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Full text of "Papers relating to Pemaquid and parts adjacent in the present state of Maine, known as Cornwall County, when under the colony of New York"

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Relating to 


and parts adjacent in the prefent ftate 
of Maine, known as 




Compiled from Official Records in the 

office of the Secretary of State 

at Albany, N. Y. 




: O /> "^ 



Weed, Parfom tS Companie. 

MDCCCLVl. ^ . 




.ftual fettlement required, of partners, - 

Affidavits of Indian hoftilities, _ _ _ 

Aldcn, John, delivery of ketch to, - 
Allen, John, commifTion of, as juftice of the peace 
" " as fherifF, ----- 

Ammunition for common ufe, to be provided, - 
Androfs, Gov., letters of, - - - - 

Appeals may be made, _ - _ _ 

Arfon to be punifhed, ----- 
AfTociation for fettlement at Sheepfcot river, - 


Hack Point, jiirifdiftion extended to, 

Block-houfes ordered to be built, . 

Bofton, letter to Gov. of, - _ 

" meeting at, for making fettlements, 
" claims of, difallowed, - 

Bowditch, Wm., claims of - 





























Brockholls, Gov., letters of. 

II, 24,31,47, 


71, 104 
1 1 

9, 15, 23 


V><aren, Corporal, fent to N. Y., - - - - " 25 

Charter of the Duke of York, extraft from, - - - 5 

Colle£tor's commiffion at Pemaquid, - - - - - 74 

Collins, Samuel, murder of, - - - - - - 33, 40 

Commiffioners appointed for fettling title, _ _ _ 59^ 102 

Commiffion for murder trial, ------ 33 

— Juftices of the peace, - - - - - 38, 102, 113 

— Francis Skinner as commander at Pemaquid, - - - 45 

— for fettling title, - - - - - - - - S9 

— John Allen as juftice of the peace, — _ _ - 69 

— Tho Sharpe as commander at Pemaquid, - - - - 73 

— A. Woodrop as collcftor and receiver, - - - 74, 105 
■ — N. Manning as capt. of a foot company, - - - - 100 


Commiffion for G. Godard as lieut. of militia company, - loi 

— G. Godard as captain of a foot company, - - - - io6 

— " as furvcyor, - - - - - - 1 06 

— J. Buttery as captain of a foot company, - - - - 106 

— J. Palmer as fpecial commiflioner, - - - - 1 1 1 

Cooper, Thomas, licence to take up lands, - - - - 109 

Corporal punifliment allowed, - - - - - -21 

Council Minutes, - - - 8, 9, 14, 16, 18, 19, 23, 29, 32, 

35, 36, 40, 73, 91, 94, 104, 107 

Courts, order for holding 

Cranfield, Goy. of Ne\y Hampfhire on Indian affairs. 

Crimes, inquiries againft, . . . . . 


'ebts, exemption from, to thofe \yho fettle, 

Dennis, Lawrence, letter to, 
Dep. Sec. J. Weft appointed, - - - 
Diforders at Pemaquid, . - . . 

Dogs, number limited to one in a family, 
Dongan, letter to New Hampfliire, 

'' Goy., on Indian affairs, 
Dudley, Goy., on Indian affairs. 
Drunkenness prohibited, - - - - 
Dymond, Ifrael, trial of, for murder. 


ntry of yeffels, regulations concerning, 

European news, - - - - 

Excife may be leyied, 

Expenfes of engaging the Mohawks, 

112, 123, 

35> 40 

- 114 


- ^1 

66, 6-] 

- 93 

- 91 

33. +0 





jO ilLeries, regulations of, - 

Fort, regulation of. 

Fort, supplied, 

French hoililities expefled, 

French take Pemaquid, in 1696, 


'odard, Giles, commiffions of, - 
Grahsim, James, licence to take up land. 


17, 18, 21, 35, 37, 75, 81 

19. 21, 33, 41 

17, 112 

26, 27, 90 

- 134 

rchinfon, capt. E., claims under difallowed. 




ndian affairs, - 
peace with, 

•, 19, 21, 33, 36, 46, 71, 90, 91 
- 27, 93 


Indians not to be trufted for goods, - - - - 19, 22 
Indian houfc to be built at Pcmaquid, - - - - 23 

Indian hoftilities, - - - 8,31,43,60,88,90,91,133 
Inftrudlion to capt. Manning, 120 

I oflyn, letter to, 58 

Jefuits kept with Mohawks by the French of Canada, - - 91 

Jordaine, Juftice, letter to, - - - - - - -42 

Joflyn, Mr., houfe to be built or hired for, - - - 44 

Jury, trial by, fecured, - - - - - - "H? 

Juftices commiffioned, - - - - r 38, 102, 113 

Juftices, form of the oaths of, - - - - - - 119 


.elfon, John, informed againfl, . - - . - 89 

Kennebeck, fettlers encouraged, - - - - - "79 

" fort fnlicited to be built at, - - - - 87 

" Indians, prowefs of, - - - - - ' 9^ 

Ketches, delivery of, - - - - - 9, 11, 15, 23, 29 

Knapton, Capt., Ictcers to, - - - - - - 24,31 

" commiffion of, as juftice of peace, - - - 38 


and to be given to aflual fettlers, - - - 36, 79, 80 

Law, abfence of, complained about, - - - - - 82 

Letters to Pemaquid, - - - 6, 24, 31, 41, 42, 44, 58, 66 

Licences for taking up lands, - - - - 107, 108, 109 

Liquors, fearches for, in houfes and cellars allowed, - - - 122 

Lovelace, Gov., letter of, ----- - 6 


.anning, Capt., complaint againft, - - - - - 99 

" commiffion of, as captain, 

" inftruftions to, as colledlor, 

Martha's Vineyard, commiffions for, 
Matthews, Tho., fent to N. Y. a prifoncr, 
Merry Meeting, block-houfe at, . . - 

Military power oppreffive, - - - - 
Miniftry to be fupported, - - - - ■ 

Mohawk's, incurfion of, .... 

" Jefuits with, . . . - 

*' to be engaged againft eaftern Indians, 

Murder, commiffion for the trial of, - 


antucket, commiffions for. 
New Dartmouth, 
























, ^0, 

















, 94 


New Hampfliire, letter to Governor of. 
New Town fettlcrs ot, encouraged. 


ath of jullices of the peace. 

Orders for government of Pemaquid, - - i6, 19, 

" for delivery of fort at Pemaquid, - 


- 93 

- 119 

32, 40, 46, 75 

- 47 

A aimer, capt. John, commiffion of, as commiffioner, 

Paffes for ftiips to fail to Pemaquid, ... 

Pattifhall, R., complained againft, - - - - 

" informs againll John Kelfon, 

Peace with Indians, ..-.-. 

Pemaquid captured by French, ... 

" furrendered to Maffachufetts, - - . 

" remonftrance againft furrender of. 

Petition of Wm. Bowditch for a ketch, - - - 

" from Pemaquid, - - - - - 

" from New Dartmouth, .... 

PofTeffion of Pemaquid aflerted by New-York, 




.afhly, John, trial of, - 

Remonftrance againft furrender of Pemaquid, - 
Reprefentative, one allowed to New York gen. affem. 
Roades, C, fent to New-York a prifoner, 
Rofwick Ifland confirmed to John Weft, 
Rum forbidden in fort, . . . . . 

" adulteration of, prohibited, ... 

k3agadahock magiftrates, limitation of fuits before, - 

" houfes at, - - - - - 

Search for liquors diredled, - . - - ■ 

Settlements rcftrifled, . . . . - 

" inftrudlion for regulation of, 

Sharpe, Thomas, commiffion of, as commander, - 

" " letter to, - - - - 

Sheepfcott river, fettlement, . - . - 

Sherif at Pemaquid, John Allen, appointed, 
Skinner, Francis, commiffion of, as commander, - 

" inftrudlions for government, 

" letter to, ----- - 

Smvth, Tho., liccnfc to take up lands, - 

1 1 1 

135. 136 

- 27 

- 132 

- 15 
- 70, 81, 104 

- 94> 95 

105, 107, 124 

- 33. 40 

- 132 

- 73. 98 

- 125 

19, 21 

- 35 

- 77, 85 

- 122 

- 18, 87 

- 75 

41. 44. 47 

- 48, 87 

- 73 

- - 46 

- 109 

INDEX. vii 


Spragg, John, licenfe to take up lana, - - - - io8 

Summerfet Ifland granted to John Spragg, - - - - 107 

Supplies, complaint concerning, . . . . . 8^ 

Surrender of Pemaquid directed by King, - - - -131 

Surveyor, commiffion of Giles" Godard as, - - - - 106 


rade regulated at Pemaquid, - - - - 16, 20, 75 

" reftrifted to Pemaquid, - 18, 33, 36, 37, 80, 86, 105 

Tradefmen may be admitted to fhare in fettlement, - - - S^ 

Trading houfes may be built, ------ 20 

VV aldrop. A., colleftor of quit rents, - - - - 105 

Wells, Mr., to fail for England, 48 

Weft, John, Rofwlck Ifland granted to, - - - - - 125 

" " commifTioned as juftice of peace, - - - 38 

" " deputy fecretary at Pemaquid, - - - - no 

Woodrop, Alex., fub-colledor and receiver, - - - 74 


|He obfcurity which has involved 
the hiftory of that portion of Maine 
included within the patent of the 
Duke of York, while under the ducal 
government, has long been felt and 
acknowledged,^ and hiftorians in their 
accounts of this period, have been obliged 
in the abfence of authentic documents, 
to rely upon flight and imperfed: data. 
The following papers now for the firft 
time printed, it is believed, will add much 
to our acquaintance with the annals of the 
fediion known as " Pemaquid and its depen- 
dencies -," in the early records of New- York. 
The dependance of a part of Maine 
upon the government of New-York, 
originated as follows : William Alexander, 
Earl of Sterling, Secretary of the kingdom 
of Scotland, having been previoufly con- 
cerned in extenfive grants in Nova Scotia^ 

^ Vide, Williamfon's Hift. of Maine, i, 228 et feq. — Coll. 
of Maine Hift. Soc, ii, 229-237: — ib. iv, 209, &c. 

'^ The Nova Scotia Charter was granted March 9, 1621, confirmed 
and enlarged by a second patent, Sept. 10, of the fame year. Wil- 
liamfon's Hift. of Maine, i, 223 — Sullivan's Hift. of Maine, 
124 — Coll. of Maine Hift, Soc., i, u. 

and in the operations of the Plymouth 
Company, received by lot, in 1635,* one 
of the three divifions into which the ter- 
ritory of Maine was divided upon the 
diffolution of that Company. The fhare 
thus received, extended from the Kenne- 
beck to the St. Croix rivers, and embraced 
feveral grants previously made, upon which 
fettlements had been commenced. 

In 1663, the Earl of Clarendon, on 
behalf of the Duke of York, purchafed 
of Henry, then Earl of Sterling, his inte- 
reft in American grants,^ including, be- 
fides that of Maine, the title of Long 
Ifland, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, ^ 
and other iflands adjacent, and in 1664,''^ 
the Duke of York received from his Royal 
brother a Charter for thefe territories and 

* Thefe lots were drawn Feb. 3, the grants executed April 22, and 
the charter of the company furrcndered June 7, of that year. Coll. 
of Maine Hift. Soc, i, 42-44 — Coll. of New Jersey Hift. 
Soc, ii, 38. 

* The confideration of this purchafe was £3,500, but upon failure 
of payment, a life annuity of £300 was, in 1674, agreed upon, payable 
out of the net profits of revenue arifmg from the colony, which proving 
infufficient, an order was iffued in 1689 for the arrears to be paid out 
of the funds of the Colony. New-York Coll. Hift., iii, 606. 

* A fmall edition of a volume embracing the New- York official 
records concerning Nantucket and adjacent illands, prepared by the 
editor of this volume, has been printed under the patronage of the 
Hon. John V. L. Pruyn, of Albany, for diftribution among public 

■* March 12. Vide Patents, i, 109, Secretary's Office, Albany.- 

others, then held by the Dutch, fince 
known as New- York, New Jerfey and 

The New- York records do not fhow 
what jurifdidiion was aflerted over the 
eaftern portion of the Duke's territories 
prior to the reduction of New- York by 
the Dutch in 1673. Upon that occafion 
the General Court of Maffachusetts, under 
pretext of a furvey that included the 
territory, took pofTeffion of the Pemaquid 
fettlements, organized a local government, ' 
and in July, 1674, ^ court was held under 
this authority within the Duke's territories. 
Upon the reftoration of New- York to 
the Englifh, by the peace of Weftminfter,^ 
a new patent, embracing the fame terri- 
tory, was taken out by the Duke of York, ^ 
and upon the arrival of governor Androfs, 
meafures were taken to re-eftablifh this 
authority throughout the government. 
Civil and military commiffions were ifTued, 
and upon the organization of a General 
Affembly in New-York in 1683, and 

* Williamfon's Hift. of Maine, i, 443 — Coll, of Maine 
Hift. Soc, i, 131. 

"^ Feb. 9, 1674, ^^^- ^' 

' June 29, 1674, Vide Smith's Hift. of New-York, (1814) 
61 — Dunlap's Hift. of New-York, i, 129. 

the divilion of the colony into counties^ 
" Pemy-Quid, and all the Territories in 
thofe Parts, with the Iflands adjacent," 
were erected into the county of Cornwall, 
and entitled to fend one member to the 
General AfTembly.' This connection 
continued until the fucceffion of the Duke 
of York to the throne, when by a royal 
order^ thefe territories were annexed to 
the New England government. 

The following papers are arranged 
chronologically, with references to the 
originals in the New-York Secretary's 
office. The occurrence of a line of 
afterifks, denotes an omiflion of matter 
relating to other fubjecfts, and a row of 
periods, indicates a lofs of part of the 
record. The original orthography has 
been followed, except in the ufe of capital 
initials in names of perfons, where fmall 
letters had been employed. 

* Nov. I, 1683. Orig. Laws, MSS. ii. — Livingrton& Smith's, 
&c., Ed. Laws, i, 6. — The aft organizing counties was re-cnaftcd 
Oft. I, 1 69 1. It will be feen that Gyles Goddard aftually repre- 
fcnted Cornwall county during one feffion. 

'^ This order was dated Sept. 19, 1686, Deeds viii, 75, Secre- 
tary's office, Albany. 


P E M A Q^ U I D 


EXTRACT from the Grant to the Duke 
of York, Dated 12th March Ao 16. 
Car. 2.d 1664.. 

[Patents i. 109.] 

iHarles the Second by the Grace of 
God King of England Scotland 
ffrance & Ireland Defender of the 
ffaith &c To all to whom thefe p'nts 
fhall come Greeting : Know yee that wee 
for diverfe good Caufes and Confideracdns 
us thereunto moving Have of our efpeciall 
Grace Certaine knowledge and meere mo- 
tion Given and Granted And by thefe 
prefents for us our heires and fucceflb'^' 
Do Give and Grant unto our Deareft 
Brother James Duke of Yorke his heires 

and Affignes All that part of the Maine 
Land of NeA^ England begining at a 
Certaine place called or knowne by the 
name of St Croix, next adjoyning to 
New Scotland in America and from thence 
extending along the fea coaft unto a cer- 
taine place called Petuaquine or Pema- 
quid and fo up the River thereof to the 
furtheft head of y^ fame as it tendeth 
northwards and extending from thence 
to the River Kinebequi, and fo upwards 
by the fhorteft courfe to the River Canada 
northwards : And alfo 

[Here follows a grant for the province of New-York and parts of 
Maflachufetts and Connedlicut, New Jersey, Delaware, &c.] 

Lre to ye Inhabitants of Pemaquid. 

[General Entries iv. 258.] 

Gen"^'. It might feem ftrange to you 
that in foe long diftance of time thofe 
parts under his Royall Highness Patronage 
and Protection, of which you are Memb" 
& Inhabitants have not been affumed in 
any particular care & Governm^ as Sub- 
ftitute to his Royall Highness, by whofe 
Grace and Indulgence I am (under him) 


appointed Governo^ of all his Territoryes 
in America ; And truly I might juftly 
have fallen under yo'^ Cenfure of RemifT- 
ness, were I not allwayes in Expedacdn 
that Affayres would have been perfected 
by my worthy PredeceiTo'^ Coll: Nicolls, 
to whom the fole managery of that Busy- 
ness was committed ; neither could I ever 
doubt of the perfecting of it, had it not 
been interrupted by an Active & furious 
warr, in w^*" Expedition hee moft fadly, 
(yet as bravely) laid down his Life at his 
Masters ffeet;' All expectations from him 
being now wholly extindt, It is a Duty 
incumbent on mee to ered: a fuperftrudlure 
on that ffoundation, which hee in his 
Lifetime worthily aimed at ; To which 
end I fhall delire you, ffirft to give mee 
a true ftate of yo*" Affayres, as they now 
ftand -y next That you would tranfmitt to 
mee a modell of fuch a Governm^ as fhall 
bee moft conducing to the Happyness of 
that Colony, both to its fafety Traffick, 
& Increafe of Inhabitants, promifing upon 
the reception of that Scheme, not only 

' Coll. Richard Nicolls was flain in a naval engagement with the 
Dutch, in the fervice of the Duke of York, in 1672. A monument 
is erefted to his memory in Amphil Church, Bedfordfhire, England. 


to Inveft you w^^ ample power to Exercife 
yo' Authority both to Ecclefiaftick as Civill 
Affayres, but will bee ready on all Occa- 
fions to bee affifting to you in the Prefer- 
vation of all yo' Rights and Intereft againft 
any linifter Obftrudlions ; Thus defiring 
to heare from you by the firft Opportunity, 
I heartily recommend you to the All- 
mighty's Protection, & remaine 

Yd^ Very AffeSionate ffriendj 

Fort James on ye Ifland Manhatans ^ ^^^ * EOVELACE. 

in N: Yorke, fFeb: i6th i67§. 

Council Minutes. 

[Council Minutes vol iii. Part II. Page 117.] 

At a Councell Sept 8th 1676. 

Prefent The Governo*" 
Capt Brockhols The Secretary 
Capt Dyre. 

•^ -^ -^ 

A Letter coming from Bofton to the 
Governor from M' Abr Corbetts who lives 
to the Eaftward, in the Dukes Patent, 

relateing the deftrudion of the Eaftern 
parts near Pemaquid &c by y^ Indians, 
in the month of Aug^ laft, about the 20^^ 
day of the month, The fame being read 
and confidered of, 

Refolved, to fend a floope to Pifcataway 
Salem and Bofton, to invite and bring as 
many of the Inhabitants particularly 
ffifhermen as will come driven from the 
Dukes Territoryes, and parts Eaftward, 
and to fupply them with Land in any 
part of the Government they fhall chufe. 

^F ^ ^ 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxvii.] 

At a Councell held in N. Y. the 
5^^ day of Jan 1677. 

Vpon a L"^^ from the Go: of Bofton 
dated No: 13^^ brought hither by M' W"' 
Bowdifh the 2^ inft. deiiring and order 
for the delivery of the Ketches at Pema- 
quid, to their own'', of which faid M"" 
Bowditch with M"" W"" Duvall is faid to 
be oner, And the faid M"" Bowditch on y^ 


behalfe of himfelfe & M"" Duvall offering 
fecurity to pay falvage or what other 
Charges their Ketch fLall be adjudged unto 
by the Go: alleadging alfo that the f^ 
Ketch lyeing at fhee doth will bee quite 
spoyled, & alfo will loofe the fifhing fea- 
fon this fpring for which they make ready 
in ffeb"", & is comonly efteemed to bee 
worth double y^ it is the reft of the yeare. 
The fame being particularly taken into 

Refolved That an order be given to y^ 
f^ M"" Bowditch on behalfe of himfelfe & 
M' Duvall for the delivery of the f Ketch 
unto him or whom hee fhall appoint, hee 
giving fecurity to the value of the Ketch 
here to pay falvage, or fuch other charges 
as fhee fhall bee adjudged unto, at the 
returne of the Governo"" 

An order hereupon for the delivery 
A bond of 400^^ for paym* of 200 
Tho Del: & W"^ Bowditch of Salem. 
W"" Bowditch of Salem in N: Engl 
Merch & Tho Delavall of New-Yorke 
Merch a blank fum bound to Edm Andros 
Efq Go. in this his R H. Territoyes in 
America his Succeflb' & Affignes. 


(The foregoing paper was endorfed as 
follows :) 

To Capt Caefar Knapton, Comand'' 

You are hereby defired to caufe the 

Ketch of .... to bee 

deliuered unto M' W" Bowditch or his 
order, according to the order of Council 
hereunto annexed hee having given in 
fufficient fecurity for the doing whereof 
this fhall bee yo'' difcharge 

Given under my hand the 7^^ day of 
January 1677 

Copie of a Letter to the Go: of Bofton, 
N. Y. Jan 7. 1677. 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxvii.] 

Yo.^ of No:^ 13.'^ by M.^ Bowditch, 
directed to our Go : or in his abfence to 
his dep: arrived not here till the 2^ inst, 
which was almoft 6. weekes after his de- 
parture. The contents whereof relate to 
the delivery of the Ketches at Pemaquid 


to the Owners, Its fuppofed you meane 
the former owners, Otherwife y® fortune 
of the warre had apparently made them 
change Maft/' It could have beene right, 
thofe perfons had made their claymes or 
applicacdn for them foon'", probably ere 
this they had from Coinander Knapton, 
but feverall Reports coming that fome of 
thofe own''" have P they had rather the 
Indyans had kept their Ketches, then that 
they fhould come into the hands of New- 
Yorke Governm* might in part bee the 
occalion why no other order was fent 
thither, then for their apprizem^ and not 
broft here the rugged winter feafon fetting 
in feeming to forbid their removall till 

Your opinion about the delivery of the 
veffels as well as captives, which you un- 
derftand by the Go/ Letter, to bee men- 
tioned in the peace, feemes to bee followed 
with fome paffion in the following claufe, 
that if they were not delivered for the 
benefitt of the right Own'' that loft them, 
you fhould not know to underftand his 
mocons, for I fuppofe they will appeare 
to have tended to y^ Gen.''" good of his 


Ma*'^^ fubjedls in thofe parts as well as the 
interefts of the Governm*, & will always 
bee our aime to ad: with charity and juf- 
tice towards o"" neighbo'"^ as well as others, 
& which we could have the like retaliation 
from them, then fhould wee not bee fo 
often Cenfured & Condemned : 

It cannot but bee admited that you fo 
often repeate the overtures of peace be- 
tweene us & y^ Indyans wrote to you of 
from Pemaquid, as you fay & that unleffe 
the vefTels were d"^. as well as captives 
you fbould not comply on any other termes, 
fince if you will againe perufe o"" Letters 
you will find that the conclufion wee had 
made was a pofitive peace beyond any 
overtures or cefTacdn of Armes, & our 
fending to you, was onely to acquaint 
you, that we had as neighbo''^: & fubjeds 
to one Pr. encluded you if you pleafed, 
and if you had refufed it, upon any nice 
termes not comprehended in the Agreem\ 
wee had made, the prejudice would have 
redounded to your felves, & allthough 
afterwards by a collaterall Agreem^ wee 
got the Ketches to bee encluded, it was 
not becaufe you mentioned you otherwife 

fhould not comply Sec, but out of a defire 
to the publick Good of his Ma"" fubjeds, 
without any private aymes or pretence of 
particular advantage otherwife : 

The which that you may find will bee 
made Good by deeds as well as words, I 
have with the advice of the Councell 
upon the application from M*" Bowditch 
given order for the delivery of the Ketch 
wherein hee is conferned hee giving fecu- 
rity to anfwer what falvage or other 
charges there may be adjudged unto at 
the Go: returne, which you may bee 
confid/ will not bee unreafonable. And 
in any .... elfe fhall not bee wanting 
to continue fr . . . correfpondence with 
o^ neighbo'^ being 
Hoi^i^ S."^ 

Yo."" moft humble Serv.^ 
N. y. Jan. 7. 1677. A. B.^ 

[Council Minutes vol iii. Part II, Page 153.] 

At a Councell June 9, 1677. 

A propofall being made by the Gover- 
nor whether it would bee advifable to 

Anthony Brockholls. 


fend to take PoiTeffion and afTert the 
Dukes Intereft at Pemaquid, & parts 
adjacent Eaftward, according to his Roy" 
H' Pattent or nott, 

Upon confideracdn had thereupon. It 
was thought advifeable fo to do, And 
that if we make Peace with the Indyans 
there the MaiTachufetts to bee comprized 
if they Pleafe. 

All the ffifhermen & old inhabitants 
to be reftored and Protected. 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxvii.] 

To Cap^ Anthony Brockholes & the Reft 
of y^ Councell of y^ Government of 

The Humble Peticdn of William 
Bowditch of Salem in New 
Engl'^ Merch' 


That yo"" Pef being bound for Pema- 
quid in the month of March paft, to 
receive his Ketch, brought there by the 


Indyans, for y^ which he had an Order 
of Councell, he made purchafe from the 
Owners of two other Ketches lying there, 
that had likewife been brought in by the 
faid Indyans, which faid Ketches, if fome 
fpeedy care bee not taken about them 
will be altogether fpoyled & ufelefiTe, 
haveing layd hall'd up in a Creeke all 
this winter, where they are alfo subject 
to the Hazard of being fired, by fome 
malicious Indyan of whome there is too 
much fufpicdn. 

You'' Pet' doth therefore moft humbly 
prai, that hee may have an Order to be 
poiTefft of the f"^ two Ketches, in like 
manner as hee had for the former, & hee 
fhall give fecurity to pay all fuch falvage 
and charges as they fhall be adjudged to 
pay, at the returne of the Governo/ 

And yo"" pet" will ever pay &c. 

[Council Minutes Hi. Part II. 163.] 

At a Councell 2^ Augs^ 1677 

Cap^ Brockholes &;c Lett'' from Pemaquid 

of 12^^ & 13^^ of July read. 

Ordered fending to or feeking the In- 
dyans not allowable, but if they apply & 


fubmitt according to the Inftruccdns to 
bee received, for any Particulars, may 
apply to the Governo'' at New Yorke, for 
w''^ on their Defire to finde them palTage 
in fome of our floops going & returning. 

Orders, and Inftrudlions to bee very 
pundtually and ftridly Obferved particu- 
larly that none on any Pretence whatever, 
doe range or goe into the woods or creeks, 
but to ufe all endeavours to fecure the 
Open Sea Coafts and Iflands as well as 
defend the fFortt. 

To admitt or treat with no p'fons 
whatever but upon all Occafions or appli- 
cacdns to refferr to the Governo at New 

Another Sloope to bee forthw^^ fent 
with y"^ above Orders and a further Supply 
of Stores for the Garrifon. 

The Garrifon being fettled that Cap^ 
Brockholes or Enfigne Knapton bee left 
with fiffty foldiers and the Sloopes Com- 
pany the other OiSc"^' to Come home as 
p*" former Intimacdn in the Governo'' 
Lett' the 26'^ paft. 

Any difference betweene Inhabitants 
and ffifhermen to bee determined by M' 



Jofeline, or other Juftice of the Peace 
but in extraordinary Cafes of great Im- 
port or value y^ commander to be p'^fent, 
and appeale allowed to the Governo' and 
Councell at Yorke if delired according 
to Law. 

[Councell Minutes iii. Part II. 169.] 

At a Councell Sep^ ii^^ 1677. 

Refolved that no Inhabitants bee ad- 
mitted to dwell in his R" H' Territories 
at Pemaquid and parts adjacent. 

The Indyans there upon their fubmis- 
fion admitted and Confirmed to live as 
other Indyans of the Goverm^, they com- 
porting themfelves, and living as they 

The trading place to be at Pemaquid 
& no where elfe. 

All Entryes to bee made att New Yorke 
and no Coafters or Interlopers allow'd 
but if any found to be made prize. 

All Englifh ffifhers to have free liberty 
of ffiihing, they conforming themfelves 
to fuch orders & rules as fhall be given 
for the benefitt of faid ffifhery. 


Liberty of Stages upon the ffiiliing 
Iflands but not upon the Maine except 
at Pemaquid neare the fFortt. 

The Indyans not to goe to y^ ffifhing 

No rum to bee dranke on that fide the 
ffort ftands. 

No man to truft any Indyans. 

At a Councell Sept 27. 1677 

"^ "^ "^ "^ 

Letf' from Pemaquid from M*" Caefar 
Knapton Commander at Pemaquid, & 
the ffrench att S^ Johns, & Penobfcott 

Orders and DireSions for the Commander 
att Pemaquid, 

[Warrants Orders PalTes &c iii. 268.] 

The Indyans late fubmiffion and peace 
with them admitted and allowed and 
comporting themfelves as they ought, to 
have all Juftice, and freedome of living 
neare, converfe and commerfe with us, 
as all other Indyans of the Government 
have and do enjoy. 


Butt to prevent all Inconveniency's or 
occafions of difference, no Indyans to goe 
to the iifliing Iflands, nor Chriftians ad- 
mitted or fuffer'd to inhabit or converfe 
on the Maine, except att Pemaquid under 
protection of the Fort, this winter, or till 
further Order, to which place fupplys are 
and fhall be fent for all partys. 

Traders from Yorke and that bring 
fufRcient clearings from the Cuftome 
houfe according to a6l of Parliament, to 
be admitted to fett up for the prefent 
trading houfes, under command, butt att 
convenient diftance from the Fort, to the 
Landward, fo as a ftreet be left of good 
breadth, diredtly from the Fort to the 
narroweft part of the neck or point of 
land the Fort ftands upon, going to the 
great neck towards New Harbour; and 
if endwife fhould any wayes blind, or hinder 
the fort of the fight or command of the 
water, then faid houfes to be fett broad- 
ways to the faid defigned ftreet, to which 
all Doores to open, and not fuffer'd on 
any other fide or End. 

All trade to be in the faid Street, in or 
afore the houfes, between fun and fun, 


for which the drum to beate, or bell ring 
every morning & evening, and neither 
Indyan nor Chriftian fuffer'd to drinke 
any ftrong drinke, nor lye afhore in the 
night, upon the neck or Point of land 
the Fort ftands upon, & any prefuming 
to the contrary or coming there drunk 
to bee apprehended and punifhed accord- 
ing to his defert, and allfo all Traders not 
giving over, and immediately fhutting 
their doors att faid time and warning. 

No Indyans nor Chriftians to be Ad- 
mitted att any time within the Fort except 
fome few upon occafion of bufinelTe be- 
low, but none to goe up into the Redout, 
nor no manner of trade whattever, upon 
any accompt or pretence whattscever att 
no time in or neare the Fort, butt in the 
above ftreet, upon penalty of forfeiture 
of all such traders Goods and priviledge 
and Corporall punifhment as the cafe may 

Fifhermen giving notice to the Fort, to 
have all Liberty of making their fifh on 
the fifhing Iflands, or neare and under 
the protection of the Fort. 


If Occafion one •or more Conftables to 
be appointed for the fifhing Iflands, and 
Indyans to have equall Juftice and Dis- 

The Duke's floop now fent in the 
King's fervice to remaine there all winter, 
to be conftantly employed on the coaft 
as occafion, and to take and make prizes, 
and bring to the Commander in the Fort, 
any fhall bee found on the coaft contrary 
to the above orders, and the Commander 
to fecure or fend the fame to Yorke as 
occafion, and to take like care thatt the 
orders and regulations be punctually ob- 
ferved neare and under command of the 
Fort, or tranfgreffors duly punifh't. 

The Commander if conveniency, and 
delired, to receive and fecure in the Fort 
the traders beft Goods or Effects, to which 
they may refort att fitting times, and have 
them when occafion. 

Any Trader or other trufting an Indyan 
or Indyans except for dry proviffions, or 
adulterating Rumme or ftrong drinke by 
mixing water or otherwife, to forfet the 
fame to the party trufted or buying, and 
be lyable to further cenfure as the Case 


may require and the forfieture of the re- 
maining part of fuch ftrong Liquor to 
bee to the Commander, fatisfying or pay- 
ing the informer. 

The Indyans if plancks att hand or 
when had, to have an Indyan houfe made 
over the water, where they may refort 
and bee. 

New-Yorke, September the 22*^1677. 
The above by unanimous advice of my 

Councell to bee punctually obferved. 

E. Andross. 

[New-York Colonial MSS. xxvii.] 

At a Councell held in New-Yorke the 
20^^ day of Apr Anno Domini 1678. 
Upon the addreffe & Requeft of M"" 
William Bowditch of Salem in New Eng- 
land Merch.^ fetting forth his having 
purchafed two Ketches from their Owners, 
the which were brought into Pemaquid 
by the Indyans upon the Agreement of 
Peace made the latter end of the Sumer, 
& hee defiring an order for their deliver- 
ing unto him tendring fecurity to pay 
falvage or other Charges they may be 
lyable unto. 


The fame being taken into Confidera- 
c6n, together with the great damage the 
faid Ketches are like to fuftaine by lyeing 
longer in the condicdn they are, 

Ordered That they bee delivered unto 
the faid M"" Bowditch or whom he fhall 
appoint to receive them together with 
their Appurtenances hee giving fecurity 
here, to pay or make good what falvage, 
or other charges the faid Ketch fhall bee 
Lyable to & adjufted to pay by the Go : 
at his Returne. The which Capt Caefar 
Knapfon the Coinander at Fort Charles 
is hereby defired forthwith to give order 
& caufe to bee done 

By order of the Councell. 

Letter from Lieut Gov.Brockholls to Capt Knapton 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxvii.] 

N. Yorke. June 7. 1678 

CapT Knapton. 

S'. Yo'' of the 2^^ of the laft month 
came to my hands the begining of this 
weeke at the arrivall of Hermanns Sloope 


who brought Corp" Caren Tho : Mathews 
and C Roades with him : 1 am forry for 
the misfortune of the former The D""' 
extraordinary care of him deferves a Re- 
quital Matthews I foon comitted to the 
hole in the Fort, (who had rec4 his merritt 
if you had imediately run him through 
upon the affront given you) & Roades hath 
taken PofTeffion of the State houfe whofe 
Infolence & Impudence is beyond compare 
hee ftanding ftill in his Juftificacdn, though 
hee hath very little to fhew for him felfe 
to beare him out, If hee were at Bofton 
probably they would truffe him up, but 
I thinke it will bee beft to keepe both the 
one & the other in durance untill the Go: 
returne (which wee daily expedl,) when 
they may bee made Examples : I hope 
hee will approve of what wee haue done 
in ordering the delivery of the Ketches 
to M'^ Bowditch upon fecurity, however 
wee think wee haue done for the beft, & 
that without any finifter end. 

The newes hee brought you of letf' 
from the Go : & a Packet in M' Taylers 
hands for New Yorke was very true, & it 
arrived here from thence in little time, 



by Tho : Lewis floope who was then there 
& ready to come away : 

The Go: Letters were dated ffeb. lol'^ 
The fhip he went in gott, in 23 dayes, 
to the foundings off the lands end where 
the wind proving contrary, they put in to 
Ireland from thence went to Milford 
Haven in Wales fo over land to London 
where they arrived the 5^^ of January, 

There were great Rumo/' & prepara- 
c6ns for a warre with France, The K 
propofing to y^ Parliam/ to have a fupply 
for the maintenance of ninty Capitall 
Shipps, & thirty or forty thoufand foldyers. 

The Go : was knighted & difpatch't 
away for Guernfey, there to make but 
little ftay to returne in order to his coming 
back hither but when hee writte hee had 
effected nothing of the bufineffe hee went 
about, in Eng^ fo knew not what delayes 
hee may haue mett with fince. There was 
little more of Newcs he writte about. 
Wee have not yet any certaine newes of 
the warre being broken out, though more 
than propable it is, yet Letters from Engl 
of Mar : 26. fay no warre then. As for a 
fupply of men you mention in lieu of 


thofe that are dead & that you now fend, 
Truly wee are not in a condicon to doe it 
but expert the Go : will bring recruites 
both for yo"" & us too, as wee fhall bee ill 
provided ag'5 an Enemy wee have fitted 
up the Fort pretty well, with new platt- 
formes 8c carriages, w'^^ were much out 
of repaire. The Mayo*" & Aldermen are 
employing their Companyes of the train 
band about their Fortifications : 

The Agreement of Peace made by the 
Gents of Pifcataway & the Indyan Sachems^ 
between them 8c the weft fide of Kinne- 
beck River I think is a good piece of 
worke, for that it will remove the appre- 
henfions you had of them before : 

The Articles you fent, as alfo the exa- 
minacdns and other papers about Roades 
8c Alden, I fhall referve for y^ Go : 

It feemes the Pinnace had better keep 
there ; the f'^ floope that was out a Cruifing 
8c Lieut Sharpe did well in bringing the 
Ketch 8c Roades into Pemaquid, their 
trading there being exprefle ag.'^ the Go : 
orders : The matter is well knowne here 
having loft a good Ketch formerly to the 
Dutch 8c had this given him in Exchange 


(as I am informed) when hee comes, wee 
fhall heare what hee will fay in his Jufti- 
ficacdn, but I admire hee fhould run fuch 
a hazard & fuiFer himfelfe to bee deceived 
by fuch an Impofto' as Roads : hee him- 
felfe being likewife a Mem*? where Roads 
was condemned to bee hanged for Piracy, 
fo that I thinke hee will have but little 
thankes from the brethren, to joyne in- 
tereft with fuch a cheate. 

It was kindly done of Madackowando 

to give you the notice of their a 

trading : 

As for M' Sturts Informacdn hee did 
neither wifely nor civilly in it, however 
the matter being paft & hee expreffing 
his being troubled for it, I fhall paffe it 
by without faying more of it, but hee may 
bee advifed for the future not fo bufily to 
intermedle in other peoples bufinefs. 

Thus having as neare as may bee 
anfwered the particulars of yo"" letter, I 
remaine S' 

Yo' humble Servant 
N. Y. June 7/^ 1678. 


Order for the Jur render of a Ketch. 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxvii.] 

At a Councell &:c June: 12. 1678 

The Councell 

M' May . . . 
& Delavall. 

The occalion of meeting was the Arrivall 
of M"^ John Alden of Bofton, whofe cafe 
& Examinacdn had beene returned here 
before the Comander from Pemaquid, His 
Ketch' having beene feized upon in St 
Georges River to the Eaftward, by order 
of the f'^ Comander for trading in thofe 
parts with the Indyans or others, contrary 
to the order of this Governm^; 6c fhee 
lyeing thereupon under arreft together 
with her cargoe at Pemaquid, 

Whereunto the f*^ M*^ Alden pleading 
Ignorance of the f^ order, & beleiving not 
to have infringed the fame fuppofing thofe 
parts where hee had traded & then was in, 
were without the bounds of his R : H'. 
patent, & within the conqueft made by 

' From a rough draft of thefe minutes, with that from which this 
was copied, it appears that this veflel was named the Guift, of Bofton. 


the duke upon the French in thofe parts, 
in the yeare 1674. As hee was informed 
by John Roades, who hee had hired to 
bee with him as being knowne in thofe 
parts & acquainted with the trade and was 
one of thofe that accompanyed the Duke 
privateer in that Expedicdn, The f^ M' 
Alden likewife reprefenting the great lofTe 
hee had formerly fufteyned in the late 
Dutch warre together w^^ his great charge 
at home & innocence farre from prefump- 
tion in y^ he had aded, Therefore defir- 
ing the favo' of the Councell that hee 
might haue his Ketch & Cargoe reftored 
unto him : 

Upon Confideracdn had of the Cafe 8c 
the good character of the p'ty it is ordered, 
That the f'^ Ketch & Cargoe now under 
arreft at Pemaquid as aforef'^ bee delivered 
back to the f*^ John Alden or his order 
(the which C. Caefar Knapton Comander 
of ffort Charles in Pemaquid is defired 
to fee done upon receit hereof) Hee the 
f'^ John Alden having given fecurity of 
240^^ for the paym^ of 120^^ here if at the 
Go : returne fhee fhall be Condemned a 
Prize for breach of the Order afoer men- 


cdned : the f^ fume of 120"" being by 
Merch^^ adjudged to bee the value of the 
f'^ Ketch & Cargoe. 

By Order of the Councell 

Letter from Lt Gov Brockhols to C Knapton 

July V 1678. 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxvii.] 

Having rec") a letter from Cap^. Salif- 
bury of the 24.^^ paft, concerning fome 
preparacdns & intended defignes of the 
Maques ag? their Ennemyes, I was willing 
to advertize you of it, by this opportunity 
of Gabriell Thompfons goeing to Bofton, 
(who hath promift to take care of the con- 
veyance of this to you.) 

I the rather give you this intelligence 
being informed that the Vnnagoungos 
are the Indyans neare yo*" parts, which if 
fo, probably yo"" giving them notice to bee 
upon their Guards, will lay fome obligacdn 
of friendfhip upon them, the which you 
may advize with M' Jocelyn about and 
accordidgly a6i: therein : 


Wee are all well here, but no farther 

newes from the Go : yet, nor of any cer- 

ta'ty of Peace or Warre. Having nothing 

more tocomunicate I take leaue & remaine, 

S^ Yo'' friend & Serv^. 

A Copie of that pt of Co Salifburyes 
letf relating thereunto I have fent 

here inclofed the rather &c. 

My Service to Mr Jocelyn.' 
... Nicolls defires his may beej July i'^ 1678: 
... refented to y^ both. 

Council Orders relating to Pemaquid. 

[Council Minutes vol iii. Part II. Page i8o.] 

At a Councell held in New Yorke 
Auguft the 23^^ 1678. 

The Affaires of Pemaquid being taken 
into coniideracdn — Refolved That the 
former orders fent there relating either to 
Chriftian or Indyan doe continue in force 
untill the Spring, as farre weftward as 
Blacke Point when his Hon' the Governour 
to goe there and take order about the Set- 
tlem^ of Planters or Inhabit^' trade and all 


other matters of which notice is to bee 
given or in the meane time, any others 
may apply as occafion at New Yorke. 

That no Indyan Trade bee admitted 
at Pemaquid but from and to this place 
to prevent Inconvenience. 

That the Garrifon Officers and Souldy? 
doe continue in y'^ ffiDrt there untill the 
Spring Except Sicke or unfitt perfons de- 
iiring it, fhall have Leave to Come away. 

A Speciall Commijfwn to the Court of 
Seffions att Pemaquid for the Try all of 
/[real Dymond and John I^afhly About 
the Drowneing of Sarril Collins. 

[Orders Warrants &c xxxiii.] 

S' Edmund Andros. 
Kn^. &c. To Enfigne Thomas Sharpe 
Commander att Pemaquid John Joflyne 
Efq"^ Juftice of the peace in Quorum, M' 
John Dollin M'' Lawrance Dennis and 
M"". John Jourdaine Juftices of the Peace 
Greeting Whereas upon Informacdn that 
Ifrael Dymont and John Rafhly Stand 



Committed about the Drowneing of Sa- 
muel Collins from on board the Ketch 
Cumberland Whereof the faid Dymont 
was Mafter in yo*" parts, To the end that 
they may be braught to their faire and 
Legall Tryall and Juftice Duly Admini- 
ftered, I doe hereby Appoint Authorize 
and Impower you at yo"" next or vfuall 
Court of Seflions to be holden att Pema- 
quid aforefaid to Call before you the Per- 
fons of the faid Ifrael Dymont and John 
Raflily and them upon Such Indid:m^ 
p'fenm^j or Complaint, that fhall be Ex- 
hibited on faid matter to heare try and 
Examine, and fuch Judgm^, or Sentance 
to pronounce and Declare thereupon as 
the Law in Such Cafes Diredls, and to 
caufe the fame to be Duly Executed ac- 
cordingly And for foe Doeing this fhall 
be yo' fufficient warr" and Difcharge. 
Given under my hand and Sealed w^^the 
Scale of the Prouince &c Dated the 6 :^^ 
of January : 1680. 

Council Orders relating to Pemaquid, 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxix.] 

At a Councell &c. June 24^^, 1680. 

Ordered, That fome perfons bee ap- 
pointed to goe from hence to Pemaquid, 
for holding Co'^'. 

That in their way they call in at ffifhers 
Ifland, the Governm^ whereof is to bee 
afferted, & that a Conftable bee appointed 
there. They are likewife to put in at 
Martins Vineyard & Nantucket, that fitt 
Magiftrates may be elected & confirmed 
there & that they be required to fend one 
of their former number hither, to anfwer 
their negledl in not making due returnes 
of their Elections the laft Yeare. 

Blanck Civill Comiffions for Martins 
Vineyard & Nantuckett. 

Military Comiffions for Pemaquid. 

June 26. Saggadock magiftrates or offic*^^ 
to continue, the Co*"^ to try onely for 40' 
inftead of 5^*" formerly granted them. 

ffifhermen to come to Pemaquid yearly 
to renew their Engagen% & not to fplitt 
or fling out their Gurry, or to trade with 


the Indyans to the prejudice of the fifhery 
& hazard of thofe parts 

Capt Knapton & M' Weft to haue 
comiflion to jcine with the Co'^ there. 

Land to bee given out indifferently to 
thofe that fhall come & fettle, but no trade 
to bee at any other place than Pemaquid 
& none at all with the Indyans as formerly 

The Juftice alone or any two of the 
Commifhon''^ or Afiiftants to haue per- 
miffion (out of Co""^) to judge of any cafe 
or trefpaffe under the fume of ^o\ 

At a Councell &c June 25, 1680. 
Prefent the Gov & Councell.^ 

"^ "^ ^ 


C. Knapton, to goe to Pemaquid 
The Go'^ fpeech to the Indyans when 


M' Jocelyn a comiflion to bee Juftice 

' From a rough draft full of crafures and interlineations. 


M"" Potter Laurence Durrie, & Richard 
Redding to be Comiffion'' & Affift'' in 
the Co'^' of feffions, to try to 20'^ Co'^ 

A Comiffion for the Juftices &c. 

Appeal to the Affize 
Sagadock Magiftrates are... to continue 
the Co'^ to try only for 40' in ftead of 5'^ 
formerly granted them. 

Land to be given out indifferently to 
thofe that fhall fettle but no trade but at 
Pemaquid & none at all with the Indyans 
as formerly ordered. 

All ffifhermen to come to Pemaquid 
yearly to renew their engagem^. and not 
to fplitt or fling out their Gurry on y'' 
fifhing ground or to trade with the Indyans 
to the prejudice of the fifhery & hazard 
thofe pts. 

C. Knapton & Mr Weft to haue 
coinifdns to joyne with the Co^^ there. 

The Juftice alone or any 2, comifflon'' 
to have power to judge of any cafe un- 
der 4.0' 

* ^ ^ ^ 


A Commiffion to Capi Caefar Knapton 
and M' John Weft to bee Jujtices att 

[General Entries xxxii, 92.] 

S'' Edmund Andros Knl &c By vertue 
of his Ma"f Letters pattents and the Com- 
miffion and Authority unto mee given 
under his Royall HighneiTe I doe hereby 
in his Ma"" name Conftitute & Appoint 
you Cap^ Caefar Knapton and M"" John 
Weft to bee Juftices of the peace at Pe- 
maquid and dependences Giving you full 
power & Authority to ad: as Juftices of 
the peace according to Law, and former 
practice; And all perfons whom it may 
concerne are Stridlly Charged and Required 
to give you due Refped: and obedience 
accordingly Given under my hand and 
feale of y'' Province this 26^^' day of June 
in the 32^^ yeare of his Ma"" Raigne 
Annoq Dominj 1680 

A Commijfion for Henry Joceline Ejcf 

to bee a Jufttce of the Peace in Quorum 

tS'c to bee Juftices at Pemaquid. 

S*" Edmund Andros Kn^. &c By vertue 

of his Ma"? Letters Pattents and the Com- 


miffion and Authority unto mee given 
under his Royall HighnefTe I doe hereby 
in his Ma"" name Conftitute and Appoint 
you Henry Joceline, Efq"" to bee Juftice 
of the Peace in Corum and you M"" John 
Dollen M'^ Laurence Dennis M"^ Richard 
Redding & Comander of Pen to bee 

Juftices of the peace together with the 
Comander of Pemaquid for the time being 
to bee a Court of Sefdons to bee held in 
Pemaquid for the Jurisdiccdn thereof 
Giving you or any of you (whereof the 
Juftice of the peace in Corum or Com- 
ander to bee one) full power and Autho- 
rity to keepe a Court and to ad: according 
to Law and former pradife. And all per- 
fons whom it may concerne are ftridly 
Charged and Required to give you due 
refped: and obedience accordingly This 
Commiffion to bee of force for the fpace 
of one whole yeare from the date hereof 
and till renewed Given under my hand 
and Scale of the Province in New Yorke 
this 26^^ day of June in the 32^^ yeare 
of his Ma"" Raigne Anno q Dominj 1680. 

Council Orders relating to Pemaquid. 

[New-York Colonial MSS. xxix.] 

N. Y. At a Councell &c Sept 14, 1680. 

Pres^ The Go: & CouQcell~&c 
C Knapton 
M^ Weft. 

Pemaquid affaires by C Knapton & 
M'^ Weft 

Izrael Dymont & John Rafhly; ques- 
tioned at y"" .... orders there held 4^^ Aug. 
laft~for drowning Sam Collins & being 
aboue their Cognifance &c referred to Next 
Co'^ in Pem & ordered to have a Coiriif- 
fion fent there to this purpofe. 

Walter Moore &c 

Henry Palmer— Dep^~for Debt 
An order of Co" ferved 
The Co'^ to bee the laft Wednefday in 
Tune & firft in No'. The next Co'^ in June. 
Severall ord'' paft read, figned by M"" Weft 
Clarke. & Lre to Juftice Jordan &c 

To write to Pemaquid that what is done 
is approved of & about the Maques that 
they are forbid, & that they fhould do the 
like by their Indyans, not to goe out one 
ag^ y*" other to warre 

A Letter to Enfigne Sharpe att Pemaquid 

[Orders Warrants &c xxxii^-.] 

Septemb'" y' 15^^ 1680. 

Eniigne Sharpe 

Yours by Cap''. Knapton received I have 
fent you by this bearer thirty pounds in 
mony which I would haue you with the 
advice of Cap^ Redding Lay out on a 
good Sailing Shallop. 

That may be for the forte or Publikue 
Vfe theire but Suppofe you may light on 
one Cheaper. I heare things at preiTent 
are well and in good Ord"" and hope you 
will fo Continue Take Care to keepe the 
plattforme in the fort in good repaire 
w^^ I judge you may doe by Wattering 
or throwing ftuife or Earth thereupon 
P'^fuming that noe ordinary weight Cann 
P'judice it I haue alfoe fent you fupplyes 
* * * for as p'' inclofled Invoice, And am 

Yo*" Affectionate friend 
E. A. 


A Letter to Af Jujtice Jordaine att Richmond 
If land ncre Cafkobay. 

[Orders Warrants &c xxxiii.] 

New Yorke the 15^^ of Septemb' 1680 

M' Juftice Jourdaine, 

Cap^ Knapton and M' Weft being ar- 
rived have Given me an account of their 
adiings Eaftv^ard and yo' particuler well 
faire which I fhall alwayes Endeavour, 
and to that end doubt not of you"" redy- 
neiTe to performe and execute the truft 
in yo" repofed as Settled not apprehending 
any alteracon or inovacon of Governm^ 
butt may aiTure yo'^felfe that each perfon 
in Authority difcharging their duty fhall 
have all Juft protedlion and Encouragm^, 
and be Endemnified accordingly I have 
taken care to prevent Mahakes incuflons 
by forwarning faid Mahakes warring with 
our Indyans and now fend like ordr^ for 
o'' faid Indyans w''^ I doubt not will be 
obferved however aught not to bee Care- 
leffe I fhall not bee wanting in my duty 
in Every refpedl and as occafion lett you 
heare from me of which you are not to 


faile on your parts and w^^ Commendations 
to others authorized in your parts w^^ you 
Remaine : 

Your Affectionate friend 
E. A. 

Order for re/training Indian Hoftilities, 

[Ordcrr Warrants &c xxxii^.] 

The Governo'^ ord' to be Declared to 
the Indyans att Pemaquid fent to the 
Commander and Magiftrates there 

The Governo/ hath fent to forbid the 
Mahakes and doth lett you know you muft 
not warr upon each other being within 
and of the Governm^. But whereas many 
partyes may be out you will doe well 
Carefully to looke out and avoyd all fur- 
prifes till you be AiTertained all are returned 
home and things Quiett and Well. The 
Cheifeft Sachems to be fent for and the 
aboue ord'" Signified to them after w""^ to 
give then Something more then they could 
Deferve for Comeing fuch a Journey. 

Sep^^: y^ 15'^ 1680. 
E A. 

A Letter to Enfigne Sharpe. 

[Orders Warrants &c xxxii^.] 

New Yorke y^ i5^\ Septemb' 1680. 

Enfigne Sharpe. 

I have by M' Wells and one writt by 
M"" Weft anfwered your' of the 7^^ Inftant 
except what relates to M'' Joflyne whom 
I would have you ufe with all fitting ref- 
pedl Confidering what he hath been and 
his age, And if he Defire and fhall build 
a houfe for himfelfe to lett him Choofe 
any lott and pay him ten pound towards 
it or if he fhall Defire to hyre foe to live 
by him felfe then to Engage and pay the 
rent either of which fhall be allowed you 
in yo*^ account as alfoe fufficient provifion 
for himfelfe and wife as he fhall Defire 
out of the Stores letting me know p' this 
returne how hee defires it or what, that 
I may Settle it. Commendations to M'' 

I remaine, 

Y0I AfFedtionate friend 
E. A. 


A Commijfion for Cap^ ffrands Skinner 
to be Command^ att Pemaquid and 
Parts Eaftward.', 

[Orders Warrants &c. xxxii^.] 

By the Comander in Chiefe 

I doe hereby Conftitute and appoint you 
Cap^ ffrancis Skinner to be Command' att 
Pemaquid and Parts Eaftward under the 
Governm^. of his Roy" Highneffe you are 
therefore to take Care that the Militia in 
the feverall Places be well armed Duly 
Exercifed and Kept in good ord'. and 
Difcipline and the officers and fould's 
thereof are Required to obey you as their 
Command*^, and yo'^felfe to obferve fuch 
ord''s and Direccons as you fhall from time 
to time Receive from me or other yo'' fu- 
periour Officers according to the Rules 
and Difcipline of Warr and the truft 
Repofed you Given und'^ my hand and 
Scale in New Yorke this 30^^ of Auguft 

A. B. 


InftruSions for Cap^' Ffr ana's Skinner 
Commander att Pemaqutd. 

[Orders Warrants &c. xxxiii.] 

Att yo' Arrivall att Pemaquid you are 
to Demand of the Prefent Command/ 
and take pofTeffion of the Garrifon or 
fforte there and to take into yo'. Charge 
Care and Management the Sould" there- 
unto Belonging and for them to Provide 
and furnifli all Due Provilions and necesa- 
ryes as formerly. 

You are Likewife to take an Exad: ac- 
count of all Stores and Ammunition as 
you fhall find there and send me an account 
thereof and what Condicdn you finde the 
place in and of yo' voyage thither. 

You are to be verry Carefull to Prevent 
any Diforders or Trouble amongst Indians 
and others and to fee that they be Civilly 
vfed as formerly and that the ord'' about 
Regulateing the trade and ffifhery be 

You are to keep Due account of all 
Dilburfm^' for the fforte or Souldiers or 
othear publique Charge, and fend the fime 
to me with an account of yo' Proceedings 


and adings from time to time by all Con- 
venient Oppertunity 

Given und' my hand in New Yorke 
the 30'^ Day of Auguft 1681. 

A B. 

Letter from Lieut Gov. Brockholls to 
Enfign Sharpe. 

[Orders Warrants &c xxxiij.] 

New Yorke Augi: the 30'^ 1681. 

Enfigne Thom. Sharpe. 

I have herewith for yo"" Reliefe fent 
Cap^: Skinner to be Command' for Pe- 
maquid and Parts Eaftward You are 
therefore to Deliver up the Garrifon and 
Sould's now und' yo"" Command to him 
and by the firft Oppertunity Repaire 
heither which will be neceffary as foone 
as pofjRble M' Wells Being Goeing for 
England that you fettle yo"" accounts with 
him before his Departure. 

Yo : AfFedionate ffriend 
A: B: 


ExtraS from a letter of Lieut Gov. 
Brockholls, to the Governor^ dated New 
York Sept: ly'^, 1681. 

[Orders Warrants &c xxxii^.] 
# * * # 

What men are Left I Continue att 
Pemaquid Severall Being Deaed and Ap- 
prehenfions of Trouble w^^ the Indians. 
Cannot more LefTen the Garrifon there, 
But haue fent to Releiue Sharpe that he 
may make up his accounts with M"" Wells 
Before his Departure for England which 
is Intended with my Lady in the Beaver 
who Judge will be Ready to Saile about 
a month this time. 

■^ "^ W 

Articles of Ajfociation for the Settlement 
of a town upon Sheepscot liiver. 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxxiv.] 

Att a Meeting att M' Robert Gibbers 
Houfe att ffort hill in Bofton Held this 
nintenth Day of Aug^^ in y^ thirty fourth 
yeare of y*^ Reigne of our Souerigne Lord 
Charles y*" Second by y^ grace of God of 


England Scotland ffrance and Ireland 
King, Defender of y"" ffaith : & Annoq 
Chrifty: 1682 WittnefTeth; That whereas 
there was a neck of Land Suruaide & a 
towne Laid out vpon y'' Said necke Gene- 
rally knowne & called by y*" name of 
Mafons & Jewtts neck Lieing & beeing 
in Shipscutte Riuer,& a townefhip bounded 
to y^ faid towne ; y"" ffourth Day of July 
Extent by Sq"" Joflinge Juftis In Corrum 
with feurall other of y^ fformer Inhabit- 
ance of faid Riuer in Company with y^ 
faid Juftis as Afforefaid ; therefore it 
was thought nefficary & Conuaeniant ffor 
y^ proppigatting & Bennifitt of Said towne 
& townefhipe & ffor y^ privilidges theirof 
to call this Meeting where was Mett 
feuerall of y^ fformer proprieto'' : & In- 
habitance with their AfTociats whofe 
names are vnderneath Subfcribed who 
Did Joyntly Bind themfelues to ftand to 
seuerall Articles of Agreement ffor y^ 
fettelling and Sittuating of faid towne & 
townefhipe for y^ good & Bennififhall 
Aduancement theirof ; theirfor to that 
purpofe this Couenant & Agreement is 
Drawne; & is Affearmed with y^ hand 



& feale of Euery perfon heare p'efent y^ 
Artickles ffolloweth, Viz. 

Imp's. Firft. Itts: thought nefficery 
that Euery fforemer Inhabitante properia- 
to"^ Scowne"" of any Lands Medowgrounde 
& fait or ffrefh with all their fformer 
priuilidges wrights or tittalles in any wife 
whatsoeuer of their former Rights Into 
y^ fforefaid townefhipe ffor y^ ffuter good 
& bennifitt theirof muft & fhall bee 
throwne Into faid townefhipe y^ ffruitt 
trees barnes houfing & fFencing ftuff only 
to bee Excepted but all other priuilidges 
of any perfon or perfons whatsoeuer muft 
& fhall belonge to faid townefhip as aboue 
is fpefified. 

Secondly. Itts ffurther Agreed that 
Euery perfon & perfones whatsoeuer that 
Intend, to Settell build plant & Mannuer 
in y^ faid towne thus Laid out & Suruayed 
fFor that Intent muft & fhall Repaire to 
y^ faid neck of Land or towne as affore 
menfhoned : to make preperration ffor 
their fettelling & building of faid towne 
twelue mounths Affter the twenty ninth 
Day of September Infuing y^ Date of thefe 
p'^efents in y'^ yeare t68;^ ; y^ 29: Day of 


Septembe'" beeing y^ ffirtheft tim Ap- 
poynted According to Agreement vpon 
y^ fforfituer & penelty of Loufing all their 
Wrights & tittells to or of any part or 
parlell of faid tovvne or townefhipe Ex- 
cept fuch properiaters Children that are 
att prentis or not att agg^ : then to Man- 
nuer & pofTefs their Lotts : when Layd 
out p"" Men which muft & fhall bee 
Chofen p'' y^: Towne fFor that Intent & 

Thirdly. Itts fFurther Agreed that their 
fliall bee a fpelliall & fpeedy order taken 
that their may bee a Conueniante place 
as a tracSt of Land Laid out for A Miniftree 
with a Conueniant place to fett a meeting 
houfe to y'' beft aduantage for y^ towne 
& allfo that wee may haue a minifter of 
our owne ffree choyce & fuch a man as 
y^ Mager parte of y^ towne fhall Like & 
Approue of iTbr that End. 

ffourthly, Itts fTurther Concluded that 
as fone as any Men that haue fubfcribed 
their hands & feales to thefe p'^efents fliall 
or may come to Make way fTor bulding 
or fettelling they may & fhall haue iTree 
Leaue & Lycence to Lay out & bound 


their home Deuifhones that Lyes near y^ 
towne without Any hendrance or Diftur- 
bance of or by any perfon or perfons 
whatfoever ; moreouer it is Agreed that 
noe perfon nor perfons whatfoeuer fhall 
buld any vefells fmall or great Cutt or 
Gary away any timber fpeares ffencing 
ftuffe hay thache or any other Marchendyes 
out of faid towne or townfhipe without 
y^ Leaue Licence & Approbaccdn of faid 
towne Inhabitance then & their fettelled. 
ffifthly. Itts Likewife Agreed that all 
fuch perfones that fhall or may firft fettell 
& are their Reddy to Improue their lotts 
as ffencing & working ffor y'' Improue- 
ments of Said home Lotts Shall & may 
haue free Liberty & Licence to Lay out 
8c bound their out Deuifhons for their 
beter Aduantage & fforwarding of their 
Improuements without any hendrance or 
Difturbance of any perfon or perfones 
whatfoever & Euery mans Lotts fhall be 
Equally Deuided euery manes equall pro- 
portion of Vplands & meadow both frefh 

6c fait with all other toune fhall fee 

it ffor y^ faid towne 


Sixtly. Itts flFurther Agreed that euery 
man both houfe keepers & fingell perfones 
att y*" Agge of iixtene yeares ; muft & 
fhall prouide three pounds of good powder 
with twelve pounds of Lead bullet & 
Swann fhot : ffor a towne Store & allfo 
to keep a good ffier Loke mufcet or 
ffowling gonne all to bee Redy for a ftoke 
to preuent y"" heathen or a forrin Inuafhon: 
& to haue two Sufficient men Chofen for 
that end to fee euery man fo provided 
according to order. 

Seuenthly. Itts Likewife ffirther Agreed: 
that noe perfon nor perfones muft not 
neither fhall they nor any of them bold 
any dwelling houfe or Caufe it to bee bult 
in Any part of y^ townefhipe but only 
vpon that neck of Land Layed out & 
furuayed for that End & purpofe vntill 
fuch time as y^ towne fhall fee it meete 
& fitt & that it may bee ffor y^ Aduanc- 
ment & benefitt of y^ AfFore menfhoned 
towne & tounefhip According to Agree- 

Lightly. Itts Likewife ffurther Con- 
cluded that Euery Inhabitant of faid 


Towne & townefhip muft & {hall haue 
free Liberty & Licence without any Dif- 
turbance or Moleftation of any perfon or 
perfones whatfoever to tranfport any tim- 
ber planke fpeares pip ftaues or any other 
prouifhon or Marchandize whatfoeuer 
with any vefell or vefells great or fmall 
to any porte or ports that are ffree as 
Bofton or Els where without paying any 
Dutyes or Cuftomes in Efpefhall maner 
y^ grauth of our owne Country; where 
wee Inhabit. 

Ninthly. Itts moreover Agreed vpon 
ffurther Confiderations that Euery An- 
fhant & fformer properriator that haue 
any Children Allredy borne ; that it is 
ffreely graunted that any of thofe Children 
fhall haue as free Liberty Leaue & Licence 
to Come Into faid towne or townefhip 
of Shipscutt Riuer & haue Lotts Layd out 
for them by the feled: men Chofen for 
that purposs of all Lands medow ground 
& all other priuilidges whatfoever without 
paying any Sumpfhan of mony or moneyes 
worth or any other grattuity whatfoeuer 
but fhall bee as free Denisenes as any of 


thefe allredy fettelled ; allfo that euery 
former owner Mannuerer or propriato"" 
may & fliall haue ffree Libertye Leaue & 
Licence to Remoue take offe or fell all 
or any of their ffruit trees garden ftufF 
houling barn timber or other hewed timb"" 
planke bords ffencing ftuffe & Like except 
it bee y^ timber now growing in or vpon 
y"^ towne or townefhipe y^ towne or 
townsmen Agreeing to' this, that then 
y^ faid Walter Phillips Jenier fhall & will 
agree to & with y^ faid towne & towns- 
men vpon all fFuter Affeares & ftand to 
what they may now or hereafter Acd:. 
in y"" fforefittuer & penality of Loufing 
all his former propriateyes within y^ Li- 
mites of faid townefhipe as he fhall At- 
teftie by fubfcribing his hand to this Laft 
Artickle to that end & purpofs. 

Tenthly & Laftly. Itts moreouer Agreed 
that all thofe men that haue Subfcribed 
their hands & feales to all thefe aboue 
Menfhoned Artickles Made y^ 19 Day of 
Auguft 1682 as aboue may & fhall haue 
their ffree Liberty & Licence Ether them 
ore fom of them or y^ Mager part of them 


att publick Meeting Appoynted for that 
purpofe to make Choyce of take in or 
Incuridge any Refponfabell Credable or 
Benyfifhall man or men of Craftfmen 
Merchants or y^ Like without any Deniall 
hcndrance or Moleftafhon : & ffor y'' Ma- 
nifeftation & Confirmation of all & Euery 
of y^ Aboue fpecified Artickles wee haue 
all Joyntly & feuerally hearvnto Subfcribed 
our Hands & Sedles y*" Day & yeare ffirft 
Aboue Righten Regny Regis Carilus 

As Atteft. Vpon a ffurther Confidera- 
tion beefore Signed & Sealed it is Intended 
that Euery perfon & perfons y^ now doe 
or at any time or times heareaffter fhall 
Manneur & Settell y'' Aboue faid towne 
& townefhipe muft & fhall Enioy all & 
euery parte & perfill of faid towne & 
towneftiipe to fay y^ wholl PremifTes & 
bounds thereof to bee free Lands to bee 
Enioyed by vs & to vs to our heires ffor 
Euer without any hendrance difturbance 
or Moleftation in any wife whatfoeuer by 
any perfon or perfons Except it fhould 
bee Inuaded by a forrin nafhun & Deferted 


by all y'' Inhabitance as aboue iliall bee 
& now is Confirmed as p' our hands & 




ROBERT SCOTT his -I- marke 

his R marke CALEB RAY 

JOHN WHIT hir marke 

his -I-marke. DAUID RANSFORD 
DANIEL GENTT his I marke 

his (-( marke 

Allowed by me; 30^^ August 1682. 
Henry Towlyn Jus in . . . 

Thefe within Articles Recorded in the 
Book of Records at Pemaquid and Exa- 
mined by me 

W ^ Short CI : Sefs. 

We whos Names are vnder written Doe 
Teftify vpon oath y^ we faw Henry Tow- 
lyn Efq"^ Juftis in quo Sign this within 
mentioned Artickles with his own hand 
as wittnes our hands 

CHRISTO DYE Conftable 



Thefe three men are now Sworn at 
New Dartmouth this i6^^ Day of Septem- 
ber 1684. Before me 

Giles Goddard Juft in quo 

A Letter From Cap^ Brockbolh to Juftice 
Jofline att Pemaquid^ New Yorke 
Augujt 24.'^ 1682-. • 

[Orderr Warrants &c xxxiii.] 


In Anfwer to yo's of the ly^^: July 
I am Glad to heare of the Settlement of 
yo'' Partes which muft be Encouraged and 
is Left to your Mannagment with the 
advife of the Commander and thofe in 
Place According to the Regulacdns and 
Orders given by the Governo'', which ftill 
Remaine in Force and muft be Attended 
and Obferved accordingly The number of 
Perfons you mencon will add much to 
the ftrength and trade of the Country 
which Shall Endeavour to Supporte the 
Proper plans for Settleml You are beft 
Acquainted with Therefore Left to you 


as Aforefaid to Order the Laying out 
what wrott by Caftine is of noe Importe 
you Knowing the Extent of his Roy^^ 
High' Limitts which muft be Maintained 
according to his Pattent 

Have nothing of news butt Dayly Ex- 
pected from England all well here my 
Refped:s to yo"" felfe and Wife is the only 
needfuU att p'fent from 

Yo' Affectionate ffriend 
A. B. 

Commijfion for Settling the Duke of York's Title. 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxxiv.] 

Coll Tho. Dongan Liev^ Gov' and 
Vice Admirall under his Royall 
High'' of New Yorke & Dependen- 
cyes in America. 

By virtue of the authority Derived unto 
me I do hereby Conftitute and appoint 
you, Enfigne Thomas Sharp John Allen 
Efq. Juftices of the peace M'' Richard 
Pattishall M"" Alex'^ Waldrop M' Thomas 


Gyles or any three of you to be Commis- 
fioners for the fettling his Royall Highne' 
territoryes between the River Kenebeck 
and S^ Croix Giving you full power and 
authority to a6l as commifiioners and to 
confult make rules and orders for the good 
and wellfare of the faid places and Go- 
vernment and to call to question and 
punifh all offenders according to law and 
pradtife and all perfons whom it may 
concerne are ftridily charged & required 
to give you due refpedl & obedience ac- 
cordingly .... 

Affidavits Concerning Indian Hojtilities. 

[New-York Colonial MSS. xxxi.] 

Jan 28. 1683. 

James Dennes aged 26 yeares or thare 
about and now lining in Kenebeck Riuer, 
and Being a fubjedl true to our Souraigne 
lord the King and hearing the Ingans 
threatning the Einglifh 

This deponant faith that he hard the 
Ingans fay one that is counted a Captaine 


amonge them he faid, that his hart would 
neuer Be well tell he had killd fome of 
the Einglifh againe and threatening that 
he would Burne the Englifh houfes and 
make the Englifh Slaues to them as they 
ware Before. Seuerall times Before this 
Ingen which was called By the Englifh 
Captaine Antoneie then a nother Capt 
faid to this faid Anthonie that he fhould 
hould his peace and not tell what he had 
amind to doe and furder faid that he heard 
a Ingen woman fay of her one acourd 
that fhe would not Be heare when the 
wars was if fhe could help it for the In- 
gans was fo bad thay would make wars 
and fhe could not abid to fee her Englifh 
naighbours kild and beiide fhe was afraid 
the Englifh would kill her and furder 
faith not only the Ingans are going to 
Canada and fay they will be Back againe 
in apreill infuing the Date here of 

Giuen on oath before me 

Laurence Denny 
Juftes of Peafe 


Date ffebury 22. 1683. 

John Hornibroke aged 30 yeres or thare 

This deponant faith that it is a genurall 
faing among the Ingens that they will 
haue wars againe and furder faith that 
thare was four Ingans lay at his houfe 
and one of the Ingans faid that he would 
Stab a Englifh man with his knive and 
Run away when he had dun and furder 
faith that a Ingan faid that the hachet 
hung ouer our heads and he did not know 
how fonne it might fall and Before that 
was he would giue John Hornibroke no- 
tice that he might go away and he was a 
weary of keeping the Ingans for falling 
out with the Englifh and he would keep 
them no longer and furder faith that the 
Ingans did threaten to burne Englifh 
houfes and make them Slaues as they ware 
Before and furder faith 

As farr as I vnderftand by John 
Hornibroke that the aboue faid 
writing is Reported by the Indians 
for truth John Rowdon 


That the Ingans did Report that they 
would go to Canada and fetch ftrength 
to fall on the Englilli and fome of the 
Chefe of them is gon to Canada all Ready 
to fetch guns and amanition and they faid 
that they would make the greateft armie 
that euer yet among them. 

Laurence Denny 

fuftes of the peace 

The Depofhifhon of John Voanny 
& Will Bacon y*" one Agged ^^ yeares 
& y'' other 35 Dito 

Teftifieth & Saith, 

That y"" faid partyes fetting iforth one 
purpofe in y'' beehalfe of y^ Reft of ther 
neghbors & with their vrgent Requeft & 
Defier to fearch out y*^ truth of y^ Ingen 
newes y^ was going Amongft vs. Wee 
did take our Viage ffrom Kenybecke to 
Cafco bay wheare wee did Repeare to 
M"" James Andrews houfe to learn how 
Affears went their & y^ faid Andrews did 
willingly Informe vs that ane Indion 
which did Comenly Repear to his houfe 
& M'" Walter Cendalles ffor Releefe did 


fay if y"" faid Andrews & Cendall would 
not difclofe his name that then hee would 
difclofe what hee knew Conferning y^ In- 
dons Againft y^ Englifh & Affter thay 
had promifed hee told them that y^ In- 
dones was Minded to Rife in Rebellyon 
againe & Cutt off y^ Englifh but how 
fone hee could not yett tell but when thay 
did & hee fee their Refalution hee would 
fend them or bring them a burch Rine 
as though hee had brought them a Leter 
& ffurther faith not 

Y^ fame deponent further faith y^ . . . . 
did Informe them that thay had ffallen 
one a ffortnight agone had thay not dis- 
agreed in their Judgment which did all 
that time preuent their Abfolute Inten- 
fhons & further faith not 

Tacken before me this 
28 day of ffebruary 1683 

P"" Jno Allyen Jus of Peace 


The Depofhifhon of John Molton 
Aged 50 yeares or their abouts tes- 
tyfieth & Saith, 

That hee being Cutting of wood in his 
ffeld y^ goodwife Cutery called to him & 
faid that fhould luke to himfelfe for their 
was an Indeon would do him a mifchiefe 
& y^ faid Molton Luked about & faw an 
Indeon Coming threw faid Cuteryes ffeild 
ouer to faid Molton without fpeaking 
one word but came to faid Molton with 
his knife in his .hand and profered to ftab 
f'^ John Molton w^'' y'' fame twice, & 
then faid Molton defended himfelfe with 
his Axe 8c threatining y^ faid Indon to 
Cut out his braynes with y'' Same & when 
y^ faid Indeion fee that, hee Deperted 
ffrom y'^ faid John Molton & went towards 
M"" Samuell Boles his houfe & ffurther 
faith not. 

Taken upon oath before mee 
ffebuary y'' 28 Day i68i- 

P' Jno Allyene Jus of Peafe 


A Letter from Cap^ Brockholh to M"^ 
Ffrancis Skinner att Pemaquid 

[General Entries xxxiii. 55.] 

New Yorke May io'^\- 1683. 

M' Ffrancis Skinner 

Am Sorry the Loofnefle and Careleffe- 
nefTe of your Command gives Oppertu- 
nity for Strangers to take notice of your 
Extravigancyes and Debaucheryes and 
that Complaints muft come to me thereof 
being what your Office and Place ought 
to prevent and punif h, to which perceive 
have Little Regard nor to the former 
Orders and Regulacons for Settlement 
being alfoe Informed that you have Suf- 
fered People to fettle alone in Remote 
Places Contrary thereto Expofeing them- 
felves to the fury of the Heathen which 
may Proue of ill Confequence as hath 
been allready Experience to all in thole 
Partes, Expe6l a better obfervance and 
Comporte for the future, and that Sweare- 
ing Drinking and ProphanefTe to much 
pradiced & Suffered with you will be 
wholly SuppreiTed and that you haue Due 


Regard to all former Orders and Regula- 
cdns for Settlement &c by M' Pattifhall 
Shortly Intended your way I fhall Send 
Commifidon for another in the Place of 
M*" Joyflyne Deceafed who feere is much 
wanted, I am. 

Your affectionate ffriend 
A. B: 

A Letter from Cap^ Brockholh to Juftice 
Lawrence Dennis iSc 

[General Entries xxxiii. 56.] 

New Yorke May lo'^' 1683 : 

M'" Lawrence Dennis. 

Yours of the ninth of Aprill Received 
by which am troubled to heare Such 
LoofenefTe and Extravigancy att Pem- 
maquid and RemifTeneffe in the Officer 
or Commander there not to obferve the 
former Orders and Regulacdns for Settle- 
ments being noe wayes altered but Con- 
tinued & Confirmed All Care poffible 
hath been and is taken of that parte of 
the Governm^ by Giving Good and neces- 


fary Orders which You the magiftrates and 
OjfScers muft fee Executed and Obferved 
accordingly and Suffer none to Vylate 
haveing perticuler Regard to the punifh- 
ment & Suppreffing thofe Debaucheryes 
you mencdn, about w^*" Shall Allwayes 
write to Pemmaquid and that none fettle 
in Remote partes alone but in Townfhips 
according to former Orders and Regula- 
cdns fhall Likewife Commiffionate another 
in the Place of M' Joflyne Decefed and 
hope all pafte Errors will bee Redified 
by your future Good Comporte the news 
of which will be moft acceptable to, 


Your Affedionate ffriend, 
A: B: 


A Commiffion to M' John Allen of Sheps- 
guit to be Juftice of the Peace for 
Pemmaquid and Dependencyes. 

[General Entries xxxiii. 57.] 

Anthony Brockholls Efq'. Com- 
mander in Cheife and the Councell 
of the Province of New Yorke &c. 

To M' John Allen of Sheepgutt Greeting. 
By Virtue of the Power and authority 
Derived unto us under his Roy'' High' 
wee Doe hereby in his Ma."^' name Con- 
ftitute Authorize and Appointe you M*" 
John Allen to be Juftice of the Peace for 
Pemmaquid and Dependencyes Giveing 
you full Power and Authority to a6t as a 
Juftice of the Peace according to Law and 
former Practice and all perfons whom it 
may Concerne are Stridlly Charged & 
Required to give you Due Refpedt and 
Obedience accordingly. This Commis- 
fion to be of iTorce for the Space of one 
whole yeare or till further Order. Given 
under my hand and Scale in New Yorke 
the 12''' Day of May 1683 in the thirty 
fifth yeare of his Ma^'" Reigne &c. 

A: B: 

Petition from the Inhabitant f of Pamaquid. 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxxi.] 

(Endorfed : — '' A Peticdn of the In- 
habitants of Pemaquid. Sept 6.^^ 
Defered untill the Govern'" go to 
Pemaquid; or fend fome body thither, 
only in the mean time the former 
orders are to be obferved.") [1683.] 

To the Right Honora''^'' Coll Thomas 
Dongan Gouernor Generall of all his 
Royall High.' Territories in America 
and Vice Admirall of the Seas &c and 

The Humble Peticdn of the poor In- 
habitants of the toune of Pemaquyd &c. 

Humbly Sheweth. 

That when the moft part of the inha- 
bitants of this place did come from 
New York at the fubdueing of this Coun- 
trie here to Serue his Royall High'; 
Therefor and for Seuerall other good 
reafons (and Secureatie of the People) 
moueing your hono' predecefTor S'. Ed- 
mund Andros, and Confirmed by Cap^ 
Brockholls ; did giue grant and Confirme 


to this Toune of Pemaquid the whole 
trade of the Indians ; directly and indi- 
redlly forbidding all other Perfons to 
trade with the Indians within this Col- 
lony Except at Pemaquid vnder very great 
Penalties as the Records here make appear. 
And Likewayes your hono"" was pleafed in 
your Articles fent by Cap^ Sharp to Order 
us here to build Laft Spring one Block- 
hous at Merrimeting ; which according 
to Order is there Ready to be raifed ; as 
will appear by fome of your Peticoners 
who can informe ffurther ; and for fe- 
cureing Laft Spring of his Royall High' 
Reuenue wee fent up one veflell about 
tuenty ffour tunns well manned to trade 
haueing entered and paid Duties which 
does am.ount to more then all the Reft of 
this Country; except Pemaquid towne as 
your Collectors books will make appeare. 
But fince your poor peticdners Vnderftands 
that Cap^ Sharp hath Receiued a Leter 
from your Hono'' to forbear fetting up of 
the houfe vntill your Hono'' further advice 
otherwayes it could haue bin ffinifhed. 

Therfore your humble poor peticdners 
doth humbly beg and Delire your hono*^ 


that our former Liberties granted to us 
Concerning tradeingwith the Indians may 
be confirmed and ftrid: Charge giuen that 
noe other Perfon nor Inhabitant Shall trade 
Except they doe come and build here 
which will be a ftrenghening to the gar- 
rifon of this place and for promoting his 
Royall High'' Intereft to Order that wee 
fend up a VefTell up Kenebeck riuer vntill 
your hono*" fe caus to haue the blocke hous 
Raifed being willing to pay Cuftome & 
taxes according to orders which wee hope 
will be Confiderable this fall in that Place 
other wayes it will be imbafelled and wee 
difabled from makeing our Lines Com- 
fortable ; Likewayes to grant your poor 
Petic6ners an order how wee fhall behaue 
towards the french in your Jurifdidion 
to the Eaftw'^ for the trade that way is 
Confiderable and will promote your hono'' 
intereft. And your poor Petic6ners fhall 
euer Pray &c. 

[The Signatures to the above have been cut off" by feme perfon 
unknown, probably for the autographs.] 

Council Minutes v. i*. 

At ffort James in New Yorke Sep- 
tember the 13'^ t686. [1683.] 

^ .^ ^ ^. 

^ ^ ^ -^ 

Ordered that [ohn Allen be made 
SherrifF of Pemaquid & Dependences, as 
Iflands & whatever is thereto belonging, 
& he is to appoint the fFreeholders of 
Pemaquid & Dependences to meet & 
Chofe one Reprefentative 

Commiffion of Thomas Sharpe as Com- 
mander at Pemaquid 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxxiv.] 

By the Govern'' 

I Do hereby conftitute and appoint you 
Enfigne Thomas Sharp to be Commander 
att Pemaquid and parts Eaftward vnder 
the Govorment of his Royall Highnefs 
you are therefore to take Care that the 
militia in the Severall places be well 
armed duly exercifed and kept in good 
order and difcipline and the officers and 



foldiers thereof are required to obey you 
as their Commander and yo'felfe to obey 
fuch orders and direccdns as you fhall 
from time to time receive from me or 
other yo' Superiour Officers according to 
the rules and discipline of warr and the 
truft repofed in You. Given under my 
Hand and Scale at ffiDrt James the lo^^ 
day of Nov' 1683. 

CommiJJion of Alexander Woodrop as 
Sub-Colledor and Receiver. 

By the Govern' 

I do hereby Conftitute and appoint you 
M' Alex' Woodrop to be Sub Coll' and 
Receiver of the publiq Revenue of the 
Cuftomes & Excyfe due to his Royall 
HighnefTe in Pemaquid and its Depen- 
dencyes on all Comodityes Cuftomable 
and all liquors according to an adl of the 
Gen'^ Affembly publifhed the 31^^ day of 
Odlo' laft of which you are to keep due 
account and make returnes of faid receipts 
in Specie from time to time to me or my 
order and all perfons concerned are re- 


quired to conforme themfelves accordingly 
upon the penaltyes as in the faid ad: is 
fpecifyed this my Comicon to laft only 
Dureing my pleafure Given under my 
hand and feale in New Yorke the 2 8^^' day 
of November 1683. 

Injtrudions for the Settlement of Pemaquid. 

[Council Minutes v. 23.] 

At a Council held at ffort James in 
New York November y^ 22^^ 1683. 

P'^fent the Governor 

Capt A BrockhoUs 

Mr Ffr Fflypfie 

I Spragge M*^ Steph V Cortland 

Mr Lucas Santer 

The following Inftrudions & Orders 
were Conlidered. 

Inftrudions for y^ Settlement of Pemaquid 

That no coafting VefTell fhall trade on 
the Coaft as Bumboats tradeing from 
Harbor to Harbor, but as fhall Supply 
the Generall account for one boate or 
more, neither fhall it be lawful! for him 


to trade in any Other Harbor, but where 
the boat or boats are, neither fhall it be 
lawfull for him to trade with any other crew 
for liquors or wine Rumm, Beer Sider &c 
on fuch penalty as you think fitting. 

An Ordinary is to be Sett up at every 
Ifland or ffifhing place by an approved 
man of that place 

It fhall not be Lawfull for the Ordinary 
keeper to fuffer any boates crew or any 
men belonging to any boates Crew to fitt 
& tipple to exceffiue drinking, or unfea- 
fonable houres to hinder the faid boates 
Crew upon fuch penalty as by you fhall 
be thought fitte 

It fhall not be lawfull for any mafters 
of vefTells to fell or difpofe of to any 
Crew befides their own any liquor of what 
kind foever on penalty or forfeiture to 
make good to the VefTels Crew the fame 

It fhall not be lawfull that after any 
Crew be Ship'd & agreed to proceed on 
their Voyage & haue been to fea together 
to make a faire that if at any time by 
any of the Crews obftinacy or Idleness 
or any other means (fickneffe only ex- 
cepted) that the Crew be fo hindered of 


makeing her faire the penalty & forfeiture 
for each faire be confidered & fo propor- 
tionable for a longer time that the Said 
party fball abfent himfelf to the Hinder- 
ance of the Veffell going to fea. 

It fhall not be Lawfull for any VefTells 
Crew that belongeth not to the Govern- 
ment to make a Voyage in the Gover- 
ment, except he hath an houfe & ftaye 
within the Goverment on penalty of for- 
feiture of paying for makeing his voyage 

It fhall not be lawfull for any Veffell 
or VefTells that do not belong to this 
Goverm^ to make an herring Voyage at 
Mount Niles (?) or any other place within 
this Government upon penalty thought 
fitt by you 

It fhall not be lawfull for fifhermen to 
keep any more dogges then one to a fa- 
mily on fuch penalty & forfeiture as fhall 
be thought fitt by you 

It Shall not be lawfull for the ffifher- 
men at Socatahock after the proclamation 
of this order to build any more howfes 
on that part of the Ifland that the Stages 
are of, but what they fhall be on that part 
to the Southward where they haue begun 


to build & what howfes are on the liland 
where the ftages are of muft be Removed 
within the fpace of 2 years likewife all 
fait hoiifes or Warehowfes that Stand in 
the way of the flakes to be removed to 
a Convenient place on penalty as you 
think fitt 

That all fifhermen & planters fhall be 
forced to haue Arms & Ammunition 

That all perfons whatever fhall be for- 
bidd to trade w^^ the Indians Saue only 
two howfes one at Merrymeeting & the 
other at Pemaquid 

That all Veffells out of any Goverment 
if they com to trade or fifli fhall firft enter 
at Pemaquid or the places appointed & 
that they fhall not goe into any other 
Harbour except by ftreff of Weather but 
flrft to Cleare & giue an Account of their 
deflgn & not to break bulk before they 
haue fo Cleared & then proceed to trade 
or fifh as licenfe or permitt may be granted 
on penalty 

That no VefTell or boates Crew fhall 
break bulk or difpofe of any fifli till the 
firft of June on penalty 


That the fifhermen may haue an afTu- 
rance of thefe plantations about Socada- 
hock & an Incouragement therunto that 
the planters in Sheepfgut River & Deno- 
rall Cote & the planters in Kenebeck & 
New Town in particular encouraged being 
fit for the ffifhermen as well as planters 

That no one who takes fourfcore Acres 
of Land Shall haue of the faid Acres 
aboue eight Acres fronting to the Sea 
River or Creek & fo proportionably for 
any who takes more or lefTe Ground 

That no Stragling farmes fhall be 
erected nor no houfes built any where 
under the number of twenty 

The Officer who is Comander of Pe- 
maquid fhall by the advice of the Cdmrs 
or any two of them Seaze any VelTell 
that offends contrary to the aforefaid 
inftrudions & fuch Orders as fhall be 
made by you or any three of you for the 
well eftablifhing that Colony, provided 
allways that nothing herein fhall be don 
by you repugnant & contrary to the laws 
of this Country, & the laws of England 

And for the promoteing of piety it is 
requifite that a perfon be appointed by 


the Comiffioners to read prayers & the 
holy Scriptures 

Ordered that no Veffell or boate or 
Cannoe whatfoever fliall trade nor go into 
any Harbo' or River between the Rivers 
Kenebeck & St Croix but what ihall 
enter & Clear firft at Pemaquid, except 
they are forced by ftrefs of weather, upon 
forfiture of both Veffell, & goods, & that 
no one whatfoever as he will anfwer it 
at his perill fhall take a permitt or lycenfe 
to trade there from John Nellfon at Bos- 
ton or any other perfon whatfoever, ex- 
cept fuch as are appointed & Commis- 
iionated by the Governor of New York 

And for the further encouragement for 
people to go & Settle on the Dukes ter- 
ritories between the Kenebeck & St Croix 
they fhall haue lands for themfelves & 
their heires without paying any Quitt-rents 
except a fmall acknowledgment of one 
fhilling for an Hundred Acres p' Ann, 
& that they fhall not be lyable to be ar- 
refted for any debts for the fpace of feven 
Years excepting fuch debts as they fhall 
contrad: by occafion of their going thither, 
or whilft they inhabit on that place. 


No fifhing boats whatfoever £hall throw 
over board any Garbage or Gutts or any- 
other thing that tends to the damage of 
the fifhery banks on forfeiture of their 
boats or Veffells 

And all Veffells or fifhing boates not 
belonging to Pemaquid or the Gover- 
ment of his Royall High' are to pay as 

A decked Veffell four Kentalls Mer- 
chantable fifh & an open boate two 

Petition from the Inhabitants of Pemaquid, 

[New- York Colonial MSB. xxxii.] 

To the Honred^ Coll Thomas DonganLeft. 
Gouern' & Vife Admirall vnder his Ryell 
Highnes of New Yorke Dependenfes in 
America and to his Hone'''^ Counfell 
now Sitting att New Yorke 

The humble Petion of the inhaby- 
tance of the Extreme partes of his 
Riall Hinefs Teritory Betwene the 
Riuer Kenybeke and S" Croix 
Humbly Sheweth 

Ware as y"*^ P^tinor' Came to vnderftand 
by Seuerall Commition and in ftrucktion 


ffor the Settillment of the affore faid 
partes that yo"" Hon'' Hath intended Good 
fFor thefe partes and all ways will wee 
Beliue Confferme the fame which Giues 
vs Greate boulldnes to feeck yo*" Hone's 
protecktion and Reedres ffrom many 
burthen, and oppretions that are Layed 
vpone vs by the wonte of Lawes being 
Lefte to the will and plefuer of the Milli- 
tary order by which menes the Gouerment 
bee Corns to vs allto Gether Arbytary 
which foe to bee is Repugnant to the 
Laues of England and his Maj''^^^ Regall 
athority as allfo a great Reflecktion one 
yo' Honer' athority Being ffully afhored 
of our Deliuerc^ ffrom the fame By yo"" 
Hone/ AfFter feurill yeares fuffring By 
ouer Great Diftant ffrom New Yorke 
whare wee are all wayes to have oure 
Releefe in fuch and the Licke Cafes == 

P'mis the Boody of Lawes of New 
Yorke and the adjafent partes of his Ryall 
Hines territory hath not thefe partes in it 
Thare fTore humbly Requeft that wee may 
bee A mimber of that Boody ~ 

2^y — Thare has ben but one 

appointed ffor thefe partes which all 


Cafes Com beffore and if Injuftis Don 
any man vnder correcation bee it fpoocken 
to the Loos of his Eftate or Dammige to 
his parfon this Law Appointes noe Appeall 
ffor vs which priueliges is a Lowed of 
By y'"'' Hon"" and Counfell at New Yorke 
and thare ffore hope yo' Hon^'' will pro- 
uide fom way ffor ouer Releefe 

3^^ It hath Binne the pracktis of the 
Commander of Pemaquid to apprehend 
by fforfe of armes the kings Juftis of the 
peafe and thretten other Juftis of the 
Peafe with Putting in Irons and keping 
in the ffort a prifnor feuerall dayes with 
other Grand abufTes and Villifiing Lang*^ 
and ffor noe Refon only ffollowing thare 
Commition Granted to the Said Juftis^ of 
the peafe as allfo thretnige the Defolfing 
of Coarts att pleffuer By which meanes 
the Kings Juftifes and Subjects haue bine 
turned bee lides thare Bufnis : Humbly 
Beging Yo"" Hon'' Releefe in the fame 

^.thjy. whare as you Honer haue Sent 
formly Artickles in tittled Inftrudion ffor 
the fettillment of Pemaquid which figny- 
fies to yo*" petitioneor that yo"" Hon*^' haue 
thoughts of Good ffor the Inhabitance 


of thck partes if a Right viidcrftanding 
whare as the fturftc Inltriicktion Decla- 
rith that noc vclTcill ihall trad one the 
Colte as Iniinboates firom Harbber to 
Flarber but Inch as Ihall fupplye the 
Gine'orall aceoiint ffor one Boate or more 
nether Ihall it bee Lawful! to trad in 
any other harber whieh or Inftrucktion 
is mil eh to the dammig of the in habby- 
tanee and a great Dif'corigement of others 
that wold Come to inhabbitte flor anlwer 
to the afTore fiiid Inftrut^tion the perfons 
that haue Supplied the ffiihery haue all- 
ways fate fueh Grate prif'es one thare 
Goods that it hath fTor many Years Im- 
poverifhed yo"^ poore petittiones butt of 
Late hath by the Refons of Supplyes att 
a Cheaper Rate and not Confarned with 
the Supply of boates made vs to make a 
more comfTortable Liuing then heare to fore 
Likewayes wee taeke bouldnes to aec- 
quainte yo*" Hono'* with a Confidderable 
quantidy of planters Settled and are a 
Coming to Settill in his Riall highnes 
teritory in the Elterne partes if in corrig- 
ment fiVom Yo' honer whieh wee DifTpare 
not of Dellrrino; yo' honer to take it into 


yo'^ pieous Confideration how thefe affore 
faid planters fhall bee fupplyed Being 
abfolutly Commanded that the fupplyes 
(hall Difpofe of noe goods but in the 
barbers whare ffifhery is and to now other 
but the boats crue which affore faid in 
ftrucktion wee humbly Confeue were 
Given in to yo*^ Honer by him that had 
to much fellfe in it and wee ffeare a 
Combination w^^ other fuppliers to the 
Impourifhing of Your poore petifiners as 
heare to ffore which in fringment of trade 
hath neuer Ben as wee humbly Confeue 
to his Majefty fubiack humbly Defiring 
Yo*^ honer to Reliue vs in the fame — 

5/^Ly Whare as the ninth Inftrucktion 
that the ffifher men of Sacady-hocke ILand 
fhall not Builde any more howefes one that 
parte of the Hand whare the Stages bee 
but fhall Remoue all thare Houfes within 
the Spafe of three yeares which will bee 
the Runing of the proprieters of y^ fame 
but wee humbly Confeue and fartingly 
knowe that his Majefty by a6t of parlyment 
haue mad proclaymation that all Hands 
and plafes conuenient ffor ffifhery all tho 
any perfon or perfons propriety fhall Bee 


Improued ffor that End ; as allfo S"" Ed- 
mond Androus Confferming of the fame : 
wee fFeare yo"" Honers in ffermation haue 
ben ffrom a perfon ftormerly Claiming a 
Right thare vnto all tho pretended which 
parfon cane bee noe other parfon then 
M'' Richard Pattifhall which wee haue 
Grounds to ffeare Doth not Defighne 
Good to this partes wee Humbly Requeft 
yo^ honner to Reliue yo"" poore petyfenors 
in this matter. 

6":^Ly. Ware as in the thirtenth artickell 
that all veffels Ihall enter at Pemaquid 
and att noe other place which wee humbly 
Ccnfeiue will bee Very Detrimentall to 
a Confiderabell quantity of ffillier men 
and planters by Refon of the Great Dis- 
tanc of Pemaquid and the Depenes and 
Difficulty of the bay of Pemaquid has 
Detained feuerall veffills many Days fom 
times Weeckes which has expofed the 
ffifhery and planters to Great Wontes as 
allfo a Great Dammige to thare Imploye 
ouer Humble Requeft to Y' Honer is that 
you wold grante vs two plafes more of 
Entrys and Clering the one at Nu Darth- 
mouth in Ships Gutt riuer whare ar 


Confidderable inhabbitance and meny 
more Coming and promfing a Confider- 
able trad of fhiping ffor maste and Lumber 
and all foe an office or fom parfon at 
Sacadyhocke in Kenybec Riuer appointed 
Sot Entring and Clearing 

7 :^^Ly Ware as the Eightenth inftruck- 
tion Doth Requier noe fettillment in thofe 
partes under the number of Twenty ffa- 
melyes which wee accknolige a very great 
prudence of Yo' Honner wee humbly 
Confeue if yo"" Honer Doth but parfer 
tenn ffamelyes it may much more Con 
Dufe to the Settelling of thofe partes ffor 
tenn ffamelyes can be ffound to Settill at 
the ffurfte a towne fbip when twenty 
Cannot be procured but when tenn fettled 
fom fmall towne it hath all times by Ex- 
pperience incurriged more to Come wee 
humbly Requeft your honner to Grante 
the Same 

gthjy Wee ffarther take Boulldnes to 
acquainte yo*" honner of a uery Conlider- 
able Charge that the towne of Nu 
Darthmouth is Ships Gutt Riuer and 
Sacadyhocke in Kenybeck Riuer in Erick- 
ting of a fforte at Each place ffor Security 


of the in habbitance againft the Hethin 
by Refon of thretting Languge profeding 
ffrom them and to bee found confull- 
tation ffor ware, as all foe thay Declaring 
that iff thay did not Cutt of the Englifh 
now thay came to inhabitt beffore that 
thay wold bee to manny ffor them and to 
ftrong wee humbly Requefte yo' honer to 
prouide fome better fecurity ffor affter time, 
all thofe fforementioned artickells wee 
ar ffully parfuaded yo' honner has a better 
vnderftanding of then wee ar Capable to 
infforme ; not Douting as yo' honner has 
allready Defighend Good ffor thefe partes 
will Grant vnto yo*" pore petiftnors all the 
affore faid artickells wee fhall Euer pray 






^ich^ Pate/hall Informeth Againjt M"" 
John Keljon M'^'^ in Bojton. 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxxi.] 

Saieth: Y forne time in Defemb:"" Laft 
paft being 1683 I Ariued in Bofton & met 
ther with Capt Sharpe that was my pas- 
enger to Rod: Ifland. I Afked him 
wheth' he was with: y"" Go'* Bradftret 
a bout y" procleme to Afke Leue ffor y'' 
feting, of it, to y^ he Anfwered noe and 
defired me to goe with him, the which 
I did the Goue"^ Anfwer was ther fhould 
be caer taken About it After he had met 
in Counfell : 

I alfoe Afked Capt Sharpe whether he 
had deliuered the Letter to M' Nol . . . 
he faid noe, but would doe it After y^ 
procla was vpp, when I vnderftod M"" 
Kelfon, had his Letter I went to his houfe, 
to difcorfe him Conferneing y^ Efterne 
p^'ts, wher I Aquainted him of y'' Hon'^ 
Goue' Dongans Refolues to pofes him 
felfe, with his Riall Hines his Rite to S^* 
Croys by Letters pattens Granted from his 
maieft: and he had fent Letters Accord- 
eing to Coften, to Come in and pay his 


Refped: to Pemequide his Anfwer was 
Gou*" Dongan, was miftaken in Coften, 
for he was Comifinated from y^ King of 
Ffranfe, and Likewife from y^ Gover*" of 
Canadey to Kepp y*" Rite and pofelion 
of thofe p'ts and that y^ faid Coften was 
a Baron, and did Skorne to Come to 
Capt Sharpe being a men perfon, and of 
noe p^'ts and could not Difcorfe futch a 
Gentell,"" as Coften, further more that y"" 
Said Coften would Lofe, his Life Rather, 
and that it would be an 111 dayes workes 
for Gou' Dongan to vfe Au:^ of Hoftille^ 
towards, him, for if he did y'' Englifh in 
thefe p^'ts would fone be Cut of, and y^ 
plafes Left in Afhes. I Tould him that 
could not be for y*" Ffrentch were but 
i?ue, he Anfwered that thefe and all y'' 
Indeans were Ingaged to him in thefe p'^ts 
I Anfwered that all y'' Indeans from Pe- 
miquid weftwards waer obedient to Goue*" 
Dongan, which waer two to one for y"" 
Eftwards. He Anfwered he knew, to y"" 
Contrary I An'*^ that then Go:' Dongan 
had y"" Mohocks, and Senicaes confifting 
of at Left 3 M : ' men to Send vppon thefe 

' Three thoufand. 


Indeans in ther one ould quarell when he 

His Anfwer was he beleued y^ Gou'': 
was miftaken in that two, for he was fhuer 
y^ Ffrench Gouo"": kept Jefuits: in y*" Mo- 
hockes Caftells and further moer y^ iFrench 
Go:'" had Lately fent for y^ Mohokes 
vppon fome mifdemer and Xecuted Eyght 
or Nine that y"" Mohokes Brought in them 
felues Alfoe that y^ Kenebecke Indeans 
were Stout ffellows and ffeared not y^ 

Council Minutes Indian Affairs, 

[Council Minutes v. 66.] 

At a Council held at iFort James 
April 11^^ 1684. 

^f. ^t&. ^t^ ^l£, 

^ ^ "^ ^ 

Governor Dongan faid he was againft 
giueing any provocation to the Indians, 
& would uie all the faire ways to preferue 

Governo'' Cranfield faid that thofe the 
province of Mayne had draun themfelues 
into Garrifons 


M' Dudlay replyed it was don by any 
order from Bofton 

Governo'' Cranfield faid there much 
difference between unnecefTary feare, & 
many repeated threats & menaces from 
the Indians & their drawing away y'^"' wifes 

Governo'" Dongan faid that if his offi- 
cers at Pemaquid did any thing againft 
the Indians, beyond his inftrudlions, they 
fhould fuffer for it, & that he would not 
make any preparations to alarum the 

Governo' Cranfield propofed that an 
allouance fhould be made w^^ the Maques 
to affift them of Bofton, & the province 
of Mayne & other Colonies 

Gov Dongan anfwered that if any 
affurance came from Bofton & the pro- 
vince of Mayne that the Indians did make 
warre he would ufe his utmoft to get the 

Governo' Cranfield defired that one 
might be appointed from N. York Bofton, 
the province of Mayne & other Colonies 
to treat about it, to adiuft the expences 
w""^ would be due to the Maques 


Govern o*" Dongan faid he was againft 
any thing y^ might fhow the leaft fufpition 
of the Indians, & give them iealoufie 

Agreed upon by Cranfield Governo*" 
of the province of Hampfhire, M' Jofeph 
Dudley & Mr Shrimpton & Governo'' 
Dongan w^^ the Council that if upon the 
arrivall of Mr Cranfield into the province 
of Hampfhire, M' Dudley & M' Shrimp- 
ton at Bofton they heare of any Ads of 
Hoftility comitted by the Indians they 
forthwith giue notice the Governo'' of 
New York who will fend fom on purpofe 
to them to Confult what is fitt to be don 
in it, & to adiuft the payments that fhall 
be due to the Maquafe for their affiftance 
in cafe they are employed & further to 
advife & Confider whatfoever fhall be 
neceffary for the prefervation of his Ma"^' 

Ex trad of a letter from Gov Dongan to the 
Council of the Province of Hampfhire 

[Council Minutes v. 68.] 

Apr II. 1684. 

jjk. ^ ^ 

^ ^ •^ 

We giue you many thanks for ye kind- 

nefs towards this Governm^ tho we haue 


no reafon on o' parts to apprehend a warre 
w^^ the Indians ; with whom we haue but 
lately renewed a friendfhip, & haue letters 
from Pemaquid which mention nothing 
of any likelyhood of a warre amongft 
them, the copy of w''^ & fome other papers 
are in the hands of y^ Governo/ 

[Council Minutes v. 72.] 

At a Council Apr 21*^ 1684 

P'fent the Governo'' 

M-- ffr fflypfie Mr S. V. Cortlandt 

M' L Santer J Spragge 

A petition from New Dartmouth for 
a patent referred untill the Governo'' go 
to Pemaquid 

A petition fro"" M"" Alleyn for y^ fame 
referred untill the Governo'' go to Pema- 
quid & both given back to M' Giles 


Petition of Inhabitants of New Dartmouth 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxxiv.] 

The Humble Petition of y^ Inhabit- 
ants of y'' Towne of New Dartmouth 
Belonging to his Roy:^^ H: James 
Duke of Yorke, in y"" Eafterne Parts 
ofy" County of Cornhill in America, 
and to y"" Right Hornourable Corn": 
Dongan Gov"" & Vice Admirall Vnder 
his Roy" High : of New Yorke and 
its dependences In America w^^: y'' 
Reft of the Honourable AfTembly 
Sitting in Councell at y'' City of 
New Yorke. in October Next, &c. 

Humbly Sheweth; 

That Whereas you' Honours Humble 
Pettition'': Obtained a Graunt of a Trad: 
of Land to fettle it as a Townefhip about 
two years Paft, from the Worfhippfull 
Henry Jofflyn Efq,"" Juftice in Quo : 
Deceafed and by virtue of an Order 
Derived to him from S^- Edmond Androfs, 
Then Gov^- haue Graunted the afforef"^ 
Inhabitantes To be bounded as ffoll. Viz^- 
On y" South to y" Sea, On y" North to 
y^ Country, On y^ Eaft w^^: y*"; River, 


knoune by y"" Name of Damaras Cotte, 
as alfo w^^: y*^: ffrefh Pond, at y'': head 
of Said River, and fo into y'' Country, 
and on y'' Weft bounding Vpon y'' Great 
Ifland of Saccadahoc, and fo through 
Batefmans Gutt, Into y^: Sea South & by 
Weft, and alfo Vpward from Batemans 
Gutt, Into y'' Country to y"" Great falles, 
and from thence to great Monfiocage 
ffalles, and from thence a north and by 
Weft Lyne into y^- Country as p' Piatt 
will appeare. As alfo y"": Orridginall 
Graunt from y" : above faid [oflyn Efq': 
Whereas yo': Pettition'"' Come to vnder- 
ftand from yo': Hono'': hand That all y^- 
Inhabitants fhall haue their Title of Land 
Confirmed vnto them in Townfhipps, 
Wee have hearetofore p'fented yo': Hono': 
w^'': a Piatt of y'' aforef"^: Toune Bounds 
as alfo from Vnder y^ Surveyo": hands, 
Their Sirveying & Laying out of f'': 
Townfhipp according as y^ Law p'vides 
Wee Humbly befeiching yo': Honour to 
Graunt & Confirme vnto y'': now Inha- 
bitants of faid Towne all y^ Lands w^^\- 
Rivers & Riviletts, Iflands, & Iletts, 
Harbours, & Bayes, w''': in y': afforef'^: 


Bounds Vnto yo/ Humble Pettition'"^: & 
heires, according to y^ Charter of Eaft 
Grinoidge, Only Excepting i^^, a hundred 
accres if Demanded p'' anum Vnto his 
Roy'^ : HighnefTe p"" acknowledgment : 
w""^: if Graunted & Confirmed by yo"" 
Hono'": & Councell, will much Encourage 
notOnelyy"^ Inhabitants y^ arenowheare, 
but others y^: are Comeing if our Lands 
weare Confirmed Vnto vs, Severall of our 
Inhabitants are Drawne of already, and 
others Intend Except they Can haue a 
fpedy Confirmation of their Lands made 
to them 

Therefore wee Defire That yo"" Honour 
would be pleafed to take it into yo' fe- 
rious Confideracdn That a Pattent may 
be Graunted Vnto vs for our Townfhipp. 
That wee y^* are heare & others y^: would 
Come & fettle amongft vs may be En- 

Wee doe allfo further p'fume & make 
bould to acquaint yo*" Honour y^ wee are 
Difturbed by People y^ Come heare to 
Clame Lands by form : & p^'tended 
writes; Cap^: Elifha Hutchinfonof Bofton 



hath been in thefe Parts, & gives out 
feveare Threttennings y^ he will Come 
& take away our Land wheron our Towne 
ftands & feverall others Doe Thretten 
Likewife & fay That they haue more 
wright to Shew Then wee have to our 
Lands, Therefore wee defire y^: yo'": 
Hono'': will Confider Vs That Wee may 
haue aiTureance, of our Lands, and y^: 
no fuch p^'tenders or old Morgages y^ were 
made before the warrs w^^ y^ heathens 
may be p'ceeded ag^- us : if they fhould 
it would Damnifie & vtterly breake vp our 
Towne : Cap^: Hutchifon faith y^- he 
muft have Vs become his Tennants or 
otherwife wee fhall not Live heare. 

And allfo when our Reprefentive M' 
Gyles, Godward went Laft ; M' John 
Allen without y^ knowledge of M"" God- 
ward or vs fent Privetly a Pettition vnto 
yo"" Hono'; it being ffalfe as will appeare 
wee never knew any thing of it vntill 
M"" Godwards Returne M' Allen haveing 
given vp all his former wright & title 
which he p^'tends he had to the neck of 
Land y'^ Towne Stands vpon and Elfe 

wheare, vnder hand & feale to vs and 
willingly tooke a Lott Equall to y'' Reft, 
as he pretended to Encourage vs to fettle 
y'': Place, as will more fully appeare by 
y"^ articles. 

Wee Prefume ffurther to aquaint yo': 
Hono'': That wee have heare amongft vs 
one Cap^ Nicholas Manning Cap^- of a 
Company That is very Troublefome, and 
Doth much Obraide & Difturbe vs in our 
buifenefTe, Townes Men & Overfeers That 
are Legually ChofTen by y'^ Towne he 
Doth Difturbe at Publique Meetings, 
about their Toune affaires, he allfo braggs 
That his power is better than our's, and 
fayth he will fettle whom he will and 
where he pleafe, w^^ makes Partyes & 
Divifions amongft vs,To our great Trouble, 
w""'': if not p'^vented, wee feare will growe 
worfe, wee Defireing y^: yo'^: Honour will 
take all matters into Coniideracdn for to 
graunt vnto vs yo"^ Poore & humble 
Pettitiones a Confirmacdn of our Lands 
That wee doe now Enjoy, and alfo y^ 
yo*" Honour would be pleafed for to fett 
or nominate y^ Name of our Toune ac- 


cording to yo"" Pleafiire, and what Elfe 
yo"': Honour fhall fee fitting and wee 
fhall Euer Pray &c : 


his Mark peace 


and Purfar for his Magcftys vfe 
in England 

[April 2 1. 1684..] 

Commifjion of Nicholas Manning as Cap- 
tain of a Foot Company. 

[New-York Colonial MSS, xxxiv,] 

By the Governor. 
Whereas, out of the good opinion I 
conceiue of You I haue thought fitt to 
Conftitute, and appoint you, Cap^ Ni- 
cholas Manning to be Cap^. of a foott 
Company of the militia for the County 
of Cornwall Thefe are therfore to will 
and require you to take into your charge 
and comand the faid Company as Cap^ 
accordingly, and Duely to Exercife the 
faid officers, and fouldiers thereof in amies 
and to your beft Care and Endeavour, to 


keepe them in good order and Difcipline, 
hereby Willing and Requiring them to 
obey you in all things as their Capl and 
you Likewife to obferue and follow, fuch 
orders and directions as you fhall from 
time to time Receiue from mee, and for 
the Doeing this fhall be your Warrant, 
this to Continue During my Will and 
Pleafure only; Given under my hand and 
feale att Fortt James the 28^^ day of Aprill 

PafTed the Office. Tho: Dongan. 
John Spragg Sec'y 

Commiffwn of Gyles Godard as Lieutenant 
of a Militia Company 

[New-York Colonial MSS. xxxiv.] 

Thomas Dongan Liev^ Governor &c 
Whereas out of the good opinion I 
conceiue of you Gyles Godard I haue 
thought fitt to Conftitute and appointe 
you to bee Leiu^ of a foot Company of 
the militia for the County of Cornwall, 
You are therfore Carefully to Performe 
the Duty of a Leiu^ in all things and to 


Obferue fuch orders as you fhall from 
time to time Receiue from your faid Cap^ 
or other your fuperior Officers and all 
Inferior officers and Souldiers of the faid 
Company are to obey you as their Leiu^ 
according to the Difcipline of Warre this 
CommifQon to Continue During my Will 
and Pleafure only; Given under my hand 
and Scale the 28 : Day of Aprill 1684. 

PalTed the Office Tho: Dongan 
J : Spragg Sec"". 

A Commiflion to Caleb Raye for En- 
figne after the fame forme Mutatis Mutandis. 

Commiffion of Jujtices of the Peace. 

[New-York Colonial MSS. xxxiv.] 

By the Governor. 
By Virtue of the authority derived unto 
mee from his Royall High' : I doe hereby 
Conftitute authorize and appointe you 
John Allyen, John Dolling, Lawrence 
DennijThomas Giles, Alexander Woldrop, 
Thomas Sharp, Richard Pattifhall Efquires 
to bee Juftices of the Peace for the County 
of Cornwall and Commilfioners for the 


fettling his Royall HighnefTes Territoryes 
betweene the Riuer Kenebeck and St. 
Croix Giveing You full Power and autho- 
rity to ad: as Juftices of the Peace, for 
the Good and Wellfaire of the Govern- 
ment and due adminiftration of Juftice, 
and to Confult and make Rules and 
orders, for the Weale and benefitt of his 
Royall HighnefTe Territories betweene 
the River Kinebeck and S' Croix and to 
Call to queftion and punifh all offenders 
according to Law, and all Perrfons whom 
it May Concerne are ftridly Charged and 
Required to give you due Refped: and 
obedience accordingly; this Commiffion 
is to be of force dureing my Will and 
Pleafure, only Given under my hand and 
feale att Fort James this 28 : Day of 
Aprill 1684 

Paffed the Office Tho: Dongan. 
J. Spragge Seer 


[Council Minutes v. P. 91.] 

At a Council held at ffort James 
July the 9'^ 1684. 

% % % 

The petition of the Inhabitants of Pe- 
maquid referred untill the Governo' go 
thither & in the Mean time the former 
orders to be obferved. 

Orders concerning Block Houfe and the 
payment of Quit lients. 

[New-York Colonial MSS. xxxiv.] 

By the Governor 
Ordered that the Block houfe of Merry 
Meeting bee Imediately Raifed by the 
Town of Pemaquid and there to Trade 
and Traffique Paying Cuftomes according 
to the ad: of affembly and the faid block 
houfe to be Raifed at theire Owne Charge 
and Likewife Enfigne Sharpe is to fend 
up to the faid block houfe one file of men 
to be Comanded by John Rowden. 


And that all vefTells are hereby required 
to Enter. and Cleare att Pemaquid. 
PafTed the Office Tho: Dongan 
J Spragge Sec''. 

Fortt James the 8^^ day of Septem- 
ber 1684. 

By the Governor. 

Whereas there are Severall Quitt Rents 
ftanding out and in arrears to his Royall 
High'' at Pemaquid Due and Payable fince 
the agreement made by the late Governor 
S' Edmond Androfs Knight &c Thefe 
are therefore in his Royall High'^ name 
to authorize Empower and appointe you 
Allexander Wardrop to afke demand and 
Receive all fuch quitt Rents as are due 
and Payable to his Royall High'' in the 
County of Cornwall and to give Receipts 
for the fame, for which this fhall be your 
fufficient Warrant. Guen under my hand 
at Fortt James the 12^^ day of September 

Tho: Dongan. 

You are to Receive all the aforfaid quitt 
Rents vntill the 26'^ of Auguft 1684. 



Commiffion granted to John Buttery 
to be Cap^ of Foott belonging to New 
Towne and Sackadahock Date the 2 2^* 
day of Odober 1684.. 

Commiffion Granted to Gyles Godard 
Efq' to be Cap^ of a Foott Company 
belonging to the Towne of New Dart- 
mouth in the County of Cornwall Date 
the 22^ of Odlo 1684-. 

Commiffion of Gyles Godard as Surveyor. 

Thomas Dongan Lieu^ and Governor &c 
Whereas by the Severall Petticons of 
the Inhabitants of Pemaquid it appears 
to be Convenient and necelTary to have 
a Surveyor in the County of Cornwall 
I have therefore thought fitt to Conftitute 
and appointe Giles Godard Efq"^ to be 
Surveyor of the faid County and to Lay 
out any Trad: or Parcell of Land not 
Exceeding the quantity of one hundred 
acres for Each Perfon and alfoe to furvey 
all Toune Shippe not already Surveyed 
not any wayes Prejudiciall to any Perfon s 


Right or Intereft and to make a Returne 
thereof to me for which this fhall be your 
Warrant. Given under my hand and 
feale att Fortt James in New Yorke the 
2 2*^ day of Odober 1684. 

PafTed the Office, Tho: Dongan 
J. Spragge Sec^ 

[Council Minutes v. P. 157.] 

At a Council June the tenth 1686. 

■^ ^ JJU. 

^P "W ^ 

The Governo'' propofed that there being 
fom Confufion amongft the Inhabitants 
of Pemaquid, it would be Convenient to 
fend Capl J. Palmer thither to agree w^^ 
them for takeing out their patents, & 
paying of Quitt rents & ordered that In- 
ftrudlions fhould be given to him. 

Licences for the taking up of Land. 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxxiv.] 

By the Governor 
Whereas John Spragge of this Citty 
of New Yorke hath defired my Liberty 
and Lycence to take up and Enjoye a 


Certaine Ifland Called and Knowne by 
the name of Summerfett Ifland and the 
fmall Ifland thereunto adjacent Scituate 
and Lyeing in Pemaquid in the County 
of Cornwall thefe may Certifie that the 
faid John Spragge hath hereby Liberty 
and Lycence granted to him to take up 
and enjoy the faid Iflands in order for 
Confirmation by Pattent Provided the 
fame be not appropriated or difpofed off 
to any others Given under my hand at 
Fortt James in New York : 


By the Governor. 
Whereas James Graham of the citty 
of New Yorke Merchant hath defired 
my Liberty and Lycence to Take up and 
Enjoye one thoufand acres of Land fci- 
tuate Lyeing and being in Pemaquid in 
the County of Cornwall, Thefe may Cer- 
tifie that the faid James Graham hath 
hereby Lyberty and Lycence granted to 
him to Take up one thoufand acres of 
Land provided that not aboue one hun- 
dred acres of the faid land be fronting to 
the fea or water fide alfo provided the 


fame be not appropriated or legally dif- 
pofed of to any others. Given under my 
hand at Fortt James in New Yorke the 
19^^ day of June 1686 

Tho: Dongan. 

By the Governor. 
Whereas Thomas Smyth Gen'^. hath 
defired my Lyberty and Lycence to take 
up and Enjoye three hundred Acres of 
Land Scituate and Lyeing in Pemaquid 
Thefe may Certifie that the faid Thomas 
Smyth hath hereby Lyberty and Lycence 
to take up the faid three hundred acre of 
Land in Order for Confirmation by Pat- 
tent Provided the fame be not appropria- 
ted or Legally Difpofed of to any others 
Given under my hand at Fortt James in 
New Yorke the 19^^ day of June 1686. 

Tho: Dongan 

By the Governor. 
Whereas Thomas Cooper of the Citty 
of New Yorke Gen^. hath defired my 
Liberty and Lycence to take up and En- 
joye three hundred acre of Land Scituate 
Lyeing and being in Pemaquid in the 


County of Cornwall Thefe may Certifie 
that the faid Thomas Cooper hath hereby 
Liberty and Lycence to take up the faid 
three hundred acre Provided the fame be 
not appropriated or Legally difpofed of 
to any others, Given under my hand att 
Fortt James in New-Yorke the 19^^ day 
of June 1686. 

Tho: Dongan. 

Authority of John Weft to aS as Deputy 

[New-York Colonial MSS. xxxiv,] 

Forafmuch as it hath Pleafed the Right 
Hon^K- Coll Tho Dongan his Majeftyes 
Gouernor of New Yorke & to Commis- 
fionate and Empower Cap^ J^^hn Palmer 
of the Citty of New Yorke Efq' by grant 
or Deed in writeing vnder his hand and 
feale of the Prouince to Give Grant Rat- 
tifie and Confirme to all and Euery the 
Perfons in Pemaquid now Settled and 
Inhabiting within that Partt of his Ma- 
jeftyes Prouince as fhall be Defirous to 
take up fettle and appropriate Land there, 


fuch trad: and traces Parcell and Parcells 
and quantities of Land and Iflands as in 
his Difcretion he fhall think moft fitt and 
Conuenient I do hereby nominate and 
appoint and depute you John Weft of 
the Citty of New Yorke Gen^ to doe and 
Execute all ad: and ads thing and things 
in Pemaquid in the County of Cornwall 
dureing the time that Cap^ J^^^ Palmer 
fhall ftay in the faid County to my office 
or Place of Secretary belonging or apper- 

Given under my hand and at Fortt 
James this 19^^ day of June 1686. 

J : Spragge Seer. 

Commiffion of Capt John Palmer 

[New-York Colonial MSS. xxxiii.] 

By the Governor in Councill. 
Haveing Receiued information that 
there be Seuerall diforders and Confulions 
amongft the Inhabitants of Pemaquid I 
haue therefore thought it conuenient to 
fend you Cap^ J^^^^ Palmer thither of 
whofe great Prudence abilityes, and Inte- 
grities I am Very well afTured. 

I 12 

And for the better Eftablifhing Settling 
and quietting of his Majeftyes fubjedls 
in thofe Parts, in their Eftates and Pos- 
fefiions I doe hereby giue you full Power 
and authority to treate with the faid In- 
habitants for Takeing out Pattents and 
Paying the quitt rents. 

And to Preuent any dangers that may 
arife by being in a negligent, vnprovided 
Pofture you are to warne the aforefaid 
Inhabitants to keep in Garrifon Conti- 
nually one officer and fix fouldiers at 
Leaft in time of greateft Peace and quiett 
and twenty Souldiers at Leaft if any warr 
fhould arife & happen. 

And for the more Regularly Proceeding 
in all affaires you are hereby alfoe Em- 
powered to nominate and Chufe difcret 
and honeft Perfons fome of the moft 
knowing and Capable Perfons to be Jus- 
tices of the Peace and quorum. 

And forafmuch as very Little Reuenue 
hath accrued to his Majefty from Pema- 
quid by the Dutyes of Excife and Cus- 
tomes you are therefore hereby Impowered 
to Sett and Lett to farme the aforefiiid 
Excife & Cuftomes as advantagioufly as 


you Poffibly can, for the augmenting of 
his Majeftyes Reuenue. 

And Laftly you haue hereby full Power 
and authority not only to ad: in the afore- 
faid Perticulers but in any other concerne 
or thing what fhall be moft meet and 
convenient for his Majeftyes Intereft. 

Giuen under my hand and Scale at 
fortt James in New Yorke the 19^^ day 
of June 1686. 

Tho. Dongan 

Commijjion of Jujtices of the Peace for 
Cornwall County. 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxxiii.] 

Cornwall SS. 

James the Second by the Grace of 
God of England Scotland Ffrance 
& Ireland King Defend*" of the faith 
Supream Lord of y^ Plantacdn & 
Collony of New York To our Trufty 
& Wellbelovedj Tho Sharpe, Richard 
Patifhall, Tho. Giles, Nico. Manning 
Giles Goddard, Jno Dolling, Lau- 
rence Denny, Elihu Gunifon Efq*"' 
Greeting. Know yee That wee haue 

affigned yo" & Euery of yo"" Joyntly & 



feverally our Juftices to Keep our peace 
within our County of Cornwall in o"" 
Plantation & Collony of New York 
AforeP And to keep & Caufe to be Kept 
all thofe laws & ftatutes made & Efta- 
blifhed for y*^ good of y^ peace & for y'^ 
Conferuacdn of the Same & for y^ quiet 
Rule & Gouermnl of our people within 
o"" S*^ County in all & Singular their Ar- 
ticles according to y^ force forme & Effed: 
thereof, Ant to Corred: & Punifli all 
offenders ag^. the forme of y^ Laws & 
ftatutes or either of them in y^ County 
aforef'^ as according to y*" forme of y*" Laws 
or Statutes is or ought to be done. And 
to Caufe to Come before yo'' or either of 
yo'I all thofe who Doe threaten any of o*" 
People concerneing their bodies or of 
burning their houfes to find fufficient 
furetyes for y^ Peace & their good beha- 
viour towards us & our people & if they 
fhall refufe to find Security in this behalfe 
then to Caufe them to be kept fafety in 
our Prifons untill they fhall find fecurity 
in this behalfe. 

Alfoe wee affigne yo" & Euery three 
or more of yo" whereof any one of yo", 


yo'' y^ aforefd Tho: Sharpe, Richard Pa- 
tifhall Tho: Giles, & Nic° Manning wee 
will to be one our Juftices to Enquire by 
the Oaths of good & Lawfull men of y^ 
County aforef"^ by whom y'^ truth of the 
thing may be the better Knowne for all 
manner of Larceny Petty Larcenay Tres- 
pafles & Extortions whatfoever & of all 
& lingular other mifdeeds Crymes & Of- 
fences of the which y"^ Juftices of our 
peace may or aught Lawfully to Enquire 
by whomfoever & howfoever in y*^ County 
aforef'^ done or perpetrated or w^'^ here- 
after there fhall happen to be done or 
Accompted where the punifhment thereof 
by the Laws of the f'^ Collony doth not 
Extend to taking away of Life limb or 
member. & alfoe of all thofe who there 
doe lye in waite to wound or Kill our 
people or that hereafter fhall foe prefume 
to lye in Waite And alfoe of all p'fons 
that fhall & doe ufe & fell by falfe weights 
or meafures. And alfo of whatfoeuer 
SherrifFs Brayliffs Marfhalls Conftables 
Goalers & other officers who in the Exe- 
cution of their offices ab' the p^'miiTes or 
either of them haue behaued themfelues 


unduty fully or hereafter fhall p'^fume to 
behaue himfelfe undutifully or are remilTe 
or negligent or hereafter fhall foe happen 
to be in y^ County aforef'^ & of all & 
fino-ular Articles & Circumftances & other 
things whatfoeuer by whomfoeuer & how- 
foeuer in y^ County aforef"^ done or per- 
petrated or w^^ hereafter there howfoeuer 
Ihall happen to be done or Attempted 
concerning the full truth of y'' p'mifTes 
or any of them & to Infpe^i: whatfoeuer 
Indidm^' foe before yo'' or any of yo"" 
taken or to be taken, or before others late 
[uftices of y^ peace in y'' County aforef"^ 
done or taken & not yet Ended And to 
Continue proceffe thereupon ag^ all & 
lingular perfons foe Indided or whom 
before yo"" hereafter fhall happen to be 
Indidted untill they are taken Deliuer up 
themfelues or be Outlawed. And to 
heare and determine all & fingular y'' 
Larcenys Petty Larcenys Trefpafles Ex- 
tortions Indidm^f aforef"^ & all & fingular 
y^ prmifTes according to y'' Laus of y'' f'^ 
Collony as in Cafes of this nature is ufed 
or ought to be done, And to Corred & 
punifh the Offend'' & euery of them for 


their offences by fines & amercements, or 
otherwife as according to y^ Laws of y^ 
f^ Collony is ufed or ought to be done 

And alfoe we Affigne yo"" and every 
three or more of yo" whereof any one of 
yo"" the aforef'^ Tho Sharpe Richard 
Patifhall Tho: Giles & Nic° Manning 
Wee will to be one of our Juftices to 
heare try & determine by the oaths of 
twelue good and Lawfull men of y^ County 
aforeP all Caufes & Cafes there brought 
& Commenced before yo"^ as well accons 
Cafes & Caufes Civill between Party & 
party as Criminall of w'hich y'^ Juftices 
of y'' Peace in their Seffions by the Laws 
of y^ f*^ Collony may & ought to heare 
try & determine & in fuch manner & forme 
as by the f"^ Law is p'fcribed & Directed. 

Provided always that if upon the De- 
terminacdn of any of y*^ p^'miffes or Cafe 
of Difficulty fhall happen to come before 
yo'' or any three or more of yo" that then 
yo" doe not proced to giue Judgm^ there- 
upon (unleffe in y^ p^'fence of one of our 
Juftices of o"" Court of Oyer & Terminer 
within our f'^ Collony) And therefore wee 
Command yo'' & Every of yo" that yo" 


Dilligently Attend ab^ the Keeping of y^ 
Peace Laws & all & fingular other y'' 
p^'miiTes and that at certaine days & places 
which by o' Leiut & Governor of o' f"^ 
Plantation & Collony of N Yorke for 
that purpofe fhall be appointed yo" make 
Inquiry of y^ p'miffes & all & fingular 
y*" p^'miffes heare & determine & to doe 
& accomplifh thofe things thereupon in 
forme aforef'^ to be done w^^ appertaines 
to Juftice according to y^ Lawes & Cuf- 
tomes of our f"^ Collony fauing to us our 
ffines & Amerciam^' & other things to us 
thereupon belonging. 

Alfo we command by Vertue of thefe 
p'fents our Sheriffe of our f'^ County of 
Cornwall that at Certaine dayes and places 
(which fhall be appointed & made Knowne 
unto him as aforef"^) he Caufe to come 
before yo" or any three or more of yo" as 
in faid fuch & foe many good & LawfuU 
men of his Baylwick by whom y'' truth 
in y'' p'mifTes may be the better knowne 
& Inquired off. In Teftimony whereof 
we haue Caufed y' feale of o' f'^ Collony 
to be hereunto Affixed. WittnelTe Jno 
Palmer Efq of y^ Councell in o"" f^ Col- 


lony & Commiffion'" for y*^ fettling of our 
Affaires & Appointing of Juftices of y"" 
Peace in o' 1"^ County the Eighth day of 
Septemb'' in y'^ fecond yeare of our Reigne 
Annoq Dom. 1686. 

The Oath of a Jujtice of the Peace. 

Y"" fhall fwear that as Juftices of the 
peace in y^ County of Cornwall in all 
articles in the kings Cummiffion to yo"^ 
directed yo"" fhall doe equall right to y^ 
poore & to y*^ Rich after yo'' Cuning Witt 
& power, & after y*" Laws of y'' Collony 
thereof made. And yo"" fhall not bee of 
Counfell of any Quarrell hanging before 
yo" & that yo'' hold yo"" Sefiions after the 
forme of Law thereof made & att times 
& places appointed And the ffines & 
Amerciaments that fhall happen to be 
made & all forfeitures w""^ fhall fall before 
yo" yo" fhall Caufe to be Entered without 
any Concealm^ or Imbezelling & truly 
giue them to his Ma"''' Deputy Colledlor 
and receiver in y'^ f'^ County for the time 
being or fend them to his Ma"*"' Collector 
& receiuer Generall att New Yorke or to 
his Ma"""' Court of Exchequer there Ye 


fhall not Lett for Gift or other Caufe but 
well & truly yo'' fhall doe yo'' office of 
Juftice of y'^ peace in that behalfe & that 
yo" take nothing for yo'' office of Juftice 
of the Peace to be done but yo' ffees 
accufcomed & Lymitted by Law. And 
y*^ fhall not dired: or caufe to be directed 
any warrant by yo" to be mad"^ to y'^ 
partyes but yo'' fhall direct them to y^ 
Sherriffe of y^ f*^ County or other the 
Kings officers or Minifters or other Indif- 
ferent perfons to doe Execucdn thereof. 
Soe help yo"" God &c 

Injtmdions for Cap^ Nicholas Manning 
Suh-Colkdor Survey d^ and Searcher of 
his Md''^ Cuftomes and Excife due 
iS payable in y^ County of Cornwall 
iS- Receiuer of his Ma^"' Quittrents 
iS other reuenues arrifeing within y" 
f^ County. 

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxxiii.] 

Impril You are to take notice of all 
fhipps and veiTells whatfoever comeing to 
any porte within y^ f*^ County & fee that 


they make Juft & true Entryes and that 
Immediately upon their ArriuU both of 
Veffell & Goods. 

2'^i>' You fhall keep a true & p'fed: 
account of all monyes by yo"" receued on 
goods in Lieue thereof for his Ma"^^ Cuf- 
tomes & Excife. 

Enter y^ Names of all vefTells & the 
Names of y"" Mafters in a Diftindl booke 
by yo'^ to be kept for that purpofe 

3'^'>'. You fhall not p'mitt any fhip or 
VefTell whatfoeuer diredlly or Indirectly 
to Load nor Unload any goods wares or 
Merchandize untill y'' f"^ Ship or VefTell 
hath firft made her due Entry inward or 

^thiy^ You fhall appoint certaine Con- 
venient place or places at which & noe 
other goods may be Shipped or Landed 
& that at Seafonable times between fun 
rifeing & fun fetting in y'' day time & in 
p'fence of an officer 

^thiy You fhall from time to time du- 
reing your being in f'^ office Returne to 
y'^ Governo'' or his Ma^'" Collector & Re- 
ceiuer Generall for the time being att 
New Yorke a true & Juft account of what 


yo^' haue receiued & Colledled & of yo' 
Proceeding in yo' f^ Office once euery fix 
months att y'' furthereft 

^thiy^ You are to Colled: & receiue his 
Maties Cuftoms & Excife in y^ County 
of Cornwall aforef"^ according to an a6l 
of Eftablifhm^ therefor made by the Gen- 
rall Affembly & publifhed the 31. Octo- 
ber 1683. 

^thiy^ You are to goe into y^ houfe & 
Cellar of any p^'fon or p'fons whatfoeuer 
where y" fufped: there is any wine or other 
Liquors & ord' the f"^ Liquors to be Gauged 
Caufeing them to pay for all Rum foe 
found in y'' Cellar & they who fhall fell 
by retaile to pay for all Liquors Wines 
beere & Syder that fhall be by them fold 
& retailed. You are alfoe to goe into 
their Cellars & houfes as aforef'^ as yo" 
fhall fee Caufe to pVent all fraud & Im- 
bezellment of his Ma"" Reuenue. 

8'^^y. You are not to fuffer any VefTell 
whatfoever to goe into or up Kenebeque 
River or any parte thereof untill they 
haue firft made their Entry with yo"" at 
Jameftown & payed his Ma"''' Dews & if 
any fhall prfume to doe y*" Contrary y° 


are to Caufe both vefTell & Goods to be 
Seized & proceeded agP by Law as directed 
for defrauding his Ma^'^ of his Cuftomes 

And that all Veffells tradeing into any 
porte River or place doe Enter & Cleere 
with yo" before their departure und"" the 
like pains & forfeitures. 

^thiy You are to take Care that y'' for- 
mer Ord'' made Relateing to y'' ffifhery 
be duly obferved & that what Ordred to 
be payed by all ftrange velTells & Shallops 
Coming to make their voyages in thefe 
parts be by yo'' duly Collected for his 
Ma"^^ ufe of w''^ account to be likewife 
giuen as afore direded 

jQthiy^ You are not to fuiFer any p'fon 
or p'fons to fell any forte of Liquors by 
retaile in any part or place within y'^ f"^ 
County but fuch as fhall obtaine Lycence 
from yo'felfe & fhall pay fuch fume of 
mony for y^ Same as yo"" fhall think fitt 
to agree for & not LefTe than 12' for 
Each Lycence g'*ted and of y'' Monys on 
that behalfe receiued yo" are to Render a 
p^'ticuler ac^ to y'' Gov"^ as opportunity 


1 1 ^^^y You are to Colled: & receiue y'' 
Quitt rents due & payable from y^ Severall 
perfons for y^ Lands they hold within y"^ 
f^ County according to a Lift of Pattents 
granted Left with yo"" in y^ Speties therein 
mencdned & thereof to Keep a Diftindl 
account & alfoe of all fines forfeitures & 
amerciaments that fhall or may at any 
time hereafter happen or belong to his 
Ma^"" & thereof to fend an ac^ to y"" Go- 
verno'" or his Ma"" Receiuer Generall att 
New Yorke for y^ time being once euery 
6 months att furthereft. 

I2^^^>'. In Cafe any p'fon Licenced to 
fell Liquors by Retaile defire y^ fame you 
may farme the Excife of their Draught 
to them for one yeare for fuch fume of 
money as yo" fhall think fitt to Agree for 
haueing regard to y'' greatneiTe of their 

j^thiy^ You are to write to y'' Gouerno' 
or his Ma"" Colledlor or Receiuer Gene- 
rall att New Yorke for y'' time being of 
all paflages Concerning the Excife, Cuf- 
tomes Quitt rents & other his Ma"" Reue- 
nue tb y'' End that fuitable Ord'' may be 
from time to time fent yo" for regulateing 
y^ fame. 


14^^^^. ftor yo' Better Governm^ in 
Colledting of y^ Cuftomes & Excife 
aforef"^ yo" haue herewith a Breviar of y^ 
Ad: of Generall Affembly Eftablifhing 
y^ fame And thefe Direccdns yo^' are to 
follow & obferue untill further Ord''. 
Dated att Jameftown in y'' County of 
Cornwall the 17^^ day of y^^""' in y^ fecond 
yeare of his Ma^'" Reigne Annoq^ Dom 

Confirmation of ^ojwkk or Arrowfick 
Ifiand to John Wefi 

[Patents vi. 30.] 

Thomas Dongan Cap^: Gen^': Governo': 
in Chiefe and Vice Admirall in and over 
the Province of New Yorke and Terri- 
toryes Depending thereon in America 
under his moft Sacred Majefty James the 
Second by the Grace of God of England, 
Scottland, ffrance and Ireland King De- 
fender of the faith &c To all whom thefe 
p'fents fhall Come Sendeth Greeting 
Whereas John Palmer Efq' by Virtue of 
the Commiccdn and authority unto him 


by me Given by a Certaine Grant under 
his hand writing the feale of this Province 
thereto affixed and entered of Record in 
the Secretaryes office bearing Date the 
fifth Day of Auguft in the Second Yeare 
of his f'^; Majeftyes Reigne and in the 
Yeare of our Lord one thoufand Six 
hundred Eighty Six hath Given Granted 
Rattified and Confirmed unto John Weft 
of the Citty of New Yorke in America 
Gentl All that Certaine Tra6l or Parcell 
of Land or Ifland Scituate Lyeing and 
being on the Eaft fide of Kenebeck als 
Kenebeque River within the County of 
Cornwall Commonly called or knowne 
by the Name or Names of Rofwick or 
Arrowfick Ifland according to the furtheft 
Bounds limitts and extents thereof as the 
fame is EncompafTed by Water together 
w^^: all and fingular the MefTuages Te- 
nements Edifices Buildings, Trees, Tim- 
ber Woods underwoods ffields ffeedings 
Paftures Moores Marfhes Swamps Mea- 
dows Ponds Pooles Lakes Streams Rivers 
Runns Rivoletts Waters and Water Cour- 
fes ffifhing fowling hawking and hunting 
with the Privilidge of Building and 


Ereding Saw Mills or Grift Mills thereon 
or OQ any Parte thereof and all other 
Privilidges imunityes Profitts benefitts 
advantages Hereditam^': and appurtennces 
whatfoevcr to the faid Trad: or Parcell 
of Land or Ifland and Premiffes belonging 
or to or with them or any of them in any 
wife appurteineing Alwayes Excepted 
and Referved out of the faid Grant all 
that Peece or Parcell of Land Parte of 
the faid Ifland at the South end thereof 
formerly Granted by S'': Edmund Andros 
Knight late Governour of this Province 
unto M"" Lawrence Dennis & others In- 
habitants there Called by the name of 
New Towne, to Have and to hold the 
faid Trad or Parcell of Land or Ifland 
and all and Singular other the Premiffes 
with their and Every of their appurtennces 
Except before Excepted unto the faid 
John Weft his Heires and Affignes to the 
Sole and only Proper ufe benefitt and 
behoofe of the faid John Weft his Heires 
and Affignes forever under fuch Rents 
and Services as in the faid Grant are 
mencdned and Referved as in and by the 
faid Grant Relacdn y'unto being had 
may more fully and att Large Appeare. 


Now Know yee that by virtue of the 
Commifiion and authority unto me Given 
by his moft Sacred Majefty our now 
Soverigne Lord James the fecond aforefaid 
& Power in me Being and Relideing for 
and in Confideracdn of the Rents and 
Services herein after Menconed and Re- 
ferved I have Given Granted Ratified 
Releafed and Confirmed and by thefe 
Prefents Doe Give Grant Rattifie Releafe 
and Confirme unto the faid John Weft 
his Heires and Affignes for ever all that 
the above recited Tra6l or Parcell of Land 
or Ifland and Premises with all and Sin- 
gular the Hereditam^^ and appurtennces 
thereunto belonging or appertaineing in 
as full and ample manner as the fame is 
menconed to be Granted unto him by the 
faid [ohn Palmer Except what in the 
faid Grant is Perticulerly Excepted and 
Referved to have and to hold the faid 
Tra6l or Parcell of Land or Ifiand and 
Premifles with their and every of their 
Appurtennces Except before Excepted 
unto the faid John Weft his Heires and 
Aflignes to the Sole and only Proper ufe 
beneffitt and behoofe of him the faid 


John Weft his Heires and Aflignes forever 
Yielding Rendring and Paying therefore 
Yearly & every Yeare unto his moft Sacred 
Majefty his Heires & SuccefTors forever 
or to fuch Officer or Officers as from time 
to time fhall be Empow^ered to Receive 
the fame the fume of twenty Shillings 
Currant Mony of Nev^ Yorke in Lieu 
?ad Stead of all Rents Services Dues 
Dutyes and Demands whatfoever, to be 
holden of his moft Sacred Majefty his 
Heires and SuccefTors in free and common 
foccage according to the Tenure of Eaft 
Greenwich in the County of Kent in his 
Majeftyes Kingdom of England: 

In Teftimony of the Premiflefs I have 
Caufed thefe Prefents to be Entred and 
Recorded in the Secretaryes Office and 
the Scale of this his Majeftyes Province 
to be hereunto affixed the fixth day of 
December in the fecond yeare of his faid 
Majeftyes Reigne, and in the yeare of 
our Lord God one thoufand fix hundred 
and Eighty Six. 

Thomas Dongan. 



May it Pleafe your Excellency. 

The Attorney Generall hath Perufed 
this Pattent and finds nothing Contained 
therein Prejudicall to his Ma"" Intereft. 

Ja: Graham. 

Exam^ 9"^ber 30''^ 1686. 

Att a Councill held att ffort James the 
fixth day of December 1686. 

Prefent His Excellency the Governour. 
Major Antho: Brockholls. 
M' Fredrick Fflipfon. 
M'' Steph V. Courtland. 
M"" John Spragge 
Major Gervis Baxter. 

This Pattent was approved off 

J. SwiNTON elk Councill. 

I^oyal Order for the Surrender of Pema- 
quid to Majfachufetts 

[Deeds viii — 75] 

James R. 

Trufty & well beloved wee Greet you 
well. Whereas wee have thought fitt to 
dired: that our ffort & Country of Pema- 


quid in Regard of its diftance from New 
Yorke bee for the future annexed to & 
Continued under the Governm^ of our 
territory & dominion of New England 
our will & pleafure is that you forthwith 
Deliver or caufe to be delivered our faid 
ffort & Country of Pemaquid with the 
Create Gunns ' ammunicdn & ftores of 
warr together with all other vtenfills & 
appurtennces belonging to the faid ffort 
into the hands of our trufty & welbeloved 
S' Edmund Androfs Knight our Captaine 
Generall & Governour in Cheife of our 
territory & dominion of New England 
or to the Governour or Commander in 
Cheife there for the time being or to fuch 
perfon or perfons as they fhall Impower 
to receiue the fame and for foe doing 
this fhall be your warr". 

Given at our Court at Windfor this 
19^^ day of Sept' 1686 & in the fecond 
yeare of our Reigne. 

By his Ma^'" Comand 
Sunderland CL 

^ The Great Guns from the Fort at Pemaquid, after being carried 
to Bofton, were by order of the King in the spring of 1691, trans- 
ferred to New York. (N. Y, Coll. MSS. xxxvii.) 


I^emonftrance againjt Surrender of Pemaquid Oc, 

[Council Minutes v. 221,] 

Council Held at ffort James Wednfday 
y^ 28^^ of March 1688 

•^ -^ ^ 

Refolved that an adrefs to his Maj^''' be 
Drawn up giveing his Maj^"^ an account 
that this Goverment has bin much Dimi- 
nifhed by takeing away Pemaquid the 
Jerfeys Penfylvania and the three Lower 
Countys of Delawar. That this is the 
Bulwarke of all thefe partes of America 
that the Revenue is but fmall yett the 
Charges very great. 

That Connetticut in his Maj"*^' Pattent 
from Chares y'^ 2"^ is added to Bofton by 
y*" Contrivance of the Governo'' of it 8c 
the Gierke of the Collony & unknown 
to y^ Major parte of y'' Collony 

That y*^ ffrench warr has Stopt y^ beaver 
trade fo y^ without fome fpeedy help this 
place will be Ruined. 


Notices of Indian Hojtilities 

[New-York Colonial MSS. xxxvii.] 

Extract from a letter of John Eafton 
of Rhode Ifland to Col Henry 
Sloughter Governor of New York ; 
dated June 24. 1691. 

^ ^ ^ 

Wee have intelligence that the Eaftward 
indians & fome ffrench have made an 
afault vpon y^ garifons in and neere the 
Towne of Wells and have killed about 
fix perfons therabout. They drove their 
Cattell together & killed them before 
their faces. 


Notice of Capture of Pemaquid by French 
and Indians 

[Council Minutes vii. 213.] 

At a Councel held at his Maties ffort 
in New Yorke the 2 3^^ of Auguft 

* jafe. ^ ^ .^ 

■W ^^ ^ W 

His Excell did Communicate intel- 
ligence from Bofton that the two ffrench 
Shipps that took the Newport Galley with 
the affiftance of the Indians have taken 
Pemaquid ffort & that it is reported by 
one of the Cap^^ that Count ffrontenac 
has orders to take Albany & Schenectady 
with intelligence of a great Squadron of 
Ships lately feen upon the coaft of Jamaica. 

*^ ^ ^ ^ 

w ^ "^ ^ 



[Paff Book— iv.] 

Difpatch granted to the Barke Eliza- 
beth Alizander Woodrop Mafter bound 
for Pemaquid November: y' 29'^: 83. 

Difpatch granted to the Sloope Happy 
Returne James Barry Commander for 
Pemaquid & New found Land Aprill 
26^.^ 1684. 

Difpatch granted to the Sloope Bloffum 
Stephen Heacock Coiriander for Pema- 
quid May the 22^^ 1685. 

Difpatch granted to the Sloope Prim- 
rofe John Eureft Mafter for Stratford and 
off Pemaquid New Yorke July the 4.^^ 1 68 5 . 

Difpatch granted to the fleoop Lewis 
Francis Baffett Comander for Pemaquid 
& New found Land [Sept 4. (?) 1685.] 


Difpatch granted to the Sloope Adven- 
turer Thomas Brookes Commander for 
Bofton & Pemaquid, June 19^^' 1686 

Lucas Andries Ma^"" of the floop Elias 
Enters the f*^ floop for Pemaquid with 
Contents of Loading. [June 20. 168 1.] 

Lawrence Sluce Enters the floop Hope- 
well himfelfe Mafter ffor Pemquid with 
Contents of Loading. [Sept 10. 1681.] 

Stephen Hifkott ma'" of the Sloop 
BlolTome Enters the f"^ Sloop for Pema- 
quid with Contents of Loading [061 21. 



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