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The Palice of Honour, the earliest of the original 
works of Gawin Douglas, Bishop of Dunkeld, was com- 
posed about the year 1501, the twenty-seventh of the 
Author's life, and twelve years before his translation of 
Virgil's ^neis, ' into Scottish Meter,' was completed/ 

The present edition of this Poem is a fac- simile 
of that printed at Edinburgh by John Eos, for Henry 
Charteris, in 1579 — the rarity of which is so great, that 
I believe it would be difficult to find any other copies 
than those preserved in the Libraries of the University 
of Edinburgh, and of the Faculty of Advocates ; the 
former of which was presented to his Alma Mater, by 
William Drummond of Hawthornden, in 1626. 

Of the earlier edition, printed at London by William 
Copland, about the year 1553, a fac-simile of the title is 
given on the next leaf, and is followed by a specification 
of the various readings. At the Koxburghe sale, a copy 

* " Completit was this werk Virgilliane 
*' Apoun the feist of Marye Magdalane : 
" Fra Christis birth the date wha list to here, 
" Ane thousand fyve hundreth and threttene zere." 

Gawin Douglas. 


of this edition, which is also extremely rare, brought the 
sum of twenty guineas. 

These, which are both in quarto, are the only editions 
which have yet been discovered of this Poem, although 
there appear to have been other and earlier impressions ; 
for the publisher of the Edinburgh edition, in 1579, 
states, that " the divers impressiones befoir imprentid 
" of this notabill werk have bene altogidder faultie and 
" corupt, not onlie that quhilk has bene imprentid at 
" London, but also the copyis set furth of auld amangis 
" our selfis." 

The Pahce of Honour will be found reprinted in Pin- 
kerton's Scotish Poems ; and in the " Select Works of 
Gawin Douglas," printed at Perth in 1787 ; to the latter 
of which a Life of the Author is annexed by the Rev. 
James Scott. An Account of the Life and Writings of 
Bishop Douglas, has been also given by Bishop Sage, 
by Dr George Mackenzie, and Dr David Irving. 

I am happy to have this opportunity of returning my 
thanks to James Chalmers, Esq., for the loan of a very 
fine copy of Copland's edition of the Palice of Honoui*, 
from the hbrary of his late uncle, George Chahners, Esq; 




The London edition of The Palis op Honour is printed uniformly 
with the Translation of Virgil's JEneis, by Bishop Douglas, which has the 
following title, within the same ornamental border, of which a fac-simile is 
given on the foregoing leaf. 

** The xiii. Bukes of Eneados o the famose Poete Virgill, Translatet out of 
Latyne verses into Scottish metir, bi the Reuerend Father in God, Mayster 
Gawin Douglas Bishop of Dunkel, & vnkil to the Erie of Angus. Euery 
buke hauing hys perticular Prologe. Imprinted at Londo 1553." 4to. 

In collating the two early editions of the Palace of Honour, the following is 
an enumeration of the principal variations ; the words of the present text be- 
ing first quoted, followed by the corresponding words of the London edition. 

The Prologue. Stanza I, line 3. the — be. II. 6. fluor maist fragrant 
— flewour maist fragrant. III. 3. Abone — Aboue. 7- Echo.-— eccon. V. 3. 
reserue — preserue. VII. 3. Sol — Soyl ; stone — stunt. XI. 9* pulsis — puncys* 
XII. 2. desie— dasyt ; vary — veray. XIII. 3. heiring — hetis. XIV. 4. 
sweuen — slewen. 9* Visioun — auision. Finis Prologi — Finis. 

Page l.line 3. bad nystie — bad nystee. 4. thy — thyn. 6. rymis — ^ranys* 
8. thir — their. 18. swappis — skauppis. 

Page 2, line 10. dark as Rock— dyrk as royk. 

Page 3, line 5. lowis — louys. 10. surelie zis— suythly zys. 11. ze— za* 
l^. Uer — veyr. 17. my — myn. 21. aflfrayit— afferyt. 

Page 4, line 1. faitis — feitis; forwayit — foruayt. 8. all — four. 
. Page 5, line 3. subtell menis — suttell menys. 5. zee — za. 10. Circes— 
Circis. 19. Pithagoras — Picthagoras. 21. Sidrach — Sidrag. 29. veyage— 


Page 6, line 11. into— in tyll. 21. ouirthort— ouerwhort. 26. haue bene 
— ^bene. 29. to— tyll. 

Page 7) line 10. Imagining feill syse— Imagynand feil lyse. 23. or — and 
of. 29. befoir — tofore. 

Page 8, line 21. Effyom — Effygyn. 25. skatterit — skattryt. 26. bat- 
terit — battryt. 28. swatterit — swattryt. 29- tatterit — tattryt. 

Page 9> line 6. litargie — letergy. 9* North eist — norhest. 11. sounding 
— soundis. 22. Inwith — Inoth. 29. Inwith — Inoth. 

Page 10, line 6. befoir — tofore ; or — and. 10. Ane — ^A. 

Page 11, line 5. dynnit— dymmit. 7* lichtlie — lychily. 11. grene— 
greni. 13. Lymnaris — lymnuris. 14. Ihote— Ihote. 27. daith — plate. 28. 
thir — thair. 

Page 12, line 7- ordours— -ordour. 

Page 13, line 1. or — nor. 6. wonder— wondryt ; fast in^in. 20. lit— 
yf. 29. SequE) altera— Sesque altra. 

Page 14, line 2. soung — songin. 5. countering— conturyng. l5. Saul — 
Kyng Saul. 23. greik — gekgo. 

Page 15, line 2. Joint — Juynt. 9* ouirbrouderit— or brounuert. 15. re- 
luot — veluos. 24. luifsum — lusum. 

Page 16, line 22. France — Fare. 27. Deianira — Dyonera. 

Page 17, line 1. Tristram — Trastram. 6. miak — make. 8. bound with 
hart — boynd with fyrm hart. 

Page 18, line 1. Inuolupit in syte — nu oluit in dispyte. 5. fact — fait. 
7. Ingraue — In graue. 9« dois— doith. 26. sang— sayng. 30. committand 

Page 19; line 1. & greit — in greif. 6. gimand — grinand. 23. accusen — 

Page 20, line 20. pleis it — plesyt, 26. and aucht — aucht. 

Page 21, line 18. disturbis— distrublys. 23. behest — beheft. 

Page 22, line 7. die — be. 12. mischaip— myssape. 22. how— quhome. 
26. Nabuchodonosor — Nabugodonosore. 

Page 23, line 9. All haillelie — Alhalely. 13. To— Lo. 16. that quhilk— 
quhilk that. 20. Intercessioun — Intercion. 27- luik — ^lusty. 

Page 24, line 2. Scripture — Scipture. 18. This line is omitted in the Edin* 
burgh edition, 1579* 

Page 25, line 1 . thay Ladyis — thair lay is. 2. na — na way. 9- greit— 
gastly. 10. that — the; new — now. 11. thair — the. 15. knawledge — kqaw- 
lagis. 17 Court — rout; or meit— our mate. 20. Poet— polit; singand— 
sang. 25. folk— folkis. 27- of— all of. 


Page 26, line 7. Mother of the Musis— the morthyr of musis. 11. Euerilk 
oulk day, — Euterpe eik quhilk. 14. Chronikill dois Imprent— Ksronikillis doith 
impren. 20. sing, daunce, — sing, play, daunce. 24. sister with croun — and 
sister schene. 29. Hir — The. 

Page 27, line 1. Nobill — nobillis. 8. fair — Phanee. 14. befoir — afore. 
16. befoir — tofore. 17. spreit — ^brest. 22. Greik — grew. 26. Dictes — Ditis. 
27. and Persius — Persius. 

Page 28, line 1. Cato— Caton. 2. Gaulteir — Galterus. 1. the Vale — 
Vale. 10. Horace — Grace. 11. Clerk — clerkis. 12. Bocchas — Bocace. 14. 
ar — is. 15. saw I thair — thare I saw. I6. Geffray — Goffryd. 22. culd — 
couth. 30. my — the. 

Page 29, line 1. thir samin — sammyn thir. 6. not — as. 9« quhat wa^ 
caus of hir thair— wes the cause thair of hir. 10. zone bysning schew— 
that bysning schrew. 13. had — hes. 15. laitlie— laithly ; and subtell— 
subtelle. 16. and — on. 17* velanie — walloway. 18. our — my. 21. Rebald 
Rennigait — rebell renygate. 26. To sic as he to mak conter pleid — All out 
than wes his sclander or sich plede. 27. honour chekmait — renown chak 
mate. 28. sa wide zour fame — zour fame so wyd. 

Page 30, line 4. efter— oft. 5. friwoll — frewel. 6. his— this. 9. befoir— 
afore. 13. befoir — afore. 14. strait — starte. I6. not be — be not. 22. Ane 
vennome is rather and — No woman is, rather. 28. haue — serue. 

Page 31, line 3. say — sa. 12. releuit — releschit. 18. freindschip — freud- 
schip. 20. quhilk — quhilkis. 23. alswyith— als swyth. 25. deliuerit — 
preseruit. 26. Releuit — Releschit. 

Page 32, line 2. but dispair — lait and air. 4. In lestand Wis, to remane 
and repair — Quhair thou in ioy and plesour may repair. 6. pietie disseuerit 
—peace, dissouerit. 9. or — and. 11. of — with. 12. delicait — dilligat- 14. 
thow — now. 17. perfite — purifyit. 20. guerdoun — gard. 23. This line is 
omitled in the Edinburgh edition, 1579* 27. companioun — campion. 

Page 33, line 2. ane Instant — Instant 13. reuerence— reuence. I9. wend 
— ^passe. 

Page 34, line 8. heicht — heich. 9. into Egypt — in till Egypt; into Italic. 
— in Italic. 11. hie Montanes — Montanes; of Germanic — of all Germanic. 
21. Tinolus — Tmolus. 

Page 35, line 27- well — strand. 

Page 36, line 6. not — never. 13. stanerie — sterny. 

Page 37, line 5. Royall — rial. 10. Ladyis — musis. 11. deissis— deace- 
14. Royall — ryall. 25. fatis — fetis. 29. schew — tald. 


Page 39, line 18. sawin-Hsammyn. 20. Damascene — Damastene. 29. this 
— that. 

Page 40, line 27- remembrance — rememorance. 

Page 41, line 20. The ascence — Ascens. 

Page 42, line 3. I — we. ?• how— hoi. 8. bulling — bulnyng. 28. drownit— 
dryntj Loch — loth. 

Page 43, line 15. place — palyce. 24. bairdin — boldyn. 26. schipis— schip. 
28. 8wa— the. 29. did — to. 

Page 44, line 5. Fir tre — firre. 6. a Takill — Takill. 8. drownit, part 
—drownit and part. 12. drownit— drint. I6. seis — seyst. 

Page 45, line 6. thowsall — salt thou. 12. far — sa far. 14. on — in. 18. 
alkin— euery. 20. alkin — alkynde. 27. sair — fare. 

Page 46, lines. Royall — riall. 5. Thanis — fanys. 11. Jaime— Jalmys. 
14. Befoir — Tofore. 17- The — That. 22. vaikis — wakis. 

Page 47, line 1. beildit — beild; Royall — riall. 9- now thow seis — thow 
seyst. 13. ane Throne — a trone. 18. Stude emeraut stages twelf, grene 
precious greis — Twelf amarant stagis stude, twelf grene precious greis. 20. 
Wp standand — Sustenttand ; beforne — aforne. 27» vtter — ythir. 29. woundit 

Page 48, line 2. royall — ^riall. 3. and precious — ^precious. 8. speckta- 
kill — quent spectakill. 10. mony — fill mony. 14. creatiounis— creation. 22. 
Ten — Twelf; thair — tair. 24. drownit — drynt. 

Page 49, line 1. Of — In. 11. Anoyntit — Anoynt. 16. michtie — douchty. 
19* a stound — astond. 21. Banayas — Bananyas. 

Page 50, line 1. helis — hely. 11. Esras — Esdras. 24. wombe— wame. 
28. this — ^the. 

Page 51, line 1. tyranlie he Jowrie all— tyrand lyk all Jowrye he. 2. ane 
Knichtlie — Knichtlie. 4. brocht — broh. 11. Destroyit was — Wes distroyit. 

19. bidder — thidder. 24. Pirithous — Pyrotheus ; sponsage — spousage. 
Page 52, line 3. Royall — rial. 6. thair — that. 7. Ypsiphile— Ysiphile. 

8. at — to. 17. Nauie— nauyn. 28. Quhill — Quhilk. 

Page 53, line 15. Micht— mych. 25. greit — huge. 27. landis— land, 
28. Tumus — Tamus. 

Page 54, line 11. Betwene — Atwene. 14. Betwene thir- Atwene thair. 

20. Marcus Curtius — Quincyus. 21. the fyrie— fyrie. 

Page 55, line 2. sine to— to; the — all the. 7- betwene — atwine. 20. 
Newand — Mewand. The very curious Stanza beginning, I saw Raf Coilzear, 
is omitted in the London Edition by Copland. 


Page 56, line 7« Benytas — bonitas. 11. Nutemug— Kutmog. 13. Benytas 
— Bonytas. 26. Scho— I. 

Page 5 7j line 3. all— ay. 6. suddanelie — suddadly. 15. scho— tho. 17 • 
quod — sayd. 

Page 58, line 6. to— in to. 10. birnand — brynnand. 11. That Garitour 
tho^the garatour; vnto— tho to. 12. that — the. l6. minde is — mindis. 
22. dois seme— disseruys. 23. the — is the. 

Page 59, line 7. to greif — grief. 11. fals — a fals. 14. listin commit — lyst 

Page 60, line 6. was— of. 15. twane — wane. 17. Ingraue — ingarf. 21. 
Driada — Dorida. 27. Epistillis— episciclis. 28. portrait — proturyt. 29- 
motiounis — montionis. 

Page 6l, line 1. Eclipsis — Eclipse. 2. 1, and mony — l mony. 3. all 
lustie — 11 luasty. Q. and — ann. 26. Swa — Fra. 28. surelie as me — soithla 
as my. 

Page 62, line 3. pachit — paithit. 6. I — a. 10. Importurait — luporturat. 
11. hie — sle. 21. not — ne. 

Page 63, line 3. Royall — Rial. 7. atanis atonys. 8. smote — smate. p. 
blanch t — blaucht. 14. Upheld — Held vp. 17. that — my. 22. was — is. 
24. sa — a sa. 25. Unto — On to. 

Page 64, line 1. worthin — wordyn. 2. Lang eir me thocht y» — Langere 
(me thocht) how. 9* mad.— malt. 10. na mair (quod scho) — (quod scho) 
na mare. 12. surelie — suythly. l6. Posteme — postrum. 17- passage — 
passagis. 18. that — the. 22. Uerteouslie — Victoriusly. 24. fundin — fud- 
dyn ; mane — name. 28. King — ryng. 29- gouerning — honoring. 

Page 65, line 1. Quhilk is— Quhilkis. 8. warldis — warldly. 20. Frathay 
be gane, let — Frathay began, late. 28. can — ma. 

Page 66, line 2. puissand — pyssand. 7- lestand honour — honour lestand. 
22. Hippolita — Ypolytha. 23. Penthessilea, Medea, Zenobia — Pantyssale, 
Medus, Cenobia. 

Page 68, line 6. flouris — colouris. 8. and — for. 13. Inueronit — Inueuoryt. 
18. vs — we. 22. passage — passagis. 

Page 69, line 9- swemit — swounyt. 13. Earth — garth. 27. of — hf. 

Page 70, line 2. kind — kend. 3. quhome — quhan. 5. meikill — myche ; 
deuise — deuise, &c. 26. The Author, &c. — The Auctor direkit his buke to 
the rycht nobill Prynce, James the ferd Kyng of Scottis. 

Page 71, line 21. the— tha. 24. the— tha. 26. the— tha. 27. the— tha, &c. 
After Finis (on Sign K 4.) is this Colophon 

fSmjrCntetr at ilonlron tn dFXrte^trete at tje 

^Sj3;ne ai t]^e l^o^e garXantr, ($ QSIslXsam 



The London edition by Copland, contains various marginal notes, which 
are not found in the Edinburgh edition of this poem. In order the more 
readily to ascertain the particular verses to which the notes refer, the page 
and the first words of the Stanza are here given, in Italic letters. 

Page 2. yihd not but cans. A discription of the inconstance of fortune. 
3. Of LadyUfair. The quen of Sapyence wyth hyr court. 4. And as the 
rout. Craftye synone and false Architefel. 5. Quhilks groundit ar. Wyse 
and lerned men. 6. Richt sa. Architefel confessis hys owne craftenes, de- 
ceyt, and abused wit. 6. First into Troy. Sinons craftines. ?• Thus 
fvretchitlie, line 8. Feare. lO. Sa dulce. A sorowful harte can not be mery, 
10. And murnand thus, Vme ^. Heuinlye harmonye. 11. Proceidandjurih. 
Godly apparell. 12. Amid the chair. Venus hyr court. 13. 7 wonder sair, 
line 5. Blynd Cupyd. 13. Accainpanyit. Musyke. 15. Thair riche, line 
9. Mars. 16. Thair was. Louers. 17* Constranit hart. A ballet of incon- 
stant loue. 19. Enthronit sat. The Auctor accused. 20. He demandit. 
Answer. 20. Inclynand law. Appellationem. 21. / zow beseik, line 7. 
A thretnyng. 23. To thus. Consolation. 24. With lawreir. Poetis. 26. 
And nixt her sine. The nyne muses. 27. The suddane, line 8. Homer. 
27. Thair was the greit. Virgil & other latin poetis. 28. Sa greit one preis. 
Chauser & other Englyshe and Scottishe Poetis. 29- Sister {said scho.) 
Venus complaint. 30. / will {said scho.) Mercy becumys all men & specily 
gentyl-wemen. 31. Unwemmit wit. A ballat for Venus plesour. 34. Thron 
countreis seir. The auctours vyage. 37. Swa Jinallie. The gates. 37» 
With Lawrere. Valiant knightls. 39. Uprais. Poetis. 41. Ze musis. 
Inuocation. 42. To me thou art. Evyl people punyshet. 44. Tho at* 
Faythles peopill. 45. Still in the sessoun. The discription of the palace* 
47. Amid ane Throne, line 9. Venus mirrour. 48. Abraham. A lang cata- 
thaloge of nobyl men and wemen both of scriptur & gentyll stories. 49. Of 
Salomon. Salomon. 51. The faithful. FaythfuU & constent women. 54, 
Rome saw I, line 8. Chast Lucretia. 54. The Punik, line 6. The constancye 
of Marcus Regulus. 56. The Nigromansie. Nigramansye. 57. Tuitchand 
this buik. By thys boke he roenis Virgil, — ^line 6. The Auctorys conclution 
of Venus morour. 57* Scho me conuoyit. The Palice of honour is patent for 
honest vertuus men, an not for vicius fals & craftye pepyll. 58. Fast dim' 
mand vp, line 8. Falsehed the moder of al vice. 58. That Garitour, line 8. 
Patience. 58. The michtie Prince. The discription of the Prince of hie ho- 
nore, wyth his Palys & Court Charity Constance Liberalite Innocens Deuotyon. 


59. His Camptrollar. Discretion Humanite Trew relation peace temperance 
Humilitie discypline mercye. 59* His Chancelair. Conscience iustyce pru- 
dence diligens cleue lyuyng. SQ. Gude hope remanis. Hope Piety Fortitud 
Veryte. 60. Thair was the eirth, line 5. Astronami. 65. Behald (said 
scho») Al warldly glorye is hot a dreame. 65. For verterv is a thing. A 
comendation of vertue quhilk is the way to honour and not riches or hie 
blud. 66. The strangest Sampsoun. Exemplis of vertuus men & women. 
67. Qtihilks be wilfull. Vicious people punyshed Inuye Pryde Ignorance 
Disseyt. 67. And NobilUs cummin. Dissate & craftynes ar haldyn wisdome 
now a dayes verite & iustice is callyt simplycitye & folyshnes. 6q. Quhat 
throw the birdis. The Author returnes frome his dreame to him self agane. 
69. O hie Honour. A ballad in the commendation of honour & verteu. 

The following typographical errors which occur in the Edinburgh edition, 
1579, have been corrected in this reprint. Prologue page 3, line 22. rhe— 
corrected to the. Page 2, 1. 22. ch'is — this. 3, 1. 11. wisl — wis. 7,1-28. 
for thy — forthy. 10, 1. 21. mnrnand — murnand. I6, 1. 20. Wofnll — Wofull. 
1. 25. Thaie — Thair. 1. 29. Trastram — Tristram. 18, 1. 26. lang—sang. 
19, 1. 3. bow — ^bowre. 20, 1. 22. Noe — Not. 21, 1. 8. Jngdement — Jugement. 
24, 1. 27. Aconius — Acontius. Cydiype — Cydippe. 28, 1. 7. vale — Vale. 
35, 1. 14. Ethua — Ethna. 39, 1. 15. anoyit — anoynt. 40, 1. 15. snld — suld. 
43, 1. 4. cousaue — consaue. 44, 1. 18. stace — state. 51. 1. 3. The — that. 
1. 24. Pirichons — Pirithons. 63, 1. 11. Womcnting — Womenting. 64, 1. 3. 
grenit — ^greuit. 

A few trivial errors, discovered since the sheets of this reprint went to 
press, may be here pointed out. Page 7, 1. 3. haur err — for haue. 10, 1. 5. 
breame — dreame. 11, 1. I9. os — of. 15. 1. 6. piteous — pieteous. 27, 1. 17- 
aud — and. 

C?|eti;l)e0tnnts m 

anc Cteatife calUt t6e P ALICE 

of HONOVR, Compglit 



IBifftop Of 


'♦^Imprentit at Edin- 
burgh be lohne Ros, 

for Henrie Charteris. Anno. 1579. 

VHEN we had fene 

and considderit the diuers Impressi- 
ones befoir Imprentit of this Notabill 
werk, to haue bene alto^dder faultie 
and corrupt : not onlie that quhilk hes 
bene Imprentit at London, bot also the Copyis set 
fiirth of auld amangis our selfis : We haue thocht gude 
to tak sum panes and trawellis to haue the samin mair 
commodiously and correctly set furth ; to the In- 
tent, that the beneuolent Reidar may haue the 
mair delyte and plesure in reiding, and 
the mair frute in perusing, this 
plesand and delecta- 
bill werk. 

.1 •*;-•'♦■. 


QVHEN paill Aurora, with face lamentabill 
^ Hir Russat Mantill borderit all with Sabill, 
Lappit about the heuinly Circumstance 
The tender bed and Arres honorabill 
Of Flora Queue till floures amiabilL 
In May I rais to do my obseruance. 
And enterit in a Gardyne of plesance 
With Sol, depaint, as Paradice amiabili 
And blisfuU bewis, with blomed varyance. 

([Sa craftely Dame Flora had ouirfret 
Hir heuinly bedj powderit with mony a set 
Of Ruby, Topas, Perle, and Emerant. 
With Balmy dew, bathit and kyndlie wet, 
Quhill vapours bote richt fresche and weill ybet : 
Dulce of odour, of fluour maist fragrant 
The siluer droppis on Daseis distillant. 
Quhilk verdour branches ouir the alars zet 
With smoky sence the mystis reflectant. 

^ The fragrant flouris blomand in thair seis 
Ouirspred the leuis of natures Tapestreis. 
Abone the quhilk with heuinly Harmoneis 
The birdis sat on twystis and on greis 
Melodiously makand thair kyndlie gleis 
Quhais schill noitis fordinned all the skyis. 
Of repercust air the Echo cryis, 
Amang the branches of the blomed treis. 
And on the Laurers siluer droppis lyis. 


The Prologue. 

C[Quhill that I rowmed in that Paradice 
Replenischit, and full of all delice 
Out of the sey, Eous alift his heid. 
I mene the hors quhilk drawis at deuice 
The assiltrie and goldin Chair of price 
Of Tytan, quhilk at morrow semis reid* 
The new collour that all the nicht lay ddd 
Is restorit, baith foulis, flouris, and Rice 
Recomfort was, throw Phebus gudlyheid, 

^ The Dasy and the Maryguld vnlappit 
Quhilkis all the nicht lay with thair leuis happit 
Thame to reserue fra rewmes pungitiue 
The vmbrate treis that Tytan about wappit 
War portrait, and on tJie eirth yschappit. 
Be goldin bemis viuificatiue. 
Quhais amene heit is maist restoratiue. 
The Greshoppers amangis the vergers gnappit. 
And Beis wrocht matenkll for thair Hyue. 

QRicht hailsome was the sessoun of the zeir 
Phebus, furth zet depured bemis cleir 
Maist nutritiue till all thingis vegetant. 
God Eolus of wind list nocht appeir : 
Nor auld Satume with his mortall speir. 
And bad aspect contrair till euerie plant 
Neptunus nold within that Palice hant. 
The beriall stremis rynning men micht heir 
By bonkis grene widi glancis variant. 

% For till behald that heuinly place compleit 
The purgit Air with new engendrit hdt : 

The Prologue. 

The Sol enbroude with colour, vre, and stone 
The tender grene, the balmy droppis sweit : 
Sa reioycit and comfort was my Spreit 
I not was it a vision or fantone. 
Amyd the buskis rowming myne alone 
Within that garth of all plesance repleit 
A voice I hard preclair as Phebus schone. 

CSingand 6 May thow Mirrour of soles 
Matemall Moneth Lady and Maistres 
Till euerie thing adoun respirature. 
Thyne heuinlie work and worthie craftines 
The small herbis constranis till incres 
O verray ground till working of nature. 
Quh^s hie curage and assucurit cure 
Causis the eirth his frutes till expres 
DifFundant grace on euerie creature. 

^Thy godly lore, cunning Incomparabill 
Dantis the sauage beistis maist vnstabill 
And expellis all that nature infestis. 
The knoppit syonis with leuis aggreabill 
For till reuert and burgione ar maid abill 
Thy mirth refreschis byrdis in thair nestis. 
Quhilks the to prise and nature neuer restis. 
Confessand zow maist potent and louabill 
Amang the brownis of the Oliue twystis. 

CIn the is rute and augment of curage, 
In the enforces Martis vassalage. 
In the is amorous lufe and Harmonic 
With Incrementis fresche in lustie age 

A. iij. 

The Prologue. 

Quha that constranit ar in luifis rage 
Addressand thame with obseruance airlie 
Weill auchtis the till gloir and AJagnifie. 
And with that word I raisit my visage 
Soir affrayit half in ane frenesie. 

^[O Nature Quene and 6 ze lustie May 
(Quod I) tho, how lang sail I thus foruay ? 
Quhilk zow and Venus in this garth deseruis. 
Recounsell me out of this greit affray: 
That I may sing zow laudis day be day. 
Ze that all mundane creatures preseruis. 
Comfort zour man that in this fanton steruis. 
With spreit arraisit and euerie wit away. 
Quaiking for feir baith pulsis, vane, and neruis. 

^My fatall weird, my febill wit I wary 
My desie heid quhome laik of brane gart vary 
And not sustene so amiabill a soun 
With ery curage febill strenthis sary 
Bownand me hame and list na langer tary 
Out of the air come ane impressioun. 
Throw quhais licht in extasie or swoun, 
Amyd the virgultis all in till a fary 
As feminine so feblit fell I doun. 

<[And with that gleme sa desyit was my micht 
Quhill thair remanit nouther voice nor sicht. 
Breith, motion, nor heiring naturall 
Saw neuer man so faynt a leuand wicht 
And na ferly for ouir excelland licht. 
Corruptis the wit and garris the blude awaill. 


The Prologue. 

Vntill the hart that it na danger aill. 

Quhen it is smorit, memberis wirkis not richt 

The dreidfuU terrour, swa did me assaill. 

f[Zit at the last, I not how lang a space 
A lytle heit appeirit in my face. 
Quhilk had tofoir bene paill and voyde of blude 
Tho in my sweuen I met a ferly cace. 
I thocht me set within a desert place 
Amyd a Forest by a hyddeous flude 
With grysly fische, and schortly till conclude 
I sail discryue (as God will giue me grace) 
Myne Visioun in rurall tennis rude. 

Finis Prologi. 

c 'JEfft ^altte of 

H O N O V R, Compylit be M. 

Bifchop of Dunkeld. 

'y HOW fiatrant tott outtfet tott^ fantaf^tjj 

^cfiato tioto f^^ fcj^ame, fcj^ato notu tp^ badn^ftte 
%)t|^atw t|j5 enDtte tepaufe of HSittijot^ia, 
^cljatM noto t|^j> lirggtt terintjs mait t{ja tfj^mis 
%)r(jatB noto tl}j) t:^mt0, anD tDxue ^uiottity 
^cljato noto tj^^ tiull er&aufl 3|namtte* 
^cjjato futtjj tj^^ rute and to^ite tjjir ftenef^tss 
du^tlfeJS of t^^ femptll cunning nabtt t^t. 

C^P tautll fpieit tn tljat Oefett tetribtH 
apptofljtt mix tDat ugHe fluDe fjo^nlitU 
like till Coctj^te tlje uuet 3|nfevnall, 
^liti uile tuatrt qu^ilk maid a fjitidtouss tmbil 
IRtnnanti ouit lietti, hint^t teiti anti Jmpofliliill 
CDat tt Ijati liene a tiuet natuvall, 
mitij Ii^a^iss liaii:, ratf iRor&tjs Ufee to falL 
jClu&atton na gersJ no? "^ttbiss tuer uifitit(l 
'Bot ftoappijEJ htint toit^ blalJtjJ lionalL 

QCDijES Mt^lit fluDe tumlanO a0 tijodet vouttt 
31n quljoe tije fifcjj felland a0 rlutjs fcjioutit 
CSatt lelpiss toilde mp fieidng all fotdeifit 


2 The Palice 

jf5ot tB^oto tl)e fo^l, hat muf feane ttm fp^outit 
ComlmlJ, Ijattant, tjublomit, anD ijnlctfit, 
3ulti tottin tuntijj quljairen na fap toaiBi letfit 
a^ocD all taaili, tuiOtiedt tuitl) grantu moutft 

3 fianand tien quljalt muvtljetavjs men ttifiU 

CCtupaitfoft: m^ feluin toais titt^t Mt aga0, 
Cl|i0 tDildetneg abDomfnabtll anti tuaift 
(3[tt quljome natljtng luajx nature comfo?tanti) 
([^la0 buk a0 Eork tDe quljtlk tDe fe;i) tiprad* 
Cbe quDtililltng tolnO bletu mon^ btttet blafi* 
EunttsJ tattilltt anO Dnettlj mlcljt 31 flanti. 
£Dut tijioMi tlje U30d 31 trap on fute and IjanD 
C6e iRiuev flank, tlje tret0 rletterit fafl* 
Cge fo^l majs noegt liot a^atte^s fltbe and fand* 

C3nti not liut raujj m^ fp^etttjj toer abaifit 
ail folttaft in tl)at Defert artaifit. 
3llace 31 Tatb i0 nane ntljer tenietd* 
Ctuell JFojtoun qulj|) Ijejj tljoto me bettaifit ? 
Clu!bi> &fS5 t^ouj t[)uj3 m^ fatall end eompaflit ? 
3llace, allare fall 3 tljuis fone be deid 
3In tDt0 defett, and toatt nane utlier ttib. 
loot 6e deuoint toitlj fum deifl EauenoujJ* 
31 tuetp, 31 toatll, 3 plene, 31 tt^> 3 piftd 
3lnconflant tuatld and qubetll eonttauou^* 

CCljp tranfitode plefanre quliat auailltjj ? 
1I3oUj tDatv, notu Ijetr, noiu Ijxe and noto deuaillw 
ll3oto to, noto fra, noto latD, noto ^agnifptjj, 
H^ota tjatt, notn raid, notu laucDt^^ notu deuatlli^ 


of Honour. 3 

jOoto fetfe, itoto IjatU, notu iwevxe, notu not axlltjs, 
jj^otu fiuDe* nouj euill, nota toeittjj, anti notu Dj^tjj 
il5otw tDotu p2omtttx0, anti ticijt noto tfjotu tienptss 
jfl3oto mo, noUj toeiU, notu fitme, uotM ftuioloujJ, 
BoUj gam, noUj gtam, noUj lotaiiS, notu Oef|)tsJ, 
3Intoiiflant toatlti anti quljdH rontvavtou0» 

<[J!)a qufja fulti fiaue affiance in tfjp ftHjj ? 
J!)a qulja fnID Ijaue fitme efj^evance in Ujiii ? 
£lul)tlk ts5 allace fa tuncij and uanant* 
€tttt0 nane, fum Ij^i^i no tutcfit ? futelie ^tjs. 
Ctjan fjejj nt^ felf bene g^ltie ? ^e: 3( UJtj$ 
Cljaivfoiv aUace fall danget: tljujJ me dant ? 
Ciuj)tddev* t0 fiemm fa fone tW dmllte Jjant? 
3nd Oet tranf lait tn tntntei; fuvioujs ? 
Cljujs 31 beuatll m^ faxtiss repugnant* 
3Inconflant iwaUd and quljeill eontvavtou^^ 

CIB^dand tlje deid tfiuis in m^ ertafie 
3ne d^n 31 j^atd apj^uoclitng fafi me 65. 
£Ciul)ilk moult fua tfie plague ^eptentttonall^ 
aj5 Ijettd of IietfltjS Camping tpitlj loud a^, 
IBot tljan (^od luait Ijotn affca^it tuaj3 31 
Cratfland to lie fttangltt tpttlj defliall* 
0mid a floefe ticljt patuelie 3i GalL 
duj^ait; lutfeand out anone 31 did efp^ 
3ne lufiie tout of HiHifi tationalL 

C©f JLad^id fait and gudlie nten atta^it 
3(n conflant toeid tljat tueill m^ fp?eitij(5 pa^it 
2j33itlj degefi mind, quDaitin all luit aboundit* 
JFull fofietlie tljait !J)aifena^i0 tj^a^ afla^it 

B. ij. 

4 The Palice 

(B(tn tljt faittjs auld and not fo^toajJit* 
Cliatr l)ie pauDece fcljeto furtlj $ natljing toiioit 
MttD eutie rffeir quljaitat tl)e tuoD tefounOit ? 
3[n fieitifaCt ojDouv to uefie tjnaffi;a|)it, 
CJja^ titling fuvtD tuttl) flabilneis ^gwunDU* 

C^nuDDiiS qiiljome bo^ne tn ane goltifn CDaft 

£Duttfuet vuttl) i)Ci;le and ftanljj maift p^cclait ^ 

Cljat ti^itotu toajJ b|) Jj)aifena;pi0 al[ mtlb qu^itt ^ 

223ai3 fct a jCluene, a0 I|)Uie fiueit of ftuatt <* 

31u Putpouv IRob D^niintt toltlj golD 3Ilb gait* * 

CluDilk (Scmnut rlafpi0 dofit all j^nUtt, 4- 

^ DiaDcme maid plefanDlte polite ^ 

^et on tljc ttcdiis of fjic giltin Ijair a 

^nO in hit band a ^reptrr of delite* ^ 

C^ine nirt Dit raid in granit uiofate 
Ctoelf damtffllts5 Jlk ane in tl)aic ellait: 
£luljilk0 feniit of Ijit rounfell niatft ferre* 
0nd niji't tDame tua^ a luQie vont (^od tuait 
iLotd0, lLad^i0, and nionp fait Ip^elait: 
TBaitD liojne of Die eftait and lavu degte* 
JFuttD toitlj tljait Ciuene, tlja|> all h^ pallit me 
3ne efie paisJ, tDa^ tiding futtD tlje gait 
Snd 31 adaid alone luitljin tljt tte* 

C^nd a0 tfje tout tiia^ padit one and one, 
3nd 31 temanand in tlje tte alone, 
£Dut tlj^otu tlje tood rome t^dand CatiuejJ ttuane 
3ne on ane ^ITe, a tuiddie about [)i0 mone* 
Cije dtljet taid, ane ljiddeou0 Ijojjs dpone* 
3i pafljt futtjj and fad at tljame did ftane, 


of Honour. 

CtuDat men tDap toec ? tj^ap anfvueuit me agane^ 
£Duc Jl^amijJ bene acDttopljel anO ^tnone* 
Cftat 6^ ouv fubtell menisJ, fetll ljej5 flane* 

C2^att ^e (quoti 31) QwDat (ignifexjs ^one tout ? 
^pnon faiti ?ee : and gaue ane l)iDDeouss fefjout 
aBe tutftcDtjS bene abiect tljm fca 31 "o^i^* 
Zone xjJtlje Cluene o£ ^aptenre but dout 
jLati^ a^tnetue, anti ?one tuielf Ijit about, 
at tDe prudent ^tbillaijs full at bltjs» 
CaflanD^a eik Delbo^a and dLitttsi 
Clje fatall fifletss tto^nauD our Uietrtitss out 
3lu0itD, 3lael> and mon^ a Puo)jl)eti0» 

C£Xuljnfe!5 gtounbtt at in fitme Slntelltgenee, 
and tijait t0 al0 into ^one Coutt gone fjence 
Clevfet0 dtutne, ^xiif^ p^obleuimiis mviujs* 
015 Salomon tljt toell of Sapience* 
and adflotell fulfilltt of prudence, 
^alufl, ^enefe, and Cttu0 LtuiujS* 
Pitljago?as5, lPo?pljj)2e, Permen^du0» 
^el^lTeg \3iit[^ Ijis fatwijs but defence* 
^td^acli, ^emnduss, and ^olen^uis* 

CIPtBolomeujj, Slpoctajs, ^octatejj, 
(IBmpedocless, il^eptenabujj, l&etmesJ, 
(fallen, auettoejj, and IPlato, 
(ZBnoflj, ilametl), 31ob and Diogenes, 
CDe eloquent and p?udent Olifle^, 
COife 31ofeplju0, and farund Ctceto, 
9^elfl)Xfedecl) tuttlj tJtDet mon^ mo» 
Cfjait iiea>age 1^10 tijia^ out tj^tjs tuildetnejj, 

B. iij. 

6 The Palice 

Co t6e IPaltce of Jljonout: all tl)a|> go* 

C3[^ fituat from Dence Itggijj ten ijunder* 
£Dut joafijJ oft, at M)t ht tijnit tuill founOet* 
3tieto tue ma^ na langer '^tit teinane, 
SD? tljat ^e paj5 (quoti 31) tell me tijifS tuontiet. 
5)oto tljat 50 tu^etfljft Cattuejj tfiusi at uutiet. 
3t foriat toitl) tljijs Court ^ourrane ? 
3rjjitopl)ell maiti tljiJJ aufujer agane* 
3^natot0 tljouj not? IDaill, etrDquaife, and tljuOet? 
^t oft tn a^a^, toitlj mon^ fcliout of rane, 

CHtrgt fa tue bene into tgins rompanie 
£Dut UjU aboundit and ufit toaj3 IcUjOlie ? 
9^l> tutCDome a^ fulfillit mp Defire, 
ajJ tljotu mai> in tlje TB^liill tueill efpp : 
iDoiM DauitijJ p^ai^cv put mj) rounfell b^* 
3 gatt IjtJCJ ^one aganig Ijim ronfpu*e« 
Cbe qul)tlk loajs (lane, qubattfott Dp lie tljt {bite 
^? ff If 31 Dangit fnifltat fa foulelie. 
Ct)i0 ^pnon tua0 a ($atik tl)at tatfit fite. 

CjFivft into Cro^, aj5 Oirgill tioijj vepoit; 
%n tcatout like maid Ijim lie D^aio ouiutljoit 
Cluljill in l)e b?orDt tj^e l|0?j5 toitlj men of ^unijJ 
£luljaivtlj20U3 tlje toun t}t(txo^it Uiajs at fe^o^t, 
(CluoD 31) iss tDiJJ ?out: tiellanie and fo^t ? 
Curfit 6e Ije tljat fojvotoisi fo? ^out Ijavmtsf, 
JFo? ?e l^aue bene fclj^eujijs baitlj be goOdiu atmiics 
%t toill obtene na entree at ^one po^t 
IBot gif it ht tSaotu ^o^cetie o| €ljntmifi. 

C3lngte]3 to j^aue (quod tga^) toe not paefume. 


of Honour. 

31t fuffinid UiS to fe tijt Paltre bluine 
auD fiaO on totume qufjatt bttttv folk bene r{iai;= 
jFo? to fcmane aDeto toe fjaut na tume (dt, 
Cj^ijs 3llfe uja^ rumtsJ tlje Coutttsx be out dume 
£Df Diane anD ^enuss, tDat fetU fie0 anamt* 
Wif^ tljat tlja^ raiti atoa^ a0 tljaa? taat ffeattft 
3nD 31 agane mailJ like ane (BltUljt gvume 
Ctap in tlje muffeane 3[ikin flok miftjavtit* 

Cjjujs Miitttijitlit 31 maid mj? tefitiencet 
3Imasintng feill f^fe fo? funi defence, 
3|n rontvaii; fauage hti^is^ matll etueW* 
Jfo? na temetd 6ot deid be uiolenee 
^uni time aflbagijs febill 3fndigence, 
Cfjuj3 in a pavt 31 tecomfo^t m^ felL 
'Bot tDat fa litle toa0 31 dat not telL 
Cfje IJif jjling of a ^oujs out of pvefence 
ij)ad bene to me mait ugfum tfjan tije ^tlU 

exit filaid 31 toajJ tljat 31 tijitij tlji fjad fi?okin 
IDad not bene tljat eevtejj m^ Datt fjad b^okin 
JTor meginteg and pufillamitie, 
iRemanand tl)U0 ioitijin tljt ttt all lokktn 
DeQvand fall fum figneis o? fum tofein, 
£Df Lad^ Slenujs oj Ijit rompanie, 
3ne 5)att tvanffo^ntit tan fali b^ tlje ttee 
^aiitlj IjoundisS tent, on quljonie Diane tnass tp^o* 
Cljaitbj) 31 tindetflude tljat fcDo taajs me, (kin 

CClja^ Dad bcfoit derlaitit Dit eiiming* 
^ait pet&telie fojtlj^ 31 feneto tlje figne 
mnsi acteon, qufjilk Diane nakit toaitit 

B. iiij. 

8 The Palice 

IBat&tng fit a loell anti eife Ijit; ^aD^nntjJ ^tnff* 
C^e (^odDejs tuajs rommouit at tljisi tljinq, 
3nti Ijim m fo^me ijtsi of ane rpart ttanf latit: 
31 fatD (allace) W DoimDtjJ at l)iin f lattt: 
OBabtuett ije blent to glue t^ame knatuIeDgetng 
Cfta^ taif tfiait JLorO nuffeneto j^tm at tlje battt. 

C^nte laDptg route toitfi luftte gtltiu tteffi0, 
3|n tjalitt tuilde maift like till (ofiuMfi. 
3mtDtii0 quljome DeicD on ane (ZBlipljant 
3[n figne tl)at frDo in rljalflitie Jnacffitf 
JRaiO Diane tDat LadpijJ Dattiss ti^cffijj 
Cill lie flabill anti na tua^ 31nfonftant» 
($oti toait tljat nane of tljame iss uariant 
311 rDaifl auD treto uitginitie profefC(0 
31 note, Iiot fetu 31 fatu U3itD Diane Ijant* 

CJntill tljat Court 31 fato anone ptefent 
3IepDteis5 tioufljtet a luflie lab^ gent 
£Dffetit to (5od in Ijit tiirginitie, 
IPolijcena 31 tuisJ luajEi not abfent, 
lPeantl)e(ile tuttlj mannijj l)arD|>ment 
(ZBffpom anD Oirgeniujs Ooufljtec tu 
^itlj utljer floutijJ of feminitie 
TBaitl) of tl)e neiu and tbe aulb Cefiament 
ail on t^a^ raiti and left me in tDe tte« 

C31n tfiat tiefett bifperiEJ in fonDet fkattetit 
Wtt Ijetoijj bait quDome rane u tointi on liattetit 
CDe iuater flank, tDe feilD toajs oDioujJ 
jCluDair tijagoujj, leflfertijs, af feiiS, etitietjJ ftuattetit 
223itlj ntoutfiiiJ gapanO, forfeit tailli^ tattetit. 

of Honour. 

Witl^ mon|> a Gang and f})outti5 uennemoufii 
Co^nipting 3tt be tetume rontagtoujx 
ej^ixidutoss and tJile enpopfonit rliiOt^ tlattmt 
EeibanO Itfee DelltsJ fmofee fulfuvioujJ* 

C^^ tiaffit Detb foatJulltt titOelte. 
31 tatfit Dp Ijalf tn ane litaigte* 
SjS tiotjs ane Catiue ptiaunfein tn flrtp 
3nd (a appeittt to mp fantafie 
3 ff fj^nanti iicljt outlof t^e j|3o^tB etft ffe^» 
Cfje qutjilfe tuttl) mu to Ijeti: 31 DtD tak feeip* 
Ipjopojtion founding dulreft DauO 31 P^tp* 
3ln ^ufirfe number full of IDannome 
Diftant on fat toa0 tat^tt be tlje Oetp* 

tlfutljtt bp toatet folfe nia^ founbiss 5etr 
Cljan be tlje etrtS* tlie qu&tlk iwttlj poatjs felt 
(Up bimfet0 ^ti: tljat moutt t0 be found, 
IXuDtIb tn eompact toatet of ane JRtueti; 
a^ap nocDt entet bot rtnnt0 t^att and |^eu% 
j^uDtll it at lafl be cat^tt on tlie gi;ound. 
3nd tljocDt tDt:oto dtn be erpettence isi found* 
Cfje fifcDe at raufit tattljin tlje Ultuet fietr 
3|ntoitlj t^e toatei; tlje m^is^ dotjs not abound* 

COtolent dtn t^e atr b^efetiS and detrijj 
^tne gtett niottoun of 3tr tlie tuatet fletrtjj 
Clje toatet: fleti^tt, fifcljeg fo? fettdnejs fletsj. 
T5ot out of dout na fifc^e tn tuatet fjetttjej* 
jFo? aj5 twe fe ttcljt feto of tj^ame lies5 etrw, 
and eife foifuitl),bot gtf totfe Cletfet0 letss 
C6att t0 na ait; 31tttoitlj toatei;j5 no? feix$, 

c. j. 

10 The Palice 

IBut qu^ilfe na tljing maj) ijtit (aj5 toife ine Ititiss) 
Like asJ hut iitijt tijm tjJ na tljing tljat feijj. 

C3neur|^ of tW 31 tiot qu^at it ma^ mme 
3[ toill tetutne till dcclatt all ftcticne 
a^|) ti^eitifnll b^eame toitlj griflie fantaf|)ijj, 
31 ffljeta tiefoiv quljat 31 Dati IjatD o? fcne 
IPatticulatlie fum of m^ panefull tenr. 
lB(^t nota <^oti tuait qnl)at feiiDnejJ on mc l;pi!5 
Langet (31 faiO) and notu tlji0 time ijs toy^ii 
Znt founD 31 DarD of HngelliKS a0 it Dati bme 
223itlj J!)annonie fo^Oinnanti all tDe fbiug* 

C^a tiulce, fa fhieit, anO fa ^eloDioujs* 
CJ)at euetie toicljt tDair tuitlj micljt ht 3io^oujJ 
'Bot 31 and Catiurj5 Dullit in Difpaic^ 
jFof qnljcn a man ijS tj^aitlj oj futioujJ 
a^elanrljolik fo? Ujo, o? tcDioujS 
Ctjan ijs all plcfancr till tjim maifi ronttait. 
and femblablie tl)an fa did tuitt) me fair, 
^Ijifi 00tlodie 3ntonit Ijciiinlie ttjujj 
S^l profound tuo eonflianit me mak eait. 

and mntnand tDujs a0 ane maifi )DofuH toirDt 
£E)f tlje maid plefand Court 31 Ijad a ficDt, 
3(n Ujavld adoun fen adam tuais aeat. 
CluDat fang ? quljat 3Ioj> ? quljat l)armonie ? qu^at 
£Xuljat mittljfull folate plefance all at ridjt? (licljt 
£Xnl)at ftefflje betotie ? qu^at errelland eflait ? 
duljat (Vueit uocisJ? quljat UjojdixJfuggurait? 
jCluDat fair debaitisj ? quljat luiffu iladj'ijJ b^irljt 
duljat lullie gallandijJ did on tljair feruiee tuait ? 


of Honour. U 

fTIXuljat gublte paflatwe? and qufjat melivaHr ? 
£lul)at game tDa^ matti ? in initij not tell ran % 
CDofl)t 3f Ijati piofounti M)it ^ngcliralL 
Clje Ijeutnlxe foiintiixi of tljatt ©acmonf e 
^ts^ d^nnit fa m^ D^ette fantafie 
'Baitlj tott and teflbun Ijalf tjj lotfi of alL 
%tt (ajj 31 fenatjj) aljs lirDtlte fa^ 31 fall* 
Cljat ^ngelltfee and godlte ronipanie* 
Ctll fe me tj^ocljt a tljiriQ Celefiiall* 

triP^oretdanti futtlj toajs d^ato ane Cljatfote 
IBt Cuvfouvtsi tujelf ttaj^ptt in gtene tieluote- 
£Df fine gold met 3IunctutexJ and tiarnafingt^* 
Clje Lpmnang met of bttneift gold (^od toote, 
'Battlj atrtte and quljetllt0 of gold 31lJ0te» 
£Df goldtn ro^d Mitt Ijjamtjs and tlje fldngxss 
jFefttnnlt eontunrt in maifie goldtn EtngtsJ 
(ZBu^r 8)antt0 ronuentent foj fie note 
and tato filfe b^eej^amtss outt; tjatt Ijalfi^ fttngtjJ 

CClje !iodie of tljt €mt of €utf Iione* 
2BttD Cttfoltttis and mon^ j^^eetouss Gone* 
22Ia0 all ouitfret in due p^opo^ttoun* 
Eifee fietnisJ in tlje ifitmament quliilfeJj fcljone* 
Eepauellit iwasJ tBat godlike j?lefand tpone 
C^ldit abone, and to t^t eittlj adoun, 
3[n ticljefi rlaitft of gold of l^utpute titoun 
IBnt faj3 no? utljev ften^eig Ijad it none* 
^aif elaitl) of gold anamallit all falfioun* 

C£Xw&aivfta dependant Bang thit megit fiellijj 
^um round, fum tJaatu in foud tlje quliilfesJ ejcrel- 

c. ij. (lijj 

n The Palice 

W toer of golb at 3rab|) maid fine. 
CiuljilfesJ twittj tje tuinD ronrojDanDlie fa fenrUtiES 
CDat to ht glaiti tl)axt founb all iuirljt rouipeUtKJ 
Clje 5>annonte tuajJ fa a^eloDiouss fine. 
3(n mannt0 tjoicr and 3Inflcuinmt dtutne 
CluDait fa tlja^ iwent it frmtt natljing tllia 
15ot 3\ttntc\j}^tiS of ^ngelltji ojDouiu ninr» 

C^mtti tlje €6ait: f ulfilltt of plefanre. 
3ne Lab;!) fat, at quljatjj oboifaiue. 
^aj3 alltljat tout: and luonSci* ijj to ftrtc 
£Df Ijtt accellanti luflte rountrnanrc. 
f^it t)te betptte qul}tlb inaifi ifi to auanre, 
Pierflltis all, tljatr map be na rouipm. 
JFor like pijebuxi in Ijiell of Ijis^ ^^ijtit 
^it hmtit fcDane raQanb fa greit ane glance 
Sll faitDeid it opp^e0 baitD fat and neit» 

^cDo tuaii^ peitle$$ of frljap and pojttatute, 
3|n Ijit Ijad natute finifcDit ijit rute. 
00 fo^ gude t)auingi0 ttjait tuaj) nane bot frfio. 
3nd ijit atta|) loajj fa fine and fa pute. 
Cf)at quDaitof luajj Ijit Eob, 3 am not fute» 
Sot nocDt bot IPetle and flanijs mir^t 3f f^ 
£Df quljome tlje baifljtnejs of Ijit f)ie hmtit^ 
Sd to beljald m^ firljt mirljt not 3Indute, 
Qgait mi tljt hiUljt %ont ma^ tlje 'BafekijJ <Bt* 

t[fp\t Ijait ass gold o? CopafisJ loajj fjetoit* 
Clnl^a Ijit beljfld, Ijh fitsntit ap tenetoit, 
£Dn l)eid frbo Ijad a Cteft of di^amantijs. 
CBait toafif na toirjjt tljat gat a ficBt, efcljetoit* 


of Honour. 13 

Wu |jr nmtt fa ronftant 0? tojrill tljetoit, 
II3a Ije tuaics toounDtt aud Ijtin f)tJ^ fevuat grantijj 
Cfjat fjeutnlte luuDt, Dit; CdGall dBnt fa OantiiEJ, 
jfo? filrnfetjs ftaett nane paffit unperfeiutt 
IBot gif l)^ iwet p^efetuit ajs tijix %>mctiss* 

C31 tttonOev fait and falJ tn mmd did fiait, 
Cluljat rveatiite tDat mirljt be tuajs fa faiv% 
£Df fa peivlesj excellent luomanDeid* 
and farl^and ttjm 31 fatw tuitljin tljt C^air 
£lufjait t^at a man tuais fet iwitfj l^mmiiS fquait 
JDtjs liodir tueill entail^ett euetie fieid* 
!J)e bail: a lioto Uiitl) DavtijJ fjata ajj Icid* 
IDijj rleitljing toass al0 gtene ass ane JDuntait: 
iSot &e foafuitj^ Ijad na clBine in fjijs Ij^tti* 

C3[ undetflude lie fignejs petfaualiill, 
C6at tua0 Cuppd tfje (^od maift dilTaualiin, 
Cfje Lad^ Oenuss fjiici a^otljei; a (^oddejj, 
31 fenem t^at tuajj tlje Coutt fa tjatiabilf, 
flDf eitdla? lufe qutiilfe fendill flandijs flabilL 
'Bot ?it tfjait mittlj and folate neuettljele^, 
3[n a^nfif k tone, and menfitalie ejrpjesJ, 
^a etaftelie toitfj cutage aggveabiU, 
li)atd neuet tuicDt fie ^elodie 31 g^i^f* 

C^eeompan^it lufiie ^onfeeirss twitD aU, 
iftefcj^e JLad^i^ fang in uoiee tiivgineaU* 
Coneoadijj ftoeit, diuerss entoned repo^tijj, 
P?opoationi$J fine twitlj fonnd CelefliaU 
Dujjlat, tdplat, diatelTedaU, 
Seque, altera, and decupla vefo^ttjEJ 

C. jij. 

14 The Palice 

Diapafon of mott^ finOaie fo^tijJ 

^at foung anti pU^^it ht itit cunning ^en0ta[[ 

£Dn Mt 'BaWattjS tottfj mon|> fait difpo^tiu. 

C3ltt motiulatioun tjatti 31 pla|? anO fing 
jFaliuttioun, p^tbfang, Difcant, rounteting, 
Cant D^gane, figurattoun, anO gcmmrll, 
£Dn rtoud, Lute, Il)atp, tuitl) nionp guOlie fp^fng, 
^fljalmciS, Cladouni0, po^tatiucif Ijatti J ting* 
^on^co^D, HDjgane, C^mpane, anO C^mlieU, 
^^tDoll, Pfalttiir, anb uolrejj ftudt ajj belL 
^oft t:eUfcl)ingtj3 in tiulre OeUumng 
iFvacttoni^ CiiuiOe at tefi oj c[oi}$ conipelL 

C^ot Ipan of 3rff)atti fa pltfanblt e plapftf 
S^oi f^iwQ Dauid qul)atj3 plajJtng ajs men fa|>i!(5, 
Contutit tl)e ^pjeit, tDe qutjUk ^aul ronfoundtt 
Sf*tot 0mpl)ton U)ttb mon^ fulitell la^ij$« 
jClufiilb Cljtbc0 Ujallit toitlj Davptng in W tia^= 
ll5o^ Ije tljat firft tlje fubtcll rtaftijJ founOit (ijJ 
SBajJ not in a^ufick &alf fa tueiU Jgrountiit. 
Boi knrto tljait meafute tent tiaiU be na tua^ins 
Zt tljair refojt baitti ijmin anb eitb refbunbit. 

Cil3a matt 31 unbetfiube tljit nunibet0 fine 
IBt ($ob ttjan boi0 a greik o; a (toine 
^aif tljat me tfjinfe ftueit founbijJ gube to jjeit 
115a maiv ^eiron mp laubout toill 31 tine* 
Jif3a mait 31 ^iH tjit uetbilltjs Ha^tit befine* 
t;)otp ttjat tijair ^ufick tone0 tuat mair tleit 
3nb bulcer tljan tlje mouing of t|e ^pfjeit* 
SDt Djpljmss JDatp of C&^ace tuit^ founb iiiuine 
(^laf^eriane maib na no^ijs eomprit* 

of Honour. 15 

CCfja^ ronbifcrnti fa Ujdll in ane acroad, 
Cljat h^ na Joint tljair fountJtj5 htwt Difco^ti* 
3In tuette fee^ tljap lucvven fa erpett* 
©f tfiiatr avta^ gtf 31 fulti mak teco^ti 
jLuflte fpaingaltiig anti 111011^) guDlie ilojb^ 
CenDer ^oungUngijs ujxtlj piteoujJ uxvgtn jjatt* 
(^lOet Had^ijj feneto niatv of JLuCtljs art. 
DfuetjJ iitD^0 quJjilfeJiJ me not lilJ temo^ti 
Ctuiiat^ lakkeQ UjdO ioa0 filktjis outrliioutient 

C3[n ueflutcjj quent of nion^ Unbiit g^fe 
31 fato all (laitl) of golti men muljt Oeuife, 
IPurpout eolout:, jmntk anti fkavlote IjefcutjJ* 
Cleluot Eolilitj$ maid UjttD tlje gvanO alT^fe 
DamejJ, ^at^ne, Iiegav^it mon^ toife, 
Ctameftxe fattne, i^eluot enbjoutie tn diners tetDfj5 
^attne figures rDampit twttlj flouvtiES anti hmig, 
Damefflure, tere, pgle quljatvon tljaxt l^tjj 
Peftle HD^pljan^ quDtlk euette fiait teneujtjj^ 

eclair ttcj^e entire mail! pettier to IieBalij^ 
^^ \iiit tan not Oifcviue Dotobeit 31 ioald 
^on^ entrapptt fieiin tott& filktjs feir* 
^on^ pattrell neruit toitlj gold 31 tald 
4Full mon|> neto gilt Ijarnafing not aid* 
£Dn mong Palfta^ luiffum JLad^ig eletr* 
3nd nirt tlje CDair 31 fauj fotmeft appetr 
(Upon a bardit Curfet flout and bald* 
^atjs (5od of firife enarmtt tn birneill gefr» 

t^uette 3Inuafibtll tuapon on 6tm j^e batr 
i!)f0 itttk taa0 gt^m, tjiis dodie large and fquafr* 

C. iiij. 

16 The PaHce 

J!)f0 I^mmljJ tDdll mtail^eit to lie Ctang ? 
8)f0 nek tua0 gteit a fpan lentlj tueiU o^ mait: 
JDijS uifage braid tuitD Crifj? baoun nitland Jatr 
flDf flatute not outt greit noa ?it ouir lang, 
'BeljalDand SlenujJ, © ^e mp lufe (be fang) 
3nti fcl)o agane UjttD dal^ance fa fait 
J^it l^nicjjt ijim eletpijj quDait fa tje t^tie oi gang. 

CCjjair lna0 ^tq^tt anti IPaletnon alftua, 
^(conipan^it tuitD fait ^emilia* 
CJje Cluene Dido Ujit^ Ijit faljj lufe (Bntt. 
Ctetu CtoilujJ, unfaitDfull CtefSda. 
Clje fait PatisJ, and plcfand fDcIena. 
Conflant ILurtere, and ttaiCt Ipenelope. 
l&ind IPitamujJ, and tDobegone CDpfbe. 
DolojoujS P?ogne, tti(! pijilomena, 
i^ing DauidjJ lufe tl)ait fauj 31 Tdatfabe. 

CCDait toa!5 Celt tuitlj tlje feind airpon. 
3nd acl}illejj tu^otlj luitD Agamemnon 
JToi 15nfl](da lji!5 lLad|) fta Ijim tane. 
2j^ofull IPDillis; luitD l)it lufe DemopDoon. 
^ubtell a^edea, and Ijit iftnir^t 3!afon. 
flDf JFtanre 31 fatu tDatt IPatijJ and 2Ieane, 
Cljait tuajf IPljed^a, CljefeusJ and ad^iane 
Clje fecteit Uiife ijatdie 31pomedon, 
aiTueit, IDeliet, 3lt^t:ep2euadill ^ufane. 

CCljait inajs tlje fal0 nnljappp Dalida. 
Ctuell Miitkit and mtG HDeianita, 
Wu^it IBidliu, and tlie fait abfolon, 
gpf;ppl|ile, adSominabill ^^lla* 


of Honour. 17 

Cnfttam, pfide, JDelcana and 3nna. 
Cleopatra, and tuo^tljte ^atfe 3ntfjone» 
31oIe, IDefcuIeg, aireff, 3lrton. 
Cfje onlic patient tuife (^leflillttia 
Il3amfui5 tljat ijtjj Ijetti li^ab on ane Cone* 

Ciiaft toajj Jacob tottfj fair EacDel litjs mtafe 
Clje qu^tlfe become till laban foi Ijit faife, 
JFourtene ?eit bound toitlj Ijatt 3Immutabill* 
Cl)ait bene bot fem fie noi» 31 tjndevtaife* 
Cljir fait iLati?>i55 in filfe and rlaitlj of laife, 
Cfiusi lang fall not all foundin be fa fiabilL 
^'^ifi Oenuss eouvt> quljilfe iwajs in Infe maift abil 
Sot till difcdue m^ running ixs to toaife 
9ne multitude tl)aj> toat 31nnumevabilL 

CHDf fiudlie folfee in euetie feinde and age, 
(IBitD blenfeijs fmeit frefclje luftie gtene rutage, 
and daliance tDa|> v^dmg futtl) in feit, 
^um leui35 in Ijope, and fum in gveit tljitlage, 
^um in difpaiv, fum findi^ Si0 panijs ftoage 
(^atlandijs of floutiiES and roi^ CljaipletisJ feit 
Cljaj) bait on Ijeid and famin fang fa eleit^ 
duj^ill tljat tfiait mirtlj eommouit m^ mtage 
Cill fing tlji0 la^ quSilfe follotoand ^e ma^ lieit;* 

CConllranit Datt belappit in difirejU, 
(^aoundit in Ujo, and full of j^euinesj, 
Complene tlj^ panefull rain0 infinite* 
IBetoaill tljijs luarldid frail unUeidfaftnejs, 
^auand regvait fen gane i0 tlj^ glaidneiJ, 
and all ti)5 folace, returnit in difpite 

D. j. 

18 The Palice 

flD Catlue tljt^li Jnuolupft in f^te, 
Confer tij^ fatall luofull luKtcbitne^, 
Oeuide in ttuane anO furtlj OiffounD all t^tt^ 
^ggteuance jjtett tn miferalitll 3lntJ^te, 

C^P rtuell fart fubtectit to pennance 
P^ttieQtnate fa Doiti of all pUCance 
iJ)e3J tnttit quit amlD mtne Datt 3lngtaue, 
C^e flt'De Slnronllant Deflenie o? rljancr, 
^nequallte Doi^ ijtng tn tljatt liallatue, 
^^ tieinetite0 and sttit tiolour 31 ^aur, 
C0i0 Iputgato^fe tedoublins all ttje laue* 
3llb Vaitljt htn fum Ujeflfait at ol)r|)fanre, 
^aif nu b|)fning tbat uia^ na gtare tcflfaue 
£)eiti tge aDO^ens and Do mr to m^ graue* 

CJjOo tuo^tS fie (ttang mlffo^toun ano^joutf 
jCluljtlk t^tiS opp^ed m|) fp^eitiici malCt 31o^ou0, 
2230 too^tlj ti)i0 twatlDljs fceucy felicite^ 
^lo tDO^tt) m|> fetuent OiCrtjs Dolo^ou^, 
2230 tuojtlj tDe tuffljt tljat tjj not puteou0 
jCtuj^aiv tDe trcfpaflbut penitent tDa^ fe. 
2210 U30^tl) tDtsj Oeid tgat Da^lie Doid me Dte« 
C^o tpoatl) Cup^d and too ijuo^t^ faljs Oenu0* 
2:^0 Ujo^tlj tyame liaitlj a^ tuatpit mot tljap be 
2230 luo^tl) tgatt Court and eutfit defienie. 

C^oude ais 31 moefit in dolour all dtl!ren?eit 
Cljtjj la^ 31 fang and not ane letter fen^ext, 
Cl)o fato 31 93enui5 on Ijir lip did bite, 
and all tlje Court in Daili tgair j^ojfisJ ren^eit, 
l^roelamand loude qugair ij$ ^one l^oid p plen^eit 
Ixu&ilfe deitl) deferuijs rommittand fie difpite, 
JFra tre to tre t^a^ feirefting but refpite* 

of Honour. 19 

Ciufjtl ane me fant» qujitlb faiti <$ gtdt tii(tien?rit 
auant tieillane tDota teclu0 Jntpetfite, 

C311 in ane jFeutt out of m^ muffeane Iioture, 
£Dn feneijj 31 rtap and lato foi fett dtd lotoae 
CBan all tijt Couvt on me tljati; IjtMfi fcljuik* 
^um glotumanti gttm, fu givnanD iwttlj nifage fotoae 
^um in tfie neb gaue me feil D|)nttj3 tioto^e* 
IPlufe at tlie Ctatu tDa|? n^iU tieplome tlje iRuib 
IPulland m^ j^air tottlj biek m^ face tDa^ hinik. 
%fe2|)mmoiie JFet^ gaue me mon^ a elotoje. 
iFoa rljppp^nutie ful oft m^ eDaftisJ quuib* 

CS^^itlj i^ane, to^met, tlm0 in tljait teneful pla^ 
Cill Oenu0 liounti tlja^ led me fut;tlj tlje twag» 
jCtuJilfe tljan toass fet amid a goldin CJait;. 
and fa ronfoundit into tljat fell affua^ 
3s5 tljat 31 micljt eonfiddet tj^air atta^, 
q^e tfjocljt tj^e feild ouirfpa^d toitD Catj^ettisJ fait 
(Cluljilk toass tofoit Ii^int, Iiattane uile, and Iiait) 
Wax maifl j^lefand, Iiot all (tlje fuitlj to fa^) 
a^ieljt noclit ameisJ m^ gteuou^ jjanefull fait, 

trCntljionit fat ^atsJ, Cupid and Oenutf, 
Cjio taiis ane Cletfe iwass cleij^tt ^atiujJ* 
^e till accufen of a deidlie mme. 
3nd Ije IiegoutJ and ted ane ditta^ tljnsi, 
Cfiotu toicfeit Catiue, tood and futioujJ 
Paefumpteouflie notw at tljis^ paefent time* 
^^ iladp Ijeit blafpljemit in tij^ Eime* 
^it fone, Sit felf, and Ijit Coutt amo^ou^ 
JFo? till Iiettaiis atoaitit lieit fen i>ume» 

D. ij. 

20 The Palice 

ClI5otu <S^0b tjoto toait me tfjor^t m^ fortune fe^ 
2j(Kitjj quatfeand uore and Datt raid ai5 a fer^. 
©n fenei0 3| bneiUit and metde culd Jmplott 
%)ubmittand me Mt on^ langec ple^ 
©enus5 mandate and plefute to obe^. 
(3tntt toasJ den^tt and m^ ttauell fojloit* 
JFo? fcDo gaue rl)argejs to p^oceid ajj httoit. 
CBan OatlujJ fpak tirfjt Coutlie me to fle|) 
3lnio^nand filence till afk gtaee on^ mott:» 

l))e demandit m^ anftuet quljat 31 faid ? 
CDan a0 31 moeljt tuitD cutage all mifmatd 
iFra time 31 nnderflude na mait fupplie. 
^air abaifit, beline 31 tljujj out b^aid: 
%tt of tljit pointijEJ of rtime notu on me laid 
31 map me quite giltle0 in r^ttitit. 
%it fitft agane, tDe 31udge quDilb Deit 31 fe, 
^bisi Jno^dinate Coutt and p^orejj quaid 
31 tuill oliieet fo? eaufi0 ttua oi tDae* 

CJnrlpnand lalu (quod 3) tuitfi petroujj fare 
31 me defend, ^adame pleijj it 5our grace 
^ap on (quod fc^o) tljmx (aid 3 t[)usx hut mait* 
^adame ^e map not fit in to tDii5 rare* 
Sot ILadpi0 map lie 3Iudgei(5 in na place. 
3nd maitatouit 3 am na feculait 
3 ^pivituall man (tljocljt 3 ht Doid of lair) 
Cleipit 3 am, and aucgt mp liue^ fpace 
Co be remit till mp Judge o^dinair. 

C3 5oto befeife g^adame twitlj biflie cure 
Cill giue ane gratioujs Jnterlocuture 

of Honour. 21 

£Dn tijit ejrcepttountjs notu p^opomt lait* 
Clian fuDOanelie Oenujs (31 ?otu aflute) 
Deltuerit fone and toitD a uotce fa flute 
anftwmt tljujs, tljotu fubtell fm^ (Sod tuait, 
jCliiIjat tijentjj tljotu to degvatti mp fjte eflait 
^e to Decltne ajj Hutige, rutft rteatute 
31t htifS not fa, tDe game gaijs ntj^er gait. 

C^JB^ ^t tijt find tBoto fall tljotll autigement 
ll3ot of a Cletfe toe fe t^e tep^efent 
^atf onlte falfet and dtflattfull tatllf jj. 
JFttfl qu^en tlioto rome tuttlj Ijart and Ijaill 3|ntet 
Cfiotu tfie fubmtttxt to mj> eommandement* 
jff3oto noto ttiattof nie tljinb to fone t^oto fatllljS* 
31 tuene na tfjfng bot folf e tljat tlje ailltss. 
Xit Cletfet0 bene tn fulitell tuo^dtss quent* 
and tn tDe deld al0 fcljattp as5 on^ fnailltiJ* 

€r%e Bene tj^e men hmt^^isi m^ rommandid: 
Xe liene tj^e men diflurliiiEJ m^ fetuandtjj: 
Xt htnt t^t men toitlj toftbtt tootdtji feilL 
£iu6tlfe Iilafp!^emt0 ftefclje luftie ^oung galladtjJ 
Cliat tn m^ fetufee and rettneto flandtss* 
Xt dene ttie men tljat tletptjs ^otu fa leill, 
a:©ttlj faljs deljefl qu^ill ^e ^out putpots fletll 
%tne ^e fo^ftoeir dattlj bodie tteutfj, and IjaitdtJJi 
Xt bene fa faljs ^e tan na too^d concetll* 

CJDaue done (quod fcljo) fcBtt OatiujJ alfto^ttj 
Do tci?ite tlje fentence lat t^iti Cattue feptt^^ 
(3it out potoet map denting Ijiss mtfdetd. 
Cfian (Sod tftoto toatt gtf t&at mp ^ttit toajJ hl^it^. 

D. iij. 

22 The Palice 

Cf)e fetpetou$$ b^ intUl m^ face tiiti m^itU 
3U m^ male njj, tot ftoa t^r |ioa«bill tiaeiti 
5)aiU me ouxtfet : 31 mtcfjt not fap mp rtefD* 
JFo? feir and too Ujitljin m^ fktn 31 uj^^Uj^ 
31 mlcjt not pja^ fo^futtfj tftoe&t 3I ^utx neid. 

exit of m^ beitjj 31 fet not 5alf ane fle 
JTo? grett effeir me ttjorljt na pane to die. 
15ot fait 31 DjeD me foa fum ut^rr 31afp 
Cfjat Oeimjs fuld tlj^oto Ijit fubtilUtfe 
3in till fum fipfnxng hM tranffigutat me. 
0jj in a IBtit a 'Bait ane £Dule, ane Sip, 
31 ttaifht fa toi till ^aue bene mifrl)aip 
Cljat oft 31 tuald m^ IjanO beftalti to fe 
^if it altetit, ant> oft m^ tjifage gtaip« 

Cbo 31 teuoluit in m^ mintt anone, 
5)oto tljat Diane ttanffo^mit Qrteone. 
Znt> 3lwno eik ajj fo? a boto gatt ferip. 
Clje fait go tljat lang tuajj ujobegone. 
atgujj Ijit ^immit tljat ene Ijad monp otte> 
CluDome at tijt lad ^etruttujs gatt fleip. 
and Ijit Oeliuetit of tyat Danget t^tijf, 
31 temembetit alfo Ijotu in a Gone 
Cjie tuife of Lotl) 31f Bangit fait bib toeip* 

C31 timliettioftit fioto 3Ioue anb aulb ^atutne 
31n till ane 223olf tDa^) Did L^eaon tutne. 
and Dot) tge mirlytie jT^^abucljodonofot 
3|n deifllie fo^me did on tlje feild foiutne* 
and fo^ l)i0 gilt toa0 maid to tueip and mutne. 
Cljit feitfull ujondetss gatt me daeid full (bit 


of Honour. 23 

jTo? !i^ eretiipilisJ oft 31 fiatti toMt* 
fj^t fulO hmnt tfjat fetjj Jijs feUotu fpurne 
a^tfrfiana of ane fulti ht anr titj^ett^ loir* 

9nO tollanti tfiud fn bfuetieJ fantafeiKJ, 
Cetnbill tijocl)tij5 oft m^ Dat:t dtti gt^f js 
jFo? all temetd toajj alterft tn titfpatr* 
Cgatt toast na gope of tmtcit till dm^tjES 
Cfiatt toa0 na tutcDt m^ fvefnti lie na fefn tP^fsJ, 
311 Ijaillelte tlje Couvt loajs me tonttaii;* 
Cljan toajj all matfl io?ttttn tlje fentence fair 
^l> f eftill minde ftanti tljijj Qttit fupp^^isj 
^a!E{ tgan of tuit and euetie Uisi full hm. 


TO t^m amid tW jjatd perpleritie 
atoattand euer quj&at moment 31 fuld die? 
SDj t^an fum neto tranffigutatioun* ; 

i&e t^at qu^ilfe ijJ etetnall tjetitie* 
Clj^ gloaiouss Hold tingand in perfouniief tS?e 
IP^ou^dit lje0 foj m^ ^aluatioun 
IBt fum gude fp^eitisi Eeuelatioun* 
jCiuj^ilfe 3lntetceflioun maid (3[ ttaiU) foa me 
31 foa^et all 3l«taginatioun* 

C311 fiaill m^ djeid 31 tljo foj^et in Jp, 
and all m^ too, Iiot '^it 31 toil! not quj^p 
^aue tljat 31 Bad fum fjope till ht releuit, 
31 vaifit tljan mp tiifage Bailielie 
and toitB a blenk anone 3! tiid efp^ 
a luik Ht^t quBilfe notljt m^ Batt engteuit, 
ane B^uinlie tout, out tj^oto t6e tood efeSeuit* 

D. iiij. 

U The PaUce 

£Df quBome tijt hmntit gtf J not Deitp 
tlneitl) uia^ ht intiil mt ^rtxpture himit 

HmUlj Laturdt Crotontt in laobliijj fiOe all netu, 
Df a faObun anD all of fleDfaa Ijcto, 
3t:va^tt mill ane Coutt 31 Tatu rum ncit, 
£Df tuife tiegell Eloquent JFatljetjJ ttetu. 
3nti plefanti LaDjPijJ quljxlfejj ftcfrl) brtutie fcSetu 
^tngand foftlie full ftucit on tijnit uianm, 
£Dn IPoet tuife all Diuccjs ucifiis fcit 
J^iftoapijs Quit in ilatine toung and gretu 
aaittl) ftefcDe 3!ntiite and founDijs gudc to Deft* 

C^inti fum of tljanie Ad Lyram plapit and fang 
^a plefanti netfe qu^ill all tlje Eorl)e0 rang 
^ttit ^apbik, anti alfo OBl^jgu ( 

Cljait: 3Infltummttjs all mail! toar JFiDillijJ lang 
15ot \uitlj a firing quljilfe neuer a lu^cifl ^eid twiag 
^um DaO ane lljarp, anO fum a fair Ipfaltrie, 
r©n lutijs fum tl)air arrcntijs fubtclle] 
fcru|)tiit Ujcill and Ijtlt^ tljc mcafurc lang 
3ln founDijS fijueit of plefanO mcloOic. 

CCDe iLabj>i!(5 fang in tjoirens bulro^ait 
JFarunti (JBpiftillisi quljilkfi quljplum SDuiD tu^ait 
Zsi Pl)illis5 IXurne fend till Duke Demopljoon, 
3nD of l^enelope tge greit regrait 
%enti to ijit fioib fcljo Douting IjisJ efiait 
Cj^at Ije at Cro|) fulD loifit be o? tone* 
il)oixi ^tontiujs till C^tii]?pe anone 
^^ait l)i0 Complaint tljair |)arti 3! toeill ^od toait 
Witlj DtQer lufiie mifiiue^ monp one, 

of Honour. 25 

C3i Dati jjteft toontiet: of t6a^ Lati|)tss itit 
£xnlji\H in tljnt mt mitljt Ijmt na romprtt:: 
£Df raliiss quent, IRetljojik coloud0 fine 
^a IPoctt lifee tn fuliteU fair manett, 
3nti eloquent firnte ratienre iRegulatt 
Cfjatt t)e|>aBe futtfj rontenanti ticijt ajJ Kne 
CaiitD fang anti pla^ (aj3 fatd i&) fa deiune 
Cjja^ fall app^ocDing to ttie place tuetll neit 
jCluljait 31 toa0 torment into m^ gvett pine* 

C^nti ajj tliat S^uinlte fojt neto nominait 
Eemoutt futtlj on gutilte tiatfe tljatt gatt 
Cotuatti tfte Coutt quljtlk tuajs to foit erpaemit, 
^^ rutage gtetu, fo? quljat cm& 31 «orl)t taait 
^atf tDat 3 iJf Iti me paptt of tljatt eCtait, 
3nti tlja^ tuav folfe of fenatDledge ass it femit 
aijj into Oenujs Court full faft tlja^ Oemit, 
^a^and ^one lullie Court toill flop o? meit 
Co Jufiifie tljtjs Ij^fning quWlR lilafpDemit 

CXone ijs (quob tfia^) tlje Court iRetl|0|ieall 
SDf Poet termixi finganD IPoeticall 
and eonliant grounti of famous5 OoieisJ ftoeit 
%one isJ tlje facound toell Celefiiall 
Zone ijs tijt jFontane and SDiiginall 
jCluljaitfta tlje toell of iDelieon Doijs Mt 
Xone ar tlje folk tljat eoinfojttjs mnit fpjeit 
IBt fine delite, and t^itt angelicall 
Caufand grojj leid, of maid gudnesJ gleit 

CZone ijj t&e Court of plefand lieidfaanejj, 
%one in tljt Court of eontiant merinejj, 


26 The Palice 

Zone fieJ tf}t Coutt of Jo^oujj dtfc ipltnr 
Clufitlk caufiss folk ttjaxr putpotss to erp^ejj 
3fn ornate tuife, p^ouofeaud tuitlj glaiDned 
ail genttll liarrtjJ to t&au lait 31ncllnr. 
(Bnttit famoujj Porit mm niai? deutne 
31j5 tn ^one tout, lo ^ontiet tDaiv* Ip^incetf 
Ctjefpijs, a^otljet of tlje ^ufijJ nine, 

C3nti nfrt 6et fine, Ijft botljttt firli bpgrt 
LaD^ Cleo, quljtlb rtaftrlte dotjs fet 
^tflo?i)tj3 aulO, Itbe asi t^a^ tuat p^efmt, 
(2Bumlk oulk Da^, tia^lie Ootd l)it det 
31n tiulrc blaflijJ of IpppljJ ftoeft 6ut let 
Clje tljjiti fiflet Cljalla Diligent 
3[n tuantoun tD^it, and Clj^ontkill boisi 3lntpimt 
Clje feitd tnti^titi, oft tuitD c^etbiis tuet, 
^att ttagedeid, a^elpomene tlje gent. 

CCetpfieljo^e tlje f^ft ti^itD Dumliill foun 
a§aki$$ on lpraltetiK$ modulattoun* 
CDe fert Crato, like tSii: louetjJ toilde 
^ill fing, daunce, and leip daitli up and doun. 
Pol|)mnia tlje feuint a^ufe of Eenoun 
D^tijES tljir flueit Eet&o^ick roloutijs milde, 
fXuftilkjJ at fa plefand tiaitlj to man and C^ilde. 
Qltania tlje aucljt fiftec M^itij Ctoun, 
&IlliM tbt ^min, and fiatniu all bedene. 

CClje nj)nt quljome to nane utliet itf eompett. 
Calliope tlje lullie ladp eleir: 
Df quljome tjfte betotie and tlje two|tMne0 
fOit uettetaijj gteit fcljpnisJ liaitlj fat and neit 


of Honour. 27 

JFo? ff&o of lI3oIiill fatijJ Ijetf t|ie Utit 
Co toatte tljait tuo^frljtp, utrto^te and p?otoed, 
3[n i^inglte ftile, quDilk tioxjj tljait fame 31ncte0, 
Cleipit in lattne ij)eroicujs hut toefr, 
C^df of all iDiite like a0 fcj^o i$s a^ailke^s^ 

CCtiit a^ufisJ nine lo ponder nia^ ^e fe 
92lit!j frefcDe Il3^mplje0, of toatev anti of fe^, 
and fair LatijJijJ of tl)ir Cempillijs auld 
IP^etitiejs, D?|?aJ:iejs, and ^aturee, 
lI3emDe0, aoneg, ll3apee, 
£Df quljome tlje fiountetjs nettitjsf not lie tauld 
CIiuiES tiemtt tSe Coutt of Oenuss mon^faulO: 
duljtlfe fpetrlje tefrefrDit m^ petj^leritie 
Eeto^fanO tueill m^ %j}itit httoiv tuajs raulti* 

CCjje futidane ficlit of tljat fitme Court foirfaid 
Eecomfo^t toetll m^ fietw liefoir iiiajj fatd 
amid ni^ fp^eit tlje 3[o^ouj3 Ijett redoimdtt, 
IBeDalding Ijotu tlje luflie e^nUt^ raid 
3nd all tljair Court qu^ilfe tuass fa Iil^ttij $ glaid 
Ciu&aijs merinejs all Ijeuiness tonfoundit, 
Cljair fatu 3 tueill in Jpoetrie j^groundit 
Clje grett 5)omeir, quljtlfe in <3uik langage fafd 
a^atft eloquentlte, in qujiome all luit ^Iioundit^ 

CCJair toag tlje greit Hatine Oirgiliuj?, 
Clje famous JFat&er Poeit SDuidiujs, 
T)ictts^, ^DarejJ, and eik tlje tretu ilueane, 
Cljair toasj piautuss, lPoggiu0, and lPerfiu0, 
Cljair twas Cerence, Donate, and ^erniujs, 
iFrandiJ IPetratlje, jFlacmsJ, Oaleriane, 

E. ij. 

£8 The Palice 

CBatt toad €fope, Cato, anO 3l[ane, 
Cfjaiv toad (^aultetr anD IBoettud, 
CJatt toad alfo t\)t Quit jCluintiltane, 

CCfiatr toad tjje ^atit IPoct Jwuenall, 
Cljalt* toad tDe mirt and fubtell a^artialL 
£Df CDcbcd ISjute, t[)ait; toad tjjc Ipoct ^tace: 
Cjjafi; toad JFauflud, and Lautence of tje 2Iale, 
Pompomud, qutjatd fame of (att fand fatd 
31d blatotn totOe tlj^oto nittit Eealnie and plare. 
CDair toad tljt a9o?all toife Port fi^o^acr, 
32ltt!j mon^ tJtljer Cletfe of gtcit auaill 
CDait toad 'B^uncH, Claudiud and TBorrfjad. 

C^a Quit ane ptefd of pcpill dteto ud ndc 
C{)e I)und^etD part ttjait named at not t^tit, 
%it fato 31 tDair of ^?utud aibpon, 
(^effra^ CDaureir, ad 3 pet fe fand pett 
3|n Ijid imlgare, and mo^all Joljne (^otoeit. 
H^dgait tlje ^onfe tatd mufing Dim allone 
£Df tljtd if^atioun 31 feneto alfo anone 
i^ltit l^ennedie, and Dunbav }it undetd, 
^nd jCXutntine tottD ane !!)uttok on l)id getd. 

^^otobrtt 3[ rnld derlatr and toetll Jndtte 
Clje bounteid of tjiat Court detolie to wiitt 
321av ouit p^oltrt, ttanfcending mine 31ngtne, 
Cmtcljtng tht p^oeed of mp panefuH iite» 
IBeltue 31 fato tljtt luGfe a^nfid quDtte, 
SXClttB all tDait tout totoatt Oenud derltne* 
£Xul)ait Cuptde fat tottj j^tt tn Cljione deutne, 
31 llandand Iiundin in ane fo^te plt'te 
'Bpdand tfiaft gtaee, oi tfian m^ deidUe pine. 

of Honour. 29 

C^ttatrfjt to tijt Cluene tljit famtn ^ufijJ tafb 
^aifi cloquentlie tijnit falutattouniss matti, 
OmujJ agane ^alti tfjame tljmt falufing 
Wiicijt tmttmtiit, anti on ijit ttit uplijaiti: 
15efetfeanti tljmnt to Itc Jjt, na^, na^, tDa^ fafti 
Wt ma^ not Ijtit mab na lang tav^tng^ 
Calliope niaiQ facounO anb bentng 
3|nqnmt Oenujs quDat ujicljt Ijan t^it mifmatti 
£D? qnfiat tuajs raujs of Dtr tDait foio^ntng* 

C^tflrt (fatd fc6o) liefjalb ^one fi^fning frjeto 
a fulitell ftn^, confiOtiet luetll W Detu 
^tanbtjs tjjaxr Iiounti, anO bebtnmt Bit to me, 
Xone Catiue fiati 6lafplbemtt me of neto 
JFoj to degtatti, and tio m|) fame atietu. 
a lattlte E^me Otfpttefull and fufitell 
Comp^ltt Bess, tejjettfanti louOe anti tjie 
^elanDet;, Dtfptte, fo^rota and uelanie 
Co me, m^ ^one, anti eife out* Couvt foi a^» 

C5)^ 6^35 tiefetuit tiettD, Be fall fie deiD, 
and iue temaine fo^futtlj into tBijS fieid 
Co Jufiifie tBat Eeliald Eennigait* 
£Xuod Calliope, ^ilJer atua^ all feid 
CiuDj? fuld Be die, quB^ fuld B^ lotss Btss B^td* 
Co flap Bim fo? fa fmall ane rt:a?me, (^od tuait 
(^^eitar degrading tnat to ?out efiait 
Co fie a0 B^ to mafe eontet pleid 
l^otu juap ane JFule ^out Bie Bonout eBefemait^ 

^CluBat of Bi0 lafe, fa toide ?our fame iss lilato 
Zonr excellence maifl peirlesj iss fa fenatn, 

E. iij. 

30 The Palice 

J15a to?etf!jiJ5 tooad map Depair ^out 6te H^ame 
^tue me Ijtjs life, anD moDxfie tlje Lato 
jFo? on mp ^eid lie (!ant»i0 notxj fie aUj 
Cljat Ije fall eftet Oefetue neuec malt blame 
lf5orl)t of IjtjJ Deitl) |e map report bot ft Ijame, 
3[n reeompence of IjiJJ milTcttauO fatu 
©e fall ?our Ijefi in euerte pact paoelame. 

CCljan Ho^b Ijotu glaid berome mj) febil goift 
^5 ruiage gutu, tijt quDilb befoit ujajJ loifi. 
^eand 31 Sad fa gtett ane atmorait* 
CDat erpettlte but p^apet, p^fee o? eotfi* 
£Dbtenit ^ab mp fdtooll arttoun almoill. 
jCluljtlk U)aj3 befott petifrbit anb befolait, 
CDli^ qugile OenujOf fiube in ane fiubie litait, 
IBot finallie frlio frljetu till all tlje £Difi 
^e!)0 toalb bo gtaee, anb not be obfiinait* 

([31 b)ill (faib frbo) Dane metrie anb pietie, 
Oo flaik mp tu^aitb, anb let all canrout be 
£Xul)ait 10 mait bire> tban to be ouic rntell, 
9nb fpeciallie in tuemen fie aiEJ me» 
3 Labp fp, tbat bfijj tp^annie 
3ne nennome iss tatber anb a fetpent fell 
^ bennemou!E$ b^agoun, o^ ane beuill of gell 
3!sj na compaii: to tlje jniquitie 
£Df balb toemen, ajs tbit tuife Cletfeig telL 

^<^ttit <5ob befenb 31 fulb be one of tbo 
Clubilk of tbair feib anb malice neuet bo 
flDut on fie gram, 31 biill baue na tepaeif 
Calliope, fifiet faib to (HenujS tbo 

^t ?out 

of Honour. 31 

3t ?ouv uqntitt tfjiss to^etcfje fall fvelie go* 
ff>m 31 temit Ijtjj ttefpasJ, and all gtetf 
^all bt foi^et, fa Ije twill fa^ fum Ii^eif 
£[)? fcj^o^t ballat, in conttait pane anD tuo 
Cuitcjing m^ JLauOe, and Bixs plefand releif* 

C3nti femndlie, fte nirt teflbnaliill rommand 
£Xuliilfe 31 fiini cBatge, fe tljat fie nocfit ganeftand 
flDn tfiir (onditiounig %iQtt at ^out tequeift 
JDe fall gang fte, quod Calliope 3ltiflinand, 
^imt mtttit fiUev, 31 obleijs be m|> fiand 
lf)e fall oliferue in all pointi0 ^oui; fieljeli, 
Cfian ^enujJ bad do flaife fone m^ atreifl* 
15eliue 31 toa0 teleuit of euetie band, 
Uj^mss tijt Court, and all tlje IPadour ceill* 

CCfio fat 31 doun latolie upon m^ fene 
3t command of prudent Calliope 
%eildand Oenuss tDanfei0 ane tljoufand fpitlj 
JFoi fa fiie fteindfcljip, and merrlfull pietie 
Crcelland gtace, and gteit Ijumanitie 
Cfie qufiilfe to me ttefpaflbut did fcljo k^if^ 
31 tlje forgiue (quod fcljo) tljan toass 31 bl^itfi 
Doun on ane flock 31 fet me fuddanelie 
3t Jit command, and \xitnit t^iti la^ alftopitB* 

C2IntDemmit toit deliuetit of dangait 
a^aift Ijappelie deliuerit fra tfie fnait, 
iReleuit tu of feruice and bondage, 
Crpell dolour, erpell difeifijs fair, 
3uoid difplefure, fomenting and cair 
iReflaue plefance, and do tfi^ fo?roto ftoage* 

E. iiij, -^--^ 

32 The Palice 

IBefialti tSp glalti ftefcfje luGie grene mtagt 
IRdopce amiD tljit louerjs but titfpait, 
P^oufDe anr place to plant tg^ tentiet age 
3In lefiand tliss^ to temane and tepait* 

CCtufia i0 in toeltft ? qu^a f toeill fo^tunait ? 
Clufja ijj in pietie Difleuetlt fra tiebait ? 
Cluga leu{0 in tjope ? quija leuiis in efpetanre ? 
£luga fianbt^ in gtare? qu^a fianbid m fitme edait? 
Ctulja ijJ content, teioprlt air oi lait ? 
D? quDa ijs De tDat JFo^toun boijs auanre? 
IBot tgotD ttjat i]E$ teplentCr^it of plefance 
Cboto IjejJ romfo^t, all toeilfait brlicait, 
Cljou ^tss glaidnejj tDoln JejJ tlje bappie rbanre 
Cjoto JjejJ tb^ luill, tbouj be norbt bcfolatt. 

C3Inn:ej5 in mirtbfull ronfolatioun, 
3ln 31o^ouj5 ftpeit 3I»iagtnatioun, 
3bounb in lufe of petfite ^mourijJ 
Wit\^ Diligent ttetu beliberatioun* 
Eanber louingijj fot tb? ^aluatioun 
Cill Oenujs, and bnbet ^it gucrboun all bouti0 
IRefl at all eijj, but fait: o^ (itcfuU frbourijJ, 
^bibe in quiet, maifi ronllant toeilfait 
[IBt glatb and Iprbt noto in tlj^ luflp floutijJ] 
^nljuemmit toit beliuetit of all bangeit, 

CCbi0 la^ toais teb in oppin aubienee 
£Df tt^t ^ufii5, anb in Oenujs pjefenre, 
31 flanb content tbou att obedient 
Cluob Calliope xn^ eompanioun and defence, 
^enu0 (aid eib it toans fum tecompence 
Sol m^ ttefpass, 31 tDa]$ fa penitent* 


of Honour. ss 

9nd Xaitlj tDat luo^ti all fuDdauelte fcljo tamt, 
3[u ane Jnflant fcljo anti Ijit Coutt toaiS fience 
Xit fiiii aliaiCi tljxu a§u(i0 on tDe Iient, 

C3[ttcltnanti tljan, 31 faid Calliope 
^^ IPt^otectouv, m^ D^lp» anti m^ rupplfe, 
^5 fouetane JLaD^, m^ EeDempttoun, 
^^ 6^etitatout quljen 3[ lua^ tiampnit to die 
3f fall liefeik tlje godlte e^aieflte 
3lttfimte tljanktjs, laude and tiemfoun 
%oto till acquite, actoiding ^our Eenoun 
3it langiiEJ nocljt m^ polfibilitte 
Cill tecompence ttn patt of ti^isi guet:doutt» 

C<^loit% Dottout, laude and teuerence tonding 
jClulja ma^ fo^^eild ^otu of fa ^ie ane t^ing, 
3nd in tDat part ?oui; metn'e 31 3|ntploit 
^utimitting me m^ lifetime 3[nduting 
Zouv plefute and mandate till olie^fing 
Silence (faid fc So) 3I Ijaue aneutlj Deivfoit 
3[ tuill tBoto lajend and tjefie toondetisJ moir 
Cljan feljo me IjejS fietaurlit in feeiping 
£Df ane ftoeit 5l3^mpj[ie maili faitljfull and detoit* 

Zm Ijo^jJ 31 gat mail! titjjelie Iiefene 
Caia0 Ijatneift all tuitlj tuodbind leuiis gtene 
£Df tlje fame fute tlje tuappourjs lafcu doun Ijang 
£Dnit: Ijim 31 Gi^aid at command of tlje IXuene, 
Clio famin futtlj toe tiding all Iiedene 
aisJ ftuift ad tljoeljt tuitlj mon^ a metie fang 
a9^ Jl^implje altoaj)i0 eonuopit me of tliaang 
3mid tlje ^ufijj to fe quljat tlja^ toald mene 


34 The Palice 

CiuBtlfejS fang (j pla^tt, hot neurt a tuieilJ ^etti turang* 

CCtj^ota rountteijJ fefr, Ijoltfjs anti IRorSejJ 61e 
£Duiv tiatltjJ, planiss, tooDDio, tojallic, fep, 
flDutr flutiljJ fait, anD mon^ llrait a^ontane 
2iSe tuat rat^it in ttoinbling of ane (ZBje 
£Dut Ijo^fijs flatu, anD raid nof[)t a0 tljorDt me 
lI3otu out of JFtanrc turfit in Cufbanr, 
BdMi out of JFlantiersJ ijtUljt Dp in aimanie 
II3otu into €g;ppt, notu into 31talie, 
ll3otxj in tlje Eealnie of Ctace, u noto in ^panr, 

CClje Di^ ^ontanejJ tue paflit of ^nmmit 
flDuit £lpprnnj>nuj5 Deu^DanD 3Italir, 
flDuit E|>ne, tDe Ipotu, and Cibet fluDc0 fait, 
flDuiv aipDtu0, b^ lp|>esj tDe tirljr €ittit 
2Intirt tDe eivt^, tljat tntm0 in t^t fee, 
©uit Eone, ouit ^anc, ouit JFtare, (j eib ouit Hair 
3nD ouit CagujJ tljt golbin fanDit iRiuait, 
3[n CDclTalie tut palTit tDc a^ont 9ctl)e 
^nO IDrtcuIest in Sepulture fanti ttjatt* 

Cfjait toent toe ouit tlje iRiuet IptnepujJ 
3n ^ifill eife, toe paflftt tlje ^ont CinolusJ 
jpieneift toitlj ^aifiton, JDonte, anti mtij to^nr, 
Cjje ttoa toppit Jfamoujs IpetnafujS, 
31n Ctace toe toent, out ouit tlje a9ont (2Emu0, 
jCtuljait £Di*pljeu0 leitit iM IDatmonie maijst f^ne 
£Duit Catmeluj5 qu^ait ttoa IPtopljeti^ Deu|)ne 
Eemanit fDeliajJ and 5)elifeu0 
ifta quljome t^e oiDout of Catmelitejs eome fpne* 

^3[nt> nitt tinto tfie land of Hma^on 


of Honour. 35 

3In jjaift toe paft tlje JFlude CeumoD^oti 
anti ouii: tljt DuDge ijtll tDat IjtrDt 6@i)nai3. 
COe vatD tijt IM of 15acf ijujs CitDevon 
and SDlpmpuss tlje Q^ont of ^aceOon 
IXuDtIb ftmtjs DetcD up tn tljt Deutn to 3?a0 
Jn tljat roimtute toe vaiti tlje fluDe a^elajs 
jCtuDatiS toatet mabtjs quDite fcljeip blak anone, 
31n €utO]?e eik toe ratU tijt fluDe CljanasJ* 

C^Be taiD tlje ftoift Etuev ^pat:t{|iatiej5 
CDe flutie of %\xu^ Ztljicoionttsi 
Cfje ijili fa full of toelltjcs eleiptt gda 
^tmeme IjilltjJ, and flutie (ZBupD?ate0, 
Clje flutie of il^^le, tlje pjeciousx flutie (^angess 
C&e Ijill of ^tcill a^ btrnauD (Btljm 
0uti outi; tlje a^out of ipiingte Dmtiama 
!!)allotoxt tn Ijonout of tlje ^otljer goOtiejS 
CaulO Caucafuss toe pad tn ^^tljta* 

i[mt pajst tDe flutitjs of CtgdjS and Pflifon 
£Df Clj^ace tlje EtuerjJ IJeli^un and ^tu^mon, 
CBe Q^ont of ^odan and tlje flude Jo^dane, 
Clje facund toell and Ijtll of il)eltcon> 
Clje Q^ont (Bxix, tlje toell of ^cljevon 
TBaittj dedicate to 9Jenuj5 tn tevtane, 
Wt pajst tDe Ijill and defei:t of Htdane 
£Dutt a^ont Ctntlju0 quljati; god ^[ppollo fc^one 
^tcauijt to t^e 9@u(tjs Calballtne jFontane* 

C'Befide tljat Cnliall toell ftoeit and degeft 
C&ame to tepotjj, tljatr tjojsJ refrefcDe and ufiy 
aitcj^ttt doun tDtt ^ufi0 cUit of ^eto 

F. ij. 

36 The Palice 

CBe rompanie all fiaillelfe ItiH anti fieli 
Cljrang to tlje iuell to ounb quljtlb tan foutljtDrft 
Cfiaotu out ane meid quljatr albtu flourig greu? 
amang t^e laif ful fall 31 tiid petfetu 
Co ti?fnfe, Iiot fa tlje Quit ^im me oppteU, 
Cljat of tlje tojatet; 31 tnW^t not tail! a o^eto* 

£Dut iio^fiief pafiutxt in ant plefanti plane 
JLatu at tDe fute of ane fair grcnt a^ontane 
amiti ane Qgeid fcDaOtiotuit tuitlj CeDet tteiu, 
^aif fta all Ijeit, tDait micljt tue tueill remane* 
311 feinde of jjerbiief, floud^, frute and gtane 
SnttD eutvte grotuand tre tljatt men mtrljt rljeiicJ 
CDt lietiall flcenu'jj dnnand ouet llanevie gtetjEJ 
^afd fober no|)l35, tlje ^rljatu dlnnlt agane 
jFoi Ijttdijj fang and founding of tlje htiss* 

tICjje lad|>ii5 fait on diuetjJ 31nttrumentijs 
2jQ3ent pla|)and, fingand, danfand ouiv tijt htntisi 
iFull ^ngellibe, and ijeuinlie tuaiES ttjair foun, 
Cluljat rreatuve amid iji^ Ijatt 31nipKnti0 
CDe fuefcDe beujtxe, tlje gudelie vepjefentijj? 
Clje merie fpeirlje, fair IjauingiiS, Ijie Eenoun 
HDf tljame, toald fet a toife man Ijalf in ftuoun, 
Cljait* tuomanliness tuj^^itljit tlje (JBlementijJ 
^toncid tlje ijeuin, and all t^e eirtlj adoun« 

CClje luadd ma^ not eonfidder noj difctiue 
Clje Ijfuinlie Joj), tijt 6110 31 fatu lieliue 
^a 3inrffaljill alione m^) tuit fa ^ie, 
31 toill na mait tljairon mp foivj^eid tine 
'Bot ti^eiflie futtlj \n^ fedill piorejj d^ue^ 


of Honour. 37 

latu in tjje ^eib m\t IPal^eoun ptcljt 31 ft 
^ail! guDlicO, and xUljtit tljat mufit lie, 
q^i> (^ouernouv oftet tftau tnnejJ fiue 
^nto t^at D^lti to ^jaici tommautitt mt* 

tr^toa finallte (Ivaicljt to tfiat Ho^all flrfO 
3|u fcnotuCrDip iwxtD m^ leiDav 3[ |eiO, 
COe entmt fone, tl)e IPoitav tuass not tfi^a 
Cljatv iuaiES na ftopj^ing lang Oemautr no| plefU 
31 fencillit latu, anD unljeilDit \\w Ijeid, 
and tljo 31 fato ouv Lad^tss ttoa and ttua, 
^ittand on deifltjs, famtltatjs to and fra 
^etuand tljame fall toitD gjpocrajs and ^efd 
Delicait mdtlfif, daintet^ fnu alftua* 

i[(3ttit twajj tfje paeijs, tj[je JTeifl Eopall to fene 
at piss tlja^ ext, tuitlj 3lntevludtjs lietiwene* 
<^ane IP^obletumtiS fdr, and inon|) fait demandttf 
31nqn52aiid qnlja belJ in t^air tiniejs fjad htnt* 
Clntja tvaifl lonetjs in luftie f eiviss gvene, 
%»n faid tijiss tuap, and fnm tljaicto ganeflandi^, 
^^mx Calliope, £I)nide, to appeit conimandijJ 
^^ Cletb (quod fc^o) of Eegiflet liedene 
Deelaii* qulja toat maill too^tljie of tjait jjandiics* 

C^aiitfj Lato^ere aotonit at ijtt comandement 
2Ipflude tfttjs Poeit digeft and eloquent, 
and fcljeta tlje fati0 of !!)erfulej5 tijt fltang 
il)oiM Ije tfje uxi^it fiellijS Jjound^ out rent, 
^leio JL^ouniiEj, ^onfiutisJ, and nionp fell Serpent 
and to tlje deitl) feil mitfttie (5|)ati^ dang, 
©f CJjefeuS eife, tie itijm tlje toetnss lang, 

F. iij. 

38 The Palice 

3gane tlje £luene gjjolita tfje ftoeit 
3nti 6otu fie fleta tfie ^motaut in €ttit 

CS>f IPetfeufli Be tauld tfje fenicljtlte deiDijJ 
CVufiilfe I3inqulff!)it, ajs men in ©uiOe uxDtjJ 
Cruell t|?aanti0, and 6@onftutej5 nion^ one 
£Df Dianij$ IBalr in CalUDon t&e ti?eitiij$ 
i^oto tt)ptu ane LaDpijJ frljot fiijs f^Di0 bleibijs 
CDe ftaetfievijs deitlj, anb fine tlje fiflcrjs mone 
J))e fcljeU) l)Oto i^ing IP^iamujJ fone pfTar one 
OBftet: t)i0 deitt), boDie and all fiig toeitiiss, 
3|ntill ane ^feattjj ttanCfojmit tjajJ anone^ 

C^e fcfietu at Cro^ qufiat tuife tljt (^itiksi laD0 : 
IDoUj feirjJ arljillejs fltanglit layit^ Ijijj Ijanditf 
Clie uail^eat €}]^miss, Jl^eptumiis fone maiCt deit 
Clufiilk at &itiiis^ atviuaU on tlje fluandijJ 
3 tljonfand fleto tfiat da^ upon tlje fandiiS, 
JFaurfit toitlj 3rljill, and bluntit all DijJ fpeit* 
Jfl5a tuapin iwajs tljat niirfit l)im luound o? deit 
£nnl)ill arljillex; b?ifi of ijiiS lj)elme tlje bandit, 
3nd tuittpit Dim be fo^ce fo? all IjijJ feit. 

CK)e ffljetu fnll nioni? tianfntutationnid 
3nd tuondevfull netu figuvatiounijs 
T5e Ijund^etljiss mo tljan 31 fiaire Ijeit ejcp^emit, 
^e tauld of lufid meditatiounijs, 
Clje rraft of Infe, and tlje ^aluatiounisj 
©oto tDat tlje futie luflisx fuld be aemit 
S)f diuetss utljer materss al!3 Ije demit, 
3nd be ljij5 prudent fcDairp Eelatiounig 
!l)e toaiEJ expert of all tlHng ajs it femit. 


of Honour. 39 

COp^atjs tljt Qxtit Ott5tliu0 attone 
9[nti plai)it tlje fpo^ttd of DapDntiEJ $ Coi^tione, 
^tnc Ccvence route auD ^In^it tljt ComeD^ 
£Df Patmeno, Clj^afon and loife (Snatone 
3fuuenaH Itfee ane motuat Dini aUone 
^tutie fro^nanti tximt man asJ tljn^ ^etd 5^. 
a^avtiaU tuajs Cuik till toift, feit|^> favce anti ft^, 
3nti Poggtu0 fluDe tuttlj mon^ gitne and gtone 
£Dn Laurence Oalla fiJtttanti and a^and f^. 

^Wit}^ nxittW tfjujj, and mettiss deltcaft 
CDit Lad^ijs tti&it according tijm eflatt 
2I))tai0 at lali rommandand till trano^nt 
iHetreit tuasi lilalwin loude, and tDan (^od luait 
9^tn uttrljt l)aue fene ftoift Dotfijs l)aldin Dait, 
^rDpnand tot ftoeit ajES tljaj) Dad bene anoint 
SDf all tftat tout Vuass neuev a ^lik difio^nt 
iFot all our tat^, and 31 futtlj tuitlj m^ matt 
^ountit on l)o?0, raid fatotn in gude point 

C^uir mon^ gudelie plane toe raid l&edene 
Clje tjaill of ^efi^on, tlje Camp Damafcene, 
CfjroiM Jofapljat, and tDroto tlje lullie uaill, 
£Duir tuateri3 tpan, tDlotu too^tljie tuoddi^ grene, 
0nd ftoa at lafl in lifting tip our €ne 
tHLU fe tlje finall end of our trauaill 
3mid ane plane a plefand EorDe to toaill, 
3nd euerie toicDt fra toe tljat Myt 6ad fene 
CJanfeand greit <5od tljair DeidiiS lato deuailL 

COIitlj finging, laurljing, meriness and pla^ 
2Into tljijs HocDe toe r^den furtij tlje toa^, 


40 The Palice 

lf5otJ3 mait to tuaite tot Hit ttiinblfjJ ni^ pen, 
CD^ ijatt majP not tJjinfe no? manntjs toung fa^, 
C6e OBti; nofljt Dcti^» no? ^ft t&e (JB^e f^ ma^ 
31t ma^ not lie 3[niagtnlt UjitD men 
C6e {jeutnlte 6Hj5, t&e perfite 3lo?? to ken 
Clnfjilfe notJD J Tato, tjje [jnntijetlj patt all tiap 
31 micBt not fc&am tJocDt 3i fiaD toungijJ ten, 

CCDocfit all m^ membetiU tousfjj toat on tato 
31 tuar not abill t^e tljonfand faulD to frljato, 
^Xnljatcfoir 31 Hit otljt fattDet umt to tujite, 
JFoi qnljiDDet 31 ftijJ in faull o? tiodfe fato 
Cljat fcuait 31 nocDt, Iiot Be tljat all tiofjj ftnato 
Clje grelt (Sod twalt, in enerie tljlng petfite 
(Bik fiif 31 tpald, tDW auifioun JnDite 
3[anglatij5 fuld it ftafebite anb fland nane ato 
Ctp ont on Oaemijs quDilbJJ at not too^tlj ane mite. 

C^en tljijJ till me all uetitie be kenb 
31 tepute better t!)u0 to mak ane end, 
CBan orDt to faj) tljat fuld IjeitatiiS engreif. 
£Dn tit^et fide tljorl)t tljar me tjiltpend 
31 eonfiddet p^ident folk tuill rommend 
Cije ryttitit^ and fie 3langling repjeif 
Witb quljaijs roitertfoun, fuppo^t and teleif 
jFurtlj to p?oreid, tljijj p?ofej5 31 pjetend 
Ctaiftand in (Sod m}) puvpoijs to efcjjeif* 

C5)otDbeit H ma|> not enetie ritmmfianre 
meduce petfitelie in tememb^anre, 
9@|)ne Slgno^anc e '^it fum patt fall deuife 
Cuitc&ing tt^isi firfjt of Beninlie ftueit plefance, 


of Honour. 41 

j|5otD emptie pen tunte tiittlj tD|? luflte tljmtt 

^rljato toondevtjj feill, fuppoijs tDoUj fie not taife 

15e tiUigent, anD dpelte t^e auife, 

'Be quick and fe&atvp noxOtt of uanance 

IBe ftueit, and eausJ not gentiU Davtt0 gtife, 


ZE ^nfijj nine lie in m^ atiiuto^ie, 
Cljat maid me fe tiji^ blijs anti petfite gloaie 
Ceirlje me ^our fanmD casJtiss OBloquent, 
Len me a recent feljaitp fuefclje memo^ie 
3nti rau0 me Oetolie till Jntiite tW ftojie 
^um gtattouis ftueitness in mj) li^eifi 31mp?ent 
Cill mak tlje Ijeitavis liotufum and attent 
IReiDanti mp tu^it, 31lluminate tuit^ ^om loit 
3lnfinite tljanfeiss vanOeranti ?ot» tljaitfoir* 

CJl3otu liaeiflie to m^ put:poi0 fo^ till gone 
about tlje Ijill la^ tua^isJ mon^ one 
and to tlje Ijifjit bot ane paflage 3lngtaue, 
iDetuin in tlje iRorlje of Aid Ijatd si^arbell Gone 
agane tlje ^one lifee to tlie glaj5 it fcDone, 
C^e afeence toass Ijie, and fltait tot till eonfaue 
%it t^an tijit ^ufi0 gudelie and fuaue 
aiirljtit doun, and elam tlje iRorl^e in Ijie 
Ci^itli all tljt rout, outtane m^ JI3impDe and 31* 

C^till at tlje IjillisJ fute toe ttoa abaid 
Cljan fuddanelie m^ feeipar to me faid 
afcend 0alland, tDan fo? feir 31 quoife, 
IBt not affraj)it, fcDo faid be not difmaid, 
and toitlj tljat too^d tip tlje firait tod abjaid 


42 The Palice 

3( foHotoft fal!, ffjjo tie tl}t fjanb mr tulb, 
%tt tiurfl 31 ntntt (oi tttit^ bebinD me luik 
^itg mebiK pane tDujs clam 31 nett t^e Ijicgt 
€lugait fuddanelte 31 fatu ane etidit Uc^t 

CHsiS tpe app^orgit tteit ttje fjiKijs fjetti 
0ne terttbm fetucD btrnanti in flammtiE^ teiti 
Sbfiomtnalim, and tjotu a0 t^ell to Ce 
ail full of TB^intflane, Pick anb bulling ileib, 
£Xu^ait monp toictr Ijit rveature la^ t^titi, 
0nb mifetabill catiued ^elland loube on j^te 
31 fata, quDilk ben micDt lueill compatnt be 
Cill JTant^ujJ tbe Mht of Cvop fa ffl)tll 
'Btrnanb at 23enuj5 Ijefi rontrait 3cljill. 

C3mtb our paflage la^ tljfsJ bglte firbt 
Jl^orljt b?aib bot fa l)o?^ibtll to euede tuirljt 
Cbat all tbe tuatlb to pajs tt fulb ijmt DjciD* 
^etll 31 ronfibberit na bpperniait 31 micDt, 
^nb to bifrenb fa tjtbbeouis tuad tlje bubt 
31 buvft not auentute fo? tljijs ettb on bjtib 
Ctimblanb 31 ftube ia teitlj rljattttanb gube fpeib 
^^ B^mpbe bebelb m^ (bett anb faib let be 
Cbob) fall noebt aill, anb lo tbe caujs (quob frbe.) 

CCo me tbotu att eommtt, 31 Call t^t beip, 
Cbit pteteou0 pepill amib tt^in lattbUe beip 
Wu tu?etrbt0 qubilfeJJ in luflie '^titif^ fait 
IPcetenbit tbame till Ijit bonour to rteip. 
'Bot fubbanelie tba^ fell on fleutbfull Qtip 
JFollotoanb plefanre, biotonft in tbij$ Horb of cait 
anb \s)itt^ tbat too^b fcbo bint me be tbe bait* 


of Honour. 43 

Catpit «ie till tljt ijilUsi jjciD anonr 

f[Zii toe lietie on tge f)te t)iU fituait, 
!Luib tioun (quob fcDo) ronfaue tn quftat rllait 
Cti^ lDaet({)tt tuai;lD tbotu ma^ coniiiDOer nolu 
at hit ronimanti tPttD ntektll Daetd ($oD tuait 
£Dut outt tDe ijili fa yttiDeonjs tjtr and tttnit 
3[ filrnt aDoun, anti felt m^ fioDte gtota 
Ctjt<5 tiwMli titt) fa litill till alloto 
Q^e tljotljt 31 fato bitne in ane t^iit tage 
£Df Hoamie fe^ qul)ilk mic^t na maner (hiasr* 

CCtjat tettiliill tempel! liititirouiES ti^alli^ guge 
a^at maift gdflie foj to IieljalO o? 3lwtige 
jCtuljair noutljei: i:eft noj quiet niieDt appeir 
Cliair tuaiES ane pevtellou^ place folk fo^ to lubgr 
CDait tua0 na gelp, fuppo^t noi |it tefuge 
31nnumetabill folk 3! fatu flotteranti in feit 
£luDilfe peteift on tlje toaltetand toallisj tueit 
3nt» fecundlie 31 fato ane lufiie TBarge 
jDuitfet tuitb fe^i^ and mon^ fio^mie rljatge* 

iIClji0 giibelie Cattuell taifelit ttaifi on tat» 
With blanfcljite faill milfe quljite ajj on^ fnato, 
IRirtjt fouet ticDt anti ioonber fltanglie lieilOit 
Wnsi on tlje fiaitOin tpalliiei quite ouittDiata 
Conttatiouflie tlje bulieoujs toind tiiD Iilato 
3In tnhW t&ife, tf)at na fcljipisJ fail mieDt taeilU it 
II3otu fanb fc^o lato, noto Ijie to Ij^uin upfieildit, 
3t euede patt ftoa fe^ and tointJiss ti^aif 
Clugill on ane fanti t^e fc^ip tiiO hiifi and elaif* 

G. ij. 

^^ The Palice 

C31t toajs ane pteteoiiis tJjmg, alaik, alaife, 
Co 'btix tljt dulefull rtp qnljtn t^at frljo flcaib 
a^ati! lamentabm tljt petdQ folk to it 
%!n fameift, D^otofeit, matt, fo?tu?ofl)t anb toaife, 
^um on ane plank of JFtt tte, anD fum of aik, 
^um tjang upon a Caktll, Cum on ane tte, 
^um fta tljait grip fone toefcljin UjUI) tlje fee 
Part D^oVunit, part to tlje iRorlje flcit o? ftuam 
£Dn ratptjj at burtitjx finr up tlje l)Ul tDa^ dam, 

CC^o at mp Jl5implje b?elflie 3 Oid Jnqutre 
Clujjat (igntf|)it tljat feirfull toondrrjJ frir 
%one multituDe (faxD frljo) of pcpill djouintt 
ar fait^lfis folk, quljilks; Quljill tlja^ ar Ijtir 
^iffenatotiiJ (5oti, and follototiJ tljair plefrir, 
£lul)airfotr tlja^ fall in cndltis fire ht b?tnt, 
Xone luflte frljip tDoto feiiS pereifi and tint 
3ln quBome ?one peptll maid ane perrtllou0 race 
%tl30 Ijttljt tijt Cartoell of tlje Gate of grace. 

t[Xt bene all bo^ne tlje fonnij5 of 3fre J g^JJ 
^ine tljioMi 'Baptifnie gettiicJ grare and faitljfulnejJ. 
Cjian in ^one Cartoell furelie ?e remane, 
flDft (!o?mefteti toitlj tljijs luarltiijJ finihilnejj 
£Xnljill tljat ?e fall in fin and Ujjetrljitnejj 
CDan fcljip b^okin fall ?e O^otun in enDle^ pane 
^rcept be faitg ^e find tlje plank agane 
lot Cljnft. tuirking gude toarkijj 31 tJnderfland 
IRemane tljairtuitl), tljir fall foui b?ing to land. 

CCfiiiEJ ma|> fuffire (faid frfjo) tuitcljad tljixJ part 
Eeturne tfi^ fjeid deljald tW titljer art 


of Honour. 45 

ConfiOtirt; U3onder0, anti ht utgxlant 
^^at tljotu iita^) better enti|>teii eftectpart 
CDinffJES quytlkig 3| faU tljt frtjato o? Uie depart, 
Cfiotu fall Ijaue foutD of fentence and not fcant* 
Cljatr tjs na toeltlj no? toeilfair tDotu fall iuant 
Clje greit Paltce of Ijonour tljoln fall fe 
Lift up tij^ Ijetd, beDald tljat ficDt (quoCi fclje) 

C^t Dtt; eommanti 31 i^atfit fjte on {jtcfit 
£0^ uifage till beljalti tljat Ijeutnlte firfit, 
15ot to titfcriue tDtjs mater in effek 
Jmpoflibill toar till on|) eirOlie loicljt 
3[t tranfcentiiicJ far abone m^ niic&t 
Cljat 31 ^itD 3lnfe nia^ do bot paper blefe 
31 nion d^ato fnrtD tlje ^ofe l^ijs on m^ nefe 
30 of tljt place to fa|) mp leude auife 
Pleneift tPitD plefance like to IParadtce, 

C3( fato ane plane of peirled pnleljntude 
£Xnl)airin aboundit alltin tljingi^ gude, 
^pice, iuine, eojne, o^le, tre, frnte, flour, Ijerbii^ grene 
911 foullifit, beiftijs, btrdtjJ, $ alkin fude, 
911 maner fifcljejs baitlj of fe^ and flude* 
32lar keipit in pondijs of poleil! filuer fcBene 
^itlj purifpit twater ajs of tlje CriQall rlene 
Co no^ tlje fmall, tj^e greit beiflxi^ Ijad na tptll, 
Boi HauenousJ foulijs tlje l^till 2IolatilL • 

C^till in tlje feflbun all t|ftfngj5 remanit tljair 
Perpetuallie but outfier no^ o? fair, 
9p r^pit toar baitlj IjerbtjS, frute and flourish 
£Df euerie tljing tlje naniejs to declair 

G. iij. 

46 The Palice 

(Unto tit^ frbtU tuit DttpoflibtH ti^att 

amid tjje ^eid teplctt tuitlj ftoeit odoutijS 

a IPaUcr flude tuttl) monj IRo^aU Cotu^itf 

jClu&ait b^rneUiKS qurnt fell tutcettttt men mtcgt find 

^nd soldin C()am0 tuatfand & t^t toind. 

CllP'innabilltiS, jr|)rUi0, Cutnpelikt^ monp one 
6ilt bttnetfi totiisi, quljilb Itbe to It^Debuiis fcBone 
^batfment, Eepjjife, Cowbell and T5attcUtngijJ, 
JFuI^et^ do^donnjJ of mon|> pjerioujj Clone. 
^ndttle muldjte u^^orDt mon^) da^) agone 
SDn TButtetetjJ, 31alnie i^illatid u plefand fp^ingiiJ 
£Xuieb 3l'naeftie, tuitlj monp luflte fingijj 
CDait mitljt be fene, and monp tuo^tlju tutcgtid 
IBefoit ttie |et attai)it all at tUljtia, 

CJTnvtD paO m^ Jl^fnipDe* 31 foIIotDft fubfrqnet 
^ttairljt tljjouj tDe plane to tDe fitfl lualvd toe luent 
£Df t^e IPalire, and entetit at tlje po?t 
Cijaic faU) toe mon^ liattlte tojnament 
Hannjs b^ohin, bnirtjttsj laid on ttje bent, 
Plefand paQance, and mon|) luQie fpo^t, 
Cljatt fato toe al]$, and fumtime batteK mo^t 
au t^it (quod fcDo) on Oenuics feruire rynikisi 
3|n detdtjs of atmt$$ fo^ ttiair Lad^ij^ faibt^. 

C^ef^and 31 l^nde, tge p^tndpaK place but pelt 
Cljat Deulnlte IPaltre all of Crtflall rletr, 
lUHttit'^t ajs me tljorljt of poletll bedall 0one 
'IBofiltall, not £Dltab but toett, 
£lul)ilfe Sancta Sanctorum matd maili dr^e $ delt 

Sf^oi ge tljat to^ocDt tge Cempill of Salomon 

of Honour. 47 

Jl5o^ fjf tiint brtlDit t[je Eo^^all gU'on 

Culd not prcfo^me fa ttntttUt ane cute* 

C^tuOtanD D^tton m^ ifStntpQe iinto me fpak 
CDu0 in a fiaiv quD^ fiauDl^ ttjotu 0uptfak 
i^ouanti all tia^, and natDtng ^tfi Defitr* 
CDoto ait pjoltrt, tn I)atl! vetutne tij^ 6ab, 
(5a eftcv me and guDe attendance tab* 
CluDat noto tljotu fetj5, luik eftettoatt tfiotn twiite 
Cbotu fall htljm all Oenujs liltj^ perftte. 
CDatt luitl) ff Ijo till ane gautlj Did me tonuo^ 
ClttSait tDat 3i fato aneueD of j^eufite 3lo^« 

C^miti ane C6?one toitjj fiantjs riflie outrfret, 
3nti rlaitft of gold Lad^ 8Ienuj$ tuais fet 
15^ Ijit, Ijit %)ont Cupide quljilb natljing feij5> 
CtuSaii; a^atics entetit na fenatuledge micljt 3f U^t 
TSot (Itaiclit Iiefotc Oenu0 tiifage liut let 
%tude emetaut flagess ttuelf, grene pieriou«3 gteijj 
£Xu5airon tljnit gteto tljit euvionjJ goldin tttiiS 
^p Qandand tueill tlje (Goddess face liefoane 
3ne fair 9^iumt tt t^ame quentlie upborne* 

CCluDairof it mabit taasJ 31 Baue na feill 
Df lieriall Cdliall glajQf o? birneift fteill, 
£Df HDiamant, oi of tlje Catftnnbill (5em, 
£Xuljat tiding it toajJ, define ma^ 31 not toeilf, 
'Bot all tlje fio^dout circulaiv euetie deill 
COajs plait of gold, caixJ, ftob and r^ttn Sent, 
3j(Elitl) netteoujs ftanisJ picljt tljat 6lude tuald Hem 
jFo? qulia t^at tooundit iwajj in tfie Co^nament, 

G. iiij. 

48 The Palice 

CCfitg recall iReliffe fa ticDe anti taDiouO 
^a jjolcifl, plefanD, punfpit anD p^rdou0 
Cluljatjs bountcijs l)alf to tujtte 3 not pufumr, 
CSjaivon to fe toajES fa t>elUiouj5, 
3nti fa rrcellanO ffljaDDotutjs gtadou0 
Surmounting far in b^irljtncjs to nip Dome 
Cfie foifllic fuljtell fjjertakiU of IRonu 
©2 "^it tlM a^iuoui; fend to Canace, 
duijaicin men micDt monp toonDerjs fe, 

CJn tjjat mirtour 31 micftt fe at ane firyt 
Cije tieitiiiES and fati$$ of euetie eittilie Mt^t 
311 tljingisJ gone like a0 tDap toat p?efent 
311 tljt rteatiounij3 of tlje 3ngellijJ b^irtjt 
©f Lucifet tlje fall fo? all ijisi mitijt. 
30am fit(! maid, and in ttje eitt^ |>fent 
3nd J13opej5 flude tDait fato 31 fubfequent 
'BabjPlon bcild tljat Coto^e of fie Eenoun 
©f %odomej3 tijt feill fubuevfioun, 

^3bvaDam, 31faaf, Jacob, Jofeplj 31 Tato 
!l)oanit Q^opfcjs tuitlj Ijijs auld fpcbjeto Lata 
^tn Plaigejs in (2Bg|?pt fend fo? tljair trefpajj, 
3[n tjie teid fep toitlj all W Court on rata 
IKing pijarao djotonit, ^ (^od tuald neuer fenato 
31 fatu qnljat toife t^e fep dcu|)dit tuasJ 
3nd all tlje !!)cbjctuij3 d^p fute ouir it pajJ 
Sine in defert 31 fatu tljame fourtie ?eiriss 
©f 3|ofue 31 fatp tljt uioitjjie ttieirijj* 

of Honour. 49 

C2)f 3luDtrum tjie fiatteUijj fltang anone 
31 fatu of 31ep[jte, anti of (5edeoue> 
€)f 3malcr[) tlje ctuell Jj)omicitie, 
C^e tooDcufuH ujo^kijs of^DoucDtie Duke ^amfone 
CluDilk lleto a tDoufanti & ane aflejj boite^ 
Bent Cempilltjs tioun, anti '^tttif^ in W Plttie 
£Df quljatjj flventlj mectuellisj njtjs tuavlD fa toiDe 
31 falij Dufee ^angoi tljm tuitlj mon^ a fenok 
^tx DuntJietfi men (leiu tottfj ane lPleucDx0 fofe» 

CCfje piopljet Samuel fato 31 tn tfiat glaief 
ano^ntit Exng ^aul, quljaiid fone 3lonatljajS 
31 fato ntnmiEJ ane quit £Difi fjtm allane : 
Xonng IDautD fla tlje gdflie ^ol^ais 
£Xutjaii5 fpeiv l)eiti tuecljt tD?e IjuDaetfj tmcesf toasJ 
3[efIietionab tlje (^^ant niefetll of mane 
La^ lie tlje Ijantiijj of mwjtte Dautti flane 
COttj^ fingetjJ fer on atljeu IjanD 6ut toem 
2Dautti 3i fatu fla Iiaxtlj JL^oun and 15ext;* 

CCljtsJ Daulti etfe at ane onfet a fiounti 
3«cljt Ijunti^etlj men 3( fato ijtni fijtng to gtounti 
ajOttlj Dtm 31 fato 'Banai^a^ tljt flvang 
£\nljtlfe ttoa iL^ounijJ of a^oaft Did ronfounD, 
0nti gaue tlje flaltoavt (2Btljiop Mhisi toounti 
2j©ttlj Ijtis atotn fpett tljat of ljtj5 Ijanti Ije tljiang 
Jlnabafitlte t|)i0 Camptoun fato 31 gang 
3ln a tietp dflerne, and tljatt a Lpoun fleueS 
£Xu&ilk in ane flo^me of fnato titti Ijarme aneutS* 

CS)f Salomon tfte toifbome and eftait, 
C6att fato 3I» and ijfss nrlje Cempill (^od toaft 


50 The PaUce 

^f]$ fone Eofioam quj^tlk tlj^otp gl0 gelid p^itie 

Cint all lji0 liegtjEj yarrtjj be gijs fatt, 

i^e tDa0 to tDauie fa outrageoujs 31ngratt, 

€)f ttpelf Ctibejs ten Did fra litiu deuiDe. 

31 fato tl?e angell fla be nirljtxjj tide 

jFout (cotr tl)0ufandii3 of ^ennarljcnbjJ £Dift 

Clubilii tome to tuetv on 3ioU3|te tultD guit boiO* 

C3I fato tlie life of tlje I^ing €Kfljp 
P^olongtt ru. ?eit and tl)e IPiopljct f^elp 
3mid a f^ne Cljaii; to IPataDice toent, 
Clje fioapi0 of (ZBfcajj and of Beemp, 
3nd Dantell in tlje LpountsJ Caue fato 31 
JTo? Ije tljt D^agoun fleto, T5el b^afe and fcjftent 
Clie CDild^en ty^e amid tDe JFo^nare fent, 
31 fato tlje ttanfmigratioun in IBab^lon 
^nd baitg tlje buiki$$ of Patalipomenom 

C3I Tato tDe fialie atrgangell Eapyaell, 
^atie %ata, tt)e douebter of Eaguell 
£Dn CljobiaxJ fo? IjijJ 31ufl JFatljerjJ faife, 
and bind tljt ctuell Deuill tljat toajs fa fell 
jCluljilb flcto ijit feuin fitfl yufbandjj axJ tga^ tell 
9nd Ijoto 3Iubitlj IDolipljetnejs Deid of fltaib, 
'Be nifDtilS tpde, and fred l)it toun fta to^aife, 
3ionaj3 in tlje ClnljaillijJ toombe da^isj t6?e 
and ffljot futtlj fine 31 fa^j at Jl3iniue. 

CSDf 31ob 31 fato tijt patience maiC degeli 
£Df aierandet 31 fato tlje greit ronquefi, 
jCtuljilk in ttoelf ^etdd toan neit tljiis toatld on bteid 
and of antljiocujJ tlje gteit tjntejJt, 


of Honour. 51 

IDotu t^imlit Ijt 3[otD2te all op)?aeft, 
©f Q^ar^afieug full mon^ ane l&ntrfitlf e ddb 
Cljat gart all ^tttt anti (ZBgppt flanti fn ti^eiti 
31n qutet biott^t Dtjj Eealme tfiioui j^tss p^otoejj 
31 fato !jt0 li^et&ev ^pmon and JonatliasJ* 

CCluljtlfess toat matfl tuo^tljte quljtl tljait tia|)ijj rang 
HDf Cljelie0 eib 31 fa^ tlje iuetnsJ lang, 

i^otw finallte of (^itct tt^t Canipioumjs fltang 
311 Batll tDe flout of i^mcljtljeiti in tljat tli^ang 
DelJro^tt tua0, qu^ill Cl)efeu0 toitlj ^tj3 micStljJ 
C^e toun anO Creon luan foj all Ijijj flufitfsJ* 
Cljafr fato 31 Soto, ass ^tattujs tioi0 tell 
^mpfifoiajt: tfie IBtfcljop fanb to ^tlL 

CClje fattljful ilati^t^ of <3ttct 31 nifcfit rofititiet 
3ln tlattlitjj blab all batvfute pas3 togibder, 
Ctll Cljefiejs fege fta tljatt iLo^Dtjs twar flane* 
15eljalti ?e men tljat ealltsi LaD^tjs lldDec 
and Iteljt of latttss, quljat fetndnejj bioc&t tj^e Jidtier 
Ctuljat tteutlj d lufe Did in j»ait li^eifljs temane 
31 traifl ^e fall reiD in na tu^it agane 
3ln ane Eealme fa monp of fie eonflanee 
Petfaue t^mh^ tuemen av till auanee* 

f[£Df Dufee IPitttljoujJ tBe fponfage in ^ titie 
Cluljaii; tj^e CentautijJ teft atoa^ t^e 6?itie 
CSair fatu 3|, and tljair battell fiutige to fe, 
anb IDevtuleiE! qutiat0 Eenoun toalki0 toitie 
jFot 31]ciona laio b^ Cro^ijS fide, 
jFaueljt and ouiteome a a^onfiout in tje fep 

H. ij. 

52 The Palice 

jFot qu^ilfe (qutjen Ijtis tetoattti den^tt tuajj) Ije 

a^aiti tlje firft feige and ttje tieflnirtioun 

£Df mirljtxe Cuo^, qulji>lum t[)at iRo^all toun* 

CCo turn tlje fleijj of gold tljo fatw 3[ fnit 
£Df (^verr tlje Jl^obillijJ, tuitlj 3i<\(on ronfrqumt, 
i^aiH tDatt ronqudlJ, and a[l a^eDrajJ flirljtisJ 
^oUj fo? 3lafcin gpfipljile tuajs frljmt, 
anb Ijotu at Cro^ a0 tDa^ to CoIdjoS toent 
^^eibtjj tDoUt of HMnq LaomcDon gtcit tmrffljtijJ 
jCtutjairfoif Ctop DtfttojJlt luais be tljait micDtijJ 
3[riona veuif!, and HaoincDon flaue 
IBot PdamuiS xtQoiit ttje touu agane* 

CCBe Judgement of ParfjJ fato 31 fine 
CDat gaue tijt ^piU aj(J IS^octtjEJ ran define 
Cill Oenuj5, ajs goddesJ maift gudlie, 
3nd DotiJ tn (^rrre l)e reuifrljit Cluene l])flene 
jduljatufoiv tlje (^jetkijs tuitlj tljait gvcit jBauie 
JFnll monp tDoufand lt\ntfl)tij5 Dalflelie 
Cfjame till veuenge faillit touiart Croj) in D^ 
31 faiu Ijouj be Wixtsi tuitD gteit 31oi> 
Cluliat luife aeljill tuajj found u bjorbt to Cto|>» 

CCDe eruell battellf jJ and tlje dtntijs fltang 
CDe giett debatt, and tik tlje toeitt^ lang 
3t Cvo^tjJ feige, tlje a^ittout to lue fcDeto 
^uflenit ten '^mi^ (^^eibijs CroianisJ amang. 
3nd at^et pattie fet full oft in tD^ang, 
jCluljait t^at JDertot did dourDtie deidtis anetu 
CluDill feirce arljil baitlj Dim and Ctoj>luj3 fleto 
CJe gteit 6oi0 maid 31 Tato, and Cto^ fine tinU 


of Honour. 53 

and fair ^Itott all in flain&iis \xi\nU 

C^tne out of Crojt) 3( fatu tlje JFugittuejJ, 
i!)0Uj tljat €neaiS, ajs Oitgill iweill Oifci;iuej5 
3fn rountcetss feir toais be tlje fe^ijs tage 
'IBetuauit oft, anti Ijota t^at De auctuexJ 
C^itl) all Ijijs JFlote, but danger of tljair liue0, 
3nti fjoto tljap tojar reflet fiaitl) man anO page 
'Be Ctuene Ditio, remananD tn Cartljage, 
anti fjotu (Z^nea0 fine, a0 tliat tlja^ tell 
2jd3ent fo^ to feife \yi^ iFatljer Ooun in \yt\\, 

f ©uir %tix tbe JFlutie 31 fato Cneajs fair 
jCluDair Cljaron tuajs t^e buOeoujJ JFeuriar, 
CDe JFluDess four of Ijell tljair micljt 31 ^t 
Clje folfe i\\ pane, tlje tuajJiiss drculair 
CDe toelteranD Gone toirfe ^ifipljo mic^t tair 
0nti all tlje plefance of t\}t Camp Clife 
£Xuljair aulti anc&ifeg Diti eommoun looit^ Cnee, 
3nti ffDetp be line all tjijs fucceflioun 
^\M 3llk CneasJ maifi famoujs of Eenoun* 

€31 fata to (^obbesJ mak tDe Sacrifice 
jduDairof tlje o^tiour and maner to Deuife 
8j(CIar our p?olirt, anti fjotw Cneajs fj)ne 
22Jent to tDe fcljip, and eib 31 favo quljat toife 
311 ijiss jf^auie greit Ijounger bid fuppjife* 
©oto De in 3Italie finallie toitlj greit p^ne 
^rr^uit at tXyt flrandijJ of ILau^ne, 
and Ijotu Ije faucDt toeill baitlj on landijef (j fe^ijs 
and Curnujs fletu tj^e i^ing of Eutilei0* 

H. iij. 

54 The Palice 

ClRome fato 31 "btimt fittt be EomulujJ, 
3nti tik Ijoto lang ajj to^ttejj LiuiujJ 
CDe Eomane l^tngtjj abone tl)c jicpill tang 
^nd {jotu tj^e tDirbtt p^oud CatquiniujS 
mitt^ toife and batnijj be TBjutujJ 31untujj, 
^ut erjJltt Eome fo? tDait Jnfuffcrabill tojang, 
TBot all tl)e p^ocejs fo? to fcDato mac lang 
Dotu cljatQ Cuctere tht gubltel! and bed 
iBe %)ertujJ Carquine toaiJ cruellie opp^efi* 

CCtje Punib battelU^ in t^at a^ltrout eleit 
IBettoene Cartfjage and Eomanti5 mon^ ?eft, 
31 fato becaujJ (ZBnraiU picteouis 
iFled fra Dido be admonittounfjJ feit 
IBettuene t^it peptll tatjj ane langfum toeit* 
31 fato Doto tDO^tDte Q^nuuiS lllegulu0 
a^atfi tjail^eand, prudent, and uirtojfoujJ, 
IDotobett Ijt mtrDt at libertie gone fte 
Sol rommoun p^ofite eljeitit (oi to die« 

CCulluS ^ernfltujJ doncljtte in W date, 
3nd Q^avcujs CuvtiujJ exk in tlje ^iurout 31 fato 
£Xul)ilk tD^oU) |)i0 fioutneg in ttje f^ate gap 
Sot rommoun p^ofite of Eome ^im felf did tti^ato 
iRirljt tjnabaifitlie Ijauand na d^eid not ato 
^ountit on tjovsj, dnatmit t^aivin lap* 
3nd !J)anniball 31 fato be fatall Ijap 
^in conttait Eomanid mon^ fait tiirto^ie 
IXugill ^eipio eclipCit all yij$ glo^ie. 

f Clitjs too^tlji ^cipio eleipit ap6?icane 
31 fatD ninrujij tj^iss |i)anniball in plane, 


of Honour. 55 

Znti CattDage filing unto finall mint. 

3nti fine to Eome roquetit tl)e Eealme of ^pane 

l^oto i^tng Juguutlja ijts^ IM "bittljtt flane* 

Cfjait fato 31 fil^i an^ ^f Ws* tuext tlje fine 

mcljt toeill 31 fauj tlje liattelliiS 3lntefitne 

£Df Cattlina, anD of lentulus5 

3nti fietlwene IPompe^, anD Ccfar 3|ulxuj5» 

C3nD b^eiflte tnttit famoujj douc&tie tidD, 
Cljat men tn floate ma^ fe o? Cj^aontfeill mti 
31 micljt beDalD in tljat ^ittont* ejrpvejj 
Cfie mtfette, tlje ci^ueltte, ttje D^eiO, 
IPane, fo^roto, tuo, ftaitj^ to^etcljttnejs and nefti 
Cjje gteit 31n«^i eouetoujs tiotubilneis* 
CuttrDand toatlDlie unfattDfull lj^ukilne0« 
31 fato tfje iFetnd fatt folltx0 to uxcejj t^it 
3nti all tlje turning of t^e ^nttct^iitt* 

ClPlefanti tiebaitmenti^ qulja fa ticj^t tepoatisJ 
CBaif micljt lie fene, and all manec difpo^tisJ, 
Clje JFalfounxjs tot t^t Eiuer at tljair ^ait 

3l5etoand t^e foullilS in periculo mortis, 
Ha^and tljame in ht eom^ianeiss and fo^tis^, 
^nd at tljt plunge part fatu 31 ^andillit j^ait 
Clje toerie punter liefie ait and lait 
Qj^itlj quefiing il)oundij3 feircljxng to and fra 
Co Junt tlie ff>uU tfie IBm, t^e Da, t^e Ea. 

C3I fato Eaf Coil^ear toitD W tlj^atoin fi^otw 
€mhit 3[oljne tlje iReif, $ auld Cotofeetu^iiS fbtw 
and l^otn tt^t SB^an rome out of ailfla^, 
and Wtit$ pletoma t^at xnaid Wj5 twoibmen fotu 

; ; H. iiij. 

56 The Palice 

<^ttit (^otomabmorne $ JF^n ^aferoull, ^ Doto 
C6a^ fulti be (SODD10 in 3ltelanD a0 t[)ap fa^ 
Cliaic fain 31 ^aitlanD upon aulD beitd gtap, 
Eobene ^uDe, anD (Gilbert tuitl) tDe quDite IjanD 
JI)oto $)a^ of JI3aiict)toun flm tn ^aDin lanD* 

CCDe il^igtomanfie tbalt fato 31 tik anone 
£Df 'Ben^tasJ, 15ongo, and JFteir Tdaronr, 
t[i[iiU} mon^ fubttll point of 3!uglatp 
fl)f JFlanDctJS peljJ niatb nionp p^cdoujj flone* 
3ne greit laid faDiU of a M^inq bone, 
£Df ane if^utemug tlja^ niaiD a ^onfe tn tjp 
3ne Patoflie Mtk of ane pennp p|)» 
anb T5eni>taj3 of ane a^nlDtU niaib ane 3fp 
^ttl) mon^ Dtyer fubttll motu and 31a^P* 

C^inb ffboUKe to berlaft tlje bedtfe 
311 plefanb paftanre, and gammtss tbat mirjjt be 
3ln tljat e^iivouv Ujau pjefent to ni^ firljt, 
Snd a0 31 tpondetit on ttjat gvett fatlie 
OenujJ at laft in turning of Ijit; <B^t 
f^nm toeill mp fare, and faid be (^oddfjj mirfjt 
Xe bene ujclruni m^ p^efonac to tljisi DulJt, 
IDotu paflit tDoto (quod fc^o) tljtst t)tddeou]E$ defp ? 
a^adame (quod 31) 31 not matt tljan ane fcfjetp* 

Cll^a foace ttiattof (faid frjo) fen tjjoto att Sett 
5)otu plefiis tbe out paflanre and effeit ? 
(^laidlie (quod frbo) 6?9adame be (^od of fjeuin* 
iRemembetisJ ttjoto (faid frljo) tuitDouttin bjeit 
£Dn tl)^ p^omit, quljen of tbj? gteit dangeit 
3! tlje deliuetit ? aj5 notu t<3 not to neuin, 


of Honour. 57 

CDan anftuettt 31 auatie toltS foliet fieuin, 
Q^adame ^out j^iecept qutjat fa fie ?out: toill 
I6)eft 31 temaue all veOdp to fulfill* 

C^eill, todll, (faiti fcBo) tli^ toill iti fuffi'cent 
£Df t|^^ Iiotufum anfturt 31 ftanD rontent, 
Cl)an futidanelte in IjanCi ane hnik fcljo Ijint 
C6r quijilk to mr fietautfit fcljo o? 31 tornt* 
Commantianti me to ht otiedtent, 
and 3^ut fn K^me tljat jiiorejs tljan qutte tint 
31 pjomifit Div fo^fuitlj ci fcljo toald flint 
Cfie Ijuife teflauanD, tljaiton m^ tuu to pjeif 
3lnclinanti fine, latolie 31 tuife m^ lelf* 

CCuitrlianti tgiii^ fiuik pet:auentute ^e fall btit 
%imn time eftet:> quljen 31 l»aue mait lafeit, 
e^^ Bimplje in liaifl fclio liint me be tlje Ijanti 
3nti ajs toe fam^n Uialkit futtlj in ftit 
31 t&e tieelaii; (quoti fcBo) ?one ^ii:tout eleii: 
Clje quljilk tj^otu fato fiefoir Dame 3Ienujj flanb 
%>igntf^i!E$ na tjing elli0 to tmdetflanti 
'Bot tlje Qttit betntie of tljit Lati^ijs fadss 
£lugaitin louev0 t^inH tga^ bel^alti all gpcnm, 

C^cfio me conuo^it finallie to tell 
^it^ Quit plefance ftuaic^t to tj^e tielje Caftell, 
jCtu^ait mon|) fato 31 P?Hi5 to get 31ngte3(S* 
Cljait fato 31 ^inon and ac^itopj^ell 
PjetOanti to rlim tDe toallijJ, and j^oto tBa^ felL 
JLuciujJ Catiline fata 31 tj^ait erpiejs 
31n at ane tointio pa^ijs till Ijaue enttejj, 
IBot futiOanelie Culliu$$ come toit^ ane finiJi 

58 The PaHce 

and fitaik f)fm bou qu^ill aU W cWtisi quofb* 

CiFaH (limmanti t)p ttja^ lufiie tuaUt!!5 of fione 
31 fatu 3Iufi«i^fta anti treflbnalim Cr|)p6one, 
15ot tfjap ita gtfppfjJ tljnit intrljt fjalti fo^ fliDdet. 
Pldfland to tlim GuDe tljoufanOW mon|) one 
and to ttje gtound tlja|) falltn euetie one, 
Ciian on t^e toaK ane <$adtout 31 condODn: 
IP^orlamand loud tDat did tfjatt IjarttjJ ftoiddet 
€)ut on falftnd tlje ^otljer of eume nitt 
atoa^ 3lnu^ and ditnand coueticr* 

Cfjat (^arftour tfjo, mp Jl3imp6e unto me tald 
fljdlajJ rleiptt ilatutie, betpat of tljat ^ald 
SDf Ijie ©onout, and tBap peptl[ outfcljet, 
^loa pieilTand tgame to dim quj^^Ium loat bald 
KirDt tiertcoujJ, ?oung, dot fta time pai tuor aid 
jFva l^onout Ijaill on Hire tyair minde ijs fet, 
ll^oUi fall t^olo go (quod frjbo) fitaicfit to ttje fet 
£Df tDi0 Ipalire, and entet but offence, 
Soi tje IPoUat 10 rleipit Ipatienre. 

CCDe mirtjtie Iprinre, t^t greiteft (ZBmp?eout 
£Df ?one IPalire (quod fr^o) Ijerfjt Ijie JJjonout 
Clufiome to doi0 fetue monp trail! flDffirair 
JFot Cljetitie of gudlinejj tlje flout 
310 Q^aifiet ijouftald in fone CtiUall Cotur^ 
iFitme Conflanre 10 tijt lRlngi0 ^erretalr 
and Libetalitic IjerDt 1)10 CDefautair, 
31nnorenre and Deuotioun a0 e ffciii0 
TBene Cletbl0 of Clofet and Cublrulaln0. 


of Honour. 59 

CflXtf CompttoHat isi clti^it Dffccrtioun, 
IDumanitie anO ttt\3iy iRelatioun 
IBmt SiffDatisJ of W Cj^almet mojne and min 
l^eice, qnitt teli, oft tualbid tip and doun 
31nttll ||i0 lj)an, a0 ^atfc fjelltjcj of iRenoun. 
Cempetanre ijs Cuib, tjtd luett to tatCt and preif 
IDumllitte Cattuet, tfiat na tofcljt Uft to gteff, 
©f!5 a^aifler ^etwat ijtc^t Uttttons^ tiifdpHne 
^etde <55 Copper, and mixifS toetll Ijfij M^int, 

C5)iss Clianrelalr tjJ tirfptt Confdmre 
£Xuf)t[k foj na inefti toill pronounce fal0 fentenre 
2j23ttfj ijUn at HflelTounjJ four of mt aflent, 
@)ctmce, IPtutience, 31uflu^> Sapience 
CluDilfeJJ to na totclit Uflin romnitt offmre, 
Cj^e C^efefeet iRontjj and t&e l^fngtjJ tent 
ass autiitoutijJ, tj^a^ onitft qnfiat <jJ fpent, 
LaulioaoujS diltgmce, (^utie toatfefjs, Clene leufng 
'Bene £Dutflevuattis5, anti CatoutijJ to ?one Mxiq. 

^ude yope temani^ euet amang ?one fo^t 
ane fine a^enfttaill, l»ttj mon^ mota anO fpoat, 
and Ptette Ijs t^t l^ingtjs aimofeft, 
%)ine JFo^tttnde tlje tfc^t qu^a lift tepo^t 
3iSS Ltentenand all tuaetc^iKS to romfoat 
CJe i^t'nstjj Q^tn^eoun toundand in j^fsJ (Bit 
IDee Ijt Oettte, did neuet lef II man deit, 
and fcj^oatlte euette nettetu and ipiefance 
31j5 fuWect to ?one l^ingtjs olie^fance* 

CCum on (faid CcBo) tljisJ ordinance to tiefite. 
Cj^an paft toe to tj^at Ctiftall IPalire qu^fte 

I. ij. 

60 The Palice 

jCtuljait 31 alialb fte entde to fiefjolti 
31 bad na mair of plefanc e no? Mitt 
£Df luflie fir i)t, of 3|op anti ftltjJ petfite 
if^o^ tnait toeilfait to tjaue alione tDe mold 
C6an toi to fe tfjat ?et of birneifl gold, 
Clujjairon t^air tuas5 maid cutiouflie Jngtaue 
^([ natuvall tljlngijs men ma^ in dtd (oufaue* 

CCljaft toajj t|ir Httlj eniiironf t tut'tlj tlje fe^, 
Cluljalton tlje frDippijs failland mirDt 3I fe, 
CDe atv, t^e JFite, all tl)e four OBlementtsJ, > 

Clje i^brti^JJ feuin, and Primum mobile 
Clje ^igne0 ttuelf petfitrlie txittit gte, 
CDe ^odiak Ijaill, aj5 ImikijJ rcpiefenttjEJ, 
CDe Pole 3ntattirb, tljat euer Ijim felf abfenttjj, 
Clie IPole ^tticb, and tik ti^t ([ItUss ttoane, 
Cjje feutn ^tatnijJ, Pjjaton and t&e Cljatletoane. 

CCgait toaj} 3ln9taue goto ttjat (^^anameden^ 
^a]$ teft till beuin, nis men in £Duide t:eldi$5, 
3nd unto 3iuppitet maid W djelf T5ntlair, 
eye dourljterijs fair into tljait luflie toeidijj 
fiDf D^iada, amid tlje fep bnt d^eidijJ, 
^tu^mmand, and part toar figurit tljair 
Opon ane Craig d^^and tljair ^alloto ^air, 
^itlj farijJ not unlifee, fo? qulja tDame feing 
e^Uljt toeill ronfidder tj^at tlja^ all fifierjJ being* 

C©f IPlaneitijj all tlje toniunrtiouniiJ 
Cljair (ZBpifiilliss and oppofitionni0 
2^ar portrait tljair, u Ijoto tljair eonrfi0 ftuagisJ 
Cljair natnrall, and daplie motionnisJ, 


of Honour. 61 

(ZBrltpfijJ, (ifpetttjJ and titgvcflDtountjs* 
CDatt fauj 31, and mon^) guDlie petfonagejj 
CVuljilfeJJ ftmtt all luflte quuk 3magei5, 
Clje tpatkmanfcl^tp eicceOtng mon^ fold 
Clje p^edoujJ mnttt tljocljt it loa^ f^nefi gold* 

C^ondetand Ijefron agane m^ twill hut let 
OP^ jl^tmj?^^ in gveif fc&ot me in at t&e |et, 
j&uljat dmtll (fatd fcljo) IjejS tljotu nocljt ellijj ado 
IBot all tlj^ i»it and fantafie to fet 
£Dn fie doting, and tljo fo? feir 31 ftoet* 
Df Ijit langage, dot tfian anone (faid fc Ijo) 
Lift tj^otu fe farlei0, del}ald tljame ponder lo 
%it flndie nocljt ouir mektll a d^eid tljoto datie, 
JFoj 31 perfane tlje (jalflingig in ane JFatie, 

C2j9:titljin tljat IPaliee fone 31 gat ane ficBt 
jClnj^ait: toalfeand iwent fnll monp iuoUlJie tuiej^t 
amid tlje rloi0, toitlj all mivtljijs to tuaill, 
JFoi like ipijedujs tuitD f|>aie demi0 d^ieljt 
Clje iwalliis frljane, rafland fa gteit ane liclit 
3[t femit like tlje Deuin 3lmpeviall, 
and a0 t^e Ceder fntmounti$$ tj^e Eammall 
3\n perfite Ijieljt, fa of tDat Contt a glance 
Cjcceidijs fat all eitdlie dane plefanee* 

CJFoi loijJ of fiej^t ronfidder mielit 3( nocftt 
IDotw petfitelie tSe tie&e tuallijs toar to^ocj^t 
^twa tlje xtUtx of Clj?iflall flaniss fcljone 
jFo? daicDtnesJ fcatflie dlenk tljaiton 31 mocftt 
Clje pntif^it filnet fntelie ais me tljocfit 
3|n Qeid of ^^ntont toad ouit; all tj^at tiione, 


62 The Palice 

Xit tounti about fuU mon^ ane IBrtiaK fione, 
0nti tj^ame tonfunctlte Jonit fad anD quemtt 
Cfje ClofiEJ iua0 pacljit toitfj filuet ajj it kmit 

([C|)r Dutd$$ and t^t tDinDoiKS an toat b^eddit 
^it^^ maflie gold, quljaltof tfje t^ntiS frDeddxt 
221itD bfvneili OBuit baftD Palace and Cotu^tjj 
^at tljefktt toefll, malfl rrafteltc tljat rled ft, 
jFor fa tbe quljttlte dlanfrljtt done ouii: fpjed ft 
^tdlft ujttl) gold anamaltt all eoloutfjcs 
3Impo^tutatt of dttdi^ and ftijeit floun0, 
Curious fenottljJ, and monj) Ijte deutfe 
£Xu|^ilki$ to deDald Uiat jietfite Paradife* 

C3nd to p^oreid mp Jl5imp!je and 31 furtlj toent 
^ttauDt to tlje fpall tf)2otoout tlje Ipalfre gent, 
0nd ttn Qnqtss of Copa$$ did afcend 
^rtjute tuaKS tlje dnte, tn at a dott 31 bl^t 
0uljatt 31 deljeld tlje glaideft tep^efent, 
Cljat euer in eittlj 31 tujetcDit Catiue feend 
IBitifiit tljijj p^orejJ to conclude and end 
a^e tgocgt tlje flute tDa$$ all of amatia, 
IBot quljaitof toat tge tuallist 3| not loiisit 

CClje multitude of ptectoujs fianiss feit 
CDairon fa (cj^ane m^ fedill fictjt dut toeit, 
^icljt not deljald tfiatt tjerteoujj gudlines 
JFo? all tlje iRuif a0 did to me apj^eit 
JDang full of plefand lotupit ^apljeirij$ clett 
£Df D^amontijs and EudeijJ a0 31 Qtsi 
Wnt all tljt duitdi0 maid of mail! ticge^, 
HDf ^atdantjS of 3lafp anti ^matagdane 

of Honour. 63 

Ctatftid, JFoamijBf, anti IienfetjJ tuat poleift plane* 

C'Battlj to and fro amtd tfje !!)aH tfja^ tuent 
iRo|)aU IPiincejJ in plait anti 3tmoud jJ qumt 
£)f bitnetll golti coucj^tt tuitlj pjec iouxJ ftanfjJ, 
OBntlj^omt fat ane <5oD £Dmmpotmt 
£Dn quliatjJ glo^toujs titfage aj5 31 Iilent 
3ln tjctafie lie !jt0 lijftl^tness ataniiJ 
il)e fmote me tioun, anti b^tlHt all 1115 fjanfjj, 
CDatr la^ 31 fltll in ftooun taitlj rolout ftlancljt 
Cluljill at tlje lad m^ I13imp6e up lje0 me caucjt 

C^ine fe fitelt pane, tuitS toomentlng (j raft 
3!n fjit atmfjEJ fcljo hnit me boun tje flair 
and in tj^e Cloi0 full foftlie laid me tioun, 
Slpjeld m^ peiti to tafe tfte Ijailfum air 
JFoi of m^ life fcljo flutie in greit Defpair: 
^e till atoalfe a^ toaiJ tljat JLad^ Iioun 
Cluljill finallie out of tljat tieidlie ftooun 
3[ fto^itij ouircome, and tip mine <2Bne Did cafl 
IBt merie man (quod frljo) tlje tooafl iJJ pafl, 

C^^et up (fefio faid) fo? fe^ame bt na Cotoart, 
Q@^ l^eid in twed tlioto IjejJ ane tu^ifesJ Ijart, 
Cljat toi a plefand ficj&t toasJ fa mifmaid 
Clian all in anger upon m^ feit 31 flart 
and foj Bit tpoadijj toar fa apirfmart 
dnto t^e jBimpfie 31 maid a liufleoujs b^aid. 
Carling (quod 31) Quljat tua0 ?one t^at tljoto faide ? 
^oft ^otw (faid fcjo) tlja^ ar not toife tljat flr^ifi^ 
jFor birfemen tuar ap gentill to tljair tupifisJ* 

I. iiij. 

64. The Palice 

C3I ant t:f fSt glaiti tfjotu att tjo^tfittt fa tofctit 
Lang eiv me tljocDt ^" IjaD noutj^ev fo^ce no? micBt 
Cutagr no? twlH fo? till ^aue gtentt ane JFla, 
£Xuljat atlltt tlje to fall (quoD 31) t&e ficDt 
£E)f f one <5oDtie0 gdm f|)?te Mnqt hncljt 
©uitfet m^ tojit, anD all nip fpjettijs fuja 
31 micSt not Hand, bot toais tljat futtlj, ?a, |a» 
Cljan faiCi tlje il3impD^ tifl)t mettlie anti leurlj 
lI3ot» 31 confiddet tlj^ mad fjatt toeill aneurlj* 

€131 iJJill na mate (quod fcljo) tDe tjug affai? 
a;Ottl) fir plcfance quljllh map tSp fp?elt affwp, 
Xit fall tljotu fe furelie fen tljotu act liett 
Q^p iladpijj Couct in tljait gudlie arvap* 
Sol to liegald tljatr mitt^ mm on tgp Uiap 
cyan Ijand in Ijand ^^itlj tuent toe futtlj in feic 
at a IPofletne totoatt tlje fait IDerbeic 
3In tDat paflage full faft at Ijit 31 fcauit 
Clujjat folfe tfiap toar toitljin tljat JDall temanit* 

Cgone toat (faid frSo) qufja fa tlje trirljt difcriues 
^aift uailfeand folfe, and ueiteoujj in tDait liuejs 
l§oto in t&e Court of IDonout tljap temane 
Oeiteouflie, and in all plefanre tljjiuejs. 
Sot tljap toitlj fpeit, toitlj ftoojdjs and & feniuejJ 
3In 3i«fi battell toar fundin maid of mane 
3ln tiiait p?omittij5 tbap ftude euet firme (j plane 
31n tljame aboundit too^frljip and latotie 
3llluminat toity lidetalitte« 

f IDonout (quod fcfto) to tW Beninlie ifting 
OiffettijJ ricljt fat fta toatldlie gouetning, 

of Honour. 65 

jClttSilfe itf hilt IPompr of etrtiWe tif gnitie 
(3min foj efiatt of filubr, micSt oi fie tfifng, 
and ttt tjijj rounttte IPjince, IP^rlate oj l^tng 
ailanrtHe fall, fo| nettetu Donoudt fie, 
jFo? euDlte gloft ttf nocfit bot tjanttte 
CDat a0 itie fe fa futitianelte tuill tuenO 
'26ot nerteoujEJ }!)onout neuec matt fall tnb. 

C'BeDalti (fatti fcjgo) anb fe tgi0 tuatltiti^ glo^e 
ei^alfl 3|nconftant, malft fliO and tranfito^ie 
P^ofpetttte tn ettD ijes liot a tiarme 
€)? like aiEJ man toat: UeppanD ouit ane feott, 
Botju tj5 6e latu, tfiat twajs fa l)ie befoit, 
and fie qnfi^lum toagf lio?ne pute of fii0 tieme 
ll3oto fitjj eUait Ccfi^nttf Itfee tfie ^one Seme 
15attfi up and donn, tiattfi to and fta toe fe 
Cfii0 tuai;ld loaltettsJ aj3 dotss tfie toallte fe^* 

CCo IPapijJ, 'IBifcfiopptjJ, P?elatisJ $ PnnwitiiJ 
(ZBmp^eonttjs, l^tngisj, PimeesJ, Poteftat'xjs, 
Dettfi fetttjj tfie tetme, and end of all tfiait fiufit 
Jfta tfia^ fie gane, let fe qnfia on tfiame toaitties* 
J13atfitng remamsj, fiot fame of tfiatc (ZBflaittiEf , 
3nd noefit ellt0 fiot uetteou^ toarktj? ticfit, 
^all toitfi tfiame tuend noutfiet tfiatr Pompe no? mtcfit 
3p uerteto ttngiis tn lefland J!)ononv rletr, 
Eememfiev tfian tfiat tietteto fie0 na pett:, 

CJFot r^titm tsJ a tfitng fa p?edonj5 
Ctufiattof tfie end tjsi fa deltcionsJ, 
Cfie tuatld ran not eonfiddet; qufiat tt t0, 
3[t mafttsj folk petfite and glonoujEJ, 


66 The PaHce 

3|t mafetjj ^anrttjj of peptU uttiouiEJ* 

3lt caufisJ folk a^ Hue in lefland blw, 

3[t ij$ tlje toa^ to Die IDonout 3 toiiJ, 

3[t tiantixs Dettlj, anO tnttit utre tDioto mfc jjt 

^itljout tiri;teU3, t^ on all citOUr tuicbt 

COetteta id etk tge prtfite firbet tuap, 
^nti norljt ellt)$ till IcQanD tjonout: a|), 
iTot mon^ Ijfss fcne uitioujs prpill \)pijitiU 
Znt> tfttt Tone t^ait glo^e tianifrDe auia^ 
£luljaitof a:anipilli{( toe fe tljiiEit euerie Da^* 
I])i0 citDlie pompc ijj gone quljcn tljat l}r ddt 
CDan 10 l)e UjttD na civdlie fvcinD fuppldt 
^aifant) tiettetu, turilli^s bini bed De a fett* 
ll3otu toil 31 fcDaU) (quod fcDo) quljat folk tene Jeit. 

CCDe fitangei! ^ampfoun id into ?one galti, 
CDe foKie puiflfant Deteuled fa lialD, 
CDe feitd 0cDill, and all tDe Bobillid n^ne, 
^Ttpio Offiicane, Ponipeiud tlje alD, 
£DtDet mon^ qupaid Jl^auiid befoit ar talD 
Wiitij tDoufanOid ma ttjan 31 nia^ tjeit Define. 
0nti lufiie Lad^id amid tba^ Lo^did f^ne, 
%*emtvamtd, Cljamat;, JDippolita, 
IPcutljclfilea, ^rOea, Xenobia. 

C£Df tD^ Hegioun ponder bene fjonoutit pact, 
Cljr i^iiigid (^legouv, toietlj, and i^ing iRobart 
223itlj utljfv ma tljat hm not yeit reyeivfit, 
^larjit (quod frDo) a^ be tljv megic fjatt^ 
CtjotD fuld Dane fene tjad ttjolu biddin in ^onr art 
Cluliat U3ife fone j^euinlie companie ronuetiit 

of Honour 67 

22la tPoatB tb^ ftbiil himu fa Tone toajs peifit 
Cfiotu mtrt)t Daue fene vemananO qutjatv tj^otu Uiajs 
^ne IjuOge peptd punetCt fo| tljatt ti*er))a5:it 

CCtuDtlfejs be tMilfull mamfcll avtooance 
31mii'ouss pjide p?etentJtt Jgnotauce, 
fm\i tJ0U3bilucjs auD Diflait unamentitt 
(2^nfo2d0 tDame tDatt felfijj to auance 
IBt fle falftetd, tut latutie o? ronflance 
^ttfj fubtelnejs and fltrlitijs noto rommendtt 
HBetcaifauD folk tDat ncueu to tljame offcuDxt, 
3nti tjpljetjj tbame fclf tljioto ftaudeful lippsJ 
Cfioc!)t (^oti raujs oft t^air nrtiUe glotr eclippjJ^ 

C^nti jI3obtlltje{ mmm of jjono^aliill ancefltg, 
CDatr uetteoujs Jl3obilttte fetttsx nocljt t^ 
jFov difjioneft tjnlcfull t»ai;ltilie toa^tjs, 
3nti tliiotu tojtuptit touetoujj 3lttu^ 
IBot fte t^at ran lie OotoMll, nane iis fet Ii|)« 
Diflatt in 2jKi(bomr, Hatotir, iDonout atoa^ iti, 
WiUljt feto 0? nane tafet0 tent tjattto tljit tia^id, 
3nti t^ait greit tw^angt^ to refo^me Iiut let 
31n 3Iutifiement ?one (3otx twa0 ^ondet: fet« 

CBemananti ^ontiet t^oto micfit liaue jjard beliue 
Pionounctt tfie gtett fentence tiiffinittue, 
Cuitcljanti tljtjs acttoun, and tjje daexdfull pane 
(BKtmtt on ttefpaflbudjj ?tt on line : 
^tua tDat tj^att: maltee fall na matt pjefmue. 
^aOame (qu od 31) fo? (5oddt0 faife turne agane, 
9^5 fpieit def|)njs to fe tljalt: torment fane* 
(Cluod fcBo) tit^t noto t^aft fall tljotu lie retotfit 


68 The Palice 

Cluljen tljotD bed tmt tlje 3it anD htttn appoifit. 

C'^ot fiul! t^otu fall conClOder rommobitdd 
£Df out gavDing, fo full of luflie treijj, 
311 fjte C^p^ejES of flctuet mail! fragrant 
£Dur LaD^tjJ ^onDer biflie ajj tijc bdj5, 
CBr ftuett fluretfl flouriu of EttDojeijj, 
($atitiert0 full fafi mon^ grrne tenDrr plant, 
3nti tPttlj all plefanre plenftO 10 ^onr Dant 
CluDatr p^ectouj^ fianijs on trctjcj boid abound 
3ln llrtCi of frute t^titQtit tuitD peirlid rounb. 

ff (Ttnto tljat gubelfe gartlj tljutf tor p^ordb, 
£Xul)iIk toitl) a large ifotofie far on b^eib 
3lnueromt toast, qutjair iFtfrgejis toar anrto, 
311 toater JFoullid toar (tornianb t^atr gube fpetb 
31JJ out of grotoanb treisJ tbatr fato 31 "bicitx 
JFouUiiS tljat Ijinganb be tljair nebbiis greto 
£Dut ouir tDe llanft, of mon^ btuer${ ijm 
^a0 laid ant tre, ouir Qutjilk brljoutt iij$ paief, 
T5ot 31 tan not berlair qujairof tt toajJ. 

C^^ Btmpge toent ouir, rtjargeab me folloto fal! 
IDir till obe^ ni^ fpaeitij^ toor agafi, 
^a perrelloujs toajj tlje paflage till efpp 
3toa^ (rl)0 toent, anb fra time frbo toaj$ pad 
Qpon tlje QBng 31 enterit at tijt laft 
IBot fa mp DarnijJ trimblit befil^, 
CluDill 31 fell ouir, anb baitlj nxv feit flaib b^ 
HDut ouir tDe l^tit)^ into tljt Qank aboun 
£lu!)air a0 me tDocj^t 31 toajs in point to bioun. 


of Honour. 69 

tlduDat tlj?oto tljt butiiiEf fang anti tW affray 
©ut of WW ftwoim 31 tualknit qiiijm 31 la^ 
3[n tSc ^^aitiuig qul)att 31 fit^ft ^ouu fell 
3boiit 31 filfnt, fo? tirDt deit tuasj tlje daj) 
15ot all tljt0 liiliie j^lcfanre tuais atua^* 
^e tljorj^t tljat fait \tftthiit maifi like to IDrll 
3In till rompaiv of tljijs ?r Ijavti me tell, 
^llace, allare, 31 tl)oct)t me tDan in pane 
^nO langit fair fo^ to Ijaue ftuemit agane, 

CC6e ftittiiss fang no? '^it tfie merie flourish 
Q^ifljt not amei0 m^ gvenouss Quit tioloudtf, 
ail eitDlie tljing me tDor^t batvane anb tiile* 
Cliuis 31 lemanit into tijt i^attlj ttua Donvi0 
Cutfanti tlje feiltiijj, tuitD all tijt fait eolutijJ* 
CDat 31 atuolk oft tuatianD tijt quijUt 
aitua^ijs m^ minDe luajj on tlje luCiie 311^, 
31 pntpoifit euet till Ijane tJtuelt in tDat att 
€)f iRetfio^ilfe rulloutisJ till Ijaue found fum patt* 

C^inb maid of all m^ mtage tuaiES aggteuit, 
"Beraujs fa fone 31 of mj) bteme efrljeuit, 
JI3ot feanO Ijotw tlja^ tu^etcljijJ toat torment 
CDat J^onout manbtt and Doneflie mifcljeuit* 
(!5laiblie 31 iwalb amib tljijs \s)^it Ijaue bteuit. 
iDab 31 it fene, fjotu tlj^^ ii^at flane o? fcljent> 
IBot fta 31 fauj all tljisi toeilfait tuajj tuent 
Ctll mab ane enb, fittanb unbet a tte 
3[n laube of 5)onout 31 ^jait tljit netfijs thtt* 

C© 6ie iJ)onout, ftoeit jjeuinlie flout begell 
(JJem uetteou0, maifl piecioujs, gubliell, 

K. iiij. 

70 The Palice 

S^l W honour tfjoto art gurrtioun ronOtng. 
flDf iDO^fftjtp feenti, tlje glojtoujj end and teft: 
IBut quljome in xitijU na too^tjbi^ totrljt ma^ left 
C{J5 Qttit puiflance ma|) matli auance all tftxng 
3nti pouriall to inektll auaill fone ()?ing. 
31 tlje requite, fen tljoUj but peir att beft 
CBat eftet tljtss in tlj^ Ijie blljs tue ting. 

C£Df fitare, tlj^ fare, in euetfe plare, fa fcBpntd 
Cfiat fbjett, all fp^ett, baitlj IjeiD u feit Jncl^nijJ 
Cli^ gloit, afoit, foj till Jmploit, temeid. 
f^t dor Dt, tirljt noejjt, quljilk out of tljocljt, tlje t^nitf 
CB^ name, but blame, <$ roj>al fame diutne iss 
Ct)otu po^t, at fcDo^t, of out fomfo^t, and tetd, 
Cill b^ing all tging, till glaiding eftet deid* 
311 toirDt but ficljt, of tD^ gteit mifljt, ap rtpniiES 
D ^cfiene, 31 mene, nane map fuftene, tlip feid. 

IDail toi0, maift r&oiK^, til tloisi tljp foijis, gteit micDt 
^aill ftone, qubilk frljone, upon tlje tbione of licljt 
Oe^teto, quljaijs txm^ iSjytit deto, ouittljjetu, al Mia 
CKIaxs a|), 3lk dap, gat fap, tljt Ujap of licljt. 
3mend, offend, and fend, out end, ap tirlit, 
Ctjotu ftant, o^dant, ajs fanct, of gtant, maift tuife 
Cill be, fupplie, and tlje, Ijie gte, of p^ice, 
Delite, tlje tite, me quite, of fite, to difftt, 
iFot 31 applp, fcBo^tlie, to tjp deuife. 

The Author direetis his bulk 

to the richt Nobill and Illufter Prince lames 
the Feird King of Scottis. 


of Honour. 71 

nnRIVMPHOVS laub tuitfj palme of hittotit 
^ Cf)e LaUJiet Ctotone of Jnfinite Qloiit 
a^alft gtadou0 Prince, out fouerane SlamejJ tje JFeftO 
Cfi^ a^aieflie mot Daur (2BtentaIUe 
^up^me ^onout:, IRenoim of CDtualne* 
jFeltdtte pevtmvanti tit tl)t0 dcti, 
321ttl) (Btttxit blt0, in D^ utu b^ fatalC twdtd 
Eeflaue tDtjS Eouflte tuvall EebalO^te 
Latkanti Cuttntttg, fva tl)|> puve letge tJttlettti* 

CCttiDilfe in tje (tf{jt of t|j^ a^agttificence 
CcnfitianD tn fa gtett betteuolence 
PtopoittsJ t^m ttt^ nulgatt 3lettovance 
a^atll fjumlitUte tottD tieto obetitenre, 
'Befetfeanti oft tj^ muljtie €xctUtmt 
15e et^ace to pattioutt all fie tjadattce 
223tt{i fum betttitg t^efpect of fitnie confiattcr 
Eemtttattti m^ p^etentitt ttegltgettce 
Cljotu qubat0 mitijt ma^ Ijumliill tljttts auace* 

fS,15ttiU Iiut:iaU quatr, of OBIoquence all quite, 
aHitD tulTet toetti, attO fentence 3Inipetfite 
Cill (um iit plane, fe tljat tDoixi not p^etenti tfie, 
Cl)^ battant teemijJ, and tlj^ uile 3inOite 
%)all not ht mint, 31 toill not Ijaue tijt \iiitty 
iFoj ajs fo? ttte 3| quit dame tj^at 31 kenD tlje 
Cfioto act bot floutlj, tDtft louiiEJ licljt but lite 
iBot tuo^tlj ane mite, p^a^ 3l(b luan til amend tge 
ifait on toitj^ fite, anti on tlM tuife 31 end tlie» 





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