv 'nxi , 6 iaa nw 'nxi .n'XDN 'rat px 'nxi . 4 cxv 'D'a iaa rnat 
, 6 b33 ^NpTn 1 ' 'ran .rvan ann itdt 031 ,n'y&* oa fron v ci3 p ryaau 'nxi 
,'as? rva mat? tpinnb D'nc na^a >3xtai nnai ^n 'nxi ,D'n&*a p&a bx^an 'nxi 

:jb&3 'anno 'ran .amy nr '3k$>di 
onnacabN 'Q'a bina p3 nsm ono n\n pnxn pyoan T n5vnn rmas nwa w a*^ n^33i 
'nsi .janv }3 sjDn mnv b^k nryv J3 bjdv nnw .131D c h n Diaa^ax mnw ,*anpon 
. 8 ^3o }3 rmrvb* nuv }3 pyoen ,*ata p miT 'nw .^torwn ^nai n*ma p y^.T 
nrjr^K 'n wotDi ,^3T J3 janv 'n bv dhdi okow 9 bb'n 'nxi .p^oaw rpyoK' 'nw 
Nns^n p ^dv 'ni y^N "\2 mi.T 'ni tsd 'n wodi .ejDV p N3^py /_ i dhdi ,yw ^1 
wan Nipa Kirn? s^B'an rnin^ r -ii 10 Nim r n anoi .jno^ p nTyb '-n s n^ p pjns '11 
/_ \i dv 'ii *os '"H ity^x ,_ i janv 'noi .janv 'm n^yc-ix *m Kn ,_ i ttDDi unnpn 
^ntoci a^oi 3333 na"B bw bwoB'i 31 ibp /_ >d na /-i^ pixa t^pi p pyo 
'm.T an nnxi .3t nni .NiDn 31 toin 3- nnxi ,nnw ani u aw 3n ibp 
nB'S DC ^y "3Ni "'acna snpan ^3s vinw ,N*n 13 pjdv 31 'mfl ."ar:na "\2 n3i 

1 Marg. .mao 'ntn .pay 'nsn .p^s* 'nsi .jmn nnw n"d. 2 Marg. 

nap^N n"d. s Marg. wnym nana k"o. 4 Marg. Dicy ynn N r/ D. 

6 Marg. rraav .pip3n Dina t hf .mcmon na^o n"d. 6 Marg. /an .nn^n n"d 
nnar. 7 Marg. [p>]nsn pyoe' n^na jnc^ ^aanr mD k"d. 8 Margin. 

8 MS. ^n. 10 So MS. u MS. Nam, but corrected Win. The copyist 

often confuses n and n. 


* J o^iy tid * 

ib\s* .nrb nr nnix iidoc-i n-nnn nx ibaw ixninjt? D^onnni Dwaan nbx 
op ny ">ajn na* 1 ] on Dan n;i jiBtnn din ,rrwi jno Dmp obiyb ucatftiP owaa 
npfon awn .3X10 by 'teunap D^Pion mya tin vnx pbi* Dyba ,apm pny wnaK 
obiyn nioixb ixnana i^x nun bsana p m^N Tioyan -larai mien mbni "jo^nn 
'at? mown p BHipn nn npDa '-Bb nmn nanaeo .bxnt^b rnin nana t6e> ny 
ixn:na i^x neon obm ymi bnbm pm pvxi nor nnr ^ai .*pBjn s ax wbaai 
nsnaa nxiaa nnmi nanoa itaana iht* pptcaxi napbxi "VDt* pnxi neo .D^oa 

:n&nai Tia p bxprn"' xne ny nae nixo nyenb anp 
nns obiyo -ex D**n nan ona iannp Duinn onsD vn wan ntPD 'o-a 
ntpyp in ainn pwvi dhx be iidd .mates unnw roa pexnn onxo *wjk tramnn 
Dnx {mbroiTi nimpnn *pD"ya bxioe nas?D noan crona nnmo neya\ rostra 
prw .pmrb nay .nnyb dk> .Dts>b na .nab nbnno .nbemob ne .neb ib ido 
,on<aab nao oni ipnnn jnoi ran^s ipnnn xb jno .witch spvb apy) .apyb 
ono na v c npoa xb Dnsoa lamiax vnts* a'y'xe nnx nnb Dnoai .on^aab Dn^ai 

ibtnw *ap ba nx naoxi ib 'nae> inn matta otr> ion 
nrvnn nx '-ytr* i^ap tn ainab wjn twij nwon nx amab xaea wan neo 
niaxn -hdi onvob 'nty iw nhby lrxa ana wm nmB* no enab ti*^ iinoi 
no n'j'y Enipn mn *a ^yi .n^xna ^o^o }.Ta ^y anai Dnaoa nxn :;n^nno 
x^x ban nx ain^^ D^cn ab pny anne> no annir p|tn .ioy^ n s jn vcyo nai ncyc 
y^'in^ mDoi ^do nmn ^np nco i^Jtrc xm .nn by 3 [nniDoa] n^n nmn b^ na.i 

1 P. and in the table of contents of O. This text is reproduced as in the IMS. 
O., except a few corrections from P. See No. X. I. 2 So MS. 3 From P. 

X 2 

: nnoD pn^ p cjDV f ib *)dv nana D^ip 1 ? : 162 

n^an i>3ai n^3d p"pa ^ano rwi ' oyai x *"k aan D1T3 uhtM DlpP ia Dan 
ltOB n^i ipnai &m ptana ho*a ty dx int mna ann noxi nnx to pni ^p 
n^ *a )b$ p^ana ha^a p* n^ dx ^y nt Dn!> ion 11 ! *ino nran^ nm ^a dw 
nnop arm nopi mon pai nta u nam mns* ova mix lpnai mroc ii>aa taan^ 
maw mas npyp pm "jna '-in .pana n'rrana onix Tynn mnop anoi nhna 
tmcpUM apy* .TruTprn nnaiyo 'n nioiPa 'rb '<d npyi ayp -vm^ n^bn mnn 
'0 '2 ova ny rb noaai crown n"p bya maao tamaa .ptcbaa jnan J>nioP 
^y 'a "inn a"ai omta '1 ^y man Kim apy nnr ^ya noia srnt ,*nrt nap i?i^ 
pxtapsp nnwas .pan npo .npmcB Dmatc .rronn '*aa *Vi ^yi n'n'onn 
ni.t la ipya croa npyop ^ }3 sipai ^"ran naapx pk^bpnp pyop !>p lan *wapt 
ranoi nv.r; bin nnpy inpx nno \nni inoi D*aa a" 1 "6 inbu pyop 'n ann n? "3 
naynna n^oNn t& nsrn npnxm nonn nx nnai cpta n-^x yop^i DHwa nms* 
obpa -ipsa \ti ,ib nran si> ann n^ya nxi ^in sin ntP pm n^o npoa nnrip 
ann t^i m^oi? wnpv pv 'oi pnn *b tai rnn aas nan nwvb "iom jvnnn 
n^n nr ann v^y ^anni *vna "ax top Nip 1 -! }a nbni m^o^ N-ip^ n^a loxya 
n\n iai bx~\W2 Divyi 3n \ti mc\s Dm^t? ux pao D^aa a"' 1 i?B> msna nnia 
nap -\mb 0'^ r i dv noaai n^h oov nan 1 - imin3i sin wp wpba p\s* n^np 
nip "6a ^ya 'ani mo pma N^aan ."pna bjdv .noPNp pn^ .nnymx 3py .6 ; n 
Dnnax .pnoo npo .oppi nap |D*a unni> w '2 '1 dv noaat nninn ^y D^pnT 
.nano n nn .ann^N 'j pny .pan onao .xoia jna ,aT3 apy^ .pan mw ,nniK 
nx n^p"i d^opo 'n kti ^pijw ny nr lanna nmnn nh^na onnnsi ."DianD n^o 

[on 'n T,oi> Taa bi iaa n"p>) m v j-o 

1 See p. 152. 

i6i : naoD prer p epr '-6 *pv nmo onoip^ * 

. iNp'j'N^N tunaM .*aanabN two .ramp Oman .Hxp pcaa ,pn mw? 
pnao nam nnv na apw d*5 Tye D^n 'j pnx .jinana two .wtara ">Tyb 
'*a mm prw naaoi p nvo a": nam pro* ab pnx janp pnx nno one 
]dv 'nn baipon ,dc itaaai <"Kb nby no nnxi obiya Dyao mp xb djpx nnjnn 
ncy a'a'tn nova won b"r 'Ywi nans* pww nxb^xa ?|dv 'nno 'xaan ."biau 
Dnvo raan loaaai ia n?a nex vbn nx nbn nexo w nbapn noona pDyi map 
Dospn nnx nben ennb ony "pa wn ova *y bx iptta "ok Dmbx now npa^ 
no dv myao napn monbi mbyb m&vsn nnx nbe wn ovai vna iy ncanai 
3N noe anya Dnb max *a nae any Dnaeae vax s aa nx b^apnb joitoi pio nw 
VDvn nx moron Hksh inbe nwi nnsh .dw nexo p ib ieyn *ey bx *pw 
dx "6 bmyi vaab moyn n-an nnaa tbjpi icn oonn Dibe nx nynb D"nn man 
Dans "pam "ixa **ay bx pxi *jx ombx nexn nomi p tost na 11 "iapn nan 
yun nuran bx vban syiDxn Dnix "pa inonao nex ex n*an n?ab *pa no nnxi 
b"r "dido on 'nnnDa mix anoe wn nn .n'aYan D"^ yaei }pr vtay bx |WW 
tomma mn .|dvi .D^bem-a .msb wi .nixav np :b"n inavo by 
b& nipimb D"na noa enpnt mm moim hjo mn nxpex^x iTo!?c ,_ in maan 
rmn it nanji *" ma^ pnnoi onsD px i?c D s on ""mobn to pnn mm n ,r n 
mn Tinn n ^y pi npnx^ ct^xo h^n ix a'aYn D^cn^ icn: ^k ix '^xn pi^xo 
idoji vDaao it o'n'xi .no^c ^ ^xn abvnan mom v^y p ?y ncx ama 
ova ir6 "KPn mvi rp ^xi? pm poo i^^ a^n mm doio nw ^ nio^n^ 
ncn n^n ccn ova wi .Mini? Dn ^ya^ nomn idx jnii ni^n inx ccn 

nnx nay v^y T^cn innTnai miii? D H cna Da aai dj icy ^jn jhjoo nnrxi'x yoa1 
mn pvpn nn ncn Dipca nnx rsp l^on Tn ijci nci ia!? i?y xam nmcon ^ao 
ncx Dipo TTiDrt n^aa tdx nro^c r "in mn icx pspn nr yiDcoi no^c 'nn amx 
ova oniDxn n'aa nio^o n:a ^ n^c tdi nio iy lb mn dc omoK l^n n^DK 
Dyai Mii tooo nmon n-ao xr pai vrervf 12 imx nna^ x^c mvn nnx nswi 
vnc DnioiDn dc xvdi nnx ncn: pc m? mapi> onaa naio be pica "n 'x 
nhna nnx m* dc xvdi nio^b voaai n?oc n?on *Dnoo r x Dno be pory onaio 
nnix nip) pb ix pnpT ncn: dx n^xTo |o nna^a nmn xbc ny nnibn nnbync 
nenan nnn toxjc no Dpb mno ant nnx ncpo nho nxvoi imab nmam 

:anr x^ax 
bya td r j bxvoc .nam x^so by '-s xim *apn nan ibd bya x^an o^n 'nn 
[II. 4.] x 

: nnoo prw p =pv 'ib epv nmo D*cnpb : 160 

ow nba itsaai aiv ntnxn p ib w napb in s ao nmaa by mw ikbb>i rmobn 

:ribii nay naottb 
onso na aw yat?a n'n'br 'nn b& iai mm nivyi an J>"? naatPN bi>i?a 'in 

anu m3 am mobnno nnoa nvp by ninam pbim mama nnEj by muiy nam 
ran naiai coid tfpw& Dtm mm mnao rrnsn pany nniaa oroi noio ma 

:db> nusai *"b nbyi nYw 
'n mi vby nna iswa n'n'br imba r by a^ro py ick naatrs* xmb pn* 'in 

ta'a'in nans ^anb Dmn ibd by a^aina Dan mmaai ispn npya bai 
bNiK vay iya vxbn naaa iks* ibw maaD mybx .pan apy .topm aib;? 'in 
a^abs ntron natya a Kim tftanynm&n bts> noaan ma mux by anva txavm 
Duann be nnsnpbs lanaa btJ> n^aiynoion bts> noaan ma njoj tawa rrma ntji 
nama paopn bnpi omaan mbnp *bna pa ibaae man maDb nbea naa^ 'k ova 
be n^yno nvp ax s a bpbpna sb n^aann bts> aVa ubatpai pb Diipo na wn ny 
*"yi maaa nrybs* 'in Dann '"y nnnaai naba na a\jpinn vn ib>k nwtanin 
nae b^ba noun n inpi naea n^xa d\to*k "wn noxoa D^n '} apy 'in main 
na tnnna p"ab D"na waa dbm nae k\ib> nam wnoi .warn vim nap nnxa 'i 

: na vnty D^aap mban 6w mpm sine bna ban 
nioi nwz .Dsnnmax wo .pan anao ,ib* 'naa Nona .bibna baio^ 'in 
1am vma ana mw ^aiaio in /man ^ naan niaoa uhw nnp-^ loa oan ^ya 
n"c naDa b" y'o'nn wam n /r Di mmoi p^an vaa amai imd naio mm v^ana 
by ninan wm nnb i,ijn rv"w bya t/p'nn sipan nowp apy^ .a ,r y n"b in l^c 
runsaisnp ""aann mn a'n'si n /r c nam twrnn bya poaio annas .mny jnb^ 
cn^a sua aaxi cnpn pcbb imrn 'd p s nym n"^ bya myoo nrns^ ,qb> nuaai 
noaai owjn an 'Diaa D s "n ,db> nuaai bNit^ psb nbyi nnnn nsDa onoNia na 
prasa nnbc .nam xnaai a^ana nnin by 'a rwjn ftM na^ oa^ cnnb a'^a 
t^p'nn *pDa by nnua m myi b /r r r'a'nnn bv pxnpn *pDB by w nytrn ncs* 
.pxnpn by p aa anac ins piaaa nbaian im na^D ns tPpn v'p'^n d:ek 
,mioi nnr ,ipia aiu av ,baiK ntcna .^xva nn . 2 ^sn nms^ /cxn niybs 
n^ vb) nva-j'Dn by r, a rwyiw vab\o n. pny .t^asD no^ /dl'\\*p ntw 
.nar nco ,nbn n^o .N^Ljy bwB> .pnarn r D bya jnan bsyet^ .ab^ya Dyata 

1 See p. 120. 2 MS. V2Nn. 

a"rwi ,iiT^M Ran? ny 2 nnT ppa ^rrne aan nan -ncwm nD^ anma^o wn abya 
nna tea "moan inn by nnx nban "13m a'a'in nav p*byn b^bab bams* pxb nby 
'j wtom 'nn fn'aYa'n dw yaen jp nasai b"r hmaa '\ rtcbv *an bfc> niaba 
taw s bba bya nnaa wiwd n'n'br td '} bwK> *in .nnaa wwa p aa }bw 
toi rrw nya tae* icy by nsy wm amax 'nno b& wnn px^ 'nno mbn 
noana pa mm "jno^d jtabity maoa uta anpy 10a imn tdto towi 
by naaan nxr nxnpai N^^ao p"p by naaan mao ppnon nx man xim p&apn 
lpw ppnan *aao ia mnb Daanb ha 11 anx taw pw ma nnvi nbnnct? *sbi vs 
cpai onso pxb ann xa nt^xa vw .roan nxna nrn iraa inra mm nanm imx 
ion rxi sniNon ib inaa pnwi non *aa nnaiam nnaia rom *a ntn rvaa mnb 
mne anao vby aman nnx py npn xinn nb^ba w f?i ia nns* ia naa by anb 
nam nabn mm mrn nb^bn wia wi ,wnn aipca aa^n wrowne lrnsnw amn 
Txi wby bbwi IB' vmb *p& ^ annb nww 1T3 naibs? mm inxnpb wrp bk 
qb> mby pipro? noon nx ib nxnm inaaa ann Dp tbi *pm .jxaa ac"b nab nxbra 
ba >av vby nrai n,a wna byi t^v ^i^i n ty {^xb wdb* nxr ii> rnaxi Bniaon 
nya^i d*w q^od D^a^o m^an m^an vaa^ noy^ ixa^i nna n^aav^n ancn 
i?nan mai> onvw ny ana nao mm amnnx Kim vaan Dims Bna^i ann ana 
din D1&6 ipp s*h man p by* bJ? idin an^y nrai ^N-ipi?N rnsn be* ma xipan 
jidb' b nxnpai noaan n^a nnis wjj ni>m wnn qvhoi .ahya jaix own 
loa nia^a tria^a [kd^id 'w i^on "-aa^o Ntf id'n iid^s*p amax /_ in T-aan 
ja aa maa kwb iNp^ts 'j n^o 'n ain , 3 }n^d 'w maaa p aa u^vn anp^ 
wjn ,^wai im ra*m nwiowi 5>ya am ac '-1 bw vao ^'r a'a'onn nx ^vn ik'n 
inx mna array rm ^"r ^n-to k^s a-6 pra tayai b"? ^K>'n by onwai n"c 
a'x'nn ann aacx 3"t naoa j^y a''Dno mx pyb anay no by \F\ i~b anai 
kwo p aa n^n ,Npn ^niob> 'nn .ansoa -ispy^N 'onm nanata^ipa mn i>"? 
a v nn by naa 1am *-\xpiy a'-Da .nans a s aa ,yaD bxi?x> .a^an ^niidb> .ttbd 
var '| jam* \y\b mi r ia nw ^raa^N ^n^d^p pyoty .nmn nna wdb* Nipi no 
'n'i'B* nam anna n^ao iy Nnpi nnDx nban by ^a nam nbapn noana pDyi 
icna^ jaiN aica a^an nap byra lanx ns* imay xby vmobnb mx inmoa nycai 
xbN* u iba^ xbi nb>bi aw n>by nam mw raab nn'w ibc mba bbia.n nx 

1 Now edited. 2 See p. 145. s See p. 14.-). 

: naoo pnr p ppv ,m b =pv nno D^aip 1 ? * 158 

'a a^bbano vn acn mbi? mnpbs* n>ya "ins naaan ma aita* n\n sbi .ntwnn 
p"pn aa?as is tsy "oaa wudi Btoen 'sb> anb rwi ano na babi 'ton 
a"aiaa vn anynan p"pm nbisan ddvd anbi nhpecai rmra np"y rwi anynao 
sb lab 11 nabb rtnn ra nw new bs aanao nnx a^aiai a^anyo p"p aa anb 
win cranyo p"p bp anyn nnr ana\n 13ns 4 a w .mynoon anjoo anaba laa" 1 
cosy ns anpnbi abiaara nsvb tni tunas baab snynoo p"pn noiyb a^a 
DiTi^a nipbnen iaai o^nn maim b'-ai nincua naiewn n"B3 snpb nibyb amaab 
aib:a> launi ncinpn my^ai b"r fshnn bv pwi Y'aa pnb 'ran nibnp 'an nnyi 
/ran nibnp 'an ama by anannb one* a^aacrai trsita a*pm anb yapi onwa 
nprn noaona fwnp id*di pmy nn?a naa3 annai ana: KW3 snbn nna^bi 
nmns3 K\nn nioaann ia^sn wxd nta>sa nionpn niEaan Pipini pnrn nran baa 
npiyi vd pie by 3B>w pm nn w ba innasa n;aia^ a^aaan bna bnan iwn 
naia nsn .n'n'b'r nnaaa annas 'nnno .snnsn rmwD snaTiD cm khd ta>n ann 

:nis3 nis ntaaonn 
'nnna tinnm avapr a^aiaan ns anb nna 3nynao p"pn bs? cm , . 1 nvn3 
*|DV 'nnai sainn *ar nai pnn sann rrybs n3y 'nnai sainn jnan nnsibs nay 
'nna a^aiaai a^aprn ns anb nna iY< a^anyo p"pm .D^n^s nfloo 'nni nnaao 
piapa natJ'^ 'nm 7 an epi* 'nni onaro nnis* 1 'nm insn ^mev 'nni N'-nan m*i 
'} nn : nnnrb r's'n n^s nu>tan na^ |tD c^nn^ qv 'na nswi dv3 nr n\ni . . . 

:1DV 'nan apy^ .oasn n^n btciDV iW Q'Da .nnor 3K 
na*^ b" D'3'Dnn jots D^nia w wa nntae'n pacn ^3 vmapn ^aa ja Dai 
in* ntata nta>s c^s ^y nvDaa ^naa vnp nata* ova "inna^ ^ buz) ,mnDB^ p 
nam n^apn nraana pDyi .natrn ova ja n\tyb niDs^ nmm in^a niac^ -jnvini 
nna ertn n^n cai ,nn? onao w snpi nnoan inn i?y an^n Tta ^y cws 
a'a'onn ^y ny hao bya pdqc oiposi .nn jao ibb> snpi nnDan nm by nvms 
bai .nQDta psb mauwm rvbw nbym nni^ai pna id^bwi sin ^nnn aro b"r 
by iDQninta> rvaafn mso ^ H nbn D^ya ayau K5P sb }pm nany ansan ibs 
inis inn nana nta>s 'ma bvrwi db ncs^ apy^ ibs ^'apD a^ya an b*h c^s r 
Dip niana by sini py niana nn ns Tym dnw nasbra nasbcn bs nanpb 
'n abB ,, v") V3S caa nmatab iD^annb 'ma la^aia bsan 'nnoa arancn aann 

1 Follows the compromise in full. 

1 5 7 : naD pn? p =pv 'n^> epv naio D'Bp^ * 

WW [run pw *m Tan . anxM nasai mamn sea Mipan naa nan psan rm 
rronn naiy by vt hm "pbw nain nvrbnb My Mini mai ninaa naa vim tooa 
wjj pa ojj n"n pa Min &B> hn;i flap onto pnnnb naiab nwn arr^y pmiwti 
ran K^n nnya ivn inns ixv" M3X *jtn noai nrorwi a^an nnba amaa anti> 
*j3ii ansoi 1?xt^ pM wi n^y DmS psi? anwan bvnw 'jidm di^ 
.ansa na *id mnatrao avn nijn tswi 'in ivan ,n"nin "M3 laan nanaapip 
vnana 133 maai niTaan baana laaai an^aan p-inx nvi Tarn on 'j apy '-in iai 
N^^D-j'iNp btud 3i3 apy> anna Tanvan ann ^answ *b m^m nvy -nana ivyb 
D^sh nana ni>ai 3"nna xipan ^aaia*a *aa nnatpaij xha^in mabaa MTpa Mnaa 
: jwrp 'db by pcnm n"t? naa mm a'a'in t\b& bb>bi anvn na K3 atpai 
na M3 b*bbi &ib i^m nn nnaa wn*o r"M3Tvn Mnpan mibt *3m 'j nn 'in 
nun nnina bnai nayi tow in ai^aai nmn nwpn ntw nn 3eviai anvn 

nan ^ ann a^ai .msn^a *na3i a^ann niaina npiS pab nMVpn^M tronpan 
o^ia* vn n^> *a ny tprora vn ipm niban i>iyi nntani nmn spin bbbi pnwn 
by J>mik "no nc baa nion nw b^m nvi anap nnaro nan ns* maph r\)byb 
n^aa ymaa n^yn jn nsn pmn i>MiB nap3 aiapb a^aa ntran byi any pjna 
rmon i>Mi a^nnan 5>m t^ Q no y n N% ^ i^v i^aanai ansoa icn* nnapn 
noyi n^nai "vyn "oan mn ns 'n n^yn v&n lans "a w .ann* lamina -jna 
rnnan nxr mai atj>aa ^y inoyi n^npn inyai ^'r r'a'nin ^ pisn w*i n"3a 
nrows^ nininai nicnp nnevca mann p^ni a^aM noa n*ym lapni nhna 
am anpm wnaw nnapa iniM pnaip rni nivo noa my ii>rbr W nn "aai? nisi? 
i^yi ann n^ai? nW ah na n^veM an!> rfn "a nmn ^ipasna p"pn man b"\ 
i^ap -a 2b ^y a^oc vn m^ hnt ^aai a^syn^n p pi: nrb jnw a^aya noa 
n^Man taaiw anb a anynao man a'n'si aa^ ataai nnnca ntwi nwon an^y 
ibn i?y c*m y r r ann an^ jpnc> no nr .a^anyo p^pn f>Mi{J "aa iya* nannxai 
nnach nan miap!? a^aairai a^aaia wiv na i?MiB^ "aa lya" annac-'aa nviiM3 
naann mvi anva na npm |TMi jpn ik>m vniaanni vmapn ^33 aai .nbi jnn 
an^m nY* a^anyo \>"p\ iV" a^anynna p r/ p n"n t^np ay nimp 'a pa n^a^ n^an 
nan by an^a mnc npiman nanb^ nianb b>m 'Bun naai niano ana n^ac^ni 
rfan sin aya cnpaa anynaa p"\> a s ania vnc mvia nsnp mai nibann anaa 
}3N nrap nsncnh rnmpav nan bab \mvr\ nn mvi "a anynaa p"p3 yman 

1 See p. 113. 

* nnoo prep p tpv 'ib *pv nmo awpb * 156 

anion i>ya i?y mnan row nnaaa ejav 'nnna 133 n^a a'n'xi .pin nnaaa annax 
a^aa wh* 1^1 sarin nnaaa annax 'inna hnan imana ^'t rwp 'nna warn 
wn Nin nryi?x m&M .pin maaa *|BV nnno w*fcwn ^>xiaty wm myta nnxn dp 
wmr ana inx inaan anal Tn isd ^'t a'a'ann ^y nwan niryi prune xsn 
ana lacsa atari nataa anynDa ?"? W neaan nan nnw it ^>yi ntcunn naana 
/nnya my unatN ma? lainn jmmwi [n]nira n"ta* naca nmaa nap a"yanx nnn *a 
5>fcnp>a aivyi an Win bwxn annax n\n nnx a^aa nyanx nnin 'ran ntj&K nn 
ansa pta nxo hna aainan npn "atam ,n"ni>i nnaaa annas nnna ann n"n 
/ansaa a^ni^n anpn ms'-aa utow anpty laa nnaaa xax npnan my^x nn 
naana hnai nxa ray np c\xn jnann .maaa ^y nn nm an c\x 'vrbvn 
"W .)P1P '} nta>a ,jax jsa innsM jan w anan x^>a iynr n\T psa niaa ttapai 
.K*rp '| btncw .nnaao ^n na^p .naaiax a^aa ,wkcd spv ,naa^ apy* .ynmax 
nsaa .pinn kh 'j npo .*3tj aia av ,aun '\ n,ma .niva npa .-aero my 
i>y pits npyp wwi ^w .Tro n^n my^>x .p^ena *pv xmy ') na^p .jwyafee 

tpcaa ^ne* . Dibta> nxisn .x^^an^a pm .nmnn 
t*nwffl |xa ny ,iw ') annas .taypa mw .annmax 'j npa TPn ^an * 
nfotbrwn anxo i^?a Nnin^x 2 nay m^aa ia^s* anp naa ansa aan 
nrani ansa p*6 baa amn^B' naai "ifjj in ynra cnv a^nican an^aan 
ejia ny ninisa i!?an bv ^x yai'sa ataman naao an^s aanc* naa a H ainaa 
niva nwo an^aana nvp ja aa ama^ ^nna nnyi .inns iynn ^"r a'a'ann ain^ 
W anaiyn anaaai a s an ^sn^ nisav nu> an^no aa nspi a^svaani ans'j'an 
ksn-^ ''ppin^ a^an pi mfom a^aann ay Wsmnp" nny ^y psa noyc anipsrn 
ansa na^ o-sn Tan s^aan 'j ^siac^ nn :n v n'ya rwvb nnn nn a^ananan 
snnaaas ^aan h mW anva^ isaai Taan btitath naiaan mabnn saa i?ya 

:TB>n b"n nm^ s\n nnaa nna^'i nns' 

:n^Dsai .psa bma nisi .nnm .a-ii'i mm psa ny 

:maa< .saa ny apini .aia .a'j'a nta'aa ncs nu*aa ana 

:mna^ ,un^ apy* Tax .pra .\tnvn n nx ^nai> 

: maan r j bwm ban n: .noaai ,nw r:sb nn n^aa 

1 Not mentioned ; perhaps in the missing pages. 2 So MS. Seep. 113. 

5 MS. n"yn. 

155 * *W> prw p *pv 'ib *pv nno D^p"? : 

* pUl!>KD U3"l 

mb nobv .spy H py byi a^an 'j apy^ ,dwk nry^x .uwdbti nry^K 'in 
asn p*6 rbyr\ n"v byi a<an 'j *b ,'unp uan pa 'tan a^pean ^>ya n^ '} spy .pn 
tu&tt noans lain&n pjo mm tbi an trs* axa qav .n?y py bya snn bw us 
ro!>tf .ft^rr 'j epv : . . . 1 ntcna *An nnwi bts> nnann mm wyes on b*n mn 
'a bys ^na n on .uuencta tai&p .Tae \b mm n"B> bya p^nb^nb spy .wwsd 
Dn .pMnttPKB nD^v .nExny '| mso .i^nt'd annax .nnajn i"y on d^d nxa 
t vtrn2 pmr .hdn him ^ya npjsas rnxo .nuim M^n pua .p^nd^nd btflotp, xnaiy 
naii nun "nan bya 3Ttn prnp ,n"tJ> byi oVenn Knpjn runo h taw .pan xa^py 
x^nna bw*i ,pKysoNB apy .pSwcxo ww .n"B> !>ya &np3n [nan nobc ,di^ 
ntyo nn }'exd i>ya uutyio^N wd .^ny x^x .xnaiy n^D .died apy .pan 
piw .onnN d^qdi hd^ nam no^c pen i?ya *b mhv .annx d^ddi n&>o **jn 
bya ^ybp hnw .mmota iw .n"P bya us ^n rvai> n^ ,ua *6 mai> 
n"e bya ptpp pnx .pan 'j pnx ,pen& bww .nexny 'j apy^ ,f>xip ^aaeo 
an^i pobo anb i?ya pan n annax ,ae nasai rmnatstPip usne s'n'x mn xim 
n trow 3mbb> us bya jvn btci&0 . x^di epv mnvy byz wy 'j bjdv .an 
.uNDin n^n .n'V ^ya naa' on .Kmob v bya wp ns .ns'^jna nLiaji rano 
.^p *anno .D^nns* 'j }na nex ,pon '| nobc .^ n^ sjdv .x^nnQ jnsn ^wd 
bya pnp n^> ,p5n apy^ .^ndid onnnx .n''^ 'd mna mp ^ya vm ybp *jna 
^Kuav 'nnaa nco .buNaNnan n /pnr Dnnas .pbsoNO n^ .n^Dp n^y mby 
Dnnas 'nnaa apy^ ( rnivnDB^M btwi .oho omo .innxs pny .jnan mi .nano h 
.pw ^nwb> .^j:n mna .N^nna jnan \xnon .N s nna jnan annas .n'n'^r ptns h 

:n'n'br ^nae a s, n 'nnnaas n^D .iDsnp sjdv ."nwaaa nms^ 

snnjaDN usn * 
npiyi vq bvnn bw&n bv roatMi nn nhnam omn n^c amab ^nnj nnyi 
5]dv 'nn .n'n^r maaoK vm naian n^ao annas 'nn jnas nai pms na ann 
Na a'n'Ni N s nn33Dsa ap*rui pnaio kbti mm nnaa wra jpin naian n^ao 
jdv 'nn idp nx aian pvpbi Btob a^anynacn i?np an^y mw WW) onso na 
'nn Nsnn us was ^y aem ny nb naaii nann aue bxn^ ns Disen mjao 

1 Follows a legendary story. 2 Mentioned twice. 

U 2 

nsn niTB npnai Dais x^bx 'in am vmxi ^Tono 'w na*aa D"3in3 an N^n 
anm man ano ihan wd rwn bm* nx asm xd3 by 3B*p naibcn lb 

: i3i itrxa wW> naan pa 'm fat* 

ibb wm wbx *3i by3 ^ND&Mp k^n 'in ,an 'font 'a !>ya nw '| [on] 2 
b&ttBP .anaia rwh? MP Tiapb weo id ( x an^nicnboi a^aba niabm own nai 
ab 'j e|av .yaa bxim /nii aim a^y na^ ay nana nai ixn ns" 1 'd by3 n& 
ait: envi a^n 'j mfot ."ajy bxw ,ip* 'j x^aan .pvaw SKPitf .n"c naa ianc 
bxirx> .jnan in .jvn x^ia .pan "oura .1.11K rre>B .n" iaai rwo nuna iayb 
wmcw t wmm '? irybx ,txfot buna .^ow '} amax .^n rrbx .bxmp n 
bya *aiBB spv .jaxa bx^m .'taatsw prcr .paava amax ,*ra a ,H n ,3nrn a^3ic 
nvn b"r p v mB pxan p iinp nrabc .UMeuroKD kw .raya naa* 'bi n"p 
.pan pan ax .^t '| niia dv ,td*^i 'j bxiBty .nwbni pa^a nrn: by naiaa 
nia^o ma iaa nnx nban i3nt? vs nayaa BNb nnBP nrbx arms* .max in 
.niaba 1133 xipi lbaa a^aai iba3 bvina n*3 bai a^aba 'xb by n^iaa tern 
.dwbm mw ,a"n 'j fna .arwn 1^ by btpb wm Tna npa bya t^jr 'j ina 

SpV ,nBK 1113 ,W 'j nPB /IXiaxsbx Dn .WBIp flilK .3ntfl a^aitf D113N 

,|uw prw .a'a'in cbcTva noesi ^aian nos .ndhh n^nsd^n pny ,mb' 'j 

DCJ3J3 JWW ,nDB N^y^ ,pE>1B> '} Htfffot .plW TW3 .V3X K^K .JDN3 HD 

qos* new nhmn no^a bya rnx nc33i3 n^n ,*twn* i^n by jwnn* me' by3 
s)dv ,ip > r j 3id dv .n r/ ^ 'd wm ncD ":a bya n^aaaa ncD ,on3 'i by )'api 
'j nbbe' .n^yasx nc .nrni^ um by eatpo nutria bya ntta^M a^n .Tan pan 
.^prw pnK .jupn [Bsa font .ptan pn 'ma i-jm .N^aia aic or .inaio 
noi nbny bwD .ibn bxifa*^ .bi^bsn ;vjui tub ,niw oniawS* .wan n'Da 
by3 naNptyN iav 'in i^BPNai :bsiB{j> 3ba .a'a'in nas ivbyn b^b:a biB 
.n^jsdw* Dni3s ,'^'ip yai pa 'ran nbnan noaa bya n^aaaa an .idv cni 
.101133 :NDsb pnx ijww Nnry ,iebB pB^aa .pan nmax nzbw .pan bwo 
apy ^laiasmsa ddshq nmax ."c^xd ^nib^ .laata sjav .nsibx nnias* 
.anaa pyBK> ,p:xi 3py> .na"iaD':"ip3 iaaai pa^a mix'' .tpiaw x^bx .xnaiy 
'j pnnt^x nx"2iD3 ! a'a'in ob^n^a nam un?a oni3x na^ yiai vbm cni3x 
:pan nncc .noi^b rmw nsia^aa jnaa^w a^n imra .otanrta iaaai aa^ 

1 See p. 138. 2 Fol. 119. Lacuna. 

153 * ^dd pn^ p b)dv 'ib s)dv nmo wipk * 

2'j'v sin miw nob nna iny rwi ann a^a 5>"n b"t m^aa "ins*!? nsatf p"pa 

: . , . 1 xaff Dintf nNOi -pnn as >y nnN n^aa 
i>ya Ywmb !>niop ."wao naaa to '} n&N nay 'nn ,'n rroniaN 'nn 2 
aiB fn i>ya ^bn n*aiB .sais onsa nBa: ra ^a np> ^a nnon ^a nanc a^an 
.nnin^ more i>ya henw !>niob> ,on spv ppon unoi iNare ansa p oa naaa 
bya mwNJ n^o ,rwnM *pv .nam ') pns 'in .*pha $>niob> .pnoy 'j i?NUx> 
nB>o ,a;:\x fi n^*a nen n"n nnotpoa ppon n^ya a^N mix np^> *a aita npi? 
nnsiroo tsw DTa nbp w\ }ptn pan ^yo ntro ,pn Nn ,*pb6m Qn 'nn /pn 
.ji^nond pjDV .a^anvoi anniD tNMN nn&PD nnixo amo na arm ^y rr-a 
ya n!> ppiro spai ">naj ^P 3 3nix ^vz vrow /djn^s'j annax ,ps5>o miao 
tfoan wy mxnc apy* pyo pt^xn pi?n ^y Pima npyi na^N ^y 'a dnb:i ppa 'as 
can nnin iob> Nnpi nnaan T,nn ^y btvb ntjw jnan a^n ,awy mxo iop xnpai 
pB>o*n i>"T *'n'N.n vby noN nt>x b"i i>NB*i a^n 'nm ,yny \rh& by nn mpoi 
Pvmp no atna^ ^nna nnyi j'nvnno a"c rw nN n"n ny "ni> noaa mnuo 
nann t i?y nn*^ o'D'en b^n neon ruw nn no nso snui hna ncyo : ycki 

: 4 pcon n^ya 9*i bxran o^n 'nnmoa p^n bipon ubvn 

y* n^njDaip ^an 5 > 

nia^oa njrjvsn D'-a^rno rwi ncs* N^aon ^ao ^NDSp nco 'nn fprn ann 
mxaa la^ hok> *a p nd3 ^y |Nna nnono pbw Twwt/in tawww njinn 
pton bvun bt^sn pat ua an *m , 6 Tono 'w nia^aa ijIjxn onpc ioa oa^o!? 
ttopi onwm l^on ^j^ya nxo bna p aa nw s^jo^n nia^oo i?"r }ihp 'nno 
vipv wnw nc>yo ^y b"r $>\p 'nnoi? a^ana lanan to^bb^p yano n^'p n^ob 
n-j'o ann >:*b nayo xai nnbxi np^n^a nnbap vtm nns njsna n^K nns ans 
on^ya i^ain ntwo lynai la^aini ana lanai dj 162 njrxn ns Tnni b"? ^NDap 
naow ana i>snK3 nxrn nayinn nnt^yj nt^yon nr nt^s Vi P^'nno^ nnis \rbm 
oca ana: n^s* anano nvp p^na am .nmjD^ip^ ^ mb^i ^NDSNp ann by 
: . . . 7 5>Yi Y'si a r/ a ^d i!?^ n'V naaa b"r p v nmo ls^ani ^"r p'^'nmo 
H^cn ibna ncsi inmaai iapn ncyo bi n^o^ yaci jpr 'n nay n^o db> non 8 

1 Follows a miraculous story. 2 Fol. 113. 3 Or n^naino. 4 Follows 

a legendary story concerning the daughter of Raphael Mesene. 6 Fol. 1 r 5. 

6 See p. 138. 7 Follows the letter. 8 Fol. 116. 

[II. 4.] U 

: naao pnv p *pv ,m b *pv nnia crap*? : 152 

nb flows 3'3'tti nsv p^yn ^aa rrtyyoa nfcrffl noan row nnvi Dnn an^a 

: , . . 1 ahya nw no nymnh ni> Tanb rao n^> nnvii nraajoa 

pott h pnir .jima n annas* .pp^s*5 apy .^nia .ms** .parmp prw /_ tn 2 

.rrata n^s ,y*r>BD i?s*an .ahya lyao s*s* sbi amu nyans* ^y '*a nu'y-' 

.nnan mn^ ^ya naatrs* ni>n kw .s* s an s*vd ^ya pan *anno .i^nan yew 

iw .a"p^>s*n nnina Tno naio vns rwvta s**nn* .rwvta epr .pptaa k^m 

puw .s^ayhas* row .s^asa nco 'in vns* ^na 71-43 ."hTQ "WW .par^np 

Na^py ,n^n in .twan annas* .r^an in .n^n jiwa .nntriK nryi\s* .taa&Ka 

lifn^r noasTa^N ^snaa ,a^n id prop ,"pns in ,p*;ro* 

'nn a^W 'aanoi .ahya lyata ns 11 xh nrarcn by 'a new 'any nofe '"in 

royal dimh irvxy by Vxhrw tb '] ^nioc* 'in ,nrp fit** ir-ya uwa n anas 

: ., ,"nw rovyai 

N^ry m ,*3NT ^ktb* .y^D pny .^npon jean ^soty .nnnn no^B* 'in 4 

snry ,nov 3py^ *y\ ioipon .tfnxD na noaai pt^aa nm /annan no* ,aw 

wrw lis* .noos^tt vdp .piana non nnt byn *&w annas* ,w*i 'j 

natron ^y 'a nt*w rasn 3py* a**n .m&n by Bnra nsnta* $na annas* ,iaw 

noaai nnnrxn 5>y 'a snm nbn ^na 'a nam a^n py kxnca ids** mpai 

: na , naD^p3 
* pi>om s*3is ans* *a3n > 

haa *vy rftpa an nnaatoa ani noanai mtfia hna ay na w bsn^*3 a^aa^ 
b>k di3 n!?3p ti ,,, i 13 a^aia faw ^n nrai>nb ^iaa naaan nu n3 b^k* isaia "iaa 
nsn "acnn m^sb vw n^y nos* nnyo atr t^i oatr r | wb ixaac* ^^s a?a 
a-jm^ a^aiaai a^oan tsw na rm nsaia *3n sn^aa mo^na r ra s ,H n naaan n*a 
vsfc rwi y3ian aipoatj* >ai? p Nnpj-i rrvvn cm 'nn vb iioa n*an "mi wtr\3\ 
a^s^ao a s oya^c* yaia poa Dit*>yn a^aopn nw&vnon i^s*o nns* nbxno irsi i?y 
rrew3 nbpa *^onc ,, o n\m n^apn noan3 nnm3 ^na ans* rwn ia^ nsaion ana 
trano a^pino an^yam aunsan rcyoo nvp aina^ wku .1^ "p* a^iyntr nya 
n^yoni an\n n^6v jnaM iai pnw n3 enip nao ^nyoiw no *aa dwi naiai 
nsn^ nos* n^ao ^ao yo^tr 'ma bw) ^sioc* 'mnoa n"n ovnp bv jaa non 
'ran arm aipo s*^oo nvw ^'r nxsa '| n^s '-rnnoa a^cn aann n"n mis* jnn 

1 Follows a miraculous story. 2 . Fol. in. 3 Follows a legendary story. 

4 Fol. 1 1 ib, 

151 > *"QDD plT? p epv f lb B)DV nilQ D^p 1 ? * 

ann t na'nao pb*ana rnmti> anx npx pbann navisa mno naiB mm nbapn 
Dnb pmpi onp D'cna onus anauai nnso na ano ns arm pan nan xisob 'ran 
:neva av"rui mnaxbttp pK nrwi innbin pnxn ^ab p topii anaxbxp annb pb^an 
novp nxo idb> Nip) rrw 'a by em* ntrjn Bnnan naD i?ya rvanmp n^ 'in 
ayaa mp t6v annx anaai nn^bx nasi nmffl iao by cn^a mm np^ ma nasi 

: . . . ^yna tayo ^Ynh be? 121 mm abiya 
jn'bVn n:ic> anao tnna ij> nb (''n'xn) naBai 2 
v n'xn jeta mm tpaviai awaa mm D^mn bya b"T yvfat rwv "mro ann 
ib nam b" ^'n'xn bvx Ka nnx nyai nbapn naana mabb vwn xb bax nava 
bx:r a"n vmabna nnxa nvnb aanpb mm jnxn ptw Tixan no *jwu no >ainx 
,b"r ppbxa 'nno by ib ran p"a Taw in^aron ,b"r 1'n'nn by ib ran nna too 
ann anaan nanb xbx nrn abiya inaco xa xbp ann ib nax ynja nab lanam 

: . , . airan -pn by nanc 
nrx 'na annax ,b"r po^N p^ ^P nsD ^ wro new b"T lp^bxa ytJbx 'nn 3 
nbn mbna ,b"? x"ay aita at? .nnwna naD by nan snnab tnms new b"r xnx xnpan 
by Pimai apy nbnp ibb> xnpi nbnp by enma new b"r "aaxbm nwa .nan a^n ,b"t 
,b"r x^aybiax 'nna bt? lan b"r jxaeax nabs? .D^aia bip 10c xnpi na^x nb^o 
: . . . 4 i;m yn^xi annn naD bya b"t npnx n?j?^bx ,b"i an >a pny ,b r/ r inxax: nn 
nets /nacx x^nar .vbnxD nabp .nya ncn .r'x'annn bti> inn lawnKB ;bv 'nn 5 
maia ,}wja nvr^cn men njity mnE> binan xjnn xnpjn ""ua^x cjaim .town pni 
naaii p v nno n^bn nraan n^xn bya trxn 1 ") n x^bx ,y\w? apy .ma }n bya nbn 
ennra bya nitin h bxi^c .pnana naaii mina nwno bya nya nac^ .pnana 
bya nnxjx: rwm .yvbwmp nt'o wnv 'j nrybx .nyon anbi bxurc nnjxi bxiDB' 
bya imia apy* 'nn n^ann .pt^ x^bx .rronav mvo a'^n by ^n^a mm aita npb 

: , . . 4 ynD nai an t^x apyn a^aan 

-D bai pb-an na^naa n\nn naiB mm 'anyD xaiinx '\ jx^biB 'nn Yann 6 

apy .x^aybux apy s /xbnx myD?a .an bbc mniaa vniyavx ^b^bjo pb^an xvoj^ 

bxn^ .nnDx nbita by cin^ai caab xantDi own n 11 am anaa 'a nan pbnv 

:aibc annax ,x"n ncyo naa bya xam x"n .bwxnip h ntro .bxmp n 

1 Continues with Lorya's biography as in ^n'xn 'naD*. 2 Fol. 108. 

' Fol. io8*\ 4 Follows a legendary story. 5 Fol. 109. c Fol. 109 1 '. 

i>yo ids* ;nn pbnv iy bvn Toaa n'"^ T^on pa D^>apty ncaa D^myx ^Sa 
onons ^>yo 'n dctw carmi tyimv Dnnoi Day narvn oyo ntKft taw 
Dy ':mxn oEtti ntrsa reno pnavp nvi -j^on natPO *a h*ra pppai no^nai pjxa 
taa^ta*! taw T< by *ny 133' 1 h QnTimn b*towi i>a naon? onnan rfV ibon 
onta n^an n*a b*wn ta 5xnKoa iaai ranns moipoai nxDipty wa onun ta 
?kw *aai wmJ 'T^xi notf is-ip^i "jtan dn^ nap nc warn nupu^o xip^n 
in p WDKn n^o ui> nwi bwo 'n k*w pppB* -jy onwayn rvao trama 
aina .-vn jsa :p'a'i> nrovn "vyn j^y naswi hnt jcd itryi .fox ia*oa mnoa 

j^aon jo vramnm *ax vdb> '<d 
"a^> p xnpai 113 ias Tono ison^D a"o ita . . , n^yo ta waj& -mmi 2 
.hd'nd -pono v^xn ]^? wi 'o&*ipai Dnta ni^ann to ^a wa^p ioin irae* 
pa on wn nnsoi ioy xa n^x wn nsi inis* "]tan inn nnvoo sa^ nnsi 
y"a taata on-ax '"inoa Donon -wi "iiaaa laatyo ^y tanxoa 1033 mai y"a 
.n'aYa'n o^oan *mbr\ 'T'a pnno n*m taw ioy nya am y^brb paa noiy n^nty 

{BjW. natpa naao njvn vo^ai 
naovx v^y mi y''j phm apy wn nx ann Wj* ntrsa nsa nono i"d ejta 
^ onwn i^nnn vo^ai .vmas* nropa mix napi -ain DDnana d^acy noa nnt6i 
pivie> -a^ VisJ ^sy ppS T 1 ^y c^is'nn yna^ npnco^x D-xipjn mro ^:s 
nS on b t^jNnsn 13ns' 1 ^ (ponp joto) n'->'^ ^on jo iono ponp joio nnb 
rbvn kv: "vaj ^^n iiaaa iaa^o ^y noaa vo*ai jnaon nr ^oarui DmnN nyir 
^y nn\n n>bin mpa ni^o onaai o^iyn n^a p^rno n^c y"3 }aiNi pny "in x>n 
tn'aYj'n 6 ^Dn" 1 "kpn miono n nnp^ acn naiy ^a!? mna tfia rT*n loaw 

:^asn pp nov vo H a ncxa nsroiy a r, yi ^s s 
.d^jnd nota /pjno nco .jnana kt NHaiy t *bn nnoK> /o^-n^ m^ 5 'nn 4 
.nnN^s pn^ .ncjo s na^ .onnn naD ^ya npnu ">ry^ '-nno ^ lan d^nd cjdv 
bw\ pjdv ,!>tnB p n1a , ^ pnnoi bna n^'^y inp^'n^n* no^ ,ww 'j ^nidb' 
noana bna din n^ni Dnas^p Nipan b"t hm*i Dn /_ in baipon ann ^c va 

1 For the passage in the table of contents, see Catalogue . . . , 1868, No. 2443. 
2 Fol. 88. 3 Fol. 88 b . 4 Fol. 89. Lacuna from beginning of 154 to 161, 
beginning missing. In the table of contents """n ""Oan. 5 The epithet '"in 

omitted from the IMS. 

i49 * s "^od piw p spy* f -ib epv nma D^lpb * 

now vbs % nnam rmnn -jbran n*a bs "pnnb aw lirbs ib nx*i mho paxa wxm 
t Min PB3 kdb *a roao dipb bain xb *a "jban p bx nnxnpb a*3 *33Ki van enmn nx 
pni nine sb *a kvi mna ^nba mvi mp ib naxn xv ymbv ^x a rnwi n,b nn 
mpi mnnn "jbon iva bx -jbn nets dp^i ,nb*atai mwn <t by wye bjwd nnan tbi 
nxi imp nssw ba nx ib na-i ixia dibc ib naxn inxnpb n,bn rwi vaxb nnntrn 
loxy nx nnm vniba^ ^^n 1 ") nbm3 nnw iban ncc^i ,b"r m^bx inre n^x ba 
ba n ^ njin nan ib ncxn" wW in^3 iy in y bxb mnntroi ynia nvn pn bx "jbni 
*oi icy nbaan nny cyan nxr ba "]bya 'n dbcy dhikti dy new nnx new 
naibon i^ u>pa Kin *a nV nation mwn nvn nvy wn nxn npai dna it nb^c 
Dtwoi pasta mn nnna y~\an ba nx niann lanan nxrai noisn *aa bye twmw 
naon nnan ima nna by iwrvi nsd^i inn cpan eyi 'nnix i>a3 a imab jran 
' nya vbx xab b"r i.Tbx dy nna nna rxi nn ^aab nixb nnix'nb dw nr 
: I'D'ax dt ubwta n'a'pni ia"nibab uny dnmy nni nn ban *a nn pi tnn baa 
mm onaaiyxn mbnp tnpn dy by mya 'n cjn nnn jvob d"' rfn'n nat^ai 2 
men nsw nmsn nnni nbna npw \nm Qibna d^a^ nna it^yi owyi an ann nnn 
onaio T-a brf Maiv ona m nnx^ni miN bye mw nibs dvo nnna xb 
na xba iab^i mn nn nan nr o^iani asm D^Nyec>M dhn d^p d^hn D^ipi 
any d^a iyaa3 ono mnm ajnni na-^ni nityn nnsi man niyn dissoi fi" 1 ^ H Jsb 
n"a 13ns 4 ona^i mnia^ipb ia*bin d^uc* nicaa nanni nina^bi dnayb dnai 
\& ipnn^i ipnn maisn ba^ ny naaoa )W dnai an pom ta^aowp nwN bxn^ 
piv naoa nanoa n"yb n^y?a d^anm o^aim vm iyjn bs* imD inio ndu mo nasi 
iyapi .13'^nnn a nDi dnbu> ynison by dn s aan nnnB> nbivo |t> naoai dTiyn 
n'n'n naB> N*n-^ na-j'.n nsrb jb*d iryi as*a 'a ny Tiana r'^o dninpb dnaon ibx 
'aa nnirn nana nanoa nwn nsn N\n nbiN3 nat^ 'a town dn 'a p'a'b nnnni ppi 

:nnnnb ian3 v^ayi nii ya nj^n nn^> n 
nraon nycn nsn 1'^ cnp nnc dv 'n nxo nv t^xi rrwb Y'm d'abx ncan na^m 
nmoai cxa name nnn nsmataunp N\n bxn-^'-a dni n^y jny pxa naw 'oy na nae by 
nan^n nx iaa^ bsnt^ rra bai '3 dv ny bw nbiasob dyn \nn f^aan jeya nic^y byni 
^bib nienno *nai nvoaa s nai nintrm ninvnni D*nan ianc3i nvns* trx ^bnm 'n sp n^x 
jJNDDian "j-ya ncm jn ikb>31 "biaMsniNa rfn n'n' 1 ' n.bani .ine i:b n^nin mxav 'n 

So MS. nniK?. 2 Fol. 87b 

iNn bw "onbe* 'n a nbxn ta^n ba n nnw ^abn xb >a -pbN wan 
jtos Dn *a "jf by iftwyb tfph&n mooi D^pbs'n oyo nann paa a sin Dibn s a -paba 
Tocnb D*y-i Vibv nnbtro Dna nbt^n D 1 ^ n^bt? nnN anasb Dnb ncyn nai "pro 
,-pbN Nas* mnx Dyai Dibc nnsi nab Dbben tanwi pp fpT nyi nyao naxbi annb 
biN -hdn v a nwb Da lab nt** xb iffta 1 nNi c^n nan ns "jbran yiBB'a to 
rrawi nb^ba to .npan nix ny diti aa^i mnyao nyn nin in* Dibn in Kin rnpo 
nr noNi lbon bnaa nx }i5J*Nin ttapoa oyaa Dyaa mpi vby awn |BtJ*n Da nti 
nr^a nr v a ibta* Nann bx Nnpi nb^i njnn dh^n nnba <a anuwi by yn pjy 
?on in ntrN nNi imp ik*n ba nx ib Tanb naboni n,bon wya nxo bna ^nh 
nmayb jowsi pio <aan ib -in*i ras'b mnw *np^ van nto .anaNb omrwi by 
"TDuh N bx ton b*n obiy 1v i?n nyou* Nb dn nyT Nbn n,bon 1b ira^i win 
Dawis* Daa mm oaTOx T3 D*oma vnn d^ ntpbE* mya *a uwaa t by 
law *aab noipn Dab n\T xbi nonxn byo DnnDai Danx raxnbi Dans* Trx*nb 
yiot?a to nai *nhw a s trN no nxm ijn nnyi onMWi | Da^by rntaa nnra a 
i^jn ^ab ha^i nn?Di nhna npyr pyn D^b \ti innpn lab dom nbxn onann ns 
"ik*n hn nj i3T ^anN nhn ^ ionm "mxn ivn nyi ns* Taynb )b pnTP) nai 
Jjni lacun bw lay^nni nvsn ^aaai d*?b* aba nrn tavn ny niyao y:zb *nai>nnn 
Tiaian mnNO H nyc^ *a n^yb bia^ ^n ni idn^ jyi D^ann i^n ^n *jab ncn 
Na 'a s ^n lain hpn nx yo^ni nNtn nWn Nan pann dni nnaba ddn nsn *a 
han nt^ra yc^ ,,, i iDBB*Da nai ns ian , i p oa Na*i nn^^wi nb^a to .nnN* xh N3* 
nom ranon by nmn^Di nmai r*mn wm wb by baia nt^o hn nbcn iniNia wi .vaa by 
rabcnb nvxan p nnxa in n^nn nnx bs* nwn y^an p nv mp aina ib nn ib 
naaa ^\s % b pN ^a i*yn pya naon }a n-\nn obnn inoi ^a^ya ityaa n^ ^a "it*'aa by 
aina p v ^n ib jnai iaD N pair tj-n bab vby aiaib ins* did N^anb tbiw wbsb 
vaa "dion bs* nn n yuab by^bai jn c\s' vby nt bab ib bti* ironma mnrn 
-jnaNbn no twm inN^pb c-^n nam -jma nbm ton TO taDinrwi naiai nbin nw 
pnnN pnnN byi fiwtn \mn by \am\ tsi nnN ay n?n tn ins no Nan fwn 
Nin ^a pan tn T,nbna nN nary iny ns* nctaa nob nnN D^pbs* nt dn ib tdn*i 
vnv ^anN ib now nbnbnai ynai nnna vban ^aab baai Dian byo bia^i b"? imbN 
baiN naa^si 'oy nN ws& nu'N nyna warn baiN naa^N s a nno DniN Nip* ib*s njnn n 

1 \nbN. 

mix new mxvo dd* 'j irotbi .sptPl wuwnn ia*pn 10x1 cm in a^aia unn 
wnb kdb> ins a vnba jdi cwib noian ioki iawb nw aya wi i,bon na? 
by lma^bwi i^nba }Di ib wen m -pi .niai nyawi nvx note ix owaa 
baai ,db> noi naa mm ioe naisnn in nxi inowi niaw cxn by icx mwn 
waa ioyts> ejouji a s oan qtom vby rryn *a ia poxnbo ayn nsp o xb nxr 
pjn fAyn b H b:a inDnx n^aa wipb naw nae baa "jbm a^ 'n nanwi inx 
t'avn ppa a^oxo a^oie noa wb> nr onoTa stow loa dwbmd 
row vm ^pnibxoa rfora naao rovn baow nitta n"w a^abx neon meai 1 
icy roow ama a^abx rosea baxni ax einb 'i ova jNbsKp amax 'i nas 
av-j'i a^abx neon nae iboa einb a"a 'i b^bai .ex naneb in n"a> nvDaa Tia 
ba arvby n< awn jo tbw ">ayi pax noibxa px iss nx 'n i^son rrwfc 
a"DCxbi a^oioinb ibxei myi bx ex anwxn insni nb"bn bai xmn am 
ia by anb bxci a^oann nnx saiwi nbei .nxr nnn 'no a mis pw a^aeaobi 
;o iBjn pax "pns mo nx 'n jn< letup p ib noxi nunn jo rsi w dxi 

: wsitm 
nobnn iaiw anx niabo nyenn w niabo nn P'a'b ne ion *a naeai 

jeip nae ova ^osbx am ay nruxm 
n'n'br pen neo 'moa ix^son niwi enpn in ^ jo^d pbic ibon ^o^ai 
ibon p -loxo x^ini pocoi is ba ^ab ibon nyca ioyi loy by icaa nooc 
nab yoB xbe xxi^ai nvoa D^b^oo d^ixmc o^biyn onnixe di nb^by bat? noxb 
b' r r l^bx nw ab i H Dn ibo nn *a rby iioxi ^bon iyc nab ox a oaici ib> 
onoy inanx anoe iy niabob jaipoi panoi ctixm anix nMB> naom .vby nbsa 
ypypb nai u^iwa t nibcb ia nibiann j*yi rowan nn nvn ana xapna 
n^ao pxb nnno pa^a ib nicyb wi .noisn na byo ambabi bxiw be anva 
nam nb^bn nma w .icy pi ^bon aac ncx nipoa niabon n^a iy iiisn isn 
jx^biD ixo^biD inaba nox nai \b)p pxo aixa vbx naio bipn nx yoci "jbon 
xbi iao bxiw nx i^nani nro ino nb aipi inaco nipn -no aacn bvy 'no iy 
'n a an"by noan xbi bionn xbi o^bai mc anb nM< xbi iiy bxne ac -lar 1 
*o noxi nxo iy nbiu mm ibon iini nxn nbxn nai nx yioca mi .iai 
l^aa xin ^x ^a nnn bxi xim bx ib ioxi jyi i,bon bx nx-ip ^a nnx *u\ na^x 

1 Fol. 84. 
T 2 

2 DpDio pso nnx bn noil i^yb s*a mwb 1'a'n D'abx niron naea to 1 
nbni ,nwi *7^tD by> avn it? nm a idni N*aa my tow idp yawnn mm 
n^n iaib yiv mn ab <o nya iaib pbn icy T^m ^hshstib ibc oy "12m 
baia* by icy by waab wbt? 'n a bsaiDiia ibob now my ppbai tnpn ppba 
itd wik ba riN npai uinn jnd^id itabw oy nonbai 'owp in sa nab nnyi 
lb& nan .apy pfct mw wra nvtra vm mma^aD bm d^btv nwb > 
nwna miaab 1b tj*n bnan icon bx mis nbm vasb lrvwi iipi fwnmiD 
vmav dc mm ib>n nittipon baai yiDai -jibn pwi yoi vianb D^DiasM wstn 
onb jwnn nyi .enpn nice omby anai acin ntpyo D^bai tryi ia mam 
nisnbn ami? mn iai bait?* i,b m jao Nine onb idki enpn nw vby ama jao 
nw nayn mm ^aibia my bp naaan ma p"pa naa dim iy Nine now Den 
ins una mi ns 'n myn dc? *rntnn in nvna w ,D"aivi mb s b mrtn d^ 
yiro mm nann nm inw na^ mm maboa nnmn Q'awn iben msido mnts> 
nmc ioni iab roabt5> ie r,N aiDi mbiy ica nx b"i naiena mini b^iB" 
n&an rm 'n mi vby nrn winy lea nx ibvonai ,ibp K*aa raisin ini rpcun 
dinm bao Dam nb&>b nan ma. 'm 'n nxm nyi mi nuaai nxy mi wai 
D^mni D^ninD onai iaiia .imi Dm laa onoian aa n^^d'n nya inn mm 
Dnm mDa "pn bv Dni t:ean in ^y did na byap nunai anaac nuna 
D^aa d^o Dyoa i^y envi mn v^mwv piDa ^ai omoa y?:^a 16 ib>n Dmeno 
iein i^a inx onoaip n^ 'n nas D^aai moan in bv nam onao iam hid 
.D^anb bawi bv n^ D^Dinni d^md onai "jni^yna 'aa^ paian wyy by mp 
imw now dv dv 'n ina piDa bv r, a nr ib io^b> ins* lya iS bc ins on 
piDan mix by inoan 'iy d.idi wan in by did D'trwa enao mn ibia dim 
obiai dmis'm |d mv D"biyn ia unsMm Q*ai vby mcmi mis vim iba^ sb a 
Dibc nai iniabo nwno ba bx 'nao nbci nrobc noan yew nx yieeb me^ao 
ini icn nsion pay nn 5 : . . . 4 nobtf ibon D^a anaa -\m anan jatrna nn idn? 
D"dm nai ibd by o^aina on xbn D^Dinni Q'cino D^ai onai D.ib ioni 7 : . . . 6 nobc 
nobir 'i nx onayn la^'bi D^in cbcoa mi nbsn onain inx mi . 8, a^n jnan ejovb 
nw b^a^a novj'b iben ivi vby iax nin ibixp idmi ibcm on-cm iben ^b isbo 

1 Fol. 80. 2 DIpDniO. 8 N^aibia. 4 Follows the letter. B Fol. 81. 

6 Follows the text of the vision. 7 Fol. 84. 8 See Naan pvy, text, p. 97 seqq. 

no-'xp Dmaa 'in Taan t by d>Wi* mom nx rua torn x*anaiai wmpi mru^a 
[bSb> by nirxa monx no n^xa torn yaoon ma by bwo Dnsraa nm -ib>n b"r 

aaoi ioe by yaoon .tjtp ib m vnns nbe onvoa ibo nwynfr mm ixo^id 
nx own trantn otmp fyob t nama pnsn ib jnny nabai nye> *& ib mm nna 
ibob tanb nanjoeipb nabb vaa Den imsoo m^i npaa DnriaM Dae*i .nation! 
tj-x anan nx ib rann no dhii nmaba nty xm a jy manb "jfan pwm xbi 
bvnanc nx Bns!> nbei onwn *jbon Tya fn Drnas* xsoi Tonx Dtra anaa 

,\ , . nexa 
nnix by bna nyv onb nm Dnvoa nex omnm by oat 3 ... 2 Nuprin rwai ' 
i:bvx mam Dip nexa yatson ma by btrio nmt? V'i noexp Dmas 'in Taan 
pivoai nviftaa Dmx soani d^ik hod ibmea anm 4 jNiabiD }K&ta> mama nbyob 
r^w an bbts> dho lbbei noa D'nwon rmo by ia onwn mix one rupna bmi 
dxi D'bna amis ?)bx brown nxo ninmoa ib lame bxnty *aa ^xn bx p Da 
ny-in ba nx n'n'br td '| bxiot? 'vinoa am m&oai .manai aina Dmx am* ixb 
nay a" 1 po b*ro \o nya nx rcroi nnm na sw nop Dp onmrn by nsan 
Dnoy bbannb rbim p"p Dim ny n*ipm lbs? noaan ma bx Dmx spxi nooi 
oyoai mbana i^am namn js!? inyi idni pp nsDoi 'aai Dwa -nx vnrb n"* ova 
r"a ovai ."ima "3d namn p niM m pern noi? rniy iioixa n^yo ssi>a 'nan n^on 
m^o vuaDN vnnx Djaii pvmn n"aa pawn K5M Via pnnii pmo^ ^n nnx 'rb 
wnxb ynnji nbna npys vaaa py^i annn s aao n^ons* nyaai mnij lT-a nati> mm 
|o vjao T<onx nnai rnian la nc-'yi n^onx pan i?y annn baal ma^o nnaaDN* 
ti^i Dn^aao mai v^y jo^id pbw i^on bm ^ nna bs>:) pnnon n*a ^c npnoon 
nx mnai ^Nron^ oasai pxa n^ons ^^on n^ v^k 1BW1 ,yj ,,, i ^y Nim iwn ^y imx 
ba ^a^y^ n^mn nyty by nmbnb nanon bs nms* i^ai mx unrb n"a Dra \&tn 
oam vitro nnx bn n 1 " by jno^d 'w ibon bx nm^c p nnxi ,ja itryi D^oyn 
nvcybi ion -nx n /7 a b^a nninpb 'x n^ao nmx \wy\ nr ite^DD nvp mpb nnso 
a": bia^ tnni? n r/, a unia ha^ D^aty 'ah Dnis d^ loa nnoiri nnco nv mix 
a^ix fpn [bdi mnr^ n'a'it D^abx neon naea m n\m ennb n' r a xme Dim mix 
:nntacb 1'a'm ^x n^e iarix vaa nx 1 - nnx pm wy_ myi ,p'a'b 

1 Fol. 78. 2 Follows the history of Ahmed Pasha's revolt. 3 Fol, 79. 

4 Above, 1. 4, 

[II. 4.] T 

: n^DD pnv p b)dv 'n 1 ? c)dv nana ononp^ * 144 

t Vf\D2 ib wsj 11331 rrwb k"si 'n rotpa nusji nisDinn nm ona ^Dmi b"r 
ms by "iD2Ji mina bvu b*w ,tr:a puds? ib wi mix" 'in icipca rnin panm 
b"r D"nmn bya apy nni dhdh di^dji niroa bnnE>Di TDnn nobt? vnnxi vax 
rraa bvu n\n n"nbr (Wtrvi Dvbxi .pyetri nrybxi phpdi a^bxi irittp mnxi 
xbc yitn din* n s n vcai obiya npc in vso n^ xbc? nan^o Ten nm lbs* ntrn 
mix* ib "jdn TNi lnxanb D^bx 'nn yu nbni naicrn nicy!' irnm ni-ay nan nun 
ids ai::b *]bn nyinn nnnmty ib ncinoa 13 bnnn d*dti ba T,b aim nprbo *pvy 
nis dk pTtan noi nana to -|bm mn pvib nnx ^bxc" dx iaba ntDS brvus> 
im nwayn bao yana nr inn byi nrinn nw by nuyx npcx dxi ^an noxn 
p rwww bYan fprn bwrp 'nn nbia y'p'n'ni n^bx nyanx natrai :nmbc> Parana 
nw dto nnx bat? vnxb sjn lyatrn ioc jnan nobs? 'nn p&u nan ib n\n pop i"- 
a"a nap tnuoan dy b^ba w .nnnx ou^ayai iroa jn man ntpyoa pbn ib 
niaiD bp nyicn brnai DnaaBwn anana n'a'a ib n\na> bxw 'nn bv nan naa pvb 
bnpn vsb bm: bipa ncxi ni&x '*i ny ran jnan n?obc> 'nn vbx nnpi ann ntasa 
ny |inxa pinxb ntasan b^nnn tx /oy nnap man tow Dausb ntasab nar mx 
noiy t^x nam it^nno n^nn nmb }nan nbc 'nn .T.m Di\n *m bnpn mix ixn-^ 
ibvx pio xoa ib rmw nma xint^ noxi vr^y by ib bxcn nxncn by ncnn in::b 
vn .iriun b c- ib ncx nnx ^nb mxnnnb msn -jb btn **c non D"nn ib ncxi 
T 1 :! mp nnn nb ncxi m^xb nnn p oa nxna nb^bn ^'na nat? b^ba DHinn ntr^a 
nnnD wi ,i"n d^tucvi nx mnn Tyn nx 'n nm^a a nun ncxa ni ^nmi 
:nuiya bnpn ny n^ya nanmi nb ncx nx b^'nb nnrn D^m nnxbi p cyni 
noxi x"a3 iosy n^yi nnx naacx nix 11 nx^un b^'x xn^D^xa Dpn (x'y'nn) vmai T 
"b^'xo D^am pxn niaaa n 7/ y )*api nn1x , nwsai bxntr icy by vxh 'n nbe> a 
bx no xbi mpDDni nvoiv D.Tby nirjb rn ranwn vnnx id: bxn^ ^a ^am *anepi 
DiT'Baa n^x Donn jdi nynn iann ^x iau^ bants* ua -y^iQD D"an d:ox .inycu'o 
:m:iya nrn pra yn^xc irca nuiya cn^a Dnn ibyni onnx D^oa ibbv a'n'xi 
n>iontr nnx nix" 1 n^ by onn nx jiwbiD ixobic nab D:iarnb 65phn n^'ai- 
mmnvi pxn nny nx nb'W iDrcip apy^ bxn^a o^sb low i*naa nx 

:nbix^ nna 
nx nab p oai ninnacn ib noo DHix\m nnabn pmab 'ab 'j' nacai 3 

1 Fol. 69. - Fol. 77. s Fol. 77. 

:pmp cm 3X31 nop .mwi tin .mac 13 >a 
tpny y ie>n npK ,wnnw bn .npw nt?K 
:pnv pnnK .dv bx nce ,pwi *3 B^ nm 
n run Diip bna maaa ny "nb jvn 'nn .px'b n 'nn .amaK *nn Dno '31 
vby ibon omby ma a wm own cmp by annas? w pyot? 'nn ti^it k*>dk 
xb oni D-anrn con Dmby n*asw omaa nx w bina* *aao ovaan r\vv byi 
DB>aa baai Daab baa m mm nnoeo nx nopi onnotro by noyi mxyb us 
ny nmon caa nnK mp omby maab nibna caas ijtd^i lbon nm omKo baai 
pyoe nx Dmby m "Vpn nx ionn ce nebe nnxbi .p wjn Dnix niayb trans 
pyot? nN mp^i cno cms* iksjd coan npen nproi tnmn vniaa mpib vanni Kin 
nfaV/n cann nwya \rm iann na nnai myn nycb nxbno ibtfm aino mix mai 
caa pcwo vm pcaK vnt? taai ax dc fonrai pap ib pws> rvtxo noa mm 
DHK3M 'do nnv nannai naao Dnb labn ibxn tanpaKm inapb men ma nnbi nmon 
mvPBDm mwn be> nropn maa innapi oma bya nm imone> coiaKno D^n* 
oniK csnno vn nantpn mab &-\pn bmnw *aa Dy nx pa^bio wnw mm .db> 
jaipon naia mn taabw Ton D^mp onxe nr 'anNb ixnp ayb inn ontaiM vm 
.dot emp by annai nmnn by bhts nsw bxaan 'nn :'n onain nsnas^ 
xa niDDa w^sk mp ioa n"D nn^n by nanc isd nnp byn td n^ab Dnao 
mr 'j pnK 'in 'j Dmo t Tbnn by p^nm a"a nam l/ iDhB3 a^mai t^amao 
mm 2 n"si n'sba n^cn na^a naivo sy mnb mv iDK>.Knpi pan 'pos naD nan 
kvi qhw D^abs nB^ 103 ianm ib^ nmpna nnoa ana^ 10a Divyi an not? db> 
by mvpa D^an pDB nsD a"a nan xbicbiD n^yo bs*n^ /lcbma a^mai wn 
vpfy4xn* n^yo K>f ^aKatnaK bxioc pn nivon nsD b> Knpi nvaorn nwian 
*aai wai mn raa^Kta kt b"r B'Knn Kin b^m 'nnn p tcn .xbicbitaa a^mai 
D'Yno b^a-j'a mn raa^'NO mv naDi n^s 'nb && 'n rf di D'-abx neon naea m^a 
nbu any np^b mn xb benom an pooa "irnxna nibnpm beion i^sne pmaaono 
d'Vhd -102a nibnpn by poon pbnnae ompi poon nya any Daa^b "pxm 'ran ann 
noaai p-iy oaaai D^anaty inxoe iioxa 'ran ann by b^byn banom no^na b"r 
Nbita'biob xai raaexo nv mabon p mKm -asoi .iDson ;o iiodc omp mo^ana 
B v in n"y D"pDian iian ncyi nam D^Tobn n'-oyni ouia mm panni w a^mai 

1 See p. 126; confusion. - n"Dl ?. 

: nnoo pnr q t-pv 'n 1 ? spv niia n^p 1 ? 142 

rbvm tram ba nx rwy nnanai -pay aw n^bs nnx *a ym* avn btOB*i pre* 
-jbob nb^i nm n^aya innpnn tropm bbannbi nanb imbaa -m ,mjj 'n ^jy 
ann :nanai nana pm naw pan by a^an wi ntran nanvy sbi Til mote nosb 
nioipon amsa erfln joja *a r#n room nnr* wya my rwn b"r amax pny 'in 

aeaa by nioyb D'amno Dnsw m^*y nw ax -nay xbi an'-by tPiwn ibapi iD*p 
ts*iwn lbon can nr *on byi nanai nana pn naw pxb nimnS a^aianni nbana 
nvi xb a W3M tmui rwi b"? amatc "nro nra Dnn a^ann a^oa w .inxa 
Dttmn nniN by anwn nya bbannb 'on ann "aa nx i^n-i pun ba *aa by dps 
a'ana cm n"D nwnn nyai inbana nnsm vpbx 'nb bbann na"nn "aab nay*, 
npy* pyvi n*on iab a^on iab a^on iab nox pmn by xcnani pny nnbin nunaa 
mown ^ab nyxa on bane'' *a nniaa xDa "sab jrm nba y't/an now rnoi nbna 
Toy by Dm nanai nana jrai 'ops pb nnmnb pmaio lansK s a man nn s x by 
ny fxao n vk noxi nbyo 'aba nmn con oyoai cm iab D*on iab ncyno fron 
na*nn jo nc Kb naox it* by uya toi a"aya nnpnn dmmwh ,Tsa by annnc> 
abiyn jo noaaea nae aw p prnpi a's'n nats> bxaioniaa noaai nnx pya xbx 
by b"r j'a'onn ^a byi ''p'n by /s a nam i:a apy mis niapn voy ba ^dkm yin 
niawni mbxc naai niobnn }o nnns nxp by niBtFi omo 'nn by 'a nt^jn minn 
la^bcn d^c: m^sy }ora jiasiN niaboai tp^a nna nam "itmn nniao nDD^ 
NnDn 'nn enni con w ny nnya anyt^n inaDi myb pno ab^a aniK^n 
.d^o nnb jnai icy nx npa n'^ anon lab vnan nbnna nox nai b r/ r Npynp 
vn nns ayai .ncn cnp by annan d* pyoc .a^ban naa pn prw .px^b n pny 
nr anb noNi nnx Diax an'-by nnyi noaan n^a nnxo nbna nns* ps* by d^-jt 
n^by D^aw vnc nns ps* by pioan nra anb rani n^a^y nyac nns ps by pioan 
nnos b"T ""asnoo 'nna ann dans a^y nyaca a^aan nyanx any nnyn iy>y nyau* 
3B> now bxairania nbo n s m nnoa 's wy nn"nc b r/ r anias "nno by nns* pcba 
be ia*yi bsaiDnisa n^s nea py anb yns abiyn baa |nb> ^niaboa >b ^ a*a v y 
poo r s ibsN anaaa '31 nns ybD p by s /,r n ib acn mna nbnra n\n k"bi .s^'n 
anano vni n^nyn snna b"r anni nn*aab nmy in^bn ' nma n\m bsoo , ^<^ 
y'N acse ni^n *b jn ib nos nns nios lb now Tobnn bs r n naai mrw nana 
'a^KB* xmns n>b *ann 'n nos a^a^y nyau* nns ps by nosi psn by ae*i ae 
sen aivyn ibiabai 'ran ann naD ns aio bro nobc 'nn nxn ncsai ,ipn snnpax 

{pny a*o ca acv soa nnn ,rnw nns nosn ^bc f o 

141 > hudd pnv p spv 'ib spr naiD o^p 1 ? > 

inti w ijn nnjn no 33K nan ann ana nowi iraoy nw waya nsm nioa 
wapn Kae> Timoa nya aa'ay iaapn nyiooi nnyiD mno laxam nn nj 'aianai 
more wpp Dnwa nann nan? nwn myn nj nan Danyo apna dm ax 
pi npa aa nnt^a D*on my rwt Kai aa^ann nx imavn pai 'mas nnapa wap^ 
an lan nnnoo to .oniaan dv anya ny "na ann nraaai layro dm mom .hm 
noNn aiat?a Dna bam wm p"p ata* nDJan ma as* loy D^aK rrapi km aainn 
viw inmoa nytra yw nai mno b*k *iDxa *ae> m*aaa *a dhw inti lyn ana 
atnB" ba mis* nap^i .aany amoc no icy tang* ma dhk p|k ^y nuts* no aa 
nam btw) 'on anm n'aYan wni vya aniaan ay 'Kinoa imnapn innaDn 
nyirai max ''pis ay nKnra? nom tsrvai mon ins ioc snpi rmnn ay cnma 
nnyoi tisd t*nna ^mo on anaon ooann i?k aa ,naiat*a mya imx job r^man 

: K^Keo^ BrM n"ya ainaa 

naytr avac 4 'aa NaioniD nop wap oyram waaDK km NW'TUD Ema 
onaaai D\n oniaa a^aao p dj toy lay may nrca aaa -jao ytann munavaa 
iob* ayi jxaD^N ioun k^d^k nao anoy nay aainai ra naai ata aia^a a'oivjn 
Dipoo Dipon aaoaoy* DP ay Kaira^aira noe> ixnp ammm m*jmbd'm myn ntopa 
anaoa d:i imaao mrno ba inp maym Dia n^o enia a!? 'n n^yncai ,apo^ 
n^nai D^tnm b$ r\)byb )bn vn xb hw ioy ^pi>s w ioy ^ao Daa o "on!j 
nc-'s* ^n 4 "!^ ya^ nrn i?nn mbi piDan nra fc^aan xnaiy Naana Dn6jn nivisn i^a 
icn crfwrv m^i wvisnai tmtyainn n^ji^pcni n^jo^k km nan^ ny oyyaa 
Dipon D^o^otJ' db> ^y NPira^ra dhin*m not? wnp "i{i>N N*ni x'^s'aD'N km nnaDa 
prw 'in ann octroi .D'ynn D^aai D'oan d^jn na vni nann on'o^n in'oyni 
d^n n*?Dn nj^a noaai d % jk*i D'o* Tnsm cana nnm panne* ?"? nrajNaasp 
imnnam D^oe*) nn^'y nnM nns Dyai DJn ^ya )vn pn^ .dh^oIti n % oym a'a'n 
moan b maoa ann nwi pxn ay DK*an n^mna vpas* 'n ax aaanna Brom iaon 
a'n'Ni nNc>n xa n>ya pno Dtrua ms maim d:i ann ma mnnaon N'anh Dnac* 
.anna mnnaon warn nama nns min nmna nnx noa iman miD^a nai .aaam 
nnx 'o ay ana noun ann ana ann"i mnpi myn oan aaa Nnp k i nbwi npaa TO 
*a lyo^n ah dx lynn xan atrjn nya unya N3 aaann Dnoi DnN ^oh a^pmv 
Dnsa yinoi aanya aaanna naia % km n^iaa noaa nniK anxann ntrx 'a nann 
na tnaa ianan iranj ianaj ann nan hk lyot? nuwai .aaa nv nt^sa nny ^k 
DnnaK nas 'n noxn 'n as aaann anna nnaon ns* iN'am n*ya pno noano njnn 

: nnDD priT p b]dv 'm? b)dv nans D^ipb * 14 

npw ii> nixnn^> -jtan u mn pi 12 trawi to) nns' 1 tsnn nyc i>"n nxaian n nx 
nmxn nx? ^a pyb xnpi nna ntnan nnsi cnn nyts> Tyn noma pa in arai 
maim jo pinn noa ^ Ijxspi nnx nnna mix a-aan nnnx aya aiB>.D3i> w amnn 
noa pinn xa men i$> brnyi wn nos mm maan nac nnx^ "pi np 1^ ion psi> 
awn in nni>y pxn ix aw mbaan inoana Kim *nrDB> "a psi> tfo^n to pinn 
ta'a'n nat? noaai trotacBKpa aita ma naa ^>ya fprn aita annax lA w mm 
npspsta '| nt?o .ma ') ^>xiok> .rent? '1 tarms ,snT *att 'j in ,ama apy 
latrma }i5xt?xax mso .avxax e|DV ,mcp tanas .Dipmp *ibv sonsoa lat^na 
f]DV .mi ni? .man 'j apy* >ab '\ pnm ,jm mab nehv J nam aVma 
s|dv ppy^NDa latpro wam&^M ^nibv .*3KnBB noby .mm '| *pv /esq 
prw S)bn jxpxn !>mt? .rwp pnsr 'vbvw annax .s^y 'j annax .px^xarxa 
bw3 p^w a^api pan myo auni an ronMMFipa lacuna mm '1 r, nn ,jn |n 
a'-aan & )ba nata taytrn )ba msnxa lae^na ntrx a^anno a"y ,!?ina maaa 
new m^B^a 5]dv ,Dnie> ni>m anatr pan uhm yma x^ mm anma new annx 
nnx ayai }v!>y man mm kxprm naano tyimai awtm nyci mis njw nsa nan 
a^arxBa vnvan vniaiy a^pit? anws 'a nxn mn x^i mn a^a xh a^i y^am n^n 
n^yi Na-ina ti aniN mam p^ann ^st^i prnnai imyna mo ni^a niB> ovipw 
Nipi nmnn ^>y tnma nam mann bai nmna a^aio noisy r i pmr ,anb nico 
mn sane spi* .avs '*ai ^^ ai^as ni nK>p mm isdi pny nmpy \aw 
/aaxia^s nti'O .s^ia^iaa aun ') hkid ,pssKBsa nobc .p-tc r i irittP .^aipo 
rn^a^M ne>D ,^n amas ,naiaaa fay pjbv 'mi prnsp nnaa i?ya tarn rmu* 
.saini n^ya "asiBD e|Br /aNiao prat .ntw cm 7 bi mnn nhy ^ya xai^i mya 
S'lnT nu ^ya trxp^np raraon ciaaia jwnm .iry^x .xnaiy am .taxha 'j rnw 
mm am mpo ^ya arin^K a^n .nnaxi niaBin 'oa ^y a^piaan aipo mio mm 
i?y enma nw axnpia im annas .a^aanm man naa ^y a^piaan aipo mm 
nya na^ rsna ntmwi ^ya yaa una* .a^am n^ya at^nai iappn naca Vn 
ntr^tr mn toini my pai lau mm 13 no n^x v!?n nx n^n b^ mna mi nmpisna 
ba a^rh B^axn innmi Tsvrb nacn m3m a^n ba mya mn b*vn 'm a-o* 
nan ann bx moxn a^p^x b$ c\s* ipjnw omby nyisi ihn mn a to xh mrmn 
im tp^k /fl nN u*w 3 N;3 ^2nn nnx yaa 'n nam nnx a^p^N ^x a xxyrv xa 

1 All the following names have the epithet 'nn, if not given otherwise. 

139 * ^IVD prW p )DV 'lb v\VP niTD D^p 1 ? : 

Dtfa nCX b^O HDnS nfcttSTI xb awn ^bt^Oai WHKOI 'Oy "JinO 1XV 101p W3Tn xb 

nbn: Tipy* py^i D*iwb binji na> ^aojroK pny 'in ann ntwi yiotpai ,naw bxnty' 
wabo rpabi ib pnnnb -jbon bx nabb inn na sw no*p Dpi wbn na:a nrxi nnoi 
mryn nob ibon min nyn?in maba nox nai n'oimi a^am anana bants* icy by 
roiDNa "payb nxan cajai abt? aba iMab TMjbnnn nc*x nx mam "nan "p^yb na 
nvbnoi maio a^axi anr in* spa ano n,bon Mnx nxr axi 'bnb "imx 'n *pai 
vj'sj nya jnr 'bxncr'n Bb n&?x bai Mcpan n"o Manyx *aj nbon iaa bx in: 11 
ay by pbnb -jbon Ma wno vanKob bMxaxnax ,r/ nn nt?n xnp myi .mm tn*ai 
nxi nonm p|xn nsD avnh ny baa ^bon b nanb nn 1 " hdm a^nm bxnty Ma 
yets* xb new mjn dox 11 &nn ma ioai anaxb onwn by at?n x*x maumo 
Sin intyyo nitt>yb nnpb ana mon MBt}>b iro^ by nioiy batwn a^nbo bipb 
monx bye nnw mb: dvd niwu xb nioa tbw amx^b nbinj nnn nni .tidm 
uvw axi wu Wff ax u*pb* mini i^oy nya pmnji prn ww bx s^x nsm 
nprn tm moiyb nnoiy mnm .iPpbtc n aea ibj unam mna bbro xb imoi 
DTPtuwi nmanx Ta n^ioo nxi win nx iaryi nmo xbai c\D3 xba wriKO trnbw 
nnn Dirai b"j ^'nno pn ncn ann tDtwiai ^n ibs mxo b^ na xba ia^i 
nnoi nny Q"Da iyau3 dhd annm aynni na-^ni wn mym man nns 'iN5i 
niD noxn [u> ipnnn ipnc niown baK> ny naja ma nnoi nms^bi anayb maoa 
bx njo iabnnn n^yb n^yo cainni ttaim vni unxa lacn bxi iy:n bs mo ndd 
n,ina EfNan bvrw ^a mo^ nbxi tnanno nyo nstJ>ii nnx ay ba nabci nj 
nbua labn new anaaji an^ pno by a^acv ayn cNna nixav n^ w nbun 
annvna anioc> nbsi nmx nn\n ams^b nmn xsn ani nivnsn ibsa la^^n^i 
-\vx njcon naaioi nmnn by t^n^a nam 'biBNa n-ya a^na N'^nno .annual 
bwn WT'sb nyi^n ^^yo a^nnsn a^i^sn a^s^ ^n'-ai anann nbs* naD by ib 
nns'D by '*u im^D myi^ .n^ ninn .nin^nyn msia^n bab myi^ jrotwa 
pnx .avbx mbyao .max nbm .nDa nar .njox t^xn , o^pr nnay .niobnn 
lyao nv xb "a mien by t^ima xini .a^nnn nw nsa .a\s s a3 npnb .a^nbiyn 
NDinDa a^na pinn mar nnnax 'nn js^bu^a at^TO vem '\ n\xo 'nn :abiya 
jin iben mn^na imD^b sa nnx ayai m?oan an i^nT ana ibi binj pin n\m 
B^a^ n^yn nna nr^xa brrcn ^a by ib nan nniTx psb yD^b uisnB> moo bxtn jni^ 
amnm am^n ^a ab -jbon ib nox nns*a a^an nnx nnxa n,b noix ax ib nox 
V noTKia nJwH nxaxa n nx *n b^x n.a vby anai pbn n*M x H anb nnn n,onma 

S 2 

: nuDD pnT p b)dv 'ib =pr nana o^pb : 138 

^3 .ion!? 3nao3 Dai miabo ba hp mayn (nono phw) isbob nm nttai 1 
b*n i>a wataa miwi d*wwi yir iyoc nnyi na d^n ^ jna pwi ni3^>oo 
atraa pxa nnw? dd^ mm s ni3ta dn nanaracipb ijn loy vpiw w ioy ^30 M3 
hru bane* via "ibdo niraon i3o mapm .na mi pa lyisf i3B>n win pun 
|wn d.-6 jmi .nxo iami nw na wrw iwutwnpa nbra -j^on on^> pro om 
'w oaioi> nnx *^on jwna niKD3 rw^ jprro memo nai nvoas na man!? 
noix i>a DDiwf' mttoa ub nop ^3 Dmwn hs> annb 'w D^nyn ta pnosa^ 
vmoa |pm ann d^ki !>y jna Dmxn ynroi .oajyoai p*rea may nx matrn noiw 
pwn .iBfcaa manwi >oaion ixa n^on rwna 1x03 nx dbi n'n'br ^ndsp n:a>o 
nmnai ny* *n vni ^ pxn by\ nwn i?33 nayno mm tm*n ^30 no ray nets 
d^i ,oDBwn nd3 ^yo ixd3 nx dbi maio ins "o*vi ^on *aa^ mojn .tay mn 
S>a myai .^topsy am mxisyi aFStt D^on oaB>03 pan b ^y do 2 iotio "jtan 
.dhinti i?3 nx "j^on anwi i^on naa ^x pnai n 1 bv naaai 'ran ann '"y mVnpn 
mnon ano -j^on ^nan .nnrna vh moa nwc na^joanpa naao nnm Dnn D^ai 
ww px tayotj* aa aa maiDoi maim aw "6ao noop pan mww a nsaoa 
noi nwn psi> n33 'n nt^y no ^y nnb Wi D'lan ,, 03ni? Nip 11 ! n^i ,sa pw 
arm nya ^on n^i ,psn mas* no ^y nan vnavn n?i run hian ^xn nn 
.D^iy^ N3 i3n mam jiy ^y^ r\"y wan n^'o nmno majn run nann in^so S>nbi 'ran 
.an ann cnsira^ano anmi 3-1 mar notch rbn nmpn n^y rxi wya nann 3D" 11 ! 
^n-i^" y^n^ D , 3ipy3 oniN* idi B*owa Dnix nam loy n main 'ran ann Dai 
d^p^n nnyi D'onn orn^y s^onn .^nN^a^a^ nanna ncx ^y DmtJ^aa D*Nonn 
nx r/y win *a lyn 11 *a 'ran 313 Bmwwan isap tnoi .nnvya naaom j3 nn f\vh 
nw sdii 'ran ann nx "jbon ^pai di^o 'nvn m^vi nta>o nx annb v^pan *]bon 

:mn pi mm^i vasi? meyi nnx 
wm Tna onsvo i^n nx^nn ^3 nw ^ni^ ya nimp r\n ain3^ b-nna nnyi 3 
^3 nnsD ^o n3^ p"d^ ^ni^ niro nar' wn nmy^ aYn d^d^s* n^'on n:i"3 a 
lnaioN*^ iMiK *aa n ywrb 13^3 nos ,, i 13^ naa^i *i"idd jioi wn mjasia ni3^o 
wroi vaa^o ni3^o 131 nti inn oyanni ip33 rm ,mnx px ^n Da^vr6 is 
{Haoni p^ani D^anrn D s oa nayn *a ^nt^ n^a ninsco ^3^ pnox |i3b bma np 
ann mp^s Q'^i onnoi lason dxi i^3sn pxn aita D3 , ni3 , 3D ~\wt D^oyn "p^s^ 

1 Fol. 62. s So MS. s Fol. 6 3 1 '. 

anpe a s*b is a'n'a ae mn ax e*K ab by rby abi tsn'so nmno nann 
mpan nroa en a*aann be> nnrw nvoaan ^nei .e'y'^ b"T ^a'a'ana maoa iai>XK 
aanjoa na a'bbano baa waw iw b"n B pSny5K nnw paao 'n snxfa nvp 
naaa nnis* paao na a^bbano a*yab ump 'am d*wb ma-nn mnw a"a K*m 
mm? D^ionpno nbap i^i ,0*30 na ae> rva jann amp miaa nrwn p^xebx 
nnan by nnx mb by nmaai aina mn nbe "pwim na bbann an^ob waa traan 
inx nsa nai rrw5 naeri a nae son nn&vb l'b'e naea maaai na ina-oaa 
mrncp bx onsoai .b"r 'o'a'Din ma^a "pua tiVinc anpe ioa naian amy *"bo 
W* "pnm pmpn be iwi 'wi jorn inis*a na w a"a 'an nae na trapp lanaxe 
p\xip be nx-inb a"abim pwroata am tnpan nna rwi jwn mixa na lab" 1 
nlonH mm avn na pbbano bxnp^ *aa ay lanaxe 'am now '| na'-aa nnix paw 
nnix paao uki ptoofa an* xnpan nnoa ton jot inixa na ia^ n^x 7-nm n^nr 
nai moi japan onso moo nnx naab labn myi .anynacbx a^aabx an* avn 
.laemn aem 4 a'3'mn nia^oa labxN anpe tea naio na'-aa nnix paai nnx a'n'a 
bya m by anoDoa amx lpnnm a^Nyn^n amx naa iron? nvoaa neen ibxi 
onso 'can jcd win nniapb anni v\ba nae fa^aa n"aa iben tokos Don 
nprn mrthan nni .niiueb ney b^aen niNo eei bj^k b //_ i an ns nae nnisb 
n3NBD ,| n TinDo naibma ibo nnam onaD nbee ny a^ae ntrya aaba rnioa navxni 
idn!? anaa onso -jbp "aa n^m anaai nnao nbei bsyoe'' niabno rs nn^ne 
ninabi iniabo mano baa'naw a^nym o^boiNn onwn nya ias pnn ai^e 
^na ppi n^ae aya mm vby naae inom anb nmna rm anbe nvcaa ''nan 
iniD" 1 sb a-bnyne mnn by si^aim n^ae aya a^ann anb trim a^bnyni omtrn 
naavo dbw by leabn anem -jbm ^aab nojr 1 sbi fNinn nasboa bsyc^ mabna 
byi .vanoa mrs* nso ban be mnxi pmrbs a^xcybs snpan nsiai a^a^ nym 
bs mi"i -iNivbs "amabs a^xoy jnpan npiT" naa^D aexn by teab^e ms oniNM 
an^by a^ann ibs iop*i nnan na' 1 sbe anixM nvna ann ib^D^e a^ann 
mnab aon byab men *jbn jna rxi .nop* sbi amba a^iban ba byi aynr byi 
Niphni v\bn nae umn nae bibs ennb n"a 'ae ava nr mm ney pi nvoaa von 

:mv^ 'sn nae jwi nnoeb 

See above, p. n8. 2 MS. p^pnybx. s See p. 118. 4 See p. 120. 
[II. 4.] S 

* naoo prw p b)dv 'n 1 ? *pv nana cmpb * 136 

mtapDi nopm nw naa n^ata naipr n&ip3 a*ahn wn wa man ^>y man anny 
r&yota tanwi ^y nua nban ^na anis* ntryo hnj nmoa B^aaynroi b&nb an? 
ntrx pin nx nnb nvzb amaa^ win twn anayi nvi aima d^didh ^y a^aarn 
roaa vao) b^did ^y a^aan nnS5 yoa ^y anaiyi tayoB* nixav nip inna na ia^ 
frbtonapn bs yioe? d^kooi nnma ejna lanai bayae* nna t^ nt? nainn man 
inna "itrx nmas nna nx mar t& Bniasn linn aany nx i^pn nai? ba vie &61 
lxapni .an^y myn b ainm pa^Dim pahn a^nyn 'a a^Nyot^n inn ncwai .ncy 
nnx ova a^ai ep nhnai mna jpr pw nyi i>hy nes nyi k^kd o^ia D^tqnwn 
,aman ama imo si?i nni? naa aws an no ^y hna hpa unpi ntan ma nsna 
na kcafofoc na Kft&sns&K na a^aan na am B> v ao brav nina yans^ isnpi in^in 
myi .own B^aiaai a^can tawaM animal anprm tane* aa ay w*n nx wan ^saan^K 
aiay ^y anoy inaimi txb& ani>am jroptan sppDiK^Ni tpp^noan *aai> wopi in^B> 
ami na nw lan^i ainnn naa nx ww nnoy wo ^m nnan nan naa ns 
,nvi "6aa rami a^ip? pan ypam man naa nan n rvnpb antaa vw ,amaai> 
^y ^NyDB* ann3 anso mya nana mm aniyai anw: am nx iraum infrpi 
nx myn nx man naa myn ^y lsan ansa wtA m jnam bhikm i>yi a^iyn 
o^a^N? aniym bhin^hd ftawi mnm rrwrt fjpinoi .a^c Ahw an^ ntw i?3 
nns no33 kx3 avn myi .jDp nyi ^nao D^ha my nwiys a^bai ni33i^ 
nonw 3v^p nsaa nun .nDaan n^a nn 4 w nosi tpwk na^ns na ama 
.a^Dn 'pnaai aniv nny^3 a^nym onwn i3nm ,pp nyi i>nao a^nyn 3"; 
a^am; nai ^ia^ mn ab annyo mnwih am^y njnai i^vi a^n ^a ihan nm niwoi 
ny aiannn a^nyn na nuN nicmnt:n nioan ann^ an ^ya ns nb& anon 
Ty nrwi nai nhna noa na mn maw n^yai .naisjn nan nso ana lan ma\n 
nan nx lann^i nnhaaa ^nanni nsnnn ww ai^a ^ Ty n^c anoiNi n:ina 
1^m nay^? pn ntrs ny fnan naina naioia raw nsw r"yn nxi ranxn ns la^K'i 
n,nai r"y nan nx^i a^ atpo misa nNtrj vb"\ myn n aaian i>nan bn may 
^nan nx anni> a"a n^n ^3 m^yno }nsi icy ^y 'n ^n bjox :mppv aipn 
.an^tr nnn nnip ponp paa anc annaaa ama inxd s a lha^ xh wbc nvaaa 
mB nnix paao nk> ansa aaoaa .anr^aai ann>;na anioipDa ani se njw 
b ksk3^m aia tnpan nma r^snp ? a'.n'a 'n nvaaa ma rw^y ^ Kpnj&a 
mrn bp^pnn mnri' iiBB'ni a nae ten nruw^ to^ naea naaa nci-D^x ami 
kvi m laaora bjcn aaiaeni? 'n natra micnai aas*3 'j noiy l^on |\sna iniapni 

i35 ' '"^sd pn^ p *|dv 'n 1 ? c)dv nana c^ap 1 ? * 

.nnaon n^an amp PTp nay ova ayn pen *asi? inp anxo ^oano nnN cane in 
d^jtp nwe6 noaa a-anaai B"vini B*ina onm ani 1W1 nwaa i?y bt*b nyyi 
rotana ^nc "-sS nrm mrbea ind wp\ny a^nai B*aniy nam onx naai 
ppn nioa inn nan rmx lbxK N*oa dn aynini> wb ni^n^ in n Tank i3D3 
: ] 13 row ne^Di nayo nxp nwaa i>a spaai i^n nwaa ta ntpyon an^> rihw 
any iBBai mjt^ rispririi n nay jD^aa n"a nbia wn Nnaiy wn bnan arm" 
n<aa noi m*ri n"ai n nan* wn rvnv&h ftpni *\bx nay sat? ynn^> a"* nay 

:a*ay n"!> w nioi i>y naaan 
nay wn rmtw6 aypm e^N nay b>M i"b iha in 'n i>y wa prop >an 
N"a m rrwfc s"ci n nay mm mvxfc nipni *n nay nasai rrwb N"ai n 

:nxni a'-ay 
nay wn nntay^ iaprii bj!>n nay i>W i^a iha pror n ^y wn annas* ^an 
vayn ww .nrwfc 'di n nay wn nntME& tbppni vfa nay3 nosai rn*sp^ 'm ri 
spy 'n ww t jffri 'bi n nay wn nnay^ 6pni pn nay3 nha ne^B* n iwi 
13 nB*o 'in ,rnri t"h n nay Nn nntayi? nsphnt ^n nay taay ynn^ r"a 
wn nntay^ ipphi v\bx nay vbaaa n"a ansoa iha pror "an ^y wn annaa 
nrwb r"ai n wn nntayi? nsprn sn naya wn wiaiy nn .nn^n w"'n ri nay 
wn nn&te Napprn ^n nay hi?N a r/ a yan i>n iha wn ytsnw 'an ,nn n'na 
fo'pi n nay nm nntay^> iDpnhi p|!>n nay itaaai n'n ava hoai m^i 'jn n nay 
a'a'onn i?y n^yom an\n n^y^yo N^oay no a"y .a^yaiNi nt^ vc mvb 

:anxiaa V'\ 
nvNa^N i^n }ra }B^a3 n"aa vrwh n"d n nay wn nnay^ anni bj^n nayai 
iyN a^nyn by\ pnnpn nnanai anix^a ^Nyoy aina aivyi an icy ansoa rwi 
ima nyN nnan nN inry nyN ^y mnwaoai nay\i anwo aaDDai ansoa 
.iTinrb an i nay wn aaiayn^ 'a naya axaa^N ') nmy *r> by ax^aa *cfiH any^y^n 
aDi aa a^Nipan iNa^a yai a"antaym p^Nnpni awwn na 'a wn an-'a^ay a"Nanm 
\r\b yt\w no ^y nnv ninai nvDaa paa iynn s n^i did ^y laai" 1 N^y a^iyn na by) 
.Woe* mo inr naiy a^nyn mv noi^ a^Nyy\n by an iNan^ h jorn iniNa 
*nii> "idd ^y a>Dinni a^aina any ton an^y a^an a'-Nan y a^Nann i^n na!?Di 
Dnnwn ,iaynnn ayi aNna '] noiy ^en ma^aa "iniNa ia^N anpy ioai ^Nyoy^ 

Follows the printed treatise without the commentary. 2 Fol. 57. 

: nnoD prw p tpv '-b cpv mio D^ipb * 134 

mn 'di nrcon pao 'di n\n naa nan vn^ awn pi rw d*b6b> p mm nacn 
tanpiax nanoi Dirksa nana ppc mman 'd nam any |w6a niaicni ni^xyn 
cisi' in px a ana nvnm ntpo pna am Nipi nxunn naDD anna anunei 
din wan naa ,"n b"r anac 10a )b fonrc no ba mytah nnp^ jono rww 
niaeb an^> pa* niana awain dwm w ya^ niy mm can xta ^a "6 mnp nnx 
k!>b> noto atryanc HDD inph p icyi aia Nin as did^ woo )pf6v am> own 
p ph tasno [tara anta man nrw a^axn mi nno naaai mnn mnoa tod* 
mix napi .pna }u "aa tana a"y piw no i?a nnpi? joito rww ans^> nan 
iniN la^in acoi nanaie p"p ta nDaa avn nsnpan nDaan n*aa ita enion n H aa 

t^trn^ p h? wnataa lmnapi b^na* pb 
aan^> K3 na nnxi nyc nnixa iniNro n^ a tan ta yaw mace anew tfiytatpi 
aco mis inph mn nai naio *aii>a aipa *a Tarn a^na onx ^nano nnx 
s'naruiD P"p b& nDaan maa ns niaa aipo avn niyi my xnaaa innapi 
iopjihi i Mn nnais6 rYm *k nac jvaa n"a vaxi> nha iaa annax *an a 
wnnnai nnan nan anny tapi rp ^y nmna Nip ua ayo aan waai rrwfc 
1^6 nann anaa nan 'ran Tarn ^miwa cnh n^anai an^ai cdi-ivd tnsm ancy 
njiam pnay^s* n^aa 'di winvn nna rmatan paiy^N jnh iaoi nY a^aai yp 
moan yo b ^a lai D"p^n noa^ phnoi anna iraa ncy smi anaiyn pid^d 
nvuMn noanai mayn iidi naiani niiacm naD^a moan yaca p s yni a^iyac 

j* \rbvn tevxt ip ncNai .jnixn^x axna^x 10c Nipi -ibd nan p dji nmnn nnoai 
ic snpi N^^^ana canij iniN n^i naD a"a nan inix ianci a^aiaan mwaa 
ana naon n^nnai vcy ncx ynn rwym by any onba nvi a 'n ntcn^o r D 

:anro np^ nnion nan nya *a Dnoittn nya n 

:anSn n,ina n,ioai CN*a ^n^> a#n 10a anob i^y pM 

rh loaoi tfrnrvi ^nc motaaias *a nonn ^s* ana myi annx ana nrai nrai 
wa s n'D'-i mrnoo n v c RDnsen nac Kvn nvpnni n nac i^oa^ n^ 'a b^a ny 

sriavan ansoa noi nvni nac N ,r a 
nac swi nvitai> ni?pni p|!>k naca n^ia b"\ a'a'onn ^ iaa p n^aan w s ai 
wan a^mpi any pc!?a a^amai a^^aai rr\w\ by mpb nam mv? aapnni n 

1 Follows a poem in Maimonides' praise by Moses ben Yaqar. 2 Fol. 53. 

133 * -"ttOD pnv p *pv ib *pr naia a^ip 1 ? * 

Epv nn /biaax n .pa n .b"r a'a'annb Tn isd by man mrann bya b"r 

nra ^aana rvabn anas* 'm ,ns>ay 

nnoc n .pi abitra na anaa an .nnaa *ibn wan n M , ni2!JDM ^DDn 
'n .lamaM 'na Knap n ,pabn nna nry^bx n .Nnar na ejav n .nabe> na |nan 

j^xar una nabt? n .naban *pv 'na biwi 'n .naba Nnya 

'I ,pn pet? an na pntf 'n .n'nVr a'a'a'nn unyan na ,d^2E ^Q2n 
N v ca N^an rnntf 'n .any a 'la ntya 'n ,sjbv na rasm n ,xnya na -lbn ^Niac 
iwn nWn nsra wan ppbn nra onin mn nai ,tnn vwto |a bant? 11 ba nvba 
mran trow ja ^Nn^ ba nvba msu twan mw anai naaa mb p nabnai pna 
pabn n .ptpai whid mm in ynra Nim ansa pNa Taa mn ann nn .b'p'iYr 
:nbmab[N] pn *av 'na Nma n .aubia pn pan mw n .mnaan pn shy na 
uwnm anvD aan upn rrwb fapnm n rw N\n nvia&pb n'y'ni ibn wboi 
bab nbniabai aubiai mnaaia maron anaan nwa by lannm a^ana nrnn naa 
a"aann lbs* *r by xbN anaan ibsa vwm nx anN aiP ssna* bi new anN kb* 
*"y ix o^abia pn pan mw 'n >t by in mnaan pn pabn n am ansa naaap 
a-aa ynv wnp ansb nitsn jn"^ 'o ba umnm woaam nbrnabs pn N"ma 'i 
pa*a a-aa mv wkb> n /7 n vn b't'i wni nb*an a^bbn a"an a^nana p^npi pay 
ansa axaaaa nnacb nYm s|b na^ naa cnn b&? jnnx ^b^a nr mm ptynpi 
mxnbi niarb nnob mby toanm xaana saonp mm pi NaniD Nina aib^a byn 

:a^pi -inp bam avn nnxb 
na n^aa .pn s>nya na bNiac* .pn pw na pny ,pn poa na nca anai 

jpn pjbv 
N^anf ny ansa p baa naab ntrs N^a Nbc 'ran a'-aann '"y anvaa waan niyi 
lax^a tni aa nb aina 11 7\&tt ib ^ axi nr by paina yat^ in wa Tiba NinB> n*m 
nnnnat? lb^aN nabb lan^aa Nb nnn pNb nNvb mni na n^N kw naa bai na 
naty an^]a rw&nav na ^aa |ara nami nn^a lanaa^i aa nb ama^ ny nrb ihk-'n 
lab" 1 Nbp a^ax pa an mm *a la^aan myi .nra nnv bi a^ac cb^ in a^nac in 

:a^a b^ niNa[n]ya 
l^fli lbN na^ naa cnnb ancy y a b^ba ansa pnxa 'n nay wo na^i 
vni p"a? nt^a batHaa na^ nnwb ja^a ic*yi rnntb nai pnni n natr iwi nna^b 
naB> N\n nnacb I'a'm jbM nat^ ja^a trmb n'^a Naianipa nbia n na&y a^yat? wi 
BDB na^m na a^yac v H n s ac Nvaa mvyb nopjini n naw naaai rn^yb nipm n 

: nattD prop p =idv 'n 1 ? epv nma D^p 1 ? : 132 

on^x sub ny nxe rbi dni .ppna yns ny <anm vann nx *ann^ nona ^pnsa 
inxva nap D^yacn D"ae boi p onnaxi inn^a nytra ncs* txi :*prm ny in6 ^ 

jn'aYa'n n^yn s^x jnno 

>^a Drcyi an mn b"T \a\mr\ na pn* 'in ,i>'? x'a't/nn .n3TO"d 'DDn 
nna OTBon ann .anyon mruo nmx pmpt? nrvmcn nt?yi bna [Bai b"r p| v nn 
D'wan *an -i2D nam switapa nex bwntap ^a nnatrob onvon ^na 12 nnw 
nwyn ^>ya anm .nnt3tj> ppn 'di 21a dv wa DTiyn naDi ntpa nse let? tnpi 

jnanon nn ana onD imar naoa ann nr maToeo 

'n .Dm tnvsn D^na D"&an wa ntponi apy na n^eo wan .S^-p ""EOn 
n^bi ddv isdh ^y niyi ohyn yayo ens nw ntrx n .apy n .prw 'n .epr 
nan nex pnx n .mo^na nx hna nan mnf ntsa 5>din wjo mayna w ^a mm 
ohyn naitrn ma^na anae fi'V^t D'a'onn ^y aus pW v^n naaa nun aita 
x^d^id *asjnno *&n omita na mxo nn iny :wm /iai mu h ^w pa Nan 
"isDo pay nrx bv nan ono x^ ""a D^ama wi *a ~\nvb b^ib *an bv iyB>a 
vib Dnann nx lyneai .niaxn nt^an inyn ta bk nnDix vn b"t D'a'onn 
nin naD.n x^>aa a 'yro^a 'anpa nmi *ai> Tin" 1 mb ^a V'r\ V'\ nrb anai nxap 
maxn m^jn intS nai N^a 11 a ann nan ^y inyn ^n ^n oanosa nNB na^rxa 
men anaom anan omta jranai Ziat jan ^s^a na ps jam ^:s* nyoy ns*r ix 
t^ano D^pino onan ma inavcn 1^ in^tm ann nan ^y inyn bit ^x D*tMn 
nx unx nnnn n^-xi .^"n b r/ T 'ian pnx nn nt ib ana nnnan ^aai D^aw nai 
a wncxa nxo uwya nrn neon x^a3 *a lyoc^a n,anpa n,a^ Dn"i nxrn rrnnn bs 
xyj pnxn xnmn mno^oa n xynm x^D'n n nisxn nt^an woo nann x^D , 
nt^jn iny nox: x^ w^yb in^nni inhia n^ano ^n n^an x^ n^aon ^a .xy^a xram 
D^oanm D^aprn ^a thy vidk* pn .na max man en naaai nona max w "a maxn 
nan nnp^ lab nan 'n jna nex a^? ^y nbp txi .on^xn pnx nx wb n^an 
inxi maae !?y pnp x^ao 1^ tcwanv nnn nwci .jnmsa oniDani jo^*aa nnax.n 
.n,eaa^ D^anyo nn^ imavn^ nan ^nany .-jnaaD Dcna nvnh .inavj'D p$>n x^ 
amx .d^d^ am .D^an mys n,^^ ono a^'n^ nox nx Dcp lyninh n.m:n^ 
.d^d na pnx .D^iy^ ws S>a .onaim doi^ emm .D^cn inna ^m a^ nno 
n .iD^a neo nn s^aib n^yo V'\ tbwn s an na pnx n i^ man sjmn a ,r y 
mxE.n ^ya x^nni n .nnaDn pan }a xann mw n .pan nota n .prn ^xicu> 
Ynn .y r r nn na pan jnaw n .D^ae n'^ pa xim rfrfb'i a'^nn ^y snww 

1 3 1 : naDD prw p *pv 'ib *pv nnin D^ip 1 ? > 

D*B**inan D'b'byon *a ksdi cnm npn ibom yaooa *pn DHPiy d^innic a& 
TO TJW m ic'pai nnvun o? D^b .ltabiMi DHiN\n by nvvxn d^bo vn 
npip ban a ibon yrt? ''ayNi yataon pnp *niwi isn n/x DJina invei DTitfn 
pw dt3 aim Dyn iDip* kdc>i lbx n&iynn vbyo Tbtpnb t?p3 y n n*on yaoi 

:Dnwb p OTi inso Dtrui dm bnw 
Mab D'a'onn vby ana^ ma mmy baa bina nan n*n b"? yaVnn juen nn 
DBTi^aai nmana pyn xbp *]b nnno 'ox *b f:n aa nnw b"r annax "in Tan 
Dna xnp<&? m bab nx d'qid on >a vmanai vwaa xbx ibat? mnnn bxi Dnnx 
xbi Dnx dwd nnania n^n xb 'un nrn Dann *a n"y was larnax ia nvi xin *a 
oy "ins* Dipna nnobi ins nipoa DV.n nivnxa dp n>ni mix Di^b d-js xpij rwi 
yp pub nann onsD nam naab b,"t D'a'o'nn nt^b a"y a"a D^abnb nnp rw 
pits iQniDB> nbxi imana wxnp no nno ainaxi .naiann by nnoi minn by ono 
.nirra 'd .nan nns 'd .nibao 'm D^ainan by r, s .D^nnx owaa by r, s .mwn by 
'd ,&niD niD^ ,Dt?n 'd ,ppv ja *n .noron nany ,nw nsp ,mna nw .D^rxan 'd 
nimbn 'd .noan n^tn .omvyn 'd .nap nnjx .nsDB mo" 1 .nsDen 'd .mayn 
.obiyn 'd .onnaion 'd .nnbion r D .D^oyDn 'd .nibrnn dd^d ,n:iann noanb 
noanb n^ran ba .mbnu .nnmon 'd .nnanno 'd .nibx^ .nbbs^ob r\)bnw 
vn^obno To iy vni dw ninnx nay nns Dysi { inaDa wnik> no lm .aibntMtttfi 
n^a bna nyo wi on bx rnyo nn ben 'm nrn wi D^nisi onn d^jn i^di 
bpnb o*n bx nrsoa ib>n ayn vn nx ybvnb bainn an ivi na^nb naen nyrn 
niD3B> aiD a ni^yb man ib>n iann aio ien"'i p *a y'a'Nnn oann tm .n.T'byo 
nan vm Q^a yiaub D^abmn mi m nibnij nb^sji iab nnyi wba nioJCD u*xn 
ny pcxnn jo niaDb b^nnJi nnx nm^a ^n Q^btwi ba noy ,nc>y3 n^x bnun 
tVv 'on nsDoa laban bac ny nb^bn inm pi D^a -jbw 'on mixi *nvnn 
nK>yn p oann bs* i">dn ,, i cra^Mn wya nain ai .d^jn i"a Din ny D"a 
nabj y^nn nsDEc jsixa nxbsjn inoana mitwi nno^i Dp^i .nnan n^xa 
,D"pJ in^ onmbnni inn idd opn i"n Din ny nb^bn onrim D s pnn p nnx 
'n a'n'Ni onmbn 'n nmyn nji^xna .nttbaan moana ann Dnnoc Dnno inn 
,D*pn 'i Dnmbn "a .Dnn r a nmbn 7 x .pn r x Dnmbn 'a ,pn 's Dnmbn *jb> ,D*pn 
vnmbn nx bnfnb b^aca DniN nmyn n.a ,pn 'n onmbn "a ,Dpn 7 a Tbn 7 s 
inn5 ya vnS bx jinJ nS n-js*a bnun vh nyon xbc b^a^a jo*di on nnyoo 
n r, y v>n vm nypiihi n ni^ nnx n r/ n 'a ova naaJi .na^S D H a uwa n^S d^ij 
b aiD bioa ^jbw ,inya vy mva w> maa .b^ri innms ova "\wn nt nosn : nac 

R 2 

:i^>x on nai^xnn nason ^y maina nw 'an DTtan 

jprrv nmr .^>nm cyia .W 1 Tiaa .hao haaa 
:pnK>a ny .joxa inn .jooa ibu ,pwa na 
:pny d s o ,b>3 aw .nt^onn ny .new naic> 
: 5>"r BDa px nse xax 'n nonsn ocn nosy navon h? nr ^y mannxn iB"Din my 
:pn^a mmxo ,$on hid woto .ba np' p& 3an roan nxo 
:pnn s T\b .jraa? no hpn .jrw ts>yna .mom manp 
:pmr nx mp^>x ,n$> *a i>y6 .npn } -jBnai .np^> mn nD xnx 
:pmn m xDaa .^ya pw pm 3ya n^n aioa .^y ^>x mx n^y 
:pntf mo^a ,aw nn onaa .atPp" 1 Tir6 .atpm m^>xa 
i>y os^o amx 'm max {ao i>ya p'a'snn xnpan jmn no* na pyoc 'in 
*pns ^y btwi nnnrxn wa swjn pnaio xa*n mm mwa vyo mm avx btvb 
D*:wn l^on myrca nnx mm r6apn noana *pai mvo non^oi anaio ppn 'di nuM 
Sna ^na D^nsp no^pn xtf 1 a"p ma^x n^on napat? ib mn 'no *a ma^oa narcrcn 
'n mi p'a'enn ^y nmi wo wcbo npb WJ n^ya rn^anyn ^o oy tanbnb m inn 
Twa nano h^ lma^o nisno i>aa ntrx tanwn b vm non^on naDa ^a nxm 
tnpn motsa aina 'x mi? a*b ^om mmn na tw no^p Dpi naxin anni> toot& 
moa nnsiya i$>hf Diinxp ^no nanm nvasn nanatrm D"6 nnyD mn ^"on 'm 
ynvi mas n^iaa ivnx bx )b i^i ion^ D^o'cn jo ^a no^pn nun n^xai .dhhn 
Dihxp W moc in* ^y n^y n.^oi' manx ano 'tan ann >a mwa i^o^ nann 
^on n^a nxna n^a h nwa!> ^on wn vamx !?ao wb!> nom fn x-^n n^ysn nxr 
r^'T mniap navo by )b lana nw nn mio dv ny bna niaaa mm 
:pyoco d^ nnya x^ ^a nxw nar napa P|ia dx 

r ; onnax 'n pinn x H B>an nnsoai .nnicoi pnpnoi bra nan mn n^n onnax ^an 
niDi naiam nmawii nsDoa moan nya^a p^oym xonvj^x ansv naiaon x^m 

:Dnxn nna xis& xnpa nmnn nnDai n^^iaxn noanai niayn 
nn^ nam ^a akn cbn o' 7 r n na^ai va^ay ^>aa ^na nan mn b"\ y'a'x-in 

j 1 ^ nnax 1^ 
*wb anp ni? vm tpnnaii? no*c n'mVr y'a'xnn ^ ntryon nr n^nt? n^yn nxn 2 
mmx\n i^y ib^yn frw^ r a 'n na^ai .ncnyi noan hyi DVJ o^ia D^na d^b^x 

1 Follows the treatise, often printed. 2 Fol. 49 b . 

nwn ttnolwip jawa ini amp aat?n n\n nr na ynv 'm ,npi> *a nap ntasj 
nonnien "6xn n"a xinc irm* 103 abiyb anwa my aevw t6 nmatai nanrno 
inia^ w mai epn ats> aevinb anvutsa tsfyft anix* anpy ix nnpy rcaprr axi 
no S>a yaeh ix nwpb a*pi"in ass> vb" axi .Dm rw in anna is* jasy nn^o 
xkx nai>n aan^ x^ ini^pi a"aaxai dt> tro&na mmes" in v^y irnr in irvrvp 
nax^Di ianat&3 a "anx yn 'nai> laymxi mpo bb> ^ ymN *3W .ibbaa ^>np nannn 
anx mya unwa '*bn apiai Nap b nap ta enrun ampa nmmn vnam 
'a tea avm ;xa^ni> uksp ana nac i>p tibb btu xaai tibb^ la&ta Brunei 
aa vixa avVNi fNaa apviai inna ^ya -ax -anxb tram fxaa^ n^an rih? nap 
x"m^>x myn ik' nNBnij "j^an vnh? a ^ rnpp no bbai 5>"t "ax m Bipa^ 'ax 
naiaa mona "i"y vinxbi ac viaaaai itan au^ayn aa"ai a^aa ynv *nn x^ "axi 
iriawn bac ny dhpuw wa i>a amrai na niapiai nixa mmnn b ann pxna 
Nnv^yob B*aiP nvimai nnai nypaa trow nwo anb D^aita a^ni nca wis na 
nronm avian mm nbaco vta pxni avaia a^am aia pxn avuap jaixa 
nnv n^>ta> onn nva nay '"axi ana ba naiaa nvii ia ba ta'tow aa^x a^ani nvna 
any onaa 'm nootn nann nDaan n^a ac tixvoi ,i^n rn^^a ^a bvv aita 
D^^ano iam B>aa nni xoa ex ^a ac amvo twip 7 n ioai mmu rom nnjn 
ny p"o no , 'ny^ , xbi D^a^ayn i^x ^a Ti^xT^a "-apia -ai? ^ax .naaan n^a nnixa 
N^nu> n^yn nmso a^na ^ya /_ i ix 'p ix^ xi? nobi a^apT^ *nWi mxra^ mnw 
^c na^a b wan tx nrowon nxrn Tya pa^ 'nn ^ao rwpn ^x nacpn }o n^aan 
raww pay na ymx ^ax aa ,rnaw jaixn ^ai miaoi nenmo vevm rvwym i"y 
"e^aa bxw *nnB> ny yaano a^xvv ant ronm -jian ^ n^ia tixv ny nb TiDaaac 
Tiixnah wvb Tnrm ^nxaina ^d ivn i^to a'-enn 'ac nnx a^D "nxv pjani nio^ 
nan u*n nr *a 'nxbaat nni' 1 xannx Tyn nrnxo pnnnra ^n^nc no 5>an |wmn 
aa .nrn aimen vwn namp ^a nr aa^a na^ai nr nan x^x ''-yaa x^i ara 
c:iy in-arn!? nnS^ -nana nr i>a .n^yn nnix --na ainan xh anaan wafo wan 
ia una xh inrntaa ny ny fxaa nstj>a a awaon auprn ^ n*an aa D"a annn 
^xne nnr6 nac x^atrpra a^maan xa ny ny .na^na naaa t6 aa miaa maa 
nai nanni nniaai nanx ww navaa hna p^' i^vx mi inmap aipo b npm 
ppa naaan n s aa aw n\nc laipaa nhna n^t^y icyi niarxc avian i^x rvbv 
laiocD np^nn^ pnxn n^w n^cyn x\n x\m nrn trmp^ nar nnix pp^na nvir 

{1535 iai mayn miar 
[II. 4.] R 

: nODD prW p c]D^ 'lb epv niTD "Dp"? : 128 

p"ip wn NpiVNO n-yi? i?n atroi noaip-io my rcn*n mnho ps ^"1 t/a'nn 1 

3ina J1NDB> 103 NplPKB mjO 1^ ymxty no JK3 3ina!> WITH .DDD 'n lb 

nptfipw b"r nPatw apy* 'ins aann *"aa mw pmync p^iyoi jena |B* D^oaipa 
naa n'n'b? "aisa Dn "nnoa dIjbti aannb anvob nntai pv p* """a naao a"ji 
dxt urea tfn b": t/a'nn bnan ann nmap a vw yn :V'n pVfc o^d in 
nbnnh .croucm dhttbi ffisn ahyn mown ay a^n ianaa n^xae* anew iaxi 
rwi noDip-iaa *a ia aina ponp nsa anian ^ax wm aaox pn Tiym t6 imbio 
ainni "ibd ^ v* 'ax a V'nab nta aa .DnD ai mis* pmpi b)i: an ann nr ap 
nW na^nae* a*ra nbap .nibon taa mnnn ainm ^ona 'n anb nW naicn a 
Drra 'i bnan ann ja a^n anai V*t t/a'nn hnan ann ianio niyavxo twi it 
t?aa *a fjDinn fmyavtn m ntyyo na^na nt*in >jnb> ny iaai .a"y b"T wu 
tavfaw 'm nw 'n faa ^acn sin rnnsan nan nrs "nym t*i> staDipnooi ,mn 
)b 8>jn b nmnoa aiantn fa ap i>y i^bym ainx ac 1a isapnai K\)~wvb \f'\ 
Eyb&rb fa by anm ti ffa wj iitw na ana lasmb bna be> nwfotfav 
anb new rwn nin^ a<o ia |n wax ib anoiN fm ,w6 anoy loxy pVwih 
wn dhk u iaann:i d^ b"r wn in^ji on a*o nsa n^a pyoo a inwi fBDS 
D^in not? ^syo^ nivns*^ CDiasn d^o rninnam ia nnxap anb f a oa mhs^ 
minnani cn^^ya aioa ni^yb nn^ )rbvb poono onaa 'n D^ain bwfth dhn ir6w 
nra }ot mwa iw Q^nis^n onis ia una naox .hvai nnsa^s tj& d^o mvwi 
nx^sno ia ensapij ds anya nani? jnf rwi i6w bv ox D^pi ay^ innnnni \)bp) 
wfort? iNT D^iaann onb mrwb la^npan ii>-is^ npnanoi prd? mnnnm moan 
n r/ D n^N^a pirn fnawni fn^s^a nro nvp rone ioa in^pnh innanh vby 
na pprn fcrnwah* noB> ^vb f^m fi^pm man ano nam n^a waa nvpi .Nsom 
n\-ip noo Q^aa [n^yn] ^ya inmn vthpn mao nafn nto h .mao ac nsd^ ^in ^np 
anyo 'nc ny nyi^ vb& no nra 1^ yan pmab an^y lmrfmn an aai ,nwn TJQ 
n r, y N^aan jaB^i ibw ioa v^y wapnai ia iD^pnn anyan v^y ivapna nma^ 
bw iss*a jcy n^y faf !> my bbi KB>a ns^aca nyt? nnisa ,mp n^y mp n^y 
n^ i pnn ar6 "b P^Dn s^>i nao!? aana aonnn n'a'pn W2 a^pn 5an vao 
n^i twin ^npa nn^.n 'n n^ avn ny nyc nnixoi ,)b i?rt\ mtwi ypm n^ pn 
n^y Nini .anixu n<yn my na^na n^i a^oyio a^a o^di m ano ntwa 

1 Fol. 40. 

i27 - : - '"oao priv p b)dv 'i 1 ? bjdv nrno n^ip 1 ? * 

ana pp innapoo rwi b"T TVim jo^ai bna ai nvn n^ni pNb NJibroo 
po iDKpTi b"r Nina wnnai ^aibxiabN pn* 'in jprn iaanN snip ibp Dma mabna 
apy 13 pw ia<a\Dbiao bna "mm wanm .nvi on* wm innapoop nsna b"i 

a6nrii D^abs* nyaix napa in pinb d^ miry 'a cva noaai b"wn b"t ^abN 
by ii> wai ino 1221 bna iaoo bNi& ba ib ipyi nap dwi pa rwn rrwfc 
: J bap dipi piiao anan nxr n*by lanai nbna b*p bp naxo nap 
nna wrwa npyi b"r a v in jora n"n "jwio *vyo D^piaon pni b"? Vi 
vnoa cp Nb vaab ipn mai n* jipba [i/a'n by] nvp ">a npyi vby nnw pipn 
<apa NbN mxb war Nbp Nina Naa naDo vibir nobnn ba by wrm npyi 
Kioan erva D^pni vim D'a'pi Nai ,ioaa DTian nprn piaai tpswvhn ova 
Nbp NbN b"r Vi lap? npyp 10a Nioan ba by pna npy Kin Dap honi mnx 
npyp n"y nianxa ipitd npyi pN yo nar 13N jo?n "piNa a Dbiyn nxb wf 
naa <aa ib idni vby m* 1 tiod^p na b"r 'Vi laprb miNinb spam Nina Naaa 
iDririi 'i napa ioaa b"r Vn ho mv nam ynm *a 101b nra ran b^ano n* 

nam nun paim b"r D'a'oin bp lai Naioup bnpo *bn pnwo 'j c|di.t s ai 
nn sj v in bp vTobn 'bnaoi nobnn by ppnn iani aiyoi nao nreiN baa 
una lb^Ni vby anai niaaia iniN "jodi noana n^nam d^jp n^ jaa nab noyi 
^ai D^iaai D^oan d^jn Dab lan a^na n^oa ibNi n^nia nan^^N Nb npo btr 
sjdv an .na^N Nb oyiaa lb^xi D^yni D^oan d^n Da^oatr ^ni nN npNi a^nai 
n n:v tn Pina ioa:i d^p n"b lai n'^in NDa by atri paii Dan .im r rjn 

:mnrb Nphiii 
npyi Nbaa 111^01 pipioi bna Dan n\n iduid i^ya .im bn^al '| nobe> ai 
iNtryc inN Tt? aina ,, nN^o^ 10a nap nit?y pp ja Nini niyiacn an be> nnntN 

nai^b nn nnnrNn nbnna 

jD^aaiai onp bab naa ^n layb "b Ttrni ins>n 'ax 

iD^aaD.i nwia niyaaoi D"abob nioy Nin n^i 

^D'-aiopn p 10a bap *ai "map nipy ppa "-aam 

*paaa nno iop Nipi ibd ian p Dai bniii napa nap D^pbp pa itaaai 

:ianp onnN DnaD nabo 

1 Follows the epitaph which is often printed. 2 P"HO. 3 Follow two 

legends concerning the death of Ibn Gabirol. * paan. 

* niDD prw p =)dv '-i 1 ? *pv nma crtop 1 ? : 126 

fa'mni a'a'^nn jnn rem nburbiaa mn n'la'nn xnpjn ""ibn retw fw \ ann 
*bn ww vewn ncxb ana^a wi vby anrcixi mmx ib renbia> vn ibiaba ann 
nnai anam a^xbo pjya "pa rww mm naa Daman renaion rnna vn va byi 
:minb ao miDo idb> xnpi n"a naxbsb naa nam jpm peai 
px"b mabiaa bin: "tec ren amn ennb n"a nrwS> 6:pririi a^abx nyanx nam 
nbapn noana anaa nea nam b"r 1 jw n hot 'nnne itn baipo nnx an rem 
ponn 'a .dot 'a .ryiai pa 11 ,pwan 'a ,piv mw .nnyn pro am "a mom 
prwts vn aroi pn bbn mix anat^ antrym nyanxn a^o wsnm ,nran nDRO by 
naaa b"r tawaib 'onno uwnm ;prn bbn dp. by "bbnbx is? xnp:i anaa.n ba 
aunyo p"pa mis vsen onxoa mis wan nr naaa> now mm m xnp:n 
ream ana nsn nOTaap *ab fen: ;k naD Km bax mn ww "bbnbx mix pxmpi 
ay rejran ^x mabm wna vnn ama "bbnbx naaa b"n mn nc^x piaa by 
pnpnn nnana *pa rent? y": jnan Kin onao 'nn v^yoai noana bnan jnan 
bbnbs naaa mn n^x iba> rebaa ama utetDi bbnbs 'an xin ax mxnb uabm 
naa xim "bbnbx xnpjn naan nro inaa nx man n"enm .a"y 6?ana rebnn ama 
txo 'nn xnpj 'xn D*at? an n'o'nn Daox .anaan D*reao vbyi nmnb ra nmara 
aOTnai roniao xa^ 1 nMD n^ab Dmo 'n xnpj vnx jai nbn omita 'n ;a nbn 
naa idp xnpi mm naa nman by naa mnp njiam naa nan a r/ j xim nbi^biaa 
nnaa by nubm n r/ a owaon anaiano a^Dp ay a^bma aba bax ,tob> by nwen 
b*a^ 'o aivyi an nm -n^xon ann a^nx .maaa uxnib n'n'no rraw ia nVnn 
^msi mab.n ba> D*bm bm nam nan ba by mobnn by nann pmn nam ibiabaa 
nnx naaa pmpnn ncanb a^bba n^yi max ma by troai an* nb^a niabn by 
:mwb "n[a]i a^abx neon ny^ mvon jna nuaji ^aian uy xnpa 
lionni 'n WOT nnaaa ajaii nna nWOTn ^ai nxon nybpo n\n b^n'^nn 
mn xim ,mio av ny a^ noyi n:a s bx n:nob ibn a^oi aym jor xammpa ncyi 
pnv 'n r xn am o^bna a"3an new imna vm bxjjn 'm a'Bj wan bc^ n^cbn 
'n ann "sot .wbOT xbi a-bamn naip naa nam xammpa mm panne* mna na 
'nn 'an .nann a^mobn n^nym y'n'ni r n wot noi irwn bya b"r nx^j 'j pnjp 
"xn 'n xaa by pxa n,na3i nyr^ pnxb aeo ^m x^jxn bnpo nro /_ ia prep 
xb b 7/ T v xn iran nmua nnx a annxn a^ann vmana bin: ren xbe> ^'a'yxi b' r T 
xa^ b ,r r "oib^nabx jaixn na pre? 'nn r nm ny3B> pnxa mbnb nx&n ac nx^j 

1 Confusion in dates and authors. 

n*b N2 pom b"n taie& naiao nsp inn .nbp manpna nawnn T^y ntwa renvoi 
ba Tanb .anaai na byay mina pm m .aaynn by am .mi? tPBa nya nsD 
wn ann nxi .anp pan sbi vava anb oaw .anx amN 'axi .aynai nbxa nyyo 
ps ,anrr ^id on nyr nsn .anpy nvpy wwpsn .anyoDi nnrroD nnba moan *a *an 
.an s*bi nan rrns .aenDn ayxn p .aaia* nan *bx dni .anpx panh .axnx mrtt 
nyy pbn by nc^ nwna lyanai nbp nsD nranpna jsa iy .an bby twioa t^cn 
baw b nyx bna .man wa *a .a'rab wi *ab ana *Kaa a*-n nyya b"n ana wan 
anynnb bi btowyi "apya nvv ram lap nvayran anb Nica ib pap jbd niayb 
pn nvp in? .-nan wp 'ni /natro "jino nabn nnmb n pe> .a^aiyn ay 
n'a'snnb ysan >bya nan by w/m npibroon ybn naaa n'r'nn nan k ra<ya nnx 
nna ib nrabi va m 'nnb nbaa p aai b"r n'a'a'nnb nbaa b"? imbxi .b"r 
n'n'br n'a'ann by ua n'n'br mna *-aa pmr 'nn enrrpn Tnnnb nbaa mmn nnin 
mean niayn jo in nvynn nioyan p nbia ox anx *aaa n'ao nwi nw vnpm 
naa by nnyn npn nxo xma bttd nan nna ^d 'nn Tann nn .biaban nnn anab 
bap arrays n"y bxnry 'n wm xnry 'n nnan ay an^obn ib vm nnnr 
T3CD1 D^na nnin by a"a yn^si rrw nsD by ">e nan p dj n'a'xnni ,b"T fa'onn 
:m"Tfb frcpnni cabx nyans*n nr^a ny nb nusai pns pnp naD bya N^an 
fj'i'nnb b^'n iac> nionbo nan snpan neon nam tratap Tya rm b"r j'a'onm 
n'a'xnn by s%w n\JWi sim ntarn nsD nan p oai .msron bya nYnn matwio b ,r r 
.D'a'snnb non pao nsD by nia^n ncy p dji ,^'nn by awi p na n'a'xnni 
by a v nn naaa p na awn n^n nso by D'a'nnn by mwi n'a'snn nnan by }bba 
by s'^'nn na;a p na a^ni csan "-bya naD by n'a'xnn naa a^yn nYim niabnn 
niscn bya n'r'nn rvawtvo s v nn nx b^n lay nionbon nsoa I'a'onm niabnn 
nwan pao nso by awn .n'aVnn niaynn D v nn nx b^*n tay now nsDai 
'd by trmm mobnn by pwim nninn by p)t:y yin^a nan p nai ,b"t D'a'onnb 
by naa annas r nnb nns* antaaip nam ttwn nnin 'di rvawm nibxyi nn>^ 
wam yoyn nyya nosy ans* ynp^y nroib maiai mann pna niD isnpi a'a'onn 
nyao kv xby *"a annx b^bd p aa nam nynpn nyya noan nwi 'd bya 
na nw b"r fa'onm .nn-^rb anyyi n^sbx nycn naya iy ""nb naaai nbiya 
nnan bxioy wan ann nn wai .npnn bya xronao nrybw wan ann nibn p 
b"r n'a'onn p annas* 'n n^aan p nn -an ann nw laora nai .mnnn bya 
.n^ay vb) vya nn^a pay by pyayan pnaa npinn byab a\x H ao b"r niamnni 

:b"r n'a'cnn nnaxa naima b"t j'a'ann pra nn b"? pn'nn 

> naD prnr p )dv 'ib epv nana o^ip 1 ? : 1 24 

ba bapi .nwb a>ana 1b mbe nbxai bx - ^ bo nrojo mnn ixb axi nbxn 
pT?K pS? aba dc annon bm ambx yoe xbi pncn pra?i aybi axnpi a^anan 
in be von nx n>aoi d*towi anix mm did *]bob mn naiyeoi a^oaninn -]bo 
nx b*?nb ybv pb did *]bo ay noisy mrca en -pK noy nx nyr nnx ib now 
Minn nb^bai DPpan '"POi aaiyx ^aaxi amx'n ib 1am a*ain? a^bx mtfjn noy 
vby }'2p map jen moa xmi nb^bn *xnai >iKna inpsym nneon bK mnb von Knp 

^pan mpem p5n pi ma B*tnn Kam nptn nK nnai 
mnrb ibpririi a^abx* nya-iK nae xn nno^b r'a'n nbs* nacai jwayb mrnai 2 
naabo a myo nia^nn bya b"> n'a'K'nm nmn napo nsD Nine? n"\n nan nan 
vby noapo mn nr ba ayi ninaDini 'obanmi H baa nnoa nan in^Dxa ntry nbina 
by anae n'a'xnnb naiwna vwsw 10a a'a'onn *o*a jpr mn n'a'xnn ^a wiwna 
men 10a 12D nan n'a'Knn a wok Ziai d^^ lanaxi nya Kin b"n b"r a'a'onn 
bxnty ba wy n-xn a'a'onn nia^n aaoxi abiya iyao kv bi lobva iniona mm 
byi vwp anana b"r a'a'onn by b"T n'a'Knn ym ayon nroi abiyn baa taparm 
man otrsnai narc broa o"nn Kim mb ana mop a'a'onn a ttbenen inoK p 
nwn by awn p aa n'a'Knm .man naK b"r nax 'in rvb ona n^oc Ya'tnm 

b"T a v- >n by awns> nrnxon bya b^r *bn *mr ,- i ann 
nDD ixnpi nanc -isd by n'n'b'r n'a'Knn by anwi n'n'b'r ^ibn t"nn oaoK 
.D^onan -iyc .ninDin nyB> .nefnan nyc .Dnye> nyacb miK pbni csan ^bya 
Kipi b"r Tin vby avm .nwrpn W .D^on nyc .nb^aon nyc .npnan nyc 
pf'nn naa idd nam mn b s aib n^yo b^r ^ibn 'i-\n nn mpbnon ybD nson nr ac 
mm ; pnn a^sbx* 'n naca mm a^ac n"* pa nm nniKon nsa 10c &npi 
nvn iaicb pnoa nsbn tvt by iisd nbnna anac 10a bna pboi mico 

1 Follows, fol. 29, the legendary story of Joseph della Reina, introduced with 
the following words: miK ikvo n^K jciyoi jcia }ts* ^"a anoaipa ^nwn aw 
nb n c|dv be n^obn b"r n^xo nmx^ 'in ^"ao a'aYn nava icx anaDn naja 
ns^* x"n b^ban pxa n\nca na>y ick bnan ruyyo nyca loy mn ac a na^i 
^ab nxo ponp joto n\ic *b nonoai ,nbiKan_ x^anbi i^anb lab bx ;nae a'a'i'n 
onnan 'Da wan b"? imanmp nco 'i anni .ncyon nr mn jot nrxa yma xbc 
. . . mntp abaa babana ays ^a b /r r ^n'xn nbna "ip*i nac ^ana pa s nxvo aai 
(see Catalogue, 1886, No. 1744). At end (fol. 36): nobti> pTiyon nan na 
^obeinNn nnxixa. 2 Fol. 36. 

on aw D^ayb nnbi Daioo bao ntreb Dnsn ab nw n^o sinp -issnnb 
D'-rj-ym Djyn pa peon nro Daioo Dnb awb mivo ^ab dtvbw D^aym &*3y 
bas nynn non Ninp b"r o'a'onn a^n naDn nroi niBtwi n^ban inn nhbn inn 
:3m -ip-c ban n* by n&ro is new no bai noan sba d s ob> s*v rwi 
nobi 2 s ,v ioy *vyo wnbx nn wen "ins es Dp aapniii D^abs neon na^ni 1 
Tua nanoa apy* jwan *aabi rnnwi e>sn *by yah *snon wan wtb* fc*n *aa> 
Dnamani bsyoe" jwfai n*awn noan baai -nobnm nabnni n^o mini bna rwn 
onbnb trwm papbi did ^boa t onnb injna nbyi nmen Dnaionnn ns>D3i 
Dnb "oni npc nwisa d^o s d tanwb jnu nvii .obem* ns wanb nabbi D^ian by 
-cxa ana lboi .two nw ix^pi Bnwn nvpo ia wosm d^it ns enaab inbe> 'n *a 
n*bp ib nbtn nba Daaa nna D^oy papoi vbs anpnoi n*bifla n*n tki vsms yoti> 
noxa mn *a sjt mnw en dxi wbb nxi vninis wwi bna pnoaa ib*s kw 
xin nnsn *jbon ib ">osi .stid sbai nna aba vbs xai ib nn*n 'no *a yTi two 
wwih ie>anb -jbon w bs-its>* *aa Dy ns ninab 'n *anbp *a us "iiw Bnwn ibo 
sm onwn nan by najn n Dy nno -jbon n*n d^o* 'a ^lobi ."mion ivaa 
nirw nyni Dns m nwn na oniDsn n^ao iovy i^nn^ lnsnpb Na nn njn\ 
in* wn *3 *a 'b mtjp *noan ib ns Dibn ny -j^an ^o ib ioni bnaa *]bon mis 
us ps ib noNi vnnyi xn ib lay mic^sn ioni bna bipa -jbon py* n^o ,*]oo 
yan nbob idki nayi inosn by ibon non n^o .nnba bip ny^oc>2 vbts mis tnxn 
npb sini nnan nsc* by Dsia ny inns vnayi rwi iboni *jbm rrrn *a*Trb ibin 
naiy nn^ "jbon *nay ba ims isn nya> inisa vby myi d^on *aa by ^n^si \rv\n 
103 cbiya ^ao ps *a poni vrawn sbi niaop nvana inns i^bni mio by o^oa 
.innp ncs ns D^wb nan aniDon tatt>a o*o nn^y nbno ^n nvn imsai nr 

pns maaa n^s s&9a bs paoiobs T'os nbey a /r nsi moan by oba inonM 
onna nwybo in ns yiaob nia^n *b>s*i oyi nbian 5>sn oy nmb D-bsyo^n 
nn\ni nin *ab iniabo niano baa n^soan tPiwm ba ns anns isb dsi nbsn 
rnans^n ^sn bsi nbian trsn bs ana ehikti inbt^i .did niano ban nnv ny 
xbi Bsn ns lyaoi ams*n ba Da lanas Da Da^yb nioa nob nosb man psnt? 
^ nbisan jot yyn sb pny ^ nosb ana nnb inna rs bs->e* anpa ^pa on iid^ 
onana mtrybo novy yaon ^a nb Dnois iasi nyit^nn f rh *a k*k naa> naa sb 

1 Fol. 28 b . 2 MS. s*ny. 

Q 2 

* nnoD prw p &)DV ,m b pv nmo D^pV : 122 

anstr ina ni>apn nosn3 pay iw ^ds djox ,paD ^3 onnx d^n sin noip i^> 
nS>apn riMna yr D'3'onn b"r\ "a iid rmnn mD" 1 niaS>na ny inao naD ^>ya 
.ro yxh ftnyoi jpij |b* ana h? n^aoa am3 maoa wo? Tyo okp ra cjiDn 
wn pi /iai ppn joya wa*3 naanon ninfj wrwa maon |1D*d na hB>c ox 
jiyocy na mitf 1 "13 epv 'n aiprm iToi>ni> inia rbtw jiru \w onoaip n3non ok 
nw a'3'onn ta onm nxp 3ni3 rum nipioy nioo DntMipn bb> mpi 3iyon 
nnynm ttjnn ban nnion nb:n 16& "jjrspo *aam b"n nS>3pn noan ^y i!j nbo 
moi?nn oma ^m iovy-1 133-101 wwnaa pai iy303 pi nw >oi> n^n mown 

T11W.N 3"3 Q*W BHpTl niDP 'l ^y nOU Jinx TO13 1^ 1D0 V13T ^331 nyHW 

njyrro> )b ioni 'iai miaan ^>yo ins warn du> wiyui piaao ttjwp oni 
nD3aci p&n pain n^03 rica ^3 pm nb^bn p romn nyt?3i D"yiT D'ca 
nnai "vino 3^31 noisy mm nna Dya pioan ni notfi nw aae^i d^pji amno 
irue> ysows'a Nvoni tanm m by p nnx jt^i 'on niopn ita mar 1 inw naiw 
from my ib>n pot nisio nsnni "ppa myc "iD[n]i ppnp ppta nn T^y ^w 
mnx naia ib -ido my /iai mrmb D^aa a nioi^yn -j^ wi Tnis* oaco^> Dip* 1 
n^abo vn'tjn D^aom crn^n -nna3 noiy Ninty ^o^j ^yin^ yop ii> niB>y^ nx^aa 
Diohpi naD i?y D^3in3 one 103 cyiT 1 d^od )b "idoi inyoco ^n d^d p 'vyvi 
ions 0^3 jn "nn^i piDao mxiwn trtpn nioen ^yiT co^a y^opn "a am3^ yin* 
on pi ib 3n3 p oai /iai tmnicnN oaa na^on nriDN d:i .maon i^no no naoa 
a nNii pon nro rn ohai Km^Da^sai nnvoa anyn 0)i?o oaa ^navnv no napn 

^a'y 13^ m!> ^y oiotr D'oinni n^oinD nmo t^k titoi 
losy n^y^ |o^n pa ins t^x dp mv^ iophni wsbm ny3is* nrca waoi 
apy ann nsn it^s'3 wi .an^y "vyn ^3 oinni inns' id: y-\xr\ 'oyo o^am mtwa 
i^aDi nwon na^DO aTby rman njnn ^3 ns n'rfbi 'ova^s* '} bum* wan p 
nK>iy n^N nt^yon nNi na *]i>n n^s -pin n lb ymm ^r n'3'oin^ bna 3n3 3n3 
in^yoi loa^o nw noi dv ^33 nnb ennno^ vcyo nsi iwjiik nsi nyb n^yoi 
i3n3 rwi vbv nvoi e*aca noivyn inoan 3110 D'a'onni .nrn nann mn nox oni 
I3i8?i> mnsa an^ an3i nrwi n3 8^5? no^p Dpi mn "13:3 irx pni !?3n ^3m c^oo 
narwv forn oo^di ioo^di wdmh nvon i^o joyo D^onujip 'j 103 irn iWai 
nruoswi n^npn ba *t pmm jen nna nmpon nipn nna D^Dio^ipn t3 mpi 13 
.Jon n^:n nnmoa^ nrnjjn n^ison by orvDanh nya'n'o mm nT&wa mnim 
Mpanv m^aiwiB' paD pxi nyn iDn nn nr^n c*^n mws> Tan Tiwn irn l^avai 

oa^y D^sno laxr Dfe>a 'oy Mannt? DTiom n^nn pta 'n db>3 cnon oa^y 
nzroy nmj ^y nnryb "b vnni Mannt? avion mno *''a DnoiNi ova D^oya ntj>ta 
nx ibsn ams* a^mi? ansoi nyn anb p new jtreai ntaa any> ^ni^ aa 
w .ntahno nrapn nnac mason vne> ny dp ^ano rron na i>aa ^>Knc* 
wwi no nam my.! Tina mayi nro nno n dip "fop b>ob6 ion i^annb n^o ntaa 
xinp xanxp^x t&fK xnpjn Dipo ^>x yanai "j^i np^i na nnpx aasi mya DV.n 
,mnM noni nxo nasi an Dy nnan nx xn^i D^xyoc\n ""oan "'nap tq Dipo 
nnpn b)p no *iwn i$> nox^i nao nayb bin x!? a w np mm nnx w ii? nox"^ 
*a n*oixna nn^o [no] n"pc>y^>x nxpn a nyoti> x^ dx nyn 11 i6n noxn jyi nom 
vaa pisd^i .na napi? onvo px "opr bai wa *jpr ioy i^n mn no ym x^ 
not? anni? mun^ awn dpo by) nop ah naia noa py v:*b n\m mxnpi? popn 
W xm nmtra dv *k*ii ia^a nox^i nnnoa as? e>e>n *a ann nixna wi .ab aim 
iai? aoi n^na nnop nop ntan onann nx lyopai .nan oy innp npx b nx i^> 

:pxn oippni boss* ioy ny nix^aai d^dj n v trn rwy a nmpan nxr ij?ob> nya 
nry^>x p onaa a dp i?y b"T im6x^ mix paaoi a'Ya nvi naia nsaa p d:i 

jnlnJ^ nxnpji nnsoa nnat^o w ovn myi .nwiya anna nrni ia ni> jnan pns p 

cnvo i^o i>DKai>N n^oo nnn noyi nnvo px ^n nti>o Naai .wa^yb nirmi 
nnvoa ioy n^x nn^n i>a ^yo woa nx n^i niaio inx ia*n l^on ^s^ noyi 
wtvz b& man D^t^ni .Dip m b ^y db> bum noivyn moanh s*sin^ i!? n\ni 
v\qv 12 pnn po^o nn nco 'ix iDin* 1 anac loa nw wbw p Nini onvoa nation 
nr cnTa nan!? ^nnn pnn N^naiy wan [p] ann vxhw na pin s'^naiy na oann 
oa imoi? nhnnai ,njp n ,, ^c> p 'jni onsoa vrxhom mv 3 ,r a p ^ni nsDn 
nihoi o^aaiai n^ahn T.^noi n^ocn noan NNm nN <i aihnoD' , K noana pDy minna 
vrmbv no n^nn *nian iyn b"n b"r D'a'onn^ t na^na nsDa ama nsB' loa 
n^ny no nnxn naoo yn"^ noib D^a^iDn os^o nnw nnix omp^ ir noan x^n 
no^n nan d^n onann onix bz\ vw bi nr c s n^ ynx 11 no in nrnoa in ohya nvn^ 
onnnn nnix np^y S>a ^oa^ an nna pNu> ^ ^ nimnn nvxni pi ni^so nam ^a 
^any p^a pnyio n> na^na b"t n'a'onn \w rfox naoa ama msvo myi .^a'y 
p ^xyo^ 'iIj mix D^aei noip niy^a nanon nns* noso \^ by mis iWej> 
nb*bn\ coan^ noxon nr nw jsin mca n^vs n^ n.3 on^ avm f>na jna yt^x 
bbni Dnhr^ s*bi Dins* psac crcnnn jo nnx nnn Nin djon nn^ nWK' Dm 
& "o^ a^> iTDtn n^> onnx trpbx w\ tvri nan mvo in^r masi anan nr npnnn 
[II. 4.] Q 

pea nvmsoi nv pyba nna a-nma vn mnKptac anaai dhm fjnsa pb amp 
Kmaaaxi Tynn mny bam anxap iboan n"a a^niby DTihei ao*n ma "any 
bbannbi aixb caoiTB ay w "Hta 't mw rrnnmD moipo bnai 'tram binanai 
vm nnpen nnyo bi* imyyb in 'n arm ndie na^aa xnpan mon n^y by n'n'n na 
anaa nys* anan pens now nn .bxny ^abx nwn sjai rirai a^yax in e^npno 

nanaiobN man .a'nxo nen ^an pnn ^nbo jxe T,b?an nyaon amnbi omun bb>3 
n?7N mnn naonxp ro^s ^ruawos naNnbsi Tyn nasn abx Tyabs nanxn ;d 
n"y wan nyo uumc nnx *a nyny pMim^x na^anb twt5n nby KaDTjn 'yn 

BNbobNI TOKtJtK n"M Dtt^J? nasai 1iya b JN11N b"3 D13DQJN HXTTH t5Jh5 

:"aibai ,*aibai .'ai^a Tpabx iaia rv6totJ naisbN i5y 
ynax myn nx Tissa nynab n"y iaan nyo ioik nwa nbnpa yniae icyai 
nnx Dipm vibd nx ypm rwi ay bbano mnyai naaan nwa bbano n\n aa nx 
anwn myi ,^x prc ma twin nab pt by ma fca bb> nc* aipo imxm yw 

:myinyn ana nn B H aaini D^iy vn 
a'a'nn ja annnx wan Tan p nn wan *raan jn by vim xnmy wan mm 1 
riapiim a^abs nyanx nay kvi nntayb abpni t\ba nay ja^aa 'na nhj n'n'b'r 
natDn nay nti nnayb iypm v\ba nay nay yin^ n" 1 ' nny myn iDaai mvb 
mnayro n*inNpi?s anxoa y avn myi ,mm ^y nDaan n^nn noi rnnr^ n"ai n-aks* 
aa nanna nDaan nsn nwn n^yn ay ^y wiitf n^a nnaco nnb piipi nianvo 

:na iiDn iy p 
iy ^D3i jpt dbw n^s xa ansa nnx aya -n anso 'apro cnDitc 'nyoan 
bm icaa baai mn^ baa trotroi Naiy nm Tp^N nsp xnpan nanaayipn nbiy 
N'nni yw naa^ nyx bnai yy-in m^by an^y b'byo rwi avi dy bnai nwa 
nnsbi aaioa nx nnpb ypno ppm mis N*ya iba* xb s n ny pivoai niaa ani^n 
B"n nyo nr *a jyyn nyo ap^i ,unb yyio psi bna iysa bsnK" vni aniyaa ns* 
ns tm bna n-an .thi monb nyo wen nnayen nxro mm ansa j'isn nwa bna 
firm na y^y nDp ny apn anis a^mb a^so nys )*nbn nx nti iniyat: 'n 
n^aa iby ycym xin n^i man pxa nyx a^ynpb mas nap by ntanynb ibm 
s ax ^anna .innba -iok nai nmnb tm nbna rn^an nam w*srn s*no npbi nmnpn 

1 Fol. 2 7 b . 

bavi mre wmi naco nnx nanna roainno a'aab a'n'a ninao pna xine pn 
wi a"ai tan Dice* btfaii pmyo roctwi lbx enx tanna na amai "iiani t'idd 
jvai :p*Kipn be a'n'a ton nxr ^ iidki nr by "ntaspi annx mw in cama 
n wpb 'n nay ni nnx Knn pxn p onin npyi anxo jyra "aem itaycnap 
baB>3i ncin vby wni nbvx yrr ciproa amx^ mix iai |nan xnryb naiatan isdh 
nnyi .iDipoa imbym ba\na Dne anaan jo ibd mpb pDan xbe a'n'a naan 
p^Ncn be noaan nxra 'n ":s ns niKnbi nibyb natyi nae baa onwn a^ai 
1 p*pinp be a'n'ai :na pbbanoi xnnxpbx nsnpan nennn anxoo anwp pao 
:q*wo ruino rriNB'] x\m bba a'n'a nar na nxea xbi na wn ny nanna 
bbp hptod ibe pmm wrp nnx naD nbc a'rfaa b* nbnrabx Tya p aai 
yD"i d^pids nvhm xsvn a"y p ne be cran?] Pipn ni?oe lbx pmn by ninni 
"ma ia aina uanan warp a^pbx -iiti Dnnx ariose moe wm u'l aai 
nnpb ltaaeca nawi by naan Tyn dx jaixa nbyo ntaco aina nr bai rniatan 
amp arx aanaci nbyob nooo ynaiab a'ama p'nn ta niopn ib wr nana npM 
: wae tfbeo lmc npeb vby yae^e mx bae new naba n"nb n //_ iD xbs ia 
by ba^na aiynoo be a'n'aa raio mm }K>ij Jty *ibpB ,r/ a i"3 e s a /r : onsoai 
nna vjsb pp'b^i D C'tr n"Dn by inra nenp ia canwi nrnn 'ifiDn pa xoan 
vienp amoi nopm "^o naa mix D^^aboi manai irn: ib D\s"aDi nex naa^ xb 
Dya mix pa^po n"an nn mapn nyae nnaon nx ^pnb mnw mm nnce ova 
"Dxa^iDbx ib pmpi mix eppon a'n'a "anvb onp^ o^iona mix n"npibi rti&sw xbi nnx 
rrw^ a'a'tn 'n n:c'a cxaaiD nocn onso naao nnx nD3 xaine ny ae by 
ncx nnyn nx jnn pnxn bxi pioan nr Y'an nbnna amai mix mnna ijwn ywi 
namaa moon a": ia amai amoy 'n by n-'ieyi nnwic nama aina xim "pbx ;nx 
nao B" pema p d:i : vw tfbtrc wn npeb vby yae-'aB' ^ bae onoim npn 

:ixnbx mix nmpi enp 
xbx i:miaxi pnvn ejov nsa nnw raivrnn n:un onso nrx d^ixo jyivi 
lrnux D>a twtw nonpn ansob xpmybx ivd x^ne nac^n ansoo^ .na^aab n^e 
cvn ny B H xn3 nmam nioinn pa aipoi nann turn nixDia ^e iron nayo n 
a'n'a nmx paapi nnx a'n'a n'yb pin na rwn d^ pn^'n bjdv be mnxix a"ai .nrn 
vn ncx D*ran jnai .ndio no^a nmx paao a^bxyccM a";i n"y iaan ne be 

1 .MS. p"xpny. 

: nnoo pror p *pv '-fc pv mia n^pV : 1 1 8 

ibon yioeai .rom nawnn nxr "onxb a^tPinb pano Kim B"y:neo unix npjn nir:i 
nspo tm iamb Bnratc vby vp\ .ima ntpy nbaa a nxo ib inn may nan nx 
yeni *i nae>a onso mnx ib'i ibon *aabo neo ma*i ,-om m p ik , i 

: rnnrb i"ai mxo 

*)bon "3 xpmybx nxo rims* paao avn iai isd odds jopan anxo |yw xni 
pit? a'a'oim ,bivi na iax iex RinKpbN "rcoa pit? n\i pbitwi Kinp won mnp 
nmx naai ikibbi na^ pan a'n'a na naai nae *inn "je mopon -ae pai cmsDa 

baa "e:x me pp[K]is^M ns^aa loan maioa ia ywom ae n* 1 by nnx nb^ba 
PDMb6m naf'Jaa noei b"r wbxb mix paaci inx a'n'a nw\ .aanaoa iama a^bbsn 
pxi xiry -12 d oi inns by noma nanai rnpnn nvb nbyob mir ppa bavi nai 
ininb xmn banb aaaan bae noxi iaan Tiinbi vbx rnbyb ub B^anb bia< m 
anao am maon vby anai .lap Ninn isDn nenpb map a^beo wx n?n i2Dn 
b"n a"y a"b spa b"r law ppn 'Da aina xmi? pcbn nr by rrti'bT laxraib n 
': vn a bjvt bant? ntreoi noob n"D mix mmim ae mabn laxraib n anao *3M 
a"a nrwb aani 'n naea nr laaorai .b'a'y nr by nr iff pana a'biDs anao 
nj iaao?a xa a:i .aaiooai asiaa ianx an avobe nbxn a^eaxm noob inrmn 
ana aaox .ia ltanap nibiDD min* na ia an^i inw imm iaam inx ibid 
vby wan ncoi xbta-bia n-ya xva: xiry isd a ibe> isb nnp 'Da ""vxcn ain 
la^bini |Dpn bwoe' ain ^"y naian pny 'inaa bint^ 'in isd ana anci anaa naa 
iaon bax ,e>ipio noby ia pnr 'in "-"y aiyob iniK inban n"D iana myi .na^'xb 
to naio mnen b^e> noao abcn^a nvw abw baipo ppw anvoa mix ikd 
bxi^ jora "a anois Tiyoc a^ox xiry naa mnv noib nnb pao n"xi .icx '? 
niD33 yaixo nianai anna ib pk"3d vni xiry isd i2Dn nr noxa rwi bb> iw 
bxic'^ px ^axb inx laiarty nvaaa *na w ibxi .b , tx> a^abx ica na vm pxn 
inx jn:o pama oytei p^M^sbs noaa ban %w nDja inxi j^ox^bx nDja 
p^iy^ ioa msna jnaty bna nnpb pama baa k>3k a mm be annaai mnsnaa 
bao peiy bax p pama orx ,r/ x kjw nnnn nx po^DO nae> bnai naa bsa 
aK>a pama w no ibx .Beats' ebe ^lob nnnn nx po*BDi ama nebe nsna 
an "a naaa Tipon ana aaox . p"p[x]iybxi p^oxebx anso pns be ibx a"a 
a'lYaa mw tfrw nnx jptb mbxe w inxbi nv6vn iab yma xbi a /r a nebe 
nam arn ny iem a^xipn be mn npfaevi a'n'a a no k sn p s b 10x1 p^dnwi be 
in *nBaaai p'oxe p^p be a'n'aa w\i rrwb x'b'ni 'n naeai .anvo niamo 

ib iNn .NDan byo dpi it?n -pba ^ nai ib iNn rsxb mntan npn ntyn *asb 
ia^by Daniabo ubapi lasiNio wbatf w isDa ama Nvoan dpi nan nx Na yoe 
naa ntbri bwii naibon Dab a -|bo db>3 bNisyo kn dk> iaa* bab ioin ttita 
by icy by Taa^ ;roannoi "jbo -ii^ nsn -nai n"aa ib pnip p >a n,bo oea idb 
mo xm;r -n\xn newai -aoo bap Nbi onana mis* tid^si baity by Nabob bxic* 
wtsnan Taan by ibn inn ain nan ns* ityn yiotpa tm .inis* Tionnn niaboa 
nanaBtypD n^ ntaN m^ pit?b Ma* 1 bab buiB^a pnb now nbyoi Ninn dimoi .wind 

: ovn iy bNiB*b pnb pnm ^bu win pip nn xbN Taa 
bsn^ tyia wbn m^b nacifii D^abx nyanx nap Nn Daiaenb T'y'e naaai 
ipn ba nN nni bNytaB" ibon Dtpani b"r pxa *wi an taai b"r ps*: Ninp aia 
1 nap 'p }aa Nini nnN ito Nin&5> ai nbnai obiya nno Die nnb -vmn vb) Dnb 
nn Nim nbna 1T3 Nina* *ai nr Die 'ai ibna DTa one ppon nan D"pnai 
Ninsf iam nn bNwbNP ja baanr "aao naibon ynro nn in rvani ouiKan epo 
2 . . . piDDn ni ib awm rwon nms by Dibn nbxe bx^ nnx oys 

:*onsob ixiaa b"T D'a'onn nao nis^D 3 
wab nabb nDaan nno n^ niaion ana nnN Dyae nnn Divob intra naDi 
Naittip nano be -jbon ia y:s neyo ^jni on^on anaoa n s a labibi nbsnn inN 
VDWn anaoa "ii^a nn ina "jbin nnxe own orn no ib idni loy pneo b^nnn 
mjib avwen anao 'a D^yaveon anao nt pN ibon aiN ionm |y^ .D^yaieom 
noib ibob maiena am nam .Dbtrrv anaoi nYa'no nnin anao nr bax caaxa 

ebe onaiy ova iai nNaiy baa Npan Dipn nnb D^Nyoen &ybwv& pxn by ib 
won* ib noNi nxrb Da iab ne Nbi in^a bs* Nai vby pnm . . . 6 nn*a nniay 
anN'b a^cne nwn Nann naitrna hni no nbon "onx D'a'onn eaa ww mraai 
din Dtt?b oai xb Nini D^aaxa Dianb D^yareon ^ii a awn na> onb lONn |yn 
ma nveyb ibon ib mv ja ^a neiy n'a'pn D^abon >abo ^bo ^bon ni^o Nb 
pvibnoi pneo "a m^ nNi BNn nan nN onN yi 11 s 4 b piy viay ib iiDNn ,wn 
D^'n d s pt nnvn nbnbnoa Nini iaan Dva D^aaxn D^beo wnb i3>niiay byi la-'by 

See p. 67. 2 Follows the biblical verse with the Messianic interpre- 

tation, and on fol. 2 2 b the history of the conversion of Samuel ibn Abas to the 
Mohammedan religion (see Revue, t. v. p. 52). s Fol. 24. * Follow a few 

sentences in rhymed prose. 5 Follow some details about this worship. 

: nnao priT p *pv '"6 =pv nno d^p 1 ? : 1 1 6 

tw x\n natrn ansa pt6 natan nxatrai :baa pa en DMmap no in? .px 
*ax maboa ib man nw xbi "jbo xb onb px -jbon nh Tom l anjwi nr anxna 
rwun ia "pano 'axi mn ymo b"n nwnpN unpin m nrb m nam d^n-ib* b* 
tfanb nfawi ibon vjia nam aa* dxi awaai D'abo ymo nuv , Di> bna maa ib 
wpn to ansa nbtyi "jbon wya nann aam .ansa pa nnapan nxro nnx 
n"y "jten in ymo Dnix" "jmabo nanaap n lain tain nab baa nana bx 
ymo "Jiba no oani pa: ex at!>o ib mbtn .ma nmn ina ^a ono ins n nbew 
nvraan h^bntw ra&m atpai .ansa px by innnsn imabo nanaa ~\wtt tawron 
oral .njmnai bpoa ayn nx nvnb "ibon naaai xabon Knuenn ib mm .ansoa 
a^ynoo p"p be> nD^an mab mix anboi imaa ayn ba tnopno wi trip natwi 
man anac iaa anaa w pn ptrao wi Kb minn nnati> avai .am^ai nnaeo 
nnxbi ne>o mo "nnx w a^maaai bonxa wa snip maaam nznan nxn 'na pipi 
lhan ny rwjoan ia xmpi aw maam vby t^aim i>a\nn aai> jnta pa^tpa spian 
.ima ny mix pbai nD:an maa pnaaa a'n'xi ^anyi aiam jwfea piDa ba aannai 
nnx iaara mw b"t a'a'ann jot ny anaon nr "jtyaa .mm vanish neiy mn aia an 
f&* nama b"? a'a'annb niar^m m^c iSDa wirw no ^aa n"y nn ymo nno 
cnoy D^aoo tv&m m na^nai on^-oo loy D"aa-i atpi D'a'onn na D'oinm j^na 
n3n .jvcc na prw mby paxio xxsi iows rnxn by napi nco anai men nra 
Krn nbxen ira *naan .nnyo ^ana ifei bxio^ na K^xpi v^n irol 5y pasmo 
s^aan inw p btnt^ ba niba vwi fcwan mis' 1 anai n:oo nrb pxi nabnai nmna 
d^Dsayn nbsfo poaa^ai :n r/ y ^on nn ymo khv n^::n mnn nmx s b /r ay .bp'i'vr 
vtryoi inoan nso nb itn ^ob nn^aan nmn b^axomyn *m ^nnn rw baao 
nrn:o*^p ^oan noaana Dam aicn nns hw ranaoenp van D t hhv vm ntryi 
onnei maoi na^i Dnpi Bayo mm pnv os^'o Dyn ns aiSK^ na msjn^ mnp 
saai .mo^n Dn '| apy^ /_ in n s ;3n jor ny nvraan nr t^oji ny^n nynw no aa 
bin^ n oy labn ^np na^ ovai mabo *naa n^n ims cabn onso p bs maan 
n^ xb wa i^apn n-:-xai n'n'br naat^ bx^'a '-nmo onbnn xav bjn wa ^apnb 
mix nn;i onana omx yoai nxo bxbva '-nno 3*6 nmi maa ona jn: xh Dnny lab 
wi .niabon maa by Dn xbty noib ann p'j'bnb n*j'n bx ^m -nan nn xbo: ^rxi 
mom loy bxio^ naDi monn nx riami npaa oa^i nbxn onain nx am ywaea 

1 See Graetz, G. d.J., viii. note i. 


> ^nno pnv p *pv 'n 1 ? *pr nnno o^ip 1 ? * 

losjn onso "ibob ma vtwn aaiatynb aat3> natya 'Ns'babx y*NQ baaa "pm 1 

ansa pxb nabon nxa rnTb iiDBTii a^abx 'n na&> vm aaiatrnb teB> naa>a*i 
nm baay ab hum ix iba anb b bx anxoa nB>K 4 dhot pay by jwi nbtfBi 
btx>r\ 'n obi ,ro x*aan nna^DO BNaybx paibN thmc na^ba nb^oo B*tn 
D^xyo^ni aibiyn vby "jbon in ny aim ibd ib b*i xniba B>n xnpan wion '| 

.paoiobK ton t nnn bnB* mbnp baa nbna mnB> ib B"i hint 'j to ib amp 
wao Dip 1 * tbv *d bai mbw ib in-i vaao Dip*- nioixno is aniN\n b^k bai 
ibon <aa mxnb ibin Nine bv baai .-jbon ib nw p a niao pik mis ppbo 
pnwa lboyx bsyo^ }iB>ba nab annaoi anwn joi anan jo a^tma my a^abn 

iBKn by nbna naaxai nop-11 nao naa eaibai bib by aan Kim .msn 'j runKab 
msnpb b\xsv ibon >ana "]bn n^nb snostti ,Tan "man byi pb nnie nsaron bin 
vtttrsn aab ntata a^ainr a*aa wab naiy wB>an nayi iban nxnb ijran ny vaab pxm 
yaaa mnv nixinb vban by Dpi mnneo iben bx jwwn jraDttai .^bon niaab 
ibxoirb ib "jinan xaaa tfB*an lawn? ranab ton *]bm "jbcn *aab naya now 
ibim napmo nana n,bob "nasi vban by ap inbKB* n nnai .)rbxv bwB> m 
dbko ib ptraw nianon p pn natsn naa> baa yiT bo pN nma by lb bj .lannb 

1 Fol. 21. 2 The overlined words are mostly Arabic, and a few are Turkish 

and Spanish. 3 MS. nvy. 4 I have faithfully reproduced the orthography 

of the writer in anw for ann\ a^bx for avnbs, nbx for \nbs*, and fnaiK* for 
tnam*, etc.; he avoids, as many other pious Jews, putting in writing JT and M, 
which form a part of the Tetragrammaton. 

r 2 

: n^ '-Q OFTOH tm b n^Dpn ISO : 114 

uoo yr n^i Dp xh .Tayrr ponn N^ot? r6x jo iya nit h ^ ^ai memo 
n^sn ^ann^ mm to to top man ins n^x nora6 am de> 'in ennn Dam 
Dwy wd ^>aa tan ^aaa wjn lniB^ni ^ob lann ynai l ^nrw in-a^ xa** nnao 
n? inw ,^mn nf'am homd ^>y inayb vimrw tfta onvwi i>a nyna rwi n^i 
d*dbp ia ibw nw Dye vn ^y nayi iao web i&snr&i v.t;k ta&B y:na n^> 
biOE* *aa np"c py nvoaa via lnpw yn d^> p "^ pyp inxi nnion rvaa imanai 
nuno ^aa "ten xa^o mp idc xnta jya ,ib nT? tarwro riDh nap a"TO noopn 
id i>ipa txo nVrn nn^n npyv ruvm doni DiTas nxo D"-6\-i warn mia^o 
nih ncya no jna h ntrpi no ^pa cpyiv DTaxi n^ny to uyw to nos^ 
neryi iroana it ntac iy inyn rmpna h .Tja ^y naao i>m n"y tot tot 
ttnrvm fo n^am ,bm ^aaa dtn idni taia*y >aro i?aa oniK nryi dtobp nna 
ncnnp ^y Dovy vroo dhoi novy ii>n nnoi oavoaa Toy^ )by xbv cm won nno 
son n^saa ^ya jKytaa *pa epai nnino B>aaa TDnn wipn ann taptnai -paT ieb> 
noi ejoi tttwi n-traa ii> ibw ^>ai in^ai sin iovy iddb> b"i toto pyoc *an am 
v^y nays' noiK^ aita d^ 'in s?npn Tonn oanm .o^na o^wya nmDn Tina 
i^sa n'a'pn 2 ^t vntrain "ia nnsi itd^ inio^antr dtp ianox^ 10a D^ry noa 
3W n r/, n .ysaD Dmax 'nm ^n^ apy an aim kvi dxd nia^oi? sai moo 
Tnay bn nxn> lan^ay moa wnD lan^'o ns i, aa 'n^xno lannnx ao^i la'niaw' 

:ix^a .DTaa ^y Tinm T^a 

n!?am epo ^ ps*^ 't ^n^ .inth .ni^apn nsD D^ai nn * 

1 MS. 9?snm m^ Nai. 2 MS. iWt. 

an^y w "ttpi*6 cmrn pan wwryhvb laaaa^ dpo .ani? ntrx bi aaiooa 
Mavvi an^yi imwi ta anci .Kxa mo anra a^na tfDBP ana icyi a^aiyn 
/iai tf win rant nxnp^> a^am nimiN ia^n anya nya aiya kb>o n" nw 
D*acpi a^na in' 1 a"-nyn ba net? laaxai tftf* axa^ nxa nirasnn nta^an rmmn 
mm pains? nnxi> nap a'-yat? pa xini ^"r nxo an rwi aainai a^aiaai a^an 
pi mixai .iiaa pwa bants* * nxsb 'x natya naa bv 'x ara naaai bxnt^a 
p ^di^dh aanni ^"r aniax pnsp 'an 'in xaam xano btoitnis nia^oa ntaw 
nrannp manm a^nan rw"wn vw ,V'\ d"b> p ta"e> 'in anp "obo p a^an 
Brian amp "aw w a^aty tb ia nnx natra x^oa'xpa lnuaa bxntra mm 
nraa ixa naan naya nnxi ,V'\ ^xa biODP an aim px^ h prer *an ann an 
nnxi? nanai nana jn^y s^diei rnwin naaa niainan ni bat tane* by nnx 
nytra lantvai nen anna dhvwi -pn vx njr tftrrn 'n ia axa naniaa ia&*B> 
nap npy nnx pa naoo Tibiva an tram p ns* tnei lbxa a^ax noa nnx 
vcvn 'mam tfaan iraNta^ inn avn *jma ahyo nrwu xb na>x nbna rm nnvn 
iwfo* bxprT xaannt? sin nn .lamyie&yb poxn * tin ava pnxi? maanni annua 
rwiwao anna nan nnsbtm nx nnph nixen ^ nxbna Tyn -pna n^yan nixa 
ayn N3 'ran nhnan nanrn nnx n^ra a .annns pnx aim nin^ mm rns^^vm 
n^N nwntaai axa nanoa ^xn^ra ni^'sa ^n an^yo -mv inoi Sna nani 
a"no iab incx >a dhk pi inrn nsnn n^nan nynn isn nt^ai .nanai nana Tniraa 
barvp maai niamnai tppwz ayna inra anrai anani axio D^syot^ ^nb iaa anoi 
nnxi .^ip }yoB> naop niaaNt^ D^a a^piaan i^Na n r/ y n^y^ ron jt^ni mony 
nan ny ba~\^ py a^a vb a xano px ny ioya 'n ^x nnn p'a^ r'a'n najy nr 
p n^n na^o^ 'ixn p Tan sh naitan nn^o ^xaiDma i?n jxiia pn ^on no>i 
ij^iaxD n^ra ^nyn yenn xin nia^o Tin vby lana x^i nraa iaa by noyi n^an 
nar x^i Mara DT-naai iai> inox 1 "! ^xna^ nar nx nino^ a^nnan vnay ay pjwia 
nanra ^aa m |nam naan ay nox T- p paaaTt^ h n^x xin pi Ty ^xn^ db^ 
^x xah r.xv mb^ }'yma a'n'xi .tnn a"> ny ivnxo nxv^ a s Tny mvb na>noi 
jn^y i:d pnxa a^ua vm nyn an^ px ncx jxva btmr> nny vni ani.Tn 
xs& p t^ wxn p^ nnxn ata'xnai a^anip^axni a^om bxn^ 'ynsj aai naion 
mai nvaaa ma np^ T^^ab py xin ayaTo nnv bxn^ nx wormi xon x yn 

1 I. e. aita DB>. 

[II- 4] P 

: ni2bw 'ia amna ,m )b nbipn iejd > 1 1 2 

anp nph nvQ^cn !>aa maa nnvu x^ "8>k r6na ninrax npy 1V 1 fKtia jn ibnn 
bx dm "x i>x cms rbvi cmrroi iani inaa ">b>n niaai o^aa ani* nwo naiatyb 
dc "ix x-ip 1 * myn nx nw bk nx a"v nmbi nay niaai a^an aipa mra px 
ata*^ minx nx nx dc ixca anxtram at? inn earn niao n^ nxvsi rv^i? njrann 
ncnn 'n paxnn rba byn ntaa nxn nata y^o o .am ny ata> Dm pxn 
ahs ^>ya ntaoa ^>ya nw xaann it ^yi itnn nam nix^? mpa nxo ny laayni 
mv px nosa a ^>xia jvxi> xai 'iai nx nnaa xa> *a 'iai vaix^ haa ms navi 
wpj xi> am wpn 'iai 'by a^aiwa anx hoan p Da saann an^yi -tinto rhn 
nrn twprn nan ntan ^y on aha awaan lariatf ana wrroi manan ii?x bi /iai 
an^nai amnvi am .aina^ Yny "'axe taa ia^y nayiy perron nrmpn bai 
a* mpa oryn pan naa \-i^x ma Dm rram anna iasa Dmasici Drmm 
ly-p x^ pxi r/y an^> p^n xh aiyr xi> x>x anrw dm^x najn ahy T.i?ai D"n 
n^np an iutop Dmax pn nn D^Diip^xn pan ocxnai .nn* xh mw xh 
ix^anm ixanty on naoa ina* maan^i d^x^ n^xai new bi raai xin 1-120 
6naa ix^ xi>i Dna ^n cann xan nrS Dn^y Dibn cann 'a^yc ^b D^ann nx 
Dovy icyi dcm E^T'p i?y nvoi> Dn^aa nna mcc uyo tio x^x DrvrnaEi tidd 
bhan Dann iDDtani "Ktfri bnan bewi xin D^aac hnai 4 Bnayb p nia^ p ipsn 
Danni xin envm n^on ^yi? X'Dn-isa D^n ctpc b"? kxaanax pny jn ann 
Dnn^bm oatap nyi o!>nao aha *nao ani 'ran ain ns jprn mx^ac no^ jn 
nayc no maa aina^ dxi Dna "i^n D^ain nian D^ain nx tani lar Dn^ i-^-x bi 
B'tjniaran by nayw nnvn nspo n^T ainax x^ ,ibay xi? oni n^ pin an^y 
nx b^pc t^ ^bio n"x n^ano n^Dn Wtsn i?Qn > /r y Dxa nano^ enspo iDaaac 
anyon D 1 - nxpa nacrn ^d!> lDaaac Dno en . naita Dncy ncyi mia^ra ba D-nimn 
bxw niaaa dt 1 intai fx^ia bym cxkdid byn "y nnn nnx an^y nay dci 
. dxb nanob ixac ny onioa nna x^ na'x mvxai nihna nnyin icyi Dnix la^yi 
xtn D^nrax a^wyi a^na anion ycin inoa ,7/ y x^nx nan^ ioaaaa anoi 
^a by 1 nanxa n [""jlaip 'pan x^nx by naioo ^xaionia ^o ^c a*nyan jna xctan 
amyn an^y 2 ixvi -na^[x] nxvp^x* ~l?vb xa^ y ai>ya ntfsi anin^ ncy ntrx njnn 
anoi .hna i?np sjtai a^ai a^cax a^any aimam. unb ncx bi nx mpi aa Mim 
Dxab ixac ny bvrwb nb\i: naia ncyi msao \xho "y anxa nanoi? iDaaac 

1 MS. na-via. 2 MS. in* Yaap nxvp^x. 

in : rrobw '12 cmns f "b rfapn -ibd > 

x^oi'-'xpa -ex mnnn nw rota pai miOND nan a pn nsjTn ;n ibon ny Dniw 
bai xin n^a nmaa )n,t6 a&i in ma iboy nib> rra naa* vb 'n ox djox innry 
any nyb 'i or rwi nn ex ot&nt ntrono nnv ano wvont? nnx ioy tamrcan 
rri>xm roabea mrwi in^x ay prnnn dhd -jbo yna -jboni ,iVn tmA d^o* 'a 
-ins* p"zb a'o'n nap mn imabob "* nap ,ifc vn ntrx n^abon bao ^n ncyi 
mpnb -]bob ~\m maewn li^nnn o^xpia o^p-ixo mm jn *"j> notcnta mabap 
aba wroi tanta* nk mn etodmb anp anix insdi mn paya a^auxn naaa 
a^-n anopa mpj"- 'n cxa rpptaffl nx *ntarn 'wv no a"pb ibvb aaiooi nant^> 
nap .omawra anab banta* pa ^nanb nwt n^on mnn napa ,at?n nwrp by mo 
rmjjj nrwi r'o'n nap .av dw pn by um rwi ppnb n"< n'o'n a*abx npon 
ax ennb 'o nap av xpbxo nano n,bon nab nap nnisa .a^opa n^ xb oyoa ddw 
vtb m^DPHp mbnpi bxnp^o psa 'n aamai nyn *pax ba lapi a-pnn "1 n"by nipi 
[mn] a'a'n nap .nap n"nb anp a^bxyoen T3 nn\np noxana 12!? nr nnm .anix 
xbi lib npy WNona xb wrbx 'n pn* "a wby rr , N ,, a ,, i nynn by mppn toya 'n e|k 
apn mm a^opb ny nbna wnepm pxn nbyob lan wnuiy *a ):by boa wmaiya 
niynn *b^ un onoa oyoa nar ics* mas nnai voni s*h^ a wjiyo nooi 
nyaty pJ dhd py rm nr mn tibd mata baa nn^ne nhnan mwrn lawam 
nroe nona a ni^i^nn norm btnwn mm nnan^j oyoa nwo n^nn m^ 
'n pjn ttm .D^rnsm D^jyn dn *a ayaw mina cpnno rn n^i 'isi np^n 
nn miiNn m^N nvyi rufcrwi pn i^on ^y k^^o^np njHoo ienai loya 
cnb "jsn: ncs jd^ enn mn jibwyi Knna n^'yv nosoi nytjnn brx 
np Krmai in^coo nnn ncx tibd nubo baa man nip nraw |>a^ nnotro 
enna ijnso p2"o^ jtot iin nia^o ^3 pnNi n Nim^ pew fob ^na 
Dipo bi .n^on^j im nns* a nx nno^ "mi bz ^2 sriw i& twin i>ai ^^vn 
cani* jw 12N1 p'^ nsooi aai om nmn^ hna ^ax y:o in-n ^on nan n^N 
laan onnoi nivo by nnspi ninon s aa rrunn nipoai noa i?*c pesn dv lnwa 
nnsD pxo 'n niKav ba iK5f nnvy nyi nDaoi .nhna ms nnw xinn n^a nyn 
nn^a noio 10^1 nnons* ns* 1^03 nnbm nx lary caba dm^n s?:j n^N ^nn 
pxb labn nno nsan s?aai d^ ab n^a^ai on aabo nn nxi 'n nan nx tJ>pab 
pn i^cn r by bxjiona niabob iDJa: cam nonjini jv pxi 2 nno pxi awi 
anxn xin niaani n^an aann naDa anion ba iary om icjibx pn ^on p jxiij 

1 MS. p. 2 MS. n^ro. 

: rrabttf '"O dtos '"i 1 ? rfapn isjd : no 

T^on nvw a^na aniaa mian naa xht^Stan *hn bxw jw itaaa wa 
a"a -j^d *pma jh i^on p JN113 pi ^Difl j'afrin nvi veai -6 nwj^ naarn 
.nxian 5$> nu^> nisi a^an bz ia?:>n d^io WW -ww pawi a ^D3^ nwi ow 

-VDD^ anW31 DiTJ3 inp*l p3K"l 3">n JIDO tUtiTO DH3 WJN tmWfl *31K 1Dp WM 

psn naa v&k 2 [ma] Dm rvom ipan jna wi mun tt^vi nina^i Janayb 
!>n '"Dm x'a'p a^x nts>n nap nya rww itan 3 n3D3 onvp ^x qtinod inv 
iten rm Kpnvxo natanxa mn^ N^aa^Na x^3tax3 *iEta> n*n nata> nmxa .sap 
n'^ i?D jxna pn itan p vrpa itan .ntw l^ana ina"Pi mod hem did h? 331 
*BatKi *wtb n^an . 4 enxia^s fixo jn ain rwi laora n'D'p a^x neon nap nw a*ap 
Wn not? nt?y jxaxnx *]ta rarwi jn t 5 ^y[i] rotan [w^ap] wn t ^y As* 
n*n nap nmaai .a'y'p a>sba nspan nap dhi.t sn a^nxaa nnv Dm nwn anwa 
nwaan ^3 napDi a^a napai ann p-isa mya rm n^'pn cpm nx ny hna nan 
item 3n"W py3 an^y n^xn naan ^ap n"wn tram tw nipn *xy i>ai m 
nana^ i!>an nt i^n vby anmn bwW aVxi a^auxn ^3 bp bwmma ja jniu jn 
nfrna px dp xvai nnx nyp *pn aiyan a s nap ^y napwi nhnan reman Kaa^a 
pTifi pi i^an p }siia pn -^an ,na p bp n by xaa^D nano nnasa n3 3in3i 
nhnan -i^yn Na^aowp ma^a v^n ,na^ o^o -j^i Yd'p na^ -j^d N^ta^Np ^d 
Sna D3n n*w xniosD3 fntm anao an noaa ,VNi> N r/ 3 '1 tav nn-iain ^o >"j; 
.n^nx^^xn 31D ac> p aita ac 'in TDnn arm noaa .N*yp n^N nta'Dn nac 
jn i^n *"y n^ns ,| ^Ni3 8 iaN^taax^ ntac^o saihn nK3^tc jn nn^a 7 3Vp na^ 
pvrota pi i^on .i v "i q^n nta>Dn jxiia pn ^on no .a v_ a^a^x n^on nat^ f^xiia 
ntrtttfi pi i^n p uraie^M pn l^on i^n roa a^atr n"3 ^d jxiia pi i^n p 
anoi bnn maa a^ia a^xo nnv a^xyo^n ana lanni bra ^na ^wibthbd i^ 
prw an pxan ^xn^'' mx iDaa nata> nnisai . 10 a'3'-i a^ai'x neon nat:> ant? ya^ 
n /r a na^ av n -iaaxai x^nx Sna !?>na ^xaitnia i?n ^n nVn nat? .bYi poaaaxp 
nrwhfia uw 'n 'n nx i^i^p x'^-i nae> p^a!? i"a *tw ava ,nVi na^ itaciax^ 
nyaixt laica a^a^i nnaa ano a^ac aaaa Don vb by i^m dsw noxna aunn^i 
maboa "pbo^ nia n!?yi i?xaianiao i?D icai^x pi ^on rib'-\ na^ ,^y ^y i^n 
pn bib ann ^D3i ann pjbw ?i^x r oa a^man vnayi vnsn xin xai x^^DU'xp 

1 MS. i?ya^. 2 See p. 98, 1. 12. 3 MS. '1B3. See p. 98, 1. 13. * MS. 
WTfsbm. 6 See p. 98, 1. 17. 8 MS. ynt. 7 Omission. MS. tan'J'a. 

8 MS. ox^Daxc. 9 MS. mrwn. 10 MS. aap. See p. 98, 1. 26. a MS. naaxta. 

109 * n ^ '"Q nn-QN 'lb rVnpn ihjd * 

anna J nwiw ia awa n s m naD.n nr ntOB> larwa n\nc nnx Dan v^y Tyro naiann 
itan nn abiyo nronoi noiyo pan ntn nJ isdh nr ran n^c < bat? new aio 
mfivb i'tr'< ante mmn paya b*oa$J>oi D^pin jpro vpd moan i>aa $>na can ronp 
ba n nvj'yh roo&6 msn 2 e>KTonNa *b*b> 8>n? nnix pbro iniabo ^>aa Dnan $>a 
nwnwi baa iBB>an3i ni?x i[^]-isd [YJtepi woewn ^a ibbc* aroa i>yan rbtin D^pinn 
ntan ,bwi ny cna avufc mrac cxan i?ai coanm D*wm tfabon i?a icaoro 
D'ata* nB>y n^oi a":i d^s* ntron nats> n,^o 'ran nswta jn *ji?cn p "Simp pi 
wsbx npon n^D* nta Jaw pi n^on p matron jn n^on .nanxa nah 
nr: itan nr s a not* roanar H aroai .nan* pna ron wwn ttap k"< i^tai a"oi 
nyai on^on wn oa^nh mra pa6 nanof> aa^inb D^onvo ens* w annb 
6"dni pna t6t?i oaco x^a iaann^ nra *]^on *a aba ccy iyota> now ipyv bfiP&n 
Tyro tav bb6p Tna laoy nxim i^w imx pa*?o mk pb ^api? nn t& la^nayo 
loya 'n f|M nnn n"y wzbn neon nac ,dv a s B^B> "pn pNja n^on nou> 3 ^n^ 
cniron b nx ann^> Topnb pxn ray iopi maw ^y iho rons? nans n^on no^i 
oniiT d^n ns^c ioa nioipo napai k^bpkp* nnaaaa ianm wi^BPNpa nt?x 
ianin ruwwi pn ntan p aion wwta pn n,5>on ,b"i new r nn nuaa na^ nntsai 
pn D^aa naoc n^mi nat> a ,r o n,^o t v p D^ai'x neon nats> *^wao jwia pn b& 
nn^movy 5 niaiwi? waiN nxan^n ])i \m\M \)i iiba pn pn*iis pn iJasD pn nn^a 
ma .annn nioipoi NTa^Nn Nnna^Ni Ny^sn nxoksa^a na^ n,^?on nn taaiTa? 
nu>on na*^ 6 i3ND3i3 p B^aT^a nsaoa non n^y nyi ito nia^i? o^xyot^n nm 
.ims nap nowi wfaaxh n,^on ns* ia^n nanon ^a yDa n^oi .nn^ b"~\ &*>bx 
onn^n iB>yi K^op^a '] ?idv r nn ^aipon anm 7 NOD^ia vpv \\i *wt\ n\n vo'-a 
d^'o^o i^ND3 , ia "y tp^BVMp nia^oa DHirTn na^a vo'-ai n^apn noana &b)i) 
"jten .y'rn^s p nnn^ 'nn noaa vo s a "pi D^a^s* neon n3^ ie^wp *vxb n* 
^ nhna nns nni vnx nn^a pn n.i?on n^ ann icai^K pn n,^on p ^pnax pn 
nn'-n^ai on^aa nca nax n^s ny o^aa \$b vbssbwo p'> .M^aiMcp nbnp 
cn^y n,^on tat^i oyo >no nx^ai D^nai D^aop Dmn> ^^s n"a nivoa inoi 

,mno b? ^oni b"p &sbn nt^on n3C y-\Kn izwb Dnb na nni3 ah ibn ny do 

1 MS. w. 2 MS. i3Nn>ons'S. 3 MS. indistinct. * MS. M>K>0. 

See p. 97, 1. 14. B Passage corrupt. See p. 97, 1. 15. 6 See p. 97, 1. 18. 

7 See p. 97, 1. 20. 8 MS. B>fc6. See p. 97, 1. 11. 9 MS. Y^X- 

: TVlbv 'l2 DTOS '~b ?h2pn 13D : 108 

pya )biv pya hntj broaa bnon rvon id n^ mnsyai r6vu ma xvdi nTJ 
torn ins jpr db> 6di ,cnsD nxta nbna rmoaK K5031 mpn ijidi mpa nna 
noa ^ m nann "6 idni mn oipDa ia s D no & ncxi r6vu Knnsn ram snip 
oy TiDaam mnaaxn nxr WB>yi nxrn man wai o^jot* ninnc mi* axB* uw 
Dt?D iK*sim .^>b6 *B*aa ^ mnn ^x wdxi wnD *oy TiDaam, nnpi> i^s* Dnao 
hna ma naai 'ran oann oy x-ipi nTa id^i p b mm ixboi roai x^^aB^ rnw 
xa^ *a ny ohya tmb DTnyn mnan ana Kim cvn ny iaa Kim x^^at^ pno 
an mn i^n nr wa .wya ia\xn nnan nxpl ian oanno bn^pv ioa iwpd 
ma^x nyanx naB> m^xyDBn td a'a'in d^btv ma^a v^ai ^"r Taan ^xidb* 
.otaonpn td rmanun nnxaa ma^a iaB'ri ma^x nyanx naB> .nnx t ^y ^prin 
nyanx naB tanx td x<nxD^>x ma^ b^kwmwi nrn jpriri ms^x nyanx nata 
a6rin wsbtt nyanx naB nta mwrop uxd x^n nwih jn T;on .rpriri ma^x 
in^nn po^o n^Dn ^ naa kt? jtan to vrira nabi mn^ai> a"pi bk naB> ktoh 
nain iai> yn'xi d'ob* yaB> mi?y nvi aarin tpsbtt nyanx rw 2 vxDa '*i dv 
ann naaa vd^ii m^DB'Kp mata ^y nop naona "T'nxi D^yDBM td moipo 
riDBxp tcio na^a ipnn tpsbx nyanx naB ax nmb 'xa 'n ova .^t dnb^ 
tsths isai pivoai mvoa noyi tmm bi iiyam unw ^ myn nan^ai 3 px^o 
ny Va 'aa paxnx jo 4 B^xa pi item n u ^db*np }d iB'a^x p*i jfen n^a^D w 
l^ni .ejtai onwi a^ax UBa naB* ova h^x n"na nnix la^mi ax vnnb 'n ov 
XB'ai aspnn n^a^x nyanx naB n^o iBa^x pn ^on ') 5 px^i x^taB-xpa wwn pi 
mwasrv* ^ onyn by\ natamp nah '^axDD^p jo id^p b^ib na Dnu^xa nx 
/71 D'a^x nB'on naB* w nci N^av nai? fn'Ni iifnn ca^x nyaix naB> 
naB* x\-ib a'^1 wsbx nB'Dn naB i?o 'ran nax^a pn ^on p vboi^x pn ^on 
bpB }iasn "i^ra ^xa pn cann -fran na 'Dx^xa 7 xam nx xa'ai imw paob p"n 
nbn iB'a^x pi xtcd n^n naxaTn pn en ^b* naoo Thm \f'\ fafahm noann 
ry^ pB>^ *-ian p^n p^nynb nann 8 ^djid p B^xn^a^ mni ma^D^ 'n n:B ,*n*p 
caaian paya na^nB' nxoiy '\ jxnnn ^xnay p wmdh tax nann id^ raaan tddh 
nraana "jfen id^ nin^n una T,yi ,DDB>a n^ppn dhb raa nnmvi n^ioni 

1 See p. 92, 1. 21. 2 MS. *K13. 3 MS. px^ ia. 4 Jayme. See 

p. 94, 1. 20. 6 MS. pxih. See p. 94, last line. 6 See p. 95, 1. 3. 

7 MS. xaia. See p. 95, 1. 2. 8 See p. 95, 1. 22. 

107 * nobv 'in dti^ '^b r^apn isd > 

lTobni y"n a^abx neon nae wne? fsfvfvi nuaa nae?n nsn /mwabNa amna 
ptaaaax[p] p"nm .anp-yn naa "otib? tabs* sjdv '*im nwn mnno mi won '| 'in 
Nip ptaaaaxp pror un bnan mm .loipon m 'n bn maoa rne tfbina a^oam 
mn lTtabn ""bnaoi nmn amobn Traym bxne?u mm pm Kim "own vas dy 
ps^b h p"nm .mobnn vn mm "inn nae? *j leo'-ei b"r nobe? 'in nso ns 
mn mn vmobn bnaoi .nmn dmobn Toyn Kim neon ban bna can mne? 
annx p"nm b"r wd pyoe un mn Nin bNaitaman tae?n nx erpe? mann empn 
bNitae? /- in murine? ,_ ix bnan mm mo ae jn ta"enm qatntuibM nena 'nm 
ababa prnn e^taan Nin vn-obn ^maoi .nmn amobn Toyn Nim b"r 'DabNabN 
pnr '"in dy ixnp ibN nnbo anriNi "rocu^Mn ne?o 'nm bNmy p|DV 'in xann 
b"r iDabNnbN ne?o un Tann empn mn v mom ,w> nb^nnn poaasp 
*bnao xin Nonab mo ae? un Tann bnan mm /ran ibx nnbo amna d^oam 
tteniaon ammn lxne nns i b bNaitama myn nman nun nse?ai nnux p"nn mobn 
nanob iNn p nnw .ysaa annaN 'nm bNib npy^ 'in urn mo aanm Nin DNab 
Da anb ne?y n"npm du iynta*e? na nmn auiNn naiui mine? na^aan Nbn[n]N 
nuaai ,dana neN 'n nan N*bN ans* Nbm jaa Nbn mine? na^aan'raa NbnnNb lN^i 
runs noa vby mye ins a'a'n a^abN neon nae b^aN^an poaaxp pvin 
ejTia mnea vby visnaw .niai?on no^N d *m bx 'mo tmrw\ ban nai ya mm 
byo dpcai 6b*OKpa prw 'nn bnipon bnan mn nap by non^aty dn^n ussd 
mn >mobn dn 'ran d^amn lbs* bai .no ^ax naot^ nyi dvno vrobnb nox nap 
;n v e?on db?o ia&we? e*inan ny ny maan min vano vn dn 

,e?nan nae? ny mnye? nnxm maon uboe? dobo nvp jnarn ^^^n lytttn 
n ,r b nae?i tansiab i"oi ^bx nm^b 'rai d^abx neon nae nbo nasma ;n *]bon 
oa^im bnan aann m^a be "'norh nyn Kbuo nbo nun '} nbob nbe miabob 
la'-aorne aao Nin ''Nan nm csnae? nnm ninab laanvine nn .pN u bn 4 dniNniapb 
dmny vne d^bna dnm xnanon wra dann nnae noo nsp wyn ia*m nr 
dio^o ibne?n iion mn^ bma dan dy nob dann nre? nyoe?i b ,, ae? noa nnxb 
nenaaeai ,nbue? nubo by naioo mne? nma be iun loy nbne tibtm by 
be vnx Daaai rn rubi bbe bibeb d^b^nn ^exn ba iaaaa dio^o n^ by d^ben 1 ' 

1 MS. n^KTabNa. 2 So MS.; nxibn?. 3 niDsyn. See p. 92, 1. 18. 

* MS. namnb. See p. 92,1. 18. 

o 2 

rabv 'nn Drroa /m b nnnpn -isd > 106 

Tbn na&n33 armx 'nra no^p 'in noaa ,jroi> won axn nap neaon neaap 
'na t'ko 'im x nnpD D"m Tbn anon ho itaaa .nrwfc ynn nap nav 'nn 
npon nap pVnn ?p ail wm nn 'in iuaa ,3"jn wsbn npon nap ina 
'in ,a"jn a^ata npn nap n*n pnaatariD o"nn i>rhn fiipnn .i"yi wshtt 
p bxvap an K"a a^abs* npon nap K3"pnn Tbn nmnn pmap np p *rn 
rmnpi b^ne* ba wj> 'n mynp iy Nbita<biD3 nrnn a^ano vri fnan in 'im hrav 
hvn&* ba wji Turn b^m ia np wan itaam an noonm ipn hnan ba\xa nn 
nmaa bapm nbnan nvnam n&3Dn tpwo mb iwnm unas iy pop mree 
ma wvp pmai a^bna anan npjn maron mbbai nmnn *oyo pmai nmnn 
abp* a>Vin xipa p by pn baa mm p\xa nia xbi ivabnb anas na>yi napo 
ia napp* 'in vn vTobn *S>naoi .n"ai cabs* npon nap ttbtptaa ioaa ibya 'n 
npon nap isaai nm 31nb6i iac?a ivabb raapKO vinx n^poap nbn tamp 
ay ivabb sap sxaanao amm 'nm ,310 nvannn byab nwp npjn a"x a-abx 
cabs* npon nap iuaa nso iy tanaaa ansD am aiip>oi mm aix i2"n pVm 
,pVm iiaab abiy w ia*p tap" 1 prop 'in mn pVm 'mobn 'binaoi ,n"xi 
n"a nspi nmnn '*ai mora ai ppb pnpia wtan noan baa bapnp bxia 'im 
woa by ap*p ipn p min 1 ' 'im a^ap niixpa nop tarn 'in vaa npbpi .nnaa 
n^ama iai maa mabra baa cama wi va byi nmtan bya ianp apy wan 'im 
wai Tobn nrnnias in 'in .pmt nmo Na 11 iy Ds*a niaboa niN^an nwban in^ 
ip p rrom 'ai i^aa ,nsi o^abx npon nap K^bapia mbann 2 pima apy> 
nmnn pi*bp px^b ntaPNta xnpan a'a'b-in ,ta"pn D^abx npon nap xbia^iaa 
nap s iwana3 iiaaa moan npai ww nnana bna nan nni ansa i"a ikpi 
ia*n nais pn^ao xap pnx ai Pinpn p mr p onao 'in ,a"pi D"abN npon 
rrnm ai i"bn 4 s ,, b , aa > n \ixta idp nainp bsaaias bwap pi iiaab inb mnt 
a^abs* npon nap Kbiwhtaa itaaa nninn piap 3'jnp 'j ypim in i^bni np p 
|kih jiytap 'im PKppnp 'xnan 'nm D"aa wan Tcbn npp na pmr 'nn .n'b'p 
ai maipni nibxp npjn nnbna bna aan nn B 'vn p'a'nm a^aa wai n^bn vn 
nobp ai iiaaai nam aman npj) jsin am sin KpnvNDD n^wS'Tabfs'] nanob 
D'taan aba vn ibx ,nos ia pyop s an aa^ f'nw itaaai nc>* ai isaa by 3P*i 

1 MS. wxipe. 2 So MS. pmaorpima ana. 3 MS. mxrax-ia. 

MS. N^aa'a. See above, p. 98, 1. 3. 5 MS. indistinct. 

105 ' rak& '"13 dton 'ib nb:ipn -isjd * 

rwjw nnnx 'j noiw 'n bnan nn t nwf? s"a B"a!>s neon nap anns anam 
naa ronton \>2 woo ofaw WW roawro robspi anns anaa hew nnn min 
WW dm? i?s;ioniaa atm prpp ann p ni> n hnan nanni ,*tkd ny inna 
T3 n"n 'n aann i^ya b 'n n^ ana nn!? pyn run nnsi nan nns nnnao 
nc on nw span "mt n ,s nn nmx nan sa"pnn Tbn n^nio n^yo nn na ^>siop 
D^com nn^s npon nap pnao ^sn" 1 <an Ti>n pa 'nn noaa .dw^pi an^s 
nPon nap nmon nna b"l P"snn b& nn pnnaono tso 'nn noaa .npom 
as pnna rrrafc ppi awn an^s npen nap nan* pwa .nnxi bwpi an!>x 
npOK naa npyp nno 'nn iw vax nan np J3 pny nn anm .n,^ tfipnn ;onni 
rm nnnni ann* mnx WW n^> nan ne p snpai awniaon jo rwi ^>an 
bina nn n yvsp npjjo ap i>y p xnp:i nasnn nx b^pw ^>xana 'nn man 
ixbo!? ncn n^oa sjoynoi ram wr 1 vaa |nn nn nap any bai awyrai rrona 
nw^on juaa ny3o nn nron ninyh ayaa ayaa npy nap any am wi .mxav'n 
nx an 'x na-xn inn3 nnvn mp px nyaoa nrom inna nwy rww anpm 
ppan nyaono nara ppsn Bin .nyann nx napi rani WP vaa pmi ;^xa nyaon 
jna xh f^xn pan Mteap 'o noxi nom x^>onai j^xa in^arw nara xi> n xvo *6i 
raw nnxo pnn xn jap mix mnnb nyx b6p a^ap j^po wi .aya3 ayaa na 
lninwni j^xn nx inap nnopn anoi nyson ixvo xmpb l^nnn ncxai na rwiy 
nm .na^xnn ^po bxana m p iotj> lxnpn n^nn3 n^xa wa nnani na |na to 
nnn3 iaDa n vmpan f^w^ b^ob^ mopa nn^yi n^x*^ n'cy^ >s 4 ^on ^sn"o 
n,^io nam anypn p3 mn was w nnnn inna 11 *n^3i nvvi a-o* n^t^ 
yr xbi moo ^y ^010 noa naaio a^o' np^p p 3a^n aon pxa laia 
^xa^o nn naa ^y inix wnpi ran ^y apn nn a^o 11 np^p nnxh na xh 
.nio^nac xana an y-iro ioxi in nno vnnx vn^ vby an^yo vm n.wxi'on 
amax nn ^ i?jnno3 x^o^io3 n3*a yap nan n^ p pn^ nn nnn nn 
annas nn naaoni n^n Snan 5>u>sn ixnn nans pn^33 X3^ai awe a r/ o 2 nnxa '; 
nio nnxi .e's'nn bv in3^3 nni vn 'O 1 ' ^a ibbai inanai sho^iob fKPW r i 
anaa nan nps )xeie 'j nn na annas nn aann^ nan nn }spw 'J a^nn^x nn 
srn 'nn^i jxeve 'j n>so 'nn nannh nex p nnn 11 nn anhh ,tvfh$ axnpi mo^na 
ny vn 'O'' b ims a^aboi inis panpo vn n^nan nnaeon nxr bai jxeve '} 

1 Some words missing?. 2 MS. mpX3. 

[II. 4.] o 

* HD 1 ?^ '"Q DH13N '"6 nbipn -ISD : 104 

ihn^i amnmsa d^ n^ as dtiwbjq tsd ww imux nhya w la^ym 
giatpn sS hjc a"< pa pp *nww ^ tamma amnnx nryo pnnn^ ama^ay !>aa 
npx minxDi "| wine njD ym nyro tayn ax *a amnip wax wye yioc6 
l na *nana n!? Daiiwnn wmax ntryeo nvp nje> *jni .^'t amnuN -b naa 
d s j^ nry p mneoi y'p'nn tpfita nynix nap ni>M new 12 ta'm 'in J*p? 
nwa p^n ii> mm 'x !>ap im nna imai inan nhs> ^an jcnj nx yn "6 mn 
a^y nKi DTon vm amo* ba nnaa noyi annx Dns>sa pi mvca jn wan 
ja ^a fnaa )b mw b"i wp? i>p aijjo na naa amaan av avn \ti .anna 
tw f'nvy i" naa myp b& na l$afc*a pp^no nar p ba mayap vy^x anao 
wy maai ^"r vpt ntaaa maia i>p nyicn hnai ,nWn av p^nni? myp u 
nropn mai> rnaap Merc *aa anaoi naip^ aoioan moipon p wai inwa ^ 
vitx Wtj ax mmS> mix a^nniai *\J? nnaio mVu nnx px by piNn pmao 
hpa "dki nics yanx ny jnan i>tDe> an anp ib wy npfcoi .|ntcn hota ncno 
ny pisa pinpi? hnnn w .nay nnap man mapp ata^ now *ax bnpn vsb an 
nnx av nam ,m itnp my *ax i"r na*pn 1>"i /K'nn ^anx aoi bnpn an ixnc 
^n^i nxo man*i i^vx aB'v b"t wpi nxni ava tsn*ia ne^ [nan ^nicc an mn 
n^ 'in \b 1J2N1 i^sn pio Naa ib rvm nx aiaa wnv \b idni va s ay ^y )b 
wa^ ^^ men ^ k nosi my anx ^aa^ ni*nr6 nwn -jb ^ T '^* ^ c ^ 
ras6 wi .D^pHS nNBia inv nr p^is nsania noa ncN^ mm ^kb> n^n n^nnaa 

pmaai T^ ' n ?i nno n ^ ncx1 in ^ x ^ N3 n ^^ n ^ n2 rin '^ ^^ 3 wiHaa ins D'tnn 
ma^aan ^y nraa pi nrn aipca -ww anmM to nn *a ntn aipcn p ax^im 
ncN ns b^sn5 mrm p cyni apm .nrn aipon p pn la^n^an nbpnai n^fenai 
an 'nn vns nsi ^"r t/s'in n^n ns a^ PiKnnn ">ns bnpn ima nannai nb 
nn^> mm nnb on 'in vns ^aa^> aai b"i ^ans bv \t\ pmaamto o ,/_ i ^ nan 
rrnna bm rnne* r^y ntaw .naB> an^yi ya^ p noaai irybs an ictn ns my 
>t i?y nac i^a Ninn aipcn p wi .nwpns aha nvna cc anb vm a^n aia 
yaisi tsnwn vsbn neon nap tr'N'nn ie vas ^x*m '-in nr njaaai 'ran rwjm 
pp mxo naa na^m hna n^an bfi^rp 'nn ^ iamn aainn ^ya prep 'in .inw& 
hna aan ps^ n^yo mem 'nn .nn^ dhb^w a^a^s wan nap nha nicy snpan 
pro nyen ponn naai ynr mw nnyn psroi f^von naa a^aa n''a na^n Taipei 

1 Something missing ?. 

103 nDbw '12 ani2n fm b rbupn ibd * 

aapriri d h b^x nyaiN 10331 nonnn ibd ia*n niBDinn i>ya !wop ia pmr wi 
inv ?mB*a mm j*annp in&6 po^o "in npo 'in warn fcuio ?nan iwon .rrwfr 
njn pop mroo lapa vibdi 5>*op*a mhna maw npyi vaa^ vrw tfswsn bin 
b wyai onso ^d wya ind hia hpd p^xn mm rumen ^aa D^aoiD vi>yi itoao 
nas^oai nw nana hna rwi wvun by spio i[i]yi ohyn ^aa i^in lyoipi may 
10331 hia "raj? mm moann i>aa i3"np vibdo ntnap ioa hia paaoyw rarann 
^3*60 i"a as N*ip3n pntf ia Dniax *ai oann .nrniF? nspnn d^n nyaix n3p onxoa 
2 iv^o pn 'im mrobnnMD nn warn nrso p mpfac 'im x Dfobc sjdu '"im 
munn pma pna -ia npo an hian am .rirwk nBpnri d^s* nyaix napa ntaaa 
jta 5>a\na hia mm moann ^aa hna Dan mm mpyi? N^sn noi>ni> ppimn npjn 
mprm ni^na maipna imm mipm iten *aa!> ha 3 ^13 oy ^na ma^ npyi iumik 
rhsp xroiao iry^N 'mo ba*p mm rrwfc xyprin d^>n* nyaix nap nt mm 
'in .ppririi d^&k npon nap dp loaai q^bti^ im i/n'xi mpyo n!?api nwp 
tepnfi w&k nyaix nap bm nwo ibd wipp ?na ma^n npy npo npo 
vwno nxian *ai> noma Wv Dan mm D'a'oin ny^i? *jm b"i mm nrwfr 
r/a'om !>p ian airy 'im 4 p->iB^aano onss 'nn td^h nijffi bx^ mi .hian 
^n n^D 'in ^n wtw N^a hian ann .rrwfc nt^ram d^n n^cn nap noaa 
hna prna m^ni? cnn^B npyi Sna Dan n^ni Nhta^ioa mvi pann pwma Tyo 
manw nav 'in ,mnp^ yapi d^b^x nwn nap nivon ana nho^a uaaai 
.N^o^iDa HD33 fa'oin ny topi "naiaiao pan to 'im fa'oin Tthn 
yaixi nnpyi d^b^n npn napa iDBa myn as topan bw ai ia nniax 'in 
it333 fa'cm ^p itcItj ^dnb^n am by penmn npyi nipnn Sya d^d3 'in ,rn^ 
Tobn 7 NniD nanoo ^y ia nc^p 'in ,mrp yaixi onpjn d^n np^n napa 
yaiw nnpjn n^ba npon nap wno ^pB5> no ^sa mo^nno ppimn ana nav 'in 
pnpp ips ja birr? 'in pnpn Tonn itaaa .nav wui n^n Nipan wm rn^ 
aina nsop no inn iivvbb inx ipiid n s ah in^a!> xapi nyn bz wyb pixa 
nbhrnan iw ni[D]^io^ iaa nS>ta^ta n v n la^^DP ai ipn p mw 'i opa 
^apa i3r>ND upt3p din a^ i^y niy ndp nai^o DHinM iPiam n'n'N jot oyoai 
ixi> ipk Dai din *aa a^o nt iai ms\nb ? m^ p 5jn dpo i3nv iai pop 

1 MS. B^!B?N. 2 MS. ^130. 3 MS. >1NB. * MS. pHB30. 6 MS. 

narunD. 6 MS. luiiatwb. 7 MS. }n>hd. 

: na'w '-a orraN fm b rfopn isjd : 102 

p flcb& 'nm nhan nixa awna 'nm anyn nao naw *aihnafo *b*na 13 nmrp 
TBEU "piNn *rnyn nae nam ^33n maw *i ,nr nnixn noaa hna mpo Snaa 
inta nixon i2D nam xain>ao n^n nmnr 'in ,mnrS> iDiin b^x nyaix nap 
d^sd T"ai mwn ptbp xnry p arras 'nn .nrwfc n^prin b^x njDiK nap 
lmini moan by v\qm nw moan nxpai naiann noana n^w a^na ann-m 
nmp5 hne* xta arras an iaa^ b"t a'a'Dnn numxa wtni hna p*a n*w 
a'a'in B'fcpYV wra n\np ana niD TpB> Dnvo nmp myi .y'a'xnn naoa r6i? 
-'p'n bs5> 133 [p] Dn wan ,m*pi> napnn d^x nyanx nap xnin^xpa naaai 
aani* nana x^>p no ninoi S>bSbd nfn nnan ^aa i>na Dan nrn npm nao nn>n 
hnan nanaa nuaa i>Kne?6 mhna niaita npyi isms nmp nan* -jta tarna nmi 
y^r "t0n b>tpb ahtfrw n"n h? vnx a'a'tsn ,rrwfc bpnii a^x ny3nx nap 
hnan ann ,rrw^ n^pnri a^x 'n nap nuaa a^na anami a^an onea npyi 
a^x nyanx nap ids: mnm px ^ win i>xv wan h? nn raapsD anas un 
wan h? minx p mm iwap na prw an sasm sane hnan 3-in ,rrw^ r&prin 
amanxn awn vbv rwi a nrpa nch nai> npx niaainn ^ya xinp mm an 
n\n Da Taa n\np na^nn yoip n\n ana nnx iap a^aan b s pp vaab dhqi5> vne 
pece iaan ,nn^ n^pnni naaa na b mix pip wn xnaDD na^ 'x ba ici? 
napnn d^b!?x nyaix nae nuaa niBDinn ^ya 'nno pnaio n^o^n nin^a ibd neye 
nyanx nae naaa femn pns* '~\ 3nni "rnvcfi ^xice 13 *hn mm> '-in :rnnr5 
,min naeta x^pan hian nwn ne 'in -am nae nnixai ,mnp? rfcprin D^a^x 
nn p s ^n annas 'n n s onn ann noaa .roaainn ^ya 'no ^ap nmn nm.T 'nn 
^y noi iovy vrpv n^xaijx 'j "pna 'na pmp un nn "pna 'nn i?e inmx p 
naD naicxn np^ya nam niyi .lanarnc nbpn nao nani x^a^itaa DL"n tnrp 
nap dbti mn b ntai naiann noana n&vw naaan nao mjn 2 ny^an^x nn^py^x* 

irrwb Dpnfi D^ai'x nyanx 

nnx naD nam pn* 'in ,^'r ann nn^B nnx a^ann pnan ^CH "ii;cn 
nn na D.nnax 'nn pnamn 3nn ntasai .xopnn D^a^x nyaix nac m^yn ^ya x^p: 
nxni D'a'cnn mamb nia^n ncy xini nn^^ xapnh d^b^x nyanx nap 3 Dxn^praa 
'l ycnn> ^3n vby twi nnx nax^o ^ya x^x >ara x^ D^iyo noxi i>"r ann anw 
an ia>an Ti>n xt^anao ina 'nn ,vi>K nana in^x rww yapp ana s D 'sa am 

MS. no^. J MS. nysnx xn^pyi?x. 5 MS. iaxTp^33. 


* r\rhv '-a divon fm h rhnpr\ nao * 

DrrQK w annp sS> bx^Dnois nn^p 'in Tonn tb&n oann p nrmx ion 
Dnpjn inNi niN*o 'di d^k 'n ri3t^ ^'an rAapn isd anpan nr "ibd na^n S>"i mn na 
rm Hints' nn ny nforcsn noaa hmkd ww D^oann nmn dp tram D$ny nxnab 
^apo i^pni> wxm .D'a'cnn h? wi db^n an TS>n pnto p n pjdvp an i>p 
d^k npon nap wnw nxr wnap ny pnn wsbtt 'n n3p nw b"r mn nt333p 
n^nb aino nap3 n&opn N\n wnnx D\xan nmn!> jnini rn^ Dyapi d^xdi 
rroW lp^ni? warn pnx nni rw ny n\T pi jxa nyi diyid woo nnaTia 2 nap 

j onyp 

:nsD3 n^rn n!>p mn ^s^ vnp D^ann ia was pttWin "OTJi 
pnv* 'in nTBB ny b"? ann htob "ins vnp D^ann ia Tam ^ttJP? ""TOP! 

jovn ny banp* ba Drp en map nhan mao [>"? jiDaxaaNp 
in[a]N3n<s n^&n Tita ny t>bd ps*a iab&p D^atan ia tstn ^T'turr "iytl?rr 
nmn bs\ .tibdo wpna nyi .NtaNana niata by onba npx vmonta byi .i'p'* 
wb pan t by ^nax itan ^a bxaitaniai H3k[3]^b niataa nmpni nayp 
ttoanm ,dnb niaboa ovn nnxP3n nta^an nnxp Dy n v n npyp niaiDm J?tr\w 
p*rs >ab ti^d ny dnb ^ai? pnat nvp dp n^aiNi .b"r jiDasaxp pnv* 'nma ibapp 
D^nijon Dmrwi bapp n" *tdh Ton t;b6k **& ^nn "l^n P ^ n *n^d 
.dnb niabo by wrbx x&pn rvrxcb s a mio di> ny bvnw oy naia npyi mBDo 
d^hndi d^b^k n^n naco D^iya rw no b"? mar Dnnax '-in p"d dp n^arxi 
nx^aa nyrb pn^nyp nionam niyip^n dp ainaxi .p'B'b n'e'n n3P ny D^yapi 

:}jon anpa wrwo 
apy^ 'in Dann .nana ann naT t6p ain ^aab vnp D^ann jnan ptt?Min "i^ttJJi 
'in ,^'n'n d^n nyans nap mtsaa "Vn $>p vniai nbn prw *an oanm np^ p 

1 MS. nypc 2 MS. nypo. 

: ^Di ]2 )DV mV pns IDT Trap * 100 

warm 'o r'o'n nam rfoa d*dm m^y w^n k!>i iayots> t6 nra hi) n!>b lyotwi 
1 [r'o'-i ,psi] i>y cotw rrv i6 oyos vSa rou vnd ^-ok lonso "v-a^B nra] 
fto'i natsa .n"o rrwn nypi cninr '* me> rwi nonn *w rvntan nrwnn nvo 
i>y navwi ni>hnn nyn naxi'o nano iah na^o D^ni naann jtan wn npb 
nap 2 it3^i:t<^ n"> n>n n dw 3n tsnni> bi> o"3 nap ova 3nyo d* nsc 
mesa etf>K 3" 1 ' 103 Tyn W3K fa iaen tfssnn 3 ['n] n^y "un d*iv [rTai ^x] 

: 2 3"l D13D3 DPBJ DN HB nfapffl ^NI^D niSJ>33 niXO *1 103 D3in31 ^NyDB> 

i*6<3 en * 

1 MS. injured. a MS. injured to the end. 9 Supplied from p. in, 1. 13. 

99 * pHX p *pV yb pHS "ID? "list? * 

rrwb** pi nraw .a v "> a^x 'n nap vkod ta"a 'a ava -wn ^on <"y xa^aiop 
jta ;xia }n ifen .[a v ">] a^x 'n *w wufo 'a ova Ma^xpn ntau^tna nai^l 
anya b"i *ax *jin pnsn *pxa ,"*! bv&m 'n nap "n^rriwaa row a^ap d"d 
^>a iaen K^aewa rnyo nn *"pn a^pn ,iax pnvn pra D'n a^x 'n nap neari 
poaaap prcr *i pxan nasa .a"n a^x 'n nap nap iaxna $>p Wn )^xi nnpn ^y 
iaS ^na ^na n^n bxaitmao uratc ;n naaa .a'a'i a^ai>x 'n nap ^aswaa 
jten *"y D3mu ma5>a .x'b'n b^x 'n icapiaxo i"a 'i ava nxaam k^tin 
xVn b^x 'n nap pab r"a 'r av .x'^'n b^x 'n nap rhaS> k" 'n ava nam 
x^> b i^ "KPN dbhwi ioNoa anix nnm 3 xt3^bp onw 'n apn nx ltsnp 
jn iten .yyn ^y i^na 'im pxa ianpj a'opni ianaa ann a^apn aaaa an 
pi itan .nVn a^x 'n nap Dnia row nap x"a ^o fxia pi n^on p pnaa 
nx xpai nVn a^x 'n nap tf^Bsyp nia^ea a" 11 i?n jxia pi itan p naxTa 
by r\by i>xaianiQD ipa^x pi ^on .nVn a^x 'n napa |tna pi itan na bsfm 
neman nen a'cnnan i>ai viayi vnp bi xin xai x^upp mataa i^i> n^ 
miosD pa naxna pi ^on ray arfai ancy nann ann fpai ann ?)^p pj^n noa 
anspan >ai xin a^aa npaa mia^ nrm nnx napi> anp mon^oa aen nin pai 
d*o" 'a any ny^ ''PP ara nr nvn p^ n"a^K 'nn nnv ana m'-cnp nnx icy 
a^D^s 'n napa .anxa^ lYn nap idind!* pen n\n m avp iVn nap m pnni> 
^ "iypni a"amr a^pcno a^nxoa nt:nn ^p "iypn ni?yp ny hna ayn n'^'-i 
^aa hna yap a'o'n n'd'i d"i d^'i a^a^s 'n napai .a^anr n"aa niiypn 
new a^aaipn M^nnn a'o'n napa .a'o'i nap unrm pi ,r/ y noKniK niai>a .ahyn 
pay ^y a^Diaxn b naaa iipnb N^tappi pans mai> faai s^3B> nanea *]^ 
nsipa aba wnai ^n"ik \n^ ma a^a-cxD vn anvpep iNvm annns ipnai mn 
nxra .lean nr v\)Q2 b' f f ^'p'n'aa p"y pxa n^p^pn nx "-nxani n'n'n *]bzb aaicci 
anupio ^aai anmaoa a^:^ ^xip> pa bnanb vvobn ^aa ibon n napn 
>x^d nia^ro nxv^pn i>an ba^ anyn n^x ba nnxapi xa' , ax[ta]ipi x^a-uoi man 
I'o'n napa .n'o'n napa nax"va pn l^n ia s anx npi> naxana n^o pn ^x iax 
a^ppi av a-'pp pxn by apan nrn ava ppn pnn^ n''" 1 anvia^ n'a'n nap xinp 
ixn>p nrn nnap a^annxb aai a^ipx-ii? p-oi p nny ny haono noxn ah n^b 

1 ux^aaxp n . . , nxi^x. See p. no, 1. 20. 2 So MS. 3 MS. xa^iDPD. 
See below, p. no, 1. 26. MS. injured. See below, p. in, L 7. 

N 2 

: pHS p C]DV IT) 1 ? pH2i IDT TBtp : 98 

px*!> *idb*k xnpan a'a'^-ini .rnno bp \cfD ianai ^ nitryb rrra jn -jtan mw 
pnx '"i trnpn ain p nnr 'j Dmo nni .^"p ca^x 'n nr^ pa^mea 10221 minn '^a 
8oi3P n 58*aaKB> isia iop Dtrintr ^a3toa[K] [wop pi "naai> imb rro -untr na-ixa 
trsbts 'n nap nta^ioa inoaai aw '| ycnn 1 " 'in Tobni "vn& 'j nw 'in td^ti 
avian pnax pi "jhan .n^'p ira^x 'n nap naiDNn my nan pan npo '-in ,iVp 
,"p d^x 'n nap noDipnDa xnon 'in nosa .n^'p d*b!>k 'n nacra no n^>yo!> 
pi ny^xa didh bv aan ntan mi n*ap a"a nta pnax pi itan p jxia pi "fiaa 
Yp D s ai?x 'n nap mpn nairn nvnoi tpxn ^>y vt dpi vi>a~ia iDoni iaoo ^s^i in 
i^nnni onan i?a ia para imp inpp papn mon^i iraa^ -jiran nr niv x'a'p natrai 
ann nao nanna ona lpjn nninm i>y ca^xn rap dp my ,^swn ib* pai> maob 
Dia^m niaani ninaph onayb Dnaoi? Dia^ini naai orvaai Dirira Mapi paxi 
sj^n dmndo nnv pnxn naa \n^x ma om rww "ipan ana ipyi dm $>y putppi 
2 ia"nDnx iop ,xap i>x rara ianai N'a'p d^x 'n nap "iya n\np -jtan naoa DniiT 
:x3p i>x ''Dm k':'p d^x 'n nap xpmrai natanai n[Y]mh traah83i x^apxa 

h'd'p d^n 'n napa nw nap i* t^d jxia pi itai p p" 1 !^ )1i ^T'nn 

ja'a'p d^n 'n na hia nan pnxia^x n^xo pi ain wn iaora 

nx itidh paix *]!> naxn^a pi i> ^yi mi?on xa^op x^an ^'y "'DrD^I n?^ 
nnn piao niyD nn dbm n^pn .a'y'p n^a^x 'n na^ Diin^ ^x D^nxoo inv om 
,aVp D^a^x 'n nac na*^ mvn ^*y bi D*ac ma^aon i?a naen D^y^D na-^oi 
[n]nav nano 3 maioxa ia^n^ aYx ^apc n s Diaxn man ^xaioiiao jxia pi "fyvn 
n^aaa na ama nMB> nnx px db> ixvoi nnx nyt^ im a^y dm t\e& bv ramn 
,y"p D^a^x 'n nac i^on no^i n'y'p d^^x 'n na^ na p d ^'y nnav nano 
.D^ac i"a Moa^ah m^a pi vnx -]bn vnnxi D^a*^ 'n laa *bikyi pi jte mnsi 
K>in^ nv nncy 4 -ixyta^ i^n i^on nn *D"ixn pi i^on p iwiai'x pn i^o mnsi 
bxaitaia maa ma n^xo nnv ana c^xyopM nm bna ^na a"i nap wn 
nnioxDa "piun nnao 'in itaaa ,a"ii d^k 'n nac 6 cnsnn c^iaxo entry one 
,v"pi n^a^x 'n natr 6 n^iT^xaa aita uv '| aita dc *w ioaa .n'e'p o^a^x 'n nair 
ma^a ,aYp d^s 'n nap *SB*a33a nmax pi mb naonai wb mvyn mm 

1 MS. injured. a So MS. Omitted on p. no, 1. 7. 3 Omission. See 

p. no, 1. 14. * ?nxaata. B See p. no, 1. 24. 8 MS. mtannixa. 

97 ' pHS P *PV* rfo pTS IDT TtStp 

wsbu 'n row aSy mD> S>ya knw prw 'in naaa ,a"y o^ata 'n nac pmajanra 
b"\ wWnn naa: .T"y d^n 'n row i>"i w'x'nn J>w urn prac a^n 'n n^aa ,a"jj 

; 2 n"a a^x 'n row fl&rwcb w 'a l naw n^aSaa 

loya dot *|k fnn 2 n " Q QS ^ N ' n n ^ "^ wrb s"a D'aiyn pn "mltz? ova b n snn& mavtb Yn oy iipn rnjoa ^y t^id nw nam* "jta nan 
,d*iw d'd^k 'o pa nw nioipo nxpai rrwaj n tr^ama unmi amataa nwa 
a^x 'n row p^nn ropn nan b" tfafann td^ti n^xia 'f roS>w na orraft 'in 
roann^ nwpp nam a"* a*ata 'n row i>"T wVw Tata *n naww* nnn naaa ,'y 
na annmax nn 'nn .n"v a H a!N 'n row anwai mm anx nan amm /s an ,i?n:n 
naia /pi ekm 'n row Ki*awK3 m^ann wma ntrx npx '| apy^ 'nn t5ti av 
, 3/ p a^x 'n row wx^awp wkS>*i wwdtikd bum ,r 'y tc^ovp niataa amn\n 
'n row nWaa i>"r w'x'nn ja npx 'j mw 'nn naaa ,rB row jb<d uroi 

:a"p d^n 

raw j"a n,ta ton |tna jn ^>w umn rans jn n^an ja WTreM pi ^ftn 
4 ix^n jn ip:xna pn pj*na pn tutcw jn wpb pn a^a 'n thm r"D a^x 'n rowa 
6 nsu^na^ n^i iwrwn a*rta niwjfc nraT^an nn Tuwfc kwi rutrwB pn |k pn 
D^Nyoi^n nrn wai annx mopw "Mnnhm sVwtn nnna^<i kxnn^ ny^p!?xi 
'MW^ri pKV*KriB ^^ ova naaco mi'y noi iten n^y nn n^o "wcbum ni3^i> 
b iyD3 dcdi Yen oni ^k row Knw rrwfr ^'p ts^w 'n row iDnso >n r"a 
8 raDK3ii p)dv \)i nwn mn i:rai mix nap nowi te^am6 i^c^ o*h*i ranon 
\)\2:z:p pw 'n ann ta*x map d^ ^"sn^raa nnpn n^dpj 'j sjdv 'n oanm 

: t v p n^ai'N* 'n nj^ hba p nwym 5>"T 

10 ^xi:o rwe pn vn i^on ns jnn vj'j^n pn n,i>on p p*ttM pi ^T^n 
niju^o br\? enpn bnpm k^bwp mai>o ba nc*K rn&npn ^3^ nhna my ny mwn 
cmm D s a^N* roiowa yma vwcn nn^nuai amaa nwa &m nw ny a^aa ipb 
na aw5 anb na nnu n^j nw do n,^D an^y &m ayo *no nNWii a^api abra 
abm pia^D nmon ma3 niD^B3 n^n iNww pn naa: win 3"p a^a^x 'n row 

1 MS. WW. 2 n"y. See p. 109. s *"p, p. 109. 4 So MS. See 

below, p. 109, 1. 18. 6 MS. ^xa^na H J. 6 See p. 109, L 19. 7 See p. 109, 1. 20. 

8 See p. 109, 1. 21. MS. tamm. 10 MS. !>N'OWO. 

[II. 4.] N 

: p'Tl p B)DV 2lb pnS IDt 11Sp : 96 

mb amx xipi lniataa a^an i?a dibb6 dt6w nimn paya ttttatPBi a^pn |pm ma 
B^aatpan i>a nxi B"pnn ^a nx ma^i iiaa6 nw rW3B*n ^>a naaa 1 tWTBia "B^tf 
i>aa laa'anai rh& msBtfo\ vpm visa ltwpai a^aawn i?a iaaa an^a J>yt?i n^xn 
ny ana aina^ mnx B"xan ayn bzi ant? n ^1 a^am a^aann i>a waan niatan 
h las* aann 1211 x^aiaca mapn K^apa apy 'n ^aipan aann n\n uem ,wn 
nav 'nn naaa , 2 'a b*bS>n 'n naa> bbenro tnawaa ^"t j'a'ann ins: , 2 a>nxia 
naa> naihroo tap xaman [nan i"xa 'nm !>"? j'a'ann Tai>n nta^aa mawao 
B*a!>N 'n na&* 'mtnc&D nryn ^ax xipan nryn ^xv na amis* 'in .n"a a*a^x 'n 
bipv na aa ma^nna awin ana nav 'nn Ta!>n xnitra ^y na nabp 'nn n"a 
b"i t/x'nn ta vax na ( x p ^xw un errrpn Yann nuaa ,n"a a^N 'n nap hod 
pnw b''T a>'x'nn ^ wj npx '} mw 'n lhamva v$>y Yym maia bt!> nyian ^>ina 
'nn ,n"a a^x 'n naa* vttob ins* bhtdh rrah in^ oj>i bnpn i>a wb anaa 
naaa . n"a a^x 'n naa> "aianpn ^o nan hnan nuccn * n^ina 'j rrobw "ia pmr 
B xnux ^naa bm Tan b^-jbo J>kw 'in hi> umn ^ampa aainn ^ya prw 'nn 
jtan p *aaxa> jn ntan ,'i> a*a^s 'n naa> nhan nioy K">pan japn mson iaa nan 
'in naaa .nana nah a"3 a^aks* r n nr^a d^:^ n^*y v-inx ita nann v^i^n pn 
pns 'in aty ,a"a a^a^s* 'n n:v nnyn p^o nam px^ -vyn aia aa* ia n % j'o 
nninn 'a b"T K'a'ann Toi>n i^x p M na 'in ,N"a aata 'n naB> n^a^aa *ibn 
nan b"? K'a'ann n^n n^nn i^ya in p ^s'lca* ') an 'm ,x r/ j a^N 'n na 
^a ^s^a pn i^on p iunts pn i^an ,N"a a^s* 'n ni^ ^aan nnsi ann nnx 
nr ^a anaw a^a^an myrai ^aniai /a^ip^x ia^i a"a a'a^N 'n nrca a^a n"* 
a\xio aa^a>nh aaa iaia^ nnna pb aa^in^ a^anva ana aa ann^ in i^an 
aa^a a^ay lyaa 1 nasi a^p ixa':i ipyv aa^an nyai inn n^nnn^ amaan a^an 
iana pb nxn x!? wmaya bph yiac6 r, sxi pna xta laam^ w^y ma i^an 
jar win Tina "i^an mix naa 4 n^yni av 'b *pn iaoy pn^ nxn^i ^ss> mix d^dtd 
n>aa ^'r c'x'in i?a> ian pnaaana am n^ann nasa .nr xm ^na ]"<:]} naxn *zb 
n'a'xnn nasa .i"a a^x 'n naa* ax anna n\n nans amn .n"a a^a^x 'n naa man 
'nn vnbn ^annen ^?ya naaa /y b^n 'n naa b"\ nav 'nn Ta^>n na^vnaa b"\ 
i^xa 'in Ya!?n p'a'a*n ,'y a^^s* 'n nae> "pna ia tko 'mi ^"r s vipa na^o 

1 MS. axauia. See below, p. 109, 1. 4. 2 So MS. ' MS. na^xaa. 

4 MS. nhpB. 6 So MS.; Xia^?. 

95 v pHS P *)DV 2")b pH2 "Ot "TOp : 

paab a'a'i ^n nap kw rrwb asprin _ d^bSjn 'i natra nap 6 -jba pwb H 
rtaiDiipi 2 ntnb lah waaaopa no^p 'a^B pi nn 1 onw9a teaii ns* kes^ji a-nsan 
.amab iVp p^n nap kmb> nivb tepnn cabx 'i na&>3 s mwa^p anyn bai 
nai rfo'i p^n nap anxan paah niri> 'n a^abs 'i natra K^atP lab a'n'Ni 
p man bNiet? 'in ,ansai> a'a'i e^N nr kmb> rrwb a"< a^abx 'i nat? tr^a^a 
mw in nbn omit: ai naaa .naprin d^n 'i jw hian maun inn pny 'in 

miDDI H1B1 *W31K pi M1VD1 NailDSAXa blia 1DP .iiapnri D^N* 'l nat? lb.1 

'i nap n^ napb ptf6t3 "jban ov inisai 5 nn nNia^Di N^iNaiai npa&Nbfci 
npa 'in .aapriri a*ab 'i nac baipan i?"nnpa apy^ "in nasi .xapiin a^abx 
main n*iao nm 'mi Tann rrnrp 'nm maainn i?ya b"r ppp 'in Tabn sipo 
d^p^n* '*ai .[ ]phn n"sbn 'i nai? hian rova iaa nam pban nreaa nana 
ntw iiaoa Tyni plan pnna inn aMaan bya *an 'i ^ iapr annas* 'n i?^ ianm 
f'a'Din h? 121 Niry 'in laaa .ni-pnri wsbx 'i dje^ aiim din 4 r\bx a'^D nam 

pTipfc 4 DTK DV '1 DV3 fWI 6 11 TD >"V tt&BSfa mai>3 .TOprin B^K 'l naC b"? 

: nxprin c^n ^ rap b s a s a 'd 

>niM ar* iw iann 'prnuKano anas 'nn Tbn *itxm tar an 'in fpto 
anna 'm 8 i^n n\s'* 'nn nasa .'i a^aba 'n nap iiraaa ppae* 13 irybs' 'mi 
ran*a pi "jban p aann i^i^s* pi i^on .'i D^sbs* 'n nap nraon ana n^D^D3 
9 ixp^ p"i t\bx naty kmb> ni^ij a"a d^n 'n na{j>a naa> 'y vnns* n,bo naran 
Na pi nSyon oann iben na 10 ^ai^a s^aii n n^ji anvan pa5> 3'a'i ^n nacn 
pn ntvd n^i naKi^a pi a^an w naoo i^ini ^"r j'n'Dnno ncann i'npc paiso 
^aits p i?xc>nia annn^ ms id^d^ 'i natrn .tptmo mai>D lah kii^d n^i l^ai^ 
aann no^c laaan iaa ry^ p^ njn p^D p^nyn^ rb&bn nanoa b^aip |iiab 
ant? ids onn^ mi'Tom caaian payn i3ity 'aiDN ioy p }KDnii>N nay ^Nanin^x 
nr ini ^yi naiann pajja l^on ni na"^ nin^n in mnn nM iiyi ."d^ob'S a^pipn 
nson nr nsi vbw oe> 'ax idini una anio ib ainn Mm nhyan innan iSDn 
noan baa bna Dan n>nB> moan ana ibm nn .va"- ba naiyai inidd pan nxn t6 

1 Beatriz. 2 So MS. Omitted p. 108, 1. 21. 3 La Frontera. 4 Or 

3B1K, Ivize ?. 5 MS. limn. fi So MS. 7 MS, ^pTa^anD. 8 MS. injured. 
' MS. 1db. See below, p. no, I. 3. 10 See p. 108, 1. 24. u See Yohasin 

(ed. Filipowski, p. 2 2 2 n ) and below, p. 109, 1. 1. 

: ^IX p *)DV 2lb pHS "IDT Tisp : 94 

mn b&J> iynr onvo mxnbx x^n 'n naaa ,npnn ttaiw 'n nay anx ^"y nrnj^M 
.nipnn D*ab 'n nac xmnbpa xnry '} annaa 'in ntaaa .mpnn o^ '*i naa> 
n"y ab^im <3xw& K*nB> nnaxna bnp WT3 nti nmaoi mauna "binac vn miax 
>{jn bc> ua n"n naaa .bpnn a^abx 'n nap nep mn 'nn .jcaai ntim aao snpn 
'nn ,nsyn nao nam bpiiri a^abx *i nac tymnDo nixana 'a 'run nanoa b"r 
bxiec 'na prop 'an bnan ann ,iibpnn a^abx 'n rue raatj>K 'pmapaano anax 
"aan vby rwm a na^a ncbi nb n^x niaomn bya jnwi n"n be imnx p mn 
yow mn ama 'x bat? auan 'd vaab antoib imc nDnsnai yma *a b"? omfirttn 
n"abx *i nap na by annn v.m xn^DO inab 'x ba nib mn aa man nw nabnn 
pBW ^an .nbpnn mabx 'n nae> b"T n"n bts> vnx b"T >bh ^ m a'a'cn .nbpnn 
D^abx 'n nap maamn bya ;prn prw 'nno pnaio mrcbn maamn bya b"T 8 papo 
.n^pnh mabx *i nap bxannp pn* 'nm bswc na nbn rmm 'nn naaa .nbpnn 
*ibn annax 'in naaa .maainn bya |p?n pny 'nno bap b"T |wd na nro 'n nian 
narcsKn np>ya nan myi .nbapn naa nan nba^Da BB>n mm* by isy pnpp mn p 
bpnn n H sbx 'n nats> natann noana nan^ laaan inDD mm .ny^anbx nn^pybs nsD 
vby n^ym nipnh D^abx r n r\:v cinptnaa mn p Dnnax r nn pnaion ann nuaa 

:ib nxna b"t in"bx^ yoc^ oma 7 naa a^yit^ 'j y^in" 1 'nn 

nvao n^ba abiyn ennb i5pnn d^abx 'n njc> ax nmb n^D1 DntTir QVl 
ncyi D^mmn ba loam Dnb^ nojan mai envm b^ myn nsn^i px^bo nucxp 
4 ^o s bxa pn -jbcm x^acpD v^aibx pn ibon D^abo *ap an^by ixai pmai m33 
^aca na^ av bibx n"na amx \sbvt\ ax ^nnb r na 'n av ny na^a 'aa pnxo 
bxr r, am bxmc 'na pny r, ani an 'an n s Dbn nt^onao mna 'nn ,e|m an^ai bn?jn 
n^ naompa pnv '} cjdv 'nn nuaj .6pnn a^abx 'n nat> nonnn naD nan ntpn 
.Dpjin a^abx 'n na^ mnxn maabn nam nan nmpa '} na 'nn .apnn a^bx 'n 
jnjv 'nn .nbpnn a^abx 'n na^ Dba '1 cidi- 'nm buibo n"a ax pny na annax 'nn 
nba^bua nxra '; nry^bx 'nn n^aa .nbpnn n^abx 'n nr^ a^n^an bya b^aibn jnan 
I'a'cnn .nopnn a s abx 'n nac abiao pnx 'nm c^brnxn n"n .nbpnn a^abx 'n nat? 
NDna px^b 'nn aann .iypnn a^abx 'n natj nnan^aa mobnno a^nm nmnn 'a b"r 
waibx pn n,bD,n p px^bm x^tatrpD n,bo 'an naxma \)i ibon .iypnh a^abx 'n nat^ 

MS. VWn, J MS. pmKJW3mD. s MS. paw. * So MS. 

93 * pTO P B)DV in 1 ? pHS 13T 115lp * 

nap n3D3 'u n3P era natulan wa pjdv *i anna .onxanx by a*aio o*pyoi aits 
'n nap l mn *ffo H" 1 by naiasna nnaba .tokto bnp bai Kin iariri o*abs *i 
prw 'nm np^ 'j apy* 'n nosa .onvab ?"d ^s nap kw rnnrb iarin o*abx 
'\ nobp 'in ntaaa ,yh'n o*abx 'n nap b"r *Vn bw vman nbn npx na ibn 
ttmgn naa nan ^na ') miff 'in .b'n'n q-s^n 'n nap bvun nmpon bwaa 
jaisn na pnv 'nn .b'n'n o*abx 'n nap ninan iiso vunvn Diana 'in noaa 
miff ia prop 'nm naunipo nna ia prw 'm .b'n'n a'abx 'n nap naibrotD 
ynro Niry ') apy* ia np mi mprnw p tno ia N*pan onnax 'nm ntfa '} 
nap nmp rrwb aonri* o^aba 'n nap [ibo l&Mibs |in ibon .] bina dam nnpon 
Di*a lffan jiiyo *by n.b bp naa torn "jbon to nbo*bio nabi onvab a"p [s|bx] 
omby n^i onsab a'a'pi s|b nap kto nff^b 2 aariri o*abN '*i nap vno n n"a 'n 
: n^b^p maboo na*p naonai moipo nam nab a'n'xi o*ap '? 

naioa kw naxD^ixa nats> 's p b"r apy 13 oxabN prtsp 'nn hnan am ittSD 
B*hw* nbia nns-po trow WTa nm nbapi b^ne^o nba i*pn mm naonipb 
avoa xb b"r n 31 nie"i jop Tobn 10a mabn iani Tyn laai 00 bbwiup 

nobe> '*an ntaaa jonn D*abx 'n nap ntaaai n"m a*aa '^ans bapi noana wioa 
nat^ y'r s tyi Tbn nono nn^ 'in ,n6hn a^a^N 'n na^ cxiitaa ^ni^ ia b"r 
|Diff r m i^aa .ibnn &zba 'n nati> inyn ^ya ^aan ;na 'in ioaa .nahn a^a^N *i 
^asa^N pn^ 'in mo^n xpnh D^a^N 'n nap na^ixa tno 13 t^Na^o p n^n 
vnno vn nbnan moan by sjdiidi n^nia nant^M n^> nt^o h? una ^ax^ vby iioni 
'i nac pnv '} pnx 'm itaaa .anxn ^aa in lay .imp n'y'i'o yir ffntj> nn^o 
:p'n'n a^a^N 'n nap ^a^a nison laa no* naiffao nm n*nnr nn .opjin D*a^N 

*a msD nmn ffnoni n"oon ana^N lax ianp iaD D^"in7^ '] ir3 
mibaD by nrryo mbna niayin o\nb by 13 nan ffpxna nno baa 3 o*bs'nbN 
mxpai oan*ab oxinbN 'f noi nam D*paN nyoni tob^oppb ia*aam myn pnom 
n,x*n n?b nr o*bNiPi onbap3 n^by o^aiaioi nobyiobx nnis pmp vni nnnsn inPN 
ob^apni 4 bNinNS KHMn sp^ 'nn prnnap ny nioa o*tsnyi nobyiobs npiy nffn 
oannb nm xbc 'aao onb fnap ;op nns nvaoa pn N^b^o^p nsao bao o^iai 
ncnoiioi 'nsaaia mnb nnaba /pnn o*abx 'n nap nrn jora mpaa *a*n pan pnp 

1 So MS. 2 MS. nann . . . a02>n. Passage corrupt. See p. 108, 1. 13. 

s So MS. See p. 81, 1. 7. * So MS. See p. 79, 1. 15. 

: pH2 p *pV IT? pH2 1D\ T)2tp : 92 

.abn b^k 'n nap topnPD an na &n *n an ntttia .aapn a s ata 'n nap nin 
imam mn mn n^ao nr jayi apm &*ypn bp inspi fay mn b"T ptca wiw an m 
nbp b tanp* ns* mnnh man^ ncyi pw ncaa n^ p aa haa pep 13 
nap ni>n *a*a an now .a'p'n a*ab 'n nap n"a "a b xneo pr npyai a^ann 
an in spi 11 an nLaaa .liapn tPEbtt 'n nap nb nw an nuaa jcpn a^ab 'n 
mym a^aaa noitai jisa Tan nmm na spy an nuaa .nyph B*ab 'n nap t&p 
VQW2 nxna mn br imtap ib naiD br pxa xmnp an !>p rax ^as nmm an 
nap nnaai? nibnn nina nb br pxa ansy an .napri B"ab 'n nap a^cya noa 
N'nnio an nuaa .a'a'n a^ab 'n nap bt pxa ntab an nuaa .n"n a^ab 'n 
a^ab 'n nap nob an na nos an nnaa .aann a^ab 'n nap [^an] na 
vax -as biDP an na nmm an ntaaa ,6ann B*ai>N 'n row ncp an nuaa .ainn 
nap pN3 amnp an b> vax kjwi an nuaa .Kjnn a^ab 'n nap nnp an ^p 
ntaaa ,aVn B"ab 'n.nap ^naana p pan pnx an nuaa .irt/n a^ab 'n 
a^ab 'n nap baa nnx im3 nbai bnp> sna ia wpbi br ptta amnp an 
jbn .iiypri a^ab 'n nap natampn npn nnn p ^ban -pan 'n ann naaa .haPri 
napai .anv^ i"a ^x nap tow jtto WJi cai's* r n niK>a n^ra ruMn^a pn 
'j i^ anaaji can nnc ntan nr n^ anx^ d" fx nr^ K>nB> ia^ n'^ 
an^iN nup^ an^im hnan aann 2 inn^ >d?nv b& moxyn nya N^a^o n^n a^an 
nt 3mau> sin Nan ^nan a\sna^ anan uniana aina^? laanyin^ inn .ps^ n^ya 
n^na ca^ay saann s^aaa hnan aann inn^a ,, d^s^ anay no nvp la^ya ia\sn 
l^n byni noyi n^aa^ nb ^nidc an nooa .naty tr ,r n nns wn? an^ny vn^ 
a^a^N 'n naa> bxyiD^ ma^o nnpyai anx *"p a^n^ nna^a .ia^ji a^a^x 'n na^ 
n wan ^ lanin N"Dno nhd na^ 11 t^xn pan "aan na btt\n& an nasa .fa-J'h 
na^' 1 cxn i>"i N,n ''an n^aa ,ann anaa nan Kim nvi-h q^n 'n nap ^"t 
npo nan Kim rratwi a^a^x 'n nap naa bw pnnxn ta'^ aiya nap r"x p ba 
n^aoi a^aisan bo nnv bxnt^a nnin panm a^aisan ^id wm a^an a^naai nacoi 
^y icnim ma na nan ynnsi i?^n^sc p bant 'aaoi naibn ynro mn nn 
^a^o ^am 3 [nni^] bn b rww 10a vb pipn rm mn nhp mnp owban 
7 n nac Npn>a xn niaana i^nnn a^aa ^am bwan r, an .nipn a^s* 'n na-: 1 rrnm 
'nn Tcbi n^aan n^n 5nidp an ntaaa .myivpon naa b*aan '3n nam /n'n a^a^x 
bp nnai mi? nnai nana nna anna 'ni> nan ibhn a^a^s 'n natr naianipn man 

So MS. 2 Sante Isidore 3 MS. injured; supplied from p. 67, 1. 1. 

91 : pm p epv m 1 ? pns IDT T2tp : 

nin: *:a TW& n .i"m a^x 'n n:t> xnap -120 bip y:rim *n 'm FpNl 
a^an a^ Tnxni nwsw 'in bp fanv 'n ,i"t:i a^x 'n nap fwiDPQ bpi mn 
an nam mi nmm an &"$> b^x 'n n:c naa:i nans* trxn n^n ruts' b^cp a 
nrj'n n3B>a "1132:1 xma3 span rvn win 3*11 !>8tte> nnx xynnn:a tttn ffn nmm 
cxn wd xnp;n pjdv 3m ann npiy xnp:n ana -in nan inua: . !/ :i a^x 'n 
nani? 1^ vn an^n cj^x n"> a X3m 3K BmTE&ni n"ai a^x 'n n:c mans* 
nap b" rvn xbb an .: v p b^x 'n nats* na 1 ^ D'xn bjdv na nan ids: /anna "13 
nii>nn nun .:Vp b^x *i nat? ids: xbb na ansn .a'b'p cata 'n r\yy ids:i 
nani? ^nnn xini iw 'd xman na^ B*n ffn "ex an .y"pi b*b^x 'n nap 
-id in icon ^xyep''* .niTam rbrm nmn 13 mm .mix dd^ p^aan xh niobnn 
nap nnix mn , 2 ^xy?x *:a nya!> fen jo x^'ini }p no x:im xnta P*m xp:v 
'n n:p D$>Pim moim pnv 'n nam ,nVn b^x 'n nap xran nans* pxn mn 
ni:pnn Dy ten niD^nn id ammani ^bx 3n na noi none ,)"n B^x 
on-o" nyi pinpn ^nn m vrw nimnn hi *an nr:i lapnp warworn nimram 
B'ana vmoh mix tapi ^top* ba tapanai .nVn B*ata 'n napa mix i?:nni 
:yn:^ px i:oi ^oin^ px vi?yi vby bxrw b lo^om nmi mn bi s an 
"1 me> N^nn nmea nnx ^snuo pan ^*sn or r n nt:D: "WDD ]311 11D 
pn 3n nuw /en d^b^n r n n: r ^ snna D1B3 jowd 3n nua: ,nVn d^b^k 
m3 *wnDi3 r n^ n^sb jn:i i?Nyr:^ n,io n s nna: .ta'oV d^n "n n:c tfpewB 
^nnn nono ,y // ts> b^b^n r n n:^> ciSyn }d Dns mata nnpy:i nn^:i Dna i?o b& 
n:vj'sn nm 3'bV b^n 7 n n:c> 3n ^nni? b^ 1 ' jb> ^on ava iniyu myu^ 
pan pjid NB^nn na K^BntJts an nus: ,aVti> b^b^n r n n:c Dns jn^n B:i3cn^ 

jts'o'n d^n f i n:*^ ^mao 
b^b^x 'n n:^ B^:is*:n cxn nips nn: b>"\ jis*: x:yn 3n nas: Q^WH "11D 

::Yn b^b^x 7 n n:^ mpa nn:o na^ cxn 3py s 3n noa: .r'/n 

nriKi nsa nns* B^an 'a ay nwyw nTpn.m niann nnx "rt'OT'N ~pvn 
ba xn^p t/'n ,p"n a^a^x 'n nae> rnayi vnc bi Kin n^:n: mn^ nnxi ^xyo^ 
, 3 xapn tpshx 'n nap nanx na xnx an nos: .xipn a^a^x 'i n:c mhn: nia^.n 
mn: x^:bi asap nimn: nia^nnoi nipiaa niabn nan xi.m b /r r px: nmn 1 ' an noa: 

1 MS. p. 2 Passage corrupt; see p. 61, L 8. 3 MS. xapnn. 

M 2 

: pns in c)dv m"? pns 13? Tisp > 90 

*i tariff ppi iwny na \r\:v taioaff inna i^> vn mm^n 'si 5>tOB ^>y tfffai 

:riaffri o^ata ': naff /sat p pnv 

ova ,'aVn n^x 'a naff jpjn ^n *aa jprn btfinaa pm pytaff p-\ 'ton Tun 
a"n noffa nan Di^pax .avffri a^x 'a naff nbn: 'n nmofr a"-* nasi naff any '1 
'a naff oit^u *"y "Off ma pun .r'n'n ta^K 'a naff nre n:v "y vby spff |prn 
ma!> ^nib" i^nnn pmnn nnxff naeai .$>av$> fn rwi nocff naff .nariri ta^K 

tniDDffn pao 

bro&i 'm wwn ^no ^npi naff a"p mn war p pnv pn 'nwn Tnn 
*dv 'm rroan p yffiiT 'm Diapmn p nry^x 'n nn ha) &tf? ib vn b^nff 1 'Snao 
wm Tip Kim ffmea vi?y now mbpn xinff nny p myi?x 'm iraana p ff"m pan 
p ,ia*n ny icy mxam ^aanro mmn ^ txxiaa ,'n'n ma^x 'a naff |tta xim nan 
naff hnan nry^s 'no tap *dv 'm xa^py 'n ,'a'n'n tali's 'a naff nnaa ibo xama 
'm ma p pnv 'm my^x p 'em panta 'n tcpy 'n bff imam .a'n'n d^n 'a 
n*an pnn^ a"y naff axa 'taa nna nah mata win niffy ann Diamx .^syce* 
pxmiaa 0*3 b nytaffa x^>i nnxna x^> nhna na $>Knea nam Di^on nx aim 
'x^d 'ii naion aae* 'n nx aim icy n"Di jmn p xa-an 'n spen diltd ns*a xh 
i>aff ncff ^n ^o ntaff ^y anna xm oa xaa p nmm 'm .jaamnn masin r ni 
'a naff D^apr 'a icdi xm ^m annn na d^oid^ mym anm ^idhi anm -\vc2n 
na n>xD 'm , xnv p ;iy?oc r n ,aphn wzbn 'a naff yioff p nry^x r n .xpnn D^a^x 
Dvoboa rm ibx du ,!?pnn d^^x 'a nac xa^py r no ibp mw 'm dv 'm pns 
pans '-id $>ap ^an 'dv "i .^pnn d^sIjn 'a naff ma^oi poa .^aa^x nao anai 
ffinpn ia^an nx amx m.n D"cn -j^d Din^Dx p Dia^aiuax .tapnn cd^x 'a naff 
la^an "y naffon nonnai ncnaa .tiphn n s 2^x 'a naff nnon naff ancixi iffaaa 
naff ffinpn la^an ^3 nixian nso ana xamn Dia^xa ,66pnri cd^x 'a naff ffinpn 
'a naff n^xann mo xi.m nin^aoi mnna ana x, ana pyoff *m .6pnn ca^x 'a 

:ypjin d*b^k 

,6ypnfi Dab 'a naff na^ ffxn bai? rp am ^xv:ffi an D^tyYiDN 11D 

nan n 'm .nmnn 'np^y ixa^ ^sdi D"ana nmn xinn xna^oi man ian nan 
naff xnap iai ksi^ffi an ncaa .apnri d^s^x 7 a naff naff?an nan nxab xnaoinn 

jD'af'N r n 

1 MS. na. See above, p. 57, 1. 8. 

S 9 . : . - spt 2-- pna "OT tap : 

'; -;; one tap ororoi --.' p pycen *x2a p mw "VOTi tnn 

roTn ot&h 

p ppee -i :- t^o .KTifi 227X ': roe* mwi DS VUI "WltHDTl p37 

--; :--s ': n n '- --r |rrDfi ix rni 'xn Di:piin mpon fence*] 
l... __ s ...... . : . 2-~zr,rt ix x:*:- nw l te&D xr mpan ropn in p -i:2z?x 

vimd -; s : nz r----\-i pa nx mm T o p t iii rown ^y tdisi rrei rcnssi 

.me* x : no -2 |wdd pn csrnn aim arm nan romn by: m* on 
ram tram noe 1 ;2 pscc ppae* iy dito bw x-i:22^ ma i z p senm 

:fcrufi train ': ru --:- 

kb --; -": rrctna nx iyp2i 1:222 xim i~x rmo iron ^pDJl DT7W 
n 2': ;- -;i-:i vnx p diddok ^ta nreci . a w D n^ -:-:- t;ii xim 
treta : .-;; w> ih: 12^ n"^ 1:2*21 .fdhsn b ^y t*?d wn onoifw 

....... ...... ^; c . L i, s ' a n ..., y% gram run '22 "nan W "His 

--2- ot s-- 2"xi im nsn vj- be> m it rwna p nenro bhok ^x-j-2 
:2 2 -x -2*21 iS: cnmn Da "2 oncra tb&n 11121x2 rrumai '21121 .mi \v 
mow aim 2-:-:- Tjn nwDO 11V crrra enan trv xm niro npbisi t rbm 
--; rmov pack 2 ,,/ 2 < rocae* onojici cwajs ~.:2 Drmn nx 2"2-2*: z--;.- 
. .... ..... w ..^ r .--- :s rrcM n"b 1:2*2 nSc ~- 2- .-: -:- :"? nxh 

--N -s--;- vxha\ 1:21 "ioj> K&e td6 12 ^2 c*:yia cm 1:2 2 Di^pix iw i^nn 
121 2--J- ;: tixf 11*2^111 iDB > L>im i:*T2 12X m r c pi .osnc ra xbx whn 
k 2 Bpjn toha *xr xin ifjon n:22^x 'r2*2 u nr gjfr rm rrma p jwvr -a 
:i~ : r - n Km : "|^Dri n:22^xb *i 1:2*2 '2 i:2 12X n?2*;i '"vm 
-;: -7-2 s-- 221: rran paai" taVi i:*:'2i 2'>":*2.- *:2 ncbrh x ,r : men 1*21 

:*x:* p 3 Dibi22'-x nchch '1 row 

.-:: arnroc -: wa *:22 im pix n:i dio tap rrkoia rrjoc ''yz'rn nn 

: 33BTI 2"2^X ': i:r ~2i7X p ,j<Yn fi'E^X r i 

-:-:- ptib -1 in n'2r2i 1:2* 2 /r p mn ^1 ,otd tap % xc2i ^1 'nn iitt 

'MS. -*eta 2 MS. di^x. MS.obDnn. 

[TI . M 

: pna p r r*' 21 s pns -o ttsp > 

,t mb : row ^aa^ nlbl raw n' s "o WWW p wprj ,BTw Bt&K '; row 

tto .row 'j? ann to/i n'r dps&k 'a row pwvi "isroua t hi 110m TO pnn 
.r r:-s : row pwvi -coraaa no .a"r oe>k 'a row mmi a^ap nna p 

: r twin : ru0 tJb ua Tino Hk 

lb maa< p btrrfaw p bann mry .rftrnan nraa 'mattta ot frm 

bap noon NiTi? .n'o'c trefoc 'a row Dnrnrsn bran pin pram p pevn rmn 
[Tne] anx no .o"r oe&k 'a row mnryi ;jkwo rra&no Ptrno wo -nao 
niai>o "-"j? no nnx row "i^o m ,afa ofi&K : .-:: no 0*30 '; -v.--z ^o 

:n's'r crt^K r a row oaw ': tna ix mrni otaw 

ma paa ,n"n ore&K ': row pnsn paaaw >oa mn Tron PpDVys tDDTO 

:n"n treta '3 row fcnw barm rroro Ti :; 

jnan pram p *ww p pran ppo0 rrVron noaa tono 'am irm 
rby i^on DrrooaS* /"n eps&k 'a row cap? a"po pnnwi rm mm a*ron 
tdj "jhan mrtxxbtt vntnwai rona naaa 00? rbx ^Tsn 11507 wm taiwrri 
nx nbxb vbm man nx arvr b6w pnsn ppo* 000 5t?wi .iSnoi aoi raso 
mm nmo mn x^ ohyh nannna> noxar ojnr rw mapi mw warn bvrtr 
[togd] ,r"n oe&k '2 row nso non^taa nwn *ax nr ijw upm men nr6 -ion 
-n--:-: rncoan np^non *6o traan kto p rman arn jnan xmy noaa :- 
,o"n oe&k 'a row ro^cn inon '3-no .P'-nn jwobt ^5 m hna ca en!? rwio 
dttoo^n ^'y ihdx p 0rn anna .D"n creiw 'a row hnan ppabts\ tampDM 
pao .D"n D'Ei?x 'a row pp nofe i6tm cinyn p ons roaa^o nnppa .pnpio 

:D"n C'^Ks a r::- --'j:- 

pnxn psnawo fap .o"n D's^n 'a row naw l-n dwo 'V'/ttl "ITTTI 
pra ,dtb bp^ o"y nnn ns (wowon onajo mn /ft ioix rrn mn *r--r- 
bp^ nao bjw nanwn awm nr nn b vnWi nan mann^ wr trcbi oroan 
n^ bpod non nana naa cm san c&sn H* s^s moa upk nrn oSpa dpii 
:ncw no po*npw ] k :'^n vm m rani xan ch>n h" lapo? 

^ap Dnjro d?mr trx pnr ja *on n-nv ww -ryv p w "'*2*in inn 

:p"n craSw 'a row ooarcatcc 

a'E^s 'a rai- 2^0 ^ap arrai ,L xa"s- too rrme p pww 'Venn Trm 

: r'p'n 

8y : pm p *pV 2lb p'T* IDT "T)2tp * 

man .a'n'n D^abs ^ap nap Q*&nn [a]na nvniN run ptpt6n ppb nx mien pnnn 

:npfa *aa 
3PV oy onbai nr 'a ib wn DWDab ,nann D^abs ap nbia iben in 
{rata '^ nap crop "* bbp hot b*np .y'n'n D^abx >ap nap snaanm wsc/b* 
wsbx *ap nap ruts' 'e "jbn in .aanri D^abN* 'a nap b>sv >rw ibn bisp .Nyrin 
x p^Dn .nprin D^abx ^c nap un n^ai inn bapi rwi lb >aib ,, pn .Tnx .iarin 
ns in nan wpai uwv <aac in Dy D*hwn nbnna non niaab b^nnn wn 
naaa .iapriri D^abx w nap in ->dwi 2 "]b ncbp .row dik nxi win 
.ticprin D^aba w nap tap nabo n&na .liapnri D^abx *ap nap nobp *"y rran 
t"- ibo Dyam .aDpnn D^abs* 'a nap ian nai ^Pn rrriNO bap Noan lrr^M 
ibo ndn .xapnri D^sbx ap hjd' d'op 'a ib?a irax .iDpnn D^abx 'a nap D"ap 
: xprin D^bs *ap nap b"r wbso bap Kaan jw^m .iapnn D^abx 'a nap nap n"d 

biB* -jb Dapin^ ,i r/ L2 d^n 'a nap ypbxD bap pan jnw /in spNl 
n ibn laa onn> ,'h D^abs 'a nap iai pisn niba , 8 n"ai D^abx 'a D^ap n"a -|b?a 
-jb innns ja pnv ,x"a D^abx 'a nap nnx row i?n na lrwia . 4 'ai D^abx 'a D^ap 
p imM ,'s D^abx 'a nap nnaro bap tnaan pwn , 5 T"a D^abs* 'a nap nap 'o 
yp D^abs 'a njc yK>in bap waan Dioy ,t"s D^abs 'a naw Q^aw u^a -jbo cnv 
'a n:^ Di^yo bap K^aan mw'' .1'a'p n'-abN r a na^ nac a"a ibo irraDM p www 
i r/ a ibo inmy p jnav ,iYp D^abs 'a nac irrswD bap x^aan na s ,D"p Drabs' 
onv p rnx ,j*"p D^abs 'a na^ na^oo bap waan bv .nYp D^abx 'a n3K> nac 
/"-i a^abN* 'a nap nap u"a ib laa in^prn .nYp n^abN 'a naw nacy i"< "jbo 

jD'b'n D^abs* 'a nats> nap n /r a ibn .Tprn p npao 
,n>bna n^abo D^nx ^ap lnw.iaai nnm , > -jbo m^prn oa on bp bna -pa naaa 
'a nap n^oapn niba ,a"n D^abs 'a nap T PNbmn *apn dpi 6 Dibsn nnxn dp 
nap mna bap s>aan pipan .o"n D^abx 'a nap bxvo bap N^aan Dina ."n D^abx 
ibo laa in^ptr ,iVn D^abx 'a nap D^ap 'a -jbrc npao p nK .nYn eh&k 'a 
rnwn* .[ ] D^abs 'a nap pipano bap n3jn n^aax .iYn D^abs* r a nap nap N"b 
'a nap d^p tf'* ibc wnsw p b*pw .r'a'p D^abs* 'a nap D^nn npp ibo 
n^3BD bap ^aan wdt* .D'b'p D^abx 'a nap D^pnn 'a ibo panrr .n'a'p tnb* 

1 MS. d^w. 8 SoMS. MS. run. 4 MS. ai. 6 So MS. 

6 MS. DlbxDV. 7 MS. PNblDT. 

: pTO )2 e)DV m 1 ? pHS IDT IV^p : 86 

e3ro .ropnn f^>x roe nne nib): . nbphn r^x roe W3K onnax n^u .nynn 
aiB noi rn^sn jypnn ^x roe Dnea nixa Dnn3x tWi .ibpnn c^m roe d.tox 

riirpnn s^x roe mm no .ivpnn e^x roa> 

niro ,x"o D*ai?x 'a me pni> onnax xs> /i d^x 'a roe ro no 'an ^Ma, 
ue roe pn^ aej ,n":i d^x 'a roe dhd naan ,n"i WEbta ue iw pn* 
niro .a'y'pi d^x 'a rw im nim ,n"pi d^x 'a niw apy* nim ,n"Bi d^x 
apy^ ejDW .riVm d^x 'a rue lanso ni^j ni?nn ,'-n trota 'a roe ih *|DV 
iiaswn n^nna ^ no .D"ei d^x 'a roe p*ran ejov epsa ,nYm d^x 'a roe 
.up nnxi> d^ t n3e ova n'D'e d^x 'a nap n'y'no niro ,aV d s b^>x 'a roe 
bntt* mw ,iYn Qi a j> K 'a nae xww n^na ,*"ei d^x ue roe pnx \n nha 
^yae mini anaae rmn n'y'n'oo tap pa }a yew .r'o'n D^x 'a roe onvoe 
nae ova nYn'o epxa .r'a'n d^x ue roe ono nno ,nYn d^b^k ue rue hb 
meal ,hVn D*af>x w nae una jcom nVi nirnoi? n" , > nroon nya nnxa 't 
nixo BWfl ,pi2b6 u^y pwrr nrb jpm pi> i>xne* loaaa nwn ep^ae xnn 
yenn nvanaiaa tbirw nyi xwnn* *"y na loaaaeo pta noy rue> D^ern 
noxe no nn ohyn "p^ x"h nixo 'ai d^x 'a naea nan nx snnm 
t^nnn tnonnb n'^ no^aij nVn rrrpB^ 'n'o'n mn^ n^'i nansn 
ley ^p'n d^b^n r a naei .frort 1'P'n n^ba 'a nae noocn pjo niaob 
^xne^ iDja^o n"x nae mi*w D H eonn nre venpi niooe r f i^yi mvexn nooe 
D^pr ,aw n"3 ^rw* ns* tssxn rpn n^x '3 nie n"y ytjnm p|dj ,p^ 
nnooi rrnnn nx yei.To ibpi Due r" ^xne> nx idj^b yem> nnx d^o^ unww 
.nhian no33 ns6 nnoo d^x^ji "a^oi nnsr un ny nn nnx nn awa^ 
mnx .^pn d^b^x ue nae me 'a ^xne^ nx oae D^OBien exn tsp p i'xuny 
jinn d^x 3B> nae nnx rots' ose naoB> .jyph mfo 'a nre me 'a oae 
d^x ue n:e me 'o ose pyna .mnn d^n ue n:e me r o nose nnm 
d^k ue nae me '3 oae y^n .n^en tra^M 'a roe Due ': oae n^3x .ninn 
d^x r 3 nae Due r i oae nna> .fieii d^x ue roe Due 3 /r 3 use iw .f^en 
d s b^x ue roe Due ' oae pi?x .naen D^ai'x ue nae Due t oae pa .oyen 
ue roe Due '3 oae peoe .n'D'n d^b^x ue nae Due 'n oae jnajJ .3ven 
du^ox^ .Due n"^ p noi i>'n'n d^x 'a nre Due 'o oae ^y ,^n'n d^x 

1 MS. no. 


pnv p *pv '-h pna na nrapo cwonn tjw * 

PkS> tents* na^ anx nwn n"y wan rrc>i man nntei pnar mar 
>ac mai pew ma paai ^ote item in item* tew item msww ytjnrn 
mraam a^smaam D^moxm a s xanm w a ma[i pp&n ma] pnm irw s atei 
rnmpDi nnaai tejw psi teai namn navM **n nmnn moy nten wen 
pa jon tor tea wnw a^na anns* awajn na^ "annum ammoBn amasno 
: 4 q9aiBnro na^aaaip pirn teaianis utei nnsa "ate pnan yn pai ma 

ava nap im epbi nnna nho mn iron na^o fiwnn ntwi nSo Wl FpN3 
pp nte ,'n anxn xnaa new 'sa 'in aval ahyn xnaa i?ite tnni> n"a jwtn 
nap p*p nte .n'tei nap piax ite $>"? nap np nte ,'y nap ten nte /d nap 
nte .aann rw lian nte .o"n nap nm nte .nYp ru te&no nte n'a't? 
man np^>a ,i?pnn nap pptnn anx no .nann nap ioi? nte . B isnn nap nteino 

: 5 iapnn nap 

nap piax no ,i"ai *jte nap na nte ,a"oi *jte nap np no "*3n PpNl 
jte nap nm no ,y"m *|te nap tetene no .nVm *ite nap \y\> no ,o"pi sjte 
*lte nap mn haon .iapn *|te nap ap nte ,!>'p'n ejte nap ppn sa .a'a'm 
nap nte nte , 6 Nihn ite nap rnmpo no .iann nte nap npaanx nte .inn 
lte nap iyn nte .iapn p|te nap ate nte .aapn p|te nap nay nte .ainn ejte 
lte nap nnn nte .oann ejte nac nina nte ,o ; nn ejte natj> anc> nbia .Sae'fi 

1 B.M. note"! mm. 2 Not in B. M. 3 B. M. aniTnm. 4 The figures 
are only corrected when evidently wrong. s Or f. 6 Vn indistinct. 

: Til p am3 21b nbipn "13D : 84 

.BH"i?n m^ym naianaa mw pam Wn Ban n\n 122 prw 'm .row ' b^w* vmyee 
n*^D '-i iayn warn xano anm J nb p *ibv na nwo 'n ann vn vTi>n ^naoi 
2~\b nan m^n n\n annax 'n nr aai ,p n s a ax xnpan prw 'na annax 'n anm 
niD^-in *Dan inw Drpo-oi nann a^ia^n imoyn own n^x bi .e|Bi.T 'in nt^n 
b$)nv 'n aim nin '12 annas 'n ann vn ryra&in ^nai .Wn nnm naianao 
anni [nan jnaim 'n anm nmn 11 'na nwa 'n anm nm 'na ^xic> 'n anm nwo 'na 
'na annax 'n ann baa ,na bawi anaaw nmna B^ina orrnioy n^x ^ n"o^ 'n 
Np^ao i>a nsab nann anaa nwy xmi a^awai nan^a J^an s a B^a ^y hnan nin 
noin naianaa a^ia a^an i^>x ^ao aim .nni>w Bmiawo \nni nai?n paaai wwaa 
ny nnin a^arano vn a^abin mw aipE S>aai bwb ix s awnn ^aao bin maanro 
K*tsn 10a a^ma a^an naianaa m my .awn ^vna coca nhan ^aa wy mow 
nxna xi? hna nis xa;> nanitai .^art tpv 'na mxo 'n anm newaM nt^w 'n 
bp mn pmr 'na 2 trmnao noi>w wan TBnn Snan ann xm awy ms^ imoa 
nma nyanxi ataman i?ai awaan bi nmnn b wma xim intern aiwna wants 
nnxi .rntaa mx^a nx^a k^w hna in pap nan man x^> ana snip *>a pm ntyx xntsa 
ahyn ^aa ixna xh naSn anhr nth nes* hnai an n^n xb ahya w?n yna nx^ 
bwow ia^an ^r marts' 'n ann ^ s ina ^aa iop nnsi .inaty awn a^w am psa W 
nann a^an <vnbr\) a^na an ksiw 'na 5 n\xo 'n B>nwi ^aa 4 aTOn apy^ lanm 
a^aan vn am |w6 ri^^ ^y nn-'B Nn 11 ^ pania na ^yac*i anaac nmna a\s"pa 
mntr^ BiTaa!? a^xa nsa-anai k^o^noi nanxta : nann an^^n warn nnin a^arano 
b"\ nso sax hnan ann wima by ^D)r\b nebm nmaoo 'wama lana an aa arr^oo 
a^ma vnsh aam an n^a na mn n^ inns i .aa^ao ia\xy 'vb awima nip^ao nxah 
nn^n^a ai^i an bni vnnx a^xan bz inw v^di n^w wan mpoo bpw *ab annx 
a^aixam a^aann ^a ay n\r6 i>xn mar .n^nD'n x^ n^y xmi nnnm nmn ^xnc ,H 

: aw tibw aain 'aw n &"ob annapa niaam anTiinaw nm? 

1 MS. "aijpD. 2 MS. ^\xmao . s MS. ima. 4 MS. ainono. e MS. 

83 * tn p arma nnb nbipn -isd * 

va*a b&vtrb l 3wm nbnan vtrwn anann sin b)*m aieanp warn Nana yimm 
m anma n nam nan p mm .nai nap own w wn mbnaa ana* "pnttm 

: m-inTN n^y ja^ai aan mn 
nanbraa i*wk Hi W n:i13n3 ^ P^ no ^ morua bna ann mn ma 
roup nmm psn^accx ran mrbm ma nfatton mwwi ii? vn sb mm naana 
ana -aa nnw dtiqd vni naiai nhna vm a nnbnaa aney aama pnxn 'bwn 
pa"n Nipan nailnna nnai .nnan tyiaax jn Nnpan nsyihta bunab n^xb ninb 
mn >a PiaaN jn nnab )tttb pmiavK ran nnai tnaax pnb K3ie> mn n:ana 
marital nan rsi ntjna&n nanana pnb ntiwai ihpa nyaty iwn nanp rafana nna 
pn nenra nna nns pnaam mvyn nahtpn nnx myn *xn ,mi> myn npbnai 
tn&ta naiana myb bna ^np mn ja yah .bw nspya nantan nxr nnejn Enaax 
nrn annn aao maiyai aSyn baa kw 2 ayaap a*aam a^na a^ wn anim 
anma 'n iwan nn ,taa aa bnpn by bam aa *nansai id*bm avaxa Tirana 
patraa aanp bai 'waai amaa lassn ananaa aiy^ai bnpn by wui innat^a *aai vaai 
p*ii an aan p n mam annua n anjan no ja nnx .wnn pasyon by ana *n*a* 
baa iac> mrt mnai *n iamy xim Kwari aia^aibp warn Nana avn anpan Nim 
*n p Kwan annua 'n Naam Nana naianaa mn N^an nb^bts> nnN nvai .nivn^.n 
"iasa Kinv Daisn n^a n warn Nana N^an wen hnan naran avo^anp ,_ i thi^h 
db> nai ^n ac> nc*yi nnxaa "jta T nnn nayi a^B^a vnnhanv maya m^a^sa 
naanai nmna jap p anma fccnwn m mam .aiay^p n N^ana hna mm 
N^an iaa mnx Nnsan mam nai a*a> n,nNm nnwwi maaii? nDai a^at^ nxi^ai 
lay vnnna imaa rwi n^ pm an bra aan ntsmtn baa jnnsn n^a warn Nana 
nbnaa pnnm bmw nx asty Nim rmwa^i niaanb ^aaa sin aa .aw- xmi bna 
: nxa iay nca b^jct aman a^pna vby) bab npnvi aaca n&y) vniax 
maw Wjn iaa nwcab a^yat^ai a s aaaa row wi a^na a^aan naianaa vm 
na ntpa na pxa Kaan apy^ n la^nibapa lab jrm pvtnn .nbian wtnb baa^ 
nmn pam aitna ia^ana bapi nbnan Nt^n n~\p:n n^a*na mw 'n anm .pax 
'n anna vasn 3 nb pa p pnv n ann vrabnap hnam .an^abn n^aym naianaa 
nnna naa baai iaiaaa bmwb ram a^ya byai a^Daa byai bna n^an rwi pmf 

1 According to Schonblum ; MS. 3Wi; Revue aPBn. 2 MS. ayaa, but 

the catchword ayaap. 3 MS. *abp. 

L 2 

> m p on-QN 21b r6ipn -isd : 82 

*ap JV33 btrw Dibsp naa owaaa ^ncton nicnan ba *3 onowp D^pm 
runnn jsv ns* njn n'a'pn lb 'dkp vina? nana piaai *-ann p Kb *a pnaai* 
4 niarba 8 un3a d*v noa nns*b ymnb on "nan jra nw ranajn b3 na -itoai 
nninn n:i b3 ns* nipybi nipb* nbbi mnbb wt by dod* n'a'pm bnbp 

:prn nbo pa "owaan ba pnx latoaa net: n H by nawan 

* 6 nbnnm napn ib ipn nya nbapn mo abpa 

Addition from MS. A. to page 78, note 3. 

nmn pan jai nnw nnx bai B^aai a^bria onsan nan* psa p^p wyoan 
ncsai b ama b"nanb 'tup ia nnnt*nbi min bnanb annobna an^bua b^idi 
,uyTP ma impD3 pto mn nnto nnx bai ;vwi min bna* ipnv }yb pan ' 
rniaixai nwpai min bito nbina nbpbp namaa ana w lanax n^aipoi 
n^ao naitan snns ib npx onvwi jo nbp^p b33 -jbob 7 nbp p^bnp "jbom 
n^y nama3 nwim -va 'n iepi Dam bna dp nnx ib nbpi 1b yP torn th 
hpx ib npbi D^syo^o nnix npas ny3 dp nbna nrnx ib jnai dp iytaai nbnan 
dp -pk bpirob jna nnxn .D^pbn npbpb ibnn npbn Tyn P133 ny3i ,nyn ^binao 
npjn tso /_ ib jna *p>bpn pbnm ,myn pnanb wn pbnm ,Tnt3N pn top "vya 
Dinm ain3 npto mya DWfl B^nin^n i>ai> b^ib B"pin mansa npyi pnin ja imx 
irwn nn : nin avn ny an^a wn -ipn {^^nsp udp *]bDb icn anmni n>w noa 
by inw ixnb N3n bai iyir bsbi ibob B*anp vn ijnn Kin pnb dp rvn n*3o 'i 
ibcm "jbon bs D^nbiP vn n^o ^3 nan* *jbo n33 inw P'T'SO wi iiaam nbnan nai 
myi nm naiv t nnn naiana v a^pnb pxi imso n^pya -m ppiyn a^pnb mso 
a^yn am 8 nvba ^ptn wa nisnxn b33 b^bdipi a^ppmoi nnn a\n3DO imn wn wi 
va3i N^pan jnrn omiu ai |ub bp n\ni .an^as nwianai anaiosa bt<np^ nN 
bnan s*pan ids mini nbpooi nbna ann npaa s*bi N^pan n'3D 'n nr ynro 

1 P. nninsn. 2 P. pnabi p^n3nb iax an^ny myi; p. pnsai. 8 E. 0. 

omit. 4 o. nvba. 6 E. o. omit. 6 b"n nbapn ma on. 7 MS. 
nbp nbp. 8 MS. nviba. 

8 1 : -m p arma m 1 ? nbipn -ibd : 

pa baa na pnne "cran^ nn vto "j^wi jind trpn mm l b ntj'K* b33 bm\ 
D'uyeno nm db'ki nB^ idd^ nS 'mansn iya3*i p mtrynb nben icmi K^cvp 
Nh 5*oK*b naiD dw wsj xb 3 nbiyb o3w* 1*1*3 mm B*be> jcd myi .mabim 
<3 nnx nnna is* nns ovs in nnx irw '*am n3n nan in rmn Pirn 13 bw isd 
mom ejmai spn isd nane> nns on3 nxdj nwai nnab to vb d s ^n d s 3^3 d^3 
bnx *a iisd nbnnty *'Yb> axnabN um T^ *kdb>k jp? nt?y two nbyo ^aba amn 
pnom imbao by mmyo nibna nnyin 5 dt6n by 13 i3n nwa "hd b33 'nabta 
rtap dib> bi nayo dip ab3i mbna wi maioo "on dbo mn ^dd nbx nnD3i .lnyn 
wm nso nawn Tons "am 6 xn3 Snp bpybx 'ik mri dn s m*m dib> xbi 
nb mnm T irorw wnpn nMv n*id nnx n^3-o ib*m .imbao mnnDbnb 
onsD nsno myi 13^3 jtw *bya n^n inajn Nb a ttvrrp D"C3n n^abx ^abs* 
by pnpn p^b Tyntj> avn xnpan b"T DNabx nn na row 'n pas enpn anaa 
b^nnnt? no ba mbe>n mn aa rata px 9 mano 'm nbian ba3 na^a n^x inx 8 vma 
iab umap Q*o3m annx mam w K*bp5 p |nan nsj>D 'n mm bYr nn 13 nmm 'n 
jdk imaboa lnnsani nai 'mi \dw 'm lammb mraenm mmm nmrnoi nnaD 
l^nnn N^jn 'Nnon ,_ i *d"3 ."omba pN3* D3^ nx ptnb i^y bNi^b menai 
nm^Di bna D3n 12 hm3a p* ncbty 'n nnm hp iana n^aan bxioc /- i *d ,, 31 ppaxb 
"^ennt^ ps* mwn ">^nd '13 mwn 13 3.nix 'ni nx^a p rnim ana 3nn pn^ /_ i '^m 
nnv ^ym nw n3n3i maia hna nam ni&^n y-iro s^ry p 3py^ p rrcta 'm 
p pn^ ,_ i3 pnn pjdv 'ni nvv ns^o xbon 133b nmx yown bai 15 mn3^ni 
Dn3K 'm ibn bmo^ 13 -ibn rmm ari p~w p pi*w '13 pnn spv 'm "bno 
by nionai nvwa bxn^ *r cpnnDi a^npi n^na D^an abi3 tnry p "wm "3 

: 18 3pn 1 ' D^y^n D^nDsa 17 pn3n byi nannb p^is nsr inxa ib 
b^ pbo minnb w n^33 bxn^ abo nan pn3t n^ta nbapn ">no "wohwiBW 

1 va-ap. 2 n^pnvb. 3 nbiyo a^pnvn^. 4 . ds^d; O. Dxi?Di>N. 5 E. 
addsniD. 6 Ed. N13 nnp" 1 ; o. pcsv6 *ini nr jnia battnw. 7 P. W3n3K>. 
B o. noy. 9 o. n:v>. 10 A. mbwpjj p. txfytsvp. n mba3. 12 A. hnnaa psb. 
13 A. nc>D 3 E. o. nmm. 14 Ed. ^Np^Don^; A. ^onnn^j o. vpww. 15 A. O. P. 
add HT3i (P. ends here) vmrnttnrm wirwa Dao (O. n"an bsK) n'3'pn b^ iec nbyn* 1 
nan Dbiy.n by rwam rnn nbiyn ns*. 16 A. o. bxnD. " O. pjwnn bnw. 
18 Ed. E. o. p. nyi obiyb D ,, 33 , i33 o^-in ^ivm ypnn nnira n*nr Db*aom [o. only 

D7K>31 Dn isb'3]. The following passage is to be found in 0. and P. ,9 P. Vtib&n. 

[II. 4-] L 

: TO p OrTDN 2lb nbipn 1S3D : 80 

anx py bwvw pKD fYin ax ^>y -itrx 'n:i yaa B^K$Bn yd np^ iT3 
mom xi> x'x nnr* maa px b an nayra nay trowta 2 nia^raa ornonj 
nwvb wpai ni^a ^y ninaa it acn roinB&M ny 3 naan tant*^ nro^a 
nexa a i>N"8 xa nx" lab rww " ^b Yiaa p3 ?KyB mata nunc ban p 
nan ns mwi ^xx* vAk 'n bra amni> an-nnn an6y ixa *a onwn bip wot? 
ana *T*a ansoaa anra b b'y jwid a^aa ^y man iaan n^> ray^a*, v:*aa ^y aa 
i>y an^an iaaann wm a'cny 'a^aa ana tai ^yDE*' pxo Ba^ani* jni> anaoai 
jrax BB> pan"' narai> nxian onpon bra ran? px ema an!? ipnb* a^iy pjpj nn 
3^3 jn:i anpro ,'iai anas* py n?aai btsvtrb wo '*na pist motei roi niwi 
Kno *jtan 7 nara ?a ?y 6 nan yaa by B Tpar6 TvnnB*Mtfi* iB>aia?N n "jbon 
ray B vw xraxana ^n:o vnaxt vn xnry ') rmn tpv '1 p anwn mw 'n xaani 
ran Dun "jten "niatai awi>a *]? Bian p ento ma^ca nm nn ?aa mwyi 
p tab) i^aai mw *33ra spipn *vy atari* wd ant? MtMtrci 7np to nniBoi 
Won n prap '~> "one* *i vnm mm nr ranwn mw 'n ?3 tibti *nyi onaan 
tsw brvby niTyra annra ai> s a bjdv 'n yaim mw 'n n^tan ntro an initial 
njn 12 nan y33 ^y nr nnw '"i h*wn wrwn npain "{j*Nai .o^eman jiai na^on yina 
a^an awn n^m nnvoa b"tbn twrm mva M nhan nnay n % i?y r6un* u^pra 
npB*m a^ayn j^arwn nnwa nhan oa invd wn^B* by\ in*aai ninain pnai i?iy ~nm 
nuaa n^B^ita nanra^ ly^n ik*s ny ?r^a ^ai? nionaa aarai a^ny t^a^Ti awo^ 
nyai 15 ay*a crno* iina rwi laniyi ."ams* viratan ains* ^y 1^ nw maai ltnira ^aao 
i?ai iten mnyo tp^n bo idsj6* raa n^i n pan n^ aim 3trn $b ejaai nap n*n 
n^yn^ nrorw raia >Tnx \3N nu^ nnvix iraa niaM nraxtr aanax p ioa vlto 
aab in^c .Tn^ *a n i!?vS* npnv as* a nt^y n^ i^k 1^ nnn rWo nax^i 

: lc nhan 
m*ab pnx wmj*i innp^i i^ar^a i^n rb& xv by may^> Man ^a iran nswa w 

1 Ed. o. nasi ; A. yan. 2 pnsa. 3 a. pujnb ; O. P. nSncD jd ; A. jd 

narajnra. 4 Ed. adds a^an; E. bana; o. abn ?y; . a^an by. 5 A. sin 
Tpnr6 nnsnaa'sn. 6 Ed. npn. 7 A. ntanra. 8 ^ni; yB*mj P. mvy 
nibn. 9 -jtai. 10 A. antr. u A. nr bran nmnj O. pro. 12 npn; nan. 
13 A. omits. M A. Dra anb a^ciyn. 15 L. smo; others omit. 16 A. raa sh 
? nn*n roop nas^oi . . . "ax ax 'oxc i^ran aanjs p raairaa vj-yo bi mniay bao 
pm ffm nhan ^ 'n in^c* .Tno^ *a i^x n kx mpnv ax "a ncy n^> noc*. 

Wiim a^aan ^rabn arroa n aaa nbia^biaa vmm lay bai l nwan nyn by 
p ny 4 naaai "npoa pnx p p* D*3W a^xn baa pi nmi nyn by 2 annxtrs$> 
w 6 jod3ji x^bia p bai nansi raatyxi nanam px bai nbnan wn B na ,, JisBnp 
aipan abia anyan rrcpa visa p ny "urn nna ny 'wmaaib pw T rcfopD 
nnx runoa pin mabnm nwon *aan nyn by ant? ammfo papi aniac aw 
bin* 1 wnwi 'avn pxa vn ana ayai onxoa ana ayai 10 ?xba-ii naiaa anyoa 
ibx nx ibx tramtc niann mama nna B'om wi BTirn nna niaiBn an nx B"aam 
ibd awma a^ann wn any *swn aB>a anaa a^am "awam .ibx nx ibx panaai 
niaab ibav xb a^abx a^aba laa a^pniP am arraaa panai mat? pannai mm 
^oa w6 "foil aamaa wmwp ipnrw 12 anabx iax T^ba rwi awi pixa iw i^ki 
in-an Kim jhabt* iax M jwnn nx nxm axinbx px -pd 13 iat? Kfoappe nnx 
p iB^aani mam n^aam 15 naian xin Shaba iax tb6k fa ">aa nr anai innm 
minxn vmx rnwwi aa^nab axinbx p nai ana nann njwrn x^atrpb axinbx 
roup ix^n nr bx nr pbxicn nnbapa n^by paaiai nabyabs nnix pip vni 
ohm ,c rnpbx jfnabx* px pjdv 'n x^an prnnac ny maa penjn nabyabx 
*aaa anb jnata> jap nnx nvaaa pin tffoopp *"waa baa atnai anibat? by ejaio 
bt? ana^a nnbyn im^aa inxi .nrn pra nicaa *jn a^an pB> 17 aainb nvn xbc 
nnxT , aa ,, xn xin* a H aba nba 19 nain p 18 icaiabx n* i^dvw ny fxrw a-a^o 
nx ^at^n nc^x nmn nn ."ofowwii aniax aipa a^xbao inb^ao baa a^x^a vni 
pnv ibai rwi a^aba -|b 23 naian p it^aiabx jn 22 iban x^b^a^p pixa n f>ym 
iniaba novyi naiy aab aaci nnaa pixa a^x^aan a^bya^n ba by it nnaai 24 n\n 
naiban npm ai na^ ^n^o amx by iba n^x a^a\m .anaa 25 va^ix baa lb 'n rvani 

1 A. xm bnnt^a . , . by^. 2 A. E. P. anbxw (E. lynim) dot, s O. 
axpaa; o. nxpaa. 4 A. mxa x^a ; O. nx^ai ; P. naxnai. 5 P. o. nx^aiatrip; 
p. nx^Bitaip. e x^aaaai; nx^aasi. 7 x^bpa pixi. 8 nxnnaaib. 9 lasmn; 
lanxn; laxmn. 10 o. jxbaai. u upmm. 12 axnabx; O. Bxnabx. ls Ed. 
xnpj and omits TB. A. Bxia ibx ; px ns 10B>; O. Bxiaxbx iax. u E. 

tb; O.T^bx. 15 naian; nasn. 16 Ed. nnpbx; A. bxvaima; O. tr^pm bvabna 
bxn^aa ; o. bxvrama; P. bn^aa xnpan bxabna p tvmn sjdv 'n. 17 A. an^anb. 
18 E. ciaax )\i ; P. t^ia \n. 19 A. pn; P. omits. 20 E. ab^ani; O. inb^ami 
ab^an; some omit from Xin (1. 18). 21 o. B^pHV. 22 Ed. n; o. nbx; P. 

iban; O. -jban nr a. 23 P. naia^n p aiaan. 24 A. adds nnaai. 25 vnay. 
26 L. O. n"b. 

: -m p DmnN nib nbnpn -ihjd : 78 

ps3 e^e* hayoei ,)dth nra* mrobnn nsan epo om dy by D^aDn n"am 
mWtarn nWianb rntnn Dip Kbn an nnsi nnx bai trotm cbna D^nan nan* 
arm lDipoa rwi nnsi nnx ba k^ok finwrarai e s amM b^nanb 'dwp no by 
two 'n ptan aim b"r pntf na annax 'n ptan anm b"t sjdv na neo '1 |wan 
D^n*n ninbna naeoa tnpoa &&\ra minn ns* nwiv Kaianaa b"t *|dv na 
Drpbmai Dnnib n* by lrrop n"an apy 'n 4 ann nanoa 3 nnw ^nnmb by 
"D^mnae w jyob B iww*a nnin pannh nbbi nvobb* jok ny "nb Dam rwn 

: dw w aan 'we no D^pb onnapa maan 
ratirn at P |anv tan ny *3Kbi mar *an con jo nnn nicy i*?n nn 
jan-n .Dwrncx tpo ny nnn a"a lbx nn ownraK be nnn nyaei own be nnn 
bxaan warn cdj an be nn* maana nnn 'ai T rroiwa nnn 'm nnn 'n wod 
>ibn bjdv an be mi pny obia nine D^aan neon be 8 pm Yaan bxme ani 
,pn* na ma am b"r nbn pjdv an ny abw mat *an nnn n"b ban t,d 9 b"? 
n n"b ban t,d b"t nbn vpv an nmua ny ninbnn ntynno nnn 10 n"* ibx nn 
any ^sd d^onj nny 12 oba b"t nbn spy an ny ^axboi nnat wib nnn 
nw nnx px awea ibw nbe nenpn nbebei nbapn npDa xbe mom 
ipbni vn bpiii jctw an be vmobn apn* D^yen oe laa biNBn yenn py nw p 
'oib pbia* Daw Dna nn^ne nxapn *aao Nbs nbiya naya taie xba mbap byi vby 
Dncea oabra nma Dne xbx cs^aan ^arai ^aiba ^dei ^aiba ^ao D^baipD iax p 
vne bnB* nibnp n^id nnse noiy^a cbtaa jne nijn .DiTmosy lpnB* namaa 
px bai npnaK nvpi anyon esna nnnxn ny anyon nspa 13 Nbo nanoo niueia 
pxi pn pi Dna pan ob^y psn nyae pi any psi awi psn tanxoi tcpnBK 
D^nna 17 D^oy oe vne 16 bnx nna ny 15 Dbn bsn "jsnonam jsana* Nnpa^ ^eanan 
Nine* lynim Dnae p pnx s 'na toean ion 'nb naD nbe Dabo "ejon n^anae 

1 O. layoe nex nrn pra. 2 O. adds Drrbmai; o. for both words ennoe. 

s Ed. pna ani bna Dan n>n nanv psae; o. pnaio ani for nnxi. For A. see 
p. 82. 4 nnn. B O. o^ana. 6 o. pa ny "nb Darn; O. continues be 
caixan lbs*. 7 cpflwa. 8 num. 9 o. mobnn no^nno nnn a'^ nx nn 
nbn e]Di* an nn^taa ny. I0 L. o. (see note 8) a'\ u rb. 12 O. ib\n. 
13 O. tibo; P. &obD. See p. 77, 1. 23. u A. Ntataao; E. jsnonaiai pana ; O. 
jxneana. 15 A. nbn bxi; E. O. mW ; o. ob^nbiSi ; E. jsbnbxi ; L. fxnbsn. 
16 Ed. L. (marg. bnx n^d), . baix; 0. ^d. " Dna ; na ; nann. 18 L. bjdw; 
o. adds nran pns p. 

brow 2 ibnnn nay |iB*n two Nin oa nbu ^bxabx p pny '12 fna 'm 
npibno nrrn vax prix 11 an rrvoa ompi pmr an imjkq bapi nbu 3 nnx naca* 
n*W pK mim ,_ i3 pn* an pa nbna npibno nrvn pi *DKabN prw an pai ua 
Kim rup r pa wa nna an rrn "jina 'na prep 'n noaaeai dns^n pny 'n pai 
onm nanb* bia* ren rS>b> 5 mtn3 e>nh mix Nnp imik rmoa nyme 4 ^b nD 
oaaai nrn obiyn jo tray mn nnp ib nioxi ^D^abx prcr '"h n.b ib now 'OWW 
,na bya pa n^anaa pa *b nane tfpp onm ba by ib 7 *nbno naai* Nan obiyb 
naio n,b iWB> mn ynr vaa^ nioyi inis 10^1 -p wb> moo dsd mk pi 
N3D^t6 "Am ^nabn no xax nx 8, nnapty nnai ,iab baa inix nobn ns*o nnn 
Morub nrrn "Mm bn-arn *DKab p prep an naai 10 ^aivts> man ba vba maii 
pb *b rwin nnsi asb ib renx mn b"i ^as no dn ^ now s ab by nanbi 
bp oyao 'DNabs* p pmr an nocai mobnn ba iMab 12 Minobt? ny irvaa *rnom 
rem pan baa nvvi otana ren prer an na -pna 'ni nbn pjdv an bp 13 n? air* 
jtapn Msi nann ttTobn Toyro moam innm by pjdio rov noan ynv nr "pna an 
10a b"T 'lbn f]DV an inns co* nnNni iaprinn nata> bibs* rpDa noaa sim obm^ 

:niaana ^btrn nnn sin mm ."irnna mb> ib pxi nae 1 To 
Ma n\so anp ayi 15 noan b^ ma^n jo nbiyn do^ *ibn b|DV an nn^oa nnxbi 
p)dnj nyn,n mbo bas D^bna ci^oan am inbap ^byai vn^obn vn rnx p tno 'ni 
\sn bsn^ by nno^i nmwi Din^n mb^ vn b"T ibn |dv an nn^oa 16 nnsi pnsn 
Micb n^Ni aynb aynb ncxi annb annb new mob niob n^N nnioipoo nibaa 
17 nnion p ann Mao nv s bban |0 ns^'b n^xi rvon"' nxiaa by ^dio niyi Mi^b 
on^naai lab nosi bban jo bxnc^ ns* N^nnb ntatj> 18 apnn na^a nbiyb vw& 
19 Nbv nanoa nN^i d^ imabo baa onb imaem ^sb pi niy bsn^ qb> nar xbi 'lao 
nian^ 22 a^inb cjdv an b^ vaa iba^ ab p Maoi 21 nnnobN* nano ny nbiyn 20 nvpo 
2 'onba^ ^aa nn^obn n^oynb o^bnn^o rni nbo^bo nanob d^m t^sna iba aba 

1 E. O. P. nNMabtf. 2 A. lib. 3 A. nnx na^a. * A. nana; o. ib nan. 

5 p. MTtfb ib. 6 A. ibip n^aanb. 7 A. brno Mnni. 8 Ed. nap. 9 n^yb; some 

omit. ]0 A. O. Mnbty n*cx; E. Mnan n^N. u maa. 12 TiNnpp. 13 ibs*. 

4 obiyn baa. 1B O. D^oan. :6 A. nns*^. 17 A. ninmn; E. P. morn; 

O. miKon; a. nn^on. 13 A. aynn; P. ay; p. ap. 19 Others abe>. 

20 o. BjiD3 Nine. 21 o. nNnnobx; E. o. nsnnobs*. 22 A. by fcWfinb, 

21 Dna. 

: th p arrDN m 1 ? nVnpn isd * 76 

n^x nsMom noana ima KittM n^ kh an nu^ci ,|tap mobn 10a a niai>n nam 
wm 'na spy an vn *BKBi>K prop 'n b& vnvai?n ^laoi maanno l wn inn on 
nap pwn nnxa n^ia wana px n\xra 'na ^n e|av 3"> PW an na n>xo 'm n^n 
man rroi Kin 2 spn 'n mm d^sj kww aan Tobn vaK n*KD an mm i^nnn 
on 1$>n may naiy mm nbyob xrattw 10a ona itan oata naxana nane 
nw hia bikb> mna 'na prw 'n ia nan mn ni>n pidv an bw ininyaoi nsay 
nt riN m aaniK amap vnc nWai ova vid& n\x?a '-& ^uwd mm nraana 
>dsj^n |a prw 'n aaaa^ai ,wmd px nbn two 'm mna 'na prer 'n am^aaa 
pa nya iamy Kim x^a^x nanoo i^k *\bn ?pv 'n n^n naa^Ka awui nnaa^ 
paa p*> prr# an^j i!> rwn nWi oon 5 xnp|? nae> n"* ia vaa$> nrayi nae> a"'* 
x^ laan two ^ inina '*axtP nsD \b anai inrntaa amp iaoai nrcana i^mam 
DWi mauai D^an aa'ax aa^ an ^na iwd bv inina i^xn 6 mma nancx* 
'na i6* caoa i^ki myrm trrcan a^ax taaraap nwn nx npxi mnna 'Tiajn 
sjdv an aty aa^x pnr an nmaa nnxi .paai Dan mn wm 7 nacx N^>n ina 
nap n"^ Kprirri nap h?'nK ny a6nrin nap bp jno pnno iKaa by w*o ') *n 
p)DiDi rmnwi $>aai ba nyi ansa ny nnaa?a n^ lyatai inaiax inmn nnvi Q^aai 
n*n ns 4 ?a iaj?^ n"y iaan nco ynio Nine ia n'n^yo vnino wi nfrvnn lnraan ^y 
n"am y^a ^y naiyi vnno ^y naiy rvm zb nann n"an 1^ |nai mnr\ ba 

: 8 jck btrw*b nvv n^N* naian b in^oa* 

1 A. nirai?n. 2 A. adds nn; E. rnn. 3 mn. 4 A. Tntm ^o. 

6 nm^. 6 . irnna MVDa. 7 Ed. nanrx n^. 8 . vmaiy hnw>j P. 

continues ann n^D^n n^n wm lansoo nc\s* nnao poo na ne'D 'n ann ab byi 
vm wo (so) rrna b6 imoa nc\s m^na hnai an nn wm B'ao |as n^n spv 'n 
nnm na^D D s Nnpan onao ncy nyans nvo^nn poaa nan Ni.m nm ani sa^an 
rc>ya n!> nn^n ^ai nms* bi yaa ^ai an ^a nw an^a ^ bxn^ ps 5aa iucai 
*ons |W^[a] anam htd Nn s c nwwa btcb P ca ncyi annaio anwa onan 
aa mn Kim ,r6n uwwi wp anvpi *rwi nmm 'n trfpn p^a ap^nym (so) 
nann ansa ann nioana nam n*n^m nana\ naianai yaaa aan Sna siiDi^a p 
i>a i?ha Kin ^a Kin p wmw a^aiaan nmta Knpan naaan nso a^a ^yi ,yp px 
\nn mnK a\san a^ann ^a vo^o w ny ana^ya a^oinD anan nbi nioann 
nbv) a^*^ ntnai mina imtaa man k^ la^n^K ns wm mnva nninv vj-aa 
y"a rmb fapnni n^yo bv nava cnpnai. 

"ttn n#a p arm nt pnx '-b 133 nnty ma Tan sjdit nn by man mraacsi 
nxsn mxD^x Imp by wr iD*pr rcrn ikcji mai ib tpyp vniax iDn arm 
"iddji u van iiy kw n*a naa* xb ' as bax ,-iya miy kihi tisd nibnp 
naa "5>n nbm DQrini nap ny niaaia mw 21 '*ia pnx* 'n "jD3i **,bn rmry *i 
no may vntravn 1 n2c ova dc -102:1 xD-innb naita-npb vnay vmram ino 
moan by bjdioi vnnx ray dc "Qpi rutptaa tanb "itoi rWn ba isbi naieiipo 
O'Tobn Yoyni nann rnin panm rtw n3na jnvi bna jsa^a nn mmn byi 
bna dbi hna D3n s bno p 3py> 'na pin z p|di *i nm vTbn ^bnam .nam 
o^aa luaai jynn em&k "1 n3K> 03^3 Kaitmp nanoa iwia "looa dw x-n 
jna an na pntf '-1 rwi vrobnoi .10231 nap n"< bants* nx dbpi nsnrri nap 

tflOP NY1 }DS1 bl!3 D3n }3 D3n pH*i }3 pHV 3"Q f)DV 'll TOT3P 133 1113 'T 

nx asm tbprin nbx *i njpa nasai rrerirri nap }VD3 xsitamp nu^ra *pD3i 
nm iai .mim ana prw /_ n Tna 'na pn** 'nb nan xipa wm n3P x"" 1 bxip" 1 
Nip: n^ys a 5 n&oaH bnp jo 4 naD J3 yvrn npn 'na piw *i -unbx naiao 
pxb njWT3 nbni tampa n3 ivy xbi ibxb nan nm xbi 3n xnpj Dnsysn nan 
dp ->XP3 xbp i3-iob wam ^i \>"\ ^xn 31 XD3 by 6 3^ini pxi dc iodji mro 
w&nao X3 yibia^N* jawn "13 pm? an vann .->y:c px ^33 m^nb -ixo 
nenya ncnpi r6ru nbnp na nmi d"3 nprn nai^a wn xmi nx^n 7 nino ny 
nx^JH ^nao 8 cin3^x pxb jnnnai imxcai nt pns ,_ i ann nasi .0^310 D^ym 
n3D o^pisb citq i3ni nnnrx -nm nm jo^ai .inio ov iy 9 nnix dsci dc 31^1 
pn* 3-1 D^i3o Wn myi .inaiani mosn by cn^yen 10 p3i-i^y 'dob jpirai niaina 
nn bxaan 't apy ana d^dj 'n >p n^bni ixon nybp } "'oxs^x p apy 'na 
natra msDa oasai nn3C ny ua om "axayxbx p nab ivix3* 13 w^m 
x3iDiip nanob 03331 12 iaxno p n s xo 'na N^an viqv 'i 1x^31 nasi .libnhn 
"jD^aa nosai imo dv ny dc noyi h3xd^x nano^ ^n 3'n'xi oyo rac noyi 
D^iyn ^aa iyao x^i nain o^TD^n Toyn xini nac 15/ ^ pa xini 14 a6nnT na^3 

1 A. adds xspnrn n3C. 2 E. >di\ 3 E. bnxD ; A. hxc. * nao ; \33D. 
6 nx^xn. 6 3^1. 7 nanob wibnata xa ^ai^abx. 8 o. cinsb; L. enna^N; 
A. tjn3^x; E. w\T)J?; O. mmb. 9 ^xt^ nx; n^yn nx. 10 A. (311 

T3iTyi ni3ir>3tt), O. P. Ed. a>. f^nx3; E. P. o>. xs^x p (E. 3X3y) 3xay. 
12 Ed. a). B^Dmi?. 13 A. jVD. 14 O. Dhhi, corrected, and A. aimri. 

15 A. 'y. 

K 2 

na pnv 'm t twn p nmrr 1 an -o pnv am inn 'na pn^ an .jniop jn ibx D^nsDn 
2 mnn bnpo vmax wi pb Dmpi Kaiomp bnpo .mbs'abN p inn 13 apy* in mna 
i^n nbt^p -nsD by naioo ib rms* wh& woo aa obtrim by dio^o naawi 
iocn nwan naxbo ynvi nans *nwy ana mm anspo ib nhfi abtPW wets 
'-i 7 *b ntM* iTmoa dc rm bna bnpi own dc 6 mbmi mnoa 6 noyi 1112 
Kaiomp bnpb rby amai b"r pw .mnyD an ba> jvba nanp vsa p tkq 
n^N b^nc" ny bai nbnan myn rnnoi kpfcumi 9 naaDbpi 8 nasaai mao^sti rrvabNi 
.mbxabx p nr prw 'n h& max n ibai mno 10 nann nionbo waoi ,n*ma3D 
D^abx 'i natra nxa ann m prw 'n nbwi myn ^bmao vm Naitampa uapi 
nanvo bna nan naiomp nanob N3i .vo^o min anixi noan cnn n\m 12 .i^n 
naB^ bxvi wis ba ib 13 pddi nann nam nr prw '-1 ib wyi Dnwna 'n loan 
hth nyj iniy mm mix ama "fwi raan 'ibn bwoc 'm* .woo nobi bnpi na 
n"t naca nwan bsioc 'n noaai nnpbi b*in&?nb lmsoi nwnei anaD 1b napo 
vnM Ncai wa Taan 'ibn ^Din- 1 ,m h mo bai ma^y nnano n? pny an anai .iorin 
noatoab Naiompo atri "]bin rvm noasnab vbx "]bni pooa maan ibn spim an 
bna mpy a nso nann anao nap a'n'si bvai Da ib wa 15 notwi ova n\n noaanaai 
idb> snpi bna nsD nan Kim nxo nann nap nivnxn baa inrsnac* Taan naooi n\n 
ntaaai \ohv7\ i6 bax nso nann niobnac 16 m^p niabno ia cn^ai a^bann naip 
abiy tyao awa rcn niv n"b pi nwv noana Dan n^ni abs^a xb wmy wm 
nc>b idb> 17 noynobx snp:n bNyoc^ 1 ibo a .tbahh naca niN^'ai niaana icoai 
noyi imin by ^D) v"W rvnp nwwao^Nn noana lb yovc mw lba^nai mna 
nmn panntr nnxb 18 ninn nat^ |Dwa Noasnj nanoa nnaai mw 'a 10a mbnaa 
wapr xmi in *o^ vn dwc o"ai bsn^b nibna niaio ntryi nann an^obn Toym 

swok as 
noan anis* n\n Nin oa nasD^bx nano ^bnao ns^a p ann rrnrr na prw am 
iniK D^^aoi onaao vn wa sjdi.t am bxioc an dwbm onwam vo^o nmn trvrn 

1 O. nWD; others omit; Ed. adds *pna na pni" 1 'm. 2 KTIND; L. NiNnNO. 

3 vm. 4 ^iy. 5 noyi. 6 iTbini. 7 O. lb nb*^; A. ,Tn tm. 

8 w. raajoi. 9 O. [E. naxab] NaSDN bnpi; A. for the last three .TDobxi. 

10 A. by iamj\ " A. iba. 12 A. na; E. ftih. 13 poai. 14 A. pyo^ 'm nann 
vax bNioc *i n\n n^aan ibn. 15 nmia. 16 A. nibna. 17 P. nxonyobx; 
A. noyobs*. 18 E. A. 6a. 


: *rn p Dmn 2rb riipn -ibd : 

abewae nraaa *nab nn joe paDo n^n myi* lanare manxa pa van nwt5*a 
rmn nna anna 'lb raw nnxb fpr naia nawa noi nann rmn panni l rw baa 
. 2 i^n ba by quid awyaa anna by nbiy* aia ae nnai mb nnai fibrin nnai 
ww niaia nno baoi a Taan nbn spin* 'n B ua by noyi noaa iarinn naeai 
biy xea N*bi "Wtya bnae *aaa rasa jniay rwi xbe nns* Nbx nan vb rasa 
niwna nawi era annate iy awba "ono ia itopi n^nenb ny iab naai miyaa 
innm nixnb mpimn mvnxo a^xan bai KBtotna b.npi sin 'iarinn nae nana 
''nm ^01 ,n*jn Ty baai nanai nana baa n.bin rwi ibaxi [rby ibaxna] mbnai 
Kin no by 6 iy-p xbi 5 naaa 'aa n^ayn rwn n^yn nbao lanae a^aionpn b"i 
laeai monoi vnaa msna lnmaa nnxbi m arb arrpn nina lauae laym faoi 
jvtmm nnx inn vruw nnaa ton vn am Tayrw a>Tobnn jai abiyn baa 
nanoa laoaa bxww n wan nn^oa ins* ,npnu p nan n^arnb mrnai 
no ibape 7 jinxe ja apy^ ma a^aa warn b"r bxaan wan lTobni to jxin^pbx 
anaa ib nbwi nxo iamx nw fixa "an laano 8 a*aa iaan bapi bx^ein 
vo^o nnw nn a^aa iaan T by -naan nbn bsnoe am ,t by vnipaa ba niaiena 
jnnna p nnxbi jioo ^ n n xbe nxo a^aa laanb vaaao nana ppm "an ton be 
bax 9 naaaa nnne ^ao .wya |n nxvo bi n^sb n^aa.n ^Din*' anb ina nbci icy 
niaanai ^nasB^N nano bs nnna n^aan n^s annat^ai a^ac nsnn rmn nbya nn\n 

:nnia av ny bna ntaaa nasals bnp 
wii "iD^ab ^*ba a'-b^aa nann anma fNwpbxa i\n^ n\n bna n^ bsaan am 
iiDaai ja ib wn vb a^Da ai pi ,im nns a>amr a^abs nntyy n^am maa yt^n ib 
aa Ta .TnnabN* nanaa nyrn aya nNt?ai npnas pxa niabnn pDai an^a^ 
laDDa sb bas "traiia p pin nabt? no nu 13 nson nybp nanoai 32 nsoair 
bsioc ail a^aa am bsaan an nbs nvhw be anini .abiya ayaa x^ sbi niaana 
a^aan neon ae vni nnaa psa niabnn na nrm niaana peNnn mnn Nin n^aan nbn 
,nnn pxo isa a^aei anb amp ^beni a^nnaa a^ae pn^ abia amoei 

1 E. and partly O. NiT n\n in^ao naei nae . . , p^aao n\ne nn joe ay. 
1 Ed. D,Taa by amo a^eyoi; . jnebe for ibs ba. s E. indd. * Ed. Y'a. 
D a k sa. 6 E. iayT. 7 A. ppxe. 8 nso nann. 9 A. naiaMj O. nDiaa; 
co. naaa. 10 naa^bw; nDa^bx. " A. iD^abi inub. 12 P. nosair; E. 

nxaoir. 13 E. xoxn; A. ns'onbx px. " A. eoxma; E. O. eona; 

L. esma. 

[ii. 4 .] K 

: tii p amis 2~b nbipn isd : 72 

nr *An btfiDP 'n M^n wvn nsion nw to .lib ama ffn xm tcaurop bnpo 
naiD ntyjw ncy pi bBn po* "ooo niDn bx m:na na&>b nxi nnx px ib nw 
ntrxa nmn inxy bai 2 b"r *ibn bxiDP 'n nxya* n^on bx pyi" 1 mn snm isym 
p nni .nbyob bram ibp mvya Dian fbn mbsm cnbx "ma C'x bxc> 
oi ncyx no ib noxi npab Dian ibon djdji mob non rpybx ps naion nbn 
mn\n nr abo xbx obiyo "obo tw xb ^ lb awm "oiaaD x*x monboa :ray* 
iTiT 'm ncyn "pam? no bai fnabi axb ib mmi vby Try D *v > s ^ ision* 
rwn iba^n ha warn nbn bxioc '1 ns Dian -jbon npb nsiDn nits nnxbi . 4 Tiya 
bran city twa *jb> ibob vm Dian ibon baNna mn D aiTin nj^ai .pyin idid 
ba nxBn wbcnb ppn ppba nnx 6 io3 d^b^b mid bai .ppbxa m^oi orao 
rpcnj 'ni px^b p pny 'ni 7 ^o p rdv 'n tmwn coi .cnxa nnx oyn 
10 nbn bxioty 'm ppba nns vn 9 nbx ntybt?* ntMira *brao 'nfiaiasw xipin 
Tbnb "intra D.Tbrai D^n^B v\d inoy Dian -|bon mo ovai .onxa nns n\n 
"fB'itfri natra ima^boni "onKa bran rnx t pcoi ppba *jbn to* ppba wa 
ip nnxi Drao nx la^bon Dnaioa xbts> tanna byai nnnp blew w vanx m ttBnai 
mcyb ^irc i,bon n\n s*bi DHNa rnx by 15 na:no n\m rnx Tbon^* ppba oinm 
^on naTi* ppba vnx nbn p nriw .ib^ao mn vns vbtt bra ix pup nan die? 
Ta n3iD3 nabooni ppba noi ."xainn l!, n^y pi uoo mxisn n'jnb* xsnb 
*ibn bxioc an id:i , 19 x^a^-x nrnob i3ia?nB>* n>yn bina 'j 18 innai .DHxa 
npnaxi aiyon 20 pnxai maoa bxn-^b mbinj maio n^yi it>t'f\i njB>a T^b 
m^nxa xvw nnm vi ba ,enpn -vy nyi baa na^" 1 nyi x^bpDvxai onso jnxai 
D:ty mobnm nJt?om BHpn 'anao nann nnao mpi voaao n;no ppn nbxn 
baai niDD pix baa inuoix innin nvnb nvm n\-ic 'o bai vnpn *anao nn 
D-ama vnc D'naiD 1b vni 12100 nn^by x^'io n*n xin vratrw mvix 
pa nnbti'o nwpb pbia^ m xbtr DH^obnb n^noa jnui iiobm n:ro 

1 bx. 2 O. P. 3 A. O. P. co. 4 E. inry xbi iw, A. nary* xb pv n-j*x 'm. 
5 P. liytj>; E. ac'. 6 1BDN3. 7 E. P. b-jxo; O. Bao. 8 o. nax'\x; L. 

nS3B'X ; E. xaa^X ; co. XDXpC'X ; O. P. omit the -two words. 9 )T\wbw. 10 nr 
ann. u O. P.; others rrwa. n E. vnxb ibni. 13 E. ai-n. " vanix. 
15 A. E. O. P. na^noi nwyw (E. noo) na. 16 A. p ncyi uioo ib mrtr. 

17 E. O. P. p (P. n^yji) nw (E. uioo) ban ib m:nb (E. -jbon) nam. 18 P. iabni 
mnai; Ed. adds DHin^n. 19 Ed. mbv^'X 'ob nbyob Drawn. 20 A. pnx baai. 

7 i : TH p DiVDN 2lb Tlbipn 1SJD * 

nrw 'man 'n* nam xb aaiomp bnpb nep naien ana b>3bb> pB> aai p aao 
nppvn iesa noay inimana anm .ann Da pK noe ny inbnab u px aw 
mn torn aK'ba fax 'aao van no nnx ann bx ai la px no nae b^ba a noe ib 
ioni awba px none ny maaa ann nyai u '} apy^ noe ib naai va>ya neaoa 
ann ib "ion .inmo by nam ixaw nx anix nnxi pnx nioa nneab mxa *ax 
ax nnob ivsn no unbw by moab a^an w a^ayn ba by a naui mao* *ax 
poo bya ann mn xb 'a Daanab bia* wx ^ax mw naax xb ax amx aanao nnx 
-it2SJi ,-iyv n rn rn np^ab mwi maao niamb mm mn xbe imron aao 
men xb a'a'yxi nae a"' b"r xn an nn^taa amp nyenn naea man 'n ann 
D8?ai nann trmobn imoyn ibx a"oane ^aao mawb anyoi nnro mbnp nnao 
nmnn nx a v ab nbiy rww b"r man 'n ann be lanao mn pi .pxn baa mobnn 
nnyn ym mnn "bna nebe loy D'biy vn an be pnnxn aio ava naei nae baa 
nat^ nn\-i na<nm "oY* baaa* ioy ibyi lanaoa nby fiyerin naeai na-nn bx 
moyne nnxb a^ayio ana^b noi ann be inpnao nnaswi 4 cbiyn ba ibaai * nnaeai 

:bxnBa nmn panni nann a^mobn 
6 bnpo 5 xbnaa px jnmn* fpv 'na maan nbn bxioe an mn vmobn ^bnaoi 
a^xyoeM naaa 'pa mn myi a^bnan cb^aeon }d Dan mobn mm xaiomp 
vne ny nyva iosy nx aanao bam mm "]bon ba^na nioyb ona na nexoi aaiebai 
nbnbnai a^neba "jib naai nxoy ^ax 8,i aa mabo npoaae nnxb 7 maDa aimn 'o' 1 
w\ avn ny ae aym myi "noDipnab niae 12 v* maev 9 mnai xaiomp nano 
mm 12 npbxob ma nr ibn bxioe 'm .avn ny ae n -iaa ajnn nbo^biob niae ^o 
p Dian ibon iqib finybx px mmb naioe iman nn\m ban mm niana aev 
ania mm mix "no^ano naian nnae nn\m noxaxma Bmeba ibo 13 ;aaxo 
}*pbi monno noni visa nxn n\m fpybx 'j 15 aDxpbx iax* naeon manxb ansa 
v eax nx bxei npbxob in^ab aieb aian 17 iaboo *pybx p nr meo 16 bxea a^ 
Tisnb mD nnx mn' 1 ib nox aao ^bx a-xan anaan aab ania mn ^o in^a 

1 ann. 2 A. nsd avy. 3 In o. only; Ed. aio av any; L. vy. 4 In O. 
s A. omits; co. xbnaa; P. x^bnaa ; Ed. o. x^o^p^a . 6 A. nanoo. 7 E. nisboa. 
8 E. (o. p) px <aa. 9 A. adds ba. 10 A. naianab. u A. amy. 12 L. 
nbopb. u E. L. P. poxo; A. fxonxo; o>. pnxo; Ed. O. anxo. " na^ao. 
10 E. px xin ; E. dxdp. 16 Ed. adds ^aabo. M A. ^on nxo. 

: tit p Drraa m 1 ? r6npn isd * 70 

nibpoa an^nbi anirab 2 DnDn nw -nib i!k l^nnnwai ^tnaya a s ainr 
ibaai 4 nraopy hm vn lbaTi wyioai a'aimi a'bmao nman n'ab 'tatranlh 
iaaaa -inbxbi anb yew pxi ipy^i "inn piwo ww* a^ainr a^abxn inn nna 
ttpnai D3"v6 anb nabm tfainrn insoi rns spn 'ti la in apy 'n i^n a'nx <ap 
jbcn ba*nb aw ibiae yaeai ixia ibon baTia vnamrs jowi nr now "an^aa 
iprnnm ,p wjn 7 "jbD3 nbnai* u*rw nain weeac Toa ^nn nianiai nimoa 
9 xb 8 nxn Bnjy a'bann wn by txbyciv* d* onp* anaa veyi von naxboa 
ny udim icy 'ax ja -nvaobx ibobi axen T,bob nnao lbym *naD3 anioa wva 
sw bxic nibnp ba by lK^ap jvba 1b anai w px apy* nraabN ibon anxe 
wsn rww abia nx* Baie pinto wiab nxp kw w wm ina ny naxnbaao 
vonco n"' 1 i'aab Twn arvbye pjna ban d ba awpbi rraro < ba arvbx niaob 
ijn nyao xaionp bnp aa ba ibnpai ib nex na^on nam^a vnaarvn a H aa wafc 
noyi *pa p aa T,aa aa nnx aa laa hana na avian rntwaa nmon 1!? 12 ieyi }pr 
*ba rvaxa inix aw a'trax jb> pa pr axe iian 'i ain bx rrbp nbw .inbnaa 
pxb nnax abia lanai vbx iae exaae px by wapn ban .a^a irafow mowo 
anb anwi xim an>by anb nnnan*'i iian 'n a-in nx n^i xaianipb anew K'xaD^ 
msDo imna px*^ pnxi q*d nsxy by 13, ax *i*yo ann by* anb now np nawn 
romaa rrn iwaiabx ibnn nos 13 ia px nix^-ab nnx na^ ppbi . u baa naw* ny* 
jama mbnpn ban bxic be poo np*i 18 nibna 17 mnao 1b a*w u wwn ib* 
nae noa ae noyi aniDxn n^aa nbon iidx p ney xbe ^aaoi .ib }rw u |aina xben 
nba^no mxva inian n^a by nxen lbon -oy a^bxyocn be tx dv 'x dv ny 
bxe mxneai nnion n^a nnaa axen ibon ^aab 21 ia px noyi 20 imiay n-a* bx 
.inbna bao w ^aio ia^xc ^aao a^n xim p ib ney no by nivaobx uow nx 
n^ne loa ae xb bax p ib neyai inbnab n^'nbi ix^vmb asen iben ms nnbxbi 

1 pnsyna; khbiq; a^naxa. 2 A. anen. 3 p^binbi; t^anbi. 4 a^poy. 
6 A. ix^ane; some omit. 6 DiTJtt; Disna. 7 Ed. O. ; P. a^bniO WT31 

jbm D^taioi; E. -jben ay aitaa nnai; A. -|bn ^aya nam ;n tf&wio rmn. 
8 A. Q^abom a^nen n by a^byoe; E. a^nbo ta^aibn abxyna^n anaoa a-aai 
anp\ 9 A. xbe. 10 tarry; vrfiri; van. u A. cn-i xinei an^by; . 
ix-i xinei. 12 nanai. ls A. tj 'ax nny. " A. o. rowb *itn; E. 

nans^ exn invnb. 15 A. everywhere pma ; E. exaoe. 16 Only in O. 17 a. niano. 
18 A. adds DMPn ibob. 19 A. pa. 20 E. iba\n ; A. vnay. 21 E. exaoe. 

'n nats^ anp fiwSj k*vhb> **a n\n nr nam ia iJjkp maw*n jo d^kip ww 
2 Jn^d ^ ann nana 'n jnnnai .tayo "in 1 }n dj?d mna }n l ats>fi d^n 
^ nai ua man 'n$> ntJ>K nph Naitanip ^>np mnatana ^ara nhia nrwi Dnnacrai 
i$> vm ,Di\n ny Jk^b *aaa Da>n nr Nnpj nr yaiai Ik^b ^aata nnsij nn\n "pan an 
Kim mrpac p yimn 3 c>Nara:> pK pmr na *|dv 'n Dnsi nann DTtabn n^D '"6 
inhna aaoi 4 D*ani?x itaBt?* bKjnatt* nbzb *any psa^a mobnn ba nx era 
-ins rr?na npi^no bnpn pi>nai vas ndd i?y 'awn ann man 5 'na taya* inoarn 
b)y 'nw Q^iya onx pk* vd3 Aw pmr 'na bran K*B>an won 'n nmtaa 
"niKia ya^* mmta n^y ^x naitampci dwsv vn or i>aai .man 'n ann ^y pAni> 
D'trami niaha enab ci^n^ vn thai maano 8 n"ixD yap i?y D"aan i>Knta*ta ck 
maat? ny wtnvw pK oy n^aty nai . 9 ann ny obi cWcta* np nna niyaan 
b^KyDB^n vn Ak A "uaK itani imtannm PKataip pK nK nai neta 'n ta na 
13 ncay jai* " nna 12 nnyi nmaao rnia wvi "DHimn 10 n,a ltaya* ntPKa *a ta^yia 
bnp *aao Kim IiT'B'n^ 'na pan i>KiDB> 'n ot? khoi u naaK3 'k* $>k *naD *Am 
nnaK A anai L ,, N3tata p vi?y Dyai 15 vay nao k!>i man 'n ain TPai> t?m dxb 
^ax nytap iymm naitsri b svm }nan bKiDE> 'm na nyui nvntu p^a r6na 
^ ina^ ny i^nt na^aDa c\saDC> pK Daaai t M wiwi nn nnai* nan p^a 
nyaiKB> 'aao man 'nb xaic 17 n , -n^ kh an la^ap^* mn nonoai jiKa kh an 
n^ a'a'yKi 19 hnh n^ nnn^n iKau> ny 'rnawi pn inna lanarn-^* D"nann 
pvmb ^Kaoc pK n^ni ann tiJ? vw xbtt N*a s dn 4 ^ vaa^ xa 11 Ki{S> kh an ib 
pK b^ vnan ^>ai ann by nphn nn^nv nan nniK n^nhna pb ompi .d*^ ni 
iDaaa nns* oya 20 5idvi ia '} apy* wo nax^ra *tnj> onniD D*nK 'aa' onoi b>K3BB> 
pxn jn D^KyoB 'apt iKai 21 naiann ps* ^y njioD mmf ^n *pnoo nnx mm^ 
D^a^N nni'-'y pnn ^ iKam on^y n^pan^ n^pan 22 ^y piy* it nnn nnMB> 

1 E. bwh; O. riac'n. 2 A. JK^a; P. K3^a everywhere. 3 L. O. a'KDatr; 
o. i^axta^. 4 A. O. nan ; E. nan^s*. 5 A. ,m \b ia. 6 E. man 'n a^m. 
7 E. dtk n\n k!. 8 E. n'a'n. 9 E. anp. 10 A. i? ^y. u E. -]b vim 
D^nna. 12 nnsn. 13 E. nnaD b$ ~\b). 14 A. naxaa myi>; E. naa'-xa. 

15 A. cxata^ pK (O. P. ^?n) oy nan. 16 In P.; others in. 17 kh any 
mne> i^ap?a. ,8 A. nia^i? pn mna many?. 19 hab. 20 vns apy^i fi r j *)D1\ 
21 naxnan; naiaxn; nnaxn. 22 A. ;o nna on^ nmm. 

: tit p orrna mb rfapn -isd : 68 

.nya lamy in nun 'm ua *jian 'n oyi inex cy mnDx "jian 'n be vax pib>b '-i 
inexb nniaab BiB>n trpai ,ibb> 1 jm wk* 'jpanm .janbx 'na nnoe 'n whsm 
nc\x nBt3 'n bx npyx nth nnva nxno na*i nn ns* nnm *a nniaybi 2 iWB 'n ^ 
rawn Nim xb dx omon n^nnn cvm do tryataan dx uod n^sn Bnpn peba 
ntasy rt^fifr* "D^nt? rrn nx nyoecoi ,d* mbrcoo a^ex a^'x icon '* nox 
pfrvm onoan noi Da^o no obiya onxb wan xb ibx D^oani .nnoi 4 nyat:i do 
nx naoi exnb rvm Dn^rab nby Dtroi onso be xnnaoabxa "nnop 'n nx nao 
onn d^o nww jxnnbx nano bx nby dpbi dm 6 ^nn nex* Npnaxa bxo'in 'n 
nx T$>in Dei exnb bx-ein 'n nm Dei anyon pxae bayce* mvno ban nprn 
7 imxn2i 132 iian 'm nee 'n nx De nam* naitmpb Bbpn xai ,iaa bxa:n iaan 
no iok>k> nDaan no xaianipa nmi .pnxn 8,| Dy vne vn pviDai* xaiamp ^eax 
xb bas nm hiai *vom jna 'n o?p nnx pn De mm ennran no be nnaan 
peny vn pynv vne oyo inixa a's'yxi b"r iamon nana pxna nnso ^eax vn 
'oca tfm rfoao nxrn ba by* pnn jna 'n Ervai .onnvi oniyi D^enarai enno 
nraxi 10 jna on bx Dpi erae vaa nnx nxob 3E neo 'ni nensb iyn^ xh* ndv 
^x nr men vnan nx tVTD$>nm xm yt^ai n ni^OD in^ vj's 'n nr ntfta 'n b 
ihtxff nnxi nnx bai jama u na^nn Dn^ cnoi* nabnn Dn^ cnai? woo i^nci ni 
16 ana "rown Dn^ a>cm 14 DmW mnDi* Dn^ ytw "mpson ^aa mW* laoo 
DHna^nn no^'n ny oaa^ men on^ vn t6w trrub pno pan ^ya vni moan 
pn wx wx D.nb noxi pan ""bya vnnx obm pnn jna 'n x^ ovn mixai .Dnp'DD 
19 nx^m Dvno nnx iTo^n wxi noi on xm 18 nnix xim* pen coi^.n 17 ni bx* 
inmaai nhn: xp^os ^npn i>a ^ icyi vey pi pn xaitamp i?np ^y inuo onxi 
noe o i^on 20 inwn xh innooo ia nnn^ c^en mm .aan?aai Dnp> Dona^oa 
.^aa *v:i6 Dons mo^oae DHin\n pxe yoeco n^in: nnoe nnnn ^y -jtan 
ni^xcn bi vaaij nmp^ on^nn ^a ixai anyon 21 pnxi nnso ps baa yoca hpm 

1 A. myT x^. 2 A. pnv. 3 O. D^n \W, others omit. 4 A. O. na^cn ; 
O. D^b ; A. omits nyaoi. B A. nnoe. 6 ]ina and P|iD^. 7 A. na . . . xvoi 
inixnce . . . nun. 8 o>. oy xme nrb noiai. . 9 o. nbotan by nabn. 10 O. P. 
omit; o. ^x for bx. n a. nmno. 12 mntt. 13 A. E. DnmipaD (P. ba) baa; 
. nipDDi niabn. " In A. o>. 15 w. noicn; E. P. Dnov:*n. 16 anna. 
17 nn. 18 nmxm. 19 n,b^xi; Ed. omits; A. P. add jixai paa xm o. * nr. 
21 A. p baai ; E. P. ^eax . 

6; : *m p DrrnN nib nbapn nsn : 

^xn una $b b^Njw *o> bax nw *ab l ^m rrnm nanta b:i bv* tww 

vm d^ddid lea tfabcn jo an piaca nmx pjip vn xbx 2 pina rms? nvb 
nan ynrn wm niaixab 3 nmi nita B>to m\nb xntfii ivn xb "p^i W> *yin 
nx TTm bxycc" i,tan dddjii Kn am xnnp ana btow nine uwbm max na 
|aa xim nnx 4 n-a Nine an nbnai .oSya rrno dib Dr6 nftoffi xbi onb net? bs 
nr^ai .pw^ xnnp an rvn riarifi ta^ata 'n na&ai .maiKaa nDin xb) nap pikb 
.nap 'o "Nn am nap 'b xn-ny '-i .nap 'y nn*n oniaixai jixab "Kn an n\n na&rri 

:maixaa yet? nn mm 
D3 aan p |ron bxioc an m^x a ianin x^Dnn xnm na^ pxn n*n wai 
*aa bax n an nmtaa si)pn mp 'n "sn an nra ntaaai nam anao nan sin 
an KDa by imawim *xar p nn bp laa p nib pxn mpm ivn w wi an row* 
B bnaa now n^on icani owte itan bx ia uwbrn tmsff iDjn b"r xn 
an i> nnsob vaa ,, au> innai mpa pnwo ib twwi xbi 6 inay pay 'a , baai* 
trxni nta trxn in-pmb anix rprw bY? Taan bxinp an na maan nbn spim 
^aao nnxn mai 9 n>ya nr* annai nuxaxnaa "iwwi nw ~\y iy mm 'row* 
10 Dins* pxb* vaa *aa iDaaa a'n'xi .am mhm npx dp xpai ntampno pxb imprn 
mpnrin napa px^ pxa napai tptapp pxa nasai mxnbx p x^n 'n rrn onoi 
ta'xn imprn nnxi , n nn n^ao xmty DDmso Dnx nnss pxa nx^a x^ vinxi 
nnaaty n'a'pn nxo naD nn^.n p^ nnipi caixai nia*^ ipD2 niba u>xni rww 
pxi trnvDi xpnsxi anyon pxi nnsD pxo nn^x ^in wnv nia^ ^ Dpin 
12 pnxtn px i^ dx ^y naio ^^ naionip nanoo x^c naD.n nn^.n pi /a^.n 
D^n^nx D"* by naiota ^m nvxabx jxDm^x nay \ow\ nnaoa bxyn^ n,bo inben 
bxn^ px ^ tr.n 15 P)in ny labm 14 nsD^ niaiDD mnyi tans 13 nia^aD ^a^b 
w D*ahn wi* o^na n^oan nyans nai max ixvni o^ o^xni \e d^ bx iacai 
t^aai n\ai>in rn nb ncaanb iks* D^oam ."pnoao nxnpa nanoi>* nxa nanoo 
nnxni bxaan ia*an bv rax bx^in 'n nnxn o^oann nx 18 nDxi maxn* pnsoi px 

1 E. tan. 2 A. L. it paa. 3 o. mn xim. 4 imoj t nnxa. 5 o. bna *iaaa. 
6 O. P.; others nmay *a> baa (L. inayi) mix nayi. 7 wiav. 8 nnna.n, 

9 E. nnxn nt; Ed. and others Taan spim 7 n. 10 o. nnDD^. n E. adds iaa 
mm*. 12 jxnnn: jxnnn; ^xnnn. 13 a. nun. u . nnaob. 1B E. 
bjid; O. mD^. 16 E. o. P. omit. 17 o. nanoDi; E. paDBD. 18 t?aai na^aon. 

I 2 

> in p arm** 2"fo rtaprr nsD : 66 

n"" 1 nw mn f|DV ail .noixa? nnyo 3n 3c k1>i BJDV an nDin n^ 3'bVki nnyD 
nap 'j pa wm Scrri nac3* nnyo m ntaaa mnw *kst p nn no a'n'tn .rap 
i>Knci> mbna nnita new doiid onao no3 x nanc nns^ nnwcn men p 
ma nPK 'ttfe&t ''in ono nnKi nnina onaian hn 'oonDn ^>y niaicn 3rm 
nnsDa 5 nniK onota* nipwn noita* nsn Nine nnyo an *mym nnin ia^o 
PKnc^ ncy ncK niaiom nnyD an nan inn ,Dm?ai nnyo ai N3C ny 6 nin^ai 
an -in tfcan \snon 'n? 3nac a ndh 'n nnax ^yi i$>an nao by n^aina Dan 
ny nini naHn K^Dno sno n^c nmn .nnyD an nn"Da nnKi .Toaa lnmao prop 

:dc noi mynta nanob epv Dn nnne 
nac3 'saint? na *ovp an cNn^> mn nn an na n an nnx s*nna did3 Win nm 
an S>e> V3K *3K ?nioc an na mim 'n vnnsi ,6ann naca ntasai nxnoi doc 'n 7 aannn 
nn Kcam pKa wp an na pan ncao an opin vnnto .Kjnrin nac3 nsaai tone 
nmi jnan ncata an naaai 8 lp^na fsnbi pjdv a^ na pnx jna an onn 'xar p 
'n Knnc an ^c V3x maan an wtrb mm iwifrt nac3 niaaai pn* |na an^ j^ia 

: 10 Ncni nac noaai mmoi doc 
12 nmD mm maan an nmtas nnx "mKano p pan pnn an >jracn nnn 
n vnnKi .acrvi naca noi n.a$> nan mnc odd n^i opin ncy oaoi hia mcjn 
nsncai .vn tf vn nac nKD 103 a d s ^ rnxm Knnc an vnnsi .doc 'n mena 
by oa 13 acn nvy nx p^d na^c cxn nsn mn wi an oai d^" 1 in^nc 
pa nmm an na psa maan an na psa annc an na pso xn an Kim .ixDa 
ny ccc nnrDD nmnn ^enn iabn ms^i DOiKan ^a nn* ^Knc*a nnin 14 panni 
v\bn nac nDD ^c pnnx ait: dv anya ntaaai nac 15 d"d in d* vm .iKiao 
sjid mn Kim* DOiKaa iod? n\n k^ miraai .nvchn nac wxnc nnDc^> 16 6ac 
ni^a *CKni D^N^cani b^nijKC ja ^aamr n oai naii>Dn yniD mn i\i maoi Doisan 
ioa i*b pipn mn mnw n^ic wnv dov^o ^y Dinn icnin wtni .mnx vnv 

1 A. nam nac D"CEn pa mn nnincn nn?:n p. 2 O. D*pimfn. 3 Ed. 

a?abK *on; o. "aha; . ab ^Kirav an sa nnKi. 4 O. P. Tyn nnyi. 

5 P. mpo^ nniK no^ra. 6 E. nimh onso oniK n^D mnc 'n no^c. 

7 A. "in; O. ann ; E. a6^n. 8 A. np^na ; E. omits. 9 E. L. nv. 10 A. adds 
pnD2D pnipe nanc^ p^ii nano doj^h D^na D^an vn bttyzw ptnai. 
u Ed. o. nnr:anD. 12 E. onvra. 13 o. a^cim. " O. pan everywhere. 

13 L. O. b"x. 16 L. P. 6b. 17 E. oao naiiDn ynro mn nnn naioi. 

65 : th p arma yb rfcipn isd * 

naw 'i in 10 "13 n 31 mnxi* 2 :&irn nawa 11:221 n s aw 1 n" 1 pro io!>a 31 13 
N'ono nhd3 opin Nrr-Q did3 imp i^n tta%a ns*ai : 3 acini nawa itasai nxriDi 
31 ynrwi ,Daw 'ta no 3-1 13 \x^n 3-1 lroirw vtvw 3i 13 D.ni3N 31 -\m 
31 innai .D^aw 'n win 31 13 *kdd* 31 vinao ,aw n"* *an 3-1 13 3py> 
vmsi .hotd) law **ho n^aan 31 13 "^n 31 vnriKi .roe' a"* *w 31 13 prra* 
rrentai && " 3py^ 13 jnan nwia 31 vmsi .mtriDi ow b6w wk 31 13 idp 31 

*NC1D*K 31 13 pM pIS }H3 31 12CD 13 msi ,tMB> TIC P&U 13ED N^ VlrlKI 

wancaa 3i vmsi ,ow iwy ryia 31 "13 nita iw 31 tnnw .nsnoi D*aw ' pro 
raw n" 1 xaww "13 Dicy 31 vinsi .caw 7 'n no 3-1 13 pa wWi 31 "13* pxj 
i3 pwna 31 vmsi ,n\i in 31 13 *jcn 31 n*ai udd^ ni^an J>w iiid nta mm 
nnw .caw '1 n^n 31 13 Dttn p vnx nov 31 Dpm vinai .tfaw 'n 8 pnv 31 
31 jnnw ,uw 'r ^nwo 31 13 *kSi 31 mnxi .itaaai mx win irata 31 
p in baa .nymb 10 inii nan* wonta KriE3 nn j6 mnxi .raw a"' 3py> 
anxo ps6 n5>w a'n'tfi icpm mn dv 31 itaww ira? jnis npi? "nta wki \xaT 
a'rfsi ,dw '3 n^dho anna rcrw wtr6 nni wb^m nnyD 31 dwd warn 
m n^j n ny^a wi "3 khmm *jo p in pi wa npibnm nhia nana nnn 
pi swan \s*3T ja m^? nni d^ddid 103 catan p Dmwwa caip 12 vm n&x ^ya 
ds?b 3iwi .nsi sh id*p& nnyo 31b n^wi jama abm wina pi pdd 1!? nwyai 
nx na mpn n^ dn b iow nnyD 14 ai^ 13 ?p^ na iaa \s*ar 1^3 irw n^aw 
ipwn p tin iani inx wxa oha iopi 16 D^a nan^n ^a isyr i*o 15 ^ya3 t.k'ni 
17 ^npiD n^na naai* nn^Da V3s* prnnni nnaw n^aa rax!? i^ni nam "on^yaca 
in nnn 18 m?a cni^ 'sat p i.i^x" 1 nx n^yni bnprns mrw naa nnyo 311 
nnyo 31 n ann^> c>p3i ins ns i^oni nia^ea nbnai in prnna a'n'M *ww 
ao *yiWD nnyo 31 nn nao ^a ian lmarooi .ta^aw y3tr loa nnyD 31 nanai 
22 >N3T p in cp-ii ndii p sa^an 1 21 yiro rmpp p n^w ya mi nun* 
311 unwn in di^w lwy a'n'si .oto 31 13 apy^ 31 13 ^dv 'i n^ia vwrb 

1 Ed. d; O, co. t5\ 2 A. l!?; L. NO. 3 Ed. L. o. P. omit; E. V3K for 

sn 31. 4 o. P. add mnm. 5 P. ^mdhk. 6 . V ra"an. 7 A. iwy. 
8 to. prw. 9 co. n^o. 10 A. ^ini h nan vb. u A. nha. 12 A. 
Wi x^n. 13 O. P. r&prb; Ed. omits na. 14 A. ai ns\ 15 co. ^yaca. 
16 Some omit. " A. O. co. \og # , , nai. 18 A. omits. 19 O. V3N. 

20 O. P. yiio. 21 E. 'J3E. 22 P. ^. 

[II. 4.] I 

* to p Dmaa T)b nbnpn iejd : 64 

Dprm fay u:yc iy ^anon i^ia rcnn pin in a |m vn 11 n^> ttBBe>Di cmta 
trench ai in ""6n nxo 3-1 vmsi 3 nspni nac2 no &:v 'n 2 whim ai mron 
nasal nvnoi eyas? icy 'ibn wa 21 mnm i&pni nara noi nxnoi cat? 'a 
btt d^in3 *Dai N"Dno 4 xnr3 nans* cni* epv "in ntyao 31 "^a jibpni ruea 
*tuntaa 21 mo nam caii? nM 5 *aw 2-1 s^ono snoa rwi xnna 0122 ww 
itaaai cac 'i MtBnpB 13 kiwi 21 vinsi fipjin naco nisi ffac Bts> Nipni naca 
-12 K3an 2n vmsi .aijpni naca itasai bw *nK> n*ata 21 vinxi s^prii naca 
.prop 21 12 *6n tavi 2-1 vmxi . 7 ro6a wn n'om c 36pni nap iy D.ii3x 21 

: nopni nac iy epv 12 ntwo 21 firm 
21* 9 bw6 ron Sv 6n *a*a 21 ins anna 0122 xvw troton p wwi inn 
12 ppv 21 vinxi* .iapni naca "itasai 10 w tic !?inc* KaK 12 i^n nw 
naca uasai cap 'a jnnn *an 21 mnsi* . 12 .iyprii naca noi nat? d"' k^p 21 
|dv 21 vnnKi ,2Dpni naca noi ow 'i waviM 21 vinsi "riyprii de&k 'i 
21 i>B> V3K *3k mm* 211 .DTjaa idi^di ron hia Tom dw tc miro 12 
coys noa pjdv 21 nawa ntoa n\i 5>"t IiT^kp Tyro iins> isid ron u mt5W 
Kint? "ai 12 omaK 21 tnnw . 15 i2prii naca itaaai Tihia .iron D"ac nen 

:ivpn mhvt 'i rwa noi nap a"* 
MP tie* Knna ms2 w'; w cxi ron Kn ai ia tpv ai ,ns>Dnn inn 
'1 napa no ta^ap y2^ N s> n 21 12 pny 21 vinsi* 16 iDpni n:ca tidi 
21 tnnw . 19 .iii na^a ni D-ac ^nc 18,, a s a ai ia* bjdv ai nnxi . 1T b^ii d^n 
naca noi D v cin ncc ;nn iRnx ai mnsi ,$P\hi na^a ni dw 20 iu'y ^ote 
ai ia cjdv ai 13 onao ai ins* rn o^n ipbna "Nnx 31 ni^s insi .xnhi 
Dnao 31 noi nsnoi nr np^noa now wnns 31 ins nrwn *snm i3cd^ n 
nnw .Niini* na^3 ni o^ac icy n an ia in^nno ai work nm idv ai na 
pa nios ai cNii? rwi rinxi . 22 i5ini nrca itaeai nsnci n^c ^nc dn ia nai 

1 o^prnn lhbina. 2 A. wim. 3 L. a; 4 N*n2 niaw v csi. 5 L. o. 

Sin. 6 A. 3D. 7 A. nha. 8 o. adds N2X ai. 9 A. adds rDW. 10 Only in A. 
11 From ai (1. 10) in A. O., and partly in E. 0. 12 A. omits; Ed. P. Nj); O. liy. 
13 P. omits. u O. P. ITnn*. 15 E. M } and omits with O. the following sentence. 
16 O. as ; E. iD ; a. ai. 17 E. O. a). P. omit; L. omits D^ac 'l and reads avp . 

18 Ed. E. o. omit; P. >an 13. 19 E. O. iiipni ; A. Ed. Ni ; o. 0. ni. 

20 L. O. 0. a), v. 21 Ed. omits; E. ^2; . ^212. 22 P. omits; E. na. The 
figures are confused. 

63 m p Drraa m 1 ? rVnpn -isd * 

innNi avrri napa noi nap n" nTty pan mn nips nnao apy* an .'apn inn 
nap n"* na^ pin mn ^ph an bw in^an a nono bv vaa *aao i>Nip an 
nwn vn \h nav nwn nyanx *o*ai .anna Diaa k nn Nvrin napa nuaai 
jwdd N^n an nnw tinni nap *|w 'na win at p i^ni mono no maw 
an s mnKi 6yrin napa rnv PNnb mn wtu "a Nan 2 Nim Npy -id innxi 
oai .liprin napa no na !?nic>p an mnxi cirri napa epr an mnxi pro nmm 
p)$>N napa nihna mabn tarn pwb Tooa n^>i 4 Nn*p pyet? 'n mn m bnop an 
'n napa no na knots' an nhnab nns*hi napa Npni nap N\np nnap^ a": 
tiVDP n^i pnv 5 pa ann* rdb>o myicp Tarm ncea ynro ^niep an nbnab 
nam ian mw in? pnv pap twbw pns pa ibw |itca 6 iara mm* ohyo 
mn hna nam Nnapo Nnx an mn no na ^nip an 7 nnxi .Tooa t6i mn bina 
bai nm Di\n ny wma 9 io nnina nmiosn nrco b ibe mnfecp 8 nam 
nhya myta dip ia Nsoa n^ 10 Di\n nyv* \s$ath ia ipapai inipna mnx D^an 
.wan? mw nmn iniaap niba PNn nsr jao u pxa nr* Nnx an icoa n!> baN 
bants* pb baao ib "jbni Nnx an oyai 12 wantaa an iepi xnx an bv pep * todi 
wi* nxw nn "Kaprri nap ny* nap ls a"*a wnb wnoa an n\m dp ntaaai 
stems Diaa "w mans* bot 'n w vm ^Dn Nna i^s ma^p'' 
pn">^ rwi N ; pnn napa ^nidp an nn^oa -\r\i6 Nnnaoisa D^aisa bw vhwi nvrn 
16 Nnx an mnsi ,6 ; phn napa ni D^ap 'n mpa nnaD pan no an xnna Diaa 
nan Nim . 17 a5pnn nap noi nsnoi dtp r a \smn^ n nnw .nap nniaa iDaai nap nrn 
dp laa hspi |ay n\n v^ai n^.n nma aoi ovap ni^ma ma^noi nipioa ma^n 
biD^a pp ia nam n^nna n^n osn n^^ni rvn 18 mn n^an nr pyi apn^ D^ypn 
nap* yew 19 ni^a pxn nrn^ D^pn }d imy^D k^ Dai jiKai nooa n^ nr *afiDi 
D*ean n^ap bvv btnw nx n^onh nnni? noyi jirrw n^yn ia^a nn\np 20 jo^i 
pn n s a a by Nnco jpr npyai nr naoa lannop ma Dnpa ony "ao owaan "ao 
b Dnm u^d nnai Dnmbn nmym onao "on mm omaipn bN yiop *r6ab 

1 A. O. niWDM. 2 A. P. mnsi. 3 P. na ^nidp no; A. O. no. 4 A. nn^p. 

5 pan. 6 ma. 7 e. o*ai. 8 A. adds io. 9 o. moo. 10 <. )^^. 

11 A. ptO^J rW. 12 Some 1PDP; o. ^mD3 everywhere. 13 L. a"3. 14 E. iLJaa 

Ninn nap. 15 A. D^psn. 16 A. NnN. " A. a*p. 18 Ed. mv. !9 A. nha. 
20 So P.; L. nrapn. 

: Tn p amia n-6 rtaprr -isjd : 62 

N'nnn did3 'wd 311 ktiD3 wy 31 ,wj) nil 2 joie"d 31 mnsi Merri n:tj>3 
: on ins in ^n b /en d^n n nasy iy 4 nji^d 31 3 rwn 
1^3 rna-HPn *a DrpniBBa nann t*h wy mi wj>d 31 nnabn , B ypn inn 
i'Drftrmopi did ^ata roup "jde raotri nj^ iy njucd an mo nnr* n "on^on iraa 
mnw 10 yy mi* wit^D 31 *wafcno ^>ap 'ipppkb pn m "ns*hwi inn* 
wptttcD pn 211 12 on ins* in nfe i>a u iqwi 21 mnxi win 21 mnxi no 21 
sproiro ibdd nam t6i tt rna*B* *b*ni nyaix mnw raratin wwa tnrb .im 
nia^ra nipyji did nia^ra ^y ^yn^ mabo maj w*ai pny 21 , M *jpann inn 
n^y ni3Jc 15 mxi> ^Nj*Dt5 ^o a^Nta ox px ^y i>aai> N3i nhyn p did 
did ita mpjo ^y^ ita " axraaks* p 16 ixraiy wa "a D'jk* niaa !>nj*db mate 
wip na jnai br*yDB* nta irayi *aa did -j^ra "manp hw vnoai ptw la^ni 
jta iranta ^nnn 20 iycH nr^a *a rmb )b mm rm\ 19 nta two k x:nDi3 'tj> 
two pn^ ai vx x^ i?aa^ 3^xta 3N px ^y X3t> , ai vnuyra pyvb ^KptaE* 

: M a"n e^x n na 22 'on *bv itan wish * 11231 21 raw* 
.xnna D1D3 X3i iei siioa win i .win 25 idi 3i id* .^wnann mn 
xD^nn ia kwipd 31 xipn nn vcwv an 27 \xjdi3 an ""tew ai onnnxi 
*oti3D pan epo xim 29 tanni nwa "iww 21 nni .on mx in liw nyaixi 

:fa'p lawnwi nun 'n so, nh2d pan vods* 
tod fixa mxn 31 xnna did mav nwno prvi inn : D^^N^n "no 
nav* two nn ^n B i6n 31 mnxi fjhi w iy b* 'n n3' , t ,, ' , jytn nn nps 

:nyni njc>3 nci d^c n"* 

1 Ed. o. omit from VinNI, p. 61, last line. 2 A. O. P. NED everywhere. s nni. 
4 P. NO'D; O. vwy. 5 So Ed. and E.; others ni^Vn. 6 E. '3; E.P. 'a; O. 
ra"a. 7 o. Dn^nmMI. 8 O. omits and has an ; A. nn inn. 9 A. P. N^'NO; 
O. n^N^O ; L. IPPPKD everywhere. 10 Ed. and o. omit. u Ed. follows Vinsi 
wrn 31. 12 E. inins. 13 A.O. o. add ibx. M A. 'nn. 15 insi. 
16 iy; O. ^3iy and in utter confusion; A. lN3Cy. 17 P. 3XDp^N; A. 3Na^s*. 

18 O. iNirir; o. iinr; Ed. top; A. inn. 19 n^o. 20 A. tiytr; E. iyri. 
21 n!>o. 22 A. ^y tatn o!?a by ^Dn xtxtm; 0. 1x^1 ;Sa by la^om. 23 A. adds 

Wtrh. 2 * A. 'in. 25 E. 311 N2D 31. 26 A. Win. 27 Won; VSD^; \X3D % 3. 

28 A. a). ND^nn 13 k BnB*D. 29 A. btv. 30 Ed. o. omit. 31 A. \s^ns* 

6 1 * in p ornns irb nbipn -isjd 

nmn ' D^iaoxb mai obiy3ty niynn b3 ntsnyi n^oo nnxi obiy3ty maitan ba 
ibbw ibo D"Dnab nvi myi .moajnn Nsbo map 2 ianni bna nab nm inbo 
aba renin r, nnn *b*k Tb^nb ta w ona nn sbi nnn intra rnam noi 8 renin 
"Di nbm nnpa dn nar dn* nbn ntsw nx fborb nacaa by niabo nna ntyp 
myi .13313 n*ne> dhno 3312 d^ by Dnna idb> ixnpn inTb 6 Dva intt^Di 
DiTD^ni n^xyn^ niabo nnnap ny b&OB m B^anix obiai D^bna anna a*abo 
^binao nc6c> Dna n,bo Dam loy Niatrb 03b 'n n,an pb ampi .anatrn nnno 
rani wbhspo ani *b>n 3n b& n'an sotaii no nn Kpa no nn no^oa btn& 
byn a&rawi bme >an *-\y: tyarn 9 Dna ibo aanni 8 ioc no* 7 Kaini niba* 
.nnx nap na^ twn wan n\n nap nmxai ,0 nbpn natra nao3* bb3n jo anna 
b^na *3D nrraa 3n anna 0122 nia*B wi nn Nmoa ibx nia^ Wi ^ai 
ne>y anan vnnai 12 avpn na^3 noi aw u b>b> na^u* panb nm *b>n an nio natta 
,4 nod an innsi inn natsa noi na^ a s 13,, oinn an vnnsi ann natra noi a^ap 
a*wn be> nnn 'm awnioa ba> nnn Hint? ^n .ibnn na^a noaai 15 s % ann nna 
N3*an ^o* )id iv icy a^biyni baanr ^o xvoa .enpon n^aa renin bc> nnn 'tai 

: 17 iann tpy&m nnn n5 xann nna "no^d am 
nn *ni3D ;aan wtn Kin 18 w an* ,|WKin nnn "WOD pit "HD 
s>ni 6ni nac wnp mbnab na na^ai nynn nac ny na^ nb 19 Na^an nnx m-b 
wz *3 20 mobnn nnna naB> a5p D^Nyo^ 1 pacnb Dmpi nno*^ paob N"nh natr 
no^nn ny nation na^na naco xvoa onna miob a"y nac^ai 3n3nb bnin ^n an 
.nac aypnn sapnni tvrw nsr la^nac iv nacon na^na na-^oi natr nt> mobnn 
cabs 'n naca w w an noi nac NDnn nxr la^nat^ ny niobnn no'-nn nacoi 

: 22 nyn 
na^> cxn n\n 23 N*nN an .vn^nm sain nn 23 Nns* an .-Nnmo jaano vm nnn 
.riynn 'n naca noi dw 'a Nan na ^nio^ an vnnsn .nynn naca noi nnx nat^ 
noi D-at^ 'r ^wann an vnnxi* .oynn na^a noi nns mw n^oin jo Nran nmrt 

1 E. D^iaONn INnai; O. ^laONn; o. ^naDNb. 2 A. fanni. 3 a. everywhere 

ronn. 4 A. obiy3 cms Die 5 P. nn^j o. vnnn and omits ronin. 6 A. nya. 
7 A. xam an nbia. 8 E. w& no nn. 9 O. P. baa. 10 A. L. nbn ; E. nbn. 
11 So O. P.; others 'a. 12 O. avp. 13 A. ^Oin^a. 14 NO^D; W^D. 

5 O. xa'-ann; o. adds naty an. 1G kcd; wdd. " L. bhn; A. E. fann; 

O. iann. 18 O. -dv nn nan. 19 O. wann nnn nod nn. 20 O. D't/.n every- 
where. 21 o. as 18. 22 A. nyn; E. nyn. 2S ^nx. 24 O. Naonn ; E. s*nann. 

: in p orraN Tib nbipn -ibd : 60 

nnni r6nn a^wa >r nnn a^on nsr bai ,'iai ^nh ns "p vn no-iomi '"nana 
aa imai>o f>yi duwum ^y ^Naiown ua naawai* d^i- *m nnn maa$>i d^diq *p 
Biowi am^y ia^oi aims ^>yo D":r ^>iy ip"ai lpmnrn awaa ^y nioyi ibpa a^on 
DiN^r mn pwmin "itarn maw aya m^ i^nnn btnw bw "j^on *w o*ai ,ao^> 
mm iNo hna t^o mm 3 nD-o nx 2 ijnpi naoaa mm nno ton *a no^p lmtopi 
4 nov *ai^a awpa iw errata bo tow ipDB s^ ph* a^or6 naitan nx mmn 
ino hnai maa hao a^iya W nwya &6w thvi hna 5 iavi ib iiry inioai 
^na G fnN' an^yi* aannwo am iwxn ny naota 13 a^iya *>na bw aniawt 
bidden n^o ynnm ,ron avn ny a^yb nsna 7 fnsm dv^ napa iai nay nwna bw 
do aw tttab yanx natrai .ahyn ba ^y n^o mnw anoiNi hnan "^en rnx p 
p^o anwy maw i>y naBm orw wna^ia "ina fpro nwna hs> do pxn $>a ^y 
ny B'oio an nwnan paoi ino bna nnan amm nso may nwna i>w junta 8 iavn 
a'oyim inoani vnaw my ana a*aina a^oin *ro a^an anaoi amrvnawa avn 

nrnoa n^o 9 abiyn moixa* mn ni>w 
abiyn ba "nawa imata* -ji?o raw a"a *a nsan w* nha id^d^ n"S nawai 
tapa Dmaoa^x ^a ama^o nmaaw nns^> .on aa dd"ib pi cnoix nnw ia 
p 'asoi om?yo aon hy TDnb owaa i?y noyi pnv '"i "O'-a Dia-aioax two nns* 
iaai mo ny nann iiaa xi? bax n^ann nnana wipn iaan nos Dianas noca 
DDna bw m!?npo i>a i?N ana nana p "iw^ pwtnn i^om .pm 11 'n *o^a vnpn 
mnw aao 12 naw p"n avn ona nias nann d^oiodin* ann ^a D"ynv vrnw 
ta< n^i ^n nx i^x lmta n^ aon ay nionbo i^yi lprnna pai n^obn amaaa^K 
px nyi i6nw pxi jv pa nvpi nyaci non aW p ma^on 13 npi?nna n^n* iks ns 
tbbi a^n^ai ansa j-ini jv ps nvpi nansi wawm nsni b^dtbh T3 nha any 
*oa i?Ni^ pamN vn n^nnai maw ays b^bib i 1 nnn bttrw vni a^on Ta 

:xa^o maw -o^a pi wimiwnN mm "mwrw 
nwijn mno nnx ,3 D^iya w a^aw mmi'NW* jyio mni cSy^ 14, aso nv vo^ai 

1 vaai aiown n^a ma!?o maawai. 2 iypai. 3 o. adds n ia vnmnm. 
4 am na^p pmp vn an-a^o baa a po na^p aw pdd xh. Slight variations in 
others. 5 O. P. maa. 6 O. voa i^yi. 7 Ed. a^iyi. 8 fan. 9 P. abiya. 
10 o. P. nttwia nia^o. " Ed. mwmK; E. L. mwrns; A. P. wnnj o. mwrnnw. 
,a A. tron in* naw mso yanx. 13 A. npbna xbi M O. mava; P. -xa^o; A. isv 
a^o. 15 O. t&yb w nin^s ^m "aso ioww wk; w. a^aw d^n w v j*. 

59 : tn p Drrntf in 1 ? r6npn isd : 

'a on an nnxi .opn naea ni a*ae 'n xnna aiaa m^ en mar an rrm xn am 
n"a aen nana an mnw .nap nmsa not *taa "ia anan nnw .acpn naea nai mw 
ayp a*abK "i naea nci ttae tip nam ma xnx an mnw .wpi naea ni aw 
iapn nam *b>n an ntaaai now wnt an Da abia ibx maw *nwn neei aaa an *a* 

: wd 1 ? p^san xbi 2 ni>bnn nx amab bnn mm nnae paob liben nap K*n 
to 'nipbnn nx iaa on* ammam nwc an na noi none ,*yaen nnn 
nabi nmby mix ibapi bane 1 baa taeanai wnb nan a^abx n naea anroi 
px iaoai spamb px vbyi bxnp> ba vby l^aam nm mn ba 'nan a^ana mix 
2 mobnn anna wiaa faama nw exn nw pjdv an na nan wm .ynab 
ay natrn annae *iy mis nam ex an lb^nnnea vn nap auinp icai 
pan nana xmaa laipaa roB* pxnb rwi ^px an nmaa ins . 3 anna miab 
.a ; nn napa noi nap 'a pax na n< an mnw .asp a^abx i napa noi aup 
by ""px an na na ap* lbx nnw .itin napa nai B"ap 'a win na }ana an mnw 
nai navaa an untnp na-ab w vn *a ,, aiB a-an* rw nnpy pbe vax xaa 
napa nai tew w nxaam nan mnw .ninapb aypn nap wm riain napa pax na n*N am nanaa nan ana p-i pk an n^abn lbx neon abni 
btris^ by nibma B nnoB> Dns niabo rrna nssDin nan mo nJti>ai .cn^rabn 
pi D^ona labo "a^oya ^na>* "a n^a^ aya Nab aona be an^N dv anptj>a 
a^abo a s nx ye lmm nnin 1 ' -jbra wprh *o*a roaa *on be bma n,na -a a^om 
mbion rnx by mrp ntrp oibcini 7 DibiDn nnsn aei oibinin nnxn ae a^bma 
oina noi a^om 'ban nnn anyc pns ba nx n^inm nab Kin n.brai 8 nnma mm* 
ibiry ns^Di bina buy pua map by lb leyi 9 iniDa bna maa aon lb ic>yi* 
ny nbyob mnvm mis aia 11 max nso lpi in^ypnpa nox dwdti loa inae bs 
Dibioin nio nnsb jai ,ann xb nrn avn ny na Nim nsB bna maui ejnv poa miseye 
bt^Di baa n,bo nvnaiaa Nae ny an^by b^iD 10 abiya anx pN opena a^onn vn 
anea niabn nnea wa p nvt^ba ^^ai .anjn ba mix nayi ^nana "arnby B3 
a^abnb pi wnn "anan emab p nnsi nbnn non ernnb a^anab mabon nnrni 
ana niabn ba n^Dtrm bnan n.ben pnpian annaaabN amby 12 apf ny amnnx 

1 A. p. *eKni ne*e am xaa am. 2 o. a"en. 3 A. E. O. o. P. omit 

from an l. 6. 4 Ed. . au^ a'm. 5 O. rnva. G A. aue naa. 7 A. 
eibaon. 8 A. inanmi. 9 A. O. omit. 10 In o. " ana. 12 A. Nac. 

H 2 

: in p Dn-QN m 1 ? r6npn -)3d * 58 

*ne> nrm nmn* an ntasai ntid nw nnaa n^sm 1 K*Btti> amp* rwi win an ^>aN 
ta"!> 'n nati'a hrw* p nans* can janv *i wsa ntasa myi .sain ani? nia*Bn 
can rnw nns^j 'j 'n nac Nam an ntasai naM "an btrw psa nan?* pn"* rom 
prw na }na am cpv am laona na nani Nncn an Dnm^n i5>n naty 6 na*B* 

:Naiann am win an na nam Nmr 'm 
Nam an^ nan mbft nm Nnon an .ppv am nam NnDn an ,npfa>n mnn 
nmi torn an ntasa na nnxi iosyi emon n"3 naa Nam an irftM) nmp b mi 
nanp wn nmi 'anna na nan Dpim 'd 'n na&> ny dw ncy row c\xn Nncn an 
rat? noi nia^ yao na6 nnai 2 mann nN^i nan nnmna nan Kini* dw a"a 
fjDV 'm n"a 'n natra ni *xm D^ap 'a sjdv an inds by aun a"a 'n naca WN3 
na s nam NEn na cjdv na Nam vox*- n.mmcimi .ann npiy nam wd N^pa nm 
i!> vn nn^n pj^n a" s *a DnnN Dom 4, atrn Nana ani pptrvi xaom ^Nprn> 

nap n"" 1 spy an nio natta naw t?xni? nm "ax .Nani as /yann mnn 
ninnN D^ac n"" 1 spy 5 na Nan Nnna pxnb ,nm ynnNi b"x 'n naca ntasai 

:rpi natra nci 
mo nnNm yaw ann nna Nam am nss ani prw na jona an .nswin nmn 
an bw ymansi prer na jcna an anma Disa naw pxn^ nm a ; pn natra Nan 
n^nnai ,rpi natya nm D^ac m row vtt-\b nmi d^ "pan 5ok iTn *iwi 
romps? my cnaa naw pxnb nmi n*M> oys nia^n ip^na a nav c-'Nn^j inim 
nn prw na pna an mo insi .a^pn na^a noi 9 D^a^ d^ 8 nmi nds an 7 Nmo^ 
mhna nn\n nac Toi Nin Da a^pn naca ni ]0 Ncn an Nynnnaa na^ cwn 

WOW 'B'Kna ycin"' ann nm* "Nam an nann Nm 
<ta>N an ny t^mpn iann 12 ^di vma t*rw ma^Nn ^xm <en am ^*n an /ccn mnn 
d^n yanN na^ nsd an w* ,nnN Dipoa nmnai "niayi niTDm* nmn 13 ia^*o n^ 
ndd an mo inmna!? 16 ^?:n natrn nac 'd NmD3 nr^ trxn >cn an 15 nm tip 

1 A. niN^aa Sna. 2 A. 0. P. omit. 3 In P. only. * Some omit from "ax. 

6 A. am. 6 A. P. add Nn 'n. 7 A. Nmoai. 8 o. ndq an nmi; P. nni 
ndq na; E. o. Naa na (E. vnx) n am. 9 o. o. add na>s* win (o. nm) Nim. 

10 Ed. omits; some add NynnnaD. u L. pru. l2 mm. u WHO- 

Only in Ed. 16 A. n\m . . , naca ,,,' DN a. 16 A. Dnt^yi cron. 

naeton n nan enpn wan nn nw ja anaa 'm ^an naa b*k apy 'm sons p 
.rvan "prnnk a"p naan mmac pat^> P"n na&> wro? tbopnn a^N rwh* natya 
mn WM msnan naa an wjn* enpn wan "ns3 myi* .pnni? wan nin n 
t 5 mn nnn vno? nana nnaxi anno wa Nann DNnpiaN naa* bax Dutaa 
mpn wan mx pp 6 tmnpn wan bw inmaa nnN^ na^ t?Nn mn Nn na* wan 'n 
'm Tupn my^N 'm bs^oa ja-11 pyu> 'm twin 'm arrpn wan wa 7 vman vm 
pi N^n 'n 'nx p Nint? am iwotn niaw Das 'm nb 'm Nnap nai ""ana Kn 
tana 8,, ana pynt? 'm* "ana NWin 'm wn 'm Nnaamn ana Nnap na .minN 
: 9 a H Nan hs> nnn n:rnn fos nn awann bjid* an nx .mn^aom mn*nan 
Bnrrpn iaan ny epaa ^aab an tp .tav&i 10 an ptmnn nnn D"W1DN TTD 
11 nana nivn* nn Nm nxn vay an mm n^c 'n ^aaa tntoi tayprin ma!>N 'a naea 
lEipna Kjnnnaa wrb rwrb nn n^> myi nBaat? ny *6w 'n ny ba nans" pan 
ixai 'ii 'n natra naaity ny cxn^ nv mm wano Nn N\n tma^ n^m ^Nioty ^ 
nw 12 noan !>aa* bna can mm m 'n natra !?nw naaai bmopb ina^ wa 
"feprrp na* Nn am son na 16 nam 18 nnim an 14 nnata an i^ni ,inmn bv 13 *\od 
am "rnnno am jay am mna wd mm nw> am mas na nam swan 18 |Dna am 
Nana am ania na Nnn am "jjmpn na 20 pmp am ^n na K*n am vk na nytf 
insni *ana nwin 'no ^aptr }anv 'n !>Knt5 pan na H B* Bxn mn an^D^ai .fivtnn 
s a amo ^Dn^ ^D^n' 1 nio^n nan aim* mm* t:\sn mn nap a^aioc ^a dd 
f.n i^ni 22 pninn nnx a s nN^ anpa o!>otwi na^ni nna 'db pn nnno nnD p 
an na pam x^iyi \sa> 'm* nna p nry^N 'm ^dn r m & n fanv n fB> in^obn 

: 24,, anna na ^nicc 'm Bs,, en 
na^" 1 B>Nni? nn ' n naca ^sid{j> mo nns xain am rmm an ,^tj>n nnn 
noana Nain *ano mna n\n nnin 11 am xmoa N^in am xynnnaa ^Nprm na nnim an 

1 Ed. and o. maan. 2 A. pnn para^. 3 wn). * A. ianaa 

^a vnir (O. nxiana anaa an) nwan naa nan. B O. mn r nn 7 n bw naa 

aana nnn lmsai 'ni ' 'a. 6 Ed. and o. CNna (O. mn) a^ 'n 'n b& 'a nnx^. 
7 A. adds nyans*; Ed. wane vaa. 8 A. iaai; o. ^nw for pyoK>. 9 O. nnn 
nnn ntpen }m a^Nan bw. 10 O. and o. am pyctr 'n. u nwon^. 12 A. noana. 
13 co. naam. 14 Ed. ammobn. 15 O. o. add bxprm (O. \n) na (o. ^Nm) *en 'm. 
16 P. ^xm. " a. omits. 18 A. adds jnn. 19 nan. 20 P. jiana. 

21 O. piTN. 22 Some omit. 23 Ed. and o. omit. 2i A. adds nan "\2 nam. 
[II. 4 .] H 

* irt p DiraN 2"6 rrbnpn isd : 56 

a"y nass> axa nycna nrva l nabi bans* pxb nbyi no'p dwin prnnn Kama 
nyDK>a Nbi nntna abp 2 nbvM nan banta^a nam oibion hn anm rvan pnmb 
ioy min nam jmn p wan 'n fptyai did*u ^a Nbi pNnnaa ^a Nb nica 
niatp by anna Nin Da Naa p rmn> 'm . 4 faninn iraxin 'm 'naiDn aaB* 'n annai 
na paoiDP nym ann" noiDn bai ann 1 * icaan bat? bKne* by 5 noti> om -j^o 
mapr npcn dc tcdi aynatrb n^x pa mbna nny nc pa aBi mn ibm annn 
iau ba n win ran* vby wai T yic^ ja nrybx 'm 6 pyet? 'm dv 'm mm* 'm tnb 'n 
bw nipnooa bjdv p wpy 'n bv wa nN lpnD pb onipi imats> p nrybx 'n annai maaa 
xania p bw iDya waci nmp wimjc bo Diobia ^a anb Na m ba .bna 
nanbai anna ibeoai manb wa* 1 ay ^atyoi bwan ^"y ainat? no ona a^pnai 
romaobN idd anaji Drobua fi\n ibx 'oai ,on* roaai aB>ai 
tnd ,_ i vn vn>am Na^py 'n mo nnx ewnb n*n nih awi bwboa p pycp pi 
naom 8, Nm> p pyoty 'm fna 'ni yiBB> p nrybx 'm *dv 'm mw 'm abia c>Nn 
db>oi nann lb 9 nbaa"i laoo a^oan nnv vnp a'ana it^ab fna 'm tnd 'n nyn 
k jna 'nbi annN wnp n<N 'nb Nb anvnowa jna 'ni tkd /_ i ronn b i^ni 

:pTinn -\na wbv "n nb nn .D"idin 
yy nx ' nxi "a j'aVi p na^ 10 ^nii tvwm mw /_ i sin enpn iaan 
noi .Dyo nry nry^ nbcanai bs^ai *"y ains^ 12 n pb api ind "mio bxi^ 
13 dhdini lB'aaa ^npn uan nx am n^m dit"id p Dwa-ittaN cna ^boi Dia-nN 
v^ai w "pwn bxi^b nuita d s ^ oba ^'npn i^ai d^ vni nnDa na 
iNcai naa* nbiai "dviidip ibio 14 v-inNi Dianas ibroi onios p Dia^iDaN no 

:vo' 1 ba vnpn w im nx 
dv '-ii xnB> p "irybx 'id bap w\ipn wan nih^ nr tfwan mirr /- )i 
'"11 Npna p "jam* 'n b^ iaa 17 pyD^ "11 *dv 'na byDB *i v^an wn 
DianiDi nmp p y^in 1 ' '11 min^ 'n wa }iyoB> '-n "irybx "ti ''a'tn p nrybx 
nrybx /_ ii ma '~n onaa p pnn 19 bar>mrN p pixn '11 ntin' p <i d , ni lo^bai 

1 L. adds B>ian; others have npbl. 2 P. adds 1N*t3; A. nan n3D. s L. and 
o. add 'ND^D 'n. 4 pmnon. 5 mna. - 6 A. E. O. omit. 7 A. E. O. add 

(E. Nina; A. nana) Nona p niybN 'm. 8 O. *n H . 9 o. nbyi; Ed. nbanai. 

10 O. K-'Nn nfl Nini ; in Ed. after j'a't/n. u Nnio ?; A. nam ; o. ptn. 12 Some Nnpo 

and omit b^an "y. 13 A. o. P. r"y nDD?oa nofco. " A. o. P. Dia^aN mo nni. 

15 O. onaip. " A. 'nb . . , ibna. 17 bxyo^. 18 nrybx. 19 pbiamo^Nn. 

55 > iff p Dm^ m 1 ? rtapn isd * 

nan rroan p ypw 'i mam DMpiin p iry^x 'i mn tnins* ^>yai r'a'n mnsa 
p iry^s 'n taana p pyDB> 'n 3 Wan 2 pan *ov '11 rwi * onai i"a am hia 
iryta 'n NODn p iry^s '11 |Dpn bwotn Npna p prw 'n nia p prrp '11 iiy 
rib* ^a *kddv p *dv '11 xnam 'n rro hia tbw siry^> n*B>y }na rmry p 
n"i Vd] ita any isnc trinn nny ^y ymrp 'ti btvbtn pi ip^nai on ins in 
pTyia -jnm* on ipw ny ww i"k aiyca rvaiyi mma nnntj> imaun -now [n 2 
rbw i>K^oa pi ji>ap naa^ ixatyai .nw pa nDia 5 in&h m^p prawn ^y 
^n^ tamaan ova Trnycai i$>pea ^sn san^ "p^ aina ypw /m b bwbm pi 1^ 
nm as rvaiy n^>an ^y lp^na nyi ,bwbni pi nana yann* 'i ntyyi jaiae'na nvn^ 
vh dn Nin m bya as ina^ 6 nonaat? im ^y lp^na iiyi .[a r"a niaia] nam ix men 
pi iDini laraai 'man a^apr D^yatj'* iayn yaw 'i ns a"n naa ahaai .[ r"S> nmaa] 
p-6 D^apin iD^sna a"nKi cxi^ n\m nnry p iryta 'i apim na*B mn nrnn Woa 
*ns? trnn n\n a"i n^n "banc nnry p iry^x '1 ion s6i 8 mnnnm S>n^m 
yenm '1 nroyi yaw 'i na*a a"i naaai nnx na^ nnry p iry^x 'n mnap 
in nr nn .nwwa B>toi> a'a'tn nx ni>ym ma p }anv 'n Dyai man nx -mob 

:piinn inx inx 
p pyoen wy p pyvv vi^n v.n bx^ioa pi ins na^ k>ni hm xa^py 'i 
'n Ntsn p mw 'ii xaa p min^ '11 iwyeB* '11 paita *an ins yc^N^ son 
^aB' in n^x b . 10 |aiinn n^a^in 'n 'xd^d '11 ididh aa^ 'ii pnm p N*a\an 
Ni?N n\i t'a'^i bw u vi"ariDi Ki^na p inw r i baaa hm tan^e^ai punn ins 

: nam d"b* nnsnc^ 
T n^i in p n^D kvib> jyai 12 Nani3 10^ nMK> ins dis iy i^n ^^ai 
lya i;iiy u ian ^o jn^d^oti '"aa .imc ina^D aim* on *]bn "jn^iwi n^a 
laa 1,^1 inwtaa noi non punb a"a nac in^aa nr sa^na 15 *ji>i vaab prnna sh 
^n wapai oiijion id^i laa "]^i sin Da 17 noi ^dis ddm nr we "diqii 
p 19 D'isn p oii>on ^ai Dn^meipo bao law $>nibd 18 ai Dy vaa bxi xa^na 

1 *ona bax. 2 Only in o. 3 In O. between the lines jnan 'DV 'il. 

4 Marg. L. po ion xa^py '1. 5 O. nm . . , t,sm 'asn. 6 o>. noaeaB*. 7 O. ^y 

VVan CapT nr. 8 Some add na^ &tct?\ WlltWa ^S*. 9 Only in O.; P. 

UM?; others omit. 10 fDaitflBTI. " li^ani. 12 o. Wlia p. 1S PLD^DI 
and p^DB^n. 14 O.P. omit. 15 E. iDyi. 16 A. P. Bnia. 17 A. adds 
imataa. 1S O. adds inc. 19 A. ni^B. 

aan iaa pi iprn hcAna pi n s n uai l *Kti> oaaai onao m^ .ip^ra h wa noi 
pB> onnin *3a niataa nr nso BHpen roaa bmtroa una rAic nsiAB> ( pvmn 
kwdr ron Dinmn ya onnayo is* TOwn Mao "Acinta* 3B> n s aa anacn rwi 
kwi *b i>y roeKnem D'pin mm mi ba ^ax lniabo nan i?aai ncntaa m&m 
.[a m"" 1 ] pnnnaD 'Da mvid nnx pi .ptraom hnan pan u i>yi D^ya m nn n^ao 
vaab aw An naiD janvi roan nna ni>y aa by aw row taAoa pna wye 
MnAa aa M3nx^> i-Ay ainai am xroux bita A idki iroa 2 niainn nnaM bAbm 
hvrwn nnnAa i>a imbAi pn MnAa ^aa xans^i hot xnAa <aa MantAi ^aan 
m!? pny Na^ato *n^i pa^an xAnai ppTjn Mnnxn pa^> Maynino 3 <ao^ pactay 
nn .Mnn xnro Mn mhc ^y na^Dixi won TOiai Ma3Na B sn^o roiatyi stao 
5>toe* px ^>aa taAaipo vn v^ym ron mw na^ts* twn ron nt iwAioa pic layr 
pyetw vn tA *3NDpnpiA Ami ohya dim m!?i "Aon 13 nrora mS bxnB mAa ^aai 
onn roico roro iw &aiK>n i>Mi ro^An D^anan ^m nxai idm n'a'pm jay^ m^i p 
&aie> nt ron dm nxm m3 'iai D'onan ba jjudp MAab pnra rwy* wx Bxm nnxi 

JVWin inn on inyoi iAni ,x^ dm knan 
rom d^w ^>y dux^dsdx r\by vroa .*kddi iAno i?ap xar p pnv *an 
^m xy Min *a? p pnv pn b minx p Mini o^ooAn vnm m-ip^d msm them 
ha r'a'n k^i incpa "Aon ncyi fa'n iAm m^c iaoD bfi ta^a Diax^DaoM i^n 
noi b^btp ^y 6 nv nn Mini iM^ai naai moan an nx imn jn^i Dias^DaDM n^nn 
wa di^d iwm *eiii yDai 8 Di3N*DaDM 7 nAo^ on nun* laoai s Din i^o pn^a 
d^m nc^c naca enpon n^a 9 anni nMta r'a'n nx naab inivi D^cn* by ~wA 
Dita^D nvm 10 N^a nM Mini* jprn a'a'cni bna pa ycAM p ^Myoc ,_ i annai uanhi 
D s Nam "baanro nnn nicy lMvna ,Danai r'a'n lD^ai iaa bveha }an nx ann^ 
nmn 10b nac r i M^opnaa pDyna nac 'o nac 12 ap nTi Min Dai r'a'n ny ioy 
naaA n^y n^an pmn nnxh }taaci biOK hm iA nac 'di nna nnnc noan ^>ai 
: naa^a ntaaac ny mini? u nia^oi niapn jpni hrw* nM taac d^i 
nnM vfvst "naw cmi mn Min "ncca annan aa"tjn ^ iaa bnAna pn 

1 Ed. and o. add Mnoaa mh-m pi wa a'a'o iaa jprn a'n iaa pycc ana ^yi> 
'iai roan pron ^ai? nac nxo DniN v ca lana pycn bxAw pyoci ^n. 2 ninina. 
3 O. adds zbyb. * O. Km 11 |t>n. 6 mt. 6 nc. 7 O. nx tAdtA. 

8 Some everywhere Dia^DaDM. 9 O. annni. 10 Some omit. " i>aanT Dm. 

12 tap. " a^Di. " O. nvraa. 1B O. adds naa^a dc. 

itani p ia*y nnx nany wai nany he nwnraa nr na n? D*a wn nanyn ova 
D-n srvma invo ^y onnshin fo nnN team mtDpnb raten hf neiy TUDaiw 
rn3 p (tyBPB )'in nhna n^D alcana Nin a: aim .ain -ibn* 1 ! nation ^y uw 
vby ppase ny anxo he Nnnaaa^sb nan mms p jwnm niai .witeN tin mw 
fnaia n^apn iid pdbt "pm UN* pNi .nnnm "jtan j ^ism nap p pyop 
owaa nano ami>y bw tonai a^ia ns* mara nbapn mo tfhs&EDi * iva aha 

:rohna niona pa b*b 
i:ud tew DunaaMD tap ta^hsnrv &*n pnv p 3 wi rnnsr b*k nryv p 'w 

: s yain inn anyai Dm 
:nPDnn ninn anyai on ama tap ^anxn ww waa p mvp 
*amai* wn ~\)~w anyai on amo tap note p pyaBi *mrna p yteim 
Nin p dni nan ic ^ on wn mnna p yteimte anaw hnpa mana? 
lb): Dimn rja a d'heix ahyn rooma mana? 'aniai mn "jhan w nya 
nNiao inv Kwa fc* hna tenant Nin nhna nptaai n^na i:a aihpnN wai 
a"a nateate poiNi awD noaa am-on a^ao abiyn nioiN 5 >ma?Di ,d* nseyi 
nya "tai-i *jta DiDDUN itab rrt natsa nr mnw rtaa nase a"b nnah nha mruxe paoi> 
ma^i man icy nh? idn^ a"a auyita am .133 aihpnN Da nhiai 8 aiTnn 
n^* mohin ;ei napan jo MTa b noN nmaci .oyo n!?n im^n ins *>k-ib 
iayi K3 Nim nn:DaiN wa onvo^ ma mmja p yww a 7 "ian dib la^nn 
8 :6n nateai nha l^on -njoa^N^ join ruw a UT3 nr:N nbpi nonan ic s nna 
r j n:&2 mte onehei teie p wm can: waioten 9,, J3 nw^ob n: naan n"an pjai? 

: 10,| N3^ p DihiiBDnN niai?iab 
: ya{en inn oni vn pn^ nai on i^ap jv^axi n^yote 
naie 'o p nihi ^aao nby bhn T *wn inn Dm* ono ihip NDtei bbn 
on^D^n duiobi nai^cn jdtoi rwi nn num u vn w vn nj^ a"pi * rue* r D noh 
orao nan mm ^ndt p pm pn bhaase* ;op .^my p pw Dhaau> h*u ib wi 

1 Some omit. 2 3Wi; P. omits from psi to nihna L 7. 3 sjDV. 4 E. O. P. 

add nsun 1^ ^b> ian inr. 5 Ed. and L. ^Notei ^n ^3 mnte nnann d^n^i 
(Ed. d&) dbdi anoy w*i ansa bB> Nmaoa^b a": i^nc> ma can mma p jww 
TO|D nw Iphia. 6 O. Diapmn. 7 Some omit. 8 Ed. 6in; o. naB> Nim. 

9 Ed. n^a; o. nan pab 66n nateai Quieten. 10 . omits from 'aniai 1. n. 

11 <*. nc^a nae* a"p p torn. 

: TTT p DITON 2~)b nblpn -I3D > 5 2 

tmunnn rroroi pan xnry ^lmam ana lannna hran pan ptost p jw *j3i 

wii Winn o^aaa inyotro^ id b*it^ p bs nnaa:6x n^on waai '* n^3o 
bnM iax x^>i nvnaa onw onwi "wm bai vann ttanan uaw woo itaan a^ntan 
ay* P^n- tx .man n wti p nww "i^on nwi QTna -inn nnx cnpon n"3 
no mi 3 any s ai vrei>n wmmhi* p*wn jwmp nnx rwi ayn nm . 2 ^rb btnn& 
mb pn a^nan ttbw lanpni vanm o^aaa nnx snm 'tawaan joi xnryo ibnpty 
p jw> p n-^ao |na n-n nr n-aai aa^o ixna ncxa d"od^oi cpin lppm ' 
i'niron ni?nn nn^n nw .B>xn!> vn nam oin3i pn prow 
ba noix nn xm myai pnvn pyo^o ^np 6 iaia t^x aiaanaax* nsbpn nmn 
nx a^o^on ta^nya wi x!?x did ^>ap^ nao ^y 3nn nx a-cwon anaya vnn 
nai^n ani? anwn nr nm i>y vnbw am^i pmn ana ^np^ x^ nao ^>y nn 
inoxi inmn maa am xan ahyn i>y x!>x man ia"x nrn a^iya ana ^ap^ oyty 
dtu nn tnpo ba vbm vbv ip^m rmo^n vn am Kan abiy ^y iayot? $b la^o 
in naB>3B> nap aTixo ioa "owoni aTiian 7 ma nr n"3 dp noyi wa-\b tap vni 
tnpan xm bna pa pnv p imnno nno 8 xanri a*a^x 'a nao> kvip* w ma pan^ 
vwnm oi>e>rv3 "i^ion jv -j^o na^o ^y wai Kin noyi |t t^o Diavoaxa 'Kaio^n 
vaao hnan nuan ian nnm' 1 ^o vnnxi .noi nnx na*^ ^aio^n ^01 i^n ba ns*i 
pyo^ vnnsi .noi aw^ n^p n.^o 'xaiocn p vnx jnai.T nnsi .noi taw ntw 
p^xin oiapnin snpan Nini 'xaioB'n p pyo^ p pnr nnsi .noi na^ n ; vnx 
coan^ nn'^o ncy ai^ca micai , 5 nwon 9 nx anm a^nian cnpo nnnni n^y xin 
nama nna nan nia^o nna lb u an ixb 'os* a^oanno ins pr 10 a^ aioai 
"pyoty a^ian vyxtm "cynion nna "j^on ^ ion nacac ^ pntt by vwb 
,n^n ^n fonts' vvrvb vn p wao wb 13B> p nnsn vu l : na^ai nnai nna u vas 
nnsh nso fpr i^oni .a^oann b ns* ainni? nasi 15 nso aya nr nan -j^on jno^ai 
nnaaaks vnnn *j^oi janv ^on noi s pn^ n^ya nac dwiop n^na nainaa d'o^j^' 
nio^ iot ims'a bvnw anao n\m .a^oann nx K3iB> .Tm sai'o ^Na^ s-npan Nim wa 

1 co. ann>am; A. adds aionnm. 2 O. nma ae6 ayn. 3 onjrD ay; E. 
Drwa* ay. 4 The last two words in E. P. 6 co. a^pnv. 6 A. aiavoax; 
some naiir. 7 pa; L. TV2. 8 A. omits; o. NDnn, corrected bnn. 9 A. bl. 
10 O. D3$>. u H. 12 co. D^jrnvaa n^a^ai nn^n nna^ (ibon asr) iox^ 
(n^ymo ^; n^ymon nna). " jijjob6. "Tax. 15 Lacuna in A. with 
the following words by a later hand : 13 aina n\n n^x *\m JN30 ^n 1B5^ nn^pnn 
vtr> jot ^y noxn. 

5i : in p orroa i"6 rbipn -ibd * 

DanaN nr ib pw nnpe ma* 3D tpjnawt nni 'din Kin nap an nnxi .payn "wi 
nbyi n*an pmn oup nvnoi a^p 'a an^ci dwdbdk aanp ua naioi "jbon 
irrnaa "iaa yiapn *xna bax jnnsn yiapa a-anb n-ia 1 i*aam bid*bi dwdqdk 
unman* ima^yanp 2 a*ayan *aa ddipd tnnpp *ia:> byi nraoi nar mvm 
jnna .^tr5 bp anbisa nrwi pi Nan Taa oy rmw BHpm T-yni inn 3 b*opnD 
nci nns nap "jboi ho y-n- Pimpna ja Pirn dhpb mabo by ibcm "wba 
lbua a'n'xi pnpon n^a niaab inn nx 'n vyn labob nns napai a^p 'a pnia T,bi 
B'obDi n*aa "op n k s annp *aa 5 d*dp nabo *t by annai* a*ap 'a ton iboi 
pirn Nin nnos 1b m^ ipn iaa iboi nci D'-ap v pnipns inns iboi vn B^bina 
nap ab *]boi laboa mn btp 't p n*an naaa labiab btip napa .Nnapnms Kim 
ana niabo 6 mam n^an paab 'b napa innw man fnpia avnaaabN vby nbyi 

jpi niabo nb^nnni 
;nan pn^i.T p ypin" 1 }a any ipi 'pron nyp nbnan noaa paap wn-irm 
nr amaaabK xai }i* ibfl Dmaoabx T by* ona niabo mpa 8 wa brian 
aya nnibanbi abpw n annnb ppai did niabo nx Topnp nnxb 9 Bbprvb 
jbon intnpai n -jbnn bx* p*wn pyP n^i 10 pnpn rva paab D^yans napa n^ap 
mbanb abpi n^an annnb xbp iaoo pnvn fiyop bxpi mbxp ib jnai ix^ai iha 
12 iannnb 'dnb' n^ynr imp mayi nty imam p nit^ynb niv nboni Tyn nx 
13 Tinbm "aab nsao nr h? lapvn nion nnb nnx sini .mana nrn ah obiybi 
snp* nap nmsa 15 n*anabi ib* nbv^ p ba^ pnvn |iyDB> 14 by itan nanm 
f]biS* nap N H m nap nnixo on^nntap pan 16 bs'np* ibwpi .iop by maDabs 
nm nsion Niry noaa prn misai mvb Tm D^abs 'a nap ^m nnvD ansvb 
pnvn pyop >"y 17 bnan Dan nr Dnb* npyai ,bsnp>?D nwaa npbnDai ^axbci nnar 
pNi nbon nnaoabs* nsoi 18 nia^n pn 'asDpnpbi xbi jayb sb p npya sb 
bsnp> 19 nvpn ay* ^aninn tabaaD an^psni annaa *o^ vnp nann a^nia btop> 

1 A. O. nam. 2 Some omit. s A. O. bxnp* ^na. 4 manni; mnann a. 
' E. nta^p; O. adds nTobn N*n. 6 E. nmaai. 7 O. adds jna nsn sin 

bnan jnan m nns n^aa pdpd. 8 O. ipsa. 9 A. by . . . nbyi; O. P. 

nibyb nn a^bpini byi nr ornaDabs*. 10 A. O. add *ap. n Some vbs. 

! Some nannnb. 1S Some nonboa. 14 ay. 15 Some only a^anab. 

1 Some omit. 17 o. nr bna oa bsnp^b. ,8 Ed. paon; . anaanon. 

19 nvpai. 

G 2 

: in p orroa 21b rfapn isd : 50 

pa nvej an^a ww nwmpta bmp 'aatai rran annm in*pra ns n!>an nvanaia:^ 
nap i5 iniabioa tun nsanaiaa my ncyi .mo^ nap sa i.mpn* ntai iwan nil>a 
psn ns* n^j iniata napai nap 'aa ua *nn h ita nroi -jta nap no a 
non vnam vnp vby nppi a'ap 'a iaa *nmfa n^oi -pino ^ix noi mw *]fo pain* 
iraip nnpi i>3N n*avn na* [nhwi nny vw 2 v^y Kaannp* inn innPD ivaa 
jsa nn wa p nsi iaa nto tron ^a mis* nam -vmsah a^pnai |ao mpo anpn 
n^>p ubdi ,nap 'y i>aa niabob s nn m*pW> 'ai rimo bwA aa ixnaiaab a'ap no 
nan anpa niata by 4 ^on ipk no ynro pnwntc ja pmi> nnx napa l^saa 
npx own naan anaaa qwa iwan mn haW? nns napa ainap inn n"y brai 
Dynp a'yiap ny nap D'yap abpim niann^ niKtab K'aan rwv b$ '" nan n\n 
a'ctay pi* tx'inb) py naa^i nxtan annh ypan rbzb y^P my i?yi -py i?y n,nna 
D'yap a^yiapi .nfaun 'on ntan w inymn a'pnp pnp mpoh K'aai prn amnh 
n^6 awtai dm^dbdn ni^y iy ap nn '' ani ann nsyp nap 'y nap p"n en 
7 ntnP 6 nr B'o^iy pi? K'anin pnpion n'a paa nr py naah nxtan annS ypan 
nixon ^y ia^n xh nvnaa B'pa la'Pin n!?i anns n'nta nay n^i 3biS> btmw* 
*an nmtaa nr K'aai prn amnh 8 napai 'P>Dnai MP3 nnma j^p m v J u'pnni 
bflim Pipon n"a 9 paaa D v ^np pnp ni^i bsnp'D nsiaa npea rP ,, a^?ai nnat 
.nyap D'yup Taa nPD ny D^pn , nua^i ywrb nan kdo bapm ynni D^aaS 'aab 
Dna i^o pnia^ nns napa bx'an n^an^ n^apn napa n^cn 11 maa^ i^nnnp nr 
IK^on ynni la^a 'nprnn np pnia^ in 1 "^ ' n^x na ama "jap rrPD snpar 
Taa n^po ny liTjns nib kwp nr nan vnrv nanp nyo 'iba nan nvico -a ^N^an^ 
ni^aD s^k bwn nibao papnn 10 ps *ai* .nap 6d anp nyap ta^yiap pnia Nini 
pvnn 'a nsp^a nap aa n,nno ^in nap a"a pmnn nnx nsanaiaa pna inn in^pn^ 
nxpa my u nDi^a nyap ta'jnap am nap 6d |wxa nn pniafj naiptn napi nns nap 
nspa 12 nyap Dyap* cyiapo n^ pnia puna inuai? i^nnnp nns^ nap n"a 
nnp nnx yiap nspa ,nia^n nncyp niv an am ab a^yiap pro n^ aa a'yiap 
ad a-yiap ncix xin aiP"n 'ap an by\ iaa tnpan ianin dvj^di aia'aaaN ncn^ca 
ainaa nioinn nnaaa Sna nyva a aTiyn pivai nc k s*j inn pirn ainn nnaaji aipn 
D"on ini?p P"x lanaa a-DPia lan^N px nn np nopen 'pasi nyai too 'as psi 

1 a r/ a. 2 saanap. 3 Some add jsa. * "fan; i?Q. 6 pinn!?. 
6 o. ny. 7 L. rwPD. 8 adds nnaoa. * O. paa nr. 10 A. psn. 
11 Some omit. 12 So all MSS. (A. yapi a s yap nyap). 

d^n np om^y db> insi ^itnnnon nvnpn ^30 ? x ,J0 nns* na pa anaaP 
b*k pa pm* oriDa^i Dimx pa yiop nrh now nnu>j> nun bwan np niso np 
ns?K bnann f>3 n (nosi>) win nya banx nvnn iovy i>y ion wm na pai vnx pai 
pmra nwa 2/, D3 rranabn neww payai* sync min n^n it rrrao pro nt?yn 
onis* s ymn N'ta ncrsx w nrona mama pw nivo no"wa ntyo nioxat? no^o 
D'ap? ,rpni d^n a nrca Kan binyn ni> niasai ovpfo moo yew ,ywn^ 
'an ny in nnx in nri> m nnoo owaai bwaa^ nnbo sew nn do* unNntp 
ma* ja ^wnW }a baanr Dm n!>nan noa3 w*6 nnoo bwaa ^sthen nna? 
naa naDo je^a *amo (<aena) rn^yi nntp rrosra src S>aanT oy D"Nam min' 1 -jta 

jninan nDaa 4 wn Dn rbx wya Dim 
nonta "nrww nn aim nae> fan noyi oiprin cb^n a natso pB*n ma ruaa 
6,, 3 rwi 13 rw 'y ann 'n ma noyc ianoKB> noi* nats> y ann pawn ma noyi mat? f 
Dim D.rn^y lanai iniaa^> i^nnn did t^o vnob nna natr rw iaann^ do nawa 
vbvJ? dj?d nav jy3 inawia awn bna ibo entoS> T wnaK nisd vow oyu ^ya 
pmn nap ny N^a mm btwv Noyo ^o ny ^ann nS> an xnmpi " snaia 

:n*3^o wrb 
nmn "p oniba 9 py3 a* nap Tnam wni ^ 8 vmoim nwow n3 hnii n3 
naarb brsww nyoi ,n:v n5 nubon iidi nan jann nyi om^a n!?nnD .Dnhw 
DV"in^ "i niv nnxpoi u dpvp^ a na^ nrotpop natya *3 natj> N3 u inix 10 ^3B ny 
Wo maan bwm nm.m i^o epw nx ira ' jnai B*hm^ n^jn ivnana i^o 
pph ^aa i^o nvanaiaa msboi? nawtnn na^n nm M tfpw rvefoch* a na^3 mijn 
H^d paw nx nbm nxnana r6yi pa^rp i^oi mirt'' ^o tipnn* no D^a^ yae> 
iDD3 15 nanm ^k r i^n nn d^d^n nyaa* ^nn iww nSano d^^n 14 mcyi mw 
ni^y T3in t6) "wot vam masn nwn *3* ,ne6w one>jn D^ai'N n^tr inborn 
ni3i?o^ "nnwn nat^a iMiaiaa nby myi ,^k3*i na mi^ana w B*pw ^y nuaiaiM 
aa mv2 myi .dvjn 33Jin fjjnwo nbam ivaiDina nia^oij n s nat? nm i.mpnv 

1 A. wmna ncx. 2 o. ^nai . . . ?V2, 3 o. mm. * P. adds >^ax. 

Some add 13. 6 L. O. $>3N. 7 max. 8 O. P. mona^; o. vmoinan ; 

a. moru; A. iaTiiona now. 9 L. pays. 10 A. b^ennv. u Some omit. 

12 A. D^m> ^0^. I3 tppwfcj A. adds mim i^o. u L. m^y Dy. 15 A. 

bnsn Dm. 16 A. niaxn w dn* a msrn vb nw s 3. 17 A. pa*w. 
18 P. n^at^n. 

[H.4.] G 

* tii q Dmaa mV rrnprr -d * 48 

anaa yao npswi waa "anxaa nojRa** ny spv nra^D /nap aa fpv nop nyi 
4 bxnsj imp .nap 'b anxo pxo anxv nyi , , na*> *p* lannai bxnty nx lyam nybai 
napa 6 n"an naaa .nap an p^'xn iva paa ijn B n6n a^abx 'a rw p'aa anxeo 
niba nbnno *a 8 ib i3D* nap ti bax nap abri nnn pin nyi 7 6apriri a^sbx '3 
bw lantffw B'opi ,na ywm .nap ' nana .pis nn niabon avra xb o*pw 
.'0 pyna .'d pnai mm .nnx nap naB> jaiaai /a nmx ,'d bx'-any .v jww nn 
/a pew , u ny }ib*N , 10 'n [inay ,'r pa* ,'1 nns s ,a"a nw ,a"a ybm , 9 'd -jbcnx 
ayann .iniabttb 'a nana man naaai .'0 nbts> ,'d nn ,a bw& .x" 11 bxict? /d ny 
BW .w 12 i.Tbny .nnx nac innnx /n anr ,na bbpvp .x" nds /a n"3N ,1^ 
Vfflsw /a [ibn .rra na>3 .65 in*pm .v rnx .v anv .3a "inniy .65 rvvsx ,' 
sjiao 15 ibn l4 nn .# wpvt .a^nn 'a paw ,x* a*pw .awn r a mxi.T .xb 
abi^ra .13a baan? .iaa bxriW .paw .nnn ,6 annty ny nehtb mrbvm na&n 
wyw .iaa in*aaE> ,iaa innaiy .iaa vtyv .iaa inn on ,iaa nnna ,iaa .Taan .133 
nbx ba ,bbn nn innya p innrn 17 nx n anoixi ,133 innrn .iaa innya ,iaa 
pnnb amp nae nxD tfwab bxnt^ pxa nm ba3D bbn nbyi ^333 ^Nnty nw 
a5^n* ,133 20 Wa pn iaa "aacn .iaa prn ^n^m pn , ls iaa jiyntr pn* "-a^ ira 
:i33 22 x^an rnw n 21 iaa m3 bipbw pn iaa BHpn iaan iaa 
24 66n d^n 'a n:u jvoa nnann nncy woo nmnn n 23 bp n"y iaan n^o 
mni^n nx n3n tw Ti^n3 26 r"* 1 dv ny nn3 ncyc> 25 dv 'o jnis ns-^a mn nsen 
law ax3 'd ny n^a'^n natpai ansa pko anxv^ ruwmn nawi 27 ' , J^' , nNBai 
atwsi px^ )Diy vb& wnnK ^y nn'-ra nnraai ni^>y!? 13X xbi pxn nino a^anon 
'ra* nnacn ny3 nata> am n^y ia3n n^ nasai ^a niso aic ^y iiaxa t6 i^xi 
nmm 3n33^ nmn iaD bap n^y pa p jjBnrT' :asn a^abx 'a nac> 28 nnxa 
nmn ibxi anyn nyi npnn p bxn^ ba pi aw nn n"y iaan ntyn nw na by3^ 

1 O. P. add (P. nac> n"a) n r/ a pi p n^3p3 nxro. x L. 1N3B>; O. inxhp. 

3 A. nac 7 b a^'^ax ncyi nD. 4 Some MSS. omit. s O. P. 66ri. 6 A. nn 
p^xn. 7 A. n. 8 A. ibaa. 9 A. O. 'a. 10 A. adds npy ^ainyns. 

11 O. bb. 12 O. adds nxwnon. ,3 L. nnry. 14 A. O. add jX3. 15 L. O. 
2%; P. 5an. 16 p^n. 17 O. P. nx p. 18 So MSS. 19 0.. add 

annan jprn. 20 O. adds pew 'nn n^naiba na. 21 Some omit. 22 o. mm). 
"... nr bap. 24 O. adds nawi am. 25 O. a^n. 26 P. n. ^ Some 
omit. 28 A. 1a nya^a nnxa. 

: in p dttok m 1 ? nbapn isd * 

2 mo nr nanaS> uroT a nn p *n ann3N wan antpm rnwon aann nox 
nictaim hj^dh 'con b"i umian 'nan ba *a b dto^ ynini>* lniiana n^apn 

cxn bd myai *nans* tysn pnw hnj Dan ^a pnxi hnj nan a^aipo a^3 
ahyh ,nanai> aha ">ai 'awaano ii>3pp r6vun nDJa ^jn 6 ny inyai *nan? 
nwpnn jo pin* aa^o inK n^> pp nan ihas 'naven naan pp bi 7 mE6nn nsan 
niro m ia bp ans* 10 *ibt6 am ,rnir6 3d mcyb 9 na aha noaana wpnw 
ns nnpn nriN *ik annma 12 psiD "on n "\ysb nioipD nraaa lpbrot? "odd -idi!? 
n!>k nwo np^ya ahyb ^Y"i lpbra wbcn pn rva *a ^y rnao mnp inynim w 
ibw t&p *:a iTnnhn 14 i>y aiW* 13 n!?i anmi3n mpy iyow rrornhna 
na ipi>na no i?yi t6 as naca nj pp^no as ipima b 1B nana mn*a ,pns S>a 
ivany* y>x> nmnp 17 mnpi> pan* un as* ipi>ro 16 x^ pi* pp^no ps nmi pp^no 
ns pip m*KDi 19 n^anyn yap ns pnip vnww ipi>m no ^y ,&6 ax "nnrrcn 

:DiTvn "baa pi 20 nnn^a yc>B> 
annns itastt ,*iw an annas ny haono ,rw ianrii qta biaon ny bind 
aan n:c rr annan pa nrcyo ny pno 23 ntob . n:a> aj mi^sn ays pn mn? ny 
nyi .nap iia pro nW nyi .me ny p jyaa pi> nrm dw 24/ n at? nroyi pnb 
.nap r M anxoa apy nts> nyi ,rw ^P anro^ apy nnn nyi ,rw 'a 3py i^w 

1 o. nnsn. 2 Ed. pr. O. o. naa. 3 o. Dymnb an^bnh * vow. 
B So o. Ed. vffSND and P. ^m bf. 6 A. a^jnn jo. 7 P. mm. 8 p. iiofenn. 

* A. omits. 10 P. -j^m. u 1^; E. omits. 12 L. O. P. panDD; o. "pl& 
PSD b. ls L. n^ci. 14 A. lyoc. 15 ia. 16 nS. ,7 nmpi> nam. 
18 rvanjn nnntri. " pany. 20 pw, ai iai>. 22 E. O. P. add mxvo 
3^n mm |Dtm 3ip n^3p3. 23 inmm and ms^ ny3. 24 'n. 

25 Some ftb; i ; . 

: pm nt-w 21b /ton * 46 

onnDw nNmn spo moral ] n*aoi c|dv am ran ita mnnai .wm ma pi nod an 
an .'MmnsMD nfcwu an ,D"nn *ao tin an Dnioa> ni>Ni ,wibd pan 11m &rnbn 
na wan .Nnnaoiao i>NlP an .nmm wan na nod wan ,m^iu an na nN 
ruea noino kip Dmcai .wan an ^a Nnuir not ttrop an /ianns* am nvoin 
pmn "\r\vh ayp ,ro nvpi p^n dw i":oS nbnii ovn b* D^iy ^ lmnaoi 3 nann 
*Nai p pnv pni }pm &n ,rw ejp man pmnk amp own v>m D"d^n 'n 10^3 
pro am win nn .n^yo mo jrov 'hi .d'W 'e> Nn 'ni rot? 4 ip vn Nany 'm 
ana na^n w*am <b>n an ,wna ana nai>n wna ani ^^n* an t *j*ia joru 'na na^.n 
.nsnin ana^oi nyiat? t^ob na^ Nnio^n '^iaa *b>n an na noa sna^ni ^n 
ann Nrtan xnyo^a ubi nwxb -\rbvb bj nn^> yea upTip nan an no vnnNi 
am ^ya xaro^ vpn mvai .prof 1 no na nbn no win an na no Dpi ,'ia mat 
ntwo an noi nSn no win an no Dy mn Nim ,'ia ^o^oo jo ^on* jo nainai 
pw ppr' T\b s nnanN Dii>n *v i>y /ia no^ooo naina upiwa Nirnaoia ww 
Nnamoa aTT 1 aioi? niar mas mi>N tin ninn nomxi ns*o jpn Naio Ton mm 
NaD Nna^ mb innnN spa^Ni aonn pan^ ini> noN nn nov .mev \nhaa mi>*i 
wop na^nn vom ^a .Nam lnnnxi mn imi>Nh ijnn din pan irn w*i '^ nhni 
in Nam "as fiaa xna^n wnn ^a v^an ^Nnna naeni ^nioci an pja T^an 
Nin p w>n Nin naiD niyo 'a Tiyoc ^dv jni .imTma Nna^n *annK "Nnna 
^Nniao pan jo nw nio^nat^ p) d ^ an 6 ^n .imoa naVn in ^Nni ^a nyiac "ja^ona 
133a ^Nn^ m^aoDi ,mn ^NniaD pan )o mo^nac^ an i^n 'a d^c noai noa mn 
6 D^aicn wnmv^ 'in 'na nehip 'Op }o Niyn sm y>:w 'a niy>^ )o pn n^a nias'a 
Nncn i)i na Nn^o *ni pina boy* man^> wn s 7 ^an oni> 'nan oyi onn Dy 

:jon w s, nai pa^na anp prai N^jya 

1 So MS.; Nnna D1BO?. 2 So MS. 3 hDpnn?. * Twice in MS. 

6 VN?. s MS. D^ai^n. 7 MS. ani, not distinct. 

px tit nia^n paa itpvd mis!' isb niatap nnnN nwnai .mniia mam 
n^ND 'n S>b> cran pe6a [Nat? r? lirui mm ^ nan an nmu? nipcai .nnam 
|Ub> '-i bw mam tfoan pss6a jNatn iaa nm miaa mma 'n fatn ua nm vnxa 
nxavrp bvNsv ann pnwna nas?o mo jna '-it 'n .a^oan pe&a jNacn ann naua 
'-i ia 'nai wivn mm "in voam mm in 'pn vnnnp ptmnn din be> naa nxn 
jam* '-i noa fanorni ann a Non 'm an .nxmn ma warn nwc ,nass>o pjid jna 'm 
wi jnipn rim 'nn mop am am nmrw pw pup ya^ tuaw mn na otto 
. pDK paw no ym win Nm 'nn moiab am moiaoi am moiai> 'nn moiao ppaa 
^oi sa^ own Nanns Nnn ntin nai .a^ai mn Nan an moa nioipo noaai 
momra taHPYVfi ma Nina anna a.mmobnb pe6n pantcs ffawii" p^a nm 
an irtb ion Na^aa mom 'ia bk am van na m*n 'n aw ,|Sa lanai^ aimya 
pk an janoNm 'ia wi ^a na innna mb nox brnop ion jai my jona 
wmaa pan Nmian ian npw nwi n^ rornm a'y'N on nna ntrwi mo w*am 
wmaa jaan janp wnnam .Nao"o am wy an ww am w nam ^oima an paa" 

i'va m*an nna ww fniN 
una iaa fljwi -p?n bmboa pn inr pyotyi 2 Woa b^n men na^ mm^a 
janv pn mn annate bmbea p pyot? pn nnai nap nxo rvan *aaa jnimtjo 
nry^N 'n loy laaaa Dia^DaDN mr? \mpax nai nun pmn p^ya mm *Nar p 
.po^aa pnoxna bmtaa pm Nn^^it^ Dia^oaoN jo yam vnvabn ycnm 'm 
pm .a'a'p pn bv iaa bmboa pn m.n anna^ bwbm p pyoty pn p nnai 
'*n nbn y^in> 'nb mnyn p^ai n"a aN y^in^ 'm naa^a rntw mn nj bm>oa 
.naion xmyb -wy mm n^y mm nan mw nnry p nrybx 'nb \mnpiNi \mnay 
^nnn bmbea pn n^n nnry p nry^N '-\b sninay Nm bmboa pnb rmruc mm 
pm nnnai .nn^n n^ann 'naa 'aona Nnac Nnn mnry p nry^N 'm Nna^ 
ittmgv nui nuna nnn 'n nnnai .nnn a'aV pn \snna hc6in 
mn "ami ^nn 1 - lin *a Napiy nni bmsv fanomi nn sni nna Napiy ni bxioa> 
ncn mop a^n* 1 bNioc mn Nana ^2^ nn ai niN yans*n ^NiD-^n mop Napiy no aw 
Knat5> ^ioab mmnrn niai kiob^ baai autj' Nam an na jona am .mos 'na wapiy 
[nja^oai n^av^Nn jo [atyop /ia i&x an na no mm mvara an n^onoa *]boi 
a*ac /ia nnn i?Dai aB>o n^ao Nabo mnanrb Na^an n^ybai mnn lynn nn^nat 

'So MS. s MS. after Jprn. 3 MS. nman. * MS. "\1MYfb, MS. injured. 

wn "-o^x man wn na^ann Kn*op xnyotin twin jo rwrm ma panic wn 
p prw 'm mnna <aa r6 notci mma p pw '-n n^nnx *aa am mniaanpa 
vpnupp pmo n^op pan* 1 ! pW wn tcemo *ab *an tay mm now ban Mima 

mbiai xnaoim na^oi xna^Di ktdWi non nantpw x^ono'-xi im^y *em xya 

! KTIota 

Jpn [^?"V] *an .PQItEn /an nana xb 'noni nanab Nn 'n nxn no jnnoxm 
1 xnxi .D'ta b'n na^o noa^ob xa\x xnb^o ^nno '^bni \vaa*p] towh nibba naa 
bai .tca^b typDWi noa ba nans* jwtai Katro&ta 'b^oi ^mnaa dwi x^n 
w "ion xna*aDn tcnptfib rwua xbn Nabw pnoxiai nob nacon jo mmnan 
2 xavioo n^b toDHE^D xbi kwm 1 *aiai trn 1 "ana xnb^o \xao yai Maw 
pawn xwix 1 ^anai x^n 1 *ana mxn no ba xobx xayaoi xnpDwo xab^aa 
xam *dv 'na rota w 'm mtco 'm tcaiDi aVxi .jmanoo matpaob mtt tcmna 
'id rota xnna n^naiba on emn scan tax Nonoa pnay mxo 'na "an cnDn 
.ma^o p^bapo xb mmo tcmnaa dhdi n^xo 'm moyo x^n 'n x?n \sn ,w 
mb not* .wo ttmnaa npibnoi jmanoa dhd mas* 'm myot? mna 1 tcyaia 
*i nxatf xb '"i mb nox wo xmnaa onoi jmanoa npibno .pvano onoa nata 
mb mn xbi N^n 'Ya mn 'm mnoa joi om mmobn x"n 'm dwd lb p^ao x"n 
im^o wfq n^b mx mn mnnanan jo nn ta^ /an m"an\sn \so xta N^n '~h 
'n [laiynm nirrna *am .'ib 'an pwTpa vmrw an ^n janoxna xnaDO ta by 
Kn 'n ona N^an^o xbn jn^ano ba pnosna ,wi npyi jany N^y^is 'm n 
ianaa nihna ma^ai .mbhiq a na^o ponio h Kn xmano m6 nt^'in* 'm 
an .xnap na 'an bax ]Dl"i "tin motaa pnox in^a^oi ninn oan ba -a byi 
ninna nan inbia apy p niybs* 'n -an 13m tayo^ 'n 'an "an .bxio^ "ai ai 
pnoK tfc\ K^yans 'm x^n r nn sn^na jyap\sna xoby ^ta pa-'Dirob lyap^o n? 

jKaini nam fcwn ta pan ian na 
rtb nox nioa^a pnoxn p nnx xbx ianaa unati'o |od ixb ^na^Di xna"D 
nnia;n ^ao n^oa enn wrw nna pb vmxn ^"pb p pyo^ r ib pnv 'n 
'n paa ,D-ana nnina mb "an xa^m x\n xmano xn xm n^^n xb xn mb ,nox 
.na^Di xna-oi xnaoin lyapn-x on nnai nm 'aa nnaoi -ov 'aa n k san pnv 
xinna pnay T,n^xa xmna x^am in^ro nna xobya p*aiDi \xn10x vbsn pa^m 

1 MS. adds ona. 2 xn^anoo?. 

jvj'sin din i^axn 'ntaxi .natroa a'^an wy nTiaott* wwia 'n irac xnpa noin 
Da-ann p son 'am .voarn mn nin n'a'pn tntrvwa xany n bv mnina top 
baats> cam .ibid nyi amyn epoo n^m ttaw pjdv p xany xm nax n*5> -iraxp 
aSyn mm next? yab ynn "hi wan na xnx 'Yk 'man mn mso n vmobn 
"am .xany 'm kpton xnaSna mxn 'n tapai ,'ia lmoa mate n !>p yvna pNB> 
nan nann no!? nmm 'n max pnn nmy naom pm canrom mmn nan ana 
eN nana ^ maiK ^aipo 'ax na anx n,b now axe jteab ta^aruan pa mmn 
Nnaoo ban pme wn x^x x^na "an ana natpa n pvp xi> pxi piwdp *ai^>a 
PM 'note x^ xnaoo xnna win 'n nxn pa^ana ji> n^oona nn nna nn xnaDtai 
np nnxi npi^no jna^xn van t nswtb "hd px pncx xmaon Tinna mwoh nnD 
nm^aDo 'nnna bax rvmb nnD &n [dto] DnDa na!>n pnox xnaota xnna anD 
[pnK x^ ninaDD s nnnan qwo anDa na^n ano na nnxi npi^nra] pnos x^> 

:x^na "an ana *n p'ym xin napo^ mo &* 
.ama a'n'xi ta^pp p*an *an px B^pe6 ama lonpn xoyta nd anWtsn 
mx imta ep^na n ma'ana^ ntraxi .juwi t?xn pan nnai .am av nape naiai 
mmxi bwn a^noa nnnai .xaita nap naipni ^wn paimy^ nap anpxn ma"ta$> i? 
nap nnai . a paimyn w^yo nnm vaabo Ninu> ta^pw J nnnai .anymn bi? ptwn 
nnx n>n\x rup nm^aan a'y'w 'on nat^an di^d nov nno wni .na^ pjy^ nnm 
av nnai /n ama^an "ja!? a av n^ayoa rnt^n cwnn mn cnt jd ejny mm crxn 
ninai .Nin nac>n jwan aio av 2 nnnw .nan naaai hwn hna ann naiD ania^an 
nax^o nB>ya plow paan aita ai^ nvp nwi n^ayn s nnnai .na^n ^sn 
p pans nvayni miwi c>xnan natrn ^xn nna nvayn ana^ob 'ni^y^ truriDVA 
n^ Nn^an n*K s ni ma^anamh viwzb pan p^ai p^tnaon noai ,^m yavh 
mw&> nnD px \v~\m ninaDD ^nnnan ^yi pntasna iTa nit^nn nins 4 ^ in mmpsij 
niyiae* paa ^xp "xdx xan iy-\vni snaoo rwn .xcna "an nana \n \yyr xh 

:"n^ND *anpn Kp xa\n xan pnox nianaai .niao nnx 
n "xni ,noy nnx jcra in nanaa nawsn nnxb ax xnaDinn p^ayi? oni'NWi 
i^nnnan nnan pao xb i>a nnna in 'nn rwwa \x KOna vb wo [nnn] N"n 
^ N""n nn n^aa na /_ n rwia ^ ^ ta^ax i6 i?ax xnaom mnnv nation nia^n 
xn^na ppn^nn n^van pan nx mmi .niamaa x^ian naa 'tymui p^pcna nnna 

So IMS. 2 MS. ta" 1 nya. 3 MS. nnnan. 

F 2 

bbni wot? ipbna naba moipo 'aai .pn^a nni> xa^oan Knaiba mnn <nTob pans 
avj'o in n-ab i!?tni tpnpon rva am iai ,nap nNnra sniaoa rwn aaa bbm \xoiri 
pain pov pjid iyi .baiB^a npibno itiaa pis ba npop Nbt? nmn nno;a> -jan 
"iTobnb naiP nnxi nna ba pip jbia avaann bat? a'y'Ni ip^y ba ayio a^nai tcb 
'i arm fT'ai .nans n,m nait? ano t?i nnsp Tin Mii&tt? jno sj* nsTB> pt?b nrxa 
ntdb tin xbi en ppba Nnb"o xmb piToyon a'y'N x?m \sn 'bia NMa*B> Na\sn 
mm be ib> pbnaoi noan nia^yo St^o panao Npi xa^b oyoo a?i arm bwin 
,ba\i be mnaa a^annN abis be innaa twitPNi be pb pnv '1 idni NMna 
nna Knap jo 'ib ^nuiontn .yio# p irybx 'i dwvini wpy 'i D'oipni pnaam 
nun wso s*b 'i lyi neo nwu janoxna nnn Tbia Tvb pa^an nbna mim 
jxaoi .BwaioaKi smcm aieo loe bao ffov: jaai n^opei .nna aipoa nWm 
xb na.n pun 'Dpi d^i^ni n^n baa jiwaab ttpwb nn ba eaw ana ab *]bwi 
baa .rnrw pt?b nr\s*a vvanb isaoe ansa km na mini bwin panb laiosw 
npibnon n\i vb) po^aao vn nnx nynb fbiai sai-aa ban pana rn pb ampo 
aw be pi n^a NbN bxi^a npibno n\n xb nb^nna w 'i 2 ib Noma an^a 
nnxi n*an nna by aev] nnai a"a b& pan *na *nKi nnan na^a pacv nnsi 
nam Train bn-\w< tm^v baa pa^-v [a"a hw pan 'na isci rrny nna by acv 
bm^a npibno xar\ pis ba v^ot^ N'bc bbni \xc n^bn iaij^o iy nbiai bixw'b 
rpybo xbi nancn sb^ na^on ana p "ai nsi^ai .niitn 'n^a nun n^'yai 

j'^rapi a^awjn nvp inb jona 11m >b^ xbs 7 i panan 
ninn Nins* Ninni pDN iab i^nd -in ixb i^no 'aia nae>o anc pnoxn xm 
'id [rns] i"k '11 Nioby biab ^lanxb nyapi 'i rns* nnix nn^obnb >ano i\xa 7 i 
anD n^iana 'i snaDin ana i\s 'i pn^ano ana pnv 'i idni inn mix wpy 
Na"py /_ >n n^byi sa^py 'n xa^x mbiai pyotJ> 'i na^a ana ntih^ r i nib h d 
yci.T 'i ion janoN panyi np pisa .abis b^ innsa a^avj'Ni bw pb janes* 
wk Na^py 'i ^aab inx n^obn ' bs , yD^ , > '1 avia'D ksio nnx*^ aipra ba nb p 
^n an idn 'now sobya pi ,to*py 'i nsi bsyra-^ 'i ns* c , c v :'^ i\so 'i kSk 
Kamno in rmapo rwiw ib\s* nmnso i-nd ^aib n^nnnn Niano bd Namnon 
*yy i\sn im^ i\so 'i lrac^ snpa nnbi w n^n^d 'i b i\s*o 'i xb Nan ,ao 
ic niy p nybs 'i nb nDNi H3B> n^ona 'i sbx idu> \xnna '1 xbi nabna a^an 

n^va?. 2 So MS.; see p. 8, note 17. 

|wa nna mntca^ nxn mn Ninn wfci xna^noa Kan * anna maoD pw ncao an noi 
trxn ("ntwo an ion nna) won nx (as) onoy an no^ mn xnain xbx xnax 
mopb bin) s onoy an no wo i^nm nxo ?y mm pnx an no m^y pspi ,nb 
jnnx (an) noi mop awn nna pits an no na mom (an) no nny ana noa nnai 
xyn nrj moa pnn no a^atrr nnai ,*pnK an no jo* pan rcna ah) mans spy mn 
xncx x^ x^n *b*bj pam turaxi mom non mopi? 5 pann pnm*po nnn* 
no] a^acn ny nuisa XJ^ap xh n"a ax xny xinna twnm mop!> xj^tx t&i no'y 
pn ma niaxa wja "ttnb 6 mwooi nuixaa xraonox* bin natrai .[mom an 
Dnn Dy) tfaitpn xam wi sin nna xsymp *p jo xiyn nit* ,pjp 7 pnnn nw }o 
wm ni [nxnai] jama [xo^ipa] ksnc> nun$> xam aw D"n^> Hainan ny(i 
w pi ^xnty ma i>an nai] jia^nai wna anp jorai x^iya (xnt^.n) nn na 
: 9 y'? pxa xn wan bw vax pxa xmnp wan m\w\ no5>t jox [pn 


tuann nna xnnp xaan xnon wn ab xna^non xaa^> "jxrvpan pan i^xt? 
xaan sn n xaam xnon wn ma ntP yn mxi nmm tuann 'na maan 

: xna^no t?n xnn&y xaann 'na 

i?a lanai ama^ i^nnn ninna nDaa nwx dx mcon nanaa "pn pfi7Nttn 
nana x^n 'np layout? xnaDinn Dn^x:r[cy]i .no^spm 'n xac *\y nnvpo nnn naan 
onan naoin^ ex nania^ xn 'n nxn noi .nnx jora dx nanaa nacon nnx^> dx 
nnnDa na 'xniao pan myi /an nana t*b ''non n^on ^jy Dn^ 
by] Nana nioan xnoaai .p^^nn tjnnpn wan ^id xrvvn wrn >an .Hlltm 
peniao in^nioc^ D^oann am ,'n ''ova ppn^s ncK pn^no xan nox 'nos* [moa* 
xn^o mn pam .jn xany 'n n-'o^n jSa pyoty 'ni dv 'm inw ^ani txo >an 
mn x^n di^o naba n"a max bw d*x s cj ^c x^x \mvasff lymn^x x^ o^i^xnn 
ma mm noai .nnna nyn 11 ini? 'ym iin nr^oni xnnixn 'oyo tabu npti>no pna 
inn x^i jo^ann orco pnna nna nn^o^n^ nojo xniian ;o nn ^a D"p ynpon 

1 E. xha. 2 p. W30; II. n^ ,s o. 3 O. adds n"a ax; others ax; 

p. above the line uox ^nx. 4 E. mro; O. pna ann mro. 5 O. II. nvpo 
pan (O. P. mx). 6 E. II. im:iaooi , . , ^ono^x. 7 G. M. 'a. 8 E. ainan. 
O. Dn Dn on. 10 MS. picnpan. 

[II. 4.] F 

maom 'wm ynn [mn] nnvo jo k^>k mn Nna"non pan ^aao ikS hdv an 10 
pa^oDn <W>y joi N^anon pann pmaa Oaa> |o nnt?K mm jno spaai 6$i rw na 
nn 2 nna mtn pap *mn [wono snon] xna^no a*mKi Kmna man pan by 
nw nrw its nnby Kin 'nwroa vtv Kim vnnK innb* mnpi jwan 
PKa nvnb * k^ud naa ymn (pw) apy^ /_ n nna epn anb Kmn nn nnpi 4 fKDnab 
no arui pKJ mnya an no "oab mn |t9p mobni mn awa nni 5 x s Dno Knoa 
moabi .K^Dnoa maiKa a\na p)Dv am vwnn in G,, a2o aw noa pro nnyD an 
,w 7 f' mnya an non w bba mnaina [np] sjdv am K^a mn ay mnyo an dsk 
Knoa tjDV an nnriKi ,twa mn nna 8 aan naea waK pKa nwi [nnyD an] aiaen 
psa pnK an nna '""bk na pnna mb mn vb\ (noab) mn^o nbnbmKi K^Dno 
Kb an nnai* ann a*aw moon Knanoa awi brxi (nbia) baabi K^Dnob npatn 

t'K'Dno Knoa KnaTio mn 
na pKa *wi an no nna ,[jn ibw] a^aiKa Kmna Diaa labo nnnK a^ae nxo pbwai 
pair u/ n Kn* naea [nboi] pro *nK an no na ptca 10 no^p an no .nn an no 
en bKiot? an no na ia u*3K *3K Nine iaapr (pKa) wiw an no n,bo mnnai Kabai 
pan pa] Knaiba mm .nan me nnxa 3*3Bn n*noi a^ae "^ rn* nae exna nba 
na pxa Nana ncoo an nob ninpi laaa^K Kna^non jaann [trowi mm Knavion 
mm .pjdv an 14 no na xana pnv jna an nob nvnp both mm |wa "nop an no 
neao an no ay K^ca mn Kobe inayi ain nae bibK [ann] ny [pma^a] Knaiba 
an noi 16 mnna nn pann* annaioi nnab mbn pam 15 pKa neao an* awi pw 
pan inKi psa neao an no a^ae vbaaa f!?n naeai .anab mi>n pam pi* ;na 
"waa an no na no* an no t^oi , 17 fon natra a s aei [pi*] }na (an) mb [n^n] 
an no nnna n,bo 20 obn nae naoai .tbbn 19 nae ena* a^atn .Kabai ?:v ^nnn 
mnnai , 21 nan naea y>zm xabai a>ae 'n pw n*nn* an non nna W3K pw n^aan 
,mn nan }o n!?k mn pan ^aa jo sh pan bjdv an no na pnK an no ronD^K 

1 E. oinaa. 2 E. mnyD laanai pna. 3 E. mhwh mnn mnKb nnyD uan 
rbu cxn nrnb irmno npnon. 4 E. jNDnab; V. p. jN'Dtoab; O. omits the last 
three words. 5 O. II. N s onob mavsaa. 6 E. np^no no^K b*3flx. 7 E. 
nD nnn. 8 E. an; H. a"n. 9 O. II. NnaTio N"Dnoa san N*nc*n nyi. 

30 O. wa<D. n E. no ^aon oa. 12 O. wok. 13 O.P. V. 6^ in. M E. pa. 
15 II. xin. M II. nn mno^a. " H.V. ion. 18 0. P. >aa. 19 O.V. naea. 
20 E. nn; 21 O.P. mn. 

39 * pro *nnw 21b mm * 

^moe> an* id bw ua ja mm ap naea *on an 12 1 3k an id mnnai .[pan 
nen .nbyo!> UB>mais> idb 2 mDno [snoja [xnta en 'snon na nobp] iantrns> 
3N mm pw nobs id 12 pm nov an no <i^d> jbp nj^a mnnai .t^d nxnoi dw 
3-1 na Nfi ai id nm dtixd n:e3 mnnai .DTe d< t^di 3 W3N pro S>b> idk 

{tctan p3B> 5 y3e 4 nn -id 
D"je yen no 3n no n3 *6*n 3n no twim mDnoa 7 iiDy Snre nao l^stai* 
mriR 9, d-3s 3i no mnnai .D'oe 8 t "amo 31 no n3 jnan apy> 3n id mnm 
no mnnai ,&:& 'a n? 3n no n3 p)7x 3n no mnnai .a^e 'n *anno 31 non 
D>:e 'a 'ex 31 id n3 nop 31 mnnai ,m?noi a^e 'a man 3n no 13 'R^n 3n 
apy id 13 tuna 12 neo 3n no mnnai "pmby -poab Na^n* Nnji^a pm mtnoi 
13 \nx fna 31 id TonD*K pan nnai .pmi n^b a^e Tie inoyi ,m?noi D"re ney 
.D^e ney 14 ryi3 31 id 13 oi^e 31 id mnnai .nxnoi D^e^ pw "^cu^ 31 id 
mnnai ,dw lfi/ n no 31 id 13 pxj xSn 3n no n3 pw winoa 3n -id mnnai 
pmi npm aioy 31 mb rba mn pan opi d it x:ee 31 id 13 aiDy 31 id 
31 id 13 flue) pern 31 id mnnai ,noa<m mamma "jta 'an nnai .mro mrai 
[pie] pen: 31 id t?e vnx a^n 31 id 13 nos 31 id mnnai .a^e 'n pie pm 
(pnan imxa) la^aei jnv P^ nt:)SX1 17 ^nn> nn nata* an id "mnnai .a^e '? 
pie "Nn 3n id pan nna T'ono'm 'nn 1 - xn^n myea mono rnion 'aon Nan 
,dw 'n pie ieriBJ 31 13 *&n 3n no mnnai ,dw 18/ t pem an non mia 
N^Dno Nnoa nh^d n^tn mnnai ,dw '? bwn 31 id 13 ab 31 id mnnai 
.me r wnea 31 id 13 apy 31 noi who mnnai .nran na nsnex h nbid 
apy 31 id 13 Njna 310 av 3n noi nrnw nn maooi nm pna mn m mnnai 
pan y*a nonx mnnai .a^e 2C "n <i^di> [>xn ^ia] pan [jon] nn xh ^mn mn 19 amm 
n^aoDD^ iD^aos* epoa^i ,nna dib^ ina n^eon jnd *noh mono nhd^ n^ioai* 
toDno nwisa aea ryaac ( s 3x) pto nmn^ 3n non nna iJa s nx pji^n jn: 3n no^ 
ns mnyD 31 nob nmws nn mnm rwea n: w amm .noe ^oai? i>n ^an *a] 

1 H. 11. nan. 2 o. II. pw monoa mantrw bmoty J3. s E. omits; 

O. ^3N. i II. 3n; O. adds Y'a. 5 P. '3. 6 O. II. p:e nxo |Sai. 

7 E. nnyv. 8 O. D ,/ ''; P. n'^. 9 NOia-'N and K&DK. 10 E. pnx 

11 o. pmya. 12 E. N'-eieo. 13 P. want; "nd^n. 14 e. omits. 15 E. ney. 
16 E. adds na. 17 E. d>d> enn (H. wna) nb^d. 18 E. H. \ 39 E. 

animi aVk. 20 o. P. r r; E. \ 21 o. "am. 

3"' t^oi Map njt^n xn-nty nn no p nnnnx n no mna Dpi .^o pap pnnm 
mw p* mm bt&m xnji^sm n"n nx Nn an no nn spy nn no mm .d-j^ 
*nn B no^ (rrfyn pn Snn-xna) s iDa ppDn!n niawaa *|DV nn no -np-x Pfflp 
nn wd guma innnn npo Dnnnx nn noi epi- nn no m-nnn noxi* Dnnnx 
xnn won 8 n-op p|DY> nn no aw* Dnnnx no nn -jno 'Kron xnnn* "paaao 
xn-^ np nm -nnn* 12 rtan u nhw nan* xncon 10 ma wn* ionnxi Yuab "ma 
m^i tamy 132 no-o^> xnn-no wi 14 nnnoxn nd WW r-nnxi tt [mosn] 
noxi 1G -n:n ^y* Dpi yrynrx spy no pjsi , 15 xnn-no wn nox nn fv6* y-otn 
noxi 18 nn^ Dnnnx nn no manaa n"n nnx^> 17 nnnnxi nuixa jo -xsraj np-^D 
rwa pn b|dv m no ^o Dnnnx nn no nnni .n^H [-nxn xo^ TJ?b xjonn 
21 ^y -mnnxi "rwaji no nn pn5P nn no (t^o nop rwa) nnnm ,ow "yat? bbp* 
mm 23 x-n nn no nn ppv nn no wn 22 n"n nx* nmn -nn nn no nn bjdv *an no 
im-o k>-c>p [mn] pw nn noi .nxa ujpr xnx nn non nnn nn (mm pi o-an) 
no 26 xnxi ejDV nn noi? n*i> 25 xt?p* pn-;- nn no^> jw 24 nmn- p nn n-aoD nm 
27 nox [px] cpv *am nnnn pxn xnnn mi-n^ m< npp6 xi> mb noxi n-rn^ pw nn 
( 30 ynn) nn (noxi) 29 --nnxi |dv nn nnnpi* nnDi 'xnnn man 28 n--nn n,b* nomo 
$'p rwa (-nn no nn) pn ?pi- nn no nnnm d-j&> 31/ t n^oi xnn-no tyn 'op 
n-nnm law ^ "nx nn no nn -iq^q nn no n^o nip nat^n nnnm ,(fw 'a ^01) 
xnaipa nin nnnm ,6bp rwa 32 -nn- xn^* no nn no nn wna 'xnx nn no 
nnnn pnnn D-nnmoi x--n nn nn pro ejov nn non nnn }ixj Dmo nn no [pn] 
rwaa mi nnnn -j-nnx pnn [nn]i -nn no nn n-nno nn no [pn]i x:6si xn*c 
nnn] p^ nK>y mnno nn 34 no tmpb* pnn [inb] mnm xy\> nacn dtod nn non 

1 P. tap. 2 E. omits. 3 E. iD^ana. 4 G. nxnn; O. omits. 5 E. 

no ny. 6 O. II. paanoi D-aixj jb> (O. mp-01) mp>on. 7 G. xnna. 

8 G. nop; O. p. V. omit. 9 mxi. 10 O. ^b; H. II. -nn. u II. n^DXJ and 

x^xj; H. x^'x-nn. 12 E. xSsn; H. nbi. 13 H. noxi. u nnon. ls nn 

pnn. 16 D-nnn. " nnni. 18 H. E. omit; transposed in II. 10 E. 'l D3p. 
20 E. adds D"p; II. Nn; O. -iin. 21 E. ^nn. 22 E. -nn. 23 O. adds pxj. 
24 E. -xain. 25 O. x-^p. 26 E. xnx nnnn xj-n mn bjdv nn no x % j ,v J'p. 

27 O. II. xo^xn; H. xo^x. 28 E. nnnn nx; H. vw nnni man. 29 E. i?-npi 
--nxi cjdv 'n. 80 O. yn; P. V. xynn. 31 E. wt. 32 E. H. D-inn m&W. 
33 P. iiyp. 34 E. non -op -an nnn. 

Kna^noa Naonp (tm^n) mynr jo nw (tin) Nnna J Diaa mai mn am Dim 
.tfjp 3, n nips nnao |nan no an no nnnai ,tua jnnon jno a pna nw* 
MP bb> |oru an no in WW an 10 nnnai .nac wi 4 xns* an no nnnni 
[mmm] tmoa [nonna] a^aon jno kjx mn sni Nnna ma jo 'oa mm n^noi 
vnto mm mn D^y nis*oi tann? 'mxfi vevsn noap 5 nnpts> Ooa) mn in* 
an no nnai* .paa 7 movt jniNni .nnx pnaa NnxTno pnnna (Mitu vn 
na tana w ksw an no nnnni* ,pp s 'n 9 Naa no na tuna wint* an no "wnrp 
.nvnoi mat? u/ a n^n mtntyo an na "nan no an no nnnai D'op 3 'n win an no 
oy mn mm nvnoi dw '> 12 mpa nnao n3n an* no na *ian na^a an no nnnai 
nainaa [nnao?] lapnc^n Nnna ma ^ltu nwo an 13 noi *i?n no na* win an no 
an no xnna man D'oinj jo pmnnai iw ns*o non pam noaoo jo [ain aym] 
nnnai .r"p naca nnana Nanpon 14 Nno mn nmaa joi n3n an no p n w 
no na ntu Nina an no nnnai , 16 o"p naca "nats> jo n^ an no p eioi"' an no 
ornate an non 16 nna V3n *nt* ptu 'noun* an no nnnai .ibp naua pNa 'turan an 
mn n?i 1T naJ5 nat^n N3N an non nna e|DV an no nnnai .Nap nac>n ptu 
imo 19 mro <so epyi moa mm pn mn aN Ninn nop pn no mnn* 18 mnan 
?"! inns* mnn nomm nNO |pn Naio mon mm ptu epv an noa woi man "" 
ip&VMi 3"d na jaana in? noN nn nov 20 mov maiaa mnaTioa* aw [ma] tin 
[a"r] mnNn iynn 22 onN pan [ma] irn n?i 21 maaa Nnxn N3D Nnaaa ma minx 
ncyo Ninn jo 2s N^n nva po 1 - noDO* Nnc^n pmnon *ttm Naio nn imnNi Nin 
vaaa* na^n 25 Tii ana* noiyi inaiD mn (wax on) ptu 21s 3N *am .[nayn] 
mts>aa ny^o mnn ""oa nomm NynN nnai 28 ^ma fjyr* mn 27 noaNn sovai 28 vo^ ^aa 
, S0 T,noiN 29 nannn nam nn noNi n>an pta jnjns> an no manai n^nip^a n^Dmj by 

1 II. D130. 2 Others pnaoi. 3 There is confusion between n and n in 

the MSS. 4 O. adds nan; II. m3Nn. B O. ^OJ 1.TN1. 6 O. pnD; II. omits. 
7 H. O. add nnna. 8 In E.; others nnnai. 9 E. NJin. 10 II. H. *tUVW. 
11 O. 'n. 12 E. Nan; O. V. nmp for mpa. 13 In H.; E. no; others omit; E. 
no nyi for noi. 14 H. NnnNO. 15 II. (not P.) n v p. 16 inod-'n and 'oiatc; 
H. omits nna. 17 O. P. jap. 18 O. mnna. 19 O. and II. no tvk mm 
n^?n nnyi moa mnn. 20 E. nn n wa xna^noa ; G. nnn Nna^noa. 21 nn. 

22 E. omits; O. adds D^iya. 23 II. NC>n noDO po 1 " nM. u E. omits. 

25 11. nnraa; o. ywh. 2S II. vo^a 1^; p. omits 1^. 27 o. G. noanNn. 
18 O. Nayr. 29 Others nanni. 30 O. P. TnoiN. 

nnnai .anni? p^a mb s^a inanans nai mn nw *nw an -ion $>*ob pJ> 

*s naca joru an "id na win an i t^d mnnai .Nana arras an no i^o 
menvs an (10) na maan an no n^o nnnai . fixa \snim an non vims Kim ] a"yi 
mnns wm s n"a nairn sns an no na nai> an no -j^o nnnai , 2 n"y naca 
an* *op mm jwm "wains an no na kbi by snaibaa iwm **kmti na 'tuntU7 
py jab nabo an nassi . 8 wnayi nim 'sar'ay snsamo pnnn "jaaaw "|W no3 
naapr 10, snn 9 ann mna* sa(s a)n -id nabo an nnai anyob brs mw *ontMi 
pw sana KMn an no -jbo nnnai , ls mnsn sbi 12 \xmy an no -jbo nnnai "n"a naca 
15 >lbn no na* saw an -id nnna Dpi ,iwa nnayi 14 j"s natra pica annas an nD na 
/bobooo 'cm jo nainai am bya ^ob iann mevai ."fx na&a pre/ 1 no na 
*a ^aa* jo sin nsaiai birinn napa spv an nD na ntwo an nD -jbo nnnai 

: 17 naipy 
jmb samna sb 18 ssbs nau> ny* s^no snoa iinn maisa pnba w j^sai 
, 21 jnnnoi 21 jnayon DWBtfi 20 snsnai snsaian* jina 19 msi nnDn by mat? 
pb\xai :jma sab mp [nmsi] sabs nap jo bas 22 pab saana naa sab nnan \xoi 
iabo snna 24 aia jo jina iopn* a^aisa 23 jiab sat^nan [nbw sybso] 'at? nso 
pnj jo nbn *sina an no .a^ae> 25, n mpa nnao sa^an an no .a^aixa [pb^s] sniDa 
26 n"* bsioc an no vnns .cat? n"> mpa nnao jnan apy* an no inns .B'op rf 
no be vasi* mn no^os be vaa *:a jo [mn] snna aia be lana^oi .a'oe 
mn mnnai* .snna aiaa [jisa] mne 28 iaanae jisa nan no be iaa 27 m.n nr Jmbp 
a*baon jso s^ano snoa mn sbn jvai taan n^pn nyea* ^ano snon sain an 
32 s>anoa maoi 31 no an nob* sniba en ^snan 'na nobp 80 mbpe mnna noana 

1 H. myaei. 2 P. p. V. n"y. 3 O. P. a"a. 4 O. sarin; E. war. 
5 O. pan. 6 Kwanw. 7 O. by. 8 E. ^sainoab mnayi. 9 II. ianin 
an no na. 10 H. <smm 'n. n O. omits. 12 H. II. *cw. 13 H. adds mo\ 
14 O. P. awn. 15 O. omits; II. only n^.n; E. >)bn no. 16 II. TV; O. P. 0"v. 
17 O. omits ^aa and II. ^a; E. S3piy. 18 E. omits. 19 O. II. n\S mm. 20 E. 

snnoai snjain; H. snnm snaain. 21 E. adds pr6. 22 O. omits the last two 
words; E. jinb; II. mm. 23 Only in H. 24 E. aiaa la^on. 25 O. P. rfv 
26 E. omits; H. n. * O. II. sm ras bwiovn ; H. an no. 28 O. II. latmap. 
29 O. s^anon ''sa^an an no nna. 30 The two words only in H. 31 Not in H. 
32 E. omits from nnnai I. 3 from the bottom. 

ra^ona niabo sjioa [n<o p^N nna] nmi noe *ap pnvn .mn pa*i pew mn 
jw noa nna ny ^nxa anao* nanoi sna^no ^nixi *ptb yapob p^a* iin bi 
EMiNa j^si .niaNP nrwi snanob Kjrnna nia"aD^> xnnaoiao Na^n pan 2 inKn 
5 pnn naeo 4 nDna niabo epos pfoa p^N nna xnnaoiaa 10^1 3 Nna*na wri 
on an non mna laapT no an no n,ta mnnai .*k*pbwb jan an na no ^o 
no* xniDa mn wai .nrn nvn ny no an a srna -viae rrvaa icnno mai 7 ianin 
n^o 9 jiNa no an no ianin* nnw .apnri naea pw 8 N3in an no p no an 
mm pnNi . 12 nb)yb "nono nv to* 10 Nnna *n jo pw wan* an no xynnnaa 
iww Nim pn^ an noi Nnna Diaa pro wn I5 an noi* w w3n an 13 nyn win* mioa 
inNnpb* niae nna jo pnv* an no Nifi a5?Noux p ^y neaae ny mats* man 
nwvb "\rbi6 03 nnb vo'a lapnp nan an no vnnNi .nw caa naDa le vaa tapm 
an no nnai ptta win an no* jrnDa vn vo^ai ."Tar '-in mni>an swyoea *6i 
na N^neo nwnow by awan Naee an no 18 sniDa mm woia an na nan 
pxa mn ejov an no na no M3Vi an no 19 swna maai \\*Dia no nnai* .sa^nn 
an no mnnai .^Nan an no mnnai .j^oo ww an no mnnai .Nakx naea 
jnmo mm xpa^ 22 no naa* ynn 21 pnbm Nabx naea n^oi morn no nn wantM 
nw&a mn ny NniDb pnao* ipnyi 24 nwawon pan by nno sppnNi nxw 23 mana 
an no *]bo mnnai ,nmm an no n^o mnnai .pnnawob "mron ttpv 22 no nan* 
boots' an no nbo mnnai .peom Nabx naea M 6un*a no naa* ym mnn spy 
no na Nana 29 nntaa an no -|bo mnnai .o"ai sabs* na^a "npwi 27 no an no na 
Nnae jo NnN an (no) p^D movai . sl xna Nmnm* joi mn nsnaa joi 30 ^jnN 

1 II. nuiNn >anaD. 2 II. inw. 3 E. Nnrnoa. 4 o. omits. 5 E. s/'n. 
6 II. n^p^no. 7 E. wniD. wnm?. 8 O. nxo; E. win an na no an. 9 E. 
lamo no an nnxi. 10 E. mm . . . Naa^n. u O. yaieon. 12 E. adds nap 
rrwb n'y'ei d^b^n nyans*. 13 o. jp'nn nya; II. n^o^.n fniNa. u E. 

wan; II. maan. 15 E. am. 16 o. p. v. ^n^o v{?tt awna nye nmxa 
a^oiax p ^y i^api; P. as in G. n a a"D mama. 18 E. omits. 

19 E. mnnai 'a aiaa ^anDia no mnnai. 20 II. ,s as an. 21 E. v\ba only 

and after Kpy. 22 E. an non; H. an noa; Una noa; p. V. no noa. 23 O. 
^aa. M E. omits; v. xnaTion. 25 E. omits. 26 E. ^Nnina baa; H. ^Nnanaj 
G. P. Nama. 27 H. no. 28 E. H. omit. 29 O. ^xjinoa. 30 E. naiN; V. 
naiON ba. 31 p. onnb p^o mi>y N^a nnanx nai Nnn-n^n; see p. 36, 1. 1. 

e 2 

/nbbti nac>a awi niacin nan nnnai .Dnisan dv "winDa bytrn n:sya awl 
Kim win an nna wan an aw s s nri naspa taaa nonn Kirn 2 tatpa yanxai 

jntnin sjid wm wan 
nnnai .noeri na^a awi ^na ''ao Mrraa an smna Disa id^d pas? pivxai 
2i pabnon n\si :! >Noinn an nnnai .natrn natpa aw two did jo Dnan 
ma 6 nod an ii?o nnnai ,Tinr nun n*idb> pya 5 6^n ruca a^ci 4 wain*a 
[ninn w]l ffwmn p "i:j?dc *bw an na noni n6n pnon mixai xann 
. 8 Nnoc> taai iaaD n"aa nd^>o TWirb wan n^ai nam *yan Drronat 7 naaa 
9 Nairn Npa 11 nn na n^os wan nowix kbbti napa naua nod an pirn iwsi 
i^opn"N naoa dv n^y nawai .nips na tftrra Nnib 0n "[xnow] no na* 
no na* no'DN u ^Bpn*M xn Rntn men .(P^n) N^n^oi mn Nnoir no na win 
.^uow 1 wiw 14,, aa wpanw ^aan srttyaa [a] i?a non^N ls Kati>ri nac^ai , u Hpj* 
ntnin spa nnavai bv 16 an -j^d nnnai ,wnn nna 15 nod an aW iatfti napai 
d^iw i:tod wn moyio mbq iaw 17 *maD pan van :Nmo^>n D^naro* 
"mw wann nna nod wan aw ionn na^ai , m dwi nana Dmror 18 naaa 
aw rriri nat? nnsa yanx Kim twa nnai ,nm 21 xaan sani pnoxi jvaa 
, 23,, Noin'<: an psbnon n*Ni 22,, Noinn an aw Nn witn jD^aai .win an na "NnN an 
wan aw nnaai .snna did |on "rnw na ^niop an aw i^ddd "f'nn na^ai 
mn niDa ava a5nn mvi) .wita vr\ win an aw o<nn naeai ."tMnort jo 
nai 28 wnn an aw iann natyai . 2T ni3N na nan* nna NnN an a^aci NDyr 
an >an nnai ,)W noa Nna^noa pw 29 s|dv nan* n^nt^Ni wrn an aa Nnon 
I^n wia^no }oi 31 amD wan an an nnai ,nna DiDa l tuiD t D am smoa w^y 

1 Others nSB>n. 2 H. xna^a. 3 E. oinn; n.nm. 4 E. ^oinn; 
II. woim. 5 G. M. fit'n ; P. bD^n ; V. p. tdcti. 6 P. wan. 7 H. nssDa. 
8 II. nnra. 9 H. II. add mo. 10 E. ^w u E. O. wan i^tapnw 

12 II. \:i. Vi H. and II. add nNDDin nan a s atn; II. f\&frf\; P. rwn. 

14 E. >2; II. w* 15 II. adds pn. 1G O. nan. 17 II. 'n DnnDNi 

jn-ami 'd pan iim. 18 H. II. nDD3. 19 G. adds xmoa n.^o N*nn naeai 

mini tuai nna nod an. 20 E. , Nnin\ 21 H. Nanan. 2a E. "oinn; 

H. V. ^nn. 23 E. >NEinn ; H. >omn ; V. Nomn. 24 H. II. rrnri. 25 II. mas. 
26 II. WJQ1N; O. nd^on; E. na for p. 27 II. niasn. 28 II. wnn. 

29 H. an; O. nan W; II. *W. 30 O. everywhere K^aiD'D. 31 O. aan |On. 

33 PW NT*W ll 1 ? /TUN * 

[anas? Kinm] i!> i? naca jn ^noi* nna Dian Vtmwen ans nm [n^dhd 
nayn 8 noai .ann* ircb wiita nsm Nan lyapw Nmta wnn t6y\ mm 
n^i] Nam 3Ni spv 211 nam mim am rroea 'ictavia p nna N^aa n^ *b>n an 
w*m .Nnxa^no vnn pnin [nw an nnai nna aiaa snaTio ann] n^n [mn 
6 ^n na wwi kw i>aai 6 nann am wono snob ni> nay njn *hs>n an 'ojo 
aisa pam 7 Kmwn mop p^rw an aa i>an yapn [t^ono anoa] Nnta am 
7tn^> (tvn) mm Snn wwn p pjp jnK nuw ny pin snbD kotu pam .Nmna 
(im) d^kpdp in 1 ' cwnai a^ana *Da xnan ttnuttSpi rwp mno NnNiibi HS>nb 
Naia pan 10 nyvon jnd* pna mm , 9 o^na a^na anta wb rvb 8 paa? wri 
[Knea] Nnnix >:n ^ pa nn u ime jwk nertw 'an wim tcnnam inb pyoi 
18, jonDa *aa n^i nia^i ntacn may 'ya^ob NnaTtcn "pama i k*g\ nw^i 
u DWa [>n] pD^c iinn pai tttnawi "pannn laapr *6 w y "on "Epo n!?k tons* 
^a a^syac* ""o" yvosai .jvr^ana pmDp 15 ^robo wan^* snswn \by wi xb 
anna man xnNitn &N k^"> natal NnuDhc p ltaroyx twn 17 \s 4 ar p mn 
[mi>] pyapi ann^ 18 fbw wins aiaa tan lni* nnb awtwi* mi? Nirana ata pmnna 
nw an ami , 20 pw nn 19 Nta (wano Knoa) rawa 'an pn^ao n^n^x t6 town) 
n^s] t^n ann sop trmnoa 22 nap ^ 'aa 'i-mxi pas? pmtpb amp Nna'nm m sniitsn 
^a wb* pan \3pn am [nrw Naaxa j^ no] nc ann xnna Nnnnnai [an j^ 
p^i ,paK> pn^na nSia xmobn nnnn 23 in^ "|m nDn jn Kn^aao pnnn Knci xna* 
^^Dl n^-^h* rutra a^atjn .Nninno nn 24,, an tin pap pn^ anp *j^d 8y am 
pax nn nM an mnnai iibfih 2G n^a M nnwu mi* -vd" an N^Dno noa mna 
bsii 28 iDtyn nrca a^aen win an na jopu an nnnai ,&w 27 J6^n ruwa a^ci 
^n an -\2 no xinn ^ovao an N^onD xnoa ^oi ,N*na^ fooab tutp nni xnDB> 

1 E. xnicn; o. NmaKitjn; II. diss Knxvtjn. 2 E. ncai pn; II. ^Niaai. 

1 II. N^aai ntsa. 4 n n // '' natf. 6 E. nanns. 6 II. srn. 7 o. nutcwn. 
8 O. pyna. 9 II. ^y^ -ota p D^na mi? 3^dj mnn Knwo^w anp\ 

10 E. nyvnn; P. nv^ron. " O. *. 12 O. pan ma; E. pma. ls II. 
^wnoiai. " O. nitimn. u E.O.bvzb wis vtn. M n.-y. " n. nmm. 
18 II. p>ns*. 19 II. i^as xh- 20 II. pan n^ pjsi kjw. 21 II. t^n. 

2 n* ^a'p a r, a. 23 II. nni non Nna^nn (a^) nD ^nnn'(^ia) nb ba nan^. 
21 II. }\rb. 25 II. MW. 26 E. omits from li^ri. 27 E. i'D'n. 28 H. TD^li. 

[II. 4-] E 

: fKU NT"W jm JTOH > 32 

(jdv am Nnana ma 8 apmNi [xaie] e^ mm l iw*w *in* *ae Nam Nniata 
mninx^ ^tni 4 ^do (mn) sjdv a*i , ae neae mn na ton 3 epn nx )b vnnna mom 
*|DV am mi> mex ins* not pidv an 'an c mnaipDx x^>on ny myna^> B mb ^paoi 
pat? n^anx vin Nam Nniata wi .Nam n^iaN 7 n,en awrn xiyn unn* mi" nex 
maa xna*ne xnn aba mn *6 [Nam] pats* piN inSaai :6in nat^a mwi 
xmna aiaa piw na pm an 8 itai .xnaTie -mn pbaw* Nan (atar^i) nnai .xmna 
"notari n^e xnio^> amp pnaa [mm] xaa an .iDnfi natsa a*a^i ?:v yanx 
Nmna u aiaa ia^e* prw na jena an inai .nap 10 ?ani nswa a3B*i pac 
^>a 'aa pnexn la^m riann mm awi 12 xmna aiaa xen an* a^aixa nea 
mi?) nax 16 ann pane xanw 15 Ninn mn* 14 nryi>x 'm nayn ton Ninn "pyatpan 
NnN u iry^N 'na nam mm [xanyee] xnna'x xa s m*e(i xna^ne^) mn (^rx 
aiaa mar an *jio mnnai ,nay nry^x 'na nayn Nam (wi) m^ nexi xon am mep^ 
,ny^ "einn naea aacn xynnnae *e H n an "|!>o mnnai .vinri naua a"ati*i xmna 
naira awi xana an "jta mnnai , 18 qt ipn nat^a aaB*i ansn n^e mnnai* 
inbiaai .a*ac> i^n naaa a'atsn Nam mm xnx an ~\bn mnnai , 20 dw 19 nation 
*an xnt^aa *a^ mnnai "N'anra xnea* pxa n*** an mn Naa an nnae yts* j^-n 
xmayni ^an im yapi NUmaE* xnapn nea (na) nayi 22 pani^na 'nexna rr*aai an 
bmn mm Nnib t^m tfoynb n*iB*i xynnnaai 23 xnxta njmi>* n!?n p s nn ahi 

:mhnai mmn NB*aai a^ae mm 
vn irta mnna unn Nneir nei nenei w inana xnta B>n mm jna na Nairn 
Nam mna NnN an nex 24 pnraxn N^Dnra Nnraa pmbm inanci *k*n 'ni> ,n^ pa s a 
mn N.m .nnN Dipraa nhnai nmn ia^ra n^ ^n 'n nyi 'n nio^o 25 nraNa ijn* ?in 
Nna] 26 Nni^a ^nn* ^an ia^pnNn p s ai ^n ^ m$> fjm mn ep^o ;na na Nam 

1 II. N^tra mm. 2 II. no^p^ni. 3 n a"a nov. * O. aDD; P. L3Nra. 
6 E. mi*. 6 E. V. NnapDN. 7 E. amrnn . . . n.t; II. -]va,-\b mmn. 8 E. 
omits; II. reads ^oi pnnnN p^anN mn Nan. 9 E. nonn. 10 G. H. M. V. 
ianh; O. o. anfi. n O. oia!> ia^n. 12 II. Njnnnaaj E. omits. 13 a n"o myiac. 
14 O.II. nry^N. 15 II. Na^N. 16 II. nnnxa. , 17 P. iinn; o. i^nn. 18 H. ten; 
II. ansn vnnNi. 19 O. P. bvn. 20 G. adds iai fa^'n naa a-a-n Nntair no mnsi 
D^NmoNi a^xan nnD nsDra .pnxn yrynrai n^iya nSna nyi nn^n ova. 21 II. 

N^anra xn^ n^nx Nim NmDa. 22 a r a a"a. 23 E. Nni^a wb; II. Nni^a 4 ^sn^. 
24 n ta"a pea. 25 II. neiN 'jn. 26 E. Nnib cnn. 

nop nnan nab *mo [nm] nn ban pni Nabai pat? pnnn [nnna] ppr an -jboi 
NiDn am nw epoai w noa Nmob NnDn an 2 nab nan btN mm l pnnb*o 
Knunen 5 mby bnp *nna man 3 n3id nb*o mb KsntMMcn* nan Nm na 
aabn (sna^non) Kmian jo tcjnnii .Nbnri nawa anc^i pw pnnni anew iboi 
dim sn na win an ib wwwBn 6 nan ^np Nbn nmm an nnan w warn 

: 7 bna t^nno (town) ann mb mm Nnna 
n] M Mniawn 9 mby tap [twn *mob] nanb 8 Nnb mb "pmpw* anp nai 
[iboi] n ann wi btoem pann N3inn Nnna man anavioa rnin boan Nbn* [wi 
ro wiwTisn mown .[nann nnin de> pam Nnna dim] ^oro na nan Kim nan 
Nin^Da vum KDpa w naa *abw nonn boao Npn Nxmp ma ib3Nn rww 
13 Npna baai ann ann aoaxb Npnona jo pnyi bibNi nnN 12 nban <nn> nn paw 
loa iba ncryon bai nby ba> nan^a SPpana *aona n3 nan Nnna dim [n'db> jo] 
[anna DiD3 aona n3 nan mm] pjB> pbwai , u anyian n Tawm 'on Brnaop 
ni23 sjdv 3n ibn [*aona nn] nan nnai .wmoa nnin pano mn 16 N"n n3 nan 
anan pas? I6 nonn "ax ibo nnnai .nbnri nassn mm Nabai pap pnnn Nnna 
mw 3n n [mn] Nnp^yn xma^ wi "ppron pnaa Bniao nm .rw 17 6b'nn nat?a 
NnaTio ^n nn wn noiba "3N n moabi sjdv 'n n rnDabi nan "3 epoabi 
jama [mm nnin] btnwn mb vun ["won] 19 NnTnn pann nap tfn Nnia>pi* 
.pP^ny pbpni pnnn pbpn jmby amai tnpoa m ninaip nntyy vhw *abpV2 
n^an Knn na M nwnna 22 p^naons mn Nnna 21 ma pi* Nnnm N3n -j^d ax nn3i 
No^y ni3n pani n^op^ wna^nta xnsi w at<n rrasa 24 n: a ny* 'i3i mn po^n 
wo (n^n) NniD3 pw mn n^ NnDn 3nn nvsa 27 m ^aon* jYni ."rwapb 25 13J3>n 

1 E. pnmbo. 2 II. nib. 3 II. Nnyt^ nn nanm. 4 E. O. omit. 

5 II. mK>aj by. 6 E. omits. 7 E. adds the following: t?"B> nN .nnan 

sjiDah n3n n sjiDabi nmm an n mm snia^ Ninn povo p-Mm nmyb wsn 
nan amp N^n na NJin 3nnb Nn\s* dni Kan n mDabi "ax n mD3bi sidi > an n 
losya Nini n na win an n sjioah mw 3n n nmbi in^rnb mrobnb ib mn 
3 r/ y noob xno^on nNT nnra. 8 II. Nnyc sanoxNi. 9 O. II. mm *by. 

10 II. nnin pam. u In II. (nioab N^n) after nanb 1. 7. 12 E. inn. 

13 E. Npnoa; V. n^a. " n Ta o"a. 15 II. xm 3n -13. 16 II. Y'v 
17 o. no; M. 3d. 18 '3 'd poa. 19 E. omits. 20 'n 'i. 21 O. Dian. 
22 E. enama; II. sjnaoi n\n n. 23 n Tj niana. 24 E. mb nv, II. xma; 
P. 3nc. 25 O. i^3^n. 26 H. O.; others n,opb. 27 E. ronon; II. nna n3 |0T. 

ibn pat? pyanxi nwpa ^aa jo* mm saw an n^o bxiot? ->nni .Krnna aia [xm 
nxo yon w*a wi twin an *a pan noso iin na "janom ,nann min pam 
nfaai Kavi 21 "ao s pan ntaso iin na wibw no^na B*nn mn win am pan 
Nna^no town ni? nop xanyoa (ni?) man .xov>i> rr6 4,, Baoi spas pna mn lmnyba 
'ni ns?P am xnar na xax 'n 5 moa^ i?y Nan pnaa pnoxnai .nxba win ann 
na xnx 'n nox win ann mpnao inpymt* inbia won na xnx 'm ma am iabn 
waaa nna^pn ^wo nab 6 win am mpnao inpyx inbiai pnn \jd pnt?* apy 
paiam pmoxi btmy pnxa pnv '- nw wm am movai ,mi?ya mnn noanm 
man nna mm dbx 'n nna nmn won 'n nna bxnsr pnxa pnv 'n ibo pat? 
xnca 9 nrybx 'm pnv 'n noscx 8 p'P'n nat^ai Jxcnan pnsa cnsona empn 
xnna aiaa mw am nx^a -ao nmn xaio sain an naaxi 'ox 'n -jboi xnn 
pan ay xnnoai p6bq fona am .amnab win anb mb nnno mm mop mmobni 
noaan 10 yir yaa xbx win ann mop!? [pna an] b"y nmn pmatrx xbi Njnnnan 
amp win ann i^nno mai .[nnx nboa nb 'mio] pnan wm jona an nox ""Nnain 
naa wm 'nn maeai .nm xniDai win anb mn nan xnan am xm x^ano xnob 
pnxb lanxb ip^DNi n'n'n nat?a wm an a^atsn .Yn'n naca an -ob xnan an 
.x^n 'n ba> mapa lanxb 12 wn an mapT *a\n "pnbao ibxa cnson wi *a bxne 
mm .wm ann lanx ejtpn ai>o 14 xniba am an* 13,, P3yo xbn 'Nn ann pnoxi 
awn nnai .xmna aiab mopb 17 mx pan mbiai 16 aotJ> tip vnns* ]5 nmm an 
nam .nat? 18 a'Yn njca a^a^i pap nt?y xmoa xnon an n,i>o nap ^n'n nj^a nmm an 
T^o nnanij n^ nox 19 nm nn ia nmm ann mnna xmna aiaa imn ejDV am 
21 nvmn naoo mDa trnaona Ktpn (xm) nnoi? 20 nyan im^aa by i^ap n^i nx* 
23 amp c|dv an ano 22 in^tri xnyc> in^ xano^x p;dv am nann mana naao mDai 
(rvb) moxn ejov an [n^y] b>ap xi? *an r, axi x s om no!? pans bam ^a xmn 
[pap] pnnni pncy nan 1,^01 xj^ai jy^ pnnn ejov an 24 T!?on n^o\s!? \xn!?a 

1 V. ^a )o; P. mao. 2 x Tp mama. 3 E. omits. 4 II. <aai. 

5 a n r, a nioa\ 6 E. O. omit. 7 a j"p mama. 8 P. V. ypn. 9 II. adds 

nm* .mono Nno l wm ama tnm mm ma (jvn) mn Nbn wovib pmnw 
wi *a tan aw* [an] nnNi ym [nn] Nb 2 nnm ma*N '*bw nnn nwu bans* 
T01 HMD nypa 31 *nB*an baa vnuen niyye twin o .won *kto nmn s inbi 
.rnrpD en npw *bna "maw |imw jwhmk* E eiabtatab ybp^N -31 ma na 
,w/hk sew mb "idn baaa tnma en jnd wi ja aNb pw 'n mb ntaNpn 
av pnsa eniDon wi o 7 onn mapn wan n mb wm Nabn [ma] a*pw 
n^bn [ann] spaai 9 nan dm mm wimva an *ai wnaab an n^api /nniaan 
nn a^bna pan *na s ae [baa] vm ,Y'a ae yapi [nann] nmn ae jam n3id 
Kbnana puna Nb 10 bx)W nNn u*m an myapn wnaa nm naa mm Nynnnaa 
wotio pnnn bNiraei anb nb pnm .Nynnnan Nan *aa in tman Nan >aa w NbN 
bNitaei ptrab bNne^ pN3 an nn nN an baa , u an nanao aa tfaana janoan 
naD bNiaei 'mae nae>e wotio w/xn naa am p-a u ">bw pb mnna nnx 

:nnns b^aei an irn wi nnnsbi .nna im*anaa Nna^na 
Nnn Nnm a^ae yae mmnb mnna bwae anai 13 riapri naea an aoan 
15 nnai baaae iaan anpb pnv n [mb] a^na mn 14 an a"p mm noai .wotio 
ym Nb [^nsN] nN baaae wman Dnpb bsnaeb janv 'n mb a H na mn ann mt?aa nan 
Ntn] Nttbya tuamn "von naN ,?:v pnen Nma^y mb nnei ana "man tain* 
nan b mN [na^a nyae] naN wiwjno psd 'boa nD^bn pyo mb nntsn ana [ynn 
an nn^bn mm 21 i6pn naea 20 mesa nai* bNiu> a^aei , u n*ffuo bv^N 18 baaa 
Nsa NnN y'p'n naeai , 22 ^nbea nee am Nnna Diaa mim am Nynnnaa pru 
.Nnnobi ^nbebi a^aaeb 24 iaapr ma na nan btNi Nynnnab nannw nva 23 p 
>ae n^a toav jon Nnna 25 Diaa fbn jaam* Nann mate Nn na ejov an nnn mm 
nbia] 3N nDNi eN nmnoa vasb nbwn (ba) nN nNine ny 26 janna .nbia np>y mn 

1 II. *-\pm. 2 II. abna nea niD^N ib^SNn pna mm *a onn bNne^ ^e^aa mm. 
5 II. nanne. * n >"p pbm. B P. eia^bmub. 6 II. mo^a Nmaa pa^anai. 
7 II. baaa. 8 a r"s vtac. 9 n Y'a a"a. 10 a rb ptaa. n n r i ptaa. 12 11. 
p^a 'd ann paensei. 13 E. adds nn^b 'ai t^abN ^ t^m. H II. adds wimwm 
(a n"s pbin) \wxi bNie nib jn^n nnnai mb ]W mnn jNnn n^mb nanyon 
ann ^ae bo. 15 II. 01. 16 II. NaN mann >m b. 17 II. (man) Nn Nnen. 
18 II. adds ip^N. 19 E. adds pbina pn^Nna. 20 Only H. and O. 21 II. 

n6pn; v. nvpn. 22 Every^vhere O. 'nbiea; II. \nbea; o. ^b>ea. 2S E. p. 
24 II. adds jrana am. 25 n. mcb |bn pan nNei. 26 a a"a n'n. 

* p*U *rmttf m 1 ? /TUN : 28 

no iu [un] now mm nnva uy un mne 2 S>Nnu px mo^na* pan I BnBW 
farm pmrn <^n) yprb vnva "Jpr wjw noo pn mny y nns n nomtf 
W mf> [w]3tiio tote N3ni? xnib en win an p^o \\n ,'rMUDi [rpmtroiD] 
4 Nn3no mwi manan jo mm* po<u oaeo njni mw oaeo Kirn m 
tow 31 ten nn ion ma^> nan m>n 'n W jot nn mtdpus [wipn jo] turn 
jno Mn pis m*n '~b un nu -ion n3 ww "6 nox un h? wb loananj .nai> 
tcnisia ww un n^y Dyan [mn 31] y-m cm na natw n^ 7 paa 6 n3^> -jb <y3 
pni>n p^i-n pa 'na "dv n"K pov pn^n 'm nu:6 ^y vb\\ pov pn^n nHsra 
N3piy 3-1 no ^333 win 3n nna oonxi .[Kmmtn 8 m&3 ^>a rwe 3n ep^* pov 
N3piy no aw mn ^on: (*3m) wi n3 10 xapiy noi i?moe 9 pnoxn !>mop mnna mm * 
N3piy non mop iwoe aw mn wna (urn) vin nm .[m^n] niox y3nx3 bmotn mop 
Nem nnpa -pen vasw 12 nmm an^ taioe mi> nos* n pnom [mi?n] niox yanxs 
un nn nu '* nox na ina aTiai n^p wi nui xapiy no Nn o'cna n^m 

:oaeo np3^ 
, M nu NJ^nn fl> [ ls nuta] fmb* n:v,byn nrea b^ib 3n mm unn moiui 
Nen ^333 kttd en* np">o mm ['n nna] 15 pan u* Nen N^e 'n san mm 
'nn mts>BJ ro nai . 18 Nmox3 nny Dp* n^p 'nn nnnxb y^N 3n 17 pnoNn 16 p3nn 
nnob 3n* m ub:fk h [mopo] bsio^ 3n mnansi [ton] Jwdbh an iin n^c 
n^y KBn nno^ 19 ^ao^N n^ ^xioe pjni n^op bsiOB>b *amwin n^y tw\ 
Nnoja pnoxn KWna 20 N3io ^nio^o an wwp mnn n^op ani? *avnh ann 
n!? an j3n vw "ab ni? now fan yiae ai> iy^p\x dn am ^NiDBn an 21 nanon 
[nox] ann n-opo b"y t6 dn am dn ann mope b^y i6 ksioe ^Nioen n^opo ^y 
wyn xinn meo '-opo 3n nnanxn ^niob> ^n^ an nnoji S>nib> nnoj .moj |no 
nntnn oipo mm mnan mnn xynnnja ^nioc6 an n^pae s an meoi .m^n 

1 II. penaon. 2 E. (a a"^) mamai (a 0) D^an D^unma; II. ^ni-j^ pntn. 
3 E. maix^oi. 4 II. .mm n*an Nnano mm. 5 p. v. 'on. 6 II. rnia^. 
7 E. pn. 8 O. p^a , , . vfat. 9 a r"o p"o. 10 E. omits. n n* n"a na-j*. 
12 E. van. I3 E. mabob. M E. adds nyvb o'y'p'n'ni b*b^ nt6 rwe*. 
15 II. pann. 16 II. xnnD en i>333 pann s-en. n 3 'a Nov; II. pnosi. 

18 G. n3J nmnp ^o enao spi n^y 3n dp N^e 3nn n^y op^oi? tmoN mn i6. 

19 0. inravN n^i. 20 II. i?moeo Ne v ep 3n mnn n^y mm nnoS mop uims^ 
nun D^e. 21 n a p"a. 

27 * pro nth nnb J1"WN * 

B>Kn baN mn man 3 nv^j nwn inb iini Nan nmn pyann vn* p bVki baao 
"Dipon p *6k nn Km pnK Np Kn^o Nnnn* pro ron m^> [pnnnaDi] Kna^no 

NTlTnO "E'Kna N^l *>33a paVU IIH NHI^ Cn3 *3n nUB^KT 1JH .'* nn3* ntJ>N 

6n ny ni3K3 tnaima [ s nm Kin*] torw* pKa pmnao wi paw bwimi 
nep a'a'en mnnai .ua [prn b^taa pn mnnai .133 pyB> bn nn3i .wept 
un m 'n p^Ni .hna fna [mn] yt^N p ^xyw 'm "man pin op ^opw 
pviMnsn lana fiyDtFi fo^ca jiyew i>m nawi nwva pnK*i w nK [-on] i&aa 
*K3T p pnv pn nin 7 mata wwa m^Nn* a'a'tn nnai .nw nx rrain *aaa 
tcntaw ia ppai* -idv dwdbdk nib Mnipaxi roan pin prya mn wim 
10 mi> lrpn* naa'a psm Ka? p pnv pn tape nai . 9 mam man ?N^oa pm 
pn mnnai , 12,, n3t p pm* pi ppnn tmpon ma annt^o "pm .niapn *\wy 
bvtbca pn miKi niabn win nn^y Dy] annate [jprn] a'a'Bn bv iaa wia 
ninay yn anbn ypiro '-6 mnym jvai n"a ax ycyin , < 'm naa">a K^a ron [iaa 
jtd^b] nnni nsiD.n Kn?yi> *vtyy Mini 13 nn?y mnn* mnry p nrybx 'ni> mopiKi 
*nnn* fo^oa pn n^n nnry p nryta '~b ninay n^i i>N^a pnb nmnnx[i 
'-1 mnnai , 16 nn^n nWin 'oaa '->BDna 15 Nnat? Mnn* nnry p my^N 'm 14 Mna^ 
jronyp roaai ma^a nw mn3 19, an nnnai .[Kwa mn 18 'n *ax*] 17 iaa pyp 
'no 'n roao Mya "jjron mm baaa niba t^n xop Main an 20 nin 'm vavai* 
an ani [Main an laoi] baaa "\r\-\)i nn n^ 'dm n'-yt^a "-aM no "0M paa n 
nm.To oac> niD^ ub 23 M^ann .ppmo Mam oaty 22 nnn ( n>b noM "'ann *MnaD 
Dyn nx pnmty baaa^ nvba WMn i^m nmn>o oac> niD^ m^ vbn pao ppinoi 
"ann mo^m .[c^ana nmn pnobo^] bbn bw vaa ^aa i^m vban pao ppmoi mbpoa 
[baa Main ann] nwaa na ^ann n^ovai jjia^M oa^i ^Min [bd] any baaan 


II. Mnvba ^Mn pnb n^x mm Mnms* Man pvano nn. 2 II. pnoK nmn 
mpoa nmob Maonn na nos Mn^o (G. Mnn). 3 E. nn. * p. ^Bpnw. 

5 II. H. add Kin. 6 m i"o nac 7 II. annate. 8 II. \mpax nai. 9 II. 
^M^isa pn "an Mn^ic Dia^DSDM jo yam vTobn ys^n^ 'm nry^M 'n 1a loaaa. 
10 II. jp^n; O. omits )rb. n II. adds pna. 12 II. adds ^n mnaa mn nbnna 
naa"b nxi. 13 H. nwjn nan mnn; II. mtpy Mini aan Mine u P. p. nt? 
nmac. 15 P. nnx na^. 16 m n"a mana. 17 II. mna bx^oa p (p. Kim). 
18 E. omits. M E. umpn wan. 20 II. nwai. 21 a m"^ nvmn. 22 o. an 
annn; E. omits n^ nK ''ann. 23 E. (m n) pnnnaDa pnoKna; H. O. a^nan. 

D 2 

: paa mnw mV jii:in : 26 

noxaty rnt^o v^y iron ppttro? na (p< ^ dim) naiai> ^ tamp mix ppspe jnn icsrwi 
p'yai jn^o fnix nianano vn Dforvap mnp D^a xani paa noi> pi naix^ nap tan 
,un 'xaty dipo nro ^>co xnanDo an pi "wan an ' an <o ^>co nianano p\x nxi 
an]n pan noi , 3 xynnna a nia*B anoa nron* wan an ta n"y an nai 
paa 4 *xnna pano pawn xnoaa lyapw naD noai .xaio ^ac Tnixi mn pxa [wan 
wo xcna p*am] roapa 6 nmm 5 xnoan wop* jo pnapa xaiom ani xa^y an 
pan 7 xnoaa ^nnon 'pin^i "B>ip "pw inSa* ,jb wo epaa ny ['iai ^-d wi 

:(naa na"o nnm) ina^yapi wnn wmao wnna 
n^k iTnaw x^ nacoi mobn .mo^nn anaai na&yon nana: nsra 8 pnanam 
10 pnoxn , 9 ^nan ^nDiao x^ i>3N na i>y ina^Dnaoi? pan pnvni *nno wi *vinn* 
<nna ni>x.n nnann *a ^y s a] u 'aB> ansa poixi> wen nnx w na ^yap nnan 

:main ama nnx w ania nnx n^s ['iai nna inx 
nyi jot mixo jnnnN *ji>o s oi wan 12 nnx nnoa "jxvi wmaD pan pmyam 
onpo btrwn rwuown nin wn sn^o xnn xnp^y u pai> w\sb 13 xann .v^ay 
xnp^yo[n ttjnv wi] : 15 xnt>>3K> Nn^o ma mxn Ditro xna^no pnnn la^aw wn 
iaai xynnna^ ma^nx D.noy Dwaa noai naooro pnnm maa 1 " ntaa biOB* ii>a na 
16 mao nnoy want?* nsyi n^aaxa mnDn xns^aa [u] my^Di mim n^o rrw (ann) 
nwi^] nvnpi laairv nnay nw n s aaN nx "pay in ^a 17 now^ no Dpi>* cnpon 
a^i enpo[n iT'a] yoa^ noiba [xynnnaa u Km] a^nn ^[n xn^aa a snt^aa a 
hnm Nn^aa 'aa nox an na^aty xn^ wa^n ^aaa "pnoxna pnoy ,na>a^ mm .jxa 
N3n paon (no\s) n^n 20 N3n ih* xan noti n^i aTin viun Nnt^aaa nos btx\v&) 
5>sim sn^aa vnm .Na^vo onn nona Nap^nno *an <b wn a nos xan paoni 
Nnry 1^* p>ai ,N\n xynnnao ntaoh naiD.n Nnry bfc? icnno n^a^ ^n nainp 
pnn pyotr paa pnnnaD ^sn 22 dsj> 11m ^npon nn iaai 21 bao nham bann 
jnoy ni>iy rw jptn ^m .pbiy vn ^aao jam 23 mann jmx nxtn wid b^n Diaamaxi 

1 p. noann. 2 H. P. manoai; II. iana^ waoa. s E. II. s\n. 

4 II. p.nnnan. 6 E. II. D^aiK'Nnn; E. snoaa. G II. ncwsn (cxnn) umn. 

7 p. omits. 8 O. Tpya xpm. 9 II. t6 'nDja jo . . . Dnao^ . . , ivnn\s in^n. 
10 E. adds (a n"*) nmona. u II. pnosi. Ibidem. 12 II. nna. 13 O. xa\xn. 
14 E. \rb. 15 E. o. omit. Some xn^oa. w II. p fawn vroran. "II. 
n^y pip 11m. ls E. omits. M x o"a nbao. 20 O. Nam; II. xan xoti x^i. 
21 E. onoy nSam ^aao xnry ,n^. 22 G. M. add ^b>. 23 II. nnn.n. 

25 : pw NHFW 2n7 maN * 

^n'l" n*e 'n bv *an H aai> "row 'n te von p rnt p swot 'n myn pan hanna 

mm rvai win vby nan IT i>y nbia jnb> ma "an mnm |NP maa pn 1 - bw rbv 
)nb tnn nmn in anan nns mow ia una trum maw fnttKV Dipo [n] nnx 
ks-c^ ua vn tann D>\n ny *a nswa na>y n^x nitrun K>na nmai nrn anpo 
i>a !>m nya h dbbot a nya nS ndk n3 nts>BN fntPina ii? topi ii> tantapo 
p Da <as u nnanni> wins n wan Dipo n^k onyn bbboti ndn D^yac ?"y 
pmaro pnp na^n nan noxp Dan mo^ }too ,u nnannb Tins ^ iman Dipo 
pmaro px ntsxn jn .mix pmmo px n^ now mis* pnno px ni? now mix 
jnoi pnn np mbi 3Tian pmrn p nosn }ndi 'n n^iy^ nap xi> *a s^nan inw 

{'^KnB^a nipt^no lan a^n mm iana>D pnn pmnro px noxn 
prwiavD wn wina!? Nan 'nop ip3B> 4 x?ayta n s imnxn "!? naitrnn nxn 
pWa naa 6 WHBaxii pnn B nnan&6 pn^ nip3c wop \sina "mnoxn x^aio nan 
0n 'n -ion) 8 pnoxna /aa^x xaitan* xnn nnan ton xmo^n na spimxn ^d 
xnnaa* xan mawi nnxa nman bna3 ^aimnxi awn xya (mn) jn nxo 9 yat? 
nyanx jauno xp px nsi Yin ppnaa nan nha nnim ann ^3 xni 10v, y3 soi> 
mi> noNi nnnpa pm ncoiac npxn Oaa) do mn nn nnin 1 ' an i^ni n nnD 
Np jas i^sn [wan] sann up bmnw ann win nox oninta pn^sntaa 12 j^na^ dtit 
13 ps* nxi* Nnoo nN nusDfi pj^k' mn na nmn" 1 an nNi Nna>no no^n jauno 
pya N % a^ Kin t^ 2 twnv *&$ p "na^on xa^i* pc*sa pnyvo Np 
Nrnna np^db^n wan nnai wan ny tm nnan xnn nxnin NBDin^x "-an nish 
.nsmn pjid warn ^n an n^a a^na mnn 15 p^xn,n nnxn Nns^a nwnni ksno^ 
.nsnini' 16 ^anpon nsnrPB ^nson ^xniaD iin* nin n^ nwsnin >Nnin aYs* *an nnai 
18 ^omn an* paa .nv^ns 17 ^N*pi ^n mnn ^no bi wmao pan (snxian) un np^i 
ai 'iai a^pxi 21 D\n nanoo oa* N-aona janoNn D^nn ^ao 20 Nns % am sjdv am 19 nani 
23 <an noxn pnnnaD 'd3 cnaona 22 ano wan am .xynnna ^aoa n>y N>,n D^nn 

1 E. 'Etna; G. noNn wnn *a. aip^n. 2 P.p. V.pnr; M. rnr. s p. pmyan. 
4 M. nnb. 6 II. nnann^. 6 II. waanh. 7 E. omits; II. &Ba mn xaio. 
! II. pnoN nm. a i"p pnnnaD. 9 II. nyans\ 10 II. Navya ^yao^ Nnmaa. 
11 O. adds naco. 12 p. ta^aaan. ls E. pNi. I4 p. ^naco vh); E. 'nacsn. 
15 n i"b d"3. 16 II. panp naDi w^a Naw mn. 17 E. Npi; II. cwpi. 

18 E. O. II. *Dirw r n. 19 II. omits. 20 E. O. omit; II. WnN. 21 H. omits. 
N'rpua. 22 O. everywhere aan. 23 k a "?a pnnnao. 

[II. 4-] D 

: pan a-mw 21b jton * 24 

*m* br>i .Nnoaa ^oa nb vrw2\> i? vamp *an N3io na vmna (xp) oa pna 
now n^ptD onoa apa* iaa^> uw pnr 'n ion 'pnowi ,kot oyoo *Nnn -man 
an now Nnaob m*pa xnyaxNa pw Nan now Nnoa$> s Nmaa Nna^oa pw *aa 
Cian) Np*ao vpfcww s*3^ owwi noai ,nnae6 *Ninaa Nnyaraa pw *b>n 
pn] nayn naiyi pDnaoi [awn] pyapo [prwa] pyap wi wn dwnti hpipto 
wa^i wina mnow sn^^ myot^ pano inha \s[i .Nnoaa Nnwn] laivo [wop pan 
anp [nin] in wi 5 *ai^a noN paa* Nona Nnowina mow (nyop) nnpn [;no] 
ids' Nnna nia^ y^p\s* N^iy "pnowi ,^a n"N rrow wiono mow rpyoen 
rmnw ^tn ^nao wi nm nw rta^a n^ vote bn ma pmr ani> mw an n^ 
^tn n$> son ma&6 ^"w nhn nowi Kin ^in^ tnp pa bnaon ^"n win s a ab 
-ion n>nrr -ion noan wn hni? tnp pa ^naon [b~\ "ioni nnnen [Nin] "2t6 
nan pnn noai , 7 .toe>o wna^n Nnowvo* nH -ioi> rr6 Nona im rronxrn 
8 pnow .n'nnyot? spy *ao wnriNn rvoiaD wto nam n^oiao Nnnyot? now 
ai ,n-vt 'n na \nn na" 1 "13 jo^aa 'na n>neais shy nyap pny 31 }ona 31 'on 
Nnnyot? -poai pn N3N 13 Nn 'n .N3N ia Nn 'n hfN na^ na paa '1 r:y no 
*ao nan nnn rroiao 9 -ion *an* niyi ,p"i ab na 1 * 'na p>a *ii rram n*oiao 
nnnwa in^i n6 noN tawm ann snDiaio ^ax ntt 'n p^D "3 10 pnoNpn ,f\ny 
n^ca N^y ^iao s^n 13 pidv .N^n na pjdv nnox [so inb 'dk ns bxiDm ann 
Krmai mw am xas xan^oa Noby ^iao tutc [n^] 'on nspNi epv 31 yoc 
ann n^otro pqd N3N -13 n^oi^ '-i ion mw 3i losn ona "naan paD l^asn 
inSan u wn .nnoio pxc nipoa nwan nN pTno nthv ^nidbh nnoco paD 

NVl Nnio!?n 13 ^D3 N>^0 p^\S'3 H3 H^ 12 nON NH^D Nin nDN Np p3"> 

Vdd jo 1^0 [Nnio^na] n"a pyap vctn vrn bn [xion^o mn] Nnn inan 
31 pnoNn M prrroD jisdot wnn ^a .[inb iy3non] jai dwdi [i.nb] i^niron 
innox ^noi vb ion son -ia *on via yas nan "a pnnnao tan nidd am wna 
^oa [vn]i ,Nnyoc n^iai Nmna p-nnaoa pnoN ^noi n^ pox "nan ^3n pnnaoa 
^nop pan n^ py*v \")n vbn (\so) is'h *anna pan pcnnoi pa^oion im "pin 
,pn^o>a in^ No^y fnta^N n^ ma nmnaN^ pnnna [^nxn] verb wpzvi aha 

1 II. ^nNn. 2 n a"a paimy. 3 II. ono apaa; E. Nnian. * O. mraa; 
p.V. niT33. 6 Not inE. 6 3 i^p cnDD. 7 II. .toido Nnnyo'j nonTi. 
8 3 n"^ niana. 9 O. 'n. 10 a n"^ p^in. n E. omits. 12 O. now pnoN. 

13 H. omits; G. M. epin^N; P. ^DIO. u 3 N"0; II. ppil3 vm. 15 II. N3i. 

23 * TIM NlHtP in 1 ? m^N * 

nn]i .[anai] Kin wn an pneK pnain moaai .neap im w Nayr mn n^i* w 
mi run nn na nam t6w 'm tales? pan nm$>a joibn [um wnna] pan [*oa 
pi iaa*p max ia nan nans* na xnx an DaiDa amovai /dk am nep Nina 
mynnai ManaM rowa ma |n nbapa (pano) x wtapa Nanasn ton ntppa man 
ytPim 'm ^pi? t?ni pnv a 'ni w 'ii onn* kjwi 'n [mn an] nnai .max na nam 
mn ittaa nnn an '*bni baa taietyi am wean pmyts> mm 3 myta 'm nb p 
pam baa ntstJ> am mon am win am nmm am pro an pnm nnai .ata Ktyaa 
annn pam /anna na taics? 'm 4 K3K na x^n 'm abiy paa] pnnai pp!>D wn wnnx 
[pnnai ppi>D 11m pam .^aaa spv am nan an nnai >dn 'hi *bk 'n tono ip^D n 
ron 'm max 'm mom 'm smr 'm xnaa pnv 'm tropin (*pn) nm xinn xax 'n paa 
mnai naio jon nmw kbwni tanB pua anc^ tyaai .Nam "ax 'an nnai .^aa na 
pa torn Nm baai .sanb imnan mina in^iai 'on ani pan paa j6aa p jn mm jo 
Manama .nnn nnn pni> pnnDBi pan pr6 'Dnan snnyBt? pni> mx .mn nn p^N 
pnoNi) .pDV pn^n i>a (pnv 'nn map) nniB^n 7 nnnn mn xas am mna Kn 'n 
9 waa 'mn nosi kpti snaya "6mBi .(pbv pn^n i>a nnic6n nnno nvv '~\ , s naa 
nan f>a* NB^y nin f\rb Dna iinn xnnyBty am ."Nan 76 *np in '*wia \snn 
naiy nayn* <Ba psnnoi u nw nnpm* wnnit ^ma nn^nl? m^> tnao 10 [nam] 
, 13 .mjiT na^ [nm] nn [b] pa [ndj^b m^ urn] mui 'bpm M mW3 iyan yaa 
iKhai D^nyNnb prib* pn^B nnn ^^o lam xa^ "o^yonw v&nm xnn u N*nNi 
ina^apoh inyonrD^ ND^y ^a ans nH wb l^n paa [nm] immobni 16 pnb 
pnoxi NDmaa[i xncaa] ina^yapD^ panvi ^p^bd 17 Nnn Knna town nn* Nnoaa 
19 aa "pnosna .pan [mha] vb *Dnai Nnroaa mi? pyapi Nna^nca [pnn*] pr6 
psna an awi 20 jn: na nam *dn r ni* xax na N^n 'n yw j^xa unac aimy 
NB^oa 'ntaw 'iai Trwi niK>na ^n nid^s ten pn j^n wi nospi onn in^aa 
mb 'd *kti nia na [oa] imnna n^ ine ^nid^ nN pi n&> psna an m^ ns 

1 II. pa-ipi* . . . pnoiN jn n yn^ win obi. 2 II. 'n nnn H3^ 'm. 3 E. r n 

nry^N p pyoK>. 4 E. adds pnv 'm. 6 H. nbb. 6 a n"b nmna. 7 Some 
nnDD. 8 a n /r D O^noa. 9 E. P.; others V5>) and B^aa. 10 O. xnn Nnn. 
11 II. ^nnx nm rib pmi. 12 II. nnnoi ma^o pyan yai n^ayn naiy. 13 G. nnn; 
v. P . n>jr. :4 II. innai. 15 II. tayco. 16 ma nnai . . . vrxb. " II. Npn irn 
ina nn. 18 a a"b paimy. 19 H. and II. pyb; E. omits. 20 E. pnv 'm. 

: \)M H"P"W 2lb JT-tiN : 22 

Kivnai Knew xmanaa na mx w [n^> jrr>no mmrh xanv *ki] n^ pnono 
b pan ay i^ne" nao 11 nb anew s/'a 'pms .Kn^i> ni? jannaa rwc aany 
un^nai NTpy 'n '^anan n"a 2 anaaa rbv p^noKi na i^bki a^na rr"ai maan 
*ki ,k$> a^a ban anr '<bm *K3*py *i ntn* wvnan s Na , py 'na nabn wn 
^y "pnpanai pnaa nm in [b]n xaya [pnKi] ^e^Dp Ka "pnaK wan la^a 
(!>a) ini> pneKi x^ya Kinn pnaa awxh ik unb^b rrwab xmaen wvna 
Pis nt 1 ? '"! iw '"i rr6 naxn f piw 'aaa nbwm Kinna ,ir6 provm Ka*n 
xnn xnm mna^ maya^> nth xnn p'paai ina 8 p*pi pmai .mn^aaa* na jy 
jwnawn prrnsw |wwpi .^maxn Nnaii?a ja nai? inaa jxan kb^ki nnax jxa 
nrrw ana^ah "nmttth (pnnanxi* pnnanaxi) pnrapiKi pnrwm pmpwai 
Nne>n [xanax] xaenaana "wap pam xanya* mn pam .xaia wan xma^nn 
[no] aiab nmabn ja nn ^ naaai 12 nnna xnnamta nm nn b[i jbn] ww 
paa Knxen ppyi a^pna ^tn [inb *naK*i xa^x] w pnao ^an |/kd] aia^i "pyi 
K.m , M yi pnb manin pnb "nvnah* ae>aai> vwpi xa^x] pnaai .myna 
mn on ya^ mai?n [nm in] ba [;ma^n mSan] pmnaa [inn] naa^xn ny(n) pneK 
w b rnnnw nnai mn mwo ^ nia^n nm nn bs ' n ana "pnrwi 16 <api 
mn nnai nivn xnabn *aya in!? nroai* pmana [ s an pnfr] qhp& nm nn ^ai> 'in 
Wi an nnai ,[nns ph] nnx na[a] 19 manjah mapbai? ranww 18, ">n n^aa 
'n paa wan 22 fai ,v:a ^s^aa *ii pyoe> 'ni 21 fna 'n paa ann 20 ja ^an (n3^n) 
t^naana *an *ap ''Nan ninn Kim k!?k pn^anaa n^a 'an k!> wd .^snn |an n^BW 
^an 2 MnamNn annK jaan ^aa 11m* .na^a c|io jna r m ^an "pvtrm ana h? naaa 
'm ^ano noai ^ann n*o^n 11m 26 (san) ani (ann) kj^ r m joan 'n paa *KnWKi 
ninx pmss> nn^y yat^ w mrw pam Na^in na Karvru pm* 1 n /r N 26 }anNn ,Kn 
n^aia^ ann n^aiaai ann maia^ r nn n^aiaa man pp\p] ppaa ran ^ann n>cp am am 

1 II. adds maa nt^aa *vb kbbid pay!?, a a'1> nmaa. 2 Only in o. 3 II. 
^n maa. * II. 'nasi. 6 II. ja^naa. 8 G.p*Bani; V. p. pwiD). 7 pa*a 
n n ,r a. 8 II. ja^pnpnai xn^aaa. 9 II. pnnamxi. 10 So P.; others 

pnnaniKi; n. ^sanh. " JLmno. 12 Marg. o. yb[<]. 13 O. pnay. 
14 E. wuo ; H. mnsh. 15 G. P. manb Kmruh; p. v. mam mm. 1G E. wpi. 
17 11. pnn^n. 18 II. pan nna jai Koya ^mabnb m^ noaai. 19 H. nioaKin. 
20 II. pa. 21 II. jnav. 22 II. pai. 23 k Ta a"a. 24 II. s aa Na\s* mm 
P^ansn )Naa. 25 Also in H. O. omits. 26 3 T^'p pi>in. 27 E. omits. 

21 * p*ti WW IT? JVUK : 

n^h *ata] '-i [^o] -jb njsxn* n^sa niam , 2 p>a nro* *oa **pn nx ii> lKnnnai 
aipca 'avian K3*m nvrna pnay k^> [ 3 '-i Kenan a'y'K] ntrrma n^ wpm[i 
romaa KBnaon m6va pittrom "rw^nn pwi* iwina .[^sd] spny npi^nra 
rrniia pnayin wi *a a^oan jwfea mcwi vnn'vb nb vm h a *x .iwfcn 
|w^a pom iaa tiki inisa two 'n hs> man "an nan pnv Y'k xax -ia N"n 7/ iKn 
('ea) Kama ."anaan pe6a jKatPi Bin naaa pypt? 'n hs> von [nKn]i* a^an 
K3py 'n* Kin rnvam* n^s* Kin ntnw Kin n^i ik^ tko /_ > anan pnoa 
10 nb *anp Kin nvmann 9 iaa nw iniK3 tko 'nn Knr^ta wn 'n yrna na^ni .fran 
ma a*n ltaiitn nn nr onois a^an u pn spe* nwEH *a*n *ai .anaan pes6a 
KD">ai 13 wa^ n!?t [wi *a] nniT 'nn n^y 12 a^an [tkd 'nn] rmaw n^an k^>i 
ntDKn ,tko 'na "nabrn mini 'na nai?n nw 'm tk 'ti [Kbyn] p^aia ['a] 
/an ^oa tfani ,'iai ni>yl> pnai pna i?a n^> pK tkb 'ti Tya kd Kan 
an Ktnna lrnn Ka\n *i*D p^K ptnatai mi>nn hs> wnew pan inx Nncn 
inb who k!>i 15/ -i wma irn N^n wn wn iniKa naSnn xn^o mi? K^aoi* 
triry fKm px ^niob' nK nw 'n nx 17 aita av 'dot width kwo 16 Kn^D 
nnaon |d 'ibki pja-ipn jo pn pK Km p^'ptti eisnpac "paaiaon }o N^ra 
.Kn^na jo Knyo ( s a) ni Knanc^Ki Kn nKTn 1 ' Kn s ano ja^p-ism ^xiia^n Knavn 
na n\xn 21 h^ na^o 20 dd , 'd^ tonsn ^ncaco kh^d pn^anoa ja^na^on uaw 
Kn /_ ik pnwo 22 iaa nsi miKi ian ^a .-jai -ja rvsv vao fanoK p^o k^i mtrp 
Nn^ano ffl s^ [*k] ko^k .nacia na^x namy n^ay nauta na^x nxun rna pnv ,_ ik 
85 nnnoa pm K^nn ^a . 24 nha xn^ann p*m K-iaDo pjki Kn*Tj* Npi?D k^i 
na s t< it in w mn *nwci b"m pnv r -i 26 p^nna pnoKi ,w ^^ajj> jn^a bw pidd 
n-itDn^ Kn"ano Kans *ki ,'iai ^pvn wwrn ""koo mniia pnay k^i na^o 

1 K ta"a KBV. 2 O. omits both; E. omits PTO; H. 3lYlD. s O. Kn ,_ . 

4 O. a^nD 'tt. 5 II. mr^m. 6 a k"p nvoav 7 II. i"k pmatm. pbin 

K n"B. 8 Not in O. 9 Omitted in O. l0 II. Nnn nriKOT NTpy 'Tl Ka^K 
'n n 11 !? 'axn xp 'an n^ nm n^n tub 'ti k-io^d. n a n"D a-naa. 12 II. 
riw ^Kin. 13 II. >yaa. 14 O. na^n k!>k. 15 Not in E. 16 II. na^nni 
Kn^ob n^ p^a irn K^n wn Kn^oi> n^ p^ao Tn Kinna. 17 k n'^ mfa. 
18 E. raaion; II. H. aaiaon. 19 E. Kcatito; H. Kncac^. 20 ^atab. 

21 II. ay-iD. 22 k a"a p^n. 23 E. Npi?a. 2i II. t|Ki Knnai xnaao 

nv^> jn^ano p^m nin^ Knaao. 25 n a"> a^a. 26 k a ,r o nioa*. 

: pw mnv mb maa : 20 

mod moan ana* ^a 'din 'mw 'n msm 'n nn* [mo!?n no^ ian n^k natyo 
NimD an paa Nan 'dm inn inr nnx natPoa n^n w*y man b '<ax 'dik *dv 'n 

:pOD^ 8 N01T 2 ^ n3DK*l* 

n^n* na i>y mi? Dnai aina nian an tbiwi ny* wop pni> pm nin sbi 
pnhan] Nairn moi>n5> (133 Nsvai) tunaa 4 tntwi pwtn nn lana wmn 
ppnao wi wi (nnn "a) nn "33N3 3na wn Nin xaaxa a^na *m ,[mi> pnoa 
i3i .pnp^y n^>n pans n^i n3^ nnn mm mo^n pmtjrvai> m^> npi prmuPD 
mona^i pnnio^n opboi> lanosw vctfy oyow wi rwua mi n3t?o ^on-iD^N 
wo pnoNia maitPto *aiwn I3n ma wpm NmanniN NnnniN noa ma ia"DiNi 
wi s a Nenaona Nni>o Nn^o 6 nr6mi pewi ma wpm .[wip] pwn ^d wi 
f Bnma paa *ndp ynb mb* pans iin N^n *nd s oa ma wpm .maionp n*a mm 
j.nnriN noyonai [txnsb pans in n^] am \ib rfrw ^xop [*pn]n onioy onan 
nsy ni?oa ycnm 'n no^o min naD T333 njjnta 'n notpo 8 ;aan 13m* .noann 
nsa am* .noann nia^yo ionnD3i min *jnn? 1^03 nany 'n notyoi natynoi [ni3yi] 
now rrorw wxb Nni^o nnsn Nn^o MnnN ninpn na ianni 'm wa wmn 
10 }anoiN *mnvh b'y N^>n Nam .ten in Mmo^> nn nth Nn rrh. Nan nh nao 
no [pnow] Nn^o[i] sn^o [^>a]n xnansN n ja^paoi nans ruw natro 'n ms^ fxa 
mi> sima nin* 'nn wa lima ,^o pfcn mha ioi 12 ponoi ^ona ponai* .bibp 
m^j pans iin xh xn^nnx ^oi? lanosw xnaSn *nd^ "nh^d f>an N^in^a 
14 ^od^ ubi wn ^a imtna* 'Nnna pan lruw h nyno n srm s*a\n (paa) *s*op 
nano^N k^i [mmia xna^n] rtfy nano^n [mco] mm nan [*an] onon paa .n^y 
an nm n^o im noxnan nico (mm) ns^n mson N\nna ,wna prfc inb 
'n mo 16 N.n 15 nnman naoi>N3 pnoxna NonD mi? Mn n^nna Mna^rn [n>oyo] 
, 19 N\n nmm n 18 |mano naca yno 3^o n3po payi> 17 noc> ^oai* N\n pyo^ 

1 E. transposes. 2 O. i6 paosn. 3 E. r oniT. 4 II. 'an noa^sn nyn 

N33^naon txrwm hbtpb paa n^s* nnx na mi> panjn. 5 Some NonnD\s*. 

6 II. nrbo. 7 II. (P. pnna) pnna paa wtmn I3n (E. ma) mi. 8 E. jam 

(a o"d) noiD moa. 9 11. xn^on xpm unni 'm n^o^a mm pan ^a 

Na\m p Mn s o^ "jnos s x *itnb p n^ X3n nao ^a fanoxn (P. M^pnx) KMm ^vb 

^n nia p^sn xh. 10 E. adds moa^a (s 'i>). u P. p^pnaoi. 12 II. p^tanai 

jronoi ^osna. 13 xn^o Nn^o cnai. 14 II. (P. todd^>) iiod!> n^ mt^n^a. 
15 3 fry i6 11 | n > :nD . n ' a ,Yp a " 3< is u p nCNV 10 ^ ot in 

now (.nay jws6) .miDob dn B*l Nipoi> tax b** .ptniii pB*Dli pjnia .Nipo 
.iBwa *to xw Nipo p /vaa ^ash vas^ ma Nipo t ]bnb noun fxa 
n?a 'oNap iai .tot .ens ya pe6a nun man .[nuna] imxoi Dipt [px] 
nrai* rna ioNap 13*1 .vby rvaio rant? iai .rpanfr pay iron ii> pay law 
in taea n!>n rrow b] rrowi rroov nuns ,nar6 2 pay man i!> pay pNi 
.jiroa nwifc pin jo Na!? n .mnNa pwi na^o pi ro*oi nana pi [.na Pinnsp 
pni> onna nm in ba pnnNna^n D'wni (nan) "hon nn ia rhta nam ciam 
Ti>n 3 pnv 'in inaN 'i iDtnai .niin 'oyo "1^6 pni>n iio^n pwi "^o p^w 
n"o hnoio ^ nan nai $>a ^y ioin nw idp Diaoioi tno ,m \b \b nm nriN 
Nsax 4 i.m n>x ^oa pi* ,mnts db n"o mna ^ nai b ^yi nxoiu *oyta 
<aax wn nrron wi 6 nnhni D^aayi pem*n 5 nnoi> imn no^-6* ninN 

j [|inW| ip"y^> sjay jamno wn pinion 
*Wi lyn 7 nox ^ai ja pnv jai i>y nii tnitbn pnb (nw) rnrn jb Naoi 
nbiy nio^n roat?e> noi?na imt w ioin rnw 'i 8 *oa jam ,t*w mn Nam ^axi 
iaa> n^y l0 pi>3pDP mo nacoa mo rows? mo Nipoa pDiyn 9 i"ni .mr 
(pn^ n\x) mn [.tti jn^anoi] nai>n '1 ppn(x)i mai ,ito nima mo *]b p no^na 
wi 12 i"ma ."nmo *ym ^ai dibi pn^anoi Npn na penao wn Niio^n 
mo *]b pN noi>na niox wvp Nsia x*n nby janoxi .iio^nn }o nw navdb p 
n s aca ai ^o^a janv i"n iio^nn p inv naswi' pi wi nioN mm ito n^?na 
Niiobn ma l^rxi Nn^ano(b) No^y ^ia ipa^ ito nhia mo i? pN iio^na it nat^o 
'ia rmm 'i ^ma em ^no .no^nn jo mv rowafr pi Mn (o^iyb) in^ bht nn 
ta^oan n^obn i^n ny^'s 'oyb lan enxon apy rvah Dy^a ^y^ nan 'xy^x 
ni^ya nianr i^snb' pixn ^oy i^n ariNon apy rca^i niaiira \rb nicya 13 maa^^ 
.pir nSy iio^n naa^c iio^na imj wi ioin nw '1 pm uwi .niaaca nnb 
iai n^j noNB> iai 14 i"ni naco ^oyo na naoi D^ai^Nin noan Nin mobm 
no^c iai *am ns^n mobn no^ iai n^n naa>o no^ iai ab) Nipo 110^ 
no^ iai n^i Nipo no^ iai n^ iai yn Npi] pa^N Noyo in m^iini noan 

1 II. D^oyo noa^ tinia , . , miDO b& dn Nipo b& dn. 2 O. n"ni; V. ia^Ni 
n^ pay. s a a" 1 paiiy. 4 II. nai. 5 H. imoi. 6 II. pnmoi>n^ 
Nrnoi? psayi nn^iai pe>iTn. 7 n n"3 nao. 8 'a 'i niaN. 9 n a"b o"a. 
10 G. haw; p. V. pama^; P. la^nia^ nixo. u II. ncin. 12 n a"b o"3. 
13 II. niaap i^bnb>. 14 n V'b o"a. 

c 2 

: pro *nnu> mn mm : 1 8 

,twn toan "n b"n nNtna p pNt? no nsHDBn npna "tan ^>3 pyo bs nvpaa ^C3 
nanb Nobv ina^ma spy 2 jna nn* am -piyi wd in^ wyaK *3 l an dwdi 
niB> n33 rowan am ro^aaK npn pnax xnn wd Kim spv 3"6i ann npiy Ninn 
*i nan *pan ,[maa mn in] khwi nab pans bam spy wa ana 3 inb )rb& 
(mnba) pan ^3 D p^anan [mnba mn 'm nan] xn^n paw [robn] annab pa^-iro Nn 
pan (rob) onawi kbi 6 pnnaro pnrona* |ts*aa lin pnbtt an^ap nam aica 
.inb p*a*w abn nantw tOKBn irfaya ip*am na lpnpni maaa 7 panaK pna*a 
10 by 9 nbv nna3 pnam N*nm Kpm ' 8 b333 mm taww 3m* Nnman sVki 
^3n nrybx u 'n in aba aronna nn3E>B Kb van ion pna rreysn tjw na 
.(roans "nm) banae* an 12 [>n] Npane^K a'aVai snaainn tca>py u 'n in bwap 
pyn* vb) paroa (np) bn inby p*aaa ab aronan ^naa (tuitm) p^natyanai 
mrvnji ,p3-i ^a 14 >ana wi mnbn Nn 'm T>n* aba Kb it? paw "wswp w* 
nnam p mi roabn paa lrowa nnwb wbn 15 nwap (pan) mb npn nnnx s aa 

: [nnns] 
m mabn pnb rox 17 ron awm ^ai^Nn '*a ,wbs 16 pnbBn *aa niabro 
nfpwa war p pnai ntyya 19 pnama pnb panan xnabsn mi? 18 rox mm* pnat* 
Dn&> on dot roayan baa* [nnx pefo] nnx ns[a ^Dna] pnba ixbn a'y'w a\3xn 
nm in ba nra nr a^ai^o onnn nn^^n^ mb 'ano nm nn i?ai ,nn pnhai on^ 
iim , al nro nr p^ins 20 nnDia^ qYn bw Dmoyoi Dmma^m nan moaKna 
nnt^y b6b> "*pnaoi ,niBrn. ^ D^asi ffl nw nnnai* 22 Dniom d^p innn* pnp^y 
pan .xnp on^o paa tannN onan (^a) pnaoi ."envi ^xyo^ 'n mw* nno 
,jnobo ps* nnsa n^N3n Drains ^ac^ ,B>pm .d^iod (ntmn) , 26 pcnn myoco* ,pmyoi 
nyD 28 ncnn , 27 nt^Dn n^ nano ncan nt^'an tayio nt'sn* .pnnno \\bv nh 

1 E. adds nvmna (n l"*). 2 II. WWD n. 3 Only in O. 4 E. O. omit; 

H. pnn. 5 E. pmanon. 6 II. pnnasm pnnicnfi. 7 II. mrat. 8 II. 
^Mttv no ^an; o. unn; II. ^aab. 9 'n 'y. 10 II. omits. u o. 'na. 

12 E. in. 13 II. Nt3tnp3; p. corrected Nta^ip ^N. u II. pDnan W. 15 II. ItUBp. 

10 O. Dn^xwi. 17 E. o. omit. 18 I. nwn. . 19 E. nam; O. pnn; II. adds 
pay^. 20 O. nnDna p^. 21 II. nn pnhan (P. anna) dot D^yca tbtt 
nn^ni nn ka mwb anam. 22 II. pnim; P. mmam n^p. 23 E. mnaa^ai. 
24 ii. pnaan. 25 II. i?Nyat5 'n >3n. 2G E. penrn. 2T II. nana n-^sn 
ayio n^Dni. 23 E. adds 'y. 

1 7 : paa *nnt 2~b mjN * 

nsoanh n? "on 3 "no ^ sm^o ""ioi^ psn* xn^o n^ x K3nsi jno pnana "oa 
yn-vo NnD"n 3*1 "nn nna "yaa wi na t\w? 3m xnon 31 6 tanosn nta 4 np"y3 
voan jno!> pm 6 in3B>i .shdh am mbiab"ao ynmo n^B> mi ntyc an nwanoo 
ra^pi nt6"o "an un noa [yn nan] pm mm "oyia [m?] p^aon Naita (Nn"ano) 
.mnst nat?03 rnna it nats>03 Np"oyn sn^oi (no) mis nino[n Nntai] (id) rth 
m^anna a a"nan "no jani" 'in "dn '-is* "on 'in wan 'm NnN Y'sn r K"nna 
ni^an nman n*a bw "03 nmn ^ nnon^o sreio nnx "03 nonbo "i^ ncyn 
yi" ab) om jnoi a'y'Ni ,tm> naa niNinn am twbsh ]dv ai 8 np nac>o be* 
10 s6i smna [pn s anoa] 'an n [na"o tin] nbia 9 nr "ni umn ro "n* "i'laba^ 
T3Di bauson jnoo spy (Nin) p a'y'N [jn"anoo] mim np"y u *piash ""ion!? in* 
*ntt b^ moa [mn]n Ninm [soya "no] mem 12 "no n^* 'am "no 10a s6i 
m? rvn jNon Noyo 'no ta' 1 n^ msoi Ninm npye? ro^n pyjnam "wtwd inan 
s&i Nin mesa ["no] ma^ snea ma n"Ni jno $>3n n"udo m? 14 p"p"aano Nioa 

: 16 Nioao m!>* 15 p"paano 
pnay "fwa Nn"-aa N"ani |wo nna No^ya p"aioi wiffx "a"^an sovn 
an rina prw an 18 n"tnp no"n^a fanesn 1T senna rroma [pmano] spam Minna 
yaa* nn nov nw an mapt hw n"p3tt> Non -13 "onn mop map mn mim 
n^ ninsn bipd ^'n ib TV*? "hn 21 Nnn n"3 )Dp:* 20 NnapiN [Nn n] on ^"n 19 .T3 
n^a^o nh^o wya *a 10 [n^n] "an nit^D m6 ^'n [nev aia ^ n^n] nt^c an n^op? 
an[i N^an N"an "n ^ mox] n^ naian Nn^ano 22 Nana^ w* n-qdd ^ dvs 
n" 1 ? naisi svanB 22 Nanat^o "ni* xnynoo ^ dw nh^d n^a^o xa^ya a nw 
NnDo i^ Daw* Nn^o soe h ya b"N n\t 24 Nn"anDi Nn*an 23 ^ nos* 
pyta ia"N in na^tat^ np*-\n *^an 26 b pyta ^a nspoa ^ca na*D Nya 25 Nn"anoT 
N>am "an Nnn33 "an n^ ttm ^'n raonM mm "t (ndj?d "no) pyo ia"N b"N 

1 II. Na"n"NT "no pnao pToi> swm. 2 O. "psn. s II. "no^ Nn^o *wih. 
4 11. np"y ^aa. 5 n r ,r D pamy. 6 Some rrroen. 7 n 3"o pnnaD; 
II. N"nnai. 8 II. npi. 9 II. in enn "in. 10 II. n!?. u II. "piaanh. 
12 II. "NOl. 13 Some "3NTO; E. "ay*lO; O. ^"D. u E. |a"paa JNO; O. "NO 

Npaa. 15 O. p"paa "no. m II. n"3dd ma"n. 17 II. "Nn "ai. 18 D"nar 
n rst. 19 II. mount. 20 E. Nnap^N; II. NoapiN. 21 II. (P. pta"pa) tapa 
mn T3. 22 II. Nnan^o "oa "a. 23 II. n3"on. 24 E. pn"anoi and omits 
NYl. 25 E. omits; II. 0"*^a"N1; II. Nn"anoa. 26 E. "3; 0. omits. 

[ II. 4- ] c 

: pw WW 2lb /TON : 16 

nap [wn] ban pam .nwin 'im Nn 'nai xnsp naa 3"H minac? mn ^a wni 
Knana prone 11m [nana] nmn pna mn sm xman pnb (mx) wi wipn mn 
na mm xnna msai 'iai nap nayi? tqmn wrwa xypy n"x *pnn xna^non 
ja 2 xavan '-i* nnx p^tnaDi ns> n"a nnx -j^n 4 n"m ,tPim 'n *nx 3 ja a na>an n* 
(mn nnn pn man) nixit^D |Wpd vn nnnn dic>d nha iniNnptPNim nhai> ytnn* 'n n 
nis (^ax ncx) n^na <xd ni>y pnDxi trx nnna vjd^ nhan b nxnty ny B pma 
xn^ano man nnnai 'am wai .tana* pnxa iron mm i>aao ni?y jprn ^m .xnna 
xan "nan caa pnea *Da Jwdb> nei ,jna 'n natro ^ob pnxa r^pn m ^33*1 
db>3 pDxmD t6* mait^xnn Dnoan n^n m^ ian nnn nva&PD iam .^xidc 3*i 
.apy^ ja nry^x m Nam 7 i>xyDtt n m Nan nan nDaa 'noto 6 xany 'n 
una *no na nan yn 8 painty 'dd3 'nexna mwjn *ait?xnb xmna w pmm 
lyapxna xDi>y *ha 10 vwDnaw fyapD xi>* xmna inhai ,^ar p 9 pnv 'n 
j Nain Nam toan x^x pan ian u ina 'ncx xbi xwix 'm x^n 'm xmn3 
nDti'D naipm nyt^m u uwd3 ina pan* id^d n^nnD ivb *dj na^Di xns^Di 
n"x nKM enim 3tsw* nns pi> vmNn 13 pnoxna np np xi>x bttr\w pnx ^>aa 
xn xmano [tart] xn nnn wi [tspi> pn] ^"xi nniaan 14,, qd t^pi? t?nf> pnv 
nnai ,<nn> xni>n3 maoi w xn^na man pnv 'n pzi D^ana nmna ni? ^an nam 
Nnapn pan Nn^n nyi pan inbia ini? 'Dian* NnsDim na*Di Nns'-o lyap-'N an 
\nb lDnan nsDi n-iqdi sna^n wann ntr^ ni NaN N.n jona 'n 15 onn ncxnai 
nn bi) pjiDi pp mb n^N t6 xn^na njanr .Nm^n n^iai 16 NnsDim pan \rha 
na nanb Nax na 19 ndq an n^na^N 18 pncxna n^an 17 dido inb Dna pan jn [nni] 
panst lwi nn nnan ^Nn^N pam .xa^an ^'n 20 nn^a nna no ^n ^"n hxc 
xd^p xa^na jn^anM pcxn xnp^y nna b jpsa^D pn^on 21 xn^na \brb* xaiu 
(x!?x) nn 23 pnb nan x^ n* .nn^im pBTpm 22 D^ay jno pwm* ^bai nonai 
mm* .xnaDi x^d^q ^oa pan nnv 11m [pn!> n^xn] nn dcd xh pn^n pnpy 

1 x I'ta'p niDa\ 2 II. maan. 3 P. adds pnnn. 4 a i"h pnnnaD. 

6 x a"a n ,r n. 6 II. nsa pcno lin xa^py 'id pn. 7 E. ^xid-j ( nn. 

8 x d"\ 9 E. O. nna. 10 II. p^Dia^ (P. jyapmx) jyap\s* vh. u E. o. 
WW. 12 H. 'm pan n; II. irnaCD ma pan. 13 a a ,r y niDT. M II. 
"QDa Bnil Xinc 15 a x"d myiac l8 (1. 18) In H. and some of II. 17 H. JB3. 

3 n ,r D mjna^. 19 II. ncc. 20 II. nne' ^aa. 21 O. xmnan fytb. 
II. paayi. 23 II. naTxn ; O. omits pni>. 

1 5 : pm xynv 2lb mm * 

wiaiba na nwi a'i/K jmanraa nonm nabn 'n nm nd^d paa ib fvav px 'm 
'ynca px ' k ana senm a'y'N top'yo K\n xnaibsn enao Kn /- i xnNnai .Knp'yo 
rbra 'a] w 'm -wo '"i*i 'pti ^naibao jb mn* jwid '^p: s*h pnay 
torn bin .pnay nranoa [''anraa] "wd'-o 'an dddi rom w /_ o nabn [vwm 
*di' 'm *p now i'no 'n paa 3 Nbyn waioa* 'a'nay ''anna Nnaiba 'an tynan 
'Di' 'n k nna a'ba mm] nN '"*! micyta K"n 'n Nin w 'dv 'na 4 Nnab\n ia ibik 
,_ n myraty mna jwd xyana ,ma k e p^apra n^ B "ia r*n*"G3 anai [''ansa 
jmanra nnoa nabn mb 'on* 'no Nmnaa npibnrai jmanoa dtid 7 inax '-id mas* 
**? para nn 'n insae* ab 'an dn 'ai b"N 8 'n xmnna dddi jmanraa npibnra k aatD 
'~b lo mb mbi* nox "mm Kin nnrcaxn 'nbi* ,mn wi mmobn N fck n 'm dietd 
K\nna .N'nna wvnaa yiara jmanran 'b^n xpin '*aso 'anb mb mxn 'no xba Nn 
Naa aii mnna Knabvn Nnai'n t*aa am snavn pn&M nDiya pnan "[wiaiba] 
12 abe* Nbx 'anpn* mmia ''anra Npvnn dicd px p'pnaDi Knabvn snavn (pvptn) 

:paan by nwm mxna in* 
*ata> mpoa Knp'yoi ,'x-ipa Nnab'n w p'm ina>a \snpn k tjnn na'Di ana'Di 
Nrvnan pan im nai ."pnb 'an* tin NmiK w pnn Diab ls 'Np pan* nwa 
p'om* 'did "via tnki Nnt^aty ma "man NyE>iN 'm N'^n 'ira im nH* ['annx] 
fany N'ycnx 'ti Kn /_ i ja k *nm [ k n'na]* 'am }pi kH ^bi D'Tnn 18 '^ab 
wi p a /r y sjki ,iaan ian 'raaa 'nor* pmbyi pan *a maan' jaan 19 ina'Dp!? m^ao 
w 'Nam .n^an mDam 'nd nm in ^a inb jaan 21 'Diai 20 *annN 'n*na 'n^a^ 
"iai 'isn /_ > 'an xan 23 jn''kn' N''n *i k an xan 'ns paa ]wvp pnm ian M wn 
npDa'* pmanoa '^ 25 n?:wS*ia pnoM 24 pnan noaai minx nvat^o 'an 'raa Niap 
28 pni" n'N pnatD* nm nn ^ai . 27 'nhara ja'iy* s^t^iN'mi N'^n 'mi 26 mn'anraa n^ 
'6 'an p^Tpa 29 N'an^ an 'an 'nraxna Nnaooi xnaDD [ba] by (irv'a') snna 

1 O. adds jb n'xn. 2 II. p'aion a'y'xn xobyn. 3 II. unenaa pawn jsraa. 
4 II. adds xnan. 5 II. mniia. 6 E. adds panya. 7 a 3"d niraa^; E. 
omits rniax. 8 E. omits. 9 II. nin 'm (mnoa) Niraa pi; E. has 'nn for xin. 
10 II. n>b n'N mn t6i. u a fa pam'y. 12 II. xbi. 13 II. ra'aitMon. 
14 II. Ninn. 16 II. pna'an. 16 II. n'x . . . N"n /_ in lxbn. 17 II. pn. 
18 II. 'bba jx'ran. 19 O. ma'tap^i . . . N''n 'm nmna. 20 II. nnns; P. a>an. 
21 II. 'man. 22 E. O. omit. 23 E. \wm na. 24 II 'b'ra. n n"D o^a. 25 II. 
and O. npna. 26 Only H. and O. 27 II. n'a'D pai manyx. 28 II. nnian p 
n>bn^N. 29 E. N^ancra. 30 a Ty. 

> PKI HIT) lib JTUtf * 14 

au Kon 12 wan 'n msp i>y 'MViana p^nono Npn* [nnna ik] *Kn 'in 
a'y'w .wn *vi msyaa na 3 pnoi nwo tpyn x^n '1 tow Km pnoK Kpi wna 
Kn Yk Km 1m myoi vby wrwn an ta nap ww "ok wn n"x Km '^pori 
4 no"k mya "n pnow 'di npai> wn n Dasa 'n mwa im nains nboa 'n not?a 
Koi>K nnaaK vh i3D mn nvrsoa pDiy wn 'm jva (msTi mb) kd*k mya w "jib^k 
mtmoa mot wnn jo prmoi Knaain pnmK* w movai pan noK wd .jb xpaDo 
*n mmaa^a wn *d^k "wane raan 'ddt wo^o twins wao kh nnmoi ,'m 
now bai wama p pnv 'm rwna m n^> now wama p pnv *vi mnnK m 
Kya vw"i 6 naoi immati' hwtidi mop pami pW vrn kbhid ab *an b*y wn 
Knaoim new wa^ai xna^n 8 ym wn inant^w* 7 iwomw whs [an] *onn 

jwio^n n^iai 
ninn^* n trpa i^k 9 *an nana* !> wow nana^ wn 'n nw no mnown 
}pn mnann npy 13 k^k . 12 ppynw ^o pnK* wra U W itw no i?a 10 nani>i 
nro noa^o Kn^o Kino ^awi 1b kbp toe*h 14 m^a paai [t$npn mn anai] 
womx worn Kny^Dai [niK^aai mhna 17 mai>n bw] ttbn ^m "a^oyo noa 
s ani ,^>ai ppj) w ir6 mw* *aaw *ona Kmnaa o&>ai wn 'n wiw "jrnano 
pmanon 21 np>y byi * pmjnoa pn^n np^y amnaa pminoi 20 po^an >oyon 
t^aw* ms w nox Kna^aDn ^wnpowa mtpaa xi>n kb^k 2S pnoK*ra 22 pa^aoD 
Ka^aa in^anoo rfb xao^a k^i kwk n *am Kn 'i nna kh^o k3*d 25 ^k^t 
oca^o^ f? n^N 2fi Ky^iK 'm wn r i ^ana xa\sn ko ^a no^k .xayaoi KnpDKO 
khn lai 27 pnv n nna mbn n^yo wnn aitro moan nunrA xa^s* K31 ,'ynoo 
Kopixi *ao xn 'iai y^D on^ nn^ anw jm mi? ^p*^ lan noixn n^ s*an KaD Ninn 
n^y ma^aK^ Kmna3 w^n n 28 xnx l^w .non nsn apb mso 'ow n>No na 

1 (p. 13, 1. 22 ik) E. omits. 2 3 a"p mains. 3 II. p. V. panb 'n m^ n^pso a*n 
pmnoi ^na a^mi "an nns Dax ni> pan w^dk ^s^m csns 3*^ Non p na^an ; 
others omit. * II. Ko*n. 5 II. na'ann N\nn jo Ktrnoa pno mm Knwna ppn^K 
mann [K'a]. 6 II. 'a'-aoi. 7 V. iDmw ; II. others ^nnanw. 8 II. n^oai na^xi. 
9 II. moyo an sns. 10 II. ^y noi!?. u Some naip. 12 Some ppn\s* pnK ^o. 
13 II. adds here >3n. " E. m^p. 15 Some kW>P. 16 II. niK^aai nifna *oyo. 
17 E. adds nnam. 18 II. ^natyo. 19 E. \nb; H. snnnb; II. inan^. 20 E. 
'*&Bsn. 21 E. npy. 22 11. pmaoa (ko f>yi) nbjn. 23 k N ,r a nvayn. 

24 G.V. Nni^ys NDnp3; P. p. STnpDNS. 25 P.V. >ysn. 26 M. V. add pa^Ki 
Knwna (ch. jo). 27 II. ('n k"s) nvayna tnaoi. 28 II. Knwi a\n. 

xnn nna xnn 'n pa^snn wi xnaDoi xnaDo ban *pn*ai xnabm bax .xt^na 
xn^aoo ^nnna bax nacob nna px pnzaN xb xnaoo xnna nam an nox J pnoxn 
Mpna n^an 'n xobn no^ob Nan* wana [tan] tan bai njBnab nno pn* pnox 
npibno is) Dnaa nabn px 2 p"nox xnaDo xnna npibno a"nxi anD jnatrxn van 
pnox xb xn^aDo Tnna bax (xnna nao anDa nabn pnox xnna ana a'n'xi 
inbian ppnan 'aaa pncK i.toi rrb xnna nn naa sjdv m ,td anb pi Diena 

jwm xnaao xnn 
D^pv pan n p*an nan px D*bpts 3 nov lonpn Noyo n*o mnox xpm 
.natwi cxi [n<m] pan nnai p*an sua av ^op naiD n<m bax 3 xov a'n'xi 
bntin 4 nbnn naty 'do anpnb tw* nonab nn* inna spb^na an nnb "am n^axi 
['do mnai ,tcin Naay xnm nb nan painty 'do] nnnai .xana nae> town 
wnp n^pp nnnai ,[nat?n ba btf] a^anm anyion bab 6 s?xn xmt? a^naa* 
wan aico pannn .natpb wi xov p*an ubpw nnai* .wjjm nnxai vaaina 
am xin aniaan or inn naiD naDo pun xov no nnai ,*d*i xna^b men 
'do pun aio DV nnai .xin xauy im ana ay 'do pun naiD 'do nnai .xin bma 
joti nynr par* naswi ma nnxn ait?o niuyn 'do rmna umbn wi *a mwi b>ni 
nmxbi nainpxb rrb xnun n s x "xi unnab pan pbun pan .nan xauy nni Snjran 
x:n nao 'nox xpn nnD ina nwn xn^aDo Di^a xrrnn j'y'xi ,tra mcnn 
xp na naooo x:n nao xno:a* pnox xpn noiD 'do p:a ,p^D nyiba 'naDoo 
: 8 nno p!? ^n xobx .p^d xp niaoo x:n nao 7 pncNpi myiac' 'do pjai .p^o 
'n nvto s x [xn^o] f? xo^do 10 xh nvnn [xin xni] x^n 'nn 9 xnsDin payh 
^01 "xnsDin ^opo i^nn^x lynuco mabn* pao x^a bx .nnna ix* [xvnn^x] 
n*B>B3 na 'nn nwa H x j? xo^a xh ,pn pn^yi pa^x '^no nnan pnm 'naDinn 

1 x 't r"y. 2 E. omits. 3 II. aniaa; O. marg. ama. * II. anpxn 

paiTyb na^. 5 II. pD'xn n^n^XI ^Xin. 6 E. transposes. 7 O. omits. 

8 II. (l. 13) a'y'xi nn xnxacn aitro xov nnD x^ni natr pjyb nnm nac nnan pannia 
hp n>ayoa natfn rxnn ,n^n trxn jo ppny nmn< natrn cxn nnx rut? nnoati' 
nDD3i xin ba: ann aniaan ar nnan naiD "pam nnou>i wm aniaan av ^zb 
aico nvayn nnna un^n na^n cxn nnnxi x^n na^ paan aio nv joani x^on 
ix ^ompxi? n>b xn^an n^x w xanob pan p^an pam ,|xnan xj"ay nna inhan 
niao nna niyiaty paa xp ''xox xan pnoxn xnxaDo n^xi inn menn >mnxb 
^pn xpDa by pmp mon^oi. 9 II. jfm. 10 II. xb 1.T0. " H. and II. nnan 
xnaDin nvnnix man (II. imnxn) pnnon. 

[<annx \xan insane] xanyi pnnsnn ktop mn ab am [*taa] mTobn n>xo 'ni 
Da na tynai nnna (*a) mnni nwa ^inn xo [na] ppoixi 'n ntapb *an two 

*a *x .wban 'xnnano yoen pane* mm jvan pan xnaiban np*jn 2,i anin mbia 
nai ,*yo xyD^o pnb yem twx xaw n* xono lmniana iam wban nmnn 
parHon pa Tn* nan matin niab mim n"x B pnn xp^dd pbnoD xnb^ mn "an anao 
pnoix na ^ax baipta [jnb ion* x&t$> n.b p s a ib anew] "p Dnx nx s dxp jbuab 
nnoxi jn^noi xnnnn 7 xnait>> xoby "61a irnnai . 6 nyoc \>iba b*n nana xb> ib 
baa xnabn p^x papal 10 ian nm nan* (pnbia) lpap 9 xnb^n xpim* 8 onann 
12 ma pwi jxm* xnma paa pntm p^an^x u mbia xnabn [nxy] pirn bxn&* 
mn xnab^n p^x by bxnpn xaoo bax w wi "asfia ix , cm ,, aa jyon jxca 

:pna a^baxn bwk* xam 14 nait:xa pann na bxnty ma^bapi 
^xnnab xan *op mpacn ixbi napo nTD xn^b 'n ma^nn xnnx pnn by 
mb *yT pano nni nn bai prx na by jDnatn mei nia^nb *anx iin xb ^xtsp xbx 
piTTobn ltapi tjnpon nu annn nv .mauna^bi inan^nb *ans nn xbi nbapa 
Diapmn p nry^bx 'n xnn , 15 nianb pans nm pnnna >jjt iin xbn ^xop pan nam 
*ap "sa jena^on mro nan nwe m^ na *xar p pnv jan n s bn 16 B>n mm 
,pa*m xbx [/to] pnb nnnx xbi [jo^d] d^x n^a too ntiaa 18 wba nbn (jo^d) 17 myty 
.abiyo un <so yoc xbc nan nox xb^ xbx nnana p^ban^ ^aso 19 xb warn 
21 ninin ^a^* xoby nan nna 20 na^D mo xn^ wnbi nianb "-an -jnta^x ^anbi* 

{[n^an jann bt^] xno^ xmn p 
xb 22 pn^annb ma^nn* na s an -inixm onpiD pna n^xn pnnnn xn^aoo paybi 
xn^an }x ,ne>aa ^xa (xrn) n^an (xnn) xnn xbx nnnan nna xnn xn^aDob i^nno 
'-i ^an n (nb) \yyv xbi nb nnxo mnxb n^b xn^an jxdi nb dhpd ^mpxb n>b 

1 P. adds nrom. 2 G. ^m^n; M. mn. 3 II. nnxian "jann *yoy pa,n xn^x. 
4 xytaob mx pnb jtok' ix pa^youn xa^x ix. 6 'i r x nvny. 6 O. adds nnatn. 
7 E. xnniv. 8 II. n^yai and nayo jb^x. 9 G. ^b^Dn pni; E. nibon. 

10 E. wan; M.G. ^axa^n xan xam. u II. ma nam xabn. 12 II. (P. ^xna) ?)ym 
mb jr'Otn jo mb. 13 E. mnv. M O. naiana. 15 II xnn by pna a^basn nnx 
mia ma^nb pans iin xb xbx ^xnnab nam xcp wivn ixb nas^cn bab ^an mnn 
pnma nn xbn pnn^bm enpon n^a annn ny nnx na (P. jDna^n) ^Dnan 
pnox iin prmwD. 16 O.II. &*xn. 17 a Td xdv. 18 E. P. >aba. 

19 II. xbi x>an pan. 20 xae^nan s xb ^an n,nD^xni. 21 II. nan^xn. 

22 II. la^nae'ob mnn . 

1 1 : p>0 N"T"W 1"P J1"U : 

'm K2^ inbiai |ijb> *i mwj dhd nnim 'n n-is^d dhd rom 'n Nnaam oriD 
pan inb un wi pnbia* nmna ^bw na"Di tna^m Nnamnn Nmna am .Na-py 
'i kiipd .mbn wwo 2 nn ba proipbi pyB> 'm mom 'm mw 'n inNi 'mp 
N3-py 'm fcQ^JC inbiai mD 'n pm:noi pyoty 'n na^D mom 'n Nnsain rnw 
wn owe inn }b naaw b ktwvim Nmna baa .jn ntpj? 'n 'mobn fbia a 
5 pi , 4 Nn*py 'ti 'anwi *mobn nn tnwn imnam irn^pbn nn pan pnnana 
be vmno nionno in 8 monn widb>* mino 7 w aa 6 vmobnb pyoty 'n noN 
baTi bp innaa owna] abiN bp innaa miwri be> pb 9 pnoN Npi ,Ka*p 'n 
noc pptnn anN '*am "pan tnao Npi .^wpy 'n pit [tnwtn p^nao Npi* 
'on* wann p ndh 13 'n aai* 12 voam nn mn n'a'pn intrvwa Nmpy 'n bts> mmna 
hum* . 15 iaio nyi abiyn iid* "ibin *iob>k> *pv p Nmpy Nin nnN "Nmpy fm b ib 
<o vsb yiTi nbj NJ^n '-a NnN Y'n v 'noNi nin mNO 'n 19 Na^py 'n ^rnobn baap 
imoa nabn a^oan iyap Nb no "oaoi imoa txo 'n b&> rma pnb> abiyn mm nox^ 
byi cjb ib nsnoi mno nod by 'oin row 18 myn bjid by vman inoy Nbp* *ab 
19 opji .rnnip^o maoai Nmpy 'nb mb a^an mn "an aiK>oi n^a ib nxnoi nod mnta 
unmsa 'n] xrnn p*a Nmpy 'ti xms 20 nm torn* tno 'm NniN Nnabna 'n 
ib row no ay nam nan ba na> man pnamo mnam mobb nanpi 21 nnsp [o r, m 
Nnb^o bai nm nae> pNi 22 ^nnN ^n pan inbiao* nnv nann [man] ppnpinoi 
Nbi] NnDmo Nbi Nanv Nbn waion ^b^o na moN Nbna Noyob 23 npdo Nnb^oi 
mbna 25 nboi nbo ba bbaai* .[no^p Nnmsi] 24 Nno^yo ^nama N*bN nyno [ann^o 
ab ^anyo ansb 26 a , nana *an Ob^o) manb [mb] yv n^ann jno ba ixbi nixbaai 
ab ann [mn] NTpy 'm jra *">3*n ^oyoa puc pan inbian 3Yni .p^b myo x ^oi 

1 E. pb\n; II. p^N. 2 O. adds nni. 3 Not in E. 4 II. NJWO 3m 

'-\i Na^bx inbiai pnoN Npi pj^N Na^py 'nn *mobnn xoyo 'no pyopbi pan m 
m-obn p^N pmaoDi pann pnnaion ma fb naa^N Nb Nn^nnN Nnxna baN Navy 
Na^py'n. 5 G. P. nai; V. pi. 6 n Td pEM. 7 II. m^. 8 II. monnt^. 
9 n 3"3 paimy. 10 Not in O. u a n"b pnnmo; II. irnian. 12 P. vcnim. 
13 II. 'm. " II. mb ncNp. n f'ts mom. l5 II. abiyn baa. 16 II. aam 
vmobn baap. 17 a a"* pamy. 18 NotinE. 19 II. opbi. "ttwi. 

II. nnvpn. 22 Not in E.; II. pwnn bao; V. wn nbiano. 23 G. npoo; 
M. ypao. 24 P. Nnvayo. 25 II. nb^o baai; V. bbaai. 2 * n i^ ^bco. 

H. annai; G. pmnai. 

B 2 



> pio nthw mb m:ia * 10 

pnaD am s jko msi* "pn wn mi> kpbdd pmanob 'n^m mta an 
'ann jnb na na paa [pnaso ^m jn .^nnD'D n^> pmyta "am jwdi] pansfc n^j 
wt m's am map 4 n^dk mn ran \wkan na*c p*psp .maiy new paa pnayo 

pan n^ :m saw an n^ 
Nta*a 6 jna '-6 n> ,_ i mi? is 4 pn?a am nape 5 |Psdo iin "a Nmaoo ejw 
"Nttnp p npy 'm npyo'i ,nb mm pspiya "an nns iwtaa p pyDB> pib mi> 
8 Nam ma* pxpiy Nam on: a'n'tjn na aw mm xml^m 7 nma nnb awi i>nn 
inn s|dini Nnnin ttawi .tenon mnyn aw 9 jpn ** btoboa p pyoe> pi note 
"mo mn an .pain D'ata ^ai trwpa ptew mann 10 m nh paa nsn*a an 
mina man raw tebte din ^>m 12 na Bma[i an na mmtei] maiEtem teoiao 
nanntc na^o naiPten nae>o [it] pnotepna mnnan navai mora pantn ^o jo nn!? 
six* 16 p"noten mnry p nry^te 'n "apimten teoia I3 mamten nvny 'do j()ai .121 inox 
.nanpa mnry p nryi>te 'ni> namten l6 teova ova 12 b ttWi nwa ova in nvny 
mnan nw noite w '1 "pan rate oa "umn ^o an inn man an ji> team 
nnryn ptet? nnana teapyp ni^i Dn mw 'n nox 18 pani n"a nomoi t/'a ^ipo 
temaDO* bns ,'iai i?N^no p teapya btentya ante ba ^y teon ntenai noann n^yaa 
im^o nw* .tenabn^ inwnn an ["nop] pan ini lan nn pmoyon aVte "temmnte 
rxrnna v6 "an mm* im"a"o mtei jwtnn 21 pta6a 20 ir6 'an mm 
24 NniiN Ninn aba mbo "-wbd 'n poten aie>o ixh i\nd 'na ravon* cnoi 
[NioaJnniK iwc^n^ (i\sd ai) ^ano ninn pn mixm .noa mn tsd 25 'm mntaan 
26 an Nn^py 'no 1^ tnoan nnn im* d"ti .xc^y "i?ia^ unt6 n^ynpi an rns* 
nNo 'n r 'ann cnD janv n" "pnwn ffawmn vmaio [ 27 nbp] xn'py '11 

1 11. mnn Ninn. 2 o. an mnah inw an. 3 II. |sm a'y'Ni. * II. adds 
Wita. 5 E. NpDDO; G.P. pDS'o. G a a"' nmin. 7 P.p. Nnmn. 

8 O. Naona. 9 II. xvpi; E. pvpiyn bwv Npn }n sa^s \s. 10 ta n nnu> 'smd. 
11 o. adds ''ant:. 12 II. warn an. 13 O. Nopin'tn; E. wsn. 14 II. wtapm. 
15 n n"n main. 16 II. transposes. 17 II. 'anNno. 18 n n nvny. 

19 II. nunx NnxaDo. 20 II m pu6a m>am. 21 II. adds nr (not v.) 

22 II. rrann. a E. pox xbi tkd r i 'yno; V. ixh nm the 'in 'xm "ano 
ntas i'nd 'm; G. hds* tkd 'n k^j \xm. 24 H. NDi>a. 25 II. 'id 'i aican. 
26 II. imn nrns tntc sa^pj; 'no. 27 E. obp. 2S k i"a pmnaD. 

bi pna^a 3 n:yD neai *y*r* n!?n 'iqwi nun paa aw 'nnmn lmcyB 
.mnw pc6 nrsn oni notai r^ani> isddh dins mina$>ni> pn^> iara im in 
"Nnh^DDi td* [pcwi] diudd munie n33i *rrosn nac^a* paaatai }vai 
[pnb] pna nm pni> py"D [nin] n*bb> pi 6 Nina N^ai Nnpy N^a* [ini> itk] 
(wan) "janoNia .Nnaii?a [in^] mh 8 ^n [m^] mh ^d n^ 7 nai>na nmn* nayta 
s na ^tn mran na6a paw N"y bv i"a n^n i?NiW2 np^no mn vb rbnm w i"k 
pa*i Tia iNtsn mryn nna by aw nnxi man in nna ^y aw inN a"a bv pan 
<T^n ian^o iy Nnna n^iav'^N^ Sam "pain 10 ijNit! nya* paw a"a i?B> 
.nmn Tica min mew i?Niwa np*6n nnai pis b ib'db' n^ i&m nop 
nni 12 noi ^pc np* vdn laa pyot? jam a krfnM pi* D*ai *an man pan 
petal] hn "nca ina*DiaDi>* jni? x>aN mn n^i [mn nna] 'wm Nnata p"p 

uwarai inannm mnho NynD*N [iwtaa p pye> pi ^ 133] m waj* 
maita win p^i naioai nixai pen miaan 15,, ao nctaa* jmanrai 14 ^na im 
ntryo 19 jamo woi , 18 mep^i d^icni " man ^Dia wn ^d [inan] n^n 16 inanan 
pi i"d 21 *ni ac^yi \xar pi Nianoo sioaa janosi a^axn ^piya war }a 20 pi3i 
ja^'pDi .[war p jam* pi mb np Nam] war p 22 .t^ np Nan war p jam* 
awn mi>n n^n p^doi D^xn ^piya 24 war p pnv pi* piai n^y 23 N^anm 
no!>ni ,mo^a myapi maib 25 Tyta lanow* nh^d iw nin [^n] m *aa^ 
ai "N^an n^axn 'spiya 'Nat p piai nw jaai 2G iani l, Ntyi ^m pr Ninn jo 
Na"N* /_ i icni a^iyn nN piayo nva "jamo iiyi ."n^ae' vb\ [pn^anM] 3n 
nd^ni .pn piayo in pn piaNO M NaWp 'p^n nnn'- aa^ w^ 30 ^Nch kwn 

1 II. anai ^oyD. 2 II. NTna^Ni. s II. pn^ pta^p^i oyo. 

4 II. t^pon ^nas. 5 II. T3; O. maaStri; II. n^DDi. 6 II. ab) ina vbi 
Nnxpy. 7 II. na^na Nn^iiNi. 8 P. p^n. 9 a n' r a pnnaD. 10 II. ^aa 
(M. i>NiB) nn^y. "E.^n. 12 II. pitai pS>pB>wi. 13 II. na pnSa ponai. u II. 
*^oi pnn^ta (P. Na*no*N; p. Nay^nD^N) 7 i nwi_. 15 II. *aoa. 16 n. ai panan. 
17 II. ian nsp n^. ls II. n>&pi. 19 n n" pnnaD. 20 O. adds pnr pi. 
21 O. wa; G. ^Nttl. 22 O.G. add >3i; p. Wtpn ia>3i. 23 II. adds 

khi3. 24 P. bwbm pi. 25 II. n^ mano^Ni. 26 II. ian Np. 

27 II. mam (M. N^am). 28 E. nan. 29 a a r, a pan^y. so II. fyytn n^n o. 
31 o. Kavta. 

[II. 4 .] b 

|nd pnom .nti 'j^b 'an 'j nh "mnu * pence 'an mcoi ,[wn 'an a xnmj 
i> w rusw ' 4, nan ncaa pnom , s aan \xn a |Ka 'iai pan urn kt wn 
kb'di wn nna nam r p'pii na" Nnb'oi s*nSoa 6 Kn'anoa "p'pnpnw ,w nap 
tim .xab'n pmano 'an pnnn nna "smna pnpo mina ttrrano* "jam , 8 wn nna 
[jinha mca an mm] .prvantaa pan wa u pwi 'aax ncy * ni>n 10 KB*nan pncx 
yip wn 'n^> nncaK snaSn <aat* iD^n mea mn 'n I3 anna 'oca p'anana 
nm unnx tnw nam mop 'yae> K"n 'n tot* "ma'o npjwn* 'an e6n [im^'o] 
14 Dp inancai* n 'n b?K inb Dna mn na 'ani> y&c mm jrwp kwi mn ,[wi>] 
nns mi 'dk irwp Kinn? 'an rn mn nai 'an nsp immnw [n 'n] anai soxp 
,'mn nvy to*m "n n rvtyy nnx mi? 'dn 'an non xa'Ni ,N*n nxi tiix mcy 
pp^D Nnb'D xnm im^yan a'y'N pann "una "nh ^d k*w'k> saw 'n snnn jvai 
Npi Na^ tayora Npn arm b'Nin sn^'on nro "ktdd 'nw I6 B*aa vbn* B>n 
hwk 'aa px "axta wep n pnotn) kwb "nmn npbnaai noann p'yo nno^o* 
d^n 5>B> innsa Mwm ^ \ib "pnv *i nosn(ai nan ps wk 'aa 'NDp \xi 
ja nry^N 'n c^annx xany 'n ttwin [|n] 'now b'n b>& innaa D'anna [*>en] 
p 19/_ 6 \maDnNi (.o'annK ^ janata trowm bv janax nana mom) .jnoty 
so pnDKn Ninna w viha pn ^ao mi? paa iim n^na[i nmn n^ mnn] tra^ 
W'so xb -an njn nt^D niD^o d^ni r -.n nna ^n 'n ND'n'Nl sann nna nan niox 
Nmcnn dwd* NnDtr ^d 'am 'ova pan 22 iDpcn . a, tai nnx nipoa nhnai nmn 
na 26 pan ^ona^n 'a'n ^a* xna^n *mb ^a'aow 24, ani aia'aieax pa* "icawi 
'Dpn D'aiew -jann di^d t rrvsh votrb nm nn ^a 27 Dina^ xh [nns p^i] nns 
irb viditn n^i K'n na 28 byac nnim* ^ s Nin ^anb lanovx (nn) tS n^an jann 

1 E. ena. 2 II. adds niNaco na ^y. 3 O. adds nwa 

4 II. 'b'D. 5 O. ipm Npnoi; II. pp*ipn. c II. Kirano (ninx) nm. 

7 II. p^opio ''aw. 8 II. adds ^Nin Nannx. 9 II. (junn) p^n vba\ msx'D 
Nnxna. 10 II. ^op. u P. pab "icy. 12 n k"o. 13 II. n^y nnps. 
14 II. p nioaN. 15 II. p^aa (si>n) kH; O. adds N*nin. 16 p. xnoa. 1T II. 
nmn tv n?j> p^nooi . , , pnnDD. 18 n a"a pan'y. 19 II. adds wimn nna. 
20 k D"a po'a. 21 II. mnyBP rn^ai nry^x mn ycim mn m. 22 O. inai. 
23 O. xxbw mnn; E. urwum. 24 II. DntDNi n^ni? ma'araaNn. 25 O. 

nam; E. ^aow. ' 6 II. fsbo pan pn^ ponan. 27 II. ana. 28 II. and 
H. mini. 

: p*o sinter m? jvun * 

Non ' 

-13 twan 'ni ?23D n^c m*n 'n * paa mnnx Dn^m* K*wi nsa c^x 
,nann iron wmn jm *k* 'm [ennpn] uan b& 2 iaa pytatp 'm ?m?oa 'm asx 'm 
nofinn 4 nnxo nwn&n *?aa nn?n ww nia?nn ?a itnana Mn D^acn ?aai 
6 mpi?nn ?ai .mDtn&n pitta "in? iw* nipaoni [man pnna nw] ?nan 
nam Brnn nan pro*a lyniai 8 tma*a na?n npoaa i??n nnn ?W3 T n?w 
ipnpTi pn nna Nprc [inn] ipm n^aa nmta [ma] pan mntan nna mainon 
"wmd *KDpi tnta*B by te'Dw n?i* .[ppn?] M nwwn niywn 9 ?y [nann] 
pDK wn *ko ffatn ny *anan *pnpi ipm waa mnta inns n?n* nVrnn noaa 
jo in mn n?i ,w? rn^n *pao ?a pn? ltrofiwi ny jnay nm *ni cranwri ian 
naa mha *D*u in n? s a pi ,vnpn iaann M w c|io ny Dyno anan tpjumrvi 
mn n?i] jna [mn] nnx nyn pn?m , 13 m? pyr in irnnajtt n?n nnx pt??i nnx 
mn\sn noi Nnai?a ma rwi "kdi ?an nan mnwi *ma [tvi Nnaiba wtnaa 
paw ?antj> nyim na^tDi acapnia onan [an?] vn n?i .D^an? mmtn *myi mm? 
a'y'N [n-ynv wrw msnomm] mcytan jms* n?n [nns* jwh] nnx nsa nnix 
mrw man nr wa * vm?n? " row mn nnsi nnN ?a nna pup [in] fya tnonw 
nai ap apy* p nrjriw 'n rutro "pntatna prop nnn miNt? k .rarw "Tin; nr wi 
*ann mm 18 m??a am mm nnvp tit vmi>ni> din natt D^iyb "janou mi* 
.man n^ansna an jaano nm nn bi , 19 nDnn nm postal pnnntan rwo* tana 
*oa nw ,mi> mn xm matj^b 20 ap \s*n nb nns*o *wn Nn^ w6 anpo \xn 
mn mm a mnm mi ymi ayn xenoa ni am n^ nNn mm mam ;n 
xan n *a am n^ Nnanocn 'no *am ns^ni ,ian pe6a noi^ din an "pnoni 

1 II. onnN DDam jaan n*Dfcm. 2 II. (not M.) vaa. 3 II. naa. 

4 E. nna. 5 II. (P. rfow) rbav. 6 o. nipii?n. 7 11. ww and 

nw. 8 E.O. jna. 9 b and b bv- 10 II. mmtJ^i; V. my^ta. 

11 II. wa jtan . , ia>Dixn h. 12 E. nw; H. rntai*. 13 (See 1. 8); II. 

jnoK punn NyD s no ip>DNi ny ipnpni nn^ta yn (}nnta) innta (P. an^) \^n aba 

nnao ci^ai{j>m5> n^* nn N*h Np s aD *pn jni? mmvn iv iniy inn kdi traiwn "pn 

na *oa i>i np^y b Dynta anan to*? ^ann (rfw) pnw (iTbid) ^d nyi Dyma 

nn? yn^ mm *cyo n?n pan ^Dnj nn nnx ptrh nnx. u natro; ja^; ^ano. 

16 II. nn>tj> nmn nrxai new n,nn nrx. 16 a a ,r D painty. 17 So H. O.; 

others pnom. a r a anoa. ls ??a ; *??a. 19 II. piat^ei pnnniai penal nw 
Dn , WTi 20 IL B , Kpi 21 0> Tn , wnn 22 j N nnyi 

mate .tin nnx oyap taraPD moap j*i i^>oa sin n^kp idp xaa p rnim 
ninn na pawow mm aim looan bi aim -joion ^ap ^kib i>y nop mnsrvi 
Dnna Dm w pa i^> apn *]bn xaa p rflin^ n npy no x npyn na paoiop Dinm * 
rmm 'm mKO n n^pr neon dp iodi Dynat^ kpik pa nihna nny ne> pai 
tok Km pnppoi .mora n ^x epoio k*ik am yiop p myi>K 'm pyop 'm w 'm 
nyio k!>k wk "Mm ~6 iaoD k^> Navy /_1 icwn ^a pnv n nox nan na na nan 
mtapi xaa p nmm 'n maoD mm mn plan 3 mi?ap h Kapy'n maoo 2 janoKi 
5 nnin Knoa moa 'aona n"a ax mm bao jna 'n n^yi nwa a'a'pn *in 4 m pinai 
wrc'na khm moi> n"a ax 6 mpi> nnxn Knop * wi vu jna '-& a'a'cn mb ion 
^] -row 'ti ;na 'n >!>"y un na (a) Dnn piDona -inn Dan 7 mn tkd 'm .n^ 
warn m Kinna] D^na D^oan 8 *oa iim* .wopo Knamo ,-6a kop mn [nbhid 
'm 9 snnp p yenm 'm Kpm p janv /_ i bp iaa ^op^ ,_ i paa [Knnn KnmiN 
K*o*n -iaa bk apy^ 'm pyop 'na myta 'm mim p pyop 'm rmm p nryta 
mon> p my^K 'ni pnn p tfno 'm avpn p nnar 'm nxonp ma 'ni mna 'm 
10 ^oa p Ka^an 'ni nryta p pyop 'm DiaoiDi lonsi pan xaxi Dnaa p pam 
*d*ki kdh p 12 apy s 'm nw p Dnaa 'm wn p nry^K 'm 1] Nboa p nmm 'm* 
^omnPMii piNi 'm "*apn nrybx 'm naion aap> 'm N3*an p swan 'm nmm p 
Npn M nmn mobnb* iaa pnpn iaai ^na a'a'cm hv 13 w ^ai* .Dnoyp D^oani 
nry^s 4 'm an in^op "am nn ^dsd snip p ypim 'm a'a'pi an s nn na 16 pnox 
16 iaa ypnp ^aa ^y paw jm dtjip wk on^ona nox *pnaoi v ppo [urn] pyop ,_ >a 
'-i ^*n mm onob iwiw 17, i "iont D^oann Dnix *an copi ina^poxi ^ddd )nb 
b*x nmn mo^ "roWa 18, i ioxn noa pnao pmanoi xna^m /iai yipna pyop 
YiO^ ^ain^an vb\ x^pia n^a hw D^iaanna vn^n ^y nan 19 yiop p niy^s *i 
iin max nna 20 ^o nai ."^ara nb^o vbv pa^n Dia^imax lamapoa nns* nm t6m 
apy^ 'm nmm 'na s dv 'm ^dv 'na ^s*yo^ ,m \ paa D^oann jnix bv 21 Miaa nnna 

1 Some npy^ . . . poinni. 2 II. p^pooi. s II. intap. 4 E. mm; 

II. in. 5 O. moan ; II. rnxmrn [a a'^]. O. E. y^'b ; II. ^ino^. 7 II. 
n>tw Kin. 8 II- ^a [p. jon] H ms* mm; 0..rn s oa Dm. 9 II. adds warn 

nam rrnn.(Wanm). 10 So all except M. u Some omit; E. ^oa. 

12 E. K^py. 13 II. mi. 14 II. nmna. 15 a n' r a o"a. le P. p. nay. 
17 a r'o'p nap. 18 k Y'a moav w O. addsvmam. 20 n.*n nna wi 
t>o na; O. adds'n. 21 II. jma. 

5 : pa: mnw m 1 ? mm * 

pai nop ma pa Nnata mm ow*n 2 "pno ^oa *annw Dawn p ndh 'i l pnj) 
ta nna snata mn \hn maa rota b^ nyspai n&b> ma 3 imxi a'y'Ni ,bhn ma 
pi mi>n paw W* ,_l P 1 ^nmc wi iry^N 'i pa onns onaia iwtaa pi 
ma p pro 'n miry p itybx m *Wan w 'i 5 toi Minn oa iim .'jot p pnv 
p *dv '11 Knabi taw Noon iryks m pmn p wan m Npro p pnv m 
nii tonn iim wa [winN] pan noit p pyDBn wy p pyop omaah nod^p 
ymon iry^>N 'n Na^py 'i paa 'awa imi .tanmani* Dmmom w onb D^atPi 
mw a'y'Ni "pipxaa nnm 'i mn nye> nniN 7 iyi bwow m Naa p rrnm 'n 
Minp im men pn , 9 Dt^ man pin inx pny mn man jon pa'Tfaa nun'' 'i* 
ewa 10 nni3N ww* jmma^n nni> iass pr miNai .man pino jno^pp hn 
[n^n] pnao u wTy NMia jaai pe*aa 1111 ,n"ai B>"a npii?noi ioemi pinn 
[<ami anrw] pai saw pia^oi ina iami betid 'a ^dbd in^ mxn Nnsnai 
noa "iBDimN nov Ninn 13 pnoN miry p iry^x 'i DpimNi Novai . 12 pmnp 
nyaiN ion in pan 15 widh p w Nas* na y^a pnv 'i ibni nbttd a ^dbd 
na^py 'i idoi ."ip^yn mn noa 'an spimN iai* 16 ino yaty ion in ^dsd nxo 
jnin p Na^an 'i ainai .nodv p s dv 'i iD2atj> hn [nannb] io*y nN 
hy niob> mn nam tamo5>n [N3"py *ai] moym .[emmx] noani noyonai 
19 noNi Na^py 'i bv 18 Daa> amobnn by ^nibi NaoD mm Na^py 7 i ^ on^o^nn 
mo jhai diod s o3n iyi naao N^py ,m b \b im D^T'o^n 20 mait ^n icy Q*aB> jaai 
23 nxaun Dinac wnm !>vn 22 iNac iy i.^im cio^ oSyn mm 21 mvy iyi noso 
nniNa mmoyn Dm yiot^ p ity^x m pyoty an nnm *an 'dv *am i^no 'i D.iij 
"i maoDi pnhao ao nnoi ejnm moa mn i^no m ."moya Nn^Nia ny& 
iim Naa p 25 nnm 'i NTpy 'i ina ninb6 p^aoDi /in p^an a'y'Ni* Na^py 
*am aio^ b^nh iniN 27 nar [oia] ai ion nnm ai ion 26 pnoNi mo 'i|> hood 

1 p. Na'-N nii pmn. 2 nan jo; Niino. 3 O. nisi. * V. "not?; M. p. 
rmfiv; P. mB>. 5 II. {or(iniNa) Ninia. 8 II. omo^a oman vnai . 7 Some 
nyi. 8 O. D"p pa^vai. 9 II. n^an ^asa mnt^ a r y'Ni. 10 II. nnaiN i^s*a. 
11 II. jot. 12 II. pmoipn. 13 n rfa niaia. u P. NSDimN. 15 P. 
ndn; p. idn. ,6 E. adds [n n ,r a] niaiaa NmNia. 17 G. P. omit. 18 p. 
marg. vma^ ^a. 19 Some 110N1. 20 Some omit. 21 P. p. V. add 

n6 nr naa iana vbw (p. ^aso). 22 p. V. vow. 23 Some mttm. 24 a 3"d. 
25 O. mi* m. 26 a a"* punao. 27 O. adds Nnv 

Npn /i va ppnvs* ncs* '^no "vitao 1 by N3,n 'aa 'moan Niaa pnos 
Nan wop (pn!>) 4 ipas? s t6 , snnn^ Nan Kp (pan) ip3B> ndjjb no innon 
vwdb& pin bbn nii , 8 i3n pmcyoi pona NDpi ^d 'Nnna pnbia n^>n 5, Nnna^ 
nnvw niWy 9 D3^y tvw: 8 mnNC D3^ ona " 7 vb icsp *an jn^y Nwa irwi3*3a 
vb toymen nh^d win wn .p^oaNi myop inn nna w an^oe n^p naa 
u mn n^i dib>b iai>a i"a max hsn owtw ^ [jmop] n!?n pnnnB> 10 iyTn^N 
D3 tnio$>ni .mna njrp |in^ pyr nn "wvnwi ""cyo i>3 *6k* pnwa npi^no 
lan wn "nam nai ^3 by Dnacca nnpn w wi 11m* rnna njpr pni> jni run 
nnene pisn one D^bt? jpm bbrb b vn an^n d^ioc 15 pbnia b 'aa pan 
an^yi pa p ytpima "non pib iioynt? D**n p owtan 1331 npa jn^y row 
^y vby i-mdk . s N3r p pnr pi jhaap pup iwny p jnav jhaap hia ,o3ua 
nnan n!?i mabn k!> mt^n n^i nae n^i NnpD n!> man n^ ^N3T p pm pi 
17 ^wm nncngDW msipn nw nnrai anioni nnp anaio ""pupil mm "pnpn 
"iaii biia nan men ^vbv nrw aw nms** a^pi nrw a^yie 17 woi a^aaia 
"win 'wi Tjrrin^ .sail *am "win pop nan naano ne>yo i?na -on .pop 
tyipon rra mm noai .tpwtrb pM3 inha n^n 19 iin innjno 1&6 Nan "3ni 
nobnii rotten Nmnixi ^yu n^n^ vb na mn KnNiiano nm nn bn ap 
n3n N^aa mm ,nm an *a "inwro^ moi* 21 mny^3 \\rb 20 nanDi *^oa 
m nsi pn^a nim sin nr6 na^oon s*naiba wnm [ynn] wvb pans nn sin 
nioipo ne^ea Nam an in 23 pns*i ia^a\xn Nin mn^a ^d r6n3 ^03 bbm *$r& 
pan 26 iman\xi ina ^03 anni 25 in^a^ 24 i^rxi tjnpon rv3 anm p^ai ^m ^ncj ip^na 
ba cn^o^nn i^oe n^ jo? inisa vne pewi o^naen nioino ^m nis'oi .nv ^3^ 
D3 mm* ^N^a j3n mm "N3T ja pnv pm pi*b>B3 nna n3 jo .mpi^nD >^sai pis 

1 ai"D. 2 (p. N3i) N3x an 'n pnroN Nans moan mean. 8 II. \tb 
tb\ ven kh^d. 4 p. pw; G. p>ae. B E. omits. 6 G.v. 3no. 

7 'n Td a^Da. 8 II. iTiiNi baao rbvttw. 9 II. addsN^s*. 10 II. yun^N; 
P. lym^N. u pna jvn in; p. pn3*a n\s mn; P. pnwa sin and omits pn3a 
after np^no. n II. Nnmsni naeo oyo n^n. 1S E. ninni; II. lan mm 

"in Bn3t$>oa. u lLwnnnB. 16 Ki^'pa'^a. 16 Some cdcm. 

17 rvbww, flbvom. 1B nn; nun. 19 O. adds? pwpDV, II. nna Nin aba. 

20 H. nanoi. 21 p. marg. mfio^a 'a. 21 II. pni? jjnoi. " a n"- nae*. 

21 O. ^tni. " Somenn mb. 2S II. la^axi. 


|wj vcnv yh nrm * 


nnvpo ianai nana^> l^nnn n&ron naaa watc ax na&mn nanaa nra ! nnbamn 
tno '"i pn*an nnDi ton 3 tmno nan m , 2 nonm *an Nat? ny mm nn ^a man 
pyop'ni w 'm mw 'm tho 'n 6 na innifis *anttm> nm^nn man am* ,mt 
wano wpy 'na nai?n nmima S>Y" lantah? ni^am ,iin a*py 'n nm^n aha 
pan ipac tmya 7 *nei :w n>a epaa wi jhai 6 mn 'nai vmano mv '"01 
ran ^ 10 vd spa ny [naamn p] ata D anaa n^> ax p 8 i?ai ^nna$> xain h ndp 
.payn n?a 12 itry aya no mnaaon "tid jaina tiidd amen nrm as myi* 
NnaDD b pi ruwi wr6 jnTici am av^ naiai D*tae& M w mnpn "ayo no 
nns^ nana wm 'ne> layers? xnaDinn 16 mi { 1B paya nnman ay nnnDj vb& 
na ncy as* .nana^ N*n 'n nxn nci ,ny nnx jDta ik nanaa nacmn 17 na*nn 
i6m* 20 pna s^i ""an jrran* s nek nation wj nx "penw anp* anan 18 naain 
nra nm^nn pi . 22 ianaa wa nwnan* pi :pnmx (an) nacmn man 21 at;m 
aw nai 26 annnx "jbo mi 25 Na*an nnx moa nr-a ^maa 24 pan 23 pi* ,ana: 

28 V52>ay nyi mm mism a7 ia?D 
so ^npn ia>an (pnha) na^D mo 29 ntmj> wn*i* tmn pan JPQWi 
*am* .yna^ pw spaing ps* xna^n nnan sna^n inb 31 mnn <a\n *a pyrin 

1 P. pnWii. 2 O. nenai. 3 O. nina. 4 II. omits; P. tstnwxw; 
M. penuaon amann. 5 H. an. 6 ai'm paimy. 7 II. *o. 8 O. i>a. 
9 E.o. nanaa; II. adds nmn. 10 P. im^a <ae> n^a. n O. nnai. 12 G. b. 
13 II. Koyo wo (P. i^) n!>ts> ninaDon bin mna nniD in a payi. " II. 

aniaa. 15 II. pjyn by. lc G. P. ami. " II. omits. ls II. nDDini?. 
19 p. vnsb. 20 II. >an pna ah. 21 II. aicm; V. di^ci. 22 O. . . . xn^nan 
nana:; p. nanaa . , , nin^nan. 23 O. myi. u II. pam. 26 H. adds ^k am. 
26 G.V. add nia^ ^kio. 27 P.V. i^d. 28 p. nfn avn. 29 II. mw. 
30 II. adds win. ll II. xamnan. 

[ii. 4 .] a 2 

doti mmpi utxsm -no 

jikj vrrm mih maa 

in p ditdk onf? rtapn isdi 

tryoon -iriKi raion -irta anna o^ip 1 ? niyi 


p& nrnn 







*> J 


rf * 







ecu, iN^r^ff wfct* srwsi su*m*?Hw<i^ > 
titfi- uA4*t*c 6tfia4 &u>a t*a <# 

_ j^kJQmm. m^^km^'^o. *CoV 

-w&*c*V *m fi<* asft<i\i 

Mil* #di%AC HG& 

4<Wi$ www u^Cww vtfwV ^*V tfafeftlfiSUcTtacucu i&c*tf 








t oat casta 










rights reserved] 


Oxford University Press Warehouse 
Amen Corner, E.C. 

Qtew ?)orft 






a 2 [ii. 6. | 


Preface .......... 

Abridged Words . ........ 

Mediaeval Jewish Chronicles, Index to I and II 
Chronicles : 

I. The Scroll of Fasting ...... 

II. The Order of the World ...... 

III. The Smaller Order of the World .... 

IV. An Arabic Chronicle from the Creation to 1159 A. D. 
V. The Book of Genealogy ...... 

VI. The Diary of the famous David Reubeni, 1522-1525 
VII. Extracts and Notes. A to H . 
Additions and Corrections ....... 







1 1 1 





The Delegates of the University Press having kindly granted me 
the publication of another volume of Mediaeval Jewish Chronicles, 
I have selected the following: 

I. rwn rOSD , ' the Scroll of Fasting,' text (in spaced type) and 
the scholia, both of them according to the first edition and that of 
Amsterdam, 171 1, and the abridged text found in the De Rossi MS. 
in the Library of Parma, No. 117, 4 1 , with variations from MS. 
fragments in the Bodleian Library. The passages in the text marked 
by ( ) are taken from the edition, and those marked by | ] from the 
Parma MS. In the notes this MS. is marked by P. I have used 
the following letters for the MS. fragments in the Bodleian Library : 
1. M. for Mich. 502 (Catalogue, No. 882); 2. m. for Mich. 260 
(Catalogue, No. 902, beg.); 3. /u. for Mich. 388 (Catalogue, No. 867, 2); 
4. O. for Opp. Add. fol. 55 (Catalogue, No. 2421, 10); 5. o. for Opp. 
Add. 34 (Catalogue, No. 641, 13) ; 6. M 1. for the MS. used in the 
article published in the MonatsscJirift fiir GescJiicJite mid WissenscJiaft 
des jfudent/iums, Jahrgang xxiv (1875), pp. 43 and 139, now in the posses- 
sion of my learned friend Herr A. Epstein (see below, Nos. II and III. C). 
As to the MS. in the British Museum, Add. 11,639 (fol. 79), enume- 
rated in the Descriptive Catalogue of the Hebrew and Samaritan MSS., 

' For this text I have to thank Mr. S. Schechter, M. A., Reader in Talmudic 
and Rabbinic Literature in the University of Cambridge. 

viii PREFACE. 

edited by the Rev. G. Margoliouth, London, 1893, p. 102 a, it contains 
only the last part, beg. *0&"\ (p. 23 of our edition), which is a later 
addition, and is found in numerous MSS. With regard to the pas- 
sages from this chronicle quoted in the Talmudic literature, I refer 
to the commentary of Rabbi Judah (Low), son of Menahem (of Kro- 
toschin), in the edition of Warsaw, 1874, 8vo. The variae lectiones in 
the Babylonian Talmud according to MSS. not having been completed 
by the late R. N. Rabbinovicz, not to speak of old MS. fragments 
of the Babylonian Talmud discovered since his death in 1891, I have 
not even attempted to give these variations concerning our chronicle. 
As to the modern literature, I refer to p. vi of the first part of 
this publication. 

II. xhv$ VTD, 'the Order of the World/ usually entitled !~TD 
N2"i z}y\$ \ ' the Larger Order of the World,' a title which originated 
probably after the composition of No. III. In fact the MSS. d. 
and O. have not the word frOl. The present edition is made up 
principally from the text of the edition of Amsterdam, 1711, which 
seems to contain the Hispanico-Eastern text, and from that which 
is found in the MS. of the Bodleian Library, Opp. 317 (Catalogue, 
No. 692, 8), which may perhaps be the text of the Franco-Germanic 
school. This MS. was written by a French scribe in the year 5075 A. M. 
= 1315 A. D., according to the note on fol. 114 b 2 . The readings 
of the edition are marked by ( ), and that of the MS. O. by ]. 
In some cases I have given both readings in their entire form, when 
there were too many variations. In the notes I have employed the 
following abbreviations for other MSS. and editions: 1. c. or C. = 
MS. Hebr. c. 18 (twelfth century), fol. 1, beginning with TOOT 
(chap, iv) and v 1 to Nim HYl (cd. p. 35, 1. 7). 2. d. = MS. 
Hebr. d. 47 (twelfth century), fol. 40, end of xxiv (ed. xxiii) with the 

1 It is strange that none of these titles is mentioned by Qirqisani (see below, 
p. xiv. G). 

2 See the Catalogue. No. 692, 8. 


following words IJTTWI *wb ^TV2 1^ nWH *W DX dlfiD^ 

odd nv>n wn Mn d^q imbdi llraa ipbo ini 11 n^^ oini 
tfrn'o "f?d m tail .lAon irrpm rri nj p jima ^n n 
rmat nn *on idn ocn to xxv (ed. xxiv) pn (cd. p. 58, note 3) ; 

fol. 41 d^Nffi * (ed. p. 59, 1. 5) to ttfctt) D^ "ICD^ D3tP ^B DM 

py n nairn dv d"wm mo (ed. p. 60, 1. 2) ; foi. 42 d^n 

plPH (ed. p. 63, last line but one) to tTOtfl (ed. p. 65, 1. 4, obliterated); 
fol. 43 from DI^DETDN bv DIB^D (ed. p. 66, 1. 6). 3. e. = MS. Hebr. 
e. 8 1 . 4. ep. = editio princeps. 5. f. = MS. Hebr. f. 27 (thirteenth 
century), beginning (fol. 28) inTT *inN7 (ed. p. 27, 1. 5 from below). 
At end of the chapter the MS. has Np""PD p^O, but no figure for the 
following. The passage from "rtl? >*N "i *^!2N (ed. p. 33, 1. 2 to the end of 
chap, iv) figures in this MS. as a chapter. Chap, v 1 does not follow in 

the MS. The fragment ends with W 1#D3 mdd (ed. p. 35 last line). 
6. h. = MS. Halberstam, identical with that mentioned in No. I of the 
first part, and in I and III. C. of this part. 7. H. = Hunt 487 (Catalogue, 
No. 2196). In this MS. the fifth chapter is identical with the twenty- 
first in other MSS. and editions. I have left it as the fifth (see p. 33) 
according to MS. H., and repeated it as the twenty-first (see p. 53) 
according to other MSS. 8. O. = Opp. 317 2 . 9. P. = Parma, No. 
80 10 ; p. = Parma, No. 117 3 . There is another MS. at the Royal 
Library of Munich, viz. in the famous Talmud codex, where several 
entire chapters are missing. Of this I could not procure a copy. 
I hope that notwithstanding this present edition, Herr Ratner will go 
on with the one he has prepared, in which he will give the variations 
of the Munich MS. Perhaps this scholar will put in parallel columns 
the two texts, viz. the Eastern and the French, a method by which 

1 See part I, p. xiii, note 2. " See above, p. viii. 

3 For the variations from the Parma MSS. I am indebted to Abbate Pierre 
Perreau, emeritus Librarian of the Library of Parma. 

b [II. 6.] 


the variations will perhaps show better than in our edition. To his 
critical introduction to our treatise 1 I refer for information concerning 
the relation of the text in the quotations from the chronicle in the 
Talmud and Midrashim to the present text. Herr Ratner also discusses 
fully the authorship of the chronicle, which is usually attributed to 
R. Jose ben Haleftha 2 , who cannot, however, be the author of the present 
text. Our chronicle finishes with the war of Bar-Cochba (135 A. D.). 
It would be impossible to take notice of all minor variations to be 
found in MSS. and in editions; it would swell out the volume with 
little profit. The numerals in the dates are expressed in full in some 
MSS. and editions ; others express them by letters. I have chosen 
the former method as concerns the Biblical quotations. 

III. For completeness sake I have given A., 'the Smaller Order 
of the World,' without any variations, since it contains little historical 
matter 3 . For further information on this text I refer to Dr. Felix 
Lazarus' monograph on this chronicle in N. Brail's J ahrbiicher filr 

jiidisclie GcscJiichte und Literatur, x. p. 157 sqq. Mr. Schechter lately 
discovered another MS. which contains this chronicle, which he published 
in Monatsschrift, &c. 4 , vol. xxxix (October, 1894), p. 23 sqq. B. The 
text of the Yo/msvi 5 , according to the first edition (ep.), MS. Hunt 504, 
Catalogue, No. 2202 (H.), and the MS. Hebr. d. 16 (d.). C. A chronicle 
from Adam to S e adyah 6 Gaon (born 892 A. D.), according to the first 
edition of the Yohasin (E.), and the MS. in the possession of Herr 
A. Epstein 7 (MS.). 

IV. An Arabic chronicle from the creation to 1159 A. D., according to 
two MSS. in the Bodleian Library ; the first (MS. Hebr. f. 40) is injured 

1 Sec Jt 7< vz'sk Quarterly Review, vol. vii. p. 348. 

2 See part I, p. vi. 3 See part I, p. viii. 

4 Parma, No. 541, 10, which De Rossi (Catal., vol. ii. p. 77) identified with 
No. II of this publication, trusting the colophon of the MS., which says p^D 

'dv n ntry -il m n nb)v "no, 

See part 1. p. xiv. c Pointed in Yemen MS. njTJD. 

7 See above, p. vii. 


at the beginning, the latter (MS. Hebr. e. 45, ff. 21 to 32, marked \x. in 
the notes and | in the text) consists only of fragments, which are 
very often difficult to read. Both were discovered lately in Egypt, 
and purchased by the Bodleian Library. The anonymous author has 
used some Alidraslrim now and then. It is divided into seven parts, 
of which the last may have some value for the history of the chiefs 
of the captivity. It is possible that the author made use of S e adyah 
Gaon's chronological treatise *, which had the same title as the present 
one, according to the following quotation of Judah ben Bal'am in 
his Arabic commentary on the first Prophets, which is to be found 
in the MS. of the Imperial Library of St. Petersburg, II. Firkowitz, 
No. 20. He says on 1 Kings vi. 1 as follows: iTHi'D 21 rVNTl 

naw D^aiM dtkzAd to * osrvn * wa y^n r\wvb bmw ^a. 

T T 

' I see that R. S e adyah Gaon mentions in the Book of Chronicle " that 
the Philistines ruled over them after Abdon twenty years ;" in scripture 
(Judges xiii. 1), however, it is said " forty years.' " Compare our text, 
p. 98, 11. 13 and 14. Indeed, the Arabic translation of geographical 
names in the Bible agrees mostly with S e adyah's translation. I regret to 
state that this part of the chronicles is not always satisfactory, in spite 
of the friendly help of eminent scholars, such as Professors Ignaz 
Goldziher and W. Bacher of Budapest, and Professor D. S. Margoliouth 
of our University, though there is not much doubt about the sense 
in general. 

V. ^DnV .... 1CD, ' the Book of Genealogy,' which contains the 

history of the early settlements of the Jews in the South of Italy, viz. 
Ban, Otranto, Capua, &c. 2 , of the invasion of the Saracens in the 
year 872 A. D., in agreement with the report of the chronicle of 

1 See Graetz, Geschtchte der-Juden, t. v. p. 486 e (2nd edition). 

2 See/ew/s/i Quarterly Review t vol.iv. p. 621 sqq. 

b 2 


Salerno 1 , and of the first occurrence of the title of 'prince' ("^-) given 
to eminent Jews. It was composed in the year 4814 A. M.= io55 A. D. 
in rhymed prose by Ahimaaz, and completed (copied ?) by Menahem 
son of Benjamin. This chronicle exists in a unique MS. preserved in 
the Cathedral Library of Toledo, No. 86/25, OI " which my learned friend 
D. Fidel Fita, Member of the Spanish Academy, kindly procured, first, 
a facsimile (not very satisfactory), and later on a photograph. For 
this, as well as for other kindnesses during my stay at Madrid, 
I express to him my best thanks. 

VI. The diary of the famous David Reubeni during his travels, 
from the time of his departure from the desert Habor, through Egypt, 
Palestine, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, in the years 1522 to 1525, according 
to the unique MS. in the Bodleian Library, which is incomplete. To 
judge from the many clerical mistakes and frequent omissions in the 
Bodleian MS. it cannot be the original written by David. This MS. 
came to the Library among the Michael MSS. in the year 1848, being 
then numbered 560. But strange to say, it has been missing since 
1867, and our text is printed from a facsimile which fortunately had 
been made by the Rev. J. Cohen, and which now occupies the place 
of the lost original (numbered MS. Hebr. f. 14). Mr. Cohen also made 
a copy of it in German cursive character. This was bought for the 
library of the Rabbinical School of Breslau,and from it Dr. Edward Biber- 
feld published a part (to H7D, p. 169, 1. 10) with a German translation, 
notes, and excursus as his Doctor's Dissertation at Leipzig 2 . It will be 
seen that the transcript is not always correct, and the facsimile renders 
many of Dr. Biberfeld's emendations superfluous. Dr. Biberfeld's notes 
are valuable for the geographical names given by Reubeni, as well as for 
historical names. It is not my object to take off the mask of Reubeni 
and declare him a falsificator, or, on the other hand, to accept his facts 

1 See Histoire des invasions des Sarrazins en Italie, au VII" ou XI" siecle, par 
Cesar Famin (Paris, 1843), t. i. p. 187 sqq. 

2 Der Reisebericht des David Reubeni. Ein Beilrag zur Geschichte des XIV 
Jahrhunderis, Leipzig, 1892. 

PREFACE. xiii 

without scrutiny. My task at present is to make this diary accessible to 
historians. With reference to the historical value of Reubeni's diary 
I refer to Graetz's History of the Jews^. The description of the MS., 
i. e. according to the facsimile, will be found in the continuation of the 
Catalogue of the Hebrew MSS. in the Bodleian Library, which is in 
the press. Small MS. fragments of David Reubeni's diary which are 
extant, are described in Dr. Biberfeld's Dissertation, p. vi. All I can 
say with certainty is that the Hebrew style of David's diary is that of 
a German Jew; David might have been such, although a native of 
Egypt, who knew Arabic as his mother-tongue. 
VII. Extracts and Notes : 

A. The passage concerning the literary history of the Jews in 
the middle ages, by Menahem Meiri of Perpignan (died 1306 A. D.), to 
be found in his introduction to his commentary on the Mishnah, part 
Aboth, which I give according to the first edition 2 . 

B. A similar literary history by David of Estella (lived about 
1320 A. D.) in his theological work, called "1DD JiHp . 

C. Another similar literary history by Isaac de Lattes of Montpellier 
(written 1372 A.D.) in his theological work with the same title, according 
to the MS. of the Bodleian Library, Mich. 602 (Catalogue, No. 1298) 
(B.), and another in the possession of Baron de Giinzburg of St. Peters- 
burg (G.). ( ) means words from B., and | from G. 4 

D. Another of the kind to be found in the Halakhic treatise with 
the title TYT;? !TT2 by Menahem ben Zerah 5 , a descendant of an 
exile of France after 1206 (written about 1370 A. D.), according to the 
editions of Ferrara (Ep.) and Sabionetta (S.). 

E. Two pieces of literary history, a. from Moses to Mahomed, and 
ft. another from the epoch of the compiler of the Mishnah (about 220 
A. D.), incomplete. These two pieces, communicated to me by the Rev. 

1 Geschichte der fuden, Bd. ix (2nd edition), p. 545 sqq. 

2 See Histoirc litter aire de la France, t. xxvii. p. 541 sqq. 

3 Ibidem, t. xxxi. p. 472 sqq. 

4 Ibidem, p. 683 sqq. See also Revue des Etudes juives, t. ix. p. 60 sqq. 

5 Ibidem, p. 708. 


Dr. M. Gaster, are to be found in the MS. No. 83 of his library, contain- 
ing Mid rash ic texts, a. is preceded by the following blessing: 

l h\ tim "nub Nnmn 
oynsm D^:ra ^ra -ken D*?iyn *)b*2 otAn ^ nriN -p-a 
nap D^nm vcmn Kin nmri ]nb jnn n^n m pb idqi 

nn^ "j^n niu?v^i "YoA id^i ^nft mita mo b& win 

F. From a MS. belonging to the family Serour at Tripoli (in Africa), 
containing nearly the whole text of the Old Testament, in square 
characters, written and provided with vowel-points by Shem Tob ben 
Abraham ben Gaon at Soria (Spain), and finished in the year [50] 72 A.M. 
= 1312 A. D. This MS. is a model codex, not only having the Masorah, 
the rules of plene and defective, of the spaces between the sections 
all according to careful tradition, but the scribe has put also the tittles 
above the letters according to the Book of Tittles ("Oil 1DD) 3 different 
from those used now for the Pentateuch scrolls. On the verso of a leaf, 
where on the recto are found Masoretic notes, our piece is written in 
Magrebi cursive, probably by an owner belonging to an important 
family in Magreb 2 . This MS. is still regarded by the family as a talis- 
man. I may add that the family Gaon at Soria was not only a learned 
one, but contained scribes of renown. The Bodleian Library possesses 
a MS. of the Old Testament, which was once Kennicott's property, 
written by Joshua ben Abram ibn Gaon, and finished at Soria 5066 
A.M. = 1306 A. D., according to the oral tradition of Isaac son of 
Gershom 3 . But this MS. has not the tittles. 

G. Biblico-chronological chapter by the Oaraite Joseph al-Oirqisani 
(of Circessium) to be found at the end of his Arabic commentary on 
the Pentateuch MS., St. Petersburg 4 . I am indebted for this document 
to my friend Dr. A. Harkavy. 

1 On the margin noy \ "V2W2 p. 

2 See M. Cases' article in the Revue des Etudes juives, t. xx. p. 78 sqq. 

3 See Catalogue 0/ the Hebrew JIISS. in the Bodleian Library (1886, No. 2323). 

4 See Jewish Quarterly Revieiv, t. vii. p. 348 sqq. 


H. A note concerning a calamity which befel the Jews at Narbonne 
in the year 4996 A.M. = 1236 A. D., written by Meir ben Isaac, to be 
found in the Bodleian MS. Hebr. f. 48, fol. 63, recently acquired. 

I express my best thanks in the first instance to Dr. (now Professor) 
A. Biichler (who during his temporary stay at Oxford helped me in 
copying and collating MSS., and continued to do so at Vienna) and to the 
Rev. Dr. Immanuel Low, Rabbi at Szegedin (Hungary), who read the 
proofs (when my eyes began to fail) and suggested many corrections. 
The help for the Arabic chronicle I have mentioned above (p. xi). 
Dr. M. Friedlander, Principal of the Jewish College, London, has read 
the final sheets and suggested many corrections, which I have inserted 
in the additions and corrections ; Dr. W. H. Greenberg, student at the 
Montefiore College, Ramsgate, kindly offered his services, under the 
direction of the Rev. Dr. M. Gaster, Principal of this College, to 
compile an index of both parts of the Chronicles, which has been 
entirely revised and completed by Dr. M. Friedlander and by myself; 
I hope it will be useful to students of Jewish mediaeval history. I have 
to thank also my learned friend Herr A. Epstein, of Vienna, for his 
permission to use his MS. for Nos. II and III. Finally, I am obliged 
to the Delegates of the Clarendon Press for the hospitable reception 
accorded me in their Anecdota Series, and express my hearty thanks 
to the excellent Oriental reader, Mr. J. C. Pembrey, for the attention 
which he has paid to the present publication. 

Oxford : 
September, 1895. 



tmns* tansD=ND 

cnn ipiyi vd=tpi16 

min iDD=nD 

ctWn rni3y=t*y 

p ^y=ay 

* oyn nry=<6y 

npnp ni?np=pp 

arm ,3n=^n .i 

nan? wn=*n 

cna min = ah 




matjn,a , nan pawn = fan 


m ain ,3"in=nn 

HDXJ? cjik pi6i=*SH*i 


"6131= 131 ,bi 

Ditai Dn=in 

D"^ yniff 1 yir n^=N'T 

*iiaa="i6a ,mnb3 .niioa 
niia niaa .'an mn mo 
iiaa inu=ai 
py ima=yj 




pnDtn ,nDsn=:iMn 

p ^a by fjK=aayS 

DDjan )V3=n3 
"mail ^nru " miya=ii , a 

1133 J3=33 

n3 cjirb jnu irb=^33 
D{?n mry3=njb 

"31 }3="T3 

ic-iai .iDia=ii .nai ,fo 

}3 DJ = 3J 

mns nyn .nnx-an=Ni 



jntDBVKK 185. 

N2X i 23, 176, 182, 188. 

N2x=ityx p 0112x151. 
K3S (21 no) 38, 188. 
M3nM KIN 29, 182; II. 

7 7 (see 21). 

xrmbn x2x 5. 

pn X2X 6, 180. 

no3 72, 75; II. no, 

no X2X 196. 

ina^x [p] no X2x II. 


-DD3 pX ,, l(x)OX2X 130. 

tnpio X2x 54. 
tusd (iry^x) X2x 156, 

"ON 21 12 X2X 39. 
"XIH 12 X2X 36. 
N311 12 X2X II. 77. 
X12T 12 X2X 30. 
"Jn 12 X2X 182. 
^12X II. 73, 77. 
1.12X i 15, 19, 23, 44, 
181, 182. 

pins* nx II. 112, 119. 

prba i2x 99. 
rron 12X 152, 153. 

2^>Xt:i2X 35, 187. 
JID^X 12X 79, 81, 93. 
PpJ&K f DDXp!>X 13K 71. 

^2N 190 (see inx). 
x^yh2x 151 (see 2py). 

DH2X 12 \N012X 1 37. 
10y 12X 71. 
21py 12N II. 138. 
^ONp 12X II. 133-138. 
OXipnx 57, 88, 134. 

logons 186. 

180,191,196; II.245. 
px: as ^n 37. 

P|DN"3N 163, 176. 

J'X^Ow'Xp 111X:P2X 162. 

^tcik 11. 33, 53- 

,T2X 48, 195; II. 73, 

77, 248, 249. 
KOT3K 165; II. 38, 47, 

69, 94. 
XOV2X 188. 
^rV2X II. 33, 53, 64. 
DIU^X 186. 

"2X 4, 16, 19, 23,24,26, 
29, 3 1 , 33,46, 58, 91, 
164, 177, 180, 181, 
182, 183; II. 72, 73, 
75, 77, 246, 247. 

*D3K i 39. 

T.^2X 48, 86, 164, 195; 
II. 43, 48, 245. 

X^2X 34. 

21^2X II. 99. 

yicox 165; II. 108. 

nrras* 69. 

innx II. 45, 69, 73- 

13 2 U2X II. 99, 100. 

pQK 48, 86, 195. 

D'lXID H [? Dl]l2X 96. 

^212X 192. 

D.TDN 47, 86, 163, 174, 
194-196; II. 7, 8, 
26-29, 33,34, 53, 54, 
69, 77, I44-M6. 

(^21X1.1 Dy) D112X II. 


12 2X (pmr 12) nni2x 
78, 84, 94, 103; II. 
226, 227, 231, 236. 

1 The numbers refer to the pages of the two volumes, I. not being indicated. 
Geographical names (not adjectives) are overlined. Repetitions of names in the 
same page are not indicated. The Arabic article ba is sometimes disregarded. 

C [II. 6.] 



pnrnaM Drrax II. 155- 
rrrnw Drrax 162. 

"X^TX Dm3X 152. 
K3BD*N Drrax 154. 
ny^x Drrax 154. 
irCS DrraX 154. 
ni3tPK DiTGN 154. 
iXpCX^X Dm3X i6r. 

pma n Drrax 152, 155. 

DS"ipi3 Dm3X 140. 

db*jwu*3 Drrax 98. 

soddr ^yn dtox 141, 

jwa Drrax 38, 188. 
nx:6x Drrax 154. 

*D3bw DiTON 153. 
1D3X: Dm3X 154. 

rrfrn Drrax 152. 
pnavub Drrax II. 240. 
-on Drrax II. 157. 
yuan Drrax II. 143, 144. 


nim DmnMiL 178, 179, 
181, 187, 192, 212. 

ni^r DiTDN ior, 139. 
X^n OPTON 152. 

npntto Drrax 162. 
prW DiTOM 155. 
B^BTP DiTQN 140. 
JH3 DTOK II. 216. 220, 

N'ms pan Drrax 155. 

J1X3 X3H3 DH-I3X 36, 188. 
1^5'^X) DiTOX 150. 

")bn Drrax 130, 140. 
i>XDio Drrax 155. 
Joyih D.-n3x 154. 160. 

yx3D Drrax 107,1 14,140. 

VlbtrVD Dm3X 155. 

(masDN) maao Drrax 

155, J 5 6 3 x 5 8 , l62 - 
"UrvS DiTON II. 192. 
JX^XP DH13X 147. 

romp omaN 145, 159? 

^BD-KO nil DH13X II. 

202, 218. 
b6b> Dm3X 140, IS 1 - 

"mew Drrax pn 112. 
3nn tpxw Drrax 154. 

T0K n J3 DH13X 151. 

jro f3 Drrax II. 179. 
^ow px Drrox 154. 
(iiuo) tti ia Drrax 47- 

84, 94, 101, 102. 

(nuvn hn) "iiix-i 96, 
124, 125, 135. 

Dn }3 DH13X II. 229, 

bav i3 Drrax 96, 103. 

XTP pX DH13X 130. 

t^y px Drrax 140. 
trpTra' p two i3 Drrax 

81 (3,1%?), 93- 

636-1 p prrOK 102, 120, 
125, 131, 134. 

mpxi px Drrax 105. 
xiry p Drrax 81, 94, 

102,130-132; II.229, 


TO PX DH13X 156. 
\WI& (j in) p DTTOM 
105, 140, 159- 

nrb& 3 Drrax 10 1. } 
mxio 97. 

KTT 3 DH13X 38, 64, 
65, 188. 

Dvrax II. 90-94 (see 

lDXJurax 154. 

D1^3X 140; II. 45, 100. 

D10D1JX 53, 60, 89, 170, 

185, 195, I96;II. 109. 

prx< 177. 

D^JX 196. 
UITTV9M 185. 

D3X 58 . 

xnvox 46. 

DSnjX 51, 80, 198. 
DD H- \:x p DSmjX 1 70. 
DTimXp DSn3Xi7o; II. 

xnxn 63,174; 11.72,75. 
H3HX 13 xnx i 23, 91, 

mx II. 216, 221, 223. 

DVTX 67, 80, 87, 92, 94, 
I08, 121, 128, I29, 

194; II. 50, 75, 126, 
156, 241, 247. 
VD^vnx 185. 

D1X 47, l6 3, J 74, 195, 
197; II.27, 34, 53,67, 

RjTN II. 92. 

Dxnnx56, 90,174,185, 
196; II. 109. 

5iaWKnTK 149, *54- 

D*mN 185. 
Drax II. 90. 
}Bnn*nN 185. 

ninx 48, 86, 164, 195 ; 
II- 43, 245- 



WinN no II. 76. 
3X'inx II. 96, 224, 233. 
pn52, 86, 163,165,176, 

196. ('J3ixin ay) II. 

x 3, 2 3. 24, 39, 41, 

108, 152, 163. 

pXJ pflN 40. 
X"^'D'p<: pHN 156. 

pon p ns 154. 
'jxidd pn 140. 
prep pn 154. 
"npnx 96; H.230,232, 

N2S^ pnx 154. 
ahao pns 94. 
ircp pn 154. 
|wvpn 155. 

mt pK pHN 143. 

en pM pn 161. 
pon px pnx 155. 

pan spvi3 pnx 40,189. 

xhwn na pnx 103, 132, 

niSl"ID p pHN 66, 92, 
naTi pN pnx 153. 
niatx II. 40. 
iDrriix 190; II. 116, 127. 
(D13K*3WDp1K) U&P3B1K 

wimx 186. 

X^IX 6, 180. 

yinc ^"ix 50, 88, 165, 
185,195; 11.63,70,74. 

Ii'mx II. 223, 231. 
JCT 95 (see p. 253). 
n'lX II. 116, 1 1 8, 120, 
125, 127, 130, 132. 

nanai7iN II. 239. 
vrfhw* 97. 

tPW^K 98. 
XSD1X 61, 177. 
put II. 28. 

pm 90, 174. 

n'DIX II. 86. 
DUtfaiBplN 170, 185 (see 

nn p nix II. 45, 96. 

rVTIK 176; II. 58, 70, 

liTjnss? p rmw II. 52. 
www 175. 

D'TJ'3 1 1X 86, 195. 

cgyfrmj 94 . 

BW^iniN 103. 

D1D11N II. 180. 

D-opiix 166, 167, 169, 

198 (see DUpmn). 

N3">'J> TIN 152. 

NC'IK 6, 56, 176. 

X'ytTlX i 14-16, 44, 91, 

viaio Knx i 11, 17, 25, 
35, 37, 63, 178, 188; 
II- 72, 75, 76, 225. 

nTEF'o xnx n 63, 188; 

11.224,230, 233, 241. 
Win na xnx i 6 1 . 
K^3n -a xnx i 178; II. 

w:n 13 xnxi 30, 43. 
3py in xnx i 30. 
"N^m na (tin) xnx i 46, 

Nli^Nnxi 32,34.59, 

C 2 

177, 183; II. 246, 


3xnx 176; 11.49,50,52, 

'dti 'ae \s*nx i 177. 
xdti na \xnx i 34. 
rveniyn na 'xnx i 38, 

45, 64, 188. 
"unnx i ("3xn xnx) 46, 

177; II. 246. 
'xjmx i 37, 64. 
rnx 48, 87, 176 ; II. 24, 

48, 52, 54, 64.74,77, 

102, 248, 249. 
W?nX48,87, 195; II.49, 

50,51,70,74,77, 102, 

103, 105, 248, 249. 

DTin '3D TIX i 46. 

a^nwi n"nx 87, 164, 
176; II. 27,47,52,69, 

73, 2 45- 

nnos 3 3idtx 165; 11. 

jcnx i II. 246. 

)*yDTlX 165; II. 69.-1 
"3- II 5. 131, 132. 

np'nx II. 24, 58, 61. 

bainTiK 25. 

mvj'nx5i.6o, 122,165, 
166, 185,195, 197; 11. 
63-65, 70, 74- 

'PpNUN II. 138. 
|N3DN II. 109. 

DVroip Dirux 185. 
n;:x3 \s 69. 

nx'^'PD \x 72, 79. 190: 
II. 126. 

DIE-ID 'X 191. 



D'Onp \s 1 86. 

n*ra*N (m*3*N ntnmc) 

II. 171, 177, 198-200, 

ntpxa Dvraw 145, 150, 

p3K in H'K i 33. 59, 

177; II. 246, 247. 

^lSiaxnTK 149 (see 

3VK 140, 163, 174 ; II. 

29, 30, 34, 54, 94- 
brx_99, 1 11; II. 33, 53- 
TPS 154. 

N^tt\X 139,146,186; II. 
125, 127, 157, 163, 
177, 179, !87, 212. 

onayn "\x 1 1. 40. 
(pnos) -jno^s jn 82; 

II. 251. 
n^s 11. 48. 

vui^k 186. 

P^K 48, 86, 164, 195; 
II. 42, 44, 245, 251. 

"nj^n i 19. 

^2; II. 235. 

nsnrxll. 179, 180, 182. 

^NDW II. 178, 179, 181, 

186-212 passim. 
Wl p *D*N 29. 

rmrp p ^x 6, 180. 

*ND*N i 65, 178. 

141,143; 11.128,137. 
ibpvm 186. 
ntru trx II. 100. 

XJIIO^N 95. 

n^otrw (n^wn) II. 

2.39, 243, 2 44- 
tVpWH 62. 

w ? pnnpM 154. 
dtpn II. 35. 
nrorrx II. 94, 98. 
}nN 163. 

DN23N II. 109. 
ETD2K II. 92. 
fpSH II. 97. 

rrvaio^N II. 127. 
nx3fo jn 1 1 o. 
KMroiw II. 92. 

tJfitDTtt&K 95. 

Dvn^x 185, 195. 


6k II. 


NTO^X 74, 109. 

^JTO^N II. 227, 229, 
238 (see ruihro and 

(T"Nra^s .rma^N) "VTKata 

97, 106, 107, 128 (see 

KHNW^K 98, no. 
"HIKI^N 116. 

vbnbtt 157. 

(DI^K) Dbnbx 78, 190. 
Np ,, 1^II.i88-22opassim. 

nDsn^s* 99, in. 

nai^n mx^n 99. 

}^K II. 98. 

VJ'31^ 93-95,97, 99, 108- 

110 (see 1B>:n2?N). 
v jni^x II. 183. 

vrbit II. 36. 

rnrn^K 69. 
pta pn^s 124. 
janbx (i) 68; II. 150. 
jDn'ps see 13K. 
rvxta wbx i 152. 
fDN3 K^K i 154. 
PNT1 *1 K^N 151. 

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"mro n^k n 159. 
NHmy tefytt n 154. 

bKTlJJ K^K i 155- 

pj&KS x"i?N i 152. 
Dais n^m i 154. 

"^KDDNp N^Xi 154. 

laKDn k^k i 155. 

JWH^K 151. 

in^K 64, 87, 118, 121, 

147, M9) 152, 159, 
160, 164, 176; II. 13, 

27, 33> 49, 52, 53) 
69, 74, 102, 104, 146, 


nsiDn irv^N II. 167. 

^xd-q p itt^k 163; II. 

34, 54- 
nn j wfcc 154- 

3KV p in^N II. 156. 

pmr p lrr^N II. 237. 
|K3t6m II. 92, 109. 

D^K II. 3 6 - 
^O^N II. 43- 
rWH3D^K see K*TUD37K. 

rUKD^K 73-77) 93) IIQ , 
126; II. 241. 

"\rvbtt 176. 

"W^K i 5, 18, 20, 4,-,. 



125, 140, 164, 171, 
179, 181; II. 4, 5, 31, 
167, 231, 236. 

^pvx "\trba 150, 151. 
nnsiN nry^N 152- 
own ~\rffhtt 155- 

bvm *wi>N 9- 
Kronao nry^s* *i 103, 
J25; II. 236. 
pDD -ny^N II. 235. 
3iyDB>n -ny^s* 155- 
"W& p nry^N 144; II. 

OTl p-ny^NlI.52,69, 

DUpnvi p n?y5>K 12, 55, 

90, 181. 
rmar p "wta II. 238. 
tKXN] p iry^N II. 23. 
pain la "iry^s* 133. 

apir pnnr$>K7> J 79; n. 

nsro |3N iry^s 94, i3- 

i?Ni3cy p iry^K II. 238. 

|:w px-ny^x 154. 

ra^K 163; 11. 34, 54- 

tfp^K II. 56, 249. 
D^N-i 95, 144; H-57, 

yass^K 11. 38, 94. 
nts^K II. 92. 
irtrta 166, 167. 
yce^K II. 97. 
ysj^K 55, 87, 114, 128, 
152,164,176; II.33, 

34, 5, 52, 53, 7, 
74, 103, 105, 245. 

wtau yc^x 151. 

PWYota 137. 
m:D^Ni75, 185,186.195. 

(-nj3Dxi?N) Wpran 

51, 59, 60, 88, 164, 

166, 194, 197; II. 7, 

8, 14, 15, 65, 66, 71, 
74, 108, 249. 
DUpTin p (Dl)m3D3^N 52, 
89, 166, 169. 

nFvtjmtk (xm^DN^x) 
53, 68, 89, 122, 167; 

II. 19, 109, 148, 150, 
->*X3 j rpbm "i 152. 

mnt&s 73, 77, 80, 94, 

108, 128. 
(nobyo^s) no^yioi'K 79, 


. pottta .njmo>x)nxmoijN 

(po^N II. 172, 175, 
186, 188, 193, 196, 
2 1 1-2 14 passim, 216, 

noyno^N 74- 

DU3D^>X II. 71. 

viy^N (Nity) II. 108, 

nrybo6, 23,30, 32,56, 
104, 164,167,174,181 
-183; II. 25, 33,112. 

"Hp^ "iry^x 150, 151. 

nsxn "iry^s 160. 

xcon -iryta 5, 55- 

>ynn -i?yi>K 5. 

is^niD nrybx 161. 

m:aD nry^x 156, 160. 

cms ^n ->Ty^N 156. 

"iBpn nryfo 6, 57, 180. 
pnx p -iry^x 121, 165; 

H.38,43, 94,97, 108. 
mw p "iry^N 6, 180. 
\xnr p nryta 151. 
apy^ pnryta 16,44, 179- 
itd"? 1 p -iry^x 6, 180. 
BWru px nry^N 154. 
nn?y p-uy^x 5, 10, 27, 

45, 55- 
VV p "nrf* 42, 55, 90. 
ma p -iryiw 57, 181. 
KBTB p nry^x 56. 
pro "O -iryiw II. 10. 
yiee> p nry^x 5, 6, 8, 

42, 56, 9, l6 4, 173, 

; 3*jn p-iry^x 56, 180. 

\\WD& pnry^x 95, 180. 

win p "ny^x 6, 180. 

spy$>N ptf 71, 72. 

(oai'x) DKE&K 93, 101, 
103, 108; II. 226,230, 
235 (see also 3 pW 
Dxa^x 3py H ). 

1D31S$>K fH II. 244. 

nvnrvfimn vj'na^x p 

Bnnn p vj'3iaKs pn 98, 

no (see USft&K). 
nausn p fflWfita pn 79. 
1X113 p 'ptb^n pn no 

(see rn-a). 

JiaKs 13X see 13N. 

xnnKpPN (s^p) 119,158; 
II. 242. 



B*lp& 96. 

psnipi'N ya 187. 

|NWpi>N 73 (see |tttPp). 

txshpbn 91, 9 8 - lo 9 ; n. 

ropiw 163, 176; 11. 52, 
98, 245. 

"WXp^N 112, 113 (see 


}DNk6n i 1 8 (see DX{J>). 
DXin^N PN see ""TO. 
pox 48,195; H.57, 7, 

74, 77- 
nPJE p pox 87. 
pONi64,i76; 11.52,70, 

74, 248, 249. 

nwi 15, 17, 23, 25,30, 

57, 58, 64, 164, 181, 
U^DM 36, 63, 187, 188; 

II. 247. 

W 12 nD"DK 34, 61. 
pJOlO^K "VDK 115, 123. 
"JVEN II. 112, 114, 123- 
125, 127, 131. 

"D^EN II. 127, 128. 

fWOK 48, 164, 176,195; 
II. 50, 51, 70, 74, 77, 
102, 103, 248, 249. 

CSV p rwN 87. 
mn? p rp-iDK II. 108. 

$>B">OK II. 92. 
nTD*7MS 192 (see also 

Dirm^N 170, 171, 175. 
pniJN pn see p*m 

PUN 85, 194, 195; II. 
68, 89, 90, 248 , 250. 

(.T3No:)N) koemn II. 71, 
74, 109. 

htMN n 133. 
din^iddn 185. 

pJJLMN 185. 

(rpmp) rvunp pjiD3x II. 

204, 207, 208, 219. 

56, 60, 90, 155, 172, 

175. 195- 
DWtMN 169; II. 71, 75. 

131D BN DUTD3M 26, 52, 
53,88, 164, 176, 180; 
II. 245. 

(1VIMN) DW^BJN 52, 60, 
166-169, 174; II. 18, 
66, 71, 74, 109. 

WBVB3N 185. 

DWtMK II. 109. 

dib'bjn 56, 170. 
"ibb^n 169. 
Dnff'BJK II. 15, 18, 109. 
PBJN II. 71. 

2V0X 83. 

ubwsm 11. 109. 


cibun pi 83. 

njip:n II. 128. 

(pmax) pn:N pn 98; II. 

rewta i p p*"tfN pn 97, 

[Ki3 i p p"\3 pn 98, 99. 

Di^nBi DroruN II. 109. 

NDN 25,48,87, 176; II. 

47-49>52, 69, 73, 77, 
248, 249. 

DW1DN 172, 175; II. 66, 

didn II. 180. 

pnDN II. 91, 93, 94 (see 

>DX-i 17, 23, 28, 45, 57, 

TDK 163, 176. 
JFrWDDK 120, 133, 155, 

^JJNBDN II. no. 
S|DN 174, I7 6 ; n - 52. 
N^EBDN II. 71 (see also 

DU^DBDN 27,45.50, 51. 


II. 66, 71, 109. 
npDS* II. no. 
(ipDtt) *lpDK 196. 
NIpDN II. 243. 
V1DK 51, 57,88, 159; II. 

20, 33, 53, 64-127. 

dino^ibn 168. 

D1DBD13N 134; II. 24. 
p^BN 190. 
tMB'BN 167, 168. 

ib^bn 185. 

DBN^, 30, 57,174, 182, 

nnsN 48 ; II. 147, 148, 

228, 235. 
wosno cmsN* -i 133. 
nNp nnax n 140. 
rnamano d^bn i 94, 95, 

102, 103. 

Npnas 67. 68, 72, 73, 



78, 190 ; II. 78, 126, 
127, 225, 234. 

5>K3*1N II. 71, 75. 

(PJN-IN) JHTK 94, 95, 9 8 > 
99, 103, 108,110,142. 

H3N3 |3 TWS 60 ; II. 

DITON 170 (see DH11W). 

D^DnS* 97. 

N^PN'99, 107, no, 112. 
nx see Nni^ pnr. 
jinx II. 92. 

DtalDDnx 53, 89, 166, 

^69, 198; II. 71, 75. 

DIN 167, 168; II. 50, 92. 

onna din II. 27. 

K31X DIN 87, 153. 
JD1N II. 92. 

p-K 11. 40. 

irHDIX 98. 
(D1^D1DD-lS) , lt2D1N 60, 88. 

nroiN 185. 

IBOEHN 85, 194, 195; 
II. 27, 68, 77, 91, 92, 
248, 250. 

D^p"K 53.89,17- 186. 
DW^JTIN 186. 

t6p-pk 186. 

(Nnta'trnmx) NnD'cnmN 
51, 166,185, 195; II. 

vfrim 72, 74, 76, 97- 

99, 106,110, 143; II. 

244 (see N'^'ac?). 

int'K II. 56. 

nijpN II. 48, 54, 55. 92. 

vwnutrs 186. 

tPKaian pnutrN* (pt?) II. 

240 (see p no N3X 

fna pntDt^N (pt?) II. 240 

(see bsTflp*). 

^N2124, 25, 32,33,45, 
46, 58, 59,6i, 63, 91, 
165, 174, 177, l8 o, 
181, 183, 184, 189; 
II. 77, 246, 247. 

X'K 79, 85, 94, 102, 
104, 106, 118, 143, 
190 ; II. 92, 227, 228, 
23 6 > 237, 239, 243. 

ptrvjiDB'N nan 83. 
Swk 97. 

(t^ai^pCN) \)bpVH 141, 

-1CN II. 69, 93. 
"itTK (p) 118. 
D^C'D 1CN II. 164. 

Dms ps (|n3)iCN 155. 
(tr&n) ^ntv p ntJ>N 96- 

98, 104-106, 143; II. 

240, 243. 
ohtyo p "wj>k 1 3 2 ; II. 2 3 7 . 
FrrnN II. 92. 
(SaN) ^tin 78, 190. 

n"P3K3$>N II. 127. 

(m) naaaa 69. 
Dns*a 72, 112. 
Dian p Dnxn 80. 
B*hfi na Dntrsa 108 
(see Dnsu^a). 

n^n^N3 98 (see also 

nxa 67 ; II. 118, 119, 
124, 127. 

NB13 p N33 169, 198. 

(baxa^aa 16, 18, 23,26, 

27, 29,34, 40, 41, 43, 

48, 49, 53-55, 57, 59, 
62, 63, 68, 70-72, 76, 
115, 116, 118, 137, 
141, 156, 164-167, 

173, T 74, 176, 178- 
182, 185, 195; II. 55, 
57-61, 63, 70, 77- 
80, 82, 86, 92, 106, 
107, 109, 242, 245- 
247, 249. 

rusaa 74. 

T^a 35, 38, 123, 188; 

II. 130. 
*iaa II. 245. 
onaa II. 109. 
(^na) cnna II 227- 

229, 232, 236-238. 

[N1NH3 II. 181. 

N'Dana II. 92. 
Dirra 61. 

N^anaia 145. 
pEn 155. 
nsrataa II. 126. 

nxa^D^ia II. 162, 164. 

(&) "DDM II. 13. 

(*NDia) "saon n 62, 187. 
(^NanD3) wanou "i 62, 

91, 178, 196; II. 77, 

no, 248. 

rjna 11. 69, 77, 99. 248. 



pn 165. 

wyva 103, 143; II.242. 
vnrva 87. 

i&x p na "i 96, 106. 
mipa p w na "i 94. 

N^E3 190. 

aa "i 64; ^n II. 224, 

K3Ria^a ,| 3'i 37, 64, 92, 

Nra i 178. 
*5vi rva 177. 

DVin *a 46. 

DnsD^a (trail) 95 (see 

v^Lra 185. 
ewa (ph&) 140. 
ne^a II. 171, 199. 

P^a 5 2, 88; 11.3,8. 

^na *a 61, 184. 

ntro^a 145, i54- 
lurara 186; II. 113, 
119, 127. 


rwcatTPa II. 204. 
pmma II. 149. 
btwa 11. 28, 34, 91, 93. 
nrb n-a 195. 

NHS JV3 191. 

c-w n"a 27, 45. 

irvH 4, 55, 56, 9, 17, 
i75(mnjva); II. 24, 
71, 75, io9(nnrva). 

"ratunaa II. 106, 107. 

wa^a 185. 

mba 163; II. 34, 54. 

nrhn II. 93. 

Di^Tn^a 185. 
(DWia^a) Dutroba 186. 

DUN^D^a 186. 

mo^a II. 210. 

(D)ip^a II. 20, 109. 

DURH^a 185. 

nyb 163, 174; II. 34, 

}*b 186. 
ppba 72. 

KWb&M pK II. 250 (see 

*wfca II. 109. 
(nxKB^a) imfa 5, 5 1 , 

59,88, 165, 185, 195; 

II. 63, 107. 
nn p II. 48. 

TO p see KDS. 
ltM'Q'fla see lBKTOa. 

sj^raa II. 240. 

PM3 191; II. 28, 33, 
53, 6 2, 69, 93, 149, 
153, J 56, 179, rSl - 

*n piwa 152, 155- 

no^o piwa 154. 

ftflMruta JO'33 II. 251. 

p3y piwa II. 243. 
Mp pcja 161. 
ns* 13 po^a 24. 
jv* p II. 168, 169, 173, 
174, 183, 184, 216. 

^D3 186; II. 115, 116, 

124, 132. 
Di:T2D3 185 (see also 


mjn II. 245. 

Kl?Sn(KDJJ3) 176; II.48, 

njatyt* $>ktoi 115, 160. 

niN p ^3 II. 45, 96. 
FnX3 66; II. 86. 

(wax p) va 174; II. 

N*nyp3 II. 6. 
jSlna II. 92. 

NJ^na 75 (see also 

tyro II. 143. 
1113(1)75, 77; n. 125. 
^Skito 155- 
'taa&g ina 154. 
pj3aa Tina 152. 
^na 7113 152. 
npo-uo "jna 94, 95. 
naixc ina 231. 
-y^Pim 155. 

H^N3^N p ^13 74, 102. 
3"3n pN 1113 156. 
Dn pN 1113 154. 
W ps 1113 154. 

apy "13 ins 74. 

nS" 1 13 1113 II. 179. 

pnv 13 1113 75, 77, 78, 

nnjpira6i,88; II. 24, 

WT3JJ P1113 II. 125. 

TNii nona 160. 

HDH3 154. 

owna 195. 

^31348, 196; 11.61,71, 

74, 77, i9, 248. 
u"3ra 191. 



nmam nxn:nn (jn) 83. 
5t5 II. 92. 

fS5?a 75.83,93,96,98, 

106, no, 127, 132, 

135, 137; II. 228, 
232, 239, 241. 

p-a 48; II. 43, 98, 245. 

\'C2 II. 40. 

pnN p ik>3 11. 82. 
^xinn II. 93. 

NT7T3 (iJl) 4. 

nra 90 (see -irP3). 
jntr n3 II. 28. 

5nI II. 92. 

DWKJ 185. 

pxa" 109. 
b*d^k3 jn 94. 

DW^K3 90, 134. 

Ks^sa 154. 

Knew jn 108. 

pNJ 190. 

kHFuno ntwa n 146. 
piiic KrP3a i 177. 

^na 3 nrroa "i 34, 61, 

ND^DS 3 xrroa i II. 6-8. 

}B33 185. 

FETyn: 80. 
pjE II. 42-45- 
nD3in*aBK bw-\2i 152. 

N^N $W132 154. 

r6i3 n^n33 II. 221, 223. 

13 87; II. 69, 93, 133, 
179, 180. 

nnnn *m 164, 176 ; II. 
52, 69, 73, 245. 

*na 11. 43. 

5na "i 30. 

|vn w!>na 154. 

n^nrpjna 151. 

dptik 3 rvha II. 24, 61, 

t?NV p pjna 48, 86, 164, 

195; II- 43, 98, 245- 

ma II. 97. 

Bkt: 79, 93. 

13 PN 70, 71. 

nsHi! 152, 153. 

313 I I- 3. 49- 
"1313 121. 

1^3 T12113 II. 235. 
!?3^31p ^310 3 Wti3 95. 

fKYia (jnu) jn 97, 98 

(i>K31B-l!B3), 99, 106 
(X^^'H), 1 09-1 13. 

pnax jn p |Nia jn 98. 
"pms p |Ni3 ?n no. 


fiQ13 II. 92. 
B13 195, 196. 

wha 11. 151, 152, 156. 
fx^ia 112. 

DV^3 89. 
]ub$ II. 97- 

bwikd ibsoaia 97, 109. 
sma "i 11. 73. 
}ima 190. 

C'nui"i3 II. 240. 
nfa II. 97. 

"TNO?tn3*Ji 97, 109. 

rv: II. 133. 

1TV3 107, 108. 

NP3 "i II. 73, 76. 

wa 1 80, 181. 

(">nw) n-xra 129, 130 

(see -proata). 
jirn II. 57- 

wa II. 50. 

ND^a" II. 150, 151. 

''OH") PT 95. 

taaio p birmi 108. 
BSrva II. 140. 

D13"V3 153. 

(xawa) mawa 94, 96, 
102, 103; II. 227, 
228, 232. 

N3^3 185. 
b&i II. 42, 97. 

Duwba 185. 

^3_I52, 154, 159. 

ny^a 48. 
DNp^a II. 109. 

DVD3 II. 86. 

iwkaa n: 1. |prn 27, 45, 

48, 54, 90, 170, 176, 
181, 191, 193, 196, 
198; II. 245. 11. 4, 

5, 27, 45. 48, 54, 55. 
176, 181; II. 245. 
III. 7, 9, 176; II. 
245- IV. 48, 57, 
176, 182 ; II. 246. 
V. 176; II. 245, 

mc3 II. 70. 

n55a 79. 

D3^PD3 II. IS, 66, 71, 

SS II. 38, 138. 
[II. 6.] 



fTpDjnita II. 92. 

(mtwjoa) nDXJxnj 67, 

7i, 73, 74, 76,80,93, 

94,99, ioi, in, 138; 
II. 212. 

fxna 78. 

*trrun px 78, 190. 

5*Fa in II. 14, 15, 41. 

NP013 I02, 103, 125. 
"""013 9 4, 95- 

x^nxn: 95. 
ptsmna 186. 
oenj II. 94. Din: iran 

83. 84, 93; 11. 226, 

232, 235, 242. 
vxbw ii Den; II. 238. 
nri: II. 92. 

Tint see in. 

rwcxn 120. 

x";xn 126. 

nnnn 48, 86, 164, 195; 
_II- 33, 43, 53. 167, 245. 

n*3n II. 97. 

Jxn 25. 

pnpi?x ri II. 109. 

"DINH jn 98. 

(twi) in 27, 41, 46, 
48,53, 55,63,65, 85, 
87, 115, 116, 133, 
150, 164, 174, 176, 
178, 179, 195; II- 5, 

6, 33, 44, 45, 47, 52, 

6 9, 70,73,77,94,97- 
104, 107, 108, 115, 

133, 146, 147, 179, 
183, 185, 248. 

in no m 65. 

(xronn me>D) nn II. 

183, 185. 
nzixn 'UN im 124^125. 
w na nnnnnx nn 97, 

*mn nn 154. 
\xn^x nn 123. 
nnx nn 152. 
n^ucyxn i)i II. 239. 
CNvn nn 160. 
) w hniri 152. 
K*an nn 158. 
jrunnnn 106,154, r 55 . 
ni'-n nn 152. 
n*&u nn 151. 
3m* nn II. 154, 155. 
rop nn 94, 125; II. 

yaitnn (nata 3) nn 146, 

147, 151; II- 133-223 


(uttDnn) \NDnn nn II. 

164, 167-170, 174- 

irwn not p nn 33, 39 , 

40,65-67; 11.77,79, 

81, 86, 224, 233. 

(Din) xncr dx px nn 
140, 151, 157, 158, 

ww mvp pnn 38, 196. 

prep 3 nn II. 248. 

nyiv n nn 162. 

D36n h? 133 p Tan in n 
125, 134, 135- 

|nji3 mvi n 36, 188. 

jvx p nn II. 185. 

hw? na in n II. 229, 

\twnw px nn 105. 

trnn II. 92. 

(xmn) x:n>n m: 70, 

Dux^p^n 196. 

DUKnPDTl 190. 

n(K)5iuri 11. 138. 
n?yi?x 3 xon 174. 
D3Dn,n 3 XDn 5, 11, 43. 
[nnyD p] xon n 66. 

*NDV7 6. 
jxnn n 106. 
uxnnsixn 186. 
imcnh II. 164. 

D^n 78. 

Wi 32, 59, 177, 183; 
II. 246, 247. 

wi II- 93, 153, 154, 

mwn 75. 

Dix^pn 185. 

pnxcn px 67. 

(ox^on) cx^n 

II. 92, 


Dux-o^n 195. 

\tvnmn 55. 

p>Dn 69, 119, 133, 152, 

153; II. 50, 55, 102, 
103, 106. 

\"pvm II. 106. 

n n. 57, 69, 92, 93. 

blV21 49, 50, 56, 88, 
119, 139, 164, 176; 
II. 52, 63, 67, 107, 




moa iwn 38. 
(nnfb) ^wi n. 148. 

RCPBD btiPft II. 156-212 


n^oriD^N 5>6i 155. 
*tnon pN hpai i 115. 
FJDV nn ^3*1 133. 

s^rna J>n3*i 155. 

ononis II. 92. 

nan II. 72, 76. 

trim 185. 

(Hon) BmtwiK p rim 
50, 5 1 , 59, 88, 165, 
195; II. 63, 70. 

(fe>VWnK) nnoK p E>im 
49, 51, 88, 164, 167, 
176, 195; II. 52, 63, 
65, 74- 

N^nin sen 83 (see mm* n 
ne>o -in). 

nn na *Nn n 65, 66, 
188; II. 224. nn 
jitrra 39, 189. nil 
WpH-8o. Nnntpna 

41, 46, 66, 67, 69, 71, 

75, 76, 9 2 , 93, IJ 7, 
126, 178, 189, 190; 

11.225,227,230, 234, 

bn 85 ; II. 89. 
njn II. 26. 
nrfii II. 237. 
nn.n nn II. 39. 
Tin (i.e. nny) II. 91. 

(riibk) rain -i 4, 13, 23, 
27,28,30, 43, 46,57, 


183; II. 75, 77, 246, 

('Nnno) win n 61, 62. 
6WW no 62. 
pw win nn no 35, 62; 

II. 224, 233. 
nop win II. 246. 
'ibn win nn nn 36, 37 

(see pny nn win). 
Nns* nil win n II. 248. 
snail no nn win 34, 

177, 184; II. 246, 

N^n no in win 31. 
won nn win n II. 248. 
ycnn 1 - n nn win 58, 165, 

ejov n nn wm 35, 63, 

187; II. 224, 233. 
prop n nn win 64, 188 

(see M^n win). 
]n: n nn win 32, 183, 

196; II. 71, 75, 76. 
nsiMin (?no wm) II. 75. 
(DinmN) Dinmn 53, 54, 

89, 169, 170, 192, 

194, 198; II. 14, 17, 

66, 71, 75. 
PDnm 61 (see ronn). 
DUplin 41, 52, 89 ; II. 

74, 75 (see DUpnis). 
oupnin II. 169. 
yj>m87, 176; H.51,55, 

7, 74, 245- 

rb& n yenn II. 54, 55, 

d 2 

(n^tnn) twin n 57,174; 

II. 11, 70, 74. 
\xSn n 188, 189. 
ibn *&6*n 62. 
n33n n -\n ^\n 39, 65. 
!>NBD n nn s6vi 65. 
(nxo) no n nn \s^n 39, 

65, 188, 189. 
"wnoj n nn "W^n 39, 

3lWl 194 (see ^n). 

TDM II. 199. 

jo\n 163, 176; II. 52. 
nn\n px 102. 
injxn^n pn 108-m. 
*3KP p in:sn\n pn 109. 
(jprn)^n4, 9, 16, 26-28, 

42, 45,46, 48, 53, 54, 
89, 90, 164, 170, 171, 
172, 176, 180, 181, 
191, 193, 194, 196, 
198; II. 246. 

bbn n II. 245. 

d!>ni nn nnn bbr\ 8. 

bbn rra 5, 10, 22, 179; 
II. 16, 34. 

*bbrbt& 126. 

"&r\ H . 75- 

fxion II. 92. 

jon 166; II. 64, 71. 

wuo.n n 58, 174. 

nown (? no win) II. no. 

i:nha II. 92. 

nnn^N II. 92. 

pn.n II. 94, 98, 100, 

102, 108, 109 (see 




Dsmx i (onnin?) didiih 

II. 109. 
tcnn II. 109. 
pn II. 28, 29, 53, 91. 

DNCYl 70. 

n^ns^Ni no. 
*b*dn:i h^ni 150. 

}NT) II. 109. 

trmpmi 193. 
EFva^i 11. 156, 162, 164. 
2gj 93 ; n. 237- 
mwu n^n II. 205, 206. 

(NJ'ta) KJW no, 140. 

njppyjy i 95. 

ns^n 144,155; II. 1 4 7, 
M8,i5o,i5i J i53> I 64- 
|IW1 II. 158. 

'SWn II. 232. 
*B^D1 98. 

trwp^ 98. 
n3vvi 140, 141. 
iptr^Nni II. 168 (see 

|t&TO see \\shr\. 
D1X3H11 186. 

'xnar rv3 II. 20. 

1^3! II. 69, 93. 

*TO i 32, 35, 4 6, 59, 
178, 183; II. 246, 


rntQibx II. 92. 

IS'DJtt 73- 

NiDn 1032,46,177,178, 
183, 187,196; II. 72, 

73. 76, 77. no, 246- 


wriou p NIDI! "ID 178. 
N ,_ ii3 "13 N-imr id II. 73. 
rmn p NiDiT "in II. 72, 

73, 248. 
N1D1T no 3 N1D1T t II. 

(won) rwjn p nidit to 
46, 177; II. 246. 

n:hj ia nidit-id II. 247, 

ri^ir II. 92. 

}LTT 186. 

-iion II. 186, 189, 192, 
200, 203. 

Nin i 22-24, 58,182. 
\m& j ntt 105. 
S N2T p 9, 18 (see pnv i 
*N3T 3). 

wina 3"i praise, 188. 

T,"l p *C 65; II. no. 

iTPiT p 'KST II. 248. 

nar II. 54- 

(l^on) nnar 51, 54; H. 

(s^n) nnsr 49~5 T , 7 8 > 
86, 87, 88 (xny p), 
164, 166, 176; II. 52, 
65, 7o, 71, 74, 108, 
M3, 245. 

nJ3B>K nnar 151. 

kw mai II. 143. 

pacn mar 176. 

t:3 3 rms* II. 52. 

yT'irvnnn^e, 87, 164, 
176; II. 70, 74, 245. 

3pn p mar 6, 180. 

nsbr II- 93- 
nor 163; II. 48. 

pm II. 93- 
IPJfl II. 235. 

TVI II. 40. 

ban? 26,48, 49, 54, 61, 

66, 88, 90, 92, 117, 
166, 176; II. 70, 71, 
74, 109,225,245,248. 

mr 163; II. 51. 

nan mr II. 48. 

pnN i3 mr 98. 

rvrnT 165. 

not: rrrnT 162. 

*)bn rvmr 102, 124, 125, 

132; II. 227, 229, 

231, 236. 

tonfai twni 152. 
-Ty p rvmr II. 108. 
rmrv> 3 iwn? IL 8, 10. 

x:m i 187. 
Dnn 71, 72, 80. 

=nHn II. 133, i47- I 49, 
178-180, 216, 220. 

KMn^ 17 8 ; II. 75. 
ann px 92, 107. 

TOnfrtc II. 139, 140. 
pip3n 87, 176; II. 21, 

5 2 , 7o, 74, 245. 
iron II. 97. 
jron 152; 11. 26,27, 44, 

M4, 145- 
nan i 30. 
an 49-51, 78, 86, 88, 

164, 166, 176; 11. 

52, 70, 71, 108, 245. 

nin 11. 70. 
j^nn 11. 74. 



(tabc) vbsbx *>n 66. 

n^in II. 92. 
b)n II. 92. 

rrb\n II. 33, 53. 7, 74, 

n^in II. 92. 
xain II. no. 
bayon 3m II. 21. 
x^ain 182. 
vain 166, 168, 197. 
ngy n n 55, 56, 9- 
niin II. 4. 

iwcnn n 67, 68, 73; II. 
225, 234. 

bm 11.50,63,103, 106, 

(.Tprn) vrpm 48, 59. 87, 
174, 195; 11. 51, 55- 

57, 70.71,74, 77, 102, 

104, 248, 249. 
(n^ia inrt)rpprn 196; II. 

(nna Nltt)^pmII. 248. 
jna 3 lrpprn II. 23. 
*3T 3 in ta W3 }3 rrprn 

67, 178. 
innyj j3 lirpm 48. 
wim? }3 rrpm II. 248. 
N'on 6, 7, 57, 180. 
->tan II. 179. 
Kprn n II. 20. 
avn 81 (see mi.T). 
jvnn 143. 
Krn 3, 7,8,13-16,18, 

21,22, 27, 30,41,43, 

44, 46, 57, 9, 164, 

181, 182; II. 72, 75, 
150, 233. 

^axaix-ox n 155. 
pw x^n i 64. 
H g >n 153. 
twra x^n II. 150. 
iibn x^n II. 224, 233. 

jFoo x"n 35, 6 3 , 187; 

II. 224, 233. 
m-> x"n 28. 
Nan x"n 151. 
in3x 13 xn 45. 
mxn^x p x^n 67, 94. 
"taN p x^n 57. 
D"n i 65, 97, 104, 

106, 161. D^n By) 

(*unn II. 156, 157, 

max an 154. 
s ?xai?x on 154. 
a^nnta B^n 140. 
nxnaxs^x B"n 154. 
T^n B^n 153. 
ntwaas B"n 154. 
fcttM 0ni5O, 151, 153. 
raxn 3py B"n 152. 
-on B^n 151. 
x^-on B^n 161. 
XH3iy nn 140, 155. 
pa Dn 150. 
T\2V on 155. 

BH13X "1 p Dn 128. 

^XTf p B"n 97, 104, 

nsba p B"n 75. 
bxictf p on 96, 105. 
hna n B^n 155. 
a*n n 11. 75. 
xaa^n II. 75. 
pxa xaa^n 92; II. 234. 

nips inao xaa^n 62 ; II. 

224, 233. 
xnnenD ^3 turn 64 ; II. 

224, 233. 
own 71. 
oon^N 69. 
o^n i 30. 

jxi^n II. 86. 
x^y 13 pa^n 133. 
Nns^n 55. 

mbw 3 rrpfrn 165; II. 

70, 74, 108. 

Bn 163 ; II. 90, 92. 

xcn n 7, 32, 45, 58, 59, 

183; II. 76. 
xnia -13 xcn 57. 
X31 -13 xon 177. 
hon II. 28, 69. 
*&n II. 130. 
ncn 60; II. 61. 
pxa xan i 35; II. 248. 
nan II. 53, 98. 
bvi.t n3 nan 191. 
-pan 85, 194, 195; II. 

26, 68, 77, 90, 248. 

ntro i p (^33n) -pan i 

68-71, 92. 
pp p "pan II. 89. 
\x^an II. 72. 
Bnas p pan 6. 
(wan) xa^an i 7, 11,17, 

22,23, 29, 30, 36, 62, 

180-183, 188, 190; 

II. 24, 25, 71, 248. 
yw i n p xa^an 3-1 1 6. 
pxaxa^ann 35, 46, 187. 
X3i xa^an -10 72, 73, 76. 



bt&btoi 3 N^n 6. 
KDn3to*jn65; 11.224, 


twin 3 won 37. 
^wan 3 K3^n 6. 
Nan 3 N3^n 7, 14, 57> 

182, 183. 
"as 3 won 23. 
pnin 3 mm 5, 55, 56, 

90 ; II. 24. 

dh-qn 3 pro tuna "won 

3 6 > 6 4- 
TIN 3 WOOn 196. 

Dlta 3 i>ND3n II. 60. 

pn i 35, 62, 167, 196; 

IL 224, 233. 
jFppSta pn 91, 187. 
Draa p pn 180. 
ba::n mi 67, 68, 73, 75, 

78, 92, 126; II. 225, 

227, 228, 230, 234. 
ten 31 II. 71, 72, 75. 
(minn tjnao) ten n 

""DON 3 ten "i II. 112, 

114, 119, 120, 123, 

125, ^a-^ 2 - 
vtnon T3 ten n II. 132. 

iwabs 3 ten II. 125, 

nNnn ojn 164, 176; II. 

52, 69, 73. 
roan 49, 88; II. 19, 

(?ra ps) n*33n 167. 
no^n 2"\ no II. 76. 
jima PM3n 162. 
pw TO3n II. 225. 

ip s }3N no:n 154. 
mirr 1 T3 (}wu) n^ni4o, 
66, 178, 189; II. 225. 

vtvn&a n3 rwan 36, 64, 


my j3 rwan II. 59. 

INoni^N n3y y*KDn 13N 

NiDn i 17, 23, 30, 31, 
183, 196; II.77, 246, 

(Nmb en) won n 6, 
77, 123, 196; II. 77, 

man ^n won i 133. 

N0DipiD3 "NIDn i 98. 

N^ms won 155. 

CNpcnp \xnon 106, 107, 

prw i3 won 66,69, 7 8 , 
81, 190. 

rvo-a 3 (nnon) innon 

48, 196; II. 71, 74, 

75> 77, 109- ten 3 
123, 125, 127, 132. 

pn II. 81. 

nan II. 97. 

3niII. 73, 77- 

rrwi 13N n 152, 153. 

jmn II. 28, 69, 77, 99, 

xipn II. 5. 

nmn II. 97. 

(jNnn) pn 47, 86 ; II. 

26 , 92, 93. 
juen II. 44, 46. 

'tuwpn (n*2) 52-54, 60, 
89, 168,170,192,194, 

195- J 97; 11.5,6,13- 

16, 19, 66, 109. 

&)\wn II. 71, 74, 75, 

i53 156, 158, 159- 
pen II. 159, 167, 182. 

(rb^ti) ninaa II. 163- 

220 passim. 
ND^N y^ND r 1 5. 
(V33KD) njjxta no; II. 

178 (see -1N33LD). 
nsnND 109. 
B>K i3 *BV3L3 i 33, 45. 

59, 177, 184; II. 77, 

W3E3 186. 

N'n'ao 134, 176 (see 

Diansfi 11. 109. 

JNUDn3D 78. 

ST31&II. i62-i85passim. 

iibn rraiB 151. 

n^mo 105 (see n^Tin). 

DTTOB n 82, 83. 

ffwr i3 *&n dvito 95 ; 
II. 229. 

nen^a 83. 
n^wa 108. 
(nbo^o) stehtt 71, 80, 

93-98, 102, 103, 105, 
106, no, 118, 126, 
132, 140, 141, 143, 

157, J 9, x 97) n - 
228, 236, 240, 242- 


PKD1B 112. 

Fwi 95, in- 
neitmo 93, 108. 



DimiB II. 19. 
ruKptPita II. 235. 
[snota 11. 109. 
wmwB 175. 

(DINn^D) dtwb 170, 
185 . I95> x 96- 

nn^D 192 ; II. 245. 

trnrB 60. 

man: 50,51, 54, 56, 74, 
90,107,170,185, 190, 
195, 196; 11.66, 109. 

JID^B II. 66, 109. 

DIp^D II. 66. 

DVeta 56, 90; II. 109. 

DiynnsB 186. 

T*u55 99 (see 1HNB). 
"INJ?D 98. 
DIDipB 186. 

DUN^nra 185, 195. 
^N^tanu 101. 

mrv 93, 94> 127; n. 


DiyiD 191. 

iEnJa 190. 

B^?^SpjJnQ II. 227,229, 

23 1 , 236, 239. 
D*D1B II. 92. 

pants n 55,9, 179, 181. 

JlpSSna II. 238, 239. 

jibN' 1 II. 92. 

rnw see mm\ 

Wn \rv2 mK(*)mw II. 

6 9, 73- 
jn^tO n see ytnrv. 
nw 48, 86, 164, 195. 
jrvraN "VK" 1 156. 

ny^n "Vtf II. 43, 98, 


nv:n 2 tk II. 40. 

(l!>n) vwjw 48,87, 176, 
195; II. 57, 70, 74, 
77, 106, 248, 249. 

tfoan iiT&w 116. 

hnn jon nnswn 22, 182. 

(dnso) WBW n 69. 

ISM^a VW 153. 
>N3T P VTOK* 65, 81. 
D1T II. 43. 
p3 II. 43, 98- 
b" 1 II. 89. 

nB 27, 45, 54. 
yvr 166. 

pnn'' 176; II. 52. 
non 3 (s)in s 176; II. 52, 

6 9, 73, 245- 

*B>a 3 (K)irr' 176; 11. 

5, 63, 103. 
rnxiiT 48, 87, 195; II. 


249, 252 (see TnNV). 
Wtfff see BWI\ 

pra jhw "i 36, 37, 63, 

64, 78, 9 1 , 92, 188; 
II.224, 233,234, 241. 

jom na WW 37, 188. 

rrwnll. 28,69,77,93, 

(N11DS) HTliT *\ 21, 23- 

25, 29,31,33,57,58, 

91, 164, 183, 188; II. 
75, 240. 
STW 3niD 35, 188. 

^pDK (sann) iriff II. 

d^bn rrw 154. 

^33H miiT 174. 
pt3*3 fflff 154. 
ntSttUS iTW 155. 

'fyra rrw 1 52 (see prnrp 

^ni3 13). 
ps*j (how) mw 39, 40, 

63, 64, 66, 92, 178; 

11. 225, 234. 

Nn itw 160. 

^nHnrD rrw II. 187. 

war rnw 196. 

avn n*w II. 229, 236. 

B"n mw 140. 

TDnn itw 95, 102; II. 

jon mini 161. 
pan mini I33) 1 e 2 . 

(iwiotr 3) *6n rrw 81, 
94, 102 ; II. 229, 236. 

picy^ rrw 154. 

*356 mini 52, 166-168, 

197; II. 74. 
nnjo rrw 158. 
niyoo mini 160. 
ks'yco itw 1-56. 
(tinpn t33n) wron rrorp 

56, 164, 174, 176 (see 

also "an), 
trawi rrw 48 ; 11. 245. 
nwvarrwll. 194, 196, 

207, 209, 218. 
tramp nun* n. 154,155. 
ntf^Tnp mini II. 194. 
fzv^p mini I32 . 
pFe mini I53 . 
(iy^x n3) mi.T 3; IO _ 

12, 19-21, 41-43, 5 6 > 



90, 164, 180, 181; 

II- 5, 20, 23. 
"Dx-^>x(in -13) miff 81. 
new p miff 96-98, 103, 

105,106,109; 11.243. 

K33 p mff 5, 6, 55, 90, 
180, 181. 

Bt6n 3 miff 140. 
*bro i3 miff 93, 102, 

132,191; 11.227,232, 

Nffnn p miff 55; II. 4. 
riNS p miff 74, 81, 93. 
bs'^oa p miff 180. 
in p miff II. 248. 
(Hon) noh p miff 55, 

"x^r p miff II. 81. 
wan p miff 180. 
\s % 30 p miff 53, 89, 164, 

176, 180, 191, 196; 

II. 245. 
vtssw p miff 116, 133. 
^xprff p miff 57, 181; 

11. 72. 
apy p miff II. 237. 
n:rn p miff 83. 
(tftwn) bjdv in miff 80. 
*p\bti idv p miff II. 

250 (see nwWw). 

\w& p miff 140. 
jnoe> p miff II. 22. 
jurat? p miff 122. 
pan p miff 132; II. 

miff ps 28, 170, 190; 

II. 2, 6, 58, 77. 

jrrirv 87, 164, 166; 11. 

5. 7, 74, 102, 245. 

JWW 48-50, 87, 177, 
192, 195; II. 58, 59, 
62, 63, 70, 74, 77, 

D^lff 48, 49, 87, 166, 
191, 195; II. 24, 57, 
58,63,66, 70,74, 77, 
106, 248, 249. 

nn^iff II. 66, 69. 
jnaiff i see jn:i\ 

23 spiff 167 (see also 

pnviff 51, 52; II.70. 

Dllff 87, 195; II. 52, 69, 
73, 77, 102, 103, 248. 

3xnx 3 nniff II. 49, 50, 
103, 105. 

V3D'iff II. 50. 

(mtv) sraw (i) 5, 16, 

20, 27, 45, 55, 91, 

164, 181 ; 11.4,5, 3 1 , 
45, 55, 74- 

ci32i3 ycnff 140. 
ntwajn y^iff 154. 
l^-u n ycnff 152. 
p^ivyciff 154. 
in iytyiff n 135. 

PTT p PSW 25. 

rran p yciff 90, 181. 
plSlff p ytriff 52, 88; 

166; II. 70, 74. 
*b p y^iff 23, 42, 181, 

}13 p y^iff 4. 48, 49, 85, 

86, 163,164,171, 174, 
176,195; 11.6,23,24, 
40, 42, 43, 67, 69, 

pptw p yt^iff II. 71. 
NffD p ycnff 167. 
^xuoy p yciff II. 238. 
ffms p yciff 53, 88, 

89, 164, 169, 170, 

176, 180, 191, 196- 

198; II. 245. 
snip p y^lff 6, 56, 1 80, 

181 ; II. 20, 56. 

3w px yenff 94, 98, 

102, 106 ; II. 244. 

ttstyiff 25, 48, 87, 176, 

195; II. 48-50, 52, 

69, 7o, 73, 77, io j > 
248, 249. 

3NV II. 100, 162. 
fflli' 3 3X1" II. IOO. 

mxr II. 69. 

^xv 87, 102, 164, 176; 
II. 52, 70, 74, 245. 

nryn Wv i 94, 95, 103, 

DUDJXV II. 109. 

Iff mx p K-'NV 48, 87,164, 

176, 195; II- 50, 70, 

74, 102,103,106,248, 

249. mxiff P50; II. 

103, 106. 

D1JX"31" 186. 
*KTV i 64 (see "'X'llff). 
pvi 176; II. 245. 
(b)1i fffj) pnv 166-168; 

II. 71. 

pnv i 5, io, 14, 16, 17, 

21-24, 29,30, 42, 44, 

45,54, 57,58,60,91, 
164, 168, 169, 173, 
174, 177, 180-183, 



197; 11.71,245,246, 

"twc'n pnv II. 241. 
isiD pnv 54- 
(npw) spina p pnv 5, 

55, 56, 180. 
N-nnu p pnv 14, 44. 
Tint p pnv 191. 

>N3t p pnvn 4,5, 9, J 2 , 
16, 18, 19, 27,45,46, 

53-55, 78, 9, r 59, 
164, 173, 181; II. 3, 
4, 10, 11, 13, 14. 

nva p pnv 5, 55, 9, 

179; II. 30. 
n^ry p pnv 164, 165. 
Draa p pnv 56. 
}Wp p pnv 89, 197; 

11. 71, 74, 109. 
'yet? p pnv 168, 197. 
oa^ p pnvll. 248, 277. 
^ na T23V II. 40. 

D)bv II. 109. 
DUN^V 60, 185, 195. 
33QVi 65; II. 153. 

ipnxa 21D dv 160. 
Kwria am dv 154. 

^N3D1E 31D DV 156. 
apjp iaaic dv 39, 189. 

B*r pN 310 DV 154. 

1p pX 310 DV 154. 

JV51, 52,54,60,67, 88, 
89, 166, 168, 169, 170, 
190, 192, 193, 195, 
197; II. 5, 6, 9, 10, 

12, 22, 63,65,66, 71, 
74, 92. 

JNDV II. 92, 108. 
fStOt* II. 108, 109. 

(iTuvvjo) n:v n 96, 103, 
106, 164,176; II.229, 
238, 242, 243, 245. 

(Wil) D^lV II. 6, 12-15, 

66, 130, 246. 
fnJV n 46, 182; II. 69, 

,| t:3s^s*jfnjv84,io2,i52. 
pen jnjv 94, 167; II. 

229, 232, 236, 238. 

'556 jmv 52, 166, 168, 

nn p \T\i\i 132. 
inrow p fnw 4, 53, 9- 
inmy p jrwv 87. 
has? p }nav II. 99. 

D1VDDV 186. 

DWN^DDV 186. 

'DV n 3, 5, 6, 9, IO , x 5, 
20, 34, 41, 42, 44, 

45, 5 6 > 6l , 9, 9 1 - 
164, 167, 179, 180- 

182, 187 ; II. 10, 17, 

23, 26, 37,42, 49-55- 
56, 62, 63, 66, 77. 

pa 13 'dv 28. 


jnrjn 'dv n 90. 

s NnDn "a "-dv 5; II. 17. 

PP1W p "'DV 179, 182; 

II. 37- 
pnv p W 53, 88. 
NDD^P p <DV 5, 55- 
DUN-VDV 186. 

(N-VCX)P)DVi 13,17, 1 8, 
23-25, 30-33, 46, 
58, 80, 91; II. 77. 

(ipy a) cpV 48, 86, 163; 


(WTn30ia3) C]DV i 
35, 63; II. 78. CJDV 

(b^b ^nci) 132. 
ana epv 75, 81. n 

pKJ PJDV 46. 

psa p|dv nni 34. f)Din^ 
(:5) 167. |H3 pv II. 
162. pan 190. jnan 
Ton 154. ^n pjdv 
(gam) 191. Dy) 
("jaisnn II. 162-164, 
168.^ n s ab 155. 
itan spv II. 133- 

pi>XBXD ejDV 153. 
HDNptrN SJDV 154. 
3VN3N ejDV 140. 
13^N CJDV 107. 
pt^X BJDV 151. 

ubzkn ^dv 103. 
n^sv^N ejov 153. 
tt3PK epv 151 ; II. 151, 

152, 159- 

IN'^JSa PJDV 161. 
NDDWa PjDV 109. 
"W 1133 f]DV II. 237. 

7113 bjdv 162. 

1D360 epV 154. 

S^Upl S|DV 97, 109, 140. 

nrDXjn epv 97. 

^>XOV B)DV 150. 

u"n pjdv 153. 

pKXKB"KB f]DV 1 40, 155. 
^130 cjDV 161. 

[II. 6.] 



thy 310 epv II. 237. 
13110 e]DV II. 240. 

^asiao epv 140, 154. 
pyi p|DV 140. 
SD3 P)DV II. 239. 

nxn^o bjdv 152. 

"3^0 PJD1 1 170. 
BWDTU Ppl* 156. 

(tr'OND) d":ind fpv 1 50, 1 56. 

>D131ND Spy 151. 

ps (npr ia pin) pr 
5no 75- 

mjaD eiDVi55,r56, 158. 

bjww *pv 107. 

^oy c]DV 133. 

btWWS ejDV 93. 
*DNB P|DV 140, 155. 
PTSn f|DV 119. 
*PW1 ejDV 144. 

iww nor II. 147, 151, 

I54 5 i55'i5 8 > 1 62,i67. 

HN^Tlip f]DV II. 180, 

186, 192, 194. 
Dlpnp C|DV 140. 
IDS'ip ejDV 155. 
(*331Nl) *)DV II. 133,212 


wrw ppy 140. 

N3X ^ f]DV 37, 188. 
1VTC3M p ^DV) CiDr 69; 
II. 225 (DinV3N), 234. 
C'^N |3N CIDV II. 244. 

aru&tc p b|dv 79. 
a*a 13 sjdv 64. 

ti pN PJDV 69, 70. 

pma p sjdv 190. 

puna ia bjdv II. 229, 238. 

ana? iasjov 133. 

N^n ia epv 24, 164. 
wni 10 a spy 1038, 64. 
Konia t\DV 29, 38, 177; 

II. 72. 
man 13 epv 167. 
rnwT3e|Dv 64, 92, 122. 
pnv 13 pjdv 164, 176. 

1TJ7V p?|DV 164,176,180. 
NTV pK S|DV 140, 155. 
apy^ 13 epv 34, 37, 40, 

65,66; II. 81-83. 
pny 13 fJDV 81. 
3^ px C|Dr 154, 155- 
iaxno p (i\xo 13) cjdv 

wDp(r&n)s|W72, 75, 

76, 93, ioi, 127; II. 

228, 230, 235, 242. 
nu>o p spy 11. 155. 

D^U'O p Ppl* 132. 
NTIO p spy 190. 
K"H3iy epv 121. 

Niiy pN (k*bwi) SJDV 80, 

papy px spy II. 238. 

O^S pN ejDV 94. 

onaa p spy II. 78, 79. 

P^IV pN epv 94. 
Ql 13 PJDV 38. 
N^U> 13 spy 37, 64, 92, 
188; II. 224, 233. 

Taan iwiou> 3 spy 67, 

73. 74> 77> 78, 93- 
*aau> px spy 154. 
iryy 167. 

D1V 48 ; II. 69, 74, 249. 
pa 3 ytwll. 97, 107 (see 

taw 48, 176, 195; II. 

51,54, 70, 74, 77, 102, 

248, 249. 
nanr 62, 184, 187; II. 

109, 246, 247. 

tT13T 3 ^N^Tn* II. 52. 

W^ 57, 1 i3>i4, 163, 
164, 167, 176; II.52, 
60, 61, 70, 245. 

iT13T p b&pW II. 73. 

iTprrv II. 77 (see rvpm). 

KTP 108, 140. 

b&TP i 96, 104-106, 
143, M4; II. 243- 

}DN3 ^NTV 154. 
fpM b&ft> 144- 

33jj iwrp 154. 

ND^Eo hw II. 162-169, 

I96, 204, 212. 

tFiao bw II. 235. 

N^KBI ^KW 156. 
1U>X 13^X^96, 103,104. 
.T13T 13 i?NTV II. 69. 
10*133, 177,184, 187; 

II. 246, 247. 
1^3'' 49; II. 70, 107. 

\xy i 7, 22, 23,57, 182, 

198; II. 16, 17. 
-01^53,60, 89, 169; 

II. 16, 17, 71, 75. 

Nioir 1013 (Npa^Npw 10 
35, 61, 63, 73, 187, 
188; II. 224. 

D3D< II. 29, 33, 53. 

3py>47> 86 , 163,188,194- 
196; II. 27-29,40,69, 
77, 93, 94, 145, 248. 



(oaunn ay) npy^ II. 144, 

147, l6 5> 166. 

amaM apy 142. 
Nayii3s apy 151. 

K^ttpUM apy 162. 

mytms apy 162. 
run 123 ^\s apy 6, 57, 

wan naa bk apy 182. 
pmanapy 155. 
trxipa apy 150. 
a-i-a apy 140, 157, 162. 
ps^aw apy 128. 
pea apy n 65. 
itvij apy 151. 
N^upa apy 96. 
pasn apy 154. 
PN^ND\xu apy 155. 
bt?b apy 107, 114. 
rasb apy 156. 

nips nnao (pan) apy 36, 
63, 91, 188; 11. 224, 

naiD.n apy II. 191, 192, 
203, 218. 

WDDSpP 155- 

Nnaiyapy 154. 
ppfoaapy 152. 
p^nsapy 151. 
nos apy 152. 
riBPttp apy^ 1 60. 
igyglp apy 144. 

ba*wpo apy 95. 

ran apy 155. 

p^NKm apy II. 218. 

pet? apy 151. 

(on n) apy 78, 84 ; II. 
229, 231, 235, 243. 

vtb* p apy II. 237. 
*dnb!>n p apy 75. 
naw p apy 97; II. 240. 
nna p apy 74. 
laps apy 69, 70, 71. 
nn papy 135. 
\xon p apy 6. 
xirnr no a apy II. 73. 
Tan p apy 140, 155. 
rvprn p 3py 248. 
cti px apy 116, 157, 

NDn p apy 1 80. 
sjdv ia apy 158, 191. 

truN^ prop na apy II. 

np< na apy 93, 101 ; II. 

226, 235. 
"anno -in apy 39,65,188. 
ntro nn (wain) apy 83. 
nbrc'K a apy 132. 
wainm na apy 39, 189. 
i>Nini na apy 122. 
^hd na apy 75. 
trwia apy 81. 
notoy pN apy 155. 
"Ntinp p apy 10. 
pns*E> p apy 73. 
iF II. 112. 

na^ 163; II. 53, 90, 92. 
nriD" 1 48, 86, 164, 195; 

II. 44, 46. 
pmr 47. 86, 142,. 163, 

194-196; II. 8, 26, 

27, 34, 68, 69, 144- 
146, 248. 

(ttnewi mvr n nn) prw n 


c 2 

prwi 178; II. 73, 76. 
pnv> an -in 35, 62, 187. 
prw uan 11. 232. 
('aaitonay) prw II. 199. 
amatcpmp 107, 113,142, 

143, i59- 
bwanat* prep 112, 139. 

amt* pme> 155. 

K"JKBD*M pmr 154. 

netnt* pnv 150. 
"mis* prnr II. 242. 
mae*? prep 154. 
wu pn^ 155. 
ptaia h pnv 152. 
"raaia prop II. 149. 
maoinn ^ya pnyll.242, 


wtaKpa pmr 107. 
?n ,n pn^ 1 40. 
bamn pns* 102. 
(niaainn i?ya) fprn prop 

94; II. 229, 235. 24.'. 

anniw j prw 162. 
}vn pnv 141, 142. 
D^n prop 152. 
twin prcr 178. 
^riBo pnjp 142. 
nin^n prep II. 218. 
^toss* put 97, 106. 
pan pn* i.-,6; II. 229, 

238, 240. 
n^n prtp 10 1, 155. 
n^ pntf 151, 153, 160. 
}itra "n pn* 107, 113, 

r -|2, 143, 159. 

tw^iia pni" 1 1 60. 



Tn pro nil i47- 

xnw pro 23. 
x s c:n pro n. 239. 
-nro ^d pro 125. 
y^D pro 152. 
mxa pro 155. 
'dnb^k (apjr 3) pro 75- 

7 8 , 93, 124-127, 132, 
143; II. 228,230,235, 
(ptHttp) ptMNWKp pro 
97,99, ioi, 107, no, 

iisp pro 140. 
natPNp pro 162. 
?fop pn y 151, *53- 

^"mipo pro 104; II. 

232, 237. 
bayi^p pro 94. 
pcir-ip pro 152. 
pix-i pro 150. 
flown) pro II. 192, 194. 
n *3 pro 151. 
no X3N T3pro 102; II. 

231, 236. 

wu cn-us -a pro 11. 
229, 238. 

jtwx in pro 57. 

vex ia pro 93. 

rv^afo Trd"apro 71, 

74-78, 93, I 02 , I2 6; 
II. 228, 234. 

(irw) rwa } rnw 13 pro 
74-78, 81, 93, 126, 
191; 11. 228, 230, 
235, 236. 

in 13 pro 135. 

Kn -13 pro 64, 188. 

rvaan -13 pro 38. 

VDub wnb mw 3 pro 

II. 239, 2 4i- 

(ntion) miff iii pro i 

17, 24, 182. 
(namaa) rmrv "13 piro 

84; 11. 229, 238. 
w n3 pro 65. 
3^ n3 pro 140. 
(p) p pro 83 ; II. 

229, 238. 
pwfc p pro 72. 

TKO p pro II. 231. 

na^KD) 'nop 3T 3 pro 

(tVDS II. 240. 

d^cd j3 pro 132. 
nao p we p pro 75, 

i?no p pro 81. 
nnixy p pro 14- 
na^yu pito p pro 75, 

93, 126,127, 132; II. 


^OTB*n ntota p pro II. 

233. dpID 118. 

iYS.ID f 96. 

bwot? p pro 94, 102 ; 
II. 242, 243. 

onw p pro 7 8 , r 9- 
Tonne p pro 105. 
jwipppmn 1 16, 133,154. 
roe p pro 106, 128. 
iron bmmp II. 240. 
pp" 1 II. 26. 

|P II- 93- 

D33 p DJO"V 113, 176; 

II.47, 4 8 > 101-104. 

U'NV p II. 51,64,103. 

TV 85, 194, 195; H-68, 

77, 90, 248. 
onw i 97, 106. 
IiY^K p Dnw II. 98. 
MDW" 175. 

D^dV 26,49-54,73,74, 
80, 88, 92-94, 96,102, 

103, 107, 108, 117, 
118, 123, 140, 141, 
145, 146, 152, 154, 
161, 165-170, 175, 
178, 190-192, 194, 
195; II. 5, 6, 8-1 1, 
14, 15, 18-20, 45, 46, 

48-5 1 , 56, 57, 59-6i, 

129, 130, 141, 142, 
145, 147, MS, 153, 
154, 157, 163, 166, 
167, 178, 179. 

bxDrrv 174. 

mtv II. 97, 105. 

VW II. 42, 53- 

mcrv II. 97. 

(tP3an) mart* 49, 5, 8 7, 
88, 114,164, 174; U- 
24, 52, 57-59,6i, 64, 
67, 7, 74, 106, 245. 

rwv i 22, 23, 182. 

1DK3UTON0 ttW 154. 
N3N 13 IWV 24. 
33Bi 6,55,56,90,180. 

pas* 11. 93. 

(nvan) w 53, 60, 89, 

114, 170, 191-194, 

196, 198. 

(ina *BOK) jnt^ 49; ll - 



Wn ;m jne* 167. 
v 11. 69, 77, 99, 248. 
bw>v* (i) 5, 6, 16, 1 8, 

180, 181, 198; II. 4. 
pan tayoe* 160. 
nowio iwyDB* II. 163. 

DiTON p ^KJttDK* II- 8. 

yc^K p hqflDB* n 27, 

54, 121, 176; II. 24, 

Npav na S>Kyeu 91. 

dv na ^jflDt^ 179, 182. 

rrona nn i>Nyc&" II. 6 r. 

D^Nycc*, kxyeB" 1 (both 
with ptf) 62, 67-69, 
27,118,125,130, 133, 

135, 139, I43-M9, 
156, 157, 174, 178- 

181, 184, 246. 

{TVW) WW 48> 5, 87, 
113, 164, 167, 174, 
176; II. 51, 54, 56, 

7, 7*> 74) I02 , 106, 

245, 248. 
(Nnta &n) irpye^ 176; 

H- 75, 77, 109, 248. 
^jouo VW 154. 
*&i lirye" 64, 92, 152. 

N3N 13 WJW* 37, 64 
(blKB>K3N), 188. 

^xic" 1 i 106. 
nnanaihso bvrw* 11.2 39. 

P33 !>K"IB* 152, 156. 
3KT^O&* 152. 

^trap i i>Nic^ 151. 
prop ia ^Nity* 1 1 8. 

(p) ^"IC" 16, 23, 27- 

3, 36, 48, 54-58, 63, 
159, 160, 162, 174, 
175, I 77~ I 79, 181, 

183, I92; II. 21, 6l, 

75,114, 129, 130,246. 

DPB* 118, 158; II. 69, 

93, 98, 102. 
ny3 "QBtJ* 151. 
*bn "obb>* 97. 
iwmp "13 i3iw* 106. 
W II. 94. 

ta3^K 121. 

icyima II. 26, 92. 
pnv p3 n 63, 189, 190; 
W3N n3 pnv }H3 39, 65 

BJDV ^3 pIX |M 40, 66. 

wro n 23, 24, 32, 46, 
57-59. 105, 165, 177, 
181-183, 196; II. 72, 
75-77, 246-248. 

wron n3 N:n3 37, 188. 

(N3T3) NTT13 55, 56, 90, 
198 ; II. 66, 109. 

jsriDTii II. 92. 

Ni'XVC^N 013 136. 
0^13 133- 

(WMptna) mnpdi3 II. 

206, 207. 
(DTD) cnia 49-51, 59, 
88, 165, 166, 185, 
195; II- 63-65,, 70, 

74, 108. 

ena II. 56, 92, 133, 134, 

179, 181. 
DTiycn juna 112; II. 43, 

YVD II. 92. 
onw II. 8, 13-15. 
13T3 II. 109. 

(wuna) *K3n*a 35. 

!?!& 3^3 154. 
*|DV 3 3^ II. 83. 

row 3 3b 11. 40, 42. 
nans? 3 3b II. 80, 82, 

HN173 37. 

trta II. 109. 
n5 II. 86. 

S>3$>3 163. 

3N3JJK^N p HQ^3 75. 
NJ3 II. 1 10. 

jyj3~pTN 47; II- 7, 41, 

43, 92- 
^3 II. 6, 7, 39, 96. 
-13D3 II. 92. 
flN'D3 II. 122, 125, 127. 

(wss) wed ^196; II. 
77, no, 248. 

?0T3 II. 97. 

(jNDtOa) JND1D 40; II. 

0*183 II. 62, 65. 

tfna II. 92. 

nj^ 11. 183, 204-220 

ns^ II. 28, 93, 145. 

\Mtb II. 117. 



TTtftih II. 164. 

(rr3) trsui6, t^osij II. 

237, 239, 241. 
DWUn!> 86, 87. 
pi? 163; II.93. 

pbn nron II. 179, 181. 
raab II. 97. 
intah II. 237. 
nib II. 92. 

N*l"6 92. 
trpi^ II. 19. 
(nb) mi> 198; II. 28, 
29, 91, 92. 

^ 86, 191; II. 28-30, 
69, 93- 

*b i 15, 21, 46, 57. 

(^a^D3) ^ 140. 

jprn ^ 11. 226, 235. 
wnDiUBDn^ 191, 195. 
rnp ^ 155- ' 

Dn 3 DiTOK -13 ^ II. 

msna p ^b 98,106,110; 

II. 240 (see H |W$ 

T3n p *b 105, 155. 
pny p '"b 46. 
ntpo p *6 11. 238. 
yn at? p i)b 114. 

HN'S'P II. 199, 200. 
DU"W> II. 19. 

iPTDPfr 79; II. 235. 

N'o-u:^ 190. 
ngnjy Mv II- 130. 
vrrvhb 130. 
5^5" 84, 93, 94, 102, 

i3> I2 4, i3 2 , *9 T ; 

II. 226, 231,232,236, 
238, 239, 241. 
(xann) snpib 191. 

DVplb 185. 
DWp 186. 

pyyp i^ 185. 

^5 11. 235. 

nwb 95. 

px^ 67, 92, 94-96, 104, 

107, 108, 126, 186. 
wk ]wb 186. 
nwa ps^ 186. 
(i>na) |w!> 186. 
bwk3*i pn^ 11. 240 

(see DtTU p v 6). 
(|Dp) pS^ 186; II. 117. 
TOIX^ (s^n) 97. 

(Ka-na^) nrwi> II. 167- 

D1t330^ I I. 109. 

mwfi*^ 95. 

rmxtrb 11. 172, 183, 

186, 203, 208. 

cyojj 11. 97, 102. 

5555 u. 133, 137,139- 

"job 85, 194; 11.68,77, 
89, 90, 248. 

rrrnb 98. 
jrrefc II. 97. 

;i:s 4 II. 92. 
DianiNO 186. 

NplVND 106, no, 128 

(see Np*VPD). 
HW 96 (see fePDTOD). 

"TOW 0) 3, 5, 6, 10-12, 
M,i5, 19- 21 , 2 5,4i- 
45, 56, 9, 9 6 , Io6 > 
164, 179-181. 

p5ST\NJN "("NO 140. 
1180333 TND 155. 
^*P3 "VND 152. 
pPaW TN 161. 

^1X'l^N-i ,| Xr2pi98,iio. 

^d^n:3 ptam -vxo 154. 


229, 236. 
namao fron tno 96. 
N^y^s ^bn tnd n 

(n^ns^ioD) 103, 126; 

II. 228, 232, 236, 242, 

p-wjDYie iro 3 "vso 96, 
104-106; 11.229,232, 

236, 243. 

GW3 p tnd 74. 

ww pnwo 139. 

mmo p tno 95, 126, 

cnjpo j f^dv p -van 
(namas) 76, 78, 84. 

prop p tkd 76, 154; 
II. 227, 251. 

nasno p tnd 75. 

N^-1C'D p "VN 64, 188. 

Niry pi\sn 81. 
r\na-\y p *vk 155. 

JNtTlD' p "VND 105. 
!?N1DP p "VKD 84. 
PP&mP p "VKO 81, 
93 (BpWW). 

(3nsnn t p f aTiD)ll.a4i. 



see Dtana p *b. 

d^q rwD II. 240. 
tiB3KP tompmb (99, 
note 1 wtan), no. 

nptao 71 ; 11. 225, 234 

(see Kaxta). 
(ta'UE) b*UKD 97, 101, 

HDNO II. 138. 

3PJJ* fpXNB (pB>) II. 241 

(see also 3pyn3n"'na). 

(no) nw: n 64 j II. 76, 

n&Btaa on to 154. 
i*pnao 186. 

wjqb i 41, 189. 
wpjontjae 40, 66. 

ire bnao 11. 6. 

a~ia5 II. 49. 

N^rm 79, 190 (see 

pxnota 11. 92. 
-one II. 199. 
pnn II. 97. 

no go, 51, 54,165,185, 
190, 192, 195; 11. 74, 

(pno)jno 11.43,93, 93. 

DiTQm 3 pno II. 94. 

nano 162. 

poll . 93- 

nnno see nnnota. 
ta&no 85, 194, 195; 

II - 68, 77, 90, 241. 
3N10 163; II. 40, 43, 61, 

nmaio 134. 

p^pj s'i J 7; 11.71, 75. 

^UJIO II. 244. 

"vtafitMlD II. 228, 230. 
II. 89, 91, 94-97, 
99, 1 01, 1 08 (see ?TO>D). 
miD II. 41. 
n ,_ iiDn in II. 14, 46. 
tro-iio 95; II. 215, 216. 
triB II. 92. 
nnrc px 75. 
SnrE 58, 136, 137,183; 


fprviSs 133. 

TVy 3 ta'TO II. 89. 

nono II. 140, 146. 
ppta piono 10 1. 
113 nx nnno 150. 
n^taraxy pnono 187; 

II. 246. 
news noriD 150. 
nnnn pta? 138, 153. 

DJ^D i II. 73, 76. 
(WWD) Np"lVO 95, 98 

(see NpTPWD). 
wiwo i 42. 
te n 105, 186. 
jron ^d 154. 
onsta nw tasns 186. 
(W33n) rans 87, 176; 

II. 51, 52, 69, 70, 73, 

74, 245- 
na^o II. 57. 

wans 176; II. 52, 245. 
kro II. 99. 

pona 108. 
taaico 157. 

ND" "1 II. 76. 

r IL 235- 

DiJt^ ya 185. 
wwII. 134, 135. 

^p' pT II. 156-209 

W*B 88, 49; II. 19,107. 

^63, 187. 
iao n 82, 105. 
neon 3 Tao II. 40. 
WD30 1 86. 

iJNnypaa 185, 186. 
n^B3 0(n myo) II. 144. 
nasta 100 (see nptan). 
naxta 49-5i, 78, 86,88, 

164-166, 176; II. 52, 

7i, 74, 245. 
niata 237. 
(rata) wata "i 39, 189 ; 

II. 33- 
xnx ra wata 36, 188. 
pnv^ata 174; II. 248. 
iTata64, 65; 11.224,233. 
cn-ata 70. 
srnra ta II. 99. 
Fu55 26. 

^Nia see tatiKD. 

niao 164; II. 245. 
man i II. 239. 
nnao 53, 54. 
jnwi nnan n no. 

Nnn onao 126. 
fran onao 160, 162. 
d^id Dnao 135. 
(hb"i)-i\sn rp3^> nnao 126. 
taxraii? n onao 118, 152. 
pn ra nrao 113. 
poys ra onan II. 132. 
na p nnan II. 54, 103. 



mr n3 Drue 98, 106; II. 

cjdv n3 omo 38, 64. 
nnry na nmo 160. 
iwoy n3 nrao II. 132. 
iW3 n^ noi?t? n3 oroo 

H. 2 39. 
naiom 140. 

N^DI^O 190. 

noy on p nroeta 70. 

Dn$>K 11X30 158. 

(n^on) mm 48, 87, 164. 
(nry^K in) netio 167. 
(yvr tin) VWSQ 166. 
nPJO (133B>) II. 133, 180. 

ptca nM 37, 46. 
pwrr p npjo 52. 
HDV ni ntMD 36, 64, 133, 

pnxn pyDB' p mwD 167. 
*Kh?M myDo 151. 

nDDO II. 245. 
DpDO II. 181 (see DpDno). 
3nynD0 119, 157. 
nyobx II. 125, 128. 

3iyon PK 67, 68, 72 ; 
II. 242. 

nysD^N 11. 92. 

n^vD n II. 150, 151. 

riaxo II. 6r. 

Np^nyiw nvo 118, 119, 


^nvo 40, 47, 48, 51, 
53, 60, 65,67,68, 72, 
76,78, 79, 85,86,89, 
103, 115-122, 126, 

128, 133-137, 140, 
145, 150-153, 155- 
J 57, 159-161, 163, 
167, 168, 174, 190, 
192, 194-196 ; II. 6, 
20, 26, 28, 29, 33-36, 

40, 46, 48, 52,53,56- 
58, 60, 61, 68-70, 92, 
94, 95, 100, 101,106, 
119, 120, 128-130, 

J 33> 138-141, 146, 
148, 157, 161 passim. 

ntnnn nnvo 119. 
rBri onxo 119. 
cnvo II. 7. 
Fnpo 157; 11. 97. 

OTpD 185. 

Dunpo II. 109. 

DK i 13 "10 91. 
^N i 13 10 33, 34, 
45, 46, 59, 184, 187; 

II. 77. 

win i -13 10 35, 46, 

nan 13 no 35. 

N^l 13 10 35. 

K^THO 99. 

3TD 49, 57, 88, 164, 

176; II. 20, 33, 52, 

64, 245. 

jtaxoNO "-anno 155. 
tran n^o ^>ya "annon 52. 
3\n:on byi 'anion 195. 
(unison oy) 'anno i II. 

148, M9, x 59- 
j.nan 'ana 64, 154; II. 
224, 233. 

*yb\> ^ano 155. 

rpBiDW p "-ano 11. 

238, 239- 
WW p "ono II. 241. 
pono jn 11. 167. 
duooio II. 109. 
^0134,35,39,62, 178, 

188; II. 72, 224,233 

(see nxo). 
pan no 37, 63; II. 224, 

jnjntyo 3 *bn no n 37, 


on na no 35, 187. 

epv n3 no 187. 

nnno 74. 

nino 165. 

Dno 86 ; II. 23, 30, 33, 

39, 4i, 53, 94, 96. 
run m ono 191. 
nono 32, 59, 63, 91, 

183; II. 77, 248. 
nwa pN (nir) owno n 

81, 229, 236. 
Dusuno 186. 

Dpano 146 (see DpDO). 
(oin) Dipno 195. 
(iBOOn) cnpno 191 (see 
also nota 3 pnv). 

niiwio II. 231, 236. 
n^0 9, 16,25,42,44,48, 
49, 76, 85, 86, 117- 


176,194-196, 198; II. 
4, 13, 2 , 24, 29, 33, 
34, 36,38-41,45, 52, 
53,166, 171, 245. 

(xnta en) n&D 196. 



|nan nwo 162. 

(i6i) |nannB*D 127, 132. 

"iry h) pan nwn i 

(nairaxn 98. 
(pxa) ironnvfi "ill. 224, 

(mwrvi oy) jna ntr II. 


apy "ia nana nt^ra i 3-1 no 

39, 65, 189. 
(uannn lay) ma II. 125, 

(ihm prnn* i in) nr^D 80. 
DMmi)aM ntyo 160. 
prrrnaK WD 11.154,155. 
wayhaK wd 152. 
(KtyjM two 156. 
np:rxi>x na*D 140, 159. 
BWtt&t nr^D 155. 
T^x ntwa 151. 
D^yaas nc'D 154. 
wrm nans 160. 
ins* ntro 154. 
-Da^xabx nt^JD 107. 
pxa iWD 154. 
nn^x nB*D 140. 
npaaaa nata 154. 
rat^Ri ntj^a 151. 
iD^a nt*>D 132. 
K^opj (pan) ntrra 81. 
vnDita wd 120, 160. 
pen Wd 147-149. 
piii wd 151. 
rwu^Nn ntrra 107. 

hvta ntrro 156. 
*p3*nB ncro 150. 
nay n^o 160. 
pw& ntro II. 158. 

*ii?n ntm 160. 
UMp ne>o 126. 
px^ H nr^O 126. 
'nan ^y nr^o 153. 
ninnon ntj^o II. 151. 
nnxaxa nana 151, 153. 
ss*jkd n^o 152. 
maao npD 156. 
pn^D ns^D 162. 
iyD n^o 151. 
'DianD ntro 162. 
xnaiy wd 155. 
vay nst/D i 84. 
'aaxnxs&x ntPD 107, 140, 


VWISD ntPB II. 154. 

Dai an nco 83. 
"nsnv nt*> II. 152. 
px^tatrxpne'Di 5 1 ; II. 1 50. 
norPKp nr^o 1 60. 
nx'aimp TWO II. 155. 

VWTOp ntWD 151. 

^amp n nr^o 151. 
nop rw& II. 237. 

^XDDp ntro 138, 153. 
pn wo 153. 
paTi nt^D II. 237. 
Dn-niax j wd 156. 
pas* ia npo 83. 
annax ia wd 135. 
tc*x a nri^D 144. 

NTT fax HB* 156. 

a*an px nrtfD 140. 
Dn jnwo 155. 
panpx wd 68, 69; II. 

225, 234. 
ownta 5>b> laa p wd i 

&wan 83. 

mint ^a wd 84; 11. 229. 

(^n) po p nor ia ne*D 
78, 84; II. 226, 229, 
236, 238. 

("mpD) apy> ia nco 95, 
96; II. 232, 237. 

(aabi) ]\wa ia nti*D 94, 
101-104, 116-118, 
121-127, 131-133, 
135, i37 156, i5 8 
159) l62 > 19 2 ; IL 

228, 231, 242. 

(pbi) jona na nt*>D 94- 
96, 103, 108, 125, 
126, 142; II. 227,229, 
232, 238, 243. 

NnyD na nsyta 133. 

xnry p ntPD 81, 93; II. 

229, 236. 

pTJ* px HB*D 156. 

aiD w ia nB*D 96. 
bsiDB* ia nwo 155. 
"aaB* px rm*D 154. 
ttrwn Dimin p wd II. 

pan d^WD II. 240. 
Diena in D^ir^o II. 229. 
^>aam a nbwo 48, 196 ; 

II. 71, 74. 77, 248. 
apy^ia 0^1^*013 2; II.226. 
7\wn a tbwm II. 227, 

229, 232, 237. 
-p*D II. 52, 92. 
fcOB>WD i 61, 64. 
nipa ia K'B'WD i 34. 
KB^nn "U bWWD i 62, 


[II. 6.] 



n"dto xno 29, 30. 32, 

33. 3 6 . 39>40. 45, 57, 
63-66, 92, 177, 182- 
184, 188, 189. 

hwrfo p feino II. 89. 
nitric 85, 163, 194, 

195; II. 26, 27, 68, 
77, 90, 248. 
NTIO 190, 191. 

enn p s">n 6, 180. 
ranon II. 71, 75. 
iTjno II. 59. 
lEyno see noynota. 
iimno 57, 64, 107, 167 ; 

11. 81, 93, i 54) 156, 
160, 161. 

33 irrnne 167. 
(<xntnn by) vwinc II. 

154, 156, 160, 161. 
(io-iEX) irrnno n 57. 
nmpn irvnnB 107. 
(priv) wtocm p rwino 

52, 166, 168, 197; 11. 

12, 71, 74. 

epv p irpnno II. 241. 

(^n) >an no -13 i.Tnn 
38, 64, 92. 

S>isk3 II. 148, 156, 166, 
183, 192. 

FnSoj 83, 97, 108; II. 
243, 244. 

pNn?i33 56, 90; II. 109. 

flffiaoa 49, 50, 59, 86, 
88, 141, 165, 185, 

J 95; II- 19, 5i, 5 2 , 
58, 59,61-63,66.70, 
74. 249. 
ni33 II. 103. 

n33 II. 40. 

riV33 II. 27. 
npHTpN 79. 
Yiha jn 109. 

'u^anaj 99. 

(nb'i::) vbnn px 71. 

2T_I_6 5 ; H.38,94. 

[mim] II. 251. 

WlfU i 42, 43 ; II. 45, 

55, 234. 

O^n) H&m i 36 ; II. 73, 

toniru 16, 25, 26, 28- 

30. 32,35, 57,58,91, 
174, 176, 177, 182. 
183; 11. 72, 246, 247. 

jNiim II. 85. 
ywnru II. 79, 80. 
nips 1.13 see nips. 
S5i5 nru II. 76. 
5i3 II. 44. 
nu II. 34, 89-92. 

sp3 II. 228, 235. 

m 85, 86 ; 163, 194, 195; 

II. 26, 31, 32, 34, 35, 
53,64, 68, 77,89, 92, 

mm 87, 176; H.52,70, 


mm i 15, 44- 

(nib i) mm II. 71, 75. 

~im 85, 86, 194, 195; 

II. 27, 29, 68, 77, 91. 

rrero 52, 88, 176, 196: 

II. 65, 77, 108. 
N^m i 128. 
nasxc'N ffom 72. 
(jiX3) nwu 66, 189. 

N3in "\2 rvcru II. 246. 
iwnn p irora II. 132. 
upy i p mom see s)^x?o. 
dj^d p irona II. 73. 
jm p rvcm II. 72, 75. 

76, no, 248. 

P"re -in r^om 41, 189. 

jra i 16, 23, 24, 29, 

30, 45, 46, 57, 177, 

win na para 33, 45, 59, 
177,184; H.246,247. 

apyinpm 183; 11.246. 

pnvi3jon3 32, 58, 183; 
II. 247. 

}1K3 ptrra i 178, 189; II. 
224, 233. 

mry p pcm H.43,69, 

77, 99, 248. 

pro in iwn: 39, 65. 

(flTD3) XTt33 II. 78-80, 


'TittJ i 36. 
H31DN 13 TID3 188. 
*K3TH 31 63, 64, 178, 
224, 233. 

\xjriN ia , wnt23 35. 

wvi in vanoa i 39, 65, 
188, 189. 

\sT3n in >*unB3 36, 

Tern ia wntJ3 35, 187. 
ttuwnro 85. 
(win) woim i 34, 45. 

D1^3 136; 11.133,137- 

r 39, J 79, 181. 
K3*3 i II. 76. 
H133 II. 92. 
(D^-llD-p^ 186. 



yopfi 167, 169, 197 ; II. 
19. 7 1 . 74- 

N2T0 185. 

fm 54, 17, i8 5, 195, 

196; II. 109. 

cna p Tpusi II. 92. 
yenn *na 112. 
'jttrvu [d]*dj II. 79, 80. 
('aaunn ay) d*dj II. 162. 
nas d*d3 154. 

ntSDQM D*DJ 156. 

tr*y* b*dj 158. 
nNp:y d s dj 159. 
nana d*dj 159. 
apy na (d*d*3)d*d: -173, 

75, 78, 9 2 , 93, I 26 ; 

II. 225, 228, 230, 

pisi fa (p) ta*w n 

Kafona II. 106, 241. 
mnyj 48. 

TQ3 II. 92. 

bnaj II. 93. 
d*3*50 11. 92. 

1*3*50 II. 75, 83. 

rbnbx "ho 115. 

(njiai3)N:iaii 78, 82-84. 
96 ; II. 128, 226, 228, 
229, 231, 232, 236, 
238, 251. 

n*"u II. 70, 74. 

*D1J II. 109. 

FT: 5 8, 183. 

*^nn *Nru 53, 88, 164, 

176, 180, 191 ; II. 
jn:n6, 10, 16,22,45,56, 
68, 180, 181, 196. 

^ |W 39- 

inyn ^ya "^aan pi 93 ; 

II. 236. 
ko*j p: 162. 
(srita tm) fru 196; II. 

72, 75, 77, 86 , io 9, 
1 10. 
pin pa 68. 

^io:ip3*no*a p: II. 227. 
x-ajn jna 164, 176; II. 

52, 69, 93. 
sn*5ri5n (ppiy) jna 196; 

II. 71, 75, 77, 248. 

prra* na pan pa II. 78, 

iwana *i 105. 

niaND II. 109. 

DS^ND II. 1 41. 
*P*31^D 140, 147, 155- 

mvoKD 99, no, m. 

133KD |H 109. 

xa5 II. 92. 

D*S3D II. 56. 

K**i?*3D 107, 159. 162 

(see N*i>*35!>). 
D1"l*3D 186. 

*:n*3D 186. 
NaaD II. 92. 
Nanao II. 92. 

nDND^ao 70. 

DVTD 86, ill, 165; II. 

27, 66, 92, 93. 
DVtnD II. 109. 
plD II. 118, 119. 

iaio 53. 

|KO*S>*.D 1 44-14 7> r 59J 
f 2 

II. 100, 101 (see 

KttnK ps ;no^id 151. 
D53C1D 6, 19, 56, 17.-,. 
178, 180. 

~is:id II. 137. 
oxa;iD 119. 

ns'siD 154; (Church) II. 
116, 186. 

W"IB(*,)D II. 160. 

nFhd 29-32, 34-37, 57- 

59, 6l > 62 , 9 1 , io 3> 
182, 183, 187, 188; 

JL 77-79, 81,84, 86. 

naiiD II. 214. 

sniD II. 20. 

n*bd na 40. 

umn nsna'D 95. 

NDa^D no. 

(nnr*.)fin*n ,i TD 93,95. 

DXin^N p H*D 79, 93. 

pn*o II. 40, 9 6 - 
msn ps &m**D 115. 

(ns^'D) na"D II. 163. 

13^*D T II. II 5- 
sa~i "13 ND*D i6i. 
*ND*D i 55, 9- 

(WD*D) K3*.*d "i 26. 34. 
45,2_, 91, i8o a 181. 
(}*D) <3'D 39, 48, 163. 

j7i ; IL 36, 38. 

*3*D*D 186. 

N"D*D II . 43. 9 8 - 

(N**bpD) K**5p*D 186; II 

dd p 

/ .v 



HDD II. 28, 35. 

nSd 190. 

(DIp^D, Dipt^D) DIpV^D 
167 ; II. 66, 71, 109. 
JKB^D, fXO^ID see nota. 
NO^D II. 99. 
pD^D II. 71. 
Tisn^n v^d II. 9. 

(<0D) NDD n 34, 187; 

II. 73- 

mi,T is ndd 34, 46, 
177; II. 246. 

N31 n2 NOD 34, 46, 61, 

184; II. 246, 247. 
JVD3DD II. 181. 

rmcD 95. 

D7>33D SI, 52. 
pD33 2 ilKIJD II. 10. 
ynmD 51, 89; II. 55- 

57. 106. 
(}TB3ND) [n^DJD II. I 73- 

219 passim. 
pntMD II. 71. 

pntMD II. 66, 109. 

(pN3 pv na) nnyo n 39, 
40, 65,66, 74; 11. 77, 
80-82, 179, 224, 226, 
230, 233. 

tcta iTiyD n 133. 

~im p nnyo II. 179. 

priDSD 67. 

nibd "i 27, 178; II. 72. 

(DmaD, H12D) TTSD 
60, 65, 67-76, 79, 
80, 85. 92, 101, 106, 
107, 111-113, 118, 
127, 129, 130, 138, 

Mi, 155, 157, 159, 
75, 19, 192; II. 7i 3 

112, I3O, 154, 224- 

226, 228, 231-234, 
236, 239, 241. 

fiX>tfpD?N 92. 

Dii'-niD 185. 

(nDi:xnD)nDUiD 93,127, 

x 39- 

1EW 3 niD II. 40. 

(pB"W) pKBPlD H. 141- 

noDipiD 67, 71, 98, 128. 

k^s I3y 156. 
3ni^s n3y II. 138. 
rry^N nsy 158. 
nmuta jxcmbx i3y 67, 

iDy j3 fKDm!>M *ny 

bids 95. 
iwny 11. 125. 

nH3y II. 109 (see also. 


II. 44, 98, 245, 251. 
-i3y 85, 163, 194, 195; 

II. 26, 27, 34, 54, 68, 

77^ 9i , 248. 
p-vn ~ay II. 40, 41. 

fbsa 11. 43, 97- 

(x)ny II. 52, 69, 73, 74, 

245 (see rry). 
(yew |3) Niny 51. 
ohy II. 97. 

n3iy II. 69, 77, 99, 248. 
dhs n3iy II. 44. 
(N'ajn) inH3iy 176; II. 

33,5i,53, 6 9,73,245- 
(r6i2 trjn) HH3iy 48, 196 ; 
II. 71. 75. 77, 248. 

(mamao) jo* 1 nH3iy 

(lmsD) u-iqidd nH3iy II. 

iB>n rranp II. 137. 
nn 3 m3iy 102, 155. 
nD^pns NH3W iai. 
ity II. 96. 

miyi76; II.52, 70,74. 

*np 165. 

mmy 23,48, 176; II. 51, 

7> 74, 77, IQ 2, 248. 
s^y 23, 24, 57, 181. 

3KCD3^K}3"lSDiy 62,135, 

ntPNB iNDiy 1 50. 
ISDDiy II. 139. 
py 149; II. 54, 93. 
mm 3 py II. 94- 
tapiy (id) 45, J 95; II- 

72, 75, 77-79, 248. 
|3piy (id) II. 72. 

nryll. 143, M7, m8. 

oDm my 156. 

nnc3iBiDnNiTy52, 55, 
174, 176; II. 10, 65, 
70, 74, 108, no, 245. 

(pbn h? m) Nnry 95, 
103, 125. 

Swiry 125. 

(xnry) nnry 49, 88, 154; 

II. 19, 69, 70, 73, 74, 

107, 108. 
*3r itnty 152. 
ywrv nnry 154. 
^n nnry 75. 
yyiym 2 nnry 165. 



rreDK a mry II. 51, 54, 

TD^hi pM mrs 152. 
rrp^n 3 nnry 165. 
pnv 3 nnry 165. 
pnir ia nniy 95. 
nnta 3 n^v II. 108. 
sny 3 rmiy II. 73. 
Tny 3 nnry II. 52, 69, 

5 H- 4 2, 97- 
hry in II. 41. 
(iTy) STVy 164, 176 (see 

ahy6o, 78, 190; II.92. 
twy 26, 34, 45> 62. 
pan 3 Tvy II. 89. 
wy 167, 192. 
^y 48, 86, 164, 165, 

i7 6 > J 95; n. 23, 44, 

5 2 2 45- 
ahB <a ps % ^y 62. 
maaD ^y 156. 
N"ny 123. 

poy II. 44, 46, 61, 98. 
cioy 87, 176; II. 64, 

7, 74, 245- 
mioy 165; II. 92. 
ana^y II. 69, 77, 99, 

bswoy II. 166, 179, 210. 
ppenoD baiacy II. 238, 

2 39- 
nnp 3 j"ioy II. 94- 
noy II. 49, 103. 
(j*OEy) oiey 195; II. 

27, 29, 40, 94. 

(*]i>n) ony II. 138. 
D"\cy i 41, 92, 189 ; II. 
225, 234. 

rxbw 3 nnoy II. 78. 

PSJ K3B>P i3 D"oy 39, 65, 
189 ; II. 230. 

196; II. 71, 75, 77, 
109, 224, 233, 248. 

mnay II. 60. 
JF5y 167, 168. 
K3py II. 109, no. 
bsbbnn p K*3py 10. 
rvapy II. 72, 75. 
rvoro p ppy 196. 
3ipy 196; II. 71, 75. 
p?mt NTpy 152. 
(sjdv p) N3>py i 3, 5, 6, 

8, 10, 11, 16, 20-22, 

28, 41-43, 46, 55, 56, 
181; II. 3, 21. 

ohpy 174, 175- 
iy II. 28. 
c^x-iy^N 113. 
psiy^N II. 109. 

ppjoyh* us, 137. 
3iy 78, 187, 190. 
D'Oiy II. 6. 

Tn? H- 39, 97- 

Nna"ua ny II. 13. 

rrnx 3 s'iry II. 48. 

nipyll. 133. 

iiry II. 27. 

m^ny 48, 195; H- 5, 

57, 7, 74, 77, 249- 
(npp)^ , :ny48,86,i64, 

165, 195; II.43, 245- 

Na 108. 

-i^n^NQ 99. 
pp^KB n 151. 

DM8 69, 101, 106, 107, 
1 1 2-1 1 4 (see ps). 

TO p N3N3 II. 246, 247 
(see kss). 

nxs II. 204, 205. 

D1N3 II. 92. 

nTFaa II. 125. 

(hl3 JH3) HH3 II. 74- 

my a tfnall. 70, 109. 
ms i 6, 16, 44, 56, 180. 

-|3"D13 II. 28, 94. 

pt3ia II. 71. 
ha 11. 238. 

aha 94; 

(N^hfi) rvha 79, 190; 11. 
n6, 118, 125, 148. 

vwha II. 151. 
Dia"ha 167. 

waha 146. 

Nm3 ma 16, 24, 29-37, 

39, 40, 4 6 , 5 8 > 59j 6i ~ 

66, 91, 182-184, 187, 
188; II. 77-81,83,84. 

Dvacia 169. 

VE1UD13 185. 

piB II. 97- 
t'pia 186. 

13-113 186. 

hoiBiia 85, 98, 99, 10 1, 
105, 107, 110-113. 
142, 146, 192; 11. 

147-215 passim. 



(ptai*a) pD*nfi II- 66. 

Dicma II. 173. 

wb p oiiwa warna 186. 

NpniD II. 214. 

cnv^ria 94; II- 231. 
xnna n I I. 72, 76. 
nvvnn -a II. 35- 
nra 11. 109. 
(vvb) m*a pi 97, 98, 

109; 11. 241, 244. 
jnii; p rvra no. 
-pnTa pn 109. 
ws 40. 
Ditra II. 109. 
prima II. 109. 
jNimo'-a II. 152,160,187. 

\Efih 83. 
wrB^w^B 185. 
1^3 190. 
nwsw^fi 185. 
*Bai^a (tfan) 95- 
-masi^s 167, 185. 
*a^a (jn) 95. 
ujtas* 3 dwb II. 38, 108 

(see Dma). 

(^bk^b) ^an^a 97, 

_99> io 7- 

D'B 157, 161 (see pa). 

Nb^a II. 156, 157. 159- 
187, 196, 209, 217. 

pxa^a 185. 

DWN'B^a 185. 

pa II. 179-181, 189, 
191, 192, 200, 203, 

218 (see DN3 and D^a). 

nam* pn 92, 94, 95, 

97-99, 101, 107. 

awt? p toot'd pn 96. 
nn*a II. 246. 
toc nra 187. 
rnxBjrpa 108. 
psTB II. 66. 

NJT3 II. 155. 

(nrDrv3) nnuT&H. 217. 
trvpc'3 102 (see also 

^385,86, 194, 195; II. 
26, 27,68,77,91,248. 
Tin pN a^a II. 92. 
ojot^b 186. 

(im^b) nsa^Ti?a II. 

164, 166, 168. 

(pNJ) ^B i 64, 65, 92 ; 

II. 234. 
""3S i3 ^a 38, 188. 

^sua^a II. 125-128, 130- 

ax^a 69, 71. 

ID^B 6, 56. 

la^a 185, 196; II. 149. 
ipa^a 186. 
pDD^a II. 92. 
p^DD^a II. 98, 102. 

DTIB^B pK 60, 71. 
DTltt^BlI. 6, 51,98, 102. 

(p3) onaa 167. 

irybx p onaa 121, 164, 

165, 176; II. 38 (see 

(n3N T3).an ni Dn;a 

73, 77- 
vx" 1 p Dnaa 6, 57, 180. 

rwtf 3 onaa II. 248. 
d!w p onaa 133. 

ISO ODD3 118, 135, 136. 

NBBi 15,32, 58, 59,91. 
165, 177, 181, 183; 
II. 77, 246, 247. 

(ixa) snva na kbb 29, 

177; II. 72(seeN3N3). 
pN^iaa II. 119, 127 (see 

Diaa II. 19. 

<B& i 182. 

N2X 13 "33 16. 

Tips (nna) 36, 37,62, 6 5 , 
91, 188. 

n^cn 3 npa II. 54, 103. 
arao 3 nnpa II. 54. 
naTna 83. 
(nasoa) ibxib II. 168, 

174, 216, 220-222. 
npDaxi3 152. 
)b)wbi ip^oatnall. 219. 
(nwpatn&) SFsaTFIa 140, 


lp^SaNIB II. 168 (see 

lpa&oa pn 97. 
cnpasia 157. 
Nrrnna 177. 
ntwana 93. 

(ssa^na) rnrranfi 84, 
106, 134, 141; II. 
227, 231, 232, 239. 

wire i 133. 
"dv i3 nma 133. 
Ktana 57. 
Diiana i 74. 
Nina 6, 180. 

F^B 96, 105; II. 235. 



nana II. 92, 93. 

Dipiona 195. 

D 1 ^ 49-5 1 . 59> 62, 78, 
88, 91, 123, 124, 141, 
165-167, 170, 173, 
185, 190, 192; II. 64, 
66, 74, 86, 108-110, 
246, 247. 

ND"IB II. 75. 

boOTO) 120. 

d^dis II. 76. 

(pjna) njna 120; II. 29, 
58,60, 61. 

naj njna II. 57, 58, 60, 

nxnsH. 94, 95, 249. 
p^ana 98, 106; II. 239, 

pan 133; II. 229,232, 

iron pa II. 240, 241. 
mm" 1 2 p Q ID 5; n. 2 8, 

6 9> 77. 99, J 5, 248. 

^vnpN 67, 78,79, 155, 

nnnv 98. 

pns n 52, 88. 

aitrnx 3 pm 165 ; II. 

45. 69, 73, 108. 
nwt nn prre 39, 188. 
P^-ppm* 81, 93. 
ppm 11. 3, 8, 10, 16. 
(rvp-re) irrpiv 48-50, 88, 

195; II. 24, 55, 59- 

63. 7, 74, 106-108, 

PPNIXII. 133. 

ngrc (pa) 137. 
Dnvn ;yix 1 18-120. 

iaw 163; 11. 34, 54. 

Nrras II. 75,77 (see JHJ). 

2 133- 
n*n. 5, 147. 

|TO p II. 168 (see p). 
DU^DID^ 1 8 6. 

P^N II. 92. 
*TWX 27, 45, 176. 

555 77- 

nnv n 106. 

psa nrovi78;II.224,233. 
ynwi nx 152, 154. 
Qn"ia nv 39, 65, 189. 
was nn no* 40, 189; 
II. 83. 

^a n in nos 39, 64, 
92, 188. 

fnv -a nos II. 80. 

toia* II. 94. 

nmax 97. 

N , 2M ,| ^13 2.Tja^87,i76, 

184; 11.52,70,74,87, 

2 45- 

nas 140, 151. 152, 154, 

157, I 59, l6r - 

jj>pv 25. 

tutid^n msbx 2~w 137. 

pmtata 3"W 137. 

rnn>* 53, 88. 

na-is 74, 78, 79, 82^85, 
97, 98, 102, 103, 105, 

106, 109, 141, 143, 

190, 192, 193; 11. 162, 
226-229, 231, 232, 
236, 237, 239, 241. 

tisiv II. 152, 243. 
ninS II. 80. 

-ppybtt *wp 120, 121. 

ionKppK 119, 158; 11. 

(N*n3NbNp)Dn5s^Np 150, 

NT1t6nP 94, 102. 
Vjfbttp II. 169. 
Blp^Np II. 182. 

ns'HJsp II. 150, 156. 

ipsp^K II. 9 2 - 

(wdnt) MaenKp II. 
214, 215. 

(D)lb"lNp "ID'P I3> M 6 ; 

t^^nsp 82. 

s'a-isp^s' 121. 
rune nosj>Kp II. 210. 

PINIIJ taewp II. 151. 

TiD^'Xp 94, 108. 
D13p II. 92. 
DTp II. 97. 

y:-\2 cnp II. 4. 

nnp 195; II. 29, 94, 98. 

nsip II. 109. 

(nTDXip)n-i ,, D , NipII. 197, 
198, 208. 

DlTOp 56,175 (DHSp) ; 

(mop) II. 109. 

n^DDD31p 190. 
DO^UDlp 186. 
SrOJUDlp II. n6, 126- 
128 (see K3*B9DHp). 

(WDomp) unuBDip 192; 

II. ir6. 
D^pN 2 "ir^DDip 186. 



m3JODP3irt33UDip 1 86. 

lblSWUJNDDip 192. 
DODip 186. 

Dip^Dlp II. 20. 

*Sp 96, 106; II. 237. 

^ang 9 5, 96; II. 237. 

mp (ina ) 188. 
(K3B">p) rEiirvip 67-72, 

74, 75, 92-95, 108, 
117, 126, 127, 133 ; 
II- 225, 234, 241. 

iwvi p 151. 

vnip 168. 
iHp 145. 

-IDIN'S ntatrip 186. 

(nanaotnp) rwoaotnp 79, 

85, 95. Io8 > II0 > Il6 > 
117, 120, 138, 140, 

145, 146, 149, 150, 

152-155. J 57, i59. 
160, 186 (see also 


fxonp II. 92. 
rniop II. 93- 
wanna wop i 46, 177. 
Njrop II. 109. 

(N^PKUNp) fcWlfop 125, 
132, 140; II. 229, 
2 37- 2 39, 241- 

NJPBp (X^H) 98, no. 

tomb Tono ^navp 1 50. 
mup II. 66. 
Dvnrop 185. 
nDp n 92, 189. 
WiM ia (wp) no*p 
(^ainN) 40, 66. 

*b>n na (wp)nop 39, 65, 


pp 85 ; II. 89, 90. 
PV85, 194, 195; 11.68, 
77, 89, 90, 248, 250. 

1DP 60; II. 152, 169, 

183 , 184. 

vnetip 191. 

133Tp II. 109. 
fNVvp 41, 68, 73; II. 

e*P 195- 

BJ!D">t6p II. 216, 22 1, 

nsnabpll. 118,125,130. 

(DHPp .DVIPp) DWl^p 
185, 195, 196; II.109. 

khbwi dicjpp 83. 

vno a DlO^p II. 239. 
nasD^p 74. 

(nonK)iKon 1^73,75; 

II. 241. 
DHNOp II. 109 (see 


woaiop 99 (s.wtMBtmp). 

(mDp) nop 99 ; II. 6. 

nioip II. 125, 127, 131, 

N"iap 13 15, 44- 57, 9, 

_9i, 174, 181. 
"TCp II. 79, 86. 

X?D^N ISp 137. 

D\snp II. 5. 

nK^anp II. 183, 199, 

200, 203-210, 217. 
lip 186. 

(nsrnp) ~\? II. 197- 
198, 208. 

nip 174, 176; H. 52. 
(lataip) Na^NQip 99, 190. 
onanp 186. 
Dianp 186. 
Paiotr'np II. 200, 20 t, 

203, 207-210, 214, 

216, 219, 220. 
any nnp II. 44. 
wfap 82 (see p-iKp). 
fD^lp II. 78. 

c\xitaa , 'a"ip II. 223. 
s aNDp")p 51. 
naicpip II. 227, 237 . 

(tf^BPNp) NPWp 67, 
79,81, 92-94, 97,99, 
108-111, 113, 129, 
157; II. 244. 

pixn 87; 11.69,93, 133, 
179, 180. uaunn ay 

II. 157-159- 
uawi II. 43 ; "i W H- 

133-220 passim. 

Piano^Kn pwi 6, 56, 

>jii>ra pun 11. 235. 
Dnp pitnll. 229-238. 

{Wo i. e. ^N"rv p 15W n. 

31 5, 18, 22-26, 28-30, 
32, 33, 35,42, 45,46, 
57, 90, 106, 164, 176, 
177, 180-183; II.72, 
77. 224, 233, 246, 
247 (see Sans K3K). 

no ia 3"i 187. 

N314, 19-21, 23-25, 29, 
3!~33, 41. 46,58,62, 
91, 164, 165, 174, 



180-183, 187, 189; 

II. 72, 75s 77, 247. 
BJDV 12 K21 58. 
WTOM 13 K2"l 63 (see 

K31 i 25, 26, 34. 
petals II. 249, 251. 
nan 16, 18, 23-25, 29- 

3 1 . 33, 38,45-46,58, 
90, 177, 180, 181, 
183, 184; II. 72. 

jwa rrn 36. 

nNSDin mi 34, 59; II. 

246, 247. 
mas* 12 nn 23, 29, 67, 

92, 167, 182; II. 225, 

on nn nn 64, 188. 
^111212158, 177, 183; 

II. 247. 
Nn 12 121 31. 
mn in 12 mi 6, 23, 182; 

II. 246. 

(KOn 12) P|DV 12 121 59, 

91; II. 246, 247. 
2BrU 12 121 31, 58, 91, 

164, 177,183; 11.77, 
246, 247. 
jna 12 i2i 23. 

21 12 121 35. 

N21 12 121 8. 

bttWO 121 16. 

31 & 4,6-16,19-23, 25, 
27, 28,30, 32,41-45, 
48, 5 6 -58,6o, 90, 91, 
164, 165, I7I-I74, 
176, i79- l8 35 II- 4, 
14 (see SWil iTOfV). 

"tunoa i 12 (ton) rrcn II. 
224, 233. 

p21 23. 

*0H 12 }U1 57. 

N^21 3, 25, 26, 34, 45, 

46, 58, 61, 91, 178, 

180, 181, 184, 187; 

II. 72, 76, 246. 
JWOIK (}) 12 N^21 46 ; 

II. 246. 
JV21 II. 154. 

1^21 II. 61. 

.ip2lll. 27, 93,144, 145. 

ipt2>21 II. 56. 

(fN^ii) \vbr\ 79. 
pnatwai 94, 95, i3- 

DNTll II. 162. 

dhii 145. 
ianm pn 99. 

D^NpU D^pINO iamn }H 
I II. 

PH23D1196, 97, 104,106, 

pan m (YD) 93, 95. 
5ii II. 109. 

(*n .noii) son 53-56, 
59, 87, 89, 94, 146, 
160, 168-172, 175, 
185; II. 146 -151, 
156-158, 160-164, 
167-169, 172, 175, 
177, 184, 186, 187, 

i9 r , J 93, 195. 22 3- 

Dtaon 55, 56, 59, 87, 
90; II. 109. 

(.1^131 'DM) 79, 190. 
(D"D1l) B^Dll II. 11, 66, 
7 1 , 75- 


)3on 186. 

WMBD lp }3 won 186. 

N^jon 153. 

(non, non), anon 78, 
84 , 94, 102; II. 243. 

inn 99. 

|i?xan II. 162. 

D^DII II. 97. 

(can) wan 55, 174; n. 

fiarn^N II. 92. 

DJJ2H 48, 87, 176, 195; 

II. 47, 52, 69, 73, 77, 

101, 248, 249. 
Kim i 164. 
Dim 49 ; II. 245. 

(Noirn) ""Oim i 61, 178, 

184 (see Dinn). 
io>m i 184; II. 247. 

bm 86, 114 ; II. 28, 93. 

1N01J7 J2N |Nom 108. 

ncsn II. 163. 
(^omi) "oiin i 25, 34 

(see' , oiniand' , N , oin , 3). 
i"aai2 po"i 83. 
non 102 (see non). 
Fp II. 140 (see pnv 


nan II. 92. 

j^pbtyn 16,23,177,181, 

182 ; II. 246, 247. 
W 156. 
Dl II. 69, 77, 99, 248. 

t^ioi 87 (see Dnion). 
nyba mm II. 50, 63. 
Non 12 nn 17, 24, 57. 
^Kprrp 12 <oi 58. 
ijn 85,194, 195; H-27, 

68, 77, 9 1 . 248- 
[II. 6.] 



rvbm 49; EL 2 45- 
iiDjn 11. 92. 

DDcyn II. 35- 

>KBTiII. I5 1 , I 5 2 , l62 ~ 

wide bszn 152. 
wbid bxtn I5 8 - 

DH'B-l II. 3 6 > 95- 

D"IS" 3 2 . 34, 61, 183, 

184; II. 247. 
KBB p DID"! 59, 9 r - 

pyi II. 102. 
'"jr> II. 250. 

TJFi 120. 

Bp p hB> 48, 63, 78, 
85, 87, 92, 195; II- 
44, 45, 99. 224, 233. 

rvra ^kp 92. 

my p bverbtw 48, 88, 

128, 132, 196 ; II. 70, 

74, 248. 

DKtiJ?K 118; II. 92, 109, 

jxtr ira II. 6. 

*ajNB> jn 97. 

nsttta in p ":3N^96, 109. 

5^3 DJNC II. 152. 

S5 11.133,138,179,181. 

11^^' 60, 61; II. 72, 75. 

Nnnc 35, 63. 
N^aP 95, 98, 107-109 
(see K^a^K, N^3D). 

po-n*^ 190. 

map II. 248. 

'nnc-i II. 127, 154, 165. 

rw "na^ 155. 

ntMD ^nnp 1 50. 

nBOtcbfi vut? 152. 
rw II . 93- 
p-ot? 168. 
nyie> 11. 154- 

tmiB> 96. 

pn II. 64. 
an? i II. 7 2 , 75- 
-nncn inn II. 179. 
PlOBtP pS see p SjDV 

N^c-i 23,28,57,64,69, 


(nW) n5ni> 65, 182, 
183, 188; II.43.98. 
^N na w n 57. 
SaaHP II. 182. 
wrt? n 3 6 , 37, l8 8- 

pWW II. 47, 48, 52, 101. 

E5F II. 41. 

Wat? 48, 19 6 ; H. 7 1 ' 
75, 77 , 109. 

npJDS^ 95- 
Dl^n 165; II. 54, 7, 
74, 140, 225, 234. 

'vbtm t mbc 15- 

m^-^65, 178; II.248. 

ryia "^a 01^ n 39, 65, 1 89. 

MS* "in d^c II. 103. 
^KS^ts na cn^c 189. 
pro "to mbc II. 108. 
rfoy 85, 194, 195; II- 

27, 68, 77, 91, 248. 
PO^C II. 66. 

nim> 48, 85, 87, 135, 

165, 174, i7 6 , 95> 
196 ; II. 46, 47, 50, 
5 2 , 69, 73, 77, no, 

133, 146, 148, 170, 
i7 r , J 73, J 79 (see 

n^ *i 11. 170. 
rxohw ("jbon) II. 179. 
(Nmb pn) noi>ty 196; 
II. no. 

pi?SOKD Hd!?B> 155. 

js*3d5x noi>B> 151. 
iNpB'N^s noh? 150, 161. 
rowan nt^p 84. 
prates hd^ 160. 
steasn nb^tf II. 154. 
jrn rva^ noiny 140, 155. 
Tonn nota II. 243. 
mnn rti>B> 152. 
ptt 3' rt Nan^{yi4o,ig5 i 
oioEo nobs? 140, 155. 

?KOnBB TKbwiOl, 107. 

prw na E^nEo n^ 84 

(see *pmf ni>B>). 
(\jn) 'prnr noi>B> n 84, 93, 

94,99, IOI, 102, I27, 

140, 142, 159. l62 ; 

II. 75, 227, 229, 231, 

235, 242. 
B*B*n nta n II. 238. 
(fits' byi) jnan nt^t? *i 

(*xnmn ay) |nan no^ 

II. 167-223 passim. 

jron na^c (n) 104, 132, 
144, 155; II. 167- 

223 passim. 

pan Drnat* nta 154. 

n$> nobt? 155; II. 199- 
203, 208, 219. 

mj3D ^ noi>B> 156. 



310 b\D TKhw 142. 
13^0 no^' 146. 

tWMn no^tf 37; II. 248. 
d^kd no!>s5> 150, 160. 
v6nteD rrcb& 151. 
*:ny no^ 152. 
ntep no^p 154. 
utew pio^ jn 112. 
rmte f) Drrote i3 noi>B> n 

(3tjn 96, 97, 105, 

106, 132; II. 230, 

232, 239. 
inn jo DiTOte 3 vxhw "i 

II. 229, 237. 

n'3i> d.vok 3 noh? n 

"VNO II. 239, 241. 

bn'M (rnw) j3 nota 
81, 93, 102, 127, 159; 
II. 229, 236. 

m p noi>B> i 135. 
(*j3',6on ny) nn 3 no^c 

bw:i 3 nota II. 148. 

K3T J3 noi'tP 133. 

\xnon p noi>e> 36, 39. 
pon p nota 155. 
mteita p nohi> 97. 
mi,T p nota 178. 
5y3 nte) mm' 3 no^ 

(onion 144. 
-n3io pte nota 154. 
n^no I ntbv 96. 
tensiy p no$>B> 121. 
N->ry p nobt? 156. 
'by p nobt? 96, 103. 
c-'tniD p nota 73. 
po$>5? II. 43, 69, 77, 248. 
rvnby "i 84. 

tunsi'B' 11. 16, 17. 
"iDtooi>B> II. 54. 55. 

D!? 85, no, 163, 194, 

195; II. 27, 34, 53, 

68, 77, 9, 92, 248, 

310 W1 159. 

(<xntnn oy) 210 db> II. 

Nn^ 310 DP 107, 114. 

s ,,n oy 210 d^ 151. 

310 D*J pK 310 DP 98, 
107, no, 113. 

'teot? (n'3) 4, 5, 9, 22, 

27,42, 53, 54, 89,90, 
164, 170, 171, 173, 
180, 181, 196, 198; 
II. 16, 24. 

n:y p "UOP48, 86, 164; 
II. 43,97,245. 

!>teiDE> i 16, 18, 21, 23- 
26, 29, 30, 36, 39, 44, 
46, 57, 84, 9, 9 I , l6 4, 
174, 176, 177, 180- 
182; II. 72, 75, 98, 
99, 148, 229. 

(te'oan) bteiop 48, 87, 

195; II. 23, 44, 45, 

82, 89, 99. 
tteioc 31-10 40. 
(pyb -on) bteiDB> II. 224. 
tennsoiao ^niop 31 46 ; 

11. 246. 
('33itr>n oy) i\xiop II. 

148, 151. 
pmiute btfioti> II. 154. 
^J3tn3te bteioB> jm 98, 

106, 143; II. 244. 

g 2 

hante iwop n 153. 
'DJ^tesi'K bteiDtp 107, 113. 

b*bn2 bteiDB> 160. 
ptea btttDB> 155. 

bteo'i 1wdb> 152. 
pn bteiop 132. 
mten !wiob> 158. 
(can) naNn bteioe' 158, 

'tan |tepn $>teiotp 140. 

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Pirt*o"i*o bteiop 155. 
na' bsioc 154. 
nto'm' bteiop 25, 45. 
P'tyn bteiop n II. 238. 
jnan ^>nioc> 69, 104. 
psh33 jnan bteiDP 162. 
^i?i3 bteiotp 153. 
nte'3tei> !>nidb> 153. 
Tun 'ibn bteiot? 71-74, 

78, 81, 92, 97, 108, 

110,154,156; II. 225, 


uwiobte bteioB> 1 40, 1 .-,,-. 
none bv via 33D bteios? 

b^kd bteioe' 154. 
yao bteioB> 154, 159- 
TU3D beeiop 156. 
mon bteiop 125. 
nbny bte)DB> 154. 
K"oy bteiOB> 160. 
I'03mi>a bteiot? 155. 
terna btnop 155. 
;opn bteiop 118; II. 22. 
'y^P bteio 155. 
Diena p iteio^ II. 238. 



Til p bxvyc 84, 96, 105. 

TD"^ p KIQB' 154. 

njii jaw ^xieb* 150. 

bwan 3 iwDB' II. 127, 

N^n }3N $>K1DB 156. 

jan p hmow 67, 92, 

189; 11. 225, 234. 
mw p $>kidb 34. 

N"IT pS ^NIBB* 156. 

pny 12 ^nidb> 95. 

(D3Bn) "WD "12 I'MDB' 
84, 94, 102, 127 ; II. 
229, 231, 235, 243. 

1021 td in ^NiEtr i 35, 

no 13 ^lOB* 63; II. 

224, 233. 

nwt2 12 ^N1CB> 84; II. 

joru i2 bwc 23, 57. 

TD p $MB 14. MS, 
I5 2 - J 59, l61 - 

Nnyo i3^Nioc 116, 133. 
bwoy p bata 106. 
pioy px ^nidb> 153. 

K31 12 bKIBB' 61. 
B*m30 nD^B' 12 ^NieB* 

II. 229, 232, 238. 
p2 , n ps bK1DB> II. 237. 
KTTlN n i>K1B> 1 5 T 

btfHip H iPNlOB* 154. 

K310tS> i 177. 

nnB> i II. 154, 161. 
"nD v i nncB' II. 237. 
jn2n nn?2C 154. 
n^n nnoB> 150. 

nota p nnoB> 133. 
(2py< 2) pycB 93, 179, 

pyB* 13, 5-7,9, 11,20- 
22, 27, 41,42,45, 48, 

5 6 , 57, 9, i7<>i J 76, 
179-181, 190, 193, 
198 ; II. 12, 181. 

hi:n pyDB> 167. 

|xin pyDB> 106. 

Ka^a pyB> 191. 

*d*o pyoB* 114, 143. 

cms pyeB* 154. 

pvsn pyDB* 26, 51, 52, 
88, 164-168, 176, 
180, 197 ; II. 14, 15, 
18, 245. 

K1*p pyDB* 63, 91 ; II. 
224, 230, 233, 241. 

Nip pyosp II. 235. 
px^tx'p pyB> 159, 162. 
iiy^s p pyoB6, 90, 179, 


ibk 2 pyB> i II. 243. 

d^b'd ib>k p pyctr II. 


Wo: p pycB* 6, 9, 10, 

27, 45, 48, 54, 5 6 , 
176, 179-181; 11. 24, 

33, 2 45- 

fprn ^m p pyDB> 176; 

II. 245. 
kbit p pjw 5, 55- 
rnw p pyoB 6. 
*xnv p pyB> 56, 90, 

164, 181. 
pnv p pyB> 56. 
fc*pb p pyoD'44, 164,180. 
(;xnoB>n) rrnnn p pyDB> 

52,89, 166, 169, 197; 
IL 7i, 74, 75, 109. 

btum p pyoB' 55, 90. 
'xry p ww 5, 55. 
(pen) no* p pye> 106, 
107, 130. 

(B>&in p) pyB> 243. 

21 p pyoB* 90, 182. 

not? p pw 53, 89, 
164, 169, 176, 180, 
191, 196, 197; 11. 12, 
16, 17, 21, 245. 

yDE> 168, 197. 

n"yoB 164, 176 ; II. 52, 

69, 73, 75, 77> 109, 

245, 248. 
(nuiro) mnoB* 4, 53- 89, 

164, 180, 191, 196; 

II. 245. 
(xmb B"i) rryDB' 48, 1 9 6 ; 

II. 71. 

(N3HO) H3HO H iTyOB* 

2py 3 rvyoB' 76. 

JVTDB 7 II. 13, 41, 49> 5, 
55, 97- 

moB* i 68. 

2nrn dmib* k^-iob* 154. 

ornate 12 rmoB' 133. 

PBDB> 48, 86, 164, 195; 
II. 44, 98, 245. 

])yp (pyoB>) pbidb* 195; 
II. 240. 

yX'K \W2W 94, 102 ; II. 
229, 231, 235, 243. 

(^B3N) p^B3K p pBW 

II. 237. 
pro 12 pBW 96, 106, 

*wnw 49. 



1jP 60, 75, 78, 126, 
174, 190. 

vjn? "n II. 4. 

NrataMP 99. 
DDC196; 11. 71, 75,77, 
109, 248. 

ITDD^ II. 112, 114, 116- 
118, 122, 123, 125, 
127, 132. 

fiSID^' II. 78. 

B1"lM3> see prW T3 WDn. 

osnat? 6, 56. 

nDn ne>(p) 105. 

D^t? 1B> see D^B>. 

(want?) iwwi 15, 44. 

mts>86; 11.26,27, 29,93, 
144, 145, 163, 164, 
167, 196. ne> II. 26. 

yrw 85, 194, 195; II- 
27, 68, 77, 91, 248. 

mt?49,i65; H.70,245. 

rma a nnp II. 52. 

epp II. 180, 181. 

jo*w n 41, 64, 66, 67- 
69, 92, 117, 178, 189, 
190; 11.225,230,234. 

p5InB> II. 141,142, 147 

(see pINSID). 

ND^nn na rvtjnp n 187 

(see also tPBHtPD). 
}EntS> 185. 
(JUBB>) fcUEWI 62, 187; 

II. 230. 

ni-c "i 16, 17, 23. 29, 
30, 57, 91, 128, 180- 
182; II. 72, 75, 246. 

TW II. 68, 77, 89, 90, 
248, 250. 

riDNn^N II. 92. 
"jan II. 49, 103. 
xFo-an II. 238. 
[nEd-qH 190. 
"ids^d rtan II. 48, 54. 
bvnn II. 92. 

nxinn^N* 190. 
^ain II. 89, 92. 
uin 99. 

(n:inn) n-wn ps 79, 
190; II. 92, 165. 

VDHWl 186. 

VIpIN p vomn 186. 

prtnn 175. 

rvrhn 96 (see n^ia"bita). 

nia pyhn 4> 36, 164, 

195; 11. 98, 251. 
l^ain 11. 1 2 1 (see jwhaa) . 
rvtri 99. 

F5 NiTiiD 35 (see also 

jiimbx II. 92. 
Ns^nn -ia 35. 
wjti na twnn n 34. 
Nwnn i6i. 

IjM'D 13 I^DINTI 186. 

Di^arn 167. 
Mttsfon 185. 

w6*n in 97. 

jcn j-x 169. 

Di-n II. 92. 

NJTVITn 35 note (see 

toa NTTiin). 
^n 169, 185, 197; 11. 

24, 7i 74- 
c^roN^n 167. 
t^a^ax *xhr\ 167. 
"n6]2 >i>n 167. 

DiaHx^a "E^Tl 167,174. 

niBEn^a n^n 167. 
ind^d II. 181. 

Dn i 94, 102, 103 (see 
also on i apy). 

N"IT PN DD 154. 

najn 80. 

nn:n 190. 

d^d II. 92. 

VW II. 97. 

man 97. 

n:x~n 100. 

DX-in^s H'D 79, 93. 

npmn II. 56. 

mn85, 194, 195; 11.27, 

68, 77, 91, 92, 24S. 

pnta II. 92. 
roiann 69. 

Frann II. 48. 
t^enn II. 92. 
jmn II. 56- 


D731 or DW3K1; 1. 27 117651 perhaps rb& P. 164, 1. 14 B1JJ probably CD'iy 
P. 166, 1. 6 UN read IflX P. 171, 1. iQlYlCni i.e. nit^H P. 174, 1. n 31 perhaps 
pi; 1. 15 DH ^X read D.T7X P. 175, 1. 21 033110 read W3110; 1. 26 137n OX 
13HKTI probably OX DW) 13771 ; 1. 30 3iy3 probably Dly3 P. 182, 1. 7 *)sb 
probably 1007 P. 183, 1. 3 D^X1p3 in the sense of DX1p7? P. 184, 1. 6 O^MXI 
probably D*fc?3N ; 1. 18 nri7B> read *nri7t?; L 29 9D30 perhaps ^0300 P. 186, 1. 28 
W probably 1111"' P. 187, 1. 1 liono 0113X1 read 0113X1 iiono ; 1. 32 . . . HX 
11N read US* . . . ins* P. 189, 1. 20 TV33 read TP33 P. 190, 1. 14 y^y in the 
sense y:*b P. 191, 16 "]701 perhaps l^fH, Itnyi perhaps iltPJfl P. 192, 1. 5 1131 
read 1131; 1. 11 17 TllOK read >7 niOX; note 3 to be cancelled P. 193, 1. 21 
OX perhaps OrVlX; 1. 29 01VD probably nnp7 01V13 P. 194, 1. 9 10y probably 
loyi P. 195, 1. 12 r6t!> read i7i> P. 196, 1. 6 - DJJ3.10 perhaps DyoiO, if so note 2 
to be cancelled; 1. 12 7yi perhaps 731; 1. 13 17 read "? P. 197, 1. 9 13T perhaps 
11?; 1. 23 VUW1 perhaps l.lWNI P. 198, 1. 26 lIKtW perhaps 1X^3 P. 200, 1. 28 
*3 read 13 P. 204, 1. 14 "7130X1 read 1130X1 ; 1. 18 X7 perhaps 17 P. 206, 
1. 27 13711 probably 13711 P. 207, 1. 2 px probably VN ; 1. 26 nix read 1PIN ; 1. 30 
D0ni3 probably 0*37113 P. 208, 1. 6 oy probably Dy 1317; 1. 23 ^"X UN t^NI IT 
readme t^X P. 211, 1. 25 Dioy read moy; 1. 27 J103D1 read ^10301 P. 212, 

I. 28 ni71031 read JT171X31 P. 213, 1. 9 *7ja read 7y3 ; 1. 10 DUX read 1711X- 
P. 214, 1. 17 'mnon perhaps 13101 P. 215, 1. 1 137 [ ] probably 137[/] ; 1. 27 
Nil read X111 P. 216, 1. 26 D3X^31 perhaps 13X731 P. 217, 1. 20 11301 read 
130.1; 1. 21 J D0 perhaps D13X P. 218, 1. 8 1L'X nxi perhaps 1CX HXf; 1. 28 
n3B>3 perhaps 113C3 or l 'iy3; 1. 29 J13C0 read }3B>0 P. 221, the blank between 

II. 28 and 29 to be cancelled; 1. 26 l^X 73 gives no sense, the whole phrase 
pn . . . 17*X 73 is out of place here P. 222, 1. 1 J px^ probably fit?; 1. 8 CO3X0X01O 
read C'XODXOIO ; 1. 9 TlOpfc? 11SJ> read TW "Tiop^ ; 1. 12^ JO perhaps C310 ; 1. 14 
X perhaps x\ 'D3K111K7 read '0X1117 ; I.21 DOS? read QV; 1. 26 CDD3 some- 
thing missing ; 1. 27 liy read liy P. 223, 1. 5 fO^Op right, note 1 to be cancelled ; 
11. 14 and 17 the numbers 1708 and 1573 do not seem to be correct P. 224, 
1. 9 JSPOO better }B00 ; 1. 24 ''Nil or ""SON (see p. 234, 1. 3) P. 227, 1. 4 
171333 or 171333 11X 73 (see p. 236, 1. 28); 1. 25 nip7101 better n 171101 
P. 228, 1. 19 |3X j so; 1. 20 J3K 13 so; 1. 31 1311 .131 read 1311 131 P. 229, 
1. 24 liliD read lilD ; 1. 29 10V70P better 10170p P. 230, 1. 28 JVX3 better 
nxo P. 231, 1. n 1113 read n31; 1. 22 NU03 better 1XV03 P. 232, 1. 2 iy31X7 
read iy3iX7 ; 1. 30 TPTW better VW P. 234, 1. 2 1W read HTfl P. 235, 1. 12 
ntPO 73X 0)3 correctly 1ST0 73X 133; 1. 21 T0T11J better T1S1U P. 237, 1. 5 311 
%b2 better 7T03 Oil P. 239, 1. 1 IT111 better iJT'll. 



Page 3, line n probably ViTC irpnn P. 4, note 1. 8 2H1N probably uns* ntro 
P. 5, 1. 10 Dni3oi? read DniJ2^ ; 1. 21 onxo perhaps cmv P. 6, 1. 8 Y7W no perhaps 
ro VntJ> *3SD ; note 1 nnvu JV JTO^O probably in wrong place P. 9, 1. 2 from 
bottom Q^D2 perhaps D^DH ; P. 10, 1. 18 nbw p3 probably N^ ny pa P. 11, 1. 1 
TO perhaps Tin; 1. 9 T13 perhaps WD; 1. 20 roinnnn read POV^yn P. 12, 1. 1 
D^VO perhaps D^SD; 1. 9 1111X31 variation iniNl P. 19, 1. 18 ]^)lp perhaps 

pimp P. 22, 1. 16 )b?2 probably itaa P. 28, 1. n ny-in read nyin P. 29, 
1. 14 3ti> read 3B> P. 33, 1. 19 'ODO variation V7t& 3Q; 1. 25 ri2DN3 variation 
H3 N3 P. 36, 1. 16 p3^on better pjOl P. 39, 1. 2 }K11 read HOI; 1. 8 px read 
pis !>N P. 40, 1. 1 K3 read "yn ; 1. 4 313 read Jiy ; 1. 1 7 yiciiT read ycW 
P. 42, 1. 9 riDSn read nDH; 1. 21 r read T P. 46, 1. 14 TX iW mcy b6b>; 1. 24 
pm read pj3 P. 49, 1. 4 rt30C1 &&b& XDX^ mc read XDX^ H3C rootm D^C ; 
1. 14 n to be omitted P. 55, 1. 9 N^pi read X^ pi P. 63, 1. 19 b&to tb&rv by read 
h?0 bv bwQ P. 73, 1. 21 pnn read Vim P. 76, 1. 16 Nina read XiriD every- 
where P. 84, 1. 10 ffinaB>"rn read nsna OVl P. 85, 1. 27 *]31 read pi P. 91,1. 14, 
and p. 97, 1. 25 b$\P strictly r\b bnp P. 92, 1. 11 "Sin read rvain P. 93, 1. 27, and 
p. 94, 1. 15 rtJD read H3D P. 96, 1. 22 yXKID read ytfXIO P. 98, 1. 18 r)3 read H3 
(i?); 1. 19 [n]ips*y read "ipxy P. 99, 1. 12 H033 read no33 P. 100, 1. 3 iy>X3 
strictly lyxus ; 1. 6 r6l read 1^1; 1. 15 HtJW read PIB>X"I (s-J,) P. 10 1, 1. 15 |1oi>K 
perhaps rOID^K P. 102, 1. 3 Xini read (x)ini; 1. 16 poipo read with the note 
JlO^pO P. 104, 1. 15 TV read iyr P. 105, 1. 9 nSNEJJ read HDNSJ ; 1. 18 0^31 read 
0^31 P. 106, 1. 4 l^a read *m ; 1. 25 ru'XDX read riyNOX P. 109, I. 18 D13B3KV 
perhaps D13"01D3X1 P. no, 1. 15 TW read H3D P. in, 1. 5 strictly 3iroi> ^TlDX ; 
1. 18 in313)ra read injuria P. 112, 1. 19 [DOV] perhaps CO* ; 1. 20, note 8 perhaps 
D33N1 P. 114, 1. 27 -D321 perhaps "Oy31 P. 115, 1. 7 tNWtin IXVI perhaps P13NVm 

n^cwn P. 120, 1. 27 in:rvm read toi^oi P. 121, 1. 14 in;yr6 perhaps "piiynb 
P. 122, 1. 3 ib read )b ; 1. 9 DniXl strictly |r1X1 ; 1. 17 ropa perhaps vupb P. 123, 
1. 1 Vjxi> read THX^; 1. 9 BDrTl perhaps yam P. 125, 1. 26 pro perhaps pro 
(fro) P. 127, 1. 24 imin perhaps imino P. 130, 1. 4 |33Dn perhaps f330n; 
1.5 Dnayn perhaps DOnyn P. 131, 1. 5 p3*M=pJ "X; L 6 >)vn perhaps *inon ? 
1. 23 yic TpB read yitJ> 'TpS ; 1. 31 inx read TIN P. 132, 1. 1 D^3 perhaps 
DOnn (814) P. 133, 1. 16 Q^na probably D^03 P. 136, 1. 9 tnnri perhaps 
tnnn P. 140, 1. 27 13 read O; 1. 28 13T11N readwnx? P. 145, 1. 26 omission? after 
"b nN1 P. 146, 1. 18 TPi&b read mc6 P. 147, 1. 18 *b to be omitted? P. 153, 
1. 25 blV perhaps bin rU'On P. 154, I. 23 *)b perhaps "b P. 155, L 9 HOC for 
IOC P. 157, 1. 12 NDH1 probably KDH P. 159, 1. 17 1N"1 read 1XT| ; 1. 19 nx 
to be omitted ; 1. 23 imCO read "m'J'O ; 1. 29 "b read )b P. 163, 1. 13 ^21X perhaps 



read "tfjj^N; L IJ omit from WO to i?f ; I. 14 N'iDX perhaps fcOIlN (Evora) ; 1. 27 
i5xin probably K3tjhii P. 97, 1. 6 tctaPtO probably tf^BWQ ; I. 11 p probably 
"IP; 1. 12 no probably DO; 1. 23 ^MUS probably b&WM^a P. 98, 1. 5 fbp read 
hbp; 1. 7 55 read ra; 1. 20 WHO add i> ^n P. 99, 1. 2 U^KSPn probably toWl ; 
11. 3, 4 bn perhaps T"i? ; 1. 5 Si probably 5i; 1. 6 asi probably :5i; 1. 17 3 
probably ii; 1. 18 "HX read JB> YIK P. 100, 1. 4 nas"in perhaps PI3N70 P. 102, 
1. 13 TPTI pN read jna p nry^N; 1. 18 iiiprifl read r&pnn ; 1. 20 lippfin perhaps 
f&pnn and tnpan for Nip:n P. 103, 1. 1 nasal read nosai ; 1. 7 ricpnn rather ri&pnn 
and ^aii?0 rather Narbonne ; 1. 9 iiDpnri rather iiDpnii ; 1. 21 DrrQK rather nTy^N 
P. 104, 11. 13, 16 b&OOP rather no!?B> P. 105, 1. 6 b<B&OT rather BW; L 16 
probably IT t^lTl l^oru" P. 106, 16 11 perhaps my P. 107, 1. 23 dates wrong 
P. 108, 1. 10 istrn rather ii'C'h, mxnJ perhaps mN233 mn?; 1. 16 N3 pro- 
bably nr>, ipnji rather iiprin; 1. 19 ii rather fa ii; 1. 20 jwh wtaaPKpa rather 
jIN^Ol tf^OtPXpO; 1. 21 ""D^ID read ^^D; 1. 22 ^1 read ii P. 109, 1. 13 riy 
rather lis ; 1. 17 rp read TDji; 1. 21 CD^N probably *pi D^S* ; 1. 27 ii5 read lii 
P. no, 1. 2 ViarVil probably nTSil, "pnia probably pnaN, 55 perhaps jfci ; 1. 6 
NDp probably KJp; 1. 8 nTS perhaps pn:x ; 1. 16 ipTia probably pnJK; 1. 20 
wnin probably Nan n; 1. 22 li5 perhaps to ; 1. 26 fc!n perhaps liih ; 1. 28 tiih 
rather ni, i"6yi better rby P. 113, 1. 25 BTnaai read DTnail P. 114, 

1. 10 inyn better inyi P. 116, 1. 18 ibb^ mxn ^y read "insiw nin ^y P. 123, 

1. 5 n^'En read nymN P. 1 28, 1. 19 bvm read htfl ; 1. 23 N*lNo!'N read n^iko^K 
P. 129, 11. 1, 10 fc^nota read tfnobfc? P. 134, L 18 D"p^n read D^n P. 143, 
1. 7 noyi read neyi P. 144, 1. 23 ppl read pap* P. 146, 1. 28 nnx read "inx 
P. 150, 1. 4 W read IJI" 1 P. 157, note, read 117 P. 160, 1. 24 ""DIM probably 
^D1D3 P. 170, 1. 7, see p. 198, 1. 3; 11. 21, 22 read JiyOBI ^X^EJI \XEL M 1 &"1 
P. 172, 1. 20 read DEC'O Visb P. 1 74, 1. 12 130D1 perhaps lOnD" 1 P. 177, 1. 21 
NnSDin probably HNDDin ; 1. 26 riinri perhaps lipnii, see p. 187, 1. 13 (there is 
confusion?) P. 178, 1. 2 Dnns* perhaps CtOION; 1. 16 iliril probably inril 
P. 181, 1. 1 D'wnn P|1D; 1. 17 [i] probably [n^O] ; 1. 19 31 Wll perhaps 21 
nil P. 182, 1. 9 read DD1D3; 1. 27 probably nDpri P. 184, 1. 11 probably N^m 
ITinin cpD Win 311 n3; 1. 13 CD^I read y^tn P- 191, 1. 6 hytTO probably 
hxC'O ; 1. 13 DiO n"30 perhaps to be omitted; 1. 25 ibtri read isD'l ; note 6 nn 
probably in P. 192, 11. 1 and 12 n perhaps n; 1. 12 ID probably Tin, and 3D 
read 55;. 1. 19 OVDTl probably 0X11 P. 193, 1. 3 D^y read .D^iy, ,i5trn read 
TJBTi; 1. 6 Dn read n5 ; 1. 7 p53priri perhaps | ; 5^pn V \ 11. 7, 8 *i5nh probably 
i5'j*h P. 194, 1. 23 5t?n probably n5DT) ; 1. 29 5phn probably n5nn P. 195, 1. 25 
5p probably Dp P. 196, 1. 9 n5 perhaps PQ and W< no ; 1. 11 rlTPil read inn^O ; 
1. 23 ibp probably lip; I. 25 N^ probably li^ P. 198, 1. 3 5^pri perhaps i5c>h. 


Preface. Page xiv, line 5, 1525 read 1510; 1. 14, 1467 read 1487; note 2, 
read t. x. . . . 1887 P. xvii, to be added the chronological pages of Azriel Trabotte, 
published by Professor David Kaufmann in the Revue des Etudes juives, t. iv. p. 20 
sqq. P. xx, concerning the name of 7NOm\ see also Monatsschrift filr Geschichte 
und Wissenschaft des fudenthums, 1882, p. 23 sqq. 

Page 5, line 5 NnS7n read WiD^n P. 6, 1. 6 -17 read *b P. 10, 1. 12 131 read 
tol P. 11, 1. 6 n^n read n^n P. 16, 1. 20 "pnr read "p.Ti P. 28, note 14 
ttsta? read D^N P. 40, 1. 13 DIM read D123 P. 48, 1. 14 imjU twice, read 
"irmyj P. 49, 11. 8, 9 see Nehemiah vii. 7 P. 50, 1. 25 hi) perhaps JO P. 52, 
1. 15 NSnh perhaps N5hh P. 53, 1. 15 2) perhaps 3*5? P. 56, note 14 nnNl read 
nnxi P. 59, 1. 19 HJ3J read rm3 P. 60, 1. 15 733 read 733 P. 61, 1. 22 TKfnn 
read nftTin P. 62, 1. 9 -as' perhaps ins* P. 64, 1. 11 Tit? perhaps mtry DTlSP; 
1. 19 12prn perhaps ivprn; ibidem y2C perhaps "i^y JDB>; 1. 20 ffvi read rhh 
P. 76, 1. 16 lnJIDK read ini1X P. 78, 1. 11 Pll read hi P. 79, 1. 4 ny read hv, 
1. 22 TO probably vb; note 16 7NVV113, see Catalogue of the Hebrew MSS. in 
the Bodl. Library, col. 650, No. 343 P. 80, 1. 5 71p perhaps to be omitted; 1. 19 
nion33 perhaps nittrm P. 81, 1. 20 *pl read f\i; 1. 21 pHV probably pm 
P. 82, 1. 22 "inn read inn P. 83, 1. 6 DTiSD read DY13D P. 84, 1. 16 perhaps 
Dmea 1N"0 K71; 1. 23 HD7B> perhaps Dtsna P. 86, 1. 16 N^l perhaps hh P. 89, 1. 2 
r:h J0; 1. 14 S*ih perhaps ND^h ; 1. 16 }V perhaps 'W P. 90, 1. 4 perhaps n7nj 
^ P. 91, 1. 13 ^dn read "C'X P. 92, 1. 23 D55TI perhaps iht'h ; 1. 29 Npn*B sn 
probably KpnBXH (? KpnSK3) P. 93, 1. 9 3Dhh probably iiriri ; 11. 10, 11 D"n7 
probably "W?; 1. n iishh probably ichri ; 1. 14 n71J read nib P. 94, 1. 13 after 
7T probably a lacuna, perhaps iiphh ; 1. 16 riiphh probably tbiphh ; 1. 18 iiphh 
probably ijphh ; 1. 2 1 f\2 read ri5 ; 1. 25 7"017D rather of Narbonne P. 95, 1. 3 
I7p probably i/i ; 11. 4. 5 i rather h ; 1. 7 W)K pi perhaps B31N331 ; 1. 9 NDphh, 
JDphh perhaps sipnii, ivphri ; 1. 1 1 [ ]pnh perhaps ivphh ; 1. 1 2 arras* perhaps 
nry7N; ibidem omit 7ya to pTUn and add n^tt7lBa after nVTW P. 96, 1. 8 D.TUN 

1 Selected from MS. notes made in pencil by the late Isidore Loeb on his 
printed copy. Some of them are not easy to read. 


'by n* abxybx pba h iae onp nas *jrr p nnrsai maybx ann nba tnn *ai 

{ftoota rrin 'ha "tnxi po 
3NDn a rftnxi riaa b:nn np nax p nwiai xra beynDN naxa pcaa xea 
axon p naDn irrnKi tod jx ayra a^eaitybx nax3an pya e irby yapi paaa 
.uibiarn pb\s* fwi p naon nix riaa "linai .nyban w axon pi nxis p ybin 
bya "ibn brirai ,*xbiKn to ^a ^bn bns w ah .wijnan bbn p jroy t^ n i'- 1 
pn h[M]n <a ^xnbx &rin ar pa p nyp n^b x^a anTO jn a^ait^K 'a paxanbs 
jbi bya xeax po33 jx jno nnx ;xa jrtnya jxa pi anx pi -pbrabx p anTO 
ua by: npa xabp bx riaa p xnax n>bx ariT xd >by riaa tbbx axon nb ma^ 
n>a 'ibx bya xa pnaabx pnxn a bya^ ;x to p naxan nb "ma 1 ' riaa ri5 ywrT 1 

."inw^x p nroi xd yoab sjxba 

jaxnabx Tax xini x-pna pobtfybx an nbb nonbxi 

H. From the Bodl. MS. Hebrew F. 48, Fol. 63. 

1 [vnmaajb ban px n^x -wan rnibnab "pn px n^x bnan xma bxb nbnni nac 
ftpnii naty vjx tnnb ant^y av [vnijb^by 'xba lab x^ban rmxbaai we nse Ktun 

2 UW33 ixai ' i[by] [unjwnb naaiaa nxrn *vyn ay ba wby lep [a]'abx nyanxi 
QTa aayb vb aa uoy ^ao nnx'[3 yia]ab u*nbx db^wi xbi uaapo mnai 
'[vjni anuaa atrn nan araw D^nan ny^ bx 2 i^3'' ncxa "a union ^ao nnx 
nrmnx nby ik-'x nhyb ' [n]"TV X'X pn^^x jn po^vn U3ix naoa noisy nbnaa 
^yn ibna ba n: u^y i3K>n itrx njnn ani3K>ne nsnb vvuvi vnoitp oy nxna 
nam n^nhn raw nbnn iby 'naai u^y tvnpn nvy besh uiry^] l [D^y w 
lian^ .n^ D^yab max nnnon a^[n] bant nnb irn nnnx onaa ay nnnn ci^a 
bxnx xab uar bx ,ba nx uxin i^x xim a s nv: nsabi ny ny nar nbyn^i let? 
by rn nnx j'p^ nanc >nD"iv ' [Hin'] naD3 n s n aan nn : px btnw ba Dy anan 
hmc^ 3"i n^'ya unn xan mixi na xan na mix iracn mi3[n] nu'yi py s baa vcxi 
n n^n^ jynb nbyrab aina^ ne iB>yi '[a^] Dw vbx 3p^i xa^ibna lew bxiw xaiE' 
.px px nr '[baa] aaerai aanaa nbxn aman d rajp xbi l ["*yn] baa piarb 

:bf pref in T"xe anian -ax 

1 Injured. 2 So MS. 



na> np nax nna" 1 Nrnai T/X 'b6n axon a Nahp pa nnpn np [Na "in pvata 
a^ca^N jo pDaai> rnnxi naD rbtn np aNnata Na^N nysn no *a pa* }n 
jo jNa is* nya pot anx |o anpn |oo om^ *a ypnai ybtbx 'a ar^ l^i brioi 
^ annDNa nh Dnax panN lamya |Na no yoai pvi puni nc pa* jn tanota 
xh dn"N is nTiP rnxn n!?3 f^n^s an6y -na Tin naota jo av bw s s nnxi 
ana^o *aa ^y f Nnta ypi pita rmn* i^o aata -jbiai ,dn*n in* nine' |xpa 
"l^ota a -oxta nypi naata jo dv naN nxo anara nnxi ^>a ;n tanrata jo 
-j^ra anao pata }N ^i nam pa 11 [N m"' 1 n!> no xin ova napya is* avta n^n b 
niayta nx'na ^y Wn rN no Nnni :paw mxin^ Norn -intrx a Nonao nnxi ba 
rrrxata nin -"tal rip^sta nao ntayta inxn *aD ^y nj naN jo r6nx nyp ndi 
3 [n^] ep 2 x^xa^a^x }axa spiyo^N pn^ sjdv fa n-nn^ jo aay^ H axi 
"I^i na no pn jNaiota nao^> anoNpDN ^y T/nNnta fina p niayta nxaa *a nonyN 
in awiata ;n arhno amn |kb :paxi nntbN nsa^p nta xnn }Na nx nNanan noo 
no ^aa riraxn xta pan N^a riao ^ai na n^o in naD ^ai na a*xy |N^a jn tap 

:arhnta xnn ^a 1 * no nxaonp 
naxpDx NONa .xrnaa xoam nioata nan opDN Noan aNnata ;n paa Nax en 
yaa> -j^o pnana ^santa 'a bip^n riao b i^o nax in a mxa5x f?no ina Nn!? 
6n ni'oa^ n-iai a opdnd ata> c^ci D^^ "i^o ta^cn^ai Durnn ncen D^aty 


paD rftoi nan nx aNnata |x nxa^p no ^y *tan?N b^nta jdi :niD3ta nn^x 
con ja na m ip DNnta ^y nn\sn naxa hn pnaoi nan Nna Nvnpi n^ fh^na 
rinx^hbx ^ixn nh pa 1 - jn tanota joi na 11 nxi nn nx nc nx na nhn naa> nixo 
paa pn nh na s nh nax -j^n jo ara \w n^n ^a i^n pa^ no bpa bi rinnxi naa *a 
na ficn |o anta fbo ^a ixa ixdio^x |n naax ?a aNnata n'pn xvnp D^a pnaoi 
jx l^n p ars i^aanN nx n^n naty nxo p dp hpi riao p jxa nx dl*^ |Nai 
pnaaa jNaiota nya n^i NoaN bi i^na i^n d^i .haota riao ^d nS n^aans pa^ 
npaana n^ nh rTi n^ ;xa dp jn l^i |0 abswa .ha on nnx DTaa h nax^ 
: riaD n"NO nh nnbix nax naax b pnaata nan axna L x Nvnp d^d pnaoi riao p 

i I.e. D^oa^N. 2 So MS. Dr, Harkavy suggests that this Judah is 

perhaps identical wilh Judah UsJI ^.1 ^J, mentioned as a disciple of Thabet ben 
Qorrah by Magudi in his s-*~^Jl ^bl See De Goeje's Bibliotheca Geographica 
Arabicorum, viii. p. 113, 1. 15. '' Dr. Harkavy's emendation. This Judah 

wrote against the Rabbanitic calendar, and he was in consequence a Qaraite. 
4 MS. ha^N? 


G. From Joseph al-Oirqisani. 

pa^x twd f ^x-iax ja ana ^x a^xy^x n^s p^a ia jx nj^i Naaa ipi 
nac pa 1 " haa 6 p!js ^x i^an jx 'hta -j^i jni hjd pjrnKi haa rvxo yaixi 
td^>x hxai nna lm terra "Oa na "6x frninta nana jx ^s a^xy^x n^x p^a 
frpa naia^a -^h tubp xixa : haa pvS^ni rrxo ymta pa^x hcrn^x n^y 
^x ''did hxai uy in nbx pt6a ^x 5>*mDK ya ^ian jo jx ^ipaa tinxr^x 
ya-ixi n:^ D^anatpa tn ^ip" 1 nx axna^x na ptaa so ^y haa 6h rva^x ^a jx 
xnjn nso p ynibb an haa "a nnax jxa "oata ix iajxa ian nxx!> nap nixo 
T^i b^'an ,naD ai5n ma ;x ^x rva^x *aa natal 6n apy rinn^x 'a ma pyant* 
paD a .Tax ,h:a r ayam ,Sb xpa 1 - ^x bp pao i Knao nao 6 ixd^d t^d 
nD n^ny .rnnxi haa nnnx .haa ri J naax anr .haa ha taanrv , ri:o xo xax 
l.Tprn .haa r rnx . hjd i 1 onv .riaa aa nnry .nao ba vtodm .riao trxv ,paa 
pjna mow .-intrx a mxin 11 .haa x!? lrrw .pnaD pox .riao na hbod .haa 6a 
*]^ Tay rxaa .-in^x a naax paw .riaD x* itaa a'-pw lm av^x naax i^i 
im paw ay rvann umama -jtai ,-raanaina i^rab [NDn riaa "a arr^x haa ^aa 
rcaiaiaa npinx |x ^x rra^x s ana rxbw xnnax i:v T^ia .riaa x ; "jtaa iiTp*re 
ai?ri a-ai pnnx jx ^x nxaa nan pa s s aa^ jxa pa a f nao .haD vbh wpix ^axi 
jht*i>N ^x ^xiax aa tain |x ^x a^xy^x nbbx P^a iao ;x xa^p npi :riaa 
ax-iai K^i^M ^x ih }di ,bn n^a^x s aaa nnax }x ^x i^an nasi .ian pa^x 
^x yNni'N ivai'x s aa iaoi ,)'a^x haa y axna 'pai .riaa n5^ s^x n^n n^N 
xixa .riaD .iyn ^x a "j^ia rinxmbx pa inxra xini .riao 6 -naajaxi'x ^n jx 
any^x >ao p ia^ riaa ^x nnboai nntac^x vd t\) nnaaoM^tc *ao "^n ^y ^i'x 
:iad'n cjx^x ya x riaa^x nin ^x D^xy^x n^x p^a na pa^a ,6bn ^x ix^* 
naxi'x y^an -ini" im ~nx inu b i?iy axnai-x xin ?i^xri an xn^ai 
riaa fa jxvpa pyDm yaai fvtxo nai f[tfot& yaix riaa Knas ppyp paxan^xi 
n^x xini :x.Ta aaD^x a^yx x^ paa fiyaai hx^x n^s axpD j haa a Nnao 
nnna-i xoa hax^xi anpn^x s by in xsaxi nnnn^K "^y in d^ inxn^x -a hi^p 

1 MS. rvnx, 
[TI. 6.] I i 


F. From a Bible in Tripoli. 

rr\ph Kirn amyatr a^ppinai a'oina omnia a^t? anaa D*n^jn nyanx naia n? 
hm pan nasax mniai ^a main n?a jma pN warn tfrnta nvnp nhna ni?yo 
i>nai wraan t^xn "una ^axa paa new nnn to jbto naia W> pa^M x^ ay 
bma moan icx bnaan nyan hnan pspn a"a>aan nnnoi a*aben nats> am.-^ 
u-a-n lanio Kin nro yann vca miynn -nrm n-vinn anin bwai yHPita n ay^>i 
wans *bo T^on nron mo b na^p imir? na>x mean aita na> ia uwnn 
i lanio aa pn^xi mMk a-aa xho naiaian tana* nv^a ax-> ntw nokv "i 
prnt p in p mix* p <xar p twan na^p p mry p mw p inw p ana^a 
p nam ai p srnsw 10 p nan id p *to&a p anaia p Knan p no^t? p 
jna p ffona p sapiy p sax p xain p xana p mow p nana p xa^an 
mnaiy p x^aac p x*yae> p rnpm p apy^ p }anv p aac p jay p Knnmn 
paw p !>ktkb> p ban? p obie> p na^an p n^ana p s xnon p n*yt^ p 
lirprn p iban ntwa p "jtan pax p itan rw p itan a^vv p i?vn 
p iten bw p -\%r\ lrracK p itan nviy p iSon anv p *j^n rnx p iban 
ayann p itan max p ibon xax p itan taatw p l^an BTO p "jlnan innnx 
p pcna p jfc> p ryo p nan? p v p li>on in p itan no^ p i^n 
nnn p wax amax p pnir p apy* p mw p pa P P"^ n P D1 P aWD J | 
p "]$> p ma p dv p l^aaiK p nta p nay p ai?a p nn p ant? p 
nar twain bin p w p was p p*p p ba&iB p tp p Tan p nfonno 

: nanai? D*pnxn 

NWan na^a xaia naiaon iinan cxnn pns ^a^ i ann^n^ anioc* n^si 
xaia naiaon in^prn viwm ixoT^x yna xaia naiaon ana^a mn )*y na vnaswi 
no^ mar btow vni^x a^nn nit^aa vra n^K i^o mnya^ in^w vyrm nnoa 
nnyo ai i^ao ltw x!? ainac K"ipo a^p^ npnpn b panh nvj-y^i niDB^ no^i 

:ioax ahy nyi 



nxDlB nmni ^aa^> an it t^npn iaan wa nap ap n"an jann nn&& : nnns* nyn 
n^ [ti] Nam -12 Nanp vo 11 bi .nvvd t^n n^n ^>aaa nanpn PNn rwi tfci mnoi 
B*n jo noN Npn d'op na tnTD pn nw anai py jab ton raaae> ny wmp ana 
inns anai D^av paoi> napri napa nosai Nin tonm Nans N3N rr6 on i?333 kitd 
Nai ^niop ny paw ' wo raw baaa raw t&i . liDpri napa ^Dxat D^ap yap ^niop 
nap vaate b|d3 t^pb b**ii [jam'' n] .ypri napa tqmna nN annm ndio^d noa p 
D-yans* Nnon 31 mnsa .nrnp anai rcrcrti B^n iniaoi ^>aao Nam an noyi ,nn 
vby a^an Nnon an nrw spDai .naba N'niDa n^n ^aaa nans* PNn rwi t*S .rw 
p|dv an mriNi .^aaa roa'ts" tip N?jn tyrnnaa row* wn imaoi -aona na Nan 
^333 nrvw ana *aK vnnNi .dv xntbv noyi y^pia moy nana an spKapa .ani 
nnoyi nnr na^ sin anai niarc^ i>na dp npyai 2 snnoa Non na ejor am ma 
mixai a6nri nap3 c|DK31 nana ba 3 o!?y ha ^y n,pn Dmm Niyn 3 . . n sjdv nana iS> 
vnnsn .NmDa ke>s am synnnaa prof 1 na ;ona an mnw .kss an ^ yaa lanna dw 
am Nam Nana an vnnNi .Nmoa onan tnrvKi .Nynnnao wn an mron .Tar an 
NnN an vnnNi .pNn nyrynrai nmna nyir raw ova lai iaa tntait no vnnNi ,*pn 
no'ON vnnNi .D-aaia iNnai pop.n nN ^nn y^a ova ia \6m nap ,N3nn nna 
an ynntfl .xynnnaa no"' 1 am Nmoa an maiNaa t^oi /pn an vnnNi .Nynnnaa 
pnsn iniN3i .Nam na jona an vnnxi .paN na "tn an vnnNi .nha PNn Nain 
.Nmoa "pn an na noi nap bbrh iamiaN by Na^o nnanr nrai d^dis nia^o nnoy 
an ejDNa aapn napai . 6 no. . an vnnsi Nmoa Noinn am xynnnaa *w ao* an ynnsi 
napa , 7 nia^o[b Dmm.n] inDoai* Nnoir non nna no Nam ann[ai] 6 .mna nod 
.... pna DHimn nN irnNi mpnno Tia } 8 . . n Nan piDNa nspri 

1 IMS. 'aso. 2 IMS. NTmoa. 3 Injured. 4 MS. UlNaaD. 5 So MS. 
Injured. ' MS. nia^O . . . inDNai, see p. 246. 8 Injured, nKDDin ? 


uan ^cai .bph natsa nxina Iwtaa pm mim m b^oa pm ^n ii bs^Da 
voi Kjnnroa n^m haai ntya rnntai nNio TnnS niDW nmr6 ^33^> an tv wipn 
jab xai ncaai? ny mrw 2-1 an: xb op san mnt? jet bai i>333 nm anao an 
rvaa nmp xymnaa Nan an^i rm pama vn on xcp win 3-11 bnopi 3m ,pj 
ncaai dw pap bxiscr nrniy vnnx anai .nrioe^ napii naea iddji r\:v ni mi 
bmtav epNai? njn nvm i^ paw |oi .nawa xymna nana nnvn n&pn naeo 
n mnn ova mm .ypii nat?3 nnix annm NDtiaba nxa p xaxa Nai ,dw> ann 
l nawa cpb B>n fpxa vaaboi .Sfpri naca spxai nrvw anao mm bx-ity pNO jam' 1 
.anri naea 3n*a naai ,rov vm anix wp Nnon am Nam 3-1 -p -inxi .nnx 
vnriw .inn naca xnDn 311 niri row Nam 31 fpxai Njnnnaa xam am xnamai 
mnxi .nbnri row ppxai nan 13 13 nan mnm .xbmi row spy 13 jona 3-1 
.oiri row 3N vnnNi row epv 3-1 mnxi ,.i6nn row 'acna "13 Nan 
.Naa anbp vaa ianna ova iai aain row fidksi xaxn 13 *jdv in mna nan vnnxi 
Kjnnnao nan an vnnNi .iinn na^3 vat an ynnw .iairi row Naa 31 nnw 
ova 131 iais>n row xitair no vnnNi .aatyn row Nana ai innxi .Sinn row 
yba ova m btim row Nam mna innsi .pan n[y]rynrai ainx3 nhna mjn nnm 
3i vnnNi .a^*i'n row nw n ynnxi .ova ypia paon lxiai 2 iWDB>n nN ^nn* 
j^Btfi nac .av d^'^c neyi ypna ^n voy nxnai 3 ^l^' , ' , 31 bjdwi n^c'ri na^3 ^'n 
3-1 f|DN3 {&&n nay .pax "o tm 3-1 f)DNa nD&'n rw .nha B^tn Nam -10 b|dw 
BjDKa 6y^Ji na^ .nawn nx ^n^ wva by . . . 5 Dia ibn 4 manp ntai Nam na jona 
.mai'of' onmrn 6 nDoai n^a cxi xion no 13 ijd xam nrai xam mna xod 31 
.nxaDin [n]an e^oxai Dona fib arnmm nx irnxi nicino ma lain nsdm na-j- 
nxim sjid xaun bjdn: xmn na*j' .DDna i^d nn^a annai pxn nnna ni^'m nac 
ktokib nxtaa3i amn ,, a3 i^mx 3-1 Dni^u' n^xi ^"iiao faai mxi :m^nn Dnnaai 
k'-xdis p xa^-i xnma oiaD bmvv am nvm ai na x^d xaan x^an -13 mx 31 
n3y 7 p n^nn x^ Dnn^ai .n^aan ann nna x^dit noi xp^n an "axn xnx an 
: a^v paob ^pn[h] nac^ na^ apri n*an pin nnxh niphn nat?3 Ebvtgati* la^oi n^x 

1 MS. na:r3. 2 MS. nmn nx "6nn. See for the following words, 

p. 247, 1. 16. :1 MS. nov an. 4 MS. inanr iti\ * Supra x'Dixa. 

6 MS. mDxai. 7 MS. in. 


D'naaan *a man s 3 db> na? r&wa^w i*yn ?n N3jti naann -jino nt? nn 1B>N 
no?Bn mxc nwav dot pit *?in nnvy nncfb *n?wm ,D*aa? wp nw Dnnian 
in n?yan *oy nry icx naan ?a man "y Dni?n D*ian?i pn Dn? >? unn 
b*Da tic?? pern di? &tscri vb* pipoi D*eann arm ?a5> ?ya *ronmi ,?nip 

:D"na*7oni onanen nsjoa v?yo pom non Dpicy i?k 

E. Cod. Gaster 83. 


Xwi .iY?n ytw? hidd hd'di .ny i ntnb nun jru napn *a u*rw lyn 
.Tins? i'x-anyi .nja- p a?a *rra rap p ?x*any? cavr D^ynci .mpi D'yap? 
T^yaw .-j^ax? jijntai .wo* p pyna? piai .piai mini) iae>i ,iaB>? iwiw 
,?*y? nap?Ni .nap^N^ pwMsn .paw? maw .mac? pnayi .pnay? p?w ,p?*s? 
.xi.t? n*nw .n*nx? xnyi .mry? niBn .njMs6 nai .na? ?Kin ,?ni&?? ^yi 
,nav? wnaiyi .waiy? wana ,wan yB?w ,ytj?N? in*?i .& in*?**? wm 
.moy? jwnm .ycnn? nnan .n^ib pan jnwi .pan jnw? nijrfon .iTy?N? nan 
.nosx? piparn .pipan? ninai .mna? ?xn ,?kv? nanai .nans? nwi .nw? Dioyi 
man .nnat? *arn .*an? m?im ,m?in? ?sprn*i ,?pm*? mm .mrfb nasvi 
?aanr jrw n?nan ncas nw*6 won xiryi nsion xi?y tnn 'ax?^ .'aNbois 
n?nan noaai .tamp ny "^ax naya mm naa idde jp?a wio rvbyi rmp yv^ 
p "dvi .iryv p dv? 'dwmmw .Diaa"Daxb pnxn iwo .pnvn pytass>? riD 
.^ansn *wia? wma p jraw ,ffma p penn^ jam*- p dvi .pnv p *dv? nryv 
.pnr^ \xat: p niin' , 'i .'xata p mwb noc p pyB>i .ntDB' p pysti6 ^anxn n3i 
n^a ax n*n xini nai^Ki? baao rbyw jprn ^*nb p^oaxi n^ycci .p^oaxi n*yoe6 pnvi 
?N^oa p"i^ pri .pi^ pyeen .133 pyoty n? rmn ido ^*m : iyva ixnpa ^?^n joi p 
p-6 ennpn iaam ,wnpn wan wm s^an nw ni? pyc^n ,pyo^ ^N^oai ,K*wn 
.nnn ^na tnwxn rmn* ^^ i>N^oa pm .nna^taa awn pv "ii .pr ^ ^K^oa jam ,^N*i>ba 
p tayB* oy ainac ^x^oa p pyoc pi? ??m ii . ??m i? wn nii,n> ii 2 ??\n 11 
nan-^ n*an am [w]nwya 2 niiiu^? e& naD'ni :w n^aa i??n ?na }na ytr^x 
p fcwan niin 11 ii ?x"^ai py{j> ii ?N , ?a pi nix-ca ana pinn inxi uwa ninoa 

MS. Diaaioaxi ount93t6. - So MS. 


nmnn ba ns lasbl annb T0B>nb mr ivjn*i pnxn oy ioipn .m^aa by ibio nMt? 
*jhni d*tw D s abs nenga jnsa moipon ikb>31 hWib utiw omaboa ib>k 
Dipr atrn .bbm nn- by ommi n ns rcip 'job cjdp nns nyaisi v:s Tnoi 3N 
ntporn entry a .naiyoi onbs naio yua >as mao nab w pi nabosi cm ns 

iaa nbnn mvn iy caiyn pao DTion pa any boio n*m H aijnfa yon dwi 
ttnon pan ytcnnm 'as wk ma yivo s ens S3 nbnn mvnai ,ns irinb 
-by -nbap -pam nan ssn Tiaob nans nbyn itmoi .ion <oy bo:i inn bs "asm 
mns Don DTion aa upjnri snsaa by &nn ibo Dpn jnbioniob min nobb sab 

:iab mt? sbi "papn irmas on mpab 
"nsa p nnsi ,yj aw p ytrin^ -in nio 'jab rue> mmca mob nnn mo'ai 
jas bjdv in oy dp Tiiobi ny[b]pbsa -Jiaayi msi dtjti r\wi nsrn pxn bs 
.pa i niBDina snaoon bwio ysi sin nbni Dor Ton onnn wni yj syybs 
loipoa min pansy bnpn naaa 'jjoo icpai irwn onab nyyi nxo nap sin itaaai 
nobb "nsa yj epv in "n myai |dt inisai .nnnaia "miry nsn -mn sb csi 
T>aab "nnrni tram notra nnno hdi D'ynr mo nbonioa yj min' in nio cy 
nacoi .inxnpa maiK>n msonn 'mpai pta^a ibai ppn nici iyio no nona 
*jni "aibsi nan oy 'mob D'abs tron by naioen onyyi nsa nap ny itryi nso 

:pa wan ntsBa iamob am nybpbsa Ton 
oy Dnb'i l^aiabN pi ibon ja pmas pi -jbon nn ns n n^yn snn nr^a \-m 
onyn by iyi it^Jisbs pi ras mo nns dw ncyi nso nrca ibion nTB pi vns 
j*po m^i ,ik cnna naio^i anyyi nso nr:a nbionio by iyi Diab"i nnivan 
nbionio -\>yn obonbi vns ny Dnbnb nnn^s Tyo ib"n ba oy viTa ;n s^ nr^ 
i,bon T>a naiaa naboom b"03io n^ya mnnn msnpb pnUN ;n -jbon svn .mvoo 
ien csi psn ba ninni lonbn it^s onn o^o^ai :iso miabo pam pnux ;n 
ny nnni bsny iso ny bin .iisd mbnp an psn oy inai ibbr' ne^ vrya 
annb nys oy iba rso nnnj sb nioa nirs sn-ocp mabo baa iiw Dninn nnv 
iba ncs iy mvoa D^baa ipb nbionio bnp vnpn bnpn "ai-b "a-j'b ni-si annb 
praoai iisoa caopi onn: ^s D"abs naioca iisoa mv^i .on^nuai on^a i^a 
nnb ns ikb>j sb ncs iy nnny do i,bon db^i oyo no ns'jn .ba iDini ajno 
*:iyv3 3i3n "jnDni ^ibb^ n ^ab nvn tcs bao npn nir3 ':s D3 :na a-j*vb 
a^rob n vm ."nonsi -n'ai nao ds -nba -boy bao n ns^j sbi "byo nn ns isir: 
s^b^acs "acino bsn iniDB^ bsaanas bsioL" pi nbyjn [irya] , na v J' ns b^babi i--:: 


btibd niNDiD vhw "vy nvip ^aono apy u*an rniaa 'aao wa it by ipnnni 
fwet5> ni /vain onaa i-ibiD* ab ncs* ten nao inp nao nam dd i PUtttD wm 
no!? -km* niaoinn bya yman on uan btf mmx p piw mi xnna N23 *ae 
vni? DDianai ynia *a onmnn db>3 omanxn mm ^ iTyn *a rwa nom 
noib n"n oa .Tao n\-ie nabnn yoie rwi one nnx bae> D"aa-> onst? rasa Dmcib 
wan Tao nn vh) na by nnnn vm nan noib n\n abe snaoo mb nnx ba 
nnanap ny nun nnisa Dn^y pa 2 mobnn ba obia fa orraa nm xbe mbn pnv 
mmD tx ian nxnatj' imoK im Nan noxoi nabn bai .iwfaiap npsD ba Dnb 
Dnaiern omb^ei oniaom nxne *o bab nsuo newa iaaix by |pni ac nns* Dipoa 
D^nai tswpa o^oan noa onnnw .nobe wan Dapr by vwtw nwrm twmn 
Dnrnb -nobn nob raai nabs? wan be onaoai -iaD px raautfi nansa niobna 
: raripm npvnn naDn Dm 'baa mobn pnoibe laym uyovp moipion baa 
nxvb b*W nn ja nex nn nn nx Den Tyn eoni owi D^abx n naea"t 
nnsym o*ana mm panm oe aen nbitamtaa "nab ma aai wai wn raapua 
oabx tii by D*poan -nan neyi 'baa niobnn noib lpnnn n byi .nann omobn 
im n:v am pcnm nbn nwo na D^nnn 'bya niynoi maomn nan Dna rpDim 
|1BW uan niaDin nxpi nena nan Da niaDinn 'bya nns* D^nm itnnty nax 
D^n^si ppnpn pa ppDim nisoinn bya pni" 1 la^a-iro pnaio T-obn nw pa^o 
m^b ks njL'a idsji pnaitD ian wnv pmaamiD i^nd ? aii ovrntan ntyn 
nn D-aa n ib wn ya nw nn mo iaa topoa mm p'-aini .inica tb icy niaai 
nivoa bincm TDnn nobc wan mnsi .vax aa by "iDsai nmna bna ^mw 
nibxc dc anai niabn ^paaa onsso nyans nanc apy "in innsi .onon nib^aai 
ii "irybN ii nc?a ni cp^N nm min 1 ' nn mo nri .vas* be nuwnm nian 

:b<:f pyDB 
pxa mnbia nnr p prm i enpn fa Dnao Tins-cm bnn nancn tanon ^axi 
D^bx neon nac dco icna icn nsnv piso D v ciiaon jo .Tn as *ynvft rnsaa 
p s ay po^aa nn na ncx -nxca nae nn^y ee pa ^axi as* enna rmeb eei dtci 
^bya naven nnaco nipdn ^aao vrobn mnai N^TJB^Ka mm p^ano n"n kwi ya 

neiy ''bya njtro ^bya mm 
nEins ibo nen loya ii cjn nnn mvfy naioci D^aioci D'sbx neon nacai 

1 nono. : So Ep.; S. ban ba oba. 

ji h 2 


nv3t"i" mbw imea nun nsnb ms p ro6v maoinn ^y3 prw wan vby iicki 
DTD^n moym Hariri d^k nyanx natra ntaaai rov dwu m v6y nrw nn^n 
onsoi> T^m naonps oaonn dp vnnxi :taao p p|dv in vmc^n ^naiai main 
nw noan i?aa mn hna Dam .-phi** Knpan Knnp^>K ita Dy Wn iiaaa dp nrayi 
nrapofr *a innnaa -ian Kim anyn pt^ai enpn jwb mnxa laitrh mobna it man 
nrntca nxn k^> d^iid^ vnionpn nan x^ts> *m ,nwcn isd lxnpi omo ntpei 
"p inKi .any jv^a man nan nnnta 3 naD3i Dnaa D*ymb onpnt? nonpnai ,w 
nc^o na>n nbiyn ba dk> n^ai nmn naipe lKnp naD nam anai mix inn nan: 
D^nnnn baai adnata man jnra D'ama ww onanai nrn pta ownan onana d'tid 
iiptpp oi ,nnya xb pm mobna ainan bo nan 1a Kwai nmnoai orb mem 
mroai pixb vpnai wmiui IPm -py ne-K ym onaoa mnD nienm mnbnn moa 
bay oi hna mn noa mc&na ma ynv vpnata nnx nospa bbyy ncai .amaai 
?aa vnao usp&nm payn anni pjan -rap naya 1:1^ ninv r^ 'tai inaian ny X3^> 
D\xan pDy bijod lacana xh any pt^a 4 mobna DTwa nan pi niban rrcnaa 
.nxiann naoa tanaai pp pK onao nieann nKB>a nan pi .^aa mo^na vnnx 
moyn vnionai vanaai ntaa dp vnp mbnpn bs nisnKi mania noa^ yttnn ro^ai 
K^aoaK bya anai innan by pia bna Ton mn Kim btnw*D rvbnp nco naicNa 
onxoa D3tbn oy noyp V3x Dtra ^ naDP wn pmp n ic^ nnK jptb iKn yyi 
:i3at>n ^y di^ K3" naran oann anano nmw nnom nii'yom nibnano D^n Dna 11 
n^iD^itaa na w ovni .^itD^iua na a^nai Bnanae Kac n^n tko ia"an mn vnnxi 
D^nm D^ainK mobnn 3in3 D^n^a nsm -nt&u Sna oan mn Kim vmaa ^aao 
amp pi iacr3i ,rrop Nnnnoi nsmx trmns ncyi o^nmni nvanpa ni3^n 6aa 
noaa n^n mo ir3m /dd^k lann ma!>n nhr nKtn pnxa qhci^ vn xb 1 nrb 
Dam maimao nav la^an K3 vnnKi :nn>v^ yansn D"a^K neon nac mson ana 
teDinn nyn Dna an3i idkb^k lann nia^n ^y pemn nsm mn ira^na ^pai hna 
: anyon pnxsi baa pnxa ian3n nan ly : irn iba^?a 'an ppmpm penmn 'sini 
nrata ia"an jot ompi nua^na npm onn nmn ^ya DnpD vn nan* pa ^3k 
nxo D^ainx vm n^?ian nixo Diana n 'BnTaa D"ni^ vn ^nnt: myo Snan n^nn 
|i^3 ^aan mobnij D^m-a nam mrabna vr n3ai nra^ n ^y tsnpn mn nnnen 
^Kn^o ^33 nioann inn nnan^a Kin k^ki .irnoa op k^ vaab ntrK nvpi rra 

abhn. '-' \nb*'. :( moai. 4 s. raja. 


nan 'trxtab n*ai? pmr i ann p apy i ann "rbiran *ana pixm rD-nvvb dn *a 
annN owaya uriDi D^nnai niyiatri fy naDa mobnn jsjQ omsai cpoai Oman 
naiaon yp)n< na ya ^tho i hnan oann nnnnxi .nnnn natra niaa py nbyai 
mm hod bapi (naran) irwr na prop n ann ypr wnA inn ! wim BwhV tec 
ann p mtana n anm tmawni nibs*:? "jinn cpDan an nx^ai D^an oman nan 
maitaospa ntaa Dan oman nan xin b'oibn apy 5px[N] pe> naotan apy' *i 
m saibivna pan wan p co^a wan onn npiyi wd bnan ann naitanaai .maDai 
in^ Nb djeni Data ann niabn n^ai onomi can oman nan new irsy rnta 
twben nxo D"Bta ntPDn nac swi porn nib ujwn ny obiya onia^nn nta ba ""JOB 
n,tao nrcD nx icyE* ny ninram nuanbon an by tibd ban mvpn ibtaanaty bwi 
n?E,n bn Nini .binan jnam nanv -jbo nry oy yro niabcn ba npbi (unm its) pn 
bya nan^ pnabi *3b6i nanni> lya Da ids bmcwm nnaoa tantnewi DHimn am :in 
n ann rwbyiaa Taa ab n^yna tayo nab Dins* pND rnawn ibtaana tni ,pmn 
binan ann niaa p mnno n oann ti"naai .onnas* na niabc n oann ^wan^ai .d^d: 
pan pa wan anna 5a bapi 3 ixrai mkd bap mm wopm pnv n ann p *pv n 

:|rby nDna jDrn wta jran nta>x ny D^Da wan annci ya" 
onoiyn pa D^abnn ub fnn mnm niniD jnw vnnD ^ymm irpbn D^'n tan iaar 

: n ncy^ p jon ,ntan 

D. From the TVlS nTS of Menahem ben Zerah. 

pan nns w D^iNanra onnn ^nba nam N 4 b ^baa nircbn nun bn nr man nnsi 
mbn: niabn nan bax ps:b T,oa vbv np pyn^ n ; twntenn nnx vnc -sniaD 
nwoi nipiDa niabn nan pxa \smn> ani :mnr6 nnxi nd B>ni D^abx n nat^a 
Dni ninbx^n nan xna^D sns am .japn D^abs* nyans* nae> ntaaai n^n owy 
nnion niabn nvp ixa nnci open s aa nana baa vpdd ana nm nvtsnan nnoa 
:, nNn nybpo n^ntf 'Dabx pnif wan nan onnnw txnaDon nnoa xbi any pcbai 
N^nc Nao^ta nanob ibni natanpa tayo nnyi nbhh D"abN n naty maob xai 
nbia nns^D ynp labapi DHin^o nbia myn nn^ni nisona a^ naionpb naiiao 
Nnbnb mnpa niabn nam pny wan dc acn n>yn iaai w nts^naa' D^br-n^ 
.nonsn n^'pa man nranai mwa Dp ab n ia*an ni^oi .pp mbnb nraini mo 

1 G. ctasb. 2 B. ^nmn iwc^w. :t Both ncnx. 

[IT. 6.] ii h 


i*opi pn bn lmoa px vaa^ vnt? niynn pnam pap ^3ipoi niKai am nnoa 
cnan nnKi cnai> cpi>nm wpbvb ipi>m mn n:n nnp ranr^? jd*d mm naD imp (nao) 
niaiia nvp la nK'a hnacn naa n-yn -pnai D"pDian nijn ynam jmn dsi maim 
naD ixnpi [mnan mp ai] Dwaam rnwn "nana o^inD onm nxpi msom rmm 
}d^d mm nnintan iaTiaiK i"y corrfcri n^3 nnivo mai ny inaia invn^ naon 
pan ^mp' 1 ) n i&ian oanm irnxo niK nxji mo 1 *ra , n Kim "in ^n:o nani> 
nainnKa mym niynn an 13 snm 13331 hna iwn "ian fna pintjtPK pB> naiacn 
CTD^n moym nmnn nx pain ne>K (j^p |iyD)e> (n bbian oanm .niKta 310 Kim 

naD N1p3H 13D 0^331 ^UpCl 310 "VIK3 "JlO^nn HVp nX3^ ClU^n nam H31H 

'anno ^3 pmf n ^ian oanm .nine 2 nnD nxaci mxo 133: nao Kim mnnan 
mobnn 3113 d^dbi twnm nmai cman nan Kim yi onwj ; xo naiaon 'nop 
wohfi pntatPK* pB> naiacn mna^x no xax n bi>ian oanm .mo3nn nxtrai 
nx*ai .pDai enma yn iio^nno ninaoo nvp nK3i noan i>aa ama-n p d: -un 
nao n^ai my^x in 'pnaa anm am G^ma ntoai) 3i"x nsoi s!?a3 trims nmnn 
nni3s i anm : (onaaai dti n^K nbir onao nann an3i nvr&Krn n^yaom mann 
.(mo/na D"3n oman nam) D^n D'Tiabn Toym nmnn nx pann n^K 4 K*nBB>iaD 
anm .npi d^x neon nae> nimian natj>a anna Kin irniiiyai B iamo cidv n aim 
byae> nmn nK"ai can qtd^ti Tym nmnn ns* pann Nin dj pan put n mnxn 
jnan tbv&n (laan) anm .pan pna n ua hnan ann .amy ny n^m n3n3 mam na 
n3n,n 3n3 Nim n333i aio nis ,, 33 pnai [enma inn] mo^nn na pa la^an anm 133 
Kim nt?K n bman 3nn K^ta^itaai : Dmya oyao 6 k^ k^ p"ny n:r:s i {-\x] rnxo 
ny D^m n3n3 rn^rn ayaB' nmm anaaa' nninn nwai D'N^a: o^na onian n3n 
oman nam nann D^moiri nmym nmnn nK j^ann Kin nai laa apy^ iran ann . D^iy 
ni?Ka cam nyn nnv nac nry pK naDi DaK'D pj*n bnoi D v n nniK nao ono D'an 
3nn n^yro i?a ^y iwan bnan anm :n^i?x'i D-a^s* n^'nn nrca niaa py nbyai 
D^an nman n3n ri^san ps^ [ntajB'Kio naiaon Diana n hnan ann p n^ ir3n 
tana3i noan ^33 o-xma oriwa iwai na ^y3L"i 3n33*j' nmnn ^3 *cmai D"n33:i 
nx^3i) pnsn ^33 imoa pN* nixianai nvmoi'ai nvntaai yaon n^3n3i p^ann noana 
maaa ona3i nhano nKt^an riKnian moana n>smj (niKD n33a niKaa anaae' nmn 
in^yro nyma k^ [nxo Kniai n33a naD monta naD isnp cpyn ^33 bhnon mnan 

1 G. nimo. B. nvj'y ^b> one. :1 G. paian nvj-j's. ' G. K^3Knab 

or B^DKn^aD. '" G. l^amta. "BothlKSV 


vnm maw by nan nn p nax anoi PDa "pi aan oman nan a*nD n aim 
ann nnnnxi .D-nna nyt? naDi 'own nanai* nam3 niai>na nan (anytr n*a naoi) 
arnm rninn pain n^N Naihna mix ornate nna ndhs' mn mix faa hnan 
mm nao what D'twoanD noi^yn ^3 mx^ trjnni> onian nam o'To^na ha: 
n nni .mo^nn ana trcai oman nan 53 prta n nm .ernpn miay naoi man 
nanxai ns^Nuspai inaoai aiycn ptta naoo px cnnxi .e^iBaipanoo ;na 
n oann b^b my tpn inn" nypaai .nci^yn ^a mt6 itj*nn onsaa o^at< raetai 
jnoi treta Dy mrnaa nvtna vnnaD Tiayni !?? oaonn }ib6 ^y wa [a-nnn] mao 
Dan >jpr ^ntt hnan ann nnai .vttin bab Taipei nis*o aio Kim mao naD ltnpi 
Kas bw va d'xd[s*]^ rvab 2 nmm n ann ;a pnr n* nn ncan ^aa bb'a bm 
aio nnD3 niobnno (btvb) nam noan $>aai naxta ^33 D s 3n oman na-n ya n 
tro6a naDC3i D"tnp nnD3 mom o*ap n3D&i nn: 13^ nnno nnD3 bsipm nttai 
nswai enpn wan mo^ $>apnaB> no ay a^ynr nnDa n^ny n3D3i n^3 naooai 
nin "a vby few nyb in^yin omin man 3 na$>an (nett) ni^nnc aman nani? antrn 
ms ornate n anni .onaaai can roianm yaon noana onian nan[i] 1a o\nbtt 
prfip n anni ,wwi nbyo^ px mo twii>n am paai mma inn a^p nun n3n 
ann p onao n hnan ann onnntn .nmn *B>oin n^cna pnnoi oman nan man 
pi^maai pBmria nman ^3 ntoun lnpana man ncx [Ka^sn^aa n>No n^ab noi>B> n 
i?a nN^3i nn , -n3n n^ ^y D , 3in3 nan xbn cxnw nnna d^dssi mo Nn^n iaa 
4 nsnv niaboia* omn^n unaa v^ai rnxo n^dj nix"33 no ^y3^ nmni 3naat> nmr.n 
D^en d^k n^cn n:^ crcno rx yam nanno uyo ns^ai nttiaoni nmn 13m 
nanso mwn lenaa ntyN nnxi .[T,hi jd'd] l^n D3 n s]N nmi Dnan p^D b^>i 
nxanai^Ko i>t<n^ n hnan ann nxva^na pxa nNB>a ismpn miay iboanai 
nam nmn pann Nin aai [}]ipbhdd bsiacy n uap anno ^>ap Nim [}]ipcna3 
onian nan ncan ^33 n-n nan nn na nnnas na *\b n hnan aanni .can nman 
[n]yni: Kb nND naa:i np> [nao] ;n mb [b] laaan naD.n anoi CN^aai D*nia 
D.noi moana man nan tno na Di^ai^p n N v ^:n nanm .nnmn dn *a in^yo 
: taaBtom NDnanni naDon no3n3 n33:i np" nao Nim o^abo [ii3a] nao xnpan nao 
D^nm .nto niana 3naac nmn nN3i can nman nan "aDa ^dv n Danm 
na byac mini anaap nmn 5 tn ,, ai d^w* ornan nan nhoc^Nn nin n bbian 

1 B. Q^na nninai. 2 B. pnv n ann ja nmn> n. :f G. nia^an. 4 B. n^N 
nanva. B G nx-ai a^inj. 


[wWm nnian nan papy p ppr n anm .anaap nmn Bh*ai a^na] anon nan sin 
aman nan aa wm (")nbnxD nnbw na arena n bhan aanm .traan 3133m tbd anm 

: nvnbx nvyaa nvniDn bha a'Dtavi nyp naa onoi ann 
aim .nbn po p p|dv na nana i am nasi ,*h l po p prw n ann naiaiaai 
nebs? n aim ,o v n na nnnax n aim .nmm na pmr n aim ..nnar p my^x n 
.xmn -annin xaam nana p npo warn mid absiDn man aha jwnai ,b*bwi 
rm ncx pan prw n anm .awtpan nnn .nb n sum xanD nnsn nan laai 
vm .nno xnm ana 'vhwrfn Bnn^a nan nn na annax n bnan ann -td^d 
vnn abaio nix'pa momn baa s pa mn on wan &wn p pixn n ann rTDbnD 
baa annn by abnD niyaa by papD ibises m.n -a ibatr naD mobna nian nnao 
.nDbt? na bxiDtr n jwwn anm .arena n ann p sjav n aim .nDDn baai yno 
mobnn poa ba bbia "d "ran trnnaD aitna n bnan irapr bu> ma p bnan anm 
aDnjrm nanb nyw no a^btrn xbi bi eaDnn nnob amp niabn nnaa jDbc ixip 
nnun nan pan jnav n ann bmb n>yai : bxiDc* wan [ann] iaa bnan ann miVDa 
nxab bi aaonn nan by naxm arew matrn by are>m pj*nn mam by arenmai 
X'tran nnx 3 nx*aibDpa pi :niaab bnn <a ny n.nDy nanm Bin nan TDynbi 
abiyn baa anDan nonnana new jcna na nna n anm .nar n bnan ann wbvnabx 
trmaa na byatr nmm anaat? nmnn nx nx"ai can nnixa nam nmnn nx wanm 
laa pnv n aim] ania omax na pnv^ n naaan am DmTD^nDi .naaai aiD 
n [iaapT] bnan ann QJipssncai :^f "Qtba ann nirtan ena nan new [-aia^a 
na y^nn 1 ' n ann nbyD n^iycn vnsi .bsiJDy n wwn hnan ann p nry[^]i?x 
^na nci niy^x n bnan la^api ann p bsnaDy ann wapt nnxn nn taai .bxiacy 
lamaiDx naa anao nam ia"r:y ^ib msm nr:nc*ai mansb nnsbno nnx van .vax 
vnionn by niaiacni nnvn urn ma^ri [nmn] nso an? nam nvbh ^dd nrnnon 
tsi naiDiSn pnno naa vbv nam n[^]aaim n am p onno n rs mm .vnan byi 
pm nn x-ar.nb 4, yan bia mn iDBn nmn D^yanxi abs nswn a^acn jd iD^'a 
nt'D nmna TDn aab nn s wdt ''DmD nnxb bsn lamias Tb n byD lamnnb i-pa 
d'pidd Txna cava nenaa rwnpn tamnma TDn n p (n) la^j'm ":dd n^an 
nair k sb -nbcm nbxn nan n lyDira nm ^acn n-j'N ix r\x aaa w ja p^snn 
.UD^Da lanaxi na-ca nan xa>D nan jD'am xa^D nan idc aipca pen nDn .ib nna ri 

1 B. lanio. -' B. annua. 3 B. nax^opa. A G. xyan. 5 G. nn 


mn Dnnnxi .mxai aio cn^s -dd^x 31 mai>n erai d*nto DHian ian pan 
pmnaD mim ia twq i mn p D^iuna i am laapr rninn mxa 3trv ^a ax bnan 
nairpipo prop ia im^x i mm .nehwin idd oai>Kn am inn oy pit's ib>k 
12m ns^pnn byi lannoi msia ^ap wm l wxab nm imta ia apjr i 3in mi 
D'31 n nmn iDDn Diaai) ^tm 3in nn en*a3 ncynn isab Bosnia DHian 
mm ,nxta in mi i in vtd^ii .inn pa omax p no^ i mm ,(i^y tnpntta 
.nianon idd dioi luaivin nuai^yn ^a mx^ x^im D"iian inn xin Da icx i 
.nvabnn 3113 pddi cnma mn nxai aiu nan inn inn }o Dmas i 31m 
dhddi DHian 13m b>bn? nni) 3pjp in nmm i 3in wapT binan mn Dnnnxi 
Danm .niaiDK byi ixipi maiem nii-xta mi nia^xn mi moan (tap idd 1am 
en D^aa oman ian xin Da pa*n |ax nmn'' i nann maa p -bxioty i ian 
nam) iixd ny x^Da nxa anaat? mm ixai D^cn up* idko idd oainm DHaaai 
jia*n nt? i i&ian Danm .(naian baai noan baa DHaaai Dm D^baa DHian 
ca ixai D^ann idd(i nx^D iddi ninat? u?b nainai) DHaaai DHiia DHian ian 
mabo mre i mn p bawv i bhan Danm .ixo iy K?aa iia 3na3E> nmn p 
onna onia^n ian pa-n nsyo i Danm .nann i>aai) noan baa Dm Dnian ian 
iddi d.iei DHaaai nam dhdd ntry naiann ncana uisai [naxbo baai] (DHaaai 
bbian iddi naiaa mn *3 1x2b icdx^ -id ba rvban ini\nb naianb }*p xnam hnan 
: ix?a Dm nbx nnn DHaaai Dm dhdd nbx ba DHan nitryn iddi "jbran iddi 
naaa cnaa anaac nun san^ai DHaaai Dm dhdd ian D^y 3ia cjdv i Danm 
Taa-'xai .[nraan ^aa Dm onian ian) nobon ^ya p^Dax p jvj'dd' i Danm nxra 
i bran am naisa onci .D^xh nixob DHaaai Dm D^ax aiycai naivai 
mm nivp mna m^nn hdd ynini inraan npDiana ic^x ^'ipra apy ia nwo 
bnan nivon idd ixipi hddi xiddi xn^aDi xnaoinni ^enmn nyo Dy n^ap 
mcyni nnnn nx pain 11c iiaa *\ov i ami .^'cn ^xn did^ 21b naca nam 
aim hxd Taipei nxa tam^a id byap nnnm anac nnnn en^ai nam DH^^n 
DHnx D'aan .nnan Hioy xipan idd dioi Dm D^ian ian ^mipo pn^ 1am 
: nom [nrnraj xipan (ftapn) mmon ianc nnoK> iin didi .ibdo px 
bh^bi pnpin noana DHaaai D^xa oman ian np mi in .nx-ai^tap j*ixai 
oa 'nop 7\wd i pi .vxh ^a^ pc ba rycic W baipoi nxa tsn^as anaaw' nnnn 

1 G. -j'dx^. -' B. ni>B>. 


mbna tynian inn ib>n Nbitybiuo nbn tkb wan ann von .ingjoi anyon psai 
nan rK^pnoo no sax na PiK^bHsnoo prw n aim : pcsi trims nnn D'wbaa 
.onsiD muy Knpan pdd "pn sbaa mam ."iitayn bya Nnpan nsn ana .cbna D-man 
mi**)? &ppan -inx nun nam pi . mnyc nN?a ktjwi -D^bx ann nan by man ncyi 
D-man p d: nan ntjw -p-iyn bya (jna n) nanm :Dnjnon way 1a nsai rmmn 
va pn laana wb[B>] nbtfa D3Ti :m?abnn nvaibyn msb virion mnyn nap nnci 

:nbiya oyaa Ke> 
mnnxn maKbian txd lEDnsna:." tanop tbtt -bba DiDna lEonana irbn pai 
.nxaa px manra n Danni .am nmm n oann 10a pnpnai "wn no-mi mtaana 
Jwta px prep i -cm bxiB> n Taan -en ren nt? bimaa p msr na nobe* -1 
nnsD iinn npx xmy px annas n bhan oanm xmy p ntro n bbian nanm 
ma'ayai ns byac nmnai anaae> nmna omx-ai naxbo baai nean baa mnaaai D*an 
idd Dainai man mnao nan aa xim nbn bsiDiy na nbn mim n nanm .mnnx 
mff n nanm .mmmb dx a inbyo nynia xb nxo naaai np- nso Nini nnan 
[nyma] xb niaabn nam nao oamai mnaaai man mman nan aa Nini pa[x]n ps* 

-.bib inbyo 
panm nans px baza na^ cxn - pniaa^ino tkd i anb prn yan onnnxi 
pann mybx n raatrx ps na 1 ^ trxn binan anni .nbyo nbya ny bnam nmnn nN 
: pa wan vnnxi .nbyo nbyta ny [nmnn nx] bnam nmnn nN 
oman nan new p ma as prer na tannas n ^nan ann .n^s-j-ai nna wbn pai 
ann n^ya n^yo n^yan i:nni .^larxn nao nnoi posi nun ^n^ ow^aa D-an 
Dn-an nan n-j*N nao n^nna mean )*nNn nxbo nr'N nin na ornas n hnan 
na nc*ra i anni .csan byi nnci iniDa jnNn i?aa yot^a si? pD2i man inn mhna 
-x^na na nm.m n N'iran Snan anni .^aibo apy' na D^ir'o n anni .naianjo f\ov 
mo pKD namN pDai Enm'a n.nn mobnn ^aa naaai i?ma nian nan ^i^'na^s* 
.D-nyn nsD Nin naDO mvxn n-j-Ni mtrna^ D^J'pyrai mx^ itsri dl" D" 1 -ao nanni 
n^N mc^nn max nab , a"OD ncn nyans* 3 Bnnao mim na n-^o i binan anni 
mnnr n bman anm .ihaaa nnx ba bba nbyin by\rb nnaaai o*an nman man 
n anm .niN^n n^o by naina N"n xbn nbian' ba mmn nixoa n\vn n-j*N nSn 
inain- n anm .nryn nsDa bab nryi D-Na nman nan p Da Nim B^bNDNpaiDD mso 

1 B. niN-a. ' G. pmaunnra. ; 13. j^N^maD. 


xin oa .' nw px pmr n anno ^ap niD^nma mnirann nia^nn mi p D3 en^si 
pixn taiot? in . . fax pjdv n] am Dnnni : mi>nn ^>aa nmp main inn 
apjr na pmr [. , n aim .nio^nno tfpnBi ninaon nvp ; ai ^na nan rwn o&na 
nominal .taan wan n^nrai d'D3 wan TO?nB rwi Rim rna^n ^ya "db^x 
(cn^mae-i ,pp pub) [ny] onaaai can trwo^n Toym .nann ci^iya lyau xvn mean 
nxo iwfenn vnNDa sbm Kim 'nana px nbn p|Dv wan aim ,wnax wan 
nwm .xpririi D*a^x i najra 'db^x ann jay n^yai :D"nN a^paai n^iyo Brvaa 
ioae> tni ifly*v (as neno wan ann [iTo?n] tane" na ohy ny D*rn nana vnn 
iynso y ns?B wan ann Dai .nam nan ibai .ninram niatan aino yibdb niawn 
bi nwn .picn bi sn^e epa na* 1 (tar6 rwyai ,pa pxb ran rram) inn^iDDi 
jd^d hopnri d^x i naea noaai .nsDB icxy nrx warn vnac nSnna n^ian 

:nwa ^ax *aa 
warn .yprn Digna wana o^na D*aani nanx pxa ttbra D*oan p na vm 
^ya jprn pmr ni ,pny na nvbv wan hnan n*nm .fprn nb warn .np' 1 13 apy* 
wani ,[an by ; a oa] Dnrir moi ninnta nno trvBtp jik>e> wan anm .niaDinn 
^a am ,vnx i?xiDe> warn .ntFn ibd ^y naina iwi x^n in^ye nyma -ie>x apy 
lan dxi .naran pmr na now wan ann unnB on btvb inn nannap oniam 
maa mbyo px .paob wmaa oina .man 'two waiswii .v^y w*t ^a vby D'embn 
)va x^c vbtt .nvKnp ^an ^cr D*smn woya hba^ nnx n^a a .DTn*i> p"> 
4 amh trnaDih nixpwta xin jpyr pnx baa nnran vn rwai :paa payi> ain cm 
xbi .iaa pi ia3i xin iii -]bu\ D^enT nx tr3a ib>x 1^3 n^annia nwi T ^y 
rpn cnao ^x^n^ wan oai :ioy i^n i>ai wnm m^o nia^n caai D^xyDt^n "1^0 
px ann bti*b dh poai bttb naain -j-n [iwjnv] omann bib cxm .ann d*d3 
^anyo 13 bman ann r, iaD pdb pn nanruv bn n^Nn omann ^a^> sjidi .naran wd 
*n^nn "pDa ^a ymn (xin) [naran] pwo px n^o la^an ann ahyn ^a^ nny 
xnaDinni *ofvnn jo nyD nvp ny mxo nan aio nnoa ni>ap imi mvp pi 

: ddhboi ymatr lea xn^aoi ^bdi xibdi 
wana .pDBi en^aa ^yinh nvabb iana onaaai o^nan a^aann raa^x pxai 
anaD i3na n^xa D"3ii Ton mvr wani .xip pyDK* wanai , 6 pioD iry^x 

: Dnaaai D-ai 
: a^na a^ai vn sona^aa"^ Dai 

B. iwa. - G. k'jd. :f B. -jin3. ' Both >ap-ii^i. 5 G. naa. ,; G. poo. 

G g 2 


nosn ^331 anaaai am onan jvann iaD ^y arm .nfrita aon mw tbd '"lurai 
nxoo mv aonx a^n mm .iran ja*iin!> ann napa 11123 py n*>yai .13x^0 baai 
jixa -xax an mnNi :nr ^?y imna^ rams bi \by xh aSy^> pib>k xtra xh .nap 

ma^n nan pxa <["i]u!>a 211 : aioy ii ,p*ra jna 21 ,[wivb ai] mnxi :(m na 
h? V3N pxa xmip [irjai^ jom jraw iy wim in nnx in pi :nob")n ana 
1x0 hia ttnnw wan mm .in no yraoi max ia nan yiro mm .n iroi 
P^db> jon yanti> iy co^ T , nsm ,!>33iiT ynro nix^aai i^iyai noanai nt;>yo3 
aw "Nil wan :ntrnpai" iai bib vnnn Dpi 12a loipoa 2"tnm na*B*n jd icvy 
naa ano .anaa nam vaab ib>n bi by niin j*aim epaim nixn vryi ixd3 ^y 
.nii'NB' niai^na nain anai .(pnpan ibbi) 13001 npo iaai .myiatpn ibbi .?y-ir\ 
. pxa mim a") 13 pxa 2 xaaTi 13 pxa xmis? 31 -13 jixa n 31 niaixaa yano mm 
.riain a^abx i nap nDa bv jnnx 6' any niaa py n^yai nrc ytrni BTwTi mm 
nttna^ iorin a^x i natra iono xv amcai sa^wa mB mn xm .mhi>n 3 xi 
"iNi aa^ay jw x^x 1311 anaa nan xm aai aan p i?xio:r 31 mn vo-31 :ahy 
iso mai xaioiipo 6 nvi <ii>n 5 ^>xiop 31 [vo] nnnxa 4 vm :ip ^3 amby iicb!> 
niaa py n^yai ,xni3a xna^n imp no^nn i>aa ibb 13m ."kp^d^ nwnn 
iwimn i ion tibb pxo mn V3xi bwan irai nn mnxi :ionn B"a^N i njL"a 
^33n iam ac T^ini 8 }Nimp nanoa 7 tppnfiM p^* "nys? nann babanai natrai 
aa nae'a pian 9 imx3i :mo i^i-i , a3 nvptr n!?n rnsj^ NDia3 mo N*r6n btpbi 
|o icsy bben inc3n ion aibc am .jjaiomp bnp irnxnai lian -13 rrcta n p 
a^Da wan pin inisa n^m mmax p *av i vn-^ruD vm x"n-i^ iruoi imwi 
aans anij a3^3 ahyn nx nn!? nman a^ 3aai nnvn iai laorai .""sn 310 bspvf 
jot yani niaixan ,or i3yi :ia^y moin Doyoi mmnm a^iym a'Don 311^ vbx 
Nn^n^ anoi .natfo ma nyaisa pi r.oamao na^'n ipaynn n^-j Rim niaain 
"nh ia"3i n^o^no mm a^nn icyonai) ninaao nvp aony vn ano aai ma 

:(nm3DO nvpa awa J3 aa nan Kim i^xaan irai 5a pxa 
^xioc warn ^xaan laon a^oa iran !?1 an n^xi .maan kxioL" 3-1 mn amoral 
13 pmr i 3in aoipo 1x^0 amnxi ra^aai ixipai niaixan inx jn-xi in vi 
.a^3nn naip ixip poa 111 hia iaa 13m naiann no3n3 hia aan (mm) 1,113 

1 Both i^ai. - B. x^aan. :( B. &&\. 4 So both. s B. ^xion. 
6 So both. 7 B. x^pi^a^. ? B. jxtpio. " B. imx3 fa inxi. 



mamna nabo waw njra ton xha m nvpni i3*nnn 1333b nns oyo lanKtjtfi 
DOiewnn in* 13 nmwwi *an nynb mobna pDynnb *toi) i:b pa mnox by mobnn 
jyob mvoi mvoo pam pay ba nnoa ia ro bbia nDD bx nntawi mvp lab niN-i 

:nBWBi mniabn nibpa ynv 

C. From the -isd nnp by Isaac Lattes. 

vnym mobnn bo3 tni ,n;ri[i] r^sba n own p Mnsyp DOixan }OT3 nxo31 
i\m .niawi wnb niabo pya his -maa mn woo pa~i pr bat? Kim .nann 
Winn nr nnxi mobnn man bai bao D^sna xb ^a na by mobnn pnobo pny 
nnao r rcron am .win an noi .no an noi ,pn an [no] omawKnoi .taoixan jot 
.[j^oo] Kn am .sjdv na win am .mpa nnao apy* am .nbn 4 ^nn am mpa 
D"p"isi nvaiD noa ana^ pto nnim an no D.mnnxi psamoa an na van .tpv am 
:Dnoy 5 nan,n nnnsi no na bsnoty an loyi .nac bin cabs* n n:c*a mm xno:3 
cabs* n natpa mm nibina mabn nixnpan ;m mabn nan^ 8 mp pyop n nmnnsn 
an onnnxi :ioy onnsi ""junoa [an] no omnnNi noy nann annsi ,'nap xpn 
nniann ;o Nini mobnn ono nann bbia ninbs'trn naD 7 nan sim xnatpo xns 
no an amnnsi : aanii ts*eh n yan ins* maai .man ana vby moob b d*wvi 
mam biKBn }W nhya do'o ,, 3K> mwp amo'oi :onoy 9 nann annxi .no* am ,jnan 
ibn py nba[i] .oniyo naint? ny ons* 'aao s 'nann lyom mobnn nj3a tinea 
ani .twntro na "wan ani .nbn '3*3 an omnnsi :nby *oi bixc nm bixa^i 
nnx mn nann pi .pan >anno am .xmc na pjdv am .nbn N"n am ."j^abo 
mn nns* mn pi :nnoy nann nnnxi .pan ntro am ,pts>na [an] nnnnxi :mn 
p nann Dnao nam . ,,j nnaDb onso I'nso Nam pw nnyD iranb jot y:nu' ny 
ynro rww vby mos .mown moana pinpnai na bya^' nmnai anaac nmna pp 
vo" 1 cjioai .nann loy oomnn jcwn \sar p mn nsa mn sim Nam p 13 aon n 
nnn Nim ^xn^^n nob^' na pnv n bbian nann mnsi) : niNO wr\ D^abx n yan 
cam .mniDm n^Di .ninnpn nsoi .cmyoon nsD loa .nxiann noana D^an Dnao 
,n\n?Nn noanno rvhwrn rvsfaxn noann onns n^Di .D^iam nan loa nbx nabo 

1 B. after xvoai. 2 B. niD3. 3 G. wjm. 4 B. **6ro. 5 B. D^an. 
6 B. xnnp. 7 B. bma. 8 G. DnsHL". '' B. can. 10 G. xaa^n. 

,! G. n-^O. 1J So both. i:i G. N^Jjn. 

[II. 6.] Gg 



mmnaai anicbnn *3B>a xxoan bao minn nreo 'an ba bbia thk naD nan vby 
nyanxb ip^rn rrnn natpo nao ixnpi anxarom a^aixan nam nsoi xnaDi Rnewni 

ibtnw biaa baa nam mot^a ixnpa aba oneo ntry 
nana npm nsbwn naiana haai nnaDa ab npn mbna D^ax iop mwi [Otai 
na nmm n ann kwi paa onaD nan nt?x ano mwmn ananom dvwdti 
rbuAtBD *ibn nm .aTiyn naD ano lan^a xvoa a^an anso nano> naibsnao n^na 
na wni n anni .mobnn an nxa nnoa ann mxa nxa nx^aybx mxo n mpsi 
ixtb' no otam xbi ann nnob anp mabn nnDa pb^n naa nan ennao nrhw 
perns nan fcyib myo [nan }naim n anni .iaa btciDP n ann vmsa wbvn nanb 
nan moynbi nxab ann nan by naxnn ans?np nwnn by a^ni pjnn mabn nnDa 
myo }ona na ntro n anni ,mo snbno nnbm nan tsnnao abtro n anni .ann 
nmn naD nam laora myinn moan nsaai mobnn noana bna aan rwi nartfi 
Dnna nobn nam nnxp nnxi nanx nnx a^ann tfira min wn neon enai anxn 
}3 annax na nobe> n anni *&i pns n ann iop mnw :nbm niana mabm 
DnaD nan ano rvwb rrtmn immm nann an^obn rrapn an naibvnao nnnx 
nmay naDi man nmn naa wna twoa a-ai^xnn n,nn by nannn n,nnai pDa yin 
mson naa nan nan^o apy* na n^o n anni :nnnx fa nobc n ann anan KHpn 
warn iait?bo nan nat? xb man moipoai bi ann nae> ana mson naaoa npbi 
naD nvpi weir npb pnt iaam .nan* <aan nnaDoi 'maixan nana man anan 
nvpi nann tFtthto TW nr laora rm n^x pa n anni .nisa nvp a a^nnni 
n anm .nvpn mson naaa mxa atrm pi lavyi lbiabaa nixa ana annm niaDinn 
maDina nnnx noK' ncyi nann an^obn n^oyn raatrs pxo cpnuomnn i>no 

:mnaoo nsjao tan*a Ksoa 
a'-aionpn nana npm icnm 'wwn nsanna bna nr labnaa a^oan iop anpn nnyi 
nk'o ay nvxna rnnao iTopm iywb by nixa xsrnrn pns nmn firm naaa onaai 
jnn ano ann "nan iwb anyn lanai anoy lanai iaxL"a lanaxi nr ay nr an ;noi 
mpbnon nan ba ix^an xb a^tnaom ananon an ncxoi : pwm inn D.noi bbia nixa 
vn xbi ann aaab mn ib'nd nixmnn a^aya a^nnnb "posv ba naDa lana xbi 
nsn^ nc^ vmmn nx a^nbx cmn vpio ba ppm aovyo iB'nnc no pn a^ama 
by nann ib x^ ;yob oneon nbx ba ian^a rfms? lnDV nxnmn nan by moyb 
naxi nax mrana anoi mban nns ^aeo lBDxa maDX nya iaac la^iaiyai innox 

So Ed. 


mn Wan ann tan bvrw *aa bib niN rwi hia mx asyn iab "van nsnxoi 
cnBT> btib p Da nam naan nio^nn mo nya-wa ansnna nam pro na nobc 
annrnm mabnn noana D^aan btom mbaai nan*3 iep mnw : jopen naa nya-isn 
ipipTi Jjkibb' mil apy mil prop mi Dm no^y wai he> wroa *33 nn onac 
nam mmn jrn mabnn mj pbh nnab VTivmn transon nanai venaa npm 
mpBDD vn nixnaia nvp ne*b "wn naD nan apjr warn .niaain Nipa nnx man 
"iid ens ppov 13am .Nina xaa nvpai D^naa nvpa sna 5>kip mm .niabna 
,)bn omo m-' dk ""a u*ra &ra3 n^ >' annxn aman nvpi mint: nnai a^nr 
:nwi*n naa nan "upbtc n aim .nainnn naa nan nanira mia mm 
nnaai nanva lew cr6 131331 a^m *an lop 1^1331 SaiS n^haai nmana myai 
ns n? anmaa a^njn tjnoKBn atrni wn mabnn ma nnab a*3n mai wnrn 
ma ax nmaN mi paa mabnn p ninaaa nxp am mta naa new anoi ,n: 
Sun ann sin mna ms ^3ib Saaa yam ann awai thaewi naa nan Kim pn 
niddi xnaaim onioirin 3&>a pa Sna Dan mn 6jnpi , B'iao nn na a.TON mn 
nan by &2~\ tfTSS anai Mna mm Pima p Da nam mabnn an trial naai 
n ann xin Sai^a bra nix nm kwi nyai :dn"nan enxh nsab a'oixam dvuboti 
iv) ma xinn pra nnvi nbron myn n^enoi :niKon naa nam *bn rmxt 
K3K ia pnv n ann rwi anac anrwen joi mabnn nixaa mpnm w\ib anDar6 
nnx man n^yi nn.m niDx ^n nspoi ppnai enm nan amo muyn naD nan no 
nnann nn^y inp nns nian nan pi ,nnytj> nxo wnpi ''Da^s ain ''ann by 
paa D'yiTi D^oan D^ax tern pn vn nvanns nii?naai : nwnon 'a^ay 13 nxa 
dc 1JJ113 b n^N penna Drains annan n^3 cnopaiu 'nam |vanN oan 

:nryn nao nan c^apanoo mso mm annsno 
Snan niNon ""anyo nj nnan i^o i3^s nbc laoy nicyb bnan ann D^m 
nmnn nan baa npm jtn n^ nnaDo jicd laan hnan ann p nw laan ann 
bac n 1 - new bai nvnbx.m nvyaaa hna Dan mm mm jrnnia )b:: insi nnxsai 
T3tn nrn mann nbnnai .nnsp mna ma xnc nvatwo pena nam naco anxn 
13 nxa pi onbyo niDi aem Da^aoi itb^rvn nacon ^oan nioen mn^nn nno 
nspo ^niyn nam ia mym i3an jwd nxiaai D^N'nan nxiaa payo D^an D^ian 
no mprn nvxiai a^nox anpya ia isa nison naa wnp naD nan pi .a-ennra 
naion orbx t npmai .mva a ; nna ncyn ab msaai ncy roxoa niaonb itnw 

1 So Ed. 


ymm rrw pann new mix dston nnntaa ufaia nt&y n nn nm pa hnan 
mabn HDD *\\sd? wpmn m bm ncmyn ba midi mnn onowi nam D'Tobnn haa 
by fjDi rrnawn oyua lamy vron nan new 12b nanaa nvaoe noaa nipiray 
pa-iD umtau dwi jm onoy Dnnsn 53 nfcn prw 1 aim ,mwn xnoo nw6v 
jo Xtthvm Dvn i:ms lamy patn jran new ny mma^ nnn t^VBanos mm 
mo Nnbn baa Wvn ii^nn nr na uc&vn ne\s nawi N^n bi d^n n B*awi 
natrn jd-d l wn wi tansb nwnn men epDa pwi new la-nn^ & nap iwn 
nspi perron perm nabo xtvrth hb nae 1a ubnnm xai paw bm pn6 nai 
snw vnno aaca lambn d*b*i bxn war .pmy iDna 6a iaia*nc onn tm&n 
:h njn p jdk ntan Dnoiyn pa Epatao iab [ni vnmn nniD 

B. From the isd JTHp by David of Estella. 

nan *vr\"p junw n rwi D^aisa ta Dmo'-ai .cawa Den rai> D^pn *p nnxi 
ans an Dp mrwi rnbapn 3 nDoa kxeb> no aa pxa "joDa nS nmna roabn 
an "joca wmi pro TODa &6i Nnx ann n\n>KB> xnpa nn k s nsD nam Knatro 
an op rnnxi nova nbm niawn una imnaa oman nxp nam pw wpp 
DnsD man tbto pn niara xb tn onnx ixvoa pi nipios mabn nam pro 'jnirn 
oy mban ninD nam saw na onoy an mn D'aixan p an pi nnxi nainn* inxoj 
nnsD nan mnyD laan Dp innw :onoy an nno ice by Nnpa onnx D^ay nvp 
: ^w) BTiai nwDwn nso dx *a ono u^ra nvdj ab) nbipn nsDa nxdvi b^ D^an 
vm 6ma D^an onsD nam pju rax xnnc* iaan iaoD ps*a nn iaan Dp vnnsn 
o^Bnna nam ^saan iaan Dp vnnsn now ni^N^ rnawni n^ooi npo nsD Dno 
D^oa iaan n"n iwai . 4 nnaD nvpo WTa iNSoa t^ntcan pa mv k s* bapon ea 
nbao p Da nam pany naooo u*Ta NSa ann msn nvuoo nsp nsai laoo bapi 
naiaon dxs nanoo apy na pns 11 iaan rrri omc^ai :ma!?n nvp nxa^ onno 
mpbwo sjnsi nna man man ^ae aiaai ^xaan iaam D^oa iaano ^api 'dd^n ann 
aniano nrepa nno xn^no ma!?n nam nth vn nex t^enusm tnwn mam mo^nn 
nex nmxe maien iaoo lamn Kscai .^Nn^ ^iaa ba d^d nr imam nr i:aora 
*& payo nia^n nan nwa ps pny iaan rtn vooi :man mpsD man' ono 
mn nns^no mn trao }3N N'npan n^n n\s*o na bjdv iaam :onn onani nnyion 

:mnaDo nvpo D^j'ins nam db!>k prw 

1 MS. -twin. -' MS. xnnp. 3 MS. nnoa. 4 So MS. 


} pn i?a nscta niyrvi vibd nmm rnasc nifen ^>a tkpi pun ^>a wd syia nap 
nv icx pi laana n^ n^n hbd psai anytsn pa D^na D"oan aa wi Tinw 
moana nnm niaxta y*d lDDi&na DnB> aba ^a didib DDianai D^iya Dyata 
i Dann nnroi ma ps* Diane i oanni avn irnw i Dann tea pnpnai tot au^oai 
n^xa pn pnjp 'ai am *o*ai maan iwB> i nra mn hfs brraa mitf p niota 
on-ON *ai oanm bsiop ia im miK 1 w oanm Niry } npo an ^ban nanm 
Hwfa nobb tana ntsw !?j nobt? i ins onna D^aai vn na"tt pxai : Ki?y px 
noi D"jnr no tn-B ib>k pcrata* ; an own i>ya pn pny *aia pDaai vrva 
vpk ^nic5S> ii urn ibd by naina mm s6n inbyto nsrna itrs* apy wan nrra 
nam* pM ba nav* B>sn pmaarano tkd ii> ptn yan ib>n ny ominx nanm 
D^inci d^vnd vmrom wn my pa i am vinxi .nbyob ny bnam nun pain 
ai inaan wap brwn am ts*a Dnna coan in nwn pa pn jna-ixa mnma 
inoana nbyin ianni ppnnoB tnw trpnri natra itasai ia ax prnp ia ornas 
trntaNpaitan t<k i aim im rwni i am onoi .!?! iathn bnan la-apr nbyo nbye 
dIqpd i am wa onnnsi ,rrntp ia two an h*un aim ;nan jrow *ai aim 
jova-ua myi .Snc na nn n ain lTD^m ">nn jo orrtaM na nd? 1 anni tsnnao 
ntJ>o an hnan ain naai i^n pno ja pn^ ""an bnan ain nniai qvM noai noa 
la^apr aim D^n ia onias m ami mw ia pny "ai am^ i^ jno p bjdv ""aia 

:vhb^i no^ *ai 
who msn nun iaai ta'iimta warn tono ^nan khbwi nann ^an cSa iai 
n^oirio mn icn jnan pny *an am onnnxi .owvjn *ewi ini li? i mw warn 
Nim onvp DiiD ian^ jwn no Nn^n ara n^rn 1 *a idi ^t ia&in hian in 
^an oann vt n^yo n^m vniyasN prap ovn 'jn iej'x hian am wsb 2&> ik*n 
mn D^n 'ai n^yan B^n nann maa p piNi *ai ""^an Dann -into "ai *3n 
nao mobna nm nnao D'im nicann ana Dam a^aio nixva iimn i?aa ^a 
puna ia jdv i Sian ami .niyaan ^y j'Bpn tnnn by a^n i^ib^b n s n a i^a 
i absiran hnan am ipM tin t^maai .nobc ia bmw i N^am n^yan aim 
bmvv *2-\ brim aim pbw ixip iic^nn vaa b ^ia ibd ian Qienj ia d^k>o 
iayo^ "aibvia^N N^'an am ins mar/Dpa pi .iibd^ ^in moipon ^aa Dnoy naim 
:D^iya Dnan nraDiana "mt jna ia nwa i bnan am yoci nav i .in ptaw 
mam *a ibd ian ic\s aiana nmaN ia pnv 'an am yE5? laycc Dmrncmoi 
am insn D^nan nnisvon "ac onn^m ""awma kits ianN iiyi ."db^n* am 


xnaDinm rchvntto teo nvp ay ixra nxa mmoa ni>ap "pm rmrp Tn mcmn b 

iDDianji ymatr iraa 
*S>a v6y a"r:mm van axi !H Hri ; e on twa tvi nannap ania-nn W> Bum 
r&a "-a a-mmi* pi ma: mi>y px paob a^aiaa aha man Tine inaitrm rby ttT 
na^n poa payb ana |tva x^c n^k niw ban bv a"vimn D*DyE& ^a^ nnx 
iaxin bnan am "cima on btvb naam Tin hew anumn i>ab B>nm ,^>a 
ama Dnn s n noa ammxi .xha^iuE *&i two *ai *bi i?i b^wo px nn "enmsi N 
itnhhai m^samai trviai naiaiaa iwb^ "b>n nnnn , oar6 a^aia anci a^a 
DriJia raw a noii>yn ^a ms6 wwnn tsavtci namni .amnia'aD im marrcn 
.lanaeaB' iv ^y mra^nn aiBX nymna do"6bt6i aminx a^a? "vxr6 
nvpa dotto ia*n aa mm D'aa i aa mn bttnn i naw xim lanan^ aie>ai 
i^>xi N w n i Tobnp n*n Kim paimy naDta en-pa ama wt6 ran mnarea 
.a^ai ttrvpai nuixan ins pK>xi m*i n*n Taan i?xiB> 11 a^aa 11 htaan i !h rwhvm 
N nx^a } nw ia ppRf i aim mia ia pn5f i am a?aip?a is&a amc nnnxai 
jwn aa naiann nraana !>na aann nr rrm mix' ia prw ami *jna ia f*nn mm 
amp nha paya raw Btn naDEat? niyiDBtfi amx mscai mayn -no 11300 ia<r6 
moia x^aip }sh mvpa xai nanxa xan xima 'aa^ra *ye> iai nivn -nsi msn 
ura^na^ nmcn nia^n ; sa p^arsi naip ixip bna ibd my na*m .jn^ nicnm 
hmi mo^na nnvp mabn ian turn Da nx^a jas j prnr *ai aim ,ut^ jran t& 
ai^ia^N jaisi "aia pny 'ai aim .pmv jax ia bjdv an am o.minNi ,hna n^a 
nnyio nvpa nunrxi niamara cpna nvp ns^a ^dd in^ yan d^si hna can mm 
i mramra Nim niamn ^>ya "ds^x apy^ ia prw -ai am onnnw .mvcn paoa 
moym rbycb naoai nanm moan noDianai D^iya nam iyata wn ^soan 11 &o: 
vpp ami .Bwyo jax nbn fi "!'' "i 3 " irr > Dnas * ^ Bt^naoi j*p ps6 nam trmcm 
niyiac naDo ; a ian ono ^ B^nos cpoaai n^o ; aa momn ; aa a^an nr im 
atr" lann cwo px aim iahhi D^a^x i naea N 'oa^x am icaji .aa naoo *ai 
by ae^l ina"^ maa xDa vna i^mm ^f am loajD' iy na t p iya imi raai? 
iy ami nana vinx i^xcm xphni D^a^x i nap HDD31 nap nnix b& p^aa xoa 
Dpnrii a^a^x i nrj'a naaai po v, E px icd iaan bnan am rtcbn ^xic"' 1: ahy 
1^1 nnrani monicn aura ineao ma^m iddb' txi nco ^>ax <aa Dian pa n 
1^51^ mtryn iia px^ rax n^atai ir6mi nnKO xr ny latan am aa nam .nan 

1 So Ed. 


nxrn paai .nbyobi bi ? en bnan -win p ntryat? no baa raaew nanvai nbyobi 
ann "oibnabx tenran bnan ann |oi bt naxin bnan wapr ann p nannac no baa 

nanb i^nnn new niobnn max nbyobi nab "a^oo non nyana ^na na mw n 
bba "nm .pn ba ^faa ta^i ibiaaa byin rowb nba nbym bwnb omma*n 
.tanao ao xbi nnsiD ^doi Dana 'so xbi d.tdo bi nno nbyobtr no baa now on* 
nyr oyona rum bxaan n maiKa nyo bi ram fan ;orno xim lananb 3iB>a"i 
nnxn ibna *wi ai nmoa joto^ aa Dwrarn onia^nn nbyo nannnm coann 
nrnrmnm d^dohi D^biyn anb vbx onn* ano oaba Dbiyn nx nnb nman ab aaai 
ipDyna xbc xim maann for sram nuwan tor nayi wby mown ooyoi nnram 
nvp n-any m dho Dai nab mo xnbna onoi mo nyanxa pn noDniara nan^a 
x'tran ann nwan ma paya rnx&n p nnxb nbxe> naitwia xvon .nvaDo 
nxo nr nana^a onna naDo mtw xbo> naoxa iyn na ainai bnan mama *atanabK 
nwy nxn obta* lovy xsioi n>yo nnx Dipa loy by n nbonai .D^oann loyonai nac 
lanaoa roana roannb io*y ppno mm bav ntrxa inoixb b^yinb laor ab anno 
Dtrxna pdd nnna nbyoa D"OD-iiaon onia^nn vm B^ma *nna onoi pdd "pi Dno 
ann vby cbtpm spew new nobcnn isd tpmx Dy bi 'oabx ann niabn n^ai 
vby kvp ayxi cnnao ny na>D n ann p Dbitro n ann bnx atw ba 'as bnan 
mxon isd fcnpan bf ^bn mmi n bnan ann vby nan nt?x mann nvo nyny 
pnv s na mso n bnan am ivnnsco bnao nnxb nryn nsDa vnan nyoa nan 
bf na^nn bnan ann ny nia^b Kaxama pxb mi^pipo vas % la^bm c^buxpjs-itao 
J nKnpD taj pjy by maoa oya ib nbt^^ iv nan n^obn ib ne'yai vo ba w aaynai 
^ansa'' bx ib yvm niaaa bp"oa vba ana "iainm omac pa nipbno ia yn-sy 
bat n-'obna mm vnns ^ax D^aaia n^n 11 mm nxc maaa bp 1 bsn pnn ny^a >anx 
*o nnv loy pbin 'as* nsn a"^n xa-- a^'nb mtrvi ba loy d^doi ia^aib nmo ^nc 
na ne>y lobva iniona ja n^bn tan v\a) .nnoiy noipoa mpbnon pny now mvt^ 
bnan annb nionbon isd payn nrb aa laoyi .^"boxpaxitan jna n bnan ann ta^ob 
la^aora "jnov s ^ no baa niobnn an pDaa noxn *]b nxn 1 " obia paoi nnan^ao pbin 
ana wbanabs bna na nnix 1 - i bnan aib pds nnna bbia nia^n nanna pi .nr 
nannac bn nbxn oma^nn bab epai .d 11 ao nanm Dnno pxo nans niobnn ^a^ay 
"posa ymn br ne>D ia*an ann obiyn bab nny 'anyo na bnan ann idd pdd "jm 

1 Ed. nDixo; proposed nciyo. 
F f 2 


annio abia vn x\nn Tym rvya pn natanw nnxb toto* pipan naaa bi nnya 
mix wm a^ooipnoi an'roanpa waya Ton a^pibn wn nrb nr aaioo jtpbdi 
anma^n ana -ann ran pi .bbaa pnpan w ib nxab icy hnvm a'oyab "paa pn 
vn novn a n.ab a^ans vn iv *aao noisn bab "bba nbymb a'avao wr xbi 
nvnxn bap ny hna naaa a^obnn ap Tynb a s anano vn mbnpn bai nijnap 
nnx ba ran aavn ^ab aaniu ba anoibcai "iiobb araaa B*nbip vnp nann ano vn 
niobna ano .n ns nyn pxn nxbo *p -pnoi vmax minx bxi inna^o bx ats* 
bn *vtd n nobna anai .aan abvx snpa ran Nim pp^M B'^a nyio in ma xnbn 
mnnai B'ynr naoina aPa niobna anoi .an abvx xnpa ran xini ann? no naaina 
vn xb p aySt** xbx pxa paoa bt^at^ nvaao a*wb Ton pw Knp*<p nxn ran txi 
rx vn nwn ^xni na % pn noaana nnx pxa 'ao nraD3 p ax vbtt p pip 
aaipb pap }*n ran ana^a a'raobnb a^aip rnpai na by niobnn ba a'ynv B'oixa 
ay xmn sjxn aap iPKai :pias na niannp naa aniana paan no^as nn\n xb 
.wane nnv naxboa rabxnb 'ixnni ana^ pan niaisab anxnn jo annia vn vmax 
ba wab x*anb nox* in*nnb pai inioa p>ara ntrxa vbina rawn trxn a*oyabi 
nans* a^yaip vn B'toyabl f.nyp nraxo pxab inaoan ano x anb mm BTobnn 
nnrano nmnm annn a^raobnn vm nw s y ^nt^a a^n^ a^oyah n^ru nns* n^ya 
iynx> ncxai .laipoa nnx ^a mioi nvp nyi n^po nnao nins baa ruMParmi 
pa pN maanbi a*abb \r\wb nixa ni3iK>nm nia 11 ^ a^n^t^ vn mpbnoni nipaan 
n w m annwa n^yo ?]pini anyn^ na nann nyn ny n\n *6 ph .nssv pxi 
a^prno n x!? nyirx>n "so oamaoi n^apa yni3 aa^o n\n n^ aB> ny anma^na 
.Diba an^T ntryrata aina ivxn t&v ano janma^n n^'o nw^vn n^ana p ba 
anoi .nxnini poa payb nann ano mob ni^NC niaiBTi pn ano ivsn vh& anoi 
nijmDB' nvpa a^oya!? is* a^pna nifpa a'-oya^ w nvaao nspa pcnn s a anra ivni^* 
nio^nn b a^^ta 'nb a"rana B^vjya ania'n nvp ivsnc* ano .nnnao niabm 
: bbz ano^non payn na^ ana px anvp a^ami anona ba mo^nn *aa ano nn ix 
t'f fprn puna ivana a^na a^aan aa ac* rw nansai nnaoa mon nxr nn\m 
ac n'n abv> n!?k ana m^a nann annnxi jjprn ^b ia % ani 5>f np* na apy^ wam 
vny* nxrn pnsa annns pi .maoa ww inn by nioaniao nn ,, c ,> a*aorn jnixa 
annax n ann la'apra^ bmai .naianao ejav na rm> n dc 'aipai abiy ^bna aa na 
vn xb^ xbx ana xwa nanm b'aibo apy na abi^o n aim aa naianao na ax 
bf "oabx ann ;o nnaaa nannay no baa nr xvon bba -pm .nioomao an>nla v J' , 


wm n wan bw vax tone waib pswi vana* ny wm in ifi |3i oioy ara 

nan yiTD xini mh uan bp vax tone* n ppm in n-3 yrao nnx 13 nan yiro 
d^ *pm baanr yiro rmcvn ntJiyai ntryoai noara ins tto bna niax 13 
n i nsyinpap 131 bab vnnn dm.i wa vna awun navno lcxy pb*DB> ny 
nm web n*n ib>n ba by nun panrn epDim bru mxn va"yi ixDa by acv bt 

PJHH 1DD DID Oyo DMSD 13111 1D2 ?B> pnnMTI Bf 3iy 11133 DbjOl <ia> OS 

udd xroan 3in .iso ni^NU' niaiura nannp t&x naiaoi npo isdi niyiacM iddi 
j pa "xn ai roawaa yaiiD imi onby ynoDb onxi viai on awnta viumd 
B*abN ib join yan w epoai }ixa mit? ai ;a |ia swan 31 p pw nth? 31 

: Duncan epo rwi wm ftaWi dmdin tri nstrni 
pMtf xbx i3in dhsd i3M xin Dai 'usm } btttDB* i rm wan jD^aain no 
N3DipD .im nbn bxiDts> i faan v mroa n*n pi ip ba vby nDDb ixi Da^ay 
niabcb anp ntyyai 1311 babana vnvrbo nabsn ixdi Kp^Nob nnna ivo mat 
3113 vby "pDb isn xini xnxia'a bn lxip ncbnn bsa ibd 13M nai xoxaixaa 
pxo n\n vaxi bxaan i im vinxi :ibrini D^sbx i nasa 11133 jay nbyi vi3i 
jxvrpb nanoa Npnas psb nayp iain babanai naoai btftwi *an lotsn tied 
.1X0 *S3 n>r>pE* fccbx rrw xDTaa iid xnbn ervsi iaran bxaan ib dp l*hm 
pbm moan Tan mbf an xaoip bnp iiinidi -jian j mo ai aa naw pis inisai 
i prn lnixa imi ^mvas j idv i vn'obno n\n wtrb imaoi nn^n pa levy 
Dn'objim niiaaai mbna mwn vn nan lye yin^ "ixn 3f ^tsn in ^ap^ d^dj 
vb& niaisaa D^ooan niiaaai ni^na nia'CM 'cxi pt? bai Dniaoix onun duiid 
nrb 3iip3 in na bv nc^nn ^3 o^yir vn nb"h qdv Sixi -jino c^iob nan im 
d\xii vn xb 13 Tinoi .yo^ nciss Diraa onno iiobnm nha nnnn nan 
ns'na ona^ya .imi DiTB3 hid .im wan ba^ D.imaM3 Tixnb o^anyi oovyb 
oyo pi Dania vn xbc nr onb Dial nbm ryb nr la^aora aina^c oa onain a 
onanp ix DiTaab xbx "73^ joxy DM'pro vn xb nxr Da rjxi . pdd Tin jn ; d Tina |n 
did nsh onb nvnb dmvp DMiaM onb pania v.11 tarrobrin ix^ n-bana vn xta 
bf xnx ai by .11113 nbsp labspi :t^pi3Dn payn "ab D s aM3 dho inMi hd , x3 
b33i^ M3 ninbxDM idd niaya i3Mi bba ipi^ mvnb }'Dn lab .im xbi p lb rww 
ia^3i3 labap pi .iiobnn p niyii 1 ' mabn 13 lb ixa- iid.i ixip^a naci nap 

1 So Ed. 
[II. 6.] F f 



A. From the mTan n"Q by Menahem Meiri. 

mo^nn nany im bnn Kirn d^n i own |d raye o^iwn nbnnna &raoai 
nnwn work nefco ?]& bin 1122 rvn miao jaan ^ ^x* wm nann naym 
:soan -nan bai i>2 rot^ena n^> a ns i>y iir^nn cm^n ]"^y vm 
3i idi pn 21 in in d.tjid'nidi .ptisan jet ^nnn nr nnw :D , aiNan iid 
2ii nips inao apy 2ii n^n ^in 211 upa mars wan 211 win 21 idi no 
miN" 1 21 id nnnnNi ."wantM 21 12 frail Npiy id }b>db wri 211 spy 12 njid 
iwetn 21 ijn t5*ini cs&n i jera rvm KiDaa d-pddi nuraiD rasa anae* jiNa 
na^a htti nihi: niu^n nanc Ni"p fiyce* s 2i onnnsi .icy n2in onnsi "in 12 
Nnx 21 Dmnm .icy d^i-ini *urM 21 id rarrnriNi .icy onnxi Kprii d"s^n i 

DltTlS? DHDWl ID N111 IID^n.1 Wit* 1211 ^12 ilVl^mffl 1DD 12T! N111 Nn2L"D 

21 Dnnnxi .rut? rrprii d s ^>n *i!> torn y*-an vd* 1 epoai ,inai 2112 nrvby iidd^ 
112m ^Niotjn py D^iy2 d s ^d at* 1 init Drwai mdj> D"insi ntM* 211 jnan no 
^xiDtri "1^1 py r6ai Dniyn laintr iy din vq rain lyram iit&nn laaa D'idd 
211 n^d 211 n^'icd 12 Naavi 211 iSi '22 21 nnnnsi .rhp ab) biw TV 
21 DrmnNi .in ipin in min pi pan 'ano 211 n^b* 12 P|DV -211 i^n wn 
NHyo 1^21^5 jcrn yaw iy m ins* in pi .icy d-hini {nan ntpe 211 pena 
nnri2i ByatJ* rnina pp pN iy nain d^isd 12m 'hsd pN^ onso pxo Nam 
niaiesn pap n^>n on^y "iidd!? dini vibd 211 mown niD3n nvpai pnpiai anaac? 
i^y hdni onnnN ic-di^ mn ^yai- ^isi pxi . o^aipo 'nbi onai nvp 2ri2 
n2in icy DDipriJi K^an 'Kar f in ^'a nn mm ndii f wan -21 yiro Nine 
pis |n2 21 mn*>6i in 12 sn 21 vinxi :fi'jii d-d^n *ib jcrn yan n: s Pjioai 

So Ed. 

223 ' *3awin tn tsd 

,prc cney nnix TrapcraiDi rrbnai cayi D^onx 'bto ip nrn :tapn o^ebei 
wap naxpoio niaxi 'bsna .pn nxo nnx nniDo immap ^bwaa nm aio pDio 
ynab rfoa nbxnaa *bx a^n nw rvfvnn .uspn icy nnx nya nnx nniDo Dmx 
T by moxbsa nnn nrxnn itpya nex vbtf onix wbn epii p naiaxDa vbx 
nema rnv w pmb bna nema ^aop xi nibna bna niaTin x< :oeo idid 
myoa ant pin fyp .t:pn neon n^ie Han moro to bnao bna 5*sta xi 
n\-n nbia nbxnaao mne anr Dnin x .jna nobwi 'aoo tamx inpb nex 'a^nue 
:pn neon *jd "bx a^n Nine myon nbira pn neon vby s bx a^n 
prroca laa^bini rnsFsoSpio e>Knn nx laoy xa fan ennb w naa p nnx 
pn wwsn rwi nnbe bpeon nibna anr nionin n .pn ney neon xin bapi 
ann x :ianya xbi emson oe tana cpipn epao mmb ciama n\n nex nabo 
nex p|Da xd^tvd x :anro onx nDiao *h? Dimn neD x :*b5> naioi nbnai ns- 1 

:nyanxn ibx ba lanya xb 
nyaei f]bx nbyob D H avian mayi xin oaionxbpo nen "000 npbe no ba td 
nsD naboi 'be ns 11 annn naboi nibna anr monin in nabo p)i naoei mxo 
ona lanaa xbi lanya xb nex spn nra D^ainan spao nu^pman naboi "be Dn\n 

:naxpn aypni f\ba "p ban nbiy *py Die 
ban ixy *aoo \s n naTiao ainan ba nx "nana noxnao fan ;na nobe 'ax 
bvf nobe lbon p th xavn ne la^anxi 3 la^sibx nxo n*n nex ba nx n^a rrn jjr 
:onn nnb narb nw jyob ran ax ennb d^o^ na ova nr ba ^nanai man nanoo 

:prn jox ch)v bxb nbnn nbeai nn 

laanx nya .Tnia^aoi exnoa^npi jra^ix pp ">aao fan taaionxbpo nen bap my 
mxo eeo fan -jDn nex anr p\i mxo ee p bir nobe 'ibon p im xav nen 
Tb oanai nn^asb laannna nnaran unvm n H o ran mn xav nen ibap anr p)i 
ban pa nbiye b^yb amaa nnxa rbx npbe no nabo nn fan oaionxbpo nen 
nwwi nabo nn :anr opn aypi csbx en anr taxpn nebei n^yaei nxoi csbx 
ny nibna bxie nM "a jmsn nnio bioa nya nona nbeb own leye nibna 
:pn mxo yen id my vbx jrnsb aw naynenb ^annani npn px 

:prn jox cbiy bxb nbnn Dbeai on 

1 MS. rvDp. 2 So MS. 3 MS. WDibx, 

: tJQIMin Til TlSD : 222 

neon jna nn^e >^e 'ptj^ em mne naa >avD ni D-em oniric axp a .pn 


.taspn icy d icxi niDN 5 na mn iim? idni Npita n .tapn icy o-ae 
idni may ian SplH n ,jan rob? dmb* |ai> notnb nSia nitay u*n tcpita k 
nicy nnix vwp jab nolo naaxo n .Bttpn icy neon nnw wap ninx pb 
.tapn oney me an? mao apnia i!?ia wiwi ioiob nun iao nnatara n* ,jpn 
roan nanrnp f .tapn oney ninai> me nxna'wa icy ibia am nnatao x 
rwtraD n^ta na-nn a t pn icy nee Die D'ons* ntrmto an* coaNsstaho 
3 .pn mMS ebe wapp me xni mox a onbe annni ixra iwaa dvjiik 
*vipb in x .tapn o^ebe wwa f> exe^p uod nrcyb 2 pi jnea laa narnn 
nee o^em ntaoo o^aab onaa a .tapn na viwap eim na" 1 bna ntarao onst 
3 dic!? nDDJD x .taxpn ia pe am *Bttvtb ntaota D-ai d* 1 id pano x .tapn 

^jrm? npi naab n^ta rwns a .pn ncc nmx wap panDm nitatan nawa 
oma^ai 'taaxmixb D^cmi &&> wanx nxo vxrvp x ,jsVi ncc Die ixo iy aw 
ffa* wi pa mabe *ao expop x* ,pn ayon Die ubm anr ntaxuxb D"ae 
dwi ixra iy cem anna HmiMbi bw ^ta^ssa ' .pii icy ins* Die wmKh 
Wn tretava x .pn icy d^c Die D>em ids o*xb>a nvnxtaxo a .pn dhb^v 
neon me D*aiB mna d s s^d d^dp sNora a .pn neon nina^ me an? npno 
Mn *a^a a ,pn nicy Die d^i E^antn D"ein nva^ \rbw niao n .p^i 
i^ia n^ je a^aip n .tapn mey apno tnmno laan oy exino ;e pidd 
^ae me rmrvBD^c un raroi lainai jera jtap :ais* k ,p\i nx p p^ac D-a^aao 
.tapn neon ;up raiN n mna vn D^ein nssa^D fnhen by wtai) n ,^n 
D^ai a .tapn a ^e nnxm uariKQ nm jnra n rncini nihia nmne n^yaia a 
ND-ata bN'-ai i ^x oana D^ai a .tapn D-e^e oms ^ncyn icx pS> cdo 
didio KDan ia"n spwn i>y "e noao s* .tapn icy neon mme iva^asn nva 
rwyb piey Dm "'cd DDina ci myata ona ci D^aon n .~n nctan notn^Kb 
mnnaion Dy D'-a^ayn D3ina D s e^ na my a5a n .dwi nicy Die jn^vca mm 
a H aD S>ro p y raix n ,pn Dney ^e i?pcn mn anr Dia n .pM D^ae mivn ia*i 
D-ctan Die oatrwio D'anrirai D^ai txbm cjDa ^asa a .tapn D"ae mc na* 
vbn nta^a k ,pM nney rmnb pDita mn oainai aha ^ddd mhan a ,pn 
nyae Die ;n iD3 nnyp i .p^i D^ieyi neon me anr nman un anr Dy mne 

1 So MS. c MS. pi. 8 MS. D^. 

221 : UaiNTn TT1 TiDD : 

Tinai wvy "oran savn nc ia*an noaonai nwna *a ten tk enn wa nbx ba 

jMnnai reara bab nnb 'Men raw *ra *a fen 

npta DMMyn ba ns idkibd b? pa d.tok noaa [na rwbr 'an ainax na 
th btrw as tot T33TW nso fan nK irvb ^bs? ova ^aiD-isbpo twi 
: onn -rnb n-iotrobi nnyb "orb rw* jyob man -onoo f?s1 note -jbon p 

nbsnaa t by fan in ennb t w ova ^:ionxbpD nwi bx am pm onpy 

rnisi Mbe> Wfion nyaoi ntyx nns dm <xo vbs* ibnty iabty na^BD bya nbia 
D^yon ba ns vby Myoc a pnoan nx Mb tf>2> jyob bn "ibm bx Mnsa wnbp 
bai nbian ba ns* fan nha nbnaa ; y fin xvi bx wibe> pi ,nmy Kin "re* 
bap pi -iD^poi bsaitma ibooi rttw TWinera fn n*a w rnbisam D^anaon 
ova fan niyon nbia nbtfnaa t by *DaiD-bpD 1 ib>d bn Hansen bai myon ba 
ba oy m^n tan tot Na fan i*k trmb d^d" 1 td vhwi nva m*i :pn a mm 
vhv wbdti bya ns D^a Mb n^i pb^o n mm "vyno P[i]m dm \xb htkd imp 
iab twc ba inpbi wrwD lamx iB>ani dm mn by isb^j mm nai wnwo bai 
inpb ab icx noixo lib *NB>a b mod inpb n^x ba nro noob D^aina Dm 
iab mn nc'K ^piaa Dnix jw Mm nyaou onoa na^aon nso ontx vinpb "am 
Dnis Mana p"> wb ran* ba mph waru dw ubt? D^^yn oy dm ^n bx K3l 
Nav ne bx jnarbi myb hm^ jyob ban bn Dra bn hon-ido ii" jna nobt^ mn 

:ibx Dm nobe> nbon p mn wann 
.mvj'Ni firwt) n^ by D3io[i]xbpo -ikm moo npb n^N DMMyn ibx amp 
D^-^on mmmp nt8>N Dibm niDK DM^jn dmc iaina nw mnc , oib' , ')i Mian n 
ban j["]a DnB> pvi nntry la 'nareim DMaa moc n^s mn^ ^^axon nxi ^n 
nx mmp nbiaa na> wm dmmd cjidib Dy mnu> ppoNon SpniB n :Dspn d^b> 
ib^ nbisan oy baa ns' 1 mnc idni mvnd n .ospn lib .mn^ym poosin 
tntonm rba ba oy vmsp re* idst Tiata n .oxpn D^bt^ ia mxvm ntjnn 
D^b^ ia vitnvi lb^x ba &nni btaa ns 11 nrw ipdnot w5 n :Dpin D^by ia 
.opn D^'b^ MvxDn ihikd lpDoxnn nx wap X'N nim? lpoNon Masa n .pn 

:um biaa mntr ^oi^aov wasa n 
D^bc> DnM^a ww ncN nwnnn ba Dy baa enn mnc "oiba:v mvnd n 
DM^y na wcyc nxvinn bai oib^i Dy win dmn wpb n:a lasasa n .^i 

1 MS. X"S. 

: \3nisnn tn msc * 220 

f>y ^ob Tinta my :pn po nnv m# nnn fan -j^on rrn mpo wn tpr nse^ 
djvir vmbp DiDno b>o 'on?an b nw ppa $>a ay na> pm 31a spiR spn^s m 
didh jn: **a didh oy itan bs Dana s^ tdib>d spn^si *]^on ba DiDn ay 
Tina my jpn D^'on span Dy Da Tisvm Dion na ^a nya npb Rpn^w any 
n^iKBD onann ta anyai Dion ^s "pin niM^ina niyo fan novj-o kft^r ^>s 
*nna my topm icy anatbn ova i^>r -nna anmn nya mRwn nyai pnMD ny 
wap ncs aim nine naa "p ^a nso aio Rim roR mp ncs Diasn jpm bn 
manna "odd i?apc myon n^i? nnita ^p jit si ^yo s nya woo n^jr ;yo^ HIIR 
i>3 Ten uaviR wb rvrr\ aio Dns n\n sim Dwsn nainn ^>s Tina my :wnyo 
pi nya mta wvsd s woo ncy jyob thx vnvm nya tp aitai nine naa id 
my :nas?a tiso yoaca i^r 'nnatP myon nbir rebp nu n a a^oya a nya wap 
ja^i ns> wro ^lomao "j^on ?r woy sa nt?R n^nsoo naion mro bx Tina 
naitacnp ^>s Tina my :p Da 6 *nn?y mnn wxb? air si nya tnivap enrn 
immapc Wan nayb mis* WB>y haai trim 310 manna naa wfrb s woy sac 
nwfim ^mo^npij wrsDn ins Tina yunn n^isoo mo^mpn woo mp^> ncsai 
pjon nsyocn ^>s Tina my naran naiotynp woo bpc myon nhra nann a 
bn Tina my :nya amoi && ^bp air si wvnd s woo ncyc 310 nja ia b 
Tina my : hv nmc naioi nhmi n^ ain s iwaiDmao i^on aa^ noiyn ni?an 
^yo s woo ncy \yvb nya -nwp aio ma ia ba i^on nxo nan ins n^an bn 
wims aion pnn yiDa nn n^isoa sac ytnn pnm mo^mpn my :nya nEP bna 
b>u nay k nsn Rim l^x jyo^ naSb wa^inij na wa bs sa ytnn mo^mpm 
hna ^w: nay n :nro noop amac ma pn ^nicn nhn niyo n^r woo inph 
nva^a^ inis* nn^ Nona waning na -.mnwp ntsw nac nncy ja Rim avji 
^nwpca vby *nyin wsi myo tw nhr woo wan nayn xrm npb fan nio^mpni 
nyiocn woy tvsp b sac pnn idw ^x nsno^sa ^ns^n my :pn tsnwn ffOK 
^na^nca n^-iobso pnn ntrs ks "nna my : ORpH s ins ^nna na mins nononc 
nnya a un an? nr s .anra rncp |03Rn s .Dwwyn iks nan nnninca nnisn^ 
^nna anr pn a ffmorb ^na^nca nsnokxo ^yoa ova nns H nna my :an? onna 

: naoo ^yDaa nanoa nns 
1^1 savn nc wans ma onn nn^ nnna nRnh inar^i nnyb rtw ;yo^i 
nosnso ^*f |na onnas noaa jna noi?c ws ^nana man nanoo ^f nobc "li'on ja 

1 .MS. pa. 

2 i 9 : \niNTn 1H TI3D : 

Tin nbnxoa cwwyn ;nix oy wbx nimb fan apy n yaeai thi xavn -ib> iwmx 

:Dbiyb wbx nrn xb *a ney p xb xim d^o* enn 
inbee bxaioniB -jbon pai wa nw any peb bya ihe*in ip"D:ixns bx Tina 
x .owwyn ib lb mm xa Kin pi nb'WB ny 'oy ten Tina wn nibb Than 
nine ma wvd xi b^yo x .upn li vnwpe fan bio*bn lp^oatna woo bap lDianwi 
W3p u*n nimne exvbp jit x : opn iw nB>be> ! [i*by] mxmm aio in rpni D^enn 
wn ibio^bn ip>Daxna bap exrop a .pin owe *bio*bn ip^axnsb na< naa n.a ba 
bap anroi spao nnwn x ,n nyanx anr nbiT nnnxni anro x menni nia* 
onix nar jyob pmoaoa -nwpe nnsen bya dwkho nn\ne ibio^bn ip^oaxna woo 
nya wap aim ns* did x my .opm ney awe nnaen bya .mby ba a*ni woo 
bai :opn neoni D^ebe vby Tixvin vbx mix mnai xmw^xa ^bio^bn ip^Mjns 
lnbtg b ttaitmao n,bon a nvna maa nya ^io^i ip^oaxnab Dnixjnna owwyn lbx 
nbnxoo naiDb nna my :nxr ba lb wey ibon [yobi nbnxo ny nnna 'oy 
mnen nana vucyvn noDm mex bxi b^yo x \h ney fyob naa ia ba vnnna 
bna eiabo x wrrnx bnan pnn bx nb-'ixoa wtna Tina my :opn r xinn 
enm nan aio ann xi inxiv byi iws bi DHn myavsi 2 i^n nyi mnn rfrra 
"dxd^xo ^b no^e ba mna my :opil ow na TiKSim hnan pnn woo ^an bp 
"n^yi Tinn nisvin nya pn nney ohyb nrn sb) ^NJioms "j^o!? vnn^e nex 
nianyn nya n^iKOD lamp owsn pjmsn ba nya mna nnnx pn nney ns^n 
bx Tin: my :opm oncy ^>an pa one ncw n^nsy 'eon nya esn^a 1^ neye 
n^i t^o^ vnn^ea i^x mna ^ nxo ny ns* ain nr ^aJttFSo n^n no^e fan 
ksjiomao ^on ba n^woo mix v\r\bv new ^syo^.n ba mna my :ohy^ nrn 
emp :i!jn ^3 woo ^ap Nini n^woa nyan yvt wymn^ vba owinan nx^ na 
"bxyoD^n woo i?ap my :*i^o^ Tin^tya rnxo lyDaa opm n fan ^xyo^n ^n -nna 
^a vba mna ph n,^on nso aio ana xwim vba i?a *a i^on nxo mnnna bn 
niox t 13 n\m D^ia!?oi noom woo ininx ^xi iox ^x ney jyoi? aio ma ia 
^xaioniao n,^on i?x ^sioenp Dy vnn^ea noieo xpnbx ba mna my m^ixoo 
naioi n^vw nenni ns' 1 3 io:inwi x .owwyn i^x bap i^on bx mix mnnn^ did oy 
i^x wna x^i wimx n>wnp inwiewx ^x nyai oko pnm imn^e na xpn^x bap 
bxjiomao -jbon bx -nnbe my spn ney nee la mxvini xpnbx lovyb inpb wj 
pnblDa nbnxoo nbon bx jimna bnai aioi na< Dinx did x noieo ap'*\ba r by 

MS. vbx. : MS. obn. 3 So MS. 

e e 2 

: \3niN"in 111 "HBD : 2 1 8 

jD^ayn nbK bs wya "wn 3itan ^bkd'ko pn nw 'aama mmb nna my iW 
nS55i wn iSJJpi && oniric navxD 31 ns 1 idut: ni ns 1 BHn b"yo k 
K3 nttbrrtp *|dv bx mna my ;fan te* K3*n "w ww iim nobc *3k 1b mna 

1DK *3 P|K 1123 131H P N ^ 3 K " x n ' n Nin1 ^ N 3 ^ ' inVn ,n3 ^ m ^XD^KO ^ 

nana viaBKni ncy p Kb Kim na -|bx ick Tpn ba3 ^y Nab owns <bK anai 
invn i?by ^ra&n a 2 trm tod* own onaao iBiDb liwrie wik ne>3bm D^ynn 
wm n^ir 3oo aaai npbi "-be nKSinn by mrx'o vbK Tin: -a iaa H K Kim aita 
nicyb lb "ib>k riKi nnpcn 'bkd^xo Dn-ax bx Tina my Mrrowata ick nnx 
na ibx ncx "pan b33 <y Nab Kin Da onm anal 'nyn maab xa Kin oa a 
maya pbi wai ibon pa pcb by3 mn mn a "jben 'aab xab naiaro mnx jyob 
TT'try na&OBO }na nbc at o^enn onaao isid^ ickib mix mcabn maai nxr 
xac inxn nimn mw bx wia my ifan laanK xav ncn nMDnai mens ban 
*nyn nx aiaa^ dx a sa xb wn taai nicyb ib ncx mB>n nx *bndwd ^bx 
pbi 13 *naKm wwnna ^aon Kim na ibx ->ck Tina *oy xab onm ana s a p)K 
D^nn onaao laiob ibk"io irik wabi *]bn ^asb *y xa Kin *a maa nya 
mna my :fan Kavn ne> iaaHK noaDnai niena ban m^y ^an jna no^ty *axi 
nvid Kin Dai ^k Ka nc*K nicy^ lb n^s rn&PDn "bkd^ko nnKn mnn pny ba 
mayai nt^y p k!j xmi .ia maK.m ^Dy K3^ nnni ana Kin Da ^3 nnty k^ vnac 
nrosDna ban Ti^y fan no^ 'jki .D^nn Dnaao ibid^j i^k^d iniK m^a^n ^maa 
Dnim in i^k ba WW onnx niyoi nnnxn nianon nK oaina ^ba k^i iaanK 
rmbw ^ki ^k uaac onis ^'ainaa vnc D^nn o^a'-ay ^k inaa ick nw n^ainnK 
mm ibid apy n ^k mna twn K2i*n nc laanx noaonai nitna ban m^y |m 
namaa D^pipn d^b^i D^na anr nionin :D^ayn i^k b pDD *i>K K3 nK iy 
D^nini laina ww ^ddo mnibn nn^o am tapn ni n\n Dn^-^ anro bp^[o]n tfrbn 
mnai .ywoKa ninann 4 nmj>y " na"na yasKa ainD *&q ^an K :^ni3Dn w Dna 
nnxi St pita pp ta ^b>3 Kinn bnn jn- 1 jyc fan ibid apy n ^k D"a^ayn )bn 
noa ^k jm ant niomnno nnxm ."o^a vi' pso naan ^k m^n' anr niomnno 
?k lnb^ fyob Dn^K mnb'i i^k mna oyayn itai na^a pso W ; p^K^n apy 
apy n "nan *aa Kinn pjpcn nK on^ t^ i^k "a^ao aaD nroin ib B* J13WD k 
nTW nVB^BKn ^k manx jyob 3101 nB 11 \ib did k ^k in^u> s na Dai fan ibid 
no3Dn3i nitre jna nobc "aoo fan banni 3nro nicninn bap fan 3py> i }3i 

1 MS. wwn. 2 So MS. 3 MS. Diama. 4 MS. mx-y. b MS. T3. 

2 1 7 : 'jswn in td * 

amp :iMpri i a'a L x 2 nhy pin ?8ttftD"BB -j^rrn bx *nn?P -ipk didh ?aei 
Kim &i noh? *i?n p in xnv tot ma vm? owayn ?ai anaan ?a ia vn 
Tiana pi fan wan xav ntrn *? mv nt>x ^a ww fan ;na vxhw *axi ?k Dana 
xatr naion bx Tina amp my : onn nr6 na6 m v> jyo? fan jna no^ ''ax run amx 
niKSin vbx inai ^witaiiBo i?Dn nraa hpikbd pnn ?n in?w nSxtao iaey 
ba ns prm vbx Tina nr maya new ncxnb nsyas \x ?na maa ^ ncryi "pin 
anian nimxDD naiD.n i>x Tina amp n?K cm nria nuia? D^ainan cwayn nbx 
nan "ib>n n$nn mrx mom nam R :ntaD? a"ainan o*aayn ibx my ae> ?*y? 
: nd'bo vnupnp enn pirn biaa "vinB> watu x v>?k Tina my : nd^o noy nnix 
nnx naDD kti ntryn jyob nai am naa *p ?a fan namn nrx bx Tina my 
Tina my rami na 1 ' "ww rnxn nmx yanx fan naian ncx ?x Tina my : nxBDm 
x : a^ayn i?x ba men 'noy nvn am xini ttix nnty ntyx si^kbd nx^anp? 
vnxant? a^aa? ^a noDm & :iD*ap ronton nptt pim haa mnt? into wtoa 
am Mmai? naa -p ba* *n*ap ntw ami na 11 hna uvnd xi ?na laxaa x :xdtjd 
'bv na^i ni?ina ann x :rrya anaan i?t* fan nx^anp ntrytw na nat&a ns*i 
nDiaxn mtrx hvti nbnxLm Diax ronaatrvB bx Tna my :natan nx^anp^ .mnna 
an^aa taa^i w^asi aivyi b)i: maa iab ne>yi laxa^a rwmn oyaa an^aa lanoy^ 
na nxr maya "^trx noiso la^o isn bi ">an ?ac nixvinn vtb vj*yi dv D'-yaix 
x :nTD ntaob ataman a^a^ayn i!-x ba incrx ^xi v^x "nna nam "laa .mnx x^ 
naa mcx a' :nnaran namax^a i^x nnnai na^ nnm smo nTixan*^ ^v ann 
nxac naitJ>xnn nyaa fan 'Dta namaxTa nt'x ^x Tina mn^ ppDNDi mrx ni ^d 
^xaitamao ^on ^xnhxDJD Tay xac fan westnv ^x Tina my ip n^aa n^ixoa 
-a^D ^3p DwaiD nonv.x^ na' 1 sc'cp x .mcxb 2 nan^ "na nsnp ^sa v^x a-nna 
jod bap ns 11 anra mtrp Taaxon x nnrxb jn^ na nane&tu fan namaxT'a 
namaxma ncx bx Tina anr niyao n \vrmb aan^ na nanto^xa fan namaxTa 
l^o TinsfB bx nann^xa 'nna my in^ixoa m\rw nannxn ayaa waa ni"x *jsa 
tnn dhx ipoxOT iaxaa x :*ji"?^ p nhatr ^ man? 1K3# nc6^ wi bsaitama 
x^anD' pmnn nne^n bx inTina iva^axn ora idtjd bx^an noa ^x una ipx 
Pk nTina ?y nrwn my Txanc anrro xpmta x x'fsth p n^ai" nyios^n ^x 
Tixnnc "'CD xprno x i*]?d? p n^iacr nyiown ^x x"anc i?cno awi miyen 
p nbiati' nym-j'n ? mane ibcno an nwon W nnix Tina man nance nmx 

1 So MS. 2 MS. aanxu". 

[ii. 6.] e e 

: 3mOn 111 TSD : 216 

mo nbnn nnab 'nxm me ny *b mm nr ba jna noh? ^ new pne nbnn an[D]ien 
nxvb baine> ins* nbn & ^n "Udk 'baiempi nbnn macb 131 nro< Bpao w*n 
nna by Dnewn nbnn *n*m nt6 baiKP nbnn ^xnm ninn latwi sbi iron 
bwni jab pnn ai pna tik^i ,nwi runea trn a^yes* ci oney pnm man 
by KDin Kim nva^aNm na^pn nive by naiy pnn ntu> inn tn o^b thcni D^an 
,L v njo nn nca'ai a*a maa *b Wtf miabe bab nra sin a jy nD^pn iben 
-iDy.i bN rrh& avn n? mbcb mm ^ni ,napn ana *mai "Jcanb mm nbnn 
tDxpn DTixe ia k'tjim dn *|t* pin pit ey ncy ncN nbn anann ba vbx amaxi 
Nb <jn nwanioo npnn byae Ninn pnn *!> nem .bia^ tn "ttnn mban nsnsi 
Na^c ny maa oanN ney 'itodd ai DaTiaa ineyn baa Dae nnx dic by ma as 
nwa dn a nbina in map i^>n nicy baiN Nb a npmne nne ova ^n naicnn 
pnn bN TineNi maa Tiirni nnx nan nicy 'n^a' 1 Nb mn nann *yasa *jki .npinn 
)ivy ymwy\ maa meyx jni nnxn map^ pica "ib^c fna vxhw nN man Kinn 
Nbi vnncei Nin maai paa }b mm Ninn pnn xa nb^bai :ncy pi maa tin 
nebo |&* jw awyi bin: ijwa Dm niea jki mhin niecb na niaen by pcb mn 
nbc ncN mbcn iim npan ny one nns Nbi nNi 11 Nb xb wn xbi nieen by jna 

meybi nacb bauc anaa ipinn vbN awn n'diioo ipinn bx Ninn pnn 

yn^b bai: Nb ay onon D'an nea ynv ^ni Nin l iiDn a n s anaa jNa ny* 

: 2 ^aiNin nn i Dy nan cjiDn 

:mn n Navn nc i:Jinxb jna nebc n ncyc niNVinn ibN 
ncN niNSinn ba nN nuNnao bvt ;na D.nnaN ncaa nebc ^n amax na 
cnnb tr ove man nanee bit nebc n,ben p nin n asn nc uftiK nya mtw 
ncN ba nNe vmpe ii ,; p^' p n"e myene pac'nnjnnpb Ni nn pv a "a ian nae 
n^'y p nnxi .N^nn n^N nN pin se nni" 1 nbiyi nSnS iv nbnae ;e Kin tosin 
ne pa ian nae m ove wtw ncN mtwinn ba ibyi fan jna nebc_^N mtonnn 
runoSTai D^bai n,nnai unnrna nbnNeai nmna nauai pmEEn nrnobN a Tixvin c 
nnacj Ninn ova *a fan ns cnn nm ovn ny iby mraan nimatsn D^ai nsn^bxai 
D^abN a jein nra ^mcy ncx nisvinn ba iby *snvDWin n ; iea anw iab n^aon 
N3 wms can ncN eJie[n]sbpe ncn wdo npb ncN DniN nabe epin D'nsei 
jben \nnce bN btoioniaa DniN ^nn^c niyen ^30 pin n D^abN a 3 nnsa an 

So MS. 2 By a copyist. 3 So MS. 

215 : 'aaimn th tod 

nmp lab [ ] onon dwi mnan "nnbtn nxa^uxnpb iiod layani wyoa petrol ovai 
.ns" 1 .-inn ixvo n>* vrom vb nrb mrm ia?m naim nhna rra lab lepai rpaNtanp ba 
n& mvn mnm iab ltppa nsw mna lancpi n^axta-ip nnoa laDaaai nnoy iaa^>m 
nnanxn jo ma*ayn x^nni? fna nh$> noyi pihfc'n lab mm nnx nairo nrvn bax 
nraen }na rrobvh 'n-icw .onanxn to vasb rrcw nbya nanni |r6wn "tid^ hs 
nun *aw nmoa nypno npsn nxr *a *man |y* ybz aao n^n xh "pa*j npsi D^an 
bx wcrn .nan nrx ybx aiaan ja nosy nnama iwi dv baa a njn pa nmx 
xa^DKpi? nDaon naaai &b> tidd n&w nnna nDaaa njnn mswn nbx ba jna nobsr 
nabm nnnsp t by mnna nbnno xinn ntaoo naan (wnm pm ib mi? mi tiood 
na^ab wa nann mm twin nDaon ntn xbi nntcw nnx *nna Daaa pa nob^i .nb 
nxnp Ti^sn TiDbsynp nnxi .nb"snn by a Dampen bin 'bxyotPM by pyiv mm 
by ntnn *axi mix iaaa wmpib nDaon *px awm *]b b* no ib mnoxi *asb rrobvb 
nnpb x\n njnn ncxn *a inpb Kin xb ib mnnxi na^Dn bya noityn *bt*yn*n 
D.nb mnoxi n^yno ma^n a Tisnp p nnw nm notapa ''bxynL^m jna nob^n inix 

:wj> pi ncrxn nxr to ^p naan nmrai 
lavntob maa mnaaa can mpax twin nb'ta ixai la^axi \rbwn lai? mo p "nnxi 
an aval .noic^ iniD^o ^y noiy n s n na'-son ^ya "iDie>n imam npan ny laa^i 
ixai inion n^aa inix ne txi vby nrin a nnab mm mn naDon bya^ wxn 
j^ooi trmmn *ra nc*x n^ian nai "iD"pn nxo nbiai ana nnb Tixini ^sb ca^nn 
maa b ww anbtn mtacon impn ana nnixiai :na vn onnx n^anai ^xaiLaiia 
D^nai D'-aop ^niNib mxa vn ona^ n^'xnn nanm w ^a *a jsixa Divyi ^na 
i?:xi "as^ vn D^nnxn D^a^nm nnx pnn ^x xa ovn ^n nnxi .nnx ny nx^a vb 
nrnpno ana ^ntrnm wnnna xa^? D^ia* 1 wxc nvna i^n mnimn nx cian^ nvm ^x 
anan ^ax ^nnp^i nmpno anan mix trisni? mrv\ no^pn naiD xnpi 5an i^ m^xnm 

:ia mprnni m^o xinn 
v^x ana n/x nwoniea noiy xmi nD^pno hnan npinn nxo ana x^.n p nnxi 
nan ot xm ]"in bap xh mnrya vn nanonn n^a^nn bai cay iamx nsn^ npinn 
vbx nb& TYbvb) hx^d-vdo npmn i;x ainab nsin xm ^x onh ^ now onnano 
nD^pno ana nn ^ t i x npinn bx ana pi >bbr\ omnw nt^yx^ no nx ajmv 
nosrv Q v ^ax a ia^y jnai nun ia^y niaD^ nm lana -jmxa ban nvsuxno anai 

:ynv 'ax pxi miao rbnm pna 
nniao nhn nam nan nr"x niapb piu'a micna na^ |.na no^ nvn p nnxi 

>uiion in iidd : 214 

onantc n na nwfe ian iK ia^w na pa fee tfanyooi orpine tffemao pn fe nw 
Wi Mm .rwiK&taD Ninn pnn n^aa nfe fern ana fe D\sfe> onriK o<fe "feo 
TD*pn b wtwids a w6w mfe>n imp ny am nW tro> j mnn n<aa nayno 
ninns n ma n mnph pin na nas?a nmnobma pnno nan nbin; mna *mapi 
rano^MD layoai :imon mae na^aon fea mmnm "'fe n'fen ia*fe jyob nnooa 
myno jioann *^ mafe aw nnacn n^an Qiip n^nna mfen oy yDa ma nofen 
mnem nw mic csmk ^n rnfe>? mnn mn }y maps pp^t? ny vm warn jtr mm 
wai my pai ,ib wnnim Dn"fe nyv i? nn^ ann p -a D"aa dib>3 Dm" t6v lb 
nmnD^ma stttsw "mm wnm *am n^fe niDD mn |jp wtod * oy mynta pin mufe 
sim rb'b mn jy ^y dvjn a mnn pnn nfen *wn nona n myai p*qn mis nbi 
myam tswn oniN Dy mafe am .on? mm ph omfe myn mfe ruo 1 ja Km mn 
a uieyi taapn inn fe mn a naroan nn can mpaN cm dtted narnoa n^fe 
mn mm *feitatynpi nracn feai ononm pa mafen ax layca npaai nW>n nma 
mm naiio ntae> nnx na*naa n^fe layam ,na Deafen ia*w nn"i n fe vbaia T^in 
pcfe nnn^ feiai jtap obia tromn tinyxh p nns iayDai a-feyac nana nnm 
Dnxuraa s fena rrn *3vn ovai .^pan ny wnn n^fe nanaa laacn n^ay om bti&D&* 
Knm Tifeai nn^c nam 'nanon yjr* Ninn cupaa nat5>b wim tn onenn ^ now 
nxn nan i^nn dn ^n nnxi naaa Kim ^ n^yno \"m xai .dc lanoyi oann jbo 
"casi lyacn ifeN 11 fya^ nann nifeaini nns* caa onDr6 *nnpfo fen ncys* s a mN 
:nfeu nnac a wtdm *t n pcra^ csa nn D^sycc- u*n K*nn n-yn 
N-i^nai nnaa w*n a na^aon fea niaya icy "nvy^nai n^yno pnn *nnp p nnsi 
nnph ^aoo dhin *nnoni bna 'fea lrnnnoyn *a "a iiaya ^ n.fe ma 1 sfe' woo 
ds "^ anwi Ninn ['nni Sa5nKp ny pin a nnooa n^y aan^ jyob nns* mna mya 
.nac n *b pa ^asn inxvan p j"ir\ ba 'nnosi prn rnnv wine niDBts> onx mrwi 
an n ns* na ^aon fea n.^ dn pnn mix mvi prn ana nma mm pnn ^fe jna pi 
imam 'fena nnx wn npaa naniDo iayoj pi .nso nxo innrxm p^i DNpm omNo 
layam .vnnx mn nans mcyb "jfen mwsn rmxsn fea noien nnnn fea iaay Ninn 
mm s'pnis ne> mnn nrnoa laxai onsia inrni lybsyt^ 1 nni nnx nrnoa n^fe 
wnojn nhna nana mm s'pnixa layam npaa iayoai .dc rb s b misa uacn onvia ona 
oii37N noB> nana ^n layam i tan npaa uyoai nraon fea naicn nman wrum dc 

:nacn ova nanoa dc unayi D'an d^i nunmo d^pd mm 

1 So MS. 

213 ' ^imn TH "USD > 

niaia i;b rrcpyi maiNO iyT xb lynsim pa dji vbx naano xim bxn'j" ynra Kim 
un nrsDno piin TD:i:: ' n ^ nn P* 1 '" 1 ^ ncN1 wc nwwn by3i bna maai nann 
bna bip3 b pjns nyson byai nxine* ny nan rwaDno naan niroyn nbe> nann 
.na'aonia DHaan WDn xbi iwn s bana bna 'ba D H ^b inn nx na D3?ay 3B>v ^axi 
|nne> nvin ":x na^sDn bya bx -nnExi nrvnoa n^bb cvn wi ant? yiv mn xbi 
3 nsy Tixa xb nriKi nrrwa ny espn dtino i-bx nnix *nna ncx *myo b a *b 
'mew *a~nb nabb aram pn p t^n mmx s :x rwsDn by3 *bn idki .nfiPTD^xa ax 
pnn mm mn t/k oytatpa FtfBDnD ibe> c^nx'on nxi .nytrn nxia ^x a:nn ib 
^3 iwaon ^y3 by *ne> *aw .naita nra nn^> lrrai iyoa mono onaan nnpb 
iD*pn aab nibyb atnn wn "axi imDn rvaa nnix *ncB>i pbana nnix ^ntsen bna 
cai tav ^33 wnunb trx3 vtmn n^yn *Wn bai bna ni33 laniN nsan nn pnni 
nam *bxyw bna nnx nt!> p aa ^x xai *aab 1x3 anina nm tcx ffn B^xyix* 
D3n mm anxian nxo ppaio nnx ni ix-no nxa no by *bx bPi mania *b 
anxian niaboB ppn yan "pn *ba nexi .naianrc rnmani maia^n ?x *b ronm bna 
cbtrrva bx ibo Ta anx niabo ba nw d^c a lin ai D^syocM ni3^ci 
nnn n^ ^ni D^iiai DnDivyi D^na onai ^n new nnN m ^s* laity ni^ixn ban 
bx *n3^n 5nsi /n , 33 jrm ^n n^ n^rm poann nxi .nowo inai ^y v^n y&rh 
r,so n33: nnvn rwi xinn panm .nnx |nn ^x jna mnx oyai mix 133^ irra 
by ns^ pnn Ninn poann bx Tinbc s ax oai ca^nn ^3 by eaw n*n xim n:nt:n 

:jn3 nobc T 

m>BWi ixca xbi D"3nn vn D H n3nD nbia ix nan nxnobx3 tyn twin pranom 
jinDi onx -aa by cnan ibaa n s n n^x bnan rynn nxo nn iaina xbc n-yno 
bna bip x^ xinn bnan cynn xa nv3i xa^ n s a^ li m x^nn n^ya xa ntx trynm 
n^yew nyn bai nancn ba3 x^ bipni ta^btin^o xin trynn nr "3 J iyo^ mx aa bai 
3 ; 3 urnbe nrnty ny ntypn niaien warn wiojn .nano xinc *o ixn xbi bipn 
"jin-a" 1 inb bsb nw xnn nbua anai noinn nbm no^pn hxd an3 Bpam dw 
niy3 o^na tab lanM ianix naa 11 pi nyn dic lab rr&T xbi nt'^s ix taa n3bb 
tidk -nnb^ n-j'x mb^m .inbo ^x n3 iba-^ innn b33 nb wir insn bai ub 
nbna nxn^ n"by onnaci 2 nn"3 nbi3 in^'X n3bcni no-pn >;ab ran xm a b 
*nabni?a n am nwm n^bx mnai bn na mb^ p nnxi .in men ten ja na i^exni 
s yDa did n;xb3 mnpb 'aw .no3 n3^ x\m nnx n^33 CP2W ia"n a nnixnb 

IMS. lyDVC. - A great lacuna 

: ^31Min TTI "113? * 212 

rfcnrfo db wa>y ncx o^an rrawin nxi uh? anaan l waoi laatrn p nnw 
on ansnri p6 *bdd on^ o^n am neon M nmn d\-^x yasKa D^aina ano 3 
<taac baci rcptoi idv ii>n nx |b omwri b *aa^ nnyb pnarb ww na ww 
db>3 rwj an x ; r *wht nd^dd bwi "i msa N^an oca nnn nnx mew birw 
vmw an bnm ni> wn vnx mm B'Bnn i mas wisp x*x W xd^dd ^xw n 
Tmb w o^nai dw p!> vdd anc^c am 'dxd^xd thm ptt annax n D-^n mix 
WW Dhantch atrn nanx^ ^ wmi lycta* ntrx ammn bh iwfa ejov i^nn 
*nix nnai> oy it^y xx ^rib* ba vjai mawi eya p->ari> ann m-6 m b 
Daw* D^an an nxi trbu nnoy ncn*i anata* Ww acn mrya vm asiaai aaisca 
*ax -ib>x aipD baa nyfion mna amx noan k*>b'nd amx nbap Enron nxo 
wipn xin Bjoan *3 ejov "fmn nx a^a mix wsj>y ib>k sjddd bin nxi ,mby aaw 

nia? ib or baa span ba baps Kim lmaboa man nan^a 
niabra bapta *ax tn !?xi no^ ibcn p mn wfc viw wspy anna wn bran 
iBa taa*pna anix wwi ae>n nmya enpon ira paab arrni aipra twi *a saw 
v\dy ibann wabo can yax mys jen aanx mruc jyob vapn pv -jbon tiix ms 
xi> labs? myom pjoan nnyp nNi to new anm roemn nx sinn pnn anai .-nx 
"atrn nva -iDpn ^n nbv m^i nan oy xinn pnn ana n^ i^n nan 1^ ixca 
*na^n a w W>ai ,bna iiaa iamx maao vm wna u^ o^an now ^riB'snatp 
iD*pn bs ^vy^ m^ nbvh ain ib vnom pnn >nsipi -iD^pn bs rt6w rah^ 
rWa "'nana pi ,joa ^\s* fbs nxok aw aiia inn xin a nt ian n-^yn "bm now 
tdni pnn ^n Na npaai .na^n incx ^ni Topn ^n jna noben "ax ana wnn 
w^aab N3 nnx pin nya n^i inns cpan p -6 'nnoNi rn^c .^ ^p3K laiin ^ 
"bx new pnm . 2 d^ ria ona^*n t^k mmsi no-pn "as^ ^ 'ax rrhwi ^ tori 
^a pnn i?x *rrDN jjp mcx nabon ba insi no^pn ^x nnx a"ana a ainan^ aita 
.mxDia a nan nxa "wa n , n > ^ ^ax "a mnx b3iomao "j^n vtb niK 3, maD x^n 
nx?a 'nxa "-ax "] cca it na-nao no^pn ncx nabon b ana "b ana pnn pi 
incx ^xi v!:x "nn^'i latysna nam nxnr^xa tawan nnn ai bsaiomB i^oq rnnx 
pn ' nhwb ^nnai .bsoioma i^-cn nxoi iv^axn nxo *b v "wh nforan ba 
D'anaon b rkx nna pi mrni "i^ xin - ^ ^x 10x1 anya pnn naaai yov& amp 
oncy lanasi na^cni no^pn ^as^ ntaaxiaa "^m a ova nKneN^taD yoai .napoa f cm 
nxra ny bna naaa xinn \"i:v\ ,pnn n'aa iany ^DiDmpi ;na rro^an 'ax nxno^Ka 

1 So MS. 2 MS. nor. J So MS. 

2 1 1 : U3W1T1 in 113D * 

ima^ ny *be> nina ny 'jk warn ,a^Kya&* & n n nasi njyaan i>ya ^s* ai 
n-i^ sbi *w vh2 nan \jk n trwia ^n pm naian "pin n inT rripni aai' 
naiah *naiai> an$>B> iiapn n nai *jn *aipa ^n isia* 1 am ansae k^i din* "oaa 
nwsBni npan ny rtWn *xn inayi ."3 nan ^s Ti>in *jnb> Bipa ^>aai bane'' i>3 
ny Tibsn oy ^ ninn Tina *naiy am nwaano pinn worn irr nrcapna aha 
ny nyn nna uyD3 p nnm :^MtmB T^a nwaana on m rwaon imi npan 
i>y rrnn urns nnnm nxa ny jn ronm n3B>n dv in ny nyva unayi i Din nxa 
am mnn nana!* TiaD ianayi na'pna mm nb maa dm epna nmnabma lama 
n dim xn ny ianayi nanab&a dm epn ta ia3 n orn p nnm :bn&*$> naen 
wvi *am <aai> pnn N2i i3^> na^aa vnneai mnn n^yne pin ttai an njn mnn 
aw bzv vb n oanx cnan^ Msa ^s tk lay nana pim jna nah? nnpi ania 
taaianiaa T^ana n nes anani mSian iimnm .mian nhr idmh bbn ai> ivp 
nayni isnn anm rohnan ar^ns nay* wb nam ^s Dmx mnni ^3a3 pnn ornipi 
*nauMi .ney3 p rw&yb vb rbw -mi nm nniNa inn na>pn iw anaa janam ian 
lanam nnai nmv ^ b* xh nae *am ay natal 'jx in^ni -iann nv nxa 1^ 
,nWn nmsn a^an ^y ny aaa ii rn^ jm nai'K' n 2yin wi yi .na^Baa irb ba 
wnw t^an ik'n pnn r\na nsMOTNa xehm anhy map rw^Baa 13^ nrsana i3nvi 
pnn 13^ jnii nin^na aha amn i innn "pmi .nrm B^na ih? ">ina waaaai 
nm i:!?c waan ^yai n^ni Din n anw i3N^ unna n^in iia^ nnx: Minn 
pna wfion ^ya in^'m inna naiy m^m ~\vk pnn ^n *mKi nman nna cisn 
2 aai^ hm* i{j>N pnrl b naan sinn nhi>a n mai 13pm ntry pi waai' iiajn 
na^aan Tin anB> ^ a^an mar!? nan jna nai?^ nW ^ivn vbtt wnanti\ n^y 
BM3ani a^am ?nn nna i3nayi 133^1 mh^ \"*in mn N^ ^n anix 1333^ n^ jyab 

iwaan Tin an vbv 
rbvn n nai ,np33 nN N3 pnm way nnici baiN nna anay 13^ ruffian ^yai 
pnn ^n M3^m ,njn xnn b nt^s nan n^ ikkti kS wsaa t^> ^ n^s a^an nya 
-3in n ynni nann nra n3 nnsi any3 wsaa mbcb nr ba nx n!?a naaDn t^n 
nc? D s bn b vi>N i3n^ jyai? ru^saa nnn ;na na^ ay 7nnne b^jk a nbfn 
Dm D^an nya jna na^ ay vian &v:k b^b^ n^ mm pin pi .BT3 Bn ncx 
^>aa Npia un may n Ninn n^3 nama i3 v n ncs* ro^aan byi vn bta 1333 
:jna nzbv bx ann iiKBa n^N onrrnn nma nx wn:i cnp)i nai nine 

1 MS. may. c MS. naave nnM. 

d d 2 

* ^2Win 1M TI9P : 2 l o 

"i h^ind^ anp na*ao3 Tiyam na *n3^n iew "pin w ^3 3iyfc ipso b^ano 

nr^ "jicd aj3 nrsDn mcyi nana ncc-Np^ "jibb ncp t^c mate Btna nixonD 
.rnrravb nsa^aa mix t^ 1 "^ na nrsDa inx "ur6 inN n D*aanb tiny a? aipen 
.rns*i wn X3 an ayai "Trr *bn x3 insn ayan ansya a ntf^anp ^x xai 
ianiK rrB> nB>K ^Kiacy ice mn3 'ma ^x X3 men aya3 nK^snp X3B> ampi 
pnn mm m n*WD mm nann jna ncbwa nan Kim nw nain naicb nanoa 
mn }na nc^i ,jna nD$>B> ncc^> anp |B* mm |ni>iB>n i>y nnDo con fnai a^an 
aa i^b> mycn nsni n*n xh ^a mycn pa Tniyn an^n ib wibki pin a i3 i^ 
niyen nam )na ni>tra Kx!>pn ^Kiacy n? man nnx n^ai b kb6kp3 nitaipo 
aipc mwa 5jDa yaDD Ban aniK npbi pn 3* iama vn n^x ins aipc nnai 

:B>"an,n xh noxc pa nnh? ym ii mti^ ncyi nv^xpnc 
5>b mna npan ny Kinn nb^a unx }h n3innx nyaa pnKi n^aip Na ja nnxi 
mycn B>p3i n^aipo vnx^ pn a npii& nni> pa ncta rem mm naBB3 pa rrch& 
nW?2 hbb3 -nix naa3 nnx nwi'anpB vnx ^x tbki .aniK xvo xh ita m&Kpa 
vbtx&y ni&hyypb Txnpi ittki ntftanp] pa ncta n$>na nccp ltryi .tin nncy a 
vnx ^y nt?n pa no^ tn <b snpm .on *n nycB 1 nsw nipyvi nihpn no ii> 
*a i^ vnoK n^-i i!> theni -jd^ pa nD^i? TiN^pi niyiDPi 1^' Ns^Npno ajj wr? 
:nr i>a t-^n Na p ^y ^ph yiB' n^aN xh Tiiya D^cni civ^Npno dtdh 
Kin *a iniK ^lann ^kmoij n^a dh mycn ^ 'rnoKi n^fion ^ya ntnp p nnKi 
dn "-a yin ^yian nt nt^y n^ xnv ^ki ^b* nrsDa tikth na^in pib*xw i^ nsin 
-ai Dnp^ Kin *a i'KWoy nmm nK^anp oyi bxuny ny ian h^ddh i?ya pi .sin 
p)i a nyscn ^>ya np^i pn i i^k pJi rantan ^n waon i?ya icy ^m .runca dh 
a:jni ma tbK3 npnsn nya pn a nx^^a-ipc vnub pn in i^nc p: pa nctai 
^n ^aitDBnp ^K K3i .ISV2 bn DiiB*a lan^y vnsi nKi>anpi iamb ^n ^Kiaoy 
D33* k^b* iniK ms xnn pnn i\s* pixnc na^aon *>yai nx^a-ip yo3B* inN na^aon 
man na^aon bya naac nn ^kb* mayai D13N nSi nvi3 n^ inN mx aw icy 
D"D ii i ava naic nra D"3 nano ncB'Npb iiod i3yD3 pi ,-cy N3^ ^Dic^ip 
n^ nn^n n3in3 la^n ib'n na^aon nxi n^^n W3 'trtr dv *yb ny 3ic mi iai> mn 

Nh 13^ n3 , 2D3 N^ B*N V" 1 ^ D1B> DH3 PW1 N^ o!?13^1 ! nni">3nc ni3Cp ni3*BD 3 

ni3"SD }c n3"DD ins ^b'B' b'b ""Sfnsi m^iaainn ins m-DDS rn ib>k a^aKm : am^K 
Wn ij3 am nr^ ni ni3 s DDn m^pi nibna ropjna ncyi 0^333 txw 13BTH ^xaitaniD 

1 So MS. 

209 '. *33W"n TH TSD : 

wprp jyoi> d^ n lanbjn dtcdci nimbi D^ioa maya tannx pn ' n?nm mw 
nnann nb b ib nao^i -jbn b nsnoa 'tMma rniff nib Tiaem .rwaDni -nnn 
Tieah niyo ii> Tiru pi yssnn pnn *ae npb nex vun tayn nx ib Tanb Mi 
no la-noi did oy "^on b mma mix vinbi D^enn D^eiab 'onns Dye mix 
on \d ovn ma wnn na^aon -jina TiDaa nnm nraon lapne nnxi .rna bxae 
xine dtp rwaoa *nai>n rn b Tiyne -vexai yyn *masn yenn pint? "6 ?W3 
x*x D^Diaxn b Tina na^BDn b* 'nDaap ompi 'b b ^ iDaani *jb b ion* 
1 kjk mym h men Tin: ^tntttpip bi D"aia Dm nrb ia^ men maa "aime 1 
nya hna -nn }na ntbvh meyi o*bn b ^ tidi nrsDi <y -]b nNbnpi "i^in 
<nan&n b nwbnp mn p nnKi .amn 'b' -nnn neyi .naina naoi D^bn nyai 
dti nae b onoy 6 D^nx DirwDi vn-veo ' oy na-aan b K3 moa ysnn pirn 
D^Diax b dx ny-6 bi be na^aon ream ipy nx^b-ip nai nanon nws b jai 
^ e dx na-DDn b>3N b ixm "b b nx leen warn Te nitaixn b innai *ta 
bo h s 3 nrvn nex nnx 3">n dx a tix ixvd xb bi ex 'pmo ti*n nwo b 

:p oa Diax Die lxuta xS ^ vne manm 
^xei icy nx^a^p nxi na*aDn mn nns ^x moan yein pnn "6x xa p nnxi 
xae nnx ana ^xim ,*]bvn anaa dx 3 nr b t^ n> ^VN x^ 2 "ixi n^no ^aoo 
dx rn bo "mx ma -vex n pnb noxn N^bipb Tiraxi ^p" jn lana wb 
oy mix ^ax npi^ a wfion nxro pin nr x^v mn dx DTieo i *o$n 3fia mm 
wnaxi na^aon nxro i3*n5> pnn ^n p nnxi /nx sjdv i^dh i?x man nano ny 
mix "nn^ei *rn$> mv iiaya pn 3 nx^bipi? "nnai .*pin b i a^e nyaom D^yoia 
nnx Dipo3 na^aon nnrayi crnta nancn nxo wprnni xinn ova naKPO iayoa lanaxi 
nae jprn Dian ^x it b Tn^ei mxb xinn n^b na^Dn b3 Dy ;n a na b mm 
Dec D^^ay jna nob' napi i~\ib nm' ney^e na myo wnvi x^i naxb n?ano 

:xinn r6>b "6x mm 
bai ni^b ai d 11 ^ a nayno 'axi w 3 na^BDn nanm n^b *srp naxb layDai 
.n^b nbx') T^aynn dx 3 nnx dv Tibx x^ SeiemMi nd^bo TyDae nv) dv 
Da ^n'eyi .nio Trne xh Tbx xb ni^h Dn^ i baiomaa nvayn i m>jn 
pi >nTie x!j d^i s nbx x^ on^ ni^bi d^o^ a Dain dv 6 nvayn biiumaa p 
naynia *n ,s n D^^n nxe bai wne xh Tbx xb ni^^i d^ a dv b na-aDa T^ey 
nn ^ni .noixo 'aora nepao 'eaa x^i bi aiai prn nciy ^axi 3iy nyi aiyo 

1 So MS. 2 MS. 'nnow. 

[Tl. 6.] d d 

: miNin TH 113D : 208 

aayn vh\ i>nw "nvy K*n in iy aiya T^cn -rrx-i 7133 onmo n^ixtso fhan i>x 

:ntryn -ib>k nx ynni Dan nnxi 
nxt^i n^nn 'aa^ nsy Kim naiutrnp win new ^ niataia v^ an3 nx K3i 

D*D13K.n p)7 3 D3p3 nmy l"6y 1D333 n^KBO ^DO yD3C> nnxi 1T3 ^ 3nnn 

xh j^nn ^>x nW> aiu now amuxn Tanp nx 1K31 pnn Dy nn^a wjn vanp 
.i3T3n ^ nratao D3pn maya annx nnix vimi ^n ' "oco nm noise n^cn ay 
Dy nam ina ^>33 nB>y Kin *a idin mn *ni>ap "ib>k *i!>n nohp n n^ n^x 3n3.11 
nan y6k awn xh n*mp ijiimk oy nan m niKD ii> nw xh nun amys "jtan 
x^inb ha* x^>i noitwo kp^k cpa Kin ai ^p* in dv na^ci nasp nwy D3i 
iDiBflo NpH^N nan your Kin *ai Duman niyci anarac DiDn na riKo nana itd 
nno-xipa iniK nniw era minion ayaa mn xpn^x n trouKn inx iidk "3 -snips 
lmmmn mnnpa ntrx D^DUKn ni^> i?3n nnph DiDn ma!> naiatrna n3^n rwi mn 
linden nan im x^in^ Ti^a* xbi ninxb nrnc nam mn om .nmcxpa mnx^ 
.inavcn ni3n^> n^cn ^sb nciy "3x1 ntyyn ntrx nx ynn )yvb rnmoa naiDcnp ybtt 
riD^m npnn ny twi >3si> Di3xn nwnanpi Kinn n^na ann3 in i^x nrxni 
n3 , 3Dn nxr *3i na?? ^lm mDKi onac? hnan pnn maa jna nratai nx^nanpi jk 
nny n3n xh Tnnn x^ nx anraix tsnran bai n^on 3aia> an na ih jtidk ib^ 
."D*Dn ba on 13^ D^a^ixi nonoi con nwK ^a s 33nn nnx 3 "ji"nn ^ya aL3' , ' , xh 
nnv nnnx wsd ^ K'p3n ^tuniao *j^n nanxh ncn nanK? bm non nr*yn dxi 
5>ya nnx ixip pi ,nua^ na^ ban jyob n^yn nxro x\~in n3 , an "l^x v.ti naiD 
x^nn m^Dn bi?3i nriir?3 U3*hr6 3nr Dxpn dtiko nya nnDD icy iryi m^on 
^ noKi nnx nan rwy vhw xh nam nnaB'DDi naa3i n*cn aio e^x xini mwC 
:nxo 3ita nnx Kin trxn nTK' bk nnx trxn nr nK?a c*pa3 x^i nxn3 ah D^nn 
wiKD jnn ^ itdki n^ab n^yno o^^nn lxai arn xna -n^i? "n3^n p nnxi 
n3ni3^3 D3nx a^nxn pm nan pin p D3^ jn ^x an^j "-narm n3 , 3an -a& nya pin 
^33 nnix jpn!> mrn n3 , aDn ^ya s a nan uxpin o^nxo inn mraxi own ivn x^i 
nnx D13X a ncxi nx-banp >^x xa nnxi nnao ny^ inrnni ia^n tirb ^nnraxi ,Tnxn 
1x3 p nnxi :pm ip np"i ex "pnrro na l* w i n^son nxna nam nnr n3 , aa ib k>^ 
, nn3 pi nnnx na^aoa k^i xnn nraoa n3^!? ax >3 ancy n3n ^n L la , xh tj3in 
ntaa^ Kriwa *:y-\i* xin *a nianyi 3n3ra nj^aon ^y3 bit lanai pin a^nxo annK 
D3p lny unKD 3n3 xs^ x^ axi WTwa "nysn ai^^c 10a nmy ^3n3 Dy nun ,, j , i 
wpmB' "rvsm 3inn nnnni K^nn n3 , Dan nixnl? ,i n3^ni pD^ d^b^k niwi^ jnnab 

207 : *a3"WTPI TIT. T)9D * 

Tiaaaai yosw sbi ynv "on psi waa oaar sbp nwbanp bs now naaba lajonp ny 

tnya ^nnbtri nns n s aa Kin new rw^banp px -nbstri a^n a'at? "oaai wa Tina 

:N3 sbi rcb{s> nns n^bs? 
n'aa aiK"in Wiow n^ano "nsn nney wabm a^n an *ra *nprn }a nnsi 
.nns n s aa nbn nam wnn n^aa nney *nabm ws iKim in acv ns^banp ~mt 
T"K anb wiew awnn pai ua Dibc WB>yi *bx sa misnb *na a yowa ipni 
uwba n*yeita> ans psi enn mn |na nobe> jprm nabp [ptrb] ynv "'as psi w ^as 
bsaiema nbe *aob "mis mtf nwi Bab nam nsw ns iyoani jw to nwbanpi 
uw mna nn no rw ib tahstc n n?n ai\n ny bxaiomaa wjan "\&k bvd 
avn n?a ib 'nnpbi waai nwbanp "ey sa p nntn .napa ds "d Dana ws naiy 
s p dj ib nnai pin iia ana Tisvini nienn PMts&pi enn jwtDi &nni bna bn?e 

:nr ns M*nn ba 2 ism pin ' nw tww nbina ntnn ann 
snn nb^bai .s5y WKpaiao naaan nwa nne ova n^s a a-e^oe on p nnsi 
lb Tina "os p nos sinn anani ibon ana oy lben ud rise baiBE>np 'bs sa 
anin* D'Diasn nnnnb Dna naty nns ai lansnn i nneyi awnn ab ibnc men 
ban ynv 'as D^iasn ay T/syyo bai nbnsee a^nno a^anao H bs a-sa yia^ baai 
nnes nns a njn lb mcyb win sbi nmb p ba 'aaa nvjv nra mn *a 
']-\::2 nyn nanv k^n I'by wjdb> sb nt niayai 'nbyim Tians maya sbs nxa xb 
sbi mbca "jbn y:sb ""ana xpa" 1 jan nnsi ivnsb nirnn mb^a *]bn i^u ^nn?osi 
}nai ^DND^se H oana nmn 11 iey sa ^ab -bsie^np yan n^sa Ninn nb'bai .aayn 
anan nesi any jib6 byae nnx ana 'baioe^np 'bs jna oa ,niy^ nnao j?in s "bs 
ain^c no vt sbi tt nnn Kin "a nana jnv n,ben psi ban ncy b^e pn *a sinn 
wmon Kim b^P'e pn Ta sin n,ben nnt^ ne bai bsaienia n_ben anao inn ,ia 
a bma non n,b rwy n,beni n.nuya ds -a inb^ sbi yvnn pnn nbc smi sueni 
nb'-bai ova iben Dy nane sin b^p^e pm D^yn anan T'by bap sbi nyn n,b rwi sb 
.bsaieniso nben ^aab n^en sin *a b^p'e pn maya nns nan n/bs WW) 'nbia* 1 sbi n,naa 
ay worn nbap sbt^ pin mse an ni^ya nns ana amab nm sb n^amp >aieasi 
Tan p nnsi ^by caie anan *b nox aian bapB> ny^ai nan ^ awn sbi nben 
b "3 asyn bsi aib^b pnnb n.b n,bn nnsi nan nicy j/JnbiD'' sbi b^^e pn mis 
a"ana isia" yiac baai ^i:: b"p'e ])i bsi "jben bs a^ania nm it:: nann n-a^'be 

1 So MS. - MS. nsm. 

: ^nwn Tn "nsc * 206 

n ma 1x21 twin roneh rpaa a^ban ba warn rbn ranon p rnan bx unriK innb 
uidjj laruw yenn nr -naya aibtyb Bab labn anb thicki nsiia rpnio s aab d^dum 
ia je^ *jk "iL"s n'aa twnn itparn 1K31 jot 'OKI Kinn nb^bai n b^b runon nra 
|na ncb^n nK^banp ^ nox as ^a-an^ao nioiKo 'nyr 1 xbi a^Diax rvaa b* bn 
TiyEC s*bi niKan anb inia vwi -atranb iKap ynv wn dn a anb iabnta> nns* 
layaai vby TOa-n did ^ wnai nma iab a^nn wan npaai .naiab it aai noiKP 
ja *nhKi :dimi ep nrncn "otk bai own 'jab iKai ruKba wabm nKiu k^iic 
nixnb wii ivan by tropin ns* "aab iKai wba ba ay onron n^aa unite iauan 
aniK-6 lxa tsnitrm abnsn bai nxta ikid3 aniK inacn ambx anix vwnn pi a"bann 
"pab leaa" 1 xbta> mro Kin *a yann pnn nxra anan nr nxin "b nK au^nm 
pa tsnan bib> *b pKi a^iaa xbi a^Diaxa sb pan b ps "ox anb tooth .b^buk 
labn p nnw ayacx xbi aniK xnpx xb \aw ia[i]OT bki iKia una* bki nrb nr 
1 \sF5p5ia na^aan nwa nbn now au^nn uab }K3i a^ ri ids ian>oyi .aa-nb aunn 
.aa^bx "anwo avn nm ny "una 3iotik "ax anb won nno ava nabin K*n a 
an *a na-aon nxra ibn xb bub ba ^ now a^Diaxi onsw ^k isa p nnw 
.a s aa tswa na^aDn nxra na^ wna px dt6 niew D^nn ^s* ixai a*on ^aait^ 
tbm .a^a Dwa n^s s^ an^ mo 'asi rnosn aynra anray ^n *oy anann an 
"nnp^ 'as nsi fa nm p nnw .anoy nx^anp l^ni a^Diya aam "aon a^^nn 
a yenn ?nn ^zb nnw ^x ~}bai :! nn , nm aian ^y aa-in nr.s* H a a^nn nxo men 
Dion ^ unai n^arns TiNy pi .T>^ n yxoxa a\n naca ia 133^ new iaaa sin 
*jni niNDia a nax^a pim iaa^-11 nsinoa laa^ni idid $>y aan ns^anpi v^y 'naani 
wan ian;Ni a^ax po -inv nn a^ann a^a^nn 'a nnx "n^Nii ns^^aip ay lann 
an^y nan?a Kin s ai ayaa nK^banp ay a^nano am la^aa^ a^^nn ixar ny aniK 
pnn 3b^ na^ ;in "b pKi a&*n nan nr "a tooth ."a^a pnvo "asi nsn ai>a lain 
,B3iyi "aac ^aiyn TOtaai 'nncra pxnai nx^aip pma ban nvjj as *a bman 
unnK lann an "3 ^ awm 1K3 main anoy nann no nK^anp bs ^Kt^ p nnsn 
l^ai -unn aia ns^aipb TiaOTni aoa ba ^y na^an nwa labm iacy mrnn mKl 
iniDi nyn lb k*i a^^nn riKO nnao hm nK^anpi .^nnnna nor* ^aS ancy -n^rni 
Kin mnOT^Kn bn ianc nnsc* no bai ban nunyn Kin nnx ib noN an "a laba 
anann nbs n^ba-ip "b n:si .nDKoa inis a^'bi nnis* cnanb a^vn ianasi nny 
anjoy wabn p nnsn .*b ~\v$ baa iniK 4 nnaK s a nnsn bKi x^n bn ib -narni 

So MS. * MS. anwtl. a MS. ni^nen. ' So MS. 

205 U3W1T1 Til TISD * 

vb nnm nnaa wn nyiam .anman n*aa ax *a d*dukti n^aa n^a mn h wnn 
n^an ^y yw ^k xbv wnn pnm .npan iy lanoyi mb*i "pun 5>ai ntaoi na* 1 nnn 
naN?a i^v ny rran nra nicya unas a from ^x now rrhwi rwi nwknpi wn 
ianoy lanaxi ioy *h* Hsna n nayn nph wnn pnn n^n pi .untvi wbd vb cpai> 
lSuwn narun n"aa Tnx-6 n^woo a'an qdvmc lxai tw n ioa wnn natun nm 
*oy n^n wn wm DD^yoa a^am cpm vnni ^s nnan ^>n on^ nnow "ooo 

:naio inna ^ ir on n ison nsra *aamn wm 

na"an w nw *a nasi^a ia^n now nwknp nya ntai naxta pnn s*a p nnw 
^x sai oanns Kate "ow i?an aa^ mti< D'a^in S>x wn *aw Kania^a na^inc' 
^a ay a^an a-n ata>a ny epn iayaai anann nta ^a ^ now pnii nxft nw^anp 

: d^dijn [owm fprm nw>i>anp *oy nai ^a 
anp ins nanoa Tisai hnan D*n nap ^y nnx naaa n^a iayani ' riNao iayaai 
D'a^n dw tttai ny&> 'vn ioa wiosn d^didhi nanna a^an mmm Tyn nyp b$ 
ianax own liw *b now nan ny anaaa wnn naan c:n 4 bi enaaa am vsb 
wro mna 'nsai nanoa "nnan ^a ^ai nnoy nai>m .uoy Nan na^ rrm T/S* unna 
nnw |ni>iB>3 nym jnhcn ^ itdi jro nobf xai wnn riTna jn!?v^ ub mDi na 11 
nx^anp nw w snn mna ""na^i na 1 " nu?o ^ mo am o^an Dy nanca i^n p 
nm ''nuroD <mojn ">pan iy nanoa jna noh? ay wn aiaxn pm a^Dtasn joixrn 
is*a j'ina icn* bnan mnm a^aaa -nn "jina yw r6ann by vnojn naa 'n^a^ o*oa 
Dn^aab rwop n^ann 'no^n^ nnw :a^ai pjo Mnn nw wnn laan hbw i?a 
nn^j anis iNin nw^anph jnan riebv bx ^mow o^ann mxi^ uaian >nis i^nci 
^ntnri "'naaii a^aian iwan p nnw .nxo nxo vnrom nnw ltnai a^ann iwam 
^ya ba laanai aivyi hna ina bx layam unrw naan watt ^a iwn wnn "laano 
ia:^n lanasn .an^ ntrn na^aan ^ ^ao nimsvn nx la^aani nnta tdjwi nman 
ltennm nhna nano wm niisa n^n n^ nnan ba ^od nanon bs wnn na^ana 
ffjwim a^ai e\o nanon ^as* ^a ixai nnan pn ^n na^aono as aa *nwfi a^an 
vbv anw nivi nasooi nwia n^ho a^a^nn i>s ana moan yjjnn pnn nxi srwrb 
icanni tub ia^ n^ a^aiaxn bv aa^a^y mpani na n^aa ax 'a a^iaxn n^aa ina^n 
wnw laoy n^"i n^yno pnn a p ^nnNi .an^N nan!? nnaa w^ an a^eiasn bv 
tswiff] bz vsai nanon b$ laaaaa x^i nanono pn nana b& nns nano mn ba 

1 MS. nWlNBO. 

: *aaronn th tbd : 204 

nxo wron np* *i^n vxhvh mnsi *wnp tjKutcb nnx mm "j^an bx ana a^ana 

D-Dijxn by nib^by bbiynnb nnxn pnn m noy aron ,n,bcn 'osb i^irf laivn xpnbx 
wan* tftMN nix Dai m aba nojn tfmm nnnnb aw anx anb noxi dv baa 
nityyb bia* rm xbty ^ki unb nan rw\o napm lxb ax l waa ixia* dm D'DttMn 

not? it maya yi dun aicb 
-a riBoa }u n*n uki ipaa rrrwo bai Nin nnxn pnn n*aa ""bx xa p nron 
pna Kin irwn pin noxi jno nbp bx dj3ji ipaa je nm rtWn ba "nxnp 
noxn ^ todm .nx^banp ba xa pi nx'-bxanpb xnpn nobcb mnoxi brun Tina 
'jpata (DUtm a^oa nvm uni wb^ xxxi mta^MV ny "innnn aBssn pnov pnb 
anan ncNi xinn anan 'bx xnpi *]bon nxo ana xvyi pnn *xh pna mxvn TJ3 
axi na n,^ nbnxoa nrsD nxnn as* a mn^'xa rxn n bcn fra nr -ana jjw *pn 
xbi .laayn xbi nimnioa mxba raeo 1b cpam MN?a ioy ^bn fibrosa nxnn xb 
^bx miN xnpi b una pi anan *b jn Tnoxi xinn anan [Njnp-'tp p*in bx "n:oxn 
nt^y tn 'jn a nnnb H naNn yenn pnn -ion p nnai .enpn ptrba iwbanp 
lbNB> ny anix ntryni o^pay n,b w no nann nnxi -jbon ^vva ax a abo nan 
:vby aann ncx ib aiai nma neon lb n^trx roi nnx nyr wa bx 
"ax nayn awm nsia ix 'bxyoc" nnxn rbx bx*ji 'hv ^ian nayn nxn ia ->nxi 
u-nai -\2i xb "man xbi lb ibni Ti^aa 'cian nayn npb onann nbx nni nw 
mi nx^baipb mix urui mix nxL"b bai: xb icx nx irbx nnu axi lrba ba 
nra mvn qv mix nay xin *a nd^bo bxm' 1 n 'bx wna icx two n:an lb mna 
bna maa i:b n^yi m^aa mnoy "\m inc*xi ra03naS "nxip a:i .nny nyi Wan 
ba nic> am anitrp 'djxoh xi am niyau i mna incx bxi r& ann x rbx "nn:i 
nann niaya t3pn s nw ntrmi n& nvbmo ay n^^op x p a: n^x mn:i pn a lbx 
nan uoo iW xb am nbnxo mn irxiaa nivj'xin aysa i:^x vj*y i-'x nxvinm 
:pm ' a" 1 !'^ vn niamn un ^00 a^naa i irbx mn: a:i ibx ba anb mnai 
xh nxo ny yi aia ^x jnai ^a ba nx nxcb niman pnn nbu' p nnw 
by nhn ^x 'a yoic-' pnni pnn n^ab anp nrnoa 'bna mabm vby aianb wn 
.nmsn by aam rby aan xin n^x aia x 'b ;n:i vsb xa aian *nnn xbi ban 
nbnxoo wyoai qui a^wi a-^x a"aiai onytaso a^auxn bai xinn ava i:y c:i 
xa *Djn loy xin "jod inpb nu> 'be naym jniD bai nnxn pnn xai avn "v-a 
nb^ba - mxaa i:y;m ,}na nebvn "yc^ -il m x Duxn pixm pin Di:xn ay nx^banp 

1 .Ms. imaa. - MS. nxaa. 

203 * ^mann tn tibd 

ib b*i n^iNoa wsab yam abia omwn by *jbon mix aw jyob bxmonao itan 
mwn bao xinn niaboap vsy mvn n\i xini tix ian waa 3&b xai anan a 
nnxi ova" ri 10a nbixoa ioyi .an tax^ man n^ni ta^p \rbw2 biaxb ran xbi 
mix vwn xbi paa ibn xb a pao ibid apy i xa p "nnxi ,*ibon ^ab "jbn p 
Kim span atjn nausra xa n\i xm&y pp cjaan *aao SJwa xbi nona xb D:anb 
loy "man i^n mabni nnx mia by maaii .Djanb mix in'on xbi nbixoo aiip 
on iBion apy i bx wow rwron wk ba mx iam mx dub "pna pmio 
now .a^anani paa nionmni fenn nbt^ sin ai n,bn xb yx "6 awn paa nabn 
wm wab mum ianb *]bn p ^nxi .mx tnna fbx nmxi paa nabb mm ^x 
loipoa ins pn xa ww h Tin 'ains bmi pin yia: nnta :abiyb *bx im xb 
lyai nbn nob&> iyai naobaip lya rh& yan is?x avai bvo pio ains 1103 yen 
noxw mtsn ib ;n: xb ibom nan ioiy mm ivratsaaw no anb ioxi pa nobp 
d'dumh mmnb as* *a run ioiy wro a^m ib moo ioyi a win a ax a nan 
ioiy xin a mn iam nox u"x nx^baip 1b awm .nbrn av imaa an *a onin^ 
B"oan svw omuxn imanb loxn nx^baipb 10x1 ,"]bon nai^n lb Na 11 new ny 
.a^DUNn by nr nx iw vjab n^x dWjNH bt* nw bji nn^ai^n n"aa iBJa' 1 i?Ni 
nxo anp 13b m .nr ba ^ iT3ni nb ncb'i pa nob^i nKbanp uab ia p nnxi 
nbob anta yiatr baa xim bv^ pno nnn xini nvnabi acb yeni yn amp pB> n^nn 
p nnsi ,waa B^xa d^dunh ya b'po pnb Tarn li^yooi wmo b^^o jnbi 
noNi -jbon bx anan 'nana pi ana ib atnaxi ibcn ^ab mbty nvnm nibcb "-nat^n 
byao ana as a "jbono ana nbir , baii3^np inn i,a pai ff?n vk nbn nobc bn 
ic-'N nxtt idicd Npnbxo ^b hbdi ,pit33D3 Nin ib>n inx DMNo anai aiy ptrb 
ba woo npbi iosp nya nnis c^abi du*oi baiDt^ip T'o npb 'a n^yi bya 
Npnbs W3ai iabm aiyn p-cb bs* "jbn baiot^ipi Diano a^ban ba npbi B"anan 
n\i a Dian s^ano rwi ana iya inisn mnx lam Dion xbi mnoa imsn xbi 
xba any Dion 1300 npbi any ptrb N3 p inxi mis naob njia^ba nabb nsii 
noci "jbon bs* sin i^s*a Dion ianai .lb "]bm ma xpnbxi ^baio^ip nw Kin a^ba 
any pt?b bs iok xbx nairn ana xb lbom Ninn Dian nbapo nbn3 nno^ lbon 
yanp ny^ai .apn "baio^np *b sai n^y xbi nyv'B' no ba vba n^ysi ainax ^x 
nsii ^x ""bs ioni nixvinn naya pin ; ib -nn3i ibn nobc mnbe' 'baio^ip 
iab.ii .pM b nvj' .im^ b^ ibm ainn nx ib , nn3 bji *oy ny xa 11 "baios^np^ 
a anb nnai nmoa nrnn ioiy "jx ya B"xn anx anb "niosi nbon *aab nn 

c c 2 

: s 3ms % irT mi IBD : 202 

*snaa$> rrann on ^x iexi vnnn naiD A en wai> ^K xai *ainK pnn anpb 
x^>i DH33D x^ "6x nox x^>i mnn xinty iDiD.-i nh nana ncyn nicsn ^ nipyS 
xim mnn naion **? ta p nnw ,*pay ^ n-ww "^ rwr xin ^ now .ins* -mo 
*rroci ,Tian fratb 'b nw "piaa nuyn in ^ ncyn mnn ax "b icxi moa pen 
mnai pn n s nyn laco mnp^i -jbiri pi mm? na> in ^ naxxeni ibn |na maiw 
^ "low wai> "6x K3i mnx h*nn pnn yoe> anxi ,ii> T^ni xinn naian ta iniK 
x^ "ax 1^ Tacni too ^apcr naan nro *p ba naian ^>x nna a ros nspiy nnx no^ 
T^x ttiok b ""as xmn pin ^x nox txi .fnaa ^^ya ax a niaan nr i^> Trey 
wm *ain pnn inn^ i?n p nnxi .v^x nna -rcwa *p ^a anaa vbtt ncyn a 
: nan $>aa bna nan ^ nsryi pn i?y axn ioa nan ^33 tun postal ws moo rwi 
aao n&6 nn^n mm inn ta mx3i aixna pnn rva ba s ax vofcn p nrwi 
din aa b r6ci l 3sa noyi ^k K3i f>an mam ,bsb> orra^a ntpiy rvn xim dis 
y6n tooki pin DnB>y nn mnph laat^o nnna Kim ax ax a inns pxi mnnn 
iW -pya nhw n,tan by myrcc? ^ax *a }wn pin an >ao ^apn mnx mays 
JP&M1 ntana n,o ^>apx *6 ^ nvm .innn niifinn maya i^ 'aoo npni i*aa? 
N^tr nnNi u^ ^'a pi>o Kim noy mn ^n no^'i .nuns 'aoo iap^ n^c ini?N3 
niyara bv\ b:-\n nyi b>s*id bnso b\n c-'ia^D ^ ^ \b "nncNi s 3od myen nm 
uwi b vTrpspi v<yy2 qk ""a ntna onxn pi nsivn i>yi rsnn i?y yam n^anni 
-m i^n >^y yDE dk ^k idni .^s in^i^ nsin ^ki jnnn ^3pn i!> *n.ncKi 

:\)-\)i dib> *o H o "ni>3p n^> "OKI mis ainn> 
^apn dk 'Ta Dn p ib *nnsi nia* main a T^V ^^ ^nyo^ 'ax ^k noi 
j\na^ n\Ti i^is bn nbcK imx mans nnya i>nao cn^cn ni mannn 10 nnx 
^y ^n mnhwii ban bap lnans maya ^x 1- icx .ns-iiai my nanwh T^ 'an 
v^n mn^ 3ny nyh ,Di^ Wib miim n^i?3 ybx N3 S ^d nnnni ^ nob& n 
nx mannn jq nnx np^ 6 noxn nb noh^ ^nncKi ibia ina tna^m niann a 
ita mix wap annm bna E>ia!?on nxi n3iD nnvn nph .njxnn nnrwm pan' 1 tj'n 
p nnxi .nnnxn annn ay ^x "h nth nrm ,n po nnv s vnx3 nic nn*m pn 
x^ n^n ni>B> n^ani i^n ^th l^ni mnx p nn Ta mix mnai -|^i? 3n3 msna 

jn^ixtaia mnx pnn yioa nnx ax a nn'n 
nxo \a%k niaa niap^ X3i *&kd<kq nn am3x n jpr mrf X3 p nnxi 

1 MS. noK. 

2oi > ^3 win in iisjd * 

nam nr rraw dxi ibon 'aab mia nex ba ncyni i^ nex "pia l^N mryn ^n 
na^ao Die tinvb b tn ana -jbon bx "nana pi .D"E*n ba fmrya rmx 'as 
"be Dion prm nr yba vbw ^ani nveyb no myT xb xbixoa nciy *aNi na nabb 
niDN ton f>M &n mbap xb <a sni ibe nw^sono nr>x "b Nroni v&a ba Dy 
*Duian nw rba bai Dion "baitaenp va wia pi ib 'bx iana< nbiNfla nanai 
xpnbxb tobr anN ,n*rtip "Jita^xb D"ana *a manai "jbon bx aina "WN anani 
vbw Dmx tito Diobi Dnb fnn niNxmn nya pn * ib Tinai ^BiBeJnp Dy "]b" 

"Wnp aiBaN? ] 'DW3KT1 [HI pTH .Tn"C U"ab "J"3 'baiatynpb WW DIDn by 1331" 

dhin mnbei .Nim Kin icy iit nnn5> "jinan bx ib" dni xpnbxa poN* 1 sb "3 i 

tin* inc:ji 'nan ftapn nayn whn 2 onix Tinbw mNi ibcn vsb labni nbixon 
onxian D"iayb niao [nia n*n piea nw rm dni na srcn Nim von bn:n iayn 
maun mwri -naya nuaop oniay nryi iab xcn 3 "pay ncxi rynitian ^m iNiai 
annb nxn nni n"33 tin icx duni join by bnan "eian iayn nciy anNi .Dnbe 
rfn iayn tvnii ban nyib nsin vugpi nibipn 'nyoen o^aa *asi mbien by mix* 
nayn n ne>pi o^ana vnippw Dnb tucn p "inxi ,n"33 tin tcn duxi nan 
j^n "mac vex ny icxia niNan b Tinii Ta hia nnx )*y Tinph vbiai r>T3 
Triage inx ni3 nxro ib jn dijn."6 tiiidn aiixi ^rff 1 mix TiTjni inx yv Tinph 
noyi -naD n"3a mix tidb'i br\2 ^aa ii> i^cyi nis: rca b ib WB'jn ^x D^yn 
aniNi ^n iiaai nan nxi 12V xmi inmcabni mix mxvin p inxi d^* 1 nicy n33 
foiNn pai wa m v cyi ni?nnaa n*an "poy ^a nicy^ xinn nayn iDiyi nann mix 
*Jir3n ib Tinai aiy pe6 b'ai prm nD 11 mna xmi *i? nebe m^aa rwn .mbc 
DniN m^iry ncx pn iu Die cenn imi" oibn DiTnia'OD hmi $& niwiD ^yoni 
n^an DTJiaNn n"aa d^v^dh mixm ranp couxn n^aa pica xxi onix cah njn 
yci TynD pnn bx vby i^cbm Dya vby mpi? nr nayai D^an vzb prwo n^ab 
oniiT xh onvia- xb "cd ia c s c onaa ic"ab" xb bxiionia ni3^o baa tn nNi 
.Tnc ibn nobc nx icsni pn 5 vby Dap "j^n ncy cn^c *a bai DTJiax xh 

:-cd ona n^nc *naa xcia 
nx iiwi ainxi ^c nan bnan nci? ^ jna nebeb ttidni myce p inxi 
ncyen ompi .DTaiasn vamp ib icy nianyn Dy mix ix^vini ibn pi ib nobc 
nn xh vbx D H aio onaa pin nya "ainx aion bnan pnb mnbe ib neber: 

1 So MS. - Lacuna. 3 MS. "pap. 

[II. 6.] C C 

: ^nvsnn m iisd * 200 

vbtm rwbanp waab xai man byai D*ai tmH iay ai *aB>n ova nxbibo tnnn 
layam wabni .nmn bo w na mi Dab vimo 'ax lab man nan nxo mix 
*aab bnan p*rn xai cm annni nxin na* rovm ttrei nnna laDaaai nbiKtM 
ntryx '3N1 'bx nbwn nan nrx "pcwi as* pnn *b n?axi "pxn bai moo lab mm 
<aD bxi"i any psyb 'jab xai npan ny nb'ba laatPi ,nay any p^bi irvab 7b .ban 
Pin rib nya rrva^xa did x ib wap -oxi .n,bn aab mrnb mm mn *a men 
.anta nwop d^ipi xpnbx ia nrnip anro nmam pin ri vbx Tina 'nb'itaxai 
*aab ws ba nnD 1 - xin a 'bx mai ibon 'aab n?ni ib nbm nb'itao mix "nnbtn 
bp*o jn 'a pin nixn tanbc lab lam? iben nra -ws>n niyon labap xb mtow nbcn 
no bai ibon 'aab [Damnn xin *a nr ba jnv any pcbi anano na\nn ntryi np*p 
anann ib*n ban -jbob *jb Tax 'ax any jv^b 'bx now ,ia px wi b nam? 

:n'aa xpnbxi nb'ixna Tncjn *jind i>n pi wi new 
'nixnb wa xbi anix wtn nb'ixs a 'yan ai amm n monoi psb Dm,T k*i 
nbixoa ncjn nbina mra anb mm nbiNtaa Tiyan nta>x *ae>n ova *b ia pn nnna 
r iDian"a x Dn nnxD TWpi ,iay D'nicn D'baixi n'aa 'aab iNin s, i a'E' i ma 
-una wm Mb nobs? 'y nnyi .n^anp jajgaxb pnin i:dd nr^yb wn tj'n* pn 
naaj dun p-maoo nnx ^nni /bx xai nbistaa a'Diax a-an o^anp ib im "dxd'-xd 
,waa d^dijx ri 10a noyi p nnxi onaan nianb [tais xini onaa vox t^abo n\m 
.na ibx Tirx 7113 wpn fjav lbcno a^anaraa pan n^'D n uab y-an ann ana*ai 
aamb iabn ann aHin^ .onsiai a^Diax a v jax xbo xvirvan any ny npao avn bai 
"bur DiDn ibon bx }nn mbcb xin aio *a ma^n nb^isao tyoa^ nnxi ,*]bn uab 
kk^i byian nr vww\ 'b lb* *d ^natyrn -iDia^an nanip ^aitaaxb nb-^x ai rba bai 
ncaoni ninai aab in xin ai jnxa xim 'baitat^np \cw Diax mna "n^aa 6^1 .pinn 
"jbon a*ya ata^c anx hw ni^yb bai* xb *b idxi xpnbx uab xai mix mbi-b 
rww anx mm ibon aab innbw'n ax Dion n?:xi .Dyan nra "mx ax <a "pawi 
Tair nbcn n^x mbpni nnc>a n^* mvb pna in^ao xv "jbon^ nxn^i nam 3 prn 
4 nx lTa np^i mm nntrxaa\xn?a n_b pnnn nr ncx-i n,bcn bx inx"a s i prn rvrm 
TfiExi .Tinai ncx ba n^yxi Tnimab *aan *a mnn ax n,b mnnx a nnyi ,anan 
thex! n^'y ncx auicxnn a^cycn nxo xn^no uxi bx yftyw d mm a ib 
axi ^baitacnp n^a jnx ban *a -jra ,, bc , n hoikd lb fnx xbi *bsiDB**ip ay n,bn ib 

So MS. 8 MS. 'Dianan. ' MS. pnn. * MS. tn. 

199 * ^lNlil in TD : 

xb ux &ib mnnxi ,inix nun ^ viexi *3a ibm Dnn D^ouxni my ptrb xai .xin 
ton 3331 mbrti nixvin b onji nyn vbx itw wn xbi 13 idbivp Dunn mran 
*nN nan uab any pt?b nroyi .win 3TWN un xa* dxi ^y xab n^nn xin Snnyi 
ran xini parvp Dipsa nsbb Dnx ^av "pin bai mix 33yb n^ lb px -pin TN 
"i^'x DiJxn rrcxa usbm frv^xa uysnt? ny wa^m .n3bb innun fn*]?N3 nabb 
Duxn rrN^bsip 'bx xai pcxnn avai nnem ova dc uiejn pswnn cyan db> unoy 
bxjmmaE 2 i^Dn mm ny nbnxoa 'nsara? dvd mix rnp xini tnpn pcb xnv xinc 

:&>x *pnro bya xini Dim nt ny 
mm nnxi nyn tit xm nt^a ny frirS^ND "pin nr 'a any p^b 'bx iex aiixi 
b n3*i xbi ."pia D^xvom D^un uan unx nubb "py ixa* "pna onix ma^b D H t?:x 
now .myT xb uxi nb^bai nva icy nanro r xpnbx dx *a anyn ppb nam nr 
d^n "puxn rnai vb:n by "pTi Tina b*n xini uey xa^ aiD xpnbx a *bx 
mixnb ration *smn bs lxa utrn Dim rrva^xa uyoji ,N3*i ynrf 1 3"iy p&?bb *navm 
nc^a TH3 iwin ruron nxo ux^i .umyD3 by D^aiai hi3 ny* Dnyavo EPDUMm 
moo ub moi pewnn ma urxi nnx dux n*33 1303331 x^mb uyan nc^x ny 
D.nb mnNi n^aiai D^xnmn vni oun d^dux nb*bn nn uab lxai .bsni jnhttn 
iten *3a^ mxa xi> uxi nnan ^xi d^ci^ pua lxnni lam Dnx ^a ny ny ^i? moa 
D*hma nfoxii nicn^ i^ c^. ;y^ tfhsnn^ Dax^anh nanx nnpb cyan nn 
W2rb oa^x X33 fa nnxi jaipn anpji u^-ix ub rvnnty ny lxian nnoa n^ana 
: nib nanp nyi^n tx Danx iwib ax ^a mxa v6 nyan nxn natru px ^x aanx 
i3D3aji cdwn ia tw nnx iBaa n^b ujam tW3D [ux^] v^im nra p nnxi 
Dipia bx naiiD ^x uxal uyD3 npa3i ."fivri ^31 mu lab mnai owxn nua n^3 
ncx Dipra ba3i T'yn y*i uab 1x31 nnx dux n , 33 usbm D*3i cdux ia m na" 1 
nnm na 11 Dipo nxbiba uxa w[]Dnn arai . onix inat^n n^nn D^nia vn ats> u^n 
nixnb lvm hi3 -1133 )& v^yi Miri ba uab ixai dux nnx n^aa uxai nbrn 
wnnw nn ba D3nx nnsj>3 umx a unix mm nan inn dx wb 1W1 ahxm 
nwyb nrn xpnbxi .pc^xn dim na^ Din ^^* nv baa d^ unroyi .imix nry }ai 
pnvi }.n3 nrabt^ w/i tomo Dnim 1x31 1300 xn>m uxi bins nm^i D^pDyn 
mnbcn obcn uab ibn idm prrai nb nb wm la tay ixa i ^axo^xo nmts' idm 
Dip?2?3 uyDJi ,xinn dipdd n^a ^b tid* n,bon ana ay nbnxora pnn uab nx^baip 

MS. nnxi. 2 So MS. 

: \ma-n in iidd : 198 

typab nb*bn nta ima nno nns ba iab^ a^ax i >b itypani ianni tdh <ny npjffi 
ltyy own pi anb jnasn new* p *by nran new a-iae> nx anb \m ai xpnbx 
:biaxb -|bx^ mp Npnb trpab labni pn n anb mnai a^tras n ^ ianai 
vnoyi npan ny bna par: *3ani p*b ntaoa nabni |nbrc>n by mbaa p nnsi 
*aab YTTf N3 Npnbs' nam Ti^an mebBVi x'N ny bbano ^aam ^13 vrami *nopi 
T^ns* Bpab isaty anwx iron ax nxa px iniK ^nbxtri arnyn ia aninc Mai 
Pno ib weni losya xa Kin a mix t>pab ibn? tax ait? run xb *a *b anwn 
Tirui mo^Nipo own "jd^ nann nxra xan a bionx "jniK mnbt? aw nxa 
.n^yron nt TWV nns "jw ban nancnc a^nn ^bx m^ jyob *]bn nxo anan *jT3 
rnabm Dion by ski miK icani a^aaa byba ^a *by ikvi Tna mxa "ax a *b n*pm 
xvmpa as? myam was* lanaK "ipk aipn Kxriipb m?w ny ninxb mmai ann 
-j-na nsy nt jyrob taxpn x ib mnai nxia bk mjnai mnaB> aiixi nb'bn nma 
ny nb^bn bai am <vn bicnx -j-nn by ^axi nan nab *ax mKai men ib mnai nrn 
maKi .mix annb itrpa on *a nab cra?n xbx [Kuan lbKD miK bwi xbi nyiwi nx? 
mnpb aai jnbitpn by amx kwti npy pi niyon nKi nnu ib'n rniann 'Kmn ib 
mm ^nin n^ona nyacn nnxi ^y n^y nibunn ib tjioni tan 1 - byo ^^ ainn 
^ai Dnb ,, ny^ bi pns nnN *a nnvum oninn ba b now ait^b pan nns* tn 
naason ijoo ^nnpbi naiob nsn n^n *a xanna inis 4 nxami nayn na:j nnN 
f rwap 'axi Titaiao nmx nnpb naab n-wy nw onwn *b li^an icxa ^n a rs\vw 
pnn N'b onb tiicxi onnmo onix Tibap N*bi "pra on "a iTyn n^an 'bya bai ?)i 
nan irx ba *a oa Tiaam t , b^d dn ti\xi nycn nsn .lioipob jransy ny n^an ns* 
na^Tcma n^a^nn 11m ."ja inv pan 'a^N a Dibcb iamb ibn nnxi nox Kin T>by 
n^mbcn nxi 2 iniN in"ao ^ayob ian na* iyn ^b onb mtDNi mis* iD^bi icainb 
}nia nnx nob *b idk Kpnbxi .onb wh ipk nx xpnbx ^aaa onb Tinn ixa 
jbonn ana laoo Tinpbi 'b nana ib'n nanan nsr i"naya ib ^nir^xi myon ib nnb 
D"aan coiaxm idid by aan any p^bi nman by ononn D^ban nxi"a p nnsi 
rmmn Tna fn5*Sipo lax^i jna nbc'i 'as* did by Tiaai p nnw .DiTdid by 
pmay "as 'bs ^osi ^oy -did Kim Dmn by aan ^ni aab xai lanns ej*n Kpnbw 
niiT 1 xbi na sb nns* sb aba p aba ib Tnew .nsia aw nvr nnxi >na baa 
mu "a vby 'DiDa maim ianinb mtn nm vby ^bta* a~inn -nnbci b^yDta* bi 

MS. N^'in. 2 So MS. 

197 * '.main TH T)3D : 

nt Npn^N *bit ntDi ,f*na *nrbv x m n npnN ii> vowm ,*]^ ^n tow 3B^ 
ny nnaon *iy "ipao aitan did by n33"i uyDJi nman ^y ta^an ^3 ^roscn lannn 
itryi inx dun noa iaaS>ni d^dun tayo na cm rnnao nano jwn nvnpa uyanc 
nautai d*b on a nnix inapi D^ann lonai -pyn D\a*nn ^3 itoi hna Tiaa ia^> 
wotai inx by am nnr ant fanfc md 3 s 3di pl> ^00 nnxi ante nnN nana 
iWBTi mrn^a ditt D"p3n ntana nmx mp nirn^n d* ivbi nirni> d3P bin 
aaoi nama on row nrn p*ro jb>d nnann rcwy D3 taaina mmbai anrc> iha 
wn bim .aniens epD *w B*no nun na^io nm naina p-nm wd bain l aao 
pb hpoo anriK n^n m epao iar bx l anno bin uw nwt 5>ai pn> wo nih 
3 shy vutsMm a *nnctyi Mpnta "6n N3i nWn iy rrcmpa unoy unaNi o^na 


nis^y nionam d-e nna ^y -tjra layam tanrren *ry uiai 2 ny rompo uyDa np33i 
now orwy d^dun t\w? unnana wn tap ibsw psn ^y morons ff^an nmni 
am na np*i .rrvoiiipb own ba i^ ictwdd din v *d y\yn \wb ^n 
"b px "6 vnstn ."psffi ^31 mf>iaa-nn warn naio mn "jb mo* maya ^sn 

new ban iai> -no!? i^owipa *]bnn ^ vron mix TiNipi nph^n 103 am din 
rom ii>B> i3nn?o nnx did 3">yn ppfc )b jnai did 3do ^nci .^n un ^n 
pn ia rw nnr rnian n na nrwi Dai pw bv nnv .w nhw "^ 3inn na 
-nnai ,njn dc iniN 'nn^'^ nnBtpn byyo p-i^aoa ^3p "icn pn ' p Da rrai 
nph^n 3311 bra ni33 ^n i^y^ Mnn b!? 3nis n\nc iwiEms i^orna 3ri3 ^ 
m'CKipa layam layoai nnN nyc 103 inns iany lanasi *aso *]bm Minn did by 
xb) Np-n^s nan N3 n^ ia^ niosi ttpnfos Tyn now nso ta^Nci ny^n nns ^y 
N^ni kwi nanono pn laabn ianaxi nu^nn "as& 3ny |w6 l^n p nnNi twin 
'3 win 3nNi d"dijni Don ansa w niNib runon ^cax i>a 1x31 ind ny n^na 
i D^Diaxn ni un ^na^m 'did by 3211 aw ou^nn H a3^ unb 33yo mn 3-iy pe6 
"Nasi Nax didh iy D^hn iam m^osip nano dnd mkim ."oy ma xn Dnso 
ianas iancyi lannx isy D"DiaNi D^n^ai anm nnsiai D^ai sjm runcn ^a bsi 
xabm ley iK'no nu-n duci anyn }iB>b ^y3 N3 icn ny uh? d^didh ^y dw^ 
iN3i macn ND31 jnhu'i nuoi n& Wn ~nn d^ ^ to inN dun n , 33 nncy 
then Dunn ^ni md^i^m cmno bra iyv nytavo uni .uab mnsn ns?3 ou^nn 

So MS. 2 Lacuna? a So MS. 

: mwin tn "odd * 196 

)bpa anix aina"tr B'onaM n-o-np *ai5a5 aai> annaoa ib"b my pa'b mw "piana 

lbpa anis avDHP a^anaoa n^-iip milus *3B> ibn any pa'bi Tpaa Tiabn *;si 
sin b^o |m unn a s anaoa "jbon ^ab my |6 nrm rvat? aya aanab mm h 
a^anaon ba b^o jn bapi ?jbpa nns anan b*pD pnb "ibon nr:s p nnsi ."^on ^ab 
*be> Dyao nr by . pa'snn 10a naiao uw ?]bpa anis anai wamp "aitaax ana n-j-s 
n n^aa nd'33 Tiyjn ntrsa ms pi .-ayano *rrot Mix tin spv ibom mpm s a 
iy nbano don as Son itw mo noa> naiam noan napr ib v*\ sa^ao bN"m 
pam ns mbsn too Dyan m "van on T& ba oyia -jnis nsin 'os ^n mow nso 
bs sinn anaa ms nnrai naan csna nanai nanoa ttfym D^aina ^ nana swn 
oyano sonan mm Dyano ny ns anaab Tibia* 1 h .tatrn ?si bnan ^t cy^n 
ba any pu6 byai .nnipan nsr b thk s-anb irab ya b^o pn ay "b mn na>s 
Tanb bvo jn -jab banraa ^ sin Tvaa win Tnana> no by[i] ibob nansa* no 
pi aana *a ib ran sbijibpa annaon any pa>b bya ^ }na p nnto :ban ib 
a^oinn n^ana a b jnai nbnsoa bapb iab sw niyon nso anan ib t6kbi bv^o 
bapn ibon not* na's anan ni anyn ptfa ncs nnsm nbnsoo pnb nns 
opn spn nso nosn anan npbi b^P'o pn 'by arai npu> Ninn anani .oxpin trn 
Tinpbi vnanb 'njoxni ainn mvna anan pina!? vbw vb) npr'no anan nr ^ n^n 
T by 'sni pii i )b "nnji p^n nn^y nr maya ^00 nvm amn bya rpai canan 
.mnn ni^n mso Tinpbi ^on ^ab any pa*h "jn* "nabn p nnw .any p-j^ 
i3nr t^* 'nanai *jnna Tni^ n^iso ny 3 anyn pc6 noy nbi^ ^jn ^on 5w tow 
*n5ni ^n^ab ^nabm laoo Tiyoa arixi ,^s ama nan nr \s yba mov^ dni pin b> i^ 
mis* L"pab n^an a^'jx 'nnbci "-n^P ne>N \upn "a-i^n aoo nnai n^bn ma wab 
n>n s a anno bm: ^a nino nns* n^ao mis* \txvew ny cnibr'b pin 'o nnr 'nnai 
prHIao inyDai .nibna niao mis* 'nam ib:na cbnan iol-i nayn >b un:i ,tx? am: 
^c a^nay EJiaen noico xp^bxi ,, ojn , 'a nmn^i |na nobn ^:n nmon nban nnx 
jib6 byai .nnjno lasv n^s* ny nmna n by ^a bai anns* anc n Dy any p-ch 
Na s npna ai nWn nxra aa* p^bi pn^o jaa nirn b mm mne' -joo n vjn npb any 
ana ty xb mnina a^nan bai nb^bn ma pnscbxa i:abn ^Tani aw pKobsa *bx 
"nnba* npaai nb'bn mis ba n^an aaa unoyi a^aa' ia a*- nns na "3ab i;abm .l-s 
any pcb sa spnbs ^na> nnsi ospm a nnatrn byao bap" 1 jyob pvEFaa spnbs 

1 MS. niV. z So MS. 3 MS. amyn. 

195 * ^3 win "m tisd : 

rmy vx x\x thai *bw j^an an a^nn f b -nami fnn i"n riPKai 
ib V\2wm "W *jniN ww ma "mn^ mnn pBTin ^ ijdxi .worn riya ihn uan 
jai> 3B nann nn a^y!> inn tub) na*nn p ru n^ "wk aniyn iraa ^nix ntryn 
yiKO -nxa "ok "pm "Din ni it^y mtqk xh *b* f3 nn mio i^d j3 "on d don^dh 
aia dp wm atrn mi3yi> *na ^x d "6 nW>n nrn -ain ni^y^ a 3iyob mree 
,"3in n? ^ "iDKi> ^ "jn^d fw n3 ^a n ^' x hixdr by nhyn ^>aa ^ratw 
w i!j room ,n^ p^nn 'h a*8?m mnn nriKn ^mn -nrnn ^ nca ^k new 
nm "m *a noiN :ni ncx "jm i^nd nnN *a ma jki ima nnx 3bito> ato 

:iy TiDyai ^mtri npo m nrpDNn 
vixsn 1^-3^ 3">a panvi&n sin any ji^ ^s?ai bdib tnai ^k ^ nan p nnsi 

:*jva$> *n3i mod 
na^ 'noaDHB' th nrxai o^jnn i>y "jdd ntapi natan nya nbw vwn avai 
na^>on nnoen nya Non yn i^n yam fa p^an an tfbnn tk n ^ x *ropm 
^nys^i ,-py aa iai> ^x ncx i^n di abvi lvixb "mnni db *^n mow 
tid^ 'najrn naoo men >nnpbi mrw nmBMn i>Ni "jr^ adnata ana sin yx 
Dr6a> o^am TiyBJ maya dhjjbxo ym tid!> B"Ka vn n^ai bid d^dunh ba ni 
i^ap n^ Nci3 n>n iiapni ptojndo ""nyDj ns?N ny Bnswn ya^ t nx pmb Mxa 
Kim tno arc Nin -j^m .^ n^nn ^njiuiis niai>o bai ^n yei? hid ptj bw 
. nn^ n ncy in^^arNn nxo nnv tot n^ bh^ idni B^m^on By naup nenjj 
irixi 1^3 2 TapD m^nb' ihk> ini^ "Jso v^y n^ax bic ncny nS "jbon M3 no p nnsi 
H^ jnp "ant aaTi io nain nTna "wa BDina am BDnaon ^n jnai anyn ptrb ^n nd 
"a n^iNaa ^b ana bji .ann BDnaa ^n: mai bdib anan mab an3 3na Nini 
np:i nnxi jn i^cn ^n ah& nirmi n^j 3-iyn pc6 ^ ioni .^n nwo K^ ^apj 
s jx uabn pi t^* ^aa a^ns* nci lfen yab *j^p iy hd an BDnacm uoo man 
nnxi ci^pa BDnaen ^ ana -iva^ssn yx wiom l^on ^y "-noyai .i^ n **^ ww 
i^ni imiay inyai imys 3ny?oi> mreo ""nsD "-jni i33 DDnaon ^ nana ^^D 
nxa "pN lyot^i wnns a^a jah uva |nan nny hkb ^pa an bn BDnaon 
^pa amai? niia^wi jhjci ^pa aina^ u^ aruian ps* i^ran i> awn oma^ 
^ aanan yaa^ nam \n bpN ^n bn i^ta^ mDKi ,u^ jnjon ^aa ^ w:ry ao 
iiaya a^j'iy urns "b awn l^ni .jnari? ^ iw anix nyn jn a ^p3 mnx aya 

1 MS. W3. - MS. vpuD. 

B b 2 

: ^msnn in tidd : 194 

.nny nyb wpos "h B* *a mbtra oaanib isbn onxi pvi n ny3 nb^iNoa onna ne* 
tb *a ana 1b amax mnm n^no moo npbi *bx xa n^in nown pmr n pi 

Dta> N3? new frm bab innrya w mb\npn bab inya ^nanai DWva nabb Mint? 
n^no mod vcpa xb fan tan-axi rrorw .mbea iniN Tinbtri onaai myo ib nnai 
Dn^by now naaa DH3io vn na iabn n&>N "pin ba3i onb bni tin mi xbi 
labm tttnb iX3t? ny onb nixan nnb tam vn pny rat new oipo baa tfDMxn 
ib p^Sndo pirn nnx uavb mix <nnb sn Mab xa nx^nnip rmn*i .cnb lrroi 
pn o n&gh*r\pa fpi^ ''rinai pirn wna nbnxo ny tiii^^ ""bx xa 11 iiaya mKDna 
p nmn ibn xbtf ^ nMn cdmx mod xanna 0*0* a pnaaxoa noy yo^t? ramp 
pn53o3 lanrayi !?i jprn oaT'B nnin" n *nx -ixboi rabiyb wiwn xbi lsan mpoa "jbn 
D^TStan n/N woo wwap new Dion bya mpoo nyiota ^x X3i nbin ibon p M) 

: twbi nr by DM^ybo rani >mon n*x 
nnwn nxi man ranb lanai onsian by nojn wnn Dipoa d^dmxh tyop p ^nxi 
*bx wben d^dmx dmb> idsh xinn mpono own p *nno nrro by dyo inpb 
ib woni ibon Msb mabn 3ri3n wsn spni .Dnnrya .Y.nx mj xinn mpono 3n3 
nmby top hduwi *ai mod [ojM^yboi won r>"* iba mpoo on^u a YW 3u " n 
}n b3pxi nxnx nnyi one dmb' D^iaxn nx wan tWHm xinn nrsn on^D inpbi 
niiv nycn nr3 T,boni .nnn D^iDn.n niDNOo invnnv DM^nb ainsn yyy} noni 
3n3n nri3i T3 mm 3n3n b3pxc ny po xvx xb ib nnow 3n3.n m ^na'-j- 
mm mx ib vneNi n,bD.n pms rvm xinn 3n3n mb3 n.bon onm "ibon Msb tvrin 
jn: ibon pi omx ix^vvi d^omxh Mab 3nan nr ny n,b^ nx i, o x s b jnnu' imaao 
jonw ttwnni M)bni n,b?an 3ns Djn q^dmn dmc ny mix nnban vnayn x ^b 
[no nic^yb nnn no D^na^o D^ban n.b ^ b nosi D^bann nxo s mx bx^ n.boni 
cnMaa onix x^ix J b^n3 n,bx dx D03K>n p3i mmi Mbty jo^on on mj ib WB>m 
jnx dx l yrm mo nnx mj i3n.n no dx Mbx^ myi ,nmn aio n.bon icxi 
on o ^b now /m3n mx p ib naB>m s nxo D^aan b3 Nnrow jna OBWDn ib 
Tim^ ora onno nr *a D^bxyoc^n "pay nn >a 'on^an nnx ib moKi D-aaan ibx 
p nnxi /xnu nr bs ynv nbr:ni tn& b3i pn^ n,boni nwrm D^aia nn nb^bsi 
p^b by3i mx , n3b.m n,bono rnx ptwin Mmpi waa n^ dmc ^nnoyi vasbo r8p 
prin pMy by[i] D>bann pMy by H mx bx-jn bma iiaa ^bx ncyi |oe>nn nu bx 3iy 

So MS. 2 MS. DnMan. 

193 ' ^i"n 111 -P3D * 

W3 ta can ca^ay dhd n non nam Dnaann niranxn nx Tnpni c^ann onaa 
D^a-ayi pn ii nic nnn naab nnnx naavoi pn 5 mp nnnc nwa [n]aavo mpbi 
">bn nr ynn ppbai xpnbx ay ntaopa on nnyi on mpb ncx nx nan cm 
nnxni nnpy p nnx nay oniric nnay cac Trapi .nnpb nnx nax nn nnpb nnx 
boa mix nnt:n -mai vixn nn nayn bnani .jupn Dion nya nac mtry con p 
xpnbx i^ nxi Dorian anayn bx nivoi a^ayn ba tidd nn noitycn xpnbxi nan 
nbc p nnxi .ana irapo nn xin n "pna nnbin vn way ba nnx dv nnno 
nabb nvin nnx nnn nrxai nicyb npba J nacn no n noxi vaab nabm -jbcn nya 
ainani nva^axn Mab xcina mrnb wsn ins* macm ,pn>oaDa nabb mm *a a 
ai Tniabo bx myan "-as "pK ^k 5 l Dri 1^ n ''^ T^i wa niny mm manao nx 

januian bab pntaa nnx ana nx ainan 
nw ibc naion nanp 'oiDax bx xnpi -rbx nsnn new ba ncyx n a^cm 
Pin nixia a n wrm nbnxtaa b aina* "c^c anai anna cac n ama 1 - aab mix 
ny nnix lib 11 mcax -py nbcxi annan bapni ppoaoa nnx xan ibon n x nnxi 
pvHaB bx xmn ova "jbn *jbiom mnb mxai ibon *asb "riKX* p nnxi .nbnxo 
nx mxnb omaa \aae pn-oaxab nbn cm nbin naa nx 2 anb wi incx naboni 
ixac n^axb nc onaa a *nna pne^xa pn nr ibv ncx oral nxian b lan 11 Dn^aa 
mc nn ^ c ant nnio x mb?ac nia^n nna ohah ncta vni nr nnx nr oncab 
^o xpbo x nna wbtfai pn b mc enn omx wn 2 ^axaa x ^nna nnh pil ^ 
moy prDaoa iaai mcxi xn labnc inxi ,pm an nnv mc nnn snxo nnxanc 
n^aa pn^uaoa "nx Tiahni "by nnan ba ny nyoa aiixi ww a pno^xa mnx 
pn"DaD3 layan n^x naoai pnai nan noy i?a nciy xpnbxi nnan bx amp na 1 ' 
noon p> 'nnoy p nnxi /ntao by }B ^ki nph!>n oy nhna ntatap DHin 1 ' icy 
nyDcn ynn peb onn Dnin\no *y nanro nni KpnijN yab xai nxipi nbnn nnnai 
nnin" 1 ny mDya anxi on^y nbnn naiD ^ax a onano nn "ps 'bx noxi man 
manb n^m ny obip nnnaroi ranyiv vn nni xbaa nann nnn onmn onnaxi 
nacn ova wao onb 1x^1 nn?a nnix uaai nnb n^s onan mpb p nnxi .anix 
pu^D spnbx n nx nib mbci bba nra yni 1 ' wi xbi *ntao by caaa 'nDaa *aw 
nnv onncra ^aivna pxi innn by ^ax T>' onb n?oib ^nnbci nex nan nano iawi 
nianyn btaan^ nb^xtaa n,bran ana m *jbon nxo pniaa nnb ^nbapi nrn onb w^xn 

1 MS. ^nacn. 2 So MS. 

[ii. c.] r. b 

ma ban ^ano bxL"i bna Dan wwjni pcb bya Kin *a *nan miNi vby TiaoK-n 
D^assn Noh ^aisoa mron *b nnbta* new mis i[]tw *a&na nrain ' nne>y a ama 
nice Dna ama epao niKbo anr DKpn ontryi ntstan D.nbc 2 bpB>D anr niEmn 
nnK enra iab titit *a *b nna Kim onn rooninm bam wk Tina pi .t M npn 

jyrab D1DHD span ^3 Dy pll DTINO iTIB> 1101 HB 1 pb DID K flW K'3nb Ttai S3y 

naib ^va vm a^D onb noini D^aita niaatfb tfae> *ba wanb Dai iWBMnb inanx 
a-cm .was aspy Kin new neiena Mpnbtrc *be> naiDn apy n nbB> ""asi .bnpno 
*ai BVW wd by onnnrai onano Kin -01 wm*p Kin "pK wn apy^ n *b 
*a b nan Kin ai manb n3Dn Kb ^k -pa apy s nb wdki nais?n nwyb laima 
*b aiaai Ktann Dina* jd iaeo Knn wm naiwin 'aisnai mycs Tiny TiKtan 
apy n ^k nraKi .man o^aa a "pnana peso m b3 3 ib widn a nnKi inn nrK 
-pnnn nt-K "pin baa iy "jn?ya mmi n,niK nnfc" Kin *py ae* dk nsnon 
Kin a rby lb any ^aKi o^aita "aara Kinp ynr 'axja IT by niaitrnn mrnn nn 
iniK spawn nmn iwiain ntren npbi ia*aaa nciy Kpnbai .stan^ Kbi lain ba nw 
ivns* bs* naion apy^ n mrbw p 'nnKi .paxa nvnbi m ba nx nicyb fan apy ncs 
pm? n ibb* para nina k nbnna isa nc'K d*iw n waa irwai wtodi Kin 
n -jbran >aab pebnb Ka a mraa ywn |pt n^bnnip cjdv n idb> ^cm .nbnn now 
by iniK viyatrm m^aa miK mnpbi onma na amn Kin s a isi nvar p DnnaK 
by iniK *nop ^a n>an niKSin n*a Tinai np^yi bba nann rm naT b a rmnn 
pa nnb^ }pm mm icy *ianon nc-K .ospm po nnv ^:o^ npbi metwan nxr 
oy rrn ntrK am .inman lb mn?:K pn win Kbi Dnonn fan niyon by ioy Dinbb 
*siD*Ka inmnb'C 'a ^kd\ko 'Dan^a onnas* n mm pva inwni naaa ;pr Kin 
bina nam nann oneo p oa ^k Kam niyc nna pM nncy b K^ni *b nmi 
rby nun 'ans bai D^aai nibiaannni pni D^'yn niapb n~wo naa *n ntayi 
D^Knoi Dnusn ;nn 10a on nnnaKi nnw on ncK nnnK D^cm .didh b taniyen 
nnaan >b n^K niTansn dt3i D<Di3n pai iben pai aa cirboi onayi D^raan oesy 
Kbi DniK mnan Kb 'as* ui nnbn ba? ranxm moam nianbrj'n nnb n-j-x mranKni 
D^oysb dk *a n nan yot^ bi enn n-n jna no^> iprnc niaya dk *a *ncy omaay 
Kb ibran *a ibon ^aab man^ jyrab ^asb Dnis* moyn pbi vbK nanK ni-s oan 
oa\x ^asb lKia" 1 n^K D^iaxm Dnvian bai man yow 'aa^M b noK a mn 
oban nyi DtrKnra dhik mcabni Dna mntaai Da mnna pbi .Jprn nan oyeic 

1 MS. nncy- ' : MS. bprn. a MS. b, something missing ? ' Twice in IMS. 

191 saunn tn iibd 

nnx nnn ^n Trun nrw Tia^n ^ rrcn wn 16 *3Ki nya n^on n*>p p nnw 
D3 ovn nr inis* Nip -ji?on t/n ^ noNi vsb any pe6 i?ya tai Mn ny n3 n^i 
sin "jinsi nya rfce* new aya i>ai v6n t^n nya rbw *]^on 'atwi ovai aita^ nr 
win ni^ p dj idid by \bw pnn nbv& mn Dai .tiin notyi m 11^ may nhtf 
ha^ ^n pi rne>y? D^an D^pay ^ b* "on tn d "ia"n ^on iisb nai>n ovn nm 
prw w na^ firm dni nxan nasya sh naeri nwa vb mtch icy nwaon nitab 
mnyi> iyKO 'nxa a d^om ^a nnix -pas *ai men yba jm: ^n *a Di^a n^n 
anyoa na nicy^ ^ new wpDy *aso nwaDn "joy rni^ ha 11 *aw 'rnry^i ^in 
in Nona nirnh na^> rrann dn in ^vn tin A Tarn -iD"p "jta S>k n^n renn dni 
"nacni .nrn nann nN mo ny "6 mm pann icn dn t,^ nna paa na^ mnn dn 
nnt^i nuwi ^n nnb "6 nnn: nnN ^ moi hrca Dya b p*i btaioniSD "jta? 
wow rain anyoa nicyb n tr 11 "a ^ anwn nnN ^n^ nna nns* f |o*a cnra n 
*am one t^as? n^on oaai Dyia wvi ^ni nD"p n^o *aab na^ mnn ":n t/n ^bd? 
nawn loy ww an^no nnN w o^am tannic *:>ya n^on *aa nN weni ibva 
paa h iD*pn i>N n^ robb ^ina pN n^ viidki nann nra Djna ^on a *ai3 
*nyi Q' 1 ^ n ly nmn aicnni 2 nciyi i^en ^n noNi nva^aNn >:sb Nona dn *a 

iwai? *nairn l^on 3ao 
nabon nnmi ^oy nninn n^N nabm nya ^twi ava ba nn^ in^N na^om 
jn^c ^n nn: -j^on f n^N Tiatrni .^^n ^on Dy a\o "pin -]\s* "^n n!?Nn ^oy 
now wsb honN 'asnpi naD.n N^n no ^nyT 1 n^ 3^ "by lanj nnjn nirao h b 
aN T'N ^n nabon na^m .ni^aD ybn nnb 'aixnai 'njna pN "a Tnja i^n "6n 
hoi^o d^jni k'n ""pnTo niN^o nwsDn yb$ ~\iob nxn rvn i^on ^n '"Nma njnv 
D^DiJNn nnrnni n^o nnn 1^ naiDn ^n n^y nnN 'a yby yov *]^oni non^o 
onanro vnayi i^on ne> bai i^on nj:a D^Di^Nn Dy nivy n^iy nnN Dai tnw 
D3 na^n^ ^na^m .Dnnn i^n ^aao Dya iboni nr nuya nm -j^n jrp xbv i?ob 
*as ""a ^ n^^n i^ran nj^a nan nitry^ ^sntaa "nNa n^ 'jni Dah wb aio^ nr 
na^on nnoNi .n-n"*^ nva^Nn vd? Nona nirn^ >aT3 s ai inbjnnh mmay^ "n\sn 
na^on 2 nncy nc>N pni .W3^ Tiaf'ni men na^on nxo Tinph aioa ncyn ^n 
n un pao annx DHin 1 ' ^n iNai n33 -nnoyi nxo nsoa nhn Nin ^on nxo 
Dm DrroTDi on d^o 11 enn niNvin^ waa nojn D-nn^-o n n b*i naiDn apy 1 
'aw inw D^naco vn onsiani *ri C'N Nin naiDn apy ni ,p *3m Dnae? 

1 MS. rwa. - So MS. 

: <anmn Til T3D : 190 

nan by dw *3W D^oya nyans amp Ttern .noupa Npn^N oyi ^oy on owifl 
jn >a nann nr tn ^ N ncx "W .D.noy new no can mrni *5> now tfDWKn 
n^> a d^w Dn noN nr pN vopm to iaiD.n ba n^o nna iwp 'a vwev 
yooni Diya i -jtan Dy ^nnam ,DwS>ob T3TN nnan h onmn i5k nwyb 'nm 
*? ihbh lain nr iwy "6 noNn *a ban hna nrn om> peNm nppn yowia ^ 
mo "j^on pnt? p nroa ."jnniayh viDy^ dn a viia n!> *a nrn nana nitryo 
wai TiNai i^on Mate TX& p nnsn .rvpBDm ttoi |*fl> ^y *ey nam nann 
Ta noc 'jn ibon *b now any ptrh mnm *3ioi vaa!> "jhsi 'Mnpi dw n Tinoyi 
rms a yby trow Dnran ba *s jy Tiia^o J annn nnx baa ^nnrya nxa <a 
dni TT by Bpwm eitai anew d^jn fW3 ^>n ntc> o bai Dmm uvcmn nnrnn 
Djna 3W n^ navm T^ o^nntroi dhow D-ouNn *aa ^a -prtat? by WW 
D*Bi3M BTBna Dns bai> nnma wao nhm yizb anyob nnroo nsa 3N 1^ ttbdw 
dn s a nna nan nitry baw N/i D-DUNn on *oi Dnswn on *o DniN mao jk pw 
onan Tto w^ owhsn bip? yocn nnNi Diba6 Kotow ny bzb nnma ma 

:Da poNo nnsn arai npp D.nnan bzi noN imp 
ppjfp DnN Die man &6 nonn nr *i> npyn "6n now it ^ fna n,^on p nmn 
d^opi D^na CN ^pnro D^a^x n Dy jd^j enna nwso n *b nnj i^om yT nx 
n^N Ninn naiDn to Nai n^i?n ny ^nnoyi wab Tixai moo ^riftWi vnan^ vudrjti 
ma >oy nani D^Di^xn nnna "]!?on mbo sanno sin *ai xanna n^o nnan n-j-y 
l^on mdd Nvni D^enT? i5? n^n wiy nonj no nxnn )b ^nnoxi ioy ^nDyai pj^n 
n^on 3D? *nyan n^nna ?s xa naiD.n nr ai ."jao *]$>m "jniN anm in qnj^ p 
nr oy neyn ^ now n^o nna neiy mn xin tn nWa D^n snn t/n >b ncxi 
neyn n^ )b "nnoNi loy ^noyai ^n intry no^cb nivn in nnan to rrewi nann 
jn "a ^n noN^ nrn nann ynv dn 1:6 dji mao i^> mm ja jorn nra ->ann nr 
nnan nna 11 napne ny "jbon *aa^ n^nnoeo ^y moyn )b -nn^Ni iw nsjn "n^'y 
bai i nnN jjt jorn nra nrn nann n^'yn N^e i? not-ni onN.n ma-L-no jnv Nim 
naio Nim nnao ?jnan nr wib i^a 2 ncyi ^ao -j^m* n^inj n:aD3 rwu D-Di^n 
D^jnv Dm Dnsum d^mnh 5>ai me> iai iwurnao l^on ynn "ton i&b tiodi 
TN moN may ?ai oncni -j^oni Ninn naion )b n^ni nnai n^o nna :t rwy s*m a 
:*ovya 'jn Ninn nnan )b Trey n^ dn pjn nnan naion nr *rwyv "nom* ^:n 

1 MS. annn. 2 MS. nnyi ^:ao ihni. 8 MS. rwiy. * 

1 89 v *33Wn 1H T)H)D * 

xnfffi by poinn npbi rivwt p ":ivn mcx babi tdid bah *]b "ab ban -payxi niDN 
"axi nbon -did bao nm* aim na" did b b^i waa noyi Krvniia nyiatra yacai 
d^mb> Dm omaa s6k Dna pKi nan "b puny vn xb ons^n vn onwrn didh nan 
dn "a "oy D"xa vn xb "jbon "jab *y cabin vn dki nicpai mbNB> ovn ba ^do 
l >b now any* |iB>b byai px inn Dnb pKi Daaba 7-1101 nxm Dnb B jy" mnxb 
ma Dnb b*i -piaab b*%n dvxi p inn Dnb pN minnaa ixac cmn^n ibx "a 
])&b byai .omby onano Dnani ibon maa xbi "maa xb QWtnn yaian wd" xbi 
nmb tano nnx dip lbav xbi mwn yao D""ira on mx dv baa "oy nano any 
vn on "a D"aitrxnn tfrnpon by Tionai iab x"n nsnn noN a iana by 2 anno 
yaiam ia"m by tann nri Dno nnx bab dx *a ibon "jab 3 irns xbi "maya* bnaaa 
vitro "a ifen nxo D"j""nn "bx nox pi ."bxopai w*a mon vm Ton oma 
noityo Kp^bx "bx una Dm d^dindi D"raa ibx "nnpbi D"ava Dnp tnwtnn onann 
ntriy rwi dv baai "maa noyi Dno nnv [ipb byai pin vrtt xm xpnbxi waa 
ba npyi vnnno Dion ntox nx ybvw wwi in^am vnnn mbvv DiDa naxbo 
rwn myon omx oy xp"nbx "jbn pica nan tais? niapb cnirwi labn dxi "maa nan 
weo ynn pcb 4 "bx D"x"aoi xpnbx oy na"noi noopa on dv baai Dno bsan x"ao 
ib Tnoyp no ba DiDb ncyi mbvo Kin jy ^nura mix cnjb baix ab Dnb 'nioxi 
DHin\m "b ntny xin icn vcyoi vpDy nicyb &b)y ons psn n^an -pi* nciy Nin pi 
vn pioi ^snd^koi mono ix^a" 1 n^x ttiam cdunh ba "a mbna msin "b iona 
^nbapc no nr 5 Dn"on nyai Dnya Dnbc DmoiDi on D^mci D^baix vm n s aa D-xa 
n^an ^poy ba nciy xim ^nua nnensn Duxn Dy noop ncy pi .onn DHimno 
ny laoo ommn pny "b nam vby "bx iddci Dno nnv 'anmrb nbnxoo ^oy xai 
Dxiaa lt^anai ibon nxo pnoa "ba d^ixo ixa f:n DHimm omaya "n^ao in^nxvinc 
ana nbnxoo pnm ibon ana mbc xb dx pm mxo n nya many lanai nb^ixoa 
n\m vaab "nab.m nbon "axip p nnxi .pnoa "ba DHin" ixa tx nbon "jsb omaya 
"nacm pnoa "ba "inx bx ixa D*mmn tk ibon "b bxci aiy pcb byai nmn" s oy 
innxsn Dno mm ":xi "ann^b maya ixai "bx ixia"-c on"bx "nana tx ibon bx 
ibavc pnoa "ayob Dnb ncyni Dno bap x>x nianyn boa"c nb"ixoo pnb aman 
pmo"c p"nb aina"^ ibc nciDn bx pmt -jbon pi : nb"ixoa pu Dnb mm xbi nabb 
ibon n"ao "mab "nabn ovn nrai ibon Dnma noab iab"i ib un: ncx nianyn 

1 MS. "b -iox any "b nox. 2 So MS. 3 MS. mnnx xbi "maya, 

1 MS. <by. 5 MS. onnan. fi MS. 'n"aa. 

: *S3WVI Til TI3D : 1 88 

*xb K3i anix wsnn m pro aniN www a hoiw avo aab mtw n^> me 
ioni wab nai>m ro^asi -nna rcai> itan yjop p nnsi :nnn a^iann ttDUKn 
"nyoc? jw .Drnrr a^aiaxn "nnr6 na nxa nriM *ai ^ niryi> nNa a mnot? ^k "6 
n*a n^y nw ni?>bi ova ibr anaaa CN-npi Toy a^ano an u>DMKn *pn 
anyob mtoD mxa "ax ii> mow my maya *jbon nai *nytM?B> nnxi : an$> nwan 
inna" ! catam .Tmiya nwih iniata bnab as* "a maa xh nann n? nya 
a^nox aa s Ni npp nai on ins rait? no i>ai noxn anano aaw .b^eW* mm 
bn sanh avnra nnv p npyn !> ncx sin nr ax ^x ion i>xaio-iiao -jtani .bba 
nam aiya *nm nxn jy o^ia anana tin nnna ibon p -nwi nDn *y ^ ntryn 
a^anu n ^n in 11 xin a ^ maw a^aapni a^man trx pnro "a^ay i>yi "pin j^ay ^y "oy 
:"|!>n "aata mxva wai> nai>n ja nraa .unrw im aniN npa nwaaa 
b"bibi b*smk hoia-iiac ibon ninN m^N nya no*pn nta anann r6s ^a nnxi 
wa i>x in^NaaKn mm sai anoy mntrxaa^x Nai ano naia^ x^> roan nmai 
niNi^ mxnoi nann nra not? Nin aai "a^ayo navrn "ayotr 7m b idki "oy nam 
fan rrnrm annax nxi myti> a 10a xinn nrnspwaattn "ass^ ["n]noyi no*pn i"aa dn 
r&Bi onp Nin "a n^on *aab pnNE&N ^n lmNa tsMprrn xa aai ia"ai> ya anr^o 
n^^ai -pay nya my ^dh nai wsb yan x'N nnw a^ai a^as msnpi? i^cn 
n^ax^ nnxi jn^vcn ^y 'axi D'niK^ *ii xin naanoa tan nxpnn *:zb xa *3B^n 
a^aiax 'aai? ixa a^aaa 'noaaac nnxi an^ ia^m 'aoo men np^> xim a^aaa *noaa 
:^aix s ax t^ WNii 5 xai naano n>ne> axpnn xin -]\s "6 in'ani 
tapnni nnix ni^o iTnN ibwn iD^pii i?N .Txica^ na^ni na^on nyaa ^rn aval 
^Nyo^ ma aaatr nnx noi^o "oy xai 'aia ^y ''naan "-axi B"an a^oyi icy ^in 
*B8DH3 xim pnbx rrn id^i n^x ^a ia ynv ^ax* pNi a-nvian ma aaa fa nnsi 
ni^n ^nnpi? p nnsi nisaia a i^on ninx na^on ni^ ^nabni aian *2sb ^oy xai 
xpn^xi wn ava nrn i^oni : nb^a Tyam ^n'ab Tmni minx na^[o]noi T^on nxo 
noico xin T'N Npn^xo amn\n ^ noxi a^ixi vaai naaai prn l'^x xin i:n noiw'ra 
^ax v^n mnraxi mao ^y "-axi ^zb fan xpni?x n^b vnvop p nnxi ryen xin ai 
T>nanai *]a poxx -axi anvun nna mm p nnxi btqfflV 1 nna na^n -j s x i^y nyott> 
ax xpn^x ^ a v ^m wao xvni lain^ npa ^aa "j^in nnxi ,, aniL"ni nay moyn *a 
nnv niyn VMffl myca m^iy mxan ^ax s a "-ayo^ vb) ^ nanx jyo^ nnn ni-yn 
nnma ya-^xi naicna mrn^i yt> by av^ nvn "ax bas t^ ^V roi B^Jtw noo 
ncx ny Taaa moyx "asi a^a^ ^>apo i mix bopft ax av:6 nsn -ax "a two 

1 87 : '32W1H ill TiSD * 

T3n mc"? Dmaxi nnin" pa nnvi nbma ntatapi nanoi nnv px tit Dnb n\n jy" 
no^c T3 Dn"ninnam roycn "pN DWi i"n p nnxi :ninnan byi nibaxcn by 
wn fy Dnix "nbap xbi pa nobs? by ia"E>bm ninnson nx woo nnpb owi pta 
xbc? anan anb [i]nci D"bna nnvn D"Diaxn *sth a p "nnx : cribs "j*6d3 mix 
ncbir nbtrn D.nn D"Diaxn "b now nb"ba tjdd by "axi D"Di:xn *iw ixai pina 
axi ami frm in-itri *jb ip"SD" D"mn"n lbxi nn-irya n"na aruw ani6 ib" jna 
join ma mbcrb baix xb nnb "narm ,*jmty3 rrra xb *3 ynn nmn nr n^yn xb 
xbi nr maya nmpi nasi "bx sen D"" D"cnn fi jot nno "nnpbi aitrnx n^x ny 
nob^'b mow aa-nb nnn D*Di3n labn p "nnx nam nra |na nobs? noixn yn" 
thdxi "ma anan "nnpbi ana pi wot px amax i bx "bxd"x bx "b avian? vta 
wot pN amax n bx nnx ans one nnx ba *b iana"t? ran an-iax bxi mvp bx 
D^aiaa anan a"aio nni" vn" on axi aabs? twnan pinax "axi aio ;aixa "ityy 
nx vpxii lana pi "nix vnem nanx npxi jprn nbcx "ax jprno nni" tyoan mi 
an lbx ba xnpn fan annaxb "nnrcxi .anb jprn ia^bn new a"Diaxn "nxnpi nana 
aio nni" xin nrx loan lycc" jyob D*wwn nnaaan lbx "aab ryb ptrba a"ana 
.annxn 'a^ia aio nni" |na nob*^ ana a a"niaxn ba tsssen .ncy pi a"anan bao 
*|dv lbon nxo mvon nxrb "ax rrb^ a la^ani lynn fan coiaxb "-niox p nnxi 
bao nvapb bttrw* niayai 10c Tian 11 miay maya anyob nnroo ^nxai vvyvoi *rw 
i nvcexn ^aab xona "-nxai cnpn n^y D^b^iTa nacia pxb Dx^anb nioipon 
ba b tidi n^yi x^bta^xa nt^x om.Tn ban aita nw nd'bo bx^an "i nx "bx nbc 
ny Nona *ntwi bxaiuma nboDi fxiano^ao jn D^anaon bai nvs^xn nxo "pDy 
.nbna na^sD "b nxn xx ny mnr\ f icy TinDyi nxD^aa vnb 'nxai bx"an n 
moyi lnix nn^ jnan jprn nr Tbx jnia "ax inanx nnya "b noxi jprn nr "b jnai 
Dibca "bx mnbtsn p nnxi ivix bx Dib^a inix nbt^ ibon ntyx ny baitamsa ny 
nxo niivi "nix nnp" xini "bt^ idid jprn nn "n"n" "axi rwvtn i"x D"Diaxb vjtdki 
n":"i "y rw nbn tx nxix nia"QDa oaax nt^x ny lb nb" xb xin "a bx"an n 
D"-ipti> DiTnam na^ y p fpr xini mix mbcb baix xb naon nxrbi bx"an -ib ban 
Dannb labn p nnxi jprn n"a myono ninnaon bapb "na naa naTK' no bai vby 
xb ibon "a nnx ia"xi "n"aa D"Diax can lbon D"iann nbx ba nnxi .nnn D"Diaxn 
nyca ibm bx "nana "axi iniDn ri"aa nmx \em ibm "i^ nx "a a^anb nbc 
"ju'n Di" ny nojn pna D"Diaxn ix"vi" rm nbon yincai ibon bx "nnbci lcana*^ 
icx anan -jbon baptr ny^ nnixai nnx n"bc nnx anaa ibon bx "nnb^ p nnx 

a a 2 

: *UttOn m TfflD 186 

ww. .nrb i3^c pen px *a 'wm ^>a id*3d p)i w:v b jnai pnt p mx -n 
^x iyoc> x^[i] Dyn ba *3*pb bna maaa Drfogw *pDy ^>a mntw iy 'oy iwp mm 
job ppa in ^x mm j*tE5d3 tabm .d^ maua m^i jms p 16 win xh 
nx ik mv mm nr* wdki *1>b> am omrai 1^ Tinai si nxta .13-131 r6wa 
mx *ni i>y nyiac>3 v6n wn w/iai ant nnmn nbnna mm ,pn nitry in ramnn 
bao tqin w.w ra 8 wtnt "mt ba mB* ttn anai v^x warn mix 'nmew 
T*ri w bz mro ^ rmnv mm "ax *a iva 3*a poD^i iy^ m nwi DWitPDn 
^aa^> i\i itw owwon be inv pa in * en d^x xti lay -mix wm jy* 
vbx hrn 1133 neiy w*n *y am* mm ^Homoa 'hpb yow mn dxi irana *pia 
mxo yoa* ii"x f>a "pan iym !>k wo iomtya dpidjj ii>m hne^ ^3 wyb 
: did mx i?3 ti bo inv pinaaD* iy rfciKPP jna nohsna omva mm b i^m 
ibx ntan ]yxb woy iDn ntryn new pE*3 "6x ixa ra*Wnn D^Diaxn nxi 
jn "i3i nrx wby vntfr ja mVra nxm die mjnwa lanax ^a Daub owwen 
byiD te>jn u^y pe> [>a mby nam k^i ion xi> dxi d^x nxm cna pxi "jtai i>x 
xh 1*1133 iy3 cmaxm Dnsun ba nmx D'naaoi oaivn onb mwin 3"do nnw yn 
ob *a ona pcxn *j k w icy ivy^nm ^p'D pn 1^ 3 ,,(, in^ ta!>n dji ,p tit nna b 
fyo^ "p-6 mi' onb jn^a ian*si raniN aayn h nabb nn"an lah i^ ir^m aion .noy 
rono inv pisnn i^n ^3 mcyb Daaio lanax inn rarra ranshp lanasi cn^ ob* 
^n nni3i ib>n mxi imon n^33 onnnnh omx 33yi? yima mn dh^j 'nacm 
ins Nh ,ia^ n3B& nn* taxi ta^ nai>b wv nx nniN ^nnam omax njnwi nsva 
[1133] d.i^ ntry fan D k DWm .aai yia ityy' onw mas *jkijw*i xh nb'nra n^ di^j 
bna 1133 nai3C'^3 on^ icy pi .nKnavta tanp 13^11 niyo ranb lanai pwESSbta 
:wen *bao ca nn^ 13^11 iyoai myzai ran'Tio ranb lanai D^Diaxn 
itrs DV31 iimci ^dxd^nd mmm .i *aab wa tsi hn cina "aoo Dyoa nnsi 
D^yci one nniN nwi 'as* 'a ommn i^xd iosy ncc jna no^y ^ itas ^ iy^an 
n^in D^iaa nrf? ^nnph "nyi uaa nm 'J? oma oa *iucKm .i^ip^ WjR3V xh 
0^3.10 niraixno ninnson nrh "nna ranrw tin&i nxvinn i?y ns^niip "jdv wan 
'axD'so Dni3Ni mono > ^1^ , iciyi .o^ai iyi ttwno D-rin dh?o!*o nniN vitjabm 
"i3i D*a*aoi Bnpn peb n k oan ram owann pai bnan pai ^c.i p3i va dv^d 
imi nam o[*]i>a'N vn "3 onya ni^nai niai nixvin W^jn nBDn ana "cy ncyi 
D^airxin dwiiwdo mv muupi o;n nxan omya ym pc^a i^nnni mia 131 ranrn 

1 MS. w,yn\ ; MS. w,w. 

185 * *aaunn tn tsd * 

mnn dx i^on "b awm ."ps^ ' :jn nv " in DN nr w ^ n T^ 4 ^Ka xb p nnxi 
,niD byai "jab jox: mm ^ mtro win *a b"p"o pri pai "pro Dibt? nt^yx "a 
n"n" mnn "o lbon a"trm .obiyb b"P"o ,h dj? Dibss> mm j "jx px *fraeb "nacm 
bimi pop Tfflvo ba ran ":x ib vram bxt^n n^x twp ba ib nnob f^al *j*a 
naiD nnxi nbj nnx own &K *JB3 aman ibon "b n*B>n txi .b"p"o jns pin 
pannB> no ba Dnb noxni aman ibon ^m now vjaa Dmx xnpi D"naa: obiai 
ban nxnx -jx p nnw D"poy "b wv nvna oa^ab moyb baix xb "jx a "joo 
Di".n nmo Dm "jx "nnoyi "]bon nxo mm ncx ba "nanai nnna om ^x *nabm 
Dm onbc nibana wp&?\ n:n nya ebm rob*bi D"0" ib myno qui nb"bn ny 
many nban vxhvrw ny ramaab bane* yB* bbsnnb "nnoy uni mbanb Dnnnco 
"otr "nanai "p* na"na Dinnn nnxi oyo lanai on"va xDan by "nnoyi omjab 
ib^n ^ab Dm "ox wabm Dmma anan inpbi ,hs p mn "jbon ny 2 "niax dki 
nabb nirnb mm yam D"o" 5 myno ":x *a nvna yvi spy "jx tk "jbob thexi 
"ibon ^ D"abon naDoi anaon *jbn nxm Dibca -jbn "jbon *b ncx rw swab 
nabm on *nnK maw "max ib >nae*m fmnc ab ibx ba -jbon "b now *b* p mi 
D^n nxstr omva jvx p mm maio mn *b D^nn^on ansn jwab itwn Dtb^b 
3isn -nboai DJivn nx Dnb n^iy "ow pa nobc bx dji .'bipb iyo^ xh ynn pch 
nD"ao bwji no niw nya D'-nn^on ba by maa lb vvwy p^v p bw .omn "jao 
wab "va ib "nn^xi >:*b fly pb "nNnpi n,n"a npaio mnne* *3i*n "bx nox wn -a 
p" nnic wm byba ^x Kin *a "nyn" *a nnx nooa n^aioi nnx p"n xb& nnrn 
"n^aa pa xbcr nan wjiw oa^by xonn Dinr fa nann nn^n xb nn tui nann 
nianb "n^n nnx nb^bai "bipb yoD* bl D^oya a in* a nrn nann n p^ pb "nnam 

pby pyiv mm ":oo pina 4 -jbm nnai "by pjnn mw 
ba "b in"jm CDWNn "jab D"ba3 "bx nam niBn "ba pmEaoa. ^bn "j^-n ovai 
"jao D3'.xn nx ir'y Dnix s nn:m Dmnan "nbaDi D-xon D"c:x mann nr "a vnan 
xin nm nm:x n&y nna^'n Dy D"ynn vtryo nx n-aio rww ne^o nnxi :maa 
p-i "nnan xb ntrx nxo vbx "nix xnhn\ ^v ttm b"p"o pnb labm p*s pi mm 
banoi mo: y^n b"p"o pm ."joo niyn mx nanb dv baa vbx D"abm nn n^oni aio 
pi noab nabb ibav "a n,bon nyaoa Dinmi Dnb aina" b"p"o pn nxo itrpai onix 
;na ncbn Dnb labn p "nnxi nobc ny"n> "bai "nyn" "bab b"p"o pn Dnb n^y 

] MS. "jvx. : MS. "nncxi. 3 MS. {?&!&. 4 MS. -jbim. 

[II. 6.] A a 

: uaimn tn iidd : 184 

axi ^P" pn b in "dh i\s % ma *3N "own anyn '^S THDX1 L"P3n "WR i>3 nx 
aina^> *nnn xh nhna ntatap vro'y -p iron mix anna 3N >aa^ bpD jn niDjr 
ninn ia^ ws"fl nnan ia^y 2 naai itan thcd nni ey *n"rc?l waa nabm 
ibon nya ntai nnx yan naa wmsn m^ Tia^m wibidi *ax TiKjm ^ innai 
W nmi taivn avn nra xa^ rran <ax p -jtan -mt^ *rrDKi .OTntro dob> 
i:^n nnb vaen xan a "mix mso itan now itan nxo *aa^ annx D^Kn 

D^P s y 13311 'DID b n33"> '3K1 Dr6 Di>m D S JD DW>3 X3^ Hn ^X *3 D^c6 

nxs X3 rum map intaco rvano upmn laruNi aab fan witaiM Dita6 *nai>rn a"Diax 
mm w *a nibvb i3^>n an^> minxi ifon aa^ Nan noni am-ita'o mh& itan 
nnx ia-nyi rrn "jbon wwd nxi tna vnayi mpa ma^ni Toani a^aa aitaa X3^> 
a^atn jvaa uyan uruNi jvaa wnm *xm nnx nyt? 10a lanrayi p^D i ibno ^rm 
Nan xa^> mnn ax ^x nxi waib ^x ixa onoy anyn pta6 ^yai a^>na anta* 
i?x ai^ta* innn any pta6 i?ya ^n mnnxi mnma> no b nitry^ nxin ibnn ^a vaa^> 
niDyb baw xi>i xai> ha^ 'ax px avn m wa ->ta>x ann &ne vnex aai ^nn 
mob a-ip Twv l^on dni D"^^n na^N ^ai nmpi nys ^ b jy avn i^n ^ai? 
D"nn :s la^ni vks nanNi Naxi nai'on ay noiy Kin i"*n innn ^n m^an "in 
na^nn ay Nini mna no3a^ wab 'nai>ni ^on nya nbc *JB>n npaai onn D^nan 
trmbw i*iya nnta nob ^n ^ ncN vaa^ ^y^anai ^aa^ an aiyn pwb ^yai p^' ;ai 
niiya any^ mroo ^nxa s as* ii> vne'm raa^ Na^ nnn n^ ahyh 4 honN a^ai 
i^n ny 5 nxro ^nxai a^ pixa a^Nyo*^ nivixa Tnayi inanN -iiayai -jnTiay 
^a nta h nv^anoi nuiD a^aax xh ann n3 ^ I^kd 'ri^'pa xh fas^ *nyan 
*ab niaincy i>a n^x naiNi "py a^Nt^ inN av ^n nna xh inn^D i?nab ax 
nya nnx av ^a^ n^n x^ nnxi i^aa^ ^nyanc ny a^a-i a^ac nno *imw ^n^uai 

rhpa jm6 "pay 
nan nit>y *nha* h a^ai a^pay ^ ^ a nyt^n nn ^ hnon *b awi ii>om 
yncxi i^n ant^n ^aa^ ainan *n*ix ^axi "iDpn ^x nx-j'an n^^cn Tiinx aao inx 
^a T-aaa xin ax cjki *3b^ ^d pn moy ax t^x "nicx *ax l^ob ^narm ban 
^nix 22vh mni ^ a^ixi ^ a-ixi * a-ix xin "a mix anna *ax a T" n:i i 'nyaca 
n*m x^ a hens ^y ">ay nt^x ayani -jai^n ^taao xin Ta'ix pn *3Bt5 xnna 
hen Dva mix annh xni? macm njnn p^an ayan 'a ^P"o pn nya nn tab 

MS. ^x. 2 MS. maai. 3 MS. waa. MS.hono. 5 So MS. 

1 83 * 3niTPi in ted * 

omx'oni o^o urb) orn^y & *a i?Kb awn o^o DHimb sw nyot? on* ,p oa 
.fan ^ nan pm pn nn nta ^>3 iyB> 3iy \)vfa bvn oai onimn yaa vn "wpk 
wn ^ni ib> njni?K "]^on nso vnx o^s-ipa l na?m l3on 'asta tin^ j3 nnxi 
"inv mn Kim "oy wi omm owiB>on ^aa vm laoo pny *nwp &6i mma 
by *y 1311 13^ wa joamnn sin mm wafc tot any }ib>!> Nnpi vnx i>3 133: 
.ntryx pi t^>n p ton pam xw ba "jbon t^k ib *navm onnx o^ayi pin pyy 
trow oa vrao co nnt? -jbon wan twc ovbi di^i oni> wai> wj!?n 3nsi 
naom o*o dn *3 p rone^ k^ ai>3 woaom wn oni3^o3 on raiw o^o 
wbaa hiki ^rw* px n3ns*i ioy nans m3y3i nanxi? anyoi? mroo Wj*3 mv 
miyoa i>aiK *oxya wn pon wne> to dvdi p mntrb xta n^a waaon ph 
hawa ^n Kiutbn nm .Q^aiD inv wayna wn tra m *anfrw a naipsnao nnv 
cjyno on nbv n^am ov ba nayno nth n3i p n^> bi ruiatj?3 nnx n3 r6 e* 
103 dhdh ni^oa r6y3i npm; n^y3 kwi 2 idn>-6 xsx s nawn K*m *eom *jb> 
noiy nnv Kan nnso pin d^dno mn o^oiaan kai * nso nana mnn nos 
jo dijn njw3ip <T3 prni mix mani> vi>y wioyi i:m iaaa nam yai> xa n:sb 

:vs?yo3 era p nnw n^ma 
^noaaai *3B3 om V3ai> Tis^ni 'oy DHoiy }v^ pi mi rnaioi 'lya n^ ^oni 
npfaffi "^in3 MTDjn o^na onw o^as nw^o omnn ^31 omn ntr^a ^on n*a3 
nyin nbo^ thcni d^iito li ica 'aaai piDa wmi n^ya ifem wu^ 'noaaai 
rarawi 3,, nins ^aao o^i o*poy ^ 8^1 nno 'as ^ si^m nye> nnsi a n3iae> 
cp3o nnxtJ' in^c amsn mnn osi o^ayn ^3 iid^ mm asi iD^pn i^o i>N 
,mnnB> no ^31 in^p33i nn^N*^ ba ? amani T^^ itdjt o^tf rmm ao "aoo 
onns owl ^o |n *asb N3i nytr ^n 103 *moyi iinn nro "jten ^n p **inMi 
wjn ti^y *nn3 oni *a w$>yi fftbtm bi ns* nnxi ianax 3in3ai N3n iioni 
wioyi W3^ wirni w^Dai i3n vaab 3in3^ wsn xh ^*po |ii oy nanoi noop 
oipo3 nnnx nho laoasai pnj pi 1111 n"3ioi 'as* wj^m ny3 n^ "oni an dv *iy 
inns w ab) n^on wr h ia aw l^on i{jN mnn i?y w.s unpi ^on nmn 
onoiy jvv pi mm maitai any pc6 ^y3i o^na on^ a*i ^p^o pn os* *a Ninn 
ps any pe6 ^n* wion i^on ya wxn xh ^p'' l n 'msnai mnno pina 
3in3^ 13b nw noy j^i me>K *ya^ Da3a i^on tn 3iy jw6 ^n avm ."i^on sin 

1 Lacuna? 2 So MS. s MS. imnK. 

: Vinson tn tod : 182 

a*a vni pyn ay ano nnx ba a^n i "ibon *3Q^ b>*> .jnbicn by ib MB a"aa 
anb jn' 1 *jbon baaiamB ibon nisboa X's own bai ibon *aao DHGttMn dvjci 
nya twin avai .lniabo ba by ibon now avan ibon p fo^an xini nnx py 
ibon aab Tiabn pi wufc ] "jbx ^bon ^bx jo^a nwjn dhe&KiI pa aw y miyan 
jo nnx bxaiomso -jbon xnpi noy rrri my pta>b byai BTnca a^ax a^at? ib pm 
nniraawit? npym a^bna ant? vn am pbnn *aab ncx B^axn tanan ib "10x1 own 
ibon *b yibb> aipo mixa Tiatyi .vcy pi *aab vrntroi twin pbna iiojr w 
bta> dtix n^b^i |nbni>n by ibom nann a-a^o aaiy ^o baai nmvivna B'ypin wn 
pjD3D iwm nbinan nnypn un vt 12 prn* ntrx ib ianai jnbiia'n mrna vn -jbo 
vni -|bon usb annntro vni vnxo B'ac vioyi anro nvi Bon naina tcx wbym 
rwi ibon r pnin nvi nta>x t^xm vt nx ibon yrnw ny span nnyp * by B*pB>ae 
ins p^oi vaab ninntro -jbono vnx foenm *jbon jrfw amp nbmna a^on raw 
nt^np xba ann Baa ia b* xinn jnbicm .miyon by noyi vnx -rnx >ban inym 
"anp ib iopi vyna nyi ia f xno abta* nvi traam twin Basra joan pmse vn nni 
an^B na^B xba annn i jnbiBa p aa n\m jnbiBn ^y i^on yai> imotm anr 
Denial D^icxin jn-oo rni nann 3 rTisiy jn^D'n by p dj nm .dbid iyi 2 D^xno 
p" li'ob lanji d^dix an \rbwn ninx p aa vnxi bix ^om D s Jnnxn ^axi? ib 
ixh canin rn am hasi> nmi nnwi nin^ co vnx bx ahx wrui nmen rmvb 
DTncTs ano inx ^ab t^i vnxi? a^nw vn pi .oyo bao ijaix rwn n^an po brio 
p aa vnxb p nnx una t^itnvem nvie6 ao nnnx aya i^ob ian:i \rbwn by 
inab 1b d , d''^ niT'a lana p nnxi .a^oya a a"o aanbiB' by man tron nxo nin^-b 

:mab vnxh 
by "jben noyi jnbvcm maon non 5hxi nann ca-ay avino ^o lana p nnxi 
nabon *aab lbon Daa anxi Dyn ba aonnt^oi inix a^anao a^nbani fnbv:'a vban 
iDa^a a^bnan an^m any ptrb bya ayi ^v ovrwDn ay vnnx ^x 'naa^ai incx 
yab mix ix^an nxna^xo 4 ^ian vnc rFIxE^ixpn nxi nabon aab ^nnx p aa 
ibon mix bxci ibon aaa x^aa^axpn noyi ibon aab noiy uxi xinn ava -jbon 
n,bon bx n^aoixpn s wn ,w amn^jr ax aipbspi xhvx ps ib icw uaa 
nam a^o* nncy ibno oip"bxpo pinn 'biaa^*a amo maa> xb n^'x a s an a^ir ^ 
nbon ib bxsn /biaa^'a an n^x onwn nxo a^bnai anaaa a\xma anan ibob 

1 So MS. - MS. anwno. 8 MS.nioiy. ' MS. t^an, 

i8i : ^aiNirr in msD * 

DHoiy dh jvuaeD nroa ins* Dipoa ntra 'aai mopo na era pa onine'n pxa 
vfw nna ewna onoiy one' pooa unci pye> taae> wm D<Dae> DW ib dk 'a 
D^aeM i^>m lwa* on K3e> maW> ^yo D.m onnan ae> pa Dm onnnx ja^.n nnam 
ub DH'ao nni tmvwn pa on a nrviw n^w lanax Dai ,^ intan trow 
lanvna npim mriM ianaxi nrrlw tramp one* onnxn d*b3bm D"ynvi iyoe> 'a 
nhw i^m tonn anan wnn ibr^b Tinmen onann n^x ba Tonai .mron paa 
e*i hna e*N nnrax n nn nya nta *a rpe> t^dpi *aa^ n^m iriEn onnax n nai 
n$> ncx tnnn "jtam .orratai D^woe^n ^a oai?! omata onsy *aa^> bna maa ii> 
fan nnaye* nae*n ewn Blip annas i vrwb nrm onain nfw ba raran onnax 
d-idik om nanan fo Dwxvn oyn p -]bnn v6n ran new ba "aNDWD "6x anai 
mate j >aa ^n lyoen nancn rra pa a[^]^ aa dj-ni Wm dm vaa hna nano km <a 
IND^n p ^n DM^e* in^en bjromaa ^n ianai Dnnn new dhmm ta^ionx^n 
^s 1N3 D"an nioipDoi pnSnaoi mma' ap bap i nann moipoci pEoa 'EpoB^i 
sim ne> orvby e*i ta^Kyoe* onay ib e* bitamaa n^om .iwaioma ny D^an D^ana 
baa Mnrya vm may bai pn.n nrs n,bom va^ay ba *md* itan n^a by nraiy pn 
nWo D^aaan Dm onay n ioa vm >jvaa twnen D^aix vn fan onayn vm nan 
ini on ^a >i> riDNi D^nan jo d^dun ^k lxai cax^o vja D*ahn on Dvai maa- 
jna nDi>e6i ^ imam D^DiaNi dm^ji onsia Dun D^an nojn D^an nyaix D^ea 
my^ava *ae ^orn ae> D^ayno D^DiaNn p oye> nyanx ^aa D^aupn D^aam .nann nr 
tnum hnan '' , dv amp \a aita iejn ra intaa cnb midn* 3N1 . rnyic" 1 onpei 
D^ax D^Diax Dna e>n ,^ipb ljfloen ia "nannn new Dips i>aa d^b> on-a'-a vvcyi 
^ara D'-aitai D^prn nnv Dmx M-xm d^dixi es ^pnnaa o^oam ncn^D ^ya D^prn 
e l^ran t ^n ^^ni M^a ba any pc6 bya iN Kai .nan ny M^n n^x dhmm 
ma^ya y& dni pn pitan ^ Qnnoo Dm iab n^na nne > dvi nhna nan )b 
Dm i^D,n n^aa ^na^n pi )ib noe vaa^ l^n 2 *jKm dni ji'cn ^aa^ dim nr *oy xan 
^am ciDao vn macpi mbna nmypn bi nan!? Dnx neDN 'n D^ayi jnhen D^apno 
by noyi Dnbe* n^ano vnxi 4 nm nv i^m .anna 3 n\n d^d* ia nne new hnan 
^aN"- tn i^on nisn^ iNia 11 N^ra pnai nw^o Dnnn nyans Dne ntbn nnnm ian!ne> 
nne>y jao Dnmam 1T3 yaian nnx b -jbcn >aai> D^nDiy on new one^n bai 
D^nneoi nnx 5 naianN i?y one nnx ^a n,^n ^aab onoiy Dnen 'aa n^yoi D^a^ 

'So MS. 2 MS. ltn. 3 MS.N\im Seep. 182,1. 10. * MS. KM. 

5 MS. na^anx. 

: *aaunn -ni iidd : 180 

nxHTS p oiamx p a'atan yma mm ins* hrn nc xa p nnm .pn btixd ^ 
npm rnx 'ann cnsnn* "5SE^aSpn a mn "jtan "itb inma na^Di inn nsna^ arp 

B* ON "1CN1 300 vb& i>Xtm "J^an miX 1331 ^KJJBB* MttVI "lB>m 1^B> jiaan ^3 nx 

BTWjn D"3i tnw W man nana3 *ai p itab anwn .inn nanaa nyr D3^ 
thvm ai D-jpr y i$ cm c\dy n^an itDtn iarn nn n^a on!? tarn napa ^yai 
anaa^ ntrax *n a^nan n,tab nam man nanaa a^ina anan ub ansae wnnxo 
n^x ^a ^x nam ann a^aiaxn >aa^ 1x31 -jtan *aai> a^aiaxn vm vm? ^3 'aaa 
na waa yipni? aaiy ^ a bs\ nnvivn ^ya n^an nay bta ixia s av ^331 anann 
1x3 d^i a^aaaa mmaa nnx lanm 'rva ba niaipan ^aa a^aaaa ixian niya ^ap^ 
vm ynjsiE' i>y ibam inayi vaab way maw jam i>a waa nayi itan ^ab *nay 
ni^na nimpa rmw yipn^ n^an nnx^> nnt yn may amp imai n^ai ava aviaaa 
7tan ;a any jita^a 3m3 nnx 3n3 ^ tnai nm^nrnp spv "6x X3i .niya i>ap^> na 
dx *a mnx mata B xm amyn rwp xin a pE niaba -inx anyaa xin ntyx 
ibtiynw mnn n^am .nanan nra nuaspa ^ya a^xyatr a^any a^ap ani> m nnana 
nx anni annxn ^y hm xin vnnn ncx niabam ppi* iaci an^c maan *aaa xin 
amrv lmata nnn ta* 'ai nam pin n^a xm vnnn spn^ nr ^01 Dwxnn o^ai'on 
mi3^D nnn an nt?x ann tnwm a^iyn nvp3 mm 2 didx inn atj> hna ma a*aaw 
iaa^x nxn ai>a iam jna po nnx *aaij xai a^prn am a^ay aaim anvipi o^ymr an 
T^y *r\yvw "ox mx ncx xmn ansm ibtty/ow ni3^o nnn anoiy on n^x omno 
n^x nan3 iNir ntrx ayn nrn nyo^ n^ w ax a^ats^n }o ^xaiania ibnb nxa a 
an^apoi am^ai on n3n^3 ,, a3i^n a^anyn ^3 u^y mp^ an *a onirawi pai aa 
no ix aniN lain ax layn 1 ' xm mp^ anixo ana nnx mn xm ,ani> n^x bi asm 
iam BHim ^nrbv) nrn nann ^ mam ":zh xa nna n^K ana a^am ana rcy 

:nr ^3 t^x ^nsnsi ayn nrn a\nn lanaxi mrn xm nitni' 
naixn ^x nnDn xm "-xnia ynv nnx nex b nx nivixa am3ni *b Tin iiora 
by2 bx 'nxnp xmn 3n3n ^ma y-anc inxi .-aymin bzr\ a^aa^n |>aei "pipotsi 
^ natj>m ,nam3 n^x ^3 Tiaam vstb nnix nxmpi i^an pail ^a ptan any jw6 
iaa anirn ^ *ai man nanoa ^ax t^' ^ Tinam fan any pc^> an3 ncx 3n3 
nB'aa a3K> vm na "aai pixn aaa am a^aya ^^x ana 3 an^y bjbv xian a v J , r , j' 
an Wi annx a^aata* am nan^an py xav nc ym amby ~\bv xin ^nx iav ^am 

1 MS. amn c^ann. 2 So MS. :4 MS. aa^y. 

I 79 * s ^W"in TH "11DD * 

D s abai ana paa mi D^n:? 6 Pn "iinn nanaa mso wn nai pito tja^ by 
nna by Dm pa'oa uaan fiyap Das? Dm D^aac w on wba amp nnvm omby 
mm mrwn nnam pbn nnan anna >ae> pa anaiy om taw mabab byaa Dib^a 
D^a n ib bi na iba p -jina raw n,ba anb wi nanni naia p ds-ini aib^a 
loa om npa rap yanni ^an rap H^wn ottom rap wm mnyo rap bman 

:nnx nvya om lanaNi Nian D^pbp man nanaa iax 
ib worn rala iban bs* ana "6 ainab mnn dn Ninn p*wi 'b nan p nnxi 
naam nraibp ^n hsd ib m?nm nr ba "pitrba ib noxn pi anaa "pre ^ pN 
Dibpn nbnnn nn Dnis naan vbs* DHpara i*rr mbpaa nnn Dn npN D*mmnp ib 
baa anyaa cmm lab w y Ni nn r nn *^w P nnN, > unt f 31 wynr pai ia*ai wa 
nap.m Da^by Damn mm yx in oniaya anyaa Nab ] inn DnN ana mm tn nvaban 
aiyan by xavn hp uw p , nnNi mma'aai b*op> pa npa nbnna lanax a ib 
nnn anp DHimn sp" D^Kyap' ""abaa Dan mmp rai bunp" iitu papb nma byi 
jm nraban bai D^bxya^n 'aba ba by bina maa ib mmi D^bPimb Dtfan imaba 
Dai nTiia^aoi pia npx animn 'a Ninn pin *b bapi .D^bpim -jbab Dpn 
Nam as* 12 Dibpi on ib 'riapm mpa is toaa win tn onaiN on D^Kyapsn 
nipaa 6 D^anNna 'nann nns* ovai nian nwaa mn 'jki dho nnso nni^ D^nbsb 
nabc "jban pi savn nu> ^jx pn N^a: p sbi Kaa abi baipa xbi Dan xb 2 tj\si 
tfDUMn ba Dai nun nanpajoan D"^b^ by nbi pjdi* nbonvixi ^ p nm ynr 
na Tmayta* maipon baa nN^ba^sa ants> DHimn ba aai bsaiama niaba nnn nnv 
12) sain '-ax a in anb ^nnasi toaa p in xua in baipa in Dan 'as^ by latpn 

:nny nyi niyaa nanba t^s ^aN 
H DND"Na man p Dnnas* nbi pFa D^mmb ainas* Kinn p^nn ya nbn -p nnxi 
nx^aNa-aspn Nai :Dibcb lannb -jbm Dnn D^anaan vba nnai ambtf *nana pi 
jprn bNiiay iban |ara nsna^a nayi ibana nia^aan by bna Nin n^N nxna^o 
nimna nnna miN db>i nwaon pacn niaya iban iniN cam nny nyi bxaiamaa 
nnsfa bx bxiB' n>m *ms nisnb jibna naiy n\n iban yab vraa ibs* dni *]ban 
nxa ^n miN lap aiai ns s did ^b ^n iban oy *pDyi nai ib imam ^aaa iban 
nviN dn ^b naib nbtsn didd pen Ninn 3 t^iDnn moa^Nphi ,lb ncN D^ban 'baa pin 
fm dn bjn uiaaN Nb ">2 bx wa nti-N vnibcb 'nacm aNpn ns*a nya iniN niaab 

1 MS. mnn. 2 So MS. 3 MS. rann. 

Z 2 

: iXJimn 111 7D : i 78 

njn npyn xb K\n a mnyapm swin nnatpn wwi riPKia nb ncx nypn dko 

n-bx iaanx -ax taxb nrnb mm x\n dki n-aa rrww mnn maya viyT -nba 
aita nan rwy -bx tow nan nx ye> n,bm /bipb ^obti dx nnwan nnix tram 
pxa nbna naatai bma ayn Dnb mn jy nann tptayDP ta"> bxaioms niabo baai 
DB>aa ns nvnnb bxaionia mabob Dmniaai Dn-aa naoi aynno can ini anyon 
TTrn b:aai anyoai nnroa D^Kjwn by Kinn aynn mm dw ft nr Kinn ajnm 
Da inoi binan aynn nr D^syo^a wn anyo ny nanoaio wa p na <nabn nwt 
nnx rovn [vJrpap nta'x nnatrn nxn ^ya w*n nn ba nninoi aynno 2 Dmaaa p 
lab pnnb D-naan nw nnsswi bx ynai ibn ysnn maitai -nub -nnrn p nriKi .nano 
nnaspb nnix jnai BKpin no nnv mew rwnrm *bp pibnn maita npbi Dsrnnp na 
nbaa *?w Pibnn *pa ^ ins* maita to D-naani pan on bapta> nnxi pmb nnm^ 
mbK tiioki uk n-anno vim rrow nn&ttm Kin uk xa Dai nurwri nnatwi nxo 
-bs? pibnn nninc nn&vn bx fna maita 'a 'bx now own lxa aiixi .Dib^a -abn 
"jbtan p*i Kim Tbtano toga? 1 bma ~w -aab Ka p *nnw :ny ama wrw maya 
dpi cmmn anixi naaa b*n Kim ^widtjbd "jbon bK iniK nbta> d*b "ibo *a *d*b 
-by yota> ^a ibo 'a o-nnco niB>y 1b ^1 'n^a i?K pnn nr ^s* Kai n^yo pnxn 
jna Kin *ai tiik nvsib xa 11 p nnKi ^Kaicama "j^o bx nbnna n^ n?n t^xn nw 
camx anvm a ^kd^ko mon p tamaK n nxoi , 'd ,, do dhihm nxn o*ana "bx 
pnn ^K^Kt? p nnw .n^ajaxoo n^ao^axpn nxo fan pnn s ^c an^ ^x |nai mix 
^nxa {rn nun nano Kin 'a Tta^m "vnxa D^an omm f s dki vis jo naran 
ant!> ib t^i ww Q^apr y ih Dn^y t^io Kin 'nx eiDi" item nnin^ Kian D^j'b^ 
cpan nnx no xinn pnn ^x iioki .nonbon byi D^annn by xavn i s :xi n'an 
nonboni nonbon by lamyao lanax s a ^b s nats>m anyrob nnroo nxa -3 nnbon nro 
bxn^> p ba nnpbi iriwa nya nabb mna lanaxi n^-pai nomai sj^Da x\n \to 
to mt^yb lyn 11 n^oan D'aoix cpab nxa 'aKi nyi^m ppn yan a n^bxyou^n nna 
pnn nxo noni .iab^ nonbon *tMK bx nob 1 "! onvj'yb ^nxa lKia^ c*x *pM&\ n s nL'*o 
mrnn dki torn nra 02b mrnn niabon -a d^^dko ianax "bx idki nann nr by xinn 
Dy non rwyw "o bab non D^oy rwya p lb Tnoxi nan iaoy vj'yn no Drrbx 
D^a^oxo onx p Da pnb "nnoxi .dhx niaboi bxyo^ mabo nnn nibaa Drre> bK*iK" 
Tx ib "nnoxi .D'a^oxo obiyn bsa p -bx a-cni bxyoL"- pnx mabo la-bx mrnn -a 
8 D-abo wnaKi nun nanoa Dvn nr ny cnpon nu pmn ;o oubo ia-niaxi oubo ianax 

1 MS.JB3B. So MS. :i .MS. ubov 

177 * *33WV1 TPI TI3D * 

ib moN p nnw ,pno Jaien "flat? ^axi mypQ vwy TiNtan rwna bn jwn waa 
niwb nrwn nxr t^* mx *a*i n*n nap *oy apn nnx ^ Dap3 3n3D <b rnyyn 
baix n^ 3K rrano <b awn .Dncip roan by ^ vnm onaan ba rv^o -)b jnxi 
,Kbta*K3 ''aab hrbm |yb taspn awan ninsb "b jnn sb dn nrn -inn ropy 
103 13 b* ia taTnpon npx 'bp roam /m intaoa jp^b *|b ib thesi vby Tioyai 
aae y-i nyi aitara iy -aib Tibia 11 vb) pxa pai roaoa pa D'op* dw mpy 
ronm* n/mmni -jniN wws 'jn nnspb thon p nnsi ,waa on ipn twwn npia 
nb^bn nr "'a nnspn nawn roxo byi w nnfia by nnayi wyai * wya jnn ropyi 
xbi mia by *bn N31 .nnxi* by 3inn dpi nnoD by n^by N3 n'aita ipn* rop^bp 
nabm jpmi intaob *ab nb took p "nni mix l iwip Kb nob robx wncm .*anna 
abn mnoKi nnspn bxi pnt pb m&npi mopi nnpn moy ny mooa rjN mnoyi nb 
bi nbipb mbsp bi 'jb^ nn33 N\n nam ,jwm yynm ba pToab~a }V2t p ny 
jprni ppxnn |prn n*arK roa bx jvx p Dy nb nabni *3bn nb mnoNi roba* myoe> 
mapm oy moyb n[n]m ronm- mm nth nnspn nary nob idni oy -am ^n N3 
ipn Dn3i waa nbsa nnpyi mivo by may Km *a nvna naran Diaan jprn bN 
~\bnm n^y ni? ^nna np myon b jnnp iriN ^nip "axi na nsn ,, a ,, N ph W n^ 
jprn i^ni .nnapn ny3 )b ^nna ipn niyon ^n jna h Ninn Diasn d "jbn pi 
H3 NDin3 mrnsp roen ^ jna i^on ym ynp sin a nny3 Erws nanoa Ninn 
miann dn a laoo Tibp n^i pnn nd nnr M^a^Ka dp noyi myon ^x nnb n^p 
ma nr bai bjrba p\x nih ^ jy o^a h niyo oyoi 3iy ppb i?y3 bN Tina ipn 
^n win nnspn -pthnp onip ti^ bN N3 any pwb byai ,ypnn naisn .toid ^ 
3 ib TntDNi yroaa nnspn riNt nm nob ^k bxtsn Ti^s nnspn jin nmi n^ans 
d:i 3iy npba n3"n onsn n?oy "13m nnapn i>s bsp ia inxi nTi^ap nnsp nti 
^np na inxi .mirv *n*mrn nnpsaa^n tiik naip yx nnspn vb hidni ryib ppba 
asja ibm Nin p i^n wosi nmn'' nmx mrnn a noxn nrasi ^n 3iy ppb by3 
bxipi nann onan i>K ioni [ij^aab *nabni nya mp iboni .ban bwimis ibob Tarn 
bx Tiapm nnin^ nnis mrnni nnapn n^ap *3 ^nyop ": ^n nraxi nnspn jd tiix 
nnm> n^rnmm n^Nyop* nn^n jy nnix Ti^ap 'as* ^ n-ai npx3 Nin p ibon 
dwi jptn jns nobp Tnbp vbx ""mDNi n*wp nros* mm t>* 1^ n ^ N "on tni 
nb3tai nstapi ooa nnapn Dy Daa ncbp prm nnan bx nnspn Dy 'bp Dmnpo 
Dyoi iT-by nps piavn 2 -]innn nniN w n^3n bs 1N3P nnsi nbia D"DyD a 0^3 

1 MS. TiNnp. 2 MS. pnnn 

[IT. 6.] z 

: "omsnn -rn tisid * 1 76 

nnx dv naixn cnitt b nan p nnxi .can bx pnno pxo *bi *aab taw ns ba 

^ba ba * metro cnm anaan prnni p&neona nnyb n^nn nnBB> lab ropn ai* 

nirx a"on byi |prn }nan nobtr x'W nna wn snap ban anaan n^rn "b latpni can 

nnx aiax "aab K3 arixi ta^aian int^ nt>>x con ^bao nnx ma wn can ints* 

rwan auxb woni .nnaiob rran *jki cbxyoc* nnx nnaw ^ s? 1 ^bx now }PI 

wni *atwi ava nnacn ay dwnh xn pi ncx nniNnb rwin "ox *a nno ''aab 

yen noy Tnam any pa*b njftf tfni nsno nan nin nan nnmn n*m rravn 

arixi ntyyx p 'bx nnoxi n^nin" nnnc icx naps wnn 2 nnacnb "nncxi aiaxn 

.nb^bn ny wan nnoy nnaspni pctMsao materi icnb nrm pn a s ynn aiaxb "nyna 

nauNb wiom *nny ji^b ync van nnaaa nnx naias caab 'nxnpi mm labn pi 

arann nnbi camb nDiaA 'nxnp dm .canas nxi nbc> nypn nx pfpn twin 

niw innrni can 'pay bab cnn jyob nnatrn nst Tinpb *jn anb ^nnoxi ytopd 

nnb rwn 'ax bipb yoa> ntyx aao sin i mar nanb nxrn nnaavia aao nnx yr 

pi ,-nw was cc xbi ncx ma *ax ^a av Dns^v nnx ntrxb nnswi nxr lb 

nan dw "^ya nxnx axi tby BW y^ xbtr nospni *nn nb TnbNi nnatrn Tins 

b*x ybx jnx yw naa nnna: nwi ph "jnix ainnx ys waa n^yn^ yn 

^ nnnni ysosa *b nnnm a^ano nnnn nb *nnM n^'an n"nm *bw mrwom 

nenyi p^ana nais*n caiob nnny d^ ii moyi nn^y p ""nnxi jpna cnnron 

3 )e>^ nnnb* -j^n nnn miyan nrw s :ni a^o nawen anaa nwim n*an *pay b 

nnxi .n^ba nw nc^ ny nmyoa a^nso i\n s b^ a^nnconi ayn an dbb 

m^annn onob n^bn sn ny nna^.ni snn nihaannn mrwi caia aip' nmyan 

annan 4 b ^nooa yoity yw n^b baa hna nia^ n^o nn noy pnvo n^ni ansiao 

nna-^b ^nxnp aai inaoa \vh "]bv n*aibb ^nsnp p nnsi .inan^ no jm^ a*K bax 

nn *jki \trfy*{yw\ rrwa ^cnnna ^ab n^aio nayi .|c^ s abn nb *moNi r^nbbpi 

yw rtrmm byiai 5 moo by nnacn by rrano nrn p nnw p" 1 '' *n w n ibxa anb nxno 

Kim n'-aiob ntnpi can yvoxa saan by ^moyi ^nooo oxba -as ^nopi "yovir 

"by Nin*^ i)&D aipb cam anan xb nnoix s"ni nna^b rNnp aai nna^n by aain 

oniK amnb ibx ^ax xan ab dki ^aab Nan 1b nnosi bna bipa n^aiob nmp ^ni 

caiob ^nnosi nns pibn nna^ni nnx pibn ax *a vby pw ^aab man xa p nnxi 

man ynn nnnn nv^yb ^by natm aanx WW *axi ^n^an n v j*y n^'x a^yon no 

1 MS. nnonw. 2 So MS. 3 MS. p>"b cx^b. 4 MS. by. * MS. *m. 
6 MS. yiO{j>. 

175 - : * *aawvi m tisjd * 

pay by tod bxic iniabo p *nn tpt> ibn l r\vpin i?rh won Dai aitaa "jbob 
lbm naiD in ibcn bap bi naaa 1210 b^o jm nrntpo na by D*aixn 
mnno axi nann xr * nx *]bn nxi nay am mn labi nam nbna nnotr nts> 

ti nt? ba *a*yai wya na*in 'anw mtypa mnn nn nain nn 

bx anp DipD xw pKb bx p^oaD jo iirnn nx "jbtan ids p nntfi 
rva *b inD jptn nt^y pi ibnn n"a^ anp ma n mo^ pn ntwi bx n,bnn man 
in n^an nnx H b new nx "]bn bm "]bn ^aab nana *a to dim nrai bna 
.n*n nass> nva-'axn 'aab sona aab noiy xim mac "ox a vbx natFm b^o 
moan p nnxi .b^o jn xin aaa xim? 'op D^ani nxnn nx "jbnn ion p nnxi 
xb *]bb vkwwh .ibn s aab o^p Dnan lb mnnxi mix warn mymi ^nenm vbx 
iB^m aiDn npyn ox *jbb mmxi naano mn jy nny ny bvo p*i sin a Tun 1 ' 
jy bvo pi T^ai *a*a nmy mm xb nva^axn wyai mx spY 1 "jbtan wyai * vya 
nam bnm |n *ai inans niaya anynb m?D mxa ^ax *s\ n,bi b a^ix xm a 
ibt? anna mnb warn xcna vby mDyai Taab xax xb fyob Nona mix aayb 
nbna naia b'pna jn B*ana p nnxi .xax xbc -oaayb nahi ^ nay xintj> yeo 
mm ^ax *a nr by Dya n,nb by npn xb *b nox n,bom nncn ba 'aabi ibon "-aab 
nnnai >aab n,nix xnpx n^x ny l T^^a bx nxr cyan "jbni nnnn n&yx ba n.b ni^'yb 
panooi niDoo waa ntrx bavanben ibon ivao TiNan p nnxi .TPDy ba by 
Tinbty caai ^bon n^aib anp pnobxa n mo n^x n^nn bx ptBTxdo n^an nn baoi 
^aaa *n*ab 1x21 2 ix^ pi Tintyo ^axonn nm mro pna x ^'V nniDn n^n byn bx 
oaaniD laa^n Dnb wbni ibon q^ noy nt^x Dipo jnxobx bx Dnbtr onaan ram 
DDvnxo ^oy onxn Dnxi nipb lyowi Dnaaa vnni mix wnwn N aan lat^ni o^jnn 
"aa ba lyof^i oanx nnax dx *a nym nyv cab niK>yb Tinn xbi npinn px bx 
nn n ibob mnt^m cy-in Drrpyoa mix bs nbnm ,D3nx nnax n^s* ni33.n laoy 
ix *ey nmyb aaaian no onb m-iox Dai .onix ans ^axi nnita tann^noi Dmna 
Dnb }n [xb] Dnb mn^ni py moya xbi wnxb iba man jnn ^bx onwn iabn dx 

:D s aa Ditra niK>n 
Dny^nn Dnoiy Dm dw nnt^y 102 mx ncyi Dnaai myo Dnb mna p nnxi 
npno D s Diaxi Dnvia D^ax xbo n^nm .n,b?on lab nnDK' ivaa lanaxi on^^a noopa 
nym nnyn nibna mxvim nnym onn^i npm Dnb mny jnbiBn dv baa my nyi 

So MS. 2 MS. ixvi\ 

: "JlWin in 113D : I 74 

Hi ^ nntron Nip xini wa b$ D*K3 DOTn tk yann n*aip yv p nnxi hnai 
troun i>ai *m DWn 1K3 p *ihki man najn p^uaaa an'-at? mini *3Kon 
,pin laaa dw on *a anraixi njn anta6t!> ^>yi rpaia ^y anaio vn tftnaMm 
*j&b amx ntrn mi main nnx ian*i vrnra nbtw hian pnb *ni&K nnxi 
>na "^a an^y ww M*in ^>x Tinraxi *aai> aniK warn Birom arrow innn pi 
npn Kin rfino nvy na*x nxrn na&pn onpi ,wg pi "inian rvaa bhik la^n 
ova T^on ^ nta p nnxi .ban ibon yri rran lnwa ibtan ^mra irw rnro 
Btnwa p^ pi |na nba> jprni y iaab Tiabm nyan tw a^ naot? nnx *y*ain 
ihan pai wa jnanin raiTO jpr Kan inx aiax xnp nbrani .ibon *aab Tiyani ^ 
inao n^n 'aab ibcn ay iaio rftwai ayo enni Nan wn Kinn [prm .cnpn pB>ba 
n[n]^n iai&6 *a maib yiB> ibon pKi ann n^n pm laxnao ina ncbp ai twiDi 
W ibcm .nina nn Kin baK aiaa -jbn "oab -one Kin ninan p* pi twswd 
Kim bt? mws ns? 'b w "3i aiaa my ptpba nanro nnK 'a i;by *nyw "'ax "nix 
ibt? EMrwDrn ^ wi sjid lyi a*xno -pan ba jjbbm aiea my ptrba -nil? yiv 
inx pbn an ^x nam ntrx bat: "6k nan* xbi annan yaia* *ax px Diaxn Dai 
lbn ijaa rwi b*p*D pii .any ps?b jnwi iiwi m ax ^a >a^ya aits xh anm n&yo 
Kin a b lfan x^ ^ a^me'oni yov^ w pKi nxn *aw ^on ^aa^ *nws lanm 
noxi idj? -aTi ^po pi ^k n^on tf trnpn ptj^a i^d^ nanx tj-x i>ai byn pn 
Kin ncx nu6 xip ^om .any p^a ax s a t^npn jw^a nnx lai poem x^ i^5? 
^nnm any jw^a incarxn nr oy nann Kinn tb6 ifen noxi any p^ yiv 
jy ^Kyc^n nr Dy nan!? njn pK vipn p^a i^oi yiavm any ptr^a "isy ian^? 
vnx Kin ^n uw^ man *aKi t^ttyfie^ Kin ynh Htm tot nr ai h? o^anx on *a 
ax *a a^KyoB*' 1 smo an xh 'ax x^ noixi 'ey nanro Kinn ncni a^xyr:-^ ioxi 
^aatt i^nn ^as^ nxni nnsi hxt h xa any pt^ iano nvnc xinn npm .Dnsu 
*b "inxi ^x a^ao i^om ^aaa i?d> ~\Tm b^o pn ,^on ^aaa lb vnarw nam 
yncxi c'pao nnxc anann ^a -\b nvyn ncn nr oy any ptj^a nmn dk ihan 
nnano xin *wn nn koiid nv^axni ym e|av t^dh imx iw n-j-x b ncyxi ynxi 
na^non nxr bs\ .Ta^ai ^a^a jnron nwi ^nu i>aa |OKa xini inm ^m xh *hp 
nano Kim nrn ay any p-^n Tinnn p nnxi i^c.n aa^ mw byv pie nnn 
ffanaon "jbn xnpi a^anaon b itan n s a ^nnai i^x nan jk n-j\s baa iten ay 
bz nx ii> maai vaa^ nirvbvm paya "jbon oy Tinam b*pD pi i*a onix ;nai 
nano natan ncm /any p^?a ban vaab nyanw ny naien pa na *naW mnn 

1 73 'main ~m td * 

s^i nnsi us nm nana nns dv arisi ub) m umno ntps fipi> wn n3a "pa^ya aD , '* 
jo itabi m nm ntrs pS>3 nt?s oyan | *nwra sh msP3 si? it p^jb n<xn 
nns dun maa pTuaoa man bx Tia^ni Taenia men mnpb np nnsi .yenn bvc 
maa nvn isa ny nnaaa ins?si nioa ytsn man i>yai bma ma nvn m mo nt?s 
nbtn ns man ^ya naoi i?an ia nsim ia wnas ncs nnnnro s^ mns nbn sinn 
pwb bu sh umy nhn nao ybnn Diasn s a vmtro }V* pi maita m ns arisi 
vnajpi ftna vinph vioaaai nuo sini nhn mx-6 *ipcB mnoyi ran man mo 
sin "ps ^ n?2 Ni ^ pnnro yenn niasn sa p nnsi nhn Dni? vinnai moon 
dun ua^ sai .nTDnn imrs nya )b v^noi ude n^no trpai nyan nra sun 
nut? tik> ^aa ims nSc itam ii>n mmaDnra sa mm any jwba nann nvn 
mpoa nvi s nns n^n sin ms sinn Diasn ps nam Dninwi ps bs nns Dya 
nn dc pi man moya nti> nnyi .sinn nipoa nns nyp sin mvn nvn 'sn nns 
sinn "sai .tPDPn !>s |B>yi cs nciy nnn i>ai nW>i nv sinn ina npm trsm Wn 
nc nnum nutapn nuausn ua ns jpm ^ainnia "jtan rbv nnn mis !>s amp 
.mx ua nmaix nnc mn "Na nns* nna^n bi* n ^aoioi tram p dhi nrn nvn iv 
*:sb s*ai is'-JihnDD^'a D^an Zinnia <w ^ai lN^i^inDD^xa nan xinn Diaxm 
d;i . Dioma }D lania^D cxna ^n xin t>s 'b ncNi ^no nwao ^\sn p nnx 
n,^D c T>s ynci i?f 'as urns* ^dp nns n:c nc ncy Nin p i^on ^n nr i>a nan 
naa: xini nipn nra i?n& nac nmcy ma ny "jbon nn^c mn iDBn nmin^n i>y 
i^ainniaa ^c nan n^m mis anis ^ainniso -jbrani n^ina nman i^cn bs n^xi 
ny wai> yp pnar nw jyoi ^o^ i^ ainas* jcd *ao i'Nci mis ''nans >as oai 
mn Sim .ia^ 'jp nann nr niD mm vi?s in"nnai ana )b mt!i> pi nycn yantr 
ffmasi nmvian i?ai ni^h w ncc nuyna "-nnDy uni nmirvn bo amsn moa mvia 
mnsisna ^ba n s Na vnci i^an may bai hna nyi }opoi> n^an np Tiitn^ D"N3 
nns Dias Dy nianp nciy ycnn thcd n s aiDi .nbmai nva aaiy *> yp b ai mniraai 
i?y nmmy nm nnvi 'nn^DC ins ia mis anis m^n Jsi n^isiao lany sa 
nc nraiy us ncs nnnn |js Diasn ud^j nnai lining annn maia t\b&\ vsb |nhvn 
mnna Daaai n^nn ns naci npm sa aiisi Diasn uaa ivy) vnns n^nn njDi 
ips 'snpa mipa n^aita ysnn vdc sh usa Diasn amnb mni m s a nai^ ianni 
snp^p Diasn s nn^ d:i iann^ mm imo annn mnph imy >nnnyi lmy mpyvai 
np bna j*y nph picn ^s npno pn uso n'-ain sy p mnsi rtsh n"y,n ou-'mn 
pp mam ^y npnw ons ua bi n^pii^n bail mainnn ba sinn Diasn jypaoi 

hane n"aa nr nmv mn wwd ba nyi .onb wena d'dwnh ^m una ne>K cms 
"6k iKia* mouKn na Yiannn nt$w "pin bam oni? nnas}> no i?a one Kin npih 
amp Tiyanc ny unma n n^on p nai mainn "6 umi *niK 11^1 naa J>aoi nv !>aD 
rwi ne>K pjaan ma *a nanK?K3 "jtan noy mm niKDna a bKaima "j^cn ^n 
pin usr-nnv ny *DipB3 nioyxi uii>a aipraa Tiyjn as tk T.tai> ^nanai ruovta 
nt^N -j^dh nN naiDn aai "jten uab naaa nma nnN fp? *nnitn *piaa "pin new 

:*|btsn uafj Da n^n niKmnn ^y ton new n^iKta }o y K3 
b vaa^ ivyTiai \b& nvyn i?ya [i]ua^ Nnp i^an a ^ now k mm p nnsn 
ia vaa!> ntani niaa ib nt5>yn anciK tan& .naa nniK mi naa ntaiK nr nann nr 
i^o jrn .n/nnyh ^nwpi pmo pxo Na Nin ^a mis 11^1 anaaa onvn 
uai> noiy mn Kim anna Nona iniK ann? wsn *a nan ny Nono h> anNn 
ua!> naaa nan mn Mm itano man ^ya mn Mn \m n,^ rows mn *ai "jtan 
CDiasn as anDiM naian onpin an *ai *f?nn vsb vwbv n^N avvbwn aah itan 
D^pBKnn hna niaa s, niK anaa an -a naian anwn bnsun jo nnv niaa n t&v 
jn ibk tm na wm Tia^n nc-N nnnn ^aa amnuai an^aai tameui amma 'nix 
anim a^BUKn nnnnh inia^a annni* Na *a ^ nnK vbn vvyini ifeb ^p'o 
amaai amswi an vaa^> a^auKn ^a imp mix uha* ih? ant? vaai> nbtrn dm 
nan unarm n^N b ,amm nrmi orwa onxun ^y nsy ivyn mix 11^1 anmaai 
naion "aaai "finn vsb inrbw nt^s fprn aaai won* 'aaai n,^n ^aa^ ^n pn y^'nn 
a^a no oni> ^ne^i 1^ nsy ^ya^ -j^on n^-i nann nr fprn nr ^ Tarn ^y K3 
^ain n!?i prn nra ^as* nnx *ai nno i?v naprn t& vm )b now nvr ibob 
niaa 1^ n^ysn imoi> faiD uan ai u^ anatan uao ruwn nxra maa 1^ nws^ 
nncNaa'xn u**n ^aa^ Na^ Kin ai nnaai n^no uo cpao uk jorn nrai ,uai> jrawab 
nani vvyvi n,^on nan ^nyoe'B' nnNi : n^KOD loy iNa n^s a^casni nnB>oi whbv ay 
1N3 nc'N tfvsmn Din vntpo ba Dy i^on ua^ "na^m h> D"DiDn ^y ^naan m vny 
:^a dn D\sna w nmnan na^o d^did ibi b^k n*con ia ^ vni Kim nay 
ni* ny pa'Nn dv }o nayno nn um lhan nvni n*a ud^ lano^sa -nyam 
uai? mejn " , n ,, nB > n^ d"bi 'n^aN n^ Dnb y^an dv iv vm n^on -aa^ noaaaB> 
tk vaaa na^on tfitswh i?d? nnoKi ,ian"< ^y iann ono nnx bai vnvo ^ai imn 
dn ovn nr t^k nan baiK n^i Tan dv ovn nayno aK ai "pin p yan ^y a 

So MS. 2 MS. miK. 

I 7 1 : ^awm in 119D : 

.aiajj ^a "vrd? robb pm nwi jyai> avn ncyn nanea a^Dy * b* ax ronro 

S'lTOD bl *3N TI3311 CDIDH ^X lana "Ip331 5BO P*1il T^ffi 

lKXn na*nana ixir n^an *naiai a^nan nanan ne> ^3i pnm nSxaa T^Dai 
mm nixans 3 nanana pinn laay wai ana naB^ *6 a^aapi a^na a'un *dj 
-iddoi niKXinn ^y sin n^x n^an ibidi auicn a^ax 3 ay nai>n jm ,B3nnb 
j^ana nsian ^ "pin ^331 n^an *aai> ^ama a^ta n^ixa jo nay ix3ej> a^ax 
*ire nxa nmaai xD3i jnhtjn n"a ia^ man? awn bx nanai rantan i>x amp 
naiana ont^n i>3i a'aian by both *aa^ 1x31 nra notn nnx nanaa layam ,*]ban 
a^inan Dy a*aapn ana ">dd> h lamxnpb an ay a^ai a^Diax a^inan KSnn 
nnm nnv 1x3 x\nn nano$> nnr 3npa^3i nixDna newts' n^na mxnpb ^sb 1x31 
i>a 1X31 na^ n^a nnx Diax iraa laDa^ai x\nn nanaa layam ,epi a"K>ai dhmn nxa 
nxr3 ianayi anviai a^Diax n^n *hi ny ^k 1x3 nanan ^ax ^31 *aai> own 
own TiiM *ay 1x31 xt^a nanaa layDai *awn era iaD33ai xinn nm nWn 
nac rbra na*iaa layam .nixais a n.bno tiix 11^1 a^an D^axi naian it? i>si 
na*naa Da3xc amp nixDna a aai> awnn ixai nae> any3 wn ava 2 nxra ; x 
ni^np aai n^an rmn m m nhna naia x\m naiaa 3 laoaaai a*an a^ay anayi 
B'oap a^aiax 1x3^ 13 Tiyan naio ^331 .nnx Diax rv33 laDa^ai B^naaai D^an a^Diax 
np^'j nya b^bukh by Dy3 BTpta an^ian ^sb *r nx ip^an a^axi a^a a^nai 
ixx\ T ax a n* ip^an xh bna maa 1^ ibv nroxi nain m by nwnn it?yi v 
^xiB^ vPQMnv ids nah? naiax ^a Ba"axo an ^ D3^ nx prno t^i m3^ [bxaitajnis 
xi>i 7\cb& i?nn p ''ax *a 13 yaa n^x aipo ^33 ani? nix jni .ny wan rmn 
nyi myao 'ax nanbo ^y3 ax *a nbap n,nna x^i naiD3 h nix3 x^ D3^ >nsa 
wrr atwi nc^x n,nnn ,n\nn T x nx ^i asnnryh i^on 4 nnryh -\\tyb nN3i nny 
acn ai s 3 Tiaasai : jicxn Din nat? av xinn n^aa 'nnoy ^axi i?xnt^ px ^x na 
nsB* vb a^n D^axi B*n33ai D^3n wn H nn^ ^as^ D^a^nn 1x31 m*3>K fa 
x^ x\nn nirnana ,, nx^^ onipi ,na*iai> D3nn mrni msana a^at^ laay 1x31 3in 
ivm inu n&bw ianm anvian ay pica ntaap ncyi b& Qfevcn nu> nn^o n^aita 
muop ncy n^nxa3i .awa di^c Ti^yi b i^nn H133 nuy3i "-as^ 1x31 mix ainn^ 
B^nne^an jo nnx bai nihna nix^'in ^ anai hna Dy3 i^y nay3i anan ay nun 
nnh xd^do ^x^an n n^a ibp ncx n3^o [na na^ n^ pin 5 ana nnx ba ibp 

1 MS. arna. : MS. nxn^x. 3 MS. 13 aaaat. 4 MS. mryh. 

Y 2 

: *nunn in tiejd * 1 70 

fffft Swibtib ibob ntrx nnnxn nyaon b ribnan rfraan jo lab warn iabp tAon 
jbon 1 na*fiba ianoy unatn nb "|bm ima nas? nya nawxnn na*aan byab pn ny 
by ayam a*a nbmoa nahn non nabo ro*aaa uaaaai pton uab nb*bn sn ny 
mya ncx pnn bx n^on anai nva^axn ana "nnbcn nbnxo myb iicd a*n nsc 
,pnn bx a^anan ay *nnts>o rraia "jbrn braianiBO "jhsi nxo pn wm rhwn 
ptyaon bx xai taaaai naita nnx rmai pnno a^nnpo auc ay ^>x nrn spm 
1K3 toi avi nap bx H nyan a nanon n?ax ba tyoen npa<n bx na^aano nrcn 
bx a\n nae>a *nabm n*nan by *naan 'aw a^ai ep a^Diasi anna anp 'bx 
rvaa nbnxo nanoa layani .ano naD^ xbi anwi traaM xbo nnnn bai wnn nation 
pTm nxo maaa mcxi naaa xinn aiasm fribpni nioom nan ytidi nnx dux 
parol pio uan typan no ba ^bx now nbvu nncp wby notsn *bx xa nanono 
ana n,bob ana ran pnm *rvaa *nwob a^oya a nx xa av baai ."innnybi -p*ob 
*aonn nn ^nnb^ aai nnx ana bxaioma n*>ob ^nana uxi xbnxoa vaab tayan ? 
man "in^si Kinn Dian nxi ,n,bon naien manb xinn Diaxn n^aa woyi vaab 
nixnnn iab nic^yb a^n on ^a iao*ao noma ai> wsiat? in xbi mbna nuio nab 
^bx bxaiiama n,boo nbm yan^ ny av o an^aa lanoyi n^n^i n^axno bai bao 

: n^Naa 
nban ay oyia nob^ ni nota n ay nano n^ni nnao po nb xa ann a^ai 
n,bo ^ n^ ^a 10x1 ytnn ^ awm nrn nban ay n,b c^ no Ttobw n!? nnaw wnn 
a^x nxap ^nxap aw bna pbn aai noiy n\m naibon ynro vb h bxt^a 
nbn by a^pnvo wi anan bai anah ba aa^ 2 psnb pbnn ro vnpnn raab ^nnoyi 
:nrn nana nhna nnoc noci bnan |nn yocn naa 3 man^ a^n^noi 
nnxn -jbon nxo a^anao au^ ^x ;na n,bon ba ^nnb^ n^N rttowi y^anc *nnw 
au^nn ba bs* ama *a^m uwn b3 n^ wn ai maaa vaab iW n,bon ^ ans 
jnbici n s a ^ iinon nanob na^ncn jo nw i^n *m naa^ an a mmboa nw 
nbnsoo pnn bs *^b> ana jna naran n^B>n pi .na n,bs*^ pin baa nmaoi ND31 
nnob n,bn bs nr:xi n,bon ana nixia fan n n ^ N N3 V *I^ n V ^ N anD "* 
a^xn nyais* ib jnx uvv fbon *a n,bo.n ws n^-x ba fhta nnia a a -jbcn uab 
uni nxsnnn by moy* n,bon neia jo nns naiai pn ms*o n n,b ;nsi apm au^ao 
nno ava n,annb jaio n\nn nnsi a^Dian ba nnDsi T>nn maya nnob ban nnox 

1 MS. na^aoa. 2 So MS. 3 MS. nam ^b. 

169 : U2Wtn nil T)3D : 

ran ba ru'BDno B*Min M3i moit) mix v\rbv pi h&sa rwi 1*3131 yoy xsx 
pan iirx iy i^n* oanx k 3M wcpn pen in hind vfatt yba *pwp dm ^m iomi 
niBiyoi d s x3i Dn^n "pwi b T^ K 'Tap **n ^ ^mrnni ^mn *aa? 
bz "nnph nanM -naja )ba npn ^m two pn ap bn hen i *i jna p nnxi 
^>y ^M-n* ii ^x H ai ii nmnxna ypm rwi msasfi nhra waoa dtx Tirtam *6a 
33y r\ba i>a ^ tt3 ib*m nrsono mnm na* Tim nhian nraos lanaxi dm naty 
heir ii ta'ai i nhtan na*DD3 ^x X3 na mxi nwa unrnc xa^> ibmi xaiwb 
:d3t6 tthn Di^ "?m nrni ^m 113*11 uyia *y nyi tumi? 'bv Tins masai 
!?ri 310 nin Dy Manage layDa jvs pi wbnn 11*11 Taitai jinn pid!^ ii *3Mi 
^Mpb T.DD iayam !*MaiBiia *itai> snyon "pi hian 0*3 3113 mi3 lasbm ,ni>D vnatf 
inMO Wi i*!*m n*3ita *jhn twbwi anas p*in 3B? T3ita *nn^i id*p mate *o 
6x imi pin nm m^>i urnai ins* di* noyai nanran ^>x na*SDn*3 Mva lanax *a 
n*an t^m t^Min pi ,p'in *aQ3 D^yi D*i3i i*^m imi na'ion nMK a iomi T3io 
Miip pin *a fan twin ^x idmi 'asi* irni svin na k i3 i^n na'aono ia^>K> B'Min 
hit ihsn tx 110x1 D3^y nnx nvys Dm nanrane D'hia one* *aa3i was iniM 
N3^ iidm Dm "iD'-pn naa or^in lanaM D k 3B>in Dm jtapn Mini pMaiiana nta^ i^in 
no bao '3^3 nc^ fc aMi ,iD*pn *aai> lnix m^i d-did i? 5*p3 k i imx eian!? 
nsiD^ Dnix nbiB* nspn '3 n33 tiim ityan' D'^aM ixi3 k dx ^^ k n3^ni nipn ncyc 
D'Mi^no 'hv D fc n"*>Dni vnivosi mny mm^3 prn *axi ^mib b 2 n3iuh 
"^x X3 p nnxi .vrnan vb\ iMi[ fc ]n x^ Dn^ ^niDxi DTaa^ nn^ % axi D k inanoi 
l^cno ninx na s DD3 nxrn na^SDnjo ixvn 310 ^x icxi ninx oya na^DDnrD b>mih 
mnn ia->aDi una xhw D^an ba lanam rbhr\ ^na M'nn na'BDno iaxv pi !>M3it3iia 
K*Mim i!>Dn 'na'BDS laoaaai .bxaitana ^n 8 na*aD3 iayan{y iy naDp n3'BD3 laoaaai 
mo?DD ircy na^sDn i?x vaai* iaxa lamxc yo^t^ inxi mora ^y p>' na'-aon nnixn 
Dy laio xbw na-aD.i t^xn 3xait3na "j^do 3na )b umm nnn iM r>3ai> iaDaaai 
lanaxi .t^xp x^nn nanoa ib>x Dncm D"a'nn nm p nianxa "jbian 4 na"2Da b*mi 
DWin Dn^ac iaf*m nxn^x nation ba laa^n p inxi npnn mx iy vasa laicy 
"as^ imni x^nn nano^ la^m Dnoy Tnt>> n^aita 'nn^cn Dnt^ni D^nn vsb 
jwniM ltyan* naya onwrvi Dy ntaop wy D*i*yni D^'in k a ^ nnxi 
ia^ ianai ^xaioma no^D {*>mi n? k iMD3 5, i^n wBDno cxnn wb ^p3 p nnxi 

> MS. 'umm. - :\IS. nnvah. 3 MS. na>2D3. MS. wbdd. 5 So MS. 
[IT. 6.] v 

: ^znsnn -m "Yd * 168 

tperoMni) low nnx mp .tti ieyi bx^n" -i rvaa xftino ibn |av xo^aa s bx xa a;i 
"i bx nynoa momk&a otwd rraia nx *nnb? 'aw biprf "i rraa *cy noyi 
nabb ram rwaariD wnn xa |y *ana lmtn epn mno "bx xa* a kepbd bx^an 

n rvaa Tincy tot* jorn nxi .any in rrcna xbi bx^an n xb 'bx K3 xbi rnnoa 
T"Wi ba ncny id\dd btw ni wwd bai ^ax tayo mns iwrn f rm kepbd bwn" 
nt>>x aval iay ns?y nt?x trawi www nx nsobi yninb ntPBx iab nuavvi bai 
rawn wnn xa p nnw .pn mcy bxw n b [na an ba nsbb anp nn 
umm say ino ova B^yaia unas tx nnaa ynn lacy xab ronn ax "iota b 
ny riya aita aba ntyya wrax 7^ "p*" 1 ^ na^aaa na^ mn -pbx ):hdi uapn 
avai rwaano wnn iamb ibn annnn nbx ba inx-i .ibiab baita-nsa yan new 
ni ""ax inyDai junwba onvc vinfosn nvnan by anix Tioen *ba ba vrna wn 
Tim 'nbn ejovi ,nxan> dot nnoo by nbin nrvn bxw n axi imi pun ti bxw 
ax TiyT 1 xbi '""bin ib xa 'ibn epv ay xa ntrx nitron lp^xaxiai nay UMDnn 

:inx 'bin is spao sin 
nwn nb-bn nxr nayno wn wi mx naniaa wabm xana^ba wba baa uyam 
or 61 nib^b i aw i B"oya n^E^ rt*n ND^Dn t*w iw mbnan nvaynni a^ ab 
nnya ^aba bna nyvi nasi ^b nn xania^ba ujnvip nanron nni nib^bi a^ a waynn 
n^aan em n^aita *rnro xbi bx^ai i sb 'ba "\m sbi bs^an i bx -jbn n^aia *a 
Mpm *a ibni ntaatma innb a^yDia an tk ""bs "nasi wnn nb s bn nra ^n ta 
^rniBVi wtxwj bai ii ,; b^n 11 n miyan by am natyi naiia^ba nanon nra nao *b 
nnx labm nrwba ^oy xm 2 vnipo jw p waw nns mna 'bx nbc bx^an n ai 
nms^a b xa xa^ao bx^an n nam .nb^bn vn ny }^b maob nnx ba anb^ax 
rwwba iannx ^i~\ 12 nnsi unw nxn xbi xo^sa xai xmn npaa nxambao yaai 
ibn is nnxi ixrm ^nixna nbna nnw ^nnjoc'i oy nail |S5^ n*n s asi aab xai 
bx"an n bx xa npaai npan ny naKi n s aa nrni na^BDno wan bx nb"bn ^sna 
laaxam nine taibm nxaip nxi ^nn anx wvi uxaa x nva^sxn nxo *b jnai 
itaxiao jn3 nobc naran bx^an n ^b |nai bt iDtrbi inya ^bx nana pn> biaa mnsr 
taxpn ' jna ^axonn inbi p^i i |vs pb p aa jnai tapn a 1 vbx fnai s oy xa^ 
a 'ibn sjavb Tina *axi xoina nirn' 1 jyb pw a jna s ibn sjavbi pn s fna n^aitabi 
xb 'ax py xa^ ibn qow rmn ax nrax n^aita a wara "uttw na annx pn 

MS. nbm. MS. r^-ipra. 

mom mbano -ma p aa nx nanai 3nan bn ayan bx nana new x^nn anaa ^x 
nmm D*^BT*a mn n^s mna na ninna nnya nb mm \nanxb 1a ^ann ma "6k 
nb en idio nb b*i nbbanoi yanxi oncya nxmp mm n^aKW noan mn nnyan 
nniN nnobo mn naprm hna nam n[i]nai .snn oyo mm jna nobtp 10c teho 

jaia mannai noan 'baai naioa 
nxo nobo nrybx n idp nns b>"x mn xa^ao l>mm n maa vnoy n^ra jorai 
men nncn nw& lb rnyan nxr nnpi? my^x n nr mm naran bman n mnx p 
nnw mwn xb nob nrbvw am inx nmx nnb napm me> mo nnvn xin xori 
abiyatr dim dib6 nmx nnb naisna px >b nam nam naaa mm mnan m Dy 
xbon aion rrc>aa rntc nnx w anbxm rawrA row ne6i ffiwa "jW ny 

:jox nab mWo 
bn^o jn nb&\ xono ^mo ;n nya bxaioma n^on nta a^tayo a^b p nnm 
jfen T N ,S3 ^ 3n:) Nona jww spn fan piano nm .inmcsaw piano \m 
losy |pnn pb ab aioi nota> mm inmayb nxa nnx TK T^V POB' bxaioniao 
nraono 'rpatmMpMm baiomaa nahn nama^a nbina na-'aa b*i mraan nxra i^m 
"j&BKpn Na* 1 x*x ny Tianon am nva^axn ay B"pay )b mm mama aayno mnn 
nx nom toy 'nsynai ND^sa **?$ xai nvam^aa xa^ao i>man n nya <nrihsn xinn 
nnx nbv rhw: ax a ponma \n Thv ~\vn* ca^anan ibx ay iW mm a ps* 
pi .anns a^ana nriPfiMn nx p a; avian pono pn onnx a^anao jnn Nona 
}n B"Dian nya jn la^ao ncny rwi rracmnn bai nnx Nona ND^ao bw:i i nb^ 
n xa rxi .mfam^aa naran bman n nrni "ni^o bm ^ jna n^N no bai a^mbu'n nya 
N^ai N^an nso nnom xa^a ny ^k xab nxn xh mrami>aa Nomo *nanxn bjdv 
ww nan nx mao mn mm nnx aya pno nn -iva^xn pai aa mn *a pr 
a: inx nam jo^nn btt mm *as wji?m nva^axn ay vpayo nano mm loy iano 
"am *nw amx n*n ^ nx nox n*m vpay nxo pxnn ba nanb irm tayo nano 
5)Bi> xa n^x avai nxo anana nano mm imaa rnoy jy wans mix s aab ana 
naian St innx n t-x anaa noxi xono xain xa^aa ana nx una rrean^aa "nanv 
:bna nys iny ''nnyovai mo vaai incxi naaon imaa fy xona in^aa naoa nty 
n^aa xa'-aa ^x xai nmaa ban ^ mam xono s nn^o uxonn mn xa p nnxi 
*>bv myom anaan nnoena )b wna rxi nxo nxoa nhna nno^ 13 wnoen bmm n 

MS. bai. - So MS. 

: mrann "ni -iibd * 166 

bx"an n n^aa idjji man^aa !wn n ^aa^ lmnnhsn ann \b n*ipi nbanb nrtDi 
bx^an n maa jnbian omoo Dm - pun yaoi idid D^ynr dttico bx'on nb b*i 
naran bawi m wab fnbitra mypb bam n maa nciy mn "nice apy s 'a "*b now 
y "3 Dn^ ri nsa bn apy s imaa noiyi p inn ib pxi cjn vcyia 'a nxn 
vbx Tianai mara pi irn nn\n "b>k natapn *jae n*aa iy TiDy bwn nb "nana 
bx'on nb i?Nn lannb apy m nbi-x -ax anne>b ^n w "inx mcro dc* k* dx 
.nanca biasb p nrw -jbin mm uni>is5> by baix mn dv baai njncn nabb nurain 
mn n rronv mm *a\x o -pnnb "jbn ib naiKi Dpn a bx^an n ib ma p nnxi 
ty dvj' 3Ba px a iyv Tinpb ysi ib ibim pn li me> mn bx^an no naa aaa Dai 
icy noiy mm bxiany ip ">[i]na xa-an bx"m n Dy mm maia dx s a whw 
nnx bnasa wabm .ntrn an mm mix me'i D\nbN mi pxai naaa mna wim niana 
niaym vbv mwni bna^n a\xna wbyi hnj bnaa db> W) nnx nayina bx-m m -ax 
laabm D"uyi d^ iannyi maa ianm p nnxi .nanb onx i^sx \x nniv ana *r 
:xmn rnnn bx onan bx 'bx man-ibac bx\n i xai a^aian by an^aa 
lanny lanaxi t^pDy onb rww nvna xcao /X , n- m bx-an i irn p nnxi 
cc icy bxTV m nvambaa fan bx'an n nrm xa-aa lanrni yB'n or ny amaa 
i laoo bap!? ib nn -a nvanibaa bx s an i -aab nabb mm mn n\x -dni o^oye 
naa ana naran bx , n- m xa-aa nrni a^tinn a loyi aibca ibn pi Dxpn n^bx 
nann ronap n-a ana nax xinn nmn naaa -nanai xa-aa wn -axi n-a mm 

:nxn na- mwia mm 
nnay ia aina n& ^d ban x xa"a mya xjbn 3, biaxa?a xma-a.n* -bx nnbu-i 
x [njnaran xniran "bx nnba nai )pt xin bax anr ia W) nm mo nnann 
myo a"oya a xcma "nvna -bx nnbca* nnbo bf nra'b 'osy cnabb anro xpniu 
nnaxaa-bxa mvna *nyOB' nx nyo nai avn ba nayno x\n yta n-by "nycan 
bab npnv ncym a-iaa* fjbxo nnv nma 3l o^na' nma nn\n yx a , bc , n ,i a , i 
m-xni bf nxD naicn xcn ncbo nna* nnoi .-b rmn nana moo ^mb^b> -d 
>bx nnnxi anr anin -bx nana x-n Da x-ni naob ntrax >x D-nion me^o nx *a*ya 
mb-ao K>om -ba'D avx 'BS"TnD bna naa p aa -bx n:nai yri) W2 nyb n? mnn 
nncxi mcyo nx marw naayx fyob nvy xinn naan c-xna mma x-n ronai ibp 

1 IMS. vaab. 2 In MS. after vaab, 1. 3. 3 MS. 'bexana cxnu-an, 

* MS. nycia'. 5 So MS. 

1 65 : s jns*in 111 TD * 

bw n!> b*i maitt dn *2 ins men ^ mn n^i nd^sd ^m n maa onai> nns* 
.urns* oai i/hn innty wwd be* nnn tai sn[/]n ^n ^n idw .nann ovntpo 
pic vrn new \fbvn nnnn ^>n Dmya n in a nanan btvre n vfitrb Na nv feai 
Dnnxn emmm manyi nnao nnnc ^anni? nDaan maa Dnny nhn wn 'awi .13 

:omfe Dnmi cam d^n omy vn aha ND^aa vn ntw 
namn psts Nai W "Nnac n mn ib> Nbri naprn rrw nnon J nx Na p nriNi 
maa ND^aa iaoy nnyi naaiai Dan Nan mn Kim niyo naoo fep^>i minx ms-6 
my ppfe "\yfo [ynv] mm nainn pKta iny Kas? apjp ibb>i nns* r\-\vn )b mm ^m n 
inis nx6 K3" 1 tik fe> nncmn nr mnn dn naprn nnc n "6k nnNi ryb }ie>fei 
fe ^ tok i?^m n oai .iV owwon jo nni 1 - aitaa inis* nnty Nine "as "nyr 
lafe niyoi onan "orara ifep^i "nyn laaa" 1 Dn a Dyataa snv "aN tn & n ^ 'nncNi nr 
ax in mnn dn am nntrci naaa nr a ^n now -iaran Knap n ^n Nai .Dav6 
"as *a in t^kb> "pna my K3^ mnn ijk ia mnn *6 dni -jniN nn^i ybx iamaN 
pin fea my ifei tiik nn^n i^x vntaNi miK n*np 13 nnNi tDTinpo xfe 
ppfe ym mn Kim tun nn^i D^nn DHaa i^> vinp^ tki . jn ^ awii na t^n ne>K 
mn Nin a nmo -aac n^an ^ya imsaci mioi nniDi 2 nna Kim enpn jicbi aiy 
mnn mn ah) nhia nDDp ND^aa >vy ncy n^aitai .d^jidn Dnana vby p^o 
Nin ^"m n Nai b^m n ^c Dnnaa iaai-n 5nsi .mhr nns* nan >y Na v c mam 
ia mn mn ^aai nann onnn na w\ rbm nnna Dnnaa layam ieni Ncn incsn 
jo ^ma nna m nmni? amp D^nr &6 oniano n^yo^ h*ia nn cm nianhen mtao 
D-^'y yb)rb ^m n nnn ^x amp nahn na^aoni ^inan D" ny ND"aa i?w nnn cxn 
^y iasa nnns* oyai Dnnan iv KD^ao na^aDa ias*a lanasi .onian p in-aa ND^aa 
nn\n ^N^n^ n nc'Ni .mix amnb nsm DTiaa ^nn^o apy s ^y nny maiiai D^Dion 
lanrm co* D^ac lancy twin nimai .Ninn onnan bm D^an one wai maaa naaan 
nitatapi niayaa n^ni my nny ibw nann apyn nonaina lam^ ^n \snac ni xo^a 
N^iini bwm n dni Nin Nac ny yi nan n^aitao vby 'nbnp n^ 3 di> i>aa* n^aiD Dy 
m pN *bvt ncNi nann nr h nNnm .ia ]W mn n^N noon nnnn nDao nvrrn 
n ^ -icni nr niaya n'an -aa ba miN injci jmtaD Nin ^a hab few jnhca 
nann Nin ai iniN mci) iNn laa^N ^ nncmn nr n^*n ina^pt nnc oai ^m 
pm ri nya Dmaa vbx "nna "axi miN "nn^un .onnanb 'nyotj' pi 4 imaa naci> ^ 

1 MS. rw. ' J MS. mna. 3 In MS. after my, 1. 25. ' MS. T*n33. 

: Tttwin Tn tsd : 164 

maa Tixnb irbina Dne> to isnan nxo b nhna mn mm mnn etna nnn 
Dai TTe n^ onsi T?as* ab on? mb^i co* 1 i ansya nee ^maynm bmm n 
D"aeiei tawai baso yna bao to D"ania am nW ai on* a nvr" 6 wajmn 
i dni noNnb neavx 's* nann 0^01 D^iy ^nyo baa vmtn B^Dnaoi D'xmno d^oi 
rnmaon nrax ns aai nan baa tin nrntw nmn xbri rrniNb no noBn "oran ^mm 
bmm n oai nnai mn nibina man[i]n ^x nanai now nDn *ey nney xori mp mo 

ito tmrwa bnb myo lanai v eD naai maimn 'bx ;na naran 
&aom*i noei m^m bxT' 1 n maa maaa ^asb ovsa vn nibinan nvaynn ovai 
mninai r\ir\l\vh no nnai nne no vsb xam nwroiD nbeo nex no l nrnaa xbri 
mnni pam n,o t,^ niayai -jmaa niaya 'b now ia nex nnna nnpno vm nnnx 
nex mpnm maan bipa aiayn n,b b* Tiin ibxe }m .mxa lanax nwynn >aao noe> 
napna pan *ab "2 "2b niaenoa yiv napni *oy wn aioa l pnb *napni .rasa 
ND^aa nnxrena ^k 1x31 nmoei aaiyi maa bip yioeb mm -ox pxi ni?^ai ova 
mme eiy vm nrrcrena cypin am nd^so bmm n maa D"an nna ivapai nnan 
nva^xno mrnrarra cran d>dj?d ^k ixa xoina Tnoy^a aai myo bipb na D^ina 
ny xrano -pnn ban ninyren ^bya ^x ixa xa^biaai lan-ona oai niyo bapb s na 
kd^bd fan bs" , n'' n n^aa >nnoyi ninvivna ypm n\n n^aim ^n D^a vn RDa 
nbn bjdv oyi bxan Dy sono 'oy Nac ^aNomn nn ^ en na* 1 inn ftbyn nnna 
bai N^inn vban bv Na 3Konn nni .NDino *oy lsae n on a n^aioi onniana 
DHaan nnceo vbs* Tina ^ni nnaa ab) myo xb ,, a , :n kse sin q^did bv ennxn 
bo nnv nbna nans inis "nanxi .wpba nti jcxa nn mm niyon nnoB^i to 
T^n 'ax nex na^SDn nyoa nes ny KD^aa ^oy nroyi tin inne ncs DTincon 
mm Dias nn^ nba n 1 bx bxaiomao ^on b ana Tana Dai ^Naitanisa nzbb nvm 
inann? mis* Tn^i fan Diasn Ta vnnai nd^bd bmm n twin anan anai 'a^ns* mn 
Tncy -asi (wm na^aoa ^n Nim ma baa n^ Kin p a "bs nnai i^an Ta 
T^n xbe aiayn nr nm "asoinn mm mnu'saaw bpo ,in tis aay a RD^aa 
aic-'x nnsi os nisnb Noma "]bnv men b jnn -bs* ncsi nxrn naea nabb - biaj- 
*aab n,bni men ib Tnai to nirm s]ane na -j/in ^ase na^sna yoe dn ^n nnai 
}na jai innn msvin maya pin n naraa ?^an n ib |nai nsambaa nd-do bx-an n 
ND"2a Tnoy 'am .anr pin y sono "oy ixae bxan bsi pidv ?n fan ?N"an n 

So MS. - MS. bar. 

jd w hna 1122 Mb new pwri dv ny imaa ianyi mpy Kim njoo p 1^ bi 
W nawiD bttynw naaan n*aa layam na^aa laabm pew ova layoi pi *iKin 
-itdi imaa i>na mn linn ianiK o*aam Ka ariKi vya rroi *a maa uvn bsyn&*i 
them* mnn no i$> "moNi bna mpy mm ni>ina rm 1^ *i nnK mm hod ^ 
dn a pe>n h |iyi xb ^ pNi D^tsrva pan ^ pK aB>m Tpipoa *noyi> pann in 
Sw k$> d^n n jna -itrs mns/n nNoi nai p nhna [njmon vby "nnom nvd3 
spa yafc* vh spa sniKi nenynta ya& sb bk nih *a ns* may$> mve ni*j& 
qb> niap^ mn Kh p 'mm ami DTntPon maya nDn ^k mry Kin s a "6n Tiai 

nna iw ^jo "ian bib> npy n^i tax* ^a aai> ana 
nima *ata ?ita^ wot ^kw i maa KD*aa ^nyam wn ova 'ncwtac Tiyoai 
vayi motaai rnina can cnta *]Ktaa Kin a Nori mty mo ma'pn ioki Km 
i>ah tax* "ay W nmna imai enpn -vy B^ima npan ityaai r\\nv ^yai mom 
n*a jm Kin D"jy^ dv i>aa pv mpmn lanta? !>y a^aiK "taiK ima ta man 
^3 ns* vjo *rwm rrva inn not mc mo naiB>nn na^pn aai nma ;nn honi 
ttnx no bx inv amtpyoa w WKm now nDn wm on *a a^aion an^Jjyyo 
*bn epvi jnan bxai i[3]vi *mwDi 'as* n^cnn nya^ on^aa *meyi M^n^ttn b^ba 

:nmi ^nn 10a nd*s imm "i n H aa oy ncyi [maioi] 
nanot ntaop ncy^ maita -asoi yin jw6 -naya mnsi? Nona oniN 'nn^c na inw 
n^apo vm n D^ams om om^y ^noyai fan bs^m i n^aa djtin ai"in6 11m Dnoy 
*aani oaivi 'aao an ''n^oai nis onaatn hpb D^yov^ vm tam^s "man x'n b 
noN inn na ^n i^n mm ^aa oy nib Dni vn oni taniM 'nn^ci .Dnns* pn 
nn Kim ^n miN |na Kin a kd^so ^ien "i nans* mayai ^bod mn fan n*aioi 
kxaioma ny iniN n-w> maita nj a "latan l^j^n n ^n ioni waa *niK m^o 
jpr k Nona *nn^ s in^ ^n ma icn3 pnoan ^n rbw xb yvnn b^pD pm 
Danpi D"nN )b v* a taaiuma ^n 'oy Na^> mm n^m Nono *ey Katy prw lot? 
Mzb ND^aa yan^ nnN b$Mi m pnoan ^ jn^ ^o pn i?K iniK "nn^^i 3 n^iNoa 
y b N^an n^i inN tnna itm iniK ^nniJB' pi Nona pnK n^n -ion ib>k Kin ^r 
JjKaitamaa i^n^ mm 13*k l^on tk ona ^ ion D'-ana dk 'a ^po pno pnoan 
nt maya bm ijra "nnpbi nro hoino ^ ana n^ i^on a atai ipc Kim natyn ns*r 
onnn m rrnn c^N^a na* nooi mn >b moi ND^ao ^m "i n"aa pa^a -moyi 

So MS. 2 MS. in^. 3 So MS. throughout. 

X 2 

: miN-in mi iidd : 162 

n^MB t6 'ba iW *6 mtcb am .pexnn yiatra n^nBi men vi?x "nn: pi diip 
D":a $>a ^>y "By mb Dairo im *a *oy onarna wi dv bai Dnnxn n men x^i 
^ai *pna ^ayan nex ny nanK ama^a pxi nnaa ^x iman ^y pe^>" ana nnx bai 
visa icy ne>Dna bim sn ny KBVia vnoyi K3i> baiK Ki> "bx vibk ono ins* 
idc nnx bmtcb B"je en oy iwan ni "By Ka^ "b epa^>i nixn^i 'jay mob 
Dm norbn e"xi ni3a xim kdvib "ny:ne bim jd was j:ub rwi Kin fna 5>KBn n 
asB W33 majw to xh yen sin "3 ^k mix bwvboi mnea mix D'Kaie' 
t^" x^ *a f^K mnax TK pan ^xsn "^x nsKi na^ 'b mn nex ny owpbon 
:"By xa" sin "a ^k -rm "nix ax *a na -j^ne pnn ^aa nay 
ws mro mn Kin ai nnm pan ^xan iaa prn Kim *bn spv iae 'rem 
may"e win k$> yen Kin a ^x mix unefap ounsfcan "asai Kana Myans? bvb 
nnx ^6 mnji nay xa" xine "bx nnai nnnn ^y wi nex dim nr ny waa 
iaee nnea wfon "6x xai 2 an^e B"pay bi itb" }yai> apin neon xaina ana 
dim ny Mans bjdv naa ma jd mix nnea mm any pe^>a nana xmi dm^ mn 
T^k en *oy xane nxn irx )b MnDKi B'BBp B"aai nex 1^ en naa:i ex mm 
5>k ;m xm 'a iwn n -6k nnji mn BJnah nna6 nhna mvom a^Bp a^a 

:yc"in n s aiB n^a Kim c^c xdvq *b jn: d:i DMnco 
dim "sna MDJ33C iBa nnxa ncy ncDna bim 'sna x?oin Mya: p ,_ inxi 
dim 'xn ny bim ^mb ncan rue KBina Mnroyc ksdji nnxn ii-y nccna KBina 
mkhbi .p^n nccn d^did a^'bea mix nii^ xBina animn ixai nnx en n^ te a 
Myjnc ny ^n ^nj maa vb icyi d-dib pn ibb nans n, c, cn nxB ^n pi>iBra 
bx^n n Bai maiBi n^n pvi jnan ^xan 3B3 MncBi fna t]BV n n^aa lan^ia 
xD^aa ^y i^c nann axr msn ac aayi nnx xona ny btfan m axv "By ni?c 
jnan eiBV n n^aa lamB^ia wiBjn i:nnx xa^ nBx n,a nnxi xd-db btmrt* n maa 
dmmm ^x iK3i invn ba ^x icyi ^i ioki b^bp D^a ib en naaj mm xmi 
nana Dmra di^c M^y nex ny dm nxjci niBDpl mpi^na on^ya en lanisna 
xai axnnB mbb^b |Knan nya nta nnxi rtrt ttbv icyi nrh m~ibx ncx amnn 
Myaa p nnxi naa^i |p? e\x Kim nxB mxBa nann iay Mnam hcb ni ^xm" n ?xb "By 
n n"aa nacn ava nxJM^aa wnBjji d"did nicy ibb "nix mi^ 1K31 ian"B"iB 
nxbx ncx xcji naa^i hi: p n3DB ^ en vby nnB nawtnn MCwSi i?i bn bjbv 

1 MS. "jyrn. ' MS. Dnai". 

i6i > ^niNin ~m "DSD * 

nvaBKn nwi ."pbx n^m^ wop ^3 i>3i tin epv ibnn mi n ^ i>a yrwxvb jaio 

*3D3 *3N1 "6 miN 13113 pi ^X SpV T^DFl bx inixnnb bai" JJJ10? J3B1 |DD "6 UN 
nrs^DNH "333 *ffy INK iUIU T3.1 ?KU1 ni biWl "1 T? UWBMil nnix jn3i iwfiicn 

anr pn hnd ^m jru pi hs> pen ro -pnx ppv "jtan bx nnn nromDMn ^x notci 

pnntro mam anpn *?n ni n33 ax a ann niycn bapbi nnpb w xbi 

:33b 31B31 nno^3i ai?B>3 wa bx iwpfiKn ua nxra Titan 
i3co pnoa ^np^ ^3 wa bx bitsnia "jteo irnea?M b^o jn bx Tiai>ni 
nabb nmn ax "bx ncxi -pia pnt33 ^ 3in3n bawi ni UN )b vnom tvu 
?n bxjianis ny -jrry una* on *a XD^sa pntsan n/bx nhwn ainaa UN xD s sa 
Nin a stwi n? twdni nbianns nr ba nc>y a "6x 3in3b mn n?i qb'd ibn 
nkinn ^x ntyyi ppinn jnawa jinuan ny3 vba <nka& nbvu njn "ray nt?iy yen 
irapfign rvas xin -px ^ twriPDii ^ now inn bx VD?m inuib 1- ibx ^x nben 
U3*n a h< uwi .dp xin dx mx-6 nva^axn n s 33 v\rbw uaa wwdi i>Nun ni 
xin dx nixnb *nnbpi "wnotnn "333 xm t/n wnwa ^ now .nva^axn n<33 dp 
nNi D"pDy 1? rww 3i3yn uau inua !un bxun n ^n p nriNi mixn xbi ap 
Tniay uni ?i3n X3x ^x ^ ny3 nhsvii N3b> ny mix pncm n3n moyn ^x 
^P'o pn Dy TiDy3i ^x^n n ny3 mn^ci 5nx X31 Mr\ ny nv "wi p 171*33 
nv^y^ >3n>3n xS ^x^n n niymT3i *3 prni )h& 3nn3 i^x nn^ wmi hna Dy3 

:inwan x^i 
nvs^sxn ycci xmn n^n 'n^ ^nairn nx3 Diy3 ^xi wan ^nxv p nnx 
niiT 1 nrraoawi yby Dys nn by ynr xin *p ^P*n pn^ noxi on3nn nbx ^3 
, D3n3 p a n*3D b by pntsan vbx 3in3n ib noxi i^x n3n3 xb^ pnuan ii3y3 
yue' noyi mvb ^ni xoin 4 x^i nva^asn b)pb yn^ xh bxjiDniDD -frnn ba *3x 

nrni nnx 
vntpe i>ai XD^sn bx^n ni ^x "na^n > nnx t^nn!? ntry nE'ona n^ba p nnx 
vnanb , n3cxm d^d i?3 by xd ,, s3 nnx wnb^ T^ ^x nnxi |in03n 1300 mbx^i 
nnnb XDinn nxxb 3im t^ bx^n nb Tnow ,, n ,| 33 *ny X3 bx^n ni 'rr'3? n3?m 
Dit:3 xora nnv mcyx xbi Dnseo I3*ni3s ix^" n^x3 cnn *iT3 a^a ^3 bv 
X3? inn3 ncx anix ^ab Dmn^nn mxnpi aiy nncb n3bb ^3^3 , no3D.n *3 n^a 
nnx ync n^nei men ^300 bxtr pnn *ai ;rnni nnon inmnci a^n ^aai ^oy 

'MS-rk 2 SoMS. ' MS. irow*. 4 MS. xvn. 

[II. 6.] X 

: s msnn tn td : 160 

*naB*n*i 1*11330 iniN onxvr vn am onen ba -aabi yfwxmn *2tb) onaiDn 'aabi 
D^nan ba 'aaa dw&dti bbpra n*n m Tnaai> mw on ipm onann ba onb 
name mayai wmajn Dtrn nanx maya 'nxa 'ax fan hwri *i? -nncxi 'ax momi 
mxai rrt maya dm 'a anyrab mioo 'nxa vb\ cnpn my DntiTv mayai bxnc' 
Mm ombx mi "Wi am *inix dx 'a run bnaa dhvmto din 'mxn xbi Nona 
ibma*' ba ^aab "pah aita dp -jb napni mton nxra nvnb -|b 
mayab -a tWB&Dn "ins nrax' n^x nan yraen xb nann hwi n *hti nraxi 
nva'axna *]b bapx "ww ny ^nxa -|bx xbi hntPK 'axi nnan btaab mxa on imaa 
mm imaa fan bx'an "i -]bn }ai nmj* nnna nnix mniNi ta'pao nnx> D*-anan ba 
i Dy wcd inwiDi D-'n nx mnbtan .nva'axn nxra D^anaon bap D'tayira d^d' 

:nx onix lanai D'anan nap onaiom m^axn 'aab btfri 
nnai D'anan 'nbap b a ?y' >oy mw6 na 'maa onn tamn' ixa x\nn nbnai 
ann wane bnp ^mo Dnaaa nyanx 'aab ixai .Dna ynv 'ax pxi ananra D'a-enra 
nx new tainan nx ainab ram nnnx D'atai 'bpox xann .mm m Manaioo nnaiy n 
bma Dya Dnray mDyai Dna mtatJ^ na jnar Dmx icy maya op'nynbi nva'axn 
bi rnnai imaa' 'y?ab ananra on n n nKB dx 'a Dnray -naya x^i twin nW>a 
tfe*m in 'aoo labm man ninntai niacnD nb nx ianai onann ibxa onaian -jd^ 
nu>N onny "nnyuvai .Dmaao nyv -as k nnpb 'as Dai hna nyv Dnyoso vn Dm 
Dvai nna ban v^n , nnttN , i ns Dnix ?wbn& pcbon oy 'nDya p nnsi .Dpn nrn 
"nyoc^a -pm .nva'DNno Dnaion ns nx isa nu>x nyanxn D'^axn nx vran 'a-j-n 
mnn N*b dx icy 'nnam wa bx oms* ^ane* naion nya ^nnins' o-^ian vn one* 
ains* n nvni? nsnn dni nnna by amx n'-"ini nva^asn "jab lbs nb'bn nsra oms 
DHimn Dms* bai nmon n'ao onis N^'irn xinn naion *]bin pi .nny omnnb ibn 
:NDin pp '^ax bara 3,, nix D'ams* nnv 3k b vn an D'trian vn on-j' 
nabb mm 'as dx mayai nya iray nam xD^ata bx^an i nva-axn xnp p nnxi 
}W5nn nnx ^nnb D'ra k iaa niyja* ma vaab "jbx 'a mix nun men nx jma xin -a 
lb Tppy 'ax T '^ n:i ni niy^ a iraa vay -nnrayi vaab fan bx-an m 3N mabm ^nsj* onmn ba bx manai baiDma -|brab Da manai jxia no'a ibra bx ana 
mnn nva^axn nx nraxi flarwi D^n nanx maya inix naai inrya w Dn "a 
aani nnxi .iap.n dx a 'aaa px vbx 'nnoxi i?ay D\nbx -a xnm xbi j'raxi prn 

So MS. 2 MS. iL-an-V a So MS. 

159 * saunn th td * 

wtrbo bai roiem ib rw napm onvo yuo rati jotrnn maa mis* vnwn ne>K 
dv nra jocnn oy "man uki .obiyb napn ib hnc xb -rnaon pikid pn bantr 1 

: onan nvpoa loy *nnani iw k ica 
-una 3T>d "i mn iop *navM ^dv no vebn *bx Kai wab nabn p nnsi 
mm wn span nya nnx nanaa vmi ican *a iox "-nx lb w "a ^bx ioxi am 
piann nr yta anaa "mnmn bx Tiara "ori .nmon maa lniK ib> *a pin cnxo laoo 
1 mrnni nwuwi bR mam []nBKnn bR anan nr jnn nina wnab wdw ^nntro Kin 
rones fan otib ibn pi roa naipnb mrnn nyt? nr-KS 6 naKni "hvo aibts> ib 
fan nnno <bR K3i nawnn nya inoa mrnn ib idri rra ib lanai nwamn bR 
*bya tr fwnwi Dnina ana xbtt jnai miMnn bK ibn awi cvai ban 'bR "nni 
.nxvin dik> *ba iniK lKWn nation bR ibn pi nR^in mi? ^bao Bnsnn lma 11 nanon 
bR^an n no3i pn cnn baa b mania vm wtoon N b inpb ib>k mvpi maa rotayi 
pv "6 mn t6 troofin 'but tmtva wi "aw hri "psn ba 'b nany mn rd^so 
oys dv baa *fytt Ra mn pi .on or baa ans ba Rboo mn Kin a nan bixK>b 
jna fan bwan naa maaa Kim ban nK Rboo mm mono nx nynb D^n^ ix nnx 
jnn mn Kin ^ in^aa nbna nmyo n^iyi ^n^aa K*n n^x noaan n^aa nrwn ba ns 
n\i nd'-so bx s n i a ommn wn iiyobi mccb -n^a bs omnM ba ixai min 
pubm Kono envoi naaj nnv hi.t s bt< Kai iMaoai isua ,,,, nanKb ^nix naiy 
wm fjn bN 4, n n ns* 3Dts *7^ni bna Dya icy ^nDya ^jn ^a ny fan biwi n by "ba 
^nn^o ba nx ^nov ^n i 'by bnj nys ib ^i onsi d^c 'aoo pn *iyi nxo Diya 
^b -ioki mm yoa bKen mn "-bx xa p nnKi :ioy r>a*v xbi m^a bx lab 11 Nbc 
^bn pi ,ioy onan nans Kbi fan bs^T n nna nabb mm 'jk "a by oiyan Kb 
ba vjm mm ioy vn^ m^aKn ba a K*xi mn inntw on nsn bx^n n^ ny^ai 
ib nos*i ssibtpa ib bscn ^mw mn ny nan p nnsi m*ao dhik K*^im tPTtban 
Kbi "by pj^bn ntrs p^ono ^by oya^ no ~>iaya ynr "jn* n 8 T31*tk bs* ianb nbn 
:fan bs'an n nan ba >bN iosi nn^o o^n ^k Kai vasb Kab mm jki nbo Kin 
jk *a m*0K ambon *a 'bK ^oni ^oy nam fan bx^an n ^k Ka p nnxi 
nr xa Kb a *nxn , i " naaa >b mcyb ^b nb^bni .injaa tansy mnw "jnw maw lbs* 
n^iano on 4 n^Ka nany Wn in *b naoxm ^by ^^ nan p^bon pn -jabo yby Dyan 
o^aoenn >asbi nva^Kn ^asb n^a^bon naaa nana ^axi * nansb *na baa ^nnay s a 

1 MS. mrnni. -' MS. wm. :i So MS. 4 MS. continues nnano. 

: Mma-in -m tjsjd : 158 

onsion yfeai traotrnn i>a *3Efl Dnaa onan ^y nam mioa jn xona *nyan ib* ny 
hna pe^D wn *ai moo Kin *a tfynv randan fa n i^ipb lyet? xh iwaanD 
oxi * fyo^ loy myan x^> n now wa ba fltfoan n? nx a ariw re*nren bai> 
*asa xa p nnw : -wean yo^ ntrx ny mhna mao A nnh mix wenb rem nn 
<aoo i?TV\ dho nnv rw xi> xin *ai nayt? ma^ene n^no uvpjn t iw P^ai 
jVib* fah ^ nw^hs ntny ren dv baa *a Tann nvy anw nwyb ma pi mtaa 
nrnoaram nr tx nvcaxn ba now xono bxnt^ wie ca^o D-at? obm 
: t^xno ir6nr ae>n rax nmm uaiBni crx ii> J nty y nvm wbv wn "a ion new mren 
ba nnix men na^sDa rbm mix Dsni ppwin pt^on ^>y ib ren bna cya nv^sxi 
ae? naannni pt^on nc>x ^x xai tanann nx baa neiwa yre ^ax pw nn ny 
pa n^x rowm na^aon i?x inn^" 1 ni^sxn b *mow? ^>x mes wn a nvna 
naaa noiy rem poxb nty iok>k> nnx ^1 /aoo nabre iann nro nmxo myre ab 
jama xbv onana bxaionis t^do nncxaa^xn ^p" pi bn dim fa nano nmi 
jctrnn nxo refa> pox? nt?o nr nx xa nnx aval bwie* fa naaai dbti naa nano 
rosn? xai man* p|Dn* na mnx nan reaa nwii vasi> ybn tiis* wipb s fN^ai 
Dyown W ^oti 1a wn nren mbi n^K? nnw nnpi? nsn s rere Dyan rea nw 
nhna ns'ac? ^ minx nan pai ^nanv |dv noa pai ia*ai nvxb mis nnpi? nrya wi 
m iab ai^m nann poo nrsi nann nr by *nsret ejov noa ixmp nn yiac baai 
D'pnvo oni.Tn bi 4 naxi?p rem n^ nan ns n nnpb nsn ax ^n pox^ mm 
bv aan aw nnn tamre s oy iai jw^an jocnn >as^ loy na^re Dnsnan nai iny 
ny onmare ba? mnn^o rem reman ^y aam naiy nroon piwi i^na wwii Dicn 
jw^a-i jocnn reaa 'nDaaai n^aa nirya *asi nayi )mn by yann dci >nix nww 
fan -pia^ a^'N 0x1 n^u> dx n i^asa ind^ x^ i^x thoxi niW ^x Wi 
cac rasa ikbmi vaso onyiare omnn ba wn Ian jotnni pbon [^nx'oo nnsi 
n^'o nr pina r6t?n fo^nn ^n -nnoxi D s nnco D^aci *aw ns^^vn pox^ ncoi onvia 
aw pina mix mn^ ^x n maya bna ">i pow n^o inixb n\m inbf pi pox!? 
nt^o moy x^ novy nio^n ynn by ^axi nx mox nan nx n mix mnta 
nno i^w nnxi r\bn ba n^ nr mayai D^as nic>a }OL'*nn ^x nmn n^xa pos*^ 
^x nnm ^y nam ^xaioniD ^00 nn^Naa^x ^p'o jn nna fan mwo l^n pae>nn 
niaya oscoi pn 1^ ren *a nvna oyai nyv fan ncoo nnp? x^>i .Dnoxb ntrax 

1 MS. 1^y. 2 So MS. throughout. 3 MS. vm. ' So MS. 

157 * 'MWn Tn T13D : 

a^anaan ba ^ bap^ ny sana nr t& ye* t6 trai *pN ^n ^ n ^wi "i mai 
ay km "iik^o mixa aoim< trai *a i>N ma Dai iamb wa pbzh mmi nvaiBNPio 
pna imx Tflw ban ntryx *ax a aita nb maym naina aaaxoa rwaan ay 
ava "iva^atfii bx an3 ^ 3n3 tsi Tnt* *pv "jbon ranxi nans' |yab rn^i nsia 
vaabi nab Dn aaaatrs tpm vi*wd a^n ff by natnn bx anan Tinbtn train 
nya *inix nbe> "in^nrsn ax vbt& nKi otipd a^n ay nan an^n a^ai a^ax 
m T"i>N nbien t6n maibp Pibx jma nin^n^sn nan vbx wb'd naxi inx 12-1 
naiunn nya ""pbt? xax nyti> npta wrini raitwi ^ jnm ycvatin ba imann anan 
*aab on irni mjjB' rra naitwin nya nirnn "iran biW> lb a^nb idki anan bapi 
pm n^aton "oab on *nnbp 'asyn aval :ban ib wail btwi nb ntnp d:i 
nva'-axn >aab si'' nwnaa iriKintn T'JHN nx xnpb *jbn x xv nax vaab caanp 
na didh >b team bi xD s aa bx^an na nayi vrwo a^n aab xai inw trnp trai a 
mnn ny ^noaaai amnn ba *b innai *n*ie>a ba ay "va ,, axn maa TObm btwi 
*a*x nva^axna vinn B'naisp ont^ anpn bx vn&tn nva^axn bt avip trai nt^x 
wab 'a'a pban Nin a nb-so btw n N3" 1 icn* ny nva^asn ija3 D^anb nsn 
uab nbnn3 DJ3n lb ^nnoNi N3 b^:i n mni anioy -ano "-jniy .ny3 Tin^ ^to 
woy >jn t W Tin3m twain ^sh Mm ^x noaaai ^s* n?ni djs pi m^asn 
1TI33D " i n^N*c> nc>N D'anan ^ ansn ini33Di liapn ns*n wni mt^ anp fafib 
ay nano btwi noai a^api a^na ansa mayx^ anvun bb aai fwa nt^a i>i 
nsnB> no b ncys ^as vb noxi a^aia anan vbx y&a nra^axm twbwi 

: tewamm 
n^ *na^m 3^ [^aim a^no^ ywwn ^aabo na s ao b&n ni ^ax ntr p nnsi 
mnt? nn*it^' , t^ n3iDnn aaba 2 jna napn d^b6d a^aiNi n^ron netu rs n\m .nibca 
annai nprbnb a^tfi to^t^tc nia^oai nana a'-ptn amm aa mm ynn anyno 
w bav^^ ma^o bai anvaai a^Bnma an n^x animm 13*1 W> ^t?n 3b 03^1 
prn^ niipn t^a*t3 aniimn iaa nni>i> a^isn a^w nnai ntn^i ab imo [anb] 

:aniN ina^ D^nya t\bx jna nami amx 
pu mm pa anb ims* iaoai pixn n*n iDtr m nroa ^rim n Nana tn mm 
ax *a pic>3 n^n iaw xan xini ^m* aic by niaann aic lb mn ab) aivjn bna 
5riMa ^a^ ^33 *n H xn xh p nciy inytn ana answn bab mnnwM rra yawn 

MS. tra. 2 MS. |n* 

: U'ttnn Til 113D : 156 

nmn naai noaan ma bna two icyi na* 1 nun 'but upn pi .atwi annnn ba 
ibx:r xbi ban ipjj Du>n nanxb aim new avnmni .nipbn vnc a^sybp rvrwi 
xb amaa aai na ibxty fnn baa nay xab nx inna an ai nwaty caw <ae 
iD^ron imbx n ib> *bs5> ibid aea noiyi arwa laayi amanb bp *na ixia s c win 
ENTODn oai Nona mnoyiy jdt baa mix amntPD p^aa vnx Dai jrnn imxi axv ja 
ytsnn epv n\n ib> nxnaxpo "E>y xae> rnvom .p?n ba Noma ni nay 'ibc 
annxn ttrnpian ay manoi nifiaap neny rwi aim bac ""aao biBftua vaxb imnbp 
baitnia ^00 bn^ jn -in^Naa^xn *aab pwb ib n\n aai .amby taia^b mm xim 
amiaxn lyotn am.m a^Diaxn nx mrnnb q >a *nxa xb *ax ^a noxi mis pjpbm 
mnm ibt? mcn annb la^Jn noxi nx ixai amby pe>bn new nana waino 

iron rbx w xba> amby 
niaxaa vax bx mix mnbtyi niym anaa vbtt mnai oab mix wp na nnxi 
tk jmm inmnci a^n wm amnion n nxi na^.n cxn ny man ma mnDyi 
nxro ban anb nawi ai wvnn w ny nirm xbi "uwia nabb nsin rwi pcnn 
mnbn nann m by bm rb& pcmn jai ,aia nnv ins 3 nbn nna s nbnn niaa 11 ax 
vaab nbtn nann nr nva-ssn be> naianb |iatrnn rmn fan taTiiB'on ba nx vaab 
ytt^i 4 "iryb ib ifnn nva^axn nxo nan *w nintwaa^n nxT ox noxi t^n 
ax nva'-asn nxo nan nincs , aa ,, N , n nvi* 1 dn , mt; , an oy m ">an pi B ni3Knn 
T^n 1x^13 p^nm .onann i^k b ^ na^oi , nnB> an ^s* xa pi 3an nu>jj 
nnx c\x ,, n ,, xii ni^asn pai ^a jraiin nwi ^ty 1 ? b nw ^o "na'j'ni lan^cia 
n^jj Nim ira^axb t,iod n^aa noun nv^axn yab xac xo'-aro bx^n i n s n ioen 
bx ^aa^ xai mya 'nn^i mix xipb 'aba moaDm Taipei nam nxc ny nn^i 
ba yabi nra^axn *aab naiao nnxc nxn "-ax ib micxi inx nnam xinn n^an 
;*yvbi pbob nva^axn pai wa rproiv nsin ^xi avcni bma anx nnxi a"arx'nn 
nanxi man nanoo vapri mx pidi 1 ' ibon nanxi nans jyc^ naion "pnn ^xim 
mxa axi inmay maya i? mn^ nD nnv bma niaa i^ ncv napm bvn&i ids 
rxi bxyot^i anx nia^o nnn anc> 5Nntj^ nanxi inmay maya anyo^ mtDD 
xb vbx m^a ban W mx |av ibn ^b mox ntrx mm am ^ab nnn ba ib h">ok 
aia mix m^xn a jy m^y nn nmai niron ba ib won xbc -an nx -ixc: 

:vxnn w ma }a nnx ib micxi .anxi anbx "-a-ya nj^i 

MS. ntr. - MS. xamiima. 3 MS. nbnn. 1 MS. mryb. B So Ms. 

155 * ^lNin TH TI3D : 

wd n na nya ^snn "^x mow myan nnix mobo x\n oai rrwy x^m mptwi 
two "i vixnp newi nan nyDtpe*a spro nWsi nxra nmp n^x xa <a prmiaM 
nni>s? oai onnan ^ una pi .Dnnsa nai>? 'awn a Dnna ?k xron i^ *mDKi tan 
oai nnx DT123 oni ^ax na$>m tidiv pjdv iw rvaa nw o^Jnn^ra ww OTncran^ 
rtmaa rM>n ny ovn i>a lanrayi Dnnan ^>x fan ntrra n s an nta6p oy ma 
nib i?aix ah vba "mcxi vax "osi? fan we n p hdv ns vinta np nnxi 
*bx nrni (|W '"i^ni "jnao ^mn rwv no nxnai q*w pi nay* "WK ny oa^> rvaa 
iy Tia^n pi ? *pvn ^ inn pnnmax pro rvaa rva ^x itd fa ^>x nom 
Nrva nap naitrn ncrx nn pnv6 b*i yn rvm yn rva xim inn pmr n rvaa 
ne^t? noxn nait: ntai nn *? nnDi onroy Tmroyi nraani any pppa nnanra xm 
DTntara wi intrxi pnsm Dninxo "6inn may nnx iv ia^ rvaa vnx wd n >aa 
oaiooai DDiaa tiix dtpcd oha pnnmax onnax oai t\wq iaa oai o.Tnaa tiix 
tiix Tpso onnax vnxi pnnmax nts> nn nxvinn bai o^nn a n^an rrn vnoyi 
^i ona *>aa amy xon mcxi fan pn^i vnx pn^ rva i>x rvainna nyiats> i?aa 
ny Traa inoy nco n aa mnxi nnx nyiatsa nnta pnnmax pibwd n ^ inai 
rvan 'a onanx maya on* *a ^nnoy n^ n^an nra ,, nny^ pr bi d , d' 1 b nayty 
n,a nnsi :pan la^xt^ rvaa ^nisn^ ^n isia 11 onvian on^ni .nxo nxoa yn n^n 
*jb nnns n^a i?x ""nanv pidv JT'ao 'nxv "'ax ^k i^ Tinani pcnn b "nn^ 
ncxa sjani .pan n^i nxn law n^aa nny nciy ^axi irvaa htn xa nc*x ^inn 
hd> n^a 2 i^ i^pan oni? ncsi ^dd onix iN^i o^aioon ba n?tr 'ana nxn p^nn 

:OTinctan nyanx oy n,nivn ^a 1^ lanni iniN naani pam Msn 
ifa-Jx-ii n"3 ybx latrpa lanax tn ^n m^si JT'an ba o^anaon 'bx ixa p nnxi 
3N O'aioon ^x ^na^ni n,nya lanpai aio nm* nrx ixn^i ^nnt^D n^K'n o^na D^ay 
TiDaaal ^ma n s aa laa^ni onyoso on m^xi pn^fi ony ''naSn pi ^ana xax 
wk o^aionn ba ^nncNi ooac x^d n^a c-i no' nnn ^x ixini xinn n^aa onoy 
pna c^i laina ^riDaaai aiDi ^ma nnx n^aa 3 onoy ^ax ^na^ni nan nr nya aita 
pnnnn n"aa ox a caa^ laina n\n x^i 'but D^aaio o^iai onnn n ioa n^an 
xS n^an nra na^ -ai^n &m/ob 'nnoxi rvan n^ya mm? .Tniaai n^aa oy napr 
TnnaK' i?a n^x lynai fan n3pr.n0 ccnn n^c n^an ^x ma^ pi .nanra xvx 
^x mm *?{? o^nn^m oy i?f nx^ioip nmn^i ncrai X3TS p mn n^an ^i?x nnDi 

1 MS. n,hni. 2 MS. >i>. 3 MS. onoyi, 

u 2 

* ^nwirr in tihjd : 154 

nnb a, nae>n *am .mas Dmnam mix wmn jn mn iama mri jo^n nr dk M^> 
inei pnpn anpm narcsn naam mWif paps* ntPK ny "6inn nrn nirsx xb a 
owia *?b> mmwom np*yi ^a *? Kan xi> nwrn srcn "yaw bwi nxo in 3 oa^a 
iwii ntsca mis* Dranac on rm nn^n mtsy ny nmana by naxi m nWn ba mix 
WW nnsn by 'jn* *a *a mum iy^a tiix m mob on pa bna nyv too 
tJw nxien ["?] imm bn ww epv nca mnm nan 4 mix urn mop D^ia 
dx ^x nom hnn roe mex n?b> rniia jnv "ox "a ^y nnan bx onb wusm 
iabn wiem onoy "noya 'am napwv xbi men aip* xb a *VWi nnpb G mnn 
maya a^*i mm ney mm mm? "a neia am <mn nnp? *aiina px Dib^b 
nyr bx jna riapni nana insen mman cm men ney mm p nny ny inmay 
Den ronnei jrnni Bn *aab ctwb neyi bnan 'binne Tima-mai ovn nra nbna 
roans vnxi nyit? iep nnx anyee mmm pi 3Kaan nebei nnet^n "amva Tfli aie 
.nay isbi tiix wren rWi aev vianx bjdv nea maa nbx ba neyi "nap ieta> am 
"bin xinp mm 7 vn a dv 6 iroaa naoai imaa ibm vnva jrnn bx bna "bin xai 
*ax tn |nb www nexi nan Tiwip p nnw :imrya mm mix b^'n rtapm spao 
ni^a meyb mni a*K p^ thdni ins rr-a mni am *hm *3ao n*an nr tin^ 
jn an^ vnem ,in maa t^m onmi aa-si 8 iaa oai hni nyx inyDvai nan aaa 
"6 swan 1? vtioici Tianv cpv "irba Tixipi Tixiai niay nnx iy nins aipa i^n 
men na 11 jwm mm dhibd bt? naaan n^aa fmo ? tws pi D"on fmo n^a 
unm "n rthna nmyo w? iid n^jidip rmmi woo nmn ^mon Tna ^naaaai 

:nyc n 10a ymono 
*ftmea ncn -i wmn msipi naran manv |dv i ^63 n^aa min *p ^nm 
ba!>i i? pin aio Vim rw ma 1^ ^ -a ^ a^'ni n*a ? nann 1^ ^rnorn *aai> xai 
a ? {^ ^n "oki na 1 - nisei na 1 - inna -nix maam in-a ba icy ma^n pi -j-nvn 
*n s aa aB> p Da pi inix nn^'x m Dai ^nn5 Dm pmm Iwdis>i jdv wi D^aa 
na b m na^ nx^ir ny >y^an ovo in^aa icy "nneyi ^ni^ on Dmaw prw 
b nswi ovai n-aiyi nnnu> dv baa nbbann mm yanm oncya rwrnpn mvo 
^ano *nn 'am span bin n^x xa nyiacno k ovai mpno mm nbna nro nb 
mobo mm 9 man ne^i msan n^x ?n [n]sai n^ann mis^n tb ny nnn^ nban 

1 MS. by. 2 MS. >nawn. 3 MS. oafa. 4 MS.mis. 5 MS. *fc& 
fi MS. inn. 7 MS. mn. 8 MS. naa. 9 So MS. 

153 J:n*nn in tjejd * 

i omaa wojn wn D*me> vn ahai miff nptarni .potta nap 3BTn .neo 

n\s*3 Dnnxn o^ocnn a .dv "wn dv d*o* ntpon joenn jvaa Tia^m niyiap 
m^ i D'-o- i Ninn n*aa TPaynni .anyb -ip3o \joo d^nib* am ittaa jocnn oa^> 
d^d D^oa i^ai d^o ^x i^i nat? W>ai wnp N$> D^01 ^li?3N n!> nrb D*BW 
maynn inx nxian Nine onoiN an a pyi Tnnx ny3 dx a ota \&y xh nana 
ooa xta ijeo wrum D^eiaon D^on ^ una Dm d^o nxn Ti^m na^y *B>aai 
loa nmt?i> i>vn un pxi Divyi l ^na ronn ^in ima nhn* titic nex D^on ^y Diai 
nx^aiai ni^i w nyat? D^oya nee d^wto wssm H :x *3 wayn nnx onan nr 
neiy ia\xi aio npioi D'n a nnx nan nme wn nvaynn ^331 ni^h n"w rrw 
wp Danai *yata3 dtw d^x ^3 D"on i}>n *n3iD^ dx ^3 : ^x ley ab Dm ,yn >i> 

iD'oioon dji iron ^ya 
mm *ax *a d^o fmo ma ^ iepam iN"n onb s moxi hna s hn ^x xai 
nee in neon Dy nai>ni pmo ma S> m*Di aita dv loe nnx xa jai &b6 nai>b 
pnno mixa ^ imoi D-me^am ^x nW>n m ny ^nnoyi prnoa -nD^rui D^nieo 
wn Dvai .oen dv ny nann dt vnpn xinn n^ai oe ttia^i nana ntaoi mn 
bx *oy X3n nmn dx ^ -10x1 n*an 5>ya ^x x3i n^x bo moiano Dnn ^nxvin 
xS hnn ^jso D3^ n s 3n ^nxjt^ ^x ^3 nxo vnn DW3 vi?x naKm .n s an 
nai>ni rva *b ^td ^n aio dv pi .rnnx n^a ^ wan n^x ny iaina Djan^ baiN 
:Baan ia^ Kin m*ii D^at^ mho ma xim mo -ipk mnn mn3 ^nojaji io 
jx tx nxin v!>m moNi ^tb xai ''nsnv D3nn p|DV "i *iy3 Tin^ p 'nnxi 
ny pp xax yxi 2 nn^33 mn S> mon lovy ^x 310 dc nup^ nxnn dx no[i]y 
"b 10x1 ^x X31 men dho np^i vnvnxi ion >:sb ibn pi ^inn nr 000 ^ nex 
^i ^ tpd lex "nnn3 ^riDjaai loy ^na^m na"" nnoi in^aa nnx mn "b "itdc 
^x ncjn D^in i ima3 ^moyi ns^ nooi n&> mn imnx nm nxo xinn mnm 
invn bo rwptn 3 Dnoxi "mx ima' vnvnxi pyiai nanx3 "jnwi bi mxxinn fcj 
ioei D^cy ^ 100m nann nia^nno niNian ^ icyi tun i^3xm :D3i3"' Den *b 
nirrspe ^ icyi ^n wmi D^oya p <b iooni nann mW> Dnn D^acyn ^an ^?y 
joeno 'nxvi D^ys n ^an imxa on nn |oc mixa tid^i hna bi nn ^ mph 
4 no 103 rm oysi Dya iaa D^non D^a^nno vm nana nooa oai3 nn Dnn 
nxicn iNin ^niON ^3 on^ Tiaoxn nVi D^l^a nayn 103 na ^ h^c nxnon ixm 

1 So MS. 2 MS. Tm33. 3 So MS. 4 Omission ; see p. 154, 1. 5- 

MS. *bv; see ibidem, 1. 6. 

[II. 6.] U 

: ^INin Til TOD : 152 

bwk wxrb waa lxa nastm av bai nrn ova nayne w*n *wi tan bxan -1 
nrm naatPK p|DV ninea nya nba> fan wbia |&pnm nb^n iy Dnxiai onm^ own 
twa ba by niya> x ; a k ava vaab lbs* -a pmrh nut nra^Kn fK >bs* new Msb 
nabm did ^ lana n^ann amp npaa pi *niKib nwnoi nbina nnee nea> iraNncn *ai 
Tibbanm -men nban amp ^naiv two nc )D*a* nnx ;p? n^aa ^*a taajw ittrraa 
:a^cya sjbK aniea naTi DnDB napn can Dnv? *aa5> iKai w 
dhic t ica 'aani ttfbti jKWin nm "roaaai nwfitcn rraa *nabn nw na 
Kim "jn laabm ikd3B ney jcenn VttK ntntw spni amnan ^a onaaai a^pr 
Ktf nxe nexi nia* a^aa -QD3 nai bapi icy warn wain mn Dipca 
iD^jpn pa aibe neyne -pbx na*iK tun* vre wpti sidi* 1 "l^n T* *5> mKi nann 
ana ^ ainani uhwn m nnieya anbi n;b ana Kin *a a^aa ba by *na-rc iben pai 
n,be bx p as *b ainani amrya iana cnai 2 iarrtfya w anaran a^abe tawn hx 
i>aiK xb aibe Dff'a'a new* nicx nex a^abe a^en nva s axn 'bx awn fKia nta'a 
ion nw rwi rbx ainax awi "]b p'-ao' 1 Catania ibn mryb intaxn win axi mitry 
carne nw nap baa na nabb a^an an binan a 11 nnm n^nx bx nainp nrw ranKi 
bxcan pc nta xbi pan -ox nnn ne>K ba ni*B*aKn bK vnaxtm .moK nc^N cabo 
inxanb pie aam nnx ian nya xh asn miay niaya ra a ^aivn -ik be 
neiy Kin 3 nas % [bsn] in^u je^nb rhw yptt&ffi anxi :n ^e 11 b nnaieh 
onaaan anmM 'a naan ara aney i?w mis >W o*wwi t n 1^ anwi .ifii^KayKn 
lanax *a laey -\na , xaa ,, Nn iran "iva^asn 'aab la^n a^in^ni -ira^axn -asb wi 
ba aab jnaa ^n maa 4 ib ia>yn ax tsb ->ex nva^asn pi -pian maya miK naaa 
nniS aya w a^aa* i?aa i^aab Nab mm "ox iva^axb meNi vjth il"n 4 rnwinn 
baaa> is^a |ear6 mso Km t iva^axn **? awn d'h^k -aa nixna t^ ns % rittn? 
r>K5Ti men lane "'nnpb pi : ypoy ba na'y xini -jcy sa 1 ' Hints' "nixib Kaw aya 
fprn n'aa ^a eaxa Tina ^n^aa 'nabni ab aiei nee *aKi onvwi ay "nabni mbq 
aab ran naieen pnK nbni fan |p?n n^aa Tia^nc iiayn oya bap W naieen pnxi 
bar nneaa^b n^a annae an bnpn bai aoieen -j-s* jea*nn ba ioki iN"bia |Dss>rm 
aney "jbx a ^K ana jea'nm : a^mee vbx }nai rbx ^nxn ba ay :> rir moyb 
nebc 10a [n^an] -jina ^1 na* n^a ^ moi aney Tiabn pi xinn anan *b lanai 
nm bmane aen a^aa nuhv lb en bjdi* ice n^an byai a^aiei a^bma && omn 

So MS. 2 MS. la^nnrya. :t MS. K3K. 4 MS.^b. ' MS. iw. 

151 + ^3Win 111 TI3D * 

naiob l ifot dn a im ibd^ bis* n^i nv^sxn bin n^in *3N ^ ^nnoNi riNXinn 
d3b* 'oy ntan hots* i>ai cjprm awi nanN jyob ton 'oy neyn dni .bents*' ba 
*nai>n p nnw naio nrnt^a -\b ianj Dm nxrn mxea na?ni Non ny iNia s d^mn 
"nn^-ii n nt*>N ba s nnph men woo *nnp^i 'ampfiKpn rva^ "vson ntj*D ni ^s* 
Nona na^ h^sd n iNXon ib vnoNi n^o n aa^ Nai T^xon ncyo n a n*aa no*33 
*nai>ni njop waoa *no333 N'nn nW>ai nnw n^xon nco n n^aa mow ney pi 
niN-6 n^D^ion ixa ipaai .npnn ny n^aoa 'nat^i n^yno jki ,n!>nan na^aon ^n 

:c]DV 3 n^>n naN* *nyT n!> a tinti Tinnai nrjinn b no 
naca nv Tiacn nan tin tsnn t*>Nn wn ova *nj*D'ai 'jab *|dv n3 p nnNi 
i3mn "iDn 'oy wyn b woni v^hao ne*o n n^aa nraa *nyanB* ny n^aoa 

*3N TiyD31 D^DID * E>p31 T^m "6 )tOT\ ph HTH H^b H2 Jt^ n?TIN N^ *J NOin3 

ny nain onm* ay yDob yooo anyi any baa pi oniff na n"w nnnN Tya sjdvi 
n ion nvr n'aa nNiu ^otyNp iob> or s i*n Nonb amp Dipoa nnia my *nj*ans** 
4 vra nsj*N3 oo wwjn prwi nipn wap Ninn aval onia ni ioy Tiat^i ^nice* 

:b*6 nbnn Nona 'nyjni TiyDj nnnobi caprn tun 
nspona xon njno nnaa *nyjn nun ianoo 7i*t nn^U} *]7T2n p Til ^M 
aiy jv^a ^oy nam N^Jnio nnx na 'JD^ Nai nan n^ p^Nin tin cnn^ dv n^y 
aai yaa ^c nn-^oni }pr p^ did ^y aan ^ni iva^aNn n^na vo^m ioy noyai 
"jd!? s nD:a3 anNi did*i by aan jni nva^aNn n^aa s nD^an h jni oy 1N3 Dmrrn 
nn iNha }OK>nn aa^ irm niN niNib ontrni D^oc^nn b iNai wina [OB*nn 
5]Dr Dann -nnoa lrjsb Nai fan focnno nobon n^n Nine -oacN p|DV -nnoa riN 
D^yov^ tanwni ''oy Nae nann n\n ^b* pbom i^n nano penn 'aaa oni 'nsnv 
Dnann mvpa ioy nanx ^x T'N naran foenn i?N tiioni .joennb ''nnan nti*N ba 
Dnin\-ii naty Wa n^n ny joenn 'aai' ^moyi .nva^aNn *aa!> nan i?a d^^ni 
nabb nmn dn ns* noN fan ptmn\ naen nnN ny onoy ^n a jo^nn ^n i^nc 
rbmi nva^Nn ^sb nnob i^s *ai i? naanN ^n^aa nnN nnn nnn dni n,bn onoy 
n Dyi naa^N sidv nnnoa oy 'nabn pi nv^ssn nN noN 11 ncs* hn t,^n noib 
nnoy ^nabni npan ny wat^i nac b'bi labaNi nns* n^aa d'qbt Dnty jprn ^Nsn 
laa^m n-on^n ny nbana "-nnoyi nmnn naoa boan nana nj-nab na nojan n^aa 
n^aa i:D:aa n-^N ny nnnn baa d s ^ji d s wni ep -aab iNai naran prn i?Nan n n^aa 

1 MS. i^n. 2 MS. maa. 3 MS. ihnN3N. 4 MS. mv. 5 So MS. 

throughout for )^T'. 

: *3m*nn in iibd : 150 

nns *nirv niana prca *nabn cancan pab wa pbo nvni> Tina n aw spv nre> ^ 
lntaNni 'nnob ianp i^> vnow noon ^y nhn Kin irvwD* *pv a yn ^ now 
rowwb n^n rwfoow *nj?ofc>p ny nwruKD^iA woy *aw niyo ib ^nnai wW>ani 
rocwu na! wren b vnow tfbina one? vaah nainno hnan benon asb vuhn 
manx maya nDn *oy itryn taahao ppao wn )b wdk nai Divasa iaoo men <nnp$n 
yBBp? lnowip py pa npm nai> jm N s aa^> omya ^ansi wam nanw 
Dnta tfmvD *oy intai ie*y pi raM na-'SDa w>a iniN ireni rwi>NaNne 
:ncyN p nay 8 WNB>BNpNm nnaran nnann nx :, aoNSNpi? irai nnfN^aa *oy loann 
ni ^aa nayno jw nan vbca *sma nwnnaND^NO ejov vntpoi 'on "nyoai 
a "^ mp n^i epv nya bawa wo bo nwnnaND^Na mnph nWai ova i^anoi 
"nyanc ny 5>ap n^i v6y 'npym Dna bw o^aa biN n\m onatun Dy a-nyo ban rwi 
mnya wo^SNpn Da ^y Dnyiv vn nnyiam nann D^aNo wo Dta> wapi nwnaNpa 
woo nana ib mw ny na^aon nw? pi cn^ aaa e|DV ntc n -ion utraKpm e|Dv 
ian cxnn n s aa *nafcm nwxwia *njw ny nan bpo n\n n$> a loy ^rtaa^ nS 
n*oi *nS>3N n!? Dn^> niW nccm d*d* nw imaa waynni taipo 'b jnai rratwjKpn 
nnow mrwtb *n iwn n^an *no^nu> nnxi n^ai ova wvi ^anoi 'n^nc ab 
Dipon nta wsc ^ Tan ^o ib nnosi mn> wx *b noi nrN s o tnpn pc6a ii> 
jan^x ^ nosi "joe no if ^nnoxi .niiso nbv nns*c ion 'iniwa tpp swm 
mnu aysi nwn Tya naa^xi twi [n]n Dni no asn nosi ion f>yi vas* by *ni>NBn 
^ c ncro n^ ^nnosi n^s ^^OB'Np nco n 10c loy ins* mm pn$w nr nrn 
T>nai nwrnaND^Na nya 'nNinn wni nhn ^v ww bidi" nw ospn f i>na "pw 
fan nco "i ny 'na^ni coanan NnpNl wab Nan fan nco n ^ awn nain niyo 
nNSinn nai ^y loy ''mam n*hfO n 10c naaa nm^ *aai Nai onwn Dipo so^aa 
ni^c man nanoo *iw w ib vnoNi iaai>ni w*n n n^aa -\byc Tiuva ^ now 
"iann pin nyac ^as tiv 1^ woni va-'ya ppttoa wn D^apr ca'ya'j'o nivo nan^ 
nnoNi /p^n jns* wn lan 1 " onvwi ink' dn now .Dnis* nn^ we dn tyDansn Dy 
n^a^ 'oipoi? Tnmi .p oyo ^ n^cn n^bn ny baiN wei n^aynb &na> or nr i!> 
pphm n naaani coi onbi mva dn "a t6:jn n^i nan "b n^.* n^i .wo"BNpn 
ninfo 'nbv nnsc 'nyoc ^ noNi tbwtn n^N p pyoc n w^ xai mivoa l>nne*n 
^a jnaNi dhIiT D^ac n,oy nWw 7 im$>B> nob wymn Nona na^ D s apr D^ya^'o 

1 MS. Tn^ab . . . ivnwD- - So MS. 3 MS. rnntyo. 4 Doubtful, 
perhaps p^OCNp. 5 So MS. 6 MS. Twb&. 7 MS. im^. 

149 * ^iN-in in TI9D * 

noaan n'a m 'b now n'oyio D'o' la nacb n'an nt 'b pw pnnsrra idpi n'an 
'nba "131 nvj-yb ifaw nnx\ yen sin nbyai masn neny nns rrewo wn iron nn 
new rmm bya nya nba> mm m ba lb vnam isba braaipn bs Tobm .mien 

D'auvn D'yinn ta'bKjwm .mis mro mn pbon *idvi m'aa 'nDaaap pisa 
sb nnbv noaan rrcu0 'ab vtrwo tn\ mm t[W& onyovo nm sinn n'ab amp 
moa yen mm tap&p amp jaw b mabn lbbn nnann 'yotrai la cmm ioaa' 
namao nmn nb'bn 1331ns pi laavw san -pna nos *rm nwntfa pprn onwwi X3i^ 
nbs ba yocm ysi nnansb ds a n'an ma msa sb 'as ib 'mom m*a> ixiaa 
* ycnn nr awn rm t l vfo baa wnw fosa mm nay mmn by mo onann uwfan 
rnawm .mmw 'nfcon in iam waan ww W3'in omirm "Tirnw nann D'bsyots" 
man nia'noa mabn maan p tn^vw *as D'bKyo&*no mas naioxn mmto 
nnw woo bai myn oaa p nnm 'b ta'3inpn man 'aao oai n'bsyotrn mmtjn 
'as rain nsi ib ins aio mwa mnn ds baan awn .Dab xn mmi OD'yanb nm 
ba ns ib worn 'anno n n'ab 'nabn npaai oyaa loyo mwr rsi Tone's 'cvya 
D'baano tshvsBavn *a 'n'ab san p noem epvb 'mom spy maya 'bsyoum nan 

{prmb Tbs 
mnosi otd ib 'nmipi nsri napn 0in any ny 'mom m'ab >nabn p nnsi 
mbbsnni m'try pi n3opn nD3aa acs 'asi nbinan nD3a maa 3fcB> wb mos ib 
po'aa i 100 nns ninn naaia prer n^an bya ocn ro^n csi b'b nD3an n^aa 
p nnw n3Dn c>sn b^b n^an byan ay biasb i3abn p nns nD3an n^aa oy lbbsnn 
oy bbsnnb f3n po33 ni prw n isa ipaai npan ny bbannb nosan n'aa 'mm 
m&'b nbn.n nnsn bs n'an byab "mom no3an n'ab 'mrni biasb i3abn p nns 
nam (jdv sai nt^y pi nyion ins ny nD3an n'aa moyb mro si^no '3s 'a nns 
T3WK sin ib n'cn soma ib3tr maya nm n ny ran '3s 'a 'b inns iesi nbna 
5jdi' ibm imam nbnn inns natrb nbnn bs van yio^b 'nm sbi nbnn nna3 bab 
nanoo n'b^'n n ncs nD3an n'ab 'nabn '3s nmn'n bab isdi nbinan noaan n'ab 
baipcn 'amo i sai bcion bs nabb mm '3si >aiam inr-si pnv n sai man 
0n btj> D'O' '3^ 'nnoyi nbsn onann ba 'b if am isa D'nirrni ,nr by imaim 
D'3v:'s-n ci'd' '35^ moyb 'anno n n'ab 'nabn niaiDn 3nai 'n'ab 'nabn ansi raw 
-ios *anno ni .ib 'nbnoi nyn.n pboo oyan 'a n,b 'nxun nosi naia '3sb sa fpvi 

1 MS. 'ab. - MS. -jnn'^. 3 MS. ram. 

: awin m iisd * 148 

Kim btvn n idp inx *nrr n^ xinn nWa taa?n jpin nnssi -ax p nnxi 
Torn naa:i xini -umno n?ya ixia"^ ofaon $>a naim niyap dpwwi ?ao wji 
ttwn oncix on >a ima Efttaw emirm ni>p idp nxin ns 1 ' ^n noa nnx p 1b b*i 
tpW* na?ap tnip tpjnn ywynv awn 1? mow winsvn wa!> wa pnmpi pna 
b^yee* n ^ nta na;? anya p nnwi sais^p ^ "Viai le^na ion aicn x^ dni 
pi xinn ni*?a nac "nniyo [icy] nrc>y? 'as n?m nil?P vjm jprn anew n- >y 
na?m noaan n\a ? urm tan? wok ia ins nWn nren ny icy *naB*i iwj 
dx an!? Tncxi .natan ^xyw n a"m n*ai Tnmi my^ a lea ni>?anm na*na 
wao ^ iKxon >mB* *aa nntotn tropin namci turn nanx }yi> *iDn y n-yn 
tri nyiatrn nxra bmwi? nahnv iwijd b* ^ now mnca nMrTOKofak i?nt? 
nrh tjriDtn nap nx ;ma am "py "j^ d*\dk n nrn jprm naina t^wo onw 
nhxai uvi^ws anp* ;yni? nm ba xsm oaanpra nan n&os? n*on wb vnn D^aina 
p nnxi waa *myi naiwi ov npaa wa? *na?m tropin ne p *a ?6oe>'' n*a 
tawr? *^in nnB> -nyot? lb ynota ^x xai n^aon ?ya xnp? nnx iwyDB* "nnta 
:nvn 1 Qo^vn D^oy "j? b* dxi ino? wn nioya nab? ninn "ax ix p nsxi 
p nnxi n<a 'h ^inph ds^i? q^o* Jty3 "nabni iai ncn ia r\iyv nyD3i 
nawn dv ?a iny *moyi onvroa xin pkioc "i wwi ^aiio i 10^ "hI'T n*a? *na?n 
"nDjaji nvi nap ?y ?*o ontyy i^no nnx ?dj ?y nsfa' 1 ? j3*Tin pcx-in nvai 
baipon oann ae? xai n:non ?n *na?m ncn iaa nxn^xo^wxa s ny:ni nraoa 
D"a wnrw pD mm i inn nanca i^n 'nx hi.t ^x ^ "m?^xi ""amD i 
naa: xin a n^yn n^'x nx nvy mm hxaipn ?n i?n fan 'amo i ? now mrb 
-jx 1? vntain Sv:ipn ?x na?m "n v w"y pi i*?k -iex" 1 new nx ^ nan p nnw 
ai>m tyapT D^yat? nvya d:i t\DY i^on ^nx nvya nai man nanr:o i^r^n n 
-i? Ksoni ncyx nt^x nx 3j|jwi p?l ?wDTiatD l^o }x anxi ii-E^xn ?n nab? 
Dinj' 1 xdp xn^no at x^^isa nahrw nrsiD k Snxnpn ^ awn na i?ws na^ao 
D^xyocMi ntwa*i ?k mPTian i^n^ ny awnp lnix j'yv ^x p? iniaya njn ^y 
1DV iopi nnx -una xai fan 'anio i n*a? na?n p nnxi iwpcb H nnrni -pa^T 
oy n^x 'anno i? 'ax [^n]nraxi njmn pxa n-j'x )b , c"i ^i2x:?a nn vrxi vaxi- 
n^ba vntasn Tna p>o? 1? nw mnan nr awaa *amo n ^ new Kiarna vwi ni 
iDi^ ^x ^ftbttm ?xyD^ ?u> nDaan 2 n*aD na' na wn anx otid i n^aa xinn 

MS. BWPWi. - So MS. 

aipoa twptn *avi ntrx nx Bnpon nnn ^n'ryi jvbyn |aaa hia paa xini B^rpon 
nnn a^prn > nw thl"j? nnx nxn: nvsno naran jo^ni ia yia^ anx ^ar m^ 

:?i>npon rcn 
jvv nni> [;]n^yi d^tt^ Tnmi nnyo tip ac warn awn nn$> wby p 'nnxi 
a^xyotrn to nainnnm nav^yn Dnvian to noaan nx 5 nn^an aipoa nvaaa a ac b*i 
T&tahm ny "jtan mn nap ton a ^ now nap nion ^ ixnni a^xyop'n ^ mnai 
wrm nDjan n^aa Taaaai tamtun ^ innai nav6yn noaaa TiaS>ro dbo tik^i ac 
nan tamas iopi Tin* 1 rcaa Tiai>ni ,tib&fffy (vso Tia^n p nnxi ,db Tii&anni 
nD33n n^ao wan mxrm mapr D^a ap vm naaan iva^ ^>yoo noiyi pprc Kim 
DiTias ^ a^m nop no 1^ ti^kpi trfowoB* ta^ap au^ Ninn *nrwi nm wm 
ia!>n pi nasta spwn nt ay nicy$> "6 ty an!> Tnosi a^xyoiyn Tini>p p nnw 
nmo in apan toid jorn nra a^ano anx no i^x ti^xpi a^xyop^n aann^ 
oxp i!> Tinan xh nann anan loy mail ^naa noyi ban nmo b now tan 
nxn i$> thoki pnpon n*ao 'yoa anip waa Ta^np twbvn ayaa ax a *wp 
^ 10x1 Nona nabb rran *as i!> thoni i>an ^ nyi ^xaitamai xom nsTan "b 
s axi mi^6 ha"- 'ax px tid Kim 310 nanb n^m 'jx ^ thoki n^in nnx no ^y 

{>amb n^x 7>s 'axjmK' nvn 
anan *b ]r\ )b rnoNi fan nmax Ta enpon n^a^ nana^ ana Tina p nnxi 
n^xyoD'\~io an ay tiii^ ixai aan jvoa naa d^b^ito ^nyDai pny n T>aan n^ 
^moy icx nipoa rion cnna nryb Tiyam 'a-n^ "na^ni p^o n^on d^did by D*aar 
^ xip *]^ 1^ "moxi anax iotjn ana^ao nniD jpr 'iw aa^ xai ptrx-in ayaa 
*aa^ ^aa vnn 1 ' ixiani moninn nvsi fiaaoi anro ni^pcon loy xww ^ivn ejov 
fprn vax ai^ bv Tnvn *pvb ,, n^xc , i tan^aa' ""aab ixai jprn nws pi a^xyo^n 
"Tin 1 ' "ox an!? "-nioxi ^tb a^apr nya-ix ixa aiixi ttbv 'b noxi apy^ vnx di^ci 
i:baxi xm a^^ bv nian nanoa ooo ^ma i^on v\dy 'nxi noi?c i^o 'ax aai 
i^xd'i xmn nb^n ny j^ wn vb man nanoo 'nyDa^ dvoi ntn n^b | la-nn 
1\x yaoon ^ya aniax *\ n^aa axip -irx ^a nx an^ thsdi anvoa ^n^n ax b 

:pnax-K> *b npbw poon ^a 'vtistw s b ania sin 
jnai nipino B^pn nvnix a^ama ay nnx px xvo nnx ^xyo^ t/n b m-ani 
a^rc* ia^m ninapn n^aa niana b moxi pxn bv *n^B>l pn n nya mn^ mix 
:noipob pxn nx ovm onoiN ncx nx n-xni , aa!' pxn nx ixiani ano 

1 MS. iiv. 2 MS. nnnn. 

T 2 

* \D:n>on tn tod : 146 

mwn px nnn -itrx rnjnan ^>x *AD s 3am Dna*c a^run qw ixai 133ns p 
Dipo nn i?vn nota aipo nn ibon nn mpo nn tfaan m^x Dipra m ^ new 
moipo ^ wim i>yooi rvntyn px^> nnnra nnyca ncno aipn nn pnv[i] annax 
iabn niipDn i^x ba "vac 3KB> nnxD aniait^> mBNl pfc6 byDDi nnnia owasn 
i>ap *nyr naai aanni' oi>ni npns aai> jnx npaai i^annb nsn *3N "3 Daann^ 
ani?an?a rnryno invi ^anni> b^mpqoti ba wap ny n^anm bam "ipp annan 
p nns n*nvn px nnn Tia^n jki Bivnab ia^>n on n^^no niyp Dn nnx 
icann nixn^> a^xa nmhn -njDtr amai nyanx na^o nnryn ' nn3 ba iaa oncvj'n 
urus *a nrn mpon p x* 'h 110x1 "nix ixv?ai itjnai> rnyoa :i iL"" bs ikw dx 
13X px ph t^dti ks* uyaiw naai na anx dip p"i? n s 3n [a^ia^] i3x px d'hote? 
yDB>ai -jri-ia ^>ya imm k"ion ^x "7^3 xvn x^ axi oipon nra ttpw D^n 
naynia n^n i>a "n^ann mryi' a^ao rnninn naoi mry? pn "nx^ D^pn Dnnan 
in^n^ai onray TiD3a3 mtya ^annb D^xyc^n ixaua npaai 'ym dv W rrri nn 
'JbwiK "3x srb thcxi vzb oha ixai onown rrw bra ^ipa "nxnp on^sn 
iama nicy^ nptrn nwai pupon nrn ivan ^x D^pnnta pxo nxa warn 3 Da"3nx pi 
3 Da\jnx "3X Dn^> vnoKi citron Dnownb nyanx ixa p nnxi *]0*b xh ^anni? 
anaxi Data Dp3x ixi> dxi Danx nnax "3x1 asic 3d tnhs>n inn dx 3 Da"3inx pi 
mtrb o^sn i3n3x a cyan nxra 13!? ^non ^ uwi D'ynn na^^yra nx njinnb 
onb "nna rx laiyi n^yai cnpian n"aa mcyn^ pr ^a onaya ~\b nvnh inix 
nn^j niyia-^ n^on n v ^npn enpa "n^ynm enpen n^aa "mnyi npnsb pn nicy 
px nnno "n^ann ^xi nac b'bb na^ ^i>o dx "a wn^ x^ D^rai ^nbx x^ 
nojn onaano Dm "3a^ vapn pi " 1 '' *n*c i^tanra D"ni^ rnwy ixai ^ynm n^n^n 
:imx Win xh nnsob win in nx yD3^ nnx *tjnpon n^aa ^ 
nv^ nm3 n3a^ "vna xin nvwi mryn 5 naip cxia ivs Dni? c" 1 D^NyDB^m 
bipa ipyv nr D^xyra^n mxnai niro Th ntaa jan niyia^ 3n^ pL"xnn Dvai a^yra 
t& ntD3 naa^n nrno nwin nr wnw^ya lawn D^pjns cnx no ^y on^ s nn?axi ^na 
nnnm D^xyo^no tNDtttn i^y P inxi n^xyc^n ^y jp p*D xmi swswi nnro 
nnro isb xinn nvvn n"3ty aya nrn ^cn avai ptrxin ova ioip?:a xinn nv^n 
Bjpm ^ mox naai .^a" 1 x^i innnn^ icpai D"aiai a-pyiv D^xyra^ni ^anra -nvna 
nnn fla^m naiu'n nytn ^om ny^ ^n^xm sor6 ^n p*on nr nxnn ii"xa 

1 MS. nn3n. 2 MS. inj"DtS\ :i So MS. 4 Omissions. ' MS. nanp. 

145 * 'JaWTTI TTl TED * 

bav xbi rnsiyi rnforn Draaa mao mm nbnn nna Dipo *awm noaan ypnpo 
"nbxiri mnaaa Kinn ypnpn iD3n onb "nnox p nnxi ,wnn paan monb onx m 
6x1 *asa mix ixnpi nnx iqd ^ iwwm nnyon nns ma *o nym nab v* torn 
p trtpon ma mbxyotrn inpbtf nnx nnyon nns naa nnx ibo *a xinn nsD3 
ins bai nnyo3 d^cox n nbt? xinn -jbon taai nonob rawo xinn ibm nnmn 
tano nB>btJ> moi p nnx ix*m nnx w 103 myan T,in3 moyi nnx na ima nno 
no vbx W inbty -ibw lbom 'tH'tOTi w ny oba noy wnm nnyono Dnxv rpn 
niMsa was? Drros ta*n cmvxn ibx 'mm ^ax a Dnb noxi nnyon Tin mm 
a*ao 3^3D roma was omaK noob 3 ,, 3di v^y ntyx fvbyn nspn iron mpo3 
npam pmm hiok nnp was Drnam -jiodi dw onaaa moo hd3di n3nn Dnaoi 
t^i laox nnn DiTiaK banb nnno wdr nxbi was 3pyi men d.tux e>mb byoo 
nt>*x mom t^xb t^x mm moon jo noon by m nioon by aao aao nina 
nbx bs u'W nnxi ewn 103 bvra m myoai na wra vn n&'x nnam ntyxb 
lasbn uruorac lanaxi npai nap aab raabm nmop 103 310 nn nb mm waop 
n^x ny lanom bina bipa pmr noo3 xm nt?x onx mon wby py* )3 nnsi 
iv xinn -jbon mom nnyon nna p^ai nnapn nvv inn no^3 ^3 nnyono tcp 

:nnx dv d^x noy n-j-x win nan vn n^x nin ovn 
ny n3c> ^b nnyon nijn nns ^n^x^i nx3n nns ^y bbtsnnb ^n^oy p nnx 
vbi nnyon *a by "'nbbann x dv Wai anyn ny bbDnnb 'nnoy npaai nnwn nioy 
nnoy 'jri nnx jo^d xvox whm orn ^ ^ inox mjpr D^cm npan ny ^n:^ 
onoi^n jixnp co^n nmm onip x or np33i nxnx no nynb ^nnx nxneo 
nnoc i^bx xa 3 uoy mo^b mpn x^jn uanx pi i::nx ^ noxi rhca nnoca 
n m mpon ma 'on 1x3 xbtr mn nojan na b^ mpon by o^o ibob> x^m nbna 
:pnno pxo mpob D^xa n^n nw mm mon nixnb coy *nabm m^ 
pa n.nnn by D^oob 1x31 mb^in^b N n3bm nnx3 ni3 pnano ''nyDj p nnx 
ixnj/'jn bx Dnb ^nioxi Yfstb tKPMm n:n K^ajn p wans 'b inoxi txbwnb pnan 
njmn b^ osteon by3 mm ooy nano 2,, jmy ,mma nnxi nnD3 on innn bxi 
nDJ3Ji D-b^in^b ioy myos\ ,obi3 innsi o^mbn inixn n3nn D^nnco Dy pnano xa 
1x3 enpon n^ab \s1aa1 n^npn wip n"ab s nDJ3i nvn imxi isn nnx3 ni3 i3in3 
wnx mna X3 b inoxi ban nx pc^:bi *b mnwrb mbxyo^n mewn b3 

1 MS. onnoxi. 2 MS. miy. 

[II. 6.] T 

: \m>on ni -HDD : 144 

D^afan noniic on nnn wnw dwic on o waan *a3o ien fayoe* Die Dy nani? 
iiapm anpa D3*fa jran ppn *a nnsn n^i wwi xb *nrroi nib ^nnoxi j yfanynp 
D^na D^a-ay unrip anp jo? jnn mno iy vfapn noaoi rente ny D^ycnn taro 
^ epan now non 'oy neyn Dims* nnw n^afan pa d"3id3di D^an D^iafai 
fan neys* *aic 'fa now pnan!? nfan "i~nn nwn enpon no$> {:)]anw onan 
nnoo V3i uo npjn inn non ^ jnai *as^ N3i onan onon mmc nmi *aoo "jfai 
: onm nwn 1? ^nna nnnn fa nwo dx *a hid rfa nibai? nnn icin 
jprn enow apjy loan nic n en man fan bjdv 10c spre l wn fa n3 p nnw 
*a Dno nn n[]nDD aw nuw D"ae ioa wnn ova "OB? pwi spm wn -noyi ^n 
nea DrroN nvwi t fa Kama *fa mfa> onvwn dh^ wdd D'pna wi ds* 
pnsn *nn3 viafai asn m b ; a nryo TiyDa aiiw d^o" 1 neon nrya ^nnoyi .onbi 
.onrwa nns aa nfason nnyo dido fa pnana ^nDaaae ny n^fai Dva 'nafai 
y ina xa 'fa now fa>i *r pea^> wen nnyon 3 pnaw one mown 'fa ism 
D^oan nnvn om Dnnax nDaa ohowno capT D^ae 'aa!> isai laans pi laanic 
pnana D'oaren nDaaa cwsom D'NJ^ion cm 4 [D]noiE>n fa fa D^aiooi D^nai 
nfaanm ia s ax onnstc fa nap nr ^ now nnx nap fa wwppm *ro nw mph 
nnp 13 ss* p>P noaa faovn nva *? ixnn 5nw nfann "no^ene ny wnn Dipoa 
faooi D^xyo^n nfan nDaa mm nntr napi onron nnp pa jniDten .laox nn^ 
nap exn^ faoo npan nnp pny nap^ iiodi n^nan noaaa pnr nnp nnnas ^e Btn? 
nnp nvx? 71001 mns nhna nDaaa apy^ nap nvv onnnx nap i?an nnnoi nn^ 
up^ jyoi? D^n-is nney npnv nrb ^nna p nnw .me nap naaa nx^ nnp nvv 3py s 
on apyn piw onnns a nosni ,nox ia\s* nwn nr a onoven^ wdn aiiw nnn 
^aisnn on^ ^nnoNi inm D n aD ^x own pan fa onop Daw pun nnn nnyoa 
ova p^n nns na en man B3 nnyon nfa nns ^ wnm Dncy *nafai nnyon 
p noipa nfa nna man ^so wni fann nxan n,in nan )T~>)n) iwin 5 nN33 n^fai 
nbfanni ^aso D^xyoe^n ^nn^ei ofa ^nnoei s Nno nnyon x\n *a iUDMm Dns* 

:n^snn Tiofavre ny -wan 'a fa 
nns na w myon nns nr pic on? ^nnow Dn3e D^aprn onoien ^nsnp p nnici 
na nes nfann noaa yvowxa nnyon nns nn ponp JOT3 wn p ^ n s eni nnnx 
Dnaan n*Dm onoy ^naSm wnn nnan Dipo ^aisin nrb ^nnosi pn* nap m*s 

1 So MS. 2 MS. now. 3 MS. 'moe. 4 MS. moen. ri MS. man. 

143 * ^:wn 111 "Tiso * 

rwyw anann bz "\b warn Dnbx nay p K^m any pe&ai mar Bnpn jw^a lot? 
nxnoi nvnan nyn aaia Kinp lffc nxi trxn nx mym naa ? noxi pnxana <oy 
nani? t^x oni npan *iy >maa aa> pin hna yen mm wntac m p-ra b*k lovy 
scat? nrn x-aan p? mynn ni> i!> idni nainn T^ni npyp nrn nann bv imainh ioy 
npyn noh " Dawr mrn Taw nam a^ay ay ' Tmaa mtoi mpan ^ noxi wi 
ax *a wa? xa h aii?a n jna xi> 3 Di>iyi> xi>* pnxana awn maan p uannsfr naa 
nay npi> p nnw ioy npi> "ib>k nrucn Bnan naym i^y nop |prn may wi sin 
^ya xnpxi mix wmfb vh mm ,ii>i>n anana "ids'' noi> iaoo nyovo ^axi i^ni 
nya vjti ^y man vm no pm nya itm xmi ^ax .pn npya pi m-ai? aatPDn 
x"a* x^> dxi any "flaa nowa ^ jna dx ia-a^ wa anr cms s^>xo Dap pin 
ni?xn anam b ^ nsoi xinn namn nx nrm amna ^x nx xm jm ^y mtn 
nox am mm tki ioy ncyx no n noxni laoo xn>mo 'ax n *asjwi "6 mnoxi 
^m nbna nyn Tovy bv anan n*a new mpan laoo epab ^n axir ynv "ax nx 
xb tmhmn aai vmcoi mayi 4 Tmonb i? trpao xini ybv a"yn viz vptn 
:nan 5 pna*iSDD ppan xh Tann^> ^n mxy^ yotam ax nnxi maaa rryw 
^nyoai cann cms dtixo xinn njinn ^>x ^d* wun nayn mao p nnxi 
lOBn nry p nan man bn nnxyo^n pa c ,H i nam onan Dy ^na^m anvoo 
by aain mann mix n noxi aio la^xc ^oan bv aan 'axi nnxn ioa 5 pna-ixD 
nyam . 5 iaima n"a 10a nnvoi nxa naao iny m l^'o aio nnv xin^ n*^ boan 
axi n-ainyn nnnnno nnx mn n lanai nano 10a Kirw ^na nnx nu Tin nrya 
xinn mna mnoyi j*xan onnax loan onao nan mm pw mn ^v mnai mm 
nnxi anx aic^ ay nano ysi ^ano Din ^a 'axi nan icy Tinan x^i &w D s a*^ 
D^^ano anx no )b mnoxi Dnnax *db> ^ noxi to^ no )b mnoxi mix mxnp p 
nxn xn n ^x nox myi .Dean nnio n noxi ^>tan nnio ix D^an nmo jorn nra 
[ax] ynv i^x mnoxi Tioa Dan C'X m-xn x^i x^aan oao Dai nann Dnxyota" 
Tynin -o ooo bxun mnan nox p *S> awm ania an nnoc> nv oa^ avn n pa^na 
mn^ D-anp onmai D^na D^oani nann bw "nxa t"x i^x mnox n^x i>a 
niia na nn-'s ooyo onhta> ^y a^aix am 6 onh^ ^y D^aix Dno anan 'b cm 
^aia ab pxn nra annm lanax m ^ noxi onix amx ^ax aai mix a^amx Dm 

1 MS. Tmaa nanxn. 2 MS. oaw^i 3 So MS. 4 MS. imon. 

5 So MS. 6 MS. Danht>. 

* ^rnann th mso : 142 

nayn nbm 'pnxDna n pam mo n&w mam ima mna ma ^ ma pi .a^Bnma "iV 
now mn nayn nn .nmbn n?na no worm aval nooa a^ neon noyi to pn 
ib ci abxi Bnn mm nanone mis 'mom nx beao mm *b ns?K ba by ;ox:i 
nap ttbn en jprn nayn mo *nnm aaa mn lmmap dmc wn naym .a-aai n&>N 

no nym xbi mbina matrnoi bma nyv b mm a^ban now nab maa am mix 
pnxsne cxn mxnpi yaoon bya annax n Mab mrnb naB>n p nnm nwyb 
mix nioe>n "bp mam yvi pnpaa manx nayn nn *poyb ibin aari ib *nnom 
nama iw ns ib vwnn xbi maio nvbno i ib 'nmnm nnx nam vaab mnnai 
mnnaom namn mnaai nmn mm vaaa nawi mn nvbanon -non namn mnaai 
nayni irwm man ib mnom namn mn am amna ?ibx 1b wtnm [ima mna] 
nayn nop nnx mnn ova ammn mxnb mabm *aic ny nnocobi pnpab ib mm 
*ja pa any n,bm "ax tk aibna warn npan ny mnn maa matam man bx mmm 
mnoyi mbina macnoi bna ny* aibnn nro <b mm ma mny naao w*m anx 
nayni nnnn nnao mnam ^oy mnnaen mnpbi mranxn mnaa p nnm 2 ran aba 
mn xbi poom nayn n noy ncx aipo nnnn bx mmm pica mabm pnxana ma 
xba maa wi nnnna ranxn pxc wtrip nycai poon 1a mn ncx ranxn nnnna 

j mm noB>a 
ioipoo ranxn annpb nob laa bx worn laa ^aab xai pnxanab mxnp p nnm 
biabai njra ^b mm pica vax ^a noxi to nrm pn ibni -p^b Nnpn ^ >nnosi 
>bc ransn nnpbi nsca nob ib worn vaab nabm to pnxanc xac ny bna 
nnsn xbi m^]n xbi ^bc nnna -jb anioc vm nnc wn ''ax *a ^b awn ioipoo 
biaxb mabn ^ax ^a ^b awm ano nan nnpb n^nn ^axi n[i]ransn nx^'in ib miosi 
loy Diyab wsm H oy mbiann an ^a myn^ ^axi ,ac mnnson mnain nnx n^aa 
ovya n,bx ax a mben yn 11 xb noxi ninnaon nya nben ib mom mna w*m 
ransn s b jnn vbx m^xc laica p nnxi .nb^bn ^v mn xm yinz-\Q ibm anya 
mnn ax *a nan nb nnb nvm >ax px ^b avm nan nrm nnx nvbano mnn ^ax <a 
npb ncx poom nan noy ncyxi ban ib 4 nnnsi mbx ;nx am nexb 3 ma nnpb 
naoa anas xbi np^ mn -ja ba anc an noai noa noxw anaib n^-ss w psana 

toaconi pnn mnn nycn y^an n-j*x ny ^aoo npb mrx nx 
tossc/P ^nx nam mab mxai ^b rnwan mnxen ay v w"ian nay ay imao mxn 

Omission. 2 MS. ram. 3 MS. ma. 4 MS. mmxi. 

141 * *jmmn tn tisd * 

mzb iy *nai>m nnx ^ rawi epoa ita n"am dx^xd aiy jw6a nay |ib&3 

xinn Dipcn rm ."naybi "b a"rc ba "b nityyb "by vnncoo nnxi nooi n"a "b |nai 
"noaaai am ffms p ^a nx "nnaoi dv onpy p"xn nr Dy "nat^i Dib"a nna by 
Dnainn nw laay "wa ncen nnxo nytso "nyan "ibw ny Dib"a "inaa mop na"soa 
nni iB'yo *3oo inp" jyb onatxa "b ib>k bai "ba ba nx panb ram D"bxy?x'"n 
tanay oy onxo nyea Daa"b Dnx taw ^av xb *a ffms bn^y onayn nya 3o 
nmx wn *y Dnainn nixiai nay ba by tfma ontyy n^yo in" dx a D""tna 
p npyon pi Dam p "nix ntas" Dm pinna nmx awi onb fnxc "acn mp 
"mx nnaao mi ninx nxxin dip "ba nmx wn onb Tina pi maiden pi nnayn 
:namn -jbDn bx omx nbt?b Daunt? "b nnx a nbina nne^ Dnb mm bina maa 
ib b nnx ex tay "nabm niPDPn pa aan nnx rria tanvoa "noaaa p nnxi 
riya nnbi npan ny pbni nb*bn nxra "mab xan trwn nr "b ncxi onsoa onan 
xin* man nn na bai nayi "ax t?"xn nr ny "nabm ,*]b ao n^x oipo "ib ppax 
"nncx biaxb nraai Dnb "aab imi nnx nnn "b lanai D"bna mab"x ia m 2 bna 
nia"nn "nxvin npaai npan iy "na^n "nbaxi nwa "b lann pn na>aa i?aix "a"x nrb 
minoa D^yni" nn "a onvwi "asi? anrn nr maob *oy xan ^"xn nib "nicxi an? 
n"ni man nnsa "nn^yi bnvwi n^ooa c"xn nr "y xai pxn wax ^an nnr 
pan n"n x^i tnpn \\vh2 Daa^ bnan mr["x] cnix "ni'x^i d^anis D"mn" mana 
pnooi mana itaiy "i'xyo^ni xim "ax laa^ni -jray xax "ax nm"n idx ^xye^n 
nin" "ax )b "mx .Dnxoac ina nnvn xim yauon bya Dnnax n n"aa laoaaai 
"aamn ohvnb nibb inn nxnn^ai mo ^ n^asi n ^x d"d" a ny nasj^ nsn "axi 
baix x^ nnnax i "b awm n"an dx "a n^"ax xSi anr xbi p;Da x^> ncia mm "a"xi 
nyn "by anan "n"aa aen dxi ^xyoEn iea naanoa "nxa "a "n"aa xab "jn"anb 
txm nanxi? nDn "cy ncy )b "nnnxi D"as nwa m"aa "aTEyni? onnax "i nm xh 
D"aK>i"n bxnc>" baS "b x"n nhna mvon "b awm mvo mxo nac^ D"aprn nanxh 
nay "asb n"aa "bxyo^ni "ax "nabni in"a "nx^f" rxi ."n"ab xan xi> "a D"ivoa 
"b i"an nwe n^y n"Dni awn dix nxrn i"ya D"yiv Dnx dx "bxyE^b "nbxn 
3 l^ai "y xan )b "nnox pnxsna> idk> i"yn nra naie^i naaai aita Dixtr ^ awm 
ntrx D"^axn ba n"oni naaa invn i"by "nyoc nan \b "ni^xi i"asb "nabn pi wsb 
nt^x "asb innni D"^n"b b -]ba n^x ny 4 nn"a "pna n"a "b \n inona onma n"ya 

1 MS. baix. 2 MS. hian. 3 MS. -f?bi. 4 MS. r^a. 5 MS. ybtt. 

: ^nimn "m tibd : 140 

vn&tn imtfe tbi lrwpai nayn nya labn tiidn pny mn s*bi n*an jo t*p *\bw 
nayn tea xbi dv *m ny wnom nay tnN *a or wi ny s b wnon onmDnb 
xbi n H an dd* fprn ny Tinray jki .oamb tabni nran nnb *nna m\n ^n nnt* 
onniDn iyDae nnsn oipoo ms abi wab onei n^abn wttP tax ^n wane *ntF 
|prn nay *nrom jprm "on Tobm nono "jbtan bt? my Nan jprb vntm nranbso 
onon p nniP Nini nann twnv& raabi *aab taabni rvan bx "ba ba cy 
uaroc waab s*ae "piaD Kin dim nr nsi n,bcn >a ncan Dnb *ba eaa ntra bawi 
"ibob won npi niaa ib 1 nvpM pann dn was nmyne wni toaan uana ja 
*aam Tmaiy ba by maai nb*n ib jnsi nnya bbanx axi fc* *ao nniao win 
nDnn nn T,niabna Nine vijm tarn nt *ao maty nay epab nbene tcd tppao 
ibon vat jai vrwo ba ny trex *]bn b aw .nnae obc* own noy ntryn ntptt 
nanb pnoi npi&n baa vnncm ba n nbei nayn ppab xnv ba cy icvya 
ny n!>ana nsiyi |pm nna Tnrn ytn .nay nx epab nn o^rii D^b&an by n^aan 
nra nayn nx nan ab *nant* maya ibn *b ioni nayn oy *aab t*a ibtam ,anyn 
vatpv nnxi .nayn 'ban byi intmr by bna *ba *nw wab ^on "jbne nnsi Dyan 
new nn:nn nx oban nyi nm~\v o^aio o^ony cra^M ia pn n^aa d'o* nyae 
wby iNi" 1 vnn ovai D"^ ncbe uabm nana layoa ^ iidni peniDa fa labn 
dvw um pto onaym bbeni o^oan ba inai bna -ann iaa wnm dw nsw an oy 
ncbe anyai D^ae awi ova ixa ja nnx :iacy vne dhmmtid anna ^1 ns-^a <o 
jnny niDab nnaa nnb "nna 3,, aNi nnaran D^ny D\xa dvi dv baai 
by n^aisi nw Dvnt^ nno tiwiyn rni jprn n s aa *moxn pn a nbiy ropro 
n,nna nann dwk oy jprn n^ara nay ny ^nyoai .vboa ennb n^ tav ny wfatf 
viDpi ""yoaai ^nabai naipoi viaea t&rb bbanci nayno '3K n^om Wan iancn 
D^n DipcD baw bi ni^bi d^^ nv^ dn a mneb sbci haxb xb-c n^vy by 
d^i nib'bi d^ nebe n,bno ainpn Q>Dn twin nanon a onnsn o^.n mpo ny 
nnea sb iaxi mb^bi d*o necn ibno enns d^di nib^bi d s ^ nyans ibno nnns* 
Bi D^o^ nb nnx 4 Dxa"va nanoa pjna* layan n-cs ^y o^bcan bye MDne ds n 
nanoa ianiN n,mo Kim D^a imb^an ia nanoa iani ibno Tnb Dan ons woy 
nann 'b nrasi bnan n\n ma tnnri nanom inoana ovai aaian Dy .nb s ba mnn 
mbv xwn nr>a,n w\ onsob nabb inn n/b^ nsok ^c\x ny ^n^aa my Nan mnn 

MS. new- 2 MS. ann. 3 MS. dsi. 4 So MS. 

139 * on'iain tn "YD * 

nanoa 'nyanu' ny a^aim ww rvthw waynn ow .annn by 10a binn by a^abm 
jprn nn anxo 'byao ['jbwjoia* fprn oab nam nnan by *nw p nnw ibon a*m 
now v nx pwi oab prn nr xan n>anbx nop nanon nwa WW vaai vnswi 
n b*i -jnana npxi wab Nam nan *y npyn uanx pi laana nnx nna xa n 
n man nx ra&i jxoaiy mn low fprn ww ay 'nabm . pbb aipo aa ksdo aa pn aa 
nr ran |p?n nr 'b now anpa ansob oannnc ywn wnn prn bx ^nnow naybi 
na nabb "jaron ntyx -pnn nxrty "nym ow nam inn wn bix[o]bD nxac nnnn 
pbi ,vcnn Toy waan mm ax mi annn nnaa T,bn ax anvoa nabb naio naa^x 
nay nx mrbw p nnw* anny ibn rw rfr nnnn n&oatp ny mtaa waa atari 
ONpn nntyy ambx nay ns Tina jprn nan *nyww nnxi 2 ib ibm isn bx ambx 

nmab ibm 
Tnpbi aoop mnx a b onai a'aata* aocn jo amna ii osb iy s an wnn pxai 
a^o' tann nay ay jprn maa Tnoy ow avnxb nrn am anxob aa^binb 3 ano 
nwn nanoa nabb ibav xbi nxo ny a^'bn an rboa nan naaan pin ^ now 
nanon baa nn nubb ibar rw uosw ny a'tann mhv is* aot} ab^axnb -posn 
\r\w xbx lbawp nan xbi nyno'xbi ae>y xb a^boan inso' 1 xbc a^ npbp ibno 
.aibo nna by ansob natnp nxanoa yon ncrx ny nbo>x ^ba iwftf ne>xa a^on 
anxob lab 1 "^ a^'ax b nxin qw 'ann mnn yx *axyn ncyx t^ IPfb ^nnoxi 
nt^ys ^aax jprn b avm wnn nanoa iaia^v a^aio a^b^a s b npm ancy aannn 
a^boa a s ac jprn ^b npbi vs?)! a nya nan naio nnx nboa prno ^nnpbi .nnana 
p nnw .ania'-bna a^oan nnaa ib a^nna b vn ntya cboani pn y nya anrn 
npa iaa[i] }Nvn nai nooiai amy^ nop b tN^am 'ma'am wnn nanon ^bya ixa 
pi ^nnpb xb ^ lana x ( s* bao[i] inu ns lsbo^i wnn jprn maa nu>yob ^b warn 
yn jprn n ion p nnw .nanoa a^ay bxi jprn bx Tina nniom a^boan ibax nt^N 
aai p^nno cnnb v wm nanon n,nn nnob nabb mm anNyoc" 1 anniD u{j> 
nnnn ^bya a^bnan ^b snpn |prb Tinow vbaa t^nn ^sna a^abin^ annx a^as 
iT'^n bnan nanon inn anxoa aaoy nabb 'aran anb nnow ^aab ams np pi 
pio mnm nb^ba n/pay ba abcn pbi laoy xan ax a^xar lanast -\b anay wan ^ 
npan ny nxrn nb^ba "nat^n .nabb a"o nmy anoan by mxbob lo^aani nnob 
nayn pnoo ox ^x ban ntryx ox b y&n .on* ba b pan ib Tnoxi ;prb Txnpi 

MS. wnow. - To be cancelled? 3 MS. aoy. 

S 2 

: *onw)n i)i ii3D : 138 

nyn yba a* 16) mbtra -]bn nnob i^n dx mbna -ax "b no aww ny ib pnoNi 
jbn pbi men nns *a n b*ep*,3K aw* new ny iiy aayn dxi wwi nwea i^m 
b*eNpiax b -nabm nb*bn *sn -ins *nae>e *nwpn p *nnw jaayn xbi 6ay nncb 
nna*. pen osb ibnp mm *aw siy nn?ob *arpn ib *nnes*. mapo viw *nwpm 
*nabm vnx -b jnai b*eapiaK Dipe tavo -nyoa npnai :npan *artwb tapBtc "b 
anpyux nap byabx "jbei Dnroy mabe nnni top ninbee Nm byabx nmbcb D-e 1 ' mwy 
toaan p nr uarw "il^nnnb nmx niv "iben b^expiax be vns ib nam raufr uyam 
*nayi *a -nyoa p nnx ,tfe* nthv won n,bon *asb *nap*i nnnb nr bn ib rnni 
ibxp mm Kim anibx nay nap bna np *aab -nneyi -ppxux nnb *nyanp ny jprn 
|& D*mbp ixa *ppn ova *m ,b*o i waa -nneyi nhaan px bx nsp nano "pn 
Dipea iron nspa uruw nnan nae je anibx nay bx one nnx jopl oney "jben 
i? npyp nynn by ona iben *a -]b- tfbp laainxb nexn no xmpm Dib-a xin nnx 
ny pnew ib nexn pbi obax\ ta*nay nbx nbw n,ben mm nb*ne 1200 ppae xini 
-pbx nroib -b p* -b noxi anibx nay -mx xnpn nnaen oy "jbon *mbp tt*nw 
non -b npyn "6 *mex man >yepai .nbvia nrao Tbx nbie iben -px naie nnwa 
.Dnaai expm d^pv 1 i!j ^nnai pnari' t^^ *3*a mnni rbbn nra nnnn *oy a5 bna 
ani^x n^yi nayi *jk "nyoai o^oa np^p ^y n^ro nimy npp ijb 1x^0 xinn nypai 
nx^iaan nanoi? *nsrw ny nnx nay s D*nay D^ap ^y nm d*d* nnpy nancn -pn 
^ya xnpm *]^n ani^x nay 3 ^x *nnnxi nann ta*D,naa dwjk laxvci dv sn nj^no 
Dnxnpjj p^i bean by ambx nay n,bn p nnxi .nxrn pxn ^x ybx i*:* xim D"DiDn 
nay bx inDx nnn d^didh ^yai onny niabo cjid K*m nnano "cxn by jnxn nxo 
Dn*bx bxu> p nnxi : ia^xn xb onb noxi ianxe rnnap onay iswpao lanax ambx 
ixa mayp nb*bnp pn x^.n naia pxn ib ia*pm nyn dx x^n nanan nxrn pxo 
xsn c>p3ei bna 'bin ibn pb PW layorn c\x D\nx?o taoy L 4, n onoy -]bcn -an 
dv ncyn dx 1b *rnoNi nbxn onann bn -b naoi anibx nny -b xa*. mix Nmw 
ibon *aa nnna nxrn pxn mcyx^ -b aia pxi nann -bxi bxn -aiab "pap nan nrn 
hdxd bx -annnn T , a , ya jn -nxw dx pbi .Dnix nixnb *aina px a nan oncy 
D-nnx Dm Dib-a nna by xap ninbo cjion x\m d-q- npon nxrn pxn jo pinn 
\nbxb -nnnncn rx onso ny py xax nnn dxi inana n-j'yx "b ncxi .^br^b 
iawxi bma bin ia en nanron cxna xmi -ax *nabm c-xn ^n *yopa jnsni Dtwn 


^IS. v. : Omission; see p. 142, 1. 4. ; MS. nx. 

1 3 7 : ^mfron ttt tisjd * 

oaecn a nrnata &na a\ntan oatpoa in^aym ytnn n/ta a* dni miooh 
TmiTD S>a!> Nip a*enn nntpy n.oy vnoy *aax mm .D'otan tai xm D".nta[^] 
pona p by .nan mny in hm is \^? xtan a ixvd dn ybn nox[i] intsn 
icy mm p nnx .nanata *pya ^snxi wi^ n,tai man >i> jnn bnan tan jyoi> 
nnpy iaoy nroyi joxai naaa mvi a iann^ i^ Kxn mi> men jnn "6 rnwo natan 
onay nnn no ^ now ntan awn nana nyioe dx *a did ia unsd x^ twin 
nx *a noiso *]oo nnN xb *jtai> thexi ,d^b t^i i? npn d^did im a^oa in 
naaa nnoiy D^yen D'-anx ^ sw TiyT *a irawi nii?ya nno ^ n,tae rotn ^ inn 
i>y n^iy Kin n^N npn ^lpo ta n,^ "payo naaa nnx *oy rvM? yvyz ans* pb 
iai> fnai ^y ran? mix rmn mayo nnx itan xnp rx .T/n[i]nvix % by\ 2 n.aioo ^a 
ta yanrp[B>] tan aipon ^y noiyn -wwi nnaiy^ nx^> rvhpb ita.n m cdid a^ae 

: ^oxpiaa 
Dita exna -jtan aipE itan nnv&m [pin nan ay ^ix[o]ta npaa nyD3 p nnx 
nnx nna en nipon nra nann a^a en a^a^ rcno Dei nann nnna ^y unayi 
nra lyaua d^didi dhmk nanm o*oa pan ny iDaa"i d^did ia iya^ tfoi nayo 
:iok tthw aen "pnai d^did i>y a-aan nnan nr n,ma inay unaxi wioi Dipion 
T^on n^ei ksn "oiptsnD ntwi nnaiy nipo iwioa pyaw ny i^nc motJ> uabrn 
^DKpWK? nr wan T^n ^ now i^on m mx ncxa vmn inix xnp ^y -jhnn 
mnn no ^ idni tan nen nnaiy ''nix Nip anfci : di^j nm ^y Nae i[n]jno ta 
nnN xb )b ^nnxi ^n^y .pvnai nanxa ybts jnxi neyx awn nc*x ^a uarnc 
}nji .taan ^y o*on nxe^ npa nmy u>3W nw a^oa a ^e ^ napne* dx >a *] 
yDco ixjid p rtbvnn nayi ^x Tiyoa npaai .^cxpiax ta 'oy xa^ nnx nay ^ 
nni? b*i nootJ>i nann x^ni xae nanob nw ny Di^a nma co^ neon yDD^ 
^nyn 11 anay ^ jna xi?i ntan jo 4 nxa tx ^ noxi ^oxpiax *ta xai csyo D^na 
waa aen ph nan n,^n nx?a nnpi? xh nxai n,nix naam n,nix anix *f?on a 
:ncyx p ^oipiax^ ^ ^nncxi miaya 5 vas nx n^?nxi ntan *aab rbvx ^axi 
mix niam *aab xa ny ax nam oitaa nxnxi xpiax n*aa *nat^ xinn n^a 
nxrn px^? nxa nn^ )b ["Jnntas Ta 'ax p ib "oni a nrana inion ii nnoNi 
nra aev nnx noS n,nrya nvnh imx ^nanx maya ^nxa ^ax 'h now npinnn 
ta are 1 ' ai ^en md^ na^b unnv ^ nox ^opiax an 'anx i^ H nnox nipon 

1 MS. 'ipon. - MS. i-aioo. 3 MS. napono. 4 MS. ^nxa. 5 MS. T/aa. 

[II. 6.] S 

: miN-in Til TOD * 136 

V"ie> ^aai?i *]bn *aa!> wnn npt^n naan x^vin ytnn nn ibn <aa^ loy ^oxpiaxi 
'aao Maunp xin 1^ lan&x t^xn nr n*an i^oxpiax^i nbn >b n^si naon jnpi 
'lantxm i? xin nhna nwei nap onoitpn jo waan mao sin "on nn tfaan 
na*i pj^nd np^ nmi Tmaiy bb nnaai nmbi n^no ^ nTO iniahs rohn "pvaa 
ipy lai nnx didi D^ba tt^b> naDn ^?yn^ win vnay b* lbn nx p nnxi .anr 
lbi> mix pK>bi -jbn *aa!> xanna bpnn nr lb onann ni>N b nnx \b una a 
:man nanoo Mim xin pn toaan uao iaa*x 12 peso [nnx] npx gs^mh nr n^xi 
tdki pe&en nan nx 1^ mam ^oxpiax nya nta nrn nann nbn 2 yioe>a to 
naon ^ pup uai> nxan n^x cnnn ^anp * T3n nrn nana nowi no nbn vb 
ppxnn nr Trxn ix .nr xin nr nb mao x^ ^x boxpiax awn ,an s ats> ma nnx 
owan nnxi 'pttixo nnx nbn uw wpba vrv xim dv ba naynoi layi naaa xin 
omna nanoi nun myn ncnyi npai 3nr amx xin jnnxn nn .poo amx UW 
p nn .nn[n] nnann ^ naDi "jbn *aab x^ ^oxpiaxi ^nai D*aa ibn ncsi 
^x moMi *niN xnpi> nnbi pt^bn nan anayn nb mna nK'x "ibn new nyce 
ibn b "mix pe6n xpoo xa ne>x ennn nninp nr *a nxrn pxa my aen xi> 
n^N ^nn^N'i -jmx nvb l^n ua^o ^pai? Dun d^jx [ay] pyvi pina t6v a^ian 
^ni wai rWn N3^ ibrsn nabon ^s nanwi itan njn K^a na^ ^3i yin 
^m *jnry3 n^nx aw n^nn n^D men bfct{j>ni i^n yah uab Nam iny3 nhw 
;*pn * ^ 3id!? 3*ipBro vbvb iamb nn^ ^ni men ~\b \n' 
b^k pNi i^ian 'aa^ 'na^ni nya nafen nn^ nw vbv nnx Ninn n^ba to 
luab ^nNa N^n ^ ^nxtan nm ^'a no ibj2^ wxi in^Ni ton ax a i?vn vzb 
ninac xh anay vbi anr sh cjoa x^ ted bp^ 'n^n sh nrai names nnaoa 
anr amx Kin ybx ^nix pc^n n^x ban nn Dnx ua bo ^at^oi aan i^o nnxi 
npK> ix nox xinn naon ax a^ynv lanax px nnx naD ax a t^ l n:i xh fjoai 
no^ l^x ^nnam mix mxnpi waa anoiy ^oxpiaxi aw n^nna *btt xa ban nn 
anxo ibn ^aa^> aicn nnx u *nyoB> *a ^x an^m iaoo t^an noi ibn ^>x 4 nxa 
D^aiai tanay ybx }na xin u ^nyoun bna nua Tnix naaoi icy a^yo^-a "pani 
*% manni ^ jn"c no b "jbno bpnc ino cpao ^axi amx nbp vb) a^bai 
lb nnx nam ihpa yio^i nann nr nwy^ *nnn x^i innatrooi i^x anp aw 
iniab^ pnan xin lnjWTni P^vn t^x xt axi b)i:n dm ia nan ^ nom xh 

1 So MS. 3 MS. nyio^a. 3 So MS. 4 MS. Mxa. 

135 '' ^"ftOn 1H -)13D : 

p nrofl >jid by nnw Tibyni ^rpronspna na* nnyj ay notrb j[;]b* by jnn ntf 
nnx new nryan n? nai ihn nn rxh nxa psa nxn b naxi ma "fiFn "by -123 
xann axi yon tcvn "ixto nx niar .nrn ym imi pan * rp bbm niiryb mm 
.nvsan nxra nabb ^ain xh naab "irmw TW* Tbx n ^'' Wiiwi nm nhba 
by nhbn ba nab pnnai nam bbana wm irrapn nxra yhm nE>x kiwi rp 
*iab anay *nabm *T3 aha anayn "nnpb mx npiam npan ny roe xh "naa 
nansa Tbx wnu am nmab anayn ibx "b in: iban rh "nnaxi -jban ntrx 
'jnapai ,py aa naia nnnxi nn^boi nhna "p^x |rw naiaa tbb rnnx xh pnai 
n^nn^i nvibap tbb ib Tiapm nruan nx 4 nbap xb nab "b naxi ysnp nrn nann -jban 
pxa anairn x-aan nab Dai nxa bin: maa "b ntpy ibani jimi nanxa nabanb 
03 nroa bah "nanx nuya hna maa -jban lb nt?y haxpiax Brat? brvb n: &a 
B^xn^nai a\nbx ixbaa awm "nix Bnaaai WN B"amx vrntpa bai nbam ,p 
vn ax*, annab anana 5 "nann xh nhh ebp bbanai av baa royna aw aae 
aab -pna nbxi "010 by aanx ntrxai nab B"pna ^xn anb a^ira n*n "ay anana 
ntrx innn baa tin lah mabaa mirxn Dawn may by -[ban nrc n,bon 

nhn ^n 
haxpiaxi hanpias n^ab xai xp^a runaa nnx bxyac^ xa nbxn anann nnx 
^ni NP'aa s^aan yaa ^bc nan lib Ka a^a\n nr a ynn xbn naxi >bx xa 6 an 
nnana T,aa nnaj xbc umx a^ya^i nn 11 a^nxa n"nai nnx nniana nva wm nni 
ba:n nr ^ab xa p nnsi .a^aa *jb n\i:i bxa^i pa naa xh n^'yj mxn new 
nan 7 max ^nbab ^nix naa^ an >a anb^ naan by ^b lya^Ji haspias ay ^bxya^n 
rpaa nnx nai nxrn pxb nxa nab baan nib "-jx \nnaxi TJiuna xb^ iban ^ab 
imx nnb nmxi x'-aan n^aa naD *Ta tn xp^aa nsa ^x ^b naxi n,ban nxa 
waa e*pab s nxai ni:^y nnaai nn^Di nhna py pa nprn ib nnh n.ban bx pnn 
x\n nann s a nrn nan ^an }a cpan bx pvan baan nrb ^nnax .a^baji anayi anr 
naan xnpx ":ni n,ban ^ab "ay haxpiaxi nnx xan *jaa ntrpaa yv-\n nasi ,vb 
xim a^nia pjbxa nnr np 1 - naDn nn? nbab maxni "by naia nann anxi vaab 
Mm :Tnwj> bab nbon binan iniaba n^bvn py pa nprn -jb fnn x^a:n n^aa 
"jx viabm .nbxn Banana ^naiab iban ay nanb nan nay itrync aaa ypaa 

1 So MS. 2 MS. T,nnxi. "MS. ronam. 4 MS. vibap. 

5 MS. *rua.n. 6 I.e. nann. 7 MS. naix. 

: ^mmn m iisd * 134 

l Wm bra liaa tiim anaaoi ama by a-aan ex d*pb>o inv anbe x s aan oao 

t^OKpUN IOC bitt3{J> 

cipai Tiatra tm w baa nayno wn Tbon ay wa pa wngiv pi baai 
-aab [xbij otA ams ^B3 moy[x] t6i xnn nnao jni nb^bi aoi" bbano wm 
iva "b ua yaoi yao 5>aai ,wa& Tbon noio im^n Tma Tbin wn as* a pins 
nbxa ki .ano "ibid 11 xb a^an anay lb e* mn Tbom ^bon n^a bx amp a^yo 
ntx "01 anbe BBBtsn by and miabo roann by onp] nonbob onw anayn 
a^an a^aia jfrpn nrb m .oaeo aw an av baai nrr bna in rop xon 'tforv 
en >5 anr nnayi aino naD" k!j [*n npai a^ a"boa lb cm anby a^an tan^i 
pan aipo bx wsai .vnayi nc babi Tbob a^syo ana niaab wab ia^ one> ib 
anano lya^e nnxi namxa xa* p naiexna xa" ntwa niy[a]on i?aa nniao S>am 
Tbom anm nnani 'nw^w aaety na c wnn pxni jtswa anan ba iane> 
nmaem "nrwrn a^abam nabtDm a^oiny aani anayi nma:a'[ib] loy ox ngw nrn 
aoei a^bina ynrn by an\n by yanx anr jo anraf nop nieaib nb n[i]nneon 
aua a^aa wrm by nox arrnn t naxbo anr p nbebea nny paai c^ann by 
:anr jo ara jmaxa dnwn bai nnyi any span bai jnnns bxi anoabo naiDO tnm 
an anny noon nnn a^acr an noo Na 11 ^a pjki *]bon ay a^abini a^yaia an pi 
DW mapani anarn an?a nns* bai . a"na anb ;\si pxn by a^a^ an naai anonai 
3 anoa a^asrm a^^an a^bais* am .anca ns* aonb na ex nnnnxbi i"x anoab 
"nix xnip n\n iboni .anx oa nca anaixi a^na n^ynnas anaay a^boa a-'aba 
ix a^boa anay nr>n ax .x^aan p laanx 000 mnn no "bx noxi r:ab av baa 
lb "nxani nniabo niaa nyoc pn nan too n^nx xb ib Tiaen 0x1 rf? np a^aia 
be anna an 4 pn mxo yaen "Co naa ib nx oani pyiai nanxa nnaon nxr 
max nanai nana nx ib jnxi nmx amx ox nnoxi .nan too ren xbi anr 
Toabi Tb py pn nnnxi nprn Tb jnxi nn"bai nbno Tb [nw nono x'aan naiai 
jrvmyn 5 nnaa aipo xp^o nanoa mnxn naca \yh& xam T-n^a >mx babi Tniaabi 
n noxi a"oiny abia anay ni mbina ninac n Tbon n^ab "bx nbc p nn 
nnao ninacni anayn ibx n^o npi nioibc s]bx yby cma Tbon 'la^anK n s bcn 
naocm waa nnoy 0x1 .nnnb Tbm n^ab anayn nx noni onxb nnrc Kn 
noy nrn nbna :jnny maab naa ano nnx bab nnat a^ony abia oab anoiy 

MS. bnm. ; SoMS. 3 MS. a^boa. M.e. oxpn. 5 So MS. 


* uniann nn niD * 

lniaina KDa by aem Kim k ae bna pjdv *]bnn >nxi i?vi nobe* -jbDn p mm *jk 
'nyaa n^aon Dae **fn piKi k aai na 'aa by Kian d'K>bE> by ibiD Kim man na-iraa 
nvaiaxn 'aeb Noma nbnna ^k[b>] *b 11x1 .d'apT d'yap 1W1 'nK iben 'aa nK 
bpi lmaa Tiyjn "ipk ny dny mtyy mn 71*73 man naiia jo dnxra ^nxm :ri t 
r:Na Biai ntsa ba 'nam m k nrpm niyiap npran nbin Tnroyi bina 'bin 2 Yiibn 
nbin 'jki *B*ia pKb nabw nnx m'SDU* 'nyoc n^K ny imaa niKannnb k Ta 
n*ni tiik mura mm , 2 db*Ni tsnn jpr nay k b 6J*i na'ddn bya k nNnpi ndran by 
ndaaai /b "jnxn ba by nairaoi mpai d'ban by nraiy mm 'nairo ba paoi beao 
n^bti> p|id o^a laabm nbin mo d'a k myi md d'a K k nn wbdm mn dym ^k 
ma 'nnpb mi .K*ia pKa ppKis nanoa ladaaa 'y k ain dvai mb'b ntrbci dns* 
\nv ppKii{ P^i I" 1 ' 3 P 3 Dnn nnnrw di k nrpm d'trm d'ap k mnyi twin nanoa 
p nriK ,dnDa mao hkdb nni' k>k3 k aaai 'diaai npaa 'nam pta*b d k tJ*on 
.drop bnab 'nmp s jki K3B> maboa na pKa ntry tvi d^abin d'mn nann 3 d k 3B* 
d'bna d'at? 'nnpbi boNpiax nraiy mn iratri d'bKyotJ* b^ K*3an *a3Q mn Kim 
ns?b^o ini' an cy din iy laabm ppKivra k ba ba dy nam k nyDJi dny nabb 
&m dnjm nibna nnanea k nabm ,dv baa nbyno wvi >aKi .dnano D'bDj D'abx 
nts>x ny d'trnn d h 3^ "jbnD nnnai dnm aio mnoi nain 4 nijb ,, x , i d'aica D'acy ona 
Kim Dib'a nnj by pie* Kin nt^K mray n\n ibon den ma px niabra t^Nia layan 
nna Kin vby ibo Kin i^k Kinn nn^ni d k aabn byi dmntrn by imabrai mn^ ibo 
nnj eKia -jbon nana 'niDjn imabo baa k nabn jki .Kac niabo K k m dnso 
nrn "jbram . s jab moiy b^KpuKi d'cnn mcy icy 'mojn biKob nmsn d^i oib'a 
d-nico 'bi ibtDn dy "jbin wn 'aw yD^b yDn trim cnn baa mmKa ibin 

1 MS. dnxn. 2 So MS. 3 Indistinct in MS. 4 MS. naib'Kl. 

: ponf HDD : 132 

n iid3 'ata'an^ .ons 6ye>a no nso nrnn nppa .dmsp nrvst^ dw trara 
,rne* ina otitA .manp rmn ra& u*sb& .ncnwin wnma ^vcxi? ,d*w pra^c 
vbx aw .*noK Dirr Nweb w t *nwpo ny^n pntnb .misfc >b nv.ih *apm^ 
new /nW n ^ jn*"i nW morn ^wpa insmai /nntaa renp ncni /nne>a 
/nprnnn ^N31 /mrao *Dim /nrnx ^ua nanta? nw /ma*ai *Ji3B*m /men mxo 
tin nibi ,TnBn n^a pirn qW ni^ao /nbnnn cxioi /napn nm /mny -noi 
."nana 12D3 /nm aa 11131 /nan nria /nyan nNi&pa "nnx n^3 iyi /n*an n^ip 
rm&ttl /nnans> Wi /nrnTii "W^a tmao /naD*N "inx D*N3i nnr6 . 2 "ni3si -nsapi 
win fVD pirui /nax*p ibd 110:6 *airyK> /noon mm ins 11133 ye^i ,wwi nyi 
taa idid iyi vckid ,wp33 ^D33 pp on ny3 /nun nwa 13c o^isn ^>ro3 /noD 
:woi>o 1133 oen top ni>yni .mixan D3 nn.n /narcap 1123 "p> yon* /moa 
.iwaan 11 nnastp i d*b ,Dnwiae> htd mi> inn .DiTD* iddd nyi^ n3B>rw 
et^n* nyaiN nam mn .nation ^oa rn?j82 icm .iwa^D "Va ywynst *3i i iyi 
iwaan i ni nnxi ,vn pm wisa ^aan 11 rvDDP ii .naicen tntryi mxo pen 
ny3ix natpai ,^aan ai i^in bwG&fi ii ilwBta i i^in rvion ii .rviDn *ai Ma 
titan nauan tawai .nis^sn jvtm mry3 nan ^>xiec> i nbv nixo yaw d^k 
niNo naotn .ia3 b^taba i i^ia naieen ta^yaim nixo pae>ai .nncait irhtab wvrv 
D^3ii3.i aci 11 .men Yywm i iha yatPi 0^3^*1 nixo yncoi ,iaip!? vj'sa idd *hff\ 
namci 3 Dn^yi nixo y3t^3i .11133 ND3 \yxh vma^ insi ,nyD3i imry3 nw 
^n D^n^ .taiot? i iDtj*i ^c p \b |na y3is*i niN mitx'3i ,^d^b i aa 1^13 
cnao Nm bun non .^nx ^Nipn ^ipon n*3i .i>tnnn nan' Drwai .^1^ m^x 
^3 ^nm w^o^a 3iip3 t^nh ppm^ 3py^ nu "visa .^'^in p n^onai ,biss p 

}}CK .fjsi^ na 
.Nii3n N13 15tk D^iy nxna^ m^y y3isi niNO mict>i cq^n nyaix na^a 
naianei .^aoc baom zap maano N*h /duo A nnya /Din"- idd nr 'neon 

/ailN DM^N i^N* WrW TOO DN* ^3 /3in3C 

:nipnps duix yvb) .na pjy^ ;nia nna 
,paa i^a nmo Ta D^'a 
:ptai ^xo^ Nii3 oiry* 

1 MS. n^3. 2 Twice in MS. 3 So MS.; DT-"m? 

131 * r&nv ")3D * 

mnsri ,mna iaaja a^bma ,ruB>a'jban maa roiaa mail mpa pa^aa pmn ro^aa 
anixb .inmai inaij max .m^na nmxi nami mbnaa m*ixm nbx .myo tromn 
D'aanbi .nuvsnn nia^b mp .nwmam abcim :yb .nuiaa pbrii BTp .muni ,,, ' , 
Dbcoi miy .^pm/i n:ia can ,pai mina xbiE /pj vxbna in .nira vmbi 
nn .nanyi mran psaa .rmna vnuifa nap .nanxa & mayb naian by npic .'wx 
nanx .niaab \xm pmbi .nia^n mabn 'nan .nianya myi iroiwb ,ma*T3 arrai 
nyn miy .n-oai batpm yna Km: bx run* .newyi nmm na*n .nni^ai no6p 
rnim ti aama ,rnsm npiy pan .mini naam rwa ,nmK nuiy anev .rniaai 
nnv .mnD epaa aia .Kna abiy aaa^b .me* Tim tropin .mine rmajn mm 
pa>K ,rmw nbtpaei pirn ,mmswi ramp nt^bab .nrna miy ana^x .nip 11 profit) 
myi naaiw nain .mnai pa mn ambyi ,mie>a aarrci WKVKxb .mac a^ac inna 
Tva .ambiaj amm namn .anb ]n: ma fl"W nanai anoab ny bnaa mna 
iDir^raa mben apsn .amnaa naai aibci .amnimriKa ribs? inama .anm nts>ya 

sbmropa nbimi mini 
rumen uiabc ibym .anuiabp uab a"amb bmnbK & djtu ,an[/]ro nxiapa warm 
by .anbc namaa bcia rmnb .arrow ma by *anix rrpem .amaiaiKa ^nicc^ n 
.my umiax nbKi .Bmaiam ^yn <aiaua yaaan by .ampin? aaai iran una 
ayfii aya baai ,ama a^an 1b fnai .B"aya bx^aba n bvx nbyi .irnya mn Kim 
nann anea nicy .ln^bvn a^oajai t vtcw tmwv mviai .wan a^aa^ i .a^o" 1 
.b^aba n aci .bxn lb fru jun pi ,inac> mnb n:a a^rai .mia baa pay 
maana nx^a pnnm .na sb vas wid .bsnc 11 iwina pani ,bs am3 ibin 
rwivn nrw bai , s tbto bcicn lrvaa wunsj .ion xb mno A ana bai .iDicai 
mn wn abia byi .nai ba wwai maw a^aci .iaai 3 yi^ Tpa byi .ido ma 
,im , dc , di wrnse ansi .mmnai ^ Tina pam .nam anabi K^aoi k^vioi .iaw 
,nbya pw maab .nb"an nub irp! na^a jp>ni ,vm*b lea: baai .nayb lab baa 
|nva a"no rn d^b> b6w DTit^a .anbi: ib vw a^an a .tpaa jnan 1b mm 
bbanM .a^iyo pic ^a a'wna pm .a^iyya jaynoi a^iaxna mvi mm .maap 
vnam l^omai .lbiar ^atw .inrnn pwm ,ibip nynci inb'an yoen .ib nnyi ,, ' ,, bx 
Kipoa nijnbi .rnina Kiipb .10c naan maa .ice Kip fycm* ii .lb^mn Tm p 

rnjjub imp's .maw mrnya .ma miisaa .minan lnNiu 
nns cnna .bx nay ^n^x nn bwjn i-a bxi^c ma bx^ba ma yya^nK "jki 

So MS. 2 MS. nam. 3 So MS. 

R 2 

: ponv 13D : 130 

.^BSfi 1*133 i^o '3'eni ,wn J, nn inxn -/ten .D*nxa on anpai ,ano it risva itw 
.'ii,t *3x *a ,wnt ta i?ob pi ,*wi ita win wfavi .'aisa own? ifen in*i 
jibik 'aac 103 nnxa v*hm nns ,iidin3 itan 1!? awm .niaon npfon "j!>em 
,5>nib* pxai tmsoa mm ,fa ay nib'npi* 'paan ^x'^a 1 no ruts*n rnittai 

D'oin niataai . anayn niatas mn Kin 3 . tayee* n^co bai xpnsxai vricbKi 
.miet? pya .mm* xnn ic^qj twin itod .D^tOB* pw o^Kyce** nttta .amm-n 

miio mawi hnc .mux dv6x pa 
r&ym .vniax aipn rwi xte .vnnna 122:1 bra k**k .vnnn 133 brooB* 1 Dpi 
"ics nicvyi .main: imrop wk in br*un i niosyi .mamaa atom ioki van 
s^x antyy amo .o^y aan nno npns 1^ nvnh .D'3vi*y B*ipni .niapino jiDD^aa 
nipu"n "nabob .ttaopD nunn itrx .WBrnm D'Dan^ .D'aiayi dWj .Bttoorn 
D'pmnn ni^np? ni'Daa vnh .D'aaaB* nan^* k anyo biiaa enpob pn .o^rni 
b*ydW raw 5w .nmaxi pn* i>y ranauyn on . 3 ttaaB>Dn bawi 'baxh .wavm 
iyD3 .raion xnn wn*n[]i naiaj- x.t mar .ittwan na?B^? ^aa ^oanbi .mtanh 

:hd^d D'nta mimca .nany n^n 
pna .^n trrbt* sbfcv "wa doth* .hnb& nhnai nae ,<hea p*ra ,nx 
maa nhia .nihia nB>iy 'aa ,niir6 kiidi ntwa .robnn y'ax , 108*5 rnbnp lyn 
una^D nva .anxiann VB*yo t?m .n^yax inai n/na .ncoip!? iapin miaa .noons 
. nam baa n*va . naaii nyi bbn . amn nn? ny nyb . Dn^oa vnu^a "jm . on 
.d^dsn 5aa nKin .D-D^ai D^nsio )*oini .naiyi ny ba naw .naiyo ^s min 
nipnvi mar ,w "a^ ynr^ .mom wdtti ">3i .o^oicy vaa^ "lsy* .ccyn pea 4 rui 
na"n naa^n .npi^i mvo o^vni .nnayi Dyro B D3K*n .rny n^a^ meon .imcn 
va'-y "Wib .a^anaa train npinon .D^aao mp bds'b ,irwa yno "do^o .nvn* 
n> .D^av icy nyaea .a^i-xa n^isa aw .D^aiToa D^a^ai apa-D .D^aoxaa 
ea^a .na^'i Din nsna^pi ,-iayna jnnai oy^ .o^iaa iyo op^mni ,Di>KyDB" i^d 
isnf' .npivai pnna nt^arn .nprna jnxn yrb .naa nKnna3ii> jnxai .laytan p 
niivD ,apoy I'y^i o"3Dn .a^pne pic nnn , 7 npais6 on^m Deaa npua .o^an 
onf> n^ra . o^enn' may a .D'omb [i]^ya jna .o^pix p 3*in bz .o^poi nrui 
caaiaa ">aD .naiana an^a nxn .nana ^q npD .n-aionpn max mar .tmariDn 
;wa tfiwn levy .vodx rra ">doi .vnan iy i^y .naaunni? nicana jnv .nrana 

1 Marg. W XD. 2 So IMS.; jnjDH or 133cn from 1^33 ? 3 So MS. 

4 So MS. 5 MS. Qaon. 6 MS. a^O? 7 Or np3C^. 

129 * POTTO USD * 

d'oin nataoi .anva mafoa wbvrn ,wirra%a ibvn lha new .-mi&ra rwsa 
T^on ix^a i^n .ntnyi lapini ff&peoi . taken* ny kana* p kaai .ti^vu anx ny 

:a"aayi *ja rnatak ta*D\n nan naa ^>y a^aisn on Mfrn .mm 
bm&* n T3 win DW 133 ns T^em .13 na nt^N vkn hn n^n 'npe&M 
T^on n*i .mom }*aiN3 niatan anaki .mnne^i mry^ nsrab ik nvnb .can 
rnrurn tnfaa .nmanai Bpva vd* ba wn ,vnnn U3 ltai .ywun ay aae*) 
"jkak .a'oiaa anxo nas^a by i^n .trashm wn wi^a nd3 by W3Ka *m 
nnaa v^y av baai .tfuiv bsib6 annai awi nan bwcka "i by .dwkd m 
m\ rannn ^d .Taan bwaba nh ,-iyia an Tm .njna aa wan "jbom ,d*3Hs6b 
,wa W3M b ay .wb>w wn kwtaka "i wr .tank m^ no an^a wwai ,Yao 
l^en ik ;na ton ,vmh iDinak .in^mh vrw6 .innate bai majn vamw 

: wanaa 
.anayn ^ ujn .wno pao kwoka i .nrnon e*N *ii>n nax .nmana W T^om 
.fjvan nra ba .nrrovk w*a aai vaniN ay .nnpe6 icraa wr .anaiy ixna ipn 
ikon tank nawi .vaaaki mk Nip*i .w&kvk wnpk ikan nk&i ,|na b ikon ncN 
npm Toran kwtaka i wn ."aak rrwon fprn aiaiai^a *aa k*apai /]ka anw mn 
fei .naana nsyy "]ham ,ws Tkw Vam wstp kai .waanoa aa*n ,3*ya naaan 
kakak .now m*n i^n ^a .nanoa nn*n bwvbz n rwwr *a ,nnya nn*n n^yon 
an>aai >vxw phib ."now nen aion ^a ^aaa .noisy na*n i5 mtnnb nann 
1^ s6b> nrai .anpno ^wa^a n hita .anpi ihn i^m .naim p^pi n^"ia 3 aniayn^ 
,N2 vaa^ bw^a ni .naanan jo n^an tpi .i^nsa ^on y^anc ny ,& r:r\b anx 
.mib an 12^1 .rnn 11 arrw oSm .rn^a imw .ipcaai laaaa n*m .ip^n ana ipa-m 
ipncn .a^ainm ania^n dt3 inp^ .a^ainam a"pncon iwai .anayaa nay ahai 
arn niaa nyi npuna .ancia -n^y ^aaa a^n^vai sjma .annsn a^oi aaiya an^aab 
.onxoij iS a^i i^an aD^i .a^ninxb tan maaa aiyn ny ny ,a*nm nnx^ 
n^i .^a^xa DiTfi avn iniKai .trannvDm a^isn iabai .a^aaitrn aa la^nanai 
jnsi wn im .vnsy caa ^soi mian .vnan nwe> -jna ,ahy^ nyn v^y nanb 

:ioipa A ina -jm ,W3 
annx a^saia ntr^ nam nm .nwn [l^an ay] ^N^a^a i wf^ nnx ^a nm 
.a^a n^B> an .a^^'nn ttaaian btvubz i nawi .ibdn 5 anaa nnx nyeoi .isaxa 


MS. nyanw. 2 MS. naiy. 3 MS. aniyan^. 4 MS. nab:. 5 MS. aana. 

[IT. 6.] R 

: PDITP T9D : 128 

nrsDn naarm .rwcn *jb i>y onyD mini .nDTin rue crr^y n^Bfli .tocw pym 
o^a Dai .wia-nai n^dd-n^ nrsD.i T"hn OK>n mai .ncinn ^pr^ya d^sh rrrt 
jruHEn ""D^jDNn ma*B> nriNi ,K3ip3N w ny mrix^ mnnni ,K3HMBDlp 
o^aswri nym .omnni d^jdh muno .d-ibd onso *3p? in^i Dnvo "jfe n^i 
.o^min ^o nyo^N .emvmi o^an o^tr .b^imo unm T3 .onaaai nwnn 
.D^ionp o^cn by oncnya ma3i ,-jnDana ncrta -\m .ymvrbv prm .Tnma3 ujb> 
^31 ,wib> nvya .i3^>y i^o rvnrn .13^>k r6y nny ^d^id nia^ca ,DJW>m i\-ib> 

:wata nnsi -pay i:mw .ij^nx ^n: 
pin *a .iw no ny"6 .10233 nvyai .Nain nb iwo^a -ii .rnproa was tn 
rvai Q^nx t6i .nwiroi ona "pin baa pi .npim rm pxi nani .npim rm*n 
.onjn ona a^im ,wb rvai o^pue> fp*m .nun ntryi nth bwv 1 ?* i najn .nuta 

.nwHono o^an tf^f6'p* 3n "fc* 1 ^ 31 nu:i *FW nB ' 31 QH3 ^ D ' 01 Dn ^ Dn3 ww 
bai .d^o nvbw d'hvde pirn .tybntcm nunon iyapi .o^nani on^ni *]tan rby\ 
oyn r6n ^ai varum co^trni .mrbya ninam Danism .rrana itw onso "jnc 
nanynn ya nph .oyatpn Dm pinai ,mnN dbn 1!? unn^i vaab ixiao .mna 
noBn .m^uom niomn "pyi .ni^nn nxpc oy onxoa ta^a n 03331 .oyn yxpD 
bai "tins on m^ ,, ^i o^ iidb& Dnoip ipani t tvbam\ maten rvai nvicn 
ohai ,l^ ixa Dyn bai umwi i*ap3i .i^n ba Dy ibon D333 p nnsi .niSa: 
loan .liniai imsani inia^o xoa by ,iJana aw nvnn ^n ni>jn ,ib lya-^'i n3B 
:ib>bj niK ^33 aj:n ni3^oa -\bu\ .icN^a nia^o inai o-airn ira 
.miann ^a vjab noyi 101^1 ,mina Nnpb ^ej^b i ,vr\p: s BniBan ova nm 
.DnWfl D^acni o^opni onyani .B^prm nninan .mica ffawn D^aom o^oanni 
DNi . 3 o^ainn ny*i .D^aon ia^ ,on^i3^ icni .dh^n py^ nc .onoiy vn ^npn ba 
.m^nn ^n^s^ an: .wnp o^t^n^ nnxb .ac>nnD *rya ps* a ,aw aie |*K 
"^ax^ sj^ki .D'oanbi nant^n wrb f\ba .D^ioai Dn^^c* aio ,nnm cs^s* n^cn 
pi^>ki ,DwaKl?i D3y^ mi>inpn ks ^ni .oyiton na^ ^aa^ pj^ni .D^hyn n*a 
W? .DHpD rnm mvoa DSyi> *a .onpm d^l-h ipaai ,otd ni3p^ mmn maa^ 
on^tn .onna on^ jnai .omai d-did s a3n s^ani ,rwrt naio -pits ,mp isprv 
.DifanK iwts^B "i niva .d;tt3 o^ainrn vAvn .nranon D'a^nn ,nn*w Dy 
ihvrw* ni^np "tyb) pnt ^ax^i nvDiah n\a*^ .^d^b i nwoa mp^m 

1 So MS. 2 This word is on the margin. 3 Marg. D^Dpn 'lb N^ai 103 'B. 

^sb bz: .unua VT ^y D'on nnxi .wan *-p i?y oon ?nai .i3Wp) i>sDn joan 
nm .mnpa we ntnoi .nbnbn uwiki .n^naa Dp wm ,wa!> abon topi .vban 
nob *an^ idni .pnx dp Dnoiyn ^>a aah .pnp ih^ voa iwaba ni .roip wa 
-py pNi /ax *rwn Wn idqh *a ,nwi mbpn i^> my ,my "pipeo ^>naai .nbnaa 
w d^pdjipd am ^aa .dwin itao iW tn .mapap ^qdhi pjvpn ta .mum 
l m, n 1311k ii? avn .^nx maa D^penpio anj "6aa ,'anpDn n^pn najn ^D^ima 
Dni> px .nip' 1 px bp o^anp ,dw3 am ^ao onp 1 ' .D^aai ^ ^ap .Dorian 
nrpsnp D^an nicai . piDn ^a Dmx oypno . pnap Dr6 dx am ^ai . nmapa mpn 
jta b$ ,in^p maaa nxr b nnxi .Dnapa itan wn maa .nny waa napap 

:ini>p ipx dhx 
.nx^xa m^i D\n may^> .mppmiK i?no mm W birota |a !>xaan ni 
onoy ia^in .iDavnxai nxaa .itataa tynm&n .m^pm n^an n>isa nmp nypap 
i>N3jn n nbyi .DmaiDB Dy l^xn .oni>p law Dnmx pool .Dmna ^tataoo 
,na*an we xivd^> .rwnn pp-a itan nxo .naiayi moi .natiK paaai .waapDipb 
,wa 'bebaao nx*p dpd i?aai ,ini>PBD nirma i?aa na& .iniafo omn b nipy^ 
nnx ita -mo dp xydi .nanon nxa^ nmi omnn ^pi .inprnai mipna nvnb 
nxa naan a*i wn .D^pia^o onp oman D^yoi .cpa naa ^pam .nap 11 xipo 
i mm pp .mTi^a on i^ np^noi imn jd d^jh p ^sjon .myaa \b d^jjiq 
,wh Nniabon wh wnian mn ^ax .mioNa Nin p Dn^ a^n Kini .m^m nxiina 
.Nipom D"^yn ib uroi .l^y iy^ai .onn ^ "jtan !> .Dmnn Dy anan mm 
n^ dp ap^i .mn injop^ bnpn bi ,*im ia3 ,, a' , ra nyi .ntrisa nspan onb mjm 
nns^co stow n na nop -inDN nps dpd npbi .n^y ina^p' 1 yap p l nnNi ,noen 
ma^> ,wi31dni non nar ."inborn vm inraaj .main nT'oa nDn ^a nun) ,wn n 
nnt pp .inmn ipo nV onn ns> ^a inmaya ipn .mhac nws i>Naan m mosp n 
i?Nitap n .imapra D^ian D^a i^nam .inmy ^m^h .inyiP^ "d^d^ 1 a-onb .injiDs* 
.ntrpnasa ^xaan n Dy nbv nnon .rnom n^hafii mar m .wwni ima imaa 
non n^N n^: dpi ,mjjn nsispa xa ^nicp m .ns^oa inins p ^n ,, d^2 n ^'n* 
^d^dn np nN?a ^n'-d^d ni? ipn .nmon Dy pN^issi map n i^y p nnN ,nnaNai>N 
*]^ai dp npya nN ,,, i .Dnana na^aon o^i^ap Dy iDaaa .onyan anj^a Dm .nmijp 
wi>pm .nono pip ov imarni ianai .n^n na ns^pnax nno ba nnai .n^naa 
[x]Dnn Dmi .noian wi> rwi ^a^ .ncvya iaa innrn tprbph now ,HDn ""D "iina anan 

1 So MS. 

: fDnV "I3D : 126 

mrb&ni .napnata i^on nwm .nt&pa^a itei nnx aaian .*an wnh hna 
yat^a njraan .una ^1 my3o "vem .iptw !B*n i>yi .ip:rn "vo .ntrobaa i^on 
/niata bn btnoi .wa i>y n\-in nnx .thokd www ,TOT P on tow .iayo5> 

ra6pDta "wra ,d*hwi -6 intai .njnwn njwn nyoiw .nyat? a^o* nt6n i6 nyi 
pa ^nrvwm rbvaon bpi .rnnoai prm Nian nnw .rrwswi new yn .ann 
m .an^y ita .an^x *nyi ,Ymaa wi ba ay .wwtoa Basai .rm^n pp 
w^wn .po^ bi S>kob6 n!> msyo noa ah) ,poo n^n Swoba i nanai ,pwn 
sinrw nwyi .vnv& n*r] aim .inbcoo ^am .imsta i>yi .iivaa 
atn ,n^y loy Swo^a ni .ntf^pD taio n^an vnxi .ntfpnaxa n^y p nnw 

:"in manon S>33 lyotyi ,*i^ "upd n*n ^ .n^yo^ nSy iotfl .nbynai ">aa 
.pa^aaoa xa rvfowti .anpi> nnaoa n^pnax i^d wa .dhn "jta nta ma 
nriN ib nay .n^aaa jnao w .n^on no Tpa *o ^kb^i .aw awne> 103 
1$>oro .raano nxv i^on pro ,inx ^33 bwn Nim .tfaom tfwon ton -nn* .my 
.lmensi wn pro as* o .inxnp^ n3^i .lno!? aaa^ ii ,tfiw6 hs* bn px 
.ranon no t^n ant: ,nayi anwi .inyn nmnai inia^o .vnvwai vmya .invisaa wm 
jten ^n wy ronnx ^ nwn ayi .nan *an!>e> ncx an ^ .Na^aaBipi? n^ysi 
.-^on -rana nwi nrai .wnin 1? ntpyon bi .iy s an anann ^^o^a n ^:sh .^31^ 
ncya nnen .&apni> ^3 wa ans .i^nx yoj aipmi .^^ s b v!>k nNPOi nnns 
imo^ -ittf ^31^ ,ffomi> n^no ^'pn^ ,a^oisW3 3^ nnxi .a^oyt3i [inna t|Vp3 . 2 b , o> 
rbw mi .^1^03 2:^ ntjw .^3B3 h T(r\yn i^NO .^ ^nof piym y^am .ibni 
,mni m^ai .ison vaa^ nj>^tyn av3 wi ,Ki30 wb^j avn mw3 lyaw ,teab v^k 
.'D'oob anw mp* W3N3 .a^o^3 31-11 n^nxi ipDio3 .a^oivy nianoa .ws^ai )Hai 
aipo njn .i^n ny^ nnso ,ii> ncy bna nu^i ,ao*yam anionn nia^o o*an3i 
,po*BDni ^o viaaai w nyhnai .a^oban bs p^n .pn^oi |n^ , ia33 .i^so n-nya 
nyv an^yi .nsnn ibn ^a fvrwn bv\ .D^wsnpo n*an nwpi nmn ypip "no* 
.at^ 1 ? anr Kvmp nvo iovyh ,aw na^aoa ^N^a^a n wn twoi .na^na ma^na 
.initio pxoi wnacooi iDirroi .anayn nnino ^nci .anana icy aaaai atri 
pn"pa .nai an* 1 n^oab a^o wanb nw .nwiai mainv ,nia\an nm^n ovrn 
.mhk WS3 nt^y i3ym ,rr nbnaa nn^ .nats^ mv nnaai .n&trt nrQtb& ^aai 

1 MS. rmom. J MS. Dj marg. ^a B'OV 3 So MS. 

125 * rDHV 13D : 

ni .onio^a D^ion -pm "pa' * .onoiy not? *jtn3 &>>nh no^o rwpnw rwa 
co^ w ,mD "6 mu rnayn no^>on miwi'i .mice' rowi iWn narrm yot? wtitok 
hb^h jo ,ncm nitry^ myn lnyui .nnn nnNO nntrm b*k n*?Ni ,nann jon B*m 
.ina^* nyn Nin .d'to^ti notan nts>o n on 'a .ony npt*b invoj n^i .nennb rrvpro 
nbi .n-nnn nnwxa 'JB> ny b** .nnnoa ib my 'won "Hi .nu nnN bn pw 
.toot na^no ^ a^m ,TOiy? n^y mina .lonnm jti-6 nix Nim .ioy nnN ny nvoj 
:ns3B? "i^ni yDJ ots>oi .nNiap mo ny ai ,\rb*w ntaai .mnn ^nnNoi 
rtn vb\ ."jm tobi ja ^N'nayh .top ^N k n3yi fa rm joy ^n spro 'won ni 
i vn to> ba po'p up .n\n naanon naD irvaa "pna to*3i ."pny vmasa nnina 
nniNni napn Dvm .nap inaNi*o ^>ao ba lap .nap aiya nnN ov Pirn .pitosp 
nmncn tern .nnoy nnx nPNi .pi*"ini? naanon naD *oai> .p'^no njnp nvi n!>i .napn 
yeb "an np"6nn .nmna Nnn an obiynoi .iTTQK nwi Dnn naDo .nn\) wvn 
n\n DBn .canno oyo nKtwi .0*3*1 nsaoa inio'1 .nnn nnapoa P|tn .nninn 
.iypp^> nhxsn bw .top n3N ^aai naD.n npb) .pani n'an npyon .pao nnN iyfff 
nap DTn .no^ ^an "pbpn ivwti .nnrnn wvn nnN ^o my*-pa .nninx!? dj tm 
xbv .naaji *-y-u rui ,r\2m nn3 nan .nnvyj neaom ,mun n!jo3 n^oi .noipo i?N 

:n3 nnx on *a p ii" nn ^1 ,n3'^03 pDiy rwn 
.^Nj^n n TOen p Thn btwa^ra ni .^nto^o lotri p n\n !?Njjn n'3 rmon nh 
0*33133 ^s'oi's n loan p n^ni .nxn* nxo N*n A n .nx'Da notii nnx nai 

:panf* jnv 
.ns^o'x mayi .on*!?y o*'p 2 nyo^Ni .on^^na inv* D'Wo^ni ,onn dto'3 *nn 
ba rcwrn .n^y mivn .n'^ia nvpa n^N nnx ny N3i ,nnabp pxn ba lDnm 
ny annni ,nyp3in n*ym .nivy^* runon ^jxa na nn sin .mxoa n'yn Niani ,n^n 
.nTOSB> n nna^'oo W o''pni .n^a^a ia'hn ons^m can mm .nyjj -^ajn 
^nto^s n by non non DVT^Mm .r^ya conn^? Din: ^1 .nQ^ DN'ani on^N n^en 
:i^ nnB>b v:sb moy^ ,j^na 10'yi .^rwa whni .itjj pyo 3 pna wn*i .may 
.o*pn aaia rum .iNni 10'ani o'aaias ouni? .inv bN*oba ni o''p"" nnx nb^ai 
Tiyoi'K 1W1 ,nnvhw ni nn nr on a .oniN nyb nn*a xbi .nyb o*3aia rwhsn 
nwHD b^b* on rasaatan o k% pn n^y .njitrsn noxn win a^n Nini .waa wrnvi no 
n3n *a .*3inN p n^ ^nto^b n my ,ro*+& n*ny 'jnb' nai TOjnniNi loano 

MS. niNOl. 2 MS. nyo bw. So MS. 

: \W(V -)3D : 124 

ivw ypm ->nx px ,u^n "potw avi b ianx ypn lai&rn ,ia^y -nxo umn vr 
ny^pni ,mi3ai ro x^a nvi Kim .ypn lai^ni noyi .ypn^> v^y imnntani .la-ains 
.jo>d 31B rw a3 aai> ,pivn vi?y u*n .pisn on!? nayi .rrwa xa x^ isitrn 
bai .intava by satw ,wa i>K -j^ni .irny nDaao xM .join e^nna *aiy3 ny *a 
"nrnanb -j^n *ac .an!? ids pi .arr^x -vrnn wa mm .vnn nansa Da3a .mnx ^npn 
nc&> .a^ainx ntJ^ts* aa .o^an a^aa aaymxi ,msnpn niax^> n-na^ .onyn ppi> 
,tido ni3n a*6e va ."hdx bpk 5>p mxtataa ,iaij) "aa^ inani ,-ainni Tiran S ^D3 
.iy^ rmw njnn iao .icy pa moyh ^oa nxip^ iW .ux> nwas " ^x p6w 
na bnn wai .ny^m avn ianai .wbji vxvxsi itrnitn .iynr atrv ijdc man? 
a?o p&> .nyan anan p p**ren nai ai> .njnn vi&w ^Da no -a ,njm3n 
aw D^ania 1 ) .nana anaa nx33 &rb&n ^on moHW .aanaea dw xa"aaoDip 
,nn*a x3hdi ,na^ nro "s^ .m? nix^aa nc^iy ina .nyao no itan i^x .ny.-n 
.*ama ^a *aa anxi /oipD ta "j^xi /oy ^>x sjdw *a*n :niaa at? *pai idb> "pa 
jcaa *p*re invnna ,n*n "U2>x nvw xin .rvnci nnoni . ] B3y w ."""aijan* bnp bz 

jnns -mi 
?a .maai ano Ta pDyi ,iwn x^>3 a\-^x nay "kpn ,n&ap n nin nnx w 

:iw iaa? baai .nxra bai l^aa 5>33 .nayi *< nx anx .^v na bi ,n3iyf> in * 
^ni'Ni ,nw *piriD nca xb) ,D*yam p3T ra ^ama ,D*jn iaa n*DN i dp vinx 
vax ms pB> ,imwi) i>x ma nianb .miian oan ay .ina^ ppm .inry3 rwi vax 
an^ann .amaa m* x^ ,mrc>3 nanabi .monn a^n^ .inn^ ya^ nnx ai* .inxnva 
nninn 2 pxi ( BVQBm a^anni .a^aain ay .pan BTiDm .pap njram .a^TD^nni 
icaa pnnn ^yi .m^xi " niroai .vniax nnnas vniTD wi .nanxi nami .nany^ 
'.nnwn nn^n ia ntrx .ntyinn ^y wifn d* ^a .no>naa na3 TOTn .nciay 
paDi aan ,jd3n nnx nra avn imxi .nvinn in^nah \cnsb ,8W nnx av pwd 
nia3^ i">3ip^ ns^ .mymi^ ao s y mean no ^x .rnyn -apr v^x irbv\ . nxi^a 
^n 'axi .ixs nyno anx annx nta xini .miynn "tixa 1133 )b mcyh .mBDh 
myn bai .nnnD nw*p iny jaipxi .nrojwi *iy a3oy xi3xi ."ixnn nrx ny aanx 
n*DM ni ,W33ipi mix 133 bnpn bzi .maaipi? "ibd ?2n nDR ni .inn3ip^ ix^ 
^x xaD3x s x .nanpi? ^nnns? .nann n^'Xi xn in .imnya nc^tr na^ps iidd 
i vnx noiy n*n tm ,n^3 pip" p*^ '^ .ni^n ioo rwp V& *& ,D n ^ a 

1 On the margin. : Marg. 3D pxi . 

123 ' Vonv -)DD * 

by tap fivb ,w nmna .aw jaiab .B'jnw ma .B^pnt? pitpb .a^pix novb 

tanaswi by maai .a^an 
nb^aab d^i .nasba ib nwvb .may ins pibna naabi .svit noon ja inai 
.anna Dbynnb .a^arm nyn nb iyam .a^ai www ram a'am .rtaavb tp 
,nwp mbtf nam .naaab maai .nannb mbbpa .intPKb ac insi .in^an a^btrm nay 
nvnb .nb iyan ann nyi .na'-an nbia nth .nan nav "b b .mcpnb vnax nnyi 
nb nb nmaai /nyaty -jbipb *jni .nbxx nvnb iaa rrnanb rbw ^nsi .nbyab nitty 
naaan bs ,wiwa waa npaa /may man *Tnai .^man tnpaa amam ,<ntttB 
,*nansi wn ^aim a'am .mnoa p vbx nihi .sip vn bxaan nb .wra bbannb 
lb rain ny .rmay aina bsaan ni .Tinb ib nnix aiia *a ,*na ns nnb -pa mianb 
.mnan ib ina trrpi .nby anay uvabi .nbvipn ba \&i .nb^ann xcrfywms .rmrmvn 
jvpkib Taa }HN wn a^a wn .nbbaian nban *n "nax T n*BBP n "nx bsaan n p 
: nban ay jnnn nrva arras? uwnstt .rfobanb nnai ma'jn wi "waa .ntapa rrnns 
.a^aina pre tanan rrnn .an^ya mTB baa "DTa "l .a^a Na jpr n^aac t 
baan m .trofa? itreaa jam awi .avoni pan laD^n ja .answy a^aaaa lbna "reiya 
niina .a^ayaia aia^na a^am B^nK ,d*bp abiyb " ntfva "maim biua Bay 
Tim iin ,a^o[o]no aabab nnxam ny .an^pa nanxa bs ^pin ,n^vb a^Diy naai 
ijnia .ansisym ny a^ania trwb .a^o^nao aund? nnayi ina^ Tai .a^osyo aapb 
.tnrayiin inona taaip iD^ni .a^owya laa }a-inni ni^an .ona^avDi a^anyo n^ann 
idw piai ,a"Dinn iypaa inyna -\mi .a^aan ansob waTn lpyn .a^onn ^y anrn w ba 
law mna a ,, om vbnb wpa naian .a^n^nb intact a^ixn nyn baoi? .a^a-i nnna 
b*sm . awn "iayn may x,b mnan . a^oi i?a by a-6 ipxnw anpyxa . a s nynh ^asnb 
maana .a^abxi a^nn ny-ona .a^amtn a^aai 'nviaai weo .awan i^Jnnina vnay 
orrMiw .a^ay-i hpa aT-a^N by o*jnm .a^ab^'i afoaa rwrmwio .wsidi anvy 
mina nvnb .a^arn bnaa at^aa iwn .tpepn t-b vt^t- ab^ai .a^ayra 4 a^yrnb amaTim 
pya n^s .a^aoNi niiviNa a H Binni anaan .a^a^ai a^BD m annnb .a^aim a^pDiy 
.a^ain 11 *aw niaabx pnb .a^aib^'a inT-rf ta^m .a^am^aa anDat .a^aianpi a^^ 
iB^annKi a^awNib .a^ana *a ana^ .D3wmn aia aya .a^aana ann maut? an 
Tiaa maya .lavya sin nswri yipnb 5 naiana pan meat? "a"> Kin naswi wn avai 
.lay iis lagans /ta^aa inpn ba ib iK'nbi .^aa fonn jo .mbb avn imw ,iaya 

1 MS. ^naDn. 2 MS. a^amai. 3 MS. nvna^ai. 4 MS. a^yanb. 5 So MS. 

Q 2 

: roriV -)3D : 12 2 

mhsfc lb ^ ntDNi .ntrrp Dmjai> mai .ns^ta ony warn -]bn Tirana na^> ax 
xh *n n^> .rc^a anioxn maai ,wnb *\bn bwi nnxi ,ms wn xi> dwidp .tixo 
nuni .rmxon ^a by ib naan .vnwiy "b bino* D-nbxni ,itm mnbxn ^a .nnx no 

nwwKa ww 
bip yon ,mn nb^b nytwi nmxi ,mmpn airna .m&5B> n naiy mn nnx aye 
nnxn ,msD nmanb .mano new yocn .mna bya mnB> .imoy nnx maa ,nbb* 
nma nxi "oxi .imbapi nb^n np viinx .mnxn nee bs? nmjnb .mow nbyobt? 
.mrno nbvi npbi ,mb "jbn aixnai .mbiho awpm .mnanb prxn xim .imbaw 
nb\m .anan? nb^ba n^x ,b*"W vn ax *a .tnsttMn nua vn xb .own amxi 
,nWn ba 10x1 raxi , vitro nnna inji .inis imam .mtrxb intom .imab mbin 
.innapi nnapn maa .ima^bin npaai .imix nno npyrai .mux nbb^i .maaa lnmt 
.Dromon jn:oa .amxnb ambx *]bn moa;y m .amab lbyi mnapno aaiE>a mm 
yja n? ""Xi ,ib mn 'bn no .ano'ao abxty .annan iinoi .menu a-hax n^x 
by liaatpi uabm .uoy bax |nbe>n bxi ,iwa ac anyn ny .wans ib uyi .lbma 
naaai .ubb^ \-m nai .upyv nb*bn bai .waina no muxvo .wnawa ujppnai ,irntro 
rmh .ambx nay tx .vmax bxx .vmnapa imx wapi uabn npaai .uaip nrp 
inx nt?x rapa .anx awbin .oananb yoic ^yx .aab noix ^x p .amnwaa 
mrya o^'i ni .ux'-ax Dan^a ^xi .i:niy xin o*nai .ij^x napn oa^a a .omap 
ncx .no*^ xoxoo nx a ixi'o xh ,no^ it^s^ni napn i?x tt^m .wans na^ ^x 
.unb ns"D ynw n^'x ntryon bai .nnoy atJ> in^a ^x n^osc ni .noy ci^oxdo nan 
:a^o rmm .a^'po DHin^n i^xi? .T-cpo ni^sn^ n2t> ijn:i .aw Dn^ n^ni 
mm .no^ xnpa nx^Dsi .no^yji xm nx: ,nw nn^n nxo ,mt3B ^^ nnn na 
^o ba^ .mwta mnn nn^n x^ noxi .raiwb nsn n^nx nvn ,na*nai nanxn .naano 
ncx Tia .nnox n^ai rrnana moixi .nn-'ca m^^-o nox ,rmp)bb rhw mw 
maxa mn 11 nxi ,mnnn n^x^x x^ .x^-o 1 ' x^ inioa dx .nnn xna: maw .nawn 
.nmom n^pa .xno:3i n^ma .xna^Di na^oai .nnnoai nabna .xnpom nrj-on .nmna 
nsma .nivoai mpina .n^ooi ^'oixa .nhnaai nts^ya .nonyai nyna .noarai waa 

:naio nYo bz mmen .mayi 
mnacnn ,bbKb " nmaa .^snn!? i3n:oa .bbrb noy mtDSK' n ,W nnxa mm 
bxa ,p"i mora .pnnnb ^x ^ab .pnb m^nn .^a^ nimssn mernp .bW nrwi 
inmaji .pa: ixDa nxnp^ .pah pnnn^ .many aai^ .many nrvtso .p^nnb n 
.D^pim mvoa .mhara imxani? .D^ihna mni> .pyoa -\i b*6 ,pyj6i noah .paoa 

121 : pom* "I3D * 

ya\w *3B .npyra py* mm .nnmm nxa naatai .nrrasn nyp xwrm n^nam natwi 

pi ,oa*an npyv poi&*n .o-aina nnb n^ni .nnaNi .T^aa .nnvnni nnoa .npyx 

nnbnin \nbx *3B .inb^BnanDN 
pnra Nb a .Tin^nD mnba -paab .obya ab tdd nnn ba .nbiyn ba by jhk b 
.Ti^an Tasb xa ban ."n^nn vibx nnyi .w^y 'naatrai /nwi vibanDai .w^y 
/mm n^na ^ni .TiKttn py xa nb>i .Tiaa^ by Dnani /nyiBn sibx .Tinryb n&ipi 
rrrcaa ytra by nnyi /payo cpn bx "pom ,*p* ^yo naxn bm /mo aie "no a 
jnm wb* bapi ."aianm *nVan rwrnm .n/non bnua ^ a nbDi /pom Tom 
,aw> nyna TNBam , T:yb w yDBi /wri tbbi Titian npyvi ."ayo 

:owip niDa T*nym 
.nnxna Nb mrwi n^bn ly .rw&ooa nobya naabm .nib'ana ptn ,nib\nn awi 
nbionB* /moa yni^ nna ib nom .vaion ba pyb ixnp poanm .vaan bapb ibn npaai 
/nrnm nom ,vua\n pi /na^n nan /nara N*b am /m^ao paBTiai /naypa pwi 
,dwb3 van yab .a^yuyaa Nonno pa .^aipa xtann nnm .'nnaynb bav *d bas 
.one nns man xb innbi .Dmbybi n^ayb nana wm .cainr mma b6b ib jnai 
,msD nay bnmn ,inron bab mnim na^ lanai .nn* 1 nyiai vamm vn lva^pi 
:mnw jao ioyb nbDi .nnryb 2 Dnb mn ny baai .mwb n^ama Dmyim 
panai .ianya bB>aB> l^amo /nana nbyrob n*p nt?N ,ww npyon nanx 
jionm ,pp hnfyy n^yn ib>i .npyvn bipb iKy nyn ba .np s anb Nvai .ian iDaa 
nnnso t^sn .na^Nnb la^naiosa ai^ni ,nnDnn }o xvn dk \b idi ,}>Da vbyo 
npn nnxi .'wanb laicnsbi iN^a tdi .i^sa ?y Dn n .iwn )b n^a Nini ,naiB*D 
T^nnpb o^nDon toi .T-nnry ^as lb anwn .onayn nainsa paa vuksdi .Dnain nx 
O^idki D^yn .oniD^a tidk 'ax , 3 nnyab yooi .nnara ba nni .Tnbvn mon }oi 
pi .vby ibk vt- ywi .inianb ninraw oia^nai .mipbnb ^nnn .omajn o^two 
innBD ,wy Kt?a bx bx .toy mrr' nnsi .ma^y 4 no^i iob> nniDNn nnai .vbrb rwy 
nt6v ny .novya nayi .ibt^D tfao Nin .ib .th b dsi .i^vn wao dv baa .lbaxoi 
.baxoi nnt^io lb Nnn .QnsanD la A ny niaiiyty .onisnn nv anyai .no^on naB* ib 
.n3:nx ib a ony Nam -jb ib ioni .na^p nns na ib rvm .bax ioy mrwi Nini 
ana wn .lyoB" 1 TnnsB'o dn .oraibyn jd nnx yw .Dnitmn jd ww nnx ib nay 
<a ,nnBB>o ^aab xbi /nua man onxb pNi ,waa b^iD bx px nay mm .lynp" 1 

1 So MS. 2 MS. nab. 3 So MS. 4 MS. no^yi. 

[II. 6.] Q 

: VDT1V 13D : I 20 

bxaan iw npyon jo .niyya ntrx nx iyr Kb am ,ioan Kb Dani>N nt< ,ipyn p 
by aw vim itttoi ,vmtr& Drvnx bs tabm .Dnsipb kv .Drvab Dyanai ,rwy 
nt^ycn b tyospi ,ojw d^n uwb nnnK> dvhdi .tfjnv wi xb pwyon joi .intra 
b3in nnw .invnnb ma: pan .inoiyb ipyr dtww bin ."hoi nbh hpa 1231 .1133 
Ts 'b jn vnx bx -ioni paxai .npyrai nvvnoai na*aa bwan n -jbn tni .mnanb 
e)bpa 3imn wm >w iaie6 nnn it Kim .npnwa inppai tod nna noni .npwaKi 
naiapnbi msyb at? n%rr\ ,iobia baa noon bx ,iyo npba Dts>nts> to ,dp twnn 

jnana new twitan bx nabn roam 
nwrpn nwa njiw .mwi Tanb "wk npyon |o .m nspyo ->qdni *" pniNi 
wsnm .n*bab ivy iron* .n^oap >nx baaan "ib .K^aioan snpan '[ ]n paaa 
.rwn nac 10^ jn*b ,mnw *pixo wa pa*ni ,pr*baKO wan -ii^bi .n^by nn nnrnb 

rmibbn ny b33 iaab noibi 
new .maia^nn bx ma aroi .noxa ataman .onan ^pDy3 fioann ibac ins av 
.naabn jo ibxa> .tnpb tmm bvnw .trim pm ">nob ovn miNai .niaisn nnbioa 
vbw nvpn poanm .nyoi aa^n .nypn ^sb lb awi Kim .nawtn turn niyc n^33 
3^n Kb bxaan t .naiatpna *pa nnx pK .naabn naio nna naa ax now .nayua 
.men kh31 .pam at^n "133 nbion ,pao rwi fioanni .nbia Kin -ick nyro ,nbion 
aK .'aioan ^NJ3n ."woawi ii? njyi .myicn pi^m .imry3 rvn "bib .vrmea nah 
.jmw ^pwai .inaieNo nvi ,at^a ^sd3 ,a^b 3vj'i ,*atsn ncyn .'auvra i^icn 
H^ 3 |nNi .^aisn xbott .laiavna Nin dn*i /niyo ^anai .^naiosa }DNm .-jh^ naien 
"pK dni .many *n*ajnr mxo &b& s ot .pno ^ ndsh ova xn .|pmo ^did 
.OiTao nv "ib>n ^>3 opi> .dh^^ tPttann ^3^1 .VTiwti D^oin npn did3 j'an 
,nW nWn wxa \vmn msn .an^y ^on iiwi *as^ .wrawn D^Dvjvn aaa 
ni .nnnnn nnK"i p!>m .nmbio y:n .nnyt? p3^ .n^naon ^yi ncinn by msm 
.13^ as ,, i .in3vp3 d3de> .wiya nvoi .imvoa n^in nynp ,wa^ i3vj'3 bwan 
.naBn 5 mry bx .iaio 5>w ^ 5>k enrvi^ .133^ pam .13 pnnu ab nocai .ttipa dci 
.innate bah vnb lbm .imbyni? ma inai^oi .vnmrib vmsbsa .nawmm nhnnop 
hpa yw 'hx .Dna^nn ib6 ^ "Jsb .mis yi-s^ raven fo .imv oni? id^di 
K^sn n^N .vnsio n>nn onsoaa .vnwxai rniDoa .vnwbea ^33 ne'jn .onpyv 
ib "ob .nbyob naw nw .nby wa b>n">3 wm .nhbn ai "jisfwa .vnuxb new 

1 Obliterated. ! So MS. 3 MS. \nn). * On the margin. Indistinct 
in MS. 

1 1 9 : POTTF 19D : 

a .nnoo n*y *aa bai .*vy tfotfa run .[-pjnoxob nwpn pan .Tnai TO "^in 
/nac Tpabi .'nam whtyi .viabn "aa ah :min eoen niyai ."nxa dv niyao 
:>bx baoB* enp ,banai "abo wxa ."6 ^anai favia *nbap nenpa naemi 
nex .nntxi naab ibn ran .Dtru n^D^ ntrx pns xin ,ae u-ny pnx iaan 
raai .ibapb xs< "jbon piai .rvnaa Q^n naa new .rprpn x\n .navia D*n nap by 
db ny bai .a v ea nanara inanx ib nnxbaai .anrin nswpa ioy nrrtjn ,ib ney bna 
.unwa bans? rwi lb^aa .anwaa tynin woo t?p*a&y no bai ,inxyo naa xb .invn 

:nDB> rnwi w ba .ntynpD invy ba p 
.loipo ban una* bx la^nb .loyab bnn a\nbx nm ,iD*no ppna nnx av nvn 
.naina ae*i nby to .rronxob nabb .nany 'n-ax araoi .anay baa nasi a"n tti 
rami .nbanb naNn bx ma-sD nbtn .nbwaa in* piDi .nabb nbnnn pnaa n^axm 
pxb aieb ambon nan .nbxa? anpnnb nwaan lba* xbi .nbnan *rn naa bbti ann 
.naae oyoa inon ,naa ibon niaoa .nbia 1 ' nnTi xb paa anpnnb n^axm .nb*nnaa 
:nit!>ya ann t bye .maoa "vorr\ .ntsny n\n anne , f Da pan *a 
bap .-annar nobi .*ana?y nob .aam "^na /ax aat /an an lbon pyx rx 
Mvim anm ,jmri nna .warn bxi /aim "nrrcnan ."aioo npi .^s naissn .-ayo 
moo bxe .nnnnnb nbia^ s a pan .nnnaa pox nxo .mwo :ab "am ,rnia 
Tan anni .p^oa noa onan mod bN^i ,nnao iba* ono .inepa nb Tai .inbw 
as a rwna Nb .Daa^n ia^n Nini .DaaN lora^aa lbxe nnxi .p^^yn ab ban ib 
nca .nbmn ban nn^on bx nnoea nbn Nini ,\jwin p ,fiw iyoene loai .DJixa 
.invvb nae jnai .nbvnai rmna .nnmai yaena ,nnai innb yam .mron ivnsa 

:rwm peea inobi .mnb Dibeb ravnv .inv^i vrnai itnyb 
panbiaai .ib nn jop nx .nvicy wi bsaan n *p bye .roanba nnnb "yn n^n 
.onaxbo nicyb loa^aaa vn vm .nnDii sioatai iov yjai .ioyo nnaj co" 1 nvpai ,w 
by . 3 pNnbi jaynb DNia ny vnxb bnvi .napb vniax nniapa la^binb .inn^N baaan ni 
ana .^sa* 1 nb idm neai .iwai mD* xb mayai .pipbi niDDbi niaab noe an^nx 
.mona by ae^i n^oym .mix n^nn aeni ,iaieb nnn ejbpn aun .wpi nibx oe fjbpa 
bina non ,ixa nnob vnxe nb^bn lnixi . wa o^oi ia naiv rrm .vaab ae ns"Di 
nob .a\Ton a^nan ayoeni ,nxn:a prna an^bx naooa A >jKbo nam ,ixn aibna 
xb anxi .ano onxi n^oo bxn .a^ixn nrxe anan veyni .a^nbxn A nx irmaan 

1 MS. rvb. 2 So MS. 3 Not quite distinct in the MS. 

* ponT ISO : 1 1 8 

.DiraacD osr *parp .Dmcnpa vnps .onnai DrrBBpDi .Dnuvo w bin ,Dnm3K> 
.d^oi-iee bx dst "jnn .omyDD dd^oi .d."vdik> D^vm ,on*3iN Ta D3?y xta 

jD^iy *r&iybi D^iy^ 
px3 .Q^ny nn^on .o^aaa dw .D^-m nxxb .D^xyccn \brm pnnxi 
.icon omano ,i*b> nx^-abpi .D^Dab D'lnnew .o^yab DHaiyn .d^^n H3iy 
.nae> cnxai .nan nn>^yi ,naa not? ,ray x^isai .icnnn oni^D .tevn Dnunxi 

firm wat ,nab nann rmnoi 
.p wn pan bi .p^y vrata n*n o^Kyes* "j^d .piD n\i naa tawi Dnwa 
,riD^e>nf> di^c Dne*yi .mavp iai or6 twvb .nercnn n^Ka casta nta tx 
iW .nonya m?y xim .on^aa ani? xh .d.-6 pv ddh pn ,noe6 wik nn vitab 

jnomai nntri? mrvh .ncnnnb mxris rvi>y 
.inin anai .vovp tapi> .ibi^o rw nan jnoe6 ."tax* h^ddc n n^s ip rtan 
,iho5) nan caia ona-n ,'ita'p 11233 piD -jtani ,iDit?n ari33 owbv nvr6 
<ta .maya ncy xim .nrvx nac nyi .fop*? ttogrtn anwr\ ta *aB3 .ita^i ttroai 
pam ran^s .n^ai \:mb xta ,nae nn xi> p by ,r^ 31c!? nta* n3 nvn 
.nytwi ir3 *jta rus ia^n xim .inonys won 3 .imena "jtai men >b in .Mnoiy 
6 jnai /aoo racno w tai /nx men jn 1!? new .nyani? anp roevi dvi 
D\-6xne iE3 ne>yi ,yw oe>3 noai .ftaa ne> mrya woo ip*mnai ,^m men 
petm .nsrnaa Den -V3?ni ,nvr6 j*ma ina^n ni3y3 .nvnix didh 2 "D^t23 3D3i .nry 

: n5p V3sb 
ima .trhrfaa inv .d^i^d3 ibip mam .D^ac ^33 pyx ,inx ^omn3 ijranai 
.D^n ^anh Knann nnpb .n^^nn bz oy .D^yo^ i^ piD rm "3 .o^nao 
,kxw snp miNC 1b "ib^di .n^ mNnpb Tyn ic onpai .d^c hh^i T3 113^1 
nvn-13 yr\-\rb i?rr\ t nswn tno n>yn b& vai t tnamrb ">3nn by mno 1023:1 
d^w dhj3i ,nain pa^ai nntwai basoa ::iy3 .nsbnsi ntna natwi bapi .n^'Di 

:n33nnnb pynb D^iT'y ^33 .n33inDnS eismnnb 
y-\xn ^3 .ruDo xvd pxni .niryi nwaa onoy N3i .nimrs pnrn ib-n i>3i piDi 
asya "incj .nmn ota nvo n^31 .nnaon ny yana nawn ovai .natron ^y ny 
.m3c b^m .imin3 nfiDB> mis >b ian ,iTbb no Wi .nwT'pn bx cr: txi .nrow 
nob ,iy nn*nB vn^N rninaa .icwa nana n^sc i nayi .wnnb nam: ami 

1 Something missing, perhaps .inorO )b "U3N? 2 So MS. 

ii7 '' rcnv -so 

ncn bt< tnm .napoo nvx t6 *a ,oy nnyi .rroB^i nyoa-6 .'mioo bwi ^ 
mai ,sr td .tan^a dti^n ss *a yri .ta Dtra n* .a^p wk TOifc an?n 
.my otra lenm ,iw ibdi ibd fem .wan -oata ^aai .wan wm .nvnoa 
li?cn ^n Ditaa .naasn t:p:s>a nabn rnyam .vy/pw Dnn " *pnai .wo dvi iw 

:nai>Dn ^ni 
^n ia*hm .v-iwxa iyn? inai ,ininpi> njt itam ,inwn bapb itan ba xa tsi 
mnni , 2 irnytt'"6 >ann nnx* , inane ana .vnoJ? rinnan jd mina$> ^nnm ,vnn 
.jnrm 3 Dyany nana , 8 }B ,rt vbv cyn .joaea vi>y K3i .lD^nb Nip rsi .icy kjp 
"linoi .1SD30 i^nn -icy pa /vayo ^y nx rra ."*a "jhk /vaanb hi: hpa rrra 
mp natam .naiai nano ib jn^ .nabcn bx inbnn ,naW> men -6 jnai .isM Dyn 
.niaa *nw\ nnx p "payb b .maaio maiem 'own wim ,D*aai maa ib b* .orwya 
nc Dnw jn . 3 irnin jycb uratrm ,n*ana "s>k mmni .rrawap nnaran nanai 
rrn p tirtBfl .anatan ^p^d n*n am nid^i .oni? px *pjn .annan nwa a .Tnua 

:D"na mw 
.wio }ni .*aa W n^aae* ib noeci ,-n wnp vaa ,^b"b bv:v iriNoi 
."jn^xtn ivsn niN^oi> ."jnEiyb 'nana pp .nianoi nmp i^nax .maiaaa }'an im bni 
bwi ,nwi "pDiy^ run .nuaaspa H ns pan dk .n^aai noai .naya *6 awn wm 
'Jin *]3 ^a .n^Na nsn irs dni .h^jni n3Kna .rwa ennn!? ,m nninn own 
.nttiin 'nn^ *W .jnna n^p ,paa l^cm .n^ya noc rw n^i .maya n&'y .n^ 
'jnc ,i? nt^ys no ^3x .nycvi irai nyn ira ,njn i^y nv\y s n ,, n /Di'ya "nyatrJi 
.ncn: an? cmn 1^ n^jn .^anaa ^nDinc noo /a nirn^ ^i3> ow ,^!ft ^nnna 
no^Kbi m^ab o&e& .wipe ^n maaa m^en .lOB'n n^K ~^ya di^ n^ 
p .DDy^ naa .d^djx mt'yb .dwd nben .ninx baa nwnD fna yenn m 
nniry d^c ,B>BB>ni m^n naern .miyo ^an nnsi .imbanb oa^nb .ddjx rutDMn 
nabob .inxan nc>n bxi .myeni wiiy nap .innnx xn'' n^b inio nv ny .twni 
.Dennis iniabo nash .tyontso mc ^anb .ihp^pi mjni .ibioa o^Kn'' Dn 
:D^n fp nnno ,Don"ia w^niNinb .d'dwj D^asb ahi6 .a^oiay notrb 
bwz .inar Kit naiab .nna d\-6k ^ ,nB>ai ua i^nn \\tfo ,nn nnx op inNi 
nioi^ .oniinai aTpinai ,Dn:icN^ cmrrn a^m ,nnna nnn vax ^^a n^N ,mw 

1 On the margin by a later hand. 2 So on the margin by a later hand ; 

erased in the original. See p. 116, 1. 2. 3 So MS. 

: TDnV "13D v 116 

.)iii ttaxtm ,)t r\bw3Q2 .d'dbk baz rbv .d*did *aam .ninx i>aa .nimoa 
lornixa nayon ny ,ibbb> D'mbcvri .'Dniyoni? ^ann nnxi* onaiDNo Dmrwi a^nb 
pt*n taaDi .nyynnn pnxni .nyioswi yanai .n^ia pxa nayi .noxa 0333 dk>i 
.nnino n^on nonina .onin oy ana warn .nanon n*w ny itai ,WB^ rwao 

:rrBBts> n^ T^on ntat? rwi anro taaDina nnmni 
i t?n Yini?K> .i^on ^oa "ox .nnna DTinn vn Dts> -i^n .nnjxn nan nbxi 
am ."jnoan nyot? *a .xiao yaon xh .wan "bx nnxi .-j^na n^anb Frosts' 
iT.t di^ *a /pxn "inaai .woaa nyae>ai .Tnixnb vinxni .irnin aim ,*jroa 
nnx nppai .nany nn >anpi> mm .wn ^ niaai ."jn^ -pnnx pioai ."inx^a 

:nhna nanxa "pan xbcx ,nWP3 *aeo bxcntt> 
.naiw nafc* Eftitan ,naa T^on iaeaoDip np .xa^oaoDpb nbyi .mon bx Daaa tk 

naion ba pyai wya |n xvoi .wdi -jbon ^ una D*ni>N "i .naion bai noyi 
nsraiD new .nxoion paaoi .rrwon n^a jaao ii>Kt5n ,min nana ioy aaaa rx 
.nppno rr>n rwaiD paaai ,ne>po rr>r\ ibon .poo nnv Daaa ,}ioin nr *a .romp 
yabo nx ,mnoi naiaa nb>o .mana \awn wm .p n ap xba dk> Daaa .pan nr *a 
,p rvav to ,np> n\n paa .it 'x .npyn xvon de>i .xnpon v:sh W3 1 .n-ina "anx 
anro ,rmoa n^aioa ntrx ,mon by inv .pvi nobpi nn "ipk .pinn ba nvoi 
,imoN3 i^on iox rs .eioma mo K>on cinaa .iD3n joi .onew nxo .onaa 
."jn xh Kipon im .*3nx ioni njy xini .inoana rrofiB' i ^rwa 
wb? .nnyp anroi .nn"ai onao .nnanij vssb wn^ ^y ^ax^ ,i:or p nnw 
nnypn vn .nnion epa^t? nix^^ai .minn 'ivva .mnoa ?wt6 .nnno vn 
:wya nxn b^n nn n!? .wbIj nwv nrwprw dipooi ,nrm 
.nrnxan? ha* ,th h .nnix iyvo .th nc^ni .naaa naano n'flK' ,na n[n]vi "^Dah 
new p 1? awn .n^^no *na nbti .iTobb* "my .~>nya b ]yn\ .inoa wnpi 
n?on nay .has Dipo oc rvrr 1 n^ 3i:d Dipo -\b w )bttv ,hb> ^k mrya /xma 
nx "a laiinac .lrrrya 2 ;x^pa n^i .xim xin rwn ,pn *? c-i .pino -jx^pa 
,nonm on ^yia D^ai .non pw DK'a ncn y^acni .no^yn db* x^ani .ina'^ya 
n*n n^ni .no^a ^y pnx n^n ctrai .hom onn "jw D^ai .noana p nD> dboi 
"di .ytna Dy by .yenn^ nanm .yena naae' .vv^n nab ,nno nnx no by .niV 


1 On the margin by a later hand; erased in the original. See p. 117, 1. 7. 
Pointed in the MS. [X^pa, Boccaleone. 

1 1 5 : ]Vnv "ISO : 

aanm .ntpnnb aya naaan *pna .ntm nae> i>aa ncny mm, .tryoBn twy at? 
nanon ^x anaan p .ntaya a^axn 1x3 ins am .enao mn ia^D ni .enin mn 
npx .a^nxn a^a^ .amnso a^axn naxsm .amau a^axn nmo itryi ,n^ 
.nyai aat? ta^o m .irao e^ani mmtn rn ana .a^aninD B>xn pi .D'aano niann 
,nsneb mny aann nap nmxat? .nenan p ennnn *an ,njn npyi a^n ia^a 
n^x ncyon .ana aipnn wix3i .ninnn vn dp ntrx .nvnixn p nrw "nB> pnm 
a^axn ixvn .pnp3 a^axn W3 .mn u^d np .nnnan ana nn .3naa r6y?^> 
Mie a^ann ,Q*^on anixa aann yana nat?n avai .ppmoa BHWKn lam .pamao 
.sip vain ^1 .nay a^oyai aya Dn^yi .naai parn nvnixn cam .a^xn in^ni 
lycp .pn^a aw own bzb .pmn pv!>a m^d m .rnin amna xvdp ananm 
mam .anraxn nx a^an iant?a ,oawa nntpya honx^ nanon .aa^> enn anne> 
n^yi .paSni raa vaanana ,pam nxna aann .anay bso mmnam .aniann tya 
.irvtn yain v^>x n^x .yn yaan an^> na^ai .anna na*B*a nt?x ,D*ronn ^x 

tjiaan u^a n ian<ai .patnai pra tm .pavya aha nvynai 
nrh mnm .annan ay vytvnx n bp ni^y *ny .annixo D^un ony vrraa noyi 
an-ann ima^ai .naitrn ""D" 1 nicy vn mpypa .manna ntyyt? no x$t3& .innana man 
D'tjmp nma pya i>x *aa^ ,nana nhann nwpb ,na<nn "asb inaj6 .na^n t5>m 
D^wnm nin^Da ^nnn .incxi d*db> nxi" 1 ia^a mnen . vnanwsn n^y jai .nan 
yaai .^nai mni .cnai n^x in^nnn^ .d^idx bs w^d i nnK> nnxa .D^ima 'ny 
imW .n^ann D^cntya .oron ej^n .D^on inai .D^an ej^nn .D^ionp nara 
n^y "pp ..ncnpn na mn di .aa^n n,a ^a D^ann^ .aanon na mn <d .n^jw 
n xm nawna onb a^.n .D^^n ay^ni pnni .o^ann n^yi anx^ .ncnnpa n^an 
onnn n*nm .Dmi>an by a^a may no .najnn^ xin oa^'a nc^x ,na*ann nan vfyo 
nma layi .nainyi nnno .nainxi n^na nana \b loan .nn^aa )b tok> nt^x mwi 

:d^j m^d n mm Tniao .aha 
ae>n .a^rona nonoi nbiiy b^x .tnsrm ^y n,bo ^d .av^n anixai prn inixai 
naDB> njK>3 ,oD*Dni a^annp ynr ^aia .a^n iSya nwtn nn .onann^ eon ia^o 
ma enpon janin^ . a^xn^n amm mba^ , 2 a^aann mttbob enipn n^ . a^a^ nwo 
/^a^ apy^ ny ,^D3 men n,^o .p^x x^ ay rvrmb .pn naiy ap .a^iar 
m . 3 ncix^ nna aniyunh .nnino [ajmonb .mnan^ btnu^ nta^a .mnxen db' mnD^ 

MS. ny 2 Pointed a^aann. 3 So MS. 

t ; 

P 2 

: pDITV 13D : 114 

.vavan nnra ,va*yD pan .'i:^ tb^i .wibb* mn .ian*an pytww "i oy K3> 

:.hik noiy^ .niib3 ^r6 .men proa .rrwa 2 Ti^nnn 
103 .niaDip wji .niaa 1 ? ^nnn .a^n 13^31 .3cp *tpi .atri jpr .3c* ns?i 
D\ii>N3i .so vbi 3b5i .na^otan jo dpi .v^jjd pani .i3k aa pycnK ii .nm 
.rnuan 'js^d .mna nKire> ..TV133 nm ..tvens najn .iynmi> in"33 .iy*3yn 
vnaa .ym iyon y^yi .yoiya Tonn tan .no Kin nine nm iyant? .ncs3i 8ma 
wnb .njnaB> ibk^ tpkw .t&iya on 3 p ,d^^ anwn .jna warn ,jnp 
law .'njatMB' nyi3B>m .tin ijtn nyam /nm 3WK "|-ni .nyii jidk ^3 n3x 
aina rvrw .vipm nsr lana ,in*aa ^>3ki .vnxa iKie>a .nbmn i3Di ,*nnpn 
D&rci .my nm nop ,iann icanc cnpcai ."ana* 1 ynra /aiann ipaai .enptas 
.dkJ> d"nd Tin-a .D^na pycnK i n*n? nyi gnats' *BKh wah ."nxa oibt^a 
pi .jnv din pK DB>n Dipo *a .o^iy^ nvn ^jn dx .D'cn dhiko 'n ^n nnyi 
.ntapn waam .Da^ya aiDa >b icy .D3T3 33m .oa^ .irib "ok ^>3K .yniN \jn dn 
N^a ixca epani ,DBn K>wn lamoi .yip dc ami .yipn mp ntnm ,r6y n^yi 

tmeyb 13^ isjam .ajna nm D*ae>Da ,3tn obun baai .Dt^ 
3y .ci'inc trxyai .Q^rua tryieo .o^nx dc kxdi .yos pw i>xi ,yoa ebb>di 
cento .crayo toa^a .Ettaw c ^ya .cyitaa d-tiks .cjnap nwrnoi .otona d*k> 
ENS&q tun .o^n ni>y*ai .canx n^a .D*3"i3 D^nni .ony^ ncn^ea .onaanoi 
noa i ,ni3N not* on /"n^s i ^a .owyjn tfm .D^cwnn on nn .crawl 
.D^amy nat^'i .D^asi^ jnni ,btnw vbvb .bbn ErtDntyo 3n nay estop .^njjh ii 
BiT3*ai .D^on aiD ^d^ .d^n^h pya .d^doi QnnyDi .d^djd nnpi 
npDsni .d^jin nsnn ntn .nyo: dk> innmi .nya: inoani .yap dp inat^i .yap: 
isy nnm ,nni brmt tstr\ .noiDn mini .pnnao na^i .Dnwn nvnaa . 3 d^h 
.n^iya nm bv ai .n^yo byo ib'ain nnxi ,pn pin niD* isy ,]2wr\ vp-\p 
.nanm nnx new ^y ,ninb |Bp 4 nnN jtni .nb^ nvn pana nWip pa nyiia 1:11 
1am ,iaa ba naiya ncry ,iain ^>x N3 insi .nann M^y nisi ,natf ia-n pddi 
nw .muni ba m ^y iay .inion ^n N3 ins .13:31 3N3: n^po^ "'^i.n yna 

:inix iDTCi vbn nxna .vwfita am 
yi"N itrx .nK^?Dn i^tni p^bn .Kt^iai py yt:*D ^y iaiy .nciy pis imaa wna 
nnun .D^yi^y^ poxa ^3troi 3k mina yivi pao 3ni^ pixo K3 ^k .*Dia*aa 

So MS. s MS. 'n^nnn h. 3 So MS. 4 MS. nns. s MS. n3y. 

113 * PCnV ")9D * 

n-as?33i . nnnxn mm mews . rm ntpx atsn . d.t^k na^ aina ijat? . BTyn n*a ^n 
p .wa aann .iniy *o* ^>a nnoi> .vroyn awnai ..nahn nion^> nyam .natra 
.n^ N-ip *Ti>K 3BTU noa n^x jwd "733 nan .acpn v3n^i .victd Tarn 
133 .win!? wni .nana nna^> npNO .nensa ^an t6 no^> .ncnxa n^ now 
.nawa nS H3HN3 *6 .na^n n^ 13m .nrratwi 2 [kS> n^J-imb .nnatw naitni .intrai 
win .lrranoi mion e^rn .mix toxin nxim .ne^Bna csn nionn .n&yy no pnxn 
nss>x ,tnwb inawi .inxi^> n3B> |nai .Winn V3xh 3 [mon]pa rwnw .mnix^> 

. 4 mto[pb]iKT ,wai>3 10^3^33 .rmyi ni^p nirny m&ryi> .nimf> pan .nsr nriNi 
.n^an niE>y!> .nom nnx nm3 .noy nat^n av3i .nnx tjxa aha .nrra i>npn !?3 
ayiaa tap TYiaon " nx 1;rm wra .D-yj hpa .aw n^an.m .ni>yo jaw ^b? 
to t rt*bbtf a^non xh ,Tn no ^Bnonp .Tarn pan aim .Tarn i& ta/m .nnx 
.id^b? ^nnn ,W>ann^ ^>x ^ah ,&t; wn *pw .^nnn ^n ac .pyx hnj hpai .pyr 
mnn . 5 nxi^> nosn mini .nnan ^n mo t^oi .nnan ?ni "6 njn .i^iya yapnh 
,san ahyn napi .nnyi bnp Tina ,min 1^ ;ni .Taan bvb .T33 kj B^cn .1x13 
.jnyn 3ioni .nnxn ai>iyni .naio noxyi> njpni ,n3ino bxaw .nam n^ w ^n nrai 
.wy M>1 .TiNon "33N .ruox noxi .my to .iop ^aenn^i 'Nrb .ioy ^nx^ 
i>3 .anha i^rp am .y^s aanaj5> .y^an tapn bni .n*B>y ynni .Tiytrai vnnot 
'ayot? .ntyya 13 new ^>ai .nt^y^ n>3ni .nmn jna ds^nS .nnin wi .on^y db> nK>s 
dab Ta ,jopi hna .^anr. ^xp , W 3133 oan . ,,, 3 , pn "^^ .^an aii>K ay 

:5j>ina^ ncyon b .unn^a3 
a , nnj3 k>^ a^oya . 6 n^inn Ty ah^Ta ,idk> pyo-nx ni .iov3 n\n niT ^n 
.myi^ nix s Ja ,in3n3 nn\n p^ .ins tWi a^amr nso .in!y aye ^31 ,nby 
*3^nb> "oxi? .n^yty v^hsvi aya3i .vnsan hat ^3^1 .innma vaiy^ yvrb 
.i33^in jki ,*nrw nwyh /oxy ruonb .nsy nW .^xx nvn^ .-^ wan .n^xt^a 
.nmsi )ir ba .nnoca i[a]ain tn ,J3i "jx ,ty> *riKom .wtoax n^ dni .UB^pan td 
in"3 ,nTxa3 inxa ,nannn >n ,, o^ni .na^\n tyNn oy d'oido .nniyas &2WV u^nva 
.an ,, n ,, oi'n3 (array i^na .n33no Sn^ .na^nai an3 .nany nn^i .na^an nnon .nroK' 
.lrra awn nman ,ani> nosi .BiT^n can ,an^ na^n wtcw .DTaB^ o^wn 

1 So MS.; "]bn? 2 Injured. 3 Obliterated, visible. * pb obliterated. 
* So marg.; text x^=^. 6 So MS. 
[IT. 6.] P 

: l'Dnv -I3D : 112 

mmi .tmenpn "niaxb .D'aor b33 mn .a^bci txo .a^aoi Wi ,dmidd ny ba3 
.nabna -nab .nanya pai .'[a^anjnxn amaa aabi .iwa 'aabi D*b .a^any baa 
pv ina l [.pK>]a nnaa n*ata .novo "nnxo .nanyb '[ ] naatpi opw 
lbnpa an ,iby pis*ai .nbta u^a t*jw '[ ,nb]an aia^a -ipn nbun Dy .piwri 
*a3E .ama^ac .ano noy l [ ]aai loxjn nai iam .ibyna a^yoai ,ibna '[ ] 
.nst? nDN ii ,ioya paa .vaa bs ma ,"iaai aa '[ njmna .D3n trx .amaa 
a^Tobnb .a^aati'Di anobo .tfttron D^nm .a^aiaai D'-oan .awii a*xa ,a*aa "mn ibi 
naraa .a*aw noana .bti jnv .annn nnn .bhib *aaa .an^aa a^aa .tfaavron 
n pcNin .a-banao naaman maai .a^a^a ncn naoa .b'bxbxd ncnyai .tfaxo 
nrybxi .bxw T*nnp .bx ma nawn ,btaan n ^aem .rnwia pDiyn .meae* 
.anion b ,B*mmn p it .a^Tann nbx 'D^ai .n^btpa namaa nawi .^ben 
wao ,jnn mny .jv\3Ba naa .pnx lotm .aw mao .axi cxn . 3 a^maa proa 

:jwmK ibob .jyid 'aaa xini .jnan 'an^ 
nun xa .ibbia mnty mam .mnob btth mn raxb .imbio pxa inxs ana 
njtn man ,ma nnni .xsn xb man .mrniob nrntpa .nxin mn pnxi .ibaxi 
-am .lbipa pyvi .lb pyn ,B*an xba ,Ba-nt?a vaxi .nya pytab twma insai ,iwai 
nsipr 4 no[ipa] .-]bn ix^y iiapm .man? ima ljpaanbi .nxan nun ,iwy no ,ibicb 
xvm ,*aab noyn as ,\nx "n nnyi . 5 [nni]T'^ miryb .-jmiaya ino^ nnsi .^b 
: *j:n *pnbN i onb aic 6 [ ] .a^vac by anann .cact^bB' nyi .nib^bi 6 [aor] .nibaa 
Kiaxi .aa^a 8 [ ] .a^ainxi a^yn a^nbnb ion . 7 naoi .nao nvo 6 [ ] 1a" 1 ny Na 
,a*aiKC nvwn nya .a^acv na rwaanp .nnina m m^na .nnnaa nenw .aacy 
am .win ny^ai .aniay acn .awa oaa: .snia bws* miya .nnyD nno xbi 
,ioy D^bin .nnaa mn mm . , nin'' nns c^n ,nma ac nvd .wncn nu^Naa 
Bnipn nac mn avn iniNi .bats mn xb maam .bawn ny xa .lawa naai 
.aaiy Mwsnpa aaynn xb nobi .avxi xnub .avn na .ibibna panb .lbxc ann ,mb 
naaae' ,*aa by baxnoi .^x "caa no a /a^ayn bx .win k noxi ,ayn nay 
nua jn .na^na ib yvn .no ax xin >n ax .noxa ynv vw ."any ano ,aDD 
.inmas nbsN ."inmy ona ax .nibybi "n^b b^an nnp .nibayoi nmnx ^xnm .na^b 
,nnx ima , 9 nn^a bm .nmx xb .ins avb .pna nb Tax .pxa xin mra axi 

1 Injured. 2 So MS. 3 MS. DHnaa. 4 Injured. MS. end of 

the line Tc', the beginning of the next is injured. 6 Injured. " D indistinct. 

8 Injured. 9 MS. TT3. 


: yonv isd * 

''by ia'a 

: pow 2 "ibd ainab d^dj nny [ J cjanxn w oca 

,nsD tjmo ppn .nsnh emh nipnb ,"bd!>i pS"6 ^nnx .isc w pic cca 
Drvn .t^pa iw .trorana tjna^ .o^aya y>ani> tCPJWinn maxo .tttruwn ibd 
.n^yn a~6 .nbnai naci ,n^nn |r>N .n^nnci ewni .cpao .t^pjnb ^a .trpab 
in-wan .mpjoi ;, tnc3 .n^nai Kiiea ,r6ai>BN mac .n^nax naT n*a .rbbrw icnp nc 
yasr6 .D'jyoi nnw bnx .mp *nta naiyo ,Dpi> u nana ,mn nvis t6i mfp 
.B'aana abyb .uuna \::b .awpa pwb .o^iyo pis? >as .orciDtcai new .a^aiann 
-is'b^ .o'lohyn vb .otanpya na6 .a'aiaa munn .nvpr aom .dwikii wwb 
nyiia .a^can pa"pa .dwd acvi' , 4 ansiWia fnani? .man $>a ^y q-6 ,d<dpk3 
.nixav D\n^ .ni^pa a^jnoi? .ni^na nciy^ ,roi>nn dw .nMi d^i .ansan 

&in .nis naitab niKb&ai B^sa .jwy onp niN*6 5 nciyi nw!>B tctaoi 

.naiaa 6 nb[ jm ncr-aa .rami mna ,runn iDca .na^aa $ab .naiyn -ni> .naana 
.wnnamn ipi .vni^na c]pim .wra^aa 6 [ ]b .vnwiaa nrb .rums? poya 

.vnraa N^anty .vn^caa pnra .vroaow D>nyi .vni^nn Byiai .vnniaa jtawn 
ban pan .incana ps ntny ,vw no din!' todi .imaa ann psm .mac bnab 
mi ,imyaa a^ae ovn .cpis *ntp ^aa mbetaDi .B^nca ib iny ai .ma'ana 
ina bna'i ."inLaana nataion niyaam .vwpb jnp-p amn .incNo pbnan* nbn 
ina cen u "pan^ .wmn vr mpjtpi rfygm .v^pdb niaipo baa .inuaai 

: miaba 
.a^ap W3 ania .a^byo "KPiaai .a^yao aiaa ncx .o^ara nnb .D^i^na indn 
Hn*W8 ttpbroo ^sm .n^va n^enn n^s .D^ian Dy D\xan .o^aion '"max 
.D^aiyo pic nsci .D^npn ninx man .trDnyn ran jyob .D^hyi o^ac .n^nai 


1 Injured. 2 So MS. 3 MS. TKOa. 4 MS. awbmi. 5 So MS. 


* inRTlto 2HDD * no 

,x:nm ,noN3i ,N3pjn ,x s on:i .pui .win dhxodx ' pnp^K n^Mii^N on p nDK 
Ntw pa ,nwi!)S -5 ^xi tory rixsi p hjd #nn t^hd ,K33i .ni .Knttir ,n:i 
i>pnna nauta hon x^i? ffacrtac *a DnMDDM ^5in d^ T&6nta pa fht&M nin nya 

:opa pWx "6y "WDKa 

P xn^van riJD nan nn^oa ;x^x ^ni nianota npi^x nn p ,n>N DDp7M1 
'[w nnop in] rtop pd na^n .&kb6k3 anata nta psa!j nnnw row ruo 

p "^dx ^ JN31 rrxo n n5 riJD ' : D-rno^x rni^x "jini arms p !>yKDDN ^ 
, 4 noN3m .main .^TiDm .win .dhnodx ni^xa Dxn 3* pnp!>N 8 n"hflii>K on 
i^x nnn nyoi xixa .nix-n .wan .nwm , 5 npDxi t rrehm .^Nnaai .waai 
rbbtt pbi no 'io no im nai nni ^x i xnyoj jxa Kn^van yo xnn^>oi3 axisx 
nap *a 3n^i axnabx xin xrva 3ns ni>K nnn tunaa "6xi 6 xjonx p }KOri>N bi) ry 
ruD n^ vb ynx icr 7 ^>x npp^n sin^ki iiai nni pjn^n n nnny rox ini nnocf> yrix 
cnpn np |ai .rnvifc 6 ; pnnn xn-on anpo^x roa^x nnn iaN 7 'bn ri^j^x pan 
jxsyc "6x x^>x rhvibx pan naa bin xrr^x [^x^ fiaa nap ini "any^x fan 
.i iTaot^x^] rinop^x p3 nixsn^x pm , 8 fi;r6x n "ox s btt ynx natP* rraiy j5ii 
:ppno^> fbpxy^xi po^xy^x 2~\ rbbx T>x3n rrwbx 3xan aip* ^nn paa 

njiy ^y nbb ior6xi 3xn3^x nn * 

1 The words in [ ] are on the margin. 2 So MS.; perhaps ,TUn!"X 

HHDno^X. 3 MS. no^X end of the line, and beginning of the other n^XIJ. 

4 So MS.; no XJ1H1? 5 So MS.; <pDX1? 6 So MS. ' MS. x^X. 

8 On the margin. 

109 * inN/l^N 2XHD * 

myai ,fi"3a mya "j^oi :hnoi rbD a* "jtai rvmaaDN^N aa im paip^N ii ini 
-j^oi :wcwtaa 3 .intu-6n nb 2 ioam- JN3 iNan&^K 3^nd mi Dvobtaa l ini jio^o 
im ddvd3n myai stwmk myai : 4 d3p^dj myai :priB3D myai :dpi^d niya 
naiKna idn aa spy on :DNiaa [Nnsino] xaa mi onaa rn*n fN3i froNoaK N33 
ibvbm i*rei 6 nii?np3 n"6y 5 n^N Dmxas widbti aa an^> biw jnn ya jo Dip 

. an^NIO^ -pN3^>N1 Nn30 p3D ip On!? T^O^N JN31 J-3D 11 HJ/ND JVlV N^ 10NpN3 7 DH^J 
p 8 D1Dim D,t6n10 T&D h1 NTinO p pyDP p pnV fOIINI^N "JI^D ^1N JN31 

fo hjd ap >a an3i^>o |D JN33 an^N *b t^o^n ^pn3N paiw^i iy3i .DiD-iaN 
DiDDiaNi di^v dinodn lita 3D i5 pnhii'N p3 nas'3 nirjB nya 5d fobtt nin 
"io jn iy3 *]^ii a-io p yiD^N 133 JN3 nin Diarao my ^yi Diamoi DNp^>ai 
dh^p -|^>o an ,jd n^p *^i nyn Niioyo rvaiw pai 5d Ny pjrMnbM i^o pa 
"aniwn -ids *aa km "h^n 10 w dib-bi oita^tai dudddni pi-ai wbnwi Dnanaw 
.obiajo aiaoiw anta lb ^n epa^a anao jnd jo t6m nvnf\ riio irata anil 

N3T3 anNODN "JI^O 3 Df JND1 3D 33 in 1V3 Nil^ W .Tip B 0,130 133 BNpNI 

bii^n rihi 13 noNpNi :Nnai3Ni anN*3Da "dwyik binhn jn "6k Dibom Dam 
nin jo p3D ipri axon ^n "/?!) 6 Dp ftotori^N riysi^N Dipta 3Ni3 nya dnb6n3 
'ba iya p3D^x nin an3ita jo JN31 iry^N Bin io yys xna nxota n^oa^N 

D111DX1 D1303NV 1 D1D30^1 D13D03M DID^DI D1p^31 DWm D1X0DX N3^0 V ph^K 
13Xn!? D13^D3K1 DUnpOl D13^03W D1300101 D^ID^NI DHIDI DHNDpl DN33X1 

'pba 'ai .i3D rbpri^N nin u pNiy^N3 idn vJ? JN31 rjxaoNi laSN^N dih3D3^i 
ni^i dni io nnn^N jo arwa no id pip^N n^MU^M dh ;o ni>ap vbtt fio 
.Tjjni .naas baain t na* p N"is dinodni ^3S3 *a nun'' -j^o 14 n>33 n^y* no nid 
pyi .3 n^prni .a n^yoci .a rvnw .3 nnsyi ,a nwi .a iTiom .3 n*3iai .3 
13^0 15 Dia^N iyai 3D oph^N nin iy3i :a oa^i ,a jnai ,a Napyi ,a ynai .a 

l^il 3D ytj DID 1^0 DNPN1 . hvhtt T 'B n3N3 N.13ND DIpO^N n^3 16 N^N DN^N 
.I^IIN D1N0DN N3^0 N3 "JiWn JO 1B Qftb JN31 3D *>f\f\b$ nin JO -pa NO 
.JN31001 .113ND1 .T0111 ,1331'pi .13T31 .HJITI /D131 .NTOpI .r01.11 .113ND1 

-J3^ jN3 j-3d^n nin -ai :iNipi .1-^31 .vrbzi .m-ai .jnih .iiain .pf-oi .h3ndi 

1 p. nb bp). 2 MS. oam*. 3 n. minta. * p. D3^>pD3. b ?. adds oaw? 
6 m- nnNnaNs. 7 MS. an, dittography of nrb. 8 m. aiinn. 9 MS. jNai^N. 
10 MS. Nin. " MS. BniDNni. 12 MS. D33 s iin. 13 Between the lines 

nONpNI; originally DNpNI. " So MS. li MS. Dia^N ^N. lt MS. *bn. 

: inxj-^N 3NJ13 : 1 08 

\k\ xvpx: nils jn njw nvpn npi nnio >vnx np iwodk riDnpn .-Mx jx ^m 

TB DXpXI HINI ^X HD^D "1NS1 PfflW "jbn B iripQ .DID ^X bpfll "ID3 na^O 

s ibm .map ''mx iWx "^iwi "a i^n 5>ana .tod p i>px jtdjpk pa' 1 pwo jn pya 
rum 'hf btwi niia riWx p yjo .tp^>x rrin vn :n? inxnkv TW d^b mya 
: jxn^x ^>x 3n3i ninaNi 33yns nD-ina d^s 3:!?x >b nW dxpxq nox^> ma mxD 

^X HJW fX ^XIDX Vlb H XHJD ^1xks* HJD^X *B .ftfpfeU p3D j 'Din 1^0 DH 
DH3 DVDDQ DXDX^>X 1J?V12 1D31 XS^X 56 DHJD [nJyVB Dnpc6x n^3 |1331 DX^X 

i?n en .3d rv cm ni?y3 -n^x hjd y^x p pa |X3 n:x^ on 11 d^q SmoxD^x 
Dn-ra^ ^xidx 33 mo mm pn nn^x Nroo a^x *b on ,n3D t vsmx mya 
n^x i>oys jxma^x ^x *na an3i n? xmrm -j^h ^x nawxa xpn frna sjta y 
inn : nnoxi? jiai nana "fcte pxaxi?x ^x 3n3i aiw jen W Tin frvna nxaiiyx 
nn wa* *a ^xidx *33^ px nate p a^x hjd^x 'a .3d $ ruax nonmx .mya 
riox^x Tann nxv i^x nao 'an .i^x hjd^x 'a mconi 3d i ^i & viasi 3 Dnpc6x 
ja nnp p xiry* .p^a^x ana a [rinano] nnaoai pin mi [p] vn 4 xnry ^x 
ny p rwrtt p nine p nnry p nnox p 3^t3*n p pnx p Dl^ p n^n p nnry 
7 on^y n^x fi Dx^D 5 jxnDy p fnsn pns p iry^x p Dm"a p yi^ s 3x p "P3 p 
nnan ^n [DxnxoDxi] nyo [jwViix] 9 ;x^i xnry oxpxa /p^aj^x ycj ^yi pyoan 
!>i"i nxjaa Dnp^x n*a tid nytrn io 6 nin jo rr^>x hjd ai jd b hdk^k ji-iSn 1 
mya pi ^x-idx ia fy dis^x i^o ^xt b^x n'rn nix ^i trwru n^> ^xp" 
}x pan npa .3d nypn i[*]ry^N ^ann iax ^xi mxn n^i im i^*ia jmy^n ^x i?pn:x 

:xid 3d ai 3d ^x idx ya x"a;x n5x x^xi *dio ni?i iaa 

x'hn nnbcj 10 pnnxn^x nix ^xi ^xidx -ja 33K nas p ,iT>N tDDp?N1 
12 p" d^ .Tp*i* iax no xn^3p ti^x pJD ^xi pba tod *fifl pjota nin IH s .3d 
[jx] x^x ni^xj^x Dxn xcd* x^x xsta xyn^ p tixi bS P pxiy!?xa ^"xidx ni> 
Dnpo^x n*3 Dxpx 3d b^ mo .xnroxn ;m ni>K pao ii^ro Dr6 jx3 np cx^xa 
mwDx^x Dn^N 7bn n i^n *a on!? jX3i .3d op paxai^x iny ^y "i^-i p .xmoyo 

1 So MS. 2 Between the lines * [Dn:]y^. 3 IMS. Dnp^X ^3. " ^. 

xiry noDxi nnyi'N. 4 MS. .3 nino .3 xncx .3 x-p^n .3 xnry .3 no p ry 
.3 nry^x .3 dws .3 yicnx .3 *p3 .3 vy .3 x^mr .3 3W3rw .3 pw .3 mhc 
poy .3 ])^. 6 ^. ^v. 7 MS. xon^y. 8 MS. pn:x^x. 9 MS. p33i. 
,n ii. mwbx. " f*.av ,2 MS. t- 

107 '* +1HJTto* 3WD * 

nn^by "wonaa aa rbbvt }y DnnysmB lbys* nba nnmbsa Dnncwi Dipbx 6yi 
pNnnaa rn*na "Wftanaa nya *jbn nyaa : nbbs* rva pnnxi onvya 'am onvya br\p\ 
Nnbw ;xa fivpx: pD a mpbx nwia DipbN n*a ^s n^pis ibcb tbbx naobx <a 
onpnbi aim pnbs* ipVa nbabx a yiabx nntrNa n ; n3D jft 'non }o *b ovba 
n'abs* pins as p *b nvbx h bi : baa ^n 2 Dmbom NDrfon -jbobx ipbya B*jb 
niKi b& p im apnx ja n^bna nb bap ^an xna ban ^ayirbtf Qipba -tabs* *a fjbai 
Niroi niaabN jd ppxab*? ip^ani nbnp p 4 |Ny 33 3 5n on kov 33 "va pa 1 - Dbs 
|n 5 fcWJ .30 aan nbabx *b nao naai tiki ibn jn pan npa nsD DnnriaN 
on .iTjm nvy ^n yw ivy jo "ibii .3D ann DNtrbx nba >a ienpn ^nidx ^aa 
bnxb KiTB iWs }t*ai riaa y nnDKDbs 7 N*bx xn^a D^b N3sn5 6 Dnpbx nba dnpn 
"b 3d rv xnao riaD no nabo yea DNpNi nraanaa t nnn b^DN aa iaa*i baa 
ntn *nbK n^uNDK^N nnxaftNa "ay no NiTb jxai ^bn nya fai bwDN "aa ribin 
lraya Nm^Dani nt6k rianyo Dnao Disnbsi sobybn yeas dn3o^n *b nraanaa 
nbita ba nb bap' kd3X asa nax DJi .nhn^ nanya -]bn niaa bx^anb nbbx p|bob 
ibxpi nnryi bstyo n^an yaxa pn^bx a Npb" 1 nb nao" ab jo "nxae 8 yN->i pno 
n^a Dns'piwB nxa pnx Dn^> nhft!B ^x p^n5 po^Ny^N a"i> n^n naDa nh r\b 
Tin nnniy^ D^n nb) on^Nn nb) -\xibn r6bs nana .xaxyvx f "iio jn nya 
ND^n in nsxanaa *^d jo i^ 1 nao^K 'ai : i&on rin^i sna pay tb\ pinnn d^ onnsT 
Nnnnn pnDW n^y *ip jsvaN nxn rnae> y^pa -icnb nqd^n |d b^a: nd^d fxa 
l pK^K b Tinw ^Nni?N i^n ^y p3D i o s pn ;ni T'sid^n Nnaxvax "ai cni^s* 
D"Nnai?N yo ^X3a^N *a n^D ,,, i n^py D^n5 ,, Di fba&^N in na ^x^i nb niDaa ,s*n5aD 
"inkw .yni in nbbs k!>k nbo xb |N oby "nn naboi nbpy n^N may on pao f 
:sbabx na bna nasn on riNn riaD bnoKB nan bnpa ripnvbxa ^n yannD 1 ' jxa n^y 
riaD^x S1 .3D aa naax ^in nnya jbro'i bai ry n^y nbbx can ndo aD f nya nxyi 
aD a naax nxEtaba rnya ibm ..t^n 9 fDnNi Danbs* jo niNn^N n^a* 1 anas ^aba 
nsena I0 Nna KpDa Dnpobx n^a n^ax anax nabo jd -vaN^N dv^n s ai .n\pxa 
DbaobN "a t3 s Nn 'by ana 11 ini i*6q ^2 nva b^bbs DbbN Nbfl NHyno lbi *a jnbi 
nb niDa[i] nDa nDai pii jm N^ns jwns in Nisa b^an nb nmpB ." in no oby N'b 

1 So MS.; nata? 2 MS. anbiom. 3 MS. Dmnn. 4 So MS. 

5 Marg. pani. 6 So above; originally DKcbx. 7 MS. b. 8 Marg. nblD 
9 MS. }DNl. ln MS. adds i\ MS. Nin. 

O 2 

: inNJ-^N 2Hr\2 * 106 

epn 3 yvn - ana-wxi annnax ba dhkin |y "j^x xn:a rao laxaa ' annxwx 
joyj noax jxai* n^x mma ptyon n^o hyni . 3 an:y &ai taxa ^ii p *r pa 
xn^>ap* a^>a rival ani jo Nina rrby pyxe n^x noxa nxat^xa xmx jxai 4 n-a^ 
nn pn^>xi n:y^>a no^y iia nub pnma 6 njo nix 6 fx ^x nonaa "in" 1 : 5 mxDa 
na xrna rry 6 fxa |k* nya axyo^x pna aipiw ntrai .nao *jm |a niw joy: pa 
nnt^ txp^>x anxn raa^x niia n^n jxaa nao ^>axn x^i nxnn n^> ^>xpa anao n-xp 
nxyan a pv^on^x naxoya -iao , naxa ibzbx kw naax nnxai najn .'otcrnba inpa* 
po^ani mm* oaa [,Ta] axpx OKaox ; ta ibibit 8 jo x^>a xo nyaa f\vra jxaa 
nai>o xroi ixxa fuo ia ffpm t^d oxen n^n jo noxn ^p 9 pn nvpwa riao :i?p 
"n^s n annaa [jx] xnao i^x riaa^x >a jxa :riaa 65 10 nonpno^x Sbx yo 
Wxa nop *a 13, iaa T,x^oa nyaa nxooN nanpn n^N 12,, yna naanoaa nanKn^ 
n^x a 16 nxaa^x |o nyo jxa jo 15 ?^ai anao nai p)?k na ejbt* p anao 14 nxoxa 
xl?ax* Kin nw "6x 18 n^x mixa naD^N "jbn 'a ffprn po an .pn^x *a 17 ibana 
in 22 naxa rrx "j^n ^y 81 nNniNi 20 nax mo io nmn nnonn npi -nnpn 19 n5x 
xnao axpx riaa na nanx ntwo nnya n^o an ;ntm ' pncoi?x "6x b>db6n n^> 
n^yji nn!>a ^n n^oni na naoa riTii^ i^o 23 n^y b* an ifoo ai ffvyo ^y 
i7 naNixa 26 ,tj r*^5xa* nan ^yna i5 npin xnnnn \trpibx bvn - 4 Dsm n5>aa* -a 
iT^'X'' nnya i^oi {proa ruas 29 pos mya i^oi :ri:a a 1 ? 28 "ii?n nya axna m&ai 
:nTJi riyso nnosi ffJNh 31 rno aipo^N n^a 30 ai nai>o h "ai nao n^ H33N 
mxao xnaa :an nsoi nso ?n n^om nxo i^o nsaoa nans* trwin*? mya ym 
l^n "-ai baxa nvsanaa i^o nabo jo -i^s* nao^s 'ai .riaa n< -\bm naas apnn^ 
nxvyi pjo i nyNOKi na naaa ap^in 11 ntj n!?N riaa *ai smw nssanaa nna riaa^N* 
mas naxao pi^anDNi }"uyw^ pneb* *a nxoa n^on pa n^x hyaa po j 
n^N 11 jax ini noy npnv naxao axai : ^axa ^n n^en pa hya Nov p aspx xc^a 
nby nvy^N ^n 'a -a^x n^on 1 " jxai : nxvy an pJD n nwnaa nyxox ri:a x ; "jtaa 

1 p. anavy. 2 m- ananvi. 3 //. i^vaxi. 4 ^. omits. s So MS.; p. xi-j'a. 
6 ^. omits. ' ix. n^npi ax^x nonn n^a. s n. \$. 9 MS. -jn. 10 ft. *n^N 
nonpn. " /*. mba. '- fi.^ obm. 13 ^. naa. H m- nxoa. '' M - 
iboi. 16 p. nxox^x. 1T n. "faoa. ls m- adds bi ry. 19 m- x^jx irx. 
80 /i. omits. 21 /a. nxbixi. a f*. |x. 23 /x. nxri. 24 fi. axn^x nbai-x. 
25 /x- xnnnn npv ^apxi. M p. omits. - 7 p. nnx:xi. M ix-xm:y. ' Ms. 
pjON. ^ m. an; MS. BNi. 31 m- nono. 32 Lacuna? 

105 : T"ln^N 2HDD : 

4 ibo 3 tj xrb t cb t fhenm l fro* ^y hr^xa ien xnvya ai .Kmiya a 

(N)m na nxnpNs * ma 7 rh TiNaa nan Nyna jm^x p [n]nxi 6 itai 5 ppni>K p sp 
Dn .fwrwa n5n ^yna Nmnw |&oi Nmbi *ain on .yae^K s n3 in ^k Kntan 
^5^lD , }ta idkb "nt^>K a d^n i?y <di ma dnp niw DNpota ^x 9 -inv ton 
nyoi mxpa mbx nya twnt* ita p 10 a^N fobbm an .[-jin] ^>yaa rutoo wb& 
12 nod^n p* -no n^u arnaa y& *i^ amby jna yivhm mi>y ids 5>r> "paoa 
ai .ph^K bhe ,3 DnjD ;xaa feh a nyoi "o^ri TKpa [mta] nya oh .annpnt 
yciw im i^n jsai .wmpK 'a n^K nyai axnx ja amm -jbo [p] ^w6k ruDta 
aiyi i7 .tikpn ami 16 nax^ no.-6 nasai nya pnx/X nna 15 odi a "pew r&ehh 
21 ntana ^ponpD riawta* Dm nto p 19 }xa-ia xona naxna 18 ?pa ne^k na 


,naD 6 $>y B NB*Na ricN/N main ya^ps H hn on .lata 'ta Hyena spNy^N mnta 
nta nan* nasa Nota nm^D xmm bnx mi?K "i5wi Nnao rtatfta h3dS>n ai 
pyai? 25 h>o-ik rno* nap ah .N^na nbta pxa mbn pa tapi 24 Nota *b HKp5*fl 
28 TD^nta w6 tapa K.mi>y Knbin na!?a 27 nta pntai 26 -\pata waatthc Tt6n 
Nnjxa 30 "j:act< ne ^nik^k p nynoK* ttrb tap jm ftoN w ntapa pay no 
nd S1 tfmna |Kai /pa woa n^ym un nsp ^nn nxia n^yaa Kn^ian wXQ pan 
'yna nNm was Nnprii nan 'jna "ipxy nniir nJNai djw i>nK p ^ii n:y ha* 
n? nnp^N a *pi>Ka naaoa ^6^na nn^JoN^n pya 32 n^n tabii .rwnxa nai 32 xrN 
a^a nyiap iaxa nru^N *a Dnvya n* 1 p dnd ^yx ypii .nn^sa ^ppnta p 
xnyx^N biHa ^ntpn* >:a ^n laa' 1 jxai :n^x DD^a nmysxa ko^s *a Nnxp^N 
nai >jna nnax^ uia nyaa 37 "jWn nao 36 ijv Tin Nnn^i ^n^k-idi n^y 
jy "n^x ejB'a on ynw vh om i^d^n rta^D ^n anp^o -nn ornNxaN nwnd 

1 MS. mo. * fi- ^on. 3 /^. N^N. 4 m- omits. 5 MS. adds ppl. 

6 ii. bw3\. 7 m- omits. 8 ^ Dnnxpxa npi ^x. 9 ^ pax. 10 MS. y^N. 

11 MS. a. 12 ft. omits. 13 fi. DmDM p. 14 p. ftfB>B\ 15 MS. nm. 

16 fi. omits. 17 /x- nDa N^N. 1S fi. omits. 19 MS. pDiN3. 20 ft. ?0*ho 
panpo. 21 ^. nn^om. 22 ^. NaiN. 23 ^. sap. 24 /x. ma npi>K nr6v. 
23 m- ri^N^N n^N. 26 n. ivbx t^aaK^Kb TDN^n^N. * On marg. p. niK; 
MS. p^K. ffl /x. omits. 29 p. n^xp. 30 ^. mvbx p iJacN nd mynD. 
31 /x. m^aa. 32 m- omits. ^ ^. ppn. w ?. omits. M m- manna ^n^cn 
n\sid^s p .T^y nny. 36 ^. maift*. w ^- omits. ffl MS. adds ^ii ry. 

[II. 6.] O 

: inwbN 2xnj * 104 

ytnn nta an :[mtd]& 062 b\ jxDxnj ^>x rowo D3D eprai pun odd x^>ixi 
nyaa l pja rinD njrey on .pa 6 xnn -iDj^ab x^dd Dxpx fba rv n^x p 
n"a pp&aiw ipabn dxudx [^x] &x vbita P013W nWra nna Tin pjo i '-' rrnran JD3 

DP03DK "ON yvXIDI DlD^Xl TlDl !>3K3 JD NDip ^J1 JXl^m 1&Kn91 nxnni ^3 ^N 

UK's 3 rvnin^x jnp^ axon ab* nra&b amyr prnSw anpin nnx^x n:x3B ,d[k]b6k 
i nr\chyb txrtb* ^xd^ks "iK3rtt6N pjo nos 4 nx^>x jo* Dr6pK3 ^x -j^*i 
ftoota nnruNB tfhDMDfjN am 6 ?pnx^x rfepN3 an^ xno^ya "jbi ha* nx-nni?x 
7 ;x tome ipa .nw^N nptn -j^d jd nanxD^x fuota "6x ytnn -jta jd fvbm 
tj jo t^d &btt 8,, xhxn KiTa t^d "ni?x p3abt rrim .[pud] bon frmta -^o 
jo 9 paW>K pa rimxc'D x^nxn jn!> -j^ii .rivpxj ri:D ton Nnntai jn rmn!"x 
ni>K* p3D f rfefo* nin jd dpdb .rinnxi hjd 'a nnw^x *a d^xi t^x ^xhxn 
[|X3] ndi . 12 riDxn p3D* x^x on!? 3Dnn vb xmttb cn fbmbu u *p3 10 bbi *n 
riJD^x *b xdx .tiki ^x T3 jd pn^x 13 *|^d d^x ^ixn iny by rinxmbx jd 
-nn nsia rrby jvpb nr nos ntbyi ^x ^y H xny n:ix3* aym" 1 -j!?d jd ^ix^x 
ln^x* 16 nnb axnx t,^d jo ^ix^x riJD^x ai .xnnna 15 n:r6 'jrr jx n^xD 
xnrnnx "ni?x nxriyol-x^] nx^x jd jtoi ,roa n5 riox^x i5n ivi^x im 17 6^x ^y 
xn^xi n^j^x Dnnn n v i'xyo "nmnmro "ny axnx "ryxin mx ,9 nT by iS b:) ry* nxa^x 
33 ^yci y?^n:x* ibx ri:D^x i5x ai : 21 po^x6^x jo i-na dip *3Bi "jxnD jxdb pjd j 
xcd^x jd xnxj - 5 ^t^ jx Danx^x M np i?n jrn^x ^nx^ ^xpi ^oid^x bii bx ^xidx 
*jn i^*i nyns* ^ an^r obi iriya 2S ixnjx^ n^y jni^x but taijffi .jxnnp!-x xnn ^y 
nyn jxaip^x -j^i ^y xod^x jd nt3 28 ym pxan rbbx nyna n3"i 27 d^x !3y m^x 
jnixD mp^x -5b xd^x nDnh ax-in^xi ri-xin^xi nnbaNa xd rhi t n^y 5x jx 
^n^x j^d^x nin bio jx^i .vbin in oip^x jd bnp) nbba aba nx^x x^ i^xpi "rbb 
S1 6^x ^y* inx^x rbw xoa i^xd^x pyn ^tix" jxsb* xd^xi Dxyo^x xn^a yp: 

1 p. omits. 2 m. mm. 3 MS. rixun^x ^p* ab. 4 ^ omits. 

b m- an^D^? 6 n. 3i' xd3 xin 1p^n , nbi ^i byon. " MS. adds r^x jd. 
8 M . hn. ' p. xs^d i3. 10 /x. nyon n^n jdv " ^ mwn. 12 ^. pao^R 
riDxn^x. 13 /*. "j^x. " ^. ny s jxb. " Both^yn; /*. nm. 16 MS. adds n^x. 
17 MS. inx^x; ii. omits. I8 ^- ^ym TiN3n. ' 9 f*. >TT. w MS. inx^D. 
31 m. pdxd!?x. - p. yoj. - 1 f*. irxpi. M /i. "inpnbn. 25 ? bun. 26 So MSS. 
27 n. from nyas as follows: in ^yn nxn^x in3N ro lxnv^x ny3 my xd^ ah. 
2S m- ^1 ty. 29 ft. omits. w h- WW. ;tl ^- inoyu3 n^XD^X. 

103 : T"iw6n n^ro * 

.TBD3D bi: '33 in ri:o -r ibi yci -ixvs 'po n noy^ i^d^m kbxb* aan 
nbx lm nao 33 naaN a^nx mya *]i>ei :mi>N itata iki ^pan wxn mfi byai 
wa kito m!>y nntsffiDM np ;n3 nasi> n^ 013 33D3 ni33 n^> tap* kst N^in bnp 
|N3 ko!>b ,"p*i 'jttan^ niaa m as6a$>N noni* yvio * aabK mta m i?Nps 
DKpKB H3t:3 B ypID "WJ DHD nKHND pBWl "jfe anxn^ 5 3Nnx jha pao a' nya 
u nci jo ho^x "boas pbb6n 7 mb y>* nxEi nip^x 6 xin nn3Ni ^y mru 
nb \tm p upDQ pnao na3x mrnN mya itai : 9 anW>N nriDn^s* ysioiw *^i 
nDWM *b }Nai mo a< mya 3Nns 10 p matt amm i?iOB nbi nb t nb) nxos 
p-6 toum on .i?vba 3kt nnn nana "6y nD?N D3^> jjob n^a^x *a tip yi3 
"n3-ic 'K^oa p Kim r6 tap* nr:o tt3D p ^an mya iboi :axnx ba % nW>s 
^y I3 ?Knns nata ^wk bi .nao 12 na -pen anas s p3 jxa p ^npa *3ata yu*?K 
DnyooNi yNDnis^N'3 "on* nw np ja naxa* omnp Tin Dnta "nay JN3 p ^3 
p omB pa* nW 18 yDii>N t^nsi Dn^y y^b 17 iyoniN xoSs onyo may 16 nax *b 
Dmi>y paoN "jin 20 fte Nobs 19 nriN na* 1 d!? ma* vbt&m mxan n&tca paiDi>K 
naas* msim mya ita : rcnam 23 nyoa t^h ppai nnx nnao " n^ oh 21 oni?npi 
I^di :rinc> *npt* rkhn) N-^na n^y 24 p^ np* pcn "]i?o ^Nin jN3i riao v 
^o n'soK aiNn im HiNita vtw ddn n3N^ hodki nao f* nass ew> mya 
Nib naaK nyai* mya i^di : - n^npi yt?m h nnano iid jo mm miy nvas mw 
,-iDaj ^ni ^nNon p ^nidn ^a np p -i3N np jn3 no ^yinnx 'ibn* m io 
nfinpi n^ nir6x y^naw 31 n^ nij* fN3 not ton "p nai 11 29 rii3: jN3 mny ^yi 
^Nhc^x ^s*n3 [Njbrita n^> ^nawnaD nbi?N aiva Mnbt6nDfitci fiyna^J nN3ai 
Dii'B' mya 1^1 jra* p mh? ni>np }s ^n nn^N i n^iat [mya] ibm :r\p^ba 
' naN3D n?oi .ni?npD mmsx p na p nnac ^3pN jk ^n [M]inw [n]-ih^ n:N3D 
p nps ^d mi :pnjo naas mnps mya i^oi ificrprwui fin nba nns im pao 
Dm?a p fcOT3 mp^N p *i3ND fhni^M -\bv idj^s bapN mny ^yi nao a rrhzn 


ft. omits. 2 ^. itryahs*. 3 MS. in. 4 MS. "jcd^ n^. 5 fi. omits, 
p. Kin. 7 M. p. 8 /*. 1^D3B. 9 ft. omits. 10 p. J3N. " MSS. n3"l^3. 

12 p. 6a. 13 p. ^nnx. M ft. may "by. l5 ft. n3 naKa. 

16 MS. nas3. 17 ft. dtun -a. 18 ft. yoaobx. 19 Omits from nnx. 

10 ft. TM. 21 ft. omits. 22 ft. nfctf. 23 ft. omits. 24 p. pwjP; MS. pp. 

86 MS. ejo nKpi*. 26 ft. Kytm mso y3is. 27 ft. yixiD. ffl ft. hndk. 

29 MS. H313 ; p. omits. M ft. ps*. S1 M . ,-invp p. 32 ft. omits. 

: TIRT^N 3RTD : 102 

[runs*] minx mya nta }paa n 8 naaK amm mya "j^oi :nnpai rinin^ ' pby* 
p py nbz mxn ^dj 5 yoa naax n^ny 4 jx^ paa i s rnna jxai ^np Dh pnaD 
ynm yoi paD f n^> ? rrSro xoi>a .riaa px mm mms p rxv [k]Jn 6 nnm 
9 b am!?y xata Dxpxi itata [nb ttpyi] n^ iy\sns nox^x mail 8 nxip^x wracnhc 
:nao nyswi 12 np jua* no "aom Dnpo^x ma 10 xno nai>o jo aata rbD *ai .paD 
nnya -^01 iwsh t&rb bap' 1 nnp a bnp jx "6x naa 16 naax mxoN myn -|ta 
"6x nhai nay pn^N |o nn 13 ^n xo3 too naxa Knaa vbx riaD 55 nana imry 
an ,na3x anvb 15 xmax 'a* "vainta jxaa ,aafe ;nn nam 14 3^>m Dnpo^x ma 
3K"iyi>N* -a yiy -V3in nb |N3i .paD v max nio nya l6 nDn3 nnv6 i^n^ -ixs 
mi?K 18 ?inT xnao ii>x faoba *ai ,naa v nans mx mya "jboi : J7 nvji p^dd^xi 
20 3-inbx 5m t6* |a 19, aabx nw nnssaa* pvi noox fxai na-ixrvb peon 
paD 65 naax mprn mya i^oi :nb nfto nms 21 nxoyxi nay nan&ra n^K jxi 
-nyopax nomx 'ai .n^xa Mpntci Dipbx didi^ xnnxyno xiqdo nbxv ban jxai 
ob^x nnn *ai .nabo jo ibx naD^x ^x anrno mxna naxaa sxaDxbx paa mbo 
mim "03D "6y Tixn bx }o iabo pibx i^o[bx] t^x Sxnb xnxanny v6x nvpxabx nao 
bx "by px^nyxbx fo anntaa ^y 24 poipo 23 pxpxabx dx3dx ^x ^y* jxa fo^ai 
jxa xoi Dna^D bnfam nnxcDxi 1^0 ; b xn^a ami>y -ita ^o^N3 nxnaax^xi mtn 
26 Dnpo^x n"3 H bx an^x jo Dip^x yaoi riaD 5a i^oa Dyan* xox hnxin^x jo STPfi 
axnys nxuax |p^x ^y nbha myxini :8 nnanio jy ^nn ib)* nxm isa^x 27 inuxi 
29 oao }o ^ii xomy3 i^oi : pnao na3x 3na mya i?u\ : ri^ayo riaipyi d^x D'by 
n^y 31 aias pnao naax 30 n^x mya i?u\ :naD na mn p x^'ya nb bap" ir-j-j" 
ixaijxa mvp n^y 32 pnnx nn ax^x f mv2 1^01 :n!?nps nor rb bap' b:^ 
nxo jx nx paD n noyi 34, a3n3 33 [j]^ip^x pa xo-a pernio dip^x dxpxi .nxos 

3 ix. nana. 

4 n. nxoi. 

8 p. D)pba. 
13 ll. bn. 

9 p. py3D. 
14 fi. -j^x 

1 /x. po^yv 2 MS. adds na3x man amm. 
6 ^. yoai? 6 ^ mm. 7 m- fxa. 

10 MS. xno; nno? M - Dm. 12 MS. jxa np. 
3^. 15 11. xmaxa. l6 p. nnena. ;7 MS. nvai pu^Db^x amy. 

18 MS. f\rvy\ p. xDan without n^x. " p. rneaa aa^K my^ r.snxa. 

20 n. anv nx ain^x. 2I p. adds ^n ^y. " p. yupax. :: ' p. ma fxa 

">3x!?X OXDpx^X ^X. :i MS. marg. po^O. * p. DITX33X1. 26 li. H^X. 

27 11. nnpxi. 28 p. adds pin "ibi |y namo^xa. M MS. oav. * MSS. x^x. 
V ii. x^c'B. 32 m- ibi nxns. 8S Both MSS. ^x. M MS. ^aana ; p xana. 

lOI : T1NJ-6N 2HTM * 

6n roota i?r\ r\:n^ "i*n "irrc> a -j^n na nnax ita hjd^n n3K3 nd^b .Dnpabx 
riDiDa^N p3D?tt rrin yDin i?ia pd 6 twi nhjx nriN jb jkb .d^n i?y did rhaab 

JN 3rD IT JND^D *!>N 'DID JD pSlD^M JN^> NiTBKpDN nil bwm^M |K Wfi 
B PD1"' 'KDvfo* JIB" 1 JK frlK&K rhy?N ""fl cb IN pTTTO ^>3 p3 JO WD DpDn 

Kyoa 3Dnns snxya nd piop*i KnSya b pdi^ ^a tixd^n '3d jd mo?K i?ix 
rvniw ?id jndi nata jd &ba ffao^s n3D :nai pjd r n^abtf ^a 11 Dxpw , 2 pn3D 
a pn nryi n*a^K t^rro hm yx"ri !? yNan-iN 'a yjrri a py % yNin 6 pia^N 
ndd^k jo "wabu bras nan xyni patnpbs na anpi ^stidk *aa n^K yDi nn ,pn 
"6n mD y rvm nxpNQ jvv '3 mbnb ixp *33 a nnas h* r\)Dbx jdi :Nnnp-\nsa 
niyxDNi KnyD pi N3D ria^D nn[N]a nata haD?N ai .na^D jd pw nyain?K racbx 
mshm BN'ri^Ni frea^tn asrita jd tod ba *a n^s* |nm utoi px^s yho jpdS 
i>a 4 jy ni^NDM nono bi 3 ^ ^a a mnanD* usai Dnn^ao 3Dn nKPobm axn^Ni 
a s jd ban 3^ xnb aw ri^pn 5 FpNbi ^dk "oa *by n!? jxai nao 33 nh "ami .frea 
nDfcO-i>N nnnax kd^b :mo?N mnt? jd vrvw wna D'P' Knao nnw ^a jsoa dbd 
Sroa jiio^n twby bpn *ip |Ka -pax r6 ibnp\ rvha dp?n ycnix n:ax Dyam ?k 
jnin 1 ' 13H3 piiN nNans^N nwen dn s x i DnbaNnDsa ^ jtk33 -nn Knaaan jn i3 

JNDT^N ht3 injJKD T3 13X3 DV^K DH3 6 npS1 JN "J3X D^yN n^5 I^NpS n[]3N D^3Q 

fiDftnx n^n Dn^ inon xb n!? ib[K]pa anonK3* jsa pnbs nNnn^N nis^i Dnanna 

P L)^3N nV33 N3^N3D DH^ ^?Np 3^X BV^N *B DIp^N y3"1 ND^D ."J'S WOD* K^? 

jrei nay 7 Bjnx3NB .llib t6"\ "jiax^ n!?i ^ n^ nynta n^ ibspi xvy^x ipca 'at* jnro 
n^ nyo pa' nb) D33 ja Byai* nb bap'' onax toao jd biib lys'a ivdi hdn^n 

P3D 3 JKD^lDl TIST J3D ^ DXpNl p3D V Qffbv l^B : DpB JD Y 3ai mi.T D3D 

yoii nbiie 3H3B nv i^d p*B> Hxi fbx r\:obn jxa nd^b i^N moirc 'B sjba on 
Bya^ aiN'n w pao j naaN <t3n mya i?di :nns % ^np" ah jnd^d man nd 
no n33x ndx mya i?u\ lixbta jnii n^ 5n d^i na 8 i3bi nao ^d!?n yin"v6 
nan ndn Nyns D'by B^ia ^abx mi djt6n jna hb^d jd foba n3D 'ai .ri3D 
maisn^ py^>K ya isi on :ri3D na mm tsewvT mya ^di rnn^ pa arnornKa 
DBBnTT 1 ti^ai i3SBnB pya ansya 'a nnavD \bx\ ly] n^s ypisa ^it frn *a 
nibd^i pn^N3 rteni'8 -a poan^ Dsan^N* a^mnB s^na ^yo [jsa] im ddn^n pnaa 

1 MS. ND'-6n. 2 So margin; text 3D. 3 MS. B>V 4 MS. y. 

* MS. tftfk). MS. pav 7 MS. ci-icnb. 8 MS. nsVB. 

fop a b)nv p ntra b>*x S>np on .jxaixrov xiix rmx p axv mxi T*ra na3x 
11NX fti&K WD B naxa XC^B Jlfe i>3 pD n D3D x^n axpxi 11XT ~\v\b ai> 

.6 a!? dn3dx!>x p*ci ^y xata ~ixvi l tnan *a ni> iyxa tint ^x taaD n^x 
vria mna ^xidx *aai? nnai n^x "jt ;n i>ap onpc^x rva "6x jnan p ^>pnaxi 
mb&Q max a ^npi .i!n tai p->xi panwi a^>m peyi 3x& nba ai pbd^b i^a *fi 
d nS ni> nh ,ni n^im mr ysxvx naxa *ii>K tkiAk [vi]i :t ^^i >Dn^i 2 aao d.ti 
p ria naa 'ai : 5 pa3 o bsqdk^n *psa ^y ^i xo 4 iyai paa i mw B3D ^y 
paBsb y3x-ii>x mas mi ai^mx i>np may p 6 tod *bi .rrnix rivp 6 naxa moy 
cpynDx 6a naa w :paD a an aspKi two "6x run np poi Taax^x naax im 
ha Sb naa ai .pnaa a1pbi>N maa oxpxi yam na&xa mtaax 7 ^y mxi 3xv 
Dnprc^x n*3 |y ira rr^x bapo naaxa tan on nd^b rrax ^y 1xb> x*in m^3x 
pppi?a d^e>3x n^N *\nr nn xcx^x Dxpxi pnxi>x 3axa "\xvi nbaiw T& 8 xivb 
DD3 irw nnn nnasi nn^anxa cni'BON DTnaxi rr^y n^s rroaa rVva* fraa axv 

t t IP* w 

PT9S ?apa mjnso xp^yno paa nnnn p rax-px nrsii rrw xm p^yna rto'By 
*a "iaN moy "ia ^xi ib naa p\ :xnn^ warn n^y yjkt jim ne'tn "iixa av 
Tirfon Dsm^si rwabs^] inibx p nnN^sw Dnpo^N n*a n^x isnn^ no riny 
.iTaa 11 naax jko^d jNa .t^n "-nix n^x ;x^> n^x ixnn^ xo txdi 3^x1 rnxjr6xi 
fl^x yoj^x }tt^ nia n-na ^x sj^xi py rima ^x p 9 ^xd^x jd ni? my xd |xaa 
xnax^ mpta n^a xh:d iiv x^ n^a bi "a^x !>kd i^ii ^xd n>a rn 9 ^xd n^a 
*6 ^a DDp y^x riaD *ai .n^x^i ^a n^ '^axiv b^x xi^yi 10 DnaD^ an^y riBiano 
i5 fa 'a riaia ^"ii xynDx DnpD^x n^a noia nao ddp b ddp n5 jrw *aai 
'booon T^san n^x Syxoa moxa naax [KB^aa 'yn rixai!?x nrnsn xoba jnaox 
xb ^31 mnn ana yani Dnp^x n*a -a33 mosi ^xidx *a3 ^y nabsna&o nxipni 
3* n^ nvro fxa ipi naax jnb^d mya "jinM naa y nh mxi 'ami :.t^x axnn* 
^xidx ^aa yna jxa x noan^xi o^y^x pa ym an n^x npna mop p nao 
i?nxi p^x 5>ns6 j* N3 xo1 IS rvwAubn pa naoan xo i^n pi mprw nawr 
n-a rinxcy a *w iax* jx bp paa a xrim Dxpx .riaD b ttyb* ^ 1^ 01 n 3 n ^ 

1 i^a.. 3 MS. ^bd. s MS. 13^1. " MS. iy3. 5 MS. p r. 

6 MS. naxa. ' MS. bv- 8 MS. x^X^. 9 For this expression, 

see Dozy, Supplement I, p. 132. "' MS. DnaDX^. " MS. tpNI. 
!2 So MS. 

99 * T"iNn^ 2Xr)3 : 

Nona priJD Drvby *]bDa jd"J3 D3D p wp p biNsf hddk }N3i nb iy"N2 nri 
:ruD fan "ran nh in "bio "did nh no "]bia mp^b jn-q*id baiDcn in Ny"D3 

Sods "33 K"33N -on "bx tint ib) ic ^ii ,3d "ivpii nni>D3 n 1 ?^ ncp^Nl 
nb -in* nd^ fnsvita jd kits ndi n3D y tini iDy Kr6"xan .d^n by Niry im 

hNP Dy "3 p "03N ffVn JK31 hKB' "I^D 3D NO nb 1NX ND^I .^NID^ "33 3D II s 

pannnoa wxh^N mD^K "a idki "bitfbx pud^n "a fn"ro xmns ^k^ds "33$> nnai 

JN3 ^NID^ "btf n^N KH1NS . ND^ND ibi "3 JK21 H"p3 NH3D "p31 DiTB KT3B p^Dy 

"nta mw dsd^ rmp mi on!? n"3 ^s nwn -jbi byas tiki hjnsd 3XJ"i nybro" 
n^ in* nd^b .DfnjxN "ran jsoi {"33 ii wb jndi .KH33D" man nx l w }sa 
"B n^N ^kidn "32 "by nd^d -j-ixbiK *mx iwok np nbbs* |S r6 bxpi bxiDC 
nbbx nany "nbtf fteNbyta dh3d nnxi "a kt oba rrr pa ini" f3 rnxbiN t 
onno"K ro pnoo" jno "iba jmbta nnoDB nD3i "in jd niKi(3) 3N31 nyse .Nnx"K 
bnp nna jk nna biss .'ran "bx "wwi nnpi p biKB> jy TNnbx ban oroibDi 
yii i"3"m tint -iDyb bbx hjd "a ibii j""3"DD^ai> jd nin33 jnoi nvba im jt6nd 
nnSriNi "nrai 3in ;d biKP nn nyn "nn ni3" jk "a nixn 'iaso hws6 "lonnbtf 
ns'ixi mon nbx3ps biav "xn K^ba ,b3"D nhddni nn33S3 b)ttw njfn hdn^n 
"ai ..13 ->a6" bi n3^D "a 4 hx^i a Nm"3i ^Njaibx "bs nn" p3 jd 3nn" jsaa nbnp 
^Ntr Nn^5n riiN3D "a n^is^N .nwn yD" oh nbnp h3ddni biN^a mxn ibd pnpi 
nbnp3 nyo jnd jd 4 Sna n3 D^y" nb) NH3D ri"iNr "a "an5D nitm xn"B nn"b 
)id "B 3^w . 5 rinD ny3 jd n"by Kmnas Htzxby msrx ^d jd i5N3 ony3Da 
HDNi n3y jd i3K "nn b"^3 msn "nxa nyD jd bi bis^ DN3 rro "ni riiNDD^K 
"33^n bxiD^ "Bin ri3D^N n^n i5n "bi :riD*6y DnN"K rrvb 5 pnani xd riix*iN 

jn31H" DHNDDNl H"33 31 VI 3in^N "B ^NB> ^Jip TlH^ "13 "J^T Hy31 H3D 33 T\b) 

3D b nbi nW>N "bx yiTi ibs rn^K "a rn33 mxn "bx "nn3sa .jn^a^Di 7 3n3"axi 
ibi) nnirN i j"3D f omni 8 on"by N3^d dspni rb ij)"N3b niin" D3D n"ta ">sva 

3 Dt 3 3H3"Dy 3 JV^n3 3 9 Nd!?D 3 Ty3 3 H3iy 3 "E* J3 HINT JN^ HD3D DH3N 

yviD jybi n"by jrm biKB> nxD mxn iDyb !?^ mo^N "3 jwi .mvi" 3 pa 3 jnvn 
l)"N3 ri3D^N n'in "ai : idd^n n"by ^T3" x^n nm^K id "by 10 j3yD n"a invb nyiVD 
biKB> i"n JN3 }"n3obx nin "ai .pruo on"by dnpni bixty J3 n^3 c"Nb D3D k^k 

1 "B> throughout. 2 MS. frvjl. 3 MS. KHTJ1. " Lacuna? * MS. H3D. 
MS. JTaoi. 7 MS. "^"1. 8 On the margin. 9 So MS. l0 TiyD? 

N 2 

: inNJi 1 ?** 3XDD * 98 

p ' pna n> ^Np' *bnaa jta bin mya onnani : pa^DDbabx pya nox na xvsn too 
xoobx }D Kanirn nswi anwt xno^Di rnD*p ibo rep ids* na vaa rao oyras 
a oipbx xbnx ip K3N3 no ny3 xoTby jxs nba 2 pnnbx ysyttn aawabN Bona 
}o Dnb byaa nbbx *b lansa pao f jwoto T >a i?abDxa oipba imm Dn spo 
naa rrteo nxbna on^xnyx |/]by nbbx nnva trxv p pjna noDX [N]ban npata 3 D3D 
: riao 6 -jbn nya xnn pyna onnani . ban bj*>n nb cjbx p Dnb poixpobx riny jxai 
p ybm nb bxp* natytt" |d bin onnan on :paD j pyna p -]bo"ax onnan Dn 
on :nao 33 nybaba s tn* nb bxp 1 - ntpac D3D jo 4 ban onnan oh : hjd aa nxia 
onnani nybabx nna^ tin 1 ? 3xaa nbbx ^ lanxa riao rV jioy "oa T *a loboKB iddx 
: p:D f rnvp taaD jo poa nb bxp" 1 rmrp raao jo ban mya onnan on : pan t nna* 
jo ban mya Dnnan on :pao < pbx nb bxp* pbia? D3D jo bin nnya Dnnan on 
p^DDbabx hx^x -a loboxa ioax on :paD ri 6 bbn p pnay nb bxp^ onsx 03D 
br oba niao p \\mw nb bxp* p 03D |o [x]ban Dnb avaa nbbx b tnxa riaD a 
xrxi nnabD jo nax^i onaivn asias jo ybp H i on'-oixpo noa^ riaD sbx nnn 'a 
DDna 7 Dtiy nTai nan 'yna ^bn* ;x nxa Tin Dnsnxno im KDP* trraya .onnxba 
p^oobabx NiTs jxa nya *by ^ans nnoy nix *ai .an^a nno nao nb has 3"^nbN 
pnn p nn\s* nbt p ban nny3 onnan Dii tonyo nnbnpi Dnbnps nypia xnapnys 
'bisbs riaobx ""ai :riaD na nny p Nina >i\> ;s*ai .riaD ti *by nb bxp* jxnray p 
Nnnnv naxai [ri]npxy naxa "nan nras* jn nna3 ;ra [sal 'aabx bxirac* nbi fcbx nnn p 
9 nbi jo in^x ja Dmn" J3 napbx xnban yra riaD ba *-a ann nasai nxbixbx riTjia 
nb nbbx 3Naxs xnb s*ym 'by xnranna xnbi Knpn 11 jx Knan 10 nyns -lb j3 nnp 
n lN*Da b'3D xnni nnyj* jo nax^ xbi nraa an^ xb xaDxa JX3 nbi npn jx nnn:i 
rinp 'a i^a^n jxai nbbx n s 3 nnrarbxi bxiOL M nntaDxi xa3x [n]nbia .b"xncx ^3 
nbbx nx3a riaD 6 nb nx^* xobi ^abx mxn nbi na nb ixv xoba : ib" 1 ^ xnb bxp* 
mxn nbbx yboxi .-anxnbx bbx by *by Nn^a xam ^nbx riaobx vt\ rabx riaD a 
nax *ai : nao x s nnm onnan^ dxpni b-xnox aa na pnvi n^aabx iiraxbx p n^ha ^bx 
aa 'by xaxns nmp "a 12 npnb eprifb* n-aax 'bx n^ann^x py3 byi paobx nnn 
Dnyoaa in w tjnyi nb pixa nan bxoa xabo onb bya* 1 jx nibxoa la^Lavxa b'x^ox 

1 MS. pa. 8 MS. Tinbx. B MS. Dax. * MS. xba^. 5 MS. na\ 
8 MS. bxbn. ' MS. XOi-y . . . DV. 8 MS. pp. 9 Marg. boa. ,0 Between 
the lines iyna. " MS. -jDxa. ,2 MS. npnb xayvb. 

97 * TlN/lVs 3WQ * 

IK ynoK npi ^vap" run viany ip mai Nbyn nbbx ji riaa ap 'buibk avbx 
npi/x srin bap annxnax pi^> ban ybx nytti aba by pa p ypv aany fibanaa 
Twbm xb nrba nbbK aany ir?H atn Dmjro[]i anb n?BKa inn p nrybx nyoi 
y s xnt? nnan sbi na ta-wyn xh nbbx nayn |N psbw nNiNEabxi ()m tfbx 
d^i nxaasi "jwn nbbx rraapi "iaa baaba nx ns anp-it Dh .Krrtia nKnmbx 
nx nbbx raw | ns nny pan* kbv b onaxao anbx axpsa : map nnx insp 
a pyb a mmy p yiatpnN p pa p l fw IfiOl anbx nrrv jsa pa p l yw 
vpba }D*a nne> jo *5> dv pnsns ana nayi BrriaKB epv a anax a 'nb^nip 
nwn niid lyaia ana niax np srrn bnx fkai .pnxbN anb pV kb nya Knn 1 " 
..mapny* b^ncw "03 pon vh Tin Nnan p n-ia pya pia xniya niton annano 
.nbabN nx nan an .nasao niabN naaa nan w\ nxaita i nnwn ytyv ^saa 
nna N.naio nbwbN naabx ^a ,naa na N.Ta b^nax *aa nan Tibx paabs ribaai 
^Dn Kb nbba pixa ^ap B>DK>bb bxp riaabK nnn }o non nnp bi .*ybxi Kmm 
naDi 3 anibnpi naK an pia* napia amanyK ^snaN *aa anKm Tin 2 naabN baxb* 
paa fbx s ai .naabK n av bias rnxna nbK bi^n s a "jbn jKai anSnb anbK 
anaxnba nnai BxcbN "pbo nine: lawa ab Kb anxn nnnnn ^aa p Ws 
,cnb -j^d .mDn> n,bo .snan -jba .abains /y^N .xn^v ^d dhnobki 
^d .naab n,bro .nny -^o .nonn -jba .nna -]bn ,n^n ib .nra "o .pbay n,bo 
nba .pnt^b ibo , 4 pia lbo .nan ibD .man -j^d ,bs ma "jba .nnpo i?o .abny 
.anp i^d .*}))bn "]bn .-jayn i^d ,^ax "]b .pna pnat^ -jba . 5 rinNav *]b .pno 
nNbabs aap masnbN ibx 'Bl : 7 rima^ i^d .bababs -j^ra .nn ibra .bDnibK iba 
yvio s a nnn^yi aaa ba mpi ^Nnax 13a pa nd 'a nnan ab na n^Ni rimneDbN 
nd bis r6 |K3l .abx by ^bio nncN xaa ansymi anaia^ bnpk n5xbN riaa insi 
"dwii ^P nncy yoa nava riaB na apb nam naa 6 nb icbni riaa aa ^otob nabn 
awao if up p bfc^ny bp nnim aaa p ban nnya Bipbt? nam jnM nnc^ *B 
n Bmobo^B amby nia 1 " iaxa ani 9 n juna naio nr ny nbbx ansaai riaa d 8 anb 
nm ny vaa riaa a p^aa aaa p Nna p linn nb bxp^ nnya ban annSm :paa 
p bpN nay p naoc* nnya annam :fiaa n< anb a^'Nao ;N3 3nid -)b& pbay riairo 

1 So MS. a These two words are between the lines. 3 MS. anbinpl . . . IplB. 
* PB? 5 Fornisn (Joshua xii. 19). 6 nao? 7 For nvnn (Joshua xii. 24). 
8 Between the lines; V=nN. 9 I.e. B'-nyB'n; MS. i. 
[II. 6.] N 

* inw^N 3NJ-D : 96 

.nbariKi naD^N dv "DTK .K^oxa pi ddn3 [^]nn n^ /an jo -ok mayo dd^ 
k!>i .mr fnsne' iron b .p-iDn ah ,jm n^> .Daata ^npn n^ ,*]dki "jniin d-on 
yNonDsa n:b ripNB xb oioi> i^spi nymxi mpbx ixoa :npn nd^es "jndn* iDnn 
wycD na Nancxn xd spoil wan pni Kara ko^b "vbd^n p D^by^x msbx trin 
p x yns'D^ dy6n *a bi^N ^n 'did nytt Dnoo ^x s|8rrcai6K3 DiTidkb .KayoKi 
^ Dirby avDota nm&K prn^N* n^N nbbtn vsn .Nov 6 ma dnpni ;vd -i.x> 
Ronae naanata ysrrs*s biyba vb non w p t^s* dv^n *b brai .nxoba 
p mpbfcc p i?npi no^n ^y rarrii i?jyi?N ma on .NnSam xypia nr 'by ibpfn 
oipi'K p p^pNa/K b skmbvid^ non p o^n *a baita ^n lysi ,*]bi pnnDK 
nya inxi dv 5n a *pa npi i>rai . 2 mpb!> n^N isa jn ^n nix o tarx dnpni* 
^n nyva p^ik^k a JN3 xd s[o]n^y amao -ok pmb nfriyna nb ni>!>N p ny^a 
mos nn ,*wn p ^x dv ^m hta ttw dni p lini ia dv 6 dnpni baata 
jniK- * fry a ytni b tcnha |Nai mia p NnaaDK v\bx rioo nSptat na^Na 
nyKannw wrvi a a yN~n p nho nh^nih ante pikid xni?i jrriK < NnyxamNi 
niai>Ni anniwi "vino^N p na pm ndi NnnN^xK a Dip^x tantrNa yrix n 
nmm oaD p mn p mn p tabxa i^i 'hnopN ?Nai n?a ti^k mm* i inm&Mi 
>a p'a w p ^in!?n di^k s a na^Ji nao ansa p D2D P 10Dn p aK^nm 
jyb iiiobx nin p nK ^Nh^x nrw^M 'n^n *ai ,bb nnn p rroNri^N fbD^M Sn 
m :nynp inn Nnnyn^ n^oai ntnm^ wrby rbu \n nya nw rina p oip^N 
*u prfh* ;sa Dn^y Dam Kmbar is Dn^y pn^n nonn p^D im iba nnv^M lax 
nao b^ "lEKpNa .piNaa onaN^ ttn^nM ejKaa i^np no ^it<^ riaD o^n frpa hna^x 
p h^N tto jo T/N DV/X bi .nx"nn^x a ri-nntyo ysNio v b ; i "D'pn >a nh:d 
nyo nd [yjnsai 5 piNpa hnddk 4 riDnpni N^yni i-wan nb^N pjoa fraKn^N nao^N 
ono main* o^n naD p p^a iw ai .ana no^j on^y dn^d^n mh 'dio xyna 
nbi dk^d^x n^y pnn ^ain naDi'N n*in pa Hn inc pi ,nao iap Nnh ;xnrDy "fiaan 
[n]w ^n i^n nya ti^n nvns^M u aw pn^Di pjjncaata ain |K3 on ,nao iap 
a^N ^ai'N dhjn^ on^y nNTini>N nmyN a 'did iax oat? ins? ^n nd^b oa 
jin rvNna jN*ai wnnpa bam nb tra koo mntw no ^ai Nnbam KnaDaa arnow 
Nin ^a ^n 'bn bap 7 in h^n t^n dvIjn b oni? ba? Dii .-nx p ^n avba 'bin 

1 MS. a^yD. 2 This sentence is repeated in the MS., which has "ON DV D. 

3 So MS. 4 MS. nDlpni. 5 Between the line nip. See Qoran xxviii. 79. 
6 MS. naax nno main. 7 MS. Kin. 

95 * T"**r6a n^riD * 

%tb> *&& tbt* fiaa jo kvd nd^>b ,["i]SD3 pnaynao p3D^K rrin y>Di u ^marc 
nriE> jd av ha ' *a nbi nax ^ii . ja^ irw jd ia^N *a i^i \h&\ *bid aaa jnaew 
^kib'm *aa ^k ^ian ^yii nwa NrnDJt ^ndb Fud^x rhasy *a in^n wa ,tw 
jd *by sxtb nxriyDi nma n^K rrfki .^Kjm n^ nnxay^ anpW pjns ^k[i] 
H3N3 t6k nsn^M rathiM nrowc jdb .rfop pnvn n3a bpn in nriiiMPD3 nn^y nrh? 
Knfrnit t6n nxa^K ^k an ,po *va jd t^n fwa ran Nvyiw abpi nixa^ a 
mini ^>dp^n paai snMri&K yai ndi nd^n a^>p Knvrjn .aNiyta jd nDtpai jiynaa 
nata hoi nroN-QK b ^anao^ mp^K mean anaKvn u aaita yipii prnta 
rrin niNai DrrmaaM a^nnaNi bk"n i iab d[n]^dni nxiibx yssmNi tarhy 
naxnnaNi n:iD nxn:x nan b pal .ja^a tw ^w vk int? pa xd *b jindns^n 
dio i?oy^ ai nnx pud ja^a "vw jd 6i fbh >l ?n -naata nax "6k toum) .naa^ aan 
apta yD *dm asps aii :Wk l^n *po jd py nanaa maty Droi&ia n^x jixa 

1^1 BKpN rt3D D^N fll "6i*6n H3D 3 |D HJD NO H^ "IKS JK ^K Bn^N nya "10 

anax ri:D cfo rVrn jd ^k^m naa^x an^ rnn mdi na^N naa d^ni nxaa 
jd ai^K avbs *d bdk> py nb ^xp 1 "! popfi .ts un*d ^^n yiiD^N jd nvD jd lana 
rinia ^k in5 Tin k^^i nsnj ^nxnD i iindd nnxnD ^in f\ba "in Dnmy jwi jb^j 
"a anpn^a nDip yDaa ri^h pav *b pyna ^x annni n[n]3MB 'did nsp n!? ^xp^i 
Btb* l^n *iJ ,, a , i inn^N ^k^ ^y w^n fiW jxiDDy^N aspxa ja^ jd 5^n bv 
nDipi jiyna anynns rinDJp 'a 4 D3D ba nsxDy^N tnjb rhaap *n nna^N p^Bis 
Nj3i nnxi nd nm an^y -idnjp^n npaDJxi ina^N ^a bil ry n^N anpn;ND 
jwi rinnD^x JD3 ^ l^i jk ^ a^N i fnabtf b insa an :^nicn ^a nno 
a aip^N int m an .anb nN^nsa nan 'jhb 'bid ^n aipi?K B 1B n^d xhnd 
b^tbi "'/N 160 Dn .ndd^n jd jd^n ^nB nan ""jna n^n liva n^-N jd ib^N dv!?n 
.nav^s jd nd py anb njsa nan *yiB 'did ^k liva i^Dya n^N jd aj^x av^N b 
jd n^sh^N nn^s im jvd ins? rinj jxai jtd ntD ^n ii nn anyD brn a^i 
annsnynDNi ann^nana 6 nn^N jd bn'w a nya* ^ii ry rbbx noxa nvD jd anana 
ysn jva "inc jd i^x avta ini i^s* av jsa nd^?b ax^ a annnaa noN^a iyoa^ 
myn^N psaN^N "a nnbxi asD^sa n^Nin 7 ^at nma naaDKi niata bai ry n^s 
pa" k^ .nnsi aaan n^x njn Nn^x / noK^a jd bip^n yDDNi p|Swy^Ni pna^i 

1 MS. jd. 2 MS. 6anaiK. 3 MS. ^k. 4 MS. aav. 5 MS. 

3BB. 6 On the margin. 7 MS. ^i'l. 

ah ,nnta> a* nbrao *a axpxs pyns Txp na^Diab myxai nro -bx m nxas aipb 
'a JisBi Ban }x 'bx n*by nan::! x.nay 'axnyxa 'naaa \y Txpbx riiir nnnixn 
'by paxaobx lpbxa uytaxa jnsbnbx -|bn rxaabxi *pxabx xn jx bx paa ' pabx 
pynsb man" ;x pxabx nnxya ,n*aa 'pxabxi 'naiyva rxaabx xnnb xcnnaas spy 
jxai Snanaxa *pxabx mana baxsabxi npabx jm pins -xn |x -bx pnaa h'djxd 
nrinax xn-si . riJD ap nnajn pnDX -sin naabx ibn ai :ri:B b nybx p nb 
yacbx ua f xnao paa 6 nxa -bx apy- nxx }x *bxi npibx ibi pi .nrna -by pv 
*bx xn-s nxa nbx naabx *a apy-b jxai ,naa icbx rrpa m yiibx aa p pnaai 
abx by -bib nbi jx -bxi nro -bx nxa nci :bsj y nn-a tax fxai naa bp nro 
n-MDjn apy* ^m naa r -jbn nya <xo xnbi .nso 'bx ts ixd nbx naabx m bp 
-pxs T.niax an nsjn jxa *nx ixax jx nb ibxps nao ?pv max f|xaa .naa rap 
anbaxps ibn -bx lixnnn a-b anb bxpi ppr xaas .*pax nxbx nbbx n-ay am 
riJD 'si .paa *p nbi p|bv 'sin paabx nnn p sbx naa 'si :na i^ioy xd jy n*abxa 
-aa nxaynax -s pybbx pyna -nnax npibx -jbn pi naa ibp nb\ 5 -ib -sin ni 
inn nb nbi wp rba *ai t *b fa nnp ja ixiDy^ ano nh nip hjd 6 *si 3[^]x-irx 
an ^did nh jx ^x DMnax ih i30 i^ia ,6^x nn^y ^dio nb ib) bp raa ai 
nh p i>ri im ^a^x avx nh iso 7 ^x ^av i*ro nya pjd^x rrin oai s si : rua 
ii>K m^x i?ap WD y xnra ,paa *i moy yrai fxai cn-iax "ax p niru p py 
nnoya n^x ni rnas jDn r6 n^x 13^ xob i^ii mya rao Dpi ,na ;nnr:x 
:d^x i^y -dio maa aip ;x "^x nil ,tjb nix vinrs na xnxi 

no xnten ,i:d isn b^x ^?y iixi nh jx ^x ^bio n^i tdi .i^ DDp^N 
;a nnp p 8 ;xiDy anoi pirn *ai tax jxai . xov f^i ri:B by 3J fx ^xi -bid n5n 
ya^x xn^ bap'' rix-icxa })~\n inn pJB^x 111 bbi -si ;anox '"na^vi 9 pii:xn ^ 
: ncn-xi iry^x xirvaxi aij anxoax nx^x yanx nb nhs irnrr 1 Baa p anroy max 
snoax jX3i n^x i:yb pyns rbax nn5n paa f wvb nxs [X xv-x x.tsi 
pno ^x anna py-is p sjxas nsxa^x f>np n:o na naa 6 -bid^ nxv xoh .x^na 
.n^oy *a ri:B b^ may rues as*nax p pic ih p u yia^ vn wv may n^taw 
aai nry^x -lix^xi aci: xomnx pnh nb ibis nnaax XTiasa inn -]bn bbi bi 

1 MS. xnaaa <by. 2 MS. aanyxs. 3 MS. naiyaa. 4 MS. nanaxi. 
s MS. nb. 6 MS. pi. 7 MS. xbx. 8 MS. |xnom. 9 So MS. 

10 MS. naan. " So MS.; y_... . :. ? Qoran vii. 83 and elsewhere. 

93 * TiN/i 1 ?** n xrD * 

.moy p is pN lm ^yoDX nxEDxi was nb [n]nSi ntana xn6y ^5ti nixn naxs 
r rh |X3i na3x ^yxocxi in fnnixa n3Kn3$>X3 n^x mDN my p 6v tod "ai 
pba |x ny3 dhd n^x 3^>px riaD^x *]bn ""ai .mwxn u ^an b jnnixi tod 
nnan nasn d^s nnx D33D nan^ xi> Dnb i>Npi 1*6103 nyo mrossn nnam xtai^ 
p6x riaD "si .nao N3 QiTD my x xroi jx pan nps .xnaxsE l na3B nnsn^xs 
3ipjn ih }x "^s* pxnDs nh nam .dx^x pi p nanis pxnDx ovnat6 nnts> mh 
n^N ^xp nx pxnox noy p iibx riaD *u jxdi .pom xax3"i ny py^Kl hjd d 
p>3 'bit nn lyyi rnixD .ta&K pya ^y na anpn i"vm "paM 2 iiin n s nnax^ 
jbn "si , 8 na nxnas xtr3D ko.-6 nntbxa xonnyxa n^x D^ya ,[n]np taa&K 
u xni> jxaa pxnDx xn3 aim "n^x D^rnax 'as* mru p ^Ninab npan mh riJD^x 
npi pnDx mh ktos ibii nnt? ^ain rnoy p i^x 3D w .3D t [i]"irn bx npi 
nxpxa npa-ia aTm ?3^>x 3d *ai .3d tp x.mny jrea |N3i 3d i nny^x p xn^> xvn 
.apjn pybx n^ m^i nbm rOKisa nan ^n jna v rh ibn th) 3d 5 xnyo 
: 4 rnen pati"i p*ii pi jk^i pet n^> nha nnitap d\tux inn pnDx anrn nyai 
,nvb ik^n on n3"i pbiar nae^" nnin 1 ' ^ pyDB> pun Dm ib) a^s ni> nh nnoi 
inh poya pjdv bm p .-ibw na nxb nx na^T p ,^na3 p bm nsx [n]n!>a pi 
.3D nyp iy^s* p ni? ixv npi ottox 'sin nnoy p id^n wd^k ai .3D i^ a ni> 
p^ ^n |N-in ^n an5 iybx riaD *ai , 5 py^N p nanno apy^* nns^s riaD^N -j^n ai 
xnnosi 6 nx^ jnsoDKi Ntw i^xa aTrn jn ^k p3D f may Dxpwsa f'xina p n^x5 
paD h nbi # ni> ^San nix paD h 6 xd^t xhddx xnnxi bm\ e xn^a xhddx 
^x yaia yiai^x ^ n^x ^mx on :^ai ?y n^ n^x yav no 3D3 ^nn naa xy^ 
"'Si nnp n ; ni3D n^ bxp"- y*iD u 8 [o]xpxi pnaD nya max pnDX yviD 7 xnnn 
: riaD tbap apy^ yiai *a pnDx^ }X3D nan iay*i 8 [a]np* nncx i ^xn^a n!? i?xp^ yvio 
xnao i6 riaD ^a n>ax ^p^ riaD i6 nso ^x apy^ nxv [|x] ^xi 9 dn3Dn^k nh iaoi 
px^x rb nhi ^xidx n^x hxcdx n3oiK i^n iai .3py J0 "iDy^ 6v riaD m n^x 
.riaD a^p arb) np3"i rfain riaD^x i^n ai .t dx3dx^x "nnxvs p^s nseoa t^x 
noy p p riaD^x *m 3d irb^x nin p n5^x riaD^x 'ai :naD n^ xn^i bm n^aini 
myx3i nniax nnixa n^ pnaxD npi?xi ^d^ki X3313 ,2 x^ poi oxan pjdv n ^di- 

1 So MS. 2 So MS. 3 MS. H3X. 4 Transposition? a. ai (1. 17) to 

bai (l. 21) ; 3. -iaoi (l. 15) to 3d (l. 17). 5 MS. apy* p . . . py^x. 6 So MS. 

7 iron; see p. 92, note 7. 8 Margin cut, 9 MS. DX3VX^X. 10 MS. 

noy^. " MS. nnxD. n MS. T. 

a^>Jo ani> ycnani Kmbton is* nx anxi5^>x jxsDa onyxnax pa bxn^x nxipx 
fna t6x po^K nnn noy D.npnsn 'ixiaay s bb* m6w n^nci nip | nb ba 
'noi .Mk< nb ">ny aiaxBi ."pn^x ft>w noy noa ma p na* aa p:a t unxtwwKF 
vr\ flhti nb nny bini .pinta nsna jo ffanK nb npy ;n .fxinn nb noy 
taa^xi .Dnxa noy Dvnt .jxDxna noy *p'oi .yxav^x X5rax n^x bin va bin 
noy nc>nxi ,nia"a nb icy nonjiro .[xanabx nb noy nam s rtaiwpD^M nb icy 
p db> ^a p) :rianx iDy caini .onap icy D^nai .DiDnu ntoy t^enm .mrro^x 
no *iwi jxai pxn^>xi nba^Ni narrow mw icy ni^xi .jwiDna noy dW ma 
niSDinD ptnota nnNxa rinxoy xb n^aK^i pnik&n pa xoi pNioiw 2 xia^ pa 
nh .mn px ab 2, ax nax *jbi fonx noy nx^aenx nxbix jo jxonpi s won^a 
nb ncy nnai .nhni'N iny hm . rimabx noy piyi .join noy Dnxi ,Nin nb ny 
px ni? nh cna .nb bap* ban ma p nn \n pi {SPic^N nb ny *p*oi .ripcxnabx 
.riixarbx nb ny xanaDt .ftbnr nb noy nbm .xaD nb noy xaD nb bxp" 
oon npi .didt^k lb icy xaaoi .lixj *oon npi lpNpbN nba nay ncjni 
noy ena p mnoabxi .riDxnbx nba noy pm ,ianbN j na*io noy xa^i JiimbN 
xonabxi annbxi NDanabtf onaSan icy nxn nb bNp* bam .naai naD3i 3 DiaSw bsa 
^nNox^N pyai dk^k lb noy jya^ ni? ^Np s brn .bd*ti ptaobi D s 3m KDa^w 
dn^k nb ^n ^no mb jo anai>N3 n^K nicx D^ma^ y nap 'Bi :nna^N |o 
n Nna 4 inai fxin ^k ibi nd^b mix px lji^i nniir ra nnn maw m a-os 
iya Nna noxpo frio njNDB nND jn ^ rra dnpnb mn^ ibshtt 5 "i'v^ aso pao 
nsxi nyo joi a*maN jn5s :pao .in ;n3 mcy jpoi jx^ 6 6 nhjd B^maw ana 
nx^n NmB DNpNi -mo ^ indb ma yia^x ibnib nao ny nh dnb6n iba ^x 
a poi taib npiNB ^jn nd^b dkb^m ^n lyim .yii^x "in iDaax jx ^x nnd'x 
l^o i Drn^x bpx iy riaD ai , 7 xian *b pD D^maw x.tb icxpxi 'nrneyi dhd 
law ana iibdb did ^nx mxnB bjnm noyi'mai ivnxi b^cx Dm pnc^x p> 
ry nbx nnvas W nyDi 8 Dnab ha D\"nax "bx naii'X Tinax xob ,Dny dp 
*bx tan nil .nao *tsa ocn^ obi naxnvx ny nnm nnix xo ba yinnxi D.nny bii 
} nyao np ^axnn xiin D*mafc6 m^ n^xp ns riaD ai :n^xo y^ra nyn ruxac 
xnao bzp\ ,xnb\ ttrb xnx ;x J>yb xnny i^ani nan n5x *b ^ nanx np ib)ba 

1 MS. jxBiaysB. 2 So MS. 3 ?d b^xi. * MS. mam. 5 Not 
distinct in MS. MS. nnojn. 7 pan; see p. 100, note 1. 8 In MS. 

erased and Dn373. 

91 : TINT) 1 ?** ^NDD * 

*bn T^ni xor 6 bw ~\vxbn axpxa jit^nno matoayi'K ria^a *m n-ox^x jntwi jo 
xor ap .nvpa npi -^x xo^>x nxpxi V9dd nnybx nai?a nooxi ht&c jiaxa jo ra^N 
^x:aa' ^y aip^xa rfraata nipnDxi "jvo iay^xn noaKi jxnnn(x) nnp hx ^x t^ti 
Knpia ^yi xmoa *ip jto h^x xo^>x jo taa&x na^aaxi jvd jo bv 1' nya xmp 
noyb nrii nnx nas nnax e px^>x nil jy xoi>x 3X31 Hx nnt? trxn ^a yxnn ib 
"nixs .'Jtchta pen |o tii?s *a px^>x nsa on ,h&6x ptsn n.nt}> *u n^m ma 
nae }N3D px^x rnxoy *a viaxi linaa iyo jo yoii nax xnao infix ma ^x n^x 

JX ^>X ntwant* nh "1301 .OpD PWB nxtWBnK 1^1 JX "6xi n3*BB$>K JO BE> H3 

^x ma nh no nxv .6 !? mn im "oy nh jx ^xi nta n^i noi .6 ii!? n^e> nb nh 
nh jx ^x a^a n^i noi .6 ni? a^Q nb nh jx ^x nay nS noi .6 mnn mn nh jx 
ni> ni>i jx ^>x ant? nS noi .6 ib ant? n^> nbi jx ^x ljn nh noi .6 b ijn n^ 
r nh jx ^x mn nh noi ,6 ba mn n^> ib) jx ^x mna ni?i noi .6 i? mm 
xonnnx jxiix B\n-axi> jxai .6 asnri 'nHx n!>i jx ^x ma -6i no n^na .6 y d\tok 
naoi .jyrnaK vax jnx xoi^> jx^ l oib iax im pn* nix^xi mi ddx2 mna ^xp 1 * 
2 D\nnax nh jx ^x nrsD^x jo ma aij no "j^ii 6 nv^xi riaD n^x rvin u Dxa^x 
nya jo 6 6ti> nyas px^x jo pnpota aaxa *a nnxi yvio u j^yonao 6 no 
npD^x mnriDxi laxa xnnnxoyi px^x a nxemax^xa inox jx nya jxdid^x 
terra anyoi^ pia ^x ri^io *rtbp xn^ ^xp^ mx ani jxyaa jnx ninoa^x xan) 
.nnoa^K nxaa n^x 'aa^x im x^an^x u an*riai nnnaD^x naxnnD n^x nnns may 
noy .21 b pn naax db> noy "-pxa jxai .6 i& jxdid^x nya ma noy s pxa jxai 
ijn noy . ai 6 on ybs> noy ,ai 6 ^n mn noy ,ai d an n^ noy ,ii 6 an n^aanx 
:d f\bp mn noy ,ai 6 6'p 3 mna noy .31 6 bn ant? noy ,31 6 fi 
nn^oa dx^d^x orn^y ^dio lb) jx ^x a*m3 nh no h7^h7^ 0Dp7N1 
nnn *a nnxin^x jo jxa an .b p pnDx lb) jx ^x a\-nax ib) no xn^van .b sn 
pnx^x ^a nxp^x nnoata jxq a\nn3x noy jo b riaD^x >a xox .naxn xo paobx 
mp^x n^x nn^ no^x riaD^>x s si ,b a^ nDnn j3 xo nya ^ni rbxbi bi nv^aa 
finnxi ria^> naxn xo nya onna^ 5 pnsi nnana in xo nya ann^x ua >iba 4 j^o^xb^x 
*a pnba^ an^ rbwbx n,biai .omi?y n^x a^n xod ijnani j>nx^>x ""a lODaax ^nn 
yopan xW>i naxnnD ^>ai ry n^x jinnD' 1 anaxa nThxni n.^si'x mxn jo wbptt bz 

1 MS. xtai^ . . . jmn. 2 So MS. 3 MS. ma. 4 MS. po^x. 

s MS. njnai. 

M 2 

: T-iNr6** 2$nD : 90 

.6 no it nb) jx ^n ne ni?i nara an .b y bx^no n& n^i jx ^>xi j[a]p n^i io an 
mx p^a id tre[w] ,6 abp onnx 'rua [b]xp* n^N 1m man nb nh |k ^k tv nh iaoi 
nh *iaci .6 n6 ntainn rh nh |x ^x "pan n^i "iac an .aann oms nh jx ^xi 
l^ia 6 i[s]p ma ni> ifji jx ^m *pi> n^i ia .6 rsp *p^> *ih ;m bx n^pin 
p p&h xedx pnaxp* poos np s aa mjjk bxan^N ^xSsn xodx 2 p .6 iax 
"9X31 .6 fnn ne> ">oy *pN3i ,6 nri din noy *p6a ndki ,"ph fian warn pp "32 
bx^no icy vxai .6 nn nm nay 'pxai .6 bnn 4 my rrpa [api ,n[*]nn pun ny 
.nirpn *p^ n&y *pxai .6 aanp ntamo icy *pxai ,6 b> Tian noy pai 6 !?An 
nsoyx^x h[o] ^a nan^x mil jx xaxa'1 xnoy aip^x htax nSwita |x pan nps 
p p^ nb rimria xixnx fxvn^x jroi p p^5 np i>ii ry p^xa^x ;xb p^ix^ 
mxp nria xd^s ^dj^x nna^ nx^yx^x taoaa mm anx >:yx xiir xbx ppD&uta 

irb n^v nbx nxnpc^x nay ppuxa^x my ejpi Tin 
nax rnxnata nnn bp xe ^a anax n^m .6 airnri rmbni "ONrON DDp7Nl 
6 5p mxnpo xnoy nnpi nxoyx^x -jin p rbba Drrvpaxa vidbxb indd^xi chvbx *B 
nb nhx jx ^xi ma noy p ^o xo jxai nnam a^>a ma ncy^ nn rao ^x STna 1 
5 *nn ;xh ^3 n:x^ pj^x *a qb mp xdjxi na^N^x ns^ jxai 6 ph nsn cam dp 
an xk6b na^x cm bdix^x in dp i[n]3B .h^dj p x^jx^x tkdi o^nnax 
Dna^no xjxm mp^x *hwi i'ix ^n np ma ^x n^x 'rnx mpi'x nah^ oh i?is^x 
vxd joi "pxhxi x.t-d n:x 6 nn xn!?x ^y n^on "inpdp^x apa p xnnxn y^'ss 
yxnn 5 xrtriyi yxm' p xn^io ri^sD^x riMx jxai -j^n rna S>nnxa .ixvn^x 
.nnxi yxii ^x xnv-iy ^nnr D^an nxiyN nxpau 5 njxai ysni i? xnyxsnixi 
rw&oa ai n^a ai nnim ma didj n dxj^x p xn^x San^sa n^x not? xo jxai 


?m x^j xo txdi DnnaDPNi mxii^x pi nxjx r iiai f xiir n^ ^x^n }*ap ?a pi 
^x jx rna ^x n^x xnix jnaoxa biabt* ^ap jxa xd^d , 7 jxnxnaKi nai pin nbx 
niaxn^x ^x ma ^>aia .pa^n"D arbna ma w px^x nil ^y xoa 8 "nx dn'x i 
ibapx m^y^x myb ^y yia i>a p n^nasi mx^xi o^na^x yea r6 n^x n5Di 
. ria^aD^x ^x pana^x p an npi nrh axyo ^a pi ria^aD^x ^x ma nn^ansa xn^x 
riyaxa^x p^x id a pnxaa^x mp^x "iaxi ap\:> px^x jspp 11 xn-i^co nay saxaa 
9 r^x m^x jxaitab xo *io ^ix jsai ixnno ww i6 "nn on-^y n^x xnsensa 

1 MS. nay. 2 MS. pa. 3 MS. Sx and adds nin. 4 MS. no. 

5 ^j. Seep. 91. c For pan. 7 So MS. 9 MS. TjX. ' MS. ?X. 


iionK 3xn3^x snam .px^>xi xdd^x ' [p!>]a "ijd inxni>x 3xna rn 6e>3 
omDKi ona^anDKa noip [dx]^x 2 bi) 'die nmxnax pfo j&k Dm tamm 
p tyoa p rpix[?K] ^vsd arm pap papo b p 3 pyi>x ^yx sai>N rtoxpsa 
nvwe [npi] p n:xor h xinax ddp ^>a DXDpx f Diopo :x"a:x^ anai rinin^x 
jvy p inxnkx j[d p iT]b diovd -wrisbc a nb[h npi] ^x wu i>xix^x p 

: [ ] xdd xn^x jxn[n* n]nxini3x 

bi) ry rMx pi>a ijo i^-ii rfoo 4 pa[ ] pod ^x nntaa 71&&N DDp^N 

NOT px!>X1 XCD^X p^>33 HH3K "TJO DVO Tl^N DX*X i^Nl .HU b lb) |X ^X DIN 

mx pi>3 jx ^>x inxn^x a bim ab ftynibx dv^ni inxi'x nv p "jini .Marara 
Dis pi>3 i:o paobx rrin bnran :naD^x nv bxapnos p THKn$>N3 wn nexa 
n!?ix Kno[DiJ *m .TiBB n^aa ftd&M pdx xnhx *a .riJD ^p ne> nb *ih jx "6x 
:po rip t?ux ni> n^i jx "6x np *rh nae .[-iax]bx Momm ^nps f>a]ni pp pni>i 
jviin^K hmk po!>N rrin rno *a ,:d p*p n^> nh jx *bx watt nb ibi ian nn 
nonanfa i jrxa^x bmt\ : noani'x p orWD yn nbbtt tffbgi xoa irxa^x dx^x p 
[mi] p*Dibxi ba 1 7 nnxin3x 30^x1 nonan^K xexd :nx^xx^xi tpwD&K) 3D^xi 
'fymm :^3in ttmcvaM NnytM nx\-ii?x y^xa^xi nx^xx^xi iov hmk pn^x ppiwn 
x!?a xd pp p "pan p tpj? p bx*no p 8 hpin [p *pb] x:3x nn htiri i!?x 
dx:^>x py3 nix pJD^x 9 i^n *ai :mx p^a |x bp rto^p xmxa px!?x rinxi?a 
:rip^5^x npi p 6 ni?i jd *\ nya t^tj fxnix^x nnxayi 31 y n^xa naai>N a 

1 The letters between [ ] are either injured or completely obliterated in the MS. 
From pp. 91 to 102, and 107, 109, no, it means an editorial addition. 2 I.e. 

rcby. 3 MS. y)])H. 4 Strictly pD03l nDI ; see p. 26. 5 Marg. pbh. 

6 MS. p-uxn^x. 7 So MS. 8 MS. nbwMO. 9 MS. adds nin. 
[II. 6.] M 

: KBIT cby 11D : 88 

.Drnp^nn pan -nsc py-in ppnw Dm smp 3nsi Dnnai mm p3d anix yew 

EHDOI 1JV33 SI X f>3 (ptfyi W !D"UP NTI3DO nniS3 D1131 WTl WNnp D^tW31 

Dm ni3^n t^ma dhd i>sw nw D*njn .D^roSmn n ip^msy (*mn) nai ^33 
dhd s psi .pnnfi iniN pbs'iBn ra^ twn ns* jH33 bam n? ns* nr }H33o 
ymo mm iriD3n -33' si s bi nnsio Dm men ib jiw ny wsa "\yb bw 
na bn on^ Tonnvai ,fan onb vanity ny robm nobn ^3 prima man D.-6 
>ms rrw *o i>3i hna pap3 rims pjmwv ny d*3-o mnm ndp s*no x neiy 
isb> na ppnpio tni nsnovn yvo ubdp twnan ~n3^ s^s iDiy u*mp yw noiy 
mtjoi ,ennn nw b pew wi pi 3D\n ->k3 nnis pssol nnw ppim DH^nn 
ono [insi nns ^3] p^ytD nans* psm DH^nn bai pimDn ^3 pip myai 
ins ns rmrwoi .W3n n3m ^nnn \b -\-\2ww ny (onis hdjci) amx "iptm 
imw im3ii 13 nyui ipino ib y-in -nv v^y ne>p va3 mno ni>n psp ono 
-ins Dya p ruts* dnk> imro its>aJ3 nnrei Dmh? 5>xyn:tsn am bznnw 'niDipon 
DmoSa ppoynoi pmnno vn p^i .nib 6 \n? xbv vrxbn bv nb ons* sin 
ny iDyo nahn ors nnns>n bi ns^n 2 i3i3 na^ 1^31 xta H3 na s pDy 
si's ymn^ "px BH* DHn^nn nstsfo im33 si n ^3 n3 "ipDym^ bmsoon yni^c 
trmno dv ^33 n^N^n n3i^ri3 dji-ub mn pi .mnns' s*ri3D ipn*3 diu ni n ^3 
Dm Dm!?y hsibti n^B> ni^n oni> jnui r^x lyaw ni^N^n bs nrvbx n s vid 3 nx 
"ai> ni n ^3 nn3io rxi an3 ejpin Nina^ ny tjm 3^'j n^ 1!? picisi mis paao 
n3^ ti'Km .na" na* pj^yoi 13m -\2i bn pjnui pxcui ppnaoi ptrpoi in3n *a5> inyn 
ny Dnnm3 p^yoi noiyi m^ nr p^poi pdikb> no ^3 p3ci onnsn ns yaw 
dvi dv ^33 ni^ djhjo mn i3i ,3inah 3"^ iaiD^ my tdi nosn 1^ v3rw 
lsnpi cnnn n^3n3i !?ni^ ni^npo n:vr\ nr\b 1S3B> ni^cn i>3 n3icn ps^'oc ny 
DniN ?nb\& irisi n3 , c s ^si omby anim nb mnnn b ^yc3 ni^Ntrm mawnn 

: 4 Dmi>y pocn p^no rsi j.t^!? 

* ysi 1^3 i?3^ d^'ji Dn * 

1 Ed. moipon. 2 Ed. 1)313. 3 Ed. DIN. " MS. D.T^N. 

133n3C 103 b33 l!> W^> lb> ni01p03 nib EWI amatP 103 DHOJ? pani3 nOM 

nvroy a^oyai .yiatrn L nr jpai* an^e nans' 1 Ptrib pania ntib nvnsn 'naoi .nbo!? 
a^ay an^> D^ymoi btrw nibp bJ? a^an3 nmbm |orn pi* nib ^Nn nansb 
PNn aruo p 1031 jt nasrn ^aai ;n3 ^a3 niano anb &rbv& bpi bp bi Dvrth 
iob>3 roanj*n n?K*io nns^ pnbtroe mWn bi ,wwi ba varaam nany* 
matron mbtya 2 ntrsh ni^Ntyn Dy niN3n nnnai Qmaa aib nnwi nans? Kwb ps 
nianyn tic ov^n ana pnWo bni .anoy nixan nmai Dma inp" 1 an aoca 
pmao p nawi ba nianai amao amb y^aoty no b pibna aanao n*n *pi .rraya 
onapnoi D^aw one moipon bo oncn a^Tobin nsrain *pra$> jon3 ms *va bn 
n bi epinn wi tiki ppn wa bita wn Nine nb enna moipon bo pN3i 
B'Ni anb noNty Nnaaon Dnrin ri aniN b p^yoi wa ioipo3 a^Tobn jo ni 
Wwa |3 1031 .W>a 3 anaa maib Nnsao an^ noiN Tjsai loyo anNxa nans* 
visa manyn K>Nn *aab pawi jbis pN3i mxa anaa maib sn3oo anb noiN 

:aniN pni3i anana bv nrvby noiy nany>n tyx-ii W>N3i 
nit nNnpa nvti Dnya nntyy vaah 4 tyNna noiy* nani* cni .onan^ mo nil 
, anan ai nib nytn |no f v:sb pawty nntyym ,nany tyNn ya i>N amaai Nop 
pjopan am p-nnaan jo nntyy by naioo ano n bty nib nrKi ao&y Nnpa noh 
nv loipo nx N^oon j3 1^ w\ nib nyio n noaa bn a:n^o nM i3i ,a^ai!?N 
nM as* ano n noa^a anann 10 5 -]3" .a^ca }Bp n\n i^bni ia 3cvi V3N aipo 
aipo vbrso ^n bni m>an |nao by &n ano nns pNi 13 3^v loipo nN xbo ua 
aw anoy a^b nn vnt dni ,na 3e> m ny3co nn3 ai^b ^ini Nini vni3N 
nrw f ant? pnnn:a 6 a ,, y3cni ^n nixo i3 ane a^T'obn nxe ayi an ya ay 
nanj^ csn ya bN ab ^ai nmie t ny nn^y annnsi linare 103 naw miexn ro 
ni s b nmie in b loipo ns n^o ano nnx pNi annnx paev tm^nn bi 
bna nw in jo ano n nw di .n*an aipoa [aw] ano nns pxi ioipo n "pan 
nnb pa"DiD bx V3no nw Nbe 'jao loipoa miN pan^io ps* nnxn jo nosna 
ia ab vbv invf jnan^a ania^ na^c ^Nn nvn^3i .inosn ^ao ipmo nnv 1b 
pyove nnwn n^ei vasb poma naieton mwrn aw Nini niN wn 7 ^e nm3c 
ny^ ^Nni ao*y pab aau u nai< n3n^ an^ *pi aipoi? py^aocai .ppniei 

1 MS. 3nir yan. 2 Ed. n^N3i. 3 Ed. enaa. 4 Ed. aw. 5 Ed. pi. 
8 Ed. am. 7 Ed. b. 

: KBIT Cby T7D : 86 

wipi mix rrwo nnaa ^bp neiy Nine* *o bai ,va by xbN arD onann nbNo 
naton woo bow arcpn imn nnb [bav xbe] wy rwi axi mpboi neswi nae jme mix 
nib exnb mi yiaei yiae baa nr a^naon by pnb m .pnn nie^a rv men *aa 
nnx aipo ib e^i .aruon nr by awiinr aney n:e baa ana nano meno vbN Na> 
.naran pinn by naea awiinr ip woo bapoi a^ i ibno baa pai ira jxibn xnp:n 
w\ .naea awiinr b woo ib nvvi mnbio p Kim "P tnpan nnN nipo ib e* dji 
naaa dtit we bNne"o ni n ba by ae ib en tniena Nini ima aee aipo baaa ib 
ib jwnw a^naom an^byo pbvo an-'eyn *a aiba B'wyn jo bow w>ni niaiaai 
eh nioipon ibx bao mei me baa vbN ywoe nan be ibbai ,rwe baa ainr y s an 
.mepa ib peiyi anb ania (vmasn) 2 imaoa^e mpim* nioipob ania mn aw ,a>am 
ib jwnwi mix pnaaoi awa ib pxew rarw aipo bab nib: exn be wa nip bni 
xb bni .mbna *abi vnaa ^ab ni n ba loy peiy bax nann nra B^yaoa aaw nnao 
rna n [nr] noNi .nionni ninna vax nbie amnwnoa inma* xbi awa ib ink* 
xbi innaa xbi vax meno Nine ana nanob 3 nw ^xar p mn be wa nx nxne 
meob ymm nionni mmna amby x^m vaxi vax nx ym.m nbei 4 iwa ixea 
jbo yoeeai .anny nrybi in* 1 "jioab ana 5 i,bob "jbon anai ibob ymn naeom 
men Nine 6 anao nann poo fno bo:i ana in 11 nbe iTb baa "jbo ana ywm ana 
nana vby nyny^e 'o nwven 'exno x n\n xbi baab nrm yam 7 xnmna baoi iwin 
mba exn naiai .Nnia na^ eNnb wny ibe nvienn ba nib: exn mo^eai .nr 
bN bxne 11 nibnp pnaeoe manai annaa mba exnb ps*i .mba exno mae bow 
pay mba eNib pN mbxeai anTiibNe ay Nbs* anus anjeo b^n a aiba nia^e-n 
peiye nnna ib nieyb asnjo ja ano nnx njon^ea nw^ [vm] Jn:o p ioai . ana 
ba *na mbx nbiy Nin NbN vbN nmx pnmo pxe nao pn mix pjooea nib: esnb 
anbe pnn vbN N^ioe^.Tnrien nioipo baa ma^e^ [ne] ^exn pjnw vn -jji .anx 
Nma na^e 1 esnb anb e^e nvienn ibxi .vnvieno nibj exn pn N^noe wanae 10a 
e (mmmstti nnvaoi . n:en a-amr pp) nnnnaoi woo vbN Nvin oxai xnpjn [aipo] 
pi a^o 1 ' a ibno tbin pai wwi aioa Nnpan aipo ib myi . nba Nnpan mm n:en a'ainr 
*lbN me baa ibe nvieia xniab Nvve no nan be ibba .xma meia novy n-aix 
nnnro noinn naiav nnen baaa anb k*i .manam annan nab men a>ainr phi 

1 Ed. noea amae. 2 Ed. imaoae a^pinn. 3 Ed. NiTe. 4 IMS. awa ib. 
Ed. *]bo nx. 6 Ed. avao. 7 MS. Nomina. 8 MS. ammaeio. 

85 * KBit cfrgf HID * 

6 w 5 ioa vby wapnv ny vby nay>p Stripe nnx ba row pi ,mb pn>aDoi 
wk abiybi .arwon ma ib peny wa bx nnn xin^ai qb> xa xin npx aipon ny 
rwn Kinwai .ibon na> nnxa wa^bna noim injra ba mnx pabinp ny xvv 
paaaan vnayi ibon npo B>pao wa mxnb ik nan woo t^pab "jbon web DJa^b 
Huron by [mvoi] men ib mwi vbx Dja>b nun ib jjw "jbon bx i:^ Ton vbx 
amn a^ainr ipma pan naa Kini ^bon nay ba iwsb pn BJaj Kinpai .lowanb 
ri k bab |nwi ipmb it owao Kim D3a^ xba> ny iwab a s nn anayn amxb }W 
ibon wab loiyi xa Nine ny ira prnixi mix pnaao am .napn ib poro no 
jbon romp ny wt?a laoiai nnx ibin by noiy mro vby ton Kim ib mnntpoi 
wa^tw (aipoa) n,bon ib ront^ aipoa mix a^ioi wa mpibi vby ^noiyn )o nnxb 
vbx DJa: no byi van byi ioibts> by mix bxitr "]bom ."jbon ay nano arixi ia 
nianai abibna bmno ?xi mix n^no Kim iwaa naTB> woo man ppao Kim 
id^soi [ann wa by] (vniax maw) vniax nwnjo twab nnooi pb ampo ib awaion 
k*m 1300 wy& vsan ba ib amai mbxcj> ib mwi inppa roiyp ny a^any anana 

:aibcn nnoca woo noaji a^o 
xnpm nnx aipoo wan nw baa 2 anmpbi nib: >xnb vn n^x a^pnn nbxi 
imena p*i ambx x^ioi nmroa av vn loa baao pinn Kim 3 nnma bai jxinnj 
Ninn aipon pa vbx k s sioi ano men npb ^a an-'bs ib amai nia^ ^k*i ni^nai 
B aipon >aicno awB* ib mia atrb jrao Kin^ai .a^ainr 4 y ik 6* 10a a^o ib D:a^i 
^pn va-na np n:ioon pn mix rwi bki .nciy^ pjn 'pea ba by loy nwonb 
Sh xo^ dki .iw^ya mix pna^oi mbj cxn bx a>aiani aipon ^xn lana i^na 
ma^M ^xn bxi nib: tyxn bx pama an ai^ ia ixvo 11 ix yn nan ia mn^ 
.vnnn nnx pjooi mix pn^oo jm vam r anyiao noai i^'yo a^bpbipo noa wiba 
amr w nbyoi na^ antyy po xm^ nnx bao aipon ^jxo bow pnrw pinn nn 
nnb p nn^ao noci n:no nDCi am noBn oji s namanoi .niaiaa nn nDsa nr mm 
ib nnb pnn pms& nwbapn xbx ib px naiDm (bxyotr' 1 ) bpcoa pban nir n a^byab 
.nnx 10 aipob nbnc * pa qb> bw pa pnb nr ba nnb anjon mn ai pnb bam 9 nj^a 
nciy anx xm xbir mitn ba by pa^oi pnpim pj^yo^ anx wa ^ ib P pnni 

1 Ed. anayn. 2 Ed. annpb. 3 MS. mniina. 4 MS. dwiob> ix a^ya^. 
5 MS. bnpn. 6 Ed. ^pai. 7 Ed. a^bpbipo. 8 MS. nama bai. 9 Ed. 
nj^n . 10 MS. aipoa mw. 

pxn fab earn .ibxcK>b 3B>v tMvnaeia na^* 1 b>kti wo^ asw xnm nans* cxni 
^ana nnx ^n:D^ byaa win by (nw naa) vby wna icipa bjn naa nipD niba 
nwpine nianaa inix nnaai inaan aa3 unaa wm a^aae nDaan jtm frnxi pa 
nwao a*35Wi xbx win iv^t^' 1 xbcy na "paa bipa awbt? bianxn 6 ia s pnnty 
hpa amnan nns paiy mix "paa Kins? nyssai .vnnn cnc aninam bnjan 
nenan pjya envri niba wm nnisi .vniana nnia xinty ny a^pnw ayn bai jcx an 
jnia xtid nav t>xni Bmbi mnab xniD row* wrb nwn \w ix avn mix ^ 
raw t^xn nma^ ny nrb nr niaa a^ania am xnnarois row t>xnb men 
v^y nx amai nawa enn Bnvwai .ayb man ywo) vby nroiy pa"nm xniD 
na nyiap in Kinp nyea bnp3 nw xh .inma nDara Nine ny irvtaa cpynci 
.nnym now bnpn by bsiai va'y nx nms nsnet? anx3 tpvnwsi .nan nanoi *piKo\ 
bvm [paai] aan x pr naiyi *i^ n^ "P* ana "row N'y33 inn now xmcai 
UKWa na nraix pawai pa^na yaatyai ,tj*np nraixi pnn naiyi 3Wi paya awai 
nnaa anxi niba pxn nnaa tpnpn naia^ai .bxnt^ n^a ban nai pa^nai niba t^xn 
Na 11 n,ai n,a .Trim bai *aiba nana nraixi noiy nanan nx noia xinK>ai ,ni3W win 
ana^ awaNn nnao arixi anix nnam n3w6 ninbtyo pp 'manan ba nain jna 
nDaa.n jrm nb nnw pa xnipi nb jfsio anxi .nia^i' y^anp "i]3 nanaa avayniDB' 
^iXm na joipi noiyi vn s a n6 bapo mvh pnmy ayn bai nta cxn^ n6 nmo 
.na^nb nnnnci yrnb n6 nnnoi vby aannto xmo na s ^ t^xni my ?iv\y nia^^n 
^xn pnip vnnxi .aroipoa anx ba ia^ tni iDipoa Nin ac> s na^nb jrao Kvwai 
viiN3 noa pnp oa^x jovy nn^n ^ni bax ma^ Wi H^obn annnsi niba 
lb n^iTi vby aannm n^yi bina anx noiy TBBDn Taao^ai .nns* p^pv ^as?a Drn 
jnc niav *rvbw bat n6a ntba t^xn ^nab tdv D^^ccai .nr nana maai nat^ 
ma^ ""t^xn n,a nnx n,naroi .pa pnoixi na*nn nia^aD pnciy nbsna px"pai pbn 
ayn ba niba cxn x^trai .pxvin idio nban pbbanDi noipob rib nnnrci an^ac 
bax in"ab yaia xin^ ny ninanni trow nan vxb tsnam innxh wab px^-v 
m N a ny mix pibrai ivy D s ahne> anmbnn ba^ ima ly icy pabm oa^x nian^ v :*xn 
in*a nnsD xvv laa^x n^xi nyn inixoi ,ow f ny W3 xv v j* ana nnx n^ao ia^x 
nxvb rwn axi . D^ita a^a^a pa n3^3 p3 bina pa ion wy pbbanei pvapno aym 
vnnx D^abini a^xa anaa[a] i?tsn nts> naanaa nation naano[a] aan vanv nvj'ybi 
VT3 a^p'tnai vbx a^n bxn^o x by naiycai vnnx pn n\T nayi a^cax itb ny 

1 Ed. nn^.n. 

&3 * KBIT D^|V "HD : 

*a ay tataipnatr 121 x )b y\w ny imaob ip^aDn xbi pn*M3 n^nts> joti *aaE mne> 
bjov 31 ana n^nya m h? im^D nnxi .annai biaan nx ^pB> i^y imym piK>3 x 
nov vnnx ana wvudib nw e>xn pnx |na nmaa nnxh .xma3 vow apy* p 
: 2 inxanp p aba pan v\ov p a^a vnnx -jta .naaai awn a* ina^ ^aaa ia 
ayn b ii> ima* *]tvm natan* "pm nta c>xn nan ^y pan jna i my nraxp ni 
*B*n *ap pxapnio imarab ^npn nyn [n]aan ax nann sin "p natsn^ ny^a nna 
ninn ^nao baaap hna din* n^aa a^aprm ^npn "wi !?a ay puns* *aa ay nia^n 
niaai 1a Sna natr ^ ei nana naano liraa aX3pniat}> nn .13 xwai xn^taa paa 
panaci e*cnn ava riDaan n^aa pxapnoi .in^aa a^aprni abvm papna avyno 
nann pyoie^ai ,ina nyi ppo ayn ba nx wnwrb nait^a pypini 3 i^>y t paniai mix 
tartfisw bnpn vtrtn bai rp natrm ma *sa nnao ib naro [^npno] nnxi nnx i?a 
.it nanoa bxi b*k ba anr "631 sp 3 ^ai a^ a^^ani awa anaa b vrbw 
wd paa anan ^di nn^ ww bxia ^na baa in avai nn Bra nniyDa nnm xmi 
.riaa rM icy psapno !>npn ^inao a^an naa nap av na^ a^acD^ai .npne 
a^xa onaa v^y paniai a unm nirax f ianx yy inao ai^ mya naa ib wan naai 
D^a iaora nxn^ kS ib HDan^ ny "wri 4 nhnoi joann joi n^ann J01 ^nn |o 
^ya b)p ^ya d^tw anina (nn^naoi bnpn iN^ao nnsa^ a^nins) vnnn CDasai 
aipca nDtto 'mr icvy* nib tswrn .na^ay i?a3i [ni>an3] p^p3i any obpi n^ya 
^nno nDaan pm ans* i^y a^ xh baon nnn antDiy nmnani nia*en ^tn Dy 
Nincai .xin n,ma nox^ ^inan nam nan bs ^y [vnn] paiy aninsm "onb> n,in33 
^Pidb nnx3 ayn i>3 pmpi ,i> nnm^ 3iu xnm paiy naB>n dv ^ nmro noix 
n,n3n vnnx paiy pmrnm m ba nn^aa nniBi pnn new fnix pnoia^ ny nnon 
inpn nnis* noixi nsj^np? pyiw ~W vnnx paiy amnani n3n nix Nin ,*]e> nx 
btow bm iv obmi m3^ pnni nnman ppnw n^rai on bp3 n,iraa b)p2 
bttn vnns nmnan paiy rwinp^ jraoi n3 ,, n.n ""aab n3iy^ai .n^>an3 ayn !>a pnoiyi 
ni^a K>xn xr bnpn bi pawB'ai 3npn i>a pa^vi nbann b^cdi an hpa tnnpn 
by ai^^ ny an s !?an by anoiy ayn ba mix B"wn*c>3i ,13 naiao n^n^ aipono 
njma ib fn^ ~\m6 haon ^y 3^1 nn xniD na^ two nvm 1^ i^y^ i?natan 
.^kob6 3B"i nyna Kin aa )b \m Knnaoia na^'- t^xn xv n.a nnxi ,)b nnnn spaa 
yvraxa ni^a c^xn a^vi nnw nwh^ wpn*B> ny an^an by anniy ayn ba ni kaai 

1 MS. i^x. 2 Ed. maxn^; MS.nwrv. 3 MS. ^K. 4 Ed. 

nyhnai. 5 MS. xm aa nvv xin aa. 

L 2 

: kbit cby no : 82 

joseo xbi pi sb vby niba esnb px maw vm nieno kw bai] oseo xbi 
pao Nm pta na mn dni .mieno rww nm DW9 nan by ono nns by nynyb 'sbi 
nann (nrn) B*NnB> ^asoi ,mnw Dipob n^ nr nieno xbi nt nieno ab wx\ mnaa 
ww pm p "\&2 by oba txapnai ljnwDb bnpn ixap niba [etn] nieno u*n 
mran p\nb naDi iipo tavno mm baaa bna onx 'rww 2 insane p nba jnm 
noy wroNi Tain nny a Dip lb no* .Dym[N]o nwp noai bane* be onpbno 
nna bsx nbm t 4 rmrw p aba -pnna nb .Tibn nj*Kts> npibnon Tcnb baia hw 
nex nrn rwpon no on-asa ins nam niba pan Dnoy mm ,wa ninb oxapi inn 
mDm yrbut nx vn* .eaiyn |0 nosy nioen bl npibnoa prno nnx -no nyi mey 
pan |pnn tk nn nnyi .npibnon na bna noa nym raw a npibnon jo nosy 
Dibeb vegn manb niba B*n awn .vby nabae no mam ioy tpbtpni m*iyu an ny 
nam ioy onban myoi Kin imab ix s am nnyD an bxx lbm noyi .mnna rwjrw 
maa mba exn mm .Dibeb sin Da inayi niba exn bx nnne D.nmn |nw ba vb 
run x maa veax bai wdi wn mnyo warn veax bai ioy mbsi bai ton nnx 
bnpn >mno Dwax noyi .Dibe nana orwa nbnp nr nea be nvna vn Drnjen 
nnyD 5 an ma* laon <aen pbnm nna ^N"> b n*a iaon n pbn nvbn ^acb lpbnai 
nr mm nr ns nr 6 lpani nr nx nr lpsrai nra nr lyase ny jkdo ibxi jxao lbs obm 
bv lobcaea nann by nea noe oma^a nr nan [a]beaeai .nnox n"ayn nva nann 
itnp'Bn nWn (nnis) lbsx (ne) n^v nnoy DC onoiyn ba nxi Dnix yam .it 
an bs nyD 1 * [ik] niba exn nox bax nnyD an xbi niba mr\ xb ivn xbi .m-aa nbaon 
nnyD an -\b*v niba pan by bman bsai tin^a nibnia lb^on , 7 ibvs' nyox* is* nnyo 
nv 8 an nrai d^o^ a ioy a^i onia nmyo ioy nyoi lbvx nbn .ney pi ibvs* 
niba exn nnnne apy p p\dv an mix omra mean n^'yaL-ai .aab aioai nnou'a 
oma>a npibnon nmnc wen tnix ba nnyo an Dipoa nan* mn mis rwjn 
mne pinn aay*i in s aa naB exn *pv an mix lb ac npibnon boa way 
cxn 9 noaai .in^ab mix* pnbie vn xbx laoo iniyao xb nan^n mn mrwa npib 
Da nosai naba ownn f w a,bn vas be mnx* noy xbi loipoa laa ananb vepai niba 
ny nsDn n^aa mix jnai nnyD an vbx isdni D^ae y p 10a pp p lb mm ,wn 
n t^K xbx niba esn nvnb nxn mne> ^o D^o\n jnisa wta xbi .nnyD an noaae 

1 MS. pNl. 2 Ed. nasne; MS. inNanve. 3 Ed. WW. * Ed. nawSne; 
MS. rmanp. 5 MS. 'an be n^a. 6 Ed. nam. 7 Ed. nbvx nyD\ 

9 MS. >aen. 9 Ed. nosa inna lb. 10 MS. vas* nns xbx. 

8 1 : neit ab^ tto * 

nnm nianaD nib 3n3i b lanap nsryon |o auinr nixo t lpbna nib wtrb yam 
noy nnya 31 ^>x tranan lyantpai ,a*pk roans* *wrb d^b> on^> nvn an^y 

13^> n* B*aB n3D3 Di"6 "IOK ffl ^33 P|81 Wy3 \W xb? 0^21 DH3 nxni fiiT^y 

nox ni b)i .vnna dp ^axi n an3 op*i] xnn3oiQ nans* t?xn pnv jna ^x 
ncx3 ltry .irobb ron xtai onrnn amta nsnp niysn inn poonb >p3tj> jbb 
nrn pis jn3 ana nnns> nnxb ,ana nnm [xnn3ois n pnv pa i>x o^m dw 

*T an3 nppan noi nnyo an nnb nox .onix cun ana mnrw nnya 21 ^x 
p3nv D3^x xnnsois nans* Pan pnv fn3 nornm nib srxn nomn B3T3 nan 
*ry nana on^ nibta yaoai ynv wk an!> nox .amn n^x no!? ^ ox sr ncnn^ 
njnapn ^y mayb bs* xb annotja nxn no ani? noxn? avoya noa iroyaimp 
nib trxn bra nrn .riDaa nyo nr kdi nntaea nxnp no aynini ,ano nnab 
.nrnavn nx d^p^ nstsa 1^ niom bxi iaa rmw nib K>xn vi?x ^b? .lniynim 
ok .nino^n nx ainnn? V3X atra nnyo anb noxi nib t?xn bs> iaa mw n^m 
n*ap oya v!>x nrn .oa^oa a^aa wan x!> 2 nmna aina* u nioxi nux b*n nirn b 
a-aa naD3 rvnyo 21b bxi nyan 3 nrn .ntaiK> \nn ^>xi nnot^n nx omn ii> mox 1^ bxi 
"na rmovn nx Dinn^ pDvaai n^pan *b nox ^ax va nan b nox xb niB s 
nib!? pn nvn xb nun o^oys i^x rbm jxoi .vax pni? lau] npi!?no ban x^ 
na D\3n3n Dinn^ D^bna povo uoo dbo bx vax b bxc no i>3 [nnyo n!? 
ibx nnn nnmai n3[^]bna V3x innonc pu .nr n3n3 V3X p3i ia*3 npi^no xnn xbv 
nb^x rx s ax i? noxy 103 nropn ninnn vb dx b noxi nnyo 3n2 it anm 
nyt?n byn r\r\sb pin vnmnm minna nnyo 3n ^ixi ny^n *ao x^ nain ,T,a t* 
b ii> nsDi lymxo f>y mix bxv niyon o^abr va^y nxni lux i?vx y^aniy pu ,waa 
K'xn nwe> apy n3 f|DV 3n a^nani nnyD 3n3 onnn 1,3 vax yoc>^ |V3 .n^yon 
rbw\ nib t^xn3 xin oa onnn nann yot^^3 nnyo 3n dji ,ioipo3 xmo ns^" 1 
,vnx ^X3r p Di 5 p mpo3 [nib wn] merh i<tb>x> xinn ^xst j3 mn ^nx pn *bn 
D^ax ^t? p3 pn jrvxs? ny D^aty f ny on^u npi^non [n]prnnai noi cat? a anai 
ba nib &>xn rb& .nib cxn 1!) ma nnxi nnyo an ii> tu xn .pn3 lovynac 
ymp ruion ^xn i?n , 7 iniyvs[i] mum 6 vb>o nn3i* nnyo 3n nn3 n^x ^xn 
ny an^y n^p nann n\m .lymxo nnb n^am bnpn b 8 !?x pyin njibn *jbi anas 
pn x^ v^y nia^ wtrb px nib cxn nissno 9 xint? ^x biw aanao rwi u nxo 

1 Ed. nm. 2 MS. nnm nnox p. 3 Ed. nrn. 4 Ed. nx. 5 So all. 
6 MS. vasij l^ni. 7 MS. also iniyvs. 8 Ed. b>. 9 MS. xin n^x. 

[II. 6.] L 

: ndit chy no * 80 

inv> .nib &tn nsnp^ nsvb DB>Ba by moyh bnpn^ ioy wi npx bn maw *aah 
Da nam nib b>jo b pane* jva .baao ov ^n i^ne nvnv pan mpon ta rntop^ 
wan -1331 x mnx inrni mrw D*ibn bi vmobi b lojn nxo naa runoa sa mn 
ttncm vn ^aa nano nyt^i? lyan^ai ,na nm^? np^ny pa yrp maa ivn b 
Nini ^aaa pen Daaai ,)b wan new nxnn ^n 2 ik3k> ny n^a d^iotbi D'any mn^ 
l^oi xiiD naw wn no mapn [t?n nnx np] nnxi ,wa nie>aa bi vBai tobm bi 
jnai .noi nae> a ntid na^ anai jor inixa nn B>xn mn wm "orp na *nn no vnnx 
,rnnob &oid nav rrwa k-iid nav c>xn nooi ,*n lamy s-mnaoia nans* e>&n pnx 
3 pnp }a no* bjn WB mnyD wan ^y iab n^oai na jiw s o jrno nib K>Nn mm 
pianp Bran nw^ 4, axi nna* *w ^>k nib E>n nan jxmx nai pas na mn sin s a 
& ion ,Kbn xar^n im NO^>yn amna xnpa nans* B>tn a pro s^> 1^ ioni 
nit?y^> i3^a&> no nib bw lymn ,my nvsn ntsw b i^> nox .nr nans nxnn no 
ja no* jrw oa uw B pnp p no* i>y in mnyo wan ^y w invy n^aa *ai 
6 obya dind fcrwitD wn noana a^>aioi bna din kwb> ayx nnyo an b 5 pnt? 
nsnn laitpb mansi vaa mm mean an aao obya ons mo6 d^b n^aoo ww 
*oa ia^n /dvb nnyD wan by 7, nDaDni *nxy n^sa naa mi>a cni ii> ncx .wnan 
mm ^ki Nin ax vaa^ acn .man^ yo^^ )wmn nbnna *a fan nnNK' no nt^y 
KnnatDia na^ 11 nva^n 'aaai pnv ;na "aaa ny^ nnw vr[i]a 4 ran .ia nnnnn ^xn 
ni^a cxn pa ntatap n^aa^ ny ctayio d^ 11 mn sh .mD na^ 11 K>xn nvn^ imaDi 
aiB>m nu^n nn^ni ^33 nvy ^ai .D^ ^aa (mai>e) np^nai mnyo ai pai 
vnci ^ian ^n d^b nnaD.nai oaioo naa inis niry^ mnyD 31 Dy rn nipon 
bvi mm mba K'Nn^ nny 8 nxan^ p 3^3 waen nns 3icn onx i?333 n*m .vvyvi 
vnB> ^aao ha 11 n\n k^i .icipDO nnyD an n n"Dnb na nr |^k d wido[o] ;nai poo 
a^a n\n^ 'aao mnyo 3n3 nr 3^a sapnai ,iaa n^y bsi nrntu aa mnyD 3n oy 
^>3N ,DaBn n oyo on^y 3 s ^)a mn bww r\)bxv bat ncana bna nnxi \\vb bya nr 
nnyo 3n npi^no 9 npyi nr nan3 13 Napno mm ,mm n^y v6y ^dto nnyo 3n 
^aac nann pcoi nib B'Nn nnno wb> n^aN^ vnt^ nmvn vw ^y mn nib B>nm 
isaia npyo nn^ lananac ny v^y neap Dma^a ni?aai .nnpi^n ic>p3i 10 ncrv3 an^ 
.ddbb'o niN^ K^yinh " ombyo nwibnn* TDnb'[mb cxn^] nmma nnb ^sa^ no 

1 MS. thtH. a MS. 1S'13. 3 MS. pn. 4 Ed. one word. 5 Ed. }N\nf. 

6 Ed. abyo. 7 MS. mraom. 8 Ed. natn^; MS. xr\*&, 9 Ed. adds an. 

10 Ed. Dnenn>3. u So MS.; ed. msann. 

79 kbit cbw "hd * 

*ne> la vni nioip *na> "twa maa hk n*a la n k m .b**o n*n 13 db ibon 
inn p o*e ixv*i bibn did nioi lrwinnai wafca be mxi *jb be hk nni* 
Kapiy nvn 12 b**ob dps misb srav on or bn ibon rvm ,va won a 1033*1 
.o*K3 n*eai o*aiy o*iaia iniK 11301 vaeb iBiyi oe ibon itw nye nniK P13D 
b33 mail i*w 3ni3 -|bn iaioi ,me> ib mbv iy on or b33 (1b) neiy n*n 131 
[nbia] men bs new pi .ninK oya mrob -101s u*k ovn iekp ne nii ovi w 
^kid 13m n3ie Kapiy nn Kbe ""bob ision Tan na^n nt6n msb .naiD nyi nesio 

!Dp33 lb K*31 .1313 pDKn tib 3 V"13*lb P H D }n*e -jbDn 1300 ep3 HD1D iyi iWH 
D333C31 .lbxN N3piy D33*e "^Wl H .pblPBl ^P "Ol }H3 |*K1 13 p31H3 K3piy *1*P1 

.mbKes 3n3D ibon ib 3ns .133 by insen 1300 Wi ,"jb ins no bKe ibon lb ion 
D*i3iD vni .oncy o*ib3n byi Draa j3 -pi* byi ki*B3 by nann nep n*n 3ee jvai 
vby I3n3i ,n*3e oya mis nbjni [miabro bso] K**e -fben nwnj> ny ibn bs vby 
,iei3i bs dip 033* OKI obiyb b33 nisbo b33 033* Kbe ^ben nKO* 3ns 
n ik i ioa rrnwn rrwai aiyon bK kti mm ninK bso pa iniK kb>3 Kbi 
(p) Kine *K3T p in by nam ,bsiB by ikb 13m nep nw ny B*n Kb3 o*3e 
na^ cki Kine pi* jna ,Tni .niba wn iniK 2 iey*e iaye* K^a K3piy bs? 1*11*1 
K'Kn Kapiy be lanp nne> *sb *K3T p nn nmw nyi Kbe nann vby nep Nnnaoia 
DHmbnb ina>^ ^3K bab 3n3i losy by iniK avian ktid na^ cki baK "nyp niba 
oiv nt^x3 it^yi .on^by [niba] cki iniK 13^3-1 dcq3 by ib lana^i imaTa^ na^ o , K3nbi 
3 ^ kiid pai wa ba3 01*113 nvp Kip3n nnK Dipob lyan^ ny mKipb obs labm 
[niba] CKn iniK wnam 1113131 imbio pK kmi ^kst p in oipo Kim pbns 
.0*3^ a iy 1313 nvn i3*ki Knnaoia na^*> mtr\ piv }na jkdd n^n fayi ,on>by 

1113 01*3*3 D333 .1M1 *3K1113 nb3 CK1 4 0*033 yi!3 0*3*y 11K0 K OIK 0& 1M1 

.n3*ty*n twn pi^ |i3 13 n:nn*tt> Kn*i3Dis n3*^* by iniK a k nanb 5 bsi* *biK ahtf 
iy ,o*biy3D 6 i nb*bn mix nna o^3 b33 *biyao bs nnio n*ni k nb*b lbnc iy 
nn piv jna lnjne' r>*3 .nb*bn *vn3 Diia iniK Kroi mm by loyi i*bK y*3ip 
*nnnat^ iy *jbvK *nyan Kb *3iiK 1,^03 *n (ib ieki) inK*a *poy by ib bKtn inKipb 
ina'nani niba mn -ji3(n)n^ (*nc*p3) ib ick .iD'3y -pim .idi ib ik ,o*biy3D 6 i 
pr ib yspi [i]y*iim niba k>ki bs* 7 o*D3 otro k*j* ,ma*ia ncy*c lansn .tdsw by 
i*i*bn bsb piv |na nrc tk ,pm iy*ini piv (hud) jns bvK imi 13 K3* i^k di*3 

1 piKi oyo. MS. ww. 3 Ed. f. 4 MS. D33. 5 MS. bsiK. 

6 Ed. 1\ 7 Ed. *D3. 

: KBIT cbw TfD : 78 

ftRW ntnin nnvii pwim paw ttaisan jm nia^n >PNn vn ocyN laoo iyna nh 

:mn avn ny jna^a pama vn iai tanp bb jno 
pro mm sb? n .annaoia na^ b niid na^ ana nnbnac mhn itai 
now nwn raapm ox myi ,nb}> naw pan a b joido n^>n wvnaoiao 
troa na^ PNn v!?n papnmp pbanp natya baa npTiy pxa nib t?Nn ] ay jmnB> 
vmobi] Nmnaoia na^ b*oi inbna >aso minn isD[a] nib pjo ' ay pmp vmobm 
Nma na*K bw ii> dwp beDn b nib B*a ass* dn nun .vb poannoi pmp 
PNno n bx mxo nmyDa 2 iaa* dn myi ,iS>nde [wvnaoia r\yw mr\) ianyi 
3 pai .pron nana nnao Kim nbn yyia Nma na*B PNn [mb ^ano in] nib 
nany pxn mn ibasn Nmnaoia na^ wnb amp NniD nany pan ntfara 3 pai na^aa 
wrb th)vb rrnpn laoo D^a jop Nma na^ B>sni nap a^aop p jpr Nmnaoia 
pnn npm ania Nmnaoia na^ PNn mi> nr ninas pnbo wiw myi .Nnia na^ 
pam [n]<op Kpan pin npm [ania] ntid na^ wii Nmcn jaam pro [n]op span 
NniD nans* awn minn naaa nib t?Nn Nmp dn myi ,pa 1!? ama law Nmnaoisn 
ib nviwn b nib PNn nio^a myi .aoni aw Nmnaoia na^ pani vb aannn 
na^ [bk"i] nn\n naiptoai ,ba pb xmnaoia nans* wrb jna pni Nma *n-6 iana< 
aa iam Nmnaoiaa pnv jna ^^ ny x p!?n wnnaoia naw D^p^n yp n^taia niid 
nann nr ^y ama^a ntatap ni?aai nnp^ Danao nw an p^n nnb p^aD.n Nb nawn 
p^na p!?n on^ a^ nn ^a D^pbn vn^]^ on^a nn^a i^yi mnn "c\sn wapnap iy 
nxnp nee ^aan pmr na fnan }na (n) nos nt^Ni .nrn nrn ny pama vn -pi nitra 
anai 4 w pna*6 sap nm ynr kihp xapiy nib d'nt i>y [nspoa naoi nvpoa] baa 
pi* pa an nn v^a na^ pxn n\m , 5 nnsDo by my n^c man a^c baa nnnp 
naiBtnap ^aaD }s*Dna niw by ama^a nutap nbap ny rup 6 xmnaoiaa ejav 6 am 
an ppai yan Knnaoiab naota xanc nxan bi Nn^naoiao jsana men p^taia vn 
lanm anaa p epv anny^ 1^ v ( ni pnv 7 }.na an iyaoi vbs* nnxan a^nb nr xapiy 
dw n nnn pa^Dip a~\p:n aipo^ nbi bao Napiy is^vin^ ny mnn niaa hstp ay NTaa 
ponanpa Napiy aw .niid na^ 11 PNn mob? p an^y mn N\nn nyai .ba nnroa 
baa^ aiana bi a^nnai niaa n^o na wj> ^aa^ pa^onpa b^a^ 8 ba *p;* nv-j' ny 
Na^trai na 11 paa ia w- 9 |Nnr Nnpan aipo bo v sn ioa naoo pni Na Nin naoo 

1 Ed. by. 2 MS.i3P\ 8 * IMS. npnasb 5 Ed. ansaoa. 
6 an no. 7 Ed. adds mio. 8 MS. n,bn. 9 MS. pant?. 

J J : KBIT Cby T7D * 

.awn i dn tWi apy ni .ama n run npsr n nx T^n wnas am ,iaa watt 

:ni>ia win a^yansi rwhs> nr ny nmm ita pawn nn 

> ndit ahy mo nr 


!>f nnyo wan ay npi^no nw? wjt p in nyi anx mvpa a^iyn nnn 

twinaoia by n^d naw nn^ynw n^yom 
a^a iay nh? /waanKi bb> m m neb rbwnn nun *rv bvhbrm \y>p pun nts> bin 
febv pern anroy d~i p-m pa mw .apyi pny b.t-qn nnn iin: irw ljn 
iTmok CNim n^ny nnnN anim DB^m" 1 nbn nan aynnn noiw in .w naiy rya 
n<an a^o rmaro .paw B*pw Tnwn* ww pot* new mpwr rnN anv rrriy 
jn: (win) Kmmn fna \:y dbb> pnv mpm njnw rvsav nnaiy nw* mnan nana 
no win Nnuir id win wna none Nnoir no jnj win na N3N Napiy mora 
rmyo mn ay np&non new ar p in Nnta t?n nobs? wan >wnaa COwaa 

:[naia^] nana^> mat (nsva) [wd^k] 
an *Da n^nna .iwvnaeia [row*] by niid naw* ana nnbyn3P mbyon nbtt 
nw ww awtMn n^n baa naw* pny row n^ pmiDK nbnro D*wn epo rww 
Nim wm N3N ^n baaa ima B>n |n 'noma nvjd wn n!?n aniN pnip vn n^ 
na -jta) .miD n3W* ioni bmB* p tit by baaa naw its>y an naaj^ nnxbi .an 
an vnns n,bo 5nsn .baaa naw swn nw ' bab pti>Nn rwi Mini nw win an 
raw rwyi H xm na nan "i^>n xnDn an bw vo* s]iaai . a^w ' inii^o n3^o:i snon 
[na] "i^Di ,n^ia 'naw ravm (Nnnaoiaa naw nn\n -j^ni avn mixoi) .Knnaoiaa 
(.O^W n^ a vnnsi) .nvnoi a^W a sjav nn ^o mnw .mc aa aona na nan 
2 popria pidv an nana*! Nnanaai msen unyaa xniD ^yi Nnnaoia ^y Nan mnw 
xaa an vnnx ^oi .d^w i' mia^D wi Nana shaN Itfn nnm 3 Niyn Nn" !?nt 
,WN an na no xinn nna 'ovaia an n^o vnnsn ,nw 6 w an vnnxi ,d*w 6* 
mawn ^nu> mx^ dv wan rnaawai .nioi^nn anD3 wanar *w nan vnnx ^Jnai 
ptsny wft? m^nn oan nnx ww am wnao pan bw anyn rnyaonv ny pw N^a 
no^nn by iB'-am n^ ays ^snao pan^ ^bd wm an oa ww 10a naw a 

1 MS. ta naw wn. 2 Ed. nnapya. 3 Ed. mjn, 

: KBIT nbty TTD : 76 

no nasai .ibe Dan Tieno (xnx) an vnx xntair no vnnx noyi win id nasai .ibe 
an vnnx noyi Nana an ntaaai ,ibfc* Dan twani U3 iona nrw nojn Nnm? 
win an be meai \b& a^oan nan ^aan am nso am Nana an p vax ns Nam 
7b.n1 bna 3 aan n s n wan 211 na>B eNn 2 Na"an 2-1 no btP ma nn*n Nniba en 
nbia eNn iniaya nbei taiseb ae trwn bi wan an oipob nbia t>xn be K3*1 
n^ab [nyvn] nn na^fc* eNn wan a[n] ibni iapr nyp itanoi nibna niyn ib *wjw 
inoi nbia eNn n33 nsao bsai oniN nnei niyono nnyp xboe ny naai nDaan 
wan an ioibna Ninn nb*ba nam idk iyaa anon no nNeai nnx nb^ba abia 
jap n nNea a roni iae DTxn bab inni [nnx] jna npbi dtn be jab oaaae* 
nn bNne^ *]b nn <aN ib noNi ^aionN jpr [b*k] N3i laninb [nan anm pan nnn 
ppm vninNb vaa 6 innnm 5 Npnsna man ananne anoy -jb no [nnJ am 'be pn 
ina bn 'a nNea ab a ib now nn nno nxea a^oanb onb noNi .vninNb vasi 
ne^nai 8 ib wa mm nnb' nta>Nai 7 nnb' neN ny nnnsb* pnoni "jbm nnaiyo nvrp 
an 'a nNne jva Nnna [an] loee [nnx] &*k [nn] jom nrai .[nnin] no'bi inpbi 
eNm Kin "|bn avie 9 ib p Nnai? no nn neNai .nbu eNn weyi *]bob nne jna nn rva 
laoo noe ny loaina aiar Daaa xnna anh Nnna an nwean mpbi i?zb na^ 
an noi nae oney niba exn Nnnir no n^m .vonin by aiar nn 'an ponin nah 
nv Kinn Dvai na'-e 1 ' eta pmr an anna i^ai .ita o^oan prw am xron ani n^aan 
wv\ aDnan ny inS e^N niND yanx innx inipi cn moy ib nsnai xnan no 
pnw IKSOi ioy 10 ine ayn iNtan a^ae yae ejiaai .cae yae Dan naai no^an 
exnb i^ni aana[n] ininph Yish n,hn u nw pyn nbyai nnnx ninnyi iDa p> 
p ib nha annae Kinn avai .Nnne nea exn by ibn na^c eNnh Nntair no nbia 
.vaa nibab 13, NanN no ha* *b nae a'ebe nn n^a innai 12 ioe by xnair no snpai 
Nnan no na xnaiT noi naiv nnaa aen n,bn yfam an non vas nx kw an noi 
nae n^an pnnb aan naeai . 15 N^pna enb vnram 14 niba exn bsne p? nby* 
an vnnxi ,pmnaa[b] exn nm bsne pxb nby a^aoei n s nam a^sbx nyanx 
an vnnxi .iaa myae an vnnxi ,iaa apy no vnnsi ,iaa xntair no vnnw ,Nny 
an vnnw wa n^ona an vnnxi .iaa nd^o an vnnxi .iaa Da^o an vnnsi .iaa Na^a 

1 n^aan. 2 saan. 3 anx. J icyi. 5 Kpata. 6 So both. 

7 m^e ny nb. 8 ib after mm. 9 ib. 10 vn "ma. " rrm. " by 
V3N ae. 1S binK. " abennn nby niba exn. 15 ppn^s. 

75 * am cbw "TO * 

sw nn .Dwpnin Nip3n pnv p w> *^o tni ua nv vnn ioyi nha k>ni NHon noi 
no iaot3i [i]nn3iy vmx ioyi riw ioQ3i t rw &vbw ny3tj> t^oi naoa^K Nipa 
ni>o riW3 noi>nn now join nrai ,mw dw nicy *j^oi 133 DibiaioDiN *oi w 
Dnrnn nay mm o*3K> nit^y ^01 ua dwlmk inns ^01 fai it ^y nr wiotrn 
nha b>ni nnaiy 10331 i3^ 1 o^ { ?m nyap 1,^01 V3iiN nn in aim oanjK }3 
,D*3& B^en ino on n irowiwin nia^oa nmN nnou &*i .133 .T>yot>> vinx ioyi 
DiinoDiNi n3ts> tnwi ny3B> pnv p wn mw twbw y3^ ntino j3 |iyod pnv 

VinNI .133 DBH3N *]!?0 DIHHI inNI D*3B> T3 133 D13a*D3N1 3imi D^3E> 11>y 133 
D'OIOSJTI n!>00 Nint>> ; BH 3n3 110^1 TOTCE' TDnn "1^0.1 ' T3310 i>3K .133 T3310 ffo 

n^aat? vmN ioyi ,fryoB> ios3 jom nni .nr ib>sn 4 >ni npivn naiDn 3, 3^n ioni 
mom ^n nefo? n3c Nin& 3B> nn pin jon "jbon fmnh nvjn in Nintj> 133 
D^om d^c W3i .Dins niaW> D'oidbi .ino n3B> tfm 5 Dn&>yi moan* niso 
pm^ 6 nt^i ino roeni D^aty D s y3K>i d*3P* DnoiN pi .inn ,i3in[3] n*an pnrfc 

: 7 \xon hv NDia 1N3 nnn 

p3 iap3i .Tprn 10231 133 np?n ioyi n"33B iod3 : T\bVi (^IZJNT? nOT 
rni 133 mm ioyi 3ipy ios3 ,133 3ipy ioyi i*yn m?a 8 i>N3iN ny333 ^nik 
vnns* ioyi Din3 113331 333Pi 3-11 mn 311 wn 311 win 31 dop my ottan 
1DS31 .133 osty vnhN ioyi pnv nasal ,i>N33n 31 1^ nam 3ipy p vnN pnv 
,nbi3 t^wsn Nn^'i^n jn3 sim ion ,, yD3 jdj ikbo py nt3S3 n^sai .133 py noyi oaty 

n |DT3 N31H 31 "II3D31 ,&& D^Din !>N1DB>1 311 .133 N31H 31 VinN 1yi jn3 1t3D31 

D^3n nc>K> 311 rnw 3m 133 jn3 mnx noyi n3i n i ^'s ^ni^ p3 i3p3i 
9 rvapy inns inyi nmn3 ntaa3i *3?[*]b> 31 1^ nam n^oru i noyi jn3 itaasi .1^ 
.rvan pnnb 10 n3t^ D^osn ntyoni n^nxo* ^nib^ ^y ioc h ndid ma n^w joni .133 
n^33i [p3^a^] sabo "ii3{j> n^y vom r6ia sj>ni nnpy ^ o^osn nin 3-11 n n3ii 
N3"ii 3Ki vnx 13 iNoain mns noyi ^si^ ps*3 i3p3i sn^ivn 12 N3piy 10 -iDsai 
Napiy mnx noyi 13 1x031.1 iDsai .n^nai fy&b Nabo iub* nby von .1^ moan 
No^y Dp nm pin^ .13^ icy rmr\ mso y3ix n3B>3 .1^ Dan N33 ,, n 311 vnx 
ioyi jn3 iod3i ,<b& D^oan snnn 311 N*nx 31 133 jn3 ioyi N3N iod31 sa^o t6n 
Dan wnN 311 133 N3in 31 innx ioyi tuna 10 ios3i .1^ Dan 3na 10 inns* 

1 rfc. 2 d. T33U. 3 3N^n. 4 13^1. 5 iifil. 6 |P ^ ^>- 

7 noii. 8 I>3ik. fl tvipy. 10 nyp. " s*3ii. n \^V- 13 So 
both ; 10 Nam ? 

K 2 

(1300) nnao lb N3B> W33 I.T^N .bvia JHD JHW ,tf3B* PI 133 D*1V 5DW33 '(imn) 

W& ion rrbny :n"33 jnptai bvia pa y&wi .nnx pub' iaa vnrw :pbnD3!y nnN 
Nam rwn pub* p rww ma p bwd pn niabon snr ba raw. nniabo bop 
D^na Bona mm jnw [vn] modi pop b pot -pbon nmic mm b bpti n*33* 

map oa iTtjok ipwpi * K"p ion mioni bw uw N"nai pa yiw p man 
pa ?ot .va niaboo on ono bop iom rue* 3i mmy) jtfoa vpin pox aa rrpra 
Dioyi" nwi ypm .tola pa (onv) .nats> fo onv : BWaa nwi oioy ppm (bn: 
Tnyi Dioyi na^oi wjnpi ytnn .bna pa mmx .to tpin 5BW33 "ntmon ponsi 
na" iaa npao :BW33 na"oi nwi ye>m bna pa rma .bop 6a irprn :BW3a 
to* pa Dibp .BOP s a pox jBwaa mnai pipani ?ot .bna pa N^ytsnn ,nap 
nnw :bw33 .-nbm(i) peon* nosv.tona pa n s pbn .pop xb ipppw skou *kwi 
pa innry bop n* i:a cnw jbwoo mtom nw) bna pa innry ,bop n ; m 

:D*abo npy poop nn .bos^ nnisi man* .(bna 
own a "jboi nvaiaia: mabob li nas? Nim iabon bias? ft* p orr-n pan paw 
nns xb won -wnaiaa nop ny pup Bpbpi ynp max rwi bnnb vn3*tom aw <i 
Boab nan n3P ni p 5 nniDn nuo nw nar maa yaa xbp nawnn -nayni .nn s n 
y-iro in noio nP3 to ibabai ooibon ba byo ixoa nx onn lino toufl o'pnv 
baa niabo B^bpnpai .nha ^"6 laa ^n^^n^ nhaa innxi paw dn a nai^on 
baanr laa n^oi 3s^n^NC no ban mabob n^ya^ n^an pnnb D*aB> na cnia iboi 
nnan s ani bna pa pisw p ytnn 1 ' Dy Knn natra bbt^n^ nbyi rrw nns n>m 
n* nac ny tjnpon n s a naxbo 7 ^oai cmv^nx t>o noyi o^^aa ["asboi bi] 6 snyi 
naa nti "inDN p enmb D^nc na^n n^an pinb dmb> D^yac lobwj' hoi dtd^ 
noi baab baaiir irrn .ioy imbi [n&ion] vnty nby arixi .no^cm n*an baant 
bsi^o nwaa [n]pDD \v nabo^ ova *a jv nabo vom iaa obitro nrw ioyi ,w 
i inns iopi we a* ^o jnpo nnaDabxi ,on!>di nnar s an inoi ribhi eibt< a na^ 
anat> *]bon *obn n^n join nrni iaa nona mnx noyi obiL-o noi Dnroo D^abo 
vom iaa NHon nn noyi nona noi .N^aioaN piaa Diavtaax pi nw mmn 
iboi ,^a^ n'a paa? ntry D^aen o^nxo nau> vnonmn pay bai p^ ibo map^a rrn 
8 naty iti'y naotr vn pyoiri [D^ac i rnx painn] &w w iaa mirn nnx pub* n^nno 
ttKNdvrb njtj> D^yanw yar' nn D^a^ "\wy rww pc*Nin Diapiin tnpan pyou* p janvi 

1 So in d.; blank in H. 2 D^an (so) p. a a. 4 So both. 

5 oniDKn. 6 So both. "' ba b\yy\. s D*aty a\ 

73 NBIt Q^y "HD * 

:inoron bv Namn in rvm p*x "an m n^on ny narpNi mmnaa tonn n^ 
:ita D^oan pny am nod am wan an noi D<ae nney Nnta en Nnon no mm 
n^ hwjm nar hna to Nna pdj nov Ninnai sna^io en prw an no anna man 
ny s*anp najn paa nxo yanN nnna paai t*man xmoy nn nnn*K Nan tahyn 
urn "pnan n,an Mson ?w yae spDai pap yae Nnana aai Nnia^o nnw ndiq 
nth NToy p^riDNi 2 WDna vo maa jxjto Npi nDa p "me wn painaeNi mna 
^y Nna^no eni?i Nnoir no Nnta enb ma^fi mtapi ''NDns mopai mop aD mm 
Nion no ^>dp*n nov nvvbi Nnta wn Nno n^aei Nai?o Tpai unnon torn 
niasn mop i>y nioit no rwnpi Nna mi> t^tni nana!* umw na>r Nnta en 
pmain nns nw an noi ^aaN "i^6 ^njihn no ba n^ jw pr6m nn man ipnjn 
P^d Nnta en Nnon no na xnoir noi Nav nna aw bin *nS>\13 an 10 rvan 
nae mi man pnnb nae nil niNO n naeai jmpma ena n6 v yi "kS> mi> 
.pmnaD exn mm ^xne* pb ni>y D^iy nxna^ maioei dtinoi mata nyanN 
,wa Dana an mnsn ,iaa apy an xnmn .133 Nnoir no innxi mna an mren 
nyaei D'ooe nbioi nimn nyaei o^aoe ,iaa ^onaN an innw ,ia mena an mnNi 
cms am nnry an nNi Dnaa -an dni apy an nN nni.n "3N am :onioe ^a 

tmn nyeni maoe nn ,awn an nN mhn 

ndit D^iy nnD p^d 


:i?33ae r\b)i eNno nnceon 
[mn] pina ,n:e 6 ^^ol n^oei nyanxi nwo n:oei ^n D^ne n^e n^o mi 
n^eai . 3 nai phiii v\btt o^ne rue ^o no^e :n , N^33 nai jnai hna pa nrvaN 
[n>n] nn3 ,nae b n^oi nonen 5 n^i phn njeai ,nan niaab ^nnn 4 nai pnh 
b)i: pa pyo^nN ,nae r oyann mwi: ^l^en rnnxi wnjn from hna pa pnar 
7 no ua ndn .N^a: Ninyi hna pa nnry .dw a wa max :owaa 6 Nnyi myoBn* 
osein^ :Dwaa yan J3 [N]inn nxnn 9 ^3nt 8 xny J3 mnryi* bna pa tamm .nae 
p nTynw mnai p bmrm na^oi nnaiyi ^aan ja Ninn .i5n: pa ^rniN' 1 .cae na 

1 Ep. man. 2 Ep. ona. 3 naphhi. 4 nvpnn. s n^pnn. 

8 xnyi in>yoei. 7 no. 8 So both. 9 H. Taani. 10 So both. 

[II. 6.] K 

: ND1T nbty TID : 72 

aw iqmnak nannw ] Nnnva 12 ndq pnc-i b* Dan ^siob* 211 inro*i D^oan iaa 
in n-nn" 21 imnan ta^oan 1:2 fna noyi ran Kn an !>n ^>nib* pN3 napai win 21 

iBom D-yaiNi dtino napa -ndid Nnia^o WDriNi .1^ D'ean nB>B> 2m taprm 
imnan D^an 1:2 mona noyi jna aw mw ^y "rrcra h ndis nrai n<ai pnni> 
ii>B> Dan Nnx 211 Nan 111121 D^oan iaa maps noyi n^ona a*aen .ita Dan aw 21 
now fwiB* ps*2 napai Nn^amn :, ppiy id a\DBn ,iB>aai ndin! [112c] p^d W3ai 
P^d vo'oi .1^ D'can Non 12 bjdv 211 1211 "an 111121 D*oan rnx id win mnN 
Dan bnvn 21 111121 D s oan vnN Napiy noyi no Nam a-aBi ntraai wynb ma 
.nB> D^oan Nran Nan 3 ppiy 10 p vnN p NaN mnx ioyi Napiy noi .&& 
N3N mm .tabs vh2 ND^>y Dp n^ai pin^ naB> niB>y &&n mso yanx haw 
niqd 21 inns noyi Nana 10 a^aB'i .ita Dan nidd 21 vnN Nana 10 mnN noyi 
)b& Dan wan iaa Nana mnx noyi nioit 10 a^a&n .i^b> Dan "nano xnx 21 vnN 
ib Dan w^n 12 Tiano Nnx 2n vnN no win 2n mnx nejn Nana 21 3Wi 
,ihj> Dan xan wan noi no 21 Nana an 12 vax n sain 21 vinx noyi a^aan 
Bn na^an an non n^nna xnta &*n xam 211 mnn Kin *am 111 n^ai fib iaai 
211 snob xnta B*nn wn ^tw &*nai mn tan 112a na^an 2m nin Nna^no 
B*n ,Topi? nini xnaTio B*n n^pap xin Npna nayoi> xyai xnaTio vrn Nvan 
^a nna maniNi n^y Tpai xnaTio B*ni? nnw nn&n xnta &n Tpai xnta 
xraBix ml> jn^ 4 xin mapm nro ^ idobi insi nnN inoi> n^^ *ha Nnon 
^aa same baai nnn yonn unpip x!?oi saai *nan xnt^aa *aa awi xna^no Bn ^rsn 
no kW Kinn xth n^o^sn nonaa nidit 10 b>si txb'b ina nha m^oi xmba Bn 
Nin b>di na unn ins ^ai? ^Dpi wnj bpw\ ^m wnoia^ ^yn No^na Na^an an 
in ws rvb ion Nao npdid Niaa nhni rrbvpcb Naia ^i nipn ninn Nitair npx 
Npnsna n^no na^n^pi 11^112 "]b 111 *no nN nii ^h NanD2 \sn ^nib- t^d 
nao b>d jaan^ \rfo -\bn rrninN^ n^aaN pinoi iyn"xi nnmN^ ii^in^ wrwm 
N22 by Naai J>tni Ni2yoi T,nna n^n BaN mv nn pnao b'q n^ n^ hon in m 
nnpNi rpaai rebpen pna n^aax pnn ni^ iai .[iar] n^i iy Nwwai Niaoa r6n 
nin n^a n^on nrn na i^ob* Nina an mm in n*a^ mn jnn nn an Niaa nnan 
^tn w niB'y B'on na nioit 10 111 iai nn nn^i xa^o^ vnnm Naioo bpv 
b"v Nnna an Ninm .xnns an ?o B iTnnswib mbpen xa^o ^aa^ Nna^no b^h nii 

1 Ep. nt nxa. 2 Ep. niob>. 3 Ep. ppy. 4 B. x^i Tpcv 5 Ep. mniaicNib. 

71 : KBIT Eby TTO > 

pirfc ta s yaB> TW wn noi> mpy raiBB> njc^n : obiyn p yarn pnS iV> pfipn 
n*a nx pam tfiw nioin naai icy ninx ro&i tbtmh ision Nnry nby nun 

:p> ntata nata vtaui 1:2 tibwv vnnx iiayi &b> n*ai iua^> ^aanr nrni BnpDn 
npDQ jnrn inisu .uxtai nnsr *an mo Dial s id^> nap cnBi onston naau 
n,jw tan t^ni jNao nSy nxnn^ yaiw nine ii tau^N a nac km bvrwn nana 
DbiB> mai .nap nnpy dtib> ita |v ita pipio Dinaoa^K tanaan nm yean 
u^ DnsDi DiaaD^Ni jid^di pais t^d rnui .innai a^an iaa man vnnx irayi 
nuna mnx myi pyoB* p pm" 1 p mnnei maan no p^ a^yanai nx napa ,jt* 
aai>paai DavoaKi TM33K Tntaao aip^a [mpiao anx] mn vdui .innai Dnsarn laa 
flfy a^yaBi nxo napa ,nw nninn nx ana Nin ^ni NUitaaN naa Nin ^taaNi 
.innai ansan iaa nnan inna irayi nuna ni mnne p pnv p pyB> i>ap*N 
^>ai HttK iaim D'aiepn aa uon jv nap^a *cu >8itt*$> hia nyv n\i roa*a 
widbti p rwine p pyeB> p pnv i?u\ .]vb b*diti a^yapi nxo nap n\i vni^n 
}anv p "Na" 1 -j^rai innai ccan [laa] nw mnx irayi nnan auBi ,aap yapi db6b> 
nnpy b6b> i^di iaa Bibanana mnx ioyi *itf auBi .a^ap yapi anpy W11 jna 
niata^ b^bi nso naBU annai a^ap b>b>i anpy iaa Diaa^ax vinx i.^i .annai nat^ 
vaviK n^a b aini moi Q s aiD^n nay nDs^ax p dvtwi vnns ncjn .^aic^n n'-a 
:ninn nncy nn .ininan n^raan iaa rvyay mn noyi nnaiy a^aci .cat^ [f^] ^m 
Crtsam [iaa] n^aac vnnx n?ayi n^y^ awi iaa raaita inns tJjjdi Dininm p Dsnas njhoi 
paa^ natj> D^yansi niND yanx nac s>n onan nia^ni? ^^1 hsmd naca jimnai 
Diax^DDDX sa D^iy nKnab D^^ naoen D^cni niNO ni nsbx a naen n*an 
:nnsD s\n n^qdn^ rniiTi in n^ao nam omai ^kib^ hn nbni n^an annm 
punb D^riKi D^en na^ai nun ^aa^ ia^B> tFvtrb D^aiD^i .ind nau> nmn nmi 
3*aui psdii i>y *KDia in nun pinb k>bi ct^Bn hnd nac^a nnu nann nun 
nyaaa btn&> pa napai n^prn auBi nnnai D^raan iaa n^pm inns iiayi n>aaB> 

: imnai D^taani iaa [aipy] nn ioyi Tyn nnroa pan pinB'a p ytmb ">b>n iK3i 
iaa sain an inns ioyi |na auBi Knnnsi jna Nin ] ppiy ma b>q auB iai 
ani xjnD ani na^an an win an innai o^an iaa Dina itayi auB>i innai n^an 
auB>i i^b> nan ^xaan an innai n^an pnv ioyi Dina auBi hw D^oan ^xaan 
py mnN irayi taaB> auB>i ibw Dan i?Naan am mnai D*an iaa tasB> icyi pm* 

Ep. idk *ya. See for other variations, Briill's Jahrbiicher, x. p. 158 sqq. 

: KBIT D^D? TTD : 70 

mvy nn x"33 yti>"6si hna pa ttQtnn"i nnx nap mnx ^o 133 innnx .x<aa 
ira ii>ai h*ia nyv .Tni naten jnr lawn nnnx ox rrbny nop T,a inx :nnn 
rvbny "i^ni na pa yTiiT im wanm pp pwn swv x^>x p nsca x^>i w 
p iron D^na D*ana nnai ynnn' 1 nac dwx trxv t^di .nnix unni cac tw 
pa jrp-iv B'w ytrni entry inns ita ua iiTxok .ia-im trxv nw was |na jmn* 
tanwn inns* ^o iaa inmy .awaa inw "ax otvbm wi ns mnaw pcx Sna 
nntry at? nn * iaa nnv .owaa vtytn Dioyi ytnn i?na pa ^>xv na&> D*nw 
jta ia3 rnx .owaa memon na^oi invyi Dioyi mwi penn ^na pa tanv iw 
Wpm .awaa nniyi na^ni Dirayi inwi yt?m hna pa inmx natr rtwy w mnx 
.owaa nana) mom nwi ytrin *>na pa rma nac yarn entry mnx ita iaa 
fios .owaa pipani ninai i>xv hna pa Hytrin natr tnam ctrcn nrm ntrao 
n^tr mnx iaa tmsw .x^aa "nn i>na pa Dibtr catr w mnx ^d 133 
ne^tf mnx i^d iaa rnxi.T .owaa nninni n^-n n^aav bna pa nn^n natr nnxi 
rmty natr nntry nnx mnx *]!> vnx ta^n* .x^aa n^n 1 - ^na pa wpbn ovtn 
mix n^an 13^ nvbsm natrai :nnn nntry nn .owaa nmxi mar* h*w pa 
nx n^an xin nap" nion nmap icxa^ no wpb niD^xa ni ^aa n!?ra ivanaiaa 
^iy omaa ^an n^ia d^d^x nya^ ttoat? -ixk>oi j^aaroi nntrn {53 nxi D^n* 1 
x"aa n^cni hna jna rm& ww mew o^unn n^tr iaa paw mnx 1^01 .ncnta 
vax nx m^pnv nx f^Dm iy ^k i^y naio^i xin !?33 i^d nvansua mix nbni 
na^3 : owaa ^xprei n'w [aa] nsiDn xnry mx pmT naa> nncy nnx i^i \7iw fa 
T>yn xani a^3D pn n^y ia3^i n^y m taWv ^y ^33 ^n 1x3 13^0^ nn^onn 
na{r xm onnx byo mirr ni>an nay nnix3i .iaW> nac nx*y nns* ny nwoa 
na^i onvD Dnxv^ cycni nixo naiDKi px^ pD^a^ Q^ b6bi nix naic-c 
waa^ xi?x nn n s ao nxtra xh nbiy nxna^> na^ naioci nixo D^ ( ni o-a^x rwhe 
,nion nina^D naitDtri whw nnoai nnai DTai>ei J>KnW nx *rbm xim nai> 
Ijmx iboi nvanana no :pa^n> ji'on ni^ai? yaci tant^ na-^ ny ranaras 1^1 
^^ inxi x^>a n^ao \wrf x^in ia^D^ navj'xin natra D^ac c^cn ont'y iaa *pno 
"ixe^a i^oi ,n^ia3 innai n^an pa^in^ p ^xm^xc lrppns mo nnx ^333 no 
iran \mrb omen tanwn na^a a ^aanr mnx noyi bn^tw nw o^a^ b6 
^33nr n^yi onca niata n^taai non wn n^o ba nia^D^ D^ya-j' nac x^n 
nnan "am !?na jna pnvin^ p ymm d^q i^o taniab nnx na^a icy in^ai D^-n^ 
rtpyi btn^ nx iipyi> trpai wipvn n^3 nax^ra btaai BT>icnN noy :Dwaa xnryi 

69 > NB1T cbw 11D * 

na^an iv amaN nhatpo nap owi cyatn dtino nai>sn ijn hasn p : nnn mK>y nn 
ny DiTun nbiatpo d^b> twam D^on pny nW ny miwi |ta nap raoen cymx 
apy^ -6i3K> ny rrn pmr d s 3e> twom D^yaci hno nn yen nap nxo pmr> ibvv 
vm D"Jt^ Bum troop mw n^iac ny nn apy vstem mas in oBn nap taw 
nn "-asn D*ap worn tvwbw pa ih ny nn mirr 1 dw yaci cya-wi hnd wi 
Dnxefc rn> ^em jnsm D*a&* yts>n p-ivn ifcw ny nn pa : roe' rrVy yerii njap 
Eranw pan nhac ny irn apy^ :oSy nnab naie&n Bwfwi dtinoi d%^m nn 
nnrco ejDV n> insij noi d^b> "ii Dntpy nwo jaisn b& nn *a&*i Dae> ^cn 
ns*o rrn nfc nnx nap fpfl nn^ nnx^ ni onvyi nxo n*n pyot? taw vw 
DVien tantpyi nxo n^n natj>&* sw m^y jwni n nn mw d*3B> yaen o^cn 
nD irn p d^b> tic pidv not? nnxb noi cpats> yantn onpjn nxo rwi p^iar nap 
p^a d*3B> iByi dmd rwi *pv cat? t^i anew hno nn new d*3B> yatyi nnt^yi 
on riN T^in jnsm :aw vw onirya ni> ^ noi rot? row nnsi nxo n*n 
nzbtt natra .enro wd rwi penai ppna n i"6w runyn yvnao nx *rinn oil 
enna na&vi tvman .ensoo iwfB> ny ohy nxnab ruiovi D'yaiNi nwo ya-w 
rvnaem mwj ^k-i^ una ncfam tj'ina n3tj> nnisai ^s-ic^ min mru ye'n 
T^jn pB>n3i .\)vm no n:^ nnixai onia^n ova rmnn cn^ nanj n^cn naBW 
^Ni^ nNV^ nnsi D^yaiN n:^a .ryia nx T^n piBn pun was pt&n po^ nx 
pi bNiK^ 1DJ33 dSy nxnab ytjm d^idki niso yaisi D^abx r\w nn .onsioo 
T^m ^"i ^ nx n^n laijn naiy ns i*hn ryia :nnn m^y [nn] .pa ja yenn^ noi 
n:^ itn px^ jno^a^ nj^ owni niNO a n:ca bK-ity ^y i?n ini nn nx 
D^yn^i ruts' nixo hjid^i D^a^x w n:t^i onsoo ;nx^^ naty D^btn nio yais 
Tini natr n^ya-ix ^01 t^iria n:i jnai wm bna pa mn nn^asi D^iy nxna^ ern 
paa ob^a iD^ob n^^yn na^ai n^an niaai> bnn n^ann nat^ai no^ ns T^in 
njB> N^nK' pi> jnD"aai> cya-iNi nixo yaiN nj^ Kn &m vh& p i^oi n^an 
naioen nn^yi nixo yem D^a^N na^ iwn Dnsoo Dnssb d^iobi nwo yais 
.D^aa w^vn mnw nyi jnavi vca hia jnan p\~w rrrn nan id^ obiy nsna^ 
in*aM .cj^ieaa njn vpyevi hia fna ^y^nsi n:c mw> ya&> wa oyam v-ins i^oi 
nnxi D^yaix nn i^d ua ndn .t^aa nyi Wn }na innry caty b6b> mrw ^d iaa 
l^o iaa tasjBnn* .tnraa *aan p KiiTi nxnn "aam *niy p utnijn [aa] 011^1 nap 
rnai p ^s ,, n' , i na"i nnaiyi -ajn p smi ^na jro mmf nac twrri ant^y xnm 
m^K ^na pa am*ini n^atj' naiDB> nrac i^o iaa avp .Dwaa mnn p iry^Ni 


> Ntttt D^y TID * 


vh& nbsan ny haon jm D^e eei D^enm dino b>b>i ^x *>nen ny dind 
*ry pmr nhatyo nap DTiei D^enn pntf -taae ny naSan joi nap n^ya-wi nixo 
niND ruoKn -anon >job vne me tfya-M me niso ymx onsoo ^>Nie s www 
nu p3i ^e n^ |win T3 pa nat? n^yaei nawi tae nyi p&6 isaec nnycm 
^33 Dni nap ebei D^om sjta ie3y nyi n*an a-ineoi Dneyi nixo ya-K w 

:nnNi niNO mcei n s s^ nya-w 
nt? :n385> D*e!?ei nixo yen rn 'aei nap cetai nwo ne nSaeo mn ons 
mix :me mey DTiei naxo yen x*n s 2w\ d'oe pom nse pun nijue* ny irn 
nime ny .Tn pp :dup pom m&o yen vn wi nr D"yen fa*p -lime ny mn 
"it "taae ny mn ta&iD tD'oe npjn nixo yen rn upi me n^yae btikbrro 
pan i?iap ny mn tt 1 : Q^ae pom Dwm nixo moe vn *api me pom Dpp 
nhap ny mn "pan map mnpi ceei nixo yen i*n api me cnei d*ppi ntm 
me pom dppi nixo e^e D\~6xn ns "pan ibnmi dup pom D-ee nbeino 
^ei dup y3ei D'oioei nxo "jo^ T^iae ny mn ntaino latbtn vrac np^> a uaw 
upi dtipi n^aioei no m lime ny mn nob :dup yeni n-eei mse yen i*n 
rn *api me mso eon o^n ib n^Je iy .Tn m] : y3ei D^ei mD y3e )"n 
D^ecm nixo e^ei .me niso ee }3 m n s n ^no s*3e jm [.a^'om nixo pen 
ee vn jei me nso ne3Dix nhre ny n>n oe :nnn rey nn Mnan ire6 
o^e^e niNQ y3iN vn ^ei me eom D^e^e r6e n^ire ny nn "wobin : na niND 
[: cenni niNE yen vn ^ei me nis*o eon n^3 ii? ninaB' ny .Tn n!?e] : D s :e nstxn 
3^3 :y3ixi D^eei mso y3^ k s* v^n ^ei .me y3iNi vvhw ibz n^ire ny rrn iay 
Jiie n^e ny n H n iyi : o^e yeni d^^ci dtino vn ^ei nje n^6e iyi -i^ire ny ppn 
D^e^e Tim lh^e ny Tn :ne : D^e yeni &vhvy\ o-nxo vn wi nit:* D^nei ce^e 
nwovn ^ei meyem oney mn -6ireny Tn nim :me D-e^n dtind vn an .me 
.D^e ecm d^nid vn ^ei me djqb> ir3s dttqn T^ire ny Tn mn : ruow d^oim 

anoan an .(noan nn n^d pa p jrcnrn at?) pa p ycnra ni* na^a *jn^ Nynaroi 
hn nr 'nn wi> N 4 ynai ."floa nam paa px 11 at? proi sjdv nr pyarfc 
NmnoDi Nnp^oy ^a Mm) *h nn wh$> n xirna bw:*b fnx 3 a^nan , (tm>arn) 
it tcawna no yv .rroina too "m MrnnDD) .manon 5 piy nr 4 Nnpoy (iai 
Tnyb D^pnv S>sj> pap jno nr ne> ray tmnai .urna dwi pp jniayms 7 jn 
.raaan nn n^ pa p ycnmi aa> pa p ytyira nr pcarfc anoan am an) .Nia^> 
nr ^n inya ha* foi iron* ftaaa tow nntaa 8 ap (wot nr na*a w5> kjtboi 
ns^ nimnyn nnhn fa] pptnn tan&^> napn 10 inNnnts> "lisfa Dnx nnhn nsD 
roam nn nn wnni nn nn (iwaai nn nn "vanaci nn nn) [napn vnnm .ia 
(nn nn waa nn nn nsan*) [miaai nn nn] ranMen nn nn 12 [voanai nn nn] 
pao pttnap n&DD [ia Dnnn mytn nir ap mm nn fa wm] B nn nn *p*re* 
jtapni -tttttn) iai msDn njra raw s a 16 ap wroyDa mao "prow pa^n* M jnWD 
*h (nDisn) [onsan nndhi fax] iai fa^y in" 1 nsh nmsi (iai B*nkn n wya nsr 
: 17 [Tjay myi *nwpm] iai pam hno nnaox iai ba ym np no 

1S xan tahy nnon wan ni> spfa * * 

1 d. omits from HT, 1. 1. 2 d. like edition. 3 O. ap. 4 d. ho KW, NT 

xnp&y. 5 d. ncya. 6 d. lhx. 7 d. nirno; O. nmo. 8 d. nixi; 
O. ww t fa tniaro wn pi. 9 d. O. nrofa. 10 O. b mw. u e. adds 
here VDanai nn nn. 12 d. like O. 13 d. O. Vpn*l nn ~\)1 ; e. omits from 

''Dan; d. adds iwm nn nn. 14 d. rarac naDDl; O. |TW. 15 d. e. omit. 

16 O. noiN Kin pi. " The words in [ ] in P. 13 d. ohy nnD fan. 

I 2 

: chy 11D * 66 

B^yap ^nn niata] *ibin w S .(roan nap nr }pw rno^ xn yiBtn i>n pwn 
niata ,:? wvavn n^a niata .Dp p niata .nap }!> man aea 'did niata [nap 
t*(man pnni?) [nap bvipi tro&v niB yap] awrn n* i^w jnbb ,ap 'owwi 
*ata naiap pi itai) ,[pj nwen nBi] 7 ssta 6 bovp p*aai> 'rmtMEQ *pama nhaai* 

.(DI^PDJ ."D3W9SK .""JWMK .pnWD . 10 Dp^D .' flD^? , |1OTfi . 8 |np BWUData Jl> 
ita , 15 ff3B' B "W3VJBBK ta> [BW ^] BIB^B *7y (^2) 13 D1T1BN i>P BIB^IBB 
BlB^BBl >\TW\ 18 i3 17 B1BVJ i>P BIB^ID ly 1C DWDDDK ^>P B^blBB .ITOil 3B3 

uijb> 5 22 n3V^3 p nanta .nap r* 21 K3"na 20 p [ta>] nni>B ny ,9 dibv> bv 
mpy ppi hikd pp* aipm t*jtaH p*a] ,rwi (n*an pin nnx nap aa 24 nvnBi) 
*Bipta fabo "pma jnp BmaBata 2G iv *sta naop pi .^nvnoi nap 
B*ann i>p ninay by n?a bwbbbk i?p DiD^iaa ^Ba^pDai B3vaa 29 i"BaN pnaaai 
pi>ai>aB [btab] -ibin w *i .[nii>a nnay 5>y nra bib^b i>p BiB?a .omcn byi 
36 naipjoa man annps s (ieix nNSBap) , M roin 33 bv!? naim 32 niar 3: bv^> mar 
bp vhbpbi 39 (nn\n) nvap kbi ^nvi nap wb[i rwi as*a nypn] "owi mis 
b*ibini pan i>y piBiy B"ita nrai ro) 41 nap pi 40 (nvi axa nypm nrwi) anw 
42 nypan pnn^> nypna (yann pnna .iai aaix nx Bn^y ap>i b^bik rrw nai .tvp 
ahyn ijn B^iyn jb ^nip'- vita n iina :ia ^(ipy) nyapa n3B>ai naiwna vyn 
bp inai na!> nixi'Ba ntsny tanp 1 ' \nta B\nta n Tinai . n*>ib^n jbn Byn b new 
^n^bn ,bhb i?p mTy ir waTy .iai K^aan s*wp wkvib kvh iai B^iy^ nna 
nr pata B^pnai .B ,, p' , 1^' , nr pata tnyna .(jbn i-ibni anpa naan) cbvw bv naoi 
. 46 naiann ai "nconn ^ax ia^an hpb nr pavan^ snaan an> ,(baa nta) nsoTana 

1 e. adds nnt^y. 2 O. Biinn. 3 h. pnn^ B^am msB yap. 4 O. 
ntaa pania iai. 5 O. iB^a. 6 O. aw. 7 h. ata. B e. jnpiB. 

p. |1B*ta. 10 p. npl^B. " p. j^BaN. 12 c. BV3B3N. a e. D^TIDX. 

14 e. bwvjnbbn; h. P. amin. 15 O. nap. I6 e. bwvjnbbn. 17 c. h. O. 

BIB^B. 18 d. h. O. BVIP1 B^PBn. 19 e. B1B^B. m d. 13. 21 d. N3_n3. 

22 d. omits from V, 1. 8. ffl h. O. p. B^ap P^P. w d. like edition. " d. 

B^ap iyi. 26 See above, 1. 4. 27 d. B1B11B. M d. Bpta. 29 d. omits. 

30 d. from pVO, 1. 9, like O. 31 d. T by. 32 d. e. O. K3T. M d. >1> by. 

34 d. e. O. 2"n. M e. NVBa. 36 d. pPNin. 37 d. omits. K d. nn-n. 

39 e. rl. 40 d. like edition. 41 O. ,T>aP3. 42 d. nnain. 43 d. like 

edition. 44 d. adds ir. 45 d. B"Bann. 46 d. B'N^aab PN"i; O. nNiaan. 

65 * Cbw TTD * 

BTwnn bw "1*1 mo ^ a ibyi (ripen cnva roataa) '[nbua] (iwny) Myy 
(idn nna? pi) [wni Dviy naya ay] rvan nana wr6 a nnai yvnn i>y zn 
nr nnoyr nt^x iai uiw nN omn t6 nnN tio ny nwax ft noan iai ft tn^o jyi 
jom inwai fai Nan Krva kwi 3 ay naaa iron rm nviy yanN (ba) .nay a^yay 
aao ibyi in ^aao ni>y Nnry mn 3 ic loy mnx nibi baao Nnry n!?y nNan naa^ 
iwi worm ynna d^w Nan .n^on wiDBwrw5 yay naya tbwrv bx iai bane* 
ns* bnam Nai iai 133^> pan Nnry a iai ppann ynn^ nnNa *a n,i>Bi> nwavn nay 

jnmaan otwti jo >&ob* 
4 3wi noma |pno ^Nny pxa nyy nay 5' in n^an p .Tona nan .7 p"iQ 
naya a D^yn^a wn n^ nr ^331 now Kin 7 pi . 6 mnnNh 5 vvyi> b>w ^Nny nN 
[ifen NnD^nm^] ai? ny a nayo ,n^n^ NiaNi ta KnDB>nnn*6 cnyi n^y 
[NnDynnns* nNnpa nha nia^>on bai] iai pn^oi p\aa jptw ""ayi now Nin nn nay a> 
vnwran wn) 10 [nnN] noh (B>inni ssnia) 9 a *6n ca^o o"\s>b ntio nns pNi 
^a* ."(NnDynnnN nNnpa niai?on ba)tr u^ NnDynnnN Nin wn Kin ynia Kin n^>n 
onyiyni tanmewi oyn }oi oni'm DWian iayi .nay "an Dnsi ho 12,, a^o w 
trayn ^npn i>a iyyn nowi iai nns b*K3 Dyn isdn^ iai bants* bai iai tftrom 
}n*a ypo n^n p ntyb nyas iai y^i.T "-o^o ltry n^ a niaDa latrn niaD aw fo 
ni^avai D^o^o^ai nm^yoa u^nna y^in 11 'o^a no yw 'o^a DnN^ab Nnry nya 
16 ay [n,a Nnry wa fntoa *)] 15 na mpon* ya^ pnoyi pyy vm noin ny "lyn^pi 
ynem lyn 1 - nys pxn i?N yrbn ft i^ani (now Kin pi) .nso nSna nnoy \nni 
i^n onann ba ym^na i^niaN nnn* no Tmas nym^ inyin> cpo iai nnynn 
nnynn ^>n nwbw nyin 1 * (oa^ *nn) Sa 1 - (w) .i^n onann ba ym^na irwv n x 
iai }i' 1 ^^o n-iyyn n^s^ni .[n^^y ntw Dai? psi] 17 oa^ y n^ayi naiyxn [nym>] 
(l^oy) ppo DinnaDa^N ]8 Nin .iai nayn inoyai iai maa nta noyi .jiyxnn *j^on Nin 
yoyi n,aiN on ^wi p^o ympn nina d^'aano tawaan (vn) jxa iv :[noi] nay a^ 
0>&b& ib 'nana N^n ai .nnoao na nvni? n,aoaa oncyn 'a D^ya a (ay) coan nan 
^apr ha>) t,^ moxn n/ap? inan i*as W "noix Nin pi* .iai oyip nynini? iai 

1 O. iyyy. 2 d. like O. 3 O. now Nin py. 4 O. ay^oi. 5 O. 

m>ya. 6 O. inrinsa y^Ni. 7 O. py. 8 From P. 9 h. O. nyi^y. 

lu h. like O. u h. nyynnns Nin ymn ymiynNi ymn. n O. niaboi. 

13 O. o^nyi cyon. 14 O. yiTpai. 15 e. O. napn. 16 O. now Nin pi. 
17 Ed. follows taa^ pN. 18 O. n^on. " O. i^ni jNao. 

[IT. 6.] I 

3 -ONi ,rup oneyi nso w? vni* "hoik 2 Kin pi* ,w tffltfo omp l [rrm] 

k^k p "\thb neaK 4 [nae ap vty vm noisi] iai na "n^> nap nixo ee naea 
DnaK nm me' com d^pc mysi nciK Kin pi* nap api> diip mm mm nn'fw 
mm mm nrwns> k^k p nioi^ npaK ,'nwi rnx^ n nap rue> nniKi* .Dyo 
^Knp^i Dyn-i" 1 ty\& 3nn3 (omy noK na) ap [noa] py-in 3B? dtop Dioy 6 nsm 
rvco ny d^pit nmh aw6 Tan sxm p ?*3B>m mm] .inoiK ^yo fAf n^a 
jno d^p .ia men tinw\ nw D^jnacn .lbyi nhaa ipyp i^k .ia nysp tpjnap tju 
3ipn D^api onst? D^yiapi .pK^ nyina mvpoi pa invpo nnKi ^xntr pa icy 
pnipm mym 1? pKi mp ni3 D'opi dw D*yiapn nrwi .13 pirn aim nna3ai 
: 7 [niEDip mnna nonta pp nyi spca ivpi Kan Ty: cy n-nc 
noK na iai Tjn rwn* ae n nan nfob me nta pma^ nnx napai ,ib2 pio 
nata iai Kian ysnK iai ni3K.n nwn itaipn iai my !>3D oaa >d 131 Dna n^o pni3 
niKD B^un) [|^k npy np^pi] 10 ^k^ k^k 9 phy p*K 8 ma3i (^aa) iai onnay 
namn nK wan .nmapn nKPO i^>yp )bx (k!?k) on p*n u (|!>8 "cy capi d^ppi 
pmpnK mataai niyoipo D^ap a * pni3 .1:1 rnnn? h3 iami iai vniaiao by 
bs* iai nnp npy laW a napa .ft ma nTay nima pnKa iai \rvabn n^nna 
^k "inDK np^ni [nDix Kin pc] nn>an jeica naouio nnDK nn\n b wb yaiK 
onann nnx] t *3T\cb ls ?^[n nK] 14 wi3 ton n\n 13 noc (ft) [jnix] !?3 iai ^on 
Toe.-6 onaDn nK jon 3na pya a^a iai }D^a enn Kin pcKin enna .[ia i^d bna 
aaa .jon nK i^n 1S }D^3 i ; 3 . 17 i^n ^ nnDK nDaaa "pa i63* .iai anni> 
DiWK i>33 onvwi ian nnK3 an ."pn ^c visd* 3^bt6 onao *amo ana B |wa 
^y nanc 21 iana ncK ^y* pn "-aa nncy nK \bm ck nie ccn )cica laim iai 
nK3n nac^ jrn miK3i .iai dwvwi nsDO xa "wnn ora .D^cnn mw (>acv) 
D^yac ^33^ nK^o *B^> *a noiK Kin nn .iai f^ppas na na^on nnDK anani (nwo) 
(nun pin nnK^) ^[nac] aa .nac D^yac nb&W nmn^ r\)M? 2:i [iciKi] nac 

1 d. miaa everywhere. 2 O. nnK n3n3 KV1*3 everywhere. 3 d. omits 

from vm, Li. 4 The words in [ ] from <i. 5 O. nai"3 )b niK n\n Kim 

TnK^ c^C; d. mKf> y3nx natr3 noiKi. 6 O. ^3. 7 H. fin.; d. h. like O. 

8 e. tanai; O. pnai. 9 From d. 10 So d. u d. DC. H d. omits. 

13 O. DMCn; d. D"ac con bs\. 14 d. D^aao. 15 d. like O. 16 O. 13. 

17 d. omits from iD3, 1. 20. 18 O. 13. 19 d. O. JVD3. w O. jon TfiO. 

21 O. isnac on. M O. -HKa ncy ny3iK3 ; d. TK3 T3. m d. like O. 

6% > nby 11D : 

pao* roion jo pkw bx njna Ninp bi nynn jo pntp bx naioa Ninp b now 
in "rapbi ai entry iaa rino bx .rap lib -fin nvanaiaa .in-pnvi *pawo 
nvxpb niabb 2 Pib> napa iai K?n tab bwn ba ib nspbb mn napa :pbp 
iai ai nrb nay Kab nxKpb [bab ta*yap |id3] iai b^an --ax <b rana pm 
rowK iai roroi pnxa iJi ndd31 Mam Kxh nwrb toon cyoa nos iwpba 
nnK Knp'n fan *nw Tiro Nab pit* iai pax t n jyavx npsa anyp na ian Nnon 
nr noip* mn * fai noip nox iai Typo Km? 'b noin npo [noiNi] iai ns*o b 
4 yopo no* j (iiDTDPi bi) yn bo "pop 11 n fol |P" xbi Dir kJ mn (jp napn) 
B jwntj (mab) sb mppn taina (i^bm) maba mabi noixa now oaaTi n^p 
[noisi] taw* n* 5)131 noix Kin pi nWa nbia n^b ova nbia era hs^ raw 
nxno Pinm tnsnpa sab nxKpb 5Bp N^b na noixi .nvn ymn oraannai 
Daaap dv xb pnnni row |W naa b no .pnnni pnp pap naa amab fap 
niona nit ns* inpop dv .Pirn (Kim) iatap n^ia paw nwa bv6 nvanaiaa [ia] 
D^yap [nm] nvanaiaa 6 ii>Bt [bab] rap D^yap nn .iatap bin m inpo nyba 
[ap noa] nonpni wi noy bab nnK rap myi DnnT [hk] 7 P3*3p*j nnK iDn 
xb tamnaa nob (rap) nvio nnK *k .iai no ynro pimpnx ja pmnb nnx napa 
nyopan nyiopa lKvni naaab "p* fai (^nw^) 9 on^ nos n^on 11 8 pi .nab n 
nyiopn rapa mnKi ip] 10 pvnn i>p it nyiopn rapa nxai* "WKP$>a ^p ir pKa 
pnia nr bpo b d!>pit< b pnxa Doni .[rap D^yap i>aab nxi'o *ai> *a u jp no 
1^ i^k nos nnyi ,i^ nyoh ptmb noy non pimb nns n^pa ^jni ,D*ian 
rrnn nN raap Pimi pimpnxi pnia nr .Dns^ nnoiy ca^o np^p my ran 
^n raw [iv nia^o nx bn vy mpya inprnai bo hra npiy n^py^ vnm] 
lb noxj pnaa ia ,iw nnx nap ny bipn wi [nois sin pi] 13 nob Tan van 
ib nyap' D^yiap) .iai ^apm ynni ta D^yap D^yiap .iai nan ks* D^aiann nbnna 
pKa ipy mvpo nnx yiapi pnxa ipyp i^k d^jpi d^pp n^yiapi .lbyi nhaa ipyp 
n (iai tfanb nna nnani iai nna 1 * n^api d^pp D^yiapn nnw psb nsina mvpoi 
laannb Q^yap .pnnN n^a annp nyi ppxn nn annpo D^yap D^yiap noix *dv 
nnna nmip [nobo] n^x D^yap D^yiap bn noi ,ia*aab "hnpjn ms*o yanxi 

1 O. panm nr. 2 Others D s np. 3 e. Kin noiP; O. noipn. 4 O. nopo nn; 
e. yotro. 5 O. nyan. 6 O. *jbop Dvob. 7 O. panp nrob. 8 O. cisn. 
9 e. omits. 10 O. ba. " Some iai mabo >av ba nn^ni. n e. omits 
from nsai, 1. 1 8. 13 O. ba ^abb. " d. h. O. nnpyi. 

: Eby 11D : 62 

,5>aa i?o nsxanaiaa i?nb nap 2 ney yen nae x-n enni> njflpa '^onn enna* 
."WKTiaiaai' nney naoe 4 naea (now) enni> meya noix (sin) nnx 3 nipoai 
[nx] 5 enaai> mey naotyi T,i>oe(o) nney yen (s^s) it $n noi mey yen ^n no 
ncxa no!) meya noxa DN1) [vnrb] nieya i?n noi enn^ nyaea i?ri no .o-p-irr 
'ranon ra*i 6 a-n nx i^dji bam}* a-ia iDana [unr6] nyaea (nnyo niox nyaw 
ienp ae) ['yen] aim 9 naae ny -y-em ^ob* yatp in 8 pnpnpo vni a-moyn nw 
13 w-*n na-en ay (any -^>v itaa- a DWi naa -a iai> -in ji ni?yai ioip non^o n^y 
iai top nx -nyn- *a noix mn inn mix i>yi .ennb nieya 10 ?nea (rwn) nixn nx 
xm vtpva pi .iai nnen *a *mo nns nyr *a iai "po in n$rp -aax -a (noixi) 
i>iyoi> iann aym mnan -ne b aa 131 ly-aen nsptt -no "fittunaiaa itaa aai now 
a--nea i^o nx arr^y i>y-i .am^>x -ax!?oa a^yta vm iai an-niax mbx n rbm iai 
annn jo n-nxen i?a-i 1:1 ntan n-a nxi n n-a nx spw iai a-n^xn. n-a ^a ^31 iai 
min-a b*k nay x^ nae aa noix u -di- -an :iai m-on- *aa ii nan nxW? ^aa ^>x 
yae noix -ai- *an .iai nana nixa by\ \nai -aa xex a-nnn i>y ae [no Q"pb] 
na-i .nnx bs nane n^i n-naa [ae] -xa [nboi n-nca] (nrn xnpon) D-pna D-ac 
nyanx [^] nvba ubw .a^nn esa .inonx ^yo nmn- bw iai on-D-i ba *)ta Dnix 
ennm] pa-m- B cy i^ae n^ia o-a^x nyae D-taaen nxeoi po-aai nixo ee vzbtt 

maei inn Dyanni [rwfon n-fanaiaa a^n] nvanaiaa rmbzb D-ne naeai iTO p^iD 
pnn^) D-ae* aman nane [n-an jannb a-ne naea] x^x fa n2ii? nea-x ,v!?y nn-na 
i?n pann- n^a^ nae yaei D-e^ea -n-i nmx xm pi n-an 13 pnni? n-trnni (n-an 
naa i>ri no 16 r5a noix xm nnx 15 xnpoai .iai virb 14 n5a arm ney a-aca nmn- 
^-ix ix-vin 17 iaai [nwn aneya] napai nvanaiaa iat:e no liaa x^x m ^n noi 
-jnnpo rabm nnxi 13 (v^y) ae no Dpb nvrm buib ^a^a niai napo inno 
19 [b pnx -in] fbv nam in-pnv no pnaa ia .(pa-in-^ ix-vin fiai) iai ayna nvaa 
21 xvonea .iai nion nitaa ae no opi> x-m M pn^ian x-noe -ne [xabo] wrprn 

1 O. rvffora. 2 O. nney. 3 O. ainai. 4 O. nae x-n. 5 O. cra-str. 

6 O. nenan n-. 7 e. niaiaon. 8 O. rbpbpn; ed. pnpno. O. nasae. 10 O. 
ipwt u h. mm-. 12 O. -o-a. " h. pnn nnx n-an n-an pnnb Dmp D-ae. 
14 O. nyaei n-neya. 15 O. Dipoai. 16 O. neoni a-neya. 17 O. a-neym 
nyaei. 13 e. omits. la c. m^iDi; O. brt. Ed. xa^o n-on -1. O. 
nnx |X30. 

6 1 * cby ttd * 

vnrb Ttga&i ppxna nap nnpy nnxa wi .(sin n nan *a ynsi ii nhton nh 
rrwj nnsa to to Trap orvso nta njna ynr ns din p nasb "6k ft nan n\T 
ansa *jba njna ba ^ok an P "& ^k ft ^1 rwi vnrb nnt*a n^hw nap 
^x n nan mi enni' nnxa nap nnpy Tpya w ,*naa nnan *a ^n won iw 
S>n naDa a^ayn mnin mapa nxn ofon* by nw maw "^pk jsp din p naxb 
J nx mm [n^ana p bNjw to] av 3a nan pnm in nwia :a .nannn na^ax 
nafcn notan TtFi naoa [ins] (wi) tspn onwm [wn] pp p taprec p rrbna 
xa vrvbJ? unrb npana *wm nap mpy 3 tp3 to .pay nrai mm anxab 
nnxa pnn n^y *ae>a nap nnpy TiPa to ,n>yn nnam Tat6 abprva a^an 'bx 
Taa vbx maxi ansa "]ba ny-ia bx na"p xp anx p naxb "6x n nan nvi pnnb 
anx p nnxb ^x n Tan n*n pnnb npy npana nap nnpy a^npa to .n^ana ana 
6 nxab pan: niaixnp 5 tapTrv (napn) nmn 4 nyp nmx .innmm anva pan by nn: 
axiai pays vnp cmrwi 5>a nx sjbpi na tw nana nxananab :a napa .nnp 
naian xpai na ansa nana Twnaiaab ra napa .napn paa bxnp> px naaD(ai) 
tram anpya .baab [pay] ttoi n^an* r6am .fan 1 ? nap nnvn npa nai nbbp bbpi 
Tyn nnam npx nnx nap nnpy yansa unnb nipya napn pxna lanibb nap 
btiptrtb napn 8 nsnn 7 nyp nnis .nap tin Kan n r *?y ntvn nrn avn avya 

: 9 Niai> Tny^* nan n^aan (nn nunaa) 
napa \tt [^a nap nnpy nnsi la^aa m^pnx nap nnto an^y p] .ii piD 
n^y ianT a^pn^ ^y to nvNmana sa pnni? mpya 10 n^pyn pnna x&tb n^y^pnn 
jT3TiT pnna .in^pnv ibd? "nap nnpy >npy ny n^vaa n^yn xani aaa pn nfaj aai 
nan^an <pax bi n>yn ypan^ pxn ayi? an^> nn xh n^y3 3ynn prnT pnn^ nypn3 
n>yn by anpai n,^an j: i?y n^x aTiainn pa nyp ^nn n^i? n^yna iwn lPTQ' 1 
mn^ nnnya m^pn>f ns i:^pt n^on nns anpa ^>n lamn nanyn tit vfa\ 3aa 
T3T1 nan pnxa nnbn baa n,ba bs tin ibjn i^an nx ipanT .vbya ww i^n ba^ 
nnbana anp nnm> np ba nx aai vryb wpvt ^aa ns baa n^a anpn a^aapa mw 
ny nmpan na m:nT nbaa baa n^a inxaT a s npna3 innajw Tiy wpns 3*y nsi 
new Kin pi nnn b yipi [n>p] npnpa nn ^a^a^ naapj anpy b .vno av 

1 Ed. anna. 2 e. O. iabn. 3 P. TPy3. 4 O. nap. 5 O. bttpirvb. 
O. nsaa. 7 O. nap. 8 O. inxnn. 9 P. rmb Tnyp. 10 Others 
n^pya (in^TV) i?>b. " Others 3 A . u e. O. av. 

: oViy ttd : 60 

nx *ib Tina *m iai *n* *w aat? ^b ~^tn dw 'nyatr nnxb .caina bwd em* 
5 ixw nyi pxb lDaaatro 4 rnpn 3 ^ pDyaD bx"iB [rva] vntr nobo fcn naiy W 
PD^sdd mvr rv:i i\nc nobo iai *ao\n tiv by naaen nbx nx n^bai ,(ro Se>) 'raoo 
.nap bri 8 nbia (lxsoa) nay 6 ttiw naw nyi coacn mpy \biWO 7 rripn *xb 
nay nnix (nn*np nobo) iai waa ayy vjx trmb nyonn wa nnwn njwa wi 
nravn Tiaa bxprn^b (Dipon) "mxnn 10 nyy nnixa* (n t de> ^y bsni) ."nnaipo 
(noixi) .in pxn p m on^saa nx tfanan ixyn .n^an M, pno u (n)pbnDD 
natpa \ti t nravb niyDo nyy onix "xvio pint** .in Tyn iin byo h niaa byn 
^bx n na*i vn , 17 in bfiOB* *apro 16 Dn>>ax ixa ynnb 15 niyya wsna rvirayn 
nnixa* iai Dnix mapnn in tun yinnbn in bxny> >apr bx nan; Dnx p nosb 
nnx law in nay nx b*k nbyb in oyn ba nx rrna m s pnv [ibon] ma 19 nyy 
xvony) .mpoa nnob vnna pa nam D^ayb ima nyx bayn (noixi) iai law p 
bv 20 todi i^m baa -jboa wpw no 19 nyy nnixa* .(no Tin ibxi ibx now 
abo bv laoDa n [nno lino ibxi nno -jino ib] noib xvonya ,vnvo ^bo 
iyy iiK .nvba yby iba ibxi nvba b6p iba ibx .tfn*o ^abo by laoDa ibxi n^vo 
nyn ibax ibxi niaai D^aa n^a ibaa ibx .nnvoa d^j^ a iK>y 21 ibNi rn^'oa mb> a 
nwoipn na^a iai n^a noia s nnn nabn -jninN nia -nois mn pi* .maai D^a3 
e]D^ nyis ^m* iai onxoo n^ 1 * njna b*m Db^n 11 by baa *]bo b^n a wpw 
p ."ie*6 B'nnb iitrya n^yn K'ina nvwin natra 'bs ri nan \ti ."onsob B nTm nry 
(nrn ovn Dvya) . d^t bx baa nbo iod nrn ovn My nx ovn dc ns ib aina din 
p .noxb ^bs .i nan n\n t^nnb npy D^at^a n^^ya nn^yn naca .naoa mjO 
mwa ruB'n nnw] .nba tanvo byi vby saam onvo nbo nyns bs i^aD db> ms 
ninaya n^x hc nx nb nap noxb Tbx xa) nn Dibc p bsoan nan *[pnfin 
nnoon nvn bx n nana) nn p bxoan s bx X3M (niapb nbxjn dbd lb a 
nBT*n ofiB^o nb *a po^aa pnxa ntw ninaya il"n hu> ns* xa mp ? ncx>i 

1 o. nyat^. 2 o. bxprmb. 3 e. nx. 4 o. mpon. 5 H. ibrj ( . 
6 O. naoNn. 7 O. Dipon. 8 O. obiav; H. Dx^on Dbiai. 9 O. follows 
nnn. 10 O. ,na^ nmx. " e. nxnn. H e. npbnDau^. 13 O. p. 

14 O. xson. 15 Others n-n^ya. 16 e. trw D^tnan ixa ^nnb trova. ,7 h. on 
the margin niayb njnatt* yoyo D^aw capr^ noo ^a. 19 h. H.O. nay nmx. 

19 O. nay nmx. 20 O. poai. :1 O. lbwbi. " O. noxac no opb. 

23 O. ib ibm. 24 e. omits from b^m, 1. 18. * b Ed. }Dtn mix. 

59 * n^y T7D * 

(paniai) 3 pN*pia (vnp) to nonbo w na rnaa mk!>o h iana 2 ap 'min niaa* 
tnnn fi pinoi .iai am tin n nirsnbo nsDa new p by 5 Jtr mm be 4 nn&nbD3 
[dn *b ipnnn as? nca] 8 ppnip 7 bam imo [jno] nnx(p) pnn* .p)bs naDBni 
nnia pNi nam (naio pi nnai) ap 10 paya 9 iaB pvtabi vaab paw ban(c) -udd 
roaitan D*asna n -ion na n^ix ainan j.Tbyi p^aai rmm *nin lbs pan ^x 
.D>bB>wa "|b w ^mpyi cenn npbpi iabna paw tfap u naotP p ,iai p nbxn 
B6vn*a i?B cenn ntyben labiaa paw nap mpy nacp p now Kin ins 13 nipD3i 
ibopoi* ("jbopa na^p p) ,mpy nanp 14 [nap] bn noi naDP 14 [nap] bn no 
(x)abaD nvanaiaa nt:N vbyi v r\)bib un nra 16 annapab [naesjn] 15 mpy na^p 
pi .ynea rvyann napa .paw nba bav(n) wia . 18 ^sa sb (n)3d (N)ma (n)b^3 
,n rva men *ba ay nbaa lnircm n^anaiaa ibon nbp napn n3ipnbi* now sin 
nx 3Dn vnnn inn n*anta ns* ba3 ib Tbron w (jn*i m n iva 19 men "<ba jn ib*o) 
nabno jvtr&oa tonn naspa \ti iai iabca vrpro nap nnxi anpy p wp"ra os> 
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nyaa' w a^Ni iai a^ax bn nbian ba xaxi iai n nan n^n n\n iai ennb ntporo 

1 e. nnma oniaa. 2 O. noix sin pi. 3 O. peny. 4 O. nnnb. 
s O. noiN sin pp. 6 O. ncib mobn noi; H. omits. 7 p. jbiai. 8 H. 
ppnw jbiai ptjnna ban nano nnsp nns pnn. 9 O. lao^n. 10 O. no Bp?. 
11 d. riv B O. new. B p. anpiaai. 14 d. natra. 15 h. bv rnyy naiw 
ibo ; O. -jboty nnpy natsp. 16 h. O. Dnnatro. 17 d. na^i nW h nap xbx 
mbab ian nra onnnapo h^ ; e. mbab. 18 O. pisv M So e.; an non. " d. omits 
from naipnbl, 1. n. 21 e. omits; d. ap payb. 22 O. nbaa. 23 No chapter 
in H. ; d. ja. 

H 2 

: oViy TTD : 58 

urn) iyoc> xh nm coys fmavw '[Tohs*] Mai oa^yo ynoi nynn 1:110 
nwn) iai nfaw ntn ivan nx Tinai unavn x^ 3 dx n nox na* (omby xaanai 
n "ion na [toaan mom ion pnsn m